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H11 Im, J 'irq H ' Q X Q ', if -' 1 lmsrrs . 'JF 4- 1- M fit 5 - ., ' ..-,ww , 5:9 ' ' Q- . . .QM , ' Q . 'T-a.xb -04:5 x Q s x sl. 5' . , . . V , , qxt 6tS'v-' " 0... H4 ' 'f . -.'.f.f" C N' A . !vA.f45","4f 1 xfxx..' N 's- s' :fx Q' A . . ' .- . I . 'L - , - J fl, 25,4 Q ff,-he d 9. X J ji. .X gf U, 3 tqpg-P-, ... J,4. , '. U-4, . ,. , 'cf 'Z' ,N Q S f QH2, . . s 'I Q 3.4. v, Q -x .Ui ' f I 1 1 . h. A I X a. 5.85 ' J . , W ,Q 2.1'x .-.V 1: !: 1' I '-fdf' s.- ': 'i . ll ' 'th , O K is .ri- 91: , 130 ,u I at -' -'.- 0,33 4' . . Q I' 4. 4 A' , " ' Q A ' Q ' ' '-,:'4 ip D -,.'!!lW.f,.- L,.v3 , ' fa... " I, v u K . - 5 Q nv S..-. . A V-?:'5qx'j'!?'ff U r .Of .'g..x', 'tp jp. , -. .1,1q ,. -f-. Q- vs. -, .. . 1 ,. B' . 1 , A . S 'h 1 .,o - N' Q' ' fl.-Li ' x I' '1 l 2 .,-1-.W Q .dv is 1,71 .'s . s' - A fiwgdb ,L 1 ' "" ' MDQ 15:2 'QS' L n'- xkg 51, Z gf-f:i1"c' ,- A U I-'O my If 'X Igbfigx 5. .,.t .- - 'Qs V int. ' dy' , will-N-. ,M 5 sk , xv.. 1.5:- ' 1 ' ff 1 '- 'X-4 ' A . ,, ll - I . f fl fa' ". A 0 2-" 4" ' d I ,WV :W a ' X 509456 39 'X' af-""',f"'!.' Bev' "'L 322.54029 . .X ,ff . 'Qzl ff? V Q Vx Ffsi:-- f J Rf - fggxba.. fi , . 21 U -'tx'-. ' Q s 4. . D 4 ,.'ax . - 5 2' -eh - 'K -+- 'S ' lik 'ujgf ' "J 'QQ ixxxiikifw Q . ' S 414 ' 1 vukritx s ' 'g:L3,":2- X 5 W ' V! gig ' P ' -' Q, RQ 1,1 . g -A , -, I . . nuulinqsl. . . .Agn w af E 1 1 1 x . 5. -'15 -f- . , ,, V .. .' 1.125-X -. . 9 A 5- . X-! . V -. 1 :s,q.Nt v -- ,, . s. ! I :,z ,., 4 , N. , J . r T4 '9' - an , 1 P ' V x I - ,i n. m 1 . ' ' u , X ' . . ,l " ' .U I- g .Mya ' " -' ' 's 7 9 I kr Hz'-gm - - . N 'xx I ., LN, if q,A,.,V A A.. ,N "F" mi"F'fi7QgQj-w,g.:gg5-1.1. . V ""N' .V K i ., P, -, 71'-3,--mfzzjya had ' 3 Q- .V x fr t -- f -.,-".-"PV wg,-,., 5 . 2 g ...N .X ' ' rl VY? X. N. , : . , V I' j I - A. ,155 :ii :Lf-'.-5, ,.x,'15f1,,:.g1, , ' ,. -uf -, .. .X g fhf' 1 uf, "'- V ' ., ,-v,s'v., -'.. ,Q 1 N 1 , ' A Rf' .1 -'f .'-'Lig' -1.ti..,' X 45, v .7 "T l jg ""Jf:'l- sW'f:' , ff.-fi- '- K' ff ?'ri.1Q'i'f-I ."x1'H"'5'liZ'23' 1 'T kzyzyj.:-1,-,,h ., f V1-Q-'--N L -w,j:j5f-- f'!,ff ' 11 ,-if .- a' X. Lf. . ' ' N.,,,?,-- , Q- ., W V f ...A . I x . . xt r ' .. 1 x JY :. . K s L 1 I I X 7 ,4 w L 1 F I tl J, 2 L . E 2' 1 k 41 8 1 I E 1 THE ALLDERDICE 1969 Taylor Allderdice High School Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Vol. XL Table of Contents Seniors Academic Activities Sports Ads 14-103 104-133 134-167 168-185 186-240 The day holds a series of images Drawn from Allderdice's huge domain, And flashed past the eyes. Out of the thousands of images, The memory only captures a few And keeps them for future reference. It is the difference of each persolfs Collection of images That makes each person different and distinct So different from every one else that he can't he called an Allderdician. Or a Dragon, Or any other all-encompassing term. He is only and totally The Allderdice Individual. pw- ww? 1 I , fr ! ur -'Wil' Alone, enveloped in a frozen moment: A second in a minute in an hour in a day in the life. Why is this moment so remembered? Tasting a favorite food, Basking in a favorite mood, Suddenly reaching a long-sought conclusion Revelling in a breathtaking sensation Of sight or sound or sibilant breezes. A sensation that the pleased mind Seizes, Freezes. lt,s yours forever. N 5 ' R f " QW ' ,f , I? 3 5 ,Q 5, 1 6 Form your ideas into any shape you want. Do you want a dagger that will pierce the minds of those who canlt see your side? 01' a brass shield to protect your ideas from someone else's dagger? Or a soft hand that will welcome others to share your thoughts? If you aren't yet ready. for any shape at all, don,t hurry. Take your time deliberating and pondering. Thet thoughts you form in Allderdice will be with you Always. Contact! Continually encountering your peers. In a river you swim Darting From place to place Meeting, in every whirlpool People new and old friends People safely lodged on rafts from which they will never move And people who like to be free agents Who won't hang from the rafters Of a watery attic And who swim and breathe in currents Of every color, every belief Every frequency and texture Learning how to exist to the fullest. Allderdice is America in miniature. 'wild u Q ,. 'H' if ati ll sg ' 5fs'35g"il fy, an i' i ,..., I , , w.,.. 2 L 5, In such changing ways Position the figures. Standing indecisively, young Are you taking the right stand? if 'N' One face glimpsed from a cluster of many Puzzling or playful or thoughtful But always reflecting The shadowy, unclear projection Of the next moment. The Allderdice Individual Wants not only to study but also to create from what he,s learnedg Not only to be absorbed in self, but absorbed in othersg Not only to see images, but also to select and make them. To create a hole in the liquid of the crowd To stretch an expanse until only you can see its limitations Is to be the individualwho lives . . . S ll P 'i ff A i A Veg,-Q, -1 'I '.5'a:'?95'1 ' tk597r4?5f'f1 K My -ji. ' ' msg' 4 xg X- x2 -1- X' A Seniors '69 NOTE: A second group of senior pictures begins on page 101 -- -M sme- 'Si s-,Ile-iaff.,-3,. I- e'Y'.Ji,'- 4 --H. G o-Y. r'- ,. ,vs , v r This is our class. I6 This is our year I J l in A l Junior Class I Picnic F X , 9 fi ,RJ i f-551 , :f - in e A 5 1 ., . lm A wr "All right," shouts Mr. Sommerfeld. "Who's the haddest guy here?" N Come on down to the Stoned Soul Picnic . . . Cary Goldberg, leader of the pack. pn- . .,:. K , .. f"9 La , . ... .,.r, .J W, D-ina - -f , iv Y - . . ..- V' I 4" nt, ,1.'5'v: ,4- vgg, 32, - -Qi!! , f5AJ2,1,f,,xiv ' "SY 33 '.'3r"V-.Q'. f Wally Ellman-'There are four of us and two of them. Now what?" ' ' E' . N .1 . ' -.I 4 A, . M' if ,Sv F' R 6,'!.'f! -- Q. n bi. , I EQNNK , l " six! ,Q ' W, Y EM as 1 w Wi . jg, sf -x, 'bis 3 V 1 F fy 1. ' 5' J Il- 'FQ Snow Day 1 969 ,. 9,11 ,gg l "I can do this pretty well," says Billy Zukerman, "but what happens if this board starts to move." Miva All that exercise requires nourishment at Snow Day. Jeff Gerson gives up and heads south for surfing. I' .7-. nv-""' i pill "Now you know why Killy won't come near me," shouts Richard Lipscher. 5 P' Q4 6' 1 Gary Finkel and Carol Evans add the international scene to Snow Day. '::XIl right, Bobby," shouts Olivia Loeb, "I told you no to drop my penny in the snow." x . . . Susie, Debbie, and Wayner make three. 426- HOWTO S CCEED IN ' BUSINESS REA L TR ING .tv X --9 V QQ' , if' , S if . Q -41' i 1, . 4, . :, t 'fb - lg: . Si The big boss, J. B. Biggley, rcprimands Finch at their first meeting. Smitty is unaffected by Rosemary's excitement mer that fascinating new Miss Jones- Mr. Biggley-S very inlprcssiw St,,. Smks up L, link, worldwide wicket worker, Finch. flattery from Finch. I 5. 4 , Bud Frump the hos sambrtrous nephew explodes at Fmchspromotion. Mr. Brat! of Personnel takes a good look at Hedy LaRue's assets. Cast f. Pierrepont Finch .... .......... Rosemary Pilkington .... 1. B. Biggley .......,. Bud F rump . . . Hedy LaRue .... Smitty ..... Bratt ...... Miss Jones .. Catch ..... Twimble . . . Ovington ....... Miss Krumholtz .. Wally Womper Scrubwomen .... .Policeman . . . Book Voice . . . Executives: Jenkins ..... Taclfaberry . . . Peterson .... Davis .... Johnson . . . Richard Ruben Nancy ,losephson Howard Fishbein .. Stewart Baskin . Rachael Dinkin Thelma Snyder Sidney Markovitz . . . Lynn Pudles ... . . Jeff Gusky . Steve Friedman . . . George Lichter . . . . . Linda Lee .. Louis Cordon . . . cindy Wilder Darlene Click Robert Brourman .. Craig Hardman Billy Zuckerman .. Hank Strauss Michael Schwartz . Michael Simon Gary Finkel Secretaries : Barbara Lifsher Debra Handler Donna Brooks Employees : Nancy Shugerman Nada Caplan Deborah Slavkin Patti Morgan Deborah Segall Sherry Brourman Andee Anderson Donna Linder Eddie Fine Shari Nathenson Joyce Broadus ,-'lh-, ' 1 "7 Wg! 4 K 1 , x .-'fu V.. ', Zfi' f J' Tx ,JI nf. X XV5 X Q . va- , 71 ' 3799 ' MQ W K, kgs'-' Yu 'M .Q L. ,Q is if? 'ap f-Q ,, f' vl 4. 1 vB? -'FS X 5, .gf w ,Q . WI 1 4 H, ,. ,. '51 fiwwr. J 'J ,, M4-Q:...A - J. rl 5 s X .s E i Rosemary sings about her gorgeous new Paris Original. X i v 1 t 1 . L. , C Calm-h is hard at work, developing new Plans and Systems. Bud sounds off as usual. Production Staff Prozlnclinn Designed and Directed by .... Ron Nash Assislant to Direclor Musical Director .. Aclivilies Director . . Stage Managers . . . .Singing Assistant .. Special ,-11-:work .... Special Plzolograplzy Technical Director . . . Liglzling .......... Stage Technicians .. Marcy Kramer Mr. Henry DiPasquale . ...... Mr. Michael Pulice . . Robert Brourman Eddie Fine . . . Nancy Josephson .. .. Cary Finkel . . . Frank Harris . . . llill Chornyak .. . Stuart Marks . . Richard Lipsher Sheldon Benovitz Joel Mandel William Peyton Don Proto Ken Scholle 'Kaul' 3 " 3 ilk? in ff o ,ML IX g, -.xr x I X AW 5 QQ? i 35 ff 7 j' Y' f 4?,M- ' 5:8551 SEE? . Q f 1 'pr f .jc 'ig g'A' 'f f"2 "KJ 'x ,.. ,1... 5 Mk X- x f ,YXQ f" 4 1""Ym, ,, ig- Ns. ff' , -. .gf , "Fi 52: 55 P y- x ,px K - C I 1 '4 qw 'i A , . .1 3 ga- ,bi-L H .. The first step to a wonderful evening. '22 'Lp i Q21 fx .Q X ar si ,X 1 R 'SA u e 'W -f E' . 3. ,Q V, . ,,. WU Q ' 1 '21 Se ' '- ' S , T-if , .. X ,ii ,L J , 5 V uiii 3 T A 1 l. X I P E V VW Lg g V 4, V I ..,1-5315 ' . ...": 5' 'grg W:,,.,..a, P ' ' . ' 4 A X Q V - . .g . . Q 9 'S al ' G 5 3' K K , 54 lf. 'ig . ':'P'. .- Sig? " Av- Q: L" ,v If P 4 K .5 'S 2 .. in ,af Vx. Lek 2 n ' 33 'gl SEQ 7 ' if u 3 1' 1 ' "4 'ma' "-. l .au- fin, -N -Hi ' 'lntmz 1 Q i 0-, O mu: M 1,-X' X-., ii 4 u 5 y we fm X 6 gui' -ug, Q'- ff, A I hi Q. .LEQF RX lk 19 "' 5- P 31 a f I- 4 " - gy W h ', , , z ,, L , fm- af , 'J' ' . irw' '11 A!! X ,I I -.. 1: , i . 5 f .T F F , W r 5 ,rvai 1' ,W 5 4 -:wi-5: W 51, ?. 3-g 1 W .r f-'9' J -Y iw. eb!! mu 'VT 1 . ,. 'S' Q. ., M ,C 'if- Y V ' Nh w 'W xi ! L? , ,fr Q , 1 X Ygglg W A 5 gf V ' U ' 6 L 1 -ff: A, A na' , K y'-sf Q-0 ,gw 5 a 1 , V . 1 ,. ' N A A , 1 .-gwgip, J. Av o , " 73 75:5 ii' fr fl 9 1 ' A 2. H 1 f Q 'Q X 5, L ,Q- Q7 f f-,P 5- A Q' 5 33. Q . f -.. . - -.Q ,. ., . , - -V 1 .0 IW' Q' 3 in -, lv '13, s-ull' 3 '9g 5 F! i E ,ig xxx H J I.. m . ,x x QF' x .21 3 - . 3 ' Qs xi? v nd -Ae F :gr ? fr fy: ., I- X 'Q'-X 4- Senior Honor Assembly - June 9, 1969 NATIONAL MERIT LETTER OF COMMENDATION WINNERS Donald Backer Ronald Backer Joyce Bader Alan Barash Richard Barish Larry Bernstein Anita Brotsky Cynthia Browne Nancy Chinchor Donald Cohen David Damick Penny Davis Marc Feldman Paul Freeman Gary Goldberg Matthew Goldsmith Michael Graff Martin Hochhauser Robert Honig Melvin Lipner Eric Loerke Gary McCormick Gretchen Meyerj ack Stuart Meyers David Schneider Michael Silver Maxine Solomon Virginia Svidro Timur Turkdogan Robert Weisberg Barbara Weschler Michael Zihal Senior Class Officers Lou Gordon, Jim Jordan, Dave Pozek, Linda Lee, and Bill Amdur. The seniors rise to sing the Alma Mater. Q ' J wwf xii 3521? Student Council Officers Dave Meyers Da Council President Rich Kline passes the gavel to next year's president, Dave Meyers. Don't reach until I call your name," repeats 'Roi ve Schneider Tom Lampl, and Rich Kline. NATIONAL MERIT FIN ALISTS Nancy Broff 'Neil Busis Matthew Diggory Oded Feingold Frank Harris Ruth Levine Jeff Lewin 'Robert Michaels Debra Rubenstein SENIOR LETTER WINNERS Ace Barash Ray Batko George Benko Duane Bradley J on Caplan Fred Carlton Bill Chornyak Martin Davis Dan Deakter Larry Dugas George Eason Wally Ellman James Enstein Mike Fedoris David Germaine Gary Gerson Matt Goldsmith NATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM COMMENDED STUDENTS Thomas W. Davis Linda M. Lewis James A. Matthews 'Scholarship winners Lou Gordon Richard Gottlieb Charles Griffen James Jordan Richard Kline Armand Kranick Mark Lando Howard Leckenby Pat Mahon Richard Mazer Robert Michaels Mickey Pearce Andrew Petruska Mark Pollock William Poole Richard Puciata .lay Robinson .loe Russo Howard Schachter Bruce Schmidt David Schneider Scott Schneider Arthur Seng Mike Silver Bob Stearns Dennis Steranchak Steven Sturm Lee Terkel Timur Turkdogan Milton Wachsberg Richard Walker Bruce Witt Pete Ziacan Steve Ziacan Commencement June 11 1969 At last! On June eleventh at the Civic Arena, Taylor Allderdice High School held its graduation ceremonies. Speech- es by the valedictorians, caps and gowns, proud parents, and awarding of diplomas highlighted the evening. No one really knows what challenges lie ahead, but a high school educa- tion will help them accomplish what- ever they desire. 36 N 'It was the worst of limes, lt was the best of times," was the theme of Valedictorians Jeff Lewin, Bob Michaels, Ron Backer, and Neil Busis HHHIHONOR: l'r-wr llninns llnrlmrzl Nall:-r Dnnnlnl Unrkvr liunalnl Bnrkvr ,luyrv ilmlvr Rirhurml Rnrish Jam-1 B1-ui-lnimn Di-lmrah lllnin Sully nn..-k Nnnry Broil Anita Brulsky Cynthia Browni- Nvil llusis Nnnry Chinrlmr Mary Clark Ann clmlr-y laiurn llmis Pi-.w1..,,.- Dania Laura Dulii Tlrnmns Garb:-r mia.: Fannin Rlurllm Girrlany Ric-hanl Gnnlir-li Frank Harris Pr-lr-r Hays Barry Jmhl Jeff Le-win Dnnnu l.in4lvr xlafu.-fy 1.01,--1 Sunnwl Manila-l llulh Mason Ruth Maylr Slunrt Mvyers Ruhr-rl Michaels Barbara Pcsyna Ruben R-was Joel Rubin D:-hrn Rubinslvin Marilyn Salyun Marr Srlxnr-irlcr Gary Scllman Marlin Sz-iunan llivhnvl Silver Car-il Spim-r Laurvl Tobias Shari Weiner Dulmrnh Wm-iss Barham W 1-svlilvr Dunnu Walsh.. wwmly wan...- Leslie' Yun HONOR: Cnlhryn -Xlxrnnxa jnsuph Ar-kr-rmnn William Annlur Linllu :hulrrsml Sully Apu-r Judith Bakr-r Mary llaran Art' Barush Slu-iln Baum Cn-lin B1-rnmn Duplinv Brawrmzru Jann-5 liruarl Dvhra ilruacl D1-hm Caplan .lay Caplan Jnhu Caplan Nadu Caplan Frcclrirk Carllnn Willimn Churynak Eng:-nv Clmw Eric Citron Carol Cohen Cnrhy C-'ln-n Dunnlrl Cnlmn David Daniirk Pearl Duvis Patricia Dcak Dunivl Draktr-r Xlanlu-w Diggnry Ina Dubkin Dclmrah Dunufrin Sr-uh Ennm linlh Ehrman Hnwanl Elliling Jann-s Epsrvin Tm-rrsu Fm-inlmrg Oil:-il Fvingnlil Xlnrr F-lrlnmn Sln-nna Folilnmn Rubin Fm-lulnnun Lynn Fvrh:-r Hr-lr-n Fields D1-burall Finl- Gary I-'inkvl Bvrnnnl Fisclwr Howard Fishhcin Rnlicrl Flin-as Suaan Fraunpli-n Paul Frm-:nun Sandra Frir-illanul--1 ,lane-I l"ri1-:lnmn Su-wn l"rii-zlinnn Paula Carrol Gary C--min Xluulww Gnlllsmir Ellvn Graff Xlirhavl Graff Nanry Gr:-unak cmsg Hrmlinan Jun--r Harris Him' llnrria Pulriria llarmck- lunlilh He-llninn linlhann ll:-rnlan lu-nn--:li H1-rahnnm .lnnrl Hruszrzyna Cnr-nl Hnlni Judilli J.-lnmun Nancy J-N-phson Dnlon--x Kncanla Ann Karvlitz Katharina Kurs! Pann-lm Kimball Snr.: Kirin Slmmn ku-ix Kathy Knnnvr mr.-, Krznnl-r ll:-I-5 Kraus Ruln-rm Launhn Nlnrk l.ziewr Gm-ri I.:ll:irua Linrlzi Lu- Jmlilll I.:-xinv liulh lmxinf- Suxnn I.:-xinv linrlulm,hx-i XI'-lxin l.i,...--f Nun:-5 Llmvl Lisa l.nn-win Paula Xlnllli-h Susan Ylnnillv-r Slnxlrl Ylnrk- Cary' Xl'-C-irniin-k cn-1.-Irv.. xl'-win.-k Susan Xlirlnn-l l.m.11. xii.-l.i.1ar1,.l Tl:--:naw llilvlwll lrnin Nlnakrmiu Xlnllury Xlnllvn Eil----n xl.1f,.1.y Shnrun Xznln-nsun Lnrir- Ulu-rnaur-r Arllxnr Unuilia 111-una Ualnirn sn..-in I-my.-k Jr-ann-f l'an..n Ann Pr-Krnskn Rzinnlm- l'nnilzumn sl..-11.-y lm.: Davin! Prim-lr law. I'u.n.r, Ann llzulinnnii- mm in-sri..-.ilu-rg Xlairk Rl-nn-heck Ylnn linlrimiln Harry lips:-n ilvnisv lhvwrrfvlil Marlin Rl-llnnan Ti-n-an Iinlii-I l.i-u- Salrlmisky Paul Sal--1, Jr. Xlnrjnrir- sr-lmfr.-1 Sr-nn Si-lm'-ill.-r Rirlmnl Svlmariz Sunnis-l sl-iiniifi. D4-lmruli s1...,.af., cm., sa.-3.4 rim.. Sa.-g.-1 Nlunu Sinn-:nf Hnrlmrn Fnulr-r Mark Sm-lrr 'l'l..-im sny.1.-f Xlaxini- Snloxnon In lnn Sunllliz-imvr Virginia Fxinlru Jann-5 Snarlzucldi-y lim- Tr-rkvl Arlr-nv Turliin Cam! Tran-ln Timur T..fx.1..gan llr-lvin Yau Milton Wm-lislwrg Du-buruh Wa-invr Mark W:-inganlr-n 1:..1,.,fi W:-islmz-rg Barry Wm-isvr Cynxhin Wililvr llrurr- Wir: Senior Class Officers - '69 B1lly Amdur, Treasurer Lou Gordon, President Jimmy Jordan, Vice President an Linda Lee, Secretary David Pozek, Vice President Our Senior Class Advisors, Mr. Sommerfeld and Mr. McNutt. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE: Bottom Row: Joyce Shapiro, Elaine Melnick, Judy Baker CChairmanl, Leslie Ripp, Second Row: Harriet Neiman, Howard Harris, Helen Fields, Ruth Thompson, Roberta Landay. SENIOR HATCHET COMMIT- TEE: Bottom Row: R, Herman, A. Karelitz, D. Caplan, K. Kramer, co-chairman, Vinelta Balough, S. Knox, S. Markowitz. Second Row: Elaine Melnick, Linda Kanarek, Joy Moravitz, Gail Stein, Sharon Nathanson, Debby Fine, Nancy Lloyd, Sally Weinstein. Third Row: James Mastronie, Don Hor- gan fco-chairmanl, Scot! Hanks, Richard Migliorali, Barry Cross. 39 Senior Class Committees .i PROM COMMITTEE: Bailom Rozr: J. Rosenfeld, S. Knox. M. Finks. D. Rosenfeld, M. Sufyun, P. Muizlislx, C. Cohen. D. Donofrio, D. Kuscuta, J. Baskin, B. Pesyna. Serand Row: D. Brooks, M. Marcus, V. Coles, J. Dorsey, M. Lasscr, B. O'Ncil, E. Vozza, M. Vatz, E. Reiser, B. Wcschlcr. Third Row: G. Taylor, M. S1'lll1ff0l, D. Slavkin, A. Novick. D. Osburn, J. Beacham, J. Johnston, B. Bugosh, J. Patton, S. Frampton, K. Karst, J. Calloway, N. Josephson. R. Dinkin, N. Crczmuk. Fourlh Row: L. Lee. L. Lewis. D. Salno, J. Carter, J. Broad, P. Minter. W. Ellmun. P, Rin, D. Pozck. D. Freedman. B. Wedner, H. Prive, D. Ord. Bottom Row: D. Mullc-niz, P. Tllonms. D. Cook. R. Mason, D, WL-i11er, A. Finkelstein, N. Sivilz. A. Kramer, L. Fr-rlJcr. Second Row: P. Morgan, V. Bulogli, G. Stein, L. Le-Vunt, A. Sherman. N. Cliinclior. C. Lazarus, R, Frisllnmn, K. Samuels, L. Tunny, D. Gibbon, S. Lcvinc. Third Raw: A. Elovilz, K. Sliman, R. Minyo, N. Ruitenberg, S. Nathanson. H. Fields. S. Wald, M. Kramer, A. Radinovik, B. Snyder, S. Frcidlander, V. Tidlino, R. Morris. Fourth Row: R. Schwartz. R. Silvers. W. Carter. M. Johan. J. Kessler, L. Supovitz, E, Markowitz, S. Rosy-nlr-ld, J. Caplan. P. Massow, J. Brcnnemun, D. Meyers, J. Lebovilz. 40 SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Bol- tom Row: B. Pesyna, N. Lloyd. D. Osllurn, C. Cohen, G. Frankel. Second Row: B. Bugosll, D. Saho, K. Kramer, .L Dosscy, V. Coles, R. Le- bunili, N. Crezmuk. Third Row: K. Karsl, E. Murphy, P. Hoddo, M. Finks, M. Jo- han, L. Lewis, L. Lee, S. Frampton, J. Levine, Fourth Row: D. Halliday, H. Harris, S. Rosenfeld, .l. Kessler, R. Schwartz, N. Weiner, M. Rem- check Bo lon: R w l' Pnmll ll l xplm Nl Nlfx xn D Rulyulslem li W1 hlmr C li ruwn A H4 ln SLLOIHI Row 9 Knox K Collcn, L. Davis, D. Brooks, M. mm V Balm l Nnzrum lu lm: u 'K Nl n Th d Rau l R ll l Hrrmmlx l H X Kdrmlnz Y Mon! unury, V. Tidlinc, T. Rosenfeld, N mn N .xncllrr Y mr ourlh Row R Sllllh Nl lx nn m ll Ruhr ll O'Nm-il. .l. Patton. D. Wciss. 4l CATHRYN ABRAMS SHELLY ABRAMS JOSEPH ACKERMAN BERNARD ADAMS LEE ALEXANDER CLAIRE AMBROSE MICHELINA AMBROSIO WILLIAM AMDUR ANITA ANDREYCHEK P+' . 'iWhz1l do you mean it wouIdn't look right if the president of the senior rlass bounced bubbles," says Lou Cordon. HOWARD AVERBACH BARBARA ADLER JOHN ALBRECHT LORRAINE ANDREKO MAXINE ANDREWS PHUY-" 'X' MICHAEL ANOLIK SALLY APTER JAMES ARMSTRONG IRWIN ARONSON f"N DONALD HACKER RONALD BACKER JOYCE BAUER SUSAN BAILS JUDITH BAKER MARJORIE BAKER MARY SUE BARAN ALAN BARASH ,, gm "If I goof my two-note purl, I'll kill myself," thinks Steve Friedman. SHARON BASIC JANICE BASKIN Konami' mum ROBERT is.-xUsCH .lANE'1' HE.'XLIH,-U1 mvm REAL STEVEN BAKER RICHARD BARISH 1. . STEWART BASKIN IT ALICE BEDDARD Steve Sturm crnms for his Electric Shop Boards. oy., , .3- . 'fi' 3 f gm? RAYMOND BATKO ANTHONY BAUER SHEILA BAUM VICTORIA BEITZEL GEORGE BENKO ROSE BENKOWITZ JM 45 Bill Chornyak-Spirit of '69 SHELDON BENOWITZ 'N ., 'isftffffjif rf ., P x ,h' Avis' L2 DUANE BRADLEY ,,..--f"""' . 1 ,- A . CELIA BERMAN LARRY BERNSTEIN DEBORAH BLAIN SALLY BLOCK DEBRA BRAVER '53 B B w e The opposing forces plot their strategies, NANCY BROFF NANCY BRONER KATHRYN BIXLER JUDY BLACK 2 SHARON BORELLI FRANK BOYLE "This is Warren Carter with the Allderdice Daily News." DAPHNE BRAVERMAN LYNNE BRENNER ROBERT BREWER JOYCE BROADUS JAMES BROAD DONNA BROOKS ANITA BROTSKY SHERRY BROURMAN BROURMAN ANNA BROWN DEBORAH BROWN CYNTHIA BROWNE KENNETH BUETTNER BARBARA BUGOSH JON CAPLAN NADA CAPLAN MICHAEL BROWN DONNA BUCKO D L: . z.-,gf 2 'WW M ' r 4? I IL J' SAMUEL BUNDRIDGE CLIFFORD CARCIA NEIL BUSIS 1 1 as-Q WI. A -V w LINDA CARDILLO Dded Feingold demonstrates his new instrument, JOYCE CALLOWAY 1- F RED CARLTON lvfs. 1' E31 bwartzwelder . .. hard or hardly thlnk DEBRA CAPLAN FRANNY CAPLAN JAY CAPLAN DONNA CARR JOANNE CARTER WARREN CARTER PATTI CARTIFF SUNG-IN CHANG ROBIN CHECKLEY LINDA CHICHVAK ERIC CITRON PATRICK CLANCY STEPHEN CLAWSON MARK CLOSE Rfflyfggszs A HOWARD COHEN HOWARD COHEN JEFFREY COHEN ROBERT COHEN f-PS3 ROBERT COMITO RICHARD CONN ERS DEBORAH COOK ANN COOI-EY NANCY ANN CHINCHOR WILLIAM CHORNYAK EUGENE CHOW TONIA CICCIONE - 395' CAROL COHEN CATHY COHEN DENNIS COHEN DONALD COHEN - Q' VELMA COLES JAY COLKER J UDITH COLKER RICHARD COLWELL ALAN CORN VERNICE CORBIN ---- --- ---- ---, --v--- 'N Dont be such a ham, L0 no '91 THOMAS DAVIS PATRICIA DEAK DANNY DEAKTOR EUGENE DEKTOR PATRICIA DIMARZIO RACHEL DINKIN INA DOBKIN IRWIN DOBRUSHIN S 3 X3 If NALLAN COTTON LAURA DAVIS CYNTHIA CROSSEN MARTIN DAVIS MARK DICKSON MATTHEW DIGGORY y-5 MARSHA DOBRZYNSKI LAURA DOLFI DAVID DAMICK DAVID DANOVITZ PEARL DAVIS 'yrs 9-Hi Q11 PENNY DAVIS 1' ' NH I I " A M? si ,. ,I.. I Cool, Cool Poole. Debbie Shapiro acts out a linking verb. DEBORAH DONOFRIO DAVID DURR WALTER ELLMAN ALAN ELOVITZ SUSAN ENGEL JAMES EPSTEIN DAVID FAIGEN JAMES FAULK5 MICHAEL FEDORIS TERRY FEILER L -- iiglgifgiii - F Q Va Km Judy Colker types it to you. MICHAEL ESMAN JEANNINE DORSEYI GEORGE EASON SETH EATON RUTH EHRMAN TERRI FEINBERG ODED FEINC-OLD Walker Kennedy puts Black Power to work MARC FELDVIAN ROBIN FELDMAN SHERNIA FELDMAIN LYNN FERBER MICHELE FINKS MARLENE FISHER All es eb Foreword SUSAN FRAMPTON H2 WAYNE FERRAINOLO CHARLES FIELDS HELEN FIELDS DEBORAH FINE BERNARD FISCHER HOWARD FISHBEIN MICHAEL FLEISHMAN ROBERT FLEISS 5 ,J 5. SHELDA FRANK CERTRUDE FRANKEL Bcvl-rly O'Ncil shows who wl-urs lllc punts in her class. 'iliwwmix Michael Small Veeerrrrv lnlereslm MARILYN CELLNER EDWARD LENTILE DAVID CERMAINE av-T PAUL FREDA SANDRA FRIEDLANDER DAN FRIEDMAN JANET FRIEDMAN ROBERT FRITZ STEVE GARDNER PAULA GARRET FRANCES GAVOLIS we il E am Is Neil Busis above everyone? RHONDA CERBER agq an ARLENE GIBSON MARTHA CIRDANY Eddie Hamlin totals up the day's debts. 'T WILLIAM CLASSN ER DARLENE CLICK LAWRENCE COLDMAN MATTHEW GOLDSMITH ELLEN CRAFF RAYMOND GRKNT ELLEN GREEN AL KN LREENBERG GARY coELz MERLE com GARY GOLDBERG LAURIE GOLDEN LOUIS GORDON RICHARD GOODALL KATHY GOODMAN LORRAINE GOTKO 1534, gf'-:fu auf: - i. -.1 " Q P--O. ,.-.,f,,,l A-. . ,EY-K rj .1 , , , 4 .:1.1,...ff+: gag., -73,5 ,figs '. ' pf nv ff' :MM-M Q rxlfg , 5 ,- Q- gffifri' .,,453s .. "f'Nq:,2f 'Sf Z: -VY '.2.'1'L v- 'pf' i 'h?"' . 'f -,gp 'fx gfgfi, N. ,EL T23 aff- - -P 'wr' J: I.: 12 'vwfvw-.. rl? ""1'431l 'iff- LSL-.?:.f ' I ' T-5' k- l"5f1ff.f 'iff Allderdice and South meet head to head. Driving for the Coal Line. LAWRENCE GREENBERG RICHARD GREENBERG RONNA GREENBURG SHELDON GREENWALD KATHLEEN GRIFFIN SANDRA GROBSTEIN ARLENE GRISKEY JEFFREY GUSKY 42 2' -Insult!" ? 'WSW4' 'vw Richard Migliorato begins another work of commercial art. NANCY GREZMAK CHARLIE GRIFFIN t v i f f., sr' 5-Q " , Y .W ,V Y . 1 The Allderdice cheerleaders flash pom-poms and legs to arouse student BARRY GROSS MARGERY GROSS Spirit- LAWRENCE HALL DAVID HALLIDAY EDWARD HAMLIN JAMES HANKS CRAIG HARDMAN ROSE KAY HARRIS FRANK HARRIS HOWARD HARRIS JANET HARRIS MARIETTA HARRIS WILLIAM HARPER PATRICIA HARROCKS ffigxi MARY ANN HAVER PATRICK HAVER PETER HAYS .TUDITH HELLMAN RUTHANN HERMAN 3- , 51-1- 3 1 I wonder if Oscar was really wilde? MARTIN HOCHHAUSER S. 71? - 1 In DIANE HARTMAN 'CONSTANCE HATTING N. I I.. X "Wow. That sulfuric acid tinglesf' discovers Rachel Dinkin. SHEILA HARBST PATRICIA HERD ix aged: M '-if 3' 3.4 a N KENNETH HERSHMAN ALEXIS HESKI JAMES HILLMAN DENNIS HINDMAN PATTY HODDO ROBERT HONIG DONALD HORGAN JANET HRASZCZYNA CAROL HUI-M CHRISTINE HURLEY "Scarface" Sellman takes orders for bathtub gin. MICHAEL JOHAN JUDITH JOHNSTON 4 N JAMES JORDAN NANCY JOSEPHSON BARRY JUDD LINDA KANAREK JOYCE KARTYCHAK DOLORES KASRITA TANYA KASZYNSKI ROCHELLE KATZ 'Fa me , . in Y ., Q r - ff A Q , , ,, fuQ.iQ5fQw , ' E A A A f A I i ' ' ' W ' N14 1' 1, vm: fig M.: ,43m,saQ1.'-522+-,frg3:,f-5'-:gif-W I ', " ' MARY ALICE JAMISON MARY JEAN JOPINKO Seniors-lo-be plan their get-away at the Junior Class Picnic. ami. SHERRY KANE ANN KARELITZ KATHY KARST MICHELLE KART SUSAN KATZ PATRICIA KAUFMAN KATHLEEN KEANEY JOHN KENNEDY RICHARD KENNEDY WALKER KENNEDY KATHLEEN KERN JACK KESSLER sf IL SARA KLEIN RICHARD KLINE MARCY KRAMER ARMAND KRANICK IR 4 1 J 2' . X A H Diff: - if MARK LANDO JONATHAN LANGE K Z .. , SHARON KNOX JOHN KOHBERGER BETSY KRAUS GARY KUNTZ MARK LASSER JOYCE LAWRY RHONDA KHOLOS SAMUEL KRAJECK STUART KUPERSTOCK CERI ANNE LAZARUS A ' th PATRICIA KIMBALL JUDI KIMEI. PA M K I Nl BALL . L X ADELE KRAMER EDWARD KRAMER KATHY KRAMER If xx IA! X X Q1 ADRIENNE LABOVITZ THOMAS LAMPL ROBERTA LANDAY ROSE ANN LERANIK DONALD LEBEDDA HOWARD LECKENBN LINDA LEE CHERYL LEGGE JAMES LEBOVITZ LINDA LEVANT LARRY LEVIN JOYCE LEVINE Q51 PATRICIA LEVY 1.1. ,, w SUSAN LEVINE were-uni iff wrin- Barbara "bird" Adler lets her bubbles fly away. GEORGE LIGHTER WAYNE LIEBERMAN MARK LEVENSON TERRY LEVI '5 ,IUDITH LEVINE RUTH LEVINE Peter Hays finds his protractor delicious. ROBERT LEVY JEFF LEWIN BARBARA LEWIS LINDA LEWIS , , g ' F ' A PARA LIFSHER K , ' ,HT QUQ XD. LII I I3 R 1 SH 'IRON LII' THOMAS UNDAHL ,pie 'll DONNA LINDER JAMES IJNIJERMAN MELVIN LIPNER RICHARD LIPSCHER NANCY LLOYD RUTH LOCKER PM iw-ds Hwl-ling 15 li- OLIVIA LOEB PATRICIA LOEB ERIC LOERKE DEBORAH LOEVNER MARGERY LUBET WILLIAM LUCIOUS PATRICK MAHON IIAULA MAIZLISH Tommv Su or exclaims, "If 'ou keep on putting down 'DK' Howard, how amlever oin to pass this test?" . PP 5 E 3 BARRY LONDON LISA LONSTEIN KATHLEEN LORINCE JACK MALVIN JACK MANUEL JOEL NIANDEL I z ARLENE LOWY SAMUEL MANUEL Power . . . Axis fi' nan STUART MARKS DIANNE MARTIN CAROL MASCARA RUTH MASON TERRY MATHOS JAMES MATTHEWS JAMES MATYAS RUTH MAYLE fb DEBORAH MANDLER SUSAN MANDLER ANTHONY MANN MARILYN MARCUS t ARLENE MARCUS ELLIOT MARKOVITZ .SUSAN MARKOWITZ SYDNEY MARKOWITZ PHIL MAZZOCCO 1AMEb MASTRONIE RICHARD NIAZER PASQUALE MAZZOCCA -as live.. 43,4532 5 Q- EDWARD M1-CA LLUM I I I I an:-f2e?vff--,Q I IQ Dxrlr-nv Click smiles for a flivk. LORNA MCKELVEY . .A. , , . .' -- ,iffft . jx -WUQ-ay -,MET - 9,17 I "'T1,L4.Q9:1'W'f'-av, .- 'rf 44-xg. -SIXTY-M ' .. N CRETCHEN MEYERJACK DANIEL MEYERS DEVERA MEYERS MARCY MEYERS ROBERT MICH.-XEI.S LINDA MICHALISZYN RICHARD BIIGLIORATO LINDA MIHALIK Aa Xiu Toll MCCARTHY GARY MCCORMICK PATRICIA MCGEE RICHARD NIUINERNEY "iW. nf L Q 5 . n frlgf ' 'A J my MARIE McKNICHT ELAINE MELNICK AL METRO .IANET MEYER STUART MEYERS SUSAN MICHAEL ANNA MAE MIKULA PAUL MINTER "One more suggestion and these posters go in the garbage can," answers Ray Savikas. PAMELA MINYO ROBERT MORRIS SHARON NATHENSON ' r CAROLYN MITCHELL ROBYN MORRIS THOMAS MITCHELL YVONNE MONTGOMERY IRWIN MOSKOWITZ CYNTHIA MUN DRY ANDY NAVILLIAT NAN NAYHOUSE CARMELLE NICKENS DENNIS O'DONNELL ANDREA Nov1cK LORIE OBERNAUER JUDY 0'BRIEN 1. fia- GRACE MOONEY JOY MORAVITZ PATRIPIA MORGAN DAVID MORRIS MALLORY MULLEN I BARBARA NISKACH GAIL OLITZKY ARTHUR ONAITIS How am I supposed to play lf you dont Ixurrx and take thls picture? 'F 4 H B 'Na-fu , .4 BEVERLY O'NEIL DEBORAH ORD SHEILA PARZYCK JEANNE PATTON A moment of silence, Zl magazine, and Harold Randall. JOHN PENDRED ROSS PERILMAN ANDREW PETRUSKA ANN PETRUSKA GEORGE PHELPS BRIAN PIVAR R DONNA OSBURN SUSAN 0'TOOLE MICHAEL PEARCE JAY PEARLSTEIN BARBARA PESYNA RAY PETRONIO DAVID POBER MICHAEL POLAND 'QSIM LINDY PAPP ELLEN PARKER WALLY PEASE SARA PEGHER While Wayne's away the students will play. F ELICE POLITO ROBERT POLK MARK POLLOCK RANDEE PONITZMAN DAVID POZEK DOUGLAS PRICE HELEN PRICE SERETTA PRICE ANN RADINOVIC DAVID RAIZMAN HAROLD DUNN RANDALL as 'Q' BARBARA RECHT IRVING REICHENBERG ELAINE REISER Dragon, Bill Wedner, suits up for the game. WILLIAM POOLE JOSEPH POPP SHELLEY POST ., FLORENCE POWELL RICHARD PUCIATA LYNN PUDLES DALLAS PUGH ARLENE RABNER '?'n--.. Fi., Q. Ni .1- fy. 'T' Concerned and confident students start the Peruvian School Fund on Friday the 13th. if fi . res 95X W?"-p MARK REMCHECK JOSEPH RIM LESLIE RIPP PHILLIP RITT JAY ROBINSON ARTHUR ROMEO GEORGE ROSENBERG JUDY ROSENBE Alas, poor Tom McCarthy, lllere is no escape. N1 fa 4 -,of -e-W RHONDA ROBERTS ALAN ROBINSON Napoleon never looked as happy as Yearbook Editor, Frank Harris, after a deadline. ROBERT ROSENBERC MARGIE ROSENBLOOM DENISE ROSENFELD .IANICE ROSENFELD JEFF ROSENFELD SAMUEL ROSENFELD SHARYN ROSENFELD TERRY ROSENFELD MARC ROSENSTEIN ROCHELLE ROSENTHAL ROBERT ROSS ROCHELLE ROSS DEBRA RUBENSTEIN Milt Wachsbc-rg plays u Fair Came: WAYNE ROSS BETTY ROTH BA RT JOEL RUBIN WILLIAM RUDOLPH LEE SABLOWSKY Mary Sue Baran waits for the plaster to fall. KAREN SAMUEL5 MARTY ROTHMAN RICHARD RUBEN Patricia McGee transfers her thoughts to paper. JOSEPH RUSSO NANCY RUTTENBERG A ZQ A A 'Zi DENISE SABO PAUL SABO MARILYN SAFYAN RICHARD SAMBOL A . 4, ri , , . , if , R W ig?IEf'ffQ V ,' , i-'Qi A HERBERT SANDIDCE THOMAS SAPPER ANNE SAVAGE RAYMOND SAVIKAS SQ' X VINCENT SCARPINO JAMES SCHAMUS Now when I push this plunger: al. PSSC Physics will be fun IJ. linings will sorta recuperute c. lhe law of geometry won't be valid d. I'll fail this course. BRUCE SCHMIDT HOWARD SCHACHTER WENDY SCHECHTER DAVID SCHNEIDER SHARYN SCHWARTZ ANTHONY SCIULLI FRED SCIULLI fix LINDA SECOLI MARJORIE SCHAFFEL Debbie Caplan gets down to work. AUDREY SCHIRM 'Kell' SCOTT SCHNEIDER JOEL SCHWARTZ MICHAEL SCHWARTZ RICHARD SCHWARTZ pus 'AR MARK SEECH DEBORAH SEGALI. IRA SEIIJENSTEIN S.-kNll,ll-ll, Sl'IlAVl'l'Cll W GARY SELTMAN MARTIN SELTMAN Tom Lampl calls for school spirit at a pep rally. if "Tlu- hook says In do this," says Tiger, "hut it seems like I'm just going in circlvsf' ARTHUR SENG DEBRA SHAPIRO PAUL SHAW PATRICIA SHERMAN NANCY SHUGERMAN RUTH SHUGERMAN l MICHAEL SILVER LINDA SILBERBERG JOYCE SHAPIRO MURRAY SHAPIRO SHARON SHOLOCK STEVEN SHORE Excedrin Headache 954460-The Boring School Day. CATHERYN SIECAL ELLEN SIEGEL RONNA SIEV WENDY SIGAL RICHARD SILVERS MICHAEL SIMON ROBERT SIMON MONA SIMONS -,, .,.,..-w1asv1"""f' NANCY SIVITZ DEBORAH SLAVKIN KATHLEEN SLIMAN LOIS ANN SLIVKA GEORGE SLOAN KENNETH SLONE 105' MICHAEL SMALL JACK SMOLOVITZ RHONA SNOW BARBARA SNYDER ARLENE SOLOMON MAXINE SOLOMON JO ANN SONDHEIMER DIANE SPANC fn H V' ' :Y f, .. .V f -4wff,Tff?v:' liiffrxax . 1 . ww"-1L1fw"yw:g3'r4Lx1'4jS5+ ff ' .1 A Www, M H A K 3' T i 1 2 f -fx S gf 1 iff wiki? 5 Q. " X AQ if 'L 'i5.E433f' A Wflvki ' - IR: Z A-A 'A IM- ! .gf' Matt Goldsmith . . . out on u ledge. T-A-:Touche f1WHY- CAROL SNYDER MARK SNYDER THELMA SNYDER ROBERTA SOKOLITZ BARRY SPECTER CAROL SPITZER ROBERT STEARNS BETTY STEIN Q-4 .. . pen number five takes the early lead followed by number three two words behind . . . M. 1 HENRY STRAUSS STEPHEN STURM LOUIS SUPOWITZ VIRGINIA SVIDRO Elf lfffmf f 'W MARK TABOR WILLIAM TABOR DOLORES TANNEY GLENDA TAYLOR i GAIL STEIN JULES STEIN PHILLIP STEIN STEVEN STEIN ROBIN STEINER RICHARD STEPHENSON DENNIS STERANCHAK GWENDOLYN STORE JAMES SWARTZWELDER VP Jim Jordan announces future plans. Qin. Q LYNN TERKEL Y Coach Giovane: A giant among men. BRUCE TOBIN CAIL TRUST TIMUR TURKDOGAN BARRY UDELL ANDREW UZONYI JOSEPH VENTURA RICHARD VERNA EMMIE VOZZA MILTON WACHSBURG ROBERT TEVELIN PATRICIA THOMAS VERNA TIDLINE LAUREL TOBIAS 51-v, ARLENE TORBIN MARIANNE TORCASO CAROL TRACHT CAROL TROSKY BRUCE VARADI MELVIN VATZ SUSAN WALD RICHARD WALKER Richard Puciata eyes the game action as the defense takes over. 97 gk -"" I if 5 '5 5 5-. . S ROBERT WALKER ROBERT WALL CELESTE WARD MARTA WEAVER MARK WEINGARDEN DEBORAH WEISBERG ROBERT WEISBERG BARRY WEISER NS MARK WEITZMAN Q it 'BK U. QIL Eileen Murphy can't wait until the game. MARK WICGIN5 WILLIAM WEDNER DEBORAH WEINER 'NANCY WEINER SHARI WEINER K x 'j' . H K A ' In ski' W ' ' ' L ' l. 1411 ' Q Y 'nl,' ll 1 DEBORAH WEISS STEPHEN WEISS BARBARA WESCHLER CHARLOTTE WHITELY BRUCE WITT CINDY WILDER Howard Harris simultaneously serves his school and studies his science. , , n -M31 ' wg," X 1. E. or 'A a SWA .fly I I 'S f. 3. fs 4, A . I K . 1 - I RY ' 5 i v I 5 ' . , my J' . Makes no difference if you're black or white 'cause TA Dragons are out of sight. SHERRI DANOWITZ .:'- -, ' ,:1.:,5y.-4' W' 1' r.. Pffffia IS' 'V 'H 2:2-Q . guy fy rv", V-51. . -fi-My nu Am- hw . ,,.,. ,J U ..q. 1 Nbr, Q-,zzgzzg i, A YQ A . '.,2f'JZ"+wf.e" 33, as f "TI, -'M1f"'H-' ,-"""...,,. wf.,,,,:::7-s gif' , 5 ,xHj4,.,. ITW1 vu v v-C" " . "K, 55, 4-'iff ggagf -,!"'?',fsp:gL. 4- "uw....f- KENNY DEMMLER 4 CHRISTINE WILLIAMS DONNA WILSON LESLIE YON SHARON ZAK LINDA ZITELLA WILLIAM ZUKERMAN CAROL EVANS THOMAS GARBER wifi? , SALLY WEINSTEIN DIANE WOLF NICHOLAS WYNN KENNETH YALCH PETER ZIACAN STEPHEN ZIACAN MICHAEL ZIHAL ROBERTA ZISMAN fi! ., VINETTA BALOCH GERALD BRENNESIAN .314 l- WH-LIAM GRACE WILLIAM HAMPSON L'Two limes Illrcc, hull? Thirn-cn 8.65 Pl. How about acumath 150? answers Sam Rosvnfvld. JAMES LEBOVITZ ELAINE MAC NAMARA HARRIET NEIMAN JAY RICE LAWRENCE SIGMOND ang-- LINDA ANDERSON TERESA RUBIO JOE MUNDA I v1oLA MURRAY JOHN ROACH 1 MARK SEECH nRUCE WARD HARRY ROSEN WENDY WILSON PEOPLE NOT SHOWN PETER ABRAMS DAVID ANDIORIO JUSTINE BARNES MARY SHERRY CLARK PAUL CORRADO LAMAS DORTCH JACK FOREMAN RICHARD BRADLEY EDWARD JACOB JR. .IAGQUELINE KING DAVID LEBOWITZ HANNAH RUBENSTEIN .IUDITH TENEIBAUM FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS FROM TAHS Betty Rothbart and Seth Eaton 411169 Each year, Allderdice, in conjunction with the International Fellowship Exchange Program, sends five students to South America, and in return TA hosts visitors from our neighbors to the south. This year, Patty Kaufman, Thelma Snyder, Craig Hardman, Cathy Abrams, and Seth Eaton were ,chosen to represent our school in the foreign exchange program. Patty spent her summer in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, where she relinquished her American culture lfor the way of life of a Brazilian girl. She traveled all over Brazil and maintained the typical Bra- zilian life. She went to parties, danced the samba, and even got involved indirectly in a political revolution, when her "brothers" participated in a strike centering about education and the military. Thelma Snyder also went to Brazil but lived in Rio de Janeiro at Ipanema Beach. She learned much about Brazil's culture and history, and toured other cities in Brazil. Upon returning to Rio after her tour, she insisted that Rio was the most beautiful city she had seen. Craig Hardman visited Vina del Mar. Chile. He spent much of his time meeting people while traveling through Santiago, the capital of Chile, and his home town, Vina. He frequented the beach during his spare time. ' Cathy and Seth went to Lima, Peru, where they studied in a Hebrew Peruvian and a French Peruvian school respectively. Through the International Fellowship Tour they visited the lost city of the lncas, Macchu Picchu. They lived with an Indian family in the mountains of Huancayo, an agricultural center. Both Cathy and Seth learned Spanish well, and continued their studies in Spanish Il and IV. All five students, though they lived with wealthy families, learned about all of the social and economic stratas of the South American countries. And they agree that this was the best summer of their lives. FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS T0 TAHS fthe S. American studentsj Betty Rothbart 411169 Often, we are too close to our way of life to be able to see it objectively. The three foreign ex- change students from South America gave all who knew them a slightly different perspective. Carol Evans, from Manta, Ecuador, spent the whole school year in Pittsburgh. She knew no Eng- lish when she came but soon learned to speak fluently. Carol is lively and very adaptable, she earned to ski although she had never before seen snow, and she quickly got used to the co-ed nd more informal classes here. She was impressed mostly with the vastness of the United States, the ore relaxed relationships between girls and boys, and cherry Life Savers. Eduardo Mendel, known throughout the school for his "Poor baby" quip and his Groucho Marx impersonation, noticed many differences between life in Santiago, Chile, and life in Pittsburgh. Ed- uardo enjoyed walking through downtown Pittsburgh, for example, because Santiago, although one of Chile's largest cities, has only many small shops and no huge department stores and modern skyscrapers. Another thing that surprised Eduardo about America was the widespread awareness of oney and its great importance in American society. Classes, he commented, were conducted less I-ifrictly than in Chile, where students do not take part as much in class discussions. ' Fabian Ochoa, from Manta, Ecuador, belonged to the Boy Scouts both here and in Ecuador. He went on several camping trips here and got along well without fluent English. Pittsburgh's delicious ice cream, "happy and understanding" teachers, and superb shop classes impressed Fabian very qnuch. He was surprised by our high movie prices and parties in which there was less dancing and , ore conversation. Roy Hunt, a Pittsburgher, visited Allderdice for two months this year to compare it to his school, St. Puul's Academy, in New Hampshire. Roy attended several senior classes and rated his visit as "an exciting experience." All of the exchange students enjoyed the social atmosphere at Allderdice. In South America, one may not date more than one person. and that person must be a child of friends of the parents. Parties iere, they commented, are quite different from the heavily chaperoned and more formal South Ameri- 'an fiestas. They all agreed that coming to Pittsburgh is "a really nice city" and that Allderdice s "a really great school." To those who grumble occasionally about both Pittsburgh and Allderdice, hese views from the South American students show that we probably underestimate our city and 'chool. Carol Evans 'f' V' 1,. I it l., Scfi Gewurz Edwardo Mendel Fabian Ot-hoa ,uu- l'1"'E"" Left to Righl: Thelma Snyder, Craig Hardman. Seth Eaton, Cathy Abrams. Roy Hum Ht Q Y- 1 1 - " . ggi. O 1 if ' ' X vb Lx 'Aww -'f W., Q-'XXV .f" .--H. ,Q my-if-wr' A ls ,. . Q m V is -W f Ay- ,X .K ,-9? 4 fu, --V-. ,ir -, ' . ' ' du-I--....... - 2194 +,L1fni,",s'rQ W - .mmm-X.vaw.mmaa.lQf,uQ3w I, ,U vw is' f L-A -.L if .,,, s 'f ANN fm 'gf V f. 1 Academic '69 The bell rings and you, along with hundreds of other kids, pour into the halls. Crammed into these narrow passage- ways you are swept along like a piece of dust on the floor. At such a moment you may wonder how it is possible that you, in a school of 3500 students, can emerge as an indi- vidual. But there is an escape, for once you seat yourself in the classroom a new cosmos unfolds around you. Wliat is this cosmos that lets you show and develop your individuality? Sitting in a classroom of thirty-five students, you findian atmosphere which is sometimes quiet and other times explosive. Here, you are a definite integral part in class discussions, discovering subjects you would never encounter on your own: the anatomy and behavior of a frog, the reasons for the Homestead Steel Strike, and quadratic functions in algebra. It isn't important whether or not you remember the details of a frogls respiratory system, t.he length of the steel strike, or the exact applications of the quadratic formula. What matters is the new, overall perspective you gain. ,y Qs, gi 1 if' V 5...-ng , iq 4- W - ' .m.4g ie ,L t f A b it i 11 35 1' ml, Mr. Scmans, the senior svhool vim--president. Mr. Pulicc, the activities director. 1111110111 Row: Dr, lilumcnfcld. Miss. Nh-Kinney. Svronrl Rout Mr. llurclli, Mrs. WL-iss, uml Mr. Shulurrr. NotShown: lIrs.McL:1ughlin English Students Read and Interpret w E nglish, the vehicle for communication consists ' N ot only of grammar but literature. G rammar, traditionally connotes nouns and verbs. L inguistics-A W I nnumerable books represent the literature courses. S everal areas studied in the 9th grade include H aikus, poems, short stories, and novels. 1 D uring the sophomore year, the novels relate to the year's topic, man. E than Frome, a book discussed by the juniors, is P laced by its connection with the American Dream, and A .B. classes analyze the characters in various novels. R hetoric, metaphors, similes, allitcration . . . T hese previously insignificant words become M eaningful through constant repetition in E nglish I, English Il, English IH and English IV. N ow the seniors graduate with a fine English backgroundg T he English Department has done its job. .it Q . .3 y . wg X 1 ' . 'fig t 1 5, fi if 5 pug ,Q Yah- '5 L ff: . ENGLISH DEPARTMENT: Ballon! Row: Miss Goldhcrg, Mrs. Welch, Mrs. Mussolf, Mr. McNutt, Mrs, Ehrenfeld, Miss Fodor, Mrs. Foley. Second Row: Miss Meyers, Mrs. Tharp, Mr. Sommcrlcld. Mrs, Roth, Mrs. Schwcinlscrg. Thin! Row: Miss Tygard, Mr. Welling, Mrs. Martine, Miss Baldoff, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Kail. l08 ,sig w"' '--, -..iv 5 f gi ,.-if .wif V. 4 Us w'K A -ax -'V' I ' Sociology means meeting, understanding, and talking to people. History Department Relutes Past to Present Hopefully. Allderdice's history department has prepared us for the future. Four new teachers, Miss Loftus, Miss Cummings, Mr. Manifold, and Mr. Metro, aided department head Mr. Schnupp and the returning history teachers in instructing the curriculum. Beginning in the ninth grade, students are shown how our govern- ment works socially, politically, and economically. The sophomore year of World History examines more attempts to solve problems from the past to the present. Our government and history are given a second look-over in AP or regular American History in the eleventh grade. The senior year shows a great diversity of courses with a few new ones added. Sociology and international relations, APE European History, or Behavioral Science and Humanities can be taken. In four years, hopefully, the history department gives Allderdice students a good look at our world, its problems past and present, and perhaps solutions for the future. IIO ,' IN All right, who's the wise guy who gave Tiny Tim an A in history?" aslw. Manifold. Mr Tenelbaum discussing his exploits in Donkey Basketball History requires a little thinking before speaking. HISTORY DEPARTMENT FACULTY: Bottom Row: Mr. Cargani, Mr. Metro, Miss Loftus, Mr. Hirsh, Mr. Crall. Second Row: Mr, Teitelbaum, Mrs. Sherman, Mr. Ferry, Miss Cummings, Mr. Knotts, Mrs. Crammer. Third Row: Mr. Schnupp, Miss Cromley, Mr. Gaither, Mr. Manifold, Miss Powell, Mrs, Dubinsky. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT: Bottom Row: Mr. Rankin, Miss Brusca, Mrs. Litman, Mrs. Kubiak, Mrs. Stallkamp. Arlene T0IbiIl 011 21 !'0l1iiIlE C858 fOr SCO Second Row: Mr. Mason, Mr. Herman. Third Row: Mr. Guarascia, Mr. Nagy, Mr. Shore, Mr. Roth, Mr. land Yard- Casey, Mr. Weigman, Mr. Seate, Mr. Mt-Millin, Mr. Perz. Science 1' Thought, Inquiry, Experiment, Theory Allderdice's Science Department is not only the largest in the city, but quite possibly the best and most up-to-date. It has more classes, more AP classes, and the largest physics and chemistry de- partments. The traditional is not necessarily the guideline for Allderdice's science department. Instead, new ideas are constantly being developed. More emphasis is placed on concepts than on facts. Biology, for example, is being taught more from the chemistry approach, learning the body's processes instead of memorizing the processing parts. With such an up-to-date science department, inspired and ex- cellent science students are the inevitable product. To further their interests, Allderdice has several science clubs. Mr. Herman's Psycho-Biology Club entails a study of behavior mechanisms on a phyo-genetic basis and involves the nervous and endocrine systems and their influence on the behavior of organisms. Mr. Guarascio's Allderdice Explorers group gives students a chance for individual inquiry and research into areas not usually presented in class. The members of both this club and the Science Research Club have a chance to test their own theories and, therefore, develop better one's knowledge through experience. Some of the students also enter various science scholarship contests and do well. Allderdice's sixteen- teacher science faculty exercises and increases thelfaculties of each science student. v' fp i. 5 . e 4' - 1 ef ,ff V ,. 7 Q52 ,f ,Lift ti J. t , i i ,-eff f e is A , I . . Y , f .--we-ew I-,, X" af' 45 f 'R , dl, , . if V, ' J .if F35 g je , - v L 'fir 3. - i Q..ff'z' A 'J f - l. F T .if , ' if 5 .fl c 1 """' , ,f f ' ff Lfinigiix in i . , 2 Q ' ,,,,.f', 5. 4,ggl ,F ,. , , ' w L, K ff -K -?5?sq,e,Q,Q.,'Ag te X 'L ' L 1 fl 'H' . i , " Liz' V ' iii ' - A ' . H f Yi A ll 1 ,lt '- s 2 t et. ,- f at . be 4 l K M - 'M e f I so f if M 'jf Q k 'inf Ni K I , f - . , . wean ig J, 2- ' . i . ' I 59? '-' , A 5 l 1 4 " fi f: i 3 1 5- +9 Qiyfiailif - . ' A , '. - ., ' . ' - f- TM' R . - Q U f ef, 4- ,ff 1 ' 2' . 11 1 " R' ' ' " s 1 ' -e .- . '- fqra., 'Q f , - . -, - 3, " 4. ., : A . - , 3, ., . ,W , . ,Ls Fred Carlton can play with batteries and tape almost as well as Captain Kangaroo. Confucius say: Man who play with slinky on cold floor never gets a hot wire. E This lah has just expired. "1-1-I ve' rx ll....q YT? -. -,,, 0 5 ,K CHEMISTRY LAB ASSISTANTS: Bottom. Row: Karen F ellman, Barbara Lifscher. Second Row: Nancy Rut- tenherg, Sherry Williamson, Susan McMillan. Third Row: Albert D'Allesandro, Richard Schwartz, Janice Rosenfeld, Bill Stewberg. Not Shown: Alan Gordon, Amy Weinberger. "Mudcat" Grant showing Donald Backer "Oh, no," crres a PSSC student. "A wrapped brick is hardly a llI0lll8l'lS Day present, Mr. Rankin! apparatus. l I U W0 i 1 i V 4 'X QF' C9 Q' E Q 6 Q X T MATH DEPARTMENT: Bottom Row: Miss Bums, Mrs. Dillon, Mrs. Meldon, Mrs. Saba. Second Row: Miss Liotta, Mr. Margolis, Miss Viseclay, Mr. Mc- Kay. Third Row: Mr. Gillespie, Mr. Valenti, Mr. Kengor, Mr. Kelanic. , af.. Ad Chalk one up for Janet Beacham. Bruce Farber really geliing down I0 'he malh Mrs. Dillon-just loves m cover mlm chalk hoard. work. II4 x Math Department Computes 8ft+2Jdt Problem: 3 I Nm-T . If you can't work this problem just transfer it to a program and feed it to the newly installed teletype terminal. This terminal is connected to the Carnegie-Mellon University computer system, which enables selected students to learn the com- puter-programming language in their spare time. The Math Department, headed by Miss Kunkle, set goals. It hopes to meet the math requirements of students going to college Marty Rothman frantically works to get his homework done on time. and to prepare students with math needed for everyday purposes. This year, as in past years, Allderdice has sent top students in the eighth grade to compete in an algebra contest sponsored by the Western Pennsylvania Council of Mathematics. Senior high students compete in a National High School Math Contest sponsored by the Math Association of America. They always aim to win, and usually do. f 2 , f A Miss Kunkle puts her students to work. ,f if ez, Nix 'S f , "- 'le ' I "Maybe I should have cleaned it first," thinks Barry Weiser. II5 Interpreters in Foreign Language Richard Puciata says, "Now look, boys. I know this English, so let me explain it." The Allderdice Language Department can help students com- municate in French, Spanish, German, and Russian. Miss Gardill, head of the department, and fifteen other teachers help students speak, read, and write the language of their choice. Through repe- tition and listening, a relationship of informant to receiver is es- tablished hetween teacher and student. This audio-lingual approach is a modern and effective method of learning a language. Allderdice now has a native speaker in each foreign language offered. Since French, Spanish, and German courses are taught on levels I to IV, the language department is the largest in the city. This year Russian III was also offered along with Russian I and II. Learning to speak in a foreign language makes it much easier to under- stand and communicate with people in other parts of the world. ....,,..--.,,+f-'-' . . . this tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Thelma. Communication is a universal problemg the II6 li 4 522: lah helps solve it. LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT: Bottom Row: Mrs. Vaughan, Mrs. Rosenwasser, Miss Gardill, Miss Stewart, Mrs. Jackson. Second Row: Miss Goldstein, Mrs. Whedbee, Miss Schmertz, Mr. Ries. Third Row: Mr. Casorio, Mr. Audia, Mr. Ward -5 EZ 2 i S x 1 2 1 , A 5 s 3 , 1 5 im 3 .-in Jill King docs the lookingg Martha Schaefer docs the talking. II7 Getting the Business How often have you walked past a classroom contain- ing busily typing or writing students and wondered what goes on when the class sits quietly? TA business students work busily, learning clerical skills and busi- ness fundamentals. The business teachers wish to give their students a better understanding of their economic environment through an introduction to the world of enterprise. The courses stress principles of the operating business world. Courses such as Exploratory Business and Bookkeep- ing teach accounting and business fundamentals. Stu- dents in Sales-Merchandising and Distributive Educa- tion learn principles of retailing, sales promotion, and customer service. The Business Department also includes a class called Law-Economics, which familiarizes the stu- dent with legal regulations in business. The Business Department also trains students in office skills. Clerical Training combines typing, shorthand, and office routines into one advanced course. The TA Busi- ness Department provides a comprehensive program of preparation for future business employees. -. l V15 .- What happens if I make a mistake? l I8 I . BUSINESS DEPARTMENT STAFF: Miss Scheutz, Mr. Miller, Mrs. Blain. Second Row: Mr. Lockhard, Mrs. Hayes. 1 "Sure is a funny looking piano," thinks a bewildered student. fi' 11" Learning Io use business machines is educational und fun. uf , .ta is P 4 i .. , '1 w 1 X' SN H wr' V ,,,,.11',f l , . K , . A' ' Hai 7 7 Oh no I put the carbon in the wrong way again. "Look-lt's tir'klish!" ,.... n - a .1 -4. fi ' 'll Q, . , ' S ,vs MK", 5. M, ghd l : ' K , xi' .1 , A, " ' K 4 ,gm fi 2 uni, ,I ' lx, , ' K , w i W xi' f f ,J iff, , Sonw people can only think of one thing. T.A. Girls Learn Modern Homemaking Cooking and sewing used to be the major concerns of Allderdiceis home economics department, but the growing complexity of a girl's life demands a more comprehensive curriculum. Learning how to prepare vegetables and cakes is not enough anymoreg proper nutrition and protein and carbohydrate balance must also be taught. Furthermore, since there is often not enough time to cook a meal from scratch, cooking classes learn to use canned and frozen foods to prepare quick but good meals. Sewing classes have also changed. The approach now in- volves not only how to sew, but also what styles, colors, and fabrics are best for the individual. Accessorizing and taking care of clothing are also discussed. Units on child care, textiles, and home decoration round out the home ec curriculum, showing that it is truly geared to the modern, busy girl. .J .a --ggaui-.t..., X. x 1141, asv" gall "Now, of course, you'll have t a visiting lecturer. l20 4- HOME-ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT: Bottom Row: Mrs. Roguski, Mrs. Bush. Second Row: Mrs. Frankenstein, Mrs. Ramsey. V Hey, good looking, whufs cooking? s s L- '- , F . ' . bpwg , . AI., .ak , H ,W Y o make !l1L' Ci01llCS Ll lilllv lilfgel' for 13001910 to wear." 0XDlLlinS Making your own Llrcss can ln- fun, and il's ulieupvr, too. I Well, they are-n't the Rocketts, but these original fashions are nice. x Debbie Norrel: "I'll show you how il's done just follow the dots." Ba - Q 0 'I' Irv 11. All Are lou many cooks spoiling tllc broth? Rundcu Ponilzmun is in stitches over her sewing The Useful Arts Allclerdicels industrial arts program ranges from the most elementary projects to very complex problems in wood, metal, print, draftingf, and electricity. The first years of shop are spent learning the fundamental skills necessary to produce projects such as napkin holders, ash trays, lamps, and paperweights. A student can progress to the senior shop classes and construct projects such as skis, tables, anvils, and printed emblems. Specialization in these areas aids students in beginning their professions. wa-gk fr:- .pun diff INDUS'I'RlAL ARTS: Botlom Row: Mr. Englert, Mr. Randolph. Second Raw: Mr. Foylick. Sir. Matthews, Mr. Tarantino, Mr. Amrick. . - ig., wx.,- -44... . .. . 'M"""" ,sf w,..-5 ,f' C NN0 we-'rv not -fctlinu hi-'lx Inv sm:-llinf' tht- varnish." .lirnmv Armslrun f has to im rox-isv at little. , 1- . r . 1- . E . .1 , Q - 1sYf.m251Q'1Qi Z1 z f L i ' -it '51'i-'WTA ,sf 2 ' ' N' H 2iQ"f??ii32i. 2 ET f':aaf1q1 'A' ' ' 'L'b it 5 t 1 t f' , 'fi L 4' LB B, , K E , wife, .LA gs Y t "wikis 9:51 g l J 1 6 nf ' .E is " 'qi 6 4 , .413 af 2 . E' Z r I' J tj 1 ,U K X for just 52,850 l'll lllllki' this rar for you in metul shop," says Dennis An education is more than book learning. s s ,., st 2, iii S10 - ss. 30 ,gi X I 'X if 44.21 ' , ,L.4m1i,:" , 'S "Hello, mum, IM- lm-u trying to gvt you fur hours." '23 Art Students Do Their Own Thing t it 7 4 Michael Cangelol Herman etching a desk. w Art students invent new games and play them, too. t I w x f Cl! "Are you sure you want thc pizza 1-rust this thin?" The power of imagination makesa painting asks Ken Hirsllmun. I24 f Q ART DEPARTMENT: Bottom. Row: Mrs. Fulton. Second Row: Mrs. Jacob, Mr. Kirkh ,-- 1.,.f?.' FP' gr l , . ffsf'E,l31i " -- - ":fss? 1 H ig. e-sfw -Q 1 S y : ,, j' f ' Y A J . ifirf-lI35'53,f'19:'1 " 7' '2f'?'z7i ff a ft - V V A --"f:k.,, .,Yfi'7 f,f,,,,, , , ,Z , 5,1 ,au 5 A . -fl-.rar M, , x ,,, , , . . . in .24..-2.9 Q-J, .nn-:f . V " Ellen Friedman carefully constructs her own paper tower. ride, Miss Wuchinich, Mrs. Cole. What makes an art class different from other classes? Perhaps it's the fact that a student is unrestricted and can express him- self in the art form which he feels to be appropriate. Mrs. Jacob, Miss Cole, and Mrs. Fulton instruct regular and acl- vanced art classes While Mr. Kirkbride teaches crafts. Miss Wuchinich, a senior art teacher, offers a special course, 5X Understanding the Arts. Students study and create in the fields of sculpture, painting, architecture, and design for living, which undertakes practical application of art to everyday life. Many special events highlight the year's activities, including the Scholastic Art Exhibition, B'nai B'rith Contest, and the Na- tional Gallery Project, which is also affiliated with the English Department. Art students can do their own thing. l25 v-- 1 Q- W 1 ' '- . . . Q. .. --Vi - W. ...e .f ' 5,.,-Qf-:,"'---5' 13 .' - . 'G TW J ' ' ' J' ' W . '- v i S . . A 1 f 3 t 1 - Q - A ORCHESTRA: Conrlucror: Mr. Bunting. First Violin: Concert Mistress R. Ehrman, D. Lieberman, J. Johnson, B. Wells, R, Finkelhor, M. Girdany, S. Wald R. Epstein, K. Younger, V. Hraszczyna, M. Schaefer. Second Violin: P. Kuhey. J. Shapiro, R. Horowitz, D. Heller, C. Green, N. Stone, M. Slomberg, S: Seiavitch, P, Sherman, J. Hellman, A. Goldberg, M. Hatala, L. Supovitz, L. Metley. Viola: S. Weiner, D. Linder, R. Wender, N. Blanc, L. Blum, W. Carter, R. Honig. Cello: T. Garber, H. Cohen, J. Lange, W. Lieberman, J, Lustman, J. King, R. Watkins, B. George, P. Davis, B. Geary. Flule: C. Spitzer, J. Lep, S. Stangel. Oboe: D. Caplan, J. Dansker. Bass: M. Seltman, P. D'Eustachio, D. Raizman, H. Sellman. L. Neft, E. Solomon. Clarinet: N. Lauer, J. Fellner, R. Luslman. Bassoon: L. Sigmund, A. Zelicoff. Trumpet: J. Miller, F. Rosenfeld, E. Faigen. French Horn: A. Barash, R. Bacher, R. Cantor, S. Maharam, B. Gordon. Trombone: D. Backer, S. Friedman, G. Goldberg, 5. Workman. Percussion: H. Goldman, D. Wolfe. Tympani: M. Jacobson. Not Shown: M. Brever- man, H. Moses, B. Fliess, R. Locker. Stop and Listen - The Orchestra t '26 The clarinets and IMSSOOUS SPPHIY UP for ihcmsfllws- Tom Garber intensely wrapped up in his music. Av f K X J slr'- Donald Backer gives it the old one-two punch. n Bunting carefully coordinating the various instruments in orchestra. 14 i gives, 'rt-of Double your pleasure with Stanley Maharam and Ace Barash. If you would like to express your emotions or settle your mind through music, playing in the orchestra is an excellent way to do it. Allderdice's orchestra leader, Mr. Herbert Bunting, conducts five orchestras of varied ability, encouraging 'any student with musical ability to participate. The most talented group, A Orchestra, performs two concerts alone and two with Allderdice's choir, before-the entire school. The spring and winter concerts are traditions at Allderdice. Music is also provided by A Orchestra for the Senior Honor Assembly and graduation ceremonies. There are many reasons for the 0!'Cl'lCStl'R,S popularity at school. One is the wide variety of music played, ranging from major overtures such as Beethovenls Eroica to contemporary arrangements by the Boston Pops. Also, three-fourths of the A Orchestra members are also members of All-City Orchestra. The musicians enrich our appreciation of art, and show us how the combination of each individual section of the orchestra produces the total encompassing effect. l27 Choir Raises Its Voice Gloria, In Excelsis Deo. Gloria. The voices of A Choir arose from back- stage. The Christmas program had begun. The choir then slowly filed onto the center of the stage, which was lit by only the tiny candles the singers carried, Mrs. Lewis, the director of the senior school choirs, stood con- ducting. The Choir had rehearsed daily for this concert. Mrs. Lewis, when instructing the choir, emphasized the importance of dynamics and knowledge of the interrelationship of the various singing parts. The choir, singing dynamically, concluded Gloria. The ensemble, made up of A Choir members, was organized again this year. They and the rest of the A Choir sang at Homes, Gimhels, and Equitable Gas. There are four other choirs which Mrs. Lewis directs. Each, beginning with E choir, is a progression up the ladder in music proficiency. Mrs. Lewis teaches basics, such as learning to read notes, values of notes, and basics of choir ensemble. The junior school choir, instructed by Mrs. Puncheon, provides a fundamental base, enabling students to progress later to the more advanced choirs. This in future years will be an advantage for a well-prepared A Choir. A .w-'V X pi What's that foreign language they're reading? s-.r A CHOIR: Bottom Raw: Debby Segall, Sharon Knox, Ann Friedland, Cath Co las, Miriam Smolover udi Kime ' ' Slavkin, Anita Brotsky, Seretta Price, Sllelda Frank, Paula Garret. Second Riiw: Carol Collcn, Janis Dariiei .Ieanninril lslrxsgy T!firf11ii?eaDlsb,wii::k C3232 1523 Patricia Pollard, Tom Safley, ,lim Broad, Bruce Weinberg, Jack Smolentz, Terry Feiler, .lim Saunders, Cindy,Wilder Wendy Segal Nancy Josephson lilichell Finks. Third Row: Dianne Rosecrans, Linda Lee, Marilyn Safyan, Mary Sue Baron, Debby Blaine, Carol Tracht Eugene Dlektor Alex Binstbck Da Flamberg, Mina Altschuler, Carole Peterson, Patty Deak, Pam Kimball. Fourth Row: Ava Rosenblum, Irene Epstein Linda Akrie 'Nancy Lloyd Tivel Rosenwasser, Karen Samuels, Donna Brooks, Joyce Bader, Ilene Safyan, Dallas Pugh, Nancy Nelkins, Rachael ljinken. Fifth Iiow' Peter Morris Eili Citron, Ken Slonc, Mark Levenson, Jeff Hausman, Jeff Rack, Paul Minter, Melvin Vatz, Clifford Garcia Jay Colker Dan Graff Jules Shear To ,Row Tony Mann, Stewart Baskin, Robert Simon. ' ' ' ' p I28 'T K ' v U 1? ' Q? I Qi' 4 I 1 4- , x ' N I x - ' .1 Y - J ,' l55'5giM , x"'4 niw' 'W--2' tv? Q 5153 CN fr 'f' M 4W',5,,g-'l ' ,, .. -qw!!! FEW W? TA Bands Practice, Play, Perform Phi, DER D1 5 Hier-4 SCHUULE r A BAND: First Row Flutes: S. Mallet, J. Rosenberg, V. Iannotla, M. Caruso, S. Greenwald, E, Graff. Second Row: J. Saltmar, B. Wilt, R. Mallinger, M. Weiner, R. Mason, S. Tamres, R. Morris, D. Moncrief, A. Karelitz, S, Stangel, D. Meyers. Third Row: R. Cottam, L. Brostoif, B. Faigen, J. Twersky, D. Dolfi, J. Rosenthal, S, Clark, B. Weiser, S. Winkler, P. Hays, P. Kolodner, C. Hardman, S. Seigal, D. Gerson, J. Robinson, R. Williams, B. Simon, B. Judd, H. Fishbein, E. Sussman. Fourth Row: M. Simons, N. Silverberg, S. Bardin, J. Bierman, L. Sproul, D. Morris, B. Udell, S. Wanetik, M. Kauf- man, A. Rosen, R. Levy, S. Klein, L. DeBene, A. Corn, E. Greve, J. Stein, R. Stearns, R. Pease, S. Abel, S. Robbins, E. Stein, T. Kwalwasser. Director- Mr. Di Pasquale. 1 , ' ,ff . 4' if J- ' Nr X il ,,o 30 The brass add class to some classical gas. Alan Greenberg closes his eyes and hopes for the best. .- Na- - T... Q' LL.. 9+-.- s ff R . 1 Qag 4 A ' 52.4 fzyd A F:-gif V' I Q-' A , 1, -if f H Q F'-ff' M '15 5 ::+f:f-.JHIHL X . nf - 4 5,---Z I n-,iz ' ,l -4, 1 Ia Vx 1 3 in 1 4, WZ: 4 'K 1' S . . X , '- ,J I 'X X Ek XX 455. X 146 l aj 1 " -, , rf ,4 wk ' W, -'h..'-. 'S I k,,.. A . f H! 'fir fu.-I ,-W 1 ', 1 ' W. x ,i.r- -nw ,b . ,, B A01 A ? ,-we-B-:v" 4, ., ,gi M ,. xii f fy 1: 1 YY W ,iff , . A w X f ' A -f I 1? ,Q s .wa-fm' 1 W ,fs 1 Bottom Row: Mr. Lamprinakos, Mr. Dunlap. Top Row: Mr. Dilfeho, Mr. Ciovune. 'w - Y - 1 lei-0 V5 had- Hands over your tous will lct you heat your foes. Ecu-you w l " The games boys play in gym class aren't exactly the kind Eric Berne had in mind, but they are just as important to know about. There are very few things that permit one to be physically active during the mentally taxing school day. and gym affords the opportunity to work off the frustrations of the day in a fun. skill-building way. Whether it's goaling in football, hitting a home-run in softball. sinking a hasket, or finally perfecting a backward dive, the boys attain the satisfaction and muscles that come from doing their thing well. In addition to playing in games. the boys also take various tests in such things as push-ups, chin-ups, distance softball-throwing. and running the 600-yard dash, Six such tests are given. and the hoys who end up with a final score of 600 are con- sidered the elite of their gym class. Health classes teach the gylnnasts everything from causes and cures of diseases of the body to causes and cures of diseases of the mind. ,553 , mf- 'Q gas, .ff M' iv' i.a' Activities '69 'ivwiat shall I do in my spare time?" Each students asks himself this question after school, and varied answers are available. Many dull and unimaginative alternatives come up-a snack at the drug store, talking at the wall, and as a last effort, doing homework. But these unproductive sug- gestions can't be followed every day. The solution? Allder- dice offers many diverse extracurricular activities. A stimu- lating atmosphere characterizes club activities, service com- mittees, and special interest groups. A student can talk, propose, and follow through with what he wants to do. He can learn about government in Student Council, places in language clubs, and how the natural world works in science clubs. Participating in extracurricular activities takes more effort than just going home after school, lmut the former is mo1'e interesting and rewarding. Student Council 1969 This year above all others was a year of monumental importance for Student Council at Allderdice. Tom Lampl, Dave Pozek, and I inherited a student body which had little or no faith in Student Council. Not only was council re-born this year but it surpassed all other councils in the history of Allderdice in terms of con- crete accomplishments and also by better- ing the relations between the Jewish, Cen- tile, and Negro students at Allderdice. We started the year by putting organi- zation back into Student Council. We did this by first writing a constitution which gave us a foundation upon which we could attempt to build. No other Allderdice Stu- dent Council ever bothered to write a constitution. We continued our reorganiza- tion by having homeroom presidents serve as the council representatives. Our attend- ance averaged well over SSCZQ the entire year. In fact, as the year progressed and the students, faith in Council grew, many students who were not elected representa- tives came to sit-in and vociferously take part in the meetings. A copy of each meet- ing's minutes was distributed to every homeroom for the first time in Allderdice history. We also started the 'iCouncil Corneri' column in the Foreword to aid us in publicizing Council's goals, progress, and achievements. After Council was organized we began to fulfill our campaign pledges. The first example of Council's usefulness came where we succeeded in changing the school ring. Previous student council officers had been attempting this for yearsg we succeeded where they had all failed. Our second project, which began the first day of school, was to sell an All-Sports Ticket. For the price of 33.00 the All- Sports Ticket entitled its holder to attend all of Allderdice's athletic events. It was ap- proximately a 310.00 savings for All- derdice sports fans. We did this solely for the benefit of the students as all the money raised from the 400+ tickets sold went to the athletic fund. In November we planned and held our fourth annual Homecoming. Although the football team was only 4-3, we sold 450 tickets to the dance. This was more than were sold the previous year when we won the City football championship. In December we began our school ex- chanffe roffram hoping to give the student C p U 7 U body a broader outlook on school I36 systems. We conducted exchanges with Shadyside, Norwin, Gateway, Churchill, El- lis, Winchester, and Fox Chapel. A resume of exchange students' opinions and ob- servations was mimeographed and distrib- uted to all the homerooms. Late in December after a meeting of leaders from the various committees, the students realized that despite the differences in the social and economic background of the community they shared many griev- ances. After several meetings which were open to the entire student body, repre- sentatives from the communities were elect- ed and a list of grievances was formed. Under Student Council leadership the name Student Action Co-ordinating Committee was adopted, and we began meeting with the administration in an attempt to negoti- ate the grievances. These meetings resulted in a study of the counseling staff, a book- let containing a summary of all elective courses. A request to the Board that the auditorium lighting be improved, a study of the athletic facilities at Allderdice as compared with city and suburban schools, a declaration by Dr. Teal that girls were permitted to wear slacks with parental permission, that a request be submitted to the Board that the present Black History course be assimilated into the twelfth grade U.S. History course, and finally that no student caught leaving a tray in the cafe- teria be suspended. I think that the re- sults of these meetings .do indicate the value of the Student Action Co-ordinating Committee, and I hope next year's officers choose to continue the committee. In February we obtained permission in co-operation with PTA to have an assembly on drugs. Dr. Emile Trellis spoke quite honestly on the subject. In the same month we also held our foreign exchange student assembly to give recognition to the ex- change students from South America at- tending classes at Allderdice and to kick-off t.he "Build a School in Peru" campaign. Early in March we obtained an Hofficel' for the Student Council Officers. Although it was only a room situated behind the stage, it gave us a place to attend to the almost endless papework involved in Stu- dent Council and also a place to discuss our new programs. While it is true that we obtained it far too late in the year to benefit us greatly, we held the hope that the idea would be continued in the future. To assess the value of the 1969 Student "'i...... Student Council President Rich Kline Council one must look at two things: Th relations between the three ethnic group at Allderdice, and what we have done fo the future Student Councils at Allderdic We have worked hard and I think su ceeded far beyond any other Taylor Al derdice Student Council. I feel that we hav- created perhaps for the first time the i tangible feeling of respect for Stude Council as an organization.-Rich Kline 1 SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL: BOIIUIH Row: W. Morris, N. Kramer, P. Simon, B. Kraus, D. Slavkin, T. Feinberg, J. Hinek, S. Rosenthal, S. Knox. S1-conrl Row: S. Levi, M. Kirshner. C. Abrams, R. Grant, D. Meyers, R. Kline, T. Lumpl, D. Schneider. B. Weiner, D. Gohos. Third Row: D. Perry, D. Smccker, A. Radinovir, D. Green, S. Fidel, S. Bilder, T. Snyder, S. Eaton, L. Pollack, E. Kramer, R. Wender, D. Damick, B. Oneil, L. Parfait. Fourzh Row: B. Barber, .l. Cohen. V. Hayes, C. Spirer. D. Weisherg, M. Rothman, M. Pollack, R. Powell. S. Marks, ,l. Linderman, J. Epstein, R. Rosenthal, H. Averhach. an W, ?,4':j rllslll. , David Meyers, rifl'-Pff'5il'If'llf P 'lll I S Searching for the solution is David Svhneider. treasurer of Student Council. Cathy Ahrams. Serrvlrlry. Une of Stuch-nl Cuunvil vim-vvprcsidenls. Tom Lnmpl. I37 PUBCOM: Bottom Row: Jo Ann Marcovsky, Barb Pesynu, Elyse Prudoif, Martha Cirdany, Carol Hulm, Susie Weinthal. Second Row: Sue Levine, Don Cohen, Ray C-rant, Mark Weitzman, Cary Finkel. Not Shown: Ellen Friedman, Bob Polk, Ann Radinovic, Denise Sonccher, Lee Terkel, Laurel Tobias, Nancy Josephson. Pubcom This year Pubcom headed by Ray Grant, provided the school with many services, most prominent was Allderdiceis first music program, WALL, with disc jockeys, Brad Simon and Berne Krupp. Both boys played pop music in the cafeteria for all five lunches with their own records. With the help of our twenty artists and elves, the ideas and projects of the 1969 Student Council were "published" with a freshness and vitality seldom seen in our school. Pubcom only forgot to announce one thing so now hear this: Pubcom did a fine job for all of us in '69, .JIM :Liv 'Qs f.-X SCHOOL STORE: Craig Hardman, Steve Friedman. Paula Muizlish, Dave Faigen, and Car Finkel. WALL: Brad Simon, Linda Blum, Bernie Krupp, Lou Supowitz, Warren Carter. I38 Junior Student Council This year the .lunior Student Council started off rather late in the year. President-elect James Ellman began his term in January with Dean Goldman as vice-president. Secretary Sam Berkowitz, Treasurer Carlotta Harding, Publicity Chairman Bob Czerniewski, and the student council representatives all worked in coordination with Jamie and Dean. For their first major project, the Council attempted to sell tickets for the senior high school basketball games. The publicity committee worked hard and successfully in promoting the tickets to the junior school students. The Council also handled the Build A School Campaign for the junior school. They vigorously sold buttons and bricks to bring in extra money needed in order to raise 31350. The council's officers and a few homeroom representatives visited an area orphanage to see what volunteer work the council could arrange for future years. Although the Junior Student Council started in the middle of the year, they not only managed to sponsor some valuable projects, but also succeeded in unifying the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades in a productive unit for the school. Mr. Casey and his AUDIO-VISUAL STAFF keep track of the school's equipment with his quality-check board. Aides: Matthew Pundzak and Elliot Markovitz. Student Council organized this year s successful homecoming, I39 MY iriy' T 'Q' of if QIOINEECOMINC QUEEN CANDIDATES: Barbara Lifsher, Anne Cooley, Sharon Knox, Cathy Copetas. Linda Parfill, Marilyn Admcyk, Renee aro . Even llu- dragon atlfndvd the I-lunu-uunung Dance '69, f' Homecoming '69 Tom Lampl, Homecoming waits for Allderdicc to score again. G! GA? Armand Kranick, most valuable player: and just wait 'til my little brother plays varsity lJall.', 5 I . .. l Homecoming Queen, Sharon Knox, reigns over the dnncef- A jam-packed crowd for an action-packed game. l4I Yearbook: A Yeor's Work Smiling Mr. Thompson, the 0. .l. Simpson of the Yearbook Staff. of the workll. When most people first see their yearbooks, they see only the completed, polished work. But to members of the yearbook staff, the yearbook is a compilation of many months of hard work, done not only in the daily yearbook period but also, when deadlines approach, after school, in the evening and on weekends. The last year of high school is a tremendously significant one for the graduates, and the st-aff tries to make the yearbook the only tangble memory of the senior year, a book that really reflects what went on. lt must be poignant but not mushy, true but never depressing, must produce nostalgia sans nausea. Photographs show in candid shots different moods found in individual students. Copy tells of special events, clubs, sports, and academic departments, not only to remind and give an entire picture to the graduates, but also to inform those who will know Allderdice only through going through The Allderdice. The layou-t staff strives to make pages artistic and eyecatching, while the ad staff sells space in the Ad Section to community businesses, homerooms, and individuals who want to give a message to the graduating seniors. And the typing staff bears the brunt of having to type articles and picture identi- fications on to the triplicate layout sheets to be sent to the publishers at the last minute. An entire year must be printed and bound and distributed, and the hardworking yearbook staff, led by the even more over-worked editor-in-chief, gives the yearbook subscribers and their friends an honest, complete look at a stretch of event-crammed time. I42 Gary Finkel, layout editorg Betty Rothhart, copy editor, Frank Harris, editor in chief: and Lyn Kirshenbaum, photography editorg all dedicated, nerve-wracked, and loyal fand do most l.. Lynn Ferber and Gary McCormick do some shifty record keeping business for the yearbook. The tremendous trio of the layout staff arranged the pictures on these Jackie Persky, Hedy Gruenebaum, and Gary Finkel feditorl. The Fantastic Four, David Faigen, Nancy Nelkin, Martha Schaefer, and Betty Rothbart Qeditorj, are responsible for all the words in this yearbook-including this cutline. year. Not shown: Hannah Rubenstein. LEE' ll3fd'W0l'kiflg, kCYf2d-UP lYlJiHg Slfiff iIlCll1dCS Editor-in-Chief Frank Harris supervises the whole Veralti, Dianne Mayhury, and Darlene Harris. operation and dues a good share of the work, too. Yaxzkan, .lon Davis, .lane Cohen, and Richard Barish clicked the shutters Our ad staff members are Billy Rudolph and Sherma Feldman. I43 P Q.-0 '54 iff As Editor-in-chief of the Foreword, Deborah Weisherg brings Allderdice the news of the clay. Rarin' to go drivin', the Foreword feature staff: Milt Jacobson, Ruth Mayle, Ken Cobum, Margie Schaffel, Mel Vatz, Susie Foreman, Wendy Wilson, Brad Graham. I44 ,,,..f Jeepers, it's the roreword editorsg From Left: Sports Editor Wally Ellman, Feature Editor Mark: Pollock, Editor-in-chief Deborah Weisberg, News Editor Wendy Wilson, and Managing Editor' Patti Loeb. ' Advisor Mr. Joseph C. Thompson is caught Foreword photographer as he enters room 368 another day's work. Q5 -,'aI':'?'f- Foreword These people make the FOREWORD possible. They inform, amuse, and challenge the students, the faculty and the administration with news articles, feature pieces, and sports reviews. Editorials present opinions of impending issues and offer remedies. Controversial "From Within" lends itself to disagreement and provokes debate. Each Foreword is the product of hours, days, and weeks of hard work. There are leads to track down and write up, beats to cover, deadlines to meet, and articles to type. The editors must cope with the pressures of correcting type, doing make-ups, and sending copy to press. They work emphatically to please the reader. The world of room 368 is hectic, but filled with fresh, new ideasg for everyone in the FOREWORD of- fice is involved in rlmning a newspaper. The results have been more than rewardingg the proud feeling of seeing the finished product-the issue-is in- describable. The FOREWORD is the voice of Allderdice-it speaks to, of, and for the students of our school. THE FOREWORD FEATURE STAFF: Front: Feature Editor Mark Pollock, Seth Eaton, avid Meyers, Milton Klein. Back: Arlene Torbin, Barbara Weschler. Not Shown: Claire osenberg. FOREWORD SPORTS STAFF: David Meyers, Howard Elbing, Editor Wally Ellman, Richard Cantor. Not Shown: William Warren Carter, Ricky Gottlieb, Mark Rosenberg. THE FOREWORD ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF: Richard Barish, Vinetta Balough, Debbie Kulisek, Sue Levine, David Halliday. Not Shown: Judy Baker, .lon Davis. '45 Volunteers in Service to Allderdice V Ei! - 3 5, 1 Q l 2?-ii 3' OO r- is 39 - 4 36 ,JL KEY CLUB: Boltom Row: Howie Field, Lee Pollock, Stu Meyers, Sam Seiavitch, Sid Markowitz, Bob Stern, Alan Robinson, Frank Harris. Second Stanley Maharam, Bob Levy, Cary Spirer, Bob Axelrad, Mark Tabor, Warren Carter, Rick Gottlieb, Milt Wachsherg, Stu Marks, Rich Lipscher, Alan Third Row: Mr. Audia, lra Gumberg, Bernie Behrend, Steve Klein, Barry Joel, Louis Supowitz, .lim Broad, Brad Graham, Richard Finkel, Larry Richard Rosenthal, Randy Robinson, Richard Wender, Rick Cantor. Fourth Row: Arnie Shuleherg, Bob Goldberg, Marty Blumefield, David Unger, Rothman, Bob Nevins, Ricky Silver. Stu Weinhaum, Sammy Rosenfield, Murray Rappaport, Alan Elovitz, Mark Levinson, Jay Colker. STUDENT LIBRARY STAFF: Bottom Row: Dianne Chiz, Michele Kart, Linda Akrie, Emmie Vozza, Linda Levant, Lynn Michaliszyn, Anita Susie Frampton, Shelly Tobin, .lan Baskin. Second Row: Carylotta Hardin g, Pattie Napoleon, Betty Leuenton, Sue Cooper, Jill Fishman, Robyn Morris, Borelli, Linda Witenherg, Chris Hurley, Cathy Siegal, Seretta Price. Third Row: Steve Hast, Robert Candee, Ronald Ferraindo, Irwin Moskowitz, Mary son, Nancy DeVaul, Harriet Kisilinsky, James Armstrong, Steve Schwartz, Wayde Fargatstein. Not Shown: Sally Apter, Eddie Butler, Sally Block, Jodi Iudy Friedman, Alan Levi, Cindy Pressly. Lynne Spiegal, Jo Robin Starr, Arnold Zestnik, Carolyn Mitchell, Jill Sussman. I46 5 5 1 2, STAGE CREW: Bottom Row: Bill Chornyak, Mr. Kenneth Xmrick 1SupervisorJ, Joel Mandel. Second Row: Don jroto, Richard Lipscher, Sheldon Benowitz, Ken Scholle, 3ill Peyton, Third Row: Stuart Marks-light designer. Lights! Music! Acting! Before any of this can happen the Stage Crew has to do some work. Maybe it is setting up equip- ment for the orchestra or band, or arranging some lighting and doing technical work for the Senior Class Play. All eight boys are willing to help the 'chool in any way they can with the help of the iiead of the stage crew, Bill Chornyak, and lighting irector, Stu Marks. The Stage Crew does necessary 'ork for the benefit of student and teacher alike. QLERICAL SERVICE CLUB: Bottom Row: Arlene Gibson, onna Bucko, Joyce Levine, Sharon Borelli, Joanne Carter, dy Tenebaum. Second Row: Alice Beddard, Rhonda Ger- r, Joyce Karychak, Glenda Taylor, Connie Hatting, Miss huetz. Many of Allderdice's teachers and students have lscovered the Clerical Service Club, which repro- Jces various articles used as study aids in the assroom. Under the direction of Miss Schuetz, ese 12th grade girls meet daily learning to use fice machines. SIXTH PERIOD SERVICE CLUB: Bottom Row: Linda Lewis, Randee Ponitzman, Linda Michalizyn, Terri Levi, Jean Patton, Mary Alice Jameson. Second Row: Sheila Harbst, Laura Davis, Mrs. Bush, Judy Levine, Susan Framp- ton. I47 Cool Aides for Hoi Problems JUNIOR OFFICE AIDES: BUHDIII Row: Ilene Trachtenberg, Karen Franceshini. Second Row: Shelley Rosenthal. Roberta Frishman, Mary Jamison. Third Row: Jeannine Dorsey, Linda Chichvak, Cindy Kramer. Dodi Walker. JUNIOR COUNSELOIFS AIDES: Borlom Row: Bar- bara Hurley, Becky Schorin, Debbie Kranick, Ellen Sigal, Carol Stubock, Second Row: Meryl Kirshner, Janice Miller, Claudia Linton. Carolyn Mitchell. '45 SENIOR OFFICE AIDES: Bottom Row: Kathy Karst, Lorie Obernauer, Rosie Beddard, Ann Chapko, Arlene Gibson, Alice Beddard, Sharon Borrell Yvonne Montgomery. Second Row: Barbara Bngosh. Nancy Grezmak, Audri Schirm, Trudy Frankel, Joyce Kartychak, Sharon Sholock, Joyce Levine, .Ian Hraszczyna, Kitty Keaney. Not Shown: Christine Suwcllak, Diane Wolfe. l48 SENIOR COUNSELOR AIDES: BOIIUIII Row: Carolyn Mitchell Mary Ann Haver. Seeunrl Row: Nancy Lloyd. Glenda Taylor, Linda Lewis, Donna Bueko. Sharon Bor- relli, Gail Olitsky. Third Row: ,Iudy Calle, Sharon Knox. Kitty Keaney, Donna Osburn, Debbie Brown, Anna Mikula, Shella Parzyek. Fourth Row: Beverly O'Neil. Rachel Dineiz, Betty Stein, Sherry Clark. Linda Chichvak. Barbara Pesyna. JUNIOR MEDICAL ROOM AIDES: Bot- tom Row: Fern Rosenthal, Patti Napoleon. Eileen Samuels, Barbara Marcus, Barbara Gomberg. Second Row: Debbie Small, Rhonda Silver, Shelly Glick, Cindy Ruben- stein, Nancy Makrauer, Shirley Schwartz. Third Row: Wendy Morris. Malina Kaufman, Linda Lasser. Adie Lieberman, Donna Rosen- stock, Mina Hare, Wendy Rudolph. rom Row: Barbara Kosko Linda Kanarek, Cathy Siegal. Debbie Bray-r. Geri Lazarus, Ann Finkelstein, Nanny Perrin. Debbie Mandler, Marilyn Gellner. Charlene Rey- nolds. Second Raw: Donna Ilelloma, Arlene Marcus. Darlene Mullenix, Elaine Reiser, Michelle Kart, Debbie Gobos. Karen Samuels, Donna Brooks. Delpbia Blackburn, Karen Lazar, Ruth Mason. Third Row: Debbie Fine, Seretta Price. Nancy Bruner, Sharon Nathen- son. Cathy Segal. Ellen Green. Nancy Bris- kin. Marrie Ginsberg, Rhonda Gerber, Marsha Schwartz. ,lay Moravitz, Suzie Wien- Ihal. Cindy Brown. Karen Faas, Gail Olitsky. FOIIFIII Row: Rnnna Weinberg. .laekie Per- sky, Elyse Prucloff, Barbara Pesyna, Pat Har- roeks, Betty Stems, Cecila Strasburger. Mona Sarkofl, Cyndi Sliman. Penny Gilden. Cathy Gooflman. Mary Ghiekvak. Patti Morgan. SENIOR MEDICAL ROOMS AIDES: Bot- is I49 Allclerclice Girls Plan for the Future l "I wonder if Hugh Hefner started this way," exclaim members of FBLI v Y A l z li S 'fha' FBLA: Bottom Row: Kathy Karst, Patty Mooney, Heidi Price, Arlene Gibson, Linda Parfilt, Suzanne 0'Toole, Marilyn Marcus, Joanne Carter, Glenda Taylor, Sharon Sholock. Second Row: Mary Ann Seman, Becky Baguet, Vicki Hraszczyna, Janet Hraszczyna, Barbara Bugosh, Susie Walker, Rhonda Gerber, Donna Bucko, Sharon Borrelli, Joyce Levine, Fluffy Reuter, Debbie Donofrio. Third Row: Marianna Torcaso, Kathy Griffin, Lois Slivka, Chris Sawchak, Trudy Frankel, Rose Ann Johnson, Sandy Gallo, Denise Swisher, Penny Hicks, Joyce Kartychak, Kathy Keaney, Lorraine Andreko. I50 Allderdice's future secretarie: find that membership in the FBLA provides their best introduction tc the business world. By hearing tht advice that guest speakers offei about applying for a job, getting the jobs they want, and other in side trade secrets, girls who be long to the FBLA often have at advantage over other business as pirants. This year, Presiden Sharon Sholock and the othel business entrants toured severa businesses and business schools absorbing the atmosphere and ob serving the scene. I SUN: Bottom Row: Judy Baker, Scott Schneider, Neil Busis, Sara Jean Klein, Cary Goldberg, Dave Schneider, Janet Beachan, Lyn Kirshenhallllly Dfmfja Brooks, Velva Mathis. Second Row: Lisa Lonstein, Lynn Diamond, Thelma Snyder, Sue Foreman, Laurel Tobias, Barbie Adler, Gretchen Meyerjack, Debbie Shapiro, Ruth Levine, Debbie Norrell, Lynn Ferber, Ruth Mayle. Third Row: Gary Finkel, Ronald Backer, Martin Blumenfeld, David Morris, Steve Fried- man, Donald Backer, Craig Hardman, Warren Carter, Mark Lasser, Richard Barisli. Country: Dragonicia Proposed: SUN's relationship to Dragonicia, the Drag- ons, and world politics Whereas: SUN stands for Student United Nations And: The ninety-five people from Dragonicia mingle with 2000 members of the Western Pennsylvania SUN ln: A small assembly at Baldwin High School and a large assembly at the William Penn Hotel With objectives: To foster interest and understanding of world affairs, of the way the United Nations func- tions, and to provide an introduction to the world of r""'----u politics ' Allderdicians Ron Backer, Through the process of: division of SUN into many? David Faigcn, and Allen . ,H gs- b h d bl' l Zelicoff practice being dip- ranc es an .assem les . T lomats at Student United Therefore: President Gary Goldberg will agree Nations. On the proposal sizzling: SUN helps people to under-i stand each other Gary Goldberg sounds off. 52 5335 - TY C mf gim- n 1 1,. A Q E' any 'sus .Q , Ki lg. ig.. J'-4' ff'-,9.., . , Q-.-HQ? 4 ,Q'.l"3Ix'!! ' R .a s 513132, 1 ' zifiwlfbig wx ,kg ,. ' tfix ov QW -"" aj 'SV sf: .6 , :X X "Words Govern Men" - Beniamin Disraeli W Forensic circles throughout the country found out this year that the name Allderdice represents 2 group of excellent. winning debaters. TA's varsity led by Debate Club President Bob Michaels. ,Iefi Lewin, Mark Perlis. and Peter Abrams. traveled this year to national invitational tournaments in si: cities. capturing first place trophies in many oi them. The national topic this year involved the proposal that the United States should establish z system of compulsory service for all citizens. Ir order to enable TA to spread its arguments for ol against this proposal. a Parent's Booster Club was established. This helps the club in getting judges for tournaments and providing transportation and funds in emergencies. The Debate Club contains two main divisions' debate and speech. Students from grades nine through twelve are eligible to join the Debatf M Club, one of Allderdice's finest and best-knowi- groups. .leff Lewin, Bob Michaels. and Mark Porlis bring home some debate trophies to shine in Mr. Forry's cave. DEBATE CLUB: Hallam Row: Gary Harris. lit-vt-ra Nh-yt-rs. .lon Davis, Ruth Ehrman, lioli Nlivlmvls, Debra Caplan, Jeff Lewin, Jo Ann Marconsky, Dav Clnlany. Scrum! Roux' Hurry Feldman, Samuel Surluff, Ken Simon. Cheryl Cree-mvnld, Alison Locrkc, Debra Rubenstein, Lisa Goldberg, Seth Eaton. Thir Row: Dan Flannln-rgg, ,lt-rry lwlcr. Jay Cohen, Stuart Shapiro. Mark Pvrlis. Mark Pollock. Nlurk Nathan. I54 4 0 ,v Y we I ,J X' 1 15 Q 5 Q 2 x lx 'xl-X Q5 , ,I FG" ? S U ff 1' Q' I P 3 , hgh fe Q wf , 'X , l56 Math and Science Branch Off in New Directions 51. IL 'Q V , is A. P. CHEMISTRY CLUB: Alan Robinson, ,lim Swarlzwelder, !Q.g...,.p4Q .... ..i1-,.' ,, i f fi' 1' Nancy Broff, Melvin Lipner. Second Row: Ray Grant, Paul Sabo, Richard Schwartz, Donald Cohen, Frank Harris, Donald Q Backer, .loel Ruben. Third Row. Mark Lasser, Stu Meyers, Cary . . McCormick, Gary Seltman, Lee Terkel, Steve Baker. MATH CLUB: James Hurley, Frank Harris. Jay Caplan, Davic Pober, Robert Michaels, Richard Rosenthal, Ray Grant, Georg: Rosenberg. Second Row: Nancy Nelkin, Celia Berman, Carolz Peterson, Mark Snyder, Sara Jean Klein fSee.J, Jeff Lewir lPres.l, Stuart Meyers QV. l'res.l, Robert Weisberg fTreas.i Nancy Chinchor, Naomi Markovitz. Third Row: Penny Davis Robert Honig, Martin Hochhauser, Leon Metley. Donalc Cohen, Martha Girdany, Carol Hulm, Oded Feingold, Cary Selt man, Gary Finkel, Neil Basis, Janet Beaeham. Fourth Row, Sam Seiavitch, Ronald Backer, Walter Ellman, Mark Lasser Donald Backer, Steve Click, Mark Pollock, David Faigen Howard Schacter, James Swartzwelder, Steven Friedman. Na Shown: Richard Barish, Daniel Graff, Stuart Isaacson, Miltor Klein, Mark Perlis, Dan Silverman, Howard Talenfeld, Deboral gl Yadoff, Janice Miller, Peter Abrams. Sponsor: Miss Kunkle. ,4"' Into Room 267 piled about forty juniors and seniors. After they gave the chairs in the room an identity, President Jeff Lewin announced the topic of the meeting. This week the Math Club would hear one of a series of lectures by college math professors. Other weeks various students lectured and led discussions on various mathematical concepts. The Math Club gives motivated math students a chance to explore aspects of math not covered in math classes. This year a teletype link with the Carnegie-Mellon University computers was installed, giving the members of the Math Club a chance to learn to program and to use computers. Math Club members wait for an answer after typing a program. Tom Mitchel Timur Turkdogen Melvm Lipner J ack Mandel, George Rosenberg. Second Row. Lisa Goldberg, Kathy Younger, Debbie Rubensnen Marty Seltman Oded Feingold, Pam Minyo, Nancy Nelkin, Virginia Svidro. Third Row: Mr. Shore, Fred DEustach1o Nicholas Druga Jeff Lewin David Foreman, Art Onaitis, David Pozak, Janet Beacham. Fourth Row: Paul Sabo, Ro en Stu Baskin Jack Malvm Barry Judd Sam Rosenfeld, John Donofrio. To no one's suprise the members of the Science Research Club undertake research projects in science. The fifty members acquire a full knowledge of science by hearing guest speakers and taking trips to research labs in Community College and the computers at Mellon Bank. The Science Research Club believes the modern proverb: "Science is learning through doing as well as reading." ANHINGA SOCIETY: Bottom Row: J. Mandall, M. Plotkin, M, Snyder, F. Presser, D. Esman. Second Row: S. Levine, T. Levi, S. Grobstein, R. Friedman, C. Tracht, Mrs. Litman. Third Row: J. Kohberger, R. Chimun, L. Blum, A, Uzoni, D. Halliday. Fourth Row: D. Shapiro. Top Row: M. Pollock, J. Colker, H. Rosen. ANHINGA SOCIETY: Bottom Row: S. Palkowitz, A. Frieman, L. Diamond, N. Broff. Second Row: S. Gewirz, M. Rosenberg, S. Schneider, S. Eaton, S. Foreman. Third Row: B. Weisberg, D. Deaktor. Fourth Row: J. Levenson, B. Michaels, E. Rosen, J. Twersky, J. Schwartzwelder, N. Druga. Ei 4 'I' A 99 gk! QS ' ,L Q . , 3 1: We ..L., .4 I57 Students Cultivate Foreign Cultures The Spanish, French, German, and Russian Clubs take over where language classes stop. With the increasing accessibility of foreign countries, it becomes necessary to learn not only foreign languages but also foreign customs and culture. French Club, for instance, put on fairy-tale plays in French under the capable direction of President Maxine Solomon. A trip to a French-speaking section of Canada was also planned. In the German Club, President Marty Seltman planned many ex- cellent programs. The German Carnival, the International Dinner, and a German pastry bake sale demonstrate the ambition of the capable and hard-working members. Other activities of the German Club involved dining at a local German restaurant, singing 4'lieder," dancing German folk dances, and inviting a number of native German speakers to address the group. The Spanish Club, like the Russian and French Clubs, was formed this year. Its projects, co-ordinated by President Michael Graff, have included helping to build a school in Peru, inviting native speakers to the meetings, and sponsoring a Spanish movie. Under the supervision of Mrs. Weinrich, the twenty-five members of the Russian Club meet three or four times a month to discuss anything from Russian literature to the lives of its most famous poets. The club has seen slides and has heard tapes and records concerning Russia and its people. A Russian Christmas party was held where all sorts of Russian delicacies, ranging from caviar and crackers to Russian rum cake, were served. SPANISH CLUB: Bottom Row: Betty Rothbart, Barbara Baker, Sharon Baraff, Lynn Levenson, Robbie Shapiro, Anita Brotsky, Marily Safyan, Sandra Friedl lander, Debra Donofrio, Barbara Lifsher. Second Row: Ronna Weinberg, Debbie Cubes, Nada Caplan, Susan Mandler, Mike Graff, Wally Ellman, Seth Eaton, Judy Kimmel, Rochelle Rosenthal, Kerry Zerelstein. Third Row. Mrs. Whedbee, Arlene Solomom, Sharon Klein, Paula Garret, Rise Freedman, Helen Fields, Olivia Loeb, Anne Krasne, Adele Kramer, Marcy Kramer, Linda Lewis, Barbara Fitzgerald. Fourth Row. Ken Slone, Leslie Yon, Richard Fishler, David Faigen, Dave Poher. Second Row: Leon Metley, Barb Rubin, Susan Danovitman, Leslie Ripp. I58 FT- i .31 1 Officers and exchange students shoot the bull at a Spanis club meeting. FRENCH CLUB: Bot- tom Row: S. Klein, C. Berman, B. Rubin, L. Kirslienlmuni, M. Solo- mon, S. Foreman, C. Dreshold, L, Alcrie, S. Slessinger. Second Row: C. Siev, S. Wolynn. C. Pickholtz, S. Hirsch, N. Perrin, M. Lubet, E. Sie- gul, I. Safyan, M. Smnlo- ver, B. Goldberg, Miss Stewart. Third Row: S. Crise, S. Dunovilz, P. Davis, B. Siev, B. George, C. Strasshurgcr, J. John- son, C. Peterson, A. Locrkc, H. Cutmacher. RUSSIAN CLUB: Bot- lam Row: M. Smolover, C. McMurtry, A. Loerke, D. Braverman, A. Kare- litz, P. Minter, T. Sny- der, E. Shapiro. L, Toh- ias. Second Row: R. Locker, J. Levine, B. Lewis, B. Friedberg, L. Rodman, B. Wells, G. Shapiro, T. Kaszynski, N. Broner, E. Glaser, R. Landay. Third Row: B. Chornyak, A. Lazar, M. Esman, P. D'Eustachio, D. Flamberg, M. Klion- sky, R. Perlis, A. Yalch, G. Koman. GERMAN CLUB: Boz- torn Row: S. Munroe, A. Beley, K. Younger, B. Schorin, M, Seltman, C. Canter, K. Figole, H. Gruenehaum. Second Row: Frau Gordon, M. Schaefer, J. Matthews, R. Steiner, M. Kaufman, A. Lazar, H. Sellman, R. Siegel, A. Radcoff. Third Row: F. Cymerman, S. Schneider, C. Hardman, J. Mandel, R. Schwartz, T. Lindnhl, N. Lauer, L. Dohkin. Not Shown: M. Andrius, E. Passekoff, N. Lewinter, J. King, J. Croop, J. Dansker. IS9 we f GQ CHESS CLUB: Bottom Row: Anita Brotsky, Ruth Mason, Francine Rosenfeld, Ray Grant pres., George Rosenberg, Oded Feingold, Mark Pollock, Dave, Faigen, Dave Pober. Second Row: Leon Metley, Barb Rubin, Susan Danovitz, Nancy Nelkin, Irv Reichenberg, Helen Fields, Linda Levant, .loey Ackerman, Lee Sablowsky. Third Row: Bruce Farber, Matt Klionsky, Steve Neustein, Phil Ritt, Bill George, Harold Randall, Gary Feinstein, Mark Snyder, Richard' Rosenthal, Jim Hurley. PHE-LEGAL SOCIETY: N. Briskin, C. Mitchell, R. Landay, S. Clark, L. J. Iwler, G. Harlow. C. Kronzek-Pres., B. Kahn, A. Pomerantz. Third Row Klater, J. Torcaso. Fourth Raw: -D. Flamberg. F. Orlansky, A. D'Alessando, The competition and excitement produced by the Chess Club perhaps have enabled it to remain the oldest club in Allderdice. Led by President Bay Grant and sponsored by lVl1'. Mason, the forty members acquire skills and a sense of competition through intra- club play. At the end of the year the top players compete in the Inter-scholastic Chess League of Pittsburgh where Allderdice is always a top competitor. Kirshenlwaum, B. Kuperstock, B. Beissinger, S. Davison. Second Row: D. Cirdany, : Nussbaum. S. Flom, M. Weiner, L. Finkel, E. Solomon, M. Weitzman, L. A. Rosen, M. Rothman, L. Solomon, M. Klionsl-ry, E. Leeds. Many young men have graduated from Allderdice with an eye t0- wards law school, but not until this fall has a club been formed! to cater to this growing group's interests. Chuck Kronzek led the Pre-Legal Society in visits to the courthouse. crime labs, the Public Safety Building, and the FBI headquarters. Many prominent at- torneys also spoke to the 35 members to round off a profitable year. l60 ' They Reached the Heights Beginners. Intermediates. Experts. Seniors. The Senior Ski Club structiong and if you already know the sport, the club will help you makes several of the area ski slopes available to Allderdice stu- get to the slopes. Slalom with Phil Mazzocco and his Lhirty bundled- dents. If you don't ski now, the club will help you get proper in- up companions as they descend the Pennsylvania mountains. A ft f I have no money," sobs Matt Cold- SKI CLUB: Bottom Row: Richard Levkoy, Robin Morris, Sandy Grobstein, Terry Levi, Lynn "and besides, if you don't give me Ferber, Phil Mazzocco. Second Row: Lee Finkel, Gary Finkel, Danny Meyers. Third Row: Jeff trunks, I'll go run around the school Gerson, Fred Carlton, Scott Schneider. Not Shown: Gary Seltman, James Schwartzwalder, Craig , Hardman, Randee Ponitzman, Martin Seltman. Bottom Row: Dave Abrams, Bob Cooley, Scott Schneider, Mike Zilial, Lee Terkel, Ace Barash, Rich Kline, Steve Sturm, Howard Schacter, Row: Dave Germaine, Jack Witt, Wally Shrevka, Darryl Thompson, Larry Levin, Neil Lewinter, Timur Turkdogan, Mike Kalson, Bill Milt Waclisberg, Andy Petruska. Third Row. Lou Cordon, Armand Kranick, Lee Finkel, Fred Fall, Mike Johan, Gary Weinstein, Steve Braun, Rich Walker, Guy Collins, Alan Nussbaum, Mickey Pearce, Rick Gottlieb, Larry Dugas. Fourth Row: .loe Nossek, Bob Brourman, Howard Fishbein, Jimmy Epstein, Wally Ellman, .lon Caplan, Jeff Gerson, Mike Fedoris, Bruce Witt, Charlie Robinson, Howard Leckenby, Stu Weinbaum, Steve Tursciani. The kids slouched in their chairs, listening to the announcements floating over the intercom. After the announcements ended, they began to talk to each other, gossiping, discussing, joking. Suddenly an authoritative voice boomed. '6May l have your attention, please?" It was the voice of the Foreword Representative. He, along with the Yearbook Representative, chanted. "Need your money we sure do So Weill have the best for you To the Foreword and yearbook you should subscribe And one more thing fso call it a bribel If you subscribe to these publications You'll read the best journalism in the nation So give us your money and, by the way When you receive your issue, you'll be happy that day." ' All of the kids in the homeroom cheered and flooded the representatives with money. JUNIOR YEARBOOK REPRESENTATIVES: Bottom Row: Rochelle Lebovitz, Glenda Loggins, Harriet Loeb. Second Row: Jimmy Cohen, Barry Merenstein, Steve Hast. Sam Weinstein, David Engel. Third Row: Ray Goldberg, Linda Levy, Shelly Seigal, Francine Trach- tenberg, Donald Gross, Buddy Kahan. Fourth Row: Sharon Mandell, Susie Cooper, Jerzy Stahl, Mike Safley, Lynn Shufford, Cheryl Norion. it-.4 Q SENIOR YEARBOOK REPRESENTATIVES: Bottom Row: Velma Coles Jeannine Dorsey Debbie Norrell Lyn Klrsbenbaum Mona Mandell Ann Chapko, Nance Gtezmak, Marilyn Marcus. Second Row: Brenda Berkhouse Joyce Lawry Pearl Davis Sandee Lxpp Debbie Caplan .loel MandeU Robin Morris, Linda Michaliszyn, Kathy Dickman. Third Row Joyce Miller Emily Bloom Diane Maybury Simone Quint, Karen Lazer Ricky Silvers Cindy Sluman, Franny Kirshner, Jeannine Blank, Jackie 'Perslty Fourth Row Karen Kranlck Denise Cralghead, Debbie Kranick Beva Hertz, B George, Barbara Snyder, Velva Mathis, Patti Deak, Lois Whitman Pat Hauer l62 SENIOR FOREWORD REPRE- SENTATIVES: Bottom Row: Francine Presser, Mary Sue Baron, Diane Wolfe, Anne Freidland, Paula Epstein, Nancy Nelkin, Gail Lichtenstein. Sheri Engleberg. Sec- ond Row: Kathy Goodman, Mary Calaguri, Pearl Davis, Audry Schirm, Thelma Snyder, Cathy Siegel, Arlene Torhin, Caren Mar- cus, Sue Pearlstein, Betty Roth- bart. Third Row: Joanne Carter, Margery Beaman, Susie Robin, Linda Siemon, Debbie Kranick, Cherie Dresbold, Paula Meyerjack, Mona Sarkoff, Linda Blum, Alli- son Loerke. Darlene Glick, Tami Dunn. Fourth Row: Lee Pollack, Bill Amdur, Paul Sabo, Paul Gold- berg, Alan Corn, Brad Simon, Guy Collins, Ken Sloan, Ronnie Siegal, Robert Candee. JUNIOR FOREWORD REPRESENTATIVES: Bottom Row: Mike Kupfer, Ronald Roth, Debby Ellenbogen, Alan Katz. Second Row: Jerry Silverman, Michael Lessing, Bonnie Harris, Darcy Lester, Ronnie Meyers. Third Row: Sam Weinstein, Bill Pegher, Kem Seman, Judi Leiberman, Barbara Antin, Michael Eisenield. Fourth Row: Mark Kholos, Vivienne Radkoff, Glenda Loggins, Harriet Loeb, David Engel. The Literary Magazine is a collection of the creative endeavors of interested students. Under the guidance of our sponsor, Mr. Wells, a board of editors sorts through a collection of prose and poetry, selecting the best ef- forts for revision and eventual publications. Meetings are scheduled whenever any crisis arises or whenever there is anything that needs to be done. Bottom Row: P. Davis, N. Clrinchor, B. Rothbart. Second Row: S. Friedlander, S. Grobstein, L. Ferber, R. Benkovitz, R. Ehr- man. Third Row: M. Girdany, S. Light, M. Shure, S. Michael, M. Lubet, M. Solomon. Fourth Row: Mr. Wells, C. Hulm, A. Stone, S. Danovitz, R. Levine, M. Shaffel, B. Weschler. Fifth Row: N. Busis, S. Kreimer, D. Beck, M. Zihal, M. Pollock. I63 Pill!! FPL. J 2 . i , 5 . . ,. .K 1 . t C 21:65 to "' 5 ,ani f .1 -k,' CAREER CLUB: Bottom Row: B. Handelman, C. Harding, R. Hertz, B. Berkhouse. Second Row: HALL PATROL1 MIS- Wil1iamS0ll, MTS- MOYUS K. Figole, C. Wolfe, J. Husser, R. Durst, J. Torcasso, J. Klein. CAREER CLUB: Bottom Row: M. Megant, J. Moore, J. Rappaport, A. Merenstein, M. Caliguiri, I. Zuckerman, R. Weinberg. Second Row: R. Wilson, Loggins, S. Cooper, M. Krasnow, V. Mandel, D. Graighead, M. Anderson. Third Row: L. Dobrzynski, J. Durcansky, A. Donofrio, M. Laczko, J. Pickholtz, Kingsbaker, E. Ganely, J. Dillon. Fourth Row: G. Gray, V. Ward, A. Crandy. I64 fi STAFF: Boltom Row: Miss Frantz, Mrs. Perego, Miss Ivan. Second Row: Mrs. Mendlow, Miss Mrs. Marlin. ' v Gs Q. '45, uv' . , 5 Q 4: l JQUBD f 1-D 5055 vq, q:. g-rw gan ?,'.7Q Fxiffi Mrs. Weiss, junior social worker. sf' 4 n Q4 0-sr gt -a - 41' Mrs. Bell, junior office clerk. SENIOR OFFICE STAFF: BOIIOIH Row: Mrs. Ilzcl, Mrs. Mr-als. Second Row: Mrs. Piper, Mrs. Rice, Mrs Sluckuwitz. Mrs. Bernstein, The stakes are high in this poker game-81300 to help educate children in Peru. ' f.. vw - ' , . :W-:cgi pikiif' ff I' 'w 177- so -it 'f'f"?F's' .X .. s R ' l ' ' , .Zx....x "I bought one. And some child in Peru will be glad I did," exclaims Janet Levine. liv- 3 i 5 E E 2. 3 i 1 J We did it! Collique Elementary School 9993, situated on the outskirts of Lima, Peru, served a com- munity of 10,000 impoverished families. It was actually only a thatched but with no heating or sanitary facilities. Only 75 wooden desks were available for 600 studentsg the others sat on rocks or chairs brought from home. As with most of Peru's public schools, almost all of the! students dropped out of school before the ninth? grade. Learning of Colliqueis situation, Allderdice's students, led by Seth Eaton, launched a fund- raising drive in conjunction with the School Partnership program to build a modern four- room building to replace the thatched hut. Colorful posters were hung, and buttons were sold bearing the slogan, 'LBuild a Schoolf' J 1 x :- t . CT olunteers sold paper bricks, symbolizing ach buyer's part in the construction of the school, for a dollar. Each Allderdice his- tory class learned the importance of the project my inviting a Peace Corps worker, a university rofessor, or an exchange student from South America to speak on the subject. Each class 'iewed the film, "Beyond Agua Calientef, a ocumentary describing the construction of a chool in rural El Salvador. By the end of the campaign week, Allderdice ad raised 81525, and by the end of March Lhe eople of Collique had the school built and eady for classes to resume in a new school ade possible by energetic and caring Allder- ice students. Q8 HX W 4, 5 41 EPM mm!M R I E 6 EA -'ft A f P 'L 1 :'IQ"'? Lf . - 1 . 'V - 'Iv - r ' Q gi' Else' - , Fi, 3 E' Ki ' i T V, A AV Q -5 . X ' ,wx . k L ? . Y, AA , ' Y ., gf' L I W 4 I p if Ay 7 T. s 7 lj p - it-Y, , g- 4, tj J L . f K. V ,Q-A-In J. 1 , E, KN cypra ., , Spirits rise as the goal of 31300 gets closer. -1-as-.w..1wt-.,w-w..,, Seth Eaton proudly presents the check which shows what a united Allderdice effort can do 167 is y i unfit ji ,fflfl-.5 ii,g',,', 1:3 fsxw.QQQ ' gl. ,, l?ffAf"Wf44f.'L.i ' ig-L ,, gf Nl if g 257 ft 3.QQ ?""L??!'f'1Sfe - if-., .-4 . - .,, ,x-Qian fW,' M -, AV Eflff. 3 XL:-.,, ilf ' E , Ag? rv-X, gr. 1 5-iw-zfffewf M IQ,E1,AwLQ ag,.a QQMAY V ,K ,jeff ,f,,, 44 giim-QM, . viqwiyf 1554 , 94-95fk?,5,sAf1, ,,a5f.,-A., ,. rf ww, . , ,ew 3, ,. ma, ,L 1 cf ' fi Sports '69 Standing stiff and hesitant in the center of the basketball court, one person ready to shoot a foul. The ball turning quickly in nervous hands, knees bending, skin gleaming with sweat. Eyes shine, concentrate, assess, the brow furrows. With a sudden thrust of energy, the ball springs from the strong hands, shooting upward, out, over to the basket with the accuracy and force of a spherical guided missile. Reaching the basket after what seems like hours, the ball lands on its edge, for a moment balancing there and then . . . Sports! apprehension, fun, competition, exercise, effort, pressure, happiness. Somehow, no matter how many people there might be on a team, it is each individual player who at some time becomes the object of recognition or evaluation, who wonders if he does his best and sometimes wonders if it's all worth it. He experiences both the effort and the ecstasy of kicking, diving, batting, running, leaping, stretch- ing, pushing. He makes his goal in football in more than one wayg he learns how to play a foul but also how to handle foul play. Sports is the group, but much more it is the in- dividual. .. . the ball hesitated, as its shooter had hesitated, and finally fell through the hoop. VARSITY FOOTBALL: Bottom Row: Dave Germaine, Rick Kline, Rich Puciata, Bill Chornyak, Larry Dugoo, Chas Griffin, Armand Kranick, Howie Leckenby, Pete Ziacan, Fred Carlton, Andy Petruska. Second Row: A Ciovane, Charles Cornyn, Stu Meyers, Guy Collins, Jerry Russo, Joe Nossek, Pat Mahon, Steve Braun, Don Lilja, Sam Price, Bill Cherevka, Ed Haas, Mickey Pearce. Third Row: Art Lazar, Bill Dejidas, Neil Lewinter, Eric Jones, .lack Witt, Avrum Levicoff, Rich Fitzgerald, J. Dunlap, Dave Witt, Bill Miller, Ron Dejidas, Ron Lesko, Head Coach John McNertney. The Dragons Almost Made It t The big question on Allderdice's football this year was whether we could win the city championship two years in a row. With returning lettermen and promising rookies, Allderdice edged Schenley in the season opener. Running straight ahead, the Dragons were trampled by a Westing- house team which could really run. A commanding victory over Gladstone illuminated the team's spiritg then close losses to South Hills and Carrick dimmed future hopes. But the Allderdice spirit could never be put down. Winning our remaining games, Allderdice finished with a fine five-three record. The goal of another city championship was not reached, but Coaches McNertney, Giovane, Dunlap, and the entire football squad worked hard toward this goal and learned many things on the way. And that made it all worthwhile. Richard Puciuta 3 5 , ... QB 1, X LA J, ,A -4-', ,wi gf' , , -X Yi' 9 ' x Q " 1 3 4 1 I . v W X Q 41 is anti I if-Amj 3 5 :-S ' at x 98 J iw e "' J 0 fc .x. Q,-asutffx UBSQF ' N A.. 1 - 5513 wiki Y K A 'T ---2.4, l When you gn up for those hourds, sometimes you vonu- down hurting, Dave Meyers desperately looks for an open man. 1 Lvxwff ?": 1 VARSITY BASKETBALL: lfollum Row: William Vvrlmin, Eugene Julmsun. William Poole, Guy Collins. Second Row: Coavli MQN1-rlncy, Put Mahon, Andre Fvclorirl, ,lov Nnssvk. Sum Lummiv, Carlin-ld Mcalrllvn. Ray llulko. Cuuvll Cam-y.,llissingfrorlll'iclum:,Ii1nmy Jordan. I72 -or Q... 'WWW' if M,, E , , -4.-A. ..L.w,'.4. 56 .' 'vw ' Q 5 M JJ: ffftig sgfjm, -r 'tiimitfii ,A ,iffy ..f K Flying Ray Batko soars past an opponent. b-...4 Basketball - Always , 5 F-4 Reaching for That Hoop Dragon basketball fans were disap- pointed this year if they were looking for an impressive win-lose record. The Allderdice team fought through a long season of exhibition and city league games winding up with a five and ten record. Putting a lot of effort in prac- tice after school, Coach lVlcNertney and the entire squad deserved the school's support during the school year. The boys learned a little about life from losing, inasmuch as you have to keep trying no matter how bad the out- look is. For the future Taylor All- derdice basketball has no promising super-stars, but some talent is there. And with the school's support you can never tell what will happen. TA .... 47 Shaler ..... 761' TA .... 63 Thos. Jeff. . 86" TA .... 44 Allegheny . . 90' TA .... 36 Gladstone ........ 40' TA .... 50 Sto-Rox . . . 105' TA .... 54 Schenley . . . 116 TA .... 52 Peabody ........ 98 TA .... 50 Fifth Avenue 82 TA .... 57 Carrick ........ 74 TA .... 71 Westinghouse 100 TA .... 91 Wash. Voc. 59 TA .... 72 South .......... 69 TA .... 63 Schenley . . . 116 TA .... 48 Peabody ........ 72 TA .... 48 Fifth Avenue 95 TA .... 53 Carrick .... 68 TA .... 90 Westinghouse 85 TA .... 90 Wash. Voc. . 44 TA .... 85 South ..... 77 Exlnbttwn Y off .6 5? Ray Batko in the land of the Giants. .loe Nossek's corner shot heading toward the hoop. Swimmers Capture Title Again It was another winning year for the Allderdice swim team- City Champions! No one doubted we would reign as champs for the second time in three years after Allderdice drowned Peabody, our closest competition, in the first league meet. In similar fashion, the rest of the swimming team's opponents were met and conquered. Finally, in the City Championship meet, Perry fell under the tide of Allderdice power. Mr. Roth, our excellent coach, worked this year with a group of boys dedicated to the betterment of the teams. The swimmers built up the morale of the team by giving tharextra support which only a certain type of person can give. They were well rewarded and' hopefully the city championship will continue to be a tradition of the Allderdice swimming team. Q First Row: S. Zeilinger, B. Michaels, D. Abrams, L. Major, H. Hoffman, D. Rosenhloom, A. Lazar, D. Unger. Second Row: Coach Roth, S. Schneider, D. Deaktor, R. Gottlieb, S. Maharam, S. Haynes, N. Rosenthal, L. Recht, M. Levine. Third Row: S. Tabor, L. Gordon, M. Rosenberg, M. Lando, M. Davis, A. Nussbaum, R. Mills, B. Howard. V, -1 . , N A' C' ' 5'"ff7iT'i.xkitixullififi I Q "if--11122. sei' 5 .1 , 7 7 Marty Davis stretching for an Allderdice victory. "Ooh, that water's freezing," yells Mark Lando. The swim team talks i nb ' '. 7-. Y 'X xg f ff: gl Q, W I I , ,, L fi My , 'A ' gf 'fig if ,Y 5 ' v ' 'Nm I , A -J! "J Y"c+'-'Txr' . Q. 'M r .rtdt V hi nr-. ' ,, Ll., V Q f ixjff gf' , " 1 .vbgy , O 4!,. . "' 'lu' ' ,V -,-- - L " . .: w . nf- ' .. 'S' .t"1: lm rf .' . ' , ,IQ ., sy. k 1- Nw x if . . 1, , ' -1' w.- .-,. 'L ii- f ire' 31. A-ffl!! f --Hg, , fr.- ',,+.-.rf , .L K H" ' ' . ' 1 j? '45,-'1 '-Lw2 zF'1'Q, ,Xl -V7 f Tfwtifs. ifglifil 53, ' 4o.J-,f' -.. tx' fy ,X 1 . Ad?-el? k 1 ' A 312-1 -Q A ' . 5. .4 -Y N 'av . ix" 3 5 -.a4f",,eQ7?5' Val, Harriers Give Their All Picture boys in tee shirts and shorts, on a teeth-chattering afternoon, running relentlessly. Only the time keepers are watching, and the results might be heard by a few students on the homeroom bulletin. Imagine someone spending seven days a week practicing, running alone so that he can perhaps improve his time by a few seconds. These are TA's Cross Country runners, determined and hard workers. This year no im- pressive record in the city league or city championship was seen. But the boys tried hard, giving a large part of their time and energy each day. And who could ask .for more? air' 3: 'iitkihk swf '-' . 1... 1. . . M, - -, -., -Ns L 294, 1. ' i , x , e tr tg H xQB A ' , . 'A . A-1.1 A '51 , .3-gin.: x w,f3'u -- '- '- x,, - fxfgwv, " Over the river and through the You got to have what it takes to go the distance. woods to grandmother's house we go. Tim Turkdogan reaches for the finisi line. l CROSS COUNTRY: Bottom Row: Matt Goldsmith, Tom Pesyna, Bob Levy, Tom Rosensweet, Ted Kwalwasser, Ace Barash, Milt Jacobson. Tom Nickel, Mike Silver, Jeff Levenson, Rick Walker, Steve Turcsany, Timur Turkdogan, Lee Terkel, Dave Schneider, Bruce Witt, Tim Fitzgerald, l7b WW: ffifix - I-'Q x w,Bu,Yui I ,Q mug 5 -x 5? Vw 2 7 fu -.,. 537' 'WA .f,ggv""'1 HQIQ. 7 lf :tg f L, - if VwM 'sm"L'!3'u"'W wwf E V 6 A .. ,W 5 X5 11? ' Ti' 4' V 'bn ,X avg, -Q fx 'vw r" Y 'v Z 'Mi if- 5 . - 1 0 1 ' 1-ir ' I' f-I ' " ,A A 1' A as if 4" 2' 'wp -, --. . . K 1 , , V 'if ry, W .3 ',.f-.A-1, x. , .Y ! , .mf I -5 . H U .J ,' 3 5 'S ' - it Q' .i "JF ,. . A g -'--.,.,,-hm S-.N-Lam "" --wx "W-xx, -N, Baseball Scores High The bat and glove men of Allderdice once again compiled an excellent season record in one of TA's most famed sports. Strong pitching was responsible for most of the victories, whereas hitting is usually the team's forte. A well mixed group of returning lettermen and freshmen carried the team to the heights they attained. Coach Dunlap, in his first year as baseball coach, united the entire baseball team by extensive practice, making their excellent season record well deserved. Allderdice's batsmen are always on the ball. 91 4 'T' , rf" 1- 7 dz P 4 .2 .ax-'sri A 1 442' . 1 fy- f .r. iz 'gf .1-. f -xr' -1 - .fiqafifczkfj 222-2 ' . V z-.M 'a Q -if : - g vf 'S ' '-. .4 ,' -.l -.N .ggv ., , H?-slr gg 152' P T'q"'e. e' ' -.. . Y . gs. .fiifif 2-92 1 gf' . 4 -X -pas HE'-y"l?S J. .J-I - ,- Vigilf ,lff . - 195- ' 47, , VARSITY BASEBALL: Bottom Row: Nania, Bray, Keene, Fite, Cherevka, Fedoris, Bradley. Second Row: Schachter, Nystrom, Fedoris, Gerson, Kalson, Fall, Thompson, Sturm, Stearn. Third Raw: Bopp fFieId Mgr.J, Antin, Levin fMgr.J, Winograd CMgr.l, Lammie, Lewinter fMgr.J, Rosen- lhal iMgr.l, Gerson fMgr.l, Coach Dunlap. A" 'N V wmw- 'V Ae-1, ,.., I .NH 'lu If - The bunt is always a potent play. is Fall reaches back to make a throw off fxrst '-.KJ-'ff .. Now you see itg soon Westinghouse won't. TA Golfers Tee Off to Victory A VARSITY GOLF TEAM: Richard Brourman, John Caplan, Avrum Levicoff, Jack Shea, James Epstein, Dennis Steranchak. Track: A Six Ring Sport SENIOR TRACK TEAM: Bottom Row: Fred Johnson, Ricci Sholock, James Coles, Thomas Pesyna, Ira Neaman, Bruce Witt, Richard Kline, Art Seng. Second Row: Don Kirkland, Michael Steger, Tim Fitzgerald, Dan Borrelli, Steve Neustein, Michael Samuels, Ron Delidas, Bruce Ross, George Eason, Floyd Coles, Third Row: Coach Robert Gillespie, James Faulks, James Bums, Art McSorley, Michael Silver, Steve Turcsanyi, Ace Barash, Bill Verbin, Lee Morsaint, Steve Somogye, Richard Cimino, Ivan Coles, Coach DiFebo. w l There are many hurdles to cross before you can obtain victory. The track team just ran over all other competition. IBO Allderdice's track team had an excellent chance of finishing near he top of the city competition this year. Containing an arsenal if strong runners, pole vaulters, discus throwers, hurdlers, jumpers, md shot putters, united by team spirit, Allderdice was a powerful rack threat this year. But it takes more than just great individual ithletes and spirit to produce a winning team. The athletes must re coordinated through long hours of practice under the direction f the coach. Allderdice had such a team this year under Coach illespie, and their finish near the top confirmed this. f J U N I O R TR A C K 1 TEAM: First Row: C. Hazley, M. Holahan, J. Sigal, R. Durst, E. Blain, A. Mallinger, J. Candel, J. Kacsuta. Sec- ond Raw: D. Halloway, J. Shapiro, H. Ferguson R. Miller, R. Pease, E. Recht, R. Sapp, E, Bed. dard, C, Batko, R. Lazar, Third Row: Coach Lam- prinakos, J. Markowitz, J. Blattner, J. Johan, M. Sailey, M. Horvitz, S. Hamlin, E. Schreiber, M. Chapko, D. Frisch- man. This year Coach Mason and the tennis team looked forward to an unprecedented fourth consecutive city championship. The netters started the season off right with four straight victories, including a crucial victory over arch-rival Peabody. The question remained, however, whether Allderdice's team could win a fourth straight title. The team was a fine one, consisting of many returning lettermen-two undefeated and one a two-time city champion. Win- ning consistently in both singles and doubles competition, the tennis team did bring a city record to Allderdice athletics. as 'Qj J ,fgx 4. Wally Ellman, Michael Fisher, Ned Rosenthal. TENNIS TEAM: Bottom Row: Howard Lowy, Bruce Amshel, Michael Wilks, Rick Stern. Second Row: Dave Meyers, Weinstein, Dave Kahn. Bob Stern, Lee Finkel. Third Row: Mr. Mason, Allan Rosen, Martin Davis, Milt Wachs- l8I Mark Jacobsen bends over backwards for the Junior Swim Team. JUNIOR LEADERS: Bottom Row: Cindy Mikula, Barbara Taba- chnick, Robin Kramer, Carylotta Harding. Second Row: Elayne Gordon, Patty Siemon, Valerie Coburn. Third Row: Linda Downey, .lane Curran, Myra DeLuca, Lori Shutzberg. Fourth Row: Kathy Brown, Rochelle Lehowitz, Cheryl Moroians, Raceen Williams. gil? Row: Lynn Shufford, Marlene Price, Debbie Nash, Randee otran. F ifty-three outstanding gymnasts pursue their interests through the Senior and Junior Leaders Clubs. Under the leadership of Co-Presidents Nancy Lloyd and Donna Osburn and Sponsor Mrs. DeLuca, the Senior Leaders Club provides Allderdice's senior high girls with the opportunity to compete with each other in hockey, speedball, basketball, volleyball, and softball. The members also participate in city-wide "play days" in which they com- pete with other senior high girls. The Junior Leaders Club, with the aid of Sponsor Mrs. Pittman and President Barbara Tabachnick, provides its members with the incentive to form a sense of responsibility by continuously rating them on various aspects of character. At the end of the year, the girl with the highest rating in personal appearance, responsibility, cooperation, and good citizenship wins the Superior Leader Medal. Members of both clubs help their gym teachers in such tasks as taking roll, officiating at intramural games, and organizing the class if the teacher is detained. Through the activities of their clubs Junior and Senior Leaders gain a sense of responsibility. CRX SENIOR LEADERS: Bottom Row: L. Lee, C. Hurley, K. Kramer, D. Osburn, N Lloyd, S. Grobstein, I. Epstein, V. Coles, K. Tench. Second Row: N. Devaul, I. Zucke man, K. Citolea, H. Gruenebaum, A. Bobinsky, D. Kulisek, B. Zieker, B. Fitzgerald, Baker, C. Iannotta, D. Brooks. Third Row: R. Golden, D. Maybury, E. Kramer, Eckert, S. Davison, D. Esman, M. Altschuler, S. Tabachnick, L. Robinson, M. Smith K. Malkoif, G. Cray. x at ii fl l SWE VSOCCER: Bottom Raw: William Saunders, Lee Marks, Jeff Harlick, Barry Belansky, Mark Hoffman, Cary Harris, Jerry Stahl, Paul Surgent, Chester Bernstein. Second Row: Michael Labishak, Elliot Recht, Tom Netzfer, James DeGore, Hal Treelisky, Ed Solomon, J. D. Ellman, Joe Blattner, John Singer, Uzel Finney, Eric Creve. Third Row: Richard Meyers, Andrew Behrend, James Barkan, Alan Mallinger, Richard Miller, Mark Jacobson, John Kacsuta, Alan Levi, Mark Paul, Michael Damico. JUNIOR SWIM TEAM: BOIIOIIL Row: Bill Shore, lan Pearlstein, Bruce Lazarus, Mike Clarke, ichard Quinn, Henry Weiner, Neil Wasserman. econd Row: Joe Beley, Richard Haffner, Joel osenbloom, Charles Rosenthal, Mark Mandler, Alan Levy, Scott Coodson, Steve Goodwin, Ed Ezolomon, Mark Jacobson. Third Row: Elliot echt, Coach DiFeb0, Jeff Block, Steve Hausman, Glen Nathan, Chester Bernstein, Steve Lieberman, IIS?-vc Decktor, Alan Levy, Steve Weitzman, Jeff allick. .3 ldilllgiw I1llc?'3i3!"',J?B sg Q 119 SJ lyhilniiif ...Mali 2251 il Q .4133 'E V4 AS!! 5.345 'QEEQEQMZEBJ lu ggjlitu 'Erin ie in mr v Yam? lfzyfl gf 3 3 af mum if 'ERNE- .f XSNY1 as fauna I -2' E' its A, . . Q -. ll Q V- p P 1, .xi Qs? Ti' E43 I Ehiii ra' 'VN .'ai1, z st A35 .ri .ga if-:Jn J '- - A' ,ggi f :,.g,..: L , .gin-'V - .gf ' : . W ma-.siren-a?pir:nwf4axgv . A Q -Q. 1 fx' Tai, 1 ' :g:gei's1"uw1 , .M h '.-.:'L' mek 151, V. Elm . ' :Q ' jr ' k. ,.., ,. ,. i2"11ZfTf-'- .' ' -- ' 2 ww Q, y -.-,1..,, b . : . . Q Lasts: rs 1 .K -'H' ' ' qw . . 'T 5""'?'rft:4:i srl, 'S ,y ' . ' 1'i'a'w fi ' sa' . 1.-.4 :Aa-'rm was ' f Y , 'fa' if "ET . -at sr' ., ,555 v :xx Q 1 .C J v v-ues.-. . I .:- , -'- --wx: -:M . .Q , Fl -ff Q A A. I 0, - A-, 'I - .,' ' It ' 1 as - - 1' N i 1 . get ' , " il -' :rm ' . , ' F I. ' X ' . L 1 T ' . ,f ri f 1' 4 1 T li l , fr , ,, D V. I . , , ' N - 5 4 , -L. v-- I I- 1 L ' X l ' rf. 'x , : 9' 1 1 K r GlRL'S JUNIOR SWIM TEAM: Bottom Row: Debra Marks, Peggy O'Hara, Alison Grew, Linda Swartzwel- dvr, Edith Edwards, Beth Tabor. Second Row: Carol Malvin, Shellic Segal, Robin Kramer, Barbara Tabach- nivk, Barbara Shcinlrcrg, Kim Steiner, Lynn Rubin. Third Row: Mrs. Fair, Aimee Levenson, Madeline Silverman, Wendy Lippman, Sara Davis, Roxanne Deakker, Jan Silverman. Polly Povejsil. I83 Cartwheels and Megaphones MAJORETTES: Bottom Row: Debbie Braver, Trisha McGee, Sheila Parszyk. Second Row: Vinetta Balogh, Trisha Pollard, Barbara Morrison, Mr. DiPasquali, Denise Smecker, Doreen Zinoble,AudriSchirm. I 1 l CHEERLEADERS: L to R: Eileen Murphy, Ruth Ehrman, Donna Limlur. Kathy Kramer, Sharon llarroff, Barbara Lifsher, Barbara Lichernmn, Kathy Abrams. "Extra, extra! Read all about it! We've jot a team . . ." shout Allderdice's Junior iheerleaders. Headlined by Captain Bar- vara Tabachnick, the Junior Cheerleaders irovide "extra" support for our Junior Varsity and Junior High teams. Mrs. Mc- Dowell coaches this feature attraction, en- wbling them to liven up game time. een Murphy and Barbara Lifsher jump for joy a touchdown. l r . ft -Q 'Q""f owl' JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS: Bottom Row: Barbara Tahaclmick, Linda Rosenberg. Second Row: Cindy Mikula holding Linda Downey, Judi Marroni, Anita Schutzer, Robin Kramer holding Davida Feldman. HOMECOMINC CHEERLEADERS: Left to Right: Tom Lampl, Mark Pollock, Mike Small, Billy Wedner, Tom Sapper, Wally Ellman, Wally Pease, Lou Gordon. The Allderdice majoreltcs add a lilllc halftime entertainment during homecoming. I85 :Na , jf Nw Ad '69 After graduation from high school, a student wants to look back at former friends, classmates, school organizations, and community businesses that shaped his high school life. The Ad Section provides a way for underclassmen to say goodbye to their senior friends. In looking back a graduate recognizes many familiar names, faces, and places. This section also contains pictures of seniors waving good- bye to their classmates and wishing them luck. When flipping through this section, a graduate remembers the many excit- ing moments and personalities of high school years. He pays special attention to the school organizations to which he belonged, recalling the successes and failures of these clubs, and remembering the people who shared his interests and skills. Advertisements placed by community businesses remind graduates of sto1'es that they patronized and passed daily. The advertisements illustrate important elements of each student's school year. Bes+ of Luck SQUIRREL HILL From Ihe NEWSSTAND INC. The Sfore of Friendly Service CHEERLEADERS: 5804 jQj'fjg,QVem Complefe Line of School Supplies Cafhy Abrams Icapfainj, Karhy Kramer Ico-capIainI, Barbara Lifsher, Donna Linder, Eileen Murphy, Judy Johnsion. Barbara Lieberman, Sharon Baraff, Ruih Ehrman. Bed Wishes From THE DRAGON LADIES HOME EC SERVICE CLUB Complimenis of SIMON SEZ HOMERQOM 263 U I88 Complimenis of COLONIAL LANES "' COCKTAIL LOUNGE "' BILLIARD ROOM "' AIR CONDITIONED "' PRO SHOP League Reservaiions Now Being Accepfecl Free Bowling Ins+ruc'I'ions Parlring Faciliiies for 400 Cars Proprie'Ior: ANDREW KRANICK Complimenfs of ROSENBLOOM'S BAKERY 2034 Murray Avenue Squirrel Hill Congra'IuIa'Iions, Seniors of Class '69 I. BINSTOCK JEWELRY Squirrel Hill 5826 Forbes Avenue ASHES TO ASHES DUST TO DUST IF IT WASN'T FOR SCHOOL YOUR BRAINS WOULD RUST THE UNRUSTED BRAINS OF 266 Complimen'l's of GEORGE ADLER AND SONS. INC. CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES MURRAY AVENUE NEWS 2024 Murray Avenue ED MILLSTONE Congra'IuIa+ions, Graduafes BLOCK'S BOUTIQUE 5826 Forbes Avenue HOMEROOM 456 HOMEROOM 425 Complimenis of BesI' Wishes A FRIEND BENNETT DRIVING SCHOOL 42l-9765 McKNIGHT STUDIO OF ELEGANCE INC. LANES 7507 McKNIGHT RD-. PITTSBURGH 37. PA- 7507 McKnigI1I' Rd. 93 I -7 I 2 I SIucIio of gIec1ance,Inc. I 'N mf 5874If2 Forbes Avenue Squirrel Hill PII'I'SI'JLlI'gI'I, PB. 'Hqe +551-e 6,?3' 52I-I200 1'I1a+ seIs Ihe Irend . CONGRATULATIQNS SENIQR CLASS '69 FROM HOMEROOM 214 THE RAZOR'S EDGE STAFF Wishes to Extend to All Graduates Best Wishes for the Future DAVID PANTONA Owner HOMEROOM 253 CONGRATULATIONS FROM ROOM 429 GOOD LUCK TO US FROM 404 . x' xg ' mb CompIimen+s of NATIONAL FLORSHEIM SHOE COMPANY sszashfbefmfnue Besi' Wishes fo qlllfre I 'I'he I 969 Graduaiing Class FORBES-SHADY MOBIL Complimenfs of NEWMAN'S CHILDREN'S CENTER Congrafulafions Class of '69 Q, 6 Q Complimenfs of fl? 9 5:- E. MAXON TOWERS BEAUTY SALON Forbes Avenu Squirrel HiII CICERO'S BARBER SHOP CompIimen+s of 5027 Forbes Avenue BENNY If WALLY HOMERODM 356 ,M- f Q Q JF? - I 95 GOODBYE FROM HQMEROOM 228 ix!!-v n FRENCH CLUB MISTER MART 52:-6655 Plililbufqb. Pennsylvania I52l7 5870 Forbes Avenue FRANK MEN'S WEAR Squirrel Hill R. K. BLACK ln +l1e Loving Memory GULF sERvlcE STATION of pmbes and Mway ROSS C. ORTOLEVA 52I-2200 We'lI Never Forget You, Class of '69 Bottom Row: Marian Kusko, Jackie Kopp, Marian Hatala, Denice Ferson, Hilary Young, Janet Klein. Second Row: Karen Francbescbini, Diane Crecy, Ann Krasne. Susan McMillan, Jackie Persky, Nancy Lazear, Debby Glick, Roberta Leboxs Lyn Levenson, Jane Bolcsbazy, Barbara Morrison, Claire Rosenberg. Third Row: Richard Levkay, Carl Metosky, Kerry Rudt Mark Harris, Don Scanlon, Leslie Maier. Ed Steger, Larry Bligent, Dave Sachs. Tom Cbeigi, Dave Peters. Fourth Row: Jules Shear, Allen Nussbaum, Randy Robinson, Hurry Joel. Slum' Meyers. SENIOR HOMEROOM 412 SAYS- "WE'RE GONNA' MISS YA" Complimenfs of ENGEL'S FRUIT MARKET 2124 Murray Ave. Con ra ula ions Graduaies GOOD LUCK SILZEILBERG BAKERY To 211-13 M uffa y Ave. SEN IORS FROM 121 JA k I soao UES N Q THE GLEN "feminine haberc1ashery" A A 5871 Forbes venue Piffsburgh. Pa. 15217 Free!-lL1an's - Z1 fbfqg 1 in X-qblmf 1 4 ' 413,34 91 ll Congra+ula'rions I s M' fi I 'AJ I ""' " ' ' 'I'o 'l'l'1e Senior Class ' llllll'llIllllnlllllllllllwl lllllllll llllll ll ' N From STYLE SELECTION SERVICE THE ZOO-354 9 X Freed m an s 7 I725 Murray Ave. Squirrel Hill COIFFURE LA FEMME 521-l500 V 5873 Forbes Ave. , - ,ng H81B's THIS'n and THAT X- woRl.D A 2IU5 Murray Ave. 1 it ,X L GT? var XXNX , ' 'x BEST WISHES TO SENIORS . . . FROM 312 Compliments of HlLL'S STUDIO Official Photographer for THE ALLDERDICE 1 Q? from Ace Bmnsu Qzq, E Srb Q? -ig lxiidfkfiwfwdwvx, DAME Scmvaiimk QQJSX A Nome fxwwfwx Jmuq awww. MMM Jew? .j7Z0w 4? EAM-4o..... N f if Y, Qmw, 7-:ug vfmuaubblf xx . by -Ju .QW U gy V4 M Aww- f X Y M Xsf 7 f""Q .,,..., K X XX Ulnxjxj '11, '1 ' CCNGRATULATIONS to the Class of '69 MISTER FCRMAL BYE FRANK! 415 Congratulations to the GRADUATING CLASS from the TAYLOR ALLDERDICE PARENT-TEACHER-STUDENT ASSOCIATICN 741 Happiness is Knowing A that homeroom 353 C-Onafatvkates the. 9f'ld.UQ'bin3 O-F 00 xxciqu Homeroom I 63 Congrafulaies 'Hue CLASS OF I969 F so no 0 0 -- - O n ,Si oo 4 UO A CITRON a. ZECCA Typewri+ers and Adding Machine sq' 2I09 Murray Avenue X S I R I, Repairs, and Lessons ' -I. 1 Xl ips I W-Q .- as 1 Fill-DIMN LEVlNE'S ESSO SERVICENTER Forbes and Shady Aves. Piffsburgh I7 I 1- - "" 1' "- l' Phone- sz:-2517 HOMEROOM 428 '9 . 'S 9 ki. ES , 5 5 J, Af- 653' 1 ' ,I ff ,VMI I Ag fxgrlnmq, - X .ff LN ,,., wi Aa X .fix ' 291, -'ax , . L 1. 'SA X .W , n Q ': Jw E, Nnsijigd gf '- Fad! P A -'1- 1 'Ti 'PWR 'aff iff, al '?f's2:'5'f , . I Q 1 - yt--+ f1,,,ia-, I ':' a .. Q-A ' K ,bt-3:,.x. 1 , . . I 1fE"as1:isnff ' n , ' fav?-if V, " 1 A' . . A , Farewell from HR 1 10 457 says, "So long, T.A " A x Q GOODBYE ALLDERDICE FROM 225 Donald Backer Celia Berman Eric Ciiron Pai' Clancy Ca'rl1y Cohen Ann Cooley Pearl Davis Wally Ellman Marlene Fisher Larry Goldman Rulh Herman Marlin Hochhauser Jim Jordan Melvin Lipner Bill Grace Jaclr Malvin Sam Mandel Adele Kramer Leslie Ripp Pa'H'y Herd Lois Slivlra Mark Wiggins Debbie Weiss Jim Lebovirz Teresa Rubin Mary Gloninger OFFICERS: Beverly O'Neil, Howie Averbaclw, Sally Blocl: HOMEROOM TEACHER: Mr. Alex Seigal We Leave Our Good Memories Wi1'l1 You Z Ondouvdock T Hrcononznv H vmrmuse 5 E u.1PsEs AI GAB'-5' '1"fm4em:5 Hvfew aovls Cannes O6-ARITPHS num B MIOHIQLS 7 L7 JAckson I 8080 evENlNes Tues AND THuRs TILL 9 THE GLEN 587I Forbes Avenue Pffsburgh. Pa. l52I7 Good Luck From HOMEROOM 220 N MHTRJCE5 A ,' "feminine haberdashery" A L U . f 7 5 2I0 Best Wishes to Seniors From 256 Congrarulaiions +o +he Gradualing Seniors Joan Hineclr Alvin Guflman Suzanne Lewis Mary Frafangelo Nancy Dryer Larry Bender Linda Feiler Selma Feldman Ken Cuirunula Penny Gilden Pa+ Hill Ed Donofrio Peggy Kasprzalc Jean Johnsion Pai' Sproule Ted Davis Marcy Rosenson Roberia Horwih Jean Piclcholh Ray Melzer Arfhur McSorely Arlhur Greenwald David Lampl Bonnie Lee Susi Mallef Sam Surloff Adam Florlrowslri Tom Pas na Gerry Close Besl' Wishes 'l'o Seniors of '69 From HOMEROOM 160 The Key Club Wishes Much Success to the Seniors of 1969 Roberl' Axelrad Bernie Behrend 'James Broad Jack Berger Marfy Blumenfeld Brian Blair Marly Breverman 'Jay Collcer Riclc Canlor 'Dan Dealdor 'Allan Elovilz Howard Feld Richard Finkel lra Gumberg Roloeri Goldberg 4 "We Build" VP Rick Goiflieb, Treasurer Milf Wachsberg, Secreiary Mark Tabor, Pre I en? Warrei C T Adviser r ia s'd r ar er. Brad Graham 'Franlx Harris Barry Joel 'Barry Judd Sieve Klein Rolaerl Levy Slanley Maharam 'S+uar+ Marks 'Jack Mandel 'Sidney Marlrowifz 'Sluarl' Meyers 'Richard Lipscher 'Mark Levenson Howard Noviclc Lee Pollack M.Aud ' lndicafes Graduafing Seniors Richard Rosenihal Larry Rechl Murray Rapporf Randy Robinson 'Marfy Rolhman Arnie Schulberg Richard Silver 'Sam Seiavich Roberi' Sfearn Gary Spirer 'Murray Shapiro 'Louis Supowifz David Unger S+uar'r Weinbaum Richard Wender Goodbye Seniors From 314 Homeroom 227-The Stage Crew Good Luck Graduating Seniors Good Luck to the Class of '69 From THE SENIOR LEADERS Mina Alfshuler Barb Balmer Adrienne Bobislcy Donna Broolrs' Karen Ci+ola Velma Coles' Sharon Davison Nancy DeVaul Audrey Eclrerl' Rene Epslein Dava Esman Barb Fihgerald Rosolyn Golden Georgiane Gray Sandy Grobslein-Sec.' Hedy Gruenebaum Chris. Hurley' Cafliy lanno'H'a Eileen Kramer Kafhy Kramer-Treas.' Debbie Kuliselc Linda Lee' Nancy Lloyd-Co-Pres.' Karen Mallcoff Diane Maybury Donna Osburn-Co-Pres Laurel Robinson Millicenl' Smiih Sallee Tabaclmicl: Karen Tench Barbara Zilcer lna Zulcerman ' Sensors Complimenls of ENGLES FRUIT MARKET 2 I 24 Murray Avenue Complimenfs of CARL'S BEAUTY SALON Congralulalions Gracluales SILBERBERG BAKERY Zll-I3 Murray Avenue ,4 FEKT HHWWQRDEET lx Debbie Capl an Ru-leneTorbu n Debl:ieRo binstein Kathy Krav-meta Barbara Shy r' Mar.alynSaiyan Geri Lazarus Nancy Ruttenberyg' Sosieflandler' Jane'Cl-larrns DeniseRosenFeld AnnKar'eli127. Cath Cohen Ruth Cindy Good Luck! H.R. 358 Good Luck NEW YORK Good Luck fo ihe Seniors From l2I BAGELAND CLASS OF '69 . V XR !6 5 Q - on ra u a ions QW ff P+ iw S Eo+ReL'2-.b.u- EE : DANIELS CLEANERS gk A' 5350 Forbes Avenue . ' '5 JGQQ 'E 5 5. 1 mwwxjv. A 3 . ,Nw PARKWAY FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE COMPANY B- f 22ID Murre Avenue 52I 2 Q? Url h "For rhe djscriminaring b y . img-yx PWM5 gmovvwvc QL Farewell from the SENIORS OF 313 Best Wishes to the Seniors exif' ll-'E The Library Club 517 Congratulations to the Senior Class From FTA OFFICERS: Presiclenlz Paula Maizlish Secrelary: Debbie Blain Vice-Presidenls: Karen Samuels Treasurer: Joyce Shapiro Janef Friedman Assislanf Treasurer: Jeanne Pa'Hon Senior Homeroom 412 Soyz n ew? iii! Q C. Qi I W' "We're Gonna' Miss Yo"' Good Luck From H.R. 265 I FOOTBALL LETTERWINNERS Sieve Braun 68 Fred Carlfon 67, 68 Bill Chornyak 67, 68 Guy Collins 68 Bob Cherevicka 68 Charles Cornyn 67, 68 Ron Diiidas 68 Dave Germaine 67, 68 Charles Griffen 66, 67, 68 Ed Haas 68 Rich Kline 67, 68 Armand Kranick 67, 68 Ari Lazar 68 Howard Leckenby 67. 68 Bob Levy 67 Neil Lewinier 67, 68 Ron Lesko 68 Pai Mahon 67, 68 Mike Pearce 68 Andy Peiruska 67, 68 John WiH' 68 Dave Wi'H 68 CROSS-COUNTRY LETTERWINNERS Ace Barash 66. 67, 68 Tim Fifzgerald 68 Mali Goldsmiih 67 Bob Lev 68 Dave Schneider 68 Lee Terkel 67, 68 Sieve Turisnyi 68 Timur Turkdogan 67, 68 Rich Walker 67, 68 Bruce Wifi 68 BASKETBALL LETTERWINNERS Skip Barr 69 Guy Collins 69 Mike Fedoris 68, 69 Pai' Mahon 69 Dave Meyers 69 Joe Nosseck 69 William Poole 69 Bruce Schmil' 69 Bill Urbin 69 Good Luck to Our i969 Graduates The Varsity Club Secre+ary-Ricky Gohllieb V. Presidenl'-Mike Fedoris Presidenl-Armand Kranick Treasurer-Sieve Braun Sponsor-Coach McNer+ney SWIMMING LETTERWINNERS Dave Abrams 68, 69 Marlin Davis 68, 69 Dan Deakfor 68, 69 Louis Gordon 68, 69 Ricky GoHlieb 67, 68, 69 Blaise Howard 69 Sieve Haynes 69 Howard Hoffman 69 Ari' Lazar 68, 69 Mike Levine 69 Sian Maharam 69 Bob Michaels 67, 69 Bob Mills 69 Al Nussbaum 68, 69 Larry Rechi' 69 Mark Rosenberg 69 Dave Rosenbloom 69 Ned Rosenfhal 69 Sco'H Schneider 67, 68, 69 Dave Unger 69 Siu Weinbaum 68 Harry Zalinger 69 TRACK LETTERWINNERS Ace Barash 67, 68 Sieve Braun 68 Ma'H' Goldsmifh 67, 68 Rich Kline 68 Lyn Nys'l'ron 68 Andy Pefruska 68 Jay Robinson 68 Timur Turkdogan 68 Sieve Turisanyi 68 Rich Walker 68 Bruce Wi'H 68 VOLLEYBALL LETTERWINNERS George Benko 69 Sieve Braun 68, 69 Bill Chornyak 68 Larry Dugas 69 Ellie? Faigen 69 Howard Fishbein 67 Mike Korenoski 69 Armand Kranick 67, 68 Jeff Levenson 68, 69 Richard Mazer 69 Lee Pollack 69 Mark Pollack 69 Phil Rechl 69 Eric Sleiner 69 John Ward 68 Dave Wifi' 69 TENNIS LETTERWINNERS Roberl' Cooley 68 Mar+in Davis 68 Waller Ellman 67, 68 Lee Finkels 68 Mili' Wachsberg 67, 68 Gary Weinsiein 68 BASEBALL LETTERWINNERS Fred Fall 68 Mike Fedoris 68, 69 Gary Gerson 68, 69 Jeff Gerson 68, 69 Mike Johan 68 Mike Kalson 68 Larry Levin 68, 69 Neil Lewin'l'er 69 Howard Schacier 67, 68 Sieve Siurn 67, 68 Darryl Tompson 68 GOLF LETTERWINNERS Bob Brourman 68 John Caplan 67 Jim Epslein 68 Mike Zihal 68 Farewell from SENIQR HOMEROOM 414 Congrafulafions to fhe Seniors From HOMEROOM 405 On April 22, 1969, Allerdice lost a devoted friend. Miss Zinn served as an office clerk under all of Allderdice's principals. She made many lasting friend- ships among the faculty and staff. And the student body loved her as a friend as well as a helpful secretary. Miss Zinn took great pride in TA's athletic and academic achievements. She also shared in our school's daily problems. For instance, not too long ago a large fight started in front of the senior office. When Miss Zinn noticed the trouble, she hurried without hesitation to solve the problem. She walked directly into the center of the fight and broke it up. Her understanding of the students enabled her to control this group because physically Miss Zinn certainly would not match the strength of the brawlers! Miss Zinn also attended Allderdice proms each year. To Miss Zinn, Allderdice meant more than just a place to work. And she meant more than just an em- ployee to everyone here. She contributed a great deal to Allderdice's develop- ment. We are all deeply grieved by her death. 'Pal 5- w-' z f-'SEP-3 l -Y' ,- f 5, Af f Allderclice s+uden+s mean more 'ihan iusi' highschool lcicls +o ihe Piffsburgh com- muni+y. As consumers, 'lhey comprise one of 'lhe mos+ influeniial elemenis considered by sfore owners, who order such ifems as cloihing, books, magazines, and even foods such as pina and popcorn wifh high school lcicls in mind. As employees, Allclerclice sfudenis have become quife aciive, worlcing as salesmen checlc-oui' clerlss, babysiflers, and gas sfafion aH'enc.lanl's. They also serve as badly- needed volunfeers in hospifals, communify cenfers, 'luforing services, and religiou: insfifufions. -NGIIQI5-W' YH nmol isii 13 t ,. .f l ,,V, , And, nafurally, Allderdice s1uden+s frequenl' many of PiH'sburgl1's pleasure spois: blaygrounds, resiauranis, movies, Iigl1+ shows, concer+s, plays, and ball games. 1 Allderdice sfuden+s look a+ ihemselves as ius+ kids going aboui' iheir individual usinessg buf members of fhe Pi'H'sburgh communi+y see fhem as a group of big penders, hard workers, and pleasure seekers. .tx ,Ir-' --f ' Z The collecied images, ihe picfure flashes in your mind of +he lasf four years, are loclxed securely info place, iusi' as one who collecis bu+- ier-Flies closes his full drawer and an empiy one. Hours of sfudy for iesis ihai no longer maH'er, Efforis for now insignificani' pro- iecis, Worry for long-defunci relafionships Laughs for whai now seem humorless lesfs Tears for now childish iraumas. And waifing fo release a rainsiorm of ideas, Buf ending up wifh only a spaHer. 0 , f rf i, bb . ,H 'Wil The pei-iiness, ihe wasies of fime, The boredom. fhe cloying roufine of Allderdice are now behind you. Buf behind you. foo. are +hose excifing momenfs when a concepf suddenly became clear, when your 'Firs+ dafe was arranged in sfudy hall, when you firs+ smiled a+ your fufure bes+ friend. when you go+ elecied as an officer of your club. And behind you, foo, are liifle ihings like iusf having a good day or geH'ing an A on a difficulf +es+ or adding fo fhe heap already piling up in your mind anoiher idea of wha? you are. Wi+h gradua+ion from fhis school, A mass of dayiime hours Now empfy 'lheir iwelve-year build-up Of classes and Pavlov-like bells. Hollow, +he hours wai+ fo be filled By a new hind of Individual, Wi+h no "Allclerdice" now in fron? of His +ifle-Jusf a space Thai' he can fill in la'l'er 'lo show Whaf lrind of Individual he's decided Thai' he is. ' 1 J. fi... r S V Xxx 's A 5. fffhf S. ' 'fb an 11. Mix. H . ,iv-M , L . A CATHY ABRAMS-Cheerleader 1115, Capt 1125, Foreign Exchange Student to Peru 1115, Sec of Student Council 1125, Sec of Homeroom 1125, FTA 110-125, Red Cross Comm 19-115. AP Classes 1125. PETER ABRAMS-452 SHELLY ABRAMS-313 JOSEPH ACKERMAN-Chess Club 111-125, Production Mgr of Junior High Newspaper 195, Homeroom Treas 1105, Intra Sports, Varsity Basketball 195, National Junior Honor Society 19-125, Stage Crew 195. BERNARD ADAMS-429 BARBARA ADLER-Anhinga Society, SUN. FTA-Schnlarship Chairman, Sr Student Council Rep, AP Classes, Homeroom Pres. JOHN ALBRECHT-Sec Homeroom 1105, OVT Drafting Design 1125, Homeroom Treas 195, Spanish Club 1105. LEE ALEXANDER-Intra Sports, Yearbook Rep, Homeroom Treas, Chess Club, Choir, Prom Comm, BSCS Biology. CLARE AMBROSE-Jr Medical Room Aide 110-115, Ski Club 1125. MICKY AMBROSIO-Distributive Education, DECA Club, FTA. WILLIAM AMDUR-Homeroom Pres 1105, AP Classes 111-125, Foreword Staff 111-125, Sr Class Treas, Tennis Team 195, Intra Sports. LINDA ANDERSON-SUN, Redcross Youth Services Staff, Literary Magazine Staff, Biol- ogy Club. LORRAINE ANDREKO-FBLA. ANITA ANDREYCHEK-SUN 1115, Library Club 111, 125 Social Comm 1125, Trees of Sr Sewing Class 1125, Athletic Promotion Comm 1125, FBLA 1125. MAXINE B. ANDRIUS-German Club 111-125, Psycho-Biology Club 1125. MICHAEL ANOLIK-Swimming Team 195, In- tra Sports. SALLY APTER-Homeroom V-Pres 1125, Homeroom Sec-Treas 1105, Sr Leaders 1105, Sec Sr Leaders 1115, Treas of Band 1125, Red Cross Comm 1115, Library Bulletin Board Staff 110-125. JAMES ARMSTRONG-Track Team 195, Fore- word Rep 1105, Homeroom Pres 1115, Track Team 1125, Library Club. IRWIN ARONSON-Spanish Club 1125, Print Foreman 111-125, Sr Fund Raising Shop Committee 1125, Intra Sports 19-125. HOWARD AUERBACH-Sr Student Council, Fund Raising Comm, Homeroom V-Pres 111- 125, Jr Achievement 1115, Hall Patrol. 230 B DONALD BACKER-Math Club 111-125, AP Chemistry Club 1125, SUN 111-125, A Orchestra 19-125, AP Classes 111-125, Scholars Program, PHEA Certificate of Merit. RONALD BACKER-AP Classes, Scholars Pro- gram, Homeroom V-Pres 19-105, Sr Discussion Club 1125, SUN 111-125, A Orchestra 19-125 Mu Alpha Theta 111-125. JOYCE BADER-AP Classes 111-125, Choir 5 110-125,-Anhinga Society 111-125, Literary Magazine Staff 110-125, Sr Leaders 110-115. SUSAN BAILS-Homeroom Pres 195, Home- coming Comm 1125, SUN 1115, B Orchestra, Foreword Rep 1105. JUDITH BAKER-Cartoonist School Newspaper, FTA Publicity Chairman, SUN, Prom Deco- rating Comm, Library Bulletin Board Staff, AP USH, Intra Sports. MARGIE BAKER-312 STEVE BAKER-AP Classes, Chess Club, Science Club. VINETTA BALOGH-Social Comm, Majorettes, Prom Decorating Comm, Red Cross 110-115, Pep Club 110-115, Foreword Cartoonist. MARY SUE BARAN-A Choir 1125, Medical Room Aide 1115, Social Comm 1125, Foreword Rep 1125, Homecoming Decorating Comm 111-125. ACE BARASH-Varsity Cross Country Team 110-125 Captain 1125, Varsity Track Team 110-125, AP Classes 111-125, All-City Sr High School Orchestra 19-125, Varsity Club 110-125, Key Club 19-125. RICHARD BARISH-Photographer for Fore- word and Yearbook, AP Classes 111-125, Bridge Club Pres 1125, SUN, Build A School In Peru Cabinet Member, Science Club, A Orchestra. .l USTIN E BA RN ES-312 SHARON BASIC-419 JANICE BASKIN-Art Bulletin Board, Comm Head for Prom Decoration, Hockey. STEWART BASKIN-313 RAY BATKO-Basketball. SHEILA BAUM-313 ROBERT BAUR-OVT Electronics 1-II, AP Physics, Varsity Track, Varsity Football, Intra Sports, Cmss-Country Team. ROBERT BAUSCH-429 TONY BAVER-Football 110-115, Hall Patrol 111-125, Foreword Staff 1105. JANET BEACHAM-SUN-Treas, Math Club, Sr Discussion Club, Science Research Club, Anhinga Society, Prom Comm, AP Classes. DAVE BEAL-Electronics-OVT. ALICE BEDDARD-Sr Office FBLA 1125, Service Club 1125. Aide 111-125, VICTORIA BEITZEL GEORGE BENKO-110 ROSE BENKOVITZ-45" SHELDON BENOWITZ-Stage Crew-Asst Tech Director, Homeroom V-Pres 1125, Adv Metal Shop, Intra Sports 1125, Jr Swim Team, Foreword Rep, Metal Shop Foreman. CELIA BERMAN-Math Club 111-125, French Club 1125, Sr Fund Raising Committee 1125, AP Classes, Scholars Program, FTA 1105, A Band 19-105. LARRY BERNSTEIN-Swim Team, Research Club, Anhinga Society. KATHY BIXLER-214. JUDITH BLACK-Foreword Staff-Feature writer, SUN, Medical Room Aide. DEBORAH BLAIN-FTA 110-125 Sec of FTA 1125, Psychology Club 1115, A-Choir 111-125, AP US History. SALLY BLOCK-SUN 111-125, Library Staff 19-125, Hrmeroom Sec-Treas 111-125, Debate Club 1115, FTA 1105, Hatchet Comm 1125, Foreword Rep 195. SHARON BORRELLI-FBLA 111-125, Service Club, Library Club, Sr Office Aide, Counselor Aide, Gregg and Typing Awards. FRANK BOYLE-363 DUANE BRADLEY-Intra Sports 19-125. RICHARD BRADLEY-372 DEBRA BRAVER-110 DAPHNE BRAVERMAN-AP Biology, Russian Club Sec, Student Council Rep 195. GERALD BRENNEMAN I1-Prom Comm, Ski Club, Publicity Comm. LYNNE BRENNER-Psychology Club 1115, Homeroom Treas 195, Yearbook Rep 1105, Foreword Rep 19-105. ROBERT BREWER-SOC, Human Relations, Hall Patrol, Prom Comm, Student Council, Homeroom Pres. JAMES BROAD-Key Club 110-125, Sr Class Social Comm, Sr Class From Entertainment Comm, A Choir. JOYCE BROADUS-Prom Comm, Library Club, Intra Sports 19-105. NANCY BROFF-Sr Discussion Club 1125, Bridge Club 1115, Sr Ski Club, AP Classes, AP Chemistry Club. NANCY BRONER-Foreword Distribution Staff 1121, Red Cross Comm 19-101, Pep Club 1111, Russian Club 1121, Foreword Rep 191, Hill House Comm, Choir 191. DONNA BROOKS-Chairman Music Comm for Prom, Social Comm, SUN, A Choir, Sr Leaders, Homecoming Comm, All City Choir. ANITA BROTSKY-A Choir 1121, All City Choir 1121, Chess Club 110-121, Science Club 1121, Library Staff 1111, Scholars Program 18-121, AP Spanish 1121. ROBERT BROURMAN-Golf Team 110-111, Varsity Club 110-111, Homeroom Officer 110-111. Foreword Rep 1111. SHERRY BROURMAN-Home for Crippled Children Comm, Homecoming Comm. ANNA BROWN-419 DEBORAH BROWN-Counselors Aide, Prom Comm, Human Relations Comm. MICHAEL BROWN-Homeroom Pres 191, Homeroom Sports 19-121, Softball Team 191, Football Team 1101. CYNTHIA BROWNE-FTA, Creative Writing Club, Red Cross Comm, "Comment" Staff, Sr Medical Room Aide, Art Class Social Comm. KENNY BUETTNER-Softball Team 191, Intra Sports 19-121. BARBARA BUGOSH-FTA 111-121. Library Club 110-111, Sr Office Aide 1121, Prom Comm, Homecoming Comm. Social Comm, Sr Medical Room Aide 1111. SAMUEL BUNDRIDC E--Scholars Program. NEIL BUSIS--Sec-Cen of Western Pa SUN 1121, SUN 19-111. Math Club 111-121, AP Classes 111-121, Humoroom Pres 191. C JOYCE CALLOWAY-Prom Comm, Choir. DEBRA CAPLAN-Debate Club 110-121, Sr Discussion Club 1121, A Orchestra 111-121, All City Orchestra 111-121, AP Classes, Scholars Program, Student Council 19-101, Sr Leaders 110-111. FRANCES CAPLAN-FTA, Student Council 1101, Student Council Athletic Promotion Comm 110-121, Pep Club 1111. Sr Newspaper 1121, Yearbook Rep 191. JAY CAPLAN-Homeroom Treas 1121, Home- room V-Pres 1111, Math Club 1121, Spanish Club 1121, Prom Comm 1121, AP Classes. JOHN CAPLAN-Golf Team 110-121, Varsity Club 110-121, Machine Shop Foreman 110-121. NADA CAPLAN-Spanish Club 1121. Medical Aide, Foreword Rep 110-111, Jr Swimming Team, lntra Sports. CLIFFORD CARCIA-A Choir 110-121. LINDA CARDILLO-228 FREDERICK CARLTON-Varsity Football 110- 121, Varsity Club 111-121, .lr Softball Team 191, Sr Ski Club, Intra Sports, Golf Team 111-121. DONNA CARR-464 JOANNE CARTER-FBLA, Service Club, Prom goanm, Yearbook Rep, Foreword Rep, Office 1 e. WARREN CARTER-Key Club, President, SUN, Foreword Staff, Director Allderdice Broadcasting System, A Orchestra, Human Relations, Student Council. PATRICIA CARTIFF-Hatchet Comm. SUNG-IN CHANC-AP Classes, OVT Drafting. LINDA CHICHVAK-Sr Leaders, lntra Sports, Gregg and Typing Awards, Social Comm, ,lr and Sr Office Aide. NANCY CHINCHOR-372 WILLIAM CHORNYAK-Stage Crew 110-121, Varsity Football 110-121, Varsity Volleyball 110-111, Varsity Track 1111, Varsity Club 111-121, Russian Club 1121, Metal Shop Foreman 1121. EUGENE CHOW-312 TONIA CICCIONE-Yearbook Rep 1111, Sec of Homeroom 1111, Medical Room Aide 1121, Intra Sports. ERIC CITRON-A Capella Choir. PATRICK CLANCY-225 MARY SHERRY CLARK-Pre-Legal Society, A Band, Art 5x, Counselors Aide. STEVEN CLAWSON-228 MARK CLOSE-Intramural Basketball 1121, Chess Club. CAROL COHEN-Senior Social Comm 1121, Scholars'Progran1 19-121, AP Biology Club 111-121. Psychology Club 1111, A Choir 1121, Intra Sports-Jr. Leaders 19-111, Prom Comm 1121. CATHY COHEN-Senior Social Comm 1121, Prom Comm 1121, Red Cross Comm 1111, SUN 110-111, Student Council Athletic Promotion Comm 1101, Scholars Program, AP Classes. DONALD COHEN-Math Club, Pub Comm, AP Classes, World Affairs Forum, Student Council, Philosophy Club. HOWARD COHEN-All City Orchestra 110-121, A Orchestra 19-121, Centers for Musically Talented. HOWARD COHEN-Anhinga Society, Biology II, Hall Patrol. JEFFERY COHEN-AP Calculus, Ski Club, Biology Club, Intro Sports 19-121. ROBERT COHEN-110 VELMA COLES-Senior Leaders, Prom Deco- rating Comm, Sr Class Social Comm, Yearbook Rep, Intra Sports. .IAY COLKER-Key Club, Debate Club, A Choir, Anhinga Society, Homeroom Pres 19-101, Chess Club. ,IUDITI-I COLKER-Make-up Comm, Class Play 1111. RICHARD COLWELL-OVT Electronics I 8 II. ROBERT COMITO-313 RICHARD CONNORS-Football Team. DEBORAH COOK-Sr Prom Comm, Library Decorating Comm. ANN COOLEY-FTA 111-121, Psychology Club 1111. VERNICE CORBIN-214 ALAN CORN-Marching Band, Concert Band, All-City Band, Key Club. Sr Class Hatchet Comm, PMEA Sr and ,Ir Band. PAUL CORRADO ALAN COTTON-419 CINDY CROSSEN-AP Classes. D DAVID DAMICK-Russian Club, AP Classes, Publications School Store Rep. DAVID DANOVITZ-Key Club 110-111, Hall Patrol 1121, Biology II 1121. SHERRI DANOWITZ-Pep CLUB, Psychology Club, Medical Room Aide. LAURA DAVIS-Service Club 1121, Sr Class Social Comm, Foreword Rep 1111, AP Classes 111-121, Library Art Staff 19-101, Foreword Publicity Staff 1101, Literary Magazine 191. MARTIN DAVIS-Sr Discussion Club 1121, Swim Team 110-121, World Affairs Forum 1121, Tennis Team 110-121, Literary Magazine 1121, Varsity Club 110-121. PEARL l.1AVlS-Foreword and Yearbook Rep, French Club, Pre-Legal Society, A Orchestra. PENNY DAVIS-Sr Discussion Club, Math Club, SUN, Art Editor, Green Light, Ski Club, Anhinga Society, Creative Club. THOMAS DAVIS-Sr Newspaper Staff. PATRICIA DEAK-Yearbook Rep 19-121, A Choir 111-121, A Choir Ensemble 1121, Sr Social Comm. DANIEL DEAKTER-Swim Team, Key Club, Science Club, Varsity Club, Pres Homeroom 1111, AP Class. EUGENE DEKTOR-A Choir 111-121, Centers For the Musically Talented 1121, All-City Choir 111-121, Music Man Cast, Sr Play Cast. 231 KENNETH DEMMLER-Intra Basketball 1121. MARK DICKSON-Key Club, Intra Sports. MATTHEW DIGGORY-Foreword Staff, De- bate, AP Classes. PATRICIA DI MARZIO-Newspaper Rep, Stu- dent Council Rep. RACHAEL DINKIN-A Choir, Prom Comm, Red Cross, .lr Medical Room Aide, Intramurals 191. INA Medical Room Aide, Library Staff, Homeroom Sec 1115, Prom Decoration omm. IRWIN DOBRUSHIN-Intra Sports. LAURA DOLFI-Library Staff 1125, Class Play Afiywork 1121, Prom Comm 1121, Class Play 1 . MARSHA DOBRZYNSKI-Sr Office Aide, Sr Sewing Club. DEBBIE DONOFRIO-FTA, Prom Decorating Comm, FBLA, Spanish Club. JOHN DONOFRIO-Science Club, OVT Draft- ing Design 1Foreman1, Homeroom V-Pres 1111, Homeroom Treas 1125, Chess Club 195. PATSY DONOFRIO-Hall Patrol. LANAS DORTCH-214 JEANNINE DORSEY-Prom Comm, Homeroom Sec, .lr Office Aide, All City Choir, A Cappella Choir, Yearbook Rep, Social Comm. LAWRENCE DUGAS-Football, Volleyball, Varsity Club, OVT Drafting and Design. DAVID DURR--415 E GEORGE EASON-Jr Football, Sr Football Team. SETH EATON-Chairman of Build A School iri Peru Fund Drive, Moderator of Sr Discussion Club, Pres World Affairs Forum, Debate Club 110-111, Student Council 111-125, SUN 111-125, Foreword Staff. RUTH EHRMAN-A Orchestra, Debate Club 110-125, FTA 110-125, Creative Writing Club, V-Pres Homeroom 1115, AP Classes, Alternate Cheerleader. HOWARD ELBLING-Key Club 1111, SUN, Math Club 1111, Homeroom V-Pres 1101, Intra Sports 19-125, AP Classes, Foreword. WALTER ELLMAN-Varsity Tennis Team 110- 121, Foreword Sports Editior, Cross Country Team 1105, Spanish Club Treas 1121, Varsity C1511 111-121, Debate Club 110-115, Math Club 1 5. ALAN ELOVITZ-Key Club 111-121, Prom 232 Publicity Comm, Treas of Homeroom 110-111, Intra Sports. SUSAN ENCEL-Basketball Intramurals 19-101, Volleyball Intramural 1101, Business Dept Asst 111-121, Home Ec Asst. JAMES EPSTEIN-Varsity Golf Team 110-121. Varsity Club 1125, Varsity Club 1125, SUN 1111, Student Council 110. 125, Homerco-n Pres 111-125, Scholars Program, Honorable Mention National Gallery of Art Essay Contest. MICHAEL EMAN-Russian Club, French Club, Service Club, World Affairs Forum. CAROL EVANS-Building School in Peru, Hall Patrol, Spanish Club. F DAVID FAIGEN-Yearbook Copy Staff, Chess Club. Math Club, SUN, School Store, AP Classes, Anhinga Society. JAMES FAULKS-,lr Track 195, Sr Track 1125. MICHAEL FEDORIS-Capt Basketball Team 1121, Letters in Basketball 111-121, Letters in Baseball 110-121, Homeroom Pres 1121. Stu- dent Council Rep 1125, AP Calculus, V-Pres Varsity Club. TERRY FEILER-A Choir 1121, OVT Drafting 8: Design 1121, Pres Homeroom 1121. TERRY FEINBERG-Student Council 19-125, Homeroom Pres 111-125, Red Cross Comm 110-115, Sr Discussion Club 1121, Anhinga Society 1125, Student Council Faculty Chair- man, AP Classes. ODED FEINCOLD-Y-Pres Science Club, Ac- tivities Director Math Club 111-125, Chess Team, Sr Class Social Comm 1121, AP Classes, All City Band 19-101. MARC FELDMAN-AP Classes, Scholars Pro- gram, Chemistry Club 1125. Creative Writing Club 1115, Literary Magazine 19-101. ROBIN FELDMAN-Red Cross Club 1101, Foreword Rep 1115. Pep Club 1115. SHERMA FELDMAN-FTA 110-121, Yearbook 1121, Red Cross 110-111, SUN 1115, Student Council Rep 1105, Scholars Program 18-125, Understanding the Arts 15x1. LYNN FERBER-SUN 111-125, Sr Discussion Club 1125, Psycho-Biology Club 1125, Fore- word Staff 111-125, Prom Comm 1125, Ski Club 1121, Scholars Program 18-121, FROG. WAYNE FERRAINOLO-228 CHARLES FIELDS-DECA, Captain Hall Pa- trol, Member 600 Club, Cafeteria Staff. HELEN FIELDS-Chess Club 111-125, Prom Connn 1121, Sr Publicity Comm, Spanish Club 1121, FTA 1101. DEBORAH FINE-Sr Medical Room Aide 1121, Hatchet Comm 1125, Homeroom Aide 1121. EDWARD FINE-Football Team, Homeroom V-Pres, Library Staff, Electric Shop Foreman Metal Shop Foreman. GARY FINKEL-Yearbook Staff 111-121-Layout Editor 1121, Sr Newspaper Staff 1125, Ski Club 111-125, School Store Comm 1125, Math Comm, Sr Class Play, FROG. ANN FINKELSTEIN-Prom Conmt, Sr Class Play 175. .lr Cheerleaders. MICHELE FINKS-FTA 1121, Homeroom Sec 1121, A Choir 111-121, Proto Comm, Social Comm, Ensemble. BERNARD FISCHER-313 HOWARD FISHBEIN-Pres A Band. German Club, Varsity Club, Varsity Volleyball 110-115, Homeroom Pres 1105, V-Pres 1115, Sr Social Comm 1121. AP US History. MARLENE FISHER-Decorating Comm, Psy- chology Cl. MICHAEL FLEISHMAN-Cross Country Man- ager 110-111. Visual Perception 1105, Intra Sports, B'nai llrith Art Award, ROBERT FLIESS-All City St Orchestra 110- 121, Tennis Team 110-121, Bridge Cl, Philos- ophy Cl, A Orchestra 1121, Al' Calculus 1121. JACK FOREMAN-404 SUSAN FRAMPTON-Service Cl, Library Cl, Prom Comm, Red Cross Cl, Scholars Program 18-91, Sr Med Room Aide 11111. SHELDA FRANK- A Choir, Foreword Rep, Intra Sports. GERTRUDE FRANKELhIntra Sports 1101, Best Typist of the Yr 1105, Sr Office Aide 1121, FBLA 1121, Gregg Awards, Foreword Rep 195. PAUL FREDA --428 PAUL FREEMAN-Scholars Program, AP French. SANDRA FRIEDLANDER-Creative Writing Cl, SUN. Psychology Cl, Anhinga Society, Spanish Cl. Prom Comm. DANIEL FRIEDAIAN-Varsltiy liascball 1111, Varsity Swimming 1111, Prom Comm, Social Comm, 1"l0ll1t'I'l um V-Pres, A Cappella Choir. JANET FRIEDMAN--V-Pres FTA, SUN, An- hinga Society, Science Research Cl. STEVEN FRIEDMAN-School Store Chairman 111-125, All City Orchestra 111-121, SUN, Sr Discussion Cl, l1cbatc Cl, Anhinga Society, AP Classes ROBERTA FRISHMAN-Prom Comm, Office Clerk, Intra Sports, Hall Patrol, Red Cross Comm. BOB FRITZ-464 G THOMAS CARBER-All City Orchestra 19-125, Philosophy 1111, Creative Writing Cl 110-111, Centers for Musically Talented. STEVEN GARDNER-Chess Cl, Biology Il. PA11,g.A GARRET-Spanish Cl 1121, A Choir 1 1. FRANCES GAVALIS-Hall Patrol, OVT Com- mercial Art. MARILYN GELLNER-Sr Med Room Aide, Pep Cl, Red Cross Cl, Intra Sports. EDWARD GENTILEA29 RHONDA GERBER-Med Room Aide 111-121, Service Cl 1121, FBLA 1121, Red Cross Cl 1111, Pep Cl 1111, Gregg Awards 1121, Homecoming Comm 1121. DAVE CERMAINE-1"uotbalI Team, Track Team, Homeroom Pres 1111, Varsity Cl. GARY GERSON-Homeroom Pres 19-10, 121, Student Council 1121, Letters in Vars.ty Baseball 110-121, Varsity Cl, Football 1101, ,Ir Softball 191, ,Ir Soccer 191. ,IEFFERY GERSON-Homeroom Pres 110-111, Baseball Manager 110-121, Varsity Cl 111-121, Ski Cl, Intra Sports 110-121, Sr Scope. DEBBIE GIBBON-Homecoming Comm, Social Comm. Prom Comm. ARLENE GIBSON-Sr Office Aide, Sr Leaders 110-111, Intra Sports 110-111, Service Cl, Gregg Awards 1121, Sr Swim Team, FBLA 1121. MARTHA GIRDANY-Literary Magazine, A Orchestra, Sr Discussion Cl, Math Cl, AP Classes, Creative Writing Cl. WILLIAM C-LASSNER-Spanish Club 1121, Sr Class Hatchet Comm 1121, Sr Class Fund Raising Comm 1121. Intra Sports. DARLENE GLICK-Sr Class Publicity Comm 1121, Lah Asst, Foreword Rep 1121, Home-Ec Asst. STEVEN CLICK-Math Club, Intra Sports, AP Classes. MARCOT GLONINGER-225 GARY COELZ-OVT Electronics I 81 II. MERLE GOLD-312 GARY GOLDBERG-SUN President 1121, De- hate Team, 110-121, Foreword Staff, Sr Discussion Club, AP Classes, Homeroom Pres 1121, A Orchestra 111-121. LAURIE GOLDEN-Debate Team 191, World Affairs Cl 1101. LAWRENCE GOLDMAN--OVT Drafting 8: Design. MATTHEW GOLDSMITH-Capt Cross-Country 1121, Track 110-I11, Student Council1121, Homeroom Pres 1121, Hockey 18-121, Varsity Cl 110-121, Rolling Pin Cl 1111. DAVID GOLDSTEINHISI2 DAVII1 GOXIISOS-Student Council Pres 191, Chess Cl 1111, Hall Patrol 1111, OVT Drafting 8 I14-sign Class Fort-man. RICHARD GOODALL--404 KATHY GOODMAN-Homecoming Comm, Foreword Rep, Sr Med Rm Aide, Prom Comm, Adv Crafts, Intra Sports. LOUIS GORDON-Class Pres, Homeroom Pres 19-121. V Pres .Ir Student Council 191, Swimming Team, Varsity Cl 111-121, Student Council, Intra Sports. LORRAINE GOTKO-372 RICHARD COTTLIEB-Varsity Swimming 19- 121, Key Club 110-121, Varsity Cl 110121, Foreword Staff 111-121, Homeroom V-Pres 110-111, Student Council Rep191. WILLIAM GRACE-225 ELLEN GRAFF-Intra Sports, All City Band, District Band, Band Sec, A Band, AP Calculus. MICHAEL GRAFF-Pres Spanish Club 1121, Member Anhinga Society 1121, Intra Sports, Homeroom Officer, SUN, AP Classes. RAY GRANT-Pubcom Chairman, Chess Club Pres 1121, Sr Discussion Cl, Math Cl, "The Boy Wonder." ELLEN GREEN-Med Rm Aide, Prom Comm, V-Pres Homeroom 191, Homeroom Sec 1101. ALAN GREENBERG-A Band Hall Patrol 1111, Intra Sports 191. LARRY GREENBERG-,Ir Varsity Track, Speech Cl, Pres Homeroom 1101, Foreword Rep, Student Council Rep, Intra Sports, Jr Varsity Football. RICHARD GREENBERG-Homeroom V-Pres 1111, Track Team 1101, Homeroom Sec 1121, Foreword Staff 1121, Homeroom Treas 1101, Foreword Rep 1111, Spanish Cl 1101. RONNA GREENBERG-Homeroom Pres 1111, Homeroom Treas 1121. SHELDON GREENWALD-Sr All City Band 19-121, Marching Band 18-121, Performing Rand 18-121, .Ir Swimming, Intra Sports 19-121. NANCY GREZMAK-Homeroom Pres 1101, Intra Sports 1101, Twirlers CI 1101, Yearbook Rep 1121, Sr Office Aide, Prom Comm, Social Comm. CHARLEY GRIFFEN-Sr Varsity Football 110- 121, Homeroom Pres, Track Team, Varsity Cl 110-121. KATHY GRIFFEN-FBLA, Service Cl, Jr Office Aide, Sr Office Aide. ARLENE GRISKY-404 SANDY GROBSTEIN-Swim Team 19-121, Intra Sports 19-121, Sr Leaders 110-121, Anhinga Society 1121, Foreword Distribution Staff 1121, Sr Ski Cl 1121, Literary Magazine 19-121. BARRY GROSS-Student Council 191, Varsity Cross Country 1111, Home Room Pres 1101, German Cl 191, Hatchet Comm 1121. MA RCERY GROSS-214 .IEFF GUSKY-Student Council 1101, Home- room Pres 191, Hall Patrol, Intra Sports. H DAVID HALLIDAY-Sr Social Comm, Anhinga Society, AP Wood Shop, Foreword Photogra- pher, Pulmom, Photography Cl. WILLIAM HAMPSON-OVT Drafting 81 De- sign. JAMES HANKS-OVT Drafting, Intra Sports, Ski Cl 1111. SHEILA HARBST-Home Ee Service Cl 1121. CRAIG HARDMAN-School Store, All City Orchestra 1121, SUN 111-121, German Cl 19-121, Sr Discussion CI, Math Cl 1111, AP Classes. WILLIAM HARPER-Hall Patrol. FRANK HARRIS-Editor-in-Chief Yearbook 1121, Head Photographer 110-111, Key Club 110-121. Math Club 111-121, AP Classes. HOWARD HARRIS-Sr Class Social Comm, Sr Class Publicity Comm, Hall Patrol. JANET HARRIS-FTA 110-121, Biology Cl 111-121 Sr Class Social Comm 1121, Debate Team 110-111, Foreword Staff 1111, Student Council 19-101, Scholars Program. MARIETTA HARRIS-Homeroom Sec 1111, Intra Sports 191, Psychology Cl 1121. ROSE KAY HARRIS-A Orchestra 110-111, AP Classes, Build A School in Peru Comm 1121. PATRICIA HARROCKS-Sr Med Rm Aide 1121, Social Comm 1121, Yearbook Rep 1101, .Ir Leaders 18-91, Intra Sports 17-111. DIANE HARTMAN-Yearbook Rep 110-121, Intra Sports 110-111, Prom Comm 1121, Homeroom Rep 1111, DECA. CONSTANCE HATTING-Service Cl, FBLA. MARY ANNE HAVER-Counselors Office. PATRICK HAVER-Pres Hope Corp, Homeroom V-Pres, Student Coordinator, Yearbook Rep, Cross Country Team 1101. PETER HAYS-Bridge Cl, World Affairs Forum V-Pres. JUDY HELLMAN-SUN, A Orchestra, Journal Rep, Library Staff, Med Rm Aide, Intra Sports. PATRICIA HERD-225 RUTH HERMAN-SUN. KENNETH HERSHMAN-Art Staff of Com- ment Magazine, Student Council Publicity Comm, Scholastic Art Contest Gold Key Awards, AP Classes, 5x Art Survey. ALEXIS HESKI-Sr Class Social Comm, FBLA, Athletic Promotion, Homecoming Comm. JIM HILLMAN-Football Team, Intra Sports, Track Team, OVT Drafting 8 Design. 233 DENNIS HINDMAN-OVT 1115, Homeroom Treas 185, Class Pres 195. MARTIN HOCHHAUSER-Psychology Cl, Math CI, Sr Discussion Cl, Student Relations, Scholars Program, World Affairs Forum, AP Classes. PATRICIA HODDO-Scholars Program 19-105, Red Cross 1115, Social Comm 1125, Ath- letic Promotion Comm 1125, Library Staff 1105, Pep Cl 1115, Intra Sports 19-105. ROBERT HONIC-Sr Discussion Cl, Math Cl 1125, World Affairs Forum 1125, A Orchestra 111-125, AP Classes 1125, .Ir All City Orchestra 195. DONALD HORGAN-Head of the Hatchet Comm, Student Council, Prom Comm, Social Comm, OVT Drafting 31 Design, Projecting Cl. JANET HRASZCZYNA-Sr Office Aide, FBLA, Sr Med Rm Aide, Intra Sports 195, Leaders Cl 195, Yearbook Staff 195. CAROL ANNE HULM-Co-Editor Greenlight, Math Cl, Sr Discussion Cl, AP Classes, Pub Comm. CHRISTINE HURLEY-Intra Sports 19-125, Library Staff 1125, Sr Leaders 1125, Hatchet Comm. J EDWARD JACOB, JR.-312 MARY .IAMISON-Service Cl, Jr Office Aide, Red Cross Cl. MICHAEL HOHAN-Varsity Baseball, Key Cl 19-125, Varsity Cl 111-125, SUN 111-125, Homeroom Pres 1115, Chairman Sr Class Social Comm. JUDY JOHNSTON-Sr Cheerleader 1125, Home- room Sec 1125, Prom Comm 111-125, Pep Cl 111-125, Sr Leaders 1115, Athletic Promotion Comm 1125, Sr Newspaper Staff 1125. MARY JOPINKO-Intra Sports 110-115. JAMES JORDAN-V-Pres Sr Class, Pres Hatchet Comm, Co-Capt Varsity Basketball Team, Social Comm, Prom Comm, Captain ,Ir Varsity Basketball Team. NANCY JOSEPHSON-Sr Class Social Comm, Sr Class Play Comm, Homecoming Comm, Student Council 1105, A Choir, Prom Enter- tainment Comm, Homeroom Sec 1115. BARRY JUDD-Key Cl, Science Cl, A Band, Homeroom V-Pres, ,lr Varsity Sports, Intra Sports. K DOLORES KACSUTA-Adv Art 111-125. Schol- ars Program 18-105, Intra Sports 17-125, Prom Comm, Homecoming Comm. LINDA KANAREK-Red Cross Comm, Cafeteria Service Comm, Med Rm Aide, Hatchet Comm, Sr Class Publicity Comm 1125, Homecoming Comm. 234 SHERRY KANE-FTA 110-125, .Ir Med Rm .gde 110-115, Psychology Cl 1115, Red Cross ANN KARELITZ-Russian Cl, Sr Social Comm, A Band 110-125, Homeroom Treas, AP Classes, FTA, Homecoming Comm 1125. KATHARINA KARST-FBLA 1115, V Pres FBLA 1125, Sr Social Comm, Prom Comm. MICHELLLE KART-Red Cross Cl, Social Comm, Sr Med Rm Aide, Student Librarian, Sr Publicity Comm, Sr Hatchet Comm. .IOYCE KARTYCHAK-Sr Office Aide, Sr Med gm 1115, Service Cl, FBLA, Capt Volleyball 821111. TANYA KASZYNSKI-Russian Cl. ROCHELLE KATZ-Pep Cl. SUSAN KATZ-Prom Decoration Comm, Social Comm, Intra Sports, Red Cross Comm, Home- room Treas and Sec. PATRICIA KAUFMAN-Foreign Exchange Stu- dent, Build A School in Peru Comm, SUN, Sr Class Social Comm, Homecoming Comm. KATHLEEN KEANEY-FBLA, Sr Office Aide, Sr Counselors Aide. JOHN KENNEDY-Manager Track Team, AP Math, Intra Sports. RICHARD KENNEDY-Hall Patrol, Jr Track, Intra Sports. WALKER KENNEDY-Track Team, Chess Team, Cross Country Team, Chess Cl. KATHY KE RN-372 JACK KESSLER-Social Comm, Prom Ticket Comm, Hall Patrol, Peru School Fund Drive Comm. RHONDA KHOLOS-Med Rm Aide, Social Comm. PQIEIEJLA KIMBALL-A Choir, All City Choir, PATRICIA KIMBALL-429 ,IUDITH KIMEL-A Choir, Spanish Cl, Science Cl, Choir Ensemble. JACQUELINE KING-464 SARA KLEIN-Math Cl, SUN, French Cl, Biology Cl, Comment Staff, Intra Sports, AP Classes. RICHARD KLINE-Pres Sr Student Council 1125, Varsity Football, Basketball, Track, Foreword Staff 1125, Key Cl, Varsity Cl, Human Relations Comm 111-125. SHARON KNOX-Homecoming Queen 1125, Homeroom Pres 110-125, Student Council 110-125, Social Comm, Prom Comm, A Choir, Hatchet Comm. .IOHN KOHBERGER-Psychology Cl 1115, Ski Cl 1125, Homeroom V-Pres 110-115, Chess Cl 1115, Student Council Rep 195. SAMUEL KRAJECK--Chess Cl, Psychology Cl, Yearbook Rep 195, Philosophy Cl. ADELE KRAMER--Spanish Cl, Psychology Cl, Decoration Comm. E EDWARD KRAMER-Student Council, 1'Ia11 Patrol. KATHY KRAMER-Sr Cheerleaders 111-125. Sr Leaders 111-125, Sr Class Hatchet Comm, Foreword Distribution Staff, Swim Team 17-125, Athletic Promotion Comm. MARCY KRAMER-Spanish Cl, Psychology Cl, Prom Comm, Sr Sewing Class. ARMAND KRANICK-228, Varsity Football. BETSY KRAUS-SUN, Sr Discussion Cl, A Choir, Homeroom Pres, Student Council Rep, AP Classes. GARY KUNTZ-464 STUART KUPERSTOCK-Jr Science Cl, Intra Sports. L ADRIENNE LAROVITZ-Homecoming Comm, Sr Newspaper Staff, 5x Art, Library Staff. THOMAS LAMPL-Student Council V-Pres, Homecoming Comm, AP Classes, Cross Coun- try 195, .lr Tennis, .lr City Doubles 195. ROBERTA LANDAY-FTA, German Cl, A Choir, Anhinga Society, AP Biology, Home- room Pres, Pre-Legal Society. MARK LANDO-Varsity Swimming 111-125, Varsity Track Team 1125. JONATHAN LANGE-All City Orchestra, Capt Soccer Team, A Orchestra, Intra Sports. MARK LASSER-Sr Class Prom Chairman, SUN, Key Cl, Math Cl, AP Biology Cl, AP Chemistry Cl. JOCELYN LAWRY-Sr Publicity Comm, Social Comm, Creative Writing Cl, Yearbook Rep, Homecoming Comm 1115, Jr Leaders 195, Intra. Sports 195. CERI LAZARUS-Homeroom Pres, Student Council Rep, Debate Cl, Foreword Staff, Jr Cheerleaders, Med Rm Aide, AP Classes. ROSE ANN LEBANIK-Social Comm, Intra Sports. DON LEBEDDA-Capt Soccer Team 195, Intra Sports. JIMMY LEBOVITZ-Prom Comm. DAVID LEBOWITZ-464 HOWIE LECKENBY-Varsity Cl, Varsity Foot- ball 111-125. LINDA LEE-Sr Class Secretary, A Cappella Choir 111-125, Ensemble Choir 111-125, Sr Leaders, Social Comm, Homecoming Comm, FTA. CHERYL LEGGE-428 LINDA LEVANT-Libra Cl SUN Chess Cl YY Q v 1 Med Rm Aide, Sr Class Social Comm, Prom Comm, Build A School Project. MARK LEVENSON-Homerooni Pres 1121, Homeroom V-Pres 1111, Key Cl, A Choir 111-121, Ensemble 1121, All City Choir 1111, Intra Sports. TERRY LEVI-SUN, FTA, Anhinga Society, Sr Ski Cl, Student Library Staff, Home Ec Service Cl, AP French. LARRY LEVIN-Spanish Cl, Varsity Baseball 110-121, Varsity Cl 111-121, Intra Sports 19-121. JOYCE LEVINE-Sr Office Aide, FBLA, Serv- ice Cl, Gregg Shorthand Awards. JUDITH LEVINE-Home Ec Service Cl, V-Pres 1121, Sr Class Social Comm, Library Staff 10 . RUTH LEVINE-Sr Discussion Cl, SUN, Liter- ary Magazine, AP Classes, Scholars Program. SUSAN LEVINE-Scholars Program, AP Cal- culus, Foreword Staff, Prom Decoration Comm, Pubcom, Anhinga Society. PATTI LEVY-Jr Med Rm Aide 18-111, Library Staff 19-101, Social Comm, ,Ir Swimming Team, Intra Sports. ROBERT LEVY-Football 110-111, Varsity Cl 111-121, AP Calculus 1121, Intra Sports. JEFF LEWIN-Math Cl 'Pres, Debate Team V-Pres, Sr Discussion Cl V-Moderator, Chair- man Human Relations Comm, Student Council. BARBARA LEWIS-351 LINDA LEWIS-Social Comm, Prom Decoration Comm Chairman, Counselors Aide, Home Ec Service Cl, Spanish Cl, Intra Sports. GEORGE LICHTER-Sr Class Play Comm, Swim Team 1101. WAYNE LIEBERMAN-All City Orchestra 19-101, A Orchestra 110-121, Homeroom Year- book Rep 1101, All City Orchestra Award, Intra Sports. SUSAN LIFF-Foreword Rep 1101, Homeroom Sec 1111, Sr High Play 1111, Pep Cl 1111, Intra Sports. BARBARA LIFSHER-Cheerleader 111-121, Spanish Cl, Sec of Homerm, Homecoming Attendant 1121, Med Rm Aide 1111, Prom Entertainment Comm. SHARON LIGHT-FTA Psychology Cl 1111, Red Cross. THOMAS LINDAHL-Homerm Pres 191, Jr High Soccer 18-91, Jr Basketball 191, Varsity Football 1111, Varsity Cl 1111, German Cl 1121. DONNA LINDER-Cheerleader 19-121, All City Orchestra 19-121, Pep Cl, Athletic Promotion Comm, Intra Sports, Centers For Musically Talented. JAMES LINDERMAN-Homerm Pres, Student Council, Football, Adv Mechanical Drawing. MELVIN LIPNER-AP Chemistry Cl, Science Cl, AP Classes, Scholar Program, AP Physics, Football Team, AP Chemistry, Soccer Team. RICHARD LIPSCHER-Sec of Homerm, Key Cl, Stage Crew, Intra Sports, Jr Track Team. NANCY LLOYD-Sr Leaders 111-121, FBLA 111-121, A Capella Choir 1121, Social Comm 1121, Sr Counselors Aide 111-121, Intra Sports 110-121, Pep CI 110-111. RUTH LOCKER-A Orchestra, All City Orches- tra, Russian Cl. OLIVIA LOEB-FTA Psychology Cl, Med Rm Aide, Sr Class Play Comm, Spanish Cl, Intra Sports, AP American Hist. PATRICIA LOEB-Managing Editor of Fore- word 1121, FTA, SUN 1111, Intra Sports, Exchange Editor of Foreword 1111, Foreword Rep 110-111. ERIC LOERKE-AP Classes. DEBORAH LOEVNER-Sr Social Comm. BARRY LONDON-214 LISA LONSTEIN-Senior Discussion Cl 1121, Anhinga Society 1111, Psychology Cl 1111, AP Classes. KATHLEEN LORINCE-414 ARLENE LOWY-Psychology Cl, Homecoming Comm. MARGIE LUBET-Creative Writing Cl 111-121, French Cl 1121, Red Cross Comm, Literary Magazine 1111, Pep Cl 1111. WILLIAM LUCIOUS-Track Team, Cross Country Team, Basketball Team, Intra Soft- ball. M PATRICK MAHON-Football 110-121, Basket- ball 1121, Track 111-121, Varsity Cl 111-121. PAULA MAIZLISH-FTA 110-121, School Store Chairman, Sr Newspaper Editor, Prom Comm, Homem Pre 110-121, Adv Metal Shop, Intra 17-91. JACK MALVIN-Jr Swim Team, Letter in Swimming, Science Cl. JACK MANDEL-Key Cl 111-121, Science C1 1121, Anhinga Society 1121, Student Council Rep 191, Homerm V-Pres 181. JOEL MANDEL-Stage Crew, German Cl, Yearbook Rep, Homerm Treas, Intra Sports, Adv Metal Shop, Student Council Rep. SAM MANDEL-225 DEBRA MANDLER-Yearbook Rep 110-121, Foreword Rep 1101, Sr Med Rm Aide 110-121. SUSAN MANDLER-Pres Jr Student Council 191, FTA 110-121, Sr Class Social Comm, Sec Spanish Cl 1121. Anhinga Society 1121, Scholars Program, AP Classes. TONY MANN-A Choir 111-121, All City Choir 1111, Russian C1 110-111, Sr Class Play 1111, Intra Sports 1101. ARLENE MARCUS-Med Rm Aide. MARILYN MARCUS-Homerm Sec, Yearbook Rep, FBLA, Prom Comm, Human Relations Comm, .lr Office Aide, Intra Sports. ELLIOT MARKOVITZ-Hall Patrol 1121, Prom Comm 1121, Athletic Promotion Comm 1121, Intra Sports, 5x Art. SID MARKOVITZ-Key Cl 1121, SUN 1111, Debate Cl 19-101, Athletic Promotion Comm 1121, Cross Country Team 1111, Hall Patrol 1111. SUSAN MARKOWITZ-SUN, FTA, Cafeteria Service Comm, Hatcltet Comm. STUART MARKS-Stage Crew 111-121, Tech Lighting Designer 1121, Key Cl 110-121, Homerm Pres 110, 121, Adv Metal Shop, Intra Sports 1121, Student Council. DIANNE MARTIN-Hall Patrol, Foreword Rep, Foreword News Writer, Creative Writing Cl, Yearbook Rep. CAROL MASCARA-FBLA, Social Comm, Homecoming Comm. RUTH MASON-AP Calculus 1121. Red Cross Comm, Prom Comm 1121, Chess Cl 1121, Publicity Comm. JAMES MASTRONIE-Hatchet Comm. JAMES MATHEWS-Scholars Program, Chess Cl, German Cl, Homerm V-Pres. TERRY MATHOS-415 JAMES MATYAS-313 RUTH MAYLE-SUN, Foreword Staff Writer, Literary Magazine, Pre-Legal Society, Sr Discussion Cl, AP Classes, Anhinga Society. RICHARD MAZER-Manager Volleyball Team, Sr Newspaper Staff. PASQUALE MAZZOCCA-228 PHILIP MAZZOCCO-Pres Ski Club, Prom Ticket-Comm, OVT Drafting 81 Design, After Prom Comm. EDWARD MCCALLUM-419 THOMAS MCCARTHY-OVT Welding Techni- cal. GARY MCCORMICK-Yearbook Staff 111-121, Hall Patrol 1111, Jr High Softball Team 191, Intra Sports, AP Classes, Chemistry Cl, Scholars Program. PATRICIA MCGEE-Majorette 110-111, Head Majorctte 1121, Intra Sports 1101, Prom Comm,DECA. 235 RICHARD MCINERNEY-110 LORNA MCKELVEY-421 MARIE MCKNICHT-351 ELAINE MELNICK-Sr Class Publicity Comm, Sr Class Hatchet Comm, Pep Cl. GRETCHEN MEYERJACK-AP Classes, Sr Discussion Cl, Psychology Cl, Scholars Pro- gram, Anllinga Society, SUN. AL METRO-372 JANET MEYER DANIEL MEYERS-Sr Ski Cl, Treas Build A School Drive, Intra Sports, Sr Prom Comm, Social Comm, Hall Patrol, FROG. DEVERA MEYERS-SUN, AP Classes, A Band, Yearbook Rep, Med Rm Aide 1101. MARCY MEYERS-Sr Class Picnic Comm, Student Council 191, Homerm Sec 1101, Social Comm, Homecoming Comm. STUART MEYERS-Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Homerm Pres 1121, Math Club V-Pres, Key Cl, AP Chemistry Cl, AP Spanish. SUSAN MICHAEL-Philosophy Cl, Literary Magazine. Build A School In Peru Drive, Scholars Program. ROBERT MICHAELSv412 LINDA MICHALISZYN-Home EC Service Cl, Library Cl Sec, Sr Med Rm Aide, Scholars Program 18-101, Yearbook and Foreword Rep, SUN, Red Cross Comm. RICHARD MICLIORATO-Hatchet Comm , Sr Class Publicity Comm. LINDA MIHALIK-457 ANNA MIKULA-Sr Counselors Aide. PAUL MINTER-Russian Cl Treas, Sr Prom Comm. PAMELA MINYO-Science Cl 1121, I'Iomccom- ing Comm 1121, Fund Raising Comm 1121, Prom Comm 1121, Hall Patrol 1121, Psychol. ogy Cl 1111, Intra Sports. CAROLYN MITCHE1.-SUN 110-121, Social Comm, Counselors Aide 111-121, Prom Comm 1121, FBLA 110-121, Library Cl 111-121, Homerm Sec 1121. THOMAS MITCHELL-Radio Cl, Aerial Pho- tography, Scicncc Cl. YVONNE MONTGOMERY-Intro Basketball, Office Aide, Haitian Relation COIIIIII, Pom Com111, Social Co111111. GRACE MOONEY-Home Ec Service Cl, Social Comm, Pro111 Comm, Intra Sports, Sr High Play 1111. JOY XIORAVITZ-Ski Cl 1121, Red Cross Comm 1111, P1-p Cl, Cafctcria Scrvicc Comm 236 1111, Homecoming Queen Comm 1121, Sec Homerm 1111, Publicity Comm 1121. PATRICE MORGAN-Student Council Rep, Homerm Sec, Sr Med Rm Aide 111-121, Red Cross Comm, Human Relations Comm, Prom Comm, Psychology Cl. DAVID MORRIS-SUN, Pre-Legal Society. ROBERT MORRIS-OVT Drafting, Hall Patrol. ROBIN MORRIS-Sr Discussion Cl, Prom Comm, Social Comm, Library Staff, Yearbook Rep, Build A School in Peru Drive, A Band. IRWIN l1'lOSKOWITZ-Foreword Rep, Chess Cl, Sr Class Newspaper Staff, Adv Art. CYNTHIA MUDRY-Intra Sports, Prom Comm, Homerm Sec, DECA. MALLORY MULLEN-Library Staff, Homerm Pres, Med Rm Asst, Homerm Sec, Homecoming Comm, Sr Publicity Comm. DARLENE MULLENIX-Sr Med Rm Aide, Red Cross Comm, ,Psyclio-Biology Cl, Prom Theme Comm, Social Comm, Yearbook Rep 191. JOE MUNDA-DECA, 600 Cl. EILEEN MURPHY-Varsity Cheerleader 1121, Yearbook Rep, Pep Cl, Social Comm, Home- coming Comm. VIOLA MU RRAY-428 N JOSEPH NAPOLEON--412 SHARON NATHENSON-FTA 110-121. Prom Comm, Hatchet Comm, Sr Med Rm Aide 1121, Ho111er111 Aide 1121. ANDY NAVILLIAT-Hall Patrol, Service Comm, Class Pres 191, Soccer 191, Basketball 191. NAN NAYHOUSE--415 HARRIET NEllVIANwSr Publicity Comm, Adv Art, Visual Pcrr-option Class. CARMELLE NICKENS-Spanish CI, Sr Med Rm Aide, Prom Comm, Athletic Promotion Comm, Intra Sports 191, AP Spanish. BARBARA NISKAC1-I--FBLA, Social Comm, Jr Aclticvcmcnt. JOHN NORKUS-Football, Homerm V-Pres 1101. ANDREA NOVICK-Yearbook Rep 1111, A Choir, Intra Sports, Psychology Cl 1111. Ski Cl 1111. Prom Comm, Pcp Cl 1111. O LORIE OBERNAUER--1-'TA 110-111, Red Cross 1101, Sr Med Rm Aidc 110-111, Iriomerm Trcas 110-111. JUDY O'BRIEN-FBLA, Intra Sports. DENNIS O'DONNE1.L-313 GAIL OLITZKY-Sr Med Rm Aide 110-121, Sl' Counselors Aide, Library Staff. ARTHUR ONAITIS-Metal Shop Foreman 1121, Science Cl 1121. BEVERLY O'NEIL-Sr Student C o u n c il, Homerm Pres 111-121, Social Comm, Prom Comm, Sr Counselors Aide. DEBORAH ORD-Library Staff, Sr Prom Decorating Comm, Prom Picnic Comm, Stu- dent Council Campaign Comm. DONNA OSBURN--Sr Leaders 111-121, Pep Cl 111-121, Sr Social Comm 1121, Anhinga Society 1111, Creative Writing Cl 111, Sr Prom Comm, Intra Sports 110-121. SUZANNE O'TOOLE-Pep Cl 1111, FBLA 1121, Prom Comm. P LINDY PAPP-Scholars Program, Prom Deco- ration Comm, Sr Discussion Cl, Anhinga Society. ELLEN PA RKER-429 SHEILA PARZYCK --Majorettcs 1 1 1-121 , Homerm Soc 110-121, Intra Sports 110-121, Sr Leaders 1111. JEANNE PATTON-Homerm Trcas 1121, Sr Student Council Rep 1111, Prom Favors 81 Gift Comm, Sr Social Con11n, Psychology Cl 1111, Pep C1110-111. MICKEY PEARCE-Football Team, Varsity Cl, Intra Sports, OVT Electronics, Track Team 191, Sr Class Coordinating Comm. JAY PEARLSTEIN-Philosophy Cl, World Af- fairs Forum. ROBERT PEASE-Student Council Rcp 1121, Sr Class Rep 1121, Homerm Prcs 1121, ,Ir Swimming Team 191, Track 'll-am 1121, Golf Team 1121. SARA PECHER--464 JOHN PENDRED-372 ROSS PERILNIAN-110 BARBARA PESYNA-Counselors Aida: 110-121, Med Rm Aide, Social Comm 1121, Prom Comm 1121. Pubcom. RAY PETRONIO-DECA, Hall Patrol 1121, Foreword Rep 1121, Homerm Class Sec 111-121, Intra Basketball, Basketball 191. ANDY PETRUSKA-,lr Soccer, Intra Sports, Jr Football, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Varsity Club. ANN PETRUSKA-Pep Cl 19-111, Fon-word R1-p 111-121. GEORGE PHELPS-Sr Varsity Swim Team 1111, Chess Cl, Chess Team. BRIAN PIVAR-457 DAVID POBER-Math Cl, Anhinga Society 1121, Chess Cl, Homerm Foreword Rep 1111, Sr Athletic Promotion Comm. MICHAEL POLAND-Track Team. FELICE POLITO-419 ROBERT POLK-Sr Publicity Comm, Student Council Comm, Prom Comm, A Band, All City Band, School Constitution Comm. xMARK POLLOCK-Newspaper Editor 1121, Student Relations 1111, Homerm V-Pres 19-121, Debate Team 19-121, Chess Cl 111-121, AP Calculus 1121. RANDEE PONITZMAN-SUN, Ski Club, Serv- ice Cl, FTA, AP French, Red Cross Comm, Biology Research Cl. WILLIAM POOLE-Sergeant-of-Arms of the Sr Class, Varsity Basketball Mgr, Varsity Volley- ball Team, Jr Varsity Mgr Basketball, V-Pres Homerm 1111, Intra Sports. JOSEPH POPP-Scholars Program 19-111. SHELLY POST-SUN 1111, FTA 1111. FLORENCE POWELL-FBLA, Social Comm, Homecoming Comm, Sr Counselors Aide. DAVID POZEK-464 DOUGLAS PRICE-Intra Sports. HELEN PRICE-FBLA. SERETTA PRICE-Library Cl 111-121, A Choir 1121, Med Rm Aide 1121, SUN 111-121. RICHARD PUCIATA-Football 1121. LYNN PUDIES-Psychology Cl, Sr Social Comm, Homecoming Comm, AP French. DALLAS PUGH-A Choir 111-121, Ensemble 1121. R ARLENE RABNER-Prom Comm, Intra Sports 191, Homerm V-Pres 1101. ANN RADINOVIC-Intra Sport! 1101, Student Council 1121, Athletic Promotion Comm 1121, PUBCOM 1121, Prom Comm 1121. DAVID RAIZMAN-Red Cross Comm 191, Basketball Mgr 1101, AP US Hist 1121, A Orchestra 111-121, All City Jr Orchestra 191- HAROLD RANDALL-Chess Cl 1121, A Band 1111, Cross Country 1111, Track Team 1121, Class Pres 191, Intra Sports 110-121. BARBARA RECHT-Yearbook Rep 191, Fore- word Rep 1101, Social Comm, Hatchet Comm, Intra Sports. IRXINC REICHENBERC-Chess Team. Chess I. ELAINE REISEN-Sr Med Rm Aide 110-121, Intra Sports, Social Comm, Prom Comm. MARK REMCHECK-Sr Social Comm, Home- coming Comm. JAY RICE-All City Orchestra 18-91, Key Cl, Library Staff 17-81, Intra Sports, Chemistry Lab Asst. JOSEPH RIM-Hall Patrol 1121, OVT Electron- ics 111-121. LESLIE RIPP-FTA 110-121, Spanish Cl 1121, Red Cross Comm 1111, Publicity Comm 1121. PHILLIP RITT-Chess Team 111-121, Chess Cl, Social Comm, Prom Comm, Picnic Comm, Intra Sports. RHONDA ROBERTS-Scholars Latin, Intra Sports, Jr Office Aide 17-121, Swimming Team, V-Pres 110-111, Sec 191 of Homerm. ALAN ROBINSON-Key Cl, AP Chemistry CI, Science Cl, Hatchet Comm, Bridge Cl, A Band. JAY ROBINSON-Track Team, Student Council, Concert Band-V-Pres, Marching Band, Soccer Team 191. JOHN ROACI-I-110 ART ROMEO-OVT Drafting 81 Design. HARRY ROSEN-Science Cl, Anhinga Society, Chess Team, Chess Cl. GEORGE ROSENBERC-Math Cl 111-121, Science Cl 1121, Chess Cl, Chess Team, Psycho-Biology Cl, AP Classes. JUDIE ROSENBERC-Red Cross Comm, V-Pres Homerm 1111, Prom Comm, Soccer Intra, Med Rm Aide. ROBERT ROSENBERG-312 MARGIE ROSENBLOOM-Red Cross Comm, Prom Comm, Homerm V-Pres 19-101, Yearbook Rep 1111, Student Council Rep. DENISE ROSENFELD-FTA 110-121, Spanish Cl 1121, Homerm Sec 19-121. Homecoming Comm, Prom Comm, A Choir 111-121, AP Spanish. JANICE ROSENFELD-Scholars Program, Intra Sports, Hall Patrol, Yearbook Rep, Lab Asst, Prom Picnic Comm. JEFFREY ROSENFELD-Homerm V-Pres 110- 111, 600 Cl 17-121, Intra Sports, .lr Track Team. SAMMY ROSENFELD-Key Cl, Prom Ticket Comm, Homerm Pres 17-101, Science Cl, Social Comm, Jr Softball Team, Intra Sports. SHARYN ROSENFELD-Scholars Program, Chess Cl, Intra Sports, Hall Patrol, Homerm Aide. TERRY ROSENFELD-SUN, Hatchet Comm, Sr Social Comm, Adv Comp, Med Rm Aide. MARC ROSENSTEIN-V-Pres Homerm 191, Pres Homerm 1101. ROCHELLE ROSENTHAI.-Homerm Pres 1121, I"I'A 1121, Spanish Cl. Student Council Rep 1121, .lr Med Rm Aide. Foreword Rep. ROBERT ROSS-Track, Cross Country, AP Classes. ROCHELLE ROSS-Homerm Sec, FTA, Pep Cl, Adv Crafts, Social Comm, Red Cross. WAYNE ROSS-351 BETTY ROTHBART-Yearbook Staff 111-121, Sr Discussion Cl 1121, Choir 19-101, Red Cross 19-111, World Affairs Forum 110-121, Philoso- phy Cl 1l11, Foreword Rep. MARTIN ROTHMAN-Key Cl, Marching and Concert Band, All City Band, Editor Sr Class Newspaper, SUN, Sr Class Fund Raising Comm, AP Classes. HANNA1-I RUBENSTEIN-429 RICHARD RUBEN-415 JOEL RUBIN-AP Classes, AP Chemistry Cl. DEBRA RUBENSTEIN-Science Research Cl, Anhinga Society, Sr Class Social Comm, Debate Team, AP Classes, Pep Cl, Student Council. TERESA RUBIO-A Band. WILLIAM RUDOLPH-Key Cl 110-111, Student Council Rep, Homerm Rep for Yearbook, Yearbook Staff, Homecoming Comm 1111, Jr Achievement 1111. JOSEPH RUSSO-Football 1121, Homerm Pres 111-101, V-Pres 1121, Varsity C1 1121. NANCY RUTTENBURC-Hall Patrol, Peru Project, Science CI, Fund Raising Comm, Yearbook Rep, Sr Med Rm Aide, Homecoming Comm. S LEE SABLOWSKY-Homerm V-Pres, Sr Discus- sion Cl, Chess Cl, World Affairs Forum, AP Classes. DENISE SABO-Prom Comm, Social Comm, Sr Med Rm Aide. PAUL SABO-ACS Cl Treas, Science Cl, Track, Homerm Foreward Rep, AP Classes. MARILYN SAFYAN-A Choir 111-121, Scholars Program 18-121, Anhinga Society 111-121, Homecoming Comm, Sr Social Comm 1121, Swim Team, FTA. RICHARD SAMBOI.-Swimming Team, Key Cl, Track Team Mgr, Foreword Rep, Intra Sports, Adv Mechanical Drawing. KAREN SAMUELS-FTA, Sr Med Rm Aide, A Choir, Prom Comm, Foreword Rep. HERBERT SAN DIDGE-110 237 THOMAS SAPPER-Homecoming Comm U11- 12l, Male Cheerleader 1127, Sr Social Comm, SUN, Homerm V-Pres, Intra Sports, Scholars Program. RAY SAVIKAS-457 VINCENT SCARPINO-Soccer Team IQJ, Foot- ball QIOD, Homerm Pres I9-10l, Hall Patrol, 600 Cl, V-Pres Homerm llll, Treas Sr Class. HOWARD SCHACHTER-Varsity B a s e b a ll 110-125, Varsity Cl, Jr Varsity Softball 191, Math Cl, Athletic Promotion, Intra Sports. MARJORIE SCHAFFEL-Scholars Program, Homerm Officer 4127, Foreword Staff, Build A School in Peru Drive, FTA, SUN, Prom Comm, Sr Social Comm. JAMES SCHAMUS-351 WENDY SCHECHTER-Intra Sports, Yearbook Rep, Library Staff, Audio Visual Cl, Class Sec. AUDRI SCHIRM-Majorettes, Prom Comm, Social Comm, Sr Med Rm Aide, Sr Office Aide, Foreword Rep. BRUCE SCHMIDT-Basketball Q11-12l, Home- rm Intra. DAVID SCHNEIDER-Treas, Student Council, V-Pres SUN, Varsity Letter in Cross Country, Homerm Pres, Scholars Program, Intra Sports. SCOTT SCHNEIDER-SUN, Sr Swim Team, Sr Ski Cl, Anhinga Society, German Cl, Varsity Cl, AP Classes. .IOEL SCHWARTZ-Homecoming Publicity Comm, AP Classes. MICHAEL SCHWARTZ-Chess Cl UD, Sr Prom Comm, Adv Art. RICHARD SCHWARTZ-Sr Social Comm, Homecoming Comm, German Cl, Key Cl, AP Chemistry Cl, Sr Discussion Cl, AP Chemistry. SHARYN SCHWARTZ-Sec of .Ir Student Council l10J. ANTHONY SCIULLI-OVT Commercial Art. FRED SCIULLI-415 MARK SEECH-Hall Patrol, Chess Cl. LOIS SECOLI-363 DEBORAH SEGALL-351 Math SAMUEL SEIAVITCH-Key Cl, Student Council, Intra Sports, A Orchestra, Calculus. Cl. AP IRA SEIDENSTEIN-Build A School in Peru Drive, Class Play 1111, 600 Cl, Intra Sports. GARY SELTMAN-Concert and M a r c h i n g Bands, All City Band, AP Chemistry Cl, Math Cl, Homerm V-Pres, Ski Cl, AP Classes. MARTIN SELTMAN-Science Research Cl, German Cl, V-Pres Homerm, Anhinga Society Treas, A Orchestra, Ski Cl, AP Classes. 238 ARTHUR SENG-Track Team, Cross Country, Track Team, Varsity Cl. DEBORAH SHAPIRO-Sr Discussion Cl, SUN, Psycho-Biology Cl, Student Council, Sr Social Comm. JOYCE SHAPIRO-Homerm Pres, FTA Treas, Yearbook Rep, Sr Publicity Comm, Homecom- ing Comm, 5x Art. MURRAY SHAPIRO-Key Cl, Chess Cl. PAUL SHAW-Golf Team. PATRICIA SHERMAN-Social Comm, A Or- chestra, Homerm Treas. SHARON SHOLOCK-Pres FBLA, Sr Office Aide. STEPHEN SHORE-A Band, Intra Sports. NANCY SHUGERMAN-SUN, FTA, Social Comm, Yearbook Rep, Sr Med Rm Aide. RUTH SHUGERMAN-Red Cross Comm, Year- book Rep, Homecoming Comm, Intra Sports. CATHY SIEGAL-FTA, Library Staff, Sr Med Rm Aide, ,Ir Leaders, Yearbook Rep, Foreword Rep, Comment Staff. ELLEN SIEGAL-Counselors Aide, Pep Cl, Red Cross Comm, French Cl, Library Staff, AP French. RONNA SIEV-Scholars Program, Adv Comp, SUN, French Cl, Cafeteria Staff. WENDY SIGAL-Homecoming Comm, Jr Lead- ers, Red Cross, A Choir, Intra Sports, Med Rm Aide. LARRY SIGMOND-All City Orchestra, Chess Cl, Chess Team, Philosophy Cl, Sr Coordinat- ing Comm, World Affairs Forum. LINDA SILBERBERG-Hall Patrol, Counselors Aide, German Cl, Intra Sports, Cheerleader. MICHAEL SILVER-Cross Country, Track, Comment Literary Magazine, Adv Comp, AP Classes. RICHARD SILVERS-Intra Sports. MICHAEL SIMON-228 ROBERT SIMON-Science Research Cl, Psy- chology Cl, All City Choir, A Choir, Project Hist. MONA SIMONS--Russian Cl, Red Cross. NANCY SIVITZ-Intra Sports, Homecoming Comm, Prom Publicity Comm. DEBORAH SLAVKIN-A Choir, FTA, Foreword Rep, Homecoming Comm, Student Human Relations Comm, Med Rm Aide. KATHLEEN SLIMAN-Prom Comm, Picnic Comm, Sec of Homerm. LOIS SLIVKA-FBLA. G. EDWARD SLOAN-Social Comm Chaimian, "Words of Wisdom," Homerm V-Pres 1121. KENNETH SLONE-Foreword Rep, A Choir Ensemble, All City Sr Choir, Spanish Cl, World Affairs Forum. MICHAEL SMALL-.Ir Varsity Soccer Team, lr Varsity Basketball Team, Yearbook Rep, Intra Sports. JACK SMOLEVITZ-A Choir, Foreword Rep, Ensemble 1125. RHONA SNOW-Social Comm, Red Cross Comm, Sr Service Comm, Pep Cl, Homecoming Comm, Publicity Comm. BARBARA SNYDER-Prom Comm, Yearbook Rep, Red Cross Comm, Sr Swim Team, Homerm Treas, Pep Cl, Homecoming Comm. CAROL SNYDER-419 MARK SNYDER-Scholars Program, Math Cl, Anhinga Society, Chess Cl, AP Calculus, Homerm V-Pres. THELMA SNYDER-Foreign Exchange Student, Student Council Rep, Sr Discussion Cl, Russian Cl, SUN, Foreword Rep. ROBERTA SOKOLITZ-Yearbook Rep, Prom Decoration Comm, Med Rm Aide, Intra Sports. ARLENE SOLOMON-Spanish Cl, Sr Social Comm, Prom Comm, Human Relations. MAXINE SOLOMON-French Cl Pres, FTA, Creative Writing Cl, AP Classes, Chess Cl. .IOANN SONDHEIMER-Homerm Sec, Red Cross Comm, Intra Sports, Psychology Cl, Chess Cl. DIANE SPANG-Red Cross Cl. BAZRRY SPECTER-Psychology Cl, Philosophy CAROL SPITZER-A Orchestra, All City Orchestra, Centers for Musically Talented. BOB STEARNS-Baseball Team, A Band Scholars Programs, AP Classes, .lr Soccer Team, Intra Sports. BETTY STEIN-Planning Comm, Social Comm, Sr Med Rm Aide, Counselors Aide, Hatchet Comm, Intra Sports. GAIL STEIN-FTA, Red Cross, Prom Comm, Hatchet Comm, Homecoming Comm, Psychol- ogy Cl. .IULES STEIN-All City Band, All City Orchestra, A Band, A Orchestra. PHILLIP STEIN-Wood Shop Foreman, Homerm Treas, Fund Raising Comm. STEVEN STEIN-Chess Cl, Intra Sports, Soft- ball Mgr, Yearbook Rep, Foreword Rep. ROB STEINER-Trek Team, German Cl, Adv Biology. RICHARD STEPHENSON-German Cl 191, OVT Electronics. JOHN STERANCHAK-Capt Golf Team 1121, OVT Drafting, Varsity Cl, Intra Sports, City Golf Champ 1111. GWENDOLYN STORES-228 HENRY STRAUSS-228 STEPHEN STURM-Softball Team 191, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Cl, Intra Sports, OVT Elec- tronics. LOUIS SUPOWITZ-Key Cl, Mgr Allderdice Broadcasting System, A Orchestra, Prom Comm, Chess Cl, Intra Sports, Sr Class Play. VIRGINIA SVIDRO-Anhinga Society, Science Cl, Scholars Program, AP Classes. JAMES SWARTZWELDER-AP Chemistry Cl, Math Cl, Ski Cl, Anhinga Society, AP Classes. MARK TABOR-Key Cl Sec, Chess Club, SUN, Intra Sports, Homerm Pres. MARY SWAZUK-FBLA, ,lr Achievement. T WILLIAM TABOR-Chess Cl. DELORES TANNY-Social Comm, Prom Comm. CLENDA TAYLOR-Counselors Aide, FBLA, Service Cl, Prom Comm, Office Aide, Prom Entertainment Comm, Homecoming Comm. LEE TERKEL-Sr Discussion Cl, AP Chemistry Cl, Varsity CI. LYNN TERKEL-F TA, A Choir. ROBERT TEVELIN-Pre-Legal Society, Service Comm, Intra Sports. PAT THOMAS-Prom Gift Comm, Prom Picnic Comm, Sr Social Comm, Red Cross Comm. VERNA TIDLINE-Prom Picnic Comm, Prom Gift and Notions Comm, Social Comm, Hall Patrol, Med Rm Aide. LAURA TOBIAS-SUN, Publicity Comm, Hatchet Comm, Homerm Treas 1111, AP Classes, Intra Sports. BRUCE TOBIN-Varsity Volleyball, Hall Patrol, Intra Sports, Homerm Pres 17-81, Shop Foreman. ARLENE TORBIN-Foreword Staff, Psycho- Biology Cl, Debate Cl, Yearbook Rep, Sr Leaders 110-111, AP Classes. MARIANA TORCASO-FBLA, Jr Leaders. CAROL TRACHT-SUN, Anhinga society, A Choir, Ensemble, All City Chorus. CAROL TROSKY-312. GAIL TRUST-Hall Patrol, DECA Cl. TIMUR TURKDOGAN-Cross Country, Track, Science Cl, Varsity Cl, AP Physics. U BARRY UDELL-A Band. ANDREW UZONYI-Psychology Cl, Anhinga Society, Science Cl, Tennis Mgr, Library Staff. V BRUCE VARADI-414 MELVIN VATZ-Sr Prom Comm, Social Comm, Foreword Staff, Key Cl, Debate Cl, A Choir. JOSEPH VENTURA-372 RICHARD VERNA-Intra Sports, OVT Draft- ing 81 Design. EMMIE VOZZA-Library Staff, FTA, Prom Comm, Debate Cl, Chess Cl. W MILTON WACHSBERG-Tennis Team, City Tennis Champ, Treas Key Cl, Varsity Cl, Sr Discussion Cl, Homerm Pres. SUSAN WALD-Prom Theme Comm, All City Orchestra, Intra Sports, A Orchestra. RICHARD WALKER-Varsity Cl, Track, Cross Country, OVT Electronics. ROBERT WALKER-Hall Patrol. ROBERT WALL BRUCE WARD-110 CELESTE WARD-Intra Homerm V-Pres. Sports, DECCA Cl, MARTHA WEAVER-419 WILLIAM WEDNER-Scholars Program, Stu- dent Council, After Prom Comm, Homecoming Comm, Homerm Officer. MARK WEINGARDEN-412 DEBORAH'WEINER-Human Relations Comm, AP Classes, A Choir, Social Comm, Prom Comm, French Cl, AP Biology Cl. NANCY WEINER-Prom Comm, Social Comm, Intra Sports. SHARI WEINER-A Orchestra, All City Or- chestra, AP Calculus, Math Cl. SALLY WEINSTEIN-SUN, Sr Med Rm Aide, Hatchet Comm. DEBORAH WEISBERG-Editor-in-Chief nf Foreword, News Editor 1111, Sr Discussion Cl, Comment Staff Writer, Debate Cl 1101, Girls Swim Team 191. ' ROBERT WEISBERG-Sr Discussion Cl, Math Cl, Homerm V-Pres 191, Intra Sports, A Choir. BARRY WEISER-Marching Band, Concert Band, German Cl, Intra Sports, All City Band. DEBORAH WEISS-Sr Social Comm, Spanish Cl, Homerm V-Pres 191, Intra Sports, A Choir. STEVE WEISS-A Choir, All City Chorus. MARK WEITZMAN-Student Council Consti- tutional Comm, Student Council Publicity Comm, Sr Class Publicity Comm. BARBARA WESCHLER-Foreword Staff, FTA, AP Biology Cl, Jr Leaders, Social Comm, Student Council Homecoming Comm, Homerm Pres 1111, Sec 19, 121, Treas 1101. MARK WIGGINS-225 CYNTHIA WILDER-FTA, A Choir, Sr Leaders 1111, Student Council Rep, Homerm Treas 1111, All City Chorus, Red Cross Comm. CHRISTINE WILLIAMS-110 DONNA WILSON-SUN, Psycho-Biology Cl. WENDY WILSON-News Editor Foreword, AP US Hist, Homenn Pres, Project Fine Arts, French Cl. BRUCE WITT-Sr Track, Cross Country, Varsity Cl, A Band. DIANNE WOLFE-Sr Office Aide, Foreword Rep, Homerm Treas, A Orchestra, Student Council Rep. NICHOLAS WYNNE-Science Cl, Chess Cl. Y KENNETH YALCH-412 LESLIE YON-Spanish Cl. Z SHARON ZAK-110 PETE ZIACAN-Football, Track, Softball 191, Student Council, Human Relations, Prom Comm, Varsity Cl. STEVE ZIACAN-Football, Varsity Cl, DECA. MICHAEL ZIHAL-Golf Team, Sr Newspaper, Sr Magazine, Sr Discussion Cl, Varsity Cl, AP Classes. ROBERTA ZISMAN-5x Art, Philosophy Cl, World Affairs Council, German Cl, Happening Comm. LINDA ZITELLI-FBLA, Intra Sports. WILLIAM ZUKERMAN-.Ir Track 191, .lr Swim Team 191, Psycho-Biology C1 1121, Med Cl, Sr Ski Cl 1121. 239 Yesterday washes pale and drenched Tomorrow an eager-to-arrive day Waits, empty of failure, bursting With chance. It's the entrance To the end of yesterday, And the coming reflection Of the progression of today. sq, P .M-, 13, P. ..,w X .1 1.- I' u I' v "v Oi, 4-. P Bi ,K .5 4 Us n ,V -21 . il . 11, .fi ,7 ef ' as . " J- . NJ' " IA 3? 1 -- 8 12 . , 1 4 , S ' . I 4, . ' Q W 1' . 4 ' . 0 5 - 4 ,, ' 45. - g. ' ' '.4'r fp ' .f -1 V - " . 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