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Allderdice High School - Allderdice Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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922.- -u.. ac 'L 3: -1. - mr 'lr A' my , y ,,4- A--uf 1,9 - r an i.,g,f -..W .a,.f...-- ' W '-1f 1' V, .W 5. . x.., ,E .M xg. fu,-, A., pg. 5951. q . ,.-4-12.-i'N' ,,,., .. ,- '-up Ki ' -rx :J "'i: :il , fy. sf.ff -A 'wg w4..,,,,,, ti V .. - 4' -. ""5v?f2 A- - .. . ' ,f E' T-Af"-..,k:gL' -' f f-.. ' in- , . if. - .Md-Q 4 W. , 1,. qi xii- .A , fi. , s . A ff i :if ' Vg' ,f-353' - if TQWL -' ' f X 1 1 -, 'ix Vf-,f 'R , 'E Y x f 11. ,- . v V "-X' , x .5341-V S-Fi., n -La., ,Q .u ve Q, fish, i,? ,f 1 . .-, J, , V uri. .. z-- ,s 14' R, E xx ? 1 X: if 1 ,X 'gefw' F ,.. ' Q- 1 P X A HH .., W .. ,UL MM V , -., :-.,??- V - V -'fri 11 F- T' Q' M.. .. v 1 .W . Hr., af M 'ff , " ,U- Q'-Anav.QeMf-fg,,,,,,,. W . 'IL ,J 5- , 11:35 ' 4 M A if -4 ,nj ' wfrigf H mAU'14'f5L ' :Q -a'w555'W"" " 'ff yung-,hgu-f,, J . X-,f'g'a " ' Lv-Q .. tiff 'f H? .EW - fl! 1' Q .Af f .3484 X I ww. 'li'-iw, gmt ,,..,q ,,:,,wwJ' Q .1,,'AL fx I U' Qwdwwx r--wx, LW-Wflm N X. . 'iff' K- ' n 1 4-WT' 'gg' -- ' - Wifi' "I 'NIL " 5' N' ww!! I ' c '44,-'f Q' ' F - 4 1 ' 1 fi 3f:, -a , , f,,i, 5 2 view, i , FQ? F N fs: ff'1f'..9 E ig '5"'f"g if "x?gW,A J 3,5 'SX 5v"f ' 1 s ' K V it 1 . I v aww YXRR w... --x .a, -+SV. 5 ,Ib 1-- ..v. .Wadi-47951, S 2 -ww s-W.. , ""'n- mug, "Hag, ggiwi' 1 Y' ' 1 .1 Ijfj' , 1' Q, 1 1 S, .if sv' 5, , ,Ti 2-:fir - 395 Q3 "1 ' fkiffkfa. E ' 'Hill ' FET!!! K N - 5 'V' ," J, , ,I X- I 7'-V H fx 1 N-...jf 'fit . 2 if- -"'S-..,..u.,..,. 5 1 -- wwf- ' ' 'ft ss' f ev' . -. 2 'ig' 41g,gTfff'.,g M -g. 2 - .241 iff' 'J?":t:s1 '- -W if '-2-L an 1 if l V fi' 1 'lvl' ,Q :Ai V 1, L"' J 7 f , ' ff ?"'1'f wx 'iw "5 H. Q 5.-5 . jf 2. 375. Ji gm.,- .nf iv' X , .f .,-4 "4 Wkqw v 4,1 S., -.. f .. ,. f ,, , . V, 1'-n' wa 1 V. . hifi!! 'w . X 4- -Q sf 1 ' i M e ' 'H' sa Q ' v'- ,l,, ., K T, ., .l , ., J 1- '51, 'TY' 2 . .1.' 3 cr V. 'cl .,,. ,-112 ,, v-J. -.f A ....J' Y:- , , ,W V' Avi, .. . . , , M ..z. M, mr. ,,. ' ' ' 1 ' A- ,,.,. ..: , ., .lv A JM., Jrgxyr H ,hav , . ' ':i'1"'f't f 5 T1 ,, . . 1,5,':. pw.. .'. w VN A 'lx f 1. 4. f 'r- f H,-f - .Q ,gs -r v K. nf . T329 .v 1' Ffh ,... Y ,gin . ' i . ' lv: A Y ' 5 H. ., 1 . x, . b Y "IMI, ..,,,,Lv W , , ., TL. L ,A ,. , 1 1: . wwkikiikgp, A ' - , f--"'M'.1:f ' , 1 .ff . 1 A ,...f ,w,, , 1 cn, ,,i,v,'1T' ff"' 4 ,, I ' .. - ix 5 . , A' f , EV: , , -' a. .,. ,.L. A , , ,, A, , W . Q fffk V ' f H .W , ,- ,,u. k5B6Mk5565vZX5BG5v?k556?Xk?565w?X5B65vZk5BdvZk5B6MX5B6PKk?56W XQQQSXXQQQXRQPQSXXQQSXXWQSXFQQSXMWQSXXQQSXXQQSXXPQSX FOREWORD HIS 1951 yearbook has been designed to profuide a permanent record of those actifvities which best re- flect the life, spirit, and accomplishments of the two senior classes of Taylor Allderdice High School. It is hoped that this book will serve to remind the 1951 graduates of their high school experiences and cause them to recreate their high school days in pleasant refuerie. Adany individuals keep scrapboohs and diary notes in order to remember past efoents. Therefore the staff of THE ALLDERDICE decided to publish in scrapbook form information and features relating to the graduating seniors. It is the sincere wish of the staff that through scanning and re-reading this booh the many pleasant memories of Allderdice may be brought to mind again and again. dXXQ 1 63vZ5lf556?Vl5'G5B6PvZ74i5B6Fv'4?G556Pv'i7G5B65vZ Get. t www DEDICATION N a spirit of sincere gratitude and true humility for their guidance, sacrifice, love, and understanding, we, the members of the January and June classes dedicate this yearbook to our parents. As maturing citizens we now understand the great debt we owe to our mothers and fathers. No matter which phase of work we may enter- college, business, or military serfuice-we know that the help our parents have shown us in past years will tend to smooth the path that lies ahead. We only hope that through this inadequate utterance of thanks, our fathers and mothers will realize that we do understand our indebtedness. SCHOOL ,-XLLDERDICE HIGH TAYLOR X5B63vWB65Kk?56?Kk5B65Kk5B6Pv?X5B6FXk?56MX556PvKX5B65Xk556?vZ Yd9QsXXi9QSXX229QsXYa9QsXZ4a9QsXXa9QSXX29QSXX299SX2429QsX2429GsX ffgmgice 56 W 2 M I Q GV? VOLUME XXII PUB1,lSn12n jolN'1'Lv HY 'rms SENIORS ov 'fmt JANUARY AND JUNE CLASSES OF 1951 THE TAYLOR AI,I,DERDIC1i HIGH SCHOOL SHADY AND FORWARD AVENUIZS I'I'I"l'SBURGH, PA. k5B6Mk5565vWB6?vZk5565Xk5B6PvWB6PXX556PKk5565KX5B6MX5B65bi Y29QSXX39Q5XZQi9QSXX39QSXX29QSXX29Qi94Z439QSXXd9QSXXR9QSXZ439QSX V 'l MQW' Ufefiiiiiiilrfmfibii Gwf, Jac' K ,--,j MR. ARTHUR VV. THOMAS Vice Pifiiieipiil Sizlff 1ff,0ClIfI'0Ilt11 C01nz.rf'Io1' Mr. 'lohn McLaughlin fznzim' C0lH'ZSt'I0l'-hIlSS l,enore Allen Activities Director Miss Elizabeth lYagenkneeht Adviser to Girls Miss Katherine McKinney Chief Cle1'kfMiss lsahel Zinn C'l4'r!.'+M1's. Lillian llaker Clz'1'L'4Miss Roxie Fraley NIR. D. 1VICCLYMONDs Clerk-Kliss Lois E. Hill Pifiizcipai Hook C'If'rk -Miss Virginia llartoloineo Fizeizlfy elif Miss Catherine M. Eisamen. Miss Olivia Koenig, Miss jennie .X. Norton, Miss Blanche Pantall Coimnenriizl Mr. Howard Barnes, Miss Helen Bartrini, Miss Florence E. Graham, Miss Margaret Hanrahan, Mr, john H. Melvin, Miss Katherine Skarinski, Miss Margaret l.. VVineh, Dr. Earl H. Burgad English Miss Helen B. Gorman, Miss Olive Bowlin, Mrs. Della Braun, Miss Olive Braham, Miss Lois Grose, Miss Margery Heiinherger, Miss Rose D. Hartz, Miss Helen Hillard, Miss Agnes Kerr, Miss Catherine A. McDermott, Miss Nancy lllontgomery, Mrs. Elizabeth Porter, Miss Diantha VV. Riddle, Mr. joseph C. 'llllOIll1'JS0l1 F oifeigii Languages Miss Dorothy Bergman, Miss Mary C. Brennan, Miss Yetta Kamler, Miss Elizabeth Klingensmith, Mr. Charles '.l'. Roller, Mr. Marcus Rosenthal, Mrs. Myra Simpson, Miss Edna R. Todd History Miss Eleanor Bardsley, Miss Charlotte R. Beachler, Mr. Morris Beck, Mr. Samuel Blitz, Mr. Sheldon Cohen, Mr. John B. Coyne, Mrs. Margaret Fischer, Miss Esther Geist, Miss Grace F. Jessop, Miss Ann Kasnitz, Miss Bertha O. Mitchell, Dr. Anna M. Quattrocchi, Miss Leila H. Rupp, Miss Beryl Zeigler Home Economics o Miss Charlotte E. Bailey, Miss Florence Bechtel, Mrs. Margaret Bush, Mrs. Elizabeth Kane Library Mrs. Mary Jane Jones, Miss Mary Ellen Miller, Miss Gertrude Oetting Mathematics Mr. Edward Caye, Mrs. Ethel Hubbard, Miss Elizabeth Hand, Mr. Hardie Greenwood, Mr. George Phillips, Miss Alice L. Phipps, Mr. Ray R. Ralston, Miss Edith May Starz, Mr. Robert C. Trumbull, Miss Ethel F. Turner, Doctor Wesley Wagner Jllanual Training Mr. Ralph Engelmeier, Mr. Irving A. Hyman, Mr. Herbert A. Lewis, Mr. Ercole Liberator, Mr. Alex Seigal, Mr. August K. Winterling ' :Music Mr. Roy F. Dietz, Miss Dorothy Jean Meyer, Miss Emma Steiner, Miss Laura E. Zeigler Thysical Education Miss Mary Allshouse, Miss Eleanor Boland, Mr. Stewart Brown, Mr. John Irwin, Mr. Robert Irvin, Miss Esther Long, Miss Margaret Mercer, Mr. Claude Sofield, Mr. Louis Weitzel Science Mr. Lon H. Colborn, Mr. Thomas Davies, Mr. R. J. Hackett, Miss Jane S. Johnston, Miss Jane McCandless, Mr. J. T. Shriner, Mrs. Nancy Snively, Mrs. Mae Weber Smith Hall Supervisors 'Dietitian Mrs. Irene K. Bain Miss Alberta Jackson Mrs. Ethel Hynes Speech School Doctor Miss Edith Rogal Dr. H. Goldblum Saimming Mozfon Mrs. Bella Jones School Nurse , Miss Ann Stockfish Custodian Mr. Charles E. Dietz -v I 1, Aga u'-'l 11.-I :LLL- ..f .X zz:-i F. 2.13, fi -5' fftq , ,ry 54 ff? L,- :fui fi fn 1 Q v.. .V 5! 41' , nn z'1- -' f ,- F - - ..,..x.,.N...N ..,..s..a..x.,,..s.,..s..,..,..s.,..,...s..,.,,.K..,.,X.,,.,s..s.x fvR.4i.' mffowfmzl Sfaf Sponsor--Miss Diantha W. Riddle EE ED O RS,xt16S':3 I TO -EQ anuari ....s...s..,..s.., 'QNFR . .ffif rv. BUSINESS K." ' W F 5 :,SA ,.,R 5 Zi SV LAA ':--, C' el' XSW J i- yatbilce 'iz Q0 a eg can Yiwu i igzi :-- , ,'-' "bf-f,,, Lgudiw S L 1 . , Q an LS " Business Manager-James Langer Assistant Business Manager-john Barclay ASSOCIATE EDITORS-JANUARY CLASS Illona Balazs Marlyn Lenchner Shirley Schiffman Anne Castle Edgar Munhall Lee Silverman Sidney Deutsch Harriet Pincus Marion Supowitz Margaret Fitzurka Maurice Reichman 'ai -1.1 'U 'U 'Q 'U 'Lf 'Lf 'Lf 'U 'af '11 'Lv ':,- Au 'Lf 'af 'Lf ':.- 'L' 'Lf 'U 'U 'Lf 'D 'U 'U 'U 'U 'QJU 'Q-f,'s.,U ' Kqexfxggfefexfegfxfsrsxgfgfsfafkaea ?..'P..f's.4S..fS.,'s,,'P.,fe..fb.,fsq ek. N.. M -A N- Rs fu SIN, U6 Classcjilbiv ASSOCIATE EDITORS-JUNE CLASS Richard Adelsheim Larry Cuban Joan Golomb Mary Bonn Norman Bress Emory Chonka Charlotte Cohen jean Danovitz Patricia Goldberg Julius Finegold Florence Greenberg Gilda Fuss Dale Horelick Maxine Jones Frances Kochin Wanda Kwapinski Harlene Lichter Louise Lichter aff if si Earl Marvin Barbara Parker Richard Rosenzweig Earline Marvin Sanford Pollack john Sgro Mary Kathryn Moseley Margery Rosen Howard Smith Toby Numerosky Gerald Rosenfeld Robert Smith jane Pachtman DOTOUIY S0135' .. ,iv W . Patricia Unger ""'M"W'I'W' David Weissberg Margery Williams Geraldine Young ' ' ff w 5 ul f El' -g y ,, . RV ,gfii2?fii4f3l" , - ,eb 534213322 3 U 2-ii" 6 F . II Betty Stefanic Elinor Stein Mary Jane Sunaga Joyce Supowitz 33333 r r 1 ournal Art Staff Sponsor--Miss Jennie Norton Our '51 High School Scrapbook ..,......,,...,... ......,,... S andra Mervis This Is Onr Faculty .,.,..., ,.,..., ....,. J u lius Finegold Our .lannary Classmates .,...,.. ....... B arbara Olbum Our fnne Classmates ....,.,... ....., B arbara Olbum The Slips We Used ............ .,..... J ulius Finegold The Things VVe Joined ....... .... .,............ R o bert Smith The Gaines VVe Played ...... .. ....,....... . ...,.. Harvey Breverman The Classmates life Watched t.,.,.,..,...,.,...,.. . . PAGE SPo'rs ..... Heinz Sirkin journal Staff ...... .,,...........t................,., . . .Jane Stinson Art Staff .........,.. ....,.....,.......,.,..,,,. .,.... S a ndra Shapiro Class Officers,.,. ............. .,..... ..,.......,.... G i l da Fuss Honor Graduates ..... ....,.,,....,...,,.,,,..,............,....,,. E licia Miller Composite Seniors .....,.,.,.,..i.......,............,...,...,.,..,........, jane Stinson Miscellaneous .,., ........................ S ondra Chester, Louise Cosentino, 5-N, Elicia Miller. -ludy Rosenberg, Barbara Shulman, Annamarie Tkac September "In '76 the slcy was red,' J Thunder rumbling 0'verhea.d." Remember that Sunday in September when the sky changed from brilliant orange to black? That Canadian forest fire had repercussions here in Pittsburgh. But . . . remember the following Monday when the F .T.A. square dance was held at Totem Pole Lodge . . . thirteen quarts of potato salad . . . Barbara Parker forgetting to order the soft drinks . . . the trunk of Florence Greenberg's car sticking . . . Mr. Thomas coming to the rescue . . . roasted wieners, sugar doughnuts, purple grapes . . . Davidson calling square dance numbers . . . watching the eclipse of the moon . . . remember how wonderful it was? IZ X KQLEX W my 5 0 WWW? CIM, 6eaAMna,224f W OW lass wafers E x JANUARY CLASS OFFICERS L 5 President-Edgar Munhall f Vice President-Maurice Reichman I T Secretary--Illona Balazs , Treasurer-Anne Castle f-5 71 7 5. A1'1 CLASS DAY COMMITTEE PROM COMMITTEE T wr ,i 79, , 'air I qlxit-4,5 ' b ' 4244" 13's 9 7 , .95 if Q 'A j' Z: Y Sill V1 Lui- . ' . Z L 5 5 . Honor Qmzluates Virginia Bartolomeo Anne E. Castle Margaret Fitzurka amuary C135 HIGH HONOR Edgar Munhall Harriet Pincus Ethel F. Rabinovitz Maurice Arthur Reichman George R. Adams Illona Balazs Judith Ann Beveridge Charles M. Coffey Jane T. Ellis Mary Fechko George Karlin Herschel Klein She hath HONOR Marlyn Lenchner Jack Allen Meyers Leona Podolsky Nancy Recht va fri. Pauline Sylvia Silverbl Joyce Elizabeth Strong Marion Ellen Supowitz Ann Zionts Zin Memoriam MARJORIE BAIN awakened from the dream of Died-February 25, 1950 life. att I., GEORGE ADAMS-Foreword Representative: Chess Club: United Nations Club: Band 5, 4, 3, 2, 1: Marching Band: All City Band EARL AUSSENBERG-Class Day Committee: Chess Club: March- ing Band: Bands 5, 4, 3, 2, 1: All Citv Band: Homeroom President, 9A, SA: Homeroom Vice President, IOB: Student Council, 8A, 9B: Hall Staff, 10B-IZA: Honorable Mention in Jewelry Show: Foot- ball '50: Football Letter ILLONA BALAZS-Senior Class Secretary: Prom Committee: Journal Staff: Homeroom Treasurer, 12A-IZB: Cafeteria Staff: College Club: Chorus 4. 3: Chorus Secretarv. l2A: American Legion Award, l0A: Volley Ball '49: .Activities Staff, 214 VIRGINIA BAICPOLOMEO -- Service Club: M.M.M.: Modern Dance: Gregg TvPi'tg Award: SA Historv Award: American Legion Award: Basketball '49: Hockey '49, '50: Volley Ball '491 Mushball '49 JACK C. BECK-Hall Staff, IZA: H1-Y Club: Basketball '49: Football '49: Intramural Basketball '49: Football Letter: College Preference-Allegheny LaVERNE BETSILL-Hall Staff: M.M.M.: Jewelry Projects: Championship Basketball Team '49: Volley Ball '49: Hockey '50: Mushball '49: Entered from Gladstone, llB: Future Vocation- Clerical Work JUDITI-I ANN BEVERIDGE - Student Council Representative: Class Day Committee: Senior Class Calendar: Cafeteria Staff: M.M.M., Social Chairman and President: Good-will, Clean-Up Posters: Scholastic Placement: Basketball '47: Volley Ball '48, '49: History Radio Broadcast ADA BLOOM-Hall Staff: Library Club: Teen Age Book Club: Student Federalists: Senior Discussion: Orchestra 2, l MARY LOU CALCATERRA-Service Club: Homeroom Class Day Committee: Gregg Shorthand Award: Basketball '48: Volley Ball '48, '49: Future Vocation-Secretary ANNE CASTLE-Senior Class Treasurer: Class Day Committee: Prom Committee: journal Staff: Student Council Representative: Social Committee: Problems Committee: Co-chairman Ushers Staff: Tutoring Staff: Foreword Staff, Editor-in-Chief: Library Club: French Club: Microscope Club: Latin Club: F.T.A.: Chorus 4, 3, 1: All City Choir: Basketball '49: D.A.R. Award: Sociology Radio Award: Intercultural Youth Council 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'L' 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'll 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ LJ Sfxasfxfbrxfeefevrxfbreeefefeeeeb..'b.'b.,'S..'b.fS.4'v..' CHARLES COFFEY - Prom Committee Chairman: Homeroom President, 9B, l0A, l1A: Vice President, llB: Student Council Representative, llA, IZA: College Club: United Nations Club: Basketball '51, '50, '49: Captain, Intramural-Basketball '50, '49: Entered from Gladstone, 11B DOLORES COHN-Prom Committee: Homeroom Vice President, IZB, l2A: Homeroom Secretary, 10B-IZA: Food Committee: Cos- tume Designing for Modern Dance Program: Red Cross Typing: Community Drive Committee MARION PHYLISS COVEL-Hall Staff: Service Club: Library Club: Bulletin Staff: F.T.A.: Hockey '49: Volley Ball '48, '49, '50: Basketball '49: Softball '49: Gregg Shorthand Award: Athletic Letter - 6 JACK CUNNINGHAM-Chess Club: VVoodslmQ Projects, 9B-9A: lntramural Basketball: Entered from Linden, 91 ', College Choice--- Penn State ' 1- SIDNEY DEUTSCH-Dramatic Enghsli Llass: Class Play Cast: journal Staff, Business Manager: Homeroom President, 8B: Student Council Representative, 7B-7A: Hall Staff: Printing Projects GEORGE DIAMANTOPULOS-Homeroom President, 9B: Student Council: Hall Staff: Male Chorus: Choir 5, 4, 3, 2: Intramural Basketball SAMUEL DICKTER-Special Shop Projects: Intramural Basket- ball: Distributive Education Class: Entered from Atlantic City Senior High, llB: Favorite Sports-Basketball, Swimming PATRICIA DUSHAVV--Homeroom President, l1B: Tutoring Staff: Service Club: French Club: College Club: Chess Club: Senior Y-Teens: F.B.L.A.: Volley Ball '49, '50: Gregg Shorthand Award: Community Chest Drive Typist: Entered front Holy Rosary, 9B JANE ELLIS-Dramatic English Class: Homeroom Secretary, l0B, l0A: Cafeteria Staff: Hockey '48, '49, '50: Basketball '48, '49: Volley Ball '49 DOROTHY EWING-Class Day Committee: Student Council, 10B- lZA: Hall Staff: Ushering Staff: Cheerleader: Basketball '48-'50: Volley Ball: Hockey: Tennis: Mushball: Vocational Preference- Nursing wxfsfxfaxfsfgexf.. ..e.,,s.... e,,532C.C.C.xf,e,....C... Ll 71 ua 7 jf Cldff SHERMAN FARBSTEIN-Chess Club, Hall Staff, Basket-room Staff, Homeroom Treasurer, 8A-SB, Foreword Representative, Intramural Basketball, Football '49 MARY VIRGINIA FECHKO-Homeroom Class Day Committee, Homeroom Secretary, lZB-IZA, M.M.M., Volley Ball MARGARET FITZURKA-Journal Staff, Homeroom Vice Presi- dent, l2A, l2B, llA, Foreword Representative, l2A, 12B, llA, Service Club, Office Assistant, Gregg Shorthand Certificate, D.A.R. History Award, Basketball '48, '49 ELAINE FOREMAN-Hall Staff, junior Glee Club, Chorus 5, 4, 3, 1, Chorale, Soloist for Choir, All City Choir, Tea Committee, Talent Shows, Lawn Committee, Senior Calendar Committee, Volley Ball '47, '48 MARILYN ISOREMAN-Dramatic English Class, Stage Manager, Senior Class Play, Publicity Committee, Senior Class Play, Home- room Social Chairman, l2A, Chorus 1, Community Fund Drive Committee, Volley Ball '50, Entered from Kittanning High School, 12B JAMES H. FRANK-Prom Committee, Dramatic English Class, Publicity Committee, Class Play, Chairman of Sound Committee, Homeroom President, 8A, Band 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Marching Band: Iun- ior Varsity '46, Intramural Basketball '47, '48, '49, Buhl Plane- tarium Award RAYMOND B. GABLER-Homeroom Class Day Committee, Short- wave Club, President, Chess Club: Hall Staff: Television Projects, Homeroom Basketball '47, '48, '49 S. MORTON GRANOVITZ-Dramatic English Class, Class Play Cast, Homeroom President, IZB, l2A: Vice President, 8A, 8B, Treasurer, IOB, Senior Discussion Club, College Club, Chorus 5. 4. 3, 2, Secretary. Chorus 4, Male Chorus, Track Team '48, '49, Intramural Volley Ball and Basketball, Gregg Typing Award WILLIAM DAVID GREENBARG-Foreword Representative, l0B, Band 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Band Programs, Homeroom Basketball, Entered from Roosevelt ANTHONY EDWARD GUALTIERI, JR.-Homeroom Secretary, 9A, Special Shop Foreman, Football '48, '49, Track '47, '49, Basket- ball '49, '50, Entered from Greenfield, 9B .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .. .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U s.,fP..fx-:b,.fMfa..hfxfefefxf.,s.,fSfa-Si,fe.'s,,fk:'.s..fL-fh.ft.'S:xfP.'LqS:S.'N: ERNEST HALLE--Homeroom Class Day Committee: Hall Staff: Chess Club: Intramural Basketball: College Preference-Duquesne JACK S. HASLEY-Dramatic English Class: Class Play Cast: Properties'Committee: Hall Staff: Bookroom Club: Garden Club: Chess Club: Short VVave Club: Orchestra 4: Band 3: Homeroom Basketball '49 PHYLISS RAE HOFFMAN-Student Council: Hall Staff: Book- room Club: Chorus 1: Jewelry Projects: Tea Committee: Senior Leaders, Treasurer: Hockey '48, '49, '50: Volley Ball '48, '49, '50: Softball '49, 'S0:'Red Feather Drive Committee ARLENE HORNSTEIN-Homeroom Class Day Committee: Hall Staff: Chorus 1: Favorite Sport-Tennis: College Preference-Penn State '50: Typing Award History Broadcast NORTON LOUIS KALINSKY Homeroom Vice President 9B l0A: Hall Staff: Intramural Basketball Band Z l Basketball 48 SPIRO N. KAMBERIS Football Club Football Team 48 49 40 Basketball '49: Homeroom Basketball 49 Football Minstrel Shaw GEORGE KARLIN-Chess Club: Camera Club: American Legion Medal: Foreword Representative, 7B-SA: Football Team '49: Foot- ball Manager '48: Football Minstrel Show: Intramural Basketball AUVRA KARTUB-Hall Staff: F.T.A.: Tea Committee: Volley Ball '47, '48, '49: Community Chest Committee: Cancer Fund Com- mittee: Vocational Preference-Teaching I-IARRIET KATZ-Hall Patrol: Library Club: College Club: Camera Club: Field Hockey '48, '49: Homeroom Bible Reader MERVIN ALLEN KENDALL-Prom Committee: Dramatic Eng- lish Class: Class Play Publicity Manager: Hall Staff: German Club: College Club: Homeroom President, 12B: Vice President, llA: Treasurer, l0B, IOA: Orchestra 4: Track '49: Football Club: Cross Country '49: Intramural Basketball: International Peace Day Award 6172 ua fy Claff es PS KENNETH H. KENNEDYhClass Day Committee: Distributive Education Class: Homeroom Treasurer HARRIET BERNICE KLEIN-Prom Committee: Dramatic Eng- lish Class: Class Play Cast: Student Council, 9B-l0A: Foreword Representative: Cafeteria Staff: Ushering Staff: Discussion Club: Office Staff, '47: Chorus Z, 1: Modern Dance HERSCHEL KLEIN-Homeroom Secretary. 11B-IZA: Qualitative Analysis Class: College Club: Chess Club: National Chemical So- ciety Test, '50: Intramural Basketball '49, '50 DOROTHY KOPA-Chorus 4, 3, l: Vocational Preference-Secre- tary: Entered Allderdice, 9B CLIFFORD LAKATOS-Jewelry Projects: Electric Shop Projects: American Legion Award: Vocational Preference-Business LARRY M. LEFKOWITZ-Dramatic English Class: Class Play Cast: Publicity Committee: Class Day Committee: Homeroom Presi- dent, 9B: Vice President, IZB, 12A: Student Council: Senior Dis- cussion: United Nations Club: College Club: Track Team '48: Intramural Basketball '47: International Peace Day Award: Soci- ology Radio Broadcast PATRICIA LEIGHTON-M.M.M.: Entered from Schenley Eve- ning School: Favorite Diversion-Studying Voice and Piano: Vo- cational Preference-Commercial Artist MARLYN LENCHNER-Journal Staff: Foreword Staff: Dramatic English Class: Class Day Committee: Skit Committee: Foreword Representative, 1lB, l1A, l2B: Chairman, Cafeteria Staff: Tutoring Staff: F.T.A.: Social Committee Chairman: College Club: French Club: Harp Soloist, Orchestra: All City Junior and Senior Orches- tra: D.A.R. Award BETTY ANN LEPEDO-Cafeteria Staff: M.M.M.: Jewelry Pro- jects: Basketball '50: Volley Ball '49: Softball '49, '50: Entered from Gladstone, 11B: Vocational Preference-Receptionist MARION CLARE LYONS-Distributive Education Class: Home- room Secretary, IZA: Room 214 Secretary: Vocational Preference- Office Work .. .L,.L,,. W.. .U.L,.L,.L,.L,.L,.L,.. .U.Um.U.U.L,..U.L,.L,.g,.L,.L,.L Nifegvqsryxfxfxfesxxfexifxxfsfeeveezesfee 1.Q, .--.- -- -- -- -- -- - -- ELSIE MAE MANIUS - Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, 9B, M.M.M., Stage Scenery Conunittee, Fashion Shows '48, '49, Volley Ball, Modern Dance, Shorthand and Typing Awards, Entered from Gladstone, llB IRIS JOAN MANNING-F.T.A., Chorus 5, Chorale, Modern Dance, Christmas Program JO ANNE MARCUS-Dramatic English Class, Cast of Class Play, Cafeteria Staff, Ushering Staff Substitute, F.T.A., Gregg Tran- scription Award MARJORIE MARSDEN-M.M.M., Tea Committee, Entered from Gladstone, Vocational Preference-Secretary l TAMARA SUE MARTIN-Senior Discussion, F.T.A., Teen-Age Book Club, Dance Programs, Orchestra 4, 2, l, Homerooin Bible Reader, Attendance Secretary, Jewelry Projects, Hockey '50 BERNARD MATHOS-Hall Staff, Special Shop Projects, Wood Shop Projects, Football '48, '49, Intramural Basketball Champion- ship Team JUDITI-I MAYOR-journal Staff, Editor-in-Chief, Cafeteria Staff, Co-Chairman, Prom Committee, Student Council, Garden Club, President, Basketball '48, '49, '50, Volley Ball '48, '49, Softball '48, '49 GERALDINE JUNE MCCLINTOCK-Class Day Committee, Dis- tributive Education Class, Special Dance Group, Choir, Orchestra 1, Typing Award, Entered from Gladstone JACK A. MEYERS-12B Senior Luncheon Committee, Chess Club, College Club, United Nations Club, Special Shop Projects, Intra- mural Basketball, Qualitative Analysis Class, Football Minstrel Show, Football Manager '49, Civic Club Test, Social Committee: Student Council FLORENCE MOSS-M.M.M., Volley Ball '49, '50, Basketball '49 '50, Tennis '49, Softball '49, '50, Hockey '49, '50, Athletic Letter, Stephen Foster Radio Program, Entered from Gladstone, llB LOIS MULLEN-F.B.L.A., Softball '50, Volley Ball '49, Basket- ball '50, Hockey '49, Shorthand Speed Award, Entered from Glad- stone, 11B EDGAR MUNI-IALL-Senior Class President, Prom Committee, Class Day Committee, journal Staff, Homeroom President, 9A- IZA, Foreword Staff, Editor-in-Chief, Cafeteria Staff, Latin Club, Vice President, French Club, President, F.T.A., McKelvey Teach- ing Project, Class Play Scenery, National Scholastic Exhibitions '47, '51, Honorable Mention '49, Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, "Seventeen" Student Issue,Art Students League Scholarship, French Contest, P.C.W., International Peace Day Award, Swimming Team '47, '48,.'49, '50, City Junior Backstroke Champion '47, State Cham- pionship Meets '48 '49, '50 GRACE PASTERNAK-F,T.A., Tea Committee, Volley Ball '48, '49, Hockey '49, Hall Staff HARRIET PINCUS-Class Day Committee, journal Staff, Dra- matic English Class, Class Play Cast, Foreword Representative, Student Council, Foreword Staff, Tutoring Staff, Garden Club, Camera Club, Discussion Club, Spanish Club, Latin Club, F.T.A. Social Committee, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Volley Ball '47, '48, '49, Hockey '48, Basketball '48, Special Dance, Modern Dance, Gregg Typing Award, Dance Program LEONA PODOLSKY Dramatic English Class, Class Play Cast, journal Staff, Editor-in-Chief, Homeroom Vice President, llB, Secretary-Treasurer, llA, l2B, IZA, Student Council, Cafeteria Staff, Discussion Club, Chorus 4, 3, 1, All City Choir, Hockey '49, Volley Ball '48, Gregg Shorthand Award, WCAE History Broad- cast, Foster Memorial Program, Senior Calendar Committee WILLIAM PURCELL-Print Shop Projects, Entered from Schen- ley, llA, College Preference-Purdue ETHEL RABINOVITZ-Dramatic English Class, Class Play Cast, Foreword Representative, Homeroom Social Co-chairman, Cafe- teria Staff, F.T.A., Choir 4, Chorale, Choir Secretary, 12B-12A' Carnegie Library Radio Broadcast 1 MICHAEL M. RAPPORT-Homeroom President, 7A, Homeroom Treasurer, 8B-8A, Foreword Representative, Hall Staff, Micro- scope Club, Entrant in Pennsylvania Poster Contest, Scenery for Class Play, Lawn Committee, Track '49, Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball '48, '49 NANCY RECHT-Camera Club, F.B.L.A,, Treasurer, Softball '49, Hockey '49, Basketball '48, '49, Community Chest Typist, Entered from Freedom High School, 10B NAOMI REICHBAUM-Hall Staff, F.T.A., Hockey '49, Basket- ball '48, Volley Ball '48, Softball '49, Senior Leaders, Athletic Letter 'QU 'Q-.uif 'sJ,'tU,'qg,',Lf. Le,c.,C,c,,..,.,.,c.,e,-.c.,c,..,-.C.c.,c.,c..c..c.,c..cfc,.,,c..c,. 1 1 fisffsfs.-'fsfs AA MAURICE ARTHUR REICHMAN-Senior Class Vice President, Student Council President, Student Council Treasurer, 11A, Prom Committee, Class Day Committee, Problems Committee, Social and Handbook Committee, Dramatic English Skit, Publicity Committee, Homeroom President, 12B-l2A, Homeroom Vice President, llB-11A, Tutoring Staff, Microscope Club, Vice President, Senior Discussion Club, Chess Club, German Club, College Club, Band 4, 3, 2, 1, Intramural Basketball '49, '50, Qualitative Analysis Class, Econc- mics Broadcast, Publicity Committee for Student Rally HANNAH ROSEN-Dramatic English Class, Class Play Cast, Program Committee, Foreword Representative, Fashion Show, Volley Ball '49, P.T.A. Fashion Show, Clothing Projects HERBERT SYLVAN ROSENFELD--Orchestra 2, Band 3, Book- keeping Certificate RUTH ANN SALVAMOSER--M.M.M., Vice President and Secre- tary, Hall Staff, Clean-Up Poster Contest, Basketball '48, Volley Ball '49, Honorable Mention in Brotherhood Poster Contest SHIRLEY RUTH SCHIFFMAN-Journal Staff, Class Day Com- mittee, Class Play Music, F.T.A., French Club, Library Club, Modern Dance, Special Dance, Talent Show-Co-Producer, Direc- tor, Chorus 4, Harmony 4, 3, 2, 1, United Nations Club, Chorus 1V Accompanist, 214 Staff, Tutoring Staff, Junior Glee Club, Fashion Show, Care Affair DONAHUE SCOTT--Track '49, '50, Basketball '49, Intramural Basketball, Hobby-Photography, Entered from Gladstone BLANC!-IE SEERY-Foreword Representative, F.B.L.A., Presi- dent, Chess Club, Volley Ball '49, '50, Basketball '49, Competent Typist Certificate RICHARD ROBERT SEILER-Hall Staff, Shortwave Club, Typ- ing Progress Certificate, Cross Country '49, Entered from Glad- stone, 11B PAULINE SILVERBLATT-Dramatic English Class, Bookholder for Class Play, Foreword Representative, Senior Leaders Club, College Club, Spanish Club, Chorus 3, 1, Orchestra 4, 3, 2, 1, Food Committee, Orchestra Programs, Senior Life Saving, Hockey '48, '49, Volley Ball '47, '48, '49, '50, Community Chest Drive Committee LEE SILVERMAN-Class Day Committee, Journal Staff, Home- room Treasurer, IZA, Tutoring Staff, Chess Club, College Club, German Club, Senior Luncheon Committee, Cafeteria Posters' Intramural Basketball, Basketroom Attendant l Ll 71 .U Ll 7 by Cldjj .sa .-s'ab HILLARD LARRY SIMON-Prom Committee, Hall Staff, Band 5, 4, 3, Marching Band, Intramural Basketball WALTER RICHARD STOEHR-Distributive Education Class, jewelry Projects, Entered from Park Place, 9B JOYCE ELIZABETH STRONG-Class Day Committee, F.T.A., French Club, Cafeteria Staff, Chorus 5, All City Chorus, Talent Show MARION ELLEN SUPOWITZ-Journal Staff, Dramatic English Class, Senior Class Play Cast, Student Council, Homeroom Social Chairman, llB, Homeroom President, 10B-IOA, Ushering Staff, Hall Staff, Cafeteria Staff, F.T.A., Food Committee for Tea, Radio Broadcast, 12B Luncheon Committee ONEAL TIGNER Chorus 2, Jewelry Projects, Homeroom Basket- ball Team, Entered from Gladstone, llB, Vocational Preference- Pilot JOSEPH TIPPETT-Football Club '49, '50, Jewelry Projects, Spe- cial Shop Projects, Football '49, '50, Minstrel Show, Entered from Gladstone, 11B HOWARD TURK-Class Day Committee, Dramatic English Class, Senior Class Play, Business Manager, Homeroom Vice President, l2B, College Club, Band 5, 4, Jewelry Projects, Art Projects, 12B Luncheon Committee, Intramural Basketball '50 DONALD R. VERNON-Prom Committee, Dramatic English, Pub- licity and Program Manager, Hall Staff, College Club, Cross Coun- try Team '49, '50, Homeroom Basketball Team, American Legion Award, WCAE History Broadcast JACK WEISS-Homeroom President, 9B, Vice President, 9A, 10B, l0A, Secretary, 1lB, Discussion Club, Band 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Gregg Typing Award, Basketball '48, '49, Homeroom Basketball Cham- pionship Team LAWRENCE WEIZENBAUM - Dramatic English Class, Class Play Cast, Hall Staff, Homeroom Basketball Team V i SONDRA WILDMAN-Chess Club: Speed Test for Typing: Home- room Secretary, 9ll: lintrant in Clean-Cp Poster Contest: jewelry Projects: llasketball '50, Captain: Volley Ball '48: Hockey '49 BETTY LOU WISSER-L'lass Day Connnittee: Hall Staff: DA R. History Award: Basketball '48, '-19: Volley liall '48, '49: Vocational l'referencemStenographer NORMAN WOLFF-Student Council, 7.-X: Homeroom President, fill: Hall Staff: Green Key: College Club: Band 5, 4. 3: Marching lland: Tri-State liand: All City Hand: Basketball '48, '49, '50, '5l: Captain Basketball Team '50, '5lg Intramural Basketball: Talent Shows ANNIE M. WOODS-Science Club: Volley llall '49, '50: Athletic Award 115' 'ik 9? if Y? Sf Sf Spelling Contest: Basketball: ROSE MARIE YURKEW-Distriluutivt' Education Class: Lunch- Check Cashier: Sewing Projects: Typing Award: Vocational Pref- erencewStenographer QOLDIE SUSAN ZAHM-Student Council: Foreword Representa- tive: Councilettes: Vocational Preference-Business VVoman ANN E. ZIONTS-Dramatic English Class, Publicitv Committee' , Foreword Representative: Student Council: German Club: Colleffe Club: Chorus 5, 4: Chorale: Volley Ball '49, '50: Special Dancle: Swimming '49 MORRIS ZWANG-Ctxllege Club: Intramural Basketball WILLIAM COVINGTON-Football '48, '49: Intramural Basket- ball: American Legion Award liiladstonel: Award for Public Speak- ing tliladstonel: Vocational Preference-Law 25 J-":i.'.-15.Jnt.'T-:xX'T5.i3.'L2N'75.:f:i."'5"7?."2N.'7-TN.'.2N.:r1x.JnR.Jnx.5r3."2N.'7i:'r:?. 595.775.J-':i."'r5.55:5."'5.:f'9.Jf:R.:r9.':5.:-5."rS'.Jn5.JfuR.JnR.:r:5."?9.:-'1R.Jfakfrf. Forty-Second Commencement t eznnezry Class Processional POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE ,............,.A,.......,...,...........,,..,,. . ..,.,.. Elgar Orchestra Miss Laura Zeigler, Conductor INVOCATION ,,,.,... .,...... ..,... ....4,4..,...,. R e v . john M. Frawley Pastor, St. Philomena's Church WESTMINSTER .,.. ...,..,.....A.......,.... ..,,.,.,.,.A.,.s.....,.....,.,A.A...... C 0 ate.: Orchestra PRESENTATION OF FLOWERS ,............ .............. ,.... .....s........... , .............,.. J I 1 ne Class 1951 Seymour Schafer, june Class Maurice Reichman, january Class REVERIE ......,,.r..,.,.,.,...,....,.,..,r........,.,.,...........,...,.,..,...,..,.,........,.....,...,...,... John Chesire Harp Solo Marlyn Lenchner Facing an Uncertain World "My Own hope is, a sun will pierce The thickest cloud earth ever stretched." -Browning 'Preparation through Experience" .....r.,........... .,,r.r,r......,..... ,.,..... E t hel Rabinovitz "Security through School and Home Ties", ...,. r.......,..,.... A nne Castle "Confidence through Training" .................. ....,.. Margaret Fitzurka "The Hope Of Tomorrow". r.,...,.. , .....,.... Harriet Pincus WALTZ ...... ,r.......................,. . ., .,... Chopin Piano Solo Joyce Strong CLASS GIFT Edgar Munhall, January Class Joseph Trattner, June Class AMERICA, THE BEAUTIFUL ..........., ,...........,.................... ...,............................. ..,.. B a t es Taylor Allderdice A Cappella Choir Miss Emma Steiner, Director AUTHORIZATION OF DIPLOMAS ...... ..........,...........,...,......,............... M r. Evan Ingram Representative of Superintendent Of Schools PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS,.,., I...,...,...,...,.....,..... Mr. J. D. McClymOnds Principal, Allderdice High School Recessional MARCH FROM ATHALIA ............ ,....... ....... ...... M e n delssohn Orchestra -N . 9, .,..,..X..,.,1.X..,.X fx-,.,.V-1 .X.,x.K,x...X '- W A .- 121 .F .T .1 121173 .X 'F .F".-'lf'-N'-T. vfflzfe f'a'z'c'e :1111z1, W11L'11 11111 Il sc11iu1' 1 wz111t to bc: 1711111153 XY11L'I1 11111 Ll 5C1l1U1' 1 1111111 tu 116: 111te111g1-111 as 11z1r1'1ct 1J11IL'l15 .Xclivc 215 .1X1111c Castle 1,1llJl11Zll' ILS 1it11c1 1i:111i11m'itz 1'1'1-tty :Ls -1:1110 1C11is Sweet 21s gxllll Zinmts 1"1'ic11r11y 115 113111121 1'11c1u1skv S1llCCl'l' 11s N1ZlI'1j'1I 1.C1lC1l .Xt1111-tic as Hctty XY1ssc1' IICI' Yiv:11'1u11s as .lu .XIIIIC K1:11'c11s 1'11:11'111111g as 11z11'1'ict Klc-111 11l'2lCL'1ll1 :ls 1,1ll'141C 1fx1'111g N111si1':11 :ls hluycc' 511-01155 XY1-11 1111-ssn-11 as N1z11'11111 S 11p11witz S11ZllJL'1y as '1':1111z11'z1 1112111111 lcfea fs 111tC111gL'1l1 115 1'1L1gll1' 311111112111 ,Xctivc as N1e1'vi11 14611411111 1'11p111z11' 215 C1lZ1.Y1C5 Coffey 11z111c1s11111c as George Kz11'1i11 lf1'1e11c11y as R1c11'1'1s Zw:111g Sincere 215 1.Zll'1'y 1.c1k11w1tz .'Xt111ctic as Nlb1'lllllll XY11111 Versatile as K1z1111'icc Rc-10111112111 f11'1g111111 as 1.06 S11VCl'l1lZl11 12111111 spurt as Sicluey 1JCl11SC1l 1'1l11l1lJl'U1lS as Gcurge 17i:1111z111tup11111s A1l1S1CZl1 as 1iZll'1 .'X1lSSl'l11l9l'g XYe11 clressccl as 11113111111 f1I'Z1IlUV11Z XYc11 1111111 as Spiro KZ1lll1l6I'15 E1'SfS.i. i.x.SnI,.sSfSf.s1I.E:X..L,E.fK' I 1771! lL.EV?.gQ.iv,,,g! Si .. , , .iL.L,f.., .. , .D , , .. , .L, amuczry Class Play HTlze Curse 0 an Aclzing Heczrta' or Trapped in a Spider's Web! DRAMATIS PERSONAE Hiram Abernathy, an old rancher ......,..........,...............,.,..,..... Mr. Lawrence Weizenbaum Mrs. Abernathy, Hiram's wife .,..,..,...,.....,..,,..,..............,,....,.,..,........,.,...... Miss Harriet Klein Battle Axe Annie, the sheriff ...,..,....... .,,.......,.. M iss Harriet Pincus Red Wing, Indian girl ..........,...............,...,,.,. . ,..,. .,..Miss Ethel Rabinovitz Windermere Hightower, the villain ..,..,... ......... M r. Morton Granovitz Lucius Goodenough, the hero ......,..,...,..,.... ...,.......,.. M r. Sidney Deutsch Aurelia Abernathy, Hiram's daughter ,..,.... Miss Marion Supowitz Melody Lane, heroine ....,...................,,............. ,...... M iss Leona Podolsky Nellie Blythe, member of school board .......... .,......,...., M iss Hannah Rosen Muriel Atkins, villain's wife ..,,..,................,..,,........,..,......,. ...,..... M iss Jo Anne Marcus Aloysius Abernathy, unexpected arrival. ,,..,... . ,,.....,....,...... ,..,.,..,. M r. jack S. Hasley STUDENT STAFF General Manager ......,... ..,..,...,.,,..,.......................,..,...... .......,,,..,...... H o ward Turk Stage Manager ......... ,. .,............,..,..,...,.. Marilyn Foreman Bookholder ,...,..,...,..,...., ..,..,..,.....,...,.,........ P auline Silverblatt Publicity Managers ,.,....... .,..... H oward Turk, Donald Vernon Secretaries .....,......,..,......,....., .,........ M arlyn Lenchner, Jane Ellis Program .......,.........,...,..,,........,......,..,..........,..,...,,...................................,.....,......,. Donald Vernon Musical Accompaniment ,..........,. . .,,..................,..,..,.........,...,........,......,...,.. Shirley Schiffman FOR THE JANUARY CLASS OF 1951 Play Directors .................,...,...,..,........,....,..... Mr. James Reilly and Mr. Joseph Simmons Faculty Sponsors ,...,.,.,....., ...,......., ........ , M r. Joseph Thompson, Miss Lenore Allen, Miss Elizabeth Wagenknecht Set Construction and Lights ,..,....,......,,.............., Herbert Mendelsohn, Norman Mozeik Posters and Interior Decorations ,.................,.,....,.,.. Annamarie Tkac, Susan Bergman, Edgar Munhall, Robert Smith, Harvey Breverman, Harvey Sniderman, Howard Turk, Donald Vernon, James Frank, Ann Zionts Sound Effects .,......,....,.....,.............,...,..,..,......,...........,.........,..... Donald Vernon, James Frank COMMITTEES Property .,..., James Frank, jane Ellis, Howard Turk, Jack S. Hasley, Donald Vernon Make-up .......,..,..,....,..,..,..,............,...,......,..,. Marlyn Lenchner, Mervin Kendall, Jane Ellis Publicity .......,. .,..,.....,.....,....,..,. M ervin Kendall, Maurice Reichman, Larry Lefkovitz Program ,....,..,..,,..,.....,. Donald Vernon, James Frank, Ann Zionts, Marilyn Foreman 28 .. . .Y,.,.e.e,,.,,.,.,,.,..,L,,,.x.,X.,.A.-.,e,,..e-,.,-X.a.,,.X.--X--X-A-tsa-'X--N gd,iq,s,i,afXfxfN,1,K,,,N,-,fX,N,x,x,x f-sf-X fx , . , 1 X s X Q -s 1 N - N X nqmfb .Q c1343 i- F'T4f3'.1'.f373 -E.4?.79.1'?,f?.f?.-Ti-2. The Curse 0 fm Achifzg Hefzrt Ye shall all gather 'round and listen, "Oh Lucius." swoons Melody fainting Wfhile this tale of woe I impart, away, Ye shall hear of maidens and villains, The words echo from rafter to rafter, And The Curse of an Aclzing Heart. "Fair inaiden, I love thee," our hero replies, lt's tile CVC of tllif of NOVClllbCf, Tlley live happilv ever aftef. Our fair halls are quiet and dimg r ' ' 1 The Cm-tain is Sloxvly rising' The curtains are slowly descending, Harkg Rvly Story is now to beg-in. The audience starts to depart. But this story shall long he remem- hered. Thu CIIICYK' of an .flrlling Heart. 'Tis a simple, humble farmhouse, Peace and goodwill fill the airg Here the Abernethey's dwell An aged, loving pair. Ah, too soon their happiness ended, For the villain Hightower eameg He was plotting to steal their money, And bring ruin to Melody Lane. "Shall wrong triumph over virtue F" Cries poor Melody in despair. "Alone, unhefriended, and helpless, ls there no one to answer my prayer ?' 9 lint l.o! l,ueius Goodenough arrives, The hero in our play, Ile rescues Miss Lane from the villain's elnteh, And sends Hightower on his way. . 29 fifRfRfRQx,1gf-xfyifigiakxzgz-XiaQQQQLIQLRQQQ-xzig-gygg-g9.iyiygkij.-,pi Our Student Council COUNCIL OFFICERS President-Maurice Reichman Vice President-Richard Rosenzweig Secretaries-Electra Petrolas, Calliope Popandreas Treasurer-Memory jones Sponsor-Miss Wagenknecht STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS MEMBERS-AT-LARGE x.fQ.Lx,x.fx.,x,x, xfyfxf ,, S ,. ,, ,. ,. C. S, -. C. ,, O. . 3 3 .31 ,9214"5.'T?.'R'33.35.'TSN53.f"??5.53.55."3.?3.'T5.5'5.'T5."2N.5-wR.5'-'?."2N. PROBLEMS COMMITTEE SOCIAL COMMITTEE Remember the "Care Affairu? Remember the "Care fXft:1ir"? Remember, we all were there. Remember we all were there. lt was a dance in the gym so grand, A nicer wish that must not be made in IVitli 21 carnival and real live hzmd. vain Remember? Is to adopt our orphans this year again. Remember ? SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE COUNCIL MEMBERS -L.-L.-4.-L.-L.-L.-L,-L.-L.-l,. .L,.L,.L,.L,.L,..,.. . .,.. 31 .N.,N.a..,..,.-.,,.,,.,,.,c.,..X.,,.,,.,,.,.x.,g.,X.,X.R..,..c.,,.,g.,,.,c.,c..,.,c..,c,..X.-.1-gc,.,x. ..X Sketclzy jxcgfgf 0 f 256 Teacher .,.A. ....... .....,...,........ M i ss Agnes Kerr President .......,...,. .....,.. M aurice Reichman Vice President .4.,.. ..,....,., D olores Cohn Secretary ..4.r..,... .Vr,r..,..4..r. ....,. H e rschel Klein Treasurer ...,......................... ,..i, Lee Silverman Foreword Representative i.....,4..,.... ,..... E thel Rabinovitz Student Council Representative ........ ......,.. C harles Coffey First Row-Harriet Katz, Ada Bloom, Tamara Sue Martin, Herschel Klein, Dolores Cohn, Maurice Reichman, Lee Silverman, Jane Ellis, Marlyn Lenchner, Shirley Schiffman Second Row-Annie Woods, Sandra Wildman, Marilyn Foreman, Pauline Silverblatt, George Adams, Jack Meyers, Sidney Deutsch, Marion Supowitz, Ethel Rabinovitz, Ann Zionts Third Row-Michael Rapport, Howard Turk, Sherman Farbstein, Richard Seiler, Morris Zwang, Norman Wolff, George Karlin, Norton Kalinsky, Charles Coffey GEORGE ADAMS-Musically inclined and studious: interested in engineer- ing, enjoys repairing and designing furniture EARL AUSSENBERG-Handsome, husky hero, interested in football, enjoys designing jewelry ADA BLOOM-Active, capable, efficient aid in school projects, likes reading novels, looks forward to being a teacher DOLORES COHN-Blue-eyed, brown-haired, aided in the Community Drive, enjoys horseback riding CHARLES COFFEY-Athletic and friendly with qualities of leadership, en- joys all sports SIDNEY DEUTSCH-Businesslike with a flair for the dramatic, interested in printing as a hobby JANE ELLIS-Enchanting "Jeannie with ligh4t brown hair", enjoys sports: particularly hockey, will make an excellent secretary SHERMAN FARBSTEIN-Companionable and humorous, likes football and fishing, is a collector of stamps and c-oins 'Lv 'Lf -:J '11 -4.1-U'v'L"u'u-L-'L'-uw' -Lf -1- 'L- 'U 'Q 'Q 'er 'Lf 'U 'a-:U '11 'L' 'L' 'U E.fP.,'Y'N.,Y'X,.EfS,'E:E4fb.'E:?,,'?,,'S.,'E:EfP.,'X-fN,.'b,fk,4X5fiS4'Nq P..'E.,'E,.fP,.'Xvfx- X.. N.. s-. X-. sa s- s- s- w- N- MARILYN FOREMAN-Brown eyes and brown hair, known to her friends as Mickeyg enjoys reading and listening to music NORTON KALINSKY-Cooperative, practical, and resourcefulg interested in sportsg looking forward to a 'business career GEORGE KARLIN-Energetic, cullturedg enjoys playing around with photog- raphyg hopes to enter the hotel business HARRIET KATZ-Kindly young lady: enjoys baseball and taking pictures DOROTHY KOPA-Persevering and determined young wovman, with sewing and music as preferred pastimes HERSCHEL KLEIN--Analytical and personableg hopes to become a chemical engineer after graduating from Carnegie Tech MARLYN LENCHNER-Capable, alert, and friendly: very active in all extracurricular workg enjoys music and collecting classical records TAMARA MARTIN-Attractive "Sue"3 active in home economicsg likes to discuss social problems JACK MEYERS-Modest, sympathetic, co-operativeg can manage, thinks well: will become an engineer ETHEL RABINOVITZ-Lovely brunette, beautiful in voice and manner. in addition to being very intelligent: enjoy-s singing particularly MICHAEL RAPPORT-Adroit and suaveg likes football and huntingg enjoys dancing and the 'movies MAURICE REICHMAN-Candid and aggressive: has executive and speaking ability: is ambitious to become a lawyer SHIRLEY SCHIFFMAN-Busy and highly gifted in music: possesses an artistic mind and creative musical genius RICHARD SEILER-Industrious, ener-getic: interested primarily in sports in which he hopes to earn a living PAULINE SILVERBLATT-Cheerful and -helpful to 'those about herg inter- ested in music, the piano especiallyg fond of swimming LEE SILVERMAN-Penetrating wit: thinks carefully and expresses con- clusionfsg interested in becoming an industrial psychologist MARION SUPOWITZ-Sparkling personality: intelligence blended with sym- pathy, interested in reading and playing the pianog enjoys a good tennis game HOWARD TURK-Dapper and self-reliant: adapts himself readily to dif- ferent groups of peopleg interested in art as a hobby SONDRA WILDMAN-Vivacious and attractively pleasant: active in sportsg clever at designing posters: is ambitious to become a model NORMAN WOLFF-Confident and aggressive: possesses athletic skil-lg active in school projectsg aims to become a successful business-man ANNIE WOODS-Engaging, easy-going disposition: popular with every one: gains the respect ot her associates: hopes to become a medical secretary ANN ZIONTS-Brilliant mind, keen wi-t, penetrating humorg talented in artg interested in doing research work MORRIS ZYVANG-Colorful personality: answers to the name of "Moen: likes to hear popular recordsg came here from Phoenix, Arizona -,-c-X-.-X.. ,,.x.A,.,X.,.,.,.c.X-K.,,.,x.,..,-.X..r-a-A,sa-a-x-f.-.-X-.c-s-vx-s-x-dPx"X'- 364 Booleshel f otos Teacher .........., ...... M rs. Myra Simpson President .....,..A.,,,,.., ......, M orton Granovitz Vice President. .,.........,,.,..., ...... I .arry M. Lefkowitz Secretary-Treasurer ,........,...,,.... .....4..... I .eona Podolsky I Foreword Representative ................. .,.. . i,Hannah Rosen W Student Council Representative .. .. ,..,.... Anne Castle First Row-Patricia Dushaw, Marion Covel, Naomi Reichbaum, Nancy Recht, Elayne Foreman, Larry Lefkowitz, Leona Podolsky, Anne Castle, Hannah Rosen Second Row-Blanche Seery, Ruth Salvamoser, Grace Pasternak, Marjorie Marsden, Auvra Kartub, Lois Mullen, Harriet Pincus, Phyllis Hoffman, Betty Ann Lepedo Third Row-Mervin Kendall, Joseph Tippet, Spiro Kamberis, George Diamantopnlos, Oneal Tigner, William Purcell, James Frank ANNE CASTLE: Great Expectations A wonderful girl, abounding in ambition: Count on Anne Ito achieve recognition. MARION COVEL: Our .Mutual Friend "Make new friends," is Marionis creed, Consult her when you're in need. GEORGE DIAMANTOPULOS: Don Juan Gallant George has a fine singing voice- Destined to be the people's choice. PATRICIA DUSHAVV: Rose of the World Pretty Patty is a radiant rose Doing good wherever she goes. ELAINE FOREMAN: Song of the Lark Every -one knows this :talented singerg Fame it-he future is sure to bring her. JIMMY FRANK: Greatest Thing in the VVorId Jack-of-all-'trades is jovial jimg Forvtune will soon be found by him. MORTON GRANOVITZ: Six Feet Six Masculine Mlorty--to kn-ow him is a treatg Gay and good-looking-he really can't be beat. PHY-LISS HOFFMAN: Reaching for the Stars Pleasant, pretty, high above parg Her sterling qualities will carry 'her far. SPIRO KAMBERIS: Tarzan and the Amazons Sharp dresser, smiling, gay and free Keeps the girtls always in ecstasy. AUVRA KARTUB: Master of the Strong Hearts All the children in her class Know this teacher will help them to pass. MERVIN KENDALL: The Bread lVinner Mastterly Merv is a p'harmaci'st to beg Knows his drugs from A to Z. LARRY LEFKOWITZ: The Politician Likeable Larry, full of tricks. Loves to argue politics. BETTY ANN LEPEDO: The Constant Nymph Bright-eyed Betty, so petite, Always smiling, always neat. Lovable and downright sweet. ELSIE MAE MANIUS: Dancing Star Eagerly swinging into -the latest dance Merry El-sie never misses a chance: Movies or stage someday she'll enhance. MARJORIE MARSDEN: An Old-Fashioned Girl Modest Margie, in her quiet way, Makes life brighter for us each day. NAOMI REICHBAUM: Valiant Lady Neighiborly Naomi knows everybody's needs, Reaches right into your heart rthrou-gh her valiant deeds. HANNAH ROSEN: Golden Butterfly Happy-hearted Honey, win-some, gay, and bold, Reputation makes her wort-h her weight in gold. RUTH ANN SALVAMOSER: A Lantern in Her Hand Respectfully lending a 'helping -hand, Alert and ready to understand- She is one girl wtho is simply grand. BLANCHE SEERY: The Millionaire Baby Becomingly attired and quietly gayg Sincere an-d faithful is Blanche each day. ONEAL TIGNER: Boy with His Hair Cut Short One chap who is 'liked by all of the rest- Thart's Oneal, who rated high in a personality test. ,K .., .,, ., .fc -A -A A ."N'2.f'?.4?.jf?."Nf:.4wS- Q- fr- fr- JOSEPH TIPPETT: The Beloved Vagabond Jovial guy whois bo-t'h sharp and mellow Tfhoroughly 'liked as a really good fellow. 9 DONALD VERNON: Man and Superman Do you have a -task thaftls hard to do? Valiant Don will do it for you. FLORENCE MOSS: The Darling Friendly, frolicking, always ready for fun, Mischievous Flo's liked by every one. LOIS MULLEN: Analysis of Beauty Lovely Lois, culte as she can beg Magnetic and dynamic personality. GRACE PASTERNAK: A Good Wotnan Gracious acts are done by Grace each clayg Polite and plea-sant-this girl's O.K. HARRIET PINCUS: An Ambitious Woman Happy and gay is this am-bitious lassg "Pinkie" by far is the smartest in our class. LEONA PODOLSKY: Thnrnbelisa Little Lee, though small in fheight, Proceeds to prove that she's all right. WILLIAM PURCELL: Man and Nature When winter wind-s blow down on the farm, Pluck and luck will keep Bill from harm. NANCY RECHT: Portrait of a Lady Never too assuming, never out of place. Reliable Nancy for 'her classmates sets the pace. October When the last rose of summer had faded into homework and tests, the Seniors took a sudden interest in their classmates, and before October was well under way, a startling discovery was made. Half of the 1952 January Class had migrated into the 1951 june Class. At 'first these newcomers were treated as outsiders trying to violate the squatter's rights of the older pioneers. Gradually, though, their well-rounded personalities won them a place in the hearts of their new classmates. Many of them even went on to gain distinction as outstanding members of the class. Take for instance the tall, friendly lad whose engaging personality inspired his many feminine admirers to form the Jack Ostrosky Fan Clu-b. These girls were all seniors of the old school, too. In spite of the stiff competition presented by their elders, Sarah Hail-perin and Alan Bress gained lasting fame in "Out of the Frying Pan." Moreover, the newly-organized Kiwanis Key Club had as its leading officers Sandy Pollock and David Schreiber. Student Council, too, found three more outstanding "youngsters" in high positions. Dick Rosen- zweig was president, Frances Kochin, co-chairman of the social committeeg and Vivien Shapera, -head of the Ushering staff. These and many others like them gained well-deserved recognition in the short time they belonged to the June Class of 1951. efsfseafefsesevgwsfefxfifsfseseigiasegfQs?5',fi2s'.A:2s2s.'.fNdfS.fQxL-ks-2xt2iifi4s3fr2s:f.e 'ZF if '. H Gi? 1 NN if 1 -N 11.45-TG.1?.'i?. 73.7?.7?.f?.'T TARDY BLANK Numa ........ ..... ............. Gndl Home Room ,.,,, .1-hh... - lun !iz'0!liee Inman hhuy 'r-mm su 1: loan rm-4 . ff? ' Illlll j ' :A 'iff ,I A ' D Q Y , ,Z K, ri? .X.,..X.x.,kN.,.X...x-5-.-X .X..x ...... S TS 73 f. S51 ii, fgE'.E3""" DMLY sENcE nsponr ,........... Tmh. ' . oomnzfnm .... ...... nuns R- rum-' koou non "'I""""' HIGH SCH I MIQSION CARD " " :canon ' -- un chmn excuse 3' 'B' .E Publ., , ,,, IMPQAGI f Due ., ,.,....,., , ,,,, ,, ,,,, absence. vumun :ov-:nun Ana un an nu uv Luv ue-uno: anus Ml hflol.. . , ..:....,..... Ptfhl. ' - ... ... n s H Ph PU LIC I. , I I9 ld D 1 I 7, r I I A Ia .. - 'L . W m r J Q rm Q' ,I , 1 if nn "V , r X EDAB Abner! Rzmarlu , , , , NCE -AH Y-Y -194 , , ,,,. , s.-ma r. ns. s.,,..4 M. u- f... .-. An 1 I R . .."' ' f'F2ZJfT5 , A - lu Pen - - 1.4 P., pil, ' 5 Per 4 ' 'ri '74'4"1 mrnmEii W 1.14. H . H V Ji -U1 llllmj M up 1 f 'f' -4 fied! xclawm Qfwaff A X 0 tx - ffguh l"I,l M .. C. n...n. ,, ... L... .. 0... .. C... .1 S....n m. Perm Q, 1 hh Pmod uh Pu-ned , ,,A, 4 71h Pm Principal . xiii ? ff pgv f - v , A ff y f ' J fs 1 53:5 ' 1 ' wx -"4 J " ' Wu , .11- , J: lf' E112 3413, - .W JA 1, ' I 1' . f 'la' K X a .Q C 4 55 .,1 - 3 ' G I Q ' ' L ,F W , Q? 6. I 1 gl 1, I 'ftipjun Q is-I, n K ,frgylt 'ii yi. ' my 2 Zmgfg mi , -5 ' v't14K': ,vmfgl 5 'jfffgef I fy A --wp' 'f ff , , ', -Az, 5 ff-f W, f 1' 'L Q V : s k i 2 A 4 Q K., O L . , ,uf ,V f 1.1 jf' 'fy corzmoon PASS 'Nz If f f s Rf ' ' ' JI ' .. R . AJ' ' 11 Y - flff ,- R KAAA m 15 I - ,M f, ff .. . .J 1,27 ' ' ', " I -X., Wm' .. I ' ' 1 47 -f ' ' r..pil's' sqm-:mi ly - -kumn H ,A .. i. ,7 ,, I ' .- Tune mm , To mm A ' ' -' ' - R ' T' , ' S 'I I Y , I , - I 9, EQ' Tum mnfnfd A, l ' A ,-, - Q 5 Y , f lg 1-J 5 52 Y '. , . . K' , d , J 1 5. , , 11, -I' ,- f E456 ne . .I V "H J 3 ,' Z 1Wf,.,.5y, ip! - "ff 1- v ff. ... , Lf C Zgujw'-1. oi .'g113'.j.I t - H, I ' V .- 5 V 13 ' I ., ., XA 7 ' :Z'.f!:I' ' K'-D A I X ' f ,f V ' 'V -J 'M' f Q un' . ' fmyq X , pill gf ,J -A al' A ...Ia Y, ku r w :Hy AX, "V 'I"f" If ' U: f. -Q-Q ,F f 2-fi. '4' -Y' ' ' 1 'uf f - an if if 2 f' f '- M V, ,,,' Y . li. W. ,-:.,1,:.i: - 1, r . ,,, --- . ,A , ., , , 222 fi. -bf? ' wales! f ...ll'5 1- 2 --- 1 'U - 1 - '-' ,lf-H ' - 7471 ,. fi 4 W' J .7 f 'K l ' Y AY., , Q x 'i p ' - V- ,, '- rl-nn lAl.l.Y . u 1' 1314- r-mar Qu' '- :FF :J,'3f"' Rnquntfos f4 4 Tw.. rn.-IL 'N , .g-an - 'Z Em... , " nn.. m.d,.m, . , ,... nn,ns.m-an ul - 'VVV YWYVV V N YAVYYVVVVV in , -- O 'S mwfmnammy :LLM M-W.-M .. M- D-V -V PM Q Ni' "1,...--mz i Id Ill .'1."L'!'.."t1".'f.3.u..""'f.."..t."""" I I I mEFa:wl'f.f.:n..Al.E:'.r -:Gamma-n:' vfnffn:-'ffn1'::u.:b:w ..I.I'.iZ1... I I lffiwllwfa wi .momma new fu rpnwq. R pm- 1 M - ' 1 - ' .Wing 1 ""' "" I hh Pzriod ,,,, ' - S41--NfQJFL'.w"" ' In Pmodw' ml' mm ' 5'5'P"i"4 f I f ' '- Mm. Auf-. . , ,... ..... , .. .... , Tflqnw . 1-4 P "' H ' " ' m Period.Y.M. 1. M ,nu , A Y I ,twirl , Y n.,..11-...m.aI9s4l. . . .J.-Mnndna 37 aaae,..,a,aU..,,a,s.g.,,gA,gm,g,-N K AHL-guy AK AWA A fottingr from lmnd Central Station 467 Teacher ...... ......., M r. Edward Caye Ilresident . ....,.,.,.. ......,.. E dgar Munhall Yice President ..,,. ..... . Margaret Fitzurka becretary ..,,rr......,.,..,..,.,.,... ..r,....,,. M ary Fechko Treasurer ........., ..,................ .,........,... I l lona Balazs Foreword Representative .r.,..,r.r.,. ...,... . Margaret Fitzurka Student Council Representative ,,..,..,...,...,.... Dorrie Ewing l First Row-Judith Mayor, Arlene I-Iornstein, Dorothy Ewing, Illona Balas, Margaret Fitzurka, Mr. Caye, Edgar Munhall, Jo Ann Marcus, Harriet Klein, Mary Fechko Second Row-Donahue Scott, LaVerne Betsill, Judith Beveridge, Virginia Bartolomeo, Patricia Leighton, Iris Manning, Betty Lou Wisser, Mary Lou Calcaterra, Joyce Strong, Herbert Rosenfeld, Larry Simon Third Row-Bernard Mathos, Anthony Gualtieri, jack Cunningham, jack Hasley, Raymond Gabler, jack Weiss, Earl Aussenberg, Morton Granovitz, Lawrence Weizenbaum, William Greenbarg That lady connnuter on track twenty-three Is a secretary-efficient and neat as can he. -ILLONA BALAZS Traveling about to her heart's desire, This dancer will set the world on -fire. -VIRGINIA BARTOLOMEO Riding the rails on his road to fame Is a student-athlete from Notre Dame. -JACK BI-:CK Here in the station is a singer of the bluesg VVherever she goes, she makes headline news. -LAVERNE BETSILL Coming by train so that many can meet her Is a talented artist-there's nobody sweeter. -JUDITH BEVERIDGE -U -U -U 'U -U -U -U -U 'U -U -U -U -U -U -U -U -U -U -U 'U 'U 'U -U -U -,U -U -U -U -.U -U -U 'U -U -U 'U -U -U -U -U -U bfvf, essex, S.,fS..fs,,fX,-.fs,,fs,,fk,4N.-fS.-fx-,fs.,"-ef'r.,'eE:f,c., U, NJ, Efvf. U. b.,fb,,fNU4s.,fx-f,s.fNU-f2.,fe.,fs.-fs.,f 38 Alighting from a train we see An artist famed commercially. -MARY Lou CALCATERRA See that man waving to the throng- He's a scientist known from New York to Hong Kong. -JACK CUNNINGHAM To one young gentleman each train is the same, For whichever he takes 'twill bring fortune and fame. -WILLIAM COVINGTON Spotted on the platform at track forty-three Is the cheerleader from a great university. -DORRIE EWING Traveling on the Pullman car Is another famous dancing star. -MARY FECHKO This lady daily fights through the mob To catch a train to her secretarial job. -MARGARET FITZURKA That handsome face in the lounging car Could belong only to a Hollywood star. ' -RAY GABLER A crowd of young ladies with tears in their eyes To a handsome young gentleman are saying good-byes. -BILLY GREENBARG This football-basketball hero, so strong and tall, Carries his luggage with no effort at all. -TONY GUALTIERI Quietly sitting with sketch-book and pen, This cartoonist is drawing some ladies and men. -ERNEST HALLE Taking pictures of all on the Grand Central scene Is the TV photographer for Channel thirteen. -JACK HASLEY All the young men their eyes do strain As a pretty girl waves from a passing train. -ARLENE HORNSTEIN A -teacher 'has brought her class to see Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. 'i -HARRIET KLEIN A hostess for the trains, a pretty young miss, Sends the travelers off in a state of bliss. -PATRICIA LEIGHTON A wonderful singer creates a sensation As her lovely voice rings out through the station. -IRIS MANNINC .U .D .Q .U .U .U .U .b .U .L, .L, .L, .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .L, .U .U N4P.,'S.,fS.,'EfE.,fEf?,,'P.,'E.,fE,4'r,.fS.,fP,.'E:E.,":fP..'S,,fP,.'P.,'E:P..'E,.'E,'E,,f?..'EfN' A class-play star buys a magazine XVhere her name in theatrical news is seen. M-lo .ANNE MARcI's A prosperous business man goes through the gate To catch the train on track twenty-eight. -BERNARD Mmnos lnquiring about the arrival of trains Is a petite combination of beauty and brains. Aj um' MAYOR Climbing aboard a train bound for points west ls a fashion designer ranked the very best. 4l2DGAR iXlL'NlIAl.l. ln New York on business, a dry-cleaning tycoon XVill branch out in Pittsburgh and Florida soon. -HERIEERT' RosuNFm.n Snapping some pictures for the Associated Press A photographer famed in America and Europe, no less. 7-DONAHUE SCOTT Buying some tickets for those in his band ls the famous director, well known in this land. -H1I.I.ARlJ SIMON En route to a concert, a pianist is met. To Horowitz she presents a serious threat. -.lovcic STRONG Near the Twentieth Century Limited. a publisher stands, A writer for The Press, he is read in many lands. 4,1 ACK XVEISS An actor, world-famous, his trunks filled with robes, A road company leads, to conquer new globes. -'LAWRENCI-1 VVIEIZENRAUM From Atlantic City, Miss America 681116. Her purse filled with contracts for Hollywood fame. -BETTY l.o1' XYISSER assi i Winn-in N F III: ujml i X XX Nasa- -F 1 i l I ' 'ii - , X - -IX' .vlyv I ff 'Q -' ' ,..,, WJE: -O , fi? "rf Q " ,f l aff A :,. V A ,- ..5 . V---. 'S' -xg f at 'QP' 'U EE O t' ' N -- The Big Snow November was a history-making month this year. The headlines were filled with weather reports and bulletins from the Board of Education, while world news was crowded into the backseat. This was the month of the Big Snow, and the longest Thanksgiving vacation Allderdice ever had. November 24, While Friday, saw half the nation blanketeci with snow. During the days that followed, the clocks seemed to stop and Pittsburgh almost became a ghost town overnight. People took to hiibernating and getting re- acquainted with their families. Telephones substituted for dates and movies for the first few days. ' Then slowly but surely the city began to regain consciousness. Faithful stu- dents, ever close to their radios, were heart-broken when the news came over the air waves that school would be closed until further notice. Accordingly they undertook to drown their sorrow with snowball fights, sled-riding parties, neigh- borhood gatherings, and invigorating hikes to the nearest movie. Some day these same students will take 'their grandchildren on their knee and say, "No, my dears, they don't have blizzards anymore like the Big Snow back in November, 195O." TITLE OBJECT "Ain't Misbehavenu ...,.......................,....,........ A.... ............,..................,.,.,..,.... C 1 ass Day "Mr, Touchdown U.S.A." ...,.,..,.,. Spud Kamberis, Earl Aussenberg and jack Beck "The Thing" ................,.,...... .....................................................,........,. S enior Theme "I Need You So" ...........,....,....... .,..........,........ T ests "Curse of an Aching Heart" ....... ........ C lass Play "Darktown Strutters Ball" ..... .,............... P rom "I'll Get By" .....,,............,...,. .......... E nglish 8 "Heartaches" ...................,. ....... R eport cards "Memories" ,..........,..........,.,... .. ........ School Days "My Destiny" ...,...,...,........,...................... ......,........... G raduation "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" .,...,...,.........,,.., ....... B oys' Washroom "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke that Cigaret" ...... ,......,......,..........,....... W all "Mary Lou" ,.................,....,...,.................., ....... M ary Lou Calcaterra "Smiles" ...,............................................... .............. N orman Wolff "Old Master Painter" ...... ...,.......... E dgar Munhall "Personality" .,,.,.,....,.,.... ,.............. L eona Podolsky "Music, Music, Music" .... ..,..........,....... G eorge Adams "Laugh Clown Laugh" ..... .....,...... G eorge Diamantopulos 'Tm a Villain" ........... .. ..............,......,... Morty Granovitz "Feud'n and Fight'n" ...,.,.,. ........, M r. Blitz and M. Reichman "Sweet and Lovely" ............. .,......,.........,............ B etty Wisser "The Girl That I Marry" ...... ....,,...,. L ois Mullen, Flo Moss eff Mouse Tale Hi, dolls! It is nearly six years since I came to Allderdice, and Iyll bet you don't even know me! My name is Phillipa M-orris, and I am a mouse. Yes, the common, everyday variety of mouse which makes people scream and leap for the nearest chair. I hailed from Colfax before moving here, and at my first Student Council dance, I met my steady, jaydee, who had been taking post- graduate work at Wightman. I have been keeping house behind the third brick from the end in The Wall and have been getting chu-bby on lunch left-overs and discarded pledge boxes. I just shampooed my whiskers, and while waiting for them to dry, I began to think over my life at T.A. Seventh and eighth grades were a cinch for jaydee and me. We had heard all the old routines about the fifth floor annex, etc., and soon became adept at dealing with overbearing upperclassmen. Ninth grade, however, was a little tougher. I was elected May Queen by my colleagues, the Smokestack Seven, but due to an old "E" in citizenship, was ruled ineligible for the finals by the Lady in Green. jaydee was so incensed at this snub that The crept into 214, hid under a bulletin till 3:05, and chewed up the votes for my deadliest rival. Easy, virtuous ones, all's fair in love, war, and Allderdice! In 9A, jay really got into serious trou-ble. His allowance was shot, and as my birthday was approaching, he was trying to bring in a little extra cash. So he set up a small machine Qin front of the Hot Puppyj which printed early dis- missal slips-en masse. I thought this a rather original idea, but the higher-ups did not-when the authorities found out about it, poor Jay was bounced from Scope Club and Green Key. I guess teachers just don't understand about the laws of supply and demand. In 10th grade, Jaydee was dropped from the football team-he was too light. He was quite cut up about it, but I convinced him that the heavy grass on the football field was bad for his allergies. The greatest, though, was when Mr. Thomas caught old jay peeking through the hole in the boys' locker room door, which leads to the swimming pool. jay was so interested in the fair maidens in their jazzy Jantzens, that Mr. Thomas obligingly made him go swimming with them. I guess not! Now, don't think that I wasn't doing my bit for the school. I had become a full-fledged member of the deadly Black Leotard mob, and had organized two cafeteria clubs-the VV.E.H.J.B., or What Ever Happened to the Juke Box Club, and the H.A.A.T.R., or How About Airwick in the Tray Room Club. Oh, yes, I was active all right. And then, with amazing swiftness, came The Year. We were seniors, at last. Having my picture taken was so exciting. Unfortunately, though, I am s-o unphotogenic that the photographer spent five minutes on me, instead of the usual 30 seconds. My whiskers looked sort of odd when I compared my proofs with those of t-he other kiddies, but Jaydee says they give me that certain "look of distinction." I didn't get caught doing anything naughty until it was dis- covered that I casually tossed my silverware into the trash can on my way out of the cafeteria. I was very penitent about that. Who wouldn't be, after taking shorthand dictation standing up for a week! Aside from small incidents, life was wonderful. I gave up Rex Morgan and Captain Video for the thrilling Rape of the Lock, and jaydee gave me a box of assorted cheese for Valentine's Day. But then-dark clouds gathered. Horri- fying whispers floated through the corridors. Yes, Gym Grades Were Counting! We had no sooner recovered from that shock when t'he electrifying news came that we were to be evaluated. And after that had blown over, we were told that "S.T. was coming." S.T., to the illiterates, is Senior Themes. We had heard that they were to become as extinct as the Dodo, but senior English teachers believe firmly in tradition. Well, as we go to press, Jaydee and I -must write one thousand times each, that "we will take only one straw," so I must bid you a fond Adieu 42 f lil kr- 4 sy ,an Q4 5-i FOREWORD STAFF Editors-in-Chief Our School Newspaper THE FOREWO RD Sponsor-Miss Diantha W. Riddle First Semester: Anne Castle, Edgar Munhall Second Semester: Toby Numerosky, Stephen Passamaneck 7' 'N UUWFIIM' 1 1 A V I Q Y 1- 4 2'l . 1' l A W ff N , 2 ' bfQmf7r11l'QM ...,J -W1 i,Q':ff'if'Yw1a?s uf' TH - " ' HE R ii 6 5,2 FOREWORD REPRESENTATIVES Eleventh, Twelfth Grades .eq aqx., k.x1x,.v. X., x.x FOREWORD REPRESENTATIVES Ninth, Tenth Grades f X A A .N .X .1 A A A .F ,3 A If fl S5i?53.3?S'.1'1T:.'5'.1 .F .S .S .S .B'.i','5 l OOWJ Foreword Subscription FIRST AND SECOND SEMESTERS Rooms 272-362-452 FOREWORD REPRESENTATIVES Seventh, Eighth Grades AIS ' ff 'xfsf-sf-xfxf-sf-xfw-'sf-xfxfw fxfxfwf- fxffs wfwf-xffxf-x-x w fx w A 1 x x - .- .- .- .- .N .- .N .X .X .- .- .- .X .- .- .mA A .:..:.-:.-1.4w.4:.-1.-1.4m-mlz.-mm.-:. SC7'7Jl.CC' Qroups JANUARY AND JUNE SERVICE CLUBS Sponsor Miss Helen Bartrim CORRIDOR STAFF Supervisors-Mrs. Bain, Mrs. Hynes TUTORING STAFF Sponsor-Miss Wagenknecht 's' 'L-.'1-fL-.'l-JL- 'L' 'L' 'L'f1'fL' 'L' 'Q' 'L' 'L' 'ive-'egxsp ez K1 'ef U-52: if if lf 54552651 5 35531235 USHERING GROUP Sponsor Miss Wagcnknom ht ACTIVITIES STAFF CORRIDOR STAFF .., ....,,. .:,.5, .3 ,Vu 47 1.55119 Spggv,-,gRE Jie 04fZ7'5?l4 -S737FF I . W .u..,5,.... .ui wg all , M I Serfvzve Qroups 3'-Raef! el In I Xi llll ll 'MAIQU . 5 Spoigziimfgafniiht Q P1 W 491 f'l""i'lffS ful' 1 N' MK mg Diff 2 L as at Qian t zE gm WHKZQLL r at is mis.: B DRDP ATRAY ANI: You GET GE! STABBUJ T0 Dum AND NDBOU! GORE ATTENTMN THAN TNE mums 'me mrsemuce came covmn-me ,gn 5. lf . x "'.u 'Wm' I l l 5 il-Q wh Sufi? i lla in tl ii, - ,af- t ' 4 - 5, gg F151 , ,I '--' l 4 , 'H5P's.A.N-gllullllli II ,H 'lit ll' l :mf ' Q?eM"""'1 lufwwm' "' , Lax fsa In V-.v H: A yl N ..- Z. ,, '-' 1" .. 4 , ,. ' X If ii, 3171-.ap J - ,. p wx 4 ff Q s I . Q , W- v T p .44-'tkf' , , , f .-at I ,ll if 4- .. in l -9 if I S - " -Q' -' . E 'I 51- .. -: ff - - I : ' YI, p f-- 'A "' , .Y 5952 wmawys y 0 U I , 5 I- , 'pl - ,. 0 EEWE E O , f1TLb 1 .-l 14 .rt.Y ' . 15 . ' .fb ' .u ul " SCHOOL TREASURERS flloney-Money-Money A senior and his money are soon parted. Money is the root of all evil. and we seniors have great respect for it. Money is a girl's best friend. He asked me for n1y money For a very worthy cause, So I reached into my pocket And then began to pause. The assessment was outrageousg I pondered -once or twice About the Class Day picnic, Then I thought it would be nice. So with some hesitation, and as acid as a pickle I finally broke down and begrudgingly paid my nickel. 48 0 5 C 9205 X ee.w:.ZV W.T,T.T.T.-..xACx.NrT .-H.1.T.,r.Nw,1 ,N .T WEEE., CLASS OFFICERS President-Joseph Trattner Vice President-Seymour Schafer Secretary-Theodore Fischer Treasurer-Barbara Parker une Clays Leaders CLASS DAY COMMITTEE PROM COMMITTEE John Barclay Bernard Bloch Mary Bonn Jean C. Danovitz Julius Finegold Barbara Forrest Gilda Fuss Patricia Goldberg Sarah Hailperin Carole Helioff Cynthia Aberman Felice Azen Philip Balk Raymond Blackham Sally Blatnica Alan Bress Norman Bress Harvey Breverman Corinne Canter Sondra Chester Mike Chirigos Phyllis Cohen Shirley Cohen james Connors Barbara Cushing Richard DeBroff Robert DeBroff Charles Diller Nancy Ferrucci Ted Fischer Howard Freedman .r.i.i.,.Hg.Vx.s.,.N.p.,.,. ,.,.. -s-.-Xkiyiee Honor Tupils HIGH HONOR Dale Horelick Janet Kimball Joseph Kleiman Frances Kochin james Langer Harlene Lichter Louise Lichter Dolores Maglere Earline Marvin Donna Mattes Isabel Miller HONOR Nancy Goldstein Joan Golomb Rita Gordon Florence Greenberg Mary Gregovits Florence Gulyasy Zola Horovitz Maxine Jones Audrey Koss Wanda Kwapinski Marvin Leiber Paul Levison Marvin Levick Melvin Markovitz Herbert Mayer Mary Moseley Toby Numerosky Jane Pachtman joan Phifer Carl Prinzler Judith Reicher Tffif 'I'.i:.'u?.-1.21. -1 Barbara Parker Stephen Passamancck Margery Rosen Richard Rosenzweig Seymour Schafer Vivien Shapera Howard Smith Robert Smith Joseph Trattner Geraldine Young Shirley Rizzo Gerald Rosenfeld Herbert Sachs Elizabeth Scavariel David Schreiber Mary Jean Sholock Dorothy Solay Arthur Spiegel Betty Stephanic Elinor Stein Lorraine Steinberg Mary Jane Sunaga Vivian Thayer Margaret Toth Jewell Vargo Margery Williams Milton Wolf Howard Young Rochelle Young Alice Jean Yourick Paul Zweig Joan Rizzo H9 pf ' y fl, la R ffl' to W wi ggi i x Ulugh X I , lin L", iff i A 'v,tf'S'i 5 M-. 49 1 R ' ' ' ' i ' ' 1 ' ': ' 'I ' 1' ' L ' 'il 'i.L'iL 'i' 'il-'wiL'6.L"EL-'Cf'QLf if S S E S sf sz: s, t,.s,,.s,.s X.s..s..,., 51 a W a W as.-a.ff,s.-as.-s2as.av.frs.fs'a.f2s. une Cldjj -sa.-A-sn,fs,fs,f-'a,fwa.fsQ,f,:s,-fs, CYNTHIA RUTH ABERMAN-Journal Staff, Assistant Editor, Class Day Committee, Chairman, Student Council Representative, Ushering Staff, Secretary for Periodicals, 262, Special Dance, Foreword Staff, Future Teachers of America, M.M.M., Problems Committee, Student Council HILDA L. ABRAMOVITZ-Future Business Leaders of America, Hall Staff, Future Nurses of America, Shorthand Certificate, Fu- ture Nurses of America, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Basketball '48, '49, '50, Volley Ball '49, '50, '51, Mushball '49, '50, '51, Tennis '50, 'Sl RICHARD N. ADELSHEIM-Journal Staff, Foreword Representa- tive, 10A-IZA, Homeroom Treasurer, 10A-llA, Vice President, IZA, Hall Patrol, French Club, Senior Discussion Club, Student Fed- eralists, Chorus 2, Jewelry Projects, Prom Committee, Election Board Committee SELMA ADLER-Hall Patrol, College Club, Senior Discussion Club, Future Teachers of America, Student Federalists, Harmony Class, Jewelry Projects, Model, Education Night ADRIENNE GAY ALDERMAN-Homeroom Secretary, 9A, Hall Staff, Future Teachers of America, Future Business Leaders of America, Chorus 1, 3, Gregg Typing Award, Hockey '49, '50, Baskgstball '49, '50, Volley Ball '49, '50, Athletic Award, Softball '49, ' 0 NANCY BARBARA AMDUR-Future Teachers of America, Col- lege Club, Student Federalists, Senior Discussion Club, Spanish Club, Future Nurses of America, Volley Ball '49 WILLIAM AMOS--Homeroom Class President, 9A-l2A, Intra- mural Basketball, Favorite Sport-Football JOHN ROBERT APPLEBY-Student Council Representative, l0B, Hall Staff, Ushering Staff, Microscope Club, German Club, Stage Crew, Football Club, Minstrel Show, Intramural Basketball, Foot- ball '49, '50 RIPLEY KURTZ ARMSTRONG-Microscope Club, Student Coun- cil, 9A, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Honorable Mention, School Science Fair, Cheerleaders, 10B-IZA, Swimming '49, '50, '51, Intramural Basket- ball, Stage Crew IRVING EDWIN ASH-Wood Shop Projects, Special Shop, Col- lege Preference-Pitt, Favorite School Subject-History FELICE AZEN-Prom Committee, Dramatic English Class, Class Play Cast, Journal Staff, Editor-in-Chief, Homeroom Secretary, 9B, Foreword Staff, Hall Staff, Future Teachers of America, Latin Club, Secretary, French Club, Secretary, Senior Discussion Club, Special Dance, Gregg Typing Award, KDKA School of the Air, Dance Programs, Greenfield Teaching Project JAY GEORGE BAGUET-Student Council, 9B, 9A, Corridor Staff, D.A.R. Award '47, Intramural Basketball Q.,,.L,.,,.,,.L,.L,.L,.,,.L,.,,.,.L,.,,.L,.,.,,.L,.L,.,,.,.. .. .. .. .. .. .,.L.., sfsfsfefxfgfsdsfvsqafgsfsfxf x-.fs,.fsaf.ef.s.A:5f.s:.'fsf:X:fNd-fsi.-se,fs.-s.4s:.-- IRENE ROSE BALAS-Future Business Leaders of America, Sec- retary: Chairman of Placement Bureau: Volley Ball '49, '50, '51: Mushball '50: Vocational Preference-Stenographer PHILLIP BALK-College Club: Senior Discussion Club: Home- room President, 10B-l2A: Student Council Representative: Intra- mural Basketball: American Chemical Society Test: Qualitative Analysis Class: Homeroom Basketball Team Captain JOHN BARCLAY-Journal Staff, Assistant Business Manager: Class Play Cast: Homeroom President, 7B-10B: Student Council Representative, llB-IZA: Co-Chairman Problems Committee: Cafe- teria Staff: Library Club: D.A.R. History Award: Third Prize, American Chemical Society Contest: American Legion Essay Con- test: KDKA School of the Air: WWSW Junior Town Meeting: Qualitative Analysis Class: Basketroom Attendant, 7B-IZA: Carne- gie Tech Scholarship: Civic Club Test RHODA JUNE BARNETT-Dramatic English Class: Homeroom Vice President, llA-l2A: Foreword Representative, 12B-l2A: Stu- dent Council, Member-at-Large: Future Teachers of America: M.M.M.: Senior Discussion Club: Spanish Club: Chorus 1, 3, 4: Class Day Committee SANTA JEAN BELLINI-Hall Staff: M.M.M.: Future Business Leaders of America, Program Committee: Favorite School Subject -Clerical Training RHODA L. BENJAMIN-Travel Club: Future Teachers of Ameri- l ca: Senior Discussion: Gregg Shorthand Award: Vocational Pref- erenee-Stenographic Work ZELDA BERGAD-Entered from Schenley in l2A: Favorite School Subject-Typing: Favorite Pastime-Music PATTI JANE BERGANT-Junior Dramatic Club: Senior Y-Teens: Future Business Leaders of America: Senior Leaders: College Club: H0rne's Sewing Council: Gregg Award: Hockey: Basketball: Volley Ball: Mushball EVA ROSE BERGER-Homeroom Secretary, SB: Student Coun- cil: Foreword Representative: Hall Staff: Tutoring Service: Future Teachers ot' America: Senior Discussion Club: German Club: Future Business Leaders of America: Future Nurses of America: Fashion Show: Hockey '48, '49: Tennis '49: Volley Ball '48, '49, '50 RICHARD BILBY-Entered from Gladstone, IZB: Attended Con- nelly Trade School RITA SYLVIA BINENKORB-Choir: Future Teachers of America: Chorus 4, 3, 1: Volley Ball: Tennis: Hockey: Senior Life Saving RAYMOND THOMAS BLACKHAM-Homeroom President, IZA: American Legion Award: Prom Committee: Swimming Team. Diver: College Preference-Pitt SALLY L. BLATNICA-Future Nurses of America, Service Club, Foods Projects, Home Nursing, Volley Ball '51, Life Saving '50 BERNARD L. BLOCH-Travel Club, Latin Club, Vocational Preference - Chemical Engineering, Favorite School Subject - Chemistry PETER HAROLD BLOCK-Class Play Cast, Dramatic English Class, Student Council, Senior Discussion Club, French Club, Band 5, Marching Band, Tennis Team, Track, Football, Manager FELIX BOAKE, JR.-Football Club, Special Shop Projects, Min- strel Show, Football '48, '49, '50, Track '48, '49, '50, '51 JOHN LEE BODENHEIMER-Special Shop Projects, Entered from Gladstone, llB, College Preference-Bucknell, Favorite Sport -Swimming MARY HILDRETH BONN-Journal Staff, Homeroom Secretary, llB-l2A, Foreword Staff, Hall Staff, 262 Periodical Staff, Micro- scope Club, College Club, Junior Dramatic Club, French Club, Chorus 1, Demonstrated Jewelry Making at Scholastic Art Ex- hibit, Junior Leaders, Athletic Letter, Senior Leaders, Treasurer, Manager, Junior Volley Ball Tournament, Co-Manager, Hockey Tournament '50, Volley Ball '49, '50, '51, Basketball '49, '50, Soft- ball '49, '50, '51, Senior Lifesaving BERNARD BORENSTEIN-Hall Staff, Travel Club, President, Golf Club, Student Federalist, Marching Band, Golf Team, '50, '51, Penn State Tournament, Band Concerts JAMES H. BOWEN-Chorus 2, 3, 4, 5, Male Chorus, Junior Glee Club, Hall Staff, Captain of Winning Team in Intramural Basket- ball Tournament, College Preference - Robert Morris Business School ALAN NORMAN BRESS-Prom Committee, Class Play Cast, Homeroom President, 7B-llB, Homeroom Treasurer, 12B-IZA, Band 5, Chorus 5, Minstrel Show, Football '48, '49, '50, Civic Club Test NORMAN BRESS-Journal Staff, Hall Staff, Homeroom Presi- dent, 9th Grade, Football '48, '49, Homeroom Basketball '48, '49, Minstrel Show HARVEY JEROME BREVERMAN - Dramatic English Class, Class Play Scenery and Program Committee, College Club, Ger- man Club, Senior Discussion Club, Journal Art Staff, Honorable Mention, Scholastic Art Show, Gold Keys, Scholastic Art Show, Civic Club Test ERMAND ANTHONY BUCCINA--Stage Crew, Special Shop Projects, Favorite School Subject-Science 'WZ '29, .SL'.f'V'i"-. '25, LP, '4E?.'Q, 'QJ:"e.-ft' " THOMAS M. CALOYER-Class Day Committee, Corridor Staffg Homeroom Treasurerg Special Shop Projects, College Preference- Penn State LEO R. CAMPBELL-Advanced Shop, Jewelry Projects, Hobby- Working with Plastics CORINNE F. CANTER-Homeroom Vice President, 11th Grade, Service Club, Future Teachers of America, Senior Discussion Club, Spanish Clubg Student Federalistsg Tutoring Staff, American Le- gion Awardg Basketball, Volley Ballg Hockey MILTON EUGENE CARB-Intramural Basketball Championship Team '51, Spanish Club, Advanced Printing Projects MAMIE CI-IAENKWOK-Majorettesg Future Teachers of Americag Chess Club, M.M.M.g Tutoring Staff, Teaching Project, Fashion Show, Hockey, Volley Ball, Basketball, Future Vocation-Teach- ing in China SONDRA LEE CHESTER-Journal Art Staff, Cafeteria Staff, Future Teachers of America, Student Federalistsg Latin Club, Junior Glee Club, Entrant in Scholastic Contest, Mushball '48, '49, Volley Ball '47, '48, '49, Hockey '50 NANCY AUDREY CHILLCOTT-Class Day Committeeg Student Council Representative, Orchestra 53 Service Clubg Basketball, Hockey, Vocational Preference--Teaching JOHN I. CHIODA-Special Shop Projects, Shop Foreman, Stage Crew, Vocational Preference-Mechanic MIKE CHIRIGOS-Homeroom Vice President, Football '48, '49, Minstrel Show, Favorite School Subject-Spanish EMORY STEPHEN CHONKA-Homeroom President, IIB-IZA: Special Shop Foreman, Entered from Gladstone, l1Bg Student Court, Gladstone, Traffic Awardg Service Award, 10Ag American Legion Award RHEA M. CIMINO-Homeroom Secretary, 9th and l0th Grades, Advanced Foods Projects, Serving Committee, Gregg Shorthand Award, Hockey '48, '49, '50, Volley Ball '48, '49, '50 CAROL RHUTH CLOSKY-Library Club, Chorus lg Jewelry Pro- jects, Vocational Preference-Teaching .. .. .U.. .. .L,.. .L,., .,,.L,.L, .. .. .. .L,.L,.L,.k,.L,.. .. .. ?. CHARLOTTE DIANE COHEN-Journal Staff, Foreword Repre- sentative, Hall Staff, Future Teachers of America, Student Federal- ists, Senior Discussion Club, French Club, Special Dance, Special Dance Programs, Scholastic Essay Contest Award, Chorus 1, 3 LEAH COHEN-Homeroom Treasurer, llA-IZA, Hall Staff, Fu- ture Teachers of America, Senior Leaders, Athletic Award, Bas- ketball '48, '49, '50, Softball '48, '49, '50, Hockey '48, '49, '50, Manager Volley Ball Tournament '49, Volley Ball 48, '49, '50 Co- PHYLLIS ANNE COHEN-Future Teachers of America, Hall Staff, Class Day Committee, Student Council Representative and Member-at-Large, French Club, Radio Broadcasting, Greenhouse Club, Advanced Foods Projects, KDKA School of the Air Broad- cast SHIRLEY MARILYN COHEN-Foreword Representative, Hall Staff, Future Business Leaders of America, Chorus 1, 3, Chorus Programs, Gregg Typing Award, Volley Ball '48 NEIMAN COHN-Homeroom Vice President, '48, '49, Secretary '46, '47, Hall Staff, Intramural Basketball JAMES JOSEPH CONNORS-Football Club, Projection Club, Hall Staff, Homeroom Vice President, Minstrel Show, Award from Pittsburgh Latin Honor Society, Football '49. '50, Team Captain '50, Civic Club Test SELMA COOPERACafeteria Staff, Ushering Staff, Foreword Staff, 214 Staff, Future Teachers of America, Student Federalists, Senior Discussion Club, Student Council, Social Committee, Chorus l, Class Day Committee, Jewelry Projects, Homeroom Secretary, Volley Ball, Baseball, Hockey '48, '49, '50 URSULA CORSALE-M.M.M., Fashion Show, Volley Ball, Vo- cational Preference-Secretarial Work LOUISE C. COSENTINO-Journal Art Staff, Homeroom Senior Calendar Committee, Hall Staff, junior Leaders, Advanced Art Projects, Gregg Typing Certificate, Athletic Letter, Hockey '49 '50, Volley Ball '49, '50, '51, Softball '49, '50, Basketball '48 ROBERT CALVIN CROSS-Homeroom Treasurer, Jewelry Pro- jects, Entered from Gladstone, llB, Football Team, College Pref- erence-West Virginia Wesleyan LARRY CUBAN-Journal Staff, Dramatic English Class, Class Play Cast, Hall Staff, Tutoring Service, Senior Discussion Club, College Club, Latin Club, Art Projects, Green Key BARBARA JEAN CUSHING-Class Day Committee, Service Club, Modern Dance, Modern Dance Programs, Talent Show, Gladstone Student Court, Gerwig Service Award, 10A HELEN ANN CUTONE-Future Business Leaders of America, Library Club, Senior Y-Teens, Orchestra 4, Senior Leaders, Senior Lifesaving, Favorite School Subject-History SONYA SIMA DAKTOR-German Club, Hall Staff, Service Club, Orchestra 4, 3, 2, 1, Hockey '48, Gregg Shorthand Award JEAN CHERILYN DANOVITZ-Prom Committee, Journal Staff, 262 Periodicals Staff, Student Council Representative, IOB, Fore- word Representative, l0A, Homeroom Secretary, 8B, SA, Spanish Club, Future Teachers of America, Committee for Education Night, American Legion History Award, Orchestra 4, 3, 2, 1, Advanced Foods Projects, Co-Manager Hockey Tournament '50, Hockey '49, '50, Basketball '49, '50, '51, Volley Ball '49, '50, '51, Softball '49, '50, '51, Athletic Letter, Teaching Project at Greenfield, Civic Club Test HELEN LOUISE DAVIS-Library Club, Jewelry Projects, Hockey '50, '51, Basketball '50, '51, Volley Ball '49, '50, '51, Softball '49, '50, '51, Tennis '50, Sports Award IRIS DAVIS--Prom Committee, Homeroom Secretary, 9A, 9B, Vice President, IOB, President, 10A, Foreword Representative, 9th and llth Grades, Senior Leaders, Sewing Projects, Volley Ball, Basketball, Mushball, Championship Volley Ball SEEMA DEAKTER-Prom Committee, Hall Staff, Student Coun- cil Member-at-Large, Homeroom Vice President, Secretary, Cafe- teria Staff, Future Teachers of America, Senior Discussion Club, I - Q ' . 4. ' Cheerleaders, Modern Dance, Special Dance, Chorus 1, 3, , oir Programs, Volley Ball, Basketball, Dance Programs RICHARD F. DeBROFF-Dramatic English Class, Senior Discus- sion Club, College Club, Wood Shop Projects, Mushball, Swimming ROBERT M. DeBROFF--Homeroom Calendar Committee, Col- lege Club, Spanish Club, Kaufmann's Certificate of Merit, Voca- tional Preference-Business ALBERTA DeLANDRO-Hall Staff, Gregg Shorthand Award: Softball '49, Volley Ball '50, Vocational Preference-Secretarial Work CHARLES WILBUR DILLER-Class Day Committee, Chairman, Chorus 2, 3, 4. 5, Male Chorus, Choir, Choir Programs, Intra- mural Basketball ROSEMARIE DiNELLA-Distributive Education Class, Home- room Secretary. 9A, Hall Staff, Hockey, Volley Ball, Basketball, Vocational Preference--Secretarial Work EDWARD BRIAN DORRIAN-Intramural Sports, Entered from Central Catholic High School, IZB, Vocational Preference-Physical Education LEO DYM--Shortwave Club, Special Shop Projects, Favorite Sport -Baseball, Hobby-Automobiles CAROLINE KATHERINE EMERY - Dramatic English Class, Hall Staff, Student Council Representative, Future Teachers of America, Future Nurses of America JOSEPH EPSTEIN-German Club, Student Council Representa- tive, Foreword Representative, Homeroom Basketball Team, Col- lege Preference-University of Pittsburgh ALVIN JAY ERD-Participant in Parent-Teacher Association Pro- gram, Favorite Sport-Golf, Vocational Preference-Pharmacist BARBARA LOUISE ESKOFIER-Foreword Representative, Hall Staff, Modern Dance, Talent Show, Minstrel Show, Future Teach- ers of America, Spanish Club, Future Business Leaders of Ameri- ca, Treasurer, Fashion Show, Winning Hockey Team '48, Civic Club Test CAROLINE REA FAULDS - Homeroom Secretary, 9th Grade, Vice President, 10th Grade, Foods and Sewing Projects, Basket- ball '49, Volley Ball '50, '51 RUTH FELDSTEIN-Senior Discussion Club, Future Teachers of America, Homeroom Secretary, l0B, Vocational Preference-Bush ness NANCY JANE FERRUCCI-Prom Committee, Homeroom Secre- tary, Dramatic English Class, Special Dance, Modern Dance, Qualitative Analysis Class, Senior Leaders, Future Nurses of America, Foods Projects, Dance Programs, Hockey '49, '50, '51, Basketball '49, '50, '51, Volley Ball '49, '50, '51, Mushball '49, '50, '51 JOSEPH M. FINEBERG - Prom Committee, Dramatic English Class, Student Federalists, United Nations Club, Senior Discus- sion Club, Homeroom President, 9th Grade, Minstrel Show, Gregg Typing Award, Hall Staff, Football '49 JULIUS JOSEPH FINEGOLD-Journal Staff, Journal Art Staff, Foreword Staff, Senior Discussion Club, Scholastic Gold Key Winner, Chairman, Hundred Friends of Art Show, Art Projects, Journalism Certificate, Demonstration at Arts and Crafts Center, Civic Club Test THEODORE DAVID FISCHER-Secretary of Senior Class, Prom Committee, Class Day Committee, Homeroom President, 7B-12A, Student Council Representative Minstrel Shows, Class Play Usher, Green Key, Senior Discussion Club, Microscope Club, Latin Club, President, Football Club, Choir, Male Chorus, Band 3, 4, 5, All City Band, Junior Varsity Basketball '47, Track '50, Football '49, '50, Co-Captain '50, Intramural Basketball, Civic Club Test ROBERT M. FLEMING, JR.-Camera Club, Shortwave Club, Vocational Preference-Electrical Engineering wg 'sSf's.f1i, 'si-'gs-13, X2 'N-fi, 'vi 'vi 'ii-65-ffi. 1131. 'vi 1. I I ROSE FOLEY-Volley Ball '49g Mushball '50, Entered from Glad- stone, llBg Vocational Preference-Secretarial Work DOMINIC A. FONZI-Hall Staff: Entered from Gladstone, 1lB, Favorite School Subject - Algebra: Hockey BARBARA ANN FORREST-Prom Committeeg Homeroom Presi- dent, l2B, 12Ag junior Leaclersg Microscope Clubg College Clubg Future Teachers of America, Vocational Preference-Elementary Teacher IRWIN FOSTER-Future Teachers of Americag Microscope Club, German Club: Senior Discussion Clubg Band 53 Marching Band, Band Concerts, Intramural Basketball LOIS FOX-Garden Club, Chorus l, 3, 43 All City Choir, Special Foster Program: Choir Librariang KDKA Musical School of the Air Programg Thanksgiving Program: Memorial Day Programg Mushball '49g Hockey '49, Volley Ball '49, Basketball '49 HOWARD FREEDMAN-Hall Staff, Qualitative Analysis Class: Microscope Clubg Radio Science Quiz: Buhl Planetarium Science Fairg Civic Club Test: German Club Favorite Sports - Football, HARVEY MONROE FREEMAN-American Legion Awardg Track Team: Homeroom Basketball Team Captain, Favorite School Sub- ject-Science ANN GERDA FRIEDMAN - Foreword Representative, Future Teachers of Americag Spanish Clubg Vocational Preference-- Teaching GARY MARVIN FRIEDMAN - Microscope Club, Hall Staff: Homeroom Social Chairman, Electric Shop Projectsg jewelry Pro- jects JON LEWIS FRIEDMAN-College Clubg Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Intra- mural Basketball Teamg College Preference-Penn State ALBERT D. FUREDY-Garden Clubg Favorite Pastime-Reading Mechanical Books, College Preference-Carnegie Tech MARIANNE FUREDY-Hall Staffg Service Clubg Future Nurses of Americag Chorus 1, 3, 45 Athletic Point Award, Mushball '48, '49g Tennis '49g Volley Ball '48, '49, Basketball '48, '49 '42s-in 'se 'vig 'Viz 'M-3. 'eye 'va 'szvig 59 GILDA M. FUSS-Senior Discussion Club, Future Teachers of America, Junior Leaders, Latin Club, Foreword Staff, Journal Staff, Class Day Committee, Placement in Scholastic Art Contest, Second Prize in B'nai B'rith Poster Contest, Vollcy Ball '49, '50, '51, Basketball '48, '49, '50, '51, Mushball '49, '50, Civic Club Test WAYNE MONROE GALBRAITH - German Club, Microscope Club, Homeroom Foreword Representative, Chorus S, Male Chorus, Accompanist for Choir, Soloist, Civic Club Test THOMAS FRANCIS GALLAGHER-Print Shop Projects, Silk Screen job, Hobby-Music JOHN WILLIAM GANDY-Vocational Preference--Art, Favorite Sport-Football, Favorite Pastime-Television GEORGE GEMINDER-Hall Staff, Microscope Club, German Club, Vocational Preference-Accounting ARNOLD GERSON-Special Shop Projects, Hobby-Photography, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Stunt Club PAUL H. GLUCKSON-Distributive Education Class, Special Shop Projects, Homeroom Secretary, 9th Grade, Intramural Basketball, Typing Certificate BETTY JUNE GOLDiProm Committee, Homeroom Secretary, llB, Hall Staff, Usher for Commencement, Future Teachers of America, Senior Discussion Club, Future Nurses of America BETTY JOAN GOLDBERG-Hall Staff, Bulletin Carrier, Senior Discussion Club, Travel Club, Intermediate Discussion Club, Chorus 1, 3, Advanced Foods, Serving Committee, Volley Ball, Field Hockey LEONA GOLDBERG-Co-Chairman Prom Committee, Homeroom Vice President, llB, Secretary, 9B, 9A, Hall Staff, Future Teach- ers of America, Student Federalists, Senior Discussion Club, Jewelry Projects, Student Council Representative, Member-at-Large, Social Committee, Chairman, Care Affair Committee, Ushering Service MYRON MARC GOLDBERG -- Dramatic English Class, Class Play Skit, Homeroom President, 9B, Foreword Representative, l0B, Hall Staff, Stage Crew, Senior Discussion Club, Band 4, Advanced Shop, Jewelry Projects, Publicity for the Class Play PATRICIA H. GOLDBERG - Journal Staff, Dramatic English Class, Homeroom Secretary, 11B, Cafeteria Staff, Hall Patrol, Tutoring Service, Senior Discussion Club, Future Teachers of America, Microscope Club, French Club, Typing Certificate, Talent Show, Class Play Skit, KDKA School of the Air Broadcast 'Lf -Q -Q 'au '11 -U -U ':,- tu -cv -L' 'Q -af 'U -ra., 'U -U -Q -Q 'U -u -cf 'Lf 'Lf 'Lf 1- -ci -U -' -, EfsfsfefeeexfefafesfafbfS-fkrfafebfafifbfkfsfxfkggeefbfxifA . Ti? P. 79.75 1'?.'Z?.f?.7?. :TQ 'TQ MORTON GOLDBLATTfBand Concert: lntramural Sports: Fa- vorite Subject-Bookkeeping: Vocational Preference-Merchandise Buying SHEILA JOY GOLDMAN-Class Day Committee: Homeroom Sec- retary, llB, lZA: Vice President, IOB, l0A: Hall Staff: Fixture Teachers of America: Senior Discussion Club: College Club: Stu- dent Federalists: Harmonv Class: jewelry Projects: Greenfield Teaching Project: Volley Ball '49 RONALD K. GOLDSMITH-Senior Discussion Club: Chess Club: College Club: Band: Football Team Manager: Penn Tennis Tour- nament: lntramural Basketball: Hall Staff: Basketball Night League NANCY SARAH GOLDSTEIN-Student Federalists: College Club: Senior Discussion Club: Tutoring Service: Orchestra Z, 3, 4: Honor Student JOAN N. GOLOMB---Cheerleaders: Future Teachers of America: French Club: Student Federalists: Prom Committee: Journal Staff: Dramatic linglish Class, Publicitv Committee: Scholastic Art Award: Gregg Tvping Award: Modern Dance: Gregg Shorthand Award: Hall Staff RACILLE GOODMAN-Future Teachers of America: Hall Staff: Foreword Representative: Volley Ball '48, '49, '50: Basketball '49, '50: llockey '48, '49 RITA LOIS GORDON-Prom Committee: Homeroom Vice Presi- dent, 9th Grade: Student Council Representative: 214 Staff: Tutor- ing Service: Ushering Staff: Problems Committee Chairman: Social Committee: Student Council Secretary: Senior Discussion Club: Student Federalists: Future Teachers of America, Vice President: Chorus l, 3: Special Dance: Typing Award: Dance Programs KDKA School of the Air Broadcast: Volley Ball: Basketball BEVERLY GOSS--Student Council Member-at-Large: Senior Dis- cussion Club: 214 Staff: Microscope Club: Talent Show, Director and Participant: Director of Stephen C. Foster Show: Class Day Committee: Care Affair Committee FLORENCE ELLEN GREENBERG Y Journal Staff: Dramatic English Class: Class Play Cast: Homeroom Secretary, IIB, llA: Foreword Representative: M.M.M.: Hall Staff: Future Teachers of America, Social Chairman: College Club: Modern Dance Pianist: Latin Club: Orchestra Z, 3, 4. 5: All City Orchestra: String En- semble: McKe1vey Teaching Project MARY B. GREGOVITS - Homeroom Secretary: Service Club: Sewing Projects: Fashion Show: Hobby+Collecting Stamps MARGARET GRIFFITH - M.M.M.: ,lcwelry Projects: ElltCF6tl from Gladstone, llB: Gladstone Junior High Clothing Award, l0A' Homeroom President, 9A RICHARD N. GROSS-Homeroom Treasurer, IZB: Football Club: Intramural Basketball: Football '50: Vocational Preference-Phan maey 61 ' -A-.taut 6 e,wt,1H.a-.H-1-. LAWRENCE MORTON GROTSTEIN-Hall Staff: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Jewelry Projects, Most Valuable Basketball Player Award, Intramural Basketball Championship Team, Track '48, '49, Football '49, '50, Basketball '48, '49, '50, '51, Captain of Basketball Team FLORENCE GULYASY-Dramatic English Class, Class Day Com- mittee, Homeroom President, 9th-10th Grades, Foreword Repre- sentative, Chorus 5, Hall Staff, Chorale, Junior Leaders, Chorus 1, 3, 4, 5, D.A.R. Award, American Legion Award, Group A Pro- grams, Volley Ball, Third Prize Winner for Safety Essay SANFORD HAFFNER-Chorus Z, 3, 4, 5, Hall Staff, Spanish Club, Homeroom Treasurer, 7B, 7A, Male Chorus, Intramural Basketball Championship Team '47, '51, Junior Varsity '48, '49 SARAH REGINA I-IAILPERIN-Dramatic English Class, Class Play Cast, Modern Dance, Spanish Club, Future Teachers of America, Choir, Chorale, Chorus 1, 4, 5, Hall Staff, Class Day Committee, Honor Student, Civic Club Test GEORGE ALVIN HARDT-Entered from Ramsey High School, IIA, Hall Staff, Hobby-Sculpturing, Favorite School Subject- Typmg, Vocational Preference-Mining Engineering GEORGIA MARY HARRIS-Future Business Leaders of America' Chorus 1, 3, Typing Award, Works at Arts and Craft Center MYRON HARRIS-Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Chorus Pro- grams, Intramural Basketball Championship Team, College Prefer- ence-University of Pittsburgh VIRGINIA HARRIS-Homeroom Treasurer, l1B, Hall Staff, Fu- ture Teachers of America, Chorus 1, 3, 4, 5, Chorale, Chorus Pro- grams, Choir Festival, Spring Music Festival, Hockey '49, '50 CAROLE LOUISE HELIOFF-Future Teachers of America, Cor- responding Secretary, Hall Staff, Cafeteria Staff, Chairman, Stu- dent Council Social Committee, 214 Staff, Dramatic English Class: Chorus 1, 3, 4, 5, Chorale, Special Ensemble, Soloist, Civic Club Test, American Legion Award THOMAS DRAKE HENDRICKS-Microscope Club, Stage Crew, Record Award in Physics, Golf Team '50, '51, Intramural Basket- ball, Special Advanced Shop Projects ALLAN J. HERSH-Guidance Committee, Homeroom, Hall Staff, College Club, Spanish Club, Senior Discussion Club, Badminton Club, Chess Club, Special Shop Projects, Football Manager '50, Intramural Basketball MARLENE S. HERSI-IMAN-Future Teachers of America, Senior Discussion Club, Student Federalists, Future Nurses of America, Dramatic English Class, Student Council, Volley Ball '47, '48 JANET LEE HOPKINS - Foreword Representative: Fashion Show: Sewing Projects: Homeroom Secretary, 9B-l0A: Vocational Preference-Secretarial Work DALE HORELICK-Journal Staff: Band 5: All-City Band: Band Programs: Vocational Preference-Engineering: Honor Student: Civic Club Test ZOLA PHILLIP HOROVITZ-Student Council: Band I, 2, 3, 4, 5: Marching Band: Christmas Program at Buhl Planetarium: Honor Student RICHARD JAMES HULME--Jewelry Projects: Shop Foreman: Hobby-Stamp Collecting: Favorite Sport-Swimming SALLY ANN ISKOVIITZ-Future Business Leaders of America: Secretary, llA, IZB: Future Nurses of America: Service Club: Hall Staff: Competent Typing Award: Gregg Shorthand Award TAMARA ANN JANVEY-Future Teachers of America: Senior Discussion Club: Dramatic English Class: Homeroom T-reasurer, 9B, 9A: Student Council Representative, 9th-12th Grades: Volley Ball '47, '48 MAXINE MERCEDES JONES Journal Staff. Prom Committee, Dramatic English Class: Student Council, 10th-12th Grades: Home- room President, 9B, 9A: Microscope Club: Spanish Club: D.A.R. History Award: American Legion Citizenship Award: Special Dance: Volley Ball '47, '5l: Basketball '48, '50: Gregg Shorthand Award AUDREY FAYE JUDD-Future Business Leaders of America: Service Club: 214 Staff: Student Council: Ushering Staff: Hall Staff: Foreword Representative: Homeroom Secretary, 8th Grade: Gregg Shorthand Speed Award: Tennis Tournament: Volley Ball '49, '50: Basketball '49, '50, 'Sl EDITH KANN-Student Council Representative: Student Council Member-at-Large: Tutoring Service: Problems Committee: Care Affair Committee: Garden Club: College Club: Spanish Club: Future Teachers of America: Senior Discussion Club: Student Federalists: Hockey '48: Basketball '47: Volley Ball '47: In France -Award for Best English Student ALLAN NATHAN KATZ-Homeroom Treasurer, 9B: Senior Dis- cussion Club: Green Key: Band 1, 2: Track '49, '50, '51 MONA SHIRLEY KATZ-Foreword Representative, IIA, IZB, IZA: Hall Staff: Library Staff: Future Teachers of America: Senior Leaders, President: Athletic Letter: Hockey '50, '5l: Basketball '49, '50, '51: Basketball Manager '51: Volley Ball '49, '50, '5l: Mushball '49, '50, '5I: Tennis '50, '51 JANET SUE KIMBALL-Dramatic English Class: Class Day Com- mittee: Homeroom President, 10A, IIB: Hall Staff: Future Teach- ers of America: Spanish Club: Modern Dance: American Legion Award: Civic Club Test ,, -L. -L. -L, -L. -L, -L. VL, -- -e, -L, -L. -L, -L, -L, --L. -L, -4, -L. -L. -l. .D .L, .U 1. .L, .U .U .U . NJ. Sf. xfxfrfx-J. 242,-fS'.f'e:rv. FRANCES KOCHIN-Prom Committee: Journal Staff: Dramatic English Class: Homeroom Secretary, 8B, 9A: Foreword Represen- tative: Student Council, 7A-IZA: Tutoring Staff: Usihering Staff: Chairman Problems, Social, Handbook. Nominating Committees- Student Council: Future Teachers of America: Senior Discussion Club: History Award, Sons of American Revolution: Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce Award: Special Dance: Dance Programs: Reader, Memorial Day Program: Announcer for Orchestra Program: Civic Club Test AUDREY H. KOSS-Prom Committee: Foreword Representative: Future Nurses of America: Future Business Leaders of America: Chorus 1, 3, 4: Jewelry Projects WANDA KWAPINSKI--Journal Staff: Service Club: Vocational Preference-Secretarial Work JAMES LANGER-journal Staff, Business Manager: Homeroom President, 10B-l2A: Foreword Staff: Cafeteria Staff: Library Club: French Club: Scholastic Art Exhibits: Scenery for Talent Show: Qualitative Analysis Class: American Legion Award: Scholastic Key Awards: Civic Club Test ANN MARIE LAVRA-Art Projects: Entrant in Safety Poster Contests: Fashion Show: Clothing Projects: Committee for Raising Funds for Orphans JOSEPH H. LEBOVITZ-Band 5: Band Programs: Entered from Redstone High School, IZB: Vocational Preference-Dentistry EEK-fil 'QI 'vii 'N-fi. 'ii-flffi. 'vffi 'N-fi. 'Nff-43.-fi' EMERY JAMES KIRICH-Football 'S0: jewelry Projects: Hobby -Leather Crafts JOSEPH KLEIMAN-College Club: Latin Club: American Chem- ical Society Test: College Preference-Carnegie Tech: Vocational Preference-Chemist: Civic Club Test HARRIET SUSAN KLINE-Library Staff: Chorus 1, 3, 4: Official Bible Reader in Homeroom: Advanced Cooking: Favorite School Subject-Sociology FRANCIS EDWARD KNABLE-Hall Staff: Band 5: Marching Band: City Championship Swimming Team DOROTHY LaVERNE KOCHENDORFER-Distributive Educa- tion Class: Student Council: Y-Teens: Cooking Projects: Hockey: Volley Ball EDWARD R. KRANICK-Hall Staff: Art Posters: Print Shop Pro- jects: Buhl Planetarium Science Fair: Track '50 RUTH LEDERSTEIN - Future Business Leaders of America: French Club: Volley Ball: Hockey: Mushball MONA LEFF-Class Day Committee: Foreword Representative: Hall Staff: Future Teachers of America: College Club: Special Dance: Commercial Award MARVIN HOWARD LEVICK-Dramatic English Class: March- ing Band: Qualitative Analysis Class: Band 5: Band Concerts: Vocational Preference-Pharmacy ESTHER MARCIA LEVIN-Future Nurses of America: Future Business Leaders of America: VVoodwind Quintet: Food Projects: Orchestra 5: All-City Orchestra: Radio Programs: Volley Ball: Mushball: Hockey: Basketball ROBERT L. LEVIN-Class Day Committee: Dramatic English Class: Microscope Club, President: Senior Discussion Club: Future Teachers of America: Football '48: Essay Award PAULA ADELE LEVINE-Student Council Member-at-Large: 214 Staff: Brotherhood VVeek Committee: Library Club: Future Teachers of America: Student Federalists: Senior Discussion Club: Travel Club: College Club: Volley Ball '48, '49, '50: Basketball '48, '49, '50: Hockey '48, '49, '50: Tennis '48, '49, '50: Mushball '48, '49, '50: Athletic Award: Student Council Delegate to Intercultural Youth Council: Care Affair Committee Basketball cratic Citizenship Program Greenfield Teaching Project WARREN LEVINE-Dramatic Fnglish Class Class Play Cast Green Key: United Nations Club latin Club Garden Club Home room Vice President, IZB, IZA Band 1 2 3 4 5 Junior Varsity PAUL C. LEVISON-Prom Committee Chairman Homeroom Vice President, IZB, IZA: United Nations Club Corresponding Secretary Senior Discussion Club, Assistant Moderator College Club Intra mural Sports: KDKA School of the Air Broadcasts WCAE Demo PHYLLIS B. LEVY-Homeroom Secretary 8B Future Teachers of America: Future Nurses of America Future Business Leaders of America: Fashion Show: Sewing Projects Volley Ball LOVEMOND DELANO LEWIS Prom Committee Entered from Gladstone, IIB: Hobby-Collecting Records HARLENE FAITH LIGHTER Future Teachers of America 214 Staff: Cafeteria Staff: Tutoring Service Student Council Member at-Large: Ushering Staff: Journal Staff Chorus 1 3 4 5 Athletic Letter Award: Volley Ball 47 Basketball 47 Senior Leaders Hockey '49: Mushball '49: Senior Lifesaving Civic Club Test LOUISE J. LICHTER-journal Staff Dramatic English Class Student Council Representative 912th Grades Social Committee Hall Staff: Cafeteria Staff: Ushering Staff Future Teachers of America, Vice President: Senior Discussion Club College Club Junior Leaders: Care Affair Committee Delegate at Student Coun cil Conventions '49, '50: Civic Club Test Class Day Committee L' 'L '11 'Lv 'Lv 'L' 'Lv 'Ll 'L' 'Lf 'Lf 'L' " 'Lx 'Lx 'Lx 'LJ 'LJ 'L"L' 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ '11 'L' 'L' 'LY 'L' '12 'L' 'kr xfefzefxfxfxfeezfefefxeeexf..xfsfssafvsdx-fasferfxfc-safe: MARVIN SIDNEY LIEBER-Dramatic Englisih Class: Homeroom Secretary: Hobby-Photography: Vocational Preference-Law MICHAEL LISAK -- Special Shop Proiects: Track Team, Low Hurdles: Hobby-Experimenting with Radio FERN LITTLE-Choir: Chorale: Robe Committee: Chorus Pro- grams: Gregg Typing Awards: Typing Certificate WALTER NEILSON LOWMAN-Hall Staff: Microscope Club: Junior Glee Club: Chorus 2: Print Shop Projects MARCINE LUSTIG-Orchestra 55 Trio: String Quartet: Chorus 4: All-City Orchestra: KDKA Broadcasts: Kiwanis Club Soloist: Talent Shows: Committee for Evaluation Dinner and Teas GRACE LYNCH-Distributive Education Class: Homeroom Social Representative, IOA: Secretary-Treasurer, llB: Volley Ball, Gym Captain: Basketball: College Club: Garden Club: Y-Teens: Chorus l, 3, 4: Shorthand and Typing Awards: Athletic Award l DOLORES ANN MAGLERE-Service Club: Gregg Awards for Typing and Shorthand: Entered from Gladstone. llB: Vocational Preference-Secretarial Work: Favorite Pastime-Painting: Favorite School Subjects-Art, Shorthand DAN MALONEY, JR.-Orchestra 5: Painting Projects: Football: Swimming: Track ANTHONY F. MARBELLA-Band 5: Marching Band: Quartet: Harmony Class: All-City Band: Orchestra 4: Band and Orchestra Concerts: Music Festival: Vocational Preference-Mechanic PHYLLIS LOUISE MARCOSKY-Special Dance: Journal Art Staff: Class Day Committee: Senior Discussion Club: Special Dance Programs: Basketball '48: Honorable Mention in Art Con- test: Vocational Preference-Retail Merchandising ETHEL MARKOVITZ-Travel Club: Orchestra Z, 3, 4, 5: Orches- tra Concertsg Volley Ball '49, '50, '5lg Basketball '49, '50: Hockey '50, '51: Athletic Award MELVIN MARKOWITZ-Senior Discussion Club: Student Fed- eralists: United Nations Club: Junior Varsity Basketball: Junior Relay Champion: Intramural Volley Ball and Basketball T?9.55.53"fSf.?,7.?,??,'2i,??.??.f1'I353 I 9 HENRY N. MARTIN-Special Shop Projects: Intramural Basket- ball: Favorite School Subject-Commercial Geography REBA JEAN MARTIN-Dramatic English Class: Class Play Cast: Prom Committee: M.M.M.: Typing Certificate: Basketball: Volley Ball: Hockey Leaders Club: Gladstone EARL R. MARVIN-journal Staff: Homeroom Treasurer, 12th Grade: Cafeteria Staff: Chorus 2: History Award: American Legion Award: Hobby-Building Model Cars EARLINE R. MARVIN-journal Staff: Homeroom President, 9th Grade: Foreword Representative: Service Club: Latin Club: Chorus l, 3: String Group: Harmony Class: Gregg Shorthand Award: Minstrel Show: Accompanist for Talent Shows: KDKA School of the Air Program: Volley Ball: Mushball MARVIN MASKOWITZ - Favorite Sport-Basketball: Entered from Braddock High School, 10A DONNA BELLE MATTES-Modern Dance: Microscope Club: Fu- ture Teachers ot' America: History Award: Physical Education Award: Civic Club Test Grades Ball '48, '49 Mushball Tournament HERBERT LEE MAYER-Entered from Greensburg High School, l2B: Intramural Basketball: Football RAYMOND HERMAN MELZNER-Homerooni Vice P llB, llA: Mechanical Drawing Projects: Favorite Sport- HERBERT MENDELSOHN - Garden Club, President Grades: Projection Club: Bookroom Club: Stage Crew: Treasurer, 10th, llth Grades: Class Play Set Painting, AUDREY MAYER-Future Business Leaders of America: Basket- ball '5l: Entered from Greensburg High School, lZB: Vocational Preference-Secretarial Work resident, Baseball 7th, 8th Student 7th-12th SANDRA SUE MERVIS-journal Art Staff: Hall Staff: Fore- word Representative: Future Teachers of America: Senior Discus- sion Cluh: Advanced Art Projects: Carnegie Tech Art Class: Volley RITA A. MEYER-Hall Staff: Future Teachers of America: Senior Discussion Club: Student Federalists: M.M.M.: Advanced Foods: ..,..g.,...e..e..,..g.. MARY KATHRYN MOSELEY-Prom Committee: Journal Staff, 1 Homeroom Secretary, IZB, l2Ag Tutoring Serviceg French Club, ' Secretary and Program Chairmang Future Teachers of Americag Microscope Club, Chorus l, 3, 55 Chorus 5, Librariang Choir Soloistg Chorale, Special Ensembleg Scholastic Writing Awardg American Legion Award, Junior Leaders, Volley Ball '47, '48g Honor Student NORMAN RALPH MOZEIK-214 Staffg Stage Crewg Junior Glee Clubg Band 55 Marching Bandg All-City Bandg Special Shop Pro- jectsg Care Affair Committee, Intramural Basketball MARY REGINA MYERS-Distributive Education Classg Sewing Projectsg Hockey '48, '49g Employed at Joseph Horne's MARYANNE McCARTHY-Senior Y-Teenrsg Garden Clubg Hockey '49, '50g Basketball '50g Volley Ball '48, '49, 'SOQ Athletic Award EILEEN M. MCGLYNN-Volley Ball '50, '5lg Hockey '50, Mush- ball '50, Hobby-Baking and Trying Out New Recipes FRANK RICHARD NOAH-Special Shop Projects: Preference-Machinistg Favorite Sport-Hunting 'ww .ferfa .fe .Arr frfd .fa ,- 'L-"f'Q','Q,'E"f'i",'L N, .U .U 1, -L, .U 1. ., .U .D .,. .L,.L, .v .U .U .U .. .U .U .U .U .. .L, . sqx-fsfsfr.-fsafsfx-.fe,fs.4xfs:s.fs:s.4N.fx4N:'-fsgefsqxfsifsfsif.. C. C. C. C., - une Class STUART M. MICHAELSON-Class Day Committee Homeroom President 9A, Treasurer llBg Hall Staffg College Club United Na tions Club: Student Federalistsg Spanish Club Green Key Basket ball '49, '50, 'Sly Cross Country '49g Track 48 49 50 Sl Intra mural Basketballg Athletic Letter ELICIA MILLER-Hall Staff: Jewelry Projects Journal Art Staff Special Dance, Dance Programs, Program at Carnegie Music Hall ISABEL MILLER-Prom Committeeg Dramatic English Class Orchestra 53 String Groupg Orchestra Concerts Harmony Class Modern Danceg Modern Dance Programs JAMES L. MILLER-Spanish Club: Band 5 Marchmg Band Saxophone Quartetg All-City Bandg Band Concerts MARY LOUISE MILLER-Service Clubg Hall Staff Chorus 1 3 4: Homeroom Secretary, 10B-IOA, 12B-12A Basketball 50 51 Volley Ball '51, Mushball 'Sly Shorthand Certificate SYLVIA MAE MOISEENKO--Library Club Softball Basket ballg Vocational Preference-Secretarial Work l Vocational TOBY NUMEROSKY-Dramatic English Class: Publicity Com- mittee for Class Play: Prom Committee: Journal Staff: Homeroom Treasurer, 10th Grade: Majorettes-Sergeant '49, '50, Head Sergeant '50, '5l: Foreword Staff, Editor-in-Chief: Cafeteria Staff: Hall Staff: Volley Ball '48: Routine Leader: Publicity Skit for Class Play: Homeroom Social Chairman: Executive Committee of Stu- dent Council: Football Rally Committee: Majorette Programs ARLENE E. OBERHEIM-Microscope Club: Travel Club: Future Nurses of America: Art Projects: Volley Ball '47, 'Sl: Vocational Preference-Secretarial Work BARBARA OLBUM-Homeroom Secretary, Sth, 9th Grades: ,lun- ior Leaders: junior Discussion Club: Art Projects: Key Awards in Scholastic Art Contests: Vocational Preference-Art JACK OSTROSKY-Class Day Committee: Luncheon Committee: Green Key: Band 3, 4: Community Chest Program: Readoption of Orphans Project JANE LOUISE PACHTMAN-journal Staff: Prom Committee: Periodicals Secretary: Member-at-Large, Student Council: Social Committee, Student Council: Foreword Typist: Future Teachers of America: Microscope Club: M.M.M.: Tutoring Service: Gregg Typ- ing Award: McKelvey and Greenfield Teaching Projects: Care Af- fair Committee ROSE PALE-Advanced Sewing Projects: Entered from Gladstone, llB: Vocational Preference-Dressmaking: Favorite School Suh- ject--Shorthand: Hobby-Sewing ALBERT T. PALMER-Homeroom President, 9B-l0A: Minstrel Shows: Jewelry Projects: Mechanical Drawing Projects: Wood Shop Projects: Varsity Football '48, '49, '50: Intramural Basketball: Athletic Awards EDWARD G. PARK-Special Shop Projects: Favorite Sport-Auto Racing BARBARA F. PARKER-Senior Class Treasurer: Prom Committee: journal Staff: Dramatic English Class: Class Day Committee: Homeroom President, 7B, 7A: Secretary, 9B, 9A: Social Chairman, IOB: Student Council, Problems Committee: Foreword Staff: Future Teachers of America, President: Senior Discussion Club, Assistant Moderator: D.A.R. Award: Scholastic Writing Award: McKelve,1 Teaching Project: Junior Leaders, President: Hockey '50: Volley Ball '45, '46: Basketball '45, '46: Civic Club Test GEORGE EDWARD PASKO - Entered from Connelley Trade School, IIB: Favorite School Subject - Mechanical Drawing: Favorite Pastime-Bowling STEPHEN M. PASSAMANECK-Dramatic English Class: Class Play Cast: Homeroom Vice President, 10B-IZB: Treasurer, IZA: Latin Club: Co-Editor, Foreword: Qualitative Analysis Class: Minstrel Shows: Intermediate Discussion Club: Band 5: All-City Band: Assistant Manager Football '47: Varsity Manager '48, '49, '50: Varsity Manager Track '49: Civic Club Test JACK DAVID PATTERSON-Advanced Art Projects: Intramural Championship Basketball Team '47, '5l: Favorite Sport-Basketball -L,-U.,-L,-L..g.Q.W.,-L.-L..L..i,,,-L..L,.U.,,.i,.,.,.U.L,.. .. .L .. ., axes-:S-:e:s.'sfe:sfx.-fesfsqsfsf efNcfx-:e4s-1sfe.fx,-fe..fNr,'fS.','x9.x:f,NrSf.Nr-.?e 69 ture Teachers of America, Chorus 3, 4, 5, Secretary of Group A, as,fs22s,f,,s,fs,a,a2s,f,2s.f,2s,f',s,fs2, Z1 716 Cldjj CARL WILLIAM PAXTON-Homeroom Vice President, Intra- mural Basketball, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Entered from Mifflin School SYLVIA L. PEARL-Homeroom Secretary, 7A, SB, Treasurer, 10B, 10A, Student Council Representative, 10B-IIB, M.M.M., 214 Staff, Future Teachers of America, Spanish Club, Chorus 1, 3, 4, Manager of Majorettes, Hockey '48, '49, '50, Basketball '48, '49, '50, Volley Ball '48, '49, '50, '51 GILBERT SANFORD PEISAKOFF-Travel Clulb, United Nations Club, Favorite School Subject-Algebra, Vocational Preference- Business MARCIA ADELE PERLMAN-Homeroom Secretary, 8th Grade, Future Teachers of America, Future Nurses of America, Sewing Projects, Fashion Show JAMES ARTHUR PFERDEKAMPER-Homeroom Treasurer, 1lA, Mechanical Drawing Projects, Cross Country '48, Track '49, '50, '51, Intramural Basketball JOAN H. PHIFER-journal Staff, Homeroom Vice President, l1A' Foreword Representative, Tutoring Service, Microscope Club, Ful Choir Programs CORDELIA PINSKER-214 Activities Staff, Hall Staff, Future Teachers of America, Orchestra 2, 4, 5, Cooking Projects, Volley Ball '49 CHARLES PIPER-Band 5, Favorite Pastime-Reading, Voca- tional Preference-United States Air Force ALAN SHERWOOD PLATT-Hall Staff, VVood Shop Projects, Favorite School Subject-Typing, Vocational Preference-Business NORMAN BARRY PODOLSKY-Class Day Committee, Home- room President, IZB, IZA, Treasurer, 10-IIB, Secretary, 9A, 10B, Stage Crew, Senior Discussion Club, Advanced Print Shop, Cer- tificate of Merit SANFORD POLLACK - Class Day Committee, journal Staff, Homeroom President, 9B, l0B, l0A, l1B, Vice President, 9A, Intramural Basketball, junior Varsity Basketball, Secretary, Green Key, United Nations Club, Vocational Preference-Architect FLORENCE POPP-Advanced Foods Projects, Favorite Sport- Basketball, Entered Allderdice, llB L 'i-ff'-S: -'-1p'ep'Q,'6f','Q:p'i2,'Q:L'e','69'lata 'e.p'+,p't.L ','ep'Qs.p': MC.X..C.C.MC.C.C.-.t.,c,..,.t,.C.c,.t,.cEe..t..X....c.,t..tut..t..X,.e,.C IVAN RICHARD PORT - Homeroom Vice President, 7th-9th Grades: Hall Staff: United Nations Club: Vocational Preference- Pharmacy JOAN HELEN PRETTER-Hall Staff: Senior Discussion Club: Red Cross Program: Entered from Langley High School, IZB DONNA JEAN PRICE-Orchestra S: Entered from Gladstone, 1lB: Music Award, l0A: Gladstone Service Award, 10A CARL WILLIAM PRINZLER - Entered from Baldwin High School, l2B: Favorite School Subject-Math: Vocational Preference -Engineering: Civic Club Test GERALD JOHN QUINLAN-Jewelry Projects: Varsity Football Team: Citation of Merit for Football Effort: Intramural Basketball NANCY MARION RAUSCH-Homeroom Secretary, 1lB: Home- room Treasurer, llA: Future Business Leaders of America: Junior Leaders: Gregg Shorthand Award: Basketball: Hockey: Volley Ball, Captain: Vocational Preference-Secretarial Work ' " JUDITH REICI-IER-Hall Staff: Future Teachers of America: Senior Discussion Club: Camera Club: WCAE Radio Broadcast: Volley Ball '50 JOAN BERNADETTE RIZZO - Distributive Education Class: Foreword Representative, 10-12th Grades: Student Council Repre- sentative: Homeroom Treasurer, 9th Grade: Hockey: Basketball: Baseball: Volley Ball: Senior Lifesaving: Typing Award: American Legion Award: Homeroom Play at Webster Hall: Vocational Pref- erence-Airline Hostess SHIRLEY RIZZO-Prom Committee: Homeroom Vice President. 9A: Service Club: Junior Leaders: Chorus l: Fashion Show: Model for Joseph Horne Co.: Shorthand Award: Athletic Letter: Hockey '49, 'S0: Basketball Captain '48: Volley Ball '47, '48, '49, '50: Base- ball '49 DAVID M. ROBERTS-Special Shop Projects: Football '48, '49, '50: Swimming '49, '59, '5l: Track '51: Football Letter: Swimming Letter: Vocational Preference-Physical Education Teacher MARGERY ROSEN-Dramatic English Class: Class Play Cast: Journal Staff: Member-at-Large, Student Council: Foreword Staff: 214 Activities Staff: Ushering Staff: Tutoring Service: Problems Committee: Future Teachers of America: Senior Discussion Club: Junior Leaders: Special Dance: Modern Dance: Gregg Typing Award: KDKA School of the Air: Junior Town Meeting of the Air: Democratic Citizenship Program, WCAE: Volley Ball: Base- ball: Class Day Committee, Chairman: Civic Club Test: American Chemical Society Contest: Qualitative Analysis Class: Dance Pro- grams ANDREW E. ROSENBERG-Foreword Representative: 214 Activi- ties Staff: Stage Crew: Camera Club: Mechanical Drawing Pro- jects: Swimming Team: Track: Intramural Basketball ,. ,k.L,..,.,,.L, UW.. .L,.L,.L.. .. .. .. ... ... . . ... ... . vfsezsfsqseffafeifsfsfess JEROME MARTIN ROSENBERG-Class Day Committee: Student Council Representative, l0B: Hall Staff: German Club: Senior Discussion Club: Student Federalists: Intramural Basketball JUDITH CAROL ROSENBERG - Prom Committee: Dramatic English Class: Publicity Committee Chairman: Journal Art Staff: Student Federalists, Secretary: Art Projects: Special Dance: Dance Programs: Minstrel Show: Cheerleaders, Volley Ball '46: Basket- ball '47 RONALD LEE ROSENBERG-Football Club: Chorus 3: Football '48, '49, '50: Track '50: Kiwanis Club Trophy for Football, Most Valuable Player: Minstrel Show: Favorite Subject-History GERALD I. ROSENFELD - Journal Staff: Dramatic English Class: Student Federalists: Minstrel Show: KDKA School of the Air: Varsity Football '48, '49: Intramural Basketball: Athletic Letter Award SARAH GERTRUDE ROSENFIELD-Future Nurses of America: German Club: Service Club: Orchestra 1, Z, 3, 4: Gregg Typing Certificate: Volley Ball: Hockey ROBERTA SUE ROSENSON-Hall Staff: Library Staff: Future Teachers of America: Senior Discussion Club: Chorus 1, 3: Choir: Jewelry Projects: Brotherhood Week Program: Mushball '49, '50: Basketball '49: Volley Ball '49, '50: Athletic Letter RICHARD C. ROSENZWEIG-Dramatic English Class: Journal Photographer: Class Day Committee: Class Play Sound Director: Stage Crew: Homeroom President, 7B-8B: Student Council Repre- sentative, Member-at-Large: Foreword Photographer: 214 Staff: Student Council Problems Committee, Chairman: Student Council President, IZA: Camera Club: Senior Discussion Club: Chorus 2, 3: Track Team Varsity Letter-City Championship '50, '5l: Cheer- leaders: Football Rally Committee MARY JEAN ROSS-Homeroom Vice President, 9B, 9A: Home- room Secretary, 10th Grade: Junior Lifesaving: Y-Teens: Food Projects: Mushball '48, '49g Volley Ball '49, '51 MARY MADELINE ROVILEA-Vice President Homeroom, llA: Student Council Representative: Homeroom Vice President, 12B l2A: College Club: Orchestra 5: All City Orchestra: Gregg Speed Award: Orchestra Programs: Care Affair Committee: Volley Ball: Basketball '50 FAYE IRIS RUBIN-Future Teachers of America: Library Staff: Sewing Projects: Hall Staff: Jewelry Projects CHARLES RYAN - Green Key: Mechanical Drawing Projects: Hall Staff: Basketball '50, '51g Track '50, '51 EDMUND JOSEPH SABO - Special Shop Projects: Favorite School Subject-Mathematics: Hobby-Home Maintenance 'eb 'S."'2f'Q'Sfii. 'S-:U 'vi '22 'Nffi 'SPL E? 'vi 1121, 'SL'-f ROBERT JOSEPH SAFO-Chorus 5: Male Chorus: Choir Pro- grams: Favorite School Subject-Mathematics HERBERT SACHS-Homeroom President, IOA, IIB: Vice Presi- dent, 9B: Tutoring Service: l.atin Club: Golf Team: City Golf Championship BARBARA ANN SAMBERG-French Club: Hall Staff: Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Vocational Preference-Stenography: Favorite School Subject-English RICHARD L. SANDER-Hall Staff: College Club: Microscope Club: Sociology Trip: Swimming 48: Track '50, '5I: Cross Country: City Championship '50, '5l: Varsity Letter: Intramural Basketball PHYLLIS GLORIA SANELLI - Distributive Education Class: Homc-room Vice President, IZB: M.M.M.: Gladstone Cooking Award: Favorite Sport-Swimming GRACE SAUNDERS-Hall Staff: Future Nurses of America: Intramural Basketball' Hoeke : Volle Ball' Softball Tournaments' A I , Y Y , - Favorite School Subject-Bookkeeping: Vocational Preference- Beautician erence-Stenography Preference-Carnegie Tech Comptometer Operator tu 'U -LJ -L, 'Lf 'C- -Q -Lf 'L' 'C- -el sg, -U 1 DONALD MERLE SCANDROL Futurc Teachcrs of AIIILFICR Projection Club: Chorus 2, 3 4 5 Malc Chorus 'Irack 50 Cross Country '49, '50: Minstrel Show Football 48 Choir Programs BETTY LOUISE SCAVARIEL Homcroom bccrctary 9B SLIIIOI' Y-Teens: Service Club: Grcgf., 'Iypmc Xwarcl Noca ional Prcf SEYMOUR JAY SCHAFER Senior Class Nice Presiclcnt Prom Committee: Class Day Comnnttee I-lomeroom P1'CSlfILlIt 9B 17A Hall Staff: Green Key: Qualitative Analvsis Class Basketball City Championship in Tennis Doubles FREDA SCHERB-Foreword Rcpresentative Cafetcria Staff F ture Teachers of America: bpanish Club Collcgc Club Historv Club: Chorus I, 3, 4: Volley Ball 49 wil Nlushball -I9 wil Collcgc ROBERT F. SCHIENLE Intramural Basketball Championship Team '5l: Model Airplane Club Special Shop Projects Stage Crew Work: Vocational Preference Mechanic ELMA JEAN SCHMIDT-Futurc Business leaders of Nmerica Y-Teens: Volley Ball: Mushball Hockey Nocational Choice C, I-2r.2v.fs2.f?w.fs''a.2s. une Cldfj ALLAN B. SCHNEIROV-Dramatic English Class, Property Com- mittee Chairman, Class Play, Hall Staff, Senior Discussion Club, College Club, Orchestra 4, Intramural Basketball, Golf '50, Junior Varsity Basketball '48 DAVID LEE SCHREIBER-Prom Committee, Homeroom Presi- dent, '48, Vice President, '49, '50, Microscope Club, Chorus 5, Male Chorus, Football '48, Green Key, President, Intramural Basketball JACQUELINE L. SCHWEINBERG-Homeroom May Queen, '50, Future Nurses of America, College Club, Senior Y-Teens, Travel Club, Typing Certificate, Athletic Shield, Volley Ball '49, '50, '51, Hockey '49, '50, Basketball '51, Tennis '50, Mushball '50 THEODORE ROBERT SEGIEL-Intramural Basketball, Entered from McKeesp0rt High School, l0B, Vocational Preference-Me- chanical Engineering JOHN ANTHONY SGRO-Class Day Committee, Dramatic Eng- lish Class, Class Play Cast, Orchestra 5, Special Shop Foreman, Orchestra Concerts, Orchestra Performance at Schenley Hotel VIVIEN MARIE SHAPERA - Student Council Representative, Cafeteria Staff, Ushering Staff, Social Committee, Student Council, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Travel Club, Chorus 3, 4, Fashion Show, Care Affair Committee SANDRA SHAPIRO - Homeroom Senior Calendar Committee, Hall Staff, journal Art Staff, Advanced Art Projects, Future Teachers of America, Athletic Award, Hockey '50, Volley Ball '48, '49, '51, Softball '50, Basketroom Attendant JEANETTE LORETTA SHELTON-Homeroom Secretary, llB, Entered from Gladstone, 11B MARLENE JUNE SHERMAN-Future Teachers of America, College Club, Orchestra 5, String Quartet, Orchestra Programs, Lifesaving, Hockey '50, '51, Volley Ball '49, '50, '51, Basketball '49, '50, '51, Softball '50, '51, Manager Musihball Tournament '50, Junior Leaders, Senior Leaders MARY JEAN SHOLOCK-Jewelry Projects, Fashion Show, Sew- ing Projects, Entered from Gladstone, l1B, Athletic Shield, Glad- stone Service Club, Movie Squad, Sewing Club BARBARA DOLORES SHULMAN-Advanced Art Projects, Jour- nal Art Staff, Homeroom Senior Calendar Committee, Foreword Representative, l0A, llB, llA, Hall Staff, Cafeteria Staff, Camera Club, Treasurer, Future Teachers of America VERA B. SIDBERRY - M.M.M., President, Student Council, Ushering Staff, Social Committee, Basketball '49, '50, Athletic Letter, Dance Programs .L .. .L,.U.U.U.L,.,.U.U.,v,.L,.UW.L,.L,.L,.,.L,.L,.L,.U.,.,,.U.. .. .. .. .. scgsgsgfgsdgfggsdsfgfygygesfese.,fa,fz-4sc,fsfXd:.-fs!-fS5f.NZft:'-:Q ?5?i,'N 515.31 213 55 2 9 I E MARGARET SIKORA-4Homeroom Secretary, IZA: Service Club: Garden Club: Homeroom Treasurer, llB, llA: Senior Y-Teens: Travel Club: Volley Ball '48, '50, '5l: Hockey '49, '50: Basketball '50, '5l: Commercial Award NORMA JOY SIMON-Prom Committee: Dramatic English-Pub- licity, Make-up, Property Committees: Student Council, Social Com- mittee: Future Teachers ot' America: Senior Discussion Club: Or- chestra 2, 3. 4: jewelry Projects: English Composition Award: Cregg Tv ning Certificate: Teaching Project: Student Council Con- ' . I vention MORRIS G. SINGER-Prom Committee: Homeroom Treasurer, 9B, 9A: Hall Staff: Chess Club: Art Poster Projects: Intramural Basketball: Gym Class Basketball Championship Team, llA HEINZ SIRKIN-Foreword Staff: Advanced Art Projects: Cafe- teria Posters: Second Prize, Clean-up Art Campaign: Favorite Sport ASwimming DONALD SIVIY-Homeroom President, 9B: Intramural Basket- ball: Hobby-Photography: Favorite School Subject-Basketball ALAN B. SKIRBOLL-Student Council: Senior Discussion Club: Student Federalists: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Minstrel Show: Band Con- certs: Football '-49: Basketball, junior Varsity '48 HOWARD WESLEY SMITH - journal Staff: Homeroom Vice President: Microscope Club: Short Vifave Club, President: WCAE Radio Program, Democratic Citizenship: Qualitative Analysis Class: Entrant in Buhl Planetarium Science Fair: Entered Essay in Pennsylvania Week Contest: Tutoring Service MARY LOU SMITH-Foreword Representative, llB: Election Board, 1lB: Choir: Chorus 4: Chorale: jewelry Projects: Chorus Programs. ROBERT ERNEST SMITH-Class Day Committee: journal Staff: Paint Crew for Class Play Scenery: Tutoring Service: Cafeteria Staff: Foreword Staff: Microscope Club: Latin Club: Qualitative Analysis Class: Art Projects: Art Exhibit of Hundred Friends of Pittsburgh Art: Scholastic Key Awards and Placement: Harvard Book Prize: P.T.A. Program: Vocational Preference-Architecture: Civic Club Test: Carnegie Freshman Scholarship ALAN ISA SNYDER-Prom Committee: Hall Patrol: Homeroom Treasurer: Senior Discussion Club: Student Federalists, Vice President: United Nations Club: Band l, 2, 3, 4: KDKA School of the Air Program: Intramural Basketball DOROTHY MARIE SOLAYW-journal Staff: Homeroom Typist: Tutoring Service: Junior Dramatic Club: Future Business Leaders of America, President: Shorthand Award: Volley Ball '50, '51: Mushball Captain '50: Mushball '51 NATALIE M. SOLOF-Prom Committee: Senior Discussion Club: Future Teachers of America: Student Federalists: Latin Club: French Club: College Club: Hall Staff: 214 .Activities Staff: Tutor- ing Service: Student Council: Social Committee: Ushering Staff' Orchestra 3, 4: Gregg Typing Award if S4 E4 if 2 Sf. S51 if S4 se SEP, S S? Q-3 E? sk N-fll 'vi 'VS' 'sb ', 1 GEORGE D. SORG-Intramural Basketball, Favorite School Work -Shops ARTHUR DAVID SPIEGEL-Prom Committee, Foreword Repre- sentative, Treasurer, llB, Hall Staff, United Nations Club, Microscope Club, Band 5, Marching Band, Intramural Basketball BETTY JEAN STEFANIC--Journal Staff, Class Day Committee, Homeroom Vice President, 9B, 9A, llB, llA, Secretary-Treasurer, l0B, 10A, Social Chairman, IZB, IZA, Service Club, Leaders Club, Horne Sewing Council, Fashion Shows, Athletic Award, Commer- cial Award ELINOR RUTH STEIN-Student Council Representative, Dra- matic English Class, Journal Staff, Class Day Committee, Home- room Vice President, IOA, Future Nurses of America, Future Teachers of America, Library Club, Senior Discussion Club, Student Federalists, Gregg Typing Award, Hockey, Volley Ball MACY STEIN-Homeroom Treasurer, IZB, l2A, Student Council Representative, Special Shop Projects, Swimming Team '49, '50, '51, City Senior Diving Champion '51 LORRAINE HELEN STEINBERG - Dramatic English Class: Prom Committee, Student Council Representative, Problems Com- mittee, Social Committee, Chairman, Delegate to Student Council Convention, Camera Club, Cafeteria Staff, 214 Staff, Ushering Staff, Future Teachers of America, Jewelry Projects, Modern Dance, Special Dance, Dance Programs RUSSELL KENNEDY STEWART-Entered from Gladstone, llB, Swimming Team '50, '51, Championship Swimming Team '51, Intra- mural Basketball, Vocational Preference - Commercial Aviator, Hobby-Model Airplanes JANE SMALL STINSON-Prom Committee, Journal Art Staff, Microscope Club, Future Teachers of America, Orchestra 5, Ger- man Club, Choir, Chorale, Scholastic Art Award JOSEPH PATRICK SUMMERVILLE-Foreword Representative, llB, Intramural Basketball '50, '51, Student Council Bowling League MARY JANE SUNAGA-Prom Committee, Journal Staff, Fore- word Representative, Hall Patrol, Office Aide, Future Business Leaders of America, Vice President, Junior Y-Teens, Gregg Typing Award, Hockey '48, '49, '50, Volley Ball '50, '51 JOYCE LEE SUPOWITZ-Journal Staff, Dramatic English Class, Class Day Committee, Hall Staff, Homeroom Secretary, 12B, l2A, Future Teachers of America, junior Dramatic Club, Spanish Club, Advanced Foods Projects, Teaching Projects at Greenfield and McKe1vey Schools VIVIAN E. THAYER-French Club, Junior Y-Teens, Vice Presi- dent, Chorus l, 3, 4, 5, Chorale, Choir Programs, Special Dance, Dance Programs, First Prize for Essay in Contest on Juvenile Delinquency, Volley Ball '48 vw.. ww.. .L,.. .U.U.. .. .Un .. .. .L,.L, .. .L,.L,.L,.L,.. .L we,sifxfsfsexfgesfsygfgsgxysesfeevqsyeexfgvgsaes-:, 5455 ANNAMARIE TKAC-Senior Leaders: Travel Club: Journal Art Staff: Volley Ball '49, '50, '5l: Basketball '5l: Mushball '50, '5l: Prime Interest-Art PAUL B. TOBERG, JR.-Short Wave Club, President: Swimming Team Manager '48, '49, '50, '5l: Favorite School Subjects-Electric and Wood Shops: Participant in Science Fair, Ford Contest MARGARET TOTH-College Club: Chorus 5: Favorite School Subject-Voice: Vocational Preference-Music Teacher ROSEMARIE TOZZI-Hall Staff: Homeroom Vice President, SB, SA: Election Board Committee: Gregg Typing Certificate: Gregg 60-80 Word Certificate: Championship Hockey Team '49: Volley Ball '51 JOSEPH TRATTNER-Senior Class Day Committee: Prom Com- mittee: Senior Class President: Homeroom President, 10A-IZA: Hall Staff: 214 Activities Staff: Senior Discussion Club, President: Student Federalists, President: United Nations Club, President: Future Teachers of America: College Club: American Legion Award: Hearst Oratorical Contest Award: VVestinghouse Award: Qualitative Analysis Class: KDKA School of the Air: Junior Town Meeting of the Air: Care Affair Committee SAMUEL TRUST-Senior Discussion Club: Student Council: Class Day Committee: Orchestra 5, President: Harmony Class: Brass Quintet: Football '48, '49, '50: Track '49, '50, '51: Minstrel Show: Essay Contest Award AUDREY TROJANOWSKI-IJistributive Education Class: Special Dance: Pittsburgh Civic Ballet: Basketball '47: Talent Shows: Vocational Preference-Ballet Dancing PATRICIA CLAIRE UNGER-Journal Staff: Dramatic English Class: Homeroom Secretary, l0B: Student Council Member-at- Large, 11B-IZA: Hall Staff: 214 Activities Staff: Student Council Social Committee: Future Teachers of America: Microscope Club: Senior Discussion Club: Jewelry Projects: Teaching Projects at Greenfield and McKelvey Schools MARY ELIZABETH URBAN-Future Business Leaders of Ameri- ca: Sewing and Cooking Projects: Vocational Preference-Secre- tarial Work: Hobby-Collecting Foreign Money DOLORES JEAN VARGO-Library Club: M.M.M.: Chorus 1: Advanced Foods Projects: Miss Bechtel's Serving Group: Peaks of Progress Essay JEWELL G. VARGO-Entered from Gladstone, llB: Favorite School Subject-Consumer Education: Favorite Sport-Basketball: Hobby-Sewing PATRICK VERRONE-Special Sfhop Projects: Typing Awards: Honorable Mention, American Legion: Intramural Basketball I f.:s,2sf:s.fs'a,f-.:s.+xs.fs2.fs'afxs."as. ll 116 C BARBARA CHARIS WAKEFIELD-Fixture Teachers of America, Spanish Club, Intramural Basketball, Hockey, Volley Ball, Mush- ball Tournaments Future Tea-chers of America, Chorus 5: Chorale: Chorus Programs, Model for Allderdice at Gimbel's, Volley Ball '50 MARY E. WASHINGTON-Future Business Leaders of America, Basketball '48, '49. '50, Volley Ball '49, '50, '5l: Mushball '49, '50, '51, Hockey '50, 51, Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards, Vocational Preference-Stenography MICHAEL WATSO--Swimming Team, Vocational Preference- Dentistry NORMAN J. WEDNER-Distributive Education Class, Hall Staff, Stage Crew, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Print Shop Projects, Metal Shop, Favorite School Subject-Mathematics DOLORES IDA WEINER-Hall Staff, Spanish Club, Future Business Leaders of America, Entered from Peabody, 12B, Pastime TI-IELMA LYNNE WARDEN-Student Comm:-il Representative, -Art ETTIE DORIS WEINER-M.M.M., Future Nurses of America, Hall Staff, Fashion Show, Basketball, Volley Ball, Vocational Preference-Secretarial Work MATHILDA WEISBERG-Hall Staff, Future Nurses of America, Senior Leaders Mushball '50, '51, Basketball '51, Co-Manager of Basketball Tournament '51, Hockey '50, Volley Ball 'Sl DAVID JAY WEISSBERG-Journal Staff, Student Council Repre- sentative, Ushering Staff, Social and Problems Committees of Stu- dent Council, Senior Discussion Club, Student Federalists, Co- Sponsor of Bowling League, Orchestra 5, All-City Junior Orchestra: Intramural Basketball ZANETA ROSALYN WEITZ-Dramatic English Class, Publicity and Costume Committees for Class Play, Library Club, Spanish Club, Future Teachers of America, Chorus l, 3, 4, Group 4 Ac- companist, Choir Programs GEORGE SEYMOUR WELFORD--214 Activities Staff, Cafeteria Staff, Chess Team, Chess Club, Garden Club, President, Spanish Club, Chorus 3, Lawn Clean-up Committee JULIA A. WERYHA-Shorthand Award, Typing Award, Mushball '49, Basketball '50, Volley Ball '51 .. .U .. .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .L X34Sa'f.x,-fst-2x,-fN,.-fs..fs.fs.fs.,fx:f.NCf,exfsfeefgyeefeeafyeeexfxfe PATRICIA LEE WHITTAKER - College Club: Freneh Club: Prom Committee: Intramural Championship Volley Ball Team '50: Baseball Captain '50: Basketball '49, '50: Athletic Shield: Peaks of Progress Contest, Fourth Prize MARGERY MAY WILLIAMS-Journal Staff: Homeroom Secre- ' tary, 9B, 9A: Homeroom Vice President, l0B, l0A: French Club: , Junior Leaders: Chorus 5: Volley Ball '47 - ODESSA WILLIAMS - Entered from Gladstone, llB: Favorite Pastime-Dancing: Vocational Preference-Dietitian ALAN DAVENPORT WINGARD--Gernlaii Club: Student Coun- cil, 9B: Chorus 2, 3, 5: Male Chorus: Accompanist: Soloist: En- semble Work: 10B Election Board: Choir Programs: All-Citv A Chorus: Class Play Organist '49 JAMES EDWARD WOHLFARTH - Radio Club: Stage Crew: Football: Vocational Preference-Engineering i ROBERT FOX WOHLFARTH-Stage Crew: Special Shop Pro- jects: Intramural Basketball MILTON SIDNEY WOLF - Dramatic English, Property Com- lnittee: Homeroom Treasurer, 8B: Vice President, SA: Student Council Representative: College Club: Band 5: Marching Band: All-City Band: Music Festival Programs: junior Varsity Basket- ball '47, '48: Intramural Basketball LORETTA H. WOLITITCH-Pramttl Connnittee: Home Economics Serving Committee: Y-Teens: Typing Award: Shorthand Award: Volley Ball '48, '49, '50: Mushball '50, '51: Basketball '48, '49, 'Sl JOAN MARLENE WORGAN - Entered from Gladstone, llB: Gladstone Orchestra: Shorthand Award: Jewelry Projects: Mushball '48, '49, '50: Volley Ball '49, '50, 'Sl JANET NADINE WYANT - Homeroom President: Hall Staff: Education Class GAYLORD CHARLES YOSTh-Hall Staff: Microscope Club: Col- lege Club: Cross Country '5l: Intramural Basketball GERALDINE M. YOUNG-Dramatic English Class: journal Staff: Library Staff: Future Teachers of America: Hall Staff: Special Dance: Camera Club: Tutoring Service: Homeroom Treasurer, IIA 79 Senior Lifesaving: Basketball: Volley Ball: Hockey: Distributive u 116 Cl 3.3 aka HOWARD ALLAN YOUNG-College Clubg Homeroom Election Boardg Favorite School Subject-Chemistryg Vocational Preference -Architecture ROCHELLE C. YOUNG-Student Council Representative: Cafe- teria Staffg Hall Staff: Senior Discussion Club: Student Federal- istsg Clothing Projectsg Model at Teag Student Federalist Program: Shorthand Certificate ALICE JEAN YOURICK - Distributive Education Class: Hall Staffg Senior Lifesavingg Basketballg Volley Bally 214 Typist: Typing Award, Entered from Gladstone, 11Bg School Newspaper, Typing Award, and Citizenship Award at Gladstone PAUL HAROLD ZWEIG-Senior Discussion Clubg Band 53 Band Concerts, Vocational Preference-Dentistry JAMES M. SACCO-German Club: Mechani- cal Drawing Projectsg Favorite Sport-Foot- ball ufjv ri! In April, the spirited minds of T.A.H.S. students lightly turn to thoughts of baseball-in fact, not only do their minds shift to such thoughts, but their bodies follow them. This was witnessed on April 19, 1951, when the Pittsburgh Pirates reached town. Squirrel Hill's "halls of learning" were noticeably empty and yellow pieces of paper were seen -being autographed by various teachers. Thanks to these small bits of papyrus, Allderdice's student 'body was well represented at the opening baseball game of the 1951 season. Although this game is an annual occurrence, an added feature was presented with it this year. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Film Studios sent their cameramen to Forbes Field to photograph the crowd's reactions at this game. These films will provide the backdrop for the coming movie, "The Angel and the Piratesf, starring Paul Douglas and featuring many Allderdice students. NVhen this picture is re- leased, if any close-ups of the crowd are shown while teachers are in the audience, I suggest some pupils think up mighty good excuses why they were seen at the 'ball game on the same day "their grandmother died!" However, it's a little too early to worry about what the future holds for us concerning that specific subject, so let's all reminisce of the excitement which surrounded us that lovely spring day. 1-fix 'vi 's-1: '4:f'SYf'vii '12'tf'if'42'+e's-fi Superlazioes By popular vote of the -Iournal Staff, the following persons were elected as superlatives from the June, 1951 graduating class: Best Looking .,,,.. Eyes ,ll,..., .. Figure ..........,......,.... Most Likely to Lynn XVarden Maxine -I ones Smile .,...i,,...,... ...A . .. . .ulanie Pachtman l.eona Goldberg Surceed . Caroie Helioff Best Dressed ........ .,.... .. Cecy Cohen Disposition ...l.,.,, ,,,4, Cutest . ,,,,. ,..l, Class Wit ......... ......., .,., Most Popular. ,... , .. Blushcr .. Sheila Goldman Florence Greenberg Selma Cooper Cynthia Alterman . Mona Katz Best Athlete .,,., .. . .. Earline Marvin Best Looking . .. Ripley Armstrong 5111110 ,..,...,....... Eyes ,.i,... Plzysique ,.i,. . M ost Likely to B est Dressed Disposi tion ...., ...... Personality .,,. Class lfVit ,.,. Most Popular Best Athlete .,..,, .. ,,.. .. Blusher .....,.... . ...... . Real Cross Course The Red Cross course descended like a plague: All struggled with instructions that seemed so vague Each member of T.A.H.S. did -beg To practice on some victim's arm or leg. Mild persons eager to try out their skill Chose any dog or cat that would play illg And with determination and strong will Set out at once to administer with skill. More spiteful people had at last their chance: "Revenge," they breathed and cast an evil glance. With tourniquet in hand they took their stance And on an enemy they did advance. No need to tell you that they played a trick Upon the unsuspecting foe they picked: And turned the weapon till it made a nick Which left a memory that would always stick. Yet as the course, in June, drew to an end, The former enemy was now a friend. Each wished that he'd a longer time to spend Upon this course which had become the trend. Dick Rosenzweig .Richie Adelsheim .Buzzy Cohen Succeed ,.... Joe Trattner ...Dave Schreiber . Larry Cuban . ......,.... Bob Levin Mike Chirigos . . . ...,... Ted Fischer .Albert Palmer ...Earl Marvin X..c,.c,,s..c..,.x. rift!! f mimi , ll 3094 ROSENBERG it J, fe W : J A N' f l . Q'- 1mm,,,,,, Q AK' 4 X 'iff' 'Stew' . 0 0 .91 Ylwuetsou A P fi " P' Q' Lf R Q, ma' ll A I mn, Ill "Saturday night clears away the rust of a whole week." -BROTHER UIOSEVII XXDDISON, GOLDRERG "Oh thoughtless seniors, ever blind to fate. Too soon a freshy, too soon a gracluz1te." -HORIEROONT TEACHERS "Never he afraid or ashaniecl of asking seniors for more money." -BARBARA HTREASURIE OF CnEsTERE1Er.n" PARKER '4Some teachers, under the notion of weeding out cutting. eradicate virtue, honesty, and fun." SENIORS OF THE l95l 1'ER1on OF CoNvENTIoNAr.IsM "None hut the seniors deserve the early clisnlissalsf' -ROCHELLE HJOIIN IDRYDIENH Yorxcs "A senior's life is for :L kingf -CERAIJUATIES lsl UY1 .FAA s.w.N.v.N.B.HAAANS. SEMA QASQAMANECK I , .,,... C61 'ER ,, 5 5 X , X vw 0153 -if iv , - ,. Q fl noe TWkTTNEt GEORGE VKAHONTDYOLDG -vm' quit ll slllwjcct until ywu :Arc IllHI'UllgIllj' mivkmwcl by it." 'ff1lI.lJ.X l'..XRl. Ol" f llliS'l'IiRl"lIiI,ll l'l'Sb Xu l'llll'l'lIllllllll'l1l ls su clwzqw :ls ll Sllllbkt' :lt thc wall. nm' :uw IbIL'2lSlll'L' su -Q onlin-1 "l..xm' NIARY NloN'r.xm"' f'.XN'l'liR "'l'l1c- paths ul glury lczul lmt lu l'1tt, - -Wblol-1 "'l'Ilux1.xs i2R.xY" 'l'R,x'l"l'Nr:k "'l'lw lylliflll SL'lliUI', thuuglx l"k'I' sau' pum'. ls king H' tlu- sclnml fm'-11' tlmtf' -P -"A Sl'1NIOR'S A SENIOR ml: .x' 'l'u.x'r' llc WlM'l' than the tc:u'l1c1's ll um czm, :mel flu nut lzul tu toll thcm su. D ---slmlx "lloR.-wie XY.XI.l-'Ul.I-In lMRn'l..xx 1,4 ,Q 83 Jwodern and Special Dance Sponsors-Miss Long, Miss Mercer N E' Suas' X 2 A ,,.k I Qld? I I 4? QV 85 1. "s.i.?skS es A ER 2-S fi 'fi 5 fb A as A.:,2+,fs fi f Q. T, T5 .mmf 115 sd fl 4 1 i l ""' ,,, f 2 P.. . A,,.. Nx- , SQ 5 m x J February The class play, the prom committee, the class day committee . . . these are all part of the senior yearg hut a major part shoulcl concern "study," Books, hooks and more hooks. Finally, the time has come, three and one-half years with an additional semester in which to formulate a purpose in preparing ourselves for the future we all are beginning to face. lt may ibe collegeg it may he marriageg and in some cases it may be nothing! It's all up to you-each individual one, To make our senior year he fun. lt's only five months longA- And we'll finish with a song, To hegin our future extra strong. 8 6 'A - T5 is fl'. + ZF. 3. - 9. ' .-N. -1275.45.43 fix ' wt on essions If on his mind some deed doth cling, Maifs conscience is a funny thing. It gives no rest from day till night, Until these deeds he brings to light, So now he clears his troubled mind, And these confessions leaves behind. Jack llasley confesses that his numerous visits to the wall were not purely to breathe in the good fresh air. Iittie Weiner tells us she didn't stick strictly to hall patrol duties during her fourth period vigil. Ripley flrinstrong avows he knows nothing of who took Mr. Si1riner's aerial down from the roof. Rhea Cimino informs us Korea isn't the only place the Marines have landed. Barbara Ollluni discloses ber interest in VVest Virginia isn't only because she loves the South. Dick Gross admits he doesn't go to the swimming pool to swim. Sara Roscnfield reveals that she runs for her field glasses everytime an airplane flies overhead. Florence Gulyasy informs us that the dreamy look she's been wearing since her vacation last summer has nothing to do with a certain lifeguard from Annapolis. Odessa Williams finally uncovers the fact that she actually worked in seventh period study. So.. XVhat's done is done, And whatever is, is right, His mind is free, And his conscience is light. 87 Distributifoe Education Class Room 405 Teacher ........... .....,..,,., , Mr. H. O. Barnes President ...,... ....... . .,4..,.,...V h lanet Wyant Vice President ........ ..,,.. r,.4..,, P T hyllis Sanelli Secretary ..,........,..,.,.....,.,... ...A . Alice ,lean Yourick Treasurer ..P.......,.........r..... ..,.r4,.. . r...,.,... N orman XVedner Foreword Representative ...,. ., .,..,,.,,,.,, . joan Rizzo Student Council Representative .Dorothy Kochendorfer First Row--Audrey Trojanowski, Jean Meyers, Phyliss Sanelli, Janet Wyant, Mr. Barnes, Marilyn Lyons, Joan Rizzo, Dorothy Kochendorfer Second Row-Alice Jean Yourick, Shirley Young, Amanda McKee, Joan Krip, Veronica Krajcovic, Geraldine McClintock, Rosemarie Yurkew Third Row-Norman Wedner, Walter Stoehr, Samuel Dickter, Paul Gluckson, Lakatos, Donald Vernon, Kenneth Kennedy Walter Stoehr Walter Stoehr has a bashful grin, Dark brown hair and hazel eyes. But with the girls, he'll always wing He's a boy who is female wise. Gerry McClintock lVho's always smiling, So happy and so gay? lt's Gerry McClintock, ln her own sweet way. Kenneth Kennedy A friend like Ken is hard to find- All our troubles are his concern, He's willing to help whatever the need For that, our Ken is a friend indeed. Clifford Lakatos Clifford Lakatos ls a name of the past: XVe'l1 remember him always, For arousing our class. Samuel Dickter Black wavy -hair, And a catching lblue eye-- That's Sam Dickter, And he's our guy. Goldie Zahm Understanding, courteous, Helpful and kind, Girls like Goldie . Are hard to find. Rosemarie Yurkew VVho comes in the class with a hearty laugh, And fills the room with cheer? Think no further for you will find, It's Rosemarie Yurkew. Sh-e's our dear. Marion Lyons A neat little trick, Who forgets the timeg VVe know her as Bunnyg But this doesn't rhyme. Clifford 'N-fit Norman Wedner Norman's our -boy- He's the life of 'the class. His life ambition? Why, just to pass. Alice Jean Yourick The girl with the style, Who cheers up her classmates VVith that 'iAlice jean" smile. Dorothy Kochendorfer Dorot-hy's last name ls too hard to spellg So we'll leave it at this- Our Dot is just swel-l. Audry Trojanowski ballerina, to your fameg reach your goal "The Great Audry's" th Dance, Dance You'll When Jean Myers With that gleam in her eyes And that sparkle in her smile, 405's Jeanie Myers Makes life seem worthwhile. Rosemarie DiNel1a W-ho's the life of the party? Who's always on the run? It's Rosemarie DiNel1la, That girl who's full of fun. Joan Rizzo With big brown eyes And hair that is black, -loan Rizzo is smooth, And as sharp as a tack. Phyllis Sanelli Is it Marlene Deitrich? ls it Janie Powell? No, it's Phyllis Sanelli W-ho beats them both by a mile. Grace Lynch If you're looking for talent, It sure is a cinch, You sh-ould come to our room e name' And ask for Grace Lynch. Janet Wyant Our little Janie's small an-cl sweety And she has a ready smileg Her personality just can'-t be beat VVhatever she does is worthwhile. Paul Gluckson Who is first in the lunch line? Who is last in the room? My guess is Paul G1luckson, Who leaves this school in june. Class Day It thas been said in this age of psychological conditions, That if we spend one day carrying out our secret ambitions We soon find relief from our trouble and grief. This is the real purpose for Class Day each year. Each senior acts, without inhibition or fear, The life rule he desires, and his subconscious admires. Thus were the halls filled that day With cowboys and Indians bold and gayg And baseball players with visor capsg Figures of the past and present time, Movie stars and heroes sublime. All took part in every event, And every hour was joyously spent. We certainly had a w But I must admit, before I end this Though the play may It's never much help onderful time, rhyme: relieve a few inhibitions, to our mental conditions x. X4 ,. X.. V. -. X.. N. .g.g.,?.g.g.Q.g.g.g.Q-2. L 89 s.,a.e uyy and 190115 of 258 Teacher A...A....,.,. ....,.,.. ......A. M r . john B. Coyne President ,.,......,., .... . Seymour Schafer Vice President ...... .....,.,.. M argie Rosen Secretary ,..,.,,.... 4.i.........,,.......,.,....,.. J ane Pachtman Treasurer .4..4,i...... ...,. .,.........,....,,.,.,.,.., M a rlene Hershman Social Chairmen ......,.A,.,......,,..,...... ....,,. T oby Numerosky, joan Golomh Foreword Representative ......,......... ......,.,.....,.,r,,,.......,.,...,... A udrey Judd Student Council Representative ,......,..i.,....,......,.......,.......... Tamara Janvey We're the guys! VVe're the dolls of a fabulous year: For john B. Coyne's crew give a rip roaring cheer. A void in the school will remain when we pass. We're the smartest, the sharpest of the ,Sl class. Our praises like songs will ring to the sky. Even Broadway hit shows we'Il dare to defy. l First Row-James Pferdekamper, Seymour Schafer, Robert Cross Second Row-Shirley Rizzo, Tamara janvey, Selma Cooper, Marlene Hershman, Sally Iskovitz, Mr. John B. Coyne, Toby Numerosky, Iris Davis, Rose Foley, Dorothy Solay Third Row-Edward Park, Carole Helioff, Janet Kimball, Sarah Hailperin, Barbara Parker, Margie Rosen, Nancy Goldstein, Racille Goodman, Audrey Judd, Harlene Lichter, Cordelia Pinsker, Janie Pachtman, Herbert Mendelsohn Fourth Row--Warren Levine, Gary Friedman, Melvin Markowitz, Morris Singer, Norman Bress, Andrew Rosenberg, Marvin Levick, George Welford, Peter Block, Ronald Goldsmith ALLEGRO ANDREW ROSENBERG Our Andy's one swell guy, a long time favorite of 2583 his good looks and Allegro manner really make him rate. PETER BLOCK When the marching band comes clown the field, and the drums roll forth with pep, One Foot, Other Foot is the cry, our Peter keeps in step. NANCY GOLDSTEIN You're always there when duty callsg you're thoughts are never astray. No matter the time, the day or place, You Are Never Away. 'Q-.Ap'ggg-Q't3.,'g1-p'gL,'g,,'xg,,'g-,L'g4L'gg','g-j.f'xL',xU,'eL,' 'ru .'sf,'Q-p'4s.a'4e,'4-Q'ls.fL',Uq'4-.L'Q,'Lsyl:Lk.,L' ,.,s..e.,s..s..s..x..x.,sqX..,,a,,a..,,X., a,,X.,.,a,,a,.s..a..X,.a..a,,x1v. SOUTH PACIFIC SELMA COOPER The character of 258 whose Happy Talk will long be remembered. MARLENE HERSHMAN Marlene is as dainty as a sparrow. Her figure is something to applaud. She's strictly a Honeybnn. TAMARA IANVEY She always looks on the bright side of things. She's never blue. Timmy's our Cockeyed Optimist CAROLE HELIOFF She's first in our class, tops in many departmentsg Tl1ere's Nothing Like This Dame. HARLENE LICHTER She's sure to be a success in life. Her knowledge is endless-for she's been Carefully Taught. NORMAN BRESS I-Ie's not as corny as Kansas in Augustg but Norm keeps us in a perpetual dither. VVe're in love with this Wonderful Guy. IANIE PACHTMAN Cute and cleverg gayer than laughter, Janie will always be Younger Than Springtime. ANNIE GET YOUR GUN MARVIN LEVICK Intelligent, alert, Marv's always in step, Anything You Can Do-he can do better. DOROTHY SOLAY lJorothy's smile always kept our room gay. She's got the Sun in the M orn- ing and the Moon at Night. RONALD GOLDSMITH This curlyehaired guy is quite a card with a great sense of humor. We love his infectious laugh, and with him Our Defenses Are Down. IRIS DAVIS She's sweet, charming and alert, in future life she will go far. Nobody can doubt the word of the class when They Say She's Wonderful. MARGIE ROSEN A girl who excels in every fieldg her brains, popularity and good nature prove she's always Doin' What Comes Naturally. WARREN LEVINE Le Le was a great sensation in "Out of the Frying fPan"g and now he, too, believes in the old adage-There's No Business Like Show Business MISS LIBERTY JAMES PFERDEKAMPER Round the field, buff, puff g has the track team had enough? Not our jim- he's in trimg it's An Old Fashion Walk for him. JANET KIMBALL If Pittsburgh has a rise in crime, .Ianet's the cause this time. The cops can scarcely work at all, since she dazed them at the Policenian's Ball. CAROUSEL MORRIS SINGER Yon'lI Never M'aIk Alone, Buster Singer, for you're a grand guy, a real hum-dinger. HARRIET KLIN E Our Harriet is just like a Carousel, always on the run and casting a be- witching spell. SHOWBOAT SARAH I-IAILPERIN Sarah wants to make her career Life Upon the W1'e1sed Stage. Her talent insures her success, MELVIN MARKOWITZ Because he's so friendly and sincere, We Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man named Mel. SHIRLEY RIZZO Why Do We Love Yon, Shirley? Because you're capable and courteous and lovely. FINIAN'S RAINBOW ROBERT CROSS Tall and muscular Bob, declares in voice so loud and clear, When I'1n Not Near the Girl Love, I Love the Girl I'1n Near. CORDELIA PINSKER The're's Something Sorta Grandish about 'her you will findg Cordelia's claim to fame is her disposition kind. SALLY ISKOWITZ Look at Sally and of charm you'll get an eyefulg Look to the Rainbow, and of the same you'll see the sky full. GOOD NEWS SEYMOUR SCHAFER VVhen you're as handsome and debonair as Seymour and have brains and popularity to boot, Yonhve Gotta Be a Ladies' Man. TOBY NUMEROSKY N o matter whether she's writing songs or editing the Foreword, there's al- ways Good News when Tobyls around. JOAN GoLoMB This girl's not only musical, talented, and photogenic, but Joanie's also very Lucky in Love. BARBARA PARKER The moon, the stars, and the charm of girls like Barb prove that The Best Things in Life Are Free. .L, .XL-Q., .U .U .U .k, .Q,.Q,.U .Q,,.U .is-L.i,,,.L, ,9.L, .U .EJU .k,A.Q-bw., .U .U .U .lj .gb .L, .U .Q-,JU .4-, .U .U .U .U .U .U ,,....,c..,a...N., .,N,,N.,X,...,c,,N.,c,N,.x,.x,,N.,x.,,X,c.,c.,,..,,,c,N,,c,.N..X..s.,s..x,.s.,s..s..x..x,.N.., OKLAHOMA AUDREY JUDD She's always willing to be of help no matter where she may gog whatever people ask her she Can't Say N o. RACILLE GOODMAN A perfect girl is she, loyal to be specificg Many a New Day will dawn before we find one so terrific. EDWARD PARK Oh What a Beautiful Morning it is when Eddie's in our view: his bright, good-natured presence gains friendship strong and true. KISS ME KATE GEORGE WELFORD George is the greatest, the best by farg we think him simply Wunderbar. ROSE FOLEY "Rose by any other name would still be swell." Brush up on Your Shake- speare if this doesn't ring a bell. GARY FRIEDMAN Some girls will take any Torn, Dick or Harry ,' but we're more particular- we prefer Gary. HERBERT MENDELSOHN Behind the scenes of every play when the lights are down low, Herb's al- ready working on Another Open'in of Another Show. Qleanings "The seniors who are said to feed upon nothing but Allderdice food. have of all students the nimblest tongues." -"JONATHAN SWIFT!! RIDDLE It is much wiser to laugh than to be out of humorf' -ALAN HHORACE VVALPOLEU SNYDER u is At every word a reputation dies." -FLAGPOLE GOSSIP "But when to mischief seniors bend their will How soon they find fit hall passes of ill." - -SEN1oRs "A poor excuse for being late lessens the weight of the good ones I gave before." -"JONATHAN SWIFT" CHESTER "An honest senior's the noblest work of Mr. Thomas." -"ALEXANDER POPEU MCCLYMONDS "On one nice theme depends a senior's fate." -AN EssAY ON SENIORS .,X..,..g.,g.,n.K r H , A R e, A K .. A es A .. 'ws .'fF?.fX'?? F3931 .'?1r.'a .'Fv.?2v.fNT-?."fS.'?s.'-A .fsv.?'-xr.ffs.?'4r.fRr.'-in .FA .fare C7716 Tempest" Room 352 First Row-Nancy Chillcot, Odessa Williams, Jeannette Shelton, Ruth Lederstein, Betty Gold, Phyllis Levy, Barbara Cushing, Reba Martin, Virginia Harris, Sondra Chester Second Row-Mary Jean Ross, Lois Fox, Janet Hopkins, Anna Marie Lavra, Mary Rovilea, Caroline Rea Faulds, Mary Gregovits, Wanda Kwapinski, Roberta Rosenson, Rochelle Young, David Weissberg, Zola Horovitz, john Friedman Third Row-Dominic Fonzi, Edward Dorrian, John Sgro, Emory Chonka, Herbert Mayer, Alan Bress, Charles Ryan, Dan Maloney, Walter Lowman, Henry Martin Teacher .....,.,....., .,.... M iss Charlotte Beachler President ......,..... ......,..,....,,..... E mory Chonka Vice President ,.,..,. .,........,r M ary Rovilea Secretary ....,..,...,..........,,,, ,..... M ary Gregovits Treasurer .,....,....... .........,.,..... ...,.......... A l an Bress Foreword Representative ....,......,.... ,.,...,... I anet Hopkins Student Council Representative , ,... ,. , David Weissberg World's Greatest Cast ..............,..,,, , ,. ,,..,. , Room 352 Famous Director and Producer... .... ..,i , ., .. Miss Beachler Setting .......... ,............................,..... ...... H a lls of Allclerdice Time .i.... ............,.......,....................,.......,,,.....,.,..,,. 1 947-1951 Gentlemen of "The Tempest" ALAN BRESS-,Al3.ll,S a boy with a wonderful voiceg In choosing a leader he's everyone's choice. EMORY CIIONKA-Olll' homeroom, Emory can surely manage, VVithout him we'd he at a great disadvantage. ROBERT DEBROFF-ROb6Ft passes his tests with a breeze: He also has personality fit to please. EDWARD DoRR1AN-Edwards quite a quiet fellow with nice brown hair: He's a welcome addition to company anywhere. DOMINIC FONZI-DOllllHlC is always cheerful and gay, He has a quirky smile for each new day. .ION FRIIQDMAN-As a friend jon is really the best: This boy is able to pass any test. ,, 'U -L. -U -L, -U -U -U -1, .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U ,U S:e,fS.,f5.fE,'bfN,4E,fP..'E.'P..''S.,fEfN,4e,fx4 Efb.,f5,,fX.fEf?..fE:iS..fb..'!fS.'t,'E4S,.'E.-fS..'i3fE: ZoLA HOROVITZ-Z0l3 is now rated as a classy reader, Some day he'll 'be a distinguished leader. ALLAN KATZ-If we have a day that's dark and dreary, Allan will come and make it cheery. WALTER LowMAN-Walter is surely a jolly little man, Who's always ready to help whenever he can. DAN MALONEY-Danny is without a -fancy or whimg His favorite period is spent in swim. HENRY MARTIN-Although Henry is a little short- Don't worry girls, he's a regular sport. . HERBERT MAYER-On the football team Herbert's sure on the beam: And with his classmates he's held in high esteem. joIIN ScRo--johnny's a pal as sincere as one can find, There aren't too many of this chap's kind. CHARLES RYAN-Tall and sharp we rate our Chuckie, And in sports he is surely lucky. DAVID WEIssBERG-David Weissberg is full of personality and poise, He's surely climbing above the rest of the boys. Ladies of "The Tempest" SONDRA CHESTER-If you're sick and need a nurse to hold your hand, We think Sondra Chester would be just grand. NANCY CH1LLcoTT-Nancy's a girl you can't pass byg She's always catching somebody's eye. BARBARA CUSHINGA-Barbara Cushing is bound to claim A section in the hall of fame. CAROLINE FAULDS-Though Caroline seems very shy, We all notice that gleam in her eye. Lols Fox-Radiant, happy, gentle and kind, Are the thoughts about Lois we have in mind. BETTY GOLD-Cheerful is the smile of Betty Goldg T'hat's her guarantee from getting old. MARY GREGovITs-When Mary is given something hard to do, ' She'll settle right down and see it through. VIRGINIA HARRIS-Ginny Harris is always full of life- She's certain to make a cute little wife. JANET HOPKINS-Janet is gentle and small, For her one can easily fall. WANDA KWAPINSKI-Wanda is planning a secretarial career, We all know her to be most sincere. ANNA MARIE LAVRA-EVCT ready with a witty remark, Anna Marie's as happy as a lark. RUTH LEDERSTEIN-Ruth is friendly, kind and sincereg For her future success, none of us fear. 95 REBA NIARTIN-lQ6l73.'S just as cute as they come, She's always ready to laugh and have fun. NIARY RON'1LlE.AiIf you need a friend in which to confide. You'll find Mary right by your side. FAY1-: RUHlN7lXllJ5t girls are so very nice, but we have proof to show. Our Faye IS one of the best, and that we want you to know. ,Il-IANNETTE SHELTON+lI1 choosing Z1 wardrolze .Ieannette can surely fitg But with her classmates she's already a hit. ROI5ERTfX ROSENSON--fxltlliltlgll Rolmerta's a girl so full of fun. She still can get her homework done. OnEssA XVn.r.1AMs-Odessa is a sweet and quiet little lass, But one of the best in our entire class. ROCIIIiLI.Ii h7OUNG--R0CllCll6 brings laughter wherever she goes: "Chickie'! is wonderful, everyone knows, NIARY JYANE Ross-fBeautiful and quiet is Mary 'lane Ross. VVhen she gets married, who do you think will be Iboss? PIIYLLIS LEVY-Phyllis is a girl with lots of pepg In sewing and dancing she's always in step. LAST XVILI. OF ROOM 352 Full of knowledge, pep, and fun Remember this class of fifty-one. N -:- W' '1 ....,..- .ii ,,.. . I I. I "' "" ""' IIIIIIIIHI! . I '95II"'."m'I lII""'l"'l X , .sail I1:uI:IliIli:I1st!25IIIII..IIII1IIlIlIIIIIIlIlllI.IIIlIIII-IWWliiitlliilhllymlmmm ge-,j,HlIIjI,,,I mum I J 2 III W' I II .imImIIIIiiiiiu e it iX2W4'F"I'X u I. ' , 'W .... .UI TI f in lliiu-'I I 1' it 1 " li" Jii"i!!!'Il f XIWWTHXO' H' . ' III., I III , -'- A""W't'l - U'liis:E5 ' .X?a gIhh ,Im Jim .,.1,.,.A my 'QIQUUHII' Yll, 'L-J-IJ AQII 5.1r'e.',I, i XX ,,.... , , XF. h jg' ,mf E545 I 5 VK SEwnfflffziggn1fm111gflfllllllfmmmmmmm1GilwwfmlfTfllllllIlliiiflflrfllfaaldllllfli' il 0 I 1 'HIHFTmpumwwng 5 .QW H at ,-' lI I1iIIuna I5'l..4 2 l.IIIlllII l . .IIIIIII i 1lllIIIulIIfl''W .O rife 755' ,I Z .mil 1 NF ,......... Nl- ,I W SI wt f e W ' I "ISI-, tu 'Q II---.ta .,.i . ff' ig I. , IM? it Wi ts vIiIiiIIIVIiIl6 I Iii, 5 'IF' ni iffg?-E? - eww iii-I'-Largs-mia lrhx X4lllIl4lf ZWlHWllW4flWlW9 1 ..,. ,.--I " S' IL ,h ii Iiiv i I I . .V wil I 3 1 S A .gsmIIiimIIIII2Ig5giIxiLrWwIW ,3jIIEWWLIIIW Ip p 5 viit. 1:..fal1:,.1if 7 J ,5 .I-'I , .,,- -'L.,g.fI,,,InIr'Ii kI uv. Il I RQ. ..-t sua., ,Elm . A35 gf- f C I 1 ,Q g ' ,limit J I g-4 M 'fi I MW . ,Q , iihiiii"5lWIIMII3'?l5LQk "ImII? 'fmilI"r'i'f'uIIIIliIIr!f-sfigIIII.. ff3?soII2B ff i""5l 15""'iIE?E Q ll' D au d' O V 7 7 f'T-'l niZ:?kgL7ff3fffj: gwlegggiagyflfiglfllfqgggfr -Mfgflfllllldllfdllfll lfflgllfffffmlmglglzwllzflflnpfllxffzflfgrgglf,fwfriw' 1, I !nHMs,,?,, ang, Ijwsvwwil g In II' ., n,.-its mwmilnm3EmQ4miiilligI-I WEL8lI..fEl1l 1 Y 57' M- '- L'--L? -1" yfi ' O V, 'mill ' 1, Il c Qi l 1 Y ix: fb , AS- 454,25 N ' 'liuuualh "" ' i"' 4i oiNliil III' f'Iil'r K, Il ' wrhf WWSIII Q' Will fa- II-'III III I .,., f .5 mi llmumw It ,V 3, ggv.g',?gtI2g'Qq7eI,5,3fMIxIIII4- aww sp'l!Iii.,1.3,lllt L71 IV 'Z I "" mi-lf2f:v -I" in M Mlhmwm "ia-"4'!?If1IJtT1ll.'IIII ,Hill . 53 Tl If,I..ifI II-III II- i :fat I A-'ff'EE 7 4' as .rp -- ,f .... '... . 1.1:-I -S1-f -I A 'FIS' V --4 I- II , ' I 1 mafeitzcfmiam,z1,L7ImWnffffffmfflllfwimfluwlllfuifimnilnmimlmnmlmI1I1Iiffvfmffmwwwflalfffivfflflfrlflfmzfffmm I , 96 s is 'FN A T111 A ,- if 'F 2fTsf.143i1f.Fi34?4W. ,ETA TT:-5i3.'T?.'-?.1?.w?. -1. -Y. -?. -i Rfzyfhmicczl otes rom 358 Teaelier . ,, , Miss l.eila Rupp Presiqlent . ,. blames l.1lllgCl' Yiee l'1'esifle11t 1 . . Howarcl Smith Secretary . , ,. ,, . 1 Mary litlllll 'llI'CZlSlll'Cl' 1 . , 1 .Earl Blarviii lfurewmcl Represeiitative , . Charlotte Cohen Sturlent cillllllL'll Represeiitative. A 1 1 ., ,Rita Gurclmi First Row-Anthony Marbella, Patrick Verone, David Schreiber, Ivan Port, Earl Marvin, Emory Kerich Second Row-Grace Saunder, Barbara Wakefield, Nancy Rausch, Helen Cutone, Mary Bonn, Florence Gulyasy, Mary Jane Sunaga, Earline Marvin, Mamie Chaenkwok Third Row-George Hardt, Delores Maglere, Howard Smith, Vivien Thayer, Gaylord Yost, Phyliss Marcosky, Corrine Canter, Jean Bellini, Margie Toth Fourth Row-Ronald Rosenberg, David Roberts, Robert Wohlfarth, Richard Sander, john Appelby, Leo Dym, Richard Rosenzweig, Gilbert Piesakoff, James Langar, Alan Wingard -IOIIN :Xl'l'1.1-im'-lfui' his work i11 Scope Chili this young lllilll is k11m1'11: Always in meeting people his courteriiis lllElllllCl'lS showii. JEAN 151-:1.1.1N1-A11 active M.M.M. 111e111l1er is our pretty .lezmg VVurki11g for Miss AlL'KlllllCj' every clay she is 56611. lWARY HONNM-Mary is gracioiis. charmiiig, sweet: A more capable classmate is hard to meet. CORINNIC CANT1-iRf'l'l1is cha1'111i11g miss callecl Cookie is quite an active gal: ln l".T.,'X. ancl Service Cluh she is everyhocly's pal. lVlAMlli Cimi-:NK11'o1i ---f .-Xs a Majorette Mamie has heen a se11satiu113 However. teaching is her chosen vocation. F2552 K3 bi ?1r.'D'2 5-T .AQ ,AE KW? ??N.'N'2 Rn .49-5.5-'Dru .J'FTr.'1'2 .Rn bi .'N? fo? KW? bi KW? .'1'2.'D'2 .An .An .An . CHARLOTTE COHEN-Charlotte is our graceful dancing star Whose fame will reach both near and ifar. HELEN CUTONE-GTHCCfUl, vivacious. with plenty of zest, In athletic activities Helen rates with the best. LEO DYM-This young man is our class witg On every subject he will add his bit. RITA GORDON-MiSS Gordon bequeaths her capital-lettered plaque With pointers for know-'how for those who lack. FLORENCE GULYASY-One of Miss Steiner's greats we hailg For Florence is truly our nightingale. GEORGE HARDT-GE'0fgC,S simple melody is "Charming Heart": Tell me, girls, wouldn"t you -buy him at any record mart? EMERY KIRICH-To remember E-mery, we all have reason, For he scored the lone tally of the football season. JAMES LANGER-Jimmy is our talented calendar artistg For a lcareer in science 'he's trying his hardest. DOLORES MAGLERE-Upon pretty Dolores one can really dependg Her art work her friends do highly recommend. ANTHONY MARBELLA-I,lt1l6 Boy Blue's among the children in Miss Rupp's shoeg He blows his trumpet so loudly, she doesn't know what to do. PHYLLIS MARCOSKY-Phyllis is loveable, pretty, and sweety She's pleasant to all wherever they meet. EARL MARVIN-As a cook our Earl is really supremeg He believes he's the lbetter half of the Marvin team. EARLINE MARVIN-If something calls for talent, depend upon Earline, W'hose ability and skill can most easily 'be seen. GILBERT PEISAKOFF-Little pitchers have big earsg Gil rdoesn't say much, but everything 'he hears. IVAN PORT-Here's the lad with the yen to roam, Remem-ber, Itchy, there's no place like home. N.kNCY RAUSCH-Our Nancy with the laughing eyes Is a friend we'll always prize. DAVID ROBERTS-DHVG has managed to carve his name In the Allderdice athletic hall of fame. RONALD ROSENBERG-iS the one of whom you often 'hearg He 'has been named the best player of the year. RICHARD ROSENZWEIG-VVhether as Council president or as a camera-clicking guy Richard kept an amiable balance in everything he'd try. RICHARD SANDER-Handsome Dick, our track ace, Is hard to beat in any race. GRACE SAUNDERS-Tiny Grace someday a nurse will make, Her smile alone would cure any tummy ache. DAVID SCHREIBER-T0 sing a song of sixpence our Dave is qualifiedg His work in our school Choir is reason for real pride. -g,,-U- - '- -- . .,..g,.L,.,... . .... . .. .. . .. .. .. .. . . .. .. .. . .':S'fS",4s..'S5.fE.f'?:f. S,'.fE.fN.4N.fVNlZ'-fi.fS.','i"fN5-145' si.'S':?-2N?:s..'NZfS?.N54S.'.'Qx:sN!f!'2i.'.'QE'.'QQNi5-. ... ..,.s.c.c...-X-c.c .N-Ve .,c.a-.X-,vc-,AN-X e-N-A,-.-.a-X-xfa---N----.---N----XL.-. 'ns do fvzvfa. 71.75. A A. XIICRA SIDBICRRY-'l'o the M.M.BI. Yera's been a helpful addition: Slie's looking forward to the work of being a mortician. llowARo SMITH-Howard the Silent iust never says a word: Unless he's sure his statement with the truth is m accord. AIARY 'IANIC Sl'NAoA-Uiniplerl Mary .lane always willingly does her work-H Able and dependably-just never known to shirk. YIVIAN 'llllAYliRf-Cllilflll and intelligence here go hand in hand. For Yiv's talents 'ire munerous as grains of sand. lNlARGARl"'l' 'll0'l'llff.At Kliss Klercer's piano NIargie's constantly been sccn Playing scores and scores of music. so calm and so serene. l'ATiuck X'lcRRoNic-efllekl make a swell Curlilocks if he'd bleach his hair: But the sunshine of his smile you can't match anywhere. BARBARA YVAKICFIlil,llfrSllC'S small, but remember one of the old adages- Good things come in little packages. ALAN XVINGARD-'All excellent organist for our well known Group A, Alan's perseverance for him will win a way. Romcxcr Won1,1fARTu-lle's R-roving, O-bservant. ll-oisterous, He's I2-nergetic, R-eliable, T-errific-He's Robert. GAYl.0RlJ Y0s'r-The class raises three cheers for Gaylord Yost. VVho's been the self-appointed 358 host. ogg HS 400 , 470 X 'X fgad Q0 Dear Diary, I'm glad I decided to keep a scrapbook in this, the biggest and fullest school year I've had, but I'm only sorry that I can't pin or paste into these pages feelings and thrills I've had during it. How can I put down on paper the glow from pride as well as all-over warmth I felt at the big bonfire? Is there a word to describe the feeling one gets when he finally realizes that he is a senior, and thinks of the thrills and obligations that go with it? How could I put into black and white the horror I felt along with the rest of the audience when we saw the bandage on Pete l3lock's arm grow larger every time he appeared on stage dur- ing the senior class play? The hours of toil spent on that demon, the senior theme, are only memories now. But the feeling and pride I will always recall without any difficulty is the thrill of my graduation night. MAKING SLIP COVERS HORNE SEWING COUNCIL MEMBERS HOME NURSING Home Tf6ll.7ZZ.IZCg' TEACHERS Miss Charlotte Bailey Miss Florence Bechtel Mrs. Margaret Bush Mrs. Betty Kane Miss Irene Miskin HOME NURSING N I MISS BECHTEL'S SERVING GROUP I II I HOME DECORATING 100 MODELS AT OPEN HOUSE I Y 716' Fll,Yf1I.0ll Show -em..eaW.r.r,,,n,e.,S.,.n,L.-,s,n.,.,.-mms, .L,,.-.-,.a,a.a.-ra.a.L,,.-baba fxfsfafxfxfsfx afsfxfsfx -xfa,., an N-fafxfsfsfxfx , , f A afafxfwfsfsfsf-N 361 Club ores Teacher. ,,..... President .......,.,.,...... Vice President . ,..A A,... , Secretary-Treasurer .. ............... .. Foreword Representative ,...... ......,. Samuel Blitz ,....,ijoseph Trattner ..,,.....Paul Levison .,.,.,...,.iMacy Stein .,,.,.,Sandra Mervis Student Council Representative ...,..,..,,..l,l.., .l....... .,....,...,.l. L y fnne XVarden First Row-Macy Stein, Albert Palmer, Bernard Borenstein, Carl Prinzler, Norman Mozeik Second Row-Judy Rosenberg, Dolores Vargo, Sylvia Moiseenko, Margie Griffith, Thelma Lynne Warden, Rita Binenkorb, Eva Berger, Dolores Weiner, Sandra Mervis, Rhoda Benjamin Third Row-Paul Levison, joseph Trattner, Patsy Unger, Norma Simon, Audrey Mayer, Barbara Eskofier, Caroline Emery, Jane Stinson, Milton Wolf, Richard Bilby Fourth Row-Thomas Gallagher, jack Ostrosky, Jerry Rosenberg, Larry Cuban, jerry Rosenfeld, Lovemond Lewis, Richard Hulme, Jack DeBroff 12ditor's note: VVhile Mr. Stu Dent has been on his extended vacation at Allderdice. his column has been written there. More specifically, it emanates from the 361 Club, which is the favorite haunt of the 'elite T.A.H.S. student. The annex imobsters who tried to assassinate President joseph Trattner have been found and were taken into custody by the haill patrol under the guidance of Special Investigator Do- lores Weiner. The president is cur- rently 'being guarded by secret service man Paul Levison, who became fa- mous as the president's right hand man in Senior Discussion. :K if wk Coach Sam Blitz has disclosed that mobsters tried to bribe Gerald Quinlan and Carl Prinzler, two members of his "36l Bombers" of the Intramural League. if :sf if Contemplating becoming teachers, if the much needed pay raise ever ma- terializes, are Rhoda Benjamin and Rita Binenkorb, both of F.T.A. x ak :sf Food dealers jerry Rosenberg, man- ager of Community Super Markets, IO 2 Rss as ,Q --.N :AXA R -seg 1.g,:.s,1s,s,-,.- V.-:sea TR QPR RR RA and Albert Palmer, manager of the Thorofare food chain, have been prominent in donating food for liu- rope. 4- we it MJC. at the 361 Club is "Uncle Milty" Wolf who also has his own clarinet act. His latest discovery is Bernard Borenstein who plays the -trumpet and gives golf lessons on t-he side. is -if sf Famous entertainers at the 361 Club are singer Mary tliiartinj Lou Smith who washes her hair during each per- formance, and dancer Barbara Esko- fier who borrows Moira Sliearer's red shoes for her act. is is ar Lynne Warden, wiho received her training in the A 'Cappella Choir, has been engaged to perform daily at the Sol Club. wk :ff :sf Strong' contender to represent the US. in the Olympic diving competi- tion is .Nllderdice ace Macy Stein. af Pk ae Representing the type setters union at negotiations during the recent shut- down was Tom Gallagher. .Xnother union man, Norman Mozeik, is presi- dent of the local stage crew union 361. xo- in x Because of their fine orations in Senior Discussion, it has been rumored that Richard DeBroff and Sandra Mervis are planning to become poli- tlcians. if af Pk l bumped into Larry Cuban yester- day. As you know, Mr. Cuban is cur- rently being hailed for his perform- ance in "Out of the Frying Pan." With him was Judy Rosenberg, his charming publicity agent. v. 11. 11. -w. fr. -if 1.'.w.m.'-r.-1. -1. trim. 11. 41. fr. Gerald Rosenfeld hasn't been seen around the 361 Club lately because of his excursions all over the city to round up props for the class play. :sf wk in Patsy Unger, well known jewelry store executive, has on exhibition in her store original pieces of jewelry by Norma Simon and Richard Hulme. bs: is wk Helping to 'fill t-he gap in the library after Mrs. McMickle retired were Sylvia Moiseenko and Dolores Vargo, two 'hard working members of the student library staff. It ir .41 The new store front for l.ittle's Shoe Store was designed by architect Julius Finegold in connection with jane Stin- son who advised :him concerning the wants of the employees. ik Pk Pk Caroline Emery, Eva Berger and Marge Griffith, because of their train- ing in F.N..'X. and M.lN'l.M., were able -to administer first aid to students who suffered frost bite during the recent snow storm. DK PK ,lf Jack Ostrosky, vice president of Frank and Seder's store, has arranged for gowns designed by Ethel Marko- vitz, accomplished clothing student, to be displayed in the store. is if sk Trying out for the Pirates are Donald Ball and Richard Bilby who became famous as pitcher and out- fielder, respectively, for the Hazel- wood Hornets. ff .ak K Audrey Mayer, wh-o got her start in, now has a line of beauty shops. Her chief beautician is Love- mond Lewis, famous hair stylist. -si, ff-2, ' fi' i F as - d I I flnuiiimhdl s W X7 l'lu X ly f XX ' .I l , ' XXXX . - ..... ...mi--L WV- 'ws -i ,.--i i VZ!" X ff T l?5fiiig"'r ' , 1 Q V.-,1 .X zzz -K If ,, K 1 '54 If ' 4 I, :Iii Eiga 103 F.-fave-.-N-X-X-A.-e-as-X-X-.A.,,..x..,..r..Xrx..r...,..,..x.n..,..,,Tr.,,.,,..X..,r,.,N..,..x..s.,..r., 1 A '75 ' -'XKQKZF - 'ofgf Phi? 35. 365 Homeroom Teacher ...,.... A .............A..,... ., .A.A...A... B 'liss L. Esther Geist President A ..... A A .,A.. Raymond Blackham Vice President .,,.. ......,..,.., .I ames Connors Secretary A ,.,.. ,.,,...,.,..,,.,.,.,...,.,.,., A Mary Louise Miller Foreword Representative ,...,...r.,. A A A A. XYayne Galbraith Student Council Representative AAAAAAA,A,AAAA AAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAA AAAAA,A,AA 3 f I axine Jones First Row-James Connors, Michael Watso, Raymond Blackham, james Bowen Second Row-Maxine Jones, Margery Williams, Ilene McG1inn, Nancy Amdur, Patty Bergant, Ettie Weiner, Patricia Whittaker, Ruth Feldstein, Zelda Bergad Third Row-Mary Urban, Julia Weryha, Ursula Corsale, Mary jean Schmidt, Irene Balas, Mary Louise Miller, Gilda Fuss, Thomas Hendricks, James Wohlfarth Fourth Row-Leo Campbell, Harvey Freeman, John Gandy, Morton Goldblatt, Joseph Epstein, Ripley Armstrong, Raymond Melzer, Wayne Galbraith, Robert Fleming Oh what the walls of 365 have seen! All kinds of kids, short, tall, fat, and lean. If these walls should come to life someday, They'd tell all they know, and here's what they'd say: XVe've seen much in our lifetime, it is true, Enough to make our facts all go askew. But these are real truths, not merely lore, So if you'll follow along, we promise not to bore. FUN Many brought to the room joy and laughter. L00 Ca11zpbcII'.v warm smile we'll remember ever after. Jay Baguet, the funny boy of the class. Kept in good spirits each lad and lass. While James lfVo11Ifnrfl1, with every joke and pun, Gave to the room both joy and fun. There's never a dull moment when Ruth Feldstciwis aroundg VVith her cheer and clever wit, for success she is bound. 'QU K5:',k.,f-1 'e1,k.,U 'cab 'e1,'Q:yef,xL','s-1,'Q-Qef','e1,'e.a'i-ye2,'t1f,'4s-.a'is:','i-a'Qsp'Qsp's.,U s.,e.,e.,s..x..N,.s,.a,,-as....e..x..e.,.,,,s,.X.,.,e,,.,,e,,,.,,X..e,,.,,e,,,.x..v.e..x,.x..s..s..s..s..sf.x1 ALWAYS The weather may change, and the prices may, too, But some things will always be, 'till the stars become few. Times may be good, or times may be bad, But Raymond M elzer will always be an easy-going lad. Always fashionably dressed and with vests oh so loud, To be a friend of Mort Goldblatt anyone would be proud. Vivacious Nancy Aindur has more sparkle than a bubble But alas, she's forever in some new kind of trouble. Sociable and well liked in every way, Ettie Weiner always -has something to say. Epstein will always be without a foe, For he's liked by all, and is a real good joe. That Ursula Corsale is tops we'll always agree, She'll reach real success, just wait and see. In whatever Irene Bala.: might do or say, She's always a sincere person in every way. Robert Fleining's another who holds our respectg Always diligent and conscientious, no work will he Marvin Maskowitz, unselfishly will always lend, And will go out of his way for any friend. Jane Urban, a city girl as her name implies, Has as many friends as there are stars in the skies. lean Schmidt is always considerate in every way, Her presence in t-he room added pleasure each day Another great member of this outstanding class, Is Mary Louise Miller, an admirable lass. A nicer girl than Julia Weryha is hard to find, She has a gay personality and a sharp, keen mind. I neglect. With strawberry blonde hair and an air quiet and sweet, Pat Whittaker will be liked by whomever she'll meet. A newcomer to our class is Zelda Bergad, Who always wears a smile and is never sad. SPORTS First we'll tell of this outstanding resident, Ray Blackharn, the 'homeroom's magnificent president, Who, along with Michael Watso, 'helped the swimming The championship title once again. Another good sport with talents we'll expose, Is Tom Hendrix, whose golfing equals a pro's. .lim C onners, too, is an athlete quite grandg His football playing is the best in the land. Dick Gross is another who makes the pigskin fly, A good sport, and great pal-we all love the guy. team obtain 105 Ripley Armstrong's always there to cheer on the teamg With his -blue eyes and blond hair, he's any girl's dream. Running, high hurdles, and the 100 yard dash Are covered by Harvey Freeman in the speed of a flash. TALENTS Found in this room whose structure we form Are many with talents high above the norm. Some day, no doubt, a museum wall will claim A painting by John Gandy, an artist of fame. Another great artist to be mentioned in this ditty Is Gilda Fnss, better known as Gitty. Georgia Harris has ability hard to beat, For her arts and crafts skill is quite a feat. 'Master Musician' is a title given iby popular choice To Wayne Galbraith, the organist with the golden voice. Another A Cappella Choir member through the years Is Jaines Bowen, whose singing brings pleasure to the ears. Speaking of voices of exceptional tone, Margie Williams could melt even the coldest stone. At cooking and baking Eileen M cGlynn takes the prizeg If you've met her you'll know, she's as sweet as her pies. Patty Bergant is a girl of the highest esteemg She can sew any dress from seam to seam. Maxine Jones is a dancer with grace and poiseg Her personality and beauty attract all the boys. Before we walls grow quiet once more, We want to shout one last thing from ceiling to floor. This message comes from each and every homeroom member' "Miss Geist has been wonderful, we'll never forget her!" And now we are finding it hard to speak, for we've used up our time. So as we turn back to plaster we'll 'bring an end to t-his rhyme. THE END Suitable Quotes "All that glitters is not gold."-In jewelry "We will answer all things faithfully."-On every test "My cake is dough."-Cecy Cohen Make haste, the better foot beforef'--Down the aisle at graduation "Eating the 'bitter bread of banishment."-After you've been caught hooking "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown."-Joe Trattner VVinding up days with toil and nights with sleep."-Working on themes What dire offense from am'rous causes springs."-F rom holding hands in school sc u as 'VU 'Ni:'f'vf3.'xfl" S2 'eff' 'ic'.f'N-Q, "-153. 'eb' '22 'X-fi. 'v2.'si'4'vi'. 'x-.rv 'eu 'el' X-.fu 'vi 'ek' 'x-:U 'v3.'vS. 'vi 'vi 'x-.fu 'v3,'vli.'x,4U R-f5f','Q 'VLC 'VU 'x-:U VYALUABLE AI D ES For V7suf1fEn'ur'11fz'011 PROJECTORS GROUP Sponsor-Mr. Davies F0 1' .1 1 0111-1711 ,4.s'.vz'.m1111'v CLUB Sponsor-Miss Held, First Semester Sponsor-Miss McKinney, Second Semester F0 1' R eferwzre 1170 rf LIBRARY CLUB Sponsor-Miss Oetting Assistant-Mrs. jones 107 ....a...,-..r........ Bw- ,, as .. ..r 'eff fa 'ww .fe .5?'SN.'W2??9.4"S.7A P'-f?.'fs.'N'2 fo? 372 Tort Qfice Teacher .,....,.,.... .,,,... M iss Mary Brennan President ...,........ ......,........., W illiam Amos Vice President ...., ..,..... , Carl Paxton Secretary .......,.4.................,. ....... N ancy Ferrucci Treasurer .....,......A...,.,...,,...... . .,.,,., Margaret Sikora Foreword Representative ....,........,. 4i............. llf Iona Leff Student Council Representative ..,.,. .i....... E linor Stein Any information leading to the apprehension of the former inmates of 372 please forward to Miss Brennan or trustees: Headed by Miss Brennan is Room 3725 She has helped us through each day 'tis true For when wanted she has always been near To give us advice both helpful and sincere. First Row-Russell Stewart, Ted Segiel, George Sorg, Carl Paxton, Edward Kranick Second Row-Elinor Stein, joan Phifer, Betty Stefanie, Rhea Cimino, Mona Leff, Donna Mattes, Freda Scherb, Audrey Koss, Carole Closky, Alberta De Landro Third Row-Miss Brennan, Anna Marie Tkac, Maryanne McCarthy, Margaret Sikora, Helen Davis, Loretta Wolititch, Joan Worgan, Mary Washington, Nancy Ferrucci, Bob Levin Fourth Row-George Geminder, Charles Diller, Donald Siviy, George Pasko, Bill Amos, Sanford Pollack, Albert Furedy, Allan Hersh, Bernard Bloch, Donald Scandrol BILL AMOS is our pres, who leads each lad and lassg With his brains and personality he is at the head of the class. CARL PAXTON-Our little veep's humor makes him a friend at will: So remember our great leader who is often called "Bill." NANCY FERRUCCI-To our dark-eyed secretary we give our admirationg -This is one girl we know will be a plain sensation. 'wi 'Ni'f'xfU 'Xffi,'ifj,f'N-fii,"l:'-f,'Mfii', 'Q 'it-9.'vf5.', 'eb 'v'3.'N-15:1 'S'-Ifkrl' 'ik 'Nif'f,'v'fL'. 'S4'vf5i.'N-ff'I.'N'E.'SI.'-f'xfE, -fi.-"N-'li.'N-'i1'.'x:"' .x'51a.iU 'eu NP. 'Nfl WANTED: JOAN WORGAN-Here is this girl Joan of whom the boys are fon She is a good example of a very stunning blonde. THEODORE SEGIEL-A basketball player as terrific as Ted, "There'll never be one finer," is often said. MARYANNE MCCARTHY-Quite attractive with a friendly gift And a charming manner that will give you a lift. CHARLES DILLER-Chuck the terrific tenor of 372, With looks and ambition-all quite true. BERNARD BLOCH-A swell guy like Buzzy Bloch is hard to find A wonderful fellow with a brilliant mind. GEORGE SORG-A tall, good-looking likeable lad. For him success is certain to be had. HELEN DAVIS- -Her smile is ever charming, her manner ever gay In sports she'll be remembered until we all get gray. FREDA SCHERB-If you're in the mood for fun, You'll find our Freddie's just the one. FELIX BOAKE-Three cheers to our track star Felix Boake. He'll win in the end and that's no joke. RHEA CIMINO-A pair of sparkling eyes and a nose with an upw If this is what is wanted, then Rhea's just the thing. GEORGE GEMINDER-A guy for whom the girls all seem to fall They answer to his every beck and call. AUDREY KOSS-A cute Future Nurse like Audrey Koss, Her graduation means the C1ufb's loss. ALBERT FUREDY--A mechanical artist named Al Is a good friend as well as a pal. JOAN PHIFER-joan with such a lovely sweet voice Will make some college choir her choice. ANNA MARIE TKAC-A willing worker, a leader too, Friends like her are very few. ALLEN HERSH-A fellow as versatile as any can -be, He's one who does everything from A to Z. RUSSELL STEWART-A swimming star like our handsome Russ, The champ of our pool who always won for us. SANFORD POLLACK--Sandy rates an A as to looksg He's bound for Tech and lots of books. LORETTA WOLITITCH-Blonde, blue-eyed, just a lot of fun, Loretta is liked by everyone. MARGARET SIKORA-Margie is active, also sweet, As class treasurer she'll never be beat. ELINOR STEIN-Elinor is pretty and so full of lifeg She'll make a good nurse and an ideal wife. ds ard swing 109 ..e....,-.W-.-N-A-fa-A-A-A-X-At.-X-XA-A.Ww,t,aW.xia-Pxygprxpgpgpgyipi-p,7Ayg,g, S. 3. -2. -1, -1. -1. I .. fr. - .. A .. fr. A .. .. BETTY STEFANIC--Beauty and hrains are a rare combination, But Betty proves they are not on the ration. MONA LEFFfOur Mona is a dancer divine: You'll find her on her toes almost anytime. GEORGE lJ.'XSKCJ4SlTll1ClJI16 as quiet yet active in his way. Our George is as pleasant as a sun-shining day. MARY XVASHINGTONfAnother girl so good in sports and games. A person who will succeed in athletic aims. ALBERTA Del..-XNDRO--One as alert and husiness-like as she can he Alberta is sure to make a 'hit at stenography. CAROL CLOSKY-wShe likes good music and good hooks. too: There's nothing for you she won't try to do. ROBERT LEYINMA writer and a draniat as well. XVith his enthusiasm he will excel. EDVVARD KRANICK-'The laughing hoy of 372 Always has a joke for me and you. DONALD SCANDROL-Don is always seen ice skating: His voice, too, shows he has a top rating. DONNA NTATTES-Donna is a "Jill" of every tradeg Her charm and dancing skill will never fade. DONALD SIYIY-One good at sports and photography. A good-natured fellow is Don Siviy. XVe're the stars of this graduating year! XX'e will always he XV.-XNTED, so never fear. TRUMPET TRIO 1 A94 .L A ,W W Ay 5: , 5 a , ew , X1 110 7715 5111001 lfllllllk Director-Mr. Roy Dietz BAND A A A ' 'A IA T BAND B MARCHING BAND P---n-....,,,. .......:.,.W,, W wr. lll Teeps from Ll Jlffodern Tepys Room 451 First Row-Paul Zweig, Paul Toberg, Sam Trust, Marvin Leiber, Dale Horelick Second Row-Sally Blatnica, Arlene Oberheim, Jacqueline Schweinberg, Barbara Forrest, Mr. Roller, Philip Balk, Mary Kathryn Moseley, Barbara Samberg, Mona Katz, Edith Kann Third Row-Jewell Vargo, Donna Price, Mary Jean Sholock, Esther Levin, Ann Fried- man, Sonya Daktor, Florence Greenberg, Barbara Olbum, Cynthia Aberman, Natalie Solof, Vivien Shapera Fourth Row-Allan Schneirov, Harvey Breverman, Herbert Sachs, Mike Chirigos, Tom Caloyer, Robert Smith, Neiman Cohn, Joe Fineberg, Allan Skirboll, Arnold Gerson Teacher ..........,.,,....... ,..,,.,.,...,.,...,.,............................,. M r. Charles T. Roller President ..,.,........,. .,,...,.,. B arbara Forrest Vice President ,,.,.., ......., M ike Chirigos Secretary ...,.,..l,...,. ,..,..,.,.. ....... ll 4 ary Moseley Treasurer .,.,....,.....,...,.,......,...,....., .......... P hilip Balk Foreword Representative .............,, ..,.., M ona Katz Student Council Representative, ,.,,.l,.,....l...l.,. .....,. ,.,.,l,,.....l N a talie Solof Unduly influenced by my senior English class and my contact with the Diary of Samuel Pepys, I have ta-ken my home-room of 451 back to those olden days. It is said that a leopard never changes its spots, I found my home- room classmates 'doing exactly what they would be doing today, only, of course, on a much older edition. A Modern Pepys of 451 A School Day June 12, 1651 T'he clock doth strike fifteen minutes to nine. I 'hear his royal highness. Monarch Charles Roller, oheck t-he roll of :his subjects. The fair-haired Mary Kathryn Moseley approaches the platform and be- gins the day with an appr-opriate reading from the Bible. However, before she can begin, Allan Skirboll, late as usual, enters the sacred ohamber of 451 proclaiming that the alarm clock . . . I mean . . . the townbells have rung late. Following him is Tom Caloyer with the excuse tha-t, after remaining up late to view the bear-baiting contests, he was not able to rise on time for school. After the ceremony of opening exercises, several students hurry to get early dismissals, a habit -whic-h 'hath never changed. U.U.U.L,.L,.U.L,.L,.U.U.L..k,.L.-g.V.L,.L.,,L..L. 4 .L,.L,.L,.L,.. .L,.g,.L,.L,.L,.L,,.U.L,.L,.L,.g,.L,.L,.L,.L, s.,fS.,fN,4N,,fE.,'b,,fP,,fP,,fE:S.,'5:EfifNqX.4s,E:x,f,.- Efgfbxgfifgfgfgfhfbxafkqfxxfxxfxefrxafvqfgfbx The room actress, blonde and cute Flo Greenberg, hopes that her excuse to the town physician enables her to see the current play, Hamlet, featured with none other than the -heartthrob of the day, David Garrick, at the King's playhouse. Our sports lover, A1 Schneirov, prays his dismissal entitles him to see the opening of the cock fights. Esther Levin, prominent flute player, dreams of hearing an oratorio by Purcell, swoon-king of the silk-stockings ffuture bob-by-soxersj. The shrill sound of tihe bell echoes through the 'halls and indicates the approach of first period. In the annexed portion of the second floor, Hilda Abramovitz and Barbara Samberg are patrolling the halls, gunpowder and flintlocks in hand. In physics class, Jackie Schweinberg is ardently burning Sir Isaac New- ton's new-found theories on a tiger skin to win an "A," During second period, a senior English class finds the rise of modern prose discussed profusely by the room filibuster. Phil Balk. Babs Forrest, our class president, -has just received an "A" on her eco- nomics theme, entitled, "Taxation without Representation." Current events is the topic of the third period history class. Leader of the discussion is amiable Florence Popp. Versatile Mike Chirigos, -who can talk about anything, speaks on Leeu- wenhoek's discovery of bacteria. Galileo's discovery of the telescope is Arlene Oberheim's topic. The group is interrupted. -however, by the arrival of the town crier with the daily bulletin, carried by Marv Lieber, announcing that one of the King's officials -has been beheaded and quartered at the block. This means that his head will be on exhibit after school. All of a sudden Sam Trust blows the bugle announcing lunch. Partaking of a dish of marrow-bones and a leg of mutton is Buzzy Cohn. Joe Fineberg, however, prefers a lighter dish of anchovies and three pullets-not too filling for such a strong lad as he. Patrolling the lunchroom with great zeal, I see Vivien Shapera with three brooms and Herbie Sachs with two brushes. Next spending fourth period jumping over obstacles and hurdles is Paul Zweig, wfhile Paul Toberg swims up and down the pool. Also using their athletic abilities in the girls' gym, are Mona Katz and Sally Blatnica. Since this is an age of conversation, Cynthia Aberman and Natalie Solof are, as usual, practicing t-his ant fifth period at the architectural structure known as the Wall. Nearby sketching the two girls are the room artists Bob Smith and Barbara Olbum. Rapidly signing her name and F.T.A. to the 451 activities board for sixth period is Ann Friedman. The rest of the class gasps in amazement. Who ever heard of a woman teacher before? Meanwhile the famous portrait-painter, Harvey Breverman, has just com- pleted his beautiful canvas of Jewell Vargo w-ho is destined to become the model for the future "Vargo Girl." Edith Kann, at the Discussion 'Club gat-hering, is leading the conversation which deals wi-th the duel of water pistols between Dale Horelick and Arnold Gerson over a lock of Sonya Daktor's hair. Gerrie Young applies make-up .to the sevent-h period Dramatic English class. while Mary jane Sholock and Donna Price, who are always looking for a ride, depart for home in a 1660 Cadillacron carriage. VVith school out and everyone on his way home, I shall come back to the present. I hope you have enjoyed our little,trip in-to the past. -Terry Peeps,.........., .,.,, A .N N- are .An .62 . .1v."X'E .'-N2 FWZ. Expressions rom 4 66 Teacher .,,..., .,...... ...,.. M rs. Elizabeth Porter President ,.,,,....,.,.. ...,............... T ed Fischer Vice President ...... ...,,. R iclhard Adelsheim Secretary ...........4,........,...... .....4,..,...,.... S heila Goldman Treasurer ......r....rr,...,.....,...........,.. .,..... S tephen Passamaneck Foreword Representative ,..........,...... ,,...,. R ichard Adelsheim Student Council Representative A.....,.,....,.......,...,...,.,...........,.. Louise Lichter . We'rie a good room, so look for us, my friend: We're a good r-oom 'on whicrh to depend. We've talent, ambition, an-d 'brains to boot We'll each use them in a future pursuit, With such a group ist's easy to see That for future success we each have the key. Mrs. Ponter leads our motley crew, She's the toast of 466, t,hat's true. First Row-Irwin Foster, Ermand Buocina, Howard Young, Steve Passamaneck, joseph Lebowitz Second Row-Lorraine Steinberg, Louise Lichter, Elicia Miller, Selma Adler, Ted Fischer, Sheila Goldman, Felice Azen, Rita Meyer, Joan Pretter, Marlene Sherman Third Row-Edmund Sabo, Patty Goldberg, Adrienne Alderman, Fern Little, Judy Reicher, Mrs. Porter, Marianne Furedy, Sarah Rosenfeld, Natalie Solof, Stuart Michaelson Fourth Row-Robert Sabo, Charles Piper, Francis Knable, Joseph Summerville, Joseph Kleiman, Arthur Spiegel, Alan Snyder, Richard Adelsheim, Jimmy Miller Ted Fischer-"You can be sure" of Teddy-always able, always ready, As class president, we're proud to claim this resident. Richard Adelsheim-"For a treat instead of a treatment" our Richie's the one to see, Adelslieim has everything-vim, vigor, vice-presidency. Sheila Goldman-Our "happy-go-lucky" mate who's ready to enter at Penn Stateg Class secretary is this gal-really a rtruly reliable pal. .U .U .U .U .U .U .., .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .. .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U Sf... eefsfxfxftfexfesfxfsxfx-xgsegxy,Sfs.,'s:f.Ne,-fv.,fs..fs.,'x:f.E.-fN.:Efs..fx.-fb.,.fMf... aft.-fe. x-:sf Stephen Passamaneck-"Duz does everything" 'but Steve does more and finds nothing a dull choreg Treasurer Steve is on the -beam as manager of the football team. Felice Azen-"Lovely to look at" is true of this lass Who as Journal editor represented the June class. Heinz Sirkin-Of more than "57 varieties,', Heinz on paper can treatg With paint and brush 'he just can't be beat. Louise Lichter-The girl who "hits the spot," whose personality makes her presence sougfhtg - A pretty girl, smart as a whip-her face could launch just any ship. Elicia Miller-"I..S.M.F.T." in our book has a meaning different- Lissy Surely Means Fine Talent-at dancing she's certain to trap a gallant. Rita Meyer-"Seeing is believing," w-hen you see 'her you'll agree. She is just the cutest thing this side of Tennessee. Sarah Rosenfeld-Sarah certainly "rings the -bell"3 everyone agrees she's really swellg A graciou-s lady, very nice-get acquainted is good advice. james Miller-"Sweetest music this side of heaven," he's been a winner since he was seveng Lombardo has nothing on this guyg his talent and 'looks make the girls sigh. Alan Platt-"Dollar f-or dollar" you can't beat Platt w-hose charming smile never leaves you flat, His 'height's an asset admired by all-not too short, not too tall. Judith Reicher-We'd "walk a mile" to meet this lass with plenty of charm and so much classg With figure, oh, so very trim, s'he'1l catch the eye of every him. Stuart Michaelson-"Greater length" describes our Stu whose fame in sports is nothing new, just can't mention all ihe's done, who on each team is number one. Mathilda Weisberg-"Best friend we ever had" with personality to make us glad, A girl of the athletic kind-in any sport quite a find. Joseph Summerville-A "man of distinction," 'his name is Joeg for him almost any girl would go: Of him 466 is quite proud and gives acclaim 'both long and loud. Lorraine Steinberg-"Best of them all"-what a doll- Student Council was part of her w-orkg but not a job did -this bom-bshell shirk. Joan Pretter-"Smile of beauty" is owned by Joanie w-hose pleasant smile is never phoney- Sweetest girl in our class, -truly an unforgettable lass. Howard Young-"Get thin-gs done in half t-he time" is 'his motto in any rhymeg Efficient is this Mr. Young wihos-e praises here are sung. Fern Little-"You like her and she likes you"-that is Fern through and throughg VVith her lovely voice s'he'll go far, in music circles she'll be a s-tar. '3-T .'N'2.'7T .'W2 ."N?T F'-5.3: .P-7N'1'2?'in .'1'2.'1'FE .'1'2.'1'2 fo? .An .'N'-TEF3: fin .Ak .'N'-13. Alan Snyder-Our "look sharp" guy whom girls won't pass byg VVith a most engaging way he makes friends every day. Joseph Kleiman-"Put your confidence" in 'Toe-the fellow whois always in -the know, VVl1ateve1' the subject may be, he has answers one, two, three. Arthur Spiegel--"A perfect combination" of brains and looks-he stands quite high in our booksg In Band A he plays a part and wins each la'dy,s loving heart. Robert and Edmund Sabo-"Look to Sabo for perfection"-it's found in their directiong These two boys with the same last name are headed for fortune and for fame. Patricia Goldberg-"Famous the world over" our Pat will beg an Oscar she'll get from Academy, VVhen on the stage she appears, she rouses both laughter and tears. Marianne Furedy-"First -of the finest"-fthat's Marianne, a very ardent golf- ing fan, Quite an athletic girl, yet gives the boys quite a w-hirl. Joseph Lebovitz-"T-here's nothing finer" than our boy joe, if asked to do something, never says, "No." For never letting one down, Joe has won himself renown. Adrienne Alderman-"There's an Adrienne in our future"-is quite trueg for 'her merit is due- She's a chic little blonde of whom we're very fond. Marlene Sherman-To "get the best," itis Marlene two to one, a lovely athlete s-o full of fung Active in Senior Leaders too-an All-American through and throng-h. Selma Adler-"Remember -that name," in journalism is sure to win fameg As a reportorial star sl1e'll be able to go quite far. Howard Freedman-Can do "everything under the sun." this intelligent chap who's loads of fung Brains and personality to match-for some girl a lucky catch. Charles Piper-"If you live -to be a hundred" you'll never meet anot-her Chas- VVho possesses every trait that Peter Lawford has. Irwin Foster--VVith the "proudest name" in 466, Irwin 'has helped our crowd to mixg Personality above the best-longer remembered than all the rest. Ermand Buccina-With mot-t-o "A, B. C."-always be cheerful, t-hat is he- Always on the ball, the joy of all, Francis Knable-"We want" charming Francis-girls all cast admiring glances: Nice to everv sin le one-bubbling over with vim and fun. .1 b .3..Q,s:.U .U .Q, .i,!.gf.1:,-.i,-.U .Q:,f.L, .U .EL-,:,.U .3.Q.b .2' .i-,JU .i,q.S'.g,f.U .U .U .U .U .U .L, .J 1 -- gum NM, N 00m 467 First Row-Sylvia Pearl, Marcia Perlman, Jean Danovitz, Barbara Shulman, Louise Cosentino, Rose Pale Second Row-Shirley Cohen, Marilyn Cohen, John Barclay, Joyce Supowitz, Rhoda Barnett, Norman Podolsky, Mr. Caye, Myron Goldberg, Betty Scaveriel, Zaneta Weitz Third Row-john Chioda, Frank Noah, Frances Kochin, Paula Levine, Sandra Shapera, Betty Goldberg, Isabel Miller, Phyllis Cohen, Beverly Goss, Seema Deakter, Leona Goldberg, Jack Patterson Fourth Row-jack Bodenheimer, Lawrence Grotstein, Robert Schienle, Michael Lisak, Alvin Erd, Milton Carb, Irving Ash, Sanford Haffner, Myron Harris Teacher ....,.....,.. ...,...... .....,. M r . Edward J. Caye President ....A..,.., ,.,... N orman Podolsky Vice President ...... ,.,.....,, R hoda Barnett Secretary ...,........,.....,.......,. ....... I oyce Supowitz Treasurer ............................. ,....,.... L eah Cohen Foreword Representative ,,r...,.,...... .,....., R hoda Barnett Student Council Representative .....,...,...,.,.,.....,............,...,..,..,. John Barclay We remember, we remember, the room where we did stay- The teacher, Mr. Caye, and the kids so smart and gay. NV e remember, we remember, the school we loved so well The lunchroom, the flagpole, the ring of the 'closing bell. Here's a remembrance for each of us That best describes the fbest in us. Irving Ash He's gay and friendly that is why We'll always remember this wonderful guy! folm Barclay John's our scientific brain, in activities galoreg Brilliant and sincere he's ever ready to do any chore. Rhoda Barnett Remember Rhoda who sings like a bird, we're always proud when she is heard, She's willing to undertake any task, with good looks too, what more could you ask? I I8 John Bodenheimer t Six feet tall, blue eyes, and wavy hair, This handsome senior is quite beyond compare. Milton Carb .Here's a boy who doesn't strive for 'much attention, But within the heart of everyone he deserves high mention. John Chioda Good things come in packages small 3 John's no exception, 'he'll 'be remembered by all! Leah Cohen We'll always remember our treasurer who took our last dime, She was clever, witty, yet capable all of the time. Phyllis Cohen At math a whiz, at French the sameg This charming senior will make a name. Shirley Cohen She's remembered for her gaiety, she's noted for her fung So if you're looking for a sport, Shirley is just the one. Louise Cosentino Louise is a master of the palette and the brush, She has plenty of vim and vigor, yet never seems to rush. Jean Danooitz Lovely to look at, delightful to know with brains to equal her beauty We all respect this pert young blonde who always does her duty. Seerna Deakter This active, vivacious cheerleader will live in the annals of fame, She helped make every athletic event a well-remembered game. Alvin Erd Remember Alvin, a boy who's really grandg Whenever there was work to 'be done, he always gave a hand. Betty Goldberg A girl with curly brown hair whose voice is sweet and low, One whom we'll always remember as the years come and go. Leona Goldberg Pretty as a picture, popular and gay, We'll remember Leona forever and a day. Myron Goldberg In personality our "Brother" leads the rest, This charming Casanova is remembered for his zest! Beverly Goss Her many activities would make a long list, There's not a single one this talented girl has missed. Lawrence Grotstein Remember our 'basketball hero? Larry surely earned some fame, As stand-out player, all around lad, Larry will someday make a name. Sanford Haffner This friendly fellow in "A Cappella" does shineg His very genial manner helps you agree that Pam's fine. 'se 'Tri'.'T'?.Jni.:r3.'.-7N5.3"5.JQ5.Jnh'-f?'.Jf1'.'7':Nt.a.Jr':R.'7i.7f5X.,f?N.:f5.'.2N.7r:?.J-fri. '7f'."3.Jf:i.'7?'.'7?'."2'.7xf?.:-4.3f:i.'75."-:5.Jn5.'Ti.Jni.:f:5.P3N.Jr1i.:n5.i.Jr:i. Myron Harris When tiring lessons began to bore, Urs helped out quite a bit, Uur room was always brightened by his ever present wit. Frances Kochin Can you remember Frances without something to do? She worked hard for our school, was always loyal and true. Paula Levine During her years at Allderdice, her friendship has been true, In all our undertaking Paula willingly helped us through. Michael Lisak Happy-go-lucky, easy going, usually quiet but very knowing, Remember Mike so tall and terrific, on his way placidly going. Marcine Lnstig A little maid with a great musical aim, Marcine is remembered for fiddling fame. Isabel Miller A dancing girl is Isabel with a smile for everyone To know her is to love her, 'cause she is so much fun. Frank Noah Frank is the quiet kind, reserved and somewhat shyg It's still not hard to remember that he is one swell guy. Rose Pale A wonderful friend always willing to give aid, From our memory Rosie will never fade. Jack Patterson He is quiet and friendly, a cheerful lady We never see jack at any time sad. Sylvia Pearl A leader in sports, ranking high in all the rest, Sylvia deserves a spot among the very best. Marcia Perlman Engaged and lovely, full of life, She'll soon make her lucky guy a fine wife. Norman Podolsky We'll all remember this ideal of every lass, Full of comedy and fun, he's president of our class. Elizabeth Scavariel A few words describe herg she can't be beat. She's pretty, pleasant, studious, shy and very neat. Robert Schienle A good friend is B-ob, and good too his every intention, His basketball skill and loyalty merit special mention. Sandra Shapiro While we're reminiscing think of personality and fun, And you'll know we mean Sandy who's liked by everyone. Barbara Shulman This pert, busy senior could only be one gal- ' She'l1 always be remembered as a capable pal. s4s'.fs:4s.f.sf.:ifers-ifs',fs1A:f,s'fs',fs.'.'+ifs:'.fs:-fx'-29:1S':ves:4x?Qs4sfY-ksfvygsksesfi Y-Qs-2s::'.fs'f Joyce Supowitz A pretty brunette with a beautiful smileg Every ready to help us, we'll remember her all the while. Rose Marie Tozzi In sports and games she's been most activeg She made our home room most attractive Zaneta Weitz As pianist or singer she can easily win acclaimg But to be a good secretary is this girl's aim. We remember, we remember the days when last we met: We remember, we remember, how could we e'er forget? l "Home Cooking" ....,...... ....,...................,,....... t he cafeteria "1 Cross My t'1ngers" u.,,.. ..,,......,...,.........,,.,.......,., e very time I luncn at Poli's "On the Outgoing Tide" .......,...,..........,.............................,.,.,...., the swimming team Simple Melody" ,,..l.,.,....... i....... s ung by the c as ' horal group outside tne window of Miss Riddle's fourth period class That Certain Party".., ......... ,, ............................................,. ,..Dramatic English Party H Bring Back the Thrill" .......,...,.....,..... "Neurotic and Psychopathic Me" .,..,. n u Mumibo jumbo" .......................... Count Every Star" ,..,....... ........,. ,. as Temptation" .,...................................... "There'll Never Be Another You" I'm on the Lookout" ll.,.,........,.,i,.... "Time Waits for No One" .... ,....,, ........ IH 77 Swonderful .....,................ Four-Twenty A.M." .,...... It's No Secret" ....,...... U . .. U U Soc1ab111ty" ............,......., "Once in a While" ..,.,... U u What Did I Do" ..,...,.i ..,..,l... It's a Lovely Day Today" ,.... You're a Sweetheart" .......... Time on My Hands" ....... Too Darn Hot" ..,......... CS ll U H H My Buddy" ........i,.... "Our Very Own" .... 9 won t you I Apologize" ..........l.,...,.,.,.... .......l..,............ being a senior .,..,...fugitives from chemistry class ..........for somebody to .hook with ...,.......,...................sen1or themes the Class Play Wall journal deadline Prom .........we creep in from tne Prom cut assembly .........,.,at the Wall and Flag Pole consider coming to sixth period? ,for hooking seventh, Mr. Thomas be called down to the office? Day Bain sixth period ....,...,.sitting next to the radiator McClymonds .......,..GRADUATION! 'WS ?3.?5.'1'?.'3? ,"gP4:N,,'apAN,'qp,-p,pXpqpsX,-q',Aq5gpx-p,p,p,,'-Q5qww-X-X-X-A-X-N-X-K-N-X . - .. A .. f:.f1.11. 11.11. rw. G. Q. fr. 0.11. ft. fr. fr. ff. rw. ft. fr fre. une Class Play MOM 0 f the F rying Pan " CAST George Bodell ...........,..,...,..... Warren Levine Norman Reese ......,.....,...,....... Peter Block Mrs. Garnet ,....,......... ,..,...,.., S arah Hailperin Tony Dennison ....,....., .Steve Passamaneck Muriel Foster ,.,..... ..........,..,.,,., R eba Martin Kate Ault ................ ........,....,.. M argie Rosen Marge Benson ............................,... Felice Azen Dottie Coburn ,.,..,....,..... Florence Greenberg Mr. Coburn ......... . ,................... Alan Bress Arthur Kenny ........ ...,.,......... J' ohn Barclay Mac ....................... .............. J ohn Sgro Ioe ..,.... .... ,,......Larry Cuban Stage Manager ,.........,..,. ........... ,... B o b Levine Assistant Director .,....,.,........ Carole Helioff Bookholders ....,....... ...........,. J oyce Supowitz, Marlene Hershman, Patsy Unger House Managers ......,.,........... Marvin Lieber, Richard DeBroff, Marvin Levick Sound Effects .....,..,..... Richard Rosenzweig Program Chairman ....... Harvey Breverman Publicity Chairman .........,..,. Judy Rosenberg Art Work Chairman ,.......,.. Carolyn Emery Costume Chairman ............. Frances Kochin Make-up Chairman .........., Geraldine Young .g, .b .U .U .U .U .. bfkfefxftfvx Q.,- E,.'E..' K-fs, 'iv' If If '. A 6 I S '. S :.ifEfF5:5, A-3 'V If 7- '. 5. Ei 13. '-3 '-5. 15 DRAMATIC ENGLISH CLASS S., E.. S' il-x 123 HARPISTS OW Offcheyfms fmrz' Imtfumental groups Director-Miss Laura Zeigler QUINTET V QUARTET TRIO HARMONY CLASS BRASS ENSEMBLE L ADVANCED ORCHESTRA n rf' 56 f A0 QL INTERMEDIATE ORCHESTRA fix m if i 1 10 ' i 1 ORCHESTRA FOR BEGINNERS ..wMv.WMW,, IW -4 E 1552, Qi-1222 9329 as ! M mt, 2 -E 'W wi 5' P lb , M E ,f-2'g'QfE,? , f", R 3 3- 3, g,g..w 2 2 454 9 2 39l.1 f,,ig44 4. New 0 3 I waxy 'A C 9' figs , w an as 3 . in I 'LX 1 4' 4 if " ., J HNF! I CHORUS4 CHORUS3 CHORUS1 .-6, .Q Q. M125 A ' ffm ' T... -h-.- "-r T""' MALE CHORUS CHORUS 2 JUNIOR GLEE CLUB ' Director-Mrs. Dorothy Meyer 128 4 Q A1-tbl I '7 f i Www 4 .M s !fL W'7,g WSQWQ Y if Q3 X 4 544 ffygbj ,ga 1 up 4, sax WW 5 i I mi R 'F-' '15-rug M 5 ha 9 I' O 4 6,5 yif M y 'Ein f' Q 3 v li h . ' lil? . " ' 'hill 1 V ":,'y-,'- ' - ' xx Q X. Q P' II wi. - N A Q ,Q .f A sa W ' 'Y , , , , . . lf , X, ' W f ,. f f- ff , f ' , 'V f" Q A. X 11 , A. I . . 1, W b I 55, ,gm-,-, ',-1 yn' . . 'II ii: " 1, I if I '1: ', . k - Y 1 W 1. in vi' H :- . f. X 4, -' Af' ' - ,: p ' , rf V - " ' , -9, A ,P ,AX L, " f N Q I. Ti, -Y I X, N T V ' ,""' V J' A all ij fry I Dba, ' ' ' Q , ' ' 5 1- X ' ' ' ' 2 '-'Vi-L. Q H , i A :lv N ' L4 ,A 1 .I rif f .-f l -" ,4H...v W' H 1 5 P 1 27 ,A Q : .. A ,""'V M 3 l if Eff ew -V I, 9 f-.-...J :gr . .U lhrl ,. ,rf r . " '1 . ' V W s' x 5 fl! in w, .' V. In 'lr' x jd- ' . - . X an ii. 1 V Oo 'A D 'ff L Y 1' --:.. V ,'v, M- . yt ' W , ..-, b , v 453, : 7 A g Z' gf- ,Q-1 7 I, - 1 .1 . Nil, X, 'jk' .51 ll gl 3: S 1 Y ,Bk at H M ' A . j 9 1 14 1 - ' , , . h Tyr 'A 4 W k, I' -4' ...i -'., F '4 I .V 1511 1 ,g x 5- U xxswwss W U VIE? M ' I - 2 - - I R .N. 1 .4 pg, , v "mu .' SENIOR DISCUSSION CLUB YJi56us5z'0n Clubs Sponsor-Miss Lois Grose KDKA SCHOOL OF THE AIR Sponsor-Mr. Samuel Blitz INTERMEDIATE DISCUSSION CLUB SENIOR DISCUSSION CLUB INTERMEDIATE DISCUSSION CLUB 130 CLUBS STUDENT FEDERALISTS Sponsor-Mlss Wagenknecht FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Sponsor-Miss Helen Hillard FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA . . , ,.... 131 .... . . . . 3. -S -273575 -- T37Q.'.3'f5 .'?. 7 GERMAN CLUB , 1 X ' .3, 'TAHTQ ' .3 fi' f9,'IP, .3 fT?,T?,i3 "3 Lancgmzge Clubs Sponsors German-Miss Mary Brennan Spanish-Miss Dorothy Bergman French-Miss Edna Todd SPANISH CLUB FRENCH CLUB X3 'Q' 'Q' 'X ide, ' '1' '1' M' S' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' S' ' S ,, X.. L. X.. xr. S. X. N. C, ,S S. S. ,. xr. Sw X. L. 132 w,Cfx.fx.fC,SfSfv,-Qfvfvfxdfmfsfxf S, xr. X. S. S. S. L, L, X.. L. xr. v. X., x.. S- -- lb ,A Va A unior C 111125 MODEL AIRPLANE CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Irving A. Hyman JUNIOR Y-TEENS TEEN-AGE BOOK CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Morris A. Beck GARDEN CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Nancy L. Snively '1' 4- ':- 'Q 1- 'e 'Ol' 'Q 'Q an 'Q 1' 'Q 'gage 'Q 'Q Q- '1- '1' '1' '- 1 'L-' . . ..,..L.XLO..-,L.L.h. -,.L,,,,w..-AN,.Q.,1L..Qqs.g,r:-rye. 133 FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Sponsor-Miss Margaret Winch Clubs CAMERA CLUB Sponsor-Mr. john Coyne TRAVEL CLUB Sponsor-Miss Ann Kaznitz L L FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA Sponsor Miss Marjorie Heimberger 134 C 11055 Shari Mfdilc' B6l6l777l.l1f0lZ ,X 5 ,xl ,Q Ay A gm-15 413 .u,x,AA,m.3 ,m,x,x-,3,j+.,n,'a,1.,u CHESS TEAM SHORT WAVE Sponsor-Mr. H. A. Lewis BADMINTON CLUB Sponsor Mr. joseph C. Thompson CHESS CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Edward Caye 4' 'L' 'L' 'G"iL 'i' 'Q 'Q' 'Q' 'Q Q- 'es 'iz -as 'Q 'Q' 'eve 'ewegre 4- Q- -4 U we 135 MICROSCOPE CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Mae Weber Smith T6!6'Lll.Sl.071 and MOUl'65 si si ti .- it Tobacco Road" .....,.......,..........,4.,.,......,.,...,.,...,,..,...........,., .The NVall The Shadow" ,....,...... ..............,..., M r. Thomas Mr. Music" ,,,.. .,....4,.,,., ,...,....4....,......,............,.,........A..,... M r . Deitz Your Show of Shows' '.,..4...,....,,...,.. A .....,........ Out of the Frying Pan Twenty Questions "..,......., About where you were that sixth period n Town Meeting of the Airi' "Studio One .4.,.....,..,.,.,.... . "This Is Show Business" ...... . "All the King's Men" ....,.,.. it "Kefauver Investigationsu "Eleventh Hour" .,....,.,......, Cavalcade of Bands' ',..A,. Cavalcade of Stars" ..4.., . Born Yesterday" ....,.. The Big Story" ..... Nightmare Alley" ..,l,., Lost Week-end" .,,...,. at it it it u ci ca Good News ' .,......l..,..,..... tl U Stage Door Canteen Cyrano De Bergerac" i...,., 4. Good Sam ...........,.,.,,........., , Senior Discussion Club .. Allderdice Radio Broadcasts Dramatic English Hall Patrol Mr. Blitz The Evaluation Right before lunch , The Allderdice Band .......The Class Play Skit ,.i.The Freshies dismissals ,,.....Shady Avenue after school ,............,..,....Graduation week Foreword i,..The coffee shop backstage ...,...r.The fake noses on the glasses Jlfczy May ll-Tonight was the night for which we had been waiting . . . the night of May Dance and the crowning of the May Queen . . . a gaily decorated gym . . .a swell evening with everybody being well pleased with the choice of May Queen . . . and everybody dancing to the terrific music of joe Harris orchestra. .U .Q .U .U .U .D .U .U .U .eQ.L, .U .L, .s,f.i,f.iQ.L,!.. .. .. . ..,.. . .. ..,. ,.. ..,..,.. .. .U.L,.U.L sfs-:safs-fsnfscfwtfsdsfm sc-fs-fsfcq au S, C, szsfsfsf 136 . It Y. 1 . fld, X ,gif V . - ' ' ' AFS ""v:-'-75: ' 'fx "1'fJL X f, x . .' 7' 71" X Mig: 2'N W: ' wr I Q Q ' ,Z by-'Q f. ' 1 4 , .' 'W ' ' I Iffi., 4-, , 2 3 ,J nm ' :Zi '- - .1 " 1 .,,. 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'v ' Af- ' f "W ,M ' Q f 1 ' pl-xx K 'lx :xl W W ff jk , .,. , Q 1 I 'JH X W' 'b ' X 7 W , 3,11 If X ' "f 4 X3 Y X XX Mn! .. V I X "xx 3 x lx N I wig!!- f X5 Y W W "W ffb' 1 -"il 2 www ff f- : N. 'kv Vxif "' 'X ' gr. ' ' s H 'hid K X f ,' , f, 'n 11 ,, " -13133 x . 1. .,.-3 , ' J M! my w f a X ff 5, 'Y X x X S NX! iw 3 Ad rj my wk 'f l . L V I f Uv, ft f' 7 's f X Of 4 f ff 1 I A 'fag s f wh 'II v 34 . ' ' s 1 mrmmwa , nlhw'4'WlifQ wii 'WX 'Rv n 4' mmf 'mIlulll'1'5:Wx WIP ' Z ., 'ffl , x X Q 1 1. 5' X 'L ! xx I N, ,' g ,f 3 0 L 1 gg,-.3 1 F X X li - - ., - at I n 7 Vw .xx ', ' , M 3 y,,, Q ' 1 SLVR!! xx f..x Z Y- I ,Avy -g.'.cI13, ' ,, , X 1: , 1 4 3 , -ws' ' - . . - f , ' . ..-7-I: . 4 , .'.':-Li. ' ,L Y. .- AMW, I' A W , - . 22."m,L.' - .1 .2 4' ' ' , '4 ifjiiiki - eg fy.. , X - W I :.5:- .. . ag.-5- ,-gy , ryfzifcfi' 1 5 , " ff .1 X ?4 .,:'-.f5:g'. ' a , -1'-.-'.,g.-vzua:-':'fw '-v f. V . Y, 171 '-RW f-.',-1.-..'f'!3,ZZ-Q:1'55.:f.5'f H " 3'-3'-4:r1 i5'xk'f, .','l'f-'I-'3ifE?"5:Ew"5- "ff ' .."-Hs. 1 '.i.1--Q'-.'f'-'--T1--"-If 1 - 1- '.-'il' '.'- JT -- -- - - 2'-4 '- . , I , x - .ff..1.-:....1.Z1n,g-1:15, lv, - E , af'-.'5-,L-?lJ,1fL'g,: yl- - ., ,- -d..-pg agen. - lr " ,,h...a,,....e.c.,a........, ., ,N ,W .fsfsfvs .fe .f-rw: .?2r.'W2.fa?'A .AR 'As .fN?T.fN72 ?2:.'WR.fW2 .An . City Championship Swimming Team Coach-Mr. Claude W. Sofield February 19, 1951 - On this memorable Monday evening the Allderdice swimming team trampled the Section II champions, Perry High School, to annex the city swimming championship for the third time in four years, 43-23. The Dragon tankers literally drowned the North Siders, taking first place in every event except the medley relay. Two graduating mermen, Dusty Watso and Dan Maloney, contributed their usual first and second places in a thrilling 100 yard freestyle race, while two sensational sophomores, Al VViggins and Bernie Bauer, streaked to the finish line first. The success of the team this year was due to overall strength and depth rather than any one outstanding performer. For their untiring efforts our swim- ming team deserves the congratulations -of the entire school. But above all, credit for the victory must go to Coach Sofield, whose 'brilliant leadership and skilled guidance through the years have made swimming the brightest spot in the Allderdice athletic picture. The next time you get into an argument over the Allderdice sport's situation just stick out your chest and proudly point to the plaque in our trophy case, emblematic of the city championship. 1jXflljfl1'UffL'.f 4 C7lC'L'7'!L'II!1lL'7'.Y , C TUUII Kay 1, Sponsor-Mr. John Irwin V, -, I 7' .QE ? W 1 A XR WY " 'fllllIll8m..x I . 139 ufthletic Wz'nners CAPTAINS OF MUSHBALL TEAMS A TENNIS CHAMPS Q Q CHAMPIONSHIP VOLLEY BALL TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL TEAM LIFE SAVING X . 8 Q 1 . ff' INSTRUCTORS Miss Mary Allshouse Miss Eleanor Boland Miss Esther Long Miss Margaret Mercer 1 .s'lP Y ii a... Y ll was i V' Bl ' s 'XY . . , . . 7 Q Lg . X5 L. 2 .jf Q ' LIFE SAVING I-,ll SENIOR LEADERS JUNIOR LEADERS gqgu .. 3, K , , m 1 ' ,fr I - Q 48-'fE.'5gff'f4 4' as gf ,wk i 1f-'SA 'Tiki' wN5?"hSS '2,.5E', TAL ' ax ff! M HW m iii' ii I I is 'wks is is ES 'AAS 'A "se fh Es is "A is 'S is .N ' AVA ' u 1- ' i ' , . ,, ELI , .v February 1 remember lfelxruary as the end of an exciting basketball season. The first half of the season had showed the wins balancing the losses. 1 remember especially the thriller with Penn, a few last minute goals 'hy the Dragons turning the tide 53-50. I try not to remember the 70-37 defeat by all-powerful XVest- inghonse. llowever, the second half of the season. beginning in lfehrnary, was not so successful. The Dragons had a record of only one victory as against six losses. The lone win was a 44-37 defeat of South on the home floor. Among the losses was another blistering defeat hy XYCStlllgll0l1SC. XVith Sehenley, however, the Dragons pnt np a gallant fight, only 55-50. A fast moving Fifth team scored a hard-fought victory on lfeliruary 23 to end the l95l basketball season. ,. 'vilfxfil 14.2 Thysical Education Coaches Mr. Stewart Brown Mr. Robert Irvin Mr. John Irwin Mr. Claude Sofield Mr. Louis Weitzel CROSS COUNTRY TEAM GOLF TEAM Sponsor--Mr. Ralph Engelmeier L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'LJ 'L' 'LJ 'LY 'L' 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'kJ 'LJ '12 'ix 'LJ 'LY 'LJ '12 'LJ 'L' 'L gfeeesfeeeeefeee S.-42-.fb,.fx-:P.,'P,,fNf.. tix..-fb..fM't., ers: fwfl W8 ., lf' N r '. X., xr y X A'. .'. . .x XA 1 A .is . . xx - XY R 1' 1' ' w 'ix' , -li iff5iE,,d3 ' E31 '52 9 1' '42 my 2 'F fllflcd .Z fw- JN '-53,81 'fs' 'S gl 'bf I' :wget 45, 51211 Ta 'DL 1' -Awe?-r X542 ox J' 4' N 2? ff 1.5, fbi., an 6 if 9641 I BEST WISHES FROM Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Aberman Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Langer Mr. and Mrs. Dave Abramovitz and Family Mr. B. Levick Mr. and Mrs. Silas Adelsheim Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Levine Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Adler and Family Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Lichter Mr. and Mrs. Milton M. Alderman and Family Mr. and Mrs. Sol Lieber Mr. and Mrs. John R. Barclay Mrs. Grace Marbella Mr. and Mrs. Alan Barnett and Bernita Mr. and Mrs. David Markovitz and Family Mr. and Mrs. Leo Berger Mrs. Beatrice Mayer Mrs. Mary E. Blackham Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Mendelsohn Lester S. Bloch Mr. and Mrs. Louis Miller F. J. Boake, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. L. B. Moseley Mrs, Walter M, Bonn Mr. and Mrs. Paul Numerosky Mr. and Mrs, A, I, Borenstein Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H. Oberheim Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Breverman Mr- and Mrs. David Olbum Mr, and Mrs, Michael Clqgkv Dr. and Mrs. Isadore Pachtman Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Cohen and Family MIS- Alma Pale Mr, and Mrs, joe Cohen Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cohen and Family MF- and MTS- Jacob Podolsky Mr. and Mrs. D. Corsale Mr- and MIS. Alex Popp Mr, and Mrs, Cuban Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Richman Mr, and Mrs, Louis Dakfor Dr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Rosen Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Danovitz MT- and MTS- HUYY Rosenfeld Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wesley Davis MT- and MTS- J0S9Ph A- Sabo Mr. and Mrs. Morris Deakter MT- and Mrs- Louis M. Sachs Mr. and Mrs. George T. Emery Mrs. A111121 SCl1i6Il1e Mr. and Mrs. Louis Felasfein Mrs- Charles J- Schmidt Mr. and Mrs, Meyer Fineberg Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Schweinberg Mr, and Mrs, Loo Finogold Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Schneirov Mr. and Mrs, John R, Fgfrest Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Segiel Mr, and Mrs, Joseph Friedman DI. and MIS. William Shapefa Mr. and Mrs. H. Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Sam Shapiro and Family Mr, Edwin A, Goodman Mr. and Mrs Louis H. Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Goldberg MY- and MTS- StePh911 S110l0Ck Mr, and Mrs, Louis Goldberg Mr. and Mrs Samuel Shulman and Family Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. jack Simon jimmy and Richard Goldman Stanley Skirboll Mr. and Mrs. Jack Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Solay Mr. and Mrs. Morris B. Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Louis Stefanie Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Gross MI- and MIS- Harry R. Stein Mr. and Mrs. Morris Haffner and Family Mr. and Mrs. J. Steinberg Estelle Harris Mrs. Louis B. Supowitz Pam Haffner and Uns Harris Mr. and Mrs. T. Tozzi Rabbi and Mrs. Herman Hailperin Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Trust Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Helioff Mr. and Mrs. Ben Unger Mr. T. G. Hendricks Mr. and Mrs D. E. Warden Peter Horelick Mr. and Mrs. Louis Weiner and Family Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Jones Mr. and Mrs M. B. Weisberg Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Judd Mr. and Mrs David E. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Kann Mr. and Mrs George C. Wohlfarth Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Kimball Mr. and Mrs. Morris Wolf Edward M. Knable Mrs. Saul Young 146 BEST WISHES FROM Mr. and Mrs. Milton Friedman Mrs. Sara B. Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Isadore M. Goldsmith Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Gordon Rev. and Mrs. Edward G. Holborow Dr. and Mrs. Louis Kochin Dr. and Mrs. I. A. Lichter Attorney and Mrs. George Little Rev. and Mrs. H. H. Marvin Mr. and Mrs. Mathias Miller Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs William Paris Harry Pearl . John P. Phifer Harry E. Price E. Alfred Rosenzweig Albert Sabo Michael Sacco Dennis C. Smith Mrs. Elizabeth Verrone I lr '45 MW ii all fi 3 53' A senior's life is oh so free and If his money lasts 'till his final clay! gui' No more classes, no more wall, Nu more teachers short or tallg Nu more cheerleaders' encouraging cry. How I'll miss them when I say goodbye! 6 TAU ETA ALPHA Fraternity extends sincere congratulations to the graduating classes of 1951 and to its graduating ineniber MICHAEL RAPPORT C ornplinients of I. BINSTOCK, Jeweler CHARLIE BOYER, Barber MAX HOROWITZ MAX SAWITZ Congratulations to the Class of '51l Half Bros. Established 1899 HOM ESTEAD, PA. Squirrel Hill News Stand "The Store of Friendly S erfvieen 5804 FORBES STREET JAckson 1-9733 Ammermaxfs One Hour Service at the Plant 44 Years of Know How Quality is Assured STORES Pleasant Hills McKeesport Homestead Clairton HOmestead 1-2600 I 48 Congmtulczfions to the Qma'uazfz'ng Clays from zlze Taylor Allderdice Parent-Teacher Association Kill 4 ft The amma Phi Alpha Fraternity extends congratulations to the graduating classes of 1951 and to three graduating members NORMAN VVOLFF MORRIS ZWANG IQICHARD ROSENZWEIG 150 744 ROBERT MORRIS Sdn! A ccounting Business Law Secretarial OTEL WILLIAM PENN o ATLANTIC I-0912 o FITTSIUKGN 19, PA. LINCOLN PLACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE H. H. MARVIN, Minister 'IIHE UNIVERSITY OIF PITTSBURGH 10 help meet the present emergency Accelerated Program for Beginning Freshmen Starts In june, 1951 ARTS AND SCIENCES, ENGINEERING AND MINES, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, ROTC FOR INFORMATION, ADDRESS THE REGISTRAR TRY CHURCHILL WAFER STEAKS AND CHURCHILL VEAL STEAKS 151 Pittsburgh's Beautiful House of Fashion! F ashion-wise women of Pittsburgh make Maxine's their lirst stop for Fashion News . Our never ending parade of superlative, exciting fashions . . . designed with you in mind . . . makes it possible for you to be among the smartest, best dressed women of Pittsburgh. It's Maxine's, Your House of Fashion, for the first in hue Fashions. Coafd mredderi gowru junior jaiiona Suifd 340424 .x4cce55orie5 jun Wifhnery l dXlll0'S SI4 wooo STREET 152 The Sigma mega Pi Sorority 'wishes to extent! its congratulations to the graduating classes and to its graduating members CYNTHIA ABERMAN FELICE AZEN M.ARY BONN BARBARA OLBUM JANE PACHTMAN BARBARA PARKER MARGERY ROSEN JUDY ROSENBERG f MD 153 Best Wishes to the C lass of 1951 THE WALDORF MAKERS OF FINE PARTY PASTRIES AND CONFECTIONS 1719 MURRAY AVENUE MR. AND MRS. CHARLES X. COHEN Managing Proprietors 154 The amma Alpha ambda Sorority extends mngratalations to the graduating classes of 1951 and to its eight graduating inenibers CHARLOTTE COHEN SEEMA DEAKTER LEONA GOLDBERG SHEILA GOLDMAN JOAN GOLQMB IVIARLENE HERSHMfXN TAMARA JANVEY Tony NUMEROSKY 155 The Delta ambda Phi Fraternity extends its congratulations to the 1951 graduating classes and its graduating members NEIMAN COHN JACK OSTROSKY SANFORD POLLACK IVAN PORT HERBERT SACHS IDAVID SCHREIBER SEYMOUR SCHAFER PAUL ZWEIG 156 DUQUE I ' IVER ITY Oldest Catholic University in Pemisylfvania 8 SCHOOLS-College of Arts and Sciences, School of Law, School of Business Administration, School of Pharmacy, School of Music, School of Education, School of Nursing, Graduate School. CO-EDUCATIONAL-Girl students admitted to all schools and com- prise X3 of 5000 enrollment. SOCIAI, LIFE-Many fraternities, sororities. and professional asso- ciations. Completely equipped I.ittle Theatre and Student-operated radio station, WDUQ-FM. LOCATION-Atop world-famous Golden Triangle in downtown Pitts- burgh. VValking distance to three national railroads, shopping dis- trict and first-run movies and plays. Single trolley or bus fares to beautiful suburbs. Address: DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY PITTSBURGII 19. P.-x. 157 The Alpha Delta hi Fraternity expresses congratulations anal best wishes to the graduating classes of 1951 anal particularly to its six graduating niernbers BERNARD BLOCH ROBERT DEBROFF JON FRIEDMAN ZOLA HOROWITZ NIARVIN LEVICK MIXIKVIN LIEBER 158 The Delta h1 Fraternity extends its best wishes to the graduating classes of 1951 Q4 january Class The Alpha Delta Fheta Fraternity wishes to congratulate the graduating ilasses of 1951 and the graduating inenibers JAMES BOWEN EARL M.ARVIN FRANK NOAH XAJILLIAM PAXTON WVILLIAM PURCEL HOWARD SMITH LX 159 The Members 0 Slgma Alpha Lambda Sorority exfeml eorzgralulaliom to the graduates of 1951 and to lheir graduating members JANUARY CLASS IIZLAYNE FOREMAN MARILYN FOREMAN PHYLLIS HOFFMAN AUVRA KARTUB HARRIET PINCUS HANNAH ROSEN JUNE CLASS SHIRLEY COHEN JEANNIE DANOVI'fZ SALLY ISKOWITZ AUDREY JUDD BARBARA SHULMAN JOYCE LEE SUPow11z l'l:'l"1'IE Dolus WEINLR 160 William C. Zeiler Sc Son Painters and Decorators HOme5tead 1-1002 ' Shulman's Meat Market 63 LOGAN STREET ATlantic 1-3328 Compliment: o f Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Goss C ompliments of A Friend Compliments of Ram bacher-Kaufman QUALITY Foons Personal Service Jeanne's Dress Shop 5818 FORBES STREET SQUIRREL HILL "A lways the Smarlesf' Hours-Mon., Wed., Fri. 10 till 6 Tues., Thurs., Sat. 10 till 9 Phones--JA 1-02495 JA 1-9925 Jason's Beauty Salon 5878 FORBES STREET Your hair is your crowning glory. Let us help to make you queen. jAckson 1-1418 HAzeI 1-6475 Manor Pharmacy Prescription Specialists MURRAY AND DARLINGTON PITTSBURGH, PA. HAzel 1-6000 The Tau lpha Mu Sorority 'wishes to extend congratulations to the graduating classes and its graduating ineinbers JANUARY CLASS ADA BLOOM JOANIE MARCUS JUNE CLASS BETTY GOLD RITA MEYER 162 THE 1951 ALLDERDICE 'fib- Eungrzzwhgs SUPERIOR ENGRAVINCI CO. 312 BOULEVARD OF THE ALLIES 'db Tlzotogmphy HILLLS' STUDIO 214 N. HIGHLAND AVENUE MES' Trinting 11414 YER PRESS 235 COLLINS AVENUE 163 Marty Schramm Music Studios Original Method for Piano Now Accepting Applications for Summer Classes FIFTH-VVOOD BUILDING GRant 1-5687 Compliments of Caplan 85 Mayer MEAT MARKET HUDSON SALES SERVICE Earl Williams Sc Sons HOIVIESTEAD, PA. I-IOmeStcad I-3748 Pacific Baking Co. PSUTTERMILK I-IOLLOVV ROAD McKeeSport 3-4195 Good Things to Eat The T heta u Sigma Sorority extends its vongifatitlations to its graduating inenibeifs IRIS DAVIS DORRIE EWINGX BARBARA FORREST ARLENE OBERHIEM JACKIE SCHWEINBERG BETTY STEFANIC X January Class 164 Pi Tau Pi Fraternity extends congratulations and best wishes to the rnernbers 0 f the graduating classes and its graduating rnetnlzers JAMES MILLER RICHARD ADELSHEIM PETER BLOCK RONALD CEOLDSMITH MORRIS SINGER 165 ROrBBIE'S I-Iot Puppie Shop 5802-04 FORXVARD AVENUE jAckson 1-9740 Nugent Realty and Insurance Company R. C. ROBINSON Use our Notary Public Service In Securing Your Operator's License. 5819 FORBES STREET PITTSBURGH 17, PA. HAzel 1-3370 Regent Pharmacy Sidehamer Brothers Plmffmacisls Braddock and Hutchinson Avenues EDGEWOOD, PA. PEnhurst 1-4014-1-4015 Ann M. Gallagher 5S78Vz FORBES STREET PITTSBURGH, PA. GREETING CARDS CHILDREN,S BooKs Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pearl and Family Kentucky-Shady Cleaners 6307 KENTUCKY AVENUE MOntrose 1-6564 C omplimems 0 f S-.tandarcl School Jewelers Compliments of S. S. Kresge Co. -x J The Tau Sigma Phi Fraternity extends simere congratulations to the graduating classes of 1951 and its four graduating members .IAN UARY CLASS EARL AUSSENBERG JUNE CLASS GIXRY FRIEDMAN SHERWOOD PLATT MACY STEIN D 167 'D lpha Sigma T au exzemls uongmtulatiom and best wzshea to all Jlllderdice gmafuales of 1951 and m four gmdualing membem anuary Class of 1 IVIORTON GOLDBLA'1"F MORTON GRANOVITZX ALLAN B. SCHNEIROV MILTON WOLF 951 - 168 T lpha Beta h1 Sorority extends its sincerest congratulations to the "' January Class graduating classes and to the graduating members JANE ELLIS? FLORENCE GULYASY VIRGINIA HARRIS REBA JEAN MARTIN JUIJITII MAYORW QU 169 The Zeta Sigma Phi Sorority extends sincerest congratulations to the gradnatin g classes of 1951 and the gradnatin g nfiernbers HILDA ABRAMOVITZ EVA BERGER LEAH COHEN ARLENE KLODELLXX ESTHER LEVIN ETHEL MARKOWI'FZ NANCY RECHTP1' SANDRA SHAPIRO MARLENE SHERMAN it January Class of 1951 "Uk Peabody High School 170 i Sigma Tau Sorority extends sincere congratulations to its graduating members and the graduating classes of 1951 JANUARY CLASS llarriet Klein Ethel Rabinovitz Marion Supowitz JUNE CLASS Rhoda Barnett Patty Goldberg Audrey Koss Audrey Abrams judy Auerbach Marilyn Berger Bernice Cohen Karen Cohen Rena Dorn Harriet Felser Barbara Fineberg Judy Friedman joan Goodman Phyllis Greenspan Elaine Heller Adrienne Katz Linda Katz l.ucy Kruplta Rita Latterman Cecy Lineoff Barbara Litman Lois Miller Faye Nevins Anne Rosenberg Marlene Sable Norma Sattenstein Nancy Schor Gloria Silverman Gerda Stein Donna Tagrin Mickey Unger Sissie Wlagner Roz VVatzman Harriet Winikoff 171 Compliments of the Westminster Fellowship of Lincoln Place Presbyterian Church to its Graduating Members: JEAN SCHMIDT HOWARD SMITH IRIS MANNINGX "' January Class Jimmy's Modern Barber Shop Cltilzlrerilv H air C itttiii g Our Specialty 1821 MURRAY AVENUE JAckson 1-9838 Carmen D'AuriO, Manager 0561275 rug Stores Compliments of Giant Eagle Market Open 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Daily Murray Avenue News Stand 2024 MURRAY AVENUE Complete Line Of School Supplies, Hallmark Cards, Magazines and Small Books TOYS Open till 12:00 P.M. Nightly Thorofare Market RECENT SQUARE 1031 S, BRADDOCK AVENUE Gilbert Cole, Manager Caruso Pharmacy LINCOLN PLACE, PA. HOmestead 1-3879 Accurate Prescription Work KAYE'S QUALITY FOOD MARKET 1234 MULDOVVNEY AVENU LINCOLN PLACE, PA. HOmestead 1-2411 FREE DELIVERY E The Phi Upsilon Sorority extends best wishes and sincere congratulations to the graduating classes of 1951 and to its january Class graduating members CORINNE F. CANTER SONDRA LEE CHESTER GILDA MAYE Fuss MONA LEFF MARLYN L. ILENCHNERX SYLVIA PEARL FREDA SCHERB ROCHELLE CAROLE YOUNG ANN ESTELLE ZIONTS:k 173 Pk The members of DE I A. Z. A. 688 'wish to congratulate fhe graduating classes and its ofw Bernard Bliman Harvey Blinn Mitchel Bloom Bernard Borensteind: Larry Frishman Sanford Gordon Emil Herman Irwin Hohenstein .loseph Kleimand' lVilliam Lieber joe Lebowitzbl' Richard Moskovitz Alan Bell Dave Fred 71 graduating members Norman Schwartz Fred Terkel George VVelford'F Edward Wax Elliott NVeinberg Nathan VV einer Dave Weissbergr Ronnie Sobel Sandy Reeves Leonard Kirch Gilbert Peisakoffbk Marvin Spokane jerry Rubenstein NVeissberg, President Terkel, Vice President Bernard Bliman, Secretary Ronnie So-bel. Trmsllrvr Graduating Members 174 The Delta Epsilon Beta Sorority extends its congratulations to the graduating classes o l951 "' january Class and its ten graduating members RUTH FELDSTEIN JANET KIMBALL FRANCES KOCHIN TAMARA MARTINX PHYLISS MARCOSKY DONNA BELLE MATTES ISABEL NIILLER NORMA SIMON h:LlNOR STEIN PATSY UNGER 175 Sigma Delta Epsilon Fraternity extends sincere congratulations to its graduating inenibers and the graduating classes of 1951. PAUL GLUCKSON NORMAN PODOLSKY 176 The S gma Kappa Fraternity extends lzearlzesl Longmmlalions to the 195 1 gmzizmzmg LIEJJEJ cmd to its gmfluating membefs JANUARY CLASS WILLIAM GREENBERO NORTON KALINSKY GEORGE KARLIN JUNE CLASS ALAN BRESS NORMAN BRESS RICHARD DEBROEF THEODORE FISCHER WARREN LEVINE STUART MIcIIAEI,sON ARTHUR SIIIEOEL 177 The Kappa Delta Beta extends its best Sorority wishes to the graduating classes and its graduating members JANUARY CLASS DEE COHN JUNE CLASS CAROLE HELIOFF MONA KATZ MARCIA PERLMAN f 'X U 178 VICTORY A. Z. A. 595 The memhers of Victory Xl.Z.A. take this opportunity to congratulate their graduating members and to wish them the hes! of everything in the future PHILLIP BALK HARVEY BREVERMAN IJARRY CUBAN SANFORD HAFFNER MYRON HARRIS ALLAN KA'1'z U 179 Canton Tea Gardens , ?1-anim VVhere Every Bite Is fmt Mellvq Weqr Right Our Specialties Chop Suey Chow 5816 FORBES STREET ff B ll MURRAY AVENUE Next to the ank PITTSBURGH, PA. Congratulations to the Compljmgmy gf Graduates CAPPY'S ROSENBLOOIVFS RESTAURANT BAKERY 1716-20 MURRAY AVENUE JAckson 1-3231 We, the "Grads" of fifty-one, Have our fads, fancies, and fun. A new idea-a style-a craze, Taken up in a few short days. CHAS'S loafers, for instance, the shoe of the day. Regardless of weather, fhe clogged on his way. And F EGIE'S sweaters, the cashmere twine, In a riot of colors, fr-om orange to wine. White bucks made their debutg A No wardrobe's complete without one or two. CECY and JOEY wore their twin plaid vest so keen, And hand-knit argyles turned up on every male teen. Iridescent jackets were all the vogueg And STEVE P. started a trend with his brogue. Levis worn low on the hips were BILL AlVIOS'S style. And BOB SMITH wore jungle shirts as bright as his smile. Sorority emblems took the place of -barettes. I-Ieadbands appeared on blondes and brunettes. Dickeys, pearls, frat pins, and such Worn all at onceg they weren't too much???? 180 'l'Hl-' l'I,qXL'l'I XYIQ XN'ON"l' lfORCil'I'l' ISI Tmahery ' QxfLl!0g7f6l1DfZ5 IS Q17 ufqgmplzs' I S3 ,, 3 fe si i E 3 S E 3 as E ! a QS E E 5 S . 3 z ze 5 if ii r F A E s fi i E 5 E F 5 z EI ! 5 w 52 ,.: 'Q s E 5 2 E if 5 3 n

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