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Allderdice High School - Allderdice Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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v 3 lEk.'.1-.LV -1. if If r I.. U I ff. 'PVFIU . 1 '.-.LL . .1 1, ..V .4 . " Q .V z J.. f' Vx. ff. - ' '-ji-'fi' C Q .-- . ,,. . . , ., 4 f'L1..'f'-' . . .5 . . - ,W V. .f,. ,,!!. , 1. 71-f, '-GL ' .1 ' . . . H -. A.-Q.. . 'r 153, i - ., .-' 1 L. ".551J" , . V -If , I U Q 2 . -dw:-f ' -,Aff f. ,-,.,Vjr.L.,,' ui.. I . .K A ,, - 'Jn 'J , - P . TKT? .' J ' if . 5, .5 A --.VT : . . 4 X. A. r .1 . V ' i ' -.V 1' . - In 1.. .-I ' ' , A ,f"' ,f.,4 -,ZL.I,n--5 . l- .- . 'pf . -. ' 51. J , ., V+ 4 - A+:-.V, " 11,1 . ,.., .. ,- ,. .1.- . . ,.-4. ' ' - fir.- . .V ., f Q' ' cf . QI, yy. ' .K,:,.'Q, Lia- ' ' lv -5-,ir .'VV.R. ,. -.- ., . ,1 1 ,yu -. - .,. -...N .J,' 1- x. . 'qgg .'5..hpf A ' 1 ,. -.w . , .A A- .. nw. ' N -Q M. - : V:,:x .WV . .. . ., VW- . 1 V .V ,..:3 3 Q . . I .. nf- . 1 fn .Y ,.. 4 . UV- ,U w-AV-, Q..-x 4, 2 .' AJ K , .,g, W.. 1 -.-.4 ' ,, . - V-Va f., sf- M., A Q., . ,, 'JA- Avwui-V...,. .- . . ,H .,, ,. Il- ...., ...Q ., , 7...-!1. '-Lv ff: -JW .. ..3.,.,g:. I - .V-. , W . , .J :,,.1,. , W mr, A., , -r +4.2- 3 7' , . ... My .. ...ak Q.. 1 ,xl ., ' A vi- ' v- .. ., .wr ,f . M., .- -, .,,.. . m .-., Y ,.. n. . ,-,.v.-, V..' . .. ,. V L 7 A L. .I w-' r fr, V . .. 4 .S,., .X L" c '1 '-V-' -Q. 11-, .5-in y 4..,, HW. fha' , Q., Q, . ,H . .,.,.. w. .u , - .V 'Hx an -gf fr,- 4 . -W' ' ,-. ' ,w IE' -.,, ... 1 .Q ' 'C 1 2 1 V .s..V A N. lx "Aim -. - .. as .. .. ,- 14 . 3. ...fl . ik f V u m .,,,. . , 1 V . ,.4,. e . . '-. .x , .. w V 4 , 9, .. K vw., ..x. 1, a 1' if .n ' in 1' 519 i. .V - .M af'- .3-,L AV-fu 'VP N-fl' 7 1 V . , . 4 f -f . lv, .4 . -ig. . . ,,- Q 4-W, f 'io iE5lH'! PAK: ' "L V ' ' I 'hE.!.'ii"E TAYLOR ALLDERDICE HIGH SCHOOL MR. J. D. NICCLYMONDS, Principal MR. ARTHUR THOMAS, Vice Principal X5B65Xk556?XkgB6?Xk5BG?vZk5B6PvZX5B6?Xk5B6PvZk5565vZX556PXk5B6FX XQQQSXXRQQSKXHPQSXKQQQSXZQQQSXXHPQSXXQPQSXXQQQSKXRQQSXXQQQSX Kke Jergice ,QV .r WZ 2 "bs ev" 4 .I VOLUME XX PUBLISHED jo1N'rLY uv THE SENIORS OF THE JANUARY AND JUNE CLASSES OF 1949 THE TAYLOR ALLDERDICE HIGH SCHGOL SHADY AND FORVVARD AVENUES PITTSBURGH, PA. k5B6?v2X5B63Xk5BGMk5B6PXk5B65Xk5b6PvZX5B65vKX5B65vWB6?XX5565K YQPGSXZQRQQSXXQDQSXXRPQSXZQRQQSXXHQQSXZQHQQSXXRPQSXZQRPQSXXRQQSX lr +3 N9 0 1 5,41 4 a I w 2?'fge, ' - , KV x v- -. w 4,., . . x. f" - ' HSI!--r :'fV-JJ "4-1711 nf 'km-U54 I C " Y V1 r , in 'gh -1,6 . , . . A f ' 1 , ' .1 La 4 ,f'. 353' K 2 , I F .n . ff' 1- -- Z f 9 ' iz .J ,J ir' Q f +I: ,if x 'zur I 1 . xgxlgf E ,1fg5,g,k fr 1 4 3 1 .,, 1 H2 '- v, ,f-. . 8 ?"?o.,y' 3 -.,, Mfg ' ,.4 ,Hu' : , If-1' "... -U, , rA " ' ' 3 . - -5-. . e,',' 5 715.1 -, G3-4 X5B6?Xk5B6?Xk5B6FXk?565X76g56?vWB6?vKXg56PvZX5565Xk5B69Xk5B6M FEQQSXFHQQSXZQHPQSXZQHPQSXZQQQQSXXQFQSXXQPQSXXHQQSXZQQPQSXYRQQSX v FOREWORD nce upon a tinie, there reigned a kind and rnighty king. This king had a golden orchard teeniing with trees that were over-laden with sweet- tasting and lofuely-looking fruits. This teeming orchard was cared for hy special gardeners who, year after year, wanted very inuch for the king's hundreds of subjects to conie and adniire these beautiful fruits and perhaps take a little of their heauty away with theni. This hook is the story of that king-our Allder- diceg those over-laden trees hearing the golden fruits-knowledgeg those special gardeners-our teachersg the king's subjects-we students. This is our story. Read and in the golden days to conie, renfteniher. Renieniher as a child reinernhers his fafuorite fairy tale. And niay this hafue for you that fairy tale's'safnie ending, an ending of eternal peace and heart's contentnient. Here sits our niighty king. His only conirnand is: "Know soniethingg do soinethingg and he something." 6 35Ihq-Q- ' IXYYIUTQ' S07lZUf!Zl'lIg K D0 S07llL?fhZ'lIg' GBC S07llCflll'lIg lSf55652'Z5'555655f755L5C?5'U65L565W55L5GJ5?YZ?65L56?5K'555L5 ZQQPQSXZQQQQSXZQQPQSSKZQQQQSXZQQQQSXZQQQQSXZQQPS DEDICATION erause of all slze lzas fonfribzilezl lo 4-Tllilerrlice, the graflualing flasses of January anil Jane, 1949, wislz fo ileilirale tlze Xlllflerflire Journal Io lWiss Elifzabeflz Wagenleneebt. Miss VVagenlenerlz1 bas renilereil niany oafszaniling serfoices zo Allilerflice anil zo ifs slaflenzs. Sbe lzas given anselfisbly of ber ziine anal energy fo pronioie ibe wel- fare o f :be sclzool. I n all slailents, anil especially in fbose wlzo liaise needed advice, bas slze sliocvn greaz' inferesf. Her anfiring enllzasiasnz in ber posilion as Direclor of .flffifcizies lzas inafle possible many progranzs benefirial lo all sziiilenfs. Slie bas been largely responsible for tlze refvifual of inferesl in llze Smilenf Connvil, for tbe vreafion of tlze Iainelzrooin anil Tutoring Slaffs, anil for lbe azlop- fion of X1 llfler1liee's war orpbans. ln lier faparify as ilirecfor of llze Class Play, slze lzas eoaflzefl a series of sufressfiil proflaetions Ilia! bafue broaglzl ilislinflion fo glllflerilire. For lbese anfl many ollzer acts of personal lfinflness, flie seniors are gralefal fo lWiss M7!1KQ'E7ZkUE6'fIl. 9 . .,,.,.,x..-N ..c.,.-TTA-K.-,-A-N-X-AN---X-as ' rv. anuary ournczl Staff EDITOR-IN-CHIEF 4 A 97 ? Frances Radosevich K 4' I H ! ASSISTANT EDITORS Norbert Weikers Wanda Richmond ASSOCIATE EDITORS Priscilla Barron Norton Freedel Margaret Haliko Richard Katz Phyllis Kohl Gloria Kwasser SECRETARY Velma Bloom A A - V A K :IV ii' , L nr .I A, 3 ll .r Q Dolores Pferdekamper Rose Somerman Gloria Prince Eleanor Stein john Stein S , , , ,av , ,- ,V of -Lf -Lf -U ':.f 1- -U -U -U -Q -L1-:Hu 'LJ ',L- 'Li ., H N.. N.. N., X.. ,, ... X., M W, M Sfgfxiexfefxfe s.,fe,fxfs.,fs.f!fx4E:e.fs.,fX,4xfv..fP,.'E!.!:.N.fifw.E I0 .,.Y,.VN.r.,-V-T-,,,-NA,-T ge---.-A----r-A-Ya 1.Ax-A-1--S..-Nare-e--X-X-N--Nb,--A---'aka f 1 . X .1 rfb . A 3 1 F 75.13 1? '- 5,1 :X'T?.f5.f'i7?. '75 fsnfs.fsms.fs.fs.f's.fs.11rn's.f-v.'a.f1:.fs.1s.f1N H718 EDITORS-IN-CHIEF U . Frances Aaron '- Y :,, Faeverner Beese .4 5 Alice Noble 7 SM17 BUSINESS MANAGERS ASSISTANT EDITORS Richard Crone David Rothman If 1 Olga DiNardo Virginia Freeman Lillian Kral Jane Elliott Edith Hamburger Patricia Miller ' ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGERS Lawrence Adler Arthur Herbst ASSOCIATE EDITORS I BUSINESS STAFF Maureen Blocksidge Claire Booher Fay Bortz Yetta Burke Barbara Domb Catherine Fedyszyn Diane Futterman Ruth Ann Isaacs Ruth Kirkpatrick Edna Moritz Rita Rubinoff Annabelle Sachs Michael Siviy Mary Ann Souyak Ethel Tannenbaum Norma Trust Dolores Wislosky Elaine Weinstein Lois Barkowitz Ronald Ecker Allan Reuben Earl Belle Ronald Lasday Murray Sachs David Cohen Thomas Litman Jack Weiss Il JOURNAL ART STAFF Arthur Armstrong Lois Rosenberg Gordon Meixner Lois Glazer Michael Siviy Joy Gendleberg Jay Garber Norma Trust Norma Dittner ,fp - , ..... Qraduation When the last class assignment is over, And the text books are all stored awayg When grades have been placed on report cards, ,And the final class check has been made We shall rest. And surely we'll need it, At least for an hour or two, 'Till the night of our own graduation, When we shall assemble anew. Then those who have passed shall be honored, They shall sit in a graduate's seat. They shall reap the rewards of their efforts In their various fields of pursuit. Some excelled in the field of athletics, Others in music or art. In seeking to develop their talents Each played his individual part. We owe to our faculty members And their supervisory staff, We owe to the heritage of ages, And the truth that lighted our path The privilege of our graduation With its values and honors conceived. Oh, may we add on to the future And contribute as we have received. IfVhen commencement ceremonies are over, And the last fond farewell has been said, W' e shall test our learning by living And our training as we move ahead. Remembering today is the present, Tomorrow a new day we form. Forever exalting our motto Something learned, something lived, something done. I3 W -yr-my-my - gg- vary- W--1'--up-gp-mmm---Q -1 --P Q Q- W , V Y x ,. v , ,u l .ll I I l f-N '11 37' . -, I K r 1' Here are the gardaners' of the domain. Tlwy mud the golden of knowledge with love and wich pare. And an ijlcgxpct fslfillmmftitbajk pm: king? .subjects to enjoy and to Y fu 2 M-was-wwwfu-'w4iSwuQQifimw1aaw1 4 114 ' f,.x, ff. ' 2 5 4 . s I' ,-,'L., .-Q .. ,fgu J , i " 5 PR L, ,gif gif: -,,!..'::.wg.-4 ' 'L " ' " , , '3' E? , 'V i ? '?S'f fAii'?.zI'...qx ' 3 ' f i- N '51 s' i - 1, Q Yr, 5 -gg , Z! "x-37 Y! SWF M f 'X F ' ' -" L 1 " Nw -, . H , .1 x f,,uTff':1ff'-7" , . - " f , -V Q. x g i X A I Y X Q an 11 it N K Elrclen j- I V1 I XXX X MQQQQX X lqk A .4 . 1 . , . 1 V ' a , :bl O .uv , 'DC' . Q , " I .U . a 1,I' " 1' -1 - ' u V tm I . ' ,. 5. - ., 1 A .- .1 , 1 'n E- I .W K . :E '.,r' . 4- ru .- 1 f WN r fy W N l F Ein I K Lxhi ,nm D LWES7 . f '- .v' ' n' .4 4 .' ,.' . 4' .- .Ep-IDE.-:hQq1'FW"..:...,., I ' .-' fu., fic , '-e 's' 'n .u o ,a- a .n' ',.' - . " 0" s 0' L -' -' . ' lmjjl .-' ,' . , Nfl. . . O' 1. 1' Q' ' a ,uf ." .',' , .... 'I 4- xxx .Q H. A Z. X..-N - ,V ' Hvxtx ,X -Mig I ' . 4 , -3:33 :.- ' U, - ,, A, '-'.-:gs -frm- ' I 4'- 4 o ,. ,o . ,. . ',. 1 .411 ' 4 Aa Q n.. l O. ' 0' ...' . ' U . sl T 1 P? 1 4' B m x fi 95, ' x Y 2 A' 'l'.:'o'oi Ag. 1 ,B ., . , f , A .' V H 1 , ,vm ' -V ., . ' " W rl 'F' . " . " :Q ' .'7-t-T' D... ,bi '.o VI!-NA 1..- .. ' as ' L 94 ...SL :' , I if ' .r . ' ,fi H., - in . .pf 1.5" UMM7 ,V ' 17 wr" vii' -- ,' " ' ' ' A ' ,ir fi' - Q3 -'P A ' ix D ' .Ki H wi' t 4 f' I , ' 1 -Y: . , . fm , N . I Vfffm 2 'ff' ' . - ' IMA. it fue ,lg 13' . YQf7Eli3?"f'5"-'21 A 3 .Q ' 14 4 ,41 ' -" '.r ' --lx, ' -1i7"', " J . fu ... ' T-' v . hx -H fx f Y 4 --1g..1ii M, ss-absAHHn.-...X-e.a.-be-.,.1,,..-.s.,.s.e.sre.s.s .s..s.,e ,E ,K ,V Qffifiiiiiiilvfrizfibii MR. ARTHUR THOMAS Vice Priiicipiil SMI? I70l'lIfI'0IIlIl CTOIIIISCIUI' Mr. .lohn Mcl,anghlin .1lrf1'z'1'fies Diwrfoz' Miss Elizabeth XVagenkneeht Cllirf Clerkgllliss lsahel T. Zinn C'1c'rk4Miss Lois E. Hill CIv1'ksMiss Florence Kozioziemski NIR. D. MCCLYMONDS Clerk-Mrs. Helen Miknla Principal Hook Clerk-Miss Josephine Guarino Fd6Nlfy rt Miss Catherine M. Eisanian. Miss Olivia Koenig, Miss jennie A. Norton, Miss Blanche Pantall Coimizieifcirzl Mr. Howard Barnes, Miss Helen Bartrim. Mrs. Helen Cznnpthell, Miss Florence E. Graham. Miss Margaret Hanrahan, Mr. John R. Melvin, Miss Katherine Skarinski, Miss Margaret l.. VVinch Eiiglirlz Miss Dorothy Albert, Miss Olive Bowlin, Mrs. Della A. Braun, Mr. George Evan. Miss Lois Grose. Miss Rose D. Hartz, Miss Helen M. Hillarcl, Miss Agnes Kerr. Miss Catherine A. Mellermott. Miss Nancy T. Moiitgoiiiery. Mrs. Elizabeth Porter, Miss Uiantha XV. Riddle, Mr. joseph C. Thompson. Miss Elizabeth Warticmcki' Foreigii Lcziigmiges Miss Dorothy Rerginan, Miss Mary Brennan, Miss Yetta T. Kamler, Miss Elizabeth XV. lilingensniith. Mr. C. T. Roller, Mrs. Myra Simpson, Miss Edna R. Todd History Miss Eleanor Bardsley, Miss Charlotte R. Beachler. Mr. Morris R. Beck, Mr. Sanniel Blitz, Mr. john R. Coyne. Miss I.. Esther Geist, Miss Grace F. Jessup. Miss Ann Kasnitz. Miss Bertha O. Mitchell, Dr. Anna M. Quattrocehi, Miss Cora C. Ross. Miss l.eila H. Rupp I1 oiiseliolii Ecoiioiliirfr Miss Charlotte E. Bailey, Miss Florence Bechtel. Mrs. Margaret N. Bush, Miss Betty Koester zlt1"Z'l..Yl'I' I0 GirI.r-Miss Alva K. Held Library Miss Harriet Alpert, Mrs. Mary Jane Jones, Mrs. Margaret H. MicMickle Jllathematics Mr. Edward Caye, Mr. George M. Phillips, Miss Alice L. Phipps, Mr. Ray R. Ralston, Mr. Walter Shively, Miss Edith May Starz, Mr. Robert C. Trumbull, Miss Ethel F. Turner, Dr. Wesley Wagner Jllanual Training Mr. Ralph Engelmeier, Mr. A. L. Gautsch, Mr. Herbert A. Lewis, Mr. Ercoe Liberator, Mr. Alex Seigal, Mr. August K. Winterling eMusic Mr. Roy F. Dietz, Mrs. Dorothy Jean Meyer, Miss Emma Steiner, Miss Laura E. Zeigler Physical Education Miss Mary Allshouse, Mr. Robert W. Irvin, Mr. John H. Irwin, Miss Esther M. Long, Miss Margaret Mercer, Mr. Joseph Sarcone, Mrs. Katharyn Hazlett Simms, Mr. Ernest Slessinger, Mr. Claude W. Sofield Science Mr. Lon H. Col'born, Mr. Thomas Davies, Mr. R. J. Hackett, Miss Jane S. Johnston. Miss jane McCandless, Mr. J. T. Shriner, Mrs. Mae Weber Smith "' Leave of Absence Dietitian Custodian Miss Dorothy V. Bruner Mr. Charles E. Dietz Speech Hall Supervisors Mrs. Irene K. Bain Miss Edna K. Bezler Mrs. Ethel Hynes Swimming Matron Mrs. Bella jones School Doclcnf Nicholas Chasler, M.D. Mrs. Ellen Swift, Nurse Here are ilu Huff Julvjects. They come from all the comer: of his kingdom to bak in the wisdom and the wwmtla of his radiant garden. IU-'84 -.Q . A , 3 h1 W Ubjecfs MO r N- "E .. ' 'T 51: ff' L" in MH - x 1. na f n .' . 17 - A. .- 'SRM .Mp 4 1 n 1 1 w , kj , . , .. 5 - A be . ' .Q-f 4 :. .4-1 r 'B' if 5' e 5 7 , '. C V . ' x 'E 7? 1 . 1. J K '- A K x Q - X A K M w Q KJ A N , f . f :X 4 ' A' afxi ' f ., 3 , x S., N X , ., I ",. F 45' X 1 ' . K X 'E S H ' n' N ' ' x 3 1 I 'S 5 - ,z-'13 'Q' fi.. . .- , -. ,, , vi.-af ij lf? ' 't ' ' Af- . .N ---- . , , ,I-1: ,5 - A , Y- ..y1f,..-- ,S N ' .'.,, ., Q.,-vg,,. ,W 4,5 .f -1 7, .fl-:'.1,M,-1 , N- l ,Ai-,,. . ,r vi .- I , Ili l ,, , , ., ,W ,A ,., A , gg . A :- 9- I ,, ' ' ., F7-' '- if 'Z Q' -'4- -,-:N Q -X. .' - uri- , 21 ' .uj- ' ,. ' f f , - V, VL. .. -- ' - ,, g . , 4-,, mfg j 4 .1 ' .1 ' -A '4 1-:. . 3 :aww - ,ff 51-v , ., -' ----,e , , .. -r: V ' "' ' I r 4 ' -1 .19-'j, ,fe ,. ., '.,-4.3 -H234 '7 4 ,, gi ,ww ' , ' ' ,. ' - ' '14 -1 1, , Q I 1' ,J . . f 1' an ff Wy- .A ' ' 1- ' ' ,. 1- ,W-,m.,jIo T. , I ,. 1. - Q: ,ff-. - .V - 'Q ' in A 3 - 51.3.1-, . ,',u. -. I ' iv: LH? 'f ' ra-"1 ,mr f.,: A m .. ' , . - - I .. H . 7 '53-V .-:A ,, V.. .I -Q - ,T . L. Q-.35 If JH- ' ,- 4 .S Eff., JL' ' nf. 'A ' , ' .l-.'l:.,g" - ' A N-1 jgr ,vii --,lm ,Gb ,, 4,,"g'.g.1'u-' ' ' u 5. - '. ' , gm .E-Sf" lf' " ' E' .II ig :Z ,z- 5,41 ,g 91,5-. , , x, ii A? Q ., , . JF. L . - ' - F- 3-2: 1,,,-'g- I J ., -. :vw l!! ' 4? -' -f-I . A, sl , .gf . hgh: 9 1 1 - 'A lic C ,yi .gf' 'U AFH , 1: 1 ' 6 'Q' . LEO Z. ALMANAHonor Student: Homeroom Treasurer. IZA, 12B: Homeroom President, 1lA: Class Day Committee: Bands A, B. C. D: Orchestra A: Marching Band: All City Orchestra: All City Band: Intramural Basketball SUSAN ALMAN-Corridor Staff: Orchestra A: Modern Dance Accomtpanist: Fashion Show Accompanist: Organist for Modern Dance Program: Orchestra Concerts: Organist for Modern Dance Program at Bellefield School PHYLLIS ALPERN-Lunchroom Staff: Hall Staff: Future Teach- ers of America Club: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Senior Leaders: Routine Leader: Chorus C, E: Volley Ball '46, '47: Basketball '47 DORIS ELAINE ATKINSON-Honor Student: Hall Staff: Special Dance: M. M. M,: Group A Christmas Program, 19452 Microscope Club: Class Day Committee: Future Teachers of America Club GEORGE BALTIC-Hall Staff: Class Day Committeelnlunior Hi-Y: Intramural Basketball, 1947: Attended Carnegie Music Hall Lectures: Diversion-Reading DOROTHY BANDOLAfTransferred from Gladstone: Basketball '48: Interested in Baseball: Class Secretary-9B, l0B: Electives- Foods, Sewing PRISCILLA BARRON-High Honor Student: Foreword Staff: journal Staff: Prom Committee: Achievement Train Committee: Student Council Representative, 9A: Microscope Club: Junior Lead ers: Schaeffer Ball: Athletic Letter, 9th grade: Latin Club ALBERT L. BARSKY-Class Day Committee: Camera Club: Bands A, B, C, D: All City Band EDWARD BARTOLOMEO--Intramural Basketball '47: Special Shop: Favorite Sport-Football: Entered 11B from Gladstone: President 9A Class: junior National Honor Society: Soccer, 10th Grade BARBARA LYNN BELLfClass Day Committee: Hall Staff: Basketball '48: Volley Ball '-13: Mushball '-48: Entered 11B from Gladstone: School Reporter, Gladstone VELMA J. BLOOM-Secretary, 8B-206: journal Staff: Service Club: Foreword Staff: Bulletin Staff: Orchestra E. D: Gym Leader '47: Orchestra Program '45: Gregg Shorthand Awards NORMAN L. BRAUN-Young Magicians Club: Short VVave Club: Camera Club: Intramural Basketball '46, '47: Electric Shofp Projects .U .U .U .U .. .U .U .L, .U .U in .UI-.v .U .U ,AJ .Q L, .U .U .U .U .QZU .U .1 N-fr.4e,,s:s4c., s.,fs.,fx-rt., 242521, x..fs:P.,'s.,fs:s.-fs:s,,fs,,fs.,fe., X., N., S.. N.. X., V, C, I 9 4 9 3 "3'43'N'?.??.i3 .'N'fS.'N'Ti."f'?.'NT1T.'N'7S?5:."A LOIS BROWN-President of 11B Homeroom: Ambition-Mode-l: jewelry Projects: Entered from Fifth Avenue High School MARY ELLEN CANTLE-Basket-ball '46, '47, '-48: Volley Ball '46, '47, '48: Swimming Contest '-18: Hockey '48: Sewing Projects: Prime Interest-Sports 5 l Z FREDA CAPLAN-Service Club: Foreword Staff: Entered from Schenley in 1lA: Hobby-Needlework PATTY CAUFFIELD-High Honor: Homeroom Vi-ce President: Microscope Club-Corresponding Secretary: Servi-ce Club: Bulletin Staff: Hal-l Staff: Chorus A, B, C, E: Chorale: junior Leaders- President in 9th Grade' Senior leaders: Volle Ball '47 Graduation , - Y S Usher: Chorus A Programs: School of the Air Program-llA JOHN CHESTER-Football Cluib: Football '47: Intramural Bas- ketball '46, '47: 453 Club: Special Shop Projects: Favorite Diver- sion-Hunting DEWEY ARTHUR CHILLCOTT-Band A, B: Intramural Basket- ball '47: Band Concert Programs: Entered 11B from Gladstone' Class Treasurer, 7B: Class President, SB: Class Treasurer, 9B- Special Interest-Music JOHN COBURN-Student Council, llA: Hall Staff: Lunch Room Staff: Stage Crew: Entered from Peabody in IOA: Peabody Motor Traffic Club, Stage Crew ALEX COHEN-Chorus B, C, D: School Sing '46, '48: Favorite Sport-Baseball CYNTHIA COHEN-Library Club. 9th Grade: Band D: Hockey. IZA: Basketball. l2A: Y-Teens, IZA: Life Saving: Young Magi- cians Clufb FAYE S. COHEN-Homeroom Secretary, 9B: junior Leaders: Class Leader: Camera Club: Schaeffer Ball, Sth Grade: Favorite Diversion-Dancing: Favorite Sport-Swimming LAWRENCE DAVID COOPERMAN-Honor Student: Lunch Room Staff: Prom Committee: Homeroom Class Day Committee: Senior Discussion Club: Camera Club: Senior Science Club: Chair- man, Prom Printing Committee: Band D, C, B, A: Town Meeting of the Air MICHAEL L. CUTONE-Special Shop Projects: 453 Clurb: Favorite Sport-Baselball: Ambition-Construction Engineering 21 C' 'LJ 'Lf -L1 1- ',a.- 'L,-,-e- 'ev 'S - et 'ev -ev -e- aefii 71,1-if -L--Q -et 'a-'L- -L- -eve- ELIZABETH DERKACH-Honor Student, Class Treasurer 11A, IZBQ Jewelry Exhibitiong Jewelry Demonstrator at Arts and Crafts Center, National Scholastic Exhibit, Intramural Mushball '48 MAYER A. DeROY-Homeroom Treasurer-9Bg Hall Patrol, llth and 12th Grades, Book Room Staff, 10th Gradeg Favorite Sport- Baseball ANGELINE DiGIORGIOfEntered from Gladstoneg Class Trea- surer, 10Bg Class Vice President, IUAQ Volley Ball-9th, 10th Grades, Basketball-l0Ag Ambition-Secretarial Work LUCY DiGIORGIO-Honor Student, Homeroom President IZA, Student Council, Basketball '40, ,475 Entered IIB from Gladstone, 10A Class President, Special Interest--Secretarial Work JEAN A. DUSHAW-Sen-ior Y-Teens Publicity Committee, Bas- ketball '47, '48, Entered 11B from Holy Rosary High School, Am- bition-4Private Secretary DENNIS ALBERT DZURA-Stage Crew IZA, Student Council 11B, 1lAg Intramural Basketball, Special Shop Project, Favorite Sport-Football SARALEE EISNER-High Honor Student: French Club Secre- tary, Orchestras A, B, C5 Piano Soloistg Modern Dance, Harmony I and II, String Ensemble, Concertmistress of Cello Section in Orchestra Ag Orchestra Concerts, Accompanist for Band Soloists FRANK DOMINIC ESPOSITO-Distributive Education: Short Wave Clurbg Electric Shop Projects, Hobby-Radio VVorkg Favorite C, Sport-Hunting HARRY C. FENNELL-Winner of Second Prize in Humane So- ciety Poster Contest, Sth Grade: Stage Crewg Microscope Club, President, Treasurerg Track Team '48, Homeroom President, 12A JOHN CHARLES FLACCUS-Bands A, B, C, D, Eg Marching Bandg Diversion-Playing Trumpet, Wood Shop Projevctsg Favorite Sport-Swimming VIOLET FLICKNER-Hall Patrolg Chorus Ag Junior Leadersg "Junior Miss of 1948"g Diversion-Reading, Enjoys-Music, Am- bition-Secretarial Work NORTON J. FREEDEL-High Honor Studentg Homeroom Vice President, 12Ag Class Day Committeeg Achievement Train Com- mitteeg Journal Staff, Foreword Staff: Lunch Room Staffg Dra- matic Englishg Senior Playg Bands C, D, Eg Foreign Broadcastingg Honorable Mention, Hearst History Contest, American Legion Award ROBERT GALAYDA-Iintered Allderdice in 11B from Gladstone, X Diversion-Sports and Music, XVOOCISIIOIJ Projects, Favorite Sport -Baseball GEORGE GODFREY-Allderdice Football Club--IZB, Football '47, '48, Track '48, Favorite Sport-Boxing, Woodshop Projects, Entered IIB from Gladstone, Soccer '47 JAMES GOODMAN-Bands B, C, D, Dramatic English, Class Play Cast PAUL VICTOR GOODWORTH-Homeroom President, IIA, Homeroom Vice Pres-ident, 9A, Choir C, Special Shop Projects, Favorite Diversion-Bowling BERNARD GOTTLIEB-Homeroom President IZA. IIB, IOA, Homeroom Vice President llA, IUB, Prom Committee, Lunch Room Staff, Ushering Staff, Chess Club, German Club, Or- chestra C, German Club Program DANIEL J. GREENSPAN-Homeroom Vice President, 9th Grade, Homeroom Secretary 8B, Football, Band E, Football Manager '45, Intramural Basketball '46, Favorite Sport-Boxing, Shop Projects JOSEPH EDWARD GREZMAK-Homeroom Vice President, l0A, Stage Crew IZB, IZA, Co-Captain, Student Council, IOA, Intra- mural Basketball MARGARET HALIKO-Honor Student, Journal Staff, M. M. M., Foreword Representative, Chorus B. C, E, Usher, Chorus B Pro- gram, Certificate of Recognition, Diversions-Music, Sewing, En- tered 9B from Greenfield, Ambition-Secretarial Work MARIANNE HALLE-Honor Student, Homeroom Treasurer IZA: Prom Committee, Lunchroom Staff, Microscope Club, Senior Dis- cussion Club, Basketball '46, Red Cross Committee cation, Diversions-Swimming, Collecting Records cial Chorus, Class Day Committee, Ambition-Nurse SAM HEINZ-Chorus A, B, C, Male Chorus, All City Chorus: Spring Festival Program, Track Team '46, '47, Ambition-Mining Engineer L-'cwe--v'v'Lw:.1-L--- -c--:,,-L.-L.-- -ctw -L,-L.-LNL.-L.-L,-L.-L,'L.'L. W. , VK.eS.-fX-.:S..'E,-fE-.fb..'Nl'-2E:S,.'x-:P,,'i1'.fS,'.'sfE'fs,,fXqfN.fX:f,E.-fS..'E:Ef'e..'es.,'S,-fe, LILLIAN LOVE HANAIEFF-Volley Ball '45, Distributive Edu- HILDA V. HAYES-Volley Ball '47, Modern Dance Soloist, Spe- JR . HOWARD HUNTER-Chorus C: Intramural Basketball '-17: W'ood Shop Projects RUSSELL JONES-Band B: Track '48: Varsity Letter for Track: Entered IIB from Gladstone: Homeroom Treasurer, 9A HELEN J. JOSEPH-High Honor Student: Class Day Committee: Achievement Train Committeeg Foreword Staff: Hockey '48: Basket- ball '48: American Legion Award EMIL J. KAPALO-Honor Student: Homeroom Vice President IIB: jewelry Projectsg Entered IIB from Gladstone: National junior Honor Society, Student Court: D. A. R. History Award RICHARD ERWIN KATZ-Prom Committee: Ushers Staff: jour- nal Staff: Bulletin Staff: Lunch Room Staff: Chess Club: Micro- scope Club: German Club: Orchestra B: Intramural Basketball '46, '47 JACQUELINE KAUFMAN-Honor Student: Student Council: Prom Committee: Dramatic English: Special Dance: Foreword Representative: Usher: Handbook Committee: Shorthand Certi- ficate ANNA L. KAZAR-Honor Student: Homeroom President IZA: Homeroom Vice President, Treasurer IIA: jewelry Exhibition: Art Demonstration at Art Center: National Scholastic Exhilhit '4S: Volley Ball '47: Basketball '46, '4S: Mushball '48 NORMA KELCH-Foreword Representative 9A, IOB: Homeroom President 9A, IOBQ Fashion Show: Basketball '46, '48: Volley Cf Ball '47 LILA MAE KERN-Chorus E: Volley Ball '47: Favorite Sport- Baseball: Participant in Spring Festival IRIS KIMBALL-Young Magicians Club: Junior Discussion Club: Orchestra A, B, C, D: Woodwind Quintet: Modern Dance: Junior Leaders: Basketball '47, '4S: Volley Ball '47, '48: Schaeffer Ball '45, '46 RAYMOND KLEPPICK-Entered IZB from Central Catholic High School: Hobby-Radio: Favorite Sport-Hockey: Ambition-Radio and Television Work PHYLLIS E. KOHL-High Honor Student: Foreword Staff: jour- nal Staff: Foreword Representative IOA, IIB: Class Day Com- mittee: Achievement Train Committee: Y-Teen Clulb: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Orchestra B, C, D 'sr-f's.Qf's.Qf's1:f'41-'sc-2'sfz 'isa-'Q-Ji 'sa-'sa'-fa sa :Q'se'se'4:f'4:ff'Vi 'ir-.ksivi 'iififf ff S2 X2-2 Y? Q BARBARA ELLEN KRAUSE-Honor Student: Homeroom Secre- tary, SA: Vice-President IUA: Class Day Committee: Chorus A, B, D: Chorale '47: Modern Dance: Class Leader: Sang for French Club JOSEPH W. KUNDRATSI-Iomeroom Vice-President, 9.4: Secre- 1 tary, IUA: I.atin Tutor: Orchestra C: All City Orchestra '44: Scho- lastic Art Award: Kaufman Key Award: A. A. A. Poster Award: Ilrotherhood VVQ-ek .Nward GLORIA ELLEN KWASSER-journal Staff: Stage Crew: Radio Broadcast: Library Club: Class Day Committee: Typewriting Ex- hibition MARY ANN LARIMER-Honor Student: Homeroom Secretary: Treasurer 1.23: Bulletin Staff: Service Club: M. M. M.: Swimming '48: Volley Ball '47: Shorthand Award NETTA LEVINSON--Homeroom Secretary IOA: Dramatic Eng- lish: Class Play Cast: Modern Dance: Lunchroom Staff: Chorus A, B, C, E: Chorale: Volley Ball: Peace Day Award of Merit FLORENCE S. LEVY-Foreword Representative IIA-IZA: Hall Staff: Orchestra E: Class Day Committee HERBERT Y. LINN-Track Team '40: Bands A, B, C, IJ, E: Favorite Sport-Hockey: Ambition-Auto Mechanic GEORGE EDWARD LOPATA-Captain of Stage Crew: Football Club '48: Football '48: Intramural Basketball: Special Shop Projects ANGUS MCDONALD-Hall Staff: Stage Crew: Class Play Set tics Projects ANITA MAKRAUER-High Honor Student: Homeroom Vice President, Sth Grade: Dramatic English: Student Director of Class Play: Property Conunittee: French Club: Service Cluib: All City Chorus '44, '4S: Volley Ball '44, '46: Basketball '40, '47, '-18: Schaeffer Ball '4-1: Mushball '47, '48 MELVIN MALITOVSKY--High Honor Student: Homeroom Vice . President IZB: Chess Club: Football Club: Football '46, '47, '-48: Intramural Basketball '47, '48 SIDNEY MELVIN MARCUS-Microscope Club: Intramural Bas- ketball '47: Lunch Room Staff: Hall Staff Construction: Track '47, '-18: Intramural Basketball: Special Plas- MARY McNALLY-Homeroom May Queen, .l2B, Certificate of Merit, Kaufmanxfs Art Exhibit, IOA, Art Projects OLGA MICHALESON-Life Saving Class, Lunchroom Cashier. Volley Ball, Modern Dance: Fashion Show, Modern Dance Pro- gram, Entered from Gladstone, 11B CLAIRE LOUISE MILES-Honor Student, Foreword Representa- tive, German Club, Entered from Gladstone, llB, Service Club, IOA, Ambition-Nursing CHARLENE AUDREY MILLER-Senior Leaders, Y-Teens, Or- chestras A, B, C, Volley Ball '45, '40, '47, Basketball. '46, '47, '48, Schaeffer B311 '44, '453 Hockey '46, '47, '48, Placed in Swimming Meet, Mushlball '46, '47 -e--U-ef-S C- .J S C, C. - c wvx-Wwwwvwvwvwgvggwgg , SANFORD MASSOF-Camera Clulb, Football Club llth, 12th Grades, Football '47, '48, Intramural Basketball, Ho'bby-Photog- raphy, Electric Shop Projects PETER MASTASCUSA-Stage Crew, History Award, SA, Gregg Shorthand Certificate, Transcription Certificate, Favorite Sport- Basketball STEPHEN V. MATISZ-Entered 11B from Gladstone, Class Treasurer, 9B, Class Librarian, SA, Woodshop Projects, Favorite Diversion-Hunting GRIFFITH C. MATTHEWS-Honor Student, Secretary 12A Class, Homeroom President, Co-chairman Class Day Committee, Hi-Y, Chorus A, Football '46, '47, '48, Track '47, '48 PAUL H. MAZEROV-Homeroom Vice President, SA, Class Day Committee, Varsity Club, Dramatic English, Class Play Cast, Orchestra C, D, Gymnastic Team '45, Swimming Team '45, '46, Track Team '47, '48, Varsity Letters JAMES E. MCCAFFREY-Homeroom President, IZB, Homeroom Vice President, l0B, Hi-1C Club, Track Team '48, Intramural Basketball, Woodshop Projects WILLA MCCLESTER-M. M. M., President, Corridor Staff, Volley Ball '47, '48, Basketball '47, Certificate of Recognition iWork in Medical Roomj, Entered from Gladstone, 11B SAVELLA SALLIE MCELRONE-Distributive Education, Fore- word Representative, Homeroom President, IZA, Modern Dance, M. M. M., Vice President, Lunch Check Cashier l vedxdgvexfefggyefwm-L..--V.-Ms-X--4 e- , HELENE RHODA MINTZ-Service Club.,-Bulletin Staff, Gyln l.eader, 7A, Gregg Shorthand Award, Ambition-Accounting RUSSELL MITCHELL-Stage Crew, Citticenship Awardl 8A, Gregg Shorthand Award, Gregg Typing Certificate, Favorite Sports --Baseball, Football MARY MARGARET MOHRBACH-Horneroom Treasurer, Fash- ion Show 9th, 10th Grades, Mushfball '47, Basketball '48, Ambition -Bookkeeper LOIS E. MONTGOMERY-Achievement Comrnittee., Fashion Show, Sewing Projects, Diversion-Light Opera, Favorite Sport- Volley Ball LA VERN E. MORSAINT-Favorite SubjectHCookingZ Diversion -Swimming, Entered from Hays Public School RUTH H. MOSS-Voice Group A. B, C, Special Dance, Inter- national Broadcasting JAMES MUSSMAN-Intramural Basketball '46, '47, '48, Volley Ball '47, '48, English Class Play '45, Homeroom Secretary, 9B, Football Team Manager '45 SHIRLEY LEE NOBLE--Senior Leaders, President in IZA, Social Chairman in IZB, Y-Teens, Social Chairman, Allderclice Bowling League, Orchestras A, B, C, D, Volley Ball '40, '47, '48, Basketball '47, '48, Hockey '47, Mushball '46, '47, '48 .Q .U . SHIRLEY OPDYKE-Homeroom Vice-President. IZA, Volley Ball junior Scholastic Medal, Library Club, lOth Grade MITCHELL D. OSTWIND-Assistant School Treasurer, IOA, Dramatic English, Class Play Cast, Green Key, C-horus A, B, C, Male Chorus, Risers Committee, Special Ensem-ble, Foreign Broad- casting LOUIS PARIKAKIS-Distributive Education, Green Key, Hall Staff, Homeroom Vice President, Favorite Sport-Basketball PHYLLIS PARKHURST-Basketball '48, Sewing Projects, Fash- ion Show, Diversion-Roller Skating, Ambition-Private Secretary Lf-erzu'u-L-'v'L--L'-eva-'pep C- , 'cf'Lf'L,--- 'L--1,--uf' -L--,H -L,-Lv, V. , S..f:fs..N-J. sfx-J. Y. Sf. V. Ezfv. v't..s:Y. e.,fx.-fx-J. YS,'s..'s..'x.-fS,'fEf.m:E':eres,,fe,fe,' IIB, Entered in IIB from Gladstone, Orchestra, 7th and Sth Grades, Q RICHARD PARKHURST-Special Shop Projects: Diversion- Hockey: Favorite Sport-Baseball: Entered from Mifflin School CORRINE D. PELGER-Homeroom Secretary. IZA: Homeroom President, l0B: Student Council: Foreword Representative: Tutor- ing Project: Volley Ball '-18: Basketball: Hockey '48: Fashion Shows MERYL R. PERELSTINE-HHigl1 Honor Student: Homeroom Sec- retary llB, IOB: Dramatic English: Class Play: Junior Leaders: Senior Leaders: Foreword Representative: Tutoring Project: Radio Broadcast: Spring Festival: Class Day Committee DOLORES L. PFERDEKAMPER-Honor Student: Homeroom President IZA: Vice President l2B: Journal Staff: Future Teachers of America Clulb: Y-Teens: Foreword Representative: 214 Activi' ties Staff: Orchestras A, B, C: Gregg Shorthand Award MARY RUTH PFLAUM-Homeroom Secretary IZA: Homeroom President llB, llA, lZB: Class Day Committee: Library Club: Service Club: Camera Club: Bulletin Staff: Chorus I, HI: Volley Ball '47: Graduation Usher '48: Gregg Shorthand Award: Honor RHODA JOY PHILLIPS-Hall Staff: Foreword Representative: Student Council: Graduation Usher: Dramatic English: Class Play: Homeroom Vice President: Junior Leaders: VVorld Broadcasters: Gregg Speed Test MARY LOU POWELL-Gregg Shorthand Award: Draft Board Registration: Grading Counselor's Test: Bulletin Staff: Service Clwb: M. M. M.: Hall Staff: Mushball '47, '48: Volley Ball '47: Basketball '46, '47 GLORIA JUNE PRINCE-High Honor: Student Treasurer lZA: President of Homeroom 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th Grades: Prom Com- mittee: Journal Staff: Student Council Social Committee: Student Council Vice President and President: Junior Leaders: Special Dance: Modern Dance: International Broadcasters: Chorus I, III: Modern Dance Program: Community Chest Program: American Legion Award: Spelling Award ELIZABETH JANE PRITCHARD-Y-Teens: Homeroom Secre- tary IZA: Chorus A. B, C, D: All City Chorus 1946: Sewing Coun- cil: Fashion Show FRANCES RADOSEVICH-High Honor Student: Vice President. Homeroom, llA: Class Day Committee: Achievement Train 'Com- mittee: Journal Staff: Foreword Staff, Editor-in-Chief: History Contest Award: D. A. R. Award for History: American Legion Award: Unselfish Service Award 5.45: WANDA JUNE RICHMOND-Honor Student: Homeroom Presi- dent, 9A-IUA: Student Council Representative: Prom Committee: Journal Staff: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Microscope Clulb: Senior Discussion Club: Student Council, Social Committee. Problems Committee Chairman. Constitution Committee Chairman: International Broadcasters: May Queen, 304 SIDNEY ROBERTS--Senior Lifesavings: Standard First Aid: Entered from Brooklyn High School, IZB: Ambition to Become a S it Physical Instructor cc-.- . l RONA SUE ROBINSONA-Social Committee, IOB: Dramatic Eng- lish Class: History Lectures, IIA: Favorite Diversions-Movies. Radio, Dancing, Baseball: Favorite School Subject-jc'welry BETTY ANN ROLF-Honor Student: Homeroom Secretary, IZA: Dramatic English Class: Class Play Cast: Modern Dance: Y-Teens. Program Chairman: M. M. M.: Harmony I, II FRANCES M. ROSEN-Hall Patrol: Dramatic English: Library Club: Foreword Representative: Red Cross: Graduation Usher: Favorite Sport-Swimming: Hobbies-Knitting, Collecting Records HERBERT JOSEPH ROSENZWEIG-Homeroom President, 9B- IIB: Radio Broadcast, l1A: Green Key: Dramatic English Class: Class Play Cast: Prom Committee: Orchestras B, C, D: Cheer- leader '47-'-48: Swimming Team '43-'-10: Track Team '46-'48: Var- sity Letters ERMA ROSSI-Orchestras AX. B. C: Future Teachers of America Club: Basketball '-48: Favorite Sport-Bowling: Favorite Pastime- Dancing: Entered from Saint Rosalia's High School REGINA ROZBARIL EDWARD RUBEN-Elective Class: Mechanical Drawing: Favorite Sport-Baseball: Entered from Linden School IRIS GERTRUDE RUBENSTEIN-Honor Student: Camera Club: Lunchroom Staff: Voice Groups C, E: Foreword Representative: I yping Award RICHARD I. RUBENSTEIN-Orchestra A: Harmony I, II: Wood- wind Quintet: Woodwind Quintet Concert at Regent Square: Or- chestra Concert: Entered from Schenley in ll.-X: Youth Symphony FRANK WILLIAM RUSH-Hall Patrol IZB: jewelry Projects: Entered 1lB from Gladstone junior High: Art Projects JANET PHYLLIS SADLER-Student Council Social Committee: Hall Staff: Ushers: Dramatic English: Class Play: Prom Com- mittee: Chorus A, C, D: Home Room Class Day Committee MARILYN SAMOWITZ-Hockey '47, '-13: Volley Ball '47, '-132 Red Cross Project: Secretary Homeroom '-17: Entered from Brad- dock High School in IIB .Q :,T.g,.L,?,.grimy.5'.L,:i1'qT -,.L,.L..L,!., . A .- A A A - A A A A s.PRs.f2v.f-rear.-'2:.2v.fs.fsr.fsa .asm .2-s.fA.fs2.fsa .Aim .2-in .cafe .Psa 6 71 Z 0 JORDAN SCHLESSEL-Homeroom Class Day Committee: Chess Club, Green Key, World Broadcasters, Bands A, B, C, Football '45, '46, '47, Basketball '46, '47 PHYLLIS KAY SCHUETZMAN-Foreword Representative, 7B- 7A, Homeroom Treasurer, SB-SA, Class Day Committee, History Lectures, 1lA, Jewelry Ex-hibition MARGARET MAE SCHULTZ-German Club, Special Dance '46, Softiball '47, Hockey '47, Volley Ball '48, Swimming Meet '48 WALTER L. SCHWER-Hall Staff, Ambition - Professional Piano Player, Hob'by-Wood-iwork, Favorite Sports-Baseball and Basketball, Entered from Holy Rosary School DOROTHY SEGAL-Student Fecleralists, Treasurer, 12B-12A, German Club, Homeroom Treasurer IZB, Library Club, Senior Discussion Clulb, 'Chess Club: Dramatic English, Cast and Stage Crew, Spelling Contest SA, Chorus A, B, Homeroom Class Day Committee JOSIAH SEGAL-Hall Staff, 'Class Day Committee: Chess Club, Camera Club, Band A, B, C, D, Marching Band, All City Band LORA MARJORIE SEIBERT-Homeroom Secretary, IZA, Trea- surer l1B-l1A, P. T. A., Bands A, B, C. D, Chorus A, B, C, D, Hockey '47, '48, Basketball '46, '47, '48, Shaeffer Ball '47, Sewing Coun-cil, Homeroom Class Day Committee MARGOT B. SELIG-Honor Student, Student Council 11B-12A: Senior Discussion Club, Student Federalists, German Club, Presi- dent 1lA-12B, Ushers Club, Dramatic English, Class Play Cast, Prop Committee, Stage Crew, German Play, llA, Fashion Shows SANFORD DAVID SHANBLATT-Vice President, 12A Class, High Honor Student, Homeroom President-9B, 9A, l0B, Home- room Vice President-11B, 1lA, Student Council-9A, Co-chairman of Class Day Committee, Microscope Club, German Clulb-Vice President, German Play, Orchestra A, Senior All City High School Orchestra CAROL JEANNE SHOMBERT-Homeroom Class Day Com- mittee, Chorus A, Chorale INA SILVERMAN-Homeroom Treasurer-8th Grade, Life Sav- ing, Volley Ball '47, Lectures for Sociology-'48, War Stamps Committee-Sth Grade, Diversions-Dancing, Movies, Reading, Favorite Sport-Swimming PI-IYLLIS SILVERMAN-Honor Student, Modern Dance, Presi- dent, Dramatic English, Class Play Cast, Class Day Committee: World Broadcasting Club, Chorus A, C, Volley Ball-'48, Diver- sions-Dancing, Music, Sports 'eu 'rfb' 'N-P, '4r?.'s-18, 'i:4s-fi. 'S-fltl 'sS2'!? siifb-9. 'itiffsfi' lfii SEMA SILVERMAN-Honor Student: German Club: Chorus A, B, C, E: Chorale: Special Ensemble: Diversions-Singing, Sports, Dancing: Favorite Sport-Baseball Games STANFORD DANIEL SIMON-Stage Crew: Prom Committee: German Club: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Orchestra A, B: All City Orchestra BERNARD SINGER-Chorus A. B, C, D: Male Chorus, IZB: Syria Mosque Program, 1948: Carnegie Hall Program, 1948: Choir Auditorium Programs: Intramural Volley Ball, IZB: Class Day Committee MAXINE SISSMAN-Homeroom Vice President, llth Grade: Serv- ice Club: Foreword Staff: Bulletin Staff: Gym Leader: Library Club: Amlbition-Private Secretary ROSE SOMERMAN-Hall Staff: Journal Staff: Choir A. B, C. E: Chorale: Special Voice Ensemble: Class Day Committee ELEANOR STEIN-Honor Student: Student Council Representa- tive, IZB, IZA: Hall Staff: Lunchroom S-taff: Ushers Club: Inter- mediate Discussion Club: F. T. A.: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Journal Staff JOHN ARTHUR STEIN-Honor Student: Class Day Committee: Journal Staff: Senior Science Club: World Broadcasters: Camera Club: Vice President IZA: Senior Discussion Club: Junior Town Meeting: Bands A. B, C, D: Marching Band: VVoodwind Trio: All City Band '45, '48: Syria Mosque Band Program ARLENE HOPE STEINBERG-German Club: Chorus B, C: Or- chestra E, C: Harmony I. II: Favorite Diversion-Singing GERALDINE U. STEMPIN-Homeroom President 10A: Secretary 11B: Treasurer 11A: Chorus A. C, D: History Award 8A FRANCES MARILYN SUBIN-Class Day Committee: VV0rld Broadcasters: Favorites-Horseback Riding and South American Music: Entered Allderdice in 10A from VVestern High School, Baltimore, Maryland ARLENE SUKOLSKY-Honor Student: Service Club: Bulletin Staff: Homeroom Treasurer 12.-X: International Peace Day Cer- tificate of Merit: Gregg Word Award: Draft Board Registration: Grading Counselor's Test: Volley Ball '47: Mushball '47, '48 HARRIETT TALENS-Hall Staff: Camera Club: M. M. M.. Publicity Chairman: Special Dance: Favorite Sport-Swimming: Counselor at Deer Creek: Favorite Diversion-Column Writing L' 'Lf 'Q-av 'U kv,xL1,'U xi-','U xv,1lyi-5x.,L' 'e','e5eL'Q,k.,l' 'L' 'eyes-'eQ'e,' E:!-.fC.!:.'E:....e.,!:.f..!:C..-..,s....- a,,e..-..s.,s.,!fC.s..s..-.s.,x.,x..s..C.e.,. .JW . ANNA MAE TITMUS-Homeroom Vice President, IZA: Senior Y-Teens: Chorus A, B: Special Dance: Special Dance Program at Foster Memorial Hall, Future Teachers of America Club MARVIN TWERSKY-Homeroom Vice President, IZB: German Club: Magicians Club Program, 7B: Favorites-Swimming, Sym- phony Concerts-Ambition-Bacteriologist MARY ELLEN WAGNER-Orchestra A, B: French Club: Senior Leaders, Vice President. Treasurer: Hockey '47, '48: Volley Ball '47, '48: Mushball '46, '47, '-18: Baseball '45, '47, '48: All City Or- chestra: Music Festival NORBERT WEIKERS-High Honor Student: IZA Class Presi- dent: Homeroom President, IZB: Student Council Representative, IZA: Prom Committee, Co-chairman: "Bill of Rights" Broadcast, l1A: journal Staff: Orchestras B. C. Eg All City Chorus, SB: Horn Quartet, Hearst History Contest: American Legion Award: Class Day Committee: University of Pittsburgh Scholarship AUDREY WEINTRAUB-Homeroom Class Day: Dramatic Eng- lish: Class Play Cast: 214 Activities Group: Modern Dance MARLENE T. WEITZ-Homeroom President, IOA: Homeroom Secretary, IIB: Hockey '46: Diversion-Movies: Favorite Subject- Cookingg Favorite Sport-Basketball: Garden Club CHARLES T. WHATTON-Stage Crew: Favorite Sport-Foot- ball: School Preference-Shop VVork: Hobby-Model Building: Ambition-Electrical Engineer PAUL EDWARD WHITE-Hall Staff: Bands B, C. D, E: Favorite Sport-Football: Machine Shop Projects: Entered Allderdice 9B from St. Rosalia I' 4, 'z.?QZf5i1p- 4155559 -G' " 1'W-Z-Q5 " F8515 X "H 91' ,thgfss bg 1, , , ,iw-fttx h , .. , ' 4' I f ' ' J 1' -. Q P 57- A 1 - its ' EIN, F: gi KX 4 A ef ff ',f 1 ' mi." ' ' " z ' ft , 1 1 R V , 1 X + . ' -1. 1 it y - 1 - . , 152231 '51'-i" ,539 , . ',, -. --W. .ft f. ' , . 'g. 2 .1 P' " " "9lM3"7w,7l" ' tu, ...., , . t ,W . ,. -,.--J -Qs - af, . -,ggi .5,,,.t. A I I ' . K it :H ,-- Uv 'A""V?'4'l"'77'-" 'will tinw 'AHQWYN ...M -Ju, ws ,Mm L ff .. .U.. .U.. .L,.U.L,. 'z':r-.fxrkxfsifx-.far-3f::f,hf2:f, ig,f'V1-3, K-13 fs-ii 's-ii 's-li 's-Li sa s-fi, sz sc BEVERLY ELAINE WILLIAMS-Yolley Hall. 7tl1 Grade: Grad- uation Usher: Gym Attendance Leader, 1.2.-X: Class Day Committee GERALDINE WINBUSH-Basketball: Volley Ball: Entered All- derdice in lllig Favorite lJiversionsAColleeting Records, Basketball: Favorite lilective-jewelry ROBERT G. ZANGWILL--High llonor Student: Treasurer of IZA Class: llomeroom Vice l'resiclent, 9tli-lltli Grade: Prom Coni- mittee. Co-Cliairinan: Library Club: Microscope Club, President, l2.X: Senior Scienee Club: Green Key: Discussion Cluib: Football Club: Ciernian Clnb: Football Team. '46-48: Intramural Basketball '44, '-W: .'XllClllUI'lllll1 Football Program: XNVVSVV Broadcast: For- eign llroadeasting DOROTHY JEAN ZEHER-Favorite Sports-Swimming, Basket- ball: llobby-Sewing: lfntered from Greenfield, 9B: Ambition- l'riv:1te Secretary ALLAN ZYTNICK4Young Magicians Club: Senior Life Saving: XN'oorl Shop Projects: .Xinbition-Real Estate Business T!11'.s' mrflzly lift' is o'vr, ,-Ind farm and frnzrlrlvs dom Siu' rests for vwr1110rz'. l'l'iflz lzrr Iifz"s ffirtory won. MITZI KUBIC Born-December 29, 1931 Died-October 28, 1948 -xfQ.,x.tft.ft,'mftfvfi,' :ft-Q23Q',LLtLQ.Lm-QLxbtLtLmLQLtLtLmLQQS- ,e,C:C,,,-,.e,.C.C,,,C.,C.. ,C.x..,,,,Cs.C.X.,s..C.s..s,.C..s..s,.s..x..x.sf.X..s.. 33 anuary C 16155 Organization ' 6.,, ,. OM C q 'ilf President-Norbert Weikers Vice President-Sanford Shanblatt Secretary-Griffith Matthews Treasurer-Robert Zangwill CLASS DAY COMMITTEE PROM COMMITTEE g.iLX.g.t. .g.,.e.,. t.,,.. . . . . X .- 'S .v. 33 -.mei 75 fefsswfi. 3 255 'NI 'NT A ress 3NQ1zbes of 1960 Chapter 119 'l'eaeher , .. ,, . ., ,, Miss .lane -lohnsou l'resideut . , ,.,..., ,..Xuna liazar Yiee l'resident . Harry liennell Secretary . . . . .. ,. Betty .Xnn Roll 'l'reasurer . . . . . . Mary hlohrbaeh lforeword Representative . . . , .Florence l.eVy Student Council Representative .. .. . ,. . . Margot Selig ALBERT BARSKY and his Super Six Sextet take a lll0flfll'S engagement at the new Penn Lincoln Club. MARY ELLEN CANTLE, the aquatic star, has signed another Hollywood contract. ALEX COHEN is vacationing in Florida after striking oil on Douglas Street. MAYER DE ROY, INC., has expanded his jewelry store chain to the entire eastern United States. Seen at the Paris fashion show buying original creations was JEAN DUSHAW from Sak's Fifth .-Xvenue. General HARRY FENNELL, of the United Nations' xxfllly. is now en- gaged in an inspection tour of Northern Siberia. Now a famous optical technician, JOHN FLACCUS, is in Chicago to address a convention. Making his home in the peut-house of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, JAMES GOODMAN has made millions on NVall Street. HILDA HAYES has been appointed head of the nursing staff at John Hopkins Hospital. ANNA KAZAR recently announced the opening of her stenography school. LILA KERN has just been voted the most efficient private secretary of the year. .AFS KWPS The famous artist, JOSEPH KUNDRAT, has again won first prize in the International Art Competition at New York. GLORIA KWASSER will receive a citation for her work in the field of bacteriology. FLORENCE LEVY was elected president of the National Association of Medical Secretaries at their convention last week. GEORGE LOPATA, of the world champion Pittsburgh Pirates, has won another batting title. ANGUS MacDONALD has just been named athletic instructor of Smith College. LOIS MONTGOMERY is fast becoming the most popular seamstress for the Hollywood stars. MARY MOHRBACH will take over the position as bookkeeiper for the treasury department. MERYL PERELSTINE is now head physical education instructor of one of our largest universities. The success of one of America's large business enterprises is credited to their advertising executive, RHODA PHILLIPS. Under the direction of SIDNEY ROBERTS, the local football team has won its third straight championship. The eminent psychiatrist, BETTY ROLF, has edited another book on the subject. The prominent physician, HERBERT ROSENZWEIG, has gained uni- versal acclaim for 'his work at Pittsburgh's billion-dollar Medical Center. FRANK RUSH has been cited for his educational research in the possi- bility of making jewelry out of plastic glue. It is rumored that JANET SADLER will buy another television station in the near future. PHYLLIS SCHUETZMAN, well-known social Worker, has succeeded in abolishing one of the worst slum sections in the country. DOROTHY SEIGAL will make her debut as a Metropolitan star on opening night this season. U Social worker MARGOT SELIG will speak before Congress regarding deplorable conditions in certain parts of the country. CAROL SHOMBERT is the new vocalist for a name band. His new music store just opened, STANFORD SIMON 85 CO. has the sole agency for Stradivarius violins in the United States. BERNARD SINGER, ace sportscaster, has been ch-osen to announce the Dust Bowl Game next year. JOHN STEIN, the traffic manager, has embarked on a 3000-mile bicycle trip to Alaska. Laboratory technician FRANCES SUBIN will be honored at a banquet for her excellent. work in that field. A new method of increasing plant life has been formulated by the chemist, Professor MARVIN TWERSKY. AUDREY WEINTRAUB is private secretary to the most important busi- ness man in the United States. Recently returned from the Army, CHARLES WHATTON was given per- mission to build Pittsburghys sixth television station. Plane stewardess BEVERLY WILLIAMS made the headlines for her heroic action in saving several passengers in a recent plane crash. '.UY.U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .'Q!.U .L JU .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .L .i-4 eb,'P.,'2.,fe,."r.,'EfS..'E..fE.-fE-:E:v.,fv.,fs.,fB:'. S.. aft. afbfafsfafvxafbfxfxfxqebxefxqxfvm NJ. E-.fe fs fs , .. ,s Q A fs, . '11 fm Q Aw, fp, :A A. A 3.11. A iv. Clzapfer .204 Teacher AA AA A A AA .Bliss President A A A A ..,.. A Vice l'resideut ..,., ,.... lreasurer AA ,,...,. ,,.. AA AA ,... Foreword Representative AA AA AA A A A AA Student Council Representative A A AA ,A X Margaret XX'inch Bernard Gottlieh A,Nortou Freedel AAAAA Leo A-Xhnan AA A A Claire Miles X'anda Riolnnond AX wicked troiuhone he does play: l.liU AXlAMAXN'S a Dorsey we would say. AX very cheerful and considerate young lass, 'l'here is no test that IAJNNIIC AXTKINSUN can't lall, dark, handsome, and as nice as can he, ls our pal, GICORGIQ liiXl.'ll1L', of the varsity. pass. To unlock happiness, LUIS HRUXXN has the key. XX'ith poise and captivating personality. 1 L'X'N'l'HlAiX COHIQN has such lovely red hair, For swinnning this girl has a definite flair. For wit, good looks, and hrains rolled into one, XX'e choose a true friend, IUXRRY ClJUl'IiRM,iXN. VlOI.l'f'l' Fl.lCKNl2R, our favorite flower, llrings happiness at any hour. :X leader among us is NORTON FRlClClJlCl.g 'l'his versatile hoy does everything well. RUl4lfRT'S a hoy who is fine and sincere: For G.'Xl.A-XYlJ.'X'S future. we have no fear. XX'ith cheer, good will, and personality galore, Thar 's "Xl mth " GI'Ul'Gll GUlJl'l'l'Y h -ex . or ' , A '. x 2 ' x 2 , w om we all adore. Always smiling and always grinning: 'l'hat's why, friends, BENNIE GO'l"l'l.llClS'S winning' 2 e ,A , .A e,.,f.Afsfvvsfs,s 37 5. .. .. .. .. .. . s-A ef x1fs.,fs,'x-fs: ...,...c.,g..s.,,..s..., .... .,, .A ...N . J N "N.':1N.'-'if-'?.' nX4"?f f9.'f1X.'PrSN.PF5.'f'?.'Vf?.'f1'.J ni.'n'.'7iN"F-fN.'r?.' .J f1i.:'f?N.3.?f.5.' f1R.:r9.Jr1".J-':K.Jr':i.:f:l.J fri."-:f'.at,:nXl nk' HELEN JOSEPH, with brains and athletic skill, Performs her tasks with a forceful will. Intelligence, wit, and joviality Give DICK KATZ leadership ability. A happy .greeting and a cheery -smile Make NORMA KELCH a girl w-ho's quite in style. NETTA LEVINSON sings and she also dances, She holds the boys in her trances. To find a popular lad do not start a quest, MELVIN MALITOVSKY ranks far above the rest. SIDNEY MARCUS is really quite a friend, His humor and jest we hope will never end. A quiet fellow is our STEVE, There's no nicer lad than MATISZ we believe. PAUL MAZEROV'S a boy who'll soon find fame and riches, His jolly wit and humor help keep us all in stitches. Her beauty and her charm we give as ample reason For saying none compare with ULGA MICHALESON. Upon becoming a nurse CLAIRE MILES' hopes are bent, That she will be a great success is evident. CHARLENE MILLER does our singing, Her voice in our hearts will always be ringing. There's no doubt that winning success he can, For few are so nice as is JIM MUSSMAN. WANDA RICHMOND'S a girl, pretty, and neat, In looks, personality, she can't be beat. FRANCIE ROSEN is our carefree miss, Wherever she goes she'll bring heavenly bliss. JORDAN SCI-ILESSEL'S a boy wiho's work will be done, But you can count on him for frolic and fun. A member of the German Club, MARGARET SNCHULTZ is one not to snub. Another member of the band, JOSIAH SEGAL,S the kind that friends demand. Yes, PI-IYLLIS SILVERMAN will be a well-known name, For very soon she'll dance her way to fame. RQSE SOMERMAN'S a sweet and charming DEButante, Whose personality does for nothing want. Like a skylark ARILINE STEINBERG can croong She also makes the fellows swoon. NORBERT WEIKERS is our president, In matters of importance he is never hesitant. Because she's clever, bright, and lots of fun To be with cute JEAN ZEHER the kids all run. I-Ie's pleasant, active, quick, alert, and kind, So ALLAN ZYTNICK won't be left behind. .. ...... .V . . . ...V . . . . . .M.U.L,...L 'iJfs:,fQs'-:4sL4.'t'.fi2N:.'-fs-ifsiarafi-Jes-2Qesesife-QNQQQ-evqvfsgfsfes?-?.QfQfs?Ni'ees.-:sfsifr 38 Chapter 315 Teacher ., .... Mr. .lohn Melvin President ., ,.,,. Griffith lllatthews Vice President ,,... .A.., A ,. .l'hyllis Kohl Secretary . Corrine llelger Treasurer . ., . . A .. Marianne Halle Foreword Representative . , ,, Margaret Haliko Student Council Representative . ,. , .. . . ,. . , . ,.... ., . sllleanor Stein .S'1r.vf111 .fllmrm-Susan makes music wherever she goes: .Xnd she is quite sweet from her head to her toes. l'l1-vllix .'lff"t'1'll --l'hyllis, our quite tall hrlmette, lVill he found hy some talent scout yet. 1flI"IUlll'l1' lftl1'fUfUllll'U-l':IlCllClS friends are many: enemies he has none: H e's the one to count on to get things done. l?u1'Im1'r1 lic!!-llarhara is friendly. sweet, and kind, A truer friend you'll never find. lJr'wr'y ClIliHl'0ff-Xvlltfl'C jokes and jolly times ahound, lt's there that Dewey will he found. Jolm Cblvzrrzz---Iohnny is usually found in the hall: The girls all like him because l1e's so tall. lfllbtllwllz llwkurli-lletty is pretty. a lovahle maid: Our memory of her will never fade. l14'm1i.r lI:11raA.-X girl's attention-llennis attracts it. A good intentionf-Denny hacks it. Joscjvlz G7'l'SlIlllk-blllSC1Jll is serious, carefree, or gayg 1'le's a likeahle chap to meet any day. ,llariruznc 1ftIHt'7AlZl.l'lZlIlllC is a pretty girl with a brilliant mindg In the future we hope to find more of her kind. Emil 1XVllfltIlU'l':lllll makes friends and keeps them toog A thing that all of us can't do. 39 x. B' Margaret Haliko is a blonde little girlg The carpet of success at her feet she'll unfurl. A girl who's sure to reach her goal Is the sweet and petite Miss Phyllis Kohl. Sanford Massof-a very nice fellow, Has a temper that's always mellow. Griffith M atthews-Griffith, the secretary of the january class, Has a smile for every lad and lass. Willa Belle McClester-Willa is a girl whose charm we can praiseg She makes an impression which always stays. Shirley Noble we crown queen of sports: You find many followers in her courts. Mitchell Ostwind-Mitchell can sing and act very well And as a friend he's really swell. Richard Parlehurst-Porky is quiet and has a nice gring If you need a friend, you can rely on him. Corrine Pelger-Corrine has good looks and pep a-plenty, In fact she has enough for twenty. Betty Jane Pritchard-Betty for sewing has a flair, She makes clothes one likes to wear. Frances Radosevicli takes the leadg As a teacher she's sure to succeed. Rona Robinson will take a plane To fulfill her ambition to visit Spain. Erma Rossi plays the violing An expert in her field she's always been. A boy whose face carries a friendly grin Is known to his friends as Edward Ruben. The boy who appears in a friendly mien Is known by the name of Dick Rubinstein. To the boy who'll succeed I'll take off my hat And always remember Sanford Shanblatt. The girl who sings our favorite songs Is Seina Sil'z1er1na-n, who will charm throngs. Eleanor Stein--Eleanor's the brunette whom we saw on the stageg In the future she is bound to be the belle of the age. Geraldine Steinpin is the girl with the voiceg As a singer she'll be our very first choice. Harriett Talens is short and sweetg As a friend she can't be beat. Our "little angel" is Anna Mae Titinnsg She's good all year round, not only on Christmas. Mary Wagner is a blue-eyed lassg She's quite a help to orchestra class. The girl with the jokes is Marlene PVeitz,' Someday her name may be seen in lights. Geraldine Winbnsh has the cutest smileg Her pleasing personality is always in style. The athletes are always sure to ring the 'bellg One of the best is Robert Zangwill. :fs-fsfsfsfsfsfsfm fs RPsliVPsA1xRPRJAis A PRFR RJAARARRRPXRRARAAR .. 4...1, .w.-1. fu. rw.-uri. -1-1. -mm. -X.-w.-X. -1. -L -1.f:.41. -1.-':. ff.-W. -1 Clzczpter 353 Teacher .. .,.,,. .,..... .,..,.. M i ss Helen R. Bartrim President ,..A,,, .. . .... Dolores Pferclekaniper Vice Presicleut .....A,.. .Patricia Cauffielcl Secretary ,, ,....,.,..... ...... ....,.,, lX I ary Ruth Pflaum 'lll'CZlSl1l'CI' . ., ..., ,, ....,. ,.............,, , -Xrlene Sukolsky l+'orewo1'fl Representative .. r.r,,.,, .,....... l Dolores Pferclekamper Student Council Rep1'ese11.tative ,..,.,, . ....,.,..... Jacqueline Kaufman X"lfl.lXl:X ISLQCM Siigar and spice make Velma surpassg .-X cl1a1'111i11g' young lass, and tl1e pricle of our class. IVRIQIJ.-X CAPLAN In lfrerla, you'll fincl 1lOl a better friend: Mlvice and knowleclge sl1e'll always lenrl. l'.iX'l'TY CAUFFIELD Vivacious and pleasant and always cheery, Patty is sincere, and never clreary. RUSSELL .IQNES Russ is L'llC'CI'l-lll, pleasant, gay: Makes you happy all the day. 'l.'XCiQUlfl,INlf KAUFMAN 'lackie's glaiuorous, snappy and neat: Class play rlramat was really l1er meat. MARY ANN L.-XRIMER Mary fxllll is tl1at happy-go-lucky lass xxyllll aclrls to tl1e quality of our class. .-XNIT.-X MAKRAUER Sl1e's clever, attractive, and very brigl1t, 'l'l1e whole class agrees ,1X11ita's all right. 41 Y -ac a. .. a..accaa.-..c.... -H .AE .fe fr.-s.4s.'a .4156 .fa .ffmfs ras fa PETER MASTASCUSA A happy-go-lucky guy is Peteg Everyone knows, he just can't be beat. DOLORES PFERDEKAMPER Dolores is our journalist, pretty and cleverg Ready to help, and a friend forever. MARY McNALLY Add a quiet sense of humor to a serious minded gal, And you will have a person who is really quite a pal. RUSSELL MITCHELL Full of fun and mischief, Russ livens any crowdg With his lively sense of humor, he makes us laugh out loud. MAXINE SISSMAN If you're looking for fun and laughter, you'll get it whe-n Maxine's around For she radiates good spirits and joy that knows no bound. MARY LGU POWELL With winning charm and pleasing smile Mary Lou attracts in marvelous style. ARLENE SUKOLSKY Plenty of fun, jokes galore- That's Arlene who's never a bore. HELENE MINTZ "Efficiency plus" is her middle name, for she renders her services gladly In homeroom and office she gives her time and never does any job badlv MARY RUTH PFLAUM Her disposition-mighty sweet, 'her sense of humor-kinda' neatg Her piquant smile, a real treatg Mary Ru-th's just hard to beat. ALLITERATIONS jubilant and jovial .,,..................r.,...,... .....,.,janet Sadler Bashful and benevolent .,....... ..,.,..., B ernard Gottlieb Eager and enticing ....,........ .,......... E leanor Stein Lively and lyrical .i..........,.,... ......,,,. L eo Alman Frivolous and fun-loving ....,,... ....,,.. F rances Rosen Peppy and popular ii,..,.,.....,,., ....,...,, P aul Mazerov Cute and congenial .,,,..,...., .,...,...... C ynthia Cohen Merry and musical ....,.,.. ........ M itchell Ostwind Sweet and singing ..,,,....,..., .....,.,,, S ema Silverman Gracious and gregarious Happy and hilarious ......,... ...,, Rollicking and robust ....,.i,. .George Godfrey ,..Harriett Talens .,.t..Richard Katz . sesgs-esfsfyyygfsggfgfyfsgggsfgfyc. vfegfsfgggfetfsegfieyvfsfysaefae -12 Clzapfer 405 Teacher , .. . .. Mr. Howard U. Barnes President A l .... .... . .Savella Melilrone Yiee l'resident .. ..Louis l'arikakis Secretary . , ,. .. . ..., ,Ann Orlando 'l'reasurer ,. . .. . ,, ,. ,, .. ., .,.. XVilliam Reid Foreword Representative .,.,, Savella Mclilrone Savella McElrone They called her frivolous Sal, .Xn inipish sort of a gal: .X heart full of eheer to whoever is near, l,hat's our gal bal. Frank Esposito Sonic-iliing quaint--something' sort of grandish, Gives us joy when you are near. Can't help be so blond and Frankish, Can't help he so "I don't care." Lillian Hanaieff The air seems fresh, the lights grow bright: The walls are charged with dynamite: The artificial flowers bloom XVhen l,il walks into the room. Louis Parikakis Can't find another one just like Lou XVith wavy hair of a raven hueg His friendly smiles forever more Cause our spirits to zooni and soar. fx -X.--Atl.,-,e.A-an-'X-xkavxsw-s-A-fs-fx-X-X-A-X-s.--.--'N env... Chapter 453 Teacher ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ...... M r. joseph C. Thompson President .....,....... ......,............. L ucy DiGeorgio Vice President ,..,.. .,.,. .,........ S h irley Opdyke Secretary A...,..,,................., ....., M arjorie Seibert Treasurer ......,,.....,............... .....r.. G loria Prince Foreword Representative ,....,.,.... ...... P riscilla Barron Student Council Representative .i.. . .Gloria Prince Faye Cohen-Blonde hair, sparkling eyes, Bring forth innumerable sighs. Gloria Prince-A gal of common sense. Every place is enhanced by her presence. Lucy DiGi0rgi0-The president of room 453W A class asset, we all will agree. Angeline DiGiorgio-The other half of the pair, Neither of which is more fair. Howard Hunter-One of the finest fellows you'll ever meet: In every way he's hard to beat. Raymond Kleppick-With pleasant smile and unselfish way, Qnly the best of him can we say. LaVern Morsaint-lt's a pleasure when Mo's around: In cheerful mood s'he's always found. Marilyn Samowitz-VVinning personality, quick wit, Our Mulki will always make a hit. Shirley Opdyke-Her sense of humor shines out brightg She really creates a pretty sight. Marge Seibert-Vivacious, animated, and full of zest. Lou really rates among the best. Ina Silverman-Full of pep and welcome cheer- You're always glad when lna's near. Iris Rubenstein-Always sweet, always kind, Iris is there with her quick mind. U .D .U .Q .U .U .V -ef-'U .Q .U .U .U .U -L, -L. -L, -L, .gf-L. -L, -L, -L. -L, -L, :Li -L, -L. 'Q -L. -Q.. -ei -Q -L,-er -e- -L Mfxfvsfegfgfxaafwfgfgfexggfxaxzxfk 3545.1 ,-A Paul White-Where you find pep and shouts of cheer, You can be sure that Paul is near. Phyllis Parkhurst-Her quiet voice is always kind, Great joy in all her plans, she'll find. Iris Kimball-What is our Iris made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice. Saralee Eisner-In music Saralee will succeed, Her future is one all will heed. Barbara Krause-Her voice like a lark, rings clear Her future is bright, we surely can tell. John Chester-Oh Johnnie! a person so grand- For you anyday we'll take the stand. Priscilla Barron-The top one in our class, So c-harming, so sweet, just one lovely lass. Mike Cutone-This quiet lad is always sweet, He's one fellow you'll surely like to meet. as a bell 3 Herbert Linn-Herbie we'll miss when school is o'erg Wish we could have him with us more. Dorothy Bandola-A pleasing girl with lovely red hair- No one is found who is more fair. James McCaffrey-Jim-my is a swell fellow to know, We'll really hate to let him go. Norman Braun-Norm's smile is most captivatingg One can almost feel his personality radiating Daniel Greenspan-Hair so black, eyes so brown, Dan has ability to win renown. Sam Heinz-Sam's the one we can't do without- Of his musical skill there is no doubt. Ruth Moss-Success should come to Ruth in what For of everything a success she makes. Paul Goodworth-Sparkling eyes and hair so light A true visi-on in any girl's sight. Walter Schwer-In Walter we have found a friendg His luck in life should never end. SUPERLATIVES she undertakes. The January graduating class of 1949 ha-s decided by vote that the following students deserve their respective titles of: Brainiest ......,.... ,. Best Looking , ...... .. Most Courteous .....,...... Most Cheerful ..,........... Most Athletic ....,.,.....,..,.,.,. Nicest Personality .,....,..... Best Physique ......,............. Best Looking U Head of Hair .,,..,....,....... Nicest Set of Teeth ,.....,.,., Boy Norbert Weikers ..,. Bernard Gottlieb ,... ,lohn Chester ........,. Paul Mazerov .....,.. Sanford Shanblatt Most Likely to Succeed, ..., . ' .George Godfrey .... Nort-on Freedel .. , . Herbert Rosenzweig Robert Zangwill .... Ed Bartolomeo ...... Girl Priscilla Barron Gloria Prince Dolores Pferdekamper Anna Mae Titmus Frances Radosevich Shirley Noble Shirley Opedyke Corrine Pelger Geraldine Stempin Margot Selig -ES 'ffii .fxfw 2:8555-is.S.Vu.,-X-a-A-Atta-K-area-,ful , .73 Fr 43 '33 75 T3 f3.f3.f3.'3.f3 43,73 T3. J Date Wz'fh janv Judy Foster- Meryl Perelstine, Netta Levinson Mitzi Hoffman- Wanda Richmond, Phyllis Alpern Mrs. Foster- Audrey Weintraub, Phyllis Silverman Hannah .. .. .. .. Dorothy Segal Randolph.. .. . ..,.. .. .. ...Norton Freedel Mr. Foster- Herbert Rosenzweig, Mitchell Ostwind Characters Barbara Winsooket- Jacqueline Kaufman, Rhoda Phillips Paul Mazerov . ,... james Goodman .. .. Stanford Simon .Margot Selig Eleanor Stein Mrs. Shlutzhammer .......... ...Janet Sadler Susie ..... Betty Ann Rolf, Phyllis Kohl Oogie Pringle ...... .. Mr. Martindale.. Rex O'Conner ....... Mrs. Hotchkiss .. ........ Eloise Hotchkiss ......... .. 3 f Ak, AW A . q - ,Jaw x ' , ' K . f , ' ., 5 ,Xia Q . 1 . 'V va . N M. "N .x ., iw , 'fs Q- Q, Qfi, v, , z we 2 ,371 I v, 45 A ig , -X 5 - ti aff' Qiifffii W ig. ,, L Fiji? V43 mf, 1 it .!A1?f's?! .K lX' 1:' h ' 1 h " m m 3 4 Q L' I :Llffk Lil 7 3 ff-:xi 5 ' e 9 - Q- -:fin -- iw i , Qmf , , - N flilfif-'E l'?,!.:5-H' i 1 7 A 5, r Q 4 is ff ' i z A in ,... , W 'W 2 "MW 4 H V If i f -'X 4' '35, , llfqkiltfi " ,L ' A y 2 5 w w ww. 5 1 22555: , 1- ., 0 gzfgg is - b- ' I -v I ' 5 , 'ff i at ' 9 E gl i . L? CLASS PLAY ART STAFF STAGE CREW x..xqx..X..N..N..X..x.,x.,x,.N.,X.,,,,,.S,M.,,,,,T.x,.X..X.,X.d,.X.,X.,X..v.x4.X.,x..x..x..v, ,x-.XM . 'fs fix. ,f Milli' -v W ., . . , ff, Q PT23?S-'3?Sf3q'Rf32N4'3PAwf'3?INPRx43'5INf'if3-3f3"3?2N"?14S?5N"3f'3f'3f2i22xf'SPRx?Af'2if'3af'2ifR Here are the king? subjects. They come from all the corners of his kingdom zo hash in the 'wisdom and the warmth of his raiiianz gawleii. une Class Officers President-Sidney Rosen Vice President-Raymond Ryabick Secretary-David Rothman Treasurer-Lawrence Adler LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'Ll 'LJ 'LJ 'Ll 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'L' 'LJ 'LJ 'Lf' 'LJ 'L','l,J 'L' 'LJ 'L' 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'LJ 'L' 'LJ 'LJ 'L2 'LJ 'LJ 'L' 'LJ L: gfbfgfexgefgfebfkgefgfsgsfvgbfxakfxae. E-:E!.P.fS.,'EfN.4E:,e,'E:b.'S..fe.fxfE.fNL-:kfE.4Ef. hi ubjects 1 ....-.....,.......,., V ,.....-Q.-.m.... ' 3. . - . l 1" " 1 .. M i Q .wsu .5 l,, . .V Q ig, I, ,..,. ,gy-J --'gr gf? 5 . ' 'ilpf -' ' i.1.'g:- Q, ' 1' 'f' ' 1 ' 1, ' ' B--' V 'r - fa.: ' :Ly n "' . 1 .. 4- I 1 ' ' ii' 4 :ffuy FV- H' . . F Yi 5 1 ' 'ufff . . , 5. f'X'f,,.,f1 HA 'A' 'Tg. ' J "Nr, ' N 1 ' . ,- 4. 'ALM 5" 4 j xi! ' K ' . , 1' " f , A . v ,, Aj . n, . .U Ewa, . .I A -E2 4 -I Wi- .T 5. L - '." in , : .I 5 4,'?I'g',fnJ 1 ' 1 . ' 1 'jill' . X ' 1.5 " V '4 f':N " A ." L ' A' -. . 2" I' :- ' Aj? A f K Y - .5 .I .-I .Ev-.,i 3--' I Q 1' if 7 .17 .2 ' ' '- - D W A ' , l ' I , -' . -4 X 1,55 '. -2' A J, . .. , , , M . ,. ,. NL. , I v i-1, Qi if 21239 'S Q 13--fi' 3 - ' .ew 'V in C5 jun O FRANCES HAMBURGER AARON-Journal Staff, Co-Editor: Foreword Staff, Co-Editor: Qualitative Analysis Class: French Club, Secretary, Treasurer, Latin Club, Western Pennsylvania French Contest-6th Prize '47, lst Prize '48, 2nd Prize '49, Allder- dice Achievement Train: Juvenile Delinquency Essay Contest-3rd Prize, Civic Club Test, Chemistry Contest, '49 JOE ABBENANTE-Homeroom President, 1lB, Ambition-Auto Mechanic, Favorite Sport-Baseball MARY LOUISE ABELgHome Economics Projects, Volley Ball '48, '49, Basketball '47, Future VocationfSecretarial VVork, Fa- vorite Subject-Home Economics ROBERT A. ABRAMS-Hall Staff, Bands C, D, E, Poster Con- test, Art Projects, Carnegie Tech Art School, Mechanical Draw- ing, Electric, VVood, Print, Machine Shops, Homeroom Basketball ROSALIN MAE ABRAMS-Class Day Committee, Camera Club: Greenhouse Club, Orchestra, 7th and Sth Grades: Fashion Shows, '47, '48, '49, Chamfpionship Schaeffer Ball, Championship Hockey LAWRENCE N. ADLER-Senior Class Treasurer, Prom Com- mittee, Co-Chairman, Journal Staff: Dramatic English: Qualitative Analysis, Green Key, Homeroom President, Sth-12th Grades, Bas- ketball, '47-'49, Intramural Basketball Champions '47, '49 JOSEPH G. ARENSON---Prom Committee, Class Day Committee: Corridor Staff, VVood Shop, Favorite Sports-Baseball and Foot- ball, Ambition-To Attend Miami University ARTHUR L. ARMSTRONG-Microscope Clulb, Art-Leader Stage Scenery Group, Outside Activities4Church Choir, Favorite Diver- sion-Reading, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Future Plans!To Enter Carnegie Tech WILLIAM M. ARNOWITZ-Foreword Representative, '44, "45, Orchestra C, Print Shop: Gymnastic Team, Tutoring Project, Favorite Sport-Baselball, Favorite Diversion-Swimming JAMES STEPHEN BACHO-Prom Committee, Dramatic English, Class Play, Homeroom President, IZA, Microscope Club, Band'A, Special Shop, All City Band, ln-and-About Pittsburgh Festival Band LEROY BACKERS-Entered from Gladstone, llB, Mechanical Drawing Projects, Favorite Sports-Baseball, Football, Basketball MARILYN J. BALES-11B Social Committee, M. M. M., Y-Teens: Volley Ball '46, '47, '48, Basketball '46, '47, '48, History Award, Sth Grade, Religious Education Essay Award, M. M. M. Certificate .U .V .U .U .U AL. -L. -LQ, KV. .L, Xu., .IJ tl, V, -L. -k.-V, -L. -L, N. ri, Ak. -L, -L. -L. -L. -L, -L. L,gX-4Eq,s,xfC,C,x.fC-tfsq, Cfyfyfx, C,C,C,C,x,C, L,C,C, C,g,Lfs.,x,x,C,x,c, su-, s.o-,s-c.,,sss.c.,c.c.oueau LOIS BARKOWITZ-Foreword Representative, 7tih. Sth, 9th Grades: Bible Reader and Attendance, 12th Grade: Hall Staff: journal Staff: International Broadcasting Company: Ambition- Social Service VVorker: Pastime-Attending Football and Baseball Games FERN E. BARNETTgEntered from Beaver High School, llB: Homeroom Secretary l2B. IZA: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Hobby-Collecting Classical Records: Pastime-Reading: Sociology Club: Future Vocation-Commercial Education VIVIAN E. BARTHELEMY-Class Day Committee: Student Coun- cil Representative: Y-Teens: Tutoring Staff: Art Department, Stage Crew: Volley Ball: Basketball: Usher for .-Xuditorium Pro- grams: Entered from Peabody, 1113 ELLEN BASKIND-Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Fore- word Representative, 10th Grade: Hall Patrol: French Club: Modern Dance: Class Play Cast '-15: Memorial Day Program '-15: Homeroom Social Committee, 12th Grade STANLEY BASTACKY-Class Day Committee: Chorus A: Par- ticipated in Class Day and Minstrel Show: Favorite Sports-Tennis. Baseball: Favorite Diversion-Bridge: Pct Peeve-Tardiness NANCY BECHTELfCl1orus .-X: Volley Ball: Basketball: Partici- pated in Group A Programs: Favorite Pastimefllancing: Favorite Sports-Volley Ball, Swimming: Favorite lDiversion4XYatclung Television Shows LOIS T. BECK-Foreword Representative: Service Club: O- r chestra B, C: HobbykReading: Favorite Sport-Skating: Pastimef ' Dancing ROBERT W. BECKER--Pastime-Reading: Hobby-Stamp Col- lecting: Favorite Sport-Hockey: Favorite School SubjectF-Mathe- matics: Future Plans-Study for Ministry at Canterbury College FAEVERNER BEESE--journal Staff, Co-editor: Homeroom Vice President, llB: junior Leaders: Schaeffer Ball '43, '-H: Hockey 318: Volley Ball '-15: Basketball '47: Mushball '-16: Fashion Show: Sewing Club: Honor Roll: judge of Elections EARL F. BELLE-journal Staff: Tutoring Staff: Chess Club: Member of the Chess Team '47, '48: International Broadcasters Club: Latin Club: Broadcast over KDKA GEORGE BELLIS-Home-room Treasurer, l.2B: Electric Shop: Favorite Sport-Baselball: Entered from Gladstone in l1B: Favorite Subject-jewelry LOUIS BURTON BENNETT-Distri-butive Education Class: .lun- ior Swimming Team '44, '45, '-411: Senior Swimming Team '47, '48, '-19: Intramural Basketball Championship '47g Favorite Sport-'H Swimming .xiylu-L, -Q.,-L, .lu-1.,..7. Q , 7 M,-L. -L. -A. .L, -L. .Q .L.'.L, .U .Q .LT .7 .U .U iigijf. 2 -.s.,sfs,,Xqs,,a.e,e.f..e.v..fs..N-fc..aseegsfexfyaaegggfg 5 3 Cf Horseback Riding Chorus Intramural Basketball Team MAUREEN ALICE BLOCKSIDGE-Journal Staff, Foreword Representative 9B, IZA, Senior Y-Teens, Group E, C, B, A, Chorale, A Cappella Choir, Volley Ball '46, '47, '48, journalism Certificate PHYLLIS BLOOM-Councilettes, VVightman Grade School, Hobby fCollecting Records, Favorite Subject-English, Diversionf Movies, Interested in Interior Decorating THOMAS G. BLOSSER-Orchestra A, Swimming Team '47, '48, '49, Track Team '48, '49, Participated in German Clufb Program, College-Carnegie Tech, Future Vocation-Electrical Engineer: Pastime-Swimming BARBARA A. BLUESTONE4Dramatic English, Class Play Cast: Costume Committee, Student Council, Lunchroom Staff, Ushers Staff-4Chairman, Library Club, Hall Patrol, Band A, B, C, D, junior and Senior Leaders, Volunteer Nurses' Aide DAVID S. BOGERT-Dramatic English, Class Play Cast, Student Tutoring, Library Club, Mechanical Drawing, Plans to Attend the University of Pittsburgh, Future Vocation-Engineering, Pastime -Translating Spanish BERT BOODMAN-Secretary of German Club, Band A, Ping- Pong Tournament: Participant in Band Concerts, Plans to Attend University of Pittsburgh 54 DONALD BERGANT-Special Shop School Project Metal Rack in Special Shop, Favorite Pastnne Working in a Garage Iavorite Hobby-Collecting Old Knives Iavorite Sports Hunting I'1Sil11'lg ELAINE BERSON-Homeroom Treasurer IZA Social Committee Service Club, Assistant in the Office Fashion Show Junior Lead ers, Volley Ball '40, '48, Schaeffer Ball 44 Basketball 46 48 THOMAS BING-Special Shop Basketball Football Future Vocation-Farming, Favorite Subject Special Shop Diversion NATALIE BIRKENFIELD Cafeteria Staff Corridor Staff Volley Ball, Favorite Pastime Dancing Favorite Subject Eng lish, Hopes to attend Pitt, Outside Interest Radio VVork HARVEY E. BLINN-Prom Committee Dramatic English Class Play Cast, Dramatic English Business Manager Student 'lrea surer, 9A-IZA, Cafeteria Staff Voice Groups A B C D Male ALAN NEIL BLOCH-Homeroom Secretary 10B 10A Homeroom Ticket Chairman, Student Council Representative Junior Inter mediate, Senior Discussion Clubs Senior Seience Club Chess Club CLAIRE E. BOOHER-journal Staff: Senior Discussion Club: Senior Science Club-Program Chairman: Band A: All City Band '47, '48, '49: In-and-About Pittsburgh Music Festival Band '-18: Dis- trict Band '48: Senior Leaders-Vice President: Senior Life Saving '-16: Tutoring Staff: Orchestra A, B, D, E: Modern Dance: Ameri- can Legion Aiward: Honor Roll: Intermediate Discussion Club: Civic Club Test FAY BORTZ-Prom Committee: Journal Staff: Student Council Representative: Lunchroom Staff: Homeroom Social Chairman: Basketball '48: Hockey '47, '-483 Volley Ball '47: Ushering Staff: Competent Typists Award ALBERT P. BRAUN II-Entered from Regent Square, l1B: Ger- man Clu'b: Intramural Basketball '47: Class Day Committee: Hobby -Model Trains: Favorite Sport-Baseball: Favorite Diversion- Music JACK BROURMAN-Green Key: Orchestra A: String Quartette- Trio: Football '47, '48: Track '49: Intramural Basketball: Type Award: Football Minstrel Show: Concertmaster of All City Festival Orchestra LITA THELMA BROWN-Homeroom Secretary, IZB: Senior Science Club. Secretary: Chorus A, B, C, D: Soloist. Chorus A: Secretary, Chorus A, IZB, IZA: All City Chorus '48: Ambition- Music Teacher: Hobby-Collecting Classical Records ROSE BUCCINA YETTA BURKE-journal Staff: German Club: Orchestra C: Typing Speed Test Certificate: Hockey '-18: Volley Ball '49: Future Vocation-Teaching: College-University of Pittsburgh: journalism Certificate ORWIN WILLIAM CADDY--Microscope Club: Band A: March- ing Band: Group A: Track Team '48, '-l9: Cross Country '-48: PastimeAReading Chemistry Books BARBARA ANN CALDWELL-Homeroom Vice President, 12B- IZA: Chorus A, B, C, E: Choir Soloist: Treasurer of Chorus A- llB, IZB, IZA: Fashion Show, 9B: Junior Leaders, Secretary 9B: Volley Ball 9B: Class Leader, 12B EMILY CANNAVINE-Basketball: Volley Ball: Mushballl Pas- time--Reading: Favorite School Subjectsljhysical Education MARLENE S. CANTERAProm Committee: Dramatic English Class: Class Play Cast: Hall Staff: Voice Group E PATRICIA UNE CARSON-Prom Committee' Dramatic En lish J , g Class: Foreword Representative, IIB: Microscope Club: Greenhouse Club: Choirs ll, C, E Q 'Q' 'iii' 'QJJQL 'Q' :L ii fx, s.,- Cfxf CJLL 1' LL C, C, Q, 5 5 LENA M. COCO-Fashion Show, 9B: Hockey: Basketball: Volley Ball: Future College-Carnegie Tech: Future Vocation-Secretary: Favorite Pastinie-Sewing: Hobby-Swimming: Favorite School Surbject-Typing FRANCES COFFEY-Clothing Fashio11 Show: Pastime-Sewing and Typing: Ambition-Stenographer: Favorite Sport-Basketball: t Favorite School Subject-Science W . RICHARD C. CHICKO-Homcroom Secretary, llB: Hi-C Club: Intramural Basketball '46, '-l9: Plans for Future-Playing Profes- sional Baseball: American Legion Award in 7th Grade: Sings in Church Choir: Special Shop IRENE CICHOCKA-German Club: Hobby-Collecting Books: Favorite Sport-Baseball: Favorite Subjects-Sewing, Shorthand DOMINICK CIMINO-Band A: Marching Band: Intramural Bas- ketball, llth Grade: Ambition-Plumbing Trade ANTHONY J. CINQUEGRANI-Work on Stage Scenery: Art Awards: Key Awards-One Placement: Stephen Foster Memorial Murals: Pastime-Going to Concerts: Hobby-Reading: Favorite Sport-Football SHIRLEY CLARK-Future Vocation-Secretary: Favorite Pastime -Reading: Favorite Subject-Shorthand: Favorite Sports-Basket 'ball and Volley Ball MARY ELIZABETH CLEMM-Vice President of Homeroom, '49: Class Day Committee: Homeroom President, '49: Group Ag Fa- vorite Pastime-Reading: Favorite Sport-Swimming ARTHUR J. COHEN-Basketball '47, '48, '-19: School Concession: International Broadcasts: Orchestra C: Voice D, C: Football Club '48: American Legion Award AUDREY GRETA COHEN-Special Dance: Modern Dance: Cheerleaders: NN'orld Broadcast: Nurses' Aide: Future Teachers of America: French Club: junior Leaders: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast BEATRICE COHEN-Foreword Representative: Intermediate Dis- cussion Club-Secretary, Moderator: Senior Discussion Club: Sen- ior Science Club: Band E, C, B, A: Junior Leaders: Senior Lead- ers: Hockey: Basketball: Volley Ball: Mushball: Swimming Tour- naments '46-'49: Manager Basketball Tournaments '49: American Legion Award: junior Town Meeting Broadcasts: P. T. A. Program '47: All City Band '47 DAVID L. COHEN-journal Staff: Foreword Representative: Intermediate Discussion Club: Chorus D, C: History 7 Radio Pro- gram: Plans to Enter the University of Pittsburgh to Study Law X.: U to 1 C1 ,,'L"L--cv 355.4514 56 ROBERT L. CONNELL-fHomeroom Vice President, 11B, 1lA: Microscope Clu'b: Intramural Basketball '48, '49: Future Vocation- Draftsman: Palmer Award in Typing: Pastime-Bowling: Hobbyf VVriting Poetry LOUISE G. COOPER-Prom Committee: Dramatic English Cast: IZA Home-room Vice President: Student Council Representative: Hall Staff: Foreword Representative: Chorus E, C: Special Dance, 9B to IZA: Usher Staff: Future Teachers of America LYNDA JANE COOPER-Dramatic English Class: Class Play Cast: Homeroom Secretary, IZB, IZA: Microscope Club: Majorettes '47, '48: Head Majorette '48, '-19: Joseph Horne Sewing Council: Voice Group E, C, B: Model in Fashion Shows: junior Leaders, President BETTIJUNE CRISPIN-Class Day Cast: Fashion Shows '47, '-48: Future Vocation-Sewing: Pastime-Bowling: Hobby- Sewing: Favorite Sports-Basketball, Baseball FRED CRISSMAN-Homeroom Vice President, l1A: Hi-Y: Ger- man Club: Orchestra B. A: All City Orchestra: Brass Ensemble: Hi-C: Hobby-Fishing: Favorite Sport--Baseball RICHARD S. CRONE-Dramatic English Class: Stage Crew: journal Staff, Business Manager: Honieroom President, LZB, 12A: Student Council Representative, llB: Hall Patrol: Business Man- ager, Foreword Staff: Latin Club, President: Senior Discussion: Track '48, '49: Civic Club Test DONNA RAE CUNNINGHAM-Honor Roll: Favorite Subject- Math: Pastime-Dancing: Hobby-Collecting Popular Records: Modelled in Simplicity Fashion Show: Favorite Sport-Baselball: Entered from Gladstone in llB: Wislies to attend Mt. Mercy Col- lege: Future Vocation--Medical Technologist ANNA MAE CZAR-Homeroom Vice President: Service Club: Orchestra A, B: Basketball: Volley Ball: Shorthand Award: Or- chestra Programs: junior All City Orchestra JOCELYN DANIELSADran1atic English Cast: Student Council Representative: Homeroom Secretary. '48: Tutoring Chairman: M. M. M. Club: Service Award from M. M. M. WILLIAM TAYLOR DIAS-Group B: Track '-48: Entered from Gladstone: NVants to attend Penn State: Ambition-Agricultural Engineer RUTH BARBARA DILLNER-Foreword Representative, 9B: jun- ior Leaders: Volley Ball: Basketball: Swimming: Hobby-Collect- ing Dogs and Cats: Favorite DiversionYPlaying Guitar OLGA C. DiNARDO-journal Staff, Assistant Editor: Dramatic English: Homeroom President, IZB, IZA: Student Council, 11B-12AC Problems Committee: Fashion Show, '-49: Achievement Train Model- ing, '48: Volley Ball '-18: journalism Certificate: Radio Broadcasts ------'L--uw--L,-L--L''af-af g-w--Q - 'L- -' Us bfbfkfkfs.. x..S.,'kTB.4s., N., C, V. N., c.,EfEfb.4: RONALD DAVID ECKER-Prom Committee, Journal Staff, Homeroom President, 11th Grade, Homeroom Treasurer, Grade, Microsco e Club' Senior Discussion Club, Band A, Marching Band, P , Track Team '49 EDWIN EDELSTEIN-Foreword Representative, Sth-9th Grades, Student Council Representative, IOB, Microscope Club, Bands B, D, E, American Legion Award, Favorite Subject-History, Hobby -Collecting Coins WILLIAM EDWARDS-Band A, Marching Band, Entered from Gladstone, llB, Music Aiward at Gladstone, Favorite Sport- Baseball, Pastime-Saxaiphone Playing, Future Vocation-Forestry ALICE JANE ELLIOTT-Journal Staff, Assistant Editor, Home- room Secretary, 11B and l1A, Homeroom President, 12B-IZA, Y-Teens, Secretary and Program Chairman, Chorus A, B. C, E, Chorale, Volley Ball '46, '47, Senior Leaders, Basketball '48 PHYLLIS GAIL EPSTEIN-M. M. M., Hall Staff, Mr. Coyne's Sociology Club, Harmony Class, Favorite Diversion-Movies on Friday Nights, Favorite School Subjects-Biology and Sociology EVA ESTERMANN-Senior Discussion Clu'b, D. A. R. Award, S. A. R. Award, Qualitative Analysis Class, Honorable Mention in Westinghouse Science Talent Search, History Broadcast . NORMA DITTNER-Dramatic English Cast, Journal Art Staff, German Club, Volley Ball '48, '49, Soft Ball '48, Awards: lst Prize Traffic Poster '48, Golden Key Scholastic Award '49, Honor- able Mention Criippled Children Poster, Two Scholastic Placements, Worked on Class Play Scenery, 12A Bi'ble Reader DONALD DODGE-Chorus '48, Football '47, Basketball '47, '48, Class Play, Favorite Sport--Basketball, Favorite School Subjects- Chemistry, English, Diversion-Music, Hobby-Saving Pennies BETTY JEAN DOLNEY-Class Day Committee, Homeroom Sec- retary, 10th Grade, Foreword Representative, 9th Grade, Voice E, Basketball, Hockey, Volley Ball, Ambition-Private Secretary, Hobby-Collecting Photographs, Favorite Sport-Mushball BARBARA DOMB-Journal Staff, Hall Staff, French Club, Majorettes '44, '45, '47, '48, '49, Sergeant, Journal Staff Certificate, Ambition-Social Work, Memorial Day Program '45, Majorette Programs CECELIA DOWNEY-Special Dance Class HB, l1A, IZB, lZA: Spring Dance Program, Dance Program-Arts and Crafts, Stephen Foster Memorial Dance Convention JAMES DRAKE-Electric Shop Projects, American Legion Award: Hob'by-Building Model Airplanes, Future Vocation-Radio Work, Entered from Mifflin School ADELE CAROL FARBER-Entered from McKeesport, IOB: Home room Secretary, IZB, IZA: Y-Teens: Future Teachers of America Chorus B, C, E: Hockey '-18: Basketball '49: Volley Ball '49 Favorite Sport-Bowling GEORGE FAY-Entered from Mifflin School, 9B: Football Man ager, '48: Future Vocation-Carpenter: Favorite Sport-Football Wood Shop Projects: Future College-Woodforrest College ALBERT FECHKO-Entered from Gladstone, l1B: Football Team: American Legion Award: Football Minstrel Show: Qualitative Analysis: Future Vocation-Engineer: Future College-Carnegie Tech CATHERINE ANASTASIA FEDYSZYN-Entered from Glad- stone, 11B: journal Staff: Hoineroom Secretary: Library Club: journalism Certificate: Library Certificate: Future Vocationf Librarian: Favorite Sport-Baseball I-IARRIETT PEARL FELDMAN-Entered from Brownsville High, IZB: Hall Staff: Future Vocation-Teacher: Future College-Pitt: Favorite Sport-Baseball: Hobby-eCollecting Music: Favorite Pastime-Playing Piano, Singing RICHARD ALAN FINEGOLD-Foreword Representative: Micro- scope Club: Senior Discussion Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: Band A: Chess Team: Hearst History Contest Award: International Broadcasting Clulb: Democratic Citizenship Broadcast JEROLD FINN-Publicity Chairman of Prom Committee: Home- room Treasurer. IUB, IUA: Timekeeper for Intramural Sports: Hall Staff: Luncliroom Staff: Green Key: Varsity Club: Bands E, D, B, A: Football Team '46, '47, '48: Basketball Team '46, '47, '48, '49: Participated in Athletic Programs, Varsity Banquets, Minstrel Show NANCY LOU FINNEY-Prom Committee: Dramatic English Cast: President 12A Honn-room: Service Club: Lunchroom Staff: Micro- scope Club, Recording Secretary and Correspondence Secretary: Vollcy Ball '40, '-47: Accuracy Speed Test Certificate: Shorthand Speed Tcst Award JOHN PAUL FLAHERTY, JR.-Homeroom Vice President, 1lB, llA: President 'Scope Club: Green Key: High C Club: Band A: Swimming Team '43-'49: Received Optimist Club of Pittsburgh Sportsmanship Award in '-15: Minstrel Show: Band Concerts: Plays in Dance Band WILLIAM FOGEL-Transferred from Peabody in llB: Art Awards: Two Scholastic Magazine Gold Keys: Advanced Art: Plans to Specialize in Commercial Art MAX FONER-Dramatic English: Vice President of Orchestra A: Conccrtmaster of All City Orchestra '49 JANET ANN FRANCIS-Y-Teens: Advanced Foods: Ambition- Filc Clerk: Participated in Religious Programs and Chorus: En- joys Reading, Swimming: Hobby-Saving Recipes 5 9 . GERALD M. FRANK, JR.-Student Council Representative, Or- chestra E, D, C, Electric Shop 1, Z, 3, Cross Country Trac-k September to November '48 MARGUERY FRANK-Modern Dance Programs, Outside Events -Studies Singing and Dancing, Teaches Dancing, Ambition- To Become a Dancing Teacher RICHARD FREEDLAND-Qualitative Analysis Class, Chess Club, President '47-'49, Captain of Chess Team '46-'48, President of Western Pennsylvania Scholastic Chess League, '47-'49, Future Vocation-Chemist VIRGINIA JEAN FREEMAN-Journal Staff, Future Teachers of America, Voice C. E, Mushball '46, '48, '49, Volley Ball '46-'49, Hockey '48, Basketball '48, '49, D. A. R. History Award, Future Vocation-Teacher ELAINE FRIEDMAN-Student Council Representative, llth Grade, Modern Dance, Modern Dance Programs, Advance Sewing, Minstrel Show, Favorite School Subject-Biology DIANE A. FUTTERMAN-Journal Staff, Corridor Staff, Favorite Sulbject-English, Journalism Certificate, Hobby- Dramatics, Usher Staff, Prom Committee JAY GARBER-Class Day Committee, Homeroom President, l0A, Homeroom Secretary, lZB, Cheer Leaders, '47-'49, Green Key, Secretary, Ushers Club, Choirs B. C, Class Play Makeuip: Advanced Art, Track Team '47-'49, Cross Country '48, Swimming '46, Scho- lastic Key Award, National Poster Award: Scenery for Minstrel Show CAROLYN GATTRELL-Basketball, Volley Ball, Soft Ball, En- tered from Lore City High School, Ohio, in llB, Favorite Pastime -Making Clothes, Favorite Sports-Basketball, Swimming JOY HOPE GENDLEBERG-Journal Art Staff, Dramatic Eng- lish, Class Play Cast, Foreword Staff, F. T. A., Special Dance '45-'49, Stage Scenery, Posters, Scholastic Art Award '48, Junior Leaders '43-'44 WILLIAM GERSHUNY-Social Chairman llB, llA, IZB, Home- room Basketball Team, College-Duquesne University, Future Vo- cation-Law, Preferred School Subject-Economics HERBERT GILBERT-Band D, C, B, A, Swimming Team '44, '45, '46, Basketball '48, '49, Basketball Champs '47, '49, Favorite Sport-Basketball LOIS GLAZER-Dramatic English, Class Play Cast, Student Council, Gift Committee, Journal Art Staff: Class Play Scenery, Modern Dance Set, Majorette Manager '46-'49, F. T. A. -1-L' -u'L.-'L"L.1'c- aww JR ev 'Lwuu ya.-'awp'U-:J-L,-U-u'Lf'L:'u'u-L-'cr-L-'L sfxfexfsfeeeeexfves Afefkfebfesfefefsfsfxfzgfse GRETA B. GOLD-Hall Staff: F. T. .-X.: junior Leaders: Basket- ball '-17: Volley Ball '-48: Mushthall '-17: Pastime-Knitting and Reading: Plans to Enter Pitt IRVIN GOLDBERG-Class Day Committee: Homeroom President. 9A-IZA: Student Council Representative, IUA, llA: Bookroom Club: Hi-C Club: Chorus A: Band 7B-ll.-X: Marching Band SHIRLEY GOLDBERG-Prom Committee: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Props Committee. 123: Class Day Committee LOUISE GOLDBLATT-Future Teachers of America: Ambition- Nursing: jewelry Projects: lrlobby-Collecting Stamps SARITA GOLDBLUM-Camera Club: Cafeteria Staff: Yolley Ball '47: Plans to attend Pitt: Favorite Sport-Bowling STANLEY GOLDMANN-Hall Staff: Basketball Manager '48-'-19: Gregg Typing Award: Entered from Linden, 93: Future Vocation- Medicine: Favorite Sports-Basketball and Football .,,, t .' Wt? . 1. f NANCY GORDON-Prom Committee: Homeroorn Social Chair- man, llth-12th Grades: Foreword Representative, 9th-10th Grades: Foreword Staff: French Club: Special Dance RAYMOND GORMANwClass Day Committee: Homeroom Trea- surer, IZR-IZA: Foreword Representative, llB1 Usher Staff: Senior Science Club: Architectural Drawings: Built Bridge of Tooth Picks ---l'ittsbnrg'l1 Press Roto Section MARION GOTTFRIED-Dramatic English Class: Homeroom Sec- retary, IIB: Home-room Vice President, llA: Hall Patrol: Book- room Club: French Club: Schaeffer Ball Team '44: Civic Club Test: Honor Guard for D. .-X. R.: Gregg .-Xward: History Broadcast LILLIAN GOTTLIEB-German Club: Pastime--Music: Hobby-- Photography: Favorite Sport-I"ing-Poiigg Favorite School Subject- Shorthand PHYLLIS GOTTREICH-Homeroom Secretary, 7th-9th Grade: llomeroom Vice President, 10th Grade: Hall Patrol: Usher: Volley Ball '47 RUTH GOWA -Dramatic English Class: Class Play Cast: Costume Committee: Foreword Representative, 7:X: Senior Science Club: Senior Discussion Club: French Club: Student Federalistsg Book- room Club SX-lllll: Orchestras ll. C, E 0 JOAN MARCIA GREEN--Dramatic English: Class Play, Student Manager: Achievement Train Committee: Tutoring Staff: German Club: Junior Discussion Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: Senior Discussion Club: Fashion Shows '45, '46, '47: Fashion Show Director '48: Volley Ball: Mushball: Basketball PHYLLIS GREEN-Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Costume Committee: Senior Discussion Club, Secretary: Senior Science Club, Treasurer: Student Federalists: Modern Dance: Hockey '47, '48: Honor Roll RITA JOY GREEN-Student Council: Usher Staff: Program Com- mittee: Orchestra A, B: Typing Accuracy: Orchestra Concerts: Favorite Pastime-Enjoying Good Music BARBARA GRIMM-Lunchroom Staff: Stencil Work: Orchestra B, C: Librarian: Volley Ball '49: Schaeffer Ball '-lo: 80 VVorcl Certificate MURRAY GROSSINGER-Class Day Committee: Young Magi- cians Cluib: Band A, B, D: Marching Band: Camera Club: Magic Show '43: Favorite Sports-Baseball and Football ADOLPH VINCENT GUERRA-Woodwork: Machine Shop: Homeroom Basketball Team: Certificate for Typing: End Table in Woodwork: Plans to attend Carnegie Tech E BETTY ANN GULA-Class Day Committee: Service Club: Fore- word Representative in IOB, llB, IIA: Volley Ball Captain: Hockey and Basketball Teams: Gregg 80 VVords Shorthand Award: Fashion Show in 9B: Bowling MORTON GURRENTZ-Homeroom Social Committee: President of Sociology Club: Orchestra B: Band B: College-Penn Statel Pastime-Bowling: Hobby-Reading: Favorite Sport-Football BERL S. GUSKY-Football Club: Chorus B: Football: Intramural Basketball: Received Medal for Voice Work: Minstrel Show! Chorus Programs: Takes part in Outside Plays and Speeches BERDE JEAN HAMBURG-Class Day Committee: Homeroom Treasurer, '46: Hall Staff: Camera Club: Volley Ball '45: Art '45-'46: Favorite Pastime-Driving EDITH HAMBURGER-Journal Staff: Hall Patrol: French Club: ,Tunior Leaders, 7th-9th Grade: Harmony: Voice E. C. B: Volley Ball '46, '47: Mushlball '46, '47: International Peace Day Contest tHonorable Mentionl: Certificate of Recognition WILLA HANDSHUE-Student Council: Problems Committee: Hall Patrol: Ushers Staff: Basketball Captain: Volley Ball: Soft- ball: Favorite Pastime-Swimming ALLAN M. HARRIS'-Student Council: Distributive Education: Electric Shop: Pastime-Dancing CAROLYN HARRISfHomeroom Treasurer, 12.-X: Vice President, llA: Special Dance: Hall Patrol: Library: Bookroom Club: Ani- 1bitionAInterior Decorator SARALEE HAUSMAN-Dramatic English: Class Play Cast, Costume Committee: Student Council, Chairman of Problems Com- mittee, Nominating Committee: Hall Patrol: Lunchroom Staff: F. T. A.: M. M. M.: Mushball '47: Volley Ball '47 PETER HAYKO-Pastime-Building Airplanes: HobbyiStan1p Collecting: Favorite Sport-Swimming: Favorite Subject-English: Outside Interest-Flying Planes EUGENE R. HAYNES--Homeroom Treasurer. 12.-X: Essay Award, "World Peace": Pastime-Reading: Favorite Sport4Boxing ROBERT HAZLEY--Hall Patrol: Microscope Club: Chorus B: Mechanical Drawing: Special Interest-Automobiles and Automobile Racing JEAN LOUISE HEATLEY--Class Day Committee: Jollrllal Staff: Student Council Representative: Microscope Club: D. E. Club. Treasurer: Signs for Miss Mercer's Program: Favorite Sport- lce Skating ARTHUR LEE HERBST-Journal Staff: Foreword Representa- tive: Hall Staff: Foreword Staff: Qualitative Analysis: Senior Discussion Club, Assistant Moderator: Basketball Manager: Junior Town Meeting: International Broadcasting: Civic Club Test PHYLLIS LOU HERSH-Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Student Council: Cafeteria Staff: Secretary of 214: Ushers: Tutor- ing Staff: Student Federalists: Camera Club: Future Teachers ol America Club: Senior Science Clulb: Sociology Club: Chorus E, C, B NOREEN JOY HERSHORIN-Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Hall Staff: French Club: Modern Dance: Life Saving: Volley Ball '48, '49: Mushball '48, '-19: Speed Test Award: History Broad- casts MARGARET HEWITT-Transferred from Mt. Mercy Academy in lull: Volley Hall '48, '49: History Broadcast: Plans to attend Pitt: Future Study4Merchandising JEANNE HIMELBLAU-Group A: Chorale: Choir Assembly Pro- grams: lintered from Linden, 9B: Hobby-Collecting Records tffff-X 63 tifvll RICHARD HUTTENHOWER-Orchestra A, Brass Ensemble: Christmas Festival at Carnegie Hall, 11B 12 B: Entered from Glad- stone, nag Pastime-Roller skating LILLIAN HVOZDOVICH-Future tion: PastimefReading: Hobby-Drawing: Favorite SportsfTen- nis, Volley Ball: Favorite School Subjects-Shorthand, Clothing RUTH ANN ISAACS-Journal Staff: M. M. M.: Tutoring Staff: German Club. Secretary: Accompanist: Future. Teachers of America: Orchestra A, B. C. D, E: Secretary-Librarian for A: Certificate for Service M. M. M. JOSEPH H. JACKSON-Footlball Shop: Intramural Basketball Championship '47, '48: Favorite Snort -Baseball: Hobby-Sports MARY JACKSON-Honieroom Vice President. llB, IZA: Fore- word Representative: Simplicity Fashion Show, '49: Parent-Teacher Fashion Show, '48: Volley Ball '49 THOMAS JACKSON-Intramural Champs '49: Basketball '-17. '48, '49: Football '48: Varsity Letters: Entered from Gladstone, llH 6-if . STANLEY A. HIRSCH-Dramatic English: Microscope Club, Vice President: Latin Club: VVorld Broadcast Club: Chorus A: Minstrel Show: Memorial Day Programs ALLEN M. HOFFMAN-Lunchroom Employee: Corridor Staff: Hobby-Traveling: Favorite Sport-Baseball: Favorite Diversion- Billiards: Favorite School Subject-History MARVIN A. HOFFMAN-Camera Club: Band E. D: Chorus C, B: Electric Shop: Future VocationSPhotography and Radio: Favorite Sports-Football, Mushball, Swimming: Thanksgiving Program LEAH MAE HONEYFORD-Homeroom Vice President, 12B-IZA: Foreword Representative. IUB-NIA: Hall Staff: Group E, B-Li- brarian: Favorite Pastime-Dancing, Listening to Radio GEORGE T. HULME-Homeroom President, 11B-HA: German Club: Golf Club '49: Cross Country Team '48, '49: Mechanical Draw- ing Projects: Track Team '48, '49: Swimming Team '46g Cross Country: Runner-up in '48 City Golf Tournament JAY HUNTER-Mechanical Drawing: Machine Shop Projects: Foundry: Pastime-Jazz Pianist: Hobby-Dancing: Favorite Sport -Swimming: Favorite School Subject-English s Vocation-Stenographic Posi- N Team Manager '46: Special FRANK JOSEPH JANTEK--Homeroom Vice President, IIB: Intramural Basketball: Special Shop: Entered from Gladstone: Future Plans-To attend Pitt ELWIN JOHNSTON-Intramural Basketball: Football Clulb: Foot- ball '47, '48: Entered from Gladstone: Plans to attend Slippery Rock State Teachers College: Ambition-Physical Education Teacher JOANNE RUTH JOSEPH-Student Council, 9th Grade: M. M. M.: French Club: Y-Teens: Volley Ball '45: Voice C. E: Ambition- Business Woman College-Penn State MARY VALESKA JOY-Homeroom Bible Reader: Microscope Club: Chorus E: Art Projects for Lunchrooni: Poster in Humane Contest, '49: Pastime-Drawing, Sewing: Hobby-Collecting China. Glass, and Wooden Figures PAUL KALINYAK-Swimming: Swimming Letters: Honor Holi: Favorite Sport-Swimming: Favorite Subject-Geometry: Entered from Greenfield in 9B: Ambition-Engineer PHYLLIS KALSON-Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Special Dance: Senior Life Saving: Senior Leaders: Future Teachers of America: Speed Test Certificate: ,lunior Leader: Publicity Chair- man of Dramatic English: Volley Hall '48 it ,V WILLIAM M. KAUFMAN-Class Day Committee: Democra-tic Citizen Broadcast: Qualitative Analysis: Orchestra A: Football TIS: Basketball Manager '-18: Science Talent Search Test: Civic Club Test DOLORES ANN KAVCHAK-Class Day Committee: Senior Dis- cussion Club: Library Club: Y-Teen Club: Service Club: Shorthand Certificate: 80 words: Entered from St. Joachim ROBERT A. KEISLING-Microscope Club: German Club: Me- chanical Drawing: I. K. S.: Basketball Champions '45, '4o: Inter- ested in Radio Work SYLVIA KEMP--Basketball: Volley Ball: Pastime-Reading: Hobby-Collecting Pictures: Favorite SportABasketball: Favorite School Subject-Shorthand GEORGE EUGENE KENNEDYHFootball Club: Intramural Bas- ketball: Hobby-Fishing: Favorite Sport-Basketball: Entered from Hays, 9B WILSON KENNEDY-Prom Committee: Senior Science Club: Short VVave Club: American l.egion Award: Qualitative Analysis: Favorite Subject-Chemistry: Attend University of Pittsburgh: Am- bition-lilectrical Engineering l JOSEPH D. KEREKES-Entered from Gladstone, IIB: Pastime- Reading: Favorite Sport-Football: Diversion-Dancing: Favorite School Subject-Electric Shop ANN MARIE KERTIS-Library: M. M. M.: Ty-ping Certificate in Type I: American Legion Award: Preferences-Reading, Photog- raphy, Swimming: Hopes to Enter Duquesne ROSEMARY KHUZE-Class Day Committee: Entered from Glad- stone: Group B: Volley Ball '48: Favorite Sport-Swimming: Favorite Diversion-Singing: Ambition-Secretary RUTH ELIZABETH KIRKPATRICK-Journal Staff: Homeroom Secretary, 12 B, IZA: Student Council Representative, IOB, l0A, 11B: Y-Teens, President, Treasurer: Fashion Show '45, '46, '47, '4S: Hockey IZB: Basketlball IZB: Volley Ball IZA MARLENE KLAHR-Foreword Representative, 9th Grade: F. T. A, Club: Junior Leaders: Volley Ball '47, '4Sg Basketball '47, '48: Hobby-Homework: Favorite School Subject-Shorthand LARRY KLEIN-Hall Staff: Young Magicians Club: Camera Club: Orchestra: Manager. Basketball: College-Pitt: Future Vo- cation-Pharmacist: PastimefDriving: Sport-Swimming: Diver- sion-Movies DAVID MORTON KLEINBERG-Class Day Committee: Green Key, Treasurer: Orchestra A: Football Club: Voice Group A: Foot- ball '47, '48: Football Letters ELVERA RAE KOCHENDORFER-Student Representative, 9A: Homeroom Secretary, l0A: Activities Group, 214: Y-Teens: Or- chestra Ag All City Orchestra: American Legion Award JOSEPH KOPKA-Track Team '48, '49: Football Team '48: Fu- ture Vocation-Laiwg Favorite Sport-Track: Hobby-Stamp Col- lecting: Entered from Greenfield, 9B HELEN KORPAS-Service Club: Basketball '47: Volley Ball '49: Shorthand Certificate: Honoralble Mention, Sth Grade: Future Vo- cation-Secretary: Y-Teens LILLIAN DELORES KRAL-Honor Roll: Chief Foreword Typist: Service Club: Journal Staff: Gregg Shorthand Dictation Award- Golrl Pin: Journalism Certificate: Entered from Ford City High School in l2B: Pastime-Driving: Favorite Subject-Geometry: Favorite Sport-Baseball: Bulletin Reader, 12B MARILYN KRAUSS-Dramatic English Class: Class Play Cast: Student Council Representative: Homeroom Secretary, 9B, 9A: Hall Staff: Tutoring Staff: International Broadcasts: French Club -Secretary, Vice President: Voice Group E 'Q,'Q,'xU.'xU,'QL' E' ' U .'xL",'gfl-J x'x..s..-.s.,x..-,x.,X.,-,.i.x.,L,s..C.-Cc..x..N...X.c..a..c...N...c..x,,X.,-,.x,.c..a.. 66 MICHAEL LAZO-Choir A: Hall Staff: Minstrel Show: Pastime- Singing: Hobby-Bowling: Favorite Sport-Baseball: Most In- teresting School Subject-Business Law ARTHUR LENCHNER-Chorus D: Woodshop I, II: College Se- lected-Penn State: Pastime-Radio: Favorite Sports-Baseball, Hockey: Hobby-Collecting Glass Trinkets HERBERT LENCHNER-Homeroom Treasurer, l0A: Intramural Basketball: Hall Staff: Machine Shop Projects: Plan for Future- To attend Pitt: Vocation-Advertising ROBERTA LENNOX-Entered from Greenfield School: Ambition -Private Secretary: Favorite Pastime-Listening to the Radio: Favorite Sport-Baselball ROSE MARIE LEPEDO--Activities Clufb: Foods IV: Basketball '48: Volley Ball '49: Entered from Gladstone, 1lB: Hobby-Danc- ing: Favorite Sport-Volley Ball MYRON LETWIN-Hobby-Lifting VVeights: Favorite Sport- Boxing: Future Vocation-Business i KENNETH KRELL-Hall Staff: Hobbies-Chemistry, Cars: Fa- vorite Sport-Siwimming: Future Vocation-Medicine LOIS LANG-Entered from Homestead High School: Advanced Economics Project: Served at Luncheon for Judges: Served at Senior Luncheon: Hobby-Knitting DANIEL JOHN LANYON-Favorite Sport-Football: Preferred School Subject-History: Future College-Pitt: Vocation-Phan macy ISOLINE LANZOTTI-Homeroom Secretary: President of M. M. M.: junior Leaders: Orchestra A: Basketball, Volley Ball, Hockey. Mushball: Class Leader: Orchestra Programs: Ambition-Co1nmer- cial Teacher RONALD WILLIAM LASDAY-Journal Staff: Student Council: Homeroom Officer: Student Council Problems and Social Com- mittees: Host on P. T. A. night: Basketroom Club: Worked on Typewriting Project: Plans to attend the University of Pittsburgh: Future Vocation-Jeweler DAVIDA LAZEAR-Homeroom Activities-Officer, Cafeteria Staff: Student Council: Senior Science Club: Camera Club: M. M. M.: A Cappella Choir '48, '49: Girls Chorale: Senior Life Saving: College-Westminster I MARILYN JANET LEVENSON-Entered from California: Stu- dent Council Representative: Young Business People of Pittsburgh: Homeroom Treasurer: Favorite Sports-Skating, Bowling: Dis- tributive Education Class PHYLLIS HOPE LEVIN-Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Library Club: Ushering Staff: Hall Patrol: Advanced Food Class: Volley Ball: Basketball: Hockey: Future Vocation-Social Service Work SORALIE LEVIN-Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Achieve- ment Train Committee: Senior Leaders: Junior Discussion Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: Hockey: Basketball: Mushballg Volley Ball DAVID LEVINSON-Student Cashier: Hall Patrol: Chess Club: Band: Future Vocation-Accounting: Hobby-Stamp Collecting: Favorite Sport-Baseball: Future College-Pitt EDWARD LEWINTERfEntered from East Pittsburgh High, llB: Favorite Sport-Basketball: Future College-Pitt: Future Vocation -Engineer: Favorite Diversion-Movies: Nickname-Eddie SAMUEL LEWIS-Homertmoni President, l1B, llA: Track Team '47, '48, '49: Basketball '46, '47, '48, '49: Green Key: Favorite Sport x, THOMAS LITMAN-Journal Staff: Student Council '47: Band A. B '48: All City Band '48: Track '48, '49: Future Vocation- Pharmacy: College Preference-Pitt JOHN LLOYD-Class Day Committee: Homeroom Treasurer,.12B, 12A: Short Wave Clulb: F. T. A.: Intramural Basketball: Citizen- ship Award: Hobby-Stamp Collecting: Favorite Subject-History, College Preference-Slippery Rock ELIZABETH LORBER-Treasurer, l2Bg Service Club: Volley Ball: D. A. R. History Award: Favorite Sport-Swimming EUGENE AUSTIN LOWMAN II-Homeroom Treasurer, IZB, IZA: Hall Staff: Microscope Club: Football Manager: College Preference-Pitt: Pastime-Football, Baseball JOAN LUBIN-Homeroom Secretary, l1B: Choir A, E: Chorale: Choir Soloist: All City Chorus: Harmony Class: Special Dance: Clothing: Choir Concerts: Dance Programs: Minstrel Show: Inter- national Broadcast DONALD LYONS-Camera Club: Favorite Sport-Football: Di- version-Bowling: Favorite School Subject-English: Special Shop Projects: Wood VVork: Homeroom Treasurer, 12A 'Lv ':.- 'L' 'LJ 'Lv ':,- Au 'L' 'L- 'Lv 'LJ 1- -L- -:.- :J 'Lf 'Lf -ei 'Lv 'LJ 'U 'Lv 'Lf 'U 'LJ 'LJ 'Q 'L,- 'U -L- efkefbfsfrfxxfgfgfvfw gfafeeeeesfeeafeefeexfeeeegf -Basketball: Favorite Pastime--Playing Basketball MARGARET LOUISE MACKO-Service Club: Shorthand Certifi- Cate: Fashion Show: Entered from Munhall, 1lA: Favorite Sport- Volley Ball: Vocation-Secretarial VVork: Homeroom Treasurer '48 MIRIAM CAROL MAGADOF-Young Business People of Pitts- burgh: Fashion Show, '-18: junior Leaders: Volley Ball Tournament '45-'-17: Mushball Tournament '-10: Modeled Fur Coats '49: Usher at all Horne's Programs: Usher for February Commencement SONIA DALLAS MALKIN-Student Council Representative: Tu- toring Committee '-17: Camera Club: Orchestras FI. C. li, A: All City junior Orchestra: junior Leaders: Volley Ball '-19: Mushball '-19: College Preference-Penn State NETTIE LOUISE MALONEY-Class Day Committee: Life Saving Club HA: Basketball IIA: :Xmbition-Secretary: Pastime-Music BARBARA RITA MARKEY-Dramatic linglishg Class Play Cast: Cafeteria Staff: French Club: Camera Club, Treasurer: l.ife Saving Class '48: Gregg Typi11g Award and Pen, '49 JACK MARKOWITZ-Qualitative Analysis Class: Senior Discus- sion Club, Chairman: D. A. R. History Afward: Democratic Citizen- JOSEPH J. MASTRIANO-Stage Crew: VVood Shop Foreman: Special Shop: llobby--liuilcling Anything: Favorite Sport-Soft- ball: Favorite lJiversion---Bowling JERRY MATTESMCl1ess Team: Tutor: Corridor Staff: Chess Club: Chess Matches in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg: German Club Play: Future Voeation-Optometry: Favorite School Subjects- Trigonometry. Mechanical Drawing MAXINE MELNICK-Dramatic English: Homeroom Vice Presi- dent, lllig Hall Staff: Student Tutoring Connnittee: F. T. A.: Latin Club: Chorus A, B, C. li: Accompanist: Modern Dance: Special Dance JOHN ANDREW MENAGLIA--Magicians Club: Chorus A: Male Chorus: llobbyACollecting Records: Favorite Sport-Swimming DIANE H. MEYER-Student Council: Luncfhroom Staff: F. T. A.: Foreword Representative, llli: Volley Ball '-lo: Homeroom Sec- retary. 'IUA NANCY L. MICHENER-Homeroom Social Committee: Micro- scope Club: Orchestras .-X, B. D: Luncheon Committee for P. T. A.: College l'reference-Grove City College: Favorite School Subject-- Spanish -:--:T-oil..Q..LI-5-iff,-:.-L. ""' 2Tv:N1P-if-:S-qrefrfxffsfezhC-qmfif ship Program: International Broadcasts: Civic Club Test: N. R. O. 'I' C Tut . EUGENE T. MILKO-Distributive Educationg Aid in Building Class Play Sceneryg Intramural Basketball Champs of '48g Hobby- Huntingg Favorite Sport-Football PATRICIA ANN MILLER-Journal Staffg Foreword Staff, Cor- responding Secretary F. T. A., Latin Clubg Hockey '46, '47, '48, Basketball '43-'48g D. A. R. History Awardg High Point Athletic Medalg Outstanding Athletic Leader Award, High Honor, Y-Teens, Homeroom Treasurer, Civic Club Test WILMA JEAN MILLER-Future Business People of Pittsburghg Distributive Education, Volley Ball '48, Hockey '48g Basketball '48g Outside Interests-Skating, Music, Dancing ALICE MORAVEC-Volley Ball '-49g Pastime-Readingg Hobby- Shorthandg Sport-Swimmingg Favorite Diversion-Reading, En- tered from Gladstone in 11B PHYLLIS MORAVITZ-Dramatic English Play Cast, Student Councilg 214 Staffg Camera Club, Enjoys-Swimming, Knitting, Shorthand, and Crossword Puzzles EDNA M. MORITZ-Hall Staffg Volley Ball '48g Pastime-Knit- tingg Hobby-Collecting Postcards, Future Vocation--Secretarial VVork RITA JOY MOROV-Class Day Committeeg Homeroom Social Committee, French Clubg Chorus C, Eg Volley Ball '49g Entered from Fulton. '9Bg Favorite Sport-Footballg Favorite School Sub- ject-Algebra THERESE M. MORSEK-Student Council, Secretary Homeroom '48g Service Club, Usfherg Skating Clubg Latin Club, Favorite Sport-Soft Ball: Shorthand Certificates, Diversion-Dancingg Favorite School Subject-Shorthand, Entered from St. Thomas High, 11B LOIS MAE MOSS-M. M. M., Fashion Show, Entered from Colfax, 7B: Pastime-Listening to Recordsg Hobby-Knitting, Di- version-Movies, Favorite Sulbject-English JANET MOXLEY-Dramatic English Classg Class Play Castg Student Council, 9B-l2Ag Ushers Committeeg Social Committeeg Micros-cope Clubg Fashion Shows '47, '48, '49g Cheerleaders '46-'49 J. RUSSELL McCALLISTER-Sergeant-of-Arms, IZB, IZAQ Senior Science Club, Electric Shop, Hobby--Radiog Pastime-Softball, Future Vocation-Field of Radio, Favorite School Subject-Science BETTY LOU MCCARNEY-Class Day Committee, Senior Y- Teensg Chorus E, C5 Basketballg Favorite School Subject-Typing, Pastime-Writing Letters, Favorite Sport-Bowlingg Diversion- Dancing .L,.,.-L,.L,.U.U.i,.L,.,,-,.L,.L,.L,.L, L,.U.,.L,.L,.L,.U.L,.L,.U.. .L,.L,.. .Uv vgxfeeegeezegggegeva,2.-fs.-fx,-fx-fc,,xfekrfrsfsfsiqsfgf - SHIRLEY MAY McCARNEY-Student Council Representative, Usher, Y-Teens, M. M. M. Club, Groups A, C, E, Chorale, Basket- ball '47-'48, Mushball '47 ROSELLA MCCAULEY-Basketball '48, Volley Ball '48-'49, Fu- ture Vocation-Office Work, Pastimes--Dancing, Music, Favorite School Subjects-Shorthand, Transcription, Favorite Sport-Base- ball AGNES MCCONNELL-Homeroom Treasurer, l1A, Service Club: Favorite Sport-Volley Ball, Hobby-Collecting Records, Favorite School Subject-Sewing KENNETH MCGOWAN-Bulletin Staff, Football Club '48, Foot- ball Team '47-'48, Intramural Basketball '47-'48, College Preference -Penn State, Future Vocation-Agricultural Field GARY VERNON McKEE H Hall Staff, College Preference- Temple University, Vocation-Pharmacist: Favorite Sport-Baskeb ball JEAN CAROL McKEE-Nurses' Aide at Shadyside Hospital, Y- Teens, Chorus C, B, A, Chorale, A Cappella Choir, College Prefer- ence-Northwestern University, Favorite Sport-Swimming ROY W. McMAHON-Favorite Sport-Swimming, Favorite School Subject-jewelry JOHN P. NADZAM-Homeroom President, 1lA, Treasurer, 10A, German Club, Mechanical Drawing Projects, Track Team '47-'48, Cross Country '48, Entered in 9B from Greenfield School, College Preference-Carnegie Tech, Future Vocation-Engineer ERNST NAGEL-Special Shop, Entered from Swissvale, 9B, Constructed Office Table, Pastime-Movies, Favorite Sports- Swimming, Basketball ARTHUR NICHOLSON-Radio Club, A Cappella Choir, Aid- vanced Electric Shop, Future Vocation-Electrical Work, Favorite Sport-Baseball ' MILTON EVANS NICHOLSON-Hi-Y, Football Club, Football '47-'48, Hobby-Collecting Records, Favorite Sport-Football ALICE JEAN NOBLE-Co-editor Journal, Homeroom Vice Presi- dent, IZB, IZA, Co-editor Foreword, Co-editor Keyhole, Achieve- ment Train Committee, Y-Teens President, l1B, Camera Club: Fashion Shows '46, '47, Manager Simplicity Show '49, Shorthand Certificate 71 fe-Sen ion JOAN NOLDEN-Prom Committee, Dramatic English, Class Play Cast, Foreword Representative, IZB, IZA, Y-Teens, Chorus C, E, Fashion Show, Volley Ball '47, Gregg Speed Test, Honor Roll THOMAS E. O'BRIEN-Prom Committee, Hall Staff, Microscope Club, Swimming Team '47, '48, '49, Swimming Team Manager, Mechanical Drawing, Favorite Sports-Football, Swimming MARIE ANN ORLANDO-Distributive Education Class, Distribu- tive Education Club-Vice President, '49, Secretary, '48, Young Business People of Pittsburgh, Fashion Show '48, Basketball '40, '47, Volley Ball '45, '46, '47, Mushball '46, Commencement Usher, Horne's Assembly Hall Programs IOSEPHINE ORTOLEVA-Homeroom Secretary, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Grades, Gym Captain, Routine Leader, Art Scenery, Served at P. T. A. Teas, Basketball, Volley Ball, Mushball, Hockey, Future Vocation-Secretary VERONICA ANNE PALYO-Hall Staff, Orchestra A. B, C, E, Orchestra Auditorium Programs, Mushball, Volley Ball, Favorite Pastime-Radio, Hobby-Music, Favorite Sport-Baseball HELEN PARIKAKISfEntered from Gladstone, llB, Assistant in Main Office, Advanced Clothing, Volley Ball '48, '49, Favorite Pastime-Reading, Hobbies-Sewing, Volley Ball, Favorite Sport -Baseball, Favorite Diversion-Roller Skating MARGARET EVELYN PASKO-Class Day Cast, 9B Vice Presi- dent, Chorus E, C, B, Volley Ball '47, Vocation-Secretary, Pastime-Reading, Hobby-Sewing VINCENT J. PAVICIC-Basketball '46, '47, '48, '49, Varsity Letter, Hobby-Athletics JULIA PAVLICK-Homeroom Secretary, 12B, IZA, Senior Y- Teens, M. M. M., Allderdice Fashion Representative at Kauf- mann's, Basketball, Volley Ball, Mushball, Fashion Show JOSEPH M. PETRISCO--Intramural Basketball, Microscope Club, Entered from St. Philomena's, 9B, Favorite Subject-Biology, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Vocation-Clerical Work ARLENE PETRUZZI-Basketball '48, '49, Mushball '48, '49, Volley Ball '48, '49, Entered from Gladstone, llB, Favorite Sub- ject-Physical Education, Favorite Sport-Football, Vocation- Private Se-cretary JOHN PICCHI-Chorus C, B, A, Male Chorus, Special Shop I-VI, Favorite Sports-Football, Swimming, Favorite Subjects- Gym, Shop 'Lv -gf 'U 'U 'ugu 'LJ 'at -:J -1.2 'U 'ev 'Q 'LJ 'U 'L' 'LJ -U 'U 'U -L1 'U 'Q 'Q 'Lf 'Q 'U 'U 'Q -,V CfEfx,,y,x,x., Cf5fvt,fx.,x.,w.,C,x,,C, CfC,x.fg,g,x.,C,C,C,C,x.,x.fx,x.,x.,x, v.s..g..a..a.,. ..a,.x..v.x.,s..N..x..s,.N..s-.x..x..x..s..s..x.s-.-.x..x..x. FLORENCE E. PINGOR-Volley Ball: Basketball: Mushlball: Favorite Subject-Physical Education BARBARA SHIRLEY PLATT-Hall Patrol: Chorus B: Orchestra B. C, E: Entered from Colfax, 7B: Hobby-Knitting: Diversion- Playing the Piano: Favorite Subject-Chorus BEATRICE POLLACK-Dramatic English, Property Chairman: Homerooxn Treasurer, IZB, IZA: Senior Science Club: Camera Club: Favorite Sport-Swimming BARBARA MAUREEN POTTS-Prom Committee: Dramatic Eng- lish Cast: Make-up Committee: French Club: Fashion Show: Mush- ball, Volley Ball, Basketball: Honieroom Secretary, l1B, l1A, IZB, IZA: College Preference-Penn State JAMES POWELL-Band B: Mechanical Drawing: Basketball: Track: Biology Award: Entered from Gladstone: Hobby-Music: Favorite Sport-Basketball: Favorite Subject-Mathematics MICHAEL R. PRICE-Wood Shop: Ambition4Autoxnotive Me- chanic: Favorite Sports-Softball and Football: Hobby-Drawing DOROTHY PROFFITT-Class Day Cast: Secretary, Homeroom Oth Grade: Student Council: Camera Club: Y-Teens: Group A: Chorus li, C, E: .-Xll City Choir: Chorale: Fashion Shows, IIB, l1A, IZA: Hockey '47 JOHN JAMES PROFFITT-Wood Shop: Special Shop: Entered from Gladstone: Plans to enter Navy: Basketball in Night School League: Favorite Sport-Basketball MARGARET HELEN PRYLE-Prom Committee: Secretary of Honleroonl: Service Club: Volley Ball: Basketball: Mushball: Shorthand Award: Entered from Munhall, 11A FRANK QUINLAN-Microscope Club: Mechanical Drawing: Print Shop: VVood Shop: Siwinnning Team: Future Vocation-Automobile Salesman: Hobby-Building Model Railroads ERIC RASC0E4lllll'FlllCLll3lC Discussion Club: Foreign Broad- casts: Chorus D, C: Civic Club Test: Favorite Sport-Bowling FLORENCE RECHT-Future Teachers of America: Chorus B: Ambition-Teacher: Favorite Sport-Basketball: Pastinie-Read- ing, Listening to Music fEfSfl.. . WILLIAM E. REID-Homeroom Treasurer, l2Bg Camera Clubg IP. 1gluybj48Class Play Scenery Constructiong Broadcast "Life of PEARL REMIAS-Entered from Gladstone in IIB, Jewelry, Iiavorite Sport-Basketball, Ambition-Office Work ALLAN HERBERT REUBEN-Journal Staff, Cafeteria Staff, President of Student Federalistsg Senior Discussion Clubg Senior Science Clubg F. T. A.: International Peace Day Award, American Legion Award, Radio Broadcasts, High Honor ILENE ADELE REUBEN-Foreword Representative, llB-l2Ag Hall Patrol, Chorus A, B, C, Eg Basketball '48, Volley Ball '48g Hockey '48, Group A Programs, Democratic Citizenship Program ARLENE REUSCH-Vocation-Secretary, Favorite Pastime- Reading, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Favorite Subject-Shorthand SARAH T. RIZZO-M. M, M., Assisted at P. T. A. Partiesg Volley Ball '49g Mushball '48, Favorite Pastime-Listening to Radio ALAN H. ROBBINS-Dramatic Englishg Class Play Castg Class Day Committee, Intramural Basketball, Student Councilg Student Council Social Committeeg Senior Discussion Club, Student Fed- eralists: Chess Club, Basketball Manager '47g Basketball Team, Junior Town Meeting of the Air ARNOLD ROBBINS-Secretary Homeroom, 9Ag Treasurer, l0A: Student Council Representative, Intramural Basketball, IZA, Red Cross Clubg Hall Paitrolg Usher Staff, Green Key ROSEMARY ROBERTS-Jewelry l-Z-35 Clothingg Volley Ball '49g Entered from Sacred Heart High, l0Bg Hobby-Marking Jewelry, Favorite S-port-Football, Favorite School Subject-English WILLIAM ROBERTS-Prom Committee, Football '48, Football Minstrel Show: Football Letter '48g Favorite Sport-Footballg Vocation-VVork in Radio and Electronics, Entered from Green- field, 9B HOWARD L. ROBINS-Prom Committee, Homeroom Treasurer, IZA, Hall Patrol, Green Key, President, Orchestra E, C, B, Ag Captain of Intramural Basketballg Captain of Intramural Track Team, Captain Varsity '48, '49g Homeroom Intramural Champion- ship Team Varsity '47, '49, Varsity Basketball '46, '49 NORMAN ROBINSwHomeroom President, llB, llA, l2Bg Student Cou11cil Representative, llB: Hall Patrol, Camera Club, Art Pro- jects-Place Cards and Posters, Intramural Basketball -U-t.-to.-c.-c.-cv.,-Q c. c- ,V t. -. -cl-L.-tr-5.-ot,-L,-Q-Q-wt,-ei-5-,V QT- '-fS.,f:f':.,fP,,":,'E..fb,,fE,,f:fb..fP..ft,fS.,fE-gP..'v.,fE:v..'Ef!..'P,.fP.,.'P,.'P.,fE..fE:S.fb.,fP..fE..' 8 ,L . 7.39 OLGA ROHALY-Honmeroom Vice President, 9B, Homeroom Sec- retary, 9A, Service Club, Volley Ball '49, Basketball '47, Hobby- Collecting Poems, Y-Teens, Future Vocation-Secretary MICHAEL J. ROMZY-Stage Crew '47, Swimming '47, '48, '49, Golf '47, '49, Future Vocation-Industrial Engineer, -Class Day Committee, Pastimes-Bowling, Football, Baseball LORRAINE ROSE-Y-Teens, Jewelry l0B, 10A, Hockey '48, Musliball '47, Volley Ball '47, '48, '49, Hobby-Sewing and Cook- ing, Future Vocation-Work at Bell Telephone Co. SARA LEE ROSEN-Choir B, Art II, Entered from Braddock High School, IZB, Pastime-Dancing, Favorite Sport-Boxing, Favorite School Subject-English SIDNEY S. ROSEN-Senior Class President, Homeroom Presi- dent, 7-llth Grades, President of Student Council, Student Trea- surer, Head Football Manager '45, Merit of Honor, 7A, Radio Broadcasts, Minstrel Show, Co-chairman of Prom Committee, Class Play Cast BARBARA J. ROSENBERG--Student Council, IZB, Camera Club, Class Day Committee, Favorite Pastirne-Knitting, College Prefer- ence-University of Pittsburgh, Future Vocation-Secretary EDMUND ROSENBERG-Class Treasurer, 9A, Hall Patrol, College Preference-Duquesne University, Ambition-Accounting, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Hobby-Sketching, Favorite School Subject, Bookkeeping LOIS ROSENBERG-Prom Committee, Journal Art Staff, Class Play Scenery, Foreword Staff, Hall Patrol, Auditorium Usher, Future Teachers of America, Poster Advertisements, College Pref- erenec-Penn State, Awards Received-Scholastic Key, Foreword Certificate SARAH ROSS-Entered from Gladstone, llB, Basketball, Hobby -Collecting Pictures: Favorite Sport-Skating, Favorite School Subject-Matheniatics JAY J. ROTH-jewelry, Favorite Sport-Hockey, Favorite Subject -Trigonometry DAVID ROTHMAN-IZA Class Secretary, Co-chairman of Class Day Committee, journal Staff Advertising Chairman, 12th Grade Hoineroom President, Foreword Representative, Senior Science Club, President, German Club, Intramural Basketball LEONARD S. RUBENSTEIN-Dramatic English Play Cast, Lunchroom Staff, German Club, Band E, C, B, A, All City Band, German Clulb Play, Magicians Club O -K-N-abxvabt--A ..t ,IAA ...I RITA RUBINOFF-Journal Staffg Prom Committeeg Hall Patrolg French Club: F. T. A.: International Broadcasting Clubg Cheer- leader '46, '47, '48, '49g College Preference-Penn Stateg Democratic Citizenship Programsg Honor Roll RAYMOND RYABIK-Senior Class Vice President, Class Day Committeeg President of Homeroomg Foreword Representativeg Qualitative .Analysis Classg Electric Shop, Swimming '46, '47, '48, '49, Track '48g Cross Country '49: American Legion Award, SA, Civic Club Test: Gullentz Scholarship WILLIAM SABO-Orchestra D5 Jewelry, Wood Shop: Entered from Gladstone, 1lBg Hobby-Dancing, Favorite School Subjects- History and Mathematics TERESA SACCO-Seamstress Work for Class Play, Vocation- Secretaryg Favorite Pastime-Sewingg Hobby-Dancing, Favorite Sport-Base'ballg Favorite Subject-Shorthand, Entered from Glad- stone, 11B ANNABELLE SACHS-Journal Staff: Student Council '47, '48, '49: Modern Dance Accompanist: Orchestra Ag Social Chairman of Student Council, '47-'48, Civic Club Test: Trio MURRAY SACHS-Journal Staffg Student Council Representative. l1B, llAg Lunchroom Staff, Chairmang Hall Patrol: Usher Staff: Tutoring Staffg Intramural Basketball '47, Entered from Cleve- land, 10B JEROME SADJA-Homeroom President, 9A, l0B: Machine,.VVoo'd and Print Shops: Hall Patrol: College Preference-Miami Uni- versityg Favorite Sport-Baseball: School Subject-History ALEX SARCONE-Homeroom President: Distributive Education Club, Favorite Sports-Football and Baseball INEZ SARCONE-M. M. M.: Ambition-Secretaryg Favorite Sports-Baseball and Footballg Favorite Subject-Shorthand EILEEN ANN SATTON-Hall Patrolg Shorthand Speed Certifi- categ Hobby-Knitting, Future Vocation-Secretary EUGENE H. SAULSBURY-Hall Patrolg Hi-Y Treasurerg Band E, D, C5 Special Shopg Jewelryg Pastime-Musicg Hobby-Draw- ingg Favorite Sports-Basketball, Softvball SYLVIA SCHAER-Transferred from Woodrow Wilson High, Camden, New Jerseyg Favorite Pastime-Telephoningg Hobby- Dramaticg Foods I and II EDWARD L. SCHNEIER-Class Day Committee: Foreword Representative, 103. NJA: Chorus IJ: Mechanical Drawing: Special Shop. IIB, HA: Football '47, '48: Track '48, '-19: Football Minstrel Show NORMAN SCHWARTZ-Cafeteria Staff: Mechanical Drawing: College Preference-Carnegie Tech: City junior High Chorus' Hobby-Stamp Collecting: Favorite Sport-Hockey SALLY LARAINE SEDLER-Hall Patrol: junior Red Cross: Jun- ior Leaders: Camera Club: Fashion Show '-15: Hobby-Driving JOAN SEINER-Dramatic English: Homeroom Secretary, 12.-X: Foreword Representative '40, '-17: Bookroom Club '40, '-17: Design- ix1g of Class Play Scenery: juuior Leaders '45: Broadcasting MYRON A. SELWYNfS1mt-t'ial Shop 1, 2, 3. 4. 5: VYelding NVo-rk on School Airplane Motor: .-Xmbition-Skilled Technician: Favorite Sport-Hockey ARNOLD L. SHAPIRO-- Intramural llasketball Championship Team '49: Hobby-Collecting Swords IRWIN SHAPIRO-l'avor1te Iasttme-Bowliii: Favorite Sport- Fuotballl College Preference-University of Pittsburgh DONALD SHARAPAN-History Recording: Track Team '-105 Hobby---Stamp Uollectiug: Favorite Sport-Football: Favorite School Subject-Fliysies: College Preference-University of Pitts- burgh VIRGINIA SHEEI-IAN--Volley Ball: Mushball: Transferred from Gladstone junior High: Favorite School Subject-Home Economics: Aide at Senior l.uncheon: Favorite Diversions-Dancing, Reading ADA LOU SIEGEL-Microscope Club: Library Club: junior, Inter- mediate, Senior Discussion Clubs: Life Saving: 60 Words Short- hand Award ARNOLD SIEGAL-President Homeroom, IIA: Band D, C. B: Basketball, Class Championship Team '-19: Favorite SportFBasket- ball Pl-IILLIP SIEGEL--Dramatic English: Homeroom Treasurer, 1013: llomeroom Vice President, llB: Senior Science Club: Band A: Marching Band: Minstrel Show: Future Vocation--Medicine 77 . EILEEN SIEMON+Fashion Show, '47, Fashion Tea, '48, Volley Ball Tournament, Favorite Subject-Home Economics, Favorite Sports-Swimming, Volley Ball FAYE SIGAL-Homeroom Secretary, IZB, IZA, Y-Teens, Senior Leaders, Fashion Shows, Special Dance, Hockey '46, '47, '48, Basketball '46, '47, Mushball '46, '47, '48, Volley Ball '46, '47, '48 MARGA SILBERMAN-Athletic Point Recorder, Homeroom Presi- dent, 1lB, President of Senior Leaders, German Clufb, Intermediate Discussion Club: Chorus E, C, Basketball '47, '48, '49, Hockey '48, '49, Mushlball '47, '48, '49, Volley Ball '48, '49 MOLLIE HELEN SILVERBLATT-Entered from Wilkinsburg Junior High, 9B, Favorite Pastime-Dancing, Hobby-Collecting Autographs, Favorite Sport-Mushball JAMES SILVERMAN-Prom Committee, Homeroom Treasurer, llB, l1A, Band A, Marching Band, Intramural Basketball, Golf, Hobby-Collecting Coins, Favorite Pastime-Playing Piano JOEL PHILIP SILVERMAN-Student Council, German Club, Radio Broadcasting, College Preference-University of Pittsburgh MORTON SILVERMAN-Student Council Representative: Band B, C, E, Voice D, Track '48, '49, Cross Country Team '48, Favorite Sports-Football, Softball, Future VocationvAccountant, Favorite Diversion-Bridge ROSE FAY SIMON-Library Club: Fashion Show, Favorite Pastime-Reading, Favorite Sports-Basketball, Swimming, Am- bition-Private Secretary MINNETTE SINGER-Dramatic English: Class Play: Homeroom Social Committee: Cafeteria Staff, Usher Staff, Tutoring Staff, F. T. A.: Senior Discussion Club, Camera Club, Student Federalists, Secretary MICHAEL SIVIY-Journal Staff, Journal Art, Foreword Staff: Hall Patrol, Microscope Club, Track '48, Cheerleaders '47, '48, '49: Ambition-Cartoonist TIBA SLADEN-Prom Committee: Dramatic English: Tutoring: Senior Science Club: French Club, Camera Club: College Prefer- ence-University of Pittsburgh, Future Vocation-Teacher CHARLES E. SMITH-Radio Club '48, Future Vocation-Elec' trician, Favorite Subject-Electric Shop, Ping-Pong Tournament: Hobby-Making Model Airplanes MYRA SMITH-Prom Committee. Class Play Art Staff, Student Council, Ushering Staff, Commencement Usher, Microscope Club, Chorus C, E, Basketball, Musthball, Hockey, Volley Ball, Key in Scholastic Art Show FRANCES SMOLOVER-Class Day Committee, Foreword Repre- sentative, l0B, l0A, French Club, German Club, Chorus A, Chorale, Soloist in Choir Concerts, Orchestra D, Hobby-Collecb ing Records JEAN SNYDER-Fashion Show '47, '48, '49, Model for Simplicity Fashion Shows '48, '49, Volley Ball '47, '49, Basketball '48, Achieve- ment Train Committee, Fashion Show for Open House, Favorite Pastime-Sewing, Favorite Sport-Ice Skating JACK SOFIELD-Class Day Committee, Hall Patrol: Future Teachers of America, Swimming '46, '47, '48, '49, City Champion- ship, Football Minstrel Show, Future College-Pitt, Favorite Pastime-Reading, Hobby-Model Jet Racers BERNICE SOLOMON-Entered from Schenley in 9A, Hall Patrol, Chorus C, Participant in Thanksgiving Day Program, Hobby-Collecting Records, Favorite Sports-Bowling. Dancing: Future Vocation-Journalism EILEEN SOLOMON-Entered from Fifth Avenue, IZB, D. A. R. History Medal, "Be Kind to Animals" Poster Medal, First Prize: Future College-Pitt, Future Vocation-Journalism, Favorite Sport -Baseball, Favorite Diversion-Talking on the Phone JOSEPH SOLTZ-Camera Club, Band A, Marching Band! H0bbY -Photography, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Diversion-Billiards MARY ANN SOVYAK-Honor Student, Journal Staff, Service Club, Hall Patrol, Y-Teens, Basketball '47, '48, Volley Ball '492 Gregg Shorthand Certificate, Journalism Certificate, Future Vo- cation-Secretarial Work BETTY ZELDA SPANDAU-Student Federalist, Camera Club: intermediate Discussion Club: Senior Discussion Club, Senior Science Club: College Preference-Adelphi: Hobby--Photography: Diversion--Reading: Favorite School Subject-Mathematics MERVYN SPECK-Foreword Representative, Bible Reader: Print Shop, Manager of Intramural League of 351, '48, '49, Hobby-Sports ELLIOTT M. SPERLING-Microscope Clufb: A Cappella Choir, Male Chorus: Choir Programs, Favorite Subject-Physics: Favorite Sport-Football: College Preference-University of Pittsburgh: Ambition-Certified Public Accountant JAMES STEEN-Band A: Orchestra A, Track Team: Minstrel Show, Band and Orchestra Concerts, Future Vocation-Musician, Favorite Sport--Horseback Riding .LL-L1 -g?.s?4L,--i2.g?.Ll-.g.xi?.t?.U .gi'!.i,w.xiL.?, . DOROTHY L. STEIN-Dramatic English, Class Play: Foreword Representative, llth and 12th Grade: Senior Life Saving '49: Camera Club: Senior Science Club: Senior Leaders: Orchestra B: Mush- ball: Hockey: Basketball: Volley Ball: Swimming DELIA STEPHENS-Volley Ball '49: Typing Award '48: Entered from Gladstone, l1B: Hobby-Dancing: Favorite Sport-Basketball: Favorite Pastime-Playing Records NANCY STEPHENS-Chorus E, C, B: Basketball: Volley Ball: Favorite Pastime-Reading: Favorite Subject-Spanish: Hobby- Writing to Pen Pals in Other Countries WILBUR WILSON STEVENSON, JR.-Homeroom Vice Presi- dent, IZA: Future Vocation-Physician: Favorite Sport-Boxing: College Preference-University of Pittsburgh DONALD H. STEWART-Intramural Basketball: Favorite Sport -Swimming: Entered from Gladstone. llB: Favorite Pastime- Experimenting with Electricity ROBERT STOEHR-Representative for the Distributive Education Club: Scenery Construction for Class Play, '48: Favorite Sports- Football, Baseball: Favorite Diversion-Reading ALLEN MYRON SUPOVITZ-Class Day Committee: Homeroom Vice President, llA: Football Minstrel Show: Football Club: Band A, B. C, E: Concertmaster: Band A in l2A: Orchestra A: Football '48: Track '47, '48, '49 REBECCA SWAN - Class Day Committee: Class Play Usher: Greenhouse Club: Chorus B, C, E: Choir Festival at Carnegie Music Hall: Hobby-Sewing: Favorite Sport-Baseball SARITA TABAN-Future Teachers of America Club: Senior Dis- cussion Club: Volley Ball Team: Entered from Brenau Academy, IZB: Favorite Sport-Swimming ETHEL TANNENBAUM-Entered from Central High, VVashing- ton, D. C., IZB: journal Staff: Future Vocation-Teaching: Hobby -Ballet Dancing: Favorite Sport-Basketball STANLEY TAYLOR -Y Prom Committee: Homeroom Basketball Team, Manager: Pastime-Bike Riding: Hobby-Reading: Favorite Sport-Basketball: Favorite School Subject-History: Youth Club CY. M. C. AJ ROBERT THOMAS-Class Artist: Advanced Art: Special Shop Foreman: Track Team '-18: Track Letter: Intramural Basketball 'L' -L' 'L- -cv 1- -L- -L-PSFL' 'L- 'LJ -Ly -er -U -at 'c- 'Q 'ev -U 'zu -1.1 'U -L1 'cf -:J 'L- 'Lv -et -et C, Nfifxgfififkiififgfeqfkfifxzkcfk b.,fE-1P..'P.,'P..'EA'E.,f'r..f24E.f!:S.,'S,,'E.,'Y.,fS.,f lege-University of Pittsbur .am JAMES UNTENER-Entered from Gladstone, 11B: Homeroom Secretary: Wood Shop: Hobby-Collecting Pennies: Favorite Sports Baseball, Basketball: Future Vocation-Enlist in the Navy FRANCIS T. URSETTA-Entered from Gladstone, llB: Bowling Club: Special Shop, Foreman: Jewelry: Intramural Basketball '-19: Favorite Pastime-Bowling: Hobby-Fixing Things: Favorite Sports -Football, Boxing: Future Vocation--Dental Technician LOUIS VARGA-Entered from Gladstone, 11B: Orchestra A: Favorite Pastime-Playing the Piano: Favorite Sport-Tennis: Favorite Diversion-Pennsylvania National Guard JULIUS VARGO-Entered from Greenfield, 9B: Orchestra B: Com- mencement Usher: Special Shop: American Legion, Honorable Mention: Favorite Sports-Hunting, Fishing: Future Vocation- Enlist in the Marine Corps SHIRLEY VARGO-Entered from Gladstone, llB: M. M. M.: Foreword Representative: Future Vocation-Stenographer ALEX VENIG-Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Foreword Representative, IIA: Hall Patrol: Senior Science Club: Band: Intramural Basketball: Red Cross Drive: Hobby-Model Airplanes: Favorite Sport-Football EDITH TORIN-Student Council lxepresentative Dramatic ling lish: Make-up Chairman, Class Play Corridor Staff International Broadcasting: Chorus A: International Peace Day Xuard WILLIAM TOTH-Stage Crew Student Council 10B Special Shop, Stage Crew: Arrangement of Stage for all Programs Favorite Sports-Bowling and Baseball WILLIAM G. TOTH-Homexoom Xue President Special Shop Swimming Team '48, 319: Trael -lb Svtnnnnng kuards Filtered from Gladstone: Radio Program NORMA SMITH TRUST lournal Staff Ioreuord Staff Junior Intermediate, Senior Discussion Club Student Couneil Scholasti Art Awards. '45 to '-19: Cliairmin of -Xllderdne Xelnevtment Fratn Committee: Junior and Senior leaders Intercultural Group EDWARD DANIEL TURKO Class Dav Committee Shop Pore man: Special Shop: Intramural Basketball College Ireferenee Duquesne University: Ambition Nledm al Do tor PHYLLIS HARRIET UNATIN Basketball 46 Vollev Ball 46 Favorite Pastime-Reading: lwxolite Sport Baseball Inture Col . JOSEPH VERNA-Entered from Gladstone, 11B JAMES VIRGIN-Entered from Greenfield, 9B: German Club: Favorite Sport-Basketball: Favorite Diversion-Dancing: Favorite Subject-Geometry ROSE VISZNEKI--Entered from Gladstone, IIB: Foreword Repre- sentative: Volley Ball: Favorite Pastimes-Swimming, Dancing: Hobby+Crocheting: Favorite Sports-Volley Ball, Basketball: Fu- ture Vocation-Secretary JOSEPH WALLER-Entered from Gladstone, 11B: Minstrel Show: Football Team: Football Club: Print Shop: Wood Shop: Electric Shop: Hobby-Listening to and Collecting Records: Favorite Sports -Boxing, Football PEGGE WALLICK-Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, 10th, llth, 12th Grades: Prom Committee: Hall Patrol: Student Council, Prob- lems Committee: Social Committee: Foreword Staff: Modern Dance: Y-Teens, President: F. T. A.: Latin Club: Camera Club: Fashion Show NORMAN WANETICK--Homeroom Vice President, l2B: Future College-Pitt: Future Vocation-Shoe Retailer: Hobby-Collecting Coins: Favorite Sport-Swimming: Favorite Diversion-Driving LYNN S. WEILL Hall Staff, Junior Red Cross: Usher Squad: Camera Club: Hostess at Fashion Show: Volley Ball '48: KDKA Broadcast for Economics SANDRA WEINMAN-Dramatic English Cast: Future Teachers of America Club: French Clulb: Lunchroom Staff: Majorettes: Favorite Pastime-Listening to Records BORIS WEINSTEIN-Homeroom Vice President, llA: Student Council Representative: Hall Staff: Green Key: Ushers Club: Chorus B, C, D: Basketball '46, '47, '48, '49: Intramural Basketball: Student Council Problems Committee ELAINE WEINSTEIN-Journal Staff: Prom Committee: Hall Staff: Tea Hostess, P. T. A.: Journalism Certificate: Volley Ball '47, '4S: Transferred from Peabody, l0B: College Preference- Penn State DAVID HOWARD WEISSGreen Key: Band A: Marching Band: Track Team: Intramural Basketball: Diversion-Music CECELE ZELDA WEISBERG-Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Student Council Representative, IZB: Camera Club: Inter- mediate Discussion Clufb: Senior Discussion Club: Orchestra A, B. C: String Quartet: Harmony Class: Volley Ball '45: Mushball '46 N-'E:t.,x,,.,c.,e.,X.,c,,c,,c.,c.,.,c.,r ,.,e,.s..s..x.,s..N..x.,...s..s..s,.a..X.,NuC. J. JACK WEISS-Camera Club: Orchestra 7B, 7A: Dramatic Eng- lish: Journal Staff: Chorus C, D: VVire-recording History Project NORMAN B. WEIZENBAUM-Hall Staff: Intramural Basketball: Red Cross Drive: Homeroom Checker Champion: College Preference -Pennsylvania University for Business Administration REGINA H. WELLS-Class Day Committee: M. M. M.: Senior Science Club: Homeroom Secretary. 9B: Favorite Sport-Baseball: Favorite Subject-Physics: College Preference-Pitt PATRICIA LOUISE WERLING-Favorite Sports-Basketball, Volley Ball, Mnshball: Hobby-Collecting Odd Stamps: Favorite Subject-Typing PAUL WEST-Chess Club: Band A: Participant in Band Concerts: Hobby-Music: Favorite Sport-Swimming ARLENE WHEELER-Entered from Gladstone, 11B: Hobbies- Playing the Piano, Dancing: Favorite Sports-Football, Baseball BERNICE WILCOX-Class Day Committee: Foreword Repre- sentative, IZB. IZA: Volley Ball '45, '49: Letter for Intramural Volley Ball: College Preference-Grove City JOHN H. WILLIAMS-Football Club: Electric Shop: Track: Hob- bies-Building Model Airplanes and Railroads: Favorite Sports- Football, Baseball, Basketball ROBERT WILLIAMS-I-Iomeroom Vice President: Student Coun- cil '43, '49: Constitution Committee: Qualitative Analysis Class: Favorite Subject-Mathematics ROSA LEE WILLIAMS-Vclley Ball: Basketball: Shorthand Cer- tificate: Hobby-Collecting Photographs: Favorite Sports-Hockey, Swimming SAMUEL WILLIAMS--Flectric Shop: Entered from Gladstone llB: Favorite Subiect-Jewelry: Favorite Sports-Basketball. Foot- ball, Baseball: Amibition-I.awyer JAMES A. WILSON-Student Council '47, '48: Usher: Scope Club: Hi-Y: Chorus B. C: Announcer: VVood Shop: Metal Shop: Ad- vanced Special Shop: Football '47, '48, '49: Swimming '46, '47' Track '47 Q MARILYN WINSBERG-Dramatic English, Bible Reader, Hall Staff, Student Council, Special Dance, Modern Dance, Ambition- Social Worker DEEORES ANN WISLOSKY-Journal Staff, Homeroom Vice President, lZB, IZA, Senior Y-Teens, Orchestra A, B, All City, In- and-About Orchestra, Volley Ball '48, '49, American Legion Award GEORGE C. WOHLFARTH, JR.-Intramural Basketball, Entered from St. Philomena, 9B, Favorite Subject-History, Ou-tside Interest-Boating, Hobby-Trains, College Preference-Duquesne University JANET WRIGHT- Entered from Gladstone, llB, Basketball, Volley Ball, Favorite Pastime-Dancing, Swimming, Favorite Sport -Baseball LEA WYGODNA-Favorite Sport-Volley Ball, School Subject- Typing MARY RUTH YEAGER-Advanced Economics Project, Served at judges Luncheon, Served at Senior Luncheon, Pastime-Dancing MARGARET CECELIA YOURICK-Homeroom Secretary, llB. 1lA, Homeroom Vice President, IZB, IZA, Library Club, Group Eg Clothing, Hockey '48, Basketball '48, '49, Volley Ball '48, '49, Mushball '49, Gregg Shorthand Speed Certificate ANDREW P. ZEEDICK-Homeroom President, Prom Committee, Qualitative Analysis Class, German Club, Track '48, '49, Swim- ming '48, '49, Golf '48, '49, Intramural Basketball,XAn1bition- Chemist , ' PHYLLIS ZEGAR-Volley Ball: Hall Staff, M. M. M., F. T. A.: Cafeteria Staff, Entered from Peabody, 9A, Pastime-Knitting: Favorite Subject-Shorthand I-fu JAMES VERNER CALLOMON-Homeroom President, 9th Grade, Band A: Swimming Team, Pitt Interscholastic Swim Meet, History Broadcast, WCAE, Homeroom Vice President, 10th Grade, Home- room Treasurer, llth Grade GORDAN M. MEIXNER-Stage Scenery, Future Vocat'ion-Com- mercial Art and Advertising, Favorite Sport-Golf, Favorite Suh- ject-Art, Outside Interest-VVorking on Motors JAMES SEDLER-Band A, Marching Band, All City Band, Foot- ball, College Preference-Penn State: Favorite Subject-History N 'ri :TR 'Ti :3 43.3 ?'s.5s?.?5.l3f5.?'s 53 353 'fi 43 5 'WS 'WF SUMMARY O19 THE PERIOD Contrilnition to hlood stream: Language contrilmtion: lllolcling Institution: Ideal of manhood : lJonnnant literary type: New literary devices: flll2ll'2lCICl'lSIlC literary style: Great lioolil Great authors: lloniinant movement: Cultural heritage: F riendly, O R esource T Y N I N E l,l'lllfCl"5 Ink Monday grannnar crainining "The XYall" l'olished carelessness Investigative themes Reference cards Witty Hlllllill51l1H ififll' f01lI'l1llI ylflt' .IUIIVIIKII staff lixodus at 5:05 lieginnings of delnent governed hy athletic season ia praecox: Organization of "escape" philosophy frolicsome, full of fun rderly, but ornery, surpassed hy ful, reckless, rarin' to go he faculty never found us slow. oung in spirit, young in age: llllllff. ew things to discover was our heritage. n all sorts of activities up to our ears: otwitilistancling, these were our best years. nergetic. ingenuous, possessed of great wit, R eason enough to explain our big' hit. S oine were in choir: some chose dance: A ll joined in-or at least had a chance. L eaving it now, as seniors, are we: L eaving' it to those who hope to lie. L 'T' 1' EG 412' sr. i llgghllll 1 lr- x '- ku illlilllflllv in . ,,,, . I nun.. Q 5 l I. y ,,......., ' gf lg lg-pnnirllgll. .- . slr... J Jr ' 'ik'--ll' ll ' I- , i will-nul.l. ..,, e ' .1 t i T V If 6.5 7 X"""'Z""""ef1f 4' 'HJ 1. 1 i.ii.'f7f"WW. Ht -ll it l!!sgsi,. ,lf V -, NNI, I' H lmxru V 3, Vi my if '," it ll 'N l'vH',K'p'9':,' .n l llwwlyh --9 ,.,l2ZE H f --K, -'Qi 'Y ,A vi Mm- L1 Mu, v "H"?l'l,, r l fl'.f' M'y,f, ' 3 ' ..,l."v'Q' Twill xi alll" l I' V ' 1ll".'mWlW ll fi' ,Q irblnfilll' WV 'l l "Nl ' t wg, ,X uk, ' my lt. 1 mt , l, X li ,.' ,,,i rlrvm ' 515 f -J , H L- L, H isa., I . ix, i il.4,,,MM QIMIIM l lttmlxw f 85 The Caricatures 0f2I0 Teacher A..,..,A,..A...A.A,.,.....,..,,,,.......,.........,.........................,....... Mr. Alex Seigal President ,. ,...,,. .,.... James Bacho Vice President .,.. ...,.....,.... A lice Noble Secretary ......... .,.. . ., .................,,,.. Faye Sigal Treasurer A,......A,.....,..................,,.,.. ....r.... R aymond Gorman Student Council Representative ..., ,.......,.. I ocelyn Daniels Foreword Representative ,.,,...... ..,... ..........,.....,.., T i ba Sladen Sergeant-at-Arms .....,...,......,,i..........,.......,....,........,.....,.. Russell McCallister Comic strip characters decorate our treeg VVe'll tell you about all in our family. jimmy is our Little King, jimmy is our boss, Wfithout UIIMMY ISACHO, we'd be at a loss. Ella Civzdvrs, big eyes and big heart, YIVIAN BARTHELEMY-you guessed it-you're smart! Pretty Kit Karson has a grand career aheadg XVe think FRANCES COFFEY could take her place instead. Though a little naughty, AVllIlf'j'iS still a lot of fun- As 'IOCIE DANIELS, she's like a ray right from the sun. livery fellow looks as Hrvnda Hrccsc goes whizzing ibyg Our own RUTIIIE lJll.l,NER is quite as appealing to the eye. Jcmr ,flrdvn is, as we all know, a worker through and throughg NORMA DITTNER is like this miss, though pleasure-seeking, too. illirkif' Finn might be conscientious and the idol of your eye: But we think WIIERRY FRANK could take his place, and that's no lie. Mary Ma.r'z'cI manages to pull out of every scrape she's ing MARGUERY FRANK can do this, too, and still retain a grin. Becky Grogyins is sweet with all in 'her foldg Doesn't this remind you of our GRETA GOLD? ,x Blackie-he's the 'bright one, you knowg RAY GORMAN is ours in this 210 show. ADOLPH GUERRA, blond as Phil Fuinble, Is always making the girls' 'hearts tumble. Archie Andrews-heart rod, turtle neck- Makes you think of BOB HAZLEY, I'll bet. MARY JOY is unaffected and sweet As Daisy Mae she's sure hard to beat. Li'l Abner is a simple lad with a fatal charmg He and HERBIE LENCHNER will never do you -harm. I oe Palooka, big and blonde, with the cutest gring He, as RUSS MCCALLISTER, sets our hearts a-spin. Cute as a button, mischievous-whom does that bring to mind? SONIA MALKIN is our choice of Little Iodine. EDNA MORITZ, like Dixie Dugan, is a friend to everyoneg It would be hard to find her equal anywhere under the sun. A star reporter is Brenda Starr, who works to do her partg Our own reporter is ALICE NOBLE so close to everyone's heart. The typical teen in our 'book is Candy Or VERONICA PALYO who's just as dandy. VINCE PAVICIC is our own Captain Easy: His mood is always so light and so breezy. H ans and Fritz, bad but bright- NORMIE and ARNIE ROBBINS? That's right! SARAH ROSS as cute as a Penny- She'll always be a friend of many. Dagwood is rushing and always late, The resemblance to BILL SABO is great. Slnggo is always in dutch, you see g That sounds like JERRY SADJA to me! Diminutive, mischievous, and ever so nice g Priscilla in the comicsg FAYE SIGAL at Allderdice. Tillie the Toiler is dark and cute, and a worker, too- You can have your Tillieg for us, MOLLIE SILVERBLATT will do. Our sweet, little blonde who makes a hit with any boyg TIBA SLADEN'S prettier than Mitzi McCoy. Then there's Pug-in and out of trouble g Tall and blonde-BECKY SWAN'S ,her double. Mopsy is a flirty girl, as cute as she can beg This is ETHEL TANNENBAUM on our family tree. Fritzi Rite is pretty, and her glamour really showsg S'he's matched by PHYLLIS UNATIN clear down to her toes. ALEX VENIG, to our minds, Available Jones does bring 5 You'll like him for he'll help you to do 'most anything. Yellow hair, and cute in way, Blondie is LYNN WEILL, any old day. NORMIE WEIZENBAUM reminds us of Steve Roper, ' Always helping others, never a loafer. MR. SEIGAL, for all our tricks, never blew his topg He must have more patience than Priscillair Pop. 8 7 fr. fr. 11. fr. fr. Q. fr. 11. The ommzce 0f254 Teacher . , ....,.. Miss jane McCandless President .,.. , .,,. .,,...,,... ...., R i chard Crone Vice President ,.,,. ..,..... L eah Honeytord Secretary ..,...,..,i.. ...i.,...,.,.,.,,,.,,,,., .i,......... F e rn Barnett Treasurer .,.., ., .....i,..,.....,. ......,.......i.. ...... B e atrice Pollack Student Council Representative .. , .Boris VVeinstein Foreword Representative ...............................,.........i......,.,,..., Dorothy Stein This story is going to be told As if we lived in days of old, And all of us from 254 VVere out in the VVest, digging for ore. The time is 1849 And there is much ground to mineg The setting is McCandless' Mills, As our wagon comes rolling o'er the hills. The mayor of this booming town of Western fame, Is Miss McCand1ess who for our tricks has ever been game. Calm and capable, without reproach, ERNST NAGEL drives this coach. lVe asked the best typist, DELIA STEPHENS by name, Huw to get to the bank as that was our aim. Foreword Business Manager of very high rank, Is RICHARD CRONE who now runs this bank. .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .U .LJU .L, .U .U .U .U .U .U -L, -L, -U -U -L. -L. -L, 1, -eve. v7L4P.,fS,,'E,,fE.4X,fX,4i4EfE,,f5.,'P..'S.,'P.,'S,fXv45.f':4E N.:E.'E.'Y:E,'P,fE,'P,.'E,'k:P.'P,'E.fE,'E.,fb,.fP..'S..' 88 We opened the door and who should appear, But MORTON SILVERMAN, the 'bank cashier. ROSALIN ABRAMS, n-ow our fashion expert, Gave some directions in manner pert. Then to SORALIE LEVIN'S dining hall we came, fShe's the one of "I Remember Mama" fame.j Next we went to a rooming house run by another lass- SANDRA WEINMAN wlho t-wirls a mean baton in our class. Then all of a sudden some shots rang out, So we ran to the door to see what was about. Chief candidate for constarble, MURRAY SACHS, Must be with a rival-grinding an ax. The rival is JAMES SILVERMAN who is a politician, Because he can surely talk up any condition. During the battle, ARLENE WHEELER volunteered to get aid, And so to the doctor's office ventured this very brave maid. KENNETH KRELL came rushing to the sceneg Of the town's doctors, -he is surely the dean. Nurse LEAH HONEYFORD was there in a minute, Carrying her black 'bag with all the things in it. SARAH RIZZO-of whom the M. M. M. is proud- Was seen in her nurse's uniform, bustling through the crowd. JACK BROURMAN, the famous fiddling football player, Made an end to the noise as an aid to the mayor. With the aid of ALLEN SUPOWITZ, his clarinetist friend, These two Vigilantes brought all the trouble to an end. We went to lawyer BEATRICE COHEN to stake out a claim. QThis Discussion Club Moderator has achieved great famej Her secretary, FERN BARNETT, gave us the go ahead sign, To stake out our claims at once for a mine. Here comes SAM LEWIS who discovered the goldg His wonderful secret he just couldn't hold. IRWIN SHAPIRO as our chief prospector Is always our best gold mine detector. Down the street is the assayer's office of DOROTHY STEINg Like Foreword money, she gets the gold from the mine. VVe met JOE MASTRIANO walking down the street, For carpentry he just can't be beat. Next we went to EILEEN SATTON'S vaudeville show, Which in our town is the place to go. On stage was a magician Qyou know whom we meanj NVhy it's MURRAY GROSSINGER who at sleight of hand is keen. For the next, Modern Dance turned out a queen- Our townls leading dancer is PHYLLIS GREEN. Accompanist RUTH ANN ISAACS was seated in the pitg She plays both piano and fiddle a bit. One hundred y-ears hence he'll be a Group A standby, It's STANLEY HIRSCH with straw hat and bow tie. Here comes the school marm walking down the streetg MYRA SMITH'S a teaclher who just can't be beat. GEORGE KENNEDY is now very skilled in the shopg So when our horse goes lame, at his smithy we stop. VVe wondered how to spend the time while our horse was getting a shoe Then we met secretary JANET WRIGHT who told us what to do. She took us to the office of the town's gazetteg The editor, FAEVERNER BEESE, we'll never forget. VVe saw as we walked slowly through the door, CLAIRE BOOHER sorting news-always ready for more. BORIS WEINSTEIN has a good journalistic style, He gets all the news for many a mile. BEATRICE POLLACK'S the 'artist for our paper growingg Her pictures and sketches make quite a fine showing. So ends the story of our rush to the VVest- We went out there with lots of zest. We've had some fun along the way, And wished that we might always stayg But there are many other things to do, And we go on with dreams anew. iiiii -lim :W ill ' 5 :J f ii' xl t ,,,.y. , ,,y. M l -te 2 -U.k,.U.U.U.U.U.U.U.. .. .. ., .. .. .Un .U.Liu.U.U.U.U.L,.U.L,.L,-l,-L,-L,-g,,-1,-g,!-g-'z.- t,.x., xfffxfefxfxfefexfxfsfqxysesexeyssesfe. savrfgsdsdyexfesfsxfxfv va.. N.. s. -. The 26 7 a,Q'mz'fed 'l'eacher . , . ............ ..... M iss Dorothy Bergman Presiclent .. .,.....,,........,...... Jane Elliott Vice Presiclent , ,..... Delores Vllislosky Secretary . ,... ..... ,.,. ,..,..,.,,..l.,..,... ....,.. R u t l 1 Kirkpatrick Treasurer ,. ,, .....,......, ,.,...,,.,....,,,.. ,.,., E u gene Lowman Student Council Representative ,.,., .,..,...... R ita Green Foreword Representative ...,.,..,.......,..,.,,,.,.,.....,,..,,,.,.,.,.,..... Bernice XVilcox All Aboard! Leaving Allderdice! NN'e're on our way Bound for places throughout the U. S. A., Carrying our passengers with pride and traditions, Helping them realize their various ambitions. Engineer: Jane Elliott This nightingale has many talents: In gym and sports Janie keeps her balance. lil'llkl'1IIlIl'lI lh'Iorc.s' ll'i.rl0sl.'y lf you have any aches that seem to stick, XVhen Delores is a nurse shell cure them quick. lfircnzan: Ruth Kirkpatrick A model who knows how to make her own clothes: At Carnegie Tech she'll show what she knows. Ticker 'I'ukr'r: Eugvm' L0'ZUll1ll-11' Gene greets everyone with a smile: He's jolly and friendly all the while. C011d11flw': Rita Grmwz Rita will show you the way to successg She does her steno work with great finesse. Pnrlvr: l?z'r11icc lVilc0.r lil. ll. loves to skate and fish, She is 267's most glamorous dish. ni.J:'?.'.F2'."-75.'l-3.'wT'.7xT.'.-75.'71N'.J ni.:-'1i.'L3K.Jf:x.J ni.: ngfnif fuk.:-'1R.Jf15.J3.' GRE Career Girl: Sylvia Sehaer An actress we also have on our traing Her dramatic talent should 'bring her much gain. Business Ill en : Francis Quinlan Have you heard of Square Deal Frank who is honest and fair? He'll be the best car salesman anywhere. Larry Klein For his ambition good luck he'll needg But Lar will get alongg he'll surely succeed. LOUNGE CAR PASSENGERS Society Girls: Audrey Cohen A petite blonde who is very sweetg Her personality gives the whole car a treat. Lois Rosenberg Dark-haired Lo is the belle of this car- Vivacious always-she's quite a star. Rita Rubinoff Sitting -pretty surrounded by men, Is our Rita who has a social yen. Bernice Solomon Bernyls a pal and quite a dear, Though mischievous, she's truly sincere. Virginia Sheehan Virginia is our cute, little clerkg Some day she'll excel in her good work. Carolyn Gattrell On our train we have the cutest blonde- A person of whom everyone is fond. Illan of Distinction: Arthur Lenchner Our favorite friend will really rate On the campus at Penn State. OBSERVATION PLATFORM Artist: Arthur Armstrong With paint and brush Art is keeng He can draw many a beautiful scene. Musician: Eugene Saulsbury Some day Sauls will play the drum On the radio, or just for fun. DINER Roseniary Roberts At designing jewelry she's a whizg Her pet peeve is an English quiz. Stanley Bastacky Our homeroom's proud of Stan, our bassg In harmony he can set the pace. say 'say 'ta 'va 'legs-fe's:f'efU 's-,es-fa 'sff'ef'efU Q e -. --., plyi-: -1- .-,.-7a:- -, 1- si, .',f-mpgggw 7 - pw-:gyg:vL :i ' f- 1'2P'f'v-vvv-sysuysgg v CLUB CAR PASSENGERS Woman of Fashion: Jean Snyder A seamstress who sews both in spring and fallg She's also kept busy modeling them all. Athletes: Thomas Blosser Our star diver waves to friends with good cheery They are wishing him luck at Pitt next year. Jerold Finn A sportsman whose charm and smiling face Will always get him to first base. George H nlrne Dreaming of golf, he excels at this sport: And when it comes to track, he doesn't run short. Joe Kerekes A football lover who looks not askance At the fun derived from indulgence in dance. Hnniorists : I ay Garber A happy-go-lucky lad is jay- The funny man who keeps our train gay. Bill Gershuny Sitting in the corner telling his jokes Is jester Bill, another of our folks. Marvin Hoffman A photographer at heart, jovial Marv. In the picture field, his initials he'll carve. Business Girls: Lorraine Rose The Bell Telephone Company may claim this maid Who is cheerful, kind, always willing to aid. Barbara Rosenberg Barb will be a sweet employee When she becomes a secretary. Eileen-Solomon Eileen types with the greatest of easeg As a white collar girl, she'1l certainly please. CABOOSE Robert Connell A future draftsman who gets great delight In dabbling in poetry-simple and light. Donald Bergant When it comes to mechanics, Don's our handy mang Fixing, repairing--he'll do all that he can. Robert Keisling A mathematical genius is our Bobg He can tackle and lick any job. Albert Braun A likeable person is our friend Al, His schoolmates find him quite a pal. 93 -x-X-15-N-N.-,-x.,..x.1....N.,X. ..X , QQ ,xfX,,,-X -X -A-,..,..X1 .. .-.-.-.. . KH. MURAL-CANTERBURY PILGRIMS QJfCflZ'67J87716l1f Twin The 306 uflphabei Teacher .,............ ..,,..,..,....,.......,.......,......,.,......... M iss Katherine Skarinski President .........,......... .......,.....,....,.. D avid Rothman Vice President ......... ......... M argaret Y ourick Secretary .,..,.......,,...........,....,...,..,. ......,....... A dele Farber Treasurer ......,..,.........,..........,..,......., ....,.....,... J ohn Lloyd Student Council Representative ..,.,. .....,... W illa Handshue Foreword Representative ...,....,.,.... ......... S hirley Vargo A is for all of us in 3065 When we get together everything clicks. B is for best friend, and you will find NAT BIRKENFIELD and HARRIETT FELDMAN are just that kind C is for choir, and DAVIDA LAZEAR With her lovely voice will fit right in here. D is for dark of eyes and of hair, FAY BORTZ and DAVE ROTHMAN are just such a pair. E is for tfhe energy PAUL KALINYAK'S got: He helped pull our swimming team to t-he t-op spot. F is for football, and we have the stars- AL FECHKO, BILL ROBERTS-'we're proud that they're ours. G is for gifted, and of course we speak Of DIANE FUTTERMAN and her acting technique. H is for harmony sweet and clearg FRED CRISSMAN'S trombone is like that to the ear. I is interest in chemistry Shown by our scientist WIL KENNEDY. I is for jewel, not ruby, but pearl- Our PEARL REMIAS is a gem of a girl. K is f-or knight and K is for king: A courtly fellow is THOMAS BING. L is for lucky and we are we know To have BETTY DOLNEY and SHIRLEY VARGO. M is for masculi-ne MORTON GURRENTZ And ELLIOTT SPERLING, two muscular gents. N is for -nice and nifty and neat. And that's WILLA HANDSHUE, who can't be beat. O is for office, when sch-ool's done you'll see That is where ARLENE PETRUZZI will be. P is for play, the class play we mean: You'll find MINETTE SINGER right on the scene. Q is for quick on the typewriter keys, Little LENA COCO types fast and with ease. R is for reaflv when vou want a friend, On JOSEPH PETRISCO vou mav always depend. S is for swell just like IOHNNY LLOYDg A minute with him is a minute enjoyed. T is for time and now time is right To say MARGARET YOURICK fills hearts with delight. 5-N-X-X-A.5-,-x-.-..x..e-e-A...,..e.L.,.g..,..g,.L.,X.,.,g..,..,..,.,e.,g..x,X.,,,, U is for upward and that is the way Wfe know RICHARD CHICKO is headed today. V is for vigor, GEORGE WOHLFARTH it's true, And EDWARD LEWINTER are a vigorous two. W's for wonderful, witty and wow, That's PHYLLIS ZEGAR and BETTY SPANDAU. X is for X-ray, a clear brilliant light- DONNA CUNNINGHAM'S smile makes 306 bright. Y is for yes, we,re glad we know ADELE FARBER and TERESA SACCO. Z is for zestful. the best adjective To NORMAN SCHWARTZ that we can give. CLASSICAL LINES Tl1vC1ork A .,. A ., ..,.,...,.. , , .. 3:05 Bell The SIll"f7l'f.S'C .,., . .,i,. A Gym grades scare seniors Yzfffrarkfa' Snitz' ,. V, . ., , , , Exams Pafhvfiqzfv . ..,.. , . .,,., .. Senior Themes The Italian ., .,.. . Spaghetti Llfllalryc , ..,., ,. , Study Hall Porgy an' Hess ,. ..,.. ..,. . Dick and Ioan Cm'1'11m1 ., .. , , .,.,,,.. .,.,., B obby Caldwell Rafflr' of fcrirlzo ,,..... .. .. , . The VVall -V-ln Anzmfirazz in Paris ,..... . . A , , ., , French Club T110 Ufzfnzislzvd .. .. ,, , . Quest of Knowledge .Sfrvnadc ..., ,. .,,. ..,, .. . ..,T1he Choir llanrf of the Couzfdiazzs ,Mike Siviy K Grwin Caddy 77011 funn ., ,.,.. , .. ., , .,,...,...,. A David Kleinherg Slzmuboaf ,..i A .,.... ,.,, . A .,..,,..,.... . ...,... Class Play Nm' U'01'Id . ,. , Graduation ,.L,.l,.. .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .U.U.U.L,.U. . sfxfSQX:f:SX4S4NE-2s':Ne'fsifsfX5fQsLfsZfsQfvt:X,fNe'fx Ndfxresrgszavefsgfsifsifefmfsfxfaf 312 Tales-or the Pitzful Parody fwith apologies to Geoffrey Chaucerj Teacher ...,,............,....,..............,............,....,....,..,.. Miss Florence li. Graham President ............. .......,,.,.,.........,.. S idney Rosen Vice President ...,. ...... ......... M i chael Siviy Secretary .,...,........,.. ,..,.. 4..i..,. B a rbara Potts Treasurer ....A.,........,.,,.i........,..i...,.,.. ,.,.,., P atricia Miller Student Council Representative ,...., .4.,.. I lonald Laszlay Foreword Representative .,..,...........,...........,............... ....,... D avid Cohen When that june with its graduation day Hath pierced the heart of Seniors in every wayg Then 3l2ers long a pilgrimage to make Down the long aisle their diplomas to take. And four and thirty to the very end, From the 3rd floor rear to the stage they wendg Of sundry folk by accident let fall In fellowship, and students were they all. IX President there was, a worthy man that from the moment he first began To run about, he loved activity, girls and honor, pink and courtesy. -Sid Rosen VVith him an aide, his Vice President, a cartoonist, and a lusty joker: Crew of hair, just as cut grass: a favorite with all in the class. -Mike Siviy A Secretary had we, her admirers-Ho! With long tresses and freckles-Oh! Our Bubbles will never fail in the class play, or enticing a male. -Barbara Potts A Treasuress also had we with A's abounding her mental tree: Her sojourn in 312 is quite s-hort-out for Foreword, journal and sport. -Patty Miller A Foreword Representative so merry, a licensed beggar, a full solemn mang In subscriptions he's on the spot, if you don't pay, he'll make it hot. -Dave Cohen A Student Councillor in the class, t-oo, who kept us from being blue, VVith clever quips and adviceg in the ways of women he sure is wise. -Ronnie Lasday An Artist who could really paint, long had crayons 'been 'her mateg Foreword and Council claim her timeg her art w-ork is truly sulblime. -Norma Trust A Lawyer of brains and Ibrawn, a silver-tongued -orator going on and on, Lots to do is his special creed-for in activities he takes the lead. -Al Reuben A Seamstress there was, versed in stitching: her charm was bewitcfhing. Her needle 'made garments galore, better than could be bought in a store. -joan Green Also a Sportsman whom we name, in football he secured his fame: As captain of our successful team, and one who is always on the beam. -Ed Schneier K .. .. ... -. .- 1- -.t . SKWE fa ?R5.'WE .'7T fd ."3.'Ps .- ?.'17? KW!! .fe ."??."Nn With us was a Doctor of Physics-there is none like Humphrey To speak of motors and sodas, for he is versed in all iotas. -Davy Bogert A Cook who could burn itoast, as well as ruin a roast. A lass who laughs and smiles-to see Allderdice win she'll go miles. -Janet Francis A Co-ed was in our room-Penn State will spell her success soon, A memlber of French Club and M. M. M. Will she ever forget them? -Joanie Joseph A Hunter with a special flairg in track he won with time to spare, A friendly fellow liked by all, his sincerity is not small. -Johnny Nadzam A Nurse, president of M. M. M.g swimming meets, she'd never miss themg To the star diver, she's an inspiraftiong Duquesne, her aspiration. -Issie Lanzotti A Traveler has stopped to sojourn-he came back to us this year to learn. Football bench, his favorite seatg and the chorus, our transient's meat. -Berl Gusky There's a Farmer who'll be a successg in football games he'd never rest. Even crutches didn't stop our star, for his spirit is well above par. -Kenny McGowan A Musician had a booming laugh: his presence is felt on our beaten pathg A staunch and steady fellow who'll rate, though he forever arrives late. -joe Soltz A popular Librarian we also had, physics homework drove her mad: Name cards she tried hard to sellg we all bought because she's swell. -Ann Kertis An Usherette with a gay laugh, on Student Council and Lunchroom Staffg Her blue eyes with matching glasses make her the envy of all lasses. -Barbara Bluestone A Swimmer with us has journeyed farg he h-opes someday to pass the barg NVith trumpet in hand he's seen, on St. Patrick's Day decked in green. -jack Flaherty A Knitter makes hats by the score: she made one and now's making moreg 'Scope and Lifesaving interest her too, as discussing and tutoring do. -Ada Lou Siegel A Clerk we had learning how to -sew, a receptionist s'he had the knowg To baseball games she liked to stray, a genial lass she'll ever stay. -Helen Parikakis Our Electrician wrote with a quill: we called him much, but mostly Billg Stage crew gives 'him satisfaction-a man who's always full of action. -Bill Toth On our trip a Mechanic who can please, a Shriner motor he built with easeg A tall dashing guy, he never stopsg to be a wit, our My is tops. -Myron Selwyn A Singer was there of many songs, a blue-eyed blonde for which man longsg In basketball s'he's really tops: her life dance should not have stops. -Nancy Bechtel A Helper who assists in 214, in "I Remember Mama" will be seen, A connoisseur of novels and foodg her twinkling eyes keep us in good mood. -Phyllis Moravitz f's5f,fif,f's-'xy e'fQ',fs::fs-:',fsE-Qs'-i-2's4s'fs:fe'fs:fs2.fif.fsJfsQri2s'.fs':'fQQQQQQSQQQQQQQHHVE .x.,,..,..,.x..x. A Seller of Foot Coverings was with us, when in a crowd he's in a fuss: A joker is joseph, always in jest: when talking of clothes, 'he's the best. -joe Arenson XVith us was a rabid Baseball Fan: insides of houses she'd like to plan: A record collector, time she can killg busy about nothing is our l'l1yll. -Phyllis Bloom NVith us was a Manager, too, 5'8", hair brown, eyes blue. Sports rate as his call, football, baseball, and basketball. -joe jackson A Songbird with voice so mellowg her looks have charmed many a fellow. Has worked to plan Class Dayg an outstanding soloist in Group A. -Fran Smolover A Taker of Letters was there, with shorthand her special ware. Basketball and music with her rate: one thing' sure, she's date bait. -Rosie Simon A Wearer of Loud Cloitlres, who isn't tall: you can find him at the wall: To be in trouble is his art: but with our bl. bl. we'll never part. A charming Hostess aye there was to greet, VVho bade us enter, thence to find a seat. Before us gems of wisdom spread-our feast And met unstinting our whims both great and least. No one could ever call her a slacker, VVhose name spells just like a famous cracker. VVhen kids of ours must go someday to school. VVe hope their teachers are just like our jewel. Miss Graham -J. 1. Roth 'Q c..s...xqx.,v.,ws.. a,,,,,,c,,,,x7, 3-pXp,w.,-:Xpq,-q,Qp,yq-p,,-gp,p,p,ps,ygQq,vgp,A-s,.,,x ,N -,-.e.fe..e..e.,e..e-, .- .Q A .N .X .- .1 .1 .1 .4 A .- .1 .-s..'- .1 .- .N .1'N.TA'.-s ff? 'W'N'x'fN'W'1'W7X -w. -1. Q. -1. H. G. A. -w. . fQl7l16'.f Qf'Fd7716 0f35I 'leacher ,... .,... ...,...............,..,.,.,,....,................,.., M i ss Margaret Hanrahan President .,.... .,., Vice President Secretary .,...,, lreasurer .....,,.,....,,.,.,, ..,.... ....,..,. . . Student Council Representative .. . Foreword Representative .,...,...,.,.. joseph Abbenante4",'Xbby" A-newspaper man at Forbes and Murray, B-rilliant in the boys' annex: B-aseball's his meat- Y-esterday's box scores are memo- rized completely. George Bellis-"Butch" B-ig boy, U-nderstanding. T-alented with model planes. C-ooperative and extremely . H-elpful in the homeroom. Bert Boodman-"Borkil" B-right boy with bright hair, but . . . O-therwise he's normal. R-esoureeful. K-ind and also helpful: I-ntegrity his aim when at a job, but he . . . L-oves to sleep. too. Marilyn Bales-"Jeanne" -I-olly and . . . E-arnest. A-lways smiling, N-ever tardy. .............,..,VVilliam Kaufman ....,..Louise Cooper .. .... Joan Seiner .Carolyn Harris Marilyn XVinsberg .............,...........Mervyn Speck Lois Barkowitz-"Lo-by" L-uscious and . . . -hi so helpful: -aseball claims her attention. -es. so do men. Lita Brown-" l .ee" L-ovely to look at, E-specially brilliant. E-ffervescent personality. Dominic Cimino-"Caesar" C-omplimentary, -mbitious. -specially handsome -mall guy, but not in . . -thleticsl -edlieacls are his favorites. Louise Cooper-"Gert" -allons of pep, --nerffetie. enthusiastic worker b -adiantl T-rina in the class play. Barbara Domb-"Barbie" B-eautiful red hair, -ttentive. R-eally cute: B-elonged to the Majorettesl maginative, E-.ntertaining at all times. N-ice to . . . E-veryone. zbbimwiiiwwwwww -1 ' Max Foner-"Max" aster at the violin, terrific actor with . . . tra pers-onality deposited within this veins Louise Goldblatt-"Lou" ikes collecting recordsg n time alwaysg nusually sweet and kind. was III cron-' III Marion Gottfried-"Marion" -ucho personality, lways joking, Ta R-ight on .top . . . I-n everything 0-ut of . . . N-othing. Barbara Grimm-"Barb" B-Iue eyes, A-lways happy, R-eally likes swimming meets: B-ill is her hobby. Carolyn Harris-"Cooky" C-ute, O-bliging, 0-pen-hearted, K-inetic energy plus Y-outhfulness. Peter Hayko-"Pete" P-atriotic to his school E-verybody's friend T-ops in E-verything he does. William Kaufman-"Bill" B-rains plus I-n 351, 'he's our . . . L-eader and has good . . . ooks as well as personality. L-1 I Louise Maloney-t'Lou" eaves us in a gay mood n account of her . . . nusual personality. czorf III Thomas O'Brien-"Tommy" he girls swoon and say v-J I O-h! that man. M-arvelous, M-anly- Y-uletide is his favorite time of year. Florence Pingor-"Pinky" P-owerful, I-ndustrious, N-ever discouraged K-ind Y-ou'll never forget her. Michael Price-"Mike" M-anly and . . . I-nteresting to talk to K-ind and generous E-specially able mechanic. Florence Recht-"Flo" F-ace that's pretty, L-ikes collecting discsg O-ccupies a place in our heart. Leonard Rubenstein-"Ruby" R-ates with us, U-sually has a good word for all. B-est friend there is: Y-ou can't help liking him. Inez Sarcone-"Dimples" D-arling and has . . . -nitiativeg M-agnanimous, P-olite, L-audaible, -arnest and not . . S-illy. Joan Seiner-"Joni" .I-ovial and has lots of . . O-omphg -ot bad on the eyesg -mabibes knowledge easily. Marga Silberman-"Manga" M-illions of friends, A-dored by allg R-esponsibility is her . . -reatest . . . A-sset. Mervyn Speck-"Weasel" -e can't beat him for an . . . E-fficient representative -lways S-ells those Forewords to . . . E-verybody: L-acks egotism. e'e:'ef'ef'wee'ere'sf'Q'asf'saefr'ef'ef'ef'sa'isafir'ef'iff'sa'ees-2'ef'QQ'f's."sf-f'?'s.2'sa'ef's:1f'sif.f'e:'s'-?91e FR .,g..,..x.. ..,..,..,..X.,,..g..,..,..,..,.,g..g...,.x james Untener-"E11no', verywhere at once, ikes sports, akes us laugh at his jokes- ur proud favorite. Paul West-"Paul" P-olite, A-swell guy, U-nusually kind, L-iked by everyone. joseph Waller-hjoe' esting is his pastime, n the football field he excels, ntertaining. Norman Wanetick-"Norm" eglects frowning n the iball constantly eturns compliments Marilyn Winsberg-"Marilyn" M-uch appreciated by all, A-dorable, R-eally helps . . . I-n student councilg L-ikes collecting records Y-ou know that it's . . . N-eedless to say-f'She'll Succeedf iss Hanrahan's court jester. jack Weiss-"Jack" ust as sweet . . . s he can be- lass play as "P'apa.', John Williams-"Hank" H-appy-go-lucky yet . . . A-ggressiveg N-ever has an un . . . -ind-hearted. K-ind word for any one. MY A B C DREAM A Arriving at school on time every day B Being first in the lunch line C Coming to school early Monday morning D Doing homework during sixth period E Eating at the Hot Puppy F Finding A's on all my English tests G Getting the lead in the class play H Hearing the dismissal bell at one thirty I Impressing teachers with red apples I joking with fellow pupils between classes K Knitting during Physics class L Leaving school 'before 3:05 without an early dismissal M Marking my own test papers N Naming all the U.S. presidents in the correct order O Observing the small print in the text books P Passing all my subjects with high grades Q Quoting passages of poetry correctly R Roaming the halls without being questioned S Sleeping until ten o'clock on school days T Telling "tall" stories without laughing U Using books during Spanish tests V Visiting Mr. Thomas on a social call W Winning first prize in essay contests X Xcelling in all sports Y Yelling across the lunch room without being stared a-t Z Zooming down the halls without being knocked down Many.. we49e,xS4iJ,4sif!.fYC.f?.'.'S?.N??.S':si.'Ni4Ni4NS4Ni4?rsi.fN!4si.fV.4Nlf.fE'.'N??,S'.'Nt3:S.fsi'N34si.'e:N5f.S:Efx4!:e H0771 e 6'1 '0710mz'1 ',v X, 1 sw --X -i -K -X -- ax .-s la .-X li .-s .A ax M, U, as , -K .1 is -Y- -Vx -as .1 ra .., ..X .1 .N as ..e .., .K ..e wfwfwfxfwfxfwfxfxfwfx 'sfwfxfxfx fx sfwfa fNfX,Nf,,q,-, s, .s. Q. Q. .:. Q. ... .1 .s. .1. iw. Q. .:. Q. .1 .wp 5. .s, .s, Q. .s. .s. .s. The Story 0 f the 352 Forty-f11'ne'1f5 Teacher .. .,A,. . .... .. . ,.,.... Miss Charlotte R. Beachler President .. . ,.....,.,,..,.,.,.,.....,.,. Irvin Goldberg Vice l,1't'SlCl61ll Secretary . ., .,.,., , Treasurer ...., .. .,,. .,.. . .... Student Council Representative . .. lforeword Representative ..., . .. ..... .. 'l'hirty-eight forty niners are leaving the mine: Miss Beachler, the foreman, is leading A large heavy bag is on every backg The gold of years of work is in each pack. the line: ...Barbara Caldwell julia Pavlick .........Ronald Ecker Saralee Hausman I lene R euben Frances Aaron brings her most active brain: XYhatever she does will bring her tame. Robert Abrams brings an artists pen With this, he's sure to be drawing again. Billy Arnowitz is bringing' interest keen: He's one of the best that we have seen. Ellen Baskind's load is an old class play: lnto two of these she has found her way. .X handful of tickets. brought by Harvey Blinn, VVhat a wonderful student treasurer he has been! Alan Bloch, the next person in line, :X long list of activities he brings from the mine. ln hers, Barbara Caldwell is bringing a voice: The soloist. she, of Miss Steiner's choice. Ronald Ecker, the treasurer, has found much goldg The homeroom dues he collected of old. Eddie Edelstein is carrying a ball. This sports enthusiast is the best one of all. A saxophone is Billy Edwards' loot. On this he can give a powerful toot. An old physics' motor Phyllis Epstein's recovered. In the "Motor Hall of Fame," her name, she's discovered. Eva Estermann's load was gathered with toil. She hopes to be a chemist of the soil. Some radio programs are Richard Finegold's treasure. His speaking is excellent-far beyond measure. Elaine Friedman comes out with a Modern Dance. Her twinkling toes attract every glance. A president's card Buddy Go1dberg's bringingg This homeroom chief is also good at singing. Sarita Goldblum found some clulbs, too. She certainly has had a lot to do. True school spirit Stanley Goldmann ibringsg He has an interest in many things. The days that are left Nancy Gordon do-es recordg Our class social chairman reaps her reward. Ruth Gowa brings several soho-ol clubs in her packg The responsibilities of many have -been on her back. Saralee Hausman has a Student Council cardg As representative, she has worked very hard. Another one who excels in singing! A voice, Jeannie Himelblau is bringing. Enthusiasm in Marlene Klahr's prizeg With all her pep, she's sure to rise. Joseph Kopka's bringing a whole track teamg So strong and powerful does he seem. Rose Marie Lepedo brings s-ome shorthand notes- This future secretary receives all our votes. A lunc-h pail David Levinson findsg At noon he's done work of various kinds. Some vocal chords Joannie Lubin foundg With these she can make a wonderful sound. Barbara Markey carries a class play castg In it, her name, not among the last. .JSKWE .An .31 .AE .Rn .AQ .i"2N.'W-32 .Re .An bi ."3.'1'2 .as ."7i."N2 .4 jerry Mattes dug up s-ome old chess meng With these 'he'is sure to win again. Rita Morov has uncovered a beautiful smileg This dark-haired girl is so very worthwhile. Lois Moss has dug up the M. M. M.- This member is really quite a gem. An old school cheer Janet Moxley uncoveredg She's the greatesrt cheerleader we've ever discovered. In her pack, julia Pavlick has a book, In it, the notes she as secretary took. An -old airplane Barbara Platt has found, On this, as hostess, she'll soon be bound. Ilene Reuben carries a Foreword card, This representative has worked very hard. Two jolly dimples are Sara Lee Rosen's findg She is a girl of the sweetest kind. A 'pair of tap shoes Phillip Siegel has foundg With these, tfhis dancer 'makes a good sound. A beautiful accent Sarita Taban's foundg Her words all have the most wonderful sound. Cecele Weisberg found a bow, With this she makes her violin go. The procession of miners has now left the mine, Thirty-eight forty-niners are scattering from line. PUBLIC ENEMIES' ENEMIES No. 1--LOIS GLAZER Wanted in every state for intelligence, sincerity, dependability, and leader- ship. If left at large, she is destined to be successful. No. 2-MURRY SA-CHS Wanted by all for friendliness, ability to get along, sense of humor, and intelligence. If allowed to remain at large he may become influential. No. 3-SORALIE LEVIN Be on the lookout for this "mama," Wanted by all theatres for acting ability. If she continues at large she will rise to fame. No. 4-JACK BROURMAN Wanted by all orchestras and football teams. Accused of talent. This boy is a menace to music haters and opposing teams. No. 5-PEGGE WALLICK Wanted by most males for her charm, personality, and looks. Left loose she is certain to make hearts flutter. The ,Qzdies 0 f 353 Teacher ,.,,,. .. .i , ,,,...,....,..A. ..... .,..,....,...,..,..,..,, ll f Iiss Helen R. Bartrim President .,,..,.. ..,. ,,,....4..,...... Vice President . Secretary ...,.... ,.........,..,4,.,e,,.,... , . Treasurer .e,.... ........,........ .,...A......... ..,e... Student Council Representative .. i . lforeworrl Representative .. ....r..,.e,. LOIS BECK is a fine bloncle chick, Among the boys she really clicks: She's always neat ancl, oh, so smartg Her warm greetings come from the heart. ELAINE BERSON, with her bright smiling' And attractive eyes that do sorrow erase, .Nancy Finney Anna Mae Czar Margaret Pryle .Elaine Berson Therese Morsek ..... Lois Beck face XVears the smartest clothes to school each clay, Anil her hair in its perfect place cloes stay. ANNA MAE CZAR is a wonderful pal To everyone she's quite a gal: By telling jokes and singing rhymes, She reveals her happiness at all times. In your whole life clicl you ever see As cute a nose as that of NANCY FINNEY? Neat and snappy, pretty and sweet, A beautiful gal, and so petite. BETTY ANN GULA brings sunshine within Each morning when she comes 'stepping ing She never fails to speak or smile, As she finds this practice well worthwhile. 'Li-L,-ew ea c - c c ,N E:P.,'s.,fs.,fc.,e.,. .,.s..c.,c..s..e..e..s..k. ,A , .N ..t .., .N 'Sn .An ?3??5: K3 P2795 .An .-R."N'3.a1 .f73?."Nf: .Aff fd .4-+?EN.'3T ?T-i.'1'-QPF: .An .Rn ."N'F?."N'2."N'??.'N'T2.'1'f'E.- DOLORES KAVCHAK, takes her work serious, About jimmy she's really deliriousg In her jolly and pleasant way, The work in the Service Club she makes gay. Soft 'blue eyes and locks of gold Are qualities only HELEN KORPAS can 'holdg Small in stature, bu-t thigh in mind, A more suitable friend you'll never find. With her cute dimples and big 'brown eyes LILLIAN KRAL could win first prize, But this glamorous gal "Brushes Those Tears" When away from Al and the Mountaineers. BETTY LORBER is quite efficient, In shorthand and typing she is proficient. Her many clothes are always neat- She's just a lass who can't be beat. Wherever wit and humor are found, PEGGIE MACKO is surely around, Sfhe has lovely hair and turned-up nose, And makes many of her modeling clothes. AGNES MCCONNELL, as we all know, Is the gal who can really sewg I-Ier sparkling eyes of very deep blue Are really attractive to all of you. THERESE MORSEK, a maiden of right good cheer, T-o .many a pal she is quite a dear, With her curly tresses, her smile so wide, Her friends just love her at their side. PEGGY PRYLE, or Mary to you, Makes tasty sundaes with little ado. Without her pep and energy, Imagine how dull 353 would be. Sweet and pleasant all the time, OLGA ROHALY is really fineg Always peppy and full of cheer, To those near her, she's a real dear. Sweet and gentle, eyes of blue, MARY ANN SOVYAK is really trueg She does her best in every way From early morn till end of day. 108 T 53 3 3 Slzakespeczre X Sezziors 0 f 354 Teaellei' ,. ,.., . ...,.., Miss Cora Ross l'resiclent , ,, . Olga ljlxilfllll Vice Vresirlent , .,.. . ,.Mary jackson Secretary . Catlherine lieclyszyn 'lil'L'ZlSlll'CI' . . , ,, .. . .Eugene Haynes Sturlent Council Representative . Olga DiNat'tlo lioreworcl Representative ,. . . ., ,. . . ,. . . Rose Yiszneki Miss Ross llet'e's our Shakespeare. always the same. .X special place for her is our aim, ln our .Xllclercliee Hall of Fame. Leroy Backers "Macbeth" Hur Nlaeheth we know is true. lle's not one to he blue. XXI- hope he'll have success, rlon't yon? Robert Becker "King Henry VI" Hur pick for Carclinal lieznrfort you see .X likely looking lad for the nlinistry ln this young man of quality. Earl Belle "-lulius Caesar" E lle eonlcl flefeat tihe real Cicero any clay. lint in this L'lZlSSl'OUlll the will not stay, NV' hope, after our Graclnation Day. Emily Cannavine "King Lear" Our Ciorrlelia is clark ancl fair. Tall, and has a quiet air. XYe wonlcl like to meet het' anywliere. Patricia Carson "King Henry YI" lle1'e's our -loan. stnrlious with her glasses, NYe het she never ents classes. XYhatever she cloes, she passes. 'S' 'STG D 'iLf'iL 'sLL'i','if. '6Q'ii. 'Q' 'ii 'Q JEL, 'QJQJTQI-'Q' 'Q' 'S' 'Q' 'Q' 'Q' 'i' 'i c.x.c.-.c..xY.s.s.s,s,.-.s..-.x. s... x. s..s..v.s..N.,, -.s.s.L.t.s'-r's.s.c.c KW? K??KW? KW? .Rn KW? KW? ."FSKW? .J KW? F? KW? KW? KA: KA: KW? KW?.a1 Kia K5-i KW? K3-a KW? ,An .Rn .J Irene Cichocka "Hamlet" Our Ophelia is not mad, To get out of school she is glad, A good career for herself she will add. Anthony Cinquegrani "King Henry VIII" Our King Henry is allowed only one wife, With her he'll have plenty of strife, But we wish him a long, happy life. Olga DiNardo "Troilus and Cressida" Our Helen we think is the fairest, In our ro-om she is the dearest, Witfh a smile that is the cheeriest. Donald Dodge "Macbeth" At times our Duncan is boastful, To get out of school he is hopeful, We hope his life is very fruitful. Cecelia Downey "Antony and Cleopatra" She'-s Cleopatra with soft, blue eyes, A figure just the right size, She will always wow the guys. Catherine Fedyszyn "Taming of the Shrew" Our Katharina is smart and sweet, She always is very neat, In any subject she is hard to beat. Shirley Goldberg "Merchant of Venice" Our Portia has a sweet and friendly smile, You can see it from a mile, As she walks down the aisle. Lillian Gottlieb "Twelfth Night" Our Viola is very industrious, To 'graduate she is desirous, Though the studies are arduous. Phyllis Gottreich "As You Like It', For Rosalind here's our candidate, Since she is never late, She'll make someone a fine mate. Eugene Haynes "Merchant of Venice" He's Ba-ssanio, sometimes quiet, W-hen something's new, he'll try it. Always depend on him to start a riot. Phyllis Hersh "The Tempest" Our Juno is a busy girl, She never has time 'to twirl, Since she is always in a whirl. Allen Hoffman "Julius Caesar" Here is our Brutus, very sweet, He likes to keep our halls clean and neat. But in sports he's hard to beat. jay Hunter "Hamlet" Our Horatio wasnit the one for books. For he likes to go fishing in the brooks And he has the girls ibetting on his looks. Mary Jackson "Romeo and Juliet" She's our choice for a Juliet, Tall, bl-onde, and quiet, A hit with the fellow-s, we'll lbet. 'QE K.i4'i:,f'vlf,'i-3."x-.f" 'sfb' 'S.f'Ni:'-Evffi.. 'SL"X-fS.'4:4'.'N-fi. XL-365 HQ Sylvia Kemp "Macbeth" Our Lady Macbeth is tall and dark, Who goes to see the sports in the park, And will take up anything for a lark. Dan Lanyon "Two Gentlemen of Verona' We kn-ow our Valentine at the close of every clay, From the classrooms is glad to get away, To some sport which he is eager to play. Michael Lazo "Antony and Cleopatra" Though Marc Antony never was ki-ng, This lad will be since he can sing, In a tenor voice just like Bing. Betty Lou McCarney "The Tempest" Our Ariel, dainty and small, She is pleasing to us all, Because she'll answer any call. Roy McMahon "Midsummer-Night's Dream" Now in the parade, here comes our Puck, For 'him to pass in classes. i't's nip and tuck, But all of us wish him loads of luck. Alice Moravec "Merry Wives of Windsor" We hope she will not be a Mistress Ford, For that career she cannot afford, So we wish her life to be in accord. jack Sofield "Hamlet" We quote our Hamlet thus: "To make or not to make a fuss About the homework they give to us?" James Steen "Julius Caesar" Next comes our Caesar of the band, Who is always on hand, Wherever there's a mu-sical stand. Stanley Taylor "As You Like It" Our Touchstone is tall and dark, His grades are above the mark, Always around the games in the park. Robert Thomas "Romeo and Juliet" This laughing Romeo is fun, Always bright like the sun, From him no one will run. Francis Ursetta "Merry Wives of VVind'sor" He's Falstaff, full of fun, He's one we will not shun. Though he's always ready to pull a pun. Rose Viszneki "A Midsummer-Nig1ht's Dream" Our little Titania fair. Who has a sweet. lovable air, Is alwavs ready to take a dare. Rosa Lee Williams "0thello" For a government profession, Our Desdemona will give her attention. When we are through this session. Lea Wygodna "The Tempest" Our Ceres is a maiden fair, Bright blue eyes and light brown hair. Of course, she is welcome everywhere. ?E2Tsif'ef'e'-s2'ef'+.f:'6af's'fs:f'ef'ef'ef'ef'ef'safeswake?safe'ef's2'e.f'e.f'e'ef'e"e's1f.f'ef:'sJf'saf'sL.:f'sff:'sL.2'e's-ff'e Couplets 0 f 36.2 Teaclier .. ., ,... . .... .. . . . , . .. Klrs. llelen Cznnpb-ell l'resident ., . ,. ........ ,... . ,.,... Raymond Ryzlbik Yice l'resident ,. ,. ,Mary Lou Clennn Secretary , ,. .. ...... ..., ,,,.,...,..... . . , ,. ...Josephine Ortoleva Treasurer . ., , , .,... ...A,.,. .,.. . . ,. , ,Donald Lyons Student Council Representative . ,.,. .. . Robert XYillian1 Foreword Representative .........,.,.,.,,.,....,,.,.,,,. . ....,.,.,,.......,..,., .loan Nolden MARY LOU ABEL who is bright and gay Brings Cheer to us in her own sweet way. SHIRLEY CLARK is full of lun: She has a sniile for everyone. MARY LOU CLEMM, our cute little queen. ls just as lovely as could ever be seen. BETTY CRISPIN whose senni is supreme May someday be seen on stage or screen. EARL FAIRMAN, Zl happy go-lucky lad, Makes fun where fun's to be had. RICHARD FREEDLAND is certain to succeed. Keen and alert, some day he'll lead. VIRGINIA FREEMAN is a lovable creature: She has future hopes of being a teacher. RICHARD HUTTENHOWER in his quiet way Brings memories to us every day. x, L. L, E. X.. N., X. ee t,.. L, A, R, e. X.. X, s... Mlejg. s-. X. gy L. L, s-. s-. xv s- y- sf- v- M sn XA X- S- LILLIAN HVOZDOVICH, our busy bee, Is bound for success just wait and see. ELVERA KOCHENDORFER and her violin Form a combination that's sure to win. TOM LITMAN is always full of surprises and fun, But to make the 8:45 bell he's always on the run. DONALD LYONS is a lively type: He makes our room jolly and bright. ROSELLA McCAULEY, delightful and sweet, Is bound to make shorthand her future feat. ARTHUR NICHOLSON is a swell fellow to have aroundg Few like him can seldom be found. Pretty and lovalble our JOAN NOLDEN Leaves a memory forever golden. JOSEPHINE ORTOLEVA'S disposition is sweet. One that no one could possibly beat. MARGARET PASKO is a witty lass Wlho brings fun and sunlight into our class. JOHN PICCHI is tall, manly, and gayg Just keeps you moving in the right way. JAMES POWELL is friendly, and loads of fnng As an all around fellow he rates A-1. DOROTHY PROFFITT, a neat little miss, Enthralls our class with gaiety and bliss. ARLENE REUSCH is friendly and gayg A wonderful secretary s'he'll make some day. MICHAEL ROMZY, one of our crew, Is capable, dependable and a swell fellow, too. RAYMOND RYABIK is the leader of our class: His skill at this is hard to surpass. A fine musician is ANNABELLE SACHSg She is highly known for her distinguished acts. EILEEN SIEMON, a vivacious girl, Keeps our class in a constant whirl. CHARLES SMITH has little to say: He aids our room in hi-s own quiet way. NANCY STEPHENS is a gentle. quiet maid: Memories of her friendliness will never fade. JULIUS VARGO is cheerful, handsome, and gay: A likealble fellow to meet any day. PATRICIA WERLING is quiet and sweet: Knowing 'her has been a treat. ROBERT WILLIAMS is right up on top, At nothing but success will he stop. JAMES WILSON likes to meet all the women he can: This 'Casanova is quite a man. 'W2.'1'E .An .An .AR .Ae .5 ."N'3.-'SEE feelings from 368 Teacher ...,..,.... ...........,................,....................... M iss Yetta T. Kamler President .........,..,.... .....,....... A ndrew Zeedick Vice President ..............,............... .......................,. W illiam Toth Secretary-Treasurer .,......,..,.........,. ,.,...................... P egge Wallick Student Council Representative .,..,.... .,,.,..,.. A lan Rofbbinsg Lois Glazer Foreword Representative ....,..,.................... ...........,.... M aureen Blocksiclge We'd like you to see just what makes up our class, By these little ditties, meet each boy and lass. First meet our teacher, the dearest of dears, Who stood by us through our high school years. Now is the time to bid her adieu, But you know, Miss Kainler, we'll always remember you. Ma-ureen Blofksidge, our group A prize, VVill reach success as we all surmise. Bill Dias is an example masterful, Of a man some girls regard as wonderful. Jaines Drake is a boy with an ever-ready smile, With things such as radios we hear he's versatile. Sliding in just under the bell for Jini Callmnon is a mania. But we predict heill do well at the University of Pennsylvania. Lois Glaser some day will be, The one who will teach A, B, and C. VVhen there's something to be done, George Fay is our mang If he can't do it, nobody can! Peggy Hewitt is cute and sweety just to be with her is quite a treat. Frank Jarntele at first seems perfect beau-bait, But after awhile you 'find he's rather sedate. 368's 'hero of football you know g Elwin Johnston by name, but to us he's just "Bo, Rosemary Khuze's personality never depressesg A zest for life it clearly expresses. Dramatic ability displayed by Phyllis Leving Outdoes most actors, even Ernie Bevin. Roberta Lennox, fair, blonde, and sweet, We really think she's something to meet. The tall, silent type is Gary McKee,' For him a bright future we foresee. Jean McKee sings a mellow noteg At music, "She's terrif!" unquote. Jack .Markowitz rates A plus supremeg One sweet guy who's sure on the beam. Gordon Meixner can paint a pretty swell pictureg His good looks and humor are quite some mixture. Bill Fogel with all makes a great hitg His future begins by entering Pitt. vi Hif4:-e'Q'sJf's'f's'.f'sf.f'sv:'s:f'sf.f'si'-f's:f'sa'+.4f'ir2'Q"i2 Y: it 1 ' 5 '. w 'fb f .A .N '55 'ai ii fi '. A is '15 'A A 1 A fi '- 53.3?.'i13. 'i?. Rell-lmuttoiii trousers, coat of navy hlue. J11!111 l'1'f1ffiH's soon tu he one of l'nele Sammy's crew. .X'1111ry illz'f'1n'11v1' is a flntist supreme: ln Ureliestra .VX she can always he seen. lliam' .lll'vVt'I', the pert little lass ls Charming. delightful, and new in our class. Vert l'vgyi' Il'r1IIiel.'. cute and petite: Makes modern dance prugrams really complete. .lndy Zt't'lfl.l'A', nut ulacksun, lmest president hy far: Served fum' terms just like lf. D. R. Reserved, quiet, hardly ever any trouble, .luv f'1'l'lllI is a fella without a duuhle. The legal profession is 511111 ll'ilIia111.r' aim. lYe hope that he will reach great fame. .lnel .S'fI1'4'1'111u11 is one swell guy: llis jukes and good humor never will die. Nu une can say Hill Tnflz is all wet liven tliungh in the pmol, he's our safest het. lflaim' ll'i'1'11.vlu1'11 is a gal with a ready wit, 'liCZlL'llL'l'S and pupils declare her a hit. llfiwflltl ll'i'lI.v will he remembered a long while lleeanse of her cute and charming smile. lfddii' le0Nt'lI,H'I'!j has told all, we know. 'l'hat tu llnquesne L'niversity he's all set tu go. Never furgutten will he J1'111 I'1'1'g1i11'x friendliness: fnnpled, uf Course. with his innate eheerfulness. .VX man tu reekun with is 7'111'k11, Eddie Resuureefnl, ingenious, and always steady. .ltlllI4'N .S'i'dIe1' plans on attending Penn State: As a hnsiness man, A-l he will rate. ,Allan lfUf7f7I'lI.Y has a finger in every pie: When girls luuk his way, they all heave a sigh. , .,,, . .x.. .k.x. .L,.-..X.....A...,....Ye.Yr,X.A..iLL.,.,i.,.L.i.,,.,e.L..,...-..i.i ' ix 1-A qa ga 7: Ae-1. 4-A-Taiwfb-'fm 'TQ 11. Sw- xx ix Tmilqv, Qli5f1'Z'bZll'Z'7J6'5 0 f 405 Teaeller .,A.. ,Miz Huwzircl U. ll1l.l'llCS President . . .,,.,. ., ..,.,..,...,.. ..... X lex Sammie Vice President ,. ..,,.,.,.A..,. Xnn Urlzmdo Secretary 4,.......,.....,......... .....,...... .,............,.4....,.. B i ll Bonn 'l'I'6ElSlII'6l' ....., ..,., , . ..,., 4.,,..,.,.,. . , . , . ..Marilyn l.evinson Student Council Representative ,. ., , , . . .. -lean Heatley Fmewcmrcl Representative ..,. . ,,.,.,.. ,.,,. . ,,,.,. . .,,.,. . .,,. S ylvia Steinberg LOUIS BURTON BENNETT L ikzrlnle Lou . . . Lucky . . . Lively B old . . . Busy . . . Brilliant B rzuvny . . . Best . . . Brutlierly ALLAN MARVIN HARRIS A miable .Xl ...A ' Xgreezllvle ..., Xctive M ascnline . . . Masterful . . . Modest H appy . . . Herculean . . . Hznnlscnne JEAN LOUISE HEATLEY I zlunty lean . . . .linking . . . joyful L aughing . . . Likable . . . Lovely H elpfnl . . . Hearty . . . High-spirited EUGENE T. MILKO E nergetic lingfene . . . lizlsv-guiiig . . . lixtrzwrdinzlry T actful . . . Typical , . . Thrifty M agnetie . . . Mzlsterful . . . Merry ,.., .U .U ..5.U .U .U .L!.U':L,,.L?.1, .lij,'.L , .U .Q lr., 15.51. mix., zgti -L,-5'.,. -tr., .U .,,-L. gsfsxaxfeegft My eggs. gag avg My X: MARILYN JANET LEVENSON M isohievous Marilyn . . . Mirthful . . . Magnetic J ovial . . . jolly . . . jocular L ovaible . . . Lively . . . Loyal MIRIAM CAROL MAGADOF M -odish Miriam . . . Meticulous . . . Modest C apable . . . Cheerful . . . Courteous M emorable . . . Merry . . . Model WILMA JEAN MILLER W onderful Wilma . . . Winsome . . . Worthy J olly . . . Jesting . . . just M irthful . . . Masterful . . . Mischievous ANN ORLANDO A dorable Ann . . .Adept . . . Ambitious O bliging . . . Ouitstandinng . . . Original WILLIAM E. REID W inning Bill . . . Well-meaning . . . Worthwhile E arnest . . . Engaging . . . Effervescent R ugged . . . Reliable . . . Really Grand ALEX SARCONE A ffable Alex . . . Accomplished . . . Able S uperior . . . Smiling . . . Skillful ROBERT WILLIAM STOEHR R adiant Bob . . . Reliant . . . Reasonable W ise . . . Witty . . . Worthwhile S mooth . . . Shrewd . . . Swell MATCHLESS MATCHING The best test the rest. You try and wonder why it won't sat- isfy. Where you can't stuff enough. They huff and they puff. VVhere you strain your brain. They cavort for sport. VVhere most of the folk gather. VV here some drowse and some browse. lf you understood you would- You whirl and twirl with your girl. A plaid fad. Plan to cram a sedan. Feign that his brain is sane. You don't scrub in this tub. 'Tutoring committee Your physics motor The lunchroom The track team ln chemistry Modern dance The wall The library D0 your homework The prom Argyle socks Get a ride home Any Allderdice stud The swimming pool ent c., -, Lx.. ..X..,..x..c.,,..,.N..x..c..,..,..,..,..,..X.,,1..,..X..,..,..,..,..,..x..X..N.,.x...x..c Kes ..,..c.,.,..N..,.,x ?QlJo'io Station 4113 Teacher .......,.. .,.........,.. ...,,... M i ss Olivia Koenig President ,... ,,.,.. ..,.,.....,. L a vvrence Adler Vice President ..i,, ....,.... W ilbur Stevenson Secretary ...,............................,..... ............ L ynda Cooper Treasurer ............,.........,..,.,....,..,........ .,....... H oward Robins Student Council Representative ...,. ,....,.,..... E dith Torin Foreword Representative .,.......,.... ..,.,..,. A rthur Herbst 3 :00 3 :l 5 3 :30 LARRY ADLIQR as Young Horror illflllllll' LYND.-'X COOPER on first Platirz Hill jOY GENDLEBERG on IVhz'1z a Girl Illarrios 3:45 XORIQIQN H IQRSIIORIN on Big Sister 4:00 MARLENE CANTER on Life Cam Bo Bvmrlifnl 4:15 YETTIA BURKE on Light of tho Hf'orId 4:30 HOXVARD ROBINS on The All JIIIIUVI-t'llIl Boy 4:45 Portia- ITKIIFUX Life with SALLY SEDLER 5:00 MARY RUTH YICAGIZR o11 Roo-d of Life 5:15 Our Gal Sunday, LOIS LANG 5:30 EDITH HAIXIHURGILR winner of Opera, fluditions of tho Air 5:45 ARTHUR HIZRBST substituting for H'aIt1'r l'Vi11Clz0ll 6:00 MILTON NICHOLSON guest on Pic Traynor program 6:15 Soloist on todays NHC SyllLf71l07Zj' lirocrdcastl, MAXINE MELNICK 6:30 Guest on today's Szrfvfwr C1110 is EDITH TORIN 6:45 TOM JACKSON, Bill Sforrfs guest 7:00 DONALD SHARAPAN, winner of jackpot on Stop the lllusic 7:15 ORYVIN CADDY on People Arc Fzrrmy N..x,C,,c,...x.,N.,N..,N.,c.,x,.c,,X.,,,c.,x,,x..X..-,x..s,.N..x,.-..Xqs..s.,v.X..N.,v-s- s..N..,, 7:30 JOHNNY MENAGLIA on H"ilken's lllllllltllll' Hour 7:45 Harry Janzes' guest, LOUIS VARGA 8:00 DAVID VVEIS, star on the Thin Man 8:15 Fibber llfla-gee and MARILYN KRAUSS 8:30 Guest on Al JoIson's program, BUDDY LETVVIN 8:45 ERIC RASCOE as a Foreign News Correspondent 9:00 PHYLLIS KALSON on Information, Please 9:15 BERDE -IEAN HAMBURG on Break the Bank 9:30 Contestant on Horace Heidi Show, SHIRLEY MCCARNEY 9:45 DONALD STEXVART, guest on Red Skelton Show 10:00 ARNOLD SIEGAL will Strike It Rich 10:15 ARNOLD SHAPIRO on The Life of Riley 10:30 DAVID KLEINBERG on Jas: Janiboree 10:45 HERBERT GILBERT on Can You Top This? 11:00 WILBUR STEVENSON with Cazialeade of Anieriea 11:15 ARTHUR COHEN in Escape GOLD IS WHERE YOU FIND IT The The The The The The The The golden voice of Barbara Caldwell golden disposition of Jane Elliott golden humor of Al Braun golden hair of Lynda Cooper golden friendship of Pegge VValliek golden personality of Buddy Goldberg golden serenity of Johnny M enaglia golden trustfulness of Bill Caddy . . . ..... U.. .U. ,. .L,.L,.. .L,.L,.L,.L,,.L,.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Qx''fQi'fs.-fe'fs,-f45fs2s:.AdS2.s:sefsc.fe,sfsdfgssfsefst-fsasifsresdfxavqgvdsfsxfe A--C-D xx-,-.-is-X--..X-Y,-V-X-Ac.-.i.,,.,.,,..,.,x.,r -s--N--,-A-1.1.,.1--s-A-'X-xe,.-rX-Xi.X..X-V-,. ff :sf-N sr we se wfxnwfsfxfsfxfwfx-fxfsfwfw-Sfmfmfmfwfsfsfsfsfsf,f,fx,qfA,Q,q,-Af,Q, Qmclm bcfrqjlfama Cast of Characters: Katrin.. .,.. Phyllis Levin, Lois Glazer Mama .. .. Soralie Levin, Sandra Weinman Papa... ..., ,,., . . ..Alex Venig, Jack Weiss Dagmar .. ...janet Moxley, Ellen Baskind Christine.. ,.... .. Lynda Cooper, Joan Nolden Mr. Hyde ,..,.. Alan Robbins, Harvey Blinn Nels... ..,..... ...,.. . . Sidney Rosen, Max Foner Aunt Trina Phyllis Hersh, Louise Cooper Aunt Sigrid .Marlene Canter, Fern Barnett Aunt Jenny Phyllis Green, Marilyn Krauss Uncle Chris Donald Dodge, Stanley Hirsh A Woman Uessiel ,.,..,,. ,.,,.... . Dorothy Stein, Minnette Singer Mr. Thorkelson ,. ...Phillip Siegel, james Bacho Dr. Johnson. .. .. .. . Leonard Rubenstein, Larry Adler Arne. . ,..,,,. . ........ .. .,......,.. ........, A udrey Cohen A Nurse... .. . Barbara Potts, Joy Gendleberg Florence Dana Moorehead. Jocelyn Daniels, Phyllis Moravitz Another Nurse .. ........ Phyllis Kalson Madeline... ............ .. .... Shirley Goldberg, Barbara Bluestone .Ruth Gowa, Barbara Markey , .... .. ..David Bogert .. .... David Bogert Norma Dittner Hotel Guests ..... .. ..... .. Noreen Hershorin, Cecile Weisberg, Nancy Finney, Saralee Hausman, Phyllis Kalson, Norma Dittner Nurses .. Cecile Weisberg, Phyllis Kalson Dorothy Schiller ....... . ..... .. .. Soda Clerk ... Bell-Boy . ..... . Scrubwoman... .. .. .. .. .. Student Staff: Student Managers-Joan Green and Marion Gottfried Business Managers--Harvey Blinn and Sid- ney Rosen Program - Jocelyn Daniels and Dorothy Stein Secretaries - Dorothy Stein and Jocelyn C P Daniels ostumes-Olga DiNardo, Barbara Blue- stone, David Bogert, Joan Green, Ruth Gowa, Saralee Hausman, Marilyn Wins- berg rops - Beatrice Pollack, Nancy Finney, Noreen Hershorin, Phyllis Moravitz, Philip Siegel, Tiba Sladen, Alan Robbins, Alex Venig Publicity - Max Foner, Joy Gendleberg, Phyllis Kalson, Maxine Melnick, Leonard Rubenstein Make-up-Edith Torin, Marlene Canter, Louise Cooper, Lynda Cooper, Joy Gendle- berg, Shirley Goldberg, Davida Lazear joan Seiner Stage Crew-William Toth, Fred Crum, Joe Mastriano, Herbert Mendelsohn, An- drew Rosenberg, George Zavodnick Sound-Cecile Weisberg, Barbara Markey Music-Maxine Melnick, Cecile Weisberg Organists-Wayne Galbraith, Alan Wingard Painting - Norma Dittner, Arthur Arm- strong, Gordon Meixner, Joan Seiner, Myra Smith STAGE CREW Q Q Q- 'J v .N 5 - , ,, , , ggi f 5 A. fv Sv 26? Y -1, f. 5 "KI r 'I . 1 A-:fn 2 vg., ' Q IGOQITA Isvbamofgg QDNSTIH ,.-ffvgi1,4g'i'ff,xg ' K V ?ff"S" " 3 who eJAi7ne3' Wi wgk -Z I AC, I e-30" ISS Iona .655-J 1, ,Y "Joe Jac-k'Se:u an ' fi .x-- , .45 maven- Sl T nz . A W1 x ' ffliQL, Nfl. ,7,. class. if-. :mo he? l I K 3253 71 WF" IUovJ I ff-, W '53,-.51.f' K ,E-QQ, J It DQLT Kguaw? sg X X f..-'-L ,. . xl., If 'Phil km 'I 3 56.5 V V V, ,Q ,li ' , K T LJ 5 fa' w ,A "M 1' . f A Af ff N , 'WD Ms -S ww. ,f ' J V23 Q45 1 , 'TAG M455 Dm, 0omnu1Tes F H N 1 ws fffv 1. .mf Q f Lhww.. ' 1 -k PM Mau: He sm If -:f OOOPPV xx - " ' IT WM nike. N g X Nl :QS Qufrf-4 4 ' - 41 DJUWS uh9o,v7IiuFfA:T 1 E 1 JOVSTFE' I T 1 ' 1 She Covlb Gus-rv 7J'w'75 2529 in 31 v fmwnrl A BATQAJ. . : ' "- ,, if ' ' x JA C b w wg?-.Vyil ,X 7 1 'W Glv-. ,f - :Gym R K '4-41475 H '- A . . I . F D 5 HW MM ' 11 4 MM FJZW' fl--' 'IIS nbvnf. iw N- ' v W N ' A louehD,,,,,,,,'P The 'Ummm 'QQ' JJ H Xfblqlib Tlqflve Qppf 1 V 001-IlD Q6 Qhhlc - 'JD 1T5.J.,1,U, J , , '16 ws 4 M 'M' 1' X633 1 'U 'H+ Iffwk gd' 4' ' U"""'f'+Dfr .GJ fl N 1' 1 M, 13 Un A ' :ku 'Q' X ' ' ' Own ,Lf V ,vf ' " 7 , X0 gnu l -' ff 01,56 Sm D .1 4- L -N .1 W 1. V -I K 27 V, 'LL,51 X 9 ' ' N ' " 119 Tflefen w -l ' W 1 X' V? " 15: 52 XS XTPWZ gmc TMT , .J ff 2 Q Q -, 'i1- ixxf' Y DA . wh D 1 A! as lx 3 1 X K 7 7 Q yum Q L' Q1- ' W . '- - Q mghfluf, LD If ,PIP f 'fax VAC:-r 5' V' 3 'n ' ' .Q Q, ,151 mv- as -x A X ' v 1 , Mila- Remz-,N Qlsgly .4 2.-,K Qww new ,kv i f M 1 fi' I ' MDS' WA 'MD' 'La' , ' 115-I ' 39.140 af' f - if jg um 5 IT 'ADA I-ow 5vlaI" . ' 9 f Q b A , ' In Wk V A A TF' W . f f-'R' --ff" K- 35731 68157 f ggi f f --- - X lbo-1br'f1T Q, A + N' ' H - afkpjm bvnfhg 'N 4- sig Q' N Q x f - x t f f ' 'ii' I? i ITS Bmw Sig " V56 -2- '1 ' ,H E If , J I I ,NWT TAHM ego S - f, x .1 X W 4, ik frm, if '7 mf Cary lllfldsf 5051 Han To Hnve. fi, Down- 4 N j WOGDWHSMH 'IND OXYIM' Ana' gg, j ' I wma... wk57we DNF 'DfoN'T'DQ mu-, Ubnmug 'DUN ,nu s? or WIS! flnf7s 7f,fZv. ff- if Q -5 , . TiN EHHPPGH h I si A wi Q ' ,xlwxm HE' in Y " 'E jf I f? fl ' '09 i 5 Y K 9 Wh 'V , . jf -Lb. ' "V F? ls Tvs 1, K X' K K ' ? Qin Frm 'N ,X W -' ,, 5 m 1 i yi. NCT a or-325 oss D, 'iff' V I : ' S Pkbbf-. Wowilu, WM Q , K' Z lomeomf om W 1' H 1, is-,?g ,-. AJNCMYQQM 4 Qu' Gmac. Pm, FZ' W . . fg'PJvsT me sguofsgfii? Sggf- -Q ---?'Zfg4i1 . 'H' 'wfhv .p fw ,.:r,: ff'v:::1:f f X Y, ,4"'j co E' 1.4 Y f " PE- 5CMFAu1IANl, wp '1.. . ' 'Vis' Mo 'Mu " if f GLS MH Ivyws :W Qix our-11 QF Sham CFL ' f YI " 'f P,a..,r41,1,,W'.f,, gy 9 0 BE Xi 5 S We anim I - 'ff' 1 Uwe ' Q 5-flwlp Q, V ,-I Qt! ' Smug- ff 5 my 300. V MT .5 mum ' 5 ., Tvvmmu N ' ' Th LSSWM 5,4 " B111 i 4-. b Af y AT ' gpg! L Rosen, tix M! I CNN mvy Be 'QL fsib T .Y 'gg :swim , R fif6IS5lwc-T Q1-'.'.,, mu' lagyk'-A 2 :VM No ll C nufpm-V ie!-I X ,f ' ' 5 1 nf Q an M : . f IC f Sf!-'GHG' QWW00 , 'W HQ , , 2 VW C1063 4-vT6 'I ' ' I A SWWIC 3 QQ Y Hfuf AT W 0 g tx 1 H 'ST ,if N CIOQX few.. im I I U 1- M 0? .. W .f . The- Uu gl Q f-uvnunne-,D X AQ- . A' gg. f , P11105 g fir ...Y .4 f f IP ' ' S523 71 "R mx '- f W 4 , ' ,. fx 'f -A ' A 3 5-Jbblr-3 9.1'f'sx .gses Ni W If 1 T -Jgnumdpmva . 1 , K' ' I ki' Taye-4. ,Jmv Muffy- " EQ:-Q' ,gt 1 U 1 G"h'1-"BT 51510, 1' 7 F i . ' I -no? .DVhN1K1ff5 'U S 1 Q" , , yi, gdfyi "W MWF 'Pwr-Q.. mmf - " " W - ' ,V '-X ,,, Vinh! QW The cuss "' ' f' X ' F, my. 1 A my .2 ,rg ,N J '. ,- My 1 fix ,V 1-, K '-" - ' x fi H , . ,,' ff '5m..S Joe fo v N' ' I-OW ' 1 f-, . 4, " Sv ' 122- " 15' -X - P H - 'Q 1 ,.-. gif Dow. is ITKIIVNM-7 iz r "wif Wk I P"5""'P'f " 1. 'A5'7W wx 4' .A 1. 'ff x' -, L Y HU. V.v,J Aka- I' 'f , ' ,- l f n nsfbwovos bg.: Ezrjv qu Mlqgff.gN4do mn.- 1-'M X V 'wh D -' LITMA Dave w ' c. ' wh T ' """?f"ff Q HS- 6-Tfuua. A- 15 .mb H6-AT. KNOU AS HSUN-v HCT FooT. wf-xf-xfwfw-fxf-xfwfwffwfwx X , N JEWELRY WORK TYPING CLASS AT WORK , . I I A f , we S 171611611 f COZ1lZCl.l J SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Qc ,vw PUBLICITY COMMITTEE 0014 43' 5' 0 O fig!! 52+ USHERS STAFF 126 fr 4? CONCESSIONAIRES ACTIVITIES GROUP if, 'N TUTORING STAFF LUNCHROOM STAFF JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL I-Ili-4' fl PQ. 0 Y r 'S a .D - A . . ' . 2-ff-L G- - ' E 'L-Sgt 'I'-nf' 4 "- '- f' fl, -.Ei zliii- 'gig 1-fi'1?:Q, 'arf E 2 ! I F I 'QI ' 5 ,, rww m. gziwj --ll 6 Q i - f' . ' , -g:,f"" ' V ,V W .,,,,,. D ,, 4., C f kg. -sp? 5 k Elf, Y - sf '. 'J ,S-IIA X " 5' 1. -' -4, 1 1 4. Ve g -'f --1-. 2 - 1 I -2 :xl I I V + 3 uf Q EL. L ...iii ' '?5?'?i"f-'?l?i,E H' 31. ff ' " V 3 i MJ Q 5-il-2 gf ,f ,QE f , W 2 ,3 .- 1 . FOREWORD STAFF FOREWORD REPRESENTATIVES 11th and 12th GRADES 9th and 10th GRADES 7th and 8th GRADES 2 A .N A .- '.F'.XfiX'.F'17 .X 100 'Z' Foreword Rooms ROOM 456 ROOM 313 ROOM 121 -img..-,--.-1.--..,,-Ng.,-5.x-5.--i 1.45,-i.-5.-fwi.-5.-5,-5, Q . 1 QQ1129. , 1 , 1. '75 558 'l w '7 ', O 'S E3 'hi 'R 'i -1,1551 "fin-'fil-fi--'q-5.5,5.2R?SiS -?a.3,3.3.3Ai iii iii? 3 ROOM 317 ROOM 358 ROOM 264 SENIOR DISCUSSION INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST TO HOLLAND JUNIOR TOWN MEETING ur' 'fx 1' INTERNATIONAL BROADCASTERS BROADCASTING GROUP 131 SERVICE CLUB SOCIOLOGY CLUB GARDEN CLUB HALL STAFFS 132 C LIBRARY CLUB 'fufzs' STUDENT FEDERALISTS GREEN KEY M.M.M. 133 SENIOR SCIENCE STAMP CLUB Y-TEENS CAMERA CLUB I 3 4 FRENCH CLUB JUNIOR DRAMATICS GERMAN CLUB CURRENT EVENTS CLUB 135 CHESS CLUB BOOK CLUB CHESS TEAM MICROSCOPE CLUB 136 'labs GERMAN GROUP SHORTWAVE CLUB F.T.A. I3 7 WOOD SHOP SPECIAL SHOP SHOP 77 the Shops PRINT SHOP SHOP PRINT SHOP ELECTRIC CREW HISTORY PROJECT GROUP 139 WOOD SHOP Insfrumen ml Jwuszk ORCHESTRA A INTERMEDIATE ORCHESTRA BEGINNERS' ORCHESTRA I-40 Smal! Qroups STRING QUARTET TRIO HARPISTS BRASS QUARTET STRING TRIO HI xe '99 XS OO N2-'SWS NL P499 9+ 1 42 O9- P499 MARCHING BAND BAND A BAND B 143 cU0mlJ5fzz51'6 CHORALE GROUP A IH MALE CHORUS GROUP B GROUP c 145 SOLOISTS GROUP D GROUP E 146 MAJORETTES CHEERLEADERS MODERN DANCE PROGRAM 148 ' , 15, ' ff 5 5 Q YJ! J -A I-Q' , 4 ' tl Y ' M . 1' ' A, x ' ' ij L at ld 'K " Q fe-I rr X ,, ,- ' I '., '74 K 4" Q- X I M MODERN DANCE PROGRAM 1 if 15 A , , 52H . Q kg J 1 W. V-S gx, W la K q R X i3, Q, J 4 I W 3 Q i ii' 52 f f pw-f" if f ' i ga S 1i766Z'6ll Dame 50 SENIOR LEADERS JUNIOR LEADERS gxdxdxdyvyxpv x,E,x,x,x.,,,,fx,x,,x,, ,.N,,,,,,,x - ' - -1- '1i5'E.f-L' -Lv -L-'-f'-L75 -L -L- -1' -1- 1- 'ITTCTL 71, -1 " --1- 41- -L. . 1 5- , -- , .- . -- . -. X.. X.. x..'X.. , S. NL, X.. S, S. M, S. S. -, X., X. XS ,,sfS.fb,,fN.-fS..fefifS.-fS.fS..fS:?.,'S,,fS.,fE,fE BASKETBALL TEAM JUNIOR LIFE SAVING LIFE SAVING 152 HOCKEY SQUAD CHAMPIONSHIP HOCKEY TEAM . a in '. .fdfiflf . L '? . L " .1 A V ,l x 3 . If I , Q ' , , '31 vi 1' -, Z., .11 'X'-, -1, ,QQ-ax ,Q N' ' f. ,.7 , -' u A ?f:, -Y -L N' .V ' '-?z, '0'3 Q ' ff" e' - -ff. 1 'X , E' .5 V I . A I - .54 3 Z 'V 'm s Lge e i l--sgt ..i, 1 ' S -f x- 153 SWIMMING TEAM SENIOR VARSITY AND FOOTBALL SQUAD 154 BASKETBALL TEAM TRACK TEAMS Compliments and Best Wishes to the Senior Class Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Aaron Adam Barisano Barnett's Men's Wear Faeverner Beese and Regie Wells Mr. and Mrs. Harry Birkenfield Bonn's Hardware Mrs, John E. Booher Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Burke Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Clemm Mr. and Mrs. Max R. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. A. Cooper Mr. Clarence Crispin Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin B. Crone Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Davies Mr. and Mrs M. Deakter and Family Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo DiNardo Mr. and Mrs. Jack Domb Anna D. Fedyszyn Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Goldberg and Family Hazelwood Hardware Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Hirsch Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Kelso Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kennedy Miss Olivia Koenig Kubitz and Godd Fruit Store Litman's Jewelry Mr. and Mrs. Michael Magadof Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Meyer Mieze Drug Store Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Miller Mr. and Mrs. H. Moravitz Morris Dry Goods Store Mr. and Mrs. Leo B. Nolden Edwin Novak Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. O'Brien Penn Kosher Food Co., Inc. Pete's Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rosen and Family Sam's Store Schwager's Cleaning and Dyeing William J. Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Wallick Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Werling Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Winsberg George Zcecsky Dr. and Mrs. T. S. Swan A Sc B Photo Service 2206 MURRAY AVENUE HAzel 1224 FILM CAMERAS SUPPLIES Colzzjwlimenfs of A FRIEND O'Too1e ESL O'Connor FUNERAL HOME 5106 SECOND AVENUE PITTSBURGH 7, PA. AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone: .IAckson 2324 Regent Pharmacy SIIJEHAMER BROTHERS PHARMACISTS Braddock and Hutchinson Avenues EDGEVVOOD, PA. PEnhurst 4014-4015 156 C Ialio LZ B VI I from the TAYLOR ALLDERDICE PARENT - TEACHER ASSOCIATION THE 1949 ALLDERDICE Engmvings SUPERIOR ENGRAVING CO. 312 BOULEVARD OF THE ALLIES Thotogmplzy HILL 'S STUDIO 214 N. HIGIiI,AND AVENUE Trintzbg AIA YER PRESS 235 COLLINS AVENUE 157 The Delta ambda hi ywzierniq Extends ily Congmlulatiom to the Clam of 1949 am! 10 its Graduating M embers RICHARD FINEGOLD BERNARD GCl'I"14I.EIlE ARNOLD IQOBBINS HOWARD IQOBINS MURRAY SACHS IJHILLIP SEIGEL BORIS VVEINSTEIN 158 The elta Epsilon Beta Sororily Exlenzls Congmfulaztiom to its Graduating Mefnbers FRANCES ROSEN JANET SADLER RosE SOMERMAN ELEANOR STEIN HARRIE'I' TALENS PHYLLIS GO'1"I'REICIi RITA GREEN MARII,YN VVINSBERG 159 JAekson 2624 Notary Public David G. Morgan Real Estate Sales and Rentals Fire and Casualty Insurance 4.354 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH 17, PA. The Friemlly Store G. G. Murphy Co. 4847 SECOND AVENUE PITTSBURGH 7, PA. C omplimenls of the Waldorf Bakery Autenreitlfs Dollar Store 5832-34 FORBES STREET SQUIRREL HILL HAzel 8822 GAM M O N ' S SAUL'S MARKET f 07" 2121 MURRAY AVENUE i Good I' ood HAzel 4450-4451 EAST LIBERTY OAKLAND Free Delivery DOWNTOWN Compliment-Y of Where Ewizzyghliile Is Just DI13CrRA1TT HAze1 1213 Manufacturing Co. Creators of "Dipcraft Toy Balloons" 1238 VOSCAMP STREET FAirfax 6739 Pittsburgh 12, Pa. Canton Tea Gardens Our Specialties: Chop Sucy Chow Mein 2018 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. PHI UP WILON Sororizjf Wishes to Congrazulale the Graduating Classes of 1949 and its Graduating M embers CLAIRE BooHER LITA BROWN YETTA BURKE BEATRICE COHEN RUTH GOWA PHYLLIS GREEN RUTH ANN ISAACS DAVIDA LAZEAR MAXINE MELNICK ADA LoU SIEGEL MARGA SILBERMAN SEMA SILVERMAN 161 Sigma mega i Sororizy exfenfls congratulations lo the Graduating Class of 1949 and to its Graduating Members FRANCES AARON EDITH HAMBURGER 162 TONY'S BARBER SHOP 3186 VV. 25TH STREET CLEVELAND, Omo ANTHONY DELUCA, Proprietor Grace Martin's School "il school discriminate" Secretarial for Young Women 17th and 18th Floors KEENAN BUILDING PITTSBURGH, PA. AT1antic 6310 "1fVe have what you 'wont when you want it." COMPLETE SCT-root. Sl11'1'L1ES Squirrel Hill News Stand 5804 FORBES ST. AT MURRAY I-IARVEY'S Men'J Wear Manhattan Shirts 1707 MURRAY AVENUE Corner Forbes C orrzplimems of NEWMAN'S YOUTH CENTER 5030 FORBES STREET IRVIN CQ. 5854 FORBES STREET General Electric A ppliances Modern K ilehem' IVIATERN I TY KLOTI-IES KLOSET 2000 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH 17, PA. HAze1 3879 Clothes of Comfort and Distinction Nationally Advertised Dresses Playsuits, Bathing Suits Complimenty of EDWARD KELLEY 64 The Kappa Delta Beta Sorority Extends its best wishes to the Gmduatin Graduating Members: FEBRUARY CLASS WANDA JUNE RICHMOND JUNE CLASS SARITA GOLDBLUM JOAN MARCIA GREEN PHYLLIS HERSH SORALIE LEVIN PHYLLIS HOPE LEVIN BARBARA MARKEY NORMA SMITH TRUST g Class and its 165 It's Easy to Start Your Training at The Robert Morris School For Day and Evening Classes in Accountancy and Business Administration Bookkeeping, Secretarial Science, Business English, Salesmanship Effective Public Speaking For fall information call at the scliool or phone WILLIAM PENN HOTEL BUILDING ATLANTIC 0922 Call HAzel 3314 HUB Cleaning and Tailoring Co. 539 GREENFIELD AVENUE Cleaning-Pressing-Repairing Altering and Remodeling Free Call and Delivery Service Also Rugs, Drapes, Slip Covers and Curtains C ornplinients of Mr. and Mrs. Irving L. Glazer Business Administration M O R Secretarial Science Accounting P Individual Progress Prescription Specialists MURRAY AND DARLINGTON PITTSBURGH, PA. Phone: HAzel 6000 Frcc Employment Service Enter Any Moiiday Duilis-Iron City College 424 DUQUESNE WAY ATlantic 4875 Cornpliincnts to the Graduating Classes of 1949 Tau Sigma Phi Fraternity N Alpha Sigma Tau expresses congratulations and best wishes to all Alltlertlice Graduates of 1949 and particularly to its graduating members WILLIAM GERSHUNY HERBERT GILBERT LARRY KLEIN JOEL SILVERMAN 167 amma Alpha ambda Sorority -wtslzes to extend congratulations to the Gradnatzng Class and to its 14 Graduating Members GLORIA PRINCE INA SILVERMAN ELLEN BASKIND AUDREY COHEN BARBARA DOMB NANCY GORDON MARION GOTTFRIED BERDE JEAN HAMBURG MARILYN KRAUSS RITA MOROV LOIS ROSENBERG RITA RUBINOFF JOAN SEINER EDITH TORIN 168 The Sigma Delta Epsilon fraternity wishes to extend its heartiest congratulations to the 1949 Graduating Class and to its Graduating zwenibers: ROBERT ABRAMS JERALD FINN MORTON GURRENTZ DAVID KLEINBERG MYRON LETWIN SAMUEL LEWIS NORMAN XVEIZENBAUM K5 169 The TAU ET ALP H fraternity extends its heartiest congratulations to the Graduating Class 0 f 1949 and its Graduating Members: LARRY ADLER DAVID COHEN JORDAN SCHLESSEL JAMES SILVERMAN MORTON SILVERMAN 170 Q The Morton Business School Lowest Tuition In Pittsburgh Over a Quarter of a Free Placement Bureau Century Old Secretarial Accounting Bookkeeping Comptometer Typing General Motors Accounting C.P.A. Coaching Course Phone for Literature Day-Night Classes Starz Weekly 700 WOOD STREET PENHURST 6441 WILKINSBURO James F. McDunn, B.S. in E., C.P.A. Ross Ortoleva Sc Son Shoe Service Phone: GRant 2200 Members: Florists Telegraph Delivery Association Lubin Sc Smalley Co. Qhoe Shine and Hat Cleaning Parlor Flowers 1709 MURRAAY AVENUE FANCY GIFT FRUIT BASKETS PITTSBURGH 17, PA. 126 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. Phone: I-IAzel 1815 CWhere Fifth meets Libertyj Compliments of LOCAL UNION, 1843 District 16 UNITED STEELWORKERS OIF AMERICA-C. I. O. 4815 SECOND AVENUE PITTSBURGH 7, PA. 171 The amma hi A1 pha jralemizy extends eongmiulafiom lo llze Grzzduating CMJ and I0 its eight Gfuzlueting 4MBllZb6l'.f LARRY COOPERMAN NORTON FREEDEI. RICHARD KATZ HERBERT ROSENZWEIG LEONARD RLTBENS'1'IEIN SANFORD SHANRLATT IDONALD SHARAPAN ROBER'1' ZANGWILL 5 of 1949 172 Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Barkowitz 173 Food Tlmzlv Good jACKsoN's "That's All" , 1835 MU RRAY AVENUE PHONE: JACKSON 5496 C ompliments of Complimenls of Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Campbell Simon Klein and Sons STANLEY'S Frank Men's Wear Hosiery-Intimate Apparel 5816 FORBES STREET 5824 FORBES STREET U Next to the Bank" HAzel 3082 ATLAS MUSIC CO. 2217 FIFTH AVENUE Distributors of The New 100 Record Seeburg Music Box 174 The PI T U PI fraternity extends sincere congratulations to the Graduating Class of 19-1-9 and honors its Graduating Menzbers: RONALD D. ECKER STANLEY H. GOLDMANN ARTHUR L. HERBST RONALD W. LASDAY JAMES M. SEDLER Sl 175 The U LPHA Sorority extends its most sincere congratulations to the and its Graduating Mernbers: 'january Class '49 SUSAN ALMANX NETTA LEVINSONX PHYLLIS SILVERMANX MARLENE CANTER LOUISE COOPER JOY GENDLEBERG SHIRLEY GOLDBERG JOAN LUBIN PHYLLIS MORAVI1'Z 'IQIBA SLADEN DOROTHY STEIN Graduating Class 176 Compliments of BAUM-LIBERTY MOTORS STUDEBAKER-CARS AND TRUCKS Complete Serfuice BAUM BUULEVARU AT LIBERTY AVENUE MUSEUM 0802 We Make Our Own Ice Cream ROBBIE'S A. S. Robins and Sons 5802-04 FORWARD AVENUE JACKSON 9740 VV here Price anal Quality Rule! THETA MU SGRGRITY Extends Congratulations to the Graduating Alembers BARBARA POTTS JOAN NOLDEN 177 DELTA CHI GRAD UATE5 ARTHUR L. ARMS'I'RONG JAMES S. BACHO ALBERT BRAUN ORWIN W. CADDY HARRY C. FENNELL JOHN P. FLAHERTY ROBERT C. HAZLEY THOMAS JACKSON EUGENE A. LOWMAN JAMES MCCAFFREY GORDON MEIXNER THOMAS E. O,BRIEN MICIiAEL SIVIY JACK SOFIELD PAUL WEST PAUL VVHITE JAMES A. WILSON Shakelforcfs Flows Flowers by Telegraph 4852 SECOND AVENUE HAZELVVOOD Phone: HAzel 9050 C0lzgrzlfulafians to ilu' l'S . . f1r1ss1ffa.l lczds from tlzv 1101110 of Classical Rvfords BURTON RADIO 5884 FORBES STREET HAzel 0256 Congratulations Giant Eagle FOOd Stores 1816 MURRAY AVENUE 178 Elizabeth Pharmacy St-cond Avenue and Elizabeth Sircct Pittsburgh 7. Pa. Luuis Gicquelais. PILG. Arnulcl Realm, Ph. G. 11110110 : HAM 0114 C omplimenzs of Jason Beauty Salon Wightman and Hobart Streets HAzel 0475 ALPHA BETA CHI Sorority IfVi.vhes 10 Exfeml Congmlulalions to its Graduating Alembers LYNDA COOPER ANNA MAE CZAR MARGAR131' HEWI1'F .IJEAH HCJNEYFCJRD BERNICE Wu JEAN McKEE JOSEPHINE OR1'OI.EVA ROSEMARY ROBERTS ANNA MAE TITMUS .COX C omplimenls of House of Beautv 587-iw' FORBES STREET Phone: JAcks0n 9722 Regent Square Gift Shop Jmwlry-Gifts-Toy.: Greeting Cards Lending Library 1105 BRADDOCK AVENUE EDGEWOOD, PA. PEnhurst 5811 179 The Sigma Kappa jreiernnyf extends sincere congralnlalions to the Graduating Class of 1949 and zo ils grarlnezing rnernbersz IQICHARD CRONE JAY GARBER IRVIN GOLDBERG STANLEY HIRSCH THOMAS LITMAN MITCHELL OSTWIND DAVID WEIS 180 The rnernlaers of cadet 688, A. Z. A. wish to offer their lteartiest congratulations to its Graduating Mernbers and the Graduating Class of 1949 HARVEY BLINN RAYMOND GORMAN DAVID LEVINSON JERRY MATTES NORMAN SCHWARTZ ALEX VENIG Schoolcd under the wor1d's greatest violin pedagogue, Prof. O. Sevcik John S. Bartoletti SQUIRREL HILL . . 2004 MURRAY AVENUE TCZ1Ci1CI' of VIOIIII CNear Beaconl Studio: Lot us supply you with your eau MCPHERSON BLVD. Photographic Needs PITTSBURGH, PA. MOntrose 8804 Expert Photofinishing-Squeeges Darkroom Supplies-Cameras Campzimmts of AD EL ES, Inc. Ready- To- IV ea r FORBES STREET, SQUIRREL HILL ISI The House of Reliable Quality and Service Standard School Jewelers NIXON THEATRE BUILDING PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Class Rings and Pins Booklet Diplomas Commencement Announcements Club Pins Cups and Trophies Medals and Awards Sport Charms and Keys Prn Heallhy-Prn Happy Pm Sgum M urruy Avenue M News Stand Ol' U ,. 'N Ma gazines-H allrnark C ard.: GCG' ff Lending Library-Toys J ' 2024 MURRAY AVENUE Open Until 12 P.M. Nightly I "Just call me Xl! Squirt" '-mlm J.-Nckson 9916 amz, The Squirt Company Be Flealthy-Be Happy Drink S qnirz I,z1mpel's Restaurant Kosher Style Food 2014-16 MURRAY AVENUE Squid Bottling Co., hw. PITTSBURGH 6, PA. 200-12 Denniston Avenue, East End Phone: MOntrose 7800 X PITTSBURGH 17. PA. The University of' Pittsburgh ,ARTS, SCIENCES, ENGINEERING, BUSINESS, TEACHING, NVRITING AND JOURNALISM, MEDICINE, LAXY, DENTISTRY, SOCIAL VVORK, PHARMACY, NURSING FOR INFORMATION, ADDRESS THE REGISTRAR I S2 PI NIG A TAU Sorority wslzes to extend congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1949 and its Graduating Members: tklfay Bortz "U" Faye Cohen 4' 4' Barbara Krause """.laqueline Kaufman "',l une "U" F ehruary 'klliane Meyer 'kliztrlmara Rosenberg :'fSaudra XN'eiuman Selma Adler Rhoda Benjamin Rena Caplan Ilene Danovitz Ruth Fine Reva Firtell ,Iuditli lTl'l6illllZlll Suzanne Gould Patty Goldberg Phyllis Greenspan Edith Kalser Adrianne Katz Rhoda Kingsberg Barbara Klatlnau Harriet Klein Karen Klein Audrey Koss Rita Latteinian Elicia Miller Debby Mintz ,janet Ravick janet Rosenberg Bernice Slierman Nancy Sclior Bernice Sirota Marian Supovitz Marilyn Vogel Harriett llfinikofi Geraldine Young Q54-MV n '51, si , , E9 Qi 1 '1 ' , " L .3 4 2 1 V g '.A, ' W N 7'i l'v 1-,ve I W MM' I S 4 , 1 s 41 154' .1 . Y- , - 1. 4 ' la, " .IIA III, . I- I ."f'. ' - 'Y 'I' 'va' f L-l - - ,. rr .Ig - ,I I I4 -PM I , I' ... V. I -. ,' A ' ' ' .24 ", ' . I I 4 , if 'Ig ,QI . III ' Q . 'f .. , -",III -. .4 .I I i- ,-ff? -- ,. 4 -Wx: - LZ " xg! J 2 -wg-4" 1 r , I . -I . L ,H,, I: 4 .cw P4 4 ,.,, 'vib z ,.1-,.. - z!I:a , IIg, aI. 1. 12553 if " , gg . 'r- I:-' ' ': - iI f 215' . -5'-gf 4 4 . Liu' -' . fkavgfqlf ..,,h.4 GL V. 4-4.44 1- 5 - .SI ,I4. ,. iff' 4 sei. 4 '..If1r I .L ., Fix -'5fiiFN jyfi . E15 ' J M. , ,4 -w.. "4 . ' 44 '5 IfI af. ' wan 'L " '.-.54 ,,, - .. - 'QA .L 47:-J' ', ,In .2 ' r 4' f 40 X 5 V .ig qi 1 , . f . --A gf.-.-4 2 . 1 -f 4 I.'.' ,JI I. . 4 fm. 1 0,1 , c .13 4.1,I I .r.- Z.. 'NT . -' .U L1,"f.. A- . v. - ' 4 .-.,.f., !..E. 3' 4 43' . A .4 .. .fqq 11 ,. ga. Q 54 , ': A: ,Ig 4, .I 1.-W "Lf . 'Q "143'f 4 v .,, , ,x -- "' Z: . H 4 J. . . . . 'alyhmw' .- H . -'-4.41.-,-fQ'J:'iS-gif 4 5 . 9. .. .. - .M 4 H ri QJWW--A in II. I I f,I ,P . wtf. ' 5-1 'vw- w.. .TI ' , , 0 I s " - LJ? ' . . 1 .fi-J-4 .- 'A . f.' "z 1 " IjII5II4III4I , , -IIILIII .I-.-IIIgII.I, I I "'M'iU"- f. -'LY '. if 5 -, i-5323-f . V.: ' , ' ' "" ..13""-3' L". ' .4 'E 5 'N 34 if - 45' . ,f ff. . ,. - 4 Z: 4 4 I 1.3211 I' 4 ',!" . . 'V V. 1 . , . 4 : " JIIIIII, -A .I I - . I .,I i..I . , , 4 .1 4' ' 125 ' .I L 'par . II-MII! If :EY I I g NI M - 2 f ' - . 4 1 L F' if'f"4f"1"" . Vg-. 'UL . x. ' '-. If. H' . if ,::". K I4' I . ' - iv .Q el" :w Wt' ge, A -, I. IL I.,t',x. ' 4 ,. - , ' A' 'Wg ' fl 'f--fi1'.7S?i , 4 .f Q: - I N' ,ji ' 1.9. 3, 'J ,I 'rw . n 4' ' -5' ---'tin 4' , 4. . 4. Q . I- ' f 7,53 , .1 I I Ip? . I: . I ' , 'f .f ' 3 f :' , ' . ' ' s - ' -1: 4 Ik. .I WL. " If! , I . U4 Q 4 jg' '. ' r ' ' 124 II' , 1- Al .-4I ' ' ., L ' ' wif. -4-,g'. '11 . I 'ld -ra .- . if if . - 4 lg -.1:.. , ' . . , .- A " 11 ,II - -:IQ-4 if ' -, 4 ' 9 , VI 1- -245 , I M 1 ' -s " . +2 V . .fl '.ff I 4 ' I ,L F 4 . I. . VYV, III, . - "'- - .Q . 1- " ig" .E 132 I . ., -- LE .9517 4 . 3, -' 425. . . ' ' 'IL . '1 . :gg I II I4 I 4I. I . II I U I.I,.:I. I . I . 'N Q , Z.. 4- -1. - II I IAIJI .II.5Ign ' M EM I..jvIfgII IIEIII II - -4' IhI I1e,4 - 455' H' ' ' I-fr! ' JI' I I-. f ' nj I H -.4r- -,Je - .".-WI, 51 I '12 I, - . ,. ,. 4.4.1 Um, f- f...:,,:,L - 4 Si",-, -A,- -, 'J ' K' Vu' 'r- . . - 4 .- ,.-" 4- .- -'Wg .r :Str , , :z1"..' if.-nf' H2 . '-gf N3-I:-L -54,44 4 gQ,n',:, x'f:fE.-. . fn,-. -.-4, 455.-I.-.-4 . , 5'I ,FSI ,xiii . , . -f 4 I ' -F' . " .- 4...:1:. ,I fi-:I -1-Q' Y , . ff-Q47 f..- 3:1 I -. 4a 1-44 XI. - -' --1 - sw-'...41vva ' 1 I I. I I- I I-MII. ing 'i..45'5 -sifflf 'i-3' '--'i4f7T:17':54!'4z-I - gav--.4 . 4:2 . wif... gfp- ' fr4-.143 f ' 4 .I I . -, 3: "L ,fp 3, '-gg 4If' "'.,C9B-f, 1, - -1- . 2' "X ' 'A-'W' 41"",I-.5-5-f'r'w-fZ'J f , V- 7'f'H-ic' 151-.,','fk,-.-.75:!' -F' H' 54 ' M. fwkiig-." 4-41. ' ' '.1,f,,.4 ,4. '. - , I :-- ,I :-. .V '4 'fn ,.-' 4 X . I .I ' '-'a":-Ei - -'75w.Qf Y5 g'evy1'4f' ' 4, . ' AIIII 5-.TNII4 .I I ,S I .AI I . I I, HI: -I 4 A -1.4, .' . - 5 I 4. . r- 'il 2 795 ' :-- .IH .YV ? ' 5' E 7'j'n' . 4 ,-: 11- " 4'-L-,C 'Z ' I 'A 'L if .iflf -Lqgwlg l'K?.-,f:f.! 4' ' ,, ,. , H., I 5.52,-' , .K-I3 A . '1 6 ' ' ff. "rw ' 4 - 1: Q-rg. . ' ' .- w ,I 1 4 I34 .I. 5 Q. . . 4 4 1 .,

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