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Allderdice High School - Allderdice Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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-1. .An-fr, 5 -. L. 1' -C1 ,.h1 cgi' -W 1 .1 '?"l"""'1 r fn- '1 W " ' 7 , 5. A I. ,,. X - 1 -1 ' ' ' N P 'Y 4 -U s ' - X 'lm-, . Si, gl - 'm - " ' ' 4 x. L , Y. . ., .,- 1 1 4 ..-, , u., . .. '.- 1 ,, .H . x V ,f 1 ,. '- -.,....-.jidj 1 - , 2 ""' -.Q-2'v ,g 1.4 - 'si-1, """- 4, ' , 1 - 1 51 N-1 ,sua ,. , t , , .. . ,, , -, . 1 ,XL ir' "' ' Y '1 ,. x 1 4.-.A Q. .., , 1- 3, if ' " 1 1 - ' 1 ,s - 11 X ., Q. .X 1 1 .. ..1 . . 1 L Wi.. - J- , , -,,.f X - 1.1 .4.1' - N 'ff' ' LL .m-.. V .4 t 1 " . 1 ', ' - ffl- - 1L"tF .. ., . -..I -, . x. ,,,-- .. 1 Q., i,?' . :fr 1f fr Q ' 1 1 np... .1 ,Q -' J' ' 21.5, ' X W 3. ,., 1 Ju. ,Lx , .-ax . .. x Au..-" ' ... .N ' . -l 14,55- H-L J ' gs' ,"' N' - -v, - 1 - g, L 4 "E, fp- V' 1- --. .- 1 ,., ' -.nn n ir- .L , . -? big? --f"f 1-EH--A, ,L , "-"alll . . ,. ,Q V. ,Q .uf-:i'f,,"Q ., . ...iv . . A-: -tv ,..,!,,i , ., -- .....u q, .. M . A 1 '51 W!!-.1 . 1341 ., M- ., 1 io . .H -Y ...- , M - -1f:q.9l'.-1 . Q. 1.,-,, -Ly 1 -h.. fl- ,1- v -. ' 1- ,a 3-f,q 'K . ,L .,i 1 - 2: . 7.5 , xr- 1 Lf' .1 -., NV iff -.I. i-. ir. -X ,. air. y, - W-' .1 - ' . P-4.-ral li- E 'Y' ' I1 1 I, wxf... ft.: I Y 1 . -.. gqx eg... f f T H E ALLDERDICI T he Allderdice 56 4 R Q 6773' G9'Y VOLUME XXVIII Published jointly by the Seniors of the January and june Classes of 1957 The Taylor Allderdice High School SHADY AND FORWARD AVENUES PITTSBURGH, PENNA. Dedication With extreme gratitude, the January and June classes of 1957 wish to dedicate their year book to these teachers who have devoted twenty-five years or more to teaching at All- derdice. We are indebted to them for the outstanding service, the invaluable experience, and the thoughtful guidance which they have given unselfishly throughout our high school edu- cation. Miss Charlotte Bailey Miss Helen Bartrim Miss Charlotte Beachler Miss D-orothy Bergman Mr. Samuel Blitz Miss Mary Brennan Mr. Lon Colborn Miss L. Esther Geist Mr. Robley Hackett Miss Rose Hartz Mr. Robert Irvin Mr. John Irwin Miss jane Johnston Miss Elizabeth Klingensmith Mrs. Dorothy Meyer Miss Bertha Mitchell Miss Alice Phipps Miss Diantha Riddle Mr. Charles Roller Miss Leila Rupp Mrs. Mae VVeber Smith Miss Laura Zeigler f'F'.4agxMq.g' :hif vb ,M 'TAYLOR www ......,-fbw- QERK-ifv ,.E'z7 wgm, ln V. 4, wrvfi- 4' . . . . -'W-if .K G J Q, -J--, J Foreword In this, the 1957 issue of the Taylor Allderdice Journal, the staff is attempting to present its fellow seniors and schoolmates in the light of their many achievements. Since this marks the thirtieth year in the history of Taylor Allder- dice High School, the theme of the book, "The Allderdice Dragon Looks at Allderdice in 1927, 1937, 1947, and 1957," is especially appropriate. Through these thirty years, this dragon, Humphrey, has watched many senior classes come and go. We think the Class of 1957 is the best. We are attempting to prove their greatness through the pictures and articles in this book. 7 EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Wesley Pickard Rena Siegel Ye a r b 0 0 lc "ll-n.,.-4' Sponsor-Miss Diantha W. Riddle ASSOCIATE EDITORS Carlene Aberman, Judy Barad, Marilyn Beckerman, joseph Brenner, Gloria Cannon, janet Cohen Sandra Cohen, Joyce Freedman, Joan Freedman, Ronna Freedman, Richard Gerson, Harold Glick Qi- , aa aaaa mg ryer A :S ,ge jackie Green, Blair Jacobson, Sheldon Keyser, Sue Kohlhepp, Phyllis Lando, Carol Lemke Marsha Lomask, Sandra Morris, Faylinda Raffel, Melsa Rosen, Marvin Rubin, Gerry Ruth Sack Stephen Salomon, Rhoda Shear, Pepi Sherman, Rose Trattner, Carol Wedner, Sandra Young ,K 32 ,ne- .zr , I ii!!-A .31 BUSINESS MANAGERS Robert Felton, Herbert Applebaum, Myron Salamon, Marvin Perer 8 C13 Uh i We "elif-E' "" I wig ' 'se ,.,,f' ,,.:. Eur." , gl if gig! 5 5 522 lil!' X: -an in Q. JOURNAL ART STAFF Teacher--Miss Catherine Eisama n Eugene Ali, Sonya Blank, Glenn Eaton, Patricia Hirshfield, Edward Jacobson, Jerry johnson, Ora Kantarof, Penny Litt, Lorraine Mandel, Sandra M ' ' ' Dorothy Ostwind andel, Patrrcla Mlller 9 v MR. J. D. MCCLYMONDS Principal Taylor Allderdice Junior-Senior High School DR. EARL M. McWILLIAMS Vice Principal Taylor Allderdice Junior High School Administration To The Class of 1957 Graduation time is a time of mixed emotionsg joy at seeing a group accomplish what it set out to do from years before and sorrow at seeing the leaders of our school leave. But as the graduates leave, the faculty and students of Taylor Allderdice High School join with me in wishing them success and happiness in whatever they may do in the future. -J. D. McCLYMONDS DR. HAL C. TEAL Vice Principal Taylor Allderdice Senior High School Miss Laura B. Zeigler . it'fi'Z'ifltl'X DI.7'Fc'fCIF hiiiss ldell B. Xvilsou Miss Kathryn R. McKinney Smzior lf'0m1'i01zaI Cozmselor Adr'i.wr to Smzim' GI.l'l.S' Miss Leaiiore Allen Miss Kay Moulieim .ll1II'Ii01' l'70l'lIfiU1ItlI Coinzsvlor .-ld1'i.n'1' to JIIIIIUUI' Girly Miss Isabel T. Zinn C'l11'z'f C'Ir'rk Clrrks Mrs. Margaret G. Kieffer Mrs. Helen B. Mikula Mrs. Ruth Piper Mrs. Aiistina Bradley 10 F acult Members ufrt Miss Catherine M. Eisaman, Mrs. Margaret R. Fuller, Miss Olivia Koenig, Miss D'Anne Wuchinich Commercial Miss Jeanne Y. Adams, Miss Helen R. Bartrim, Dr. Earl H. Burgard, Miss Margaret A. Hanrahan, Mr. John B. Melvin, Mr. Donald G. Miller, Miss Katharine Skarinski, Miss Margaret L. Winch 'Distributifue Education Mr. Howard O. Barnes E n glish Miss Theodora Arvanitas, Mrs. Marjorie H. Bartrem, Mrs. Della R. Braun, Miss Edith N Finegold, Mrs, Eileen R. Forst, Mrs. Fannetta N. Gordon, Miss Helen B. Gorman, Mrs. Mary Jo Groppe, Mr. Edwin Harr, Miss Rose D. Hartz, Miss Helen H. Hillard, Mrs. Natalie Mfiller, Miss Nancy j. Montgomery, Miss Mary P. O'Toole, Miss Elaine E. Pelaez, Mrs. Elizabeth W. Porter, Miss Diantha VV. Riddle, Mr. Joseph C. Thompson, Miss Elizabeth Warnock, Mr. Regis B. Wiegand Home E conomics Miss Charlotte E. Bailey, Mrs. Margaret N. Bush, Mrs. Helen S. Frankenstein, Mrs. Jenoise W. Leon, Mrs. June C. Mclsaac, Mrs. Alouise H. Ramsay Industrial Arts Mr. Robert M. Colteryahn, Mr. Jerome F. Cosgrove, Mr. Irving A. Hyman, Mr. NVilliam G. Matthews, Mr. Alex Seigal, Mr. Leon W. Silzle, Mr. August K. Winterling Languages Miss Dorothy Bergman, Miss Olive L. Bowlin, Miss Mary C. Brennan, Miss Lillian Gold- stein, Miss Mary L. Gonzales, Miss Elizabeth W. Klingensmith, Mr. William H. Levin, Mr. Charles T. Roller, Miss Helen Sekey, Mrs. Maxine E. Whedbee Library Mrs, Lois Joseph, Mrs. Mary S. Meals, Mrs. Marie S. Mitchell. Miss Gertrude L. Getting. Mrs. Carolyn B. Rector JMatltematic.s Mr. Edward J. Caye, Mr. James F. Foerste-r, Miss Catherine R. Folger, Miss Elizabeth J. Hand, Miss Martha J. Kunkle, Mr. Carl P. Maus, Miss Alice L. Phipps, Mr, Ray R. Ralston, Mr, Daniel P, Spillane, Miss Edith M. Starz, Mr. Robert C. Trumbull, Miss Ethel F. Turner, Mr, Martin J. Valenti, Dr. Wesley J. Wagner Music Mr. Roy F. Dietz, Mrs. Virginia C. Lowe, Mrs. Dorothy J. Meyer, Mr. Walter B. Voyvodich Physical Education Miss Mary H. Allshouse, M-iss Eudice Berman, Miss Eleanor T. Boland, Mrs. Marguerite C. Bruce, Miss Lois J. Hanshumaker, Mr. John H. Irwin, Mr. John J. McNertney, Mr Claude W. Sofield, Mr. Louis H. Weitzel 11 F aeult Members Science Mr. Robert A. Chemas, Mr. Lon H. Colborn, Mr. Robley J, Hackett, Mr. Robert W. Irvin, Miss jane S. Johnston, Mr. Lawrence H. Norris. Mr. Charles J. Routh, Mrs. Mae Weber Smith, Mrs. Nancy L. Snively S ocial Studies Miss Frances H. Aaron, Mrs. Alice J. Adams, Miss Louise B. Barthol, Miss Charlotte R. Beachler, Mr. Morris R. Beck. Mr. Samuel Blitz, Mrs. Mildred C. Dillon, Mr. Roland J. Gargani, Miss L. Esther Geist, Miss Ann Kasnitz, Miss Bertha O. Mitchell, Mr, Norman VV. Mulgrave, Dr. Anna M. Quattrocchi, Miss Leila H. Rupp. Mr. Gerrit Thorne, Miss Jessie M. Whitehill, Miss Beryl J. Zeigler Pool Matron Custodian Mrs. Mary Anna Eggert Mr. Charles E. Dietz School Doctor Cafeteria Manager Dr. Violet Kidd Miss Catherine Sperance School Nurse Faculty Assistants Miss Isabel McAllister Mrs. Clair Roy Mrs. Myrtle Williamson Al derdice Alma Mater To Allderdice a song of joy we raise. Her trifold creed in Word and deed we praise. She stands on high to guide us through the daysg Our loyalty we pledge to her always! In quest of knowledge may she be our guide. To serve her Well, be this our aim and pride. She leads us on as comrades side by side To that fair goal where truth and love abide. 12 5 NIU IVITIE .S f,CT gr gi .W aff? IZ Januar Class Commencement PRocEss1oNAL-Pomp and Circumstance ...A..,....,....... ,AA......... . . ,.,.... Elgar O-rchestra-Walter Voyvodich, Conductor INVOCATION .e...,.. ........,..,.... T he Reverend A. W. Evans Deacon-in-Charge of the Church of the Good Shepherd Episcopal. Hazelwood Excerpts from Symphony No. VI ,.,...n...........,.A.,.,., ..,..... T schaileowsley Orchestra PRESENTATION OF FLOWERS ...... .,..4..................,......., J une Class, 1957 Robert Frank, june Frank Lucchino, January Birthday .,... ., ........,.,.,............,........., ........,..... ,.....r W o odward Helen Prohinsky, Soprano THIRTY YEARS OF ALLDERDICE In the Beginning ....,...,...............,...........,....,....,.. .,,.,..,.. I ack Mazur The Challenging Years ....... .......,..rl................ E dward Jacobson Stephen Salomon Gerry Ruth Sack Contributions ..,................. Looking Ahead ,.............. O Praise God in His Holiness ......,.......................,...........,..........,....,. ........ W hyte A Cappella Choir-Virginia Lowe, Director CLASS GIFT .r.,,. ,.....,.... r..,.,................ .....,........., J a n uary Class, 1957 Wesley Pickard, January Edgar Weiss, june AUTHORIZATION OF DIPLOMAS ,r,..r. .,,,,..r...r.,...,.............. D r. Earl A. Dimmick Superintendent, Pittsburgh Public Schools PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS ,.r.,. 4..,..,.............. , ...,..,... M r. J. D. McClymonds Principal, Taylor Allderdice High School RECESSIONAI.-MHfCl1 of the Priests from "Athalia",,.. ...... Mendelssohn Orchestra 14 January Class High Honor Victor B. Cohen Edward Jacobson Suzanne Jessop Frank Joseph Lucchino Jack D. Mazur Charles A. Weisberg Pupils Dorothy Belle Ostwind Wesley C. Pickard Gerry Ruth Sack Stephen Neal Salomon Carole Jane Wedner Honor Pupils Carlene June Aberman Marilyn Gail Beckerman Sybil Befferman Stephanie Chernoff Natalie Ann Cofsky Beverly Ann Crum Marcella Deverson Mary Margaret Dimperio Joyce Ann Freedman Irwin Z. Friedman B. Charles Herring Ginger Beth Hinkes David Katz Harvey Klein Virginia Mae Korol Janet E. Lawson Laurence A. Lewis Joyce Hope Liberman Franklin Bennet Libson Lorraine Mandel Phyllis Ruth Miller Sandra Morris Wilma Joan Ondo Dee Jay Oshry Susan Carole Pachtman Diana C. Raphael William Lawrence Reinwasser Jo Ellen Sax Rhoda C. Shear Nancy Jane Siviy Howard Alan Specter Arlene Ida Zisman .I W' ff' "' , sh i' M rw ,?2':'.V '-.4 X I "Mi 15 January Class fficers and Committees CLASS OFFICERS President-Wesley Pickard Vice President-Frank Lucchino Secretary-Gerry Sack Treasurer-Edward Jacobson SOCIAL COMMITTEE CLASS DAY COMMITTEE PROM COMMITTEE GIFT COMMITTEE 16 January Class BARBARA ABELSON-Prom Committee: 4th Period Hall Patrol: Cafeteria Staff: F.T.A.: College Club: Camera Club: Drivers Train' ing Club: Junior Chamber of Commerce Road E-O: Majorette Manager: Choir 5: Chorale: Volley Ball '54: Basketball '55: Mush- ball '54-'55: Gregg Typing Award: VVQED Television Program CARLENE JUNE ABERMAN-Prom Committee: Library Repre- sentative, 10th Grade: Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, 10th Grade: Usher Staff: Journal Staff: Red Cross Council: Cafeteria Staff: College Club: F.T.A.: Future Nurses of America: Football Sewing Project: English 9: National Merit Scholarship Test: Fashion Show: Honor Student LEANN MAXINE AULT-Library Staff: Hall Patrol: Advanced Clothing: Gregg Typing Award JUDY ANN BARAD-Class Day Committee: Homeroom Secretary llth 12th Grades Hos italit Committee ournal taff MMM: - 1 D y : J, S 1 . . . Hall Patrol: Usher Staff: Red Cross Council: F.T.A.: College Club' Chorus 4: Volley Ball 1 MARILYN BECKERMAN-Social Committee: Homeroom Secre- tary, 10th Grade: President, Red Cross Council: journal Staff: Student Council: F.T.A.: Senior Discussion Club: College Club' English 9: Gregg Typing Award: Honor Student a SYBIL BEFFERMAN-Gift Committee: Student Council: F.T.A.: Senior Discussion Club: College Club: Dramatic English: English 9, 10: Junior Town Meeting of the Air: Honor Student WILLA HELEN BENOIT - President, Today's Business Girls: Intramural Volley Ball '54: Hockey '54: Baseball '54: Entered from Gladstone in 10B GEORGE PAUL BERGER - Class Day Committee: Homeroom Treasurer, 9th Grade: United Nations Club: Band 5: Marching Band: Intramural Basketball, Football, Volley Ball: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast SALLY ANNE BERNARD - Class Day Committee: Foreword Representative: Chorale: All City Girls Chorus: English 9, 10: Senior Discussion Club: Book Club HARRIETT BERSON-Today's Business Girls: Drivers Training Club: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards: Office Secretary MARION BOBIAK-Social Committee: Today's Business Girls: Cafeteria Staff: Science Club: Foreword Representative: Library Aid: Y-Teens: Drivers Training Club: Volley Ball '54 GAIL CAPLAN-Gift Committee: Foreword Representative: Cafe- teria Staff: Hall Patrol: Red Cross Council: Bulletin Distribution: Book Club: F.T.A.: Future Nurses of America: College Club: Ad- vanced Foods 17 ANTHONY CARUSO-Homeroom Treasurer, 9th, 10th Grades: Foreman Advanced Special Shop: Metal Shop: Football '53 STEPHANIE CHERNOFF-Social Committee: Student Council: Red Cross Council: Book Club: College Club: Junior Glee Club: Choir 3: Gregg Shorthand Award: junior All City Choir: Honor Student JOAN CLAY - Vice President Y-Teens: Library Staff: Junior Dance: Fashion Show: Basketball, Softball '53-'55: Soccer '53: Volley Ball '53, '54: Hockey '54, '55: Championship Hockey Award NATALIE ANN COFSKY-Social Committee: H-omeroom Secre- tary: Cafeteria Staff: Usher Staff: Red Cross Council: Book Club: F.T.A.: junior Dance: Honor Student CAROL ARLENE COHEN-Service Club: Todays Business Girls: Camera Club: Volley Ball '54, '55: Mushball '54: Gregg Typing and Shorthand Awardsg Athletic Award IRVIN H. COHEN-Social Committee: Dramatic English: 4th Period Hall Patrol: Junior Dramatic Club: Band 1: Intramural Sports '52, '54 KAREN DOROTHY COHEN-Homeroom Treasurer, 10th, llth, 12th Grades: Social Chairman, F.T.A.: Service Staff: Drivers Training: 4th Period Hall Patrol: Advanced Foods: Usher Staff VICTOR B. COHEN - Social Committee: Homeroom Sm-refnrv. llth Grade: Garden and Science Club, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer: Physics Club: Senior Discussion Club: Senior Life- saving: College Club: Marching Band: Librarian: Band 5: All City Band: Swimming '53-'56: Swimming Letter: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student BERTHA CORNELIOUS-Future Nurses of America: Chorus 4: Softball '56 HOMER CRAIG - Prom Committee: Junior Varsity Track '54: Varsity Track '55, '56: Varsity Cross Country '54-'56: Track Letters: Cross Country Letters BEVERLY CRUM-Social Committee: Homeroom Secretary, 10th Grade: Student Council: Foreword Representative: Cafeteria Staff: Square Dance Club: Choir 5: Soloist: Quartet: Championship Volley Ball '56: Mushball '53: Hockey '54: Basketball '55: Athletic Award: Gregg Shorthand Award: Honor Student FRANK ANTHONY DeSTOUT-Intramural Basketball and Volley Ball '54, '55 18 MARCELLA DEVERSON-Vice President ANCg M.M.M.g Service Clubg Advanced Clothingg Volley Ball '55, '56g American Legion Awardg Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awardsg D.A.R. Award: Honor Student MARIE THERESA DiBELLO-Homeroom Secretary, 9th Gradeg Foreword Representative: Spanish Clubg Y-Teensg Library Staffg Drivers Training Club: Majorettes: Choir 43 Advanced Home Eco- nomicsg Ba'sketball 'SZ5 Volley Ball, Softball '53g Athletic Awardg Gregg Shorthand Award MARGARET DIMPERIO - Dramatic Englishg Class Day Com- mitteeg Homeroom Secretary l2Ag F.T.A.g M.M.M.g 4th Period Hall Patrol,g Red Cross Councilg Foreword Representativeg Senior Dis- cussion Clubg Majorettes, Managerg Choir 43 All City Chorusg Fashion Showsg Volley Ball, Basketball '54g Athletic Letterg Gregg Typing Awardsg Honor Student ROLF DITTFELD-Homeroom Vice President, 10th Grade: Stu- dent Councilg Chess Clubg Choir 5g Male Chorus: Track Team '55 ROBERT ECKBRETI-I-Advanced Mechanical Drawing ANITA FISHMAN-Class Day Committeeg Homeroom Secretary, 9th, 10th Gradesg Treasurer, 1Othg Foreword Representativeg Future Nurses of America, Secretaryg Student Council Social Committee: Usher Staffg Red Cross Councilg F.T.A.g Cheerleaders: Advanced Clothingg Gregg Typing and Shorthand Awardsg Basketball '53, '54g Mushball Championship '54g Volley Ball '54g Athletic Letterg Cheer- leaders' Letter MARK FIVARS--Senior Chess Clubg Band S5 Marching Band: Choir 3 JOYCE ANN FREEDMAN-Class Day Committeeg Journal Staffg Homeroom Secretary, 10th Gradeg Student Councily F.T.A.g College Clubg Orchestra Vg Basketball Manager '54g Junior Lifesavingg Civic Club Testg Brotherhood Week Program: Honor Student IRWIN FRIEDMAN-Gift Committeeg Homeroom Treasurer 10th, llth Gradesg Vice President 12thg Student Councilg College Club: Special Shopg Intramural Swimming Champions '53g Junior Varsity Basketball '545 National Merit Scholarship Testg Honor Student JOANNE GALLO-Service Club: Foreword Representativeg Y- Teens: Drivers Training: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awardsg D.A.R. Awardg Entered from Gladstone in 10B PATRICIA GAVEL--Chairman of Y-Teens '56, '57g Today's Busi- ness Girlsg Square Dance Clubg Advanced Clothing: Home Eco- nomics Certificate of Merit GERALD GRAFF-Physics Clubg Band 23 Marching Band 19 RICHARD GREEN - Class Day Committee: Dance Orchestra: United Nations Club: Conditioning Club: Student Council: March- ing Band: Band 5: All City Band: Brass Quartet: Varsity Football '53, '54, '55: Intramural Basketball and Volley Ball: Dramatic English MYRNA HALPERN-Chess Club: Today's Business Girls: Span- ish Club: Advanced Foods RACHELMAE HARRIS4Library Representative: 4th Period Hall Patrol: Drivers Training Club: Y-Teens: Today's Business Girls: Gregg Typing Award B. CHARLES HERRING4Social Committee: Dramatic English: Student Council Hospitality Committee: Hall Patrol: F.T.A.: Span- ish Club: College Club: Senior Discussion Club: Junior Dramatics: Orchestra 3: Advanced Jewelry: Honor Student FLORENCE HERTZ - Foreword Representative: Garden and Science Club, President: 4th Period Hall Patrol: Cafeteria Staff: Spanish Club: Basketball '53, '54: Softball, Volley Ball '53, '54: Athletic Award: Gregg Typing Award GINGER B. HINKES-Class Day Committee: Dramatic English: Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, 10th Grade: Cafeteria Staff: Red Cross Council: Majorettes: Drivers Training Club: Spanish Club: Gregg Typing Award: Honor Student NAOMI HOLTZMAN-Homerooin Secretary, 10th Grade: Library Staff: Science Club: Bock Club: Advanced Foods MARY ALICE HOWARD-Future Nurses of America: Advanced Foods: Basketball '54: Volley Ball '53: Softball '53. '54 JOHN WILLIAM HULL, JR.-llbodshop Foreman: jewelry Shop: Intramural Volley Ball '55: Intramural Basketball '55: Distributive Education IOANNE HVOZDOVICH-Class Day Committee: Service Club: Y-Teens: Usher Staff: Softball '52-'55: Volley Ball '53-'56: Hockey '53-'55: Basketball '54, '55: Gregg Typing and Shorthand Awards JOAN ELAINE ISENSTEIN-Class Day Committee: Cafeteria Staff: Red Cross Council: Student Council Social Committee: F.T.A.: Junior Dramatics: junior Glee Club: Choir 1: English 10: Dramatic English FDWARD JACOBSON-Senior Class Treasurer: Homeroom Presi- dent, 9th, 10th, llth Grades: Assistant Moderator, Senior Discussion Club: Secretary, Key Club: Student Council, Maintenance Com- mittee: Advanced Art: Journal Art Staff: National Scholastic Art Key Winner: High Honor Student Z0 SUZANNE JESSOP-Chairman, Class Day Committee: Homeroom Secretary, llth Grade: President 12th: Foreword Representative: M.M.M.g F.T.A.: Type Club: College Club, Chorus 55 Girls Chorale! Ensemble: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: S.A.E. Good Citizen- ship Award: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student IVA JANE JOSEPH-Prom Committee: Homeroom President, 10th Grade: Usher Staff: Foreword Representative: Service Club: Ad- vanced Clothing: Drapery Making Project: Volley' Ball, 9th Grade DAVID KATZ-Homeroom Treasurer, 12th Grade: Choir 5: Male Chorus: Football '53: Homeroom Basketball and Volley Ball: Honor Student MARTIN KATZ-Varsity Club: Band 5: Marching Band: Track '55, '56g Cross Country '55, '56g City Champion in Mile and Cross Country JANE ABBEY KAUFMAN-Homeroom Secretary, 9th, 10th Grade: Future Nurses of America, Vice President: Junior Dramaticsg Span- ish Clubg Math Club: Orchestra 4, Advanced jewelry GWENDOLYN H. KESSLER-Library Representative: Today's Business Girls: Library Staff: Advanced Clothing HARVEY KLEIN-Chairman. Social Committee: Homeroom Presi- dent, 9th Grade: Treasurer 10th Grade: Student Council: College Club: Physics Club: Chorus 5: Intramural Swimming '53: Tennis '54-'56: Intramural Basketball '53, '54: City Doubles Champion '56: lglational Merit Scholarship Test: Senior Discussion Club: Honor 'tudent LOUIS. R. KLEIN-Student Council: Foreword Representative: Projection Club: Wood Carving Club: United Nations Club: Junior Dramaitics VIRGINIA IM. KOROI.-Homeroom Secretary, 11th, 12th Grades: Today's Business Girls: M.M.M.: Volley Ball '54, '55: Honor Student ROB-ERT KRONZ-Radio Club: Electric Shop Foreman: Advanced Special Shop: Entered from Gladstone in 10B MARSHALL KURTZMAN-Prom Committee: Homeroom Presi- dent, llrth Grade, Drivers Training Club: Band 45 English 10 ROBERT RONALD KUZMA - Homeroom Vice President, 10th Grade: Special Shop: jewelry 2 21 PHYLLIS RUTH LANDO - Prom Committee: Student Council Alternate: Homeroom Secretary, 9th Grade: Student Council Pub- licity Committee: Red Cross Council: 4th Period Hall Patrol: Journal Staff: Cafeteria S-taff: College Club: F.T.A.: Entre Nous: English 9: Hockey '55 IRVING JOEL LATTERMAN-Foreword Representative: Home- room Treasurer, 9th Grade: Secretary, l0th Grade: Camera Club, Secretary: Band 4: English 9, 10 JANET E. LAWSON-Prom Committee: Homeroom Treasurer, llth Grade: M.M.M.: Hall Patrol: Fashion Show: Volley Ball '55, '56: Honor Student ELAINE LEVIN-Prom Committee: Library Representative: Hall Patrol: Spanish Club: Advanced Foods: Junior Dance Club GERALD ALLAN rfEv1N-Library Staff: Projection Club: MEE- scope Club: Stamp Club: German Club: Advanced Print Shop: Basketball '55: English 9: Dramatic English: Gregg Typing Award ARLENE DEE LEVINE-Social Committee: Journal Art Staff: Homeroom President, 9th Grade: Secretary 10th, 12th Grades: Treasurer llth Grade: Hall Patrol: Cafeteria Staff: Red Cross Council: College Club: F.T.A.: Student,Council-Social, Hospitality and Publicity Committees: Advanced Art: Basketball '52 LAURENCE LEWIS - Prom Committee: Homeroom Treasurer. 12th Grade: Student Council: Library Representative: Hall Patrol: Band 2: Cross Country '55, '56: Track '55, '56: Honor Student JOYCE HOPE LIBERMAN -- Gift Committee: Today's Business Girls: Advanced Art: Gregg Typing Award: Honor Student FRANKLIN LIBSON-Radio Club, Vice President: Library Staff: Spanish Club: Orchestra 5: All City Senior Orchestra: Pittsburgh Symphony, Jr.: Orchestra Librarian: Stage Crew: Honor Student MARK LIEBERMAN - Homeroom Vice President, 12th Grade: Usher Staff: Physics Club: Band l: Mechanical Drawing STANLEY LINDNER-Class Day Committee: Homeroom Vice President, 12th Grade: Secretary 9th Grade: Treasurer 10th, llth Grades: Green Key Club: United Nations Club: Wood Carving Club: Band 3: Advanced Wood Shop, Foreman: Track '56: Junior Varsity Basketball '54, '55: Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball: Gregg Typing Award CHARLES LAIBE LITMAN-Social Committee: Dramatic Eng- lish: Class Play Cast: English 10: Intramural Basketball and Football '52, '53: Drivers Training Award 22 FRANK JOSEPH LUCCHINO - Senior Class Vice President: Homeroom President, 10th Grade: Vice President 9th, llth, 12th Grades: Key Club, Secretary: Physics Club, Treasurer: Student Council: Varsity Club: Marching Band: All City Band: Volley Ball '55: Junior Varsity Basketball '55: Volley Ball Letter: D.A.R. His- tory Award: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student JOHN MACK-Square Dance Club: Advanced Special Shop: Ad- vanced Jewelry Shop LORRAINE MANDEL - Gift Committee: Chess Club: Library Staff: Advanced Ar-t: Scholastic Art Entry: National Safety Poster Contest: B'nai B'ri-th Art Contest Award: Journal Art Staff: Red Cross Art Program: Medical Association Poster Contest: Honor Student SANDRA MANDEL-Gift Committee: Junior Glee Club: Advanced Art: Journal Art Staff: English 10: National Safety Poster Contest: B'nai B'rith Ant Contest: Scholastic Ar-t Entry STEPHEN MANDEL-Homeroom Treasurer, 10th Grade: Camera Club: Advanced Special Shop: Intramural Basketball '55, '56 JOYCE SONDRA MARGULIES-Homeroom Secretary, 9th Grade: Science Club: Hall Patrol: Library Staff: Cafeteria Staff: Gregg Typing Awards BERNARD MARKOVITZ-Homeroom President, llfh, l2tl1 GFHCICSI Treasurer llth Grade: Secretary 10th Grade: Pr0jCC:Ii0r1 Club? United Nations Club: Senior Class Social Committee: Band 5: Football '55, '56: Track '56: Intramural Basketball, Softball, Volley Ball JACK DAVID MAZUR-Chairman, Class Day Committee: Student Council: United Nations Club, Secretary: Senior Discussion Club: Debating Club: Stamp Club: Band 5: Junior Varsity Basketball '53: Intramural Basketball '53-'56: Volley Ball '55, '56: Swimming '55: Drama-tic English Class: National Merit Scholarship Test: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student JANET MENDELSON-Social Committee: Homeroom Secretary, 9th Grade: United Nations Club, Secretary: 214 Staff: 4th Period Hall Patrol: Library Club: Spanish Club: Physics Club: Book Club: Red Cross Council: Future Nurses of America: F.T.A.: Garden Club: Square Dance Club: Drivers Training Club: Or- chestra 5: Gregg Typing Award: English 9 LOUISE CAROL MENDELSON-Class Day Committee: Home- room Secretary, 9th Grade: Committee Chairman, 12th Grade: President, United Nations Club: V-ice President, Future Nurses of America: Secretary, Book Club: 4th Period Hall Patrol: F.T.A.: Microscope Club: College Club: Library Staff: Drivers Training Club: Orchestra 5: Tennis 'S3: Volley Ball '54: Dance Group ARLENE MEYERS-Typing Club: United Nations Club: Micro- scope Club: Garden Club: Junior Dance: Fashion Show: Advanced Clothing: Volley Ball '54: Softball '53-'56: Basketball '53, '54: English 10 PHYLLIS MILLER-Prom Committee: Homeroom Secretary, 9th Grade: Treasurer 10th Grade: President 11th Grade: Secretary l2A: Usher Staff: M.M.M.: F.T.A.: Future Nurses of America: Senior Discussion Club: Square Dance Club: Red Cross Council: Chorus 3: Dramatic English: Gregg Typing Award: Honor Student 23 SANDRA MORRIS -Prom Committeeg Journal Staffg Homeroom Viee President 12Bg Student Council, Hall Patrolg Usher Staff: Red Cross Council, Microscope Clubg Physics Clubg College Clubg F.T.A.g Spanish Clubg English 9g Special Dance, Modern Danceg Honor Student WILMA J. ONDO-Student Council, Treasurer, A.N.C.g Service Clubg M.M.M.g Choir lg Volley Ball '55, '56g Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awardsg Honor Student DEE JAY OSHRY-Class Day Committeeg Homeroom Secretary, 9th Gradeg 4th Period Hall Patrol, Usher Staffg Student Councilg Stamp Clubg Camera Clubg Junior Dramatic Club: Band 53 English 9, 103 Gregg Typing Awardg Honor Student DOROTHY BELLE OSTWIND - Prom Committee Chairman: Homeroom President, 9th Gradeg Student Councilg journal Art Staffg F.T.A.3 junior Dramaticsg Drivers Training Clubg Senior Discussion Club: Softball '53g English 9, 103 Dramatic Englishg National Merit Scholarship Test, Civic Club Testg College Clubg High Honor Student JOANNE L. OTTO-Homeroom Secretary, llth Gradeg Y-Teensg Softball '55g Volley Ball '54g Gregg Typing and Shorthand Awardsg Today's Business Girlsg Service Club SUSAN PACHTMAN-Gift Committee Chairmang Dramatic Eng- lishg Homeroom Vice President, 9th Gradeg President 12th Gradei Foreword Editorg F.T.A.g Student Council Maintenance, Social, Hospitality Co-mmitteesg Hall Patrolg Senior Discussion Club: Chorus 35 Volley Ball '53g Soccer '53g English 93 Athletic Letiterg Honor Student STANLEY PERILMAN - Student Council Publicity Committee: Projection Clubg Hall Patrolg Band 53 Marching Band: B'nai B'rith Art Contest WESLEY C. PICKARD-Senior Class Presidentg Homeroom Presi- dent, 12th Gradeg Vice President 10th. llth Gradesg Treasurer, Key Clubg Vice President, Physics Clubg Varsity Club: Football '53, '543 Volley Ball '54, '55, English 103 Varsity Lettersg D.A.R. History Awardg Student Council Maintenance Committeeg journal Editor- in-Chiefg Civic Club Testg High Honor Studentg National Merit Scholarship Test PRISCILLA ANN PLENDERLEITI-I-Foreword Representativeg Drivers Training Clubg Senior Leaders Clubg Athletic Awarclg Volley Ball '53, '56g Basketball '53, '55g Hockey '55 BETTS ANN POORE-Homeroom President, 9th, 10th, 12th Grades: Vice President 9th, 12Ag Square Dance Clubg Choir 53 Jewelry Shopg Softball '54g Hockey '55 HELEN PROHINSKY-Social Committeeg Homeroom Secretary, 9th Grade, President 10th Grade: President, Future Nurses of Americag Student Councilg M.M.M.g Foreword Representativeg All City Chorus, Chorus 55 Volley Ballg Soccerg Softball: Basketball FAYLINDA RAFFEL-Chairman, Social Committeeg Journal Staffg Homeroom Secretary IZAQ Student Council: Hall Patrolg Usher Staffg F.T.A.g College Clubg Chorus lg Junior Glee Club: Volley Ball '52, Special Danceg Creative Danceg Student Council Publicity Committeeg English 10 24 DIANA C. RAPHAEL-Class Day Committee, Foreword Staff: Student Council Alternate, Life Saving, Choir 4, Advanced Latin, Honor Student JAMES REED--Gift Committee, Fisher Body Crattsmaifs Guild, Honorable Mention, '56, Entered from Schenley in 10A WILLIAM REINWASSER - Homeroom Treasurer, 10th Grade? Secretary 9th Grade, Student Council, 4th Period Hall Patrol, Hospitality Committee, Senior Discussion Club, Projection Clubl Dramatic Club, Intramural Basketball '54, '55, Intramural Swim- ming '55, Honor Student JOANNE RICHARDS-Homeroom Treasurer, 9th Grade, Future Nurses of America, Today's Business Girls, Majorettes, Orchestra 1, Soccer '55, Volley Ball '55, Hockey '55, Softball '56, Basketball '55, Gregg Typing Award CAROL ANN RINGER-Library Treasurer l2A, Foreword Repre- sentative, Library Representative, Today's Business Girls, Cafe- teria Staff, Service Club ALVIN G. ROBINSON-Class Day Committee, Homeroom Secre- tary-Treasurer, 9th Grade, Library S-taff, Special Shop, Advanced Print, Intramural Basketball '54, '55 DOLORES ERNESTINE ROBINSON-Homeroom Secretary 12B, Library Representative, Future Nurses of America, Square Dance Club, Y-Teens, junior Glee Club, Drivers Training Club, Orches- tra 5: junior and Senior All City Orchestra, Certificate of Merit in Music, Gregg Typing Award CHARLOTTE HARRIETT ROGOW-Foreword Representative, Hall Patrol, Spanish Club, Red Cross Council, F.T.A., Library Staff, Orchestra 5 MAXINE ROMANOFF - Cafeteria Staff, Hall Patrol, F.T.A., College Club, Camera Club, 214 Staff, Usher Staff, Sewing Pro- jects, Mushball, Basketball, Volley Ball '54, Majorette Manager STEPHANIE ROSENTHAL-Prom Committee, Homeroom Sec- retary, 9th, 10th Grades, Vice President 11th Grade, Vice President United Nations Club, 5th Period Service Staff, 4th Period Hall Patrol, Usher Staff, F.T'.A., Student Council Problems, Social, Hospitality, Publicity Committees, Betty Crocker Test, Softball '53, English l0 LAIVIES ROUNCE-Orchestra 5, Dance Band, Radio Club, Science an- MURRAY ROZEN-Class Day Committee, Homeroom Vice Presi- dent, 9th Grade, Treasurer 10th Grade, Band 1, Special Shop Fore- man, Intramural Basketball '53, '54, '55, Volley Ball '54, Gregg Typing Award 25 MARVIN RUBIN-eGift Committee: Hall Patrol: journal Staff: Chess Club: Physics Club: Special Shop: D.A.R. History Award GERRY RUTH SACK-Senior Class Secretary: Homeroom Secre- retary 9th, l0t11 Grades: President llth Grade: Vice President 12th Grade: Dramatic English: Secretary, Senior Discussion Club: Periodical Secretary, Foreword and journal: Student Council: Red Cross Council: Physics Club: F.T.A: English 10: Gregg Typing Award: Civic Club Test: junior Town Meeting of the Air: High Honor Student ERIC JACK SAKOLSKY-Gift Committee: Homeroom President. 12th Grade: Usher Staff: Senior Discussion Club: English 9 STEPHEN NEAL SALOMON-Chairman, Prom Committee: Stu- dent Council, Vice President: Safety Committee Chairman: Fore- word Photographer: journal Staff: Qualitative Analysis Class: English 9: Band 5: Marching Band: All City Band: Swimming Team '53, '5-1: Senior Discussion Club: Physics Club: Buhl Plane- tarium Science Craft Award: Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh Award: National Merit Scholarship Test: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student JO ELLEN SAX-Gift Committee: Library Representative: M.M.M.: Library Staff: Hall Patrol: Senior Discussion Club: Book Club: F.T.A.: College Club: Dramatic English: Honor Student STANLEY SCHOLNICK - Usher Staff: Intramural Basketball: Entered from Fifth Avenue in 10th Grade FRANK SHANDRICK-Homeroom Treasurer, 10th Grade: Book Club: Library Staff: Jewelry Shop CHARLES SHAPIRO-Choir 4 RHODA SHEAR-Class Day Committee: Journal Staff: Foreword Staff: Social Chairman, F.T.A.: Senior Discussion Club: Student Council: Red Cross Council: Student Council Social Committee: Choir 4: English 10: Special Dance Group: Speech Class Program? Soccer l52: Honor Student NANCY JANE SIVIY-Social Committee: Homeroom Vice Presi- dent, 11th Grade: Student Council: Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, 10th Grade: Usher Staff: College Club: Senior Leaders: F.T'.A.g Hockey Championship '56: Hockey '55, '56: Basketball, Volley Ball, Softball '55: Gregg Typing Award: Honor Student CAROL SMILLIE-Y-Teens: A.N.C.: Softball '56: Volley Ball '549 Soccer '53g Gregg Typing Award STUART SMITH--Prom Committee: Camera Club: 4th Period Hall Patrol: Physics Club: College Club: Stamp Club 26 SUSAN SMITH-Hall Patrol: F.T.AL: College Club: Camera Club? Clothing Service Club: Volley Ball '34, '55: Mushball 541 Athletic Award: Fashion Show ESTELLE SMOLAR-Gift Committee: Zlfl Statf: Hall Patrol? Cafeteria Staff: Usher Staff: Bulletin Distribution: Drivers Train- ing Club: College Club: Orchestra 4 HOWARD ALAN SPECTER-Social Committee, Student Council: College Club: Drivers Training Club: Advanced Wood and Metal Shops: Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball, Softball: Honor Student ROSELLE SPOKANE -- Usher Staff: 4th Period Hall Patrol? F.T.A.: Entered from Scheniley in llA PETE STAMOOLIS-Square Dance Club: Wood Carving Club? Radio Club: Orchestra 4: Special Shop MARY LOU SUSKA-Secretary, Today's Business Girls: Secre- tary, Future Nurses of America: Service Club: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards: D.A.R. History Award CAROLE JANE WEDNER Class Day Committee, journal Staff. Dramatic English: Homeroom Treasurer, 12th Grade: Cafeteria Staff: Red Cross Council: F.T.A.: Senior Discussion Club: Type Club: Junior Leaders: Orchestra -lg English 9: Civic Club Test: National Merit Scholarship Test: High Honor Student: TV Pro- gram for Advanced Sewing CHARLES WEISBERG-Gift Committee Chairman: Homeroom President, 12th Grade: Key Club: Student Council: Senior Dis- cussion Club: College Club: lntramural Basketball '54: English 102 D.A.R. History Award: junior Town Meeting of the Air: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Civic Club Test: Student Council Main- tenance Committee: High Honor Student BARBARA Z. WEISS-Gift Committee: Student Council: Cafeteria Staff: F.T.A.: College Club: Choir 4: Hall Patrol: Dramatic English FRANK MARVIN WEITZ-Class Day Committee: Homeroom Vice President, llth Grade: Treasurer 10th Grade: Key Club: Hall Patrol: College Club: Drivers Training Club: Varsity Club: Senior Life- saving: United Nations Club: Band 5: Swimming Team '53, '54, '55' Intramural Basketball and Swimming: Swimming Letter v TIMOTHY WILLIAMS-Football '53-'56: Basketball '54-'57: lntra- mural Basketball '56: Letters in Football and Basketball CAROL WYTIAZ-Student Council: Library Representative: Y- Teens: Senior Leaders: Service Club: Library Staff: Todav's Busi- ness Girls: Basketball '56: Volley Ball '55: Gregg Shorthand Award 27 ARLENE YAREMKO-Secretary, Service Clubg Assistant in the Officeg Today's Business Girlsg Y-Teensg Advanced Clothingg Baskethallg Softball: Volley Ball: Soccer MARY ANN YAREMKO-Service Club: Today's Business Girlsg Y-Teensg Baskethallg Softballg Volley Ballg Soccer MURRAY ZATMAN-Homeroom President, 9th Gradeg Treasurer 10th Gradeg Student Councilg Hall Patrol: Usher Staffg Green Key? College Clubg Senior Lifesaving: Band 53 Marching Bandg Intra- mural Basketballg Volley Ballg Swimmingg Softball ARLENE IDA ZISMAN - Library Representativeg Red Cross Council: Entered from Schenley in 10A WE'LL NEVER FORGET THE DAY . . . . we finallv hecame l2A's. . . three people dropped their trays in the cafeteria. . . someone on hall patrol asked for a hall pass. . . senior committees were announced. . . college hoard scores came in Qwe were scared to deathj. . . we had our first senior class meeting. . . the Sadie Hawkins Class Party Cand all those matching patcnesj. . . we all wore journal signs Qand no one knew what they ineantj. . . we began senior themes-we lived at Carnegie l.ihrary for weeks! . . the journals finally came! . . Honor Assemhly and Senior Luncheon. . . Class Day. . . someone came late for Commencement Rehearsal. . . Commencement! 1 . . . the Prom! But most of all, when we think hack to our high school days, we'll never forget all we've learned at :Xllderdice these past six years. 28 f 1 KEN UND DAY WE WERE ALL WAITVNG FUR KxffLAST ! f w XX O XX J ,X ..,.. w N CLASS LUNCHEON f, ii ll f., as fwval HAVE can 29 me mnfr A A GlFT GIVEN IN SIN CERE E APPRECIATION Januar Class Pla HARVEY A Comedy in Three Acts CAST Un Order of Appearancej Myrtle Mae Simmons ....... .,........,..,......,..............4...........,..,..,. .......4. G e rry Ruth Sack Veta Louise Simmons ...,... ......... D orothy Ostwind Elwood P. Dowd ,......,.,....,, , ......,., George Berger Marie Johnson .... .... . ...,..,. ...,.,... G i nger Hinkes Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet ,.....,.. .......... S ybil Befferman Ruth Kelly, R.N. .....,.. ,.,... .....,..... J 0 an Isenstein Duane Wilson ..,,..,...,....,........,... ...,..........., J ack Mazur Lyman Sanderson, M.D.. . ,. .........,. Charles Litman Miss Dumphy ..,..,....,.... .. ., ..., ..,.,,.... Susan Pachtman William R. Chumley, M.D ....... ,.,..,. C harles Herring Betty Chumley . .,........,....., ,........ S uzanne jessop Judge Omar Gaffney ........ ...,.... C harles Weisberg E. J. Lofgren ............,..... ...,..,......,.......,..,.,,..,.....,..,,, ....,,,... R i chard Green STUDENT STAFF Assistant Director ...,,...,.,.. ....,,.........,..,.....,...,..,.......... . .. ...Jo El'en Sax Technical Director., ...i... ......,. ................... I r v Cohen Make-up Crew Chief .,..,......,,.,. ..,.... P eggy Dimperio Hand Props Crew Chief .....l... ,..4. Set Props Crew Chief ........,. Costumes Crew Chief ...,... Publicity Crew Chief .,,..... Scenery Crew Chief ........ Prompters ......,... .,......... Stage Crew Chiefs .....,.. Stage Crew ,......,.,,......,., Directors ..,..,..,....,..,.,...,, Faculty Sponsor .,..,,,,.. DRAMATIC ENGLISH CLASS . Susan Pachtman ..,....Richard Green .....Caro1e Wedner ..,...Ginger Hinkes .,.....,.Gerald Levin Barbara Weiss, Phyllis Miller .,......,,.............Roland Jones, Franklin Libson Puterman, James Wilson joseph Reich, Mr. Ronald M. Brown Edith Finegold 30 ' 6Harve y Characters from Charles Dickens Teacher .s,.... .. ......,.. .,4... B Iiss Mary O'Toole President .....,..,., ......, Bernard Markovitz Vice President ....... Gerry Ruth Sack Secretary s.....s......... ..A.....,.........,...,,. ..,..,.. r T Xrlene Levine Treasurer .,..,..,.,..,....,.................,.....,. ..4.. L aurence Lewis Student Council Representative. ...,......t.. Rhoda Shear Student Council ,Xlternate ..,.,,..,.... ....,.i. 1 lurray Zatnian Foreword Representative .......,... .,.,.,.,.,r,...,......,.,.,....,.,,.. I rving Latterman First Row-William Reinwasser, Laurence Lewis, Gerry Ruth Sack, Bernard Markovitz, Arlene Levine, Murray Zatman, Rhoda Shear, Jack Mazur Second Row-Marie DiBello, Estelle Smolar, Maxine Romanoff, Barbara Abelson, Dee Jay Oshry, Irving Latterman Third Row-Donna Kelleher, Gwendolyn Kessler, Victor Cohen, Phyllis Lando, Rolf Dittfeld, Diana Raphael, Sandra Mandel, Stanley Lindner illisx O'TO0Ir'fCharles Dickens l've seen these characters day after dayg For four years they have iheen mine. Now as they have to go their own way, About each I'Ve written a line. Harlmra ,slIiclsonflloinliey She began her future in Chorus Ag A music teacher Babs will he some day. Victor Cohen-blerry Cruncher At studies and swinuning our Yictor's greatg In 222 he surelv does rate. Frafizlc DL'Sf0llf-BIT. Sykes Our rustic Frank it has always lieen said. As a man in the Navy he will get aheacl. Marie DiHclIo--Gliost of Times Future Quiet and calm Maries future is mapped, Shell he a piano teacher after she's been capped. Rolf l71'HfcId-Martili Chuzzlewit Music. singing, and debates Rolf likes to hear, Though serious and quiet he adds good cheer. Gtccndolyn Kessler-Gliost of Times Present At present this lass is a baseball fan: To be an accountant is her future plan. 32 Phyllis Lando-Mrs. Micawber Sports and records interest this gal 3 She's always dressed in the very best style. Irving Latlerrnan--Sydney Carton Our great golf player enjoys mystery stories too, In the future as a chain store owner helll be serving Arlene Levine-Tiny Tim Petite and kind-hearted, liked by all, This good artist comes in a package small. Larry Lewis-Mr. Winkle About his track accomplishments Larry likes to boast, But it's not hard for us to dig him most. Stanley Lindner-Pip About football Stan can talk all dayg In the field of architecture he will pave his way. Sandra Mandel-Ghost of Times Past "Better late than never," we always say, When Sandy finally arrives to start her day. Bernard M arkovitz-Sam Weller This fellow wants to be an attorneyg We've called him "Bongo" but he prefers Bernie. Jack Mazur-Uncle Scrooge Jack is happy, never blue, And our class valedictorian, too. Wilma Joan Ondo-Dora Spenlow This sweet lass who takes shorthand so fast, Our Wilma's future has a bright forecast. Dee Jay Oshry-Mr. Pickwick On stage or in homeroom Dee jay likes to entertaing Success in the law field he'd like to gain. Diana Raphael-Lucy Manette In English this genius can't be beatg Our Diane is pretty and petite. W illiafm Reinwasser-Charles Darnay Tall, well-groomed with a personality unsurpassed, Bill will be a Disc jockey sure to last. Maxine Rornanoff-Mrs. Mould This future teacher is off to Penn Stateg With all her talents she's bound to rate. Gerry Ruth Sack-Little Nell Our class secretary -has been great, When she meets people, she really rates. Rhoda Shear-Florence Pretty Rhoda likes to read and ride, She always keeps the boys by her side. Susan Smith-Madam Defarge Excellent cook and a seamstress divine, Our Susi will be a Home Ec. teacher fine. Estelle Smolar-Floyd Reading for this gal is a joy, As a teacher her efforts she will employ. Murray Zalman-Dr. Manette To be a doctor is Murray's desire, This lively lad we really admire. 33 you 354 's History Book Much has been written about the past, but looking back on historical figures, we find their present day counterparts here in 354. These people will make the history of the future. Miss Whitehill-Benevolence and kindness marked the character of good QUEEN BESS, as well as of our own homeroom teacher. Eddie Jacobson-The GEORGE VVASHINGTON of our homeroom, who has been our leader. He will always be the people's choice. Suzanne Jessop-Just as SUSAN B. ANTHONY, our vice president, Suzanne. has made her mark in our own little world of politics. David Katz-Our treasurer who handles our finances as capably as did JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER. Marty Katz-VVho could parallel that famous Greek runner PHIDIPPIDES? It is none other than this accomplished Allderdice track star. Mary Alice Howard-FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE would be proud to have this girl follow the profession for which she did so much. Faylinda Raffel--Her reputation as a physiotherapist is certain to equal that of SISTER ELIZABETH KENNY. Steffie Rosenthal-Leadership and an active interest in religious education likens Steffie to JOAN OF ARC. James Reed-Jim will soar to great fame in the Air Force, just as CHARLES LINDBERG did in his i'Spirit of St. Louis." Joanne Richards-Her charm and friendly manner lead us to believe that Jo- annie is very much like a present day HELEN OF TROY. Leann Ault-Her admirable ability in sewing is comparable only to that of BETSY ROSS. Stuart Smith-With his interest in automobiles, he will surely follow in the footsteps of HENRY FORD. Joyce Freedman-Because of her work on the Journal Staff, she is Certain to become another ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING. Arlene Zisman-SIGMUND FREUD would consider it an honor to share his success in the field of psychology with Arlene. Florence Hertz-VVith her interest in horseback riding and her willingness to help, she may become another PAUL REVERE. Lorraine Mandel-Her art talent will win her as much fame as REMBRANDT achieved. Murray Rozen-Surely his desire to become a pharmacist will lead him to be as successful as LOUIS PASTEUR. Elaine Levin-The work of D-OROTHEA DIX toward the betterment of hu- manity will be continued in the hands of this ambitious girl, when she be- comes a social worker. - Robert Kronz-VVith his inventive mind and his interest in electronics, Robert res-embles THOMAS EDISON. .34 . James Rounce-lzieing so versatile when it comes to niusic rates ,lim right along with GLENN lXlll.l.ER. Naomi Holtzman-The Holly Hop Queen of rooni 354 will he as great a success during her reign as was Cl.EO'PlX'l'R.eX. Harvey Klein-XN'ith his beautiful voice and active participation in choir, he will surely heeonie another C.-XRUSO. Marshall Kurtzmanw-lt seems that Marshall will heconie an even more suc- cessful orator than was STEPHEN lDUL'GL.XS. Carol Smillie-just as H.-XTTIE CARNEGIE created past fashions, so Carol will set the styles for the future. Myrna Halpern-Like JANE .XDDAMS this girls interest in people will lead her to a life of social work. Teacher .........i,.,, ..i... B Iiss Jessie M. XYhitehill President .,.,VVi . .i.t,. i....... E dward Jacobson Vice President ., t ...,.i Suzanne Alessop Secretary ...,.,.,. ...... ,..,... .,..,.. F a y 'linda Raffel Treasurer ,...,..,..,....,.t.....,...i............t, ..t......i..,..,.. D avid Katz Student Council Representative. ,.,.. ,.... , Edward -lacohson Foreword Representative ............, ,.... S uzanne .lessop First Row-Myrna Halpern, Lorraine Mandel, Suzanne Jessop, Edward Jacobson, Naomi Holtzman, Stephanie Rosenthal, Elaine Levin, Florence Hertz Second Row-Harvey Klein, Murray Rozen, Joyce Freedman, Marshall Kurtzman, Stuart Smith, David Katz, Mary Alice Howard Third Row-Leann Ault, Carol Smillie, Joanne Richards, James Rounce, James Reed, Robert Kronz, Martin Katz 35 Upera Log 0 360 Teacher ,...,,...,..,,.,A.............,.............,,..................... .,...., M iss Helen Hillard President ...,.....,,.,...... ....,.,. C harles VVeisberg Vice President ..... ,.4....... Betts Ann Poore Secretary .,,......,,.....,...,.,.......,...rr.r.. ........,. P eggy Dimperio Treasurer ,...,..,4.. .r....,.,,..,..........,.,..., .......... I C arole Wedner Student Council Representative ...,... ........ D orothy Ostwind Student Council Alternate .....,....... ..,.....,., I rwin Friedman Foreword Representative ......,...,.,A.......,i.,.,....,......,....,....... Charlotte Rogow The Metropolitan Opera and roo1n 360 have much in common, as, in thi room, we find many of the personalities represented in the famous operas. Queen of room three-sixty, Cleopatra, MISS HILLARD will be. VVagners' Wotan, the king of the gods was heg So CHARLES WEISBERG rules our room three-sixty. Our Gretel, BETTS ANN POORE, is unafraid and petiteg As a songstress she really can't be beat. As Isolde was stately and tall, PE-GGY DIMPERIO, this princess, we will call. VVith a rose in ther hair and a song in ther heart, CAROLE WEDNER as Carmen well plays her part. "Ali! so praised. Ah! so bright," As Martha, DOTTY OSTWIND is our delight. Sitting under t-he money tree Violetta's rich lover Alfredo, IRVIN COHEN could be. Aida, the slave girl, was noble and goodg For these traits MARCELLA DEVERSON has always stood. just as Madam Butterfly adored her small son, With little children SIBYL BEFFERMAN always has fun. As Suzuki 'helped Madam Butterfly, On .IOANNE GALLO her boss will rely. Sweet and quiet and fragile is NANCY SIVIY As Violetta in Traviata, was wont to be. The Flying Dutchman ROBERT KUZMA will be When -he soars in his plane, over the sea. ANTHONY CARUSO is our Don Quixote boldg He's the daring fell-ow of our little fold. As Papageno has his Magic Flute, RICHARD GREEN his trombone does toot. Mimi in La Boheme was so gay, NATALIE COFSKY is always that way. Tosca to 'her lover was always true, BABBY WEISS t-o everyone is that way too. Mama Lucie, from Cavalleria Rusticana, her wine shop hadg MARION BOBIAK'S gift shop will not be a fad. 36 HARRIETT BERSON is our 'lulietg Her Romeo she'll surely get. NVith her flowing hair and her stately mien, JOANNE HVOZDOYICH, as the Girl of the Golden NVest, is seen. Rigoletto's daughter Gilda to him was good and kindg just such a good wife and mother in SALLY BERNARD, you'll find. In The Barber of Seville, Countess Almaviva a letter to her husband did write: And HELEN BENOIT as a secretary will write letters bright. As Azucena the Gypsy was gay and full of pep. From the pages of I! Trovatorc, 'IANIE JOSEPH will step. Sharpless, from Mudaim Butterfly was serious and quiet, too: But like GERALD GRAFF his goodness shone through. As a teacher to lead little children will be CHARLOTTE ROGOXV as Brunhilde who led the Yalkyrie. From Lucia di Lammermoor, she takes her cueg To her principles .IO ELLEN S.-XX is always true. Pllifjllllffli has Tonio, its clown: IRXVIN FRIEDMAN will not let us down. Quiet as Lohengrin. the knight of old, MARVIN RUBIN'S future in deeds will he told. Aida's loyalty is shared By CAROL RINGER with whom she's pared. To hear HELEN PROHINSKY sing l.21lilll9'S Rell Song would he a treat, For her heautiful voice would he hard to heat. Our sportsman, STAN PERILMAN, is a Xxvlllllllll Tell XVho could shoot the apple off his son's head quite well. First Row-Helen Benoit, Dorothy Ostwind, Carole Wedner, Peggy Dimperio, Charles Weisberg, Betts Ann Poore, Charlotte Rogow, Irwin Friedman Second Row-Natalie Cofsky, Sally Bernard, Nancy Siviy, Marion Bobiak, Sybil Befferman, Barbara Weiss, Jo Ellen Sax, Robert Kuzma Third Row-Joanne Gallo, Iva Jane Joseph, Marcella Deverson, Joan Hvozdovich, Gerald Graff, Marvin Rubin, Irvin Cohen, Richard Green, Stanley Perilman 37 The Travelers of The Canterbury Tales Teacher ,.... ....... N liss Dorothy Bergman President ..,,...,.,. ,.............. X Vesley Pickard Vice President ...... .A..... F rank Lucchino .......,,lucly Barad ....,Karen Cohen Secretary . ,e,ee.. ,.,.. . ,,,, . Treasurer .,..,. ,. .. ..,. ......,.,...........,.,. A Student Council Representative., .. ,........ Charles Herring Student Council .'Xlternate, ,l,.... ,..,.. B larilyn Beckerman Foreword Representative .,..... .........,.. .,.. G a il Caplan First Row-Timothy Williams, Frank Weitz, Judy Barad, Frank Lucchino, Wesley Pickard, Karen Cohen, Carlene Aberman, Charles Litman Second Row-Robert Eckbreth, Charles Herring, Arlene Yaremko, janet Lawson, Mary Lou Suska, Mary Ann Yaremko, Carol Wytiaz, Howard Specter, Charles Shapiro Third Row-Bertha Cornelious, Gail Caplan, Arlene Meyers, Joyce Margulies, Virginia Korol, Carol Cohen, Marilyn Beckerman, Stephanie Chernoff As the pilgrims came to the Canterhury Shrine, So the students of 363 came to Allderdice. Each day was filled with rich experiences. Both in knowledge gained and friendships made. THE Hosriass-Miss Bergman On this pilgrimage through our high school days. Miss Bergman was our help- ful guide. She led us in many activities, from schoolwork to hake sales. XVe will always remember Miss Bergman and the times we spent in her homeroom. THE KNIGHTlXVCSlCy Pickard Gentleman. athlete. and a scholar who has made his high school course profit- ahle, our president XVes is liked and respected hy all. THE SQUIRE-CllZ1l'l6S Litman A boy with impressive features, "Cheech" received high acclaim for his per- formance in the class play. Tlllf YEOMAN-Frank XYeitz A friendly fellow, and a good mixer. hoth among men. women, and emulsions, Frank will undoubtedly hecome a successful pharmacist. 38 THE PR1oREss-Beverly Crum The singing celebrity of our class, Beverly has contributed her share to our stock of pleasant memories. THE MERCHANT--I'OhU Mack "The best thing about coming to school is going home." John's favorite sports are -basketball and baseball. In the future he plans to go int-o the army. THE FRIAR-Mark Fivars Mark, who is famous for his voluminous laugh, plans to be a band leader in the U.S. Navy. THE WIFE OF BATH-Karen Cohen Although her favorite expression is t'VVho has his dues P", Karen is liked by all her classmates. THE MONK-Charles Herring Charles is like plaster-sticks to whatever he undertakes. Hereis hoping he sticks to his profession with the same persistency that has made his high school course a success. THE OXFORD SCHOLAR-Robert Eckbreth The opposite of an Oxford Scholar, and comedian of our class. To be with "Ecky" every day is certain to keep the blues away. THE LAWYER-Stephanie Chernoff A walking ad for "Good things come in small packages." Because of her sound reasoning, Steffie is sure to win fame as a lawyer. THE SINGER-Bertha Cornelious Bertha is a wonderful singer. We'll always remember the entertainment she provided for us at the class parties. THE DESIGNER+AflCHC Meyers The bell has already rung, Miss Bergman is deep in discussing, and Arlene enters nonchalantly and unassumingly. Arlene's plan for the future is to become a dress designer. THE PHYSICIAN-Howard Specter A friendly chap, Howie is liked by all the fellows. But why the girls like him is -beyond our comprehension--or is it? THE TEACHERS-C3YlCUC Abenman Always striving to do her very bestg always willing to help her neighbor. Even themes didn't make Carlene frown. Such courage will surely be re- warded. judy Barad We are indebted to Judy, a true friend and a conscientious student, for many laughable moments in study period. Marilyn Beckerman A studious girl, who knew her work and all the possible tricks. "Becky's" sense of humor is bound to delight some lucky man sooner or later. THE PARsoN-Frank Lucchino With natural ability, terrific personality, and innumerable friends, our Veep will someday be a leading engineer. THE PLOWMAN-Charles Shapiro A quiet and conscientious boy is Charles. Our efforts to unearth something scandalous proved futile, so we leave him with a clean slate. 39 THE CooK-Gail Caplan A cooperative girl, Gail brings us the cheer to break the monotony of strenuous work. She is sure to take American University by storm. THE ARTIST-Joyce Margulies In the future, if anyone desires an advertisement, please call Joyce, for she will then be a commercial artist. 'IHE REEVE-Timothy Williams Through his high school days, a bright smile and cheerful greeting were Tim's inseparable companions. We anticipate the day when Tim will be seen on television as a professional football player. '1 HP. GUILDSWOMEN CSECRETARIESJ-Carol Cohen Without any doubt the greatest living authority on shorthand, Carol can tell 111 from n with one eye open. Much is to 'be expected of her if she keeps both eyes open. Joanne Otto A girl whose friendship is as steadfast as our school, Joanne enjoys novels and basketball. Janet Lawson and Virginia Korol Janet and Virginia are always enjoying some mysterious laugh together. We are afraid it is some practical joke such as disposing of a theme, etc. Both girls like dancing, and they aim to score a success in the business world. Mary Ann Yaremko A versatile girl, Mary Ann delights in dancing, swimming, ice skating, and collecting records. Mary Lou Suska The girl with a Pepsodent smile, Mary Lou's ambition is to gladden some little boyis heart, and wash family dishes. Carol Wytiaz Respected by her classmates, generous, and with a goodly part of T.A. tucked away under her hat, we predict that Carol will be the perfect secretary. Arlene Yaremko Sewing and asking questions about homework are Arlene's favorite hobbies. Arlene spent many pleasant study periods thusly. Ours, too, came to an end, and we depart-- But like all journeys that are enjoyed, Wiser in mind and sadder in heart. 40 ! i r f 4 , .vrf' W' 466 Dictionary George Berger--M. Cderived from Colfaxj one who advocates the liberty, rights or independent actions of the individual. Joan Clay--F. Qderived from Union Township Elementary School, Gastonville, Pa.j an antimating principle which pervades and tempers action. Homer Craig--M. Qderived from Gladstone junior High Schoolj pertaining to the great Greek poet Homer, from whom we quote, "Aw, do we have to?" Anita Fishman-F. Cderived from Colfaxj possessing some quality or feature exerting a fascinating influence. Pat Gavel-F. fderived from Greenfieldj having that quality whereby admiring pleasure is excited. Rachelmae Harris-F. Qderived from St. Stephen's Elementary Schoolj one who knows what she wants and almost has it-an MRS degree. Ginger Hinkes-F. fderived from Lindenj one particularly skilled in the art of baton twirling and destined for the University of Pittsburgh. joan Isenstein-F. Cderived from -Colfaxj a woman who is skilled in drama-- particularly as the nurse in "Harvey." jane Kaufman-F. fderived from Wightmanj having the personality to find favor with people, synonym-popular. Lou Klein-M. Cderived from Colfaxj one who is good-natured and possesses the aptitude for business. Jerry Levin-M. fderived from Ventnor junior High School, Ventnor, N. 1.5 a jolly good fellow. Joyce Liberman--F. Qderived from VVightmanj a person who is skilled in artg a painter. Franklin Libson-M. Qderived from VVight.manJ a combination of varying melody, harmony, and rhythmg one with definite political views. Mark Lieberman-F. fderived from Colfaxj a super-charged individual geared for high speed and learned in the use of tools, particularly automobile tools. Steve Mandel-M. Qderived from Colfaxj having and exhibiting the gift of humor. Janet Mendelson-F. fderived from Latimer Junior High Schoolj one having a friendly disposition and possessing the quality of being helpful. Louise Mendelson-F. fderived from Latimer Junior High Schoolj one having interest in the welfare of her fellow students. Phyllis Miller-F. fderived from Wightmanj an exc-essively animated friendly individual. Sandra Morris--F. fderived from Rooseveltl having the acumen to handle delicate and difficult situations skilfully. Susan Pachtman-F. fderived from Wightmanj keenness of intellect in grasp- ing truths and ability to do journalistic writing. Alvin Robinson--M. fderived from Rooseveltj possessing the conditions of being friendly, of having goodwill in an easy way. 42 Dolores Robinson-F. fderived from Vlvlgllllllillll one who follows niusic as a profession, especially as a performer on the violin. Eric Sakolsky-M. Cderived from NYigl1t1nanQ a person highly respected and always willing to render assistance. Stephen Salomon-M. lderived from XYightnianj versed in or devoted to science, especially physical science: a follower of Einstein. Stanley Scholnick-M. tderived from Fifth Avenue High Schoolj one showing good sportsmanship, especially at the game of basketball. ROSelle Spokane-F. fderived from Schenley High Schooll a young lady with personality radiating in all directions. Pete Stamoolis--M. Cderived from XYightmanl distinction of being willing and ready to give support or aid in any undertaking. Teacher... .,.,.... ..... B liss Elizabeth XYarnock President ...,..,,..... ..,........,.....,. S usan liZ1Clltlllflll Vice President ..,., ....... I lark Lieberinan Secretary ....,....... . ...,.. Phyllis Miller Treasurer ...,,........,.........,.........,........ .,..,... ' loan Isenstein Student Council Representative ...... ..... S tephen Salomon Student Council .-Xlternate ............. ..,...... S andra Morris Foreword Representative ..,.. ..... S andra Morris First Row-Ginger Hinkes, jane Kaufman, Sandra Morris, Phyllis Miller, Susan Pachtman, Mark Lieberman, Joan Isenstein, Stephen Salomon, Anita Fishman Second Row-Gerald Levin, Louise Mendelson, Rachelmae Harris, Dolores Robinson, Joyce Liberman, Patricia Gavel, joan Clay, Roselle Spokane Third Row-Louis Klein, Eric Sakolsky. George Berger, Homer Craig, Stephen Mandel, Franklin Libson, Stanley Scholnick, Alvin Robinson 43 Distributive Education Teacher ,,..,.... , ...,. Mr. Howard Barnes President .r..,r,. ,. Leonard lirowdie Vice President .,.... ....... A larlene livank Secretary, ..... ...,....,r ,,... , , , ....., ,.,, g Ianet Strella Treasurer . ., ....r... ., r ...,...,,,.. ....... lX larshall Goldberg Foreword Representative ., r ,.... ..., X 'irginia liellis Student Council Representative . , . .. .Marie Barnette 'sa :gs First Row-Ila Haas, Leonard Browdie, Beatrice Simanovich, janet Strella, Irwin Klein, Priscilla Plenderleith Second Row-Mary Ann Mihalyo, Judy Weinstein, Janice Ford, Virginia Bellis, Marlene Evank, Eleanor Zahm, Lucille Szolis Third Row-Shirley Scaife, Donald Manfredi, Frank Shandrick, Marshall Goldberg, john Hull, Marie Barnette The gypsy shines her crystal 'ball Much news she has for one and all. A prophecy given-there's one quotation For each member of IJISTRIBCTIYIQ EDUCATION. MARY ANN MlllAl.YO "A spirit rare she-'s been each day- A friend to all who passed her way." BEATRICE SIMANOYICH "ln business she's a great success: just see her and shell tell the rest." MARSH.-Xl.l. GQLDBIQRG "A country gentleman of fame, A million dollars to his name." DONALD MANFRIQDI "Officious, innocent, sincere, Of every friendless name this friend." 44 ELEANOR ZAHM "S-he is pretty to walk with And witty to talk with And pleasant too, to think on." JANET STRELLA "She has a voice of gladness and A smile of eloquence and beauty." VIRGINIA BELLIS "Society has claimed her with grace, The charm, the voice of earlier days. MARLENE EVANK "She's dancing here and dancing there 'Mid great acclaim-she's very fair." IRWIN KLEIN "In the marts of foreign trade, A great industrialist he has made." JANICE FORD "The reason firm, the temperate will Endurance, foresight, strength, and skill' JOHN HULL "But he whose inborn worth his acts commend, Of gentle soul, to human race a friend." SHIRLEY SCAIFE "Happy go lucky is she From her face laughter rings." LUCILLE SZOLIS "A maiden as charming as she is wise Look at the qualities she does possess." LEONARD BROWDIE "Those who know thee not, no words can paintg And those who know thee, know all words are faint ILA HAAAS "Worth, courage, honor, these indeed Your sustenance and birthright are." ALLAN McKINNEY "He is a gentleman because his nature Is kind and affable to every creaturef' JUDY WEINSTEIN "With a smile sincere She banishes dispairf' FRANK SHANDRICK "Hidden in Canadian wilds A hunter, traveling miles on miles, Nature's own brave forest child." PRISCILLA PLENDERLEITH "The heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, And the 'hand to execute." "To know, to esteem, to 1-ove, and then to part Makes up life's tale to many a feeling heart." 45 Allderdice Then and Now 1927 First P.T.A. 1,000 books in the Library Mr. Deevers, Principal Faculty-37 "Keep off the Grass" Campaign Honor Roll-10 The Foreword 1928 Cafeteria Staff-4 members Athletic Field started Allderdice became a senior high school 1929 Alma Mater written Senior Student Council accepts constitu- tion 1930 First graduation-51 First journal First classes in the Annex First noiseless typewriter Boys, Leaders Club changes to 1931 Allderdice places on accredited list The Foreword sold for 50 cents a se- mester 1932 Clu-bs held during eighth period, after school Students permitted to enter one club First Open House 1933 Allderdice Dragon, Humphrey, intro- duced -by Mr. Irwin and Mr. Deevers 1934 Mr. Taylor Allderdice died Largest graduating class in the history of the school-341 46 1957 P.T.A.-1302 members 13,500 books Mr. McClymonds, Principal Faculty-130 "Keep off the Grass" Campaign Honor Roll-117 The Foreword Cafeteria Staff-46 members Hoping for stands One of the best senior -high schools in the City Assemblies open with the singing of the Alma Mater No amendments added to the original document Fifty-fifth Commencement Twenty-seventh Journal Four rooms in the Annex converted into laboratories Three electric typewriters Green Key Club Allderdice holds top academic position in the city The Foreword sells for 60 cents a se- mester Clubs held during activity period Students permitted to join an unlimited number of clubs Programs performed at Open House Humphrey reflects in the 1957 Year Book Name still carried on in Allderdice tra- dition Present senior class tops all records-385 Mn 11,55 gf riff o yn? 'bf .FF1 w. ,L .f 5 ,l June Class Ufficers and Committees CLASS OFFICERS President-Edgar Weiss Vice President-Robert Frank Secretary-Mary Ann DeWaters Treasurer-Stanley A. Starrett PROM COMMITTEE SOCIAL COMMITTEE ' f A , lt 1. CLASS DAY COMMITTEE PUBLICITY COMMITTEE GIFT COMMITTEE 48 June C ass JACK A. ABEL-Gift Co-mmittee: Homeroom Treasurer, 9th Grade? Foreword Representative: Green Key Club: Senior DISCUSSION Club? College Club: English 9 and 10: Student Council Social Committee: Usher Staff SUZANNE ADELMAN-Rhythmic Swim Club: Life Saving Club: Majorettes: Senior Leaders: Orchestra 4: Hockey '56, '57: Volley Ball '56: Softball '56: Championship Basketball '56, '57: Varsity Letter: Gregg Typing Award: United Fund Parade EUGENE R. ALI-Student Council Publicity Committee: Physics Club: Journal Art Staff: Intramural Basketball '55: Advanced Art: Scholastic Art Award: A.M.A. Art Contest: B'nai Blrith Art Contest DAVID ALISKOWITZ-Bookroom Clerk: Print Shop Foreman? Basketball '53, '54: Football Manager '54, '55: Intramural Basketball '55, '56: Basketball Letter HERBERT HARVEY APPLEBAUM - Foreword Staff: journal Staff, Business Manager: Foreword Representative: United Nations Club: Junior Dramatics Club: Physics Club: Marching Band: All- City Orchestra: Band 5: English 9: Student Council Alternate: Basketball '54: Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball: Basketball Letter: D.A.R. Award: Dramatic English DANIEL ARMSTRONG-Homeroom President, 9th Grade: Vice President l2B: Woodcarving Club: Conditioning Club: VVoodshop Foreman: Advanced Jewelry: Football '55, '56: Intramural Basket- ball '53-'55: Square Dance Club MIRIAM Z. ASHERY-Library Representative: Library Staff, Sec- retary: M.M.M.: Drivers Training Club: Entre Nous: English 10: Softball '56: Basketball '55 EVELYN AZEN-Class Day Committee: Homeroom Vice Presi- dent, 9th, 10th Grades: Secretary 9th, llth Grades: Student Council Hospitality Committee: United Nations Club: Book Club: Red Cross Council: F.T'.A.5 Entre Nous: Chorus 3: Special Dance: Cafeteria Staff: National Merit Scholarship Test: Civic Club Test ROSE MARIE THERESA BACINSKY-Homeroom Secretary, 9th Grade: Vice President 10th Grade: Service Club: Library Repre- sentative: Drivers Training Club: Student Council Representative: American Legion Award JETTIE EDWINA BALL-Future Nurses of America: Chorus 5: Advanced Jewelry: Softball: Hockey: Basketball: Entered from Gladstone in 10B RAYMOND L. BALUKIN-Homeroom Vice President, llth Grade: Projection Club: Orchestra 2: Shop Foreman: Drivers Training Club STEWART B. BARMEN - Social Committee: Homeroom Vice President, 12th Grade: Student Council: Green Key Club: United Nations Club: Band 5: Marching Band: Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball: Usher Staff: Dramatic English 49 JOHN D. BARNISHINfStudent Council Representative, Home- room Secretary 12A, Entered from Gladstone Junior High in 10B LAURA B. BARRETT - Social Committee, Y-Teens, Cafeteria Staff, Hockey '55, Basketball '54, '55, Volley Ball '53, '54, '55, Softball '53, '54, '55, English 10, Intramural Emblems '53, '54, '55, Usher Staff PHILIP E. BASKIND-Class Day Committee, Homeroom President 10th Grade, Treasurer 10th, llth, 12th Grades, 4th Period Hall Patrol, Usher Staff, Hospitality Committee, Spanish Club, United Nations Club, Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball, English 10, Dra- matic English, Class Play Cast, F.T.A., Stamp Club, College Club GEORGIANN PATRICIA BATKO-Service Club, Drivers Train- ing Club, Advanced Clothing, Gregg Typing and Shorthand Awards CARL BEAVER-Shop Foreman NORMAN BELLE-Vice President Stamp Club, Treasurer Chess Club, Orchestra, Intramural Basketball '54 VIRGINIA L. BELLIS - Jewelry Shop, Distributive Education, Entered from Gladstone in 10B WILLIAM BENDGEN-Radio Club, Special Shop, Elec-tric Shop? Entered from Gladstone in 10B DARLENE M. BENE-Social Committee, Homeroom Secretary- Treasurer, 9th Grade, Library Representative, Square Dance Club: Drivers Training Club, College Club, F.T.A., Basketball '55, Volley Ball '55 S. SUSAN BERGER -- Entre Nous, Treasurer, Publicity Club: Foreword Staff, Orchestra 5, All City Orchestra, Senior Discus- sion Club, Debate Club, National Merit Scholarship Test, Civic Club Test DIAN C. BERRY-Prom Committee, Homeroom Secretary, 10th Grade, President l0A, Vice President llth Grade, Student Council Representative, Square Dance Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Today's Business Girls, Treasurer, 4th Period Hall Patrol, Chorus 3: Hockey, Basketball, Volley Ball. Softball '53-'57, Athletic Letter MARK BERTENTHAL-Social Committee, Usher Staff, Drivers Training Club, Chess Club, Intramural Basketball '55 50 JUDITH BINSTOCK - Foreword Representative: Qualitative Analysis Class: American Chemical Society T'es't: National Mer1t Scholarship Test ROBERT BIRCHARD-Hall Patrol: Square Dance Club: Intra- mural Basketball '54 BARBARA BITLER-Library Representative: Gregg Typing and Shorthand Awards JAMES E. BLACKWOOD-Prom Committee: Homeroom President l1A, 12th Grades: Student Council Publicity, Social, Safety, Main- tenance, Hospitality Committees: 4th Period Hall Patrol: English 9: .Advanced Mechanical Drawing: Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball DOROTHY J. BLAND - Hall Patrol: Student Council Publicity Committee: Advanced Foods: Volley Ball '57: Hockey '56: Gregg Typing Award SONYA MAXINE BLANK-Prom Committee: Homeroom Secre- tary, 10th, 11th, l2th Grades: Student Council Publicity Committee: Senior Leaders, Treasurer: Senior Discussion Club: journal Art Staff: B'nai B'rith Art Contest: Gold Key in Scholastic Art Con- test: Hockey Championship '56: Volley Ball, Basketball, Softball '53-'57: Athletic Letters ROBERT CHARLES BLANNER-Homeroom Vice President, 9th Grade: Library Staff: Student Council Social Committee: Chess Club: Conditioning Club: Senior Life Saving: Student Council Alternate: Track '53, '54: Intramural Basketball and Volley Ball '53-'55 STEPHEN R. BLUM-Hofmeroom President IZA: Student Council: Drivers Training Club: Senior Discussion. Moderator: Debate Club: United Nations Club: Cross Country '55: Intramural Basketball: Volley Ball Champions '55: Junior Town Meeting of the Air TIMOTHY A. BOBER - Library Staff: Cafeteria Staff: Senior Life Saving DOROTHY BOSE-Y-Teens: B'nai B'rith Art Contest: Spanish Club: Today's Business Girls, Social Committee: Volley Ball '54: Basketball '54: Softball '55: Championship Softball: Felt Letter: Gregg Typing Award WILLIAM BRASHEAR-Projection Club, Vice President: Band 4: Special Shop JUDITH BRAUMAN-Class Day Committee: Entre Nous, Presi- dent: Senior Discussion Club: Book Club: Chess Club: Modern Creative Dance: F.T'.A. 51 JOSEPH MARCUS BRENNER-Class Day Committee: Homeroom President, 9th, 10th, llth Grades: Vice President 12th Grade: Green Key Club, Treasurer: 4th Period Hall Patrol: Student Council Representative: Student Council Social Committee: Stamp Club: Key Club: Senior Discussion Club: Metal Shop Foreman: Intra- mural Basketball '5l-'532 Softball '52: Swimming '52, '53: Volley Ball '53, '54: English 10: Dramatic English: American Legion Award MYRON DAVID BROFF - Social Committee: Student Council Representative: Student Council Safety Committee: United Nations Club: Senior Discussion Club: Spanish Club: F.T..A.: Debate Team: Orchestra 3: National Merit Scholarship Test, Letter of Recom- mendation: Civic Club Test IRVING LEONARD BROUDY - Student Council Representative and Alternate: Spanish Club, Vice President: Senior Discussion Club: Debate Club: United Nations Club: Band 5: Junior Varsitv Basketball: Intramural Basketball and Volley Ball: National Merit Scholarship Test FAYE PHYLLIS BROWARSKY-Library Staff: Foreword Repre- sentative: Student Council: Book Club: Drivers Training Club: Square Dance Club: Orchestra 3 LEONARD BROWDIE-Homeroom Treasurer, 12th Grade: Vice President llth Grade: Band 4: Distributive Education GAIL EDITH BURCKIN - Drivers Training: Future Nurses of America: Red Cross Council: Special Dance: Gym Awards: Col- lege Club: Chorus 2: .Assistant in Main Office: Advanced Cooking JONI BURDMAN-Hall Patrol: Spanish Club: Gregg Typing Award DAVID MARTIN BURSTIN - Class Day Committee: Student Council Maintenance, Safety Committees: Spanish Club: College Club: F.T.A,: English 10: Varsity Basketball '53, '54: Intramural Basketball '54, '55: Intramural Volley Ball Champions '55: Basket- ball Letter EDGAR RICHARD BURTOFT - Chess Club: Projection Club: Physics Club: Conditioning Club: Football '53: Intramural Basket- ball '55, '56: Volley Ball '53 ROCHELLE SUSAN BURTON-Spanish Club: Book Club: Or- chestra 4: M.M.M.: Student Council Alternate: College Club: Junior Dramatics Club CAROL BYERS-Homeroom President, Vice PrSSident, Secretary! Foreword Representative: Student Council Alternate: 4th Period Hall Patrol: Drivers Training Club: Usher Staff: English 9 and 10: American Legion Award: A.A.A. Silver Safety Pin GLORIA HOPE CANNON - Class Day Committee: Foreword Representative: Student Council Representative: Student Council Hospitality Committee: 4th Period Hall Pa-trol: Spanish Club: F.T.A.: Junior Dramatics Club: Red Cross Council.: Book Club: Journal Staff: English 9, 10: Basketball, Soccer, Mushball '54, '55: Cheerleaders 52 DOUGLAS CAPLAN-Homeroom Vice President, 10th, llth Grades: President 12th Grade: Key Club, Secretary-Treasurer: Lieutenant Governor of Key Club, Tri-State Area, '56: Chorus 5: Intramural Basketball '54, '55, '56: Swimming '55, '56 JUNE LOIS CAPLAN - Class Day Committee: Student Council Representative: Future Nurses of America: Chorus 5: Girls' Chorale: Mushball '53: Special Dance: Talent Show: All-City High School Chorus: English 10: 4-th Period Hall Patrol: Pitts- burgh Symphony Program ROCHELLE CAPLAN-Gift Committee: Student Council Alternate Representative: Hornerocm President IZB: Entre Nous, Secretary: Student Council Social, Hospitality Committees: F.T.A.: Future Nurses of America: Book Club: United Nations Club: Chess Club: Orchestra 3: Mushball '52, '53: Special Dance: National Merit Scholarship Test: 4th Period Hall Patrol: Civic Club Test AMANDA CARR-Chorus 4: Hockey '55: Entered from Gladstone Junior High School in 10B LARRY CARRA-Hall Pa-trol: Entered from Hannnonton High School in 12B LEE CASSADY-Class Day Committee: Key Club: Senior Dis- cussion Club: Band 5: Marching Band: Basketball '55, '57: Type Club: Homeroom Vice President IZA: Civic Club Test: All-City Band: Student Council Alternate: Dance Orchestra: Football Man- ager '54, '56 MARY MAY CHAENKWOK-Majorettes: Basketball '53: Gregg Typing and Shorthand Awards BARNETT CHEPENIK - Publicity Committee: Library Staff: Usher Staff: Drivers Training Club: Senior Life Saving: Intra- mural Basketball '5-4, '55 BARBARA ANN CIPA-Fashion Show: Hockey '56, '57: Softball, Soccer '55: Soccer Champions: Basketball, Volley Ball, Mushball: Gym Award WAYNE H. CLAEREN - Gift Committee Chairman: Homeroom Vice President 11B: Senior Student Council, President: Student Council Treasurer, llth Grade: Senior Discussion Club: College Club: English 9, 10: D.A.R. Award: Track '56: junior Varsity Basketball '54-'56: Intramural Basketball. Volley Ball '54-'56: Dra- matic English DAVID COHEN - Homeroom Secretary, 9th Grade: Projection Club: Chess Club: Band 5: Marching Band: Special Shop Foreman: Basketball '54: Swimming '53: Volley Ball IAMES COHEN-Publicity Committee: Homeroom Vice President 9th Grade: Chess Club: Radio Club: Cafeteria Staff: Electric Shop Foreman: Basketball '54-'56: Volley Ball '55: Physics Club 53 r x 2 JANET ELINOR COHEN - Prom Committee, Student Council Representative, M.M.M., President and Vice President, F.T.A., junior Math Club, Library Staff, Cafeteria Staff, Journal Staff, Student Council Safety Committee Co-Chairman, Student Council Maintenance Committee, English 9, 10, National Merit Scholarship Test, Civic Club Test ROWENA ADELE COHEN-Drivers Training Club SANDRA RAE COHEN-Class Day Committee Chairman, Student Council Representative, M.M.M., Senior Discussion Club, F.T'.A., Modern Dance, 4th Period Hall Patrol, Cafeteria Staff, Journal Staff, English 9, 10, Student Council Social Committee, Cheer- leader, Civic Club Test PHILIP M. COOPER-Stamp Club, Square Dance Club, Science and Garden Club, Chorus 5, Basketball '54-'56, Volley Ball '52, Softball, Swimming '53 KEITH WARREN CREWS-4th Period Hall Patrol, Chess Club, Drivers Training Club, Orchestra 5, Entered from Gladstone in 10B BEVERLY ANN DAFFIS-Homeroom Vice President, 9th Grade, Secretary, Advanced Foods, Chorus 1, Volley Ball '54 ESTHER IRIS DARLING-Homeroom President, 9th Grade, Vice President llth Grade, Treasurer 12th Grade, Future Nurses of America, Program Chairman, F.T.A., Advanced Foods, Modern Dance, Hall Patrol, Gift Committee, Maintenance Committee MURRAY DAVIDSON - Homeroom President 9A, l0A, Wood Carving Club, President, Orchestra 3, Wood Shop Foreman, Intra- mural Basketball Championship, Intramural Swimming '55, Foot- ball, Basketball Letter ALLEN J. DAVIS-United Nations Club, Intramural Basketball '54, '55, '56, Swimming '53, '54 MARILYN SUE DAVIS - Foreword Representative, 4th Period Hall Patrol, F.T.A., Future Nurses of America, Book Club, Red Cross Council, Orchestra 4, Soccer '54, Volley Ball '54, M.M.M., Gregg Typing Award, Athletic Award JANET DeJIDAS - Soccer Champs, Basketball, Volley Ball: Hockey, Mushball, Gym Award, Square Dance Club, Homeroom Secretary, 9th Grade MARY ANN DeWATERS-Homeroom President, 9th Grade, Sec- retary-Treasurer 12th Grade, Senior Class Secretary, Foreword Representative, Rhythmic Swim, Chess Club, F.T.A., College Club, Usher Staff Captain, Student Council Social Committee, Orchestra 5, Student Director, Woodwind Quintet, All-City Orchestra, 214 Staff, Dance Accompanist, Fashion Show, Junior Life Saving, Dramatic English 54 -UN' v' . Foreword Representative PATRICIA DULAK-Student Council Representative: Advanced Foodsg Library Represen-tativeg Hall Patrol GLENN EATON-Projection Club, Presidentg Chorus.4g Advanced Arty Garden Club DIANNA EDDINS - Homeroom Vice President 9Ag Homeroom President 10Bg Future Nurses of America, Secretary, President: Hockey, Basketball, Volley Ball, Softball, Soccer '54, '55, '56g Soccer Championship '55g Athletic Award RUTH LOUISE EDWARDS-Usher Staffg Library Staffg Entered from Gladstone junior High School in 10B PATTY ELLISON-Y-Teens, Secretaryg Y-Teens Representative to Bethany Conferenceg Senior Leaders, Planning Committeeg To- day's Business Girlsg Advanced Clothingg Basketball '54g Softball 'S5g Volley Ball '55g Hockey '55, '56g Championshipg Gregg Short- hand and Typing Awards EARL C. ELRICK-Ham Radio Club: Drivers Training Club 55 LOIS GLORIA DIAMOND Gift Committee Chairman Homeroom Secretary 12Bg Student Council Representative Foreword Staff Red Cross Councilg Drivers Training Club Chess Club Senior Discussion Clubg F.T.A.g Orchestra 4 Chorus 5 Modern Creatue Danceg S.A.R. Awardg National Merlt Scholarship Test Civic Club Testg Girls' Choraleg Cafeteria Staff Hall Patrol Entre Vous ROBERT CHARLES DIAMONDSTONE Homeroom President IZBQ Student Councilg Drivers Training Club Wood Shop Foreman Intramural..Basketball, Swimming 54 57 FRANK DILUCIA-Hall Patrol Special Shop Red Cross Project ARTHUR L. DINARDO Usher Staff EWALD DITTNER, JR. Gift Committee Square Dance Club Drivers Training Clubg Special Shop Foreman Advanced Special Shopg Intramural Basketball 53 55 Hall Patrol PATRICIA E. DUGUID-Y Teens Rhythmic Swim Square Dance Club: Hockey: Mushball: Basketball Volley Ball 53 56 FAYE GAIL EPSTEIN-Today's Business Girlsg Library Typistg Basketball 'S4g Volley Ball '55g Gregg Typing and Shorthand AwardS MARLENE EVANK - Square Dance Clubg Basketballlg Hockeyg Volley Ballg Softball '54, '55g Advanced jewelryg ,Athletic Award MARY ANN EZYKOWSKY -A Today's Business Girlsg Entered from Derry Area Joint High School in 12B HOWARD ZACHARY FAIRMAN -- Gift Committeeg Homeroom President l2Ag Treasurer 8th, 9th Gradesg Spanish Clubg Math Clubg Chess Clubg Projection Clubg Drivers Training Clubg Micro- scope Clubg Hall Patrolg Advanced Wood Shopg VVood Shop Fore- mang Advanced Jewelry Shopg Student Council Maintenance Com- mitteeg Intramural Basketball '52-'56g Community Chest Luncheon STUART B. FELDMAN-Social Committeeg Homeroom Secretary 9B, Vice President 1lBg Stamp Clubg United Nations Clubg Drivers Training Clubg Orchestra 55 Intramural Basketball '52-'56g Swim- ming Team '53, '54g Volley Ball '54-'56g Softball '52g National Merit Scholarship Testg Student Council Safety Committeeg Ushers Staff HARVEY LEONARD FELSER-Homeroom Vice President, 10th Gradeg Student Council Representativeg Vice President 12th Grade: Hall Patrolg Type Clubg Band 53 English 95 Intramural Basketball '53 1 ' ROBERT FELTON-Publicity Committee Chairman, Homeroom President 9th, 10th Gradesg Treasurer 11th Gradeg Student Council Representativeg Journal Staff, Foreword Staff, Business Manager: Varsity Clubg Conditioning Clubg Orchestra 53 Advanced Mechanical Drawingg Athletic Lettersg Football '56g Track '55-'57g Basketball '56g Dramatic English KATHERINE FERA-Homeroom Secretary l1Ag Y-Teensg Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awardsg Softball, Hockey '56 JANET FERCHAK-Homeroom Secretaryg Student Council Repre- sentativeg Service Clubg Softball '53, '54g Gregg Shorthand Award: Today's Business Girls RUTH LOIS FINGERET-Publicity Committeeg Homeroom Secre- tary, 9th Gradeg T'reasurer 10th, llth Gradesg M.M.M.g 4th Period Hall Patrol, Captaing F.N.A.g F.T.A.g Chorus 53 Choraleg National Merit Scholarship Testg Civic Club TeSt MIRIAM FISCHMAN-I-Iomeroom Vice Presidentg Student Council Represen-tativeg Red Cross Councilg Cafeteria Staffg English 9: Junior Math Clubg Junior Lifesavingg junior and Senior Leadersg Chorus lg Softball, Basketballg Volley Ball '53, '54g Dramatic Eng- lishg Athletic Award ROBERT J. FLEISHMAN, IR. - Homeroom President 9th, 10th Grades: Entre Nousg Green Key: Key Club: Orchestra 5g Student Council Hospitality'Committeeg Prom Committee 56 ELVA RUTH FLEMING-Y-Teensg Volley Ballg Entered from Gladstone in 10B JANICE FORD-Distributive Educationg Entered from Mifflin in 9th Grade BARBARA FOX-Senior Discussion Clubg Rhythmic Swimming: Square Dance Clubg English 95 First Prize in Pittsburgh Adver- tising Contes-tg Honorable Mention in Latin Contestg Finalist in National Merit Scholarship Test RAYMOND A. FRANK-Science and Gardening Club, Vice Presi- dentg Library Staffg Entered from Mifflin in 9B ROBERT FRANK-Senior Class Vice Presidentg Student Council: Senior Discussion Clubg Moderatorg Foreword Editor-in-Chief: Student Council Maintenance Committee Chairniang Chess Clubg Orchestra 55 Brass Quartetg All-City Orchestrag Intramural Basket- ball '55g Qualitative Analysis Classg First Prize in Latin Contest! Second Prize. American Chemical Society Contestg National Merit Scholarship Testg Civic Club Test M. ELAINE FRANKLIN-Homeroom Secretary, Treasurer: Book Clubg Spanish Clubg Junior Dance: Hall Patrol: Gregg Shorthand Awardg Special Dance ELLEN JOAN FRANZOS Class Day Commi-tteeg Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer l2Bg M.M.M.g 4th Period Hall Patrolg Senior Discussion Clubg Book Clubg F.T.A.g Junior Leadersg Modern Creative Dance: Softball '56 MONNA FREED - Homeroom President 1lBg Gregg Shorthand Award: Junior Leaders JILL FREEDMAN-Student Council Representative: Spanish Club: F.T.A.g Chorus 55 Hockey '56g English 95 Cafeteria Staffg Civic Club Testg National Merit Scholarship Test MARGERY FREEDMAN-Choir Secretaryg S-tudent Council Hos- pitality Committeeg United Nations Clubg Spanish Clubg F.T.A.g Library Staffg Chorus 43 English 10g Cafeteria Staff: All-City Festival Chorus WILLIAM ROBERT FREEMAN-Drivers Training Clubg Senior Lifesaving: Advanced Mechanical Drawing JOAN ELLEN FRIEDMAN - Foreword Representativeg United Nations Clubg Book Club: Red Cross Councilg Chess Clubg Senior Discussion Clubg F.T.A.g Advanced Foods: English 9, 103 Journal Staff: Cafeteria Staff: College Clubg Gregg Typing Awardg Na- tional Merit Scholarship Testg Civic Club Test 57 RONNA JUNE FRIEDMAN - Foreword Representative, United Nations Club, Book Club, Red Cross Council, Chess Club, Senior Discussion Club, F.T.A., Journal Staff, Cafeteria Staff, College Club, Advanced Foods, English 9, 10, Gregg Typing Award, Civic Club Test, National Merit Scholarship Test ROBERT A. FULKUS-Football '55, '56, Track '55, Basketball '56 ALAN GARFINKEL-Social Committee, Student Council Social, Maintenance Committees, Green Key Club, Band 5, Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball, Swimming '54-'56, English 9, Dramatic English, Class Play Cast JOAN GAVEL-Homeroom President, 9th Grade, Square Dance Club, Mushball '54, Athletic Award, Gregg Typing Award H. ARNOLD GEFSKY-Homeroom President, 9th, 10th Grades, Treasurer ll-th Grade, Green Key Club, United Nations Club, Camera Club, Stamp Club, Band 5, Marching Band, Intramural Basketball '53-'55, English 9, 10, Cheerleader, Key Club RICHARD STUART GERSON-Journal Staff, Ham Radio, Chess Club, Senior Discussion Club, College Club, Senior Lifesaving, Physics Club, Dramatic English CARL H. GLASS - Homeroom Secretary IIA, Drivers Training Club, Metal Shop Foreman, Advanced Metal, Special Shops, Foot- ball Manager '55, '56 HAROLD GLICK-Prom Committee Chairman, Homeroom Presi- dent, 11th Grade, Student Council Representative, Key Club, Secre- tary, Vice President, Journal Staff, Green Key, Chorus 5, Basket- ball '55, '56, Dramatic English PHYLLIS ANNE GOGNIAT - Student Council Representative, Homeroom Vice President, 9th Grade, Secretary 10th Grade, Senior Leaders, Secretary, Treasurer, Rhythmic Swim, Lifesaving, Y- Teens, Drivers Training Club, Hockey, Basketball, Volley Ball, Softball '54-'56, Dramatic English, Athletic Award, Hockey Cham- pionship '56, '57, D.A.R. Award, Betty Crocker Homemaking Con- test, All-City Fashion Show CAROLYN RUTH GOLDBACH-Library Staff, Rhythmic Swim- ming, Science and Gardening Club, .Advanced Mechanical Drawing, Office, Book Room Clerk MARLENE RUTH GOLDBERG - Homeroom President llB: Drivers Training Club, Student Council Hospitality Committee! Cafeteria Staff, English 9, 10, Gregg Typing Award MARSHALL JAY GOLDBERG-Orchestra 4, Distributive Edu- cation 58 LEWIS GOLDHAMMQER-Foreword Representa-tive, Woodcarving Club, Drivers Training Club, United Nations Club, Orchestra 5, Swimming '54, '55, Basketball '54, '55, Softball '55, Swimming Letter SHIRLEY ANN GOLDSTEIN-Student Council Representative, 214 Staff, Usher Staff, Captain, Library Staff, F.N.A., Spanish Club, Student Council Hospitality Committee ALVIN GOLDSTONE-Social Committee, Homeroom President, 11th Grade, Vice President 12th Grade, Foreword Representative, Usher Staff, Hall Patrol, Student Council Publicity, Maintenance Commit-tees, Key Club, Band 5, Marching Band, Track '559 Civic Club Test HARVEY A. GOLDVARG-Prom Committee, Homeroom Presi- dent, 9th, 10th Grades, Vice President 12th Grade, Usher Staff, Green Key Club, Foreword Representative, Conditioning Club, Football '53-'55, Track '54, Intramural Basketball '53-'55, English 9 and 10, Student Council Hospitality, Maintenance Committees EVELYN ANN GONZALES -- Library Staff, Drivers Training Club, Spanish Club, Soccer '53, Softball '54 BARBARA SHEILA GOODMAN-4th Period Hall Patrol, Usher Staff, Library Staff: Spanish Club, Drivers Training Club, College Club, Softball '53, Volley Ball '52, M.M.M. ADRIANNE BARBARA GORDON-Student Council Representa- tive, Foreword Representative, Future Nurses of America, Chorus 5, Hall Patrol, Red Cross Council, Bulletin Distribution PATTI R. GORDON-Homeroom Vice President, 9th Grade, Fore- word Representative, Student Council Representative, Red Cross Council, C-heerleader, Future Nurses of America, Modern Creative Dance, Athletic Letters, Betty Crocker Homemaking Contest, WQED TV Program DAVID EUGENE GRAF-Homeroom Vice President, 9th-12th Grades, Physics Club, Drivers Training Club, Conditioning Club, Football '55, '56, Volley Ball '54, Intramural Basketball '53-'55: Athletic Letters VINCENT GRANDILLO JACQUELINE MARIE GREEN'-Class Day Committee, Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, Student Council Representative, M.M.M.. Treasurer, Cafeteria Staff, 214 Staff, Foreword, journal Staffs: Senior Discussion Club, F.T.A., English 9, 10, Student Council Social. Safety Committees, American Legion Award, Gregg Typing Award, National Merit Scholarship Test ELINOR SUE GROSSMAN-Homeroom Vice President 9B, Stu- dent Council Representative, Student Council Publicity Committee, Book Club, Secretary, Chess Club, Senior Discussion Club, Entre Nous, F.T.A., Modern Dance, English 9, National Merit Scholar- ship Test, Civic Club Test, Dramatic English S9 ILA HAAS-Math Clnhg Red Cross Councilg Science Clubg Library Staffg junior Glee Clubg Distributive Education MARVA L. HACKNEY - Usher Staffg Library Staffg F.T.A.g Hockey Championship '55, '56g Athletic Awardg Entered from Homestead in 10B DOLORES ANN HAI-IALYAK-Service Clubg M.M.M.g Library Representative JACK HAKIM!Publici'ty Committee: Library Staffg Garden Club! Science Club: Chess Clubg Square Dance Clubg Orchestra 43 Hall Patrol SANDRA P. HALPERN-Junior Dance Clubg Advanced Foodsg Today's Business Girlsg Entered from Highland Manor in 10A RONALD M. HANDLEMAN-Senior Lifesaving: Swimming '563 Track '56g Athletic Award l ARTHUR HARRIS-Ham Radio Club, Vice Presidentg Electric Shop Foremang Mechanical Drawing EARL HARRIS-Chess Cluhg Entered from Gladstone in 10B RALPH ALAN HARRIS-Homeqroom Treasurer 9Bg President IOBQ Law Clubg Glee Clubg Chorus 55 Intramural Basketballg 4th Period Hall Patrol NANCY JOAN HARTMANN - Homeroom President, 9th, 10th Grades: Secretary 11th Grade: Foreword Representativeg Cafeteria Staff, Cap-taing Red Cross Councilg United Nations Clubg Book Clubg Drivers Training Clubg F.T.A.g Chorus 5: Chorale IVAN S. HARTZBERG-Homeroom President, 10th, 12th Gradesg Hall Patrolg Key Clubg Chorus 53 Choraleg Soloistg Choir Student Ccnductorg Woodshop Foremang Basketball '55g Volley Ball '53g Championship In-tramural Swimming '55g Student Council Hospi- tality Committee PATRICIA HEFFNER-Service Clubg Drivers Training Clubg To- day's Business Girlsg Gregg Typing Award 60 MARCIA HERER-Cafeteria Staff: Student Council Representa- tive: Spanish Club: junior Drama-ties: College Club: Orchestra 53 English 10: Hall Patrtl FERZELLE HICKS-Hockey '53, '54 BETTY HINDMARSH--Hall Patrol: Y-Teens: Homeroom Vice President PATRICIA S. HIRSCHFIELD - Publicity Committee: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Patrol: Student Council Publicity Committee: Journal Art Staff: Softball '53: Volley Ball '5Z: English 10: Student Council Representative: English 9 FRANK L. HOFFMAN-Physics Club: Advanced Mechanical Draw- ing: Intramural Volley Ball '54 SUSAN HOHENSTEIN-Homeroom Social Chairman 11B: Fore- word Representative: Entered from Our Lady of Mercy Academy in 11B welll THOMAS HOLTZMAN-Homerocfm Secretary, 11th Grade: Stu- dent Council Alternate: VVoodcarving Club: Advanced Mechanical Drawing: Cross Country '56: Swimming '54 RICHARD OSCAR HOMMEL-Homeroom Treasurer, llth Grade: Foreword Representative: Student Council Representative: Student Council Safety Committee Chairman: Physics Club: Drivers Train- ing Club: Hall Patrol: English 10 JANICE DEE HOROVITZ-Publicity Committee: Red Cross Coun- cil, Executive Committee: F.T'.A., Planning Committee, Newsletter Chairman: Cafeteria Staff. Captain: Usher Staff: Orchestra 4: English 9. 10: American Legion Award: Gregg Shorthand Award: Senior Discussion Club: Book Club: Civic Club Test: National Merit Scholarship Tes-t CAROL ANN HUDAK-Student Council Representative: Vollev Ball, Basketball '53: Square Dance Club: Gregg Shorthand Awardvl Athletic Awards VERONICA ICHENKO-Softball: Volley Ball: Athletic Awards: Gregg Typing Award: Hall Patrol: Bookroom Clerk ELLEN ISRAEL--Hall Patrol: Student Council Representative: Chorus 4: Spanish Club: All-City Festival Chorus 61 BARBARA JOAN JACOBS-Homeroom Secretary, 9th Grade: Vice President llA: Foreword Representative: Usher Staff: Library Staff: Championship Softball '53: Volley Ball, Basketball '53: Hall Patrol: Advanced Jewelry: Gregg Typing BLAIR JACOBSON-Social Committee: Homeroom President, llth Grade: Green Key, Secretary, President: Hall Patrol: Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball '53-'57: Student Council Maintenance Com- mittee: journal Staff: Usher Staff JERRY F. JOHNSON-Class Day Committee Chairman: Home- room Secretary, Treasurer 9th-llth Grades: Student Council Repre- sentative: S-tudent Council Publicity, Social, Safety Committees: Key Club: Green Key Club: Usher Staff: .United Nations Club: Senior Discussion Club: Journal Art Staff: English 9: F.T.A.: Instructor at Western Pennsylvania Student Council Convention LOUIS E. JONES-Advanced Special Shop: Basketball '56, '57g Entered Allderdice in 10B AUDREY JUSTICE-Advanced Clothing: Gregg Typing Award MARCIA HOPE KAHN - Spanish Club, Treasurer: Red Cross Council: Book Club: United Nations Club: Future Nurses of America: Basketball '5-4: Softball '54, '55: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards: Hall Pa-trol: Distribution of Absence Bulletins JOSEPH KAISER-Entered from Central Catholic High School in 12th Grade GRANT KALSON - Publicity Committee: Homeroom Treasurer, llth, 12th Grades: Vice President llB: Foreword Staff: Student Council Representative: Physics Club: Band 5: Marching Band: Basketball '55, '56: National Merit Scholarship Test: American Legion Award: Civic Club Test ORA KANTAROFH-Student Council Publicity Committee: journal Art Staff: B'nai B'rith Art Award: National Merit Scholarship Test: Civic Club Test ARNOLD KAPLAN-Publicity Committee: Physics Club: Special Shop Foreman: Debate Club: Advanced Mechanical Drawing LOIS M. KARWAN-Future Nurses of America: Orchestra 43 Advanced jewelry PHYLLIS KATZ-Prom Committee: Homeroom Vice President. Secretary, Treasurer: M.M,M., Vice President: Social Committee: Book Club: Red Cross Council: F.T.A.: Special Dance: D.A.R. Award: English 10: Cafeteria Staff: Advanced jewelry: National Merit Scholarship Test 62 I vxvx, Til wtxsfflf 'goirxz-N fflef- Aflut-S wi MGA -KW QXSXQ, W. , Vt4:,xqgUcq,c:q- :V D LQCASL .UA :TMP got Qui P Lbuxx ' 5 if JACK KAUFFMAN - Prom Committee: Student Council Social Committee: Projection Club: Student Council Alternate: In-tra- mural Sports '53-'57 7ELLEN SUE KAUFMAN-Class Day Committee: Homeroom Sec- retary, 9th Grade: Entre Nous: Junior Dramatics: Square Dance Club: Rhythmic Swimming: Junior Lifesaving: Chorus 5: English 9, 10: Basketball '56, '57 JUDITH ANN KAUFMAN-Gift, Committee: M,M.M.: Cafeteria Staff: Library Staff: Student Council Social, Publicity Committees: F.T.A.: Square Dance Club: Junior Glee Club: United Nations Club: Red Cross Council: Dance Accompanist: Entre Nous: Senior Dis- cussion Club: Debate Club: Book Club: Future Nurses of America: Orchestra S: Choir Accompanist: English 10: National Merit Scholarship Test: Softball, Basketball, Soccer '53 JUDIE KELSKY-English 9, 10: Student Council Social Com- mittee: Entered from Mount Mercy in 11A SHELDON L. KEYSER - Social Committee: Student Council Representative: Journal Staff: Green Key Club: Intramural Basket- ball '53, '54: English 9, 10: Student 'Council Maintenance Commit-tee: 4th Period Hall Patrol CAROL JEAN KIRKPATRICK-Hotneroom Vice President llB: Student Council Alternate: Y-Teens: Chorus 5: Volley Ball '53: Hockey Championship '56: American Legion Award: Gregg Typing and Shorthand Awards: Basketball Championship '57 WILLIAM JOSEPH KISH, JR.-Student Council Representative: Band 5: Marching Band: All-City Band IRWIN A. KLEIN-Home-room Vice President: Advanced VVood Shop: Distributive Education ROBERTA FERN KLEIN-Library Representative: Hall Patrol: F.T.A.: Drivers Training Club: Junior Dramatics Club: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards: 214 Staff RONALD F. KLIMO - Prom Commit-tee: Homeroom President: Student Council Representative: Student Council Hospitality, Safety, Social Committees: Senior Lifesaving: Advanced Mechanical Draw- ing: Usher Staff: 4th Period Hall Patrol: Intramural Basketball JOAN CAROL KNOX-Homeroom Secretary: Library Representa- tive: Y-Teens, Vice President, Treasurer: Projection Club: Today's Business Girls: Chorus 4: Gregg Shorthand Award: Hockey, Basket- ball, Volley Ball. Mushball SUE J. KOHLHEPP - Homeroom Vice President, 12th Grade: Senior Leaders, President: Journal Staff: Type Club: F.T.A.: Band S: Marching Band: Brass Quartet: Hockey '53-'56: Basketball, Volley Ball, Softball '53-'57: American Legion Award: Athletic Awards: All-City Band: D.A.R. Award: Basketball Championship '57: National Merit Scholarship Test: Civic Club Test: Drivers Training Club 63 JOHN KORCH-Special Shop: Intramural Sports BETH ELAINE KOSTMAN--Gift Committeeg Homeroom Secre- tary-Treasurer, llth Gradeg Vice President 9th Gradeg Foreword Representativeg M.M.M.g 4th Period Hall Patrolg Red Cross Councilg junior Glee Clubg Junior Leadersg Special Danceg F.T.A.g College Clubg Chorus lg Basketball, Soccer '53g Athletic Awardg Gregg Typing and Shorthand Awardsg Bet-ty Crocker Homemaking Contest KENNETH KOTOVSKY-Homeroom Vice President llBg Presi- dent l1Ag Camera Clubg Radio Clubg Band 45 Advanced Electric Shopg Special Shop MARY LOUISE KOVACS-Senior Leaders, Vice Presidentg Junior Dance: Junior Leadersg Advanced Clothingg Modern Creative Danceg Hockey: Basketballg Volley Ballg Softball '54-'56, Hockey Cham- pionship '55g Athletic Award MICHAEL E. KOVARSKY-Prom Committeeg Homeroom Secre- tary lZBg Spanish Club, Treasurerg Student Council Representative, Woodcarving Club: Senior Discussion Club, Square Dance Club: Drivers Training Club: Wood Shop Foremang Gregg Tvping Award, Foreword Staffg KDKA-TV Math Showg Civic Club T'est LORRAINE A. KRAMER--Homeroom Secretary, 9th Gradeg Fu- ture Nurses of America, Treasurerg Hall Patrolg Red Cross Couneilg Student Council Social Committee: junior Glee Clubg Chorus l. Volley Ball, Softball '53g Athletic Award L DONALD KRIEGER-Homeroom Treasurer, 10th Gradeg Physics Clubg Chess Clubg Advanced Metal Shopg Intramural Basketball '54 MARLENE LABOWITZ - Future Nurses of Americag Drivers Training Clubg Library Staff RUTH ANN LANE-Square Dance Clubg Library Staffg Advanced Foodsg D.A.R. Awardg Entered from Gladstone in 10B JOSEPH LASLO-Usher Staff: Advanced Mechanical Drawing: Intramural Basketball '54, '55g Entered from Gladstone in 10B PATRICIA AUDREY LASLO - Hall Patrolg Y-Teensg Softball: T'oday's Business Girls, Vice President HARRY JOSEPH LEE-Homeroom Secretary, 12th Gradeg Stu- dent Council Representativeg Hall Patrolg Advanced Art 64 LINDA ELLEN LEE-Student Council Alternate: Foreword Repre- sentative: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Patrol: Library Staff: junior Dra- matics: Y-Teens: Hockey '54: English 9, 10: Advanced Art JEROME LEHMAN-Homeroom Vice President l0B: President 10A, HB: Student Council Alternate: Woodcarving Club: Drivers Training Club: Spanish Club: Physics Club: Orchestra 4: Advanced Wood Shop Foreman: Intramural Basketball, Softball '54, '55: Na- tional Merit Scholarship Test TRUDI LEIBER-Homeroom President 9A, l0B: Vice President llB: Student Council Recording Secretary: United Nations Club. President, Secretary: Student Council Hospitality, Social Com- mittees: Chorus 4: Volley Ball, Basketball, Soccer '53: Special Dance: S.A.R. Award: National Merit Scholarship Test CAROL ANN LEMKE-Gift Committee: Homeroom Vice Presi- dent IOA: Secretary 9A: Journal Staff: Library Staff: Hall Patrol: F.T.A.: Drivers Training Club: Senior Discussion Club: Y-Teens: Orches-tra 3: English 9: Vollev Ball 'S-1: Hockey '55: American Legion Award: Gregg Typing Award ARTHUR ERNEST LENART-Gift Committee: Chess Club. As- sistant Secretary: Hall Patrol: Conditioning Club: Senior Life- saving: Special Shop: Gregg Typing Award MYRL LESHEN-Intramural Basketball '53, '54: .Advanced Special Shop: Electric Shop Foreman LESLIE LEWINTER-Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer: Foreword Staff, Keyhole, Notables Lo-Editor: Spanish Club: Senior Discus- sion Club: F.T.A.: College Club: English 9, 105 4th Period Hall Patrol: Znd Prize Fire Prevention Essay Contest SYLVIA RUTH LEVENSON-Foreword Representative: Senior Discussion Club: Drivers Training Club: Chorus 4: Advanced Foods: 4th Period Hall Patrol: Basketball '53: Softball '55: Eng- lish 9, 10: All-City Chorus: School of the Air Latin Program: National Merit Scholarship Test HARVEY ALAN LEVINE-Homeroom Vice President: Wood carving Club: Stamp Club: Spanish Club: Science Club: Ham Radio, Band 4: Wood Shop Foreman: Intramural Basketball '54-'56: Soft- ball '53: Volley Ball '54-'56: Swimming '54 LEAHTRICE LEVINE-Foreword Representative: Student Coun- cil Alternate: Homeroom Vice President, 12th Grade: Chorus 5: Ensemble: Basketball '55: Gregg Typing Award LOIS ANN LEVINSON-Foreword Representative: junior Glee Club: Square Dance Club: Chorus 5: Chorale: Softball: Basketball: Athletic Awards MURRAY JAY LEVITHESpanish Club, Vice President, Secre- tary: Senior Discussion Club: Debate Club, Chairman: Chess Club: Orchestra 5, Concertmaster, Vice President 65 ROBERT THOMAS LINDNER-Class Day Committee: Home- room Vice President 10th, lZth Grades: Secretary llth Grade: President 12th Grade: Green Key Club, Treasurer, Vice President: Cafeteria Staff: Key Club: Orchestra 4: Band 5: Basketball: Volley Ball: Swimming: All-City Band: Student Council Maintenance Com- mittee Chairman: Student Council Social Committee EDITH LIPSITZ - Hall Patrol: Library Staff: Gregg Typing Award PENNY FERN LITT-Class Day Committee: Homeroom Secre- tary, 9th Grade: M.M.M.: Cafeteria Staff: Student Council Publicity Committee: .Advanced Art: Journal Art Staff: Advanced Clothing: Basketball, Softball, Volley Ball '53: Simplicity Fashion Show JUDY MARYLYN LOFTIN-Homeroom Secretary, 10th Grade: Student Council Representative: M.M.M.: Foreword Staff: Senior Discussion Club: Senior Leaders, Social Chairman: Hockey: Volley Ball: F.T.A. Recording Secretary JOSEPH B. LOFTON-Basketball '54-'56: Track '56: Football '54- '56: Athletic Awards MARSHA LOUISE LOMASK-Foreword Representative: M.M.M.: Hall Patrol: Cafeteria Staff: Junior Dramatics: Book Club: Senior Discussion Club: Entre Nous: F.T.A.: journal Staff: English 9, 10: National Merit Scholarship Test: College Club: Civic Club Test VIARY C. LORDEON Lsher Staff, Hall Patrol: Student Council 1 Representative: Service Club: Y-Teens: Basketball '53-'55: Volley Ball '53, '54: Hockey '54-'56: Soccer '53: Hockey Championship '56: Basketball Championship '57 IOHN DAVID LUCERO, JR.-Social Committee: Homeroom Presi- flent, 9th-12th Grades: Spanish Club, President: Varsity Club: Square Dance Club: Conditioning Club: Senior Life Saving: Football: Track: Basketball: Volley Ball TOBY LURIE-Gift Committee: Homeroom Secretary, 9th Grade: Book Club, President: Spanish Club: Red Cross Council: Junior Leaders: Chorus 4: Cafeteria Staff: Student Council Publicity Committee MARILYN CAROLE MAIER-Prom Committee: Foreword Repre- sentative: Hall Patrol: Student Council: Senior Leaders: Advanced Clothing: Hockey '54, '55: Basketball '53, '55: Volley Ball '55: Softball '56: .Athletic Award: Fashion Show: Usher Staff: Sewing Service Club ELENA MARY ANN MALATESTA-Homeroom Treasurer, 12th Grade: F.T.A.: Future Nurses of America, Vice President: Square Dance Club: Junior and Senior Leaders, Social Chairman: Student Council Social, Hospitality Committees: Betty Crocker Homemaking Test: Basketball: Volley Ball: Hockey '54-'57: Cheerleader: Sports Letters DONALD JAMES MANFREDI-Disltributive Education: Special Shop: Wood Shop: Jewelry Shop 66 LEO I. MANTIA-Homeroom President, 9th Grade: Drivers Train- ing Clubg Chess Club, Band 53 Woodcarving Clubg Track '56g Hall Patrol CHARLEE WOLK MARCUS-Prom Committeeg Homeroom Vice President 12Bg F.T.A., Presidentg Corresponding Secretary of West- ern Convention Dis-trictg Red Cross Councilg M.M.M.g Senior Stu- dent Council Representativeg Student Council Social Committee: French Clubg Senior Discussion Club, Yolley Ball '55g Softball '553 Gregg Typing Awardg 4th Period Hall Patrol, Civic Club Test: Delegate to F.T.A. State Convention, 1956-57, East Stroudsburg, Pa. ALEX MARGITA - Homeroom President 12B, Student Council Representativeg Band 43 jewelry Shop MANUEL H. MARGOLIS - Projection Clubg Drivers T'raining Club, Intramural Basketball, Swimmingg Advanced Special Shop JUDY BELLE MARKOWITZ - Homeroom Secretary, 9th, 10th Grades, Vice President llth Grade, Student Council Representative: Spanish Club, Book Clubg Red Cross Council: Advanced Clothing ROBERT MARKS-Hall Patrolg Math Clubg Band 4: Track '56 ELTZABETH HELEN MATHEW-4th Period Hall Patrolg Drivers Training Clubg Gregg Typing Awardg Today's Business Girls DEANNA MAURER-Square Dance Club, Rhythmic Swim, Bas- ketball, Softballg Volley Bally Hocke 3 ' l JLA76b'y 64745607 M0 261405 C-"5ff3aV-of-"cue ,bww WJ. CLARINE MAYE-Future Nurses of America, Treasurerg F.T.A.g Chorus 35 Basketballg Volley Ballg Hockey: Softball '55g Athletic Awards JOSEPH McCAULEY-Usher Staff, Intramural Basketballg En- tered from Gladstone in 10B PATRICIA McCOY-Service Club, Today's Business Girlsg Hockey '54, '55g Volley Ball '53-'55g Basketball '53-'55g Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards MARY LOU MCDERMOTT-Homeroom President, llth Grade: Student Council Representative: Fashion Showg Hockey Champion- ship '56g Hockey '55: Basketball, Volley Ball, Softball '53-'56g Basket- ball Championship '57 67 HARRY McFARLANDvSpecial Shopg Entered from Gladstone in 10th Grade BARBARA JOAN McINTYRE - Advanced Clothing, Basketball '53-'57g Softball '54-'57g Soccer Championship '54g Volley Ball '57g Simplicity Fashion Show ALLEN MCKINNEY-Bookroom Clerk, Band 33 Distributive Edu- cation TIMOTHY G. MCTIGUE-Prom Committeeg Student Council So- cial Committeeg Lifesavingg Square Dance Club: Drivers 'Training Clubg Track '56-'57g Cross Country '56g Intramural Basketball '53-'56g Volley Ball '54 GERALDINE MENDISH-H-Jmeroom President l0Ag Secretary llth Gradeg Today's Business Girlsg Hall Patrolg Office Assistantg Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards RICHARD ALAN MEYER - Foreword Representativeg Library Staffg Student Council Alternateg Radio Club, President: Physics Club: Drivers Training Clubg Orchestra 59 All-City Orchestrag Pittsburgh Symphony Junior i ELAINE F. MICHLIN Council Representative mittee: Cafeteria Staff ish Clubg Junior and Clubg Civic Club Test 68 1 -Homeroom Secretary, 12th Gradeg Student Student Council Publicity Com- F.T.A.g Future Nurses of America: Span- Senior Leaders, College Club: Hockey: Mushball '55, '563 Basketball, Volley Ball '54g Athletic Letterg Gregg Typing Award: National Merit Scholarship Testg Drivers Training MARY ANN MIHALYO-Distributive Education JAMES K. MILLER - Foreword Representative, Hall P21t1'0l3 Physics Clubg Entered from Gladstone in 10B PATRICIA JEANNE MILLER-Publicity Committee: Homeroom President 9A. l0Bg Student Council Representative: Drivers Train- ing Clubg Red Cross Councilg Chorus 53 All-City Chorus: En- sembleg Journal Staff, Artg Advanced Art: Soccer '53: Volley Ball '54, '55g Hockey, Basketball '55g Scholastic Gold Keyg Athletic Awardsg Junior Lifesaving VELMA L. MILLER-Foreword Representative: Bookroom Clerk: Y-Teensg Square Dance Club: Today's Business Girlsg Advanced Iewelryg Hockey: Hockey Award '55g Basketball '57 SOPHIA MOISEENKO-Homeroom Treasurer l1A, 12th Gradeg Bookroom Clerkg Hockey: Volley Ballg Softball MARY T. MOLNAR-4th Period Hall Patrolg Gregg Typing and Shorthand Awardsg Service Club: T'oday's Business Girlsg Drivers Training Club LOIS SONDRA MONSEIN - 4th Period Hall Patrol: Library Staff: Today's Business Girlsg Softball '56g Gregg Shorthand Award ELENE MORETSKY-Library Representative: Foreword Staff: English 105 Orchestra 55 Gregg Typing Award: All-City Orchestrag National Merit Scholarship Test LINDA BETTE MOSKOVITZ - Library Representativeg Junior Glee Club, Presidentg Bock Club: Orchestra 53 All-City Orchestrag Dramatic Englishg Homeroom Social Chairman: Cafe- teria Staff CAROLYN L. MULLICA-Publicity Committeeg Y-Teens. Secre- tary, Treasurerg Hall Patrolg F.T.A.g Drivers Training Club: Chorus 45 Hcfckeyg Volley Ballg Softballg Gregg Typing Award: Fashion Showg Majorettesg Student Council Hospitality, Publicity Committeesg Vogue Fashion Show: Usher Staff PATRICIA ANN MURPHY-Square Dance Club: Projection Club: Chorus 53 Volley Ball '55: Softball '55g Hockey '56 GEORGE MYERS-Entered in 12B from Shady Side Academy Chorus 53 Choraleg Intramurals '543 American Legion Award CAROL RUTH NATHAN-Social Committeeg Homeroom Secre- tary, 12th Gradeg Foreword Representative: F.T'.A., Secretaryg Entre Nousg Senior Discussion Club: Junior Leaders: Student Council Social, Maintenance Committeesg Athletic Award: Gregg Typing Awardg D.A.R. Awardg N-ational Merit Scholarship Test: Civic Club Testg Delegate to F.T.A. State Convention 1957, East Stroudsburg, Pa.g Fashion Show RICHARD NEFT-Homeroom Secretary, 10th Gradeg Green Key, Secretaryg Key Clubg 4th Period Hall Patrolg F.T.A.g Band 4: Track '54, '55 MAURICE NERNBERG-Chess Club THOMAS HARRY NEWHAMS-Homeroom Vice President 9B' Radio Club Treasurerg Chess Clubg Drivers Training Clubg Square Dance Clubg Band S3 English 9. 103 Student Council Alternate 69 MARGARET ROSE NADZAM-Gift Committeeg Homeroom Sec- retary, 12th Gradeg Service Club: Foreword Representative' y LYNNE NICHOLSON-Class Day Committee: Homeroom Presi- dent, 9th Grade: Secretary 10th Grade: Vice President llth Grade: President l2th Grade: F.T.A.: junior Lifesaving: Cafeteria Staff: Student Council Maintenance Committee: Chorus 5: Choir Librarian: Ensemble: English 10: College Club: 4th Period Hall Patrol? Dramatic English: National Merit Scholarship Test: Volley Ball, Softball, Basketball '54 ELLEN NOLAN-United Nations Club: Spanish Club: Drivers Training Club: Chorus 3: Volley Ball '55 PATRICIA G. NOLL - Homeroom President 1lB: Vice President llA: Service Club: Today's Business Girls: Softball '54: Advanced Clothing: Gregg Typing Award FELICE MYRA OBERMAN-Foreword Representative: M.M.M.: 4th Period Hall Pa-trol: Red Cross Council: Spanish Club: English 9, 10: Library Representative: College Club JAMES O'BRIEN-Physics Club: Entered from Gladstone in 10th Grade EDWARD O'HANLON-Conditioning Club: Football '53-'55: Foot- ball Letters RUTH A. OLSON Proiection Club Secretary: Entered from Bald- 1 win High School in 12th Grade DUANE PACKARD-Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, 12th Grade: Library Staff: Physics Club: Senior Discussion Club: Life Saving: Intramural Basketball '54-'56: Swimming Team '56: Junior Town Meeting of the Air HARRY PHILLIP PALKOVITZ-Class Day Committee: Home- room President, 9th Grade: Physics Club President: U.N. Club: Senior Discussion Club: Orchestra 5: Dance Band: S.A.R. Award: Basketball Manager '54-'56: Qual Class: Debate Club: American Chemical Society Test: Placed in National Merit Scholarship Test: Civic Club Test THOMAS PANCHURA-Homeroom Secretary, llth Grade: Usher Staff MARY LOUISE PAPPAS H Social Committee Chairman: Home- 1'00m PFCSiCl611t HA, 1213: Vice President l0B: Student Council Representative: Cafeteria Staff: Student Council Social Committee: F.T.A.: Senior Discussion Club: Square Dance Club: Junior Dra- matics Club: Orchestra 4: Gregg Shorthand Award: Student Coun- cil Hospitality Committee Chairman: Dramatic English ILENE SUE PARISER-F.T.A.: Future Nurses of America: jun- ior Dramatics Club: Hall Patrol 70 F. WILLIAM PASTOR-Homeroom Vice President 1lAg Student Council Program Chairmang 4th Period Hall Patrolg Senior Life- savingg Intramural Basketball ,565 Conditioning Clubg Volley Ballg English 10 ELIZABETH PEAKE - Advanced Clothingg Advanced Foodsg Basketball '57g Entered Allderdice in 11B MARJORIE SUE PENN-Homeroom Secretary 9Ag Vice President 10Bg United Nations Club, Treasurerg F.T.A., Recording Secretaryg Red Cross Councilg Rhythmic Swimmiingg Hall Patrolg Entre Nousg Usher Staffg National Merit Scholarship Testg Civic Club Test MARVIN ANTON PERER-Student Council Representativeg Fore- word Representativeg Foreword Staff, Editor-in-Chiefg Journal Staffg Hall Patrolg Student Council Problems Committeeg Senior Discussion Clubp Stamp Clubg Orchestra 33 American Legion Award: Award from Harvard Club of Western Pennsylvaniag National Merit Scholarship Test HELAINE FAYE PERIS-Homeroom Treasurer, 9th Grade: Cafe- teria Staffg Future Nurses of Americag Red Cross Councilg Junior Math Clubg Drivers Training Clubg College Clubg Spanish Clubg Volley Ball '54g Softball '55g Fashion Show LYNNE F. PERLMAN-Entered from Mount Lebanon in 12B CAROL ANN PFORDT-Social Committee: Honieroom President 9Bg Treasurer 9Ag Secretary l0Bg Vice President l2Bg Student Council Hospitality Committee Chairmang Maintenance Committee: Usher Staff- Califaini Cafeteria Staffg Drivers Training Club: Y-Teensg Square Dance Club: Volley Ball '54 WILLIAM ROBERT PHILLIPS-Foreword Representativeg Con- ditioning Clubg Football '54-'56g Tra-ck '551 Football Letters BERNARD PINSKER 5 Projection Club: Hall Patrolg Drivers Training Club: Woodcarving Clubg Intramural Swimming: Gregg Typing Award IRE.NE PLESZKO-Drivers Training Clubg Gregg Shorthand and Tvpnig Awards AGNES HELEN.POLYAK-Bookroom Clerkg Junior Lifesaving: Rhythmic Swlmmingg Vollev Ball '53-'553 Basketball '54g Hockey 54- 565 Advanced Jewelryg Athletic Awardsg Gregg Typing Award MELVIN HOWARD PORTNOY-Hall Patrolg Band 53 Spanish Clubg Basketball '55, '56 71 ' lf 1 WVU' 'lv' ,tl Mwmi Q l -P R ERT . PRICE - Usher Staff: Intramural Basketball '563 WPIAL Tri-Sectional Track Champion '56, Most Valuable Player Award '55, Entered from McKees Rocks in 12B RONALD L. PRICE-Homeroom Treasurer, 9th Grade, President l0Bg Type Clubg Lifesavingg Chorus 5g Choraleg Soloistg Swimming Team '55-'57, Varsity Lettersg Qualitative Analysis Class JOHN DAVID PRILLA, JR. JOYCE PRINGLE - Y-Teens, Drivers Training Clubg Advanced Clothingg Cafeteria Staffg Hockey '54 GWENDOLYN JEAN PRITCHARD - Advanced Foodsg Volley Ball, Softball '53, '54, Basketball '54g Gregg Typing Awardg Betty Crocker Homemaking Contest THOMAS G. PRITCHARD-Usher Staffg Library Representative: Electric Shopg Metal Shop WILLIAM PUZAK-Class Day Committee, Homeroom Vice Presl dent llBg Conditioning Club: Football '54-'56g Entered from Glad- stone in 10B PHYLLIS MARIE RAAB-Homeroom T'reasurer 10Bg Hall Patrol, Drivers Training Clubg Red Cross Councilg Today's Business Girls? Cafeteria Staff MARLENE RATKIEWICZ - Hall Patrolg Rhythmic Swimmingg Advanced Foods, Softball, Hockey '55, '56, Softball Championship '55 CAROLYN M. RAY-Usher Staffg United Nations Club, Y-Teensg Drivers Training Clubg Advanced Clothingg Fashion Show ARTHUR J. REIBER-Social Committee Chairman, Homeroom Vice President, 9th Gradeg President 10th Gradeg Foreword Repre- sentativeg Student Council Representative: 4th Period Hall Patrol: Student Council Social Committee: Woodcarving Clubg College Club, Senior Discussion Clubg Track, Cross Country '56g Intramural Basketball '54-'56, Woodshop Foremang Track Letterg Representa- tive to Western Pennsylvania Association of Student Councils, Shaler High School EDWARD JAMES REIS-Homeroom President, 9th Gradeg Vice President 10th, llBg Book Room Clerkg Physics Club, Advanced Mechanical Drawing: D.A.R. Award 72 ROY RESKIN-Prom Committee, Homeroom Secretary-T'reaSurC1', 12th Grade, Phys-ics Club, Treasurer, Usher Staff, Spanish Club, Dnivers Training Club, College Club, Orchestra 4, Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball '54 ROBERT S. RIBERICH-Advanced Special Shop, Jewelry Shop! Electric Shop, Intramural Basketball '54-'57, Entered from Swiss- helm in 9th Grade IRWIN RICHMAN-Publicity Committee, Chorus 5, Ensemble: English 10, Intramural Basketball, Softball, Volley Ball '54-'56, American Legion Award, Spring Concert Certificate of Merit' Dramatic English s STANLEY E. ROCKMAN-Green Key Club, Woodcarving Club, Advanced Woodshop Foreman, Student Council Social Committee' Basketball, Softball, Volley Ball '53-'55 MELSA ANN ROSEN - Library Staff, Library Representative' F.T.A., English 9, 10, Journal Staff, Hall Patrol, Volley Ball Softball '53, Athletic Award v S. CHARLES ROSEN-Orchestra 3, Intramural Basketball Cham- pionship '54, Hall Patrol V SUSAN ROSENBACH - Publicity Committee, Foreword Repre- sentatvive, Bock Club, Spanish Club, Traffic Survey' 4th Period Hall Patrol, English 10, Advanced Home Economics r MIRIAM ANN ROSENBLATT-Library Representative, Home- room President, 12th Grade, T'oday's Business Girls, Y-Teens, Soccer '53, Volley Ball, Hockey '54, Softball '54-'56, Athletic Awards, Gregg Typing Award ALAN E. ROSENBLOOM - Chess Club, Camera Club, Stamp Club, English 9, Entered from Valley Forge Military Academy in 10B NATALIE ROSENFELD-Class Day Committee, Homeroom Presi- dent, llth Grade, Future Nurses of America, Student Council Repre- sentative, 4th Period Hall Patrol, Cafeteria Staff, Red Cross Council, Chorus 5, Athletic Award SHARNA ROSENTHAL-Chess Club, Secretary, M.M.M., Junior Dramatics, junior Leaders, Student Council Publicity Committee, Or-chestra 4, Advanced Art, Cafeteria Staff, Merit Award, Volley Ball '53, Athletic Award, Gregg Typing Award JULIA A. ROZGONYI-Homeroom Secretary, 9th Grade' President llth Grade, Hall Patrol, Usher Staff, Student Council 'Alternate, Athletic Award 73 BEVERLY M. RUBIN-Homeroom Secretary, llth Grade: Fore- word Representative: Library Staff: Red Cross Council: Student Council Hospitality Committee: Y-Teens: Modern Creative Dance: Usher Staff: Drivers Training Club: Championship Softball '54: Volley Ball '53: English 10: Athletic Award: Gregg T'yping Award CHARLES L. RUTTENBERG - Homeroom Vice President, 10th Grade: Secretary 11th Grade: Debate Club, Executive Committee: Physics Club: Senior Discussion Club: Debate Team: Orchestra 5: Qualitative Analysis Class: Latin Quiz: All-City Orchestrag Pitts- burgh Symphony junior: Civic Club Test: American Chemical So- ciety Testg National Merit Scholarship Test, Letter of Commendation ELLEN SABLE-M.M.M.: F.T.A.: Book Club: Spanish Club: Col- lege Club: 4th Period Hall Patrol: American Legion Award MYRON B. SALAMON-Homeroom Vice Pr6SiClC11t, 11th Grade: Projection Club: Senior Discussion Club: Physics Club: journal Staff: National Merit Scholarship Test, Letter of Commendation: Qualitative Analysis Class: Civic Club Test: American Chemical Society Test: School Science Experts Quiz ROY SAMPLE-Homeroom President, 9th Grade: Advanced Special Shop: Advanced jewelry: Optimist Award: Entered from Gladstone in 10B JAMES SANDOR-Student Council Alternate: Physics Club: Ad- vanced Mechanical Drawingg Intramural Basketball RICHARD W. SARVER-Advanced Special Shop: Electric Shop: Entered from Swisshelm in 9th Grade ETTA MARILYN SAVAGE-Prom Committee: Homeroom Secre- tary, 9th Grade: Junior Red Cross Council, President: Usher Staff: Junior Dramatics Club: Junior Glee Club: Lifesaving: F.T.A.g Col- lege Club: Athletic Awards: Student Council Publicity Committee: Red Cross Training Center, Kiski, 1955: Red Cross Book Collection SHIRLEY ANN SCAIFE-Student Council Representative: Jewelry Shop: Volley Ball '54: Softball '56: Distributive Education JOSEPHINE SCANGA-Hall Patrol: Advanced Cl0fl1iI1g: Entered from Plum Township in 11B SANDRA SCHONBERG-Junior Dance Club: Today's Business Girls: Gregg Typing Awardg Library Typist HOWARD L. SCHWARTZ-Green Key Club: United Nations Club: Stamp Club: F.T.A.: Physics Club: College Club: Drivers Training Club: Band 5: Marching Band: Student Council Safety, Publicity Committees: Intramural Basketball - 74 KENNETH SEIGER-Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, 9th Grade? Library Staff: Spanish Club: United Nations Club: Metal Shop Foreman: Electric Shop Foreman: Ham Radio: Physics Club: Intra- mural Basketball, Volley Ball, Swimming '55 LESTER F. SHAPIRO-Homeroom Vice President 9A: Chess Club. President: Orchestra 4: Intramural Softball, Basketball SANFORD STEWART SHAPIRO - Projection Club: Advanced Print Shop, Foreman: Hall Patrol: Varsity Swimming Manager '54, '55: Athletic Award RUTH ANN SI-IEA-Homeroom President 1lA: Senior Leaders: Today's Business Girls: Basketball, Volley Ball, Hockey '55 E. PEPI SHERMAN-Social Committee: Homeroom Vice President 9B: Student Council Representative: Cafeteria Staff: Student Coun- cil Social, Hospitality Committees: Senior Discussion Club: F.T.A. Social Committee: Special Dance: Journal Staff: Red Cross Council: English 9, 10: Science Club: Vollev Ball, Basketball, Softball: Fore- word Staff, Keyhole Editor ARLENE SHEROKE - Today's Business 'r e vicejlubg Volley ' .. dT'GTe or a W p V i Z Y RQ - l QQ' - ' Vai, M Q 4701! 7 UJJJ RICHARD SHERRILL-Student Count seutative: Home- room President, 10th Grade: Student Council Social Committee: Hall Patrol: Band 4 SARA JANE SHIPLEY-Student Council Representative: Book Club: AUDREY SHOWERS-Hall Patrol: Softball '55: Entered Gladstone in 10B JONI SIDLOW-Publicity Committee Chairman: Homeroom Presi- 9th, llth Grades: 4th Period Hall Patrol: M.M.M.: Chorus 53 Chorale: Ensemble: Student Council Social, Maintenance Com- mittees: Dramatic English MARLENE SIEGEL-Foreword Representative: Library Repre- sentative: Future Nurses of America: junior Dance Club: Modern Creative Dance: Library Club: Hall Patrol: English 10 RENA YETTA SIEGEL-Social Committee: Journal Staff, Editor- in-Chief: Homeroom Vice President 1lA: Foreword Representative: F.T.A., Social Chairman: Senior Discussion Club: Book Club: Red Cross Council: Orchestra 5, Secretary Treasurer: American Legion Award: Gregg Typing Award: WQED Music Programs: Red Cross Book Campaign: Foreword Staff. Periodicals Secretary: Red Cross Training Center, Kiski, 1955: National Merit Scholarship Test: Civic Club Test 75 SANDRA LEE SILVERMAN-Spanish Club, Secretary: M.M.M.: Future Nurses of America: Red Cross Council: Library Staff: Library Typist: Hall Patrol: Orchestra 5: All-City Orchestra: Music Merit Award: Gregg Typing Award: Drivers Training Club: College Club: Absence Bulletin Distribution JOAN SIMONI-Homeroom Secretary, llth Grade: Drivers Train- ing Club: Advanced Clothing: .American Legion Award: Today's Business Girls LINDA SAREE SKIRBOLL-Homeroom Secretary 9B: 4th Period Hall Patrol: Cafeteria Staff: Future Nurses of America: Usher Staff: Softball '53: volley ball 'a4:Athletic Award: Fashion Show BERT SLUTSKY-Stamp Club: Projection Club: Orchestra 3: Band 4: Intramural Sports, Captain: Swimming '55: Science Test at Carnegie Museum RICHARD SMITH-Entered the United States Air Force in April THOMAS JAMES SMITH-Hall Patrol: Intramural Basketball '54 xv . SHIRLEY R. SNIDER-M.M.M.: Red Cross Club: Chess Club: F.N.A.: Drivers Training Club: College Club: Advanced Clothing: Simplicity Fashion Show: Art School: Merit Award: Gregg Short- hand Award PHYLLIS SOBEL-M.M.M.: Hall Patrol: Drivers Training Club: Advanced Clothing: Simplicity Fashion Show: Mushhall '54: Soccer '53: English 10 FRANCES SOLTEZ-Softball '56: Hockey '56: Entered from Glad' stone in IOB THEODORE J. SOLTMAN-Student Council Alternate: Key Club: Chess Club: Senior Discussion Club: Advanced Print Shop: Intra- mural Basketball '54: English 9: National Merit Scholarship Test: Buhl Planetarium Latin Festival Test '55: Dramatic English: United Nations Week Conference JOAN M. SORG-Homeroom President 9B: Secretary 10B: Trea- surer l1B: Today's Business Girls: Gregg Typing and Shorthand Awards: Service Club RACHEL SPATZ-Homeroom Vice President, 10th Grade: United Nations Club: Book Club: Spanish Club: F.T.A.: Red Cross Council: M.M.M.: Cafeteria Staff: 6th Period Hall Patrol: Orchestra 4 76 PATRICIA SPERNAK - Foreword Representative: Service Club: Senior Leaders Club: Softball Championship '55: Gregg Shorthand Award: Entered from Gladstone in 10B CAROL JOYCE SPIEGEL-Prom Committee: Homeroom Trea- surer, 9th Grade: Cafeteria Staff: Student Council Representative' v Senior Discussion Club: F.T.A.: Chess Club: United Nations Club: College Club: junior Dramatics Club: Junior Dance: Special Dance' Volley Ball '53: Dramatic English JOAN PEARL SPISAK-Homeroom Secretary 9A: Treasurer IOB: Vice President l0A: Student Council Publicity Committee: Service Club: Y-Teens: T'oday's Business Girls: Basketball, Softball '54: Athletic Award: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards: National Merit Scholarship Test STANLEY A. STARRETT, JR.-IZA Class Treasurer: Student Council Social Committee, Co-Chairman: Hall Patrol: Green Key Club: Square Dance Club: F.T'.A.: Student Council Hospitality Committee: Special Shop: Football '55: Volley Ball '56: Track: Cross Country: Athletic Awards: D.A.R. Award DOROTHY LYNN STEERMAN -- Publicity Committee: Student Council Representative: Chess Club: F.T.A.: Entre Nous: United Nations Club: Chorus 5: Chorale, Ensemble: Special and Creative Dance Accompanist 1 JOYCE STEIGER-Student Council Publicity Committee: Junior Dramatics Club: Square Dance Club: F.T.A.: Dkrivers Training Club: Entre Nous: College Club: Lifesaving: Homeroom Treasurer IZA: Basketball '56: English 10 RICHARD M. STEIN-Prom Committee: Homeroom Treasurer 9A: Vice President 9B. 10th Grade: President 1lA: Student Council Representative: Cafeteria Staff: Student Council Social Committee: Chorus 5: English 9, 10: Dramati-c English DAVID STEINBACH -- Senior Discussion Club: Advanced Me- chanical Drawing: Cross Country: Basketball: Volley Ball JUDITH MAY STERN-Foreword Representative: Future Nurses of America, Secretary: M.M.M.: 4th Period Hall Patrol: Student Council Representative: F.T.A.: College Club: Red Cross Council: Drivers Training Club: Chorus 4: Student Council Hospitality Com- mittee: Traffic Survey RONALD STEVENS-Homeroom Secretary, 9th Grade: Projection Club: Advanced Art: B'nai B'rith Art Contest: Advanced Special Shop: Intramural Basketball '55, '56 JIIDITH ELLEN STRAUSS-Homeroom Secretary: Student Coun- cil Representative: F.T,A.: Book Club: Drivers Training Club: Red Cross Council: Student Council Social Committee: Cafeteria Staff: Usher Staff: Chorus 1: Volley Ball '53: Soccer: English 9: Gregg Typing Award: Certificate of Merit, World Affairs Confer- ence: Naticnal Merit Scholarship Test: Civic Club Test JANET STRELLA-Library Staff: Square Dance Club: Volley Ball ,553 50353119 Gregg Shorthand Award: Distributive Education 77 I RACHEL MARIE SULLVAN4Hon1eroom President l2Bg Library Representative, T'oday's Business Girls, Y-Teensg Student Council Publicity C0mmitt6eg Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards, Ath- letic Awards MARILYN JOY SUSSMAN-Social Committeeg Homeroom Vice President, llth, 12th Gradesg Senior Discussion Club, F.T.A. Trea- surerg Cafeteria Staffg Hall Patrolg Junior Leaders, Advanced Foodsg Athletic Awardg Softball Championship CONNIE TAMBURI-Homeroom Vice President, 9th Gradeg Hall Patrolg Lifesavingg Orchestra 53 String Quartetg Advanced jewelryg Pittsburgh Symphony junior, Art Scholarship, Carnegie Tech VERONICA MAGDALENA TAUBER - Homeroom Secretary- Treasurer llAg Library Staff, Senior Discussion Clubg F.T.A.g Chess Club, ,I-unior Leadersg Junior Danceg English 93 Drivers Training Club, Athletic Awardg National Merit Scholarship Testg Civic Club Test ROSE TRATTNER-Social Committee: Homeroom President, llth Gradeg Secretary 12th Gradeg Student Council Representativeg Red Cross Councilg F.T.A.g Senior Discussion Clubg M.M.M,g Cafeteria Staff: Journal Staffg Foreword Staff, Entre Nousg Student Council Publicity Committee: English 105 American Legion Awardg Gregg Typing Award, National Merit Scholarship Testg Civic Club Test MURRAY ALLEN TUCKER - Homeroom Vice PY6SlClCHt, 9th Grade, Foreword Staffg Camera Club, Senior Discussion Clubg Physics Clubg Debate Tcamg Drivers Training Clubg United Na- tions Clubg Orchestra 53 Horn Quartetg D.A,R. Award: S.A.R. Honor Guardg Qualitative Analysis Class, junior Town Meeting of the Airg Basketball Manager '54-'56g English 103 National Merit Scholarship Testg Civic Club Test LESLIE TURK-Electric Shopg Special Shop: English 10 JOSEPH W. VAVRO-Entered from Connelley Vocational High School in llB FERNE VINOCUR - Homeroom President, 9th Gradeg Social Chairman IOBQ F.T.A.g Drivers Training Club, Gregg Typing Awardg Special Dan-ce GLORIA VIVIAN-Today's Business Girls, Vice President? Serv- ice Clubg Volley Ball '54g Softball, Soecerg American Legion Award. Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards ALEX WAHAL - Intramural Basketball '53-'56g Entered from Greenfield in 9B DONALD A. WAIDA-Track '56g Intramural Basketball '52g Ad- vanced Mechanical Drawing 78 MARY KAY WEAVER-Homeroom Treasurer, 12th Grade: Senior Leaders: Drivers Training Club: Today's Business Girls: Champion- ship Hockey '55: Athletic Awards: Gregg Typing and Shorthand Awards JUDY WEINSTEIN-Library Representative: Library Staff: Or- chestra 5: Distributive Education CONNIE WEISBERG-Prom Committee: 4th Period Hall Patrol: M.M.M., President: Library Staff: Red Cross Council: F.'l'.A. Plan- ning Committee: Student Council Social Committee: English 9, 10' Entered from Miami Beach in 10B EDGAR JAY WEISS-Senior Class President: Key Club. Secretary: Student Council Representative: Senior Discussion Club, Vice Moderator: Advanced Mechanical Drawing: Track '56: Junior Var- sity Basketball: Intramural Basketball GERTRUDE WEISS-Homeroom President, 10th Grade: Secretary 9A: Spanish Club: Junior Dance: Junior Leaders: Chorus 4: Cafe- teria Staff SALLY WEISS-Senior Leaders Club: Advanced Clothing: Cafe- teria Staff: Student Council Hospitality Committee: Basketball '532 Gregg Typing Award: Simplicity Fashion Show 4 STANLEY WEISS-Homeroom Secretary, 9th Grade: Projection Club: Chess Club: Conditioning Club: Usher Staff: Band 5: Ad- vanced VVcod Shop: Advanced Electric Shop: Special Shop Fore- man: Intramural Basketball '53-'56: Volley Ball '53-'56: Softball '53, '54 TEMA WEISS-Publicity Committee: Homeroom Vice President 11B: Leaders Club: Red Cross Council: Cafeteria Staff: Library Representative: Advanced Clothing: Basketball: Soccer: Volley Ball: Future Nurses of America JO ANN WEITZEL RICHARD WIESNER-Hall Patrol: Usher Staff: Band 5: All- City Band DAVID WILKES-Senior Discussion Club: Entered from VVood- row Vtlilscn, Camden, New Jersey in llB M. SUSAN W.ILIfIAMS-Class Day Committee: Chorus 4: Volley Ball '56: Hospitality, Maintenance. and Social Committees: Basket- ball '57: All-City Chorus: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards 79 JEAN MARIE WILSON-Today's Business Girls, Advanced Cloth- ing, Soccer, Mushball, Basketball '53, Hall Patrol, Sewing Service Club ERWIN WOLOVITZ-Homeroom President 9B, Chorus 5, Track '54, Metal Shop LESLIE HOWARD WRIGHT-Projection Club, Drivers Training Club, Intramural Basketball '53-'56, American Legion Award, Junior Varsity Basketball, Senior Discussion Club, Student Council Alter- nate, Basketball DORIS MAE YOUNG-Foreword Representative, Student Council Alternate, Junior Leaders, Vice President, Student Council Hospi- tality Committee, Cafeteria Staff, 4th Period Hall Patrol, Senior Discussion Club, Mushball, Soccer, Basketball, Volley Ball '53, Advanced Clothing, Athletic Awards, Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards, Fashion Show SANDRA LEE YOUNG--Homeroom President, 10th Grade, Jun- ior Leaders, President, Red Cross Council, Student Council Pub- licity Committee, Senior Discussion Club, F.T.A., journal, Fore- word Staffs, Debate Club, Hockey '54, Volley Ball '55, Mushball '56, Basketball '54, English 9, Creative Dance, American Legion Award, Athletic Letter, KDKA Election Program, Fashion Show, National Merit Scholarship Test, Civic Club Test ELEANOR LINDA ZAHM-Distributive Education ARNOLD ZASLOVE - Green Key Club, Student Council Social Committee, Entered from Buchtel High School, Akron, Ohio, in 12B SHEILA ZELKOWITZ-Prom Committee, Co-Chairman, Student Council, Vice President, Junior Town Meeting of the Air, U.N. Club, junior Dramatic Club, F.T..-X., Senior Discussion Club? Junior Leaders, Athletic Awards, Spelling Bee, VVQED Voting Program, National Merit Scholarship Test, Student Council Social Committee, 4th Period Hall Patrol, Dramatic English, Class Play Cast ANDREW A. ZILKA - Homeroom President 9B, Dance Band: Orchestra 4, Basketball '55-'57, Intramural Basketball, Basketball Letter, TV Program MARY JO LORESCHfSenior Leaders, 4th Period Hall Patrol: Cafeteria Staff, Rhythmic Swim, Y-Teens, Red Cross Council, Drivers Training Club, junior Dramatics Club, Hockey '55, Basket- ball '54, '55? V0llGy Ball '56, Softball '56, Sports Letter, Gregg Typing Award PETER MICHAEL FALCE-Advanced Print Shop, Football '54, '56, Track '55 BEATRICE SIMANOVICH-Distributive Education student from Peabody LUCILLE SZOLIS-Distributive Education student from Peabody DALE GOLDSTEIN-Entered Allderdice in March PHILLIP BRONNER-Senior Discussion, Debate Team, Physics Club, Swimming '55 HAROLD EDWARD SEGAL-Chorus 5, Football '56, Intramural Basketball '55, Entered from Schenley in IOB 80 SKATING lg N ,..- " '99 P N-ix' SENIOR NICKNAMES Can you identify the following seniors by their well-known nicknames? Below are listed the names by which they are known. Before you check with the answers at the bottom of the page see how many you can identify. 1. The Higginses 2. Buzzy 3. Kumplin 4. Puddy 5. Flash . Frani . Fornavincus 6 7 8. Bibsy 9. Flub 10. Tex ll. Pudge 12. Bunny 13. Skippy 14. Garf 15. Chici Answers 16. Elkie 17. Siddy 18. Chickie 19. Wally 20. Pacy 21. Penny 22. Cookie 23. Eggsy 24. jake 25. Sonny 26. Moose 27. Butch 28. Tutty 29. Shelly 30. Izzy 1. jerry Johnson, joe Brenner, janet Coheng 2. Art Reiberg 3. Arnie Kaplang 4. Dian Berryg 5. Bob Fleischmang 6. Ellen Franzosg 7. Ferne Vinocurg S. Bob Lindnerg 9. Bob Fulkusg 10. John Lucerog 11. Mary Ann DeWatersg 12. Mary Louise Pappasg 13. Ellen Kaufmang 14 Alan Garfinkelg 15. Charlee Marcusg 16. Lorraine Kramerg 17. joan Sidlowg 18. Harold Glickg 19. Irwin Wolovitzl 20. Philip Baskindg 21. Ferne Littg 22. Bill Phillipsg 23. Eddie O'Hanlong 24. Blair jacobsong 25. Conrad Pesyna: 26. Dave Burstong 27. Harold Siegal: 28. Murray Davidsong 29. Rochelle Caplang 30. Ellen Israel SENIOR SCOREBOARD Girl Judy Binstock Sheila Zelkowitz Sue Kohlhepp Mary Ann DeVVaters -lanice Horowitz Susie Berger Connie Tamburi Sonya Blank Leslie Lewinter . ....... ........ 1 ill Freedman Boy Brains of ....,....,..................... Bob Frank .......... ....... Leadership ability of ......... Ed Weiss ,.................. ........ Athletic ability of .......,....... Tutti Davidson ....,.... ...... Personality of ..................,... .loe Brenner ............ ....... Common sense of ................ Myron Salamon ....,... ....... Talent of ,.,..,........... ........ B ob Felton .,....,....., ........ Good looks of .....,. ........ R onnie Price .............. ....,.. Smile of .............. ........ 1 van Hartzberg .......,. ...... Physique of ,....... ....... T ex Lucero ......,..... ........ Hair of ............. ....... X Wayne Claeren. Eyes of ......... .,...... D ave Graf ............................ 1 ttae 1 -e.. i-22? i A 4:::'f:. 82 Chici Marcus BACK THE ATTACK ON' HOSTS AT OPEN HOUSE TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS SAFETY CAMPAIGN A mmm AT Q 'gif T,,, mm X JANET HOLLY QUEEN F VISITORS SHOWN THE SCHOOL I I,EEE ' O AF R C Um UP CAMPAIGN S5 DEJIDAS 1 Greek and Roman M ths of 120 First Row-Phyllis Gogniat, Suzanne Adelman, Dolores Hahalyak, Sue KohlhePP, Alex Margita Sophia Moiseenko, Margaret Nadzam, janet Ferchak, Thomas Holtzman Second Rovi-Carol Kirkpatrick, Mary Lou McDermott, Mary Lordeon, Patricia Noll, Betty Bronowicz, Susan Williams, Faye Epstein, Joan Burdman, Carol Hudak, Patricia Dulak, Dorothy Bose Third Row-Lawrence Carra, Richard Weisner, Joseph Kaiser, Robert Felton, William Kish, William Puzak, james Hayes, Frank DiLucia, Paul Garland, john Barnishin, Thomas Pritchard Teacher ,4,,, ,.,.,. .,rr. .....t h I r . Robert Irvin President .,,.. ., .. ...... Mary Lou McDermott Vice President .... ...r..,. .,...... , i Mex Margita Secretary., ., .....r..,.i.....,.......,..,..... .i..... ,..., 5 I ohn Barnishin Treasurer .,.....,....,. ..,,,...,...r,,....,..,....., ...,.... S c wphia Moiseenko Student Council Representative r.....r ............. S ue Kohlhepp Student Council Alternate .,,...,,. ,......,........ Robert Felton Foreword Representative ......,..... ..4...... B fargaret Nadzam Even though the characters, both human and divine, of the ancient myths may be forgotten, their special qualities live on in Home Room 120, which has be- come Mount Olympus with Mr. Robert YV. Irvin as the god Zeus. The gods and goddesses of the ancient Greeks and Romans can be recreated in home room 120. Mr. Robert W. Irfzfin, the great god Zeus, rules all gods and goddesses in this Mount Olympus. The goddess Athene, a wise woman, skilled in the domestic crafts, and very athletic, is represented by 5113071110 ffdflllltlll. Prometheus, the wise god endowed with the blessing of foresight, becomes 101177, Barnzslmi. Joan Bllfdlllflll and Faye Efvsfvin vie for the title of Pandora, goddess who gave the world hope. Ltlf'Zt'1'f'1lC!7 Carrol is one of the Penates. who guard the house and help the mortals in every situation. 84 The goddess Daphne with her beauty and small, dainty features is mirrored by both Patricia Dnlak and Janet Ferchak. Of course mischievous Mercury is present in the form of Frank DiLucia. Apollo, god of wisdom, music, and athletics, is easily found in Robert Felton. Ellen NoIan's amazing dexterity fits in with that of Arachne who dared to contend with the gods. The goddess who teaches the art of home-making, Minerva, is portrayed by Phyllis Gogniat. The characteristics of Philomela, the goddess of all that is right, who mourns the wrong done to others, are found in both Dolores Hahalyak and Margaret Nadzam. If Zeus were to choose one with whom to amuse himself, Thomas Holtzman, a small fellow full of gentle wise cracks, would certainly be his choice. Of course the dark-haired Muses, goddesses of the arts, have a representative in Carol Hndak. Joe Kaiser could substitute for the god Pluto, because he spirits away the girls. Carol Kirkpatrick becomes Proserpine, the goddess who, with her songs and laughter, brings spring everywhere she goes. Orpheus, a musician who 'has the power to make people listening to him forget their troubles, is our own William Kish. The quick, athletic goddess, Diana, is represented by Sue Kohlheppf Alcestis, a woman skilled in her art of home-making and liked by everyone, is pictured by Mary Catherine Lordeon. A quiet woman, well versed in the modern study of Home Economics, Mary Lon McDermott becomes her ancient counterpart, Procris. The guardian of the world, Argus, a god with a hundred eyes could be re- placed 'by Alex M argita. Both Sophia Moiseenleo and Patricia Noll compete for the title of Iris, a goddess who brightens the very room she enters. Thomas Pritchard fits very nicely the position of jupiter, a fighter against all wrongs. Hercules, in all his strength and wisdom, is represented by lfVilliam Pueak. Phaeton, a blond young man, son of a god and filled with energy. is easily portrayed by Richard W iesner. Of course no court could be complete without the loveliness and beauty of Venus supplied now by Susan W illiams. Because he enjoys working with metals, John Korch could assume the posi- tion of Vulcan. Dorothy Bose, like Phoebe, carries joy and light with her. Katherine Fera becomes Calliope whom all of the gods and goddesses like and admire. Even though the gods themselves are gone, their virtues and attributes are still carried on in many ways in many people. 85 Miss Beryl Zeigler Laura Barrett Carol Byers Miriam Fischman Elva Fleming Ellen Franzos Alvin Goldstone Harvey Goldvarg Nancy Hartmann Ivan Hartzberg Susan Hohenstein Mary Louise Kovacs Lorraine Kramer Arthur Lenart Marilyn Maier Robert Marks Elizabeth Matthew Clarine Maye Elene Moretsky George Myers Richard Neft Edward O'Hanlon Thomas Panchura Ilene Pariser Marvin Perer William Phillips Robert Price Arthur Reiber Roy Reskin Harold Segal Marlene Siegel Richard Stein Connie Tamburi Vera Tauber Ferne Vinocur Doris Young 266 Quotations "Thou ever my guide, philosopher and friend." "Words of truth and sobernessf' Good sense, which only is the gift of heaven." VVisdom is better than rubiesf' Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers." Virtue is bold, and goodness never fearful." Wise to resolve and patient to performf' An honest business never blush to tell." To be wise and love exceeds man's might." Oh, give us the man who sings at his work." A merry heart goes all the day." A cheerful temper joined with innocence will make beauty attractive, knowledge delightful and wit good- naturedf' A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." He possesses to a remarkable degree the characteristic, God-given trait of . . . sound common sense." It is good to be merry and wise." W'ho makes quick use of the moment is a genius of prudencef, Few things are impossible to diligence and skill." She smiled and the shadows departed." Diligence is the mother of good fortune." "An honest man's the noblest work of God." He wishes not to seem, but to be, the bestf' Success treads on the heels of every right effort." A sound man in a sound body." Duty before pleasuref' The force of his own merit makes his way." "The spirits of just men made perfect." "I came, I saw, I conquered." "The mildest manners with the bravest mind." For knowledge itself is power." Thou are the manf, Charm is the measure of attractions power." I established law and justice in the land." She moves a goddess, and she looks a queen." "Continual cheerfulness is a sign of wisdom." "High erected thoughts seated in the heart of courtesy." 'Tis perseverance that prevails." at .4 ca .. ii 4. i. .s 4. ii ir .. .. l. cl il 1. cl at is 4- .. .. . it .4 .1 4. Q Q 'if 3 - ff ,SK Q,.', j aff Q I -'J -:uf I fs-X: is ..:a:X fl Fil. ,lf A l :iv "if DSE -5. . fl 115 86 Room 266 Teacher ,.... ........ .,.... N I iss Beryl -I. Zeigler President .,.......,.,...... ,.,,...,.,,. l van l-lartzherg Vice President ..,..........,.,.......,...,.... .,.A... H arvey Goldvarg Secretary-rl'reasurer ....,.,.......,.......... ..,.........,. I Qoy Reskin Student Council Representative ....,... ,...... h liriam Fischnian Student Council Alternate 4.,.......... ..,...., ' Xlvin Goldstone Foreword Representative ....,., ...r... l ierne Vinocur First Row-Lorraine Kramer, Alvin Goldstone, Richard Stein, Miriam Fischman, Ivan Hartzberg, Harvey Goldvarg, Roy Reskin, Connie Tamburi, Doris Young, Arthur Reiber Second Row-Elene Moretsky, Elizabeth Matthews, Vera Tauber, Ferne Vinocur, Ilene Pariser, Carole Bvers, Laura Barrett, Marilyn Maier, Mary Lou Kovacs, Clarine Maye, Marlene Siegel, Elva Fleming, Ellen Franzos, Elaine Glick, Nancy Hartmann Third Row-Marvin Perer, George Myers, Harold Segal, Robert Price, Arthur Lenart Conrad Pesyna, Edward O'Hanlon, Thomas Panchura, Richard Neft, Robert Marks: William Phillips C CONTRASTS Now that we are seniors we can look hack to our younger days as 7B's and contrast them with our actions as l2A's. 7B-XVe were thrilled to death when a hig senior said hello to us. 12A-Wie Condescend to thrill some little 715. 7B-XVe charged down the halls to get to or from classes. 12A--XVe, as hall patrols, try to stop the onrushing moh. 7B-XVe vainly tried to sneak up the cafeteria line. 12A-lVe wave hello to our friends on the cafeteria staff and proceed past the envious crowd. 713-XVe jeered at the actors in the class play. IZA-XVe stand there and wonder who is going to get hit with a penny. 87 Broadwa Hits of Room 302 Teacher .........,.... ....... M iss Olive Bowlin President ......A,,...... ...... M urray Davidson Vice President ....... 4..,., S tewart Barmen Secretary ..,.........,.... ...4.,.........,.....,. ....... E l aine Franklin Treasurer ......,.........,.,r..r.,............,...,... ....,.,. P hilip Baskind Student Council Representative ,..,...,. ........,, R onald Klimo Student Council Alternate .......,........ ..4.,.. R ochelle Caplan Foreword Representative ............................,..............,....,... Elinor Grossman First Row-Joan Knox, Patricia Duguid, Ellen Israel Second Row-Ronna Friedman, Adrianne Gordon, Elinor Grossman, Ronald Klimo, Lois Diamond, Rochelle Caplan, Stewart Barmen, Philip Baskind, Dorothy Bland, Joan Friedman Third Row-Susan Rosenbach, Elaine Franklin, Linda Moskovitz, Marcia Kahn, Judy Markowitz, Monna Freed, Barbara Bitler, Faye Browarsky, Rachel Spatz, Toby Lurie, Evelyn Azen, Gertrude Weiss, Judy Brauman Fourth Row-Carl Glass, Howard Schwartz, Murray Tucker, Murray Davidson, Raymond Balukin, Harry Palkovitz, Charles Rosen, Arnold Gefsky Mfitlzozft You, MISS BOXVLIN, our class could never have been so wonderful and successful. Hf0nIdn"t It H0 Lozfcrly if HARRY PALKOVITZ became a world renowned surgeon. With A Little Bit Of Luck TOBY LURIE will establish a reputation at both Syracuse University and after graduation. There Once Was A M an named HOWARD SCHWARTZ whose ambition was to become a chemist. Inst Yon Wait until MURRAY DAVIDSON becomes the first jet pilot to make a trip to the moon. LOIS DIAMOND is always seen Racing With The Clock to get all of her work done in the very best way. Think Of The Tinie I Saw says MONNA FREED as she becomes the Shorthand Champion of the United States in 1975. 88 CARL GLASS will spend Six Months Out Of Every Year keeping watch over the trees in the Canadian Rockies. Getting To Know Y on is RAYMOND FRANK'S greeting to everyone he meets. Because of his pleasing personality, STEWART BARMEN is well named The Most Happy Fella. RONALD K-LIMO is always Happy To Make Your Acquaintance. There Is Nothing Like A Dame-especially one like JUDY MARKOWITZ. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? asks PHILIP BASKIND as he cruises around in his powerful Cadillac. PAT DUGUID, t-he Little One, should be an excellent airline stewardess someday. ELLEN ISRAEL, Y on'll Never Walk Alone as long as your friends are as nu- merous as they are now. Because of her ambition to attend an airline school in New York, FAYE BRO- WARSKY will someday say, N ew Y ork's My Home. ARNOLD GEFSKY and his beautiful new Chevrolet are always seen Racing With The Moon. Oh, Happy Day, MARCIA KAI-IN will say when the Pittsburgh Pirates win the pennant. Why can't RALPH HARRIS Get To The Church On Time? Don't be surprised if someday DOROTHY BLAND wins a dancing marathon because of her motto: I Could H ave Danced All Night. Is It A Crime to be able to roller skate, horseback ride, and play baseball as well as JOAN KNOX? Brush Up Your Shakespeare, LINDA MOSKOVITZ, and someday you'll be- come an English Literature professor. Rich, Young, and Pretty is MARGERY FREEDMAN. Lct's Make Believe that SUSAN ROSENBACH is teaching advanced clothing in Room 302. 'Til Good Luck Comes My Way, says MURRAY TUCKER, I shall continue to collect coins. BARBARA BITLER, Stay On The Right Side, Sister, and you will become a fine secretary. We're Thinkin', ELAINE FRANKLIN, of the time when you will be assigning senior themes to our children. The Girl Who Had Everything is ROCHELLE CAPLAN, for her A's were always numerous. I 'm Learnin' My Latin related JUDY BRAUMAN as she struggled through Virgil. GERTRUDE WEISS certainly arrives Just In Time to get things moving. It All Depends On Y ou, RAYMOND BALUKIN, but certainly you'1l become a world famous mechanical engineer. RACHEL SPATZ willvsomeday be The Law and The Lady teaching Spanish at the University of Pittsburgh. 89 Some say A Man Doesn'f Know, but we know that CHARLES ROSEN wants to be an accountant Those Were The Good Old Days, ADRIANNE GORDON, w-hen you spent the summer months at Forbes Field and the winter months at Allderdice. After causing much confusion at Tayl-or Allderdice, JOAN and RONNA FRIED- MAN, the Sisters of 302 will continue this confusion wherever they go. The man who wins ELINOR GROSSMAN as his Lifelv Companion will be very lucky. EVELYN AZEN, with her Beautiful, Beautiful Brown Eyes, is sure to succeed in all she attempts. BROADWAY SHOWS The Most Happy Fella ,.,....4.,....,.....r....r....,...,.......,.....,........... an Allderdice graduate My Fair Lady .4...,...,...,..4.................. .........,..,.,......,...,.... p rom date Long Day's Journey into Night .l..,,. .,.,.....,.,..............,...... S enior theme research Separate Tables .r,.,.,... ..,.........,......... .......,....,,..r.r..,.,,......,.......,.. C a feteria procedure The Happiest Millionaire .....,., .,....,........ s uccessful man at the 25th year reunion Happy Hunting ....,.. ..,.... ,r..,,, ....i...,..... s earching for a friend at the flag pole Bells Are Ringing ....... ,...., , ,,4...... r ushing to class from the wall after 4th period Li'l Abner ...,..,......,...,. ......,...4......,.....,...,... ,,...,..... S e nior Sadie Hawkins Day COMING ATTRACTIONS "Parking lot for students"-The Student Council has finally alloted 31,000,000 for the construction of a push button lot for foreign cars only. "New Location"-The school is being transported down to Miami Beach for the long winter season. "Swimming Pools"-Three swimming pools will be added to comply with the newly shortened school schedule of three days. "Correct Timen-This will be an added attraction to aid the students for the first time. QThis is also the first time such a huge task has been attemptedj. "Eat and Park"-To be installed for the convenience of both the faculty and students. "An Increase In Pay"-Most important, for the beloved teachers, their pay will be increased to 310,000 per year, tax free. "School Dances"-100W support of all school functions by the student body. F rom the above article, anyone with a keen imagination will be able to forsee all these changes and many more. When they do come into effect, please contact the Allderdice Sanitarium for deranged students, and ask for Joan of Arc. 90 IJD ON CHEC ELEC RVEST 5 NOTABL 5 ers Eg N s Mother Goose in the Kingdom o Allderdice Teacher .....,........,......,.....,,.,.....,..........,.. ............... M iss Margaret L. Winch President ......4.4..,....., ........,.........., L eahtrice Levine Vice President .... .... ................ H 0 ward Fairman Secretary .......,,..r....,................,..... ,.,..... C arolyn Mullica Treasurer ...,..,..,.,...........,.......,.,........ ,.,.......... J oyce Steiger Student Council Representative ...,..i ......... R obert Fleishman Student Council Alternate 4...,..,...,. ...,.r...... R ose Trattner Foreword Representative ,,,....,.,...,....,...r......,......,...............,4,. Barbara Jacobs One day Humphrey the Dragon invited Mother Goose to visit the Kingdom of Allderdice and to substitute for Miss Winch in Room 304. Bidding farewell to her family, Mother Goose mounted her gander and soared through the air, arriving at Allderdice just in time for the 8:45 bell. As she entered the classroom, Mother Goose saw LEAHTRICE LEVINE conducting opening exercises, just as sh-e herself reigns over her subjects in the land of Make Believe. Just the opposit-e of Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, CORA HAYES smiled brightly and tried to be as helpful as possible. In Little Jack H0rner's place in the corner, DAVID WILKES was spied poring over his math. . Like King Midas, JOYCE STEIGER, the treasurer was counting all the gold belonging to the class. Bending over BARBARA FOX'S shoulder, Mother Goose saw Barbara composing a tale for Creative Writing classg it was as fanciful as the ones Pinocchio told his poor old father. Seeing JILL FREEDMAN for the first time, the wise old goose thought that Goldilocks had followed her to Allderdice. ROBERT FLEISHMAN, a duplicate Georgie Porgie, joked with all the girls around him. - Spotting the trumpet on ROBERT LINDNER'S desk,Mother Goose felt homesick for Little Bov Blue who could blow a "coo1,' horn. In the manner of the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe and had so many children she didn't know what to do, SYLVIA LEVINSO-N had so many activi- ties she couldn't decide which one to go to first. JOAN SIDLOW, the class Cinderella, thought dreamily of all the Prince Charmings she would meet at Hood College. Other students in the class followed BERNARD PINSKER, the Pied Piper of 304, anxiously pleading to hear his famous jazz collection. JOSEPH LASLO, instead of playing tunes on a horn like Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son, listens to popular music on his record machineg no need for him to follow the Pied Piper. Mother Goose passed the desk of THEODORE SOLTMAN, the Wizard of OZ, helping STUART FELDMAN, who like the White Rabbit, was lost in a maze of math problems. 92 Suddenly there arose such a clatter that like Little Miss Muffet, ROBERTA KLEIN, jumped up with a cry from her shorthand to see what was the matter. Lo and behold, it was the Knave of Hearts, JOSEPH McCAULEY, who had dropped the tarts made by DEANNA MAURER, the baker of 304. Ding, dong, dell rang the 9 o'clock bell. Up jumped EWALD DITTNER, as nimble as Jack, and ran to the basketball court, so that he could participate in his favorite sport. Lost in the labyrinth of Allderdice halls, ETTA SAVAGE wandered aim- lessly like Alice in Wonderland, in search of her favorite history class which was hiding in the cafeteria. JOAN GAVEL, no Little Red Riding Hood lost in the woods, headed for the choir room to ask Mrs. Lowe the shortest way to stardom as a singer. "Time passes quickly in Dragon Land," thought Mother Goose to herself. "What! It's lunch hour!" she exclaimed. Suddenly, she spied BERTRAM SLUTSKY ascending the staircase as quickly as Jack had climbed the Bean Stalk. In the cafeteria, like Old Mother Hubbard, SHARNA ROSENTHAL went to the cupboard for a tray and brushg when she got there, the cupboard was bare and she was trapped by the mad rush Cof hungry studentsl. MELVIN PORTNOY, a merry old soul like Old King Cole, announced that accounting was his aim, and Pitt was his goal. Ding, dong, dell rang the 12:50 bell. As Mother Goose walked out of the cafeteria, she almost collided with CAROLYN MULLICA, who reminded her of the Pieman from Simple Simon, coming from the home economics class with a tray of Hot Cross Buns. Mother Goose decided to get a breath of fresh air. Outside of the school building, she was sur-prised to see FERZELLE HICKS, just like Humpty Dumpty, sitting on the wall. Mother Goose returned to her class, and it seemed to her that she had just settled down at 'her desk when fifth period ended and activity period began. Just as Wee Willie Winkie told everyone the time, JERRY JOHNSON told everyone the dates of coming senior class affairs, in his capacity of Student Council publicity chairman. Mother Goose was pleased to see that each member of the class soon was as busy as a bee. Watching the rapid progress on the senior mural that BAR- BARA JACOBS was helping to create, Mother Goose assured her that rather than running to see a fine lady on a white horse at Banbury Cross, everyone would come to see 304's senior project. Although ROBERT RIBERICH appeared to be doing his nightwork, he was really dreaming of his days, when like the Duke of York, he would lead 10,000 men in the Air Force. Her glance fell on ROSE TRATTNER, who contrary to Sleeping Beauty, sat wide awake contemplating her future college days and studies in psychology. Mother Goose looked around the room, and when she saw WILLIAM FREEMAN she knew that as an architect he would build better houses than the House That jack Built. .JOSEPH VAVRO, another Bobby Shafto, read about the sea, eagerly anticipating his career as a navy aviator. ROWENA COHEN was certain, that unlike Little Bo Peep who lost her sheep, she would keep track of all her students, as a future teacher. 9.3 lYhen Mother Goose promised HOXYARD FXIRMXX a penny for his thoughts, he told her that in the future when he would he a dentist, unlike Doctor Foster who refused to go to Gloucester, he would receive all patients. .Xfter hearing him speak, LINDA LEE clrimed in that like Gretel who marked her path through the woods, she would mark her path to fame as an actress. Proudly ELEXX MfXLATES'1'A stated that she wasn't forgetful like the Three Little Kittens who lost their mittens, for she saved all souvenirs in re- membrance of her high school years. RICHARD SKRYICR told Mother Goose that he would pay her a visit not on a pony like Yankee Doodle, but in a car that he had remodeled as an auto mechanic. Ding, dong. dell rang the 3 205 bell. Bidding a fond farewell to the seniors of 304, Mother Goose mounted her gander, and flew out the door. First Row-Joyce Steiger, Rowena Cohen, joan Gavel, Rose Trattner, Leahtrice Levine, Robert Lindner, Elena Malatesta, jerry johnson, Joan Sidlow, Barbara Fox Second Row-William Freeman, David Wilkes, Barbara Jacobs, Deanna Maurer, Etta Savage, jill Freedman, Linda Lee, Sharna Rosenthal, Roberta Klein, Carolyn Mullica, Sylvia Levenson, Ferzelle Hicks, Melvin Portnoy, Bernard Pinsker Third Row-Theodore Soltman, Stuart Feldman, joseph McCauley, Bertram Slutsky, Howard Fairman, Robert Fleishman, Ewald Dittner, joseph Laslo, Allen Verk, joseph Vavro, Richard Sarver, Robert Riberich 94 The Magazine Rack of 315 Teacher ........,..........,.....,.........,..........A...,..,..,..........,........., Mr. John B. Melvin President ..4....,........4 ....,.,e., L ynne Nicholson Vice President ..,..... ..,......., H arvey Felser Secretary .....,......,..,......,................... .,........,. E laine Michlin Treasurer .,....i..................,...........,.....,. , .......,.. Mary Kay VVeaver Student Council Representative .....,.... ............,.... J udy Strauss Student Council Alternate ,,......,........ ........... H arvey Felser Foreword Representative ..,...,.,......,............. .,..,..,..i..,...,....,,r B eth Kostman MR. MELVIN has a collection of magazines. NVould you like to read a few? NATALIE ROSENFELD is as full of fun as any Holiday. Our cute actress is sure to -have her name in lights someday. Downbeat-KENNY SEIGER loves jazz as well as poetry, And he's a popular boy, wherever he may be. A fine example of Today's W onrian is JUDY STRAUSSQ She's a linguist, writer, and keeps a good house. Business and Finance-MARY KAY WEAVER is our keeper of moneyg She draws, and she types and has time to be funny. Coiifidentially, JEAN VVILSON likes dancing and jazzy But to be a secretary is the ambition she Ihas. ERWIN VVOLOVITZ, our Playboy, with his good looks, Has to push away girls to study his books. Sports Illustrated-ANDY ZILKA plays baseball well and basketball, toog There is nothing in the world of sports that this boy can't do. VVe have to make a True C oiifession: BILL BENDGEN likes to dance but drafting is his profession. Charm-JANET COHEN'S list of attributes never endsg S-he has good grades, good times, and good friends. Ladies' Home Journal-MARY ANN EZYKOWSKY is the lady of our class. When she leaves, we all will miss this lovely lass. CAROLYN GOLDBACH always has the Time of her lifeg She'll make a good teacher and a fine wife. For Photography, LOUIS JONES, with the photographic mind, Is full of talent, sincere, and kind. Popular Science-ARNOLD KAPLAN is our scientist, and a comedian like Art Carney, The day that Allderdice blows up, we all can say . . . "That's Arnie!" BETH KOSTMAN, our secretary-to-be, is liked by every crowdg Her Flair for making many friends should surely make her proud. Esquire-HARVEY LEVINE'S ambition is to be a millionaire, With money, looks, an-d handsome clothes 'he's a combination rare. Scholastic-ELAIN E MICHLIN is the gal we vote most likely to succeedg She has more brains and talent than she will ever need. JOAN SORG is our well liked Madeiiioiselleg In shorthand and type she will always excel. 95 Our designer of House and Garden always has a good plang SHIRLEY SNIIJICR will decorate a pretty home for any lucky man. The name l'lCTliR FALCIQ is in The Sports Reviccug As a football hero, he is always seen on cue. XVith the New l"w'ker traits of sophistication and wit ELLEN SUE CSKIPPYQ KAUFMAN has made quite a hit. IZLIZABIETH PIEAKIZ loves Rcrri2atz'0n of every kindg She sews and skates and has a sharp mind. As a l'V0llIl1ll'S Home C0lllf7tlllf0ll BARBARA GUQDMAN is not a shirker: Some day she will make a wonderful social worker. LOIS KARXVAN is just full of Life,- This teacher-to-be-leads a happy life. l First Row-Judy Strauss, Ellen Kaufman, Janet Cohen, Natalie Rosenfeld, Beth Kostman, Lynne Nicholson, Mary Kay Weaver, Mary Ann Ezykowsky, Elaine Michlin, Marlene Labowitz Second Row-Jack Collins, Roy Sample, Barbara Goodman, Lois Karwan, Shirley Snider, Marcia Herer, Melsa Rosen, joan Sorg, Carolyn Goldbach, jean Wilson, William Bendgen, Louis jones Third Row-Erwin Wolovitz, Kenneth Seiger, Arthur Harris, Andrew Zilka, Harvey Levine. Jack Grey, Edward Reis, Stanley Rockman, Arnold Kaplan IYIDXYARIJ REIS likes hunting over Field and Stream, But to he a draftsman is this hoy's dream. lVhen it comes to Forfznzc, STANLEY ROCKMAN will do well, For in studying and scholarship, Stanley does excel. All our class crowns LYNNE NICHOLSUN queen. She's our pretty, perky Swcizfvciz. Varsity-ROY SAMPLE is an all-around lad: Basketball and fishing keep him glad. Theatre .flrfs-lll.-XRCIA HERER, welll see at a very young age As a famous actress on the stage. Science 4L1IZl'llllII1lARTH UR HARRIS with his mind keen and clear NVill surely become a successful engineer. 96 Of BOB FULKUS we'll give you a good report: He's our handsome hero of every Sport. Physical C ulture-HARVEY FELSER'S the boy with good looks and good build. And he wants to enter the bookkeeping guild. MARLENE LABOVVITZ has Cosmopolitan aims as we already know. She wants to be a nurse and she also wants to sew. Readefs Digest-MELSA ROSEN is our novelist brightg In future years she'll attain literary heights. Diary of a Senior February 1-Oh, look! We're finally l2A's. What a wonderful feeling! Here's my schedule-lst period, Englishg 2nd, historyg 3rd, math reviewg 4th, cafe- teria staffg 5th, service staffg 7th, dramatic English-it's a tough life. 12-Took the College Boards at Pitt. They were tough! 14-Valentine Day-A . . . no one would be my valentine . . . I sent dozens of them, but no one sent one to me. 21-Journal features due . . . I'm afraid I didn't quite make the deadline, 25-30-Sadie Hawkins Week began with an assembly this morning. One poor soul didn't know what it was all a-bout . . . he came all decked out with his Eastern Airlines umbrella . . . I guess I'd better make my patch and grab a date. March 1-Sadie Hawkins Dance . . . the greatest IZA class party a IZA class has ever given . . . the entertainment was stupendous . . . Daisy Mae and Lil! Abner looked so cute! 8-Test in history 9 . . . now we'll all be marriage experts. 14-12A class meeting . . . they told us all about the prom . . . now my only problem is With Whom Am I Going To Go? 18-Polio shots . . . my arm is so sore I can't even do homework . . . fnasty breakl. 20-Spring is here! I have a terrible case of Spring Fever. Can't seem to concentrate on anything but- Zl-Report cards . . . thank heavens I'm still on the honor roll . . . Cthough by the skin of my teethj. 23-Civic Club Test . . . I wonder how I got to take it? It's for excep- tionally able youth . . . Someone must have slipped up somewhere! 27-Academy Awards on TV . . . I wonder why no one from Dramatic English won an Oscar? Oh, well, maybe next year . . . 29-jazz concert in the auditorium . . . we all enjoyed it immensely. April 1-Jr. Town Meeting of the Air put on by Senior Discussion Club . . . it proved to be very interesting. 12-Band Concert . . . It's nice just to sit back and listen to our own band make such beautiful music . . . Mr. Dietz makes it look so easy, too! 97 16-23--Easter vacation . . . Now maybe I'll catch up on my sleep Qif that's possiblel . . . so many things manage to happen during a vacation . . . this vacation may be different, though . . . I just might find time to stay home one evening! May 8, 9, 10-Finally! I said my one line in the Class play You Cruft Take It With Your to a real live audience! It was quite an experience having people out there for a change . . . but everyone enjoyed it, so it was worth staying until six o'clock every night for rehearsals. 16, 17, 20-Orchestra Concert . . . Mr. Voyvodioh just stands there and waves a stick CI think it's called a batonj and out comes the sound . . . the concert was very enjoyable. 29-Choir Program . . . It must be a wonderful experience to sing in a group like our choir . . . this year's program sounded especially won- derful, I guess because we're graduating. June l-Well, this is our final month of school . . . actually, there are only five days of school left . . . we'd better make the best of them. 6-Risers went up today . . . VVe all felt strange looking at them and realizing that this time they're for us-our class . . . and we're the ones to be sitting on them this time. 7-Honor Assembly . . . How wonderful it was to sit on the stage and hear Mr. McClymonds call out MY name so many times . . . and how proud mother looked sitting out there in the audience with all my friends and the rest of the parents. 10-Class Day .... Ai nd I didn't even recognize some of my best friends! . . . Such get-ups they had on! . . . but it was so much fun walking through the halls and then watching the wonderful Class Day entertainment . . . then we all went to the class picnic and revelled in the glory of being seniors on our last day of high school. ll-School Picnic at Kennywood . . . we all went together, the crowd of us and rode the merry-go-round till we were dizzy, and then rode the Racer half a dozen times to see whose car could win more races . . . what fun it was! . . . I canit remember having such a wonderful time since the last class party! 13, 14-Commencement Rehearsal . . . going through rehearsal has made me realize how close graduation isg only five days left . . . I'm so glad to be graduatingg but, on the other hand, so sad because of the won- derful memories I'll be leaving behind. 18, 19-Commencement . . . It's finally come! Commencement is such a big word and means so much to us . . . the end of high school. the beginning of a new life . . . I cried . . . silly me . . . but I'm not the only one who did. 20-Senior Prom at the Hotel Webster Hall . . . What a wonderful evening that was . . . it was a perfect way to end a perfect Senior Year . . . Not only that, 1've been accepted to the college of my choice, and that makes everything just peachy-dandy! . . . So I'm not finished with school after all, but really commencing all over again . . . Allderdice was so wonderful . . . I learned a great deal from books and advice . . . I think now I'm ready to enter college in the fall . . . I wish all my classmates the very, very best in everything they attempt in their lives after graduation . . . may they always remember our wonderful years together at dear old T.A.I-I.S. 98 90 31 7-Bestsellers Teacher ....,......,.. ...... R Iiss Bertha U. Mitchell President .,,....,....., ,.....,..A..,A,.,... D ouglas Caplan Vice President .,.,.... ....., J oseph Brenner Secretary '.l............,.. .,,... S onya Blank Treasurer ........,.i.i..,,......,.i........ ..i....,l. ...,... E s ther Darling Student Council Representative, ....., Sandra Cohen Student Council Alternate .....,..,.... ...,...,....... ...........,..,......, I r ving' Broudv Foreword Representative .,.....,......,,.i...,.,.......,.....,........,.,...,.... J udy Binstock First Row-Jackie Green, Miriam Ashery, Marjorie Penn, June Caplan, Sandy Cohen, Sonya Blank, Douglas Caplan, Joseph Brenner, Ruth Finger-et, Trudi Leiber, Sandy Silverman Second Row-Ruth Edwards, Janet DeJidas, Barbara Cipa, Agnes Polyak, Marva Hackney, Judy Binstock, Marilyn Davis, Gail Burckin, Phyllis Katz, Joanne Beynon, Carolyn Ray, Ruth Olson, Patricia Murphy, Mary Chaenkwok Third Row--Leo Mantia, Glenn Eaton, William Brashear, Vincent Grandillo, Ronald Stevens, Eugene Ali, Irving Broudy, David Rosenbloom, Norman Belle, Leslie Wright, John Prilla, Allen Davis In 3l7 there's a bookcase: There are novels on every shelf- All the bestsellers of recent years: So come take a look for yourself. Standing at his easel. with pallet and knife Is GENE ALI as Yan Gogh in Lust for Life. She makes Clllifkfll Ezwfy Slflldfly, and also a cake. Because MIMI ASHERY loves to cook and -bake. To CARI. BEAVER, The Old West Speczlcs. VVith books of this period his library reeks. The iklain in H10 Gray Flannel Suit, is NORMAN BELI.Eg As a C. P. A., he'll do right well. .IUDY BINSTOCK sits. her eyes never blinking, Practicing T110 Power of Positive Tlzinking. As A Tiwu in HIC Ron-d after graduation, SONYA BLANK plans art teaching to be her vocation. NVhether a Doctor in Buckskin or an MD. in white, As a cure-all JOE BRENNER will do all right. 100 When IRV BROUDY plays chess, he gets All the How does he do it again and again? Fiction is GAIL BURCKIN'S Point of No Return, Most other reading, she does spurn. He sings in the shower and in choir, toog Ever After DOUG CAPLAN will sing to you. Off to Penn State with Bells on Her Toes JUNE CAPLAN is liked wherever she goes. Since Looe Is Eternal, this girl will go far 'Cause nursing is loved by AMANDA, CARR. Gone With the Wind to B.T.C., Is MARY CHAENKWOK, medical secretary. BARBARA CIPA collects records galore, Her Magnificent Obsession is to buy more and more. SANDY COHEN will have Peace of Mind everlasting When she's finished with Class Day writing and casting. Our treasurer ESTHER DARLING can make the quarte Our homeroom vault is larger than Ma1na's Bank Account Every record that ALLEN DAVIS has, Is Something of Value-we call it jazz! There's War and Peace at the Davis home, When MARILYN won't get off the phone. Rising to queenship we can see, JANET DE JIDAS as Desiree. In bookkeeping RUTH EDVVARDS does her duty, By making each ledger a Thing of Beauty. Following Goren on Bridge is RUTH FINGERETQ As a result, all the points she does get. Into Lost Horizons VINCENT GRANDILLO will go, Seeking adventure that he loves so. JACKIE GREEN will wear a Gown of Glory, When a magazine publishes her first story. World Enough and Tinie to get her desires, MARVA HACKNEY will achieve all that she aspires. Where do PHYLLIS KATZ'S letters all go? The King of Paris must be her new beau. Main Street will talk and the papers will feature The fact t-hat TRUDI LEIBER is such a good teacher. LEO MANTIA will use The Good Earth W-hen as a food chemist, he proves his worth. A Double Star is at PAT MURPHY'S command, Because she takes such good shorthand. RUTH OLSON'S so good at taking dictation, That Our Town says she's quite a sensation. 101 King's Men. rs mount Everyone MARGIE PENN will beguile, VVhen she shows That Certain Smile. AGNES POLYAK will find The Pearl of life, By becoming a secretary and later a wife. JOHN PRILLA hopes The Green Years will stay, And that he can make money in an easy way. CAROLYN RAY. a camper true, Sees the outdoors as All This and Heaven T00. With a heart So Big, ALAN ROSENBLOOM we'll see In about ten years with a d-octor's degree. SANDY SILVERIVIAN, For Whom the Bell Tolls, As a first grade teacher stands calling her rolls. She's a Shozeboat of beauty and also has brains, When CAROL SPIEGEL'S around, no one complains. N0 Time for Sergeants is RONNIE STEVENS' keyg In his army career, a general he'll be. LESLIE WRIGHT is on t-he last shelf, After Hmm' to Win Friends and Ilftflllfllfll People, he patterns himself. i 5' t1'f if HIGHLIGHTS OF ENGLISH LITERATURE She Walks in Beauty' ',..i.......,...,..,....,............. ....,...,,..,...,...............,......,. A t the Prom The Prisoner of Chillon, '...,., ........, A Senior in English 8 Dream Children" ..,. .......,..... ...,.,..................,.... F r eshmen 'Intimations of Immortality" ......i,...,,........,,... ......,..........,.,. ' I' he '57 Journal The Superannuated Man ".,.......,...,....,..,.....,.... .......... A Senior on june 20 She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways ",i....,. .......,.... A t Activity Period 'Counsel to Girls 'i.... .....,..l.....i........,...,,.....,.,.,..,, ........,.........,.. M i ss McKinney The Educated Man" .l.,.., ,.......,. A n Allderdice Graduate No School Report ,'...... ..,.,,...... O hl How we wish! Tears, Idle Tears' ',.,.. 4,......,.. O n graduation night 102 THE 'Twas a senior English student On the day the theme was dueg The question asked of him had been, RIME OF THE SENIOR ENGLISH STUDENT "Have you brought your theme with you?" "My bedroom door was opened wide," The senior did begin. "The TV set, you just can bet, Was making a merry din.', "I typed on with my shaky hand, It was a job, you see." "Don't miss this, it is great," Came a voice from the TV. It held me with its glittering screen, Before it I stood still, And watched it like a three year's child, My thoughts of school were nil. Hour after hour, hour after hour, I watched, nor breath nor motion, Until I thought about my theme And got at it with devotion. Paper, paper, everywhere And erasers all did shrink. Paper, paper everywhere All covered up with ink. He passeth best, who worketh best On Seniors' themes, et al., For the teacher who promoteth us Would like to promoteth all. JUNE CLASS FACTS AND FIGURES Total weight of the class ......................,.,.,. 42,143 pounds Total height .,.,.,..................... .....,. 1 ,742 feet, 62 inches Pairs of eyes Green ....., Brown ...... Blue ,,....,... Hazel ,...,.,......,. Green-blue Brown-green ..,., Gray ....,.......... Color of 'hair Brown ...... Black ......,. Blond ........,......,. Red ..,.....,.,.,........,.. Right-handed seniors ..,... Left-handed seniors ..,,,.... Seniors who wear glasses . ,............ . Seniors who do not wear Total s-hoe size ..,......,.....,..,,......,..... ,. 103 glasses .,..,.. ..... 27 170 92 20 1 1 2 212 45 47 3 ., 45 .......,145 ,. ..... 169 , 2,201.9 Room 351 Teacher ..., ,. ,.,... ,...,. D r. liarl H. Burgard President ....,.,.,..... ..,.,..,.,.. R achel Sullivan Vice President ,.,., .. ,...... Marilyn Sussman Secretary. .....,........, ..l..l,. .....,.....,. ,.,.........,.,, H a r ry Lee Treasurer ..............,...,,,........,.,......... .. ..A.., Edgar XVeiss Student Council Representative ,,.,.. ............, l larry Lee Student Council .Xlternate .,..,..... .,.... l Qochelle Burton Foreword Representative .........,., ..,..........,........,,.,.... . . .,,.,.l.... Lois Levinson First Row-Rochelle Burton, Ellen Sable Second Row-Judy Kaufman, Judy Stern, Edgar Weiss, Harry Lee, Rachel Sullivan, Marilyn Sussman, Helaine Peris, Beverly Rubin, Patty Gordon Third Row-Earl Elrich, Linda Skirboll, Lois Monsein, Mary jo Loresch, Phyllis Raab, Gwen Pritchard, jo Ann Weitzel, Miriam Rosenblatt, Thomas Smith, Bob McDonald Fourth Row-Frank Hoffman, Harvey Felser, Kenneth Kotovsky, Myrl Leshen, Roland Jones, Stanley Weiss, Ronald Handleman, Sheldon Keyser, Blair Jacobson Shakespeare, Byron. Keats and Browning .-Xll wrote words with similar sounding. This was known as poetry- A facsimile here you now will see. Tliongli we're not poets we've had fun Right here in room 35l. Rochelle Burton Playing "A Musical Instrument"-the piano by name ls a hobby that is sure to bring "Shelley,' fame. Patty Ellison When Patty plays volley ball her eyes surely gleamg To be a secretary is her fondest "Dream," Earl Elrick Earl will be famous in the field of radiog His "Fame and Friendship" will always show. Patti Gordon 'ZX Peach, A Girl," a dancer, a teacher- lYe know after Pitt not many will reach her. 104 Ronald Handleman To swim the English Channel should be Ronnie's goal For he is just terrific in "The Old Swimmin' Hole." Frank Hoffman "The Laboratory"-full of mystery Is the place where Frank will make history. Blair Jacobson "Popularity" could be his middle nameg He's sure to win both fortune and fame. Judith Kaufman "The Power of Musici' is certainly seeng When she plays piano, we think she is queen. Sheldon Keyser In "Choosing a Profession" he finds not a flaw, For Shelley is sure that his will be law. Kenneth Kotovsky "The Explorer" in the field of scientific knowledge He is sure to rate high at Carnegie Tech College. Harry Lee "True Greatness" we expect of Harry Leeg An excellent accountant he is sure to be. Myrl Leshen Now that we have reached "The journey's End," We'll hate to say goodbye to this dear old friend. Lois Levinson "The Voice is Heard" from choir classg On Broadway we hope to see this lass. Joe Lofton Our "Tiger', on the football field- We know that as a player he will never yield. Lois Monsein "Sweet and Twenty" she will be While teaching secretaries at B.T.C. Helaine Peris To Penn State "A Pretty Woman" will gog At being a teacher, she will be a pro. Gwen Pritchard 'fLittle Things" describe our Sisg We could not get on without this miss. Phyllis Rabb "In After Days" Phyllis will not tarry- She will become a top-notch secretary. Miriam Rosenblatt "She Walks in Beauty" across a stage of boards 'Mist the thundering applause of the hoards. Beverly Rubin To be an actress is strain and strife, But it's "The Means To Attain a Happy Life." 105 Ellen Sable A home decorated by "Our Master'- For perfection, just step up and ask her. Sara Shipley "Nursing, is her life's ambition- A profession with a great tradition. Linda Skirboll When Linda leaves for Penn State, it will be a pityg Pittsburgh will be called "The Desolate City." Thomas Smith To be "The Soldierw is Tomls ambitiong He's sure to meet each army condition. Judith Stern As a teacher she will be a honeyg She will work hard regardless of "Money." Rachel Sullivan "The Last VVord" in our home room she supplies: That Rachel is a fine president, no one denies. Marilyn Sussman With manner sweet and temper mild, She hopes to teach the "Busy Child." Edgar Weiss "The Master" of our class, he does presideg By all his rules we do abide. Stanley Weiss A very good "Memory" he'll have to possess, If as an accountant, he wishes success. .45 , isv Q :S M ,rx eg' Q - - A t ii , . 1' 151 faux' 1- ' s , ' ii' e fi I . :.,. .H 1.22.9 .Q Remember- BTAOTA-"Back the attack on traffic accidents." SADIE HAWKINS' WEEK-A'Tlie boys never had it so good." POLIO SHOTS--"I never saw so many needles in my life." VVHAT IS THE NAME OF THE CLASS PLAY? "lt was a better kept - secret than the A-bomhfl UNFORTUNATE FLOATING TEACHERS-"We could never even find them, let alone, he on timefy 106 Significant Similarities in Room 355 Teacher ..,...,..,.., ...,... M iss Jeanne Y. Adams President ......,.,.....,..... ..e.,,..,..,..,..... H arold Glick Vice President ..,...............,..,...,..,... .....,..,.,...,..... L ee Cassady Secretary-Treasurer .,......i............,... ......,. M ary Ann DeWaters Student Council Representative ..,..,.., ..,......,...... R ichard Sherrill Student Council Alternate .,.,.......,,., .......,.. P atricia Hirsclifield Foreword Representative ,.........,. .,.4.,,.,... I Jatricia Spernak MISS ADAMS Significance: Her avid search for quiet in the past two years. Similarity: "There is a time of speaking and a time of being still." HAROLD GLICK Significance: Trying to call homeroom meetings to order. Similarity: "And when we think we lead, we are most led." MARY ANN DeWATERS Significance: Collecting dues every Friday. Similarity: "Why is fortune mine if I may not use it ?', ROBERT DIAMONDSTONE Significance: Always in the midst of constant activity. Similarity: "Busy as a bee." DOROTHY STEERMAN Significance: Spends spare time listening to records. Similarity: "If music be the food of love, play on." DAVID COHEN Significance: His friendliness to all. Similarity: "A friend in need is a friend indeed." PAT SPERNAK Significance: Avid study of her shorthand, hoping to be a secretary. Similarity: "The secret of success is constancy of purpose." ROBERT BIRCHARD Significance: Favorite pastime is reading a book. Similarity: "He fed his spirit with the bread of books." PATTY HIRSCI-IFIELD Significance: Doodles on all her book covers. Similarity: "Art is a higher type of knowledge than experience." EDGAR BURTOFT Significance: Becoming an expert on the mechanics of cars. Similarity: "Always believe the expert." SUSAN BERGER Significance: Carrying sheet music from class to class. Similarity: "Music is love in search of a word." KIT BLANN ER Significance: Talks of experiences working on his car. Similarity: "Experience is the best teacherf' 107 ROSE MARIE BACINSKY Significance: Her favorite color is rose. Similarity: "Say it with flowers." RICHARD SMITH Significance: His ambition is to play professional football. Similarity: "Exercise can preserve some of our early strength." DIAN BERRY Significance: Her eye lash curler. Similarity: "The love light in her eye." FRANCES SOLTEZ Significance: She loves to dance. Similarity: "Let's trip the light fantastic." TIM BOBER Significance: He wants an Air Force career. Similarity: "There is no road of flowers leading to glory." JEANNIE SHOWERS Significance: Her favorite color is pink. Similarity: "Among several kinds of beauty, the eye takes the most delight in color." LESTER SHAPIRO Significance: His favorite pastime is playing the piano. Similarity: "Music, the greatest good that mortals know." DARLENE BENE Significance: She wants to be a housewife. Similarity: "Such is life without a wife, and here I am without my man." BARNEY CHEPENIK Significance: He has been waiting five years for the cafeteria to serve French fried chicken. Similarity: "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." MARLENE RATKIEWICZ Significance: Desires to be a housewife. Similarity: "Of earthly goods the best is a good wife." LEWIS GOLDHAMMER Significance: He wants to be a millionaire. Similarity: "Ah, take the cash and let the credit go." DIANNA EDDINS Significance: Her ambition is to be a beauty operator. Similarity: "A thing of ,beauty is a joy forever." IAMES COHEN Significance: Spends his spare time tinkering with cars. Similarity: "Occupation is one great source of enjoyment." GLORIA CANNON Significance: She wears -her cheerleader uniform to classes. Similarity: "The day becomes brighter when it is cheerfully faced." MARK BERTENTHAL Significance: He walks boldly into his homeroom after the late bell. Similarity: "Every man of courage is a man of his word." RICHARD SI-IERRILL Significance: He loves broiled lobster. Similarity: "There is no love sincerer than the love of food." 108 First Row-Frances Soltez, Darlene Bene, Patricia Spernak, Jean Showers Second Row-Dianna Eddins, Rose Marie Bacinsky, Dian Berry, Daniel Armstrong, Robert Diamondstone, Mary Ann DeWaters, Harold Glick, judv Ferrante, Gefirgiann Batko Third Row-Lester Shapiro, Jerry Lehman, Lewis Goldhammer, James Cohen, Dorothy Steerman, Mark Bertenthal, Richard Sherrill, Timothy Bober, Susan Berger, Marlene Ratkiewicz Fourth Row-Don Boreman, David Cohen, Phillip Cooper, Edgar Burtoft, Lee Cassady, Dave Aliskowitz, Kit Blanner, Robert Birchard, Barney Chepenik PHIL COOPER Significance: lie loves to sing. Similarity: "Music hath charms to soothe the savage heastf, JERRY LEHMAN Significance: His favorite pastime is sleeping. Similarity: "Sweet are the slumhers of a virtuous man." LEE CASS.-XDY Significance: He read "Battle Crv" twice. Similarity: "Books must be read with the deliberation with which they are written." GEORGIANN BATKO Significance: Her ambition is to he a secretary. Similarity: "Diligence is the mother of good fortune." DANIEL ARMSTRONG Significance: He is looking forward to a naval career. Similarity: "The nation which forgets its defenders, will he itself forgotten." DAVE ALISKOXVITZ Significance: Spends all his spare time learning the mechanism of cars. Similarity: " Tis education which forms the eager mindf, 109 Room 352 Teacher . ...,.,..,..,..,....,..,A...,......,. .Miss Charlotte R. Beachler l'resident .. ..,. . .....,.......,. james Blackwood Yice President .,.., ....,.. C 'harlee Marcus Secretary ..............,. .....A,.... ..,,.. C a rol Nathan Treasurer ..,..... .,,...................,,,......... ....,.. G r ant Kalson Student Council Representative ..,. ,..... G rant Kalson Student Council Alternate .......... ...... C harlee Marcus Foreword Representative ,.,. ,...........,...,.r........,...,....,.....r....,.,.. C arol Nathan First Row-Rena Siegel, Sandra Halpern, Sandra Young, Ruth Ann Shea, Sandra Schonberg Second Row-Tema Weiss, Janice Horovitz, Peoi Sherman, Penny Litt, james Blackwood, Carol Nathan, Sheila Zelkowitz, Charlee Marcus, Grant Kalson Third Row-Patricia McCoy, Patricia McIntyre, Judy Wilshire, Connie Weisherg, Sally Weiss, jack Kauffman, Christine Kamberis. Edith Lipsitz, Betty Phillips, Phyllis Sobel Fourth Row-Maurice Nernberg, David Gottlieb, Alan Garfinkel, Ronald Tozzi, Chuck Muldoon, Keith Crews, Irwin Richman, Murray Levith, Manuel Margolis i'This was Shakespeare's form: XYho walked in every path of human life. Felt every passion, and to all mankind lloth now. will ever. that experience yield XYhich his own genius only could acquire." fhlarlc .Xrkc-nside, "For a Statue of Shakespeareul The members of llonierooni 352 present their qualifications for parts in the June, l957 Coinniencenicnt Drama. "Tonight we hold a solemn supper, and I'll request your presence. Here is the heart of my purpose." Qur director, Miss Beachler, has given us much advice and words of good cheer in our years of preparation for this great occasion. HXYlSClUlll and fortune combating together, If that former dare hut what it can, No chance can shake it." Here. then, do we present our cast: JIM BLACKXX'OOl7fiiHC hath a wisdom that doth guide his valor to act in safety." CIIARLIEE LTARCL'SfuSl1C in beauty, education, blood, holds hands with any princess of the world." 110 GRANT KALSON'-'CI do present you with a man of mine, cunning in music and the mathematics." CAROL NATHAN-'ill I do perform a friendship I'll avow it even to the last article." SHEILA ZELKowITzM"We should have else desired your good advice in this day's council." JETTIE BALL-6sNCVCf anything be amiss, when simpleness and duty tender it." KEITH CREWS-HA knight well spoken, neat and fine." .ALAN GARFINKEL-UBOld of your worthiness, we single you as our best-moving, fair solicitor." SANDI HALPERN-K'A smile recures the woundin of a frown." 2 EARL HARRIS-KKHC is .I man of comely virtues." -IANICE HOROVITZ-6'ThC hand that hath made you fair hath made you good." JACK KAUFFlNIANi'tTl1C day shall not be up so soon as I, to try the fair adven- ture of tomorrow." MURRAY LEVITH-nl am a man that from my first, hath been inclin'd to thrift." EDITH L1PsITz-"The honour of a maid is her name, and no legacy is so rich as honour." PENNY LITT-UI shall the effect of this good lesson keep, as watchman to my heart." MANUEL MARCOLIS-'IA good-limbed fellowg young, strong, and of good friends." PAT MCCOY-K6SO full of grace that it flows over, on all that need." BARBARA MCINTYRE-KtFf0H1 lowest place when virtuous things proceed, the place is dignified by the doer's deed." MAURICE NERNBERG-6'HC wears the rose of youth upon him." IRWIN RICHMAN-"According to the 'gift that -bounteous nature, hath in him closedf, SANDRA SCHONBERG-"There's language in her cheek, her eye, her lip." RUTH ANN SHEA-"The silence, often of pure innocence persuades, when speak- ing fails." PEPI SHERMAN-"She that was fair and never proud, had tongue at will and yet was never loud." RENA SIEGEL-"Trained in music, letters, who hath gained of education all the grace, which makes her both the heart and place of general wonder." PHYLLIS SOBEL-"And as the bright sun glorifies the sky, so is her face illumined in her eye." CONNIE WEISBERG-iiWhCH a world of men could not prevail with all their oratory, yet hath a woman's kindness over-ruled." SALLY WEISS-"She is a gallant creature, and complete in mind and feature." TEMA WEISSi'.YOUf fair discourse hath been as sugar, making the hard way sweet and delectable." SANDY YoUNo-"She dances as goddess-like to her admired leigesf' RUTH ANN LANE-ful live-With a quietness that lets the mind grow inward like a root." "Your heart's desires be with you! I wish you al-l the joy that you can wish." 111 Proverbs-H365 av as-ws First Row-Judy Loftin, Shirley Goldstein, Marsha Lomask, Felice Oberman, Michael Kovarsky, john Lucero, David Graf, Robert Frank, Barbara Levy, Evelyn Gonzales Second Row-Arnie Zaslove, jack Hakim, Irene Pleszko, Joan Spisak, Arlene Sheroke, Veronica Ichenko, Gloria Vivian, Joan Simoni, Patricia Laslo, julia Rozgonyi, Don Krieger, james Miller Third Row-Richard Gerson, Arthur Dinardo, james O'Brien, Sanford Shapiro, James Sandor, Harry McFarland, Thomas Newhams, Richard Mayer, Donald Waida, David Steinbach, Richard Hommel Teacher .... .....,..........., A ....,... Miss L. Esther Geist President. ............ ,Iohn D. Lucero, jr. Vice President ........ .,.. .,.. A A A David Graf Secretary-Treasurer A A ..,.. ....,. , A ...... Michael Kovarsky Student Council Representative ,,.i A .,..,.,.,.. Xrnold Zaslove Student Council .Xlternate ..,..,.,..... ..r..,.... V lulia Rozgonyi Foreword Representative ,..., ..,......,..r,,...,.....,.,. ..,..... . A .A Richard Honnnel "A-X proverb is the wit of one, and the wisdoni of nianyf' Home rooni 365 takes pleasure in illustrating its nienibers in the following proverbial nianner. Our home room teacher Miss Geist would be the first to advocate that "History provides the education for the future." Art lIiNurd0-Tlie luxury of a car is best appreciated bv those who know the mechanics of it. B011 Fraizk-rl'rue wisdom is to know what is best worth knowing and to do what 1s best worth doing. Read and you will know. Kiclmrd Gw'.s'on4'l'liere is no index of character so sure as the voice. .X low voice bespeaks a cultured man. Slzirlcy Goldstein-.-X good swinnner would rather swini than walk. True happi- ness consists in making happy. Evclylz Go11:aIv.r4Biograpliy is the only true history. Daw' Graf-XYl1eii we build let us think that we build forever. livery inan is the architect of his own fortune. fuck Hakinz-Business is the salt of life. Seest a inan diligent in business? He shall stand before kings, Richard HU7Illllt'I-RiCllH1'Ci agrees that industry is fortune's right hand and fru- gahty her left. Vcroiiica Icl1m1kof'l'l1e art of drawing comes by the grace of God and is absorbed by those who are interested. 112 Michael Kovarsky-Continual cheerfulness is a sign of wisdom. Care and dili- gence bring luck. Don Krieger-There is more fear of the dentist than that of the sore tooth. Patricia Laslo--A good swimmer can swim in the deepest of all waters. Swim with the stream. Judy Loftin-A woman can apply herself to all fields. Judy will become a good physician. John D. Lucero, Jr.-Athletics develop responsibility g responsibility develops leadership. Harry M cFarland-History is philosophy learned from examples. While we read history we make history. Richard Alan Meyer-Honor a physician before thou hast need of him. A lo- quacious doctor is successful. James Miller-Experience is the mother of science. Engineers are the backbone of scientific progress. Tom Newhains-Tom knows a laugh is worth a hundred groans. The spirit illuminates everything. Felice Oberman-The foundation of every society is the education of its youth. Who teaches often learns himself. James O'Brien-A good archer is not known by his arrow but by his aim. Irene Pleszko-In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. Concentration is the sign of a good secretary. Ronald Price--Song wins grace with the gods above and with the gods below. He who sings frightens away his ills. Julia A. Rozgonyi--Personality is the outstanding feature of character. Character is destiny. James Sandor--Mathematics is the pure science which is the reference of all engineers. Sanford Shapiro-A good appetite is the best sauce. Nowadays a pharmacist has to prepare a good soda. Arlene Sherolce-Writing is the language of the hand. A good secretary is one who can translate her own writing. J oan Simoni-To love to read is to exchange hours of ennui for hours of delight. Joan Spisak-The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of man than the discovery of a star. Every cook commends his own sauce. David Steinbach-Good is wisdom to possess, but better still is cleverness. Every- one is witty for his own purpose. Gloria V ivian-Dancing is the child of music and loveg the poetry of the feet. Donald W aida-The stars are the sentinels of the skies. An astronomer is the humblest of all men. Arne Zaslove-He who has an art, has everywhere a part. Poetry is t-he national language of all worship. Marcia Lomasle-Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. Knowledge in youth is wisdom in age. 113 Who 's Who of 366 Teacher ..,,.,,. ,... ....... N 1 iss Elizabeth XV. Klingensmith President... ,. ,. .. ..,......,..,............,......,.. Stephen Blum Yice President ,....,...... .A...... .....,.. B e tty Hindmarsh Secretary-Treasurer ..,... .....,........... ..... L e slie LeNN'inter Student Council Representative ..,.,,.. ...... D uane Packard Student Council Alternate .,..4.....,, .i4.... C arol Lemke Foreword Representative i..i. .,.., ,,,...,...... ,,........., . . .... ,..,..,.,..,..... l a c k Abel First Row-Leslie LeWinter, Joyce Pringle, Velma Miller, Miss Klingensmith, Carol Pfordt, Bunny Pappas, Duane Packard, Geraldine Mendish, Marlene Goldberg, Carol Lemke Second Row-Myron Broff, Charles Ruttenberg, Patricia Heffner, Patricia Miller, Ora Kantarof, Lynne Pearlman, Mary Molnar, Betty Hindmarsh, Josephine Scanga, Audrey Justice Third Row-Jack Abel, Alex Wahal, F. William Pastor, Timothy McTigue, Wayne Claeren, Stanley Starrett, Herbert Applebaum, David Burstin, Myron Salamon, Steve Blum, Leslie Turk KLINGEINSRIITTI, Miss FLIZABETII XV. Renowned Latin teacher, Taylor Allderdice High School: the incentive lor the success of her students. A glimpse into l4"lm's H710 of 1987 will present a picture of the accomplish- ments of the students now in homeroom 366. ARIEL, .lAcK ALAN Famous tycoon: President ol General Motors: Secretary of Lahor, 1982-1985. APPLEBAUM, HERBPZRT H. Discoverer of cancer curc: Nohel Prize for medical work, 1980. BLUM, STEPHEN R. President of the Blum Drug Stores, nation wide chain: active in civic affairs. BROFF, MYRON Discovered rich uranium source through amateur exploration: now rated among the worldls wealthiest men. BURSTIN, DAVID Lawyer, admitted to Bar, 1963: climihed quickly from private practice to United States Attorney General. CLAEREN, XVAYNE Secretary General of United Nations, 1983: well known for his work on the Security Council. DAFFIS, 1'iliVliRLY Originator ol the first driving school which taught methods of operating atomic powered vehicles. ciOl.Dl!liRG, XIARLENE lQl7'l'll Reporter on the New York Tiu1c.r,' famous for exposes: Pulitzer Prize 'lor journalism, 1972. HIEFIFNER, PATRICIA M. Vilorld champion speed typist, 1967: rate: 150 words per minute. HINDMARSII, BETTY M. Honored as Nurse of the Year for three years in succession, 1970-1973. .lLTsTIcE, ALFDREY XVon roller skating division of the Olympic Games in Rome, Italy, 1960. KANTAROF, ORA Famous Mid-East traveler: expert on Israel: appointed special adviser to the United Nations on Mid-Eastern problems. 114 KELSKY, JUDY First woman president and fortieth in the nationg served two terms, 1979-1987. Solar peace noted throughout her term. LEMKE, CAROL ANN Developer of new education program and authoress of innumerable primary school readers, etc. LEWINTER, LESLIE Noted authority on psychological phe- nomenon g d e v e l o p e r of Lewinterian Theory, which revolutionized psychology. NICTIGUE, TIMOTHY VVorld renown expert on medicineg developer of cure for common cold: Nobel Prize for medical work, 1973. MENIJISI1, GERALDINE Partner in musical publishing houseg by extensive knowledge of music is en- abled to make accurate predictions of future hits. MILLER, PATRICIA JEAN Leader in new school of artg her in- terests in sports and music notable in her work. IYIILLER, VELINIA First Allderdician to become Mrs. Americag honor bestowed in 1965. MOLNAR, MARY T. Private secretary to president of the General Atomic Company, 1970-19853 noted for her calm efficiency. PACKARD, DUANE VVinner of assorted scholastic honors while attending Taylor Allderdice and Carnegie Institute of Technology. Phil- osophy: "To leave the world a better place than I found it." PAPPAS, BUNNY Winner of Emmy Award for Best Comedienne, 1970, Best Dramatic Act- ress, 1975. PASTOR, WILLIAM Executive vice-president of the May Companyg in his first year of manage- ment, sales topped all preceding records. PERLMAN, LYNNE V o t e d "secretary-most-wanted-in-a- boss's-office" by the N. A. M. convention for ten consecutive years, 1959-1969. PFORDT, CAROL ANN United States Ambassadress to Mexi- co, 1976-l98Og progress made in friendly relations between the two countries. PRINGLE, JOYCE Recipient of many awards for her out- standing accomplishments in culinary artsy crowned Homemaker of America, 1970. RUTTENBERG, CHARLES L. Chairman of the board which is plan- ning and devising PittsbuI'gh's second renaissance. SALAMON, MYRON Invented and perfected the first prac- tical solar battery for use in heating large institutions. SCANGA, JOSEPHINE Creator of the popular, new coiffure featuring the hair swept into ringlets. STARRETT, STANLEY Coached Taylor Allderdice team to seven consecutive state football titles, 1975-1982. TURK, LESLIE A. Active social worker and organizer of youth groupsg respected for furthering social reforms. WAHAL, ALEX Philanthropistg well known for his generous contributions to large educa- tional foundations. :mn vu.. 115 You Can it Take It With You June Class Play C A S T Penelope Sycamore ,,.,.. ................. ..,.........,. J o an Sidlow Essie Carmichael .. .,.....,. Lynn Nicholson Rheba ..........,........... ..,..... P hyllis Gogniat Paul Sycamore .....,.. ......., A lan Garfinkel Mr, DePinna ..,,....... ........... A rne Zaslove Ed Carmichael .,...,... ..,..,....... R ichard Gerson Donald ..,...........,... ..., H erbert Applebaum Martin Vanderhof ........,. .....,......,.... R obert Felton Alice Sycamore ...,.., ,..........,. T rudi Leiber Henderson ,,.......,.,.. ,....., P hilip Baskind Tony Kirby ,.,...,.,.,..,. ....... W ayne Claeren Boris Kolenkhov ,........, .... ,.....,... J o seph Brenner Gay Wellington.. .....,,,..,. .....,... Bunny Pappas Mr. Anthony Kirby, Sr. ..,.r.. .,.........,..............,..,...........,... R ichard Stein Mrs. Anthony Kirby, Sr. .,.., .....,..,...........,..............,......, S heila Zelkowitz Two men ..,,....,...... ...,.,. ,.,,....... ...,. ........, T h e o dore Soltman, Irwin Richman Grand Duchess Olga Katrina ....,., ....,..,........i...,,........,,. ..,...... C o nnie Tamburi STUDENT STAFF Assistant Directors ........ ,...,........,...........,.....,. M ary Ann DeWaters, Sandra Young Technical Director ,..,...,.... ...............,.........,.....,.. ,.,..,... S t ewart Barmen Makeup Crew Chief .......,,. ....... E linor Grossman Hand Props Crew Chief ......., ,...,..,. C arole Spiegel Set Props Crew Chief ......... ...,.,...,..,.. H arold Glick Costumes Crew Chief ....,..4.. ...,.....,...,..,..,,,,.....,. M iriam Fischman Publicity Crew Chief ....... ...,...,....,........,.....,........,.... D avid Wilkes Prompters ..,.,...,..... ...,,,,... ..........,....,..,....,.........., J e rry johnson, Linda Moskovitz Stage Crew Chief .......... ....,,4...... .......................................................,.... R o wland Jones Stage Crew ..........,.,, .....,.,...,..,,..,.r,. S amuel Puterman, James Wilson, Lawrence Rosen 116 lc: Nui 1 . , hwd 1.5, "1 1 QUOTABLES BY NOTABLES "ll1'llW :1 1'i1'1'l1', D111-!" Solid gL'UlllL'll'j' st111l1'111s, ",Xl1 right, yllll l1i1'1lsl" M11 li1111tl1 ".X111l l 1l1111't lllCZlll lllllyllbu M11 XYi11t1'1'li11g "Yun x1'1v11't 1'1'y will yrlliiu M11 C411ll1111'11 "'l'l11' psx'1'l111l11Qi1':1l llllllllixllt luis z11'1'ix'c1l." M11 N111'1'is UX1111' siup y11111' I'11ssi11g." Miss Hcist "l'c1'I'ect 111:11111s1'1'ipt t'111'111 is 1'c'1g11i1'c'1I." Scllllll' li11glisl1 li'Zll'llK'l'Q "All right lZl'llCllll, zlll 1'igl1t." I711 XY:1g111'1' 'MXIIX IllUl'0 1l11csti1111s Miss 'l'111'111'1' "Now 1l11 it this W2lj'.H Miss Zciglci' "llc ll lll4llllL'lll SllIill'lll.U M11 Miller "l Tlllllli yllll 111igl1t st111ly." Miss lfltltllt' 117 June Class Commencement TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 1957 Processional-"Pump and Circumstance" ........,..,......,.....,...,...... .....,.........,..,. E :gal "P0mp and Chivalry" .........,.........,...............................,........,............... Roberts Band-Mr. Roy Dietz, Conductor Invocation. .,............,...........................,................. ...........,................,. D r. James H. Blackwood Third United Presbyterian Church "Huldigungsmarsch" .....,,..,...............................................,..................,,........................,..... Grieg Band "Where'er You Walk," Aria from "Semele". ..,..................... .,..,... ........ H a ndel Ivan S. Hartzberg Virginia Lowe, Accompanist A Presentation of Flowers ................. .,........,....,.......................................... I anuary Class, 1958 jo Ann Lerner, 1958 Stanley Starrett, 1957 . Spanish Dance .................................... ............,...............................,..,.....,..................,..,. R ichfeld Connie Tamburi, Violin. Judy Kaufman, Accompanist "SOME WORK OF NOBLE NOTE" CFrom "Ulysses" by Tennysonj "Yet all experience is an arch" ,...........,....................... "I will drink life to the lees" ............................,............ "To follow knowledge like a single star" .....,............ ....Lois Diamond .Elene Moretsky Rochelle Caplan "To strive, to seek, to find" ..................................,......... Harry Palkovitz Prelude in G sharp minor ..................,.....................................,..............,.........,.. Rachmaninoff Rena Siegel, Piano Class Gift ,.......... ...........................,.....,...., ,......................,.............,...,..........,......, J u ne Class, 1957 Edgar Weiss, 1957 john Pillar, 1958 "Go, Song of Mine" .......................,..,............,...,.,.......................,...,.,...,.......................... Cookson A Cappella Choir Mrs. Virginia Lowe, Director Authorization of Diplomas. ,......... ....,.............,..... ,..... .................,......... D r . Evan W. Ingram Associate Superintendent, Pittsburgh Public Schools Presentation of Diplomas ,.........,..............................,... ...,..,.............. M r. J. D. McClymonds Principal, Taylor Allderdice High School Recessional-"Sons of Liberty" .... ,...,. ..................... ,............ .......... ,...,.,......... M e n d e lssohn Band WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19, 1957 Proccssional-"Pomp and Circumstance" ........,..,......,.,......,..................,.....,.......,.,....... Elgar Orchestra-Mr. Walter Voyvodich, Conductor Invocation ...,.............................,................,................,...,.........,..,........... Reverend C. E. Wright St. John's Evangelist Church, Hazelwood Minuet, Farandole from "L'Arlesienne Suite" ...,..,..,,........,..........,...........,..,........,.....,. Bizet Orchestra "How Do I Love Thee?" .......,.,.................,.,..........,..,...............,.....,. ,.....,.. L ippe Ronald L. Pri-ce Mary Ann DeWaters, Accompanist Presentation of Flowers ............,....,, ,...,............,,..,........,...,..................., J anuary Class, 1958 Carol Jo Wetzel, 1958 Mary Ann DeWaters, 1957 "Symphony Espagnolen ...,...........,.......................... Q ...................................................,......... Lalo Murray Levitih, Violin Rena Siegel, Accompanist "SOME WORK OF NOBLE NOTE" fFrom "Ulysses" by Tennysonj "Yet all experience is an arch" .............................. Charles Ruttenberg "I cannot rest from travel" ......................,.............,,............ Judy Binstock "I will drink life to the lees" ..................,..... ........... E linor Grossman "To strive, to seek, to find" ,.....,...,.......,........... .............. R obert Frank Largettoj Allegro ..,.....,..,,......................................................... ..........,...............,........ C imarosa Susan Berger, Oboe l String Orchestra Class Gift .................,...........................,...........,.......,.,,,,,,.,,,.,,., ,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, J une Class, 1957 Wayne Claeren, 1957 Albert Frick, 1958 "Go, Song of Mine" ................,...,.........,........................................,...................,.......,....., Cookson A Cappella Choir v g D Mrs, Virginia Lowe, Director Authorization of Diplomas. ,......... ............................. ,.......,,..... ...... ,...... D r . E van W. Ingram Associate Superintendent, Pittsburgh Public Schools Presentation of Diplomas ...........,...,.,................................................ Mr. J. D. McClymonds Principal, Taylor Allderdice High School Recessional-"March of the Priests" from "Atha1ia" ,.......,,.,,.. ................. M endelssohn Orchestra 118 June C ass High Honor Pupils Suzanne Adelman Herbert Harvey Applebaum Evelyn Mae Azen Saramae Susan Berger Judith Binstock Sonya Maxine Blank Judith Ann Brauman Myron David Broff Rochelle Caplan Lee Cassady Mary Ann DeWaters Lois Gloria Diamond Robert Wayne Felton Ruth Lois Fingeret Miriam Fischman Barbara Fox Robert Neil Frank Jill Freedman Joan Ellen Friedman Ronna June Friedman Phyllis Anne Gogniat Alvin Goldstone Jacqueline Marie Green Elinor Sue Grossman Ralph Alan Harris Nancy Joan Hartmann Betty Margaret Hindmarsh Janice Dee Horovitz Grant David Kalson Honor Pupi Darlene M. Bene Robert Chaffee Birchard Stephen Roth Blum Joseph Marcus Brenner Irving Leonard Broudy Edgar R. Burtoft David Martin Burstin Carol Byers June Lois Caplan Wayne Henry Claeren Janet Elinor Cohen Sandra Rae Cohen Murray Tutie Davidson Stuart Barry Feldman Harvey Leonard Felser Robert James Fleishman, Jr. Ellen Joan Franzos Richard Stuart Gerson Harold M. Glick Marlene Ruth Goldberg Dolores Ann Hahalyak Frank L. Hoffman Jerry F. Johnson Ora Kantarof Judith Ann Kaufman Arnold H. Kaplan Carol Jean Kirkpatrick Leslie Howard 119 Wrig Phyllis M. Katz Sue J. Kohlhepp Trudi Linda Leiber Carol Ann Lemke Judith Marylyn Loftin Marsha Louise Lomask Charlee Wolk Marcus Elaine Frances Michlin Patricia Jeanne Miller Mary T. Molnar Elene Rae Moretsky Carol Ruth Nathan Harry Philip Palkovitz Marjorie Sue Penn Marvin Anton Perer Ronald L. Price Charles Leslie Ruttenberg Myron Salamon Rena Yetta Siegel Theodore J. Soltman Rachel Spatz Joan Pearl Spisak Dorothy Lynn Steerman Veronica Magdalena Tauber Rose Trattner Murray A. Tucker Doris Mae Young Sandra Lee Young Sheila Zelkowitz ls Jerome N. Lehman Sylvia Ruth Levenson Murray J. Levith Robert T. Lindner Mary Catherine Lordeon Marilyn Maier Geraldine Mendish James K. Miller Linda Bette Moskovitz Margaret Rose Nadzam Lynne Nicholson Felice Myra Oberman R. Duane Packard Mary Louise Pappas F. William Pastor Melvin H. Portnoy Irwin Richman Stanley Edwin Rockman Etta Marilyn Savage Edith Pepi Sherman Joni Sidlow loan Marie Sorg Richard M. Stein Tudith Ell.en Strauss Rachel Marie Sullivan Edgar Jay Weiss Gertrude M. Weiss ht Bab Daze 115 Skippy Kaufman, 125 Carlene Aberman, 135 Faylinda Raffel and Steffie Rosenthal, 145 Dorothy Steerman, 155 Rena Siegel, 165 Phyllis Katz, 175 Wayne Claeren, 185 jackie Green, 195 Sonya Blank, 1105 Judy Strauss, 1115 Marilyn Beckerman, 1125 Joe Brenner, 1135 Stanley Starrett, 1145 Tema Weiss, 1155 Judy Barad, 1165 Natalie Rosenfeld, 1175 Sheila Zelkowitz, 1185 Rhoda Shear, 1195 Phyllis Lando, 1205 janet Cohen, 1215 Bunny Pappas 120 MON EER 1 W S0 GUN o'e'b',e6 QV' 'Y Cys C9 E 04 OAND He o f 1 'Viv P4 474,290 'fzf NDTHE A EVER PDPULAQ ?lCT UR EN VAN5. D fha as UU G- D H100 o W X THE L ovnw' v'1""' H 4? DRAGC N -pnmou Es, SENIOR COUNCIL OFFICERS tudent Council Sponsor-Miss Laura Zeigler 3 .ang SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL JUNIOR COUNCIL OFFICERS JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL 122 SENIOR COUNCIL SOCIAL COMMITTEE SENIOR COUNCIL HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE SENIOR COUNCIL PUBLICITY COMMITTEE JUNIOR COUNCIL CHAIRMEN SENIOR COUNCIL SENIOR COUNCIL SAFETY COMMITTEE MAINTENANCE COMMITTEE ilf- The Foreword Sponsor-Miss Diantha W. Riddle SCHOOL NEWSPAPER STAFF 3, v -ww Aw fu., A414-f.-J A 'rx -9 Y- ff? fx ' ern f i E EDITORS PHOTOGRAPHERS ' Q5 li K vs- BUSINESS MANAGERS SECRETARIES FOR PERIODICALS SENIOR STAFF MEMBERS FOREWORD REP IOOW FOREWORD 51 1007, Foreword Rooms 162-210-362-404 1. 126 Service Groups 214 OFFICE STAFF TUNIOR OFFICE STAFF Sponsor Miss Allen SCHOOL TREASURERS Sponsor Miss Laura Zeigler USHER STAFF FOURTH PERIOD HALL PATROL sw Q N -me 1 1 M - 127 PROJECTION CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Robert Chemas SERVICE CLUB Sponsor-Miss Helen Bartrim Sponsor-Miss Kathryn McKinney 128 CAFETERIA STAFF Sponsor-Miss Laura Zeigler KEY CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Norman Mulgrave LIBRARY STAFF Sponsor-Miss Gertrude Oetting 129 X L Xt I H II III' "QI 1 X WWKI X Iw.,vIIw-A ILL ART Imwlu-1 IQ IEDUCQTI M.. LE .Klux L If YL kks K ak-E' kk NQC, ,4- N ,uf , 1, f X Q77724 ,f ACTIVITIES- --apes: 1-1. -asv-wh ' 5 ""'i'R1'1'f4 x 3:92-N54 z-rv Music Director of Orchestras-Mr. Walter Voyvodich Director of Bands-Mr. Roy Dietz Director of Choirs-Mrs. Virginia Lowe Director of Junior Music--Mrs. Dorothy Meyer BAND 5 BAND 4 MARCHING BAND 132 THE TAYLOR ALLDERDICE CHOIR MALE CHORUS . ENSEMBLE SOLOISTS CHORALE LU CHORUS1 CHORUS2 CHORUS3 CHORUS4 JUNIOR GLEE CLUB 134 Taylor Allderdice High School Orchestras ORCHESTRA 5 ORCHESTRA 4 WOODWIND QUINTET HORN QUARTET STRING QUARTET XVOODWIND TRIO 135 Modern Dance Director-Miss Eleanor Boland i XA! X fl 5" . x . V X .M iw, , X R 7 136 9 kg. o F ash lon hows Directed by Mrs. Margaret Bush and Mrs jenoxse W Leon :Vo ,4 L s 4 ,br 4 f V 4 . l ,. ' ,n-. ,, lfgfrifx zz' ' XX f. , .. ,, - . . L, - .1 5 nf x Wm,-' cr i H ' Y AFLL - ' R -- f ' riff V -- ' If ' ' ir S ' - 11-5, , gh 5 +5113 138 Special Groups SPEECH CLASS Teacher-Miss Rose Hartz CREATIVE WRITING CLASSES Teacher-Miss Diantha W. Riddle JUNIOR WRITERS Teacher-Miss Elaine Pelaez 139 -Q m P -4 m JP .Z x 1 I SENIORS " -'-SENKORS , Bunwvi Boa 0 9052 0 0 L. T -rmrm' -in xv.. ,uf 4- MW' ,, mmf Q: M ' , 4 'ft' M. - - .- AT 5 205 BUSY THIRD LUNCH TH E BOYS STAFF MEETING' SOME JOKE f n L xwf M., BUY THE JOURNAL THE 'ramm TIME MOB SCE N E, OUT FOR A BREAK CLAFETE, 1 Q Two Buggti 587130 FS FMA TAFF FOREWORD MARC W a f ,Q V HA 'HA H! cd , WW f guzzxf if STAN IT CAUC-:HT UP WITH US S 140 DEAKNWE 231 y M x-xy' "1 x 'N 957 viii? s l . N C N x N. ! 'J ' ,QP 1 ' . . . ss: SZ, ur, .714 x rl ' " X x. ff G XX X Ts' ' . XS 7' 7 25259 , W Y ' Q A X "fl, 3 I Y 1fc Clubs CHESS TEAM Sponsor-Mr. joseph Thompson CHESS CLUB DRIVERS TRAINING GROUP Sponsor-Mr. Alex Seigal DEBATING GROUP Sponsor-Dr. Anna Quattrocchi 142 ENTRE NOUS Sponsor-Miss Dorothy Bergman FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA Sponsor-Mrs. Marjorie Bartrem FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Sponsor-Miss Helen Hilla GREEN KEY Sponsor-Mr. john Irwin l 43 HAM RADIO CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Leon Silzle JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE Sponsor-Mr. William Levin JUNIOR DRAMATICS Sponsor-Miss Helen Sekey MATH CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Daniel Spillane PHYSICS CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Lawrence Norris 144 RED CROSS COUNCIL Sponsor--Miss Laura Zeigler SCIENCE CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Nancy Snively JUNIOR SCIENCE CLUB Sponsor-Miss Catherine Folger SCIENCE AND GARDENING CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Nancy Snively 145 SENIOR DISCUSSION CLUB Sponsor-Dr. Anna Quattrocchi , . 1 4....,e,i SPANISH CLUB Sponsor Miss Lillian Goldstein PING PONG CLUB Sponsor-Miss Catherine Folger SQUARE DANCE CLUB Sponsor M r. Louis Weitzel iwwa- QQVG SPELLING TEAM TEENS OF TODAY Sponsor-Mrs. Natalie Miller TODAY'S BUSINESS GIRLS Sponsor-Mr. Donald Miller Y-TEENS 147 148 9' 2 ff-, '41, ,K E nga. 12 :ah 'e1"'- -T: .' 'Q F541 f' g ff? 3 A,, , 1 , .' A Z ,. xx, 'bb' .-Exit, . 4 . ., V 4 'D ckg C 0 en- Lo, lcv n 4' ., fun-, U: f. l9'5 7 ff . as Q v In 'SY' LAW. -MX ootba ll Opponents XYilki115hu1'g yhllbriclgc XYQSX Yicxx' l'a-zllmmly , XYQ-stilxglwma South Hills Suuth , ., , Sflwlxluy Coach-Mr. Louis Weitzel FOOTBALL Date Place . Sth11fClllbL'I' 7 ,...,... , :Xwny Scptcnmlwr 14 , .Xxx 115' St'1Dll'll1lTL'l' ll. , .. .-Xxvzly ,Octubur 5 ., Homo . , October 11 QXWL13' , ..Oftc+bc1' 19, , . .,.Aw:1y , , October 26 . , ,,,I'1lDIIIC ,. Nuvvmhcx' 2 . , .'Xxx':1y Score T.A. Opp 7 In , 0 .55 0 7 0 1- 14 Zh 0 21 6 29 fx 7 ff Jw, Q' 54 N., X GQAE 4 .. GRADUATING TEAM MEMBERS x.i-url M 5 Aff. 4 O , 150 Basketball Opponents .X11L'g111k'11X' X'111-11111111111 N111'111 .X111-13111-111' ,. 1'1-1'1'y A X1'1x'K1-11Qi11g11111 ,, ,Xlll1l17111Q3,L' .. ,, XX'vs1111gl1111151' 1'cz1111111y . .. . , C1111111-111-y X'111':11i1111z11 81111111 ,. ,.. 5C11L'll1k'j' .. ,. .. 1511111 .Xx'c1111c Coach-Mr. john McNertney BASKETBALL Date 13011-111111-1' -1 .171-1-01n11cr 7 lJ1'1'1'1111m1'1' .. 131-1'c11111111' . DL'L'CIIl13L'I' ,. -lz11111:1ry ,I:11111:1ry ,. ,Izmuary Vlflllllilfj' ....jz11111:11'y , ,. .. -1z11111z11'y XX'z1s11i11g'11111 X'11cz11i1111a1 .. .. jzuluary XX 1'51111g1111115u .... ,., 1'-11 111' 111111. . Kl111I1l'11L'X' X 111'z1111111z11 51111111 , ,. . . S1'11t'Il1L'X' ,. . . 1711111 .XX'L'llllL' . XX':n11i11g11111 X'111'z11i1111 Intramural , .,.., ,. ,.Fe11ruary ,. F1-1mr11:1ry February ,. . . ,F01l1'llZiI'j' . ,. ..Fe11r11z1ry . .. . 151-11r11:11'y 1 X1:11'1'11 1 Championshqz Teams Coach-Mr. john Irwin ln 1 ln 14.. , 211 H 11. 8 ....,. .. ,. ZZ.. , . ZS.. . , Z9 8 ...,. . .. , 12 .... 15 .,.., , 19.. , 22 ...,.., . , . 26. 151 Place Home Away 11111110 1Xxx':1y Hmm' AX11 115' H11111c QXXYZIX Homv ,1Xwz1y lllllllt' H1,1111e Home :Xw:1y H111111' ,Xway Home .-Xway .Xwznv T.A I Scoru . Opp 711 .37 W -111 511 -1- 45 -17 M 511 -111 51 -10 -15 32 .24 1111 53 77 hh 73 SS 8 57 13 111 "' -H 5-1 14 72 Rl 5.4 TRACK TEAM Coach--Mr Claude Sofxeld SWIMMING Coach-Mr. Carl Maus SWIMMING Opponents Date lllllll-ll'j' 7 Alllllllllfj' Ill -Illllllilfy I6 -l2llIU1lI'V Z-I lzumary 21 ,lzmuury ZS -I l7chr11zu'y l"chrL1a1'y 1 Place Awu 5' .X wa 5' Hmm' .Xxx Zlj' Hmm' Hmm' Hmm' .-X xx' 21 y CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Coach-Mr. C ield Hockey Coach-Miss Mary Allshouse 15.3 J SENIOR LEADERS Mary Allshouse JUNIOR LEADERS Sponsor-Miss Eleanor Boland CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL TEAM Sponsor-Miss Allshouse LIFESAVING Miss Lois Hanshumaker E 154 x b'I 'Eh 6 f CHEERLEADERS Sponsor-Mr. Robert Irvin MAJORETTES Sponsor-Mr. john Irwin I 1 1 155 'WP Q0 T? H 2 ! QQ ky A T 222 vi may cf 7 X airs JJ 1 ll D JUQT H AHL? - EWEQTXVQSQLQLP gff!iQ'mTi?2 WU K a tm W, NESL. Al fT grnvuve TTD Tmgg RESu IMP snwe 1 :WAIT TILL Tl-IE "rr SAYS HERE, AND ABOU T AT I-IGNEWOR wAA'J53fQN5 5 ggyjsf' ONT SEE l'XcGONC IN E D . THE T in-17 HE LOST HIS NOTE CARD S CET OUT ALWAYS TRYING TO OF C I-IEMISTRY. E G I-lll I-IINKE V- "ff WQ Vx 'CZ Z -ff QXOXN E , , ,, ,, gif '71"'?x'f , f , 4 , xg XJ fff f ,L . V06 ,- WALL 5U-Sy Samoa EMS 'WE ,'9'W X f 5 fa -Q , "-S? 3.75 1 P f 15 J ehnor- nctuc-gg ' I I . 3 2 -, f 1 Q A - 7 '5 79:1 I 3 ,Q YJ, 0 , ' B U ' ' 1 XT Q S X , I I 3 ,X ,,g1,r,,,i1EX . ., K M X: if 7 5 - ' jitgie Ac ' - ZF. ..2"..7 2. DA Nex-t DA J COMPLIMENTS OF Mr. and Mrs. J. Abel Mr. and Mrs. Maury J. Aberman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Ali Dr. and Mrs. A. S. Applebaum and Sons Mrs. jettie Ball and Daughter Mr. and Mrs. Myers E. Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Beckerman Mr. and Mrs. Morris M. Berger, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Binstock Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Blank Edwin Blum Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Bowser Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert S. Broff Mr. and Mrs. H. Burckin and Family The Burstin Family Mr. Mr. Mr. and and Mrs. Kenneth Byers and Mrs. Mason Cannon Mrs. M. J. Caplan H. L. Cassady Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Claeren Mr. and Mrs. George Cofsky Mr. and Mrs. Alex Cohen Esther and Sandy Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Cohen and Family Cohen's Poultry Market Mr. and Mrs. Edward Coles Mr. and Mrs. Jules Diamondstone Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A. DiBello Mr. and Mrs. Sam Deep and Son Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Eckbreth Mr. and Mrs. john Edwards, jr. Mr. and Mrs. joseph Ezykowsky Fanning's Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Fingeret Robert J. Fleishman Mr. and Mrs. Stanton Frank Mr. and Mrs. David G. Freedman Mr. and Mrs. A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ross S. Freedman Jack J. Gerson Alexander Goldberg Milton Goldstone and Sons Mr. Benjamin Halpern and Family Miss Ava Harris Mrs. Mollie Holtzman Mr. and Mrs. Ernest M. Hommel Mr. and Mrs. R. Horovitz and Family M. Horowitz Mr. and Mrs. Donald Israel Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Jacobson S. E. Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. E. Huber Jessop Mr. and Mrs. Leonard I. Kalson Mrs. Carl Katz Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Katz and Family Katz's Fish Market Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Max E. Kaufman and Mrs. Max Keyser and Mrs. Robert L. Kirkpatrick Leonard Levine and Family Sol Lurie and Daughters Mr. William Kish Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Knox Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Kovarsky Dr. and Mrs. Harry I. Krieger Dr. and Mrs. David H. Kurtzman Mr. and Mrs. David L. Lando Mr. and Mrs. joseph S. Laslo Mr. and Mrs. Max Latterrnan Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Lehman Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Lemke Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Levith Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Levy and Family Mr. and Mrs. Fred Oliver Liberman Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan Libson Dora Littman's Grocery Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lomask Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Lucchino Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Malatesta Mr, and Mrs. Isadore Mandel Mrs. Rose Margulies Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr, Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Nathan Timothy G. McTigue Samuel L. Meyer Earl M. Miller Henry Myers Dr. and Mrs. Irving Hartmann Dr. and Mrs. A. Alan Herring Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hertz Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hindmarsh Mr. and Mrs. Morris Neft Dr. and Mrs. Milton E. Nicholson Mr. Isaac Oberman Mr. and Mrs. M. George Pappas Dr. and Mrs. William A. Perer and Mrs. Bernard Peris Mr. T. F. Pickard 158 COM PLIMENTS O F Mr. and Mrs. Milton Pinsker Mrs. M. Pritchard Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rabb Dr. and Mrs. George Raffel Mrs. Arthur J. Reiber Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Simon Reskin Sterling J. Robinson Joseph Rockman M. E. Romanoff Harry Roy Abe Rubin and Family Harry Rubin and Family H. J. Ruttenberg Jerome Sable Wm. Sakolsky Victor Salamon Willis Sarver S. G. Savage Schwartz's Grocery Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Shear Mr. and Mrs. Julius Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Nat Siegel and Family Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. The Sobels Mrs. Paul D. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Saul J. Silverman John Siviy, Jr. Ben F. Smith Samuel Smolar and Family Soltez Ben Specter Louis J. Spisak Louis Steiger Leon Stein and Family Thomas T. Tauber Joe Tucker Morris Vinocur B. M. Wedner and Jimmy Richard Williamson Mr. James H. Wilson and Son Rev. and Mrs. C. E. Wright and Family Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wytiaz Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Young Mrs. Ruth Zisman Joseph and Cynthia Zisman Compliments of ine German Club iiluphs ith. Iblenlf Fine Furnishings 1926 MURRAY AVENUE SQUIRREL HILL Phones: JA 1-3227-JA 1-3228 Coinpliinenis of H. SHEAR TRUCKINC CO. Compliments Of F. T. A. 159 last will ants Qliestament On this day of June nineteenth, nineteen hundred and fifty- seven, we, the seniors of 317, being of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath to the next group of students to follow in our footsteps: one slightly aged homeroom, one foster mother-Miss Mitchell, and a senior year just as great as ours has been. Signed, sealed, and delivered: Eugene Ali Mimi Ashery Carl Beaver Norman Belle Judy Binstock Sonya Blank Joseph Brenner Irving Broudy Gail Burckin Douglas Caplan June Caplan Amanda Carr Mary Chaenkwok Barbara Cipa Sandra Cohen Esther Darling Allen Davis Marilyn Davis Janet Dejidas Ruth Edwards Ruth Fingeret Vincent Grandillo Jackie Green Marva Hackney Phyllis Katz Trudi Leiber Leo Mantia Patricia Murphy Marjorie Penn John Prilla Agnes Polyak Carolyn Ray Alan Rosenbloom Sandra Silverman Carole Spiegel Ronald Stevens Leslie Wright Best Wishes f rom Homero Om 363 MISS BERGMAN CARLENE ABERMAN JUDY BARAD MARILYN BECKERMAN GAIL CAPLAN STEPHANIE CHERNOFF CAROL COHEN KAREN COHEN BERTHA CORNELIOUS BEVERLY CRUM ROBERT ECKBRETH MARK FIVARS CHARLES HERRING VIRGINIA KOROL JANET LAWSON CHARLES LITMAN FRANK LUCCHINO JOHN MACK JOYCE MARGOLIES ARLENE MEYERS JOANNE OTTO WESLEY PICKARD CHARLES SHAPIRO HOWARD SPECTOR MARY LOU SUSKA FRANK WEITZ TIMOTHY WILLIAMS CAROL WYTIAZ ARLENE YAREMKO MARY ANN YAREMKO 12 A HOMEROOM 360 CHARLOTTE ROGOW MARVIN RUBIN JERRY GRAFF HELEN PROHINSKY CAROLE WEDNER RICHARD GREEN CAROL RINGER IRV COHEN IRWIN FRIEDMAN STANLEY PERILMAN SYBIL BEFFERMAN JO ELLEN SAX BARBARA WEISS DOROTHY OSTWIND CHARLES WEISBERG HELEN BENOIT SALLY BERNARD HARRIET BERSON MARION BOBIAK NATALIE COFSKY MARCELLA DEVERSON PEGGY DIMPERIO ROBERT KUZMA NANCY SIVIY Congratulations from the members of "An ORCHESTRA to their graduating members JUNE SUSAN BERGER KEITH CREWS MARY ANN DeWATERS-Student Director MARCIA HERER MURRAY LEVITH--Vice President, Concertmaster RENA SIEGEL-Secretary-Treasurer CONNIE TAMBURI JANUARY FRANKLIN LIBSON DOLORES ROBINSON JAMES ROUNCE Compliments of HOMEROOM 2 2 2 VICTOR COHEN BARBARA DiBELLO FRANK DeSTOUT DONNA KELLEHER ROLF DITTFIELD GWENDOLYN KESSLER IRVING LATTERMAN PHYLLIS LANDO LAWRENCE LEWIS ARLENE LEVINE STANLEY LINDNER SANDRA MANDEL BERNARD MARKOVITZ WILMA ONDO JACK MAZUR DIANA RAPHAEL DEE JAY OSHRY MAXINE ROMANOFF WILLIAM REINWASSER GERRY SACK MURRAY ZATMAN RHODA SHEAR ESTELLE SMOLAR SUSAN SMITH BARBARA ABELSON 162 iDea'iwtea' to Our Gmcluatifzg fllembers by ICTORY A Z A chdaos-Ha rmony edabah-Ghz: 77.137 hofvah-Benefvolefzce JANUARY CLASS Jerry Levin Stanley Perilman JUNE CLASS Richard Gerson Bernard Pinsker Frank Hoffman Melvin Portnoy Marvin Perer Myron Salamon "Let us go out into the world and dedicate ourselves to truth, to honor, to virtue and to justiceg thus we hasten the day when all men will acknowledge the common brotherhood of man and the common fatherhood of God." 163 Congratulations to the Qrattaating Classey from the TAYLOR ALLDERDICE PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION THE ISALY DAIRY CO. Milk- Cream Ice Cream Buffer 3380 BOULEVARD OF THE ALLIES PITTSBURGH 13. PA. For Om' Gmmlzlaughlef' JUDITH ANN LEADERER C omplimems Of HOMEROOM 120 C omplimems of MARKETS STA R SUPER "Famous For Meats" 165 The Graduating Class 0 f ROOM 315 will have many fond memories of its students so keen Teacher-Mr. John B. Melvin Bill Bendgen Janet Cohen Frank Ehrlick Mary Ann Ezykowsky Harvey Eelser Robert Fulkus Carolyn Goldbach Barbara Goodman Arthur Harris Marcia Herer Louis Jones Arnold Kaplan Lois Karwan Ellen Sue Kaufman Beth Kostman Marlene Labowitz Harvey Levine Elaine Michlin Lynne Nicholson Elizabeth Peake Edward Reis Stanley Rockman Melsa Rosen Natalie Rosenfeld Roy Sample Kenneth Seiger Shirley Snider Joan Sorg Judith Strauss Mary Kay VVeaver Erwin Wolovitz Jean Wilson Andrew Zilka 166 The Alephs of FREEDOM A.Z.A msn to extend congratulations and best wishes for continued success to the graduating classes o f 1957 and to its own graduating members. JANUARY CLASS Gerald Graff Marvin Rubin JUNE CLASS Norman Belle fPresidentj Mark Bertenthal Barney Chepenik Irwin Richman Alan Rsosenbloom 167 ROOM 266 Extends its Congratulations to the SENIOR CLASS and to ItS OWN Graduating Members Laura Barrett Carol Byers Miriam Fischman Elva Fleming Ellen Franzos Alvin Goldstone Harvey Goldvarg Nancy Hartmann Ivan I-Iartzberg Susan Hohenstein Mary Louise Kovacs Lorraine Kramer Arthur Lenart Marilyn Maier Robert Marks Elizabeth Matthew Clarine Maye Doris Young Elene Moretsky George Myers Richard Neft Edward O'Hanlon Thomas Panchuri Ilene Pariser Marvin Perer William Phillips Robert Price Arthur Reiber Roy Reskin Harold Segal Marlene Siegal Richard Stein Connie Tamburi Vera Tauber Ferne Vinocur C omplimenzs of the PHYSICS CLUB IRV BROUDY DAVE SUMMERS MANNY MORGAN HARRY PALKOVITZ, President JIM HOECHSTETTER KENNETH ZACKS, Vice President JOHN HOLCOMB CHARLES NEWMAN, Secretary DON KREIGER ROY RESKIN, Treasurer EDDIE COLLINS HOWARD SCHVVARTZ HARVEY RUBENSTEIN RICHARD GERSON NEIL CARTIFF BOB LEVINSON JAMES GARTH BOB LANGAL CHARLES MARSHALL, JR. BILL YALCH PHILLIP BRONNER ROBERT REICHER RICHARD ZVOCH NELSON SOLOW Compliments of HOMERO OM 30 2 169 C'0mplz'mem.s' 0f the SENIOR DISCUSSION CLUB S? Compliments of SIGN ODE STEEL STRAPPING COMPANY S. N. Salomon, Dist. Mgr. 2316-7 GRANT BUILDING PITTSBURGH 19 PENNX Compliments of 1957 DRAMATIC ENGLISH 171 IZA-366 'I' We Have Lost Our Lease ak We must be OUT by June 10 Suitable 32-chair apartment-It's an outright give-away Semi Sealed Bids I0 us kids. SAMSON BUICK CO. FORWARD AND MURRAY AVENUES PITTSBURGH 17, PENNSYLVANIA 172 THE A CAPPELLA CHOIR wishes io extend sincere congratulations to its graduating rnenibers JANUARY GRADUATES Barbara Abelson jettie Ball Sally Bernard Beverly Crum Helen Prohinsky Suzanne Jessop David Katz Harvey Klein Betts Ann Poore JUNE GRADUATES Douglas Caplan June Caplan Jack Collins Philip Cooper Ruth Fingeret Harold Glick Ralph Harris Nancy Hartmann Ivan Hartzberg Ellen Sue Kaufman Carol Kirkpatrick Leahtrice Levine Lois Levinson Pat Miller Pat Murphy Lynne Nicholson Ronald Price Irwin Richman Natalie Rosenfeld Harold Segal Joan Sidlow Richard Stein Dorothy Steerman Erwin Wolovitz ROOM 304 Bidding farewell to the school we adore- That wonderful homeroom three hundred and four 5 Miss Winch has led us through years of fame, Below we"ve listed every name: ROWENA COHEN EWALD DITTNER HOWARD FAIRMAN STUART FELDMAN ROBERT FLEISHMAN BARBARA FOX JILL FREEDMAN WILLIAM R. FREEMAN JOAN GAVEL FERZELLE HICKS BARBARA JACOBS JERRY JOHNSON ROBERTA KLEIN JOSEPH LASLO LINDA LEE SYLVIA LEVENSON LEAHTRICE LEVINE ROBERT LINDNER ELENA MALATESTA DEANNA MAURER JOSEPH MCCAULEY CAROLYN MULLICA BERNIE PINSKER MELVIN PORTNOY ROBERT RIBERICH SHARNA ROSENTHAL RICHARD SARVER ETTA SAVAGE JOAN SIDLOW BERTRAM SLUTSKY THEODORE SOLTMAN JOYCE STEIGER ROSE TRATTNER JOSEPH VAVRO DAVID WILKES Compliments of South Side Packing Company 6526 HAMILTON AVENUE EMerson 1-1427 Quality Beef, Veal, and Lamb Mr. Hyman Rosen, Proprietor CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASSES OF 1957 FROM THE KIWANIS CLUB OF SQUIRREL HILL SZ 17 THE FOREWORD extemls best wishes to the members of the January and Jane Classes. The Staff members who have graduated are: FIRST SEMESTER SUSAN PACHTMAN GERRY RUTH SACH STEVE SALOMON RHODA SHEAR SECOND SEMESTER HERBERT APPLEBAUM ME.LVIN BOCHNER LOIS DIAMOND ROBERT FELTON ROBERT FRANK JACKIE GREEN JERRY JOHNSON MICHAEL KOVARSKY SANDRA YOUNG LESLIE LEWINTER JUDY LOFT'IN ELENE MORETSKY MARVIN PERER PEPI SHERMAN RENA SIEGEL ROSE TRATTNER MURRAY TUCKER Now that it's June, we all mast partg It's not the endg but just the start. IZA-365 ARTHUR DINARDO ROBERT FRANK RICHARD GERSON SHIRLEY GOLDSTEIN EVELYN GONZALES DAVID GRAF JACK HAKIM RICHARD HOMMEL- VERONICA ICHENKO MICHAEL KOVARSKY DONALD KRIEGER PATRICIA LASLO JUDITH LOFTIN MARCIA LOMASK JOHN LUCERO HENRY McFARLAND RICHARD MEYER JAMES MILLER THOMAS NEWHAMS FELICE OBERMAN JAMES O'BRIAN IRENE PLESZKO RONALD PRICE JULIA ROZGONYI JAMES SANDOR SANFORD SHAPIRO ARLENE SHEROKE JOAN SIMON1 JOAN SPISAK DAVID STEINBACII GLORIA VIVIAN DONALD WAIDA ARNOLD ZASLOVE MISS ESTHER GEIST Homeroom Teacher C0mplz'me11t.v of the SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL SZ C omplimenls 0 f Graduating HOMEROOM 352 JIM BLACKVVOOD KEITH CREWS ALAN GARFINKEL EARL HARRIS GRANT KALSON JACK KAUFMAN MURRAY LEVITH MANUEL MARGOLIS MAURICE NERNBERG IRWIN RICHMAN ,IETTIE BALL SANDRA HALPERN JANICE HOROVITZ RUTH LANE EDITH LIPSITZ PENNY LITT' CHARLEE MARCUS PATRICIA MQCOY BARBARA MCINTYRE CAROL NATHAN SANDRA SCHONBERG RUTH SHEA PEPI SHERMAN RENA SIEGEL PHYLLIS SOBEL CONNIE WEISBERG SALLY WEISS TEMA WEISS SANDRA YOUNG SHEILA ZELKOWITZ MISS CHARLOTTE BEACHLER Homeroom Teacher Slenderella International Salons The WorZa's Leading Slemierizing System "Your Figure Can Be Made The Size It Ought To Be" FREE TRIAL VISIT SLENDERELLA SALON 1107 FIRST NATIONAL BANK BUIIDING PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA COurt 1-4456 178 THE 1957 ALLDERDICE Q, Engnwings SUPERIOR RPIOTOEIVGRAVERS 312 BOULEVARD OF THE ALLIES my Tlzotogmplzy HILL S STUDIO 214 N. HIGHLAND AVENUE QP Triniing JXFA YER PRESS A 235 COLLINS AVENUE 179 Compliments of HOMEROOM 413 Compliments of the M. M. M. Club Graduating Seniors JANUARY JUDY BARAD MARCELLA DEVERSON PEGGY DIMPERIO SUZANNE JESSOP VIRGINIA KORAL JANET LAWSON PHYLLIS MILLER WILMA ONDO JO ELLEN SAX JUNE MIMI ASHRY ROCHELLE BURTON JUNE CAPLAN JANET COHEN' MARILYN DAVIS RUTH FINGERET' ELLEN FRANZOS BARBARA GOODMAN JACKIE GREEN DOLORES HAHALYAK "' Off1cers PHYLLIS KATZX JUDY KAUFMAN BETH KOSTMAN SYLVIA LEVENSON LEATRICE LEVINE PENNY LITT JUDY LOFTIN MARSHA LOMASK ELAINE MICHLIN MARGARET' NADZAM FELICE OBERMAN SUSAN ROSENBACH SHARNA ROSENTHAL BEVERLY RUBIN SARA SHIPLEY JOAN SIDLOW SANDRA SILVERMAN SHIRLEY SNIDER PHYLLIS SOBEL RACHEL SPATZ JUDY STERN ROSE TRATTNER CONNIE WEISBERG' ongmtulcztions and Best Wz'5hes 150 the GRAD UATING CLASSES of 1957 from ROOM 3 5 5 Miss Adams David Aliskowitz David Cohen Dan Armstrong James Cohen Rose Marie Bacinsky Philip Cooper Georgiann Batko Mary Ann DeVVaters Darlene Bene Bob Diamondstone Susan Berger Diana Eddins Dian Berry Harold Glick Mark Bertenthal Lewis Goldhammer Bob Birchard Patty Hirschfield Kit Blanner Jerry Lehman Tim Bober Marlene Ratkiewicz Don Boreman Lester Shapiro Ed Burtoft Richard Sherrill Gloria Cannon Jean Showers Lee Cassady Frances Soltez Barney Chepenik Pat Spernak Dorothy Steerman 181 D I N T Y MOURES ffTl1cznk5 I0 cz Swell Bunvfz 0 f People 9' C omplimenzs Of ROOM 3 54- THE ,Q marty I L17 Sehrlllnln 1" MUSIC STUDIOS pf'-3 2 Q ORIGINAL METHOD . "-- '- MODERN PIANO BEGINNERS 3. ADVANCED Special Courses ,ji .v,. For AcIuIQ Beginners Gkant 1 5687 237 F th A Pg 22 Call or Wme for Deserunhve Pamllhlel. E2 , . :QV E if ve. I1. , Pa. Compliments of nz 1940 Graduate FREEDMAN'S M en'5 Ufear 1725 MURRAY AVENUE J.-Xckson I-4000 Congmznlalions from LIBERTY A.Z.A. 913 Complimenzfs of R O O M 3 5 l Dr. Burgard Philip Bronner Earl Elrick Ronald Handleman Blair Jacobson Sheldon Keyser Kenneth Kotovsky Harry Lee Myrl Leshen Joseph Lofton Thomas Smith Edgar Weiss Stanley Weiss Frank Hoffman Rochelle Burton Patricia Ellison Dale Goldstein Patti Gordon Lois Levenson Judy Kaufman Lois Monsein Helaine Peris Gwen Pritchard Phyllis Rabb Nliriam Rosenblatt Beverly Rubin Ellen Sable Sara Shipley Linda Skirboll Judith Stern Rachel Sullivan Marilyn Sussman BONN HARDWARE 2030 MURRAY AVENUE HAzel 1-5557 Dupont Paints We Deliver HICKS VARIETY STORE Paints Toys Hardware 206 SALINE STREET JAckson 1-9840 JAckson 1-9910 Julius Bobiak, Prop. CHURCHILL MEAT CO. Gift Steak Specialists Compliments of the SENIOR LEADERS CLUB Real Estate-Insurance - , , Appraisals-Rentals C ompliim nts SPIRO REALTY COMPANY Realtors vt 2000 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH 17, PA. LINTON'S HAze1 1-9120 Compliments of MR. and MRS. R. W. YOUNG MILLER BROTHERS 1912 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH 17, PA. jAckson 1-1122 JAckson 1-5188 Compliments of -IUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL ROBINS CONTINENTAL SCHOOL OF DANCING JAckson 1-9694 THE AMERICAN JEWISH OUTLOOK Pittsburglfs Most Quoted Jewish lfVeekly 1037 FORBES STREET PITTSBURGH 19, PA. MORROWFIELD BEAUTY SALON 2711 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH 17, PA. -IAckson 1-9836 HAze1 1-5700 FRANK MEN'S WEAR 5816 FORBES STREET "Next to the Bank" Compliments of HOUSE OF BEAUTY GRant 1-4776 or 1-4777 Immediate Interviews for Employment After Graduation SHERMAN COMMERCIAL SERVICE Z18 Empire Building 507 Liberty Avenue - Pittsburgh 22, Pa. jEANNE'S DRESS SHOP FORBES ST. SQUIRREL HILL "Always the Smartest" Open Tuesday and Thursday 'til 9 Standard Emblem JEWELERS 245 FOURTH AVENUE Compliments of A FRIEND FADS and FASHIONS for Dresses and Sportswear 1923 MURRAY AVENUE HAZELWOOD RADIO 81 TV CO. Radio - TV - Appliance Sales - Service E. Novak, Proprietor HAzel 1-8854 HAze1 1-1995 Compliments Compliments of vt . DR. and MRS. ,MR -HHQMRS. ISADOR PACI-ITMAN SFEVE BME, JR- Compliments of In lzonor of foni's graduation DR. and MRS. JOSEPH PALKOVITZ MR. and MRS. N. A. SIDLOW Compliments Of MR. and MRS. IRVING C. BRENNER MR. and MRS. SAM CAPLAN and daughters Sandra Ann and Rochelle MR. and MRS. JOSEPH L. FRIEDMAN Compliments Of MR. and MRS. JACOB LEVINSON Compliments vt JOHN L. and CECILIA K. RICHARDS NEDIAM BBG wishes to extend congratulations to the graduating classes of 1957 MR. and MRS. JACK A. MORRIS Compliments of SAUL PERLMAN CO. General Insurance and Life Insurance ROOM 405 The Senior Distributive Education Class of Taylor Allder- dice High School would like to extend its sincere congratulations and best wishes to the entire graduating classes of 1957. JANUARY JOHN HULL PRISCILLA PLENDERLEITI-I FRANK SHANDRICK JUNE MARIE BARNETTE DONALD MANFREDI VIRGINIA BELLIS ALLEN MCKINNEY LEONARD BROWDIE MARY ANN MIHALYO MARLENE EVANK SHIRLEY SCAIFE JANICE FORD BEATRICE SIMANOVICH MARSHALL GOLDBERG JANET STRELLA ILA HAAS LUCILLE SZOLIS IRWIN KLEIN JUDY WEINSTEIN ELEANOR ZAHM Did you ever wonder why certain things appear in Allderdice that no other schools possess? Here are some answers to your many questions. "The Wall"-The seniors had to have some place to sit--didn't they? "The Annex"-After all, the junior school is entitled to Allderdice as much as the seniors. "Telephones in Homeroomsu-The poor seniors were wearing out so many pairs of shoes taking the elevator down to the first floor, these 'phones were in- stalled out of sheer pity. l'Teachers"-Although Allderdice could have survived quite nicely without them, the student body felt the need of supervision. "Cafeteria"-T-his is truly the greatest asset of all. Caviar, pheasant under glass, baked alaska, and many other delicacies are all offered at moderate prices. "Foreword"-The students had a need for a bit of subtle wit, interspersed throughout their intellectual courses of study. "Flagpole"--Built especially for the overflow of students from the wall. "Clubs"-To keep all juvenile delinquents out of the halls. 187 AV PM JW 'g MW. M M iff WW M . Jut0graphs if Wi A f fjfwyj fav, AW ' W Mil' 5122143 M 3 wi ' aff f Z M My-fr"fJ: gy, , JWNVKWLQ5 VQ, 1 Q WV,ef1rU .LUVQ l UWM, fvwfb jiiii . W WM if iii? wfcfmmu 7 QC' f Q'gTRw,iQ ' lay Q W 5Z5ff7wM g "i'P'L' finfgiifb 44 - WL' WQZQZQU M5fVffW"N mm w of axfj ' Vi ' ,Q f ff W Q1WT,5l7fE?1f?s Qfoff 1 MW? W-+M fi5f'p"'9MW' OVQ'q78"9', W jp J gn, ff Q5fZtQZl4fQ92V AM, i ,MQMQW Z -J Q JM' N f W Ml' 1' f ,f WW W Wwgiffdifif ,,' I 9 W y V W! w W M'55WJ' L My XWL '! gjyfdpf M MQJAVJQX f Wu jf, . My ' C9 T HE Wd? ,nw VW Q if My iffy W wwf ff f V I 76 471' M , j , 0,7 J "w yi ?W'j U ,nfbf A , ?f4?L,,4f'KQ KJ dlfvggf ' 7MHiW!iE!d'vblWlE1-?LiFLMllWWWm 5QWWs'?5MmHN!wWMmEMQf5M5-L+?us6WF5'GlX N1 f J' L ."h"w.f-iff-:Ml ,GM19+??4if4'w 'wwfhai.1-'+'Sr1hCT:'4QLm,11 ELL-N"'+V ,rM,fl.WiM.Ti4H1HiiL A ,,.., Y : ' .5 amy,- ,'1 V V E-2: 'E ., - Sl ' gi- fi 1, --' , ,. 3 '. Q , i, ri '11 AL K 15 115.54 Q 1. Z .gy , . A. lair -Q -1.. 'sf- Q . ,. iz 1' 2 ' 1 Lf 'Y Eg Q' 5 f ' 5 --52 5 .1'... 5 ,. , ,. E . L V 4 vi ," jf 'gy- S- ,zmj 'E Pix, 5 9, .V . fx , , -1.1- ., Q. .,..-.,...,..- b-V,+1ff' V-'K 'Y Y LAM- ---A A ,.,- , .- ,..,.... - -.,,-.X... .-, ,.h.f , -,, Y - - -Q.,-U... . vx, ' , :ef-"' rv- r Nw. is 1-. '- , , . ,f X . X , . - ' i -4 A Y in Hug' "1 ., 'g 'fs Q 'xg 'S- ,, - " A Q.. X- xi . 4 v h -. -rf -.rv Y- ,f ,- Sp 741, -1 -fm fs, , , ,, 19 ' : , ,x -Lev , W, Y , :-J -4. , ,.. ,- :, 2 ,Q za- 'r , ' ad' -.. 'I Y' V U-.,,'1. ,..- ' 1.4.4-V Is,-1 ,Jn -sq. --. w ,E xx W 4 '. 'N-4--+..e' -H., g, . an V, -. 4, 'Y L. ,ref-I, ,,,.,, .sewn . ' . -V .......,,, - "M ' - gn. 2, ,-.-A , 'H fe.. ' " .L,,.. r b' '6..w..-:cr-4 ,,- "'., ,Q-...s-' U.: al' ' - Q , . 'JAM 1 x K: - " -- -L. ' 2...-g...,. ' ...L An.. " 'Q' 1. , -f- -, -...u -.X -' J-, , A A--H -.1 Q '14

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