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Allderdice High School - Allderdice Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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5 5 X Qf 2 5' as U E : 5 B TAYLOR ALLDERDICE HIGH SCHOOL THE Q! l IDMQDHCE IXYIIWQ' Something Do Something Be Sf!7ll6fhl.7lg y Volume XVII L-yUkJ!i9I'79J Joinilq Lag the Seniors own Jclwe Januavq ana, June Classes 0? IQLLC Tide Tagiow yflxlwewngice l-MQLH Schema! Shady and Forward Avenues pittsburgh, Pa. 01" 6 W0l' OR the first time in four years, high school graduates find themselves in a world at peace. The job ahead of them now is to see that this peace is upheld. The training and knowledge graduates have gained during their high school careers will help them to attain that goal. It is our sincere hope that this. the 1946 yearbook. will serve as a fitting souvenir of the pleasant days of high schoolg that it will he a reminder- of the stimulus already received to maintain a peaceful world. It is also the sincere hope that every graduate will reach his goal in life. 4 ' K E ' 1 1144 J 'X vi 11 -L " A 2 L I s a ' f 5 F' X , 1, lfg N - , 5 .- g A , ,uf M W f cg.. L TL -'1' 1, s W M 1" f xv - 't 4 V ' fi i, f 215 ily f lag 111, M 1 U l 1: if lx l " , H li V G E5 H KRASNE Q H ml X' E: X N ' Q J' 'i 6 Q w ww! cg ' Q 4 O :fi NX III O A 0 I- f I ASBURGXA MAIN ENTRANCE TAYLOR ALLDERDICE HIGH SCHOOL YWY, ,, ,, 6 --,,- WN , ,-,, - ZJiCdfi0IZ N -lune, 1945, Dr. Earl A. Dimmick was appointed Super- intendent of Pittsburgh Public Schools. The students of the schools of Pittsburgh were indeed fortunate to have received a man of Dr. Dimmick's experience and ability. In the time in which he has served our city, his efforts have won for him the respect and admiration of the entire school system. Dr. Dimmick, born in Bingen, Pennsylvania, received his 1-X.B. at Albright College, and his master's and doctor's degrees at the University of Pittsburgh. He began his teaching career at Philipsburg, Pa., in 1916, as a teacher of mathematics. In 1920 he came to Pittsburgh as a teacher of mathematics at Duquesne. Later, in addition to his duties as a teacheri he served as director of special curriculum assignmentsg and in 1931, Dr. Dimmick became principal of Osceola, Shakespeare, and Swisshelm ele- mentary schools. In 1938 he was appointed associate superin- tendent of elementary education, and in 1945 as Superintendent of Pittsburgh Public Schools. lt is in sincere respect and gratitude for the many fine deeds and services that he has rendered that we proudly dedi- cate our yearbook to Dr. Dimmick. and express our deepest wishes for continued success. DR. EARL A. DIMMICK Gfflnzizzisfrafiozz l,1'IlIt'1.f7lII-Ix'T1'. j. IJ. McCly1n1,1ncIs Vin' lII'Illl'I'f71II-IMT. .Xrtliur Tlumias Sfaffj 1'm'11fim1ul CiUl1lISl'IUI'S-'NIl'. XY. M. Sharp zinrl IJ11 I.. XY. Kuruiia . l1't1"z'1'fiv.v lIi1'1'r'fo1'.v4ID1'. I.. XY. Kcmmiia lllltl Miss Iilizulmetli Xliigeiikiieclit .ld1'fs1'1' fo Gi1'l.vffMiss .-Mvzi K. Helcl C'!1i1'f C,'IvrkfMiss Isalmel T. Zinn Cilvrk-Miss I.0is If. Hill C'Iw'k-fMiss Helen lielie Cilwk-Miss Iileaiior M. jolinston Hzmlc C'Iv1'L'flXliss I.uis Goldstein MR. J. D. MCCLYMONDS, Principal -fr! Miss Ulivizi Km-iiigg, Mr. XVI-slvy Mills, Miss ,IL'ZillllIC' .-X. Nurtoii. Miss lllanclic Ii'z1ntz1ll. C.'011z1121fn'ial Miss llclcn II. liartrini, Mrs. Helen Cainphell, Miss lflu1'L-mice Ii, Gmliziiii, Miss XlZil'2liil'Cl ll:u11'z1liz111, Miss Matliilcla fi, -IUIIIISUII. Miss Katherine Skarinski, Miss xIZll'fI2lI'Cl I.. VYi11fl1. Englzsh Miss l"lu1'cm'c M. Iizlrlclcy, Miss Ulivu Buwlin, Mrs. Dr-lla .X Iifklllll, Miss Ruse IJ, Hartz, Miss .Mm Kasnitz, Miss JXQIIICS Kerr. Miss VVinif1'ecl, Miss Catlicriiie A. RICIJCTIINJII, Miss lillu Markley. Miss Nancy T. Muiitrgmiicry. Mrs. lilizalictli Ilirrter. Miss Iliantlizi W. Riclcllc. Miss Anna E. Scliaclc, Miss lilizalictli XYz1r11uck, Mr. IiL'Hl'g1k' K. Ynniig, M iss I D1 nrutliy Zi-iglcr. g P orezgn l.anguage.r 1 V v ' Q Miss llnmiliy .-Xllmcrt, Miss llorutliy Bcrgiiizxii, Miss Mary lirciinziii, Miss Xettzi I. Iizinilcr, Miss lilizalmvtli XY. Iilingcnsniitli. Mr. C. T. Roller, Miss Ifflnzl R. Twclcl. flirfory Miss Llll1ll'llillL' IQ. Iicziclilcr. Mr. Saniucl Illitz. Miss .Mlm Blrwlc, Miss Rliuclzi liiowlur, Mrs, H2111-l Il. Liartcr. Mr, liclwurml ml. Cayc, Iir. Alvin fi. Faust. Miss I.. lfstlier Geist, Miss firucu I". blessup, Mr. Paul I.. Mcfiratli, Miss Ili-rtlia O. Mitcln-ll. Ilr. ixllllil M. Qllilfilwwlii. Miss Urrzi C. Russ. Miss I.cil:1 H. Iiupqm, Mr, Rolwrt If rliflllllllllll. Housefzolfi f2'li07l0711il'5 Miss Lilizirluttc If. lluilcy, Miss l:lUl'l'lIL'C Iicclitcl, Miss Grave .X Iirimssiiizin. Mrs. Mai'- gnret N. Ilnsli. , , 8 f wwf- Library Mrs. Mzlrgzwet H. MuMielqle, Miss Catherine Backufeli, tWlatlzemu1ic5 Mrs. Helen Conifer Bmiszlll. Ur. JZUIICS S. Glaes, Mr. Geurge M. Phillips, Miss Alice l.. I I T T Phipps, Mr. lxay lx. lxalstmi. Mr. lxaymond Schmidt. Mr. VValter F. Shively, Miss Edith May Starz, Miss lithel lf. Tiirner, Dr. Vllesley VV3.gl1Ql', Mr. jnlm R. Vtfaltcr. Jllcmual Training Mr. A. I.. lizlutseh, Mr. Kenneth H. R. julian. Mr. C. P. Kavzmaugh, Mr. Herhcrt A. l.exx'is, Mr. Keith Mrlluimlil, Mr. August K. VVi11terli11g. JWu5ic Mr. Roy I". Dietz. Mrs. lhmruthy ,lezm Meyer, Miss limma Steiner. Miss Laura E. Zcigler. 'Physical E duration Mrs. Jemima S. l':lSH.lll2il1, Mr, llimalcl R. Group, Mr. Robert NY. lrvin, Mr. juhn H. irwin, Miss Esther M. Lung, Miss Margaret Mereer,'Mrs. Katharyu Hazlctt Simms. Mr. Claude VV. Sofield. Science Mr, Lou H, Colburn, Mr. Sheldon Cohen, Mr. Thomas Davies, Mr. Leu Gutoski, Mr R. J. Hackett, Miss .lame S. julmstcm, Miss ,lane MCCa11clless. Mr. T. Shriner. Mrs. M ae Vifeber Smith. Srfzoof Nlupve Mrs. R, L, 'llxgress Cusfoflifm Mr, Charles li. Dietz Digfjfian I Miss Dorothy V. Brimer H all Suporft'z5or.f Mrs. Irene K. Bain Speed! MVS' B"l'lgL't 5y'w"" Mm latina K. Bemi- Sfwimming MaI1'o1z Mrs. Bella ,loncs School Doctor Brown Fulton. MD. - fA7- Wi- ---Y---1 -f--W 9 ounzaf Siaff EDITORS-IN-CHIEF C L A Dale Hooper Roberta Feldman Faculty Sponsor-Miss Diantha W. Riddle S BUSINESS MANAGERS S Marcus Aaron Martin A. Hamburger ASSOCIATE EDITORS Dorothy Cantor Shirley G. Felman Doris May Mattes Carol Ruth Kamman June R. Siegel Selwyn Berson Alan G. Locker Velma Ann Miller Beatrice E. Spiegel Irvin Golding Stanley Wynett ,H ,W 10 -, - ART SUPERVISOR-MR. WESLEY MILLS J O U A R R N T A L Dorothy Cantor Stanley Goldstein Edith H0llerbach Herman Krasne Harry Moidell Lois Ostwind Louise Roth Maxine Schulherr Janice Seiner David Simon Emily S010m0n Mariam Surloff jerry Wolfish 11 UTHE GOLDEN RULE" Since the ending of the VVorld XVar strife, emphasis has been put on Brotherly Love as a method of securing peace. Different- plans have been drawn, such as the U.N.O., and an International Peace Day in an effort to secure this aim. Many wars have been fought with the idea of securing an everlasting peace. and these have all failed. Since the world is growing closer together, as far as unity is concerned. it is time to put to practice "The Golden Rule." lVe cer- tainly can't say that this plan will fail, because it has never been tried. The following are "The Golden Rule" of six different religions. BUDDHISM.i Hurt not others with that which pains yourself. CHRISTIANITY. All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them. CONFUCIANISM. Surely the maxim of loving-kindness is such-Do not unto others what you would not they should do unto you. HEBRAISM. XVhat is hurtful to yourself do not to your fellow man. HINDUISIVI. This is the sum of duty: do naught to others which if done to thee, would cause thee pain. ISLAM. No one of you is a believer until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself. fix le! -- 12 miors JANUARY CLASS Margaretta Calabrese Dorothy Cantor Geraldine Ann Cavalier Viola Chorba Herbert Cohen Marcia Cohen Shirley Rita Cohen Harry J. Davis Michael C. DiNardo Roberta Jean Feldman Marcus Aaron II Roger D. Artz Margarita P. Becker Selwyn Berson Lillian Ina Bess Martin Blank Grace Hartman Boyd Norma Jean Brandon Phil Brodie Richard W. Brown 14 are a e -- Irvin M. Golding john E. Gonzalez Peter J. Gowa Nathan Grossman Clarence M. Hall, Jr. Martin A. Hamburger Herbert J. Harris jerry Hinkes Leo Hnatow Dale Hooper Shirley G. Felman David Ferrucci Marian Flading Gertrude Foner Aden H. Francis Jean Fratangelo Stanford Friedberg Robert Gabrelcik Sanford Gelman Marian R. Ginsberg 1946 ,, , , fm ,, Herman Krasne Herbert George Labbie Alex Laslo Gilbert E. Levy Pauline Lipchik Alan G. Locker Murray S. Love Ruth V. Lovejoy Grace Mary Malloy Marvin Margolis JANUARY CLASS Hubert Whitney Joy Selma Kahn Richard L. Kalla Carol Ruth Kamman Hanna Lee Katz Henrietta Kaufman Arnold Keilly Iohn Kenny Frank Kotula, jr. Murray Kram ,,,, i 7, , Dorothy Grace Passavant Shirley Pearl Reda Pearlstein Janet Piper Elliot Ratner Jack Riemer Frank Rizzo Edgar A. Robins Marylouise Robinson Alyce Rodgers Doris May Mattes Martha Louise Miller Velma Ann Miller Donald Mintz Theresa Molnar Alan Morgan Calvin E. Nevin Eugene Pallotta Yolanda Paranay William D. Parfitt 1946 ANUARY CLA Sylvan Simon Russell W. Simmons, jr Phillip Singer Virginia Jane Simpson Margaret Smillie Alan C. Smith Howard Smith Beatrice E. Spiegel Dolores Springer john Stern Rita Gloria Rosen Arthur Savitz Natalie joy Schlessel Rosalyn Schneier Robert Wm. Scott, jr Marvin F. Sheffler June Rea Siegel Lena R. Silverio Bernice Simon David Ivan Simon Y 18 Betty Varadi Norman Vogel Shirley Ruth Walkow Grace Roselyn Weinberg Harold Weitz Sylvya C. Weisman Elaine C. Weiss William L. Wolf jerry Wolfish Stanley Wynett f-"""' 1946 '19 Lenni Sternberg Adelaide G. Sterner Regina Renate Stilman Leroy Supowitz Ruth Surloff Louis Tenenouser john W. Thompson Rochelle M. Topolsky Edmond Tozzi Barbara Trachtenberg Albert David Zecher Eugene Mascara William B. Bain Thomas Cantle Wayne Grundish Eugene W. Grzejka Charles F. Holleran Florence Koval King Powell Louis Rossi William A. Yahr K All V A ., N , 2 7 I , ii 191 if 5 g . .lv , X RV ? ,U X I 1, xl ll" ll lllllxl J N x s is 20 is cuzuarq ass rqcuzizafiozz Officers President-Irvin Golding Vice President-William Parfitt Secretary-Roger D. Artz Treasurer-Alan R. Morgan January Class Social Committee Stanley Wynett Carol Kamman Elaine Weiss Howard Smith e 21 ee e eee rahzafion xercises E XVecl11esday, -lanuary 30. l946 l'ROCliSSION.-XL l'omp and Chivalry ....,,,.., ,.,..,.,.,...,...,..,.......,....,.,..,....,..........,...,..,... C lmrles Roberts llaucl, Mr. Roy F. Dietz. Director The National Anthem Invocation , ,.,, Rev. .lames M. Gilmartin. C.SS.R. Pastor, St. Philomena Church Presentation of Flowers . .,., . .. .......,. .......... ,,.,.... - I une Class IU lo Iilena Bonaro, .lune Class lrvin Golding, hlamiary Class Francaise lllilitaire. from "'l'he- Algerian Suite" .. ,. , , C. Sllinf-5116115 Band "The United Nations Organization as the Instrument of Peace" Marcus Aaron, Rosalyn Schneier, Hubert il oy. Doris Mattes, Dale Hooper Class Gift ,, ...,s, .,,.,..,, ,,,,, , . , .,..,,..........,..............,...,...,.,,.,.., January Class 1946 XVilliam Pariitt, .lauuary Class james Lauble, june Class Remarks ,.,......,. ...l. ......,.,.,.,.,.,...,,......,.,....,,.,..... D 1 '. E. A. Dimmick Superintendent of Schools Presentation of Diplomas ..,.....,....,.....................,.,,,........,.....,. J. D. McClymonds Principal, Allclerclice High School RECESSIONAT, Rise Men Courageous ..,. . ..............,.. ., .,..,.. lfVilbm' Cl1m1owz'th Band 7, ,V , ,., .,,. mor Sfuaenfs High Honor Students Marcus Aaron Martin A. Hamburger Roger D. Artz E. Dale Hooper Dorothy Cantor Hubert W. joy Marcia Cohen Herbert G. Labbie Shirley G. Felman Doris May Mattes Irvin Golding Beatrice E. Spiegel Honor Students Selwyn Berson Shirley R. Cohen Roberta Feldman Gertrude Foner Carol Ruth Kamman Marylouise Robinson 23' Rosalyn Schneier june R. Siegel Regina R. Stilman Leroy Supowitz john Thompson Barbara Trachtenberg Grace Roselyn Weinberg EUZLLHVQ 0655 gD!6Ly DRAMATIC PRESENTATIONS OF THE JANUARY CLASS CURTAIN CALLS THE LAST CURTAIN A Murray Love Regina Stilman Rosalyn Schneier Shirley Felman . Herbert Cohen , , .. , ,, . Martin Blank Peanut John Jeanie Hart Kate Trueman Effie Evans Sam Evans john Booth Student Sponsor-Dorothy Cantor Scenery Construction-Norma Trust, Bernice Simon, Dorothy Cantor 24 Alexander Hollis Faith Hollis George Hollis Mary Hollis Mr. Alfred Mullins Lula Mae Mullins Mr. Gates Officer O'Toole Officer Rabinovitz TIME FOR EVERYTHING Student Sponsor-Grace Weinberg ., Sylvan Simon Marion Ginsberg Sanford Gelman Rochelle Topolsky ,, Arthur Savitz Gertrude Foner Selwyn Berson .. , Philip Singer Edgar Robins Scenery Construction-Robert Wickstrom, Mike DiNardo . Beedie . , Alice Putnam Newby Putnam Cricket , . Andrew A. Beard Queenie . Josephine South Josephine North FOR THE LOVE OF ALLAH Student Sponsor-Beatrice Spiegel , ,. Howard Smith . Janet Piper . Herbert Cohen Elaine Weiss Philip Singer Shirley Pearl Jack Riemer James Marks Scenery Construction-joy Gundelberg, Dorothy Cantor, Lois Rosenbert, Bernice Simon , W , 25 , ,Y W, THE LOST KISS Pierrot , , ,, Shirley Felman Pierrette Florence Zweig Kiss . . Bernice Simon Man , Murray Love Girl . .Shirley W0lk0w Grandmother .. .. Maiden Lady Boy H .. ,. ,Yolanda Paranay ,.Lenni Steinberg Selwyn Berson Boyfriend . . , Martin Blank Policeman . Howard Smith Student Sponsor-Yolanda Paranay Scenery Construction-Bernice Simon, Dorothy Cantor For the January Class of 1946 Business Manager Stage Manager Costumes . Make-up . Program . . . Foreword Reporter Choreography Faculty Sponsor Stage Crew. . , Art Sloan, Bill ,Sanford Gelman Marvin Margolis .. , Hanna Lee Katz, Dorothy Cantor . Thelma Weinstein, Vivian Rapport Yolanda Paranay .James Marks Shirley Felman .Miss Elizabeth Wagenknecht ,Robert Scott, Bill Wolf, Chich Buechler, jack Cain, Muir, Andy Spears, Sam Manius, Frank Kotula, Milan Miller 2e e ee STAGE CREW U wwf I 1 If E z A . V uf ' f 4 "- 7 T' 27 fl--V 4 00172 25 Home Room Teacher-Miss Dorothy Zeigler Officers l'resident .. .. ...,. ,. .......,.,., . . . . ., Vice l'resident A..,., Secretary ..,,......... Treasurer ..,......,.......,......., Social Chairman ....,. . Foreword Representative .,.., Marcus Aaron II fPetej .el 'very fine person is our friend Pete, .-ls editor of The Foreword, lie can't be beat ,' ln all his studies, lie does excel. .-ind at Princeton lze's sure to do ex- ceptionally well. Foreword Staff-Business Manager, 12B Editor-in-Chief, 12Ag Journal Staffg Dis- cussion Clubg Tennis Team '45g Quali- tative Analysis Classg High Honor Grace Hartman Boyd .-I pleasant look, a liafijvy sniile, Our Grace will sim' win, fanieg For bei' paintings and lier drawings The world will know lzer name. Foreword Representativeg Art Club Herbert Cohen Uierbb Herb was in the class fvlayg His acting was really swell. He lzafs a spirit tl1at's briglit and gay ,' .-lnd wlzatewer lze does is done well Dramatic Englishg Class Play Cast: Fa- vorite Sport-Football Michael C. DiNardo QMikeJ Mike is snzall-but alon't let that fool you, Ile really "'f1acks a fwnelz".' Hcfs l1IlllI0l'0IlS and cle'z.'er'. loo- Tl1at's -what makes lziin one of the bnncli. Favorite Sport-Football lidniund Tozzi ,. Roberta Feldman .David Ferrucei ...Hjosepli Scully Carol Kaninian ...,....Grace Boyd Roberta jean Feldman fBobbiej Of tlzis young lady we can easily say Personality plus and wry gay ,- lnitiatizfe, 'ZlllHf, and lots of fun, too- lVitl1ont our Bobbie what would we do? journal Staff, Co-Editor-in-Chief: Stu- dent Councilg President of Home Room. OB-l2Bg Bands A, B: Microscope Club: M.M.M.1 Special Dance Group: Theatre VVingg Volley Ball '4Zg Basketball '43 Shirley G. Felman Slzirley's a whiz in every class, He it Moderii Dance or tlze senior class play,- Slze's really a most talented lass, . .tlnd is bound to be ft1l1'1i0ll.S' some day. Foreword Representative: Journal Staffg Dramatic Englishg Discussion Club: Mod- ern Danceg Senior Leaders. President: Class Play Cast: Theatre Vlling: High Honor David Ferrucci David, om' class secretary, ls tall and slim-lzandsonze, too,' His flI'Z'0l'lft' subject is l1isto1'y,' ll"e tliinlc l1e's tops, ll07I'l yon? IZA Home Room Secretary: Hi-Y , Stanford Friedberg QStanb Tall, blond, and Pleasant Stan ls always on lzis toes, .Alt jvresent in tlie armed forcesf- lle gets along wlzerezier lie goes. Favorite Sport ! Football 5 Hobby - His Carp Member of Army Martin A. Hamburger tMartyJ Marty's tall-he's six feet two! He's almost always rightg lf his ability could be measured by you, It would really uiatch his height. Foreword Staff, Business Manager: Jour- nal Staffg Orchestra B5 Discussion Club: Tennis Teamg High Honor Selma Kahn She's little, sheis dark, she's cute- Much personality has this lass,' Plenty of brain power, to boot, lllakes her outstanding in her class. Favorite Spont-Horseback Riding Carol Ruth Kamman She's clever, blonde, and lots of fun, .-l student of reputeg The fact that she is really grand No one dares to dispute. Journal Staffg 12A Social Committeeg So- cial Representative, 2583 Orchestra C: Girls Choraleg Theatre Wingg Microscope 'Club Frank Kotula, Jr. Happy-go-lucky is this boy Frank, lVith a uzischievous glint in his eye ,' His voice in the choir gave hizn a rank That he'll be ever rernernbered by. Voice Ag Male Chorus: Stage Crew Herman Krasne In sketching and drawing does Red e.rcel,' lu an art career, we're sure he'll do well,' He's a friendly, good-na-tured, genial lad- Just one of the best friends we've ever had. Journal Art Staffg Hobby-Drawingg Am- bition-Commercial Art Herbert George Labbie He's a quiet fellow, as you can see ,' His favorite subject is che:-uistryg And as a cheniist, he'll really be great, And among the best he will always rate. Foreword Staff: Microscope Club: Dis- cussion Clubg German Clubg Qualitative Analysis Classg High Honor Calvin E. Nevin Front Uncle Soni a message caine, And Bert inet it with a sinile, For he's a fellow who's truly game, Vlf'ho'll do his duty all the while. Microscope Clubg Hi-Yg Member of the Army Dorothy Grace Passavant Dottie's a very talented lass lVh0 is very popular in her classy In jewelry-making, she does excel: Vlfith this as her life's work, she's sure to do well. Dramatic English, IZA Home Room Tick- et Representativeg Class Play Cast Robert William Scott, jr. Tall and blond, with big blue eyes, Franz the girls he causes sighs: Hc'll never be without a date. For with the ladies he really does rate. Stage Crewg Favorite Sport-Football June Rea Siegel Although in size she's rather short, Every one rates lzer a splendid sport,' That real success will reach lzer soon Is easy prediction for our favorite June. journal Staifg Modern Dance Group: Theatre Wingg Aviation Club: Book Room Clubg Shadyside Hospital A-ide Lena R. Silverio Dark-haired Lena is nice to know- She has charm and beauty and grace ,' N o matter where she may choose to go, She will always win a place. Favorite Sport-Tennisg Hobby-Sewing David Ivan Simon Dave is a fellow who likes to drawp To be an architect is his ainzg In the use of the T-square and the rule He is sure to win fortune and faine. Hobby-Sketchingg Favorite Sport-Bas- ketballg Ambition-Architecture Phillip Singer Phil took part in the senior class play, But to be a dentist is his desire,- And he'll inake a go of this soine day Because he has the skill that this will require. Book Room Clubg Discussion Clubg Dra- matic English Class so -- Margaret Smillie CPCEZYP Peggy saroly lives up to hm' name, For Sllllllllfl yoa'll always find hmm' lim' fwrsolialily is just fha sama- Sliv has loads of friends who like har. .-Xmlritiun - Private Secretary: Hobby - Skating john Stern Qjohnnyj This fallow is rllwvr, heir frivndly, foo: .-lf l'lll'llIlXll'j', hair hard to hvaf: .lad al rlzvss no our lraofus 'zvhat fo do To lvring alma! Joh1mic'5 dvfvaf. Clicss Clulmg Hobby-Stamp Collecting: liavuritv Sport-Swimming Edmond Tozzi lfa'a'i1".r fha wary tyfw' of lad ll'ho vnjoys faking il vasyq .l good film' in school lair always had lI'ilh a spirit lhafs light anal lvrvasy. ll.-X Honic Room Prcsiclcntg Orclicstra B Barbara Trachtenberg liarlvara has a lwaafifzzl, aagoliv voice. . lad in afvrra .YUIIIU clay .vhv will hc: ,l .ringing nzwm' ir hm' awry twirl' rhoifc. For no om' will ln' llIUl'4' famous than shv. Dramatic English Classg Class Play Pro- tluctiou Staff: liorcwnrcl Staffl Modern Danse Group: Voice .Xg Girls Clmrale Betty Varadi ,el fvlvasaaf young girl with dark brown rycs, For pap, this miss sim' falsvs fhc firisog Ami of hw' if is wry vary to say Thai in lifl' xhf' -will always l7lflli'0 har way. Favoritc Sport-Tcnnis: Habbyfljstcu- ing to Music Shirley Ruth Walkow To .Sliirlvy Rath 'zu' rvrz'ai11ly lvofv, Tall and .vlv11dl'r. fiaisva'-and hotuu' Silzas frivadly. gay, anal jolly, foog Po.vs4'.vsi11g sarli lwaaly flzvm' arf' wry few. Fashion Clulwg Dramatic English Class Class Play Cast: Bulletin Staff Grace Roselyn Weinberg S'lzv's vffirimif, wigarozzs, and licrwz' sad This Slllllf' om' wr all lihv to hizotvq Shall rlmv' you af 'zulifa lhiags go had -lad your iaorah' is low. Discussion Clulmg Modern Dann- Group Dramatic English Class 1 General M an agcr, Class Play Albert David Zecher .-llla'1'l's llilflllllllfj Pill right aa-rv, l'lvllt'l'l' la .rfady lam' is his aim .' all :llldl'l'dlif'l' hi' wax a 'rua-rv. rllld in rollvgf' ha"ll he fha Stllllf. Discussion Club: Tlicatre NYing'3 Orulics tras B, CQ Yalluy Rall '-ll: liavnritn' Sport -Football 00172 3 O4 Home Room Teacher-Miss Margaret A. Hanrahan President Vice Picsicxlciit . , A Secretary-'l'1'easnrcr Social Chairman .. Foreworcl Representative Officers . . Xlilliznn IJ. lillfllll . Klan Klwrgran S , R 4 wsalyn Sclineicr . ., Shirley Pearl Ruth Snrlnff 304's IDEALS Boy Hair ui' .Xlcx Laslo Brains of .Xlan Smith Vcrsnnality of Klan lXl01'g'2lIl Hinnm' uf Sanfurcl Gcllnan llc-iglit ul' Martin Blank .Xtlilctic p1'uwcss uf Harulrl Xlcit lfyes ul' Rrmlwrt Galmrelcik Smile of Bill Parfitt Manners of lrving Golding' Disposition of Ricliarcl lirmvn Musical ability of Krtlinr Savitz lfrienrlliness of .Icrry Hinkcs ,Xluility of Selwyn lierson lliniplcs ul' Ricliarfl lialla Girl Hair ul ,lean lf1'z1ta1ig'c-ln liycs ul' Miss Hanrahan Nusa- uf Rita Rosen lliniples of Marion lflarling CflllllJlCXlU1l of Pauline l.ipcl1il Teeth of Geraldine C'avalicrc Figure of Alyce Ruclgcrs Cliarin of Virginia Sinnismi I Pcrsmiality uf lvwsalyii Sclincini Hands of llanna Katz Hangs nl Henrietta lifllllilllilll Cliaracter of Rntli Sni'lul'1' Vitality nl Martha Miller llnninr of Nurina llranclrm 32 S M----S - --r Selwyn Berson Marian Flading CBersQ CMickeyJ Selwyn is dark, really quite a lady's Mickey is a happy-go-lucky, friendly nian,' lass ,' Likes skating, also Atlantic City for its Likes skating and any diversion to niake tang the day happily passg lVants to be an engineer, so he took the Tech exain. journal Staff: Class Playg Orchestras IJ, Bg Secretary Home Roomg Intramural Basketball '43, '44, Aviation Club Martin Blank lMartyJ Marty is a fellow who is ready -with good cheer,- Likes sports, Don Sonnet, and steaks frorn a steer,- lliants to go to college and beconie a successful engineer. Dramatic Fnglishg Favorite Sport--Foob ball Norma jean Brandon CJeannie5 Norma is jolly, carefree, and blonde, Likes blue, skating, and of whistling is fond,' llfants a sister when the new day has dawned. Aviation Club, Hospital Aideg Member of Youth Center, Volley Ball Richard W. Brown qvifgilp Richard is a ineinber of our great track team,- Likes Hildegarde, and a fast linzousine, llfants to be a lawyer, or run a business scheine. Varsity Clubg Championship Track Team '44, '4Sg Favorite Pastime-Drawing Geraldine Ann Cavalier KGGUYJ Gerry is a quiet. anilritious, unpreten- tious girl, Likes bowling, music, dancing, and en- joys a twirl ,- l'Vants to be a decorator, or to give ntar- riage a whirl. Junior Leadersg Voice Group B3 Volley Ball '43, '44 ll"ants to be a professional skater of A No. l class. M.M.M.g Hobby-Roller Skating jean Fratangelo lean is the girl with the beautiful hair, Likes dancing, at which she is inuch niore than fair,' W' ants to be a secretary, in which work she'll do her share. Business Service Guild: Favorite Sport- Swimmingg Transferred from Gladstone Robert Gabrelcik QGabeJ Robert is one of Miss Htlllfdlllllllj best, Likes Sitflllllrlllflllg, Spivak, and all the rest, lliants to be a business rnan and top the financial crest. Hobby - Pianog Favorite Sport - Swim- ming Sanford Gelman fYorkyJ Sanford is the blithe, easy-going lad of the senior class play: Likes football, Harry James, and the end of a school day,' llfants to be an advertising e.recutive and draw a big pay. Dramatic English: Business Manager of the Class Playg Hobby-Swimming Irvin M. Golding Clrvj Irvin is our class president, and a champion at chess, Likes Bob Hope, shooting pool, and cheinistry, no less, lVants to be a chemical engineer, at which he should be a success. Senior Class Presidentg Journal Staffg Chess Club, Aviation Club, Code Club: Home Room President, l2Bg High Honor jerry Hinkes ferry is the shy, quiet boy frorn Miss Steiner's choir ,' Likes bowling and has high airns to which he does aspire, lflfants to be a photographer and take pictures for all to adniire. Voice Group Ag Chorusg Hobby-Pho' tography Richard L. Kalla Kskipj Rich is always full of f11n,' he plays with all his uiight, Likes rnovies, boxing, and dogs that do not bite,' lifants to be an architect as well-known as Wright. Orchestra Ag French Clubg Hobby-Pho- tographyg Aviation Club Hanna Lee Katz CHanky Hanna has been a star of the Dramatic English class ,' Likes art and inusic, is really a versatile lass,' VV ants to follow the artist's trade, where she'Il easily surpass. Dramatic English Class, Favorite Sport --Tennisg Ambition-To Be an Interior Decorator Henrietta Kaufman Henriette's the girl with bangs that are really quite neat: Likes to bowl, and we hear that she's hard to heat: ll-'ants to be a nurse and put patients on their feet. M.M.M.: Dramatic Englishg Favorite Sport-Bowling Alex Laslo fSanyij Alex is uiisehievous, need we say rnore? Likes sports, Gerinan, and the ladies galore ,' kVants to pilot a plane, or to loaf, as work lze does abhor. Hobby-VVood Carving and Modelling: Favorite Sport-Football Pauline Lipchik fDaisyJ Pauline is a girl who is jolly and gay, Likes skating and dancing and Danny Kayej lVants to be a stenographer or private secretary soine day. Bulletin Distribution Staffg Business Service Guild: Orchestra C3 400 Club: Basketball '42g Rhythmics '42g Hockey '45C St. John's Clu-b Martha Louise Miller fMartieJ Martha is kind, friendly, and nice to know: Likes to have fun, to read, and to sewg lfVants to be a nurse-to aid the ill she will go. Orchestra C3 Youth for Christ Move! ment: All Girls Choir: Transferred from Gladstone Velma Ann Miller Vehna is quite pretty, and is held in high esteeing Likes swimming and anything with a scientific therne: lVants to be a hostess or with the nurses' teain. American Legion Award: Jour- nal Staffg Orchestra Ag Hospital Aide' Junior Life Guardg Transferred from Gladstone Alan Morgan 0117 Alan is popular, he's Parfitt's better half, Likes sports, flying, and always loves to laugh ,' Wants to be a pilot or uzaybe chief of staff. Varsity Club, Vice Presidentg Microscope Club, President: Secretary 12A Class: Vice President of 3043 Green Key: A.A.A.: Track Team '45g Swimming Team '44, '45: Intramural Basketball '45: Cheer Leaders '44, '45g Aviation Club, President Alyce Rodgers Alyce is pretty, blue-eyed, and blonde: Likes inusic, and of Frankie is fond ,' PVants to be a skater, and carry Sonja's wand. Transferred from Gladstoneg Favorite Sport-Roller Skating "1 - gf 34 ' Williamy D. Parfitt fskipj Bill is handsome, blond and tall: Likes hunting, znatlz, and tl1e girls,-all: ll'ants to he an engineer and answer to Morganis call. Vice President. 12A Class: President, 12A Home Room: Green Key: Varsity Club. President: AAA.: Swimming Team '43, '44, '45 Shirley Pearl qshnn Shirley plays an active role in the senior elass play: Likes singing, alranzaties, and people who are gay ,' ll'ants to be a famous actress, maybe another flliee Faye. Voice Groups A, B, C, E: Girls Chorale: Dramatic English: Swimming Team: Volley Ball: Hockey Rita Gloria Rosen qneep Rita is lvlonde, a quiet person, one would say: Likes boiuling, skating, and ewerytlzing gay! l'l'ants to be a nurse, or go to beauty school some day. Math Club: Menu Club: Hobbyw-Coolv ing: Favorite Sport-Bowling Arthur Savitz fArtJ .flrtlznr is not tall, lint he's essential to the hand: Likes gay fiartles feliere the nznsic is mostly canned: ll'antstol1e n zlrnggist in this, the greatest land. Dramatic English: Marching' Band: Fa vorite Sport-Softball Rosalyn Schneier lR0zj Rosalyn is so very yay that slze's a "must" to lIlI'Zf't' along: Likes to eat, danee, type: and she nsnally 1'sn't fw'ong,' l l 'ants to lie a seeretary, so in an office slze'll belong. Bulletin Distribution Staff: Dramatic English Class Secretary: Discussion Club: Home Room Secretary and Treasurer: Service Club Bernice Simon tBunnyD Herniee is n ltnsy one, just full of 'llllll and fire 5 Likes dam'i11gf, eating, and of these sl1e'll newer tire,- l'lvlIl1lS to ln' a great szreeessg to art she does asfilre. Dramatic English: Class Play-Sets and Costumes Virginia Jane Simpson CGinnieJ l"irginia is a girl 'znl10's gay, as every one does knore: Likes reenrds, dancing, Tolnnzy Dorsey, and Joe: lllants to ln' a model and lllt1l'I'KX' lim' favorite lvean. Hobby - Collecting Records: Favorite Sport -- Baseball: Ambition - To Be Il Model Alan C. Smith lSmittyJ A rllan is a fellow who is always jolly and WW-' Likes to disenss fwllties, nznelz to Miss Ross' flljllltljh' l'l"ants to ln' a lawyer, and l1e'll lie a good one some day. Discussion Club: Favorite Sport-Foob ball Adelaide G. Sterner tpeuey .fldelaide is a .VllIfjI'?',' .S'lll'iS been heard often in this selzoolq Likes Ring, and, of eonrse, U'Z'L'l' lziin slze'll drool: llfants to lie a .Vc't'l't'llIl'j'. 'ZL'lll'l'i' SllP,S surely lmnnd to rule. Hobby-Collecting Foreign Money: Fa- vorite Sport M Basketball: Transferred from Gladstone Ruth Surloff qkuariep Rntlz is often found with Mr. I1'ruin,' she is l"Z'l'l'Nll0llj',S friend: Likes the Majorettes and tlze entire sfvorts' trend: llfants to lie an aeeonntant, 'and is working to that end. Social Representative: Foreword Repro sentative: Voice Groups B, C, E: Major- ettes: Basketball: Volley Ball Harold Weitz CCur1yJ llurold is ll 'IUVH-kl10Tk'lI lwlxkvflnill PIIIIV' cr, ll17.YlJfIIft'I.X' one of flu' ln'st,' J l,Ii!i'l'.N' lwlw lfnfw, rllllllllll-V f7Ul'.Yn"V, and all of flu' 1'1'.Yf,' llitlllfj to go io Pitt and give ll1t'dlt'llli' ffla' ltltf. MlCl'o5Copt' Clnhg Green Key: Varsity Cluhg Ilaskethzlll Teznn l-l3. '-l-l. '45 ROOM 304 is for Blurty who's full of fine wit: is for Irvin, he's heztclccl for llittg is for Selwyn, clynrunie hut small: is for Shirley, the card of them all. ls for Hinkes, he sings in the Choir: is for Alex. Z1 joke his desire: is fol' Norma, so jolly and gilyl is for Rosie. she's as hriglit as the clay is for Alain. so big zlncl so tall: is for Hanna. she's tops with us all: is for all of us. we get along swell: is for no more. going with the hell. '1 ,I 453' 1 Xi' W gc.. 1 , .. W xx l I l ii ,- ,36 ,, 00172 315 H Home Room Teacher-Miss Margaret L. Winch Presiclcnt ., . ., Vice President , Secretary . 'I reasurer , .,A., ...A..,,.. ,. Social Chairman Foreword Represelitzltive ,. Roger D. Artz Officers Roger lb. ,-Xrtz .Norman Vogel . Dale Hooper . .Clarence Hall Elaine Weiss 'lolm 'l'liompson Phil 1. Brodie R "Rod" . . liiiggecl . . Romantic . . P "l'l1il" . . Popnlzu' . . Prourl Resourceful lite D llcvotes liimsell' to llainsels . . I likes jazz . . 'lack . . .luke-boxes Dancing . . Dates . . Dinner joyful tunes A Always .-Xmialvle and .Xctive B lllows il blaring Bugle Treasurer, 12A Class: President, Room Orchestra A: Band A1 All-City Orthes 3155 Class Day Committceg Basketball tra '44, '45g High Honor Lillian Ina Bess Dorothy D. Cantor L Lilccalvle "" . , Loyal . . Lively D lliplomzltic . . Diligent . . llntitul I nclincrl towzirrl Iris . . lntelligcncc- . . llrezuny ' U Illtgfegtg , I luqliglng D likes lJ1'2lWVll'lg' . . llflllflllllgs B llllZlSl:S liillions of Beans Ufillllil Sc1'viL'v Cllllll lfavoritc Sport-a5xx'ii1n11iil2I C Colors fU'll'2l5 Cmicfully 7 "' "" ' " 37 Rook Room Club: journal Staff Ura matic English: Discussion Club journal Art VVork3 Tech :Xrt Class: Sigma o High Honor Marcia M. Cohen Peter II. Gowa M Meticulous . . Mindful . . Modish P Polished . . Perfect . . Photogenic . . Mannerly . . "Pete,' M likes Music . . Math . . Magazines II likes jokes . . jam . . jesting . . Mirth G Gains Gals Gallantly C Characteristically Capable and Hobby-Stamp Collectingg Favorite Sub Commanding iCCt-5CiCHCe Bulletin Staffg Service Clubg Journa' Staff Typistg High Honor Nathan MI Grossman . . N"Nt"..Nlt l..N' .. Shirley Rita Cohen iisbby A a um we S Silelft - - SIWPQIY - - Smiling - A M likes Music . . Medicine. .Mush- I SIUCCTCI I ball . . Money R likes Reading . . Recreation . . Re- G Gains Glory through Genius finenient . . Roses I Oeehiesira A3 Footbah C Can Claim Countless Charms Secretary of Bulletin Staffg Service Clubg Clarence MI Han Jr Journal Staff Typist , ' ' C Clever . . Cautious . . Cheerful . . - Com anionable H . D . P . . . any J avls M likes Music . . Mysterious Movies H Happy-go-lucky . . Husky . Machines I-Ierculean . . Hilarious H Hagour Heartiest Hopes J likes Jokes ' ' -llve ' ' -'Oy Treasurer, Room 315g Microscope Clubg D Dr1ves Dames Daffy AViati0n,C1ub Basketball '44, '45g Art Clubg Print Club I Herbert II. Harris I Aden H-IFfanC1S H Higli-Spirited . . Hearty . . Hu- A Annable . . Actlve . . Able . . Ani- morons I bitious II likes jazz . . jitterbugging . . jokes H likes Hockey . . Harmony . . I I Justice II Healfh II H Has a Happy Heart F Iimds Females lime Hobby-Stamp Collectingg Favorite Sport Green Keyg Footballg Vice President, -Swimming 12B Home Room I I Leo L. Hnatow I Maman R' Gmsberg I L Likeable . . Lean . . Loving M Misclnevous . . Magnetic . . Mirth- L Likes Laughing I I Litei-atm-e I ful . . lMl3Sl61'lLll Loafing I I Luxury' R likes Reflection . . Regulation . . H Hates to Hear of Heihewoi-k I Reclifiagmfl Entered from Connelley Vocational G 'Ginny Gains her Goals Schggl Book Room Clubg Discussion Clubg Ura matic Englislhg Orchestra Ag Cerina Clubg Volley Ban '43 I 4 , Dale Hoopef , E 'Elbie . . Eager . . Bnergetic . . john E. Gonzalez D IIklLxSt1ng D D I J' "jackson" Iaunts lubilantly . . 1 eb ancmg " ames " angel Iiocuiaribi ' H H. .II?ouIghnuts II I H I E likes Equations . . lintertaimncnt I eia II agplgjfts a,mCI,:nO? ,, . 7 -. ourna a , 0- lO1'-1l1- neg -ec- G HG' ' lieth ' ' Lughih e retary, Room 3155 Band Ag Qualitative elle' the GT3'nde5t GUY Analysis Classg American Legion Award: Young Magiciansg Band B German Clubg High Honor A S 38 A -z Hubert Whitney joy Donald B. Mintz H Happy . . Handsome . . Helpful D Domineering . . Dramatic . . Dis- . . Honored tinguished , . Defiant W likes XYomen . . lllriting . . lYork- B likes Blondes . . Ball games . ing . . Yllagner Boats . . Bacon j just a jewel at jobs M Makes his Money Merrily Orchestra Ag Microscope Clubg Discus- Football 435 Favors-Xavier Cugat sion Clubg Aviation Clubg Qualitative Analysis r Classg Manager Swimming EdWaI'd F- M0hI'b3Ch Team? Hlgh Honor E 'Easy-going . . Enjoyable . . Ex- uberant . . Entertaininff John J' Kenny F likes Fun Frolic Fgends j jovial . . jaunty . I jesting , . just Food J 111465 .iw - . Jvlfmgg' - - June - 4 M Maker of Nlerry Mischief 11611211116 ,Junior Y. 1 Enlisted in United States Navy K knows the knack of Kicking K N u Football '43, '44, '45g Favorite Subjecth- Janet Jeanne P1Pef AviHIi011: Future PFOSDCHS-Navy j joyful . . jaunty . . judicious . , - i jocular Gilbert E- Levy j likes january . . jewelry . . jam . . G Gay . . Generous . . Good-looking jokes . . Good-dresser P Prefers to Perform in Plays E likes Entertainment . . English . . Dramatic Englishg Class Play Cast Everybody . . Eating . L Laughs at his own Ludicrous Lines I Natahe Joy Sfmlessel V Favorite Sport-Swimmingg Future Pros- N Nelghbm-ly ' ' Nlmble ' ' Note' pects-Optometry worthy . . Noted j likes jitterbugqinq . . journeys . u Alan G- Lvfker junk . . Ja1Q'bJ. A Aniusmg . . ,'Xrt1st1c . . Adept . . S Skillful in Swimming and Sports Aggressive Dramatic Englishg Favorite Sport-f G likes Girls . . Gadgets . . Gum owlmmmg L Lives to Listen and Learn Sylvan S. Simon journal Staffg Foreword Representative: Orchestra A5 Track ,45 S Subtle . . Sensible . . Secure S likes Sleep . . Songs . . Spanish . . Murray S. Love SaIlClVVlCllCS ,- 4 S Sinvs of Sta e M Mild . . Manly . . Merry 22' V . Q S likes School . . Skating . . Saxa- Class Play Cast' Voice Groupb B' D phone . . Sports Russell W. Simmons, jr. L Low-'S the Lively Ladies R Reasonable . . Robust . . Ruggel Band Ag Varsity Clubg Track Team: MROQ-uish Civil All Patrol A W likes VX'agers . . XYork . . Vwlomen S Seldom Seen in School Dons May Mattes Band Ag Marching Band: All-'City Baud: D Daring' . . Dashing . . Dynamic . 4 Footban '42, '43, '443 Basketball '42, ug Ducky , M likes "Mates" . . Men . . Music . , Lenm Hf Sternberg 1 Mel-1-ymaking L Lovable . , Lively . . Locpiacious M Makes Men Moon 4 - - Lolfal . Journal Staff: Secretary' Home Room' H likes Holidays . . Home . . Hohhies l2B: Senior Leadersg Sigma Iota: Aviaf S Says that SCll00l IS Slavery tion Club: Basketball '44, '45g Vollcv Social Representative. Grades ll. 125 Ball '44, '45g Student Council: Social Dramatic English: Class Play Cast' Chairman, Senior Leaders! Class Day Class Day Committee: Aviation Cluh: Committee: High Honor Dance Groupg Hospital Aide 39 john W. Thompson Sylvya C. Weisman I 'lack-of-all-trades . . .lesting . . S Sagacious . . Smooth . . Sweet journalistic . . hlocund C likes Charm . . Calisthenics . . W likes lVomen . . VVriting . . lYoll- Careers . . Chatter ing . . Wfinter W Vl'ishes she lVere Wfittier T Takes his Time ill Trouble Dramatic Englishg Modern Dance: Hos- lforeword Representative: HobbyiStamp Dltal Aide Louectmg Elaine C. Weiss Rochelle M- T0P01SkY E Extraordinary . . Earnest . . listi- R Refined . . Radiant . . Rosy . . Re- mable . . Eye-catching freshing C likes Candy . . Companions . . M likes Meals . . Modesty . . Mail . . Cleverness and .IOIC Memories W Wlill always be XYell Xvllftllwllllt' T Tllorougll. Tried Zlllil TTUC Business Service Guildg Bulletin Staff: Business Service Guildg Bulletin Staff: S0531 ReI91'C5enfatiVe?. D1f3m3fiC EI18' Dramatic English: Claiss .Play Cast: llshi Class Play Casti Sefvlce Club Voice Groups B, C, I-L3 lfasluon Club Jerry L. Wolfish Norman H- Vogel J' .lolly . . just . . joyous . . Alerry N Natty . . Neat . . Nonchalant L likes Love, Lovely art, Lamb- H likes Horns . . Harmony . . Hockey chops . . Lollipops V Votes to be a Vagalmoml W VVl1atever he paints XYill VVin Vice President, Room 3l5: Band Ag All- Painted School Muralg Future Prospects City Band: Track Team '45 -Artist We Will Treasure Always: A bounding opportunities L audable guidance L ofty ideals D emocratic principles E verlzlsting' friendship R everent attitudes D efiant spirit I mpartial instructors C apalile scholars E ternal memories ,zz uf -gn A Zh M V U, 1, ani: ik -- 40 00172 -f Class Room Teacher-Mr. Leo Gutoski Officers - President .....,,4...........,.......,. ....,.4......,.... Vice President ............,..,..,.4 Foreword Representative ..... Social Chairman ...,,........,.... Secretary-Treasurer ,,.... Margarita P. Becker M ostly seen about the library A piano player, and good R eally swoons to Dorsey G raceful and sweet Modern Danceg Favorite Sports-Tennis and Hunting Margaretta Calabrese G ood at swimming and dancing E ndless patience and fortitude T ries hard in everything she does T oo good to be true A pal to all Favorite Sport-Swimmingg Ambition-A Receptionist Viola Chorba V ivacious and happy-go-lucky I nterested in designing Favorite Sport-Swimmingg Ambition!- Dress Designer Gertrude Foner G oodness, there's nothing she can't do E very one thinks she's quite CLK. R eally an asset to 465 T act and amiability feature her ac- tions Dramatic English CClass Playjg 12A Vice President, 4655 Foreword Repre' sentative IZB, l2Ag Secretary IZB. 4653 Senior Leadersg French Clubg Basketball '44, '45g Volley Ball '42g Soccer '43 Arnold Keilly A lways kidding, but R ather partial to Reda N ice brown, wavy hair I nteresting character, full of E nergy and pep Track '45g Favorite Sport-Baseball .,....iMurray Kram Gertrude Foner ..,.....Gertrude Foner ........Stanley Wynett ..,..4Leroy Supowitz Murray Kram M ur has been president of 465 U nusually considerate, he's a R eal favorite in the entire class Green Keyg 12B Social Representative 12A President, 465 Ruth V. Lovejoy R oller skating and dancing her pastime U nusually sweet and pleasant T oo glad to lend a hand H ard to beat Favorite Sport-Roller Skatingg Ambi tion-Telephone Operator Grace Mary Malloy S incere, sunny and spirited A mbitious, aspiring, amiable L ikes swimming and playing the piano Favorite Sport - Swimmingg Pastime - Dancing Marvin Margolis M ischievous and merry A t the Beacon much of the time R eally mad about Charlie Spivak V oice Group A claims him Dramatic Englishg Voice Group A Theresa Molnar I oyful and full of pep E asy to please and appreciative R eady to help and sympathize R elaxes to Kelton Y earns to be a success in business M.M.M. Clubg Favorite Sport-Bowling Eugene Pallotta I okes about everything E xcels at sports E asy to get along with P lans to join the Coast Guards Favorite Sport - Baseballg Ambition -- Gym Teacher Yolanda Paranay Y on can usually fincl her at the "center" O hliging, open-ininclerl, optimistic L ikes Perry Como and Frankie 11B Vice Presidentg '.I'reasurer. Home Room UB, 4655 Dramatic English: F1-n ior Leadersg Basketball '45 Reda Pearlstein R hythmic, racliant, reiinecl E njoys learning to clrire D ances to Glenn Miller A lways pleasing to look at Favorite Sport-Tennisg Hobby-Collt-ru ing' Photographs Elliot Ratner E nergetic concerning' electronics L ikes swinnning ancl L oafing i11 Squirrel Hill Favorite Sport-Swiinmingg Ambition- Electronical Engineer jack Riemer J oh for the future-lawyer A ctive i11 Dramatic En0'lish ,J te s ce 11 e y 1 K nows his Tonuny Dorsey Discussion Clubg Dramatic English: Fa- vorite Sport-Football Frank Rizzo Edgar A. Robins E asy to know D ark-eyecl fellow who D otes on Harry blames I nterestecl in the violin E ntering Petinsylvania Collegfc so111etime S Orchestra Ag Favorite Sport-Football: Dramatic Englisihg Class Play Cast Marylouise Robinson L ively, laughing, likeable O hliging, open-minclerl, optimistic U ses her spare time wisely Favorite Sport - Basketballg Hobby -- Dancing Howard Smith S unny clisposition K eeps lflllllltllllg' us of Erlith I ll east of class play P lanning' to be an optonietrist Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Voice Grouips B, Ag Aviation Club: C 011666 Choii ii I f-lily 'yn Stamp Clubg Bands D, C, B5 Intramural Basketball '44 Beatrice E. Spiegel B eautiful to look at C arefl-ee and Gay E njoys Spike jones and rirling 5 H orses are his liohhv I s enthusiastic ahouit C laucle Thornhill Favorite Sport-Horseback Riding: :Xm- bition-Horse Trainer A lways helptul and pleasant Dramatic English: Class Play, Produr- tion Staff: Journal Staff: French Clulmg Foreword Representative. 368, lll-1, ll,-X3 Hospital Aideg Volley Ball '4.3: Clas Day Committee: High Honor Student S Dolores Springer Louis Tenenouser D ollie's sweet and popular L ikes chess and O riginal and obviously jolly O ther diversions L oves to skate and swim U p and coming person L ikes the boys and a Saturday date Voice Group Ag Chess Club S ' ' ' S -Sk - . . gngoup L Chorus, Favorite port at William L. Wolf , , W ill be a good mechanic some dav Regina Renate Stllman O nly peeve is slow drivers R Sally In the QTUQVC L istens to Tommy Dorsey E njoys good music F ull of pep G l ll-around erson - - - 004-21. P Stage Crewg Voice Group Bg Aviation I nteresting to observe Clubg Gym Team '44 Dramatic Englishg Class Play Cast: Voice GroupB Stanley Wynett S imply swell fellow ' Leroy Sl1P0WitZ T akes to Cugat S CUOUS but fflendly A nd driving his Dad's car U nusually talented on the sax N Oted for his plaid shirts P reparmg to be an accountant 125 Social Committeeg journal Staff: Band A3 Green Keyg Track '45g Secre- Aviation Clutbg Stamp Clubg Class Day tary-Treasurer, 465, 12A Committee What Would Allderdice Be Without: Senior themes? Chemistry tests? Ziggy's chickens? Modern dance group? 'Scope Club outings? Senior questionaires? Mr. Shriner's ball team? Second Floor Annex Vvall? A winning football team? Group A and Miss Steiner? A swell group of teachers? Pledges hiding in corners? Spaghetti in the lunchroom? Movies in assembly on Friday? Freshies and the fifth floor? Discussion Club radio broadcasts? Dramatic English Class's stirring per- formances? Art Departments posters over the lunchroom door? Closed periods Monday with everyone roaming in the halls? All of the very swell graduates of the class of January 1946? ,- - 43 L SM AWA-HW ee- ounzaf Staff eeeeee EDITORS-IN-CHIEF ASSISTANT EDITORS Leroy Weiner Dorothy Farber Howard S. Corey, jr. Faculty Sponsor Miss Diantha W. Riddle ASSOCIATE E Louise Judith Abram Murray A. Bennett joy S. Bonwit Sheldon Edelstein Betty Lou Gibson Roselie Gottlieb -- A 44 JUNE CLASS Joanna Ruth Eagleson BUSINESS MANAGERS john Lampl Richard Lampl Sidney Stark, jr DITORS Yvette Deakter Gladys L. Depew Lois Elaine Eagleson Iris Mae Hepps Betty Lou Kerr Sally Kruman ASSOCIATE EDITORS Jacqueline Lappin Phyllis Linder Guy Leighton Henry j. Mankin James F. Marks Marcella Moravitz Lois Olney Gilbert Polonsky Frances E. Rosenson Louise Ann Roth June Helene Schilit Donald James Shombert Roberta Jean Schilit Alan Carl Winfield Renee Schorin Shirley J. Wolkoff W , -,-r, -... 7 ,, 45 , MEMORIES Remember the years in Allderdice High? How quickly they seemed to be passing by? And suddenly we all awoke with a start, To find ourselves seniors, so proud and so smart! Remember the days we stayed in after school To help Mr. Shriner, or swim in the pool? And football: we all thought the team was so fine, And attended the games in rain or in shine. And the time, on exam-day. we came to class late? The themes that Miss Riddle asked us to create? Or the feeling of pride, when we first made all "A's"? Think back, and reflect on the old school days: Then lift up your head, and throw out your chest- You're from Allderdice High, from the best of the best! From Allderdice-honor that glorious name l-- For the '46 class must bring it more fame! N ever was a year more I nterestingg we who N ow must shoulder the E ver increasing burdens of T he world appreciate E very little grace and E very tender memory N urtured by Allderdice. F ortified by knowledge O btained from thee and R efreshed by the cheer T hat echoes from thy walls "Y on will succeed my child." we know S uccess will be ours I f we utilize our X enial way of life. 46 Y ,fi ' S 47 eeeee LUZ6 GMS! I e OFFICERS President-James Lauble Vice President-Howard Corey Secretary-Leroy Weiner Treasurer-Elena Bonaro SOCIAL COMMITTEE June Schilit Thomas Saulsbury Marcella Moravitz Marilyn Fredland Elaine T. Pittler Alice Citron Elena Bonaro Saul Diamond - - 43 -., Louise Judith Abram Portia Abrams Dolores Adragna Selma Elaine Alpern Edwin Amos Rose M. Anobile Wilbert Austin Frances Baccaro Elena F. Bonaro Joy S. Bonwit Elmer Borovich Leonard Allen Briskin Violet Brown Chettie Burke Tombo Burke Albert Burton 49 ' 1 Audrey M Baciflc Genevieve B Bahleda Barbara Bair David Balk Ethel J Barna Gloria Maxine Barnette Sadie Bass Elizabeth Beers Joanne Delores Belinky Murray A Bennett George William Beres Myron J Berman Hazel Bertenthal Irene Blatt Jacquelin Blitz Henry Bogulski Madelyn Cahn Rosemarie Capalbo Frank Cicero Alice Florence Citron Doris E. Cobb Helen Cofsky Betty C. Cohen Irene Cohen Q Herbert Dickson Manuel DiNardo Beverly M. Downey Harry Drucker Shirley Dunn Olga Dzura Joanna Ruth Eagleson Lois Elaine Eagleson 50 Louis Cohen Mark Cohen Paul Cole Howard S. Corey, Jr. Marie Covington Robert Cowie Forestina Crawley Patricia Donna Crouch Bernice Danovitz Theresa Davern George A. Davis Lillian Davis Yvette Deakter Delores R. DeLandro Gladys L. Depew Saul Diamond B Fay Eckert Sheldon Edelstein Hilda Epstein Edward T Evans Mark R Faxgen Dorothy Farber Melvin S Feldman Barbara Ferber Marie L. Gofford Janice Golanty Audrey Lois Goldberg Sheldon M. Goldblum Rachelle Goldenberg Cecile Doris Goldstein Herbert Goldstein Lenore Goldstein Etta Jean Ferson Anna Mae Fiorella Robert Clark Fitzpatrick David H. Fleishman Ralph Floria William Ford Amy Frank Marilyn Fredland Ellen Nancy Friedman Elinor Frishman Mary Gaspar Estelle K. Gastfriend Samuel C. Gatehouse Norman Gelman Betty Lou Gibson Flora Irene Gilmour Ruth Goldstein Stanley E. Goldstein Ruth B. Gomberg Dorothy E. Gonda Norma Sue Goodman Jack Gordon Roselie Gottlieb jay Bernard Gould Geraldine Hight Milton L. Hirsh Edith Hollerbach Rebecca E. Holmes Wilma Diane Horn Nancy Louise Horrocks Virginia E. Houston Lois Ann Hulick Jane M. Gray Eraline Greenberg Harriet Greenman Eleanor Greenwald Julianne L. Gross Marvin B. Gusky john Richard Hagan John Hallahan Wm. R. Hamby Pauline V. Harbacho Pauline Regina Hardman Raymond George Hasley Bernice S. Hecker James Henderson Iris Mae Hepps Leonard Herman . ft!! .. X fa , I X 52 if 5 53 Ruth Elizabeth Hurley Mary Hvozdovich Mary Lou Illing julia Joyce Johns Stantan J. Jonas Betty Lou Jones Margaret Kacsuta Ilse Kahn Clement P. Kuzma john Lampl Richard Lampl Donald Landay Elin Lando Jane Lang jacquellne Lappin james Lauble g Annette Kalson Thelma Kaminsky Norwin E. Katzen Louise Kaufman Margie Kaylor john P. Kepich Kenneth Kern Betty Lou Kerr Boyd Kessinger Eugene Klein Caroline Kocan Helen Kocan Gerald J. Kolski Dorothy Kovach Sally Kruman Ethel Kruse el .laaa 5 iw David Laufe Geraldine Lebovitz Shirley Lederstein Theodore Lederstein Andrew B. Ledwith Guy Leighton Gertrude Leiter Gladys Levin Joan I. MacMillen jean Magidson Christine M. Maglere Elaine Mainwaring Donald Makrauer Benjamin Mandel Sally Anne Mandler Henry J. Mankin 54 Stanley Levine Judith Levinson Louis J. Levinson Phyllis Liberman Phyllis Linder George Lipchik Hannelore Litten Anne Little Marcella Ruth Litvak john Lois Richard London Virginia Louise Lorber Robert Bennett Lubic Marjorie Jean Lyle John Lynch Ian MacDonald Eleanor Lee Marcus Selma Marcus Gerald Margolis James F. Marks George W. Markowitz Nettie Lou Mates james McCarney Neville W. McChesney Marcella Moravitz Agnes Morton Deloris Moxley William Muir James Muirhead Ruth Mullen Elizabeth Naleba Jerome M. Nathan 55 7 "" Edith Margaret McM1llen Gerard McTighe Mary jane McVicker Daniel R. Melore John A. Mercurio Thomas Mertens Jane D. Metro Leon Metzler Felix H. Miller Jean Miller Milan Miller Sylvia Miller jenny Mincheff Harry Moidell Myra Moidell William Moltz l F yi Sl Q .. ,ig-1 'R , fa. M-v.,gg.':7Qfiix3 Y -'Q ,fr . W it 796- xe- ., . Beg- ik, Louis Gould Neft Rachel L. Nevins james C. Newcomb Robert Nicholas Dolores Nozling Paul Nussbaum Mary Lee Oakes Irene Lee Oberfield Ruth Rabone Walter Rankin Gladys Mae Rapport Vivian Rapport Arline Harriet Ratner Dolores M. Rider Eleanor D. Rieffle Therese Roberts ,Y ,,,,, fi 56 ,WW Vincent Obiecunas Lois Olney Lois Sherry Ostwind Harry T. Pehl Elise Perrin Priscilla Perry jean Ellen Petrie Lee Pitler Elaine Toby Pittler Lawrence A. Poli Gilbert Polonsky Lorraine M. Port Charles Powderniaker Kenneth M. Powell Katherine R. Pugliese Joseph Queenan Shirley Robins Ruth P. Rosen joseph I. Rosenbaum Belva June Rosenfeld Frances E. Rosenson Madelyn Rossi Daniel D. Roth Lawrence Roth Q ' in fa , ng fl ' .Q E K 1 an f Q, l i f Yu or Evelyn Ann Seliga Betty Shanoski William H. Sheppard Donald James Shombert Edith Yatta Silverblatt Sondra Irene Silverman Delores Silverstein Minnie Simon 57 Y'? ' Louise Ann Roth Roslyn H. Roth Hermoine R. Rubin Alan Rudick Helen Sailley Annette Saltzman Dorothy Salvamoser Thomas B. Saulsbury Jr Leonard C. Schaffel June Helene Schilit Roberta jean Schilit Renee Schorin Maxine Schulherr Alice Katherine Scott Natalie F. Scott Gretchen Seegman . ,W ii ll ' I K . l Q William Simon William Simon Dorothy Jane Singer H. Sidney Sisselsky Lois Skirboll David Smith Harry Smith, jr, Dorothy Mae Sokol 336 ,vm ,,.': .. . E mi i2zx11'3T"-J -' . 'vi T if .. .. ,.a, ,, Leonard Taylor Paul T. Taylor Myrna I. Tex Warren C. Thoma Patricia Ann Tompkins Rae Nell Tom Paul A. Torin Samuel J. Trocano, jr. be sa f ee ee-be Emily Mae Solomon Renee Devra Soltz Andy Spears Mary Ruth Spears Sidney Stark, Jr. Barbara Stein Myrna Steinbach Sam G. Steinberg Honey R. Steinfeld Marion S. Surloff Barbara Dawn Swartz Betty Mae Swartz Lee Swisher June P. Takas Marilyn A. Tanur Margaret M. Tarasovi C N W ...L ,, i Louis Trout l 1 Gloria May Trueg 9 Morris Tufshinsky Allen R. Udell 4 6 Helen A. Uhrin Louise J. Vecchio janet Verket Bettie J. Virgin M f Q K K Marilyn Zimring Darrell Zwerling W' W" 'W 59 Alan Carl Winfield Ethel S. Winter Seymour Wise Ruth Witt Shirley J. Wolkoff Edith Adele Yahr Edith Zahm Ronald C. Zimmer QW. , Leonard Vogel Lawrence H. Volk Myron H. Wagner Marian Wallace Irene Walsh Lois Ilene Wanetick Wilma J. Wassman Charlotte Wayman Greta Weil Gerry Weiner Leroy Weiner Thelma Ethel Weinstein Irwin Weitz Dorothy Weitzman Edwin Whitman Robert Wickstrom S is K , . h ., O I f 5 5 exalt 4 W f ill J U N A nor Sfucyezzfs lille GMS! HIGH HONOR Sadie Bass Elizabeth Kathryn Beers Murray A. Bennett Elena Frances Bonaro Alice Florence Citron Mark I. Cohen Bernice Danovitz Sheldon Howard Edelstein Mark R. Faigen Dorothy Louella Farber David H. Fleishman Betty Lou Gibson Milton L. Hirsh Annette Kalson HONOR Louise Judith Abram Rose Mary Anobile Barbara R. Beerman Jacquelin Sanda Blitz Madelyn G. Cahn Patricia Donna Crouch George A. Davis Yvette Deakter Gladys L. Depew Joanna Ruth Eagleson B. Fay Eckert Anna Mae Fiorella Ralph Floria Marilyn Fredland Pauline V. Harbacho Norma Sue Goodman Roselie Gottlieb Julianne L. Gross Pauline Regina Hardman Iris Mae Hepps Geraldine Hight Rebecca Elizabeth Holmes Wilma Diane Horn Nancy Louise Horrocks Ilse Kahn Norwin Edward Katzen Betty Lou Kerr Boyd A, Kessinger Sally Kruman Clement P. Kuzma Richard Lampl Gertrude Leiter Judith Levinson Thelma Lois Kaminsky Stanley Levine James Frederic Marks Felix Half Miller Sylvia Miller Louis Gould Neft Gilbert N. Polonsky Louise Ann Roth Roberta Jean Schilit Renee Mae Schorin Donald James Shombert Barbara Dawn Swartz Leroy R. Weiner Alan Carl Winfield Phyllis Linder Hannelore Litten Anne Claire Little Joan MacMillen Jean Thelma Magidson Christine M. Maglere Henry Jay Mankin Eleanor Renee Marcus Harry Moidell Myra E. Moidell Marcella Mae Moravitz Deloris Moxley Ruth G. Mullen Rachel Louise Nevins Paul Harvey Nussbaum Lorraine M. Port Arlene Harriet Ratner Joseph I. Rosenbaum Belva June Rosenfeld Frances Rosenson June Helene Schilit Edith Yatta Silverblatt William Simon Emily May Solomon Sidney Stark, Jr. Margaret M. Tarasovic Myrna I. Tex Lawrence Volk Charlotte Anne Wayman Edwin Joel Whitman Shirley Jane Wolkoff Edith Adele Yahr 60 rrrremsr r 0l'lZWl6IZC6l'lZ6lZf - "s" r r -rn' JUNE, 1946 Tuesday Evening, june 18, 1946 PROCESSIONAI. Cornelius Festival March A A AA ,,, A ,.,..., AI7vIi.r illmzdvlssalm B3IlllfMl', Roy l". Dietz, Director Invocation Presentation of Flowers A A A A A A A A .,,, AA A january Class, 1947 Norman Kresh, january Class lilena Bonaro. june Class Lauclsighting .,... A A AAAAAAA A A A AA A AAAAAAA A AAAA AAAA,,AAA,AA...,A A A AA .Grieg Band Class Gift AAA AAA. AAA AAAAAAAA AAAAA A AA AAAA AA AA AA AAAAA AAAAAA A A A AA AAA-lune Class, 1946 Howard Corey, june, l946 Howard Pearlman. january, 1947 lieelzebub AA AAAAA AA AAAAA A AAAAA A AAAAAA AA A,AAAAA,A,A,A,AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA A AA Cufossi Tulba Solo-Edward Evans Speakers: Murray Bennett. Sylvia Miller, Roberta Schilit, Betty l.on Gihson. Stanley Levine .Nddress A AA A A A A AA AA A A A Representative of Board of liducation Presentation of Diplomas AA A AAAAAAA AAAAAAAA A A AAAAAAA D. McClyn1onds RECESSIONAL Pageantry AA AA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA AAAAA I ming Clzvyvftz' Band Wednesday Evening, june 19, 1946 PROCESSIONAL March from "Tannhauser' 'AAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A A AAAAAAAAAAAAA A AA ll'ngm'r Orchestra-Miss Laura Zcigler. Conduftor lnvocation Presentation of Flowers AAAA AA AAAA AA AAAA AAAAA b lannary Class, l9-l7 Barbara Mahaffcy, january Class LeRoy VVeincr, ,Iunc Class Adoration A A A AAAAAA AAAAAAA AAAAA AAAAAAAAA A A A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AA AAAAA Glfilllltlllf Organ with Orchestra-Betty Lou Kerr Class Gift A AA A A A A AA AAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAA A A A AA AAAA AA AAAAAAAAA AAAAA A june Class. l946 James Lauiblc, june. l9-16 Betty Cannon, january. 1947 Humoresque AA AA AAAA A A A. .AAA .A AAAAA AAAAA AAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. A A A A Lifnckr Bassoon Solo with Orchestra4Gcorge Davis Speakers: Gilhert lJlllUllSliy, Renee Schorin. lflizaheth Beers. lilena lionaro, Sheldon Edelstein Romance AAAAAA AAAA A A A AAAA AAAAAA A AAAAAAAAA A AAAAAA A A AA S'zu'mis0n Violin Solo with Urvliestra-IDonald Shombcrt Address A AA A AA A AA A AAAA Representative of Board of lfducation Presentation of Diplomas AA AA AA A AA A AA A A AAAAA A D. lXlcClymonds lql':Cl'1SSlON.'Xl. llflarch from "Kula" AA A A A AAAAAAAAAAAAAA A AA A AA l'4'1'd1' Orchestra gT"f" - H?g-'V """ 61 ' ' " -" - - 1 LUZ6 GMS! 'si' so one is so is 1 9 4 6 cms mints 2 X fb Gwen. Bob Bennet . Mr. Ralston Mrs. Ralston Bishop Doran CAST OF CH ARACTERS ,. , ..... ...., Lois Ostwind, Elena Bonaro . Edwin Whitman, jim Lauble ., .Norwin Katzen, jay Gould . .Edith Yahr, Elizabeth Beers .. ..,,. Darrel Zwerling, Melvin Feldman Ethel . A , Gretchen Seegman, Gladys Levin Dick ,..Dave Fleishman, Seymour Wise Van Dusen . .. ..Ronald Zimmer, Robert Lubic Mable , , . Sylvia Miller, Bernice Danovitz Sable .. Honey Steinfeld, Belva Rosenfeld Martha , ,. , Julianne Gross, Hermoine Ruben ,H -,W i, 62 ,,,,i,,,A,,i,,Y ,. ., ,,,,Y,. -ka Music by the ORCHESTRA of TAYLOR ALLDERDICE HIGH SCHOOL Miss Laura Zeigler, Conductor STUDENT STAFF Student Managers ,,........ ,,...,.,....,.....A..... .........,,..,.........,.. J u ne Taksa, Paul Nussbaum Business Managers ....... i ,,......,, . ..,,..,,.. ..... .... .... , . T om Saulsbury, Paul Nussbaum Bookholders . ...... Emily Solomon, Ruth Mullen, Rose Anobile, Sadie Bass Stage Managers ...,. ..., ..,.,,.... ..... .,...... , . S ondra Silverman, Gretchen Seegman Program .....,...........,, ............, ...,,... .......,..........,,..r.........,. E 1 e anor Rleffle, Doris Cobb Photographer ............,...,,.... .............,..,.,........,........,,.,.........,.... J une Taksa Cover Artist .............,.................. .,..........., .,,.... ....,,..,.....r, R a e Nell Tom Foreword Representative ..,,4 .......,.....,.........,................r..,.. E mily Solomon Announcer .,.......,..,..,,..... ....... .....,,...,....,.......,.........,......,............, R u th Hurley Secretaries .....,.. .,.. . ....., . ....,., .r,... Barbara Swartz, Marilyn Fredland COMMITTEES Make-up ,. ,Thelma Weinstein, Vivian Rapport, Elinor Marcus, Betty Cohen, Eleanor Rieffle Publicity., ..,... .. .,..Sondra Silverman, Elinor Marcus, Honey Steinfeld Property ,............ ,. ,,..... Leon Metzler, Stanton Jonas, Ruth Hurley, June Taksa, Dorothy Weitzman Scenery Design.. ...,.. , joseph Rosenbaum, Emily Solomon, Paul Cole, Maxine Schulherr, Rae Nell Tom, Rhea Molever, Charles Solof, joan Platt, Marian Friedman Costumes.. ...... ...,......., ,.... . . Madelyn Cahn, Elaine Pittler, Dorothy Weitzman Sewing ..... , Audrey Bacific, Ruth Hurley, Nancy Horrocks, Ruth Goldstein Lighting and Stage Control ,. ..., Paul Cole, William Hamby, Andrew Spears, james Muirhead, William Muir, Milan Miller Posters ,.,.......,.,......... .,... Charles Solof, Robert Wickstrom, Chris Evans, Rae Nell Tom, plus minor contributions Play Directors ...... .,.......,..,.,......,.....,... Caroline Cook, Phillis Petrikin Faculty Sponsor ,,....,....,... .. .. .,.,.,..................r,.r,.... ......,.,. E lizabeth Wagenknecht Scenery Construction , ,.,, ,. . Paul Cole, Andrew Spears, William Hamby, Milan Miller, james Muirhead, William Muir Set Design ..... ,,..... W esley Mills, Phillis Petrikin, Caroline Cook, Rae Nell Tom Printing ,...,..,.........,.........,..,..... ......,............,.........,......... C. P. Kavanaugh and students General Management ...,,, ....,.........,.... .,... . ,. ,. .,,Elizabeth Wagenknecht , 7, , , , ,, ,mm , ,-,,,, 63 mmmfm, ,,,,,, ,, rm ,,,, . , Gfffgergice af Work ELECTRIC SHOP MECHANICAL DRAWING 64 00172 151 ' Home Room Teacher-Miss Jane McCand1ess Miss McCandless of 151, Is gracious and sweet to every one: She 'tries to please in every way To help us all get through the day. Officers President ...,............. .......,....... .........,.,...... F r ank Cicero Vice President .......,...............,...... ........... .... D o rothy Farber Secretary-Treasurer .i..,i......,..,,.,..,.., ........ H . Sidney Sisselsky Student Council Representative .,..,. .....,.., ...Leroy VVeiner Foreword Representative ........,..... ..,... M urray A. Bennett 12A Social Committee ..i.. Portia Abrams With eyes of green and hair so red She is sweet, though rather small. And we have often heard it said She pleases one and all. Voice Group B5 Aviation Club: Hospital Aide: Hobby-Movies: Pastime-Dano ingg Favorite Sport-Basketball Murray A. Bennett Murray is genial And has pleasant -ways, He likes to study And inalres all A's. Journal Staffg Foreword Representative: Qualitative Analysis Class: Band A: All-'City Band, Marching Band: Ameri- can Legion Awardg Future Prospects- Petroleum Geology Hazel Bertenthal Hazel is sweet, so jolly and gay, On that 'we all agree, l'Ve're all so proud that she is one Of our happy family. Senior Sigma Iotag Pet Expression - "Aw Shucks"g Favorite Sport-Football: Hobby-Roller Skating Madelyn Cahn This tall t'llll7'llIllIg niiss with diinples three Is a wonderful pal, as anyone can see,' Gay and friendly with hunior so clever, llfill we forget her? No, never. Junior Leadersg Aviation Clubg Senior Sigma Iota, Dramatic Englishg Favorite Sport-Swimming .......Marilyn Fredland Frank Cicero Franh, the president of our class, ls the friend of every lad and lass: His eollege days will he spent at Pitt, And as a future lawyer he'll be a hit. Dramatic English: President, 1513 Band Ag Marching Band, All-City Band: Senior Sigma Iotag Aviation Clubg Fa vorite S'por't-Hockey Robert Cowie Bob is tall, six feet in height, Blue eyes, blonde hair-a handsome sight,- This friendly lad's nielodions 'voice Malees hirn one of llliss Steiner's ehoiee. Voice Group Ag Male Chorus: Favorite Sport - Basketballg Pastime - Bowling: Ambition-Psychiatristg College-Pitt Forestina Crawley Happy-go-lucky and friendly, too, Fl0ssie's a girl who is true-blue, She has loads of viin and pep, To stun it np, that gal is hep. Leaders Clubg Camera Clubg Gym Awardg Interest P- Nursing: Favorite Sport-Swimming Beverly M. Downey Beverly has at winning way, In .S"Z,Ul7'lZ1'7'Il11g, she does e.reel,' And in our nzind there is no doubt, We think she's mighty swell. Hoblsy - Swimming: Pastime-Movies: Ambition-Stenographer Joanna Ruth Eagleson Melvin S. Feldman 11l1I' kyllfll, 11 11111 .vo T'1'1'y 1'1111'1'1', rl 1111'1'1111111'1'111 FIlg1lZ1'1'1' .l11'1 'ZL'fIll1S to 1112 ll'1'11 1.1111111111 111 11111' 111'111'1.s' f111'1'r11'1',' l11"11 171' k1111tt'111 l13l 1111 f1'11111 5011 fo .v1'11,' S111r 1111.1 11111kx lllld 11 111'1i1111lf111 'Z'01!'L' ll1"x tl 'z1'1111d1'1'f111guy 111101 11'1' 1'1111f1'ss, 1 or f111' 1111 1'111'11111', .v111' ix 11111' 1'11111'1'1'. ll'1' k111m' 11195 s111'1' to find .v11rr1'.v.v. ,lournal Staff, liflllfll'-ill-Q4lllClQ Microscope l.llllCll Clmck Operator: Dramatic litig- Clulmg Yo-i1-c Groups li, ll. :Xp Girls lislig Senior Discussion Cluhg Pastimcn Clioralcq Spring livstivalg Soloist: Pas- Listening to Radio: .'xll1lJllIl0ll7BlCCll2llll- time'-Rcacliug val Enginecrg Favorite Sport-Basketball Marilyn Fredland ' . LMS Blame Eagleson .S'11.v1'1",v f111' g111 711111 1111 figzzrv l11'Z'11lft', IU'-f '-V UW' Vit'-V-V 1'ffU"f5'- I lff1'1171'11. Tt'11'Z'j' 111111. 111111 1',X'1'.Y 111111 .v11i111',' Sill' +V ""f'H.l'f'1'V 11f"f1f' 01711 103' 171'1'1'11111y IIIII1 1j11.l', .v111".v 11111115 of flflll ll 11111'7'1'1' 'r1'111.v 1111K f1111'1111'1z' 1111.95 5'1,t,'5 ,Taffy 11,11 1111110 of 151. H IH IW U l'Hik.l' lm-V' Dramatic English: Social Committee, hlllllfllill Staffi Voice Groups lf, ll, ,Xp lil: Aviation Club: Senior Sigma Iota: lrirlf Clioralvi Soloist' in thu Spring lmaclers Club: Volley Ball '4-lg Basketball l'1'st1vz1l: Kl11'roscop1: Clulmg Hobby -- '433 Soccer '4Zg Hobby-XVriting Poems: llorfcsg l'1ZlVUl'll.Ll Sport 3 Swiininingg lfavoritc Sport - Footballg Pastime Y llnstunc 'l'z1lkin,Q' on tllc Tclcplionc 'Talking on tlle Tvlcplionc Ruth B. Gomberg Gertrude Leiter S111".v 11.v f11'1'lfy 11s fl f71f'fIH'P. C111 1'.rj'11.vf 11112 fyfvc' of gal l71'l11111ff111 I11 111' 111'f11',' ll'1111's 11 f1'11'71l1 111 111111 111111 1111,' 1 girl 711111 ix 1111' lofxv 711111 11.v, ll'111'111f711'1' 1'11r1'1' is f1'111'1c 111 111' 110110, l1'l'.v 111'7'1' 111'1' 11 1111111 1'111'1'1'. 511195 jzrsz' 1110 11111' to 61111. Xl.Rl.Nl.: .lunior Service Clulmg Hospital -lunior Sigma lotaq .Xmcrican legion -Xirlvl Senior Sigma lota: l:2lVHl'lfC Hand .-Xwarcll Plans for after Graduation--1 l.ca1l1-rf-Tonnny llorscy College: Holmlmy4VVriti11g H, ,, 66 ,W W, ,WW H , in Dorothy Farber Twinkle, twinkle little eye, lfVinhle, winkle at that guy, That strawberry beauty is sweet and haughty, That green-eyed doll is our own Dottie. journal Staffg Vice President, 151, Avia- tion Clubg Microscope Clubg Senior Sig- ma Iotag Senior Leadersg Basketball '43Q Volley Ball '44g Soccer '44g Daughters or the Americtm Revolution History Award '42 Norma Sue Goodman A chemistry student is our Narnia Sue, An intelligent girl, and pretty, too: Both gay and serious, with friends galore, I s this charniing visitor of 464 Senior Leaders, President, Modern Dance Groupg Hospital Aideg Pet Peeve-Chem- istry Testsg Pet Expression - "Po0f"g Favorite Sports - Baseball and Hockey: Pastime-Studying Chemistry Mary Lou Illing With pretty brown hair and eyes of blue, She is known to friends as Mary Loug She likes to swiin, dance, and roller skate, All in all, Mary Lon's a perfect date. Basketball '43g Swimmingg Favorite Sport-Roller Skatingg Favorite Band Leader-Glenn Miller Louise Kaufman Louise is quiet, so petite, To have her near is really a treat,' Y on can search the world froin end to end, But you won't find a truer friend. Senior Sigma Iota: Hospital Aide: Pastime-Reading: Hobby-Musicg Pet Expression-"Oh, Beans!!"g Ambition- To Be a Nurse Jacqueline Lappin ln height she measures five feet two, With pretty blonde hair and eyes of blue,' S he's friendly, gay and very sweet, In our estiniation, she can't be beat. M.M.M.g Journal Staff: junior Leadersg Senior Leaders: Volley Ball '43g Soccer '43g Hospital Aideg Hobby-Collecting Records: Favorite Sport - Swimmingg Pastime-Loafing Gladys Levin With black curly hair and a pretty face. Gladys sure is snperg She iuoves about with ease and grace, A simply perfect trouper. Voice Groups E, B3 Dramatic Englishg Senior Sigma Iotag Hospital Aideg Hobby -Singingg Favorite Sport-Basketball Judith Levinson This dark-eyed beauty of 151 ls a friend and helper to every one, lflfith her smile so sweet and gay, llfe know she'll always win her way. Orchestras C, E, B3 Senior Sigma Iota: United War Fund Representativeg Hobby -Sorority Activitiesg Favorite Sport-- Bowlingg Pastime-Eating: Pet Expres- sion-"Umptine" Anne Little A Crosby fan, is Pepper, so cute, She's really wild about that big, hand- some brute ,' Her pet peeve is a fan of Sinatra, 'Cause after all, he's "not-so-hot-ra." Senior Leaders, Social Committeeg Sen- ior Discussion Clnb: Hospital Aideg Col- lege-Wisconsing Favorite Sport-Bas- ketball Richard London Richard is a nzischievous guy, Always having fnn,' And because of his good nature, He's the friend of every one. Art Clubg Ambition-To Be a Successful Businessmang Favorite Sport-Football Jean Magidson Jeanie is cute, and talented too, There' isn't anything she ean't do,- An all-around GAL with personality pl-us, She really rates quite high with us. Orchestra B3 Senior Leaders, Social Com- mitteeg Senior Discussion Clubg Soccer '42g Hospital Aideg Hobby-Photographyg Favorite Pastime-Swimmingg Pet Ex- pression-"You're a Nut!!!'l 67 " Benjamin Mandel Benny is jovial, always so gay, He proves to be helpful in every way,' A friend to the end is this wonderful TW, To lltltl, we'll really hate to say good- bye. Favorite Sport-Baseballg Hobby-Draw- ing Cartoonsg Favorite Band Leader- Paul Whiteman William Moltz To be an engineer is Billy's airn, ln this field he'll achieve great faineg Friendly, iuischievous, scientifically in- clined. A 1nore pleasing chap is hard to find. Band Ag Aviation Clubg Favorite Sport -Swimmingg Pastime-Aviationg Hobby -- Photographyg Ambition - To Be an Electrical Engineer Irene Lee Oberfield Tall, slirn, and charrning Witli eyes of green, A wonderful girl Is our Irene. Voice Groups E, C5 Fashion Club: M.M.M.g Junior and Senior Sigma Iota: Modern Dance Group: Hospital Aide: Hobby-Day Dreamingg Pet Expression -"Say Nothing" Lillie Marie Rabb "Good things corne in Slllflll packages", A saying which we all approve ,' And Lolly, our small parcel. Is really i11 tl1e groove. Basketball '44g Hobbies-Drawing, Danc- ing. Readingg Plays Tenor Saxophone Ruth Rabone A delightful blonde, with dark blue eyes. She rates a whistle fro1n all the guys ,' This talented 1'Hf'l.S'S, Ruthie by na1ne, As a l'01ll17lU7'!7l0l artist will win her fame. Senior Sigma Iota.: Hobbies-Playing the Plano, Dancingg Favorite Sport-Bowl- ingi Ambition - To Be a Commercial Artist Belva june Rosenfeld Sweet and charining in every way, B. J. spreads joy every day: A blues singer she hopes to be, And soon in lights her na1ne we'll see. Dramatic English: Senior Sigma Iotag Hospital Aideg Hobby-Meng Pastime- Kibitzingg Pet Expression-"Ye, Gads!!"g Favorite S-port-Hockey Dorothy Salvamoser Rather quiet, but charming to know. In the world of art she'lI niake a go ,' She is pleasing to all and lends a hand, As a wonderful friend, "Salvy" is grand. Swimming '43, Favorite Sport-Dancing: Favorite Subject - Artg Favorite Band Leader-Glenn Miller William H. Sheppard He's gay and friendly and that is why We are so fond of this likeable guy g A handsonie electrician Bill will be,' We wish hiin the best of prosperity. Ho-bby - Collecting Recordsg Favorite Sport-Footballg Pastime-Loafing: Arn- bition-To Be an Engineer William Simon To "lfVicked lVilley" we bestow The title of "Hot Clarinet foe",' As he blows out soine jazzie tunes, The audience goes into raptures and swoons. Band A, Marching Bandg All-'City Bandg Pastime-Slhooting Pool: Favorite Sport -Baseball H. Sidney Sisselsky Tall, darl: and l'lllllCli50ll'tC-ihllt,S our Sid, For a guy tl1at is swell, he gets our bid,' That we trust hirn, there is no doubt, For he's the one who carries our money about. Secretary-Treasurer 1513 Class Day: Hobby-Dancing: Pastime - Sleeping: Favorite Sport-Football - 68 Barbara Jean Stein "Stein" is flu' OHL' wlzom all 1'd0lli.S'C', lfVith lm' light lrrown lzczir and big green Uyvsj 4-illzvays gay and zz, lot of fun, Her lzzmmr is loved by vzfvryollv. Orchestra B3 Hobby i Dancingg Pas- times-Eating and Sleeping: Favorite Sp0rtiBasketballg Favorite Band Lead- er-Vaughn Monroe Leroy Weiner Lvroy's the guy with flu' lziglz 1. Q., Svriozrs, sflrdiozrs and frirnflly, too: .Alf Hurz'm'd l1v'll study to lu' an rugi- zzvvr, .find tw all kno-it' flint grant s1rc'r'vss is 11z'c1r. Student Couneilg Secretary of Senior Class: journal Staff: Discussion Club: Qualitative Analysis Class: Certificate of Recognition: Hobby f Chemistry: Favorite Sport-Basketball Ruth Witt A pretty Ilfllllfffll with ll l1va111'if1rl Sllllltf, gl IIICIHIIFI' flmfs fvlmsing rviflz lots of stylvg Our Kzrflzifs I1 cl1ta,rz111'l1!l and llkf'Ul7lf' gal, Slw St'0Il'lS fo ln' t"Z't'l'NIIllt'i.Y fl-l full. Swimming: Basketball '453 Volley Ball '-1.53 Special Talent - Sunday School Teacher: Favorite Sport-Basketball Ronald C. Zimmer To It'omn'v, lf't's gizw tl flfftll big lzund. As tlzv fufurr' lmdvz' of ll sftwll swing lvcmdj H'lzvn lzv fools flzat su.r flu' mfs ga wild. Hr' ran play any song lwflz solid una' mild. Dramatic Englishg Hand A: Saxophone Trio: Swing Band: All-City Band: Marching Band: College'-Ohio State LASTINC IMPRESSION OF ALLDERDICE Marcia Lohen .. ...,. .. .... .. . .., ..., .. ,, .. , ., . Miss .Iohnson's flowers Shirley Cohen ., ..... , . Marion Ginsberg .. . Doris Matte S . , . J planet liper A .,.,..., A Natalie Schlessel ...A Clarence Hall Donald Mintz ., Roger Artz ., , Phil Brodie . Aden Francis , . Hall Passes ,."XVonderiul" i ,. . ,.Graduation speeches , . Spaghetti ., "lt's been a long. long time" . . .. ,l.unChtime rush .,...,Mr. Thomas' office "Gad, it was rough" ,,... .,,.,.., . ..,.. f .Girls Annex VVall Dorothy Cantor i ,.,,.. Mr. Colborn's back room .A X V K Ill, X "Fl WN ' X Eilht 'a u '-t- I I mi , Q .3 69 W ii "' qfhf' YES' r 00172 267 'DM' f D Home Room Teacher--Miss Dorothy Bergman Officers l'resicle11t . Henry ml. Nlzmkiii Yiee l'resifleiit , llzuiiel ll. Rotli SL'Cl't'lZlfy-'lll'L'ZlSlIl'Cl' lleloris Nloxley Stiicleiit foimeil liepreseiitzltive. lieralcl Margolis lforeworml liepreseiitzitive line Nell Tom Soeizil liepreseiitzitive ,blune ll. Seliilit Dolores M. Adragna Irene R. Blatt tDo11yj fReneeJ D eligglitful frienrlg Dolly lists :ui I ii El small package: lnstzmtzmeoiis ZlQ'l'l'CZll1lC Disposition: smile: liieoiiipztmlvle person- M ztlfes tlie worlrl ll little lirigliteri ality Kliglity sweet: R zlclizites sunsliiiie: Runs rzltlier A mlept :tt mlzmeiiigg .Xetions spezilc tlizm Wallis: liezilly :ulorulwle loucler tlizui wortlsg .Xlwziys B irls "llello" tu one :mel all: llzilmy- lmppy clolll lierztzzlecl all oi us llolwlwy 1 tfollleetiiig llielc l'ilZlj'lllCS Rees Huhhywlymwing3 I:aW,riu. 51,01-t,,,,5,Wi1,,. iii-mls: l'QyVjI'lll' Sport -lee Slczitingg Am- mimi: A.Xmi,itilmfM:m.31Wmy llil4Pll '. Pllll'L'I' Sadie Bass Chettie Burke S iimiv smile: Sports eiitliiisizisti - . Q , , - C oulrl there lie zmvone lmetteri Lztlm ,eixiee tmxtime I I U - . H tt. ' . Z ' Z ' 0' - 1 B usx' us 11 bee: lilitlie :incl QZLYC B I lm Um' t. 'mT,mh.t 'llc K ' ggg ' tr-- Q liilclcie s liouncl to sueeeecl U ,If IN ml YP 'lm' 'UH Q mlb' lm , . . . . . . l'ZlCCZ17C, 'ou 5k'l'Yll't' Clulmg bt-mor l,ez1clers3 Senior i 5 A i liiseussiou Club: llasketlmll '44, Q'-152 Home Room Yiee l'resiclentZ liroirps L' Swimiiiiiig '-131 'llL'llllCCllllYlt '44 lfg SFllZlL'lfL'I' Ball '-133 Volley Hall '44 ,W , W, , ,, , 70 t,,7 V ,,,,. mf, ,f ,, ,, ' Louis Cohen Audrey Lois Goldberg CPeteJ tLittle Audreyj L eader in sports: Lively: Lucky in A ll the things you are are nice: everything Adorable lass C apable: Conscientious: Congenial L ike a breath of spring: Loveable D Hobby - Sports: Favorite Sport- Base- ball: Ambition-Medicine Dolores R. DeLandro QDeeJ ee's definitely fun to have around: Desirable always R eady, willing and able: Really D very efficient: Reasonable al- ways isguised angel: Dependable girl: Devoted friend Groups C, E: Hobby-Collecting China Dogs: Favorite Sport-Football: Ambi- tion-To Go to Alaska Herbert Dickson H ilarious: Happy-go-lucky: Has a Charles Atlas build D uke Ellington fan: Dazzling shirts: Devoted to friends Home Room President: Hobby-Girls: Amlbition-Millionaire: Favorite Sport-- Football Harry Drucker fHug'hoJ H appy clarinet player: Helpful: Has particular interest in base- ball D oes very well in his studies: De- serves mention as a basketball player Band A: Favorite Sport-Baseball: Am- bition-Professional Baseball Player . David H. Fleishman fDaveJ D ramatic English: Doubles in brass on the trumpet: Diligent worker H as a dazzling personality: Head F of the class: - ine student: Friendly: Flashing smile Dramatic English: Band A: Marching Band: Class Day Committee miss G al of our dreams: Gracious always: Grand person A Hobby - Swimming: Favorite Sport - Football: Ambition-Stenographer Rachelle Goldenberg R estful on the eyes: Real pal: Ris- ing to fame G obs of fun: Go-getter: Generous friend. Hobby-Collecting Post Cards: Favorite Sport-Football: Ambition-To Become a Psychologist Cecile Doris Goldstein C aptivating ways: Carefree air: Choice of many D oes things cheerfully: Delightful to know: Does her best G ood-natured trouper: Grand girl HobbyHCollecting Greeting Cards: Fa- vorite Siport-Bicycle Riding: Ambition- Secretary Ruth Goldstein R eliable girl: Recognizes responsi- bility: Really very swell G rand to know: Gracious friend: Gets our vote Dramatic English: Hospital Aide: Ambi- tion-Nursing Roselie Gottlieb R ecommended highly: Really adds to any group: Reserved and re- tiring G oes to the head of the class: Game for a laugh: Graceful journal Staff: Senior Sigma Iota: Fun Club: Senior Leaders: Soccer Ball '43: Basketball '45: Volley Ball '46 John Hallahan olly jester: just loves baseball: jovial all of the time H appy hustler Hallahan: Handful of speed: Hard to find Hi-Y: Green Key: Microscope Club: Varsity Club: Voice B, C, D: Basketball Team: Vice-President, 12B A' 7 1 Pauline V. Harbacho fPau1Q P atient: Pretty as a picture: V ery sweet: Vivacious and charm- ing H as real school ability: Hurry's to help: Her chances are great. Hobby - Horseback Riding: Favorite Sport- Swimming: Pet Peeve - Home- work Milton L. Hirsh uvxiio M entality above average: Monopo- lizes cheerfulness: Model stu- dent L oves sports: Lively wit: Loads of fun H elpful: Humorist of Victory AZAI Hits the jackpot Favorite Sport--Baseball: Pastime-Atlv letics: Ambition-Orthodonotry Wilma Diane Horn fWil1yJ W illy, VVhat a figure! VVhe1'e have you been all of our lives? D orsey fiend: Dances like a dream: Desires to be liked H e'll be a lucky fellow: Habitates the Manor Pharmacy: How we'll miss you Home Room Treasurer: Hospital Aide: Pet Peeve-School Norwin E. Katzen CProfessorj N oted as Discussion Club Profes- sor: Notable for his love of fun E xpert debater: Efficiency plus: Entertaining, too K een of wit: King of chemistry: E Known all about the school Dramatic English: Orchestra A: Senior Discussion Club: Discussion Club Presi- dent '44, '46: Junior Discussion Club: Hobby-Photography Elaine Mainwaring CBunnyJ arns her honors: Enchanting face: Everlasting smile M ighty sweet kid: Makes a real friend Volley Ball '43: Favorite Sport-Football Caroline J. Kocan QKokeyJ C heerful companion: Charmingly capable: Cute little miss J olly to know: joyous blonde: just right K ind to all: Keeps out of trouble' Known as "Kokey" Pet Peeve-Homework: Favorite Sport- Volley Ball: Pastime-Taking It Easy Geraldine Lebovitz fGerryJ G ayety, pep, fun: Gerry has loads of personality: Great girl L eads a very busy life: Lovely to look at: Lasting friend Senior Sigma Iota, Vice President: Mod- ern Dance: Hospital Aide: Basketball '43: Tennequoit '43 Marcella Ruth Litvak QMarcyJ M adamoiselle Petite: Made to or- der: Magnetic person R ates an ovation: Regular person: Room for more like her L acks nothing: Lovely to see: Lady-like always Groups B, C. E: Hospital Aide: Pastimc -Loafing joan I. MacMillen U0-Macy J aunty jo-Mac: just as nice as can be I deal friend: Illustrious student: Important in art M ischievous lady: Miss Personality. Mite-y nice Microscope Club: Cheer Leader '43, '44 '45, '46: Leaders: Class Day Committee Henry J. Mankin urankp H appy-go-lucky, Hard-on-shoes, Hank I ust our size: jumping bean: Jars our funny bone M akes 267 fun: Music to our ears Murder, We say! Journal Staff: Home Room President Band A: Orchestra A: Technical Ger- man Club i 72 Shirley Lederstein Daniel Roth S urefire Shirley: Slick as a whistle: 4310 Sweet and Cheerful D elta Lamm: Dives well: Dauntless L oads of fun: Lively disposition: leader , , Love that girl! D ream man: Dramatic English en- Groups B, C: Hobby-Collecting Rec- ,tlluslast ords: Ambition-Modeling R arm to go? Rough and ready: Rugged G Gerald Margolis fPierreJ amma Phi President: Gobs of fun: Glenn Miller addict M akes friends easily: Man's man: D J Merry sort of guy Hobby-Women: Favorite Sport-Bowl- ing: Amlbition-To Bowl 300 Deloris J. Moxley fDeeJ ee-lightful: Dances divinely: Dee's all right olly sense of humor: Jive fan: -lumps to assist M iglity swell: Magnetic personality: Mainstay of 267 Secretary-Treasurer, IZA: Sewing Club: Microscope Club: Leaders: Cheer Leader '44, '45, '46: Class Day Committee Arlene H. Ratner fEanyJ A lways aims to please: Apt to do anything: As good as they come H igh rating in everything: Has a : R R charming manner: Has given much eally one outstanding person: Re- served tactics: Radiance glori- fied A Cappella Choir: French Club: Modern Dance Club: Senior Sigma Iota: Hos- pital Aide Roslyn H. Roth fRozzieJ ight at the top: Regal: Remark- ably lovely H ail 267's sweetheart: Has what it R takes: Hurries to help eminds us of a painting: Rem- brandt, we'll always Remember Orchestra A: Junior All-City Orchestra: Senior All-City Orchestra: Allderdice Trio: Fashion 'Club Green Key: junior Council: Dramatic English: Aviation Club June Helene Schilit QPrima Donnaj ust right: unie's a pal to all, .l J H air like silk: Has lots of friends S tands at the top: Stareyes: Stays on the job Social Committee: Journal Staff: Secre- tary-Treasurer of Home Room, 1213: So- cial Representative, IZA: Orchestras A, B: Microscope Club: Hospital Aide: Pittsburgh Press Science Club: Fashion Club: Science Clubs of America: Class Day Committee Natalie F. Scott QScottieJ N ice, nice, nice: Naturally a leader: Never without a smile F rankly charming: Finds time for every one: Fifty classmates can't be wrong S ings like a bird: Says what she means: She's our! Group A: Volley Ball '43: Ambition- To Sing on the Radio Gretchen D. Seegman CGockiy G rand all around girl: Good friend to have: Gay smile always D esires to be an actress: Darling in our class S mall in stature, but Gocki's mighty Sweet: Seems to be just all right Dramatic English: Group C: Sigma Iota: Leaders: Modern Dance Club Delores Silverstein 1DeeQ D ee-lovely: Decided views: Delight to all S ooo nice to come home to: Stay as sweet as you are: Sugar an' spice Library Club: Ambition-Matrimony ' 73 Harry Smith, jr. fSmittyJ H earty sportster: Helpful and happy R all of the tinle S elf-qualified student: Sinitty's one N swell fellow lfzivorite Siport-lfoothall T Myrna Steinback M ore of yon would he wonderful: Melody of joy: Manor fiend S yinpathetic Sal: Sweet and lov- ahle: Saludo. ainigo! S Orchestras B. C T Sam G. Steinberg S nnny disposition: Service any tiine: Saying' something' funny constantly E G reets all with a slnile: Gives zest to his class: Good to know A S niooth: So very nice: Sincere friend Y Swinnning '43, '4-1: Favorite Sport--Hasch hallg Anihition-To Graduate Rae Nell Tom QBlondieJ aring' to go: Representative of lforeword: Rascal o one like our Rae Nell: Nice to have around: Xortherner from Texas oo had she has no sisters: Try her cure-all sinile llrainatic English: Aviation Cluh: Dis- cussion Club: Foreword Representative Samuel Trocano, jr. iTf0jJ well smile: Sense of humor: Sue' cess assured rack star: Tries hard: True friend Track Team '44, '45, '-l6: Special Plastic Shop: Basketball at St. PTITTOINCIIZIVS Edith Adele Yahr fPeteyJ asily winds her watch of wit: lin- joys singing: lfnthusiastic girl lways ready with her golden voice: .Xinhitious ideas: .Xir of care- freeness es. l'etey's quite a credit to our class: Your pal and ours Group li, C, li: llrainatic English: Mod- ern Dance ee S as 74 I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I --,V - 7 W-.. Wm - -Y Y W ,W Home Room Teacher-Miss Cora C. Ross Officers Vresiclent . . Secretary . .,.,.. ,. 'lll'CZlSlll't'l' .. , Stuclcnt Council ,.,. ..,.,, . lforeworcl Represcntzxtive Social Representative . ,...., .,.,... . .. ........,..,..... ...Nancy Louise Horrocks Ruth Elizabeth Hurley . .. .Myron H. XYZ1gl16l' Fay Eckert .Harriet Grecnnlan . .fXllf.lI'CXY ll. Leclwitll Audrey M. Bacific "If you 'zuwv lvusy living kind, Ifvforo you lvzvfu it you fuoulzl finzl'!f Tlutt you would lzuwf' livlfiful .ludrvy to .tlsxist you in tvlzfztviwa' you do. Dramatic English: Hobby-Sewing: Fa- vorite Sport-Skating Joanne Dolores Belinky U07 "Tho rust will find the sword of flunzv, 'l'l1c dust will liidv tliv frcm'1f'- l3'ut .l0fI11lIt'lS lllIf7f7j' disposition ll'ill fvvrfwtiuzlly rlzosv your frown. Group B: Aviation Clubg All City Chorus -'-7 76 George William Beres "lt'.r doing your jolt tlzv lnxvt you fun, find living just to your fvllo'zt'111n:1"'f 'l'lu1t .Yl'l'llI.Y lilw' Cfvr11'g1v'.v fwrfwtiuil tlzruiv. This loyal 1llL'lllllt'1' of tlu' football lK'lIlIl. Swimming Team '44, '45, '463 Golfg Am- bition-To Be an Electrical Eu,Q'iuecr Doris E. Cobb CCobbieJ "I hoard U lvird ut lwmil' of day Sing from flu' nutzunn trrvsf' Of Doris' woivt' vurlz ont' docs suv, J Twill 1u'wr, izmfvr zwzsv to plvnsc. Junior Leaders: Senior Leaders: Voice Group A3 Hospital .Xicleg Dramatic Eng- lislt Irene Cohen jack Gordon memes? I ' "I f the day looks kinda gloomy, "And the night shall be filled with And your Chances kinda slimy' inusic, And the cares that infest the day' - Irene will very quickly dispel lflfitlz her tinkling laughter and merry way. Ambition-Secretaryg Favorite Sportf Football J Lillian Davis qLi1y "She is a picture of delight lVhene'er slze gleains upon your sight." Lillian is friendly to every one, And no one will she ever shun. Favorite Sport-Tennisg Ambition-Im teriior Decorator B. Fay Eckert fBerberj Hlllell, miss, I wonder where you live, I wonder what's your name"- For through your clever dress design- ing You 'will surely gain much fame. Student Council Representativeg Voice Group Eg Fun Club: Special Dance Group Estelle K. Gastfriend "Curly-locks! Curly-locks! lflfyill thou be mine?" Estelle possesses such a gift, For her hair is really divine. Frenoh Clubg Hobby-Musicg Favorite Sport-Bicycling Janice Golanty Gaul "Think of the things that make you hates., Not the things that make you sad." Since Janice has been our classmate, Nothing has seemed bad. Hobby-Jewelry Herbert Goldstein QDizzyj "Some people seein to go around As if no fun they ever found." Dizzy is just the opposite to this rule, For he delights and peps up the whole sclzool. Varsity Clubg Football Team '44, '45g Basketball fa-ek will swiftly chase depression With his abundance of huinor and viin. Band Ag Basketball, Prime Interest- Music Harriet Greenman lHarriJ "Help nie in all the work I do To be ever sincere and true." Such help Harriet see-ms never to need, For she's a real worker indeed. Foreword Representativeg Voice Groups C, E3 Aviation Club Iris Mae Hepps "Mitch have I travelled in the realrns of gold And rnany goodly persons seen," But when everything is done and told On top is Iris, friendly and keen. Journal Staffg Aviation Clubg Discussion Clubg Junior Leadersg Sigma Iota: United War Fund Representative Leonard Herman fLennyJ "A boy that's truthful and honest, And faithful and willing to work"- This is a perfect description of Leonardg There is no task he will shirk. Motion Picture Club: Favorite Sport- Football Geraldine Hight CGerryj "There are loyal hearts, there are spirits brave, There are souls that are pure and true,"' When there's a job to be done well, Gerry, we know we can depend upon you. Bulletin Staffg Hobby--Dancingg Favorite Sport4Basketball Nancy Louise Horrocks fP0rkyj "I ani the master of my fate, I am the captain of rny soul." This will always be Nancy's inotto, For she will surely reach her goal. Dramatic English: Home Room Presi- dentg Modern Danceg Special Dance Group -5- 77 Lois Ann Hulick "Although she d0esn't say much, And is sometimes also shy," life have a very certain hunch That someday soon she'll fly. Ho-bby-Collecting Stampsg Fa- vorite Sport-Swimming Ruth Elizabeth Hurley fRuthieJ "hVaters on a starry night Are beautiful and fair." Ru-th's characterized by her happy smile. Bright blue eyes, and golden hair. Dramatic Englisihg Secretary of Home Roomg Group Eg Special Dance Group john P. Kepich fDukeJ "All passes, art alone Enduring stays with us." We can claim as our own John's art which pleases us. Voice Group Bg Swimming Team '4.Z3 Hobby-Collecting Photographs Betty Lou Kerr fBetsyJ "Brains and beauty are not a common pair, Hut of each she has an ample share."' These lines fit our Betsy to a " T," But we must also add her pleasant per- sonality. journal Staff: Orchestras A, C3 All City Orchestra' All Count Orchestra' Mod 1 Y 1 ' ern Dance Clubg Pittsburgh Youth Sym- phony Sally Kruman "If you had a million dollars to spend, Or maybe a little more," Be sure you'd never find a friend Like Sally and her piano lore. journal Staff, United War Fund Repre- sentativeg Sigma Iotag Aviation Clubg Hospital Aide Clement P. Kuzma fClemQ " 'Modern ways are quite alar-ming,' " Grandma says, 'but the boys are charm- inlguf' JJ While C lem"s ways are not alarming, Grandma's right-this boy is charming. Microscope Clubg Green Keyg Photog- raphy Andrew B. Ledwith fLedJ Old King Cole was a merry old soul. And a merry old soul was he." Andrew has reached this very high goal, For when he's around we're as gay as can be. Social Committee, Bands A, B, C, D3 Magic Club rn Claire Leifer 'Tiny and cheerful, And neat as can be"- This is our classmate, It's easy to see. Voice Group C3 Hobby-Music Ian MacDonald fMacJ "Good people all, of every sort, Give ear unto my song." ll"hen you again hear Ian sing, There'll be a mighty throng. Voice Groups A, B, D-Secretary '46, Male 'Choir Nettie Lou Mates QN. LJ "Little deeds of kindness, Little words of love"- I t seems her very finencss Is like that from Heaven above. Doll Clubg Junior Leaders: Basketball '42, '43 Gerard McTighe New here's a man we tell to all, A great fellow in more ways than one g For how you ran and carried the ball, To you, lVIcTigl1e, we say. "DVell done." Varsity Clubg Green Keyq Hi-YQ Basket- ball '45, '45, '46g Track '43, '44, '45, '46: Football '43, '44, '45, '46 Agnes Morton uvroro "Rings on her fingers, and bells on her toes, She shall have music wherever she goes." Agnes' singing is most pleasing to the ear, Of her music acclaim we'll be sure to hear. Lunch Check Cashier, Voice Groups A. B, C, Eg Hospital Aide 78 A james Muirhead Evelyn Ann Seliga fjimj QEvieJ "Honor and truth and nianhood, "The spirit that helps when another's These are the things tlzat stand." down, No one possesses inore of these traits That knows how to scatter the blackest Than fini who always lends a helping frown" hand. Favorite Sports-Baseball, Soccer Vincent Obiecunas fVinceJ "A quizzical thin sinile is showing ,' His kind brown eyes are gay and glow- ing." Though Obie's been here for a very short stay, ll 'e'oe found him all right in every way, Hobby - Collecting Recordsg Favorite Sport-Basketball Harry T. Pehl CChooChooj "lt's great to be alive and be A part of all that's going on." Tlzere are so few so nice as he,' His gay spirit will newer be gone. Hobby - Collecting Recordsg Favorite Sport-Swimmi-ng Gilbert Polonsky CGordoJ "W'e shall do inuch in the years to eoine, Hut what have we done today?" l'l'lzether it's in studies or in sports, Gilbert uiakes it seem like play. Journal Staffg Varsity Clubg Green Keyg Football '44, '45g lntramural Football Joseph Queenan Uosej little work, a little play, To keep us going through the day'- Joe's a wonderful example of just this, And his exuberance we're sure to iniss. Eootball '43, '44, '45g Intramural Basket- all Myron H. Wagner fBuzzj "Georgie, Porgie, puddin' and pie, Kissed the girls and inade theni cry." About Myron this stateiuent is untrue, For he gets along with girls and with boys, too. Home Room Treasurer, l2Ag Hi-YQ Treasurer of Hi-YQ Intramural Basket- ball Perpetually occupies our Evelyn's face, And causes our spirits to keep up the pace. Foreword Representativeg Service Club: Favorite Pastime-Dancing June P. Taksa Uuniej "There was a young lady whose eyes Were unique as to color and size"- I n addition to this, June's really swell, As all of her friends will readily tell. Dramatic Englishg Orchestra B5 Chess Clubg Junior Leaders Patricia Ann Tompkins tPatsyJ "The world's a 'very happy place, Where every child should dance and sing." For genial Patsy this is the stated ease- Her looks, grace, zioice, just every- thing. Voice Groups A, B, C, E: Prime Interest-Singing Paul A. Torin CFatsJ "Rejoice and nien will seek you, Grieve and they turn and go,"' Hut when there's fun that's to be had, Our Paul is never slow. Band Ag All City Bandg Favorite Sport -Football Helen A. Uhrin "'Vl'hen a bit of sunshine hits you, After passing of a cloud"- Of course this fits our Helen well, l'lf'lz.ose praises we sing long and loud. Class Gym Leaderg Hobby-Collecting Recordsg Favorite Sport-Football 'Dorothy Mae Sokol 1DotJ "Rarely, rarely coniest thou, Spirit of delightu- N ow Dorothy has a rare sweetness Tlzat niakes everything just right. Favorite Sport-Roller Skating: Pastime- Readingg Hobby-Collecting Pairs 79 ' 00172 Home Room Teacher-Miss Elizabeth Warnock Officers President ................ ..,4.,..,...A.,............ H oward S. Corey, jr. Vice President ..... ................ F elix H. Miller Secretary .,,............ ...... .,..,..,..... B e tty C. Cohen Treasurer .....,....,., ...,..,...,......,,.,......,. ...... E m ily May Solomon Student Council Representative ......,. .......,... J ames F. Marks Foreword Representative ...,.,.....,.... ......, M arilyn Zimring Social Committee Representative ...,,.,. ....,,.. M arcella Moravitz Elizabeth Beers B brilliant, best U unequaled F friendly F funloving Y youthful smile Remembered for-her efficiency Dramatic English, Class Play: Voice Group E: Library Club: Senior Leaders Club: Basketball '42, '43, '44, '45, '46: Volley Ball '42, '43, '44, '45, '46: Hockey '43, '45 Helen Marcia Cofsky H happy, helpful E exceptional, eager L level-headed Remembered for-her agreeable manner Sigma Iota: Doll Club: Hospital Aide: Favorite Sport-Football Betty C. Cohen C cute, cheerful A amiable, adept N neat, nice D dynamic Y your favorite cheer-leader Remembered for-her bangs Cheer Leader: Dramatic English, Make- Up Committee: Treasurer, 356: Aviation Club: Fashion Club: Motion Picture Club Olga Dzura O obliging, orderly L likeable, lively Remembered for-her shyness Group Eg Hobby-'Collecting Pictures: Favorite Sport-Volley Ball, Pastime- Dancing Howard S. Corey, jr. C clever, congenial O on the beam R righteous, reliant K knowing, keen Y your pal and mine Remembered for--his sincerity Vice President, l2A Class: Journal Staff: Lunch Check Casfhierg President, 356: Hi-Y: Green Key: Qualitative Analysis Class, '46: Football '43, '44: Track '46 Hilda Epstein B benevolent U unrivaled T thoughtful C constant H handy Remembered for-her ways German Club: Senior Leaders Club: Hobby - Collecting Records: Favorite Sport-Basketball Anna Mae Fiorello A active, agreeable N never mad N never sad A adventuresome Remembered for-her sweetness Bulletin Staff: Band B: Service Club: Hobby-Dancing: Favorite Sport-Volley Ball Robert Clark FitzPatrick F first-class I inimitable T talkative Z zestful, zooty Remembered for-his friendliness Hi-Y: Hobby-Tropical Fish: Favorite Sport-Basketballg Pastime-Sleeping 80 Amy Frank Flora Irene Gilmour F frank F line friend R resourceful L laughs 3 im Q afflellt O on the ball neat , K kind lxcmcmbeiccl iol-hu imnkncss I inspiring Bulletin Stznffg Voice Groups EMC, ll' E efficient ' Service Clnbg Hobby-Hula Dancing Renielnbered for-her cooperation Bulletin Staff: French Clubg Aviation . Clubg Hobby-Letter-writing Marle L' Goffort Elinor Frishman M n1oclcst.'me1'i'y , A accomplished T tauntmg R romantic 5 linllfyable I important ' as 'mg E endeurinv' D dependable N . I incomparable Reniembered torfflici' gray eyes E effervescent M.M.M.: Microscope Club: Red Cross: Renieinbered for--her demnreness H""by'C""CCt'ng Souvcmrs Fashion Club: Motion Picture Club: Hobby - Collecting Rccordsg Favorite 51,r,rt-F00tba11 Stanley E. Goldstein B best athlete Norman Gelman I L l1vely,lucky N neat dresser , U unsurpassed O oiderly E -U tx 1 - it R reasonable CllC'1,,6lL, etunes M magnetic Remembered for-his athletic Remembered for-his energy ahllltb' Aviation Club: Track '46: Hobby-Box' Swing llzindg Varsity Clubg Basketball ing: Favorite Sport-Baseball '44, '45, '-log 'Frack '44, '45 " 81 Raymond George Hasley Donald Makrauer B brawny. bold M manly U unmatched physique A air'-Iliinllefl, H111iHb1C L leonine, laudable C capable, courteous L likeable Remembered for-his ambition Remembered as-being a Casanova Lunch Check Cashier: Aviation Club: Band Ag Hi-Y, Secretaryg Football '43, Swimming '45, '44, '45, '461 Hobby-Build' ,44 mg Model Airplanes james Marks Bernice S. Hecker .l just fight . I B blithe blonde I illustrious Journalist loads 'Of fun M methodical, meritorious L O observant N noted, novel wit D delightful I infinite ability E entertaining Remembered for-her cheerfulness Hobby-Selling Graduation Cards: Fa- vorite Sport-Footballg Pastime-"Tom morrow's Theater" Kenneth Kern K knightly E energetic, exceptional N notable Remembered for-his carefree man- UCI' Track '46g Hobby-Listening to Recordsg Favorite Sport-Football Gerald John Kolski J jaunty, jovial E eager S smooth, shrewd S sharp Remembered for-his wishful think' ing Voice Groups D. C5 Orchestras E. R: Aviation Clubg Hobby-Records Donald Landay D dapper, droll O our personality kid N never a dull moment Remembered for-his wit Voice Group B: Orchestra A: Book Room Club. Presidentg Hobby-VVomen E Remembered for-his capability Foreword Staff, Co-Editor-in-Chief3Stu- dent Council: Journal Staffg Orchestra C: Discussion Clubg French Clubg Magicians Clubg Qualitative Analysis Classg All- derdice Certificate of Awardg American Legion Certificate of Awardg Civic Club Winner Felix Miller brainy, big engaging beautiful hunk o'man earnest Remembered for-his way with Wo- men Vice President, 356g Band A: Marching Bandg Swing Bandg Microscope Clubg Fun 'Club Myra Moidell M magnetic,1nirthful Y your dream girl and mine Remembered for-her sweet unas- suming manner Voice Groups E, C3 Senior Leaders Club: Sigma Iota: Special Dance Groupg Hos- pital Aide Marcella Moravitz M memorable adorable, accomplished really grand K keen-witted ideal girl eyeful Remembered for-her low voice Journal Staff: Bulletin Staff: Social Committee, 3563 Aviation Club: Discus- sion Clubg Sigma Iota: Special Dance Group: Volley Ball '43, '44g Basketball '44, '45 Lois Ostwind L lovable, lettered O oomph, original, Oh! Lois Remembered for-her vivacity Dramatic English, Class Playg Bulletin Staffg Foreword Staffg Discussion Club: Aviation 'Club Elise H. Perrin E enchanting' L lovely S super Remembered for-her pretty face Bulletin Staffg Dramatic Englishg Avia- tion Clubg Junior Leaders Club Jeanne Petrie P pretty E easy-going' T terrific E endless delight Remembered for-her cute smile Voice Groups E, C, B5 Special Dance Group: Hobby--Collecting Recordsg Fa-- vorite Sport-Football Walter Rankin W Well-meaning, worthwhile A agreeable, able L light-hearted T tops Remembered for-his musical talent Group Ag Male Chorusg Stage Crew: Hobby-Sports Therese Rosalie Roberts T tidy E enthusiastic R radiant R reliable I incalculable E eager Remembered for-h er artistry Aviation Clubg Fun Clubg Hobby-Paint ingg Favorite Sport-Footballg Pastime MDress Designing Emily May Solomon E exceptional M mild-mannered, modest Remembered for--her activities Bulletin Staffg Foreword Staffg Senior Art Classy Dramatic Englishg Secretary, 3563 Sigma Iota Ruth P. Rosen R refined U upstanding' C cheerful H helpful E elegant L liberal Remembered for-her ability Sigma Iotag Modern Dance Groupg Hos- pital Aideg Basketball '44g Hobby-Color ing Photographs Lawrence Roth B benevolent U understanding D dependable D diligent Y your best friend Remembered for-his quietness Aviation Clubg Hobby-Dogsg Favorite Sport-Baseball Leonard C. Schaffel L liked by all E eloquent N nonparalleled Remembered for-his wavy hair Hobby-Girlsg Favorite Sport-Basket ballg Pastime - Writing Sentences for Teachers Maxine Schulherr M moderate A amiable, affable X xuberant Remembered for-her pleasantness Bulletin Staffg Senior Art Classy Special Dance Groupg Hobby-Playing the Piano Alice Katherine Scott S sweet, swell C conscientious O original T trustworthy T tactful Y you can always count on Scotty Remembered for-her name on the Honor Roll M.M.M.3 Bulletin Staff: Hobby-Dano ingg Favorite Sport-Horseback Riding 83 Honey Ray Steinfeld H hearty O outstztncling' N never moody E energetic Y young ideas R6lllCllllJ6l'Cll for-her personality llramatic linglish, Class Play: Soccer '443 l-lohhy - Collecting' Records: lfa vorite Sport-jitterbugging Betty Mae Swartz B lmeneficent E CllC0lll'2lg'lllg' T tolerant T Illllllglltllll S smiles always Reineinhererl forgher lllllllESlf.' Gloria May Trueg G graceful L likeable O optimistic R 1'eally grancl I i11 the groove A a friend Remeinlverecl lor-her services M.M.M., President: Bulletin Staff: Avia- tion Clubg 400 Clulmg Hobby-Movies Irene Marie Walsh R rarliant E earnest N noble E C'lll1JllZltlC E e11joy:1hle Rf'lll6llll56l'Cfl for-her winning' smile Hobbies-Bowling, Collecting' Souvenirs: Bulletin Staff: Sigma iota: .Xviation Favorite Sport - Rasehallg Pastime -- Cluhg lfrench Cluhg Red Cross Dancing Marilyn Zimring Z zealous I i11tellig'e11t M inagiietie RGlllCllll5Cl'6ll for-her helping' hzmnl Bulletin Staff: Sigma Iota: lfrench Clulw Aviation Clubg Hobby-Eati11,Q' 356's IDEAL Girl and Boy She must hzlye llc must lluir like lflise l'errin lie as well thought of :ls llowarcl Corey liyes like Marie Goffort A nose like lietty Cohen l.ips like l,ois Ustwincl .X smile like bleanne Petrie lfleight like Maxine SClllllllCl'l' l,Cl'SllllZlllI5" like Marcella Nlomvitz AX complexion like Myra hloitlell Cllilflll like fxllllll Mae Fiorello llrains like liuffy Beers llave eyes like Geralcl Kolski llair like Norinan fiCllllZlll ,X smile like liohhy l7itzl'z1trick l'hysique like Raymoncl Hasley llrains like Alimmy Marks Clothes like lielie hliller Sense ol humor like lion l.2lllllZl.y Yoice like l.QlJllZll'Kl Schaffel Klusical ahility like lY:1lte1' Rankin - 84 -e ee 00172 362 Home Room Teacher-Mrs. Helen C. Campbell Officers President .,....,.,.... .,.,......... . .. ..,. ,Saul Diamond Vice President ,A,.. ,.A. I id Xihitman Secretary ....... ., A,.A,...A ., ...,... , ...,.. .,.,.. H elen Sailley Student Council Representative ..,.. ,,.,..,...., . 'Xllen Uclell Foreword Representative ,..,.,... . .. Iillen Friedman Social Chairman .,....... .,.., , A ,.,.... ..... . ,Gerry XYeiner Selma Elaine Alpern Frances Mae Baccaro QSpitfirej QFranJ S Ulid dancer, thats S61 F riepdly, tall, brown hair and eyes. E yes of green, brown hair. R adiant-smile that matches her dis- L oves to collect records. PQSIUQU M aking' a good career wife is her A mllltlfm 15 ff' he il Seffetafl' one ambition N ever can tell she's got the-"Pen A ctive, versatile, solid sender! SUUHMYN Voice Group Ag Girls Chorale: Class lfifW'f'flfK' Slmft Y VUHQCY Ball: Favflritv Day Committee: Hospital Aidcz Red Snhjelct-Shorthandg Future Prospects--f Cross Marriage Barbara Bair Edwin Amos fBarbJ iEd, B eloved hy all her classmates E njoyed the halls most of all in A spires to a career as model T..'X.H.S. Expects to attend R eading' war stories is her favorite Pitt pastime D oesn't mind going' out of his way B iggest amhition in life is to he to do a good deed happy Orchestra Ag Plays in Hand at "The Co-Chairman of the Class Day Com- Anchorag'e": Favorite Sport-Hockey mittee: Aviation Club - 85 .. -- - jacquelin Blitz J olly, that's our jackie. A dores drying dishest?j C ompletely mad about our man, "Sambo"-But natch ! ! l K ind of unsettled about ambition or prospects for the future Microscope Clubg Discussion Club Henry Bogulski QHa!1kQ H is for Hank so jolly and fair A llderdice has left him with the impression, "on the ball" N ovels dealing with the wild west thrill him K is for the kidding this swell fel- low can take Ambition - Aviationg Future Plans - Naval Aviation Schoolg F-avorite Sport- Basketball joy S. Bonwit fBonnyJ B elongs to numerous Allderdice or- ganizations O ne and ardent ambition is to be an actress N ovels, Frankie, VVoody Herman, and physicsf ?J she likes N eedless to say her pet peeve is spa- ghetti Y ears at T.A.H.S. have given her this impression-a great place and grand people ' journal Staff: Class Day Committeeg Sigma Iotag Red Crossg Hospital Aide Rosemarie Capalbo CCAPPYJ C ollects actors' pictures A ppreciates Harry blames P retty hard to find any one so swell as Cappy Favorite Sport-Volley Ballg Outside Ac- tivities-Dancing, Reading Theresa Mary Davern qneap R eddish brown hair, light blue eyes and 5'2" E xpects to be a stenographer D ecidedly "zoot" is this gal Favorite Pastimes-Dancing and Skat- ingg Favorite Orchestra-Lee Kelton Saul Diamond fCueJ S ays he admires whoever rings the 3:05 bell and bus drivers A mbition is to be president of the A 81 P Tea Co. U nrivaled in his favorite subject- girls L ikes best in Allderdice-full course dinners with sweet music Class President l2B, lZAg Favorite Sport -Baseballg Future Prospects-Army Frank Donnelly F avorite with all the girls, and no wonder!!! R eally admires himself-fhe claimsl A llderdice's Number 1 man N ever a dull moment when Frank's around K een, witty, good-natured, popular, magnetic personality Ambition - To Retire 5 Favorite Sport- Football Edward T. Evans CEU E ating is his favorite sport D elves madly into musical activities -very talented, too Marching Bandg Band Ag Track Team '45g Qual Class Ellen Nancy Friedman E is for Ellen so friendly and gay L ikes ice skating and swimming L ana Turner and Xavier Cugat arc- her favorites E xpects to become a model N o doubt she will be a great suc- cess, for she's a model girl Orchestra B5 Sigma Iotag Modern Dance: Basketball '42 Ilse Kahn I nteresting, shy, sure to succeed L unch is her favorite period-third lunch S he collects personal ads and un- usual news articles E xpects to attend Tech and later to travel Special Dance Group: Intermediate and Senior Discussion Clubs , . 86 , D - Margie Kayler fMickyJ M ajors in Home Economics I mpression of Allderdice-compan- ionship C omposes music as a hobby K nows all the latest books, movies, and songs Y ou'll find she's jolly, mischievous and a good sport Secretaryg Ambition e To Be Hlappyg Expects to Attend Purdue Eugene Klein QGenej G is for good times as a senior E is for evenings spent at home do- ing home work N ever would guess that playing cards is his favorite pastime E ager to succeed, may become a jeweler Sigma Iotag Chess Clubg Class President 10th Gradeg Band C Dorothy Kovach qnortiep D raws pencil sketches of her friends O n to Retail Selling School after graduation T alented in skating, singing, and letter writing T ries to be friendly, helpful and sympathetic Y ou only have to see her to like her Voice Group BQ Senior Leaders Club Jane Lang I ust loves mystery stories A lways a good girl to have around N ames Frankie Carle and Les Brown as favorites E ver see her when she smiles? CVVUWJ Ambition-Secretary, Plans to Attend Robert Morris Business College Theodore Lederstein Creep T ed is the name of this bright, friendly fellow E ver found playing basketball D on't know any finer chap than this student of 362 Orchestra: Favorite Prastime-Collecting Penmesg Hobby-Photography Ethel Kruse E yes green, hair brown, height 5'1" -Hubba! Hubba! T hinks Mr. McClymonds is tops H er favorite expression is, "Are you kidding?" E njoys playing the saxophone L ooks like she has a bright future ahead Favorite Sport - Footballg Pastime H Reading, Favorite Orchestra-Guy Lom- bardo Daniel Melore QDickerj D oing nothing is his hobby I nsists he has a mustache C oaching football is his ambition K een talent for telling tall tales Hi-Y, Varsity Clu-bg Football Team '45, '46 Thomas Mertens T ommy Dorsey is his favorite Band Leader O f basketball he is fond M any girls admire this lucky man M akes a success of all ventures Y ou can bet this boy is a favorite with every one Favorite Sport-Basketballg Ambition for the Future-Army Career Milan Miller uvrniep M ailman is his ambition I nterested in every one but himself L ikes to loaf and flirt with girls I ntends to go to work after gradua- tion Qhe saysj E ating is the favorite hobby of Milie Stage Crewg Dramatic Englishg Micro- scope Club Ruth Mullen tGerryD G ay, generous, and a great pal E njoys baseball, talking, history. T. D. and fiction R oars when she gets the busy signal when calling a friend R ight there when it comes to popu- larity Y ou are sure to like her as much as we do Foreword Staffg Dramatic English 1 Chairman of Class Day Committee: Dis- cussion 'Club '45 87 Elizabeth Nalepa Helen Sailley tTootsj QI-Ioneyj T ypes like mad H aunts the Coffee Shoppe O bject: marriage O ne of her favorite sports is swim-- O h, how she hates getting up in the ming morning!!! N ovels of the historic type appeal to her T ells us Harry James is her favorite S he's always the life of the party tand the classroom, tooj Hobby-Collecting Snapshots g Anibitiona Secretary jerome Nathan Ueffyl J erry says his lasting impression of Allderdice is spaghetti and sul- phuric acid E specially interested in aeronautics and journalism R adio personalities: Red Skelton. Harold Ickes, Paul W'hiteman R ight now he isn't telling what his future prospects are Y ears ahead promise a rise to fame Hobby - Photographyg Favorite School Subjects-Chemistry, Math Lois Ohley fLossieJ L is for Lossie tspelled with an OJ O f writing songs, poems, and stories she is fond S een often in the fourth floor an- nex fVVonder whylj S ays she loves flowers, especially roses I ntends to be a writer and do lots of traveling E xcels in everything she undertakes journal Staffg Class Day Committeeg Voice Group C5 Special Dance Group Joseph I. Rosenbaum fjasselj J' assel the hulk they call him A rt is his favorite pastime, with piano the close second S ays he will attend University of Pennsylvania S uper fellow, liked by all E njoys chemistryf?j, physics and Lon H. L ikely that this boy will prosper Foreword Staffg Dramatic Englishg Or- chestra: Discussion Clubg Football '43 E njoys lunch period at :Xllderdice the most Y es, "Love it, just love it!" is her pet expression Home Room Secretaryg Hobby - Danc- ingg Ambition-Marriage David Smith qsmmyp D andy looking, 6'l", brown hair and eyes A mbition is to graduate fl-le tells usj V isualizes attending college- "eventually" E njoys model planes, radios, pretty girls Class President 11Ag Football '45g Fa- vorite Sport-Baseball Louis Trout qmsnp F orester is his one ambition I ntends to attend Penn State for this course S well personality and a wonderful dresser H appy-go-lucky kid of 362 Favorite Orchestra-Glenn Millerg Out- side Activities-Skating and Dancing Morris Tufshinsky fTuffyj T uffy they call him but he's a grand gui' U sually can find him at Ross's or having a good time F inishing High School. he will then attend Pitt F ond of mystery novels Y ou know the kid with the great big grin? That's Tuffy. Voice B5 Future Prospects-Armyg Delta Lam 88 Allen R. Udell quaiey U is University of Pennsylvania he hopes to attend D is drumming, his ambition L ikes W'oody Herman and hopes to play for him E very one who knows him likes him Senior Student Council Representative: Class Day Committeeg Green Key Greta Weil fGretJ G ay, jolly and friendly is our "Gret" R eveals that Harry james, Paula and Sandy are her favorite people E xpects to attend art school QVVe know she'll make goodj T ype and art are her favorite school subjects Senior Leadersg Aviation Clubg Future Prospects-Commercial Artist How Can You Forget?- Her helpfulness- "I don't mean to be dictatorial. but-" Miss Vilagenknecht His guidance- "So you walked out on us-" Mr. Thomas His sense of humor- "Now you're acting up again-" Mr. Roller Her speaking French- "Keep quiet-" Miss Bergman Her fine character- "Is that so ?-" Miss Kamler His twinkling eyes- "Get out !-" Mr. Phillips Gerry Weiner G racious girl E nergetic, happy. and brainy, too R are girl-her favorite haunt is home R ecreation-bowling, dancing, read- ing fiction Y our dream girl has nothing on her Class Day Committee: Social Repre- sentativeg Ambition - 'lfo Amount to Something Edwin Whitman 0357 E Squire is his chief interest D octor is to be his life's work D epend upon finding him at Beacon Bowling Alleys Y outhful swimming star of Allder- dice and Y.M. and XV.H.A. Home Room Vice President IZB, IZAQ journal Staffg Microscope Clubg Qual Classg Class Day Committee f K 'ix Her stories and morals- "VVell . . . now . . . l" Miss McCandless Their aid- "Look it up yourself-" The Librarians His Poughkeepsie and Punxsutawney "Sure . . . " Doc Wagiiei' Her wit- "Meet the deadline or you're out l-" Miss Riddle Her vocabulary stressing- "VVrite the assignment 1000 times-" Miss VVarnock His standards of education- i'Come into my backroom-" Mr. Colburn Her kindness- "Hope you enjoy the show-" Miss Held B9 SUE SENIOR'S GRADUATION DAY ON THE HIT PARADE OF JUNE 18, 19, 1946 Awakening ,...,.....,...........,.....,,.. Oh! I'l"l1at cz Beazitifnl .Morning Afternoon .,., .,..A,.....,.......... .A,....,.,.,,..........., L a zybones Phone Call .,.,..... ...,... I Didn't Sleep a ll"inle Last Night Supper ......,...,,..,.,... ,..............,..,,...........,.....,.... L Vho Cares Flowers Arrive .,..,. ,.,....r....... Blue Orchids Leave House ,....,.. ,...,....4..................r...,....... I n ll Little llfhilu :If Pk Pk Processional .,..r. ,, ,.,.. There's ez Long, Long Trail zil-Windiiig Invocation ..... ...r.,...,..,.....,..,............,.....,.. T he Lord's Prayer Speeches ......,,.. ........,.,.., C hiclcery Chick, Cha La Cha La Diploma ..........,.,.,,.,.....,....,.,......,....... It's Been a Long, Long Tune Switch Tassel .....,.........i...i The First Tiine Will Be the Last Tiine Recessional ........... You'll Never Knott' How Much I'll Miss You Congratulations .....,..i.......i.....,.,.i..,.,.i,.,., Thanks For the lllemory nk :xc fs: Home to Dress ....... ..,....i,.. ,..i. I ,i.,.. F I ight of the Bzmible Bee Getting Dressed ...,.. . . ....i Sweet Little Alice Blue Gown Run Stocking ...,., ,.,. ...A.....,...............,..,....i...i.i ii.e C a r eless Date Arrives ...,.. ...,i,...........t.,...,,.......... S tars In Your Eyes x if nk Dancing In the Dark Prom .4,..4.........,... .,,,.,., ,..i.....,,,...... ......., After Prom ..,... ..i...... lrI'l1ere Do Vlfe G0 Froin Here, Boys? Goodnight i,... ..........,i..,......., ...,........,...,....... E 1 nbraeeable Y0ii??? Sleep ......, .. ,..... llfhen It Comes to the End of ci Perfect Day GRADUATION MEDITATION VVe'll always remember: 8:50 arrivals . . . Mrs. Sylvester's cheery greetings . . . flag salutes and last-minute homework . . . smoke-stack "discussions" . . . new mirrors in the boys' rooms . . . hand-made motors . . . Friday morning Forewords . . . spaghetti and hot dogs . . . new lunchroom procedure . . . Dottie Farber and jimmy Lauble, our most "popular" . . . "two sixes and a five" . . . fad tor bangs . . . activity sixth periods . . . loafers and sweat socks . . . English and Miss Riddle . . . "The XVall" . . . Pop Cacese and his Band . . . second floor annex bulletin board . . . Orchestra and Band assemblies . . . Chewing gum and Miss McCandless . . . Modern Dance leopards . . . "Chickery Chick" and "Hubba Hubba" . . . telephone calls at lunchtime . . . basketball and a victory over VVestinghouse . . . "going steady" . . . college applications . . . 3:05 , . . .lournal Pictures . . . the Morrowfield, the Beacon, Rosen's . . . black robes and white gardenias . . . fun. love, heartache, tears , . . How can we forget? so A - W. ,ee Home Room Teacher-Miss Yetta T. Kamler Officers President ........,..,.,,... ,.,.,........,...,,., .,....,.. J a mes Lauble Vice President .....,.......,................. ........,...,..... I ohn Lois Secretary-Treasurer ..,,,.,,.......,,,,...4,. ...... I ioberta J. Schilit Student Council Representative ,....... ....i.....,..,.,,.... S tanley Levine Foreword Representative ,. .. ..........,. ....,.4,....i.......... J ulianne Gross Social Committee ...,.,....,.,.,.......,... Elaine T. Pittler, Myrna I. Tex Genevieve B. Bahleda Sweet Genevieve, Jenny to yon, Always a friend, loyal and true, Little and dark, snapping brown eyes, She picked ont foe from all the guys. Biology Club, Basketball '45, '46, Pastime -Dancing Tombo Burke The Vllearing of the Green, Refers to lzis football sweater, And with the shoulders that he has, On whom co-nld it look better? Voice B, Green Key, Hi-Y, Varsity Club, Track '45, '46, Basketball Manager '43, '44, '45, '46, Football '43, '44, Cap- tain '45 'Mark I. Cohen Take I-lim Out to the Ball Game For baseball lllarlc adores. ln ezferytlzing that he attempts, Like the players, he, too, scores. Chess Club, Microscope Club, Senior Discussion Club George A. Davis One Alone in Any Crowd, The fanious shagging king. His ties are somewhat more than loud, George just likes everything. Orchestra A, Woodwind Quintet, Senior Sigma Iota, Swimming Team '43, '44, '45 Shirley Dunn Hubba, Hubba, Hubba! Dnnny's our pin-up queen, She arouses 'whistles ll'herever she is seen. Cheer Leaders, Aviation Club, Library Club, Senior Sigma Iota, Fashion Club, volley Ball '42, '43, Basketball '42, '43 Sheldon Edelstein A 'versatile fellow is Our Ideal, A friend to cherish, indeed, Witli his persevering attitude, In any career he'll succeed. Journal Staff, Foreword Staff, Senior Discussion Club, American Legion Med- al, D.A.R. History Award, Honorable Mention, Science Talent Search, Qualita- tive Analysis Class Lenore Goldstein Sunday, Monday, and Always Our thoughts will be with Lee, lliith uiarriage as her ultiuiate goal, A lovely bride she'll be. Orchestra B, Hobby-Photographyg Fa- vorite Sport-Tennis Julianne L. Gross Sparkling Blue Eyes has Julie, And also hair quite blonde, She rates high on our friendship list,' Of her were very fond. junior Leaders: Dramatic English Class: Foreword Representativeg Senior Sigma Iota: Aviation Clubg Soccer '44, '45, Ras- ketball '45, '46 Marvin B. Gusky It's Wonderful this fellow More to know, As cheerful and gay as can beg His hearty laughter is accompanied by A sparkling personality. Hobby-Art, Favorite Sport-Basketballg Pastime-'Sketching james Lauble You Leave Us Breathless Over every little thing! Tall, debonair, and handsome- You rnake our hearts go-zing. Dramatic English Class, President of 12A -Class, Home Room Presidentg Student Counc-ilg Hi-Y, Aviation Clubg Football '44 David Laufe You've Gotta Be a Football Hero And Dave surely earned some farneg A stand-out player and an all-around lad, Dave will, for hiinself, inake a naine. Attending Duquesne College Stanley Levine .lust Say That He's a Friend of Ours 'Cause everyone likes Stan, A football star of great renown, With inany a loyal fan. Green Key, Foreword Representative: Football 44, '45 james C. Levinson Friendship just fits fiuuny C., lIe's smiling almost constantly ,' One newer doubts that he will be On top for personality. Hobby - Ping Pong, Favorite Sport - Basketballg Ambition-Engineer Phyllis Linder l'l"lzen it comes to Personality Our Phil ranks mighty high ,' Future success she's sure to attain, Her limit is the slay. Journal Staffg Foreword Staff: M.M.M.g Senior Sigma lotag Senior Discussion Clubg Aviation Clubg Senior Leaders: Hosp-ital Aide john Lois Slender, Tender, and Tall, Our Johnny tops them all,' His 'voice rings out in football cheers, lfl"e know he'll shine throughout the years. Hi-Y, Varsity Clubg Cheer Leaders: Track '44, '45, '46g Home Room Vice President Marjorie Jean Lyle We,re Always Thinking of You, Margie, Of this we inust confessj A secretary you'll soon be, With truly great success. Bands B, C3 Basketball '45, Mushball '42, '43 Selma Marcus She Belongs to Our Hearts Now and forever, Blonde little sweetheart- Forget her-why, never! Voice C3 Hobby-Frank Sinatrag Favorite Sport-Football George W. Markowitz Smiles are always on his face, A happy lad is he,' With such a cheerful attitude, A business man he'll be. Voice B3 Orchestra B9 Swimming '42 john A. Mercurio Oh, Johnny, Oh, Johnny, A guy we adinire indeed, .Mechanical ability is his by the score In his chosen field he's sure to succeed. Hobby-Model Airplane Building, Fa- vor-ite Sport-Football, Pastime-Bowling - 92 A jane D. Metro Janie, Dear, so beguiling: Janie, dear, always smiling 5 Dress dvsiguiiig, your ambition. l'l'ill surely gain you recognition. Hobby - Collecting Records: Favorite Sport-Skating: Paistime-Movies Sylvia Miller Sylvia's hair is like the iiighfr: Sylvials laugh is pure delight: Charming, thoughtful, always gay. An actress she will bc some day. Dramatic English Class: Senior Sigma Iota: Favorite Sport-Badminton Priscilla Perry Sweet and Lovely, our Priscilla Is always surc to br a hit: Em'lzauting diuzfvlos, winning smile, A-l future graduate of Pill. French Club: HobbydPh0tography: Fa- vorite Sport-Iice Skating Elaine Toby Pittler Pretty As a Picture, that's Elaine: Over our hearts, sho's surf' fo reign: Twiuhling groan. oycs, light brow-ii hair, In all good things shall claim a share. Dramatic English Class: 12A Social Com- mittee: Aviation Club: Senior Discus- sion Club: French Club Lawrence A. Poli You Are Our Lucky Star. In football you arccl by far: This lzaizdsouufguy of 3-6-S. Good luch will surely lu' your fair. President, Green Key: Hi-Y: Varsity Club: Football '43, '44, '45 Lorraine M. Port Lovely To Look At, delightful fo lmow ll'ifl1 brains to equal luv' beauty,- .-in infectious siuilv, a filvasing 'zfoirrn Lorraine is a wry sweet rutio. Senior Sigma Iota: French Club: Volley Ball '42 Charles Powdermaker llajvfwr Dan of lhrvc si.r-oiglzl, Clzurk wows HIUIIIV by the score: A lzrmdsouio guy with wavy hair, ll'lu1f girl could ash for uioro? Chess Club: Senior Sigma Iota: Favorite Sport-Football Shirley Robins Shirloy's Just T00 Marvelous, Too marfvolous to say: .-l glamour girl with auburn hair, Good lurk will coiuc her way. Dramatic English Class: French Aviation Club Club 2 Louise Ann Roth ll'r' adore The Charm of You, Your 011011 flowing grace. Tho lovely sparkle of your szuilo, Thr fraiileiicss iii your face. Student Council: Journal Staff: journal Art: Senior Sigma Iota: Scholastic Key Art Awards '45, '46 Hermoine R. Rubin She's -lust an Angel in Disguise lllfilh dark brown hair and cloar gray eyes: lu popularity, looks, and floss, Our Moiizic is ou all 'round lass. Dramatic English Class: Aviation Club: Senior Discussion Club: Modern Dance Club Roberta jean Schilit Good! Good! Good! Tlzafs you, so true,- To lm a rcsoarrh rlzouzist ls -zrfpcriiiiost with you. Foreword. Editor-in-Chief: Journal Staff: Senior Sigma Iota: Senior Discussion Club: Aviation Club: Student Council: Home Room Secretary: Qualitative Analysis Class: Hospital Aide: American Legion Medal Sondra Irene Silverman She's a Sweetheart. Sonizif is ,' Az' playing fviug fiong, shr"s a whiz: Pitt will wvlrouzo hor izart fall: IV1' know flzfy'Il love hor our and all. IT-ramatic English Class: Student Coun- cil: Senior Sigma Iota: Modern Dance Club Marion S. Surloff The Yery Thought of You, Mimi, Brings joy to czffry lioarf: ll'ith surlz fwrsonality and falouf. You will master l'0IlIllIFl'l'iGl arf. Senior Sigma Iota: Junior Leaders' French Club: Modern Dance Club: Volley Hall '42, '43, '44: Mushball '42, '-13: Tennis '42, '43: Basketball '42, '43, '44: journal Art Barbara Dawn Swartz We're in Love with You, Bobbie, You certainly are our favorite hobbyg Vivacious, eager, full of glee, A Penn State student soon you'll be. Dramatic English Cla-ssg Junior Leaders: Senior Leadersg Special Dance Group: Basketball '45g Volley Ball '44 Marilyn A. Tanur I She's Delicious, Delightful, Delectable, By all her smile is detectable, A lover of dancing and music, too, Her sprightly manner will see her through. French Club, Aviation Club, Senior Sigma Iota: Red Cross Club Margaret M. Tarasovic A Little Bit of Heaven Fits Margie perfectly, A lovable brunette, She smiles so happily. Egrlletin Staff: Service Club: Basketball Lawrence H. Volk Faithful Forever, he'll reach the top, A pharmacist some day he'll be,' For such a truly clever lad, A brilliant future we foresee. OFChCSU'HS A, B, C: Stamp Club: Game Club Marian Wallace Green Eyes, clear and brighz., lllally is a nf1an's delight,- S niiling, jolly, full of fun, She makes a friend of every one. Voice Gr0upS B, C5 Theatre Wing: Am- bltion-Actress Darrell Zwerling You're an Old Smoothie, In everything you do,' .f-I friendly, jolly fellow, Good things will conzie to you. Book lgootnv Club: Dramatic English Class: lfavorite Sport-Swimming Myrna I. Tex She's the Touch of Texas in our room, Sheis an unfailing cure for gloom, Cheer ul, clever and sincere, I She's bound to 'win in her career. 12A Social Committee: Senior Sigma Iota: Aviation Club: Theatre Guild: Foreword Representative: Modern Danci- Club: Hospital Aide: Senior Leaders: Basketball '45 Irwin Weitz I rv's a straightforward Pal of Ours, And one you can't help but ad1nire,' lVith his dark, curly locks and his wide, friendly grin, H e's bound to achieve his desire. Hobby - Photography : Favorite Sport - Baseball: Pastime-Bowling Dorothy Weitzman You really are a Lovely You. Yo-u're the queen of every one's heart ,' In business life as a secretary, You'll take an active part. Dramatic English Class: Voice E: Senior Leaders A Alan Carl Winfield Swinging on a Star Success he will achieve ,' To medical school he's bound, An M. D. to receive. Journal Staff: Band A: Marching Band: Senior Discussion Club: Microscope Club: Chess Club: Qualitative Analysis Class: American Legion Award Seymour Wise VVe're Mad about the Boy, Always admired by the rest of the guys, A friendly, happy-go-lucley pal, Von just can't help liking Seymour l'Vise. Dramatic English Class: Aviation Club: Hobby-P'l1otograp'hy - 947 00 M 372 -V Home Room Teacher-Miss Mary C. Brennan Officers President ,, ,.,,, ,. . ,.,.A....,.. ,. ......., .Kenneth M. Powell Vice President ....,.,, . Secretary-Treasurer , , . Social Representative ., .. Foreword Representative .. ..., Virginia Louise Lorber . Patricia Donna Crouch ..,...Mary Jane MeVicker Annette Kalson Student Council Representative .. .,.,,,.,i, Harry Moidell Ethel UI. Barna Leonard Allen Briskin fEthJ fLennyJ l?l11c-twccl lvloizdc . . . lozlcly' to look of Tall and dork . . . has mzrsical talent- . . . full of llH'l'1'llIlt"lIl. . . makes o lasting rsfmcially on that Frmzrlz lzoru . . . full ffygyfvypgjigjj. of lIIl7'I10'l' and fwfr . . . O. lf. on our list. Special Dance: Favorite Sport -- Swim ming: PRSilIUC?D8HClllg Gloria Maxine Barnette tG1omoj Iillflfjl-f10-lllfkj' . . . gay . . . fun, to be with .... f well. to lu' specific . . . ready to lic II full. Pastime4Reading': Favorite S1port-Basc- ball: Ambition-Government Vllomau Elena F. Bonaro Excel.: in .vclmol rvork .... v rc'oo11s ovm' Frankie . . . on ossvf to any group . . . lvcauly owl l7I'tYl7IS 111i.rPd. M.M.lXl.: Dramatic lluglisli: 12B Social Committee: Home Room Secretary-Trea surer '45: Senior Class Treasurer: Sigma Iota: Basketball '45: Social Representa- tive '45 Baud A '43, '44, '45, '46: Favorite Sportf Football: Pastime-Hunting Violet Brown fKittyJ A sfwrl zlfsfvosifiorz . . . f1lm1.x'.v ftfilliug to lmzd a lzarnd .... v orl of .vlzy . . . 'very swell. Holmbygffookingg Favorite Sport-Basc- hall: Pastime-VVriting Letters: Ambi- tion--Secretary Patricia Donna Crouch fPaO Tull and lwrifif' . . . Hlorlcling as fl fu- lIl7'l' fv'osfcrf . . . mixy fo .wr why . . . 7c'o1z'f foil lzvr. Secretary-Treasurer: Hobby - Dancing: liavorite Sport ---Swimming: Ambition- Xl:-deling' 95 "W Yvette Deakter CCookieD Our Hubba Hubba girl! . . . 'vivacious and clever . . , personality plus . . . has a winning sniile . . . plans to attend Pitt. journal Staff: Sigma Iota: Modern Dance '44: Junior Leaders: Band B '44: Class Day Committee Mary Gaspar fShortyD Answers to Mae . . . that nice kind of blond . . . likes baseball and New York serious but sweet about it all. Hobby - Traveling: Favorite Sport -f Baseball: Pastime-Reading Sheldon M. Goldblum fWitchJ 5' 10" . . . built like an inverted triangle . . . s'zoininiing expert . . . swell sense of hutnor . . . hard to forget. Swimming Team '44: Pastime-Reading. Favorite Sport-Baseball William R. Hamby Both studious and a tlzinker . . . ambi- tions are high . . . affable . . . sure to get results. Chess Club: German Technical Read- ing: Hobby-Reading: Favorite Sport Baseball: Dramatic English Class: Am- bitioni-Doctor: Journal Staff Pauline Regina Hardman lShrimpJ Pint-sise . . . carrot-top . . . grand sense of huiuor . . . whiz at shorthand . . . lucky in love. Service Club: Volley Ball: Basketball- Hobby-Bowling: Favorite HauntfSkat- ing' Rink Virginia Elizabeth Houston QGinnyJ Dark-haired . . . most charlning . . . has a swell sense of humor . . . rates highly with all. Microscope Club: Voice Group B '4-1: Fa-- vorite Sport-Swimming Mary Hvozdovich fRushJ Newer catch her blushing . . . secretary- ship is her anzbition . . . sweet to know . . . really rates. M.M.M.: Favorite Siport-Volley Ball: Ambition-Secretary julia Joyce Johns CJUUYD Can sing and dance . . . likes Duke El- lingtonls piano playing . . . inath and football rate with her . . . her stnile rates with us. Favorite Sport-Football: Hobby-Sing: ing: Ambition-Dancer Betty Lou Jones tBetzj 5' 5" . . . charm personified . . . roller skating fan . . . likes dancing and Toni- niy Dorsey. Favorite Sport-Roller Skating: Pastiml- -Dancing: Ambition-Private Secretary Annette Kalson fBoodyJ Sincere . . . dependable . . . quite intelli- gent . . . success will certainly conie her way. French Club: Discussion Club: Foreword Representative 9A-12B-12A john Lampl tjackj Tall . . . handsome . . . full of person- ality . . . such a sense of humor . . . Jack's the boy for us. Foreword Staff, Business Manager: journal Staff: Microscope Club: Track Team '45 Richard Lampl QDickJ SIIIOOZLII . . . friendly . . . full of pep . . good-looking . . . super-special. Foreword Staff, Business Manager: jour- 11al Staff: Microscope Club: Track Team v , 45 Phyllis Irene Liberrnan fphyll Sweet . . . attractive . . . has good taste . . . dependable . . . at the top of our list. Bulletin Staff: Service Club: Sigma Iota: Hobby - Collecting Records: Favorite Sport-Bowling George Linchik fLiPPyJ Blond . . . brown-eyed . . . a brunette's his object .... v want for Coach Sofield . . . happy-go-lucky . . . "Lippy" for lots of laughs. Swimming' Team: Pastime-Ice Slcatingx: Hobby-Stamp Collection 96 ' Virginia Louise Lorber CGinnyj Sweet and lovely . . . dimpled darling . . . enjoys swimming . . . wants to be an air line hostess. lZA Vice President: Hobby 5 Photog- raphy: Favorite SDOl't4SWl11lI'Illl1g John Lynch Uackh 6' 3" . . . such a physique . . . football's his speed . . . friendly . . . future journal- ist. Favorite Sport-Football: Favorite- Band EHarry James: Ambition-Journalist Edith Margaret McMil1en qlrisny .llischievous but slzy .... s mile for all . . . spends time over homework . . . cooks for fun . . . petite and gracious. Hobby - Collecting Pictures: Favorite Sport-Skating: Pastime-Cooking Mary jane McVicker fVickJ Dark . . . cute as can be . . . enviable figure . . . plans a nursing career. M.M.M.: Special Dance: Basketball: 12A Social Representativeg Favorite Sportf Swimming Leon Metzler fBozoJ Long and light-haired . . . quick-tene pered, but easy to handle . . . freckled and friendly. Dramatic English Classy Aviation Club: Favorite Sport-Basketball jean Miller Attractive . . . sweet sinile for all . . . ad- mires Cornel lifilde . . . really lovely. Voice Group C '45, Voice Group B '46: Favorite Sport - Baseball: Pastime --- Roller Skating Harry Moidell Sorta' tall . . . sorta' dark . . . definitely nice . . . draws well . . . rates 4.0 with all. Journal Cartoonist: Student Council Representative: Track Team '45: Hobby -Drawing Louis Gould Neft fLouJ 372's Einstein . . . plays piano and flute . . . has plans for med-school . . . jive and debating expert . . . you'd like our "Lou". Aviation Club: Senior Discussion Club: Orchestra Ag Bach Orchestra: Ambition --Doctor Rachel L. Nevins CRaeJ Lats of vim . . . has loads of pep . . . charming . . . at tlze piano heats it eight- to-the-liar . . . appeals to all. Voice Group E '42: Sigma Iota: Library Club: Special Dance: Junior Leaders Paul Nussbaum CNussj folly guy . . . full of fun . . . wants to be a lawyer . . . smooth at tlze sa.r . . . Pitt's his alfa-im. Discussion Club: Dramatic English: Band A Mary Lee Oakes CBillieJ Petite . . . possesses good looks . . . fun to have around . . . a divine singer. A Cappella Choir: Girls Chorale: Special Dance Group: Hobby - Collecting Pic- turesg Favorite Sport-Basketball Lee Pitler Good-looking . . . sharp humor . . . ex- cels in sports . . . circulates . . . plans to attend Miami U. Sigma Iota: Track Team '44: Home Room President, '44g Favorite Sport-Baseball Kenneth M. Powell fKennyJ Our class president . . . has looks that can't be beat . . . plays a smooth trom- bone . . . terrific sense of humor . . . rates A-1. Marching Band: A Band: President of Home Room, l2Ag Hobby-Playing the Piano: Favorite Sport-Football Frances E. Rosenson flfrankiej Has a winsome zeay . . . dimples on each cheek . . . can "make with the brain" . . . sure to get along. Journal Staff: Foreword Representative. 1lB: Modern Dance Group: Favorite Sport-Ice Skating 97 Renee Schorin fReneej Canzfranionahlr scnorita . . . short and sweet . . . zfcrsatilc . . . plenty of whiz . . . plans ot attend Pitt. Voice Groups B, C, Eg Sigma Iota: jour- nal Staff: Special Dance Group: junior Nurses' Aideg Junior Leaders Paul T. Taylor Svriazfs, hut a gay twinkle in his rye! . . . enjoys lrasclzall and math . . . par- tial to Las Bro'wn's nznsir. junior Varsity: Track Team: Ambition -Lawyer: Favorite Sport-Baseball Lois Eileen Wanetick Has good taste . . . dresses ruvll . . poised but poppy . . . truly up ta par. M.M.M.g Hobby - Perfume Collection: Favorite Sport-Basketball Edith Frances Zahm Snzila for all . . . sweet disposition . . . dalzblrs in photography . . . thinks Har- ry James is taps . . . we think she is. Home Room President, '42g Vicc Presi- dent, '43g Hobby-Photographyg Pastimc --Dancing ROOM 372 If we could have the chance to choose the perfect male and female Allder- dice graduate, he and she would have the following characteristics: Merry Allderdice The complexion of lilena lionaro The nose of .i.,.,.,.,., . Ginny Houston The smile of .,., .. ., , Lois XVanetick The hair of .t.. ., Ethel Barna The brains of , Annette Kalson personality of ..., Renee Schorin The The figure of , ., Mary .lane McVicker The The The legs of i...... ...,... C ookie Deaktor sweetness of ., ...,.. . Ginny Lorber dimples of .,., Frankie Rosenson Terry Allderdice The eyes of .,., ,.,. I ,ee Metzler The nose of ...,,. . ..., George Lipchik The smile of ...A .... . . Dick Lampl The humor of ...... ,, Kenny Powell The physique of , .. Paul Taylor The athletic ability of ..,., Lenny Taylor The brains of ..., ,......,.,. . .. Lou Neft The personality of .i..... .Jack Lampl The versatility of ,...,.., Paul Nussbaum The clothes of .. i......,.. Harry Moidell SUMMERTIME The halls are dim and quiet, The corridors are soundless: The classrooms all are vacant: Tranquility seems boundless. The summertime has come: And for two months or more, Naughts heard but faint hushed echoes On every empty floor. No more the crowded shuttle, For this the driver's glad: No more the busy teachers And the pupils that they've had. No more the shouts ring merry: No more one hears the noise. The laughing and the joking Of typical high school boys. No more the famed spaghettig No more the chemistry tests. The school is quite contented As. lazily, it rests. No more the frogs dissected: No more the 3:05 rush: No more the wolfish whistles At cuties slim and lush. The building is deserted: No footfalls break the peace. And not until September XVill the gentle quiet cease. 98 - ee wrt 454 Home Room Teacher-Dr. W. J. Wagner Officers l'resident ...,.... ...,,... ...,..A...,...... . . .,..... G ladys L. Depew Vice l'resident ,................,.... ,..... .....,.....,A,.... I . eonard Vogel Secretary-Treasurer ,.,........ ..,..,....... Student Council Representative Foreword Representative ,,..,.A....... Social Representative ,..... Louise Judith Abram fSissieJ Slitfs brown-eyed, petite, and gay, Talented in stoiuiniing and slcctclung,' llvr violin, our lzrarts dotlz sieayg Our Sissic's wry fvtclung. Foreword Staffg Journal Staffg Orchestra Ag All City Orehestrag Pittsburgh Youth Symplhony Rose M. Anobile fRosieD Very happy, 'very gay, Very good-naturcd, so tlzcy say ,- So wc predict slzc certainly may Enjoy life in awry way. M.M.M.g Home Room President, HB. llA: Business Service Guild: Dramatic Englisihg Foreword Representative: Bas- ketball '45, '46 Wilbert Austin fBeet1eJ Hcrc's at boy who plays the truuzpct, Indeed. lie's wry good ,' Souu' day when lu' luis rvaclzcd tlzc top, ll"v'll say, "ll'c knrro lu' would." Favorite Sports-Football, Track, Swim- mingg Hobby-Music David Balk Happy-go-lucky, easy going, Vsually quirt. but wry knowing- Tl1at's David, a chap to enjoy, Tlu' one roitlz red lzair-tlzat's our boy. Track '44, '45, '46g Gym Team '44, '-45: Varsity Club Myron j. Berman qmaisny Myron Berman, friendly and shy, Oli, lzorc' lic bowls . . . lily! My! My! Iiusincss is lzis jtrinu' ambition, Hut a girl with bangs is rank sedition. Track '45: Favorite Sport-Bowlingg Fa- vorite Subject-Chemistry .,.....S3.1l'll16l C. Gatehouse .,.,.., Dorothy E. Gouda .........Rose M. Anobile ....,........Leonard Vogel Elmer Borovich Elinor lias a real fmt ficmfc For tlir girls who wear boys' slzirtsq Ho sings and dances, prefers the blondes. Tlur ones in girlisli skirts. Voice Group B3 Favorite Sportsgliowl- ing and Dancing Alice Florence Citron CAD Slit' always luis a smile for artery one slu' sees, lll' wish for lurr s1u'rass in lifr, 1-'lud lzapfviucss all tlzc' rolzilc. Hospital Aide: Special Dance Group: Charm Clulig Sigma Iotag Volley Ball: junior Leaders Paul Cole Hubba, lzubba, Paul G. Cole, Plays chess and is a serious soulq Docsnlt go in for social tcilzirls. Because lic siuzlvly lzatrs the girls. Dramatic English: Chess Clubg Basket- hall Bernice Danovitz CDannyJ This gay little girl with cyrs of blur, ll'itlz collage as lurr anzbitiong ll? lzofc slut finds a husband true To pay for liar tuition. Social Committee: Dramatic English' Sigma Iotag Senior Discussion Club: Aviation Clubg Volley Ball '43 Gladys L. Depew QPetj If you'rr looking for ability, Gladys leads tlufui all,' Tlzouglztful, serious, and friendly, Slza's brorou-eyed, blonde, and tall. M.M.M.3 Business Service Cwuildg Bu' letin Staffg Journal Staffg Home Room President, IZB, IZA M ' '99 Manuel DiNardo jane M. Gray fElmerj fjaniej lizwr laughing, Janie is one we slmll nvzfvr forget: S,-Idfnn f1I1I.f'f, Slick a girl rwfrc wry glad 'ZK't"'ZlC meth: rllru'uy.s' rvudy lo .vfart a rin!! She lands fl lzrljvfvy-go-luclcy life, Tlzaflv our Elmer. And slufll Illtlktl 501110 one an excellent Favorite Sport-Swimming TC'1ff?- , Voice Group Cg Favorite Sports-Swinr Ralph Fl0I'la ming, Dancing IXt't'flI1Ifj lvusy, Irving gay, U Eraline Greenber fi g A-ls a .vfudcuf lie rates A ,' mam G,-pals' Ins ladies., I adirp 1 U? 5-,mis quid' but She,-Y also gay l7m'.snf Ralph just realy mm .- Each Hmmfp Of Nw Hwlong day! Favorite Sports - Baseball. Swimming: A SN.,,,v She .wlmfs to 176, Hobby-Aviation 9 Q ' - W - ' , zfcuwxflrl, foo-just fuuzf and sec. Samuel C. Gatehouse Junior Chorusg Junior Leaders: Civilian fBul1 Gate, Defenseg Voluntary Service "l?ullgul4"' ri fall young num, John Richard Hagan .fl f71IlIl'IlIUt'ISl' lu' 'zcialilx fu lu',' QI-Iapj 11135 IYINU Ull tIl'U'f'Hf I7lI.S't'lllIll fllllf ,von Sgv you fypl X0 fzypfxv bluff' 111-V llffldf'-V UW' TWU fYl'U7'f' :lud l'lIlI'f llziuls of a flliug to do ,' Home Room Secretary, Treasurer: Or- Then fall on Hap, l1l?,ll gizfc you clzevr, "lml"i1 A5 Favorite Sport-Baseball Tlmrcfs alzc'c13"S fun roliru lm is near. Dorothy E. Gouda Voice Group B3 Group Ag Male Chorus ' .0900 Guy Leighton lla! is .rurlz ri friendly lass, qkedy Slzvlv flu' darling of our rla,vs,' To lu' u SIICCFJS in future life, ll'l11'lv playing on luv' zfioliu Guy 'zc'0n'f need any lvrmlcs, .rlduziralion of uuiuy sl10'll easily win. Bccuzzsv lu".r just the one who has Student Council Representative: Favorite Abfllff 6"UF7'Nfhlllg that if M1395- SportfSwimmingg Parstime-Playing the Journal Staffg Microscope Clubg Favorite Violin SportiSkiing A " 100 james Henderson Christine M. Maglere fjimj fChrisJ There's a group of girls at the end of the Chris is attractive, also merry,- hall, kl"ith a boy standing there in the midst of them all,- lfVe find it's a lad from Room 4543 ll"'e see that it's Jim whom the girls all adore. Voice Group B5 Favorite SportsiSwim- ming, Football, Dancing Stanton J. Jonas tBu1lgate, Jr.J Because he is small you might think him weak, But this little boy really has much technique,- Of witty remarks and hilarious laughter, And the art of true friendship, S tanton's a master. Dramatic English, Chess Clubg Favorite Sports-Baseball, Football, Swimming Helen Kocan tHelJ Show her Dennis Morgan, Harry James, or Van, Of all of the three, our Helen is a fan, She thinks that Perry Como is pretty nice, too,' But we think she's much nicer-don't you? Favorite Sports-Volley Ball, Basketball, Dancing Hannelore Litten C1-lannaj Our "Peanut" is a tiny lass l'Vhose very presence cheers us, W' e feel this way about her 'cause S he's friendly and sweet though serious. junior Hospital Aideg Favorite Sport- Tennisg Pastime-Reading Robert Bennett Lubic fBobJ Robert is active in all his work, Whatever the task, he doesn't shirkg He's always willing and ready to go ,' His advance to fame will not be slow. Dramatic Englishg Band C5 Sigma Iota: Discussion Clubg Cliessg Track '44, '45 Sl1e'll be an excellent secretary, ll'e also must mention her skill in art,' As soon as you meet her, she'll capture your heart. Favorite Sports - Swimming, Dancing: Pastimes-Reading, Art Sally Anne Mandler fSamJ Fan-loving, happy, gentle and kind, ,Aire the thoughts about Sally we have in mind, Ready to help or to do a good deed, lfVe're sure in the future that she will succeed. Sigma Iotag Aviation Club, Favorite Sports-Swimming, Dancing Eleanor Renee Marcus CEUYJ She has a lot of courage and a winning smile, And will linger in our nzvmories quite a while, She's a very good sport, as everybody knows, She'llwin111any friends wherever she goes. Dramatic English: Frenclh Clubg Senior Leadersg Red Cross Worker jenny Mincheff Gen? Five feet four, with eyes of brown, lVe've never yet seen Jenny frown, Happy, winsome, jolly, gay, A designer of note she'll be some day. Favorite Pastimes - Dancing, Bowling, Horseback Riding james C. Newcomb Uimb finimy is the quiet kind, Reserved and somewhat shy ,' Yet it has not been hard to find That he is one swell guy. Favorite Sports - Football, Swimming. Basketballg Hobby-Drawing 101 Dolores Nozling tDorrieJ llfhat a charnzing 'voice has Dorrie, Through it she will win great gloryg As a singer some day to be, This girl is our first nominee. Favorite Pastimes-Reading, Horseback Riding, Favorite School Subjects-Sew- ing, Typing Katherine R. Pugliese CKHYD .fl good-looking darls-haired girl named Kay Is a nieiuber of our classg That she'I1 do well some future day Is what will come to pass. Favorite Sports - Tennis, Swimming: Pastime-Readingg Hobby-Sewing Gladys Mae Rapport CHSPPYJ Gladys is happy, friendly and kind, li"elI-liked by all in the class: 'Twould be 'very difficult to find A nicer, more helpful lass. Hospital Aicleg Dramatic Engltishg Spe- cial Dance Groupg Volley Ball Vivian Rapport qnikiep "I worked like a dog," of school she says, This dark-haired, lovely 1niss,' But we think even she'll admit ll'hat a great mistake is this. Dramatic Euglishg Voice Group Iota B5 Sigma Dolores M. Rider fD0ej Dolores likes to swim and sing, In both she is first-rate! If in the world she does as well, She'1l surely get along great. Voice Group A: Girls Chorale, Special Dance Group, Basketball '45, '46, Swim- ming Team Minnie Simon fMinj Tall and dark with eyes of green, Regal enough to be a queen ,' All in all, she's pretty keen. Hospital Aideg Red Cross Workerg Fa- vorite Sport-Swimming Renee Devra Soltz Renee is always ready for fun, lflfith a friendly smile for every one, No doubt the secret of her success ls due to this gift which she does pos- SESS. Orchestra B3 Sigma Iota, Hospital Aide Louise J. Vecchio fWesieJ Five feet five, with big brown eyes, "lfVesie" could capture a personality prizeg A secretary she hopes some day to be, A nd a good one, too, we'll guarantee. Favorite Sports-Horseback Riding, Base- ball, Swimmingg Hobby-Collecting jewelry Leonard Vogel fBibbyJ If you should ever pass Room 454, And you feel the hall a-shaking, You know this lioewire has the floor, And the walls will soon be breaking. Home Room Vice President. l2Ag Band B3 Chess Clutbg Home Room President, 9A, l0A, 11B Thelma Ethel Weinstein Tl1Flll'Ml,S a girl quite lovely and gay, llfith hair of a beautiful jet black shade: Out in the 'world with her winning way, She'll get to the top in her chosen trade. Dramatic English, Sigma Iotag Favorite Sports-Football, Dancing 102 - rforr 1 1 r or 00172 Home Room Teacher-Mrs. Mae Weber Smith Officers lTl'CSii1Cl1t ,. ., .. . , .. ..,.. ,Robert Nit'lll1lZlS Vice 1,1'CS11lC1lt . . . . .'l'11111uus H. 5aulsb111'y, ilr. Sccretary . .. .. , .. 1 . .,.. ,.,Shi1'lcy -I. XY11lk11ff Trezlsurer . ,. ,,,,. . , ., .. .lay Be1'11z11'1l Gould Student Council Representzltivc Sidney Stark. .111 1f11rew1Jr1l Represexltutivc 1 . Albert Burton CBurtD I 111'1'111111' 11111 is ,11 1f111'11111,' 1115 .v111'1'1'xs 111 11111 ix 1'1'1'111111,' 1'1111, x1'111111111s, 111111 'Z'1'1'.X' .v1111'1'1'1', O111' nf f111' 111'.v1' g1'1111111111'.v 111 1111.1 Hobby- Raising' Vets: .xlllhitillllflnb 5111'- lulm 11111110 Barbara A. Ferber QBarbJ 1111111 is 1111111-111111111111 111111 'Z'l'1'.X' 1111 1' 1111111111 11 11111111 1111 11 5111111111111 11111 . 111 j'1'111'. 111 111151 511111111 .r111"11 171' 11 -r1'1'11'111111' 11 1 S11 Lvllfiillff 1'1'1111 5111111 ix 111'1'1111111i111111 111111. 01111111 RZHWIUIIQ Sigma luta: Yullcy Hall '-133 H1up1f1 Xldcq lfavwritg Ziport Sxvilxlluillg Etta Jean Ferson William C. Ford CEtsieJ fBil1j 1111f1j1y 111111 jolly tllld f1l11 of 11111'111, 51111111 111'1' lojlv for 19111, 'l'1111f'.v l5fS1At'. 11111- 1111111151 111111 S1l11'.' ,1 1111111111111 11111 is 111' ,' Si111'1'1'1' 111111 1'11111'1111'1111 111111 11111 of 111111. .1111'1'1'1ff 111' 1111f11's 511113 11111' 1111111121 .Yll'1'1' 111 1111 11111 .1 171,11 11'1111111' 11111-x'1'1' 111 1111. .'xVi2,ltiUll Cluhg Vulley Hall '42, '43, '44, Isavwiu, glmrt K B.HUh,lH. Hmmm Basketball !0UV1mmCm 463 H"Vkl'Y 43- Sports: ,xlllhilitlll-"17l't1105514111211 l'1N1lm1lI -Hg S111'1'er 42 7 , . ,Hn ,, fi- 103 Mi,, ,ffnfwm H f Mark R. Faigen QMark Anthonyj lllark rates an A as to looks, In music he'I1 always e.1'cel,' He's apt to be found near chemistry books, H e's versatile and really swell, Orchestras A, D, Bands A, B, D, All- City Orchestra, All-City Band, All- County Orchestra, Pittsburgh Youth Sym- phony Orchestra, Favorite Sport-Baskeb ball Betty Lou Gibson QB. LJ It's Betty Lou here and Betty Lou there, Her typing ranks sky high. Her brow is fair, golden her hair, A Hollywood type with glamour to spare. Foreword Staff, Bulletin Staff, Business Service Guild, Foreword Typist, Journal Staff, Discussion Club, Voice Group E jay Bernard Gould CGo1den Boyj lay is friendly and lively, Quite a marvelous fellow is he, Music, acting, and sports are his likes, A radio announcer he wants to be. Dramatic English, Treasurer, Room 456, Voice Groups C, B, Band D, Orchestra B, Aviation Club, Microscope Club, Radio Code Club, Track Team '44 Eleanor Greenwald Tall and attractive is Eleanor G., Charming and companionable, too,' Her looks and talent fit to a T The job of modeling the new. Favorite Sport - Dancing, Pastime - Movies, Ambition-Modeling Edith Hollerbach maaiey Eadie is tall and very pretty, A combination that's hard to beat, She can sing and paint extremely well, A more 'versatile person is hard to meet. Volley Ball '45, Favorite Sport-Swim- ming, Pastime-Dancing Rebecca E. Holmes fBeckyJ Becky's efficient, makes no noise, Popular with both girls and boys, Dependable sort, has humor, too, If you want true worth, it's Becky for you. Favorite Sport - Swimming, Pastime -- Reading, Hobby-Collecting Records Margaret Kacsuta fMargiej Marge is trim with hair so blonde, Vivacious, charming, personality plus, Of this small girl we all are fond, She was voted most popular by us. Secretary Home Room, Foreword Repre- sentative, Voice Groups B, C, E, Special Dance Group, Basketball '42, '43, Soccer '42, '43, Volley Ball '42, '43 Thelma Kaminsky CTibYJ I f beauty and brains form a rare combi- nation, Then in our pal Thelma we've found a sensation, Good things come in packages when they are small, For the boys seem to feel that she's right on the ball. Social Chairman Home Room, Aviation Club, Favorite Sport-Swimming, Hobby -Day Dreaming Boyd Kessinger fKessJ Kess is friendly and debonair, In Tech he'll study to be an engineer,' Best wishes in school, to him we send, H e's always been there when we've needed a friend. Microscope Club, Qualitative Chemistry Class, Hobby-Bowling, Favorite Sport -Hockey Elin Lando QTootsJ Elin will keep you up on your toes, She's as merry and gay as an elf, One minute with her you're rid of your woes. Don't you wish to be like her yourself? Social Committee, Treasurer of Home Room, Class Representative, Community Fund, Hobby-Writing ' 104 Louis j. Levinson QLouJ There's certainly nobody quite like Lou, lVho holds ambitions and ideals true, He can fit himself into any role, He'd lead 'us all in a popularity poll. Dramatic English, Microscope Club, lili- Y, Chess Club, Ambition-To Be a Min- ister, Hobby-Whittling james McCarney Uiml Jim is the mascot of 456, And he's really on the ball, A little keg of dynamite, Only sixty inches tall. Social Representative of Home Room, Voice B, Microscope Club, Favorite Sport-Bowling Neville W. McChesney QMacj We all know that he's one swell guy, And he's made of that fun-loving stuff, Many girls have for him heaved a sigh ,' But beware when he says, "R-r-ruff". Voice Groups A, B, C, D, Swimming '44, '45, '46, Track '45, '46, Favorite Sport- Track, Pet Expression-"Aw ruff" William Muir CBil1j Bill is quiet and serious, Football is what he likes best, He's a menzbcr of tlze Stage Crew, As a friend, he'll pass any test. Stage Crew, Favorite Subject-Shop Robert Nicholas fNickJ It's hard in a few words to say ll"'hat we think of our president, Nick, ll"ho's managed ns well in every way, And has missed not a single trick. President of Room 456 for Four Years, Swim-ming Team, Hobby -4 Swimming, Pastime-Eating, Ambition-To Be a Teaclher Madeline Rossi fMadgeJ Madge hopes to be a designer, And could you think of any one finer? She will lead in this undertaking, Our Girl Friday here in the making. Special Dance Group, Basketball '45, Volley Ball '42, '43, junior Club Eleanor D. Rieffle fRifj This tall striking glamour girl of 456 Is as much fun as one girl should be, Her nzischievous eyes are just full of tricks- To her personality we'd like the key. Voice Groups A, B, C, E, Dramatic Eng- lish, Special Dance Group, Basketball '42, '43, Volley Ball '42, '43 Annette Saltzman QNettyJ Netty with her hair so brown, Upon her face there's never a frown, Friendly and sympathetic without end, S he's the definition of our word, friend. Hobby - Drawing, Pastime - Reading: Ambition-Reporting, College Preference -Pitt Thomas B. Saulsbury, jr. CSaulsJ Souls is the basliful-forward type, In any language that means just right, Happy-go-lucky with curly hair, For holding offices, he's beyond com- pare. Dramatic English, Social Committee, l2A, Vice President of Room 456, Bands A, B, Marching Band, Voice A, Male Chorus, Hi-Y, President, Green Key. Vice President, Microscope Club, Bas- ketball '44, '45 Donald James Shombert fPartingt0nJ Partington or Doe is this fellow's name, A violinist and player of chess, H e's brought to our room exceeding fame, lfVe're sure he'll win outstanding suc- cess. Journal Staff, Allclerdice A Orchestra, String Quartet, All City Orchestra, Fes- tival Orchestra, Microscope Club, Chess Team, Qualitative Analysis Class, Win- ner in the Fifth Annual Science Talent Search, William Simon qwiniey L'Villie's the Quiz Kid of 456 Cheerful and friendly is he, Nuclear physics is Bill's ambition, And we know he'll succeed, watch and see! Microscope Club, Discussion Club, Qua- litative Analysis Class, F.M.F.S., Will ner of Radio Science Quiz 105 ' Edith Yatta Silverblatt tEdeeJ Here's to one with loads of ambition, As for brains she'll uzeet all conipetitionj She's quiet and sweet, and somewhat petite, Renzemtbered by all she lzappens to nieet. French Clubg Favorite Sport - Swim- ming: Pastime-Danciugg Hobby-Coolv ingg Ambition-To Be a Doctor Dorothy jane Singer tDottieJ If you bump into Dot in the hall, You'll notice her sweet and cute style ,' It's one easy guess that you'll fall For this girl with the wonderful smile. Hobby-Sewingg Pet Peeve-Homework 3 Ambition-Stenography Lois Skirboll C1107 Poised, sincere, contented, and glad- That's Lois our pert, sweet lass ,' Because of these things and niore we could add, I doubt if she can be surpassed. 12B Social Representativeg 11A Foreword Representativeg Aviation Clubg Sigma Iota Andrew Spears fAndyj Now Andy Spears helps run the stage, Dependable fellow with winning waysg He's never peevish or in a rage, An indispensable to Allderdice plays. Stage Crewg Favorite Sport-Football: Favorite Reading-Detective Stories Mary Ruth Spears tPatQ Bubbling over with vim and pep, Thafs Pat, who's one of the twins: For personality, she's really hep,' She's a geni who always wins. Basketball '43, '44, '45, '46g Volley Ball '43, '44, '45, '46g Home Nursingg Civil Air Patrol Sidney Stark, jr. qsiap Sid always has something to say, A prepossessing boy, with a captivating way, Sincere and loyal to all he knows, He will never have any popularity woes. Foreword Staffg Student Council Repre- sentativeg Journal Staffg Orchestra B: Discussion Club Warren C. Thoma tTomoJ Thonia is friendly, with good looks to spare, He wants to attend Duquesne, He'll study to be a pharmacist there ,' Our loss is surely their gain. Microscope Clubg Hobby-Art janet Verket 412117 Jan is a girl we are proud to know, lVith aid she is always handy, Skilful with pencil and able to sew, Our definition for her is "Just dandy." Hobby-Needle Workg Favorite Sport- Horseback Riding Bettie J. Virgin tBetD Betty has looks, on this we agree: She excels in more fields than one,- The fellows like her, she's shapely, you see, And at any party, she's fun. Voice Groups A, B, C, Eg Modern Dance Groupg Pastime-Piano Playingg Favorite Sport-Bowling Wilma J. Wassman qwiuiep lVillie is shy, but is liked by all, With her light brown hair and eyes so green ,' S tudious and attentive to every call, A finer nurse will never be seen. M.M.M.: Transferred from Gladstoneg Prime Interest-Nursing 106 Charlotte Wayman qcnaaep Clmdc is quivt but tue lilcc llL'I' Cl lotj .S'l1c's an 11ssvf to any classy Room -ll2's lzvr ftI'Z'Ul'1ifU spot, lint zviflz us sllc will uzorv than pass. M.lXl.M.1 Voice Groups A, B, C, Eg All City High School Clioirg Aviation Club: Restorinm Leader '44 Robert A. Wickstrom fWickJ "Still mztvrs run clcvff' of Bob can llc said, ,l d1'fu'1La'f1lvlc lad zvlm l'r'0fLs his lzcfadg lf11dw'111'11tlz lzis Ctlllll and friendly mimi ls sf1'v11gtl1 of fulrposc and jlldglllffllf keen. Stage Crew: Painted Scenery for Class Playg Favorite Sport-Football Shirley J. Wolkoff QSherriej C0llll'l-X' and tllfl'LlL'fl'ZJC tl111f's 0111' Sllrr- ric, llvlfly, 1'0111fn1i1io1111blc, and rlltwzys llIl'7'I'y,' zl siizgcr and fyfisf of 110 lilflv mm'- ll1'1'4"s flu' girl rvlm will gc! 0111' zfotc. Foreword Typistg journal Staff: SL-ere tary, Room 4563 Class Day Committee: Voice Groups A, B, C: All City Chorus: Discussion Clubg Sigma Iota, Social Chairman, Yolley Hall '43, Bulletin Staff Future Who's Who of 456 blames McCarneyfBob Hope 'l'l1o1nas Saulsb11ryeTo1nmy Dorsey Neville McChesneyf'l'on1nly Manville Robert XVickstro1nfA-Morris Sbnster Sidney Stark-lirnie Pyle Robert Nicholas-Mr. hlcCly1non1ls Donald Shoinbert-Donald Shonibert lfleanor Rieffle-jinny Simms Betty Yirginffhliss Steiner Eleanor Greenwald-hlinx lfalkenberg Sljirley XVolkoff-bliss Zinn Margie Kacsuta-Gypsy Rose Lee lflla lilllfllb--l'lCClCl21 Hopper Lois Skirboll-Hattie CEl.I'll6g'l6 liZll'llZLl'Zl Ferlner-Florence li. l':1rry at im Y -f-M 107 - lflerhert Dickson Guy Leighton. . , Danny Melore Lee Pitler . Larry Poli ..,,..,A . Bernice Danovitz Yvette Deakter .A.. Ellen Friedman ...,.. ,Ioan McMillen , Rachel Nevins , OFF THE RECORD ! ! "How Many Hearts Have You Broken ."l Don't XVant to Set the VVorld On Fire Cf This XVorld ., ..."You're the Tops ,.,........"Rum and Coca-Cola ...........,,.,..............,..."Breathless The Very Thought of You .. .. "Temptation .........,.."Sweet and Lovely ....,,.,,.....,"Personality CHARGE OF THE STARVED BRIGADE CWith due apologies to Alfred Tennysonj L'p the steps, up the steps, All surging higher! Un to the fourth floor hall, The need for food, dire. Numbering three thousand strong Onward this maddening throng Straight for the lunch room doors, Drove the three thousand. v Lunch checks to right of them! Lunch checks to left of the1n! Lunch checks in front of them. .Xmidst the confusion. Stormed at with shout and yell. Bravely they charged and well, Into the lunch room line, Surged the three thousand. Plunged in the din and smoke, Right through the line they hrok Smitten by Mr. Thomas's stroke. Freshie and senior. Theirs not to reason why, Theirs not to make reply. Theirs but to eat and die, Gallant three thousand. Spaghetti to right of them! Spaghetti to left of them! Beef stew in front of them, Loomed from the counter. Boldly they picked and then Boldly they picked again. Ham after ham bun fell, To the three thousand. XVhen can their glory fade, Of the wild charge they mule As the faculty wondered. Honor the charge they made Honor the starved brigade, Noble three thousand. i, ...., , ,.,,,q., 0 A wg 1:3 - J .,53r3.e -AJ -H A my ., , 108 ee ee e ee-as FOREVER- ALLDERD CE WITH APOLOCHZS TO AMBER U COACH GROUPS lihkrhl 4' n I r g'lr .,, ii: . ... ...- ' -' ... .. , - 6, W V Q x"h"QF If , nz zsd z W 2 , ' 7, , v 9 if , 'Z ,Q Hz 112 ii Yhg U.: - COW coacusd smme A wzsf cud THR mese Ponrms Pnss me Cmfs nmg mvp A'l-IALE Mosf amunrum cms P 5' tA.u.Q vfsnfo BY mmous Rusfrvorf ANDHIS woufv. 1 1 U A Twacm i f 1 I-I -'GIRLS C1 '-GYM x 1 TA us mcn E X . . . I . ' 4 'mf-'ffrsrrz' Y- 'S 1 Nf"2fHf'ff21 M,, 3 ' r MR.MccLvMoNos CHN' 'W' "M un gm, AND MRIHOMHS SENT , c Hu fm fl Sg7'off7""': To MHS A rwlcm TYPE Qi? un SPEED TEST as 4 - I "' Il.- ': ririmn X .T N ggi' 0NlY WHY OUT E 7' ' PROM f:" HN ENCUSH cowosmou- X J , , J, - f nr mm! Knm f V in Gig is-R :H-A-SFEJIO - 'X gl' AN fzfcv 0F aaa E., """"D 0' f' 61 Nl 1' C XP' THERPHUSE runr u szEmESuss"'nr . 'ms wnu.f' fsmnomc eg 2 Room ww fx 1- I. mf ofanrnvc " 4 CLUB. Chg GMJWJL 110 g-mkiorg Show JUNIOR STYLES 112 Gfcfivifies Ulm .Music "W" "'?113 ' ' W7 Che Qaify Buffefin Business Service Guild Sponsor-Miss Mathilda G. johnson fFirst Semesterj Marcia Cohen Shirley Cohen 1Second Semesterb Gladys Depew Betty Lou Gibson Geraldine Hight Margaret Tarasovic BUSINESS SERVICE GUILD fFirst Semesterl President-Marcia Cohen Vice President-Shirley Cohen Secretary-Treasurer-Jean Fratangelo fSecond Semesterj President-Margaret Tarasovic Vice President-Gladys Depew Secretary-Treasurer-Pauline Hardman 'WY' ifw' 114 Qaify Gfbsence Bu! Carl Rankin Howard Snyder Elizabeth Yoremka Estelle Rosenberg juffefilz Sfaff Sadie Bass Lena Bellini Robert Campbell Shirlee Caplan Anna Mae Connor Virginia Coughenour e in I f Norma DiNe1la Rose Bruno Jeannette 0'Shell Shirley Weinert Theodore Druga Geraldine Hight Dolores Klinefelter Phyllis Liberman Alice Scott Gloria Trueg 115 THE FGREWORD Sponsor-Miss Diantha W. Riddle SENIOR STAFF MEMBERS Marcus Aaron Louise Abrams Sheldon Edelstein Betty Lou Gibson Martin Hamburger Herbert Labbie Dick Lampl Phyllis Linder James Marks Ruth Mullen Lois Ostwind Roberta Schilit Emily Solomon Sidney Stark Jack Lampl 'f , 1? EN Q N! fr, A N RJ xf .1 'fr 1 Y Ui W 5 X, - , 2-fi 4 ,W ,f f '.'1ww?uk 116 f 1, ,W ,Q gh - 52 A . 6, .514 .--f'- ,.,7 i A 3 u - rf -ip V 1Ei?,.L . 4 I, IQLQ, -,KJL,, 1 X ef W6 'aka W Q ff? ?f if if M Q me Higgs' ,, 1 v M. Kg, , w 'V . A' f p ai K i'i9?QfiQ'9Y5fff1f' ws 'Q 9- AS' x U - ff nf c ' ' , ' if w ifi V .. K ,:Z'2f'-SFFMA, .gy jg? . :saggy , .w iv W f - ' Tw f 'kk' 3 , A . 'zzlyg ' Y? --91 -+. S W idE'1'iQ," fn, - A fwslssxz? ,. 5, mg .11 get V 7 VM Q9 .W , 4 1 1' 3- 'S fl M 2 5 ff 'L ' - v ... , ,, g.:..,..1.. ,Mi . QF K 100fZv FOREWORD SUBSCRIBERS ROOM 119 ROOM 120 ROOM 153 i-1182i- -. 1l- ROOM 206 ROOM 222 ROOM 251 119 ROOM 252 ROOM 254 ROOM 263 120 -- ROOM 314 ROOM 352 ROOM 358 ' ' ' '121 "W ' ' ' ROOM 361 ROOM 404 ROOM 413 MMM nf, Y , . . 777 -f----V V - WYY- 2-2 -2-4' ROOM 415 ROOM 425 ROOM 451 'A" M""' " ' 'M 123 Z"""' ' " lscussiolz f 1165 Senior - Beta - Intermediate 7124' SENIOR Sponsor-Miss Wagenknecht Moderator-Norwin Katzen Secy.-Treas,-Shirley Felman BETA CHAPTER Sponsor-Miss Quattrocchi President-Marian Ginsberg Secy.-Treas.-Dorothy Cantor INTERMEDIATE Sponsor-Miss Mitchell President-Herbert Shapiro Secy.-Treas.-Paul Steinman BOOK ROOM CLUB Sponsor-Miss Lois Goldstein President-Marian Ginsberg Vice President-Martha Brown Secretary-Treasurer-Phillip Singer LIBRARY CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Margaret H. McMickle s 125 - ss MICROSCOPE CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Mae Weber Smith CFirst Semesterl President-Al Morgan Vice President-Mark Cohen Secretary-Virginia Houston Treasurer-jay Gould CSec0nd Semesterj President-Robert Nicholas Vice President-Mark Cohen Secretary-Virginia Houston Treasurer-Jay Gould Social Chairman-joan McMillen Social Chairman-Ann Stinson CHESS CLUB President-Donald Shomb Manager-Secretary-William ert Hamby S- S S S 126 .1.T1 s so gfospifaf Gfiaes at ' so hadyside Eospiral g 7 Z this Qerti6cate. 5 5 D he .Board offrustees of Shadyside 2 Ilfospital wishes to express in permanent - ' , Form its sincere appreciation to fillderdice High School For Faithl:ul, patriotic and most generous services as a member of the Uolunteer groups oF this Hospital during WORLD WAR II Through your inspiration and support the ftfospital was alnle to provide comfort and are for a greater number oF sich than ever before in its historymand to can-g on its woth sue cessfully despite unprecedented burdens oF the war years. In grateful recognition oF your hard worh and valuable assistance, we hereunto have subscribed our names- and gfFixed the seal of this :Ho ital, this 25th da oil Jilarch, 1946, in the City ci? 9ittsl1urgh,fPennsylEania. Q V f Mgamfsnglte Won: ofzbe card of 7Pu.1eee.r 7 - N-ow-e ecretar af! 20:11 f t e.r 127 - l-Ml iqma goin Gfubs Sponsor-Dr. Faust SENIOR C LUB fFi1'st Semesterj 1Sec0nd Semesterj President--Louise Roth President-Louise Roth Vice President-Geraldine Lebowitz Vice President-Sally Sniderman Secretary-Treasurer-Julianne Gross Secretary-Lorraine Port Social Chairman-Shirley Wolkoff Treasurer-Barbara Finegold JUNIOR CLUB ------ 128 A- HENTRE NOUS" Sponsor-Miss Edna R. Todd President-Barbara Mahaffey Vice President-Arlene Ratner Secretary-Treasurer-joseph Friedman Sponsor-Miss Alva Held President-Gloria Trueg Vice President-Marie Goffort Secretary-Treasurex-Margie Kaylor U M129 ' " GMS YOUNG MAGICIANS Sponsor-Mr. Gutoski President-Murray Grossinger Vice President-Max Foner Secretary-Treasurer-Stewart Tyrnauer THEATRE WING Sponsor-Miss Dorothy Zeigler President-Roberta Feldman Vice President-Grace Boyd Secretary-Carol Kamman Treasurer-june Siegal 130 efe eeeee GREEN KEY Sponsor-Mr. John H. Irwin President-David Roth Vice President-Tom Saulsbury Secretary-Treasurer-Howard Corey HI-Y Sponsor-Mr. George Phillips CFi1'st Semesterj fSec0nd Semesterj President-T0m Saulsbury President-Larry Poli Vice President-jimmy Lauble Vice President-jimmy Lauble Treasurer-Myron Wagner Treasurer-Myron Wagner Secretary-Tom Tovey Secretary-Raymond Hasley ,, ,,,, ,YW ,,,, ,,, W, 131 ,W ,,,.,,,, ., Y ..,-7W BEST SELLERS ESIYIP1' .... , . ,.,... ,.,., . .. l'1111 C'lIll'1 G11 11111110 .-11111111 T110 1'111y'5 1110 711111111 111170 G1'0011 111178 My 1111105 1'f1 fr11111 S1fl'Z'f'1'j' A , 7i1Il' 1f11d of I5t'0l1!I1111l' M1111 .1I0s11f1'.v F111110s .,,.... . . ...1 A ., S11 11'011 R1'11I1'1II17t'1'L'!1 . 11tI.XfS 111111' Niglzts . , ., For O111' 1,1t'lISI11't' 111111 1'U!ll'Y 71111110011 R111111 .. . ., 1111111131 .'111110111111'0 . , Of 11111111111 1?1111d11g0 , For 111110111 1110 13011 7'1111s 1.1151 111 1110 11'11l1l'1'lIl'X.Y l101'1' lx 1vU111' 11"Y!1I' ., A C1'11ss11111 1110 1?111' I 11'1'11 C11 Bark .. '1"rl'1'11'0 1711111111 L11111.' '1'111'00 11'C'11101c lIi111101' ,. . 7111? .S'1'111'11'1 1.01111 . Cl1l11'k1'l1 I?'Z'l'1'y 51111111131 1Jl'U1Il1S1'f1 1.111111 .. . A . T110 501115 of 1110 All-1f1I1j' .. T110Sf1y ,. , ,, . C1'111I1' lllld P11111.v111110111 . T111'1x'11111'111f l'0111's ., . 7'11l' 12111111 71,1111 F1111011 , N11 ,111tH'1' ll S11'11111101'. . , .'1d'Z't'Il1lH't' .. ,. . A ,, 111'f07'1' 1110 11111011 0110 111111113 11'111'. .,.,..1,.. , T110 1Xy1llfj1S Gl'lIl'1'1I1. A , . ,3:05 ., After report earcls . IJYZIIHZXETC English , Allderdiee lawns . ,, .,.. . ,. Seniors . Graduation night . ., Absence excuses .-Xssemlzly programs Research fm' themes The journal . . ., A Annex XVall Home eecmolnic fashion shows ., HCBll1CXX'll1'k , . , . . , Lateernners , , Freshies Buying lunch cheeks . , A ,. .. ,. Track team .. . Pustgracluates ,. , Muclern Dance . . ..l3eaeun pharmacv That If , In our cafeteria . Vacation ., ,. The Faculty . FO1'CXX'lJ1'C1 Staff For hookey players .. ,. ..., .. ,,High School . Crannning for tests . . A .. Suplunnore l.uneh period strolls Getting un fur school . ...,.Mr. Thomas Mr. xICc11f.'l1l1illC1S .1 1 3 1: wx: El V X 1 E J 1 f 1 1 1- ,..A NWN, f . -P 2 63" 132 mic VOCAL MUSIC Teacher-Miss Emma Steiner SOLOISTS A CAPPELLA CHOIR 'W133 " GIRLS CHORALE MALE CHORUS 134 TRIO STRING QUARTET WOODWIND QUINTET 139 HARPISTS BRASS QUINTET 140 Y LLSLC Mr. Roy Dietz-Director of Band MARCHING BAND BAND A ' in 14.1 Y' BAND B 1,0l'S1ll1Il111yn 51111111-s 141111116 C111111ti11g t110 1J11ys" 1'11ti1 g1.11f1111lt111I1 11110 1J2ly qX1t01 1'1l1l'CYC1'u f1I'2lC1llZ1111lll 1'11 Huy 71111111 1Jl'CZlll1H .X11 .XR 1111 1'CINl1'1 0111115 911001 111141 1.t1X'L'1j'u 11111150 1Q11t11 XlAL'Il'1 Y1111 1111111 Y1ll111'L' Yum" 501111115 111lt'l'L' Must 110 Il XYZIYN '1'11 11111'111xx' 11llll1CXVfl1'1i 1t's 1110 71121114 111 1110 '11HXY11'. 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Sofield President-William Parfitt Vice President-Alan Morgan Secretary-Treasurer-Herbert Arnold 4 I Dwi 4 .. s www Q, ' Q., . f '. ,J '17 Z2 KW W ,... ,.-1" L In XL ,if fy I I lb W f 149 MAJORETTES Sponsor-Mr. john H. Irwin Head-Florence Zwieg First Sergeant-Marjorie Cohen Sergeant-Rose Caruso , Sergeant-Doris Becker 150 F v Q 6 QQ? 1 M Q W 4? E ? vi " a ' THLCT A iiv Q Q55 Q yy X 3 Q-Q Q Q ,175 Qi Iii J? S, MECH ONXESQC ANXCAL DRA 154 SOXEYX Ci' W1NG IZ qyl Caylor Svfzq WOODSHO COOKING P N Loaf Gfffgergice Sckoof SPE ECONOM THE 1946 ALLDERDICE vs Engravings SUPERIOR ENGRAVING CO. 312 BOULEVARD or THE ALLIES We Photography HILL S STUDIO 133 N. HIGHLAND AVENUE was Printing MAYER PRESS 235 COLLINS AVENUE Zin Memoriam Eiean iiinrnna "She wen! at quiel fu llze dew From fl familiar flower. N01 like the dew did she return xii lfze KILYTIJSIOHIEIX hour." Alpha Beta Chi Sorority Complimenfs of fhe Theta Mu Sigma Sorority 1935-1946 Congmlulzuiorzf Grafluzzlex from Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity UNIVERSITY o If I'Vr'1's1auiu: H 157i 7 The University of Pittsburgh CWENTY schools and divisions are centers for training young men and women to become chem- ists, physicists, or engineersg doctors, dentists, lawyers, or pharmacists, nurses, social workers, teachers, or members of the business world. FOR INFORMATION, ADDRESS THE REGISTRAR DEB-U-TEEN HOW-AGE TO BEAU-AGE Girls' Wear JENKINS ARCADE fSecond Floorj Pittsburgh, Pa. ATlantic 3023 Affelcler and Smith FLORISTS 1717 MURRAY AVENUE Pittsburgh, Pa. HAzcl 3300 "We have what you want when you 'want it." Squirrel Hill News Stand 5804 FORBES ST. AT MURRAY Compliments 0 f Youth Craft Shoe Store SIDNEY SIMS 1829 MURRAY AVENUE Pittsburgh 17, Pa. HAze1 0913 158 Allderdice Patrons Extend Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Classes of 194-6 Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Aaron Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Abram MY- and MTS- Mr. and Mrs. S. Abrams Mr' and Mrs' Mr. and Mrs. Louis Alpern Mlgoilniierlgs' Mrs. A. Blank Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Blitz Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Briskin Mrs. Anna M. and Family Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Helen Wolk Brown Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Burke Mr. and Mrs' Mr. and Mrs. L. Cohen and Gerry Mr. and Mrs. McKinley Crawley Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Danovitz Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. M. Deakter Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. H. M. Eagleson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. N. Farber Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Abe Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. William Felman Mrs. Anne D. Dr. and Mrs. H. D. Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Golding Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Gottlieb Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hepps Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kuzma Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. O. Lampl Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mollie Lappin Mr. and Mrs. Morris Levin Harry Linder Conrad Litten Sam Litvak and Patrick McTighe H. Moravitz Morton Charles Nussbaum Louis Riemer Harry Rosenfeld Nathan Savitz Harry Schilit jack Siegel Samuel Singer Harry L. Sisselsky Spiegel Sidney Stark Sternberg H. I. Surloff Charles Wanetick Albert Weinberg David Weitz H. Weisman Frank Winfield D. Zahm Nat A. Zimmer 159 Tires Tubes Batteries Kruman Service Station TEXACO PRODUCTS 7501 PENN AVENUE PEl111ll1'St 5038 Manor Pharmacy Prescription Specialists MURRAY A-ND DARLINGTON Phone: HAzel 6000 Pittsburgh, Pa. BENKOVITZ Fresh Sea Foods and Lake Fish Wholesale anal Remil 21.20 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH. PA. HAzel 4446 FORBES HARDWARE STORE Household Goods, IlUl'd'ZC'll7'F, Paints, cmd Glass 5839 FORBES STREET PITTSBURGH 17, PA. Phone: HAzel 0238 George B. Reed VVe may not be the nearest IDRUGGISTS TO YOU hut we will try to come the 1 nearest N CO' to PLEASING you 01"1'1CIANS Winterburn ws 1fnf'rH AVENUE Pharm aov Jenkins Affafls Cor, VVllltL'1'l3ll1'1l S Greenfield Ave. Pittgburgh, Pa. Pittsburgh. Penna. Phones: AT1antiC 7231-7232 Night Phone: HAze1 3427 BUD SAUNDERS FLOVVRRS 222 STJXNVVI X STREET PITTSBURGH, PA, Flowers for ,fl ll Oceazslons - 160 Ilia:-ty Sch:-amm Studio of Music SUITE 302-3113-NIKON 'l'HIEA'l'RIi RLYILIJING Rant 5687 PITTSBURGH GFRTRUDIQ IVIOIIR RUTI-I A. AULD YIUUFIIFI' of Pimm 7't't7l'fI1'I' of 5'f11g1'11g JAMES G. BORRFLLI KATHERINE H. WINTER Traflzvl' of C:1fIl'I'lll'f Tt'f7l'1Il'7' of Voicc PRACTICAL HARMONY AS APPLIED TO MODERN PIANO PLAYING fIifllI76IIISIlII1Cl'ltS, Improvisaticm, 'IRl'IilISDOSIIIllI1, etC.I Method originated and taught by Marty Schramm SCHXVAGI-5R'S Com Zimenfx 0 , I p 3 f SIGMAN SQAHWAQQIQR, Prop. oroth Trinin D Y ODQRLESS IDRY CLEANING Anti que Shop Sm-folirl .Xvnz at IIRCCIIIIISCII St. H.Xzcl 4200 ' 161 The TAU ETA ALPH Fraternity exzemlf ily romplimentr and besl wishes 10 llze g'l'6Ztl1A6lfi1'lg class of 1946 Jack Brill Sanford Cooperman Morris Deakter Howard Fine Milton Fine Bernard Friedman Norman Garfinkel Edgar Goldfarb Clifford Hostein Louis Jacobson Lewis Meyers Jack Nathan Ivan Novick Richard Seewald Leon Simon Robert Soloman Arnold Steinman Robert Schlessinger Larry Adler Selwyn Berson jack Breskow Phil Brodie Harold Goldman Alvin Holzer Ray Nathan Elkan Rosenberg Herbert Rothman Herbert Ruttenberg Jordan Schlessel Jerry Segal Mel Siegel Morton Silverman Eddie Stone Leo Dym Shelly Morov Sid Rosen S' Morton Fibus 'K Earl Schaefer "' Dave Simon X Donald Schnider -'l62" ' C,'w11-pfimenlx of Penn Overall Supply, Inc. S. R. HALL PENMAN Filling in Diflnlazas and C1t'l'fI.fI.f'1Ift'.1' 41 Sf7t't'l-tllfj' 5820 FORBES STREEFI' llittsburglm, Pa. W' MEN'S WEAR 5872 FORIHIS STRICFT' Squirrel Hill " 163 j. CAPLAN Kosher Meafi ami Poultry 2115 MURRAY AVENUE H,-Xzcl 1531 H.'Xzc1 6144 Amis Stork Shoppe lllfllllff and C1I1.1dl'L'l1Y.S' IVFKI7' 19311 MLYRR.-'XY AVENUE l'ittshu1'gl1, Pa. HAzc1 1224 A 81 B Photo Service Developing - Prinfing - E nlargin g Films - Cameras - Supplies 2121 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH 17, PENN.-X. A. SIGAL B. MILLER Compliments 0 f SCHILIT'S FRUIT MARKET 2124 MURRAY AVENUE FREE DELIVERY Phones: Hi-Xzel 2425fHAzel .2426 "Finest F1-ails anil Vegetables X1 lzt'ays" I on Cit Greetings from I- y Construction Co. SII,VERBERG'S Storm XVindows with Screens Insulated Brick Siding Roofing 2137 MURRAY AVENUE , QMITHFIFLD QTRFET ATlantic 4457 E ,,,. ,M . ,H .E 7 . Q1 LEARN A PROUD PROFESSION I' . Q Q . . I GMES JFiE3"'1C x,?,3 37 D at Montefiore Hospital in Pittsburgh's Civic Center 3 YEAR PROGRAM UNIVERSITY CREDIT FOR SCIENCE COURSES LOAN AND SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS AVAILABLE CLASSES BEGIN JUNE AND SEPTEMBER WRITE, CALL, COME IN PERSON TO THE DIRECTOR OF NURSING 9 PITTSBURGH, PA. MONTEFIORE HOSPITAL 165 C omplimenls 0 f Pahce CHodHng Cknnpany "For qualify-at sensible prices" ZENTLER Li116115-Lingerie-Negligees Handkerchiefs for Juniors and Grown-ups JENKINS ARCADE PITTSBURGH, PA. L33 years in the same buildiugl Congratulations to the Compliments of J 1 GRADUATING CLASS I P Northumberland RINTERS . 2627 MURRAY AVENUE Ie 111117 Co. C a 27 HAzel 3742 HAzel 1896 Irv Caplan M. Josephson 166 The TAU ALPHA ORORITY oislzey flze 15851 of fuck to the gzvnfmzfing rfrzxs mn! fn ffm zz graduating membem Portia Abrams lV.l2lI'CCllZ1 Nlornvitz Dorothy Farber Gladys Rapport Marilyn l+'1'f:Clland RCIICC SCl1OI'lI1 Roberta l"elClman SOIlClI'Zl Silverman Lois Skirboll Marilyn Tzmur Barbara Trachtenberg 167 ""' ' "'1"g' For Finer Foods Giant Eagle Super Market 1816 MURRAY AVENUE Best lflfishes to the 194-6 Graduating Class f rom the Tau Alpha Phi Sorority Irene Blatt Lenore Goldstein Renee Gondelman Sally Klein Eileen Levinson Judith Levinson Graduates of the Class of 1946 PF 2: :li Shirlee Nlartin Betty Lou Pearlman Delores Silverstein Barbara Stein Shirley Walkow Elsie Weinbergei' 168 Aaron Gross Teacher of Piano Studio 5719 Hobart Street Hazel 0542 Complimenlx of SCI-lULBERC'S 18.2.2 MURRAY AVENUE Bef! lllislzex from Hebrew National Delicatessen Delicious Sandwiches 7'ny.viN0zf01fic5-Smtinnary Fineman's Confectionery 5001 SECOND AVENUE Pittsburgh. Penna. SODA FOUNTAIN CANDY ICE CREAM Dulifs-Iron City College SAVE Time AND RIONEY l'1'vfn1n' for ci ClIl't'f'l' in B'1rsi11rss Frm' I,IlII't'IlIl'71f S01"L'irv -124 IDUQUESNE VV.-XY .,XTlantic 4875 Greezingx Io the Gmztmztes from CGLONIAL CLEANERS VW: Operate Our Own Plant HAzcl 2600 ' 5 ' 169 VICTORY A. Z. A. EXTENDS CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISI-IES to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1946 and 120 the following of its graduating members Dave Balk Myron Berman Louis Cohen Milton Hirsh Henry Mankin George Markowitz Jerome Nathan Paul Nussbaum Gilbert Polonsky Leonard Schaffel Howard Smith Sam Steinberg Leroy Weiner 170 Congratulations from Sigma Alpha Sigma Sorority to the GRADUATING CLASS and Our Three Graduating Members SELMA ALPERN HELEN COFSKY GERRY LABOVI'l'Z ED. SCHWAGER Besf Wishes from CLEANING COMPANY HAM 3343 ENGEIXS BAKERY 5033 SECOND AVENUE 2201 MURRAY AVENUE HAZELVV OOD To lhe Senior Class of 1946 we 'wish zo extend our heartiest good 'wishes NEWMAN'S YOUTH CENTER 5836 FORBES STREET HAzel sooo - 171 The exiemls its sincere congmlulatiom 10 Ike Graduating Class of 1946 Gmzluafing Mevnberx Larry Poli James Lauble Raymond G. Hasley Nlyron Wagiier Tombo Burke Gerard lVICTighe Howard Corey Tom Saulsbury David L. Ferrucci Daniel Melore Robert Fitzpatrick Lew Levinson John Hallahan Sponsor-lVlr. George Phillips 172 The House of Reliable Quality and Service Standard School Jewelers NIXON THEATRE BUILDING PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA nts Class Rings and Pins Booklet Diplomas Commencement Announceme Club Pins Cups and Trophies Sport Charms and Keys Medals and Awards Pi Tau Pi Fraternity E.rf0n,ds CIIl1f11'l1fIlIUflf7lI.T and Rest ll"l'SlII'S TO THE MEMBERS of the GRADUATING CLASS Including FELIX NIILLER CHARLES POWDERMAKER JOSEPH ROSENBAUM MARK COHEN 173 Ann M. Gallagher 58785 FORBES STREET PITTSBURGH, PA. Greeting C ard.: Clzilclrenlv Books Autenreith's Dollar Store S832-34 FORBES STREET SQUIRREI, HILL Phone: HAzel 8822 Compliments of Greenfield Super Market Darcy's Service Center 5019 SECOND AVENUE Pittsburgh 7, Penna. C om pf imemf o f The ANCHORAGE VERONA Mandell Cleaners 1406 SOUTH NEGLEY AVENUE HAzel 8055 Your Photo Friend P. MILLER PHOTO and SUPPLY 2004 MUIRRAY AVENUE Pittsburgh 17, Penna. HAzeI 6883 Open Evenings 174 Compliments o f Beacon and M orrovvf ield PHARMACIES For Tfmf Laffy! Slyfe Cw0ifflH'l? iflv: P H I L, S Modern Barber 81 Beauty Salon 1015 MURRAY .XYFXIUIC ,l,'Xcks4m J97? I Your l"I311I hl I L CLASSICAL-POPULAR--RACE RECORDINGS HEPNER RADIO Compliment.: of DIAMOND MARKET Compfimemx of Brent Cleaning Corporation T'-"' 1'1"-' """""" 175 ' The amma Alpha ambda Sorority extends its best wishes fo the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1946 and fo its five grmlualing members Norma Sue Goodman Anne Little jean Magidson Hermoine Rubin Edith Yahr 176 -Y' - Furniture Upholstery Draperies Gift Objects The Carlton Shop Inferior F nrnisliin gs HAzcl 2284 5852 FORBES STREET A. Bandell Pittsburgh, Pa. C07llf7Ii1IIC'7I'fS of ADI.ER'S Co111fvli111v1'1fs of TONY'S SHOE REPAIR ROSS FRUIT IVTARKET 2125 Murray Avenue IRVIN AND MORRIS, BAR1 2101 Murray Avenue SERS Best Wishes to THE GRADUATING CLASS From Two Forniei' Students The Hazelwood Envoy 92 H.-XZELVVOOD AVENUE PITTSBURGH. PA, ,IACkson 3141 For good food ills- LIFLANDERIS PARTIES - LUNCHHS 1716-Z0 MURRAY AVENUE jfsckson 3231 177 , 1 The Sigma Delta Epsilon Fraternity extemi best 'wishes to its returmrtg members 0 f the armed services am! offers congratulations to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1946 am! to its gmafubting members Leonard Briskin Harry Moidell VVi1liam Moltz 178 The Delta ambda Phi Fm fewziiy risfzex Ilia? hes! of lurk mul offer.: KO7lg'l'6lfHl6Ilj07Z5 I0 the gmzluazing alms of 1946 and 10 :he member: of our frzzfernily lVlarvin B. Gusky Daniel Roth Nlorris Tufshinsky Allen Udell Murray Krzlmm Arnold Keilly Leroy Supowitz 179 GAMMA PHI ALPHA HONORS ITS GRADUATES OF 1946 Melvin Feldman Louis Neft Donald Landay Harvey Haber jerry Margolis Fred Levenson AND SALIITES ITS MEMBERS SERVING IN THE ARMED FORCES Donald Kopelman Horst Kahn Leonard Walk Robert Levine Marvin Silverblatt lVIarvin Katz Iieroy Myers Herbert Tyrnauer Stanford Friedberg Harvey Haber Nlorton Klein Fred Levenson Henry Pasch f IRVVIN VVHITE f f'DceeascrU A- 180 Cllompliments of Alpha Sigma Tau F raternit U76 wozllzl like lo offer our t'07Zg'1'!lfZlIl1fi0l'Z.Y I0 Ike graduation clay 5 and our best wisfzes fo our k2'l'6l1fZl1lli71g members RICHARD LONDON IEEE PITLER NORMAN BERNSTEIN JERRY ZIKER 181 THE ESQUIRES Vlfish lhe Best of Luck lo THE GRADUATING CLASS of 1946 and to their graduating members JANUARY CLASS Martin Blank Sanford Gelman Marv Margolis Sylvan Simon Stanley Glasser Merv Greenberg Allen Lindenberg Nat Pirchesky CVet.j Members in Armed Forces PIC X 96 96 PK JUNE CLASS Norman Gelman Jack Kaufman Sorel Myers Lawrence Roth Ed VVhitman Mel Silver Martin Sheinman Joseph Steinfeld Herbie VVeisman 182 Compliments of the Mary S. Brown Memorial Methodist Church ' PZ1SfOF-HOIJLEE EAG1,EsoN Ph.D. I D Lf I H F 5:02 .M M QQWQ' gi 7 Ann- ' nw- ? ,x-. A 121 G'-2J'.'7 ww gum? uw", x :P af Q -QA E V " 'Q ' 1 83 The Pi Sigma Tau Sorority wishes fhe best of lurk zo Ifze grculimting' rlass and lo llzeir Iwo grmluuling members TQOSFLIIE CiO'I'TI.ElB RI'1'1X ROSEN The Nlembers of the Phi Lambda Nu Fraternity TI-IETA CHAPTER Vifish lo Ifxleml Their Congmtulalions fo the Gmfiurzling' Class of 1946 HICRRIQRT HARRIS ARTHUR SAVITZ JERRY HINKIQS I"HII.l.IP SINGER .-XI,UliR'l' ZECHER ig in thc Uuitt-cl States Navy "Gifts of Distim'liml" yamron brothers ,I ENKINS ARL'.'Xl!E 'EM 1. W5 f W, , K s T A 8 . is 616 a U ,N 9 MUN! Mr xx IF ALLDERDICE COULD SPEAK lf granted a voice so that speak she may, This is wl1at I think Allderdiee would say: "l've seen so many faces in the six years that have lmeeng But the old ones now are leaving- There are new ones coming in! The old ones-out to play the game of lifeg The new ones-in to lear11 the rules. And in time of chaos and strife, Une 111ay find solace in the schools. For here are trained the ones who hold the reins. And here are trained the ones who heal their people's And ill every country with flag unfurled, An Allderdician makes a good citizen of the world!!" A . is L is L is D is E is R is D is I is C is E To Tr 1 To To for the after-school meetings at the flag pole: for the library-always so "quiet" for the lunch room-spaghetti and potatoes: for Dramatic English-the senior class play. for "End of the line"4how many times we have heard it: for Miss Riddle-head of the journal staff and Foreword staff for the dances-how can we forget them: for lrwir.-he coaches the basketball team. for Class Day-how crazy it wasg is for English t8j-ohl that investigative theme. Together they spell Allderdiee. the the the the But what does it mean? seniors it means memoriesg juniors it means fun: sophs it means miseries: freshies it means-oh. well. they'll learn FUTURE Dreams and hopes are ours to hold To hold and help come true: For dreams are made for all to have, And not just the lmrightest few. To Allderdice we give our praise .Xnd thanks for all she's done: She's helped our graduates to make Both hopes and future, one. pains. one hy one 185 QWLIIITQ WLIU- Iwqa ai Q s K ff- egafi X H MK? 4 96509 in 0 '83 KENNY POWEZI R I " A A5 W9 xi ' , - ga QN 1 55 "' AJFTQQOZQRQ- ' ' W'j5QfoYY9 Tucomv xmo nf 2-1 XX scuooz Lduwfs R K j qs ' noni ow mf 4 1, P I Q, wmcmos. X X , j -.1 ' Q J i ' I it lg QQ? Q15 J Q 11 4 Les Q 'Remix R3 Q5 its ., . M ' ..- ""lfR QQQQQSQQW M WMJER R if Q' RSA Q? W, - AlfCENE Hun sARuR,oRfofme offglgf fig!-ORIN 15 :, Q 1 ab im KRUPAJUDEL HEAUIIfS0fMODERN PLEDCES. L form Y 0136 ' Z ' Q I .- 6 ll gllf xlll 1 30 X is L. H 41-4-VN ' T A? cfoazcz Q' 'X' men f qssffpa WM ,M FQQULTAYLOR In LX .-' R onz HERB Doucms g , PIAYINC ms own SNARPEST mr on me by 1 1 ,, ARRANGEMENT 0F TRACK TEAM. , .A I F 4 - f Q A ll fl 1 J R' Q : R - ' X il I Ax M A . k g MARV cuskv " SWO0NINCTHf N I C '. Sgggglzgom fmg5, 'x4P,, a ff 5 f . ms imopr , y I ' ' -5 PQ QPFTF :ff ' C ff 9, 1 -ff l R X Y " , MnRuYN r" S V 0 ' Q Fmrmrvo ' , Y 9 R "Le D175 J L h '5 W wily IW, NKNIU, ...wmms D U xt M, 43 A A gg- JEQRIFIC cRouR L, I - , I' A ' .fb :PX R4 gf ACu01R , , ,S f- f uf if H 45 .3 2 . I. ww ,aww - B08 l LE pf: 1 1' n A j 0 wW"'f Lusuc M td f ff , K, me ., Rama :fem if A -4, fx. ff 30:05 f " la 57 WHS HER R N ' 'a?,N,gw0'3f5n7 mr wfws PRESENTED NBQF ARE F' ami 0,01 PNG THFIROWN RRR Nor Rmf5sRR1zY 1 Q AMBER! moss DF mf MRNAGEMRNI '- .X,f, QLauLME.' 1 M 1.-:'fR , R R R 5- 'I O Q A 0 . HARRYMOIDELI OFTEN HEARD "He gave me an li-the mean thing." "My hair is soaking wetf, H33 pushups is no fun." "Can I have your' homework next period F" "Does your motor work F" "XVhat was the test about P" "Sorry, but she collected lily notebook last semester." How many more days ?" I take chemistry.', Is there a meeting today ?" me see your ponyf' t'VVhat time: the bell??" Give me a sentence containing 'flip- pancyf " said the teacher. "'s flippancy whether I pass or fail," replied john. n at .- u ri lVhat is the most outstanding :on- tribution of chemistry to the worldf- Blondes, naturally. Then there was the Scotchman who said he preferred blondes to brunettes because of the lighter overhead. XVhen Frank Stencil was asked why Missouri stood at the head in mule raising, he replied: "Because the other end is dangerous!" The doctor remarked that she had acute appendieitis, whereupon she ex- claimed, "Don't get fresh!! I came here to be examined, not admired!" The bonds of matrimony are not worth much unless the interest is kept up. Overheard in the cafeteria: "There's more to this grapefruit than meets the eye!" A new craze in Europe is to dance without music. There are jazz bands in America, too. A college boy is a person who likes shirts with stripes. ties with spots, and letters with checks. Our High School Days Are Over Our high school days are over, Well miss them sure enough, Well miss the lunchtime pause, And the food, you know that stuff. Our high school days are over, Well miss the games so great, And the kids who played in the111 They know how well they rate. Our high school days are over, Well miss history, linglish, and math, And the teachers from whom we learn- ed The straight and correct path. Our high school days are over XVe'll ne'er forget a one, And the swell kids that we met VVho shared those days of fun. .Xnd now we'll make our way i11 life, Vt'e'll know both joy and pain, VYe'll think of ,-Xllflerdice and say "VX e'd like to go there once again." .Dentist to Allderdice girl: "l'm sorry, but I'm out of gas." She: "Heavens! You pull that line, too!" Mr. Colborn: "Now, l'm going to drop this coin in the acid. XVill it dis- solve ?" Louise Abrams: "No, sir." Mr. Colborn: "How do you know?" Louise: "lf it would, you wouldn't drop it in." As Mr. Phillips said to his class one hot day, "lt isn't the heat that gets you. it's the stupidity." Tom Saulsbury: "If you don't go to the prom with me, I'll take a rope and hang myself in the front yard." She: "Now, you know father doesn't want you hanging around." The Irishman asked the Englishman if he had ever heard the joke about the Turkish guide who showed a tourist two skulls. one of Mohammed when he was a boy. and the other when he was a man. Said the Englishman: "No Let's hear it!" 187 - 188 u 1' 'V' bifgf-.?53""' LV Iv .LD 'mf'- . 3 g ' 1..' Vv. .Gw- .Af n , ". 7'.: s ., 31,--Y. IV 4 . f 5 "' .I Q I ISN . NJ 95: ' 017' lf! IeI -JV :rf- lk 'I I 'TV V '.f . i'l,4?'v Lf' W- . u -,-' -. 5, , ' -' . ,V U '.--a ,I 1.. ii.-. .. -.f V-VV-L-' '- m V. zu., 4 'H "UH-h 'Y' ' 1-.V " ' - V 1, 5, - -V 11- . -. 1' 'l K ' V " 1 .'L xl nf' Mfg m '?',"'7t 'rf ith 'Ax 'xml V "mba Fr Q, A- 5 Q" A I' 1- . :V VV . .. 1 -gf V, -,V.- " .4 .II ,X y . .HWS W' 2,-V ,.-.JVM f.F,,I.5T3,IrIr2.F.V I f 2. A- lj J 5' -V ', 1- Q . - V- . V1 . 1 -g,.If.. 1. ' 'QL L. Y' I C1 1. , jI .',"?:If., H! '- VI 'f,,iV,-.'.'I 'I s'j15Lg,"'-11, I - , - ,- '- -I'-H '2. ,V -V .-- I-. 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