Allderdice High School - Allderdice Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA)

 - Class of 1954

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Allderdice High School - Allderdice Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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' ,- .- gf yr- fxf - in .' - 1- M' 1 a' '- 'mf ' .42 -xml-4 fm. A - -- -K5-v - - - - - N-.,.., .. -1, ,.'. : - 4 .1 .v - .. K za1c.4,v Wifi JUL SCHC IGH H DICK Q1 lil IJ YLOR ALI, 'ff E-4 : C U 5 P14 , 4: CD 3- I3 L 'll 4-I 4-I X. 31-1 , 'f, 'LJ 3 : 'U 'F TJ L. l'1 5 L. VC -L4 ,J ,- I1 if -J F4 .E L '54 2 Cs 'w li N 'N A A N- vf' D Z A V 1, P- -I LJ U N11 A f'N l-1 p.5 :Z 'T 4 'X N N Q. 'rx S. N 'r- -s A .xl x v -N L 41 P' fx V --1 .L- r T-4 L' Q-J If EL 'ff 2 v-4 K Un: Ilfrrzrfri Il fi x: ,o " Y' WW S' of-Q? I ' ' if 9114, VOLUME XXV Published jointly by the Seniors of the january and june Classes of 1954 The Zlliaplur Qllhzrhiceiilaigbfivcbnul SHADY AND FORWARD AVENUES PITTSBURGH, PA. If X X, ,ff f X fi' 11 1 f 1 i f 3-Xe--Q . X W , 0 HHIDEP CCMZS ' we r IC .' , jg, F3341 f M w',mxvffv,f-'ft fi, ,R',W'417'f"W 2' W E ff Y f m ,f,g.f,, , I 1 Twentieth Century Gullivers Our years at Allderdice -have been as stimulating and full of rich experience as were the fanciful voyages of the illustrious Lemuel Gulliver. For your perusal, we offer this log of our journeys through the colorful kingdom of Allderdice. u In the year 1950, we arrived on the shores of a foreign continent. Strange giant creatures swarined to meet us as we sought to get our bearings. Dressed in rude, outlandish garb of bright colors, these CLASUPPS, as we later learned they were called, greeted us with remarks of a scornful nature and then dis- appeared. Wandering down the endless, dimly-lit pathways that wound through this land, we finally arrived at the residence of the distinguished LAPICNIRP, powerful potentate of this domain, After welcoming us, -he directed our group to various magistrates to whom we were to report for the duration of our stay. These worldly officials supplied us with a profusion of forms which we had to fill out before we could remain. When we had done so, they turned us out on our own. Thus, our experiences in this realm began. After twelve months of work and study in this strange but fascinating land. we grew considerably, both in the esteem of the inhabitants and in stature. In- deed, our giant friends no longer seemed so unbelievably tall. Many of our number joined the various groups and societies that governed this marvelous country. Some began to attain recognition in the ruling body, the GRAND COUNCIL, that helps the inhabitants to govern themselves and also assists the LAPICNIRP in his administrative duties. Those of us with musical and vocal talent were admitted into the MARCHING ORDER OF DETSVODIANS and STEINERIAN ACCAPELLITES respectively, our warriors, the heroes of our voyage, became eligible to take part in the national games. As our daily routine became more difficult and varied, the number and importance of our responsibilities became greater. This had a maturing effect upon us. During our third year, a remarkable transformation occurred. We had gradually been assimilated into the maddening crowd that thronged this land. Now we awoke to the astounding fact that we were an intricate and necessary part of it. We were drafted for jobs of great import, we served on the IN- TERNAL SECURITY HALL PATROL COMMAND, an organization of international fame. Many of us became affiliated with the influencial USHER GANG. A selected few even went so far as to qualify for the GASTRONO- MICAL CONTROL STAFF. Others began to take note of us: our names appeared in the leading publication of the day, The FINALWORD. Imagine. then, our surprise, when pausing to reflect on our achievements, we saw that the giants had shrunk almost to our own size. Indeed, the difference was hardly perceptible. Our fourth and final year in this land was a confusion of thrilling new ex- periences. Thoroughly learned in the ways of the country. we held for this time a position in high eminence-we were SENIORIATES. Great was our pride as we strode over the realm, our realm, executing our official duties, many of which were, in reality, honors. These included our presentation of the senioriate play, "Every Family Has One," and later "Charley's Aunt," and the guiding of national affairs through the efforts of our leaders who held high positions in the COUNCIL and governing societies. Prominent among our responsibilities was the composition of a SENIORIATE THEMESIA. which was indeed a unique experience. We did, however, take time out from these serious tasks for relaxa- tion. A luncheon. held in our fourth floor eating hall and followed by an assembly at which our achievements were reviewed. provided us with manv eniovable mo- ments. as did the memorable SENIORIATE PROMA. As our inevitable de- parture approaches, we now compile the particulars of our trip that it may never fade with the passing of years. ' s Dedication Calm Counsel and Constructive leadership provide the steady ing influence for the coming generations. MR. HAROLD TEAL Vocational Counselor of Taylor Allderdice High School Graduate of: VVooster College, A.B. Degree University of Pittsburgh, lVl.A. Degree 6 -iqdhe Allderclice Facult MR. ARTHUR VV. Tnoiwms Vim P1'i11fip11l i70l'tIfflHIlII CQIIIIIISVIIII'-lXll'. llal Ci. Teal .l1f11i111' C'01111.s'i'lr11'- -Miss l.eannre .Xllen .lftiz-ities l7i1'ef'l111 'ff' -Miss l,:nn'a Zeiglei' .-ld'1'i.ve1' to Girls Miss liatlierine Meliinney C'l1ief C'lr1'k-Miss lsalmel 'lf Zinn C'Ie1'k-M rs. Clara .Xl'I1lSU'UIlg,f C'Ii'1'kAMiss Margaret iiarrlnne C'Ie1'L'f--Miss l,wis li. llill Hook C'Ie1'k-Miss Ruth Salisbury MR. D. MCCLYMONDS l '1'in1:i pal .- ff1'1 Miss Catlierine M. liisanian. Miss Olivia Koenig, Miss ,lennie .-X. Nnrtnn C01111ne1'ci11l Ml'. llnwarrl llarnes, Miss llelen ll. Hartrini, llr. liarl H. Pvnrgarcl. Miss Margaret llanra- lian, Mr. julin IR. Melvin, Mr. llnnalml Miller, Miss Katherine Skarinski, Miss Margaret l.. VVineli English Mrs. Marjorie llartriin, Miss Olive Bowlin, Miss Olive Braham, Mrs. Della Braun, Miss Mary C. lirennan, Miss lirlitli lfinegnlcl. Mrs. Vesta R. Frain, Miss l,illian Goldstein, Miss Helen li. iinrinzin, Miss Luis Grnse, Mr. lfclwin Harr, Miss Ruse ll. Hartz, Miss llelen llillarfl, Miss fatlierine A. Mellernnmtt, Miss Naney Montgninery, Miss Mary U"l'nule, Mrs. lilizalietli l'nrter, Miss Iliantlm VV. Riddle. Miss Helen Sekey, Mr. .lnsepli C. 'l'lminpsnn, Mr. Regis li. XYiegand Foreign Lzznguuges Miss llnrntliy lierginan, Miss Yetta Kamler, Miss lilizabetli Klingensniitli, Mr. Charles 'l'. Rnller, Miss liclna R. Tnilrl Hislory Miss lzleznnn' llnrilsley, Miss l,nnise ll. llartlinl. Miss .Xliee Berry, Miss Lliarluiie li. lleaeliler, Mr. Mnrris lleek, Mr. ,lnlin li. Coyne, Miss listlier Geist, Miss .-Xnn Kasnitz. Miss llertlin U. Mitrliell. Mr. Nnrinan VV. lNiulgrave, llr. :Xnna M. Qnattrneelii. Miss Leila H. liinwp, Miss vltssil' M. XN'liiteliill, Miss Beryl Zeigler 11101116 lfl'0l'ZOIIli1'.V Miss Cliarlntte li. Hailey. Miss lilnrenee Bechtel, Mrs. Margaret Husli, Mrs. Helen Frankenstein, Mrs. lletty Kane. Miss Jeanne Norris 7 Lihrary Miss Helen Johnson, Mrs. Marie Mitchell, Miss Gertrude Oetting :Manual Training Mr. Robert M. Colteryahn, Mr. Irving A. Hyman, Mr. Ercole Liberator, Mr. Joseph Nasta, Mr. Alex Seigal, Mr. August Winterling Jldathematics Mr. Edward Caye, Miss Catherine Folger, Mrs. Violet Fonner, Miss Elizabeth Hand, Miss Martha Jane Kunkle, Mr. Carl Maus, Miss Alice L. Phipps, Mr. Ray R. Ralston, Miss Edith May Starz, Mr. Robert C. Trumbull, Miss Ethel F. Turner, Doctor Vlfesley J. Wagner :Music Mr. Roy F. Dietz, Mrs. Dorothy Jean Meyer, Miss Emma Steiner, Mr. VValter B. Voyvodich Physical Education Miss Mary Allshouse, Miss Eleanor Boland, Mr. John Irwin, Mr. James J. Klein, Mr. John McNertney, Miss Margaret Mercer, Mr. Claude Sofield, Mr. Louis Weitzel Science Mr. Lon H. Colborn, Miss Florence E. Graham, Mr. R. J. Hackett, Mr. Robert Irvin, Miss Jane S. Johnston, Mr. Lawrence H. Norris, Mr. Santo V. Sanfilippo, Mrs. Nancy Snively, Mrs. Mae Weber Smith Hall Supervisors Mrs. Irene K. Bain Mrs. Ethel Hynes 'Dietitian Mrs. Alberta Henderson School Doctor Dr. I. E. Miller Senior Homeroom JANUARY CLASS 356-Miss Braham 363-Miss Todd JUNE CLASS 304-Miss Winch 315 Mr. Melvin Swimming Matron Mrs. Mary Ann Eggert School Nurse Miss Ann O'Brien Custodian Mr. Charles E. Dietz Exchange Teachers Miss Violet May Miss Mary Lapitsky Teachers 415-Mrs. Bush 422-Miss Bechtel 364-Miss Grose 317-Miss Mitchell 429--Miss Norton 405-Mr. Barnes 351-Dr. Burgard 454-Dr. VVagner 352-Miss Beachler 460-Mr. Norris 365-Miss Geist 8 anuary Class ournal Stall' Editor-in-Chief-Barbara Litman Faculty Sponsor-Miss Diantha W. Riddle -A rj"- Barbara Litman Edward Harbist I Felicia Vivian Sheila Gross Nancy Kasper Maxine Abrams Carol Goddy Miriam McNally Marilyn Lippock Herbert Srolovitz Glenn Parfitt Phyllis Vernon 9 dig M une ournal Staff' Faculty Sponsor-Miss Diantha W. Riddle EDITORS-IN-CHIEF BUSINESS MANAGERS james Morganstern Richard Supowitz Paul Felton Robert Tucker L it Robert Anderson Eileen Bergman Nancy Bloom Arnold Eisenfeld Jane Beckett Larry Block Ruth Ann Cohen 'M as as J' Dona Ginsberg Myrna Granowitz Marilyn Krieger Lenore Leon Steven Glickman Marjorie Katz Rita Lefton Susan Pearce Burton Pollock Joel Roman Lois Rosenthal Marianne Strahan Esther Reidbord Sally Rae Rosenfield Lois Shook Wylie Scot 10 ,,. ournal Art Staff' Faculty Sponsor-Miss Jennie Norton I.111i11g 1111111-1x l':5Illl'l' Rn'1cll1u1'rl, 5111115 by Xzuwy KZISIJKI 1.1-11v1'111g Mary .XIIII Stilmlx l"m1111sp:1gn' lbillllk' ll+vlc1v:11'g. Nlllfj' .xllll Stiln' ,l:11111:11'1' class Sllirlvy f1K'II1llll blum' class L':l1'f1l lhattlinln .Xctivitivs .-X11it:1 liurv Sl1411'iS Illlftllrl Kfilfm K.JlI'tlbllIlS L'l1:11'lL-5 Rum l':1g1- ,Wm RIIIICVI .Xlli11gl1z1111. SlliI'I1'y Qin-I111:111 .xllilll lim-vitz. H:l1'l1z11':1 K1wl1, .ltillll l.cl1m1'1tf Y l'.sll1L'1' lxc1rlI1c11'4l. Nl:11'1' .xllll 5llIJl'lk 11 Guliincr visits Q n EI The 0 Ugfg 2755? -- anuary Class flicersfi- President-Glenn Parfitt Vice President-john Petrolias Secretary--Felicia Vivian Treasurer-Fred Grossinger Scnior Committccs CLASS DAY SOCIAL PROM 13 1 IJXNLIIXIQXI ROSE MARIE ABBENANTE - Distributive Iiducation: Foods Projects MAXINE FREDA ABRAMS--Honor Pupil: 12A Social Committee, Co-chairman: Dramatic English, Business Manager: journal Staff: Homeroom Vice President, 913: Foreword Representative: Student Council Representative: Foreword Staff, Keyhole Ifditor: Hall Staff: Ushering Staff: Intermediate Discussion Club: Senior Dis- cussion Club: Red Cross Club: Travel Club: Chorus IV, III, I: Special Dance: Delegate to Student Council Convention at Duquesne High School: Student Council, Problems Committee ROBERT CHARLES ALLINGHAM - Advanced Art: Advanced Special Shop, Foreman: Advanced Print Shop: Football '51, '52, '53: Track '51, '52: Sports Letters: Hundred Friends of Pittsburgh Art Shows: Sports Honor Assembly: A.A.A. Safety Poster Contests: Kiwanis Club Sports Banquet ANGELA ANDREWS-Gregg' Shorthand Award: Alternate Stu- dent Council Representative, 11th Grade: Orchestra I: Gladstone Service Club: Gladstone A Orchestra: Iintered 9A from Gladstone PATRICIA ANN BANYAS 17-X Social Committee: Dramatic English, Production Secretary: Homeroom Social Chairman, l2A: Student Council: Student Council Social Committee: Cafeteria Staff: 214 Secretary: Service Club: Cshering Staff, Captain: Chorus IV, III, I: Gregg Shorthand Award ELAINE BELEY-Prom Committee: Student Council Representa- tive, 9th Grade: Advanced Foods: Home Nursing' NORMAN G. BLOOM-Class Day Committee: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Ushering Staff: Hall Staff: Teenage Book Club, President, 9A: Travel Club, Program Chairman, IIB, Vice Presi- dent, IIA: Square Dance Club: Orchestra IV, III, ll: Basketball '51, '52: Radio Broadcast, 12B GENEVIEVE C. BOLLMAN - Ushering' Staff: A.N.C. Club: M.M.M.: Advanced Home Nursing: Volley Ball '52, '53: Hockey '52, '53: Basketball '51, '52: Mushball '52: Fashion Show ANGELO E. BORELLI-Homeroom Treasurer, IUA: Advanced VVood Shop: Special Shop: Intramural Basketball '50, '51, '52: Intra- mural Swimming '51 ROBERT WILLIAM BOWSER - Prom Committee: Homeroom Treasurer, IZA: Secretary-Treasurer, IZB: Secretary, IOA: Vice President, IOB: Hall Staff: Key Club: Special Shop: Basketball Award: Basketball '51, '52: Basketball Captain '53-'5-1: Basketball '51, '54: j.V. Captain '51, '52: Athletic Award in Track: Intramural Basketball '51, '52 SHEILA A. BRAUN-Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Class Day Committee: Homeroom Social Committee: Foreword Repre- sentative IIB-IZB: Intermediate Discussion Club: Travel Club: Book Club: Red Cross Club: Chorus IV, III, l: All-City Choir: Mushball '50 SHIRLEY C. CAIN-Class Day Committee: Homeroom Secretary QB, 9A, l2B, IZA: Service Club: Advanced Clothing: Home Nurs- ing: Hockey '51-'53: Basketball Championship Team '52: Senitr Leaders: Volley Ball Championship Team '5l: Mushball Champion- ship Team '53: Fashion Show 14 1954-D DDL - ,..-.,., -Hug WW, W , SONDRA DIANE CALIG llmllcmmn Sufl'm-tary UH, 9.X3 llmuv- I rmmi 'l'rc:uux'ci' 'ill-ll.X3 Sllltlkill Vmmrilg llrnll 51.1113 SI-uim' llis- cumimi flulig l'-llllll'L' 'll-:ia'l1a-xx m' .-Xmcricu Clulmg Orclicstru lll, ,, , Ilg .Mlvzuivccl ,li-in-li'yg .Xrlv:u1u-cl Sm-wing: Syn-cial llzuiccg llzmcc jx l'rm4r:uuNg 'I':mln-ul Slum DONALD JAMES CAVINS Claw llzly Cmuiiiiltwg Hall Stuff: lntr:1mln':1l llxialu,-tlmll: Crms Cmiutry lxttcr '53 SANDRA MAYE CHASS L'zll'u1n'i'i:x Slznffg llznll Stzlffg llraunatir liuglisllg l'rmu l'muuiittm-3 l".'l',.X.3 lfuturc Nunn-s uf ,XIllL'l'lCZl Clulmg ,luninr film- Clulng Il1m'u5 I3 Nlnjurcttvs '50-'5.3g lircgg Typing .Xxxzlxwlg Ifuwlliml Slnmxg Iltllllil' Stumlcut NATALIE CHERNER f l'rmn LAUHIIIIIIIUUQ lfuturv Nurws uf .'Xlm'l'im':n Vlulng l'lim'us lllg 'l'i'zmsfvrrorl frmn Srlu-ulcy in ll.'X ,E . IRWIN M. CHERNEW-L'u-cliairmuu Siwial Kfmuuiittccg lbrzunzxtic liuglisll: flzuss Play Cust: Hmm-rumu l,l'L'Si1lL'Ill ll.X-ll.Xg Hull Stuff: Llrllm-gc Club, Prcsiclcut: Iulcriuccliau- lliwussimn Clulm, IXlmlvr:1tm'g Scuim' llisrussimi Clulmg Xlicimscmw Clulsg First Placi- iu .Xim-1'ic:m L'l1umic:1l Sm'ia-ty 'll-st '53g fiviu flulm Test .XXX'2l1'll1 llmmr Stuclcnt GEORGIANNA CLARKMl'rmu L-1lllllIllllL't'1 llmucrmnu Yin' l'i'csi- mlcut ll.X, ll.-X: L':1fctcri:1 Staff: L'slu-ring Staff: .X.N.L',, I'n-siilcnt lllli, lll.X1 l"z1sl1im1 Sllmvg Yullcy Bull: Muslilmull Lill11lllIJillllSlll1D 'IK-:un 'V 'il JOHN F. CLARK flass lluy CUIIIIIIIIIUCQ llull Stuff: .-Xmlvniivvml NIL-clizmiczll Ilruwiugg lutrzuuurzil lizxskvtlmzill RONALD A. CORD-Class lluy fmmuittcc: Spcciul Slum Furn- mzmg limntlmllg lfmmtlmll lxitcr '55 RICHARD CHARLES CROWLEY-Hmucrumu Vice: l'resirlL-nt llpX: Hmuurmnm Secretary 983 Hull Stuff: limuk Rumu Clulmg Cur- ncgiu Art flung lflcftric Slum l:UI'0Ill1lIl1 Sn-cmul Place in .Xuiuml Wlcck I'ustcr JOHN MICHAEL DE FRANCESCO 7 Distrilwutivc limluczltiml Class: llmucrmrm 'lxI'01lSIlI'L'!' WB, IZB, l.2.AX1 lfnruxxwnrml Rcprcscntzl- tivcg Stuclm-ut Cmmcil IXIt.'lllllL'l'-lil'I.2Il'g'L'I Prim Shmm lfurciuzm LOUISE G. DE GREGORIO-ll.-X Suciul Cmmuittcv: llmncrnmn Snviul Cliairmau 9.-X-H, SL-cl'ct:u'y IUQX, llllig Yin- Prusixlcut ll.-X- l2gX3 l".N.qX., l'rn-simlcutg Squarc llzmcu Club: lIUl1Ul'2ll3lQ Mcutiml in LI1lfllU.5 Scwing' CUIIICSII Hmm' Nursing: .'XllV2lllL'L'll Clutliingg Ig2lSl'iL'lll1lll Cliaiupimisliip Team '51-'53g Huckcy Cllzixiipiniisliip 'l'n'am '52-'53g Ynllcy Ball Cllumpimisliip 'l'l'Zllll 'Sl-'SZ1 Xluslilmull 'SZQ Majurcttcsg Head Majurettc llll-.-X3 Natimml Raimi Twirliug Cmi- tcst in -lulmstuwn, Pu. ALBERTA DUCKETT 15 IRMA FREDA EICHENMILLER-Service Club: Advanced Cloth- ing: Home Nursing: Hockey '53: Volley Ball '52: Gregg Shorthand Award: Fashion Show SANDRA LOIS ESMAN-Senior Social Committee: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Cshering Staff: Hall Staff: Homeroom President, 9th Grade, Treasurer Illth Grade, Social Chairman llth Grade: Student Council: Intermediate and Senior Discussion Clubs: French Club: College Club: F.T'.A.: Tennis Tournament '50: Cham- ber of Commerce History Award DAN K. FEENEYiSocial Committee: Ushering Staff: Special Shop Foreman SORREL J. FEINBERG-Homeroom Secretary 9B-9A: Hall Staff: Orchestra Y, IV: Football '5Z: Intramural Basketball Intramural Basketball of School at Gladstone 16 LESLIE HOWARD FRISS Class Dav Committee Hall Staff Ushering Staff: Cnited Nations Club President Xdvanted Jewelry CHARLOTTE A. GALL Iltllll Committu, Homeroom President 10B-11A: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Staff Chorus X IV III I Chorale Ensemble: Volley Ball '5I: Mnshball Chimpionship Telm F7 Ath Ietic Award: Hockey '53: Gregg Shorthand Anard AUDREY GEFSKY-Hall Staft 'Ieen Xge Book Club Inter mediate Discussion Club: College Club Iravel Club Hebrew Club: Spanish Club: Vollev PIII -I9 Basketball 49 ROBERT GELMAN-Class Day Committee Hall Staff Stamp Club: Key Club: Driving Club Senior Discussion Club United Nations Club: Metal Shop Ioreman Football 7 3 Athetic Award: IV. Basketball 'wl 7 Intramural Basketball Captain Basketball '51-'5.3: Honor Student EARL GLASSER-Senior Social Committee Dramatic Fnglish Class Play Cast: Green Isev Club Chorus IV III Band IV FRED A. GLUCKSON-Senior Class Day Committee Student Council, Problems Committee Senior Discussion Club Xssistant Moderator: College Club: Slide Rule Club Intramural Basketball Gregg Typing Award: Civlt Club Test Honor Student CAROL JOAN GODDY-Prom Committee Chairman Journal Staff: Dramatic English: Class Play Business Manager Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, IZA: Iortword Representative Hall Staff Intermediate Discussion Club Secretary Travel Club Senior Dis cussion Club: United Nations Club Cheerleader Athletic Award Modern Dance: Special Dance ERIN KASSELLE GODFREY Senior Prom Committee Dra matic English: Class Play Cast Homtroom President l0th1lth Grades: Advanced Cooking Cerw 10 Service Award Nice President EDWARD HARBIST-journal Staff: .Xdvanced lilectric Shop, Foreman: Microscope Club: Allegheny County I.atin Contest, Sec- ond Place: D..-X.R, Award: Civic Club Test: High I'Iil11Ul Student LULA EVELYN HAYES-Hall Hall '51: Mushball '52 ALICE R. HAZIN -- Dramatic lfiiglisli: Prom Committee: Cafe- teria Staff: Book Club: College Club: Future Teachers of America Club: Advanced Foods: Home Nursing JOSEPH P. HESS-Distributive lirlucation Class MARJORIE LAVINIA HESS-Cafeteria Staff: A.N.C. Club: Sec- retary 1111, Vice President 11fX, President 12A: Today's Business Girls: Chorus 1: All-City Chorus: Hockey '50, '51: Volley Ball '50g Fashion Show KEVIN HIGGINS-Driving Club: Intramural Basketball '51, '52 GILES R. HOLTZMAN-Class Day Connnittee: Homeroom Vice President 1112, ll.-X: Special Shop: Diving '51, '52, '53, City Div- ing Championship '53: VN'estern Pennsylvania Diving Championship '53: City Tennis Championship '52, '53: State Championship Diving, Second Place '53 Dance Club: .Nrlvanced Clothing ball '51, '52: Softball '51, '52, '53 '52, '53: Fashion Show MARGARET JACKSON-Senior room Social Chairman 1113-1211, ,C1954 2 , ,ass C 1 DIANE S. GOLDVARG-Prom Committee: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Foreword Representative: Cafeteria Staff: Book Club: College Club: 1i,'1'..-X.: Senior Discussion Club: Carnegie .Xrt Class JOSEPH R. GORDON-Class Day Committee: Homeroom Presi- dent 1013: Hall Staff: Teen-.-Xge Book Club: liey Club: United Nations Club: Band 11, 1: :Xdvanced Metal Shop: Intramural Basketball: hlunior Varsity Basketball, Co-Captain '51, '52 SHEILA FAY GROSS-Class Day Committee, Chairman: Journal Staff: Dramatic English: Class Plav Cast: Student Council, Social Committee, Problems Committee, Publicity Committee: Foreword Staff, liditor-in-Chief: Hall Staff: Senior Discussion Club, Secre- tary: Intermediate Discussion Club: llooli Club: Chorus 111: Latin Test: Civic Club Test .-Xward: High Honor Student FRED LEON GROSSINGER--1Jrzunatic 1'fng'lish: Senior Social Committee: Senior Class '1'1'L'IlSlI1'L'l'I Class Play Cast: 1'1omeroom President 911-1211: Cshering Staff: Senior Discussion Club: '1"een- ,-Xge llook Club: Key Club: Chorus IV: llzmd 11, I: Cheerleader: Intramural Basketball: Football Minstrel Show: Civic Club Award Staff: Advanced Foods: Volley Class Social Committee: Home- Secretary HN: F.N.A.: Square Home Nurses 'l'raining: Basket- Hockey '52, '53: Volley Ball '51, 17 ANUARY CLAS NAOMI KATHERINE JACKSON-Student Council: I-Iomeroom President l0B: Library Assistant 12B-IZA: Advanced Foods: Home Nursing RACHELLE LOIS JACOBSON - Social Committee: Cafeteria Staff: United Nations Club, Secretary: Intermediate Discussion Club: F.N.A.: Library Club: Junior Glee Club: Gregg Typing Award: Fashion Show: Advanced Clothing: Advanced Foods ILENE H. KAHN-Prom Committee: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Student Council: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Staff: 'I'eeii-Ag: Book Club: United Nations Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: Senior Discussion Club: Chorus IV, III, I: junior Glee Club: Book Club: College Club: French Club: FTA.: Honor Student HARRY JOSEPH KALSON-Social Committee: Dramatic ling- lish: Class Play Cast: Ushering Staff: lntramural Basketball MARK KARTUB-Prom Committee, Co-Chairman: Dramatic Eng- lish: Class Play Cast: Hall Staff: Teen-Age Book Club: Inter- mediate Discussion Club: Slide Rule Club: Chorus II: Senior Dis- cussion Club, Membership Chairman: Civic Club Test: Honor Student: Intramural Basketball: Track Team: Basketball Team Manager NANCY LEE KASPER--Social Committee: Dramatic English: Class Play Staff: journal Art Staff: Student Council, Publicity Committee: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Staff: German Club: College Club: Senior Discussion Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: Ad- vanced .-Xrt: D.A.R. Award, Runner-up: Honor Student FLORENCE KATZ-Dramatic English: Class Day Committee: Shorthand Club: Senior Leaders Club: Gregg Shorthand Award: Tennis '53: Hockey '52, '53: Basketball '53: Mushball '52, '53, Athletic Letter LYNDA KATZfProm Committee: Dramatic English Class: Home- room Vice President, 12B: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Staff: junior Dramatic Club: Senior Discussion Club: F.T.A.: College Club: Book Club: Home Nursing: History Class Radio Program: Ad- vanced Foods g k 33 f ALVIN B. KISILINSKY -- Class Day Committee: Homeroom Treasurer, llA: Hall Staff: Ushering Staff: United Nations Club: Orchestra V: String Quartet: All City Orchestra: Pittsburgh Sym- phony, Junior BARBARA MARIE KOCH-Social Committee: Publicity Com- mittee: Foreword Representative, 10th Grade: Bulletin Distributor: Assistant in Medical Room: .-X.N.C.: M.M.M.: Advanced Art: Hockey '51, '52, '53: Hockey Championship Team '52, '53: Basket- ball '51, '52, '53: Softball '51, '52, '53: Champions '51-'53: Volley Ball 'Sl-'53-Champions '52: Senior Leaders, Social Chairman '52, President '53: Hockey Manager '53: Participant at Hockey Clinic CHARLES LAUTENSCHLAEGER - Projection Club: Square Dance Club: Marching Band: Band V: Participant in Band Concerts RITA RAE LEFF-Foreword Representative, l2A: Student Council, llth Grade: Senior Discussion Club: Future Nurses of America Club, Program Chairman and Treasurer: Shorthand Club: Home Nursing: Gregg Awards 18 -C CCW. ,v -cc C1954--,:-,- HOWARD DONALD LESTER--.l.Y. Basketball 'Sl-'52: Intranmral Basketball 'Sl-'5.Z: Varsity Basketball '52-'54 WILLIAM JAMES LEWIS-Social Committee: Class Day l'ro- gram: llomeroom Vice l'resident, 7-9th Grades: Treasurer. ltlth Grade: llall Staff: Square Dance Club: Special Shop Foreman: Football '51-'53: Green Key Club: Participant in Minstrel Show MARILYN LIPPOCKf Social Conunittee: Dramatic English: Class I'lay Cast: journal Staff: Student Council: Council President, lllth Grade: Travel Club: College Club: F.'l',.X.: Senior Discussion Club: Advanced Jewelry BARBARA LOIS LITMAN-Class Day Committee: Dramatic ling- lish: Class l'lay Cast: journal liditor: Homeroom Vice President, ltllig Secretary, llli: Fortwortl Representative: Student Council: i Problems Committee: Foreword Staff: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Staff: F.'I'.1X.: l'rcsident of F.T.i-X.: Shorthand Club, Treasurer: Inter- t mediate Discussion Club: Senior Discussion Club: Book Club, - l'resident: ,lunior Dramatic Club: Civic Club Test: High Honor ti ' X Student ANTHONY F. LUTCH-Homeroom l'residcnt 4. , PB, nt . if Ml 1 Intramural Basketball: Participant in Band Concerts RONALD EDWIN LYNCH-Model .-Xirplane Club: Square Dance Club: :Xdvanced Art: Football '5l: Track '51-'53: Swimnnng '5Z- 33: .Nllderdice Gymnastic Show RONALD MCCARNEY-Class Day Committee: Homeroom Yice l'resident, lllth Grade: Hall Staff: Stage Crew: Chorus ll: .Nd- vanced jewelry: Special Shop Foreman JAY SANDER MCKENZIE-Prem Committee: Dramatic linglish: Class Play Cast: Key Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: Red Cross Club: Chorus IV: Advanced jewelry: Hall Staff: Student Council: llomeroom President, ltlll MIRIAM ANN MCNALLY--Prom Conuuittee: Dramatic linglishg Class Play Cast: journal Staff: Homeroom Presitlent, l.2.tX: Fore- word Representative: Student Council Alternate, IZ.-X: Service Club: Square Dance Club: Shorthand Club: .Xdvanced Clothing: Basket- ball '50-'53: Volley Ball '50-'53: Hockey '51-'53, Manager '5.3: Soft- ball '50-'55, Manager '53, Championship Team '52-'53: Senior Lead- ers, Secretary: Gregg Shorthand Awards: Fashion Show: Home- room May Queen, 12th Grade: Civic Club Test: High Honor Student LEWIS F. MACE-Class Day Ccmniittee: Homeroom Treasurer: Chorus ll: Football '5Z: Track '51-'53: ,l,V. Basketball '51: Intra- mural Basketball: Athletic Letters: Kiwanis Club Trophy: Most Valuable Track Member Award: Kiwanis Club Banquet FLORENCE ANN MARINO-Class Day Committee: Homeroom Secretary, IZA: Foreword Representative: Ushering Staff: ,-X.N.C.: Orchestra V: ,lunior All City Orchestra: Advanced Foods: Cham- pionship Softball Team Captain '52-'53: Volley Ball Captain 'SZQ Basketball '51-'52: Hockey '51-'55, Captain: Homeroom May Queen, llth Grade EDWARD CARL METZEL, JR.-Social Committee: Dramatic English: Class Plav Cast: Slide Rule Club: Key Club: Square Dance Club: Red Cross Club: Stamp Club: Chorus II 19 , RICHARD ERNEST MOLNAR-Class Day Committee: Hall Staff: Advanced Mechanical Drawing: Entered from Gladstone, 10B CAROLYN J. ONDO-Social Committee: Homeroom Vice Presi- dent 9A. Secretary llB: Service Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: M.M.M.: Advanced Clothing: Home Nursing: Hockey '5Z: Basketball '52: Volley Ball '53: Mushball '53: Senior Leaders: Gregg Shorthand Award: American Legion Award: Fashion Show: Home Economics XVorkshop, Fifth Avenue High School GLENN J. PARFITT-Senior Class President: Class Day Com- mittee: Journal Staff: Student Council, Problems Committee: Homeroom President l0A, 12ll: Microscope Club, President: Square Dance Club: Advanced Special Shop: Print Shop Foreman: Intra- mural Basketball '53: Gerwig Unselfish Service Award: Sons of American Revolution Award: Science Convention Delegate at Dick- enson College: Civic Club Test: Honor Student ROBERT P. PINGOR-Advanced Special Shop: Track '5l: Intra- mural Basketball: Ford Contest Award CLASS STANLEY B. PERLSTEIN-Class Day Committee: Hall Staff: United Nations Club, Treasurer: Projection Club: Special Shop Foreman JOHN JAMES PETROLIAS-Senior Class Vice President: Prom Committee: Homeroom President 9B-l0A: Student Council, Presi- dent l2A, Vice President IZB, Secretary llA: Advanced Electric Shop, Foreman: Football Manager 'Sl-'53: Athletic Letter: Intra- mural Basketball, llth Grade: Civic Club Test: Delegate to State Student Council Convention: High Honor Student BENITA PHYLLIS REINGOLD-Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Prom Committee: Homeroom Vice President IZB: l7.T.A.Z Chorus V, III, I: Junior Glee Club: Hockey '51-'53: Basketball '51-'53: Softball '51-'53: Tennis '5Z: Gregg Typing Award: Civic Club Test: Honorable Mention in History Essay Contest: History Radio Broadcast: Honor Student NANCY JANE RINGER-Social Committee: Homeroom Treasurer IOB-IZB: Cafeteria Staff, Captain: Square Dance Club: Red Cross Club: Service Club: Advanced Clothing: Home Nursing: Softball '5l: Volley Ball '5l: Hockey '52: Fashion Show ESTELLE B. ROSENBLOOM-Class Day Committee: Library Staff: Library Club: Chorus III, I: Typing Certificate: Participant in Choir Program at Carnegie Music Hall HARVEY E. ROSENTHAL-Class Day Committee: Key Club: Senior Discussion Club: Ifnited Nations Club: Teen-Age Book Club: Student Council, Publicity Committee: Junior Varsity Basket- ball: Intramural Basketball: Swimming Team '52-'SS SHEILA ROTH-Prom Committee: Hall Staff: Teen-Age Book Club: Shorthand Club: T'oday's Business Girls: Future Teachers of America: Travel Club: Advanced Jewelry: Advanced Foods JOSEPHINE RYCZEK-Prom Connnittee: Shorthand Club: Hockey '53: Routine Leader: Entered from Munhall, llB 20 -1954 DOLORES ANN SEAMAN-Social Connnitteel l:Ul'l'W"'fll RPIWQ' I sentative: Luneli Cheek Salesman: Serxiee Club: Csbering Stall! 214 Secretary: Sliortbanrl Club: .'X.N.C DOROTHY SERKE-Sllortliantl Club: Holnerooni Treasurer, l2:XZ .Xrlvaneeml Clothing: .-Xtbletic pXn':u'tl: Class Day Loinnuitee: Hall Patrol Captain: Usliering Staff ELAINE CAROLL SHANTAYTTUl1lL'I'1Nllll Yiee l'l'esillCllt llxx. Sevretary HM: Stuclent Council: Assistant in Room ZH: Cborus V, lll, l: Gregg Sliortlianrl .-Xwarcl: Citation for Solo in Choir: Cboir TY Progranl SANFORD SILVERMAN-llrainatie linglisb: Class Play Cast: Honierooni Secretary, 9tb Grade: Hall Staff: Senior llisrussion Club: Print Shop Foreman: ,I.Y. Football: Intramural llasketbnll l .-2 HARRY SIMON llistributive limlueation Class: Hall Staff: Uslier- ing Staff: llebren' Club: Cniterl Nations Club: College Club: Special Shop lforeinan: Intramural Basketball, 9th Grade JANET LOY SMITH Prom Connnittee: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Stuff: Rt-rl Cross Club: Square Dance Club: .Mlvaneecl Clothing: Home Nursing: Fashion Show: Worked at Wabash Building for Reel lloss EDWARD SMITH' lfootlmilll MARVIN H. SPOKANE -l'roni Committee: Foreworml Representa- tive: l"onrtln I'eriorl Ilall Staff: Llniteml Nations Club: College Club: Ureln-stra IY: Cliorus IV: Intramural llasketball: Memorial Day l'1og.,1 on '33 BAYLOR W. SPRATT Microscope Club: Iinterecl from Gladstone, lllli HERBERT D. SROLOVITZ--journal Staff: Senior Social Com- mittee: lforexrorxl lhqiresentative: College Club: Hebrew Clubs: Slille Rule Clubg Qualifieul for University of Pittsburgh Honor Srbolnrsliip MARY EVELYN STERANCHAK-ASoeial Connnittee: Dramatic linglisb Class: l"oreu'or1l Representative1 Cafeteria Staff: Micro- scope Club, Serretnry: .Xrlvzineerl .-Xrt: Carnegie Art Class: Aclvaneecl Nll't'll2lllIl'Ill lJl'IlWlllflQ llasketball 'Sl-'5.Z: CllLllll1JIUIISlIIIJ Team '52: Yolley llall 'ill-'53, Cbzonpionsllip Team '52-'5.3: Softball '50-'53: llorliey 'Sl-'52, Cbainpionsbip 'Sig Hoekey All Star Team '52: junior l.ezulers, l'resi1lentg -lunior :incl Senior Lifesaving: Art Awards-- Senior Sebolnstie, li'nai li'ritl1, .'X.,'X..'X. Safety Poster Contest, S..-XR. .Xu'ar4l: Civie Club Test: Honor Stuclent ROSEMARIE DANIELLE SUCKLING-Class Day Committee: Ilraninlie linglisb: l.ibr:o'y Typist: Service Club: T'o1lay's Business liirls: Driving Club: .Xrlvaneerl hlexrelryg Gregg' Typing Award 21 ESTHER WHEELER - Hoineroom Secretaryfldreastirer IZB: ANC.: Square Dance Club: Chorus III, IV: Volley Ball '52-'S3: Basketball '52-'55, Hockey '53: Softba WALTER NORRIS WISSINGER - Prom Committee: Dramatic English Class: Class Play Cast: Participant in Class Play in 9th Grade at Gladstone EVELYN SUSAN YALCH - Prom Committee: Service Club Hockey 'SI-'SZQ Volley Hall '50, Basketball '52-'55: Athletic Emblem Award: Home Nursing: Advanced Clothing .IAN IXRXY C IUXS PHYLLIS MAE VERNON5Social Committee: Dramatic English' journal Staff: Class Play Cast: Student Council, Secretary: Serv- ice Club: Driving Club: Shorthand Club: Gregg Typing Award: Civic Club Test: Gerwig Unselfish Service Awardgu President of Gladstone School: High Honor Student FELICIA R. VIVIANf-Secretary of IZQX Class: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: journal Staff: Senior Social Committee: Home- room President, IZA: Service Club: Cafeteria Staff: ZI-I Secretary: M.M,M.: Chorus IV, III, I: Gregg Shorthand .-Xward: IJ.JX.R. His- tory Award: :Xmerican Legion Honorable Mention: Volley Ilall 'SZ' Hockey 'SZQ Softball '52: Student Council: High Honor Student MARIEL WANDEL-llistributive Ifdueatiou Class: I'IUll1Cl'UUlI1 Treasurer LESLIE K. VVEISENBAUM--French Club, Entered ,-Xllderdice in IZA f ALICE KILROY-Distributive Education: Future Nurses of Ameri- ca Club: Chorus IV: Advanced Foods 22 anuary Class Honor Pupil y- HIGH HONOR Sheila Fay Gross Miriam Ann McNally Edward Harbist John J. Petrolias Barbara L. Litman Phyllis Mae Vernon Felicia R. Vivian HONOR Maxine Abrams Sandra Maye Chass Irwin M. Chernew Robert Gelman Fred A. Gluckson Ilene H. Kahn E Mark G. Kartub Nancy L. Iijasper Glcnn J. P rfitt Benita P. Reingold Herbert D. Srolovitz Mary E. Steranchak . .... i.. Forty-Eighth Commencement JANUARY CLASS--1954 THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 28, 1954 PROFESSIONAL-POITIP and Circumstance .......,...,.......,....,,,...............,..,....,........,. Elgar Orchestra-Mr. Walter Voyvodich, Director INVOCATION.. .... ,..........,....,........,.....,............,.........,.,....,..,.. D r. Bernard A. Poupko Rabbi, Sharre Torah Congregation Jesu, joy of Man's Desiring ..................,,.,,..,..,... .,.............,.,.,....,..........,...,......... B ach Orchestra PRESENTATION or FLOWERS .,.,.. .,...,.,.,.,..,...,... ...,.,...,,..............., J 1 me Class, 1954 joan Stewart, June John Petrolias, January VIOLIN SOLO-Concerto NO. 4 ..,.,.. ...,.........,..................... ,.... M o .sfart Allegro EXCERPTS FROM LIFE'S SCRAPBUOK "The Individual Mind": Steinbeck .....,..,............ ,. ...,...... Sheila Gross "True Success": Stevenson ........,...,,.....,.,......., ..,..... F elicia Vivian "Friendship-A Delightful Boon": Cicero ,.............. Barbara Litman "Contented Living": Goethe ........,.,....,..,......... ....... E dward Harbist My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair .,............,,.,......, ................. J oscph Haydn Elaine Shanta Mary Ann DeWaters CLASS GIFT ......,.,.......,...,......,.....,.,............,.............,,,......,.,,........,.. january Class, 1954 Glenn Parfitt, january Robert Anderson, June AUTHORIZATION OF DIPLOMAS ....... ...,.......,..,.,..,...,,.......... H aines Pullen Director of Secondary Education PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS ,..... ..,...,......,.,.,.,............,...... J . D. McClymonds Principal, Taylor Allderdice High School ALMA MATIQR ...,., ..,.....,..,.,.....,.,,.....,.....,,...,......,.........,,...,.. ...,.,,.......,.,.. C 1 ass 1954 RECESSIONAI.-MHfCl1 of the Priest from "Athalia" ..... ,.,,,.. ll lendrlssohn Orchestra 23 anuary Class Play 24 Penelope Reardon Laura Reardon .,......... Mrs. James Parker Nana Reardon ..r.. Essie ....,,....,.... .......,,.. Reginald Reardon.. Marcia Reardon .......,. Warry Reardon ......, EVERY FAMILY HAS ONE THE CAST Kahn, Miriam McNally Sheila Gross, Marilyn Lippock Benita Reingold, Sheila Braun .....,.,Barbara Litman, Diane Goldvarg I .,,. ..,......,..... A .r?Erin Godfrey, Linda Katz Earl Glasser, Harry Kalson .......Nancy Kasper, Phyllis Vernon ...,,....Mark Kartub, Norman Bloom James Parker ,,,,.........., ..,...,.............. E d Metzel, Irwin Chernew Sherwin Parker ....,...,, ..,..... J ay McKenzie, Sandy Silverman Lily Reardon ....,. ....., .............,......,..,....,.... .....,.,..,, .,......,, S a n d ra Esman, Felicia Vivian Todd Galloway ..,.. .,.....,...,...,..,....,..,..,.,.....,.........,...........,r.............,.......,...,...... W alt Wissinger Stage Manager and Production Secretary ..., ................... ...,..........,... P a tricia Banyas Assistant Stage Manager and Sound Crew Chief .,...., .,.. . . .... . .. . . Alice Hazin Business and Advertising Managers ....... ..,.....,...,,.., M axine Abrams, Carol Goddy Costumes Crew Chief ,......,.......,,...,,..............,................,.....,.,..,.......,...... .. ,..... Sandra Chass Make-up Crew Chief ,...,,.,...r..,................ ...........,......,., R oseruarie Suckling Props Crew Chief .,...,....... ..,..... M ary Steranchak Prompter ...,.... .,,,.,...,....,, Stage Crew Chief ........,. Stage Crew .,....,. ....,.... Sponsor . .,,........ IEEE Florence Katz George Stevanus Dulberg, David Smith ...............Miss Edith Finegold ......Joel 25 MOTHER GOOSE'S ALLDERSY RHYMES "Sing a song of Allderdice-" Charlotte Gall "Curly locks! Curly locks! Shirley Cain "Humpty Dumpty always at the wall" Earl Glasser 46 as rr This is the preacher all shaven and shorn" Walter W issinger Seesaw, Margery Daw" Margie Hess jack Sprat could eat no fat" Baylor S prat "jack and jill went up the hall" Sandy Esrnan Irwin C herner is Wee Willie Lewis runs with the ball' Bill Lewis "Little Bo-peep has lost her doughnutfn Mary E. S teranchak u Marvin Sp H Hey, diddle diddle! The boy and the fiddle." There was an old salesman who lived by the shoe" okane A l'vin K isilinsky H Little girl Lou come blow your whistle" Lonise DeGregorio 6: Ding, dong bell! His average never felll' Edward H arbist u A dillar, a dollar An excellent scholar" Sheila Gross SONG TITLES Stranger In Paradise .,.,....,,l.,...,.,.,A....,..............,,..,..,,.,.l....... y .....l... A freshman Oh Mein Papa ,.,i..,...,,.,.. ........ C razy M an, C razy A... You Belong To Me. Mr. Touchdown ..A.......l..,......l,.,...................... .,.......,.,..... Charleston ...,.......,..,., There's N 0 Business Detour ,..................... Anywhere I Wander ...,..... Where Are Yon? .,.... . .,,i.... Norman Bloom Dark Eyes .i......l....,... .Plea to angry father on report card day Senior theme Senior note cards .....Robert Gelman Nancy Kasper "Lael'shed''ir?1l3t2igQ4Q4.i.'.'.iffffravgiy'iiifmiy Has one" .,.,,..,.,.Hall Patrol squeegee, please? and Earl Glasser Felicia Vivian 26 QUOTABLES .lay McKenzie ..,..,., ,....,.,,...,....,.,,,.,,,.,,,..,... A So he it! Felicia Vivian A ,A ...,.. VVho died and left you boss? lid Metzel AA A, .,,i .....,...... ...4..,..............,................,,.. . A men. Nancy Kasper ..... ......,.,.. .i..,..........4... R a h, Mercersburg! Mary livelyn Steranchak ,...., ..,............,. A Tremendous. group! Robert Pingorm ,A AA ,A Norman Bloom Giles Holtznian .,.., Dan Feeney A, A A Miriani McNally NValt VVissinger Holi Allinghani Nancy Ringer A Sandy lisman Mark Kartuh Marilyn l.ippock Iiarl Glasser Sandy Calig A Carol Goddy A Fred Gluckson Harry Kalson Sandy Silverman A A .AAAAAAAA I cannot visualize the board. A A. It was a lousy story, anyway. A AA AAAAGet serious! is a class? Do I really have to eat this oatmeal? AA AAAAAAAAA,,AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I flatly refuse. fun to he a lmencliwarineiz AA A,,Get those lunch trays away from here! A AAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A A ..VVl'l6I'C'S Nick? A AAAAAAA AAAAAAA AAAAAAA D 0 n't touch that phone!! AA AAAAAAAAAAAAA AAA..AAA,AAA A .A AAAAAA..AAAAA,AAAA I Clon't understand. Of course I studied, but can I help it if l can't figure out what it means?! ,AAAAA.VVait until I tell you the funniest. Now, lmoys - - - disagree with you. AAA.-lust want the facts. main. it was. 27 Room 3 56 First Row-Florence Katz, Alberta Duckett, Charlotte Gall, Georgianna Clark, Miriam McNally,. Barbara Litman, Diane Goldvarg, Alice Hazin, Shirley Cain, Marjorie Hess, Josephine Ryczek, Elaine Beley Second Row-Harvey Rosenthal, Robert Bowser, Sheila Gross, Mary Steranchak, Benita Reingold, Angelo Borelli, Ronald Cord, Fred Grossinger, Joseph Gordon, Robert Pingor, Miss Braham Third Row-Daniel Feeney, Donald Cavins, John Petrolias, Harry Kalson, Norman Bloom, Mark Kartub, Edward Metzel, john Clark, Robert Gelman, Edward Harbist,. Anthony Lutch, jay McKenzie Teacher ..,.,, . ,Miss Olive Braham President r.,,r , . ..... Miriam McNally Vice President . .. r . Georgianna Clark Secretary .. , ...,... ................ . , . . .Shirley Cain Treasurer r . .. .. r .. ,.......,.....,.... ,, Robert Bowser Student Council Representative ..., . . ,john Petrolias Foreword Representative ,.....,, .. .,.. Edward Metzel IUAINE BELEY "Diligence is the mother of good i.0l'tllllC.H+Cif'l"Z'fllIff'S NORMAN BLOOM "My only hooks were woman's looks."-Moore ANGELO BORELLI "Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no lllUI'C.H-S1It!k!'Sf7f'Ul'!' ROBERT BOXVSIER "Men of few words are l1est."-Slrakespearv SHIRLEY CAIN "Gentlemen prefer blondes."-Laos IJONALIJ CAYINS "That man's silence is wonderful to listen ffl."fHARDX' GEORGIANNA CLARK "VVhere there's a girl, there's a boy.,'-Anon. .IOHN CLARK "Life is a jest. and all things show it."-Cm-v RONALD CORD "A lion among ladies is a dreadful tlllflg.HTSfIlId'l'5f7l'fII'C' A-Xl,Rl2R'l'.AX DUCKETT "A friend may well he reckoned hy the masterpiece of ll3tlll'C'.UfEll1t'I'S0ll 28 DANIEL FEENEY "But when to mischief mortals bend their will, How soon they find fit instruments of ill."-Pope CHARLOTTE GALL "A song is m-ore lasting than the riches of the world."-Colum ROBERT GELMAN "My strength is as the strength of ten."--TENNYSON EARL GLASSER "Thou best humored man."-Goldsmith DIANE GOLDVARG "I have a predilection for painting."-Renoir UIOSEPH GORDON ' "In quietness and confidence shall be your strength."-Isaiah SHEILA GROSS "Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well."-Chesterfield FRED GROSSINGER "On stage he was simple, natural, affecting."-Goldsmith EDWARD HARBIST "I have nothing to declare except my genius."-Wilde ALICE I-IAZIN "Eyes colored like a waterflower and deeper than the green sea's glass." -Swinburne MARJORIE HESS "Personal beautv is a greater recommendation than any letter of introduc tion."-Aristotle HARRY KALSON "But where is the man that can live without dining?"-Meredith MARK KARTUB "Good at a fight, but better at a play."-Moore FLORENCE KATZ "Laugh thy girlish laughter."-Watson BARBARA LITMAN "High erected thoughts seated in the heart of courtesy."-Sidney ANTHONY LUTCI-I "He said little, but to the purpose."-Moore JAY McKENZIE "A gentleman from top to toe."-Byron' MIRIAM MCNALLY t "A witty woman is a treasureg a witty beauty is a power."-Meredith EDWARD METZEL "My appetite comes to me while eating."--Montaigne JOHN PETROLIAS "Few things are impossible to diligence and skill."-Johnson 29 ROBERT PINGOR "A merry heart goes all the day."-Shakespeare BENITA REINGOLD "Charm is the measure of attraction's power."-Thomas HARVEY ROSENTI-IAL "Small things are best."-Faljan JOSEPHINE RYCZEK "Sihe's beautiful and therefore to be wooedf'-Shakespeare ED SMITH "All mankind loves a lover."-Emerson MARY E. STERANCHAK "Nothing is impossihle to the willing heart."-Heywood OUR HIT PARADE This Is Heaven .....,.,,. ..,.....,.,............,,..,.........,.,.........,.....,...,..,,. A fter graduation Till Then ..,... .......,.......,,..,........ .....l., ,... J u n e 14th Wanted ..4...,.......,....r.......,.....,.... ...,..,.. A nswers to the next Qual test Alone ,......,.......,..,....,....,...... ..,..... ,.......,.,......,.. T h e Wall at 8:46 A.M. The Girl llf'ith The Banjo ...,.... ...,...,.,..,,..,.,,.........,,.., L orraine Avins Size Twelve ,,...,............,....,..,. ......,.,.. ..,4......,.. A l l the swimming trunks Stranger in Paradise ,....,..... ......,,....., S tudent in cafeteria on turkey day Have A Heart. r.......,,.,. .......... A ddressed to Senior English teachers lllaybe Next Tinie ..........,.......... ....i.........,....,..,......,.,.........., I f I don't pass English Close To Me .............,...........,...,...,.,.i.,.....,...,..,,.....,,....,...,...i.,,4.......... Theme note cards I C0uIdn't Believe My Eyes .4.,.,..,...i....,,.......... ...........,..,.. A in English 8 There'll Be No Teardrops Tonightf Pj .i....... ...,,,.. G raduation Night Oh, My Papa ..,,.......,,..r,.l,......,,.,,...,........,..,., .,...,... M r. McClymonds Changing Partners .,........... ...,.....,..., .....,............,...,.,.....,.....,....,.. S q uare Dance Answer Me r.,..,..,i..,.,.......,., ,.r.......,......................... D uring Physics test Cross Over The Bridge ,.,.... Ring, Telephone, Ring ...,., ...,..,.,Hayes and Lincoln Place Students or me during English test Many Times ................,.,..,.,... ....,.....,,......, I forgot my homework Gee .,.,.,......,,....,..,..l,.l.,.,.,.,.,.........,., ,. ,......,,.,...,, I hope I graduate cards Little Things Mean A Lot C'est Si Bon ....4.............,....,., Suddenly .ii,....,.i,,t.,. ., . ..... ,.....r.Miss Todd's French class ,.,.........Surprise English test -363 Dictionarf AA 'll-aelici' A Miss Edna R. Tuclcl l'resiclr-nt A ..,.., ..,.. 1' 'elieia Vivian Yice Presirlent A AA Louise llelireguriu Secretary ..., Florence Marino Treztsnrer A A AA A A AA,Dnrlvtl1y Serke Stnclent Cmmiiiieil Representative A ,Maxine A-Xlmrams l"nrewn1'cl Representative , A A, A AAAA A Marvin Spokane First Row-Sandra Esman, Louise DeGregorio, Dolores Seaman, Felicia Vivian, Patricia Banyas, Nancy Ringer, Ronald McCarney, Florence Marino, Erin Godfrey, Herbert Srolovitz Second Row-Evelyn Yalch, Janet Smith, Maxine Abrams, Carolyn Ondo, Elaine Shanta, Barbara Koch, Margaret Jackson, Dorothy Serke, Angela Andrews, Evelyn Hayes, Genevieve Bollman Third Row--Marvin Spokane, Robert Allingham, Richard Molnor, Kevin Higgins, Lewis Mace, Charles Lautenschlaeger, Howard Lester, Glenn Parfitt, Leslie Wiesenbaum, Fred Gluckson,. Sorrel Feinberg Abrams, Maxine Fredaf-nnnn: a gossip lfilfli Keylmlelg verlm-to clznice Allingham, Robert Charles-A-verlm: to lmlnck. pass, tackle: now nlisulete-tn warm :L bench Andrews, Angela LucilleA:uljective1 quiet, peaceable. il'Illlllllil--Zh oppuseal In nnisy :intl clistnrhing' Ban as Patricia Ann-verlmg to lanfrli nr 0'i1fU'le at the least nwmvocutinil 7 rs IN hh I Bollman Genevieve CCCCHH-'Zlll.t'L'iiV61 skilleml in 4ll'CSSlllZllilllU'Q with the neeclle I J Ii quick DeGreg0ri0, Louise Gr-noun: hezul of the twirlersg syn. hig' wheel: whistle lmlriwer Esman, Sandra Lois-nnnnq Z1 Lily: expl. the type C0llllCL'it'Kl with class play rather than funerals Feinberg, Sorrel J.-nnnn: not to he cmnmectecl with a hnrse or any equine activities Gluckson, Fred A.-znljecliveg nnwilling' tu move lFlQUM Cnllmrnl 31 1 Godfrey, Erin Kasselle-noun, comedienneq riot CFROM "Every Family Has Onenj Hayes, Evelyn-noun, having the ability to quote the Good Book Higgins, Kevin-verb, to shine with a red glow jackson, Margaret H.-pronoun, used in place of Clara Barton Koch, Barbara Marie-adjectiveg athletic, energetic CSEE Senior Leadersj Lautenschlaeger, Charles Harry-noun, new type of midget motorcycleg also, one who operates it Lester, Howard Donald-verb, to dribble, connected with a hoop and basket rather than with slow rainfall Lynch, Ronald Edwin-noung a splash, expl. after a dive CSEE Swimming Teamj Mace, Lewis F.-adjectiveg tall, dark. handsome CSEE balcony scene from "Romeo and julietuj Marino, Florence Ann--pronoung joan Davis, Lucille Ball, etc. McCarney, Ronald-noung miniature fireball on the basketball court fslang- Gigsj Molnar, Richard Ernest-noun, jerk-used behind a drugstore counter Ondo, Carolyn J.-verbg to nurse to health Qrefer to listing on Miss McKinney's Moronsj Parfitt, Glenn-noung a dictator, one who rules with an iron hand and a Texan drawl Ringer, Nancy jane-noung watcher: expl. connected with lunch lines and trays: syn. "0 Captain, my captaini' Seaman, Dolores Ann-verb, to push a button, to feed the masses CSEE lunchcheckj Q Serke, Dorothy-verb, to hound: to collectg to record CSEE treasurer's note- bookj Shanta, Elaine Caroll-verb: to warble as a nightingale QSEE p. 4125 Smith, janet joy-adjective-partaking in many sportsg active as opposed to passive Spokane, Marvin H.-adverb: used to modify a shoe horn Srolovitz, Herbert-article: often mispronounced or misspelled Vivian, Felicia R.-verb, to write incessantly, as letters, minutes, etc. Weisenbaum, Leslie Kalman-verb, to make a favorable first impression Yalch, Evelyn Susan-pronoung Babe Diclrickson Zaharias 32 0 I 5 lk it .......,' , 5 we 'X 41" U rt fn K 5 RHS' M' W?- IQ 'T' www 5 Ns- Y :- g Wuhan -+:fMedieval Madcaps of 364i+-- First Row-Ilene Kahn, Marilyn Lippock, Sondra Calig, Phyllis Vernon, Natalie Cherner, Irma Eichenmiller, Carol Goddy, Rosemarie Suckling, Estelle Rosenbloom, Sandra Chass Second Row-Stanley Perlstein, William Lewis, Nancy Kasper, Linda Katz, Naomi Jack- son, Sanford Silverman, Esther Wheeler, Audrey Gefsky, Sheila Roth, Rochelle Jacobson Third Row-Giles Holtzman, Alvin Kisilinsky, Leslie Friss, Irwin Chernew, Richard Crowley, Baylor Spratt, Howard Toberg, Walter Wissinger Teacher .., .. . .. ... .. ..Miss Lois Grose President ,.....r . . . .Irwin Chernew Vice President . .. . ...., ..Nancy Kasper Secretary-Treasurer ...,. ., .... ......,.,.4 . .. . Carol Goddy Student Council Representative ,.a, ,. Marilyn Lippock Foreword Representative ..,,.. .,..... . .. . . ,. . ., . . . Rita l,eff Sheila Bftlllil . . . resplendent court lady of our 'castle . . . thou hast always been a criterion of fashionable beauty. "Town Crier" Culig flits about our hamlet, glens, and paths . . . she doth leave them ringing with the echoes of her news . . . those echoes, Sandy, truly liveth yet. XYith nimble needle and silver thread. .S'a.ndy Chass, the royal seamstress, through her black magic transformeth webs into regal wardrobes. The Royal Page, Namlic Clzmfncr, quiet and unselfish worker brighteneth the many days within our castle through her indispensable duties. Irrcfn Clzcrucru . . . the Royal High Commissioner whose proclamations each day bore out the wishes of the king. Squire Crowlvy . . . a gay. young blade . . . Sir Richard is known well at all the feasts and fairs, and to almost every lovely maiden of the realm. The King's Recorder, Irrmz- Eifhcmlliller . . . maketh ready proclamatious issued to the serfs . . . her seal on each document is final. King of hlesters, Leslie Frzfss . . . evoketh many times our sparkling smiles and stirreth up joyousness from day to day. Our Lady-in-Distress. Audrey Cvfsky, liveth in perpetual predicament, to extri- cate herself from which she awaited some chivalrous knight. 34 Exchequerer-to-the-King, Carol Caddy doth reside mid golden heaps of the treasury's wealth . . . her worth is inestimable. Giles Holtzrnan, a knave for fair, always the king of trickery . . . his antics kept the royal guard alert from morn to eventide. Naomi Jackson, the royal dancer supreme, ever the glittering gem of regal enter- tainment . . . winner of the title "Mistress Feudal Frolic" in the 1006 tourney. Lady-in-Waiting, Rachelle Jacobson, liveth the leisurely life, surrounded by pleasures . . . her days are sunny. Princess of Thespians, Ilene Kahn, doth hold the court enthralled by tragedy, comedy or melodrama . . . how great her power in Guild plays. Literary Scribe, Nancy Kasper, amid her scrolls and inks utters only words of immeasurable length to us . . . may her manuscripts be famous! Alchemist Linda Katz, enshrouded in mystery, doth work chemical wonders be- fore our fascinated eyes . . . limitless is her ability to entertain. Our effervescent minstrel, Alvin Kisilinsky, forever kept the mead hall glowing with music of his lutes fto be known in later years as violinj. A novice, Rita Leff, brought to our realm news from across the moat . . . she came a welcome stranger. A knight-in-shining-armor ever hath been Brill Lewis . . . his gallantry in tour- nament has crowned him hero of the royal games. Sagacious prophetess, Marilyn Lippock, foresaw the futures of us all . . . enrapt, we cling to her worldly words of wisdom. 'Neath stars and by the sunshine Stanley Perlstein, gatekeeper beyond reproach, -hath kept 'his watch in diligent vassalage ...' l ie is proclaimed the keystone of royal attendants. Sorceress, scholar of the occult and unknown world, Estelle Rosenbloorn doth preside over destiny and her magic doth rouse bewilderment in the royal family. Royal Governess, Sheila Roth, herds all us youngsters on the progress day . . many an errant page hath come beneath her rule. Courageous Crusader, Sandy Silverman, fought gallantly for the motto "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" which hath now become our creed. The craft guilds shout the praises of Baylor S pratt, head guildsman and master craftsman, whose artful projects are the pride of our domain. So like a gentle prioress, our Rosamarie Sncklfing, that her pure and unselfish ways standeth forth as examples to us all. Worldly, Scholarly, Phyllis V ernon, a student of our Feudal System, sets forth in prose her vivid dreams of human achievements. Fi-t for a king is the melodic voice of our minstrel Esther Wheeler whose songs and lays seemeth to spirit away every care and sorrow. Friar Walter Wissinger hath ever been the crux of our royal order . . . his min- istry hath been recognized and ever shall be. 35 40 5 Post Hice Any information concerning the whereabouts of the former inmates of 405 please forward to Klr. Barnes or the trustees: Teacher. . . . .. , Mr. Howard liarnes President .. , .. ..., .Eleanor Loos Vice President .. , l joan Rasp Secretary. ,.,.., , ,... . Michael McCann Treasurer ., ., ..,, ,,.. , ., ., . . . , ,.XVilliam O'Hanlon Student Council Representative , ,, ,, . Carol Heatley Foreword Representative . . , ,, . , .. ,, ,. l Maria Cicardini First Row-Sally Englehart, Claudette Dungan, Eleanor Kaufman, Jane Kilroy, Eleanor Loos, june Sabo, Rose Abbenante Second Row-Michael McCanr, Phylis Margolis, Maria Cicardini, Mariel Wandel, Wil- liam O'Hanlon,. Carol Heatley, Maxine Balog, Joan Rasp, Leonard Hinkes Third Row-John DeFrancesco, Harry Simon, john Stefurak, Kathleen Nagel, Sullivan Grainy, Joe Hess, Robert Preston, Mr. Barnes XVANTED ! ! jo,+xN kfxslef Here is this girl loan of whom the lmoys are fond: She is a good example of a very stunning hlonde. ANGIE :XNOBILE Quite attractive with a friendly gift, And a charming manner that will give you a lift. NlAXlNl2 BALOG Maxine, the terrific soprano of 405. XVith her looks and amhition she'll really arrive. ERNEST BAZZY A swell guy like Bazzy is hard to find, A wonderful fellow with a brilliant mind. SALLY ENGLEHART Sally is cute and full 'of fun, She makes a good friend when all's said and done. .56 SULLIVAN GRAINY A tall good looking, likeable lad, For him success is certain to be had. NANCY GRAY Almost blonde, brown-eyed, just a lot of fun, Nancy is liked by everyone. LEONARD HINKES Someone as quiet yet active in his way, Our Hinkes is as pleasant as a sun-shining day. CAROL HEATLEY Carol is the "jill" of every tradeg Her charm and artistic skill will never fade. FRIEDA JAMES If you're in the mood for fun, You'll find our Frieda is just the one. ELEANOR KAUFMAN She likes good music and books, too: There's nothing for you she won't try to do. MARIA CICARDINI A pair of sparkling eyes and a nose with an upward swing If this is what's wanted, then Maria is just the thing ELEANOR LOOS Our pres is tricky and very coyg She has the attention of every girl and boy. PHYLLIS MARGOLIS She is the quiet kind, reserved, and somewhat shyg We're sure in the future she'll always get by. JUNE sABo This young lady is our class witg On every subject she adds her bit. ROBERT PRESTON Bob is always considerate His presence in the room ROSE ABBENANTE On her finger she wears a Happiness to her this will in every wayg added pleasure eve diamond ring g bring. JOHN DeFRANCESCO Our boy John has his feet After graduation, he's California bound. HESS joe is careful in details minuteg He'll look quite sharp in an Air Force suit. on the ground 3 JOSEPH ,IANEY KILROY laney's laugh is really outrageous: 'The way she roars is quite contagious. ry day 37 HARRY SIMON When homework's due, it's Harry's fate Always to be just a little too late. MARIEL WANDEL She's the sweetest girl in our D. E. class, A pleasing personality and a good-looking lass. WILLIAM O'HANLON A guy for whom the girls seem to fallg They answer to his every beck and call. MIKE McCANN His laugh is outrageous and very contagiousg We'll remember "the great McCann' thru the ages. KATHLEEN NAGEL Kathleen's a pal as sincere as one can findg There aren't too many of this girl's kind. JOHN STEFURAK John is an athlete quite grandg His basketball playing is the best in the land. VVe're the stars of this graduating year: VVe will always be VVANTED, so never fear. 5 SWAP SHOP WILLING TO TRADE: an Allderdice boy for a Harvard mang one cut slip for a signed early dismissalg one history book for a Mickey Spillane thrillerg one homeroom teacher for a dashing movie starg three lunch checks for a thick corned-beef sandwichg one of Mr. Colburn's students for Einsteing one special dance class for the Sadler Wells Balletg two Allderdice swimming suits for a Janzen originalg a session in Mr. Thomas' office for a day at the moviesg the late bell for another 'wall'g an economics class for hall patrolg and one blank diploma for a 4. average. If anyone knows the whereabouts of any of the above articles, or the possessor of such articles who is willing to make a trade, please Contact any senior cfo T. A. H. S. 38 Qlrllimzr visits The Zlumz Glass N CLASS DAY COMMITTEE SOCIAL COMMITTEE une Class CLASS OFFICERS President-Robert Anderson Vice President-Robert DeWaters Secretary-joan Stewart Treasurer-Ellsworth Bowser Committees PUBLICITY COMMITTEE PROM COMMITTEE .Uma L. .1 UNE c:1,,tss LAWRENCE ADLER- -Senior Social Committee: Dramatic ling- lishg Sturlent Couneilg Problems Conunittee Chairman: Chess Club, l'resiflt-ntg Senior lliseussion Clubg .-Xtlvaneetl lfleetrie Slttip CARMEN KATHERINE AIELLO-Hmnerooin Presiclent, 1.2133 Cshering Staff: .xsslstitlll in .2143 Service Club: Senior Leaders, Yiee l'resiflt-ntg fXl.M.Nl.g 'liom1ay's Business liirlsg Y-Teens: Short- ltsturl Clubg llome Nursing: Hoekey '52-'S-13 Basketball '52-'S-1: Yolley llall '52-'5-13 Mushball 'SZ-'S-lg Senior l.eaclers3 .-X11 Star llasketbztll 'I'e:tnt '53-'5-lg Manager of llasketball and Volley Hall: llonorary Srienre .Xu'arrl, lluhl IllElllk'1ZiI'lllll1 RICHARD E. ALDERMAN-V-Senior l'ub1ieity Conlnlitteel llonlc- room Sl'L'l't'11l1'j',8.XQ llall Staff: Cnitetl Nations Club: College Club: Male tilee Club: Male Chorus: Chorus Y, lll, llg Special Choral Hr:-upg lizurtlwilll '513 lntranuiral Basketball BERNARD CHARLES ALDERSON--liuteretl from Central Cath' olie lligh Sehool, 1.211 PHILLIP CLIFFORD ALLEN --Intramural Basketball: Varsity llasketlmllg lJ..X.R. .Xwarflg National junior Honor .Xssembly I . ug 'V fiigwi Q CAROL ANDERSON Stufleut Couueilg Cheerleatlers, Manager: ,g llall Staff: Lifesaving: liashion Shoup lJ,.'X.R. Honorable Mention: sr History .-Xwarrlg Special Dance I X ',-:. ' 4 -'., T v,. " , N1 . X t 1 A as 2 1 523. , GEORGE W. ANDERSON-Chorus Y: lfntereal from tilaulstone in 1013 ROBERT B. ANDERSON-Senior Class l'resitlentg lloinerooin Presitlent, l2.'X, 12133 liorewortl Staff, lilllttll'-ill-Cl1l0fI -lournal Staff: Tutoring Staffg junior Rell Cross, l'resitlentg .Xtlvaneerl Rleehanieal Drawing: Track '53-'S-1: lntranuu'al llasketballg llearst .Xnieriean History .Mrartlg Qualitative .-Xnalvsis Class: Chetnieal Society Test: Civic Club Test: Vtorltl Affairs lforuni RONALD D. ANDERSON -- lntraniural llasketballl Xtootlsliop Foreman: Championship Intramural liasltetball leant, Oth tirzule JAMES GIBSON ANDES-Hoineroom Yiee l'resitlent, l7.X3 l'rint Shop Foreman: liutererl from Gladstone in 1011 ANGELINE M. ANOBILE-llistributive lftluration Class: Short- hantl Clubg Gregg Typing' .-Xxtartlg tilatlstone Servire Clubg tilzul- stone Orchestra GLORIA ANN APPLEBAUM--lforeuwnrcl Representative1 llotne- room Voting Committee: Student Couneil, l'ublieity Conuuitteel Cshering Staff: Cafeteria Stalfg 21-1 Committee: Senior Discussion Club: lf.'l'.A.: College Club: Cniteul Nations Club: 'l'eenag'e llools Club: junior filee Club: Safety Contest: Yolley Hall '50-'513 1211 Senior l.unt'heon Committee 41 SUE ARTHURS--Dramatic English: Student Council: Foreword Representative: Homeroom Vice President, 9th Grade, Secretary, Illth Grade: junior Red Cross Service: Junior Leaders: Senior Leaders: Junior Hook Club: junior Dramatic Club: F.N.A.: Or- chestra IV: Volley Ball '-I9-'5-I: Basketball '49-'54: Hockey '52-'54: Musliball '49-'S-I: Chamber of Commerce Award: Athletic Letter: Outstanding Leader: All City Orchestra LOIS ANN ASH-Senior Publicity Committee: Foreword Repre- sentative: Hall Staff: Majorettes, Manager: M.M.M.: Garden Club: Square Dance Club: United Nations Club: Orchestra IV, III, II: Secretary, Orchestra IV: Gregg Typing Award LORRAINE SARITA AVINS - Student Council: French Club: Senior Discussion Club: F.N..-X., Program Chairman: United Na- tions Club: F.T..-X.: College Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: Orchestra V: .XII City Orchestra: Pittsburgh Symphony Junior Or- chestra: Harpist for All State Band: Civic Club Test: P.C.VV. Opera XVorkshop MARIE DOLORES BACCARO - Senior Class Day Committee: Student Council: Homeroom Vice President, IZB, Secretary, 9A. QB: Foreword Representative: Service Club: Shorthand Club: Chorus llI, IV: Fashion Show: Mushball Championship Team, IIA: Basketball, llA: Volley Ball, IIA JOAN SONDRA BAKER-Foreword Representative: Homeroom Social Chairman, 9th Grade: F.T.A.: Junior, Intermediate, Senior Discussion Clubs: Junior Dramatics: Travel Club: Junior Glee Club: Representative to Davis School for F.T.A. MAXINE ROZELAND BALOG-Distributive Education: Junior Glee Club: Orchestra IV: Advanced Sewing: Basketball: Volley Ball: Mushball JANE ELIZABETH BECKETT f Senior Publicity Committeel Journal Staff: Homeroom President, IZB: Senior Leaders, Social Chairman: Physics Club: Advanced Foods and Clothing: Fashion Show: Volley Ball: Hockey: Basketball: Tennis Manager: Mush- ball: Leaders Club: Athletic Letter: Physics Club 'Television Pro- gram MARSHA J. BEESON-Hall Staff: M.M.M.: Shorthand Club: F.T.A.: Orchestra V, IV, III: Aecompanist for Modern Dance: Glee Club Accompanist: String Trio: Volley Ball '-I9: Gregg Typing Award: Gregg Shorthand Award: Carnegie Hall Musical Festival JERROLD A. BEIGEL-Male Glee Club: Male Chorus: Chorus V, III, II: Intramural Basketball: Choir Concert at NVilliam Penn Hotel DIANE LOUISE BEITZEL - Foreword Representative: Cnitcd Nations Club, Secretary: Orchestra V, III: Viola, Pittsburgh Sym- phony Junior Orchestra: String Trio: Quartette: All City Orchestra DIANE FAY BERGER-Senior Publicity Committee: Homeroom Blackboard Art Committee: Student Council, Social Committee: Foreword Staff: Senior Discussion Club: United Nations Club: Orchestra V: VVoodwind Quintet: Flute Quartet: String and Flute Trio: Tennis: Basketball: Civic Club Test EILEEN BERGMAN-Journal Staff: Homeroom President, 9B: Senior Board Connnittee: Hall Staff: -Iunior Dramatics: Teenage Book Club: Entre Nous: Orchestra IV, III, II: Advanced Art: Safety Poster Contest 42 LAWRENCE EDWARD BERGSTEIN Y- Garden Club: Special Shop, Foreman: Metal Shop Foreman: Iilectric Shop: Wood Shop: Intramural Basketball and Swimming EVELYN J. BERKOWITZ--Senior Gift Committee: Iforeuoril Representative: Homeroom Secretary 9th ltlth Grade, Social Chair- man IZB: Student Council: Hall Staff: Cafeteria Staff: ,Iuuior Ilramatics: Book Club: F.T.A.: College Club: Red Cross Service A. LEONARD BERNSTEIN-Qualitative .Xnalysis Class: Driving Club: Chess Club: Senior Discussion Club: Physics Club: Orches- tra ll: Metal Shop Foreman: Intramural Basketball: Yarsity Basketball Manager: Physics Television Program EDWARD BERNSTEIN -- Senior Social Committee: Ilramatic English Class: Student Council, Problems Committee: Hall Staff: Ushering Staff: United Nations Club: College Club: Travel Club: Chess Club: Bands Il, l: Chorus IV, III: Special ,-Xrt: ,Xdvanced Metal: Intramural Basketball, Swimming LILLIAN PAULA BLACK--Dramatic English: Cafeteria Staff: I7.'I',:X.: Intermediate Discussion Club: I".N..-X.: College Club: Ilook Club: Orchestra V: Civic Club Test SALLY ANNE BLACKHAM-Senior Gift Committee: Ilomerooin Vice President, IZB: Today's Business Girls: Square Ilauce Club: junior and Senior Lifesaving: Rhythmic Swimming Class: Yollcy Ball 10A-IZA: Basketball 10B-IZB: Hockey IZB: Mushball ll.-X-l2.X RY GENE BLOCK Stuioi Social Committee' School Pho- Y h A 4 , . f xx' tographer: Iiey Club: I"oreu'ord Staff: journal Staff: Hall Staff: Iiand Y, III, I: Marching Iland: .-Xll City Hand MARILYN BLOOM -Senior Social Committee: Homeroom Secre- tary, Ill!-12,-X: Student Council, Problems Committee: M.M.M.: Orchestra IV: Ifashiou Show: .-Xdvanced Clothing NANCY RUTH BLOOM-f-Periodicals Secretary: journal Staff: Honierooin Treasurer, IIB: Student Council Alternate: Hall Staff: Cshering Staff: Iforeivord Staff Secretary: If.'I'.A.: Shorthand Club: Senior Iliscussiou Club: Cnited Nations Club: Fashion Show, Gregg Shorthand .-Xward: Senior Publicity Committee FRANCIS A. BOBER Ilomeroom Treasurer, IIA-IZA: Advanced Art JULIUS BOBIAKffllomeroom Vice President, IIB: Stage Crew: Iiand V: Marching Hand: Orchestra Y: Trumpet Trio: Trumpet Iluo: Iirass Quartet: Special Shop Foreman: Cross Country '531 Track 'S-I: Intramural Ilaskethall, Swimming: Athletic Letter ELLSWORTH T. BOWSER-Senior Class Treasurer: Homeroom Vice I'resident 9.-X-Oli, President IUA-IIB, Vice President IZA: Student Council .Xlternateq Student Treasurer: ZI4 Activities Staff: Microscope Club: Orchestra IY: Intramural Basketball 43 RICHARD C. BRADSHAW-Fourth Period Hall Staff: Intramural Basketball ALEEN RACHEL BRESS-Senior Publicity Committee: Student Council, Secretary: Hall Staff: Bulletin Distribution: College Club: Red Cross Club: F.T.A.: Travel Club: F.N.A.: Intermediate Discus- sion Club: Senior Discussion Club: History Radio Broadcast JAMES K. BRESS-Prom Committee: Homeroom President, 9B- IZA: Band V, IV, III, II, I: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Student Council, Problems Committee: Green Key Club, President: Key Club: Senior Discussion Club: Intramural Basketball: Varsity Basketball, Captain of Team in 12A JAMES P. BRIDGES-Senior Social Committee, Chairman: Track '54: Intramural Basketball NANCY ANNE BROWNLEE - Co-chairman Class Day Com- mittee: Civic Club Test: Student Council: Foreword Representa- tive: Dramatic English: Hall Staff Captain: Ushering Staff: Microscope Club: F.N.A.: junior Dramatics: Service Club: F.T.A.: Choir III: Fashion Show: Volley Ball '52-'S-l: Basketball '53-'54: Championship Hockey Team '53: Lifesaving: Teenage Book Club: Class Play Cast: Scholarship to Cniversity of Pittsburgh ARTHUR BRUNWASSER - Senior Publicity Committee: Hall Staff: Problems Committee: Chess Club: College Club: Senior Discussion Club: Advanced Print Shop: Football 'Sl-'53 WALTER F. BUBEL-Electric Shop Foreman: T'V Set Project: Intramural Basketball BRIAN BURNS-Safety Posters: Voting Art Project: Foreman in Shop: Entered Taylor Allderdice in 11B from Central Catholic REGIS J. CAMPAS-Print Shop Foreman SANDRA ANN CAPLAN-Senior Publicity Committee, Chairman: Dramatic English: Foreword Representative: Ushering Staff: Hall Staff: Special Dance: Book Club. Treasurer: Intermediate Discus- sion Club: Senior Discussion Club: F.T.A.: French Club: Junior Leaders: Civic Club Test: College Club RHODA IRENE CHARLSON-Foreword Representative: Travel Club: United Nations Club: Advanced Jewelry: Advanced Foods HARRY CHODER-Prom Committee: Dramatic English: Home- room Vice President 9B-llA, President 12B-IZA: Student Council: Hall Staff: Senior Discussion Club: College Club: Orchestra V, IV, III, II, I: Track 'S3: Intramural Basketball: Chamber of Com- merce Award Essay: VVCAE Radio Program Panel Discussion: Class Play Cast 44 .-t. 6 .lb- x MARIE A. CICARDINI-Distributive liducation: Student Council Social Committee: Fashion Show: Hall Staff: Senior Leaders: M.M.M.: Hockey: Soccer: Basketball: Mushball: Yolley llall JAMES CIOLLI MARILYN COHEN-lf.T..X.: Nl.M.M.: Orchestra lll: A-Xdvanccd Ctntlilllg MAYER COHEN-Problems Committee: Garden Club: United Nations Club: College Club: Travel Club: Special Shop Foreman: Captain, Cross Country Team: Track: All City Cross Country: State Cross Country Finals: Intramural llaskctball: ,-Xthletic l.ct- ters. Gold Medal Athletic Award ROSLYN RUTH COHEN i Homeroom Yiee President, 9.X: M.M.M.: Today's Business Girls RUTH ANN COHEN-Senior Social Committee. Co-chairman: journal Staff: Homeroom President 9th Grade, Secretary lllll, Treasurer 10.-X, Social Chairman llth and 12th Grades: Student Council: Foreword Representative: Civic Club Test: Senior Dis- cussion Radio Broadcast: Special Dance Television Program: lf.T..X., Prcuram Chairman: Physics Club, Secretary: Travel Club: ,lunior Dramaties: Teenage Book Club: junior Glee Club: Junior l.eaders: Sneeial Dance: Chorus IY, lll. l BONNIE GALE CRAMER 'Senior Publicity Committee: Home- room Social Chairman, IZA: Foreword Representative: Student Council: Cafeteria Staff: l".'l'.gX.: llooli Club: Intermediate Dis- cussion Clnb: College Club: Chorus Y, lV, lll, I CAROL FRANCES CUMPSTON--llonieroom Vice President, 9ll: .lunior Student Council: .X Cappella Choir: Chorus lll, l JAMES LeROY CUNNINGHAM-Hall Staff: Special Shop Fore- man: lntramural llasketball ROBERT BRUCE DAVIDSONiSenior Social Committee: United Nitlltftls Club: Travel Club: Garden Club: College Club: lland Y, IY, lll, ll, l: Marching' lland: junior Glee Club: Intramural llasketball CURTIS LEROY DAVIS-llall Staff: Special Shop Foreman: Track '53-'5-l: State Track Meet: Track l.etter MARJORIE L. DENAWITZ-Senior Publicity Committee: Home- roont Secretary, ll.-X: lforexrord Representative: Student Council: .Iunior Red Cross Council: junior Dramatics: Teenage Book Club: L'nited Nations Club: Square Dance Club: Senior Discussion Club: College Club: Orchestra Y: XYoodwind Trio: Clarinet Trio: All City ,lunior and Senior Orchestras: Pittsburgh Symphony junior Orchestra: Soccer: Yolley liall: Tennis: Second Place for Clarinet in State Contest 45 JOSEPH JAMES DEVINE-Square Dance Club: Advanced Jewel- ry: Mechanical Drawing Projects: Football 'Sl-55: Track '52-'53: Volley Ball 'S-1: Intramural Basketball, Captain: Athletic I,etters ROBERT S. DeWATERS Y Vice President Senior Class: Prom Committee: Journal Staff: Homeroom Vice President, 9B-IZA: Student Council, Social Committee: Ushering Staff: Civic Club Test: College Club, President: Projection Club: Square Dance Club: Track '53: Cross Country '53: Swimming '54, City Cham- pionship for 200 Yard Relay: Varsity Letter: City Championship Medal '54 KITTY LOU DOYLE-Homeroom Secretary. IZA: Service Club: Shorthand Club: Advanced Clothing: Fashion Show: Hockey '53 CLAUDE HARDING DUNGAN-Senior Class Day Committee: Hall Staff: Book Room Club: Garden Club, Vice President: Red Cross Club: Physics Club: Slide Rule Club: College Club: Chorus IV, III, I: Swimming '52-'53 CLAUDETTE HARDING DUNGAN--Student Council: Distribu- tive Education Class: Special Dance: Fashion Show: Home Nursing JOSEPH P. DVORSKY-Advanced Print Shop, Foreman: Silk Screen Projects: Intramural Basketball ZIPPORA EICHENBAUM-Chorus III, IV, V: Choir Soloist: Girls' Chorale ARNOLD J. EISENFELD-Journal Staff: Student Council, Vice l'i'esident: Hall Staff: Senior Discussion Club: Microscope Club: 'lil'CZlSlll'Cl' IZB, Vice President IZA: Orchestra V: IV, III, II, I: All City junior Orchestra: Intramural Basketball: Winner KDKA Science Experts' Quiz: Civic Club Test SALLY SUE ENGLEHART-Distributive Education: Hall Staff: Future Nurses of America Club SALLY ANN ERRINGER-Homeroom Secretary: Foreword Repre- sentative: Cafeteria Staff: Senior Class Day Committee: Square Dance Club: Advanced Foods RALPH R. FALCE-Class Day Committee: Hall Staff: Micro- scope Club: Model Airplane Club: Special Shop Foreman: Intra- mural Basketball RITA MARY FALKI-M.M.M.: T'oday's Business Girls: Chorus IY, III: Basketball '51-'52: Volley Ball: Mushball 46 GERALD MYRON FARKAS-Dramatic Iinglisb: I'ublicity Com' mittee: Homeroom President, IIB-IZA: Iforeworcl Representative: Hall Staff: Usliering Staff: I'robleins Committee: College Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: Stamp Club: Camera Club: Or- cbestra II-V: Cborus II: Intramural Basketball: Track PAUL E. FELTONfSenior Social Committee: ,Iournal Staff, lfclitor-in-Chief: Hoineroom I"resirlent: History and Economies Radio Broadcasts: Civie Club Test: Library Club: .-X Cappella Choir: Letters in Track and Football: Intramural Basketball CLYDE C. FENNELL-Senior Social Committee: Ilomeroom Yire Presiclent, 9.-N: Chorus V: Square Dance Club: Ii.T..-X.: Male lilee Club: Football: Swinuning: Track: Co-captain '53 Football Team: Letters in Track, Football, Swimming' LARRY JAY FIEDLER-Senior I'ublicitv Cotumittce: Dramatic Iinglisb Class: Homeroom Ilresicleut IIB, Yice I'resitlent IZB, So- cial Cbairman IIA: Forewortl Representative: Csbering Staff: Hall Staff: Cbess Team: Cnitecl Nations Club: Bancl I-Y: Klarcbiug' R. . . -- . , . , . , 1 ., . and, Brass Quarttt, Intramural Baskttball MARILYN FIELD-Senior Social Connnittee: Majorettes: Cafe- teria Staff: College Club: Cnitecl Nations Club: Travel Club: Cborus IV, III, I: History Ratlio Program SHIRLEY L. FISCHMAN--Class Day Committee: Co-chairman BoarrIiConnnittee: Book Club: lntertnecliatc Discussion Club: 'ol- L lege Club: F.N.A.: Orchestra Y, IV: .-XII Citv lunior Oreln-stra' I All City Bancl: lirencb Horn Quartet: I-rass' Sextet: XYoomlivixuI Quintet RONALD E. FISHMAN -Csbering Staff: Problems Committee: I'rojeetion Club: Cniterl Nations Club: Senior Discussion Club: Travel Club: Iianml IAY: Marching Band: Traek 'S-1: Cross Countrv '5.i: City Cross Country Iiinal: Intramural Softball, Basketba Swnnming: tiregg Iyping .Xuarclg Cross Country :Xtbletic Letter ELAINE C. FRIEDMAN- Senior Social Committee: Iiorewortl Representative: Ilomeroom Secretary: Majorettes: Hall Staff: Cafeteria Staff: I".'I'..-N.: Square Dance Club: Teenage Book Club GALE R1-IODA FRIEDMAN--Prom Committee: Hall Staff: Stu- rlent Council, Social Committee: Csbering Staff: Teenage Book Club: Cuiterl Nations Club: NI.lXI.lXI., Presiclenli Senior Discussion Club: ,lunior Dramatics: If.T..-X.: College Club: Junior Glee Club MARVIN SAUL FRIEDMANM-tiarrlen Club: College Club: Ur- cbestra Y, lloru Quartet: Intramural Basketball STUART ALAN FRIEDMAN--Homeroorn President, 9.-X: Vice I'resiclent, Ill.-X: Secretary, IOB: Key Club: Senior Discussion Club: Iiantl Y: Marching Iianrl CAROL LEANORE FUHRER Vi Dramatic Ifuglisb: Iioreworcl Representative: Cafeteria Staff: Travel Club: F.T.A.: Freneb Club: College Club: Social Committee: Cborus Ill: Seliolastic Art Awarrl: Basketball: Senior lifesaving: Cheerleaders: Swimming: Life- saving Certificate 47 ALAN J. FURST-llomcroom Vice President, 9A-llB: Chess Club: Stamp Club, Treasurer: Key Club: Band 1-V: Marching Band, Librarian and Manager: Intramural Swimming: junior Varsity Football, 'IA ADELL GANDY-Shorthand Club: Fashion Show SHEILA EDITH GARFINKELMHall Patrol: F.N.A.: Library Staff: College Club: Senior Leaders: Hockey: Basketball: Volley Ball: Mushball SHIRLEY GELMAN-Foreword Representative: Cshering Staff: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Staff: Student Council, Publicity Committee: F.T.A.: Intermediate Discussion: F.N.A.: Teenage Book Club: College Club: -lournal Art Staff: Scholastic Art Placement STEPHANIE ANN GENES-Homeroom Secretary, IZB: Assistant in ll-l: Lunch Check Salesgirl: 'l'oday's Business Girls, Secretary: Advanced Sewing: Basketball ANDREW GEORGE GERENYI .. H' i' , at me , -ini, . ,- 7 ,.,., T 5 i AVQ: 9 I: ,,,,, ,J JACQUELINE GERSTMEYERsGarden Club: Senior Leaders: Senior Lifesaving: Advanced Sewing: Hockey: Basketball: Volley Ball: Softball: Athletic Letter DONA ESTELLE GINSBERG-Senior Publicity Committee: jour- nal Staff: Foreword Representative: Homeroom President l0tli Grade, Secretary-Treasurer lltb and 12th Grades: Student Council, Social Committee: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Staff: Teenage Book Club, President: United Nations Club: junior Dramatics: Intermediate. Senior Discussion Clubs: F.T.A.. President: Gregg Shorthand Award: Volley Ball '48, '49: Panel Discussion for Assembly MARLENE E. GISSER-Homeroom Vice President, 9A: Student Council: Foreword Representative: junior Red Cross Service: F.N.A.: Teenage Book Club: Intermediate and Senior Discussion Clubs: F.T.A.: Special Dance: junior Cvlee Club: Chorus IV, lll, l STEPHEN A. GLICKMAN4Senior Publicity Committee: Home- room Treasurer: Student Council: journal Staff: Foreword Staff, Photographer: Chess Club: Orchestra IV, Ill, ll: Intramural Basketball, 9A3 Captain IZA JOEL S. GOLDHAMMER-Senior Publicity Committee: Home- room Treasurer 9B, l0A: Student Council: Senior Discussion Club: Slide Rule Club: Orchestra Ill: lntramural Basketball, Swimming ELISSA BARBARA GOLDSMITH-Hall Staff: F.T.A.: Senior Discussion Club: College Club: Book Club: Cnited Nations Club: Senior Gift Committee 48 PAMELA DENISE GORDON-Seninr Sncial LiUIIlllllllL'0I llra' A matic linglislig Mnclern Dance: Fnrexwrcl Staff: Orchestra I3 l".'l'.:X.: Senior liiscnssinn lilnlm, Secretary: ,lnniur Tmrn Meeting nl' the Air CAROL LOU GOTTLIEBf ,lunrnal .Xrt Staff: l.iln'ary Staff: llall Staff: l",N..X., l'resi4lent: Participant in ll'nai l3'ritli, Rell Cross. Sclmlastic .Xrt Cnntestsg llunnralvle Mention, Humane Sneiety Poster Uintest SULLIVAN GRAINY--linutlnallg Special Special Slmpg Metal Sliup MYRNA FRANCES GRANOWITZ 'jnnrnal Staff: Class lla lfvnnnittee: Stnrlent fnnneilg Lln-Cliairnian Vrnlmlenis Lhinmitteeg llall Staff, Captain: l",'l'..X.: Senior llisenssinng College Clnlm Mmlern lianceg Service Clnlmg Secretary Orchestra X 3 Clieerlcaclers l.elter fur l'ln-erlearlingg llmnermnn President. lllll, lll.X NANCY JAYNE GRAY-'Student Cnnncilg M.M.fXl., Secretary: Slmrtlianrl lilnlug Clmrns lll SHELDON GREENBERG 'llanrl lll, ll, l: .Mlvancecl Mechanical Drawing SUZANNE IRENE GREENBERG- Service Club: L'al'eteria Staff: llall Staff: Zl-l .Xsmistantg Slinrtlianrl Clnlw: Clmrns lll, I: junior Glee Clnlmg lfasliinn Sliuwg Majureltes, Sergeant: Gregg Sliurtlianal .Xwarcl MICHAEL J. GROSS- Cla:-s Hay L'unnnitteeg Stnmlent Cunncil. Prulwleins Cmnniittee, Sucial llllllllllllll'K'I Cullege Lilllllj llIIL'l'lllL'lll1lfl' llisenssiun lflnlrg Orchestra IV, ll, l: llantl lll HUBERT MAURY GULAK-Civic Clnli 'IR-at: Pliysics Club: Nlarcliing' lianrlg Vliysies flnlw 'lelevisiun Prugrani ENAZ HAKIM--Allriving Clnllg l.iln'ary Staff: llaaketlmallg Sutt- lmallg Huckeyg Ynlley liall BERNARD HALPERN--llelaren' Clnlmg Stnmlent Cunncilg lntra mural llasketlrall RITA HALPERN--l.il1rary Stall: Garden lllnlmg llelwren' Clnla Cnllege Clnlwg Microscope Clnlmg Clmrns l 49 fo V- W t . .M D ' 17549, ' 'vo ' . . -- " v N47 CAROLYN ALICE HARKNESS-Service Club: Ushering Staff: Cafeteria Staff: Assista11t in 214: A.N.C., President: Soccer '50: Hockey '51, '5Z: Basketball 'SZ: Softball '52: Volley Ball '52-'53: Gregg Shorthand Award: American Legion Award MICHAEL A. HARRISON-Prom Committee: Honleroom Vice President: Qualitative Analysis Class: Problems Committee: Camera Club: Track: Athletic Letter: Intramural Basketball: American Chemical Society Test MARILYN B. HARTMANN-Senior Publicity Committee: Dra- matic English: ClassVPlay Cast: Homeroom Vice President, llB: Student Council, Publicity, Nominating Committees: Intermediate. Senior Discussion Clubs: Book Club: College Club: Entre Nous: Driving Club: If.T.A.: D.A.R. History Award ROBERTA MAE HAUSMAN-Prom Committee: Problems Com- mittee: Hall Staff, Captain: F.T.A.: Senior Discussion: Inter- mediate Discnssion: College Club: Book Club: Volley Ball: French Club: Special Dance: Lnited Nations Club v Teenage Book Club: junior Leaders, President: Swimming: Life- saving: Basketball: Volley Ball: Soccer: Hockey: Mushball: Ath- letic Awarrls--Swinizziing, Outstanding Leadership CAROL J. HEATLEY - Student Council, Publicity Committee LOUIS A. HECHT-Prom Committee: I-Ionieroom Treasurer: Stn- dent Council, Social Committee: Usherin Advanced Electric Shop g Staff: Slide Rule Club I LARRY A. HELLER-Prom Committee, Dramatic Fnglish, Pore word Representative: Cafeteria Staff: Ushering Staff: Teenage Book Club: junior Dramatics: Band V, IV, ll, l: Swimming Team Manager: Student Council, President: Problems Committee LEONARD ALLAN I-IINKES4Special Shop: Metal Shop RITA JOYCE I-IOCHMAN - Foreword Representative: Student Council: Foreword Staff: Junior Dramatics: Red Cross Club: Senior Discussion Club: F.T.A. JEAN MARY HOFFMAN-Homeroom Secretary l0A, Treasurer l1B, Vice President IZB: Ushering Staff: Book Club: Senior Lead- ers: A.N.C., Vice President: Junior Lifesaving: Hockey: Basket- ball: Volley Ball: Mushball: Senior Lifesaving: .Athletic Awards STUART IRWIN I-IOLTZMAN-Prom Committee: Dramatic Eng- lish: Homeroom Treasurer: Student Council, Problems Committee Social Committee: Ushering Staff: Green Key: F.T.A., Treasurer Senior Discussion Club: Key Club: Camera Club: Garden Club Band I-V: Marching Band: Golf Championship '53: Intramural Basketball 1 v v FRED M. HORN-Senior Gift Committee, Chairman: College Club: History Broadcast: Chess Club: Physics Club: Driving Club 50 ANITA B. HORVITZ-Senior l'ublicity Committee: llrainatie Eng" lish Class: Journal :Xrt Staff: Houierooin Secretary, lllll: Student Council: Foreword Representative: lforeword .Xrt liditor: Cafeteria Staff, Captain: Intermediate, Senior Discussion Clubs: Projection Club: Teenage Book Club: United Nations Club: French Club: .Xrt Contests-H'nai B'rith Honorable Mention, Seholastie Gold Key WILLIAM V. HUNTER-Slide Rule Club: Chorus Y, IV, ll: Intramural Basketball: lJ.A.R. History tXwarsl FRIEDA M. JAMESf.-Xdvaneed Clothing: lfztslliou Show DAVID LYNN JONES--'Special Shop l:Ill'L'lll2lIl CAROL ANN JOHNSTONfClass llay Counnittee: Honlerooni Secretary, SVR: Student Counvil, l'ublirity Connnittee: Library .-Xrt VVork: Hall Staff: Cheerleaders: Shorthand Club, Secretary: Fash- ion Show: Gregg Shorthand .'Xu'ard: .Xtliletie Letter CLAIRE AGNES JOHNSTON--Class llsly L.llIlllIllIlL'l'Q l"orexx'ortl Representative: Student Council: Library Art Work: Hall Staff: Shorthand Club, President: Junior, Senior l.iI1-saviiig, Manager '5.l: Cheerleaders: Volley Ball: .-Xrt C4intests--fXlention in Scholastic: Gregg Shorthand Award: ,Xthletie ,Xxxarmls TA A .,., GEORGE RAYMOND JONES W- .-X Cappella Choir: Chorus Y: Sperial Shop NANCY JANE JONES Driving Club: Junior and Senior l,ife- saving: :X.N.C.: Drawing for Senior Board: Fashion Shows: Con- tributed .Xrt Work tu Red Cross Exchange YVONNE BELL JONES-Hoinerooin Blackboard Artist: Projec- tion Club: Cooking Contest: Basketball: Volley Hall: Hockey SONYA I. JOSEPH---llrainatie English: Honieroom President 93. IIN: Yiee l'resident 98, lllig Cafeteria Staff: Intermediate, Senior Discussion Clubs: Junior llraniaties: Travel Club: F.T.A.: F.N..-X.: Red Cross Club: College Club, Yiee President: History Radio Pro- gram: Foods Fair linking Contest CAROL RITA JUDD -Nlajorettes. Head Majorette 'S-4: Service Club: College Club: Teenage Book Club: Travel Club: United Nations Club: -Iunior lilee Club: Volley Hall: Tennis: Mushball: Red Cross Swiinnit-r's Card: Gregg Shorthand Award: Fashion Show ANGELA KACZON--lintered .Xllderdice from Munhall High School in llll 51 EDWARD KAPLAN-Hall Staff: Chess Club DORIS DOBA KASEN-M.M.M.: Student Council, Publicity Com- mittee: Intermediate, Senior Discussion Clubs: College Club: F.N.A.: German Club: F.T.A. MARCIA DEE KATZ-Prom Committee: Dramatic English: Fore- word Representative: Student Council: Cafeteria Staff: Service Club: Senior Discussion Club: F.T.A., Social Chairman: College Club, Program Chairman: junior Dramatics: junior Kilec Club: History Radio Program: Gregg Typing Award MARJORIE HELEN KATZ -- Prom Committee: -lournal Staff: Homeroom Secretary: Ushering Staff: Hall Staff: Teenage Book Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: Special Dance: F.T,A., Cor- responding Secretary: French Club: United Nations Club: Fashion Show: American Legion Award: Dance Radio Program: Civic Club Test THEODORE MARSHALL KATZ-Bands I-V: Marching Band: Homeroom Blackboard Committee: Microscope Club: College Club ELEANOR KAUFMAN - Foreword Representative: Homeroom Secretarv. Decorating Committee: F.N.A.: Travel Club: Book Club: Garden Club FLORENCE LEE KAUFMAN-Dramatic English: Prom Com- mittee: Student Council, Secretary: Executive Committee, Nomi- nating Committee: 'lqeenage Book Club: College Club: F.T.A.: Social Committee: College Club, Program Committee: Senior Dis- cussion: French Club, Vice President: P.T.A. Panel Discussion DARLENE MARIE KEANE - Today's Business Girls: Senior Leaders: Shorthand Club: Square Dance Club: Advanced Sewing: Fashion Show: Volley Ball: Softball: Hockey: Basketball: Athletic Shield ESTHER KIMMELMAN-Chorus IV: History Class TV Pro- grams: F.T.A.: Y-Teens: Intermediate Discussion Club: Advanced Clothing: Basketball: Hockey: Volley Ball: Athletic Letter ALBERTA ELAINE KINGSFORD-Orchestra IV, Ill, II, I: All City Orchestra: Volley Ball '50: Mushball '49: Soccer '50: Hockey '52 Basketball ROBERT KIRICH-jewelry Projects: Special Shop: Intramural at in PHYLLIS KLEIN-Homeroom Treasurer 9A, 9B: Hall Staff: Majorettes: F.N.A.: Dramatic Club: Basketball ' R C 52 E MARILYN G. KREIGER- -luuruzal Stuff: llSllk'l'llljl Stuff: llull Stziffg llislury Rzuliiu l'rugrzuug liuuk Club: l".N..Yg Sn-uiur His- Ullxhlllll Clubg l7.'l",,X.3 Urclicstm lY3 lJ..X.R. .Xwurcl SAUL KUBITZ- lluim-ruuiil 'l'i'c:1s1ircl'g Stufluul fuuucil: 'l'r:imf fa-rrul frum Scbculcy, lll3 ROCHELLE KURTZMAN-'lJx':uu:itiL' lfuglisllg lluixicnmili Scum'- tznry 'Ill-.Y 'l'1'c:1sl1r1-1' llllhllllg llzlll Slllllj -luuiur lJr:uu:itin'sg llu. k l'lubg Sluwtlmiicl Clubg ilu-gg 'l'5' :uul Sliurtlizuul .Xu':u'mls ,, z THELMA ALTHEA LANYON-'l'sluriug Staff: llznllSi:1f1'g Szluaxrc 5 Ilzuicc Club: .'X.N.L'., Yicu l'rm-simlcm: .XllV1llIL'k'Kl Llutbiugg Gregg Typing .-Xwarcl JEAN MARIE LAUTENSCHLAEGER--Urclu-strzn I, ll: .Mlx':nilrcml Clutliiugg lfzisliiuii Slmwg Suimmiiig FRANK LAZORCHIK RICHARD IRA LEBOVITZ -li-wclry l'rujm-rtsg .Xmlvzmccml Mcclinni- JOAN JACQUELINE LEBOWITZ fyff .Iuurual Art Stull: llzill Stuff: lf.'l',Yg Si-uiur Iliwliwiful Kilubg Nliciwmwqn- l'lub DONALD NORBERT LEFKOWITZ f lvSllL'l'lll,El Stuff: Pliysim flubg llfnuu-mimi l'l'l'xl4lA'llI lU,X, llll, ll.X3 lllflllL'l'lNllII 'l1l'C1lSllI't'T, llllg llnll Stull: Htumlcut fllllllfll fill, VX: l'rublcmw Cmuiiiittcc ul' Slurli-ui lluuicilg l'ui1wl Nzlti-ma Clubg 'l'r:1vul Club: .Iuuiur Dis- l'lIN5lHll llubg I-:null I-IX 3 -l,X. lwmtlrull, Vtb hrzuli- RITA LEFTON Dliruruail Sllll-l-Q llmm-rmnu Yin- l'l'l'hl4lL'lll UIQ, OX. lllll, lll.X5 l"u1w-uulwl lil-1n1'i'wlit:ltix'c lltb, llllb lirzulcsg Hmm-rumu Sm-4'l'v1znl'y llli, ll.X. llll, l2,Xg l,k'l'lIlllll'lll5 5wrct:ll'y1 l".'l"..Y, Social :iurl l,il:rznl'y l'ui1l1ili!Irw3 l.ibr:lry Typiat l0.X, llllg Fzisliiull Slum' 'Sli lluim' Nuiwiugg lin-gg Typing .xXX1ll'llxQ lircgg Slilwtllzuifl Xuzlrllsg livin' l'lub 'IH-NI HAROLD DAVID LENCHNER- l'bysics flub: llriviug' iflubg llzlurl l, ll, Ill, IX 3 Mi-ml Slum l'IHl'k'IIllllIQ l'bywiu flub 'll-lcvisiim Slum LENORE LEON 'ltrlll'llJll Staff: flaws Huy lluiuuittcc: l"l1llIlCI'llUlIl Yin' l'x'i-Niflvlil, UXQ Sl'K'I't'lIll'y, llll: May Qin-on Czimliclzitu '52, '555 l".'l'..X., Siwinl l'lmirm:iu: l".N.X.g liitcrim-clizitv :lull Smiiur llisruy Ninn kilubxg Vullvgi' Vlubg lbmk Vlub: ,luuiur llrzuuutifsg Ifllitcml Nntium Vlub: lfznxluiuu Slum ':-2: llixturx' Rzuliu l'rugr:1ul '533 Civir lilub 'l'm-Nt: Vznll-tm-i'i:i Stull: llull Staff: .Xuu-rirzm lmgiml .Xuarrl 53 EDWARD ALLEN LESSER-Co-Social Chairman of Social Com- mittee: President of Homeroom: Student Council: Senior Discus- sion Club: Microscope Club: Intramural Basketball and Swimming, Problems Committee: "Care" I'roJect MARCIA S. LEVICK-Publicity Committee: Hall Staff: licono- mics Radio Program: Square Dance Club: Slide Rule Club: Col- lege Club: junior Glee Club: Physics Club: President of United Nations Club: Band I-IV: Garden Club: F.N.A. HERBERT ALAN LEVIN-Homeroom Treasurer, IZB: .-Xlternate for Student Council: Special Shop Foreman JULES M. LEVINEYMember of Band V: Band Program at Teachers' Institute REBECCA BERTHA LEVINE-junior Glee Club: Teenage Book Club: Chorus V: Gregg Typing Award: Special Dance LORRAINE DOROTHY LEWIS-Cafeteria Staff: Intermediate and Senior Discussion Clubs: Senior Leaders, Social Committee: F.T.A.: Library Committee: Fashion Show: P.'l'.A. Model: Home Nursing Certificate: Athletic Award: Soccer '50: Volley Ball '51, '52, '53: Basketball '51, '52, '5.l: Hockey '51, '52, '5.l: Mushball '52, '53: Athletic Letter BARBARA M. LICHTER Prom Committee: Dramatic English: Hcmeronm President 9B, QA: Student Council IOB: Foreword Repre- sentative: Hall Staff: Bulletin Distributor: Student Council Social Committee: junior Red Cross: Microscope Club: Senior and Inter- mediate Discussion Clubs: Special Dance: F,T.A.: D.A.R. Award, Gregg Typing Award: Special Dance Program: Civic Club Test CHARLOTTE HOPE LICHTER-Cshering Staff: Student Coun- cil: F.'l'.,'X.: Modern Dance: Chorus V, IV: Senior Discussion Club: Teenage Boi k Club: Fashion Show: junior Glee Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: United Nations Club: Athletic Letter: Modern Dance Program THEODORE LIPCHIK-Band V: Orchestra V: Varsity Football: junior Hockey League ALFRED LIPSITZ-Prom Committee: Homeroom President IZ.-X, Vice President IZB: Student Council Alternate: Iiey Club: Band I-V: Marching Band: Intramural Basketball HAROLD D. LIPTZ - IIomeroom Vice President, 9A: Student Council, Publicity Committee: College Club: Driving Club: Band I-V: junior Varsity Basketball: lntranmral Basketball Captain: Swimming ELEANOR L. LOOS-Homeroom President, IZB: Assistant in Main Office: Distributive Education Class: Fashion Show: Soccer '53: Hockey '51-'53: Basketball '52: Volley Ball '51-'5Z: Softball '51-'52: Hockey Championship Team '51 54 THOMAS LORDEON jewelry Projects: Print Shop: Intramural llasketball: Track 'S-l: Yolley llall 'S-l: Athletic Letter EDWARD L. LUBIN Senior Social Connnittee: Homerooni Presi- tlpm 1014, UA: Student Council: Foreword Representative: Hall Staff: Senior Discussion Club: Ilhysics Club: Key Club: A Cappella Choir: Chorus Y, lY, ll: Male Chorus: Varsitv Basketball '5-1: Junior liasketball '51-'S5: Intramural Basketball: Athletic Letter CARL JOHN LUCAS-f llomeroom Treasurer, 10.-X: Model Airplane Club: lilectric Shop Foreman GWEN LUCY LUCERNE - Homeroom Secretary: May Queen Candidate: Fashion Show: Hall Staff: M.M.M.: Hockey '53 GERTRUDE DAVIES LUDOVICO-Student Council, Social Coni- inittee: Hall Staff: Senior Leaders, Treasurer: junior Leaders: Chorus IY, Ill, I: Hockey .Xll-Star Team '52, '55: Manager of llasketball: Xleinbership Ccnnnittee, Senior Leaders EDWARD LYDON Microscope Club: Red Cross Club: X'Vood Shop Foreman: Ford Contest Vrojeet: Tratk '51, '52 MIMI ALICE LYON-Senior Social Committee: Student Council: Problems Committee: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Staff: Hook Club: ln- termediate Discussion Club: United Nations Club: ,Iunior Red Cross Council: French Club: F.T,.'X.: Prog'r:nn C1lllllIllIlk'l'Q Chorus l-Y: Chorale: Choir EVELYN R. LYONS-Foreword Representative: Service Club: Cafeteria Staff: Square Dance Club: Hockey '51, '52 MICHAEL MCCANN-Distributive lfdtication Class: ikdvanced Print Shop TIM MCCUE-Homeroom Secretary-'l'reasnrer, lllll: lflectric Shop Foreman: Swimming, Varsity Diver LEROY J. MCELHINNY-Varsity Football: Varsity llasketball: 'l'rack: lntramural Basketball DONALD CHESTER MALASKYiSenior Publicity Connnittee: Student Council, Social Committee: Green Key: Key Club, 'l're:i- surer: Senior Discussion Club: Square Dance Club: l'rint Shop Foreman: Intramural Basketball 55 CONRAD ALBERT MAMAJEIC-I'll,I1l6I'0Olll Vice President, l2A: Hall Staff: Chess Club: VVood Shop Foreman: Volley Ball '5-l: Track '54: lntralnural Basketball LOIS PAULA MANDELL--Senior Social Cmnnnittee: Ilonieroom Secretary lOth-12th Grade. Treasurer 9B-9A: Service Club: Short- hand Club: Red Cross Service Club: Travel Club: junior Dra- matics: Advanced Foods: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards ANNETTE MANN-Homeroini T'reasurer, 9.-X: Foreword Repre- sentative: Intermediate Discussion Club: United Nations Club: College Club: Travel Club: Teenage Book Club: junior Dramatics BREGETTA MARIE MANSOwHomeroom Treasurer, IZB: Lunch Check Salesgirl: Assistant in 214: Today's Business Girls, Presi- dent: Softball: Basketball: Volley Ball NANCY ANN MARGITAN-Service Club: Library Staff: As- sistant in 214: Shorthand Club: Soccer: Volley Ball: Gregg Typing Award HERBERT MARVIN MARGOLIS-Honieroom Treasurer, llB- 12A: Advanced Special Shop: History Award l l i i PHYLIS A. MARGOLIS-Future Nurses of America EARL M. MARKOWITZ-Senior Social Committee: Hall Staff: Problems Committee: Square Dance Club: Chorus II: Intramural Basketball: Football '52, '53 SUSAN MARKS4Cafeteria Staff: M.M.M.: Hall Staff: Bulletin Distribution: Today's Business Girls: F.N.A.: United Nations Club: Book Club: Tennis: Gregg Shorthand Award MARYLYN FAY MAYSELS-Homeroom Secretary: Blackboard Committee: Red Cross Service: Junior Glee Club: United Nations Club: A Cappella Choir: Chorale: Ensemble: Chorus IV, I YVETTE S. MEITNER-Homeroom Secretary, 9B: Junior Red Cross: Student Council, Publicity Committee: Senior, Intermediate Discussion Clubs: F.T'.A.: Microscope Club: junior Glee Club: junior Dramatics: Entre Nous: Band I-IV: Orchestra IV, V: Volley Ball: Mushball: Junior Lifesaving FERNE LENORE METZGER-Foreword Representative: Student Council: Cafeteria Staff: M.M.M.: Today's Business Girls: junior Glee Club: Shorthand Club: F.N.A.: Chorus I: Advanced Clothing: Fashion Show: Gregg Shorthand Award 56 if 5, sis ZENITA MILLER'-Foreword Representative: Homeroom Artist: Majorettes: Hall Staff: journal .Xrt Staff: Advanced Art MARY ANN MEYERS-Service Club: Today's Business Girls Future Nurses of America: Fashion Show: Gregg Typing i-Xward TIBEY MEYERS-Cafeteria Staff: Future Teachers of .-Xmcrica Travel Club: College Club: Teenage Book Club: If.N.,eX.: lnter: mediate Discussion Club: Orchestra III, II, l: Advanced Foods Home Nursing MARCIA GAIL MILBERG-Prom Committee: Homeroom Secre- tary, 9B-9,-X: 214 Secretary: Cafeteria Staff: Pr.1'ection Club: Teen age Book Club: United Nations Club: Chorus V, lll, l: Chorale Choir HARVEY MAYER MILLER-Stamp Club, President: Travel Club College Club: Book Club: Chess Club: junior Dramatics: Choru S IV: Band II-V: Marching Band: junior Glee Club: lntrainural Basketball: Band Letter LARRY FOX MILLER-Homeroom Vice President IIH, Secretary- Treasurer HA: Hall Patrol: VVood Carving' Club: Chorus IV, V: VVood Shop Foreman THOMAS J. MILLER-Hall Staff: Intramural Sports HAROLD J. MILTON-Homeroom President, 9B: Vice President, IZB: journal Art Staff: Microscope Club: President 'S-4: Vice Presi- dent 'S3: Student Council: Publicity Committee: Class Play Scenery: Scholastic Gold Key-.-Xrt: lntramural Basketball ARLENE ELSA MITCHELL-Prom Committee: Student Council Representative: Hall Staff: Modern Dance, Manager: College Club: lf.'l'.A.: Social Committee THOMAS R. MOFFAT-Special Shop Foreman: Track 'S-l: Intra- mural Basketball DOROTHEA CLAIRE MOISEENKO-.'X.N.C,: Advanced Cloth- ing: Mnshball: Volley llall JAMES R. MORGANSTERN-journal Staff, Co-Editor: Prom Committee: Treasurer of Homeroom: Student Council: Social Com- mittee: Slide Rule Club: Physics Club: Entre Nous, President: Senior Discussion Club: Intramural Basketball, Swimming: 1954 Science lfair: .Xmerican Chemical Society Test: Qualitative Analysis Class: Civic Club Test: Prix d'Honneur, P.C.W. French Test: Latin Test, Second Place: Physics Television Show: City League Singles and Doubles Championship 57 BARBARA JEAN MORTSON-Senior Social Committee: Dra- matic English: Cshering Staff: F.T.A.: Senior Leaders, Treasurer: Junior Glee Club: Advanced Clothing: Fashion Show: Hockey Clinic, Cnivcrsity of Pittsburgh: Hockey: Basketball: Volley Ball: Mushball: All-Star Hockey Team: Hockey Tournament Manager: Athletic Letter KATHLEEN ANN NAGEL - Entered Allderdice from Regent Square School HAROLD M. S. NEIMANfSenior Publicity Committee: Student Council: Foreword Representative: Hall Staff: Band I-IV: Intra- mural Basketball, Swimming: Microscope Club: Physics Club: Science Television Program RICHARD NERNBERG-Homeroom Secretary, 9A: Hall Staff: Senior Discussion Club: Band I-IV: Marching Band MARGARET ELIZABETH NOAH - Microscope Club: Today's Business Girls: M.M.M.: Garden Club: Fashion Show: Mushball: Volley Ball: Soccer: Gregg Typing Award: Science Convention Delegate Dickenson College REGIS JOHN OBRINGER SANFORD OCHS Homeroom Treasurer IZA-B, Vice President 10.-X-B: Physics Club, Treasurer: Band 1-IV: Intramural Basket- ball, Swimming WILLIAM O'HANLON-Distributive Education Class JACK OLENDER-Male lilee Club: Chorus Ill: Jewelry Pro- jects: Intramural Basketball. Swimming: Track Team IRENE MARIE ONEUFERwHome-room Secretary llA, Secretary- Treasurer IZB, IZA: A.N.C., Secretary: Square Dance Club: Stage Scenery for Fashion Show: Fashion Show: Basketball: Softball: All-Star Hockey Team: Athletic Shield RONALD ORAN OSBON - Class Day Committee, Chairman: Dramatic linglish: Homeroom President l2B, IZA: Student Council, Social Committee: Projection Club: Square Dance Club: College Club, Vice President: Junior Red Cross Club: Electric Shop Fore- man: Swimming '53-'54: Football '53g Chamber of Commerce Essa-, Award: Swimming Letter: Civic Club Test SHEILA F. OSTROWiClass Day Committee: Foreword Repre- sentative: Foreword Staff: Cafeteria Staff: Junior Dramatic Club: French Club: Senior Discussion Club: F.T.A.: Program Committee. Chairman: Rhythmic Swimming: Band T-V: Senior Leaders: Hockey Championship T'eam: Basketball Championship Team: Volley Ball: Mushball: Athletic Letter: KDKA School of the Air 58 HOWARD WILLIAM PAISLEY-Print Shop Projects JOHN FRANCIS PA-IER-Special Shop: Mechanical Drawing ANTHONY WILLIAM PALMER-l'lomcroom Vice President 9A President IZA: Prom Committee: Projection Club: llall Staff Square Dance Club: Football '51-'53: Track '5.2: Intramural Bas ketball, Captain: Football Letter ROBERT VINCENT PANAIA JUDY PASEKOFF-Senior Social Committee: Stumlent Council Senior Discussion Club: French Club SIDNEY VICTOR PASTERNAK - Hall Staff: Garden Club Intramural Basketball: Advanced Print Shop GLENN EDWARD PAXTON -- Homeroom Officer, 10th, llth tirmles: Orchestra IY, Y: .Xmlvaneetl lflectric Shop SUSAN M. PEARCE l'rom Committee: journal Staff: May Queen Czuuliflznteg Student Council: Publicity Committee: Cafeteria Staff: Civic Club 'IR-sl: Senior Discussion Club: College Club: Shorthand Club: Gregg Shorthzunl .-Xwzlril EDITH PEARLMAN junior Dramatics: United Nations Club: Shorlhzunl Club: 'l"oml:iy's Business Girls: PNA.: Orchestra Il, III, IY: Nluslibullg Yolley llzill: liztsketball: Gregg Shorthantl Award AUDREY M. PEISAKOFF-f-Library Staff: College Club: Red Cross Club: Oreliestrzt l, ll, Ill: A-Xclvaneetl Clothing and Foods: lfushion Show HARRIET LEE PERL - Senior Social Committee: Dramatic linglislig llomeroom Yice Presirlent l1:X, IZH: Student Council: Social Committee: Csht-ring Staff: Bulletin Distribution: French Club: 'l't-enuge liooli Club: Cnitecl Nations Club: F.T.A.: College Club: lnternn-rliate Discussion, Moderator: Special Dance: Fashion Club: Yolley Hall RONALD HARRY PETRONIO---Hall Staff: Garden Club: Square Dnnee Club 59 3 MATHILDA VELMA PLESZKO-'l'oday's Business Girls MERLE R. POLLIS--Senior Publicity Committee: l.ibrary Staff: Microscope Club, Chairman: Library Club: United Nations Club: Teenage Book Club: NVCAE History Program BURTON HAROLD POLLOCK 5 journal Staff: Senior Social Committee: Foreword Staff, liditor-infChief: Student Council, Problems Committee: Senior Discussion Club: Special Shop Fore- man: lntramural Basketball: Grade Champs '5U: lntramural Swim- ming: Qualitative Analysis Class: ,Xmerican Legion .'Xward: His- tory Radio Broadcast: junior Town Meeting' of the .-Xir: Civic Club Test EDWARD LEE PORTER-l.ibrary Staff: Hall Staff: Physics Club: Book Club: Photography Club: Chorus ll: Intramural Basketball JAMES CHARLES POW'ELL--.Xdvanccd Print Shop: Football 'SZ' Print Shop Projects ROBERT WILLIAM PRESTON-lintered A-Xllderdice from Glad- stone junior High School in 10B KATIE PRICE MARLENE PUGH+Homeroom Treasurer, 1lB: Future Nurses of America: Chorus lll: Advanced Foods: Volley Ball '5Z: Hockey '55: Basketball 33: Senior Leaders Club SHEILA PUTERMAN-Prom Committee: Student Council: Prob- lems Committee: junior Red Cross: Service Club: Cafeteria Staff: College Lluh: Travel Club: Assistant in 21-1 PATRICIA QUINNfCafetcria Staff, Captain: Chorus l, IY, Y: Advanced Sewing: junior Leaders Club JOAN B. RASP-Homeroom Vice President IZB, Treasurer l1B: Assistant in Main Office: Distributive Education Class: Senior Leaders tilub: Fashion Show: Soccer: Hockey: Basketball: Volley Ball MARIAN LEE RATNER-Senior Social Committee: Dramatic English: junior Dramatics: F.'I'.bX.: Senior Discussion Club: French Club: Book Club: Fashion Show: History Broadcast ' 2:-.. item lt amid 00 Journal Art Staff: Class Plav Scenerv: ,Xrt .'Xwards-II'nai I3'rith It NANCY JEAN REAM- Cafeteria Staff: fX.N.C.: Fashion Show: M1lJul't'IlL'S ESTHER S. REIDBORDAfScnior Publicity Connnittee: Journal Staff: Service Club: Student Council, Co-Chairman Publicity Com- mittee: Intermediate, Senior Discussion Clubs: Today's Business tiirls: I".N..X.: l'nitcd Nations Club: Hook Club: Junior Dramatics: Safety Posters: Civic Club Tiest D I CATHERINE MARIE RIBOVICH-Student Council: Service Club: Todz1y's Business Girls: I".N..X.: Chorus III: Fashion Show: Volley IIall: Ilaskctballg Ilockeyg Senior Leaders: .-Xthletic I.etter GARY RICHEST-Chess Club: Orchestra I. III: Iiand II-V: Marching Hand: Intramural llasketballl Civic Club Test FRANCINE WEITZ RICHMAN--Junior Discussion: Junior Glee Club: :X Cappella Choir: Chorus I, III, IV, V: Senior Leaders: Mushball: Rhythmic Swimming LaRUE CATHERINE RILEY- Student Council: Foreword 'Rep- rcscntative: Cshering Staff: Cafeteria Staff: Today's Business f tiirls: I'l'tlgI'IlI1! Committee: Service Club: Basketball: Softball: I . VoIll'y IIalI: Athletic Letter i ' In fzz - 'i" M. JAMES RODGERS-Honieroom Vice President: Hall Staff: Mechanical Drawing' Projects: Intramural Basketball JOEL DONALD ROMAN A Journal Staff: Prom Committee: Qualitative Analysis Class: Civic Club Test: Chemical Society Test: Honieroom President 9th-ltlth Grades, Vice President IZA, IZII: Student Council: Social Committee: History Radio Progratn: Senior Discussion Club: Chess Club: Driving Club: Metal Shop Foreman: Intramural Basketball, Swimming: Pitt Scholarship SHELDON ROSE-Homeroom President IIIB-ll.X, Treasurer 9B- 9A: Key Club: Green Key Club: Band I, II, IV, V: Marching Band: Basketball 'Sl-'5-I: Co-Captain Basketball Team 0 ' LOIS BERNICE ROSENBERG f Prom Connnittee: Homeroom it I Secretary ll,-X-IIB: Student Council: Hall Staff: Cafeteria Staff: I Intermediate, Senior Discussion Clubs: ltook Club: Junior Dra- l matics: Square Dance Club: French Club: F.T..X.: .-X Cappella Choir: Chorus V: Chorale - in MAIDA JEAN ROSENBERGfStudent Council: Homeroom Vice President: Problems Committee: Special Dance: Hall Staff: vlunior Dramatics: Intermediate Discussion Club: Travel Club: Cnitcd Nations Club SALLY RAE ROSENFIELD-Journal Staff: Class Day Coin- niittee: I-Ioineroom President, 93: Student Council: Soeial Com- mittee: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Staff: Foreword Staff, Co-Iffditorl Senior Discussion Club: F.T.A., Vice President: Junior Dramatics: Teenage Hook Club: Orchestra V, IV, III: Hearst History Con- testant: .-Xmerican Legion Award: Civie Club Test 61 LOIS ROSENTHAL - Journal Staff: Senior Gift Committee: Homeroom Social Chairman, 11A-1lB: Foreword Staff: Periodicals Secretary: Ushering Staff: Library Staff: Service Club: United Nations Club: Teenage Book Club: Shorthand Club, Vice President: F.N.A.: Intermediate Discussion Club: Junior Dramatics: Junior Glee Club: Junior Leaders: Fashion Show: Gregg Typing Award: Civic Club Test HOWARD MARVIN ROSSEN-Dramatic English: Social Com- mittee: Homeroom Vice President: Cafeteria Staff: Student Coun- cil, Social Chairman: Key Club, President: F.T.A.: Senior Discus- sion Club: Metal Shop Foreman: Civic Club Test: Latin Contest, First Prize '52, Second Prize '54 CHARLES ALAN ROTH-Senior Social Committee: Homeroom President, 9B-IOB: Student Council: Publicity Committee: Green Key Club: Senior Discussion Club: Journal Art Staff: Art Con- tests-B'nai B'rith, Health, Safety, Scholastic: Intramural Basketball JOHN RALPH ROTH-Homeroom Treasurer, IZA-B: Hall Staff: Advanced Print Shop Foreman: Fisher Body Award '53: Intramural Basketball RONALD M. ROTH-Student Council, Problems Committee: Usher- ing Staff: Hall Staff: Senior Discussion Club: Square Dance Club: Marching Band: Band V: Track Team: Intramural Basketball, Swimming: History Radio Program ANNETTE A. ROVILEA-Senior Gift Committee: Student Coun- cil: Microscope Club: Square Dance Club: A.N.C.: Leaders Club, Social Chairman: Fashion Show Committee: Hockey: Volley Ball: Championship Team: Basketball: Mushball: Athletic Award: All- Star Hockey Team JANET RUSTIC-Cafeteria Staff: Library Staff: College Club: Microscope Club: Shorthand Club: Travel Club: Chorus I, lll REID W. RUTTENBERG-Class Day Committee: Student Coun- cil, Problems Committee: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Foreword Representative: F.T.A., Vice President: Green Key Club: Senior Discussion Club: Hall Staff: Key Club: Golf Team: KDKA School of the Air JUNE A. SABO-Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, 10B-llA: Stu- dent Council Alternate: Square Dance Club: Teenage Book Club: Basketball: Volley Ball: Soccer: Hockey: Mushball GERSON L. SACHS-Class Day Committee: Student Council: Hall Staff: College Club: Glee Club: Chorus III, V: Soloist: Ensemble: Male Chorus: Football '50: Manager, Track '51-'53: Intramural Basketball Championship Team '53 ARNOLD L. SARASKY-Driving Club: Band: Electric Shop JOSEPH ROBERT SAVKO-Hall Staff: Mechanical Drawing: Special Shop Foreman: Intramural Basketball 62 SUSAN E. SAYRE-Claw llny C1illlllllIN't'I llmxwrlumu Suciul Cllzlirmzlu, llllg .Xrlv:l1u'wl lfluuls HERBERT E. SCHACTER---llull Stuff: Cuilwl Natium Clulng Urrlu-stra IYQ .Iuuiur Yznrsity lfuutlmzmll ELAINE SUSAN SCHADEMAN- -Hull Stuff: Scuim' l,czulvrsg lfznlxifm Slmxvg llzaskc-tlmllg Yullcy llullg Kluslllmllg llurkvyg lkcgg l 'luypiug .XXY2ll'Il ROBERT WILLIAM SCHAFER llzxufl ll: Muclmzmical llx':1u'iug x PATRICIA ANN SCHNEIROV -llull Stuffg Culln-gc Clulmg luivr- nu-clizitc l,l5K'l1SSIUll Clulwg Uuitcrl Nzatiuus Clulmg 'IR-L-llzlgc lllunk Clulug 'l1l'1lVl'l Clulrg Sluvrtlmml Clulwg U1'rlwst1':1 IX' ESTHER SCHREIBER-l'ruu1 Cruuuliltrc, Cllzlirmuug llrzlumtir liluzlislu Class l'l:1y Cast: Sturlcui Ctlllllflll C.2ll.CICl'lIl Staff: Csllcr- iug Staff: Hall Stuff: 'll-cuagc liuuk Clulw: lutcrmcmlintu, S1-uiur lliscllssiml Clulmm l".'l'..X.: AllK.lL'l'll l.JllllCL'I Frm-ufll Clulr: Prulwlums Klnrlxxllittcvg vluuilzr Rn-fl Cruss Cuunrll SIDNEY ALLEN SCHREIBER l'rum CGIIIIIIIIIILTI l.iln':u'y Staffg Slum' llrvwg Siu-cial Slum l"un-11111115 lfurfl Crum-sl liutry DAVID J. SCHUCKER Claw lluy CHIIIIIIIIICVI l'rujvvti1u1 Clulmg Hrrlu-A1111 'PK-l0.Xg Mm-c'l1u11ic:ll llrzlwillg HARVEY JAY SCHUGAR--'llfum-rluuu l'rcsiulvut 9.X-1.2,-X, 'l'rc:1, aura-1' llfXg Sturlm-ut Cullllrilg lA?1l2lllI1lIlVL' .-Xualysis Class: Civic Clulw 'll-Nl: Slilln- Null- Clulrg l'l1yfivs Club, l'rn-siclcutg Orclwstra V IACQUELYN SUE SCHWARTZMlfnrvxuvrml lh-prusm-l1t:itix'L': Stu- rlcut Kluuu'il .Xltn-ru:ntc3 l".'l'.,X.g Cullm-gc Clulvg Ra-rl Crum Clulr: lfaulxinu Slum: Plockcy: llzukctlmllg Yullvy Hall: AlllNllllZlllQ Sn-uiur l.ifn-mviug SALLY CAROL SCHWEINSBERG---Svlllmu' Sm-ial Curlulllttvvq llfllIl1'l'lNlIII May lA?lll'Q'll. ll,X3 C2llL'fl'l'l1i Stzuffg Cxlxcriug Staff: Scuifu' l,m-:ulcrsg l'l1ysim Clulng Squarc llzmvc Clulrg Huruafs Sowing Cuuuril: lrllslllnll Slum: lluskctlwullg Yullcy Hall: SUl'k'Cl'1 lfluckcyg ,Xllllvlic Shin-lslg l'l1ysiw Clulw 'll-lm-viyilul l'rngrau1 SARAH ELIZABETH SCOTT"l'14lTl'XN'lll'fl lfCIll'0SCllI2iIlVL'1 Cslwr- lug Stnffg Driving Clulsg Orrlu-Ntm lg lfilwi l'rim- XYlllIIl'l' iu Baking l-llllll'Nl, Ifnuuls Sllmvg Yullcy llzlll 'ill-llll: S:-ltlmll 9.X-lll.'X 63 WYLIE T. SCOTT - Journal Staff: Prom Committee: Student Council: Social Committee: Hall Staff: College Club, Treasurer: Square Dance Club: VVoodshop Foreman: Ford Motor Contest: Cross Country '53: Track '54: Volley Ball 'S-lg Intramural Basket- ball: Industrial Arts Award: Athletic Letter JACK R. SEECH-Homeroom Officer: Short Wave Club: Electric Shop PATRICIA JOAN SELIGA-Class Day Connnittee: Student Coun- cil, Secretary: Hall Staff: Red Cross Club, President: Today's Business Girls: Fashion Show: Hockey Captain: Basketball: Volley Ball: Mushball ARLENE SERBIN-Class Day Committee: Class Gift Committee: Homeroom Vice President. IZA: Foreword Representative: Student Council, Social Committee: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Staff: Bulletin Distributor: Shorthand Club: Senior Discussion Club: United Na- tions Club: F.T.A., Secretary: Chorus III, I: Gregg Shorthand Award: Civic Club Test MARGARET LOUISE SI-IAFER-Prom Committee: Homeroom Secretary, 9B: Foreword Representative: A.N.C.: Microscope Club: Senior Leaders, Treasurer llA-IZB, Secretary: Fashion Show: Fashion Show Committee: Soccer: Hockey: Basketball: Volley Ball: Mushball: Athletic Award CAROL FAY SHARAPAN - Foreword Representative: Student Council Alternate: Homeroom Secretary 8A-9.-X, Vice President 10B-IOA: Intermediate Discussion Club: Travel Club: Teenage Book Club: F.T.A.: Junior Dramatics: Junior Glee Club: Gregg Typing Award FRANCES E. SHAVV-Homeroom President 9B-9A, Treasurer IIB-llA, Secretary 12B-12A: Student Council: Hall Staff: Senior Leaders: Square Dance Club: United Nations Club: Fashion Show: Hockey: Basketball: Volley Ball: Mushball LOIS SHOOK- Prom Committee: Student Council, Social Com- mittee: Journal Staff: F.T.A.: Problems Committee: Modern Dance: Teenage Bock Club: Travel Club: United Nations Club: Inter- mediate, Senior Discussion Clubs: College Club: German Club Treasurer: junior Dramatics: Fashion Show DONALD SHRAGER-Hall Staff: Junior Varsity Basketball RACILLE ANITA SI-IRUT-F.T.A.: F.N.A.: United Nations Club: Teenage Book Club: Hebrew Club: Today's Business Girls: College Club ROBERT LEE SIMS-United Nations Club: Teenage Book Club: Orchestra II, I: Advanced Jewelry JOHN GEORGE SIVIY-Band V: Marching Band: Cross Country '53: Track '54: Intramural Swimming, Backstroke, First Place: Cap- tain 9A, l0A: Athletic Letter 64 ARLENE DONNA SMITH--Class Day Committee: Modern Dance, Hall Staff: F.N.A.: College Club: Travel Club: United Nations Club: Teenage Book Club: Intermediate Discussion Club DAVID P. SMITH-Band I, II: Stage Crew: Special Shop BERNARD H. SOBOL-Senior Committee: Homeroom Officer: Student Council: Ushering Staff: Hall Staff: Microscope Club: German Club: Square Dance Club: Chess Club: United NJll"'lll Club: Band V: Orchestra IV: All City Band: Scholastic Art C :xt test: Honorable Mention for Latin Exhibit CYMA CAROL SOLOMON-Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 9,-X, IOA, IIA, IZA: Service Club: Library Staff: Teenage Bork Club junior Dramatics: Today's Business Girls: Intermediate Discussi n Club: F.N.A.: United Nations Club: Orchestra I, II, III: Fashion Show: Volley Ball 'S0: Gregg Shorthand Award FLORINE SPECK-Class Day Committee: Hall Staff: College Club: Teenage Book Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: Cnited Nations Club: F.N.A.: Projection Club: Volley Ball: Mushball: Gregg Shorthand Award JOEL SANFORD SPIROwSenior Social Committee: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Civic Club Test: Homeroom President 9A, Treasurer IZA: Foreword Representative: Student Council. IIA: French Club: F.T.A.: Senior Discussion Club: Orchestra Y: junior Varsity Basketball: Intramural Basketball: ,lunior Town Meeting of the Air: Senior Class Gift Chairman if lx Iliifspf SAUL SPODEK-Chess Club: Driving Club: Orchestra V: Home- room Basketball Team CAROL FAY SPOKANE-I,ibrary Typist: Hall Staff: Student Council Alternate: Service Club: Today's Business Girls, Vice President: Program Committee Chairman: Recording Secretary: l'.N.A.: Shorthand Club: Intermediate Discussion: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards: Advanced jewelry EARLE J. SPOKANE-Homeroom Officer, 9A: Hall Staff: Driv- ing Club: Iland V VINCENT VALENTINE STANKAY-Homeroom President IIB, IIA: Treasurer, IO.-X: Driving Club: Special Shop Foreman: Intra- murals '53, '5-I: Athletic Awards MARIE B. STEGER-Class Day Committee: Student Council: Cafeteria Staff: Cshering Staff: Social Committee: Chorus I, II. lll: Advanced Art: All City Choir JOHN M. STEFURAKwDistributive Education: Metal Shop Fore- man: Intramural Basketball 65 BEVERLY SHIRLEY STEIN-Senior Social Committee: F.T.A.: Majorettes, Manager: College Club: Service Club: Square Dance Club: Cafeteria Staff: Student Council: Teenage Book Club: United Nations Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: Projection Club: Travel Club: Typing Award HELEN CLAIRE STEINBERG-Class Day Cotnmittee: Cafeteria Staff: Homeroom Treasurer, 9B: Student Council, Publicity Com- mittee: F.T.A., Scrapbook Committee Chairman: junior Red Cross Service Club: F.N.A.: College Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: Teenage Book Club: Travel Club: Fashion Show SEMA RAE STEINBERG-Class Day Committee: Bible Reader: F.T.A.: Teenage Book Club: United Nations Club: Today's Busi- ness Girls: Shorthand Club: junior Glee Club: Mushball: Switn- ming Certificate MARILYN JOAN STEINMAN-Gift Committee. Co-Chairman: Class Day Committee: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Student Council, Problems Committee: Hall Staff: Foreword Staff: Inter- mediate Discussion Club: F.T.A.: French Club: Teenage Book Club: Chorus I, IV, V: Modern Dance, Executive Committee Chairman: D.A.R. Award: Civic Club Test Country Team JOAN ARLENE STEWART-Secretary of Senior Class: Execu- tive Committee: Homeroom Vice President, IIA: Homeroom Trea- surer, IZA: junior Red Cross Club: Senior Leaders: Square Dance: Chairman of Fashion Show: Athletic Leader: Hockey: Volley Ball: Basketball: Mushball: History Radio Program MARY ANN STIBRIK-journal Art Staff: Foreword Representa- tive: Cshering Staff: Senior Publicity Committee: Junior Red Cross: Today's Business Girls: Soccer '5I: Basketball, Mushball, Hockey. Volleyball, '52, '53, 'S-1: Athletic Letter '53: Honorable Iylention Award of A.A.A. WILLIAM A. STONE-Chairman Senior Publicity Committee: Dramatic English: Student Council Representative IOA, IIB, IIA, IZB, IZA: Student Council Treasurer: Problems Committee: Hall Staff: Student Council Recording Secretary: Ushering Staff: Sen- ior Discussion Club: F.T.A.: Key Club: United Nations Club: Pro- jection Club: Book Club: Band V: Marching Band: Orchestra IV: All City Orchestra: Student Council New Commerce Program' Class Play MARIANNE STRAHAN-Journal Staff: Student Council: Cafe- teria Staff: Hall Patrol: Office Helper, 9A: Microscope Club: Senior Leaders IOB, IOA, IIB: Volley Ball '52: Basketball, Hockey, Softball '5Z: Hockey, Softball '5l: D.A.R. History Award RICHARD SUDINA STEPHEN SUNAGA-Mechanical Drawing: Advanced Jewelry 66 BARRY STELZER-Hebrew Club Band Marehm Band Cross GEORGE E. STEVANUS-Stage Crew Foreman Stage Crew MERYL H. SUPKOFFWHAII Staff: Band: Fo11tl1all3 Track RICHARD STUART SUPOWITZ-B11s1111-ss lNIHll2lfICI' of j11111'11:1l Staff: l"11r1-w11r1l R1-11r1-s1'11t:1tiv1-3 Stuclvnt Council R011r1-S1-11t:1tiv1-1 lh1si111-us lNlz111:1g1-r of lfor1-word: Hall Staffg Stzunp Club: L'nit1-rl Nations Club: Hook Club: LI1-v1'1'lry Shop CLIFFORD B. SURLOFF PAUL D. SWIGART-Hall Staffg llllfiilllllfiil Basketlmllg Sllk'L'l2ll Shop ERNEST FRANK SZOKE Shop F11rc111z1113 Klctul Shop: Spcrial Slmpg .'X1lv:1111'1'1l Sl11111: IIIIFHIIIIITZII Haskm-tl1:f1llg Vice l'rcsi1lc11t of ll111111-r11o111, 'JA LESTER THAYER -l'ro1n C1n11111itt1-1-3 Football 'llL'8.Il1 '51, '52, '53s SYIIIIITC Dance Club: Shop For1-11111113 Most Valuable F1,111tball Player AWZIFLI its 67 SHEILA JOAN THORPE ll 11111r1111111 lr1 INlllkl Ul IX I xl11 ing Staff: M.M.M.3 .-Xtl1l1t11 1 1r1l 1 KN liaskctlmll lllli-IZBQ Softball 1013 11X H 1l1Lv IUX l l BEVERLY E. TIMKO75Llllllf 111l1l111l1 L1 IIIIIIIIILR ll111111roo111 Secretary, 9.1M junior Rcrl Crow S nor 1 lk D1 Fz1sl1i1111 Sbowg I:2lSllllJII 11111 111111 KL S1r111 XX fl 1r Hockey: l3z1sk1'tl1all1 Yollcv liall DONNA JUNE TIMMINS Hlllllkllllllll SLLYKI 111 l' X ll 1ll Nt 111 Cz1f1't1'riz1 Stuff: 'l'111l:1y'.' 1 1111 11111 111 l'r1-si1l1'11t3 .X.N.C. Clubg CI1111 118 11 1111111 Fl R1'11r1'sc11tativ1', IKM: Sturlcnt Q Ullllkll l 1111 1 X11 ll..-X.R,l'list1-H q '2 1 4' '1 N kllk HOWARD ELLIS TOBERG l sllfkl Il! Slllllt ll Ll l lnclustrial :Xrt .'Xwz1r1l, '52-53 Xllfll Ill S LL N 1 s l311s1111sx I rv X111r1l Lltl WILLIAM TRACHTENBERG ROBERT EDWARD TUCKER L 1 Cl 11r111 lll S 1111r In L111 111itt1'1': l311si111-ss Mr111agcrjo11r111l Stllf IIUIIIIIIIXK Ill ul L 1 II4lIIlL'I'llUIIl Sccrctury-'l'r11as1111r IUX PIIILTUUIII 11x11l111t IOR, ll.1X, IZH, IZAQ l'resu111 ' 11 I1 111111 1 Co1111n1!t1'1': Cnitell Nations ub LIIIILC ll 1 11111 11 1'ussio11 Clubs: Current lf' N L I 11 1111 N x1nt kctball ,IHCIIYIIQ llltfiilllllffll S1111111111111., I 11l11tb1ll 1tt Nbo 11-11111 ROBERT PAUL TUPI-President of Honieroom 9A, IUA, IIB. IIA:YVice 'President IOB, IZA: Foreword Representative: Chorus IV, N' : Junior Glee Club: Male Chorus: Quartet: All-City Chorus: Advanced Art: Advanced jewelry RENE-RICIA UNATIN-Majorette Mascot and Head Sergeant: Lafeteria Staff: United Nations Club: Choir I, III DOLORES JEAN VETTER-Driving Club: Hockey: Advanced Home Economics OLGA VONDAS-Senior Social Committee: Foreword Representa- tive: Ushering Staff: Choir Ill: Hockey: Volley Ball: Basketball WILDA ROBERTA WALKER - Majorette Sergeant: Student Council Representative: 'l'oday's Business Girls: Shorthand Club: Fashion Show: Hockey: Basketball: Softball: Volley Ball MORTON WEDNER4Captain of Ushering Staff, IZB: President of Projection Club, IZA: Driving Club: Shop Foreman: Co-Head Manager of Basketball Team: Basketball Letter Student Council Club l ball: Soccer '50, '51 Candidate t M.M.M.: Chorus IV I I Homeroom Vice President, IZB: Hom: ELAINE LOIS WEINER- room Secretary, IZA: Problems Committee: Social Committee Modern Dance: President of College Club: F.N.A.: Travel Clul Red Cross Club: United Nations Club: Book Club: Alternate 5 JOEL B. WEINMANvSe11iimr Class Day Committee: Hall Stal Book Club: Marching Band: Brass Quartet: Band Ill, IV, X J.V. Football 9A: Volley Ball IZA: Band Letter: Model Airplat ROSALIE GAIL WEINTRAUB-Foreword Representative: M: jorettes: M.M.M.: Today's Business Girls: Senior Leaders Clul Shorthand Club: Garden Club: Orchestra Ill, IV: Tennis, Volln Ball, Basketball, Mushball Tournaments LeROY C. WIBLE-Student Council Representative, IDB: Hom room President, IZA: Microscope Club: Dramatic Club: Advanca Art: A.A.A. Poster Contest: Football '52, '53: Intramural Baske MARY JANE WEITZEL-M.M.M.: Social Committee: Progra Committee: Garden Club: Square Dance Club: Projection Clul Secretary-Treasurer: Junior Glee Club: Fashion Show Scri Writer: Senior Lifesaving: Senior Leaders: Basketball, I-Iocke Volley Ball, Mushball '51, '52, '53. '5-l: Hockey, Basketball All-St, '53, '54: Athletic Award: School Letter: Fashion Show: May Quei DOROTHEA JEANNE WELSHONSE-Secretary of Homerooi IOB: Ushering Staff: Cafeteria Staff: Civic Club Test: F.T.A 68 TRACY WRIGHT lfutvrt-cl fr-nn IIlll'llY:I High Scbunl, IIB DIANE DOROTHY WILKINSON llall Staff: .rXllclur'rlicc New- l'llllll'l'N Club l'rt-xirlt-ut l'X' Squarv llauct- Iilub' lfasliitm Slum" FROIMLEE WIRTZMAN 'NlIL'l'llNC4lllk' L'lubg XYUUQI :xml lflcctrir Slmp MARY LOU WOLITITCH lfnrt-xxursl lqk'lll'l'SDlll2ilIVk'l Stmlt-ul llmniril Ih-prt-wlttzniivc3 llriving Vlubg .Iuuiur I.v:ult-rg Yullcy Hall, I Musbball, lllwkvy, llzulct-tball MARIE JOAN WOODILL- -llall Patrulg Squarc llauuc Club: All' gi W. 1ls'l'1llL'i' N4'xxt'ulllm'i's llllilug SK'I'Vll'l' flilln 'll i f ' N FRED WOODS lllmn-rttlmi llaxkvtballg lJ.qX.R. .Mvanlg Basketball ALBERT YONKOVITZ 1 Stuclcut L'uum'il licpu-st'l1t1ttiw, UI! Sin-cial Slum I'1'ujt-cts: .Xtblutiu l.n'1tvr in S4lk't'l'I'Q llall Stall' MARKELLOS GEORGE YOURGAS Hall Stallg l-'mitlmll '52 '53, 'S-I: Slum lftm-:trail nl Nlcritg Iwmtball It-um nl-D33 .Xtblt-tic I.k'lll'l' tor lw--itball scutativt-, 9tb Kiraclt-3 Cafeteria Staff: L'sl1t-ring: Staffg Klllt-gc Club- Hall BERNARD PAUL ZEEDICK Intramural llztslwtlmllg llzulictlmall '53, 'S43 Intramural Yulley llall FRANI BARBARA ZIMMERMAN --Social I-1llIIllllllCk' uf Senior Class: Yin- l'rt-simlcnt of I'lUlllCl'UIblll llll, lZ.X: l,l'L'SlllL'lll llli, lll,-X3 May Queen Caumlimlatc, llli: Stumlcut Lluuurilg ,XL'l'Illllll1lllISI fur Special liauccg l7.'l'..AX.g Micrmcupu Klub: lntcrmwliatt- IIISUIINSIUII Clubg 'll-t-tizngc lluuk flub: gluuim' llraumticsg ill'cl1twtx':1 llg 'Ibm'- ual .-Xrt Staff 69 MICHAEL G. YOURGAS- Iutlustrial .fri .Xwarcl-s 1953 L1-1'tilit':1tt' ILENE R. ZALMON-Sucial L'm11iuittvc3 Stuwlcut llilllllfll Rvpru- Travt-l Club: l'nitcml Nations Clubg 'IR-L-itxtgc lltmlq Klub: St-ilitul lliscussiun Lllubg Orclicstra Il, Ill, IYL llIlNlik'lll1lllQ Suflballg Xlvllvy SHELDON SCI-IUSLER-junior Red Cross Clubg Future School Penn Stateg Entered from Mercersburg Academy in 12A JOSEPHINE CUA ERNEST BAZZY-Distributive Education Classg Driving Clubg Metal Shop Foremang Special Shop NORMAN DAVID BENNETT-Travel Clubg Advanced Artg In- tramural Basketball, Softball EDWARD J. BORCIK-Entered Allderdice from Munhall in 12B ANDREW DONATELLI-Entered Allderdice from Wfestinghouse, IZA PETER WILLIAM KOTULA-Jewelry Projectsg Special Shopg Gerwig Service Award WILLIAM KOWALSKI-Special Shop, Foremaug Print Shop ff t i ., ,,.,E, iz., if I 70 l- une Class Commencementg.. Monday Evening, june 21, 1954 Processional-Pomp and Circumstance .....,............,...................., .......... E lgar Pomp and Chivalry .............,.....................,.......,....,..................,...,..,... Roberts Band-Roy Dietz, Director Invocation ......,.......,...,......,...........,..,..,.......,.....,....,..........,........,..,........ Reverend C. E. Wright St. John's Evangelist Baptist Church Strong in Thy Strength .......... ..............,...,..............,....................,........,.................. B ach Band Presentation of Flowers ....,.....,....,... ........,..,..........,.......,...,.............,... F ebruary Class, 1955 Lorna Dunnett, February Joan Stewart, june, 1954 Harp Solo-The Camp-fire ......................,......................................,...........,....,...,...,..... Hoberg Lorraine Avins OUR INDEBTEDNESS TO PUBLIC EDUCATION For Equal Opportunity ........,.................,.......,............................, Robert Tucker For Cultivation of Responsibility ..........,,..........,,........,,,. Marilyn Steinman For Development of Skills ........................ ................... I oel Roman For Taylor Allderdice High School ......,.,........,...,.............. Pamela Gordon Class Gift ,.......,..,..........,......,.. ,..,....,.............,,..,,..,...,,.,...........,............,,..........,... J une Class, 1954 Robert Anderson, June Richard Jordon, February, 1955 just As the Tide Was Flowing ...............................,.......,................ R. Vaughan Williams Emitte Spiritum Tuum .,......,...,............................,...,........................., Franz Joseph Schuetky A Cappella Choir Emma Steiner, Director Authorization of Diplomas .... ,.............,.. ..,..........,........ ...... ........................... E v a n W. Ingram Representative of Superintendent of Schools Presentation of Diplomas. ..,,, ...,.,..........,...................................... J . D. McClymonds Principal, Taylor Allderdice High School Recessional-Pageantry ..... .......,...... ....,.......................................................,. C h eyette Band Tuesday Evening, June 22, 1954 Prucessional-Pomp and Circumstance ,..............................,...................,....,............... Elgar Orchestra-Walter Voyvodich. Director Invocation ....,,.....,.............,...,.,....,..........,..................,...,,................ Reverend J. Arthur Rowan Lincoln Place Presbyterian Church Song of Jupiter ................. .,,......,...........,.....,....,......,,..........,.........,..,,......,....,...,.... H andel Orchestra Presentation of Flowers .,.......,..,. .......... ........,..............,....,....,.....,... F e bruary Class, 1955 Judy Hazin, February Ellsworth Bowser, June Piano Solo-Reflets dans l'eau ,........ ...................,..................,.,,...,,.......,..,...........,..... D ebussy Anita Horvitz OUR INDEBTEDNESS TO PUBLIC EDUCATION For Equal Opportunity ..,..............,.,.,.........,..................,... James Morganstern For Cultivation of Responsibility ...,...........,.............,...,..,,......,. Arlene Serbin For Development of Skills ...,....,...........,.., .......,... D iane Berger For Taylor Allderdice High School ....... .,..........,,... S andra Caplan Class Gift ...........................,..........,..,.......,,........,...., ..........,................... I une Class, 1954 Robert DeWaters, June Jack Rosen, February just As the Tide Was Flowing ...,...,........................,......,................ R. Vaughan Williams Emitte Spiritum Tuum .........,..,,.............,..........,.............,...,..,,...,,...,.. Franz Joseph Schuetky A Cappella Choir Emma Steiner, Director Authorization of Diplomas ,,....... . ,....... ........... ,... . ,................. .... , ,................, E v a n W. Ingram Representative of Superintendent of Schools Presentation of Diplomas ........4.....,.................................,.................,,..,.. J. D. McClymonds Principal, Taylor Allderdice High School Recessional-March of the Priests from "Athalia" ....,..............,....,.,......... Mendelssohn Orchestra 71 f une Class Pla f -V ,- Cl-lARLIiY'S AUNT A Comedy in Three Acts THE CAST Lord Fancourt Babberley.. ,.., .. ..,... ,,,.,............,,.., .joel Spiro, Harry Choder jack Chesney.. ..,. . .. . ,... ...,..,....... Reid Ruttenberg, Stuart Holtzman Charley Wykeham ..,. .,,.... Kitty Verdun . .. . .. . Amy Spettlgue ,..,,.....,,, ...,,.,,, ,............. Sir Francis Chesney ,..,.. Donna Lucia D'A1vadorez... ... Stephen Spettigue ,......,.,... .. Ela Delahay.. .,.. .. Brassett .... , . Farmer . . ...,................,. ., .,......, THE STUDENT S Stage Managers. .. . . .. .. .. ..,,..,,...... Prompters.. .. ,..,.. .. .. .,.. ,..,...... , Make-up Crew Chief.. Props Crew Chief .,.. ..., . Costumes Crew Chief ..,. . Publicity Crew Chief . Business Managers ,......... . Stage Crew Chief . ..., .. Assistant to the Director.. ...,.,... .... .........,.,,.,......,,.. ..., ...,,... . . . . .. . james Bress, Gerald Farkas Q Rochelle Kurtzman Esther Schreiber,. Pamela Gordon ...Edward Bernstein, Larry Adler .Anita Horvitz, Marilyn Hartman ....,.....Larry Heller, Ronald Osbon Nancy Brownlee, Carol Fuhrer .....,.......Larry Fiedler, Billy Stone ,. ,.,. .,,..,. .... ..,. . . . Howard Rossen TAFF ....,.. Sue Arthurs, Sandra Caplan . Sonya Joseph, Barbara Lichter . .. . ..Florie Kaufman ...Barbara Mortson .. Marian Ratner Lillian Black ichter,. Harriet Perl . George Stevanus . Marcia Dee Katz ......Barbara L Fon THE JUNE CLASS, 1954 Sponsor ..... ....... . ..............,..,............. . Director . ..... .. ..... .. .Miss Edith Fmegold .. Miss joan Baldwin PRODUCTION STAFF STAGE CREW 72 C A 1 1155 1'1ux' Cfusts Air. Lim Lib Dis E15 Rib Dis Iia C15 E mf 1.HI' 1111- f1'i1-11115111115 wc 11z1x'1' 111z1111' 111 111g'11 s1'1111111 f'L'1lI'S. 111' 1116 lcmsmls 1CZlI'IIL'f1 111-1'11z1ps 111ix'11 111 with lL'IlI's. I111' 1111- 11111':11'y 11111-1'1' we 11X't'11 111 Wl'11L' 11111' 11ll'llll'S. 111' 111:11 11:1y 111 class 111:11 sc-111 115 1111 111 1111-111115. for cv1'ry111141y w1141 :lt 1111- 1111z11111111s 111111 was Sl'L'll. fm' the 1'1111i1'ki11g 11111 :1t Il 1'1'11111 111:11 was s11p1'1-1111-. fm' t1111s1- 112111005 t11:1t W1-1'1' 110111 fm' just 1l.X's, fur 1110 i11111vi1111:11s W1111 w1'1'1' SllL'L'l'SSl'S 111 11111' class play. fur ll class c1z1v 111:11 was 11111-111-11 511 11111 111. 11111. I. lIIl'ZlllS 1111- 1-1111 111' 11111' s1'111+111 days, 11111 11111' 1-11111':11i1111 11:15 just 111-gg 73 Retrospection OUR SENIOR YEAR, 1953-1954 September 8-School begins after one extra week of vacation. October 23-Allderdice Dragons defeat Schenley 7-6. November 5-The june class elects its officers. November 6-The school honors its football team at the Football Frolic. November 12-Parents come to school on Open House Night. November 25-january Class Journal Staff is chosen. November 26-Z9-Time off for Thanksgiving. December 2-The Dragons open the basketball season by walloping Allegheny Vocational 74-27. December 2, 3, .and 4-The 12A Dramatic English Class presents a three-act comedy, "Every Family Has One." December 9-The june Class committees are chosen. December 23-january 4-Books and pencils are put away over the Christmas and New Year's Day holidays. January 28-Commencement for 105 members of the January Class. February Z6-Allderdice ZOO-yard free-style relay team cops the city title. March 3-Journal members elect editors and business managers. March 4-Senior Class has afternoon party in the big gym. March 13-Hopeful seniors struggle through College Board Tests. March 19-The Senior Class holds the Intramural Championship Basketball Game and dance afterwards in the gym. March 20-41 seniors take the Civic Club Test at Carnegie Tech. March 26-The 12B's elect their Class Officers. April 16-19-School out for Easter vacation. June ll-The seniors are recognized and commended at Honor Assembly. June 21 and 22-Commencement climaxes eight years of grade school and four years of high school for 360 seniors. June 23-The Senior Prom. I started out in seventh grade and thought I knew a lotg But being called a freshie soon showed me I did notg Then going into eighth grade seemed just like a dreamg And ninth grade-the glorious and important extremeg By tenth grade I felt as if I were running the school, And of course a great big junior surely was nobody's foolg Now at last a senior, I've reached the very top- As I look back throughout the years, it seems a shame to stop. 74 une Class Honor Students Philip c. Allen Robert B. Anderson Lorraine S. Avins Diane F. Berger Lillian P. Black Ellsworth T. Bowser Nancy Anne Brownlee Sandra Ann Caplan Harry Choder Ruth Ann Cohen Robert S. DeWaters Arnold Eisenfeld Carmen K. Aiello Carol A. Anderson Sue Arthurs jane E. Beckett Evelyn J. Berkowitz A. Leonard Bernstein Nancy R. Bloom Aleen Rachel Bress James K. Bress Roslyn Ruth Cohen Bonnie G. Cramer Marjorie L. Denawitz Paul E. Felton Lawrence J. Feidler Gale R. Friedman Stuart A. Friedman Sheila E. Garfinkel Dona E. Ginsberg Marlene Gisser Myrna F. Granowitz Hubert M. Gulak HIGH HONOR Stephen Glickman Pamela D. Gordon lVlarilynrB. Hartmann Rita J. Hochman Anita B. Horvitz Marjorie H. Katz joan J. Lebowitz Rita Lefton Lenore Leon Barbara M. Lichter Ferne L. Metzger james R. Morganstern HONOR Michael A. Harrison Roberta M. Housman Louis A. Hecht Lawrence A. Heller Fred M. Horn Sonya Ida Joseph Marcia Dee Katz Florence L. Kaufman Marilyn C. Krieger Rochelle E. Kurtzman Harold D. Lenchner Jules M. Levine Charlotte H. Lichter Eleanor L. Loos Nancy Ann Margitan Yvette S. Meitner Mary Ann Meyers Barbara Jean Mortson Harold M. Neiman Ronald O. O bon Sheila F. Ostrow E 4 Susan M. Pearce Burton H. Pollock Esther S. Reidbord Gary F. Richest Joel D. Roman Sally Rae Rosenfield Lois Rosenthal Howard M. Rossen Harvey Jay Schugar Arlene Serbin Marilyn joan Steinman Robert Edward Tucker Joan B. Rasp Marian L. Ratner Catherine M. Ribovich Sheldon S. Rose Charles A. Roth Donald M. Roth Esther Schreiber Carol S. Schweinsberg Wylie T. Scott Margaret L. Shafer Lois Shook Cyma C. Solomon Joel S. Spiro Earl Spokane Helen C. Steinberg William A. Stone Richard S. Supowitz Beverly E. Timko Rosalie G. Weintraub Dorothea J. Welshonse LeRoy C. Wible 75 The Bill of Rights Teacher. A ,.,,.. Miss Margaret NVinch President A AA r.,rr .,,.., L eRoy VVible Vice President ,.,. Frani Ziintnennan Secretary AA A AA ....,,.i, .i,..... A A AA AA ,Lois Mandell Treasurer AA A AAAAAA AAAAAA A AAAAA AAAA, A A A AA A,A.,AA Louis Hecht Student Council Representative A A A Maida Rosenberg Foreword Representative A AAAAAA AAAAA A A AA AAAAAA A A A AAAA A A Evelyn Berkowitz First Row-Annette Mann, Bonnie Cramer, Louis Hecht, Lois Mandell, LeRoy Wible, Frani Zimmerman, Maida Rosenberg, Zenita Miller, Dorothea Jeanne Welshonse Second Row-Evelyn Berkowitz, Carol Sharapan, Richard Lebowitz, Jean Lautenschlaeger, Joel Goldhammer, Gail Weintraub, Roslyn Cohen, Clifford Surloff, Marcia Katz, Eileen Bergman Third Row-Saul Spodek, Gertrude Ludovico, Arnold Sarasky, William Trachtenberg, Larry Fiedler, Howard Rossen, joel Weinman, Bernard Sobel .-Xniendments l-29 of the Constitution of Room 304: proposed and ap- proved at class meeting in 1954: adopted by the required number of students under the direction of Miss XYinch and declared in force on the U,-XY UF GRQXIJLYXTION. To Joel Goldharnmert As the nation's engineer "laureate" we give to him the privilege of building a bridge to span the ocean. To Eileen Bergman: Dahling-to you I dedicate my place, sincerely, Tallu. To Richard Lebowitz: No holds shall be barred in giving Richard the oppor- tunity to become an expert draftsman. To Bonnie Cramer: AX special opera shall be written for the Rise Stevens of room 304. To Howard Rossen: lYe grant to him a fourth learner's permit for the purpose of passing his test-Please? To Marcia Dee Katz: :Xu album of classical records shall be donated to Miss Katz in order that her kindergarten students shall have a better under- standing of music. For Arnold Sarasky: XVe shall form another investigating committee so that he may become another Senator McCarthy. To jean Lautenschlaeger: NVe give the job of traveling saleswoinan so that she may visit the Southern and NVestern states without cost. 76 To To To joel Weinman: He shall keep his dog and his car, and we shall give to him sole ownership of a Rocky fortune. Dolly Rosenberg: We give to her a large package of stationery so that she can answer all those letters. Louis Hecht four class treasurerj: We give an automatic coin-changer to save all the wear and tear on his wallet. For Lois Mandell: We shall invent a robot-secretary so that she may live a To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To hfe of ease. Frani Zimmerman: We give full privilege of riding in that saggy pink convertible. Dorothea Welshonse: We award an "Oscar" for her acting ability and cooperation. Larry Fiedler: NVe give the secrets of Hepplewhite and Chippendale for use in his furniture business. Roslyn Cohen: We give advertising space under Kaufmann's clock to dis- play her many clever ideas. Saul Spodek: We reward him for his excellent artistry by scheduling a duet for him with Yascha Heifetz. Thelma Lanyon: We give sole privilege to wear only that ring until such time as she can add the other one. Gertrude Ludovico fthe Florence Nightingale of 304j: We donate any help that we can possibly give in furthering her career. Bill Trachtenberg: We nominate him for the most valuable basketball player of the year 1957. Carol Sharapan: We dedicate the privilege of keeping up that special friendship. LeRoy Wible: We nominate him for president of the United States because of the excellent job performed in 304. Evie Berkowitz: We give the right to open another Hull House in order to prove her ability as a social worker. Bernie Sobel: We grant to him a complete set of new dental equipment to -by the way, this back tooth of mine- Zissy Miller: We give the right to do the senior boards for future gradu- ating classes. Clifford Surloff: We grant to him complete control of all holidays, national or otherwise. Gail Weintraub: We donate free gasoline for that certain red convertible. Howard Toberg: We request that he keep up his interest in sports. Annette Mann: We give to the Babe Zaharias of 304 a new set of golf clubs. Sheldon Schusler: We give the privilege to keep his convertible parked on Darlington Road. 77 I Gan See It owe K Teacher . , ...,. Mr. John li. Melvin President . . ....... ..., H arry Choder Yice President, .. Arnold Eisenfeld Secretary .. ,. ,.. ..A..., S ally Erringer Treasurer , . ,..., ,.,.. . ,.,,, .. .... ...l... . ,jack Roth Student Council Representative. , .. . Arnold Eisenfeld Foreword Representative .. ..,... Gloria Appelhaum Cminnnentator-lfnwimn To-Mokkow ln homeroom 315 of Taylor Allderdice High School, l have found striking similarities lmetween classmates and characters-in the past and present. I'm sure they'll all he outstanding in their fields-l can see it now! GLORIA APPEl.H.XL'3lfSherlock Holmes Gloria never fails to get the facts. She can always track down those who have their homework done. MARSHA BEESON-hlaiie Addams N'larsha's version of Hull House, renamed Dull House, will he a refuge for those who want to get away from it all. EDVVARD BERNSTEIN-Dr. Mayo Eddie will hecome the country's top worm surgeon. l can see him now exclaiming to his pretty nurse during a delicate operation, "This is for the birds!" HARRY CHOl3lfRAGeorge XVashington The present Mr. President of 3l5 is destined to liecome the first president of the United States of Populous. He will he acclaimed all over as the Hlfather of the Country." JOSEPH DEYINE-.Iiin Thorpe 'loe will show his extreme versatility when he, one day, hecomes the first person to swim the channel, win a mile-run, and score six touchdowns while nursing a broken leg! First Row-Adell Gandy, Ronald Fishman, Morton Wedner, Arnold Eisenfeld, Stephen Glickman, Sally Erringer, Harry Choder, Lois Rosenberg, Charles Roth - Second Row-Mr. Melvin, Claudette Dungan, Patricia Quinn, Evelyn Lyons, Marcia Levick, Frank Lazorchik, Edward Bernstein, Elissa Goldsmith, Mimi Lyon, Gloria Applebaum, Susan Pearce Third Row-Angela Kaczon, john Roth, Robert Panaia, Joseph Devine, Regis Obringer, jack Olender, Tracy Wright 78 CLAUDETTE DUNCAN-Grandma Moses Claudette will realistically portray prison scenes in her painting. She'll have to quit, though, if she still shows signs of claustrophobia. ARNOLD EISENFELD-Albert Einstein Arnie's "Theory of Relatives" will shock the world after he announces that he's his own grandpa. SALLY ERRINGER-Pavlova Sally will be the feature of the Sadler VVells Ballet one day after her bril- liant debut in the Square Dance Club. RONALD FISHMAN-Benjamin Franklin Ronny will improve on the bifocal with quadrafocals for the people who can't tell the difference. ADELL GANDY-Clara Barton Adell's easy-going temperament will help her to distinguish herself as a nurse. I can see ther now giving Dr. Smith's Cough Drops to a victim of a hit-and-run driver for that get-up-and-go-feeling. ANDREW GERENYI-Samson Andy will be amazing the world shortly-with his feats of strength. His greatest trick will be lifting the Pirates out of the cellar. STEPHEN GLICKMAN-George Eastman Steve is working on a new camera with a built-in model. It shouldn't be long before it's patented. ELISSA GOLDSMITH-Mary Martin Elissa's new musical comedy, "Spouse Specificf' should be on Broadway very soon. It's dedicated to the future housewives of America. ANGELA KACZON-Amelia Earhart Angela will be the first woman to fly solo in a flying saucer-so-low that we won't be able to miss seeing her. THEODORE LIPCHICK-Maurice Richards Ted will set hockey scoring records. His ''sneak-up-behind-the-goalie-and- drop-the-puck-in" shot can't miss. FRANK LAZORCHIK-Johnny VVeismuller ' Faster than a speeding senior-it's a tadpole, it's a porpoise, no, it's Frank leading the 1956 U.S. Olympic swimming team to victory. MARCIA LEVICK-Madame Curie Marcia has already started the extensive biological study for her new book entitled "What Makes Tsetse Flies Tick P" We know it will be a best-seller. MIMI LYON-Susan B. Anthony Mimi will lead the campaign for "Rights for Firemen Party." Her motto will be "Through rain, or sleet, or snow, or hail, Mimi Lyon will carry the pail." EVELYN LYONS-Betty Crocker After her experience on the Cafeteria Staff, Evelyn will lead the nation in cooking up recipes for bored housewives. Her most daring dish is scalloped termites over knotty pine. THOMAS MILLER-George Mikan Tom will star as an "animal type" basketball player. He'll be quick as a rabbit. fast as a deer, and as graceful as a big gazelle. 79 REGIS OBRINGER-Henry Ford Rege will revolutionize the auto industry with a new innovation-duel ex- hausts for duel exhausts. JACK OLENDER-Valentino Jack is fast becoming the nation's heart throb for his passionate scenes in the cartoons. ROBERT PANAIA-Orville Wright Bob is working on his newly-fashioned Dud-Mobile. It doesn't rideg it doesn't floatg it doesn't fly. It just sits there and looks pretty. JUDY PASEKOFF-Elsa Maxwell In a few years Judy will become the rave of the country with her tremendous par-ties. She's the top nominee for the "Hostess with the Mostessf' SUSAN PEARCE-Esther Williams Susie will make a big splash in the moving picture industry when she dives from the rim of Grand Canyon into a bucket of water. PATRICIA QUINN-Hattie Carnegie Her latest summer fashions center around a new Bikini bathing suit that plunges-into the water. LOIS ROSENBERG-Dinah Shore Watch for "Lilting Lo" on the hit parade. Her biggest hit will be "The Prairie Blues" or "I'm Lonesome in the Saddle Since My Horse Died." CHARLES ROTH-Liberace Chuckie has a wonderful touch at the piano. I can see him now playing a daddy-o piano for a very mellow television show with a cool candelabra background. JOHN ROTH-J. P. Morgan John is sure he'll make his fortune investing 3l5's treasury in the American Yeast Company. He figures the stock is bound to rise. SIDNEY SCHREIBER-James J. Hill Sid will make a "first" in transportation pretty soon when he drives a truck across the Pacific Ocean. 'MORTON WEDNER-Duaey Moore Morty will coach his championship chicken basketball team to victory again this year. They specialize in "fowl" shots. TRACY WRIGHT-Gary Cooper Tracy plays the strong, silent type. Our Tracy's movie career will be at stake, though, if -his finger should get caught in the trigger in a scene from one af his western movies. WHAT'S IN A NAME? The BLACK SPECK in the sky was a bird. The MILLER sent his flour to the BAKER. The ROMAN enjoyed his hamBERGER and ice cream COHEN. Look! The ROSE is now in BLOOM. When the wild KATZ and LYONS walked through the WOODS. the earth SHOOK. The candy was as sweet as SCHUGAR. The FIELD was full of FERNES and REIDS. 80 '5 ww ,ff s 652 'ff L ,. P? , EN 1,1 SJ 53", ,am 1 'T' -, - ?3D 1 i 4 1 Y' 3 ff' , , 4 I if 4 'f 4 1 'xx . 4' , A. AJ X, V. , fs. Q In - ww., Q. 4 A r, K , A , Vw, .Wa -, , ,pifwf ""wwf,A P A 1 A l 317 Comic Page Teacher .,.,. ,, ,..,, Miss Bertha O. Mitchell President ..... ..,,.i, ,.,.,.....,. R onald Oshon Vice President .. . ., ., ...i. .James Rodgers Secretary '.,. . , ,,.,...,. .i.,....,.i....., .,...., G W endolyn Lucerne Treasurer ,........i. .. ..,...,.......,.......,.i.,. . ..,...,........,.,. joel Spiro Student Council Representative Wfilda Vifalker Foreword Representative ..................,..... ...........i., ..,.. ..,i . , . Reid Ruttenherg First Row-Marilyn Kreiger, Francine Richman, Nancy Brownlee, Wilda Walker, Ronald Osbon, james Rodgers, joel Spiro, Claire Johnston, Carol Johnston, Carol Anderson Second Row-Enaz Hakim, jerry Beigel, James Andes, Norman Bennett, George Stevanus, Carmen Aiello, LaRue Riley, Sheila Thorpe, Miss Mitchell, Gwendolyn Lucerne, Marie Bacarro, Marianne Strahan, Dolores Vetter Third Row-Reid Ruttenberg, Stephen Sunaga, Vincent Stankay, Richard Bradshaw, Paul Swigart, Jack Seech, Glenn Paxton, Clyde Fennell, Richard Sudina, Donald Shrager, Regis Campas GVVEN LUCERNE Susie Q. Swliflz fits Gwennie to a tee, Clever and pretty-don't you agree? NANCY BROXVNLEE Cheerful and happy, as a nurse should he, Doctor Morgaifs fum' is our Nancy. CAROL ANDERSON For Blondie who is sweet and kind, Carol surely comes to mind. RONALD OSBON Tall and strong like Superman, Ozzie does what none other can. GLENN PAXTON Our room wouldn't he so merry and gay XVithout Dmmis the filename-wtliat's Glenn every day. CAROL .IOHNSTON and CLAIRE JOHNSTON The Johnston twins, Carol and Claire, Are gals with art ability. Like fan and Jill, the Jackson pair. They have such nice personality. 82 CLYDE FENNELL Cy reminds us of Marlin Keel, An all right guy with girl appeal. JAMES RODGERS Tall, blonde, and handsome is our Jimg Steve Canyorfs the character that fits him. FRANCINE RICHMAN Her carriage is perfect, so nice her attire, To be Millie the Model is Frannie's desire. CARMEN A1EI.I.O Though H ysteria, the steno, is her boss' despair, A lzetter secretary than Carmen, you won't find anywheac MARIANNE STRAHAN Marianne, a girl with a smile worthwhile, Beats Becky Goggins by a long, long mile. WILDA WALKER Wilda's ambition-a model to be, She's Mamie's double, can't you see? JOEL SPIRO As handsome as fudge Parker is our joelg To be a well-known lawyer is his goal. JACK SEECH Arrliieis car is so deplorable, Unlike jack's brand new convertible. REGIS CAMPAS Dagwood rushes and is always late, But Rege never rushes and is just as late. GEORGE STEVANUS George is Allderdice stage manager toclayg Soon, he'll manage Lucy Ball on Broadway. RICHARD SUDINA Rather than study, Richie reads comics in bed. He marvels at all the characters especially Iughead. STEPHEN SUNAGA Quiet, ambitious is our Stevie boyg Captain Easy, the he-man, is his big joy. JAMES ANDES lim, in our class, is oh so quiet, Unlike Freekles whose antics are a riot. MARILYN KRIEGER Dixie Dugan is a girl-tall, dark, and fairg Like her carbon copy, you'll see Marilyn there. RICHARD BRADSHAW Rich has the makings of a great man, He is Dick Tracy's most ardent fan. 83 MARIE BACCARO Pug, to all her friends, has personality plus, But we prefer Marie, without a fuss. JERRY BEIGEL jeriy, we are sure, will report for the press, He reminds us of Stew Roper, as you should guess PAUL SVVIGART We'd give up the Lone Ranger, Trigger, and all To sit through a day of silence wi-th Paul. VINCENT STANKAY Casey Rnggles may be Julie's delight, But we have Vince, who does everything right. DOLORES VETTER Teen-age Betty reminds us of Deeg She is as nice as a girl can he. ENAZ HAKIM Veronica is Betty's friend in the comics, you'll see In true life, our friend is a girl named Eee. LA RUE RILEY Little Lu Lu is full of fung As her equal, La Rue's the one. NORMAN BENNETT Like the Phantom, Norm's on the ballg If you want a fine fellow, give him a call. SHEILA THORPE Little Iodine is a peck of troubleg Sheila's mother says she's Iocline's double. REID RUTTENBERG Reid has lots of Kerry Drake's charm, Someday, he'll be the President's right arm. DONALD SHRAGER Cecil's a boy with plenty of words to spare, Unlike Henry, that little fellow without any hair. MISS MITCHELL Like Mary Vlforth, always helping people out, ' Is our Miss Mitchell-without a doubt. P.S.: These little ditties are all in fun, We hope we haven't offended anyone. 84 --irfhe Future Fortune of 351 First Row-Lorraine Avins,. Rita Falki, Joan Stewart, Frances Shaw, Jeanne Hoffman, Robert Anderson, Esther Schreiber, Arlene Mitchell, Jacqueline Schwartz, Lillian Black Second Row-Diana Beitzel, William Hunter, David Schucker, Darlene Keane, Carolyn Harkness, Nancy Margitan, Lorraine Lewis, Marjorie Katz, Dr. Burgard Third Row-Larry Adler, George Anderson, Donald Malasky, Thomas Lordeon, Marie Woodill, Thomas Moffat, John Siviy, Julius Bobiak, Froimlee Wirtzman ,iiC'llL'llt'I' Dr. liurl H. liurgard Presiclent , ,. Robert .Xnclerson Vice Presiclent Alezinne Hoffman Secretary i Carolyn Harkness Treasurer i . .. . .. . .. . .Ioan Stewart Student Council Representative Larry .Ncller lforeworcl liepresentzltive .lztequeline Sue Seliwzirtz Larry Adler Diana Beitzel l'u.vl'- -lliglieliziir :nun Pas!-Yiolin prodigy l,I't'.l't'lIfY-Clllllflllilll, Stuflent Council l,I'l'.Vl'llfTNlCllllJCl' of ,X Orchestral l'rolmlems Connnittee Iflffllft'-'CIlllCCl'l violinist Iriltrllxllllgllirriinmn. LIN. htmial Lillian Black ' I'ut.rlfCollege Clnlm Bernard Alderson I,l't'.Y!'IIf-l2llgllSll major l'u,.s'l- -Plztyecl with toy sztillmoat I:IlfIfI't'iPll.ll. l'rv.rvnl -Wants to join the nzivv . . l:llflll't' Becomes :L sensiek sailor Julius Boblak 1JtI.Tf+l"lUl'll tooter George Anderson l'1'4'.n'11f-:X-Hand soloist l'f1.s-fe-alloy soprano lfnturv-Harry hlzunes' No. l coni- l'r4'.vv11fn-,-X Cappella choir petitor Inline llu Met s st.u ttnoi Curtis Davis Robert Anderson Past-lfastest runner in tliircl grade lltI'.l'f-l,l'l'Sltl0Ill of nursery school PI't'.Yl'llfYSl12l.tC 220 winner l,l'l'A'l'Ilf'-l,l'l'SlClC'llt of Senior Class lintzrrvf-Olyinpic elmxnp : ,. v , ' A , . : . ', lnlnn l resulcnt ol Cientml l.lettru Rita Falki Lorraine Avins Past-??? Pas! -,Xll-rouncl inusieizin lJl'l'.ft'lIfifii00Cl worker!! l'rr'.w'nI -.Nrclent singer Fllflll'l'T.AIl0lCllE'l' loni lames l:lIflll'l'f'SUlI' of the Metropolitan i i 85 Carolyn Harkness Past-hall Patrol Present-Captain of Usher Staff Future-Head usher of the Nixon jean Hoffman Past-Lover of toy airplanes Present-Vice president of homeroom Future-Head airline hostess Bill Hunter Part-Research theme Present-Research for Mr. Colborn Future-Research scientist David jones Past-Owner of a sailor suit Present-Naval reserves Future-Admiral of the Fleet Marjorie Katz Past-Shorthand student Present-Desires to be a private scc- retary Future-Secretary of Health, Edu- cation, and Xkfelfare Darlene Keane Past-Type I, II, III Present-Today's Business Girls Future-Private secretary Lorraine Lewis Pas!-Sewing student Present-Model in the Allderdicc fashion shows Future-Vogue fashion designer Thomas Lordeon Past-Howdy Doody fan Present-Ardent TV enthusiast Future-Inventor of 3D television Donald Malasky Past-Purchaser of jellybeans Present-Buyer of General Motors stock Future-Wall Street tycoon Nancy Margitan Past-Ardent typist Present-Service Club enthusiast F uture-Executive secretary Arlene Mitchell Past-Philadelphia beautv Present-Pittsburgh beauty Future-Miss America of 1960 Tom Moffat Fasz-Breaks window with golf ball Prz'sr'ufWBreaks the ground with golf club-also breaks club Fiqturc-Breaks U.S. Upen record Dorothea Moiseenko Past-Merry horseback rider Present-Personality plus Futmv-Miss VVhistlebait of 1956 Esther Schreiber Past-365!l! Present-Student Council Repre- sentative FllfliVL'-CUHg1'CSSWOIl13.l1 David Schucker Past-Builder of toy blocks Present-Builcler of cement block porch Fufurc-Builder of city blocks jacquelyn Schwartz Past-News carrier Present-Foreword Representative Futurc'4Distribution editor of the Pittsburgh Press Frances Shaw Past-Convertible crazy Present-Member of Physics Club, 351 Future-Physicist john Siviy Past-Erector set enthusiast Pwwnt-Meclianical drawing student F uture-Mechanical engineer Ioan Stewart Part-Piggy bank collector P1'z'.rz'nt-T1'easL1rer of homeroom Future-Collector of Internal Reve- nue Froimlee Wirtzman Past-Civics student Present-Law student Future-Supreme legal authority Marie Woodill Past-Ten boy friends Present-One boy friend F u t'llV8-H0l1SCWlfC R' 9 X.,,.:1,4r ,Xi 5 QBQF ""r Y2 I0 Zvi lfffff I 5 7 ff M H sis' '? WA.. pda Room 352 A Teacher ...A..., ...,. Miss Charlotte Beachler President . . .....A.... ..... .......,..., 1 1 obert Tucker Yice President ,.,, ..., Conrad Mamajek Secretary, ..,., ......... ...i.r...,,,,r,.,.,. . ,.,...,..,.r K i tty Doyle Treasurer, .. .,.,...,., ,.,.,.,.....,.,.,,..,.,.,. .,..., I 3 ona Ginsberg Student Council Representative . . .,,, Sheila Ostrow Foreword Representative ..,...,...,.........................,..... ........,.,. X Villiam Stone First Row-Carol Fuhrer, Beverly Stein, Marilyn Field, Dona Ginsberg, Conrad Mamajek, Robert Tucker, Kitty Doyle, Ilene Zalmon, Marcia Milberg, William Stone Second Row-Shirley Fischman, Lois Rosenthal, Harriet Perl, Barbara Mortson, Mary Jane Weitzel, Patricia Schneirov, Carol Gottlieb, Yvonne Jones, Marie Steger, Gail Friedman, Sheila Ostrow Third Row-Larry Block, Barry Stelzer, Harvey Miller, Bernard Zeedick, Donald Lefko- witz, Herbert Schacter, Jules Levine, Dick Alderman, Meryl Supkoff VVhether you read a political essay or a murder mystery thriller, If it's rated the best, you'll find that its author is MR. HARVIEY MILL!-:R. In the important field of psychology, HIZRBPIRT SCHACTER leads the way: He will delve into your subconscious and trace complexes to a younger day. All the treasures of the ocean, BARRY STELZER will reapgi For Barry is known as the king among divers of the deep. Learn to count correctly and know your A B C's: MISS PATTY SCI-INEIROV will be teaching her students subjects such as these. DR. VVILLIANI STONE is booked for almost a year: But when you call Dr. Billy in. you haven't aught to fear. VVhen patients in the hospital see Nurse lViARlLYN FIELD,S smile, Instead of wanting to go home, they choose to linger for a while. The Medical Secretary one often overlooks: But not Lois ROSENTHAL who manages the doctor's books. CAROL GOTTLIEB, commercial artist, whose work is considered the best, VVith catchy ideas and colorful pictures will lead all of the rest. On a theater marquee on Broadway in tall bright lights, NIARCIA M1LBERG's name glitters lighting up the nights. With the greatest speed in dictation and finest efficiency, MARY JANE VVEITZEL is claimed the Queen of Stenography. 88 Whatever you need, be it chain mail or a pail, Our DICKY ALDERMAN will sell it to you wholesale. With her pupils GAIL FRIEDMAN is more popular than our Miss Brooks, For as a kindergarten teacher she gives out no books. Enemies of America beware! Read this, tremble, and take care, Protecting our skies, Pilot LARRY BLOCK will give more than just a scare. With instruments sharp enough to split hairs, DON LEFKOWITZ will banish all dental cares. JULES LEVINE, while in U. S. Steel is no tycoon, As head accountant to them he is really a boon. This girl who has enjoyed English is now a novelistg Also DONA GINSBERG rates high as a journalist. Only BEVERLY STEIN, a generous and cute miss Could be picked by Trans World to be an airline stewardess. Money, money, everywhere and making many loans Is this efficient bank bookkeeper, Miss YVONNE JONES If you want to give your house a modern motif or to hide an unsightly radiator, just call on CAROL FUIIRER, for she is going to be an interior decorator. That she'll rate a successful secretary is an easy bet, And Miss SH1RI.Ev FISCHMAN wOn't find the boss hard to get. A dietitian's life is filled with aromatic smells and appetizing sights, To attain these HARRIET PERL practices all her days and nights. When ILENE ZALMON sets -her heart towards this definite ambition, NO one could hope to sway her, for she'll be a lab technician. BARBARA MORTSON is a coming teacher who'll be rising to the deckg She is full of vim and vigor for her next course of home ec. Although ZEEDICK may not be a "Mikan" in rhyme, and that's no risky bet, BERNARD will make six foot eleven sometime, though he's not quite past six three as yet. Though MARIE STEGER won't be drafted in the Wacs or VVaves some day, She'll be doing mechanical drafting in a most efficient way. BOB TUCKER will be in demand by all the big law firms: Because he is most capable at learning those legal terms. SHEILA Osrnow will make a perfect nurse and the hospitals will all agreeg For she'll be tops in her profession with a great deal of efficiency. Looking at CONRAD MAMAJEKIS future there is nothing for him to fear. As he'll be the best example Of a mechanical engineer. MERYL SUPKOFF will be sailing the seven seas in future days, He'll be cruising with the coast guards and no doubt receiving praise. The perfect future for KITTY LOU DOYLE will not be hard to tellg For Kitty as a secretary will always ring a bell. 89 fr 365-Pilgrinfs Progress Introduction: lYe'll start our l'ilU'riin's Vroffress from the lieffiiiiiiiiff of this nation, 25 is Fw 5 And show you all the famous people who have led the road to our grztcluzrtion. First Row-Marilyn Steinman, Carol Judd, joel Roman, Florie Kaufman, Jerry Farkas, Elaine Weiner, Herbert Margolis, Marilyn Maysels, Marjorie Denawetz, Racille Shrut Second Row-Carol Cumpston, Esther Kimmelman, Josephine Cua, Joan Baker? Lenore Leon, Sally Rae Rosenfield, Audrey Peisakoff, joan Lebowitz, Tim McCue, LeRoy McE1hinny,. Miss Geist Third Row-Herbert Levin, Stuart Holtzman, Hubert Gulak, Sheldon Greenberg, Harald Liptz, Markellos Yourgas, Ernest Szoke, Andrew Donatelli, Edward Borcik, Richarl Supowitz Teacher llliss I.. listher Geist President AA Gerald lfzirkus Yiee l'resiclent A .Ioel Ronizin Secretary AA A l2lZl.lllC lYeiner 'llreasurer A A A A AA AA A llerhert Margolis Student Council Representative, Florie Killlllllllll Foreword Representative A A Sarah Scott Miss .XlllCl'lCZ1 of the twenties niust have had the looksg Hut were got Joanie Baker, a treat in all our hooks. Margie Denawetz is the musician in our crew: llere sure she'll show Benny Goodnian a thing' or two. Hubert Gulak is El scientist not out-classed: We know that liinsteins theory is soon to he surpassed. Florie Kaufman, our Student Council delegate, Could follow Mr. Dulles as Secretary of State. Grandma Moses gets millions for pictures that she makes: Ioanie Lebowitz, our artist, also has just what it takes. The Daugliters of the Revolution were known for their vitzilityg But we hoast of Lenore Leon, our model of personality. llaniilton got his picture on an fXmerican hill: lint if anyone can get money from us. Herb Margolis will. 90 joel Roman as our vice president is greatg .X career in Iiisenhower's cabinet for him we anticipate. In the beginning of this' land Daniel Boone was a pioneerg Andy Donatelli is on a new venture, toog he joined the class this year Everyone recognizes George Washington's name, But our president, Gerry Farkas, has led our room to fame. Audrey Peisakoff is liked 'cause she's quiet and sweetg She equals Ceil Chapman in style elite. Admiral Halsey is famed as a sailor, quite trueg But Eddie Borcik may surpass him when he dons the blue. The Met has produced many great voices: We're sure Carol Cumpston will -be one of their choices. Like j. P. Morgan, friendly Sheldon Greenberg is sure to succeed, In college he'll study accounting and later make money, indeed. We've a gal to lead the Independence Day parade, She's Carol Judd, head majorette, whose smile is slow to fade. In the world of medicine, Walter Reed's name is highly respectedg Stuart Holtzman's determination will bring -medical cures perfected. Perle Mesta is renowned for her easy, hospitable wayg We've pleasant Esther Kimmelman to recall in some future day. What would it feel like to be a Rockefeller millionaire? Ambitious Herbie Levin might find out with his business flare. That Ethel Merman is a stimulating person. that is no rumorg Still, we think that Sally Rosenfield has the best wit and humor. An ever-popular sports-writer is the eminent Bill Sterng In this work, our Harold Liptz a similar name will earn. When jenny Lind sang, 'her voice was fine and clear, For another voice like that, there's Marylyn Maysels to hear. Pete Kotula is a member who displays class harmony, Someday he'll reach the top and be a captain of industry. Dick Supowitz knows how to handle money. it's clear, He'll be greater than Mellon as a financier. Leroy McElhinny is an athlete of whom we all have heardg In the future Olympic games, his name will be preferred. Buster Crabbe is quite a swimming star, But Tim McCue'S diving form excells by far. Like Betty Crocker, who is a connoisseur of baking. We're proud of our Sarah Scott whose bread is prize-taking. We all like Racille Shrut for her thoughtfulness and sincerityg She'll -be a famed educator possessing integrity. Josephine Cua is a quiet gal and liked by all: we're sure, As an important statesn1an's secretary, her future is secure. 91 Elaine Weiner, our secretary, is always there in time of neeclg Like Oveta Culp Hobby, she's always willing to do a good deed. None of the early patriots ever could surpass Ernie Sz0ke's popularity in our homeroom class. Marilyn Steinman ls looks and talent galore: She'd have equaled Pavlova on any dance floor. Mark Yourgas is a Dragon football player of fame. He'll be as great as Knute Rockne of Notre Dame. NVell it's been great, T. A. H. S., but now there's graduation: We look ahead to future years with hope and expectation. But when we're older. more mature, and practice self-reliance, We'll not forget our friend Miss Geist who gave us so much guidance DO YOU REMEMBER NANCY BLOOM'S Leopard cuff links? LUIS SI-IOOK'S angora collars? RUTH ANN COHENS sprained ankle? HAROLD MILTONS cowboy boots? SUSAN PEARCEXS pony tail? JAMES MORGANSTERNS brief case? ESTHER SCHREIBERS high socks? EDVVARD PORTERS blue jeans? MYRNA GRANOVVITZS big blue eyes? CHUCK ROTH'S curly black hair? WILDA VVALKER'S engagement ring? If you remember, well Dearie, you're much older than I Y 92 Shop l'rojvc't ALLDERDICE SPELLING TEAM UA -lei-M lassified Ads of 41 -ll- The Seniors in R-oom -115 Choose varied occupationsg But they all have the ability To make them great throughout the nations. First Row--Mary Ann Meyers, Catherine Ribovich, Olga Vondas, Rita Lefton, Paul Felton, Rita Halpern, Bregetta Manso, Stephanie Genes, Reva Levin Second Row--Carl Lucas, Patricia Seliga, Peggy Shafer, Elaine Schademan, Annette Rovilea, Beverly Timko, Mary Lou Wolititch, Nancy Jones, Albert Yonkovitz, William Kowalski, Mrs. Bush Third Row-Lester Thayer, Francis Bober, James Cunningham, Wylie Scott, Gerson Sacks, Fred Woods, Robert Kirich, Ralph Falce Teacher, ..,, . ..... ...,... M rs. Margaret Bush President. ,....,... ..... ...., . .l....., , . Paul Felton Vice President ..... .... . Peggy Shafer Secretary , ., . .. . ,.,.,.. , ,.,..., Rita Lefton Treasurer ,,...,. . ,,.,. ,, .,.r,l.,.,., . ...,. Francis Bober Student Council Representative , ,. Pat Seliga Foreword Representative .l,..,... , ....... Olga Vondas FEM ALF H1911 ,P KVA NTED PEGGY SHAFER-Good-looking young lady to model clothing in fashionable dress shop. Must have attractive face and figure. Phone Allrian 5-5555. RITA LEFTON-Batton, Barton, Durstine and Osborne needs attractive girl with exceptional typing and shorthand skill as executive secretary. Gregg 3141. NANCY JONES-TZl16lltCCl artist for Harper's Bazaar. Should have a flair for fashion and a limitless imagination. Box 339. BEVERLY TIMKO-U. S. Steel Company needs ambitious young woman to head advertising department. Excellent opportunity for attractive, good-natured girl. Box 7. OLGA Y0NnAs4Mayor of Pittsburgh needs efficient young lady as receptionist. Must be good-natured and have agreeable personality. Phone Dlimocrat 3300. 94 PATRICIA SELIGA-If you are intelligent, personable, and have a good sense of humor, the Women's Air Force needs you. If interested, phone WAshington 6281. RITA HALPI-:RN-The United Nations wants a friendly young girl well-versed in the Hebrew language to work in one of their offices. Phone UN 2-9765. REVA LEVIN-Montefiore Hospital desires capable and energetic girl for secre- tarial work. Must be excellent typist. Box 442. lWARY Loo WoI.I'r1'rcH-Bell Telephone Company needs a clear-thinking, attrac- tive, and conscientious young woman to work as chief telephone operator. Phone BEII 1742. ANNETTE ROVILEA-Teachers are desperately needed! If you are an attractive young woman with a college degree and a person who has a winning wav with children, phone ALlderdice 333. MARY 'ANN MEYERS-TFHHS-Wlifld Airlines wants young girl who makes friends easilv and has pleasing personality to serve as airline stewardess. PLane 2-3456. CATHERINE RIBOVICII-XVC need an intelligent, pretty young lady to do secret work for the government and one who can expertly handle a comptometer. Box 102. BREGI-:TTA MANso-First National Bank needs a refined young clerk. Must have a pleasant smile and an even temper. Shorthand skill essential. BAnk l-1495. STEPHANIE GENES-Nixon Theatre desires an efficient girl as secretary. Must have charm and a pleasant personality. Phone DRama 3-3388. ELAINE SCIIADEMAN-ThE FBI needs an intelligent, efficient young woman to work as a combination secretary-undercover agent. Phone HOover 6-8000. MALE HELP WANTED FRANCIS BOBER-A personable, energetic draftsman with definite plans for the future. ARt1-7000. JAMES CUNNINGHAM-A neat. efficient young man is wanted by TV Sales and Service Co. COnsole 1-8671. RALPH FALCE-U.S. Air Force is looking for top-notch technician to examine jet motors. Must be willing to travel. EXpress 1-4000. PAUI. FEI.'roN-A husky forester, not too dense, wanted by state. Must be will- ing to go out on a limb. Wlldwood 1-6666. ROBERT KIRICH-A structural ironworker willing to begin at bottom and work to a high position. Must be unionized. Write Box 512. WILLIAM KONVALSKI-A certain tvpe young man for job as printer. For an ink- ling on the details, phone PRess 6-6666. CARI. LUCAS-Ambitious and courageous young man with good knowledge of electricity for shocking job. AC or DC 1-8888. GERSON SACKS-A good-looking combination. singer-comedian for entertainment position in night club. Must have bare-a-tone-voice. MElody l-0000. 95 .IosEPH SAVKO-A young man for architectural position. Must have concrete ideas and keen interest in curves and forms. VVrite Mr. I. Beam, Box 17. XVYLIE SCOTT-Young doctor, who does not get sewed up in his work, to perform inside jobs at Municipal Hospital. STerile l-3333. LESTER 'I-NHAYERA-,A brave, muscular young man to work as guard . . . on foot" ball team. For a good line on this job call ATlas l-6000. FRED VVooDs-College basketball team wants player without foul reputation. To get the tip-off on this position, call IRwin l-7777. ALBERT XIONKOVITZ-Y0uHg man with exceptional athletic ability wanted by pro- fessional baseball team. BRanch 1-llll. MON OTON OUS An Allderdice senior who was very blase VVas heard to have said at the wall one day, "Allclerdice life is a dull routine. If you have just a moment, I'll show you what I mean." Mr. Thomas lets me roam the hallg The kids save me elbow room at the wallg For me Allderdice plays good football- M onotonous l The cafeteria serves me turkey delightg I don't get homework any nightg At my hall patrol post they've even got light- M onotonous ! IVith Mr. I. D. I chew the fatg For me Miss Rupp turned Democratg And even after all of that- Monotonous! In the auditorium I'n1 allowed to screamg In my classes I'm allowed to dreamy And I don't have to write a senior theme! Monotonons l So I look forward to college anewg It's bon voyage for Paris U.g And Allderdice I'll always think of you, as- Monotonous ! 96 PRESENT, PAST, AND FUTURE DREAMS Salt shakers forever in the cafeteria? Isolated halls at activity? Lunch served at the wall? Victory at all athletic e.ents? English themes with exteucletl time? Rummage sale in the hook room? An A in "chem"? No late hell? Nature hikes for hiologv? Imported ivy for the halls of .-Xllclerclice? Vitality for gym? Encl of rushing' hetween periods? Refreshments during classes? Salaries for attending school? Abolishment of homework? Report carcls that are self-marle? Y! clon't dreams ever come true? I REMEMBER HIGH SCHOOL l rememher High School. I can rememher those "small" written lessons given hy Doc Vtfagner. I can still hear Miss Rupp saying, "Really, you're acting like two-year olds." I can picture those steaming cups of coffee we made in Mrs. Bush's room. I rememher the jokes Miss Riclclle coulcl make of perfectly serious subjects. I remember the Sth floor annex, where many a freshman was sent. I rememher the Cafeteria, and the consistent clatter of falling trays. I remember the rush and noise of the halls. the laughter and the disappointments. But most of all, when I look back on those days, most of all I remember the 3 :05 hell. mn 'EEIEI 97 422's Restaurant -s . - Teacher .,...., Miss Florence Bechtel President., , , . ,.,.,. Anthony Palmer Yice President . .. .. Ellsworth Bowser Secretary-Treasurer .. . . .. ,. . , ,. . . Irene Oneufer Student Council Representative .. . . Marilyn Hartman Foreword Representative ..... .. .. .,,.. ...,.... . , Mary Ann Stibrik llead Chef-The proprietor of 422 is Miss Hcrlztvl, our chief cook, XYho operates with perfection our dining hall. As a friend of everyone, she's first in our hook, And loved and respected by us all. Assistant Clief--lliiim' ll'ilL'-insoiz checks the customers in the morning: And it you're late, she gives you fair warning. Head XYaiterfAn all around guy is Anthony Palmer, we'd say. Tops in our class. he's really okay. l-lostessffharming and versatile, .llyrim Uranoizuits knows her place, Shell go far with such a pretty face. First Row-Edward Lydon, Rhoda Charlson, Earl Markowitz, Sheila Puterman, Anthony Palmer, Myrna Granowitz, Mike Harrison, Marian Ratner, Tibey Meyers Second Row-Marlene Pugh, Jane Beckett, Sally Blackham, Diane Wilkinson,. Irene Oneufer,. Marilyn Hartmann, Doris Kasen, Mathilda Pleszko, Miss Florence Bechtel Third Row-Larry Miller, joe Dvorsky, Philip Allen, Ellsworth Bowser, Brian Burns, Ronald Anderson, Sidney Pasternak, James Powell MENU JXPPETIZERS Fruit Cup-Cute little redhead. Marian Rflf1'1t'V is petite, An appetizer that's really quite sweet. Soup-A hearty welcome from Rhoda Chairlson we always receive: You'll remember this warm dish as being naive. Shrimp Cocktail-A good looking shrimp is Marlene Puglzg Good things come in little packages, it's true. Tomato Juice-Tibey Moyers an interesting tomato is she! VVe often wonder if she's in love with history. 98 MAIN COURSE Chicken-Sheila Puterman, our cutest "chick," With everyone she sure does click. Lobster-Earl Markowitz, in his "reddy" attire, Is quick on the trigger, no one's slyer. Steak-Eddie Lydon is our prime cut of meaty All the girls sigh over this sleek sheik. Lamb Chops-Ellsworth Bowser is an all-around, special lady Success with sports, studies, and women he has always had. Stew-Because Brian Burns is always late, For him morning exercies must wait. BEVERAGES Pepsi-Philip Allerfs "bounce to the ounce" on the basketball floor, Takes care of his opponents whom he tries to outscore. Coffee-As a pal, Larry Miller is the "cream of the crop"g Our friendship with him is "good to the last drop." Seven-Up-Ronald Anderson, our tall basketball star, Is really tops with us-by far. H Dissssxr Peach-Our Sally Blackhamlv smooth complexion none other can surpass Shefs in for fun and frolic, and she possesses class. Pudding-A swell dish, Jane Beckett, is sweet as she can beg In our homeroom she's a necessity. Sundae-Mary Ann Stibrik, 422's artist, is a treaty It's great to be with her any day of the week. Cake-A mixture of friendliness and vitality Makes up Marilyn Hartrnannls nice personality. Pie-Doris Karen is sweet as can beg Always smiling and cheerful is she. BEST CUSTOMERS As an efficient printer, Joe Dvorskyir really great: In the future we'll never have to worry about getting our papers late. The happy-go-lucky-'fellow is James Powell. His secret of success is a constant smile. A nice kid like Mathilda Pleszko is hard to findg To everyone she's friendly and kind. Sidney Pasternak, an easy going guy, Is liked by everyone, and that's no lie. Mike Harrison, a wise old bird. Is never at a loss for any word. CASHIER The bills are paid to Irene Oneufer each week: Past this efficient clerk, no one can sneak. Robert Panaia is another ready to tell That 422 can do things quite well. 99 a orton Presents a-? First Row-Sally Schweinsberg, Rene Unatin, Roberta Hausman, Sandra Caplan, Diane Berger, Cyma Solomon, Esther Reidbord, Sheila Garfinkel, Suzanne Greenberg, Jacqueline Gerstmeyer, Marilyn Cohen Second Row-Claude Dungan, Walter Bubel, Edith Pearlman, Teddy Katz, Marvin Friedman. Robert Sims, Arthur Brunwasser, Margaret Noah, George Jones, Miss Norton, Harold Neiman Third Row-Larry Heller, Harold Lenchner,. Larry Bergstein, Michael Gross. Robert Davidson, Mayer Cohen, james Bress, Ronald Roth, Michael Yourgas, Ronald Petronio, Robert DeWaters Teacher . Miss Jennie Norton President ,. .,.,. ...... A lames liress Yice President ., ..... .. ,. Robert DeXVaters Secretary-Treasurer ..i.. . ,. . ..,.. , , . Cyma Solomon Student Council Representative ...... .. ., Larry Heller Foreword Representative . ,...,.,., ., . . . , Sandra Caplan 7:00 a.m.-Good morning, first on the TV schedule for today we have Harold Lenchner, who brings us the latest news and weather report from the sta- tion atop the TQXHS smokestack. Harold is always on time for this early morning broadcast in studio 429. 7:30 a.m.-For a musical morning pause we bring you Diane Berger, the flute -playing school teacher. Her rendition of "School Teacher Blues" was written by Rimsky Berger Korsakov. 8:00 a.m.-On channel 5067 we are receiving excellent reception of Sally Schweinsberg, the medical technologist, bringing us a chemical discovery out of her buzzing laboratory. 9:00 a.xn.-O.K., ladies, now it is time for your show, .Nsk the Girls. .Nii- nouncing the show is that smooth announcer, Robert Simms, who is now introducing the panel. First, he introduces Edith Pearlman, who will answer all queries about typing and shorthand methods. Edie can solve all the secretary's prob- lems because she is a real expert. Next on the panel is Rene Unatin. Rene is really the last word in every- thing. Last, but far from least on Ask the Girls, is Sandra Caplan. Sandy answers all the questions that no one else can answer because she is one of the most intelligent girls we know. 100 9:30 out for a connnercial. Visit Dr. DeWaters, the dentist you can trust and he trusts you?! 429 DeWaters Building, Fifth Avenue. 10:00 a.m.-Saddle up all you TV fans, it's time now for Video Adventures featuring Claude Dungan. It's a terrific program because Claude stars in the story of his many famous adventures in Allderdice. 11:00 a.m.-Kay's Kitchen today features Margaret Noah. She'll tell you gals how to cook the dishes the men like, and she knows because she's got her man. l2:05 p.m.-It's l2:0S and time for the 12 o'clock news, reported by Harold Neiman. l:le's a little late today, but everyone in Studio 429 is used to that. l :00 p.m.-It's football time on TATV. Captain of the world's championship team is Arthur Brunwasser. Art says he received all his best experience playing for TAHS. 1:30 p.m.-Everybody loves the stories about that wonderful teacher Our Miss Garfinkle fSheilaj who produces the smartest and the best-behaved pupils in the state. 2:00 p.m.-lt's time for Ladies Fashions with Roberta Hausman. You can be sure if the clothes are approved by Roberta, because she is the fashion queen of Studio 429. 3:00 Interlude stars George Jones and his chorus. George has really come up with some crazy notes for Miss Steiner. 3:30 p.m.-Commercial time again: That well-known druggist Marvin Fried- man is opening his fifth giant drugstore in l'ittsburgh. All stores feature lowest prices and purest drugs. 4:00 p.m.-It's Super Circus time and the ringmaster, Jim Bress, will open the show. -Iim's been our homeroom ringmaster and ringleader ever since 9th grade. ln the center ring is the Super Circus banrl featuring our own favorite Majorette, the Mary Hartline of 429, Suzzy Greenberg. 4:30 p.m.-VVhere's your easel? It's Musical Sketch Pad starring Esther Reidbord drawing the cartoons she made famous in the Allderdice journal of 1954. 5:00 p.m.-Howdv Doody time todav features Mayer Cohen. "Maish" has sure been the favorite "merryonet" of 429. 5:30 p.m.-It's 3:05 and there goes Captain Video himself Calso known as Ronald Petronioj blasting off in his V-8 flying saucer with high com- pression heads-it's really a Dodge. 6:30's switch to Channel 8 because it's now time for our own capable and efficient Private Secretary. Cyma Solomon. 7:00 p.m.-Here's everyone's favorite show Lucy and Dizzy, starring that well-known couple Walt Bubel and Jackie Gertsmeyer, two swell kids. 7:30 p.m.-Foreign Intrigue stars the French "Sherlock Holmes," Mike Gross. Mike is trving to track down a lost verb for room 363. 8:00 p.m.-Time now for our favorite musical show Cavalcade of Bands. To- night we feature that famous organization Teddy and his Katz starring the best drummer ever heard at Allderdice. 101 Along with the hand is Ronny llioodmanj Roth taking time out from his medical studies to play a really cool clarinet. Taking a how with the hand is Bob lSatchniol Davidson who plays that marvelous trumpet when he's not attending to his duties as Secretary of Defense. 9:00 p.m.-Person to Person tonight is visiting' that world-renowned actor Larry Heller fljarryniorej who won the coveted Oscar for his splendid performance in "The President of Student Council." 10:00 ready all you wrestling fans. 'l'onig'ht's big' windup features Mike Yourgas, otherwise known as that fearless frenzy of the ring, the Golden Greek. Mike's brave opponent is Larry Bergstein who is always found wrestling with his homework in 429. 10:30 p.m.-Switch to XVQEDTV where elementary teacher, Marilyn Cohen, is to be seen instructing parents in managing' the problems of their children. 4 4 Gallery First Row-Lois Ash, Elaine Friedman, Marilyn Bloom, Arlene Serbin, Harvey Schugar, Sanford Ochs, Arlene Smith, Lois Shook, Charlotte Lichter, Alberta Kingsford Second Row-Anita Horvitz, Nancy Bloom, Phyllis Klein, Sema Rae Steinberg, Dr. Wesley Wagner, Carol Spokane, janet Rustic, Yvette Meitner, Merle Pollis, Edward Lesser Third Row-Leonard Bernstein, Harold Milton, James Morganstern, Edward Porter, Edward Kaplan, Burton Pollock, Sheldon Rose, David Smith, John Paier Teacher. .i., i ...,... ,.....,......,.,.,.....,..., . ,...,. .... ...... D r . Wesley j. VVagner President i ., ..,......,, Harvey Schugar Vice President. . . .....,,. Arlene Serbin Secretary ......i.. ., . ....,. .. , ..,... ,.,..... M arilyn Bloom Treasurer ....,....., ,.,. , ....,. i ., ,..... i ,..l... . i,l. .Sanford Ochs Student Council Representative , .. ...James Morganstern Foreword Representative ........ t..,i. ,... ,...... . A 1 iita Horvitz 102 Leonard "Bunsen" Bernstein Distinguishing Characteristic: Loud voice Human Frailty: Chemistry exams Edward "Tarzan" Kaplan Distinguishing Characteristic: Head Human F railty: Butchering the English language Edward "Butch" Lesser Distinguishing Characteristic: Pleading voice Human Frailty: Winning contests Harold "Dude" Milton Distinguishing Characteristic: Those cowboy boots! Human Frailty: Selling slaves James "Brains" Morganstern Distinguishing Characteristic: Being punctual Human Frailty: A philosophic brow Sanford "Silas" Oehs Distinguishing Characteristic: The Dues Book Human F railty: Hoarding money Merle "E. Morrow" Pollis Distinguishing Characteristic: Extemporaneous speaking Human Frailty: Spreading propaganda John "Kat" Pajer Distinguishing Characteristic: Flowing hair Human Frailty: Telling jokes Burton "Romeo" Pollock Distinguishing Characteristic: Making friends Human Frailty: Hanging around 262 Edward "Saint" Porter Distinguishing Characteristic: Blue jeans Human Frailty: Absorbing Mickey Spillane thrillers Sheldon "Curly" Rose Distinguishing Characteristic: Suntan Human Frailty: On the fbasketj ball! Harvey "Dorn Srhugar Distinguishing Characteristic: Books Human Frailty: President of 454 David "Mysterious" Smith Distinguishing Characteristic: Subtle smile Human Frailty: Always backstage Howard "Slim" Paisley Distinguishing Characteristic: Dimples Human Frailty: Being congenial Nancy "Duchess" Bloom Distinguishing Characteristic: Smiling Human Frailty: Breaking hearts 103 Lois "Doll" Ash Distinguishing Characteristic: Hair-a-la-Phil's Human Frailty: Being natural Marilyn "Fatima" Bloom Distinguishing Characteristic: Grecian profile Human Frailty: Overworking Elaine "Siren" Friedman Distinguishing Characteristic: Freckled arms Human Frailty: Trying to reduce Anita "Fraulein" Horwitz Distinguishing Characteristic: Brains Human Frailty: Trying to act Alberta "Lucky" Kingsford Distinguishing Characteristic: Ready to help Human Frailty: "Horse"-ing around Phyllis "'Giggles" Klein Distinguishing Characteristic: Interrogativeness Human Frailty: Wrecking nerves Charlotte "Ma'a-m" Lichter Distinguishing Characteristic: Common sense Human Frailty: Singing Yvette "Frenchy" Meitner Distinguishing Characteristic: Niceness Human Frailty: Studying chemistry Janet "Calamity" Rustic Distinguishing Characteristic: Agreeahleness Human Frailty: VVhispering Arlene "Milady" S erbin Distinguishing Characteristic: A's Human Frailty: Excessive Merry making Lois "Cutie" Shook Distinguishing Characteristic: Size Human Frailty: Wanting to go to Harvai d Arlene "Echo" Smith Distinguishing Characteristic: Hunted look Human Frailty: Flirting Florine "The Shadow" Speck Distinguishing Characteristic: That Voice! Human Frailty: Love for school Sema Rae "La VVitty" Steinberg Distinguishing Characteristic: Geniality Human Frailty: Clever remarks Carol "Sweetie" Spokane ' Distinguishing Characteristic: Perfect complexion Human Frailty: Spraining wrists 104 Room 460 Teacher ....,..,..,,. .....,..,..,..,.....,..,. ............. M r . Lawrence H. Norris President ,.,r...,..,.. 4..,.....,..............., A lfred Lipsitz Vice President ,.,.... ........ ..,..4......... ...........,....,,....,.......,. R o b ert Tupi Secretary .r.,...,,....,,........,.......,...4,.....,... .A.r.........,.,....,....,,.. D onna Timmins Treasurer A....,...r,.,.,.,,.....,,.i...,,...,.,..,i.,..,. ...,....,. S aul Kubitz and Ed Lubin Studen-t Council Representative .4.,....., .,............,.,...........,.. S onja joseph Foreword Representative .,,..r.....,...... ......r................. S hirley Gelman ZIPPORA EICHENBAUM You'll never find Zippora Without a Song that's beauty -filledg The Met will ring with reverence when as a star she's billed. SHIRLEY GELMAN Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries to this artist full of fun, She's always smiling cheerilyg her work's surpassed by none. MARLENE GISSER Mar has been a friend to all in every time of needg We hope Somewhere Along the Way we'll repay her every deed. HELEN STEINBERG Come What May our Helen will lend a helping hand, No matter what the trouble is she'll always understand. EDDIE LUBIN Pretty Boy aptly names the one who guards our treasureg He's tall, dark, handsome with a charm that's full in every measure. STUART FRIEDMAN Unforgettable are the years that Stuie's been with usg This boy is tops in everything with personality plus. RUTHIE COHEN This model leads in everything: radio, TV, and Special Danceg C'mon a My House is her cry and to Lyndhurst Drive the Seniors prance. FREDDIE LIPSITZ Should I begin to write about the qualities of our president, I fear that books would soon appear filled with every good intent. COOKIE BRESS Be Happy Go Lucky like our smiling Cookie Bress, Who seems to fill the whole room with cheerful happiness. BARBARA LICHTER Barb excels in school workg she's altogether charming: At Last we've found a girl with brains who isn't too alarming. JOYCE HOCHMAN Never Before has there been a girl with such a zeal for learning. But even with her studious ways she has the boys' heads turning. PAMELA GORDON C'est Si Bon, Pam, is what the fellas sayg You've been a hit with all the boys since your first grade school day. 105 SONJA JOSEPH Because of Your, Sunny, we know the council newsg And if we had to vote again, it's you again we'd choose. ALAN FURST A Lady's Ma-rn is Alan's title in our room or outg VVhen he favors one among his harenl, the other girl friends pout. FRED HORN When Fred is doing the jitter bug, all gather round to see, Cause Crazy Legs is goin' strong with that action of each knee. First Row-Ruth Ann Cohen, Shirley Gelman, Sonya Joseph, Edward Lubin,. Robert Tupi, Alfred Lipsitz, Donna Timmins, Marlene Gisser, Saul Kubitz, Sue Arthurs Second Row-Helen Steinberg, Katie Price, james Bridges, Barbara Lichter, Pamela Gordon, Aleen Bress, Rochelle Kurtzman, Nancy Ream, Susan Sayre, Ferne Metzger, Zippora Eichenbaum, Susan Marks Third Row-Joyce Hochman, Earle Spokane, Gary Richest, Fred Horn, Richard Nernberg, Stuart Friedman, Alan Furst, James Ciolli, Robert Schafer EARLE SPOKANE If.: a Blue PV0rld in 460 when Earle is not around, For his pleasant personality he was easily crowned. ROBERT SCHAFER Honest and Truly always happy is our Both, Forever ready with a joke on his self-made "cheer-up" job. FERNE METZGER Ferne is forever Trying to do her hest always, For straight Ns in all subjects she studies nights and days. SUSAN SAYRE Our Susie came from Down Vander, VVest Virginia wayg But she's glad to live in Pittsburgh now, and we all hope she'll stay. GARY RICHEST . Unless Garv makes straight A's this world is far from right. Though heinever takes a hook home, this boy is really hright. 106 RICHARD NERNBERG Our Dickie is always carefree and with jokes he does replyg Everyone's in accordance, we think he's A Wonderful Gny. ROCHELLE KURTZMAN To Be Alone is something Rochelle gives not a worry, Her vivacious personality brings people in a hurry. DONNA TIMMINS Donna, Y ou're the Right One, we knew it all the timeg Your sweet voice reading the minutes seems to make them rhyme. NANCY REAM Majorette of 460 is Nancy Ream, her skill is a certainty, For Nancy can out twirl any one From Here to Eternity. KATIE PRICE In Allderdice in '53 the Best Singer of the Year Was Katie Priceg her Rhapsody is a pleasure to every ear. SUE ARTHURS Our Senior Leader athlete is filled with grace and charm, But in a game opponents Retreat cause Sue can do them harm. JIM CIOLLI Wanted was a track starg jim applied and filled the placeg Now coach never worries, cause jim's sure to win the race. RICHARD SECRIST We're proud of Richard Secrist, Mr. Touchdown of our room, The player whom he tackles knows that Arch has lowered the boom. SUE MARKS When the roll is called in the morning, -the salute to the flag is done, We find Sue Marks with the lead in the song All Present But One. JIM BRIDGES jim may be a Slowpoke while he's walking through the hall, But he's fast as any lightning with a basket or football. SAUL KUBITZ We hope that Saul Kubitz, our treasurer this year, Won't go from Rags to Riches with our cash or disappear. ROBERT TUPI Is It Any Wonder that our Bob is in Group A? His voice is sweet as any angel's who will sing on judgment day. MR. NORRIS t We'll remember with love As Time Goes By Mr. Norris who did all our pranks defend: And again we will see in memories eye, he was more than a teacherg he was our best friend. 107 Fashion Show December-1953 Sponsors-Mrs. Margaret Bush, Mrs. Betty Kane, Miss Mary Lapitsky 108 1 Special and Modern Dance' Groups Sponsor of Special Dance-Miss Margaret Mercer Sponsor of Modern Dance-Miss Eleanor Boland s l ? w 111 L SLN Student ouncil SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Sponsor-Miss Laura Zeigler COUNCIL CONVENTION DELEGATES SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL ll! umm' St udcnt L. Clollncil OFFICERS JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL 4. 2 214 SECRETARIES 113 FIU OU 4 w O, F' C. S V Q Ifigj "' :fl P-43 'f ..,.g..,,.H,.. f w i i 9 I I i 2: O 'J 4 1 R11 3 U1 Fi , 27 N2 1.11 E o gg 1 3 A 4 E 2 C Z , W Fl 73 cf l?F'ffXEe,,'fi'f?e" Senior Production Ready Wise Choice Made .x J 9. Il e fs I. Tl 1 v 1 m s u u FOREWORD STAFF SENIOR MEMBERS 114 Faculty Sponsor-Miss Diantha W. Riddle EDITORS-IN-CHIEF PERIODICALS SECRETARIES FOREWORD REPRESENTATIVES T L. -Nh. 1 .hal ' u-Ju STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS 12th GRADE 7th-8th 9th GRADES 115 FOREWORD REPRESENTATIVES-11th and 12th Grades 100927 FOREWORD SUBSCRIPTION ROOMS-314-372-254 116 1IIIiD1!,l" fi x watches U9 'W . . ' our actnvutnzs ,MX ,LQ x 1' ff' il Q W 39 93. M540 g. ,hfffflj u r ., , " P WW wfx M' , X Rf IV,Qql:r:l2 'x I :- if f -V ., 'nfl-9 , 1-if ' 'xg un 'x F Y 1155 'Ft' Q- S-', ,.-.0 , v. Fl X xi F if ,fa-M f -J 'fi " Q iq fw- X an ' P 1 if .gf n ,X X, ,ga ' . , i 1 'f X M 1 . u A I! 1 ff U f W' L 0 'tus' 3 3- . ti 5 1.15-N"'? si 36.5 x H ' V ' W uv -In - ' 'f ,P U ' 4 1' 4 ., .v N . . . ' ' .djs ' na 31 Z . , Vi' 6 Y fn f i' 'i g ef - fyplfsf. ,ig an, gxs Qi? 48 V .es gl' fu, M V 7 X U 'R 53 -My J . B ! Q 1 L , 1 A+- lg H HARPISTS Music Groups f TRIO FRENCH HORN QUARTET STRING QUINTET BRASS QUARTET 120 M uslc Director--Miss Emma Steiner CHOIR CHORUS IV CHORALE Ill CHORUSIH MALE CHORUS ENSEMBLE CHORUSI 5 Q2 . i I E 1 SOLOISTS CHORUS 2 JUNIOR GLEE CLUB Director-Mrs. Dorothy Myer 12.4 LIBRARY CLUB Librarian-Miss Gertrude Oetting PROJECTION CLUB Director-Mr. S. V. Sanfilippo BOOKROOM CLUB Sponsor-Miss Ruth Salisbury 124 Q X , SCHOOL TREASURERS LUNCHCHECK SALESGIRLS SERVICE CLUB Sponsor-Miss Helen Bartrim M.M.M and A.N.C. Sponsor-Miss Katherine McKinney 125 SERVICE CLUB Sponsor-Miss Helen Bartrim N USHERING STAFF 65-Jw-K is ' 'wwf CAFETERIA STAFF h nu L Director-Miss Laura Zeigler C ' x 1 xi , M-X! X . 126 STAGE CREW Sponsor-Mr. Ercole Liberator HALL STAFF Director-Miss Laura Zeigler 127 RED CROSS SERVICE Sponsor-Miss Beryl Zeigler KEY CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Norman Mulgrave GREEN KEY Sponsor-Mr. john Irwin TODAY'S BUSINESS GIRLS Sponsor-Miss Margaret Winch 128 Clubs -T l , 1 - 4 5 3 - COLLEGE CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Hal Teal FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA CLUB Sponsor-Miss Helen Hillard L I I I ". 4 N-nur! IZO MICROSCOPE CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Mae Weber Smith SENIOR DISCUSSION Sponsors-Miss Lois Grose, Dr. Anna Quattrocchi 130 BOOK CLUB Sponsor Miss Helen Gorman XSS DRIVERS CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Alex Seigal .4.:i5'.4r'x.:f,v I FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Marjorie Bartrim UNITED NATIONS CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Morris Beck 'or' 131 Clubs C CHESS TEAM C HESS CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Slessinger ENTRE NOUS Sponsor-Miss Edna Todd PHYSICS CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Lawrence Norris 132 JUNIOR CRAFT CLUB Sponsor-Miss Catherine Folger JUNIOR DRAMATIC CLUB Sponsor-Miss Helen Sekey 5 i 3 1 SHORTHAND CLUB Sponsor-Miss Margaret Hanrahan l 35 SCIENCE CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Nancy Snively YOU SAID IT! 'Trernenclous"4Ronald Osbon 'Well have a short written lesson lfUl1lUl'l'UNVu 'And 111 your spare lll0lllCl1tS'--lX'll5S Riclclle 'lt's the greatest"-Burt Pollock 'This is the news of today"-Merle Pollis 'And the llenmocratic party"-Mr. Cullmorn 'Tough gllyu-CUZlCll lrwin 'l want the f21cts"fMiss Hillarcl Say chcese"f-Steve Glickman Use the hack line, please!"-Esther SCl1l'Clll0I' Quit playing games!"-Harulcl Neiman That's fXl11Ul'f'Hf'lll11lC Palmer X .J lb l34 D1 wc XvZ1gl10l' gill imzr SCCS RITTC ALLDERDICE MAJORETTES Coach-Mr. john Irwin CHEERLEADERS Coach-Mr. Robert Irvin 136 SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS FOOTBALL SQUAD Coach-Mr. Louis Weitzel VARSITY 137 LM Q, 3 4.55 ,M wg 41 55 -ay 1 52 Y ,Q W '-5 M .,V,...A A .. ss- ASQ 41 SWIMMING TEAM Coach-Mr. Claude Sofield TRACK TEAM Coach-Mr. James Klein pill f r Xi .XXX 4 VARSITY BASKETBALL Coach-Mr. John Irwin JUNIOR BASKETBALL Coach-Mr. james Klein N 140 HOCKEY 'l'1iAMS 141 I HOCKEY CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM h CHAMPIONSHIP MUSHBALL TEAM 1 CHAMPIONSHIP SOFTBALL TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP SOCCER TEAM anqhoudnp 'femns Physical Education Teachers Miss Mary Allshouse Miss Eleanor Boland Miss Margaret Mercer 2 ,RPN H SENIOR LEADERS Sponsor-Miss Mary Allshouse JUNIOR LEADERS Sponsor-Miss Eleanor Boland LIFE SAVING Sponsor-Miss Cannon IIBSIL' .I 1 4.3 QHEMW A Lilll - u1'ian's UNUENRL +ve? EXPERIMENT V- 'ul , V . F ' fl A' ff YARD on-sn f- I O ISKKQPQNE X5 W N" c-,OTTA REEF iff ADAPTXON sooo Rebucmc, f 1 . AGENTU' ff 5'3 f' f"f 4 'N' SHAFE L H1XNPQNA'Lll?lYiE2RkORl'W 2 Srl ' Q2!'ff'j W, ' covxvuix x f D S fr, ' I 5 Q " he 9 A ggxf, X' X I ff 11. X 9' 0 ff f 4 . X Q W X , Z' - Q N s - W 5 X ' 113 ' x 1 - in K, fIkrA8'fQl H " X "' X Q J4, ,j" QX:?: I LABOR X D z iii, W1 X I' ,. Vi Q' SINGAQIN 'iv f w r'2'5'Q., ' ' 1' ' x X ' fa? 4lI! N 06: A N K X u fig 5 7 ' i 5 f 5 fifgiff f1LS!RS2EYf -. N A WW moo: ATLAS 'NG-FOOT PRINTING MVCROSCOVE CC-U5 f- M4 0 w Q Q 'THE WORL KFQ 5 12. 5, e L LOOK- M V , NO HANDS' UN 4 gi g XX XWXQ X P , 2 ,f 255 A X O OF ALL if , 1 THE msuus. XJ! 9-5-gv wglu , N.,- I, f i gg 3 Q X ff x x 53- -44 1 W f'v "R-f f' O 42 X7 Q 'l Q, -D 'Q JD I, ' X T 'CHAYNNEL.- ckossuge E NCL! SH 5 gm PART . K iq.-D1 Q 42 fm Tw Q M 2 Q if 1 1' , ' L ' W FLO CHADwncK. Ky X WM , ja, ff X - ' u XX 'WV f ,X Cyluug ,f f' X GQ , f W X , , "Y Z i U 1, - , I U JI' f f. ' K f ,V X1 1322577 fr -f x f ff ' ,f fa x X , I X X, K K I X X N-Qilgf, XXV, 'r rr! 144 Impressions Gffbldrff A X 8 v fi ANGLE 'T E FL 1mYsv aY ,QO'f'Q2UTJ' ff 23 Q5 A WHAT, AR DOWN ? ' '6' , Q X 8? E ' 'Q - . f, THEY seLuNc,7 -., - - ,, is ' VH as , ' V x f ' f xx 1 ,, wx -any XX V it 31' fx K X g x L, fm D tl ll D in 4,5 D- ' S X, 3 ,pf - 1, p X K Q . YW LJDRARYMUNWN , 1 A-CONVERTED J NY Boon X .CL.m5lNG X f" .- fi MUN jf S0110 ww r X z 5- , - , 6 1 Y Mx . Z 1 1 X L Q -1 A F, H7314 ,,.: t -an V f- E 4 S . " ' IT COULDNT de f if - ' I x X F Mn' UNDER DL D f x ! ,T LJ V X Y CHIN. .J .lL-- -- D 3 Q 1 43 , wb X v W ws LUNCH Room: 'P Q U' Q S, fx 1221 THE BLACK SEA- . Q 21: P K g 1 CMASHED POTATOES , - , Q Q D 1 1 I 3 AND Gwvv ' - ' L ff H D x 754 i f I I X X if X Ile, W XXX-ZA ' PHYSICS! cnvxise oN RNNO sou H-5 5' aifymves vowmee- , LIKE FLOAT- ' x f ' D W mneomxm. i - 05290 X31 3 ,D x N X " ' ,ic ifgbl-T ' 3 X 0 s :ff f sf 4c,,g'A.f!'L'l1 0 A wr2fff7ffff, 1 K O- 1 X N ff 2 X I lab X ff L , f- V! 'w ---V -4 M-N x f ,. -I : ,,, HANG! STAMPEDE , U if El gf! DISSECTING JHOFRDQ f b 9 Ol ff 9 'N DADDY QQ 9 96' 552,-I U H M W X 'D -fd 0. JM" ,. 'D ,, 1 , D . ff f we 1g v N so Q 1 f 4 ij D7 4 X N f l - 2. 1 Ll' ff' QU ' I 'A T K-' LJ X ' ' 9 5115 ' D. ' L ' N " 1 J 1 D D - .2- .af Y Q Q 15 A f P ' K fm f Y 1 N 4 '4 3? al' W 'gllf 9 ,. .A ' Lk TH! D mr- ' R50 W Y I, Q W VT f' 'fs 3' D' "A W" if f l x 'W Q I si! -H w We, the members of 1- T. O. V . SENIOR JUDAEA, wish to mana our congratulations amz best wishes to the graduating classes of 1954 and particularly to our own graduating members MILLARD AMDURT SAMUEL BALES STANLEY BORENSTEIN DOUGLAS CAPLAN BARNETT CHEPENIK GILBERT DAVIS? HARVEY FELSER ROBERT FLEISHMAN ROBERT FRANKQK HAROLD GLICK IVAN HARTZBURG SHELDON KEYSER4' MIKE KOVARSKY ERWIN WOLOVITZ DON ZELIGSON TAYLOR ALLDERDICE "' Officers ARNOLD EISENFELD PEABODY HOWARD SLOAN:k 146 Community Market W. A. HALL M eats--Groceries-Produce 319 SOUTH LANG AVENUE Private Exchange FRemont 1-1200 ZETA SIGMA PHI SORORITY GELATIN AND LIQUID DUPLICATING Wokxnooxs Hayes School Publishing Co. 4111 BIDDLE AVENUE WILKINSBURG, PA. PEnhurst 1-4693 PLAYS, PoEMs, Pos'rERs PEnhurst 1-8631 GIFTS TOYS McCloy Card 8: Gift Shop 321 SOUTH LANG AVENUE PITTSBURGH 8, PA. SCHOOL SUPPLIES STATIONERY Rosen bIoom's Bakery Famous for Fine Cheesecake 2034 MURRAY AVENUE jAckson 1-9745 WE DELIVER Compliments of FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA EMerson 1-0424 DRY CLEANING MASTERS' CLEANERS "POINT BREEZE ONE HOUR CLEANING" WORK DONE ON PREMISES FREE PICK UP AND DELIVERY 6740 REYNOLDS STREET PITTSBURGH 6, PA. Compliments of NEWMAN'S YOUTH CENTER 5834 FORBES STREET SQUIRREL HILL Murray Avenue News Stand 2024 MURRAY AVENUE Complete line of School supplies, Hallmark cards, magazines, Small books, toys. It ,S Joyce ,S Compliments for of Lunches Pk Snacks Ice Cream Soft Drinks 'K Milk Shakes Jovcla-mccL1sMENTs AMERICA PENN and SHADY "Exquisite Millinery" Compliments IREN ES Of GIRLS' Y-TEENS MILLINERY SALON LTl'1e Original Irenej 5813 FORBES STREET SQU1RREE HILL HTTSBURGH 17, PA. JAckson 1-9661 Taxon Is Qruq Stores RO BINS' Continental School of D ancing Ballet-Toe-Tap Drama-Ballroom 5800 MUNHALL ROAD JAckson 1-9694 The Delta Epsilon Beta Sorority extends its sincere congratulations to the graduating classes of 1954 and its fifteen graduating members 'F January Class JOAN BAKER SANDRA ESMANY CAROL FUHRER ANITA HoRv1Tz SONJA JOSEPH CAROL JUDD ILENE KAHNX FLORIE KAUFMAN MARCIA MILBERG Lois ROSENTHAL PATTY SCHNEIROV ARLENE SMITH FLORINE SPECK BEVERLY STEIN ELAINE WEINER 149 We, the Members of Delta Lambda Ph1 Fraternity extend heerzzesz eongrelulazfions to the members 0 lhe graduazfmg class and our own greduetmg members JANUARY CLASS JAY MCKENZIE HARVEY ROSENTHAL JUNE CLASS LARRY FIEDLER WICIIAEL HARRISON LOUIS HECH"F DONALD MALASKY EARL MAROWITZ BURTON POLLOCK CHARLES ROTH SIDNEY SCHREIBER OEL SPIRO 150 Compliments o f The Robert Morris School HOTEL WILLIAM PENN PITTSBURGH, PENNA ATlantic 1-0922 "It costs no more to be a Robert Morris student 5 it means so mfuelt to be a Robert Morris graduate." Key Club congratulations to our graduating seniors f S C Officers President - HOWARD ROSSEN l expresses congratulations Vice President - DON MALASKY and 1,851 wishes Members to the graduating STUART FRIEDMAN dunes of 1954 and especially to its ALAN PURST graduating members. FRED LIPSITZ WILLIAM STONE Compliments of the ALLDERDICE DANCE GROUPS AND THEIR SPONSORS Miss EI.EANOR BOLAND Mxss MARGARET C. MERCER 151 The Alpha Sigma Tau Fraternity extends sinrere congratulations to the graduating classes of 1954 and to its own graduating members if January Class JOEL GOLDHAMMER MICHAEL GROSS IJARRY HELLER DONALD LEFKOWITZ SANFORD SILVERMANX 152 Compliments of ,ri If' sk 1,0 Super Market INN S, -....- A . --..I...... 2345 MURRAY AVENUE Delta Chi Fra fernity wishes surcess to all 1954 graduates and 10 its own graduating members ,IAN UARY CLASS JACK CI..-XRK KEVIN HIGGINS GILES HOLTZMAN VVII.I.IAM LEVVIS IEIJVVARIJ MIi'I'ZEI,. ICIJNV.-XRD SMITH HOXNUXRIJ TOBIZRG JUNE CLASS BRIAN BURNS ROIIICRT IDE WATERS CI..-XL'IJIi DUNGAN FRANK IAZORCHIK ICIWV.-X R D LYIJON RONALD OSIION ANTHONY PALMER IJ.-XVIIJ SCHUCKISR SHELIJON SCI-IUSLER WYLIE SCOTT 153 EDIAM 'NAI B'RITH GIRL wishes to extent! heartiest congratulations to the graduating class and particularly to DIANE BERGER ROSLYN COHEN SHEILA GARFINKEL MARIL'YN PIARTMANN DORIS KASEN YVETTE MEITNER FERNE LENORE METZGER ESTHER REIDBORD CYMA SOLOMON CAROLE SPOKANE FRANCINE WEITZ 154 Ross Ortoleva Sc Son 1709 MURRAY AVENUE HAzeI 1-1815 Compliments of WALDORF BAKERY grace miles Dnsssns-CoA'rs-SUxTs 5867-69 FORBES STREET PITTSBURGH 17, PA. JAckson 1-9977 Canton Tea Garden Air Conditioned Special Cantonese Dishes CHINESE FAMILY DINNERS TASTY BAR B-Q SPARE RIBS 2205 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH 17, PA. HAze1 1-1213 Is your next appointment with House of Beauty 5873 FORBES STREET SQUIRREL HILL KALIN APPAREL 604 N. HOMEWOOD AVENUE PITTSBURGH 8, PA. PEnhurst 1-3640 jAckson I-9722 JAckson 1-9774 9 111 s Dr s h .lea IC es S op SOIJS 5818 FORBES STREET SQUIRREL HILL PHARMACY ff ll Always the Smanen Reliable Prescription Ser-vice Store Hours: Mon., Wed., Fri., Sat.-10-6 H4261 1-2700 HP-2611-3301 Tues. and Thurs.-10-9 JAckson 1-0249 JAckson 1-9925 2144 MURRAY AVENUE KD Phi Upsilon Sorority extends best wishes and sincere congratulations to the graduating class of 1954 and to its own graduating members MARSHA BEESON MARYLIN COTTEN ROSAI,IND COTTEN DORIS KASEN PHYLLIS KLEIN ROCHELLE KURTZMAN FRANCINE RICHNIAN GAIL WEINTRAUB 156 Pi Tau Pit Fraternity A extends congratulations and best wishes to the members of the graduating classes and its graduating members ALLDERDICE LARRY BLOCK JAMES MORGANSTERN SHADY SIDE JACK SHENKAN MIKE STREM ROBERT HALF RONALD LEVIN MERCERSBURG JOSEPH YORK 157 The Sign? Qmega Pi f Sorority 'wishes to extend its congratulations to the graduating classes and to its graduating rnernbers JANUARY CLASS MAXINE ABRAMS SHARON BRAM ER JUNE CLASS SANDRA CAPLAN PAMELA GoRDoN ROBERTA HAUSMAN MARJORIE KATZ MIMI LYON Lois ROSENBERG ESTHER SCHREIBER Lois SHooK MARILYN STEINMAN 158 WEINSTEIN'S EARVS LUNCH "E'Ueryllzing to Eat" I 1 7123 KELLY STREET HOMEWOOD 'o n li Compliments C 7 P mmm of of a Frank and Manny Friend WEINMAN LINTONS Good Luck to the graduates FORBES STREET of 1954 SQUIRREL HILL The Pollock Family Squirrel Hill News Stand "The Store of Friend! Servicen 5804 FORBES STREET JAckson 1-9733 3' Herman Bros. Sc Hoffman JAckson 1-1416 - BAKERS - 2200 MURRAY AVENUE AT PHILLIPS SQUIRREL HILL See Murray for Personal Service The Interfraternity Council of Taylor Allderdice takes this opportunity to 'wish the graduating classes of 1954 success in the future on behalf of its inernher fraternities .ALPHA DELTA CHI ALPHA SIGMA TAU DELTA LAMBDA PHI GAMMA PHI ALPHA PI TAU PI SIGMA DELTA EPSILON SIGMA KAPPA TAU SIGMA PHI 160 The Alpha Delta Chi Fraternity expresses congratulations and best wishes to the graduating classes of 1954 and particularly to its graduating members JANUARY CLASS HARRY KALsoN JUNE CLASS ROBERT TUCKER The Tau Sigma Phi Fraternity extends sincere congratulations to the graduating classes of 1954 and its graduating member JANUARY CLASS MARK KARTUB 161 The Tau Alpha Mu Sorority wishes to extend its congratulations to the gratinat ng classes o 1954 and to its graduating members JANUARY CLASS SANDRA CALIG .AUDREY GEFSKY MARILYN LIPPOCK SHEILA ROTH JUNE CLASS MARILYN BLOOM MARILYN FXIELD ELAINE FRIEDMAN DONA GINSBERG ELISSA GOLDSMITH ZENITA MILLER ARLENE SERBIN SEMA STEINBERG RENE UNATIN 162 PRIVATE LESSONS DUAL CONTROL NOTARY PUBLIC BUDDY BENNETT DRIVING SCHOOL JAckson 1-2854 - HAzel 1-0524 PENNA. STATE LICENSED MEMBER: WESTERN PENNA. AUTO DRIVING ASSOCIATION DOOR STEP SERVICE FULLY INSURED LIPPOCK WHOLESALE GROCERY CO. 301 COREY AVENUE BRADDOCK, PA. Congratulzzliom and Best Wishes courtesy' of Murray-Beacon Bowling Alleys 1916 MURRAY AVENUE 163 Gamma Phi Alpha Fraternity extends congratulations to the 1954 graduates and to its own graduating members STUART FRIEDMAN STUART HOLTZMAN EDWARD LEssER RICHARD NERNBERG EDWARD PORTER SHELDON ROSE HAROLD SHAP1RO"c DONALD SHRAGER "' Mercersburg Academy 164 Colonial Art and Decorating o. 527 N. HOMEWOOD AVENUE PVTTSBURGH 8, PA. Plinhurst 1-6602 CUSTOM PICTURE FRAMING DIPLOMAS CER'l'lF1CA'1'ES 1,HOTOGRAI'HS IJOCUMENTS PICTURES CLASSIQUE AND MODERN PICTURES MIRRORS AND ACCESSORIES JOSEPH T. CAPONE CHurchi1I 2-1273 165 Alpha Beta Chi Sorority extends sincere congratulations and best 'wishes or a Officer successful future to the graduating classes of 195 4 and to its gracluating members JANE BECRETT SALLY BLAOKHAMA' NANCY BROWNLEE SALLY ERRINGER CAROLYN HARKNESSX BARBARA MORTSON PEGGY NOAH SALLY SCHWEINBERGX IJRANCES SHAWX JOAN STEWART JOAN HOLLOWOOD-Wi1kiHSbuTg 166 , Congm fulcz fiom' fo the GRADUATES OF 1954 FROM A FRIEND Squirrel Hill A. Z. A. 673 , . extends best wishes to the graduating classes of 195 4 and dedicates this page to its graduating Alephs. Our members have fulfilled to the greatest extent the ideals of our order: AHOVOH - Brotherly Love ZADAKAH - Bermevolence ACHDOOS - Harmony JUNE CLASS NORMAN BENNETT RICHARD LEBOWITZ EDWARD BERNSTEIN HERBERT LEVIN LEONARD BERNSTEIN HERBERT MAROOLIS SHELDON GREENBERG SIDNEY PASTERNAK FRED HORN JOEL ROMAN ARNOLD SARASKY " . . . Thus we hasten the day when all men will achnowled ge the common fatherhood of God and the common brotherhood of man." 168 D I N T Y MOURES 'Tlzemks I0 ez Swell Bunch 0 f People U S Cl C Pi Sigma Tau Sorority extends sincere congratulations to the graduating class and its graduating rnenibers JANUARY CLASS LINDA KATZ BARBARA LITMAN JUNE CLASS EILEEN BERGMAN LILLIAN BLACK SHIRLEY GELMAN SUZANNE GREENBERG 'TIBEY MEYERS MARIAN RATNER 170 C'0ngn1tul11ti011.s' fo the Qrfzrlufztzkzg Clfzxs from 4 Treasure Island Show WITH MARTY VVGLFSON SATURDAY MORNINGS 9:15 CHANNEL 2, WDM' SPONSORED BY TREASURE ISLAND SHOES QAuthorizcC1 AQEIICICSD S.84S. SHOE STORES CRAIG SHOE STORES SUPOWITZ SHOE STORE KEEN SHOE STORE UPTOWN NEW KENSINGTON 171 The Gamma Alpha Lambda Sorority exlends congratulations to the graduating classes of 1954 'F january Class and its own graduating members EVELYN BERKOWITZ .ALEEN BRESS SHEILA BRAUNX RUTH ANN COHEN CAROL GODDYX MYRNA GRANOWITZ JOYCE HOOHMAN MARCIA DEE KATZ BARBARA LIGHTER Lois MANDELL I'IARRIET PERL MAIDA ROSENBERG SALLY RAE ROSENFIELD CAROL SHARAPAN ILENE ZALMON FRANI ZIMMERMAN 172 AMERICAN'S H O U R FOOTERIZING WITH STA-NU FINISHING AT NO EXTRA CHARGE The Most Beautiful Dry Cleaning IT'S GREATER THAN YOU THINK and no extra vharge for Fas: Service AMERICAN-FOOTER'S CLEANERS - DYERS 5864 FORBES ST REE1 - , NEAR SHEET AVENUE 5508 WALNUT STREET, SHADYSIDE, NEXT TO KEOGEEE Nationally FTIIIZOMJ CJEEEEET Sim 1870 173 Sigma Delta Epsilon Fraternity extends sincere congratulations to the graduating classes of 1954 and its graduating nienibers JANUARY CLASS NORMAN BLOOM FRED GLUCKSON JUNE CLASS MAYER COHEN RONALD FISHMAN STEVE GLICKMAN ALFRED LIPSITZ HARVEY MILLER HAROLD MILTON HAROLD NEIMAN WILLIAM STONE MORTON WEDNER Graduating from KISKI RONALD SIVITZ 174 Congratulations to the graduating Classes from life TAYLOR ALLDERDICE PAREN T-TEACH ER ASSOCIATION Sigma Kappa F raterni fy wishes to extend congratulations to tlze graduating members o the senior class and its own graduating members JANUARY CLASS JAMES BRESS RONALD ROTH HAROLD LIPTZ EDWARD LUBIN 'F Valley Forge 'W Kiski FRED GROSSINGER IRWIN CHERNEW JUNE CLASS JOEL WEINMAN REID RUTTENBERG STUART SEIAVITCHX PENN LUPOVITCHDFDF 176 SQUIRREL I-IILL'S LARGEST AND MOST POPULAR RECORD SHOP National Record Mart 1723 MURRAY AVENUE F or Efueryzhing in Recordings POPULAR CLASSICAL CHILDREN 'S Best 'wishes zo the graduating classes of 1954 SPORTS DIRECTOR JOE TUCKER W W s W 177 Victory A. Z. A., No 595 The members of Victory A. Z. A. take this opportunity to congratulate their graduating members and to 'wish them the best of everything in the uture if January Class Graduating from: SCHENLEY LEONARD GOLDBERGX BURT RICE? FRANK ZONIS:F ALLDERDICE TEDD KATZ HERBERT SCHACTER HARRY SIMON? MERYL SUPKOFF PROIMLEE WIRTZMAN 178 "Be fushionwise and f07'1lZ6ll'Z,Ui.S'6',, . . . . FOR THE LATEST STYLES IN CASUAL AND FORMAL VVEAR .... SHOP AT ' V' disiinciive mens apparel 5838 FORBES S'I'REE'l' JAK'kSlJll 1-7619 Combination Window Co. safe llIl..S'l'l'l.bZ!f07'.S' of ALSCO fzlumifzum storm fzw'1zff01w', 1100 rx afzff 11w11z'1zg.s'. 179 The Tweed Shop Wonderful Sportswear 5836 FORBES STREET PITTSBURGH 17, PA. JACRSOII 1-7036 LADIES' and CHILDREN'S HAIRCUTTING Jimmy's Modern Barber Shop "Where the Serfuice Counts" CARMEN, Manager 1821 MURRAY AVENUE JAckson 1-9838 HANNA Chapeaux HATS Ready Made Made to Order 129 N. HIGHLAND AVENUE 1825 MURRAY AVENUE M rs. Pearl Rogal TEACHER OF SPEECH Speech Improvement, Drama, Public Speaking 4016 SALINE STREET HAZCI 1-9142 Standard Emblem JEWELERS 245 FOURTH AVENUE Congratulations to the 1954 Cratiuating Class Monarch Oil Coq 1137 VVASHINGTON BLVD. PITTSBURGH 6, PA. Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Lyon gran Men's Wear 5816 FORBES STREET "Next to the Bank" CAMERAS and ART SUPPLIES tiish 11 SQUIRREL HILL 5854 FORBES STREET Compliments 0 f NATIONAL "The Florsheim Shoew 5828 FORBES STREET JOSEPH SZEKERES, Prop. JAckson 1-7194 joseph's Beauty Salon Hair Tinting Specialists 2240 MURRAY AVENUE Pittsburgh 17, Pa. Best Wishes from Jason's Beauty Salon 5878 FORBES STREET jAckson 1-1418 HAze1 1-0475 Complete Reservation S erfvice Free of Charge Call Esther Lapidus of Forbes Travel Service 5818 FORBES STREET IAckson 1-7300 Phone: HAze1 1-1896 The Northumberland Cleaning Sc Tailoring Rugs and Furniture Expertly Cleaned at Plant or at Your Home 5876 NORTHUMBERLAND ST. SQUIRREL HILL Hick's Variety Store 206 SALINE STREET Pittsburgh 7, Pa. Toys-Paints-Hardware JAcktson 1-9910-1-9840 JULIUS BOBIAK, Prop. Northumberland BALFQUR Pharmacy W. A' CARGO Your fraternity and Pharmacist sorority jeweler S872 NORTHUMBERLAND ST. PITTSBURGH 17, PA. HAze1 1-1869 3951 FORBES STREET SCHENLEY APARTMENTS CGMPLIMENTS OF Mr. and Mrs. Martin Abrams Mrs. Katherine Aiello Mr. and Mrs. Julius B. Field Mr. and Mrs. H. Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Milton Alderman Dr. and Mrs. H. M. Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Nevin J. Allingharr A Friend Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Anderson Franni and Ronnie Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Max Fuhrer Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Anobile Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Furst Mr. and Mrs. Louis Appelbaum Mr. and Mrs. John Gall Jack Arthurs Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Gelman Mr. and Mrs. John Arthurs Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gerenyi Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Avins Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Gerstmeyer Mr. and Mrs. P. Baccaro Mr. and Mrs. I. Ginsberg Mr. and Mrs. Frank Balog Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Gisser Jack Baltrotsky Mr. Lee Glickman Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Bazzy Mr. and Mrs. David Glickman Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Beckett Mr. and Mrs. E. Gluckson Mr. and Mrs. Morris Berger and Diane Mr. and Mrs. A. Goddy Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bergman William Goldhammer Mr. and Mrs. Milton Bergstein and Family Mr. and Mrs. Paul Goldvarg Mr. and Mrs. David D. Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Manny Gordon Mr. and Mrs. J. Bernstein Mrs. H. Gottlieb Dr. and Mrs. Henry H. Black and Daughters Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan Grainy, Sr. Mrs. Mary E. Blackham Mr. and Mrs. David Gray Dr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Bloom Gray's Amoco Service Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bloom Mr. and Mrs. Ben Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Bloom Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bober Mrs. Mildred Gross Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W. Bowser Mr. and Mrs. Morris E. Gross Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Bress Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Harkness James Bress ' Dr. and Mrs. Irving Hartmann Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Brunwasser Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hausman and Family Mr. and Mrs. James J. Burns, Jr. and S1 n Judy Hazin and Earl Glasser Mr. and Mrs. George Cain Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Heatley Mr. and Mrs. Sam Caplan and Family Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Hecht Mr. and Mrs. Ben Chass and Family Larry Heller Mr. and Mrs. Paul Chernew Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Hinkes Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Choder and Elayne The Sam Hornes Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cicardini Mr. and Mrs. David T. Horvitz Clyde L. Clark Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Jackson Mrs. George Clark Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Abe R. Cohen, Ruth Ann and Mr. and Mrs. Glen D. James Bobby Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson Mrs. Harry Cohen Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Hayden Cohen and Family Mrs. George R. Jones Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Cramer Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Joseph and Family Mrs. Mary Crowley Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Kahn Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy S. Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Alvin D. Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Kartub Mr. Felix DeGregorio Dr. and Mrs. Jacob Kasen Mrs. John Denawitz Mr. and Mrs. E. Katz Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Devey, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Morton C. Katz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Devine Mr. and Mrs. Max Kaufman and Family Dickie and Susie Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Dungan Mr. and Mrs. James Kerns Mr. Severin Dvorksy Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Kimmelman Jeanie Dym Mr. and Mrs. K. H. Kingsford Mr. and Mrs. T. Engelman Mr. and Mrs. Emil Kirich Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Falce Mr. and Mrs. H. Kisilinsky Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Felton Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Klein 182 COM PLIMENTS OF Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Koch Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kulick, Susan and Michele Dr. and Mrs. David Kurtzman Mrs. Rebecca Lazier Frank Lazorchik Mr. and Mrs. J. Lefton Mr. and Mrs. Morris Leon and Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lesser Mr. Frederick Lester Mr. and Mrs. Robert Preston, Jr. Mrs. Freeda Puterman and Children Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Rasp Maye and Faye Rattner Mrs. Annette Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Reidbord Samuel Reingold Charles F. Riley Michael Ribovich and Family Mrs. S. Roman Mr. and Mrs. Eli J. Rose Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. William L. Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rosenfield and Nancy Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. David Roth Mr. and Mrs. John J. Roth Mr. and Mrs. Morris Roth Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Rovilea, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Ryczek Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sabo Mr. and Mrs. I. B. Sacks The Sarasky Family Mr. and Mrs. B. Saroff Mr. Savko Mr. Hazen H. Sayre Mr. and Mrs. Milton Schacter Mr. and Mrs. John G. Schademan Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Schneirov Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Schugar Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Earl Scott Mr. and Mrs. Wylie T. Scott Mrs. Anna E. Seliga Mrs. Elizabeth Serke David Schwartz and Daughters Mr. and Mrs. Ben Levick Mr. and Mrs. Jack Levine and Son Mr. and Mrs. Milton H. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Lichter Mr. and Mrs. Allan Lippock Liptz's Market Dr. and Mrs. Oliver R. Litman Mr. and Mrs. Walter Loos Mr. and Mrs. Enza A. Ludovico Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lutch Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Lydon Mr. and Mrs. Maurice L. Lyon Mr. and Mrs. I. Malasky Anthony G. Mamajek Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Mann Mr. and Mrs. E. Markowitz I Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Maysels and Daughters Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Meitner Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Metzger and Family Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Mary McCann Mr. and Mrs. Jack McKenzie Mr. and Mrs. John I. McNally Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell A. Michelson The Harry Miller Family Mr. and Mrs. Lud Miller Mrs. Sara Miller Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Moffat Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Morganstern Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Mortson Murray-Bartlett Service Station Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Nagel Mr. and Mrs. John A. Shafer Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Shook and Family Mrs. Ann Siegal Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Dave Solomon and Family Mr. and Mrs. Spodek Joseph Spokane Mr. and Mrs. Walter Obringer Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Ochs Mr. Joseph A. 0'Hanlon Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ondo, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Oneufer and Family Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Osbon Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Ostrow Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Glenn O. Parfitt Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Pasekoff Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pasternak and Family Mr. and Mrs. Max Perl Mrs. Elizabeth Perlstein Mr. and Mrs. James Petrolias Phil's Beauty Shop Mrs. Lillian Pollis and Son Mr. and Mrs. Allen Porter Mr. and Mrs. S. Spokane and Family Mr. and Mrs. Samuel I. Spokane Mr. and Mrs. Abe Srolovitz and Son Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stankay Mr. and Mrs. John Stefurak, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Steger Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Stein, Beverly and Rosalyn Dr. and Mrs. B. F. Steinberg and Family Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Steranchak Mr. and Mrs. John Stibrik Mrs. Rose A. Suckling Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Supowitz Mr. John P. Timko Mr. and Mrs. Alva B. Timmins Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tucker and Mrs. Samuel Vernon 183 COMPLIMENTS Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Vivian Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Vondas Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wedner and Sons, Morton and Irwin Mr. and Mrs. George A. Weintraub and Family LeRoy C. Wible Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Wilkinson Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. OF and Mrs. G. Woods Albert Yonkovitz, Sr. Anna Yourgas S. Zalmon and Family Daniel Zimmerman Ben Granowitz and Family Harry I. Krieger Louis Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wissinger, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pugh Mr. and Mrs. E. Woodill Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ratner THE Original Method in 7 111711 MODERN PIANO fl Beginners and Advanced Day and Evening Classes Call Day or Night MUSIC GRant l-S687 STUWO5 237 FIFTH AVENUE ROBBIES Hot Puppie Shop "Hr Make Om' Own Ice Cream" 5802-04 FORWARD AVENUE IAckson l-9740 Superior Photoengravers 312 Boulevard of the Allies Hill's Studio 214 N. Highland Avenue .1-. Mayer Press 235 Collins Avenue ,J 1 -M X'- .1 'Wil LY, ff -. ,. ig iifflo 1g .wwf - -gif 'fag ,gn-., . -s 3 we n-' QQ x "U-fECE2 f mc Hooi GRADE SLWZJL ELEMENTARY V 4"-f 44 . ' F? ii! X' N .55 1 iff? 2 cl, .Wifi i if I if it af ' 5 -Eff! , , 1 ff? 5 A , x I ,.-5 'fgf A yff X 7- dial! f X 1. -V I - . 4 .4 l' ,gi A NA.,1: A J 5 ,K 1 , ,f . , . -.... , V, Q, f fm. K f.,, i ,V . 1 , V 14.-1 1 f f - .2 " 'II V, f ,V ff' f 'M ' . ,fi 184 f V I .1 A--.., 3 P--ffm -...av Ant 1'-' fy. --rf - S 4:7 4 .G V,- QF' R 6 T - 4 T . .,,-f 'W YLAZR Ar -4. ,, N .7116 .Q ff. 'frffff iw? 1. 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WA, -'-px.,-,. .... . -'x Q' ,wi -- if-, -pf. e , . 2-. . - f ,, ,-Y-f-L-.f , -P WM , N.. ,. 'NA 'rmgf 1 0 wr v -1, 5, 5. T AQ x QV -. 1, 4 1 -2 46' ,, ,551 -fa 'r ,Q 3 ,7 -. 1. f N' -A ' 1,nI'1' 5:3 I-, F."- lg Y, l , ,. 1 gf g:?1fj':zL-1' L' , Qin 1 ,7 ff- ,, -- . -1:+4S-Fry'-a -L- .A .-,-, - . N-:u,.:1t '-fi-, gg,- " -'2 . 3 Q4 - ff-P - - ii 1 ' '-:Q - :gp H:-jSf!"5f2gg4,gg ff 1.-fr. is .3'Jw1' 7:".' .J . Y , -, . . . is-rx 4.-4 - ,,.. vw H-Sf. R- RFQ -- -21.15 i:1g,Y' gg?-..f 3 " fij ' . . ,U ",,',,, ,fn Kg -'g,-pkgg--, 27,31 af"-f555'.'- ' 1-Arr,-ei -f.3Ez. f g - 1, fs-if -,gg s?!f,.u 1- j -Q J w X is -" -..-ff W-M-Hr-,1-gjgvqew .14 +- fsl ff.: J' ,- 5 f ,rf-ae-w ijf Q -- 6' 1 1, ..,. , F- '5 X-lifplvxfgg -ju-1 1. 4, - I .,:-1 f I. 'f'-'f--.. , ,:,v? li L 'bfi 1 ig Q-14., .- 1'-,jf-, :ff ' H - 124'-ig-T xl,-f j Vs. X w 3 -43 1' gan -5 -Q-,E .,-5'N5f"7x -.2..Lf. ', , 1-5545. --,g,j- .Y ... X - , . - 3f"2'55E:L Ap- if--1 -4 "jf: H1 .flu A 'I ,H Fw... 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Suggestions in the Allderdice High School - Allderdice Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) collection:

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