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Allderdice High School - Allderdice Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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' wi 'I 947 I . , .ff L 'X' ' 1 1 '.f ,,v w 4 XV, f, . X " , f XXXL L - !!lQ4Q?' , ' V, X tlffrlff 5 :PJ U H6440-,, ,fgemfj . 704224 X xi J, XQQ. Kwbmfbgdp c-i,,Q' ,A X ' ' fr! . V my : 666 ' L 5 QW-'-ff? - , X N ff' wx l HI N2 M ' 266:51 Q-' w M ju Q ff f,,CfCQ,, '45 , KN . ,Rf y V Qf Cfy-, ,'46'?f, 'Zigi 1 .f L. -Z , , V XJ N. V H'L,, 446.- M Q22 J SX VW L X Tx ' " V . W Av 1 I 465,11 Q35 Q5 ,fn ,ff if if ob 5M , ,V NL W' , if V B TM! Q! I UMQDICE Q may ma' cy, i s . RGYXQV Volume XVIII DuEIiskeJ Jointlq lag the Seniovs oF the Javwuawq anJ June Classes of! IQ47 -I-he -I-aqlov 7AxHcle1'PJice l-Ii I1 S iw X Q C OO Shady and Forward Avenues V pittsburgh, Pa 0l'6WOI' OR us, the graduates of 1947, the world, with all its complex problems, waits. It is for us to face and find the solutions to these problems. Here, our acquisition of knowledge will be of inestimable value. In the future, this yearbook will cause a pleasant recollection of carefree, high school days. It will re- vive in memory our classmates and teachers. May THE AI,I.DERDICE serve as a memory of the past, when the graduates of today attain their hopes for tomorrow. I - 4 ..,'1f U N ini LQQQ M1 1 I Q M ariw Cayfor Gfffderdice gfiqlz Selma! This year Taylor Allderdice High School celebrates its twentieth anniver- sary. Though a mere infant in the realm of education-its door having been first opened in February, l927--Taylor Allderdice has rapidly developed into maturity and taken her place among the outstanding public high schools of the nation, For twenty years, Taylor Allderdice has stood as a symbol of all that is America, for twenty years it has served the communityg with malice toward none for twenty years it has furthered the ideals of justice, equality, fraternityg for twenty years it has diffused knowledge, instilled wisdom, molded characterg for twenty years it has shown like a beacon, its rays of knowledge illuminating the paths of all who enter its portals, its beams of enlightenment penetrating the foreboding veil of ignorance and intoleranceg for twenty years it has stimu- lated and inspired its disciples to know something-do something-be something. After passing through two decades of want and fear, suffering and death, greed and bigotry, lust and war. Taylor Allderdice now is playing the most im- portant role of its career-that of welding and forging men and women zealous for a world at peace, of educating and molding men and women capable of assuming their places and recognizing their responsibilities in an atmosphere immune from and repugnant to a world at war. It was once stated by the Greek philosopher Diogenes that, "The founda- tion of every state is the education of its youth." On its twentieth anniversary. in an era when man can conceivably eliminate himself and all of the develop- ments of civilization from the very genesis of life, Taylor Allderdice now must realize that-the foundation of the 'world is the education of its youth. 6 M. 6 LCCL LOIZ J' i' E are deeply indebted tO Our homeroom teachers for they, through their interest, help, and understanding, have smoothed the way for us during these very important years of our youth. To these men and women who have patiently listened to our troubles, given freely of their time to aid us with our problems, and gladly proferred a helping hand to us in meeting the crises of school life, we gratefully dedicate Our yearbook. january Class June Class FEBRUARY, 1947 Miss CHARLOTTE R. 1315ACHr.15R Miss Rosle D. liARTZ DR. ANNA M. QUATTROCCII1 MR. IQAYMOND SCHMIDT JUNE, 1947 Miss DOROTHY 'ALBERT H1155 IELEANOR BARDSLIQY MR. HOXVARD BARNES Mlss L. ESTHER GEIST Mlss AGNPIS KERR Miss BERTHA O. MITCHELL MR. RAY R. RALSTON Mlss LIQILA H. IQYPI' MR. ROBERT C. '1'Ri3Mm'I.i. MR. AUGUST K. VVINTERLING 7 - - Gfdmizzis fmfiozz l'1'i11f1'fmI-lXl1'. .l. IJ. MeClyn1onds Vim' Pl'I.llt'I.f7fI1'ffAll'. Arthnr Tliomas Staff I'om.fio11aI Cl0IlllS4'1UVflJT. l.. XY. Korona .-If'fii'iff4'.r l2l.I't't'f0I'- Miss lilizaheth Xlagenkneclit .AIriz'i.n'1' to G1'r1.rffMiss Alva K. Held Chief C!v1'kAMiss lsahel T. Zinn C1v1'kfMiss Helen lielie Clerk-Miss l.ois lf. Hill Clwksllliss lileanor M. .lohnston Clerkw-Miss Florence Koziozieniski I-look Clerks-Mrs. Ethel Hynes and IN I 'Mum Wwkl MR. J. D. McCLYMONDS, Principal effff Miss Olivia Koenig, Mr. NVQ-sley Mills, Miss Jennie A, Norton, Miss Blanche Pantall. Commercial Mr. Howard Barnes, Miss Helen Rartrini, Miss Ada Block, Mrs. Helen Campbell, Miss lflorenee li. Graham, Miss Margaret Hanrahan, Miss lilizahetli B, Sipe, Miss Katherine Skarinslqi, Miss Margaret l.. Wvinch. Englzsh Miss Dorothy Albert. Miss Eleanor Bardsley, Miss Rhoda Bowler, Miss Olive Bowlin, Miss Olive Braham, Mrs, Della A. Braun, Miss Rose IJ. Hartz, Miss Ann Kasnitz, Miss Agnes Kerr, Miss Ruth Lyons. Miss Catherine A. Mellermiott, Miss Nancy T. Montgomery, Mrs. Elizabeth Porter, Miss Diantha W1 Riddle, Miss Mabel M. Shar, Miss Phyliss Stobie, Miss lilizaibeth Warnock, Miss Dorothy Zeigller. 9 Foreign Languages Miss llorothy Rergnian, Miss Mary Rrennan. Miss Yetta T, Kamler, Miss Elizabeth XV. lilingensniith, Mr. C, 'l'. Roller, Mrs. Myra Simpson, Miss Edna R. Todd. Hi5t01'y Miss Charlotte R, Beaehler, Mr. Morris R. Beck, Mr. Samuel Blitz, Mrs. Hazel H, Carter, Miss lfmily Clan-ey, Mr. john B, Coyne, llr. Alvin G. Faust, Miss l.. Esther Geist, Miss Grace lf. hlessop, Mrs, Catherine C. johnson, Mr, Paul L. McGrath, Miss Bertha O. Mitchell, llr. Anna M, Qnattroeehi, Miss Cora C. Ross, Miss Leila H. Rupp, Mrs. Margaret C, Sehweiniherg. Y. ,.... MNT. . WY, .... Y. A 8 - Y Y -W-W Household Economics Miss Charlotte E. Bailey, Miss Florence Bechtel, Mrs. Margaret N. Bush, Miss Grace A. Grossman. Library Miss Catherine Bacikofen, Mrs. Margaret H. McMickle. Jldazheniatics Mr. Edward Caye, Mr. George M. Phillips, Miss Alice L, Phipps, Mr. Ray R. Ralston. Mr. Raymond Schmidt, Miss Edith May Starz, Mr, Robert C. Trumbull, Miss Ethel F. Turner, Dr. Wesley Wagner. Jldanual Training Mr, A. L. Gautsch, Mr. Loren Jackson, Mr. C. P. Kavanaugh"', Mr. Herbert A. Lewis, Mr. Ercoe Liberator, Mr. Andrew Onderko, Mr. August K. Winterling. Jldusic Mr. Roy F. Dietz, Mrs. Dorothy Jean Meyer, Miss Emma Steiner, Miss Laura E. Zeigler. Tihysical Education Miss Mary Allshouse, Mr. Robert W. Irvin, Mr. John H. Irwin, Miss Esther M. Long. Mr, john McNertney, Miss Margaret Mercer, Mrs. Katharyn Hazlett Simms, Mr, Ernest A. Senkewich, Mr. Ernest tS1lessin.ger, Mr. Claude W. Sofield. Science Mr, Lon H. Colburn, Mr. Sheldon Cohen, Mr. Thomas Davies, Mr. R. J. Hackett, Miss Jane S. Johnston, Mr. C. R. Kennedy, Miss ,lane McCandless, Mr. J. T. Shriner, Mrs. Mae Weber Smith. 'Dietitian School Nurse Miss Dorothy V. Bruner Mrs. R. L, Tagrcss Speech Custodian Miss Edna K. Bezler Mr. Charles E. Dietz Swimming Malron Hall Supervisors Mrs. Bella jones Mrs. Irene K. Bain Mrs, Bridget Sylvester School Doctors Nickoles Chasler, M.D. Brown Fulton, M.D. 4' Deceased April 26, 1947 ,QM ounzaf Sfaff EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Grace Salzman BUSINESS MANAGERS Jerome S. Balbot Sammy Roth Jack Faust Stanley H. Simons ASSOCIATE EDITORS-JANUARY CLASS A AAAA l Phyllis R. Blain Jack Breskow Marian Friedman Mildred M. Johnston Joan L. Blumenthal Harriet Chersky Edith Hirsch Myron Kopelman Edythe Kramer Agnes R. Lepedo Joan Reichman Salli Sniderman Norman N. Kresh Goldie Perhacs Mildred Sadler Rita E. Zweig TYPISTS Sorelie Ann Jacobson Marcia Ann Levine Mildred Zerelstein -----A W A ee 10 R ASSOCIATE EDITORS-JUNE C LASS Joanne R. Adamitz Gloria Hertz Janet Leathem Elizabeth Mawhinney George Harrison, Jr. Earl M. Latterman Betty Lou Levy Edith Prizent STAFF MEMBERS Qtr. Ada Lou Abelson Lena Bellini Jean Breckenridge Marjorie Cohen LaVerne Aussenberg Jean Brashear Elynor Bruce Robert A. Cohen Geraldine L. Dosey Edith Finegold Mona Lee Haid Dolores Klinefelter Gertrude Fehl Marian Gruene Dorothy M. Jamison Barbara Knable Elaine Kramer Helen Lowman Hannah M. Mintz Dorothy E. Parfitt Shirley L. Linden Judith Meyer Walter F. Munhall, jr. Joan M. Peterson Marcia Sachs Harry M. Spector joan Beth Worley Marilyn Sherman Mitchell Sperling Margaret Zihal Albert B. Weiner e A-A mee 1 1 H--. ' BEHIND 'Hxe JOURNAL ART COMMITTEE Cover ,... .,.,. . ,.., . , . .. .,.,.. ,....,,..,, .,,.,...,....,........,.....,.. ...,. ..... . . . B etty Lou Levy Front and End Pieces. .. .... ,. .... .....,,., ....,.. . , . .,........,..... Aileen Mattes Frontispage ,,... .. ,....... .,,,....,, A , ..,.....,...,.....,, ...A.,. ,..4,,...,..A,..A A ,......,.. . . Tony Marino t'Foreword" Page ,. , .. ...... , ,...,,4.,,.,........., .,,.,..,,.....,..,......,....,.,..... W anda Lincoln Class Pages .,... , .. ...january-Goldie Perhacsg June-Eleanor Lubin Top for Picture Pages ., .. , ,..,...... ..,....... ..,.. ..,..,,.....,..,,. ,.... .......,,............,..,, G 1 a d y s Nau "Activities" , .. ....,.... ,. , .,,....,......,..,...,,,...,......,. ., ..., ..,.........,,...,....,.. J anice Seiner "Sports" .,,,... ..... ......i.,..i....,..,, , ....... ,..,.... . . .... ,.,.....,......... C h arlotte Major Cartoon Pages ,,... ,.,. ,..,,, . , . .. .. .. ,.,,.. ,January-Florence Korng June-Joan Worley "Anniversary" Spots, ,.... . .,.., ,. Betty Lou Levy, Janice Seiner, Charles Solof All art work was done under the supervision of Miss Jennie Norton. J-A - A- - 12 he Q H We .mum IMUI' 'x I I 1 , 9 ja: 'i -. r- . Z' 1 W V -' ' I UQ lllwll Q . yi 55 U I IQ Y 'S K , 1 t 4 , f 1 . L 'QI we ' I . I :Q T xp, 1 H' r A W .1 " .. 'l.Ii..IiG-R---:Q-.i. I , -' ,J-,-urls" , uw" DAVID ABRAMS-Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Prom Committee: Homeroom Treasurer: Sigma Iota , . . Dentistry is gaining a maister. MARCELYN ALTERMAN - Honor Student: Student Council: M.M.tM.: Ho'hbyiReading: Favorite Sport-Swimming . . . Aspires to become a teacher. SHIRLEY ANN AUTENAI'rom Committee: Voice Group C: Senior Leaders: Basketball '46: Hockey '46 . . . Shirley will long be rememtbered in the physical education department. JEROME S. BALBOTASehool Usher: Journal Staff: Prom Com- mittee: Homeroom President: Band B: Junior Sigma Iota: Senior Sigma Iota: Swimming '43, '44 . . . Sincere in all undertakings and active in school. PHILOMENA BEAVERiClass Day Committee: Homeroom Rec- ords Committee: Hobiby4Collecting Records: Favorite Sport-Balse- ball . . . Small in stature but can always be relied upon. ALICE BECHTELsVoice Group A: Basketball: Volley Ball: Swimming: Soccer: Favorite Sport-Footvbalil . . . A really all- around student who also enjoys window design-ing. JOSEPH J. BERNSTEIN4lJramatic English: Class Play: Prom Committee: Student School Treasurer: Band B, IC, D: President, Magicians' Club . . . Interested in accounting and automobiles, Joseph will undoubtedly be successful in business. SADIE BIDWELL-Entered from Gladstone: Member of Clothing Class: Modelled in Fashion Show: Interested in Sewing . . . Gains respect through her easy manner, PHYLLIS R. BLAINwJournal Staff: Homeroom Secretary: Junior and Senior Sigma Iota Clubs: Fashion Show '45, '46: Hospital Aide . . . One of tlhe most popular girls in the senior class. JOAN L. BLUMENTHAL-Honor Student: Co-Editor, Foreword Staff: Student Council Social Committee: Journal Staff: Prom Committee: Class Day Committee: Senior Sigma Iota: Class Play Usher: Majorette Manager '44, '45, '46 . . . A very active student. 14 ' 1947 MERVIN BOKSENBAUM-Honor Student: Homeroom Basketball Team: Favorite Sport-Baseball: Ambition-Doctor . XY1th his quiet, unassuming manner, Mervin will achieve his alms. DOROTHY BOUGHER-High Honor Student: Class Play: Library Club: Foreword Staff: Discussion Club: Qualitative Analysis Class: Hospital Aide: Basketball '45, '46 .... A brilliant asset to the senior class. JOHN CLYDE BOYER-Dramatic linglisih: Class Play: Class Day Committee: Band A: Marching Band: Seope Club Treasurer: Hobby -Stamp Collecting: Favorite Sport-Football .... A inns to be an automotive engineer. JACK BRESKOW-journal Staff: Senior Prom Committee: Book- keeping Achievement Certificate: Hobby-llancingi Football '44, '45 . . . Life is never dull with Jack around. HAROLD BROURMAN - Rich Baritone Singer of the Choir: Homeroom Basketball Team: A Cappella Choir: Male Chorus: Aspiration-Doctor . . . His friendly ways will always mark his efforts. BRUNO J. BUCCINA-Honor Student: Dramatic English: Stage Crew: Prom Committee: 12A Homeroom Vice President: Ambition -Enlistiment in United States Army . . . His captivating smile will always be remembered. LOUISE BURGWIN-Voice Groups B, C: Hobby-Dancing: Fa- vorite Spor.taBaseball: Entered from Gladstone . . . Hopes to be another Florence Nightingale. VIOLET ANN CAIN-Volley Ball '45, '-46: HobbyMSkating: junior Leaders: Favorite Sport-Football . . . Has a personality suitable to a succesisful secretary. SHIRLEY GRACE CANNING - Honor Student: Service Club: Front Committee: Senior Leaders: Homeroom llresident, 9A: Fa- vorite Sport-Swimming .... A girl who will always have many friends. BETTIE CANNON-Senior Class President: Special Dance Group 12A, IZB: Student Council: Favorite Sport-Horseback Riding: En- tered from Gladstone, HB: interest-Aviation . . . NYill he re- membered as a calm. well-poised class president. 15 JANUARY HARRIET CHERSKY-Honor Student: journal Staffg Class Day Committeeg Social Chairman, Room 264: junior and Senior Sigma Iotag Hospital Aideg Library Club . . . A very efficient participant in student activities. MARY ANN CIGANEK-Entered from St. Joaehimg American Legion Awarrdg Hobby-Letter Writiiigg Favorite Sport-Swimming . . . This tall, 'blonde young lady hopes to become an efficient secretary, ADELA COFFEE4Bullctin Staff, IZA: HobbyfDancingg Entered from Fifth Avenue: Favorite Sp0r.t+VolIey Ballg Enjoys-Dancing . . , Adela rendered unselfish and efficient service in preparing school bulletinrs. BERNICE D. COHENSStudent Coruncilg Social Committeeg Class Playg 214 Clubg Sigma Iotag junior Leadersg Service Club: Hos- pital Aideg Volley Balll '44, '45 . . . Every one regards Bernice as Il true friend. CHARLES G. COMER-Foreword Representativeg Group C5 Fa- vorite SporttfBasket'ballg Entered from Gladstone, llth gradeg Am- bition-Mechanical Engineer . . , Room 264 would 'have -been lost without him. FLORENCE M. COOPER-Prom Committee: Dramatic English: Orchestra Ag String Quartetg Triog All-City Orchestrag Quintet . . . Always enjoyed discussing school matters and taking part in musical affairs. PESCHA COOPER-Dramatic Englishg Chairman, Flower and Gift Committee of Room 3143 Junior Sigma Iotag Hospital Aide . . . A dependable person with a dash of wit, a spot of originality, and a sincere manner. VIRGINIA COUGHENOUR-Hobby-Coin and Stamp Collecting: Favorite Sports-Swimming and Tennis: Ambitious to Become a Sten-ographerg Bulletin Staff . . . In her quiet, easy way she assisted in the mimeograprh room. JUANITA G. CRAWLEYkSchool Usher Squadg Hobby-Cookingg Favorite Sport-Basketball: Entered from Gladstone, 1lBg Voca- tional Ambition-Sewing . . . Claims to have been most impressed in Allderdice by the teachers. GILDA M. J. DI PENTA-Entered from Gladstone: Hobbies'- Reading and Tennisg Favorite Sport-Baseballg Interests-Dancing and Housekeeping , . . 1Gilda'rs kindly smile 'will never be forgotten by her friends and classmates. 16 CLASS DOROTHY LOU DODDSwPro1m Committee: Voice Groups A, CZ Hobby-Collecting Dolls: Favorite S-port-Horseback Riding . . . Dorothy's prime interest has been singing in the choir here and at church. JEROME DONOVAN+Track '-l6g Stage Crew: Dramatic English: Favorite Sport-Football . . . jerome's fheight, along with his sin- cere, unassuming manner, will aid lhim to be seen and heard at the 'right time, SARAH W. DUNMIRE-Social Comniiititee, 264: Hobby-Collect ing Miniature Dog Statuesg Favorite Pastiine-Skating: Amhitionw Nurs-ing . . . Sa.rah's alertness and keen sense of humor will aid in her career. AUDREY JANE EDWARDS - Leaders Club: Favorite Sport--V Swimming: Ambition--Typist . . . A diligent worker to whom achievement will always be a beacon. H. JAY EPSTEIN-Flower Committee, 314: All-City Band: March- ing Band: Band A: Aviation Club . . . jay's effervescing wit, persc- verance, and dependability have gained him friends and reputation. SANDER A. FABER-Dramatic English: Social Chairman: Or- chestra A: Discussion Club: Senior Sigma Iota: Favorite Sport- Basketball . . . ls amlbitious to become a successful business man. DALE G. FARLEY-Chess Club: Stage Crew: Favorite Sport-f Hunting: Ambition-To Become a Printer . . . Dale displayed un- selfisih zeal in working for the welfare of the school and his fellow students. BARBARA L. FINEGOLD-Class Play: Pfrom Committee: Senior Sigma Iota: Hospital Aide: Volley Ball '45, '46: Hobby-Collect ing Records: Favorite Sport-Swimiming . . . Her sparkling good humor will further her in her afmibition to be a social worker. SALLY Y. FINEMANSI.i'bra+ry Club: Ilramatie English: Voice Groups C, E: Favorite Sport-Hockey: Amibition-Teaching . , . Sally worked tirelessly in school ac-tivities. ROBERT S. FINN-Hoimcroom Class President: Band A3 March- ing Bandg Basketball '44, '46g Favorite SportABowling . . . He has fbeen called "Lucky Bob." 17 3415 ig s is es, N 'K' " Q- . si KE! JANUARY ELINOR ANN FLSHER4Class Play Castg Senior Prom Com- mitteeg Dramaitic English Claslsg Hospitality and Records Com- mittee, 2643 Voice Group B3 Favorite Sport-Footfball , . . Her work in the class play will not be soon forgotten. RACHEL FONER-Honor Student: Orchestra Ag Afll-'City Orches- trag Youth Symplhonyg Leaders 'Clubg High Point Winner . . . Rachel has been one of the very ambitious, hard-working class members. FRANK L. FONTANA - Honor Studentg Hobby-Photography: Favorite Sport-Footlballg Ambition-To Be a Doctor: En-tered from Vilestinghouse, 11B . , , Frank is a genial fellow who made firm friendships. ANNA FRATANGELO-Entered from Gladstone: Hobby-Collect ing Records: Amfbition-To Be a Secretary .... A nna always work- ed in a steady, unassuming way. MARIAN FRIEDMAN-Bulletin Sitaffg journal Staff: Prom Com- mitteeg Advanced Art Groupg Modern Danieeg Aviation Club: Stage Sceneryg Hospital Aide . . . Marian 'has been a most active par- ticipant in all school affairs. VIOLET LOUISE FRIEDMAN-Class Playg OrChestra Ag Y- Teens: Hobby--Paintting Picturesg Ambition-To Be a Model? Favorite Sport-Swimming . . . With sure, strong strokes Violet will forge her way ahead in swimming and in life. ESTELLE GARFINKEL-Voice Group A: Social Representativeg Records Committee, 2643 Voice Groups C, E3 Junior and Senior Sigma Iota Clubs . , , Estelle's gracious manner and afttractive appearance never failed to win admirers. RICHARD GERRING-S-chool Uslherg Favorite Sport-Footballg Hobby-Billiards . . . Tlhis fellow was impress-ive for his height and his friendly goodwill. EVELYN JULIA GLOWACKI-Honor Studentg Foreword Staff Typistg Senior Prom Commituteeg Homeroom .Attendance Committee: Voice Group Ag Hobby-Collecting Pictures . . . Evelyn is an effi- cient girl wiith interests in sports, music, and dancing. BARBARA GLUCK-Special Sewing Class: Modelled at Horne's Storeg Senior Sigma Iotag Dramaltic English Classy Interested in Classical Music . . . 'Characterized by her sultry, alluring per- sonality. 18 C L A S S FAY GOLDSTEIN-High Honor Student: Trio: junior Leaders: Special Dance Group: American Legion History Award: junior Discussion Clulb: Senior Leaders . . . Admired for ther determi- nation and interest in fthe welfare of others. HARRIET ELAINE GOULD-Class Play: Records Committee, 264: Magicians Clu-b . . . Harriet has evinced a keen interest in dramatics and enjoys dancing and listening to music. DOROTHY GUYER-Honor Studentt: Finance Committee, 264: Vocational Interest-Secretarial Work . . . Dorothy, aside from 'scholastic acfhievement. won a Green A, also a certificate and medal in physical education. HAROLD J. HAAS-Band A: Marching Band: Orchestra A: All- Cifty Band: Brass Qnartctte: Allderdice Swing Band: Favorite Sport-Basketball , . , Harold played in practically all instrumental music programs in the auditorium. NORMAN ROBERT HERSHORIN-Class Play: Prom Committee: Finance Corn-mittee, 264: Senior Sigma Iota: Homeroom Vice Presi- dent, IZB: Class. Day Com-mittee . . . A carefree and friendly man about town. EDITH HIRSCH-Honor Student: M.M.tM.g Journal Staff: Sec- retary-Treasurer, Homeroom: Attendance Committee 264: Senior Sigma Iota . . . Edittli has achieved a cornmendable reputation as a conscientious student. LOIS M. HOWE-Class Day Committee: Homeroom Attendance Committee, 264: Vocational Interest-Nursing: Enjoys varied ac- tivities, among these are skating, dancing, and baseball. VERNA JEAN HUDSON-Honor Student: Homeroom Secretary, l1iB: Voice Groups B. C: Special Dance Groups: Favorite Sport- Swimming: Vocational interest-Bookkeeping . , , Verna has suc- ceeded in her ambitious desire to get good grades, MILDRED M. JOHNSTON-Foreword Staftf: Journal Staff: Ac- tivities Group: Prom Committee: Homeroom Attendance Committee: Volley Ball '46 .... A ,popular young lady who worked well in various organizations, RICHARD L, jONESsHomeroom Vice President, 314: Football '46: Entered from Gladstone: Vocational InterestfPharmacy . . . An engaging smile, a keen sense of humor, and acceptance of re- sponsibility are among his assets. 19 4"-41?-20 JANUARY VIVIAN LEE JONES-Library .Clubg Dramatic Englishg Class Day Committeeg Voice Group B5 Senior Leadersg Hobby-Collect- inig Odd Earringsg Ambition-To Be an English Teacher . . . A conscientious young woman with nouticeafbly good judgment. BERNARD KAUFMAN-Prom Committecg Class Day Committee, Hobby-Travelingg Favorite Sport-Basketball , . . Was actively connected with the physical educaftion department. JACQUELINE KAYE-Voice Groups B, C, Eg Homeroom Opening Exercise Committeeg Hobby-Collecting Recordsg Favorite Sport- Swimming . . . This tall, stately red-.head should succeed either as a 'band vocalist or as a model. MYRON KOPELMAN-Honor Situdentg Intramural Athletic Com- mitteeg Foreword Staff, Co-Editorg Journal Staff, Class Day Com- xnitteeg Band Ag Marching Bandg All-City Bandg Swing Bandg Social Committee . . . Everyone will remember Kope and his "Komments." EDYTHE KRAMER-Bulletin Staff: journal Sltaff: Flower and Gift Committee, 3143 Junior and Senior Sigma Iota: Modern Dance Groupg Volley Ball '45, '46g Soccer '44, '45 . . . Eclythe established a good record for herself in dictation. BEATRICE R. KRAVITZ-Majorettesg Student Councilg Class Playg Senior Sigma Iota: Volley Ball '45g French 'Clufbg Vocational Interest-Business Administration . . . One of those girls who could twirl a baton skilfully. NORMAN N. KRESH-High Honor Student: Journal Staffg IZA Class Secretary, Class Day Committee, Chairimang Home-room Class President, Junior and Senior Discussion Clubs: American Legion History Award . . . The medical profession will gain a real asset in Norman. RICHARD M. LANDMAN-Safety Poster Awardg Football '45. '46 . . . No one will forget his handsome appearance and his good sportsmanship. ROBERT S. LANDMAN-Class Day Committeeg Football '45, '-463 Vocational Interest-Law . . . just as good looking as his twin, and a starring member of the football team. EVELYN LANG-Class Playg Prom 'Committeeg Senior Sigma Iotag Hobby-Collecting Recordsg Leaders Club . . . This young lady enjoys sports, panticularly horseback riding. CLASS DOLORES D. LAVRA--Honor Studentg Hobby-Collecting Souve- nirs, Favorite Sport-Volley Ball: Entered from Gladstone . . . Exemplifies the traits she admires -mosft in people-friendliness. sincerity, and neatness. AGNES R. LEPEDO-Honor Student: Journal Staffg Entered from -Gladstone, l1B, Favorite Sport-Swimmingg Interest-Music: Vocational Preference-Secretary . . . An ambitious student who always remembers to be a lady. LEWIS M. LEVICK-Homeroom Social Committee, IZB: junior and Senior Sigma Iota, Favorite Sport-Footballg Vocational In- terest-Business . . . Lewis has impressed witlh his serious, like- able manner. EILEEN LEVINSON-Proun Committee, Voice Group B3 Leaders Clubg Hockey '44: Modern Dan-ee, Hobby-Dancingg Favorite Sport -Swimming . . . judges people by their loyalty, thouightfulness, and unselfishness. WANDA JUNE LINCOLN-Honor Student, Hobby-Drawing: Favorite Sport-Baseball: Entered from Gladstone . . . Her chief interest in school has centered about art work and her ambition is to become an artist. MARTHA M. LORINCE-Dramatic Englishg Class Play Castg Homeroom Representative: Life Saving Clubg Favorite Sport- Swimming . . . A friendly young woman who should make a successful secretary. BARBARA H. MAHAFFEY-High Honor Student, Class Trea- surer, l2B, Girls' Choraleg Voice Group Ag Chairman, Group A1 French Club, Altruistic Committee . . . Voted-Most Popular Sen- ior Girl .... A n outstanding musician. LEONARD S. MANDELBLATT-Honor Studentg Homeroom Vice President, Orohestra Ag Class Day Committee: Hobfby-Photog- raphyg Foreword Staff . . . Is ambitious lto succeed in law or business. RITA MANDELL-M.M.M.3 Hospitality Committee: Voice Groups A, B, C, Eg junior and Senior Sigma Iota, Volley Ball '43 . . . A very attractive brunette whose personality was as charming as her singing. ANTHONY MARINO-Entered from Gladstone, llB3 Voice Group B, C3 Hobby-Oil Painting: Favorite Sport-Football . , . His in- terest in art work should help hi-m to attain success in the art world. - v -gn 21 .mfffahi JANUARY BERNARD J. MARKS-Student Council, 9Ag Favorite Sport- Basketballg Vocational Amibition-Piharmacy . . . A gay, happy-go- lucky fellow who gets along with every one. JACK MCCULLOUGH-Microscope Clubg Orchestra B, D3 Class Day Committeeg 12A Social Represen-tativeg Favorite Sport-Foob ball .... A rugged fellow whose fascinating grin is captivating. RALPH J. MELORE A Homeroom Social Committeeg Favorite Sport-Mushballg Vocational Aspiration-Cleaning Business . . . VVas often to be found in :the wood shop where he was quite helpful. PATRICIA MERTZ!Finance Committeeg Homeroomg Hobbyw- Collecting Recordsg Favorite Sport-Ice Skatinigg Entered from St. Philomena . . . Always around to help in her quiet and sincere way. SAMUEL H. MILES-Track Team '46g Hobby-Model Trainsg Favorite Spont-Trackg Vocational Amfhition-Engineering3 Entered from 'Gladstone , . . This tall, 6 ft. 1 in. fellow was always a real gentleman. ANN LOIS MILLER-High Honor Studentg Homeroom Vice Presi- dent, IZA: Voice Groups A, B, Eg Girls' Crhoraleg Senior Sigma lotag French Clubg Hobby-Musicg Favorite Sport-Swimming . . . An industrious, sincere sftutdent. SHIRLEY BEATRICE MILLER-Prom Comniittceg Attendance Conimitteeg Voice Groups C, E: Entered from Logan Schoolg Fa- vorite Sport-HBowling . . . This shy miss enjoys listening on the radio to favorite orchestras. THELMA CHRISTINE MILLER - Entered from Gladstone: M.M.M.g Senior Leaders: Basketball '46g Favorite Sport-Basket ball . . . A very thoughtful young lady often to be found reading in the library. CHESTER DALE MOORE, JR.-Finance Comimititee, Homeroomi Bands A, C3 Vocational Ambition-Teaching Music . . . A fellow who enjoys all winter sports and has left a favorable impression. ELAINE MORGAN-Honor Studentg Junior Leadersg Activities Groupg Class Playg Senior Prom Committeeg Hospitality Committee, Chairmang Senior Sigma Iotag Volley Ball '44, '45: Hospital Aide . , . A mos-t popular senior with a cheery word for everybody. 22. CLASS ANNA MORTON-M.M.M.: HobbyACollecting Stamps: Favorite Sport-Basketball: Vocational Ambition-Beautician or Singer: Entered from Gladstone . . . A very attractive looking girl who excelled in the sewing department. BETTE J. MUNIZZAF-Voice Group B: Hobby-Dancing: Ente-red from 'Glads-tone: Vocational AmbitioniSing'er . . . Small in stature but large in personality. CLIFFORD MYCOFF-Social Committee: Entered from Gladstone: Enjoys-All Sports: Vocational AmlbitioniPetroleulm Engineer . . Always ready for a good time, Cliff especially likes to dance. MARJORIE F. 0'HAREWBi'lJlC 'Connni-ttee, Homeroom: Foreword Representative: Voice Groups C, E: HobbyaSewing: Entered from Swissihelm , . . Tall, willowy, red-'headed girl who would make an attractive model. OLIVE PEACH-Honor Student: Class Day Committee: Hobby- Dancing: Favorite Sport-Swimming: Entered from Gladstone: Plays-Accordian .... A well poised young lady, calm under any stress. ERNEST Z. PEARL-Homeroom President, IZB: Student Coune.., Class Play: Social Committee: Prom Committee: Class Day Com- mittee ..,. A n efficient organizer who sees 'things to a finish. HOWARD C. PEARLMAN-Student Council: Dramatic English: Class Play: Sta-ge Crew: Prom Committee: Vice President Senior Class: Homeroom President, l2B: Green Key: Senior Sigma Iota: Aviation 'Club . . . Voted most popular 12A boy. BEVERLY L. PENNEY-Honor Student: Entered from VVesting- house, l1B: Hobby-Reading: Favorite Sports-Football and Bas- ketball: Vocational Interest-Sewing . . . A tall, quiet girl who enjoys treading. GOLDIE PERHACS-High Honor Student: journal Staff: Home- room Secretary: Class Play Committee: Special Dance: Entered from Gladstone: Hobby-Dress Designing . . , A studious, energetic person wvho has established an enviable record. MARY J. PETRO-M.M.M.: Voice Group C: Basketball '-15: Fa- vorite Sport-Boating: Interest-Dancing: Hobby-Collecting Post Cards . , . An efficient worker who will make a successful ac- countant. 1 -- 23 ,.,- JANUARY DOROTHY PFLAUM-Voice Group E: Hobby-Skatingg Favorite Sport-Footballg Vocational Ambition-A Good Typist . . . Rather tiny blonde who enjoys piano playing when not dancing. JOAN PLATT - Dramatic Englishg Prom Committeeg fhVlZ1llO11'ClLllJQ Favorite Sport-Bowlingg Hobby-Artg Enjoys-- Dancing . . . An up and coming artist, DOROTHY PLUNG-Honor Studentg Student Council Representa- tiveg Class Day 'Committeeg 12B Homerooni Presidentg Dramatic linglishg Prom Comrmitteeg Sigma Iota . . . Rememnbered as one who always attained her objective. HOWARD E. PLUNG-Honor Studentg Vocational Ambition- Accounting: Favorite Sport-Footballg Hobby-Photography . . . Quiet, discreet fellow whose genial manner earns him many friends. LILA PRICE-Foreword Staff: Dramatic English: Class Playg Homeroom Secretary: Voice Groups C, Eg Microscope 'Clubg Junior Discussion Clubg Senior Discussion Club: Sigma Iota: French Club . . . An active participant in school affairs. GREGORY PROSDOCIMO-Band: Captain, Gym Team: Hobby- Drawingg Favorite Sports-Baseball and Football . . . Interested in automobile mechanics. ELYSE JANE RAVENSCROFT-Senior Prom Committeeg Hos- pitality Comimittee, 2643 Community 'Chest Drive . . . One w-ho always can be counted on to do assigned tasks. JOAN REICHMAN-Journal Staff: Prom Committeeg Foreword Representative: Sigma lotag French Club: Bandage Rolling Clubg Photography Clubg Volley Ball '43, '44, '45, '46 . . . Certain to be successful in any undertaking. BETTY R, RICHMAN-Orchestra B3 Volley Bally Life Savingg Hobby-Dancingg Favorite Sport-Swimming: Vocational Interest -Nursing . . . One who has high ideals and admires truthfulness and sincerity in otfhers. NICK ROSENBERG-Class Day Committeeg Football '44, '45, '46g Hobby-Drawingg Favorite Sports-Football and Basketballg Voca- tional Ambition-Physical Education Instructor . . . One of the star players on the football team. 24 CLASS ALLAN RUDICK 4 Dramatic linglish: Class lflay Cast: Senior Discussion Club: lfavoritc Sport'--Basketball: Senior Class Day , . . :X future business man who will organize and promotr. MILDRED SADLER 4 High Honor Stuilt-nt: M.M,M.g Journal Staff: G..-X. R. History Award: Holmflxyw--Sewillgg lfavoritc Sport-- Bast-hall .,.. 'X young' woman intt-rusted in politirs who should siirct-oil as a siilrt-11-, t-ffcctnxll lizxrycr. BETTY SCAFURI--Stnclcnt Council: Yoict- tiroups U, C, lf: l,1'0lll Committee: St-nior 1.1-ailt-rs: Hohhy-f-I3:11u:i1ig': lfavoritt- Sport- Bascball ,... 'X t'arcfrcc, gay manncr and an intt-rust in interior decoration identify Betty. MARA LYNNE SCHUGAR-Class Play: l2.X Sorial Committee: Yoirc Group .-X: Girls' Choralc: Soloist: Sigma Iota: Yollcy Ball '43, '4-1: lfavoritt- SportiHorschat'l4 Riding . . . Inu-ri-stcrl pri- marily in music and thc theatre. GERTRUDE SEAMAN-Honor Student: lintcrcd from Gladstone, HB: lfavoritc S1101'tiSXYll1llllll1g'I Vocational Intcrcstff-Scwctary... A mt-xnhcr of cluirch organizations and an admirer of ncatncss and punctuality. JEROME SEGAL-Class Play: Class Play Committcc: Prom Com- mittee: Class Day Coinmittt-cg Baskcthall '-15: Swimming' '42: Artists Four: Hobbyilianciilg . . . lntcnst-ly intcrcstcd in all art work. ELINOR DIANE SEINER--M.M.Kl.g Doll Cluh: ,lnnior Chorus: Opening lixcrcisc Chairman: lI1vlmlmy-Collcrting Post Cards: Fa- vorite Sport-Howling . . . Sha' posscsscs :1 sense of humor and cnjoys it in others. MARGARET SERENSKY - Prom Committee: Opening lixcrrisc Committee: Hobby-Collerting Modern Rt-rorcls: lfavoritc Sport- lfoothall . . . Highly iiitcrcstccl in t'tJIIlIllL'l'ClLil work and hopcs to hccome I1 secretary. ESTHER SHANNON- -.X Cappclla Choir: All-City Chorus: Iltlllltu room Representative, 1213: Senior Lcadt-rs: Raskctliall '44, '45 . . , An unassuming, yt-t vivacious young lady, one who 1'cct-ivt-cl a Ccr- tificatc of Rccognition, SANFORD SHEPARD--Band AX: Marrliing Hand . . . hitt-rusted in mythology and nrrlu-ology. ,,,,,,, , Ynw ,,,i. 25 on JANUARY SANFORD SIEGAL-Track Team '46: Qualitative Analysis Class: Hobby-Music: Favorite Sport-Basketball . . . His ambition is to study medicine, GRETA SIMONfSenior Leaders: Orchestra A: Sigma Iota: Hos- pital Aide: Hobby-Collecting Classical Music: Favorite Sport- Tennis . . . A serious-minded young lady ambitious to succeed in music. RUTH SIMON-M.M.M.: Class Day Committee: Voice Group E: M,M.M. Service Recognition Certificate: Hobby-Dancing: Favorite S1lUI't-4SW'll1lllTlillg . . . 'Gave excellent service for three seimesters in the medical room. STANLEY G. SKIRBOLL-Track Team: Hob'by4Basket'ball: Fa- vorite Sport-Basketball .... A mbitious to enter field of journalism and become a writer, BYRON SMITH-Prom Committee: Microscope Club, President: Chess Club, Vice President: Varsity Club: Green Key: Swimming '43, '44, '45, '46 . . . One who showed capability as a leader and was winner of the city title in swimming. SUZANNE SMITH-Usher Squad: Dramatic English: 'Class Play: Prom Committee: Foreword Representative: Voi-ce Group B: Sen- ior Sigma lota: Hospital Aide: Class Day Committee , . . Well- liked for her Cornpanionable attitude. SALLI SNIDERMAN - journal Staff: Homeroom Social Com- mittee: Homeroom Social Chairman: Sigma Iota, Activities Chair- man, Vice President: Microscope Club, Secretary: Modern Dance: Volley Ball '43, '44, '45, '46 . . . Vivacious, active. SYLKA STEINBERG-Girls' Chorale: Group A: Gift Committee, 314: Vocational Ambition-Opera Singer . . , A tall, dark young woman liked by all and an outstanding soprano of Group A. BETTY JANE SULLIVAN-Favorite Sportfliootballg Hobby- Roller Skating: Vocational Interes-t-Stenography .... A gay girl with very sympathetic understanding. DAVID SUSSER - Basketball '45, '46: Usher Club: Favorite Sports-Basketball and Swimming . . . Did his best to Win basket- ball laurels for Allderdice, 26 CLASS WILLIAM SUTHERLINaBand A: Marching Band: Orchestra A: All-City Band: Basketball '45, '-46: Hobby-Roller Skating: Entered from 'Gladstone . . . Showed marked interest in the musical field. IRIS TAUBERG-Hospitality Committee: Doll Club: Hobbyf Reading: Favorite Sport-Swimming: Interest-Music . . . Iris was particularly helpful in the office of the director of activities. SHIRLEY THOMAS-M.M.M.: Voice 'Group B: Entered from Gladstone: Favorite Sports-Ice Skating and Swimming . . . Shows all indications of 'becoming a future Ice Catpades star. TULLIO TOZZI-Honor Pupil: Dramatic English: Prom Com- mittee: Orchestra B, C, D: Favorite Sport-Football . . . Is ambi- tious to become a banker. EVELYN L. VITULLO-Honor Pupil: Financial Committee, 264: Interests-Ice Skating, Tennis, Dancing , . . Studious and sincere in every undertaking. EVELYN JUNE WARMSTEINAStudent Council: Dramatic Eng- lish: Class Play Committee: Class Play: Homeroom Secretary- Treasurer: Voice Groups B, C: Special Dance: Sigma Iota: Bul- letin Staff . . . VVhen anything needs to be done, Evelyn will do it. RUBY N. WEISBERG-Dramatic English: Class Play: Social Committee: Orcthestra A: Pittsburgh Youth Symphony: Senior Dis- cussion: Senior Leaders: Y-Teens . , . Ambitious to play with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. MARIE WILLIAMS - Usher Squad: Hobby-Sewing: Favorite Sport-Skating: Entered from Gladstone . . . Looks forward to becoming a beautician. CRAIG WILSON-Ho'bbyWFishing: Favorite Sport-Baseball: Vo- cational Ambition-Diesel Engineer . , . A great outdoor man in- terested in guns, and a member of the National Rifle Association. MARJORIE B. WOLFE-Honor Student: Foreword Staff: Dra- matic English: Class Play: Prom Committee: Modern Dance: Hockey '46: Basketball '46 . . . Plans to become a commercial artist. 27 JAN UARY CLASS MARVIN H. WOLK-Band Ag Marching Bandg Homeroom Social Committeeg Favorite Sport-Foot-ball .... A master of the trumpet, his name should someday flash in lights. EMILIE J. WRASSE-Modern Dance, Dramatic Englishg Fore- word Representative . . . Tall, slender, gracious: 'her greatest in- terest is interpretive dancing at which she is very skillful, FLORENCE ZWEIG-High Honor Studentg Student Council: Dra- matic Englishg Class Playg Class Day Committee: Voice Groups B, C, Eg Head Majoretiteg Modern Dance: Microscope Club . . . Wiliiier of scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh. RITA E. ZWEIGAI-Ionor Pupil, Journal Staffg Prom Commiitteeg Homeroom President, Sigma Iota, junior and Senior, French Clulbg Photography Clubg Bandage Rolling Club, Basketball ,45, '46 . . . With her vim, enthusiasm, and personality, Rita should accomplish much as a social worker, FRANK STENCIL U.S. Army 28 ,,,,,,,,.,, ,-.., ..,. .-l-.., ,, .?,....L-.. Zkirfy-gburflz Gomnzelzcememf January Class, 1947 Processional March from "Athalia'i ..,,.......,..4.,....,........,.......,,,..,.......,......,.....A.,.,.,.,.,..... Mendelssohn Orchestra, Miss Laura Zeigler, Conductor Invocation ,......,..,.,.. .4,.,...,.,.,.........,..................,,.,.,.,.......,.,.,. R everend Hugh S. Clark Rector, Church of the Redeemer Musettas Waltz Song from La Boheme r,..... ..................,.,......,......... P uccini The Girls of Cadiz, ....,...A.,.........,..r...r...4...,,.,...,............,....... ..l.. L vo Delibcs Sylka Steinberg Agnes McGuerrin, Accompanist Presentation of Flowers ...,...,.,....................,.4......,.,...,.,.,..,.....,...,...,.. ,blnne Class 1947 VValter Munhall, june Class 4 Barbara Mahaflcy. january Class Cello Solo-"Orientale" .,.....rr.r..............r,.,.,....,........,,.....,,.l,,......., ..,,....,.,., C 'acsar Cui Ruby YVeistberg Saralee Eisner, Accompanist Yital Problems in the United States Today Norman Kresh, Florence Zweig, Marjorie VVolfe, Dorothy Bougher, Fay Goldstein Violin Solo-f'Canzonetta from Concerto in D" ,.,..,,.......... ...,.r ,iTscl1aik01c'sky Florence Cooper with Orchestra Class Gift ..,.,.....,.............,.,.,.,..,r..,...A.A..,...,,..,.....,.,.,........,....i.......,... january Class 1947 Bettie Cannon, January Cvlass President Earl Latterman, june 'Class President Una voce poco fa-Cavatina from II Barbiere di Siviglia ...,......,....... ....i..,. R ossini Barbara Ma-haffey Beulah Taylor Marston, Accompanist Remarks ,.... ........,..,..4.......................................,.....,....,........,..,. E van XV. Ingram First Associate Superintendent of Schools Presentation of Diplomas ....,.............,...,.....,...,......,.,...,......4,........... D. McCly1noncls Principal, Allclerdice High School Recessional Coronation March from "The Prophet" ...,.,.,...,.. ,. . ilfvyc1'Iu'v1' Orchestra 29- CLASS OFFICERS President-Bettie Cannon Vice President-Howard Pearlman Secretary-Norman Kresh Treasurer-Barbara Mahaffey SOCIAL COMMITTEE Jerome Balbot Ernest Pearl Florence Zweig Bernice Cohen Elaine Morgan JANUARY HONOR STUDENTS High Honor Students Bougher, Dorothy G. Goldstein, Fay Kresh, Norman Mahaffey, Barbara H Alterman, Marcelyn Blumenthal, Joan L. Boksenbaum, Mervin Buccina, Bruno J. Canning, Shirley G. Chersky, Harriet Foner, Rachel Fontana, Frank L. Glowacki, Evelyn Guyer, Dorothy Hirsch, Edith Hudson, Verna J. Kopelman, Myron Honor Students Zweig, Rita E. Miller, Ann Lois Perhacs, Goldie Sadler, Mildred Zweig, Florence Lavra, Dolores D. Lepedo, Agnes R. Lincoln, Wanda J. Mandelblatt, Leonard Morgan, Elaine Peach, Olive N. Penney, Beverly L. Plung, Dorothy B. Plung, H0ward E. Seaman, Gertrude T. Tozzi, Tullio Vitullo, Evelyn L, Wolfe, Marjorie B. 30 00172 2 Teacher-Miss Rose Hartz President ...............,..,....,............,..,....,...,.,............,...,...,....,..... Jerome S. Balbot Vice President .........,....,.....4........,.......,...,..,....,,..,.,...,....., Leonard Mandelblatt Secretary-Treasurer ...,... ,..........,..,..... I Edith Hirsch Social Chairman ........,..,.4,. .....,. H arriet Chersky Student Council .,,.....,.......,,,.., 4.,..,..... E rnest Pearl Foreword Representative ........ ..,.i..,.,.., .,.............i.i......,...,...... C l iarles Comer JERRY BALBOT: Brown hair, brown eyes, One of the swellest of the guys. PHILOMENA BEAVER: There's not a single fault to find, For in every way, she's most refined. HARRIET CHERSKY: Her smile is always cheery, We'll remember this girl clearly. BERNICE COHEN: Sugar and spice and all that's nice, And that's what Dollyls made of. CHARLES COMER: VVhere there's lots of pep and cheer, You can guess that Chuck is near. SARAH DUNMIRE: This girl has mirth and lively witg VVe know she'll surely make a hit. ELINOR FISHER: Her sense of lll1l1l01'iS not hard to findg Ellie's tops, in every one's mind. ESTELLE GARFINKET.: Cooky's air is most captivating. VVatch her personality radiating. EVELYN GLOVVACKI: This quiet lass is also smart: She cannot fail to win your heart. HARRIET GOULD: She's like a Mexican jumping hean: Of the jitterbugs, she is surely queen. 31 DOROTHY GUYER: Now here's a girl whose praise we'll sing, For her quiet ways fine profit should bring. NORMAN HERSHORIN: Full of vim and vigor and zest, Norm should rate among the best. EDITH HIRSCH: A pretty girl with a brilliant mindg We wish we had more of her kind. LOIS HOVVE: She's lots of fun to knowg That's why we like her so. MILDRED jiOI-INSTON: She's a very nice person in every wayg Only the best of her can we say. , LIACQUELINE KAYE: In all our hearts she holds a place That no one else can ever replace. RITA MANDELL: Rita is that pretty lass, Wlhom we name the beauty of our class. LEONARD MANDELBLATT: A girl's attention-Leonard attracts i A good intention-Lenny backs it. PATRICIA MERTZ: A friendly lass who suits our tasteg VVith looks and charm our Pat is graced. SHIRLEY MILLER: VVe love to know that Shirley's aroundg Quite high our praises of her resound. ELAINE MORGAN: Good looks and pep a-plenty, W'e wouldn't trade her for twenty. GRETA SIMON: Now she's a jolly good fellow, And we love the way she plays the cello. IRIS TAUBERG: Fate gave her all the breaks. For she's got just what it takes. EVELYN VITULLO: Studious, but never a bore. One whom we can't help but adore. RUBY VVEISBERG: I-Iere's a girl whose charm we can praise! She makes an impression which always stays. MARAIORIE VVOLFE: It's nice to have our Margie around, VVisdom's rare secrets she has found. DALE MOORE: Dale is really very handy: We simply think that he is dandy. CLIFFORD MYCOFF: One of the finest fellows you'll meet: As a gentleman. he's hard to beat. MARIIORIE O'I-IARE: For sewing Marjie has quite a flair. She makes the clothes one likes to wear. ERNEST PEARL: 'XVe'll miss Ernie with his sayings so clever: VVish we could have him with us ever. ELYSE RAVENSCROFT: A pleasing girl with a gleam in her eye, No one would casually pass her by. ELINOR SEINER: She's likeable. sweet. and truly kind: ' She's gracious. neat, and very refined. MARGARET SERENSKY: If blondes are what the men prefer. Peggy, to them we can refer. 32.- 00172 314 Teacher-Dr. Anna Quattrocchi President .....4..,....,...,.....,..A.,....,..,...4,.,..,.A.,...,.....,............,............ Norman Kresh Vice President ....., ..A...., R iehard jones Secretary ....,.,...,. ..,......, P hyllis Blain Treasurer ................,.,...,.,.,. .....,. D avid Abrams Social Chairman .........,......... ....,.. F lorence Cooper Foreword Representative ....... ......, F, n1ilie XVrasse STATION F. A. 314 PROGRAM FOR GRADUATION DAY Time Program Sponsor 8:30 Blessed Eventer ,lerome Donovan-Sally l:lllClllZll1 8:45 Tell Your Neighbor Howard Plung 9:00 l.inda's First Love Phyllis Blain 9:15 Hearts in Harmony Dick Landman-Barbara Gluck 9:30 Backstage VVife Dorothy Plung' 9:45 Tennessee Jed David Abrams 10:00 Double or Nothing' Audrey Edwards-Shirley Canning 10:15 Front Page Farrell Myron Kopelnlan 10:30 Mystery of the XVeek Ralph Melore 10:45 Queen for a Day Edythe K.1'31ll61' ll :00 Sky Queen Emilie XVrasse ll :l5 Sherlock Holmes Sanford Shepard ll :30 The Lone Ranger -lay Fpstein ll :-45 The Light of the XVorld Fsther Shannon 33 12:00 Young Dr. Malone Norman Kresh 12 15 Elder Beck Dale Farley 12.30 jazz Jamboree Marvin Wolk, Harold Brourman, A Mervin Boxenbaum 12:45 Hildegarde Sylka Steinberg 1 00 Ma Perkins Fay Goldstein 1 15 Life Can Be Beautiful Salli Sniderman l 30 XVe, the People Betty Munizza, Gertrude Seaman, Betty Sullivan, Alice Bechtel 1.45 Dr. I. Q. Dorothy Bougher 2 00 l.adies Be Seated Dr. Quattrocchi 2 2 2 3 15 30 45 100 Bride and Groom Teentimer Forum of the Air .1 ack Armstrong Lewis Levick-Florence Cooper Pescha Cooper Martha Lorince-Dorothy Pflaum Richard Jones WHAT SHALL WE DO WITHOUT Assemblies every Friday? Mashed potatoes and gravy in the lunchroom? Closed periods on Monday with no one to be found? Senior themes? Fifth floor and freshies? Modern dance programs? The cheers for our Winning football team ? The Forewords on Fridays? The second floor annex wall? Seeing Mr. Thomas flying around? The drug store and the Hot Puppie? The picnics and parties of 264? The Christmas spirit inspired by Group A? All the wonderful teachers? Questionnaires for the Journal? Report cards every six weeks? Studying for tests? The "Keyhole" for the latest gossip? Pink, yellow, white, and blue papers? The 3:05 bell? All the swell classmates in the grad- uating classes of 1947? - an -as oom 352 ' Teacher-Miss Charlotte Beachler President ,....,.....,...A......,........ ...,............,..,.,,....,...A...,....,.,.. ..., .,.A, I Q i ta Zweig' Vice President .......... ,.,.,, I Sruno Iluccina Secretary-Treasurer ...A..,.,.., ..,,. S ander Faber Foreword Representative ..... ...., A Ioan Reichman Student Council ......,.,........ .,.., . Florence Zweig Social Chairman ....,.......,. ,, ..., ..,, B arbara Finegold LOOKING IN THE FUTURE I am Madame Know-All, See-All, Do-Nothing. Today I will look into the future of Room 352. I gaze into my crystal ball and see-yes. I see a huge bank. In this bank is a large glass-topped desk. or does it have a glass top? For you see, the top is covered with huge stacks of money. liehind the desk sits Tlllllifl Toszf, the bank president: and behind another desk sits his associate, Sazzdcr Falwr. Fluttering around the office attending their secretarial duties, I see Gilda l7iPv11ta, Slzirlvy rlzrfwz, and :lima Fraiangclo. I see a mural on the wall of the large office. XVait! The mural is not completed, and two of our foremost artists. flllflllilly Marino and Joan Platt are busily working on it. Now the scene changes. In my crystal ball I see a classroom. .Mnong the industrious students are Mary Petro, Violet FI'lt'dllItIl1, llvalrifv 1XV1'4I'Z'I.fS, and lfilcvnz Lcwizzsozz. I see a practice teacher enter. IVl1y! it's none other than our own Ill-'ZJZIUIZ .lo11cs. Again the scene changes. and I see a business office. liusily working in it are Mary .Alun Ciganvl' and Ewlylz Lang. The door opens and in comes .loscfvlzl Rcr1zstc1'11, the Fuller Brush man. But there is a commotion out- side. Someone just noticed the great opera star, l?arlvara rIIal1a.ff4'y,' and follow- ing her, trying to get an interview, is the renowned reporter and commentator for the "Pittsburgh Pressfl Joan Rt'l't'lIlllt7l1. The curious onlookers include Brzom l?ucrf11a, a United States soldier, Nick I?f7.YClIl7l'Ffj, Rolwrf Lrlazdllzall, Hl'l'lIflI'lf Kaufman, Rachel Fonmf, and Allan Rlrdicl' doing absolutely nothing but looking. - Y H735 As I gaze into the future I see the poorer section of town where Barbara Finegold, Rita Zweig, Thelina Miller, and Florence Zweig are doing wonderful work as social workers. On a street corner stands Craig Wilson, a diesel engi- neer, and Clyde Boyer, an automotive engineer, talking shop. Now I see Sadie Bidwell modelling clothes for Mickey Friedman, a whole- sale buyer. In the neighborhood hospital, I notice the nurse, Louise Burgwin telling the mortician, John Shirley, that there is no business for him today. As I gaze into my crystal ball for the last time, I see another office in which attorney Mildred Sadler is dictating a letter to her private secretary, Agnes Lepedo, while Dolores Lcwra attends the switchboard. Now the ball is going black. That is all I can see for the moment. That will be ten dollars please. 00172 Teacher-Mr. Raymond Schmidt President .......,,.........,.........,,.....,...,..4,.,.....,...........,....,.........i......,.... Robert Finn Vice President ...,......,,,.. ...........................,......, A nn Lois Miller Secretary-Treasurer ..,....,.. .i......l,.,..,...........,.,...... E velyn Vllarmstein Social Representatives ....,..,. ...,..,.,. I ane McCullough, Betty Scafuri Student Council ..,..,...,,......l.. .,I,...,,..,..l.........,..... M arcelyn Alterman Foreword Representative ...,....,...........,............................................. Sue Smith This is to bring to the attention of all Room 467, the pride of the hall. So we toast them right now, Let the kids take their bow, As an item about each, let us now recall. Hail to our chief and basketball king, VVe're for Bob Finn, his praises we sing. Gay and jerky by his own acclaim, The wit of our room, Sam Miles by name. So quiet and suave, in the play, was L. Price In sweaters she excels, hubba, how nice! Some call him jack, some call him Bubbles, VV e all call him Breskow, the boy to solve your trowbles. Musical talent, looks galore, To Ann Lois Miller we cede the floor. Punchy's a fellow girls love to be seen with, I You know whom we mean, it's that guy whose name's Smith. She's a bulletin staff girl, full of pep, You've got to admit De Coffee's real hep. She'll be peeved if you happen to leave out the Lou, So we've put it in along with Dottie Dodds, too. 36 'M Humpty Dun1pty's disastrous fall Should cure Dick Gerring of thc wall. Waiicla will some day be a top flight artist, VVhich goes to show that Lincolns work the hardest She hates conceited people, thats our Mote: Anna Morton's truthfulness won -l67's vote. Howie really does it, we all agree, l2A's vice president, what a hunk of man is he. Scuff's cute, she's 11ice and little, that's true: Betty Janes popularity is well known to you. Here's that fellow with the green plaid shirtg If I weren't so shy, with Sonny Siegal l'd flirt. Not only on drums is Cozy superb Oh, for Sutherlin to find the right verb. Marie likes to collect just any little thing: So the fellows to Miss XYllllZ1l'llS. devotion do bring Marcy really knows the tricks of the trade, A permanent inlpression has this ,Xlternxan made. lf you had blue eyes and light brown hair l.ike Yi Cain, you too, could be seen everywhere. XYe salute the senior president, a person quite grand: For you Betty Cannon we'll all take a stand. Some like coke, but we'll take Gin. Coughenour that is, she's hound to win. Nut loves Lena Horne and hates bashful boys, The above qualifications prove hluanita Crawley's poise. W 37 ZW' Y 17" H "YY .lack's happy-go-lucky, always on the go, McCullough's our boy, heis a real good Joe. Frank Fontana, we want to be your friend, Accept the helping hand we gladly lend. Hal's our musical contribution to Allderdice And not only with scores is Haas precise. Miss Hudson is mischievous, ah-ah we caught you there! And we know Verna soon will be snagged, what with that curly brown hair Bernie Marks was impressed by sweaters, the varsity ones of course, From him we couldn't get his pet expression though, not even by force Peaches is tall and has a million dollar smile, Olive really has got a lot that's truly worthwhile. Bev Penney hates people who won't move on the bus, NrVell, what do you know, she agrees with us. Perhacs doesn't have any rocks in her head, But Goldie's green gray eyes sure leave things unsaid. Betty's smile is something we wonlt forget, She's one Richman we're glad to have met. Mara Lynne Schugar is as sweet as she seems, To put it down in black and white, she's the girl of our dreams. Wliat will they do, down in 262 Vtlithout joan, why they'll' really be blue! If you are lucky enough to have a Ruth Simon, too, VVe guarantee a senior year of pleasure for you. VVhen you read in ten years, the nation's Number l hook, just remember its author Stan Skirboll, the boy with the look. Suzie's all out for Ohio State, you'll always find her thereg n Smith's easily recognized, you can't miss her eyes and brown hair. if you have an early dismissal, with which you don't know what to do Come up to 467 and ask for Dave Susser, he'll take care of it for you. Shirley's bound for an Ice Capades career, she'll surely hit the top, VV hen you see the name of Thomas in lights, you'll know she's not a flop.. Evie's vivacious. sweet, tall. and chicg If you don't believe us, at XVarmstein you should peek. .Terry Segal will be glad to decorate your interior, For when it comes to painting, he sure is SUPCYIOT. 38 NIA! . 'xi' wiv F . '05 u IS 8. Afx AS -aw x X Nvb. 3' .Q .Y Yr-5, X, N, i- QQ? km' x" WEE' Gfdouf fo graduate s we are about to graduate let us look back on the moments that we spent in Allderdice-some were happy, a few were sad. XVe remember the day we came here, our amazement at the size of the school and our surprise at the number of students. Then we felt so small and out of place, but as time went by we gradually began to become a part of this great organization. Crowded halls, waiting in line for lunch checks, the long trek around the cafeteria-these all became a part of our every day life as did homework and tests. XV e made lllilfly new friends during these years. VVe had our troubles-our little spats, the neglected homework, the surprise tests-but they were trivial. XVhile we were facing all these experiences. our chief aim was to graduate. Now we have reached that goal. Soon we will receive our diplomas and when we do we will recall these memories and will think, "I wish I could do it again." PROM COMMITTEE o l 40 1 Q0 I " orne J Pea L.xJqheEleue,r x wi qou Are. llll pf CF , RECOLLECTIGNX RK hence and 1 l + 'W' 4-he LANDMANS + dc 4 W anti gidfw-2-Peas BETb an lvlaha-Y-Fe, X or 1 U fx P 2 N Rub LJQ-'abc L. f Q W Y i ,gx A f IQ In V19 Dale, Farleu' k G of The sts crew Q, .N , Vw X- f Alan Ruduclc h i I My b 'gain 2250 040 'iyzflw K 0 ow Mlulllllflf' 959 4 f W nd BatsqK f N. v. h L avnd Q X' 5, O axog K sf 1. 'FS ?WQ5 J ,QP ' J wnfh 't a eok. 5 S ,D H A60 YQ m has zeizsf V U 60 0' 4' X 402 8 f N E Z 04 vw Q S ' ' NIU, A 4 , SQJX X Nc 5 x - S. ,fl Q xXx G 5 " 'Q fepbfwi Q Q5 Af 54+ few-"' Qxhx X50 3'-,qwgfx So com K d Vlemones o? if fy K N' lcogx Z and raw - R. N wx1'h .n mana J 'O ZW1 . ou . I 2 All i I! i 1 I K Q an e 6UZLL6ll'y GEMS! GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE CAST Mr. Kimber .,,.,.... ,,.....,.,, l David Abrams Newton Fuller.. .,.,......,,.,..,.. jerry Segal Annabelle Fuller ...,.......,......,..,......,...., ...llarbara Gluck, Dorothy Bougher Madge Fuller ......,.,.......,....,...l,..,.,...... ..,......Pesclia Cooper, Marjorie Wlolfe Steve Eldridge .................. Sander Faber Katie .....,...........,... ..., l Sarhara Finegold Mrs. Douglas ..,..... ,i...,..,.,....,.r....,........ .,..,...Bernice Cohen, Ruby XYeisberg Clayton Evans ,..,.r..................,.,.......,... Ernest Pearl, Clyde Boyer Rena Leslie ....,.,,4,...,..,. .... .,..,..,.,..,.,,,... .....,.....,..,.Florence Zweig. Sue Smith HCStC1'..Xl'llJl6t Friedman, Elinor Fisher Clementine ....,.r.,....4.....,...,......,............, ......Beatrice Kravitz, Dorothy Plung Uncle Stanley ',., ..i,.......,..., A Allan Rudick Leggett Frazer ,.,...r.......,. jerry Donovan Tommy Huges .,.... Norman Hershorin Sue Harrington .......,....,. .,..,....,.,. , ..., . ,..,Elaine Morgan, Evelyn Vllarmstein Miss VVilcoX ..,.. .. ..,...,.,..,.........,.. .,.... . , l,ila Price, Martha Lorince Mr. Prescott , .,.. ,Ioseph Bernstein Time-Present Scene-A Pennsylvania Farmhouse Act I: Scene 1, Mayg Scene 2, June Act ll: Scene l, Friday in Augustg Scene 2, Sunday afternoon Act Ill: Following morning STUDENT STAFF Student Manager ..,....,...............,.. ,. ,. ,...Florence Cooper, Evelyn Lang Business Manager ,.,.., joseph Bernstein Bookholders ..,...,.............4..,.,...,..........,. Marilyn Schugar, Vivian Jones. Emily NVrasse, Harriet Gould Photography .............. Marvin Jacobson Secretary .,...... , ,,,..,..... Bernice Cohen Foreword Representative ...,..... ...,.i.. ,.,,.,....i......,.....,.....,,.,.Dorothy Bougher Programs ....,......,..,.........,..................... Bernice Cohen, Sally Fnieman 42 ' Y ' STAGE CREW 43 'K YEAR OF 1947 Listen, my children, and you shall hear Of the finest class of any year. From the third of September in '44, All of us will remember forevermore Our thoughts from that famous day and year. 'Twas on the second floor we made our landing VVhere we tried to uphold our standing, But the juniors and seniors didn't seem to care, VVhether or not we camped anywhere. Will you ever forget our conference class? How trembled the heart of every bad lass! How we were told to follow our mates And leave the rest to the furies and fates? The opera, the plays were successes, too, But we anxiously awaited our own great debut. 'Twas the NSOPHOMORE PARTY." Time tel It certainly had "it" in every detail. We next decked the third floor in full array, At first we were anything but happy and gay. ls a tale Then, when we realized we were over the Sophs, Nothing could bother us, not even the profs. 44 Our place in auditorium was changed, do tell! And we liked it a thousand times as well, We could see the stage, hear the speakers, toog And in the performances catch every cue. And then came that glorious, eventful year, For which we had longed from the first of our career. Our Senior year! At last it had come, And though we were dignified, we still had our fun. Of joys and sorrows we had our full due And our popular song was "Sliding Through", And then we thought things had turned for the best, But report card time came, that uninvited guest. Our ictures were taken, but to our disma , IC ' ' Y Y! y ' Miss Americas were scarce as snowstorms in May. Of "Mr, America's" there was not one, But we all smiled sa ing, "Oh, it's all in fun." Y s, Will you ever forget the lessons we had? But compared to now they weren't so bad. Latin and French and English and math, Sent us scowling along the bumpiest path. Remember that little bridge game that we had. Yes, just our type would be that bad! We won't say now just where it took place, They're just four who'll read this with a shameful face. The rest of the year was just the same, With all of us rising to heights of fame VVe did our best, sometimes right, sometimes wrong: But we belonged to the june class over three hundred strong We did our best, and with all our might, . How we upheld the Green and VVhite! We're going now, 'tis sad to say, But we know our schoolmates will continue our way. Then the School Board decided we needed a change, And at last we're out of our teachers' range, And now we are free to do just as we please, And go on our way in scholarly ease. If you've listened. my children, then you certainly know That everything the Seniors did was done just so. The years will come, and quickly roll by, But we'll be counted the best of ALLDERDICE HIGH. 45 fwemfy Lyears of garoqress "Know Something, Do Something, Be Something" February 7, 1927-Taylor Allderdice High School was formally opened with 689 pupils and 32 teachers. March 21, 1927-First meeting held of the Parent-Teachers Association April 17 , 1927-THE FoREwoRD made its first appearance October, 1927-First basketball team began training November 2, 19Z7e-First band was organized February 10, 1928-Taylor Allderdice became a junior-senior high school February 16, 1929-Plans were adopted for the annex to be built Uctober 31, 1930-Classes began in the annex Girls were permitted to use one-piece bathing suits Green Key was organized Hi-Y was formed june, 1930-First senior journal, The Allderdicc, appeared june, 1930-First class graduated September, 19.31-Student Council separated to form Junior and Senior Councils February 21, 1931-Band fitted with uniforms A May, 1932-Nine Allderdice students placed first in music contest 1933-Dragon was adopted as official school symbol 1934-Faculty bowling club was organized 1935-Chemistry III was added to the curriculum 1937-Faculty increased from 32 to 114 1937-Stairway from locker room to cafeteria was completed 1937-Three lunch periods were instituted 1939-Roger Jorgenson broke city record in basketball by making 40 indi- vidual points May 19, 1939-First Majorettes appeared 1941-Modern Dance was instituted 1942-Air raid drills began 1943-Dr. Deevers, first principal of Allderdice, died 1945-Swimming team won championship 1946-Veterans' school opened with 200 pupils 46 " lk. 4 A A A L 1 av I 111'-s C 95, wg-:Lu v- GF' v-, . ,.. , . " Ig P' '4 I .img W 'L , gi eg ' 1 1 si' A! i: A ur . gy ' " 'w f J' 1 " 2" R ' ai ' " 1 A , , H" ll! . V' ' Turn' W W ,N Y : II I I V X I X , ,, , IW, , Wm... .1 . VN. .4 ,Wi 1 . wi .L ill A CLASS OFFICERS President-Earl M. Latterman Vice President-Walter F. Munhall Secretary-Joanne R. Adamitz Treasurer-Thomas T. Trimmer SOCIAL COMMITTEE Elkan Rosenberg Charles Solof Maurice Amdur Donald Sherrill Robert S. Klein Ruth Horovitz Janice Seiner Grace Salzman Lois Lewis 48 ADA LOU ABELSON-Honor Student: Journal Staff: Student Council: Homeroom Vice President, l.ZB: Homeroonl Secretary, llB: Voice Groups B, C, E: Ushers Club: Sigma Iota, Secretary: junior Leaders: Senior Leaders: Volley Ball '44: Basketball '44. JOANNE R. ADAMITZsHonor Student: Senior Class Secretary: journal Staff: Foreword Staff: Foreword Representative: Modern Dance: Junior Leaders. BERNICE ELAINE ADLER-Dramatic English: Lunchroom Com- mittee: Sigma Iota: HobbyfColleCting Records: Ambition-Artist. NATALIE MAY ADLER - Honor Student: Dramatic Englislh: junior Leaders: Vocational Ambitiongllietitian: Enjoys-Cooking and Baking. MAURICE H. AMDUR-Foreword Staff: Student Council: Usher Squad: IZB Social Committee: I-Iomeroom Treasurer: Orchestras B, C, D: Scope Club: Senior Science Club: Camera Club. HERBERT ARNOLD-Bookroom Club: Foreword Representative: Green Key, President: Varsity Club. Vice President: Microscope Club: Swimming '42, '47: President of Interfraternity Council. JUNE CLASS I WILMA ARNOWITZ-Modern Dance: French Club: 'Camera Club: Favorite Sport-Hockey. LaVERNE FAITH AUSSENBERG - Honor Student: Journal Staff: Foreword Representative: Lunchroom Patrol: Special Dance: Hospital Aide: Orchestra A: German Club: Sigma Iota: Volley Ball '-15: junior Discussion Club ALAN AZEN - Microscope Club: Vocational Ambition-Doctor: Favorite Sport-Hockey: Enjoys-Discussing Sports SHIRLEY BALBOTiMajoretteSC Senior Discussion Club: Sigilllil Iota: Hospital Aide: Favorite Sport-riding: Honor Student FLORA BELLE BARRISH-Ifsher Squad: Senior Leaders: Volley Ball '4-1: Favorite Sportaliootiball DAN J. BASL--Dramatic English: Stage Crew: Favorite Sport-H Skating "' 'Y' 'WF' WYWWY 49 xiii tion-4Retail Selling 1 f 1 - . DOLORES CLAIRE BASS-Voice Groups B. C, Eg Hobbies- Dancing and 'Collecting Records, Favorite SportiBicycling, Ad- mires-Friendly, Sincere People EUNICE BELINKY-Discussion Club, Senior Sigma Iota: Voice Group C, Favorite Diversion-Playing the Piano, Honor Student LENA BELLINI-Journal Staff: M.M.M. '45, '46, Leader '44, Foreword Representative '44, Bulletin Staf-f '46, Schaeffer Ball Team '44, '45, Basketball '44, Distributive Education Class, Voca- DANIEL B. BENJAMIN4Homeroom President, l0B, Vi-ce Presi- dent, llA, Secretary, 1lB, Social Committee, l0B, l0Ag Inter- Fraternity-Sorority Council I. ' f , K1 af'-,Vf f ' " , , t , vw L 1 I . ' X ,wf"' ' ' K , Tl' f 4, fl! kfgf C j I L, t L Popular Music .I U N E C L A S S STANLEY JAY BERNSTEINfJunior Varsity '45, '46, Enjoys All Sports, Particularly Basketball and Baseball JACK BLANNER-Voice Groups B, D, Lunch Check Cashier, IlliCl'CSiSiSWllTlIlllIlg, Hunting, Fishing, and Aeronautics EDGAR L. BLUESTONE-Orchestra B, Young Magicians' Club, Discussion Club, VVood Shop Club, Sigma Iota LILLIAN BELLE BLUMENTHALiSigma Iota, Y-Teens, Inter- fraternity and Sorority Council, VVar Bond Committee, Art Award, Honor Student FRANCIS X. BONASORTE-Football '44, '45, '46: Track '45. '46: Favorite Sport-Baseball, Entered from Gladstone, Vocational Ambition-Profcssional Baseball GERALD BORMAN-Library Club, Chess Club, German Club, Literary Club: Favorite Sport-Basketball, Hobby-Chemistry 47" 50 I ,VVST LEY E. BERMAN-Aviation Club, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, Admires-Friendship and Sportsmanship in People, Interest- EDGAR H. BERNSTEIN-Senior Discussion Club, Track '45, '46, '47, Qualitative Analysis Class, Vocational Ambition-Advertising RAYMOND BRADY lavorite Sport Basketball: Hobby-Fislv ing lzntciecl from Nlunhall High School 10B SAMUEL B BRAHM VOIQC Group A C5 Male Chorus: Varsity Club Track 'leam 45 46 47 JEAN MARIE BRASHEAR Homeroom Class President: Journal Staff Foreword Representative Volley Ball '44: Baseball '4-1: Favorite Sport Football Distributive Education Class HERBERT BRASLEY Distributive Education Class: Interests- JEAN BRECKENRIDGE Hi h Honor Student: Journal Staff! Homeroom President Voice Groups A C E3 junior Leaders: Inter' MANUEL L BRODIE Homeioom President: Favorite SportM Football Inter Fraternity Sorority Council: Hobby - Collecting' UNE CLASS HERMAN 'DOIN BRONTZ-Hobby-Moclel Airplanes: Favorite Haunt-4C1v1l Air Patrol Meetings: Anibition--Aeronautical Engineer JOAN F. BROWN - Lunchroom Committee: Orchestras B, C3 Foreword Representative MARTHA -BERNICE BROWN - Ura-matic English: Foreword Representative: Lunchroom Patrol: Citizenship Committee, Chair- man: Book Room Club ELYNOR MAE BRUCE-High Honor Student: journal Staff: Or- chestra A, C, E: Choir A, B: Soloist: Accompanist: Girls' Chorale LOUISE BRYAN-Journal Art Class: 12B Home Room President CHARLES BUECHLER-Hobby-Hunting: Favorite Sports- Skating and Skiing ' 51 FIFLATNE M. BURKE-Voice Groups C, E, Favorite Sport-Table ennis JOHN CAIN-Stage Crew, Leaders '44, Intramural Basketball and Volley Ball '46, Special Plastic Class DOROTHY CAMERON-Voice Group C, Volley Ball '44, Inter- Fraternity-Sorority Council RICHARD CAMPBELL-Football '44, '45, '46, Special Plastic Class, Favorite Haunt-Coyne and Evans' Garage, Ambition- Major League Baseball ROBERT EDWARD CAMPBELLfFootiball '45, '46, Special Plas- tic Class, Bulletin Staff, Ambition--Baseball with Red Sox SHIRLEE CAPLAN--Camera Club, Microscope Club, Senior Sig- ma Iota, Senior Leaders '46, Voice Group C, Ambition--Model UNE CLASS DEXTER M. CARR4Fntered from Gladstone, Hobby-Collecting Portraits, Favorite Sport4Volley Ball, Future Prospects-Hamp- ton Institute and Teaching ADELINE CARRETTA4Uistriibutive Occupation Course, Favorite Sport-Bowling ROSE GIOVANNA CARUSO-Majorette '44, '45, '46, '47, Head Majorette '47, Homeroom Vice President, IZA, Homeroom Trea- surer, 9B, 9A, Honor Student MICHAEL F. CATALANO-Treasurer of 12A Homeroom, Hi-Y Treasurer, Football '44, '45, '46, Basketball '44, '45, '46, '47 GEORGE CAWLEY-Group A, Male Chorus, Favorite Sport- Baseball: Favorite Diversion-Singing and Dancing, Honor Student JACK ERWIN CHABAN-Track Team '45, S-pecial Print Shop, Vocational Ambition-Motion Picture Industry F52 EDNA RUTH CHILES-Foreword Staff, Basketball '46, Hobby -Reading, Enjoyswlce Skating and Roller Skating, Entered from Gladstone VIRGINIA RUTH CHILLCOTT-Entered from Gladstone, ll V Favorite Sp rl-Swimming, Vocational Ambition-Dress De' 1- ing, Diversioi -'ewingt' Dancing, Reading. . 1 , 5 f ,o f .MIUJV r , , XM ' X X n , V 4711! AVELLYK CHI M ' ibrary Cl Amr Science Club, resident, Seni Discus 'on lu' 5 Chess! f7Qualitative An: Class, Favoritfef Sport-S 'im ' gg Voc onal Ambition-Che Research, Honor Student X JERRY CHOTINERiBasketball '5, '46, ,47j Intramural Basket- ball Championship Team, St t Council, Homeroom President, Inter-Fraternity-Sorority Co il, Honor Student L CLYDE L. CLARK-Homeroorn President, IZA, IZB, Microscope Club, Football '44, Intramural Basketball '43, Track '46, '47, Track Letter REVA E. CLAIR - Class Play, Dramatic English, Secretary, M.M.M.: Student Council, Bulletin Staff, Sigma Iota-Y-Teens, Inter-Fraternity-Sorority Council, Favorite Diversion - Letter NVriting NN.-4' JUNE CLASS ANITA S. CLOSKY-Entered from Pezubody, ll.-X, Inter-Frater- nity-Sorority Council, Favorite S1NJI't?BZlSC-llilll HARRY COHEN-Radio Club, President: lnter-Fraternity-Sorority Council, Roosevelt 'Club HELENE LEAH COHEN-French Club, Senior Discussion Club, Senior Science Club, Senior Leaders, Senior Sigma Iota: Honor Student INA JEAN COHEN-Class Play Cast, Dramatic English: Social Committee, 'Microscope Club, Senior Discussion Club, Senior Science Club, Senior Leaders, Honor Student D' MARJORIE KAREN COHENAjournal Staff, Majorettes: Or- chestra B, Senior Leaders, Volley Ball '44, '45, Tumbling '43, '44, Microscope Club ROBERT A. COHEN-High Honor Student, journal Stuff: Builds A, B, C, D, All-City Band, Senior Discussion Club, Moderator, Chess Club, President: Senior Science Club, Qualitative Analysis ' ' 53 Y '- DELORIS COLLINS-Entered from Gladstoneg Favorite Diversion -Piano Playingg Hobby-Reading, Interests-Sewing and Dancing, Vocational Ambition-Stenography ANNA BARBARA CONNOR-Voice Groups A, B, C, Eg Ambition -Nursing at St, Margaret's Memorial Hospital ROBERT A. COOPER-High Honor Studentg Qualitative Analysis '47g Vocational Ambition-Engineering, Favorite Sport-Baseball THOMAS E. CORCORAN-Plastic Classg Leaders 'Club '44, '45g Gym Team '44, '453 Football '46, Intramural Basketballg Volley Ball RICHARD M. COSENTINO-Honor Studentg Journal Stafifg In- tramural Championship Team, Captain: Vocational Interest-'Civil Engineeringg Favorite Sport-Baseball, American Legion Award NORMAN J. COWIE-Voice Groups B, C, Science Clubg Football and Swimming Scoutg Favorite SportsfFootba1l and Boxingg Am- ! bition-Foreign Service J U N E A C L A S S CHARLES S. DAVIDSON-Group Ag Robe Committee Chairman, Group Ag Track Team '45, '46g Honor Student YETTA J. DAVIS-Voice Eg Intermediate Discussion Clubg Mod- ern Danceg Junior Leaclersg Homerooim Secretary, 12B ARLENE D. DEAKTER-Honor Student, Dramatic Englishg Sig- ma Iotag Y-Teensg junior Discussion Clubg Volley Ball KALMAINE DEAKTER-High Honor Studentg Dramatic -English: Class Play Castg Cheer Leaders, junior Leaders, IZA Social Com- mittee MORTON B. DeBROFFFHonor Studentg Senior Discussion Clubg Senior Science Club: Hobby-Stamp Collecting ARTHUR DeMATTEO-Camera Club, Hobby - Airplanes, Fa- vorite Sportsfliootball, Swimming, Baseball H We r' - 54 HOWARD A DEZEN Varsity Club Green Keyg Discussion Clubg Swimming 43 44 45 46 47 Tiack 45 46, '47g VInter-Fratermty- Sorority Lounul Vocational Ambition Business Career MARILYN M DILLER Bulletin Staffg Voice Groups QA, CC Girls Llioralc I ntnrul irom Munliall High Schoolg Honor Student ALBERT DI NARDO Basketball 46 475 Vocational Ambitiond Irofcssional Basketball lnjoys Bowlingg Entered from Glad- JEAN DONOVAN Dramatic hnglish Class Playg Luncliroom Patrol lrench Club Hobby Writiiig Stories-Favorite Hauntv Caravan School of Theatre Arts Iavorite Sport-Hockeyg Voca- GERALDINE L DOSEY journal Staffg Student Councilg Bul- letin Staff Voice Groups A B C lf. Girls' Choraleg Microscope THEODORE R DRUGA H1X Swimmingg Gymnastic Team: Football 45 46 Vocational Ambition Draftsmang Certificate of UNE CLASS BRUCHE D N-High Honor Student: Vocational ixlllllltltllli Nursing: O side Interest-Assisting in Kindergarten: Favorite Haut ' rew Instituteg HobbywAni1nalsg Favorite Discussion! Polit s L M+'Cll3III1JiOl1Shl13 Basketball Teams 9.-X, llllig Hobbvw S1 rf, vorite Sport-Hockey V I U SE EDGE-Homeroom President: Orchestra .-X, ll: Senior -e ers: Senior Sigma lotag .-Xll-City Orchestra: ,lunior Imariqrgg ley Ball '43-'463 Basketball '43-'451 Received :Xllclerdice Ag Honor Student GILBERT R. ELES-Hi-Y: Engineers Clubg SXVlSSllCllll Comnmnity Club: Vocational Ambition-Construction Engineerg Favorite Sport -Swimming PEARL LEE ELLIS-Basketllllll '46, ,471 Voflltiongll ,xlllhitirjlli Beauticiang Favorite Sport-Basketball GRACE LOUISE EVANS-Service Club: Hobbies-Rezuling' and Bowling: Favorite Sport-Footbnllg Vocational .AX1nbitionwSeCre- tary: Honor Student 55 'C W' JACK FAUST-High Honor Studentg journal Staffg Radio Club Qualitative Analysis Class, Favorite Sport-Swimming GERTRUDE FEHL-High Honor Studentg journal Staffg M.M.M Secretary, IZBQ Favorite ,Sport-Volley Ballg Hobby-Reading Ambition-4Col1ege Careerg Enjoys-Travelling WALLACE FELDMAN-Group Ag Orchestra Ag Discussion Cl-ub Qualitative Analysis Classg Senior Science Clu-bg Hobby-Music Favorite Orchestra-Boston Symphony R SYLVIA C. FEIASER-Homerootm Secretaryg Hospital Aide, Vo if cational Ambition-Teachingg Favorite Sport-Swimming ROBERT A. FERKO-Football '44, '45, '46g Swimming '45, '46 Aviation Mechanical Engineer JEANNE L, FINE-Voice Group B: Hospital Aideg Inter-Frater Bowling JUNE CLASS EARL FEINGOLD-Bands H, C, D3 VVood Shop Clubg Science Clubg Senior Discussion Clutbg Young Magicians Clubg Favorite Sport-Boxingg Vocational Ambition-Psychologist EDITH NAN FINEGOLD-Journal Staff, Foreword Representa- tiveg Camera Club, Sigma Iota, Inter-Fraternity-Sorority Councilg Honor Student MARJORIE ANN FINEMAN-Class Play Castg Dramatic Eng- lish: Student Council, Modern Danceg Sig-ma Iotag Frenc-h Club: Senior Leadersg Basketball '46g Lunchroom Patrol, Vocational Ambition-Faslhion Retailing RI-IODA FISHER-Art Club: Senior Science Clubg Favorite Sports -Skating and Bowling, Vocational Ambition-Nursing ELEANOR FLORIA-Honor Studentg M.M.M.g Hobby-Sewingg Entered from Gladstoneg Hobby-Photography, Special Interest- Sewingg Vocational Ambition-Secretary JACK FLYNN-Football '44, '46: Hobby-'Collecting Ties, Voca- tional Ambition-Doctorg Favorite Sport-Baseballg Varsity Foot- tball Letter 56 Hobby-Sportsg Favorite Sport-Baseballg Vocational Ambition- nity-Sorority Councilg Hobby-Collecting Menusg Favorite Sport- PATRICE A. FLYNN-Majoretteg Favorite Diversion-Ice Skat- ingg Favorite Sport-Baseball ANGELINE T. FONZIwEntered from Gladstoneg Hockey Team Interestse-Roller Skating and Musicg Hobby-Popular Record Col lectiong Vocational An1bitionHTo Attend Business School FRANK J, FRAIN, JR.--Swimming Team Manager '45, '46, '47 Track Team '-173 Discussion Clulbg Voice Group C5 Favorite Diver Sl0I1+'1iI'0ll1bOIl6 Playingg Vocational Ambition-Law DORIS FRANCIS-+M.M.M.g Hobby-Readingg Favorite Sport- Basketball ELEANOR FRASER-Camera 'clllbl Y-Teens: Hospital Aideg Hobby-Musicg Favorite Sport-aBowlingg Vocational Ambitionf Secretary GLORIA FRIEDMAN-Honor Studentg Bookroom Club, President' Sigma Iotag Senior Science Clulmg Hospital Aideg Hobby-Draw- ingg Favorite Sport-Football J U N E C L A S S room Committeeg French Clubg German Club Class Play Castg Hobby-eComposingg Advanced Art FRANK FUNA-Intramural Championship Team, Captain: Hobby -Bowlingg Favorite Sport4Football3 Vocational ixlllllltltlll'-Altu chanicg EnjoysYBowling AUDREY FURCRON - Favorite Iliversion-Reading3 Favorite Sport-Skating: Entered from Gladstone, 1lBg Vocational Ambi- tion-Secretary DORIS JEAN GALBRAITH i lfntcrcd from VVcst View High School: Vocational Ambition-To Train Horses: Hohliy4Collect- ' A . ing Horse Statues Q 'iti fi 3, MARY GARNER-Entered from Gladstone: Favorite Sport-Hash ketiballg Vocational Ambition-Hairdresser' Hobliygllancingg lin- Joys Ice Skating JANICE FRIEDMAN 4 Dramatic Englislig Modern Dance! Senior Life Saving Group: Senior Leaders: Advanced .Nrtg Lunch- JOSEPH FRIEDMANiHonor Student: Dramatic English Class: JEANNE LOIS GIBSON-Favorite Sport-Roller Skating, Am- bition-Secretary CARL S. GLAQSS-Foreword Representative, IZB, Hobby-Coin Collecting, Ambition-Business Man WILLIS GOGNIAT-Track Team '45, Hobby--Photography, Fa- vorite Sport-1Baslket'ball, Transferred from Gladstone -lr. High School, l1tB, Honor Student HAROLD GOLDMAN-Orchestra B, C, D, Swimming Team '43, '44, Basketball Team '44, '45, '46, '47, Intramural Basketball, Am- bition-Electrical Engineer BERNICE JEAN GOLOMB--Voice B, C, Junior and Senior Sigma Iota, Camera Club, Modern Dance, Senior Leaders, Basketball '46, '47, Hospital Aide STANLEY J. GOLDSTEIN-Homeroom President, "Artist Four", Art Awards and Prizes in Scholastic Exhibitions, Favorite Sport- Boxingg Ambition-Artist, Honor Student UNE CLASS OLLA GOREE Homeroom Secretary Treasurer, Favorite Sport- Basketlball, Hobby-Dancing Vocational Ambition-Secretary N 0 72 J gpg! " Ayub- G A L , g,f 6' tfwfv. W - - , I PI-IYLIS GREIZMANMDramatic English, Stu ' Or- chestra A, B, C: Trio, Quartet, All-City Orchestra, th Sym- phony, Soloist '46, '47, Senior Discussion Club, Honor Student ANNAJEAN GRIEVE-Voice B, C, All-City Girls' Choir, Micro- scope Clufb, junior Leaders, Volley Ball, Basketball '44, '45, '46' Senior Life Saving 1 ROBERT E. GRIEVE, JR.-Microscope Club, Leaders, President, Hi-Y, President: Football '45, '46, Track '45, Intramural Basket- ball and Volley Ball EILEEN GROSS-junior Sigma Iota, ,Senior Sigma Iota, Y- Teens, Hospital Aide, Favorite Sport-Baseball ? ,,e... ,,.--, 58 , EDRIETA GRAHAM-Hobby4Daneingg Favorite Sport-Football, MARION CAROL GRUENE Honor Student: journal Staff: Stage Steneiy Scholastit -Xrt Awards lavorite Sport-Tennis: Hobbies SHIRLEY GUSKY Vout C French Club: Charm Club: Favorite Sport lu. Slxdllllg Hobby-Lollectmg Records: Ambition-Seere- MONA LEE HAID Honor Student President of M.M.M.: jour- nal Staif lasluon Sliou Microscope Club: Hospital Aides: Future GUS A HARRIS laxorite Sport Hoekey: Hobby-Playing the DORIS J HARKINS lavorlte Sport Roller Skating: Hobby- Piano Ambition Professional Roller Skater x i GEORGE C HARRISON JR H1 h Honor Student: journal , Staff Homeroom Vice President 12B Voice Groups A, C, D: i Microscope Club Qualitatiwe -Xnalysis 46: Hobby-eChemistry 2 , E UNE CLASS EDITH H. HART-Library Club '44, '45, '-46: Senior Leaders '46, '47: Volley Ball '46: Basketball '46, '47: Ambition4Seeretary JACK H, HELFERiBand A, R, C. IJ, li: Marching Band: Varsity Club: Track Manager '44, '45, '46, '47: Basketball Manager '45, '46, '47 DOLORES HERSHMAN-Voice Group B: Sigma Iota: Favorite SportwSwimming: Hobby-Playing the Piano: Future Prospects- College or Business Sclmool GLORIA CHARLOTTE HERTZ - journal Staff: Class Play, Scenery: Student Council: Harmony Club: Intermediate Discussion Club: Senior Discussion Club, Secretary '46: M.M.M.: Luncliroom Committee: Volley Ball '44 SANDRA HIMELBLAU-llistributive Education: HobbyAl3ridge: Works in Frank and Seder's ALVIN I-IOLZER-Basketball '46, '47: Swimming: Intramural Basketball, Champion Uuniorl: Voice H, C, ll: Homeroom Secre- tary-Treasurer, lZB: Green Key: Varsity Club: Discussion Club - 59 , , v-. ELAINE K. HOLZMAN-Dramatic English, Discussion Cluvbj Pool Leader JANICE HONEYFORD-Foreword Representative, Voice Groups A, B, C, Eg Chorus, Favorite Sport-Footballg Vocational Am- bition-Secretary RUTH P. HOROVITZ-Service Clubg Homeroom Vice Presidentg Social Committeeg Orchestra B3 Sigma Iota: Inter-Fraternity- Sorority 'Council DEAN EVANS HOTHAM A Social Representative, 3653 Cheer Leadersg Homeroom Vice Presidentg Microscope Clubg Hi-fCg Track '46, '47g Swimming '46, '47 ESTHER ROSALIND jACOBSONiHigh Honor Student: Dra- matic Englishg Lunchroom Committee: Usher Squadg Foreword Representativeg Discussion Cliubg Sigma Iotag Camera Clubg Vo- cational Ambition-Authropologist SORELIE ANN JACOBSON-Absence Bulleting Foreword Typistg XVar Bond Conimitteeg Sigma Iota, Volley Ballg Soceerg Swimming JUNE CLASS DOROTHY M, JAMISON-Homeroom Secretary: Social Coni- mittee: Voice Group A, R, C, E: Girls Choraleg Hobby!-Dancing: Favorite Sport-Siwiminiugg Honor Student CHARLES G. JOHNSONfHomeroom Presidentg Commencement "' Usher: Absence Bulletin Staffg Favorite Sports-Swimming, lfe N Skating, Foothallg Vocational Ambition-Engineer X' , M, Q7 Fixx R Q . JAY N. JOSEPH--Home-room Treasurer: Orchestra' A. Cg Brass of J Quartet, Discussion Clubg Chess Clubg Hobby Music MARILYN KACHMAN---Dramatic Englislhg Voice Group A, C2 Y-Teens: Sigma Iota: Volley Ball '43g junior Leaders, Red Cross Aide BETTY KALB-Dramatic linglishg Orchestra A, B. Cg Senior Leaders, Microscope Cluh: Senior Discussion Cluibg Senior Sigma lotag Camera Clulh, Presidentg French Clubg Honor Student JOHN FREDRICK KAPPLERfVoice Group A, B3 Male Chorusg HobbyMSwimming .174 WW1 an- -f 60 .-.. L.-,v,-7 MORTON KARELITZ Hobby Collecting Stamps: Favorite PAUL KAUFMAN Track Team 46 47: Favorite Diversion- 'lraulin Vocational Ambition Iaw Favorite Sport-Track: IIRGINIA G KELSEY Voice Groups C, E: Ambition-Profew sional Accordionist lfavorite Sport Baseball ERNEST T KENNEDY Voice Groups B, D: Student Lunch- room Committee Iavorlte Haunt Print Shop: Favorite Sport- FLORENNE BETTY KESSLER Dramatic English Class: Junior Sigma lota Senior Sigma Iota Modern Dance '45, '46: Senior FLORENCE KIMBALL Library Club Special Dance Group: l axoritc Diversion Playing Piano Ambition-To Go to Tech O UNE CLASS ROBERT A. KLEIN-Usher Squad: Student Council: lntranniral Basketball Champions '44: Sigma Iota: Discussion Clu-lm: Micro- scope Cl-ub ROBERT S. KLEIN - Honor Student: Student Council, Vice President: Qualitative Analysis Class: Microscope Club: Student Council Constitution Committee: Student Council Social Connnittec wk S SHIRLEY KLEIN-Vocational Ambition--Office VVork: Likes- Dancing: Favorite Sports-Volley Ball, Skating, Bowling CHARLOTTE RUTHE KLINE-Favorite Sport--Bowling: Voca- tional Ambition-Sccretary: Hotbby-Dancing DOLORES KLINEFELTER-Journal Staff: Bulletin Staff: Voice Group C: Special Dance: Red Cross Worker BARBARA JANE KNABLEYJournal Staff: l.llIlClll'O0lll Patrol: Bulletin Staff: Homeroom Secretary, 1213: Special llanceg Honor Student 61 W' - A-A EVELYN ANN KUZMA-Honor Studentg Foreword Staff: Or- chestra B, C: Microscope Club, Cheer Leaders '45, '46, '47, Inter- Fraternity-Sorority Council BURTON LABOVICKA-lnterestecl in Sportsg Vocational Ambition KARL KOHL-Dramatic English, Lunchroom Patrol, Microscope Club? 'Stage Crewg Hobiby-Collecting Match Booksg Vocational Ambition-Geology ELORENCE KOURN-Journal Art Staff, Junior Sigma lotag Senior Sigma Iotag Senior Science Club, Treasurer, Hospital Aide RI'1fA KOTTLER-Hockey '46g lnter-Fraternity-Sorority Councilg junior Leaders, Special Danceg Ushers Club, Voiqg E ELAINE HOPE KRAMER4Frcnch Clubg journal Staffg junior ISISSUSSIOI1 Club, Junior Leaders, Orchestra Ag Srhield '44, Honor tu ent HARVEY KROVITSKY-Harmony Classg Voice Ag Male Chorusg Favorite Diversion-Sportsg Favorite Haunt, 4123 Hobby-Photog- raiphy BERNARD L. KRUM-Homeroom President, IIB, IUBQ Varsity Clubg Track '45, '46g City Track Champion '45, '46g Football '46 JUNE CLASS -Doctor, Hobby-Sports HARRY LABOVITZ, -A Voice C, B, Football Manager '42, '442 Favorite Orchestra-Stan Kenton JERRY LABOVITZ-eClass Play Castg Dramatic Englishg Lunch- room Patrol: Voice B. C, Dglntermediate Discussion Club: Senior Discussion Club: Senior Science Clubg Chess Club, President: Honor Student EDWIN DANIEL LANGUE-Student Council, Ushers Club, Sec- retary l1Ag Homeroom Vice President, IZBQ Track '46, '47g Green Keyg Inter-Fraternity-Sorority Council EARL M. LATTERMANAHigh Honor Student: Senior Class Presidentg Foreword Staff: Student Couneilg journal Staff, Or- chestra Ag Green Key, Science Club: Cheer Leadersg Swimming Team '453 Basketball '45, '46, '47 " ' 62 NATALIE RUTH LAUFE W Honor Student: Senior Discus- sion Club: Science Club: Camera Club: Sigma Iota: Ho'bbyiCol- lecting Newspaper Headlines JANET BARBARA LEATHEMijournal Staff: Foreword Staff. Co-liditor: Senior Discussion iClu'b: Sigma Iota: German Club: Ifrench Club: Voice Group C, Eg Volley Ball '44 ELEANOR LEBOVITZ-Faslliion Club: Junior Sigma Iota: Senior Sigma Iota: .ltmior Discussion Club: Favorite Sport-Volley Ball JOSEPH S. LENCHNER-aCertificate -of Merit: Microscope Club: Senior Discussion Clutb: Intermediate Discussion Club: Senior Science Clu-b, Treasurer: Science Club of America: Qualitative Analysis Class: Radio English: Columbia School of the Air: Quiz Kids DOLORES ANN LEVICK-Honor Student: Senior Sigma Iota: Senior Science Club: 'Counciilettesg Hobby - Reading: Favorite Sport-Swimming AUDREY LEVINE-Orchestra B, C, D: Senior Leaders: Modern Dance: Volley Ball: Basketball: Favorite Diversion-VVatcbing Football Games JUNE CLASS and Hockey ball: Honor Student MARCIA ANN LEVINE lortuorcl lvpmg., Stiff Xbsenu Bul letin Staff: Voice Group B junior and Stmor Sigma Iota Camera Club: Young' Magicians X Teens Honor Studtnt ROSABELLE LEVITE Dr'iin1tn Ifnglisli Motion Picturc Llub Fundwitli-VVords Uluib Councilcttes laxorite Sport Swimming Favorite Haunt-The Hangout Ilonor Studcnt ARLENE SALLY LEVY X ltcns Noting 'Xlagnulis Llub Sen ior Leaders: Inter-Fraternity Sororitv Council Sports Vollcy Ball BETTY LOU LEVY H1 li Honor Student Iournal Xrt Fditor Majorettesg Foreword Reprcstntitiwe Stllllll' leadcrs Trcasnrer IZB: Microscope Club, Ccrtificatc of Reno mtion MARVIN LEVY--Orchestra R L D Microscope Cl b Sigma Iota: Football Manager 45 46 lntcr lratcrmtx Soioritv Council KAY WAYNE LEWIS Xonc Kroup N laxoritc Sport Basket LOIS MARILYN LEWIS - Social Committee, Discussion Club, Senior Sigma Iota, Senior Leaders, Y-Teens, lnter-Fraternity- Sorority Council, Honor Student ROSEMARIE LEY-Favorite Sport-Golf, Hohbyfllancing, Mu- sical Instrument-Piano SHIRLEY L. LINDEN-journal Staff, Usher Squad, Choirs A, B, C, Eg Girls' Chorale, Senior Sigma Iota, HolrhyQCollecting' Records GERALD LOEVNER-Camera Club: Student Council, IOB, Inter- Fraternity-Sorority Council, Ambition4Business Man, Honor Stu- dent HERBERT LOVEA-Band A, Marching Band, All-City Band, Favorite SDOl't4FO0tb3llQ Vocational Ambition--Surveyor HELEN JEAN LOWMAN-journal Staff: l-lomeroom Treasurer IZB, IZA, Microscope Cluib, Volley Ball '44, '45, '46, Basketball '45, '46, '47, Senior Leaders, Social Chairman, Special Dance, Ad- vanced Fashion Group, Honor Student UNE CLASS ELEANOR LUBIN qloulnal Xit Staff junior Sigma Iota, Senior Sigma Iota, Hobby4lJress Designing, Favorite Haunt-Hangout RAMSEY MACDONALD4Hohihies-Baseball and Football, Fa- xorite llaunt4Homeg Future Prospect-Armed Forces DOMINIC J. MAGLEREH- Honor Student, Hohby-Mechanical llraxvingg Favorite Sport-Baseball, Vocational AmbitionfEngi- neering CHARLOTTE L. MAJOR--journal Art Staff, Stage Design and Scenery, Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, Foreword Representa- tive, Volley Ball '43, '44, '46, In-ter-Fraternity-Sorority C0llIIC1l MARION MANDELiHulletiu Staff, Voice Group C. E, Orchestra EZ junior Chorus: Modern Dance Club, Service Club, Favorite l Jiversion--Howling CARMEN P. MARBELLA-Favorite Sports4Football and Box- ing, Hobby-Fixing Automobiles, Amhition!Auto Mechanic "W 'W "W 54 HELEN B. MARCUS+Voice Group B, Soloist, -Camera Club, Junior Sigma Iota, Community Sing Program, Certificate of Merit for Homeroom Guidance ROSE ELAINE MARTIN-M.M.M., Favorite Sport-Bowling: Hobby-Singing, Vocational A1n'bition-Secretary AILEENE MATTES-High Honor Student: Journal Art Staff: Dance Club: German Club, Senior Leaders, Volley Ball '44, '45, '46, Basketball '45, '46, '47 FRANK MATUSZESKI-Orchestra A, Favorite SportiBasket- ball, Hobby - Making Things, Admircs - Independent, Truthful People ELIZABETH MAWHINNEYijourual Staff, Gym Leader, Voice Groups A, B, C, E, Girls' Chorale, Corresponding Secretary, Inter- Frateruity-Sorority Council, A Cappella Choir, Honor Student SONYA MAZER-Hospital Aide, Volley Ball '43, Hockey '47, Sig-ma Iota, Hobby-Music, Vocational Ambition-Teaching UNE CLASS WILLIAM C. MCCANDLESS-Microscope Club, President, Band A, Aviation Club, Honor Student DOROTHY G. MCCLEAN-M.M.M., Senior Leaders, Activity Club, 214, Favorite Sport-Swimming, Hobbyfllrawing, Enjoys- Books MICHAEL J. MENDELSOHN-High Honor Student, President Homeroom '46, '47, Voice Groups A, B, IJ, Male Chorus-Hobby-- Records, Favorite Sport-Baseball HERSCHEL MERENSTEIN 3 Footfball '45, Basketball '46, '-172 Favorite Sport-Basketball, Hobby-All Sports, Basketball Letter ONA MERVIS-Foreword Representative, l0A, Student Council IOA, IOB, Voice Groups C, E, French Cluib, Vocational Ambition- Airline Hostess PEGGY ANN METZEL-Class Play, Dramatic English: Lunch- room Patrol, Sigma Iota, Voice Groups A, R, C, lf: All-City Girls' Chorus, Majorettes, American Legion Award, Honor Student W 65 JEROME MILLER-journal Stafifg War Bond Committeeg Band Ag Marcfliing Bandg Intramural Basketballg Honor Student ROSLYN CLAIRE MILLER-Group BQ Senior Discussion Clubg Hockey Teamg Sigma Iotag Favorite Sport-Tennis ESTHER R. MILLSTONE-Vocational Ambition-Modelingg En- joys-All Sportsg Hobby-Qllollecting Jewelry HANNAH M. MINTZ-journal Staffg Voice C, Ei Special Dance Clubg Intermediate Discussion Clubg Senior Discussion Clubg Girls' Intramural Activitiesg Hospital Aideg Inter-Fraternity-Sorority Councilg Honor Student ESTHER V. MOLNAR-Orchestra A: Hobbies-Dancing, Re J ing, Observingg Vocational Ambition-Teletypistg Favorite Diie - up h sion-Clothes Accessories t xii PERRY MOORE-Track. Ieamg Favorite Sport-Football'Q:Iobby Stamp Collcctinh, Ambition Druggist QHARLES METZGER-Favorite Sport-Baseballg Hobby-Read- ingg Special Interest-Historyg Vocational Ambition-Machinist GRETE S. METZGER-Usher Cluibg Orchestra C3 Voice Eg Y- Teens: Junior Leadersg Favorite Sport-Swimmingg Vocational Ambition-Receptionist JUDITH RIVA MEYER-journal Staffg Foreword Staffg Band Ag Senior Science Clubg Senior Leadersg Athletic Point Leader: Senior Discussion Clulbg Honor Student NORMA MEYER-Homeroom Treasurer, llA, 12Bg Voice B, C, Eg Sigma Iotag Dance Clubg Favorite Sport-Bowlingg Ambition- Buyer EDWIN H. MILLER-Voice B3 Football '45, '46, '47g Basketball '43g 12B Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer GERALD I. MILLERH4Hobby Musicg Favorite Sport--Baseballg Favorite Orchestra-Boston Symphony: Favorite Haunt-Nixon Tlheatreg Ambition-4Pl1armacyg Honor Student JUNE CLASS I Q35 ogy ' se ,L X I iv xtyi NF V wi W lim? f fxiii GEORGIANNE MORGAN-Voice B, C, E, Hockey Team '46, Volley Ball '44, Ambition-To Tour the World, Hobby-Collecting Records HAROLD C. MORGAN - Microscope Club 3' Gymnastic Team, Chess Club: Radio Club, Foreword Representative '43, '44, Museum Natural Science Club, Honor Student LOIS JEAN MORGANw-Favorite Sport-Ice Skating, Vocational Ambition-Air Hostess, Hobby-Collecting Best Sellers SHELLEY J. MOROV-Voice A, B, Basketball Squad, Hobby- Musical Recordings, Amibition-To Be a Vocalist, Future Prospects Music School WILLIAM MOZEIK-Basketball '46, '47, Transferred from Buffalo, New York, '46, Hobby-Photography, Plays-Clarinet, Vocational Ambition-Electrician WALTER F. MUNHALL, JR.-Vice President, Senior Class, Stu- dent Council, Student Council Problem's Committee, Social Repre- sentative IZA, 12B, llA, 11B, Swimming Teams '46, '47, Journal Staff, Bureau of Recreation Swimming Team, Honor Student UNE CLASS MARGARET L. .MURDZAK-M.M.M., Activities Group, 214, Fa- vorite Sport-Swimming, Received-Three Merits of Honor, Am- bition-Office Work ROBERT G.. MUSI.LLO-Entered from Gladstone, llB, Favorite Sport-Hunting: Enjoys-Swim-ming and Dancing, Vocational Am- b1tionQMeteorologist BERNARD G. NAIMARK-Young Musicians Club, Usher Squad, Erack'lTeam '44, '45, Favorite SporthBasketball, Inter-Fraternity ounci GLADYS M. NAU-Journal Art Staff, Advanced Art, Favorite Sport-Swimming, Scholastic Art Mention, Class Play Scenery, Vocational Am1bitionMConunercial Artist JACK M. NESVISKY-Track '46, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Inter-Fraternity Council, Vocational Ambition-Pharmacist ALBERT NEWBERG-Favorite Sport-Bowling, Vocational Am- bition-Business Man, Distributive Education 67 JOHN S. NICOLELLA-Homerooni Vice President, IOA, 11Bg Microscope Clubg Hi-C5 Favorite SportAFootballg Vocational Am- bition--Pharmacist JAMES F. NOLDEN-Voice A, B: Hi-'CQ Favorite Sport-Foot- ballg Future Prospect-Engineeringg Hobby-Airplane Building KATHLEEN NORRIS-Voice B, C, E3 All-'City Girls' Clhoirg Homeroom President, IZB, l1Bg Homerooni Vice President, lOAg Sold-Defense Stamps and Football Tickets, Sigma Iota GRACE O'BRIEN-Favorite Sport-Swimming, Hobby-Collecting Photographsg Enjoys-Dancing and Swimmingg Vocational Am- bition-Office Work PAUL O'BRIEN-High Honor Studentg Student Couneilg Micro- scope Clubg Discussion Club, Moderatorg Senior Science Club JOHN ORRIS-Voice A, B, C, D5 Vocational Ambition-Radio Techniciang Enjoys-Traveling JUNE CLASS l MAGDALENE ISALLAY Entered from Gladstoneg Favorite Sport-Baseballg Intcrestswllancing, Bowling, All Sports FRANCES SYLVIA PARANSKY--Entered from Fairfax Hallg Inter-Fraternity-Sorority Conncilg Hobbies-Dancing and Swimming DOROTHY E. PARFITT--Journal Staff, Voice A, C, Eg Girls' Chorale, All-City Girls' Chorusg Junior Leaders Club, Volley Ball '44 EARL PARKER-HobbyAStamp Collecting: Favorite Sport- Baseballg Vocational Anibition-Television Technician BARBARA PENNEY - Favorite Sport - Swirnmingg Vocational Ambition-Retail Sellingg Entered from NVCStlI1g'l1OllSCQ Honor Student ALBERT PEOPLES-lintcred from Gladstoneg Hobby!-Huntingg Interest-Boxing LAT, ,,,,, 7, ,,., 7,,.,,, 68 JOAN M. PETERSEN--High Honor Student, journal Staff, Qualitative Analysis Class, Announcer for Fall Orchestra Program? Hobby-Collecting Post Cards, Future Plans-P.C.W. and Teaching VICTORIA PHELPS-Voice B, Favorite Diversions-Reading and Drawing, Enjoys-dfiancing, Vocational Ambition-Artist EILEEN PICKARD-Favorite Sport-Swimming, Hobby-Sports EDITH PRIZENT-High Honor Student, Journal Staff, Foreword Staff, Editorial XVritcr, Student Lunchroom Patrol, Director, Voice Groups B, C, E, All-City Chorus, Magicians Club, Sigma Iota: Discussion Club, junior and Senior Leaders CHARLES PROVAN-HHOIIICTOOIII President, IZA, IZB, Bands A. B, Hi-Y, Secretary, Football '45, '46, Track '47, Varsity Club HENRI A. PRUSZINOWSKI-Voice A, Soloist, French Club' German Club, Diversions-Singing, Listening to Music, Ambition -1Musical Training or Psychological Study, Honor Student JUNE CLASS B L. QU 1,J ',.l,C,,J fx If gf Q! URTON RAPPORT Band A, Orthcstra A, Swing Band, Hobby -Trumpet Playing, Coin Collecting, Ambition-Busincssman JEAN A. ROACH-Senior Vollcy Ball Team '-46: Ambition-Com- mercial Artist, Future Prospect-Art School, Hobby-Oil Painting FLORINE ESTELLE ROBBINSHOrchcstra A, All-City Orches- tra, All-County Music Festival, Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Or- chestra, Majorette '44, '45, '46, '47, Modern Dance, Sigma Iota MARGARET E. ROBERTS-Voice Group A' Girls' Chorale' S . ' A v 1 pe' cial Dance, Plays-Piano and Organ, Hobby--Dancing RUSSELL E. ROBERT scope Club, Baskctroom '44, '45, '46, '47: PlayswTuba SON-Band A, Marching Band, Micro- PEGGY A. ROONEY-Volley Ball '46, Vocational Ambition- Secretary, Hobby-Dancing, Plays-Piano, Enjoys-Discussing' Fashions ., 69 H M , 0'a,,, WL JUNE CLASS BARBARA ROSEN-Homeroom Secretary, 9A, Voice Groups B, C, E, Orchestra. C, All-City Girls' Choir, Modern Dance, Inter- liraternity-Sorority Council, Honor Student ELKAN ROSEINBERG - Dramatic English, Social Committee, Homeroom Social Committee, Orchestra A, Cooking Club MAURICE ROSENBLUM-Class President, l0B, IOA, IIB, Fore- word Representative, 9A, Treasurer, IOA, l0B English Play, Inter- Fraternity-Sorority Council ANDREW ROSSI-I-Iomeroom Secretary, llB, llA: Favorite Sport -Foot-ball , Hobby-Dogs SAMMY ROTH - High Honor Student, Journal Staff? Cheer Leaders, Homeroom President, IZB, IZA, Orchestra A, B, C, Microscope Club, Swimming '43 HERBERT D. ROTHMAN-Dramatic English, Class Play, Home- room President, IOA, Sigma Iota, Inter-Fraternity-Sorority Coun- cil, Treasurer SHIRLEY M. ROWLkNDfVoice Groups B, C, Hobby-Piano, Favorite Sport--Football, Entered from Mifflin Elementary School, 9B ELEANOR LOUISE RUBIN-1M.M.M., Discussion Club, Sigma Iota: Hobby-Bridge, Certificate of Recognition, Favorite Sport- Baseball, Honor Student RICHARD MICHAEL RYABIK-Swimming Team '45, '46, '47, Gym Team '45, Hobby-Painting, Interested in Metal Craft and Marble Shooting JAMES RYAN-Hobby-Collecting Records, Favorite Sports- Football, Basketball, Baseball, Ambition-To Join the Army MARCIA SACHS-journal Staff, Student Council Social Com- mittee, Usher Squad, Sigma Iota, Favorite Sport-Golf, Hobby- Playing Piano, Ambition-Secretary GRACE JOANNE SALZMAN - High Honor Student, Journal St ff Editor, Foreword Staff, Editor, l2lB Social Committee, a Student Council Social Committee, Orchestra A, B, Senior Lead- ers, Qualitative Analysis Class, Usher Squad, All-'City Orchestra, Student Council Problems Committee, Bulletin Writer 70 ' DOLORES M. SAVAGE-Voice Group B, Senior Sigma Iota, Hobby-Collecting Rare Records ALLAN W. SCHULTZ - Dramatic English, Lunchroom Com- mittee, Voice Groups A, B, C, D, Male Chorus, Boys' Cooking Club, Aviation Club WILLIAM W. SCHWARTZ-Class President, 9A, Vice President IOB, IIB, Student Council, Intramural Basket-ball, Vocational Am- bition-aPharmacy MICHAEL SECOLIHMicroscope Club, Favorite Sport-Football, Diversion-Dancing GLADYS SEGAL-Honor Student, Defense Stamps Committee: Voice Groups C, E, Favorite Sport-Swimming, Discussion Club TEMA R. SEIDMAN-Honor Student, Dramatic English, Student Council, Lunchroom Patrol, Orchestra A, B, C, Senior Discussion Club: Majorettes, Senior Leaders, Basketball '43-'46, Volley Ball '43-'47 JUNE CLASS JANICE SEINER-High Honor Student, journal Art Staff, Dra- matic English, 12B Social Connnitt-ee, Foreword Staff, Art Editor, Student Council, President, Scope Club, Usher Squad, Sigma Iota, Homeroom Secretary KATHERINE MARGARET SHACKELFORD-Voice Groups B, C, E, All-'City Girls' Chorus, Sigma Iota, German Club, junior Leaders MARY SHAPERO-Distritbutive Education Class: Favorite Sport-- Baseball, Vocational AmbitioniReal Estate Agent MARILYN SHERMAN N Journal Staff, Foreword Staff, Voice Groups B, C, E, Certificate of Merit, Peace Day Award, Voca- tional Ambition-Psychologist, Honor Student DONALD SHERRILL-Dramatic English, Homeromn President: Bands A, B, C, Marching Band, Microscope Club, Vice President: Cheer Leaders '45, '46, Vocational Ambition-Radio Announcer, Honor Student PHYLLIS H. SHUSSETT-Orchestras A, B, Y-Teens: Hobby-- Music, Favorite Sport-Swimming, Vocational Ambition-Secrw tarial Work ,A 7 1 -,, - , MELVIN SIEGEL-Cheer Leaders '46g Favorite SportwHockeyg Avocational Interest4H0rses RUTH KING SIGAL-Foreword Representativcg Modern Danceg Favorite Sports-Football and Hockeyg Vocational Ambition- Dietitian JERRY SILVERMAN-Band A3 Marching Bandg Orchestra Ag Voice Group Ag Male Cliorusg HY" Choral Group HARRY J. SIMMONS-Football '45, Hobby-Sportsg Favorite Sport-Footballg Entered from Gladstone, 11B JEROME J. SIMON-Usher Squadg Defense Stamps Committee, junior Varsity Basketball, Favorite Sport-Basketball GEORGE L. SIMONS-Hobby-Old Carsg Favorite Sport-Swim- ming, Vocational Ambition-Architect JUNE CLASS STANLEY H. SIMONSU-journal Staff: Foreword Staffg Student Council, Student Council Social Committee, Treasurer, 10th Gradeg Senior Discussion Clubg Vocational Amrbitiondjournalismg Honor Student MARY LOIS SMILLIE-Bulletin Staffg Homeroom Vice Presi- dentg Favorite Sport4Baseballg Vocational Ambition-Secretary JAMES L, SMITH-Dramatic Englishg Hotneroom Vice President, 1lBHPrcsident, 1lAg Chess Clubg French Clubg Microscope Clubg Football '46, Swimming '46g Honor Student ANITA MAE SMOLEVITZfService Clubg Bulletin Staffg Or- chestras A, C, D, Eg All--City junior Orchestrag Y-Teens JERRY SMOLOVITZ-Homeroom Treasurerg Basketball '45, '46, '473 Favorite Diversion-Playing Basketball CHARLES MARK SOLOF-Dramatic English: Class Playg Lunch- room Patrolg Foreword Staff: Usher Squad: Sigma Iotag Swim- ming '44-'46g IZB SOCi3Jl'C01'lll11ll1tCCI Student 'Councilg Honor Student 'C' 72 LILLIAN MARY SOLTEZ-Senior Life Savingg Favorite Diver- sion-Swimmingg Vocational Ambition-Secretary ROBERT SOZANSKIwHo'bbies-Photography and Radiog Favorite Sport-Footballg Vocational Ambition-Engineer HARRY M. SPECTOR-journal Staffg Senior Science Clnlwi Uiil- cussion Club: German Clubg Chess Clnbg Co-organizer of Senior Science Clufbg Honor Student RUTH PEARL SPECTOR-Luncliroom Patrolg Orchestras A, B, C, D3 Library Clubg Sigma Iotag German Clubg Volley Ball '-423 Ambition-Violinist MITCHELL SPERLING-journal Staff! Homeroom Treasurer: Discussion Clubg Intramural Basketball '47g Vocational Ambition-- Industrial Engineering JOHN L. SPIEGEL-Discussion Clubg Track Team '-465 Intramural Basketball: Vocational Ambition-Lawyer UNE CLASS HERBERT N. SPOKANE-Motion Picture Club: Favorite Sport -Volley Ballg Enjoys-Basketball JOHN J. STANZIANO-Football '45, '-16: Interested-Sportsg En- tered from Gladstone ANITA STEIN-Voice Group B: Favorite Diversion-Music: Fa vorite Sport-Ice Skating: Vocational Ambition-Singer ua itatlwe nalysis Class, Student Council, Intermediate Dis- cussion Clulbg Class Play 'Cast PAUL ALAN STEINMAN-High Honor Pupil: Dramatic English' Q 1. . Y A K. , I . I . . JOCELYN STERN-Hockey Club: Enjoys-Skating: Favorite Di- version-Dancingg Vocational AmbitioniSecretary EDWARD HARTLEY STEUER-Track Team '45, '-473 Chess Club' Swimming '453 Homeroom Vice President, IOAQ Sigma Iota: Stu dent Council v Z----7 73 -t.T .Y- .-.,, ,IOHN W. STINSOIV-Vice President Homeroom, Voice Group A, Scope'Club, Swimming, Gymnastics, Favorite Diversion-Base-ball, Vocational Ambition-Surgeon VIRGINIA L. STOEIIR-Entered.from Wilkinsburg High, 11B, ?0b3JYEC0ll6Ci1ng King Cole Trio Records, Favorite Sport- 'oo a EVELYIV M. SUDINA-M.M.M., Lunchroom Patrol, Voice Group BJASDCCI-H1 Dance, Volley Ball '46, Certificate of Recognition, Vo- cational Ainibition-Secretary IRIS LORRAINE SUKOLSKY - Disrritbutive Education Class: Vocational Ambition-Secretary FRANK W. TAYLOR-Band A, Orchestras A, B, Hobby-Sports, Ambition-To Be a Good Drummer, Vocational Ambition-Drafts- 1113.11 LARRY THORPE-JChess Club, Discussion Club, Tennis '47, Fa- vorite Sport-Tennis, Vocational An1bitionWl.aWyCl'l Honor Student JUNE CLASS ROBERT TOMANIO4Hobby-Saying Sports Pictures, Favorite Sport-Baseball THOMAS E. TOVEY - Homeroom Vice President, Microscoipe Club, Green Key, Vice President, Hi-Y, Vice President, Varsity Club, Basketball '45, '46, '47, Football '44, '45, Basketball Captain THOMAS T. TRIMMER--Senior Class Treasurer, Homeroonl President, Hi-Y, Green Key, Varsity Club, Microscope Club, Football '44, '45, '46, High Honor Student SARALY MITZI TYRNAUER-Dramatic English, Junior and Senior Sigma Iota, Modern Dance, Camera Club, Senior Leaders, Basketball '46, '47, Hospital Aide ELIZABETH E. UZONYI-Book Room Club, Voice Groups C, E, Senior Leaders, Basketball '46, Foreword Representative, Enjoys-Swimming and Dancing WILLIAM VESHANCEY4Group A, B, C, Male Chorus, Hobby -Photography, Favorite Sport-Football 'M' 74 A' N W DOLORES J. WALKER-Hobby-Reading': Favorite SportABas- ketball: Enjoys-Movies STANLEY B. WATT - Homeroom Vice President: Microscope Club: Track Team '45, '-17: Hobby-Pencil Sketclhingg Vocational Ambition-Commercial Artist ALBERT B. WEINER-Jouriial Staff: Defense Stamps Committee: Homeroom Vice President: Orchestras B, C, D: Swimming '42 '43, '44 THOMAS J. WEIR'-'HLIIIISFOOHI President: Hobbies-Hunting and Fishing: Ambition-+Businessman PHYLLIS A. WEISS-Latin Clufb: Favorite Diversion-Dancing: Favorite Sport-Swimming: Vocational Amfbition-Mathematician: Honor Student ROBERT S. WHITMAN-Class Play: Dramatic English: Book Room Club: Microscope Club: Senior Science Club: Hobby- Archeology K JUNE CLASS Football . LOIS H. WINER-Baiid B: Senior Discussion Club: Majorettes: Charm Club: Volley Ball '45: Vocational Ambition-Actress PAULA HELEN XVOLLNER-Lunchroom Patrol: M.M.M.: De- fense Stamps Committee: Favorite Sport-Swimming: Certificate of Award BRUCE J. WOODS-Homeroom Treasurer: Hi-C Club: Favorite Sports-Swimming and Football 3 CHARLES A. WOODS-Stage Crew: Hi-C: Swimming '44-'-17: Hobby-Flying: Swimming Letter JOAN BETH WORLEY-Journal Staff: journal Art Staff: Fore- word Staff: Homeroom Vice President: Placement in Scholastic Exhibition: Vocational Ambition-Cartoonist , PAUL WELCH-Entered from Gladstone, IIB: Favorite Sport- EDWARD F. WORRAL4Homeroom Secretary: Hi-Y: Varsity Club.: Microscope Club: Football '-16: Hotbby4Collecting Biological Specimens QUEENIE WYANT-Voice Group B: Hobby-Art: Entered from Gladstone, llB: Vocational Ambition-Stcnograpliy PAUL B.A WYNETT-Caniera Club: "Artists Four": Homeroom Vice President: llobbyfaljrawingg Vocational Ambition-Drawing: Art Awards MARGARET YALCH-Voice Group C: Hobby-Collecting Per- fume Bottles: Vocational AnrbitionMStenograpl1y ARTHUR YANN, JR.--Intramural Clliaxnpionsliip Team: Favorite Sport-Basketball JOHN C. YELOUSHAN-Picture Machine Operator, Auditorium: Hobby4VVood Cutting: Favorite Sport-Hockey: Certificate of Recognition NE CLASS JAMES YOUNG Orrllcstra X, ualxtative Analysis Class: Hobby-Model Airplanes: Honor Student IRENE GEORGIA YOURGAS - M.M.M., President: Dramatic English, Secretary: Class Play, Student Manager: Hobby-Music CAROLINE ZAPPA--Hobby-Sewing: Enjoys-Football, Baseball, Movies: Entered from Gladstone, llB: Vocational Ambition! Secretary CLAIRE BLUM ZELIGMAN-Honor Student: Dramatic English: M.M.M.: Library Club: Lunczliroom Patrol: Sig-ma Iota: Hobluyaf Scouting: Vocational Ambition-Nursing MILDRED ZERELSTEIN!Forewortl Staff Typist: Library Club: Service Club: Sigma lota: Bulletin Staff: Vocational Ambitionf Secretary MARGARET ZIHAL4Honor Student: Journal Staff: Foreword Representative: Student Council: Bulletin Staff: Volley Ball: Service Club: Vocational AmbitionfSecretary ' 176 ALTHA A. ZEILER f-Bullctin Staff: llomeromn Treasurer and Sccrctaryg Vocational :Xin-hition41'rivate Secrctaryg Honor Student RALPH ZIVIELLO-Hobby--lDrawing3 Favorite Sport4Bascballg Vocational AmbitionYArtist BERNARD Z. CAPLAN-Favorite Sport-Baseballg Hobby- Sportsg Ambitiongiiollegc for Business Administration. BERNARD LEFF-Lunchroom Committee: Football '44, '-15: Var- sity Clubg Favorite Sport-Footiballg Vocational Ambition-Dentist WILLIAM N. ADAMS-Voice Group H3 Football '46: Track '46g Swimming '46, '47g Enj0ys+Music: Vocational Ambition-Arcliitcct JUNE CLASS 77 -A' WGHHONOR LUZ6 H6155 0lZ0l' 10 Paul Steinman Kalmaine Deakter Betty Lou Levy Jean Breckenridge Aileene Mattes Janice Seiner Bruche Dunn George Harrison Earl Latterman Robert Cohen Elynor Bruce Margaret Zihal Henri Pruszinowski Stanley Simons LaVerne Aussenberg Dolores Levick Arlene Deakter Jerome Miller Natalie Laufe Barbara Knable Rose Caruso Joanne Adamitz Betty Kalb Gladys Segal Richard Cosentino Robert S. Klein Evelyn Kuzma Tema Seidman Stanley Goldstein Rosabelle Levite Paul H. Kaufman Shirley Balb0t Edith Finegold Morton DeBroff Marcia Levine Natalie Adler Judith Meyer Kay Wayne Lewis Ada Lou Abelson James Young Barbara Penney George Cawley . Domenic Maglere Gerald Chotiner Dorothy Jamison Barbara Rosen HONOR Gertrude Fehl Samuel Roth Michael Mendelsohn Joan Petersen Grace Salzman Edith Prizent Robert Cooper Paul O'Brien Jack Faust Esther Jacobson Tom Trimmer Ina Jean Cohen Donald Sherrill Peggy Metzel Gloria Friedman Lois Lewis Jerry Labovitz Charles Davidson Gerald Loevner Hannah Mintz James Smith Elizabeth Mawhinney Helen Lowman Joseph Friedman Walter Munhall Phyllis Griesman Willis Gogniat Marilyn Diller Gerald Miller Harry Spector Helene Cohen Mona Lee Haid William McCandless Elaine Kramer Phyllis Weiss Eleanor Rubin Altha Zeiler Claire Zeligman Grace Evans Charles Solof Lillian Blumenthal Louise Edge Marilyn Sherman Eunice Belinky Eleanor Floria Marion Gruene 78 - 00m 22 Teacher-Mr. August K. Winterling President ..........,.........,....,... 4 ,..., ...,.4.4.4.....,....,..,....,.....,...,.. S tanley Goldstein Vice President .s,,. Secretary , 4.A,...., . . ,.4... ,. Treasurer .....,.,..............,......,.,........ Foreword Representative .,...,......... .......Richard Cosentino ,........,Ruth Horovitz ........Charlotte Major ........Charlotte Major Student Council Representative ...... ...i.....,, G loria Hertz Social Committee ...,..i...........................,......,....,...,....,...,.,........., Ruth Horovitz In certain prominent qualities, Some people highly rateg To find these definite specialties. Go to Room 228. And there y0u'll find: Herbie Ar1z0ld's super looks: llla-lly Feldmaifs music books: Sclzwarfs and Parker, rays of joyg fllau Schull: our flying boyg Key Lewis' curly red hairg The glances Elkic and Ruthie share: Rapport and his precious hom: And even Burt La B0'vick's corn: Sweet manner of Ruth Cliillcoffs ways: The good sense Cosentino displays: Leffs and CG'26l'lf'jlJ5 wits so dry: Swimmer Fvrko, rather shyg Fzma arriving after nine: Kazrfnzfan, always right on time: .lrroma Millmds crazy expressions: Doris Harkiifs "True Confessionsu: Our sincere football hero, Franj His friend DiNr1rd0, the ladyls mang The quiet efficiency of Gloria Hvrfsq Clzarlofte Marjorlr wrap-around skirts Sorvlie .IIICOIPSOIIYX shining black bangs The way Lillian l3l11111entl1al's white sweater hangsg Carefree and likeable Art lyllllllf Pin up pix by our artist Stmig Proud and sharp frat boy Drsmzg Estlzcfs smile forever teasin'1 Rosie Martiifs tale of dates: folzimie Spiegel, he'll always rate: loan lfV0rl0y's winsome personality: Arlene Dcaktefs sweet formality: But of all the things we'll leave behind And equal will be hard to find. For our homeroom teacher Mr. XVinter- ling, lVe'll miss him above everything. 79 garner' ' rrrm4' A' 00172 2 " r Teacher-Miss Dorothy Albert President ....,.....,.............,.....,..,.A.........................,............,....,.,....,.,, Sammy Roth Vice President ...,....A..,..... .....A...,. Earl Latterman Secretary-Treasurer A................,...., .,,,..............,.,... .....,..,.,. . -X lvin Holzer Foreword Representative ,.,............ . ..,.....,..............,, LaVerne Aussenberg Student Council Representatives. , .. ...,.,, Robert S. Klein. Grace Salzman Social Committee ..,. .,.., .. .. ....,,,.,.,.......,...,.,.., A .........,........, Grace Salzman K nowledge, thatls how our Ear1's been gifted, With leading hand, class worries he's lifted. N ext comes Gracie, personality plusg VVhere scintillates laughter, there also is Gus. O ver-all sweetness is shown by Elaine, Allderdice's loss is college's gain. W on't we remember our Marjorie Ann? She's always helping wherever she can. S onya's jolly, she laughs at our jokes. To like her there's none you need ever coax. O pportunity for our Hannah awaits. l-ler answers are witty, and she sets the gaits. M ickey is charming, delightfully sweet, To have scores of friends to her is no feat. E very class has an all-around guy, XVith us it is Johnny, donit ask us why. T he queen of the Majorettes is our Marje, Jerry has talents too great to enlarge. H arty is one of the class we will miss, His niceness to know has made us know this. I n all the wide world, there's none like our Al, To all in the class Alvin's one swell pal. N ot to be left out is Delores Ann, She can be sweet as anyone can. G ness whom we all like? lt's Shelly-that man! Sings like Sinatra. looks better than Van. 80 D an is quiet, but the reliable kind Wliois very straightforward and knows his mind O ften we'll hear of our Janet-that girl Is to our class a perfect pearl. S ammy brings laughter wherever he goes, 'KQuincey', is wonderful, everyone knows. O thers have many traits, Judy has all, She's ready to help at each beck and call. M arcia's sincerity wins our acclaim, That is one thing from which all of us gain. E ddie is clever, a witty boy, too, Our tribute deserving-"Hats off to you!" T o say hels likeable is not quite enough. We'1'e speaking of Raymond, he's got thc stuff H andsome describes our Klein, Bobbie S., And Bobbie A., too, rates high, you can guess I ndeed, next in line is congenial "Stush," To make his acquaintance. all the girls rush. N othing is too much for our Flora Belle, Her helpfulness puts us under her spell. G entility reigns with little Arlene, The answer to many a young man's dream. B etty is pretty, a charming young lass. To her the fellows come running, en masse. E lean0r's smile is a joy to us all, Her brilliancy rivals that of old Sol. S hirley is radiant, kind and sincere, For her future success, none of us fear. O ver-all worthiness is our own Mel, This chap for a million We would not sell. M ost "Peoples" are nice. we have proof to show: But Albert's the best, we want you to know. E ach room has a Rita, we hope for them. For just being herself, she's quite a gem. T he class musician is gifted LaVerne, To her for the piano classics we turn. H e's just our Bill, an ordinary guy, But with his classmates he rates pretty high. I n being sincere, Delores is queen: There's nothing 'bout Dolly could ever be mean N ext comes Gerald, a nice quiet man. He's the one fellow who does when he can. G oing to end now, not least but the last, Is Leo, with qualities fine and vast. We're 253, we beat all the rest, Of all the homerooms, we think we're the best. And now as we leave, we just want to say. "Good luck to you others who'll soon come this way.' 81 'i mmm" 00172 2 rMAf mfn--own TeacherAMiss Agnes Kerr l'resident .. ,..,. ....... ........A...,.,..........,...........,.,.... ...,.... D o 1 iald Sherrill Yice President ...,., .......... R ose Caruso S6C1'QtZll'y ...... .... ,,., ..., 4..4,. 5 I 3, 1 1iCQ Seinef Treasurer . ,.,,...... , ,.,.,..,...... .,.,.,. ....,,..,.. B r uee VVoods Foreword Representative ....., .,...r. ........ E c lith Finegold Student Council Representative ...r, ...... J anice Seiner Announcing the presentation of that terrifieally terrifying mystery entitled "How Dismal's My Alley" written by that master of super-suspense, joseph Friedman . . . CHARACTERS Damsel in Distress ,. .. .A..,..,.,...l....,.....l.. ..,.......,...... ...... a nice Friedman Sheriff Snupersuds . ,. ...,....., ....,,r, ,....... . I ames Young Chief Assistant Rinse You NYhite ,..4........ ........ I ohn Nicollela The Hero CVVe're not quite sure why hut every mystery has onej ,.,..,...., ....,..,. C1 erald Borman Suspects City Slicker ...r......,....,.,.... .. .,....,.......,............,.... ,.......... D onald Sherrill Rig Time Operator in Buhhle Gum Racket ...... ...... ....... H e rbert Rothman Little Man XYho XYasn't There fNYho wasn't anywhere as far as we can seej .....,.....,........ Bruce VVoods The Upstairs Maid Caught Downstairs ...,...,....4,,...... ..,.... F rances Paransky YX'olf in Sheep's Clothing ,.,,..................,....., .,..,...,.. L arry Thorpe Yictini's Brother NYho Returns after "Mysterious YX'anderings" ...........,...,.........,........,..............,.. Bernard Krum Very Suspicious Character Seen at Notorious Hangout .,,.,.... Manuel Brodie - 82. Other Characters The Girl NVho Thickens the Plot ....4.......,,.............,..,....... The Strange Wloman Always Collecting fCollecting Wlhat, XVe don't know. That's in Chapter Zj ...... .... Special F.B.I. Investigator sent up to investigate the investigation ,.,...,.......... ,...... Sheriff's Secretary CShe takes it all in including the Sheriffj ..A....,,.,...,........,,...,.. The Stranger Qliveryone else knows him but the victim still doesn't suspectj ...... .... The Rich Uncle VVho Turns Up for a Happy Little hndmg .............,.,.....,.,.,.........,... ........ . Love Interest tVVell. she's interested anywayj... The Sweet Young Thing Wlho Gets It All in the End .......4.......t.,,l......,.,.......... .,..... ..... The Nice Little Scientist VYho Keeps Getting Her Chemicals Mixed ......l,.,. ....... The Guy NVith the Perfect .Xlibi ......... ..., Sound Effects : In Charge of Squeeking Door and Clanking Chain Department ....... .... Blood Curdling Screams ......,,..,....... .. ...,,.........Jean Fine 4 ,... Edith Finegold ....Ralph Zivillio Norma Meyer ..,Herbert Spokane ,Daniel Benjamin .Ada Lou Abelson ...Rosabelle Levite .Libby Mawhinney .,,...George Simons ,Robert Tamania .........Janice Seiner Long Low VVolf Calls .,.,..,...4......... ..,..,.. M orton Karelitz Costumes: Making Sheep's Clothing for VVolves ,..... .....,.. X Vilma Arnowitz Miscellaneous : In Charge of All Those Artistic Masterpieces dropped at Intervals to confuse the issue .........,. ., In Charge of picking up all those masterpieces in time for the next performance ...........,.....,...,................,. To Give our little presentation Eye Appeal ...Rose Carus Operator in Charge of broadcasting this "Play of the Minute" to the Eskimos .,..........,.,.,,.. . Entertainment during intermission: Solo, "Sleepy Time Gal" ,.., ............ I ,. Special Effects fVVe're not sure what they are but they sure effectj ,............,. Head of Our Free Publicity Department Uust think, something for nothingj .... In Charge of Banking Our Proceeds CHours on this job from l2 noon to 12 Prompter fNever late, you knowj .......,........ :Ol inclusivej ..,.....Aileen Mattes ,Arthur DeMatteo o, Florine Robbins ...,...Harry Spector Virginia Stoehr Dorothy Cameron .Mildred Zerelstein ..,.........Editl1 Hart Betty Uzonyi 83 Wm - 0017! 260 Teacher-Miss Eleanor Bardsley President . .. ,.,, n .......,..,,...,.,............................ ..,.. P eggy Metzel Vice President ..,.... Albert VVeiner Secretary . , . ...,. Stanley Simons Treasurer . .. . .... ,...... M aurice Amdur Foreword Representative .. ............. Ruth Sigal Student Cuuncil Representative ..,.n,. Tema Seidman 'Twas on a wintry innrning clear, Miss XYZl.Q'6l1lillCCllt was calling from lYhen Miss liardsley came all lull ut 21-l-, cheer. Such a connnution you never have seen. Slime pupils were waiting' at the door, "To me Chirman and Labovitz send, tThey were the ones who came beforefl Discussion Club woes they must mend." Then music came to each one's ear: Edge and Spector, violinists, were here. And Queenie joined in, warbling. oh so Scarcely had teacher turned the key, Than lo, and behold! what did she sec? There sat Kalmaine with the strangest look, Sweet' . . . , IH from of her H large wig book' Then the entire class Jumped to its feet. For an incident occurred hard to bear. "Help me. help me." she did cry, Someone had messed up Amdur's hair! .Ns Jim Smith came passing by. Then into the room came a flash of He was of small help, it was true. light, He had his physics yet to do. Wollner was here with hair to bright. YA "" Y 'A 84 Jocie and Marion were in the rear, Gossip was flitting from ear to ear. Solof was showing his latest creation, At the sight of it, Tema said, "It's a sensation !" Back in the corner, out oi the way, Peggy and Jeanie were reading the play. Buddy and Sonny almost came late: Each was in the making of a date. As Bugs walked in, Olla did shout, "Hey, Al, what's this physics all about F" Gladys and Greta collaborated, it's true. For both had the same homework to do. Nolden and Levy had boxscores out. While Naimark and Simon gathered about. They debated as to who the pennant would win, And talked of the games to which they had been. Bruche quietly sat doing her work, For her homework she never would shirk. .Xs Yetta came in, to Bunie she did . walk, They both sat down for an earnest talk. Stan came from 262, looking his best: Edith cried out, "Are we having a test?" Norris and Kathy Came in, walking slow, They had lots to say and no place to go. Skippy was profoundly discussing law, .Ns Ona came in, chewing gum in her jaw. Ruthie, for the Foreword, from Cohen was trying To collect the money he kept denying. The bell rang and Miss liardsley began the roll, She said, "lfveryone's here, except Karl Kohl." This is how our school days did start. And now we and Allderdice surely must part. IT'S ALL IN A NAME The Big Sleep-In class every morning Ifudercurrent--during tests Till the End of Timm'-till the 3 105 bell rings Dressed to Kill-at the Twin Twirl Deception-Honestly! I didn't write that early dismissal. Deadline at Daren-for the Foreword ,Make M'ine Music-Orchestra A To Each His Own-answers on a test?? The Valley of Decision?-to cut or not to cut Spcllbozmd-The day report cards come out Love Letters--Notes passed in class The Last Chance-Graduation A' rm i 00172 Teacher-Miss Bertha O. Mitchell President ,...... ..,. ..A...........,,,,., .A..........A,.,.......4.,..........,.,......... rl ' l ioxnas Trinunei Vice President ...... ., . ..,.,.,...... ,.............. .,....,.....4........,,..., ' .......,A rl ' honias Tovex Qeeretary ..AA........, ..A....,.,.,,. .4..... l ' Idward VVorral Treasurer ..........,......,..,...........,....... ...,.. L lerry Sniolovitl lforeword Representative ,...,...,..,,... ...,.. E leanor Lubin Student Council Representative ,.r. . ..,..........,..........,,,.....,.,.... Margaret Zihal WE'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER Red-haired Jerry Smolovitz the boy who gets them all. The tardiness of Robertson who always roanis the hall. Pat Flynn has been our pride this year, lee Follies is her aini. lVe'll ne'er forget Tom Tovey with wonderful basketball game Ed Worrall the leader of the crowd, swell to have around. Joan Brown our cutest little lass with good-will does abound. Peg Rooney is a quiet girl with nothing niuch to say. lVe like Hi-Yi's Tom Trimmer with his happy-go-lucky way. Here's to Altha Zeiler and Eddie Miller, toog Here's to Mary Smillie, without thein we'd be blue. Cookie Savage is our girl, the nicest anywhere: Then there's Lois Winer who has talent to spare. Edna Chiles and Audrey Furcron always in some trouble: Margie Zihal does so much work she surely has a double. Florence Korn and Phyllis Weiss are always so much fun. VVe hear that Tommy Weir already has his heart won. Evelyn Sudina is trim with hair so blonde. Of Eileen Gross and Eileen Pickard we are all quite fond. 86 Frank Matuzeski, a likeable lad, he's really the very best. Chuckie Woods could beat us all in any swimming test. Peggy Roberts has the looks, on this we all agree. Without our artist Eleanor Lubin where would our calendar be? Jean Roach is very happy and very gay they sayg Bill Walker and Bern Caplan add a bright touch to our day. Lou Bryant is attractive and she is very sweet. Dot Parfitt's personality is very hard to beat. Here's to every laddie, and to every lassg Here's to everyone included in the Senior Class. STUDENT, REST! QNVith due apologies to Sir VValter Scott! Student, rest! thy schooling o'er, Sleep the sleep that knows not breaking: Dream of English themes no more, Days of worry, nights of waking. In Allderdice's annex hall, Grades no more will cause you stewing. jazzy strains of music fall, Every sense in slumber dewing. Student, rest! thy schooling o'er, Dream of physics tests no more, Sleep the sleep that knows not breaking, Morn of toil, nor night of waking. No rude sound shall reach thine ear, Street cars clang, or buses cramping, Books nor pencils summon here, Spaghetti cold, or E grade damping. Let not thought of teachers come At the daybreak, 1ny good fellow, Nor waking call on his ear drum, Booming from the kitchen shallow. Ruder sounds shall none be near, Tests nor homework challenge here. Here's no schoolish rush and cramming, Shouting pupil's shove and jamming. Student, rest! thy work is done, While our slumberous spells assail ye, Dream not with the rising sun, Knowledge gained shall never fail thee. Sleep! the book is in its place: Sleep! thy diploma by thee lyingg Sleep! but keep not up your pace On other's work relying. Student, rest! thy school days done, Look up to that rising sun, For, at dawning, to assail ye, Knowledge gained will never fail thee. 87 00112 Teacher-Miss Leila H. Rupp President ..,.,.,.,...,...,.4,.......,.,..,......,.,.,,....,.,...,.....,................,.........,... Clyde Clark Vice President ....,.,., .......,. .A..........,.. G e raldine Dosey Secretary-Treasurer ..............,.,.,. ....,.. M iehael Catalano Foreword Representative ....,.,.......4.. ..,.r.... I oanne Adanntz Student Council Representative ...,. .,4,,.., G eraldine Dosey joanne R. Adaniitz "My Desirel' Natalie May Adler "Tliere's No One Shirley Balbot "Easy to Love" Edgar Bernstein But You" "He's the Talk of tlie Town Edgar Bluestone "Seatterbra1n" lflynor Mae Bruce "XX Pretty Girl is like Elaine M. Burke :L Melody" just sweet J R--Ravishing A-Attractive N-Natural M-Metieulous A-Affable SYSlender B-Beautiful E-Easy-going B-Benevolent E-Exuberant B-B old E-Extraordinary M-Musical B-Brilliant E-Earnest "Sophisticated Lady" M-Moderate B-Blithe ,lolin Cain I-.lovial "He's My Guy" C-Careful ' 88 Richard Campbell "My Hero" Robert E. Campbell "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" Shirlee Caplan "My Sugar is So Refined" Dexter Mable Carr "Bless You for Being an Angel" Michael Catalano "I Get a Kick Out of You" Clyde Leslie Clark "Lazy Bones" Deloris Collins "Mam'selle" Anna Barbara Connor "VVhen Irish Eyes are Smiling" Thomas Corcoran "Stars in Your Eyes" Norman ul. Cowie "I Don't Know Enough About Y Marilyn M. Diller "Sweet and Lovely" Geraldine L. Dosey "You Are Too Beautiful" Theodore R. Druga "That's for Me" Jack C. Faust 'Tm a Shy Guy" Earl I. Feingold I R-Rugged C-Champion R-Robust E-Energetic C-Chivalric virtues S-Sincere C-Captivating D-Deft -Mischievous C--Careful -Masterful C-Casanova C-Collegiate L-Lackadaisical C-Cutting capers D-Dependable C-Cheerful A--Always faithful B-Bashful C-Charming T-Terrif ic C-Clever N -Natural I-J ack-of-all-trades C-Capable -Merry -Meek D-Darling G-Gracious L-Lively D-Delightful T-Tactful R--Reliable D-Dashing' J-Joker C-Companionable F-Friendly E-Enthusiastic "Someone to VVatch Over Me" Initiative F-Frank Florence Kimball F-Faithful "Here Comes Heaven Again" K-Kindly 89 Dolores Marie Klinefelter "Pretty Baby" Natalie Ruth Laufe "Dark Eyes" Audrey A. Levine uE111lJI'Z1CCE1lJlC You" Lois M. Lewis "My Buddy" Carmen P. Marbella "You Go to My Head" Perry B. Moore "My Ideal" Victoria Phelps "The Charm of You" james Ryan 'KI-Iow Many Hearts Have You Broken?" Michael Secoli "I Like Mike" Anita A. Stein "Green Eyes" Frank VV. Taylor D-Divine M-Mischievous K--Kind-hearted N-Notable R-Radiant L-Lovable A-Athletic A-Ambitious L-Lovely L-Luscious M-More fun L-Lively C-Canrl id P-Punster M-Manly P-Polite B-Beaming M-Magnetic personality V-Vivacious P-Popular J.. R-Rare humor jaunty M-Masculine S-Sociable A-Ambitious A-Amiable S-Sagacious F-Friendly "In My Merry Oldsmobile" W-VVitty T-Tactful Paul VVynett P-Personality plus "Artistry lump" YV-VVise john C. Yeloushan J-'Iivey "You Are My Sunshine C-Care-free Y-Youthful 90 00172 360 + Teacher-Mr. Robert C. Trumbull President ..... ...A.............,......A...,........,...,A..,.,.........,.,...,...... R fliehael Mendelsohn Vice l'resident ,.,,,. .,....,,.,......, S tanley W'att Secretary .. .. .,..,.,.,.,......,,,.. .,....,.. 1 Zarbara Knable Treasurer .A.,, . ........,...............A .,..... B Iitchell Sperlin Foreword Representative .,..,....... ...,..,..........,.........,....., l Setty l.ou Lew Student Council Representative ..... .,.....,.e..,....,..... .......,.,.... X N 'alter Klunhall Social Committee .,...,.,.,.....,,.,. ....... ,.,,.,.. I 1 ia .lean Cohen, XValter Blunhall Our Cru You may have heard the "Hit Parade" NYith songs both new and old: But we will sing you songs That never have been told. There is a song for each of us That best describes the best in us. Mun of l71'.rf1'11cfi01L Alan Azen-"Lover" Mitchell Sperling-"Prince CllZ1l'llllllg'N Jerry LoevenerH"What is This Thing' Called l.ove" Stanley Watt-"The Man I Love" Mike Mendelsohnw-"NYe Could Make Such lleautifu 110111011 of Fashion Jack Blanner-"XYhen Irish Eyes Are Sniiling"' Charles Davidson-"XN'ith a Song ln My Heart" Herschel Merenstein-"If You are but a Dream" Harold Goldman-"That's My Uesireu Frank Frain-"Yes, Indeed!" l Music Toge 91 Men of the Hom' Jack Chaban-"You Are My Sunshineu John Kappler-"Uh, Johnnyi' Robert Cooper-'iYou,d Be So Nice to Come Home Tow Stanley Berman-"Scatterbrain" Ernest Kennedy-"It's My Lazy Day" Walter Munhall-"The Best Man" The Girls must not be forgotten Because, without them the world would certainly be misbegotten Our Ladies of Distinction Roslyn Miller-"Mam'selle" Elaine Holzman-HH I Had a Wfishing Ring" Dolores Bass-"Lady Be Good" Barbara Knable-"How Cute Can You Be" Anita Closky-"The Song is You" Lois Morgan-"Out oi This Worldu Phyliss Shusset-"My Pretty Girl" Ladies of Fashion Eunice Belinky-"You Are Too Beautiful" Eleanor Rubinm-"Out of My Dreamsl' Ina Jean Cohen-"You Do Something to Me" Betty Lou Levy-"A Little Bit of Sweetness" Marion Gruene-"I Love You for Sentimental Reasons" Shirley Lindenf"Bless You for Being an Angell' Marcia Sachs-"Remember Me" Om' Women of Charin Irene Yourgas-"Strawberry Blonde" Bernice Adler-"Sweet and Lovelyn Anita Smolovitz-"I've Got Rhythm" Esther Millstone-"They Say lt's VVonderful" Rhoda Fisher-"If You VVere the Only Girl" Angeline Fonzi-"A Pretty Girl is Like a Melodyu Shirley Klein-"Dark Eyes" 1 1 ip ' fu M isa-fav' XM 00172 Teacher-Miss L. Esther Geist President ...........,.,.,...,.,.....,............,............,.,......,...,.,...,............. Charles Provan Vice President ........ .....,.,.A,..,. I Jean Hotham Qecretary .,..4.........,...........,. ..A...... I Dorothy .Iannson Treasurer ...,...4,.4,......4......,..,.,....... .,.,...,. H elen Low man Foreword Representative .,4.............. ..A..... li sther .Iacobson Student Council Representative .................,.,4...,....................,..,. Paul QTBIICII So Proudly VVe Hail.. Ladies Man .....,,.,....,. Adventzfress ...,.,. W ife Wanted ...,.. Strange LfV01'7lfl1'l ....... 365 REELS IT OFF Miss Geist Teinp tation ................... .........i.. M artha Brown ' .......... Charles Buechler Heartbeat ...,...,.............. Home on the Ranges. Cover Girl .,...l,..l.,...,.... The Sheik .,...,..,......,..... Perennial 'Bachelor ....... Blithe Spirit ..,....,.,,... The Thin Man .i,.,.,. Wonder an ,,... 4.....,. Junior Miss .,,.. ,...,.. . Helene Cohen .....,...Gilbert Eles Sylvia Felser ...Eleanor Floria ...Doris Galbraith ,...,.Mary Garner .................Carl Glass ,...VVil1is Gogniat .Mona Lee Haid ..,.........Jack Helier .....Dean Hotham ..,....,...Esther Jacobson My Favorite Brunette .......... ,.....,. Little Miss Big ............ Leave Her to Heaven. Calendar Girl .............. Girl C razy ..,.,.,.,......... Incendiary Blonde ........ Magnificent Doll ....... 93: .Dorothy Jamison .Virginia Kelsey ...Florine Kessler ...Evelyn Kuzma ..Harry Labovitz ...Rosemarie Ley ..,.,.,.Helen Lowman Sister Kenny ,..4...,.....,..... ..,.4,.,.,, Claire Zeligman Blondie ,,,.,.4,...,4.,,..,..,..... Bring on the Girls ....,.... The Great G ny .A.A........ Pnrsued ....,.4....,...,... The PVhistler ,...,.,...,.. ...t.,.Georgianne Morgan ...........Harold Morgan ....,...,..Willian1 Mozeik .,.......Margaret Murdzak .........Robert Musillo Seventeen ...,...,......,.....,,. ,,..,.,.,.. G ladys Nau A Man to Renieznber ...,.., .,4...,..,.. P aul O'B1'ien The Man I Love .....4,....4. ....,.............,..,r,.,. C huck Provan Can't Help Singing .....,.. ,.,.,.,,...,,...,....... H enri Pruszinowski Two Smart People ..........,. ..r...,..., A ndy Rossi, Richard Ryabik She Wrote the Book ..i.,.,..,...,...,.,...,....,...,............. Marilyn Sherman They PVere Expendable ...i.,.,.,., Jerry Silverman, Robert Sozanski The Great Ziegfield .t...,.,, . .......,......r..,...,..,.....,.,..., Paul Steinman Unexpected Guest ,........... .,.. .,...,..,..,,,,... P aul VVelch Best Years of Our Lives ,t....., ........ S pent in Allderdice . School Qdyf . CHOOL days . . . the silent, morning prayer in the cool building fills you with reverence . . . you are standing before God. School days . . . the shy, flushed nervousness of your first recitation frightens you . . . your very friends are like terrible strangers. These are the days-when your young imagination grasps and holds a thousand wonders . . . when the brightness of sudden laughter in a quiet class- room brings you unexpected joy . . . and when the electric tingle of knowledge runs through you and fills you with power . . . these are today's school days- but they are days which will belong to all of us forever. Well never forget our first part in the great game of discovery, when we began to find the rich treasure of learning, when we felt the first warm satis- faction of brave attempt and new achievement. These are the golden days of budding friendship . . . days of first love with its tender joys . . . and days of companionship deeper and stronger and longer lasting, perhaps, than any which can touch us ever again. School days-there is never an end to them . . . they are beyond buildings and doors . . . we take them home with us . . . they are in the air and in the trees above us and on the streets where we walk. School days-they are in our hearts and we will carry them carefully through the years, until they are soft-voiced memories. 94 --Q. v 'X 0"'gA,,, www I in '- if 'S 'Q' A 1.2M -W-5? x w ifi, r 3 W ..'. ag 1 A-' WK 1 4 ,.,.. , ug ,Q S . I ii 61" 1 Qian qui 2, 252 Q 9 H: BTW' I L.. 'lun v-Q D N i E ff . - A Q --. f f 5 539, is 1 4 ' . O' ' X. ," , . ' 1 ' . vp f fi - -TR-2 . L 'xx f 'D l S 5 ii aw e! A" f i W5 . . W f - -25 .. , - f- 1 - ,- ,sz 5"Egiy1.s:' v6-v J ' A - 1 7 . Q' , Q.. ff? . E H4 .. uf. A - H K' S 5 V 'N A wig .. A il" fm Q, A ' ff ' M , ' K". ea- 1' f -. -' 4. ., .. ,.s.'.,- 1 am 1 . wf- 1 ' -V ' , 564, H . '- 4 x :w ! -. gig. .1 "va 55 rf 9' in-A A '55 f "sen-M 'P' :J xv 71 Q!! JG i1QEn""yui 3 1 Q K I " 1 R132 45' 5 X sf I f Y 1 , . -,Q we 5 . ,,,.. 2325. ' 5 N1 ' fi5f3i.:" .Wu ' l N ,437-,H r X H..,.f Kiwi' 5 .. wi.-1 K ,. Q... wwf Q:-wif W . Q LH- Q 1 HN' .fagxsg , f A -L - R A, Q 1 L X, .A V' - y M AMMJ S 'i sang a 5 I .rim Q3 ' - i Y - . f .. A -. L,.,' V Q LXLL gf: v' X Q 1 W f2fpfI'f'. ' :fy fffiih 5 g . X" fi wwil , -7.4. w - 2 31 . ,... . C 6 ,af ,N r is fbi!!! 0002 405 C DISTRIBUTIVE OCCUPATION CLASS Teacher-Mr. Howard O. Barnes President ..,. .,..,.,......... ..A.......,.....4..,............4..,...,............... ....,. L I e an Brashear Vice President H , .,.,....,.,,.,. . ,..A.,A........,.........,... . ...,.,. Herbert Love Foreword Representative .. .,.,...,. ....,.., ...A... I e an Brashear LENX BIYLLINI: XVith laughing, dancing eyes of brown. Uur Tonie has never been seen to frown: Happy-go-lucky and always gay. .X designer of clothes she'll be some day. HERBERT BRASLEY: Herb is five-foot-seven, VVith mischievous eyes of blueg His favorite discussion is women, NVhich with all boys is true. JEAN BRASHEAR: .lean Brashear is quite a gal. Youlre a lucky person if you're her pal: She has hazel eyes and light brown hair, For Vaughn Monroe. she has quite a flair. ADELINE CXRRTETTA: is shy and quite petite. Thinks Sammy Kaye's music is very neat: At Hays drug store, she's often found. Witli all of her many friends around. ,llCXXNNlf GIBSON: Five-foot-two. with a twinkling eye, For her favor, the boys would vie: "Gripper," they call her-a strange name, too. For this young lady so able and true. 96' SANDRA HIMELBLAU: Sandy is really a very fine friend, And with Normie is often found, For after school days come to an end, Our Sandy is altar bound. I CHARLOTTE R. KLINE: 4'Do you mind ?" you hear her ask No matter how hard or easy the task, Her big grey eyes and reddish hair, Will easily identify her anywhere. HERBERT LOVE: Slightly mischievous, and always gay. Very good-natured every day, Ever on time, never off key, A surveyor he wants to be. ALBERT NEVVBERG: Al's quite tall and slender, too. With brown hair and eyes of blueg He likes to bowl, he enjoys sports, Basketball, soft ball, games of all sorts. GRACE O'BRIEN: "Irish" is always happy and gay' She enjoys life every single dayg Never grumbling, never sad- To hear her laugh will make one glad. MAGDALENE PALLEY: Her favorite band is Harry James She also goes to baseball games: For courtesy our Maggie was one the store chose To award her an honor and give her a rose. BARBARA PENNEY: Light brown hair, eyes of blue, Barbara is willing. kind, and true: Her charming smile and unselfish way Will get her far in the world each day. MARY SHAPERO: To like Mary Shapero is very easy. With her amiable ways, and manner breezy: With her blonde hair and eyes so green, Mary's attractive wherever she's seen. Remembrances Disposition of Lena Bellini Personality of jean Brashear Vitality of Herbert Brasley Petiteness of Adeline Carretta Charm of Jeanne Gibson Brains of Sandra Himelblau Character of Charlotte Kline Musical ability of Herbert Love Height of Albert Newburg Eyes of Grace O'Brien Friendliness of Magdalene Pallay Shyness of Barbara Penney Dimples of Mary Shapero Humor of Iris Sukolsky 974 00172 452 Teacher--Mr. Ray R. Ralston President ......,..... ,,...,..........,.,......,.....,..4,....,.......,..,.........,..,.,.. C harles Johnson Vice President ,,... ....4..,....... .....,...... .,.......,. G e o rge Harrison Secretary ,,...... ..,..,. ..,... ,....,. X N filliam VeShancey Treasurer ...,...,..........r...,.., .....,... .,....i.,......., I a y Joseph Foreword Representative ,.,..,.i..., .....,. h Ianice Honeyford Student Council Representative r,i.. ,.,.. ,..,...... R e va Clair "ALWAYS" Our lingering memories of 452: Janice Honeyford always poking her head in the door to announce that she's going to 412 . . . Mitzi Tyrnauer, Eleanor Fraser, Annajean CA. JJ Grieve always coming in simultaneously after open- ing exercises because the bus was late . . . Edrietta Graham always having her bookkeeping spread over the two back rows . . . Dolores Walker always doing her shorthand . . . Reva Clair always praising the virtues of Peabody . . . Jerry Vondas always with a leather jacket, two sweaters, a necktie, and two tons of books . . . Louise Evans always going down to Service Club . . . Dorothy McClean, noted for not being here always . . . Herman Brontz always marking off the days on the calendar . . . Helen Marcus always doodling on the board . . . Jack Nesvisky always asking of anyone who will listen. "Did you do your English ?" . . . Charles Metzger, always bursting out into Years and Years Ago, and everyone clapping . . . Morton DeBr0ff, always amalga- mating the girls, gold rings . . . Robert Whitman, always hooking sixth period . . . Caroline Zappa always running to 228 to see her girl friend . . . Doris Francis always busy with the curlecues called shorthand . . . Charles Johnson, always studious . . . jack C'Itch"j Flynn, whose hobby is always sleeping . . . Iohn Stanziano, always loafing . . . Harvey Krovitsky always running to group A . . . 98 Dominic Maglere, always Mr. Shriner's A-one-plus student . . . Bill VeShancey always just fooling around . . . Bunny Golomb always studying when she's in homeroom, which isnyt very often . . . George Harrison always helping Mr. Colborn . . . Gloria Friedman always doing themes for two English teachers at once . . . Gertrude Fehl always trying to do her homework between inter- ruptions by joan Petersen . . . Pearl Ellis always showing her boy friends' fnote pluralj pictures . . . Shirley Rowland always coming up with "Have you heard this one?', . . . Ramsey MacDonald always quietly studying . . . Jay Joseph always running around collecting money for one thing or another . . . john Orris, whose pet peeve is kids that borrow always . . . Margie Yalch, who always hates school and particularly one phase of it-homework . . . Phyllis Griezman, our super orchestra student and cellist-always . . . Bill "Ace" Adams, always active in sports . . . and everybody always happy-almost always, anyway. ' OUR HIT PARADE AND REQUESTS Yon Always Hurt the One You Love ...........i Art Yann Prisoner of Love ,..............,.................... Elkan Rosenberg Too Many Irons in the Fire ,....,,..,...,..,. Herbert Arnold Green Eyes ..4............,.............,. ,........1 C harlotte Major Warsaw Concerto ....,.,..........,.,......,...,.,. Wally Feldman Y0n,d Be S0 Nice To COIIZC Home To ..,, Doris Harkins Slender, Tender an' Tall ...............,....., Sorelie Jacobson Artistry Jnntps ,.,i....,.,...,....,,. ,..,.... S tanley Goldstein Don't Ever Change ..,.,....,..,...,...,.....,......... Ruth Horovitz Shy Guy ,..A...,...,...i..,,..........,,......,....,.,..,..... Robert Ferko How Many Hearts Have You Broken? .,.. joan VVorley Ain't MlSbCl1G-Will, .......,...........,................,..,.. Frank Funa Yon"ve Got To Be a Football Hero .... Frances Bonasorte D0 I W0rry?,.' ...........,...,,..........,.......,........ Howard Dezen Sophisticated Lady ...,. .. i..... .,....,..,.......... G loria Hertz Enibraceable Yon .,.,.,,...,,.. .,......, L illian Blumenthal One Love ....,.....,.i.......4.......4.. .i....,..... G eorge Cawley W ith a Sniile and a Song ,i...., ..4......,. S am Brahm Manzselle .......,,.....i.....,,.......... ........ A rlene Deakter How Sweet Yon Are ,,..... ......,.. G inny Chillcott 99 June Gfass yay ?-?- HOW Heeczris Were Young and Gayi' THE CHARACTERS Steward H ... ... ..., ., . .. . ...,,,.............,......... ,........ ,..,.........,,,.Allan Schultz Mrs. Skinner ..,, .. ,, .,,r,,. , ,......,.. ..r...... T ema Seidman, Natalie Laufe Cornelia Otis Skinner .,.. ..., . ....., M arjorie Fineman, Kalmaine Deakter Otis Skinner ,..,, ,,t.,.,.........,. ,..,..,.....,,....., P a ul Steinman, Jerry Labovitz Emily Kimbrough ..,.. ......... M arilyn Kachman, Ina jean Cohen Purser .,.,........ ...... .....,,............,,,.........,.....,,,,....., B ob Whitman Stewardess ,..,. ........,. Shirlee Caplan, jean Donovan Dick Winters l ..., ,...,.,....,.......,..........,....,.,..., D on Sherrill Admiral ,,,....,.., .,,..... . ., .,..............,....,....,,,..,.,,..,............ ,Jim Smith Harriet St. john ..... ,. ,..,..,,. .. ,. Peggy Metzel, Esther Jacobson Winifred Blaugh ....,. ,...... M artha B. Brown, Phylis Greizman Leo McEvoy ,, ,. ..,.,. ...,...,...,. ,......,..,...,..,..........,...,,.,, C h arles Solof Elaine Holzman, Natalie May Adler .Mitzi Tyrnauer, Claire Zeligman Inspector ..,..... . Therese .... .... . ,... .,... . . Madame Elise, .,......... ...,..,.. . ,..,,..,.,.., B etty Kalb, Florence Kessler Monsieur De La Croix .,..,., ,........,...,........,.....,.,.. J oseph Friedman Window Cleaner ,..... ..... .,.. .....,.............,.....,.. ,..,,...,.,...,.,...,.,..,. H e r b ert Rothman SYNOPSIS Time: The year 1923 Act I Scene 1: A cabin, aboard ship. Summer. The year 1923. Act II Scene 1: The same, About ten days later. Late evening. Scene 2: The same. Early next morning. Act III Scene 1: A small hotel in Paris. Two weeks later. Scene 2: The same. Eleven o'clock, the next morning. Scene 3: The same. About a month later. 100 COMMITTEES Student Manager .....,........,...,,.....,......,,......., ,...,,...,,,........,,.....,....,.........,.......,..,, I rene Yourgas Bookholders ,..,..,....,...,.........,... .................,. B ernice Adler, Reva Clair, Arlene Deakter Props .....,........ Rosabelle Levite, Jean Donovan, Esther Jacobson, Claire Zeligman, Martha B. Brown, Peggy Metzel, Elaine Holzman Costumes ......... ....,..... Charles Solof, Martha B. Brown, Bob Whitman, Mitzi Tyrnauer, Janice Seiner Make-up ......,,.........,,.., ...,.. B ob Whitman, Kalmaine Deakter, Marjorie Fineman, Tema Seidman, Janice Seiner Business Managers 4...................,..,........, ...,,....,...., ,....... M a rtha B. Brown, Jerry Labovitz Scenery ...,.......,. Janice Seiner, Kathleen Schlemmer, Charles Solof, Bob Whitman Program ......,,,...,..........,..............,.,..,......... ....,.,.....,,...........,.,.....,.., I rene Yourgas, Reva Clair Hair Styles ..,.......,....,....,............,...............................,..,......... Charles Solof, Mitzi Tyrnauer Publicity .,...,...,, ..,...... J anice Seiner, Charles Solof, Joseph Freidman, Marjorie Fineman, Bob Whitman Set Design .,,.., .....,. ......,. M r . Wesly Mills and Charles Solof Secretaries ....,,., 4,..,...,.....,....,.... I rene Yourgas, Reva Clair STAGE CREW 101 .I I- - x gill! Y -, W! ,. 1' Q Dan Basl I Karl Kohl Charles Woods 7lC,?'v4' Qct K .i-1l-L- v-u LUZ6 Glam QJQI H WOW Hearts Werej Young and Gay gf . as fl 6 Q, le ' 51,1 o ' "" kk O o 1' Rf! 4 5 BORN dqqd Safe ffm, pang Q ,-Mpc-.Li,,.,.,AX EQUFORNNIA Q I Sol J ,W4 Y lf "' w Q? ,. Xa lk NM Q '-'A-.wxi11g,, il - Bar Sm-4'C. lNTEREST us nsewvem ff I mL Y W fxksivuxxe 'THAT xsk X ki if ' ww .51 Q ' . , fi - NlfH 2 A G f 3453? ,' ' si , ff? ', J .,42gW X W 0, Q Q ' DELENMHESW-MMEWD ' ff KJ bf f Suows Sem:-47 New , X I , 4 ffx-EQ? C if 'S X23 ' X A5 f, waibfzz Wfiv QSM xx Aga Neoiphxuf' N Boo 4 -. 1' I fx I , .. 3 G, Y ,I I 2 H ,, x X xi- rw - wx O 326' og lp, by U? ' 1 x ij g J V - T ' H , W lx Q 3' g U L CHM , L Q HXXDQRRW , K A X" ON Coamon I 1' 'F X :LEM ' 1 X sn G. gxtix G.-:Z an Avi , ' 2- vi :rs gl, cd' .um-NH... 9' A, 1 V ini oP,S ks M095 Ei' ik " ETTEJ 9' C HO-I-NE R Maw. Manu , HAS mr f ' ,. if fwe Hopsfj , M, v x MERRY x' B GQ.. J , ' Q EQAJ mlhyhlhxlmlx., K' PM fill Pwxse TAKE OFFXQTH use suuemggas 104 MERRY Q59 INN Z AMONG NN 7 -' , Souvamki CHU-'USTRY TF-ST Tomonaowa fi X XL? QILKQEJ S A 'fue DMX Vvxkaxe Cavan WL NN' off A N-mv, XMLT -' Gijzsxb-ff, SHZ ,, BQRRQMXQ xp XXXL LMNQH VNGNLYD Sm Q 005 r f ' N Q r 1 f,x?Xfy'N kg f 'V X5 A E,-G vip Bo E ii j FND A BLoNv'EmcanGmL Bekins Ngkux-qw.. 'XNAX X fig AT THE"TvvxNTvq1p,Q, N X 5, , 3 B 6 Qi' Rss.-9 ,fiyf Mx . x X . 0,3-B 4 X ,Nl OF .J Den Q , 'V WOSL SHERRN. XMAS AND ms DRNQF-S 'TERP-KFC 5 smc , APPEAL. ' 1 A o ' V Jw! 1, MW' ' Wli MMV Q AK TREK AT Loxgvxlxwg Yi ' THOSE Cikfxz y Gfxku vis-me 'UWM-k Ovvvxx Lyxaxr 6, ---- I 'UNL 1 EVERYXAIHERE . Q DLQRAS4 ,Z 105 ,WV A ull of ilaunur Behicatch Gln the Ulitnn Qfbnusanh Svtuhems who Saerheh anh Gin the Saanreh memory of Whose who babe iibeir iiihes Zin wnrlh was ZH! William Ira Adelman John Paul Almore john Martin Anderson William Hugh Anderson Irvin E. Artz, jr. William Gray Benshoff Herbert S. Bonn David M. Brinn Jack M. Callender Lloyd Mayor Canter Joseph james Caruso Alan Morton Cohen joseph Stanley Cohen joseph A. Coletta Edward George Dickson Thomas Digman, jr. Thomas E. Dempster Paul Deutsch George Henry Doelfel Harold Dunn Catherine E. Eckert Benjamin Elkind Lawrence J. Farrell Joseph J. Froelich William Lee Gochnour Richard S. Goodman William D. Hafer Richard Charles Held Wilber Higginbotham Walter Riley Hofmann William Imbrie Hood George R. Hutchison Roy Edward Jones Richard joseph Joyce Lee Robert Katz David Kaufman Stuart Alfred Klein Robert E. Knobloch Arthur Krasne Homer Previn Landau Richard Watson Lester Ralph L. Levin joseph Melvin Levine Robert James Linn Edward Earl Ludwig, Jr. William E. Ludwig Allen Donald MacLean joseph Mandel David T. Marsh Jackson Marshall Wesley Duane Martin Robert P. Martine Herschel Howard Mattes Harold Keith McClean Wallace English McClean John Steel McConnon Dominic Melore john Nagy Eugene N irdlinger joseph F. Onodi Ernest F. M. Pessel T. William Phillips Kenneth Pyper Carl Ray Harold Ray Thomas john Rizzo Jerrold Ruben ' Leo Russlander Archie Schwartz Frank Sciulli, jr. Paul Shaffer Eugene Shore William Simpson, jr. Louis F. Stein Jack Stewart .' William J. Stewart Gustave N. Suck, jr. Alvin Unger Donald William Virgin Ralph Gerald Wagner Raymond Weiner Stanley Weiner Irwin White Harry C. Wirth Frank Emmons Younkin 106 enzories 0 Gfffderdice F what shall my memories of Allderdice consist? Shall I think of Allderdice only once in a long while when I happen upon some old Forewords, the journal, or perhaps a lipstick stained program that will remind me of an exciting evening? No. No material substance can hold the true meaning of Allderdice. My memory of Allderdice will be linked with the friendly and familiar scenes which occur daily in its vast domain. The friendly confusion between classes, the seemingly never ending lines, the jaunty sophomores who sell elevator passes to the freshies, the anticipation of the seniors near graduation-all these will hold pleasant memories. I lin Z ' mx y may si Y LAST BEQUESTS FROM ROOM 256 janice Friedman-Her flaming red hair Gerald Borman-His chemistry experi- ments Bernard Krum-His athletic ability Edith Finegold-Her subscription blanks 'Ianice Seiner-Her artistic touch Florine Robbins-Her musical ability Manuel Brodie--His wit Larry Thorpe-His pleasing grin Aileene Mattes-Her brains Donald Sherrill-His acting ability Norma Meyer-Her glamour Ada Lou Abelson-The first seat in thc room Herbert lxothman-His looks Virginia Stoehr-Her punctuality Elizabeth Mawhinney-Her blonde hair james Young-His mechanical ability ,lean Breckenridge-Her poise Rose Caruso-Her baton The rest of the class-Their books and other now unnecessary accessories 3 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the students of the February 1947 Graduating Class of Taylor Allder- dice High School, being of sound mind and good will, do hereby be stow and bequeath to the Graduating Class of june, 1947, the following items: 1 The courage and stamina to write a 1500 word senior theme . One, slightly used, 2nd floor annex wall . The right to roam the halls on Mondays' closed periods 2. 3 4. Twelve battered chairs on Ye Olde Shuttle Bus 5 The privilege to send all Freshies to the fifth floor 6. The task of producing better Journals and class plays 7. The glamorous costumes of the Modern Dance Club 8. The finesse of slipping into lunch lines when Mr. Thomas isn't looking The hangovers the day after the Prom 9. 10. The thrill of graduating 108 TIVITI i -- .. .-,. Z5 49?-: , - .. , . ,-' 1 ." .4 f 4 'ILS ..... 7359" oreworg Sfaff SENIOR STAFF Editors-in-Chief fFirst Semesterj Editors-in-Chief fSecond Semesterj joan Blumenthal Grace Salzman Myron Kopelman Janet Leathem N15 M 4' sf fflnv:-A if STAFF MEMBERS 'L ' 'W-'WW' W 'W' 1 10 ' M 1, FOREWORD REPRESENTATIVES SEVENTH-EIGHTH GRADES NINTH-TENTH GRADES ELEVENTH-TWELFTH GRADES ' 111 ' STUDENT COUNCIL SENIOR COUNCIL Sponsor-Miss Wagenknecht President-Janice Seiner Recording Secretary-Norma Trust Vice President-Robert S. Klein Corresponding Secretary-Ruth Kirkpatrick STUDENT COUNCIL SOCIAL COMMITTEE wr' rr 'W S 112 " r STUDENT COUNCIL SOCIAL COMMITTEE JUNIOR COUNCIL 113 LUNCH-CHECK CREW BOOKROOM CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Hynes QSeptember to February Officersj President--Gloria Friedman Vice President-Joseph Bernstein Secretary-Treasurer-Martha Brown fFebruary to June Officersj President-Gloria Friedman Secretary-Richard Moskovitz Treasurer-Martha Brown LIBRARY CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. McMick1e 114 SERVICE CLUB Sponsor-Miss Bartrim fSeptember to Februaryj QFebruary to Junej Bernice Cohen, Shirley Canning, Louise Evans, Ruth Horovitz, Evelyn Warmstein, Reva Claire, Barbara Knable, Mildred Zerelstein, Adele Coffee Anita Mae Smolovitz, Mary Lois Smillie, Marion Mandel, Altha Zeiler, Dolores Klinefelter, Margaret Zihal STUDENT LUNCH-ROOM PATROL 115 " DISCUSSION CLUBS INTERMEDIATE DISCUSSION CLUB Sponsor-Miss Mitchell CSeptember to Februaryj fFebruary to Junej Moderator-Edwin Azen Moderator-Beatrice Cohen Secretary-Jules Feldman Secretary-Arthur Herbst SENIOR DISCUSSION CLUB Sponsor-Miss Wagenknecht QFirst Semesterj fSecond Semesterb Moderator-Robert Cohen Moderator-Paul O'Brien Secretary-Ruby Weisberg Secretary-Edith Prizent 1 16 LL CHES V 444,02 S CLUB f Sponsor-Mrs. Smith QSeptember to February Officersj fFebruary to June Officersj President-Robert Cohen President-jerry Labovitz Vice President-Byron Smith Secretary-Treasurer-Robert Cohen Secretary-Max Foner Treasurer-Sidney Marcus MICROSCOPE CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Smith fSeptember to February OfficersD qFebruary to June Officersj President-Byron Smith President-Bill McCandless Vice President-Bill McCandless Vice President-Don Sherrill Recording Secretary-Sally Sniderman Recording Secretary-Geri Dosey Corresponding Secretary-Ina Jean Cohen Corresponding Secretary-Robert Whitman Treasurer-Clyde Boyer Treasurer-Marvin Jacobson Assistant Treasurer-Marvin Jacobson Social Chairman-Shirlee Caplan Program Chairman-Donald Tucker Outing Manager-John Stinson Club Artist-Rhea Molever Music Committee- Donald Tucker, Sammy Roth Program Chairman-Jack Flaherty WYYH- fs., - 1,117 ,,,,, ,. in ,,,,, ,, 7,,,,,,, gwws W 'A"" 118 SENIOR SIGMA IOTA Sponsor-Mr. Blitz President-Louise Edge Vice President-Peggy Metzel Secretary--Ada Lou Abelson Treasurer-Janice Seiner JUNIOR SIGMA IOTA Sponsor-Mr. Blitz GREENHOUSE CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Kennedy Members-Robert Sedlak, David Saltzman Bernard Ginsburg, Fred Fruethal, Becky Swan, Pat Carson, Rosalyn Abrams, Charlotte Spero T5Y'Skl5, xx 7 HI-C Sponsor-Mr. Coyne 119 1001, FOREWORD ROOMS ROOM 361 ROOM 263 120 - 10017, FOREWORD ROOMS Room 428 ROOM 254 121 ' 10041, FOREWORD ROOMS Room 4sa ROOM 416 122 HI-Y Sponsor-Mr. Phillips fSeptember to February Officersj QFebruary to June Officersb President-Bob Grieve President-Tom Trimmer Vice President-Tom Tovey Vice President-Bob Grieve Treasurer-Mike Catalano Secretary-Mike Economos ' V Secretary-Charles Provan Treasurer-Mike Catalano f Af f' 0 ' ff: G 1 I l n 1-X7 L ! W ,N G 74+ -fs I CAMERA CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Snively CSeptember to February Officersj President-Shirlee Caplan Vice President-Rosalyn Robbins Secretary-Stanley Bastiky Treasurer-Betty Kalb QFebruary to June Officersj President-Betty Kalb Vice President-Morris Spokane Secretary-Judy Brostoff Treasurer-Saul Green ,- lyk ,x 1. 123 SENIOR Y-TEENS Sponsor-Miss Crowthers President-Peggy Wallick Vice President-Shirley Weinert Secretary-Vivian Bougher Treasurer-Ruth Kirkpatrick SENIOR SCIENCE CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Davies President-Sam Chirman Secretary-Shelia Lutsky Treasurer-Judy Brostoff ' '+ n" 124 Sponsor-Miss Held 1September to February Officersj President-Mona Lee Haid Vice President-Claire Zeligman Secretary-Treasurer-Gertrude Fehl fFebruary to june Officersj President-Irene Yourgas Vice President-Claire Zeligman Secretary-Paula Wollner Treasurer-Evelyn Sudina Social Committee- Janet Cribbs, Susan Geidel, Dorothy Hornichak, Dorothy McClean 125 ' Gfffgergice jaws Director-Mr. Roy F. Dietz MARCHING BAND BAND A 126 "' BAND B 127 I 13 'Q' ' Q 5 .sw Q -. 5 5' vi Y aw x Raft'- ' 7 f N - fn. r Lg iw, , X fy sl 'W .if if I ff W via 'F F mg xg! 35 'ASN 'Qi' Qfgg v .' 1x! ,K iz, O WIND SECTION 49- 52 gf' 'Q Q - 5 f 5 149 L32 YQ A """" 'J J Gfffgmgice rcfzw frm Director-Miss Laura Zeigler ORCHESTRA A Librarians-Charles Manwiller, Joseph Morasco ORCHESTRA B 129 4 N 4- HARMONY CLASS ORCHESTRA C K ' 130 WW Q 1 .Musicians af CWM 131 Q 'V K Vg- MMM I , oice epcmfmmf Director-Miss Emma Steiner SOLOISTS 5 Vi", A f, xi 5, A.-. ' 132' ,f x. MALE CHORUS CHORALE 133gwW J . , xx N ix, Lf GROUP B gdb L 1 If v J I p f fa, f GROUP c ' WY il V 'Y NY ir W7'r ' 134 - fkfaf ,fx xj u., 1.4 jC'L.4'4-f ' , L , , M , , -CWA.,-fi. ,, fL'f.. '.f - ffl. ..f L' M1 L Lf Uv. c 5 P. rf TEACHERS Miss Olivia Koenig Mr. Wesley Mills Miss Jennie A. Norton Miss Blanche Pantall IN THE ART DEPARTMENT 136 I SIMPLY COULDN'T DO WITHOUT . . . My cfaily peanut butter sandwiches ..,......,....,........,.,.....,.,................. Edythe Kramer My clarinet '.,......................,.......,....,,.,...., ...,,.,.. M yron Kopelman Lfffs frat Pm -AQ-4-,, ............. P hyuis Blain Bflbby -.4---- Z v---.-,.A ......,... D ick Landman My appendix ...,. .........,.,.....,...............,...... M artha Lorince My Jalopy ..,.,., ....,...............,.,.....,...............,.... C lyde Boyer My giggle ...,........ ,.,.4..,. F lorence Cooper, Betty .lean Scafuri My pompadour ,..,............... .................,.,,.......,...............,....,........,..... S ander Faber My freckles ....,...,..,.......,.......,.,..,...,.,....,.,,.......................,...................,... Pescha Cooper My fantastic imagination .,,.,..,....... Nick Rosenberg, Elinor Fisher, Vivian jones My blonde tresses ,..,..,.......... ...,...,..,....,..........,.,.....,.,...............,..,.,., E sther Shannon My sarcasm ...4,.i,.......,..,.,.... ...,.............,4.,.,....,..A....,.......,.................. B yron Smith My "fur', mittens ,.,...,......,...,....,..........,.,.. Harriet Chersky My big blue eyes ....l..., ........ R ichard jones, jack McCullough My angora sweaters ...... ...........,.,.....,.,................. B etty Munizzi My parties ..,,...l......,.,.,. ....,.......,...,...,.....,.....,.,...... J erry Segal The "D, D.'s" .,.,..,.... ....... S ally Sniderman My fatigue clothes ..i.,. ..,..,............. D ale Farley Rita Zwieg .......,,.,.....,.. .......,. J oanne Reichman My Spanish idioms ..,.... .........,.......,..........,.......,....,...... S anford Shepard Gil ...,..,.....,..........,.,........ ..,.....,.........,.,........,...,,........,........,..,,.,........,..,.,... S ue Smith The Alpha Tau's .,.,..........,..,......,..........,. David Abrams, Robert Finn, Harold Haas My "steady" ..,.......,................. Barbara Gluck, Estelle Garfinkle, Eileen Levinson, Howard Pearlman, Harriet Gould, Harriet Chersky, Sally Sniderman My dimples ......,..,..,..,.,...i............,...,............,..... Evelyn Warmstein, Dorothy Pflaum 2l4 ,.,..................,... Elaine Morgan, Allan Rudick, Evelyn Lang, Bernice Cohen, Norman Hershorin, Beatrice Kravitz, Lila Price Mv "A's ".....,,..... .....,.,................ A nn Lois Miller, Norman Kresh, Mildred Sadler. 1 Agnes Lepedo, Fay Goldstein, Dorothy Bougher My beautiful voice .,..... Barbara Mahaffey, Sylka Steinberg, Harold Brourman, Rita Mandell, Evelyn Glowacki, Alice Bechtel, Mara Lynne Schugar My women. ...,... .... Bill Sutherlin, Bruno Buccina, Tullio Tozzi, Ralph Melore i,,l..l. .l-l 'fGallant journey" ....,........,. down the aisle january 22 "Our Darling Clementines "....... ...... B eatsie and Dookie "Oh, You Beautiful Doll' '.,.,.,... .,...... B arbara Gluck "The Egg and I" .,..,......A,...,.........,........ Senior Luncheon l'Margie" .,..,,,.......,......,...,,......,..,.,......,.... W'olfe, that is "You Gotta' Be a Football Hero" .... Nick Rosenberg "Idiot's Delight' '......... Harry "Lump-Lump" Lebowitz "Smokey" ..,.,.....,..,,................,......,,...... ,..,.,.,..... T he Wall "The Voice of the Turtle' '..... .,....... B arbara Mahaffey "Blue Skies" ...,.,...........,...., ...,..,..,.... . ,January 30 "Follow the Girls" ,...,...... ,........., S andy Faber "Annie, Get Your Gun" .,.... ..,.. . Anna Morton "The Hucksteru ..,,........... ...... I oe Bernstein "From this Day ....,... . . F0'r0za'0rd" "Gallant Mess" ,.., ..,.,... C afeteria 137 Y ome colzonzics TEACHERS Miss Charlotte E. Bailey Miss Florence Bechtel Miss Grace A. Grossman Mrs. Margaret N. Bush "W" 138 "YW W 13977 W Qnlzysicaf ggucafion INSTRUCTORS Miss Mary Allshouse Mr. Miss Esther M. Long Mr. Miss Margaret Mercer Mr. Mrs. Katharyn Simms Mr. THE MAJORETTEIS Robert W. Irvin John H. Irwin Ernest Slessinger Claude W. Sofield Director-Mr. John H. Irwin A 142 THE ALLDERDICE HALL OF ATHLETIC FAME Sportsmanship Leadership Ability Tommy Tovey, captain of the 1947 basket- ball team, has earned an honored position in our hall of fame. Tom has been an outstand- ing player on our basketball team for the past three years and has sparked each team with his amazing scoring and rebound ability. Jerry Smolovitz, star player of the 1947 basketball team. holds this year's city incli- vidual scoring record in one game: Red's scoring and ball handling were the backbone of this year's team. Jerry Chotiner, right forward of our bas- ketball team, played cool, deliberate ball all season. His playmaking and defensive work were invaluable to the team. Mike Catalano, a football tackle and center of the basketball team, played both games with equal ability. Mike was a steady val- uable player on both squads throughout the vear. Franny Bonasorte, the captain of this sea- son's football team, was undoubtedly its out- standing player. Franny's brilliant defensive play was overshadowed only by his miracu- lous pass receiving and running. Tom Trimmer, right guard of the 1947 football team, played a brand of fighting, de- termined football that was an inspiration to his team throughout the season. Howard Dezen, star of the swimming and track teams. has been an outstanding per- former for the past three years. A true ath- lete, Howard holds city championships in the 220-yard dash and the 100-yard backstroke. Bernie Krum, key member of both the foot- ball and track teams. has been a top man on both squads. Bernie has been undefeated in the 120-yard high hurdles for the past two years. 143 gbofbalf Coach-Mr. Robert Irvin FIRST TEAM X N, L 1946-47 FOOTBALL SQUAD 144 CHEERLEADERS Sponsor-Mr. Robert Irvin GREEN KEY Sponsor-Mr. John Irwin 145 SWIMMING TEAM Coach-Mr. Claude Sofield TRACK TEAM Coach-Mr. Roberf Irvin 146 BASKETBALL TEAM Coach-Mr. John Irwin wx ! xx SENIOR LEADERS JUNIOR LEADERS Sponsor-Miss Long Sponsor-Mrs. Simms President-Aileene Mattes President-Estelle Adler Vice 'President-Barbara Tex Vice President-Marilyn Nathan, Ethel Fine Secretary-Ada Lou Abelson Secretary-Treasurer-Rosalyn Brenner Social Chairman-Helen Lowman Social Chairman-Estelle Alitzsky Y' W xYYWT""' MYVW' T4 149 "K "" ' " "H" """m"l EY' SENIOR LIFE SAVING Sponsor-Miss Mercer FIELD HOCKEY Sponsor-Miss Allshouse Manager-Patricia Miller Assistant Manager-Nancy Laslo This group met four days a week for six weeks. 150 JUNIOR BASKETBALL WINNERS Sponsor-Mrs. Simms Manager-Irene Feldman Team Captain-Estelle Adler 151 Special! Sponsor-Miss Mercer 60206 152 JMOJEVIZ ance Sponsor-Miss Long Group Leaders-Maxine Canter, Mitzi Tyrnauer, Janice Friedman, Elaine Teifeld 153 155 Allderdiee Patrens Extend Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Classes of 194-7 Compliments of A Friend Mr. and Mrs. H. Levite Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Adamitz Mr. and Mrs. Paul P. Ley Mr. and Mrs. Morris Benjamin Mr. and Mrs E. A. Lowman Mr. and Mrs. I. Binstock Mr. and Mrs. I. Mandelblatt Mr. and Mrs. Louis Blain Mrs. J. Marcus and Family Mr. and Mrs. S. Borman Mr. and Mrs. D. Albert Mazer Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Breckinridge Ralph' J. Melore Mr. and Mrs. Saul Chersky Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Miles Mr. and Mrs. Abe N. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Meyer S. Mintz Mr. and Mrs. William Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Walter Munhall Mr. and Mrs. D. Cosentino M. Orringer - Mr. and Mrs. S. N. DelBroff Michele Paterni A Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Dosey Mr. and Mrs. Max Pearlman Mr. and Mrs. William Dunmire Mr. and Mrs. M. Platt Dr. and Mrs. A. Finegold Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Plung Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Fisher Mr. L. A. Rambacher Mr- and MTS- S' Friedman Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Reichman Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Garfinkel Mr. and Mrs. J. Rosenberg Mr' and Mrs' M' A' Golomb Mr. and Mrs. Morris Roth Mr. and Mrs. jack Gould Mr. and Mrs. Morris Hershman Mr' Louis M' Sachs and Family Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Schilit Mr. and Mrs. Irving Hershorin and Daughters Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. johnson MI- and MTS- HHTTY Seiflef Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. johnson Dr. and Mrs. M. A. Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Isaddre Karelitz Mr. and Mrs. W. Simon Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Kopelman Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Sperling Mr. and Mrs. I. B. Kottler Mr. and Mrs. Albert Tauberg Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Kramer Mr. and Mrs. joseph Weisberg Mr. and Mrs. H. Kramer Mr. and Mrs. David C. Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Max Kresh Mrs. Harry Zeligman Mr. and Mrs. George M. Leathem Mr. and Mrs. Albert Zweig Mr. and Mrs. Albert Levick Mr. and Mrs. Louis Zweig 156 THE 1947 ALLDERDICE 1 F23 Engravings SUPERIOR ENGRAVING 00. 312 BOULEVARD OF THE ALLIES F93 Tlzotognzphy HILLS STUDIO 133 N. HIGHLAND AVENUE E Trinting MA YER PRESS 235 COLLINS AVENUE The amma Alpha ambda Sorority wishes to extend sincere congratulations to the graduating class and to its ten graduating nienibers: SHIRLEY BALBOT INA JEAN COHEN MARJORIE COHEN BETTY KALB Lois LEWIS HANNAH MINTZ ELEANOR RUBIN TEMA SEIDMAN MARILX'N SHERMAN Lois VVEINER 158 wif K ll Congratulations to the 194-7 Class from Theta ut Sigma JOANNE ADAMITZ LoU1sE BRYAN GER1 DOSEY ANNAJEAN GRIEVE MONA LEE HAID EVELYN KUZMA HELEN LOWMAN LIBBY MAWHINNEY JOAN WORLEY 159 READY TO WEAR Adeles, Inc. FORBES STREET SQUIIRREL HILL ACCESSORIES AH"elder and Smith FLORISTS 1717 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. HAzel 3300 AIKEN-FORBES TIAILORING CO. Cleaning, Pressing and Reweaving 5817 FORBES STREET PITTSBURGH 17, PA. We Call and Deliver Phone HAzel 3601 IAcksOn1 9799 ALTSHULER'S Servel Gas Refrigerator Complete line of RCA Victor Records 2012 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH 17, PA. Autenreith's Dollar Store 5832-34 FORBES STREET SQUIRREL HILL Phone: HAZel S822 HAZe1 1224 A Sc B Photo Service Developing-Printing-Enlarging Films-Cameras-Supplies 2240 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH 17, PA. A. Sigal B. Miller VVhere Every Bite Is just Right Phone HAzel 1213 Canton Tea Garden' OUR MOTTO: Excellent Food - Jllodern Prices 2018 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. v 160 Furniture Upholstery Draperies 'Gift Ovbjects The Carlton Shop I nterior Furnishings HAzel 2284 5852 FORBES STREET A. Bandell Pittsburgh, Pa. The Delta Epsilon Beta Sorority wishes the best of luck to the graduating class and to sefuen graduating inenibers: FEBRUARY CLASS FAY GOLDSTEIN JUNE CLASS SHIRLEE CAPLAN ARLENE DEAKTER ARLENE LEVY BARBARA ROSEN PHYLLIS 'SHUSSETT ANITA SMOLEVITZ 161 " The Sigma Kap jmierhhy on behalf of its graduating members exle zo the Class of 1947 JEROME BALBOT DANIEL BENJAMIN HOWARD A. DEZEN SANDER FABER BERNARD KRUM EARL M. LATTERMAN LEWIS M. LEVICK HOWARD PEARLMAN SAMUEL ROTI-I WARREN SIHIAPERA BYRON SMITH EDWARD STEUER ALBERT WEINER P21 mis ifs hes! wishes 162 you are seeking zliat natural look in a permanent wave . . . AND-if you like the long, languiaf page-boy that sweeps your shoulders. OR-the luslz glainour of an up-swept hair style for formal occasions! . . . You'll want to rneec the specialists for the teen- age group at . . . THE HOUSE OF BEAUTY 5874-M FORBES STREET OPEN EVENINGS HAZCI 6777 163 Darlington Nurserv Wholesale ami Retail Corner BEECHNVOOD BLVD, and WILKINS AVENUE HAzel 5881 Elizabeth Pharmacy Second Ave. and Elizabeth St. Pittsburgh, Pa. Louis Gicquelias, Ph.G. Arnold Reioh, Ph.G. HAzel 0114 FORBES HARDWARE STORE Household Goods, Hardware, Paints, and Glass 5839 FORB ES STREET PITTSBURGH 17, PA. Phone : HAze1 0238 Meg: Hhloin me in a cup of tea?" Peg: "Do you think we will fit?" Have you heard the story about the peacock? -A beautiful tale. Adolescence-period in which chil dren begin to question the answers. Allderdice is full of willing students some willing to work, the others will ing to let them. For good food ir's- L1FLANDER'S PARTIES-LUNCHES 1716-Z0 MURRAY AVENUE JAckson 3231 Your Music M an LEONARD Radio8cAppliance Co. RCA Victor-Stromberg-Carlson Radios Victor, Columbia, Decca Records Repair Service Guaranteed 5884 FORBES STREET PITTSBURGH 17, PA. Leonard Broido HAzel 0256 oft' MEN'S WEAR 5872 FORBES STREET SQUIRREL HILL Ann M. Gallagher 587816 FoRBEs .STREET PITTSBURGH, PA. Greeting C aids C liildifeiils Books 164 The Tau Eta Alpha 77'6lf6l'71fly! exlenzls ils best wishes and congmlulafions to the graduating class of 1947 FEBRUARY 1947 JACK BRESKOW LEO DYM HAROLD GOl,DMAN SHELLEY MOROV LARRY ADLER JERRY ALPERN MAYER BERENFIELD SELVVYN BERSON MORRY BLOOMER IJHIL BRODIE MORTON FIBUS ROBERT ERNEST ARNOLD IQONALD DONALD FINE GREIZMAN LIPSITZ MAGLIN MANN JUNE 1947 ME'MBERs JERRY SEGAI. ELKAN ROSENBERG HERl3ER'F ROTHMAN IVIELVIN SIEGAL RAY NATHAN SIDNEY IROSEN IRVING ROSENTHAL ISARL SCHAEFER DONALD SCHNEIDER JORDAN SCHLESSEL ERWIN SIGAL JIMMY SILVERMAN NIORTON SILVERMAN DAVID SIMON MARVIN VERMAN MORTON WEIN'1'RAUB 165 The Zeta Sigma Phi Sorority wishes to congratulate its graduating inenibers: RITA KOTTLER GRETE METZGER THE MU THETA BETA OF REGENT SQUARE Dishes to extend its congratulations to the graduating Class of 1947 Victory A. Z. A. 5. 9. 5. wishes to extend congratulations to the graduating classes of January and June 1947 and to its graduating rneinbers STANLEY SKIRBOLL BERNARD MARKS SANFORD SIEGAL NORMAN KRESH BERNARD NAIMARK JEROME SIMON ALBERT NEWIBERG PAUL KAUFMAN 166 The HI-Y CLUB exfemls in sincere congmlulaziom I0 Graduating Class SP Of 1947 Graduating Mefnbers MICHAEL F. CATALANO GILBERT R. ELES ROBERT E. GRYEVE, JR. CHARLES A. PROVAN THOMAS E. TOVEY THOMAS T. TRIMMER, JR. EDWARD F. XVORRALL OI1sOr-M R. GEORGE PHILLIPS 6 168 The Sigma Delta Epsilon fraternity extends its congratulations to those graafaating and its graduating menabers: JERRY SMOLOVITZ RICHARD LANDMAN ROBERT LANDMAN NICHOLAS ROSENBERG 169 HARVEY'S Men'5 Wear Manhattan Shirts 1707 MURRAY AVENUE IOSEPH'S Steak House Steaks Broiled Over Charcoal 5841 FORBES STREET Comer Fon-beg JAckSon 9900 Clrosed Fridays HAze1 6144 Judy Lynn Store Dresses-Coats-Suits Infants' and Clzildrerfs Wear Sponnwaf 1930 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA, 5833 FORBES STREET SQUIRREL HILL JAc'kson 4471 .IACkson 9916 LAM PEIXS Restaurant Kosher Style Food 2014-16 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. b Your Photo Friend P. MILLER Photo Sc Supply, Inc. 2004 MURRAY AVENUE Pittsfburgwh 17, Pa. HAze1 6883 Open Evenin s The University of Pittsburgh ARTS, SCIENCES, ENGINEERING, BUSINESS, TEACHING, JOURNALISM, MEDICINE, LAVV, DENTISTRY, SOCIAL WORK, PHARMACY, NURSING FOR INFORMATION, ADDRESS THE REGISTRAR 170 The Delta ambda Phi raternizy 'wishes to extend its congratulations to the graduating Class of 1947 and to its graduating members HERBERT ARNOLD ROBERT S. KLEIN EDWIN LANGUE JACK NESVISKY MAURICE ROSENBLUM ROBERT WHITMAN M 171 -W The F. D. Roosevelt lub congmlulates its graduating members MELVIN BLATT JACK BROURMAN JAY FINEBERG RICHARD FRIED ALAN GERSON HYMAN GREEN IRV KOTOVSKY EDGAR BERNSTEIN HARRY COHEN JACK HELFER HERBERT LOVE ROBERT JOHN ORRIS WILLIAM SCHWARTZ PAUL ALAN STEINMAN ELLIOT SPERLING ARTHUR MARKLEY SHELDON MARSTINE ELLIOT SALTZBERG EDWARD SCHNEIER NOLAN SCLARSKY ALAN SILVERMAN HAROLD SILVERMAN 172- Personality Beauty Salon Phone JAckson 4465 Specialize in Teen-Age Pernieuienfs 5815 FORBES STREET - SQUIRREL HILL Free Parking at Rear of Salon Philip Reieher HARDWARE Watson S tanclartl Paints 5880 FORBES STREET PITTSBURGH 17, PA, JAckson 1457 Compliments 0 f Northern Light Company 219 EAST OHIO STREET NORTH SIDE, PITTSBURGH To the Senior Class of 1947 we zuisli to exteiid our lieartiest good wishes Congratulations to the GRADUATING CLASS NEWMAN,S Northumberland YOUTH CENTER Cleaning Co. 5836 FORBES STREET HAze1 5000 HAZCI 1896 Modine Manufacturing Company Unit Heaters and Connector Radiation For Steam and Hoi ll"afer Represented by C EO RCE M. LEATH EM 817 INVESTMENT BUILDING COurt 44.2.2 Alpha Beta extends its congratulations to the Class of June, 1947 DOROTHY CAMERON BARBARA KNABLE DOLORES KLINEFELTER GEORGIANNE MORGAN PEGGY METZEL ESTHER SHANNON PATSY FLYNN KATHY SHACKELFORD h ' graduating 174 i Sigma Tau Sororizfy 'wishes to extend zzs wngmlulations to the gfaduazzng dass of 1941 Congmlulazzom to the following PI SIGM 4 I'f1U members LILLIAN BLUMENTHAL HELENE COHEN YETTA DAVIS EILEEN GRoss SORELIE JACOBSON RUTH HoRov1Tz FLORENNE KESSLER ELEANOR LEBOVITZ JUDITH MEYER NORMA MEYER HELEN MARCUS FLORINNE ROBBINS GRETA SIMON 175 The House of Reluzble Quality and Service Standard School Jewelers NIXON THEATRE BUILDING PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Class Rings and Pins Booklet Diplomas Commencement Announcements Club Pins Cups and Trophies Medals and Awards Sport Charms and Keys "VVe hafve what you want when you want iz." COMPLETE SCHOOL SUPPLIES Squirrel Hill News Stand 5804 FORBES ST. AT MURRAY Compliments of MEYER ROSEN DRUG STORE FORBES AND SHADY Best DVishes from FIRESTONE IRVIN CO. 5854 FORBES STREET Marty Schramm Cougratulates the Graduating Class School of Modern Music Suite 302-303-Nixon Building PITTSBURGH, PA. G'Rant 5687 Beta Sigma Rho FRATERNITY OF CARNEC-IE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY C O1'lg7'6ll1ll!lZ65 the graduates The superintendent was paying a hurried visit to an Over-crowded school. "Any abnormal children in your class?', he asked one nervous teacher. "Yes,', she said. "Two of them have good manners." Man in bus: 'fVVhom do you think you're shoving?" Other man: "I clon't know. Intro- duce yourself." 176 - The PI TAU PI FRATERNITY Exzenafs Sincere CONGRATULATIONS to the JUNE CLASS OF 1947 and lo fxLAN AZEN JERRY LOEVNER LARRY THORPE 177 Best -wishes to the graduating classes of 1947 he DONALD AVERBACH PAUL FELMAN IRV GREENBERG BERNARD KALB HERBERT LIMSI HERMAN MOLTZ BERNARD PEARLMAN DONALD PEARLSTEIN LEONARD IQOTHAUS FARRELL IQUBENSTEIN HERBERT IQUBINFIELD RONALD SCHMEISER ALAN SUPOVITZ MYRON SWARTZ HOWARD BERNSTEIN lavaliers JOE FINEBERG JERRY FINN MYRON GOLDBERG LARRY GROTSTEIN EDDY GURNE JACK HOROVITZ GEORGE KARLIN MELVIN MARKOWITZ HERBERT MEYERS JERRY ROSENBERG ALAN SKIRBOLL ALAN SNYDER JACK WEISS LARRY XVEIZENBAUM 178 , 2 .VCV-vxfgi D 1 1 I 'kgt' 'ami Ur ' 1 4 1-13' ,Xi-L-gi2.'Z,4f-L gl! Q-, ,...f1g.,.kA 3,1 ',,v-ffjfb in L, -LKJLAQ, ' 1. . 1- -it UZ at--L, efiizfmf The TAU ALPHA MU SORORITY wishes to extend its congratulations to the graduating class and to its graduating ineinlrersz DOLORES C. BASS ESTELLE GARFINKLE RUTH KING SIGAL 179 Compliments of JOE KATZ FISH MARKET Compliments of NICK'S BARBER SHOP DEXTER ELECTRIC CC. 1928 Murray Avenue HAzel 3416 ZWEIG'S BAKERY 2111 Murray Avenue HAze1 3639 Tyler's Radio and Appliance Service 5837 Forbes Street JAckson 420C Compliments of IRENE COOPER-HATS Compliments of ADLER'S HoLLYwooD BARBER SHOP 1931 MURRAY AVENUE WILSHIRE CLEANERS 1926 MURRAY AVENUE Compliments of MANOR PHARMACY MURRAY AND DARLINGTON SENIOR SAGA I remember when I was a freshie, And how I worked my way to the top. When I started to smoke on the school grounds, And how I prayed I would never get caught. I remember how weary I started to get, So weary I wanted to quit. I realized how glad I was that I stayed When I saw the last class day skit. I remember the food that they served me, . When I ate it I almost wept. But all in all it wasn't so bad, For seven cents, what can I expect? And now that it's all over, If I had to do it again I might after thinking it over. Might? When do I begin? IDEALS Eyes ...... .i...., S hirley Klein Eyes ........ .,.,.,....,.,.. A lan Azen Smile ..... ....,.,. E unice Belinky Smile ,,........ .......... -I ack Blanner Figure ....... ...,, ll flarcia Sachs Physique ......,.... . ,.....,. Walter Munhall Clothes ...... .... . ..Marion Gruene Character ......,....,..,... Charles Davidson Hair , ..,. ,..,...,...... ,...,....... Personality ...,.......,..... Looks . ,..,.,, Friend ......,.... ...Irene Yourgas Betty Lou Levy .Phyllis Shussett Intelligence .....,............ Sense of Humour ......... .Ina .lean Cohen .Shirley Linden .......Elaine Holzman Disposition ...... .Barbara Knable Nice ...........,,. .... . .Anita Closky "Why does a milkman have a white horse?" "To pull his milk wagon." Did you hear about the naughty little kangaroo who ran off and left his mother holding the bag? Athletic Ability .,.. Herschel Merenstein Intelligence ..............,........... Bob Cooper Sense of Humour .,..,.,......,.. Frank Frain Personality ...,.............. Harold Goldman Looks .,........... .,.....,... S tanley Watt Friend ...,.,..,.,...., ,.............. J ack Chaban Disposition .....,...,....,.,. Mickey Sperling Nice ......,....,... ......... lv Iike Mendelsohn The sad sack hates being in the hos- pital. .According to him you can only have visitors from two to five. Who wants to talk to anyone that young? Then there was the school brain who wanted to know how many wheels a football coach had. 180 The Alpha Sigma Tau fraternity wishes to extend congratulations to the graduating class and it.f graduating members: DAVID ABRAMS MANUEL BRODIE ROBERT FINN HAROLD HAAS ERNEST PEARL 181 F'-:Qi 1 261 fVIZ5l'llL1rm Sdiuqor - Q NICK ROSENBERC-I 6 dassdd H, our he-men. "box, 911 565 933 Qnsvleman I U l L! ah -Q ,., H I + -f 'QI ',l' Halle Elm' Cixi ww ' ' Lookmq more BIUJGLLS Y ' .I 1 I Z5 Llke af Th! i h Nuff, wall Y ' A x ' U and : ' x V i 1 'kviaww ,I xii G' up Jef-E .. l ,gg Golgiligan'-s lk old wunfer coeq Q H-r-orn gf 4, . muashqallue ' is V' 01 4, 2 U x gag K N f O '--'azgg-.env E O 5 A l 0 W S A A .J 0 mione a+ MW I .. j i WELL? A' iw .:: ' ei, l ' " M 'X ' o-F ofllgdegrrc-7cgeSg'Z7gn WWW JCYYLX Qxecma Q 1 A ' x5'WA5"'m5L55T " Noavebzlghzznan 1 A fl ' B "Fl'm En lssh -5 ' 3 2 I " I , x I ' c J 5 F L Q ' x S X k 4-, '1------4. ' 1 ' x x v 'ill' M5- N K -'E-Jn v ' 6 S9 iii k Jerrw gdlbot lgew lgZUl3lL, glonujl6FgB3rlman, -- Q uncln md' ,BU 5 Nl '3 CV' wolf-ml qoooave .1 A 4 . ?-f. ' ii :Sig-3.. YE? S' E al if 3 -i S J 2. af .Gi W F l K N N +L' 1: ,,f XG' , 4.4 'PLA Ajf,X V if W0 ffl HUF, 1 af Q22 ,LAX vw M QMVJ , Q , QI 22giiQ, j L! 'Q 1 -1.1 -1' -1:-.,:q: zfgwgfj,-1 , . ' ' ' 'ifirff .53""f!9:'5?.':"F.A ,quiz -'L'?,.' 'ifillif-J- z - 4. v.. . Lg-. .:-,. .,.,,. hx' .-310, ': -- --'F P" 'r.1':-1--.I .. -f:r.L4'.1'f:,,. ,' - . gf -5-al .-. . ' .' 'fsff ' '-..'. '-' .-".". - .. ..-. ..- -,x .1 'SJZ'-"ci -1'---:-H -K.---. -.'.'.-..,- ' '..', xg: 1. f : x x 'i Qfff- z " .',- . f N I-" :.'.'gE 5. X '7 XQ',Z.',:f,Z- l"'.r 1" ,, f 'H Q l ! Q K 1

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