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' -fri.-'-c if 8 -vf A Q Arg A Q! in .., R . I K A V -' 1' .A - 353 'wx UA "ul ,A I U A U V. f 'F' ' YMUU U 'Hff U 15 , -v U "- ' - A. -. - U . A Q g ' 1ff..1.'-Ae x 'A mU-U-,Ls 'Un iq U UU ,1gU ' QMA A . , ,U ' " Q ' ' V. I -." ' ' Y' Y ,. 1 UU,-5 nr Ui" U U iz Umm' ' , .d -P . N . -g, 4 .A Us ' A - ' ' r 1 ' Q a U g' U U' UU x QTL. 'x 1' V- LU U U31 ,.. UU . U , . ,A . .K 4' ' x U - -f - U, N Q gel? i A f ' 'ye' - .own-H - - - , ' QA Y Q G XR sy. ' 01 , ik ug , -3 L . m , . A, V f - 1 L-U' ar. U X XUUU 1 . A ml - QU U SL - , L at 1, , '- ,K - ! 1- - f - X I 1, l A , U L . U 'hx L: QL A - "" ! A ,U U A U UU V - A, . . .,A A 1 ' - , si N -u-. 7- 'Z ' -i XA U 1 - X.. ' -f.. Q. A " ' "' i I ' A ' - N U 1 'L -. Q. ir A ff - ' Q. A Q , 'VL -' ' X r -. s. U i 4.1 .A A ff A ii . U Um- N , f -X N A U! ':s '5aU-U - J, -U A .L --1 ' , -. , V- A U -. ,L , '1- - .- ...-A A A AA U XX , U ' A . " - V AU U -A 4 A. a f v, A 1 ,,.. - , ' 'f - AIAA. - ge, ., A - '1 J. UUA, .f - Ui .?:..- rf- U U UU 5.5 U1f,1 is U , . . F ' SUUSJAU 5 U fi A ' ' . A UU, 1" ' .L H1 1 Q ,A , - .-'A ' F' A, A K .AY 'A f 5- f- sl, - - X -f 5 .ni-1 X" , 3- if . f X 81. ".. I I ",, B ' - x - U , , A .A fm x '-- 'U Jn., U U ,U - U FZ" i 2 11' V 5 ,FH 5 fi ,, N , Q - 'S '- " - -- -if U , ,. V sn- -, 'if .A . ' - "- A f"'- - - :A if -'L U , U W ' '51 QA Y f F v "" --mT..Ii A A. , -iv 1. -31 AA A . g,f.1-f - A ' . ,,.AAfi-WH -a. . 2 .5 A A- A f- Hu -f 'YP J A - f,.fInf'3"'f" ' X A U Ui 5 - - N- 5, UU X UU f:giaf?'iU ,Wg 1. U UL LU ' -'-,A rn- .E ,U 2 Uri U71 :ag fb- pf-Q57 U A. U U M2- -FUUJ V ,E . - - ff? 'PfA,,? -aw. -lf, A f -41113 5 PU-A :Qi -was X2 .A A A fin:-AA-f, i1f SEE i"',, '-1 . ' - .. Q37 ,4f1 1iL1-'-5255 A f if ---R., ' ' 'J ff' A mf 1 U yi,AfgL:--g,'?P.Q31,1ff 2' .134 uf A ,,, A .A ,U T ' jg '4' a, 'f lg: ri fle-fQfr?fgfi gzi fvf ' "rf 5? ' A 'Jak ww-A F ' f ' ' V XY R 1 -h iF 237353 A -V 7 ' ' -F5342 S " - Af A- ' A . - f "'- "--ref " ' Q A gs: 'T -if , ' ' "WAR - - igfgkf' 1 -' ps -Iv - - my - A-5 ' f -- ' QIES? A -. - --,?,v.'.v-5. -.f--1:33:Cf3', A jf,-.-Agfwl A 4,a.J',T?au,,t" -ff ' - f A ,A . A- .v A 'j ' . A we kflgxiig-pe-4.23.1 ff ffxgf,-3, ,A Q , Q, w. , ':'., " : z'4k5::,e'r: -ir' ""'- 'N' ' " Q -Af A 'Z ' -G 7 -i':,' ' w+ ' gf- gf,-'5i .4121., , e" 'l?' ' - -'- 'UT'-1 tw V :s " 1 - ,f A A . ,,,,gA -A-.A A , A . . A ,AA . . A A ' " -- ' A 'f:+"A'Q"'-' ' "S-. - A- "A.,4.4 S 3 1 SAM x EQ 33+-s 416 - V 4 . - 1.117-' ,- , Au... 2 z ... x '-"t"-" '.'T ,-, . 'S ' - . .,,,. ..I::.:4- A ., , Mu, ',Rl'kf'XX:':fff'f' 'E 53? ' xx ' . ' . 'MP '."?5,- L- Q ju' ' U , 'f"7": :,..' "QV x ' F ' ET- w , . ' -1:-: V R 1 . Iv Y A xi W , ' l 'K i I u , NX . , V- H5 ,ff . s , XB X ' iii 12 Qeaqfc 3 xl 5 fw ' rr'-f.1'2l3,, Q, K gc fd? - og , x ZX, ,fa ,,'f'N9" P if . '44-Qnaxtef 'frail 12- 'xkg 1 'J-ag, , T3f,:"" 'QW .Q "Rf SL f 401.1 - I , 'V , , .,-.Q V Mg., ,V ,,' L ' s JY , . ,fi pg il limi YE is 5 JVWSL w... 1 ,R . . . . ' A ' fy. ' 2 fl . 2, ' 5,.?,':..g"-4'f'.,1 ' 'M ..,..,l H' KJ Q . 'W J Y' - I V I .. 1 X 1 . V ' 'A Q U . S F' aw H N i L. x l .- ' X .mm J g,,,, .2 ffNot in vain the a'istance beacons. Forfwarrf, forwarn', let as rangeg Let the great world spin forefver down the ringing groofves of change. H f fennyson The A llderdice Allderdice is the gateway to learning. Learning is the gateway to success. Success builds our city. VOLUME XXIX Published jointly by the Seniors of the january and june Classes of 1958 The TaylorA llderd ice H igh School SHADY AND FORWARD AVENUES PITTSBURGH, PENNA. Foreword Two Growing Cities Allderdice is a city-a miniature brick and marble metropolis with its own government, citizens, and problems. In thirty-one years this scholastic community has progressed, expanded, and improved. For its objective All- derdice has equipped thousands of its citizens to face the world beyond the school gates. Each graduating class has contributed to the growth of All- derdice and has, in turn, boosted the educational standards of this .school. In Pittsburgh, the city which houses their alma mater, many alumni have chosen to remain t-o build their lives. These professional people, busi- ness men, and craftsmen wish to aid the growth of the Steel City as they earlier aided the growth of their 'high school. In contributing to Pittsburgh progress, these young men and women are furthering two hundred years of municipal advance. This year, Pittsburgh is celebrating its bicentennialg in two centuries a city with giant mills, steel-ribbed bridges, and gleaming skyscrapers has risen from a mere colonial fort. Allderdice, a Pittsburgh on a smaller scale, owes much to the city that erected the school. Thus, in THE ALLDERDICE of 1958, the yearly chr-onicle of a student town, the students would like to com- memorate the Bicentennial. In this volume, the 1958 Allderdice senior class will express its pride in the prosperous City of Three Rivers-a city which has made such phenomenal strides in two hundred years and which is con- tinuing, even now, to move forward. 5 Allderdice Is the Gatewa to Learning Allderdice is the gateway to learning. Beyond the lofty flagpole at the front of the building, six massive Ionic pillars reach up to support six words etched in stone. Sharp Roman letters spell out, "Know Something, Do Something, Be Somethingf' To enter this house of learning, these words imply, the youth must desire to learn. To pass through this gateway is a privilege. Here begins the youth's training for experiences in adult life. All who enter Allderdice are aware of problems brewing in the world out- side-an explosive world, whose very foundations rock in the face of giant missile firings and satellite launchings. Students here learn to face the worldls challenge. Beyond the sheltering hall of education stands the unkindled brazier of the future, awaiting the scientists, laborers, and homemakers who will bring fresh fuel. These future-builders bear the flame of creativity. In school, mathematics or biology may have kindled the flame, art or mechanical drawing may have sparked the fire. Perhaps a love for social science has awakened the desire to learn diplomacy, a science so essential in the quest for peace. Perhaps a particularly stimulating chemistry course has inspired new scientists and men of medicine. Allderdice may breed the embryo of a career in music. Behind magnificent stained-glass windows, young men and women will sing in harmony, just as they did in the Allder- dice choir. Consequently, a youth rich in high school experiences will find it easy to face and to keep bright the dazzling fires of the future. A student's formal education may not terminate at Allderdice. He may dream of college. Envisioned in every college-bound student's mind, the ivied campus may beckon. Vocational guidance received in Allderdice may have pointed the way to college. Aptitude tests hint at the future of each student tested. An Allderdice student may become a builder or a mill-worker. His high school training will have taught him the value of earnest effort, of thrift, and of dependability. lVatching rivers of fire cascade into tremendous ingots, the working youth will realize his part in the plan of the growing future. Moreover, he will appreciate the part his school has played in helping him grow. 6 Learning Is the Gatewa to Success l.czu'u1ng is thc gatcxyay tn succcss. 'l'ln'uugh cclucatinu, thc inmliyiclual mccmucs equipped tu see thc beauty ui cycryclay living. This insight, bring- ing varicty tn an utlicrwisc luunchum cxistcncc, nialqcs liic cnjuyablc. Cun- tcntnicnt is a precious ingredient ul succcss. Music. art, and litcralurc arc lllCllllS tn cuntcntuicnt. lfclucatinn. thc basis for apprcciatiun, brings thc arts into thc rcahn ui unclcrstancliug. 'l'hc must csscntial yaluc nl lcarniug is thc ability tu scc thc bcst way nl lilc. .Xu cclucatcfl person can pursuc this way nl hlc with a clear unncl. llc may cliuusc a crcccl tn bclicyc ancl tu lnlluw as lung as he wishes. lfnriuing his own upiniuns, thc lcaruccl man gains sclf-satisfaction. This rcassurancc giycs a man strength tu incct any obstacles in thc way ul sucs ccss, Only in thc uiincl ui thc well-trainccl inzliviclual can strcugth tu succccll bc born. This clrivc. this initiatiyc, this iuipulsc tn attain goals can manu- lacturc cuuugh cncrgy In crcatc a uuiycrsc-Y -:1 univcrsc built nu thc inuumlaf tinus ul lcarniug. 7 Success Builds Uur City Pittsburgh is the product of success. In this city of steel, enterprising men have amassed fortunes. As these leaders of industry have prospered. so has their city. A prime example of this mutual success between man and his city is the story of Henry John Heinz. From a youth raking his vege- table garden in Sharpsburg, Heinz eventually founded a multi-million dollar vegetable preserves business. Today products rolling down the bottling line at the huge North Side factory are shipped all over the globe. Heinz, an internationally known name, has brought recognition to Pittsburgh as the home of the nation's food preserves. Other men have thus rewarded Pittsburgh, the cradle of their success. One man, Andrew Carnegie, has become the idol of ambitious youth. Not even an American by birth, Carnegie first worked in Allegheny City as a bobbin boy for S120 a week. S-oon advancing to minor positions on the tele- graph lines and the railroads, Carnegie began to envision a new future ahead. He later organized the Keystone Bridge Works, which built the first iron bridge over the Ohio. Carnegie then went into iron and steel. Combining eight important steel firms into the mammoth Carnegie Steel Company, this Pittsburgher had increased the value of his business to S500,000,000 by 1901. Carnegie had crowned his city the steel capital of the world. Another of the greatest builders of Pittsburgh was Andrew Mellon. A native of the steel city, this banker's son entered his father's business after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh. During the course of his business career, the younger Mellon enlarged the bank, formed the Union Trust Company, -organized the Gulf Oil Corporation, and established the Pittsburgh Coal Company. His heirs, too, built m-onuments of their own. In the middle of humming, metropolitan Downtown Pittsburgh, for example, stands a fresh garden spot, Mellon Square. VVhat native Pittsburgher does not marvel at the wide marble stairs and the glimmering fountains illumi- nated at night? Men such as Professors Lewis Bradley and James A. Keeler, suc- cesses in the field of science, pioneered t-he building and the maintenance of Allegheny Observatory. The most recent city builder is Dr. Jonas Salk. creator of a poli-o vaccine. ln Pittsburgh have originated the rays of hope that this crippling disease may be thwarted all over the nation. Thus, success may build the mang but a truly successful man can build a city, as the great progress of Pittsburgh indicates. 9 The T ituu 3' Duughter The tita'n's daughter rises out of the white-'hot flames of steel. Three placid, blue rivers adorn her tunic. Robed in the green of her parks and the silver of her skyscrapers, This vision of the future holds her head high. With her coming, the storm-clouds have dissolved. Her ruby gaze reflects the clearness of the heavens. She lifts her graceful arms. In a flourish of fire, she sets free her winged heralds-atom-powered rockets. Into the skies the rockets zoom, Singing praises to their mistress with the thunder of their exhausts. A twinkling diadem of atoms sits upon her divine head, VVhile at her feet stand her sons and daughters. We are these so-ns and daughters. VV hile we are sheltered beneath the white columns of learning now, VVe shall build the future envisioned in our dreams. Then, when we have passed through all the gateways to our dreams, Our goddess of the future will become real. The Father 0 f the Future Gazing -out -over the nation, The -mighty colossus flexes muscles of steel. His lifeblood surges in three silver arteries toward his throbbing heart at Gateway Center. He fixes his sapphaire eye on 't'he skies, The clouds gathering about his brow. In furious torrents the rain pours down. Like an organ that peals throughout an echoing cathedral, The giant mo-oks 'the storm. His voluminous voice drowns out the thunder. Then, -his iron fingens reach into the clouds. He snatches -the jagged lightning and hurls it in huge, flashing over 'his rivers. The lightning bolts, stuck fast, remain as bridges. Spewing a fountain of molten steel from his furnace mouth, He cups his hands to catch it-he fiery liquid. He whirls t'hi-s white-'hot steel in-to a sphere. With a -powerful stroke, t'he titan flings the flaming ball upward. Flying heavenward, the gleaming mass splashes falling sparks. VV'here 'these sparks touch t'he earth below, New buildings, new mills, new sc-hools spring up. The burning steel globe continues its flight upward. Up through the storm-clouds hurls t'he incandescent mass- Up through the clear skies above. Out 'of this steel fire the future is born. Grander, more powerful than its giant parent, The new future shines, A shooting star in the eastern heaven of hopes. 10 arches Dedication It is with sincerest gratitude that we, the January and june classes of 1958, dedicate this yearbook to Mr. James D. Mcfflymonds. His earnest supervision has led us through the gateway to learning-toward a richer, fuller maturity. Perhaps we shall remember him hest not as a supervisor, but as a dear friend. Now that he is leaving Allderdice, we wish him a future of happiness. ll Gateways to the Future 1 Calowuy Cvnlf-r Taylor Allderdice High School Gateway lo Lf-arnin Pillshurgll 'W Galeway lo lho Fuluro 12 Thi' Poini ,sssss x 1 New Pittsburgh al Night H1'll5 0 Sfzlg' 1111 l11Q111 15 1121111 :11111 1111111111115 1'1'11'111 s111' 11 11111111111 stz11's :11111 1'111:1111'11 111 1l1f'S11'1'f'Q 1111 111:11'111'111'11 11111s 411- s1:1g 1'1'11 1111111 1111' 1'1' 1111 1151 1111' 1111511-5 111 1'1tts11111'g11's 11111115111 1111 11l1ll1111IlQ 11111-1-1s 111' t1':1111s :11111 111115111 111111 1 111111111 :1 5111-111:11'11'. :111 :111'1's111111- sight. 1111 11 31111111 11'I1X'1'11'1'S gum 11111 t1111':11'11 1111 11111 111 N11 1':1w1':111111g f1:1g. 1'1-11 N1-'11'111g 11g111. 1111 1111' 11111'1- 111211111 15 s111111111111' 2l1II'C. X1 1111 111-11 f1z1g s11'1-211111 11111111 11111111 1111' f111111 1111 11l1ll111111Q 1'111111-1'f111:1111- 1111 11111 Q11111 1I1Q11lI 111 x1111111111z1- 11111' 111'11111'1'ss :11111 11111' 1111111-. A 111 1111' 1111' 1115111111 111115 111 Q1'1Q 1'11111'1'111 1111 11111111-1111111 "'1"l11f1Q'111A 1111111111111'11t 111 5 N N ' Gulf Building Federal Reserve Building Pittsburgh 'S Industry The Gateway to the Future f vl- N, x 'f . ng 4 , w u , lun , un 4 lllllla I A I-s-unr 5 I --1. nn n-- , " :nun 5 :fungus I P!! Alcoa Bmldm, Mellon - U. S. Stvvl Buildin 4:54 .54 ll P01111-Sllvrulml llnlvl 4 Flesh and Steel Al-on-e upon a hill, I stand in my city. My city is built of steel. Below me the seething steel mill hurls spears of flame from its fiery depths into the deep black universe of night. Glowing orange bars of pig iron lie at the grey sides of the mill. I know the outside walls of the mill are but a thin shell concealing violence and turmoil within. Ethereal vapors of scalding steam rising from bubbling baths and vats give an unreal feeling to the shadowy world. Here in this semi-darkness gases swirl. A blast furnace is opened to test the steel. The white-hot, luminiscent lake of steel is dimmed and crusted by impure red slag floating on top. Gliding a long-handled spoon -expertly over the surface, a worker with thick goggles skims off the dully glowing crust. Pure, free steel remains. A brew -of strength, con- jured up to power a city, a nation, a world, cooks and bubbles. Suddenly with a roar and a hiss, the violently boiling steel pours from the confines of the vats. The hot-gold river rushes turbulently through narrow channels. Showers of sparks tumble to the floor like miniature stars. A gritty wave of heat blasts particles into my skin. Seared by the in- tense brilliancy, my eyes sting. The acrid smell of sulphur engulfs me, causing my head to ache and spin. My :blood steams within me. Dazzled, my whirling brain fuses blood and steel. We are one. Wildly sings the steel through my body, "I am power. I am strength. I am Pittsburgh." The Teacher VV ith quiet strength the 'teacher stands Up-on her spacious mvound. Surrounded by -a carpet green, She gazes all around. She's stalwart in her dignity- A soldier armed in whiiteg A symbol of our freedom, 'she's An everlasting light. Her silent voice cries out to all, "Come enter now wmy gates, For time is slh-ort and all is l-ost To him who hesitates. Accept what I shlall teach you now," Commands the giantess. "When you -have truly learned, I vow, Vou'll surely meet success. Bring all your wishes, hopes, and dreamsg And be sincere wiftlh me. Then in exchange, I'll teach you how 'To know, to do, to be'." 16 Zin illilemnriam Q- Q C!EIlen Qlarnle ibnbenstein .. I :V 7 .PXUGUST 7, 19-10 1 JULY 12, 1957 jllilarcia Zinan Jllililler MAY 29, 1940 Dlcclamlslck 5, 1957 - u Your lost friends are not dead. but gone before Advanced at stage or two upon that ruzul NVl1ic11 you must travel in the steps they trod. 17 Yearbook Staff Sponsor-Miss Diantha W. Riddle LITERARY EDITORS CARD SALE Edit01'Z Nelson Orringer Susan Ferber Associate Editors: Froni Biggard, Eleanor Ruth Odle Finkelpearl, Marianne Male FEATURE EDITORS Editors: Shirley Tucker, Susan Berger Associate Editors: Marna Glantz, Ruth Goldberg, Linda Greenberg, Michael Lando, Louise Margules, Esther Pascal, Roberta Wolk PICTURE EDITORS Editors: Jo Ann Lerner, Maryl Conwisher Associate Editors: Miriam Prizent, William Reinfeld, Elaine Tarmy STATISTICS Editor: Phyllis Reifer D Associate Editors: Reva Greenberg, Carol Hoffman, Richard Kopka, Sandra Steinitz, Fayenola Zalmon 18 BUSINESS MANAGERS , . .,.. , Charles Neuman Ian Wolk ART EDITOR Melvin Bochner THE JOURNAL STAFF ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGERS nlnn A P ' - 9 271: 5 , Kenneth Kantrowitz Robert Nassau Harvey Stone JOURNAL SECRETARIE Judy Goldvarg Phyllis Sissel Phyllis Reifer Eleanor Finkelpearl Fayenola Zalmon ART STAFF Art work under the direction of Miss Catherine Eisaman. Ronald Ali Melvin Boehner Elroyal Irvin Judy Krause Trudy Krause Robert Whitley 19 Frances Mazur Nancy Patterson Ronald Schwerin Barbara Stoller Elaine Wasko S l MR. J. D. MCCLYMONDS Principal Taylor Allderdice Junior-Senior High School Four years ago you came here with the goal of graduation. During your stay here you have met the requirements for a high school diplomag and now that you are about to graduate, your teachers join with me in wishing you success in whatever you do in the future. -I. D. MCCLYMONDS MISS LEANORE ALLEN Vice Principal Taylor Allderdice Junior High School Administration DR. HAL C. TEAL, Vice Principal Taylor Allderdice Senior High School When you entered Allderdice a few short years ago, yours was one of the new faces that appear each semester to take the place of those who have graduated. Now, as you graduate, Allderdice becomes the reposi- tory of the aims, ideals, and traditions that you in- herited from them and whose development you have helped to foster, Each of you has acquired something from those who preceded youg each of you contributes something as he leaves. Again new faces will appear to take the place of you who are graduating. We who remain shall remember your contributions with loyalty and prideg we shall guard and develop them. In the future as you carry the memory of Allderdice with you, we hope that you will be inspired by her motto: Know Something, Do Something, Be Something. -HAL C. TEAL Miss laura H. Zeiglcr .'Irl1'7'fz'iv.v f7I'l'l'l'f01' Miss lclell li. lYilson Miss Kathryn R. Mcliilmey Smzior Iytifllllflllltll Coznzsvlor .ldz'i.vv1' to Sviziof' Cffrls Mr. Roy 0. McGz1l1Cy Miss Kay ixilillilffilll .l1u11'm' Vorafimzal ClJl!1l.Yt'IlJI' .lf1'f''1' to flflllllll' fiirls' Miss lsziliel T. Klllll C'f11'i'f C'Iul'1s CIr'rk.v Mrs. Mzirgztrct G. Kieffer Mrs. lleleu li. Mikulzt Mrs. Ruth Piper Mrs. .Xiistiiizi Brzifllcy Mrs. Ncllc XY2liiCl'S F acult Members Jrt Miss Catherine M. Eisaman, Mrs. Margaret R. Fulton, Miss Olivia Koenig, Miss D'Anne Wuchinich Conifniercial Dr. Earl H. Burgard, Mr. Joseph Dielsi, Miss Virginia Freeman, Miss Margaret A. Hanrahan, Mr. John B. Melvin, Mr. Donald G. Miller, Miss Katharine Skarinski, Miss Margaret L. Winch Distributifuc Education Mr. Howard O. Barnes English Miss Theodora Arvanitas, Mrs. Marjorie H. Bartrem, Mrs. Della R. Braun, Mr. Peter Costantino, Miss Edith N. Finegold, Mrs. Phyllis Gaynes, Mrs. Fannetta N. Gordon, Miss Helen B. Gorman, Mrs. Mary Jo Groppe, Miss Rose D. Hartz, Miss Helen H. Hillard, Mrs. Natalie Miller, Miss Nancy J. Montgomery, Miss Mary P. O'Toole, Miss Elaine E. Pelaez, Mrs. Elizabeth W. Porter, Miss Diantha W. Riddle, Mr. Joseph C. Thompson. Miss Elizabeth Warnock, Mr. Regis B. Wiegand H oinc Economics Miss Charlotte E. Bailey, Mrs. Margaret N. Bush, Mrs. Helen S. Frankenstein, Mrs. Jenoise W. Leon, Mrs. June C. Mclsaac, Mrs. Alouise H. Ramsay I nduxtrial A rt: Mr. Jerome F. Cosgrove, Mr. Joseph Foytick, Mr. Lloyd K. Lloyd, Mr. William G. Matthews, Mr. Alex Seigal, Mr. Leon W. Silzle, Mr. August K. Winterling Languages Miss Dorothy Bergman, Miss Olive L. Bowlin, Miss Mary C. Brennan, Miss Elizabeth W. Klingensmith, Mr. William H. Levin, Mr. Charles T. Roller, Miss Helen Sekey, Mrs. Maxine E. Whedbee Library Mrs. Ellen Katron, Mrs. Mary S. Meals, Miss Gertrude L. Oetting Jldatlteniatic: Mr. Edward J. Caye, Mrs. Mildred Dillon, Mr. James F. Foerster, Miss Catherine R. Folger, Miss Elizabeth J. Hand, Miss Martha J. Kunkle, Mr. Ralph E. Mason, Mr. Kenneth A. McCurdy, Miss Alice L. Phipps, Mr. Daniel P. Spillane, Miss Edith M. Starz, Mr. Robert C. Trumbull, Miss Ethel F. Turner, Mr. Martin F. Valenti, Dr. Wesley J. Wagner, Miss Mary Ann Wingerson Music Mr. Roy F. Dietz, Mrs. Virginia C. Lowe, Mrs. Dorothy J. Meyer, Mr. Walter B. Voyvodich 'Physical Education Miss Mary H. Allshouse, Miss -Eudice Berman, Miss Eleanor T. Boland, Miss Lois J. Hanshumaker, .Mr. John H. Irwm, Mrs. Emma Massarelli, Mr. John J. McNertney, Mr. Claude W. Sofield, Mr. Louis H. Weitzel 21 acuity Mem bers MJ, Rixbluy -I. lluckctt. Miss .XIIIIC Mr. Roilxwt XY. lrviil, Miss jane S. Norris, Mr. Miltim Ruth. Mr. Liililfik' Miss Frances H. .-Xznimii, Mrs. .Xlirc Beacliler, Mr. Murris IQ. Heck. Mr. Geist, Mr. Eclxrin Harr. Miss Ami Scieme Hllllillll, Miss lluris I.. Ilcil, Miss Milclrccl Himlcrcr. jolmstim, Miss lk-rthzi S. lirugcr. Mr. I.awI'e1irc H. 4 VI. Ruutli, Mrs. Xzmry I.. Snivcly, Mrs. 'Iam' S. Young Sofia! Sfuflies j. Aclziiiis. Miss Luiiisc Il. Iinrtliul, Miss Chmluttc R. Samucl Blitz, Mr. Rolzuul J. Gzmrgzmi. Miss I.. Esther Kasliitz, Miss Bertha U. Mitchell, Mr. Nrirniau XY. Mulgravc, Dr. ,-Xnuzi M. Qiiattrocclii. Miss Leila H. Rupp, Mr. fivrrit Tlirmriic, Miss jcssic M. XYl1itL-hill. Miss Hcryl j. Zeiglvr Poof .fWz1f1'0Iz Mrs, Mary .Kilim lfggcrl Sulzool Donor Dr. Yiolct Kidd Srfmof Nurse Cuslmfiwz Mr. C4i12ll'iCS if. Iiivtz C6lfB!E7'iU .wzzfmger Miss Cathuriiic Spcrzliicc lfavffffy gl .v5i.vff111l.r Miss Isxilwl Xlt'.'Xiii51L'l' Mrs. Llnir Ruy M rs, Myrtle xxriiiilliilitbll ZZ xwx 'fVwL..-- N! G """'A"'Mk'K 'bf' fix' 5 , ' 5 - -.4 fs-C- .:.Qfif .- 5 x E +" f i .Ag r l T., G 'HX 115 EL nf J -- Y , L Wnmm- ,gH7 7 t M' WJ 1 l WTF N ? JMR!-sw X fig, ' U -W1! l N A E 3G t + gh M frf dlllmf H J la fm January Class High Honor Students Susanne Audrey Berger Melvin Simon Bochner Carolyn Cynthia Fierst Kenneth Harold Kantrowitz Richard William Kopka Stephen james Lippard David Menzer john A. Pillar Elaine Marcia Tarmv Kenneth Ivan Zacks Honor Students Neil Martin Cartiff Carolyn Mae Fatkin Richard Fox Carol Judith Hoffman Karl Kim Carol Ann Kusko Jo Ann Lerner Ruth Odle Marlene Shaer Barry Richard Sims Gerald M. Sokolow Sheldon N. Topp Carol-Jo Wetzel Stephen Robert Young HOMEROOM TEACHERS Mr. Alex Seigal-225 Dr. Wesley Wagner-252 Mr. joseph Thompson-404 Mr. Howard Barnes-405 ,diss .-s - ,v anessa A sf-' f E!-'tfsiiijz lf 7 . l ' 24 RACHEL L. AMERICUS-Senior Class Prom Committee: Fore- word Representative 9th-11th Grades: 214 Office Staff: Hall Patrol: Future Nurses of America: Chorale: Chorus 5: Ensemble: All-City Choir EMILY E. BAKANIC-Homeroom Treasurer 11th Grade: Y-Teens: Student Library Staff: Square Dance Club: Today's Business Girls: Volley Ball: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards PATSY ANN BENNETT-Senior Class Social Committee: Hotne- room Secretary, 12th Grade: Treasurer, 9th Grade: Service Club: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards SUSANNE AUDREY BERGER - Senior Class Day Committee: Student Coun-cil Representative: Foreword Staff, Editor-in-Chief: journal Staff: Discussion Club: Debate Team: Entre Nous: Class Play Cast: Pittsburgh Advertising Club Award: Civic Club Test: High Honor EDITH I. BERNSTEIN-Foreword Representative, llth Grade: Library Representative, 10th Grade: Hall Patrol: M.M.M.: Today's Business Girls MARLENE BINDER-Senior Class Gift Committee: Student Coun- cil Alternate, IZB: Service Club: Drivers Training: Y-Teens: Stu- dent Library Staff: l.ibrary Typist: Today's Business Girls: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards GARY T. BLACKBURN - Square Dance Club: Industrial Arts Award MELVIN S. BOCHNER-Senior Class Publicity Committee: Home- room President, 9A: Student Council Publicity Committee: Foreword Staff: Journal Staff: Senior Discussion Club: United Nations Club: Intramural Basketball: Volley Ball: Art Awards-B'nai B'rith, Gold Key, National Award: Civic Club Test: High Honor BETTY L. BRENTLEY-Senior Class Social Committee: Library Representative: Future Nurses of America: Chorus 5: Hockey: Basketball: Soccer: Volley Ball: Shield Award, 1957 NANCY A. BUBEL-Homeroom Secretary, 10th Grade: Treasurer. 12th Grade: Distributive Education RICHARD L. CAGLE-Softball: Soccer: Basketball: Athletic Let- ters: Gregg Typing Award PAUL CAMERON-Foreword Representative, 10A-llA: Library Representative, llB: Drivers Training: Qualitative Analysis Class LYNDA R. CAPLAN - Homeroom Library Representative, llth Grade: Cafeteria Staff: Future Nurses of America RITA G. CARTER-Future Nurses of America: Hockey: Softball: Volley Ball: Athletic Letters 25 NEIL MARTIN CARTIFF-Senior Class Prom Committee: Home- room Vice-President, llA: Treasurer, l2A: Student Council Repre- sentative, IIB: Senior Chess Club: Physics Club: Discussion Club: United Nations Club: Track: Intramural Basketball: Volley Ball' Honor Student 1 PAUL F. CHORBA, JR.-Senior Class Gift Committee: Senior Chess Club: Drivers Training: Usher Staff: American Legion Award: D.A.R. Honor Guard LOUIS COFFEY--Senior Class Day Committee: Homeroom Presi- dent, llth Grade: Physics Club: Senior Discussion Club: Senior Life Saving: Band 5: Track ERNEST R. DI PIETRO, JR. W Senior Class Gift Committee: Drivers Training LINDA JOYCE DOMIANO -- Senior Class Social Committee: Homeroom Secretary, 10th-llth Grades: Treasurer, llth-12th Grades: Student Council Representative: Library Representative, 10th-llth Grades: Hall Patrol: Service Club: Drivers Training: Square Dance Club: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards JOAN M. EPSTEIN-Hall Patrol: Today's Business Girls: Bul- letin Distributor: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards CAROLYN MAE FATKIN-Senior Class Day -Committee: Home- room Vice-President, IZB: Secretary, IOA: Student Council: Usher Staff: Service Club: Y-Teens: Today's Business Girls: Hockey: Volley Ball: American Legion Award: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards: Civic Club Test: Honor Student CAROLYN C. FIERST-Homeroom Treasurer, llth Grade: Fore- word Representative, llth Grade: Library Representative, 10th Grade: Hall Patrol: Future Nurses of America: United Nations Club: Book Club: Entre Nous: Chorus 4: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student GERRY T. FIREK-Advanced Mechanical Drawing RICHARD H. FOX - Senior Class Day Committee: Homeroom President, llA-IZB: Vice-President, llB: Treasurer, 10th Grade: Hall Patrol: College Club: Drivers Training: Intramural Basket- ball: Volley Ball: Special Shop Foreman: Honor Student FRANCES FREEDMAN-Senior Class Prom Committee: Home- room Secretary, lZB: Hall Patrol: Today's Business Girls: Intra- mural Volley Ball: Softball: Basketball ALBERT FRICKHVice-President, Senior Class: Homeroom Presi- dent, 9A, IOA, llB, l2B: Vice-President, 9B, IOB, llA, IZA: Physics Club: Football: Track: Football Letter: D.A.R. Honor Guard: Honorable Mention i11 American Legion Award: Safety Award CHARLES M. GIFFEN-Usher Staff STANLEY GOLDSTEIN-Senior Class Social Committee: Home- room President, l0A: Secretary, 9A: Projection Club: Stamp Club' Camera Club: intramural Basketball, Softball, Swimming 26 JACK GRAY-Square Dance Cluhg Science Clubg Cross Country MARIANNE HAGER-Senior Class Prom Committee: Homeroom Vice-President, l0Bg Foreword Representative, 1lBg Senior Life- savingg Rhythmic Swimg Orchestra 35 S-oftballg Volley Ball MICHAEL R. HALAHAN-Senior Chess Clubg Student Library Staffg Swimming Team CORA P. HAYES-Basketballg Volley Ballg Hockeyg Mushball GLORIA D. HAYES - Senior Class Prom Committeeg Library Representative, 1UAg Future Nurses of Americag F.T.A.g Student Library Staffg Basketballg Hockeyg Volley Bally Contour Drawing Award, Japan ANTHONY HERMAN WILLIAM DEAN HILE, JR Senior Class Prom Committee Homeroom Treasurer, 9Bg Hall Patrolg Senior Chess Clubg Or- chestrag Intramural Basketball CAROL JUDITH HOFFMAN - Senior Class Social Committee: Homeroom Vice-President, IOAQ Library Representative: F.T.A.: Journal Staff: Senior Discussion: Class Play Publicity Chairmang Honor Student ROWLAND K. JONES-Senior Chess Club: Projection Clubg Stage Crew Managerg Band lg Electric Shop Foreman: Class Play Cast ABBY JOSSELSON - Senior Class Day Committeeg Foreword Representative. 10th-12th Grades: Senior Chess Clubg College Club: Future Nurses of Americag Senior Discussion Cluibg Book Club' Spanish Cluhg Orchestra 3 ROBERT KALASZAIndustrial Arts Award CHRISTINE KAMBERIS-Senior Class Prom Committeeg Home- room President, l1Ag Hall Patrolg Y-Teensg Square Dance Club' Hockeyg Basketballg Softballg Volley Ballg Gregg Typing Award 1 KENNETH H. KANTROWITZ-Senior Class Publicity Committeeg Homeroom Vice President, 12th Gradeg Journal Staff: Wood Carv- ing Clubg Senior Lifesavingg United Nations Clubp Varsity Swim- ming: Intramural Basketball and Volley Ball: Kiwanis Club Most Valuable Swimmer Awardg State Semi-Final Swimming Champion- shipg Civic Club Test: High Honor Student FRED KAUFMAN-Senior Class Social Committee: Homeroom President, l2A: Vice President. IZB: Treasurer, llA: Student Coun- cil Representativeg Senior Chess Clubg Projection Clubg Intramural Basketball 7 2 MARCIA GAYLE KAUFMANN-Hall Patrolg Future Nurses of America Club, Square Dance Clubg Today's Business Girls, Basket- ballg Volley Ball, Mushball MARY ANN KAVCHAK-Senior Class Gift Committee, Home- room President, 9th-10th Gradesg Vice President, llBg Hall Patrol, Future Nurses of America, Square Dance Clubg Today's Business Girlsg Volley Bally Hockey, Basketballg Gregg Shorthand and Typ- ing Award CAROL L. KELSESKY-Foreword Representative, l2Ag Today's Business Girls, Gregg Typing Awardg Distrihutive Education KARL KIM-Intramural Basketball, American Legion Award, Ath- letic Letter, Gerwig Service Awardg Honor Student PAUL T. KNOWLSON-Library Representative, 1lA, l2Bg Drivers Training RICHARD W. KOPKA-Senior Class Gift Committee, Homeroom Vice President, 9Ag Secretary, l0th Grade, Treasurer, l0Ag Fore- word Representativeg Hall Patrol, Senior Student Council, Cor- responding Secretaryg College Clubg Drivers Training, journal Staffg Physics Club, Student Library Staff, American Legion Awardg D.A,R. History Award, Civic Club Testg Commencement Speaker' High Honor Student JOEL L. KRAKOFF-Intramural Basketball, Softball, Swimming ANNA MAY KUSKO-Homeroom Treasurer, 9th Gradeg Hall Pa- trolg Senior Leadersg Y-Teensg Slimnasticsg Captain in Volley Ball, Hockey, Basketball, and Softball, American Legion Awardg Athletic Award CAROL ANN KUSKO-Senior Class Social Committeeg Home- room Secretary, 10th Grade: Treasurer, ll-12th Gradesg Foreword Representativeg Service Clubg Senior Leadersg Y-Teensg Hockeyg Softballg Basketballg Volley Ballg Athletic Awardg Gregg Short- hand and Typing Awardg Honor Student ROBERT LANGOL-Homeroom Vice President, 9A, llAg Physics Clubg Football: Intramural Basketball JOHN LEMAK-Track Team JO ANN LERNER-Senior Class Secretaryg Homeroom Secretary, 9th Gradeg Editor-in-Chief, Foreword Staffg F.T.A., Social Com- mitteeg journal Staffg Senior Discussiong Modern Dance, Secretary: Entre Nousg Civic Club Testg Honor Student BEATRICE LEVINE-Senior Class Social Committee: Library Representative, llBg Cafeteria Staff: Hall Patrol, Drivers Tram- ingg Majorettesg Senior Lifesaving, Athletic Award STEPHEN LIPPARD-Social Chairman, Senior Classy Foreword Representaitve, llth Gradeg Student Council Safety Committee: Senior Chess Clubg College Clubg F.T.A.g Discussion Clubg Spanish Clubg Orchestra 55 All-City Orchestrag Intramural Basketballg A.C.M. Computer Course: Civic Club Testg National Merit Scholar- ship Testg Honor Student MARTIN D. LYDEN-Gregg Typing .Award ANTHONY JOHN MACK-Homeroom Treasurer, 9th-10th Grade JOAN SARAH MCCARNEY-Senior Class Prom Committee: Hall Patrol: Y-Teens: Today's Business Girls: Chorus 4: Softball: Hockey: Tennis: Volley Ball JUDITH GRACE MCWILLIAMS-Senior Class Social Committee: Drivers Training: Y-Teens: Usher Staff: Hockey: Volley Ball: Basketball DAVID MENZER-Senior Class Prom Committee: Student Council Representative: Drivers Training: Senior Discussion Club: United Nations Club: Debating Team: Chorus 3: Varsity Basketball, Man- ager: Intramural Basketball: A.C.M. Computer Course: D.A.R. His- tory Award: Civic Club Test: National Merit Scholarship Test: American Chemical Society Test: High Honor Student ANNA MILLER-Senior Class Day Committee: Foreword Repre- sentative: Library Representative: Senior Student Council: Cheer- leaders: Drivers Training: Future Nurses of America: Senior Lead- ers: Volley Ball: Hockey: Softball: Basketball RONALD E. MORITZ-Projection Club: Stamp Club: VVoodshop Foreman HELENE NEIBERG-Senior Class Prom Committee: Homeroom President. 9A: Usher Staff: Chorus 4: Basketball: Volley Ball: Mushball: Athletic Letter KATHRYN A. NESLINE - Homeroom Secretary. IZA: Today's Business Girls: Gregg Typing Award: Distributive Education RUTH B. ODLE-Senior Class Day Committee: Student Council Representative, 9th Grade: F.T.A.: Journal Staff: Honor Student JOHN WILLIAM PALLOF-Senior Class Day Committee: Intra- mural Basketiball: Advanced Metal Shop Foreman JULIUS S. PALLOF - Senior Class Day Committee: Intramural Basketball: Advanced Metal Shop Foreman HAROLD PAVILACK-Homeroom Treasurer, 9th Grade: Student Council Representative, 10th Grade: College Club: Drivers Train- ing: Green Key Club: Square Dance Club: United Nations Club: Varsity Football: Intramural Basketball: Volley Ball CONRAD JOHN PESYNA-Senior Prom Committee: Junior Chess Club: Conditioning Club: Football: Intramural Basketball 29 JOHN A. PILLAR-Senior Class President: Homeroom President, 10th-12th Grades: Vice President. l0A, 11A: Student Council Repre- sentative, 9B: Hall Patrol: College Club: journal Staff: junior Varsity Basketball: American Legion Award: High Honor Student KATHRYN A. PRICEiSenior Class Social Committee: Homeroom Secretary, 1lA: Service Club: Y-Teens: Square Dance Club: To- day's Business Girls: Softball: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Award: International Spelling Contest Award THERESA PUGLIESE-Semor Class Day Committee: Homeroom Secretary. IOB: Student Council Alternate, l0A: Hall Patrol: Serv- ice Club: Usher Staff, Captain: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards HARVEY REITER-Senior Chess Club: Drivers Training: Con- ditioning Club: Orchestra 5: Intramural Basketball and Volley Ball DONALD W. ROBERTS f Drivers Training: Projection Club: Square Dance Club: Track: Swimming CHELLE ROSENTHAL-Homeroom Vice President, 10th Grade: Foreword Representative, 9B: Library Representative, 9A: Service Club: Bookroom Assistant: Junior Glee Club: junior Dramatic Club: Chorale: Chorus 5: All-City Choir: Basketball: Volley Ball: Ath- letic Award: Gregg Typing Award RUBEN R. ROTHSCHILD-Senior Class Social Committee: Senior Chess Club: Drivers Training: Projection Club: Senior Life Saving: Metal Shop Foreman SONIA JEAN SCHNEIR-Hall Patrol: Future Nurses of America: Square Dance Club MYNA M. SCHULTZ-Senior Class Prom Committee: Homeroom Vice President, 12B: Foreword Representative, 9A-l2A: Hall Patrol' Usher Staff: Library Staff: Book Club: United Nations Club: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Award MARLENE SHAER-Senior Class Publicitv Committee: Library Representative. 10th Grade: Hall Patrol: College Club: Spanish Club: Book Club: Red Cross Club: Gregg Typing and Shorthand Award: Honor Student HOWARD SHORE-Senior Class Day Committee: Homcroom Vice President, 9A: Student Council Alternate, 9B: Hall Patrol: Student Council Social and Hospitality Committees: Stamp Club: Band 5 LOUIS SILVERHART-Senior Class Social Committee: Homeroom Vice President. 12th Grade: Hall Patrol: Usher Staff: VVOod Carv- ing Club: Senior Lifesaving: Orchestra 5: Intramural Basketball, Swimming, Volley Ball ELAINE E. ROSSEN-Hall Patrol: Future Nurses of America: Book Club RALPH ROTH 30 MARLENE SIMON-Library Representative, IZB: Cafeteria Staff: Drivers Training BARRY R. SIMS-Spanish Club: Band 4: A.C.M. Computer Course: Honor Student GERALD MAX SOKOLOW-Senior Class Prom Committee: Stu- dent Council Representative, IIA, IZB: Biology Club: College Club: Intramural Basketball: Print Shop Foreman: D.A.R. Award: Honor Student PATTI SOPHOS-Senior Class Day Committee: Homeroom Presi- dent, IIA: Vice President, IZA: Foreword Representative, 10th-Ilth Grades: Service Club: Y-Teens: Today's Business Girls: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards JOHN WILLIAM STEVENSON-Homeroom President. 9th Grade: Senior Lifesaving: Chorus 5: Male Chorus: Ensemble: Intramural Basketball, Softball: Athletic Letter: Gregg Typing Award NANCY C. STRAUCH-Homeroom Secretary, IIA: Service Club: Usher Staff: Y-Teens: Today's Business Girls: Volley Ball: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards SANDRA L. SUSSMAN-Senior Class Day Committee: Homeroom Secretary, 9th Grade: Treasurer, 10th Grade: Spanish Club: Rhyth- mic Swim: Chorale: Chorus 5: All-City Choir: Volley Ball Letter: Junior Lifesaving: Gregg Typing Award BRENDA J. TAKACS-Homeroom President, 12th Grade: Distri- butive Education ELAINE M. TARMY-Senior Class Gift Committee: Foreword Staff: Senior Discussion Club: Debate Team: United Nations Club: Book Club: Orchestra 5: All-City Orchestra: Class Play Cast: Civic Club Test: National Merit Scholarship Test: High Honor Student ROBERT L. TESLER-Senior Class Day Committee: Hall Patrol: Driver Training: Intramural Basketball SHELDON N. TOPP-Senior Class Day Committee: Senior Chess Club: Driver Training: Physics Club: VVood Carving Club: United Nations Club: Orchestra 4: Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball: Honor Student MARY JANE VOLPE-Homeroom Treasurer. IZB: Y-Teens: To- dav's Business Girls: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards: Lunch Check Salesgirl CAROL-JO WETZEL-Senior Class Treasurer: Homeroom Vice President. IIA-IZB, 10B-IIB: Student Council Representative, 9B- IOB: Hall Patrol: German Club: American Legion Award: Honor Student ROBERT WI-IITLEY-Senior Class Publicity Committee: Home- room Secretary, IOB, IIB: Drivers Training: Football: Track: Swimming: Journal Art Staff: Athletic Letter 31 JUDY WILSHIRE-Volley Ball LYNN A. WISENAUER-Senior Class Prom Committee, Student Council Representative, 12Ag Hall Patrolg Senior Student Councilg D.A.R. History Award HOWARD A. WOLFSON-Senior Class Gift Committee: Home- room President, 9th Gradeg Senior Chess Clubg Drivers Trainingg Spanish Club, Band 5, Track-Varsityg Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball DENNIS A. WOLK-Homeroom Treasurer, 9B, 10Bg Student Coun- cil Maintenance Committeeg Usher Staffg Biology Club, Green Key Clubg Travel Clubg Gregg Typing Award, Student Treasurer JUDITH ANN WUERTHELE--Senior Class Publicity Committee, Homeroom Secretary, lZBg Treasurer, 9B-9Ag Student Council Hos- pitality Committee, Drivers Training, Y-Teens, Library Staff, To- day's Business Girlsg Chorale, Chorus 53 Volley Ball Tournament: American Legion Award MATEY S. YALCH-Senior Class Publicity Committee, Hall Patrol STEPHEN R. YOUNG-Senior Class Day Committee, Homeroom President, 12Ag Treasurer, llth Gradeg Student Council Representa- tive, 12Bg Hall Patrol, Senior Student Councilg Drivers Trainingg Spanish Club: Varsity Basketball Managerg Metal S-hop Foremang Honor Student KENNETH IVAN ZACKS-Senior Class Prom Committeeg Home- room President, 9th Gradeg Vice President, 10th Grade: Senior Chess Clu-bg F.T.A.g Physics Club: Senior Discussion Club: Stamp Clubg Intramural Softball and Basketball, Civic Club Test: Come mencement Speaker, High Honor Student Senior Calendar Senior luncheon .....,,,.,.......,........ Thursday, january 17 Honor Assembly l....,...,....... ......, T hursday, January 17 Class Day .....,..4,...t.,...........,..... Monday, january 20 Commencement Rehearsal ............ Tuesday, january 21 Commencement l.....,..,.,.,. ......... W ednesday, January 22 Senior Prom ,.,, ....... T hursday, January 25 32 CLASS OFFICERS President-John Pillar Vice President-Albert Frick Secretary-jo Ann Lerner Treasurer-Carol jo Wetzel PUBLICITY COMMITTEE GIFT COMMITTEE January Class Ufficers and Committees SOCIAL COMMITTEE CLASS DAY COMMITTEE PROM COMMITTEE 33 Januar C ass Commencement PROCESSIONAI.-Pomp and Circumstance ..,.4.,...e,4,.e.,..A,m.............A. .,....., E Igar Orchestra-Mr. Walter Voyvodich, Conductor INVOCATION 4.e4.,. ...,.... R everend Raymond J. Doherty Pastor, St. Rosalia Church Waltzes from Der Rosenkavalier ,..4.h....A... ..,,, . ...... Richard Strauss Orchestra PRESENTATION OF FLOXVERS , I I . I .I . , ,.,..t..... june Class, 1958 Robert Nassau, June Class Albert Frick, january Class "PITTSBURGH PROMOTES PROGRESS" "In Industry" ,.,,....,...... t.,......, ...,..,.................. ..,.,,, R i c 'hard Kopka "In Science" ., I .,.,.,. Kenneth Zacks "In Culture" V.,...t ..,t., . . .... Stephen Lippard "In Government". .... ........ D avid Menzer Let Thy Blessed Spirit 4..............,,...,.. ,.........,........,,.............l.. ...,....., ...,... N 0 1' de-n A Cappella Choir--Mrs. Virginia Lowe, Director CLASS GIFT ......s...s.,..............l........... ......TT..t,,.,...T..... I anuary Class, 1958 john Pillar, january Class George Jones, June Class .AUTHORIZATION OF DIPLOMAS .,.,., I I,., ...,..., ..,....,....., Miss Marie A. Saul Associate Superintendent of Elementary Education Pittsburgh Public Schools PRESENTATION or DIPLOMAS ...I... ..................I...... M r. J. D. MyClymonds Principal, Taylor Allderdice High School RECESSIONAL-March of the Priests from "Athalia".. . I. ........ Mendelssohn Orchestra 34 E V Room 22 Honierooni Teacher , . , .,.......,.....,.,.,,.......,.. ........ Mr. Alex H. Seigal President .,..,..,...,.....,. ....A..,. ..... S teve Young Vice President .,.A,., . ..., Kenneth Kantrowitz Secretary ,,......... . , .. . ,....A. Patsy Bennett Treasurer ,..,......,.......,...,. .,...... ..,.,.. I , inda Domiano Foreword Representative ........ .r..... M yna Schultz Student Council ..... ......,.,. ..,. . S teve Young Library Representative .... ...........,....,.,..4,,...........................,. lN Iarlene Simon First Row-Carol Jo Wetzel, Lynda Caplan, Helene Neiberg, Patsy Bennett, Linda Domiano, Steve Young, Kenneth Kantrowitz, Richard Fox, jo Ann Lerner, Sandra Sussman, Myna Schultz Second Row--Judith McWilliams, David Menzer, Ruth Odle, Judith Wuerthele, Paul Chorba, Ernest DiPietro, Ruben Rothschild, Barry Sims, Karl Kim, Mr. Seigal Third Row-Mary Jane Volpe, Marlene Simon, Elaine Tarmy, Harvey Reiter, Anthony Herman, Sheldon Topp, Kenneth Zacks, Beatrice Levine, Howard Wolfson Patsy Bennett Lynda Caplan Paul Chorba Ernest DiPietro Linda Domiano Richard Fox Anthony Herman Kenneth Kantrowitz Karl Kim Jo Ann Lerner Beatrice Levine Judith McWilliams Dave Menzer Helene Neiberg Ruth Odle Harold Pavilack 36 Harvey Reiter Ruben Rothschild Arlene Rubinstein Tony Sacco Myna Schultz Marlene Simon Barry R. Sims Sandy Sussman Elaine Tarmy Sheldon Topp Mary ,Tane Volpe Carol-In Wetzel Howard Wolfson ,Tudith Wuerthele Stephen Young Kenneth Zacks Room 2 2 Honieroom Teacher ., ,....,...........4,...,..,...,.,... .....,...,.. D r. NVesley Vlfagner President ..A...........,., .....,.....,... .I ohn Pillar Vice President .r,..... ..,.,... .,., r A l Frick Secretary .........,..... ,.,..r R ichard Kopka Treasurer ,...,.,......,...,......,.... ..,....... C arol Kusko Student Council .,..,... ..........,. ..,.... L y 'nn XVisenauer Foreword Representative .. Journal Representative . Library Representative ,. .. Rachel Americus Marlene Binder Gary Blackburn Carolyn Fierst Gerald Firek Albert Frick Charles Giffen Stanley Goldstein Marianne Hager Gloria Hayes Carol Hoffman Rowland jones Robert Kalasz Mary Ann Kavch Paul Knowlson Richard Kopka Ioel Krakoff ak .....,....Ricl1ard Kopka .....,.Chelle Rosenthal ...,.. Richard Kopka Carol Kusko Stephen Lippard Anthony Mack Annie Miller john Pallof julius Pallof Conrad Pesyna john Pillar Kathryn Price Theresa Pugliese Donald Roberts Chelle Rosenthal Ralph Roth Marlene Shaer Robert Whitley Judith Wilshire Lynn Wisenauer Dennis Wolk First Row-Marianne Hager, Mary Ann Kavchik, Stanley Goldstein, Albert Frick, Carol Kusko, John Pillar, Richard Kopka, Rowland Jones, Lynn Wisenauer, Theresa Pugliese, Judith Wilshire Second Row-Gerald Firek, Kathryn Price, Marlene Shaer, Carolyn Fierst, Annie Miller, Chelle Rosenthal, Marlene Binder, Gloria Hayes, Rachel Americus, Carol Hoffman, John Pallof Third Row-Julius Pallof, Gary Blackburn, Don Roberts, Robert Kalasz, Stephen Lippard, Dennis Wolk, Charles Giffin, Paul Knowlson, Robert Whitley, Ralph Roth, Conrad Pesyna 37 llonierooni iliCZ1C'llCl' .. President. ,.,.... . Yice President ...... Secretary ..,.A,,.,.,.,. Room 404 lreasurer. ..,. ,W .. .. Student Council Student Council Alternate . , .. Foreword Representative r , .i.,. , . journal Representative ,.,.Mr. -losepll Thompson ..,.l.ouis Coffey Louis Silverhart Patricia Sophos ,i.i Neil Cartiff ,Melvin Boehner . Carolyn Fatkin , Abby vlosselson Susanne Berger Frrst Row-Edith Bernstein, Abby josselson, joan McCarney, Melvin Bochner, Neil Cartiff, Louis Coffey, Louis Silverhart, Patricia Sophos, Susanne Berger, Joan Epstein, Elaine Rossen Second Row-Gerald Sokolow, Cora Hayes, Marcia Kaufmann, Sonia Schneir, Betty Bent- ley, Rita Carter, Christine Kamberis, Emily Bakanic, Matey Yalch, Nancy Strauch, Carolyn Fatkin, Frances Freedman, Howard Shore, Mr. Thompson Third Row-Matey Yalch, Robert Langol, john Lemak, William Hile, Robert Tesler, john Stevenson, Michael Halahan, Ronald Moritz, Paul Cameron, Fred Kaufman, Martin Lyden Emily Bakanic Susanne Berger Edith Bernstein Melvin Boehner Betty Brentley Richard Cagle Paul Cameron Rita Carter Neil Cartiff Louis Coffey joan Epstein Carolyn Fatkin Frances Freedman Tack Gray Michael Halahan Cora Hayes William Hile Abby josselson Christine Kamberls Fred Kaufman Marcia Kaufmann Anna Kusko Robert Langol john Lemak Martin Lyden Joan McCarney Ronald Moritz Elaine Rossen Sonia Schneir Howard Shore Louis Silverhart Gerald Sokolow Patti Sophos Tohn Stevenson Nancy Strauch Robert Tesler Room 405 First Semester H omerooni Teacher ....... ..,......,....... President ,,.....,............,., Vice President ......... Secretary ..........,.... Treasurer ..A.........,...,......,.,.,.... Student Council .......i.....A....... r. Student Council Alternate .,..... Foreword Representative . journal Representative ..,... . Library Representative A... ..,............. Mr. Howard O. Barnes . ......,..,.....,Brenda Takacs Second Semester J. I iesident .t.....r,.. ,............. ,..,.....,...,.r......, Vice President ..... Secretary ...,.,...., Treasurer. .....,, . .. Student Council .. . . Student Council Alternate . Library Representative , .. .. ...Loretta VVagner ,.Katl1y Nesline ....,.,,...,. Mary Prilla .........,.l,.Eileen Lawson XValter Mainwaring .,..,.........Carol Kelsesky .......Carol Kelsesky ...,.,.,.Eileen Lawson . r,r,. Nancy Cooke john Honra A ,,..rr,. Eileen Lawson .,,.......,....Mary Prilla r Bonnie Plenderleith ,Barbara Tholnas .XValtrer Mainwaring Foreword Representative .....,. . ,....,......,...,.. , r...... ......,... ........ E d ward King First Row-Katherine Nesline, Evelyn McIntosh, Carol Kelsesky, Nancy Babel, Loretta Wagner, Mr. Barnes, Brenda Tackas, Mary Prilla, Geralyn Hagmaier, Nancy Reutzel Second Row-Ed Kepich, John Homa, Bonnie Plenderleith, Pat Dawson, Eileen Lawson, Nancy Cooke, Charlotte Ryczek, Denise Waldman, Walter Mainwaring, Ted Leshen, Ed King Nancy A. Bubel Nancy A. Cooke Patricia Diane Dawson Geralyn A. Hagmaier John Homa Carol Kelsesky Edward Kepich Edward C. King Eileen J. Lawson Theodore Leshen Denise Wald man 39 Walter Mainwaring Evelyn jean McIntosh Kathryn A. Nesline Bonnie M. Plenderleith Mary Prilla Nancy Reutzel Charlotte Ann Ryczek Brenda Takacs Barbara Thomas Loretta Wagner January Class Play The Loud Red Patrick THE CAST Rosalie Flannigan . , ,.....,.. ..,,. . .. .. Ruth Lebovitz Rita Flannigan. . . ,Elaine Tarmy Maggie Flannigan , , .. ,Eileen Goldenson Mary Flannigan . , ,. .. , Shandel Spiro Mrs. Gallup .,., . ,....., Susanne Berger Patrick Flannigan . . .. , .,.. Michael Fox Mr. Finnegan .. , .,.. ,.William Reinfeld Ralph Penrose ,. .,.,.. .Howard Schwartz Richard O'Connor . Rowland jones Director. .,,. , . ,. .. ..,..,.,... .Mr. David Gild Faculty Sponsor . .,.., Miss Edith Finegold Scenery Designer , . ..... .,...,.., ...,...,. . , . Mr. Francis Benko STUDENT STAFF Assistant Directors ,. , .. ..,, ....,.., .,.lr.. , , ., ...Io Ann Lerner, Helen Faye Davis Technical Director , . .. ..........,.....,.,...,..., ,,.,. . .. .ajohn Pillar Makeup , ,, ,. .. , ...,............,........,..,..,. Bonnie Eckhouse Hand Props ...... ,..Helene Neiberg, Neil Cartiff Set Props A .. . ..... Howard Shore, Stephen Young Costumes ,. ,, .. ,..,..,.....,......,, ....,..... ..,............,..,..,.,..,.,.......,. . . Claire Rosenzweig Business and Publicity ,. . . .. ..,. .. .. ,..,..,,.,...,..,.. ,..,.., R ichard Fox, Carol Hoffman Prompters . Helene Sugerman, Linda Greenberg, Richard Kopka, Claire Eger Stage Crew .. Rowland jones, Raymond Zvoch, Samuel Puterman, jack Sneider THE CAST DRAMATIC ENGLISH CLASS v HN Sy.: sl' nv 5' W snr :g i Z lzq' n -- L+? A' 1, , , , R Q-ans? ,X L . A rg f 'K A . Y A, 552235 SQ - ' - '12- I .. i' iv f '5 - -2 f ij ---' E92 'sxwg six... NY' .iiff-if' ,-K9 152 M 'QW' 6 5 Egiprsibfw N , , af-I I' k nhl ' pa ' ' 1 fr 5 K . iw ' 1 : JI .xl -mf, f 5. ,fx :L C t y--5. 1 , '- xx M, yf QM V M MQ. sg .wk Ng WWW STAGE CREW E 'MW film W IW BED " 1019 x , U -I 9, ' Wm A K MW, 1 1 L -'?0cknLY"" SENIOR CLASS DAY uwisbf' 5: Three Great Rivers Monongahela Allegheny Ohio Gateway to the West Steel Center of the World 1758 - 1958 I fr ,I l A City of Bridges Once Upon a Time Now gllih .. ,, ,,.,., , ,.... , And It Still Changes 45 PRESIDENTS 25 COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS Richard Kopka, Stephen Lippard, David Menzer, Kenneth Zacks Bernie Cohen-President, Student Council john Pillar-President, Senior Class Richard Kopka, Carol Hoffman CLASS OFFICERS Carol Jo Wetzel--Treasurer Albert Frick-Vice President Melvin Bochner, Elaine Tarmy FINALISTS IN NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP TEST KNOW YOUR NOTABLES EDITORS 7? MXEWGRD its Susanne Berger, jo Ann Lerner Ruth Odle, Kathryn Price, Marlene Shaer, Dennis Wolk, Richard Fox L.. F' ii' 5, X' f gg X -, I Charles Halt, Arlene Rubenstein Helen Davis, Elaine Tarmy, Michael Lando, David Menzer, Alan Pearl- man, jack Ochs, Bernard Cohen, Nick Passell, Robert Hoffman Thv Wall . - wk- ' . .M F C fifq x ' I ,v " Tnlll' Flagpole Thx- Fic-ld Gatos Places to Remember Thx' Courl Tlu- Slack 4 E l is ax Multiple Choice of Ideals Studious to please, yet not ashamed to failf'-Samuel johnson aj Eileen Horne, bj Myna Schultz, cj Elaine Rossen, dj Marcia Kauf- man, ej Rose Marie Pastor To catch Dame Fortune's golden smile, assiduous wait upon her."-Robert Burns aj Susan Jo Silverman, bj Joan Epstein, cj Cora Hoyes, dj Nanci Tauberg, ej Gloria Hayes "NVit and wisdom are born with a manf,-J olm Selden .aj Richard Kopka, bj Sheldon Miller, cj Alan Pearlman, dj Harvey Stein, ej Myron Silverman Her waist exceeding small, the fives did fit her shoes."-George Wither aj Rosalyn Sheps, bj Emily Bakanic, cj Betty Brentley, dj Abby jossel- son, ej Christine Kamberis Soul sincere, in action faithful, and in honor clear."-Alexander Pope aj Gerson Greenbarg, bj Fred Kaufman, cj Ronald Moritz, dj Joel Krakoff Her stature tall,-I hate a dumpy woman."-Lord Byron aj joan Ziff, bj Marna Glantz, cj Jane Rosenberg, dj Frances Freed- man, ej Mary Kauchak, fj Anna Miller, gj Phyllis Lipton Never comfort lend like an accomplished female friendf,-Reverend Hardy aj Shandel Spiro, bj Carolyn Fatkin, cj Anna May Kusko, dj Nancy Strauch, ej Kathryn Price God give us men! A time like this demands strong minds, great hearts, true faith, and ready handsfi-Josiah Gilbert Holland aj Philip Erd, bj John Lemak, cj Ralph Roth, dj Tony Mack "Knowledge is power."-Francis Bacon aj Sandra Keilly, bj Nancy Landy, cj Edith Bernstein, dj Susanne Berger, ej Jenella jones That soul that can be honest is the only perfect man."-John Fletcher aj John Gray, 'bj Robert Langl, cj Charles Griffin, dj Arnold Levin Her hair shall he of what colour it pleases God."-S-haleespeare aj Sylvia Braunstein, bj Sonia Schneir, cj Marianne Hager, dj Carol Kusko, ej Trudy Kapazo I've a neater, sweeter maiden in a cleaner, greener land."-Rudyard Kipling aj Bonnie Eckhouse, bj Roberta Feldman, cj joan McCarney, dj Hannah Sadowsky, ej Patricia Sophos On their own merits modest men are dumbf,-George Colman aj Richard Cagel, hj Williaiii Hile, cj Martin Lyden, dj Paul Knowlson nl ca H rc cs KK cc H it CK NOTICES I will assume no responsibility for debts incurred after this date by my wives. Louis Coffey Drivers wanted for empty 1958 cars. J' ack Gray, Steve Llppard, Robert Kaflasz After six months Slippery Bill Shivley is back in business again. Long term loans given on your signature. No payment due for twenty-four hours. Expert photographer. Specializes in graduation pictures for senior yearbook. Guaranteed to make you look beautiful. Jblr. Evans Lost! Class ring. Worn out -from constant use, but of great senti- mental value. Reward, owner. M iclzaiol Halahan Lost! Dinosaur Porcelain model. Valuable graduation gift from my late lamented great, great, great, great grandfather. Cwner, Ruth Odle VV ill student who found large white envelope containing date book and phone numbers pl-ease return. Do not phone. Owner, Bob Tessler, 214 Alldcrdlce Road 48 'B' Tl? CLASS OFFICERS President-George jones Vice President-Robert Nassau Secretary--Ina Amdur Treasurer-Elizabeth Halapin CLASS DAY COMMITTEE PROM COMMITTEE June Class Officers and Committees PUBLICITY COMMITTEE GIFT COMMITTEE SOCIAL COMMITTEE June Class High Honor Students Harriet Abrams Linda Ackerman Ina Amdur Stuart Berkowitz Marvin Bloom Eugene Brotsky Gail Choder Bernard Cohen Maryl Conwisher Helen Faye Davis Carol Dickson Bonnie Eckhouse Claire Eger Susan Ferber Judith Fingeret Eleanor Finkelpearl Alan Frankel Marna Glantz Bonnie Glass Ruth Goldberg Ronnie Abels Janet Aber Barbara Abrams Joseph Adler Kathleen Albrecht Doris Ash Mildred Bendick Froni Biggard Beverly Borio Howard Cohen Edward Collins Dave Ellenberger Marlene Farber Dorothy Fechko Michael Fox Arnold Friedman James Garth Lee Glickman Phyllis Goldhamer Ronald Goldstein Judy Goldvarg Patricia Gordon Richard Grinberg Patricia Green Linda Greenberg Robert Hoffman Eileen Horne Sandra Keilly Linda Klein Judy Krause Nancy Landy Robert Levison Marianne Male Sheldon Miller Robert Nassau Iudith Nathan Charles Neuman Jack Ochs Nelson Orringer Esther Pascal Nick Passell Honor Students Betty Halapin Stephen Harr Sigrid Hartstein Sheila Harvey Joyce Hoffman Barbara Hollander Mary Hurwitz Charles Kalson Harvey Katofsky Paul R. Kaufman Trudy Krause Fred Landau Michael Lando Ruth Lebovitz Marcia Leff Sheldon Liebman Saul Lockhart Arthur Lubetz Maxyne Lundy Joan Mares Louise Margules Edgar Oppenheimer 51 Alan Pearlman Myra Reicher Phyllis Reifer Claire Rosenzweig Richard Rosenzweig Ellen Jo Schuster Harold Seder Linda Shapiro Rosalyn Sheps Myron Silverman Ruth Smidy Harvey Stein David Steinberg Helene Sugerman Dorothy Tauber Shirley Tucker Louis Weisz Ian Wolk Rona Wolk Fayenola Zalmon Margaret Passmore Miriam Prizent Robert Reicher William Reinfeld Donna Richards Ronald Rosen Harriet Rosenberg Jane Rosenberg Arnold Rosenthal Milton Rosenzweig Anita Ruben Harvey Rubenstein Hannah Sadowsky Susan B. Smith Robert Soltz Shandel Spiro Susan Steinberg Harvey Stone Thomas Stutz Evelyn Wagner Neal Wein Frances Weisberg William Yalch June C ass Commencement VVEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE ll, 1958 Processional-Pomp and Circ'amsta.nce ..A,...,........V......,...,... .,A4.,..,... E lgar Pomp and Chivalry ..,.,.......,.......... ....... . . ........ Roberts Band-Mr, Roy Dietz, Conductor Invocation .... ,,.4,,..... .....,., R a bbi Aaron B. Ilson Temple Sinai H uldigungsma-rsch ..,.., W, ....,...... ,.... . ., AA....,.... Greig Band Presentation of Flowers Carmen Mayor, 1959 Harold Seder, 1958 My Lady W alles in Lovelin-ess ......i.....,......,..... ....,., . ...,. Q Ernest Charles Glenn Kern TO KNOW, TO DO, TO BE CQuotations from Emersonl "Our day of dependence, our long apprenticeship to learning, draws to a close ",.,,,,.,....,.,..,............,.,.,......,..,.,,..,.. . .,,.......,...,...... Myra Rercher "Man is explicable by nothing less than all his history" ...t..,.,.,,. Helen Faye Davis "Times of heroism are generally times of terror" ...... ,.,,.... C liarles Neuman "Up and onward for evermorel l'...,..,..............,.,.,..., ........ R ichard Rosenzweig He's Got the Whole World ...... ,,....r.r.,.....,. D avidson America, the Beautiful ..,.,,.....4.,........,..,,.,....,... ....,,,,.. . . ,.,..., Ward-Peery Mrs. Class Gift ...... .....,. ..r..... . Robert Nassau, 1958 Authorization of Diplomas ...... Presentation of Diplomas .,..,.. Recessional-Sons of Liberty. A Cappella Choir Virginia Lowe, Director ..,,......Ianuary and June 1953 Carl Reuter, 1959 Mr. Harvey P. Roberts Director of Personnel, Pittsburgh Public Schools J. D. McClymonds Principal, Taylor Allderdice High School ......r..Buchtel Band 52 une C ass Commencement THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 12, 19518 Processional-Pomp and Circumstance ..,,...,.......... ....,....,..,......... ....... E l gar Orchestra-Mr. Walter Voyvodich, Conductor Invocation ...,... ...AA......,.,... , ..,... Reverend Melvin L. Best Associate Minister, Third Presbyterian Church Meistersingmf ,. ,... . ..,.......,....,..., . r.......,... Wagner Orchestra Presentation of Flowers Linda Simon, 1959 Betty Ann Halapin, 1958 La Folia ..... ...,.......................,..., .,...,.....,.,..... .r..... C o r elli-Spalding Frances Weisberg, Violin Rona Wolk, Piano TO KNONV, TO DO, TO BE CQuotations from Emersonl tl Our day of dependence, our long apprenticeship to learning, draws to a close .,,,...A....,.,..,...irr.......,...,.,.......,,.........,.r.....,,.. ,Nancy Landy "Character is higher than intellect" ........,...,.,..., ,.., ..,... I n a Amdur "The real price of labor is knowledge and virtue" ...,,....,......,.,. .,.... l Indy Nathan "We will walk on our own feet, we will speak our own mind Alan Pearlman l1e's Got the VVh0le World ......,..,........, ...,. . .. ,........ .. ....,. Davidson America, the Beautiful ...,i,A.....,.,..A.,...,.,...,,.....,,,....,.....,...,.. . ,.,. Ward-Peery A Cappella Choir Mrs. Virginia Lowe, Director Class Gift George Jones, 1958 Leonard Schultz, l959 Authorization of Diplomas ..,,., ......,...........,.i........,.,...,,.... M r. Harvey P. Roberts Director of Personnel, Pittsburgh Public Schools Presentation of Diplomas .....,... ..,.,...i,....,.,...,.....,.. M r. J. D. McC1yn1onds Principal, Taylor Allderdice High School Recessional-Ma-rch of the Priests from Athalia ..... ,...... M endelssohn Orchestra 53 C RONNIE LYNNE ABELS-Homeroom Secretary, 9A, Foreword Representative, 12th Grade, Student Council Representative, 9B, Cafeteria Staff, Hall Patrol, College Club, F.T.A., M.M.M., Book Club, Counselor's Aide, Honor Student JANET EDITH ABER-Homeroom President, 9th Grade, Vice President, 10th-12th Grades, Chorus 5, Softball, Volley Ball, Ten- nis, American Legion Award, Honorable Mention, Service Club, Chorale, Choir Soloist, Honor Student BARBARA DAVIS ABRAMS-Senior Discussion Club, United Nations Club, Travel Club, Entre Nous, Chorale, Chorus 5, Ensemble, Honor Student TERRI ABRAMS - Student Council Representative, 9th-12th Grades, Recording Secretary, Projects and Maintenance Com- mittees, College Club, United Nations Club, Entre Nous, D.A.R. History Award, Civic Club Test, High Honor Student LINDA R. ACKERMAN-Prom Committee, Homeroom President, l0B, Student Council Representative, 9A, Cafeteria Staff, F.T.A., Senior Discussion, Entre Nous, Fashion Shows, Class Play Cast, Gregg Typing Award, American Legion Award, Civic Club Test, High Honor Student JOSEPH WAYNE ADLER -Q Class Day Committee, Homerooin Vice President, 9th-llth Grades, Senior Discussion Club, Key Club, junior Class Social Committee, Band 5, All City Band, Civic Club Test, Honor Student MURRAY ALBER-Hall Patrol, Entre Nous, Orchestra 5, All City Orchestra, Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball KATHY ALBRECI-IT-Foreword Representative, 9th-10th Grades, Hall Patrol, Hospitality, Projects Committees, Senior Leaders, Majorettes, First Sergea11t, Basketball, Volley Ball Championship, Hockey, Softball, American Legion Award, Drivers Training, Honor Student GEORGE ALTENBAUGI-I+-Hall Patrol INA AMDUR-Senior Class Secretary, Homeroom President, l2B, Vice President, 10A, Treasurer, IOB, Student Council Representa- tive, llA, F.T.A., Senior Discussion Club, Entre Nous, Debate Team, Orchestra 5, American Legion Award, Civic Club Test, American Chemical Society Test, High Honor Student MARGARET LOUISE ARTERS-Homeroom Library Representa- tive, 9th Grade, Hall Patrol, Drivers Training, Y-Teens, Square Dance Club, junior Dramatic Club DORIS ASH-Senior Class Gift Committee, Foreword Representa- tive, 9th-10th Grades, M.M.M., Usher Staff, Book Club, Chorus 4, Softball, Honor Student BARBARA ELIZABETH BACINSKY-Homeroom President, 9th- l2th Grades, Usher Staff, Student Library Staff, Wood Carving Club: Hockey, Softball JOHN BALDWIN-Homeroom President, 9B, Foreword Repre- sentative, l0A, Library Representative, l0B, Square Dance Club, junior Dramatic Club, American Legion Award, D.A.R. History Award 54 2 LINDA LEE BECKETT - Senior Class Publicity Committee, F.T.A., Senior Leaders, Student Library Staff, Spanish Club, Intramural Basketball, Hockey, Volley Ball, Softball, Athletic IRENE BALL-Hall Patrol, Baseball CAROL LEE BALOG-Senior Class Publicity Committee, Library Representative, 10th Grade, Hall Patrol, Student Council Social Committee, Student Library Staff, Spanish Club, Softball, Volley Ball, Hockey JEANNE BARCA MARY ELIZABETH BARGAR-Service Club, Slimnastics Club, Student Library Staff, Softball: Volley Ball, Athletic Award ALBERT BARNES GAY BARR-Foreword Representative, 9th Grade, Hall Patrol, Senior Lifesaving Award 3 214 Staff MILDRED BENDICK-M,M.M., Intramural Volley Ball, Basket- ball, Honor Student ELAINE ROSE BENNER-Hall Patrol, Student Library Staff, Intramural Softball, Hockey, Basketball, Gregg Typing Award STUART BERKOWITZ-Cheerleaders' Ph sics Club' United Na y Y v ' tions Club, Ping Pong Club, Orchestra 4, Intramural Volley Ball, Basketball, Athletic Award, D.A.R. Award, Civic Club Test: High Honor Student ALLEN R. BERMAN - Homeroom Vice President, 9B, Biology Club, College Club, Drivers Training, Usher Staff, Printshop Foreman LAWRENCE BETSILL - Chorus 5, Male Chorus, Basketball Team 3 Football Team FRONI BIGGARD-Senior Class Prom Committee, Student Coun- cil, Usher Staff, F.T.A., Journal Staff, M.M.M., Civic Club Test: Honor Student ALAN LAWRENCE BLATT-Football, Track, Print Shop Fore- man 55 ELLIOTT L. BLINN-Drivers Training: Debate Club: Metal Shop Foreman MARVIN E. BLOOM-Senior Class Hospitality Committee: Stu- dent Council: Foreword Representative, IIB: F.'l'.A.: Physics Club: Green Key Club: Discussion Club: Band 5: All City Band: March- ing Band: Brass Sextet: Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball: Civic Club Test: American Chemical Society Test: High Honor Student IO ANN BLOTZER - Slimnastics Club: Softball, Hockey, and Basketball ALAN LEE BOLYARD-Senior Class Day Committee: 214 Staff: Senior Discussion Club: Varsity Football CAROLYN ELLEN BONNEM-F.T.A.g Entre Nous: Real Estate Board Essay Award: Cafeteria Staff BEVERLY A. BORIO W Homeroom Vice President, 12th Grade, Student Council Representative, 9th-12th Grades: Cafeteria Staff: Student Council Safety Committee: College Club: Drivers Training: F.T.A.: Entre Nous: junior Dance Club: D.A.R. History Award: Hall Patrol: Honor Student SUSAN A. BOTSFORDHI-Ioiiierooin Library Representative, 10th Grade: Future Nurses of America: United Nations Club: Usher Staff GARY BRAUNSTEIN-Senior Chess Club: Cross Country: Print Shop Foreman SYLVIA R. BRAUNSTEINfBiology Club: College Club: Student Library Staff: Intramural Softball, Volley Ball, Soccer, Basketball: Simplicity Fashion Show: Athletic Award: Gregg Typing Award, Betty Crocker Home Economics Test ALAN BREAKSTONE-Hall Patrol: Stamp Club: Usher Staff: Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball: Band 2: Chorus 3 ALAN D. BREGMANAForeword Representative, 9th Grade: Stu- dent Coun-cil Hospitality Committee: Square Dance Club: Choir 5: Ensemble EUGENE BROTSKY - Homeroom Vice President, IZA: Senior Chess Club: Drivers Training: Senior Discussion Club: American Chemical Society Test: High Honor Student RICHARD A. BURDMAN-College Club: Radio Club MARCIA SANDRA CASAR-Foreword Representative, 9B: Cafe- teria Staff: College Club: Drivers Training: Red Cross Council: Gregg Typing Award 56 PHILLIP MICHAEL CECCHINO MICHAEL ROBERT CHERGI GAIL CHODER - Student Council Social Committee, Foreword Representative, 12th Grade, Hall Patrol, College Club, li.T.A:, junior Dramati-c Club, Red Cross Council, Fashion Shows, Civic Club Test, Typing Award, High Honor Student BERNARD B. COHEN - Student Council, President, Foreword Staff Photographer, Senior Discussion Club, Band -l, junior Yar- sity Football, Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball, Civic Club Test, American Chemical Society Test, High Honor Student HOWARD R. COHEN-Homeroonl Vice President, IZB, Senior Student Council Hospitality Committee, Senior Chess Club, College Club, German Club, lntramural Basketball, Volley Hall, Honor Student PAUL COHEN-Library Representative, 10th Grade, lliology Club, College Club, Green Key Club, Band 5 EDWARD COLLINS Senior Chess Club, Physics Club, Senior Class Day Committee, Usher Staff, Honor Student MARYL CONWISHER-Homeroom President, 11A and 12B Grades, Homeroom Vice President, 1lB, College Club, Drivers Training, F.T.A., journal Staff, Spanish Club, junior Red Cross Committee, Orchestra 5, Ensemble, All City Orchestra, Athletic Award, junior Class Social Committee, High Honor Student NANCY A. COOKEhHome-room President, 9tl1-llth Grades, Stu- dent Council Representative, Hall Patrol, Gregg Typing Award, Distributive Education BARBARA ANN CORTON-Drivers Training, Chorale, Chorus 5, Ensemble, Future Nurses of America M. JOANNE CUSTER-Cafeteria Staff, Drivers Training, Future Nurses of America, Majorettes, Softball, Volley Ball HELEN FAYE DAVIS - Senior Class Day Committee, Student Council Social Committee, Hospitality Committee, F.T.A., M.M.M., Senior Discussion Club, Book Club, American Legion Award, D.A.R. Award, Civic Club Test, National Merit Scholarship Test, High Honor Student IOHN DEMEDA-Special Shop Foreman CAROL LOUISE DICKSON-Future Nurses of America, F.T.A., Y-Teens, Chorus 5, Chorale, Ensemble, All City Chorus, Softball, German Club, High Honor Student 57 X X. Eiitiiw f I. . ' Wt FRANK EDWARD EHRLICH ROCHELLE EICHENBAUM LAVERNE ELINOW --- Foreword Representative: College Club: Orchestra 5: Athletic Letter: Slimnastics Club: Volley Ball MICHAEL ANGELO DIMPERIO JAMES DiNELLA SANDRA DOAK-Student Library Staff: Square Dance Club: In tramural Volley Ball JOYCE MARIE DONELICK-Senior Leaders: Life Saving: Rhyth- mic Swimming: Intramural Volley Ball, Hockey, Softballg Hall Patrol BONNIE LEE ECKHOUSE-Senior Class Social Committee: Hall Patrol: Foreword Staff: F.T.A.: Senior Discussion: Book Club: United Nations Club: Fashion Shows: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student CLAIRE ETHEL EGER-Senior Class Publicity Committee: Home- room Secretary: Foreword Representative: Student Council Projects and Social Committees: Red Cross Committee: Senior Discussion Club: Spanish Club: Fashion Show: Civic Club Test: Soccer: High Honor Student DAVID L. ELLENBERGER A Homeroom Vice President, IZA: Drivers Training: Green Key Club: Track: Cross Country Manager: Athletic Award: Nominated to United States Air Force Academy: Honor Student PHILIP M. ERD-Hall Patrol: College Club: Drivers Training: Physics Club: Projection Club: Stamp Club: XYood Carving Club: Intramural Basketball and Volley Ball THOMAS MARTIN EVANS-VVood Carving Club: Football Team Manager: Intramural Ilasketball: .Xrlvanced VVood Shop Foreman: Electric Shop Foreman CAROL ANN FAIRFIELD--Usher Staff: Service Club: Slimnastics Club MARLENE JOAN FARBER-Student Council Social Committee: Hall Patrol: Foreword Staff: Future Nurses of America: F.T.A.: Intramural Basketball: I-Ionor Student 58 Q DOROTHY A. FECHKO-Senior Class Publicity Connnittee, Fu- ture Nurses of America, F.T.A., Intramural Volley Ball and Basket- ball, American Legion Award, Drivers Training, Honor Student SAUL FEILER-Homeroom Treasurer, 9th Grade, Library Repre- sentative, 10th Grade, Senior Chess Club, Senior Discussion Club, lntramural Basketball, Green Key Club ROBERTA MERLE FELDMAN-College Club, Drivers Training, Future Nurses of America, F.T.A., Book Club, United Nations Club, Spanish Club, Usher Staff SUSAN LEE FERBER--Foreword Representative, l0A, 1lB, Li- brary Representative, 12th Grade, F.T.A., journal Staff, United Nations Club, Travel Club, Red Cross Council, Entre Nous, D.A.R. Good Citizen Award, Civic Club Test, High Honor Student JUDITH R. FINGERET-Foreword Representative, IUA, Cafeteria Staff, Biology Club, College Club, Drivers Training, F.T.A., M.M.M., Discussion Club, Book Club, Chorus 5, Volley Ball, Soc- cer, Basketball, American Legion Award, Gregg Typing Award, Civic Club Test, High Honor Student ELEANOR R. FINKELPEARL-Homeroom Vice President, 10th Grade, Senior Class Day Committee, Cafeteria Staff, F.T.A., M.M.M., Senior Discussion Club, Book Club, Entre Nous, Ath- letic Award, Gregg Typing Award, Periodicals Secretary, Civic Club Test, Award Level, Journal Staff, High Honor Student Basketball HENRY P. FLOCK-Usher Stitt' Squirt Dune L lub lnti nnui tl yi Y MICHAEL DAVID FOX-Senior Chess Club, Senior Discussion Club, Ham Radio Club, Football, Class l'lay Cast, junior Town Meeting of the Air, Honor Student ALAN M. FRANKEL-Homeroom Treasurer, llth Grade, Fore- word Representative, 9th-llth Grades, Student Council Maintenance Committee, College Club, Green Key Club, VYoocl Carving Club, Band 5, Marching Band, All City lland, Track Team '57, Intra- mural Basketball and Volley Ball, Civic Club Test, High Honor Student GILBERTA LOUISE FRANKENY-Library Represeiltative, ltlth- llth Grades, Service Club, Hall Patrol, Y-Teens, Student Library Staff, Today's Business Girls, Hockey. llasketball. and Softball BETTY LOUISE FREEMAN-Drivers Training, Future Nurses of America, Intramural Hockey and Basketball JOYCE FREEMAN-Senior Class Social Committee, Homeroom President, 11.-X, Secretary, IZH, Treasurer. ltl.'X1 Cafeteria Staff, Maintenance Committee, Science and Garden Club, Chorus S, Chorale, Gregg Typing Award ARNOLD M. FRIEDMAN - Homeroom Treasurer, ltlth Grade, Biology Club, Senior Discussion Club, Debate Club, lintre Notts, Band 5, Honor Student RALPH BENJAMIN GABLER 59 MYRNA JEAN GARDNER-Senior Leaders: Y-Teens: Majorettes: M.M.M.: Intramural Softball: Volley Ball: Hockey: Basketball: Soccer: Athletic Avward JAMES GARTH-Student Council Representative: Drivers Train- ing: Physics Club: Honor Student JUDITH E. GELMAN-Senior Class Social Committee: Homeroom Secretary, IOB: Foreword Representative, 1lA: Senior Student Council Maintenance Committee: College Club: Book Club: Travel Club: Junior Dramatic Club ROBERT S. GINSBURG-Green Key Club: Usher Staff: Key Club: Science and Garden Club: Band S: Marching Band: All City Band: Intramural Volley Ball MARNA FAYRE GLANTZ - Senior Class Publicity Committee: College Club: Future Nurses of America: Journal Staff: M.M.M.: German Club: Book Club: Red Cross Council: Chorus l: Music Award: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student BONNIE M. GLASS-Senior Class Social Committee: Homeroom Secretary: Student Council Representative: Hall Patrol: Foreword Staff: F.T.A.: Senior Discussion Club: Entre Nous: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student LEE GLICKMAN-Student Council, Projects Committee, Senior Chess Club: Chess Team: Band l: Intramural Volley Ball: Special Shop Foreman: Honor Student RUTH JANE GOLDBERG-Senior Class Day Committee: Home- room President, 9th Grade: Secretary, llth Grade: Library Repre- sentative: Student Council Publicity Committee: F.T.A.: Journal Staff: M.M.M.: Senior Discussion Club: Entre Nous: Book Club: Athletic Award: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student EILEEN JUDITH GOLDENSON-Senior Class Day Committee: Homeroom Library Representative, IZB: Cafeteria Staff: Future Nurses of America: Mushballg Volley Ball: Soccer: Basketball: Athletic Award: Gregg Typing Award PHYLLIS BERYL GOLDHAMER - Foreword Representative: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Patrol: F.T,A.: M.M.M.: Chorus 5: Honor Student JOANNE GOLDMAN-Homeroom Secretary, 9B: Treasurer, 10B: Foreword Representative, 10.-X: Drivers Training: Majorettesg Square Dance Club: Science Club: Crafts Club MAXINE B. GOLDSTEIN-College Club: Travel Club: Softball: Volley Ball: Gregg Typing Award: Usher Staff: Hall Patrol RONALD GOLDSTEIN-Senior Class Social Committee: Home- room Vice President, IZB: Foreword Representative: Senior Chess Club: Radio Club: Band 5: Chorus 5: Ensemble: Swimming Team: Track Team: Athletic Award: Honor Student JUDITH SUE GOLDVARG - Senior Class Social Committee: Homeroom Treasurer, 12th Grade: Hall Patrol: Student Council Safety Committee: Periodicals Secretary: Future Nurses of Ameri- ca: F.T.A.: journal Staff: Rook Club: Gregg Shorthand: Honor Student 60 JOYCE GOTTLIEB - Homeroom Vice President, 9B: Secretary, 9A: Foreword Representative, 10th Grade: Student Council Repre- sentative, 9A: Library Representative, IIB: Service Club: Today's Business Girls: Softball, Soccer, Volley Ball: Gregg Typing .-Xward JUDY GOTTLIEB-Homeroom Vice President, 9B. IOB: Secretary, 10th Grade: Service Club: Majorettes: Today's Business Girls: Volley Ball, Soccer, Softball, Basketball: Athletic Award: Gregg Shorthand Award PATRICIA ANN GORDON-Homeroom Secretary, 9th-l lth Grades: Library Representative. 12th Grade: Senior Class Gift Committee: Service Club: College Club: F.T.:X.: M.M.M.: Book Club: Chorus 1: Counselor's Aide: Honor Student DARRYL B. GRAHAM-Hall Patrol: Special Shop Foreman FRANK G. GREEN-Drivers Training PATTI SUE GREEN-Senior Class Gift Committee: I'l4ll'llL'l'UlllIl Secretary, 9th-10th Grades: Treasurer, llth-12th Grades: Foreword Representative: College Club: Future Nurses of America: F.T..rX.: Senior Discussion Club: Book Club: Fntre Nous: Fashion Shows: Civic Club Test: Betty Crocker Homemaking Test: High Honor Student GERSON MORRIS GREENBARG Senior Class Prom Committee: Homeroom Treasurer, 9th-llth Grades: College Club: United Na'- tions Club: Orchestra 4: Intramural Basketball and Volley Ball LINDA GREENBERG+Senior Class Gift Committee: Homeroom Treasurer, llth Grade: Foreword Representative, 10th-llth Grades: Hall Patrol: Senior Student Council Publicity Committee: F.T.A.: journal Staff: M.M.M.: Teen-Age Book Club: Junior Red Cross Council: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student REVA GREENBERG-Homeroom Vice President, l0th-12th Grades: Cafeteria Staff: Future Nurses of America: F.T.A.: Journal Staff: Intramural Volley Ball and Basketball: Gregg Typing Award CAROL H. GREENFIELD - Student Council Maintenance Com- mittee: Hall Patrol: College Club: Basketball, Soccer, Volley Ball' Future Nurses of America: Junior Crafts Club: Entre Nous RICHARD LEWIS GRINBERGfSenior Class Prom Committee: Homeroom President, 9A and 1lB: Vice President, 9B and IOB: Student Council Representative, 9B and l1B: College Club: Senior Discussion Club: Key Club: Intramural Basketball: Honor Student EILEEN GIITSHALL-Senior Class Publicity Committee: F.T..-X.: Commendation in National Poster Contest SALLY LOUISE GUYER - Homeroom Treasurer. 12th Grade: Foreword Representative, 12th Grade: Hall Patrol: Lifesaving Club: Rhythmic Swimming: Chorus 5: Ensemble GERALYN ANN HAGMAIER-Life Saving Club: Softball 61 A ELIZABETH ANNE HALAPIN-Senior Class Treasurer: Home- room President, 9B: Secretary, IOB: Foreword Representative, 10A: Student Council Representative, 10A-IZB: Library Representative. 9A: Service Club: Student Library Staff: Chorus 5: All City Junior Orchestra: Softball: Volley Ball: Fashion Show: Athletic Award: Gregg Shorthand Award: Honor Student CHARLES I. HALT - Senior Prom Committee: Student Coun-eil Representative. llth-12th Grades: Drivers Training: Square Dance Club: Radio Club: Track, Cross Country: Electric Shop Foreman: Cross-Country Letter PAUL IRWIN HANKIN-Biology Club STEPHEN BARRY HARR4President, Junior Class: Homeroom President, 10th-llth Grades: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Patrol: Student Council Maintenance Committee: Discussion Club: Key Club: Jun- ior Red Cross Committee: Band 4: Intramural Volley Ball: Basket- ball: A.C.M. Computer Course: Honor Student SIGRID LORI HARTSTEIN-M.M.M.: Travel Club: Book Club: Senior Discussion Club: Chorus 5: Chorale: Senior Class Day Com- mittee: Honor Student SHEILA DIANE HARVEY-Class Day Secretary, 9B-9A: Foreword Representat America: Student Council Representative, Club: Service Club: Hall Patrol: M.M.M Student Committee: Homeroom ive: Future Nurses of 10A: Junior Dramatic .: Fashion Show: Honor 3 3 ALLAN FORBES HAYES-XVood Carving Club: Wood Shop Fore- ' I t f man: American Legion Award ' f " JAMES HAROLD HAYES--Track Team ' i , ,.,:" ' ' X il XX I I HOWARD LEWIS HELLER--Hall Patrol: VVood Carving Club: Iunior Dramatic Club: Ping Pong Club: Intramural Volley Ball: Class Play Cast BARRY DAVID HERSH-Homeroom Library Representative: Ham Radio Club: Chorus 2: Library Staff IRWIN JOSEPH HILK-Hall Patrol: Drivers Training: Physics Club: Orchestra 3: Usher Staff MARSHALL LEHMAN HIMES-Drivers Training: Student Li- brary Staff: Chorus 4: D.A.R. Award MICHAEL HOCKMAN - Senior Class Publicity Committee: Chorus 4 RONALD E. HOCHHAUSER-Homeroom Treasurer, 913: Stamp Club: Band 4: Conditioning Club 62 ROBERT HODERMARSKY JOYCE H. HOFFMAN-Senior Class Social Committee: Home- room Treasurer, 9A, IOA: Social Chairman, IOB: College Club: junior Dramatic Club: Vogue. Simplicity Fashion Shows: Student Council Maintenance Committee: Honor Student ROBERT D. HOFFMANf-Homeroom Secretary: Drivers Training: Physics Club: Senior Discussion Club: United Nations Club: junior Dramatic Club: Orchestra S: junior Basketball: Intramural Basket- ball: Class Play Cast: Civic Club Test: National Merit Scholarship Test: High Honor Student STEVEN F. HOFFMAN - Stage Crew: Student Library Staff: Band 5: Marching Band: All City Band JOHN WARREN HOLCOMB-Homeroom President, 9th Grade: Foreword Representative, 10th Grade: Usher Staff: Drivers Train- ing: Physics Club: VVood Carving Club: Conditioning Club: Cross Country Team: Track Team BARBARA RUTH HOLLANDER-Student Council Representative. 9th Grade: Hall Patrol: Bl.M.M.: United Nations Club: Book Club: Chorus 3: Volley Ball: Honor Student t JOHN HOMA-Distributive Education EILEEN HARRIET HORNE-Homeroom Treasurer, ll.iX: Fore- word Staff: F.T.A.: Student Library Staff: Peaks of Progress Award: High Honor Student MARY ELIZABETH HOSTLER-Senior Class Gift Committee! Homeroom President. 103: Homerooin Vice President. llll: l7.T..-X.: Student Library Staff: Lifesaving: Csher Staff: Softball: Student Council Hospitality Committee: Sewing Service Club MARGARET M. HOWELL- -Y-Teens: M.M.M,: Softball: Soccer: Basketball BETTE JEAN HUNT-lntramural Hockey and Yolley llall MARY A. HURWITZ-l7.T..X.: llook Club: Hall l'atrol: Orchestra ELROYAL IRVIN-Track: lntraniural Yolley llall: journal Art - 'Y in RICHARD HUI-Senior Class Gift Committee , A 'tx :at . t SY, gifs: A 4: Civic Club Test: Honor Student A A Staff: Aft Award ff' J 63 ANNE D. ILSON -f llomerooni Secretary, 12th Grade: Student Council Representative, 12th Grade: Foreword Representative, 10th- l2th Grades: F.T.A.: Senior Discussion Club: Entre Nous: Senior Lifesaving: Senior Class Publicity Committee BLANCHE E. ILSONfSenior Class Publi-city Committee: Fore- word Representative: F.T.A.: Senior Discussion Club: Spanish Club: Entre Nous: Senior Lifesaving: Gregg Typing Award: Senior Leaders RONALD ALAN JACOBS Y Homeroom Treasurer. 9A: Student Council Representative, IOA: Usher Staff: NVood Carving Club: Orchestra 3: Hand 1 MARILYN SUE JEFFRIES - Homeroom President, 10th-lZth Grades: Senior Student Council Maintenance and Hospitality Com- mittees: junior Office Staff: Future Nurses of America: Today's Business Girls: Orchestra 3: Chorale: Chorus 5: Ensemble GEORGE JONES-Senior Class President: junior Class Vice Presi- dent: Homcroom Vice President, 12th Grade: Foreword Representa- tive, 12th Grade: Senior Student Council, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer: Senior Lifesaving: Football and Swimming Teams: Track Team: Athletic Award IENELLE JONES-Basketball: Volley Ball: Baseball: Hockey CHARLES M. KALSON-Senior Class Social Committee, Iorc- word Representative, 11th Grade: Student Council Representative, llth-12th Grades: F.T.A.: Senior Discussion Club: Square Dance Club: German Club: Key Club: Orchestra 4: Intramural Volley Ball, Basketball: Civic Club Test: Honor Student JOAN HELEN KAPLAN - Cafeteria Staff: Red Cross Council: Travel Club: Junior Chorus HARVEY KATOFSKY-Homeroom President, 913: Drivers Train- ing: Green Key Club: Projection Club: Intramural Basketball, Volley Hall: Metal Shop Foreman: Honor Student CARL ALLEN KATZ-Class Day Committee: Projection Club JOSEPHINE MARCIA KATZfSenior Class Publicity Committee: Junior Glee Club: Junior Dramatic Club: Usher Staff: Orchestra 5: Intramural Volley Ball JUDITH KATZ-Homeroom Treasurer, 12th Grade: Student Council Representative. 9th Grade: Cafeteria Staff: Student Council Main- tenance Committee: College Club: F.T.A.: Hockey: Soccer: Soft- ball: Volley Ball: Basketball ROSALIE FAYE KATZMAN-Homeroom Foreword Representa- tive, 9th Grade: Cafeteria Staff: Future Nurses of America: F.T.A.2 Student Library Staff: Basketball: Soccer: Volley Ball: Softball: Athletic Award HERBERT L. KAUFMAN - Homeroom Library Representative, 9th-10th Grades: Hall Patrol: Student Library Staff: Orchestra 1: Band 1 64 F S HILARY I. KLECKNER-Homeroom Library Representative, l0tb- llth Grades: College Club: Future Nurses of America: Student L1- brary Staff: Senior Class Prom Committee BERNARD KLEIN-Drivers Training: Science Club: Band 2 PAUL RICHARD KAUFMAN - lland 5: llasketball: lntramural Basketball: Basketball Champions: llasketball Letter: Senior Class Prom Committee: Honor Student PAUL W. KAUFMAN-Hall Patrol: Biology Club: College Club: Drivers Training: Discussion Club: United Nations Club: German Club: Band 5: Marching Band: Intramural Basketball, Swimming: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student SANDRA JOAN KEILLY-Future Nurses of America: M.M.M.: Student Library Staff: Red Cross Club: S..-X.R. .-Xward: Civic Club Test: American Chemical Society Test: High Honor Student EDWARD M. KEPICH-Student Library Staff: Distributive Edu- cation GLENN T. KERN-Projection Club: Chorus 5: linsemble: Male Chorus SYLVIA KISILINSKY - Cafeteria Staff: Hall Patrol: Future Nurses ot' America: F.T.A.: Red Cross Council: junior Dramatic Club: Scholastic Art Entry, Board of Education Exhibit BRENT KLEIN-Drivers Training LINDA KLEIN-Senior Class Day Committee: Library Representa- tive, 10th-llth Grades: Student Council Representative: Future Nurses of .-Xmerica: Senior Discussion Club: Softball: Volley Ball: Soccer: Civic Club Test: Class Play Cast: High Honor Student SHELDON M. KOPELSON4Foreword Representative: Green Key Club: Key Club SIDNEY H. KORN - Homeroom Vice President, 10th Grade: Biology Club: Drivers Training: Chorus 5: Male Chorus: Track ARLENE JANICE KOVACS-Drivers Training: Y-Teens: Basket- ball, Volley Rall, Softball: Athletitc Award SANDRA LYNETTE KRAUSSqHomeroom Library Representa- tive, l0th Grade: Hall Patrol: Usher Staff: Red Cross Council: Orchestra 4: Future Nurses of America 65 Q-'-. 1 JUDY F. KRAUSE-Student Council Publicity, Hospitality Com- mittees: Foreword Staff: M.M.M.: Senior Discussion Club: Orches- tra 4: Basketball: Honorable Mention Scholastic Art Award: F.T.A.: High Honor Student TRUDY A. KRAUSE-I-lomeroom President, 9th Grade: Foreword Representative, 10th-llth Grades: Student Council Publicity, Hospi- tality Committees: Foreword Staff: Senior Discussion Club: United Nations Club: Entre Nous: Scholastic Art Award: Honor Student KENNETH A. LAFACE-Biology Club: Drivers Training: Usher Staff FREDERICK SAMUEL LANDAU-Senior Class Publicity Com- mittee: Senior Chess: College Club: Senior Discussion: Fren-ch Club: Debate Club: Camera Club: Band 4: Tennis Tournament: Penn Speech Tournament Winner: Honor Student MARVIN BERNARD LANDAU - Drivers Training: Projection Club: Varsity Football: Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball MICHAEL S. LANDO-Homeroom President, llth Grade: Student Council Representative, 12th Grade: College Club: Drivers Train- ing: Journal Staff: Senior Discussion Club: Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball: Essay Award: National Merit Scholarship Test: Stu- dent Council Publicity Committee: Foreword Staff: Honor Student NANCY LOUISE LANDY Prcm Committee: Honieroom Secre- tary. lllth-llth Grades: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Patrol: Student Coun- cil Social Committee: F.T.A.: M.M.M.: Physics Club: Senior Dis- cussion Club: Book Club: Red Cross Council: Chorale: Chorus 5: Ensemble: Civic Club Test: American Chemical Society Test: High Honor Student ARTHUR J. LAWRENCE-Senior Chess Club EILEEN J. LAVVSONAStndent Council Representative: Student Library Staff: Square Dance Club: Distributive Education IUDITH ANN LEASHA-Cafeteria Staff: Drivers Training: Fu- ture Nurses of America: M.M.M.: Volley Ball: Mushball: Sim- plicity Fashion Shows RUTH M. LEBOVITZ-Senior Prom Committee: Library Repre- sentative, 9th-10th Grades: College Club: Future Nurses of America: M.M.M.: Red Cross Council: Book Club: Entre Nous: Fashion Show: Class Play Cast: Gregg Typing Award: Honor Student HENRY J. LEFF-Home-room President. 10th Grade: Biology Club: Usher Staff: Band 5: Intramural Volley Ball, Basketball MARCIA D. LEFF-Foreword Representative, 10th-12th Grades: Future Nurses of America: Orchestra 4: Slimnastics: Softball: Volley Ball: Soc-cer: Honor Student BRIAN MARK LEIBOWITZABiology Club: College Club: Student Library Staff: Square Dance Club: Track: Intramural Basketball 66 LOIS LEICHTER-Hall Patrol: Future Nurses of America: Book Club: United Nations Club: Cafeteria Staff: M.M.M.: Entre Nous RONALD A. LESHENvFootball: Special Shop Foreman THEODORE LESHEN-Library Representative. 9th Grade: Stu- dent Library Staff: Wood Carving Club JUDY LESSEIR-Senior Class Publicity Connnittee: Usher Staff: Future Nurses of America: Library Art Staff: Softball: Basketball: Cafeteria Staff ANN LEUIN-Chorus 3 ALLEN E. LEVENSON-Homeroom Vice President, IIB: Home- room Secretary-Treasurer, IOB: Usher Staff: College Club: Drivers Training: Band 5: Marching Band: Hall Patrol: Ham Radio Club ARNOLD LEVIN - Band 5: Intramural Basketball Champions. Volley Ball: Automation Course LAWRENCE LEVINE-Foreword Representative. 9th Grade: Hall Patrol: College Club: Stamp Club: Spanish Club: Ping Pong Club LARRY ALAN LEVINE - Biology Club: College Club: Drivers Training: Chorus 5: Male Chorus: Intramural Basketball: Volley Ball I RICHARD LEVINSON-Homeroom Treasurer, llth Grade: Drivers Training: Green Key Club: German Club: Track: Metal Shop Fore- man: Automation Course ROBERT LEVISON-Prom Committee: I-Iomeroom President. HM: Vice President, IOB: Student Council Representative, IIB: College Club: Phvsies Club: Senior Discussion Club: Band 2: Intramural Basketball: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student SHELDON WAYNE LIEBMAN-Homeroom President. l0fh-llth Grades: Vice President, 12th Grade: Secretary, 9th Grade: Student Council Social and Maintenance Committees: College Club: F.T.A.: Discussion Club: Key Club: United Nations Club: Ping Pong Club: Orchestra 5: Ensemble: All-City Band: All-City Orchestra: Honor Student PATRICIA ANN LISAK-Senior Class Social Committee: Home- room Treasurer. 10th Grade: Student Library Staff: Today's Busi- ness Girls: Usher Staff: Chorus 3: Tennis: Volley Ball MITCHELL DAVID LITT - Homeroom Treasurer, 10th Grade: Student Council Representative. 10th-llth Grades: Drivers Training: Physics Club: Stamp Club 67 DONALD LLOYD-214 Staffg Basketball SAUL JOSEPH LOCKHART-Student Council Social Connnitteeg Foreword Representative, 10th-llth Gradesg College Clubg Senior Discussiong Usher Staffg Key Clubg Band 45 Trackg Cross Countryg Athletic Letter: Honor Student JAMES ROLANQD LOCKRIDGE-Project Committeeg Homeroonl President, 12th Gradeg Student Council Representativeg F.T.A. ROSLYN EDITH LOIBMAN - Senior Class Social Committeeg Cafeteria Staff: College Clubg Future Nurses of Ameri-:ag Student Library Staffg Intramural Volley Ballg Gregg Typing Award ARTHUR L. LUBETZ-Band 55 Footballg Kellogg Contest Art Awardg Honor Student MAXYNE H. LUNDY4Student Council Representativeg M.M.M.g Student Library Staffg Hall Patrolg Honor Student sics Clubg Senior Lifesaving BENJAMIN LURIE-Senior Chess Club Drivers Training Phy ARLENE M. LYNCH-Lifesavlng 9B Volley Ball Fashion Shows WALTER L. MAINWARING - Student Council Representative, 12th Grade: Library Representative, 9th-12th Gradesg Student Li- brary Staffg Trackg Distributive Education MARIANNE MALE - Senior Class Publicity Committee: Home- rooni President, 12th Gradeg Secretary, 9th, 12th Grades: Foreword Representativeg Hall Patrol: F.T.A.g Senior Discussiong Entre Nousg Travel Clubg D.A.R. Award: Civic Club Test: Journal Staff: High Honor Student LOIS JEAN MALEK-Senior Class Hospitality Committeeg Home- room Vice President, 9th-10th Grades: Student Council Representa- tive 9th Gradeg Library Representative, 10th Gradeg Choraleg Chorus 55 Hockeyg Baseballg Volley Ball EUGENE ANTHONY MAMAJEK--Intramural Basketball: Wood Shop Foreman JOAN ANITA MARCS-Homeroom Secretary, 12th Gradeg College Clubg F.T.A.3 Square Dance Clubg Book Clubg Spanish Clubg Talent Showg Honor Student JOAN MARCUS - Drivers Trainingg Future Nurses of America: Hockey 68 IOEL MARGOLIS-Foreword Representative, IZA: Usher Staff: Drivers Training: Projection Club: Radio Club: Band 3 LOUISE K. MARGULES - Homeroom Foreword Representative, 9th-12th Grades: Student Council Representative, 10th Grade: Cafe- teria Staff: College Club: journal Staff: Junior Dance Club: Chorus 4: Honor Student LINDA RAE MARKS-Foreword Representative. 10A-llB: Student Council Representative: Library Representative: College Club: Senior Discussion Club: Book Club: Chorus 4: All City Choir: Athletic Award CHARLES J. MARSHALL-Homeroom Vice President, llth Grade: Treasurer, 9th Grade: Student Council Representative, 10th Grade: Physics Club: Ham Radio Club ALAN MARTIN-Projection Club: Cross Country: Automation Course BARNETTA FAYE MARYN - Hall Patrol: 214 Staff: College Club: Future Nurses of America: Student Library Staff: Orchestra 5: All City Orchestra: Intramural Softball, Volley Ball, Basketball. Soccer: Athletic Award: Gregg Typing Award RALPH E. MASON-Tennis Team ROBERT EDWARD MASTERS-Homeroom Treasurer, 9th-10th Grades: Chorus 4: Intramural Basketball: Cross Country: Swim- ming: Swimming Award DAVID S. MAYL-Hall Patrol: Senior Chess Club: College Club: Physics Club: Spanish Club: Band 4 GEORGE F. MCDERMOTT WILLIAM MERWITZERiCollege Club: Student Council Safety Committee: Cross Country DALE S. MIDDLEMAN-Class Day Committee: Homeroom Presi- dent, 9B, IOB: Vice President, IOA: Treasurer, 9A: Hall Patrol: Foreword Staff Photographer: Key Club: United Nations Club: Orchestra 5 MARSHA L. MILLER-Future Nurses of America: Usher Staff: Intramural Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, Volley Ball: Athletic Award CHARLES O. MICKLOW+Square Dance Club 69 SHELDON MILLER-Student Council Representative, 9A: Col- lege Club: F.T.A.: Male Chorus: Chorus 5: Ensemble: Intramural Basketball: S.A.R. Citizenship Award: D.A.R. History Award: High Honor Student BARRY MINTZ MARLENE L. MOLINARO-Usher Staff: Gregg Typing Award JANET A. MONTOOTH-Service Club: Gregg Shorthand and Typ- ing Awards DAUNE W. MORGAN--Drivers Training: VVood Carving Club: Usher Staff: Intramural Basketball: Volley Ball: W'ood Shop Fore- man EMANUEL R. MORGAN-Physics Club: Stamp Club: Ham Radio Club: Senior Lifesaving: Cross Country NURITH MOSER-Biology Club: Drivers Training Club: Crafts Club IOHN THOMAS MUNSIE-Student Council Representative, 9th Grade: Track ROBERT DAVID NASSAU-Senior Class Vice President: Home- room President, l0B, IZB: Foreword Representative, 10A: Student Council Maintenance Committee: F.T,A.: journal Staff: Physics Club: Senior Discussion Club: Key Club: Band 5: Marching Band: All-City Band: Intramural Basketball: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student JUDITH LINDA NATHAN-Homeroom Secretary, 9B: Student Council Representative, 9th-12th Grade: Hall Patrol: Senior Student Council, Corresponding Secretary: Foreword Staff: F.T.A.: Senior Discussion: Book Club: United Nations Club: Latin Contest, Honor- able Mention: All-City Council: High Honor Student CHARLES P. NEUMAN-Homeroom Vice President. 12th Grade: Drivers Training: Foreword Staff, Business Manager: Journal Staff: Physics Club: Discussion Club: United Nations Club: Ham Radio Club: Intramural Volley Ball, Basketball: American Legion Award: Latin Festival Award: Civic Club Test: American Chemical So- ciety Test: High Honor Student ROGER NICHOL-Male Chorus: Chorus 5 JACK NATHAN OCHSfHomeroom President, 12th Grade: Trea- surer, IOB: Student Cou11cil Representative, llA: F.T.A.: Senior Discussion Club: Key Club: Band 5: Intramural Basketball: Civic Club Test: National Merit Scholarship Test: High Honor Student NANCY OHLER--T'oday's Business Girls: Intramural Hockey 70 M .,, .,. f t +11 .af it 1 wt EDGAR ALFRED OPPENHEIMER-Homeroom Treasurer, 10th Grade: Foreword Representative, 9th Grade: Automation Course: Honor Student NELSON R. ORRINGER-Honieroom President, llB: junior Stu- dent Council: Student Council Publicity Connnittee: Foreword Staff, Editor-in-Chief: journal Staff: American Legion Citizenship Award: Scholastic Magazine Gold Key: Buhl Planetarium Latin Competi- tion, Honorable Mention: Civic Club Test, Award Level: High Honor Student MARY ANN PANCHURA-llth Grade Class Secretary: Home- room Secretary, 10th-12th Grades: Treasurer, 9th Grade: Student Council Project and Hospitality Committees: Cheerleaders: Chorus 5: Ensemble: Hockey: Vollcy Ball: Lifesaving: Athletic Award ESTHER PASCAL-F.T.A.: Journal Staff: M.M.M.: United Na- tions Club: D.A.R. Award: National Merit Scholarship Test: Civic Club Test. Award Level: American Chemical Society Test: lintre Nous: High Honor Student NICK PASSELL - Student Council Representative, 1213: Senior Chess Club: German Club: Chess Team: Swimming: lntramural Basket-ball: A.C.M. Computer Course: Athletic Letter: Civic Club Test: National Merit Scholarship Test: Science Quiz VVinner: High Honor Student MARGARET P. PASSMORE-Senior Class Gift Committee: Li- brary Representative, l2th Grade: F.T.A.: D.A.R. Award: Honor Student ROSE MARIE PASTOR-Class Day Committee: Library Repre- sentative, llA: Drivers Training: Student Library Staff: Today's Business Girls: Gregg Typing Award ALAN PEARLMAN-Publicity Committee: Homeroom President, 9th Grade: Vice President, 10th Grade: Student Council Repre- sentative, 9th Grade: College Club: Foreword Staff: Discussion Club: Key Club: United Nations Club: Debate Club: Orchestra 4: Intra- mural Swimming, Basketball, Track: Placed In Civic Club Test: Finalist in National Merit Scholarship Test: American Chemical Society Test: High Honor Student MARIO S. PETRILLI LOUISE ANN PETROCI-Drivers Training: Y-Teens BONNIE M. PLENDERLEITH - Cafeteria Staff: Hall Patrol: Y-Teens: Rhythmic Swimming: Senior Lifesaving: Chorus 3: Hockey: Basketball: Volley Bail: Softball: Athletic Award JULES LEE PIERCE-Student Library Staff: Travel Club ANTHONY T. POMPEO-Usher Staff: VVood Carving Club: Foot- ball Captain: Track: XYood Shop Foreman MARY PRILLA - Hotneroom Treasurer, l2B: Today's Business Girls: Chorus 3: Senior Lifesaving: Distributive lfducation: Red Cross Nursing Award 7l MIRIAM PRIZENT - Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, llB, IZB: Hall Patrol: College Club: F.T.A.: journal Staff: Red Cross Council: Gregg Shorthand Award: Honor Student WILLIAM PUCHTA - Student Library Staff, Secretary: Gregg Typing Award HUGH JOHN PURNELL, JR. - Senior Chess: Cross Country: Track 'leamg Automation Course SAMUEL B. PUTERMAN - Honieroom Secretary, 10th Grade: Stage Crew, 10th-12th Grades: Stage Crew Manager, l2th Grade: Intramural Basketball: Electric Shop Foreman PAUL QUINTEN GERALDINE P. RAGNELLI - Service Club: Today's Business Girls: Basketball: Hockey: Volley Ball: Gregg Shorthand and Typ- ing Awards MYRA LINDA REICHER-Senior Class Day Committee: Home- room Secretary, 9B: Cheerleaders: Drivers Training: F.T.A.: M.M.M.: Physics Club: Senior Discussion Club: Book Club: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student ROBERT REICHER -- Physics Club: Senior Discussion Club: Cross Country: Track: Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball: Metal Shop Foreman: Honor Student PHYLLIS M. REIFER-Senior Class Prom Committee: Homeroom Treasurer. 12th Grade: LibraryRepresentative: Speech Club: College Club: F.T.A.: Periodicals Secretary: Journal Staff: Junior Dance Club: Gregg Typing Award: Athletic Award: Civic Club Test: All-City Talent Show: High Honor Student SHEILA ELAINE REIN-Service Club: Student Library Staff: Today's Business Girls: Junior Leaders WILLIAM D. REINFELD-Prom Committee: Homeroom Presi- dent, 9th-12th Grades: Foreword Representative: Senior Student Council: Senior Chess Club: journal Staff: Physics Club: German Club: Intramural Basketball: Class Play Cast: Discussion Club: American Chemical Society Test: Honor Student NANCY JEAN REUTZEL-Distributive Education THOMAS REYNOLDS-Senior Class Social Committee: Home- room President, lltlt-12th Grades: Student Council Representative, 9A-l0B: Drivers Training: Square Dance Club: American Legion Award: Track Award: Hall Patrol MURRAY RICE,-Homeroom President, 9th Grade: Biology Club -I W A 72 DONNA LEE RICHARDS-Senior Class Social Committee: Home- room President, 12th Grade: Vice President, IIB: Cafeteria Staff: Drivers Training: Student Library Staff: Today's Business Girls: Red Cross Council: Intramural Volley Ball, Basketball. Tennis: Gregg Typing Award: Honor Student JOSEPH A. RIZZO - Homeroom Vice President, IOA: Band 5: Swimming DALE LYNN ROSEN-Cafeteria Staff: Usher Staff: F.T.A. IDA CHERYL ROSEN-'Hall Patrol: Future Nurses of America: LARRY J. ROSEN-Library Representative. 9th Grade: Drivers Training: Stage Crew: Electric Shop Foreman RONALD CHARLES ROSEN - Homeroom President, 9th-10th Grades: College Club: Key Club: Golf: Intramural Basketball and Volley Ball: Honor Student HARRIET H. ROSENBERG Cafeteria Staff 'VIM M Studt Library Staff: junior Dramatic Club: Intramural Basketball and Volley Ball: Athletic Award: Gregg Typing Award: Honor Student JANE ROSENBERG-HSenior Class Social Committee: Homeroom Secretary, 9B, IOB, IIB, IZB: Foreword Representative, 10.-X, 11.-X: Library Representative, 9A: Drivers Training: Future Nurses of America: M.M.M.: Service Club: United Nations Club: Chorus l: Honor Student ARNOLD B. ROSENTHAL-Band 4: Metal Shop Foreman: Honor Student CLAIRE J. ROSENZWEIG - Senior Class Publicity Committee: Homeroom Secretary, 9th Grade: Homeroom Treasurer, IZB: Fore- word Representative, 10th Grade: Drivers Training: Senior Discus- sion Club: Entre Nous: Chorus 53 Softball: Volley Ball: Lifesaving: Historama Award: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student MILTON ROSENZWEIG-Honor Student RICHARD L. ROSENZWEIG-Editor-in-Chief of the Foreword: College Club: Drivers Training: Senior Discussion: Senior Life- saving: Orchestra 5: Swimming Teani: Varsity Letters: Intra- mural Basketball and Volley Ball: Civic Club Test: American Chemical Society Test: Latin Contest Exam: High Honor Student MARIAN ROSNER - Library Representative, 10th Grade: Hall Patrol: Usher Staff: Chorus 5: Homeroom Assistant Treasurer. 12.-X MAJESSA RAMONA ROSS-Future Nurses of America 73 SUE B. ROTHMAN - Prom Committee: Cafeteria Staff: Future Nurses of America: Student Library Staff: Rhythmic Swimming: Chorus 3: Volley Ball: Basketball ANITA RUTH RUBEN-Senior Class Gift Committee: Homeroom Treasurer, IZA: Foreword Representative, IZB: Library Representa- tive, llth-12th Grades: Hall Patrol: College Club: Drivers Train- ing: Future Nurses of America: F.T,A.: Y-Teens: Entre Nous, D.A.R. Award: Honor Student HARVEY M. RUBENSTEIN-Drivers Training: Physics Club: Sports Club: Intramural Swimming, Volley Ball: Civic Club Test: Honor Student SUZAN RYAVE - Homeroom Secretary, 12th Grade: Foreword Representative, 9th Grade: Student Council Representative, 9th Grade: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Patrol: Future Nurses of America: F.T.A.: Intramural Volley Ball: Soccer: Simplicity Fashion Show CHARLOTTE A. RYCZEK-Homeroom Secretary, 9th-10th Grades: Student Council Representative, 10th Grade: Library Representative, 10th Grade: Biology Club: Junior Dramatic Club: Volley Ball: Basketball: Softball: Distributive Education HANNAH ESTHER SADOWSKY-Student Coun-cil Publicity Coni- mittee: College Club: Future Nurses of America: F.T.A.: Spanish Club: Junior Red Cross Council: junior Dramatic Club: Gregg Shorthand Award: Honor Student MARSHA JOAN SADOWSKY - Foreword Representative, 9th Grade: Library Representative, llth Grade: Cafeteria Staff: Future Nurses of America: junior Glee Club: Junior Dramatic Club: Or- chestra 3: Basketball: Softball: Soccer: Volley Ball MARTIN SAMUELS--Drivers Training: Usher Staff: Orchestra 4: Hall Patrol MITCHELL L. SANDLER - Hospitality Committee, 12th Grade: Homeroom Secretary, llth-12th Grades: Treasurer, 11th-12th Grades: Foreword Representative, 10th-12th Grades: Library Repre- sentative: Cafeteria Staff: Senior Chess Team: Drivers Training: Senior Discussion Club: 'Wood Carving Club: Swimming SANDRA R. SCHENKMAN4l.ibrary Representative, 10th Grade: Drivers Training: Student Library Staff: Fashion Show SUSAN A. SCHERR--Cafeteria Staff: College Club: Drivers Train- ing: Red Cross Council: Book Club WILLIAM CHARLES SCHIVLEY-Intramural Basketball, Captain GLENN WILLIAM SCHMIDT CLARENCE E. SCHREIBERsVVood Carving Club 74 LINDA ANN SHAPIRO - Senior Class Publicity Committee Homeroom Vice President, 9th Grade: Hall Patrol: F.T.A.: M.M.M. Square Dance Club: Entre Nous: Chorus 5: Ensemble: Book Club High Honor Student DAVID SHEARER-Homeroom Vice President, 12th Grade: Trea- surer, 9th Grade: Senior Lifesaving Club: Male Chorus: Chorus 5 Ensemble: Swimming: American Legion Award JUDY SHEEHY-HY-Teens HELENE D. SCHWARTZ-Senior Class Social Committee: Home- room Secretary, Treasurer, 9th Grade: Cafeteria Staff: United Na- tions Club: Crafts Club: Fashion Shows HOWARD S. SCHWARTZ-Usher Staff: Physics Club: Band 5: Class Play Cast: Marching Band ELLEN J. SCHUSTER - College Club: Senior Dis-cussion Club: Entre Nous: Chorus 4: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student RONALD SCHWERIN-Student Council Representative, 9th-10th Grades: Travel Club: Orchestra 5: journal Art Staff: Scholastic Art Award: B'nai B'rith Art Award: AA..-X. Poster Award HAROLD B. SEDER--Senior Class Gift Committee: Homerootn President, 9th-12th Grades: Student Council Representative, 10th- llth Grades: Hall Patrol: College Club: Drivers Training: Physics Club: Senior Discussion: Orchestra 4: Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball: American Legion Award: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student JUDITH CAROL SEILING-Student Council Representative, 9th Grade: Library Representative, 9th Grade: Hall Patrol: Student Library Staff: Chorus 4 s Q N RICHARD SHEPHERD-Projection Club M r ROSALYN JOY SHEPS-Foreword Representative, 9B-llA: Li- brary Representative, 9B-1lA: Drivers Training: F.T.A.: Student Library Staff: junior Leaders: Rhythmic Swim Club: Entre Nous: Red Cross Council: Basketball: Soccer: Volley Ball: Baseball: Athletic Award: High Honor Student MYRON SILVERMAN-Prom Committee: Homeroom Vice Presi- dent, 9th Grade: Student Council Representative, llth Grade: Hall Patrol: Senior Student Council: Biology Club: College Club: Sen- ior Discussion Club: Key Club: German Club: Band 4: Intramural Basketball and Swimming: Placed in Civic Club Test: High Honor -- Student SUSAN JO SILVERMAN-Foreword Representative, 9B-IOA: Stu- dent Council Representative, 9th Grade: Spanish Club' Chorale' Chorus 5: junior Dramatic Club ELLIOTT SIMON-Drivers Training: Conditioning Club: Hall Pa' trol: Band 4 CAROLYN MARY SIMS-Usher Staff: Future Nurses of America: Intramural Hockey: Volley Ball PHYLLIS SISSEL-Cafeteria Staff: Foreword Staff, Secretary: journal Staff, Secretary: Future Nurses of America: Silixnnastics: intramural Softball, Basketball, Volley Ball, Soccer: Gregg Typing and Shorthand Awards HENRY S. SLESINGER-Senior Class Social Committee: Home- room Vice President, l0A: Hall Patrol: College Club: F.T.A.: Key Club: Junior Class Social Committee: Orchestra 5 RUTH M. SMIDY-Future Nurses of America: Slimnastics: Soft- ball: Hockey: American Legion Award: D.A.R. Award: High Honor Student JOHN I. SMITH SUSAN BETH SMITH-Senior Class Prom Committee: Homeroom President, 10th Grade: Foreword Representative, 9A, IOA: Hall Patrol: Drivers Training: M.M.M.: United Nations Club: Book Club: Spanish Club: Honor Student SUSAN LINDA SMITH-Senior Class Prom Committee College Club: Drivers Training: Future Nurses of America: Book Club: Chorale: Chorus 5: All-City Chorus: Gregg Typing Award SANDRA FAY SOLOMON-Library Representative, 12th Grade: Future Nurses ot America: Book Club: 12A Social Committee NELSON SOLOW-Biology Club: Physics Club: Band 3: Intra- mural Swimming: Automation Class ROBERT SOLTZ-12A Gift Committee: Homeroom President, l0B: Student Council Representative: Drivers Training: F.T.A.: Orches- tra 4: American Legion Award: Honor Student HARRIET C. SORG-Homeroom Treasurer, IZB: Student Council Representative, 9B, 9A: Library Representative: Service Club DANIEL F. SOPIRA - Homeroom Library Representative, 10th Grade: Swimming SHANDEL S. SPIRO -- Class Day Committee: Homeroom Vice President, 12B-l2A: Foreword Representative, IOA, lZBg Library Representative, 9th Grade: Hall Patrol: College Club: Senior Dis- cussion: Book Club: Entre Nous: Chorus 1: Class Play Cast: American Legion Oratorical Contest: Honor Student MARJORIE GAIL SPOKANE-Cafeteria Staff: Future Nurses of America: Mushball: Basketball: Hockey: Fashion Shows: Athletic Award: Assistant in junior Office 76 ,AS-N.. M tw- SA f Q 2 CONSTANTIN H. STAMOOLIS-Wood Carving Club: Condition- ing Club: Football: Track: Varsity Letters: Wood Shop Foreman ANDREW MICHAEL STEIN - Drivers Training: Senior Class Day Committee HARVEY M. STEIN-Senior Social Committee: Homeroom Vice President, 10B-llB: Senior Chess Club: College Club: Drivers Training: Physics Club: Senior Discussion: Stamp Club: Basket- ball Manager: Tennis Award: Civic Club Test: American Chemical Society Test: High Honor Student DAVID LEWIS STEINBERG - Senior Student Council Main- tenance, Social Committees: German Club: Intramural Volley Ball: Basketball: City Golf: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student SUSAN STEINBERG-Senior Class Gift Committee: Senior Stu- dent Council Publicity Committee: Senior Chess Club: F.T.A.: M.M.M.: Senior Discussion Club: Entre Nous: Debate Team: Civic Club Test: Honor Student LEON STEINER-Drivers Training SANDRA B. STEINITZ 4 Foreword Representative, 9th Grade: Hall Patrol: Usher Staff: Library Representative, llth Grade' Journal Staff v HARVEY LEE STONE-Foreword Staff: Journal Staff: Ping Pong Club: Junior Dramatic Club: Chorus 5: Male Chorus: Ensemble: Honor Student MARSHAL S. STRAHL-Biology Club DOROTHY STROPKO-Service Club: Student Library Staff. 9th Grade: Square Dance Club: Today's Business Girls: Usher Staff: Volley Ball: Fashion Shows: Gregg Shorthand Award THOMAS B. STUTZ-Student Council Representative. llA-lZB: Hall Patrol: Senior Student Council, Social Chairman: Drivers Training: Varsitv Basketball: Junior Varsity Basketball: Intra- mural Basketball Champions: Junior High School Varsity Letter: Honor Student HELENE M. SUGERMAN-Senior Class Prom Committee: Home- room President, llB: Vice President. IOA: Foreword Representative. 9th-10th Grades: Student Council Representative, 12th Grade: Hall Patrol: College Club: Future Nurses of America: F.T.fX.: Senior Discussion: Book Club: United Nations Club: Simplicity Fashion Show: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student DAVID N. SUMMERS-Homeroom Treasurer, 12th Grade: Usher Staff: Drivers Training: Physics Club: Ham Radio Club TOULA TANGLOS-Service Club: Softball: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards 77 it DOROTHY TAUBER-Cafeteria Staff: Drivers Training: F.TA.1 Senior Discussion Club: Book Club: Entre Nous: Chorus 5: Chorale: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student NANCI LOUISE TAUBERG-Hall Patrol: Lifesaving: 214 Staff: Orchestra 5: Chorus 4 EDWARD M. TEITELBAUM - Senior Class Day Committee: Homeroom Vice President. IIA: Foreword Representative, 12B: Chess Club BARBARA THOMAS-Senior Class Social Committee: Student Council Representative, IZA: Square Dance Club: Basketball, Volley Ball, Hockey: Athletics Award ARTHUR L. THOMASSY, JR.-Hall Patrol: Ham Radio Club JAMES TOMPKINS IOSEPHINE TOTARO - F.T.,-X., Rhythmic Swim: Lifesaving: Softball: Hockey: Basketball: Volley Ball NANCY JULIA TOTH-Drivers Training: Today's Business Girls SHIRLEY ANN TUCKER-Homeroom Treasurer, 9th, l2tli Grades: Foreword Representative: Student Council Representative, 10th Grade: College Club: F.T.A.: Journal Staff: M.M.M.: Senior Dis- cussion Club: Book Club: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student VELMA JEAN TUSAI W Today's Business Girls: Service Club: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards ELEANOR JEAN USELTON LUCILLE VANNOZZI-Hall Patrol: Chorus 4 EVELYN WAGNER-Foreword Representative, 9th Grade: Li- brary Representative, 9th Grade: College Club: Senior Discussion Club: Student Library Staff: Debate Club: Book Club: Science and Garden Club: Basketball: Volley Ball: Baseball: Soccer: Hockey: Athletic Award: Civic Club Test: Honor Student MARY LORETTA WAGNER - Homeroom Vice President, 10th Grade, IZB: Lifesaving: Distributive Education, Vice President: Softball: Volley Ball 78 DENISE C. WALDMAN-Cafeteria Staff: Biology Club: Base- ball: Science Club: Distributive Education FRANK WALLER-Basketball: Print Shop Foreman ELAINE MARIE WASKO-Cafeteria Staff: Y-Teens: Slimnasties: Square Dance Club IRWIN B. WEDNER-Senior Class Day Committee: Homeroom Vice President, 9th Grade: Homeroom Secretary, 10th Grade: Wood Carving Club: junior Varsity Basketball: Xarsity Basket- ball: Athletic Award: Ford Foundation Award: Intramural Basket- ball Champions NEAL E. WEIN-Seliior Class Prom Committee: Senior Student Council Hospitality Committee: Usher Staff: German Club: Band -l: Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball: Honor Student CYNTHIA DEENA WEINER - Student Council Projects Com- mittee: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Patrol: Service Club: College Club: Drivers Training: Future Nurses of America: Chorus 3: Gregg Typing Award RAYMOND P. WEINSTEIN-Senior Chess Club: Advanced Metal Shop Foreman FRANCES MARCIA WEISBERG-College Club: F.T.A.: Orches- tra 5: All-City Orchestra: Pittsburgh Youth Symphony: Soccer: Volley Ball: Honor Student HARVEY WEISBERG - Intramural Basketball Champions: Ad- vanced Wood Shop Foreman LOUIS WEISZ-Senior Class Social Committee: Homeroom Vice President. 9th Grade: Student Council Representative: Senior Chess Club: F.T.A.: Green Key: Senior Discussion Club: Key Club: Na- ture and Garden Club: Band 5: Clarinet Trio: All-City Band: Marching Band: American Legion Award: Civie Club Test: High Honor Student BARBARA H. WHITMAN-Foreword Representative, 9th Grade: Usher Staff: Chorus 5: Basketball: Gregg Typing Award: Hall Patrol: Today's Business Girls JANET G. WILLIAMS-Square Dance Club: Softball: Hockey DENNIS JAY WITT-Drivers Training: Green Key Club IAN LEONARD WOLK-Senior Class Prom Committee: Home- room Vice President, IZA: Foreword Representative, 9B: Library Representative, 9A: Senior Chess Club: Journal Staff: Junior Dramatic Club: Orchestra 5: All-City Orchestra: High Honor Student 79 WILLIAM A. YALCH-Physics Club: Band 5: Basketball: Foot- ROBERTA GAY WOLKW-Senior Class Prom Committee: Home- room Vice President, llth Grade: Student Council Social Com- mittee: Cafeteria Staff: Red Cross Council: Future Nurses of America: Journal Staff: Gregg Typing Award RONA WOLK--Homeroom President, 9A: Vice President, 10A: Senior Student Council: Library Representative, 1lB: F.T.A.: M.M.M.: Senior Discussion Club: German Club: Orchestra 5: Chorus 4: Basketball: Volley Ball: Soccer: American Legion Award: Athletic Award: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student SHELLEY -IEANNE WOLK - Senior Class Prom Committee: Homeroom Secretary, lZA: Library Representative, IZB: Senior Discussion Club: Lifesaving: Student Library Staff: Orchestra 5: All City Orchestra JERRY V. WOODS-Student Council Representative, 12th Grade: Librarv Representative. 12th Grade: Square Dance Club: Science Club: Industrial Arts Award RONALD T. WORGO-Physics Club ball: Honor Student FAYENOLA ZALMONW-HtJI1lCfOlJl1l Secretary, llth Grade: Class Day Committee: Cafeteria Staff: F.T.A.: M.M.M.: Book Club: Entre Nous: Foreword Staff: journal Staff: Counselor's Aide: Gregg Tvping Award: Civic Club Test: Periodicals Secretary: High Honor Student SHARON RUTH ZEIDEN - Homeroom Treasurer, 9th Grade: Class Day Committee: Student Coun-eil Representative, 9th Grade: Cafeteria Staff: Usher Staff: 214 Staff: Red Cross Club: United Nations Club: Travel Club JOAN RUTH ZIFF-Student Council Representative, 9th Grade: Cafeteria Staff: M.M.M.: United Nations Club: Chorale: Chorus 5: 214 Staff RICHARD M. ZVOCK-Student Council Representative: Projection Club: American Legion Award: Physics Club ,..., , RS, xqhg 5 .sl V, 'typ f"' 5 80 ggi 1 SENIORS WILL GRADUATE NEXT gggszgkgmia L, LL L, ,L . x N0WSP3D9l'SU1ff L January Class Commencement L:3fT:?1'Ql 'nlvme ,H my Nigga, of hum ,B COMM!-rms Loses Fog, Leaders L WEDNESDAY EVENING! mmm 233 mg L S up 8 Pf9g""iS L, hfg,i:21LQfii5L i21i.,'iI33'ZLE' ' L exoovossvf-V3 WWE' ' 1 A KE SELECTED S QR cms .WST LL DMX' L, 1 LLLZLQX. NL me 1 ..1.L ,,-,, LLP? JM' L- em L A :1X- 'DESK lk H M R"if'Bn'Ei':: 'L' lL'L T7 L1LiQLfEi.LLx ffiWif'k'g3oooXwL3:D"k Sm.sorN L n X L ,L LL, WLLRL ALL' " D XAQN' NL- LLL.. Lg L LJ -if 43.0 .:'.L memos L For Dr af"fSPupil 1 -----' 'E' Y A 5 "mile Fha: ffl aus and Hops Starr W LL, chool Soclal 5035011 In M"'e'd1c'ff-emo Su was Mists 73 5? E' " M L L L L N L CCI-ass Com "L' E L BY Sckwx , g ' .L L.'Q Sfvdem Attend L E L L D L' h ' V013 Ei. iL Lffilf- p"ClTY5LN Alle hgn W ksh L L UMW L flslm . 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M" the M""" D 5125 SEKSUCCESSFUL SEASUN CLOSES it L ,Si LD'L W Eff, 711.331 "' 'J" " K" ""' f N 45, ,QLp'ja "1' TOP 1' wow 'rf fair plfv: ir hu pf om: ma ounumrreonesouncnskonw mam D L X ' LLL, A113153 First Row-Lucille Vannozzi, Gelberta Frankeny, Judy Katz, janet Aber, Barbara Bacinsky llUlll61'UUlll 'lleaclieii ,. President l Yice President . , Room 218 M 1' Secretary ..... , ., , . Treasurer , l , . Foreword Representative ,..,,. journal Representative Student Council library Representative Xugust K. XYiuterliug ..., Barbara Baeiusky . . ...,. Beverly Borio ,. ...... janet Aber , . 'Iudy Katz ,.......Louise Margules Louise Margules Beverly Borio ..., ....... .I erry VVoods Beverly Borio, Mary Bargar, Patricia Lisak, Louise Margules Second Row-Judith Seiling, William Yalch, Jerry Woods, William Schively, Charles Micklow, Carol Dickson, Mr. August Winterling Third Row-Ruth Smidy, Murray Rice, Daniel Sopira, George Altenbaugh, Phillip Cecchmo Irene Ball janet Aber George Altenbaugh Barbara Bacinsky Irene Ball Mary Bargar Beverly Borio Phillip Cecchino Carol Dickson Gilberta Frankeny Robert Hodermarsky judith Katz Ronald Leshen Patricia Lisak Eugene Mamajek William Yalch Louise Margules Charles Micklow Edgar Oppenheimer Murray Rice Dale Rosen William Schively Judith Seiling Ruth Smidy Daniel Sopira james Tompkins Eleanor Uselton Lucille Vannozzi Alan Wakefield Jerry Woods Room 306 HCJlll6f1Jlllll Teaclier. President . l Vice President Secretary and Treasurer Foreword Representative .. Journal Representative Library Representative . Student Council . ......., Linda Ackerman Margaret Arters John Baldwin Elaine Benner Gary Braunstein Howard R. Cohen Sandra Doak Susan Ferber Joyce Gottlieb Judy Gottlieb Allan Hayes Joyce Hoffman Joan Kaplan Josephine Katz Sylvia Kisilinsky Hilary Kleckner Sheldon Kopelson Sidney Korn .Miss Katilizwine Skztrinski .lack Ochs llowarrl Cohen lllirizun Prizent Sheldon Kopelson Sheldon Kopelson . ,Susan Ferber ,..,...,,,Nick Passell Sandra Krauss Henry Leff Benjamin Lurie Joel Margolis Nurith Moser Jack Ochs Nelson Orringer Nick Passell Jules Lee Pierce Miriam Prizent Henry Slesinger Andrew Stein Susan Steinberg Arthur Thomassy Josephine Totaro Velma Tusai Elaine Wasko Neal Wein Janet Williams First Row-Margaret Arters, Joan Kaplan, Benjamin Lurie, Jack Ochs, Miriam Prizent, Howard Cohen, Allan Hayes, Hilary Kleckner, Susan Steinberg, Sylvia Kisilinsky Second Row-Donald Fox, Josephine Totaro, Josephine Katz, Elaine Wasko, Sandra Krauss, Joyce Gottlieb, Judy Gottlieb, Joyce Hoffman, Susan Ferber, Velma Tusai, Janet Williams, Nurith Moser Third Row-Sidney Korn, Henry Leff, Gary Braunstein, Andrew Stein, Arthur Thomassy, Neal Wein, Joel Margolis, Nick Passell, Sheldon Kopelson, Nelson Orringer, Jules Lee Pierce, Henry Slesinger 83 Room 356 hu ,.., AA A ,.,. .,..A,.A. .,.,. K l rs. lilizzilmetli Porter l'lHlllCl"UUlll Teac AA Presiclent A A Nice l'1'esiclc1it A A Secretary A A Trezisurei' A Student Cmmcil .'XliCl'll2llC A A A A A l:i7l'CXYUl'fl Represciltzltive A AA A Muryl Conwisher A Trudy Krause liounie Maryn .loan Mares Bliclmel Lzuidu A .loan Mares A Alan Frankel First Row--Arlene Kovacs, Linda Shapiro, Bonnie Maryn, Joan Mares, Ronald Goldstein, Maryl Conwisher, Ruth Goldberg, Ida Rosen, Eileen Gutshall, Sheila Rein Second Row-Dernis Witt, Larry Levine, David Steinberg, Marsha Miller, Judy Krause, Trudy Krause, Harriet Rosenberg, Eileen Goldenson, Herbert Kaufman, Larry Levine, Harvey Katofsky Third Row-Michael Hockman, Barry Hersh, Robert Soltz, Bernard Cohen, Richard Rosenzweig, Alan Frankel, Alan Breakstone, Alan Bregman, William Puchta, Allen Levenson Alan Bolyard Alan Breakstone Alan Bregman Bernard Cohen Maryl Conwisher Joanne Custer john De Meda Rochelle Eichenbaum Alan Frankel Ruth Goldberg Eileen Goldenson Phyllis Goldhamer Ronald Goldstein Eileen Gutsh'al1 Betty Ann Halapin Barry Hersh Michael Hockman Betsy Hostler Harvey Katofsky Herbert Kaufman Arlene Kovacs Iudy Krause Trudy Krause Marvin Landau Michael Lando Allen Levenson Larry Levine foan Mares Bonnie Maryn Marsha Miller William Puchta Sheila Rein Ida Rosen Harriet Rosenberg Arnold Rosenthal Richard Rosenzweig Linda Shapiro Robert Soltz David Steinberg Dennis Witt Room 358 Homeroloin rleaeher .,.....A ...........,, .. ...........,......,,...... Miss Leila H. Rupp President ....... ..... . .. ..,.,.,. Harold Seder Yiee President .4..., .,,, l Qeva Greenberg ' .....,., Suzan Ryave ...,..,Pliyllis Reifer .. ..., Thomas Stutz . ..,. Linda Klein ., . Marcia Leff Secretary ,..,.,.,...,..., Treasurer ...,......,....,........,..... btudent Council ..,...,..........i... Alternate Student Council ...i. , Foreword Representative First Row-Nancy Toth, Linda Klein, Thomas Stutz, Marcia Leff, Reva Greenberg, Harold Seder, Suzan Ryave, Phyllis Reifer, Roslyn Loibman, Geraldine Ragnelli Second Row-Margie Spokane, Carol Greenfield, Sandra Solomon, Myra Reicher, Evelyn Wagner, Esther Pascal, William Merwitzer, Susan Smith, Carol Fairfield, Eleanor Finkelpearl, ,Fayenola Zalmon, Maxyne Lundy Third Row-Irwin Wedner, Paul Kaufman, Martin Samuels, Allen Berman, Arnold Levin, Harvey Weisberg, Gus Stamoolis, Howard Schwartz, Elliott Simon, Steven Hoffman Allen Berman JoAnn Blotzer Michael Dimperio Carol Fairfield Eleanor Finkelpearl Frank Green Reva Greenberg Carol Greenfield james Hayes Steven Hoffman Blanche Ilson Paul Kaufman Linda Klein Marcia Leff Arnold Levin Roslyn Loibman Maxyne Lundy Alan Martin Bill Merwitzer Marlene Molinaro joan Ziff 85 Roger Nichol Esther Pascal Geraldine Ragnelli Myra Reicher Phyllis Reifer Suzan Ryave Martin Samuels Howard Schwartz Harold Seder Elliott Simon Susan Smith Sandra Solomon Margie Spokane Gus Stamoolis Thomas Stutz Nancy Toth Evelyn Wagner Irwin Wedner Harvey Weisberg Fayenola Zalmon Room 361 Homerooin Teacher ...,. 4..,.A..,. i . ,..,. A.,... .A....... . . , President ..,.A , , Yice President . Secretary-Treasurer., .,.... ,. Student Council ,, .....,. . . Fcmreworcl Representative . Mr. Samuel Blitz Robert Nassau . Charles Neuman ...,-lucly Golclvarg .,.Helen Davis , ., , Gail Clioder Terri Abrams Joseph Adler Murray Alber Doris Ash Alan Blatt Elliott Blinn Susan Botsford Gail Choder Helen Faye Davis Judy Fingeret Michael Fox Maxine Goldstein Judie Goldvarg Stephen Harr Charles Kalson Rosalie Katzman Brian Leibowitz Lois Leichter Judy Lesser Ann Leuin Mitchell Litt Saul Lockhart Arthur Lubetz Joan Marcus Robert Masters David Mayl Emanuel Morgan Robert Nassau Charles Neuman Anthony Pompeo Robert Reicher Larry Rosen Harvey Rubenstein Marsha Sadowsky Sandra Schenkman Ellen Schuster Michael Shane Phyllis Sissel Dorothy Tauber Frances Weisberg First Row-Dorothy Tauber, Frances Weisberg, Marsha Sadowsky, Arthur Lubetz, Charles Neuman, Michael Fox, Judie Goldvarg, Robert Nassau, Helen Faye Davis, Ann Leuin, Phyllis Sissel Second Row-Elliott Blinn, Harvey Rubenstein, Ellen Schuster, Rosalie Katzman, Judy Lesser, Lois Leichter, Gail Choder, Joan Marcus, Maxine Goldstein, Doris Ash, Susan Botsford, Judy Fingeret, Mr. Blitz Third Row--Robert Reicher, Stephen Harr, Joseph Adler, Saul Lockhart, David Mayl, Mitchell Litt, Anthony Pompeo, Brian Leibowitz, Robert Masters, Larry Rosen, Emanuel Morgan, Alan Blatt S6 Honierooiin Teaclier President A ..,.,.. A Vice President A A Secretary A AA A Treasurer AA A A A Student Council A Alternate AA AA A A, AA Room 365 Foreword Representative A A A Bliss l,. lfstlier Geist AA A ..lll21 :Xn1clin' liflwartl Teitellmzunn ,AAAAA Joyce Freemzm A, A ,Shirley Tucker AA A Marvin lilumn A AAAAA, A Linda Marks A A Xvllllillll Reinfelcl 1'1rst Row-Kathy Albrecht, Sue Rothman, Rona Wolk, Shirley Tucker, Sheldon Liebman Ina Amdur, Joyce Freeman, LaVerne Elinow, Cynthia Weiner, Majessa Ross Second Row-Linda Marks, Judy Leasha, Susan Scherr, Sigrid Hartstein, Marcia Casar Judy Gelman, Barbara Whitman, JoAnn Goldman, Eddie Teitelbaum, Ronald Jacobs Ronald Hockhauser Third Row-Paul Quinten, John Smith, Brent Klein, Paul Hankin, Saul Feiler, Marvin Bloom, Bernard Klein, Irwin Hilk, Larry Levine, Robert Ginsburg, Kenneth LaFace Kathy Ann Albrecht Ina Amdur Marvin Bloom Marcia Casar Francis Ehrlick LaVerne Elinow Saul Feiler Joyce Freeman Judith Gelman Robert Ginsburg Joanne Goldman Paul Hankin Sigrid Hartstein Irwin Hilk Ronald Hochhauser Ronald Jacobs Bernard Klein Brent Klein Kenneth LaFace Judy Leasha Larry Levine Sheldon Liebman Linda Marks Janet Montooth Paul Quinten William Reinfeld Joseph Rizzo Majessa Ross Susan Rothman Susan Scherr John Smith Edward Teitelbaum Shirley Tucker Cynthia Weiner Barbara Whitman Rona Wolk Room 3 72 f Hoinerooni feacher ., . ..,.,.. ....,.....,.A.... ..A., ll I rs. Marjorie H. Bartrem President .,...,.. T . .. r ..., .Thomas Reynolds Vice President .,.... ..., D avid Ellenberger Secretary .,,.......,. , ..Mary Ann Panchura Treasurer , r..r. . r . . Student Council .r...,,,, .. . Foreword Representative . , Anita Ruben ,,,.,.Roberta VVolk ,...,.......,,.,.Anita Ruben Gay Barr ' George Jones First Row-Linda Beckett, Betty Freeman, Gay Barr, Mary Ann Panchura, George Jones Thomas Reynolds, Sally Guyer, Carolyn Bonnem, Anita Ruben, Mrs. Bartrem Second Row-Ralph Mason, Louise Petroci, Dorothy Fechko, Froni Biggard, Linda Green- berg, Roberta Wolk, Marlene Farber, Ruth Lebovitz, Joyce Donelick, Lee Glickman Arthur Lawrence Third Row-Alvin Clark, Stuart Berkowitz, Charles Halt, Hugh Purnell, Henry Flock Harvey Stone, Arnold Friedman, David Ellenberger, john Munsie, Howard Heller Ralph Gabler Linda Beckett Stuart Berkowitz Froni Biggard Carolyn Bonnem Joyce Donelick David Ellenberger Marlene Farber Dorothy Fechko Henry Flock Betty Freeman Arnold Friedman Ralph Gabler Lee Glickman Linda Greenberg Sally Guyer Charles Halt Howard Heller Elroyal Irvin Arthur Lawrence Ruth Lebovitz Carmina Maglieri Ralph Mason john Munsie Mary Ann Panchura Louise Petroci Hugh Purnell Thomas Reynolds Claire Rosenzweig Anita Ruben Glenn Schmidt Helene Schwartz Ronald Schwerin Carolyn Sims Harvey Stone Daniel Weaver Roberta Wolk Room 415 Hoinerioom Teacher ..........,......A...................,............ Mrs. Margaret N. Bush President ......,..,.,....,., ......,....,.... lv Iarilyn jeffries Nice President ,,... .,..... J ames Lockridge Secretary ...,.....r. 4..,..,........ A nn Ilson 'lreasurer .............,,.,...,..,... . .,...,....... Harriet Surg Student Council ..,.,.,.,,....... .. . ......, James Lockridge Alternate Student Council . . . .. . .......i,.... Ann Ilson l ibrary Representative . i,.,i , Barbara Corton james DiNel1a Thomas Evans Marshall Himes John Holcomb Betty Hunt Ann Ilson Marilyn Jeffries ,Ienelle jones Richard Levinson Donald Lloyd james Lockridge ...,....Marsl1all Himes Barry Mintz Daune Morgan Nancy Ohler judy Sheehy Richard Shepherd Donna Smart Nelson Solow Harriet Sorg Harvey Stein Leon Steiner Toula Tanglos Raymond Weinstein George McDermott Sharon Zeiden Richard Zvoch First Row-Toula Tanglos, Jenelle jones, Harriet Sorg, James Lockridge, Marilyn Jeffries, Ann Ilson, Barbara Gorton, Betty Hunt Second Row-Raymond Weinstein, Nelson Solow, Judy Sheehy, Nancy Ohler, Barbara Thomas, jim DiNella, Richard Shepherd, Marshall Himes Third Row-Ian Wolk, Leon Steiner, Harvey Stein, Donald Lloyd, George McDermott, Barry Mintz 89 Room 422 Hionierornn Teacher. ......,.. .,,.,.,.,....... A AA A AA AA President AA A Vice President AA A Secretary ....... ..,., A A A Treasurer ..,....., A A, A A Assistant Treasurer A ,A A A Student Council .,.,.,i.,,.,. A , Student Council Alternate A A Fm'eworcl Representative. A l.iln'ary Representative A A,AlXlrs. June C. Mclsaac AAAAAA,AAAAA,XVillia1n Reinfeld ,A,ABetsy Hostler Audrey Payne David Summers AAA,AA,AClaire Rosenzweig AAAAAAAAAAAR.icl1ard Zvoch Betty Ann Halapin A A AA AAAAAA Blanche llson AAAAAAAASl1elley Xllolk Linda Ackerman john Baldwin Elaine Benner Dan Blackwell Alan Bolyard john De Meda Michael Dimperio Sandra Doak Phyllis Goldhamer Frank Green Betty Halapin Betsy Hostler Blanche Ilson Marlene Molinaro Janet Montooth Roger Nichol Audrey Payne William Reinfeld Joseph Rizzo Edward Rodgers Claire Rosenzweig Margaret Sands Glenn Schmidt Carolyn Sims Dorothy Stropko David Summers Louis Weisz Shelley Wolk Sharon Zeiden Richard Zvocl' First Row Janet Montooth, Elaine Benner, Shelley Wolk, David Summers, Audrey Payne William Reinfeld, Betsy Hostler, Sharon Zeiden, Dorothy Stropko, Marlene Molinaro Second Row Louis Weisz, Daniel Blackwell, Carolyn Sims, Linda Ackerman, Betty Ann Halapin Phyllis Goldhamer, Sandra Doak, Nancy Patterson, Mrs. Mclsaac Third Row Alan Bolyard, John Baldwin, Richard Zvoch, Michael Dimperio, John Dlmeda Glenn Schmidt, Roger Nichol, Frank Green, Edward Rodgers Room 429 First Row-Margaret Howell, Arlene Lynch, Carol Balog, Lois Malek, Mitchell Sandler, David Shearer, Marianne Male, Claire Eger, Sheila Harvey, Sandra Steinitz Second Row-Mary Hurwitz, Fred Landau, Albert Barnes, Eugene Brotsky, Marian Rosner, Barbara Hollander, Barbara Abrams, Margaret Passmore, Jean Barca, Miss Eisaman Third Row-Edward Collins, Carl Katz, Darryl Graham, joseph Appleton, Richard Hui, Ronald Worgo, James Garth, Marshall Strahl, Charles Marshall, Mario Petrilli Homerooni Teaclieru., ..,,. Miss Catherine Nl. Iiisanian President ..,..,.,.,....... ........,........,...,.,.., I David Shearer Yice President ., ..,..., .. .... ,.... ..,......,.. ll f larianne Male Treasurer ..,.,... .. . ...,. ,.... . .. ,lMitch.ell Sandler Student Council Representative , Student Council Alternate l Frweworcl Representative ., .,... . Claire liver b l . james Garth ,.,.Mitcl1ell Sandler Barbara Abrams Carol Balog Jeanne Barca Albert Barnes Eugene Brotsky Michael Chergi Edward Collins Claire Eger james Garth Darryl Graham Sheila Harvey Barbara Hollander Margaret Howell Richard Hui Mary Hurwitz Carl Katz Fred Landau Ol Arlene Lynch Marianne Male Lois Malek Charles Marshall Margaret Passmore Mario Petrilli Samuel Puterman Marian Rosner Mitchell Sandler Clarence Schreiber David Shearer Sandra Steinitz Marshall Strahl Dorothy Stropko David Summers Louis Weisz Ronald Worgo Homerooin Teacher President . . , ., Yice President . Secretary . ,..... . . Treasurer . . Room 46 7 Foreword Representative ,lournal Representative library Representative Student Council . .. Mr. Edward Al. Cayo .Donna Lee Richards ,i,.5liandel Spiro . , . ,jane Rosenberg . .l.Patti Green Ronnie Abels ., Ronnie :Xliels ,..,,Patti Gordon . . . Helene Sugerman l-Xlternzite Student Council , ., i . .. .... .. Dale Miclclleman First Row--Ronnie Lynn Abels, Bonnie Glass, Bonnie Eckhouse, Helene Sugerman, Shandel Spiro, Donna Richards, Jane Rosenberg, Patty Green, Hannah Sadowsky, Rosalyn Sheps, Paul Kaufman Second Row-Mr. Caye, Marna Glantz, Eileen Horne, Roberta Feldman, Susan Smith, Judy Nathan, Mildred Bendick, Myrna Gardner, Nancy Landy, Patti Gordon, Sandra Keilly, Nancy Tauberg, Lawrence Betsill Third Row-Robert Levison, Alan Pearlman, Gerson Greenbarg, Richard Burdman, Richard Grinberg, Robert Hoffman, Milton Rosenzweig, Ronald Rosen, Sheldon Miller, Myron Silverman, Dale Middleman Ronnie Abels Mildred Bendick Lawrence Betsill Sylvia Braunstein Richard Burdman Paul Cohen Bonnie Eckhouse Phillip Erd Roberta Feldman Myrna Gardner Marna Glantz Bonnie Glass Patricia Gordon Patti Green Gerson Greenbarg Richard Grinberg Robert Hoffman Eileen Horne Paul Kaufman Sandra Keilly Nancy Landy Robert Levison Dale Middleman Sheldon Miller Judith Nathan Rose Pastor Alan Pearlman Donna Richards Ronald Rosen jane Rosenberg Milton Rosenzweig Hannah Sadowsky Rosalyn Sheps Myron Silverman Susan Silverman Susan Smith Shandel Spiro Helene Sugerman Nanci Tauberg Frank Waller Lost and Found LOST: A CHEMISTRY BOOK-has a girl's week-end dates on the first page. Large reward. A LUNCH CONTAINING A CORNBEEF SANDVVICH-If found, Contact Mel Bochner. 391 FRONT ROW SEATS IN THE AUDITORIUM-Reward, one can see and hear programs. THE ABILITY TO SPEAK ENGLISH AFTER TAKING FRENCH IN THE ELEVENTH AND TWELFTH GRADES. HOURS OF SLEEP NEVER TO BE REGAINED. FIVE MINUTES OF LAST PERIOD EVERY DAY OF THE STREET CAR STRIKE-if found contact Mr. Hackett's seventh period chemistry class of September, 1957. TIME-needed desperately-lost somewhere in the maize of books that homework entails. THE HORNBOOK OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY- NVOOLLEY'S HANDBOOK STUDENTS-in the mad rush in the second floor annex. FOUND: A PLACE TO SIT IN THE CAFETERIA THE DAY OF THE SENIOR LUNCHEON A SPOT AT THE WVALL FOUR HALF CHEVVED PENCILS UNDER A TABLE IN THE CAFETERIA AFTER THE S. Q. T. TEST. GYM TRUNKS AND SHOES UNDER THE SEATS IN MANY CLASSROOMS-Please claim as soon as possible. A CANDY WRAPPER WITH THE CANDY STILL IN IT- Don't bother to claim because it is too late. KNOVVLEDGE ATTAINED BY ATTENDING SCHOOL FOR TVVELVE YEARS-"Flin-ders keepers, losers weepersf' A PARKING SPOT AT THE LIBRARY THE DAY AFTER SENIOR THEMES WERE HANDED IN. A HEINZ "57" DOG RUNNING AROUND LOOKING RATHER OUT OF PLACE-Answers to the name of "Confused" HOW TO SPEAK ENGLISH CORRECTLY-Found by an English 10 student. POSTERS SAYING. "WHO IS THE LOUD RED PATRICK?" STREWN ON THE STEPS OF TAYLOR ALLDERDICE-Who is he? WHEN CALLED UPON TO RECITE Charles Micklow cracks hsis knuckles. Lucille Vlannozzi looks scared to 'death and blinks her eyes rapidly. Murray Rice shifts 'his school ning from one finger to another. Irene Ball blushes a red violet. Robert Hoderim-ansky bites his lip. Gilberta Frankeny pulls out 'hair pins in her great emotio-n. Mary B-argar invariably starts giggling. Daniel Sopira prefaces eacfh sentence with a sneeze. Dale Rosen begins yawning. Ruth S-midy breaks in-to a great big grin from ear to ear. Judy Katz bites 'her fingernails. Eugene Mamfajek falls over h-is desk in standing up. I-udy Seilinig stares fixedly out of -the window in deep concentration. Phillip Cecchino moistens his lips and sways from -side to side. 93 .lane Class Play Our Hearts Were Young and Gay C A S T Un Order of Appearance! Steward .,,........... ,.,. . ,.,. . .Stuart Berkowitz Mrs. Skinner ..,.,. .,..... ..., . . , . Sigrid Hartstein Cornelia Otis Skinner .,,....... .,,...., j udy Fingeret Otis Skinner .................... ..... R obert Levison Emily Kimbrough .,..,. Purser ..........,, .........., Stewardess ..,........ Dick Wintersm. Admiral ....,...,.. ,..,......... Harriet St. John ,.., .,.. Winifred Blaugh ......,, Leo McEvoy .. .. Inspector ,...... , ,,... , Therese .. ,,.,,..... . Linda Ackerman David Ellenberger ....,...Sharon Zeiden . ,.... Thomas Stutz ,..,Robert Hoffman . ,Margaret Arters Beverly Borio . . Bernard Cohen , Linda Klein Susan Steinberg Madame Elise ..,, ..... , ., . .. Frances Weisberg Monsieur De La Croix ..,... .. . Daniel Weaver Window Cleaner .. ,..,.,...,.. ..,. , A . ,,....,..,....,...,..,. ....... . . ,.., ,,,.. H oward Heller BEHIND THE SCENES Assistant Directors. ..,,.. ..,.. ...,..,. .,.,.....,.. . . ..,............r.. . . .. .Marsha Miller, joan Ziff Technical Directors ,..,.. .,.... ..,..,......,.,.,, . .. ,.........,.... . Patty Green, Saul Lockhart Make-up ..,.......... .,.. ....................,......,. B o nnie Glass Hand Props. ..... .,..,.... ..,...,.....,.. ,.,.. ..., , J a c k Ochs Set Props .....,...,..4,..,.....,.. ...... Irwin Hilk, Herky Jones Costumes ..,......, ..,..,.... ,..... ,.,........ ......,...., ,....., . ,.,..,. 4 ,...........,.. ,..,. . . . . . , Mary Hurwitz Business and Publicity ,........,...... ,.....,.. ..,..,...,,.....,..,.. .....,......... .......,....,....,...... H a r o ld Seder Prompters .. . .,,..,.... .... H erky jones, Babs Hollander, Judy Katz, Sharon Zeiden Sound .,..,..,.. ...,.....,...,,...........,............,,..4............4.....,...........,.......,..,..........,......,,,...,.,.. S aul Feiler Stage Crew Chief .... ..............,.........,... .,..,...,..,......,.,.....,..........,..,................ S a m Puterman Stage Crew. ,. .. ..,. , . , ,Larry Rosen, John Swazuk, Ray Zvoch Director .. . . ,. .,,.,..,..,...... ..,,,.,..., . M Mrs. Rhoda-Gale Pollack Faculty Sponsor . ....,.., Miss Edith Finegold DRAMATIC ENGLISH CLASS 94 e fwbffaf 0015 117 Nancy Landy, 127 Bobbie Wolk. 137 Susie Scherr, 147 Ronnie Abels, 157 Lois Leichter, 167 Marna Glantz, 177 Harvey Stone, 187 Hannah Sadowsky, 197 Helene Suger- man, 1107 Ronnie Goldstein, 1117 Fayenola Zalmon, 1127 Patti Green, 1137 Sheila Harvey, 1147 Susan Steinberg, 1157 Ruthie Lebovitz, 1167 Judy Lesser, 1177 Carl Katz, 1187 Ellie Finkelpearl, 1197 Joyce Hoffman, 1207 Hugh Purnell, 1217 Louise Margules, 1227 Shirley Tucker, 1237 Esther Pascal, 1247 Ralph Mason, 1257 Nancy Tauberg, 1267 Phyllis Gold- hamer, 1277 Myron Silverman. 96 1285 Ruth Goldberg, 1295 Bob Ginsburg, 1305 Mike Lando-Paul Kaufman-Harriet Rosenberg, 1315 Bob Hoffman, 1325 Marian Rosner, 1335 Irwin Hilk, 1345 Joanne Goldman, 1355 Bonnie Maryn, 1365 Judy Katz, 1375 Froni Biggard, 1385 Bernard Klein, 1395 Judy Fingeret, 1405 Anita Ruben, 1415 Barbara Whitman, 1425 Marcia Casar, 1435 Beverly Borio, 1445 Gail Choder, 1455 Joyce Freeman, 1465 Linda Greenberg, 1475 Eddie Teitel- baum, 1485 Cynthia Weiner, 1495 Kathy Albrecht, 1505 Margaret Arters, 1515 Mimi Prizent, 1525 Susan Ferber, 1535 Rozie Sheps, 1545 Howard Heller. 97 Matching 1. Former member of Qual Class 2. Our favorite Senior Leader A. B. Lee Glickman Roberta Wolk Arnold Friedman Anita Ruben Elroyal Irvin Henry Flock Marlene Fanber Ralph Mason I. Ruth Lebovitz 3. The globe-ftrotter C. 4. Outstanding chess player D. 5. A very loquacious lad E. 6. Rosalie in "The Loud Red Patrick" F. 7. Promainent member of Usher Staff G. 8. A future airline stewardess H- 9. Champion bubble-gum cihewer 10. Hard-working member of Cafeteria J. Staff K- 11. Top comedian of Homeroom 372 L. 12. Disc jockey M 13. Squash player extraordinaire N. 14. President of the Senior Class O. 15. The Moneyman CI-Iinft: it's a 1girl5 ANSWERS 1L2 N3 O4 A,5 C,6 1,7 F,8 G,9 B,10 K,11 Howie Heller Linda Greenberg David Ellenberger George Jones Linda Beckett Ch-arles Halt is-H, 15-M, isdn' Who 's Who? JIZI 15 ROSLYN LOIBMAN 215 Bo-Diddley 25 PHYLLIS REIFER b5 Goldie 35 MARTIN SAMUELS c5 Belch 45 LINDA KLEIN d5 Raz 55 MARVIN LANDAU e5 Hockey 65 IRVIN WEDNER 15 Stretch 75 RONNY 'GOLDSTEIN g5 Minkie 85 ARNOLD FRIEDMAN 115 Fletch 95 ALAN FRANKEL i5 Sonny 105 LINDA SHAPIRO j5 Duckie 115 RONALD LESHEIN k5 Missy 125 ALBERT FRICK 15 Pee Wee 135 STANLEY GOLDSTEIN m5 I-Ierky 145 JOHN PILLAR n5 Itzy 155 DOROTHY WILSHIRE 05 Moose 165 LYNN WISENAUER p5 Flash 175 JUDY GELMAN q5 Baby 185 RONALD HOCKHAUSER r5 Shappie 195 LaVERNE ELINOW s5 Wiiiiiipy 205 PAUL KAUFMANN t5 Curly 215 GEORGE JONES u5 Judy 225 MARY ANN PANCHURA V5 Gilly 235 RALPH MASON W5 Bubbles 245 CONRAD PESYNA x5 Wlliitey 255 CAROLYN FIERST y5 Skip 1--d, 2--1, 3--a. 4-f, 5-x, 6--n. 7--b. 5911, 9-h, 10-r, 11-J, 12 y 13- c, 14 t, 15 u, 16 q, 17 v, 18 e, 19 w, 20 s. 21 m, 22 g, 23 0 24-i, 25-k 98 if ffl, rj!! 1313 isa Y Y' A wrrn THE y-it Q B' in 'X ' fm 'A f A -fI--.g.f',-C'-.f.- - . NUMBER f rp-A X, ttshurvh Puhm Schools iw w.f,A,g S -. mf fu- V .- wr-fi-QA , L X i ' BUSINESS MANAGERS X hi ART EDITOR AND PHOTOGRAPHERS EDITORS SENIOR STAFF MEMBERS SECRETARIES Foreword Representatives SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES NINTH AND TENTH GRADES ELEVENTH AND TWELFTH GRADES A H. 1' i .Wm M 5' -' xx , X X Fiflja. mm 1 '3 5 nf - . 1 Eifi ' fm . ' - 9 f , ff 101 100Z Foreword Rooms ROOM 162 Q Q ROOM 210 l ROOM 264 Akin M6559 ROOM 312 103 EXCUSES EARLY DISMISSAL Name: I-oa-n Mares Reason: Doct-or's appointment Carl came in from Cleveland. TARDY EXCUSE Name: Harriet Rosenberg Reason: Alarm didn't go off Had to get her hair done for pictures. senior ABSENCE EXCUSE Name: Phyllis Goldfhatmer Reason: I'l1 Theme was due for creative writing. EARLY DISMISSAL Name: Linda Shapiro Reason: Dentist -appointment Went to the Record Mart t-o see a certain someone. ABSENCE EXCUSE Name: Maryl Conwisher Reason: Ill Went looking for a summer job. ABSENCE EXCUSE Name: Arlene Kovaos Reas-on: Very bad cold Went to see "Sayonara" the day opened. ABSE-NCE EXCUSE Name: Eileen Gutschall Reason: Migrane headache Had gone to a party the evening before. EARLY DISMISSAL Name: Arnol-d Rosenthal Reason: Doctor's appointment Went to the opening Pirate's gam EARLY DISMISSAL Name: Larry Levine Reason: Singing with choir at Spring Festival Actually went to the ball game. TEACHERS GET GRAY WHEN Bernie Cohen says "When are we getting our tests back ?" Ida Rosen "May I sharpen my pencil ?" Betty Ann Halapin "Should we write on the back of the paper too?" Ed Kepick "But I have nothing to study." if Mary Prillo Denise Waldman Eileen Lawson Nancy Cooke john Homa at ic si if Should we skip a line after our names ?" May I please be excused ?" Not more homework!" May I go to my locker P" How do you diagram this here sentence ?" Ed King "Can I have a library pass P" Ted Leshen "Please repeat that again." Walt Mainwaring "Whatd'ya say P" Bonnie Plenderleith "Will you change my schedule P" Charlotte Ryczek " The halls were so crowded I couldn't get to cl before the bell rang." Bobbi Thomas "May I go to the bookroomg I lost my book P" 103 it e. HSS Student Council Sponsor-Miss Laura Zeigler SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL JUNIOR COUNCIL OFFICERS SENIOR COUNCIL OFFICERS JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL 104 PROJECT COMMITTEE MAINTENANCE COMMITTEE PUBLICITY COMMITTEE SOCIAL COMMITTEE SAFETY COMMITTEE HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE Servzce Groups Sponsor Mlss Laura Zelgler 214 STAFF SCHOOL TREASURERS USHERS CAFETERIA STAFF FOURTH PERIOD HALL PATROL 100 -Y A.J.A. Miss M0nheim's Staff TODAY'S BUSINESS GIRLS Sponsor-Miss Margaret Winch JUNIOR OFFICE STAFF 107 SERVICE CLUB Sponsor-Miss Margaret Hanrahan Sponsor-Miss Kathryn McKinney LIBRARY STAFF Sponsor-Miss Gertrude Oetting 108 1' FAVORITE FLAVORS Chocolate . . . TOM REYNOLDS . . . everyone's favorite . . . four-year term as homeroom president . . . friendly Strawberry . . . FRONI BIGGARD . . . sweet and serene . . . always ready to help . . . one -of the few who study during sixth period . . . a future teacher Lemon Sherbet . . . HELENE SCHVVARTZ . . . blonde . . . energetic member of Cafeteria Staff . . . graceful Chocolate Marshmallow . . . STUART BERKOVVITZ . . . jolly . . . life of the party . . . inveterate pipe smoker Mint . . . JOYCE DONELICK . . . refreshing . . . vivacious . . . will attend business college after graduation Strawberry Ripple . . . DOROTHY FECHKO . . . mellow . . . sweet smile . . . beautiful blonde hair . . . warm personality Vanilla . . . MARY ANN PANCHURA . . . the all-American girl . . . sunny smile . . . lively cheerleader . . . "VVhere's Sally ?" Caramel . . . HUGH PURNELL . . . smooth . . . 372,s answer to Wfyatt Earp . . . calm, cool, and collected Ginger . . . CAROLYN BONNEM . . . lively . . . charming . . . a bridge fiend . . . future journalist . . . witty Lime Sberbet . . . RALPH GABLER . . . cool . . . sports car enthusiast . . . likes jazz Spunioni . . . CARMINA MAGLIERI . . . a real treat . . . famous for her Italian cooking . . . gentle Raspberry . . . ARTHUR LAVVRENCE . . . pleasant . . . Oh, that red hair! . . . relaxed . . . easy to get along with Orange Sherbet . . . LOUISE PETROCI . . . tranquil . . . statuesque brunette . . . good-natured . . . sincere Walnut . . . JOHN MUNSIE . . . reserved . . . "My car broke down again" . . . always on timef Pj . . . a future criminologist Butterscotch . . . BETTY FREEMAN . . . sweet . . . demure . . . loves music . . . a good worker . . . amiable Peach . . . GAY BARR . . . delicate . . , good things come in small pack- ages . . . a reallv aooropriate first name . . . delightful Burnt Alm-ond . . . HARVEY STONE . . . subtle . . . stamp collector . . . harmonious member of A Choir . . . intelligent WORDS NEVER SAID BY- C'harles Newman-"I don't understand." Marsha Sadowsky-"I'll take your tray in." Frances Weisberg-"I wish I could play the violin." Alan Blatt-"I wouldn't have a car if you paid me." Murray Alber-"Nothing compares t'o the folod at school." Harvey Rubenstein-"I'd like to stay another year." Elliott Blinn-"These textbooks are terrific." 109 Special English Classes WRITING Teacher-Miss Diantha Riddle SPEECH Teacher-Miss Rose Hartz 4 ' 'LA .,.A 5 THE WORDS OF THE WISE Mr. Routh: "I may not always be right, but I am never wrong." Miss Geist: "I always follow the rules." Mrs. Bartrem: "Well, I was in Florida, oh, several years ago, and 1 saw this suspicious-lookfing character-a spy and-" Doc VVagner: "O.K.-let's see no-w-all right, O.K., you!!" Miss Riddle: "If you mean a spade, say a spade-not a horticultural im- plementf' Miss Hillard: "Dear, dear, dearie, Winston tastes good as a cigarette should." Mr. Nornis: "The psychological moment for a test has arrived." Miss McKinney: "Whois next?" Miss Sekey: "Mettez du Cote toutes les cho-ses." Miss L. Zeigler: "Honey, take your tray in." Miss Skarinski: "Yo'u're just a little kid in school-a namby-pamby, wishy washy jellyfiis'h." Coach Sfofieldz 'Tim going to stand here until you guys all decide to shut up." Miss Bowlin: "Mihi cartus date." Mr. Caye: "This is plane geometry, boys. XVe're studying angles, not curves." SUGGESTED THEMES FOR COLLEGE TUTORIALS The Stanislavsky Method of Acting-Roland Jones Charles A. Beard's C-ontribut-ion to Historiography-.lo Ann Lerner Terra Cotta as a Fine Arts Medium-Elroyal Irvin Russia as Seen by the 19th 'Century Russian Thinkers-Gerald Sokolow The Electras of Sophocles, Santre and O'Neill-Neil Cartiff Solubility -of Fatty Ac.ids of High Molecular Weights-Paul Ca-meron Greek Myths Adapted to Children's Stories-Lynda Caplan Ontogeny of Mammalian Skeleton-Gary Blackburn Interior Window Treatment in the Present Day Home-Ho-ward Shore The Place of English Folk Ballads in Literature-Ellen Schuster The Literary Impact of the Sac-co-Vanzetti Trial-Lou Silverhart Biological Study of Bird Flight-Richard Burdman A Philosop'hical Interpretation of Tragedy-Matey Yalch Effects of Protein and Carbohydrate on tvhe Albino Rat-George Altenbaugh Historical Development of Sterling Silver-Rita Carter The Evolution Conflict Between Science and Religion-Ronald Schwerin Egg-Tempera Encaustic as Contemporary Media--Robert Whitney A Studv of Van Gogh, Cezanne, Gaugin, and Picasso-Melvin Boehner 111 ,Eg-1 2 , ia, ul, i A E 4 . .5 s H S xv, x S ::-:gpg 5 . , 5 .,. ,, ., QQ as EYE E513 I X ,E ' 22 .255 wi' g 2 ,K Q Y ff: -Q Q Y is 1 M 1 1 17 " 1 ' X ' fy K Hg wg .M .:.,. A 3 . Y - Q I N' N x im XX -2 :S Q ,,,. if - -gg fy 91,6 ' V , " ef 5' . X 1 'X ' " yi ...u iw ff ,X W - ,. , .E - -L' vs f ' W A . in fo . , ggxfg 1 X H W D fi JL 5 X xv KI! i K I 'Q 73 by 5 1? Y KQWK gf 443 5fi:"5' v1f5 '5575-i v"' :""" wi , 2:21 -2 'Q :"'f: -. Y ::'::-5'- ,IIE E,:iffI .'I::I g ' "" 5 'E xi J 27 52. 22 255-1,- gag' 'I Vi ' N .52 :-- : Ef" ,I,Q., , :.: .if Li 4 E222 3 5 - E I A.,. 1 S f un Z 9 x x ,,. Q sp? 5 ,A '1 iv V' ,ggi Q4 . G 3 I gh K 5 W . - K W if if 7 5 , If ma 'X 3.1 Q , 2 X A 8 . , sw, 559' 1 -' 1 W' I .4. 3 Q 'I' S Y KS xg :S J J 'fi s if? EN rf" x . , X 1 .W .. k, K. Q Q2 x WJ W- A aw f 4 if x 18,.,,ff' ,, I f, kr W3 QQ Y r g M M v x VQI , Q l ,ffng GMX, so Nw . A , sf 2 f as f W ff Qi? .ff - f Y f 'J M 'K Il T Z , X Qi . if -V ,5 . 5 MARCHING BAND CLARINET TRIO BRASS SEXTET Director-Mr. Roy Dietz 113 The Allderdice Urchestras and Small Groups Director-Mr. Walter Voyvodich ORCHESTRA v W 2 9 I ,f E if fe W , , K7 ..,iA Q Q 55--x :EA 5 g xv KK at WOODWIND TRIO WOODWIND QUINTET STRING QUARTET ll4 ORCHESTRA IV 115 Chorus Groups Director-Mrs. Virginia Lowe ALLDERDICE CHORUS CHORUS IV CHORUS III fill! mi , ENSEMBLE CHORALE H 7 MALE CHORUS CHORUS II CHORUS I JUNIOR GLEE CLUB Sponsor Mrs. Dorothy Meyer 118 F ash ion Show Sponsor-Mrs. Margaret Bush 119 Wh at We Want Enie fr M , 4 K 7-LSQIQS H ' Knese N Lady Luck ddr, ' ag? M .GZ . X S b V J, Facts Weet dreams Obey G A Ywvenxs A Q R Q0 . N Q96 II 11,5266 5 S Us' I , ' I. - . 5 QQQQYXXHHYS yes FIU 011011 Reduce Qfyfixbg 1 , le' erica K X ll ' Q Sleep Sport S WM men B0 A 0 T' gy 6,509 mme I'9Stig9 Gjoly Curves Q 0 SS Qi, ,O UI L O TaXenX ,sa xy 0Ve W Q69 M OC, J' S C P S J' Ywa Qfoo ,,,. 6' R K What We Get M' A Aifan H GOOQ Y Q H 365273119 V 4 U S MH .9 ' nw S7 4 g Problvn ' 420 4 Advtc 4 Wy A degfw , f, TW? thug Beans a w In .ffm I al XA B US 30 ,fa lv Worlf tw A C710 V s "'f- NK R095 , 110: 1911 'axe C fl Nxoae l Q .7 Colds 09,161 4 N .6 t4:9v' 1 Tears fy 4" . - ' :P ,. , gplantf' f Gray haw M 0 crushed W1 0 Caught such ga ,f ' Miro Www 6' marks - xl . wofxke B 4b . ' OW' legs - I Bda' I 177165 ' 4729! Ah 1, . 8 of er gne m A , g ess B991 , -s 1 ' l Clubs BIOLOGY CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Nancy Snively CHESS TEAM Sponsor-Mr. joseph Thompson COLLEGE CLUB CHESS CLUB Snonsor-Mr. joseph Thompson .fy L ss ' L x , Sponsor-Miss Idell Wilson 122 '-li SENIOR DISCUSSION CLUB Sponsor-Dr. Anna QuI1ttrQEhi Q DRIVERS CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Alex Seigal FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA Sponsor-Mrs. Marjorie Barirem Q 123 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA CLUB Sponsor-Miss Kay Monheim GREEN KEY CLUB Sponsor Mr. John Irwin 124 JUNIOR DRAMATIC CLUB Sponsor-Miss Frances Aaron J UNIOR DRAMATIC CLUB Sponsor-Miss Helen Sekey JUNIOR GERMAN CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Fannetta Gordon JUNIOR SCIENCE CLUB Sponsor-Miss Catherine R. Folger 125 if I KEY CLUB Sponsor Mr. Norman Mulgrave PHYSICS CLUB Sponsor Mr. Lawrence Norris JUNIOR WRITERS CLUB Sponsor-Miss Elaine Pelaez 3 RED CROSS COMMITTEE WOODCARVING CLUB Sponsor-Miss Laura Zeigler Sponsor-Mr. Lloyd 110 vb xv N . L, fm gm B-W Y-TEENS ENTRE NOUS Sponsor-Miss Dorothy Bergman SQUARE DANCE CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Louis Weitzel SENIOR GERMAN CLUB Sponsor Miss Mary Brennan WANTED POSTER 798865-ehawrence Betsill: for being an accomplished singer and good basketball player 399485--Richard Grinberg: for being such a baby doll that all the girls neglect their studies to play with him 299670-Mildred Calias Susiej Bendick: for baking such delicious cakes that we all break our newly formed diets 888966-Robert C-a'l-ia-s Huckerj Hoffman: for enlarging the holes in our bagels 233678-Patti Green: for skipping town with the class bankroll 902256-Paul Calias Wiiiipyj Kaufman: for racfing along without his car 455783--Bonnie Glass: for making up stories to get our names in t-he Foreword 555622-Milton Rosenzweig: for failing to blvow the school up with his latest scientific experiment 773558-Dale falias The Whalej Middleman: for dropping his records, right before -the dance 546680-Judy Nathan: for influencing Miss Zeigler in Student Council decisions 699043-Ronnie Abels: for purposely confusing the teachers into thinking that she is a boy fwe know she isn'tj 000000-Mr. Hackett: fior that SENIOR FACIAL EXPRESSION FAVORITE HAUNT Mike Lando Varied I.F.I.S. Meeting Alan Bregman Amiable Choir Room Betsy Hostler VVarm Sewing Room William Puchta Serious Library Dennis Witt Funny Cafeteria Alan Bolyard Mischievious OL1tSidC 356 Harvey Katofsky Smiling Print Sh-Op Alan Levenson Angry Hall P3-U01 Alan Breakstone Bashful Allilifflrilllll ,Ioan Custer I don't care Her LOCRCI' Marsha Miller Excited Flegpele Rochelle Eichenbaum Friendly English CIHSS David Steinberg Ioking 464 Sheila Rein Busy Holllemolll Barry Hersh Pensive l-HUU C1355 Eileen Goldenson Happy The Wall Bonnie Maryn IT!-iendly qlerry s .House Richard Rosenzweig Studious Swimming Pool ,X ,Xxx X SX Xxx XXX Q-r 3-1-uvvu-vw' X2 , I X lg, .3411 Kgs' x --.YYJJ lxfx E fb Q JN? M Kingdom From my throne atop Mount VVashington, I view my kingdom with pride. I am steel. Through my strength Pittsburgh progresses. Through Pittsburgh's strength, the world progresses. 'lloward the east is my birthplace-the jones 8: Llaughlin steel mill. Melted under intense heat, poured into a mold, passed through tremendous rollers, and slowly cooled, I emerge a power. The metallic smoke, silver gray, copper brown, steel blue, continually rising from the stacks of my mill, symbolizes the never ceasing production. Below me, the mighty Monongahela, 'freeway of industry, transports barges loaded with precious exports. Connecting the far corners of my king- dom, massive lead-gray bridges span the width of the flowing river. I am the foundation of the towering structures that guard my kingdom. The Gateway Center buildings, a rising generation, stand straight and noble in silver supremacy. Although ti1ne-worn, the older landmarks still possess the dignity and wisdom of age. I provide a way of life for my subjects-laborers, white-collar workers. artisans, and professional men. Vtiithout me. men are powerless. VVithout men, I am powerless. lVe strive together to unify our kingdom-the giant blacksmith of America. 130 ode of Eilzzbs We will be loyal, sincere, courteous and considerate in our dealings with others. . VVe will be reliable and trustworthy in all our relations. We will be punctual and regular in our attendance in school. We will endeavor, individually and collectively, to observe the rules and regulations that govern us. We will strive to do our best in all our academic endeavors. We will develop such personal habits and will observe such conduct as will be a credit to ourselves and our school. We will be clean and neat in appearance. We will do our part to make our building and grounds attractive at all times. We will endeavor to achieve and to help others achieve the high ideals of those who attend Taylor Allderdice High School. We will always respect and by our conduct cause others to respect the name of Taylor Allderdice High School. 'D 132 Qfflfm Jlfafer To Allderdice a song of joy we raise. Her trifold creed in word and deed we praise 5 She stands on high to guide us through the daysg Our loyalty to her we pledge always! In quest of knowledge may she be our guideg To serve her well be this our aim and prideg She leads us as comrades side by side, To that fair goal where truth and love abide. 133 DANFYE Creative Dance Teacher-Miss Eleanor Boland 135 To Allderdice Dear Allderdice, - I have spent the last four years within your walls, impatiently waiting for my graduation. Now that graduation is almost here, I realize it won't be the jubilant occasion I have built up in my mind. Thinking over the past four happy years, I realize I don't want to leave. Within your walls teen-agers of various religions, communities, social classes, and races have worked and played together without recognition of differences. I have made many good friends and acquaintances here, friends I will surely miss in the years to come. Graduation night as I walk out of your door for the last time, I will be leaving many things behind. There will no longer be any crowded halls or cafeteria food to complain about. I will also leave behind your classrooms, and your teachers, your gyms and swimming pool and auditorium. I will no longer sit in your art, home economics, or music rooms, your labs or shops. I will no longer cheer the victories of your teams, football, basketball, swimming, cross country, track, golf, debating and chess. Your club program will be a thing of my past. Annual events that have be- come tradition will live forever with me. In these memories will be the inspirational Christmas programs, the choir's singing in the halls, and the turkey treat. Hold your head high, dear Allderdice, for y-ou have a right to be proud. You have taught us well and we will depart fully prepared for the future. Respectfully yours, June Class, 1958 SILHOUETTES She shines out among the Majorettes with 'her bright, red hair.-Myrna Gardner He is small, wears glasses, and keeps a drusm by 'his side.-Paul Cohen She resembles Shirley Jones, blonde hair and all.-Donna Richards He's 'playboy material with a golf club always in 'his hand.-Ronald Rosen Wearing a long 'brown page boy, this girl has the poise necessary to model in the fashlion sh-ows.-Helene Suiger-man He seems real ivy league, with horn rimmed glasses and a variety of crew neck sweaters.-Bob Levison S-he hypnotizes the boys with her big brown eyes and cute figure-Patti Gordon Tiny, -with a reddlish page boy, this miss is always by Paul.-Susie Smith 136 TV I-2 Z- O n vis. Athletics MAJORETTES Sponsor-Mr. john Irwin CHEERLEADERS Director-Miss Eudice Berman 138 Football FOOTBALL SQUAD Coach-Mr. Louis Weitzel Dra on ummar -1957 Scoring Summary Ex. Tot. Player Pts. Pts. Game Record Statistic Totals 1111,-1-,V l1z1vilz1ck 1 40 Our Opp, Dragons Opponents hl1ll'Vlll Hull . .. . .2 14 iwre Opponent Score f,4..1fim lam-115 , ss .lim 111'1'1111'1111111 - - -- 11 13 7M ., ,,tA,,t, VvlllilllSl3lII'g P, lo 1281. Nr-1 lellmmg xxmlrlgc ll35 Kimi' WH -A - PM 11 13 ISN. ..., .. ...,., Munhall .,,.., .,,. , , 7 256..I':1ssing' lzlrclzngc . , 582 11111111111 1-1'S1'1'11 -- " H 11 11 0 ,tt,.... ww View ..t.., ng 24-os...1mWs P , t,,, ...,.-12-112 "f'W111"l -1'1111'1'Sf"' ll 0 6M H ,.,, VXN'e5tingl10ugQ 27 l2...l1z1sscs llllL1l'Ck'1IlL1ll ,... . 5 1'111'1'Y 11015111 -- 3 2 l9,.. .. , ..,,., South Hills . .. , U 2-l., l1uuts .. 27 11111911 .111111111 '- - 1 1 241 , ,. ,..,., South .. 7 ll. F1 mhlus l.m:s1 6 " 1' ggi H V,4, Wgf1,Q,11t., Q H 7 3551-ml. l'l-nmlizml 270 "WWII P A -A 6 W? l2,,. .. ,. .. ,Pl-znhmly . 13 11l1l'- 111111111 '- S 98 02 .Total Points ,. , .. .. 08 '5Rushing Summary Player Records Player Att. Gain Loss Net Ave. LONGEST: Player Yards Opponent ulcrril Holt ,, , .. 62 482 2 480 7.7-l Run from suriu11uz1gc-Nlcrril llllll 4:89 Sclwnluy larry Pavilack ,.,,...,..,..,,. 79 415 13 -W2 5.09 Kick-off returll-Hzu'ry l1z1vilz1ck... 75 Wilkiuslmurg' Qlllliilfl l-E'Sl1Cll V,.. . 64 285 9 276 -l.5l lut. pass return-Ronald l.eslu-u .. 'toll South im MCF3flHIlll , . --.--- 10 49 fl 43 -l.-lll Scoring pass-Pzavilaclc to Holt. .. 1168 Sclwnlcy l0W2il'4l rlllllefwll .. -. .-,V 12 48 5 43 5-53 lwllllt-HlJlX'21l'll .'XllilCl'SUll . , -ll Scllculcy 5901329 ,l0l1CS ...,V. ....... 2 S ll 3 -lllll Run with cmnp. pass-Illarviu Holt, 43 Schculey 'om Cancilla ,,..., ..., . . 2 lll ll ll! 5.00 Most tourhcllvwlls-Hurry Puvilack ,, .. .No.f1'S im ll'WlI1 V...... 3 l-l ll l-l 4.67 Best rushing ZlX'k'I'2lQIC'--xlL'l'I'll Hultw. . .Xvc.-7.7-l .urry Betsill .... . . ,,,.,.. 2 3 ll 3 -U70 Must pass llllL'l'CC1IllUIlS7llZll'l'Y l1:xVil:1clc .No.-X7 Total ,... ..., 236 1319 35 128-Q 5.-l-l 1' unofficial all time l'L1L'Hl'il Jl1l1' 711111111 "" """" 2 111 1-115 181' 11115 11111 Gratituclc is cxpressusl to ,Xlzm l'1l'Illllil'l u'hu :limlwl T iu compiling' those figures. from scrinnnage only 9 JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM Coach-Mr. John McNertney SENIOR MEMBERS OF THE FOOTBALL TEAM Harry Pavilack, Tom Evans Ronald Leshen jim McFarland Tony Pompeo, Gus Stamoolis Ky 35 of Q A5 ,aff S V fgg sim 5 S' ms ,Q W 'X X -i:. '- 5? 4. x Shiv lx! Ln... Ns Y il ,x' fi F7 ff' 'Ex as MQ ,sig ,J F14 Swimming Coach-Mr. Martin Valenti Swimming Roster Name 1958 Stroke Height Weight Kantrowitz, Ken ..,,,. .......,. B t 6' 170 Rosenzweig, Dick .,... .,..,.... F r 6' 150 Rizzo, joe ..........,... ,.,...... 1 Jv-Fr 5'9" 155 Cohen, Robert ...,., ......... 1 fr 6'2" 150 Passell, Nick .,...... ..,...... O 6' 155 Kaufman, Hank ,.... .,,...... 1 fr 5'8" 150 Pancer, Mike ,.,..... 4,....,.. 1 71' 5'9" 140 Masters, Bob .,..,... ...,..... F 1' 5'10" 170 Sollinger, Jerry ....... ....,.... B k 5'10" 145 Nadel, Alan ...,........, ....,.... 13 k 5'11" 158 Shearer. David ,..,..,. ..,...... 1 Tr 5'9" 165 Shapira, David ,,....., ......,., 1 nd 5'9" 135 Sewald, Ron ..,..,...... ..,...... D v 5'3" 119 Feldman. Richard ..... ,........ O 5'9" 137 Quinn, Tim ,.......... .... ,,,,..,.. 17 1 ' 5'9" 140 Ress, Sandy ...... ,........ F 1' 5'11" 140 Singer, Irwin ....,.. ....,.... F Y 5'7" 135 Finder, Ron ..,....., Fl' 5'7" 130 Rogow. Ri-ck .... , ..,.,,, DV-Fr 5'5" 119 Magram, Ron ...,.. .... ..,. R t 5'4" 145 Linder, Alan ........,.,.,.. ......... . ,...... B k 5'6" 130 " check table for event. Key-Frzfreestyle, Btzfbutterfly, Dv backstroke, Ozorthodox breast, Indzindividual medley 142 'Best time Grade to date. IZA 1 110 12B 126.0 12B 227.5 11B 1 200 12B 1 223 10B :27.3 11B Z :35 12B :28.5 11B 1 :10 10B 1 223 12B 2:49 11B 2:06 10B - 10B 1 235 10B 129.2 10A 230 10:X :30.7 10B 2:55 SA 2:52 9B 1 :32 9B 1 :43 ggdiving, Bk: Basketball Coach-Mr. john McNertney No. Name 6 Scllactcr, Allan . 7 Yunlcovltz, Dun BASKETBALL TEAM Basketball Roster-1958 Pos. Height Weight Grade Age -7100 ' "ll" .. ..,,..., lf 5 10 Yalt-11.11111 6'1" 12 XYaclrli11g. Bill ...,,, .,.. C 6'3" 14 llulmllak, Mike . .,... lf 6'2" 18 lfricclmzin, Lcslic .,.. .. ,. ,li 6' 20 VYQflncr, Irwin ..,,. .. fi 5'll" 22 Rinnncl, jim ., .,... .. .lf 5'l1" Z-l 1.loycl, 1-1111111141 ...l7 6' 30 Reed. Stanley A ,..,..., Ulf 6' 32 Hctsill,'rcncc ,. .. .C 6'3" 54 Neiman, XYayne ..,...,... ..,....... L ' 6'3" -10 pX11clc1'sn11, Howarrl ,,.... .. ,..,,. 1: 6'1" -12 XY:1ll01'. lfrzxnlc ,,,.,.. ,..,...,.. ,. .. ,. . HG 5'l1" 170 135 185 1-15 185 165 l-10 160 160 160 180 180 165 165 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL 1111 1011 1213 ll.X 1113 1013 1213 10.1K 1213 1111 12.X 1211 lll! 1'l' 143 Intramural Champions NINTH GRADE CHAMPIONS EIGHTH GRADE CHAMPIONS SEVENTH GRADE CHAMPIONS 144 TRACK TEAM Coach-Mr. John McNertney Track Roster-1958 Name Events Height Weight Age Alexander, Mike Allerton, Girt Bell, john Biggs, Roy Blum, Bob Bolyard, jack Fiernlan, Craig Frankel, Alan Gansz, Nick Goldstein, Ronald Holt, Merrill Irwin, James Jones, George Kaufman, Henry Keogh, Robert Leibowitz, Brian Martin, Richard McCoy, Louis McCullagh, Charles McCul1agh, Desi Miller, Danny Moore, Richard Morrison, Joseph O'Brien, john Pompeo, Tony Rappaport, Robert Reicher, Robert Rice, A. 1. Rice, Harvey Stamoolis, Gus Zimmerman, jim LH, OY 5'7" 135 MR 5'11" 140 FY 5'8" 130 PV 5'8" 170 HM 5'8B6" 160 M R 5'10" 155 HM 5'5" 120 HMR, OY 5'11" 150 D, SP 6'0" 250 PV 5'7" 140 BJ, Hj, HMR 5'7" 160 D. SP 5'1056" 175 BJ, FY, MR 5'8" 1-15 HMR, TY 5'8" 160 M 5'11" 135 HH 6'2" 180 MR 5'l0" 155 FY. MR 5'8" 140 HM 5'10" 140 M 5'11" 150 HMR, TY 5'7" 135 Hj 5'8" 130 HJ 5'1l" 145 SP 5'10" 190 D 6'0" 195 HH 6'1" 170 M 5'9" 150 M 5'7" 130 HM 5'8" 145 LH 5'11" 185 LH 5'11" 150 Grade 11A 11A 11A 10A 11A 10A 11A 12A 11A 12A 11A 10A 12A 10.-X 10.5 1251 1113 10A 10A 1111 11B 10A 10A 11A 12A 10A 12A 1011 1011 12.11 11A -Broad Jump: D-Discus: FY-440 Yard Run, HH-High Hurdles: HJ- gh Jump: HMgHalf Mile Run, HMR-Half Mile Relay, LH-Low Hurdlesg 'XI-Mile Run: MRfMile Relay, OY-100 Yard Run, PV-Pole Vault, SP- Shot Put: TY-220 Yard Run. 145 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Coach-Mr. Claude Sofield TENNIS TEAM Coach-Mr. Mason TOP RATING ATHLETES 146 ' A Tribute To Mr. John H. Irwin, retiring athletic instructor, who has directed the Allderdice Majorettes and the Green Key Club, and who will be remembered as one of Pitts- burgh's finest athletes A Fanfare The quarter starts, the whistle shrills. With green-clad crowds the grandstand fills. The big ball swishes through the hoop, The point is scored by a one-man troop. For thirty years his fans have roared, For thirty well-aimed baskets scored In life's fair game, his sturdy name Has flashed on Victory's tally board. "We'll cheer for White and cheer for Green And cheer for Irwin in between!" The fanfare floods the empty gym And breezes through the basket rim. 147 M Ujuyf 1, ,M My JV 12' W, ,JJ DX W fj,fWrJfWfw7ff-W WD fv A ,iw Leaders LWJAQEIMU 1 , W ,Zz zgwfw W ff SENIOR LEADERS Sponsor-Miss Mary Allsh JUNIOR LEADERS Sponsor-Mrs. Massarell 148 Hockey HOCKEY SQUAD CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP HOCKEY TEAM 149 "What's My Line ?" otables I've Patched My Catch AWARD LE VEL W .--""-'xx ,jfwxlUMKl'lff,V'lMuX AJ 4: m .f-cs-.-EJ Ls rf-JN , X31 XX' x x X X CHAMPIONSHIP CHESS TEAM Seated fleft to rightjz Lee Glickman, Lee Ohringer, Howard Spodek Leonard Schultz. Standing: Sam Geffner, Nick Passell. Sponsor-Mr. Joseph Thompson ALLDERDICE WITHOUT ITS SENIORS IS LIKE . . Steve Hoffman without the navy James Hayes 'withouit 'his late-running streetica1's Geraldine Ragnelli wiitliuut her SC'Cl'CfZll'iZll ability 214 without Miss Zeigler Howard Schwartz wit'h'out his sense uf humor Sue Smith without her voice Irwin Wedner and Paul Kaufman XYiill'Ullf Z1 hzlsketlmll Carol Fairfield without her pony tail Miss Warnock without hex' smmets jo Ann Blotzer -witliouvt Nancy Toth Rona Wolk withoiu't her piano Sandy Solomon without her smile ,lilllfllill Staff without Miss Riddle Harvey Weisberg witlwuit his cars Miss Wilson's office without Evie Wagner Thanksgiving without "Turkey Treat" Fayenola Zalrnon without her ice skates Suzie Ryave without her sewing' 'machine The Wall without a crowd Allen Berman without his camera Harold Seder without his leaclership ability The class play without the Dl'Ulllp't6l'S Esther Pascal without her contracts fm' -i0'lll'IlIll arls 151 We g VNFIN CRV -Q L C he MVSTR Room A J Hep: NORFT3 'W 'ff rv 5f?f-NJN WITHER THOU GOEST Dale Mriddleman and Susie Silverman Myra Reicher and B-ob Nassau Reva Greenberg and Margie Spokane Suzan Ryave and Marcia Leff Bill Merwvitzer and Martin Samuels Caro-1 Greenfield and Tommy Stutz Judy Gel-man and Linda Klein Gail Choder, Mimi Prizent, and Doitty Tauber Eleanor Finkelpearl and Fayenola Zalmon Linda Ackerman and Judy F ingeret Sandy Keilly, Eileen Horne, and Marna Glantz Gus Stam-oolis and Elliott Simon Maxine Lundy and Roslyn Loibmfan Sigrid Hartstein and Barbara Abrams Roberta Feldman, Rozi Sheps, and Hannah Sadowsky Linda Beckett and Janet Aber Bobbi Wo-lk and Joyce Hoffman Brent Klein and Bernard Klein Linda Rae and Jack A. Abel Paul Cohen and Susie Smith Geralyn Ha-gimaiier and Buck Kaye Loretta VVagner and Sonny Balog A SENIOR'S LIBRARY T-his book reminds us of THE CITADEL ..,......,..,,,........,......,...........,.,, ....,..........,............,....... T he VVall THREE MUSKETBERS ..................,. Ronnie Goldstein, Michael Hockman, Sidney Korn FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE .......,....l.............,..... ...,... T he girls of M.M.M. THE CRISIS ..........................,....................,.......l.. . ..,.................. Report was THE BATTLE-GROUND l........,...... Arguing with a teacher over a grade SINGING SISTERS. ,.., . .,.. Lois Malek, Sally Guyer, Mary Ann Panchura ALL AMERICAN 4..,... ,..l.......,........ . ,..,.... . ,.,, . .Tony Pompeo, Jim McFarland THE LIVELY LADY ..,........,...,.,........,..,..,....,.....,........,.........., Miss McKinney MY SISTER AND I ........ .......4,...... A nne and Blanche Ilson Judy and Trudy Krause Joyce and Judy Gottlieb THE VALIANT LADY l........4... .......... E ach senior 'homeroom teacher A FRIEND OF CAESAR ,.,.......... .....,..,..,.............,......,..... O ur Latin song VANITY FAIR ........,..,.....,....................,.. Gfirls using make-up during class SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER ......,...........................................,. Miss Zeigler ALL THIS AND HEAVEN TOO ..............,.....,.....,..........,.............. The Prom THE YOUNG ENCHANTEID .........,..,..,....,......,.....,.,...... Those at the Prom LIFE OF THE BEE l.4...........,,........ Topics suggested for the senior theme 153 SENIORS CAST THEIR VOTES FOR: Marilyn Jeffries-A secret passageway between the junior Office and the Cafeteria Qto avoid being trampled when carrying Miss Alle-n's trayj George McDer1nrrtt-Elevator passes for all seniors Nelson Solow-A coffee break at ten olclock Nancy Ohler-Hearing aids to raise or lower the teacher's voice Leon Steiner-Longer lunch periods Tom livans-Air Force ROTC at Allderdice Ian VVolk-A two-semester course in Creative Vlfriting -Iudy Sheehy-"Music to Study Hy" piped into each class room blames lJiNel1a-Radar sets strategically placed to warn when Mr. VViegand is approaching Don Lloyd-Diners' Club Card to the Cafeteria Daune M-organ-An eight-semester course in Hot Rod Designing Harriet Sorg-An "Eat and Park" installed at the corner of Forward and Tilbury for the convenience of Allderdice students Bobbi Thomas-A new location for Allderdice, Miami Beach or Bermuda. for example TENSE Past Indicative Fred Landau-A member of the debating team: first prize winner of the Penn Speech Tour- nament Sheila Harvey-A member of Future Nurses of America and one of Miss McKinney's Maidens Margaret Passmore-A first place D.A.R. His- tory Awardg a member of Future Teachers of America Ed Collins-Member of Physics Club Mitchell Sandler-Member of the Aquarium Club 1 member of the HC JS PIT.-Xl,ity Committee Richard Levinson-Attended the Allegheny Auto- mation courseg received an zuitomation award 154 Future Perfect A lawyer A nurse A teacher Xn industrial engineer A veterinarian An electrical engineer In My Opinion IT'S THE GREATEST KENNY LafFACE Horses, sports cars, pie BILL REINFELD Girls, dramatics, verbal combat with teachers RGNALD JACOBS Monkeys, girls, camping BERNARD KLEIN Driving, sports, animals BRENT KLEIN Wine, women, and song PAUL HANKIN Sports, onion rolls, Buddy Holly SIGRID HARTSTEIN Kilt skirts, Big Boys, and big boys IRWIN HILK Magic tricks, an IBM homework-doing machine JANET MONTOOTI-I Fridays, bo-w'l-i-ng, dancing SHIRLEY TUCKER Alfred E. Neuman, the Hi-Lo's, eating anything fattening FRANK EHRLICK Music, books, art, "Peanuts" by Schultz JOANNE GOLDMAN Electronics students, driving with the radio blaring, stuffed animals LARRY LEVINI2 Real sharp cars, water sports, Miami U. in Florida LINDA RAE MARKS Rides home, -lack Alan. vacations, music THE WORLD'S WORST Small change, slow drivers, eggnog Noisy sixth periods, typing teachers Elvis, screeching of chalk, used cars Feople fexcluding himselfj who can't p-ark cars, cheese sandwiches, work Scliool Mother Fletchers macaroni and cheese, fish, jokesters Bugs, crazy drivers in bright yellow Fords Erasers that make a horrible mess of a painstakingly neat paper, taking home the wrong book The lack of stools in the cafeteria, people in front walking slowly K VVaiting, loud noises, collecting money, gigglers Trying to discover the correct time on Allderdice clocks. filter cigarettes, wait-ing in line Diets, eating breakfast, little brothers Math, cold weather, non-Ivy League clothes Sundays, streetcars, rush h-our, rock and roll SUE RIOTH MAN Getting u-p at 1:00 P.M. on Sunday, watching TV instead of doing home- work, ph-one calls JOHN SMITH Girls, racing cars, black shirts PAUL QUINTEN Painting, sports, dating ,IDE RIZZO Music, sports, eating MAJESSA ROSS Listening to the radio, sewing, dating of course! Never finding a parking place on Forbes Street after school, tea bags, the name Susan Crew haircuts, Ivy League hats, white bucks, riding on buses Classical music, unipegged pants XYestern movies, quiz shows. liver, teachers who open windows in the middle of winter , Rushing to class as the late bell rings, getting up at 7, supper dishes CARTOON CHARACTERS Nancy and Sluggo ...i...,,,.,.....,............. The Jackson Twins .....,. Lolly ...,....,.,,...,.............. F reckles ..,.....i...,....,.,.... Rex Morgan, M.D ..... , Joe Paloroka .,..,.,......,...,, Dennis, The Menace ...i... Blondie .,.,................... Buz Sawyer .,....... Brenda Starr ...... L'il Abner .,..,.. Daisy Mae .i...... Archie ........... Iughead ,.,...., Betty ........,.. Veronica ...... Joyce Hoffman and Henry Slesinger Joyce and Judy Gottlieb .. in r A ff Mite :EX , r X K fs if? fp ,4 'i" S fr: 157 ....,.......janet Aber ...Alan VVake-field ......Saul Lockhart ......Will:ian1 Yalch Richard Srolovitz ,i.,..Pat1'icia Liisak .VVilliam Schively Barbara Bacinsky .James Tompkins ,. Eleanor Uselton ., David Shear . ,, Jerry NVo0ds Carol Dickson Beverly Borio FAMOUS LAST WORDS FRUNI lilGlS.'XlQlJfXYoii't smneune please liuy tlicsc -IOURN X Ql 5 Cl..VXlRlC RCJSlCNZXYlliG-lluw will l get to tlic liln'z1i'y tmlzly VIUIJY N.'X'l'H.-XN!lSut I never stucly liarcl. MIKE FONfXYliat's my line? H ANNAH S.-XlJOXYSKYfl'in going on LL dict again. SUSAN SL'l'll2RR4l.o'ok lierc, cliilcll qXRNUl.l7 lfRlClilHlAN4l read books! SH.-XNl3lfl, SPIRO-I really rlun't say tlizit HUXX'.XRlJ SCHXY.XlQTZ-By Gcm'g'el NANCY 'l'fXLfl3llRG4Oi, my liczlrt and liver! bl.-XNlC ROSlCNlSERG4l lmow you clon't love mc. SHIELIJON Rlll.l,ER-For that. l3ll.l. RlilNFlil.DfTl1e goat saicl 'IOAN Zllrpfixllfl so on and so lurtli. Speaking of: Lflicckers Dry linger NNY all Clewpzmtm Novak Goliath l'oli'S Key Safari nn educator ling' lnclizms Yllmltz MIX-UPS 1 ll 1 3 Y 9 f 1 1 . P uf . - le ""' Q-,ui 158 We have: DfJ'1lll?l1ll! XVlL'l'zcl Earnest Fox .Xntllony Kim David Xlleinstein l.OCK1'iflg'e H UNT .N l.lCll N ll li SQXCCO l'lC Jxxlflfll 'l':mg'lus sa H13 i A Senior 's Diary September 3A-The school seems empty without those seniors from the last class. VVhat am I saying? This is the first day of my being a S-E-N-I-O-Rl September 23-October 4-I feel like such a misfit! Everyone except me has the Asian flu. I must be next. The attendance is so poor that I can actually walk safely through the second floor annex. October 5-Sputnik, a Russian satellite, is reported to be in outer space. Everyone I know is either trying to sell me tickets for the first trip to the moon or to convince me to be a space scientist. In a way, I am a space scientist since I take up time and space in my solid geometry class! October 10-Boy, I'm ugly! I got my proofs today, and I'm having retakes next week. October 14-I was a bit late for school today. You see, there is a transpor- tation strike, but I understand that it will be over soon. October 22-Wliew! Today I took the National Merit Scholarship Quali- fying Test. One of the writings was about a Mrs. Mahoney. From what I read, she was buying something to give her husband for dinner: but everyone else says that the nasty creature murdered her husband. October 25--The Student Council "Foot Ball" was one hundred per cent successful. All of the teachers were exceptionally good in the enter- tainment, especially Dr. Teal with his leather jacket and sideburns. October 31-VVe were all "apple-siders" today. Our teachers each received a one-month supply of apples. November l-Parties. parties. and more parties! Tonight was the first 12A party, the "I-Iallowe'en Hop." I understand that Nancy Strauch and her date along with Anna Mae Kusko and her date stole the dress parade with their originality. November 23-Double whew! Today I had quite an experience taking the Civic Club Test. Do you know how many miles of railroad track there are in the United States? Friday. December I3-Despite the unlucky date, the senior class play. The Loud Red Patrick, was an hilarious success. Billy Reinfield was successful in carrying Susie Berger across the stage for the last time. December I9--I got rather misty-eyed as approximately thirty alumni walked to the stage to sing "Emitte" at the end of the best program A Cappella Choir has ever given. December 21-January Z-VVhat a vacation! I didn't do the work I had planned: but. oh. the fun I had. january I7--Those 12A's just receive one honor after the other. Yesterday there was the Kiwanis Club luncheon for high honor students and to- day, Honor Assembly. "Moving up" and becoming a IZA made mc feel very important. January 20-I hear that -Iohn Pillar mav replace Groucho Marx's duck. Todav, in the Class Dav entertainment, he came down in a lighted swing each time the contestants said the secret word. January 22-Well, this is it! Our class is the "big brass" around Allder- dice now. The other l2A's graduated tonight. I'm going to miss them January 24-The senior prom was tonight. I know the "gang" had a won- derful time although they must have felt sad since this was the last thing they would do together. February l-The Russians can have their Sputnik and their Muttnikg we have the Explorer. The next time someone tries to sell me a ticket for a trip to the moon, maybe I should buy one! 160 February 3-just eighty-five more days to go, and I have a fabulous sched- ule this semester: math review, study, history, hall patrol, English, activity period, and study. Iim just worried about one thing. I'm going to have an awful lot of homework. February 14-Nobody loves me! My last Valentine's Day in high school, and I didn't get even one valentine. February 15-I thought my JOURNAL features were good until the meeting today. Now I have to rewrite all of them. March 20-I'd like to murder the wise guy who invented report cards. He just ruined my whole senior year. When I'm a senior again next year . . . March 21-It was a 'beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the flowers were blooming. Then I woke up and found two inches of snow covering the ground on this first day of spring. March 26-Glory hallelujah! While repairing the school's front steps, someone cracked the gas main: and school was dismissed at lunch time. What a break! March 28-Student Council did it again. This time it was the "Spring Swing." When I saw two lines forming from one end of the gym to the other, I was rather confused until I realized that everyone was doing the "Stroll." Climaxing the dance was the giving away of Allderdice pens and sweatshirts, class play tickets, a JOURNAL subscrip- tion, and senior prom tickets. April 1-Guess what? I got a scholarship. Before you take that bit of news seriously, youid best look at the calendar. Happy April Fool's Day! April 4-7-Although I spent half of Easter Vacation at the library, I had a wonderful time. I only wish it had been twice as long as it was. April Z3-I think that several of the people in my class have gone crazy. They walked around the cafeteria today carrying balloons. April 25-What a load off my mind. I turned in my Senior theme today even though it wasn't very good. Oh, well, I've gotten E's before! Tonight I went to our Senior Class Sadie Hawkins Day Dance. After the third boy ran away when I tried to patch him, I almost gave upg but I finally got there. Pee VVee Reifer and Tuffy Gantz dance so well together! April 28-"Halleluia, bananas! Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me." Trans- lation: "Yes we have no bananas. We have no bananas today." Before you start to think that I'm crazy, I'll explain. Today Dr. Laufe, an English professor at Pitt, spoke to our F.T.A. Club about musical comedies. I-Ie showed us first how lyricists steal melodies and then. how to compose music from telephone numbers. I never spent a more enjoyable hour. May 2--Dramatic English Class gave a bang up performance of "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." Judy Fingeret looked so well in that stunning outfit that I wis-h she'd wear it more often! May 15-Well, they say there's one in every class, and this year I'm the one. I'm the only member of my class who applied to ten colleges and was rejected by all of them. May 27-Get this one. Somehow my name was on the list of high honor ptudfznts, and I went to the Kiwanis Club dinner today. It was really ove y. May 30-Oh my aching sunburn! VVhy did I have to go swimming for four hours this afternoon? I hope the blisters disappear before graduation. ,Tune 5-For the first time I was on the stage today. It felt wonderful to be honored at Honor Assembly. and Mother and Daddy were so proud of me. June 6-That Class Day entertainment sure was something. Maybe seven 161 and a half minutes between classes would be a good idea. And that picnic afterwards! I never had so much fun. une 9-l just came home from commencement rehearsal. You should see what I look like in my cap and gown. That gown must be at least four sizes too biv' for me. 25 june 10-XX'ell, it's good-bye to Kennywood Park. Today I went to my last school picnic. XYe rode on the roller coaster, the ferris wheel, and the merry-go-rm:und until we were so dizzy that we couldn't stand up, and then we ate hot dogs, cotton candy. pop corn, and everything else im- aginable. l'm a hit ill tonight, but it was a wonderful good-bye to childhood. une llaTonight the fun ends. Yes, in spite of everything, I had the most wonderful senior year in the world. l'll always remember the friends and parties and even the fun of writing a senior theme. It is really hard for me to believe that after the prom on Friday night, our class will be scattered all over the country. Although we have been criticized and scorned, I know that after graduation we will show everyone how wrong they were about us by making our contributions to the world's progress. lYe are so deeply indebted to the people at Taylor Allder- dice that l don't think we can ever thank them adequately. The won- derful teachers who taught us so many fascinating things deserve the credit for making the past four years the best in our lives. I know that in the future I shall remember my days at Taylor ."Xllderdice with fondness. CHOIR SINGING AT GATEWAY CENTER 162 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. COMPLIMENTS OF Bernard Abels Barton Aber Mrs. George Altenbaugh Mrs. Emanuel Amdur Mr. and Mrs. Artisans, Ltd. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Arluk M. H. Ball Mildred Bendick Mrs. Yolana Berger Mr. and Mrs. George Berman Bob and Myra Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bonnem Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brentley Gary Burns Samuel A. Caplan Claire's family, the Rosenzweigs Mr. and Mrs. Maryl and Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Conwisher, Rosa Le-o E. Crouse Samuel X. Davis Mrs. Ida Dimperio Mr. Michael Dimperio James DiNella Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R. DiPietr0 Economy Market Mr. and Mrs. Albert Epstein Mrs. Helen L. Fatkin Mr. and Mrs. George Fechko Mr. and Mrs. Sam Feldman and family Mr. and Mrs. John S. Ferber Mrs. Paul Fierst and Carolyn Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Firek Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Maurice H. Finkelpearl William Frankel Morris Freedman and sons Lonnie Freeman Albert Frick Compliments of a Friend Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Fox, Richard and Gayle Mr. and Mrs. Sol Fox Mr. and Mrs. Benj. C. Gelman and family Mr. and Mrs. Casper Giffen Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ginsburg Mr. and Mrs. David Glantz Mr. and Mrs. David Glickman Mr. and Mrs. Louis Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Goldhamer Phyllis Goldhamer and Linda Greenberg Mr. Howard Goldstein and Mrs. Emanuel Goldstein Dr. and Mrs. Mayer A. Green and family Mr. and Mrs. A. Greenberg, Neil and Reva Mr. and Mrs. S. Harr Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Hartstein Mr. and Mrs. M. Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hefner Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hersh Carol Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hottner Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hurwitz Rabbi and Mrs. Aaron B. Ilson Jason's Beauty Salon Jeanne's Dress Shop I. H. Kantrowitz Kard Kase Mir. and Mrs. John Kavchak Bernard Klein Mr. and Mrs. J. Klemp T. W. Knowlson Mr. and Mrs. William Kopka Mr. and Mrs. Alex W. Kovacs Judy Krause Kubitz and Goss Mr. and Mrs. Ithamar Lando M. Leff Radio Parts Co. Mr. and Mrs. William P. Leichter Mr. and Mrs. I. Hyman Lerner Judy Lesser and Sam Bales Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Macy Leuin Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Levenson Mr. and Mrs. Geo. G. Levin Mr. and Mrs. David Levine Mr. and Mrs. Abe Liebman Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Lippard Saul J. Lockhart-honor of graduation Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lundy Mr. and Mrs. Martin P. Lyden Mr. and Mrs. Milton Male Anthony G. Mamajek Joan Mares Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Marks Miller Bros. Furniture and Mrs. Elijah Miller and Mrs. Robert Montooth Meyer Nathan and Mrs. Daniel Neuman Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. and Mrs. S. G. Odle Nancy Ohler Oliver Flower Shop Dr. and Mrs. Harry B. Orringer 163 COMPLIMENTS OF Mrs. John Pallof Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Passell Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Passmore Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Pearlman Mr. and Mrs. Saul Prizent and family Mrs. Ruth Puchta Mr. and Mrs. Nick Pugliese Mr. and Mrs. Al Reicher Mr. and Mrs. Harry Reicher Mr. and Mrs. Louis Reifer and family Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Rein Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Reinfeld Mr. and Mrs. John L. Richards Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Rosen Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Rosenzweig Mr. and Mrs. john J. Roth Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Ryave Mr. and Mrs. M. Sadowsky and daughters Edward Saltsburg Mrs. Margaret Schivley and Mrs. Nathan Schneir and family Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Schultz, Allan and Myna Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Frank Silverman Mr. and Mrs. Sidney O. Sims and Mrs. John Smidy and Mrs. J. Irvin Smith Gerald Max Sokolow Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Americo Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. H. Solomon Meyer Spiro S. Spokane, Margie and Sandy George Stone Paul L. Strauch Irving L. Stutz Philip Sugerman and Helene Hyman Tarmy B. Teitelbaum Vannozzi, Sr. Morris Vinocur Joseph Wedner Arthur Weiner Roy H. Wetzel William H. Whitman F. A. Wisenauer and family judge and Mrs. Abraham L. Wolk Mr. and Mrs. Martin Seder and sons Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wolk and family Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Shaer and daughters Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Worgo Mr. and Mrs. Julius Sheps and family Mr. and Mrs. William Wuerthele Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shore Yorkshire Shop The Silverhart Family Mr. and Mrs. Abe Zalmon C omplimems SENIOR HOME ROOM 3 6 I 164 jERoME WOLK AND BROTHER EXCLUSIVE FURS 434 OLIVER AVENUE GRant 1-4800 JERRY'S STUDIO OF HAIR DESIGN Compliments of John's Coffee Shop Specialties: John's Big Hamburgers and French Fries Sodas, Sundaes, and Milk Shakes COME IN AND TRY ONE 1724 MURRAY AVENUE Comfvlimcnls of LITTLE'S SHOE STORE C07lgl"11fll1tIil0llS Seniors SIMON PASCAL "Tim House of Fine Furs" liRant l-4624 First Floor jenkins Arcade Pittsburgh, Pa. CUllIff7l1'IlIiPIlfS of Mr. Joseph Porter Compliments of C 01l1f7lll'1'l'C'l1fS from the Girls in Junior Discussion SENIQR LEADERS Club C L U B cDerlimzefl to Our graduating fllemhers by ICTORY A Z A c'hzf00l'-Ha rmony efhzieah--Charz'ty lzofwh-Benefuoleme JANUARY CLASS Robert Tesler JUNE CLASS Steven Hoffman Murry Rice Sam Putterman Larry Rosen Homestead High School Peabody High School Morry Pearlstein Jon Klasfeld "Let us go out into the world and dedicate ourselves to truth, to honor, to virtue and to justiceg thus we hasten the day when all men will acknowledge the common brotherhood of man and the common fatherhood of God." 166 Compliments of -IAYS FORWARD AVENUE For Your School Supplies Compliments of I ravvssunons ARTS ltlliegxiyqs vsfmimi .- -J - - FRANK MEN'S WEAR 5816 FORBES AVENUE "Next to the Bank" Compliments of GREEN KEY CLUB COACH IRWIN, Sponsor EADS and FASHIONS for Dresses and Sportswear 1923 MURRAY AVENUE HAzel 1-8854 RONN HARDVVARE 2030 MURRAY AVENUE I-IAZCI l-5557 Dupont Paints Il'e Deliver C0Wl'liments Compliments of of MR. and MRS. LCROY 15. DANIEIJS 'CLEANERS IELIAENBERGER Compliments of COLUMBIA KLEEN-RITE, IN C. WEST HOMESTEAD Compliments of MR. and MRS. HENRY FLOCK Compliments of CHILD CRAFT SHOE STORE 1835 MURRAY AVENUE Compliments of MR. and MRS. DAVID FINGERET and FAMILY THE CARLTON SHOP Compliments of I D BAKINIG COMPANY INTERIOR FURNISHINGS LNITE H-A261 1-2284 5823 Forbes AVCUU9 Makers of Gold Banner Breads and Cakes Compliments of Y-TEENS Extend Best VVisl1es to HAM RADI0 CLUB LOUISE PETR.-KCI JUDY SI-IEEHN ARLENE KOVACS Compliments of the BIOLOGY CLUB Sponsor MRS. NANCY L. SNIVELY Officers President ROGER KERN Vice President ANNE HENRY Secretary SUSAN RABINOWITZ Treasurer HOWARD O'DONNEI.L The Members of the Taylor Alldierdice Chess Club Offvr Tlwir Congratulatimzs TO THE GRADUATING CLASS COMPLIMENTS OF HOMEROOM 218 THOUGHT FOR The Seniors of 467 Leaving Mr. Caye GOOD LU Ronnie Abels Mildred Bendik Sylvia Braunstein Lawrence Betsill Richard Burdman Paul Cohen Bonnie Eckhouse Philip Erd Roberta Feldman Myrna Gardner Bonnie Glass Patti Gordon Patti Green Gerson Greenbarg Richard Grinberg hlarna Glantz Robert Hoffman Eileen Horne Paul Kaufman Sandra Keilly THE DAY! Are New if Heaven. CK! Nancy Landy Robert Levison Dale Middleman Sheldon Miller Judy Nathan Rose Marie Pastor Alan Pearlman Jane Rosenberg Ronald Rosen Donna Richards Milton Rosenzweig Hannah Sadowsky Rosalyn Sheps Myron Silverman Susan ,Io Silverman Helene Sugerman Shandel Spiro Susie Smith Nanci Tauberg Frank Waller THE STUDENT LIBRARY STAFF extends best 'wishes to the fol- lowing graduating mefnbers : FEBRUARY 1958 Marlene Binder JUNE 1958 Mary Bargar Carol Greenfield Barry Hersh Marshall Himes Eileen Home Sandra Keilly Joan Marcus Rose Marie Pastor William Puchta Donna Lee Richards Milton Rosensweig Compliments of American Cleaning and Repairing Co. 5864 FORBES AVENUE Compliments of THE DRAMATIC ENGLISH CLASS "Our Hearts VVf'rc Young and Gay" June, 1958 Nos fneillenrs sonhaits a Ia classe de 1958 ENTRE NOUS Congratulations to the graduating Classes from the TAYLGR ALLDERDICE PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION S Complimenzfs of The Eleventh Grade of Taylor Allclerdice H igh School Compliments of HDINIE IN THE ALLDERDICE PENN DINER CAFETERIAU WILKINSRBURG THE CAFETERIA STAFF Robert H. Fairfield, Sr., Manager jEANNE'S DRESS SHOP 5818 FORBES AVENUE Always the Smartest 172 Compliments of MR. and MRS. BERTRAM BIGGARD C umplimientos de EL CLUB ESPANOL ROBBIE'S 5802 FORWARD AVENUE Famous For Our Own Made Ice Cream Compliments of THE TWEED SHOP Compliments 01' NATIONAL SHOE CO. 5828 FORBES AVENUE NEVVIVIANUS YOUTH CENTER 5834 FORBES AVIENUE HAzel 1-5000 C omplimanis of MURRAY AVENUE NEWS 2024 MURRAY AVENUE Complete School Supplies Compliments of BEN WEINSTEIN Sz SONS C ompliments of THE AMERICAN JEWISH RESTAURANT OUTLOOK SQUIRREL HILL 1037 FORBES AVENUE Compliments of LIBERTY A.Z.A. NO. 913 SOL'S GRADUATING SENIOR GERALD SOKOLOW ROSS ORTOLEVA Sz SON 1709 MURRAY AVENUE HAze1 1-1815 JOSEPH LEIBOWITZ KOSHER MEATS Under the strict supervision of the Urad Hakashrus 2301 Murray Avenue Squirrel Hill Fresh, Smoked and Pickled Meats ,IAckson 1-9858 Compliments of Compliments of MISTER H THE GIRLS FINE FEMININE FASHIONS OF 5877 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh 17, Pa. JUNIQR LEADERS Mit den Freulndlichsten MARYN'S YOUTH FASHIONS Komplimente 5878 FORBES AVENUE 'von Squirrel Hill das fungere Deutsche Klub HAzeI 1-6230 C omplimemy of DINTY MOORIEYS "Tlumk.v to cz Swell Bunch of People" 174 Compliments 01' MODERN DANCE ROOM 37 2 Best W'islzes to All Seniors ROOM 365 Congratulations to the Classes of 1958 C0lllf7lillll'lllS Of SENIOR HOME ROOM 4-O5 Compliments Of the JUNIOR AND SENIOR STUDENT COUNCILS The Steak House STEAKS "Broiled on Charcoal" FINE SEA FOODS 5841 FORBES AVENUE Pittsburgh 17, Pa. Squirrel Hill JAckson 1-0542 Compliments of THE COLLEGE CLUB . 1 b FREEDMAN'S TV Science C u MENS WEAR Good Luck, Seniors 1725 MURRAY AVENUE Squirrel Hill JAACRSOII 1-4000 IVY LEAGUE FASHIONS AT POPULAR PRICES C ompllments Of TODAY'S BUSINESS GIRLS Compliments of President, Jane Hough A Vice President, Connie Miller Secretary, Maureen Doyle Treasurer, Betty Halapin Program Chairman, Pat Ostrowski Compliments of 7 Gammon S Sc soN, INC. Hllallhollse Distributors of and TOMMY TRAVELER LUGGAGL cyan-ll-nOn'S AND LEATHER GOODS Washington Road 821-823 FIFTH AVENUE GRant 1-3821 C omplimenzs Of Senior Discussion Complimenls Of Future Teachers of America 178 Compliments of the PHYSICS CLUB 1957-1958 Comfvliments of A F R I E N D Best Wishes to the Senior Class from the A. A.'s Simon M. Rosenthal All Forms of Insurance 5831 FORBES AVENUE CNear Murrayj Telephone 2 JAcks0n 1-7900 Compliments of MR. and MRS. I. H. ABRAMS Compliments of SARON'S DRUG STORE 701 EAST EIGHTH AVENUE HOMESTEAD, PENNSYLVANIA HOmestead l-3858 Congratulations from the SIXTEEN CONVENIENTLY LOCATED National Record Marts The Semor German Club Extends Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1958 and Their Graduating Members 'HOWARD COHEN CAROL DICKSON 'MARNA GLANTZ BENJAMIN LURIE 'NICK PASSELL ROBERT' REICHER WILLIAM REINFELD CARL REUTER RONA WOLK 4' Officers KEY CLUB wishes to express congratulations to the graduating classes of 1958 and to its graduating members. SHELDON LIEBMAN President CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE GRADUATING CLASSES OF 1958 FROM THE KIWANIS CLUB OF SQUIRREL HILL Z 180 HOME ROOM 358 Lost to the march of time: forty 12A's from room 358. Anybody knowing the whereabouts of ALLEN BERMAN JOANN BLOTZER MICHAEL DIMPERIO CAROL FAIRFIELD FRANK GREEN RIEVA GREENBERG CAROL GREENFIELD JAMES HAYES STEVEN HOFFMAN PAUL KAUFMAN LINDA KLEIN MARCIA LEFF ARNOLD LEVIN ROSILYN LOIBMAN MAXYNE LUNDY ALAN MARTIN VVILLIAM MERWIT7ER ROGER NICHOL ESTHER PASCAL GERALDINE RAGNELLI MYRA REICHER PHYLLIS REIFER SUZAN RYAVE MARTIN SAMUELS HOWARD SCHWARTZ HAROLD SEDER ELLIOTT SIMON SUSAN SMITH SANDRA SOLOMON MARJORIE SPOKANE CONSTANTIN STAMOOLIS THOMAS STUTZ NANCY TOTH EVELYN WAGNER IRWIN WEDNER HARVEY WEISBERG FAYENOLA ZALMON JOAN ZIFF MRS. PORTER'S PORTERS ALAN BOLYARD ALAN BREAKSTONE ALAN BREGMAN BERNARD COHEN MARYL CONWISHIER JOAN CUSTER JOHN DeMEDA ROCHELLE EICHENBAUM ALAN FRANKEL RUTH GOLDBERG EILEEN GOLDENSON PHYLLIS GOLDHAMER RONALD GOLDSITEIN EILEEN GUTS-HALL BETTY ANN HALAPIN BARRY HERSH MIKE HOCHMAN BETSY HOSTLER HARVEY KATOFSKY HERBERT KAUFMAN ARLENE KOVACS JUDY KRAUSE TRUDY KRAUSE MARVIN LANDAU MICHAEL LANDO ALLEN LIEVENSON DENNIS WITT LARRY LEVINE JOAN MARCS BONNIE MARYN MARSHA MILLER WILLIAM PUCHTA SHEILA REIN IDA ROSEN HARRIET ROSENBERG ARNOLD ROSENTHAL RICHARD ROSENZWEIG LINDA SHAPIRO ROBERT SOLTZ DAVID STIEINBERG The Farewell Express lea-ves on track 356 at IZ AM. for Happy Days, For All Compliments of Allderdice A Orchestra WALTER B. VOYVODICH, Director GRAD UATING MEMBERS : MURRAY ALBER INA AMDUR LaVERNE ELINOW SHELDON LEIBMAN, President RONALD SCHWERIN, Vice President-Treasurer ELAINE TARMY FRANCES VVEISBERG, Secretary IAN VVOLK SHELLEY WOLK Our room's the best, we must cionifess Because we have togetherness! A family that's full of tricks We're proud to be Room 3061! Compliments to All Seniors 182 HOME ROOM 429-IZA CAROL BALOG JEAN BARCA ALBERT BARN S EUGENE BROTSKY MICHAEL CHERGI EDDIE COLLINS 'CLAIRE EGER "JAMES GARTH DARRYL GRAHAM SHEILA HARVEY BARBARA HOLLANDER MARGIE HOWELL RICHARD HUI MARY HURWITZ CARL KATZ FRED LANDAU " Officers .XRLENE LYNCH 'MARIANNE MALE LOIS MALEK CHARLES MARSHALL MARGARET PASSMORE MARIO PETRILLI SAM PUTTERMAN MARION ROSNER 'MITCHELL SANDLER CLARENCE SCHREIBER 'KSANDY STEINITZ MARSHALL STRAHL DOROTHY STROPKO DAVID SUMMERS LOUIS WEISZ RONALD WORGO Compliments of A CAPPELLA CHO IR JANUARY, 1958 RACHAEL AMERICUS JOHN STEPHENSON ROCHELLE ROSENTHAL SANDRA SUSSMAN JUDITH WUERTHAL JUNE, 1958 JANET ABER BARBARA ABRAMS LAWRENCE BETSILL ALAN BREGMAN BARBARA CORTON CAROL DICKSON JOYCE F:RFF'MAN RONALD GOLDSTEIN SALLY GUYER BETTY HALAPIN SIGRID HARTSTEIN GLENN KERN SID KORN MARILYN JEFFRIES NANCY LANDY LARRY LEVINE LOIS MALEK SHvELDON MILLER ROGER NICHOL MARY ANN PANCHURA MARIAN ROSNER LINDA SHAPIRO DAVID SHEARER SUSAN SILVERMAN SUSAN SMITH HARVEY ST'ONE DOROTHY TAUBER BARBARA WHITMAN RONA WOLK JOAN ZIFF uh f 4, iff ff ' 1 4 1 ." A I W rj!! X. H 'f-495811 A 3-,i Env Y iZQ 2 nf 'D' L' ' ,J f W f rWf, Y 0246 I 11. U , j J f an . Ulw' X' f Q ,, ,Haj V Maxx'- l:. 3 V K dc 4if.L?.,fLA-L, fm, kf2Q.,cfx,1-'-.,y,m, Z0 fgfaduw 6.2 I ,,fw,:..X .ZA-ca-4fwf,,V J' L . - ', - wi. -QWALMMQ' ' X, 'jf' E f'1.'7. 1 K f 'H W W! C' - KN 4 ' fm? '3-w f--A 1 V I f , I ff MQ, 3 H' :ZA U , 'A1 A MM v 4 n 1 5 rg .Z 1 .,,- X 5- -m 1 -5, ,-Q -.J 5 w,- Qi.. e w , s w 2-an li'-4 K i w I V '-. . 1 Q-Yi 'JL il' , ii 7. P E ,W ,-4-1 -- --

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