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yiwkm 113 wwf TAYLOR ALLDERDICE HIGH SCHOOL 291 Q A .-Q 6b5.hQ,SZ.5.4.CQi Cke ffgergice gJuHislzeJ Join l an file Q HIGA, .mf 5, i s lf' I KWUIHB XIX f If Ly flze Seniors offfze January J June Glasses 0f1948 fayfor GfUJerJice gfiqfz Salma! Shady fzrzl i Forward Avrrmm- Pittrhurgll, Pa. ':9i?iEi2i2,i-??9igCQ5WQ9? 973 dbdb,gih,gb,g5'95QQ93??9?iQ55??G?9TQ52 1 The eardook Staff EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Miss Diantha W. Riddle Faculty Sponsor Sally Osmond-January Class Bernice Gordon-june Class Barbara Wolfson Literary Editor .,,, , . WWE I 1 . ,, Q BUSINESS MANAGERS I as 'Y ' V ' A v Jules Feldman Leizer Balk Marty Frain TYPISTS Picture Editor Marion Rosenbloom Statistics Anne Marie Verrone Marilyn Broverman Ilene Azen ASSOCIATE EDITORS-JANUARY CLASS Irma Feingold Natalie Haase Sella Haase Dorothy Hendrix Alex Kramer Sheila Lutsky Elaine Martin Lawrence Miller Bernice Rosenberg Herbert Shapiro Lila Stein Norman Williams Alan Wallie Edward Vangeloff Iris Vertman Elizabeth Yaremko Assocrmn EDITORS JUNE CLASS Andrew Melzer Elsa Morris Ann Nicholas Marilyn Phifer Malvern Podolsky Sandra Schlesinger Joan Sherman Emma Sill Marilyn Stewart Stanley Sultanov Robert Verbin Arlyne Yarchever ,Sa Birdetta Baker Wilbur Blitz Shirley Blumenthal Annabelle Bruce Ruth Brown Suzanne Brown Agnes Bruun Patti Castle Norman Eisenstat Liesl Ellenbogen Roxie Fraley George Goldstein Lawrence Greenberg Ruth Hendrix Marion Hibbard Marvin Jacobson Renee Kann Adele Kolski Karl Kraft Natalie Mandell ourlzaf Gfrf Back Row: Joan Kabet, Herbert Leff, Adele Kolski, Rhea Molever, Alan Wallie, Sema Horvitz, Lois Smit, Florence Mogerman, Mitzi Shapiro. Seated: Mary Foner, Betty Green, Ruth Brown, Dorothy Trammell, Joan B ertenthal. ' - 6 01' 6 WOI' His JOURNAL represents the efforts, the achievements, and the activities of members of the l2A classes of 1948 of Taylor Allderdice High School. For many graduating students, formal education is at an endg they will now take their place in the world. For others, the future contains several years of additional preparation for life, years which will be spent in college. But regardless of the diversity of our paths, as graduates we look confidently to the future. Our Alma Mater has done her job wellg in reaching her age of maturity, she has made mature adults of those who have successfully concluded her courses of study. In the unsettled atmosphere of the world of today, the fresh- ness, the vigor, and the idealism of American youth must find an outlet. This Journal shall ever remind us that we were- given the opportunity to make something of our generation. In this crucial age, we must meet the challenge. These graduates, hy leading lives befitting the American Man and the American VVo- man. will be meeting the challenge. By making their lives satis- fying to themselves while constructive to the community, they will be doing their small part in the building of a new world, a world to which these class members were intr-oduced as students in Taylor Allderdice. 7 T.. 8 I Y edtcafwzz HE members of the 1948 graduating classes feel an indebtedness to those persons of the maintenance staff who have helped to keep our building a safe and pleasant place in which to live and work. Mr. Dietz and his custodial staff, the elevator operators, George Carstairs and Mrs. jones have all done their duties in an efficient yet unostentatious way. The january and June classes are proud to dedicate this yearbook to these unsung heroes of Allderdice who have performed those hidden but important tasks which have kept our school running smoothly and which have made our lives here more pleasant and profitable. . i QISKXLD - 9 , Gfffderdice Gomes of Gfqe ITH the new year Allderdice reached her majority-21 years of age. At the same time the world entered into a new and perhaps frightening Atomic Era. VVe, the graduates of 1948, are entering into a world that stands at the crossroads, as we dog the world at the crossroads of eternity-Allderdice graduates at the crossroads of life. Along one way lies security and happiness, but along the other lies destruction and pain. To choose the proper way will be comparatively easy, but to stand by our choice will be difficult. No matter how hard the maintenance of this way may happen to be, it still must be accomplished. VVith our new-found maturity, we must help the world to find its own maturity. The earth must he aided to find wisdom in its Atomic Age, for the world is sorely in need of real wisdom. . The way will seem hard and hopeless at times, and we will need strength to stand by our decision. But out of necessity, we must prove loyal to the right. The future of the world and of ourselves rests in the balance of the scales of Fate. XVe must tip the scales in the right direction. - 10 Gfgmizzisfrafiolz MR. D. MCCI.YMONDS l'rim'ipaI Alcfi'zfit1'f's Dircctor- Miss Elizabeth Wagenkneclit .ldzfisvr to Girls-Miss Alva K. Held Cillivf ClrrkMMiss Isabel T. Zinn Clvrk-Miss Helen Belie CIm'k4-Miss Lois E. Hill C'Ivrl.'-Miss Florence Koziozieniski Hunk C'Ii'rkfMis5 .losepliiue Guarino 1 1 M'--'ll MR. ARTHUR Tuoixf1,xs Vim l'ri11fipz1f l'0t'tIff0IltYI C''Io1'.v Dr. l.. XY. Knmlizl Mr. 'lolm McLaughlin gacuify fri . Q! Miss Catherine M. Eisaman, Miss Olivia Koenig, Mr. Wesley Mills, Miss Jennie A. Norton, Miss Blanche Pantall. . Cornrnercial Mr. Howard Barnes, Miss Helen Bartrim, Mrs. Helen Campbell, Miss Florence E. Graham. Miss Margaret Hanrahan, Mr. john B. Melvin, Miss Katherine Skarinski, Miss,Margaret L. Winch. English Miss Dorothy Albert, Miss Eleanor Bardsley, Miss Rhoda Bowler, Miss Olive Bowlin, Mrs. Della A. Braun, Miss Rose D. Hartz, Miss Helen M. Hillard, Mrs. Catherine C. Johnson, Miss Agnes Kerr, Miss Catherine A. McDermott, Miss Rebecca Miller, Miss Nancy T. Montgomery, Mrs. Elizabeth Porter, Miss Diantha W. Riddle, Mr. Joseph C. Thompson, Miss Elizabeth Warnock, Miss Dorothy Zeigler. Foreign Languages Miss Dorothy Bergman, Miss Mary Brennan, Miss'Yetta T. Kamler, Miss Elizabeth W. Klingensmith, Mr. C. T. Roller, Mrs. Myra Simpson, Miss Edna R. Todd. . H islory Miss Charlotte R. Beachler, Mr. Morris R. Beck, Mr. Samuel Blitz, Mr. John B. Coyne, Miss L. Esther Geist, Miss Grace F. Jessop, Miss Ann Kasnitz, Mr. Paul L. McGrath, Miss Bertha O. Mitchell, Dr. Anna M. Quattrocchi, Miss Cora C. Ross, Miss Leila H. Rupp, Miss Phyliss Stobie. H onseliold Economics Miss Charlotte E. Bailey, Miss Florence Bechtel, Mrs. Margaret N. Bush, Miss Grace A. Grossman. Library Miss Elizabeth Dixon, Mrs. Margaret H. McMickle. ' . Jllazhernalics Mr. Edward Caye, Mr. George M. Phillips, Miss Alice L. Phipps, Mr. Ray R. Ralston, Miss Mabel M. Schar, Mr. Raymond Schmidt, Mr. Walter Shively, Miss Edith May Starz, Mr. Robert C. Trumbull, Miss Ethel F. Turner, Dr. Wesley Wagner. Jllanaal Training Mr. A. L. Gautsch, Mr. Loren Jackson, Mr. Herbert A. Lewis, Mr. Ercoe Liberator, Mr. August K. VVinterling. Jllasic ' Mr. Roy F. Dietz, Mrs. Dorothy Jean Meyer, Miss Emma Steiner, Miss Laura E. Zeigler. Qplzysicai E ciucation Miss Mary Allshouse, Mr. Robert W. Irvin, Mr. John H. Irwin, Miss Esther M. Long, Miss Margaret Mercer, Mrs. Katharyn Hazlett Simms, Mr. Ernest A. Senkewich, Mr. Ernest Slessinger, Mr. Claude W. Sofield. - Science Mr. Lon H. Colburn, Mr. Thomas Davies, Mr. R. J. Hackett, Miss jane S. Johnston, Miss Jane McCandless, Mr. J. T. Shriner, Mrs. Mae Weber Smith. 12 'Diefificm Miss Dorothy V. Bruner Speech Miss Edna K. Bezler Swimnzing Mczl1'0fz Mrs. Bella ,loncs Cusloflizm Mr. Char'es E. Dietz H all Supe1'Ui.v0r.v Mrs. Irene K. Bain Mrs. Ethel Hynes DR. L. W. KORONA School Doclor Nicholas Chasler. M.ll. Miss Selma Fox, Nurse Dr. I-. XY. Koruna was voca- tional counselor until May of this year when he was prmnuterl to the principalship of the Ful- ton and Morningside Selmuls. He has the best wishes of the lIlClll'l7CI'S of the senior class who have greatly appreciated his guidance. ALLDERDICE COMES OF AGE XVhcn a. hoy attains the age Of twenty years and one. llis career in manhood Has literally begun. Our school has reached its nl11El1ll1U0fl This year it's twenty-one. .Nucl looking hack into its past. lt's proud of things well done. 14 -- alma, ?!L THELMA E. ADREON-Hockey '47: Basketball '46: 10A Home- room Representative: Entered from Colfax School: Favorite Sub- ject-Retailing ELMER ANTILL-Good Citizenship Citation: School Printing: In- terested in Jewelry. Plastics: Entered from McKeesport High School. IOB: Plans to join Aviation Cadets ILENE AZEN-Journal Staff: Foreword Staff: Foreword Repre- sentative: Service Club: Radio Broadcast: Magicians' Club: Fa- vorite Diversion-Dancing EDWARD FRANCIS BACHINSKY-Intramural Basketball '46: Entered from Gladstone Junior High School, 11B: Interested in Mechanical Drawing and Football SALLY BAER-Senior Y Teens: Junior Leaders: Class Leader: Voice Groups E, C. B: Basketball '44: Plans to Enter Nursing STANLEY JAY BARBROW-Band A: Orchestra A: Brass Group: School Dance Band: Chess Club: Memorial Day Assembly: Peaks of Progress Award '43 RALPH EDWIN BARNETT-Band A. Swimming Team '43, '44: Hi-Y: Marching Band: All City Band SELMA BASS-12B Vice President: Foreword Representative: Dramatic English: junior Leaders: Senior Leaders: Sigma Iota: Future Teachers of America: Athletic Letter Award: Manager of Hockey Tournament '47 DORIS JEAN BECKER-Microscope Club: French Club: Service Club: Majorettes '44, '45, '46: Head Majorette '47, '4S: Class Day Committee: Dramatic English PEGGY RUTH BLANCHARD-Voice Groups E, C. A: Girls' Chorale: Entered from Mifflin School, 9B: HobbyfModeling SIDNEY BLUESTONE-Voice Group D: Orchestras D, C: In- terested in Accounting: Favorite Sport-Mushball: Hobby-Playing Chess MARJORIE L. BOROSS-Foreword Representative: Homeroom Vice President: Treasurer of Senior Class: Student Council: Ger- man Club: Prom Committee: Dramatic English 16 1948 FRANCES E. BREDACS-Entered from Gladstone Junior High School, llB: Special Interest-Jewelry: Favorite Sports-Sw1m- ming, Basketball: Favorite Subject-English ANNETTE BROOKS-Prom Committee: Service Club: Future Teachers of America: Foreword Staff: Dramatic English: Nurses' Aid: Shorthand Certificate MARILYN BROVERMAN-Journal Staff: Class Day Committee: Foreword Staff: Service Club: Future Teachers of America: Li- brary Club: Foreword Representative: Nurses' Aid EMILY BRUNDAGE-Hockey '46: Volley Ball '47: Basketball '47: Shorthand Certificate: Plans for Future-Stenographic VVork WILLIAM D. BUSKO-Microscope Club, President: Homeroom Social Chairman: Voice Groups D, B, Ag Track '46: Swimming '44, '45 JEROME L. CALLET-Orchestra A: Harmony Class: Plans for Future-Musical Study: Favorite Sport--Baseball MAXINE CANTER-Lunchroorn Committee: Modern Dance: Voice Groups E, C: Hockey '46: Favorite Subject4Sewing ANNETTE CANTOR-Secretary of Homeroom, 9A: Foreword Representative. 9th grade: Entered from Roosevelt School, 7B: Science Club: German Club BETTY J. CHAITKIN-Foreword Representative: Student Coun- cil: Y Teens: Plans to Study Nursing at University of Pittsburgh: Favorite Sport-Bowling ARTHUR H. CIANA-Consumers' Education Award, 10th grade: Entered from Gladstone, llB: Plans to be a Machinist: Interested in History, Baseball HARRY COFFEY-Treasurer of Homeroom, Sth, 9th, l0tli grades: Varsity Club: Basketball '44, '45, '46, '47: Track '43, '44, '45, '46, '47g Certificates-Basketball, Track JACKSON COHEN-Foreword Representative '42: Spelling Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: First Place in Airplane Model Con- test: Member of Pittsburgh Model Club ' 1 7 MITZI COYVEN-Dramatic English. Class Play Castg Service Clubg Foreword Representativeg junior Sigma Iotag Junior Lead- ersg Voice Groups E, C NORMA JEAN DI NELLA-Voice Groups E, C, B5 Special Danceg Volley Ball '47g Prom Committee, Co-chairman HARRY H. DUGUID-Fort Black Award: Interested in Scienceg Special Interest, Electricityg Hobby-Building Airplane Modelsg Favorite Sport-Football VERNAN ESKOVITZ-German Clubg Senior Science Clubg Spe- cial Danceg Orchestra Cg Harmony 1, 2, 35 Favorite Diversion- Playing Piano IRVING A. I. FAIGEN-Homeroom President, IZA: Senior Class Vice Presidentg Dramatic English, Class Play Castg Green Keyg Lunch Room Patrol '46 SONIA M. FAIGEN-Concert Mistress of Orchestra A '47g Triog Quartetg Senior Discussion Clubg All City Orchestra IRMA EVELYN FEINGOLD Journal Staff: Student Council Representativeg Homeroom Treasurerg Library Clubg Future Teach- ers of America ELAINE FELDMAN-junior Leaders: Voice E, C, B3 Basketball '45g Entered from Colfax School 7Bg Special Interest-Secretarial VVork SIDNEY R. FINKELSTEIN---Vice President, 10B Homeroomg Social Chairman. IOA: Ainbitionfjewelerg Entered from Duquesne Public School BERNIE FREEDEL-Entered from Chicago Public School, 7B: VVorked in Print Shopg Favorite Sport-Footballg Special Interest -Good Music ROSALYN B. FRIED-Orchestra B, A: All City Orchestrag All County Festival Orchestrag Dramatic English: Foreword Repre- sentative, IZB, IZA: Class Day Committeeg Homerooin Treasurer, 12Ag Volley Ball '47 JAY ALLEN GEFSKY-I-Iomeroom President l0B, IZA: Dramatic English. Class Play Castg Green Keyg Discussion Club HB3 Bands C, B. Ag Class Day Committeeg Track '47g Basketball '465 Foot- ball '45 18 - -1948- DONALD S. GOLDMAN-Orchestra D, C, B: Young Magicians' Club: Intramural Basketball '44, '45: Football Manager: Night Basketball League '45, '46, '47 SIDNEY LOUIS GRANOFF-VVorked in Print Shop: Transferred from Fifth Avenue High School, '46: Favorite Sport-Football CARL GREENBERG-Radio Club: Secretary Intermediate and Senior Discussion Clubs: Night League Basketball '43, '44, '45 ADRIENNE GROSS-Dramatic English, Class Play Cast: Class Day Committee: Lunch Room Committee: Camera Club: Home- room Secretary, IIB: Voice Groups E, C MARGARET ANN GULA-Special Interest-Sewing: Entered from Greenfield School, 9B: Favorite Sport-Ice Skating NATALIE LOIS HAASE-Journal Staff: Library Club: Sigma Iota: Secretary-Treasurer of Homeroom: Red Cross Worker: Nurses' Aid: Hockey '45 Sigma Iota Letters Lifesaving Club: Magicians' Dance '45 of Pittsburgh tered from Greenfield School SANDER A. HAUSMAN--VVill Attend the University of Pitts- burgh: Hobby-Photography: Favorite Sport-Swimming MARY ANN HAYDUCKO- School, 11B: Favorite Sport- SELLA ROSALYN HAASE-Journal Staff: Library Club: Hockey '45: Lunch Room Committee '46: Nurses' Aid: Red Cross Worker: CONSTANCE HALPERN-Entered from Colfax School, 7B: Plans to Attend University of Pittsburgh: Favorite Diversion-XVriting DOROTHY J. HARRIS-Voice Groups E, C, B: Bookrooin Club: Club: junior Leaders '4-l: Modern EDGAR M. HAUSMAN-Radio Club: English Assembly Program: Entered from Wightman School, 7B: Plans to Attend University Entered from Gladstone junior High Basketball 'WILLIAM E. HAHALYAK-Football Team '44, '45, '46. '47: En- , 9B: Favorite Subject-Sociology 19 DOROTHY J. HENDRIX-Journal Staff, Class Day Committee, Homeroom Vice President, IIB, IIA, Student Council Representa- tive, IIB, IIA, Foreword Representative, High Honor Student, Interested in Flying CHARLES J. HESS-Awarded Leaders Pin and Life Scout Badge, Entered from Hays School, 8B, Special Interest-Engineering JUDITI-I ISHLON-Voice Groups E, B, C, A, Accompanistug Har- mony Class, Assistant Treasurer of Group A, Senior Discussion Club: Modern Dance, Third Prize-Bill of Rights Essay Contest, Fourth Place-Civic Club Test BETTY JANE JASKO-Secretary of Homeroom, IZA, Volley Ball '47, Entered from Gladstone junior High School, IIB, Special In- terest-Secretarial Work EDWARD KIRSCH-Voice Groups B, A, Entered from Glad- stone .Iunior High School, IIB, Favorite Sport-Football HERBERT KLEIN-Basketball '47, Gym Instructor, Entered from Peabody High School, IIB SHIRLEY H KOSS Dramatic Fnglish, Class Day Committee, Sewing Class Fashion Show, '40, Microscope Club, M. M. M., Service Club, Homeroom President, IOB, Vice President, IIA, Secretary-Treasurer, IZB ALEX J. KRAMER-Homeroom President, IZB, IIA, IIB, Home- room Social Chairman. IZA, Senior Discussion Club, German Club, Prom Committee, journal Staff, Received Sons of American Revolution Medal DOLORES KRUSINSKI-Homeroom Secretary 9B, IZA, Home- room President IOB, Homeroom Treasurer IIB, IIA, IZBQ Sewing Club, Hockey '46, '47, Volley Ball '47, Class Day Committee, Fashion Show Committee MARILYN LADLEY-Orchestra E-B, American Legion Award, Plays Cello, Enjoys Dancing, Future-Secretarial VVork BURTON M. LEVINSON-Homeroom President IIA, IZB, IZA, Class Day Committee, Orchestra E, C, B, Ushers Committee, En- joys playing Piano, Future Plans-Industrial Engineer DONALD LINN-Entered from Mifflin School, Won a Gold Key, Enjoys Hunting and Skiing, Favorite Subject in High School- Algebra 20 1948 Q JAMES Y. LINN-Homeroom President, IOBQ Microscope Club: Vice Presidentg Plans for Future-Accountingg Worked in Basket- room SHEILA M. LUTSKY-Senior Science Club, Secretaryg Inter- mediate Discussion Clubg Library Clubg Foreword Staffg Journal Staff: Prom Committeeg Class Day Committeeg Student Federal- istsg First Place in Civic Club Test GERALDINE MARINER-Entered from Gladstone Junior High School, llBg Interested in Sewingg Hopes to Study Music at Tuske- gee Institute ERWIN MARKS-Favorite Subject-Sales Training Courseg Am- bition-Businessmang Favorite Sports-Boxing, Football, Basket- ballg Entered from Schenley High School LOUIS J. MARKS-Entered from Peabody High School, llB3 In- terested in Football, Basketball, Swimming, Favorite Subject- Aviation FRED C. MARLATT-Entered from Gladstone Junior High School, llBg Homeroom Vice President, 1lA, l2Bg Favorite Sport-Football ELAINE IRENE MARTIN-Journal Staff, Homeroom Secretary, 9Bg Nurses' Aidg Sigma Iotag Discussion Clubg Library Club RICHARD M. MCKEONE-Entered from St. Rosalia: Band A: Marching Bandg Pittsburgh Model Airplane Clubg Favorite Sport- Basketballg Ambition-Draftsman JERRY MERVIS-Homeroom President, 9Bg Orchestra C. B: Re- ceived American Legion Awardg Favorite Subject-History: Fu- ture plans--A Businessman FRANK C. MICHENER-Microscope Club,-Stage Crew: Hobby- Carsg Favorite Orchestra-Paul Wliitexnaii ALBERT W. MILLER-Homeroom Treasurer, IUAQ Homeroom Food Committeeg Red Cross Senior Life Saver: Hobby-Aeronam ticsg Plans to Enter University of Utah LAWRENCE P. MILLER-Journal Staff: Discussion Club: Or- chestra D, C3 Enjoys Historical Moviesg Hobby-Collecting Rec- ordsg Will Attend the University of Pittsburgh 21 VIOLETTA MOHRBACH-Service Club: Treasurer of Home- roomg Homeroom Social Chairman: Fashion Show Committee: Favorite Sport-Baseball: Ambition-Nursing MARCIA MAE MORGAN-Dramatic Englishg Class Play Cast: I-Iomeroom Vice President, IZA, Vice President of French Club, 12Ag Tutoring Committee, llA: Class Play Make-up Committee DOLORES N. NEFT-Orchestra D, C, Ag Triog Quartet: All City Orchestrag Pittsburgh Youth Symphony: Horneroom Treasurer, IZA, Senior Science Club: Class Day Committee FLORENCE NEMETH-Transferred from Gladstone, llBg Prom Committee: Life Saving Classf' Received Award from National Junior Honor Society: Future Plans-Secretary LEE NISENBAUM-Intramural Basketball '46: Allderdice Night League '45, '46g Enjoys Mystery Stories: Favorite Sport-Baseballg Will Enter Pitt ALFRED J. NOGRADY-Co-Chairman of Class Day Committeeg KDKA School of the Air Broadcast: Interested in Chemistry and Biology: Favorite Diversion-Dancing, Plans to Enter Pitt, School of Pharmacy JACK O'HAREfEntered from Gladstone Junior High School, IIB, Interested in jewelry NVorkg Plans to Follow Art Work after Graduation SALLY J. OSMOND-Voice Groups E, C, B5 Foreword Repre- sentativeg Microscope Club: Editor-in-Chief of Journal: Prom Com- mittee: Lunch Room Committee: Fashion Show DONALD S. PEARLSTEIN-Vice President of Homeroom, l2Ag Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Bookroom Club: Voice Group B5 Track '47: intramural Basketball '45, '46, '47 NITA FAY PEISAKOFF-Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Prom Committee: Tutoring Committee: Student Council: Foreword Representative, 1lB, IZB: Future Teachers of America: Modern Dance: Special Dance, llA, IZB: Camera Club, 11B FRANK L. PETRUZZI-Vice President of Homeroom, l2B: En- tered from Gladstone, 11B: Enjoys Hunting ESTHER PITSCHKE-M.M.M.: Received Certificate of Merit for M.M.M. Activities: VVorked for Red Cross: Special Interest- Jewelry VVork 22 1948 RUTH RIDING-Entered from Gladstone Junior High, llB: Red Cross Junior Life Saving: Interested in Dancing: Enjoys Hockey and Basketball: Plan for Future-Office Work WILFRED RIESBERG-Choirs D, B: Student Treasurer: Home- room Secretary, l1B: Discussion Club: Prom Committee: Class Day Committee: Participated in History Quiz Program ROSALYN DELORES ROBBINS-Dramatic English: Prom Com- mittee: Honleroom Secretary, IZA: Tutoring Committee: Future Teachers of America: Sigma Iota: Intermediate Discussion Club: Camera Club: Volley Ball '47: Honor Student NICHOLAS ROHALY-Voice Group B: Discussion Club: Entered from Greenfield School, 9B: Participated in Football, Basketball: Enjoys Music BERNICE ROSENBERG-Prom Committee: Class Day Com- mittee: Journal Staff: Service Club: Secretary of Homeroom, IZB: Secretary of Bookroom Club: Junior Sigma Iota JACQUELINE C. ROSENTHAL-Foreword Representative, 11th Grade: Y-Teens:.Future Teachers of America: Volley Ball, '47: Class Day Committee: Dramatic English LOIS PATRICIA SARACCO-Class Day Committee: Service Club Social Chairman of Homeroom: Fashion Show Committee: Usher Foreword Representative, '46: Secretary of Homeroom, 12B RONALD J. SCHWARTZMDramatic English: Class Play Cast Treasurer of Camera Club: Chess Club: Senior Science Club Band B, A: Marching Band: Prom Committee: Student Council Foreword Staff NOLAN SCLARSKY-Band E. D: Orchestra C, B. A: Vice Presi dent of Homeroom, IOB, 12B: Track '46: Hobby-Photography DONALD A. SCOTT-Entered from St. Rosalia's, 9B: Hi-C Favorite Sport-Football: Interested in Television FRANK SECOLI-Special Stage Crew: Football '45, '46, '47g En tered from Greenfield School, 9B: Future Plans-To Play Pro fessional Baseball ELVIRA SERESCIN-Hockey '46: Entered from Gladstone Jun ior High School, l1Bg Favorite Sport-Tennis '23 M. HERBERT SHAPIRO-Prom Committee, Co-chairmang jour- nal Staff, Moderator of Discussion Club, Future Teachers of America, Science Club, Student Council, American School of Air Broadcast, Fourth Place-Hearst History Contest MARY ANN SHARLEK-Hockey Club, Volley Ball, Basketball, Entered from Gladstone Junior High School, l1Bg Future Plans- Clerical Work ROBERT G. SHUGERMAN-Football '473 Class Day Committee, Entered from Peabody High School, llBg Favorite Sport-Football WILLIAM SIEVERS-Football Team '46, '47, Entered from St. Rosalia's, 9Bg Favorite Subject-English, Favorite Sport-Football JANET B. SIGAL-Treasurer of Homeroom, l2Ag Vice President of Homeroom, 1013, l0Ag President of French Club, lZAg Foreword Representativeg Swimming Team '44, Volley Ball '44 MARIANNE M. SILBERBERG-Dramatic Englishg Class Play Cast, Student Council, Class Day Committee, Chairman of Lunch- room Committee, Foreword Staffg French Club, Future Teachers of America, Library Clubg Foreword Representative ALLEN M. SILVERMAN-President of Homeroom, l2Bg Gym- nastic Team '43, '44, '45, Swimming '45, Basketball Manager '46, Track Team '47, Pla11 for Future-Accounting MARY LOU SOMMERSv-Orchestras B, Ag All City Orchestrag Youth Symphonyg Special Interest-Commercial Work DOROTHY SOPOLIGA-Modern Dance, Vice President of Home- room, llAg Vice President of Distributive Education Class MORRIS J. SPOKANE-Camera Club, Vice Presidentg Senior Science Club, Voice Group D LILA M. STEIN-Secretary of Senior Classy Secretary-Treasurer of Homeroom, l2Bg Foreword Representativeg Sigma Iotag Senior Science Club: Journal Staff, Hockey '46, '47, Volley Ball '46, '47g Basketball '46, '47, Mushball '47 ' SHIRLEY STEINBERG-Junior Discussion Club, Library Clubg Gym Leaderg Participated in P.T.A. Programs 24 1948 . JAY SUPKOFF-Orchestra A: String Quartet: 'Trio: Entered from Colfax School, 713: Future School-University of Pittsburgh MARILYN R. SWARTZ-Treasurer of Homeroom, IZA: Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Prom Committee: Voice Group E: junior Sigma Iota: Bookroom Club: Auditorium Usher THELMA MAY TATTONfYolley Ball '47: Fashion Show Com- mittee: Entered from Greenfield School, 9B: Special Interest- Sewing BARBARA R. TEXfl3ramatic Englishg Class Play Cast: Class Day Committee: President of Student Council, IZA: Senior Leaders: Tutoring Committee: Modern Dance: Sigma Iota: Secretary of Homeroom, 1lB, 1lA, 12B ROBERT EDWARD VANGELOFF - President of Homeroom. IUA, IIB, IZA: President of Hi-Y, 124-X: Microscope Club: Football '45, '40, '-17: journal Staff: Prom Committee: Hall Patrol Com- mittee: Community Chest IRIS C. VERTMAN-Voice Groups E, C: Sigma Iota: Library Club: Journal Staff: Lunch Room Committee '46: Secretary-Trezb surer of Homeroomg Nurses' Aid LOUIS G. WALDEN-Entered from Gladstone Junior High School, l1B: Special Interest-Chemistry: Favorite Sport-Swimming ALAN M. WALLIE-Student Council: President of Senior Class: Lunch Room Committee: journal Staff: Prom Committee: Com- munity Chestg Narrator for Modern Dance: American Legion Award: Three Scholastic Keys FRANK WARDfFootball '47: Entered from Mifflin School, 9B: Favorite Sport-Football: Favorite Subject-Sociology RUTH WEINSTEIN-Sigma Iota: Senior Science Club: Secretary- Treasurer of Homcroom: Transferred from Roosevelt School, 7B SYRITTA C. WEINSTEIN-Elltered from Schenley High School, IOA: Planning to become a Bookkeeper: Favorite Sport-Tennis SHIRLEY PEARL WEISS-Orchestras D, C, B: Majorettes '41- '47: Vice President of Homeroom, IZA: Young Magicians' Club: Y-Teens: Prom Committee: Class Day Committee: Senior Sigma Iota: Dramatic English: Scholastic Art Shows 25 NORMAN WILLIAMS-Music Club, Science Clubg Journal Staff: Lunchroom Committeeg Bookroom Club, Basketball League ELIZABETH YAREMKO-Special Danceg Student Councilg Jour- nal Staffg Service Clubg Hockey '47, Senior Leaders Klze greatest gzzdusfry NE of the largest industries in the United States today is the manufacture of scholars. The gradual growth of these board of education products has been observed, and a pictorial report published under the 113.1116 Allderdice jour- nal. This complicated and fascinating cycle of development is here summarized. Design for a new student begins with a small-scale freshman. VVhen each new allotment of raw material arrives, a group of approximately 70 designers prepares to create advanced models. The final versions come in a variety of highly finished shapes and sizes stainped with a large white A , During the time the scholars are moving down the conveyor belts toward commencement, Cs are handed out profusely. The most exciting stage in the whole process is graduation. Finished stu- dents moving along the 2nd floor annex come to a big hole in the floor. As each body gets to the edge of the hole, it is picked up by a sling, and dropped into the precisely moving stream of life. Good models must be able to enter an occupation with ease, standing up under all wear and tear. 26 ' cuzuczry ass Gomnzeizcemezzf Tuesday Evening, january 27, 1948 Processional Poinp and Chivalry .,.....,..,.,,,,4...,....,4..,..,,.......,...,.,..............,,.,.......... Clzafrles J. Rolmrii Band, Mr. Roy F. Dietz, Director Invocation ......,........ ,... .............i............................,..,.,.., R e verend Walter Fred Preset Pastor, Asbury Methodist Church Presentation of Flowers ........,..,.....,.,. .....,.r.....,....,............ j une Class, 1946 Farrell Rubenstein, June, 1948 Irving Faigen, January, 1948 Gavotte in C Minor i...,..,............,.........................,...................,..,,.....,.,.... Sebastian L00 Cello Solo-Dolores Neft Accompanist-Saralee Eisner Class Gift ...,.,......,..,...,.,...,...,...,...,...,.......,...................,,............,...... january Class, 1949 Alan Wallie, President January Class Roy Lockhart, President June Class Rondo Brillant fLa Gaietej ............,.,................,....,.,...,....... Carl Maria Von lfVcbm Piano Solo-Judith Ishlon Gratitude for Benefits Is Eternal Nita Peisakoff, Lila Stein, Shirley Weiss, Marianne Silberberg, Edward Vangeloff Tambourine Chinois ..,,.......,..A.A.A......AAA...A.A.A..A.....,.,....,......,....,...,..,....,...... Fmt: Krezslcr Violinist-Sonia Faigen Accompanist-Annabelle Sachs Authorization ot' Diplomas ..,......,...,r,.,.......,,.. ' ,.......,....,,,.,......... Dr. Robert C. Millikm Representative of Superintendent of Schools Presentation of Diplomas ...........,.......,.......,.......,.......,,.,.,....,...,...... D. McClyn1onds Principal, Taylor Allderdice High School Recessional The Honor Legion .,..... .,...,.......,.......... ....... C . H. Vanta Band JANUARY HONOR STUDENTS High Honor Selma Bass Betty jean Cunningham Dorothy Hendrix Judith Ishlon Marjorie Boross Vernan Eskovitz 4 Irving Faigen Sonia Faigen Irma Feingold Carl Greenberg Burton Levinson Dolores Neft Nita Peisakoff Jacqueline Rosenthal Marianne Silberberg Honor Shirley Koss Sheila Lutsky Alfred Nogrady Sally Osmond Wilfred Riesberg Lila Stein Edward Vangeloff Alan Wallie Shirley Weiss Rosalyn Robbins Ronald Schwartz Herbert Shapiro Morris Spokane Jay Supkoff Elizabeth Yaremko 27 cuzuary ass rqmzizafiolz O F F IC E R S u President-Alan Wallie Vice President-Irving Faigen Secretary-Lila Stein Treasurer-Marjorie Boross CLASS DAY COMMITTEE PROM COMMITTEE 28 6UZLL6U'y Gfass cilear Ruth Dora .....,.........,.....,.....,...... ....,... S hirley Koss, Marianne Silberberg Mrs. Edith Wilkins. .,..... . .,...,.,.. Marcia Morgan, Nita Peisakoff Miriam Wilkins ........,..,.,.,... .,..,,.,....,.,..,,,..,.. B arbara Tex, Doris Becker Judge Harry Wilkins .....,,.. ......., . Wilfred Reisberg, Ronald Schwartz Ruth Wilkins ..,..,.,.,..,.,.....,,...... .......,..,........ M itzi Cowen, Adrienne Gross Lt. William Seawright .,.,.,... ...,,...........,,.,.........,...,......,..... I rving Faigen Albert Kummer ....,............. .,.............,......,.......... D onald Perlstein Maftlla Seawright, ......,... ..,..,. R osalyn Fried, Marilyn Swartz Sgt. Chuck Vincent .,.....,,.,............,,....,,,..,....,,.........,...................,,.........,................,. Jay Gefsky Music by the ORCHESTRA of TAYLOR ALLDERDICE HIGH SCHOOL Miss Laura Ziegler, Conductor STUDENT STAFF Business Managers ......,.............,..,.......,............,...,,.... Ronald Schwartz, Wilfred Reisberg Property Manager ......,...................,...,.,,..,.............,.........,......,............., Jacqueline Rosenthal Bookholders .... ..... R osalyn Robbins, Marjorie Boross, Selma Bass, Annette Brooks Costume Chairman ....,.......,...,....................,.,......,.,..,...,...,.,....,...,..,,..................,.... Barbara Tex Make-up Chairman .,..,,............,,.. ....,.,.....,.,..........,.,...............,......,,. M arilyn Swartz Program Chairmen ........,........,..........,...,.....,......................,...... Shirley Koss, Rosalyn Fried Lighting and Stage Control ......,,.....,..,.............,.......,. Frank Michener, William Pervin, Richard Moskovitz, Jerry Berger, Arthur Ciana COMMITTEES Make-up .,.................... Costumes ...,..,..........,... ..Marilyn Swartz, Doris Becker, Marcia Morgan, Shirley Koss ...Barbara Tex, Adrienne Gross, Mitzi Cowen, Rosalyn Fried Foreword Reporters ,................,.......,.,....,...........,, Marianne Silberberg, Ronald Schwartz Photography .......................,...,....,.....,...........,.,.,.,...,...,.,.......,.............,....,,.,.,r, Sponsor .......... . Marvin Jacobson ..,,..,,.Miss Elizabeth Wagenknecht DRAMATIC ENGLISH CLASS 29 6LIZLl6ll y GQLSS GDGKZT Ram 99 30' I Stage Crew Q, Q2- 'P Zz 4 4 A A 1 K mm 260 Teacher-Miss Phyliss Stobie President ....... ....,..A..............A.,...AA.,.,...A...,A... .A.......... .,., Secretary .. ..AA........4A.A.......,.,........ ,... . , Treasurer .........,,,..,......,..............,....,. Student Council Representative ..... Foreword Representative ...,.i...4...,.........,.........,..... THE BILLBOARD LSXMFT-Lois Saracco means terrific friend. Shes blended. s'he's splendid, she's Adrienne Gross. Famous for football the world overf'-Bill Hahalyak A-alluring as Qllenej Azen B-beautiful as tMarilynj Broverman C-cute as tMaxinej Canter . . . ABC-They satisfy. Xvorldis most wanted basketball player. -Herb Klein He's out of this world-and he's here. -Edward Kirsch - - 4 .4 ,, .Irving Faigen Esther Pitschke .4.... .Marilyn Swartz . ,.... Barbara Tex ........Selma Bass Keep your eye on a great artist, keep your eye on Jack O'Hare. Compare, comparison provesg see Barbara Tex and you see the finest. Night and day, at home or away, always remember Bernice Rosenberg. Look and you shall see -Donny Pearlstein-Americas future Barrymore your future'-Violetta Mohrbach cute. -Frances Bredacs Dependable Champion. -Donald Goldman She takes yo-ur breath Wlith folks who know There's a secretary in Outstanding and she's away. -Marilyn Swartz swell kids best, it's Elaine Feldman 2 to l. Wednesday is Bingls day, but every day is Larry Miller's dayf' lf everybody knew what Selma Bass knows, they would all get .N's. Medical science offers proof positive that Jerry Mervis is darling. Look to Irv Faigen to leadership. OOh, OO that Betty janet jasko sparkles. 32 For a treat instead of a treatment listen to jerry Callet play the trumpet t'You're twice as sure with two great names. -A1 Nogrady and Al Miller. HRC1'llCl1l'lJGI' the letters D-dependable Q-quiet C-character for Esther Pitchske. He dues everything best. -Lee Nisenbaum The man of distinction. -Fred Marlatt Never underestimate the power of Z1 woman, especially Mary Hayduckof' Emily Brundage, best of champions. Experience is the best teaciher and the best teacher is Miss Stobief' FITTING QUOTATIONS livery school buy knows it. -The Wall Sn much to do: so little d0ne. E.'Xllderdice Reproo1' on her lips, but a smile in her eye. -The Teacher Unquiet meals make ill digestion. -The Cafeteria There are some defeats more triumphant than victories.''-Football Games 'Tan one desire ton much of a good thing? -Vacation XVhat's done can't be undone. -Report Cards A most delightful waste of time. -Study Hall I do desire we may be better strang'ers.''wlixams r g! I V 1 't if A g 1 E '. :.2f4i T . :nip r rx, '11, Oqyhj ji-Y, '?731'952'Wr1NlSi Lgfagigfg 1 'F 4 1 'C I .vs X Q W - V 33 ' r 00112265 ... .... F5 Teacher-Miss Rhoda Bowler President .......,.... ......,..........,...................,..,.,.............,....,...... B urton Levinson Vice President .... .,.....,.............................,............,.,.........4....... S hirley VVeiss Secretary ........,....A....,.,...,.,.......,... .A...... D olores Krusinski Treasurer ....A..........A...e,.,................... ......,......., D olores Neft Student Council Representative ...,. .,.,........ . Man XVallie Foreword Representative .....,...,.,.,.,i..i...,. ..... ..,.4.... S a lly Osmond TINTYPES WILLIAM SIEVERS-The football players work hard as beavers. Right in there with them is our boy Sievers. DONALD Y. LINN-Wlith his blazing red 'hair and his big blue eyes, Donald l.inn is the envy of all of the guys. ALAN M. WALLIE-Rembrandt would certainly fall in a faint, If he could see the way Alan VVallie can paint. JACKSON COHEN--You can 'depend upon .laeksion really to try: And some day his planes-through the air will fly, IUDITH ISHLON-,ludy's voice is very sweet and elearg Her notes fall gently upon the ear. SONYA FAIGENHConicert Master of Orchestra A, Sonya Faigfen can really play. ANNETTE BROOKS-If vou are interested in food and good cooks, Why not have a talk with Annette Brooks? WILFRED RIESBERG-Treasurer Riesberg has figures on his mind: Come on, XVilfred-tell us what kind. THELMA TATTON-Thelma 'l'atton's skill with a needle so keen. She can whip up a dress that makes designers turn green. JAMES LINN-We now present our friend James Linn. VV'hen he's an accountant. he's sure to win. LOUIS MARKS'-Monkey business-man Lew Marks has fun: He really keeps his blues on the run. -34 MARY LOU SOMMERS-A very agile dancer is our Mary Long All intricate steps she can gracefully do. FRANK WARD-You should see Frank VVard's flying form: He's a big man in the green and white uniform. SALLY OSMOND-Our fair haired Sally is a girl we admire: In working for the journal she never does tire. NICHOLAS ROHALY-VVe're sure that Nick will really go far. With a voice like his he'll l76C01llC quite a star. SHEILA LUTSKY-An archeologist our Sheila will be: As a Habonim 'member she's busy as a bee. DOLORES NEFT-T'here's music in the air when Duchy is near, The tones of her cello are so sweet to hear. HARRY COFFEY-Selling fine furniture is Harry's desireg He'll make lots of money and then retire. ELAINE MARTIN-An actress fair is our Elaine: As queen of the stage-long may she reign! CARL GREENBERG-As for Carl Greenberg, there isn't a single fear. For he'll surely be remembered as a mechanical engineer. FRANK MICHENER-In aut-omobiles Frank Michener finds fung He fixes and paints them till they shine in the sun. RIQHARD MCKEONE-Richard McKeone likes to build model planesg This is a job that requires skill and brains. MARILYN LADLEY-Marilyn will be a secretary, neat and cleverg Will she shirk her duties? The answer is, Never. HERBERT SHAPIRO-Habonim Herb likes discussions and the Promg He is always so busy, he's never quite calm. . JAY SUPKOFF-Jay and his fiddle are a familiar sight: He practices faithfully morning and night. HARRY DUGUID--In electricity. Harry shows marked skill, A mechanical chap with vigor and will. ANNETTE CANTOR-At taking shorthand Annette is a whizg Is she smart? Is she clever? I'll say she is. SHIRLEY WEISS-To see this girl twirl is very nice: You've guessed her name-Shirley VVeiss. ELIZABETH YAREMKO-Our little Red Riding Hood of 265 On a secretary's salary will live and strive. DOLORES KRUSINSKI-Small. sweet and quite petite Our Dolores is always attractive and neat. BURTON LEVINSON-Burton is smart: that's plain to seep As an engineer, a sure success he'll be. IACQUELINE ROSENTHAL-Jacqueline is gracious, kindly. and neat: To have her as a classmate has been a real treat. DAFFYQNITIONS llxaminationz A diabolical invention made purely to frustrate seniors. Themes: Sheets of paper covered with writing designed to influence authorities into permitting seniors to graduate. Cafeteria: A spot where the elite meet to eat. Homework: Any assignment for study or preparation outside the classroom copied hurriedly before school from a friend. English Teachers Record Book-Bound sheets of paper containing enough pencil marks to lower our grades five points. 35 00172 3 Teacher-Miss Edna Todd l'residcnt . ., , Yire l'residL-nt Secretary , . , . , Treasurer ,. , ... .... . ..,.,,, ......, . . Student Council llepresentative .,..,. Foreword Represeiitative ,..,.,,.,,,.., I Gefsky ,. Marcia Morgan Rosalyn Robbins ..,-lanet B. Siffal Ronald Schwartz .. ,Lila Stein ls lVhere will you find variety galore, liverything from A to Z? Some might say the corner drugstore. Others, Room 363. -rulml lfl'I!fj.Yftl1 t' funzrld you find tl fI'lIl'I' ftllldjl t'UI1llft'l'.7 lietter than a Queen Anne Almond Treat. KIARIANNIC SIIISERRERG just can't he heat. Our liahy RUTH RIDING is always aroundg XYhen you need her niost, she's easily found. YICRNAN IZSKOYITZ is our sweet Hit-to-Holley. lYe wouldn't give her up for any suin of money. .X Powerliouse of strength and personality. CHUCK HESS has real individuality. Chuekles is a delicious candy bar, liut DOTTY HENDRIX is this eounter's star. .X Life Saver in any emergency. XVe eouldn't do without EDDIE BKXCI-IINSKY. GICRRY MARINER is sweet, just right: NVe'll take her instead of an Almond Delight. Charms is MARCIA MORGANS middle name, This darling lmelongs in a gilded frame. 36 You are sure to find what yon wont at our gift counter. A Silver Bracelet is always in style, The same as ROZZI ROBBINS' friendly smile. Eversharp but never too bold- The one, the only IRMA FEINGOLD. Our favorite baby doll, SALLY BAER, Is cute, adorable, without a care. The Gem of the class, never to be forgot, In an emergency it's PAL KRAMER who is sought. He delighted us all, it was a Revelation, As an actor RON SCI-IVVARTZ is a major sensation. BILL BUSKO doesn't need Kreml for his hair, He's already handsome, smart, and debonair. The sharpest edge you could possibly hone XVould be dull in comparison to the wit of BLUBSTONIE. Our fierfztlne bar is just perfect. Sweet and friendly and Forever Yours, CONNIE I-IALPERN's the gal every one adores. Charming, Disarming, the one we're all for, -IANET SIGAL has personality galore. Dubarry's Shocking is a favorite with all, just like SHIRL STEINBERG, who has lots on the ball. Onr news counter has nothing but the best. Hero of our Detective Yarns, causing crime to flee, Is that never-tiring private eye-FRANK PETRUZZI. U' Adorning the latest cover of Glamour Magazine, MITZI COVVEN would be a hit on any movie screen. Appearing. in every headline, making his bid for fame Is that ever-popular fellow, MORRIS SPOKANE. Every good book has its fair maiden in distress, Ours is NITA PEISAKOFF, a sure candidate for success. Author of the joke-book that has them rolling in the aisles, JAY GEFSKY is the cause of many boisterous smiles. What's a drugstore without its personnel? Cheerful, efficient. singing at her work, Thereis no task so difficult that LILA STEIN will shirk. Barely heard above all the din, The lively chatter of BETTY CI-IAITKIN. Serving as our Jukebox, singing star to be. VVe're sure PEG BLANCHARD'S future is no deep mystery Watching the temperature, operating Sie fan. Is that versatile fellow, SANDY HAUSMAN. Waiting on the tables, doing every chore, ART CIANA helps to make this place a lively store. '37 00192 Teacher-Mrs. Myra Simpson President ...,..,. ..,. ,...,... . ..........,,.,..........,.,.............,...,.....,.. I C dward Vangeloff Vice President . ..,..,....,.,.........,.... ...... N Iarjorie Boross Secretary-Treasurer ..,..........,........ ....... R osalyn Fried Student Council Representative .,.. ..... B larjorie lioross Foreword Representative ..4A.......,. .. .... Rosalyn Fried ALONG TH li RADIO NVAYIES lflmcr .elzziill-Tliis Mysterious Traveler creates quite a pun, And puzzles us all hy leaving at one. ,S'fa-Hlcy Hu1'I2ro7u- Say lt X'Vith Music is the theme of our Stan, This great little guy is our melody man. Bclviiu l n'ccivI4l'eople will say XVelcome Strangeru when liernie is in sight For he is always happy and never picks a fight. Sidncy Gl'tlll0fff'llTl'Ul1t Page Granoftn a printer will be, To the door of success he holds the key. lfziyur I'1a1f.r111a11,4lfcl could he Mayor of the Town and govern this lair city lnstead he'll he a technician and wou't ask for any pity. Nolan SKINl'.S'd'j'7KG61Jlllg Hearts in l-larmonyn makes our hero glad, 'Cause Nolan's the kind of hoy who is never sad. llonnld Scott-If it's Radio TelevisionHgwhy, we have just the man! 'Cause if Scotty can't help you, then 'El'lCI'6'5 no one who Can. lirmzlc S1'c'0I1'!XVe call him our Hearts Desire. Do you know why? XYhenever Tex comes around the girls liegin to sigh. R0I7f'1'f STIIIQUIVIIIIIIQTTYS still the Greatest Story, the one that Robert told Ol how he won a foothall game hy heing hrave and hold. lfa zv4mI llllzgvlcafffll you want to Know the fX11s3ver just ask our husky end XYho has a hit of everything mixed into the perfect hlend. '38 Louis L'VaIden-He sings the Song of the Stranger and yet we 'know him well For Louie is a modest fellow and as a classmate he is swell. N orrnan Willianis- Exploring the Unknown Norm takes in his strideg In the fields of science he will be our pride. Doris Becker-This Guiding Light is head in positiong At twirling a baton, she has little competition. Marjorie Boross-To be a Woman in White is lVIargie's ambitiong We know she'll uphold this fine old tradition. Norzna lean D-iNella-Yes, Life Can Be Beautiful when Norma's around, For girls of such character are seldom found. . Rosalyn Fried-Here is the Eternal Light that keeps shining on and ong She's always the first one here and always the last one gone. Margaret Gala-A voice says, Information P1ease g it's Margie's voice you hear, She has become an operator and speaks so very clear. Natalie Haasc-Nat has the name Big Sistern and to us it isn't sillyg You'll always see her with Freddie except when he's in Philly. Sclla Haase-Sella is our Queen for a Day, she's really very charmingg To find her on the stage someday wouldn't be too alarming. Dorothy Harris-This is Our Gal Dorothy, and she's one of the best, As a typist or bookkeeper she could pass any test. Shirley Koss-While walking On the Avenue we saw a pretty girly We asked her what her name was, and she said it was Shirl. Florence N enwth-Tliere goes Flo, Our Editors Daughter, very charming and full of fung ' When there is a task to be done, she is the first to run. .Mary Ann Sharlelc--Among Stars On the Horizon one shines above the rest, 'Tis the glowing star of Mary Ann, who as typist will be best. Iris Vertnian-To be with Iris is Sum Fun, a finer girl cannot be found, Always trying to help everyoneg for success she is bound. Ruth Weinstein-Here's to our Career Girl Ruth we know that she'll go far' VVith her winning personality we're sure shelll be a star. x Syritfa W einstein- Syritta Faces Life with Business School after graduation, VVe all wish her success at trying to further her education. Allen Silvernfzan- In My Opinion Al is one swell guy, If there is work to be done he'll never pass it by. SENIOR CLASS HIT PARADE Y ozfll N ever Know ..,.,,.....i..........,........,.., What I made on that test I Had the Crasirst Dream ..,.,. 4 ,... I got all A's on my report card Papa, Don't Preach to Me ...,...........,,,........,......,....,...,.. Mr. Thomas T1'lC?l'C,S a Great Day Coming .,...., Day by Day .,,....,..,,................,,,..,.. Paradise ..............,.,..,,...,.,........... Vlfhy ShonIdn't I? ....i...,.,...,.,...,. All Through the Night ......,,...,,... S oineone to Watch Over M 0 ...... Seems Like Old Times ..,......... Swinging On a Star .....,,,...... , H ow Soon? .......,..,.i....,...,....... A Fendin' an' a Fightin' .,.... Thanks for the M einories .............. .,.......,.,......Graduat1on come to school Wfall classes ....,.We study for tests McClymonds .......9th to 12th grade Dismissal bell at 3:05 ...Will school be over an A ....,.,,.....,.,,,..Allderdice 39 IK GE CA TE Clzis fha year His year is one that will go down in history. To mention a few happenings- the English lost India, Henry Wallace started a third party, and the Big lf our succeeded in reaching complete misunderstanding. In Allderdice the student body developed indigestion from trying to eat lunch to rhumba tempo coming from the juke-box. To get over their sickness they dashed out to the wall to discuss the Senior Prom at the S-chenley Ballroom with Brad Hunt's orchestra, and succeeded at one time in developing the record smoke screen of 7229 density. Ah yes, this year thinking Allderdicians were talking about taxes, labor problems, and Dear Ruth. Musically-minded pupils formed in trios to sing Bongo, Bongo, Bongo, and in drips to sing Bloofv-Blvvfi. For its twenty-first birthday, our Alma Mater got a face lifting, and the audi- torium got a new curtain. Yes it's true. This is the year that will be re- membered not only in the history of the world, but even in the history of Taylor Allderdice. The The The The The The The The The The Giggle Skirts Clothes Voice ..,... Eyes ..4.... C5155 SYNONYMS Marilyn Broverman Ruth Weinstieii Hausman twins Nita Peisakoff Judy Ishlon Bill Busko Mr. Thomas Brain . ...,...,. Ed Vangelofi Necktie ...... .,... A lan Wallie Personality .... Donnie Pearlstien Glasses ........,....... Lee Nisenbaum Charm ,. ..., ...... S ally Osmond 4 ,.,.. Sheila Lutsky Ilene Azen Frank Secoli jay Gefsky Dorothy Sapoliga Frank Ward Donald Lynn Elizabeth Yaremko Bernie Freedel Adrienne Gross Herbie Shapiro Irma Feingold The Greatest ..., The New Look . The Physique ..,,.........,..,. The Comedienne The Beauty 4..,........ The Shoulders ................ The Little Man .............. The Hair 4.,.,,,.... The Pipe ......,.....,,...,,.., The Complexion ...,...... The Speech ................ The Dimple ..,... gfow 60 QUVOJLICZ G? y66Ll'600k HE first thing to do when you wish to publish a yearbook is to choose a staff. This task is of utmost importance and should be undertaken with great care. A member of the staff must be a person of definitely superior mentalityg prefer- ably, one who has mastered the mechanics of writing. He should be efficient, that is, he should know that B comes after A in a filing system, and above all he should put it there. Other desirable qualities are wit and the ability to arouse sympathy. The latter is especially important, since the only way to sell year- books is to get the student body to feel sorry for the staff. As a final word of warning on selecting' a staff, disregard the advice of othersg they do not know a thing about it. Now that you have chosen a staff and handcuffed them to the nearest fire- plug, you must choose a sponsor. A sponsor must be a backlashing, beetle- browed, two-fisted dictator of a person. Good sponsors are usually of the type who beat little children and bark at stray dogs. It will probably be very diffi- cult to find someone to fill this position, because, as the sponsor must fight the rest of the faculty, the engraver, the printer, the student body and the staff, she is liable to end up a wandering, friendless person who mumbles to herself. Having obtained a sponsor and a staff, the difficult part is now over. Clear sailing lies ahead. There remain 10 weeks till publication date. Preparing the book is almost no trouble at allg you merely have to choose a theme, plan the layouts for 184 pages, fit the printing to the available space, see that 400 pictures are taken, choose paper and a cover, get the art work done, write about 400 writeups, turn out several thousand words of features, solicit for 1500 subscrip- tions. placate students and irate faculty members, haggle with the photographer, bargain with the printer, barter with the engraver and sell ads to people who don't really want to buy ads. The book now comes off the press. If it is only a few weeks late, consider yourself fortunate. There may be a few errors, right pages in wrong places, people left out, and the principal's picture upside down, but don't be upset. You have a yearbook and that's what counts. All that remains, is to res-olve: Next year it will be different . . . but not too different. 42 CC Know Sonzoflzing - To Sofnofhing - We Sofnething Motto of Taylor Allderdice High School 44 Snninvgf EL JLUZ6 GZQS5 8 '94 WX E352 A 5:5 X . CHARILEE ALEXANDER-Junior Sigma Iota Club: Camera Club: Hall Patrol: Class Day Committee: Hobby-Collecting Rec- ords JAMES EDWARD AMOS-Prom Committee: Hi-Y Club: Vice President, IZB: Bands D, C: Football '-10: Intramural Basketball: Volley Ball THOMAS F. ARCHIBALD-Entered from Gladstone, 1lB: Ger- man Club: Voice Groups B, A: American Legion Award DAVID ARNOLD-German Club: Homeroom Vice President, '42, 43: Secretary '45: Treasurer '45, '47: Bands D, C, B: Junior Basketball Team '44, '45 DOROTHY ARONSONfSecretary, Camera Club: Sigma Iota: Senior Discussion Club: Future Teachers of America: Special Dance: Dramatic English: Secretary-Treasurer, Homeroom: Hockey '46, '47: Placed in Pepsi-Cola Contest DONALD AVERBACH-Voice Groups D, C, B, A: Homeroom President, 9th, 10th Grades: Football '47: Hobby!-Sports 4 EDWIN AZEN-Voice Group A: Senior Homeroom Class Presi- dent: Intermediate Discussion Club: Library Club: D. A. R. Award: American Legion Award: IZB History Radio Broadcast ANN EVA BAKAYSZAfEntered from Gladstone, 11B: Homeroom Secretary, IZA: Home Nursing: Special Interest-Clerical VVork BIRDETTA U. BAKERwjournal Representative: Socialettes: Gym Leader '47: Mushball '44: Basketball '45: Distributive Education: 'Nindow Trimming, S, S. Kresge 81 Co. LEIZER BALK4Varsity Club: journal Staff, Business Manager: Vice President, SB Homeroom: Class Day Committee: Basketball '45, '46, '47, '48: Track '47, '48: American Legion Award: VVinner, Bill of Rights Essay Contest RICHARD F. BALUKINfSpecial Interest-Shop .VVork: Built 1000 Volt Power Supply: Favorite Diversion-Reading: Favorite Sport-Baseball: Future PlansAPharmacy ALEXHI. BANDERINKO+Entered from Gladstone, 1lB: Home- room President, Vice President: VVood Shop Projects: Softball: Swimming 46 1948 WILLIAM H. BANKS-Entered from Gladstone. llB: Track '47, '48: Intramural Basketball '-18: Track Letter '47, '48 MYRNA J. BARNETT-Entered from Beaver High School: VVork- ed on Canterbury Murals: Special Interests-Art and Symphony Concerts LOUIS L. BAUM-Magicians' Club: Microscope Club: Orchestras E, D, C: Hall Patrol: Lunchroom Staff: Intramural Basketball '45 '-16: First Prize, Science Fair, '45 RHODA MAE BAYER-Entered from Gladstone: Hobby-Cob lecting Records: fXmbitionfBookkeeping MARY J. BELLINI-M,M.M.: Distributive Education: Hobby- Reading: Favorite Activities--Swimming, Dancing: VVorked joseph Horne Co. MAXINE BENJAMIN-Dance Groups: Lunchroom Staff: Basket- ball '47: Volley Ball '48: Favorite Subject-Jewelry JOAN N. BERTENTHAL-Y-Teens: Entered from Canousburg High School: Hobby-Knitting: Journal Art GEORGE A. BLACKI-IALL-Hi-Yg Track '45: Interested in Man- ual Arts: VVoodcraft: Favorite SportfHunting WILBUR F. BLITZijournal Staff: Corridor Staff: Foreword Staff: Sigma Iota: Discussion Club: 12B Radio Broadcasts: Or- chestras C, B: Intramural Basketball AUDREY A. BLOOM--Voice Groups C, B, A: Hockey: Basket- ball: Volley Ball: Special Interest-CommerciaI W'ork: Favorite Diversion-Reading BARBARA BLOOMFIELD - Entered from Fifth Avenue High School: Ball: Volley Ball: Hockey: Hobby-Art SHIRLEY - journal Staff: Prom Committee: Z Modern Dance: Sigma Iota: Junior Basketball '46, '47: Hockey '47: Scholastic Art Day Award gap X' JUDITH BROSTOFF-Senior Science Club, Treasurer: Camera Club: Future Teachers of America: French Club: Foreword Repre- sentative PAUL S. BOROSS-Microscope Club: Baseball: Football: Basket- ball: Swimming: Projects in Wood Shop ANN BRACKEN-Group A, Robe Committee: Voice Groups E, C. A: Girls' Chorale: Homeroom Vice President, IOA, l1B, llA: Execu- tive Board, Student Council JOHN A. BRASHEAR-Microscope Club: Treasurer: Hi-Y Club: Bands C, B, A: Football '45, '46, '47: Football Captain '47: Track '47, '48: Football Certificate and Letter KENNETH R. BRESS-Young Magicians: Intermediate Discus- sion: Band A: Golf '48: Homeroom Volley Ball Champions '47: Hobby-Duplicate Bridge GILBERT T. BRODY-Hi-Y Club: Intramural Basketball: Entered from St. Rosalia: Special Interest-Photography BURTON V. BRONK-Hall Patrol: History Broadcast on U. N.: Swimming '46, '47, '48: Projects in Electric Shop and jewelry HRY ELLEN BROWN Chairman Choir Robe Committee' ' KAT N f , 1 . Voice Groups E, C, B, A: Girls' Chorale: Homeroom Vice President MATTHEW BROWN-Entered from Gladstone, llB: Special In- terest-Music: Favorite Subjects-History and jewelry MYRNA MAXINE BROWN-Entered from Gladstone, 11B: Bas- ketball '47: Volley Ball '-18: Mushball '48: Participant in Fashion Show: Special Interest-Sewing RUTH BROWN-Journal Art Staff: Microscope Club, Recording Secretary: French Club, Program Chairman: Fashion Show: Ameri- can Legion Award SUZANNE BROWNfMicroscope Club. Secretary: French Club: Journal Art Staff: Prom Committee: Voice Groups E, C, B: Ameri- can Legion Award C C l ANNABELLE BRUCE-Fashion Show: Foreword Representative: Prom Committee: journal Staff: Volley Ball '47, '48 ROSE BRUNO-Homeroom Secretary, 10th Gradeg Award in Gregg , Eighty-VVord Speed Test in Shorthand: Special, Interest-Commev H cial VVork AGNES K. BRUUN-journal Staff: Foreword Representative: Prom Committee: Student Council: Honieroom President: Voice Groups E, C, B: Volley Ball '47, '48: Basketball '47 CHARLES E. BURKHART-Entered from Munhall, l1B: Orches- tra A: Short XVave Club: Homeroom Basketball '-18: Special ln- terest-Radio JAMES BYRNES-Participant in Hamlet Recording: Hobby- Baskethall: Special Interest-Radio FRANCEE CALFO-Volley Ball 318: Special Interest-Commercial VVork: Hobby-Collecting Photographs t LEON CANTOR-Chess Club: Hobby-Dancing: Favorite Sport- Boxing VIRGINIA LOUISE CARPENTERH-lintered from Peabody, '47' Fashion Show '47, '48: Special lnterest-Sewing: Hobby-Collectl ing Records JEAN M. CARTER+Homeroom Secretary: llistributive Education Class: Employed at Gimbel Bros. PATRICIA ANN CASTLE4-journal Staff: Microscope Club: Fore- word Staff: French Club: Homeroom President, 1212: Homeroom Treasurer, llA: Fashion Show JUDITH A. CERILLI-Entered from Gladstone, '-46: Life Saving Club: Special Interest-Commercial XVork: Favorite Sport-Swinv ming I FLORENCE CHABAN+Died, March 30, 1948 ' 49 IRENE RAVELLE CHASS-Voice Groups Ii, C, B: Participant in Dance Assembly Program: I-lobby-Dancing JULIA CHEREVKA-Service Club: Voice Groups E, C, B: Hobby --Collecting Records: Ambition-Secretarial VVork: Special Interest -Commercial Work RUTH CHERNOW-Sigma Iota Club: Hockey '47: Basketball '47: Volley Ball '48: Hobby!-Collecting Souvenirs Radio Announcing: Favorite DiversionARadio room President, 7A-IOA, Vice President, 9B, llB: Sigma Iota Club' ing in Pepsi-Cola Test Sewing: Favorite Diversion-Dancing t I KATHERINE CLARKfHall Patrol: Voice Group B: Special Dance Club: Volley Ball '47: Special Dance Program: Dance Pro- gram, Stephen Foster Memorial Hall SARA J. CLEVENGER-linterrl from Rockwood High School, '46: Hockey '47: Favorite lkikioll-fooal Dancing: Hobby-X Collecting Photographs' Sqouiia Interes ommercial VVork bb iii be-' if ARLENE COHEN4Camera Club: Lunchroom Staff: Junior Sigma Iota: Anibition-Commercial Art KALMAN J. COHEN-Foreword Staff: Senior Discussion Club: Orchestra A: Brass Quartet: All-City Junior High School Chorus: Microscope Club: Young Magicians: Sons of American Revolution Award: American Legion Award: Intramural Basketball MARILYN COHEN-Corridor Staff: Orchestra B: Camera Cl b Favorite SportfVolley Ball ROSEMARIE COLAROSSI-Entered from Gladstone, llAq Interest-Secretarial VVork: Hobby4Skating 1 50- ff. ' tQflP'vx t ' HERBERT GERARD CHESTER-Hobby-Baseball: Ambition- CARL CITRON-Student Council: Executive Committee: Home- Basketball '47: Intramural Basketball Champs '48: Upper IOW Rat: JEAN CLARK-Entered from Gladstone '46: Special Interest- ROBERT C. CONRAD, JR.-Homeroom Treasurer, 9B, 9A: Hi-Y: Club: Track '45, '40, '47: Track Letter '46: Intramural Basketball: Special Interest-Naval Engineering CHARLOTTE MAE COOPER-Voice Groups E, B, A: Junior Leaders: Senior Leaders: Modern Dance: AmbitionAMedical As- sistant: Mushball '-17: Volley Ball '46 NANCY CORMAN-Library Club: Hobby-Collecting Records: Favorite Diversion-Dancing: Special Interest-Music GENE O. COWIE-Student Council: Jukebox Committee: Chess Club: Microscope Club: Science Club: Homeroom Secretary: Voice Group C: Intramural Volley Ball '47 JOANNE CRAIG-Treasurer, Y-Teens: Chaucer Mural Committee: Dramatic English: Volley Ball '-18: Entered from Mark Twain High School, San Antonio, Texas JANET L. CRIBBS-Intermediate Discussion Club: Senior Discus- sion Club: M.M.M.. Secretary: Volley Ball '4Sg Voice Group E: Ambition-Medical Missionary LEWIS CRILLEY-Entered from Gladstone, '46: Hobby-Stamp Collecting: Ambition-Civil Engineering: Favorite Sport-Baskeb ball THOMAS CROW-Hi-Y Club: Microscope Club: Homerooin Presi- dent: Hobby-Art: Favorite Sport-Football ROBERT DAILEY-Special Interest-Shop VX'ork: Favorite Sport -Hockey: Special Shop Projects ALFRED D'ALESSANDRO-Entered from Gladstone, '-io: Senior Discussion Club: Intramural Basketball '-18: Hobby-Stamp Col- lecting: Ambition-Dentistry ALBERT R. DAQUILANTE-Student Council: Homeroom Presi- dent, IZA: Prom Committee: Hi-C Club: Football '45, '-103 Captain Intramural Championship Basketball '47, '48: Awarded Modified Letter RICHARD DAVIDSON-Chess Club: Red Cross Committee: Red Feather Committee: Student Council: Bands D, C: Intramural Sports: Favorite Sport-Basketball 515 we ELEANOR DONIGERfProblen1s Committee. Prom Committee, Class Day Committee: Majorettes, First Sc-rgeantg Foreword Staff: Dramatic English: Student Council: Ushers Clubg Junior Leaders: Voice Groups ll, C: American Legion Award DOLORES V. DOYLE-Entered from Gladstone, '47g Ambition- Secretarial XYorkg Special Interest-Sewing JOHN E. DRAGAN-Iloinerooin President, llA: Student Council: Entered from Gladstone, llBg Basketball '47, '48, Ambition-Engh neering JACKSON L. DUGUIDfEntercd from Greenfield Schoolg Hi-C Club: Hobbyf'l'ennis FRANK M. DUGAS-Entered from Gladstone, '44g Hi-Y Clubg Track '-16: Electrical VVork in Shopsg Favorite Sport-Football MARY SUZANNE DUNAY-Entered from Greenfield, '44: Prom Committteg Basketball '47g Favorite Sport-Swimmingg Hobby- Collecting Records ' 52 f'2 3, ?S ' DAVID H. DAVIS-German Club: Intramural Basketball. IIB, 12Ag Ambition-Textile Engineerg Special Interest-Art DOLORES IRENE DeGREGORIO-Special Dance Clnbg Voice Groups C, B5 Entered from Gladstone, '46 ROBERT DeMARTINO-Entered from Central Catholic, 10Bg Shop Work in Plastics and Machinery PAUL DE PAOLO-VVill graduate with the 1949 Class MARGARET R. DOELFULA-HOIUBYOCDIII Secretary, IOB, 10A, 1lB: Voice Groups E, C, B3 Mushball '47, Vollcy Ball '-18: American Legion Awardg D.A.R, Award DANIEL W. DOLSEY-Homeroom President '45, '46, '47-Vice President '48' Hi-Y, Presidentg Football '45, '46, '471 Track '47, '48, .fl MAR-IORIE GRACE DUSHAW-Entered from Holy Rosary High School, '-17: Gregg Shorthand Award: Ambition-Private Secretary: Special Interest-Commercial VVork MICHAEL S. ECONOMOS-Homeroom Vice President: Hi-Y Club. Secretary: Intramural Basketball '48: Homeroom Basketball '47, '-18: Hobby-Drawing BARBARA JANE EDWARDS-Entered from Gladstone, '46: Voice Groups B, A: Usher for Chorus Program: AmbitioniSecretarial VVork: Favorite Diversion-Skating NORMAN EISENSTAT-journal Staff: Class Day Committee: Homeroom Secretary, SA: German Club: Voice Groups D, C, B, A' Male Chorus: Favorite Sport-Fencing ROSALYN EISNER-Honieroom Secretary: Voice Groups E, C' Modern Dance: Fashion Show: Special Interest-Stenography . LIESL M. ELLENBOGEN-Homeroom Vice President, llA: Sen- ior Discussion Club, Secretary: Intermediate. Discussion Club: Fore- word Staff: journal Staff: Red Cross Committee: Volley Ball Tour- nament: P.T..-X. Debating Program WILLIAM A. ELLIOTT-German Club: Prom Committee: Home- room Vice President, lll,-X: Voice Groups C. ll. .Nz Male Chorus' Hobby-Stamp Collecting' MARVIN ESKINfHohby-Stamp Collecting: Favorite Diversion -Radio: Outside Interests-Movies, Symphony Concerts LUIGINA ESPOSITO--Foreword Representative: Voice Groups E, B, A: Orchestra E, D, C: Voice PI'UfJfl'2llllS '-15, '-l7: Special Interest-Sewing BARBARA ANNE EVANS-Microscope Club: Voice Groups E, C. B, A: Diversions-Reading, Dancing: College PFCf0l'ClICC7'lIL'Cll IRA FARGOTSTEINiSpecial IIllC1'0Sf+E1lglllk'CFlllgI Diversions- Reading, Science: Favorite Sport-Basketball ANNA LEIGH FAZEKAS-Foreword Representative: Prom Com- mittee: Service Club: Orchestras B, .-X: Volley Hall '-17: Special Interest-Secretarial YVork '53 Z 7 I 1 - 54' Y HILDA E. FEHL-M.M.M.: Microscope Club: Orchestras B, A: String Quartet: Spring Festival Orchestra: All City Orchestra: Homeroom President, l1B, 11A: Foreword Representative: Student Council: Dramatic English I JANET B. FEIGENBAUM-Dramatic English: Foreword Repre- sentative: Orchestral,t5,yFrench Club' Class l - Favorite Diver- sion-Driving K . :.ffg,f,LvtltQgfX 4 y I JULES JAY FELDMSN-Journal Staff, Business Manager: Spon- il sor, Intermediate Discussion Club: Orchestra A: Brass Quartet: Trombone Quartet: Marching Band: Senior Discussion Club: Fore- word Staff: Senior Science Club SHIRLEY M. FELKER-Entered from Gladstone, 1lB: Homeroom President: Voice Groups C, B: Distributive Education Class: Em- ployed-Joseph Horne Company MARY MARGARET FERITA-Hockey Tournament '47: Ambition -Private Secretary: Projects in Jewelry: Favorite Diversion- Dancing MARIAN K. FISCHMAN-Foreword Staff: Foreword Representa- tive: Secretary of Orchestra: Modern Dance Club: Dramatic English NANCY JEAN FLEISCHER-Special Dance Group: Basketball '46: Hockey '46, '-17: Fashion Show: Special Interest-Sewing SARA FOGEL-Discussion Club: Student Council: Dramatic Eng- lish: Favorite IJlVCI'SlU1l---RC3LllllgI Ambition-Journalisin PAT FOLEY, JR.-Entered from Gladstone, '46: Special Interest- Office VVork: Favorite Sport-Basketball: Hobby-Airplanes MARY FONER-Journal Art Staff: Dramatic English: Harmony Class: President. Future Teachers of America: Student Council Representative: Junior Leaders: Senior Leaders: Volley Ball: Hockey: Basketball: Mushball CHARLES R. FORD-Microscope Club: Basketball '48: Junior Swimming '44, '-15: Junior Foul Shooting Award: Most Valuable and Most Sportsmanlike Basketball Award CLAIR A. FORMICHELLA-Hi-C Club: Swimming. '42,. '43, '45: Football '46: Voice Group B: Special Interest-Coaching in S orts ,Jf ff , ,fr r MARTY A. FRAIN - Journal Staff: Foreword Representative: Horne's Sewing Council: Fashion Shows: French Club ROXIE JEAN FRALEY-Journal Staff: Homeroom Secretary and Treasurer: Foreword Typist: Service Club: Hockey '47: Basketball '47, '48: Volley Ball '48: Gregg Shorthand Award JAMES E. FREEMAN-Football '47: Track '47, '48: VVoodshop Projects: Athletic Letters: Favorite Sport-Baseball HYLA FUSS-Junior Leaders: Senior Leaders: Modern fiance: Majorettes: Intermediate Discussion Club: French Club: Red Cross Committee MARY LOU GAERTNER-Voice Groups B, A: Girls' Chorale: Social Committee, Group A: Favorite Diversion-Dancing JOAN GARBER-Majorettes: Senior Discussion Club: Sigma Iota: Library Club: Junior Leaders: Hall Patrol: Student Council: Voice Groups E, C: Basketball '44, '45: Volley Ball '44 Sports JEANNE LOUISE GEORGE-Special Interest--Secretarial Wiorkg Soap Sculpturing GERALDINE N. GERBER-Foreword Representative: Prom Com- nnttee: Jewelry Projects: Honieroom Secretary, 9B: junior Leaders: Health NVeek Program: Routine Leader ALAN DAVIDV GERSON-Group A: Male Chorus: Senior Science Club: Track '40, '-17: Spring Music Festival: Hobby-Music ROBERT GI-IENfHi-Y Club: Short XVave Club: Radio Club: lzlectric Shop Projects: Special lnterest-Electronics JOHN'F. GIGLIOTTI-Stage Crew Captain: Special lnterestf- Industrial Arts: Hobby-Sports: Favorite Sport-Football 55 EUGENE GELLER-Entered from Gladstone: Special Interest- Hobby-Art Scrap-book: Favorite IJlVCI'Si0l1-iJllllCilIgQ Pastime- RICHARD ALAN GINSBURG-Band C: Senior, Intermediate Discussion Clubs: Chess Club: Corridor Staff: Auditorium Usher: Track '46, '47, '48: Football '46: Varsity Letter JEANNE B. GLACE-Entered from Mt. Assisi Academy, 11B: Homeroom Treasurer, 1lA: Distributive Education Class: Ambition -Typist: Employed-Gimbel Bros. ,ALAN Z. GOLDBERG-Student Council, Social Committee: Class Day Committee: Homeroom President 9B, 9A, 10B, 11B. IZB: Marching Band: Track '47, '48: Intramural Basketball '46-'48: Sigma Iota: Green Key: Auditorium Usher SEENA M. GOLDMAN-junior Leaders: Senior Leaders: Student Council: Homeroom President, IIB: Senior Discussion Club, Sec- retary: Senior Science Club: Orchestra A: Hockey '47: Volley Ball '46: History Broadcast Q GEORGE B. G0LDSTEINSjournal Staff: Senior Discussion Club: junior Sigma Iota: History Broadcast: Homeroom Secretary-Trea- surer '45, '46: Ambition-Radio Commentator GERALDINE S. GOLDSTEIN-Modern Dance: Cooking Club: Scholastic Exhibitor: Hobby-Sketching: Special Interest-Art SHIRLEY MILDRED GOLDSTEIN-Homeroom Secretary: Fore- word Representativc: Voice Groups D, C: Moderniliancel Junior Leaders: Distributive Education Class: Employed-Glmbel Brothers FRANK C. GOODMAN-Homeroom Vice President, IZB: Bands D, C, B: Football Manager '45, '46,g:l'7 F V ,, , : ,, , if ,9,fasZQfA,f,f,..f Q. , ffi1.W,c.'ff'Qf feat!-fall ' ff'f ,1,vili K, f:iLfflfilv 6- ' -Fl LYDIA GOODMAN-Homeroom Secretary, 12B, IZA: Senior Dis- cussion Club: German Club: Favorite Sport-Volley Ball BERNICE JOAN GORDON-Foreword Staff, Co-Editor: Journal Staff, Editor-in-Chief: French Club: Special Dance: Future Teach- ers of America: Discussion Club: Senior Science Club: Sigma Iota: Hall Staff: Student Tutor: Hockey '46: Basketball '46 HERBERT PAUL GORDON!-Intermediate Discussion Club: Sen- ior Science Club: Orchestras D, C, B, A: Horn Quartet: Woodwind Quintet: Brass Quintet: All-City Orchestra ROBERT MORRIS GOULD-Hall Staff: Homeroom Secretary: Senior Science Club: Bookroom Club: Orchestras D, C, B: Voice Groups C. A: Band E: Male Chorus: Track '45, !46Q.SW1H1ITllI'lg '46: Placed in Allegheny County Backstroke Championship ' 56 ARTHUR W. GRAHAMAEntered from Gladstone, '46: Special Interest-Drafting: Favorite Sport-Basketball BETTY BERYL GREEN--French Club: Program Committee: Special Interest-Commercial Art: Scholastic Key Award SAUL GREEN-Student Council: Senior Science Club, President: Camera Club: Microscope Club: Band A: Orchestra A: Brass Quar- tet: German Band: Buhl Planetarium Award: State Science Fair Award ANITA GREENBERGfService Club: Special Interest-Commer cial VVork: Gregg Shorthand Award: Ambition-Secretary and Bookke per Vw x C!-'Jil ve' vet IRVING A. GREENBERGsHall Patrol: Usher: Prom Committee: l-Iomeroom President, 1lA: Foreword Representative: Treasurer: Bands IJ. C, B, A: Marching Band: Basketball '-lo, '47, '48: Intra- mural Basketball '47 JACK K. GREENBERG-Band A: Marching Band: Student Coun- cil: Microscope Club, Treasurer: Senior Science Club: Magicians' Club: Student Council Problems Committee: Dramatic English LAWRENCE D. GREENBERG-journal Staff: Orchestra A: Wootlwiiicl Quintet: All-City Orchestra: All-County Orchestral Homeroom Vice President, IUA, IUB: Treasurer 11A-IZA: National Science Research Test: American Legion Honor Award LOUISE GREENWALD-Homeroom Vice President, IZA: Service Club: Daily Bulletin: Special Interest-Secretarial NVork: Favorite Orchestra-Pittsburgh Symphony THOMAS GRETZINGER-Entered from VVichita High School, '-17: Senior Science Club: Microscope Club: Honorable Mention in Science Talent Search: Ambition-Chemical Engineering IRA GROFF-Microscope Club: Senior Discussion Club: German Club: Dramatic English: Senior Science Club: Camera Club: Homeroom Social Chairman: Orchestra A: VVoodwincl Quintet: All- City Orchestra: Festival Band: Planetarium Award VIVIAN GRIFFIN-Entered from Gladstone ,472 Lunchroom Com- mittee: Chorus: jewelry Projects: Volley Ball: Special Interest- Secretarial Work MAUREEN J. HAID-Dramatic English: Homeroom Secretary, l0A, IOB: Horne's Sewing Council: Basketball '46: Volley Ball '46, '47: Hobby-Sewing 571 RUTH L. HENDRIX-Entered from Gladstone '47, Journal Staff, Modern Dance, Dance Program MARION JEANNE HIBBARD-Journal Staff, Voice Groups B, A, Song Leader, Social Chairman, French Club, Entered from Duluth Central High School '46 JULIA HOLECZY-Senior Leaders, Treasurer, Hockey '47, Bas- ket ball '47, Volley Ball '48, Entered from Gladstone, '46, Ambition -Secretarial Work, jewelry Projects DOROTHY HORNICHAK-M.M.M., Hockey '47, Basketball '47, Volley Ball '48, Speoial Interest-Household Science HARVEY HORVITZ-Foreword Representative, Class Play, Dra- matic English, Senior Science Club, Homeroom Vice President, 12A, Ambition-Pharmacist SEIMA HORVITZ-Journal Art Staff, Scholastic Place Award '46, Scholastic Key Award '47, Special Interest-Art, Hobby-Soap Sculpturing ' 58 MU' IV, Z, H., ,nf M j .. liiyfy tw! ANNA E. HALASZ-Entered from Gladstone, '47, Typing Award: Life Saving Club, Ambition-Telephone Operator FLORENCE HARRIS - Foreword Representative, Hall Patrol, Ambition-Social Work, Special Interest-Secretarial lfVork RICHARD MATTHEW HARRISON-Voice Groups D, C, B, Student Council, Microscope Club, Chess Club, Ambition-Ao countant, Hobby-Guns JOYCE ELAINE HARSHBERGER-Homeroom Secretary, l1B, llA, Fashion Show, Gym Team Captain, Volley Ball '47, '48, Hobby-Art SHIRLEY RUTH HARTSTEIN-German Club, Sigma Iota: Y- Teens, Cafeteria Staff, Basketball '47, '48, Hockey '48, Volley Ball '47, '48 HERBERT HELLER-Short Wave Club: Hobby-Radio, Ambi- tion-E ectrical Engineer 'J'4W3i 40 if 1 !'5'j',-1' j r' JACK HOWE-History Award: Citizenship Award CMifflinJ: Spe- cial Interest-Sports WILLIAM F. HUGHES-Short XN'ave Club: Ambition-Mechanical Engineering: Amateur Radio Operator: International Philatelic Club, Paris, France: Entered from VVhiteville, N. C., '47 MARY CATHERINE HULL-Foreword Representative: Ambition -Secretarial VVork: Hobby---Collecting Pictures of Friends: En- tered from Gladstone, '46 LOUIS E. ILLING-Hi-C Club: Special Shop: Ambition-Auto Mechanic: Print Shop Projects: Special InterestAMechanics JERRY J. ISKOWITZ--Lunchroom Staff: Class Day Committee: Usher: Hall Patrol: French Club: Football '46, '-17: Intramural Basketball Champs '48: History Radio Broadcast: Football Letter DAVID ISRAEL-Intermediate, Senior Discussion Clubs: Senior Science Club: Voice Groups ll, C. B: History Broadcast: Sponsor, New Intermediate Discussion Club: Ambition-Accountant :T0acvfCM MARVIN JACOBSON-Foreword Staff, Editor: Microscope Club, Vice President and Treasurer: journal Staff: School Photographer: Camera Club: Band A: Volley Ball '47: Lunchroom Staff JOAN KABET-I-Iomeroom Vice President, 9A: Art Club: Journal 1 Art: Senior Discussion Club: Y-Teens: Dramatic English: Ambi- tion-Costume Designing: Honorable Mention: Poetry Contest: Scholastic Key Award I FRANK KAISER-Projects in Plastic VVork, Shop: Favorite Di- version-Skating: Interested in Sports BERNARD KALB-Sigma Iota: Homeroom President, '46: Vice President, '47: Orchestras C, B: History Program, 10th Grade: In- terest-Aviation RALLE ANN KAMENSuM.M.M.: Microscope Club: junior, Sen- ior Leaders: Foreword Staff: Dramatic English: Homeroom Presi- dent: Orchestra A: Volley Ball '45: Basketball '47: History Broad- cast: Red Cross Drive: American Legion Award BERNADINE AUDREY KAMINS-Junior Sigma Iota: Inter- mediate, Senior Discussion Clubs: Special Dance Group: Library Club: Voice Groups E, C, B: Dramatic English 59 ,I .V i , RENEE KANN-French Club: Latin Club: Journal Staff: Volley Ball '47: Hobby-Stone Collecting: Favorite lliversion-Ballet: Entered from French Lycee, '47 EVELYN MARION KANTOR-Student Council: Usher: Corridor Staff: Band C: Volley Ball '47, '48: Junior Nurses' Aide WALTER KEKLEWICH-Projects in Plastic, Shop: Special Shop: Special Interest-Sports: Football '46 NORMA JEAN KEYS-Homeroom Secretary, HB: Entered from Gladstone, '46: Ambition-Private Secretary: Diversion--Dancing REGlS JOHN KING-AmbitionglJrauglitsman: Hobby-Reading: Outside Interests-Movies, Symphony Concerts ILENE KARYLE KITMAN-Clless Club: Camera Club: Prom Committee: Corridor Staff: Dramatic English: Tutoring Project: Red Cross Drive: Homeroom Vice President, '47, '48: Secretary, SA, SB , l TEMA KLEBER-Senior Science Club: Camera Club: Lunchroom Staff: Dramatic English: Class Play: Ambition-Social Work ' HARVEY KLEIN-Camera Club: Chess Club: Senior Science Club: Senior Discussion Club: Homeroom President: Student Coun- cil: lJ.A.R. Honorary Award: Honorable Mention, Essay Contest x . , .M irq ,,. ,w.'i,,1 . .V F . l W t , ,.,,?4rf7lB af is 141 'uf' i'9::-ec.: ,q,L.5:f,, .h . ,t . V. i y 'v '- L Q' 1. 1. ew gl t .H .il ..i1M-wont vs- a ft sw ee-fee' !,fA: ,e.vx'- 5,f '-4 U' 3 P5 U2 FU W l Fl F-1 7 U7 2 E. 1 U E. O z: V7 2. Q Q E. Q o '1 D. Cl- 0 '1 U7 ., as Ph .Tl ,. . If 1 as :s .i c: 1 E. U1 rs V7 z' O F. U' sr V-v-4 i-4-4 ' o ,U- gl O E. : -. O 2. F F7 Sf. : UQ ,iscussion Club: Senior Science udent Council: Foreword Repre- it, Ticket Chairman X xv? I x SANFORD . mess Club: Che' 11Ter selitefivigfriiiyge ' F ' iii I , V , I 3 K. JGYJ1' L rn 211 i-1 an ri F1 '4 cn tri 2 tri N rf tri P-4 2 4 5. S if U3 Ei DJ U11 9. D5 EC' C'- O- FD El ru O SI I3 2. H 1: 8 3. : UQ U 1 O -. 0 F7 F. 'Tl 9, FD E 9, cz. FU FD U 'S fb U1 CE s F. DJ 13. C FD 9 :r 94 UU SD U1 r FD P+ cr- SJ .. .. 4 2 E' '4 F U7 o Ph .-. U' as DP 5 S U- EH 2 T U1 O Q . E. 0 1 71' W lb '4 5 O 2 U W F' F1 'U 'U P-I O T' E UQ 1 rv E' 5 F5 E A xo Q sw U7 YD 60 JAMES KOFCHUR-Canterbury Tales Mural: Electric Shop Pro- jects: Track '47, '-iS: Track Letter: Ambition-Eleetrical VVork ADELE KOLSKI S Foreword Staff: journal Staff: Scholastic iM,1,aJ -Xward: Volley Ball '-18: Hockey '-17: Basketball '47: Ambition- Connnercial Art BRUCE KOSES-Homeroom Treasurer: Football: Varsity Letter: Ambition-Pharmacy IRENE ELEANOR KOSTIKW-Prom Committee: Home-room Sec- retary '45, Vice President '46, President '-18: Volley Ball '-18: Class Play Properties-Sewing Project: Modelled in Simplicity Patterns Program IRWIN H. KOTOVSKY-Chess Club: Band A: Intramural Sports: Shop Projects MELVIN KOUCH-Graduating 19-19: Green Key: Hobby-Photog- raphy ERMA A KOVACS+Entered from Gladstone, '47: Home Nursing: Special Interest-Commercial VVork: Ambition-Secretary KARL KRAFT, JR.-Student Council: Homeroom President llB, 1lA: German Club: Voice Group A, Treasurer: German Club Quar- tet: Intramural Basketball '48: Gerwig Award JOAN CAROL KRAMER-Senior Discussion Club: lfnture Teach- ers of America: Head Majorette: junior Leaders: llomeroom Vice President, 9.-X, l0B, IOA: Class Day Committee: Dramatic linglish: Shield Award, Gym Points: Orchestras A, B EDITH KRASNOW-Ambition-Secretarial lYork: jewelry Pro- jects: Special IIltCl'C5l+CUllllIlCl'ClHl Subjects: Hobby-Collecting Souvenirs DONALD H. LABOvITZiC3ll1L'1'3 Club, Secretary: Senior Dis- cussion Club: Senior Science Club: Band A: Marching Band: Clari- net Trio: School Movie Photographer: History Broadcast: junior Town Meeting Broadcast FRANCIS A. LANNON-Bands C, B: Hi-C Club: lntranuiral Bas- ketball: Electric Shop Projects 61 ARLENE LEVINSON-Senior Leaders, President: Senior Science W Club: Orchestras E, B, A: Harmony Class: Histqry Blro d .st: Hockey '47: Basketball '47: Volley Ball '48 CARL E. LAWRENCE-Voice Group C: Jewelry Projects: Special interest-Radio, Television EDWARD M. LAZO-Home-room Treasurer. llB: Homeroom Li- brarian: Manager, Basketball Team: Intramural Basketball '47, '481 Basketball Letter: Hobby-Photography FLORENCE ALEXIA LAZZOR-Voice Groups E, B. A: Girls' Chorale: Ambition-Secretary: Hobby-'Picture Collecting JACK LEBOVVITZ-Assembly Usher: Band A: Marching Band: All-City Band: Orchestra A: Clarinet guartet: Camera Club: Ma- gicians' Club: Intramural Volley Ball hampions '47 iiwfl M' 'lu A T T Jbf' Y ffjfwj fffl Q W , A : rV1a!Q,'ru HER RT LEFE-journal Art: Microscope Club: -Chaucer Mu- rals: Special Interest-Art . '-5 j1 -R, ALAN W. LEVINSON-Lunchroom Staff: Senior Scien b: Chess Club: I.K.C. Basketball, Softball Q '1.,.- l U MARILYN LEVY Special Dan C r0t, eXgi1f1b- 1 - ,N e , Dramatic English: Class Day R ee': Fffvwgnid Representative: V Basketbal ' 7 218: Ho 1 'il ,ge5e1larti'yejY,v,Lf ' V 1 W 5 ',rJ, CL, F ' - E7-J , 'QA - ,ow Ellwjfvkfrf-'Wi MM a g ' wk '.,-l sii1RLEYXi?iiz'isERlDfamatic English, H Grade: Foreword Representative: Broadcast, Universal Military Training: Volley Ball '45 HERBERT LIMSI-Homeroom Treasurer, C: Orchestra C: Hall Patrol: Track '47 EDGAR R. LINDENBERG-Band A: Marching Band: Homeroom Secretary: Election Official: Magicians' Club: Chess Club: Scie11ce Club: American Legion Award E. VALERA LISCHNER-Homeroom Treasurer, IZA: Distributive Education Class: Employed-Joseph Horne Classical Music 62 omeroom Secretary, 9th l2A, l2B: Voice Group Co.: Special Interest- l .. ROY LOCKHART-Senior Class President: Homeroom: VVood Shop Foreman: Prom Committee. Chairman: Entered from Gladstone, 11B PEDRO A. LOPEZ, JR.-Homeroom President, 9B, 9A, IOB: Foot- ball '44, '45, '46: Football l.etter: Shop Projects NATALIE S. MANDELLW-Senior Science Club: Camera Club: Sigma Iota: Hall Patrol: I,unchroom Staff: journal Staff: Junior Leaders: Voice Groups E, C: Hockey '47 HARVEY MANN-Entered from Shady Side, IIB: Bands B, C: Track '47: Squirrel Hill Youth Council: Favorite Pastime-Horse- back Riding ,IEANNE L. MARINO - Fashion Show: Homeroom Secretary: Ambition-Dress Designing: Special Typing Cross Sewing: Entered from Gladstone, '47 ARTHUR B. MARKLEY-Prom Committee: Sigma Iota: Green Key: Football Club: Voice Group D: Swimming '43, '44, '46, '47: Track '4f,, '47, '4S: Football '47, '48 Vice President. 11B for Teachers : Red JULIA ANN MARRONE-12B Class Secretary: Second Place Award in Manual Contest: Ambition-Fashion Model: Distributive Education Class: Employed-Gimbel Brothers HARRY D. MARTIN-Prom Committee: Dramatic English: Or- chestra A: All-City Orchestra: Brass Ensemble: Magicians' Club: Homeroom President, IZA: American Legion Award: Certificate in English ANN VIRGINIA MATEY-Library Club: Shorthand Award: Am- bition-Secretarial Work: Special Interest-Typing and Shorthand STEVE J. MATHEW-Entered from Gladstone, '-16: Ambition- Draftsman: Hobby-Airplane Models: Special Interest-Mechanical Drawing ,V . it U, 1 , H ,f r f . 1 .,',L-f ' .r, L-.ix 'K V t' f .- 24 ,,,,e,f ..- I r 4 , . , I U ,,,. If , Q , , J ,, f'L.A':f,ffQ ,ffl f,- C W, HARRY W. MAYBURY-Homeroom President. 7th, Sth Grades: Band A: First Prize, Model Railroad Contest: English Assembly Program IRENE MCCONNELL-M.M.M., Vice President: Ambition-Ste nographer: Hobby-Sewing: Enjoys-Bowling, Dancing 63 JOYCE ANN MCVEIGH-Volley Ball '-13: Advanced Foods Class: Gregg Speed Award: Special Interest-Secretarial VVork: Future Training-Business School ANDREW ERNEST MELZERVIZA Class Secretary: Homeroom President, IOB, l0A: Student Council: journal Staff: Football '46. '47: Intramural Sports: Amhition-Aeronautieal Engineering FRANCIS MIKULA-Entered from Gladstone, '45: Ambition- Engineering: Favorite Subject-Mathematics JACQUELINE LOU MILLER-junior Sigma Iota: Orchestra A, Secretary: History Broadcast: Scholastic Key Award: Favorite Diversion-Music DONALD L. MILLS-Student Council: Homeroom Vice President: Entered from Gladstone, '-17: Homeroom Basketball '-18: Preferred Subject-Mechanical Drawing: Amhition-Architect WILMA MILLS-Entered from Knoxville Junior High School, '46: I'IoJ i1 H' by-Sewing rw ft I J 'D M51 1 : aff tr' JEAN MARIE MOFFITT-Homeroom Vice President, 9th, lllth Grades: Secretary, llth Grade: junior, Senior Leaders: Hospital Aide: Dramatic English: Class Play: Class Day Committee FLORENCE MOGERMAN-journal Art Staff: Social Committee, 9th, l0tl-1 Grades: Math Art Club: Sigma Iota: Chaucer Mural Committee: Special Interest-Art 1 I - w . ' RHEA B. MOLEVER-Foreword Representative: I,unehroom Staff: Stage Scenery: Microscope Club: Camera Club: M.M.M.: Scholastic Art Awards: Vollcy Ball '48 HERMAN MOLTZ?Hall Patrol: Voice Group B: Band C: Stu- dent Couneil: Football '46, '-17: Track '47 THOMAS MOOREfEntered from Gladstone '-16: Football '47: Track '48: Ambition-Dairy Farming: HohbyfModel Airplanes BETTY M. MORRELL-Foreword Representative: Voice Groups E. C: All-City Chorus Performance. Carnegie Music Hall: Serving Committee: Cooking Class: llistributive Education Class: Employed -S. S. Kresge and Co. , K , X : , , I . . if ' be it N ELSA MARGARET MORRIS-Homeroom President, 10th. 11th Grades: Senior Leaders: Hospital Aide: Journal Staff: Foreword Representative: Voice Groups C, B: All City Choir: Volley Ball '46, '47 JOAN Y. MORRIS-123 Honierooin Vice President: Shadyside Hospital Aide: Special Dance: Ambition-Nursing l JOSEPH NAGY-Entered from Gladstone, '46: Projects in Plas- tics, Shop: Special Interest-Sports: After Graduation-'Navy CORRINE NATHAN 4 Special linterest-Advertising: Favorite Sport-Horseback Riding: Enjoys-Music, Theatre ROBERT E. NEWMEYER - Hi-Y Club: Homeroom President llA: Hobby-Automobiles ANN NICHOLAS-Student Council: Journal Staff: Chaucer Mural: Senior Y-Teens, President: Microscope Club: Demonstration, Arts and Crafts Center: Scholastic Key Award 5. . , LYNN HYDE NOAH-Entered from Peabody: Track Team '44, '45, '47: Cross County and Track Awards: Microscope Cluh: Science Talent Search: Ainbitionslingineering LOUISE NOLAN-Entered from Roosevelt: Secretary of Home- rooin T46: Senior Leaders Cluh: M.M.M.: Red Cross: Orchestra B: , Basketball: Hockey: Volley Ball JEAN O'CONNELL-Entered from Gladstone: Favorite Diversion -Reading: Hobby-Sewing: Future Plans4Conunercial W'ork SARA JEAN ORLANDO-Voice Groups E, C: R: Special Dance: Gregg Shorthand Certificate: Volley Hall 48: Ainhition-Secretary HAZEL O'SHELL-Entered from Gladstone: Hohhy--Drawing: Ambition-Typist , JEANETTE O'SHELL-Ifntered from Hays Elementary: Senior Y-Teens: Hobby-Collecting Post Cards: Favorite Diversion- Piano: Future Plans-Nursing School , 65 - ' N B 3? S 5, JANET PARKER-Entered from Gladstone: Homeroom President: Service Club: Gregg Shorthand Award: Ambition-Secretary DOROTHY PEAT-Entered from Mifflin: Student Council: Volley Ball '46: Favorite Sport-Roller Skating: Future Plans-Business School ROSE C. PASACH-Entered from Holmes School: French Club: Groups C, A: Girls' Chorale: Future Plans-Pitt to Study Music and Art ZOLA PERL - Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer: Vice President: Sigma Iota: Hall Patrol: Homeroom Volley Ball and Basketball: Interested in Y.M.H.A. and Swimming IRENE BETTY PERLOW-Entered from Roosevelt: junior Lead- ers: Senior Leaders: Intermediate Discussion Club: German Club: Groups E, C, B, A: Band D: Ambition-Nurse WILLIAM PERVIN-High Honor Student: Dramatic English, Stage Manager: Band A: All-City Band: Marching Band: Quali- tative Analysis Class '47: Senior Science Club President: Micro- scope Club: Camera Club MARILYN RUTH PHIFER-Entered from Regent Square: 12B y Vice President of Homeroom: Groups C, B, A: Journal Staff: Interest-Dramatics: Plans to Enter Monmouth College MALVERN PAUL PODOLSKY-Camera Club: Senior Discussion Club: Student Federalists: journal Staff: Homeroom Social Com- mittee: Program Committee of Discussion Club: Bands E, D, C, B, A: Freedom Ring Broadcast JAMES POLI-Entered from Roosevelt: Orchestra: Voice: Hi-Y: Greater Pittsburgh Model Club: Homeroom Vice President '47, '48' Interest-Aeronautics: Ambition-Airline Pilot 1 CYNTHIA J. POWELL-Entered from Colfax: Microscope Club, Social Chairman: Library Club: Senior Science Club: Hall Patrol' Orchestras E, D, C: Ambition-Social VVorker y LARRY RAVICK-Homeroom Vice President: Secretary: Trea- surer '45, '46, '47: Green Key, Secretary '47, '48: Band A: Marching Band: Swimming Team '44, '45, '46: Basketball '47, '48: Athletic Awards in Swimming and Basketball AUDREY R. RECHT-Special Dance Group: Senior Discussion Club: Dramatic English: junior Sigma Iota: Harmony Class: Stu- dent Council: Class Day Comniittee: Red Cross 66 l LOIS C. REDMAN-Entered from Gladstone: IZA Prom Com- mittee: Homeroom Secretary and Treasurer, llA: Homeroom Social Committee: Favorite SportfSwimming: Ambition-Secretary ELIZABETH ANN REI-IAKfVice President Homeroom '46, '47: Special Dance: Library Club: Service Club: Basketball '-48: Volley Ball '48: American Legion Award: Eighty-XVord Gregg Speed Test: School Office Helper MAXINE ROSE REIDBORD-Entered from Roosevelt: Basketball '47, '-18: Hockey '47: Volley Ball '47, '48: Senior Leaders: junior Y-Teens: Interested in jewelry: Ambition-Stenographer HERBERT RICHMAN-President of Homeroom, 9B: Sigma Iota: Hall Patrol: Band A: Orchestra A: Favorite Sport-Basketball: Favorite Diversion-Saxaphone: Ambition-Television THOMAS J. RISACHER-Entered from Saint Pliilomenal Home- room Vice President, l1B, IZA: Secretary of Hi-Y Club: Green Key: Football '46, '47: Swimming '46 BETTY ROMA ROGALINER-Entered from Colfax: Foreword Representative, IZB: Young Magicians' Club: M.M.M.: Senior Y- Teens: Groups E, C, B: Future Plans-Secretary JAMES A. ROSEN-Orchestra If, Vice President Green Key, 47, Secretary Homeroom, '46: Senior Science Club: Swimming '43, '-44: Track '47, '48: History Broadcast: D.A.R. History Award, '43: American Legion Award '44 SAMUEL S. ROSEN-Class Day Committee: Prom Committee: IZA Homeroom Vice President: Social Committee, IUA: Assistant Student Treasurer '47: Lunch Patrol: Hall Patrol: Broadcast over KDKA: Basketball '48 . .5 . N- 'mx' -H, L .s 4 .J U, .Q ,Z , ESTELLE ROSENBERG-Entered from Friek: Dramatic Eng- lish: Camera Club: Sigma Iota: Student Council: 9th and 10th Grade, Social Committee: Juke-Box Committee: Prom Committee: Class Day Committee MARIAN ROS BL reword Staff: Majorettes, Manager: Interm diat ' i : Modern Dance '46, '47: Junior Lead- ent: ournal Staff, Assistant Editor: Class y : 'brar lb: Groups E, C ELLA ROSENSHINE-Student Council: Service Club: Special Dance: Class Day Committee: Eighty-VVord Gregg Speed Award ELAYNE B. ROTH-President of Homeroom: Secretary of Home- room Social Chairman: Hall Patrol: Library Club: M.M.M.: Sigma Iota: Senior Leaders: Orchestra A 67' ' LOIS ROTH-Entered from South Hills: French Club: Favorite Sport-Swimming: Enjoys Sports and Dancing: Ambition-Social VVorker: College Plans-Pitt HELEN LEA ROZENSKY-Entered from Peabody High: Service Club: Fashion Show: Secretary to Miss VVagenknecht: Favorite Sport-Volley Ball: Eighty-VVord Gregg Shorthand Certificate: Ambition-Secretary HERBERT RUBINFIELD-Entered from Colfax: Sigma Iota: Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, Social Committee: Favorite Sport -Football: Ambition-Jeweler FARRELL RUBENSTEIN-Senior Class Vice President: Home- room President: Class Day Committee: Usher Staff: Dramatic English: Green Key: Bookroom Club: Track '46, '47: Basketball '46, '47: Junior Basketball '45: Pepsi-Cola Scholarship: Ambition- Engineer MYRTH ALLEN RUBY JAMES CARMEN RUPERTO-Entered from Schenley: Track '48: Hobby-Art: Favorite Sport-Football: Special Interest-Designing JULIA M. SABO-Entered from Gladstone: Homeroom President: Special Dance: Homeroom Social Representative, 11B: Red Cross: Prom Committee: Ambition-Office Receptionist JOHN SAINT-VINCENT-Entered from Roosevelt: Orchestra: Magicians' Club: Microscope Club: Hobby-Radio: Favorite Sport -Horseback Riding: Ambition-Field of Agriculture ELLIOTT M. SALTSBURG-Entered from Peabody: Lunchroom Staff: Hall Patrol: Intramural Basketball: Hobby-Travel and Camping: Favorite Sport-Football: Future Plans-Business Ad- ministration at Pitt PHILOMENA GRACE SANTORA - Entered from Greenfield: Hockey '-17: Basketball '4S: Volley Ball '40, '48: Hobby-Jewelry: Ambition-Stenograpliic XYork DORIS JEAN SCAVARIEL-Dramatic English: Service Club: Senior Y-Teens: Voice Groups E, C: Hobby-Collecting Records: Favorite Sport-Riding: Gregg Speed Certificate in Shorthand MARILYN SUSAN SCHACTER - Student Council: Foreword Staff: Dramatic English: HobbyfReading: Ambition-Dramatic Study at Carnegie Tech 68 iw-- KATHLEEN ANN SCHLEMMER-Class Day Committee: Cheer Leaders: Microscope Club: Homeroom Vice President: Prom Com- mittee: Volley Ball '45, '-10: Basketball '45: College Plans-Conv mereial Art at Tecl1 SANDRA RUTH SCHLESINGER-Journal Staff: junior Leaders: Senior Leaders: Basketball '47: Hockey '47: Volley Ball '48: junior Discussion Club: Certificate of Merit for History: Ambition-Social VVorker RONALD CHARLES SCHMEISER-Lunchroom Staff: Tutoring Project: Young Magicians' Club: Bookroom Club: Sigma lota: Student Council: Homeroom President: Captain of Basketball Team: junior Varsity '46, '-17: Freshman, '44, '45 DIANA SCHMERTZ-Dramatic English: Homeroom Secretary- Treasurer: Tutoring Project: junior Leaders: Intermediate Dis- cussion Club: Camera Club: Hockey '-17: Basketball '47: Favorite fspw ,sn Sport-Tennis: Future Plans-Michigan University BARBARA LEE SCHWARTZ-Orchestra E, D, C, B, A: French Horn Quartet: I fl',A.: Microscope Club: Favorite Sport-Boating: Enjoys-Reading: Future Plans-Study Advertising at Bucknell BEVERLEE JOAN SCHWARTZ-Homeroom Secretary-Tr: Vice President: Hockey: Basketball: Fashion Show: Sewing: Ambition-Professional Buyer . 0, ' VFQVL3 D NALD SCHW gicians: Green Key: Book Room: Hall Staff: Com- mittee: Basketball '47, '-18: Band: Favvrite SpYW't -- Basketball: Hobby-Photography Yo mg Ma- RUTH SCORATOW-Entered from Swissvale: Senior Leaders '47: Basketball '47: Volley Ball '-l8: Hockey: Favorite Diversion- Dancing: Ambition-Dietitian JOHN F. SCOTT-Entered from Gladstone: Group A: Band A: Marching Band: Harmony Class: Hobby-Trumpet: Favorite Sport -Baseball: Future Plans-Musical Study at Tech IVAN JAY SEGAL-Chess Club: Hall Patrol: Homeroom Secre- tary-Treasurer: Voice Group B :'Swimming. 9B: Intramural Basket- ball '-16, '47, '48: Hobby-Model Aircraft: 4th Prize in Gimbel's Model Plane Meet: Ambition-Optometrist SUSAN ANN SEIBERT-Entered from XVightman: Student Coun- cil: Chess Club: Leaders Club: Volley Ball: Basketball: Hobby- Bowling: Ambition-Secretary JOANNE SEILER-Entered from Gladstone: Special Dance: Prom Committee: Favorite IDiversion-Dancing1 Hobby4Collecting Rec- ords: Future Plans-Comptometer Operator , ,.,,, E9 ,,- L- ... . off ROBERT G. SELKER-Student Council: Dramatic English: Band A: Marching Band: All-City Baud '47: Senior Science Club: Horne- roonl President: Senior Class Treasurer: Red Cross: ,-Xnibitionf Medicine RUTH EILEEN SERBIN-Library Club: Orchestra C: Senior Science Club: Red Cross: Hobby-Typing: Ambition-Secretary VERONICA HELEN SERECSIN - Entered from Gladstone: Hoxnerooni Vice President-Treasurer: Service Club: Distributive Education Class: Hobby-Fashion Drawing: Plans for Future4 Commercial Art MITZI M. SHAPIRO-S iior Discussion: F.T.A.: Junior Leaders: Senior Leaders: tudentqCou1 'i: journal Art Group: Dramatic En lishjI'utgqiJ,gConn 't e 'onstitution Connnittee: Prom Com- Klrielo ross art lass: Volley Ball '-15: Hockey '47 25554 we SAL Y S APIRO-Y-Teens, President: Modern Dance: Senior Leaders: Junior Leaders: Young Magicians: Orchestras C, B, A: Basketball '46, '47: Volley Ball V181 Educational Broadcast JOAN SHERMAN-Student Council: Journal Staff: Voice Groups E, C, B: junior Leaders: Library Club: Modern Dance: Hockey: Basketball: VVmner of Pitt Scholarship: Ambition-Social VVorker MURRAY SHERMAN-Bands E, D, C, B, A: Student Council: Senior Discussion Club: .Xmbition-Lawyer EDWARD MICHAEL SHILEN--Orchestras D, C: Ambition- Aviation Mechanic: School of the Air: Special Shop: Hobby- Model .Xircraft CATHERINE SHOVEL-Hoineroorn Secretary: Fashion Show: Volley Ball '4S: Hobby-Sewing: :Xmbition-Secretarial VVork DESSIE ELLIS SIDBERRY - Entered from Gladstone, '46: M.M.M.: French Club: Lunehrooin Staff: Volley Ball '4S: Special Interest- jewelry Art EMMA MARIE SILL-Journal Staff: Special Dance Club: Horne- room Secretary-Treasurer: Special Interest-Commercial Work: Entered from Gladstone, '40 HAROLD SILVERMAN-Prom Connnittee: Bands D, C, B: Voice Groups D,,C, 3 Trac: '45, '46, '47, '48: Special Shop 'fb filh 5V LVL-pb offdblfayrfhi ' i ' W ' 0 p ,114 SARAH YETTA SILVERMAN Discussion Club: Sigma Iota: Hall Patrol Senior I cadcrs Basketball 47 Volley Ball '48: Hockey 47 Certificate of Merit lnttrnational Peace Day JEANNINE LEE SIMMONS Orchestras E, C, B, A: Bands B, A Journal Representative Student Council Homeroom President. 7A 'GA Vice President 7B SB junior Senior Leaders: Volley Ball MONICA SIMONYAK loruxord Representative: Entered from Gladstone 41 Special Intcrut Secretarial Work: Favorite Di- BURTON SKIRBLE Noict Groups D C Shop Projects: Attend- ELIZABETH SLOCUM N Teens Vice President: Homeroom President lorexxord RCIJFLSLIIUHIVL Voice Groups E, C, A: S0- ANNABELLE SLOME Special Dance Group: American Legion Award Special Interest lul1S1C Ambition Music Teacher SHIRLEE D. SLONE-Favorite Subject-Science: Hobby-Cob lecting Records LOIS ELLEN SMIT-Intermediate. Senior Discussion Clubs: Fu- ture Teachers of America: junior Sigma Iota: Camera Club: Hockey '46, '47: Basketball '46: journal Art Staff: Dramatic Eng- lish: Scholastic Art Award ALBERTA SMITH-Hobby-Collecting Records: Favorite Diver- sion-Horseback Riding: Interest-Typing GERALDINE SMITH-Entered from Gladstone, '-lo: Basketball '46: Volley Ball '47, '-18: Ambition-Beauty Culture JANICE AUDREY SMITH--French Club: Homeroom Treasurer, 9th Grade: Hobby-Music:Ambition-To Study Liberal Arts HAROLD SMOLAR-Band A: Marching Band, Manager: Intra- mural Basketball: Award for History Essay: Participant in Music Programs: Special lnterest-Business Administration ' 71 Vow' fl!-.uf -cal FAY STEINBERG X net 61111111 I L B loreword Representa- tive Sprtial Ihntt Croup I llflkllllllt Ill Nlusical Program, Foster ROSALIIL STEINBERG Cuinan Llub Iu11cl1roon1 Committee: und from Rinl lll H1 l1 Slll mol J CAROLE SHEILA STERNBERG Nona Croups E, C, B: Special D nce lronp lunch Club Hall Staff Xnibition-Commercial MARILYN RUTH STEWART Piom Comnnttee: Journal Staff: French Club Modern Dance Croup Majorettesg Intermediate BCIIIOI' IJISCLISNIUII Clubs Rnd Closs Drive Corridor Staff ANN LOUISE STINSON X Cappella Choir, Secretary: Micro- scope Club Kerman Club HOIIICIOOIII Freasurer, llB: President. ELEANOR LOUISE STOEHR Senior X Teens: Entered from W1lk1nsburg High School 46 Ambition Secretarial VVork: Hobby SORLEY R. SNYDER - Iiyfiilllllflll English: Hoinerooin Social Cl1airman: Sigma Iota: Senior Science Club: Basketball '47, '48 Hockey '47: Volley Ball '48: Prom Connnittee HAROLD A. SOLENDAY-Entered from Gladstone, '-10: Home room Vice President, llB, 11,-X: Basketball: Arnbition-Engineering PHYLLIS A. SOLOMONfOFCllCStT3S C, B: All-City Junior Or cbestra: M.M.M.: MOdCfll Dance Group: Senior Leaders: Hockey '46, '47: Basketball '44, '45, '47: Volley Ball '44, '45, '47 HOWARD SPECTER-Bands A, B: Homeroom President, 10A Vice President, IOB: Sigma Iota: Green Key: Bookroom Club Lnnchroonl Staff: Varsity Basketball '46, '47, '48: Class Day C0111 mittee: 211d Place, National junior Foul Shooting Cl1an1pionsl1ip MARVIN DONALD SPOKANE-Orchestras C, B, A: Track '47 Hobby-Collecting Musical Records: Shop Projects: Ambitionf Business Administration SHIRLEY SPORMAN-Orchestra A: Senior Y-Teens: Modeled for Simplicity Pat rn Program: Ambition-Office VVork Ziff. STANLEY SULTANOVAjournal Staff: Microscope Club: En- tered from XIX-st Philadelphia High School '-lo: Ambition-Laxvyer 'WILLIS LEE SUPLERADramatic English: jects: Homeroom President, Vice President: Second Prize, Stamp Exhibit, Iiuhl Planetarium MYRON R. SWARTZ-AHlJlIlCY0lJI1l President, Golf '-18: History Program, SA: Favorite Diversions-Golf. Bridge STANLEY CHARLES SWINKLEfEntered Green Ke ' Favorite Diversion-Drawin Outside llll1Cl'E'Stf,'xl'- Y v 2 . ranging lflower Garden for Competition ELINOR LEE SYNAMHall Staff: Tutoring Committee: Prom Committee: Class Day Committee: Homeroom Vice President, 9fX: lunior Leaders: lntermediate Discussion Club: Dance: Voice Group E BARRY TARMY f History Quiz, Assembly: American Legion Award: Honorable Mention. Peace Day Essay Chemical Engineering l Electric Shop Pro- llB: Track 310. '-471 from Gladstone, '-16: Sigma lota: Modern Contest: Ambition-A ETHEL JEAN TATTON-Special Dance Group: Voice Groups E. C, B: Hockey Tournament '47: Basketball '47: Volley Ball '-18: HobbyfCollecting Dolls MARJORIE A. TAYLOR-Entered from Gladstone, '46: Volley Ball '-18: Ambition4Stenographie VVork: Hobby-Reading ELAINE TEIFELD-French Club: Modern Dance Group: Inter- mediate Discussion Club: Leaders: Dramatic English: Prom Com- mittee: Class Day Committee: Homeroom Social Chairman: Class Play ANN L. THOMAS-Entered from Gladstone, '-16: Life Saving '46: Hobby-Knitting: Jewelry Projects GEQRGE TICHI-Homeroom President, IZB: Swimming Team '45: Ambition-Television Technician: Distributive Education Class: Employed-Kaufmann's SUZANNE TIEGERY-Student Council: Foreword Representative: Prom Committee: Class Day Committee: Homeroom Vice President, 9B: junior Leaders: Intermediate Discussion Club: Volley Ball '40 73 ' BETTY TONDORA-Entered from Gladstone: Favorite Sport- Swimming: Hobby-Collecting Post Cards: Ambition-Secretary DOROTHY TRAMMELL-Entered from Gladstone: Basketball '47, '-18: Volley Ball '47, '4S: Hobby-Drawing: Favorite Subjects- -Xrt and Sewing MADELINE TUPI-Entered from Greenfield: Homeroom Vice President, IZA: Hockey '47: Voice Groups E, C, B: Gregg Short- hand Test Award: Favorite SportgSwimming: Ambition-Stenog- rapher MIKI TURETS--Entered from Linden: Foreword Staff: Discus- sion Club: Press Regional VVriting Award '4o: Hobby-Writing: Ambition-journalist I, I ff. I ML, V11-711 27113 fl 1 ROBERT S. VERBIN - Entered from Duquesne H1h School: Homeroom President, lZB and IZA: journal Staff: German Club: Red Cross: Favorite Sport-Football: Future Plans-To Study Dentistry at Pitt ELVIRA UNGER-Entered from School in New Jersey: Senior Discussion Club: French Club: D.A.R. History Award: Favorite Sport-Volley Ball ANN MARIE VERRONE Entered from Baldwin High School: Foreword Staff Typist: Service Club: HobbygHon1ework: Gregg Shorthand Award: Ambition-Secretary: journal Typist: Secretary for Miss Riddle PATSY RUTH VEXLER-Entered from Colfax: Orchestra D, C. B, A: Chess Club: Red Cross: Basketball '-17: Volley Ball '48: All City Junior Orchestra: Favorite Sport-Riding: Hobby-VVriting Poetry: Ambition-Nurse MARILYN WAGMAN-Entered from Olney High School, Phila- delphia: Special lnterest-Designing: Ambition-Buyer of W'omen's Clothes JACK R. WAIDAYEntered from Perry High School: Special In- terest-Art: Ambition-Cartoonist: Future Plans-To Attend Art School HARVEY A. VVALDHOLTZ-Entered from Roosevelt: Orchestra A: Band A: All City Band: NYestern Pennsylvania District Band: All State Band: Young Magicians' Club: Red Cross: Dramatic English RUTH D. WALOCHIK-Entered from Roosevelt: Activities Staff. 214: Favorite Sport-Bowling: Hobby-Photography: Future Plans -f-Business College and General Office VVork W WA 74 ' View RITA MAE WATTS--lintered from Gladstone: Hobby-Drawing and Painting: Favorite Sport-Riding: Future Plans-Art School MELVIN VVAX-Entered from Fifth Avenue High School: Intra- mural Sports: Printing Projects: jewelry Projects: American Legion Award: Tutoring Project Leqi Y-Lf GILBERT WEI -Entered froin,.L5den: ramatic English Class: Lunchroom Committee: Gym Team '4-lg Homeroom Vice President. '-17: Favorite Sport-Mnshhall: Future Plans-Pitt, Business Ad- ministration SHIRLEY WEINERT-Entered from Logan School: Prom Com- mittee: Vice President and Program Chairman, Y-Teens: Future Plans-Steniigrapher ' JAMES S. WEISER-Entered from Forest Hills: Camera Club: l-lohhyAPhot1mgraphy3 Favorite Sport-Baseball: Distrihutive Edu- cation Class: .-Xmhition-Business Career: Employed-Vilsack and Co., Braddock CAROL WEISS--fffStudent Council: Chairman of Lunchroom Staff: Chairman of Tutoring Committee: Usher Staff: Student Council Problems Committee: Homeroom Vice President, IOB: Secretary. IUA: Junior Sigma Iota: Senior Discussion Club: lJ.A.R. Medal EDWARD WHITEHOUSE, JR. JACK WHITEHOUSE-Entered from Swisshelm School: Favorite Sport-Baseball: llistrihutive Education Class: liinployed--Parlv way Pharmacy CAROL WILDSfFntered from Mifflin: Organist at Church: fxCL'Ulll1J2-llllSI for Private Voice Teacher: Special lnterestJChorus llrorli CHRISTINEQLOUISE W'ILLIAMS-Entered from Gladstone: Bas- ketball '46: ljavorlte Sport-Skating: Hobby--Making Candy: Fu- ture Plans-Secretary MARY AUDREY WILLSONfF11tc-recl from Linden: American Legion .-Xward, 8.-X: Senior Y-Teens: Volley Ball '46 GEORGE WILSON-Filtered from Gladstone: Favorite Sport- Hunting and Fishingg. Hobby-Outdoor Life: Special lnterest-- Conservation of VVildlile --- - -A - 4. 75 EW, .. Y nn , :Q cf. 41 A X i by RAY WOHLFARTI-IiEntered from Saint Vincent: Homeroom Treasurer '40g Footballg Hobby-Sports: College Choice-Miami University BARBARA JOAN WOLFSON-Entered from Sterrettg Orchestra A3 All City Orchestrag Festival Orchestrag Pittsburgh Youth Sym- phony: Westinghouse Orchestrag Co-editor Journal taffg Stull Council: Special Interest-Medicine w .1 MERLE A. WOLFSON-Football Team '45, '46, '47g Bandqg Special Band Groupg Intramural Basketball and Volley Ballg March- ing Bandg Football Letterg Future Plans-Pitt SHIRLEY WOLFSON-Entered from Beaver Fallsg Hobby-COL lecting Recordsg Favorite Diversion-Dancingg Canterbury Tales Mural Committeeg Ambition-Secretary JOHN S. YALCH-Entered from Greenfieldg Hobby-Craft Workg Favorite Sport-Baseball: Interested in Architectural Drawingg Future Plans-Marine Corp ARLYNE SYBIL YARCHEVER-Journal Staff: Camera Club: junior Leadersg Senior Leadersg Schaefer Ball '46g Mushball '48g Basketball 5183 Volley Ball '46, '48g Hockey '47, '483 Groups E, C, B: Eighty-Word Shorthand Certificateg Letter in Physical Educationg junior Y-Teens jJ'iti'iiiVii it ' SUPERLATIVESQ There are so many superlative people in the june graduating class that it would be difficult for any one person to choose the most handsome boy, the most beautiful girl, or the person with the nicest personality and so on. Because of this, the journal Staff decided to take a vote in the Senior Class to determine the most superlative Superlatives . 'Here are the results: D Nicest Personality Brainiest ...,i,....i,.t. Most Popular ...... Nicest-Looking .... Nicest Disposition Sharpest Dresser Most Sincere ...4.....,. Best Character .....,...,. Most Humorous .. Most Friendly .. .. Girls Bernice Gordon .,.... -I oan Sherman .....i..... Dorothy A ron son .,,...,.,,..., Kathleen Schlemmer Ruth Brown . ,.,....,.. . Martha Frain ..,... Ralle Kamens ..,......., -leannine Simmons Barbara Schwartz .... Rhea Molever ...... Boys Alan Goldberg Edwin Azen .Farrell Rubenstein Charles Ford Robert Selker Robert Gould Roy Lockhart W illbur Blitz Carl Citron Donald Schwartz 76 K A DAY AT T.A.H.S. It starts between 8 and 8:30 each day: Odd shapes and odd forms are seen passing' this wayg Feet pattering at an irregular pace. Voices saying hello to each smiling face. The 2nd floor annex is THE place for this Where a handsome young male says hello to a miss, VVhile at the wall is a chattering bunch, A favorite spot both now and at lunch. But sooner or later the morning must pass, Eager faces go in but t'hen droop during class: Papers discarded with indifferent care, For to make a high grade would really be rare. At last rings the lunch bell with a meaningful sounrlg Once more the pupils are gathered around, They eat to the music of Sinatra and Lee. Or else to Vaughn, Kyser, or Tex Beneke. By this time, the afternoon hookers have started: The good 'boys and girls from these Cheaters have parted But they'll meet at the flag pole right after school, And find more to add to the tongue-waggers' fuel. Home at last amid books piled sky high They work until twelve and then heave a sigh: Now the health teachers say everyday get fresh air. But the 'homework from teachers, can we really dare? Still we'll always remember the fun that we've had, Our cluibs and our dances and we will be glad: The kids we have met for the friendships that last. Though the school and the tests and the rest are all past: ' The teachers who helped us to learn more than we knewg To help our plans for the future come true. Upon leaving I'm sure we'll all leave our THANKS, And GOD BLESS all the kids who will pass through our ranks df. . lx gh' 5 i gg 4. nl' Lx! X 2, K , -F X Y ,fr ' 'Oi i, j,Z,fifwl amine, f. -a ' ' Mlllqlilt X -'Q :f N' A in Y if f .' ' 77 I 00172 210 1 Teacher-Mr. john Coyne President .,........ .....,..............................,....,,.......,,....., .....,., Vice President ,.... ,,,,.,...........,.. ...................... . . Secretary ........., ...............A. Treasurer .......... ..,..A..,.................. Foreword Representative ....4,........ Student Council Representative ...........,..,..........,.... OUR GRAMMAR LESSON THE PARTS OF SPEECH NOUNS .Harry Martin Ilene Kitman .i,i .I .',' ...Qludy ,lirostoff Sorley Snyder .mlflsa Morris ack Greenberg fvfllllllllfc' for future president . . . lf1'i1zm'r of a scholarship as well as 4 hearts-HARRY MARTIN A f7Ffft Z't'l' in the new look . . . A flashing page out of I'ogm'-lil2RN,'Xl7INl KAMINS 2l0's famous artist . . . XVill never get the brnslz-DIOAN KABET Our 101111 zfflfl-SA, your 7111111 of distinctionkAR'l'HUR MARKLEY Dashing as a Cawalier . . . Combines 17111-1-II and f7I't1fZ4'll-l'll :Rlh'l.AlX: MOLTZ lfa'gar and Ehzsfcin, easily comparable . . . Our genial gvlzilfs-EDGAR LIN DENBERG .flcc of a fellow . . . XVon't need 6111115 or dfI1IlIOIlll'.Y to get ahead-DONAI D AYERBACH A f:l'I'UI1d in need is a friend, indeed . . . terrific f7l'J'.Y0Il1Ifff.V, fun to lie xx t -ELSA MORRIS Smiling l'0lIIt'dliUll . . . Gets our vote for fyffral fjl'lldIItIf4'-l,f3LllS ll,l.lNl Blows away the Clouds . . . Brings Slflhfflllll' wherever she goes-SORIJ N SNYDER llestined to lie star of basketball . . . VVill create a glow wherever he gov HARRY MAYBERRY You lietter move over, Ogden Nash! . . . XVatch out for M'ickey's IIIIIIIOIII' writing fraliilify-lVlAXlM TURETS lVhat a charming fl1s.rfviau.' . . . XVhat a lovely Ia,v.r.'-hllEAN MOFFITT Atomic l'llf'l'-QXV, full of fcfv . . . Example of perpetual mofioli--HERBERT l.llXlSl l?1'm1111y-vym, lll'ffSffl'-fl'lll'f7l'l'fl-IllF1111 . . . XVill make her mark in the arf rvorla' ADELE KOLSKI Hard ivorkvr, good 111i.rv1' among his classmates . . . XVill lic found among it successful vnginzcvrs-IRVVIN KOTOVSKY l ,479 -4 PRONOUNS ' I know her . . . you know her . . . Vlfe all like her-ROSE BRUNO llfho wouldn't want to meet her? . . . llfhot would Allderclice be without her? -ILENE KITMAN What's in a name? . . . We predict a famous future for our-JAMES BYRNES ADJECTIVES Y Cute as a Gibson Girl . . . Sweet as a honeysuckle-JANET CRIBBS Good things come in little packages . . . jack exemplifies that-JACK DUGUID For she's a jolly good fellowu . . . School would be blue without her- SANDRA SCHLESINGER Something old, new, borrowed, blne . . . That's what Ruth will soon he needing -RUTH SERBIN Athletic, handsoine, bonnie, blue-eyed'-CHARLES FORD Red is always ready ...L A friendly, swell guy, tops!-RAY VVOHLFARTH Energetic, exciting, enticing . . . Ever ready with a smile - MARILYN STEWART Oniniscient lack . . . So active he seems to be omnipresent-TACK GREENBERG Sweet, unassiuning, chorniing . . . A faithful friend forever-MARY FERITA VERBS Most likely to succeed . . . PVill work hard, will gain much-BARRY TARMY Dossles darlings of today , . . Will woo and win women of tomorrow-JACK LEBOVITZ She came, she saw, she conquered! . . . That's our Tema-TEMA KLEBER To know him is to like him . . . This boy odds to any group-KENNY BRESS Delves deeply into his studies . . . Emerges triumphant and gay-ALAN LEVINSON ADVERBS Always with a smile . . . Never out of style-JUDY BROSTOFF Now graces Allderdice with her helpfulness . . . Soon will transfer charms to Billy -LOUISE NOLAN Smiles quickly, angers slowly . . . Forever a friendgBETTY ROGALINER , i n l his 5 F .-.,, 15' I! U 7 lil 80 00172 263 Teacher-Mrs. Elizabeth W. Porter President .,..,...,..,.....4,...........................,..............A,.,........,.....,., Albert Ilaquilante Vice President .......,........ ,....... H arvey Horvitz Secretary-Treasurer ............. .....,,. B everlee Schwartz Foreword Representative ........,...,. ..,,.,. L uigina Esposito Student Council Representative ..........i.....i,.......,..,....,.,.,..... .Evelyn Kantor Charles Burkhart's sometimes serious, carefree or gay: He's a likeable chap to meet any day. Kalman Cohen has a brilliant mind: Another like his would he hard to find. Charlotte Cooper is little: she's dainty and sweet. From the crown of her head to the soles of her feet. Robert Dailey is a good friend through and through: He is ever gay and cheerful. too. A1bert's friends are manyg his enemies none: Daquilante's the boy that gets things done. Our Barbara Edwards is full of fun: She has a smile for everyone. Smart Fleischer gowns by our Nancy we see On Hollywood starts who pay quite a fee. He never was known his duty to shirkg Careful and able is Bill Elliott in all his work. XVherever you go you find this lad: Clair Formichella makes fun where there's fun to be had. VVe have all heard of the Ballet Russe. The featured ballerina is Hyla Fuss. XVhere jokes and jolly times abound. It's there that Lou Gaertner is usually found. That glamorous brunette whom we see on the stage Is Geraldine Gerber, the belle of the age. 81 Alan Goldberg has won the Academy Awardg I-Ie's the man of the year,', by his public adored. NVe hear a laugh, a jolly cry, Then we know that Gerry Goldstein is nearby. A new comedian who's funny and witty, Herbert Gordonnow owns the key to our city. Tihere's simply nothing that he can't dog Irving Greenberg's a friend, sincere and true. Marion Hibbard, our singing figure skater, Will be starred with the Ice Follies a little later. Harvey Horvitz makes friends and keeps them, toog A thing that all of us can't do. Marvin Jacobson snaps pictures: he's good we'll admit Wherever he goes, he makes a big hit. Frank Kaiser has a pleasant smile, Which is in evidence all the while. To describe Evelyn Kantor with just one word VVould seem to us a task quite absurd. She's a Power's model as smart as theycomeg jackie Mi1ler's earned the laurels she's won. Marnie Phifer's a trouper, the stage is her choiceg There's one thing about her-she has the voice. Cynthia Powell has a gift of endless chatterg Her words, however, sunshine scatter. Marian Rosenbloom is one who makes the fun. And on her we depend to get things done. She sews a fine seam, does Beverlee Schwartzg She's featured in the latest fashion reports. Guest star with the symphony in Carnegie Hall, Is Sally Shapiro-she tops -them all. Annabelle Slorne is quiet and reservedg Good fortune to her we know is deserved. Rosalie Steinberg is pretty: a lovable maidg Our memory of ther will never fade. Everyone knows Betty Slocum, I'll bet: Someday she'll be heard from the stage of the Met. Pleasant, active, brilliant and kind, Myron Swartz is the boy with an able mind. Dorothy Trammell, our versatile artist, you see: Is the girl who hails from Room 263. Luigina Esposito's disposition is sweet, She's a very fine girl and just can't be beat. 82 00172 268 Teacher-Mr. Samuel Blitz l'resident .. . ... ,..... ........A...,..., ,.,. . . ,. ..,.. ...A,,. . .. ..... ., , Ronald Stlnncisci Vice President .. ........ ......,., .. , , ,..... . ,..,. ,. Secretary-Treasurer .... .. ..,,.,..,.,,, . .. ., Dorothy Xionson Foreword Representative ..,.,, . ..... ..A, , I .,,. . .. ,I . M1 Student Council Representative .. ..,..,. .. . . . .. .. . ,. . Social Chairmen .. .. ..,.. . ., .. ..,, ,... X 'irginia Carpenter. Sala Orlinc o THE SAMSLAMBS HEADLINES President of the class and captain of the team, Ronnie is the man who's held in great esteein.-lQON,Xl,lJ SCHXII ISI FEATURES Jltlarian 1i1sc'111111111 with her nose for news Has many friends whom she'll never lose.fll,-XRIIXN FISCIIM XY and aim he'll win TZ11llC,7Zfll.,'X PICRI. Success is Zolrzlv goal In the field of science One admirable girl is That she can do every .Vcrtalir Maazdvll, HC. Gordon is really handy, job, is the truth to tellffN.-XT,-Xl,lli MAN In editing the journal and Foreword she's dandy.flllQRNlCli GOIXIXYXI SOCIETY f1'r11111c has no problem when it comes to love. Paul I,intleman is her turtle dove.-'Ili r1'X NNE GITORGIC Skliflflhll always talks of Stan, N Everyone knows that he's her nian.-lfI,,-XYNE RUTH Even though Conkiciv a little girl, She plays a big part in the social whirl.-CORRINI2 N:XTH.'XN 51111111 SIi1'L't'1'I1ItIlI, talkative and keen, In the hest places she's always seen.fSARqXl'l SlI,YI2RM:XN FASHION GIIIQUT' C'111'fn'11f1'1' will soon find riches, If she makes use of all her stitches.fVIRGINIA CARI'lfN'l'l2lv They all stare at flf111'ly Frnizz in a parade: The fashion world, she's sure to invade.-M,-XRTHA FRJXIN 83 SPORTS lmisvz' l?alk's fans in basketball and track Become life-long friends, which he'll never lack,-LEIZER BALK Burt broke the record when he swam fast g His' fame for this will always last.-BURTON BRONK Frank Goodman, the man we know best, Kept the football team well dressed.-FRANK GOOD-MAN Lifting weights keeps Bernie strong, Stick with him and you won't go wrongf-BERNARD KALB FORECAST Fair and sunnv is Sara Fogefs forecast, XVe hope her future matches her past.-SARA FOGEL Conroe will make history in future years, As the one who pinned back Sammie's ears.-GEORGE GOLDSTEIN Small in stature. but big in heart ln the world of aviation Ed'll play a part.-EDVVARD SHILEN COMICS Never a frown, always a smile, Donnie keeps happy all the while.-DONALD SCHVVARTZ LOVELORN ff11'I77IfF is our lover boyg VVith many a woman's affections he'll toy.-JAMES KOFCHUR CLASSROOM BONERS Joan, the majorette, caused all the clamor When Mr. Blitz couldn't find his hammer.-JOAN GARBER Herbie Richman must have been born late, For being unpunctual is still his fate.-HERBERT RICHMAN FINANCE PAGE Stocks and bonds may fall and rise But a friendship with Ruth never dies.-RUTH CHERNOW CLASSIFIED ADS Ruth W alochikls sweet and nice to know Because she's always so much on the go,-RUTH VVALOCHIK Friendly, generous, helpful and sincere, Everyone's glad that Charilee Alexanderlr here.-CHARILEE .ALEXANDER Tall and blonde and oh so terrific, That's Anna Harlasz to be specific.-ANNA HALASZ Dorothy Hornichak. one swell lass, Doesn't need a push to pass.-DOROTHY HORNICHAK , Every minute C arl's here, The room is filled with lots of cheer.-CARL LAWRENCE Sara Orlando, here's to you, For being a good scout through and through.-SARA ORLANDO Inn Ruperto is Schenley's giftg If you're in trouble, he'll give you a lift.-JAMES RUPERTO Have you met our Dorothy Peat? She's the girl that's nice and neat.-DOROTHY PEAT Inn PoIi's the guy to meet, If you're hungry and want to eat.-JAMES POLI - 84 TH EA T RE lVitli mu' llnffiv, mme coiiiprwe, Slim-'s Lzuul 'l'lll'llt'l' with refl l1z1i1'.-lJC7RfVl'HY .XRUNSQA li.vfuIIf s 21 girl wl1o's really fine. llc-1' class play role has iuacle liei' sliiiic-.fl2S'l'lfl,l.lC RUSICNPI lxl Hur actress friend is Lois Suzifq Slim' is unc xvlufll make Il llit.-LUIS SHIT ,-11111 SflilI.S'Ull cam really sing: bluy tu tlic world slick sure to l11'i1ig.f,'XNN STINSON CJCJSYKLU FRONT ENTRANCE 85 3' 7 00112 2 72 Teacher-Mr. Charles T. Roller President . ., .,.,. . .. ...,..,...,. f ...... ....,...............,.,......... ..,...,.. R 0 bert Selker Vice President ...., ., Thomas Risacher Secretary .... ,. ,. . ......, Harold Silverman 'llreasurer . ,.... , .,....... .... l .awrenee D. Greenberg Foreword Representative .,.. . ..,.. .. ......,...... ., .loan Sherman Student Council Representative .,,.,. .......,.,.,,.i.... ...., l C leanor lloniger jane .Xrdenn is an ambitious young miss. XY'hen singing, Rose reminds us of this.-Rose Pasach janet Feigenbaume-hlanet's smile makes her head of the class: liven I7ritzie Ritz can not compete with this lass. Becky Grog'g'ins is intelligent and sweet, 'loan has the brains and her looks are a treat.-joan Sherman Maxine Reidbordgkutomatieally one looks in Minnie Ha-Cha's direction. lint what about hlaxines bangs and complexion? Gentility reigns with little Arlyne. Like Too, Too Devine she's a young man's dream.-Arlyne Yarchever Mary Foner-There is simply nothing XYonder XN'oman can't dog The versatility of Mary will stand out too. lileanor Stoelier who is sweet and serene, l'ortrays as does Candy, the typical teen.-Eleanor Stoeher Shirley Slone- Maggie has wondrous pep and vitality, Hut Shirley is our choice of The Personality. Tillie the 'l'oiler is simple and neat: Shirley Sporman qualifies for this feat.-Shirley Sporman Kitty Brown- Lois Lane has a reporter's attire, Kitty wears the robes of our A Cappella Choir. Each room has a Marilyn, We hope for them, For just like Little Iodine, she's quite a gem.-Marilyn Cohen Carole Sternberg-The figure of Daisy Mae is a dreamy Take Carole for she fits this, it's easily seen. Fay Steinberg is pretty, a charming young' lass. Like Brenda Starr, the fellas come running, en masse.-Fay Steinberg 86 Janice Smith-Janice Smith is as sweet as she seems, Like Anime Rooney she's t'he girl of our dreams. Blondie in her family keeps the reigns in her hands, Shirley Weinert will do well with whatever she plans.-Shirley Weinert Eleanor Doniger-Eleanor's the twirling demon with lots of will. Like Superwoman she has agility and skill. Tommy's full of pep and joy, Like black Armstrong, an All-American boy.-Thomas Risacher James Rosen-jimmy's really the toast of the school, Like Captain Easy, he's not easy to fool. Din'kle's a whiz on the athletic field, Like Flash Gordon he's never known to yield.-Harold Silverman Lawrence Greenberg-Larryls great on the 88 keys, Like Fearless Fosdick, lheis always sure to please. Harvey's really an actor supreme, Like Smi1in' jack, he's -peaches and cream.-Harvey Waldholtz Robert Selker-Bobbyls certainly got what it takes, Like Li'l Abner, he'll get all the breaks. Normieis always up in t-he air, Like Hollywood johnnief' he's got talent to spare.-Norman Eisenstat Bert Skirboll-Bert is surprisingly full of joys, Like Steve Roper, he's one of t'he boys. Tom is definitely man-of-the-year, Like Jungle Jimf' he lives in high gear.-Thomas Moore George Wilson-George is wonderfully lively and quick, Like the well-known Tracy, w'hose first name is Dick. Davey's got a lot on the ball, Like our friend the Lone Ranger, he's handsome and tall.-David Israel David Davis-David's really a girl's ideal, Like Major Hoople, he's got a good sipiel. H XVill is comparable to Harry James, Like the famous Red Ryder, he's sweet on the flames.-William Pervin Merle Wolfson--Merle is one great football man, Like Sonny Brawnskif, he's no also-ran. Eclidie's got a terrific left hook, Like joe Palookaf' he's in everyone's book.-Edward Lazo Herbert Rubinfield-Herby's got wonderful curly, blond hair, Like Knob'by Walsh, he doesn't have a care. Donnie is a camera hound, Like Flash-Bulb Casey, his theories are sound.-Donald Labovitz QSC 87 00172 356 Teacher-Miss Elizabeth Warnock President ............ ..................,....,.........,.,....,.,.....,,.....A....,...,....,...., R obert Verbin Vice President A... ,.,..... S amuel Rosen Secretary .,.... ,.,.,..... Lydia Goodman 'l'reasurer .,.. . ,.,......,.A....,......,.,...... .,,.,,,.........,.,...... E mma Sill Foreword Representative ............... ..,,... ly fary Catherine Hull Student Council Representative ..,......4..,.4.....,,4.........,.,,,........... Audrey Recht Here are the talents that you may ffind, By reading the names that are underlined. To our teacher, Miss Warnock, our thanks we will give. XYe'll never forget her as long' as we live. .X good-natured fellow is Prof. Bill Banks, For being' in our class we offer our thanks. Tom Beeler with his southern drawl, 'VVill cause many a lucky girl to fall. Of Barbara Bloomfield, everyone knows, That she brings laughter wherever she goes. VVherever there is fun and cheer, You're sure to see Sara Clevenger. Cril1ey's the last name, the first ll3.l1'l6lS Lew, .X better fellow, we don't know. Do you? D'Alessandro is a mighty long name, But with it. Alfred, will make his fame. Alan Gerson, Profundo Superb, ' His thoughts from music will never swerve. Lydia Goodman, good-looking and clever, NVe know 'her friendships will never sever. He happy-go-lucky, never frown, Is Flo Harris' message to the town. Mary Hu11's ready laugh and pleasant smile, VVill win her 'friends and merits by the lllilff. To Norma tlileanor Powellj Keys, we lend this name, ller dancing feet will bring her fame. Quite deserved honor and a coveted position, VVill reward Erma Kovacs' friendly disposition 88 Oh, to be but stranded on a lonely raft, With that black, wavy-haired Karl Kraft. VVe all have traits that suit us to a T , But none like Edith Krasn0W's personality. Fine musicians are always in the need, So Arlene Levinson will surely succeed. Smiling Pete Lopez, full of sport and fun, Those girls of his will surely keep him on the run lVit'hout a care, without a peeve, A 'l'hat's Mathew, and his first I1211llC'S Steve. A basketball star is our joe Nagy, Quick and nimble and always cagy. There's a girl in our class named Hazel O'She1l, Loyal and faithful and true as a bell. A girl who is lots of fun to know, ls our very own, Irene Perlow. To be as smart as Audrey Reicht, ls the goal which we all select. Sammy Rosen, always on the go, He'll never be forgotten as one swell joe. Every class has some one to get rid of Woe, So we give that laurel to Ruth Scoratow. Quick with a smile, and full of fun, ls Emma Sillg yes, she's the one. You don't need magic or even radar, To see a swell fellow in Harold Smolar. One of the nicest girls in our class, ls Marjorie Taylor, a quiet lass. A swell girl whom we're glad we've met, ls Anna Thomas, whom we won't forget. Though new to the class, she fell into line: Elvira Unger soon proved herself fine. The president of our class, Robert Verbin, V Un 'his many duties, is always servin'. With her brown hair and flashing eyes, Rita Watts should win a prize. Christine Williams with her subdued little voice, Has made her the room's quietest by unanimous choice, Shirley Wolfson, the sprite of our room. Will always be able to banish Old Gloom. We now say farewell to Room 3563 Weive had a good time and we've taken our licks: Yes, now a good-bye to the pride of them all, Third floor annex, halfway down the hall. -' 89 lt is lldllltiflllly rlecumtcrlg it is :Lu iclezll romu for rezlcliuff. elle Bibrary The Taylor .Xllclerclice High School library is one of the finest equipped ihraries in the city. It is well-stcmckecl with hooks, both factual zmrl fictitious: Pu LIBRARY CLUB Sponsor: Mrs. Margaret H. McMick1e, Librarian Miss Dixon, Assistant Librarian 90' 00172 372 Teacher-Miss Mary Brennan President ..,..................................................................,.,.......,.,,.,..,...... julia Sabo Vice President ..,..,.....,,.,...,...A..... ..........,, .............,,.,.,....A,....... . N lex Banderinko Secretary-Treasurer ..,,.n.....A........, ......... . anna Bakaysza Foreword Representative .,.....,..,.... ......,.,...... S 'hirley Lieber Student Council Representative .... ..,....,. ,....,....,.....,,....,.,,. B a rbara XYolfson TllOM.AXS .-NRiC'HlB. Xl.D: XYe shall always remember him for his lyric tenor and good looks. .-XLEX BANDTERINKO: Our genial vice president is very effective with his quiet manner and his friendly smile. RHKJDQX MAE ISQXYER: This tall, slender lass with a pleasing disposition will certainly reach her goal. M.-XTTl-IEXN' BRUXNN: Mack is a fellow agreeable to know. He likes base- ball, dancing and Du-ke Ellington. MYRNA BROXVN: XVe all wonder what this girl with her sincere smile and velvet eyes likes in addition to sports. -ll':.'XN CLARK: Likes softball and dancing: and when she is not dreaming about Ronald Reagan. she spends her time sewing. 1QATHE'RINE CLARK: Stuidious and friendly, her graceful appearance and pretty blue eyes are a great asset to Modern Dance. P.-XT ITOLEY: Has a most serious, sedate attitude when walking into class. although he's the most jovial fellow outside. EUGENIQ GELLIQR: The good natured clown of 372, who is also an athlete, is liked by everyone. -IOHN GTGLIOTTI: His profound love for horses. his modesty and ambi- tion. make hlohn an interesting fellow. ARTHUR GR. XH.'XM: This tall, blond lover of sports will someday be ac- claimed as a draftsman. DOLORICS DeGRRGORIO: Vllhen not dancing to Brad Hunt's orchestra, she may be found at the Hot Puppy Shop or writing letters. ANN BAKAYSZA: Has all the qualities to make an accoimplished nurse- sympathy, understanding, quietness, efficiency, and good looks. 91 JULIA HOLECZY: A superb athlete, full of achievement, vitality and sparkling iwit. ' JACK HOWE: Blond, with blue eyes which the girls notice, a mixture of the right proportions-this is not always found. FRANCIS LANNON: A fine pal, good-natured and always jolly-Gus will al'ways'glide through life. SHIRLEY LIEBER: Conscientious and industrious-her beauty and her friendly ways are great assets. FRANCIS IMIKULA: Frank, ambitious, courageous, this gentleman will never be behind the eightrball. VVILMA MILLS: Pleasant disposition, her intelligence and looks, form a 'combination impossible to overlook. LYNN H. NOAH: Our blond and sophisticated philosopher likes cars, trou- bles and girls, and all three like him. LOIS REDMAN: Genial, consistent, Lois is always ready to help everyone and to promote worthwhile things. RENEE KANN: Sparkling green eyes and flaming red hair, this sweet and lovely lass will always cut a pretty figure. JULIA SABO: With her looks, leadership and personality, Julia has made a perfect president and set a standard worthy to attain. JOHN SCOTT: His geniality, his mellow voice, and his skill on the trumpet form a winning combination to start out in life. -IOANNE SEILER: Cheerful, witty, alert, -loan is on her toes all of the time. BARBARA SCHWARTZ: I-Ier attractive figure and satirical wit contribute to her desired presence in every crowd. DESSIE SIDBERRY: One of our nicest girls, quiet and reserved, she likes ' jewelry, Gregory Peck and sports. -IEANNINE SIMMONS: This cute girl with an easy disposition takes a tre- mendous interest in atfhletics. GERALDINE SMITH: We could never find a finer athlete, a better sport. or anyone else with so much grace and so lovely a voice. HAROLD SOLENDAY: Strong, yet not so quiet-he knows what's going on and his alert qualities make him Welcome any time. STANLEY SULTANOV: Very cooperative, brainy-this chatterbox will al- ways come out on top. AIUDITH CERILLI: A very peppy young lady, with a lot of initiative, ex- cellent in swimming. VIVIAN GRIFFIN: Our Helen of Troy-her beauty and personality are the desirable qualities which' attract her admirers. AUDREY WILLSON: An active, intelligent young w-oman who will always be a colorful asset to every fphase of society. STANLEY SWINKLE: Our friendly, red-haired Irishman will always re- ceive a hearty welcome wherever he goes. THOMAS GRETZINGER: Girls, if physics and chemistry are present, you do not have .much of a chance with this handsome Brain.', MARGARET DOELFEL: Quiet and sweet, intelligent and serious, Margaret is a most agreeable companion. BARBARA WOLFSON: Through her intelligence, leadership, and great mu- sical talent she has accomplished results for her class and her school. 92 Mm 353 Teacher-Miss Helen R. Bartrim l'resident ...........,,,,.,.,.........,....,..,................,...,.............................,. Janet l'arker Vice President ................,.....,..........,.....A..,..,...,............,........ Louise Greenwald SecretaryfTreasurer ............,,.,...... ..,.....,.., I ioxie Fraley ,lforeword Representative ................ ,......... . -'Xnna Fazekas Student Council Representative ...,..,....,.....,........... ,,,,....,.... E lla 'Rosenshine Social Chairman .,,, , ,...,..,..,... ,,.,..,,....,.,...,...... .i.. ...,.,..,..,..... H e l en Rozensky Singing is right up DORIS SCAVARIEUS line And in the future, in this she'l1 be fine. ANN MARIE VERRONE'S motto: Silence is golden, Seems in her case to be a good omen. Did you ever see MARJORIE DUSHAW when she wasn't busy? Thatls where she got her nickname- VVhizzyf' ANNA FAZEKAS' jokes are ever a delight: She is always cheery, pleasant, and bright. Brightness in our room would we lack ll ithout a smile from BETTY REHAK. ANITA GREENBERG, better known as Smiling Gus ls forever making' a fuss. JULIA CI-IEREVKA'S complexion and brown eyes- That's where her real beauty lies. Our surroundings would be darker VVitliout our radiant JANET PARKER. XYork in the Service Club would be stalled IYithout the help of LOUISE GREENWALD. HELEN ROZENSKY, our dark-haired lassie. Is jolly, sweet and truly quite classy. HX vivacious blonde from 353. That's ROXIE FRALEY, and one you should see! So full of life and never in gloom- 'I'hat's ELLA ROSENSHINE to complete our room. 93 00172 429 Teacher-Miss jennie Norton ljresident ..,....,.,. , ,.,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,4,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4 ,,,4,, l J atm Qutle Vice President ,.,, .. ...hloan Xloriis Secretary ..,..,..,..,., .,,.................,.,,, ,.,.. . , Sue Brown Treasurer ...r..,, T ,.,..,. ..,...,...........,,,...., r,,,.,.,...r. D a ve Xinold Student Council Representative .,..,. ,....,.,......,.,. C arol VX elss Foreword Representative ..,......,.... .....,. S hirley Bltunenthal LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We the Senior Class of 429 in the year nineteen hundred and loitv eight being in full possession of our faculties lor so we're led to believej do heicbx give and bequeath the following items and attributes to our fornier fellow inmates 2 Maxine To any Shirley Leaves Audrey Benjamin leaves her white sweater girl who can wear it better. Blumenthal, Miss Personality Plus, every trait we consider a must. Bloom leaves her voice. For some pupil of linnna's choice. Twin desks are left by Ruth and Suzanne, To get there each morning the Brown girls The teacher and pupils could hardly wait To see if the twins would again be late. Francee Calfo leaves her skates To another who at this sport rates. I'Zill I Cute and clever Patti Castle-need we enter detail Has left her great ability in the field of fashion Arlene Cohen, an artist of note. Vllill some day receive some great lllEl.StC1'lS vote. retail 94 Rosemarie Colarossi gives her hair so black: The one who gets this, for beauty will never lack. Friendly joan Craig, so graceful and tall, Is ready to help you whenever you call. Dolores Doyle leaves her needle and thread, She's a girl about whom much can be said. Shirley Hartstein will leave her sunny disposition To win real friends will be her gifted mission. VVhoever gets the cook book of Pattie Hendrix Will never find herself in a kitchen-fix. The lovely blue eyes of Joyce McVeigh Are left to some girl with a winning way. Rhea Molever leaves her cartoonist pen That won her fame again and again. Joan Morris gives up her place at the wall, To another who will come next fall. jean O'Connel1 leaves her charming manner For which any one would wave a banner. Diana Schmertz will give her sparkling eyes, And all those traits that men idolize. Carol Weiss carries the banner, As 429's most able planner. And there's Dave Arnold, our athletic star, Who has made his name known here and far. Richard Balukin, his economics book donates To another of his ambitious schoolmates. The gift of our hero john Brashear Is his football suit and other gear. Carl Citron leaves a bronze-lettered plaque, With inscriptions of know howl' to those who lac John Dragan bequeatfhs basketball might, To a player who equals him in height. Marvin Eskin bestows his friendly way, On every young man desiring to be gay. Saul Green leaves his scientific brain, So those coming on may also gain fame. Jerry Iskovitz, an all round guy, Leaves to posterity what money can't buy. From Melvin Kouch a lock of hair, lt's beauty will the girls ensnare. 95 Bequeathed by Roy Lockhart-our senior class president The charm and the friendliness which is so very evident Farrell Rubenstein will leave his popularity, Andywith it goes his keen jocularity. Elliott Saltzburg bequeaths his special charmg VVho receives this can come to no harm. Howard Spector leaves his perpetual A For another student, who is on the way. VVitty gestures are left by Gilbert Weil, To cause the undergrads to smile. Eddy Whitehouse leaves his cheerful wit, To the fellow who wants to make a hit. Vtfitnessed by 2- Charles Ton jack Sonville A1 Buquerque Minni Apolis Ida Ho Phil Adelphia QZIF JUSTICE TRIUMPHS lf we were tried In a court of law For all the things That no one saw , And all the pranks VVe'd ever committedg .f'Xnd practical jokes That we never admitted Wlere suddenly and quite :Nbruptly unveiled, XVe'd spend the rest Qf our lives well-jailed! 96 51 UUEN T if X' Ei? I 1 f 9? Q x 4 girl ? Jr 2 HQ ggi. .-'- cn fm - an-M7' .4 , v aff H J S 55 17 M 4 t l4 vsgfzfi n H ui f' f oR7'D4s ' 9' 2' .- l 6u:sG7i-:rrurs 1, . XB UTf:.. A , X Q hgh A' xg ,. ,g Kwfx if fv ' M if . Q ' Q O0 62+ ' I Q.. '- K cj' Q is f N - I0 5 4 ' if X9 Nw Sf ,, H40 .01 L I ' U- , -S a '- 7- X Wy-L me 'Q AM 1' . LA 1' PM , ,gg W, 15 ' Jaw V ' K 'Xi 0:9 ff7vf '5-24 L r'o LOVE TO G0 To THE ea , as '47 '1'+ Dwngbcgvgx f ITOWES 1 Bur 1 :ruST 'oe who 04' Q W-.... ',0Ah:E T ow ne X' ', 'f 6oc,+'qy Q fx Q 97 00172 452 Teacher-Mr. Ray R. Ralston President .....,..A..,,.....,...,.......... A....,........,...................,..,. ..A..... F. c lwin Azen Vice President ...,. .,........ Harvey Klein Secretary .....,..,..,..,....4.......... A,,,,4,4, S anfofd Klein Treasurer . ..,.....i,i..........,..,....., Ae,,4, R Obey-t Gguld - Foreword Representative ....i....,.. r......,...,.. M arilyn Levv Social Chairman ...........,..,.,,.,4..,........,.....,.,.... ...................,..,. I ra Groff Student Council Representative ....i..,..,.,..,.... ,,...... R ichard Harrison Presented by Room 452 Is this hit parade we bring to you: Each song is quite representative Of the way the different students live. just tune your ears, be right on key: Here are the kids with personality. Handsome, intelligent, and an all-round swell guy is My Hero, EDWIN AZEN. Sonny Boy is WILBUR BLITZ, who is alwavs spreading rays of joy. Someone as charming and sincere as IRENE CHASS is t-he Dream Girl of every fellow. Take Me Out to the Ball Game is HERBERT CHESTER'S favorite theme. for he's alwavs in there pitching. Carefree RICHARD DAVIDSON'S favorite tune is Don't Fence Me In. Vklhoever wrote the song A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody, must have had ROSALYN EISNER in mind. LEISL ELLENBOGEN is evervone's friend: she truly is My Desire. Because you are so dependable, JULES FELDMAN, we will always re- member your efficient participation in all school activities. The onlv wav to describe RICHARD GINSBURG is to say that he is Fine and Dandy. Dark Ifvesf' an engaging smile, and a radiant personality-all add up to SEENA GOLDMAN. How Manv Hearts Have Von Broken, all the girls cry when handsome ROBERT GOULD walks by. As Long As I Live, I'll never forget the scientific brain, IRA GROFF. Let's drink a toast to RICHARD HARRISON, for He's a jolly Good Fel- low. You'll Never Know how much we will miss the pleasure of being with dashing HERBERT HELLER. The Girl That I Marry will have to be sweet and kind as SEIMA HORVITZ. Night and Day you can always depend upon RALLE ANN KAMENS to extend a helping hand. , ' Blue Skies are smiling at me when I'm with quiet and friendly HARVEY KLEIN. , The Man I Love is SANFORD KLEIN, because he is so nice and fine. When our Head Majorette, JOAN KRAMER, struts by, it's time to Strike Up the Band. You're Lovely to Look Atf, MARILYN LEVY, and fun to be With, too. Too Marvelous for Wordsl' is HARVEY MANN, the Casanova of the class. si H is it ,, ' ' 98 I 'Y Nowhere will you find a more dependable and true friend than My Buddy, ' MALVERN PODOLSKY. Sweet as Candy and twice as nice, is MARILYN SCHACTER. To happy-go-lucky IVAN SEGAL we say. You Are My Sunshine. And to slightly mischievous but always gay SUE SIEBERT, we cry lady Be Goodf' A Girl That I Remember as outstanding in the class is clever and efficient MITZI SHAPIRO. MURRAY SHERMAN is The Vagabond King 'g we know that he will travel far. PHYLLIS SOLOMON'S Personality is as charming' as her pleasing' manner. You VValk By MARVIN SPOKANE and all the girls sigh. Dance, Ballerina to ELAINE TEIFIELD we cry: her acting is also some- thing to be shouted about. There are Smiles', that make us happy: there are Smiles that make us sad, but the Smiles of PATSY VEXLER are the ones that we like best. XYQ confess . . . XX of Hooking classes, Forging passes. Chewing gum, Playing' dumb, leasing Freshies Cfoaxing for Cs. Sneaking smokes, 'e're guilty WE CONFESS Cracking jokes. Coming' in late. Thinking we rate. XYe confess . . . NYG-'re guilty. And before they send us all away, NYC have one last thing' to say, lf they gave us another chance, XVe'd pull the same old song and dancelu Mm 45-4 Teacher-Dr. W. 1. Wagner President ..... . ., . .,,.,...... ....,......,...,,......A........,..W.,.,.,. ...,. , . . Agiies liruun Vice li,l'6SlflCl1lI . . ....,., . Madeline Tupi Secretary A , ., . ...,.. ....,.,... ...,.,, X N 'alter Keklewich 'l'reasurer .,... ,....,..,..,......AA, . ..,., , .. Bruce Koses Foreword Representative ..,,.,....................,......,......,.., .,........... - Xgnes Bruun Student Council Representative .,,.,.,.....,.,..,.... . .......... Andrew Melzer AMONG OUR BOOKS LOUIS RAIN: T110 C'011.vfr1111' Lozw' lYhat a guy! says each girl with a sigh XVhen she sees our l.ouis passing hy. NIYRNA l5ARNE'l l': T110 l,iz'v1.v Lady Quite a willing worker is she: Therefore, a success she's hound to he. NIOAN lllCR'l'l2N'l'HAl.: 1111mw11f .llv1'1'i11n'l1I .loan is happy: she's never hlue: Shes a friend-sincere and true. AGNES BRUUN: .S'11r 1lvlIX tl Plzazzfmzz of l?r'11'g11I To college. Agnes is definitely hound: :Xt Pitt for the next four years she'll he found. GIQURGE l5l.ACKHAl.l,: l1'1'tl1 tl High flair! George is our tall and handsome One. XVith a twinkling eye and a yen for fun. LICON CANTOR: SUIIIK' Fallon' flu' Sell For Uncle Sam's navy, Leon is hound: Hell make as fine a sailor as can he found. FRANK DUGAS: T110 lYlI1llfUJIfi0Illl'1 ClIlll'11I of .lfvn Frank gains friends with his jolly smile: His friendly ways make him quite worthwhile. 100 REGIS KING: The Beloved Vagabond Regis is a fellow whom all enjoy meeting, For his cheerful Hello is a most pleasant greeting. CHRISTOPHER EVANS: Live, Love and Learn Chris is a newcomer to our roomg His cheerful manner eradicates gloom. FLORENCE LAZZOR: On Wings of Song Flo is the girl with the beautiful voiceg Of all the singers she rates first choice. HERBERT LEFF: They Loved to Langh A witty fellow with a ready pun, With whom every one has had much fun. ANN MATEY: The Bnsiness Girl She gets work done in a quiet wayg The best things of her are easy to say. IRENE McCONNELL: Friendship Cheerful and bright is just what we mean When we give a sketch of our Irene. ANDREW' MELZER: Men of Iron In scholastic work, Andy's found at the topg Towards achieving his goal, he'1l never stop. IRA FARGOTSTEIN: Strict Joy Ira's the fellow, we all agree, Whose sense of humor is keen as can be. HILDA FEHL: Smarter and Snzoother Hilda is quiet, but she's intellectual: In her work, she's most effectual. MAUREEN HAID: She walks in Beauty Maureen is the model of 454, She's cute and sweet-the one we adore. JOYCE HARSHBERGER: A flTlidSIllll7llC'I' Nighfs Dream To illustrate fashions is 'Ioyce's ambitiong S'he's certain to succeed in this longed-for position. VVILLIAM HUGHES: You Are the Hope of the lflforld Bill is quiet: he's shy and nice: He's one of the finest in Allderdice. W'ALTER KEKLEWICH: All American Walt was at his best in l46, When his football tactics were full of tricks. BRUCE KOSES: Bring Along Laughter To Bruce. the class proposes this toast: Here's to a football player of whom we can boast. .IEANETTE O'SHELL: Friendship Jeanette, a bookkeeper soon will be, So happy-go-lucky and quite carefree. 101 l.OlS ROTH: Lyric Laughter Her smiling face and quiet ways Wlin her loads and loads of praise. Pl-lll,OMliN.fX SANTORA: Lvflr Talk 01107115 V011 Our Phil is an earnest, endearing young lass: ln any profession, she'll top the class. K,'X'llHl,li'l2N SCHLEMMER: Pm's01'1z1l1'ty Plus Tats is a Cheerleader for good old T.A.g She's attractive and kindlygwhat more need we sa 'IOHN SAINT-VINCENT: Mllltlf Clzcvr Our flashing redhead whom we can see, XVith witty replies is as quick as can lme. EIJWVARD STEPHENS: Ifs Nice to Knott' Pcofvlc L Eddy is a classmate just recently acquired XN'hose friendly, easy manner is always admired. KIAIJELINE TUPI: To Ham' and to Hold .AX most efficient secretary Madeline will make, XYhose work will he done without a mistake. -IJXCK XVAIDAZ Ulzcim' 11 Lucky Star 'lack acquires friends day after day XVith his comradely manner and pleasant way. CAROL XVILDS: The Plmszrrc of Your Cl7llIf7lIllvX', Carols desireis to hold a good positiong To he a secretary her fondest ambition. XVll.l.IS SUPl.liR: Great E.l'f'CCllfZlL1'0IlS XVillis is quite a superior student XVhose fairness and judgment are always prudent. '77LuJ6- - - - Merrq and Terrq Allrlerdlce . . 3 3 J'c'l0fR . 102 Y? ik: 00172 Teacher-Mr. Hackett President ,...,.,,...., .,.,...,..,,............,..,.........,.......,.... ...,....,. I r ene Kostik Vice President . ...., ............i...........,..,....i........,.. ......,....,.i, D a n Dolsey Secretary ,..,4i.,...,..i.....,......... ....,..,.. C atherine Shovel Treasurer ........................,....... .......,........4.......,,.,..,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,.4A,i, L arry Raviqk Foreword Representative .....,......,...,....,.,.,..,.,.......,..,........,.....,.. Shirley Klein A right jolly boy is this JAMES PIIDW.-XRIJ AMOS: His humor in Room 457 is famous. PAUL BOROSS is, oh, such a nice guy: The girls take one look and heave quite a sigh. ANN BRACKEN is truly the girl with a voiceg Our class agrees that she is the perfect choice. GILBERT BRODY, with shoulders so very broad, From all the girls, he surely gets the nod. ANNABELLE BRUCE thought school quite nice: But even she isn't willing to do it twice. The sparkling charm of BOB 'CONRAD Drives away gloom and anything sad. NANCY CORMAN'S sweet disposition ls a cure-all prescribed hy any physician. A real fine student is GENE COVYIIEQ But his game of chess is zing, zowie! BOB DE MARTINO is always gay, He's in jolly spirits every day. DAN DOLSEY, so happy and gay, VVill 'be delighted on No Mo Day. There are not many girls as sweet as SUZZY DUNAY, XVho'll do anything for you, and without delay. 103 Wfhen MICHAEL ECONOMOS tries to make up his mind It's just like the weather, the unpredictable kind. BARBARA EVANS likes to be fashionably late, At church and school, but never for a date. JAMES FREEMAN is a tried and true friend, A relationship that we all will hate to end. Wie give ROBERT GHEN a real citation For having his own radio station. BETTY GREEN is really quick to learn, She must have made the midnight coal-burn. Everyone likes the friendship of JAMES KLEINg His manners in class have really been fine. . Faithfully heeding the latest fashion book, SHIRLEY KLEIN has developed the real new look. IRENE KOSTIK is a girl who is most beguiling, That is because she is always found smiling. JEANNE MARINO, our seamstress sublime, Is very dependable and always on time. If you feel like gazing into bright blue skies, You might as well look into DONALD MILL'S eyes. In ANN NICHOLAS we have a wonderful friend, Whom we'll always remember when our school days end. LARRY RAVIICK made homeroom a joyful riot, Ask him, t'here's no chance that he will deny it. Now, in every homeroom class there's a beautg But we have the best, CATHIE SHOVEL'S so cute. MONICA SIMONYAK a quiet, sweet lass, Has been a grand member of our homeroom class. ALBERTA SMITH has such charm and poise, She's very good at enchanting the boys. ELINOR SYNA if given a chance, VVill show what she knows of modern dance. SUE TEIGER is a lovely girl with dark brown hair: She never has a worry and never has a care. ETI-IEIL JEAN TATTON so little and sweet, According to us she is hard to beat. A For BETTY TONDORA, such a gentle, shy maid, Our heartiest friendship never will fade. MARILYN WAGMAN whose attire is so neat Will design costumes that will be complete. MELVIN WAX so friendly and bright, A wonderful pal and a teacher's delight. JOHN YALCH does what etiquette advises to dog He's quiet, and speaks when he's spoken to. In our homeroom we have a gay blade, The fame of TOM CROW will surely never fade. 104 now Something, Q0 Sonzeffziizq, .Be Something Ralph Gross, Stuart jameson, Alice Martin, . . . Names and more names . . . hundreds of them, all of them important to only a few people besides their owners, but all with one thing in common. They had finished twelve years of school. Some had started in the same school in the first grade, with the same teachers and had progressed the entire twelve years together, but most met dur- ing the remaining two or three years. These were the highlight years, the ones freshest in memories, studded with good times and sad times, joyous spring days and dull, dreary, hard-working winter days . . . loves and heartaches, dances and parties, football games and cokes afterward-all of this is recalled now that it is over. The gay times seem just a little gayer, and the blue ones just a little sadder. The problems are now laughed at, and a touch of nostalgia creeps into remembrance of the laughing times at lunch and the evening gatherings. Now the group, for the most part, will separate and go different ways. Some to school, some to work, and some to think it over a little longer. The boys worry over the futureg the girls can afford to smile and wait and see what happens. For most, the road will be harder from here on. Each in his' chosen field, be it steelmaking or painting, writing or selling, must start at the bottom. Some will compete for jobs with college graduates, but they too have had much the same opportunities. Many will go to work. and by sweat and tears try to rise to the topg and others, many, many others may never see the top. Some will marry: others will spend lonely lives. Some may utterly fail: others will be civic leaders. But all have profitted by the past twelve years, and all will continue to reap the glories of life as they recall the words, UKNOVV SOMETHING, DO SOME- THING, BE SOMETHING. . . . we are builders . . . we are detrrminccif' These strong phrases might well have been uttered by any Allderdice stu- dent. For we are determined to build both mind and body to the extent of their capacities. Such determination is witnessed in the spirited participation in the varied activities which our school offers. The physical and the mental talent of every individual must coordinate. VVell-balanced citizens are a necessity, not only during a crisis, but always. De- mocracy depends upon the people who function in it. It is such citizens that Allderdice aspires to produce. . . . we are builders: builders of a new and strife-free world, builders of a fearless and constructive periodg builders, tirelessly working toward ultimate good. 105 Q DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION .GLASSES 300172 405 Teacher-Mr. Barnes FIRST SEMESTER Each pupil in school has some work he must dog But we have two tasks to fulfill. Each morning in class our school subjects pursue, To real jovbs we then turn with a will. THELMA E. ADREON-leaves her ability on roller skates, but carries along her sincere appreciation of fthe retailing course. RALPH EDWIN BARNETT-does not leave his hob'by which is a certain person named Butch, but he remembers the Marching Band as his favorite activity. SIDNEY R. FINKELSTEIN-leaves his favorite subject, jewelry, to aspiring craftsmeng but he carries with him the desire to become a jeweler. ERWIN MARKS-leaves his aversion for silly girls, but will always re- memlber the friendly students of Allderdice. ' DOROTHY j. SOPOLIGA-leaves her place in Modern Dance to some zealous choreographerg but she will ever recall the friendly faces of her schoolmates. 106 l SECOND SEMESTER Officers l1l'CSlilCllt ,..,.. .. .. ,.,,. ..,. . .Shirley Eelker Vice President . ..,, ....,... N 'eronica Serecsin Secretary ..,..... . ..,.A......... . .,,.,..,.... .lean Carter rll1'6ZlSLl1'C1' .. .. ,,..... ........,............., ....... X f alera Liselnier l:lJl'6XVUl'Cl Representative , .,.A,.,...,.... ..... . .Shirley Goldstein Student Council Representative .. ......,......... jean Carter Distributive Education Class Musical Numbers l5lRlJE'l l'A BAKER-leaves her engagement ring in -lO5gi'1fvplc Hlossoln Hvt'ddI.ll-Q' MARY l3ELLlNlf-tiny, cute, and lovalmlefl IItI'Z'1' Hui Om' Heart -IEAN C.-XR'l'ER leaves her jokes to the next class in Distributive Education- .lly Old Flame ,IEANNE GLACEAeloses the door to Room -lO5fOjwn flu' Door, Richard SHlRl.EY GOLDSTEIN-Cliucli's ever-loviiig f1'iemlYNfm' lx H10 Hour ,lUl.l.'X M.-XRRONEfleaves her red hair to the next Rusty -To Enflz His Own CHUCK l.EXVlSfis westward lJOUl1ll'50llfj of Hn' Riffx YERONICJX SERECSINfluequeatlis lier lmeret to the next artist-Just Igl'l'tll1S1' BETTY MORREl,l,-donates her spectacles to the next professor-lily Hill .IAMES XVElSERftl1ose extraordinary tics for Sllfllflllllj' Unto GEORGE TICHI-hoping always that lie has twenty CCl1tS-51110160 Cvfx in Your Eyes .IACK XYHITEHOUSE-leaves for Australia to be Near Yam YALERA LISCHNER-tall, terrific lady. and our class l11'ain-lffazftiflzl Lady SHIRLEY FELKER--we'll always relnemlvei' our favorite UlJ1'CSH-HUCIlI1.VL' y0lt,7'U You - 107 LLIZ6 Gfdif 194665 Dorothy Lois Aronson Edwin Allan Azen Wilbur Frank Blitz Agnes K. Bruun Carl David Citron ' Kalman Joseph Cohen Anna Leigh Fazekas Hilda Fehl Sara Fogel Mary Foner Jack K. Greenberg Thomas Gretzinger Rhoda Mae Bayer Thomas S. Beeler Shirley Mae Blumenthal Ruth Brown Suzanne Brown Robert Charles Conrad, Jr. Albert R. Daquilante Margaret R. Doelfel Dolores Doyle Eleanor Doniger John E. Dragan Marjorie Grace Dushaw Liesl M. Ellenbogen Jules Jay Feldman Marian K. Fischman Martha A. Frain Jeanne Louise George Frank Carl Goodman Seena Marilyn Goldman Bernice Joan Gordon Herbert Paul Gordon President-Roy Lockhart Vice President-Farrell Rubenstein Secretary-Andrew Melzer Treasurer-Robert Selker HONOR GRADUATES High Honor Herbert Heller Marion Jeanne Hibbard Seima Horvitz William Frank Hughes Ralle Ann Kamens Harvey Klein Sanford Morton Klein Arlene Levinson Marilyn Friedberg Levy Harry Martin Jacqueline Lou Miller Honor Lawrence David Greenberg Richard Matthew Harrison Renee Kann Ilene Kitman Tema Kleber Shirley Klein Erma A. Kovacs Joan Carol Kramer Donald H. Labovitz Edgar R. Lindenberg Natalie Shirley Mandell Jeanne Louise Marino Andrew Earnest Melzer Francis Mikula Donald Leroy Mills Elsa Margaret Morris Louise E. Nolan Zola Perl Marilyn Ruth Phifer Malvern Paul Podolsky Lawrence Ravick Maxine Rose Reidbord Ann Hazel Nicholas William Joseph Pervin Audrey R. Recht Elizabeth Rehak Farrell Rubenstein Robert George Selker Joan Sherman Elizabeth Slocum Elinor Lee Syna Barry Leon Tarmy Melvin Gerald Wax Carol Weiss James Alan Rosen Helen Lea Rozensky Julia M. Sabo Marilyn Susan Schacter Sandra R. Schlesinger Diana Schrnertz Marilyn Jean Schwartz Maxine Mitzi Shapiro Sally Reon Shapiro Emma Marie Sill Annabelle Slome Lois Ellen Smit Marilyn Ruth Stewart Willis Lee Supler Myron Swartz George Tichi Betty Tondora Miki Turets Ann Marie Verrone Harvey A. Waldholtz Barbara Joan Wolfson 108 Zin Allflemnrp of jflurence Qllbahan who passed zzviwgy on .Uwflz 30, 19-L8 She will continue to lifve in the lzewts of her mrmy friends. O SIGMA OMEGA PI SORORITY 109 3,11 'fishing' iililemurp uf Barbara Qilaine Ziaart fl flower bloomeaf, ami, .vwmner yef, it 1051 lfze buf! if boreg H141 sri!! 'NJ spring, 'wfzere in our lfearfy, Ifze rose blooms ever more. O PI SIGMA 'FAU SORORITY 110 ' 111 JLUZ6 67605 ' You Cam? Take If Wfifh You - DRAMATIC ENGLISH CLASS Penelope Sycamore .... Essle .......,.,,....... ........ ..,.... Trudy ......,,.....,,...,........,. Paul Sycamore .,.... Mr. De Pinna .,..,..... Ed .,.,........,..... ........... Herman ,.......,...,.........,. Martin Vanderhof ,... Alice ..,............,...,.......,,. Henderson ...,.... ...., Tony Kirby .............. Boris Kolenkhov ..... Gay Wellington ....... Mr. Kirby ....,.......... Mrs. Kirby ..........,. Three Men .,....... Olga ,....,........ Director and Technic Painting ...........,........r.,.. CAST ,Dorothy Aronson, Mitzi Shapiro Elaine Teifeld, Eleanor Doniger ,Tema Kleber, Estelle Rosenberg Harvey Klein Pervin .,...,.........jack Greenberg Robert Gould Harvey Waldholtz 'f'jQAiIi'iVr'JfriEiQ' Janet Feigenbaum Gilbert Weil ...,...1-larry Martin, Willis Supler ....,.Ira Groff Kitman Selker .. Joan Kabet, Ralle Ann Kamens .........Sanford Klein, Norman Eisenstat ' DIRECTION .Diana Schmertz, Sorley Snyder al Adviser ......,.....,....,.,............,............... Miss Jocelyn June Reston ...,..,..,...Miss Norton and Art Students Scenery Construction .,....,,...,....,...... ,, ....... Mr. Liberator and Special Shop Crew Printing .......... ..,......,.....,,.... ,...,...,........,...,. M r . Engelmeier and Students Costume Design ........,. .,........,..,.......,..,,,.... M rs. Bush and Students Set Design .... ........,, ....,..... ,..,... M i ss Norton, Kathleen Schlemmer General Management .......,.. .....,..,........,.............,..,.......... M iss Elizabeth Wagenknecht STUDENT STAFF Stage Manager ,......... .,...,...........,............................... .....,. W i lliam Pervin Assistant to Director ........ .,,..........................,.....,....,. ..,.....,... C a rol Weiss Bookholder .... ,..........., .,.....,....,... S h irley Lieber Program ..,,...........,..... Prop Manager 4......... Costume Chairman ..,... Make-up Chairman .. Publicity Chairman .. Photographer ......,..... Secretaries .... .. Bernadine Kamins Bernadine Kamins Joan Kabet ..........Marian Fischman .,....,,.......,.....,........,..Maureen I-laid Jacobson ...,....I1ene Kitman, Sorley Snyder MEMBERS OF CAST l 113 MEMBERS OF CAST COMMITTEES Costumes ..,.... ...........................,. J oan Kabet, Estelle Rosenberg, Maureen Haid, Willma Mills, Jeanette O'Shell Props ....,.. ..,...., B ernadine Kamins, Tema Kleber, David Israel, Hilda Felxl, Harvey Waldholtz, Joanne Craig, Robert Selker, Mary Foner Publicity ........ ................,...,.......,.... M aureen Haid, Eleanor Doniger, Harry Martin Make-up ........ ,...,......4.,....,...................... M arian Fischman, Mary Foner, Marilyn Levy, Marilyn Schacter, Doris Scavariel Sceneryu, Kathleen Schlemmer, Mary Foner, Lois Smit, Arthur Armstrong, Norma Dittner, Norma Trust Sound Effects and Pyrotechnics ...........,,.....,.,,... Jack Greenberg, Tom Gretzinger, Saul Green Printing ..............,..,,. Mervyn Spick, Paul Tomanio, Tom Colgan, Alvin Kravetz, joseph Stoup, Norman T. Azen, Ronald Formichella, Walter Lowman, Melvin Wax, Clyde Henry, Joe Waller, Fred Wertheimer, Edward Fitzhenry Set Construction ........,........... John Gigliotti, Bernard Hirsch, William Toth, George Lopeta, Angus MacDonald, joseph Grezmak Stage Crew ...,...... .........,, W illiam Pervin, Andrew Rosenberg, Harvey Horvitz, David Israel STAGE CREW 114 ervice rqcuzizafiozzs SERVICE CLUB Sponsor: Miss Helen Bartrim BOOKROOM CLUB Sponsor: Miss Josephine Guarino ' 116 HALL STAFF Sponsors: Mrs. Ethel Hynes, Mrs. Irene K. Bain 4 L LUNCH ROOM STAFF Sponsor: Miss Elizabeth Wagenknecht CLUB Sponsor: Miss Alva Held 117 U16 QLVEWOI' i A 3 A .. FOREWORD STAFF Sponsor: Miss Diantha W. Riddle FOREWORD REPRESENTATIVES 11th GRADE FOREWORD REPRESENTATIVES 12th GRADE 118 6 Z ggI'6W0l' FOREWORD REPRESENTATIVES 10th GRADE FOREWORD REPRESENTATIVES 9th GRADE FOREWORD REPRESENTATIVES 7th-Sth GRADES 1 19 ACTIVITIES GROUP Director: Miss Elizabeth Wagenknecht Salma! Gfcfivify groups STUDENT COUNCIL Sponsor: Miss Elizabeth Wagenknecht ' 120 PROBLEMS COMMITTEE STUDENT COUNCIL N V7 SOCIAL COMMITTEE-STUDENT COUNCIL SENIOR DISCUSSION CLUB Sponsor: Miss Elizabeth Wagenknecht 121 Gfubs Leu- - - ee me an 1 SENIOR SCIENCE CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Thomas Davies MICROSCOPE CLUB Sponsor: Mrs. Mae Weber Smith 122 I GMU - 1- SCIENCE CONTEST ENTRANTS Sponsor: Mrs. Mae Weber Smith CAMERA CLUB Sponsor: Mrs. Nancy Snively 123 4 Goopemfive 10013 FOREWORD SUBSCRIPTION BOTH SEMESTERS RooM 312 ROOM 428 ROOM 361 124 -?- onzeroonzs - ROOM 208 ROOM 257 HIGHEST SUBSCRIBERS-P.T.A. ROOM 254 l 125 - Q ' GZLLLS LATIN CLUB Sponsor: Miss Yetta Kamler FRENCH CLUB Sponsor: Miss Edna Todd lbw, GERMAN CLUB Sponsor: Miss Mary Brennan 126 -S My - CHESS TEAM Sponsor: Mr. Edward Caye CHESS GIRLS' CHESS CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Edward Caye BOYS' CHESS CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Edward Caye 127 A Glubf Y GREENHOUSE CLUB Sponsor: Mrs. Nancy Snively FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Sponsor: Miss Bertha Mitchell 128 labs , HOME NURSING Sponsor: Miss Florence Bechtel Y-TEENS Sponsor: Miss Eleanor Burdick 129 SHORT WAVE CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Herbert A. Lewis HI-Y CLUB Sponsor: Mr. George Phillips MAJORETTES Sponsor: Mr. john Irwin 130 SPECIAL SHOP Gff Work REHEARSAL ORCHESTRA PRACTICE JEWELRY JEWELRY ORCHESTRA 131 uslc in Gfffgmaice DEPARTMENT INSTRUCTORS Mr. Roy Dietz-Band Mrs. Dorothy Meyer-junior Music Miss Emma Steiner-Voice Miss Laura Zeigler-Orchestra STRING QUARTET BRASS ENSEMBLE ORCHESTRA A Director: Miss Laura Zeigler 4 132 Orches fm TRIO 5 ORGANISTS ORCHESTRA B 133 WOODWIND QUINTET HARMONY CLASS Teacher: Miss Laura Zeigler JUNIOR ORCHESTRA 134 usic HARPISTS CLARINET QUARTET MARCHING BAND Director: Mr. Roy Dietz 135' ' 360235 HORN QUARTET BAND A Director: Mr. Roy Dietz 136 3602675 BAND B f DYQ 3 usic VOICE GROUPS Director: Miss Emma Steiner SOLOISTS GIRLS' CHORALE 138 A' oice MALE CHORUS VOICE GROUP A VOICE GROUP B ' 139 ' W oice VOICE GROUP C VOICE GROUP D VOICE GROUP E. 140 HISTORY WAS MADE HERE I11 the Allderdice cafeteria-when they served turkey pie! In the second floor annex-when somebody actually threw a candy wrapper in a rubbish can! In the prom committee meeting-when they all agreed on a band! At the tickets seller's machine-when they had Sc lunch CllCCkS,1l12lI'kECl Sc ! At the Wall-wheil not a soul was smoking! In typewriting class-when no one used an eraser all day! ln study hall-when everyone was studying! I In the swimming pool-when no one complained that the water was cold! ln English class-when Miss Riddle didn't assign an investigative theme! On the first day of school-when an Allderdician gave a 7B the right directions! ln the 3rd floor annex-when not one little boy brought a water pistol to school! In Mr. Colborrfs Chemistry class-when everyone made an A on the math test. In the locker room-qwhen no one shoved anyone else out of his way! In the journal staff-when everyone got his assignments in on time! At the smokestack-when VVestinghouse painted it free of charge. In the cafeteria--when the jukebox made music. On the lawn-when it regained its natural beauty. At Christmas time-when Allderdice had a Christmas tree in the cafeteria. In -the auditorium-where a new curtain and drapes were hung. ln the halls-when decorated containers appeared. At the assemblyh-when a real movie actor spoke-Harold Russel, star of The Best Years of Our I.i'ves. T.A.H.S. OUR RADIO PROGRAM I Deal ln Crime-Mr. Thomas Von Bet Your Life-Chemistry The S hadow-Hall Patrol Quiet, Please--Library The Star Theavter-Draniatic English Truth or Consvqzwnces-Tliose tests!!! OUR MOVIES . Since You Went Away-lVIiss Dorothy Zeigler, Mr. Mills, Dr. Korona Valley of Decision-Office C ood N mos-Diplomas Lost W'c'c'kz'ud- Daze after Prom OUR SONGS Hora' Soon-Seniors' Last Day S0 Far-Vacation But Bcazftiful-T.A.'s girls of course Little White Lies-Early Dismissals .Mamma-Spring Fever 141 gjzskioiz Show 142 f- g'6L5lli0lZ l 143 S pecia Z 960166 Sponsor: Miss Margaret Mercer 144 Modern Dam C6 Sponsor: Miss Esther Long -145'A KYKFB I V? f X f pf --f Y LC Dx , ' 1fl w , G W xg' 5 It 15' rNx A K ,:.,. A - -A4 M m? f Y 'QWWZW ,, pl 1 J Nags, 5,9 Q - V 15,9 T i QP Q0,,sf'v1o2+s2E ff' 913, W Wwnsf f 5.53: W, f I x , - ,' , L. .L .A ,.. A, nl YA . f R 1 L' V 1 f 1 f r YJSQ Q - 4 , fi KN V. , X ,Y -,:, a . - ' , 'i ,! .. ll M f- CQ ?41 Q Tis ig '- :Q-rip i 5 X ffvylf HT q0 'E f., ffm, ff f , i ,ii ,L K. kv! 523: ,V -...m l-H .: .Mkt , 'JN OIL! www 235 fm 000, 0 i?N Qiiil. lg f i 34 545 1 f' b 'ff'9Q4Q 5,9 7: iuq. D M KK ,, , Q , -, Q' -,N 7 ,,f' If 2: L',,i.r,i:r,'?Z ,Y :-'iiqflv , ,, '. ZH? - , Ji' 2 ' his, m g 5. .. .-Jzixgifz -f E-3.553545 'f,.fjLf2f: 1.1 5 525. -:P .- 1- as - h1 :.f:': ??f?42Yf1f 5 TQQEVZQ1 ' 2-'PU --::- -:' -4.'..:f41 5 'f:.ff.1 -5 5., ..1-- . ,' ,fs -.Y .1 Je- Y-... . ,. ,.,,, . fg-Jr.. ...,,,- 3. r f--, ,g , ,. .. ., .- fry:-.g fl- ,VL - H- 1 , il 53: r . M., f Q 1:5 YJ' Q ' ,' f' f . fr 1 k xX'LN L ' J.'f , of QW - -4 c Q, if ' JJ - 3 , 1, , N ., 1 , F , ,W f Q 1,-.X Lf' LQ . f ' K Q Q ' 5 fi Q 'XA X L. x , I H V, Al ,Qs ' v ff 2, if riff! K fig, 53 mia' U J ' ' ,1Q ,,fQ, -- L. . t . J . I I, bf , f -:-K-Z P-'L ' X- -- -' ' 5 Q ifw xx JY V W , Tigger' , L , 3- ? 1 l,3F, 5 A , H , f f 3. xuumk . S CD U , , f Miss ., L- gi rf 1 fn' 'L ,M Haj, U fwfr E2 3.055 ,f r , I' '973' QL- gn 'P' K 9' 'Q-if if 15' H ' :- - 1 f r .5 , , 'I ,ug .df A , gliigggi 4, L15 2?-,ii 1' I. tiff, If 5- 1, 147 f X M X N I 4- Gfflzfefics CI-IEER LEADERS Sponsor: Mr. Robert Irvin MAJORETTES Sponsor: Mr. John Irwin 148 Gfflzfefics CHEER LEADERS Sponsor: Mr. Robert Irvin GREEN KEY Sponsor: Mr. John Irwin 1 49 W Sporfs CHAMPIONSHIP SWIMMING TEAM Instructor: Mr. Claude W. Sofield 1947 FOOTBALL SQUAD Coach: Mr. Ernest Slessinger X150 Sporfs 1948 TRACK TEAM Coach: Mr. Rqbezt Irvin BASKETBALL TEAM Coach: Mr. john Irwin 151 g LIFE SAVING Sponsor: Miss Margaret Mercer WINNING HOCKEY TEAM Sponsor: Miss Mary Allshouse Julia Holeczy, Captain HOCKEY PLAYERS 1 52 - JUNIOR LEADERS Sponsor: Mrs. Katharyn Simms OUTSTANDING GIRLS IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Sponsor: Miss Esther Long JUNIOR BASKETBALL WINNERS Sponsor: Miss Mary Allshouse 153 THE ALLDERDICE HALL -OF ATHLETIC FAM'E Sportsmanship Leadership Ability Chuck Ford, undoubtedly the most brilliant of this year's basketballers, holds second high scoring honors in the city. His amazing shooting ability made him the spark for the entire team. Chuck is a great sportsman and a fine competitor. Ron Schmeiser, captain of the 1948 edition of Irwin's marauders, played cool. steady ball all season. Ron's fine ball handling and con- sistent scoring ability were the backbone of the team. He was a truly outstanding leader. Irv Greenberg, left guard of the basketball team, was a key man in the 1948 campaign. His aggressive play combined with good de- fensive work made him an invaluable mem- ber of the starting five. Irv is a two year man. Ed Vangeloff, left end of the football team, was one of the most dependable players on the field. Steady, deliberate play singled Ed out as a superior performer. His outstanding pass receiving was equalled only by his great defensive work. john Brashear, the captain of this year's football squad, was its most prominent mem- ber. Both a great defensive and of-fensive player, he was a fine example to his team- mates. John also throws the discus on the track team. Arthur Markley, right guard of the football team, played top flight ball all season. His fighting, determined spirit was an inspiration to his mates. A three year man, Arch runs the 220 low hurdles for the track team. A1 Ginsburg, key member of the track team, has been an outstanding performer for three years. He was a 'city leader in the gruelling 440 yard run and is now a top man on the mile relay team. Roy Lockhart, crack 220 yard dash man of the track squad, also excels in the broad jump and on the half mile relay team. A boy with tremendous speed and stamina, Roy ranks as one of the most brilliant performers on the squad. Dan Dolsey, star of both the football and track teams, performed with equal ability on each squad. A great mile man, Dan's running served him well as he quarterbacked the foot- ball team all season. He is a two year man on both teams. 154 K 'Miracle of the Bells -at lunc'h time IT'S ALL IN A NAME Sleep My Lovely -in class Gone With tihe Windl'-pupils at 3 :05 Song of My Heart -Group A Gent1emen's Agreementl' - Passing answers on a test The Fugitive - P e r s o n escapmg' from Mr. Thomas The Secret Beyond the Door -Mr. McClymond's office I Walk Alone -after eating the po- tato salad with the onions Smart Politics -In Mr. Colborn's 4th period class Relentless -Teacher's homework 'Crossfiren-Tests 'Good News -Report cards? ?? 'The Yearlingu-Freshies 'The Tender Years -High school RECORD MART Sinole Gets In Your Eyes .i..,.i.......,....,...,.....,................ At the wall Elnbraceable Yon .,....,.,......,... ....rr...,......,..,.......,... J oy Gendelberg Dance Ballerina .,...,........,,.. ,.......i,.,..,,..,.,...,..... P hyllis Silverman One Alone ,.....,..,...,. ......... H omeroom during 6th period Personality .,.......,..,.,.,..,... .,,..,....,...r.................,.....,... -I . D. M. I'Il Be Seeing Yon .........,.,,..., .,...,,.,........,.........,.. M r. Thomas Those Little Vlfhite Lies ,,..,... ...,.,...,. C oming in late Whispering ............i............ ,.,.,,........,........,......,. A ssembly Fascinating Rhythm .....,,.,...,. ...,.................. O rchestra practice I W ish I Knew ....,... ..........,....... .....,.. W h o took my English book Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life .,....,... ...i...i,...,.,.........,....., G raduationl WE'VE HEARD THAT LINE BEFORE n I'll bring in my excuse tomorrow. But, I wasn't talking. Did you write your article for the Foreword? Who wants to lbuy a raffle? Didn't anyone do his homework?', Are you still pledging? Are you going to buy a ticket to the Senior Prom? as 'But the bus passed me up. st 4- H It c How did you like the chemistry test? tThat's a silly questionj Ps-s-st! VVhat's the answer? But, I do have a doctor's appointment at two o'clock. Did you study? CWhom're we kid- ding?j 'Be seeing you. 155 The Gfffaeraice Gakferia Miss Dorothy V. Bruner Dietitian t'f'-mm, 'SN VVhe1'e the elife mee: to 4- 156 H' D O GTO' Grlov X QHLVVSTLCSM A ww-9' GY Q ,fx OK. . QV S. - E g . C My-Hips 8,4 V A A H fwfi '11 EY Wm S Y 0:2 G7 'JT K. H J LlO7'1AIQjAO 3 -'NLD SQSJZP QCJCE UHF' Jw me rv: Dglvb 1 Qpgs biz fc, fa HN ,Za WZ- Q - af W' Jn G EH: 0 Ifi3 'f 'ebb 00Ec5 1f xVC.S:S1L. 157 THE 1948 ALLDERDICE '23 Engravings SUPERIOR ENGRAVING CO. 312 BOULEVARD OF THE ALLIES r 13? Thotogmphy HILL S STUDIO 214 N. HIGHLAND AVENUE '23 Trinting MA YER PRESS 235 COLLINS AVENUE C, g tulations and B H I from the TAYLOR ALLDERDICE PARENT - TEACHER ASSOCIATION The amma Phi Alpha jraiernizy congralulczzw :he gmafmting class and salufes its graduating mefzzfnersc KALMAN JOSEPH COHEN NOIlM1XN 14:ISENS'I'A'I' RICHARD ALAN GINSBERC3 IRA GROFF IVIARVIN SPOKANE 160 lpha Beta h1 amends in Jimere rongrzzfulafiom zo the gmflmzting class of 1948 and lo zz: graduating' members ANN BRAKEN RUTH BRONVN SUE BROWN JANET CRIBBS MARY LOU GAERT MARIAN HIBB.ARD IVIARILYN PHIFER BETTY SLOCUM fi NER 161 The avaliers extend best wishes zo the gmdfmtes of Jrmzmry and June, 1948 IJONALIJ IXVIZRBACH 21' HOWARD BERNSTEIN PAUL FELMAN W JOE FINERERO JERRY FINN IRVING GREENRERO PV MYRON CIOLDBERG ILTAVVRENCE CQROTSTE I N EDWARD GURNE JACK HOROVI'1'Z BERNARD IQALB HER13ER'I' LIMSI 1' LVIIZLVIN JVIARKOVVITZ HER15EIl'F MEYIEIKS HERMTXN MOI,1'Z 'K B ERNARD PEARLMAN D IDONALD PEARLSTEIN JERRY ROSENBERO RONALD ROSENBERL5 IJEONARD RO1'HAUS FARRELL IQUBENSTE HERl3E1lT RLTBINFIE RONALD SCHMEISER ALAN SKIRBOLI, ALAN SNYDER :ic IN LD 96 HOWARD SPECTER if MX'RON SWARTZ 4: JACK XUEISS LARRY XNEIZENBAUM X Graduates 162 The Tau lpha u Sororizy 'LC.'i.ff76.Y Z0 exzeml its congmzulcztiom to lhe graduating clam and io iff gmzlurzfing members ' FEBRUARY 194-8 M1'1'z: Cowmv JANET SIGAI, BARBARA TEX JUNE 1948 :ELEANOR 1JONIGER PZLLA ROSENSHINE CAROLE S'1'E11Nm2Rc: 163 T U ETA ALPHA mternity 'wishes to extend its hemftiest congmtztlations to the Graduating Classes of 1948. Regent Square Gift Shop fmvrlry -- Gifts - Toys G'I'l'Cf'illg Cards Lmzdiug Library 1105 BRADDOCK AVENUE PEnl1urst 5811 ED GEWOOD, PA. Colizpliments of A FRIEND Murray Ave. News 202-4 MURRAY AVENUE fNear Hobart5 Magazines - Greeting Cards Stationery Jmkson 3496 Regent Pharmacy A. T. and C. -I. Sidehammer PHARMACISTS Corner Braddock and Hutchinson Avenues EDGEWOOD, PA. PEnI1urst 4014-4015 164 C omplimenls lo zlze 1948 Cfass from Theta u Sigma SORGRITY AGNES BRUUN MARTY FRAIN MARION LINES EDNA LYDON JEAN MOFFITT ELSA MORRIS JOAN MOIKRIS KATHLEEN SCHLEMMER SUE SEIBERT .IEANNINE SIMMONS 9 165 J.-Xckson 4311 I. BINSTOCK J E W 12 L ER IJizunonds-1Vatches-'I ewclry Dispensing Optician S826 FORBES STREET PITTSBURGH, PA. CUIIIPIIIIICTIIS of Wilkinsburg Savings AND A Building Loan Association 1039 S. BRADDOCK AVENUE REGENT SQUARE Congratulations To The Class of 194-8 Complimems of BL UM' S INC. FURNITURE, RUGS, APPLIANCES 820-824 LIBERTY AVENUE PITTSBURGH 22, PA. ADLER'S DELICATESSEN and SANDWICH SHOP 2126 MURRAY AVENUE Hfxzel 0142 JAcks0n 9732 Fofward Alleys 17 American Rubber Band Duck-Pin Alleys JAckson 9827 5844 FORVVARD AVENUE LOU GOLVASH, Mgr. 166 Ilerzriiesf rrmgrzzlzzfzzliom from ffm Alpha Sigma Tau jralernizy 10 the grmluzzfing rlrzxx of 19-I-8 its gfmluzzfifzg flzembers: JANUARY CLASS EDGAR HAUSMAN SANDER HALTSMAN JUNE CLASS JULES FELDMAN JACK LEBOWITZ HARRY NIARTIN IQOBERT SELKER am! In 167 ' COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS FROM THE SQUIRREL HILL Veterans' Association JERRY LUBETZ Co-Operative Motor Sales USED CARS BOUGHT AND SOLD Trade - Terms 786 Penn Ave. Sth and Library St. XVilkiIISburg, Pa. Munhall, Pa. CHurchill 3911 HOmc-:stead 8341 Elizabeth Pharmacy Second Ave. and Elizabeth St. Pittsburgh, Pa. Louis Gicquelas, PlI.G. Ar xlmi ld Reich, Ph.G. I-IAzel 0114 Coinjvlimcnts of Thorofare Market REGENT SQUARE HAze1 1224 A Sc B Photo Service A Developing-Printing-Enlarging Films-Cameras-Supplies 2240 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH 17, PA. . Sigal B. Miller The University of Pittsburgh ARTS, SCIENCES, ENGINEERING, BUSINESS, TEACHING, JOURNALISM, MEDICINE, LAW, DENTISTRY, SOCIAL NVORK, PHARMACY, NURSING FOR INFORMATION, ADDRESS THE REGISTRAR Compliments of FRIE D 169 Wendell L. Willkie -AA.Z.A.f exfends eongmzulaliom and best ia'i.v!ze.v to if.: gmduazing members WILBUR BLITZ RICHARD IJAVIDSON IDAVID DAVIS HERBERT HRLLER MELVIN 'WAX GILBERT WEIL Q 'x fa I M 'M A 170' The Delta Epsilon Beta Sorority wixbes the 6651 of luck fo ffze g'l'6lIZ1l6Ifi7Z g t'I6l.S'5 and to its four gmflzmfing memf5e1's FEBRUARY 1948 SALLY BAER I -IACQUELINE Ros12N'1'HAL SHIRLEY m7EISS JUNE 1948 JOAN SHERMAN 171 The PI TAU PI 7raternity extends its congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1948 and honors its graduating inernlfer, JERRY MERVIS FREE DELIVERY Homestead 1707-08 Perl-Reichbaum h4ervB kdotor Sakm f3OH1PaHy 420 Sth AVENUE HOMESTEAD, PA. The Best in Finer Foods Fancy and Staple Groceries Imported Delicacies -IAckson 1100 1901-13 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. THE Compliments of Kappa G1asser Refrigerator SQRQRITY Service 1119 S. BRADDOCK AVENUE EDGEWOOD, PA. wishes to extend its congratula- tions to the graduating class and to its graduating ineinbers. ARLYNE YARCHEVER MAXINE REIDBORD ANITA GREENBERG VAL JONAS 172 K6-'Ex The Sigma Kappa raternity extends Jincere congfatnlations to the Graduating Class of 1948 and to its graduating meanbers IRVING FAIGEN JAY GEFSKY HARVEY MANN as ,i 173 THE QUESTION MARKS wish to extend congratulations to the Graduating Class of '48 and to its graduating inenibersx. JACK BROURMAN HARRY COHEN ALAN GERSON T ARTHUR MARKLEY ELLIOTT SALTSBURG 'F EDWARD SCHNEIER NOLAN SCLARSKY 'K HAROLD SILVERMAN 96 Furniture Upholstery Draperies Gift Objects The Carlton Shop Interior .FI1I'1'LiSl1i'11gS HAzel 2234 5852 FORBES STREET Kleber Trunk AND B ag C 0 . LUGGAGE MANUFACTURERS 100 SOUTH 30th STREET TX. Baudell Pittsburgh, Pa. PITTSBURGH 3. PA. HOmestead 6700 Ann M. Gallagher Hgmegtegd 53785 FQRBES STREET LTITTCOTII-TNf1CfCllfy PITTSBURGH, PA. IHC- Grccting Cards CI1i1l1'1'I'Il,S Books 127 E. SEVENTH AVENUE HOMESTEAD, PA. JERRY RUBIN 174 The amma lpha ambda Sororizjf ocisbex to f3.x'!61'21f simere L'077g'l'lll'1ll!lfz:07'Z.f I0 lfze glmlzulfifzg class and 107155 iwelfve grczzluczling 7lZ6'7lZb8l'5 ,IAN UARY CLASS ADIRIENNE GROSS JUNE CLASS IJOROTHY ARONSON SHIRLEY BLUMEN'1'11AL SARA FOGEL JOAN CIARBER IQALLE KAMICNS SUE IQIEGER IWARIAN IQOSENBLOOM BARBARA SCHWARTZ MARII.YN STEWART ILLINOR SVNA EI.AINE TIEFELD 175 The House of Reliable Quality and Service Standard School Jewelers NIXON THEATRE BUILDING PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Class Rings and Pins Booklet Diplomas Commencement Announcements Club Pins Cups and Trophies Medals and Awards Sport Charms and Keys , . S C H WA D R O N Best lflfzslzos from VVALLPAPER AND PAINT COMPANY F1 O Vtfallpaper - Paint - Glass IRVI N C O I House Furnishings 5854 FORBES STREET Roofing Material I-IOmestead 3320 100 EAST EIGHTH AVENUE HOMESTEAD, PA. U VVllC1'C Every Bite Is just Right We have what you want HAHA 1213 when you want it. Canton COMPLETE SCHOOL SUPPLIES Squirrel Hill News Stand 5804 FORBES ST. AT MURRAY Tea Garden Om' Speriolties: CHOP SUEY CHOXV MEIN 2018 MURRAY .AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. STEPHEN A. O'TOOLE JOHN D. O'CONNOR O,TOOLE AND O'CONNOR FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE 5106 SECOND AVENUE PITTSBURGH 7, PENNSYLVANIA Office: IAckson 2324 Residence: I-IAzel 4056 1 76 The Delta ambda Phi ' raferaizy BXIEWZIXJ its song:-'atulaliom to Ilze June 1948 Class and to our graduating members. EDWIN AZEN CARL CV1'RoN ALAN GOI.DBERG ROBERT GOULD LARRY CQREENBERG LARRX' RAVICK JAMES ROSEN IVAN SEGA1. H1 177 The Sigma Delta Epsilon jwzfemizyf exfemzfs best wishes and congratulations to the Cwzduazing Class of 1948 ami to its gmduazing members : DONALD ScHwAR'rz MIKI TURETS MERI,E VVOLFSOA 1 l X, ,N 178 0300 FORWARD AVE N UE FISHERS' PHARMACY MARTIN FISHER and CORNELIUS FISHER PRESCRIPTIONS HAzel 5738 4901 SECOND AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. C01llfJlI7ll0HfS of HORVITZ MOTOR SALES 2727 MURRAY AVENUEAASALES ROOM 5800 ALDERSON STREET-SERVICE DEPARTMENT D. T. HORVITZ 1Acks0n 3000-3113 Bvst H'isl1vs from HARVEY'S MURRAY PRESS Zlfmfs H'mIr CREATIVE PRINTING Manhattan Shirts 1707 MURRAY AVENUE 2627 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. Corner Forbes HAzcl 3742 JAckson 1200 C. A. SCHWAN G R 0 C 12 R X1 eff MEN'S WEAR SQUIRREI, HILL PITTSBURGH, PA. 179 Autcnreith's Dollar Store 5832-34 FORBES STREET SQUIRREL HILI. Phone: HAzel 8822 Afiiclder and Smith FLORISTS 1717 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. HAzel 3300 M arty Schramm C0l1g1'L11flfl1G'fl'.Y thf Gradua-Ming Class School of Modern Music Suite 302-303-Nixon Building PITTSBURGH. PA. GRant 5687 C07'llf11'ilI1PHfS of Mr. and Mrs. S. Blitz Comfflinzwzis of flu' Tau Sigma Phi Fraternity i C0mpIimr'nts of MEYER ROSEN DRUG STORE FORBES AND SHADY o H v Need To Say M0rz'? 'Ihr' Fimist of thc? Finvsf Always --All Mfays af! fha Hebrew National A Pittsburgh Institution ,IAckson 9986 The Friendly Store G. C. MURPHY CO 4847 SECOND AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. 180 Victory A. Z. A. 595 wishes 10 extend their lzearliesl congratulations to the C:7'!lIfu6ll'i11g Class ami zo their grmlzmzing members: DAVE ARNOLD LEIZER BALK HARVEY HORVI'FZ JERRY IsKow1Tz DAVID ISRAEL NIARVIN JACOBSON H.ARVEY XVALDHOLTZ ' 181 Allderdiice Patrons Extend Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Classes of 194-8 Miss Eva Berlin Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Horvity and Mr. and Mrs. Mendel Berlin and Family H Daughter Mr. and Mrs. Julius Boross Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Ishlon Mr. and Mrs. George T. Bruun Mr. and Mrs. Karl O. Kraft Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Chaitkin Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Levinson Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Chass and Family Mr. and Mrs. Yee Linn Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cohen Mr. and Mrs H. Nisenbaum Mr. and Mrs. H. Duguid Mrs. E. J. O'Hare Mr. and Mrs. Louis Eisner and Family Mr. and Mrs. Porter J. O'Shell Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Feigenbaum Dr. and Mrs. L. H. Osmond Mr. and Mrs. Max B. Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Peisakoff Forward Avenue Market Paul Rogal Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin B. Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Rosenberg and Family Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Saracco Mr. and Mrs. Morris B. Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. John Scott Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Haase Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Solomon Mr. and Mrs. Herman Halpern Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Spokane Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Harris Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Stinger Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Harvey Mrs. George Walden Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Hausman Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Wallie Mr. and Mrs. John Hess The ZETA SIGMA PHI Sorority J Wishes to Extend its Congratulations to the Graduating Class and to its Graduating Members - JANUARY CLASS BETTY CHAITKIN SELMA BAss LILA STEIN MARIANNE SILBERBERG ROSALYN FREED JUNE CLASS CAROL WEISS MAXINE BENJAMIN RUTH CHERNOW ROSALIE STEINBERG SHIRLEY HARTSTEIN AUDREY BLooM MARGIE FRANK ' . 182 This Book Belongs to: Hasvey Xfxfauxlu o ANT Z. 6-2'w?JZ gimme-Tr .Qfeeef J ETL- Hxpp VLU-SKBHQ6 A IQENAJQ-,QLVENIH HOMEROOM 183 rg X ' 4 bij' 3' 2 Inmn 'Ml 1 X, S53 J 5 1 -f-M W -,-,f?3,- 1' L ua. V 1 'JJ of '71 .f 'T ' .J Q ' ff?jf!!Q!? 2 J 4' 4 gay xy V f' ' X' 9 51 fv, ffig ' N. 'L s X . - 5 Nh 184

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