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Allderdice High School - Allderdice Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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3 2 ? Q 5 6 ix B 2 Q 1 K Q F a I if Q s W S 2 NI f f I Y im Q 5 I W DF F E ? 1 l i' mai '40-if 8632. . j Ixgv , 8 If 33- " - ra ,. 2 ' 4 ' - "' M. A nr , ,K - H LN 46 W., 5 f. .M p. ' ff Qii Y 'V Mg, as ,gg A , f-- in . - K - J L f Y, LM 2 1, A, -' ,.:.'V,',.g,'- r ,R K H I V4 , as 'Rx f Q 'A ,K as Mfi, , ' 1'f"ff 1'-af. WP' '-W .J Q f- f ,-.-",:'fwm,.,, J f lf' W Q W, 5 'V .A Md. A Zta. - L L t xp K M , , N L.-Qxdmgngf 2, Sew 1 oy. .J . +1 ,'Qfx'v".- x . y W ' ' 3-Q ,Ni Pi ' ' "' ' + 4' as - ', -f . A3357 Q 52, 1 nwfff Q N . 'Www fa- I 1 . ' , wa' Jffw-m? 2 f 1 W . lim. '- X vw was X f, " 4N,...:- Q ' ' .1 ., M IA . ,wmv --A ww I ' ff G 2 'fi V' ' ffm , W , - . lie' h - wwf, L" , ' -K 1 N 59'-4 fir 'Y --4 , '1F"i'1 mf-Qf 23iwf"'? , m 1-'iw H . v, A W, ,H Llp' - A, , Vw ,px Sign. Lv . :I Q x K . A 1 r x Tug, ,Wg -'J' A " I-.Q','3 '2ff'f'I"Ww5gg fv..., 4. , h f'Lf'P , 11- ' i. fl I .Q 'fx I . W 1 - N , J" AA 1,4 F' X A Qi Q W I f M QR ,M yi X- " -.' ? f '. f ff? gk " s -JZ. , 'ffw,,.mm, :fin . Rf. ,xv--1 - L EIKFJ fit' x ,wifi T . T. . :Mwst ,, fl? AQI, JK ,rum f 'gl , A "' if? : " 343- A' -' X fi- if 55" A"'4L 'A f l .... Q - "' Q -J f4'if-,pw W - gsfmm 'F ' 1' , , - , V J. ' 1 ' ' ,Q A . Lt Q ,, A . 1' 1 Q A ,X X xxx 'sf F 1, vu- Q K ll . wh .. if bb ' ' " ". -- 6., 'W X ,'- V W . 'TN ri ' -.gag , . ' -,L A: , ' :r.::,,u, I: g ' ---':-v,A 'K d, h , 1 f A L+, Y M A - ., QW' ffwmQM wwwmw an .f 'Ev 5' ' ,:An ,Q f 'H+ f ,. 'Anas K aw af if i ft' x W N W ,A ' A mf ,X 4 V .3 - - gh ' A Xwv 5' ',.,,:'Ax f- . buffs , N, .- . . W 1 "" A Q QFPQH, f , L X , L A .-' , sf- " x -r"n'f"Ug .-J' lk, .Q 4, U Q' , X . 'f Y, . f ' 'f , ' A ' :"l x rt f ws ,N5q,t'4'v'f'5 A '9'!,'.:' as is I-."'1'QSg6 M, QM af 4, ,Q lj . A '--M-- " N - , . . 'sf f 5 "- I1 I ' , foqi if 1 4 fun. .f C Q ff ,la , F ,'x N4-Klang I . K "T r I mx W? f VN' im hui 5? 6 ' t R " 0 Sv , ' at X W I' 5 uv if I gxsw. wfklu. T9 A' P gif' '53 vghgtk fy 'Q 4 ,Q - 1, a T1 .SW him! . , N .L lj, X h wg ,ff Q " f p 'L ,N x N 19' Q wg. 'fy r 5'1" wp, S' A gr. .Q XJ 4, 5 , kfff ' .- - K ' b. ..Q. -A1 sH?'x'!g Ag mga . ,. W WW eww tj 25 ijy W My 'Vnwvufgfvifx 'Ulf' 2 5 9 mxww qj QWQMQQQEW J j575'm5'LM' ,,.'1u2fZK'9i aw' t W' Q-M t'2f'.,fjMV9WQKMp,wJ,'Qf'Mw'? wif M A u ' Z wfiiiy 2' ,fffgfw upf- 'ILL-'ML 1 .41 !l,44fx4, f T he Allderdice VOLUME XXVII Published jointly by t h S f the january and june Classes of 1956 The Taylor Allderdice H igh School PITTSBURGH, PENNA 7 Lyra? I I v Allderdice Alma Mater To Allderdice a song of joy we raise. Her trifold creed in word and deed we praise. She stands on high to guide us through the days Our loyalty we pledge to her always! She stands on high to guide us through the days Our loyalty we pledge to her always! In quest of knowledge may she be our guide. To serve her well, be this our aim and pride. She leads us on as comrades side by side To that fair goal where truth and love abide. She leads us on as comrades side by side To that fair goal where truth and love abide. 4'2 " J, A 4 WW OJ tlll 5 S 5 Prospectus The Oracle at Delphi once gazed into a steaming fissure in the earth, and, lo, before his eyes appeared images of things to come. Unhappily that crack in the ground has long since disappeared and with it the fabled for-tune teller. Today if someone had oracular powers, we graduates might inquire as to our fate in the future. Such a question would be especially noteworthy in view of the public's opinion of the youth of today. It has been difficult for our Class of 1956 to live in this chaotic time when our contemporaries have become society's number one target for criticism. We have worked diligently to overcome the screaming headlines and whispered rumors, but it. often appears to be a losing battle against an evergrowing tide of -misplaced sentiment. Perhaps only in the future can we prove to our elders that they were wrong about us. Gur class will provide America with good honest citizens, just as scores of graduating classes before us have done. The odds are against our pro- ducing another Einstein, Emerson, or Ruth-but we might. We will become part of the American Scene and have our share of lawyers, steel-workers, and businessmen. We will witness the approach of the Final VVar and try to avoid it while jealously guarding our freedom. Our ultimate goal is peaceg and, if We obtain it in any measure, our lives will have had purpose. Our expecta- tions and ambitions will be gigantic, but inevitably we will be satisfied to achieve one-tenth of them. Our fears complete with Atomic Age complica- tions will be comparable to those our parents experienced. If we are wise, we will allow them to help us over these familiar rough spots. If our children prove to be another "problem" generation, we will help and defend them in their time of need. We will learn that health and contentment are precious and we shall prize them as long as they are ours. In summation we will be guiding our footsteps, alone, and we hope to follow the right paths. The Bible states that "Our lives are but a shadow between two eternitiesf' but we hope that they shall be meaningful and sweet with the fruits of success and happiness. 6 Dedication It is with great pleasure that the Journal Staff and the january and june classes of 1956 dedicate this year book, a product of their combined efforts, to the senior advisers and teachers who gave un- selfishly of their time and effort to make this senior year a rewarding one. This is just a small measure of thanks we owe to them, without whose unselfish contributions and helpful suggestions our many plans and projects would never have been successfully realized. f. 7 Januar Class Journal ta ff Sponsor of Publications-Miss Diantha W. Riddle EDITORIAL BOARD Nixx i V b' iv it -H H: ""- E iln' t ...,.,5 N . af Z 3 gi. 23 i' ' in 'i 3 , ss? We ,314 X i Patricia Cunningham, Carole Glass, Phyllis Chosky, Faye Rattner, Mae Rattner, Evelyn Weiss STAFF MEMBERS jack Abrams, Marguerite Calcaterra, Mark Eckhouse, Sorel Berman, janet Hecht, Reuben Katz Margery Jubelirer, Carol Lincoff, Joy Post, Paul Segas, Stephen Veyo, Linda Vinocur ART STAFF Sheila Dobrushin, Judy Klein, Rochelle Segal, Frances Valko, Patricia Miller, Carol Kranack, Joyce Barnett S June Class Journal taff EDITORIAL BOARD Murray Chass, Carole Kochin, Joseph Landau, Harriet Schilit, Paul Schwartz STAFF MEMBERS is MAX' Z E, 5 S , '.,1 922 6 ff Q 1 I -rrq r Q"' X . J it -r, 'gg '5"' nf it me n or X Lenore Balsam, Linda Baraff, Herbert Blitzstein, David Breakstone, Saralee Fineman, Marlene Foreman Alma Hahalyak, Laurence Keisling, Jacqueline Kostrub, Gail Kruman, Judith Levine, Kay Loikrec Barbara Moll, Maxine Newhouse, Karen Parker, Annette Roscow, Richard Schucker, Walter Scott Susan Sheriff, Joyce Simon, Bernard Siegel, Ethel Stone, John Strauch, Charles Wein 9 Administration DR. EARL M. McWILLIAMS Vice Principal Taylor Allderdice Junior High School MR. J. D. McCLYMONDS Principal Taylor Allderdice Junior-Senior High School MR. ARTHUR W. THOMAS Vice Principal Tavlor Allderdice Senior High School Allderdice Hi h School F acult Mr. J. D. McClymonds ...,...................... Principal Mr. Arthur W. Thomas ............., Vice Principal Mr. Earl M. McWilliams .......... Vice Principal Mr. Hal C. 'l'eal . ,..,...... Vocational Counselor Miss Leanore Allen ,.,...,....,.,,...................,.....,.,... junior Vocational Counselor Miss Isabel Zinn ...........,.....,...........,.... Chief Clerk Mrs. Clara Armstrong .............,.............,...... Clerk Mrs. Margaret Kieffer ...,.,,...,..................,.... Clerk Mrs. Beatrice Sigel .......,..........,..................... Clerk Miss Helen Johnson ...,..,. .,......., L ibrary Clerk Miss Marie Mitchell ...., ,,...... L ibrary Clerk Miss Austina Bradley... Book Room Clerk Miss Jeanne Adams ....., Commercial Education Miss Mary Allshouse ,....... .Physical Education Mrs. Lucille Amasino .........,....................., English Miss Theodora Arvanitas ,..................,.... English Miss Charlotte Bailey ....,....... Home Economics Miss Eleanor Bardsle Social Studies Miss Elizabeth Klingensmith ..,,.,................ Latin Miss Olivia Koenig ......,...,..,,...,..,......,....... Jewelry Miss Martha Kunkle ...,..........,..,...... Mathematics Mrs. Jenoise Leon .,...... ............. C lothing Mr. William Levin .............. .....,.......,. S panish Mrs. Virginia Lowe ........................,. ,........... V oice Miss Kathryn McKinney ..........., Girls' Adviser Mr. John McNertney ..,...... Physical Education Mr. Carl Maus. .......... ..... ..... ............. M a t hematics Mr. John Melvin ................................ Commercial Miss Margaret Mercer ..,.. Physical Education Mrs. Dorothy Meyer .....,... ........................... M usic Mr. Donald Miller... .........,...............,.............. Law, Commercial Education Miss Natalie Miller ....... .. ............,..,......... English Miss Patricia Miller... .......... Home Economics Miss Bertha Mitchell ,................... Social Studies Mr. Norman Mulgrave ............... Social Studies Mr. Howard Barnes..i,Distributive Education Miss Louise Barthol ...., ........ ......... S o cial Studies Mrs. Marjorie Bartrem ........,... ,............... E nglish Miss Helen Bartrim .... Commercial Education Miss Charlotte Beachler ,............. Social Studies Mr. Lawrence Norris ........ ................... P hysics Miss Jennie Norton ........,,,.. ....................... A rt Miss Gertrude Oetting ........ .. ....... Librarian Miss Mary O'Toole ....... ............... E nglish Miss Elaine Pelaez ....... .. ....... ........ E nglish Miss Alice Phipps ....... ., .. ......... Mathematics Mr. Claude Sofield ............ Physical Education Mr. Morris Beck ............,.......,...,... Social Studies Miss Dorothy Bergman. ........., ................... F rench Miss Alice Berry .......,.................. Social Studi'-ES Mr. Samuel Blitz... ....,,.........,...... Social Studies Miss Anna Bobnar ........ Physical Education Miss Eleanor Boland ......... Physical Education Miss Olive Bowlin . .................... English, Latin Mrs. Della Braun .......... ......................... E nglish Miss Mary Brennan .................................. English Dr. Earl Burgard .............. Consumer Education Mrs. Margaret Bush .,............. Home Economics Mr. Edward Caye .......................,.... Mathematics Mr. Robert Chemas .................................... Science Mr. Lon Colborn .............,..........,...,.., Chemistry Mr. Robert Colteryahn, Jr .....,.......... Print Shop Mr. Jerome Cosgrove. .................. Electric Shop Mr. Roy Dietz.. .......,....,................................. Band Miss Catherine Eisaman ,................................. Art Mr. John Fetter... .......................,.................... Latin Miss Edith Finegold ................................. English Mr. James Foerster. .....,.... .............. M athematics Miss Catherine Folger. Mathematics, Science Mrs. Helen Frankenstein ...... Home Economics Miss Esther Geist ..,..................... Social Studies Miss Lillian Goldstein ............ English, Spanish Mrs. Fannetta Gordon ....,................,.... ...English Miss Helen Gorman .......... ............... E nglish Mr. Robley Hackett ........... . ................ Biology Miss Elizabeth Hand ...................... Mathematics Miss Margaret Hanrahan .................................. Commercial Education Mr. Edwin Harr .,.......................... Social Studies Miss Helen Hillard ............ ................... E nglish Miss Rose Hartz ...............,.......,................ English Mr. Irving Hyman .......,.....,............ Wood Shop Miss Geraldine Hrabovsky .. Home Economics Mr. Robert Irvin ................,....................... Science Mr. John Irwin .... ...... ...,... P h ysical Education Miss Jane Jchnston ...... .......,........ . ............ B iologv Miss Ann Kasnitz ........ ........ S ocial Studies Mrs. Elizabeth Porter.. ................,,,,..,,,.,. English Dr. Anna Quattrocchi .................. Social Studies Mr. Ray Ralston .................. .. ........ Mathematics Miss Alouise Ramsay ,...,.. Home Economics Mrs. Carolyn Rector ........, .Assistant Librarian Miss Diantha Riddle ............... ....... .... E 1 iglish Mr. Charles Roller .................................... Spanish Mr. Charles Routh ............. Physics, Chemistry Miss Leila Rupp ........ ........... . Social Studies Mr. Alex Seigal ,......., ....... M echanical Shop Miss Helen Sekey ..................... English, French Mr. Leon Silzle ....................., ..,..... E lectric Shop Mr. Franklin Simmen . .... .......... ......,........... S h op Miss Katherine Skarinski .........,........... ....,..... Commercial Education Mrs. Mae Weber Smith .............,.............. Biology Mrs. Nancy Snively .................................... Science Mr. Daniel Spillane. ............,........... Mathematics Miss Edith Starz .,............................ Mathematics Mr. Joseph Thompson. ...........,.... ............ E nglish Mr. Gerrit Thorne.. ................... Social Studies Mr. Robert Trumbull ......... ........ M athematics Miss Ethel Turner ............ ........ M athematics Mr. Martin Valenti ............ ,....... M athematics Mr. Walter Voyvodich .. ..... . .... ......... O rchestra Dr. Wesley Wagner .. ............... .... M athematics M iss Elizabeth Warnock English Mr. Louis Weitzel ....... Physical Education Miss Jessie Whitehill. ................. Social Studies Mr. Regis Wiegand ........................,., English Miss Margaret Winch ................... ....... . . ....... Commercial Education Mr. August Winterling... Mechanical Drawing Miss Beryl Zeigler ....................... Social Studies Miss Laura Zeigler. ..... ...... A ctivities Director Miss Mary Eggert.. ................................. Matron Mrs. Clair Roy ..................,. Locker Attendant Mrs. Myrtle NVilliamson ...... Locker Attendant oast " 'Tis a toast I propose," said the man as he rose From his place in the great banquet hall, And the 'fore noisy crowd was now wrapped in a shroud Of dead silence. His presence stilled all. A silver-haired man with a creased face of tan And an ill fit-ting suit on his frame, To my own line of thought he most surely seemed not A great man of much fortune or fame. But this haggard old gent, on whom such awe was spent, Was a man I no doubt should revere: So with a sensation of anticipation His brief message I waited to hear. " 'Tis a toast for each man," he then once more began, And his goblet of glass he raised high. " 'Tis a toast to a prize which ahead of you lies, If you'll grab it and pass it not by. That prize I'll now name . . . It's Achievement and Fame, And it can, I assure you, yours be, If your glass you'll but take and a :toast to it make, If you'll drink to that treasure with me." And then each wine-filled cup in a flash was raised up By one hundred and more anxious arms High above the cloth white, plates, and fine silver bright Like five score bright red ruby-set charms. Q But 'then said the old -man, with a wave of the hand, With his forehead creased tight by a frown, "Pray those goblets replace, there's one fact we must face- It is not common wine we must down. If The Book you'd unlatch and your name there enscratch fLife's that locked volume of which I tellj On a more sacred wine than of grapes you must dine . . . 'Tis the wine named Ambition . . . Drink well." 12 ' Q x..u. -..o ' .s'ng..,t- -x-. ' '.. ".'. a'0 I' 5 . s Q.l.i . . Z':"1w 'Z.'-'.t7- '. . . 'H '. ""'. ', e .'. .. ::::.:...1:I Ii.. "Q-0, 5... .. . I 0 I lpn Q ' ' 0 1 ' ' 'u' 3. 'oi': I:'.'.-. ' ' u . u 'Q 'sur 'o January Class Officers and Committees CLASS OFFICERS President-David Malakoff Vice President-William Martin Secretary-Bernard Fishman Treasurer-Estelle Fisher GIFT COMMITTEE CLASS DAY COMMITTEE PROM COMMITTEE SOCIAL COMMITTEE 14 Januar Class Honor Students Bonnie Barry Sorel Berman Marguerite Calcaterra Phyllis Chosky Mark Eckhouse Estelle Fisher Carole Glass Judy Adler Rosemary Albrecht Virginia C. Baltic Diane Bogert Le lie Cohen Richard Cuppett Bernard Fishman Ethel Fletcher Reva Fletcher Margery Jubelirer Irene Kaufman Carol Lincoff HIGH HONOR Janet Hecht Frances Krupka William Martin Faye Rattner Maye Rattner Stephen Veyo Evelyn Weiss Joan Loibman David Malakoff Eva Miller Joy Post Nancy Renard Paul Segas Nancy Shallenberger Roberta Siegworth Rosalie Specter Frances Valko Linda Vinocur Marshall Wnuk JANUARY CLASS HOMEROOM TEACHERS Mr. Howard Barnes Mr. Robert Colteryahn, Jr. Miss jane Johnston Mr. August Winterling JACK MYRON ABRAMS-Homeroom Treasurer, 9th Grade, Fore- word Photographer, Stage Crew, Slide Rule Club, journal Staff, Drivers Club, Cafeteria Staff, Dramatic English Class, Class Play Cast, Baud l, 2, 3 JUDITH ANN ADLER-Homeroom Secretary, lllth Grade, Vice President, M.M.M., Book Club, Intermediate Discussion Club, Stu- dent Council Alternate, Foreword Alternate, Fourth Period Hall Patrol, Dramatic English Class, Honor Student ROSEMARY C. ALBRECHT-junior Dramatics Club, F.T.A., Microscope Club, Rhythmic Swim, Senior Leaders, Special Dance Group, All City Orchestra, Athletic Letters, Hockey Team, Cap- tain, '53-'55, Schenley High School Play Day, Gregg Typing Award, Honor Student GERALDINE BANYAS-A.N,C., Fashion Shows, '53, '54, '55, To- day's Business Girls, Assistant to Mr. Miller, Softball '54, Hockey '54, Volley Ball '54, Advanced Clothing, Participant-Betty Crocker Contest BONNIE-RUTH BARRY-Homeroom Secretary - 7th, 8th, 9th Grades, Vice President, 10th Grade, President, llth Grade, Class Day Committee, Dramatic English, Senior Leaders, Intermediate Discussion Club, junior Dramatic Club, Chorus 1. 3, 4, 5, Chorale, Quartette, Ensemble, Soloist, Hockey, Basketball, Volley Ball, Softball Tournaments, Athletic Letters, Civic Club Test, High Honor Student JOHN G. BEERING-United Nations Club, German Club, Hall Patrol, Cafeteria Staff, Print Shop Foreman, Assistant Staff Mem- ber in 214, Chorus 2, 3, 4, 5, Male Chorus, Glee Club, Varsity Quartette, Choir Programs JANUARY JANECE BETTY BERKOWITZ Manager of Cheerleaders, F.T,A., M.M.M., Captain of 4th Period Hall Patrol, Senior Lead- ers, 214 Staff, Orchestra 1, Z, 3, 4, 5, Cheerleaders, Volley Ball Championship Team, Basketball Championship Team, Hockey and Softball Tournaments, F.T.A. Convention at Slippery Rock, Ath- letic Letters IRWIN E. BERLINER-Distributive Education, Law Club, Hall Patrol, Band 1, 2, Orchestra 3, 4, Heinz Field Trip SOREL FAITH BERMAN - Homeroom Treasurer, 9th Grade, Problems Committee Chairman, Social Committee, Journal Staff, Dramatic English Class: 214 Service Staff, Student Council Repre- sentative, Senior Discussion Club, College Club, Microscope Club, Library Club, F.T.A., Orchestra 1, 2. 3, 4, 5, All-City Senior High School Orchestra: VVoodwind Quintet, Flute Trio, Woodwind Sextet, Orchestra Programs, High Honor Student BARBARA L. BIRD-Y-Teens, Today's Business Girls, Rhythmic Swim, Hockey, Basketball, Mushball Tournaments, Advanced Sew- ing LARRY BLOOM - Stamp Club, United Nations Club, Senior Drivers Club, Hall Patrol, Slide Rule Club, Choir 3, 4, Male Chorus, Glee Club, Intramural Softball, Swimming, Volley Ball, and Basketball RAYMOND TIM BOLGER-Stage Crew, Track Team, Softball Team, Basketball Team: Advanced VVood Shop 16 jACK BROWN-Homeroom President. llth Grade: Prom Com- mittee: Projection Club: German Club: Band 5: Basketball, 9th Grade: Dramatic English: Band Programs: Talent Shows, Master- of-Ceremonies MARLENE BUCCINA-Senior Drivers Club: Senior Leaders: Service Club: junior Leaders: Hockey: Basketball: Volley Ball: Softball: Advanced Clothing: Fashion Show: .-Xthletic Letter, '54 MARGUERITE j. CALCATERRA-Student Council Representa- tive. 9th Grade: Prom Committee: Hospitality Committee: Program Committee, F.T.A.: journal Staff: Intermediate Discussion Club: College Club: Microscope Club: Service Club: Special Dance, Pianist: Fashion Show. '52: Volley Ball Championship Team: Hockey, Basketball. Mushball Teams: .-Xthletic Letters. '53-'S-1: Gregg Typing Award: Gregg Shorthand Award: Civic Club Test: D..-MR. History Award: National Merit Scholarship T'est: High Honor Student JOSEPH B. CAMPBELL - lintered from XVestinghouse High School: Veteran. United States Marine Corps MARLENE j. CHIOVITTI - Today's Business Girls: Hockey: Basketball: Volley Ball: jewelry Proiects PHYLLIS ELAINE CHOSKY--Secretary-Treasurer, 9th Grade: Prom Conunittee: Publicity Committee, Student Council: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Patrol: journal Staff: Periodicals Secretary: Dramatic linglish: Class Play Cast: Modern Dance: Special Dance: Dance Programs: Pittsburgh Advertising Essay Contest. lst Prize: Civic Club Test: Gregg Typing Award: junior Leaders: Athletic Letter: Fashion Show, '5Z: junior Dramatic Club: National Merit Scholar- ship Test: High Honor Student CLASS LESLIE COHEN llomtioom II'L5ltlLllf, 9th, llth, 10th Grades: Physics Club: Stamp Club: Badminton Club: Marching Band: Ctnnmenccment Soloist: jay Yee Basketball '52: Varsity Basketball '53-'Stn Honor Student PATRICIA M. CUNNINGHAM-eClass Day Committee: Hospi- tality Committee: Student Council: F.T..-X.: Periodicals Secretary: lournal Staff: Dramatic English Class: Class Play Cast: Modern Dance: Special Dance: -lth Period Hall Patrol: College Club: junior Dramatics Club: Volley Ball Championship Team: Hockez' and Softball Tournzunents: Senior Leaders: junior Leaders: Play: Day at Scbcnlcy: Dance Programs: F.'l'.."X. Delegate: Gregg Typing Kward: Athletic Letters RICHARD H. CUPPETT-Vice President. llth Grade: Varsity Club: Physics Club: Track '55: jay Vee Basketball '53-'5-l: Volley Ball '5-l-'55: D..X.B. .-Nward: .Xmerican Legion Award: Stage Crew! :Xdvanced Mechanical Drawing: Honor Student LINWOOD DAVENPORT---Drivers Club: Chorus 2, 3. 4, 5: Male Chorus: jewelry l, 2: Print Shop Foreman: Metal Shop Foreman: Clloil' Programs CHARLES LEONARD DAVIS-Cnited Nations Club: Slide Rule Club: Drivers Training Club: Hall Patrol: Travel Club: Track '55: Softball '5-1: .Ndvauced Mechanical Drawing SHEILA DOBRUSHIN -- Student Council Publicity Committee: lf.'l'..'X.. Social Committee: Traffic Survey: Library Art Staff: Book Club: M,M.M.: College Club: F.T..eX.: 4th Period Hall Patrol: First Prize in Chamber of Commerce Clean-Up Campaign: F.T..fX. Regional Convention at Pitt: journal Art Staff 17 CHARLES W. DOYLE-Drivers Club: Distributive Education Class: Special Shop MARK LEE ECKHOUSE-Student Council, Problem Committee: Stamp Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: Glee Club: Senior Dis- cussion Club: F.T.A.: Physics Club: College Club: Journal Staff: Hall Patrol: Choir 2, 4: Band 1: Track '54-'55: Cross Country '54: Volley Ball '54-'55: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Civic Club Test: National Merit Scholarship Test: High Honor Student HADASSA EICHENBAUM - Library Staff: Photography Club: Book Club: F,T.A.: Drivers Club: Advanced jewelry MICHAEL FEENY-Track '55: Hall Patrol: Usher Staff JUDITH FELDSTEIN-College Club: F.T.A.: Senior Discussion Club: Choir 3, 5: Fourth Period Hall Patrol RICHARD ALAN FELDSTEIN-Co-Chairman of Gift Committee: College Club: Key Club: Green Key Club: Radio Club: Badminton Club: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Basketball '54-'55: City Doubles Champion in T'ennis JANUARY THEDA FINKEL-M.M.M., College Club, Library Representa tive: Hall Patrol: Chorus 3, 4: Senior Class Gift Committee ESTELLE PHYLLIS FISHER-Senior Class Treasurer: Presi- dent, College Club: President, Senior Student Council: Publicity Committee Chairman, Student Council: Senior Discussion Club: F.T.A.: Special Dance: American Legion Award: Carnegie Insti- tute of Technology Art Class Scholarship: High Honor Student BERNARD FISHMAN-Secretary. Senior Class: Slide Rule Club: Social Committee: Senior Discussion Club: United Nations: Glee Club: Chorus Z, 3, 4. 5: Junior Glee Club: Choir Programs: Honor Student SAMUEL DWIGHT FORD, JR.-Drivers Club: Stage Crew: Or- chestra 4: Church Choir: Orchestra Concert ETHEL F. FLETCHER-President, Allderdice Newcomers Club: Secretary, All Girls Club: Social Committee: Book Club: F.T.A.: Drivers Club: Service Club: Today's Business Girls: Cafeteria Staff: Ushering Staff: Hall Patrol: 214 Staff: Gregg Shorthand Award: Gregg Typing Award: Honor Student REVA R. FLETCHER-Secretary of Allderdice Newcomers Club: Treasurer of All Girls Club: Social Committee: Book Club: F.T.A.: Drivers Club: Service Club: Today's Business Girls: Cafeteria Staff: Ushering Staff: Hall Patrol: 214 Staff: Gregg Typing Award: Gregg Shorthand Award: Honor Student 18 I EUNICE FRISHMAN-Y-Teens: T'oday's Business Girls: Chorus 3, 4: Entered from Schenley High School in 10A HAROLD GARFINKEL - Dramatic English, Class Play Cast: Class Day Committee: United Nations Club: Orchestra 5: Chorus 5: Chorus Ensemble: Choir Programs FERN GETTIS-junior Leaders: Garden Club: F.N.A.: College Club: Hall Patrol: Gregg Shorthand Award LAURA ANN GILSON-M.M.M.: American Legion Award: Jour- nalistic Award: Shorthand Award: Entered from Gladstone, llB CAROLE GLASS-Feature Editor of the Foreword: Co-Chairman of the Senior Social Committee: junior Dramatics: Book Club: Senior Discussion Club: F.T'.A.: Hall Patrol: Cafeteria Staff: Assistant Editor of Journal: Dramatic English: Assistant Director of Class Play: English 9: P.T.A. Panel Discussions: Gregg Typing Award: National Merit Scholarship Test: High Honor Student BETTY ANN GOLDSTEIN-Treasurer, Y-Teens: Student Secre- tary in Main Office: Hall Patrol: College Club: United Nations Club: Drivers Club: Bookroom Staff: Typing Award CLASS SONDRA GOLDSTEIN I FA , FNA.: College Club: Today's Business Girls: M.M.M.: Library Staff: Hall Patrol: Chorus l, 3. 4: Choir Programs ESTELLE GREENBARG-Student Council: F.T.A.: Usher Staff: Hall Patrol: Y-Teens: Chorus l: Junior Glee Club: Fashion Show: Ikrotherhoorl Program: Typing Award: Betty Crocker Contest ANDREW M. HALAPIN-Social Commit-tee: Square Dance Club: junior Red Cross: Track '53-'54: Varsity Basketball '54-'56: American Legion Award: Safety Award: Sons of American Revo- lution History Award ESTELLE HARRIS--Today's Business Girls: Drivers Club: Jun- ior Lcaders: Basketball '52-'S3: Volley Ball '52-'5-1: Fashion Show: Typing Award: Athletic Award: Service Award RONALD HARTSTEIN-Law Club: Green Key Club: United Nations Club: Physics Club: Hall Patrol: Vice President, Law Club: Intramural Football, 9th-llth Grades JANET ROSELYN HECHT-Publicity Committee: Service Club: T'oday's Business Girls: A.N.C.: Teenage Book Club: College Club: journal Staff: junior Y-Teen: Fashion Show: Gregg Shorthand Award: Typing Award: High Honor Student 19 LEON H. HERMAN-Photography Club, Vice President: Secre- tary. Tutoring Staff: junior Glee Club: Band Z: Choir Z, 4, 5: Glee Club: Choir Programs: Special TV Program FRANK JASKO-jewelry: .-Xdvanced Special Shop: Entered from Gladstone in 10th Grade MARGERY JUBELIRER - Student Council Social Committee: Intermediate Discussion Club: Hall Patrol: Cafeteria Staff: Journal Staff: Special Dance: Dramatic English: Book Club: F.T'.A.: Col- lege Club: Dance Programs: Class Play Cast: Honor Student RICHARD H. JUDD-United Nations: Type Club: Chess Club: Library Staff REUBEN J. KATZ-Co-Chaiirmau Class Day Committee: Chess Club: Slide Rule Club: Senior Discussion Club: Physics Club, President: journal Staff: Green Key Club IRENE LOIS KAUFMANfHall Patrol: Library Staff: Junior Leaders' junior Glee Club Chorus l 3 Soccer '54 B s .. 3 ' . : ' ' . 5 a,ketball '53: Athletic Letters: Honor Student JANUARY College Club Honor Student Drivers Conference 20 LOWELL G. KAUFMANN Microscope Club Slide Rule Club Garden Club: Drivers Club Model Airplane Club Hall Patrol CAROLE JAYNE KOCH 17-X Social Committee A NC 'loday Business Girls: Foreword Representative 9th 10th Grades Home room Secretary, 9th, 10th Grades ROBERT H. KOCH-Varsitv Club Conditionin Club Hall Pa trol: Basketball '54: Varsity Football 53 w4 S5 Varsitv Swim ming '53, '54, '55: Varsity IL er AUGUST FREDERICK KOEHLE JR Lllllell NIHIIUIIS Club Physics Club: Slide Rule Club Dramatic len lish Class Class Play Cast: Intramural Softball H3 D XR History Xvlard Nmeri can Legion Honorable Mention FRANCES KRUPKA-Student Council Hospitalitv Committee Junior Dramatics: Book Club I 'Xl X Isl X Special Dance Student Council Alternate: Ioreword Staff College Club High DONALD EARL LEVENSON Chess Club Drivers Club Tele vision Program for Drivers Club Dele ate to Governor s Teen Age the f 44 4 , a,4Laf'2z4L,fwLf,,L9 -,Lay fcnfn-cat, ,laeweauif J ' . ,s 5,9 A- 4225 eww, 4442690 41,44 CAROL LINCOFF-Class Day Committee, Chairman: Publicity Committee, Co-Chairman: Special Dance: Senior Discussion: F.'l'.A.: journal Staff: Csher Staff: College Club: Sixth Period Hall Patrol: lntermcdiate Discussion Club: junior Dramatics Club: Hook Club: Honorable Mention in Cancer Poster Contest: Honor Student JOAN LOIBMAN-Senior Discussion Club: Usher Staff: Service Group: Volley Ball Championship Team '54: Softball '54: Honor Student BARBARA A. LOPATA-3I'reasurer, Today's Business Girls: Hall Patrol: Allderdice Newcomers: Mushball '53: Volley Ball THEODORE LUNDY-Badminton Club: College Club, Vice Presi- dent: Dramatic linglish: Drivers Club: Announcer for Swimming 'Feam in '54, '55: Co-Chairman, Prom Committee: Fourth Period Hall Patrol: F.T.A. DAVID MALAKOFF,-I'resideut, Senior Class: Dramatic English Class: liootball '54, '55: Key Club: Tam O' Shanter Art Class: Advanced Mechanical Drawing: Homcroom President, 7A: Honor Student JAMES MAMAJEK-lintered from Central Catholic, '54: Basket- ball '54: Special Shop Foreman: Track '54 CLASS BUDDY MARTIN-Vice President IZA Class: Homeroom Presi- dent l0th, llth, 12th Grades: Metal Shop Foreman: Varsity Club: Drivers Club: Varsity Football '53, '54, '55: Varsity Basketball '53, '54, '55: Most Valuable Player Award: Optimist Award: Captain, Basketball T'eam '55: High Honor Student DAVE R. MASON-Class Day Conunittee: Varsity Club: Pitts- burgh Public High School Tennis Champion '5-l, '55: Squash Cham- pionship '54, '55 GEORGE MCFALLS--Iintered Allderdice in llth Grade from VVc-stiughouse High School: Green Key Club: Chorus 4, 5: Bands . 4, 5: Male Chorus: Male Quartet: Varsity Basketball '54, '55 TJ' . J , JOHN E. MILLARD-Hall Patrol, 10th Grade: Homeroom Basket- ' ball Team EVA B. MILLER - Traffic Committee: Goodwill Committee: M.M.M.: A.N.C.: Service Club: 214 Assistant: Usher Staff: Vollcy Hall: Basketball: Softball: Hockey '53, '5-1: Gregg Typing Award: ---2 Gregg Shorthand Award: Athletic Award: Honor Student 42 JAMES MILLER-Intramural Basketball '54: Advanced Jewelry I 21 DEBORAH MOLNAR-Microscope Club, Drivers Training Club, Hall Patrol, Foreword Representative 10th, llth, 12th Grades, Senior Leaders Club, Basketball, Hockey, Volley Ball, and Soft- ball '53, '54 and '55, Athletic Award ROBERT OBERFIELD-College Club, Drivers Club, Senior Dis- cussion Club, Cafeteria Staff, 7th Period Hall Patrol, Bands 1, 2. 3, 4, 5, Marching Band MARSHALL E. OSTROW - Prom Committee: United Nations Club, Photography Club, College Club, Hall Patrol, Ushers Staff, Drivers Club, Marching Band, Band 5, Basket Room Staff, March- ing Band Letter MARION C. PARADA-Drivers Club, Today's Business Girls, Hall Patrol, Advanced Cooking HAROLD PARIS-Chess Club, Slide Rule Club, Dramatic Eng- lish, Class Play Cast, Electric Shop Foreman, D.A.R. Award JOY NATALIE POST-United Nations Club, Teen-Age Book Club, Student Council, Journal Staff, Cafeteria Staff, F.T.A., Intermediate Discussion Club, Dramatic English, Technical Di- rector, Chorus 1, 3, 4, Gregg Typing Award, Honor Student l t,l I A N UA R Y PEGGY REICHENBACH - Homeroom Secretary, 9th Grade, Chorus 3, 5, Basketball '52, Advanced Foods, Clerical Training NANCY LYNNE RENARD-Social Committee, Student Council, Service Club, Today's Business Girls, Drivers Training Club, A.N.C. Club, Assistant in 214, Majorettes, Chorus 4, 5, Chorale, Soloist, Quartet, Ensemble Group, Gregg Shorthand Award, Gregg Typing Award, American Legion Award, Volley Ball '52-'55, Bas- ketball '54-'55, Mushball '52-'55, Hockey '54-'55 FAYE RATTNER-Editor-in-Chief, Foreword, Co-Captain, Cafe- teria Staff, Assistant Director, Class Play, Gift Committee, Hos- pitality Committee, Problems Committee, and Publicity Committee. Student Council, Senior Discussion Club, Library Staff, Inter- mediate Discussion Club, Hall Patrol, F.T'.A., Journal Staff, Junior Dramatics, Community Chest Speaker, Civic Club Test, National Merit Scholarship Test, Inter-Scholastic Tennis Tournament '55, Pitt Scholarship, Commencement Speaker, High Honor Student MAYE RATTNER-Secretary, F.T'.A., Co-Captain, Cafeteria Staff, Student Council, Social Committee, junior Dramatics, Badminton Club, F.T.A., Intermediate and Senior Discussion Clubs, Fore- word Staff, journal Staff, Dramatic English, Community Chest Speaker, Civic Club Test, National Merit Scholarship Test, Dele- gate to F.T.A. VVestern Convention District, Pitt Scholarship, Commencement Speaker, High Honor Student ROBERT S. ROBINS-Chess Club, Law Club, Senior Discussion Club, Garden Club, Stage Crew, Orchestra 3, English 10, Schol- astic Achievement Award EILEEN S. ROSENSON-Student Council, College Club, Usher Staff, Library Representative, 4th Period Hall Patrol, Advanced Foods, Homeroom Treasurer, 12A 22 PAUL J SEGAS Llass llmv Committee: Stage Crew Chief: l,l'lVLI'N Llulm journal Staff Spatial Shop Foreman: Civic Club est Honor Student NANCY L SHALLENBERGER Usher Staff: Today's Business 1 trwnt ui o cy Ball '54-'55: Softball '55: llotkty 54 ll skttball 53 4 Adxanctd Clothing: Gregg Short- hand Mward Xincritan legion Award: Gregg Typing Award: RICHARD W SHAPIRO Irom Committee: Green Key: United tions Llulm lravtl Club Lollegt Club: Hall Patrol: Usher Stiff lhnd w Nl.1rthing Band -Xll City Band: Intramural Basket- OAN SHOW lodays lusmus Girls: Law Club: Y-Teens: ,ltvulry Xdmnetd Homt Ptononnes Homeroom Secretary, l0th ROBERTA R SIEGWORTH lraffic Committee: Good-Will Com- mittu Nl NIN1 714 Staff Senior Drivers: Chorus 5: Chorale: uarttt Soloist in Choir Xll City Chorus: Volley Ball '53-'54: etbrll G S ftlnll ul 54 Hotkey '53-'5-1: Gregg Typing Xvx ml I rtgg Shorthand Mxard Honor Student CAROLE LYNN SILVERMAN Class Day Committee: United Nations Llub Lolltgt Club Lsher Staff: 4th Period Hall Patrol: Hook Llub Qafttcrta Staff junior life Saving: Advanced Cloth- RONALD ROSENSTOCK-Treasurer, Varsity Club: United Na- tions: Travel Club: Drivers Club: -ltli Period Hall Patrol: Dra- matic English: Class Play Cast: College Club: Model Airplane Club: Usher Staff: Swimming Team '54, '55, '56 FERNE ROTH-Today's Business Girls: Glee Club: Chorus 3, 4: Basketball '51, '5Z: Gregg Typing Award: Gregg Shorthand Award: Red Cross Project JUDITH RUTH RUBIN-Junior Dramatics: M.M.M,, Treasurer! Hospitality Committee: Class Day Committee: Intermediate Dis- cussion Club: F.T'.A.: F.N.A.: Cafeteria Staff: Chorus l, 3, 4: Student Council Representative LOUIS SCENNA-Advanced jewelry: Metal Shop: Special Shop ETHEL FAYE SCHACHTER-Talent Shows: Social Committee: Modern Dance: Advanced Clothing: Dramatic English Class: F.T.A.: Junior Dramatics: Hall Patrol: Junior Y-Teens: College Club: Fashion Show: Clothing Award JOAN LINDA SCHMEISER-Junior Y-Teens, Secretary: F.Ti.A.l College Club: United Nations Club: Hall Patrol: Library Staff: Orchestra 3, 4, 5: Fashion Show CLASS Wiki 23 JACK SLOAN-President, Varsity Club, Varsity Football '53, '54, '55, Captain, Football Team '55, Track '55, Swimming '53, Ad- vanced Mechanical Drawing, D.A.R. Award, All-City Football Team, Homeroom President, 12th Grade HOWARD P. SMITH-Hall Patrol, 10th, llth, 12th, Intramural Basketball '52, '53, '54, Special Shop WILLIAM SOPIRA-Senior Social Committee, Student Council Social Committee, Drivers Club, Varsity Club, College Club, Type Club, Hall Patrol, Track Team '54, '55, Basketball '54, State Track Championship Delegate, City Championship, Shot Put, Var- sity Letters ROSALIE JANE SPECTER-President, Book Club, Vice Presi- dent, United Nations Club, Prom Committee, College Club, Senior Discussion Club, Dramatic English, Make-up Chief, Hall Patrol, Cafeteria Staff, Foreword Representative, 9th, 10th Grades, Chorus l, 3, 4, 5, Chorale, Ensemble Group, History Radio Program, Gregg Typing Award, Honor Student EILEEN JAYNE SPOKANE-Foreword Representative, 10th, 12th Grades, Majorettes, Sergeant, F.T.A., F.N.A., Microscope Club, Library Staff, Cafeteria Staff, Hall Patrol, M.M.M.: Chorus 4, All-City Choir, Volley Ball '54, Basketball '54, Softball '54 FREDERICK CHARLES STEIN-Stamp Club, Model Airplane Club, Science Club, Travel Club, Senior Drivers, Microscope Club, Radio, Hall Patrol, Intramural Football, Basketball JANUARY JULIEN STERNBERGER Green Ixey President, Student Coun- cil, Social Committee, Senior Class, Co-Chairman Social Com- mittee, United Nations Club, Fourth Period Hall Patrol, Foreword Representative, 10th Grade, Band l, 2, 3, 4, 5, Intramural Swim- ming, Basketball FRANCES T. VALKO-Homeroom Treasurer, 9th-10th Grades, Homeroom Secretary, llth-12th Grades, Secretary, Today's Busi- ness Girls, F.T.A., Journal Art Staff, Volley Ball '52, '53, Hockey '54, Basketball '53-'54, Mushball '51, '52, '53, Gregg Shorthand Award, Gregg Typing Award, B'nai B'rith Art Award, American Legion Award, F.N.A., Honor Student STEPHEN VEYO-Class Day Committee, Journal Staff, Stage Crew, United Nations Club, Drivers Club, Physics Club, Ad- vanced Mechanical Drawing, American Legion Award, Civic Club Test, National Merit Scholarship Test, Commencement Speaker, High Honor Student LINDA VINOCUR-F.T.A., Treasurer, Social Chairman, IZA So- cial Committee, Student Council Representative, l2A, Special Dance, Journal Staff, Intermediate Discussion Club, Book Club, Junior Dramatics, College Club, Hall Patrol, Chorus 1, Civic Club Test, Honor Student JAMES B. WALFISH-Homeroom Vice President, l2A, Varsity Club, Football '52, '53, '54, '55, Special Shop, Football Letters '54, '55 BARBARA J. WEIL4Vice President, Y-Teens, United Nations Club, Drivers Club, Hall Patrol, Library Staff, Orchestra 4, Volley Ball '52, Advanced Foods 24 BARBARA EVA WEINER4L'nited Nations Club: College Club: ICANN-X': 'l'.,t1gty'5 Busiiit-ss Girls: Library Staff: Chorus l, 5, 4, U: Chorale: .Xdvanced Foods: Hall Patrol: Choir Programs EVELYN SHIRLEY WEISS - liditor-in-Chief, The Foreword: Chairman, Senior Gift Committee: ,lournal Staff: Library Staff: Senior Discussion Club: F.'l'..X.: Cafeteria Staff: Book Club: Hall Patrol: junior Dramatics: Dramatic linglish Class: Qualitative .Xnalvsis Class: linglish 9: Commencement Speaker: ,lunior Tovvn Xleetiing of the .Xir: S..'X.R. Award: Gregg Typing Award: Civic Club 'l't-st: National Merit Scholarship Test. Semifinalist: High lloilol' Sllltivllt ISAAC WHITAKER-Alintered from Gladstone in l0th Grade ZELLA ROSE WILLIAMS-Square Dance Club: Chorus 4, 5: Chorale: D..'X.R. Award SONIA J. WINERf-Hall Patrol: Senior Prom Committee, Book Committee: Modern Dance: College Club: F.'l'..-X.: M.M.M.: Chorus l: Modern Dance Programs: Talent Show: Gregg Typing .Xward MARSHALL WNUK - Senior Social Committee: Varsity Club: Conditioning Club: Football '55, '54, '55: Special Shop Foreman: Yolley Hall '54, '55: Track '55: Homeroom Secretary, lllth Grade: Honor Student CLASS i EUGENE J. KUBAN-Chess Club: intramural llasketball '54 CAREY RAFFERTY Special Shop Foreman BARRY HARRIS SAMUELS VIRGINIA BALTIC WILLIAM KESTERTON WILLIAM ALLEN BREUCKEN PAUL KRUSPIR MICHAEL CHASSER JOAN VALERI ROSE MARY GRAUERT 25 JACK PAUL WYMARD-Secretary, Varsity Club: Senior Socia DIANE BOGERT-Foreword Representative, llth Grade: Library Staff: Hall Patrol: junior Discussion Club: 'l'oday's Busines Girls: Service Club: junior Glee Club: junior Leaders: Chorus l Basketball '52: Gregg T'yping Award: Gregg Shorthand Award Fashion Show, 10th Grade: Honor Student lk lk lk SHEILA DUNNETT-M.M.IXl.: Secretary of Library Staff: Co- Chairman of Senior Prom Committee: Student Council Social Com mittee: Chairman of Hospitality Committee for Student Council F.'l'..-X.: Square Dance: Dramatic English Class: Orchestra 3, 4 pm Regional Convention of Student Council: ,-Xnterican Legion .Xward D..-X.R. Award: S..-XR. Award l Committee: Key Club: Varsity Football '53, '54: Intramural Basket' ball RONALD GRANT ZEILER-Service Award, Sth Grade: Projec- I W-M tion Club: 4th Period Hall Patrol: Stage Crew NATALIE FAE ZIFF - Student Council Publicity Conunittee: F.'l'.A.: Garden Club: Slide Rule Club: Dramatic English Class, Y-Teens: College Club: Glee Club: Basketball: Softball: Yolley Ball: Fashion Show: Gregg Typing .-Xward: Honor Student N January Class Commencement PROCESSIONAL-POIHP and Circumstance A...,..A........,.....,. Band-Mr. Roy Dietz, Director INvocATIoN ....., ....... R evereu ,.....Elgar d Raymond Doherty Pastor, St. Rosalia Church, Greenfield FLUTE SOLO-Ill An Eighteenth Century Drawing Room ,....,.. Sorel Berman Rosalie Specter, Accompanist PRESENTATION OF FLOWERS .,.i.... ..,,.i ...,.,,......,,...,....,..., David Breakstone, June VVilliam PIANO SOLO-DHHSC ..,. .,...T.......,........,...,,..,.,.,...,.,.......,.,..... Marguerite Calcaterra .......Mozart , .........,. June Class, 1956 Martin, January Debussy A THOUGHT CONCERNING THE YEARS AHEAD On Education .,...r,.....,.....,..,.i....,.....,..,.........,...,,.....,... Maye Rattner On Science ,,,,........ ,.,,.r... E velyn Weiss On Automation ,....,, .,...... S tephen Veyo On Religion ........,, ,,.,.,. F aye Rattner TRUMPET SOLO-My Regards ..........,........,,..........,,..,.........,. .. . ........ Llewellyn Leslie Cohen Marguerite Calcaterra, Accompanist CLASS GIFT ..,..................,....,............,... ......,.....,.,.. I anuary Class, 1956 David Malakoff, January Hospodi Pomilui ...... ., The Beatitudes ,,.......,.....,..........,..... john Strauch, June ....,..L'v01Jsky K allnnlkofj A Cappella Choir-Mrs. Virginia Lowe, Director AUTHORIZATION OF DIPLOMAS rs...i..,.....,.....,..,.........,ri...s,..,... Director of Personnel PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS ........ Mr. Harvey P. Roberts , Pittsburgh Public Schools . ,...............,........,... Mr. D. McClymonds Principal, Taylor Allderdice High School REcEssIoNAL-Sons of Liberty ..,.....r.......,.,.... Band ..,4.....Buchtel 26 Felix Ducotel Emile Ducotel Marie Louise Madame Parole Januar Class Pla MY THREE ANGELS A Comedy in Three Acts . . . . .. . ,,.., ,..Haro1d Garfinkel ,. ,, Phyllis Chosky . Margery jubelirer ,Pat Cunningham .. ,. Fred Koehle Alfred jules . , ,, Harold Paris Joseph A ,. Ronald Roseustock Henri Trochard ., ,..,.. ,. . . Jack Brown Paul . . jack Abrams Lieutenant , .. ,,........ .,,.. . . ...,......., ,, ,Mark Eckhouse STUDENT STAFF Assistant Directors . ,. ,... .. ,.., .. ,.., .,.Carole Glass, Faye Rattner Technical Director, . . .. ,..,,.,... ....,..,.. .,.. ......... ....,..,. ,,...,, ....,, . . J o y P ost Make-up Crew Chief. ,,..,...,..i. .. .,,.. Rosalie Specter Hand Props , ..,.. . Judy Adler, Evelyn Weiss Set Props . ,...,.. .. ,. ,, ,. ..,,.. ,. Teddy Lundy Costumes ..,. ,Bonnie Barry, Ethel Schachter Business and Publicity ...,. ,. . ,. ,.... .. joy Post Scenery, , . . . .,.......... ....,..... . . ...,...,,. ,,.........,...,.. M ark Eckhouse Prompters Sorel Berman, Natalie Ziff, Maye Rattner Stage Crew Chief . .. ,..,..,.. , ,... .....,,..,, . .....,.....,.. . .. ...,,Pau1 Segas Stage Crew ,. Richard Cuppelt, Sam Ford, Charles Davis, Rowland jones, Steve Veyo Directors Miss Edith Finegold, Miss Mendonca DRAMATIC ENGLISH CLASS STAGE CREW gf SQA QV! My Three Angels MW 218 Teahouse of the August Moon The most honorable Mr. Winiterling, like wise Confucius, sits in regal splendor on the throne of 218. Often bedeviled and bewildered by his seniors, he nevertheless accepts their foibles philosophically. He has been persuaded, however, to utter a few opinions about these strange creatures. Read on to see what the most AUGUST WinterLING says of: DAVID MALAKOFF Thought: Most honorable president of senior class Most exalted player of football Conclusion: He has every situation well in hand. REUBEN KATZ Thought: Most revered president of Physics Club Conclusion: Leader of men Cfollower of womenj BETTY GOLDSTEIN Thought: Most alert of office workers Most active of Today's Business Girls Conclusion: Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of introduction. NATALIE ZIFF Thought: Most fit of physicists-to-be Most uncomplaining of Class Play prompters Conclusion: With countenance demure and modest grace, she does her job well. EILEEN ROSENSON Thought: Most able collector of senior dues Most watchful of hall patrollers Conclusion: In quiet and c-onfidence will be her strength. FAYE RATTNER Thought: Most efficient of Foreword editors Most high-ranking in class Conclusion: Is not every able editor a ruler of the world? BERNARD FISHMAN Thought: Most honorable secretary of senior class Most cheerful of A Cappella Choir Conclusion: Some think the world is made of song and laughter-so does he. EUNICE FRISHMAN Thought: Most petite of dancers Most charming of future secretaries Conclusion: Pert, perky, and pretty, too. JANET HECHT Thought: Most trustworthy member of Service Club Most original member of Journal Staff Conclusion: Her tongue keeps pace with her thoughts. RICHARD SHAPIRO Thought: Most rhythmic marcher of honorable band Most good-looking of usher staff Conclusion: A gentleman from top to toe. 30 RONALD ROSENSTOCK Thought: Most highly regarded of swimmers Most aggressive of convicts in class play Conclusion: His interests flower in all directions. HAROLD GARFINKEL Thought: Most golden of voice Most talented on honorable trumpet Conclusion: Music is his breath of life. EVELYN WEISS Thought: Most bubbling member of Qual Class Most successful of test-takers Conclusion: She opens her mouth with wisdom. THEODORE LUNDY Thought: Most diligent chairman of honorable prom committee Most amusing of class clowns Conclusion: A merry heart goes all the day. ETHEL SCHACHTER Thought: Most industrious member of social committee Most agile of Modern Dancers Conclusion: Lovely to look at, delightful to know. CAROLE SILVERMAN Thought: Most dainty of honorable seamstresses Most speedy of typists Conclusion: A little sunshine goes a long, long way. DIANE BOGERT Thought: Most zealous of note-takers Most invaluable aid to Miss Allen Conclusion: With her, it's no sooner done than said. RICHARD JUDD Thought: Most courteous of library assistants Most quiet of promising engineers Conclusion: Men of few words are best. ROBERT ROBINS Thought: Most daring of yacht racers Most worthy student of history Conclusion: Nothing is impossible to the willing heart. ISAAC WHITAKER Thought: Most ardent supporter of football team I Most physically endowed of discus-throwers Conclusion: A mighty athlete-he. JAMES MAMAJEK Thought: Hardest of workers in honorable steel mill Most upstanding in class Conclusion: He's six feet and carries himself like a banner. LOWELL KAUFMANN Thought: Most progressive of College clubbers Most original collector of tropical fish Conclusion: He said little but to the point. 31 EILEEN SPOKANE Thought: Most patient member of honorable Most effervescent of Majorettes Conclusion: She's an all-star hit. MICHAEL FEENEY Thought: Fleetest of honorable mile-runners Most impish of auditorium ushers Conclusion: Beneath this mild exterior is a deal of deviltry. RICHARD FELDSTEIN Thought: Most skilled of tennis players Most effective of gift committee chairmen Conclusion: A sporting man is a fair man. BILL SOPIRA Thought: Most praiseworthy thrower of discus Most excellent of mechanical draftsmen Conclusion: His strength is the strength of ten. LEON HERMAN Thought: Most learned veep of Law Club Most capable robe chairman of choir Conclusion: Without music. life would be a mistake. ,TOY POST Thought: Most promising of future teachers Most hardworking of technical directors Conclusion: A thing of 'beauty is a joy forever. MARSHALL OSTROW Thought: Most persistent patroller of halls Most proficient taker of pictures Conclusion: A snappy lad-with or without his camera. PHYLLIS CHOSKY Thought: Most dynamic of class play dramats Most creative of artists Conclusion: Charm is the measure of attraction's power. Everything hums when Phyllis comes. FERN GETTIS Thought: Most accomplished collecter of honorable records Most speedy taker of shorthand Conclusion: From nine to five she'll keep on working. ZELLA ROSE XVILLIAMS Thought: Most energetic of square dancers Most efficient of future homemakers Conclusion: She's beautiful, and therefore to be wooed. MAYE RATTNER Thought: Most outstanding of Student Council Representatives Most capable captain of cafeteria staff Conclusion: Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. 32 IZSTBLIJZ GREENBARG Thought: Most cheerful of accelerated students Most statuesque of fashion models. Conclusion: The hoys tip their hearts to her. RUSALIB SPECTER Thought: Most lilting voice in choir Most contagious laugh in class Conclusion: A witty woman is a treasure: a witty beauty is a power. ROBERT OB ER FIELD Thought: Most zealous member of the Cafeteria Staff Most skilled member of hand Conclusion: Bright young man with a horn. BARBARA VVEINER Thought: Most resourceful of Today's Business Girls Most harmonious of A Cappella Choir Conclusion: She and her singing are alike-both totally pleasant JOAN SCHMEISER Thought: Most pleasant of Speech Class Most ambitious member of College Club Conclusion: Zealous but modest. CLASS OFFICERS Homcroom Teacher . .. .,... ........,. . .... .,..Mr. President .. . . ...,. Vice President . , ,... .. . Secretary . . Treasurer , ,.. ,. .. Foreword Representative . . . Student Council Representative . A i, August VVinterling .. David Malakoff Bernard Fishman . ,Ilene Rosenson .....,....,...,Ted Lundy ........,.,.,.judy Spokane Richard Feldstein 2- T S 33 ROOM 206 First Row--Sondra Goldstein, Geraldine Banyas, Judy Adler, Carole Glass, Marlene Buccina, Judy Feldstein, Estelle Fisher Second Row-Leslie Cohen, Patricia Cunningham, Roberta Siegworth, Eva Miller, Reva Fletcher, Sorel Berman, Irene Kaufman, Janice Berkowitz, Ethel Fletcher, Marlene Chiovitti Third Row--Andrew Halapin, Jack Abrams, Ronald Hartstein, Rosemary Albrecht, John Beering, Marguerite Calcaterra, Bonnie Barry, Joan Loibman, Barbara Bird, Debbie Molnar, Mr. Colteryahn Fourth Row-George McFalls, Dave Mason, Jack Sloan, Sam Ford, Fred Koehle, Charles Davis, Robert Koch, Mark Eckhouse, Richard Cuppett, Tim Bogler, Lynwood Davenport ROOM 218 First Row-Estelle Greenbarg, Maye Rattner, Eileen Rosenson, Joy Post, Zella Rose Williams, Janet Hecht, Joan Schmeiser, Barbara Weiner Second Row-Diane Bogert, Natalie Ziff, Betty Goldstein, Phyllis Chosky, Evelyn Weiss, Ethel Schachter, Carole Silverman,. Rcsalie Specter, Ferne Gettis, Eileen Spokane Third Row-Eugene Kuban, Reuben Katz, Eunice Frishman, Faye Rattner, William Sopira, Leon Herman,. Richard Feldstein, Bernard Fishman, Harold Garfinkel, Mr. Winterling Fourth Row-Richard Shapiro, Robert Oberfield, David Malakoff, James Mamajek, Ronald Rosenstock, Marshall Ostrow, Robert Robins, Lowell Kaufmann, Michael Feeney 34 "Hot Off the Press '9 Editor .,.....,.4,. ............... Headlines ..,.,.,.. Publisher ,i.,.. Society .,..,.. Sports ..,....., Theater Want Ads ,. Mr. R. M. Colteryahn Eckhouse ..........Patricia Cunningham .........Marguerite Calcaterra . .........,..,..Carole Glass ...,..,..........Sorel Berman ,..,,..-lack Abrams EDITORIAL Our reporters are through And at last we have news Of our homeroom and each single member. It's HOT OFF THE PRESS And we've done our best To make it worthwhile to remember. LETTER TO THE EDITOR The editor who was the greatest, A man with terrific appeal, Mr. Colteryahn will be remembered As a teacher with a high ideal. THEATER PAGE The play was performed With a hard working group: They all did their share- So to them a salute. Though not in the play Bonnie Barry did star To make our costumes The greatest by far. Mark Eckhouse had a small part' But yet well perfectedg As lieutenant he was grand And greatly accepted. As one of our prompters Sorel Berman rates a cheerg She kept on repeating So everyone could hear. One of the directors, Carole Glass, of whom we boastg She really was unbeatable, And to her we give a toast. As Madame Parole Pat Cunningham rated highg VVithout her performance We couldn't have gotten by. Judy Adler was the prop's chief Who was always on the gog She acted out her part 'lfo make the olay a hit show. Fred Koehle, one of the angels, VVith Adolphe by his side Really was a character- That certainly can't be denied. The prince charming of our play jack Abrams did shine. He wasn't bitten by the snake, And he surely was quite fine. SPORTS PAGE All Time Greats Football, basketball, Hockey, and the rest YVhether pros or semis They all do their best. The swimming trophy Goes to Barbara Bird, Of her great feats You've tmost likely heard. Vllith stick in hand And puck on ground, Marlene Buccina's goal H as been spread around. As all-round athlete Rosemary Albrecht is great: At hockey or swmminsf She's a perfect teammate. Both near and far They've heard of her: Debbie Molnar's hockey ls what they prefer. Chosen for All-City, Captain of the team. Jack Sloan for football. 'Touchdown' they scream. Another man of action, Football's also his gameg 'lo be a great receiver Is Bob Koch's chief aim. Iia1apin's six feet plus Surely comes in handy, For basketball's captured That fancy of Andy. Known around the city Dave Mason is a menace, Always on that ball For squash or tennis. Always fair, never foul, Is his fervent pleag When Cohen's near the basket, 'Ihere's a shout for Leslie. CLASSIFIED ADS Wanted A, piano teacher that's always ready, Look for our girl, Marlene Chiovitti. For cuts or pains that do grow worse, Rely on Irene Kaufman, a future nurse. lfor a career in the Army as lieutenant or captain Sam Ford will be there no matter what may happen. From coast to coast, Eva Miller is re- nown, As a great stenographer she'll wear the crown. PEOPLE IN His tones always so soft and so sweet To hear Linwood Davenport's voice is joan Loibman is good at dictation: As a typist she will cause a sensation. A secretary who is apt at shorthand- Ferne Roth is there at your command. Charles Davis, a coming expert engi- neer, In this field he is sure to domineer. Aeronautical engineering for a pro- fession To Richard Cuppett has become an obsession. Tim Bogler to answer our petition For a radio and television electrician. THE NEWS A WAVE is what Peggy Reichenbach wants to be, a treat. For then, she is sure to drive the , , , , sailors cra-a-zy. An operatic voice with a ballerina ' touch, janece Berkowitz, a cheerleader at Roberta Siegworth is fortunate to have PC1111 State. so much. As a physical therapist, she will also rate. 36 SOCIETY PAGE By Hedda Kopper As a yearly highlight, once again seniors from all over Taylor Allder- dice High School have attended the big event of the year - graduation. Costumes and colors were highlighted mainly by black robes and fashionable hats with green tassels. Original among the group were the Fletcher twins, Reva and Ethel, arrayed in matching robes and colors and chatting excitedly about their future secretarial plans. Also present at the grand af- fair was Estelle Fisher, leading mem- ber of Student Council, radiant in a green and white tassel affair attached to her "chapeau" fl-Trench for hatj. Going conservative also, we find John Deering, Larry Bloom, and Ronald Hartstein very honorably discussing future plans and education-john, a jet pilot, Larry a lawyer, and Ronnie a pre-med student. After a completed program full of frenzied excitement, 214 became the center of activity, buzzing with such bits of conversation as that concerning Tab McFal1s, Geraldine Banyas, and Marguerite Calcaterra. It seems that Tab's radiant voice was at its best in the "A" choir's performance at the program and rated much fanfare. Geraldine. making an imposing pic- ture in her black creation was look- ing forward to her future secretarial position as was Marguerite whose fu- ture plans include that of being a medical secretary. Through a clear- ance of robes and hats, I had an op- portunity to speak to Judy Feldstein and Sondra Goldstein, concluding my evening by congratulating 'ludy's won- derful work on the social committee and Sondra's future plans for model- ing. Finally, with the evening's en- tertainment at a close. I departed with a wish of luclf to all the seniors in their future endeavors. OUR TRIFOLD CREED For years we've been reciting our school motto-"Know, Do, Be." How- ever, we never understood the true meaning of these words until we reachezl our senior year. Now, we, the experienced ones, can clear up this enigma for future generations. KNOW .... Someone on line duty in the cafeteria How many miles of railroad tracks there are in the United States Your lines, "Kiddie-boos" Where Mr. Wiegand lurks at all times DO .... Turn your paper from the bottom up in Dr. Quattrocchi's class Park away from the yellow line at the wall Take notes on Mr. Routh's visual aids Count the days until graduation BE .... Ware of College Boards Republican in Mr. Colborn's class At every bake sale Sure to button the back of your ivy league collar 37 Miss Johnston 's 38 Flavors CLASS OFFICERS Homeroom Teacher ...............,.......,.......,A.........,,........,.,,.. Miss Jane Johnston President ..,4..,,,......,,,.,... .......... ......,...,...... ,...,....., W i 1 liam Martin Vice President ...,....... ...,.,... J ames Walfish Secretary ....,.,i,.,...,....4,...... ......... F rances Valko Treasurer ....A.......,..,.....,....,,...,..... ..r.i....,. S tephen Veyo Foreword Representative ..............., ....., M argery Jubelirer Student Council Representative ,,.4,.,4.,...,.........,..i..,................ Linda Vinocur What's that large colonial building over there that smells of formalde- hyde? Oh, I see! It's Miss johnston's ice cream parlor. I hear that she has every flavor under the sun, and a few extra at that. VVell, as they say, variety is the spice of life . . . and all that. And that's what makes our homeroom so wonderful as it is . . . the variety of people in it. Maricopa . . . Jack Brown . . . mellow . . . the "Barrymore" of 465 . . . hair with which a girl would never be blessed . . . iimpish grin Strawberry Ripple . . . joe Campbell . . . casual . . . tall and well-built . . . What a man! . . . friendly . . . "See what I mean?" Banana . . . Sheila Dobrushin . . . sweet . . . the artist of our homeroom . . . smart dresser . . . "Sheila!" QWhich one, Miss Johnston?j Mint . . . Sheila Dunnett . . . refreshing . . . prompt CPD . . . voice like a bubbling stream . . . intellectual . . . You Tech girls had better watch out! Strawberry . . . Hadassa Eichenbaum . . . cheerful . . . freckles . . . can always find her knitting . . . looks like a little baby doll . . . strawberry blonde Orange Sherbet . . . Theda Finkel . . . placid . . . contented . . . "Do we have a Spanish vocabulary test today?" . . . "Tiby" . . . pretty hair styles Lemon Sherbet . . . Laura Ann Gilson . . . blonde and fluffy . . . one of the very few who really study in homeroom . . . willowy . . . sweet smile Caramel . . . Estelle Harris . . . smooth . . . dimples and cherry cheeks . . . quite a gal . . . "All right Sam!" . . . competent secretary . . . freckles Mello Fruit . . . Frank Jasko . . . pleasant . . . mellow personality and voice . . . tactful . . . friendly . . . sincere . . . "No, not I, Miss Johnston!" . . . clever French Vanilla . . . Margie jubelirer . . . sophisticated . . . our Sarah Bernhardt . . . "But, Miss johnston-" . . . three cheers for the purple and white Butterscotch . . . Carole Koch . . . sweet . . . What a figure! . . . different boy-friend every year . . . changing hair styles Coffee . . . Fran Krupka . . . tantalizing . . . friendly . . . Oh, that jet black hair . . . "My feature got in the Foreword !" . . . "May I draw on the board?" Pistachio . . . Donald Levenson . . . lively . . . fun at the class picnic . . . good natured . . . nice to be with . . . amiable 38 Neopolitan . . . Carol Lincoff . . . versatile . . . "Freud says-" . . . Quo vadis, Carol? . . . rosy cheeks . . . and then there's art, music, and literature Peach . . . Barbara Lopata . . . delicate . . . pretty blonde hair . . . "I dunno, I can't think today." . . . big brown eyes . . . friendly smile . . . witty Vanilla . . . Buddy Martin . . . the universal flavor-the all-around kid . . . Oh! Buddy! . . . He eats Wheaties for breakfast . . . "Hi! Whadd'ya say!" Walnut . . . John Millard . . . reserved . . . "I'm up here, Miss Johnston!" . . a good worker . . . sincere . . . a really nice guy Malt . . . Jim Miller . . . wholesome . . . always calm, cool, and collected . . tall ...N typical American boy . . . blond, wavy hair Raspberry . . . Marian Parada . . . charming . . . wonderful s-mile . . . a most able secretary . . . and she studies in homeroom . . . well-liked by all Lime Sherbet . . . Harold Paris . . . cool . . . maybe an angel in the class play, but, oh, in homeroom . . . dramatic ability . . . forceful personality Black Cherry . . . Carey Rafferty . . . vibrant . . . curl in the middle of his forehead . . . always up to tricks . . . Oh! Those baby-blue eyes! . . . cute Rainbow . . . Nancy Renard . . . harmony . . . lovely voice . . . honor student . . . Boy! Can she cook! . . . Miss .Iohnston's buddy . . .nice personality I. Chocolate Marshmallow . . . Judy Rubin . . . Jolly . . . "What'll I get in citizenship?" Parlez-vous francaise, Judy? . . . the little seamstress Spumoni . . . Barry Samuels . . . a treat . . . crew-cut . . . good-look- ing . . . a real lady's man . . . big brown eyes . . . captivating grin Anise . . . Lou Scenna . . . tangy . . . quite a guy . . . full of vim and vigor . . . He's got what it takes . . . real hep . . . sharp Maple Nut . . . Paul Segas . . . smooth . . . beaming personality . . . stage crew chief . . . a "considerable" person . . . intelligent . . . really tops Chocolate Ripple . . . Nancy Shallenberger . . . popular . . . always blush- ing . . . "Where's Nancy?" . . . warm personality . . . good worker . . . sweet Burnt Almond . . . Howard Smith . . . subtle . . . one of the gang . . . "Smitty" . . . easy to get along with . . . swell guy . . . tops with all the girls Butter Pecan . . . Fred Stein . . . full of surprises . . . oratorical ability . . . "Nope!" . . . explorer scout . . . planning to attend Penn State Chocolate . . . Julien Sternberger . . . everyone's favorite . . . our capable social chairman . . . "Now, do you want another affair or not?" . . . manly Pineapple . . . joan Valeri . . . pleasant . . . jet black hair . . . lively . . "joan, I've used up more tardy slips for you" . . . nice sense of humor Whitehouse . . . Fran Valko . . . clean-cut . . . typical all-American girl . . What pretty blonde hair you have, my dear . . . "Where's Cookie?" 39 Cocoanut . . . Steve Veyo . . . fourth in the class . . . Stevie, you made a wonderful Browning . . . a necessity at the stage . . . "Class dues, please." Ginger . . . Linda Vinocur . . . pep . . . a female Uncle Miltie . . . "I'd like to make a little announcement" . . . gorgeous figure . . . boy friends, galore!! Chocolate Mint . . . James Walfish . . . happy . . . top-notch athlete . . . sweet and considerate . . . "Fish" . . . a hard worker . . . intelligent Peppermint Stick . . . Barbara Weil . . . charming . . . "Shh, I want to study! . . . wears beautiful clothes . . . "VVho's Irving?" . . . pretty Cinnamon . . . Sonia Winer . . . spicy . . . 'Tm nervous!" . . . future Power's model . . . always busy . . . "Miss Johnston, you must eat my pump- kin pie." Mint Chip . . . Marshall Wnuk . . . energetic . . . full of the old get- up-and-go . . . Hey! Get a hold of Julien! . . . ladies' choice . . . athletic Toasted Almond Fudge . . . Jack Wymard . . . really smooth . . . 465's own Brando . . . "How'is your love-life?" . . . muscle-man . . . girl in every port Egg Nog . . . Ronald Zeiler . . . mellow . . . natural blond hair . . a good friend . . . and what a help on the stage . . . an able worker WHAT IF: . . . the "Black Raven" hadnlt surprised us with a red beard. . . Bernie Dupee, John Stevenson, "Fab" Betzel, Melvin Ramey and Earl Harris hadn't livened up our parties with their fabulous songs. . . Judy Feldstein and Dutty Fishman weren't sucli a cute couple. . . Dave Malakoff had ever used perfect grammar at class meetings. . . Pat Cunningham, Phyllis Chosky, and Margie Jubelirer hadn't looked so stunning in their rehearsal costumes. . .the social committee, headed by Carole Glass and Julien Sternberger, hadn't planned such tremendous parties. . . Carol Lincoff didn't think in terms of ice cream. . "Sixteen Tons" weren't so popular during class play rehearsals! . . the Rattner twins weren't s-o helpful. . . Fran Krupka weren't always snooping around for "Keyhole" material. . . Jack Sloan, Jimmy Walfish, Marshall Wnuk, Buddy Martin, and Jack Wymard, along with the rest of the varsity football team, had lost to South. . . Bill Sopira hadn't always begged the social committee for that "special treat" at class parties. . . Miss Riddle's English classes hadn't met every night just before Christmas vaca-tion in the James Anderson room. . . . men didn't prefer our blondes, Carole Koch and Fran Valko. Well, then, our senior year just wouldn't have been the same! 40 ROOM 465 First Row-Hadassa Eichenbaum, Barbara Lopata, Linda Vinocur, Nancy Shallenberger Second Row-Marion Parada, Estelle Harris, Barbara Weil, Sheila Dobrushin, Sonia Winer, Carol Lincoff, Margery jubelirer, Frances Krupka, Carole Koch, Frances Valko Third Row-John Wymard, Miss Johnston, Theda Finkel, Nancy Renard, Donald Leven- son, jack Brown, James Walfish, james Miller, Steven Veyo, julian Sternberger, Marshal Wnuk, Barry Samuels Fourth Row-Paul Segas, Fred Stein, joe Campbell, Lewis Scenna, Howard Smith, William Martin, Carey Rafferty, Harold Paris, Ronald Zeiler, Frank Jasko, john Millard ROOM 405 First Row-Larry Canning, John Minyo, Tom Zvoch, Mr. Barnes, Irwin Berliner, John Fekete, john Wood Second Row-Robert Conley, Judy julian, Lynne Matsik, Loretta Cecere, joan Show, Annetta Lloyd, Vera Paulo, Sue Berger, Diane Bodenheimer Third Row-Charles Doyle, jerry McFadden, Carol Villa, Patricia Anderson, Shirley Thomas, Madeline Calig, Virginia Moffat 41 Room 405 CLASS OFFICERS First Semester Homeroom Teacher ....,... ,...,.4...,.....,...,.,...........,......,... M r. Howard Barnes President ...,,...,....,............,.,...,.......,....,....,...,...,.....,.. ..................,. J ohn Wood Vice President .....,....,......,....,...........,..........,.,,......,... .,.........,. L ynne Matsik Secretary and Student Council Representative .,...,.. ..,..i...., V era Paulo Treasurer and Foreword Representative .....4..,... ....,.,. L oretta Cecere Second Semester President ..,..,,.,......,.,...,..............,.,.i..,..,.,,.........,..... ....,.,., J ohn Fekete Vice President A,,...,..........,.,.....A.,4..,.......,..............,.... ,,,..,.. L arry Canning Secretary and Student Council Representative ..,.,... ..,......, L ynne Matsik .....,..Loretta Cecere Treasurer ......,.............,..,,...,......,.,.,.,...,............,.,,,.,..., Student Council Representative ....r.r.,,.......,...,.,..,. ......., , .Tom Zvoch PAT ANDERSON-Cute, sweet, and funny-she always has a smile that makes our room sunny. RONALD BABASH-Tall and masculine with a nice disposition, to our homeroom he has been an addition. DIANE BODENHEMIER-Her name is Diane, often called Dee, and she's a sweet little number who's as cute as can be. SUE BOYER-Blonde, petite and Witty, loads of fun and mighty pretty. LARRY CANNING-A red-headed Hot Rod with personality, toog we think he is the greatest and know you do, too. LORETTA CECERE-SWCCt and wonderful with intelligence, toog a perfect lady through and through. ROBERT CONLEY-Quiet and serene with little to pay, but his blue eyes have a winning way. MITZIE DEBROFF-Sophisticated and suave, a truly polished girl with wit that will make your straight hair curl. JOHN FEKETE-Our King Atlas of 405, he really keeps our class alive. WILLIAM HOMA-He is an artist in more ways than oneg plus being good-look- ing he's loaded with fun. ANNETTA LLoYD-Tall, blonde, sweet, neat-personality that can't be beat. LYNNE MATSIKiLOV3blC from the tip of her head to the tip of her toe, her sparkling brown eyes make her a pleasure to know. JERRY MCFADDEN-A great little guy whose talents soar, makes our room a carnival with laughs galore. JOHN MINYO--Handsome and quick witted with a personality unsurpassed-his friendship is one that will always last. 42 GINNY MOFFAT-A cute little girl with lots on the ball, who proves that good things come small. VERA PAULO-A real cute doll with personality plus, has a radiant smile for all of us. Bos PI'rscHKE-Curly black hair. handsome and neat with loads of personality, a combination that can't be beat. SHIRLEY THOMAS-A quiet little doll who hasn't much to say, but makes her presence known in her own sweet way. JOHN Wooo-Cool, crazy, and hep, knows how to move and keeps in step. TOM ZVOCH-Tall, blond and handsome, a wonderful guyg from all the girls he gets a sigh. IRWIN BERLINFP-ln every way he's a scholar with an aptitude for humor as well as a dollar. CHARLES DOYLE-A man of the world who is wise for his years, to us he brought laughter and quieted fears. JOAN Snow-She's not very tall and hasn't much to sayg she acts like a lady every single day. CAROL VILLA-A blonde little bomb shell with personality and poiseg she's one little girl who keeps the boys on their toes. T e Senior Cwith apologies to john Henry Newmanj It is almost a definition of a senior to say that he is one who never knows what he is doing. This description is both unrefined and, as far as it goes, accurate. The senior is mainly occupied in merely inventing excuses which facilitate the free and unhindered action in which he delightsg and he swears oaths as to the veracity of his claims rather than take on any homework himself. The benefits he derives from his exalted status may be considered as equal to what are called privileges of a phenomenal nature: like lords or mas- ters. who do their part in spreading labor and fatigue to lowly underclassmen, teachers provide both means of hard work and pain. The true senior carefully avoids whatever may cause a thought or an idea to enter his mind or the minds of those with whom he is cast .... his great concern being to gain the high plane of graduation at his ease and without strain on the brain. From a long-sighted prudence, he observes the maxim of the ancient sage, that we should never do for ourselves what someone else may do for us. He has too much good sense to be frightened by teachers' threats: he is too busy with comic books to remember Keats, and too lazy to be aroused from his inertia. He is patient, forbearing. and resigned when facing angry principals fnotably j. DJ: he submits to tests because they are inevitable, to report cards because they are irreparable, and to graduation because it is his destiny. This, then, is the senior . . . he may be right or wrong in his actions, but he is a senior. That is excuse enough. 43 June Class Honor tudents Michael Altman Ruth Amos Paula Azen Lenore Balsam Richard Berkey David Breakstone Murray Chass Arlene Cohen Sandra DeBroff Mark Elovitz Marlene Foreman Patricia Frank Gilbert Friedman Janet Glazer Stanley Gordon Edith Gosztonyi David Greenberg Alma Hahalyak Robert Herrick Stephen Holstein Carol Kochin Jacqueline Kostrub Stephanie Kovacs Thelma Amdur Linda Baraff Ronald Benjamin Judy Berkowitz Myron Bernstein Michael Bitsura Herbert Blitzstein Donald Bloom Judy Blumenstein Charles Buerger Richard Cohen Sandra Deakter Edward Dektor Henry Dubbs Marcia Esman Jill Fine Saralee Fineman Helen Fitzurka Diane Fleishman Jane Fleishman Frank Gansz Dottie Gerstmeyer Preston Ginsburg Peter Glick Ivan Gold Sanford Gold Morton Gulak Irwin Hirsh Claire Judd Maxine Kahn Carole Kaufman HIGH HONOR Saryl Zegerson HONOR Toby Zytnick Gail Kruman Joseph Landau Marcia Levaur Gloria Levinson Kay Loikrec Luise Marder Barbara Moll Bette Nadel Martin Nathan Paul Panuccio Karen Parker Ruth Ann Picovsky Ruth Pincus Allan Rashba Ralph Rosenthal Harriet Schilit Gloria Sciulli Susan Sheriff Sherwin Siff John Spear John Strauch Charles Wein Elaine Zavos Sandra Kaufman Stanley Kaufman Bailee Kleckner Patricia Knight Roy Krochmal Jean Kusko Judith Levine Diane Livstone Paul Love Sanford Marcus Jack Moss David Ostrow James Reich Thomas Reich Sandra Reiner David Rosenzweig Hershel Sacks Esther Segal Judith Senkewitz Sheldon Shearer sibyl sheer Bernard Siesrel John Silassv Harold Solomon Helen Stahl Natalie Wagner Rita Weinstein David Wolk Janet Yurcisin Richard Zionts Myron Zimmerman 44 June Class Officers and Committees CLASS OFFICERS President-John Strauch Vice President-David Breakstone Secretary-Frank Gansz Treasurer-John Spear GIFT COMMITTEE JUNE CLASS HOMEROOM TEACHERS Miss Helen Gorman Miss Leila H. Rupp Miss Olivia Koenig Mr. Robert C. Trumbull Mrs. Dorothy Meyer Dr. Anna Quattrocchi Miss Alice Phipps Dr. Wesley Wagner 46 PROM COMMITTEE CLASS DAY COMMITTEE SOCIAL COMMITTEE 47 NORMAN ABELSON-I-Iomeroom Treasurer, l0B: Hall Patrol: Traffic Survey: Key Club: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball '54, '55: Swimming Champions-hip '5-1: Softball '53 RUTH ALLEN-Prom Committee: Homeroom Vice President llth Grade, Secretary llth Grade: Student Council, Hospitality Com- mittee: Today's Business Girls. Vice President: Intramural Sports. Volley Ball '54, Hockey '55, Basketball '55, Softball '56: Entered in 10th Grade from Gladstone junior High MICHAEL ALTMAN - Qualitative Analysis: Honor Certificate. National Merit Scholarship Test: Latin Bronze Award and Book Prize: Participant in Buhl Planetarium Science Experts Television Quiz Program: All-City Orchestra: Homeroom President 12th Grade: Student Council Hospitality Committee: Senior' Discussion: Orchestra 5: String Quartet THELMA AMDUR-Social Committee: Homeroom Secretary 10th Grade, 'Inreasurcr 10th Grade: Hall Patrol: Usher Staff: F.T.A.: Intermediate and Senior Discussion Clubs: College Club: United Nations Club: Gregg Typing Award: junior Dramatics Club: Library Staff: F.N.A.: English 10 RUTH ANN AMOS-Social Committee: Student Council: Y-Teens, President: Foreword Representative: 214 Office Staff: junior Glee Club: Chorus l, 2, 3, -l, 5: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Award: Stephen Foster Program: Civic Club Test: National Merit Scholar- ship Test PATRICIA ANDERSON-Student Council: Hall Patrol: A.N.C.: Square Dance Club: Advanced Foods: Volley Ball '5-1: Hockey '53, '54, '55-: Softball '53, '54, '55: Entered from Mifflin in 9th Grade: Distributive Education muff aw! 02459 f' 1 - '- f fp? i - WM ZJQ AULA AZEN-Prom Committee: Senior Discussion Club: I'.T.A.: W College Club: Hall Patrol: Dramatic English, Class Play Cast: Broth ood Program: Allegheny High School Project: Entered ce in 12B from Miami Beach High: National Honor So- ? ciety, Miami Beach M NORMAN AZINGER - Homerooni Vice President, 12th Grade: e Dance Club: Advanced Electric Shop: Electric Shop Fore- an American legion Citizenship Award Square Dance Pro rarn RONALD BABASH-Square Dance Club: Advanced Special Shop: Intramural Sports: Distributive Education: Entered Allderdice in 9B from Mifflin DORIS ARLENE BAIN-Class Day Committee: Service Club: Today's Business Girls: Projection Club: Drivers Club: Gregg' Shorthand Award: Entered in 9B from Mifflin School LORRAINE D. BAKANIC-Service Club: Usher Staff: 21-l Sec- retary: Library Representative: Hall Patrol: Choir: Library Staff: Safety Poster Campaign: Gregg Shorthand Award LENORE BALSAM-Qualitative Analysis Class: Modern Dance: English 9: Civic Club Test: Recipient of Pitt Scholarship: Class Day Committee, Co-Chairman: 12th Grade Homeroom President: llth Grade Student Council Representative: 9th Grade Homeroom Foreword Representative and Secretary: President, F.T.A.: Vice President, VVestern Pennsylvania F.T,A.: Senior Discussion Club, Program Chairman: ,lournal Staff: College Club: French Club 48 LINDA BARAFF-Social Committee: Hoxneroom Secretary, 9th Grade: Ushers Staff: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Patrol: Student Coun- cil: Journal Staff: F.T.A.: Senior Discussion: College Club: Law Club: Book Club: T'ravel Club: Gregg Typing Award JOYCE MALVINA BARNETT - Social Committee: Homeroom Secretary 9th-llth Grades, Vice President 10th Grade: Vice Presi- dent, United Nations Club: Hall Patrol: Student Council Publicity Committee: College Club: Journal Art Staff: Library Art Club: English 10 EILEEN JOYCE BAYER-Homeroom Treasurer, 10A: Y-Teens Program Committee: Assistant in Junior School Office: Square Dance Club: Today's Business Girls: Betty Crocker Homemaker Test: Entered Allderdice in 10B from VVilkinsburg High School ELEANOR RUTH BECKER-Entered from Gladstone in l0B: Square Dance Club: Today's Business Girls: Senior Drivers Club: Field Hockey '55, '56: Basketball '56: Volley Ball '56 ball '55 CLASS RICHARD L. BERKEY-Class Day Committee: Homeroom Sec- retary llA, President IZB, Treasurer IZA: Green Key Club: Senior Discussion Club: Intramural Basketball '55: D.A.R. History Award: American Chemical Society Test: Junior Town Meeting of the Air: National Merit Scholarship Test, Semi-Finalist: Civic Club Test: Qualitative Analysis Class: Physics Club: English 9: Television Program with Robert Frost: F.T.A, ANNETTE BERKOWITZ - Class Day Committee: Homeroom Secretary, 9th Grade: M.M.Itl., Secretary: F.T.A. Attendance Chair- man: Cafeteria Staff: Book Club: F.N.A : Travel Club: Gregg Typing Award ' JUDY BERKOWITZ-Student Council Representative: Foreword Representative: Book Club: College Club: Red Cross Council: Life Saving Club MYRON ELLIOTT BERNSTEIN-Class Day Committee: Usher Staff: Projection Club: Foreword Representative: Physics Club: Senior Discussion Club: F.T.A.: Chess Club: Intermediate Discus- sion Club: College Club: Choir 3, 4: Qualitative Analysis: Boys Glee Club: Civic Club Test , RONALD BENJAMIN-Homerooin President llB, IZB, IZA, Vice President 1lA: Radio Club, President: Senior Discussion Club, Attendance Chairman: Social Committee: Dramatic English Class: Swimming Squad '5S: Swimming Team '56: Civic Club Test MELVIN BERGSTEIN-German Club: Projection Club: Band 5: Special Advanced Shop, General Foreman, llA: Intramural Basket- QM za!! 'Per T-if-f MICHAEL PETER BITSURA-Entered Allderdice from Green- field School in 9th Grade: D.A.R. Award: American Legion Honor- able Mention: Honieroom President. 9th Grade: Library Repre- sentative: Intramural Basketball '53-'56 JUDITH ANN BLACK - Student Council Alternate: Cafeteria Staff: A.N.C.: Senior Drivers Club: Today's Business Girls: Gregg Typing Award: Gregg Shorthand Award: Soccer '53 MSW 49 "Wim ma HERBERT BLITZSTEIN-Senior Social Committee, Co-Chair- man: Homeroom Vice President 9th, llth, 12th Grades, Homeroom President l0th Grade: Student Council, Social Committee: Key Club: Hall Patrol: Green Key: Intermediate and Senior Discussion Club: Law Club: College Club: Journal Staff: Band 1, 2, 3: Intra- mural Basketball DONALD BLOOM-Student Council: Intermediate and Senior Discussion Clubs: Chess Club: F.T.A.: Orchestra l-5: English 9: Track '56: Orchestra Programs '52, '53 JUDITH A. BLUMENSTEIN-Gift Committee: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Patrol: 214 Office VVork: Intermediate and Senior Discussion Clubs: F.T.A.: College Club: Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomor- row Test: Gregg Typing Award: F.T.A. District Convention BURTON L. BOGDAN-Physics Club: Slide Rule Club: Usher Staff: Homeroom Library Representative: Band 4, 5: All-Citu' ensington High in 10th Grade if Band: Intramural Volley Ball '54: Entered Allderdice from New IANE BODENHEIMERvDistributive Education: Entered from Gladstone Junior High in 10th Grade EDWARD B. BOLNER - Senior Social Committee: Homeroorn President, 9th Grade: Student Council Representative: Special Shop: Cross Country: junior Varsity Football '53 ff 34.11.11 g , M, 7 Q IYEC JUNE TERRY C. BOYDvEntered Allderdice from Mifflin in 9th Grade: Square Dance Club: Advanced Special Shop: Intramural Basket- ball '54, '56 SUSAN BOYER-Entered Allderdice from Langley in 10th Grade: Distributive Education: Choir l, 3 DAVID BREAKSTONE-Senior Class Vice President: Homeroom President. 9th-12th Grades: Foreword Staff, Editor-in-Chief: Jour- nal Staff: Student Council: Senior Discussion, Assistant Moderator: Key Club: Band l, 2, 3, 4, 5: Marching Band: American Legion Award: D.A.R. History Award, Pennsylvania NVeek History Con- test, lst Prize: Civic Test: National Merit Scholarship Test: Junior Town Meeting Radio Program: Intramural Basketball '53, '54, '55: Volley Ball IS4, '55 RHEA BREITBARD-Entered .Allderdice from P.S. 84 New York, in Sth Grade: P.T.A. Drivers Club: A.N.C.: Advanced Foods: Eng- lish 10: Volley Ball '55: Soccer '53 JAE ANN BROWN-Entered Allderdice from Linden School in 9th Grade: Prom Committee: M,M.M.: College Club: Red Cross Club: English 10 CHARLES BUERGER-Class Day Committee: Homeroom Trea- surer. 12th Grade: Chess Club, President: Hall Patrol: Hospitality Committee: Senior Discussion Club: Slide Rule Club: Physics Club: Chess Team: French Club: Band 2, 3, 4, 5: Marching Band: Mechanical Drawing: Intramural Swimming '54: Basketball '53, '54, '55: Volley Ball '54, '55 50 if We I lj ,o M , . I ll' ' - 1-' - . , .W A .. .f pw' if i' '7 -"' t - I I "- tu I ,iv . Se s:. ',,' G or ei es- H1' G t 1 Hu te ', B s ss ' 5 Sl 1' - 'ar ' o " .: lk' hal ' , '54' 'ale '54 r,d 'h 7 I bi Xl ite fri ill n croo ore- V : LOI - I1 .- '- . Q - in 2 QG' : ' s Day Iinmitt College lub afeteria Staff, lf. . .: ID oss in' ' S uior Discuss n C 3 D.A.R. Award ' ,W J LAWRENCE C NNING-Homeroom Yice President, llth Grade: Advanced Mechanical Drawing: .Nmeriean Legion Award SIDNEY CAPLAN-Social Committee: Square Dance: Orchestra Z, 5, -l: Special Shop 1-5 LORETTA CECERE - Distributive Education: American Legion Award: Homeroom Treasurer: Foreword Representative: Red Cross Club: Hall Patrol: Hockey 'S-l JOEL G. CHARACH-Homerooni Secretary, Qll: Vice President, l0.'X: Class Day Committee: Hall Patrol: Usher Staff: Drivers Club: College Club: Physics Club: Pliotograpliy Club: Band 1, 2, 3: Print Shop Foreman: Football '53, 'S-lg lntramural Basketball CLASS MURRAY A. CHASS -I rom Loninnttee: Alternate Student Coun- cil Representative: Foreword Representative: Foreword Staff: jour- nal Staff. Subscription Manager, Executive Board: Senior Discus' sion Club: l".'l".5X.: Orchestra l. Z. 3, 4, 5: All-City Orchestra '55: American Legion ,Xwardg l.atin Contest: National Merit Scholar- ship Test: Civic Club Test: Duquesne Cniversity Scholarship Test, linglish 9: Cross Country '55: City Cross Country Championship Run: Track '56: Varsity llasketball '56: lntramural Basketball, Soft- ball, Track MARSHALL CHERNER--Typing Club: Drivers Club: Metal Shop. lforeman: Special Shop: History 8, 9 MARY ANN CHERNOFF--.Xllderdice Girls Club: Hall Patrol: United Nations Club: l7.N.,X.: lletty Cioeker Homemaking Test ARLEEN COHEN Class Day Committee: Foreword Staff, Fea- ture liditor: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Patrol: FT..-X.: lntermediate and Senior Discussion Club: Red Cross Club: Dramatic English Class: Class l'lay Cast: llrotherhood Program: Civic Club Test: National Merit Scholarship Test RICHARD COHEN-Class Day Committee: Social Committee: Homeroom Vice President. ltlth Grade: Senior Discussion Club: Physics Club: lland 5: .Xll-City lland: English 10: lntramural Championship Swinnning '5-l: lntramural llaskethall HARRY COLBERT-Homerotim Treasurer. llth Grade: Square Dance Club: Special Shop, Foreman: lintered .Xllderdice from Scott in lllth Grade S1 ogfipvvwwwl-df, . , W, i f, 4,559.1 5. .. web , I 2 D 1 rflfaeaz 0-Alf S ROBERT CONLEY-Homerc Vice President, llth Grade: Dis- tributive Education: Special Shop: jewelry mf JACK SAUL COOPERMAN-Prom Committee: Foreword Repre- sentative: Photography Club: Chorus Z, 3. 5: Male Chorus: En- semble Soloist: Hall Patrol: Trip to Mayview with A Cappella Choir PAULINE NAOMI COVEL--Secretary and Treasurer of Y-Teens: Hall Patrol: Cafeteria Staff: Hospitality Committee: Social Com- mittee: Drivers Club: F.T.A.: Junior Dramatics Club: Chorus 1, 3, 4: Betty Crocker Home Economics Test: Basketball '53: Hockey '55: Championship Volley Ball '56 SANDRA KAREN DEAKTER-Student Council Representative, 11th Grade: Vice President of Homeroom, 9th Grade: Social Chair- man of M.M.M.: President of M.M.M.: Usher Staff: Class Day Committee: Red Cross Club: Square Dance Club: F.T.A.: Special Dance MITZIE DeBROFF-Foreword Representative, 9th Grade: F.N.A.: College Club: Junior Dramatics: Y-Teens: Library Staff: Hall Patrol: Distributive Education SANDRA DeBROFF-President of Physics Club: Committee Chair- man. F.T'.A.: Student Council Representative: Foreword Staff: Eng- lish 9: journal Staff: Book Club: Red Cross Council: Student Coun- cil Safety Committee: Class Day Committee: Athletic Letter: Gregg Typing Award: Secretary for the journal: Library Representative JUNE K EDWARD LESLIE DEKTOR-Class Day Committee: Homeroom Treasurer, 10A: Green Key Club, Treasurer, President: Band 4,,5: All-City Band: Brass Qu tet: Science Fair: Volley Ball '54:?-Iunior Varsity asketball '53-' . Cha ioanship '56: Entered Allderdice from Sch y, Oth Gra e ,EIL E , tefggtafit Hall Patrol: United Nations Cl : . a d o I jj . - , 7 1 Ml T rggg D rthand Award: Gregg Typing : aj tes a l Patrol: Square Dance Club: vis' n Pr ram: Choir 1 ' c R E-Usher Staff: Hall Patrol: F.N.A.: chorus 3, 4: l- ' Choral Group: Athletic Letter: Typing Award: En- tered A dice from Gladstone in 10th Grade LACCONNIE DRAKE-Homeroom Secretary, 9B: Vice President, 9A: Library Staff. Treasurer: FNA.: Drivers Club: Chorus 3, 4, 5: Basketball '54, '55: Volley Ball '55, '56: Hockey '55, '56: Softball '54, '55 BARBARA DUBBS-Student Secretary in Office: Y-Teens Club: A.N.C.: Gregg Typing Award 52 HENRY M. DUBBS-Homeroom Treasurer, 12th Grade: Hall Patrol: College Club: Advanced Shop: Intramural Basketball '53- '56: Gift Committee BERNARD DUPEE-Hall Patrol: Scholastic Painting Entrant: Allderdice Talent Show: Varsity Track '54-'56: Track Letter MARVIN ELMAN-Drivers Training Club: United Nations Club MARK HARVEY ELOVITZ -- Prom Committee, Co-Chairman: Hoiueroom President, 9th-l.Zth Grades: Student Council: Usher Staff: Hall Patrol: College Club: Chess Club: F.T.A.: Slide Rule Club: Senior Discussion Club: Orchestra 3, 4, 5: President of Or- chestra 5: .-Xll-City Senior Orchestra: Varsity Tennis Team '53-'55: llasketball: Civic Club Test: National Merit Scholarship Test SHIRLEY EMSWILLER-Homeroom Treasurer, l0th, llth, 12th Grades: Hall Patrol: Y-Teens Club: 'I'oday's Business Girls: Driv- ers Training Club: Office Drapes Project: Entered Allderdice 10B from Gladstone Junior High MARCIA ESMANWProm Committee: Homeroom Library Repre- sentative and Social Chairman: Treasurer, M.M.M.: Hall Patrol: Usher Staff: Red Cross Club: F.T.A.: College Club CLASS Brotherhood Program JUNE BEATRICE FERKO - Hoineroom Secretary, 10th, 12th Grades: M.M.M.: T'oday's Business Girls: Square Dance Club: Drivers Training Club: Hockey '53, '55, Championship '55: Basket- ' ball '54, '55: Volley Ball '54, '55: Softball '54, '55: Gregg Typing , - iiifs: Award and Shorthand Award: Class Day Committee: Hospitality Committee 4 W RCI' xfziff' ' JOHN FEKETE-Homeroom Secretary 10th, llth Grades, Presi- dent lZth Grade: Mechanical Drawing: Distributivc Education MARVIN FEIN-Gift Committee: Homeroom Treasurer, 9th Grade: Hall Patrol: Usher Staff: College Club: United Nations Club Band 1, Z, 3: Intramural Basketball '54, '55: Softball '53 JEAN FELDSTEIN -- Junior Leaders: Fashion Show: Fashion Club: Special Dance: Service Certificate of Merit: Talent Show: JILL LYNNE FINE-Homeroom President, llth Grade: Secretary, 10th Grade: M.M.M., President: F.T.A., Junior Red Cross Club: "' Junior Glee Club: Square Dance Club: Chorale, Choir 4, 5: Hockey '5Z: Special Dance: Athletic Award SARALEE FINEMAN-Homeroom Treasurer, 12th Grade: Jour- nal Staff: Usher Staff: Hall Patrol: Red Cross Council: junior Dramatic Club: College Club: F.T.A., Red Cross Club, Choir l, 3: '52: Gregg Typing Award Ft l lg ff lf RUTH FINKLESTEIN - Hall Patrol: Drivers Training Club: Junior Glee Club: Red Cross Club HELEN LOUISE FITZURKA-Senior Leaders, President, Social Chairman: Secretary of Homeroom, IZB: Photography Club: To- day's Business Girls: Athletic Letter: Intramural Hockey, Basket- ball, Volley Ball FLEISHMAN-Homeroom Secretary, 9th Grade: 10th Grade: Treasurer, 12th Grade: Red Cross Treasurer and Vice President of M.M.M.: Usher College Club: Dramatic English Class FLEISHMAN-Homeroom President 9th, 10th, llth Vice Presidentof Homeroom, IZA: M.M.M.: Usher Staff: College Club: Red Cross Club: Advanced Art: Safety Poster Contest: Dramatic English Class ELIOT FLITMAN-Print Shop Foreman: Advanced Print Shop: Business Law MARLENE FOREMAN-Journal Staff: Spanish Club: College Club: Orchestra 4, 5: Maiorettes JUNE PAUL FOREMANiCollege Club, Hall Patrol: Orchestra 4, 5: English 10 HOWARD S. FOSS-Gift Committee: Homeroom Secretary, Trea- surer, 10th Grade: Radio Club, Secretary: Camera Club, Vice President: Hall Patrol: Student Council: Electric Shop, Foreman: D.A.R. Award: Drivers Training Club: Intramural Swimming '54: Basketball '55 NANCY JEAN FOX-Class Day Committee: Foreword Repre- sentative: Hall Patrol: Hospitality Committee: F.N.A.: T'oday's Business Girls: Microscope Club: Chorus 1: Orchestra 1: Office Work: English 10: Basketball '53: Volley Ball '54: Softball '54: Soccer '545 Chenille A '54 PATRICIA FRANK-Homeroom Secretary, 9-12th Grades: A.N.C.. Secretary: A.G.C.: Senior Discussion Club: College Club: F.T.A,: Choir 1. 4, 5: Chorale: American Legion Award: Modern Dance. Secretary, Accompanist GAIL FREEDMAN-Class Day Committee: Homeroom Secretary- Treasurer, 9th Grade: Cafeteria Staff: F.T.A.: College Club: Red Cross: Intermediate and Senior Discussion Club: Choir 3: Gregg Shorthand Award RUSSELL FREEMAN-Homeroom Treasurer: Advanced Shop: D.A.R. Award: Varsity Football '54, 'SSQ Intramural Basketball '53-'56g Woodcarving 54 BARBARA SUSAN FREIDLAND-Social Committee, Foreword Representative: Hall Patrol: Book Club, Intermediate Discussion Club: F.'l'.A.: College Club: Orchestra 3, 4: linglisli 10 GILBERT FRIEDMAN-Class Day Committee: Foreword Repre- sentative: Library Representative: Senior Discussion Club: Drivers Training Club: Band 5: All-City Band: Qualitative Analysis: Baud Concerts: Civic Club Test: American Chemical Society Test: Cross Country '5-lg Intramural Basketball '53-'56 MANFRED S. GABLER - Homeroom Secretary, lfltb Grade: Green Key Club: Cheerleaders: Student Council Publicity Com- mittee: Chorus 5: Music Merit Certificate: Choir Programs: Letter for Cheerleaders X FRANK V. GANSZ-Senior Class Secretary: Homeroom President, ll?-lltb Grades: Varsity Club, Vice President: Conditioning Club: Male Glee Club: Clioir 5, Choir Programs: Varsity Football '53-'56: junior Varsity Football '52: Varsity Volley Ball '54, '55: Voted Most Valuable Player on Football Team '55 CAROLYN LEE GARDNER - Homerooni Secretary, 9tli Grade: 'l"oday's Business Girls: Square Dance Club: Y-Teens: Gregg Slltbftililllil Award: Gregg Typing Award: Championship Hockey '55, Basketball '55, Volley Ball '55 CECELIA GENES--Y-Teens, Social Cliairman: all Patrol: Ad- vanced lfoods: Gregg Typin .Xwar : Sgftbqp , i , wi M" Qaaw 4 WW guwwdjpj SS ball '54 5 x s. Civic Club Test 55 DOROTHY IRENE GERSTMEYER loituord lxtprnsentativt lltli Grade: Cslier Staff: Struct Club Drivers Training lub Square Dance Club: Rhythmic Swim Club Cregg lvpmg, int Shorthand Awards: .-Xtliletic letter Cliampionslup Hocltu 55 Softball, Volley Ball, Hotkcy Basketbill MARY DOLORES GESKY lforcvtord Ixepiestntativf. 'lodays Business Girls: Hall Patrol N Ttcns Iunior leaders Basketball '54, '55: Hockey '55: Vollev Ball AMY GIBBARD-Foreword Representative United Nations Club Vice President: College Club Hall Pitrol X ollty Ball 53 Basket CLAIRE, ELAINE GIBSON lortuord lxcprcstnt ltlvt 'Xl 'Xl Xl Library Staff: junior Leaders C rtgg Sbortliand Xward PRESTON F. GINSBURG Quilitttlwc Analysis Class lllvstcs Club: Microscope Club: Clitss Club Senior Distussion Club Captain, l0tl1 Grade Swimming 'ham JANET SUE GLAZER-Prom Committee Student Council Iub licity Committee: Cafeteria Staff snr Staft 1X1 X1 Boo Club: United Nations Club College Club P1 X lntcrmedlatt Discussion Club: Gregg Sliortlmnd Xu iid Di in t L l 1 lisli Cl PETER M. GLICK-Homeroom Vice President, llth Grade: Senior Discussion Club: Square Dance Club: Social Committee: Band 5: All-City Band: Swimming '55, '56: T'rack '54-'56: Intramural Soft- ball. Basketball: Swimming Letter DAVID GOFF-Hall Patrol: Radio Club: Advanced Electric Shop IVAN S. GOLD-junior Dramatic Club: Orchestra 4: Dramatic English Class, Class Play Cast: English 9 and 10 SANFORD GOLDAProm Committee: Student Council Alternate: Homeroom Vice President, 10th Grade: Key Club: Hall Patrol: Usher Staff: Chess Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: Band 1, 2. 3 4' Intramural Sports: Dramatic English Class' E lish 10 ,LL ' I fe-'wa V-H' ,W M, www ',9f:z.Mc2'.1,r4.1ig . af- ' IRWIN IRA GOLDSTON-Hall atrol: pecial Shop, Foreman, Volley Ball '53 BEVERLY M. GOLITZ-Social Committee: Homerooni Secretary, 9th Grade: Homeroom President, 10th Grade: Homeroom Vice President, 12th Grade: Foreword Representative: Today's Business Girls: Projection Club: Red Cross Council: Volley Ball '53 JUNE 'fa i STANLEY GORDON-Homeroom President, 10th Grade: Vice President, 10th Grade: Student Council Representative: Hall Patrol: Senior Discussion Club: Key Club: College Club: Orchestra 2, 3, 4, 5: Woodwind Sextet: Dramatic English. Qualitative Analysis: National Merit Scholarship Test, Certificate of Merit EDITH L. GOSZTONYI - Junior Glee Club, President: Junior Leaders Club, Vice President and Recording Secretary: Physics Club, Recording Secretary: Senior Student Council, Corresponding Secretary: Cafeteria Staff, Senior Discussion Club: F.T'.A.: Or- chestra Z, 3, 4, 5: Dramatic English, Class Play Cast: Gregg Typ- ing Award: lst Place in County Latin Contest: Class Day Com- mittee: Student Council Social Committee: All Girls Tournament '53: Athletic Letter ROBERT GRAHAM-Electric Shop: Mechanical Drawing: Swim- ming '55, '56 SONDRA GREENBARG-Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, 9th, llth Grades: Foreword Representative: Red Cross Council: Senior Drivers Club: Junior Glee Club: Choir 4: Advanced Clothing: Gregg Shorthand Awards: Gregg Typing Award: Volley Ball '56: Basketball '55: Today's Business Girls DAVID JEROME GREENBERG-Homeroom President, 9th, 10th Grades: Senior Discussion Club: College Club: Marching Band: Band 5: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: D.A.R. Award: Latin Contest: All-City Band: Basketball '53: .Intramural Basketball Champions '56 DIANA RUTH GREENBERG-Hall Patrol: Majorettes: junior Y-Teens: Clerical Training: Advanced Jewelry: Betty Crocker Test: Majorettes' Annual Spring Program 56 DL f Zervglf af 5 r RICHARD HAMMERs.'Xdvanced jewelry: Special Sliop, Fore- STANLEY HARRIS-Intramural Basketball '52-'56 ANTHONY MILLER HARRISON-Class Day Committee: Home- room Treasurer, 9tb-llltb Grades: Student Council, lltli-lZtb Grades: ,F Intermediate and Senior Discussion Clubs: College Club: Physics DIXIE LEE I-IARTLEP--Clioir 5: Y-Teens: Hockey '55: Choir NANCY MERLE GREGORY---Library Club: Y-Teens: 'l'oday's Business Girls: Basketball 'S-l: Yolley Ball, Hockey '55: Swimming Award MORTON GULAK-Student Council: Woodcarving Club: A..'X.A. Contest Poster: Mechanical Drawing: XX'oodsliop: 'lvrack '54-'55: lntramnral Basketball, Swimming, Softball ALMA A. HAHALYAK-Homeroom President. 9tl1 Grade: Vice President, lltb Grade: M.M.M.: Co-Captain, Csber Staff: Student Council, Recording Secretary: Service Club: journal Staff: Senior Leaders: Microscope Club: Drivers Training Club: Hall Patrol: Gregg' Sliortliand Award: Gift Committee: Basketball: Hockey: Volley Ball: Softball: Manager, Volley Ball 'S-1: Athletic Letter MARGARET HAHALYAK - Homeroom President. 9th Grade: lforewortl Representative: Service Club: Csber Staff: .Xdvanced Foods: Gregg Sbortband Award JOYCE HALL-Student Council: Service Club: Hall Patrol: Cafe- teria Staff: Advanced Clotliing: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards: Today's Business Girls HERBERT HALSBAND-Key Club: Homeroom Basketball 5 -1:-" 0-A RICHARD I-IAYDENeeSquare Dance Club: Hobby Club: Swim- ming Team '54-'55: Intramural Swinnning, Basketball: Science Ex- i i i :.:,. 4 F ' ROBERT HERRICK-Gift Committee: Pbysics Club: Intermediate lizn Q and Senior Discussion Clubs: Radio Club: Qualitative Analysis -,,: Class: Iinglixli 9: lntramnral Futball '52 57 A x 5 " A il X r 1 A 1 L 7fN LINDA LEIGH IRVIN-Hall Staff: Library Club: F.N.A.: Class Day Committee: Cafeteria Staff: Gregg Typing Award: Hockey Championship Team '53: Volley Ball, Softball '54 THOMAS ISLES-Square Dance Club: VVool Carving: Special Shop, Foreman: Entered Allderdice in 9th Grade from Swisshelm RITA JACOBSON-Library Staff: Book Room Staff: M.M.M.: Senior Drivers Cluh: Type Club: junior Red Cross Club CARL JANAVITZ-Photography Cluh, President H. ALLAN JOHN-Orchestra 5 LAWRENCE E. JUBELIRERfStudent Council Representative: Ush r taff: Social Committee: VVood Shop Qi XX MARSHA ELAINE HERSHMAN-A.G.C., Vice President: Book , WRoom Staff: Assistant in Main Office: Senior Life Saving: United Nations Club: Drivers Training Club: Girls Y-Teens: Class Day Committee CLIFFORD R. HINES-Drivers Training Club: Microscope Club: Metal Shop Foreman: Driver Education Conference: WQED Driver Education Program: Entered in 9th Grade from Mifflin IRWIN HIRSH-Homeroom President, l0B: Vice President, 9B. 9A: Usher Staff: Hall Patrol: Physics Club: Slide Rule Club: junior Dramatics: Band 5: All-City Band: Intramural Basketball '53: Gift Committee STEPHEN A. HOLSTEIN-Homeroom Secretary llB, Treasurer l0B: Student Council: Hall Patrol: Spanish Club: College Club: P.T.A. Driver Training Program: Band 1-5: Marching Band Machine, Special, Print Shops: Distributive Education: Cross Counl try ,53 JAMES F. HUBBARD, JR.-Entered Allderclice in 9th Grade WILLIAM HOMA-Homeroom President. 9A: Square Dance Club' SS CLAIRE GENE JUDDwSoeial Connnittee: Cafeteria Staff: Red Cross Club: College Club: lf.'l"..'X.: Dramatic English Class, Make- L'p Crew Chief: D.A.R. History Award: Civic Club Test: Choral Speaking Program MAXINE S. KAHN--Foreword Representative: Homeroonl See- retarv, lllth. llth Grades: President, llth Grade: Cafeteria Staff: lf.'I'.A.: College Club: Intermediate and Senior Discussion Clubs? linglish Ill: Dramatic English: Class Day Connnittee GEORGE KALINSKY---College Club: Garden Club: Library Staff: Class Day Connnittee: lntraniural Basketball, Volley Ball SAMUEL P. KAMIN-Hoinerooni President, QA: Vice President. ll.'N, IZIB: Student Council: Green Key Club: Hall Patrol: Inter- mediate Discussion Club: College Club: Advanced Mechanical Drawing: lfnglish lll: Intramural Swinnning. Basketball NATALIE KAMINS-Hall Patrol: Library Representative: United Nations Club: lietty Crocker Scholarship Contest CAROLE KAUFMAN-Cafeteria Staff: Hall Patrol: junior Lead- ers: College Club: Athletic Letter: Yolley Ball. Basketball, Soft- ball, Soceer CLASS LOIS KAUFMAN - Prom Lommitttc, lortuord Representattye, 9-llth Grades: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Patrol: Student Council Alter- nate: College Club: F.T..-X.: M.M.M.: junior Red Cross: Gregg Typing Award STANLEY DAVID KAUFMAN-Hoinerooin President, llll, LIB: College Club: Latin Contest: lntrannn'al Basketball '53-'56 SANDRA M. KAUFMANN--Student Council, 9.5: Foreword Repre- sentative, IOB: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Patrol: junior Glee Club. Secretary: College Club: Book Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: If.T,.-X.: lunior Leaders: Chorus l, 3, 4. 5: Chorale: Special Dance: Gregg Typing Award: Civic Club Test LARRY GENE KEISLING-Hoinerooin President. 9B, IOB: Sec- retarv-Treasurer and Foreword Representative, 105-ll.-X: journal Staff: Hall Patrol: Csher Staff: College Club: Square Dance Club: Advanced Mechanical Drawing: Square Dance Program: XVQED Prograrn: junior Varsity Basketball '54, '55: lntramural Basketball '54-'56 VIRGINIA KERNOHAN-Hoineroom Vice President, 10th Grade: Service Club: A.N.C.: Basketball '53, '5-l: Volley Rall '54, '55: Hockey '54, '55: Gregg Shorthand Award MARGARET LOUISE KIRK-Honierooin Library Representative. 10th Grade: Hall Patrol: Service Club: Sewing Award: Today's Business Girls X Zfbydwaezl ' .Qaeda M BAILLEE KLECKNER - Hall Patrol, Captaing Senior Student Council Social Committeeg Bgook Club: College Clubg F.T.A.g Junior Leadersg Senior Discussion Clubg Junior Glee Clubg B'nai B'rith Art Contestg Scholastic Art Contestg Gregg Typing Awardg Usher Staffg Modern Dance Programsg Athletic Letter JUDY LEE KLEIN-Foreword Representativeg Cafeteria Staffg Hall Patrolg Library Art Staff: Student Council Publicity Com- mitteeg F.T.A.g College Clubg United Nations Clubg Journal Art Staff: A.A.A. Poster Contest '53, Honorable Mention: International Art Exchange Programg Basketball, Volley Ball, Softball, Soccer JOAN KMETZ-Homeroom Treasurer, l0Ag Cafeteria Staffg Li- brary Staffg Y-Teensg Chorus lg Fashion Showg Gregg Typing Awardg Today's Business Girlsg Basketball '52 PATRICIA KNIGHT-Student Council, l0Ag Library Staffg Y- Teensg Today's Business Girlsg Gregg Shorthand Award BARBARA KNOERL--A.N.C.g Advanced Foodsg Sewingg P.T.A. Project CAROLE KOCHIN-Homeroom President, 10th Gradeg Vice Presi- dent, 12th Gradeg Senior Leaders Club, Social Chairmang Drivers Training Clubg Prom Committeeg Foreword Staffg Majorettes, Managerg United Nations Clubg Intermediate Discussion Clubg English 105 Journal Staff, Features Editor, Executive Boardg Civic Club Testg Championship Hockey Team '55g Championship Basket- ball T'eam '56g Volley Ball '56g Softball '56g Manager of '55 Hockey Tournamentg Athletic Letter JUNE MICHAEL GEORGE KOSCHIK-Homeroom Treasurer, 9A, l0Bg Gift Committeeg Usher Staffg Projection Clubg Square Dance Club: Conditioning Clubg Foreman, Special Shopg Advanced Special Shop: Intramural Swimming, Basketballg Intramural Basketball Champion- ship Team '54 JACQUELINE KOSTRUB-Student Council, 9Ag Service Club: Journal Staffg A.N.C,3 Gregg Typing Awardg Majorette Programs: Majorettesg Volley Ball '53 JANET KOVACS-I-Iomeroom Library Representative, llB-l2Bg Usher Staffg Hockey '53 MARLENE KOVACS-Hall Patrolg Usher Staff B. STEPHANIE KOVACS-Homeroom Secretary, llB-l2Bg Gift Committeeg Senior Leaders, Secretary '54, '55, Treasurer '56: Hall Patrolg Junior Leadersg Junior, Senior Lifesavingg Rythmic Swim- mingg F.T.A.g Special Danceg TV School of the Airy Merit Scholarship Testg Championship Hockey Team '55g Hockey, Basket- ball, Volley Ball, Softball '52-'56 KRANACK--Jo al Art Staffg Usher Staffg Junior Club' een ' Toda us' ess Girlsg Exhibition in Scho- B' B'rith, r 'nal Cross Art Contests: ' , sketb '5 , ' k 4? Volley B311 '53 '54, S ll '53, 'S 6 Dwffiii 5118 gh- ix? 'SX MICHAEL KRANACK-I-Iomeroom President. 11th. 12th Grades: American Legion Award: All-City Football Team, Honorable Men- tion: Special Shop: Football Letter: Varsity Football '54, 'S5: Intramural Basketball Championship Team '54 ROY KROCHMAL-Homeroom Vice President, 9th Grade: Sec- retary-Treasurer, 10th Grade: Hall Patrol: Student Council: Microscope Club: Green Key Club: Intermediate and Senior Dis- cussion Clubs: junior Glec Club: Band 1, 2, 3: Intramural Basket- ball '53, '54, '55 NANCY KRONKET-Homeroom Secretary. 9th Grade: Rhythmic Swim: Hall Patrol: Volley Ball '53-'56: Basketball, Softball, Hockey '53-'56 GAIL KRUMAN-Homeroom President, 9th Grade: Vice Presi- dent, 10th, llth Grades: Secretary, 12th Grade: Senior Leaders Club, 'Treasurer llth Grade, Vice President IZA, President IZB: ,lunior Leaders, Vice President 8.-X, President 9B: journal Staff: F.T.A.: College Club: Spanish Club: Orchestra 5: All-City Orchestra: Pittsburgh Youth Symphony: String and Violin Quartet: American Legion Award: D.A.R, Award: Civic Club Test: Championship Hockey '55: Basketball '55, '56: Athletic Letters: Leadership Medal, 9A SANDRA LEE KUBANCEK Y Homeroom Vice President, 9th Grade: Projection Club. Secretary: Usher Staff: M.M.M.: junior Leaders: Athletic Award: Gregg Typing and Shorthand Awards: is f-is Ski' ie' 562 4 Qc-yi Basketball '53 JEAN KUSKOASocial Committee: Homeroom President, 9th, 10th Grades: Red Cross Club: F.T.A.: Senior Discussion Club: F.N.A.: T'oday's Business Girls: Chorus 1: American Legion Award: Soccer '53: Basketball. Volley Ball '53, '54 Tr WWWAW We err. We MM -ss. P, .aff if CLASS EUGENE LaFACE-Prom Committee: Social Committee: Book- room Work: Usher Staff: Hall Patrol: Varsity Club: F.T.A.: Square Dance Club: Advanced Shop, Foreman: All-City Football, Honorable Mention: English 10: Intramural Basketball Champion- ship Team '56 JOSEPH R. LANDAU-Student Council: Journal Staff. Pictures Chairman, Executive Board: Hall Patrol: Senior Discussion: Physics Club: Slide Rule Club: Photography Club: Band 4: Qualitative Analysis: American Chemical Society Test: Civic Club Test: General Motors Scholar hip, Honor Certificate f I ' 1 N . C RD Y-gum, Ghfnn : Ho ter President.X 1 t Gr : ', ' ppella oir' 'r if ion Program: Hal trol: r l aff: ' r Sta . . ,ity Choir Pro- gim, T-fyx'53, Y mifyysm 1 Basketball, Volley Ball VICTOR LAPAGLIA-Special Shop Foreman: Football '53, '54 SHIRLEY ANN LAVELLE-Today's Business Girls: Gregg Typ- ing Award: Entered from Meadville High in 12B FRANCES LAWSON-Ttitlay's Business Girls: A.N.C.: Y-Teens' Advanced Foods 61 at S ANGEL ANN LENNEX-Chorus 5: Softball '5-4: Hockey '55: Basketball '55: Volley Ball '56: Choir Programs MARCIA JOAN LEVAUR-Dramatic English Class, Class Play Stage Manager: F.T.A.: Senior Discussion Club: Drivers Training Club: College Club: Hall Patrol: Hospitality Committee: Library Staff: Fashion Show '54: Brotherhood VVeek Program: Red Cross Club JUDY B. LEVINE-Class Day Committee: Foreword Representa- tive: Student Council Representative: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Patrol: Red Cross Council: Journal Staff: United Nations Club: Inter- mediate and Senior Discussion Clubs: F.T.A.: College Club: Eng- lish 9: Softball '53, '54 GLORIA LEVINSON-Prom Committee: Foreword Representa- tive: Homeroom President, 11A: Vice President, 12B-12A: Dra- matic English Class: Class Play Cast: Special Dance: F.T.A., Scrap- book Chairman: Student Council Publicity Committee: College Club: Intermediate and Senior Discussion Clubs: Book Club: United Nations Club: Gregg Typing Award: Civic Club Test: National Merit Scholarship Test: Recipient of Pitt Scholarship ELAINE LEVY-Today's Business Girls: Red Cross Council: Y- Teens: Advanced Foods: Volley Ball '53 LINDA LINTON-Homeroom Secretary. 9th, 11th Grades: Student Council Representative: Hall Patrol: Book Club: United Nations Club: College Club: Garden Club: Intermediat Qiscussion Club: , 3: Orchestra 1. 2: Advanced Food g Typing Award n . ' ' 1 rf, 'V' IWAQQSMYJUNE DAVID L. LIPPOCK-Homeroom Treasurer, 10th Grade: Chess Club: Usher Staff: Slide Rule Club: Chess Team '56: Intramural Swimming, Basketball, Track DIANE JOY LIVSTONE-Homeroom Secretary, 11A: Cafeteria Staff: Junior Leaders: College Club: F.T.A.: Senior Discussion: Chorus l, 5: Choir Accompanist, 10th Grade: Student Council Hos- pitality Committee ANNETTE LLOYD-Distributive Education: Hall Patrol: Volley Ball '53: Basketball, Softball '54 KAY LOIKREC-Class Day Committee: Foreword Representative: Journal Staff: M.M.M.: Hall Patrol: Majorettes, Manager: F.T.A.: College Club: Intermediate and Senior Discussion Clubs: Chorus 3: Hockey Championship '55: English 10: Athletic Award: Civic Club Test PAUL A. LOVE-Chess Club: Junior Life Saving Instructor: Band 5: Marching Band: Chess Team: Gregg' Typing Award: Band Concerts AARON LUPOVITCH-Social Committee: Green Key Club, Vice President: Camera Club: Varsity Club, President: United Nations Club: Microscope Club: Band S: Marching Band: Track Letter: Junior Varsity Football '53, Basketball '55: Intramural Swimming: I-Iomeroom Captain '50-'56: Intramural Basketball Championship '56 62 I Mfiaaffjaftflfawafw PHYLLIS ANN MARCS-I".'l'.,A l1 Club: Red Cross Club: A.N.C.: College Club: Y-Teens: Hall Patrol: English 9 SANFORD T. MARCUS-Qualitative Analysis Class: Dramatic English Class: Class Play Cast: College Club: Slide Rule Club: Orchestra 4. 5: Orchestra Programs I:UISE.SHARON MARDER-College Club: F.'l'.A.: junior Red Cross Club: Hall Patrol: Library Staff: Chorus 1, 3. 4: English 9 CAROL MARSH--Service Club: Hall Patrol: Advanced Foods: Basketball '55 I SANTA MARIA MASTRIANA-Irlomerootn Vice President, llth Grade: Todav's Business Girls: Advanced Clothing: Softball '53 ILENE TOBY MATESMUsher Staff: Red Cross Club: Travel Club: F.'l'..-X.: College Club: ,Iunior Glee Club: Advanced Clothing: Clothing Certificate of Merit: Volley Ball '5l: Basketball '52 JERRY MCFADDEN-IJistributive Education Class: Special Shop: Electric Shop: Intramural Swimming Team '53: jewelry Class PATRICIA KAY MCKELVEY--Ielonieroom Secretary, 12th, 9th Grades: Vice President, 9A. IOB: President, IOA: Treasurer, 11A: Assistant in 214: German Club: Y-Teens: Today's Business Girls: Gregg Typing and Shorthand Awards: Homeroom May Queen, 9th Grade PHILIP JAMES MCMURTRY-.Xdvaneed Print Shop, Foreman JUDITI-I MAINZERfEnglish 10: Entered from Reno I-Iigb School in llth Grade ROSLYN MANN-Social Committee: Homeroom Treasurer, 9th Grade: Hall Patrol: Cafeteria Staff: United Nations Club: Book Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: F.T.A.: College Club: Ad- vanced Foods: Gregg Typing Award CHRISTY S. MANTZAVINOS-Library Staff: Intermediate Dis- cussion Club: Sp: iish Club: College Club: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Glee Club WWW fm we MTM 63 LYNNE MATSIK-Homeroom Vice President, Secretary, Fore- word Representative, Chorus l, 3, Distributive Education, Softball, Volley Ball, Basketball '53, '54, '55, Hockey '54, '55 NATHAN MAYL-Gift Committee, Student Council, Publicity Committee. Social Committee, Hall Patrol, Physics Club, College Club, French Club, Senior Discussion Club, United Nations Club, Slide Rule Club, Square Dance Club, Orchestra 2. 3, Qualitative Analysis Class, Intramural Basketball, Swimming '53, '54, '55, '56, Volley Ball '54, '55 PATRICIA LOUISE MILLER-Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, l0th Grade, Journal Art Staff, Hall Patrol, Library Staff, Junior Glee Club, Today's Business Girls, Y-Teens, Delegate to Bethany College, Basketball '53, Entered from Park Place in 9th Grade HELEN MINNICAN-Homeroom President 9B, Vice President 9.-X, Usher Staff, Captain, Hall Patrol, Cafeteria Staff, Captain, Junior Glee Club, F.T.A., Junior Life Saving, Y-Teens, .Advanced Foods' Softball, Volley Ball '54 1 JERRY MINOGUE-Swimming Team '53, '54, Intramural Swim- ming '53, '54, Swimming Medal, Entered from St. Thomas High JOHN MINYO-Homeroom Secretary, l1B, United Nations Club, Projection Club, Machine, Special Shop, Swimming '53, '54, '55' Letter '54 v JUNE VIRGINIA MOFFAT--Distributive Education, Hall Patrol, Square Dance Club, A.N.C., Majorettes, Sergeant, Advanced Foods, Bas- ketball, Volley Ball, Hockey, Softball '53-'56, Athletic Award BARBARA MOLL-Gift Committee, Student Council Reoresenta- tive, Intermediate Discussion, Vice President, Senior Discussion, Recording Secretary, F.T.A., Recording Secretary, Foreword Staff, Editor-in-Chief, Journal Staff, Hall Patrol, Cafeteria Staff, Eng- lish 9, 10, Gregg Typing Award, KDKA School of the Air, Junior Town Meeting of the Air, National Merit Scholarship Test, Civic Club Test 321: RUDY L. MOLNAR-Homeroom Vice President l0th, 12th Grades, tj Treasurer, 9th Grade, Intramural Swimming, Basketball '55, Volley If Ball '56, Basketball Championship Team '56 Q- NATALIE MORGAN-Social Committee, Homeroom Vice Presi- dent 9th Grade, Secretary l0th Grade, Cafeteria Staff, Hall Patrol, Intermediate and Senior Discussion Clubs, College Club: Book Club, United Nations Club, junior Glee Club, Choir 5, Girls' Chorale, English 9, Gregg Typing Award -Xi-gi DOROTHY ANN MORRIS-Usher Staff, Office Practice, Today's Business Girls, Gregg Typing Award, Basketball, Volley Ball, Soft- ball '55 JACK L. MOSS-Prom Committee, Student Council Representative, Key Club, Board of Directors, Intermediate Discussion Club, Slide Rule Club, Band 5, All-City Band, Marching Band: Intramural Softball '53, '54 I 64 ,j,1'tjG,,1' . JW' View vllyfli Af 4 P' BARBARA MYERS-Prom Committee: Hall Patrol: Chorus 1, 3. 4, 5: junior Glee Club: Chorale: Choir Programs: Modern Dance, IOB: Volley Ball '54 RUTH NACHMAN-College Club: F.T.A.: Intermediate Discus- sion Club: M.M.M.: Hall Patrol: junior Dramatics: Betty Crocker Home Making Contest: Advanced Home Economics BETTE NADEL-Foreword Representative, 9th-llth Grades: Stu- dent Council: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Patrol: College Club: Senior Discussion Club: Book Club: F.T.A.: United Nations Club: junior Dramatics: Dramatic English Class: Brotherhood Assembly Pro- gram: National Merit Scholarship Test: Prom Committee: Civic Club Test CAROLE NASSAU--United Nations Club: Hall Patrol: F.T.A.: College Club: Gregg Typing Award MARTIN NATHAN-Prom Committee: F.T.A.: Senior Discussion Club: Library Staff: Hall Patrol: junior Glee Club: Microscope Club: Type Club: P.T.A. Drivers: United Nations: Orchestra 5: String Quartet: All-City Orchestra: School Science Congress Medal: Orchestra Programs: Television Demonstration Group ALAN SAUL NATHENSON--Projection Club, President: Stage Crew: Hall Patrol: Usher Staff: Science Club: Speech Club: Radio Club: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Marching Band: Special Shop Foreman: Volley Ball '53 CLA SS MYRNA NEVINS4Social Committee: Homeroom President, 9th Grade: Vice President, lllth Grade: Hall Patrol: College Club: F.T.A.: lf.N.A.: Red Cross Club: Book Club: junior Discussion: Choir l, 3. 4. 5 MAXINE NEWI-IOUSEfCafeteria Staff: F.T.A.: College Club: Majorettes: Advanced Art: Advance Foods: Betty Crocker Home- Making Test: journal Staff RICHARD OPPENHEIMERAlintered Allderdice in 9th Grade from Linden DAVID E. OSTROW--Class Day Committee: Hall Patrol: Senior Discussion Club: College Club: Radio Club: Band 3, 4, 5: All-City Rand: lntramural Swimming '54 PAUL PANUCCIO-Gift Committee: Homeroom President, 10th Grade: Vice President. llth Grade: Spanish Club, President: Stu- dent Council, l0th, llth Grades: Dramatic English Class: Class Play Cast: American Legion Award: D.A.R. Award: Civic Club Test ALAN PARKER-Hall Patrol: Key Club: Slide Rule Club: Physics Club: liand l, Z, 3: Intramural Basketball '54, '55 65 LM jMW5Jl,,,,,Uo fu, Lz,w.4..,L sw, M VW g',jf,,u:,: ,isa t LW-l-fwlf ,vrv -df zbia-nlviil .- K KAREN ANN PARKER-Social Ct1IIll'll I'IUIl'lCl'UUl1l Secretary, 10th Grade: Student Council: F.T.A., Social Chairman: Cafeteria Staff: Journal Staff: College Club: French Club: junior Dramatics: Chorus 1, 4: Orchestra 1, 3, 4: English 9: Modern Dance: Gregg Typing Award: Television Program with Robert Frost: Civic Club Test: Allderdice Talent Shows: Modern Dance Programs VERA PAULO-Homeroom President 9th Grade. Secretary-'l"rea- surer 10th Grade: Vice President, llth-l2th Grades: Student Coun- cil: Drivers Club: United Nations Club: F.N.A.: Square Dance Club: Hall Patrol: Hospitality Committee: Library Staff: Science Club: Chorus 1, 3: Volley Ball '5-l: Distributive Education RUTH ANN PICOVSKY-Social Committee, Co-Chairman: Home- room Secretary-Treasurer, 9th Grade: Secretary, llth Grade: Mod- ern Dance, Executive Committee: Hall Patrol: Manager of Major- ettes: Chess Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: F.T.A.: College Club: Dramatic English Class: Class Play Cast: Gregg Typing Award: Dance Programs: Choral Speaking for Brotherhood Pro- gram: Civic Club Test RUTH PINCUS-Senior Discussion, Secretary: Foreword Staff: Hall Patrol: F.T.A.: Chorus l. 4: Dramatic English Class: Modern Dance: Dance Programs: Prom Connnittee: D.A.R. Award: Junior Town Meeting Broadcast: Civic Club Test ROBERT PITSCHKE - Distributive Education: jewelry Class: Entered Allderdice in 10B from Gladstone JOEL PLATT - Intramural Basketball '51-'56, Softball '51, '52, Championship Team '53, Volley Ball '54, '55 .I U NE SANDRA KAY PUGH Homeroom President, l0A: Secretary, llB: Secretary-Treasurer, lZB-l2A: F.N.A., Assistant Treasurer: Hall Patrol: Advanced Foods: Hockev '53: Basketball '53: Championship Hockey and Volley Ball Teams '56 EDWARD ZANE RALEY - Chess Club: Advanced Mechanical Drawing: Gregg Typing Award MELVIN RICH RD RAMEY - Pr gkwfxarmniffoiii TreaiWef9 Nl'ood u : llege lub: Varsity Club, Adv' WV I : mst e Bas etball Player, '56: Track. BH . -' of BasketsQ:fNQ, '56: Intra- mural Swimi B ' ALLAN MARKLE RASHBA-Prom Committee: Junior Glee Club, Vice President: junior Student Council. President: Student Council, IUB-llA: Student Council Social Connnittee: Physics Club: College Club: Senior Discussion Club: Key Club: Dramatic English Class: Qualitative Analysis Class: Student Treasurer of School: National Merit Scholarship Test: Civic Club Test IULIA ELDORA REED-Choir -1, Secretarv: Service Organiza- tion, 10th Grade: T'oday's Business Girls: F.N.A.: Hockey '54: Volley Ball and Basketball '55 JAMES F. REICH-Prom Committee: Homeroom Treasurer l2B- l2A. Secretary 10B-llA: Senior Discussion Club, Vice President: Student Council Traffic Safety Chairman: Travel Club: Microscope Club: Slide Rule Club: Key Club: Band 1. 2. 3, 4. 5: Marching Band: Dramatic English Class: Class Play Cast: English 9 66 THOMAS REICH-Student Council, 9th, 10th Grades: Hall Patrol: Senior Discussion Club: junior Drainatics Club: Square Dance Club: .-Xdvanced Print Shop: junior Town Meeting of the Air: Intramural Basketball '56 SANDRA REINER - Hoineroom Secretary, 9th Grade: Student Council: Csher Staff: Hall Patrol: College Club: Red Cross Club: Cnited Nations Club: Advanced Foods: Volley Rall '53: Basketball '53: Gregg Typing Award ANNETTE ROSCOW-Class Day Committee: Student Council, Social Committee: .Foreu't:rd Representative: Red Cross Council: journal Staff: College Club: lnterinediate Discussion Club: F.'l'..-X.: Slide Rule Club: llasketball '53: Softball '55: English 9: Modern Dance: Modern Dance Programs A. RALPH ROSENTHAL--Qualitative Analysis Class: Foreword Representative: Csher Staff, Co-Captain: United Nations Club: Microscope Club: Senior Discussion Club: College Club: Slide Rule Club: Spanish Club: Hand 5: Marching Hand: National Merit Scholarship Test: Civic Club Test: Class Day Committee DAVID A. ROSENZWEIG --- Dramatic English Class: Spanish Club: Driver-Training: Glee Club: Chorus 4. S: Ensemble Quartet: Soloist: Student-Director: English 9: Choir Programs: Choral Speaking for Brotherhood Progranig Music Aptitude Test GLADYS ELIZABETH ROSS-American Legion Award: Usher Staff: F.N..-X.: .-Xdvanced Foods: Hockey '53, '54: Entered Allder- dice from Hays in 9th Grade CLASS IAMES ROSS Science Club. President, llllg Chess Club: Special Shop Foreman. llth-12th Grades HELEN GAIL ROTH- Library Representative: Hall Patrol: Usher Staff: Cafeteria Staff: Teen ,Xue Book Club: Red Cross Club: Senior Discussion Club: College Club: F.T..X.: .Xdvanced Foods NORMAN E. ROTH--llomerooin Treasurer. llth Grade: Secre- tary, lllth Grade: President. 9th Grade: liey Club, Treasurer: Stu- dent Council Representative: Senior Discussion Club: Green Key Club: Gregg Typing .Xu'ard: English 9, 10: Intramurallltasketball. Volley llall RICHARD MURRAY ROTHENSTEIN-Hwnieroom Vice Presi- dent, lllth-llth Grades: President, 9th Grade: Key Club: Varsity: lntramural Basketball Team '55, '56 IlliI'21,l1lllI'2il,!SWlllllll' S62 Track 'lwIl'Illll1 Cross Country5 ' 5, ,I I T fwffy 1,55 DAVID ROTZ--llomeroom Yice President, Oth Grade: .M 'anced Mechanical Drawing: ,Xdvauced Ilcxrelry: lntraniural Swinnning '5-l: Conditioning Club PHILIP HIRSH RUBEN -- Social Committee: Foreword Repre- sentative: llall Patrol: Chess Club: Micioscope Club: Band 3, 4, 5: Marching lland: .Xll-City Rand: School Science Fair WM' Rx 67 P1""l'f"" Ce' gjk,'T"5f?'.at 'Wide Wt ew SK Wjf HAROLD LEONARD RUBENSTEIN-Student Council Repre- sentative: Green Key Club: Key Club: Chess Club: Special Shop, Foreman, 10-l1A: Intramural Swimming '53: Basketball '54-'56 RONALD ALLAN RUBENSTEIN - Homeroom Vice President, 10A: Key Club: Junior Glee Club: Glee Club: Choir 5: Intramural Basketball '53-'56 MARCIA RUBINOFF-Prom Committee: Junior Student Council, Secretary: F.T.A., Program Chairman, Cheerleaders: Hall Patrol: Student Council: Book Club: United Nations Club: College Club: Advanced Clothing: Modern Dance: Letter for Cheerleaders: Eng- lish 9, 10 JUDITH RYABIK-T'oday's Business Girls, Secretary: Basketball '53, '54: Volley Ball '54: Entered from Gladstone Junior High in 10th Grade HERSHEL SACKS-Qualitative Analysis Class: Orchestra 5: En- tered from Yeshiva High in llth Grade DAVID SAMBOL - Usher Staff: Projection Club: Chess Club: United Nations Club: Band 3, 4, 5: Special Shop, Foreman: Metal Shop, Foreman JUNE PHYLLIS BARBARA SARKIN-Homeroom Secretary, 9B: Phy- sics Club, Treasurer: College Club: Book Club: Drivers Training: M.M.M.: Red Cross Club: Cafeteria Staff: Junior Glee Club: Junior Dance Club HARRIET F. SCHILIT - Social Committee: Homeroom Vice President, 9th, 10th, llth Grades: secretary, lZth Grade: Majorettes, Captain 11th-12th Grades: F.T,A., Corresponding Secretary, Vice President: Cafeteria Staff. Captain: Journal Staff, Activities Editor, Executive Board: Hall Patrol: 214 Office Work: Slide Rule Club: College Club: Senior Drivers Training Club: Chorus l, 3: English 9, 10: American Legion Award: Delegate to Pennsylvania State F.T.A. Convention: Delegate to Oglebay Drum Major-Majorette Camp: TV English Program: Softball '53, '54: Civic Club Test: National Merit Scholarship Test: Senatorial Scholarship Test CAROLE ANN SCI-IMIDT - T'oday's Business Girls: Drivers Training Club: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards JUDY A. SCHOENBERG-Homeroom Vice President, llth Grade: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Patrol: Junior Office Work: Today's Business Girls: Drivers Club RICHARD PAUL SCHUCKER-Foreword Staff, Business Man- ager: Hall Patrol: United Nations Club: Microscope Club: Col- lege Club: Chorus 2, 3: Cross Country '54, '55: Track '55: Intra- mural Athletics: Gift Committee JAMES SCHUSLER-Homeroom Treasurer. 9th Grade: Foreword Representative: Square Dance Club: Chess Club: Special Shop Foreman: Swimming '52, '53: Basketball '52-'55: Tennis 68 M YA ilffuiozaff'7 n ,M ! ,60 gg, miie iw tffwlfiff FRED SCHWARTZ-Homeroom President. 10th Grade: Varsity Club: Green Key Club: Conditioning Club: junior Varsity Foot- ball: Varsity Football '53, '54, 'S5: Volley Ball '54, '55: Intramural Basketball Champions '53, 'S5: Football Letters: Volley Ball Letter: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette All-City Football Team, Honorable Mention PAUL SCHWARTZ -- Homeroom Treasurer, l1B, IZB: journal Staff, Advertising Chairman, Executive Board: Hall Patrol: Chess Club: Senior Discussion: F.T.A.: Cnited Nations Club: Band 1, Z, 3, 4, 5: linglish 9: linglish lil: Social Committee: Intramural Basketball EUGENE SCIGLIANO-Homenom President, 9th Grade: Garden Club, President: Vvool Carving' Club: Orchestra 4, President: NVood Shop, Foreman: Special Shop, Foreman: Cabinet Shop, Foreman: Orchestra Programs: Religious Education GLORIA SCIULLIMStudent Council, llB: Homeroom President. l2.-X: Treasurer, llA: Library Representative, 1lB: Hall Patrol: Choir 3: Gregg Typing Award: Gregg Shorthand Award: Variety Show: Today's Business Girls WALTER SCOTT-Homeroom President, 9th, llth Grades: Vice President. llth Grade: Key Club. Vice President: Business Manager of Foreword: journal Staff: Hall Patrol: lntermediate Discussion: College Club: F.T..'X.: Wood Carving Club: Co-Chairman of Gift Committee: Track '54, '56: Cross Country '55: junior Varsity Basketball '55: lntramural Athletics ESTHER SEGAL-Homeroom President, 9A, IOB: Vice President, 10.-X: Student Council Alternate: junior Leaders: Y-Teens: College Club: Senior Discussion: Drivers Training Club: Spanish Club: junior Dance: Chorus l: junior Glee Club: Special Dance: Ad- vertising lissay Contest: junior Town Meeting of the Air: Basket- ball '52, 'Sig Volley Ball '52, '5.i: Softball '52, '5.i: Athletic Letter CLASS IRENE MARCIA SEGIEL X Tuns Xi C Xdvintccl lfoots President President rlvpc Club lreasnru Drivers l'rannng, Club: ITA Chtss Club College Club Book Club Lmted Nations Club Orchestra 3 4 5 lrom Committee CoChtnm1n Dramatic English Class: Class Play Cast: Brotherhood Program: Orchestra Concerts: Basketball Championship Team '52: Softball, Yolley Ball, Soccer '52: Athletic Letter: Good Sportsmanship Award - '- ".'Q.'.Xl.".1.' 'z '- ' l: ' JUDY SENKEWITZ-Homeroom President. ltlth Grade: Secre- ' f"' tary, llth Grade: Vice President, 12th Grade: junior Leaders, Vice A:.'. ,. H . T ' fr -X Cam-01 'T' EEST OF L-Vik, to L:PsT1'Cfs, Q . A WILLIAM A. SERVICE-Chess Club: Senior Life Saving: Ad- vanced Mechanical Drawing: Advanced Special Shop GAIL T. SHAPERA-College Club: lf.T.A.: Majorettes: Majorette Programs: Basketball '52 ILENE GAIL SHAPIRO i Librarv Staff, Secretary: Cafeteria Staff: M.M.M.: P.T..-X. Foods Committee: Y-Teens: Manager of Majorettes: Advanced Foods RITA SHAPIRO-Homeroom Foreword Representative, lllth Grade: Student Council: Red Cross Service Club: Hall Patrol: Cafeteria Staff: F.T.A.: College Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: Ad- vanced Foods 69 f ,gf Q SHELDON SHEARER-Homeroczm Secretary, 9B, IOA: President, l2A: Conditioning Club: Spanish Club: Choir 5: Glee Club: En- semble: American Legion, S.A,R. Awards: Choir Programs: Golf '53, '54, '55, '56: Golf Team: City Golf Tournament SIBYL SHEER-Homeroom Library Representative, llA: Student Council, llth Grade: F.T.A.: Cafeteria Staff: Chess Club: Typing Club: Garden and Science Club: College Club: Senior Discussion Club: Fashion Show: Qualitative Analysis Class NATHAN SHERER-Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, 9th Grade: Foreword Representative, llth Grade: Vice President, 12th Grade: Student Council: Key Cluh, President: Chess Club: F.T.A.: Usher Staff: Hall Patrol: Orchestra 3, 4: Band 4, 5: Marching Band: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Choral Speaking Program: Band Programs: Intramural Swimming '53, '54 SUSAN A. SHERIFF-Journal Staff: Student Council: Choir l, 3, 4, 5: Chorale: Ensemble, Oetette: English 9: Choir Programs: WQED Program, Robert Frost: Civic Club Test JACK M. SHIKORA--Homeroom Treasurer, 9th Grade: Camera Club, President: Band 1: Advanced -lewelry: Cross Country '54: ' Intramural Basketball '56 ' MICHEAL E. SHUSTER-Radio Club: Electric Shop, Foreman: mm Homeroom Foreword Representative, 10th Grade jqgiezg BERNARD LOUIS SIEGEL 3 Homeroom President, 9th, llth Grades: Student Council Representative, 10th, 12th Grades: journal Staff: Senior Discussion Club: Chess Club: Slide Rule Club: F.T'.A.: College Club: Orchestra 5: All-City Orchestra: English 9: Qualitative Analysis Class: Spelling Bee: KDKA-TV School of the Air: Orchestra Programs: Civic Club Test: Prom Committee: Intramural Basketball SHERWIN J. SIFF-Homeroom Vice President, 9th Grade: Sec- retary, 10th Grade: Treasurer, llth Grade: Student Council: Class Day Committee: Usher Staff: Projection Club: College Club: Senior Discussion Club: Slide Rule Club: Chess Club: United Nations Club: Band l, 2, 3: Advanced Metal Shop: Advanced Special Shop: Dramatic English Class: Choral Speaking: Class Play Cast: Brotherhood Program: Intramural Basketball: Swim- ming: Volley Ball: Basketball Championship Teams '53-'55 ROCHELLE SIGAL-Square Dance Club: Drivers Training Club: Publicitv Committee: Advanced Art: Journal Art Staff: A.A.A. Safety Poster Local and National Contests, Honorable Mentions JOHN SILASSY-Youth Symphony Orchestra, Librarian: Library ,V Staff: Orchestra 5: Pittsburgh Junior Symphony: All-City Orches- tra: String Ensemble: String Quartette: Chatham Sinfonetta ' ' SHERMA LEE SILVERHART-Hall Patrol: Girls' Y-Teens: Jr. Q ,gl L 5 Life Saving: English 10: T'oday's Business Girls M S GLORIA ANNETTA SIMMONS-Drivers Training Club: Ad- , vanced Sewing: Advanced Jewelry: Basketball Championship '54: ' Hockey Championship '55 70 I P ... ,,,,, ,., .. -V V- . an -vs , :AV -V ,s,Ys -W- JOYCE LYNN SIMON--Ilomeroom Secretary, Itlth Grade: United Nations Club, I'resident: Ifsher Staff, Hall Patrol: Journal Staff: College Club: F.T..X.: Red Cross Council: Intermediate Discussion: Drivers Training Club: Choir 1, 3: Iinglish 9: English 10: Volley Ihll '57 1 ..- SHEILA GALE SINGER -- Red Cross Council: College Club: M.M.M.: Choir I, 4: Glee Club: Advanced .-Xrt: .-Xdvanced Foods: ltetty Crocker Home-Making Test: Basketball '55: Volley Ball '5-I: Jr. Lifesaving S. JAMES SLIVKA4Homcroom Secretary, 9th Grade: Key Club: Conditioning Club: Special Shop, Foreman: J.V. Basketball '5-I. '55, '56: Volley Iiall Champs '5-I: Intramural Swimming Champs '54: Intramural Yollcy Ball '54, '55, '56: Intramural Basketball '54, '55, '56 SHIRLEY SLOME--Hall Patrol: Junior Glee Club: junior Red Cross: Library Staff: F.N.A.: Orchestra 4, 5: English 10 JOHN F. SOLLINGER - Homeroom Foreword Representative: Hall Patrol: Radio Club: Drivers Training Club: Mechanical Drawing: Cross Country '54, '55: Track '55: Intramural Sports '54, '55 BARBARA S. SOLOMON-Student Council Publicity Committee: Junior Glee Club: Service Club: Drivers Training Club: Advanced Clothing: Gregg Typing Award: Red Cross Children's Hospital Project: Basketball Tournament '53 Mia WW afglgbd 99: xfawi " CLASS 1- .L N: A C J .sa - . QS' I HAROLD SOLOMON-Homeroom President, llth Grade: Secre- tary, 10th Grade: College Club: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Choral Speaking: American Automobile .-Xssociation Award: J.V. Basketball '54, '55: Intramural Basketball Champs '56: Swimming Champs '55: Volley Ball Champs '55 HENRY GERALD SOLOMON-Usher Staff: VVood Carving Club: Orchestra 1. 2, 3: VVood Shop, Foreman: Advanced XVood Shop JOHN S. SPEAR-Treasurer of Senior Class: Homeroom Presi- dent, 9-12th Grades: Foreword Representative, 10th Grade: I.ieu- tenant Governor of Pennsylvania District of International Key Club, 10th Grade: Student Council Hospitality Committee, Chairman: News Iiditor of Foreword: Hall Patrol: United Nations Club: Student Council: College Club: F.T.,-X.: Senior Discussion Club: Problems Committee: Choir 5: American l.egion .-Xward: S..-X.R. History Award: Dramatic linglish Class: Class Plav Cast: Civic Club: Pitt Scholarship: Basketball and Volley Ball Intramurals DIANE SPERLING-Homeroom Secretary, 9th, 10th Grades: So- cial Committee: M.M.M.: Recording Secretary: F.T..-X., Correspond- ing Secretary: Hall Patrol: Usher Staff: Cafeteria Staff: Student Council Social Committee: United Nations Club: College Club: F.T.pX.: Intermediate Discussion Club: Gregg Typing Award JAMES SPEVOCK-College Club: Camera Club: Drivers Train- ing Club: Band 4: Golf Team '55: Intramural Basketball '53, '56: Pittsburgh Golf Championship '55 HELEN LOUISE STAHL-German Club, Secretary: Type Club: Drivers Training Club: Choir 5: Chorale: Octet: Quartette 71 'G DONALD W. STEELE-lntermediate Discussion Club: Microscope Club: Conditioning Club: Chess Club: Chorus Z. 3: Intramural i Basketball '54, '55, '56 SHIRLEY ANN STEELE-Today's Business Girls: Library Staff: Senior Drivers Training: American Legion Award: Gregg Typing and Shorthand Award: Basketball '55 GERALD STEIN-Junior and Senior Life Saving: Special Shop, Foreman: Varsity Letter and Certificate: Swimming T'eam '54, '55, '56: Track '56 IRIS SHEILA STEIN-Student Council: Foreword Representative: Hall Patrol: Cafeteria Staff: M.M.M.: Book Club: F.T.A.: United Nations Club: Intermediate and Senior Discussion Clubs: College Club: Advanced Foods: English 10 ANITA STEINBERG-Homeroom Secretary, 9th Grade: Library Representative: Foreword Representative: F.T.A.: College Club: Y-Teens: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Patrol: M.M.M.: Class Day Com- mittee: Advanced Foods: Volley Ball '51-'53: Basketball '52, '53: Soccer '53, '54 EILEEN STEINBERG-Red Cross Club: Library Staff: Garden Club: Drivers Training: F.N.A.: Orchestra 3: Advanced jewelry: English 10 JUNE SHIRLEY STEINBERG-Hall Patrol: A.N.C.: Drivers Training Club: F.N.A.: Today's Business Girls ETHEL ZEE STONE-Usher Staff: Journal Staff: F,T.A.: Junior Red Cross Council: College Club: French Club: Advanced Art: Gregg Typing Award JOHN L. STRAUCH-Senior Class President: Student Council President: Homeroom Secretary, llB: President, IIA: Senior Dis- cussion Club, Attendance Secretary: Student Council Hospitality Committee: Journal Staff: F.T.A.: College Club: French Club: English 9: Delegate to National Convention of Student Councils: American Legion Award: Harvard Book Award: National Merit Scholarship Test: Civic Club Test: Recipient of Pitt Scholarship: Intramural Basketball, Captain '54-'56 MARCIA ANN STRUNK-A.N.C.: Square Dance Club: First Sergeant, Majorettes: Office Work: Advanced Home Economics: Majorette Medal: Basketball '52-'53: Volley Ball, Softball, Hockey '52 CAROLE DIANA SWEENEY-Today's Business Girls: Service Club: Hall Patrol: Advanced Clothing: Fashion Show, 10B-llB: Gregg Typing Award ROBERT STUART TEIFELD-Student Council Representative. IZB: Gift Committee: Camera Club: Projection Club: Slide Rule Club: College Club: Electric Shop Foreman, 10th Grade: Qualita- tive Analysis Class: Varsity Swimming Squad '54-'56 72 SHIRLEY THOMAS-Distributive Education: lintered from All- derdice in 9th Grade from Mifflin LARRY TORIN-Class Day Committee: Foreword Representative: Green Key Club: Biology Club: Chess Club: Band l-5: Marching Band: Orchestra: All-City Band: Brass Quartet: Pennsylvania History Award l .-imma? Cgpwfavf Kjib-f A ORGE LUCAS ROI OS-American Legion Award: lintered Allderdice in 10th Grade from Gladstone junior High DAN VARHOLA-Social Committee: Honieroom Vice President. 9A: President, 10-12th Grades: Green Key Club, Secretary: Key Club: Band 1-5: Varsity Letter '54, '55: junior Varsity Basket- ball '54-'56: Varsity Volley Ball '54, '55: Intramural Softball '52-'53: Intramural Basketball and Volley Ball '52-'55 7vF74,vg,,Q,u 1 MA, O , 'firi- JOANNE HELEN VERBIAR-Service Club: Library Typist: Li- brary Staff: Advanced Art: Gregg Typing and Shorthand Awards CAROL VILLA-Homeroom Treasurer. 9A: Vice President, llB: Secretary. llA: A.N.C., Secretary: Distiibutive lfducation CLASS ILGMARS VILPORS-College Club: Electric Shop Foreman: ln- tramural Basketball '52, '54 MARCELLA WAGELEY fa Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, 10th Grade: Library Representative: Library Staff, President: F.N.A.: A.N.C.: Today's Business Girls. Treasurer: Student Council, Social Committee: Advanced Foods: Softball '53: Basketball '55-'56: Hockey '55-'56 NATALIE ESTELLE WAGNERAForeword Staff: Student Coun- cil Representative: lntermediate and Senior Discussion Clubs: Book Club: United Nations Club: F.'l'..-X.: Chorus 3: Social Committee: Volley Ball '53 NATHANIEL RALPH WAKEFIELD - Chess Club: Advanced Metal Shop: Special Shop: Metal Shop Foreman JAMES NELSON WARD-Cafeteria Staff: Chess Club: United Nations Club: Choir 3, 4, 5: Secretary of A Choir: lfnsemble: Male Quartette: A Choir Soloist: All-City Choir: Mechanical Drawing: A Choir Programs at Radio Station KDKA: TV Station XVQED CHARLES B. WEIN-Homeroom President, 12th Grade: Student Council Representative: Co-Chairman. Class Day Committee: Moderator, Senior Discussion Club: President French Club: jour- nal Staff: Slide Rule Club: College Club: F.T.A.: Student Council Publicity: Chairman Social Committee: Chairman Election Com- mittee: Qualitative Analysis Class: VK'orld Youth Forum: Ameri- can Chemical Society Test: Red Cross Award: ,lunior Town Meet- ing of the Air: VVestinghouse Scholarship Test: Intramural Basket- ball '55 Mikal? M' Ysrmeofcvs www 4 J-ef"Wf. ewwfe f .w Ky 3,49 OVW T, H mia, Lv -q,w,,,J,M WWQM SANDRA WEINBERG - Cafeteria Staff: Hall Patrol: F.T.A.: College Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: Advanced Foods: Gregg Typing Award MILES WEINBERGER-Qualitative Analysis Class RITA MAE WEINSTEIN-Gift Committee, Co-Chairman: Student Council: Hoxneroom Secretary, 12th Grade: F.T.A., Vice President: President of Junior Student Council: Cafeteria Staff: United Na- tions Club: Senior Discussion Club: College Club: Advanced Foods: Dramatic English Class: Class Play Cast: American Legion Award SANFORD MURRAY WEINSTEIN - Prom Committee: United Nations Club, Secretary: College Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: Band 1-S: All-City Band: Marching Band: All-City Or- chestra: Swimming Team: J.V. Basketball: Intramural Basketball Championship '56: All-Citv Music Festival '55, '56 JAMES LEWIS WEISMAN -- Class Day Committee: Key Club, Treasurer: Swimming Team '53-'56: Varsity Intramural Swimming Team, Captain '56: Most Valuable Player Award '56, Swimming: Athletic Award: Intramural Sports. 9th-llth Grades BERNARD LEE WEISS-Social Committee: Green Kev Club: Varsity Club: Band 5: All-City Band: Varsitv Football 154. '55' Homeroom Intramural Basketball Champs '53-'55 JUNE F CAROL RUTH WERLING - Clothing Service Club: Foreword Representative: Hall Patrol: Advanced Clothing: Service Certifi- cate of Merit: Basketball '55 SANDRA VVHEELER-Social Committee: Cafeteria Staff: F.T.A.: College Club: Book Club: United Nations Club: Advanced Foods ANDREW LEE XVHITLEY-Chorus 4: Shop: Hall Patrol: Track '54: Entered Allderdice from Gladstone junior High in 10th Grade BARBARA J. WILLIAMS-Hospitality Committee: F.N.A., Presi- dent: Today's Business Girls: Advanced Clothing: Hockey and Basketball '53: Entered Allderdice in 10th Grade SUE ANN WINTROB-United Nations: College Club: F.T.A.: Intermediate Discussion: M.M.M.: Usher Staff: Hall Patrol: Cafe- teria Staff: Advanced Foods: Betty Crocker Homemaking Contest DAVID WOLK-Prom Committee: Homeroom Vice President and Treasurer, 12th Grade: Intermediate Discussion and Senior Dis- cussion Clubs: Vice Moderator, Senior Discussion Club: Hall Patrol: E Camera Club: Conditioning Club: Slide Rule Club: Band 1, 2, 3. 4, 5: English 10: Gregg Tvping Award. Intramural Softball, Swim- ming '53: Basketball, Volley Ball '30-'56 o 74 4,14 5M "7,M?Z-ga , 22 JOHN HENRY WOOD-Homeroom President, 12th Grade: Sec- retary, llth Grade: Radio Club: Track '5-l: Track and Cross Country '55: Entered from Gladstone junior High in 10B DENNIS WOODS-Radio Club: Mechanical Drawing lll: Electric Shop: lewelry LEROY YAHR--Key Club, Member of Board of Directors: Hall Patrol: Usher Staff: Drivers Club: Metal Shop Foreman ELEANOR YALCH-Foreword Representative: Hall Patrol: To- day's Business Girls: Red Cross Council: Choir 5: Chorale: Quartet JUDITH ANN YANNUZZI-Homeroom Library Representative: pionship Volley Ball '55: Hockey '5-1: Softball '55 Choir 4: Basketball '56: Hockey '55 4j',L-4.4, j JANICE ANN YURCISIN -- Senior Discussion Club: Y-Teens, T'oday's Business Girls: Gregg Shorthand Award: Basketball, Volley Ball '54, '55, '56: Hockey '55: lintered in l0B from Glad stone junior High 41.1 I AURELIA L. ZAVODNICK-Y-Teens: Drivers Training Club 'l'oday's Business Girls: Gregg Typing and Shorthand Awards Basketball, Hockev '54, '55: Softball '54, '56: Volley Ball '55, '56, Athletic Shields: lintered in l0B from Gladstone junior High ELAINE NORMA ZAVOS-Social Committee: Cafeteria Staff! l'.'l'..-X.: Senior and lntermediate Discussion Clubs: Book Club: College Club: Modern Dance: Gregg Typing Awards: National Poster Safety Award: Civic Club Test SARYL ZEGERSON - Class Day Committee: Student Council, Social Connnittee Co-Chairman: junior Leaders, Secretary: Hall Patrol: Dramatic linglish Class: Class Play Cast: College Club: Chorus 1, 3: junior Glee Club: Advanced Clothing: Fashion Show '53, '5-4: English 9: Special Dance: Civic Club Test: Athletic Awards: Volley Ball '51-'56: Basketball, Softball, Soccer '50-'56: Championship Basketball S. DON ZELIGSON-Orchestra 4, 5: All-Citv Orchestra: String Group, A Orchestra: Chess Club: Camera Club: Track Team '56: Cross Country '55: City Cross Country: Intramural Basketball '52-'56, Championship Team '52-'5-4: Tennis '55, '56: junior Varsity Basketball '5-12 Senior Varsity Basketball '55-'56 if 1 RONALD ZIEGLER-Mechanical Drawing 75 Today's Business Girls: Athletic Award: Basketball '53-'55: Cham- FAYE YARCHEVER-Square Dance Club: United Nations Club: "fax: he A mm eeft s rf ' s ' x ka t A W1 sy:-B A' MYRON ZIMMERMAN - Foreword Representative, 9th Grade: Physics Club: Senior Discussion Club: Senior Drivers Club: Or- chestra 3: Metal Shop Foreman: Special Shop: junior Dramatics Club: Pennsylvania VVeek Contest, 5th Place: Intramural Swim- ming '52, '53: Intramural Basketball '52, '56: Intramural Volley Ball and Track '52 RICHARD ALLAN ZIONTS-Class Day Committee: Homeroom President, 9A-IZA: Vice President. IIB: United Nations Club, President: Senior Discussion Club, Moderator: Spanish Club, Vice President: Key Club: Law Club, Vice President: F.T.A.: College Club: Orchestra 1, Z, 3, 4, 5: junior Town Meeting of the Air: Swimming Team, Manager '5Z: Intramural Swimming '52 HERBERT ZOOK-Student Council Representative. l2A: Senior Discussion Club: College Club: Choir 4: English 10: Cross Coun- try '55, '56: Track Team '55, '56: Intramural Basketball '55, '50 THOMAS ZVOCH-Distributive Education Class: Student Council Representative, 12th Grade: Vice President, 9A: Square Dance Club: Special Shop: XN'ood Shop: Machine Shop: Athletic Letter for Swimming TOBY ZYTNICK - M.M.M.: F.T'.fX.: junior Glee Club: Gregg Typing Award JOHN JOSEPH REGETS-Special Shop Foreman JOHN TRAINERslntramural Basketball, Swimming LORRAINE HUGHESfHomebound Student EDWARD GEORGE BERRY-Drivers Club: Special Shop: VVood Shop: Football '53 WILLIAM J. HENNESSEY, JR.-Choir 5: Homeroom Treasurer. 10th Grade: Returned to Allderdice after two years military service GEORGE A. REESE - Veteran, United States Army: Entered from Vlfestingliouse in 123 1 Q" Fic. DS 'Wig "fo ,VV 5 '- ' - I 76 QP ?i i 'H n Q . 1:41 .la T"-f-vw 15 iii ' 'Q-dM,,,.,, I Q, Sk, ' 1 'Z 3: 6 A . as 1 1. I'- My Sister Eileen JUNE CLASS PLAY i nga 78 Ruth Sherwood Eileen Sherwood . Ruth Sherwood Eileen Sherwood Appoplous "The Wreck" Frank Lippincott Chic Clark Helen Helen Violet Shelton Mr. Baker Mr. Sherwood Mrs. Wade Fletcher, 3rd Admiral, Sandhog Drunk, 1st Admiral . Drunk,, 4th Admiral Tenant , . . .. Vendor, 2nd Admiral Consul Jensen, Cossack Lonnigan . 6th Admiral Sth Admiral Prompter Prompter Stage Manager Production Assistant Stage Manager A Hand Props , Stage Props Make-up Costumes Publicity Director , .. ,. Student Director ,. CAST CREW CREW CHIEFS Rita Weinstein Hjudy Senkewitz Arleen Cohen Paula Azen Nathan Shearer David Greenberg , Allan Rashba Paul Panuccio Gloria Levinson Saryl Zegerson Edith Gosztonyi Ronald Benjamin Stanley Gordon Ruth Picovsky Jim Reich ,John Spear . Ivan Gold janet Glazer . Sanford Gold Sanford Marcus Sherwin Siff Harold Solomon Dave Rosenzweig Steve Hoffman ..,.,Maxine Kahn ,. ,Bette Nadel Marcia Levaur ,, . ,Ruth Pincus Dave Rosenzweig ,. ,..,,......,.. Diane Fleishman, Jane Fleishman . , jim Reich . Claire Judd Ruth Pincus Harold Solomon .Miss Edith Finegold Miss Barbara Clark STAGE CREW if . , 5 4 t. ' l- v ' 7 . 1 i 1 ,,' ,",. . fm V., June Class Commencement MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 18, 1956 Processional-Pomp and Circumstance ...,..,......................................,......,..,.........,.....,.. Elgar Orchestra-Mr. Walter Voyvodich, Director Invocation ..,.................... ..,...., ,..........,................,..,.........,..,..,..,,.......... R abbi Aaron B. Ilson Temple Sinai Song of Jupiter ...,............, .,............,.......,....... .,......,,............,.....,..... H a ndel Orchestra Presentation of Flowers .,............,...,..,..,......,,.,,.,......,..., .. .,,............... January Class, 1957 Gerry Ruth Sack, January Frank Ganz, June String Quartet-Allegro Moderato .......... ....,.............,..,......,,...............,........ H aydn john Selassy, First Violin Michael Altman, Viola Gail Kruman, Second Violin Martin Nathan, Cello "THE FOUNDATION OF A STATE IS THE EDUCATION OF ITS YOUTH: TO KNOW SOMETHING, DO SOMETHING, BE SOMETHING" The Allderdice Creed ...,.,.............,.....,......,....... Ralph Rosenthal "To Know" ,................................,......... . .,.........,.,.... Patricia Frank "To Do" .,.......,.........,..... . .,.,...., Richard Berkey "To Be" ...,.... .......,. R uth Ann Amos Salve, Regina ........,..,..,.......................,.........,.............,......,.........,.....,,...........,......... Waddington Black Is the Color of Mv True Love's Ha'ir,. .,,,..,.. , ,....,..., Appalachian Folk Song A Cappella Choir-Mrs. Virginia Lowe, Director Class Gift ........,....,.,........,...................,..,.........,..,...,...................,.........,.,......,..,... june Class, 1955 John Strauch, June Wesley Pickard, January Authorization of Diplomas ,......... ..... .......,...,.,............,..,. .... M r . Haines W. Pullen Director, Section on Secondary Education Presentation of Diplomas ..............................,...........,.........,...,......... Mr. J. D. McClymonds Principal, Taylor Allderdice High School Recessional-March of the Priests from "Athalia" ,,.,.. ,........... ,........,......,, M e ndelssohn Orchestra all TUESDAY EVENING, JUNE 19, 1956 Processional-Pomp and Circumstance. ....,... .. ......................,,.......... ..,......,.,.. E lgar Pomp and Chivalry ,...,,....,.. .. ..,.....,...,.,...,.........,..,......,..,..,.....,......,..,... Roberts Band-Mr. Roy Dietz, Director Invocation .... ,..... ........,,.. ,..... ........... . ...,.....,.........,.,...,.......,.,.... R e v e rend James Arthur Rowan Lincoln Place Presbyterian Church Presentation of Flowers ...,..,.,....,............. .....,..,......,...........,..,,.. J anuary Class, 1957 Edward Jacobson, january John Spear, June Trumpet Trio--Three Syncopators ,..,.........,.........,...,....... . ..,.....,.....,........,........,..,...,..,. Harris Peter Glick Philip Ruben Edward Dektor David Rosenzweig, Accompanist "THE HIGHEST AIM OF EDUCATION IS THE FORMATION OF CHARACTER" Character ..,.....,............,..,..............,......................., Michael Altman Scholarship ,.,..,... ..,....,..........,.........,,................ E dith Gosztonyi Leadership ,...,..., ..... ,..,. S t anley Gordon Service .....,........ ,......... ...,,..,....... ,.........,....,. G l o ria Levinson Clarinet Trio-Gavotte .....,.................,.......................,..,..,........,..,......,.,................,............ Gluck Sanford Weinstein Mark Elovitz Aaron Lupovitch Salve, Regina .....,..........,.........................,...,....... L ..........,........................,..,.............. Waddington Black Is the Color of My T'rue Love's Hair.. ....................... Appalachian Folk Song A Cappella Choir-Mrs. Virginia Lowe, Director Class Gift ......................,.........,..,......,......,......,..,.....,................ . ................,,........ June Class, 1956 David Breakstone, June Frank Lucchino, Januarv Authorization of Diplomas ..,.............,..,.........,,.........,......,..,..,.......... Mr. Haines W. Pullen Director, Section on Secondary Education Presentation of Diplomas ............ .....,.....,.................................. M r. J. D. McClymonds Principal, Taylor Allderdice High School Recessional-Sons of Liberty ...............................................................................,....,..... Buchtel Band 80 The Crystal Ball 0 119 Teacher , , . .. ..,. Mrs. Dorothy J. Meyer President ,e,. ..V, , ,. e..,e.. ,..,. S heldon Shearer Vice President . .. . ,Alma Hahalyak Secretary , ,. ..,... .,r.. , Patricia McKelvey Treasurer .. . .,.....,.,...e...,... .. . Richard Berkey Student Council Representative r .... ,Samuel Kaniiu Foreword Representative. ., ..,, ...i,.i,.....,.......,.. ......... tj c mlm Sollinger First Row-Sandra Deakter, Alma Hahalyak, Judy Berkowitz, Lois Kaufman, Patricia McKe1vey, Samuel Kamin, Russell Freeman, M. Richard Landy, Natalie Kamins, Thomas Reich Second Row-Shirley Lavelle, Joan Kmetz, Margaret Hahalyak, Barbara Knoerl, Janice Ann Yurcisin, Aurelia Zavodnick, Frances Lawson, Patricia Miller, Carole Kaufman, Helen Minnican, Judy Levine, Mrs. Meyers Third Row--Virginia Kernohan, Philip McMurtry, Sheldon Shearer, Howard Foss, Harry Colbert, Martin Nathan, Donald Steele, David Ostrow. Jack Cooperman, John Sollinger, Judy Schoenberg As we enter Room ll9, we find ourselves mysteriously hushed. After we have been seated in a circle, the lights are dimmed. Our Medium, Mrs. Meyer, is standing before a table placed in the middle. Listen, as she speaks, "Come, oh. Swami! I-larlcen unto our request-our future reveal." The Crystal Ball clouds up, then slowly clears, casting an eerie light on us. The seance has begun. DICK ISERKEY Present: Outstanding author in Creative Nvriting Future: XVinner of the Pulitzer Prize for "Acme" Philosophy: "The pen is mightier than the sword." ,IUDY BERKOWITZ Present: Our "Mama," solving all our problems Future: Psychology major. solving her own problems Philosophy: "Thou ever my guide, philosopher, and friend." ED BERRY Present: The boy with a thousand and one jokes Future: Chief carpenter of a construction company l'hilosophy: "Few things are impossible to diligence and skill." HARRY COLBERT . Present: .X happy-go-lucky fellow ' Future: .X happy-go-lucky, we hope. .hir Force Sergeant ' Philosophy: "A merry heart goes all the day." XM, VJ 81 oi .fr Tram fc JACK CGOPERMAN Present: Baritone in A Cappella Choir Future: Prodigy of James Melton Philosophy: "A song is more lasting than the riches of the world." SANDY DEAKTER Present: Shining star of Special Dance Future: Pri-ma Ballerina of Sadler Wells Philosophy: "As full of spirit as the month of May." ELIOTHFLITMAN Present: "Dennis the Menace" of 119 Future: Mischievous nephew of Uncle Sam Philosophy: "Slave to no sect." HOWARD FOSS Present: "johnny come lately" Future: Electrical engineer-clock timer-at General Electric Philosophy: "Better late than never." RUSSELL FREEMAN Present: Possessor of a jovial sense of humor Future: ll9's answer to Sergeant Bilko Philosophy: "Thou best humored man." ALMA HAHALYAK Present: Recording Secretary of Student Council Future: Court Secretary Philosophy: "VVhilst I live, let me not live in vain." PEGGY HAHALYAK Present: Capable member of Service Club Future: Capable secretary for U. S. Steel Philosophy: "To live every minute of every dayf, SAM KAMIN Present: Active worker in Green Key Future: President of construction company Philosophy: "Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more." NATALIE KAMINS Present: Miss Zeigler's little helper Future: Perle Mesta's personal secretary Philosophy: "VVhere there's a girl, there's a boy." CAROLE KAUFMAN Present: The girl who leaves her house at 8:40 and is always on time Future: Interior Decorator in the Sunny South Philosophy: "Charm is the measure of attraction's power." LOIS KAUFMAN Present: A Merry Medical Maiden Future: Superintendent of Nurses at Montefiore Hospital Philosophy: "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away." GINNY KERNOHAN Present: An efficient worker in the office Future: Mr. McClymond's personal secretary Phil-osophy: "VVhatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well." 82 BAILLEE KLECKNER Present: Alert -member of the Usher Staff Future: A credit to the teaching profession Philosophy: "Act well your part." JOAN KMETZ Present: Perf member of Cafeteria Staff Future: Cute Airline Hostess Philosophy: "Good things come in small packages." BARBARA KNOERL Present: The girl with a million dollar smile Future: An authority on how to win friends and influence peoplx Philosophy: "To err is human: to forgive, divine." RICKY LANDY Present: The center of attention with his camera Future: Successor to Cecil B. DeMille Philosophy: "A lion among ladies is a dreadful thing." FRAN LAWSON Present: A quiet sweet miss Future: Excellent secretary using a noiseless typewriter Philosophy: "Silence is golden." SHIRLEY LAVELLE Present: Runner-up as a sweet quiet miss Future: Winner as a top secretary of Pittsburgh Philosophy: "Her silence is wonderful to listen to." JUDY LEVINE Present: Treasurer of Future Teachers of America Future: Competent budget-keeper of a household Philosophy: "A penny saved is a penny earned." CHRISTY MANTZAVINGS Present: jovial carefree guy Future: Successful retail purchaser Philosophy: "Nothing succeeds like success." PAT McKELVEY Present: Our trustworthy minute taker Future: An executive's trustworthy letter taker Philosophy: "Good sense is the gift of heaven." PHIL McMURTRY Present: A quiet likeable fellow, always printing away Future: Manager of his printing firm Philosophy: "In quiet and confidence shall be your strength." PAT MILLER Present: Hard-working artist for the Journal Staff Future: Hard-working illustrator for children's books Philosophy: "Wise to resolve and patient to perform." HELEN MINNICAN Present: Industri-ous Captain of the Cafeteria Staff Future: The head waitress at Lincly's Philosophy: "Don't cry over spilt milk." 83 MARTIN NATHAN Present: Our loveable manager of Bake Sales Future: Pharmacist selling baked goods on the side Philosophy: "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." DAVID OSTROW Present: Commentating Chairman of Current Events Future: Adversary of Edward R. Murrow Philosophy: "Never believe rumors." THOMAS REICH Present: Radical political fiend Future: Mud-slinging politician Philosophy: "I have nothing to declare except my genius." JUDY SCHOENYBERG Present: The girl sporting an envious sun-tan Future: Beach-girl at a Miami Beach Hotel Philosophy: "From grave to gay, from lively to severe." SHELDON SHEARER Present: Our congenial president Future 1 A famous lawyer for the President of the U. S. Philosophy: "That load is light which is cheerfulf' JOHN SOLLINGER Present: Persistent money collector for the Foreword Future: Successful mechanical engineer Philosophy: "Diligence is the mother of good fortune." DONALD STEELE Present: Proud owner of a station wagon Future: Proud president of General Motors Philosophy: "All mankind loves a lover." JANICE YURCISIN Present: A sweet and lovable girl Future : A sweet and lovable secretary Philosophy: "Nothing is impossible to the willing heart." AURELIA ZAVODNICK Present: Possessing a magnetic personality Future: An executive's girl Friday Philosophy: "Live every day as if it were your last." S is for E is for N is for I is for O is for R is for SENIOR that certain happy Spirit that all of them possess. the Effort that they put forth being best. the Notables that all of them are. their initiative, for certain they'll go far. the oodles and oodles of fun they had this year. the many wonderful remembrances that they left here Put this altogether and Seniorls what you've got: And without saying more, you know this bunch is at the top 84 as Q Q. QQ, 7 .al 3' A v ' 3' "" "' 5572? .1 4' 1 1' f President ....,..., Vice President The 220 Limited . . M1chael Kranack Rudy Molnar Secretary .,.e........,...e..,e,..,,.,,,4 .ee..., H elen Fitzurka Foreword Representative ,. ..,. . Student Council Representative .,.,.,. .....,.. . . ...,...,,. ,.... , . Ruth Ann Amos ........,..Joyce Hall This fine train will soon pull away from the station, just look at those folks, they're the best in the nation, With laurels so great, that we all do insist, That you take a look at its passenger list. First Row-Sandra Kaufman, Stephanie Kovacs, Marlene Kovacs, Rudy Molnar, Michael Kranack, Helen Fitzurka, Joyce Hall, Ruth Picovsky, Myrna Nevins, Sherma Silverhart Second Row-Terry Boyd, William Homa. James Schusler, Barbara Solomon, Margery Devlin, Carol Marsh, Carol Werling, Joyce Simon, Judy Black, Ilene Demor, Dixie Hartlep, Mrs. Frain Third Row-Victor Lapaglia, Bernard Dupee, Ronald Babash, Larry Kiesling, Michael Koschick, Ilgmars Vilpors, Michael Shuster, David Simmons THE ELITE MRS. FRAIN MICHAEL ICRANACK RUDY MiDI.NAR HELEN FITZURKA RUTH ANN Amos DTOYCE HALL RUTH P1covsKY JOYCE SIMON LARRY KEISLING The First Lady, now, is just boarding the train, lVhy look who it isg it's our own Mrs. Frain. This efficient accountant is surely not lax, For he is the one who collects income tax. From buses to cars, he knows all of them, So well that he's now the head of GM, As a secretary, she is supremeg To any fine boss, she would be a dream. This fashion consultant is a success in her work, From Hollywood to the streets of New York. This clever young miss is surely no novice: She'd be most at home in any fine office. This physician of fame with her honors unfurled, ls the Doctor Kildare of the feminine world. This authoress of note now has stars in her eyes, lfor she has just won the famed Nobel Prize. A great engineer-that is his station, lVith ideas unbound, he's swept the nation. 86 BARBARA SOLOMON THOMAS TSLES MYRNA NEVINS CAROL NASSAU JAMES SCIIUSLER MARLENE KovAcs JANET KOVACS DIXIE LEE HARTLEP SHERMA SILVERHART MIKE Koscmx MICHAEL SHUSTER ILGMARS VILPORS SANDRA KAUFMANN BERNIE DUPEE MARGIE DEVLIN EILEEN DEMOR CAROL MARSH CAROL WERLING JUDY BLACK TERRY BOYD VICTOR LAPAGLIA RONALD BARASIAI BILL HOMA DAVID SIMMONS "Whilst I This cute little miss with a smile so serene, Does the best steno job that has ever been seen. This man of distinction has gained quite great fame All people in business have heard of his name. These women of fashion with qualities high, Model the clothes which all women buy. This comedian is always on the go, Right now he is starting a new TV show. The business world has a bright new sheen, Since we introduced this cute sister teanI. This singing star of great renown Has made a hit all over town. Our little accountant, with manner so nice, At just any task, is quite sure to suffice. This master of strategy's right on the beam, Because he's the coach of a pro-football team. These electrical wizards of world-wide fame, Have nIade tlIeir fine products a new household name In the class that she teaches, it IS a good bet, That everyone tries to be this teacher's pet. This snappy young fellow, and his quartet grand, Sell millions of records by public demand. Many firms have their Offices graced With these petite women whom Allderdice ln trusted positions, with credits so high, T O which their employers all testify. placed She designs dresses for all the elite, Her many ideas are quite hard to beat. This fellow has had an outstanding career, VV ith the Army from France to the coast of Tangier This great race car driver has won great fame, He's the best that there is at this dangerous game. Great masters of business, and what's even more, III every city they own a department store. This great inventor, with ideas grand, Has spread his promotions throughout all the land. LET THESE BE OUR MOTTOS live, let me not live in vain." "Skill to do comes of doing." "Many receive advice, but only the wise profit by it." "That load becomes light which is cheerfully borne." "TO err is human, to forgive divine." "You cannot climb a ladder by pushing others down." "Peace at any price." 87 First Row-jean Feldstein, Linda Baraff, Annette Berkowitz, Doris Bain Second Row-Thelma Amdur, Mary Ann Chernoff, Ruth Ann Allen, Gloria Sciulli, David Breakstone, Herbert Blitzstein, Nancy Fox, Pauline Covel,. Stephanie Kovacs Third Row-Paul Schwartz, Joyce Barnett, Charles Buerger. Lenore Balsam, Virginia Caliguiri, Myron Bernstein, Allan Rashba, Linda Irwin, Rhea Breitbard, Mr. Miller Fourth Row-George Troianos, Sidney Caplan, Dennis Woods, Herb Zook, Stephen Hol- stein, Ralph Rosenthal, Preston Ginsburg Ghost Town of 31 Teacher. ,,Mr. Donald G. Miller President . . . . . . Lenore Balsam Vice President ., .... Gloria Sciulli Secretary , .,., ,. ., ,, .. , Stephanie Kovacs Treasurer . ,, . .... .. .. ,. ., .Charles Buerger Student Council Representative Ruth Allen Social Chairinan. ,.,,. ., ., , , ...,,.. ....... . ,. ..... . . . Sidney Caplan Ghost towns are the statues of the golden lVest, Dead reminders of those that failed 'llllllC'5 harsh test. Most people believe these towns are all gone, But twenty-nine seniors claim that one still lives on. Revived is the happy spirit of old, lVhen settlers rushed westward in search of gold. Come visit awhile-just say "Hello" To these seniors of 312 in the gay long ago. Mayor "Cookie" Balsam is leader of our town' Smart, sweet, and wittyfa citizen of renown. v Slwriff Gloria Sfizflfi is the best that Ghost Town's had: Her smile and wonderful singing make jail seem not so bad, Deputy Herb Blitzstein is everyone's best friend: Upon Herbie's ready humor, we always do depend. Clzflmfomawz Joyce Barnett is always very active: You will always recognize this citizen because she is attractive. Senator Herb Zook, although with us just a year, Has shown leadership and wisdom without a single peer. 88 Congressman Donald Bloom is our ablest politician, Brains, reserve, and tact are his, plus kindly erudition. Banker Charlie Buerger handles high financeg With him our town's economy is safe at just a glance. Postmaster Dennis Woods handles all our mailg With him in charge of letters, deliveries never fail. J Principal Steffie Kovacs is head of Ghost Town High Intelligent, pleasant-on her all can rely. Teacher Doris Bain is the smartest gal of allg The children love school-this shows she's on the ball. Doctor Ralph Rosenthal can cure just all the illsg It just takes a handful of his multi-colored pills. Lawyer Paul Schwartz has wisdom and a golden tongueg This able legal eagle puts outlaws on the run. Editor Dave Breakstone, publisher of the Ghost Town Gazette, Specializes in pseudonyms and dry humorg hasn't missed a deadl Nurse "Sissy" Berkowitz is as kind as she can be: She'll do almost anything but sit on a patient's knee. Druggist Preston Ginsburg is our pharmaceutical chemistg With all his magic cures, he's high on the medicine man's list. Builder Myron Bernstein has constructed most of the towng Among Western contractors he wears the regal crown. Librarian Linda Irvin is head of the Ghost Town branchg Clever and well-read, she prefers her books to a ranch. Secretary Virginia Caliguiri, at typing and dictation's the bestg Her ability and dependability put her far above the rest. Ladies' Club President Nancy Fox really is a pipg Wise, cute, and efficient, she wields the executive whip. Designer Mary Ann Chernoff is Ghost Town's Diorg With her trends, ideas, and fashions, she has followers galore. Dress Store Owner Ruthie Allen stocks all the latest gownsg The customers say her taste and ideas know no mortal bounds. Best Dressed Pauline Covel is fashionably "correct"g English shoes and French hairdos are just what we expect. Beauty Salon Owner Linda Baraff can rightly boastg For with Ghost Town women she really is the "n1ost." Model Thelma Amdur is the homet-own beauty queeng ine ye When bachelors talk of marriage, we know of whom they mean. Dancer lean Feldstein is tops in the town ballet: Teaching, practicing, performing are part -of her busy day. Actress Rhea Breitbard, star of the Ghost Town stageg Broadway can have their Bernhardt, Rhea is our own "rage," 89 Storeleeeper George Troianos has foods for one and all, Happy, friendly, generous, he's at our beck and call. Rancher Joel Charach has the best "spread" in the state, His "savvy," pep, and drive really have made him rate. Hotehnan Sidney Caplan is the nicest guy in towng Even when the hotel's filled, he won't turn a stranger down. Bandleader Steve Holstein leads the Ghost Town Band, In a bright red coat, leading happy notes. we're glad Steve's on hand. Marshall Allan Rashba draws the fastest gun in thc Westg Fearless, brave, dependable-among lawmen he's the best. The sun slowly sinks in the red Western sky. We hope that you now know why VVe think our mythical town's the best, Join us, won't you ?-Make-believe tops the rest. QUAM DIU? for When Does the Bell Ring?J I come to school Thus I sit in my classes Five minutes late and whip up the stair And watch my watch and watching I get to my chair My watch Where I canit help but botch I'm hzfnded a late slip, My classes: VVhich I put into my purse thus mak- VVhich reminds me of a joke ing it worseg As I look at the clock l've missed the Bible, "Time will pass-will you?" l'm liable No, fo fall homemom' But 1 watch the clock Then starts the day- And I've made it a science to I might go to Latin to learn conjuga- Vilatch that applianceg tions And I've sweat through the day Or government stations or For what 3:05 brings. Relations The final bell rings, About which I know nothingg, And I run home But I'm quite good at bluffing Ifive minutes late Such things For the dinner bell. And then the bell ringsg VVell, , , b ' ll ' . Or perhaps in choir It egms a mer I sit and make sounds- This astounds Ifor I can't sing a note And what comes from my throat IS11,t music Which makes everyone yell VVhile I wait for the bell. 90 Math Review of 313 First Row-Phyllis Sarkin, Faye Yarchever, Sheila Singer, Elaine Zavos Second Row-Diane Livstone, Angel Lennex, Carol Kranack, Norman Roth, Dan Varhola, David Wolk, Gail Kruman, Carolyn Gardner, Nancy Gregory Third Row-Ilene Shapiro, Joanne Verbiar, Ruth Finkelstein, Rochelle Sigal, Lawrence jubelirer, Philip Ruben, Burton Bogdan, Miles Weinberger, Cecelia Genes, James Ward Fourth Row-Carl Janavitz, Manfred Gabler, Marcia Rubinoff, Barbara Myers, Joseph Landau, Clifford Hines, Irwin Goldston, Janet Glazer, Ronald Ziegler, James Hubbard THFOREM : A Therefore proposition to lze proved hy a chain .if reasoning. 313 : ONE TERRIFIL' HOMEROOM. PERSON-ALITY Miss Alice L. Phipps Burt Bogdan Ruth Finkelstein Manny Gabler Carolyn Gardner Celia Genes janet Glazer Irwin Goldston Nancy Gregory Clifford Hines james Hubbard Carl janavitz Larry jubelirer Carol Kranack Gail Kruman Joseph Landau Our Guiding Star these past four years. This musician is New Kensington's loss, Allderdice's gain. Charming girl: ever-watchful guardian of the halls. Effervescent: always ready with a cheer. Friendly and charming: a smile for all. Peppy: full of fun. Talented actress: cafeteria bus-girl in her spare 4th periods. .-Xble shop foreman: guards attendance sheet enroute to office. Graceful skater: brings sweetness and light wherever she goes. lVorthy addition to any class: skillful shop foreman. Rugged outdoorsfman: always good company. "Hot" drummer: full of rhythm and pep. Capable and well liked: "VVith a song in his heart." Illustrator for this famous annual: finds time for many sports. Our capable secretary: a sports-minded, violin virtuoso. Our representative to governing body: analytical genius of Qual class. 92 PERSON-ALITY Angel Lennex Really lives up to her name: adds a heavenly touch to choir. Diane Livstone Matchless master of .musical artsg accomplishments un- paralleled. Barbara Myers Vigilance on hall patrol unexcelledg voice adds much to choir. Norman Roth Philip Ruben Marcia Rubinoff Phyllis Sarkin Ilene Shapiro Rochelle Sigal Sheila Singer john Trainer Dan Varhola joan Verbiar james Ward Miles Weinberger David Wolk Faye Yarchever Elaine Zavos Ronald Ziegler Our popular veepg executive ability always available. Harclworking newsboyg trumpeter in famous marching band. Pretty cheerleader: lots of vitality. Administers cheer in medical roomg pert lunchroom assistant. Vivacious redhead: efficient manager of our baton twirlers. Adroit artist: always takes a front seat. Sweet life-saver: pleasant disposition. New addition to our class: quite a likeable guy. Our accomplished Prexyg leadership shown in class and on basketball floor. Sparkling personality: endowed artist. Engaging choir memberg quite a nice guy. Hard-working member of Qual: always has a friendly word for everyone. Our Chancellor of the Exchequer: his wit is unsur- passed. Zestful square clancerg always bubbling over with merri- ment. An energetic lass: elegant exponent of modern dance. Competent draftsmang "draws" friends wherever he goes. 313 :ONE TERRIFIC HQMEROOM, as proved above. Q. E. D. CLASS OFFICERS Teacher ..,,,...,... .....,....,.,....,..,.......,. ................ lv I iss Alice L. Phipps President. ........... .....,.,,...,........,............,........,................ D an Varhola Vice President ......., ....,.. N orman Roth Secretary ..........,...,,...,.....,..,.,.,...,..., .,..... G ail Kruman Treasurer ........,...........,.,.........,........... .........., D avid Wolk Student Council Representative ,...,... ........ J oseph Landau Foreword Representative .............. ...,..,..,. P hilip Ruben 93 Bi Top 314 Teacher. .....A,.,., .. . .. ,.,. ...Dr. Ann Quattrocchi President ,.....,.,. ,..,,., Ronald Benjamin Vice President .,... ...,.. N orman Azinger Secretary .4.......,...,. .. ...... ,..... P atricia Frank Treasurer .,..... ....,.,..,..,......... .r,..r..,.. ..,.. I I e nry Dubbs Student Council Representative . . .,,.,.. Hvlohn Strauch Foreword Representative ....... .,i.. . . ,.,. . ...,. .. .. . Barbara Friedlancl First Row-Barbara Friedland, Patricia Knight, Patricia Frank, Ruth Nachman Second Row-Amy Gibbard, Marlene Foreman, Henry Dubbs, John Strauch, Ronald Benjamin, Norman Azinger, Jean Kusko, Mary Gesky, Lorraine Bakanic Third Row-Stanley Harris, Margaret Kirk, Paula Azen, Judy Blumenstein, Arleen Cohen, Bette Nadel, Gail Freedman, Ruth Pincus, Sandra Reiner, Mitzi DeBroff, Harold Rubenstein, Morton Gulak Fourth Row-Frank Gansz, Robert Graham, Marvin Fein, Gilbert Friedland, Hershel Sacks, John Silassy, Ronald Rubenstein, Melvin Bergstein The circus has come, the show's in town, And all the folks are going down To the vacant lot near the railroad tracks To pay their dime to see the acts. And there they'll find the painted clowns. A man who lifts three hundred pounds, A trapeze artist who hangs hy his toes. And a seal with a hall atop his nose. An aerial act on a platform tall, Towering giants and midgets small. And that's not all you have in store: Besides those acts we've many more. So hurry folks, step right this way. A dime is all you have to pay To see the acts and hear the roar Of the crowd in Big Top Three-One-Four. 94 To run our circus and keep it in key We have the one and only, DR. QUATTROCCHI. Guaranteeing you'll have a wonderful time, Treasurer HENRY DUBBS has tickets for a dime. Trying to get the crowd to enter and to pay, Barker JOHN STRAUCH shouts, "Hurry, right this way !l! Entering spectators are sold a program By MELVIN BERGSTEIN, a top-notch salesman. The tents and buildings which stand tall and erect Are the work of MORTON GULAK, the famous architect. Eventually the big top was erected at last, But engineer GILBERT FRIEDMAN had it done mighty fast. Directing this and that at the show tonight Manager, ARLENE COHEN, does everything just right. In the circus band, plucking banjo strings. NORMAN AZINGER plays while the whole crowd sings. Right beside him in the very first row Sits JOHN SILASSY with his violin and bow. The show's about to start, the lights grow dim, And PATTY FRANK begins to sing our national hymn. BETTE NADEL, in a voice both loud and clear, Announces the acts for all to hear. In her suit of blue, with shining gold braid, WAVE PATTY KNIGHT leads the opening parade. Stepping trimly and smartly in time with the band, Follows Majorette MARLENE FOREMAN, baton in her hand. Pretty and blonde, and mighty keen, JEAN KUsK0 reigns as our circus queen. With a beautiful gown, and flower-laden, LORRAINE BAKANIC is the queen's first maiden. Another cute attendant has the blonde queen, And this lovely lady's name is JUDY BLUMENSTEIN. In a pool of sparkling water in the center of the ring, Swims skillful ROBERT GRAHAM, our show's Aqua King. Look at our strong man, athlete FRANK GANSZ, Who'll bend a steel bar with only bare hands. Animal trainer, HERSHEL SAcKs, has labored many months To put his well-trained animals through their tricks and stunts Aerialist, GAIL FREEDMAN, is, we've found. As high in personality as she is off the ground. We marvel at the skill of charming PEGGY KIRK, VVho is billed as the fastest typist at work. 95 There's the circus tall man, well over six feetg At -basketball STANLEY HARRIS just can't be beat. Guaranteed to erase even the most sulky frown Is HAROLD RUBENSTEIN, our good-natured clown. Performing her tricks on a trapeze high, Pretty BARBARA FRIEDLAND makes the audience sigh. There to catch her as she flies through the air Is her partner, RoNALD RUBENSTEIN, a performer rare. The acrobats are protected in case of a fall, For Doctor RONALD BENJAMIN is ready on call. Assisting the doctor in his work tonight Is nurse AMY GIBBARD, in her trim suit of white. Seated in a box in the first or second row, MARVIN FEIN, a famous lawyer, is thrilling to the show. Also in the crowd is a psychologist of fame, Quite a pretty doctor, too, PAULA AZEN is her name. WILLIAM HENNESSEY, the industrialist. has somehow found a way To squeeze some time to watch the show in his busy day. Ready and waiting beside Mr. Hennessey Is his competent secretary, MARY GESKY. At the circus big top, too, is teacher SANDRA REINER. In the grandstand with her students is where you'll find her. Also watching the ring where performs the main feature, We find Miss RUTH NACHMAN, another school teacher. There to watch the show and to write up her review, Is critic RUTH PINCUS, a famous novelist, too. The stakes come out, the canvas falls, No more are heard the barker's callsg No more are the acts, no more is the roar . . No more is the Big Top Three-One-Four. MOMENTS TO REMEMBER Those riotous Class Play rehearsals . . . The mobs in the Cafeteria on Turkey Treat Day . . . The hundreds of extra tests inflicted on our helpless high honor students- and the inferiori-ty complexes that resulted . . . The quiet of the halls when classes were in session-until the seniors came on the scene . . . The quantities of potato chips consumed at night Journal meetings . . . The crowds at the football games . . . The frantic rush to meet those deadlines-Foreword, Journal, and senior theme . . . The trek library-ward with the "Riddle Special" . . . The first "AU in chemistryQ???j . . . The fabulous senior affairs . . . We will have these moments to remember! 96 --lx The Search for -il- Bridget 0'Malley in 358 Teacher ,A,. . ,., ...,.A..... .....,.4,,..... M i ss Leila H. Rupp President ...,,. .. .. ............... Charles Wein Vice President ...,. ,........,.... W alter Scott Secretary .. .l... .,,... . .. ,..,..,.l........... ,.,,.... H arriet Schilit Treasurer . .,.,l .. .. ..,... ..... ....,.,..,...... ....... M e l vin Ramey Student Council Representative .r... ..... B ernard Siegel Student Council .Alternate ,,.,,.... l...... A nnette Roscow Foreword Representative ,. ...,...,... ..,..... M urray Chass As we look into the past, We see a darkening shadow cast a deep, mysterious spell. By traveling the path of regression, Our class will teach an historical lesson. Led by Miss Rupp at the setting sung A former incarnation for everyone. Miss Rupp: "Let nie take you to times so real Your former self you will reveal. Watch the candle's dying flame Each, in turn, disclose his name." Eleanor Becker: "I was Martha Washington." Fair Martha was she, first lady of the land, Although today she keeps the books, she lived in manor grand. Andrey Camins: "I was Marie Antoinette." As Marie Antoinette her hair style was a shockerg Today her squeegee's in everyone's locker. Murray Chass: "I was Horace Greeley." Like Horace Greeley he's a journalist's findg He writes interesting columns of every kind. Jill Fine: "I was Josephine Bonaparte." She inspired Napoleon's every campaign, For she was the world-famed grande dame. Saralee Finernan: "I was Frances Wright." She was the leader in human rights, Her constructive ideas led the fights. Richard Hayden: "I was Richard Halliburton." Famed Mr. Halliburton traveled wide and farg Someday Richie will have been the first to swim to Gibraltar. Herbert Halsband: "I was Will Rogers." Like Will Rogers I entertain With warm-hearted wit in the lightest vein. Allan John: "I was Long John Silver." He, too, is looking for a treasure, And with his hands he'll gain it in greater measure. Judy Mainzer: "I was Jane Addams." Like jane Addams she wishes to aid All mankind so progress can be made. 97 Alan Nathenson: "I was Thomas Edison." As Tom he received the urge to do Experiments varied on ideas so new .Maxine Ncwlzousez "I was joan of Arc." lfVe liken Max to -loan of Arc For she is the one with the leader's spark. Alan Parker: "I was Beau Brummellf' Beau Brummell set the pace for the men of his Like our Alan and his Ivy League line. Karen Parker: "I was Helen of Troy." Yes, Karen was Helen of Troy, The target of glances from every boy. Jael Platt: "I was Babe Ruth." "I-li! Sultan of Swat" to him people call, "You have a great future in professional ball." Melvin Rainey: "I was Sir Lancelot." He was a knight, gallant and boldg The fate of the game in his hands he will hold. Julia Reed: "I was Florence Nightingale." To the sick and needy a welcome sight, To aid them in escaping their plight. Annette Roscowz "I was Abigail Adams." She was Abigail Adams, a hostess renown, Vivacious and sprightly, the belle of the town. Da-'vid Rosenzweig: "I was Enrico Caruso." He's a modern Caruso whose magnificent voice Will always be every critic's choice. Helen Roth: "I was Queen Victoria." Like this famous queen, mighty and strong, She was the friend of the following throng. Dick Rothenstein: "I was Knute Rocknef' As this man of athletic fame, To be a great athlete is still my aim. David Rota: "I was Henry Fordf' Dave finds himself to have been Henry Ford, Skilled with his hands-money's great lord. Harriet Schilit: "I was Harriet Beecher Stowe." time A freedom loving girl who fought with the word, ' Believed the pen mightier than the sword. Richard Schncker: "I was John D. Rockefeller" Like John D., Iill rocket to fame With a chain of hotels under my name. Walter Scott: "I was Lord Chesterfield." I was an expert on manners and etiquette, And the fashion-plate of the royal set. Irene Segiel: "I was Hattie Carnegie." Hattie Carnegie's clothes have paved the way, For the hair styles I'1l set someday. 98 First Row-Helen Gail Roth, Saralee Finernan Second Row-Gloria Simmons, Eleanor Becker, Melvin Ramey, Harriet Schilit, Charles Wein, Walter Scott, Judy Mainzer, jill Fine, Marcia Strunk Third Row-David Rotz, Shirley Steinberg, Irene Segiel, Susan Sheriff, Annette Roscow, Karen Parker, Audrey Camins, Gerald Stein, jack Shikora, David Rosenzweig, Herbert Halsband Fourth Row-Murray Chass, Alan Nathenson, Bernard Siegel, Alan Parker, Leroy Yahr, Richard Schucker, William Service, james Ross, Allan John, Richard Hayden ll'1'll1'11111 .S'1'1'1'i1'1': "I was DI. I'. KIm'gai1." Yes, bl. I'. Morgan was ni hanking fame! 'lb follow him in liusiness is my aim. 511.91111 5l11'1'iff: "I was .Ienny Lind." She started her career in choir "A," Destinecl to sing to the worlcl sunleclay. Jurk Slzikfmruz "I was Reinlmrancltf' I,ike Remlrranclt his aesthetic sense linlianees the wurlcl and Imrings reeuinpeilse. H1'r11111'11 .S'1'r'5f11I: "I was .Xlhert Iiinsteinf' They laugh at his theories ancl ealeulatinns, lint sown he'II Imeennie the liest ui all nations. Gluricz S11111111111.v: "I was Susan Il. .Xntlimiy." lim' she was a leader in wun1en's rights, lN'ith an agile mmcl which suarecl to great heights. G1'1'11l1l .S'I1'i11: "I was Ilaniel Hootie." Ifxpliwiiig ancl hunting were his claims tu fame: 'I'urIay you can't pinssihly heat his game. .S'l11'1'l1'y .S'l1'1'11l11'1'g: "I was Clara Barton." I.ike that famous nurse who enrecl in Imygone days. In caring Im' the ill, she'II try tu win praise. .'Iltll'l'ltI Sl1'11111.': "I was Ilolly Madison." Marcia. like Dolly, is so pert and cute. lX'ill remain in histury!a welcome trihnte. C'l1111'l1'.v lI't'liIII "I was XYilliam .Iennings l4rya1i." I.ike another staunch llemuerat this "Peerless I.eacIer will stancl ,'Xiii1ni,g5 the top niiteh urators tlimiigliuiit this land. l,1'1'u'v l'11l11': "I was ,lohn XY2lllZllll1lIil'l'.H I nsecl my talent tn rlevelnp retail tramlei .-Xwe-inspirecl they luuk at me as one who macle the grade, 99 o -Candidates of 364 T- Teachei ',.. .i . i Miss Helen Gorman President .. . . ..,.... Richard Zionts Vice President ., ,. ,..., ....i, C iloria Levinson Treasurer ,. ,. ..... ....,, . ...,.,...i.. ..........,.,...,... i , .i,,..,., S andra Pugh Student Council Representative ,....,i,.......... ,...,.., Edith Gosztonyi Alternate Student Council Representative .. ..,.,.,..... Paul Pannuccio Foreword Representative .,...,.,,..,,.....,.,.,.. ,....,....,.......,.i D orothy Gerstmeyer First Row-Sanford Weinstein, Natalie Wagner, Sanford Gold, Sandra Pugh, Gloria Levinson, Richard Zionts, Dorothy Gerstmeyer, Nancy Kronket, Jacqueline Kostrub Second Row-Miss Gorman, .Rita Shapira, Shirley Slome, Eileen Steinberg, Laconnie Drake, Judy Ryabik, Dorothy Morris, Jae Brown, Barbara Moll, Edith Gosztonyi, Eugene LaFace Third Row-Aaron Lupovitch, Harold Solomon, James Spevak, David Greenberg, George Kalinsky, David Goff, Paul Foreman, Stanley Gordon, Edward Dektor, Paul Panuccio When the Graduation Party went to the polls to elect candidates for the November elections, all candidates chosen were citizens of 364, The Intramural Basketball State. The following candidates will appear on the election ballots . . . Candidate for: President of the United States-RICHARD ZIONTS Qualifications: President of 364: Moderator of Senior Discussion Club Secretary of State-DAVID GREENBERG Qualifications: Diplomacy and a winning smile Treasurer of the United States-SANDRA PUGH Qualification: Treasurer of 364 United States Senator-EDITH GOSZTONYI Qualifications: Active member and secretary of Student Council Attorney General of the United States-SANFORD GOLD Qualification: Outstanding speech student United States Tax Collector-DOROTHY GERSTMEYER Qualification: Competent Foreword representative of 364 Director of United States Nuclear Research Department-STANLEY GORDON Qualification: Qualitative Analysis star Surgeon General of the United States-EILEEN STEINBERG Qualification: Active member of F.N.A. Miss America-LINDA LINTON Qualification: Miss 364 100 Mr. America-SANFORD WEINSTEIN Qualification: Mr. Muscles of 364 U.S. Men's Olympic team-GENE LAFACE Qualifications: Allderdice football team: 364 intramural basketball team U.S. Women's Olympic team-NANCY KRONKET Qualification: Leading athlete in girls' intramural sports Official Translator of United Nations-PAUL PANUCCIO Qualification: El Presidente del Club Espanol Head Librarian for the Library of Congress-LACCONNIE DRAKE Qualification: Distinguished service on T.A.H.S. library staff. Best dressed woman in the United States-JAE ANN BROWN Qualification: Claire McCardle of 364 Representative to the House of Brooks Brothers-AARON LUPOVITCH Qualification: Beau Brummel of 364 Pulitzer Prize in journalism-BARBARA MOLL Qualifications: Journal staff and editor of the Foreword Poet Laureate of the United States-RITA JACOBSON Qualification: skilled sonneteer Head Starlet Usheretter at Oscar Awards-DOROTHY MORRIS Qualification: Outstanding service on T.A.H.S. Usher Staff Oscar Award-GLORIA LEVINSON Qualification: Brilliant performance in class play To replace Arthur Murray-MARVIN ELMAN Qualification: Staff dancer at class parties To replace Edward R. Murrow on Person to Person-NATALIE VVAGNER Qualification: Writer of "Know Your Notables" New Orleans Jazz King-EDDIE DEKTOR Qualifications: Band, T.A.H.S.g 364 Sixth Period Jam sessions Official Chef of United States-HAROLD SOLOMON Qualification: Prize pizza maker U.S. Bowling Champion-PAUL FOREMAN Qualification: Distinguished performances at Beacon Bowling Alleys U.S. Golf Champion-JAMES SPEVOCK Qualification: City golf champion Engineer of Trans-Atlantic Bridge-DAV ID GOFF Qualification: Outstanding physics student President of Secretaries' Union-JUDY RYABIK Qualification: Hard working member of Today's Business Girls TV Emmy Award-GEORGE KALINSKY Qualification: Top comedian of 364 Secretary of Health, Education, and VVelfare--SHIRLEY SLOME Qualification: Diligent member of F.N.A. International Baton Twirling Champion-JACQUELINE KOSTRUB Qualification: Allderdice Majorette Re-election to the Office of Best Homeroom Teacher in T.A.H.S.- MISS HELEN GORMAN Qualification: Experience in this office since September, 1953 101 i-+413 in Wonderland Teacher ,.,. .. Miss Ulivia Koenig President ..... .. .john Spear Vice President .. . ..Nathan Sherer Secretary .....,.. ,i.., . .. Rita XVeinstein Treasurer . .. .,.,. .....,...,.....,.. ......,.. . . .. . 'lanies Reich Student Council Representative. ,... . blames Reich Foreword Representative . ,.,. .,....., ...,. . . . ..,...,.. . .. Anita Steinberg First Row-Ilene Mates, Rosalyn Mann, Sandra Wheeler, Anita Steinberg Second Row-james Weisman, Larry Torin, Rita Weinstein, james Reich, Judy Senke- witz, John Spear, Ethel Stone, Sybil Shear Third Row-Miss Koenig, Nathan Sherer, Roy Krochmal, Irwin Hirsh, Shirley Steele, Clair Gibson, Sandra Kubancek, Barbara Dubbs, Lee Ann Ault Fourth Row-Richard Cohen, Norman Abelson, Edward Bolner, Marcia Hirshman, Diane Greenberg, Carole Schmidt, Henry Solomon, David Sambol, Jerry Minogue Down we fall through the rabbit hole. At the bottom can be seen The happy land. you all nuist know. Called XVonderland 4l3l But now the folks are so sad, And they cry a pool of tears. They must leave the place they love so much. XVhere they have spent the last few years. At our last Mad Tea Party lVe'll review the years we've spent. So why not lend an ear To the roll-call at this event? .lI1'.r.s' 1X,0t'7II'fj Our queen, Miss Koenig. watches 0'er this land. Her faithful subjects beckon to her every conunand. And in our hearts there will always be a space For Miss Koenig, who niade XYonderland a heavenly place. iivllflllflil fllwlsozz Norm has a knack for tinkering with a ear. As our big wheel he sure goes Far. Eclwrird Holzzvr llveryone around these parts are wise To Eddie, our ladies' man, with wrnking eyes. Riflmrd C'0l1z'11 XVhen it comes to drawing there is nothing he can't. Yes. here's a guy who's our Mr. Rembrandt. 102 Barbara Dnbbs Claire Gibson Diana Greenberg Marsha H ershman Irwin Hirsh Roy Krochinal Sandra Kubancek Roslyn Mann Ilene Mates ferry Minogue James Reich David Sambol Carole Schmidt Judy Senkewitz Sibyl Sheer Nathan Sherer Henry Solomon John Spear Shirley Steele Anita Steinberg Ethel Stone Larry Torin Barb is always so full of fung This bundle of charm is liked by everyone. We all like Claire, and we can see Our secretary sitting on her boss' knee. Diana has formed a company since she came- Sweetness Incorporated is its name. About our working woman we all have this to say,' At carving a career she is far on her way. One day we would not have a shock If Irv became a famous "Doc," "Calling all girls," you can hear him say aloud. Our Mister Big is always followed by a crowd. Who does our office work better than the rest? Why it's Sandy as you all must have guessed. Personality plus is what this gal has got. She's sugar 'n spice and sure liked a lot. Toby likes to tell us jokes and display her wit. As our home economist she keeps us all so fit. This guy is one of the swimmers of 4133 We will be proud of him as a Marine. We call him our money-man, and that's because As our treasurer he has no flaws. Everyone's pal is what Dave's become. He is always helping and so ful-l of fun. This modest miss takes shorthand so fastg As our stenographer she will always last. This lovely lass is fun to have around. With looks and personality she really does abound. Sibyl is so very smart, and it seems to be true When it comes to sewing there is nothing she can't do. This guy is our comedian, he makes us feel so gayg His terrific personality will make him famous some day. Henry is a great guy and it is said As an officer in the Army he will get ahead. Mr. President leads us on the way as we sailg With his common sense and firm hand we can't ever fail She's our favorite secretary, you all know the girl. That's right, it's our happy-go-lucky Shirl. This pretty blonde has considerable wit and humor, And a vivacious personality-that's no rumor. Our cute New Yorker with accent so sweet Adds lots of sunshine that can't be beat. All the cards are stacked in favor of our guy Larryg When it comes to his studies he is known not to tarry. 103 THE CONSUMER IN SENIOR ECONOMY Sandra Wheeler Rita lfVc'i11sIe'in James lfV6'iS11'lf!1ll Judy Yannuzzi J tunes Ross NVe call her Sunny and you all know the reasons- She is smiling and happy throughout the seasons. Our sweet sophisticate is popular and ready to try As a teacher, her success will soar very high. Sitting on top of the world is our Jimg He can't be beat when it comes to a swim. Judy is our sweetheart and you nave all heard- As our favorite gal she sure is preferred. Here's a guy who's loads of fun, At telling jokes he's never done. Everyone is here and accounted for, And we have to go, it's trueg There will never be a place like XVonderland. We think so, how about you? People everywhere are busily engaged in gratifying or attempting to gratify or to satisfy their wants. Consumption is a fundamental process. Following is a list of terms essential to understanding the consumer in senior economy. Economic commodities are forms of wealth-Senior class dues. Necessities-certain desires implanted in each individual by nature-to belong to a class committee. Sup'ply means the quantities of a goods offered for sale at a correspond- ing series of prices-A's in Senior English. The law of diminishing utility is the tendency of a man's desire for a com- modity or service to decrease as he continues to consume it without an interval of rest-Squeegees. Imitation is the tendency to copy the consuming habits of our neighbors- Class Day. Credit is a device which enables an individual to take immediate pos- session of a commodity in return for a promise to pay for the benefit at some future time-Foreword and Journal Subscriptions. 104 ,Weir Channel 4 4 '1'CuQl1t-r Ur. Wesley XYagner Ill-Qsiflgnl lklilfli l':lUVlfZ Vice l,l't'Sitll'llt Carolyn Koehin Secretary-Treasurer lNl2lXillC' Kuhn Student Council Representative Sandra lleliroff .Xlternate Student Council Representative llerhert Zook Foreword Representative Kay l.oikrec First Row-Peter Glick, Kay Loikrec, Robert Teifeld, Maxine Kahn,. Mark Elowitz, Carole Kochin, David Lippock, Iris Stein Second Row-Constance Drake, Toby Zytnick, Claire Judd, Fred Schwartz, Diane Sperling, Sandra DeBroff, Robert Herrick, S. Don Zeligson, Phyllis Mares, Rita Shapiro, Frances Ferrazzano, Dr. Wagner Third Row-Gail Shapera, Bernard Weiss, Paul Love, Eugene Scigliano, Sherwin Siff, Jack Moss, Ivan Gold, Esther Segal, Carol Hazley lllt. XVAGNILR: "l"ather Knows Best" .-Xlthough these years we have done inany things wrong, "Doe" has heen glad to lead ns right and help ns along. S,fXNllR,'X illelilifllflf: "l'rivate Secretary" The l"orezeord and the journal ean't do without this galg ller pleasant personality is good for your morale. CONSTANCE DRAKE: "Martie NVolfson Show" The TY artist whose work is considered the hest, Connie, in handling children, leads all the rest. NLXRK lil,UVl'l'Z: "Person to Person" l'1't'side11f Mark presides with vitality: lle's known far and wide for his great personality. l'li'l'liR GLICK: 'favaleacle of Stars" Un this sports program yon will find his name, As a diver, Pete has won laine. lY!XN GOLD: "XYorld Tonight" lVith hair slieked hack so neatly, keeping up with the news, lvan, Cllilfllllllg and eoinpetent, gives forth his views. litllllilel' llliltRlC'K: "S6-4.000 Question" lle is the star of the show "where knowledge is kingug ln all the categories lioh knows everything. 105 CLAIRE JUDD: "Peter Pan" This pixie is a very cute lassg She catches the attention of our entire class. MAXINE KAHN: "Strike It Rich" To Strike It Rich is Maxine's desire- When we pay our dues, she can retire. JUDY KLEIN: "Big Payoff" In Bess Myerson's most charming way, Judy models the mink every day. CAROLE KOCHIN: "Welcome Stranger" Carole seldom is found in 454g She can be located in activities galore. DAVID LIPPOCK: "George Gobel Show" He's witty and heis clever as the audience can plainly seeg Dave Lippock's terrific as the show's MC. KAY LOIKREC: "I Love Lucy" A gal who's as well liked as the Lucy Show, Kay is a person we're glad to know. PAUL LOVE: "Washington Merry-Go-Round" Just like Drew Pearson, he gives the news, Selling 'the world about his views. PHYLLIS MARCS: "Love of Life" Understanding and friendly all the while, Phyllis is never without a smile. JACK MOSS: "Brighter Day" Full of pep and good cheer- We're always glad when Jack is near. FRED SCI-IWARTZ: "Superman" You will always find F red's name In the Allderdice athletic hall of fame. EUGENE SCIGLIANO: "Stage Show" Gene is the musician in our showg We're sure he'll give Dave Brubeck some woe. ESTHER SEGAL: "Hit Parade" This girl dances with style and graceg Tonight her number is in first place. GAIL SHAPERA: "Super Circus" Gail's the lass who leads the Super Circus Paradeg With her cute figure and face she puts others in the shade RITA SI-IAPIRO: 'fValiant Lady" In Rita we have found a friendg Her loyalty will never end. SHERWIN SIFF: "The Medic" Sherm is a boy whom we all admireg To be an M.D. is his one desire. DIANE SPERLING: "Woman's Angle" DeDe plays a big part in the social whirlg In the best places you will see this girl. 106 HHH lll l.lfN S'I',XIlI.: "YulCl' nl l"il'x'stlllll-" lllc still' lvl llblllgllll llc-l'l'lll'lll:llln'L' is llk'l' zlsllllwltiulll lla-ln-ll s Ill-:llltlllll xuicc will will tllc w1vl'lcl's llllllllfilllll S S'l'lilN: "Klzllll:l" ln lllll' lllllllllflllllll ll' is L'x'cl'yllllc's ll'lk'llllQ lwll' QVILYK' lll'K'lSlHlli UII llL'I' wc' :lll tlk'llC1Itl lQHlllilQ'l' 'l'l'1ll"lfl.lJ' "5Cll'IlL'l' lfiutlllll 'l'llc:lt0l" .X lllybtwilllls Hlljl'L'l is llllllllg' lllbllll 115 :lll - Hull wlll lzllw llllh llllllLf Illlfl :lllzllvzc lt lll lllllll. N XNIJILX XYlClXlllflUl: "l2llCk'll llll' Il ljllyu Silllily is llllill' :l glrl Wllll lllcv llI'HlYll llZlll'Q 5lll' IS :L lX'Q'lL'IlllIk' .lcllllllwll jllst IlllX'WlIL'I'l', lil llxxllll lx lzlbbz --'lm-.l lull- llw xllllll-l"' .xlllllllg lltllcl' lllillgs, U11 llis sllllw llk'I'llll' is lllllllyl l.ikl- llt'1'll Slll'lllk'l' llc'il cllll 1115 XYllll ll llllc ul lll1lllL'l'. ' ZYTNICIQ: "1 llll' Kllss ll1'll1lliSH ,XS muy Q'IllllIlC' lllwllllii, 'I'lllw is gl'ZlIlllQ lla-l' lllIllllS url- slllc- ul ll lla-llllllg llllllfl. N.'Xl.ll ZlCl,lliSUN: Ulllllllk' lllll l-Ill' Spllrla llllll 15 lx-:lllv H11 lllk' ln-:ull Xxlllll ulll' lmxlnlwllmll .lllll llnlllx ll.llll. 1117 Bon Voyage-458 Teacher .r ., ,.,..,... .,,.,.... ..A.A.. M r . Robert Trumbull President .A......,,,... .......,.... l' .flichael Altman Vice President ...,., . .. ...lane Fleishman Secretary ,,....,..........,.ii.i,...,........... ,....,......,.... J une Ferko Treasurer ...........,....i,,A.i.....,,i...,..i...,i. ...i,.. D iane Fleishman Student Council Representative ..,... ..... . Saryl Zegerson Foreword Representative. ......,..... .,,,. Sue NVintrob First Row-Sue Ann Wintrob, Luise Marder, Sondra Greenbarg, Gladys Ross, Shirley Emswiller, June Ferko, Beverly Golitz, Stanley Kaufman, Natalie Morgan, Jane Fleishman, Diane Fleishman Second Row-Mr. Trumbull, Nathan Mayl, Eleanor Yalch, Barbara Williams, Marcella Wageley, Eileen Bayer, Carole Sweeney, Santa Mastriana, Marcia Esman, Michael Bitsura, Saryl Zegerson, James Slivka Third Row-Marshall Cherner, Sanford Marcus, Richard Oppenheimer, Myron Zimmer- man, Andrew Whitley, Michael Altman, Edward Raley, Anthony Harrison Standing on the dock, many people celebrate Because a luxury liner is about to navigate The passengers are happy for they know the crew is great Since they are all the classmates from homeroom 4-5-8 OFFICERS Captain Michael Altman is a guy who rates with us: He is our loyal president with personality plus. Always cooperating is jane Fleishman, first mateg VVith such personality this twin is sure to rate. As the keeper of the log, June Ferko is just rightg Efficiency will make her soar to some very great height. Diane Fleishman is the one who secures our treasure, This girl's ready smile makes her company a pleasure. 108 DINING ROOM We have well balanced meals for Sue Wintrob is dietitian: With her winning way, Sue would go far in any position. Our food is the greatest with Sandy Greenbarg chief cookg As a friend of everyone, she is tops in our book. The dining room is the best with James Slivka as head waiter: We think this guy is really swell, in fact there's no one greater Hostess Beverly Golitz shows personalityg This lass is full of fun and great vitality. SHOPS Our exclusive dress shop never fails to make a hit: Run by Carole Sweeney it is the best. one must admit. Shirley Emswiller is the seamstress of note: Her dresses are known all over the boat. For Santa Mastriana, the gift shop is the place Where she entices buyers with unfailing charm and grace. In designing for our gift shop we know who wins the prizeg Richard Oppenheimer has what it takes we all realize. Elaine Levy runs the beauty shopsg The hairdos she creates are tops. ENTERTAINERS Our mad musician Andrew Whitley blasts away the blues: His sweet notes add to everyone's enjoyment on the cruise. Tripping the light fantastic in true artistic form, The great Saryl Zegerson is taking the ship bv storm. Eleanor Yalch sings like a bird, At the musical hour her voice can be heard. Singer Natalie Morgan is really very sweet: Her smile and pep make her act quite a treat. We present our ship's fashion show with greatest of prideg For designer Barbara Williams has won fame far and wide. Stealing the show is Sanford Marcus, the hypnotistg For an encore of his act, the audience does insist. Outstanding pantoniimes are done by Marcia Levaurg Her fine talent makes her dressing room rate the star. SPORTS Learning to dance from Nathan Mayl is really a treat: Here's one boy whom even Terpsichore can't beat. In athletics Nathaniel Wakefield can not be outdone. He plans the gym activities for everybody's fun. , Stanley Kaufman is the guy who guards over the pool: Because of Stan's ready smile we're glad he's in our school. 109 Girl Boy MEDICAL STAFF Anthony Harrison cares for the passengers and crewg To the Hippocratic oath, this 111edic will be quite true. Aiding all her patients is nurse Gladys Rossg Withotit her t-he ship's doctor would be at a loss. Also as nurse, Eileen Bayer will lend a helping hand: No matter what the trouble is, she'll always understand. Our medical secretary is Luise Marderg In all jobs no one can approach her or work harder. Pharmacist Myron Zimmerman gives pills to all in needg This happy-go-lucky fellow is filled with fun, indeed. MISCELLANEOUS Marcia Esman is quite successful in her teaching careerg T-his gal's charm and personality make her nice to be near. Thereis never a worry how to spend that rainy dayg For Marcella Wageley will lend books in her pleasant way. Marshall Cherner is a boy who's won a claim to fameg Many a picture bears this artist's well-known name. There's one fellow on our ship of whom you often hearg Of course it's Michael Bitsura, our well-liked engineer. John Regets is famous from sea to seag I-Ie's very well liked for his personality. Edward Raley navigates the shipg Because of his knowledge we'll have a successful trip. Now the crew would like to bid farewell to everyoneg And say each minute of the "trip" really was great fun. OLYMPICS By popular vote of the Journal Staff, the following persons we to represent Allderdice in the 1956 Qlympics: Best Looking ......,. .,..., Smile .,....i...,.,.,... ,.... Hair r,..,....,....i..,.....,..,.,. r....,, Eyes .................i...................... Figure and Physique ....,..,. Most Likely to Succeed ,.., Leadership ....i.i.,,...,....,.,,.... .. Best Dressed i....., .,.,... Disposition ..,,.... ,.,.,.. Pep ...,...,........,. ., Personalitv ,....,.,.,. ...i,.. Most Popular ...,... ,...,,. Athletics ........., . ...... . Height .....,.., Loretta Cecere . .Julia Reed ....... . Ilene Shapiro ,........ ...... Patricia Frank ..,. . ..... . .Ruth Picovsky . Edith Gosztonyi ....,.. .,.... Rita VVeinstein . Jill Fine... ..,. , Vera Paulo ....... Linda Irvin ....... Sissy Berkowitz Barbara Friedla Helen Fitzurka nd ,....,. Judy Klein ,............ ..., A VValter Scott David Greenberg Tom Isles George Troianos Gene Lalface John Spear Jimmy Reich Ricky Landy Stanley Gordon Harold Solomon Nathan Sherer Bernie lrVeiss Melvin Ramey ,Jimmy Wleisman re elected ll0 REMEMBER VVHEN . . WE FIL ED AUTOGRAPH BOOK-1' WITH Toucf-mva ssfvrlmsfvm nu: mess P .kewl ll ffro W Q - , ,YJ PJ ?"""' 2 Lyfwmvow-,fc,4M,L,l,,, EIQ"',33J'Cfwf MfQfw,,f,ff3QM WW Kimi J Q- wa lb- H H may -5 as 23-212 Lf ww QM, , Mfx Hsin YQ? ' nf'-'nj ' fmakv-6' vw' P? WWfi5d Lx C-fy ALJ""7'J,,mvValM MI! 7L0'L0' Jgnmzbww if bf f E 5 M'oCa,i7,Qf Miiij 11- 5'0 xg 'LMA' laztt. 4- ' nfw1U" iiLj4wL2r Zc:?9'Y'fw 3 7aj5!,,,,7mjd4wZlA M , gf 5 G'?"'j?c' . Lg ...xii 'W ff fggiiifwum f. V'1!ffMoC?'JwL!wD1.HfJ!jh Aww' OT, aznd ,gfnoggo 5 WW' N Be,q0D:,i,f31?1ff,,5o awyfu 60 i f QM F 'fx U CW- M024 W ' Q wwqmm-., Exxxigf Biff, my - 'W 0, aku, Q dum ' awww jglumvogail I Zyl' is l I I , A fufavfavf - ffwfgf M W 5 mmwmwm mf 'Qsmgg ,lvmlwwwuww-i M M' CDD . -WM' WJW- ,ff My ,50 GJ WM -1' M vi W W W KWWL 6 l20.iviJ'L,flo'f,Bi'VkNQ Special Dance Sponsor-Miss Margaret Mercer :AV Modern and Junior Dance Sponsor-Miss Eleanor Boland . MODERN ig- If? DANCE . V, J 5, ff W ,1 1 , 4 s,f!,fju X SPECIAL DANCE MODERN DANCE JUNIOR DANCE - Q.. 4 .. 117 LL tudent Council I Sponsor-Miss Laura Zeigler N! JUNIOR COUNCIL OFFICERS SENIOR COUNCIL OFFICERS SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL - L. ,. An-. l JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL 114 Student Council Committees SOCIAL COMMITTEE PUBLICITY COMMITTEE ...- 4 HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE 115 A SSSS A The orewordw E AAAA Sponsor-Miss Diantha W. Riddle THE FOREWORD STAFF SENIOR STAFF MEMBERS BUSINESS MANAGERS FOREWORD EDITORS 116 --- The Foreword -1- ' ,iv - I , ,Q 'Qzfmvai .V ' -f A , -1 W 0:Hr'7f35Qf:H2'sfL2'4 ' -. ,..wg'f',f- -ff STAFF SECRETARIES PHOTOGRAPHERS .....,,,N, 7th-8th GRADE FOREWORD REPRESENTATIVES 9th-10th GRADE FOREWORD REPRESENTATIVES llth-12th GRADE FOREWORD REPRESENTATIVES 117 10096 Foreword Subscription ROOMS 352-362-416 4 ' ' -:: S Q I '. 5 5 5' E ittyfs k I , X Ng , wf sag. ,QQ 5 l Ai i ' 118 The Copy Must Go T 0 Press Service Groups SCHOOL TREASURERS 214 STAFF Sponsor-Miss Laura Ze1ler FOURTH PERIOD HALL PATROL 2.3 USHER STAFF CAFETERIA STAFF 120 Service Groups CLUB Sponsor Miss Catherine McKinney M.M.M. CLUB SERVICE CLUB Sponsor-Miss Helen Bartrim LIBRARY STAFF Miss Gertrude Oetting-Librarian 121 ' V -'V 4 .V JUNIOR SCHOOL OFFICE STAFF Sponsor-Miss Lenore Allen PROJECTION CLUB N 4 X A , PREPARING DRAPES Sponsor-Mr. Robert Chemas A J ,W 'I FOR THE IIUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE ' Qlxeacher-Mrs. Margaret Bush ,Qu - KEY CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Norman Mulgrave U , ,Q .. Q Q - , 122 E I QQQQQQQQ 9 Q I i Clubs CHAMPIONSHIP CHESS TEAM CHESS CLUB Sponsor-Mr. joseph Thompson COLLEGE CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Hal Teal 124 TODAY'S BUSINESS GIRLS Sponsor-Mr. 0 .W M' AR 2 Ll Q SENIOR DISCUSSION CLUB Sponsor-Dr. Anna Quattrocchi RADIO CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Leon Silzle 125 JUNIOR AND SENIOR DRIVERS Sponsor-Mr. Alex Seigal FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Sponsor-Miss Helen Hillard 126 I Bag SPANISH CLUB Sponsor-Mr. William Levin SQUARE DANCE CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Louis Weitzel FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA Sponsor-Mrs. Marjorie Bartrem 127 PHYSICS CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Lawrence Norris PING PONG CLUB Sponsor-Miss Catherine Folger JUNIOR LIFESAVING CLUB Sp0nS0r-Mr. Carl M3113 128 UNITED NATIONS CLUB Sponsor-M r. Morris Beck SCIENCE AND GARDENING CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Nancy Snively WOODCARVING CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Irving Hyman s MODEL AIRPLANE CLUB Sponsor Mr. Franklin Simmen TEEN-AGE BOOK CLUB Sponsor Miss Helen Gorman 1 '70 gal , ' 'ir X1 JUNIOR DRAMATIC CLUB SPELLING TEAM Sponsor-Miss Helen Sekey CRAFTS CLUB Sponsor-Miss Catherine Folger , , TRAVEL CLUB Sponsor-Miss Elizabeth Hand l30 9 SPORTS CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Daniel Spillane Y-TEENS Sponsor-Miss Beryl Zeigler ROOM 121 Teacher-Mrs. Nancy Snively HOMEROOM CONTRIBUTING LARGEST AMOUNT TO MARCH OF DIMES DRIVE L.- 1.31 we Q Me ee Music Director of Orchestras-Mr. Walter Voyvodich Director of Bands-Mr. Roy Dietz Director of Choirs-Mrs. Virginia Lowe Director of junior Music-Mrs. Dorothy Meyer ORCHESTRA 5 ORCHESTRA 4 132 Q .X . vvfxi : iq l -54 ' Yq,...A Il ,f ,. U V:- R -., A ,- lv, ' M be '-, WV.: fly x , u 5--...Q M, om., 5 , Q 'T' N ' 5 1' X "h , .xg 4, , N Q4' 5i ,A!, " '- . if-I.. -2 -Q. Q vm- ,ef . 1f,' I s ,Xxx . - -Q M J- f 21-4. f ' I f A . ' ' A I I 5 h' s f vt I, 1 Q '. W 2 ' r ' XX o X N xj! Ak V - ,X X X 'i 71' . 1 rw, 5 nr f QA. Q Agx 'Q 'Q tx Y Q as las xl gif 4-.' Fi 4 Q M 5 -is , ' ' K-s X "' A Mem Y xp lswl k. 3 -W Tw- 6 Y' sp,"v 3 Vi S V i1 is ' 41 z ff N . Ks 1 1 . ,w , ,f 5 . - Q WOODWIND QUINTET WOODWIND TRIO HORN QUARTET BRASS OCTET STRING QUARTET 134 MALE CHORUS CHORALE A CHOIR 135 riff - f ly .,.,' LL 5 ,, iff? -:-- -V 1-2 1' f J f AA":': 4! ' 1'IyNil fuy ' QUARTET QUARTET ENSEMBLE SOLOISTS CHDRUS3 CHORUS4 CHORUS 1 CHORUS 2 JUNIOR GLEE CLUB 137 lf' if XQJL' u - aw: . I if I jr '1 I if 1 J fb ,pfjytfjffbgl-49 1114 , ,, J , 'F 'f MAJORETTES Sponsor-Mr. John Irwin CHEERLEADERS Sponsor-Mr. Robert Irvin GREEN KEY Sponsor-Mr. john Irwin 061,19 I ly' 9 I . , ,. , ,-ff 'I if " V' ,ffl lv' If iff' I ,' , oi ," 1 J! f J 1 1 1 138 If-,if A 2? y -'ix W BS 523 Q 87 84 as BS'fi5"'5? K Q l ' ' Y 1 g 5 5' - 955 FOOTBALL TEAM Il ifxys I . u ' ! i 11 4' , 5 , K. W Z, if K I IST in H 4 i 1LI!ii1 L ,.s.,?.-3-.ix Nm? 2 gn E-ff! , Q 2 75 95 'gras sz 'is Q1 a 'Sw l m " ' N 9-J ' 'gi . E i' ' 5 3 25,5 ra s as ,f " ' ' 5' w2s ee. as, 58 73 ,Ex gxfy ,K wg ,I M Q , Q , 2 lr. 4 -N K ,gm -r 4 5 QFD ff! ,yn fy CROSS COUNTRY Coach-Mr. Claude Sofield SWIMMING TEAM Coach-Mr. john McNertney TRACK TEAM Coach-Mr. Claude Sofield SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Coach Mr. John Irwin CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL TEAMS Ninth Grade Eighth Grade Seventh Grade L? Physical Education for Girls Instructors-Miss Mary Allshouse, Miss Anna Bobnar, Miss Eleanor Boland, Miss Margaret Mercer SENIOR LEADERS Sponsor-Miss Mary Allshouse JUNIOR LEADERS Sponsor-Miss Margaret Mercer 144 Hockey 145 LINE SOCCER RHYTHMIC SWIMMING 146 SLOGANS "His Master's Voice ",..A ..,..... ,,.........,..,.....A,.. J . D. Mc-Clynionds "The Pause That Refreshesn ........ ,,..,.......,........,.. T he Wall "Children Cry For It ".....4,........ .,....., S ummer Vacation "The Fragrance Men Love "......., ,,............. ..A,,.,..,...,. N H 4OH "They Satisfy" .A...,,,,..,.,...AA....,................,.,.,... "My Three Angels" "A joy To Give-A Pleasure To Receive "...,. .... Squeegees "Nine Out of Ten Have lt" ...,.,....... .,,.l.........., T... . A .Homework "Fifty-seven Varieties' '.,r.i..i..,,....... ...,..... S enior Notecards "Be Happy Go Lucky" ,.i...... ....,........ . After Graduation "Of Course It's Electric". ,.r. ,..,,.., . Allderdice Escalator "One Tried Never Denied" ....... .,...........,... T urkey Treat We'd never have reached Graduation if . . . Bernie Weiss could have seen without his glassesg Miles Weinberger hadn't slept through so many classes. Lenore Balsam hadn't been called Cookieg Alan Parker hadn't played hookie. Judy Levine could never driveg Senior Themes could not arrive. Jae Brown had come to school on Mondays: Linda Baraff had not been in a daze. Barbara Moll had never had to meet a deadlineg jill had not always been so Fine. Paul Schwartz had not missed his French bookg Carole Kochin had not been able to cook. Carole Kaufman had not comeback to Allderdiceg John Strauch had not broken the ice. Norman Roth had ever been on time: Miss Warnock's Sonnets had lacked rhyme. Walter Scott had not always been carrying the money boxg Allderdice had never gotten new clocks. Miss Riddle had not come backg john Sollinger had not been a runner in track. Richard Berkey had not applied to every college: The Senior Class hadn't gained so much knowledge. SENIOR COMIC STRIP Dennis the Menace" ..,,ii....A...r............,,............,.,...... ...,.,., IN Iike Feeney Penny' '.i.....,.,...,... ...,...,. ,....... L i nda Vinocur Archie" ......,.i.......,..., .......,...... T eddy Lundy Aggie Mack" ......,. ....,.., C arole Silverman Dixie Dugan" ,.,,.., ...r... .............. .....,.......... C a r ole Lincoff Li'l Abner". ..,,....,r......... ................,.....,........,,.,........... ' 'Dutty" Fishman Daisy Mae" ,....,......,.,,.. .,..,.,.......i....,..........,..............r..., ....,, J u dy Feldstein The Three Musketeers' '....,,.i.... Faye and Maye Rattner, Evelyn Weiss Gordo" .,........,.., . ..., ,.i....... .,...........r,..,.....,..............,... .... R o n ny Hartstein The Jackson Twins "...,. .,..,.. The Fletcher Twins Steve Roper" ..,.,...,..,.. .i...i..,..... U lack Abrams 147 COMPLIMENTS OF Norman Abelson Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Foss, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Abrams Patricia Frank Mr. and Mrs. Bryce L. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Ben V. Freedman Mr. and Mrs. Isidore Altman Mrs. C. M. Friedland Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Amos A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Walter Azinger Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Friedland Mr. and Mrs. William Bain Mrs. Nicholas R. Gansz QFlorence PJ Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bakanic and Daughters Raymond A. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Fred Balsam Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Gerstmeyer Mrs. Ellen Becker Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Gibbard Mr, and Mrs, Harry Benjamin Mr. and Mrs. David C. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Mark Baraff MIS. Ruth M. Glick Mr, and Mrs, Arthur H, Berkey Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Gold Judy Berkowitz Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Gold Dr. and Mrs. L. S. Berman and Family Mr. and Mrs. Max Goldston Mr. and Mrs. Sol Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Frank Golitz Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bitsura Edward Gordon Dr. and Mrs. Edward Blitzstein Dr. and Mrs. William Gosztonyi Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Bloom and Donald Mrs. Marie Graham Mr. and Mrs. David Blumenstein Mr. and Mrs. Morris Greenberg Mrs. Charles Bogdan Mr. and Mrs. John Gregory Mr. and Mrs. Saul Bolner Mr. and Mrs. Meyer J. Gulak Mr. and Mrs. Zelig Breakstone Mr. and Mrs. George-Hahalyak Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Brown Mrs. S. Hall Mrs. Geraldine Alter Buerger Mr. and Mrs. H. Hecht, Janet and Stephen Mr. and Mrs. Chris Caliguiri Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Herrick Mr. and Mrs. Harry Camins Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Holstein Mr. and Mrs. A. Caplan Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Jubelirer Mr. and Mrs. Ben P. Chass and Family Mr. Samuel Judd Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cherner Mr. and Mrs. Bernard S. Kamins Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Chernoff Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kaufman and Burton Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Cohen Mfg, Begg Z, Kaufmann Mrs. Jean B- C0l18!1 Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Keisling MI. and Mrs. A. A. C0lbeI't Mr, and Mfg, Wm, Kirk MTS- A- M- C00Perman Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Klein Misses Andrea and Nancy Cooperman Mr, and Mrs, Gegrge Kmetz Ralph Covel Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Knight and Famil Mr. and Mrs. Julius Deakter Anne M, Knoerl Mr. and Mrs. Irving DeBroff Rgse Ann K1-,091-1 MT- and MTS- HYn1en Dekffn' and Fan'li1Y Mr. and Mrs. Harold Koch and Barbara Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Demor Dr. and Mrs, L, Kochin Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D. Devlin Mr, and Mrs. A, F, Koehle, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Dubbs Miss Mary Kovacs MTS- Eve Elman Mr. and Mrs. Michale Kovinow Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Elovitz and Sons Mr. and Mrs, Andrew Icranack, Jr. Louis Engel Mr. Michael Kranack Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Feldstein Mr, and Mrs. Frank K1-onket MY- and MTS- MSX Fine and Family Mr. and Mrs. Abe Krurnan and Daughters D- M- Finelnan Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Kubancek MY- Peter Fiflllfka, JY- Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas LaFace Diane and Jane Fleishman Mr. and Mrs. Morton S. Landau Eliot and Eugene Flitman Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Landy and Family Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Foreman Mr. and Mrs. 0. W. Lawson Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Foreman Mr. and Mrs. George Lennex 148 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. COMPLIMENTS OF Bernard D. Levaur Jack Levenson Murray Levine, Steve and Marc Jules Levinson M. Linton Dora Littman-Grocery Store Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Livstone and Elliot P. Love Aaron Lupovitch Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mainzer Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mann Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Marcus Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marder Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marsh Mr. and Mrs. Saul Maryn Mr. and Mrs. John Mastriana and Family Mr. and Mrs. Spiros Mantzavinos Mr. and Mrs. John J. McKelvey Mr. and Mrs. Charles McMurtry Dr. A. I. Schmidt Mrs. Karl W. Schucker Mrs. A. Schwartz Paul Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mildred Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Y. Schwartz H. Segal Theodore Segiel Edward G. Senkewitz Maurice Shapera Sam Shapiro G. Sheer Thomas D. Sheriff David H. Shil-rora Abe Silverhart Ben Simon Mrs. A. L. Singer Mr. and Mrs. J. Slome and Shirley Mrs. Josephine Smith Mrs. A. Solomon, Barbara and Larry Myrtle Millard Frank W. Miller Mr. and Mrs. John Minnican Joseph Minogue Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. William Mrs. Harvey Philip Solomon and Family Jacob Spear Steele Stein and son,. Fred Mr, and Mfg, S, D011 Moll Mr. and Mrs. Morris Stein Mr. and Mrs. I. Morgan and Family Mr. and Mrs. Murray G. Stein Mr, and Mfg, Frank Mgrfig MI. Bild MIS. Morris Steinberg Mr, and Mfg S, M055 Mr. and Mrs. Saul Stone and Family Mr, and Mfg E, Ngchmgn Mr. and MIS. P. L. St1'8llCh Mr. and Mrs. Jack Nathan Mr. and Mrs. Regis J. Sweeney Orringer's Grocery Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Teifeld Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Ostrow, Sheila and Larry Torin David Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wageley Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Parker and David Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Wagner Mr. and Mr . Ben Picovsky Waldorf Pharmacy Dr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Pincus Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Walfish and Sons Dr. and Mrs. William Reiner Mrs. Florence Weil Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Sigal and Daughters Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Weinberg Mr, and Mrs. Sol J. Post Mr. and Mrs. Edward Weinberger Edward Zane Raley Mr. and Mrs. N. Weiner Eleanor Peeler Rainey Mr. and Mrs. H. Weinstein Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Rashba Mr. and Mrs. Roy Werling Mrs. Frank Reido Mr. and Mrs. Maurice A. Wheeler Mrs. Emil 0. Ries Mr. and Mrs. Herbert White Mr. and Mrs. A. Rosenthal Mrs. Rosalee Whitley From the Family of David Rosenzweig Mr. and Mrs. David Wintrob and Family Mr. and Mrs. Morris Roth Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Yalch Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Roth Mr. and Mrs. Frank Yannuzzi Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Rubenstein Mr. and Mrs. H. Yarchever Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rubenstein Ilene Zalmon Mr. and Mrs. Loui Rubinoff Mr. and Mrs. Morris Zegerson and Family Hershel Sacks Mr. and Mrs. Hy Ziff Mr. and Mrs. Murray Sambol and Family Dr. and Mrs. J. Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Max Sarkin Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Zionts Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schilit Mr. and Mrs. Harry Zook and Sons Roberta and Harriet Schilit 149 AMERICAN'S E H Q FOOTERIZING WITH STA-NU FINISHING AT NO EXTRA CHARGE The Most Beautiful Dry Cleaning IT'S GREATER THAN YOU THINK and no .exlra charge for Fast Service 2 hour Shirt Laundry AMERICAN-FOOTER'S CLEANERS - DYERS 5864 FORBES STREET, BELOW SHADY AVENUE 5508 WALNUT STREET, SHADYSIDE, NEXT TO KROGER,S Nationally Famous Cleaners Since 1870 HAze1 1-0400 150 COMPLIMENTS OF eadow old airies The College Club extends congratulations to its graduating members AMY GIBBARD STEPHEN HOLSTEIN BAILLEE KLECKNER ROSLYN MANN CHRISTY MANTZAVINOS T'OBY MATES CAROLE NASSAU DAVID OSTROW KAREN PARKER MELVIN RAMEY ANNETTE ROSCOW PHYLLIS SARKIN HAROLD SOLOMON ANITA STEINBERG ETHEL STONE RITA VVEINSTEIN SANDRA WHEELER 151 BALFOUR Your fraternity and sorority jeweler 3951 FORBES STREET SCHENLEY APARTMENTS DANIELS 1 hour dry cleaning 2 hour shirt laundry No Extra Charge 5820 FORWARD AVENUE 3721 FORBES STREET Compliments . of Compliments of THE LAM PL JEWISH Asphalt Paving Co.lnc. CRITERION Best Wishes Compliments from of The Physics Club SENIOR LEADERS Compliments of Stylebrook Store for Men Everything for the young man Compliments of the Yorkshire Shop Sportswear and Dresses 5847 FORBES STREET JAckson 1-0524 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASSES OF 1956 FROM THE KIWANIS CLUB OF SQUI RREL HILL O , N 153 Best wishes to our classmates from the June class Prom Committee CO-CHAIRMEN MARK ELOVITZ JUDY SENKEWITZ MEMBERS RUTH ALLEN GLORIA LEVINSON PAULA AZEN BARBARA MYERS JAE BROWN HELEN MINNICAN MURRAY CI-IASS JACK COOPERMAN MARCIA ESMAN JANET GLAZER SANFORD GOLD LOIS KAUFMAN CAROLE KOCHIN GENE LaFACE RICHARD LANDY JACK MOSS BETTE NADEL MARTIN NATHAN MELVIN RAMEY ALAN RASHBA JAMES REICH MARCIA RUBINOFF BERNARD SIEGEL SANFORD WEINSTEIN DAVID WOLK Compliments of 162 JUDY ABERINI JOSEPH ANDREWS CARLA BLANK CHARLES I. COHEN STEFFI COOPERMAN CRAIG FIERMAN SANDY FOREMAN LINDA FRANKEL ERNIE GHERMAN SANDY GOLITZ RICHARD GORDON JOYCE HAHALYAK ANDREW KRANACK HAROLD LIFF PAT LUCERO JAMES MATHEW MRS. BRAUN ANN MCMURTRY PEGGY MILLER PHYLLIS MOLANS BARBARA OSTROWSK1 WILLIAM OSTROWSKI PAT PATTERSON BILL PIPER ARLENE PORT MAXIE REDLICH SHARON SAYRE ALLAN SHARAPAN FAITH SHRINSKY JOSEPH STADER JOEL STRAUSS DOLORES TERRICK MARIAN VVHITEHOUSE POLLY WIRTZMAN 154 D I N T Y MOQRES 'fThank5 to a Swell Bunch of People " Compliments 0 f Home Room 313 COMPLIMENTS OF H. PARKER C0 CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS 5 Compliments of Taylor Allderdiccfs FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA CLUB 'Sponsor-Miss Helen Hillard ason's Beauty Salon says FORBES STREET Irene's Millinery for the unusual in casual clothes SHOP The Surrey 519 GRANT STREET 5419 WALNUT STREET 5-mic Men's Wear HAzel 1-8828 1919 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH 17, PA. MODERN HOME 5816 FORBES STREET UNM! lo the Bank, Compare! "Why Pay More" Louis Port Ralph Calig Best Wishes from Junior Glee Club grace miles DRESSES-'COATSPSUITS 5867-69 FORBES STREET PITTSBURGH 17, PA. JAcks0n 1-9977 Compliments Compliments of of Waldorf Bakery SENIOR CLASS DAY 1719 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH 17, PA. T. E. . extends its sincere congratulations and best wishes to the graduating classes and particularly to its "' University School graduating members RONALD BENJAMIN MURRAY CHASS PIENRY DUBBS MARK ELOVITZ GILBERT FRIEDMAN PETER GLICK MOR'fON GULAK ROBERT HERRICK DAVID LIPPOCK NATHAN MAYI, BERNARD SIEGEI.. IRA SMITI-lx GERALD STEIN 159 Senior udaea Q off' W , fwfr THE GAMMA ALPHA LAMBDA SORORITY wishes to extend sincere congratulations to the graduating classes and to its own graduating members JANUARY CLASS CAROL GLAss JUNE CLASS THELMA AMDUR JOYCE BARNETT ANNE'FTE BERKOWITZ SANDRA DEAKTOR SANDRA DEBROFF MARCIA ESMAN JILL FINE BARBARA FRIEDLAND NANCY FRIEDMAN4' BARBARA LEVINSONX GLORIA LEVINSON LINDA LINTON ROSLYN MANN MYRNA NEVINS SANDRA REINER DIANE SPERLING ELAINE ZAVOS 'F Mount Mercy Academy 160 Compliments of Bonn Hardware zoso MURRAY AVENUE JEANNES HAZQ1 1-5557 DRESS SHOP Dupont Paints We Delifver Compliments Compliments of of Future Nurses JOSEPH NURO of America AND SON LITTLE'S SHOE STORE Congratulations to the 1956 Graduating Class from Silver Star B. B. G. Best Wishes Compliments of from r 1 Miller Brothers R H Y I H M I C 1912 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH 17, PA. Sigma Omega Pi Sorority Sigma Omega Pi Sorority wishes to extend its congratulations - to the graduating classes and to its graduating members 7 WV If -A Sw' CW A ff My yfjljjf' ww k at ' W f J ANNETTE Roscow JANUARY CLASS Taylor Allderdice JUDY FELDSTEIN MARGIE JUBELIRER CAROL LINCOFF ETHEL SCHACHTER - AMW wild LINDA VINOCUR JUNE CLASS Taylor Allderdice LINDA BARAFF DIANE FLEISHMAN ANE FLEISHMAN MARCIA RUBINOFF NATALIE WAGNER RITA WEINSTEIN SUNNY WHEELER I II BARBARA SCHOLNICK Winchester-Thurston K! UQ!! J ROSANNE ISAY I :Sn PEGGY JACKSON SUSAN KRIEGER if BARBARA SAFIER Lols SILVERBLATT LINDA THORPE Mount Mercy Academy HOPE KRAMER McKeesport High School BETTE BoRTz 162 Compliments Of The Book Club Michelsolfs Market 2126 MURRAY AVENUE "Fruit is our business- not tt sideline." VVe Deliver HAzel l-2425 Compliments Of ROBBIE'S CAMERAS AND ART SUPPLIES Wh pi SQUIRREL 1-:ILL sas4 FORBES STREET Best Wishes from The Junior Dramatic Club Leonarcl's M en's Shop CORNER FORBES and ATWOOD STREETS, OAKLAND Featuring nationally known products: Arrow Shirts, McGregor Sportswear, Mallory Hats Also complete stock Ivy League Styles the tweed shop wonderful sportswear 5836 FORBES STREET PITTSBURGH 17, PA. JAck5on 1-7036 Compliments of The Speech Class THE DELTA EPSILON BETA SORORITY extends its sincere congratulations to the graduating classes of 1956 ,F January Class and its graduating inernbers ARLEEN COHEN SARALEE FINEMAN RUTH FINKELSTEIN CLAIRE JUDD MAXINE KAHN JUDY KLEIN CAROLE KOCHIN JUDY LEVINE EILEEN ROSENSONX GAIL ROTH PHYLLIS SARKIN HARRIET SCHILIT GAIL SHAPERA 164 Insurance Established since l90l COMPLIMENTS OF GOLD REAL ESTATE COMPANY OF PITTSBURGH 715 BAKEWELL BUILDING 417 GRANT STREET PITTSBURGH, PENNA. ALBERT E. GOLD MANUEL GOLD We, the Alephs of Gateway, Chapter 389, of the Aleph Zadih Aleph of B'nai B'rith, extend sincere wishes for good luck in the future to our 1956 graduates: MICHAEL ALTMAN JACK MOSS RICHARD GLASSER' HENRY SOLOMON STANLEY GORDON MYRON ZIMMERMAN STANLEY HARRIS RICHARD ZIONTS SANFORD MARCUS HERBERT ZOOK " Connelley Vocational High School 165 TAU ALPHA MU SORCRITY extends sincere congratulations to the graduating classes of 1956 1' Officers and to its graduating inernbers JUNE CLASS JUDITH BERKOWITZX MARY ANN CHERNOFF PAULINE COVELX SANDRA GREENBARGX Lois KAUFMANX ESTHER SEGAL ILENE SHAPIROW SHEILA SINGERX TOEY ZYTNICKX JANUARY CLASS ETHEL FLETCHERX REVA FLETCHERX JOAN SCHMEISERJQ 166 Congratulations to the l 95 6 graduating class from Modern Dance Class Janet Bridal Shop "Everything for the Bride and Bridesmaid" FIRST FLOOR, JENKINS ARCADE Compliments of Fashion Spear 715 BRADDOCK AVENUE BRADDOCK, PA. Murray Avenue News Stand 2024 MURRAY AVENUE School supplies, Hallmark cards, magazines, small books, toys. Compliments Of Rosen's Drug Store Nediam B.B. G. wishes to extend congratula- tions to the graduating classes of 1956 and to its graduating members Barbara Dubbs Gail Kruman Luise Marder, President Sibyl Sheer Home Room 317 IIA Miss Mitchell EUGENE ALI MIRIAM ASHERY CARL BEAVER NORMAN BELL GEORGE BERGER JOANNE BEYNON JUDY BINSTOCK SONYA BLANK JOSEPH BRENNER IRVING BROUDY LEONARD BROWDIE GAIL BURCKIN DOUGLAS CAPLAN JUNE CAPLAN AMANDA CARR MARY CHAENKWOK BARBARA CIPA JOAN CLAY SANDRA COHEN RICHARD COOPER ESTHER DARLING ALLEN DAVIS MARILYN DAVIS JANET DeJIDAS RUTH EDWARDS RUTH FINGERET VINCENT GRANDILLO MARY ANN MIHALYO PATRICIA MURPHY AGNES POLYAK JOHN PRILLA CAROLYN RAY SANDRA SILVERMAN RONALD STEVENS LESLIE WRIGHT Compliments 0 Home Room 364 168 Congratulations to the graduating class of 1956 and to the graduating members of the PI SIGMA TAU SORORITY JANUARY CLASS SONDRA GOLDSTEIN EILEEN SPOKANE JUNE CLASS GA11. FREEDMAN EDITH Gosz'roNY1 RUTH PINCUS IRIS STEIN 169 The Kard Kase Bennett Greeting Cards for All . . Occasions Driving School Nom Gif, Wmpb, 1707 MURRAY AVENUE JACkSOI1 1-2854 Cat Forbesl IAckson 1-1980 C l ' MONARCH ornp intents WALLPAPER AND of PAINT COMPANY Triangle B. B. G. BRADDOCK, PA. 5 5 3 Compliments Aiken-Forbes of Tailoring Company Town and Country Feminine Apparel 5870 FORBES STREET JAckson 1-6655 Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Roth and family Your favorite stopping place- especially for your school supplies Jay's Variety Store 5335 FORWARD AVENUE B. X. SORORIT Y extends congratulations to the 1956 graduates 4' Officers and to its own graduating members ALLDERDICE BONNIE BARRY JAE BROWN HELEN FITZURKA PATRICIA FRANK JOAN KMETZ SHIRLEY LAVELL PATRICIA MCKELVEYX HELEN MINNICAN JUDY SENKEWITZ1' SACRED HEART MARGARET PAVLICK SWISSVALE SHIRLEY SPOSIT 171 We, the members of GAMMA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY extend lzeartiest congratulations to the nienibers of the gradutting class 'K january Class and to our own graduating members Taylor Allderdicf HAROLD GARFINKELX REUBEN KATZX EUGENE LAFACE M. RICHARD LANDY DAVID MALAKOFF4' JAMES REICH RICHARD ROTHENSTEIN FRED SCHWARTZ HAROLD SOLOMON JULIAN STERNBERGER4' SANFORD WEINSTEIN MARSHALI. WNUKBP Linsly Military Academy ROBERT GELMAN STANLEY PERL Central Catholic PATRICK GRIFFIN University School DAVID FELMAN M ercersburg PAUL HIRSH FIELD 172 Compliments 0 f Green Key Club Lawson Hardware Swim D. BERKEY H, BLITZSTEIN Your Friendly Sherwin Williams E- DEKTOR' Dealer R. KROCKMAL A. LUPOVITCH' N. ROTH 3317 MAIN STREET L. TOREN HOMESTEAD PARK D- VARHOI-A HOmestead 1-0254 "' Officers Victory A. Z.A. 5 9 5 Compliments The members of Victory A.Z.A. wish to congratulate of their graduating members and to wish them the best of everything in the future. January Class Sealy Mattress Jack Brown Company June Class Preston Ginsburg PI TAD PI FRATERNITY exleiids congratulations and best wishes lo the members o the graduating classes and to its own graduating members JANUARY CLASS Taylor Allderdice RICHARD FELDSTEIN JUNE CLASS Taylor Allderdice MYRON BERNSTEIN DAVID BREAKSTONE CHARLES BUEROER DAVID GREENBERG ANTHONY HARRISON STANLEY KAUEMAN ALAN PARKER ALLAN RASHBA PAUL SCHWARTZ JOHN SPEAR DAVID VVOL-K Shady Side Academy LESLIE BUNCHER MICHAEL CANTOR LEONARD KAPNER DAVID MENDELSON PETER TYNBERG Mercersburg Academy SANFORD BERMAN McKeesporl High School JOEL SAFIER 174 Best wishes to the JUNE GRADUATING CLASS From Room 119 TONY A. CCVATO QUICK METHOD DRIVING scHooL College-trained instructorsg Automobile Club approvedg Standard or automatic shiftg Dual controlled carsg Fully insuredg State licensedg Pick-up service. TUxedo 1-0268 Compliments 0 f MAX BALSAM GENERAL INSURANCE 4824 SECOND AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Best of luck to our graduating members. -Senior Discussion Club 175 OFFICE RES 2 ELectric 1-2490 5Terling 1-7334 ' Hlland 1-0976 J. J. MORRIS az SON Plastering Contractors S5 MCCANDLESS AVENUE PITTSBURGH 1, PENNA Ph1 Ups1lon Sorority wishes to extend sincere congratulations to the graduating class and to its own graduating ineinbers IRENE KAUFMAN GAIL KRUMAN LUISE MARDER 176 The Senior Student Council of Taylor Allderdice High School would like to extend its sincere congratulations and best wishes to the entire graduating class of 1956, and especially to its own members. SANDRA DeBROFF ESTELLE FISHER ALMA HAHALYAK SAM KAMIN JOE LANDAU BETTE NADEL VERA PAULO PAUI, PANUCCIO MAYE RATTNER JAMES REICH BERNARD SIEGEL JOHN STRAUCH LINDA v1NocUR SARYL ZEGERSON 7k ROBERT MORRIS Shine ACCOUNTING BUSINESS LAW SECRETARIAL aofu wmuuva nun - Aruunc I-on: . nnuunou 19, PA Best of luck to the seniors from Homeroom 153 Best wishes to the 1956 graduating class Mrs. Porter and the 1OA's of 356 THE A CAPPELLA CHGIR 'wishes to extend sincere congratulations to its graduating ineinbers Compliments 0 f Mr. and Mrs. Fred Balsam 178 The Alephs of FREEDOM A. Z. A. extend their heartiest congratulations to the graduating classes of 1956 and to our graduating members JANUARY CLASS LEE HERMAN JUNE CLASS MARsHALL CHERNER PAUL FOREMAN JOSEPH LANDAU MILES WEINBERGER 179 Compliments of DELTA LAMBDA PHI FRATERNITY Best 'wishes to our graduating seniors IVAN GOLD SANFORD GOLD TOBY JANAVITZ SAM KAMIN NORMAN ROTH HAROLD RUBENSTEIN NATHAN SHERER ,Meifceifsbnrg JOHN FELMAN 180 THE ALPHA SIGMA TAU FRATERNITY extends sincere congratulations to the graduating classes of 1956 and to its own graduating members JANUARY CLASS MARK ECKHOUSE BERNARD FISHMAN RICHARD SHAPIRO JUNE CLASS NORMAN ABELSON STEPHEN HOLSTEIN THOMAS RE1c1-1 RALPH ROSENTHAL 181 Compliments 0 Room 458 "Be fmlzionwise and formafwisen . . . . FOR THE LATEST STYLES IN CASUAL AND FORMAL WEAR .A.. SHOP AT .ZTFX 'O' 0 NV Incorporated disiinciive mens apparel 5842 FoRBEs STREET Jfxckson 1-7619 182 Congratulations to the Special Dance Seniors SANDY DEAKTOR STEFFI KOVACS JEAN FELDSTEIN GLORIA LEVENSON JILL FINE ESTHER SEIGAL SARYL ZEGERSON Compliments of Cafeteria Staff' Atlas Waste Paper Corp. OF PITTSBURGH Joyce-MeClements Co. PENN AND SHADY SCHENLEY PARK APARTMENTS Hlland 1-0123 183 R5 5 G' sig SIGMA KAPPA FRATERNITY wishes to extend congratulations and best wishes or continued success to the graduating class of 1956 and to its own graduating members Taylor Allderdice HERBERT BLITZSTEIN EDWARD BOLNER RICHARD HERBERT COHEN HALSBAND IRWIN HIRSCH GEORGE v ALINSKY AARON LUPOVITCH lx RONALD RUBENSTEIN V DANIEL CHARLES BERNARD Linsly RICHARD ARHOLA WEIN WEISS Military A cadeniy CO HEN University S clzool IRA SMIT H 184 x X SWITCH TO X- '. - f qljblggze your WIPTY SPIRITS' f HIRE ibe efw X'mNG'glized Mixer Squirt as refreshment junior-style, too! Never a n after-th i rst COPYRIGHT 1955, THE SQUIKT COMPANY PITTSBURGH 6, PENNA. 200-I2 DENNIS'l'ON AVENUE, ELAST BIND PHONE: MONTROSE 1-7800 185 THE 1956 ALLDERDICE QQ Engravings SUPERIOR PHOTOENGRAVERS 312 BOULEVARD OF THE ALLIES Q' Thotography HILLS STUDIO 214 N. HIGHLAND AVENU Q' Trinting JYCAYER PRESS 235 COLLINS AVENUE 186 Congratulations to the Qmduaiing Classes from the TAYLOR ALLDERDICE PARENT-TEACHER ASSGCIATION HAzel 1-0350 Oliver Flower Shop C oisages our Specialty 5837 FORBES STREET PITTSBURGH, PA. Res. HA 1-3016 Res. HA 1-2480 Sincere Best Wishes from the June Class Social Committee Compliments of 4 Senior Home Room l 3 Standard Emblem JEWELERS 245 FOURTH AVENUE 138 SENIOR DICTIONARY Marshall Wnuk-"Girls fhej where" Fletcher Twins-Double or nothing lim Mamajek-Tall, dark, eligible Judy Feldstein-Darling little dynamite Leslie Cohen--Quality plus quantity Estelle Greenbarg-Green-eyed Vixen Robert Robins-Genius in disguise Carol Koch-Ordered by Male 'Tim Walfish-Them thar eyes Marlene Buceina-Magnetic miss Richard Judd-"Quiet type ? P ?" Compliments 0 The Creative W riting Class The Foreword extends best wishes to the members of the January and June classes. The staff members who have graduated are: FIRST SEMESTER JACK ABRAMS PHYLLIS CHOSKY PATRICIA CUNNINGHAM CAROLE GLASS FRANCES KRUPKA FAYE RATTNER MAYE RATTNER EVELYN WEISS SECOND SEMESTER DAVID Br.EAKsToNE MURRAY CHAss ARLEEN COHEN SANDRA DEBROFF ROBERT FELTON CAROLE KOCHIN RICHARD LANDY BARBARA Mom. RICHARD SCHUCKER WALTER SCOTT JOHN SPEAR NATALIE WAGNER 189 IT'S SENIORVISION, 1956 The curtain is descending And T. A. thanks for attendingg But before we reach the ending, you should know Our talents we've been training, And our muscles we've been straining, 'Clause we thought we'd like to leave you with a glow. VVe are all top-notch performersg VVe're all first-class informers On "Seniorvision, 1956', It's Seniorvision, 1956 It's a Great Life ,.............r....................................,... Being a Senior Meet Your Neighbor .4,.,.., ...,.,..,,..,.,..,..,,.. A t the Wall Strike It Rich ..,...,..,,..,.. An A in Senior English You Asked for It .,...,... W'hat's My Line ....... Spectacular .,..,.......... Curtain Tinie .,..... N eros C aravan .,....,. The Big Picture ..,..... The Big Story ,....., You Are There .,..,...,., M alua ..i....t......,t......,...,.,,,.,.,,...,... ...Dramatic English ......Class Play i.,.My Three Angels ...AMY Sister Eileen ........,Foreword Staff Squeegee i,,,,..,..Senior Theme .Committee Meeting Homeroom Teacher Dr. H udson's Secret Journal ..,.,., ,...,.,....., T he Foreword Down You Go ......,................,..,. ..,i... IN fir. Colburn's Tests Candid Camera ......ii...,...,...,. .i.,.,...i....,.. H il1's Studio Industry on Parade Coinedy Hour .. ..s... ,. Masquerade Party ,..,. This Is Your Life .......,. The Guiding Light ...,....... Mr. District Attorn The Illedict ....,., ey ..,...,.. ..i...Between Periods , .i..,, Activity Period ......i,...........,.... Class Day Know Your Notables D. McClymonds Thomas McKinne Y 364,000 Question ....,..,i........,,,.i.,.,.,. Are WE going to graduate? Apjvointinent with Adventure ...,..e..,,... College Entrance Exams Brighter Day ....,............,..,.,.,.,.,. ..............,.....,.,,.,....,.. G raduation The Big Payoff .,...,......,.,,...,... ..4...,.i...,i,.,............., D iploma CIi71'ltl.1f ..........,..,,...... ..ii...i.,..,.,i S enior Prom The Iblillionaire ,.,..,.. ..s..........,.,.,...............,.,.,. A llderdice Graduate FAMOUS LAST WORDS "It has come to my attention."-Mr. McClymonds "Boys, I am convinced!"--Mr. Colburn "Everyone out of 2l4."-Miss Zeigler "Wl1ere's your hall pass?"-VVho else but fMr. Thomasl "Stand up, please."-Miss Warnock "My dear child."-Miss Hillard "And in your spare moments."-Miss Riddle "Three mornings at eight."-Miss Allshouse "Girls, Girls !"-Miss Bartrim "Let me take your temperature."-Miss McKinney 190 A SENIOR'S HIT PARADE Tender Trap ..........,.......,.......4..,....,........,...... Surprise English Test Weep They Will ,....... ...,.,..,.... G raduation night Hawkeye ,..e,..,..,.,.... ,..,....,....... M r. Thomas Hard To Get e.,...A. ..,..,.4........,.......,.. ' 'A" in Qual Seventeen, .........,..4 ..e,....... . .Sacred age of Senior Chain Gang ....,.......... ..,..... S eniors during last week Burn That Candle A..,....,.,,.............. ...,.....,...,.........,...,.. H omework Band Of Gold ..e..,,...,.,,..,..,........., Product of jewelry class Everybody Got A Home But Me .e.....,........ Ghost Homeroom312 I'll Never Know .e....,...,.,......,.. Correct answers to college boards Rock Around The Clock ..,,.....,..,.....,....,.......,.,.......... Senior Party Angels In The Sky ..,...,......,..........,....,.,............,.,.,..,...,.... M.M.M.'s Too Young To Go Steady lr.,..,.,,,4.,......,..,...,.....,., Senior Romance Blue Suede Shoes ....,..,4.,........... Found in locker-will sell cheap Devil Or Angel .l,.,...,.,.,.l.,,.. ,...r........,.,. S tudent without hall pass Rock Island Line ....... ,l..................,.,. S huttle Bus to School If You Can Dream ..,,... r..................., T he bleachers on the field Cry Me A River .,.....,l....,...... Teacher's reply to bad report card Moonglow ..r...........,...,..,.,.4 Night before Senior themes are due Memories Are Made Of This ...,.,......,..............,....., ,..,, C lass Day 16 Tons ...,..i........i.,...,...........,.. ..,........ W eight of homework books 5 Foot 2, Eyes Of Blue .,......,..,,.........,..........,............,. Prom Date Wake The Town And Tell The People ...i..,.... Graduation night The Great Pretender r.,....,...,...,...,.....,...... Dramatic English Class The Creep r.r..l.,.. - ,.,..........,...... Sneeking into homeroom after 8:45 I'Il Be Home .,,.........,.. .....,.... R eply to parents on prom night Teenage Prayer ,,........ ..........................,......,.....,. T 0 graduate FAREWELLI It has been said that "the race marches forward on the feet of little chil- dren." We can easily adapt that statement to one we have emphasized fre- quently at Taylor Allderdice High School-an informed youth guarantees an informed citizenry and thereby establishes the soundest safeguard against en- croachment by any of the insidious "isms" that are contrary to our democratic ideals. It is our hope, as graduating seniors, that we have moved substantially forward in enlightenment, understanding, and educational curiosity and are better able to meet our many responsibilities on the road ahead, whether it be to colleges or universities, to the trade or technical schools, or to gainful em- ployment. We are grateful to th-ose who have helped in this growing-up process, our parents, teachers, and advisers. We are proud to look upon Taylor Allderdice High School as our Alma Mater, knowing that if we represent ourselves well, we will represent Allderdice well! Y . 191 129,41 if '47 ,V , ,.QM,f WMM ,M A . .P M2391 A I ,f ky? VJ. cj pfw lwcfc I vw ai Q QM M fix S?QNWf . .M L , ,-.,,.-2,7 4 Y 2. , V., NH-Y' .3 ' W V. 'yuh' 4' X w 1 1 ,. .-.1 , - ,xl in I H. , X . , I .L ..', 1 -1 . , 4, xl, .. J M1,-' 'CN fl '. .si , x., ,il ,, , - a ' if , 4. v'-, ' 11 '2 .7 3 v .. Iwi. , L pl..- ' A-in ff . I, . x V, ,,JJ., fg, ,.',a ,- '. Ts N 1 gl tr V. .av -'J 1 5. .. ,J g, .K X .'2 lv I ,.,. 2 , ' .,,,. X- 0 ,, V., .Nl - Rf,-1'-J . 1' n ',,:34!' ,FQ '. c, , .-A- THF ' .ri rp, 'Lay V: 4... . 5 X! ,-. 3 4 . .1 Iv.. " ' M in 3' - 1 .n. K . 1 .g, .' I ' ' -1 . A-, 5 1 oh- L , 1 -. .. x ., . v- gr ' '-' 1 . ,. 1. V - -1. , . 9 ' v A ' r' ,.r.qv-,, , v , 1. . 1 Ex V ., -A-k.' . 1-..'. -, - .4 'V' . . ,.q H. .,. " . A , A .I f., ,-'1'g. ,IJ - r . -- .2',' ' 'T fl., 1 .. I I '.,?'fiA1 4' 'N ., ,V , '-4 ng- - V V .. . .slr . 1. - ui". . V QE . , . n 1, . A-Ifgff.,1-. V-n -- "."" -- -L . xrp qu- 1. v.--LH , ,,, LL: .'u.,a., A-JJ ..7.. -. . 4 I 'sf ' ' 'V . X41 ., , ,,1.. ,, .1.., , Z, l ,y . -'.z:L..,'. , "M nl- , . Q Xyz, fn. t vg- ,..4 43 '--Y. ' , fl: E- A A 'HI .- ' -Q . 'A ., 7,-,VV , ,H 4 -J ' ' . 1 1 'JL' 'J .- "Q," 3' 'll' 1.5, Q' V, - 'a,.:',"- ., . dx .f".f' lg.,- . . ,- 'N " 414. - Niyrw,-.., QR, ,W 1 ..., gd' I ' ' :"'gE .az-,l 4' Y-'-3533 M' u, x. xi ,' ' V -' 1' yn J-v ,xv-' PK , X L."-: .A , 5.,'-.,,,- --fi' 'li' i15Q3l..l' w4w,.,5Nr -- .x , ,W ,.., . ef, .P A ,L ."" '- , 1'- - vu A: i 'Tiki "EQ.g'I'1-f . ' - A bg-vga-,',, v,: .2 , k r UA . , , -f-mm 'Sf 53.5 wkfi Wage was ,asm fy Sfwx Q 'lQ"w in .4 x x lk x :qv vw, - , Jw. pf' M-""'q 11.3, 4 - n new ,V dl 'ww ex WW kms.. . 'Wx .M 'ku 15' , . ...Y Q -Q.-arg

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