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Allderdice High School - Allderdice Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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T L, '-rf: L. gags. ,I 3' , , ,f..,, v 'P 2915 . 1 .,,fr.f., +41 -1 xx' -1 B jk.. 5 -1 :-2 Q. -. r ., .V F 1 -'V -A. .-,, L v xr vsqqwxi di-F r 1 "' ka i,4x 5. -,f -A-:-' N4- V: .Ar 1-1 -m1 .5 ,ga yr Q.:-.,, LUUNNE Fnnwfilnn To FEHEETIIVIE IIUUFEWITIUN NFITIUNFIL UMW INTEHNAIIUNHL FRIENDSHIP RHIEIIQIUE TULERFINIE 5 FVIKIFIL EUUDWILL 01" CWOP' N the optimism and the energy so typical of youth lie the sen- timents of the youth of today as to the future. As the graduates of nineteen forty-five stand on the threshold of a world marked by chaos and destruction, they see ahead a faint and distant, but definite, possibility of a universal era as has never existed before. For themselves they see a more certain return to the normalcy of the American ideals and traditions-its freedom. its opportunity, its equality, its tolerance, its individualism, its dynamic life-and rapid advances in their perfection. Even from a more material standpoint, technology, medicine and science offer their promises of finer things to come. Youth is turning its thoughts to the future, and to a better future. It is appropriate therefore that this volume of The Alldvr- dice, has as its theme "Looking Forward," as it sets down the record of Taylor Allderdice for nineteen forty-five. May this volume perpetuate the pleasant memories of the years past, and particularly of this last year of high school life. May it serve as a fitting souvenir of our many happy times together. But above all, may it do so in times that are some prac- tical realization of man's ultimate desire, a world of universal liberty and justice, contentment and happiness. and peace. i 1 P E i Ti raycr for Qraguafiozz 4Il1 l,11l'1l. l11':11' fllll. 1945-June YUICC' 11s llli' YUICK' Hl llC'XX"lHl'lllC1l llli'll Q lllillg lll1XX' 111 14111 lllll' lltlll. l.lSll'll xwll illlfl 11111111 clv ylllll' l1c:11't. liivc 11s I':1l1l1 111 zlll tl1:11's lllglll X111lg11111l 111 llllllll, 111 sell, 111 111ig'l11 UI ll'lllll. l,1'1 115 lllllg l-till 1l1'c:1111s H1 l11'igl11 Zlllfl s1111111l that C'L'll thc lJL'l'lCL'l 11161111-5 grvut 1111-11 g1111c l1cl'111'c' will lw as st11111's l 111111lisl1c'cl :1111l still 1'1111ffl1. 'Tis 11111 c11111111'l1 ZH bv :lt 111- slmll x1-11 tl1c light 'thc' lll'41lit'll l11111es Ht lll'11llll'l'S WllISlJt'l' 111111' tl1:1t Cll'L'1llllS llllllli' lll'l' lllll tl11' Stull 1x'l1i1'l1 gm-111 XYlll'li is 111z11lc. Slum' 11s lllll' tzlsli. ll lI'Kl :1111l g1'111'li11g. tl11111gl1 it lm. 111- sl1:1ll lllll IlSli ' 111' 1111111-' l111t w1tl1 s11'1111g llZlll4lS :1111l 111-:11'1s 1111 l 1X1ll sc-1'vc ll11' wz ll'l'lI1Q w111'lcl z1111l ll1c-c. 1 , 6 - ,, Y , K :asian-If in-hu-r' 5-5 I V 'Ay - -Vi-I "XVe are the generation of them that seek Thee-that seek Thy presence . . . " Thus down from the Bible, to Thomas Paine's. "These are the times that try men's souls," up to Franklin Delano Roosevelt's, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." we find words, deep and meaningful, to express our unending search for faith. Our generation has been chosen to live actively during the most historic period of United States or possibly even world history. This has not been of our own choosing, but still it entails a difficult task, and one which requires great faith. In the few years of our lives we have seen strife in many forms. It is the task of our generation to partake in this strife and to end it. Then our energies must go to preserving this end and to furthering our progressive and pacific ideals. Perhaps in the preserving of this end, it shall be our pleasure to find and enjoy a more peaceful world. Such is the task which lies before us. And in such shall we find success. Our elders, wearied from the strife of two wars and intermittent depression, have faith that shall achieve that for which they so dauntlessly fought. We are about to emerge into a complex community and one which often seems to lack understanding. Today's relationships, international as well as communal, are keynoted by the presence of certain intangible factors which we designate by various names. Frequently we hear it called tolerance , this implies not only the capacity of different cultural groups to work together in harmony, but also the cooperation, understanding, and patience necessary to achieve this harmony. NVhile in high school we found that such a combination was the foundation for a well-rounded circle of friends. Similarly, it is the cornerstone of tranquility among nations and world citizens. The realization of this har- mony rests solely in our hands. This task demands of us a certain faith not only in ourselves, but in the power of right and justice. VVe, the June class of 1945, take up this faith and dedicate ourselves sternly and steadfastly to the work ahead. 7 All N hlllilc. iliillllcvii llli'tx'-lili'c'l', MV. .Xl'lillll' XX' 'l'llll 111215 czlillc ill .Xllfll-iAclll'v :ls its lil-xx' x'1l'l' ll1'lIlR'l1!1li. 'l':lx'llll' .XII eJz'cf1f1'012 clciwlicc' XYHN iilclvccl lllrlllllzllc' lla llzlvc l'l'l'cix'c'fl 'l lll'lil ill. Xli' 'lillllillls 4 l . . : CXl7l'I'i' llc :lilfl :llllllty lil llll- tml j'l'2lI's rillfl' Iilill lilllL'. llis ill:liix' l-I3 vrls ll:lx'l- XYIIH Illi' llilll tlll' l'l'5IK't'l :lilll gI'!llilllfii' Ill' tllc- ciltiil- Nfilillil. HV. 'lill4lill:ls. :l il:ltix'l- lli .Xi'lllK'NSK'I1, i,K'l!llSf'iX'IlIliZl, i'cl'c'il'c-ll llis Il. X. :lllri Xl. S. :lt l,l'llllsx'lx':lili:l Slllll' filliivgt. llc :llsll :lt- 1l'Il4il'fi till' l'ilix'l-rsitil-s lvl' Ulllll':lllll :lllcl Sw A' 1 lllilllll lillitllrlllzl :lllfl till- L'll:llll:llillli:l ilI5IiIllIL'. xilf 'l'lllllll:ls Ill-gzlll Ilis ll.ll'lliilq L"lI'l'4'I' lt fl'l'Sk't'Ill. l'c-illlsx'll"lili'l ' 1 D : .. :ls :lllllctlc Cllilfil. :lllrl lzltcl' llcczlllll- lbfllllllhli :ll lilt' lligll SL'ilIlIPi, Ill- 11-lllzliill-fl tllvrv llllfli lliill-fl-oil tiliI'tf'-SCXTII wilvil llc- Cilllll' tl: l'itlsillli'gll :ls lc':ll'll0l' :lt Lzlllqll-x' lligll Sulllllll. Ill iliilllll-oil lllftf'-1XYll, lil- llclwlllll- :Xutillg SIIIJCTY xi ll' 'lil ll'l'il lilrl gli.LIN Xltiiitil A sul' l ': ' : ,: . ' ' is :lllcl i,lI'K'k'tHl' uf Citillxllf Ill-fc-lisa-C'lll'1ls'l'l':liilill-gp Ill till' I:lltci' pflsitiflil. wllicll ill' rl'- 1 Illllifi lllil lllll lllilllilg Ill Xlllllirlilc Nll Illllllrls XY'li vcrl' lctivl' ill l'lttsilli1'gil s cix'ill:lil CiL'lk'llSC pil-1m:ll':ltillils. 4 . 4 , Ill hlllllli .lilillclnltillll ill llll- sl-i'vil'l' :lllfl lfill-l'qx' ill' illli llll- X .iSilij' l'L'IlfiK'l'l'4i till' Stxiltllbi, :lilll lili' Sylllllillilj' :lllcl l1IlfiL'l'StZl11fiiIlQ' ill' ll:ls l'llllsI:liltix' sillllvil lis, till- l'i:lssc's 4,1 lllilvtcl-il llllllflreri tllrtv- Ilvc Ill? lbI'H1lii In Kil'fi1k'2lIl' Iilli vc-:ll'lllllll4 lil Ui' 'lilll QYIJVCSS lllvil' flcvilcsl wisllcs ini' CHlllilll1L'Ci siirfvss. ' ' 8 l lll:ls, :lllfi til W- ' ,mf-gg. . . ,V V, W yn-J yi My 4 .1 W-Lv. ,Q w cuzuary Journaf Sfaff Editor-in-Chief-James G. Gilliland Assistant-Robert N. Melnick Shirley J. Allison Edward Coffey Gloria G. Brodie Jeanne Du Barry Donald R. Foltz Betty Klein julia A. Horvath Helen Kopka Hilda D. Jenkins Melvin P. Peisakoff Ruth Perlow Esther E. Wallick Robert E. Heatley Herman H. Wilhelm Rita M. Solomon Martin Yasko 7 , ..,, , ,W , 10 YV, Y, oumaf Gfrf Work Theresa Roberts, Dorothy Cantor, Aline Rubin, Bernice Simon, Lois Ostwind, Maxine Schulherr, Judith Baumann. Milton Coffey, Sidney Pieny, jerry Krantz, Dorothy Salvamoser, Dorothy Adams, James Gilliland, Edward Coffey. , mal., Pulse:-T i ,. or 'Qi W mfr-ff U, "H, A M M N., W! 942554 -K, I mo! 'IZ' ug? f ff , an 3 ,- U, , , , , , .M aj. 1 ,I 2 -3 I, , 5 if f- , .. Q . ag 2 it . A 2, iff, A I ,SS H 'iff , 1? , 1-. -Q za' 1:5-ch f If I -2, iq! ' I 11 I - Q ah, U Q . 5 slut f ,gldffv ol - 7-llb oo X, ' uw ' 'X' . XB' wi ' 7 ,13 4 ...1... e-treason g -ae D Nfvgon Y I ' .iii I the A Gfwmizzisfrafiozz I'ii'i' l,I'flIt'I'f'lIf7All'. .Xrtlinr Tliuinus Sfaff .slufiz'ifii'.v lJin'vtm' flJi'. I.. XY. Kimiiia f1cit'i.rm' In Cfirls-Miss ,Xlva K. llelrl fliivf C'li'1'k- Miss lsaliel 'lf Zinn C'li'rA' fMiss l,iiis li. llill C'Ii'1'k Miss Mary lluppes Cilivk--'fMiss lileaiiur M. 'lulinstun Hank C'li'rk' Mrs. Nettie llalllierg MR. J. D. MCCLYMONDS, Principal HCLLHQ M171 Miss Olivia liineiiig, Mr. XYesley Mills, Miss .leannie .X. Xirrluii, Miss lllanelie Pantall. Cozlzflierffzzzl Mrs. .Mlelaicle .-Xggiiexr, llllws lleleii li. llartrini, Miss l'llllI'L'lll'L' lf. lifllllillll, Miss Margarei llanrziliaii, Miss Matliilcla G. liiliiisnii, Mr. Clay ll. l.u1igeneeker, Miss Katherine Skarinski, Miss Margaret l.. XYincli. English Miss lliwmtliy Mlmert, Miss lilnrenee M. Barkley, Miss Olive Hmrlin, Mrs. Della A. Braun, Miss Mary Brennan, Miss Ruse ll. llartz, Miss Agnes Kerr, Miss XYiiiifrccl Lally, Miss Frances l.eeeli, Miss lilla Marlcley, Miss Nancy 'l'. Moiitgoinery, Miss lliantlia XY. Riclille, Miss Anna li. Seliaile, Mrs. llelen D, Smith, Miss Iilizahetli xY2ig.fCI1li1lCClll, Miss Iilizallctli VVariiuek, Miss Domtliy Zeigler. Foreign Langurzgex Miss lliiriitliy Rergnian, Miss Yetta 'If Kamler, Miss lilizalietli XY. Kliiigensmitli, Mr. C. T. Ruller, Mrs. Myra C. Sinipsoii, Miss Edna R. Tcrclrl. WYZYW-zivn 'W' ?"' ' ' 12 'iwrw WY" f s rs 'Y' Ilniiiifirziiiil CQUIIIISUIUI'-fRll'. XY. M. Sharp .f X, A .g1P'W-fa raw t 'H sq 35 'cs' s, --x , g-f ' -W tw 1- - ...t f Ar Je- V t S t History Miss Charlotte R. Beachler, Mr. Samuel Blitz, Miss Rhoda Bowler, Mrs. Hazel H. Carter, Mr. John B. Coyne, Dr. Alvin G. Faust, Miss Ann S. Gaunt, Miss L. Esther Geist, Miss Grace F. Jessop, Miss Bertha O. Mitchell, Dr. Anna M. Quattrocchi, Miss Cora C. Ross, Miss Leila H. Rupp, Miss S. Pearl Wall. Household Economics Miss Charlotte E. Bailey, Miss Florence Bechtel, Miss Grace A. Grossman, Mrs. Mar- garet N. Bush. Lihrary Mrs. Margaret H. McMickle, Miss Catherine Backofen. Mathematics Mrs. Helen Couffer Bonsall, Dr. James S. Glaes, Mr. George M. Phillips, Miss Alice L. Phipps, Mr. Ray R. Ralston, Miss Edith May Starz, Miss Ethel F. Turner, Dr. Wesley Wagner. Jldanual Training Mr. A. L. Gautsch, Mr. Kenneth H. B. Julian, Mr. C. P. Kavanaugh, Mr. Herbert A. Lewis, Mr. Keith McDonald, Mr. August K. Winterling. Jldusic Mr. Roy F. Dietz, Mrs. Dorothy Jean Meyer, Miss Emma Steiner, Miss Laura E. Zeigler. 'Physical Education Mr. Donald R. Group, Mr. Robert W. Irvin, Mr. John H. Irwin, Miss Esther M. Long, Miss Margaret Mercer, Miss Kathryn Schaupp, Mrs. Katharyn Hazlett Simms, Mr. Claude W. Sofield. Science Mr. Lon H. Colborn, Miss Bessie Elder, Mr. Leo Gutoski, Mr. R. J. Hackett. Mr. Edgar M. Holmes, Miss Jane S. Johnston. Miss Jane McCandless, Mr. Walter F. Shively, Mr. J. T. Shriner, Mrs. Mae Weber Smith. School Nurse Custodian Hall Supervisor Mrs. R. L. Tagress Mr. Charles E. Dietz Mrs. Irene K. Bain Retirenients and Transfers 'Dietitian Mrs. Helen R. Campbell--Retired, February, l945 Miss Lydia M. Steele .Mr. Harry Soles--Transferred to Peabody Miss Emma L. Wilson-Transferred to Peabody Miss Leah Yabroff-Transferred to Westinghtuse Speech Miss Edna K. Bezler Faculty lllenihers in Service Mr. C. W. Bernhard Mr. Oliver C. Gordon Mr. Joseph C. Fitzpatrick Mr. George K. Young Mr. James A. Laurich Mr. E. A. Liberator Miss Marguerite Renshaw Dr. Ernest F. Slessinger Swimming Matron Mrs. Bella Jones School Doctor Brown Fulton, M.D. , 5 A STUDY OF CONTRASTS Four years . . . it seems like a long time . . . it is a long time . . . long enough to take us from Pearl Harbor to Berlin . . . from "Chattanooga Choo-Choo" to "Accentuate the Positive" . . . time for growing up and having fun . . . for making mistakes and for learning . . . it's been a good time . . . and it's been hard, too . . . i it's been what to do to pledges and how to treat Germany after the war . . . snow- ball fights and compulsory military training . . . talks over cokes and debates over Dumbarton Oaks . . . not all fun . . . we're going from, which movie to see, to which college to attend . . . from, does my hair look O. to, do I get the job . . . from, will this tie match, to, will my uniform pass inspection . . . changes, hard changes . . . we've come far . . . from saddle shoes to loafers and back again . . . from butter to oleo . . . from 35C records to 79c ones . . . we're the kids who were written up in Life . . . we're the ones who loved Glenn Miller . . . and lost him . . . who lived in a "brownout," and are living to see the lights go on again all over the world . . . we're the study in contrasts . . . we brought in Mairzv Doafs and brought back Always . . . griped about gas rationing and rolled band- 2 ages . . . crazy things, kid things, wonderful things . . . we had excitement . . . we did all right . . . we'll not forget . . . these four years . . . we've never lived when all the world was at peace . . . maybe we will sometime . . . sometime during the 5 next four years. V, -14 - NU RY 1 1 1 11111 " 'FY N XXQN 1 1 v W1 1 A 11 mn fx, vig, cf X K 1 2 1 ' lf' 1 1 15 1 '1?11,'DE1fL3R'1fwf 1' L 'I K' 1 I 'X 'i'1hf 'A " -' 1 fy' fi .Y . 1 WHx l111M13 11t1,. 111f 1 ' 1 111 51 ' 1-111 1 ,V 1 "11l1M7 1111 l g . P. 1 1f'2Ff , 1. '1.1W'i1 ' FW 111111 . 1. 111 XM H g,.,11K1. N Y' ' 1 NN! 1 . I 1- W '1 1 Ml' , 1- ,S 13 111, gi-1 g ,111 111111, lil QA 1 ,, X 1 ' ! Nv',11'111U1 EJ? ff' I4 I H1 XXX Y 11 1 1 1 1 1 . ' 'I ,fx11 1 . ,NM I 1 1 . 1 - . 11 .1 1 1 -1 1 ., 1 F ' Qgllw I 1 1 ' 1 1 1, 11, nl' EX X rx '15, 1 XP W 1 XI My X 1 ' W 11'1111" 1 xxx xxx ff M Q xx 11X 1 31 .X M1117 N X R xkgf X llllll "" . .Wri"i"iu I I l I l I -1 Q X HIZLMUV G Q55 7pfqC6l'5 President-Jean M. Halt Vice President-James G. Gilliland Secretary-Milton Coffey Treasurer-Milton M. Michaels Social Committee William Atkinson Byron Kramer Audrey Masloff Margery Yalch William Crosby Ruth Perlow Florence Abramson Michael Marcus ,7,, ,,m7,,, 16 A, , Smal Corrine Shirley Cohen Thomas Connolly john E. Crooks William Irwin Crosby Ronald Joseph DeLucia Robert F. Demmler Mary Linda DiPietro Barbara L. Douglas Jeanne DuBarry Anna Mae Erskine Anna D. Everett Donald R. Foltz Florence Abramson Shirley J. Allison Sylvia Alterman William B. Atkinson Andrew john Bakaysza Roy Edward Baker Judith M. Baumann Betty V. Bender Louis Binstock Dorothy Bliman Mary Boffo Ruth Boksenbaum Gloria Gail Brodie joseph Brunwasser Ellen R. Burke Theresa Calfo Irene H. Chapla Stanley B. Chotiner Edward Coffey Milton Coffey Julia A. Horvath Robert Stanley Horvitz Hilda Dorothy Jenkins Selma M. Kalser Betty Klein Helen Kopka Byron Herbert Kramer Preston Levine Leslie Jacob Levy Claire Lewandowski Morton S. Lipsitz Shirley Zelda Lyon Larry Friedman William Galvin Edna M. Gehlert James George Gilliland Anthony A. Giovane Charles J. Glaser joseph S. Glick Lee E. Glick Margaret Goda Zola H. Gold Cecele S. Goodman john J. Gulyasy Stanley Gumberg Edna Guttman jean M. Halt Sylvia Ann Harris Robert E. Heatley Goldyne H. Hepner Harriet Herman Richard Herscovitz wmv' Michael D. Marcus Audrey D. Masloff Doris Mae Mathos Miles F. McConkey Lorraine Meixner Louise Kathryn Meixner Robert Norman Melnick Milton Meyer Michaels Ronald Paul Montgomery Carl justin Morgan William J. Muraca Robert J. Murray j. Leroy Myers Morris Naimark Stella Nicholas Harriet Oshry Melvin P. Peisakoff Ruth Perlow Sidney Preny Frank J. Profeta l il ' Q L. Qiegll l' Nessa Reichbaum Albert H. Robbins Pauline Rohaly Charles J. Rooney Renee Rosenberg Marilyn Gail Rosenfield Louise Harriett Roth Alan B. Rothman james M. Schulz Seymour Schwartz Paul Jay Seligson Florence Shanoski Catherine E. Wislosky Margery M. Yalch Elizabeth Yasko Martin Yasko Andrew Steenson Ralph Lester Marvin E. Segal Wilma Varga Bernice Sherman Herbert Shuman Irma Smith Robert H. Snyder Rita May Solomon Edwin B. Spaun Anita Staley Jerome Supkoff Ruth L. Swartzstein Arnold S. Teker Jean Mae Teplitz Vincent Toth Elaine Ruth Unger Elaine Walken Esther E. Wallick Robert Henry Weiss William I. Weiss Bernice Weitzman Virginia Wickstrom Herman Wilhelm raduafiolz xercises VVednesday Evening, january 24, 1945 PROCESSIONAL March from "Aida" .,.. .A,.,4...... . ,................ . . ...,...........,...,....,....... . .... Verdi Orchestra, Miss Laura Zeigler, Director Invocation ,...... . . .,.,.,....,,...... ....,. R ev. Paul Lambertson First Methodist Church, Homestead Presentation of Flowers ...,i,...,,., ,,..,......,...,.,...........,.....,...,..., s lime Class 1945 XValter Ray, June Class james Gililand, january Class Hallelujah Chorus from "Messiah" .............. ....,, 4 .,,. H andel Orchestra Can Youth Look Forward to a Lasting Peace? Marilyn Rosenfield, Melvin Peisakoff, Ruth Boksenbaum, Donald Foltz lntermezzo from "L'Arlesienne Suite' ......,...... .. X ,...,, Biset Orchestra Class Gift ........ .,.............,.,.,...,..........,. ,.,,....l...,.............. .....,.. a n uary Class 1945 Jean Halt, january Class Jay Averbach, june Class Address ......i.....,,.,.........,.,.,,.......,...,. ....l,...,..........,...., D r. E. A. Dimiuick Associate Superintendent of Schools Presentation of Diplomas ..,...,..,...,....,.,.......,........,...,,.,....... .....,. J . D. McClyn10nds Principal, Taylor Allderdice High School RECESSIONAL 21 f ' 'W , I BQUZIZZI' 5 LLCC -iff Ae 1 CAST OF CHARACTERS Gail Fuller, a girl with operatic ambitions .... ,. ..,. Gloria Brodie jean Masters, an aspiring young novelist ,...., ,,.. , .jean Halt Paul Hanford, an art student A ,.... , .,.. .,,. Robert Weiss Chris Murray, a young writer. .... ,. ,,.. Byron Kramer Mrs. Pike, the landlady , ,..... . ...... , ,... ...,,,, . , ,Edna Gehlert Mr. X, a philanthropist .. , . ,,.. .. .. .. .. Melvin Peisakoff Tony Donato, an Italian street musician ,,.. .... . . ,,,.Michael Marcus Bramwell Booth, an actor of the old school ,, ,. ,,Milton Michaels Rat Jordan, who wants to be an actress .,,.,. .,,A.,. .,.. .. .Selma Kalser Meg McRae, a would-be painter . ,..,,. ,,.....,...... . .. .,..,. Marilyn Rosenfield Birdie Brown, society editor of "The Falls City Echo"., Ruth Boksenbaum Mme. Humperdinck, of the Metropolitan Opera Company ,. , ,Renee Rosenberg Clarence Coy, of the Madison Art Gallery, ,..,.. , ,.... Charles Rooney Lucy Riggs, a literary agent ,. ,.,. .,.. ,.,......., N essa Reichbaum, Louise Meixner Boris Borislavsky, a Russian theatrical director . Richard Herscovitz General Manager . Student Manager r Stage Managers . Property Manager Costume Manager . Make-up Chairman Publicity Managers Music by the ORCHESTRA of the TAYLOR ALLDERDICE HIGH SCHOOL Miss Laura E. Zeigler, Conductor STUDENT STAFF . ..,.,. ,....,,...., . . ,..Sylvia Alterman ,..Shirley Lyon Ruth Perlow, Sylvia Harris ,.Goldyne Hepner , Harriet Herman ., ..,,..,......... ,. .. ...... Corrine Cohen Robert Weiss, Shirley Lyon 22 "-"'T'M""' """""4 ' 'WE""' - For the Class of February, 1945 Play Directed by . ,...... Elizabeth Wagenknecht, Marilou Haller, Richard Hazley Posters and Interior Decorations ,......... ., ,.,....,.....,,... Wesley Mills and art students Scenery Construction ..,,..... ,,... ,..... ,,..,, , , ..c,... A . K. Winterling and Stage Crew Printing ,,..,....... ,. ,.,....,....,,....,,..,.., ..,.........,,,, . ,.,,,...,,... C. P. Kavanaugh and students Program Cover Design ........., ..,..,.. ,,...,.. , . . ..,.......,..... ,......,........,.., ..., B a rbara Golomb Posters Advertising Play .....,, . .. ..... jean Zapolsky, Herman Krasne, Rose Caruso, Stanley Goldstein, Marion Weinman, Corrine Cohen .L. W. Korona General Management .. ,,... ...,..,...........,,..,.,...,,..............,...... ...,......,.....,,.. , . COMMITTEES Make-Up , Irma Smith, Sylvia Harris, Edna Guttman, Florence Abramson Program Managers . ,.......,...,..... ..,,..,. ,... , , ,...,,.,..... H arriet Oshry, Lorraine Meixner Business Manager ...,.., ..,.,...,....,..............,..,..,,., . . ,,.... Ruth Perlow Bookholders ..., ., ..... ,,,,......... R uth Swartzstein, Vilma Varga Property Committee .. . ..,,. ,. . ,,.. Goldyne Hepner, Dorothy Bliman Costumes ,. ,..... ,..... ,....., ....,..,..,,, .,..,.,.....,..,,,....,...,... I r m a Smith, Corrine Cohen Stage Settings .. , , ,. Marion Weinman, Joan McMillan, Barbara Golomb, Frank Minchener, Stanley Watt, Edward Shileen, Paul Wynett, Allan Wallie, Harry Fennell, Dan Dolsey. Ushers . Lorraine Meixner, Harriet Oshry, Nessa Reichbaum, Jean Teplitz, Rita Solomon, Ruth Perlow, Corrine Cohen, Cecele Goodman. Stage Crew, Robert Campbell, john Corcoran, Ronald DeLucia, Morton Lipsitz, Morris Naimark, William Paul, Walter Rankin, James Schulz, Robert Snyder. Presented by permission of Row, Peterson and Company sw., Y 23 . -.-.- ..-MA STAGE CREW DRAMATIC ENGLISH CLASS 'Y ' 24 - , ezzior riorifies -- Production devised and directed by Miss Rose Hartz Written by Lois Bernstein '44, Natalie Roth '44, Corrine Cohen, Richard Herscovitz, Irma Smith, Donald Foltz Dances staged by Racelle Lazar and Leatrice Berez Musical arrangement by Nancy Freedman Overture ......... ...,.........,.....,......,,.........4................ N ancy Freedman, Audrey Masloff ACT ONE 1. "Senior Priorities" Girls: Elaine Walken, Edna Gehlert, Marjorie Yalch, Sylvia Alterman, Marilyn Rosenfield, Jeanne DuBarry. Boys: Louis Binstock, James Gilliland, Milton Michaels, Herman Wilhelm, Richard Herscovitz, Jerry Supkoff. 2. "Shuttle Bus, 8:30 A. M." Driver .................. ,....... .....................,,. B o b Weiss First Student .,...,...,... ..,.... R ichard Herscovitz Second Student ,... ........., Lorraine Meixner Third Student ..,.... ,....... S tanley Gumberg Fourth Student ...................,,..,... .......,........,..,..........,.. .....,.... R u th Boksenbaum Fifth Student ,....,..............,,.......,,...........,.. .,..,..,...,....,.......,.........,,......,..,.... B illy Weiss Other Students-Shirley Lyon, Mary DiPietro, Edna Guttman, Jerry Supkoff, Herman Wilhelm, Byron Kramer. 3. "Three Cheers for our Seniors, with Love, 12B's" Danced by Iva Jane Goldstein and Lois Orinstein 4. "Bach and Jam" Seymour Schwartz, Byron Kramer, Robert Demmler, Robert Melnick, Henry Hile. 5. "Here We Go Again" Students-Edna Gehlert, Jerry Supkoff, Jeanne DuBarry, Billy Weiss, Lorraine Meixner, Edna Guttman, Shirley Lyon, Bob Weiss, Byron Kramer, Mary DiPietro, Stanley Gumberg, Harvey Mawhinney, Arthur Evans, Louis Binstock, James Gilliland, Milton Michaels, Herman Wilhelm, Elaine Walken, Marjorie Yalch, Sylvia Alterman, Marilyn Rosenfield. 6. "I Am a Pledge" .First Pledge .......... .,............. E dna Gehlert Second Pledge .,...,. ...,,.,,... S tanley Gumberg Third Pledge ..,..,,...... .,....... R uth Boksenbaum Fourth Pledge .... ,......... ....,.. ...........,.... L o u is Binstock 7. "Metamorphosis of Love" Freshmen .....................,... ........,........... E dna Guttman, Billy Weiss Sophomores .,....,......... .. ,,...., Jeanne DuBarry, Byron Kramer Juniors ....... ....,., Lorraine Meixner, Milton Michaels Seniors ,,............. ...........,..,... J ames Gilliland, Jean Halt 8. "Early Dismissal" Joe .....,...,.................... ...............,....,..,,..,...,.,. B ob Weiss Moe .,...,...,..,........,...,.......,.....,...... ......., S tanley Gumberg 9. "At the Flagpole, 3:05" Girls and Boys of the Chorus ACT TWO 1. "Full Speed Ahead" Girls and Boys of the Chorus 2. "Blood Donors" Nurse ...,.....,...,................ . ....,. ,...Marilyn Rosenfield Girl .....,.,..,...,....,..,. . ,.,,.... Ruth Boksenbaum Second Nurse ..... ..,,...... L orraine Meixner Boy ......,........,...,.. .,......,..... J erry Supkoff 25 3. "Angel of Mercy" Sung by Edna Gehlert 4. "Life Can Be Beautiful" Boy on Vacation , ., .. ..Bob Weiss First Sarong , ,... , ., Byron Kramer Second Sarong . , .Richard Herscovitz Third Sarong . ..... A ., .,,... .. .. ...,..., ..,, . , Seymour Schwartz 5. "Senior Night" Quartet., n Robert Murray, Roy Baker, James Gilliland, Howard Casson Dancers ,......... ...,,....,i..,,..,..,.. ,...,,....,........,... . . , .,...... Racelle Lazar, Leatrice Berez Seniors ...,.. ..,, ,,....,,A..,..... ,..,,.,,.. ,,,.,, .... , . . ,.,... G 1 r ls and Boys of the Chorus 6. "This Is a Lovely Way to Spend an Evening" Sung by Mary DiPietro Girls-Elaine Walken, Edna Gehlert, Marilyn Rosenfield, Sylvia Alter- man, Marjorie Yalch. 7. "We Must Part" Seniors , ., , . .The Entire Company The Staff for SENIOR PRIORITIES General Manager ,..... . .. ,. ,,.... ..,,...., ...,.............,........ ........... . , , ,, ,. Jean Halt Properties ,.... ., . . ,.... , Corrine Cohen, Renee Rosenberg Electrician ....,, ,. ...... ,..,,..... . ,... ...,,.... ,.............,..... ...,........ , . , . , Robert Synder Technical Assistants-William Paul, Bob Campbell, David Dee, Morton Lipsitz, Charles Buechler, Nessa Reichbaum. Typists ........................,. .,,,... ,......,.,....,,....,..,,...,..,,...... , . Frances Needelman, Ruth Frank fi g xxwxs NNW 6UZLl6ll'y Gfass High Honor Students Sylvia Alterman Betty Bender Gloria Brodie Corrine Cohen Edward Coffey Donald Foltz james Gilliland Margaret Goda Edna Guttman Jean Halt Robert Melnick Melvin Peisakoff Dorothy Bliman Marilyn Rosenfield Milton Michaels Shirley Lyon Ruth Boksenbaum Rita Solomon Robert Heatley Honor Students Sylvia Harris Harriet Herman Richard Herscovitz Hilda Jenkins Byron Kramer Louise Meixner Renee -Rosenberg Alan Rothman Nessa Reichbaum Jerome Supkoff 60 the gfome Room Catchers The january class is deeply appreciative of the advice and assistance given by the teachers of the different home rooms The very pleasant and cordial relationship has made senior days much more memorable. MR. CLAY H. LONGENECKER MR. KEITH MCDONALD MR. GEORGE PHILLIPS MR. HARRY Soups 27 - cN9l7Z 52f54f Officers President ..........,. ..,...,..,....,.4,,..,. 1 ..,,.,.. R oy E. Baker Vice President ..,., Secretary .,..,.,...,....... Treasurer .......e,.................... Social Representative ........., , ,Anna M. Erskine Irene H. Cliapla ............Doris M. Matlios .,....VVilliam B. Atkinson Foreword Representative .................,.......... ....,...... I . Leroy Myers Home Room Teacher William B. Atkinson 1Bnn Very s11ri111111' . , . 1111if1' 11111 . . . d11r1.' hair . . . 1111s llltlllj' fI'lA1'lIdS . . , 1'.rf1fr1- 1111'11fs 11110111 Iill s1'i1'111'1' . . . f11'1'f1'rs 11111 Navy. IZA Social Committeeg Hi-YQ Microscope Club: Favorite Sport-Basketball: Serv- ice Preference-Navyg Hobby-Hunting Roy Edward Baker 1LimPD Blond and 1101161501710 . . . j1lms1111t fer- so111111'1'y . . . 1111110 j1of111111r . . . ll good singer . . . enjoys tl good g111111' of 1111s1'- 111111 . . . the blond r1'1111111'1'. Group A3 12A Home Room President: Entered from Gladstone in llBg Favorite Sport- Baseball 5 Service Preference - Army Air Corps Mr. Keith McDonald Theresa Calfo CTrixieD Quite j11'l1'f1' . . . r11111'111i11g, 11tf1'11rfi7J1' . . . g1'1111d 11'isf111si11'o11 . . . 11111's11't like fo 1t'1'if1' f111'1111's, 11111 1l111's like to rv1'if1' 11'f- f1'rs . . . 1111111ir1'11 111111 l'l'.Yf7l'Cf1'd . . . 111- ft'l'l'Sf1'd 111 111111111111 1111d sk11fi11g. Entered from Gladstone in llBg Favorite Sport-Skating: Service Preference--Air Corpsg Hobby-Writing Letters Irene H. Chapla 1RedJ Eyes of 111111 1111d 0111711711 111111' . . . stuwt and r111'1'rf111 . . . has 1111 U'Z'l11'Sl.0Hf fo short guys . . . dl'f1f,l1dfII1Il' . . . rv1111f.v to 111' tl s1'1'1'11f111'y . . . 1'11j11-vs 170'It'1l'll1j . . . 11111I1ifio11s to t1'11z'1'1. 12A Home Room Secretary: Group E, C, B, Ag Favorite SportASwimmingg Serv- ice Preference-Army Air Corpsg Hobby -Dancing Mary Boffo ' 1JanieJ Ronald joseph De Lucia R11f111'1' 1'i1111'd . . . f1'1'1's 1111111 fo f111'os1' ' CROHD . . . . always !'0lll'f1'0IlS . . . d111's11'f like GUN H1111 1'f'Pf'3"!!0'1'ff1f3' - - - dflflf hm" to 1111 1'1ras1rd . . . 1111111111 like to 111'ro11112 tl lllld Pyvs . . . ru1111fs to 111' ll 1111'1'l1111111' . . . Spfypfary I , b is ,f,,m.l,.m,d in -,m,f,,,,. 1'11r111'sf . . . ll1'ZUtlj'S fz111sl11's r1'l111f 111, 11115 Entered from Gladstone in llBg Favorite fv dv ' ' ' .fond 01: basketball- . Sport - Tennisg Service Preference - Stage Crew: Entered from Gladstone in VVAVESQ Hobby-Sewing llBg Favorite Sport-Football 28 ' Barbara L. Douglas qnabsy Quiet and refined . . . reliable at all times . . . ever ready with a helping hand . . . rather serious and shy . . . good pianist . . . gets peeved at the crowded street cars in the morning. Entered from Gladstone in 1lB: Basket- ball '43: Favorite Sport-Football: Serv- ice Preference-Army Air Corps: Hobby -Playing Piano Anna Mae Erskine Ulnny Big brown eyes . . . vivacious . . . easy- going . . . carefree . . . just cau't stand the crowded buses . . . thinks men are her favorite characters in books. 12A Home Room Vice Presidentg En- tered from Gladstone in l1B: Hockey '43: Volley Ball '44: Favorite Sport-Football: Service Preference-Air Corps: Hobby- Skating Donald R. Foltz fDonj Honor student . . . very learned in chemistry . . . well-liked by his class- mates and teachers . . . studious, but lots of fun . . . lA. Microscope Club, A. A. A.: Tennis '43, '44: Journal Staff: Hobby-Chemistry: Service Preference - Army Air Corps: Favorite Sport-Hunting: Honor Student Charles J. Glaser CChuckj Dark hair and eyes . . . quiet and unas- suming . . . works in the projection booth . . . likes hunting and guns . . . has many friends . . . expresses prefer- ence for the Navy. Motion Picture Booth Operator: Entered from Gladstone in llB: Favorite Sport- Hunting: Service Preference - Navy: Hobby-Collectingf- Guns Robert E. Heatley 1BobJ Mischievous, but keen . . . high honor student . . . blue-eyed blond . . . likes to hunt, especially in Sewickley . . . will make a good draftsman . . . prefers the air corps. Journal Staff: Microscope Club: Entered from Bellevue in l2B: Favorite Sport- Ice Hockey: Service Preference-Army: Hobby-Hunting: High Honor Student -29 Leslie jacob Levy fLesj Lively, but studious . . . brown eyes, brown hair . . . ambitious to be an M. D .... industrious. Entered from Fifth Avenue High School in IZA: Favorite Sport-Football: Service Preference-Army: Hobby-Philately Claire Lewandowski fTootsJ Friendly . . . has sense of humor . . . is ambitious to travel . . . has keen interest in photography . . . hopes to become a private secretary. A. A. A.: Modern Dance Club: Allderdice Red Cross Association: Favorite Sport- Football: Service Preference - Navy: Hobby-Ice Skating Audrey D. Masloff fAudJ Hazel eyes, brown hair . . . personality plus ...H peppy . . . efficient and de- pendable . . frank and honest . . . plays the piano . . . often found in Gi1nbel's music department. Aviation Club: IZA Social Committee: Favorite Sport-Swimmingg Service Pref- erence - Navy: War Service - Nurse's Aide Doris Mae Mathos fD0rD Fun-loving . . . very loquacious . . . dis- likes 9 o'clock buses . . . mischievous brown eyes . . . likes "Life with QFD Rileyu . . . enjoys almost all sports. 12A Home Room Treasurer: Senior Lead- ers: Basketball '44: Hockey '44: Nurse's Aide: Entered from Gladstone in llB: Favorite Sport-Football: Service Pref- erence-Navy J. Leroy Myers U00 Lunch-check cashier . . . hates girls 'who can't count .... s' tudious and somezohat serious . . . well-known in school . . . contagious laugh . . . favorite characters are villains. 12A Foreword Representative: Microscope Club: Discussion Club: German Club: Favorite Sport-Football: Service Pref- erence-Army Stella Nicholas Rita May Solomon mickiey uzim Attractively agreeable . . . amiable and Quite athletic . . . very energetic . . . kind . . . likes Harry James' music . . . gets things done . . . sweet disposition collects records . . . considerate and sin- cere . . . ambitious to enter college. Favorite Sport-Tennis: Service Prefer- ence-Army: Hobby-Collecting Records Sidney Preny QSidj Likes fun in a quiet 'way . . . somewhat shy . . . dark hair and eyes . . . future artist . . . usually found in the art de- partment. Art Work for Journal: Favorite Sport- Football: Service Preference-Army Air Corps: Hobby-Stamp Collecting Seymour Schwartz fSchwartzyJ Likeable personality . . . broton-haired. blue-eyed . . . ambitious to be a naval officer . . . enjoys sports. Radio Code Club.: Band A, Marching Band: Woodwind Quartet: All-City Band '42, '43, '44: Favorite Sport-Basketball: Service Preference-Merchant Marine Florence Shanoski 1Floj Lovely and quiet . . . demure . . . sensible and personable . . . gener- WlCll'l'1'l0l' ous and straight-forward . . . dislikes personal paragraphs . . . does like to correspond. Orchestra C: Swimming Club: Entered from Gladstone in llB: Favorite Sport- Skating: Service Preference - Hobby-Writing Letters Navy: Herbert Shuxnan CSIRO Gay, but shy . . . dark hair and eyes . . . has ambition to attend college . . . well- liked senior. . . enjoys football . . . aims to be a business man. Entered from Morningside School in 9B: Favorite Sport-Football: Service Pref- erence-Army: Hobby-Sports Robert H. Snyder QSneezyJ Retiring, yet inischievous . . . brown eyes, brown hair . . . ambitious to be an aviator . . . has many friends. Stage Crew: Favorite Sport--Football: Hobby-Guns: Service Preference-Navy . . . is easy to look at . . . ambitious . . . should make a success of life. Dramatic English: Journal Staff: Fashion Club: Senior Leaders: Volley Ball '42, '43: Basketball '44: Favorite Sport - Basketball: Service Preference-Army Air Corps: High Honor Student Edwin B. Spaun qnaaiep Shy and reserved . . . subtle sense of humor . . . twinkling grey eyes . . . ex- pert on the skating rink . . . gets along well with people. Favorite Sport-Swimming: Service Pref- erence-Navy: Hobby-Roller Skating Anita Staley tDimplesJ Beautiful red hair . . . zoinsome, charm- ing . . . earnest gayety . . . capable and energetic . . . likes skating . . . aims to be a secretary . . . often at movies . . . sure does like boys. Entered from St. Rosalia's in 9B: Serv- ice Preference-Merchant Marine: Hobby -Dancing Jerome Supkoff Gerry? . Serious and studious . . . good thinker . . . brown eyes and hair . . . likeable attitude . . . ambitious to be a physician . . . rates well in work. Orchestra A: Entered from Herron Hill in 9A: Favorite Sport-Basketball: Serv- ice Preference-Navy: Hobby--Drawing: Honor Student Esther E. Wallick CES! Energetic . . . gracious . . . winsome . . . engaging smile . . . considerate of others . . . always fair . . . collects postcards . . . chooses home as favorite haunt. Journal Staff: Group B: Jewelry Club: Doll' Club: Senior Leaders: Swimming Club: Favorite Sport--Football: Service Preference-Navy 30 - 00172 315 5 Officers President . . ...... .. Nice President .. .. ....,. ..........,,. . Secretary-Treasurer .,..,.. ., .. .......,......jean M. Halt . .,,.........,,,,...... Gloria G. Brodie .. . ,..,. Milton M. Michaels Social Representatives .,.lYilliam I. Crosby, Florence Abramson Foreword Representative i.... i....... ............,.,,..........Harriet Herman Home Room Teacher-Mr. Clay H. Longenecker Florence Abramson F First on our list for talent A And friendliness. Student Council: Social Committee, l2A: Vice President. Room 268, l2B: Voice Group B: Yolley Ball '41, '4Z: Senior Leaders '-13: Service Preference-Army: Hobby---Singzing: VVar Service-Hospital Aide. Red Cross VVorker Shirley J. Allison S Swell. dependable girl. J .lust the one who is A .-Xlwavs readv with a laufrh. . , 5 Bulletin Staff: Business Service Guild: journal Staff: lfntercd from Mifflin School in QB: Girl Reserves: Nurse-'s Aide: Red Cross lliork: Service Prefer- ence-Marines: Favorite Sports-f-Tennis, Swimming' Judith M. Baumann blovial. sunny. and sweet M Manner will always B Bring' happiness to all who know her. Art Club: Orchestra .-X: Service Prefer- ence-.-Xrmy: XYar Service-Red Cross lkiork: Favorite Sport-Basebnllg Hob- bies--llrawing: and Music Betty V. Bender B Bright-eyed, sweet. V Varied in ability. B Benign always-Betty is a won- derful lass. Bulletin Staff: Business Service Guild? Service Preference - Navy? Favorite SportfRoller Skating: Hobby-Dancing: Honor Student Louis Binstock L Lively and likeable chap. B Behaving always as a gentleman. Chess Club: Service Preference-Army Air Corps: Favorite Sports-Football and Baseball: VVar Service-Aided in Collect- ing: Scrap Metal, Messenger Boy for Air Raids Gloria G. Brodie G Greatly admired for sincerity. G Graciousness and B Beauty. journal Staff: Dramatic English: Vice President of 315 in IZA: Sigma Iota: Senior Leaders '43, '44, President in '44: Favorite Sport-Bowling: Service Pref- erence-Army Air Corps: Hobby-IJra- matics: XVar Service-Red Cross Club fA,R.C..-Ml. A.VV.V.S.: Honor Student ' F' F PM 'Zi' ' 31 Milton Coffey M Many of us wish that we C Could manage affairs as smoothly as he. Secretary of Senior Class, Art Work for journal, Entered from Colfax in 7B, Aviation Club, Radio Code, Basketball '43, '44, Track '43, '44, Cross Country '43, Service Preference-Army Air Corps, Favorite Sport-Basketball William I. Crosby W Willing and ready is this lad, 5 Individualistic in temperament-a C Cheerful, convivial Casanova. Foreword Staff, Social Representative, Radio Code, Sigma Iota, Tennis '43, '44, Service Preference-Army Sanitary En- gineer, War Service-First Aid Patrol, Blood Donor Anna D. Everett A Ann is one of those D Dark brown-eyed girls who E Enjoy singing but not homework. Entered from South Hills in '43, Chorus Club, Camera Club, Basketball '43, Serv- ice Preference-Air Corps, Favorite Sport -Tennis, Hobby-Singing James G. Gilliland j jovial, pleasing personality- G Gracious and considerate of others, really a G Good fellow in every way. Vice President of Senior Class, Journal Staff: Art Work for journal: Microscope Club, President, Hi-Y, A Cappella Choir, Male Chorus, Announcer, Group B, Champion Intramural Basketball Team '43, '44, Honor Student Lee E. Glick L Logical thinker who E Enjoys things in a serious way, yet G Gets much fun out of life. Orchestra B, Service Preference-Army Air Corps, Entered from Wightman School in 7B Cecele S. Goodman C Captivatingly vivacious with a S Sparkling, G Golden smile. Stage Manager of Class Play: Discussion Club, Radio Code Club: Aviation Club: Band A, Senior Leaders, Soccer '43, Service Preference - Infantry: Hobby -- Aviation, Favorite Sports - Swimming, Tennis John J. Gulyasy j jesting and full of life, j john stands out as a G Grand all-star athlete. Entered from Greenfield School, 9B, Microscope Club, Football '42, '43, '44, Basketball '42, '43, '44, Hobby-Baseball jean M. Halt j judged the favorite of the seniors, M Merry and sincere- H Her charm will ever be remem- bered. Student Council, IZA Class President: Dramatic English, President of 315 in 12B and l2A, Girl Reserves, Sigma Iota, Nurse's Aide, Favorite Soort-Tennis, Service Preference-Navy, Honor Student Goldyne H. Hepner G Green eyes glowing merrily, H Highlighted by personality plus H Have emphasized this young lady's attractiveness. Dramatic English, jewelry Club, Volley Ball '42, Service Preference-Navy, Fa- vorite Sport-Hockey, Hobby-Records, Pastime-Dancing, War Service-Nurse's Aide, Red Cross Work Harriet Herman H Humor and her Winsome charm is H Heightened by her pretty face. Art Work for Play and journal, Drama- tic English, Foreword Representative in IZA, Advanced Art, A.A.A., War Serv- ice-Bandage Rolling for Red Cross, Honor Student ' julia A. Horvath j judicious, shy-yet gay, A And always ready with H Her pleasant smile of greeting. Bulletin Staff, Business Service Guild, journal Staff, War Service - junior Nurse's Aide, Service Preference--Navy, Hobby-Dancing, Favorite Sport-Swim- ming Hilda D. Jenkins H Helpful and heedful of D Directions, she is j just the girl you'd love. Bulletin Staff: Business Service Guild, journal Staff, Swimming Club: Math Club, 400 Club, War Service-Red Cross Sewing, Service Preference--Army, Fa- vorite Sport-Football: Entered from Mifflin, 9B, Honor Student Helen Kopka H Happy, always cheerful, and al- Melvin P. Peisakoff M Markedly outstanding ability ways -P Plus a friendly, helpful Way K Keeps right on every job until it is finished. Bulletin Staff: Business Service Guild: Journal Staff: Entered from Greenfield, 9B: Service Preference-Navy: Favorite Sport-Volley Ball Milton M. Michaels M Men wonder how M Milt always M Manages to get results tparticu- larly with womenj. Sports Editor of Foreword: Senior Class Treasurer: Dramatic English: Secretary- Treasurer of Room 315: A.A.A., Presi- dent: Sigma Iota, Treasurer: Microscope Club: Track '43, '44: Service Preference -Naval Air Corps: High Honor Student Ronald P. Montgomery R Rates quite highly as a P Pleasant and attractive M Mixture of good looks and fine culture. Entered from Roosevelt School: Favorite Sports-Swimming, Basketball: Service Preference-Navy: Pastime-Reading Carl J. Morgan C Careful in his undertakings. I just in his dealings with others, Carl M Makes every effort to please. Aviation Club: Band D: Stamp Club: Young Magicians: Service Preference- Air Corps: Favorite Sports-Football, Swimming: Pastime-Reading: Hobby- Stamps Morris Naimark M Mighty is our track star, N Nimble, shy, serious, and keen. Stage Crew: Track '41, '42, '43, City Champs '44: Basketball '43, '44: Service Preference-Navy Harriet Oshry H Her pleasant words O Of cheerfulness are always wel- come. Dramatic English: Entered from Schen- ley in 1943: A.A.A.: War Service-Red Cross Work: Hobby-Writing Letters to Boys in Serviceg Service Preference- Army Air Corps: Favorite Sport-Swin1- ming P Places Melvin high in school rat- ing. A.A.A.: Journal Staff: Discussion Club: Library Club: Microscope Club: Qualita- tive Analysis: Class Play Cast: High Honor Student Albert H. Robbins A Always laughing, full of fun, H Hardly ever serious, Al R Remains as one long to be remem- bered. Radio Club: Entered from Wightman, 713: Service Preference-Navy Alan B. Rothman A Always agreeable and genuine B Both at work and play, Alan is also R Renowned for his brilliant mind. A.A.A.: Favorite Sport--Football: Pas- time-Listening to Radio: Service Pref- erence-Army Air Corps: Hobby-Chem- istry: Honor Student Paul J. Seligson P Praises to our handsome Paul, j' joking, laughing all the time, and who S Seems to be every one's friend. .Orchestra A: Service Preference-Coast Guard: Favorite Sport-Football: Hobby -Sleeping Bernice Weitzman B Bea. who just adores boys, W VVill be a clever, capable beauty stylist some day. Knitting Club: Swimming Club: Hobby- Knitting for Red Cross: Nurse's Aide: Favorite Sport- Swimming: Pastime - Dancing Catherine E. Wislosky C Carefree, clever, K-K-K-Katy E Easily rates with all for her W Wonclerful manner. Entered from Greenfield, 9B: 400 Club: Fashion Club: Voice B: Service Prefer- ence - Army: Favorite Sport- Tennis : Hobby-Photography 33 Margery M. Yalch Margery is our social repg Sl1e is cute and full of pep. Social Representative: Voice C: Modern Danceg Hospital Aide: Favorite Sport- Swimmingg Service Preference-Navy Elizabeth Yasko Liz is dainty, very blonde, quite sweet' Truly not like any one you'll often meet. Bulletin Staff: Business Service Guild: Hobby-Listening to and Collecting Rec- ords: Favorite Sports-Dancing, Skating' Service Preference-Navy v v Charge of Thosei Who Half a league, half a league Half a league onward All to the place of learning Rode the six hundred. Forward the Shuttle Bus! "Charge for the intersection," All to the place of learning Rode the six hundred. he said : 'Forward the Shuttle Bus! VVas there a man dismay'd? Yes! was there anyone driving? . Was what they all wondered: Theirs to make a smart reply. To stick their elbow in another's eye: All to the place of learning Rode the six hundred. Trucks to right of them. Street cars to left of them, Autos in front of them, Rumbled and thunder'd3 Stormed at with horn and bell, Boldly they rode and well Into the place of learning. Into the mouth of fcensoredj Rode the six hundred. Martin Yasko Marty's jolly and never sadg Quite a jitterbug is this lad. Bulletin Staff: Business Service Guild journal Staff 3 Hobby-Collecting Rec ordsg Favorite Sport-Swimming Dane ingg Service Preference-Navy 'N Rode the Shuttle Bus F lashed all their cigarettes bare, Flashed as they turn'd -in air Pushing those already there Charging the wall, while All the world wonder'd: Plunged in the cigarette smoke Right thro the line they broke: Junior and Senior Reel'd from the acrid smoke Shatter'd and sunder'd, Then they rode back. even those Even the six hundred. VVhen can their glory fade? O the wild charge they made! All the world wonder'd. Honour the charge they made. Honour those who rode the Shuttle Bus- Brave six hundred. fWith due apologies to A. Lord Tennyson J Q , 4 00172 361 Officers llresident ,. .,... ,.,....... .....,......,...A. ..., l A 1 itliony A. Giovane Vice President' ,. , ,. .. Secretary-Treasurer .,...:Ruth Boksenbaum nlidna M. Geblert Social Committee ......,.. ., .,A........, .,.A.....,.,. , Margery M. Yalcli Home Room Teacher-Mr. Harry C. Soles Sylvia Alterman S.X'1'Z'llI'S thc dark-lzaircd model of our ch1.r.v,' Good-lmfllrvd und 7t'fIIS0llI1' is this hiss Dramatic linglisb: Sigma Iota! Aviation Club: French Club: Art Club: Senior Leaders: Vollcy Ball '40, '4l: Hospital Aid: Favorite Sport-lce Skating: Serv- ice Preference-.fXir Corps: Honor Stu- dent Andrew J. Bakaysza And-v's lull, 1ltIIIdS0lIll', and dark: In thc llffIl'l.lIl'S hv'II llltIh't' his Hzarh. Entered from Gladstone: Favorite Sport - Baseball: Service Preference A Marine Corps Dorothy Bliman Shes cIc1'cr. tIffl'tICIli'Z'!', and 'Z'c'1',X' hrighf, The tvlmh' chars agrcc.r thai D01'0fhy's Ruth Boksenbaum li'1rt1zic's zimw' lvvvn hamfuzz I0 recur cl fl'0'ZUlI ,' In l5eginner's l.uck .vhc was Hvrtic Bl'0'Zt'lI. Sigma Iota: Dramatic English: Aviation Club: French Club: Senior Leaders: Favorite Sport - Swimming: Hospital Aide: Service Preference - Army Air Corps: High Honor Student Ellen Burke lfIh'11 mu model hw' own creation ,find truly f7I'UdIIl't' ll faz'01'ahI0 sc'11.rf1- flillll, lintered from Gladstone: Favorite Sport -Horseback Riding: Service Preference -Marines john E. Crooks .1U1IlIlIj'Y.S' II Ql'11fIl'llItIl1 and so nice fo thc' all right. Y ffal-'V T Sigma Iota: Dramatic English: Discus- ll hen 111 the lNu'z'y hr' .should have zmuzy sion Club: Orchestra B: Red Cross: Hos- 11,015- pital Aide: Favorite Sport - Football: Microscope Club: Chemistry Club: Fav- Service Preference - Air Corps: High orite Sport - Roller Skating: Service Honor Student Preference-Navy Mary L. DiPietro M ary's the song bird from 361 : She's winsonie, so cordial, and loads of fun. Voice B, C, E: Sang with Swing Band '44: Service Preference-Maritime Serv- ice: Favorite Sport-Ice Skating Jeanne DuBarry Vivacious and pleasant and always cheery, Jeanne is sincere, and never dreary. Journal Staff: Microscope Club: Discus- sion Club: Senior Leaders: Modern Dance: Marching Band: Bands A, B: Voice B: Service Preference - Army Nurse Corps William Galvin Popular Bill with hair blond and wavy. Now helps Uncle Sain to inaintain a navy. Voice B, C, A Edna M. Gehlert Edna is vivacious and full of fun: Because of her laugh, she's liked by every one. ' Home Room Secretary-Treasurer-l2A: Dramatic English: Entered from Glad- stone: Favorite Sport-Basketball: Hos- pital Aide: Service Preference-Merchant Marine Anthony A. Giovane Peppy's inade touchdowns for the green and white: His speed and skill have been a real delight. Home Room President l2B, l2A: Entered '44: Favorite from Gladstone: Football Sport - Baseball: Service Preference - Marine Corps joseph S. Glick foe's that very good-looking lad Whose specialty is inalcing others glad. Swimming Team '43, '44: Service Prefer- ence-Navy: Swimming Club: Chess Club Stanley Gumberg Stan is a sincere, cheerful boy Who's always friendly and .spreading .loy- Engineering: Magicians Club: Foreword Representative: Band A, B: Social Com- mittee: German Club: Favorite Sport- Horseback Riding: Service Preference- Navy Margaret Goda Margaret is quiet, and sweetly so,' lfVith her pleasing ways, far will she go. Entered from Gladstone: Service Prefer- ence-Waves: Honor Student Edna Guttman Edna's personality is hard to beat: She's loads of fun and really neat. Dramatic English: Sigma Iota: Aviation Club: French Club: Senior Leaders: Favorite, Sport - Ice Skating: Hospital Aide: Service Preference - Army Air Corps: Honor Student Robert S. Horvitz Bow is a wow on the basketball court: He'll challenge them all, then stop them short. Basketball '43, '44: Football-Favorite Sport: Hobby-Stamps, Sports: Service Preference-Navy Selma M. Kalser S6'l11'll1,S glamorous, snappy and neat ,' Class play drainat was really her ineat. Sigma Iota: Dramatic English: French Club: Discussion Club: Favorite Sport- Horseback Riding: Hospital Aide: Red Cross: Service Preference-Navy Betty Klein Betty's our redhead. obliging and sweet: Kind to every one she chances to meet. Journal Staff: Modern Dance: Entered from Perry High '43: Favorite Sport- Dancing, Swimming: Service Preference -Cadet Nurse Corps Byron H. Kramer Byron was Chris of our senior play: He gets the prize for being gay. 12A Social Committee: Dramatic Eng- lish: Marching Band: Band A, B, D: Service Preference - Navy: Favorite Sport-Basketball: Swing Band '43, '44: Honor Student Shirley Z. Lyon Shirley's our journalist, pretty and clever: Ready to help, and a pal forever. A.A.A.: Foreword Representative: Fore- word Staff: Dramatic English: Fashion Club: Discussion Club: Leaders: Hos- pital Aide: Favorite Sport-Baseball: Service Preference -- Marines: High Honor Student 36 gi ' -I Vli I Nessa Reichbaum She is very lively and has a friendly grin,' PVe're proud it's been our room that Nessa has been .in. Dramatic Englishg Senior Leaders '42, '43g Swimming-Favorite Sportg Hospital Aideg Red Crossg Service Preference- Navyg Honor Student Pauline Rohaly Pauline is the girl with the sparkling eye, A nice person to know though a little shy. Entered from Greenfield Schoolg Voice B3 Modern Dance, Favorite Sport- Swimmingg Service Preference-Army james M. Schulz Jimmy of the stage crew has natural curls ,' And how he's the envy of all the girls! Stage Crewg Entered from Gladstone: Volley Ball Club, Leadersg Favorite Sport - Baseballg Service Preference - Marines Andrew Steenson fAir Corpsg Lehigh Universityj Andy is tall, shy, and very sniart,' He chose the Air Corps where doing his part. Entered from Gladstone Ruth L. Swartzstein Ruth is witty and can beguile All she meets with her charming smile. Dramatic Englishg Favorite Sport-Swim- mingg Service Preference-Navy Henry Tartler tNavyD He is serving his country in navy blue, Henry, our hats are off to you. Chemistry Clubg Stage Crew Vincent Toth fNavyl In sports he really rated high,- Now Vinre is quite a handsome G. I. Voice B5 Microscope Clubg Swimming Team '44 he's Elaine R. Unger Elaine is that happy-go-lucky lass Robert H. Weiss Bob is cheerful, handsome, gay,' Makes you happy all the day. Foreword Staff, Dramatic Englishg Pub- licity Managerg A.A.A.g Discussion Cluhg Track Team '44, Cross Country '43g Fa- vorite Sport-Baseball William I. Weiss Bill is likeable, dependable, true,' Full of fun, and musieal, too. Sigma Iotag Chess Clubg Band Ag March- ing Bandg Voiceg Basketball Manager: Favorite Sport-Basketballg Service Pref- erence-Navy Virginia Wickstrom Ginnie has dimples and eyes of blue,' She's quite popular with all of us, too. Girl Reservesg Voice C5 Favorite Sport- Ilancingg Service Preference-Army Air Corps Herman H. Wilhelm Herman is serious, dependable, toog Always has something on hand to do. Journal Staffg Entered from Gladstone: Basketball Team '43, '44g Hobby-Model Airplane Buildingg Favorite Sport-Foot- ball: Service Preference - Army Air Corpsg Honor Student ,RN n fil Q e . -' 7 ,Q !"li1 we n , g X up. Pig ' ' Xp A N1 W C-I ' - l ' N is ' lil ' ' Qu: X ' ., nl' ll ' I-I Who adds to the quality of our class. , x 5 Swimming Club: Favorite Sport-Swi1n- l mingg Service Preference - Army Air - Corps 37 111 11,11 466 ' Officers l,1'CS1ClC11t ........ . ....,..A....... .,,., ,.,... B 1 lllcs It McCc1nkCy Yice Vresinleut . . , liclwarrl Coffey Secretary . ,,,., . ., . .C111'1'inc S. Cl1llCI1 'l'reasurer .. .,....,....... .........,...,..,...,.. J can M. Teplitz S11ciz1l lQC1Jl'C5CIlIZlllYCS , Ruth l'erl1.1w, Michael D. Marcus l'll1l'E'XYOI'fl Rcp1'esc11tz1tix'c ,. ,...., ,. l.11r1'ai11e Mc-ixuer Home Room Teacher-Mr. George M. Phillips joseph Brunwasser Corrine S. Cohen 11111, c111'v 1.1 111011111 1111' 11111-V," C'111111111'1'1'1111 11111 1.1 C'111'1.'y'.1 111.111, S11-v.1 .1111', 1111' 1111111 111 1'111'11'11.1. .11111 111 1111.1 111111 .1111"11 -zv111 1111111111111 ,' 111 11111111 111 1'11,x' 1111111-V S111".111111111111 .Yf'111',.N', 1111 111111111' 11111111 11111 Tx'0I'11I 1lll11 11111111111111 1'1'11'Ix'lI.V.H 111,11 1'1'1111.v 1111 1111111 111 'Ix'1l1I1 .1111' 11115, 11 Young Mzngifiaus Clulm: lizxmls QX, I3, C, C10- QS lfllflf 453 l52lSliK'flP2lll i-132 5l'l'VN'1' .Xu-X..-X.: Su11i111' Stllllkilt Cuuiicilg l"c11'c- l l'l'fUVK'llfU'AlN?iW'Y wurcl Staff: Class l'l21yg Art XV11rk llranmtic liuglislm: Home R1111111 Secre- Stanley B, Chotiner tary: Senior l.cz1clcrsg Class Leader I ll111111r Stutluut 311111 11l1'Zll' f1U11I11ll.ff1111f' 11111111111, 171: C'111111111'1".1 1111' 1111111 111 .11'1',' Oliver Cohen 11101111111'f1-'11'l'fI'f'H 1111-1 41'f'1' 1"1'11'111- 111".1 1111' 11111.11 i'1'1'.1111111' 11111 111 4616, 5 U' -XUTQV 10515 111' 11 -WU! '111' -1'f'f'- 111161 111".1 11l'T'Cl1' 111'1'11 A'1I11'Ix'1I 111 1111.1.1 1111.v .rX..-XA.: junior Basketball '-13: lIlll'1l1Tllll'2ll 1111-1-5 ,- Basketball. ZH: Favorite 5l"'rtWlmSk"l' 41.1 11 1'11111, 'rm' kllllfk' 111"11 111' 1111' SUIIIU. ball: Service Preference-lNavv - I - A ' .-11111 711111 1111 1II1lI.Vt'11 1111 111111111111 11111111' Edward Coffey 11111129 11'111',' 'S .Y C '.' ' """ 1' ,' '1'11'.1 11 f1'110'Zx' 111111 1111.1 1'r'1'1'.x'11111111-- liulistccl in .Xir 01111: lfavuritc Sport- l311u'liug: Service liI'L'fCI'Clll'C--txtll' Corp Robert F. Demmler C11111'111'11'1', i1ltf1I1i11l'11f-ly. 11111111 111111'.1. 111115 1111.1 j'0I111I, .111 11111 111111 111111111. 111' 11117 111 11111111 111'1 111111 111 111 11 1111111111111111f1111 17111 11111 1'1111 111'f11'1111 11171111 1f111111' 111 1111 111.1 11Yl1l'11 11.11.'1'11. 111'-111111 1'1'.Yfll11ll1, f1111'1. Class Play Srcnery: Vice l,I'L'SlllClll1 .'Xviz1ti1111 Club: Radio Coclcl Stamp Club: Boys Cmmking Club: 'l'1'aCk '-ll, '43, '44 liaskg-tl1all '43, 314: lfnlistccl in .'X..'X.l7.: Honor Stuclcnt. H,. . . - 11 111 11111' 1.1 11111 111 A1l'X,. Student Council: Orclmcstru A, H, C XY1111clu'iml Quintet: liavnritu Sport,--l7o11t l1all: Scrvivc l'1'c1crc1u'c f I'aratr111'1ps Holnby-Music: NYar Service-l'.M.'l'.C .'X.R. Messenger 38 ' " W Zola H. Gold Zola is our Cavalier lfVho's air-corps bound, it is quite clear, His favorite sport is basketball, His sportsmanship's admired by all. A.A.A., Basketball '43, '44, Favorite Sport -Basketball, Service Preference ---Air Corps Sylvia A. Harris In aviation she'll go far, Her marks are high, quite over par. Sylvia is a gay musician Vlfho, someday, will win a good position. Dramatic English, French Club, Micro- scope Club, Discussion Club, Aviation Club, Voice C, Orchestra B, C, Senior Leaders, Civil Air Cadets, Honor Student Richard Herscovitz As a favorite pastime, Richard turns to art, But when in life he's at his prime In business he'll well do his part. Dramatic English, Class Play Cast, Art Club, Sigma Iota, Honor Student Preston Levine Talking little, saying much, Preston has a gentleman's touch,- H e moves along in his quiet way And does his best from day to day. Photography Club, Microscope Club Morton S. Lipsitz Our Morty has no enemy, H e's high in our esteem, He hopes someday that he may be A master of the machine. Class Play, Stage Crew, Stamp Club, Orchestra C, War Service-Blood Donor Michael D. Marcus ' Mike certainly has a social flair, And he'll stop at nothing on a dare, Someday he'll fly quite far from here In his capacity as aeronautical engineer. Dramatic English, Class Play Cast, So- cial Committee, Foreword Representa- tive, Radio Code, Discussion Club, Hall Patrol Robert j. Murray Carefree Bob is blond and handsome, With a personality supreme, Chances are that he'll become The man in each girl's dream. Group A, Male Chorus Miles F. McConkey Hurrah, for Miles the great! In sports, does this boy rate! At football, basketball, he's all right, I-Ie's truly done much for tlze Green and White. Student Council, Home Room President, Microscope Club, Green Key, Aviation Club, Mechanical Drawing Club, Foot- ball Council, Football '42, '43, Co-Captain '44, Basketball '42, '43, Co-Captain '44 Lorraine Meixner As a mighty fine girl we rate Lorraine, To whom each favor's a sacred duty, Her charm will win her real acclaim, ,-ls will also her engaging beauty. Senior Student Council, Dramatic Eng- lish, Class Play Program Committee, Foreword Representative, Basketball '42, '43, '44, Volley Ball '42, '43, '44, Hockey '43, Tennequoit '42, Junior Leaders Louise K. Meixner At helping others and spreading cheer, Louise is always doing her best, For her future success we have no fear. Because she'll do her work with helpful zest. A.A.A., Student Council, Class Play Cast, Social Representative, Treasurer, Voice A, B, C, Chorale, Basketball '42, '43, '44, Volley Ball '42, '43, '44, Tenne- quoit '42, Senior Leaders, Honor Student Robert N. Melnick He likes to dabble in astronomy, He's studious and quiet, as all can see,' But watch this lad in future days- His success will win world-wide praise. Foreword Staff, Business Manager, A.A.A., journal Staff, Assistant Editor, Sigma Iota, Discussion Club, Qualitative Analysis Class, Orchestra A, B, C, D, All-City Orchestra, Marching Band, Football '44, Student Manager, High Honor Student Ruth Perlow Self-assertive, wise, efficient, true- ltlfithout Ruth Perlow what would we do? She's always been ready for any task, And does smilingly, too, whatever you ask. M.M.M., Dramatic English, Class Play -Business and Stage Managers, Journal Staff, Social Committee, Sigma Iota, Activities Committee, Radio Code, A.R.- C.A., Hospital Aide, Class Leader V 39 William J. Muraca In disposition we class him lA, For his kindly, friendly, gentlemanly way. He's happy-go-lucky, gay, and free,' Bill's just the type that many should be. Senior Leaders: Orchestra B, C, D: A Cappella Choir: Male Chorus: Favorite Sport-Football: Service Preference-Air Corps Frank J. Profeta Dude is more than six feet tall, And he plays a game of real football. At work-it's engines which catch his eye,' At play-it's func who makes him sigh. Radio Code: Band A, B: Marching Band: Track '42: Football '43, '44: Service Pref- erence-Air Corps Ground Crew: Fav- orite Sport-Football Charles J. Rooney With that sparkle in his eye, And that smile upon his face, W'hen Chuck goes walking by, All the ladies' hearts do race. Dramatic English: Class Play Cast: Hi- Y: Favorite Sport - Football: Service Preference-Navy Renee Rosenberg In times like these 'when war exists, It's fun which keeps us all alive. And Renee, our cook, always insists, "Smile if you want to survive." A.A.A.: Class Play Cast: Dramatic Eng- lish: Volley Ball '42: Basketball '42: Hockey '43: Service Preference - Mer- chant Marine: Favorite Sport - Volley Ball: Russian War Relief Knitting: Honor Student Marilyn G. Rosenfield Here is our mistress of intellect, Who can certainly act on the stage ,' Mally has won our deep respect, And she'll become the theatrical rage. A.A.A.: Class Play Cast: Dramatic Eng- lish: Sigma Iota: Fashion Club: Or- chestra A, B, D: All-City Orchestra: High Honor Student Bernice Sherman Bnnny's the girl of lovely curves, And modelling suits her best ,- M en are fighting for her hand- They never let her rest. Jewelry Club: Red Cross: Favorite Sport -Swimming Louise H. Roth Happy-go-lucky, full of life, Louise will become a WAC : She'll make a truly wonderful wife When war's over and Lou gets back. Foreword Representative: Voice Group B, C, E: Orchestra C: Leaders: Favorite Sport-Swimming: Service Preference- WAC: Blood Donor: Canteen Hostess Irma Smith Smitty is a cook, calm, and collected, A lass who interests all ,- We doubt if she ever was dejected: Her hope is to grow up and be tall. Foreword Staff: Social Committee: Dra- matic English: Sigma Iota: Advanced Art Class: Girl Reserves: Art Club Arnold S. Teker Tek, our hero of the gridiron, Brings us smiles galore,' His aim in life is to be a coach ,' His antics will live forever more. Aviation Club: Wood Shop Club: Basket- ball '4l: Football '42, '44: Football Man- ager: Favorite Sport-Football: Service Preference-Coast Guard jean M. Teplitz Teppie's life is full of joy: She does her schoolwork rapidly. It's a lucky man who will employ And get in her a prized secretary. A.A.A.: Foreword Staff: Dramatic Eng- lish: Treasurer: Class Leader: Favorite Sport--Horseback Riding: Service Pref- erence.- Navy: Hobby - Dancing: War Service-Canteen Hostess Vilma Varga "Who is George?" we want to know, But Vilma keeps us in suspense: But there's one thing that she does show That she's a swimming star of promi- nence. Dramatic English: Class Leader: Service Preference-Army Elaine Walken A Elaine, the beautiful, blue-eyed lass, With dark brown hair and detached ways, Ought to enroll in John Power's class, And model the rest of her days. Jewelry Club: Favorite Sport-Ice ing: Service Preference-Navy Skat- 40 last will anh Testament We the January 1945 graduating class of Taylor Allderdice High School of the city of Pittsburgh, county of Allegheny and state of Pennsylvania, being of sound mind and memory Qso we've been toldj and strong body fat least the girls! do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking any will or wills heretofore made by us and do hereby bequeath to our successors the following properties and privileges: Item One: Our space CD on the Honor Roll. Item Two: Our half dozen cubic inches on the Toonerville bus. Item Three: The right to slip into the lunch lines in the cafeteria Qwhen Blitz and Mills, Inc., aren't lookingj. Item Four: The ham buns and lamb stew in the cafeteria. fWe never could figure out what that stew was made ofj. Item Five: Our place on Mr. Shriner's ball team. i Item Six: A neatly typed 2,000 word Investigative Theme. fMiss Riddle's pupils will appreciate thisj. Item Seven: The strength to do 50 push-ups for coach. Item Eight: The Modern Dance Club's glamorous gray uniforms. Item Nine: Ross' and Shuster's beat-up pool tables. Item Ten: Our booths and stools in the Beacon. In Witness Whereof, we The Taylor Allderdice High School Graduating Class of january, 1945, have set our hands and seal hereto this twenty-fourth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty-five 09455. THE JANUARY CLASS Who Says "It won't be any hair off my head."- Mr. Longenecker. "I'm in hiding."-Melvin Peisakof. "I'm here, Mr. Solesf'-Edna Gehert. "Say, Sis, somethin' in your system ?" -Julia Horvath. "If you're late once more, I'll cut your grade."-Mr. Soles. f'You're not playing on my ball teamfl -Mr. Shriner. "Hey Baby!"-Anthony Ciovane. "Come into the back room."-Mr. Colborn. 41 " if 1 ' fn U16 galil' gl' 66901725 Based on Norinan Rockwelfs paintings, "The Four Freedoms t Freedom From Fear Fear! most terrible enemy of light and life Born in ignorance, bred in strife, America must be free of thee Forever! Her children ne'er to fly From shadows, as Europe's child now flees-- Fearing e'en to scan the morning skies. You, sleeping child, seed of all Past men, must heed the call Of unborn children far away. Even now, Wliile fearlessly you rest, yearning parents bow Their heads, and grant for you the might To draw aside the curtains, to lead the world from night. Listen-hear Europe's child, now quietly she cries! Does she know, for her, an army bleeds and dies? Freedom of Religion Lift your heads, O ye people! Look unto your Lord With loud rejoicings. Won by pen and sword Your chosen faith stands staunch 'gainst all attack. Yesterday men died, felt pain upon the rack, Saw death. It was for equal faith they died, 'Twas for the common God-for the love which abides In all true hearts for one another. Ye followers of Christ, Godls earthly brother, Ye men of Palestine, ye wearers of the cross, Ye people searching for the light-now prove their loss W'as not in vain. Prove the price was not too high, And with forgiving hearts answer now the cry Of war-torn brothers. Heed the words they saith And grant to e'en the least, the freedom of his faith! 42 Freedom From Want Home of Americagkeep your spirit glowing Brightly in the night, for you are sowing Seeds of greatness and of peace. Blake strong your child For the task so heavy on his hands. Create in him a spirit mild, :Xn understanding heart, a mind that's clean and free. Teach him faith. deep hope. and loving charity. him walk with crowds. yet hear the angels song. And while he earns his daily bread let him still long For dreams that are to lme. ,Raise your son ln plenty that he may grow and never want lor one Good thing. lt was not meant that he should spend His soul in feeding but his mouth. Give him high goal and send Him forth to search with spreading root-- He'll lmranch out green and hear you lar-flung fruit! Freedom of Speech Stand tall. man of America! Send your message of Clear-eyed hope and brotherly love To eowering people everywhere. lC'en now, as you place Gnarled fingers on the rail, freedom's face lfplifts. This is her child, who hlazes the trail, And she is proud. She knows he must not fail Or all today is lost. Oh, sing loud o'er the land. green NVith spring, you worker!strong and lean NYith piercing look and furrowed lmrowl Unknown races wait now To hear your word. Old men. white with years, Young men, wise with cares, together how Their heads and wonder at your thought. Free from fears, You stand tall, and ponder well your word . . . Listen! XYill America speak, unheard? 60 G26 JLUZ6 G!6lx55 0026 00172 66LClLZI'5 Miss HELEN R. BARTRIM MR. SAMUEL BLITZ Miss RHODA BOXVLER MRS. DELLA A. BRAUN DR. ALVIN G. FAUST MR. R. J. HACKETT Miss FRANCES LEECH MR. VVESLEY MILLS Miss BERTHA O. MITCHELL MR. C. T. ROLLER Miss DOROTHY M. ZEIGLER The June Class of 1945 would like to express its appreciation to the teachers for the sincere help, guidance and interest that they have shown us during the past four years. They have endowed us with the indomitable spirit to face the uncertain world into which we are about to enter. To them goes the credit for directing a generation upon whose shoulders will rest the responsibility of establishing an enduring peace and a better world. 44 c ASS mmm! Sfaff .IU NE CLASS Editor-in-Chief-Ruth Clarkson Assistant Editor-jane Levine Business Managers-Martin R. Gluck, Alan Sperling, . Mervin S. Stewart Typist-Rose Marie Condas Dorothy Adams Harriet Bliman Jean Allison Lena Cannavine Jay Averbach Audrey Cohn lrmena De Francisco Audrey Golomb joan Edelson Yvonne Guilloteau Lois Goldman Walter Johnson H 46 ,,,,,,-,A, Ruth King Anne Livingston jerry Krantz Donald McGinnis Geraldine Lipman Mary Mehler Sema Moskovitz Richard Plesset Joan Morledge Irene-Ruth Ravick Frances Needelman Ada Rex Bettie Ritz Beverly Schulberg Harvey Schindelman William Swanson Q 2, Y?" "YY-AA" 31" 47 ass rqmzizafimz Class Officers President-Jay Averbach Vice President-Walter Ray Secretary-Joan Chronis Treasurer--Marshall Levy Social Committee Front row: Back row: Jean McMinn Bernard Mallinger Shirley Stein Alfred Rosen Nancy Freedman Norman Lazarus Celeste Silberstein jerry Newberg Peggy Llewelyn Donald Solow Ruth Cohen Leonard Foreman ., .i,,,, ,, Y, 48 , . , Dorothy Jane Adams jean L. Allison Morton S. Alman Sidney Amdur Marjorie Louise Aronson Jay Averbach Martin Averman Chari Baker Jeanne Balter Louis Stanley Baraff Norma Flora Barker James Barreca Barbara R. Beerman Arnold Benjamin William D. Benswanger Estelle Berenfield C Leatrice Berez L S. Howard Bernstein Morton Bernstein Sherma Bernstein A S S Harriet June Bliman Elinor Bloch Norma Blosser Olga Bochonok 1 9 Eleanor Bodak 4 Mildred F. Boldon Walter Bonn 5 Sarabel Browar Joan Buccina Jerldine Burke Anna Marie Burkus Margaret Jayne Burton N, ., 49 , ,YW Y-, Joseph Chester Roy Chiles Carolyn Catherine Chronis Joan Corrine Chronis Ruth Charlotte Clarkson Esther Ruth Cohen Marjorie Cohen Ruth L. Cohen Audrey E. Cohn Louise Colaianni Martin B. Colnes Ann Collins Rose Marie Condas John Paul Corcoran Louise B. Cosentino Robert Coughenour Eunice Cowen Jeannette Cuttler Ernest Dancoff Esther Gerry Darling 50 ' "W" Roberta Jean Buzard Elinor Calig Robert E. Campbell Lena Cannavine Evelyn Carlini Howard Casson Evelyn Cawley Virginia Mae Cawley Marian Chaban Marsha janet Chaban Celene Cherkosly Mark B. Chernoff jean Evelyn Davis Irmena DeFrancisco Mary DeGregorio Catherine Desimone Anna May Dillner Lee Dobbs Betty jean Doelfel Gerald Dorsey Joan Lynne Edelson Lois M. Edelstein Lorraine Edge Nancy R. Elliott f 'TY Q '5 .rife Gina Engelstein Rina Epstein Eleanor Lee Evans Margaret Ewing Regina M. Farrell Mary M. E. Fatkin Mary A. Fazekas Paul Feigenbaum Herbert H. Feingold Gene G. Feldshue Richard Felman jean Ferrier Sherma Ruth Fineman Sally Finkel Rhoda Finn Rose Marie Fiorello Jeanne Fischman Edward Louis Fisher Pauline Forkosh Leonard H. Forman ,- Marilyn Frank Ruth Frank Robert M. Frankel Frank D. Frankenstein Edith Fratangelo Nancy Freedman Bertha Friedman Greta Friedman Jeanne Friedman Mary Elvira Garcia Samuel Garfinkel Cassel Gatz Annette Ginsburg Edise Glass Sanford Glasser Martin R. Gluck Lois J. Goldman Jack Sidney Goldsmith Iva Jane Goldstein Sanford Goldstein Audrey Ruth Golomb Barbara Golomb Charles M. Gonda Maxine Goodfriend Ernest N. Graziano Audrey Green Mervin D. Greenberg Audrey Greenfield Marilyn Griffiths Arthur G. Grindle Laura Gross Yvonne Guilloteau Gerald Hebert Dorothy Jean Hecht Sidney Heller Peter B. Hendryx Richard Herman Harriet Hertz Laura Higginbotham Homer Hilf Robert Hill Margaret Hood Dorothy Horovitz Margaret Horvat Rita L. Horvitz Florence Hulme Margaret May Irwin Mildred Jacobs Janavie Johns Walter J. Johnston Joyce Jubelirer Agatha Kalas ,, Jule Haburchak Hyman Haffner John Hahalyak Betty Lou Hahn Audrey Hallam Sara B. Hanna Edna Z. Harris Edward Hasley Leonard Haus David Hausman Dorothy Louise Hawkins Joyce LaVerne Hayden Ruth King Morton Klein John Kopko Earl Ravick Kopsofsky Betty Laura Kracsun Bernard Kramer jerry Krantz David R. Ladley Laura La Fratta Marshall Landay Rosalyn Esther Latkin Bernard B. Latterman Racelle Lazar Norman Lazarus Jerome J. Lebovitz Martha Leitzell Kenneth Van Lenchner jack Lennox Jane Irene Levine Robert Levine ,.il1.1- -11: Dolores Kalet joseph Kalinyak Sybil Kalmenson Stanley D. Kamins Beverly Kanter Warren Burton Kardon Marvin Katz Rosella Katz Stefane Kaufman Edward A. Keisling Mildred Keyser Margery Kilroy Virginia Lloyd Harry F. Lockhart John D. Lyon Frances Lysek Ada McCarney Raymond McCarthy Dorothy L. McCuean Donald McGinnis jean McMinn Marie C. McNinch Bernard Mallinger Dorothea Mannella Florence Marcus Jeanne Marcus Sanford Marcus Merle Markowitz Fred S. Marks Marilyn Marks Dorothy Matthias jane C. Mawhinney .. , ,W ,,,,, W Arlene Levinson Fredda Beatrice Levy Marshall S. Levy Reva Levy Jack Lichtenstein Leonard Lichter Ronald Liebrum Eileen Linder Geraldine Louise Lipman Sanford Lipsitz Anne Livingston Peggy Ruth Llewelyn WG? wif-1 1 9 4 5 Mary Ellen Mehler Morris Mendelsohn Louise Anna Mendelson Betty Mertz Marie Meszaros Helen M. Miller Marilyn E. Miller Murleen Miller Oliver V. Miller Patsy Mary Mincheff james Mitchell Phyllis jane Morgan aw' w SM me Joan Morledge Sema Davrian Moskovitz LaVerne Muldowney Henry Neaman Frances Lee Needelman XVilliam Nemeth Elizabeth Nettleton jerry Newberg Robert Notz Madelain Nowling Louise Opie Marion Oppenheimer Lois R. Orinstein Shirley Oshry Arthur Pasach Henry Pasch William Raymond Paul Ruthe Janet Pechersky Lee N. Perelstine Richard Plesset Elinor Louise Prementine Gerald S, Prince Lois Proffitt Alfred Protheroe Helen Rausch Irene-Ruth Ravick Walter E. Ray Catherine A. Rea Frances Reiner Francis J. Rende Norma Phyllis Reuben Ada Betty Rex W l . : 3 Estelle Richest Bettie Ritz Selma Rogal Asher Rogow Alfred Rosen Iris Rosen Sonia Lee Rosenblatt Norman S. Rosenfeld Malkah Rosenthal M. Harriet Rosner Geraldine Roth Rita Roth Aline R. Rubin Betty Ann Rubin Lois Estelle Rubin joan Sack Lydia Saint-Vincent Dorothy Santora Dorothy Savage Margery Saylor ff-get Allyne Rosalyn Segal Charna Segal Shirley Elaine Seiner Rose Doris Serbin Norbert Shanblatt Tessie jane Sharove Martin M. Sheinman Ruth Shick Celeste R. Silberstein Melvin Silver Phyllis Silver Florence Simon Gerald Simons James Sloan Alan Smalley Barbara Smith Emma Ardelia Smith joan Smith Ruth Ellen Smith Earl C. Snyder Irwin Schafer Earl Schaffer Harvey M. Schindelman Barbara Janet Schlesinger Harriet Schneider Beatrice Schneirov Howard R. Schorin Beverly Ruth Schulberg Mildred Schultz Robert Donald Schwartz Marjorie Schwarz Emilia Sedlak Donald R. Solow jean Speer Alan Harvey Sperling Olga Spisak Shirley Spokane Beverly Joanne Stein Marvin G. Stein Shirley E. Stein Rita Steinlauf Charlotte Sema Steinman Guido Herman Stempel Mervin S. Stewart Shirley Deane Stokes William S. Surloff William F. Swanson, Jr. Ann Swartz Marjorie Anne Teller Dorothy Margaret Thomas John A. Thomas Jeraldine Tracht Harriet L. Treelisky Ruth Troxell Mary Rita Uhrin William Untener Betty Varadi George Wahal Thomas E. Wall Dorothy Wallace Kurt Weil Lois Weiland Beatrice R. Weiner Marion Weinman Ruth Weinstein Herbert Weisman Myrna Weiss Bernard Wesoky John Whited Lloyd M. Whitman Elizabeth Willig Rolf G. Winter Herbert B. Wolk Sally Lou Wood Thomas Woods, Jr. Julia Yaremko Norma Louise Zakev Donald Zangwill jean Zapolsky Joyce Zimmerman .- .....7 Joseph Chornyak Marietta Ortoleva Abe Rounick une olzor Sfugezzfs Arthur Pasach Rolf G. Winter Alan H. Sperling Jane Irene Levine Irene-Ruth Ravick Sema Davrian Moskovitz Marshall S. Levy Audrey Ruth Golomb Harriet June Bliman Donald P. Zangwill Bettie Ritz Asher Rogow Marie McNinch Louise McKibbin Opie Charles Victor Freed Marvin Stein Mervin S. Stewart Dorothy Jane Adams Sidney Jay Amdur Marjorie L. Aronson Irwin Jay Averbach Louis Stanley Baraff James Barreca Barbara Beerman Arnold Benjamin Estelle Berenfield Morton I. Bernstein Elinor Louise Bloch Norma Claire Blosser Roberta Jean Buzzard Carolyn C. Chronis Marjorie Cohen Ann Collins Joan Lvnne Edelson Sally Finkel Rhoda B. Finn Greta Friedman Lois J. Goldman Barbara Golomb Audrey Green Yvonne Guilloteau Jule Haburchak Hyman Haffner Dorothy Horovitz Joyce Jubelirer Svbil Carole Kalmenson Ruth Helen King Earl Ravick Konsofsky Bernard R. Kramer Racelle Lazar Jerome Joel Labovitz Eileen E. Linder Geraldine L. Lipman Harry F. Lockhart Don McGinnis High Honor Honor 61- Eleanor Lee Evans Tessie Jane Sharove Mildred Schultz Betty Ann Rubin Martin B. Colnes Lois Jane Proffitt Anne Livingston Sonia Lee Rosenhlatt Ruth Clarkson Elinor Calig Frances L. Needelman Jeanne Balter Celeste R. Silberstein Shirley Ann Oshry Jerry W. Krantz Marshall Landay Sanford E. Marcus Fred Stuart Marks Marilyn Weller Marks Mary Ellen Mehler Louise A. Mendelson Ioan Morledge Eleanor J. McMinn Elizabeth Nettleton Marion Oppenheimer Ruthe Janet Pechersky Richard Plesset Gerald S. Prince Helen Rausch Norma Phylis Reuben Ada Betty Rex Alfred Rosen Iris Rosen Malkah Rosenthal M. Harriet Rosner Geraldine Roth Margery Anne Saylor Harvey Schindelman Harriet Schneider Beverly Ruth Schulberq Emilia Sedlak Irwin Shaffer Martin M. Sheinman Melvin Silver Phyllis Silver Don Solow Shirley Spokane Charlotte Sema Steinman William F. Swanson Marion Weinman Ruth Weinstein Lloyd Whitman Herbert B. Wolk B Q ,Q is ,E L , fr jx N X S a M X -b Charles Colburn .. Elsbeth Colburn .,..... Lucille Colburn ,.... .. Tina ,......,.........,.... ...... John Van Brunt .,...... Janie Colburn ..,..,.,... Bernadine Dodd ........ Paula Rainey ........,, Scooper Nolan.. ...... .. Thelma Lawrence ...... Dick Lawrence ......... Andy ...,.,. ..,,,.,.,........ F rank ....,....,..............,..,.. Oscar ...l...,...,..........,.,... Hortense Bennington Dead-Pan Sackett ..,., Carl Loomis ...,,........ Joe .. ,.,,....,...,..,.. .. Carrie Lou , .,..... , .. .....,.........Arthur Pasach, Donald Solow ,,....4,,...,,..Ellen Baskind, Barbara Bloch Marion Weinman, Norma Blosser Roberta Buzard, Shirley Oshry .........,........,.,.....Louis Baraff, Marvin Stein ....,......,Nancy Freedman, Marian Chaban Barbara Schlessinger, Celeste Silberstein Sack, Elinor Bloch Tom Wall, Bernard Mallinger ............,.......Esther Cohen, Rhoda Finn ,, ..,.,,.,.... ........, B ob Hill, Melvin Silver ..........Richard Felman, Earl Kopsofsky ,, .....,,..,.......,.,,.,............, Martin Sheinman .Richard Herman Margaret Hood, Sally Lou Wood .. ....,. Earl Kopsofsky, Richard Felman ., Morton Klein ...,....,....,.....Donald Solow, Arthur Pasach ,.....jeanne Fischman, Estelle Berenfield Mickey Malone ..,, .... , .. ....,,... ,,.... ..,.,...,......... ..,, S ydnev Heller, Gerald Hebert Uncle Poodgie.. . .,...... .Leonard Foreman, Lee Perelstine Dancers Marjorie Aronson, Celene Cherkosly, Ruth Cohen, Sally Finkel, Jeanne Marcus, Lois Orinstein, Sonia Rosenblatt, Lois Ruben, Marjorie Schwarz Male partners played by alternate cast members. For the Class of June, 1945 Play Directed by ...,,., .. .. Elizabeth Wagenknecht, Adele Lipkin, Joan Sedler Posters and Interior decorations ,, . Wesley Mills and art students Scenery Construction .. ..... ....... A . K. Winterling and Stage Crew Printing , .. .......,..,..... . .........., C. P. Kavanaugh and students General Management ,... .. ......................,...,,.,,, .. .. L. W. Korona Sewing .. ., ..........,.., . .,....... Margaret Bush and students - 62 A. STUDENT STAFF ,.... ,..,, , ,. ......,., Louise Mendelson, Ma A Jean General Managers Student Managers Stage Managers . . ,......... .,............. S herma Bernstein, Secretaries A Business Manager Property Manager Bookholders .. Lorraine Edge, Frances Reiner, Publicity Chairman ....... Costume Chairman ....... Make-Up Chairman ...,.. Program Chairman Photographers Program Cover Design Foreword Representat1ve ,,., .... ..,,..,...... ,...,... .... , . . . . . Foreword Photographer Music bv the ORCHESTRA of the TAYLOR ALLDERDICE HIGH SCHOOL Miss Laura E. Zeigler, Conductor rion Oppenheimer Balter, Leatrice Berez, Marsha Chaban, Audrey Green Joyce Jubelirer, Norma Reuben, Mildred Schultz, Norbert Shanblatt Malkah Rosenthal Jerry Newberg Lois Edelstein Beatrice Weiner, Marjorie Schwarz .Herbert Wolk Arlene Levinson Lois Orinstein Malkah Rosenthal Norma Barker, Alan Sperling, Mervin Stewart Gerald Hebert Nancy Freedman Audrey Cohen -, YYYY- 63 , SYNOPSIS The action of the play takes place in Hortonville, a small city in the United States. TIME: The Present Act I The Colburn's living room. Late afternoon. Act II The same. The following evening. Act III Scene 1 The same. Three hours later. Scene 2 The same. Half an hour later. COMMITTEES Property Lois Edelstein, Audrey Hallam, jean McMinn, Geraldine Roth Publicity .,..,. , . ..... Robert Frankel, Sanford Marcus, Geraldine Roth, Howard Schorin, Marjorie Schwarz, Herbert Wolk Costume .. Audrey Hallem, Richard Herman, Morton Klein, Arlene Levinson Make-Up . . ..,,. . , ,. . Iva Jane Goldstein, Lois Orinstein, Ruth Pechersky, Roberta Buzard Hostesses. A . . .. , , Ruth Cohen, Eunice Cowen Dancing Directors ,..,, . , ...,, Leatrice Berez, Racelle Lazar Lighting . ...............,...... ............,...,...............,...,..........,... . , . .Bob Campbell, Bob Hill Stage Settings .. .. .. ..... . ..,. . . ,.., ,. . Gerald Hebert, Earl Kopsofsky Stage Crew Bill Bain, Chick Buechler, Bob Campbell, Tom Corcoran, jack Corcoran, Dave Dee, Bob Hill, Frank Katula Sam Manlus, William Paulifi, Walter Rankin, Andy Spears, Bill Wolf if: Navy 64 "'W"" 7' 'knww' ' 00172 1 Officers h President ..A,.., .. , ...A...A .. 1 .,..,,.... ...... I eronie Lebovitz Viee President Secretary ........,..,., . Treasurer .......,,,,,...,....,..,..,.. Foreword Representative .... Social Representative . , ..,., ,. ,,.......,..Sidney Amdur .. ..,..,.. Elinor Calig 1.,..Norn1a Reuben ,,..,....-loan Morledge .. i.., ..,...... ll Tarjorie Cohen Home Room Teacher-Dr. Alvin G. Faust Dr. Faust, dean of 153, Is a very nice teacher, we all agree: To those who'll come later to 1-5-3, XVe hope you will like him as much as we. Sidney Amdur .S'id111'y's fI'll'1ldlj', l11111dso1111', 111111 1'11ll,' His f11z'o1'il1' sfvorl is l111sh1'1'l111ll,' His 11111l1i1'io11's fo hr 1111 1'111fi111'1'1'. 1 His s11cc1'ss will he 111'1'11f ill his rl1os1'11 1'11rcv1'. IZA Home Room Officer: IZR Home Room Officer: Band A: Motion l'icture Club: Basketball '44, '45: Favorite Sport fliasketball: Service Preference+Navy Olga Bochonok H1'r1"s ll girl 'ZV1' like so fvvll. Her llllllljl good fl'tII.i.X' 111'1' 1'11s-x' lo lull: S'h1"s 11lfe11ys fl'il,lldI,l' lo 1'111'l1 111111 11ll ll'l11'11rz'1'1' she 1111'1'ls fh1'111 in floss o1"i11 11111 111111. Hobby-Sxvimming3 Favorite Sportsliizis- ketball: Service PreferenceANavy Joan Buccina .lo1111 is not so wry tall, Iillf she is h111m'11 by 111111 111111' 11ll,' .4 .S'f'!'7'f'ftU'j' sho fc1111fs to lic. Tho! sh1"ll 11111k1' good is l'tlSvl' lo s1'1'. Business Service Guild: Hobby-l.isten- ing to Records: Favorite Sport-Roller Skating: Service Preference-Navy Elinor Calig Ellie is 1111it1' s1'11dio11s,' she likes 11111sic. foo: lI1'1' 111'11d1's 111'1' of the basl ill the 'zeorls she has lo 1lo. llvc' h1'111' sl11' holds in lziglicsl 1'1111k .-l c1'1'f11i11 fellow hy fhc 111111111 of l1l1111k. IZA Home Room Secretary: Quartette: Orchestra A: Modern Dance: Hobby- Listening to Records: Favorite Sport- Football Marjorie Cohen Cobv, s1'1'io11s, illlflflj' 11s c1111 hc, ls this f111f1il from R1111111 l53: III l11'1' sl111li1's she I'lIfl'.Y 1111il1' well, .-llso i11 sfvorfs she 11'o1's r.1'1'1'l. ll,-X Class Social Committee: 12B Class Social Committee: Library Club: Senior Leaders: Volley Ball '42, '-15: Soccer '4Qi: Basketball '44: Hobby-Dancing: Favorite Sport - Basketball Louise B. Cosentino l,o11is1' has such 1111 1'11111111i1111 way li'z'1'1'yo11v 1'l1i11hs sh1' is ljlllifl' O.lx'.,' .il 1111i1'f girl feifhozif 111111'h fo soy, ll'l1o does hm' fuo1'l' from day lo day. Hobby-Music: Favorite Sport-Hockey so 65 e Ernest Dancoff Ernie has never been quiet or shy, And he is known to be quite a guy' All who know Ernie will agree, He's a popular lad in 153. Activities Representativeg Chess Clubg Swimming ,445 Hobby-Collecting Pen- niesg Favorite Sport--Basketballg Serv- ice Preference-Army Air Corps, Ground Crew J Irmena De Francisco A secretary Amy wants to be, She'll be successful this we foresee, Her hair is brown as are her eyes,' Her special interest in the Navy lies. Journal Staffg Bulletin Staffg Business Service Guildg Stunt Program '44, Hobby -Listening to Recordsg Favorite Sport- Roller Skatingg Service Preference-Navy Herbert H. Feingold Herbie Feingold has a machine, He also has a girl Macine. An engineer he wants to beg Success ahead for him we see. 12B Home Room Vice Presidentg Band Ag Marching Bandg Swing Bandg All-City Bandg Aviation Clubg Sigma Iotag Tennis '43, '44, '45g Hobby-Automobilesg Fa- vorite Sport-Swimmingg Service Pref- erence-Marine Paratroopers Bernard Kramer Movie Club: Intramural Basketball Cham- pionship Teamg Hobby--Basketball, Fa- vorite Sport-Mushballg Service Prefer- ence-Merchant Marine Laura La Fratta This young lass has dark brown eyes, For beauty and grace she wins a prize ,' She has an ever-present smile,- She'll render services quite worthwhile. Hobby - Fixing Things Around the Houseg Favorite Sport-Swimmingg Serv- ice Preference-Navy Fredda Beatrice Levy In music Fredda's interests lie, And in our class she rates quite high, But if you're in the mood for You'll find that Fredda's just the one. Orchestra A, B5 All City Orchestrag Aviation Clubg Senior Leadersg Basket- ball '43, Volley Ball '4Zg Senior Leaderg Junior Leaderg Math Club: Nurse's Aide' C.A.P.3 Service Preference-Navy r Jerome J. Lebovitz Jerry is president of 153, A physician is what he aims to be,' He is serious, studious, pleasant, and gay! q VVe'll call him to doctor our ills some day. President of Home Room-IZA, l2Bg Stu- dent Councilg Band A, B3 Marching Band: Qualitative Analysis Classg Foot- ball '44, '45 CManagerJg Intramural Bas- ketball Championship Team g Service Preference-Navy Medical Corps - Reva Levy An attractive blonde who is very sweet, Her personality just can't be beat, This young lady is rather tall, And really is admired by all. Modern Dance Clubg Hobby-Drinking Milkshakesg Favorite Sport - Bowling, Service Preference-Navy Leonard Lichter 'i'Herky's" a guy who loves to dance, His brown hair and blue eyes you can see at a glance, Someday he'll be wearing the Navy blue As a member of the Air Corps combat crew. Library Clubg Hobby-Bowlingg Favorite Sport-Basketball: Service Preference- Navy Air Corpsg Intramural Basketball Championship Team Harry F. Lockhart Brown hair, gray eyes, five feet nine, H e's a mighty fine fellow with a very good line,' H e's always as cheerful as he can be 5 It's been nice to know him in l53. Voice Group A, C3 Male Chorus, Hobby - Dancingg Favorite Sport - Huntingg Service Preference-Army Air Corps Florence Marcus To be another famed Florence is her ambition, And she's bound to succeed in a nurse's position, She greets each one with a pleasant smiley Knowing her in school has been quite worthwhile. Voice Group B, C, Eg Orchestra B, C 66- ' 1 A , , . K. wurrwlvzswffnwvnnwfmiw v:f'f'-if-:finwffrwffeft 'W' evmrrt rr: L, at Morris Mendelsohn If you feel like having fun, We recommend "Moe" Mendelsohn: You never see him really frowning: And in our room he's always clowning. Discussion Club: Hobby-Eating: Fa- vorite Sport-Tennis: Service Preference -Navy Marilyn E. Miller To be a secretary is this lady's ai1n, In this vocation she'll achieve real famed: For upon our Marilyn you can always depend, And to every one she's a helpful friend. junior Nurse's Aide: Hobby - Playing Piano: Favorite Sport-Basketball: Serv- ice Preference-Navy ' Joan Morledge This attractive young lady is nicknamed rrjou , College is the place where she plans to 901 Someday as a doctor she'll win great fame, And hers will become a well-known name. Journal Staff: Voice Group A, E: Girls Chorale: Foreword Room Representative: Microscope Club: Sigma Iota: Junior Leader: Service Preference-Navy Air Corps Norma Phyllis Reuben N orm--the treasurer of our class, Is a lovely blue-eyed lass: Off to college she intends to go, VV here she'll be a success we all know. 12A Home Room Treasurer: 12B Home Room Treasurer: Class Play Production Staff: Aviation Club: Sigma Iota: Mod- ern Dance: Volley Ball '42: Hobby- Memory Book: Favorite Sport-Swim- ming: Service Preference - Army Air Corps Selma Rogal Sometimes she's serious, sometimes she's gay: But always she has a pleasant way: A nicer girl one couldn't know: In life as in school, she'll steal the show. Aviation Club: Hobby-Dramatics: Fa- vorite Sport-Badminton: Service Prefer- ence-Air Corps Asher Rogow Asher Rogow has made it quite clear His highest aml1ition's to be a financier ,' From the grin on his face to the tilt of his hat, "Nip" will really succeed, we're just sure of that. Intra-Mural Basketball Championship Team: Favorite Sport-Softball Joan Sack Dark-haired Joan is the belle of our class, Vivacious and charming-a talented lass, A N urse's Aide and interested in drama, We look for great things from the "All- derdice Lana." Class Play Cast: Aviation Club: Student Theater Group: Volley Ball '43: Tenne- quoit '4l: Favorite Sport - Horseback Riding Lydia Saint-Vincent A girl in this room who's nicknamed "Lid," We really must say is a very cute kid, She hopes some day to teach in a school: She'll make her class learn every rule. Favorite Sport-Swimming Earl Schaffer A musician and a fine looking young man, The girls he admires as only Earl can: His manner is dignified when playing in the band: That he'll get along well is easy to un- derstand. Treasurer of Home Room-12B: Band A, B, D: Marching Band: Qualitative '42: Intra- Analysis Class: Swimming . Mural Basketball Championship Team Charna Segal Skating is a sport that has caused some quite a jar, This cannot be said of our little friend :rc-haryu Who desires to be a secretary of high esteem: To take dictation from her boss is C harna's dream. Basketball '42: Volley Ball '42: Tenne- quoit '42: Favorite Sport-Ice Skating 67 - Ruth Shick Ruth Shick, a girl af quite high rating, Can always find timr' to ga rollfr skat- i1ig,' She has 0110 flllll a111idst hardship and strife'- T0 bf' for 501110 171011, his char111i11g wifi' Fashion Clubg Swimming '4lg Favorite Sport-Roller Skating Phyllis Silver fmwlry sv0111s to be her faafatioii, Arid swi111111ing is her racr0atio11,' She's intrrastcd, too, i1i social work, And at this task sha'd 1ie'uer shirk. Jewelry Clubg Sigma lotag Art Clubg Favorite Sport-Swimming Shirley Deane Stokes Shirlry Stakrs af azfiatiah dvsirv, ll'h0sr' work i11 tht' C..fl.P. iw 11111st ad- 111irv,' Sha is forrragcfous, dr'tf1'mi1icd, and al- ways on ti111c,' Sl1c"ll 1ll"Zf'l'l' In' satisfied 'til sha flirs a B-29. Aviation Clubg Junior Leaders Club: Fa- voritc Sport-Swimming Charlotte Steinman Charlotte Stci11111a11, a girl of re1i0zc'11, Likes to sfvrnd time i11 selecting a gozwiq She is gay, l'0111fG7lfiC, Cllld, oh, so witty. And is raiisidarfd by all as being quita prftty. Sigma Iota: Fashion Clubg Art Clubg Basketball '4Zg Volley Ball '42, '43 Harriet L. Treelisky Athletics is fzm for Harriet Treelisky, She's wry acrobatic and sorriewliat friskyg Sha l1as had great training as a n11rse's aidrf lVc'rc surv hvr success is already made. Aviation Clubg Modern Danceg Senior Leaders Clubg Basketball '44, '453 Soccer '43g Vollcy Ball '42g Tennequoit '42g Fa- vorite Sport-Swimming Lloyd M. Whitman Lloyd llvlllllllflll, a srimztist ta bv, Knows C11f'7lliSfl'5' from A ta Z5 Hc"ll he a druggist to fv0rfrfti011,' His frafvssimzal chain' is a wise sflcc- ti011. Orchestra B, C3 Hobbyv-Chemistryg Fa- vorite Sport-Basketball ,ff-fv, ,mg 0- . ,J , 615 Wfififiri W Cl 71 U D -.Q 6 J' Nia ii ,rf yk LD I1 w X fl f A1151 LT' ' A 'fi ,,-7,'- ' - in 1.1, -gg A ' " ' ' ' 1, ifihi 'f Batik nihlivffi A ' x Hgftm ' fa ' ' 5 , , 'fif14,1f',.1i A 0 ' ' i7iv 1 ' L , ff!" i',f,"'tfaf'. 1 ,- ' ' ' , ., H rf X rw--Z .ly 1. Q B ,bf 'Vial . "W ii x r iff gg . . dag 1 19,9 -, 2' gf il, , 54 A ' 5 l-...-...... . -.1.T....-.1 00192 160 Officers V p Fresiclent ,. ,. ....,. ......,.....,....,...... . ., XX alter Ray Yice l'resirlent ,... Secretary r Treasurer ,.... .... ,........ ..,..... Foreword Representative .. Social Representative , , .. Thomas Wlall Francis Rennle jean Ferrier .. .. Peggy Ewing . .lean Xlchlmn Home Room Teacher-Miss Bertha Mitchell B Benevolent. bright, hrilliant O Une-and-only, overn'helming' M Marvelous, magical, magnetic Roberta jean Buzard jean Ferrier R Reticent. Reserved, Realistic J jovial, -Iaunty .lean J jovial, joyous, Alaunty F "Ferriknocker," Fine Friend B "Buzz," Blissful. Benevolent F First-class. Frienrlly Femme Dramatic English: Sigma Iota: Office XYork for Mr. Sharp: Came to .-Xlhlerdiee from Vanclergrift High: Service Prefer- ence-Navy Esther Ruth Cohen IZA Home Room Treasurer: Girls Chor- ale: Yoiee Groups A-X, B: Hohhy4l'ho- tography: Favorite Sport4Foothallg Yo- l'2l.litJll--'StCl10gl'2iIll1L'l' Sherma Ruth Finernan E Fffeetual. l2ng'ag'ing, lfntertaining' S HSlU'ke-U SCWWS- S0ft'Sl70kell R lqadiam. Restfulu Reliant R Reinarkably Resourceful and Re- C Capricious. Clever, Comely 1 11211116 i . g F l'l'lCllClly, laastulious, Frank Dramatic English: Aviation Club: Dis- eussion Club: Class Play l'rocluction Staff: Volley Ball '4-1: Junior Hospital .-Ximlel Hohhy-Singing Margaret Ewing lXl.M.M.: Hohhy - Cooking: Favoritn Sport-Swimming: Ambitious to he 1' Nurse: l'et lfxpression-"Naturally" Edise Glass M llischievous. Magnetic, Marvelous E "liflie"-lilegant, Flite P "Peggy"-Pretty and Precious E liager, Fcstatie, lijaculatory E Energetic, lfnehanting liyeful G Clay, Clenteel, Generous 12.-X Social Committee:Vl2R Home Room Officer: 12.-X Home Room Seeretary: Foreword Representative: Favorite Sport --Skating: Hobby-Dancing Foreword Representative: Nurse-'s :Xicle llulletin llistrihution: Red Cross: hlllllltll Leaclers: Hobby--Dancing ,, .,--, 69 ir...m,,,,-, , ,,,,,,,, Shaclysicle Hospital: Student Couneilg Charles M. Gouda C "Chuck"-Cheerful, Conscientious M Merry, Mischievous. Modest G Gay, Gracious, Game Movie Projection Club, Hobby - Girls, Girls, Favorite Sport-Football, Ambi- tion-To Fly, Entered from Gladstone John Hahalyak J Jolly johnny joins up H Hale, Hardy, Husky In the Service-United States Navy Joyce LaVerne Hayden J jaunty, jubilant joyce L Likeable, Lively, Light-hearted H Happy, Helpful, Honest "Carolina", Collects Old Books and Manuscripts, Nurse's Aide, Favoritt Sport-Basketball, Plans to join Cadet Nurse Corps, Entered from Durham High School, Durham, N. C. Dorothy jean Hecht D "Dot"-Dynamic, Dashing J Jolly, jesting, just-right H Happy-go-lucky, Hearty Hustler Nurse's Aide, Favorite Sport-Skating, Service Preference-Air Corps, Hobby- Dates, Pet Peeve-Getting Up in the Morning Janavie Johns J "jan"-jovial, jaunty I joyful, jesting jolmsie Hobby - Skating, Ambition - To be a Singer, Favorite Radio Program-Elder Charles Beck, Entered from Gladstone Dolores Kalet D "Dee'-Diplomatic, Diligent, Du- tiful K Kind, Keen, Knowing Voice Group B, Office Work for Mr. Sharp, Junior Leaders, Favorite Sport- Swimming, Ambition-To Do Personnel Work Joseph Kalinyak I just jovial "joe" K Kuiet, Konsiderate, Konvincing Stage Crew, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Service Preference-Marines, Plans to Enter Carnegie Tech: Hobby-Making Eyes at Girls, Ambitions to Be an En- gmeer S D Stanley D. Kamens "Stan"-Sociable, Spirited Dashing, Demonstrative, Depend- able K Kind, Kiclcling Karacter Aviation Club, Orchestra A, B, All-City Junior Orchestra, Junior'Track '42, Fa- vorite Sport-Football, Ambition-Busi- ness Man Edward A. Keisling E Eager, Easy-going Ed A Amiable, Alert, Agreeable K Kuiet, Karefree "Keis" Microscope Club, Hi-Y, Green Key, Football '43, '44, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball, Service Preference-Navy Air Corps Earl Ravick Kopsofsky E Energetic, Earnest "Erk" R Reasonable, Reliable, Responsive K Keen, Kind, Knowing Class Play Cast, Class Play Production Staff, Microscope Club, Radio Club, Aviation Club, Discussion Club, Young Magicians Club, Orchestra A, Band B, Civilian Defense, Ambition-Doctor Racelle Lazar R Retiring, Reliable "Ray" L Lauclable, Lithe Lady Class Play Cast, Class Play Productior Staff, Class Day, February '45, Senior Leaders, Sigma Iota, Band A, All-City Band, Basketball '44, Volley Ball '45, Ambition-Ballerina Kenneth Van Lenchner K "Kenny"-Kapable Kidder V Vigorous, Valiant, Voluble L Lively, Likeable, Laughing Chess Club, Marching Band, Band A, Qualitative Analysis Class, Tennis Squad Eliminations '44, Hobby-Chemistry Ronald Liebrum R "Ronny"-Reasonable, Reckless L Likeable, Leisurely, Lenient United States Navy, Gym Team, Fa- vorite Sport-Basketball, Ambition-To ,Be Chief Petty Officer, United States Navy Eileen Linder E Endearing, Earnest, Effectual L "Lee"-Level-headed Leader M.M.M., Service Club, Nurse's Aide, P.T.A. Representative, Hobby-Collecting Photos ,'7O ui M ,qyw7" awvwwmwuw-V'--'rr' 'V' - - N 1 ' ' Virginia Lloyd G "Ginny," a Genuine Gem V Vivacious, Valiant Virginia L Lithe, Lively, Lengthy 400 Club, Nurse's Aide, Hobby-Danc- ing, Favorite Sport - Roller Skating, Plans to Join Cadet Nurse's Corps Fred S. Marks i F Five-feet-ten, Faithful, Friendly S Sincere, Scholarly, Sunny M Mirthful, Modest, Manly IZB Home Room Officer, Qualitative Analysis Class, A.A.A., Microscope Club, Swimming '41, '42, '43, '44, '45, Track '44, '45, Intramural Championship Team, Green Key, Varsity Club, Sigma Iota, Chess Club Mary Ellen Mehler M "Mem"-a Moderate Modern E Earnest, Energetic, Efficient M Modest, Merry Miss Journal Staff, Stamp Salesman, Plans to Enter Mercy Hospital Nursing School, Entered from Sharpsville High Jean McMinn -I joyous, Jivey, just-grand M Meritorious, Meditative, Merry- maker S "Shorty," Sincere, Sympathetic 12A Social Committee, 12A Home Room Officer, Class Play Production Staff, Voice Group A, B, Girls Chorale, Sigma Iota, Vocation-Nursing Lois R. Orinstein L Luscious, Laudable, Lovely R "Red," Radiant, Respected O Overwhelming, Orderly, Obliging Sigma Iota, Dramatic English Class, Red Cross, junior Leaders, Cheerleader, Volley Ball '42, Vocation-Secretary Walter E. Ray W "Bud"-Worthy, Willing E Enthusiastic, Entertaining, Equable R Reflective, Reliant, Real-Runner 12A Class Vice President, IZA Home Room President, Microscope Club, Hi-Y, Green Key, Football '42, '43, '44, Track '44, United States Navy Francis J. Rende F "Fran," Friendly, Frolicsome I Jivey, jolly, just R Reasonable, Romantic, Ready Voice Group B, Gym Team, Ambitious to Be a Musician, Service Preference- Navy Aline R. Rubin A Adventuresome, Amiable R Robust, Renowned, Refreshing R "Red," Radiant, Reliable ' Art Club, Business Service Guild, Hall Patrol, Volley Ball '40, '41, Favorite Sport-Volley Ball, Vocation-Secretary Barbara Janet Schlesinger B "Bobby," Blissful, Brilliant J judicious, jaunty, jolly S Serious, Sincere, Self-commanding Dramatic English Class, Discussion Club, P.T.A. Representative, Class Play Production Staff, Junior Hospital Aide, Class Play Cast William F. Swanson, Jr. W Willing, VVorthy, Witty F Friendly, Fun-loving, Faithful S "Swanee"-Shy, Studious Journal Staff, Voice Groups A, B, D, Male Chorus, Sigma Iota, Civilian De- fense, Service Preference-Navy, Ambi- tion-To Be a Doctor Ann Swartz A "Annie"-Adept, Accomplished, Agreeable S Stable, Superior, Sagacious Nurse's Aide, Hobby-Piano Playing, Favorite Sports - Swimming, Tennis, Ambition-To Be an Journalist Thomas E. Wall T "Townsend"-Talkative, Thought- ful E Eager, Easy-going, Engaging W VVorthwhile, XVilling, VVell- meaning l2A Home Room Vice President, Class Play Cast, Orchestra A, B, A.A.A., Dis- cussion Club, Hi-Y, Hall Patrol, Stu- dent Council, Civilian Defense, Bond Drive, Ambition-Naval Officer Kurt Weil K Kurt, Kincl-lieartecl, Knowing W XX'ise, XIXvZll'lll-llCIll'tQfl, XX'ell-favor- ecl Spelling Club: Stamp Representative: Hobby-Stamp Collecting: Favorite Sport -Basketball: Came to r-Xllclerrlive from lillglfillfli :Xmbition-'I'o Ile an lfngineer Lois Weiland L "Lew"gl.ox'zLble, Lzulylike. l,ig'l1t-liezlrtecl W XYiIlSUlllC, XX'ell-spoken, XX'illing' 400 Clubg Senior Leaclers: Swiinining: Volley . Ball 3 Tennequoitg Nurses :Xicleg .-Xmbitionf -Nursing' Terry A1lderdice's Lady lluir like Ruth King liyes like .lean Xleklinn A-X smile like "Hue" Ciooclfriencl lleiglit like blozui Xlorleclge llaby cloll llziir cut like "Q'l1ettie" llurke Personality like 'liessie Slmrove .X nose like l,yrliz1 Saint-X'ineent :X complexion like liutliy XX'einstein Clizrrin like Ruth flzirkson Clothes like Clizrrlotte Steinman .X figure like iXlZlllClZl.lll Nowling Brains like Nornm lllosser Yitality like "Gerry" l.ipn1:Ln Myrna Weiss CShortyJ M Mzulezlp. Merry, Miseliievous W XX'icle-awake, XX'atcliful, XX'ise Service Clubg Nurse's Aide: Quiz-Mc Club: Favorite SportfB0wling' julia Yaremko J ylzlunty. jubilant "'lule" Y Yet Youthful Yankee, Y-elept YZl.l'QlllliU -100 Club: llobby-Collecting Snapsliots ezitiimn-Secretary Merry Al1derdice's Man liyes like blerry Hebert lleigbt like Sicl .Xindur llrzlins like Rlervin Stewart Smile like .Xlfie Rosen Sense of lnunor like Torn XX'z1Il Nl11SlCIll ability like Hill Swanson Pliysique like Gene Felclsliue l,Cl'S01l2llllX' like Marshall Levy Sport elotlies like Herby lieingolcl ,'X nose like llzlrry Loekliurt AX ezunerzi like Martin Gluek's ,X cur like Alzxek COClll'll.11iS 4X clzineer like XX'z1lt johnson Klzinners like lion Xlefiinnis Favorite Sports- Dancing, Skatingg Vo' 00172 255 Officers IIFCSICICIII .,.. . ..,.,,... . Vice President Secretary A.A..A., .,A.,.,.,..,... . Treasurer . .. I , , , Foreword Representative , Social Representative ,. ., . . ., . Home Room Teacher Ifffieient . . . always willing to help . . leadership . . . extremely fair-minded . orarle of Barbara R. Beerman u1i'fI1'17-XR' . . . 1111 .'II1fif'1'fiif.1Af111 for .S'Ii.l' 111011f11.r . . . 1111s 111f1'11d1'11 .Y1'1l001.Y 111 f0Il1' 51111115 . . . 1111111131 is r111111111'11g .vr1111111.v ...111 t111' 111111111'11t 11's 11011 Tllj'101', bSlI111111.v 1x'11y1', I Never l.elt Home . . . f11'1'f1'1'.v .:11'11lj',' 5110 1111s tl f11l111'1' 111 if! Sigma Iota: Favorite Sport W- Football: Hobby H- Moving to Different Schools: Transferrecl from Hampton, Virginia '44 Mildred F. Boldon .l11'1"1'111111'.s'f1'11111 C1111 1111111 511111111 . . . Ul:l'fI,111'l, f1111f."' 11111, l'111I.Yf111If F0111- 1111'11t .... 10111111-X' ,l11'1'1'1'1' 111161 64011111 Rf1aV1.lI, 111:1' 1111r.r1f11I f11.r11' . . . f111111.r 011 1111.r1111'.v.r .v1'11001 111711 .vfaf-1'l,If11'il1I r1'01'k . . . 1l01717kX' 1'.v 1'1'11d1'1111 . . . lITk'fI11SU, .ro 11110111 I111' fflil' C'01'f1s. Hohhy' Reading: lfavorite Sport-Yolley Ball: Xqtlflllltlll - Secretary: 'l'ransferred from Ceeil High '43 .. ,.1,. Alfred Rosen Sanford Glasser .employee jubelirer ..,,.,..1,,hIoa11 Smith . , ,.XValter Bonn .. ,. ..,.o,,..,.1,..,.. Alfred Rosen -Miss Rhoda R. Bowler takes keen interest in pupils . . . Capable . . displays reliability and exaetness . . . knowledge. Walter Bonn "1.1'1 1!'1111-V" . . . 1111110315 111 tlzzv 131'11r011 . . . 111' 11f1f1r11z'1'.r of l,lII11'l'll 1'5'11ca11, 11111105 .S'f1'r1'111'f, ljflllllj' 1x'11y1' . . . best f1'i1'11ds, 1'1 Ttllllj' and 1101's1's . . . 1'0111'Cfs Fort'- ruord IIIOIZCQ' 111 his .vf1111'1' time . . . lis- 11'11.Y 111 171'1'11' 11'111'i11g . . . i11f1'1'1'sf1'd 111 1'1Ifj1111'1'7'11lg .... Y1I'Z'.X' 1111111 311011. Home Room Foreword Representative UA: Orchestra B: Aviation Club: Radio Code: Sigma Iota: Service Preference- Navy Evelyn Carlini "1fr'1"' . . . 255's j'11f1'1'17Il1j . . . Ufj1't'l1f,H .v11,v.r .v111' of .-X Tree Grows in Brooklyn, . 111111 L111111, 1111d 11111'1"v 111111115 . . . 'zf11111'y 111111 lllld 11'1l1l1'11lt0I'f 111'1: tofu . . . 1001'.r 110011 171'1l11Zd tl Iyf11'r1'1'1't1'1', a'01xr 51111111 11I4'1I1l 1111okk1'1'f11'11g . . . f11111r11 11111: "11'1111f's c1111k1'11',"' lIohhyiI'Jan1'ing: lfavorite SportfVolley Hall: AnibitionsSeeretary: Bookkeeping' Certificates '4-1: Came from Salt Lake City, Utah '42 73 4 qw T .W Lorraine Edge Gay Lorraine . . . outstanding in sports . . . swims, plays volley ball, collects records .... s rnooth dancer, she never misses "The Hit Parade" . . . ideals are Margaret O'Brien, Li'l Abner, Van Johnson . . . lucky Lorraine will study for social work at Pitt. Class Play Production Staff, Sigma Iotag Basketball '45, Soccer '4lg Volley Ball '41, '42, Championship Volley Ball Team Gina Engelstein Gina's gone to school in Vienna and England . . . a real chess fiend . . . also. homework hater . . . literary taste i.: Tolstoy . . . will join Cadet Nurse Corps . . . does Nurse's Aide work . . . favors Air Force, swimming, Walter Pidgeon. Hobby-Chessg Favorite Sport-Swim- mingg Nurse's Aideg Ambition-Nurse, Came from England '41 Mary A. Fazekas "Fuzzy" . . . brown eyes and mighty swoonish over Sinatra . . . also Van Johnson . . . "watha mean, Jellybean?" her favorite expression . . . peevish about giddy girls and clothes . . . fin- ished artist on jake box . . . swims and dances . . . heading for Cadet Nurses. Hobby-Scrap Bookg Favorite Sport- Swimmingg Ambition - Cadet Nurse: Service Preference-Armyg Transferred from J. M. Logan '41 Regina M. Farrell "Jeanne" . . . our gift from Gladstone . . . spare time goes to Harry's letters? . . . theme song, I'm just VVild About Harry . . . rides horses . . . reads Dick Tracy . . . admirer of FDR, secretarial work. Hobby-Lettersg Favorite Sport-Horse- back Ridingg Ambition - Secretaryg Transferred from Gladstone '43 Pauline Forkosh Hep li'l "Polly" . . . likes dark corners. Rum n' Coke, a certain Tree . . . sits in dark corners and says hol' tite . . . dances to Harry James . . . collects post cards, match covers . . . it's a typewriter for "Polly." Voice Group B, C, Eg Favorite Sport- Dancingg Hobby - Saving Post Cardsg Service Preference-Army Mary M. E. Fatkin "Vet" hails from Gladstone Jr. High . . . always ready with a joke . . . swim- ming, Bob Hope, Harry James, Don't Fence Me In, all her favorites . . . head- ing for Cadet Nurse Corps . . . don't keep her waiting . . . beware l she's man- hunting! Hobby-jokesg Favorite Sport-Swim- mingg Ambition - Nurseg Transferred from Gladstone '43 Sanford Glasser "Red's" a fiend when it comes to music and Eileen . . . our favorite musician . . . superb on violin . . . never misses a symphony . . . great sports fan too . . . "listen here, daughter," his comeback . . . wants to study music at Julliard. Home Room Vice President IZAQ Or- chestra Ag Concertmasterg String Quar- teteg Trio, Quintet, All-City Orchestra, Concertmasterg Duquesne University Or- chestra, String Ensemble Martin R. Gluck Tall, tall Martin . . . music, his specialty . . . photography, his hobby . . . addicted to symphony broadcasts . . . I Dream of You, his song . . . and he does, of Lau- ren Bacall . . . swims, plays clarinet, reads Sherlock Holmes. journal Staff: Orchestra A, B, C, DQ Hobby - Photography jack Sidney Goldsmith Find "Jake" at Averbach's any time . . . tosses a mean basketball . . . best friends are Cavaliers . . . likes gals and Hedy Lamarr . . . always humming Twilight Time . . . will study dentistry before entering Navy. Voice Group B, D, Sigma Iotag Basket- ball '43, '44, '45g Basketball Co-Captain '45g Varsity Club Dorothy Louise Hawkins , "Sadie's" 5' 2" with eyes of blue . . . look for her in Rosen's or the Manor balcony . . . keen on football, Hi Y Pledges, TD, Theta Mu . . . her answer, "What's your trouble?" . . . ambition is to be a dress designer. Hobby-Sewing: Favorite Sport-Swim- mine: Nurse's Aide: Junior Leaders: Am- bition-Dress Designer 74 vWBWF5 Q. rv.'r":wva':nr::vr' 'tif-fwssc',..z'w 11 x 1 , V, 'I '4 Mervin D. Greenberg Mischievous "Merv" . . . great with sports . . . likes basketball and admires Knute Rockne . . . to be found at IKC clubhouse any time . . . plans on engi- neering for vocation . . . dreams of Veronica Lake and Lon H .... musical vote goes to Paul Whiteman . . . after graduation, Tech or Marines. Aviation Clubg Radio Clubg Young Magi- cians, Stamp Club, Service Preference- Marines Yvonne Guilloteau "Frenchy" . . . our ideal secretary . . . and can she take a letter! . . . gripes about themes, singing commercials . . . books about spies, Begin the Beguine, Xavier Cugat, all fascinate her . . . hear her exclaim 'fWell, whatdaya know?" . . . will attend Miss ConIey's School. journal Staffg Business Service Guild, File Clerk: Bulletin Staffg Awarded Three Bookkeeping Certificatesg Awarded Typing Medalg Transferred from Penn- sauken Jr. High '42 john H. 1-mf Homer's in the Army . . . his hobby, being tardy . . . also enjoyed chauffeur- ing a certain green coupe about . . . best friends, Hi Y's . . . and Theta Mu's . . . favorite hangout, M aser's or Rosen's . . . 255's favorite G. I . Army Cadet-Virginia Military Instituteg B Band '43, Microscope Club, Hi-Yg Hobby - Music, Ambition - Radio Engi- Heel' jane Irene Levine Plain Jane . . . talks Qconstantlyj of the Foreword, Miss Riddle, 262 . . . "ter- rific" says she of baseball, Rhapsody in Blue, the Foreword, and . . . ? . . . hobby is ruining stencils. . . pet peeves are men . . . hopes for career in advertising . . . spare time goes to reading, walking, dreaming. Foreword Staff, Editorg Journal Staff, Assistant Editorg Home Room Foreword Representativeg A.A.A Discussion Clubg Bulletin Staffg Volley Ball '42g Tenne- quoit '42 Joyce jubelirer "Jaye," takes attendance sheet to the of- fice . . .is looking for a non-conceited male??? . . . lives for the gals, Fred Waring, Rhapsody in Blue, volley ball . . . musical too . . . Hail to Pitt, her new Alma Mater. Class Play Production Staffg 12A Home Room Secretaryg 12B Home Room Sec- retaryg Orchestra A, C5 Sigma Iota: Senior Leadersg Junior Leadersg Bas- ketball '44g Tennequoit '42 Warren Burton Kardon "Pete" . . . haunts Ross' Intellectual Establishment . . . nuts about T. D., Lauren, photography, Danny Kaye . . . 255's shy guy . . . admires Miss Wagen- knecht . . . active in Discussion Group . . . hopes for Navy Radar. Orchestra B3 Band C5 Discussion Clubg Young Magiciansg Sigma Iota' Stefane Kaufman "Steffie's" a demure miss . . . enjoys reading, plays, concerts . . . swoons over Perry C omo . . . Also Paul Whiteman . . . does Nurse's Aide work . . . plays piano, but good . . . likes baseball, Night and Day . . . it's college for Stef- fie. Voice Group Eg Hobby-Reading: Favor- ite Sport-Baseballg Service Preference- Marines David R. Ladley "Singin' Dave" . . . hates work! . . . find him at the Hot Puppy. . . top notch soloist . . . Good Night Sweet Dreams, Bob Hope, Spike Jones, football, all head his list . . . Dave goes to the Navy after graduation. ' Voice Group A, B, Dg Male Chorusg Soloistg Football '443 Swimming '45g Service Preference - Navyg Transferred from Greenfield '41 Sanford Marcus "Sanf" . . . our original basketball fan . . . hobbies are sports and Delta Lambs . . . "I'm running" or "Right away," his answer to anything . . . chief ambition, to study medicine . . . or enter navy. Class Play Production Staffg Favorite Sport-Basketballg Service Preference- Navy 75 me. a E 2 f Y F l E f K. ii. A 1 www, 1 X-:ii-N., 1 -If H -swf: f-may -mm-vp m-ru---w Marshall S. Levy "Marsh," studying pre-med at Pitt . . . terrific musician . . . "Buddy" and his band . . . plays piano, alto sax, harmon- ica . . , "Onward Delta Lambda Phi," says he . . . favorites are Stan, Lon H.. Li'l Abner . . . dislikes catty girls . . . super swimmer . . . it's Navy for Marsh. IZA Class Treasurer: 12B Home Room President: Band B, C: Group A Accom- panist: A.A.A.: Microscope Club: Sigma Iota, President: Green Key '43, '44, '45: Swimming '42, '43, '44, '45: Cheer Leader '44 jack Lichtenstein "Licky" . . . to be found at any time in the Beacon . . . expert musician lon Herby's hornj . . . admires Sigma Kap- pa's and Sally . . . basketball fan . . . pet expression "Yes, Sally" . . . enjoys tak- ing things apart in his spare time . . . Anchors Aweigh, his new theme. Favorite Sport-Basketballg Hobby--Talv ing Things Apart: Service Preference- Navy: Transferred from Kiski, '44 Marie C. McNinch "Re" . . . from Gladstone two years ago . . . hobbies are traveling and reading . . . always says, "Good Grief!" . . . Bob Walker, Glenn Miller, Deep Purple wow our Re . . . reads and travels . . . further education at Bucknell. Sigma Iota: Volley .Ball '43: Favorite Sport- Swimming: Hobby - Traveling: Came from Gladstone '43 Helen M. Miller Shy Helen . . . especially fond of music . . . sings, plays piano . . . patriotic too . . . rolls Red Cross Bandages . . . popu- lar song vote goes to Don't Fence Me In . . . 25S's quiet miss . . . her favorite service, Navy. Voice Group E, C, B: Hobby-Music: Rolled Bandages for Red Cross Estelle Richest Musical "Ricki" . . . "You must be mad," her definite opinion . . . haunts the record nooks . . . plays piano and cello . . . so, so about John Hodiak. Rhett Butler, sharp sport jackets, Air Force . . . will study journalism. Orchestra A: All-City Orchestra: Senior Leaders: Correspondence Club: Major- ettes '40, '41 Anne Livingston "Annie" . . . our athletic champ . . . excels in all sports . . . hobby is art . . . Hercule Poirot, Count of Monte Cristo, Lon H. Colburn, Fibber Magee, her dream men . . . will attend Pitt and study to be physical education instructor. Journal Staff: Voice Group E, C, B: Sigma Iota: Senior Leaders, Treasurer: Junior Leaders, Vice President: Basket- ball '4l, '44: Soccer '4l: Volley Ball '42, '45: Tennequoit '4l: Athletic Medal Alfred Rosen "Alfy" or "Oats" . . . staunch Delta Lam . . . his pets are Freddy's pomp, Schuster's, football, "Oh, my back," . . . Margarite Chapman, his pin-up and Spike J ones his music-maker . . . Alfy's hobby, women . . . will attend Penn State. Class Play Production Staff: Home Room President, IZA: Home Room Social Chairman, 12B: B Bandg Microscope Club, Pledge Master: Green Key, See- retary: Sigma Iota Dorothy Savage Green-eyed "Dottie" . . . came from Gladstone . . . corresponding, Dick Haymes, Crosby occupy her time . .. also collecting money for Red Cross . . . favorite song, Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall... Dottie plans for stenographic work. Favorite Sport-Baseball: Hobby-Cor- responding: Red Cross Workerg Trans- ferred from Gladstone '44 jeraldine Tracht "Gerry" . . . serious, temperamental . . . quite a musician . . . super on piano. string bass . . . favors Boston Symphony and Star Dust . . . horse back rides and cooks too! . . . patriotic knitter . . . finislz education at Duquesne. Orchestra A, B: String Trio: All-City Orchestra: War Service Knitting: Trans- ferred from Schenley '42 George Wahal Handyman George . . . master at wood- crafts . . . will be a carpenter . . . sports favorite is baseball . . .' spare time goes to Western Mags and Superman . . . sings about Rum an' Coke, Ann Miller, Smitty . . . prefers Navy. Microscope Club: Favorite Sport-Base- ball: Service Preference-Navy: Trans- ferred from Greenfield '41 ,. P C1 . ,f.,-l-Q. ,- X 19 PQ.--H.l41'T.if?l,'1?-'lalii joan Smith "Jolvlv3"' . . . noted for fardiness and all- lmrn hair . . . fond of Hope, Crosby and Theta Mifs . . . hopes to teach lVll1'.N'l'l'j' School . . . can be found any day at Ro- sen's, night af Maselfs . . . goes in for lraselnall, Navy, Glenn Miller, Night and Day. l.Z.-X Home Room Treasurer: 12B Home Room Treasurer, Sigma lota: Senior Leadersg Transferred from Linden '4l Marion Weinman ".llr1r" . . . artist and athlete . . . au- thority on comic lwoohs .... v swims, fol- lerfs records, dreams of Navy Air Corps . . . dislikes coneeited fleofvle, hut likes Tfllllllljl Dorsey . . . our little lvandage roller . . . studying art at Tech. Class Play Cast, A.A.A.: Microscope Club, Social Chairman: Aviation Club, Secretary: Sigma Iota, Treasurer: ,lun- ior Leaders, Basketball '41, '42g Volley ball '43 5 00172 25 i Officers President ,.,. .. ,.,.........,,.. ..,..,. . ..Norn1a F. Barker Secretary ...A. Treasurer .,.r. .,.,.r,.. . ..,.r,,..... . . Foreword Representative .,,,... Maxine Goodfriend ......,,Beverly R. Schulberg loan L. Izdelson Social Representative ...........,r.............,...,..,....... Bernard Mallinger Home Room Teacher-Miss Dorothy M. Zeigler Time she has given, and kind words, too, Her sparkling humor is equalled by few: A nicer teacher we've never had For her wise counsel we're truly glad. Morton S. Alman A jolly fellow, rollieking and tall, kVho's Ironnd to make some lady fall: He s earefree, nzee, yet IlIlSl'l11'F'Z'0ItS, too,' There are like hinz, but a few. Aviation Club: Theatre Wing: Volley Ball '42: Track '44, '45 Marjorie Louise Aronson This aetizie girl has taken fvart ln important nzatters from the start. She is pleasant towards all and lends a hand: As a good friend, Margie's really grand Class Play Production Staff: Aviation Club: Sigma Iota: Senior Leaders: Thea- tre Wing: Basketball '-14: Volley Ball '43, '45: Hobby-Knitting Louis Stanley Baraff He's 'very lively as yon ran tell, In whatever he does, he's lwonnd to e.reeI. His eheerfnlness and lnanners always Please: He'll travel through life with the great- est of ease. Class Play Cast: Aviation Club: Discus- sion Club: Theatre VVing: Radio Code Club: Engineering Club: Volley Ball '42, '43: Basketball '45: Hobby-Radio VVork Norma Flora Barker lfllith dark hair and eyes, and sophistica- tion, She stands ont in any aggregation ,' You can be snre that she'II rome through In anything she attenzfvts to da. Class Play Production Staff: 12B Home Room Vice-President: Band A: Micro- scope Club: Theatre Wing: Senior Lead- ers: Volley Ball '4Zg Hobby - Piano Harriet june Bliman She is one who is sweet as sweet can he. Just ineet her onee and tlzis yon'll see. She is fairly tall and dresses well, And is recognised as lveing swell. Journal Staff: Senior Leaders, Secretary: Sigma Iota: Theatre VVing, President: junior Nurse's Aide: Tennequoit '42g Basketball '44: Volley Ball '43, '45: Fa- vorite Sport-Horseback Riding Sarabel Browar Now there's a girl nanzed Sarahel, ll'e all know her and think she's swell. For l1er lzapfvy laugh and winning ways, ll'e'll relnenlher her throughout the days. Arithmetic Club: Volley Ball '43: Tenne- quoit '-43: Theatre NVing: Favorite Sport- Baseball: Service Preference-Army ' 78 Audrey E. Cohn Audrey is a caznera fiend, Snapping all that can be seen,' A tall girl with a flashing sniile, Her hobby and efforts will prove worth while. Journal Staffg Foreword Staffg Theatre Wingg Senior Leadersg Aviation Club: Basketball '43, '44g Tennis '433 Volley Ball '42g Hobby-Photography Joan Lynne Edelson Her eyes are lovely, her inanner keen, A sweeter person we've never seen. She is charining, fun-loving, and has inany friends, And for her favors, each person contends Journal Staffg Foreword Room Repre- sentativeg Aviation Clubg Theatre Wingg Jewelry Clubg Favorite Sport-Baseball Frank D. Frankenstein "Frankie" as he is known to inany, Will definitely earn a pretty penny. A doctor is what he wants to be, A nicer chap we have yet to see. Theatre Wingg Engineering Club: Or- chestra C3 Track '44g Volley Ball '42g Cross Country Team '43g Favorite Sport - Football 3 Service Preference - Coast Guard Samuel Garfinkel Sain is the wit of 258, Ainong ns he will always rate. For sonie one to provide the fun, Call on "Garf," he's the one. Radio Clubg Library Club: Rifle Teamg Theatre Wingg Favorite Sport-Hockey Lois Goldman She is always ready to join the fun, And you can be sure that she is the on-f' To lend a hand if the need arise,' Sheis truly a girl who is very wise. Journal Staff: A.A.A.g Art Clubg Theatre Wingg Hobby-Reading Maxine Goodfriend She isn't tall bnt can be seen Riding with H erby in his niachine. She's cute, pleasant, and full of glee, Happiness with her will always be. 12B Home Room Secretary: Aviation Club: Sigma Iotag Theatre Wing: Hobby -Collecting Records 79 Sara B. Hanna Here is a iniss who is petite, In our eyes she can't be beat,' She is a recent addition to onr class, And her charni has inode her a well- liked lass. Foreword Room Representativeg Girl Re- servesg Favorite Sport - Ice Skatingg Service Preference-Navy Sidney Heller Sidney Heller likes to sing, We think he'll make another "Bing," And when his naine we see in lights, W e'Il say we predicted these great heights. IZA Class Social Committee: Class Play Cast: Discussion Clubg Theatre Wing, Hobby -- Singingg Service Preference- Navy Rita L. Horvitz This girl we do contend, Shows a business-like trend. She seldoin makes an unwelcome sound. And so we are glad to lzave her around. Class Play Production Staffg Theatre Wingg Ambition-,lournalismg Hobby- Collecting Autographs of Movie Starsg Service Preference-Air Corps Rosalyn Esther Latkin Kind of quiet and delightful to know, In the world of dance she'll nialee a go. She has brown eyes and is not too tall. Her sincerity inakes her a. friend of all. Band C5 Senior Leaders: Theatre Wing: Basketball '443 Volley Ball '42g Tenne- quoit '42g Favorite Sport-Badminton Bernard Mallinger Few words would be able to publicize This glaniour boy in all our eyes. ln various activities he has gained a good rep, And what he lacks in size he niakes np in "Pep." 12A Social Committee: Class Play Cast: 12B Home Room Social Chairmang Microscope Club, Presidentg Radio Club: Theatre Wing: Green Key: Radio Code Practice: Football '42, '43, '44g Intramural Basketball rd 1' wwwfyqeyvm we apv.,r-pfmnueal-qn:Fw,..:u.-rw-1, .mm .-we Murleen Miller Though she is new auioug us, she has proved sincere, And we're very glad to have her here. S he's gracious and pleasant with a suiile for all, lifhenever you need her, she is at your call. Transferred from Gladstone '43g Favorite Sport-Soft Ballg Service Preference- Air Corpsg Ambition-Nurse Marietta J. Ortoleva Marietta of the dark hair and eye, Has caused inany fellows to look and sigh. To her witty reniarks there is no end, And her characteristics forui a pleasing blend. Theatre VVingg Basketball '43g Volley Ball '43g Tennequiot '42, Favorite Sport -Swimming: Service Preference-Navy Gerald Stewart Prince ferry is a "Prince" of a guy, It isn't hard to find out why: He's likeable, friendly, and loads of fun. For an all-around fellow he rates A-l. l2A Home Room Treasurerg Qualitative Analysis Classg Theatre Wing, Social Chairman, Radio Code Clubg Hobby- Photographyg Service Preference-Navy Betty Ann Rubin This iniss is gay, carefree, and bright, lfVith her around, one laughs day and night, She certainly has no lack of pep, To suin it all up, B. A. is hep. A.A.A.g Sigma Iota: Theatre Wing, Modern Dance: Basketball '42g Volley Ball '42g Tennequoit '42g Favorite Sport -Swimmingg Service Preference-Air Corps Irwin A. Schafer "Schaf," the tallest in our room, C hases froni it all the glooin. A popular person is this lad, Whose specialty is inaking others glad. Microscope Club, Sigma Iotag Student Councilg Theatre Wingg Basketball '43, '44g Swimming '42, '43g Favorite Sport- Basketballg Service Preference - Navy Air Corps Beverly Ruth Schulberg She has kindness and friendship galore. Her adniirable ways will bring her niore. Success and good fortune are certain to conie To at girl with everything and then smne. journal Staffg 12B Home Room Trea- surerg Sigma Iota, Theatre Wingg Sen- ior Leadersg Basketball '44g Volley Ball '45g Tennequoit ,42Q Service Preference- Navy Shirley Elaine Seiner Shirley is the red-haired lass, Who is a favorite with her class. Very tall, and full of fun, She has a good word for every one. Aviation Clubg Sigma Iotag Senior Lead- ersg Theatre Wingg Basketball '44g Jun- ior Hospital Aideg Favorite Sport-Bas- ketballg Service Preference-Army Barbara Smith "Smitty," as to all she's known, ls very well able to hold her own. She's the one who takes her cue From a tall, dark lad whose naine is Lew. Voice Bg Theatre Wingg Volley Ball '43: Tennequoit '43g Junior Nurse's Aideg Favorite Sport - Tennenuoitg Service Preference-Merchant Marine Beatrice R. Weiner She's a pretty girl who is very gay ,' There are uiany nice things we can say ,' But, instead, we will end this right here, By siuiply saying that Bebe's a dear. Class Play Production Staff: Orchestra B, A: Junior and Senior All City Groups: President: Theatre Wing: Avia- tion Club: A.A.A.g Red Cross Club: Service Preference-Air Corps Ruth Weinstein An attractive girl, a lovely voice Make Ruthy everybody's choice As the one in the class to gain niuch faine, You can be well assured we'll rerneinber her naine. Voice E, C, B, Ag Quartette, Girls Choraleg Aviation Clubg Sigma Iota: Theatre Wing, Social Chairmang Fa- vorite Sport-Swimmingg Service Pref- erence-Navy 80- Bernard Wesoky A reserved fellow is he, Who, always welcome, will beg Manners he has, and good looks too, H e'll succeed in anything he may do. Theatre Wing, Favorite Sport-Football, Service Preference-Army Donald Zangwill lfVe call him "Red," the reason's plain. His other nickname is "The Brain." H e's likeable and nice to know, W e'll all agree, a swell fellow. x f sa:-fr. 'Wa Qualitative Analysis Class: Microscope Club: Theatre Wing, Discussion Club, Ambition-Medicine: Favorite Sport- Football A T O A S T Here's to graduation and all the fun we had, Here's to Gene Feldshue, and Feigenbaum, Here's to Taylor Allderdice and each lass Paul, and lad. Here's to Ed Kiesling and swell Tom Wall. Here's to the seniors one and all, Here's to Zapolsky, and Ace, Marvin Stein, Here's to roaming in the hall. Here's to Rosen's and the Beacon, too, Not to mention quite a few. Here's to Mazer's, you all know joe, Here's to Shuster keeping our dough. Here's to Hi-Y and Delta Lam, The Theta Mu and Alpha Gam. Here's the Gals, Sigma Delts, too, Here's the chicks of the Tau Alpha Mu. Here's runs and nylon stockings, Here's adorable Sadie Hawkins. Here's Hank and Pearl Harbor, Here's Alfie and smooth Jan Garber. Here's Here's Mac and Herb Feingold, Gimbel's clothes we've sold. to Here's to Walt Johnston, and here's to King, And here's to his drawing always so fine. Here's to redheads, may there be a mob, Here's to Fran Rende, and Davidson, Bob, Here's to the neat Hazelwood Canteen, Hex-e's to Sandy, and Linder, Eileen. Here's to dimples every where, Here's to Eunice's super pair. Here's to majorettes strutting in the sun, Here's to Sonny Lee, twirling her big gun. Here's to anklets and loafers brown, Here's to a dreamy new evening gown. Here's to curlers in your hair, Here's to paying shuttle fare. Hebert, Newberg, Grindle, Levine, Here's to a name a darn good sign. Ravichk, McGinnis and Ewing, too, Not to mention quite a few. 9? Here's to Sinatra and don't forget Bing. gerezs to SOIOW. 129055, Whgfed hand 510311 eres 0 conversa ions on t e p one. l 7 Here's to Jay Averbach, the best there is Heref to Murrys smooth Creme coup' At being 3 President, he sure is a whiz. Heres to the lunchrooms tomato soup. Herels Sharp, Sleek Bud Ray' Here's to Carolyn, a Chronis twin, Heres touchdowns any daY' Here's to McCarthy's engaging grin. Here's to second floor annex wall Here's our cheerleaders never plain, Here's to Ellie's baby doll. Here's Shirley, Lois and Iva Jane. D , Het-e'5 the best at any a pa,-ty.. Here's to Marcus, McN1nch, and Elliot, That's right, Corcoran's girlfriend Marty. NBUCY, Here? to VVeinstein, Collins, and sweaters, v so ancy. 1,1236Zhf,2pC'Q,fi',ff,QelQf,2r,5sY'eate'S' Here's to peroxide and pennies, and cream Here's to Lennox and Perelstine sodas, too' Here's to Valentines that say "I love you." And blocking 'til it hurts. , Here's to kids we forgot to name gigs ih2?eabSu:l3i012eaded boy, Here's to peace, glory and fame., . . H Y ' Heres to Sweet Marge Kllfov H2125 ig iiililliisilnluciliii Sis at ll Here's to spaghetti good and hot. e g r Ce a ' , u Here's to times we'll never forget, Heres 3 Chfiblff and S0PhS S9-l01'C, Here's to people we think of yet. Hefezs to Alfdge Wh0'd Want any more. Here's to a happy prosperous nation, Here s to Op1e,- Frank and Marmie Hood, Here's to, yes, it's here, kids, Here's to bowling, if we only could. Here's to Graduation! ma ...:...1.. amfiz .asisauikz-A . 4. '....a3.f fl - vt if.. ,, .elsif -M ap- ' ai . 1 . . ' V. . an .iJn..b.-m.1tw.aant...-4 L La yo..-N' as ',iLm11.kl5t.,..ik. ... maiiiaemd-5.a2inLA. an '-ti.t-.4..f..:ii,:1iek:rzi.wi.ega..e 5...f.A.e'.pa 3 :Lia 'Wa '-anhifm fi! E1 Cl ,rg 00112 263 Officers Vresirlent . .,...........,.... . .,.A..,, lack Lennox Yiee President . . . ..,. ..... ..,...,.,.. r ' Xda Betty Rex SCCl'ClZl.l'y-'l'1'l'ZlSlll'Cl' ,. . ,.., lfleanor l,. lfvans l"o1'exvorcl llepresentative .. ,, Ruth l.. Cohen Social liepresentative . ., . , ,.., .,.., . . . Nancy Freeclinan Home Room Teacher--Miss Frances M. Leech Of all the senior teachers, VVe're sure that y0u're the topsg You're kind and helpful leadership Has helped us lots and lotsl Morton Bernstein Margaret Jayne Burton l lzriffbx'-yft1-lm'l',x' lad ix Reel, llw't".r ll girl rw' all l7llIlII'l'l'.' ll'lm.w' ff17'm'1'tw flllSllllll' is .rleefiialg in Of lzrr fv't'.w11rv ful' m'r'r'r firvg lrvrlj To ull liar frit'ml.v sl1v'.r frm' i11rl4'vfl,' lzlllt' .-llvnrr IN lzix 1'clf'ul ll!!-l'.' ln ilu' Illlllflllff fvrnftmrioll xl14"ll surely llorlbv ix fzlfuo-x'.r .vfH'm1tl1'11ff joy. gifrrtwl, Class l'lay l'roduCtion Staff: :Xviation Bulletin Staff '-15: Voice Group Pm, C, lf: flull: lliseussion Clulm: Qualitative .Xnaly- Service Clulmg Basketball '42, '-133 Soeeer Sli flilis '42, '43, Yolley Rall '42, '433 Service I Pmfr . F. S. Howard Bernstem M 'mm' " "W" llllflfll'-ffl?-ll!f'A'l' mul qui' iv ln' - - - r ' A -. ' ' ' V M C 1 ln all tzrozmrl fellow 111dt'4'fl,' U , 'rgmla ae aw ey ln t'llljllIl'1'l' llc llofwxv I ' l"'m,l' Ll 4' mm' l"d.l'- 0 lu, , , Iml of tllix ln' ix .vizrv lo x1m'r'vd. "Ulm-l"' PM "Hd ll",-" """"4"' To lu' tl .N'A'4'l'l'I'lll'X' IX lzrr goal: Radio Clulmg Young Magieians: French , , , - , - gimp: y,,i,-L. gg,-Um, A: Map. gym,-l,S: ll 0 rr .cure .rlzv ll alvly flf llmf role. Group AX .-Xnnouneer '4-ll Trafk '-lf. '43, Trallsferrecl from Gladstone: Bulletin '44, '45: Cross Country '43: City Track Staff '43g Service Club: Favorite Sport- CllZllllIlltlllSlll1J '44 Skating: Service Pre" "enee!VVaves Anna Marie Burkus I ll'lll'lI you lIl'tll', "l'0l!l' 1lIlllll7l'l', t l Maman Chfiban fall-f,5,qf" Clmlm' IS ilu' lyfn' of girl '5f'ol'f'11 in rl 7'Ul.t'r' ul i'f'.w, U'1107'l "7'f"'5' 'lm' Ud0""-lf ll will t'Ull1l' from ,flmm .'lllIl'lt', ,S'l1t".v got good looks and lots of r'lItIl'Ill l ft'l1'fil1om' ofwrolor soon lo lw. flllll fl'11'l1d-9 lf'-W' IU' HN' -Wif"'4'-Y 'l'ransfe1'rerl from Gladstone: Service Class .Play Cast: l"UYCYVQl'fl Rfltllll Repre- Clulug llullt-tin Staff: lfavorite Sport- SCIIIZIUVSI Vlllllll' MHHICIHIIS Club: Serv- Baseball: Service l'referem'e-f-fAriny lee Preterenee--.Xrmy " e to e ee'eee ' 82 ?i ee'ee A " """"'w"""" Q Ruth L. Cohen Ruthie is active in various things. She studies, dances, smiles and sings, Nursing the sailors is her aim. And in the Navy she'll win acclaim. 12A Class Social Committee, Class Play Production Staff, Foreword Room Repre- sentative, Fencing Club, Senior Leaders, Swimming Club, Aviation Club, Basket- ball '42, '43, '44, Volley Ball '42, '43, '44, Tennequoit '42, '43, '44 Robert Coughenour A mighty fine fellow, though rather shy, But we all think he's a very nice guy ,' To be an architect is his main ambition ,' And lie's bound to succeed in his chosen position. Hobby-Drawing, Favorite Sport-Base- ball, Service Preference-Navy Gerald Dorsey "Geff" is quite a likeable young man Who has done the very best he can To help our roo1n in his quiet way, This fellow is in the service today. Eleanor Lee Evans A girl, intelligent and charming, And who's also very sweet, It is ever for her favor That all the boys compete. Transferred from Gladstone, Secretary of IZA Home Room, Voice Group A, B, Microscope Club, Qualitative Analysis Class, Service Preference-Infantry Rose Marie Fiorello Five feet two with eyes of blue, Is our sweet Rose Marie, As a friend she's very true, As each one will agree. Band B, Favorite Sport-Rink Skating, Service Preference-Navy Nancy Freedman Nancy says that she is shy, But we're sure we don't know why, An expert in Thespian arts she is, And pianist of note-isn't she a whiz? School Swing Band, Class Play Cast, Foreword Staff, 12A Social Representa- tive, Discussion Club, Class Day Ac- companist '44, '45, Service Preference- Air Corps Margaret Hood Because she is so blithe and gay, Our Marmi's liked by all, She has a very friendly way, This lass so sweet and small. Transferred from Dwight Morrow High, Class Play Cast, Favorite Sport-Horse- back Riding, Service Preference-Navy Margery Kilroy With eyes of green and hair so brown, Here is a girl who won't let you down, She too has chosen to be a nurse, M argie's your friend for better or worse. Transferred from Sacred Heart, Hobby- Bowling, Service Preference-Navy Betty Laura Kracsun Betty is a quiet girl, But once you know her well, She's lots of fun and keen of wit, As all her friends will tell. Transferred from Gladstone, Favorite Sport - Baseball, Service Preference- Navy jack Lennox President of 263 is this lad, Six times our leader, for which we've been glad ,' A good-looking engineer lack will be, We wish him the best of prosperity. Home Room President '43, '44, '45? MiCf0' scope Club, Hi-Y, Student Council, Football '43, '44, Track '42 Geraldine Louise Lipman Gerry is our sportswoman And she's good at any game, ln swimming, volley ball, or soccer. She's sure to win acclaim. Journal Staff, Band B, C, Sigma IOM! Secretary, Aviation Club, Senior Leader, Basketball '43, '44, '45, Soccer '42, '433 Volley Ball '42, '43, '44, '45, Tennequoit '42, '43, '44, '45, Modern Dance '44, '45s Service Preference-Navy Patsy Mary Mincheff Her personality is pleasing, Her smile just can't be beat, To have had her in our class, Has surely been a treat. Voice Group C, E, M.M.M. Club, Bul- letin Staff '45, Service Club, Young Magicians Club, Basketball '42, '43, Soc- cer '42, '43, Volley Ball '42, Service Pref- erence-Navy 83 Q t 4 n Q t F fi 2 1 E. E Q E . L E W n, vw .1 V. F . Marion Oppenheimer Her smile is ever charming ,' Her manner always gay. S he'll surely be remembered For ever and a day. Class Play Production Staff: Senior Leaders: Basketball '44: Volley Ball '42: Tennequoit '40: Fashion Club: Service Preference-Army Air Corps Arthur Pasach He had a part in the senior play, He did, his best from day to day, Interested in music, in fun, and such, Of success and good fortune, Art will have much. Class Play Cast: Football '43, '44: Fa- vorite Sport-Swimming: Service Pref- erence-Army Medical Corps Elinor Louise Prementine A place in music is Ell's ambition, In this she'll attain an enviable position 5 Her shy, quiet manner is known so well, All of our class just think she's swell. Transferred from Gladstone: Favorite Sport - Baseball: Service Preference - Army Air Corps Ada Betty Rex Tiny, cheerful, and full of fun, She has a good word for every one ,' Ada is scientifically inclined- A more charming girl is hard to find. Journal Staff: Senior Leaders: Basket- ball '43, '44, '45: Volley Ball '43, '44, '45: Tennequoit '43, '44, '45: Hockey '44: Soc- cer '43, '44: Service Preference-Marines Norman S. Rosenfeld Of Norm there's surely this to say, He's ready for sports just any day ,' In every game he's an eager lad, H e's really made sports his number one fad. Voice Group D: Favorite Sport-Foot- ball: Service Preference-Air Corps Rita Roth She's just as quiet as she can be: She so seldom makes a sound ,' But we unanimously agree, She's nice to have around. Transferred from Schenley: Hobby-Sew- ing: Favorite Sport - Baseball: Service Preference-Marines Harvey M. Schindelman H ere's to a chap with intelligence, A successful man he'll be,' One better we couldn't select, To get his doct0r's degree. Journal Staff: Foreword Room Repre- sentative: Qualitative Analysis Class: Hobby-Chemistry: Service Preference- Army Rose Doris Serbin Nursing will be Rose Doris' career: She's pleasant and helpful and full of good cheer, She likes sports and men, she'll cer- tainly be Successful and happy, we're proud of R. D. Aviation Club: Young Magicians Club: Girl Reserves: Book Room Club: Lunch Room Patrol: Service Preference-Army Air Corps Tessie Jane Sharove Tess is indeed a popular lass, Intelligent, attractive-she's A-l in our class,' Gay, lively, and charming, our room re- ports, Badminton and swimming are her favo- rite sports. A.A.A.: Discussion Club: Sigma Iota: llth Grade Social Representative: Voice Group A: Red Cross Bandage Roller Herbert B. Wolk Herby's the boy who's ever a friend, Always a helping hand he'll lend: Ever ready in case of need- Yes, our Herby's a swell guy, indeed. Class Play Production Staff: Band A, B, C: Marching Band: Sigma Iota: Dis- cussion Club: Stamp Club: Chess Club: Service Preference-Navy Air Corps ' " rw: 84 00172 268 Officers l'resident ...,.,... ,,......,.....,........ ,.... .... E l inor Bloch Vice President ...,.. ,..,... B everly J. Stein Secretary ..s,,. ..,s , ,..,.. R uthe Rechersky Treasurer . ,....,.. .........,.,.,...,............. ,..,....,....,...,..,...,.,.. G e rald Prince Foreword Representative ,...,,...........,,..,,,.............,..., Shirley Oshry Social Representatives. ..... .. Bernard Mallinger, Leatrice Berez Home Room Teacher-Mrs. Della R. Braun D llutiful to her pupils, deliberate in her guidance, dependable as a friend . . . R Right in her rules, rigorous in her aid, ready to plan schedules or programs . . . B Brisk and efficient, backed by her students in all endeavors, best teacher-adviser we could wish . . . Leatrice Berez fFuzzyJ L lsanghing, l.ight-hearted, Leader- B Brunette. Blue-eyed: Basketball and Bing fan: Beacon haunter Class Play Production Staff: Social Chairman of Home Room: Voice C: Tennequoit '43: Hockey '44: Red Cross XYorker . . . Says, "Gene Kelly!" Elinor Bloch fEllyj 1 . ,, E lzasy to talk to: "l'.lly to her friends: Excellent officer . . . B Belongs to Red Cross: Busy in the class play: Belle of the A..'N.xX. Class Play Cast: 12A Home Room Presi- dent: l2B Home Room Treasurer: A,A.A.: Discussion Club: Sigma lota: Fashion Club Secretary '4l: Hospital Aide: Red Cross NVorker . . . Says, "You're cute, Mickey." Horst Cahn fFrenchyJ H Headed for Navy: Handy with radio: Home at Ross' . . . C Came from Connelly: Chunlmy with Gamma l'hi's: Capable in Class . . . XYants to be Radio Engineer: Hobby- .Xrt . . . Says, "Nuts!" Catherine Desimone QCathiej C Can't stand Coneeit: Capable stenographer: Carefree and gay D Uecidedly for navy: Dear to Nor- ma. Agatha, and jean: Deserv- ing . . . Business Service Guild: Hobby4l.etters: lfavorite Sport - Baseball: l'referred Branch of Service-Navy: lintered from Gladstone '44 . . . Says, "Get off my back! Are you kiddin'!" at 8 5 - Mm ,,,, Anna May Dillner Greta Friedman A Altogether different: A truinpeter QRHU . l superior: Able bandage roller, G Goes for fa-Shlfm designing? Gripqs D Designs hats and clothes: Destined about Chem15U'YS Gallant UUYSC S for nursing: Dependable in a pinch . . . Band D, E, B: Foreword Home Room Representative: Hobby-Dress Designing: l1Var Work: Bandage Rolling and Red Cross Sewing: 9th Grade Home Room Treasurer . . . Says, "Holy smokes!" Richard Felman fDead Headj D Dick's a thespian: Decidedly F B clever: "Dead Head" to his friends . . . Future laundry man: Favors Chess: Filibusters in Discussion Club . . . Hobbies-Maps and Chess: Transferred from Randolf Macon Military School . . . Says, "Never let your schooling interfere with your education." Bertha Friedman CBertJ Bert collects records: Belongs to C.A.P.: Bowls like a pro . . . F Finds UFRANKIEH interesting: A G Future - a secretary: Favors Air Corps . . . Air Corps: Basketball '43: Blood Donor: Bandage Roller: Civil Air Patrol: Hobby -Collecting Records: Favorite Sport- Bowling: Transferred from Schenley in llA . . . Says, "T.S.l" Audrey Ruth Golomb fAudgej Always busy: Attracted to school: Aspiring nursery school teacher Goes for the G.A.L.'S: Graphic dancer: Grand companion . . . journal Staff: Voice E, C, B, A: Fore- word Staff-Keyhole: Discussion Club: Modern Dance '42, '43, '44, '45: Hospital Aide: Sells Defense Stamps: Hobby- Dieting . . . Says, "God Bless the Navy!" David Hausman QDaveJ D Doesn't like homework: Defies H trouble: Daring at pranks . . . Helps sell stamps: Has C. D. card: Hopes to be a radio man . . . Stamp Club: Chess Club: Stamp Agent: Civilian Defense: Hobbies-Photography and Electricity: Favorite Sport-Baseball . . . Says, "Oh, what you said!" aide . . . F French is her pet language: Flash I at tennis: Foreword Represen- tative . . . Band C: French Club: Red Cross: Hos- pital Aide: Foreword Representative: Hobby - Fashion Designing: Favorite Sport-Tennis . . . Says, "But definitely." Audrey Green 1Little Audreyj A Always studying: Amateur seam- stress: Among the best . . . G Good at bandage rolling: Goes for Navy: Genuine journalist . . . Class Play Production Staff: Foreword Staff: A.A.A.: Discussion Club: Sigma Iota: Bandage Rolling: Nurse's Aide: Civilian Defense: Transferred from Ran- kin High School '44 . . . Says, "Gee Zooy!" Audrey Hallam 1AudJ A Always gay: At Carm's: A fan of Harry James . . . H Helps Red Cross: Has picture col- lection: Hopes to graduate . . . Class Play Production Staff: Hospital Aide: Red Cross Knitting: Hobby-Col- lecting Friends' Pictures: Preferred Branch of Service-Navy . . . Says, 'fBig Deal l! Crump l !" Mildred Jacobs qivriuiep M Must write to twenty-two service men: Meets friends at the Bea- con: J jovial in spirit: "Jake" to her friends: joy is miniature golf. Senior Leaders '43: Volley Ball '43: Red Cross War Work: Hospital Aide: Hobby -Writing Clever Letters: Favorite Sport -Miniature Golf . . . Says, "Hi!" Sybil Kalmenson CSYDP S Sweet in voice: Serious in mood: Stack CRobertj admirer . . . K Knows how best to use her vocal chords: Knocks music-haters . . . Voice C, B, A CSo1oistJ: Bandage Roll- ing: War Stamp Selling: Girls Chorale: Harmony Class: Hobby-Music . . . Says, "Really!" B6 1 rmw:wxrvwfvtffm"?gizg4va-'-uvsf,1wHn-mew- uf --ww. .-fe, iff-y.4f-.vws-,Q pww, WY, ti -1 ' -I 7 Agatha Kalas iAgzie7 A Athletic minded, Aviation inter- ests her, Against silly girls . . . K "Kiss in the Dark," her favorite, Knows how she feels about Van johnson . . . Social Representative llA, Hockey '42, Leaders Club, Hobby-Aviation, Civilian Defense Messenger, Transferred from Gladstone, 11B Beverly Kantor QBevJ B Busy writing letters to service- men, Beacon hanger-out . . . K Knots her mind between Harry james and Frankie . . . Dramatic Club, Volley Ball '42, Hockey '43, Canteen Hostess, Nurse's Aide, Civilian Defense, Civil Air Patrol, Hobby -Writing . . . Says, "Are you kidding?" John Kopko 1Noneyj I Joy-mechanical drawing, Job of the future-engineer, K Kind of partial to dance halls, Knows he's headed for the Air Corps . . . Hobby-Mechanical Drawing, Photog- raphy, Favorite Sport-Swimming, En- ters Air Corps at Graduation, Ambition -Mechanical Engineer . . . Says, "What's new?" Betty E. Mertz fBetz5 B Blows French horn in orchestra, Bob Hope fan, Builds scrap books . . . M Melodious voice, Manner, kind, Means to be a Cadet Nurse . . . Voice E, C, B, A CGirls Clioralej, Or- chestra C, B, Nurse's Aide, Bandage Rolling, U.S.O., Favorite Branch of Service-4F, Enters Cadet Nurse Corps. after Graduation . . . Says, "Of course, why not?" Elizabeth Nettleton , fLizj E Excels at sports, Easy to get along with, Even makes jewelry . . . N Nurse's aide, Neat in appearance, Never misses Harry James . . . Basketball '42, '43, Volley Ball '42, '43, Hobby - Painting, War Work - Nurse's Aide, Bandage Rolling, U.S.O .... Says, "Please!" Dorothy L. McCuean fDotJ D Daredevil on roller skates, De- pendable girl reserve, Defense stamp agent . . . M Musically inclined, Mischievousxat times, Mercy Hospital School bound . . . Voice E, C, B, Girl Reserves, Hobby-- Collecting Souvenirs, Favorite Sport- Roller Skating, Will Enter Cadet Nurse Corps after Graduation . . . Says, "I don't know, Silly!" Shirley Oshry CLittle Oshryj S Stuck with the nickname in 464, Sarcastic since that day, Sin- cere . . . O Of the hockey team an ace, On the ball in English, Optimistic about "Janie" Class Play Cast, Foreword Room Repre- sentative, Discussion Club, Sigma Iota, Hockey '43, Bandage Rolling, Trans- ferred from Knoxville Jr. High School in 11B . . . Says, "Certainly they'll do." Raymond MacCarthy CRW? R Really mad about football and Peppy, Ready with a smile. . . M "Mick" to friends, Mifflin R00t- er, Mighty big and tall . . . 12B Home Room Vice-President, Stage Crew, Football '43, '44, Track '43, Green Key, Hobby-Tinkering with Auto . . . Says, "Navy, here I come!" Ruthe janet Perchersky R Red Cross worker, Rides bike like a flash, Refined secretary. P Plugs for T.A.M., Puzzles over studies, Prefers the army . . . Class Play Production Staff, 12A Home Room Secretary, Vice-President, M.M.- M., Blood Donor, Red Cross Aide, Transferred from Schenley in 12B . . . Says, "I don't care l" Donald R. Solow QDonnie5 D Discussion Club discusser, inDus- triously diligent in class play. S Sweet on cameras, "Super" are the Cavaliers, "Solid" is he . . . Class Play Cast, Social Chairman of IZA Home Room, Discussion Club, Hobby- Cameras . . . Says, "It's not easy!" 87 ' W' WM 'v'afi"' -1" rim- Helen Raush QBlondieJ H Hopes to be a WAVE, Happy at R L R N S B S S the pianog Hit with her friends, Reveals she likes to swim, Real blonde, Rather stuck on Van johnson . . . President 10B Home Room, Hobby-Mu- sic, Favorite Sport-Swimming . . . Says, "Cheese and Crackers!" Lois Estelle Rubin fLowiej Likes basketball, volley ball, and tennequoitg Lauds class play. Ready for advertising, Reads Mother Gooseg Happy-go-lucky. Class Play Production Staff, Sigma Iotag Basketball '42, '43g Volley Ball '43g Ten- nequoit '433 Canteen VVorkerg Bandage Rollingg Fashion Clubg Hobby-Keeping a Diary . . . Says, "Ditto" Norbert Shanblatt 1NorbJ Never late for chemistryg Navy- partialg Not against Lauren Bacall . . . Sure to be with Gamma Phiisg Says he's studious QSuspicious?j . . . Class Play Production Staff, Orchestra Ag All-City Orchestrag Microscope Clubg Civilian Defenseg Hobby - Photography . . . Says, "Hi, there." Beverly Joanne Stein CBevJ Beau-catching smileg Busy in 268g Brainy everywhere else . . . Sigma Iota supporter, Staunch Theta Mug Snapshot collector. IZA Home Room Vice-President: 12B Home Room Secretaryg A.A.A.g Micro- scope Clubg Sigma Iota, Fashion Clubg Hobby-Superman . . . Says, "You're first on my gripe list." Shirley Elaine Stein fShirJ Social worker fmainly socialj as- pirant, Sorority-Alpha Gamma Sigma, sure . . . S Sigma Iota memberg Serious fit says herejg just Sailors . . . Class Play Production Staff, IZB Home Room Social Representative: Band Ag Sigma Iotag Cheerleader '43, '44, '45g junior Leaderg Red Cross Work . . . Says, "Natch" Emma Ardelia Smith fArdentJ E Energetic when it comes to sew- ing, knittingg Engaging dispo- sition . . . S Soho Community House is hang- outg Strictly for Mr. McCly- monds . . . Hobbies-Reading, Knitting, and Sewingg Favorite Sport - Volley Ballg Favorite Branch of Service-Air Corps, Trans- ferred from Gladstone, llB . . . Says, "Oh, Beans!" Mervin S. Stewart fMervj M Mighty fine photographerg Mad about Lon Hg M.D. in the making . . . S Smith's Organic Chemistry -- fa- vorite bookg Symphony en- thusiast . . . Journal Staffg Photographer for Class Playg Orchestra B, Ag Microscope Clubg Radio Club: Qualitative Analysis Classg Red Cross Disaster Groupg Hobby-Pho- tography . . . Says, "Hi!" ,X Our Ideal Teacher Mr. McDonald's leniency Miss Riddle's sense of humor Miss Mitchell's fairness Mr. Phillip's formulas Mr. Colborn's lecturers Mrs. Smith's social gatherings Mr. .lulian's exactness Miss Kamler's smile Mr. Coyne's comradeship Dr. VVagner's friendliness Miss Held's personality Mr. lrwin's jollity Mr. Roller's endurance 88 P, Fi 1' Q30 via 00171 272 Officers l'resident ..A.. ., .. .,,. ........,.......,.... ,..... b l ay Averbaeli Vice l,1'CSlLlC11t ., ..., ., ,. . ..Ruth Clarkson ......,,...,:xl1l1 Collins Secretary-Treasurer .,.......... Foreword Representative .,... Social Representative . .. .,.... .. .. . Emilia Sedlak .,.. .,,.. , Celeste Silberstein Home Room Teacher-Mr. Charles T. Roller To you, our leader, on this day of days, Forty hearts open wide with grateful praise. Never will you know How far you will go For in eaeh one of us-your best will show. jay Averbach A 11l1f'f7X'-jj!!-1I1I'k-X' lad is 11151, 71111, 111131 of 1111, 1101112 1111' 1111111 of 111r 111151. 1111 1:1111 1111'11fu 11 111'111 f111x.r,' 111' .Yl1l11l'.Y 111 1'11r11 111.11 5 1-1e'.r 1111' f11'1ff1'1'1 f11'1'51d1'111 for 11111' r111s.v. IZA Class President: journal Staff: 12A Home Room President: 12B Home Room President: A..-MA.: Aviation Club: Radio Club: Marching Band, A: All-City Band: Football '43, '4-lg Service Preference-- A.A.F. Martin Averman G115' 111111 1111.v1'11fe'1'1111s is 1111.1 111131 il1111'1y. 17111111 1'1111111111' s11111'r1'.v: "1111' life of 11111 f7111',lV.H 111' s11111.r 111 11111 51111tt'1'1's .find Sl,11f1.Y 11111 girls f1111t'1'1'.r,' T111' ':1'111111' 1'111s.r is 111111111 111111 1111s sf11'1'1111 111111115 11111'.r,' Aviation Club: Yoiee Groups A, B, C. ll' Male Chorus: Small Musical Group: Favorite Sport-Swirnining: Serviee Pref- erence-Navy Air Corps Chari Baker I'1'1'.v111111111yf1111xj11s1 .r11i111's fl'0llI this lIItI1d, 611131 111111 170161, s111' 11'1111x 11111' j1a1'11d1'. 111'1' 1111111115 111'1' 'Z'1ISfZ 511133 111 1111' f1111y 1'11.v1. 111di'z'i111111I 111111 Nf7l!1Ik5'f1lt'1' 15'f1' will 11151. Class Play Cast: Class Play Production Staff: Sigma Iota: Volley Ball '4Z: Ten- nequoit '42: Favorite S17OI'l14-SXVlI!1IUill5Il Service Preference-Army: NVar Wmwrk- ,lunior Aide at Presbyterian Hospital Arnold S. Benjamin f1I1I' 111d.v-k1111'1' 11111 ix 11111111'd ",S'y17'1'.r- 1111-," .S'1'1'11111s, gay, 111".r 11 f11'111'11'r111 j.l'S1l'1'. 1311111111111 111' si1111sf-'- 1?1'11d.f d1'11'1'1i1'11 1111'1111.vf-W 1'f11111 1j1'1Idll1I11U1I, 111"I1 fry for 1115 ll'i1111s. Voiee Group B: Hobby4Meehanies: Fa- vorite Sports - Boxing and Football 89 ' Y' I I William D. Benswanger A mischievous grin's on the face of our Bennie, Gay and cheerful, his talents are many. He plays saxophone, For his snapshots, he's known, Hockey and baseball, he claims as his own. Band Ag Marching Bandg Saxophone Quartetg All-City Bandg Hobbies-Music, Photographyg Favorite Sport-Hockey Estelle Berenfield A dark-haired-lassie is this Estelle, Music-minded, she plays quite well, Piano's her meat, She's got Duchin beat, Her practicing floats daily down Alder- son Street. Class Play Cast, Modern Dance '44g President, Senior Leaders '45g Senior Leaders-Vice President, Secretary '44g Sigma Iotag Orchestra Ag Marching Band Ag Small Musical Group-Trio Howard Casson The model of fashion is this boy "Red," Like To1n1ny Tucker, he sings for his bread, At Miss S teiner's you'll find him Robe flapping behind him, Proudly we state-the Air Force has signed him. Class Day-January Class: Voice Group Ag Male Chorus, Soloistg Favorite Sport - Hockey 3 Service Preference - A.A.F. Marsha Jane Chaban Marsha's a member of M.M.M., Sincere and natural, our favorite "femme," Her eyes of brown Are the talk of the town, Marsha's your friend, if you're up or down. Dramatic Englishg M.M.M.g Leaders Club '43g Favorite Sports - Football, Swimmingg Service Preference-Air Corps Joseph Chester A future inventor is next on our roll, To build a better world, is his life's goal. He makes gardens grow, Fixes clocks so theyill go, Quiet and studious, his first name is Ruth Charlotte Clarkson Ruth is the writer of our class, Blonde and smiling-a lively lass, Her poems and songs Attract many throngs, P. C. W.'s where she belongs. , journal Staffg 12A Home Room Vice President, 12B Home Room Vice Presi- dent: Foreword Staff: Microscope Club: Sigma Iotag Voice Group B Louise Colaianni This pert little miss they all call "Lou," Ambitious, gay, and helpful, too. lfVith brown eyes and hair BasebaIl's her fare To see anyone sad, she bear. Aviation Clubg War Work-Nurse's Aideg Favorite Sport--Baseballg erence-Army Air Corpsg Vandergrift, Pennsylvania Ann Collins Can you find a gal that's shy and sweet, Who can sing like a bird, whose typing ' 9 simply can't Service Pref- Entered from is neat. Scarce she's been, since the world began,- Hang on to her, if you can- Nine times out of ten, her name will be Ann. 12A Home Room Secretary-Treasurerg Voice A, B, C, D, Eg Girls Choraleg Bul- letin Staffg Business Service Guildg Fa- vorite Sport-Swimming Rose Marie Condas Rosie's a lass that is dainty and neat, For all-around niceness, she can't be beat, Her smile is sunny, Her humor is funny, Read this again, you'll agree she's a honey! Journal Staffg Foreword Staffg M.M.M.g Bulletin Staffg Business Service Guild, Assistant Managerg Favorite Sports - Swimming, Tennis Lee Dobbs faking and jovial is our lad "Leroy," A musician at heart, he's really our boy. Those sweet notes he plays Y ou'll remember for days "Lena Horne and baseball, my favo- rites," he says. foe- Orchestra Ag Band Ag Vocation-Musi- Qualitative Analysis Class: Favorite cianp Sport - Baseballg Entered from Hobbies-Watchmaking, Radio Gladstone i I 1 - 1 ' i fqqpgnqrffvg-naw,-w..f Y.,-wi ,- ,, 'els -:nal Ruth Frank ' Petite and charming is this next lass, The green-eyed beauty of our class. She's five feet one, And a bushel of fun, As a jitterbug fan, Ruth's surpassed by none. Microscope Clubg Volley Ball '43g Tenne- quoit '42g Nickname-'Red'g Vocation- Secretaryg Favorite Haunt-Rosen'sg Fa- vorite Orchestra-Louis Prima: Service Preference-Navy Air Corps Edith Fratangelo Edith's quite pretty, with dark hair and eyes, To assist and comfort she always tries. A fan of "The Voice" Who's really her choice, In collecting autographs she does re- joice. Hobby-Collecting Autographsg Pet Ex- pression-"Isn't That Cute"5 Vocation- Private Secretaryg Nature-Gay, Happy- go-luckyg Service Preference-Navyg Fa- vorite Sport--Baseballg Favorite Orches- tra-Johnny Longg College Preference- Duff's-lron Cityg Nickname-"Angelina"Q Entered from Gladstone junior High Jeanne Friedman Another gay niiss is this girl, Jeanne, Football's her sport-she cheers on our tea1n,' A professional singer, A real huindinger, M entories of her, long will linger. Voice A, B, C3 Girls Choraleg Secretary and Vice President of Junior Student Councilg Basketball '42g Volley Ball '39, '40, '4lg Tennequoit '39, '40, '4lg Cheer- leader Manager '43, Hobby-Collecting Photographsg Service Preference-Army Air Corps Laura Gross A winning sinile has this young lass, In ambition and huinor she heads the class. Five feet six is her height, With teeth sparkling white, As a secretary she'll do all right. Bulletin Staff: Business Service Guild: junior Aide at Shadyside Hospitalg Fa- vorite Sport - Swimmingg Hobby - Col- lecting Insigniasg Service Preference- Armyg Vocation-Stenographer Leonard Haus Gay and jovial is this lad, Lennie, Though friendly to all, his best friend is Bennie. A trornbonist to be His rnodel's T. D., H e'll be successful, that's plain to see. Band Ag Trombone Triog All-State Bandg Service Preference-Navyg Favorite Sport -Footballg Vocation-Medicine: Entered from Carrick High School Margaret Horvat M argaret's a lady with a serious side, Art and bowling, she takes in her stride. Though hoineworlfs her peeve, M uch she'll achieve, We certainly hate to see her leave. Favorite Sport-Tennisg Vocation-Com- mercial Artistg Nickname - "Peggy" Frances Lysek Quite an interesting girl is Frances, A secretary-to-be, how high are her chances! Serious and shy, Blue of eye, A talented typist for some luclsy guy. Service Preference -- Sparsg Favorite Sport-Basketballg Vocation--Secretaryg College-Grace Matting Favorite Orches- tra-Harry Jamesg Entered from Du- quesne Junior High School Merle Markowitz Social work is the field for this lad, Sincere and friendly, his sniile inakes us glad. A collector of starnps, A counselor at canips, At inushball and football, he leads all the chanips. Basketball '43, '44g Hobby-Basketball, Stampsg Service Preference-Paratroopsg Favorite Orchestra-Harry james Dorothy Matthias A mischievous lassie have we in this Dot, Gay and talented-a secretary's her lot. Marines are her choice, Cheery's her voice, Her einployer will be lucky: he should rejoice! Hobby - Sewing 3 Vocation - Secretary g Favorite Sport-Skating: Service Prefer- ence-Marinesg Favorite Orchestra-Fred Waring -- 91 ""l""?"4 i L -.. Donald McGinnis Happy-go-lucky is this boy, Don, Neat and courteous, the perfect "Don fuan"! When he goes to Spain A fortune he'll gain, In 7th period class, Miss Bergman Che's a brainj! Journal Staff, Hobby-Collecting Rec- ords, Favorite Haunt-Mazer's, Service Preference - Air Corps, Entered from Shady Side Academy Frances Lee Needelman A pert little miss is this girl Fran, A perfect secretary she'll make for some 'martj She types on the keys With correctness and ease, Blue-eyed and smiling, she'll certainly please. Journal Staff, Foreword Staff, Marching Band, Band A, Junior Leaders Club, Bulletin Staff, Business Service Guild, War l1Vork-Nurse's Aide, Rolled Band- ages for Red Cross, Favorite Sport- Swimming, Service Preference - Army Air Corps Louise Opie lfVeezie's the girl who blows a fine flute, She's neat and pretty-really quite "Zoot," S he's a Rosen's stroller, "Louise is some girl," states C. T. Roller. Foreword Room Representative, Art Club, Orchestra A, B, C, Woodwind Quintet, Volley Ball '43, Tennequoit '42, '43, War Work - Nurse's Aide, Red Cross, Service Preference-Navy Lee N. Perelstein Our favorite friend is a lad named Lee, Physics, football, fun: his Big Three. He wears a broad smile In fair weather or foul, Sincere and helpful, he's in permanent style. A Class Play Cast, Band A, Marching Band, All-City Band, Football '43, '44: Basketball '44 CManagerJ, Future AAF Cadet, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby --All Types of Sports, Aviation Club, Varsity Club Sonia Lee Rosenblatt Sonia's our 'vote for American girl, She skates and bakes and knows how to twirl. She's John Irwin's pet- Head etnajorette- Blue-eyed and bonny, this Sonny's our bet. Class Play Production Staff, Band A, Voice Group B, Sigma Iota, Junior Lead- ers, Secretary-Treasurer '39, '40, '41, '42' 1 Senior Leaders '43, Basketball '42, Swim- ming '41, '42, Volley Ball '39, '40, '41, Tennequoit '39, '40, '41, Majorette '42, '43, Head Majorette '44, '45, Intramural Championship Team '39, '40, '41, Fa- vorite Sport-Ice Skating Malkah Rosenthal A serious friend you'll'find in Mickey, Brown-eyed and steady-and really quite tricky. Her ready wit Is headed for Pitt, Where we are certain she'll be a hit. Class Play Production Staff, Voice Group B, Aviation Club, Sigma iota, Junior Leaders '39, '40, '41, '42, Senior Leaders '43, Basketball '42, Swimming '41, Volley Ball '39, '40, '41, Tennequoit '39, '40, '41, Favorite Sport - Swimming, Hobby -- Piano, War Work-Rolling Bandages, Branch of Service Preferred-Navy Margery Saylor llIargery's quite a studious gal, A friend to many, to all a pal. An authority on horns, A fact mother mourns, Blonde and blue-eyed, our class she adorns. Orchestra A, Band A, All-City Orchestra and Band, Brass Trio, Woodwind Quar- tet and Quintet, Favorite Sport-Swim- ming, Hobby-Poetry, Future College- Carnegie Tech Mildred Schultz In Millie you'll find a loyal friend, Advice and knowledge she'll always lend. "The Voice" is her meat, In her eyes he's "all reet",' She's serious at times, but always sweet. Class Play Production Staff, Sigma Iota, Fashion Club, Favorite Sport-Baseball, War Work-Hospital Aide, Rolled Band- ages for Red Cross, Hobby-Collecting Sinatra Pictures and Recordings, Serv- ice Preference-Army 92 Robert Donald Schwartz Bob is planning to join the Marines, A worthy ambition, it certainly seems. He carries the inail Through sleet and hail- H ere's one boy we're sure won't fail. Nickname - Bobg Hobby - Woodworkg Nature - Gay, Happy-go-luckyg Service Preference - Marines 3 Favorite Sport - Footballg Favorite O r c h e s t r a-Kay Kyserg Favorite Haunt - Dormontg Fa- vorite Song-"The Swinging Doors"g En- tered from Connelley Vocational School Emilia Sedlak E1nilia's that blonde-haired, blue-eyed gal lVho's alvuays ready to be a pal, Full of smiles and cheer, She's really a dear, Though inisclzievous, she's always sin- cere. Orchestra Ag Band Ag Woodwind Quin- tetg All-City Orchestra: Foreword Room Representative: Senior Leadersg Favorite Sport-Swimming Celeste R. Silberstein Celeste is the actress of two-seven-two, Her assets are rnany-we list but a few. She sings and dances Oar roorn she enhances, Whatever she tries, we bank on her chances. Class Play Cast: 12A Class Social Com- mittee: Foreword Room Representative: A.A.A.g Discussion Clubg Sigma Iotag Modern Danceg Favorite Sport-Swim- mingg War Work-Hospital Aide: Serv- ice Preference-Navy William S. Surloff S tanips and sports and aviation Fill Bill's week-ends and all vacations. His deep voiced bass And smiling face Will help to 'win hiin the very first place. Stamp Club Presidentg Voice Group B, C, D3 Favorite Sport-Footballg Hobbies -Collecting Stamps and Sport Clippingsg War Work-Radio Operator County Air- portg Service Preference-Marines What Will Allderclice Mac and Herb fah lovej? Adams and Hebert's artistic touch? Margery Saylor's French horn solos? Chaban as "Ja.nie"? Audrey "look at the birdie" Cohn? Robert "Brains" Coughenour? Sweet Jeanne Fischman? Be Without : Songs and piano arrangements by petite Nancy Freedman? Ziggy's chickens? fDeeJ Kalet: "Mr, Sharp isn't in right now"? Kantor and Schultz swooning over Frankie? Berny Latterman's red hair? Pepper "We love that boy" Mallinger? Cute, smart Shirley Spokane? Donald Zangwill winning Science awards? Jane Levine as Editor-in-Chief of the Foreword? -93 0011 355 Officers President . . , . ...,. ..... , , , Gerald llebert Yiee l'rc-sident . . ,. ,lzunes l'i2lI'l'CCE1 Secretary-Treasurer . 1 .Xlun Sperling' Foreword Representzltive A DICZLIIIIC lXlZll'Cl1S Social Representatives Riellztrd Herman, lvzt blzrne Goldstein Home Room Teacher-Miss Helen R. Bartrim There is a lady in our room Miss Helen R. l3artrin1 by name: lf tbere is anyone nicer tban slie, NVQ dare you to find tlie same. James Barreca flilll is 1'l'lI11AV 1.1151 .AI-X11. l, 1115 fuork is tI1'1k'11.X'S '1'1'1'y 11111 1111111',' 111"11 111' 11 .s'111'1'1'.r.r-111111'A' 1'11.ry 111 .v1'1',' 111 r11111'111' 111"11 11111 1111 111111111' 111'111'1'1'. Home Room Offiver: Klarvliing Band: Rand A: :Xll City Rand: Aviatioii Club: Art Club: German Club: Student Coun- eili Hobby--Music Mark B. Chernoff 11'111'1111'1' 11171111111 1111' 1'1111 111' 111171111111 1111' 11110, 111.9 111111-111111111111 skill 11115 111111111-X' 1111? ,' His r11111'11r11'1' is 'z'1'1'v 11111111 1111' .YrI11I1'- 11'111'11 1111' 11111'1111'.s' 111111111, 111' .s'1111 i.r11111111'. Band :XC All City Hand: Aviation Club: Radio Code: Football '42, '43, '-14: Prom Committee: Service l'referen1'e -W .-Xrmy Air Corps: Favorite Sport-Basebzxll Martin B. Colnes .X"0'Zx' 1It'1'1".Y tl fjllj' 1111111 11115 111711111 111.91 1"z'1'1'-x'11111111 11 ftId'1'S T11 111'1 111111111 111 fllllllft' 11'f1'f 111' f1'1111'1 111'1'11 any 111'1'111'5. Hand H: .-Xviation Club: Radio Club: lliseussion Club: Pliotograpliy Club: l'rom Committee: ll1X Home Room Fresi- dent: Service Preference-Navy: F11vorite Sport-Football Eunice Cowen 1-11111-v lfIl1111'1' is 1'1111',' .rl11"s sf1'1'1'1 111111111111 111111 1111'11111111,' 111'1' f1I'Z'l11'111' -11'1111f1' fx "R1'11",' Sllllllj 111111' 111111 1111111111111 11111'111'11'z'1', 111114-- Y11'z1' 11'11 11.1. -1111111 111111'1' 1'1111 111' .r11111.' Class l'l:1y Produetion Staff: 123 llonie Room Olfieer: Sigma lotzll llranmtie linglisb: Bulletin Staff: HobbyACollect- ing Souvenirs and Records: Service ljI'0fCl'L'lll'k' -.Xrnly Air Corps Esther Gerry Darling T11 111' ll .r1'1'1'1'1111'-v is E.Y11l1'1'iS 1111111 dv- .r11'1' ,' Slllt' 1111.v x11 11I1l1l.V 11111111'11'1'.v 111111 1111' F1111 1111 11111111'1'1', Sill 111 1111' 1111.v1111'.vs 711111111 1111' rt'1.v11 111'1' 1111 11111 111112 1111 f11'111111111.v s111"11 11111111 1111 11101 111'1'1111.r1' 5111: 11115 .r111'11 f11111'1.'. Senior Leaders: Service Club: Library Club: lizlsketball '-14: Senior l.eaders llasketbztll Tournament: Senior Leader Yolley llall Tournament: llobby-Col- leeting' Menus: Favorite Sport-lJa1n'i11::'Z Service l'r1-ference-Navy: For Victory- Xnrse's .-Xidc , Ma Q qc,-,,,m,7, .,7,,...-.w.,,,-,.,.., .7-..7t,A. ,,, .41-uw.,-Q . Lois M. Edelstein Our pretty Lowie with her dark brown hair And her matching big brown eyes ls always good-natured, just every- where, And she succeeds at whatever she tries. Class Play Production Staffg Voice Group B3 M.M.M.g Aviation Clubg Theater Wing: Sigma Iotag Favorite Sport-Foot- ballt Service Preference-Air Corpsg Dra- matic English Paul Feigenbaum Who's causing such laughter down the hall? None other than our gay and amiable Paul. Y es, bubbling with humor and ready wit, Paul always will make a first-rate hit. American Legion Baseball Leagueg Fa- vorite Sport-Baseballg Service Prefer- ence - Navyg For Victory - Treading Truck Tiresg Soft Ball Leagueg Basket- ball League Gene G. Feldshue Gene is our crack runner, The first to cross the line, And in his future contests, too, He's sure to come out fine. Engineering Club, Track '43, '44, '45g Varsity Clubg Cross Country '43g Hobby -Sportsg Favorite Sport-Trackg Service Preference-Navy Marilyn Frank "Cissie" gathers souvenirs And likewise gathers friendsg To our room, we all agree, A certain charm she lends. Hobby-Collecting Souvenirsg Favorite Sport - Tennisg Service Preference - Army: For Victory-Rolled Bandages for the Red Cross Robert M. Frankel A uniform to match his eyes Is what our Bob will wear In Navy blue or in his whites He'll look quite debonair. Class Play Production Staffg Chess Clubg Engineering Clubg Hobby-Naval VVar- fare: Service Preference-Navyg Favorite Sport-Swimmingg For Victory-Civilian Defense Mary Elvira Garcia To lVIary Elvira we heartily say We hope that more like her will come our way. A talented singer, a musician of note, As an A-l singer, she sure has our vote. Voice Group Ag Voice Group-Soloist' Girls Choraleg M,M.M.g Hobby-Sing- ingg Favorite Sport - Roller Skating, USO Entertainerg Canteen Hostess 3 Serv- ice Preference-Waves or Marines Iva Jane Goldstein The real attractive way she has We find hard to define,' But when it comes to leading cheers None can this miss outshine. Dramatic Englishg Class Play Production Staff: Sigma Iotag Red Cross Clubg Cheer Leader '43, '44, '45: Favorite Sport - Footballg Hobby - Jewelryg Service Preference-Army Air Corpsg Class Day, February '45 Barbara Golomb We predict the woman of the year In nineteen fifty-eight Will be our clever Barbara, Unless our guess is late. Foreword Staff: Aviation Clubg Sigma Iotag Nurse's Aideg Hobby-Iewelryg Fa- vorite Sport--Baseball Audrey Greenfield Audrey wants to be a nurse, VVe can but wish her well That she'll go far in her chosen work ls easy to foretell. Marching Bandg Band A, B, C, D3 Li- brary Clubg Favorite Sports-Basketball, Swimmingg Service Preference - Armyg Hobby-Stamp Collectingg For Victory- Rolled Bandages Jule Haburchak Called "Joy" by most of us, A nurse she's going to be. Studious, she'll be a success, As any one can plainly see. Hobbies-Collecting, Crocheting Patterns, Reading: Favorite Sport-Baseball Hyman Haffner "Hy1nie" Haffner's quite a lad,- He's full of vim and pep- The sparkplug of the football team, In life he'll surely step. Football Manager '43, '44g Favorite Sport - Footballg Hobby - Jewelry Making 95 W fe Betty Lou Hahn Blue eyes, black hair, The gayest smile of all, She's never too busy to say hello When she meets you in the hall. Service Club, Hobby - Playing Piano, Favorite Sport-Bowling, Service Prefer- ence-VVaves Gerald Hebert We've all enjoyed lerry's work, His cartoons are very funny. We have no doubt, in fntnre years 'Twill put him in the money. Dramatic English, Class Play Cast, Home Room Officer, Foreword Staff, A.A.A., Hi-Y, Favorite Sport -- Swim- ming, Hobby-Cartooning, Service Pref- erence-Army Air Corps Richard Herman Dick Herman is tall--all of six feet three, A Hi-Y member trne,' In Dramatic English it's Dick we see,' We're glad he's one of onr crew. 12A Class Social Committee, Class Play Cast, Marching Band, Band A, All-City Orchestra, A.A.A., Aviation Club, Engi- neering Club, Service Preference - Air Corps, Hobbies-Aviation, Music Harriet Hertz Harriet spends a lot of time Drinking cokes at the Beacon ,' One of those happy-go-lucky folks Who excitement are always seekin'. M.M.M., Leaders Club, Favorite Sport- Swimming, Hobby-Collecting Pictures, Service Preference-Navy, Red Cross, Art Club, Volley Ball '42 Mildred Keyser "Batten the Breeze" and "Happy Day" Are Mickey's pet expressions gay. Fred Waring's her favorite band, So Fred joins the crowd that gives her Ruth King Ri1th's a real artist in our class, A lively, attractive, and clever lass,- 'Twas she who kept np the Keyhole chatter, Of VVinchell or Ruth-we choose the latter. Journal Staff, Foreword Staff, Art Club, Basketball '42, Volley Ball '43, Nurses' Aide , Hobby - Art, Sport- Swimming, Service Preference-Army Martha Leitzell Oiir Marty is gay, and a lady for f1in,' As a Theta Mu, she's tops. Ever planning and on the rnn, We hope she never stops. Voice Group A, Girls Chorale, Foreword Room Representative, Volley Ball '41, '42, '43, Tennequoit '41, '42, Volley Ball Intramural Championship Team, Nurse's Aide, Red Cross, Swimming '41 Jeanne Marcus Jeannie with the light brown hair Is what we call this girl, Aiidacions, gay, and debonair, She keeps its in a whirl. Class Play Cast, Class Play Production Staff, Foreword Room Representative, Aviation Club, Senior Leaders Social Representative, Basketball '43, '44, '45Z Captain '43, Manager '43, Volley Ball '43, '44, '45, Captain '45 Phyllis jane Morgan Ont for fun, mischievous, gay, "Phyl" may be described this way, Her favorite treat is a soda at "W'ence's",' Her favorite song is something 'bout fences. Usher at February Commencement ,' Fa- vorite Sports - Baseball and Hockey: Service Preference-Air Corps: Hobby- Sports, Badminton, Volley Ball '43, '44 Sema Davrian Moskovitz Mischievons, stndions, clever, too, Also charming and demiire, Sema will go far in her chosen work, Of that we can be snre. G hand' Journal Staff, Microscope Club, Discus- Junior Discussion Club, Fashion Club, sion Club Secretary, Qualitative Analysis Service Preference - Army Air Corp, Class, Hospital Aide, Senior Leaders, Sport-Baseball, Hobby-Photography, Favorite Sport-Swimming, Service Pref- For Victory-Sold Bonds and Stamps erence-Marine Corps Alfred Protheroe To be a suceess in the business world ls Alfred's fondest ainbitiong So, all the very best luck in the world ls extended for his future position. 400 Clubg Favorite Sport - Baseballg Hobby-Photographyg Service Preference -Coast Guard Allyne R. Segal Her favorite haunt is the library, As niost of us do know, In the future when a referenee we need. It's to Allyne that we'Il have to go. Library Clubg Favorite Sport-Baseballg Service Preference-Navyg Hobby-Writ- ing: X1Var Work-Sold Bonds and Stamps Martin M. Sheinman M arty's chief delight, it seenis, Is causing teachers trouble ,' As full of nzisehief as he is. It's a good thing he's not double. Dramatic Englishg Class Play Cast: Marching Bandg Favorite Sport-Base- ballg Hobby-Airplanes: Service Prefer- ence-Navyg For Victory-Worked in a War Plant Melvin Silver Give happy-go-lucky Mel a hand, H e's worth it, you can bet. Discussion Club, Class play, and band- This lad they'll not forget. Class Play Castg Orchestra Ag All-City Orchestrag Foreword Representative: Discussion Club: Library Clubg Swim- ming Teamg Hobby-Dramaticsq Favorite Sport - Baseballg Service Preference - Navy Alan Harvey Sperling Our AI is sure a happy one, A loyal Band A inember, He's guaranteed to give you fun In June and in Deeeniber. Journal Staff, Home Room Officer: Or- chestra Ag Band Ag Marching Band: Brass Groupg Aviation Clubg Discussion Clubg Hobby-Flyingg Service Preference -Navy Marjorie Anne Teller Green eyes, chestnut hair, Her hobby is walking, Madge's best friends are l11l'l1,' Her favorite pastinie, talking. Band Ag Marching Band: Voice Group Eg Art Clubg Volley Ball '42g Tennequoit '4Zg Leaders Club: Library Clubg Art Club: Service Preference-Navy John Whited If there's a Varga girl about loose. Just loolr for Johnny near,- His hobby?-Why, good looking wo- iuen. hVho says that fohnny's queer? Hi-YQ Swimming '43g Track '44, '453 Cheer Leader '43, '44, '45, Favorite Sport -Boxingg Service Preference-Navy Air Corps: For Victory-Civilian Defense Sally Lou Wood "Butch," the girl with the nice red hair, Thinks the Army Air Corps grandg But the way she haunts the nzail box ls inore than her niother ran stand. Class Play Cast: Class Play Production Staff: Microscope Clubg Junior Nurse's Aide: Interior Decoration Clubg Hobby- Small China Horses: Service Preference -Army Air Corps Joyce Zimmerman She's fond'of sports,' she likes to sing, This blonde with eyes of blueg The years that eoine are sure to bring Pleasant things for her to do. Voice Group Eg Library Club: Basketball '43, '44g Soccer '43, '44g Volley Ball '42, ,43, '44g Tennequoit '42, '43: Hockey '43g intramural Championship Team-Volley Ball '43, '44: Soccer Championship '43g Mushball '43, '44 97 4i?l'li'1zis2i?f' H ,iw , ge, nfifggg., 3 , . L A , , , M 366 Officers President ,.V..4.,.... ,..,,,,,,.,...,........ .,...A I e rry Newberg Yice President A,.,. .,.... ....,,.A.A.. J e rry Krantz Secretary ,.,.,. .,...,A,.,....,, . . ..,,.. Dorothy .lane Adams Treasurer ..,r .,..,. , ,.,.,,.. , .. ,.,..r....,.. Marvin Katz Foreword Representative .,.. .r...,......,. B ettie Ritz Social Representative ....,.,.......,...4...i,..........,.,.,..,,i.. Norman Lazarus Home Room Teacher-Mr. Samuel Blitz Marvelous violinist . , . quite a politician . . . powerful voice . . . top notch adviser . . one grand fellow . . . knows how to express himself . . . dynamic. Dorothy jane Adams Celene Cherkosly Sfeeef Sllllilt' .... Ur. I3l1'f:'.v fliffllf lmnd "ill'm1key" . . . much time sfveni af can- . . . plays fwimm . . . fofvs in art . . . rein- feen dui-i' . . . IIIITATS Red Cross U nzzfsf ner of SC'llIIllIXfI.1' ,-lrf C'o11fe.vf fvr1':'e . . . . . ".llv lJl'l'1llII.N' fire Geffinq Heffel' Ivrrlilix plus. . . Hrlillllf Old Black .'llm,'ic." .-III flu' 'l'1'111e" . . . 111iy1'afrd from Cali- ,lournal Stall: Home Room Secretary lflfllldf flI1'lI'lUSS. Ulffflillll- UA- HB3 Mll'l'f'5V0l'U Clilbl g'VlV3'WC'l Class l'lav Production Staff: Basketball Art Class: Stage Scenery '-14: Certificate gig: y,,i1g.V R311 '4-3: Tmncquwit 233: of Rvfffallitifffir Service l'rcfvrv1wcee lloekev '-14: Tennis '43g Voiee R, Cp Army Air CUVP5 st-1-vid Preference-5--Army Air Corps Mary De Gregorio Evelyn Cawley "Cotegfi1'!" . . . ru7'es almuf Roy Rnqezxr "Six" .... v Irv .... 9 ecrefu1'v'.r lol: areails ---- Y fl lm' 4' 5f'f"'1'ff1".l'-'mf' - - - "f7f"1" lm. '-.k V ,WIS f,7,K,,. HMM, fQ,,m,A. . I . Fmice .lle Inn: . . :mid ulmzzt T. D. . . . ".All1er1ys" . . . 'zelmf l7lIII'it'j'l'.Y.l . . . KI P"f'lf'f'-Y ll'flVhS' qeilyfggyf1'0IIpygl-41i1'1N1l Bulletin Staff l2A, lZBAGeneral Man- ager: Business Service Guild IZA, l2ll2 Favorite Sport-Swimming: Transferred from Gladstone Junior High School Transferred from Gladstone ,lnnior lligb: Favorite SIlfT!'lfSXVlI1ll1ll1l,fZI Service Prel- erencc-Army Air Corps Rina Epstein . "Ef1fw" . . . urdelzf o1'iufri.r . . . and -lean Evelyn Dgvls plenty ull Vliffllf . . . first mfr lclillldlfl' . . . linfexmzn'm11ml1e.v .... 9 t'l'I0lI.V4111d well- H1 D,-4-Um Of YM," I l 1 fm,-ffal ff, Pm!! l'l'f'd - - - Hl7f"1f'1W!!. U1 mf' l?U"l"' - - - Henreirl . . . lIIll'f1H't'.YIlllllilllfj notion. luzskeflmll fun . . . likes elasxlrul zzinric. Flm,mH.d gtaff. Aviation Club. Radiu Dramatic Club of IKCJ Canvassed for Code Club: Basketball '-133 Yolley Rall Blood Donors: Favorite Snort--llaskeb '-l-lg Tennequoit '4-l: Hockey '4-lg Orches- ball: Service Preference-Navy tra A: Leaders Club '44 - ,i, W -, , , 98 N , , , Sally Finkel "Sal" . . . sweet songstress . . . lusciously lovely . . . some smile . . . "More and More" . . . likes smooth fellows. Class Play Production Staff: Sigma Iota, Volley Ball '4Z: Tennequoit '42, '43g Hockey '44: Tennis '4Z: Voice A, B, C. D, Eg Girls Chorale Rhoda Finn "Finnie" . . . flare for fun . . . creamy C0171f7ll?.1'i0H . . . effervescent and efficient . . . "l Didu't Know About You" . . . attractive actress . . . fascinating chatter- box. Class Play Cast: A.A.A.: Discussion Club: Fashion Club, President: Sigma Iota: Voice B, C Leonard H. Forman "Lennie" . . . personality plus . . . bats about baseball . . . plans to be an aero- nautical engineer . . . Uncle Poodgie . . . "Don't Fence Me ln." lZA Class Social Committee: Class Play Cast: Social Representative: Aviation Clubg Discussion Club: Gamma Phi Alpha: Service Preference-Engineers Annette Ginsburg "Ginsy" . . . likes to talk . . . "Twilight Time" . . . 'wants to be a nurse . . . sings soprano . . . rhythmic and refined. Modern Dance Club: Service Club: Nurse's Aide: Hobby-Singing: Service Preference-Navy: Plans to Enter U. S. Cadet Nurse Corps Edward Hasley "Eddie" . . . fine flier . . . a model of model airplane builders . . . "Don't Fence Me ln" fleet Me Flyl . . . rua- ged and reserved . . . air-minded indi- vidual. Aviation Club: Radio Club: Organizer of the Flying-8 Balls: Hobby-Learning to Fly: Favorite Haunt - Pittsburgh Sea Plane Base: Service Preference-Liaison Corps Marvin Katz "Marv" . . . happy-go-lucky . . . gift of gab . . . loves parties . . . would like to 're an engineer . . . fun to have around . . . "Don't Fence Me ln." Home Room Treasurer lZA, IZB: Avia- tion Club: Gamma Phi Alpha: Hobby- Aviation: Plans to Enter Service: Serv- ice Preference-Navy Rosella Katz "Rosie" . . . snassy stenog . . . "Don't Fence Me ln" . . . studious and esteemed . . . likes to sew a fine seaiu. 4 Red Cross Work: B'nai Brith Organiza- tion: Hobby--Sewing: Service Preference -Army Air Corps: Favorite Sport-- Swimming jerry Krantz "James Gray" . . . jovial jester . . . noted for his iniitations . . . amiable ar- tist . . . "Twilight Time" . . . aspiring . . . debonair and dashing. Journal Staffg Home Room President HA, 1lBg Home Room Vice President IZA, IZB: Foreword Representative '42, '43: Aviation Clubg Discussion Club: Ad- vanced Art: Tennis '43, '44: journal Art Work: Service Preference-Marines Norman Lazarus "Vitamin" . . . practical joker . . . quite a cook . . . "More and More" . . . out to be a surgeon. lZA Class Social Committee: Orchestra B, C, D: Discussion Club: Library Club: Math Club: Jewelry Club: Service Pref- erence-Marines Sanford Lipsitz "Thin Man" . . . tallest boy in the class . . . plays a fast game of hockey . . . "Stardust" . . . jivin' journalist. Sigma Iotag Quiz Me Clubg Marching Band: Band A: Track '43, '44: Cross Country '43: Service Preference-Coast Guard jerry Newberg "The Voice" .... s parklina personality . . . energetic executive . . . "Don't Fence Me In" . . . wants to nouncer. 12A Social Committeeg duction Staff: Home IZA, lZB: Band C, Dg C: Foreword Staff be a radio an- Class Play Pro- Room President Voice Group B, Henry Pasch "Cuddles" .... v i.r and five sharpshooter . . . "Don't Fence Me In" . . . gay and mischievous character . . . will be Holly- wood's little salesman . . . mad about Harry James. Track '44: Gamma Phi Alpha: Hobby- Collecting Stamps: Service Preference- Merchant Marine: Favorite Sport-Bas- ketball " 99 -1- . Irene-Ruth Ravick "Vic" . . . chemistry zvlzis . . . academic and amiable . . . "Stardust" . . . brilliant brunette . . . aspiring. Journal Staff: Foreword Room Represen- tative: Foreword Staff: Discussion Club: Sigma Iota: Fashion Club: Qualitative Analysis Class: Allderdice Certificate of Recognition: Microscope Club: A.A.A. Catherine A. Rea "Kay" . . . pretty little brown eyes . . . clever and cute . . . "Rum and Coca- Cola" . . . capable Cadet Nurse. Microscope Club: Girl Reserves: Red Cross: Civilian Defense Work: Hobbies- Jittei-bugging, VVriting Letters: Favorite Sport - Football: Service Preference - Navy Bettie Ritz Bet" . . . marked by an ideal person- ality .... s terling character . . . "Senti- mental fourneyn . . . liked by every one . . . always gay and smiling . . . intends to be a nurse. Journal Staff: Foreword Representative IZA, 12B: Air Raid Messenger: Service Preference-Navy: Entered from Glad- stone: Favorite Sport-Swimming rr M. Harriet Rosner "Dolly" . . . chic chicken . . . "Sweet Dreams, Sts'eetheart" . . . will be teacher of small tots . . . T. D. fan . . . bustling and busy. Aviation Club: Discussion Club: Sigma Iota: Service Preference-Navy: Hobby -Reading: Favorite Sport-Basketball Geraldine Roth "Gerry" . . . blithe brunette . . . carefree and capable . . . "l'1n Making Believe" sociable and sincere. Class Play Production Staff: Voice B, D, E: Aviation Club: Sigma Iota: Fashion Club: Soccer: Volley Ball '43: Tenne- quoit '43: Nurse's Aide Dorothy Santora "Dottie" . . . bonny and blithe . . . "l'm Confessinu' . . . ever-present friend- liness . . . likeable companion . . . even- tually will be a secretary, and a good one. Orchestra D: Service Preference-Navy: Hobby-- Collecting Picture Post Cards: Favorite Sport-Basketball Abe Rounick "Abe" . . . dapper and dashing . . "More and More" . . . caper-cntter . . . gem of a jeweler. Hobby - Reading: Service Preference - Army Air Corps Harriet Schneider "Toodles" . . . quiet . . . pleasing per- sonality . . . "Sweet Dreams, Sweet- heart" . . . likes them tall, dark, and handsome . . . business college calls for her. Service Club: Hobby-Reading: Service Preference - Navy: Favorite Sport - Baseball Marjorie Schwarz "Margie" . . . mischievous and merry . . . attractive and amiable . . . "Embrace- able You" . . . likeable and light-hearted. Class Play Production Staff: Orchestra C: Fashion Club: Senior Leaders: Fa- vorite Sport-Basketball: Sold Stamps and Bonds: Service Preference-Navy Olga Spisak "Olg" . . . happy-go-lucky .. . "Eva- lina" . . . charming and tactful . . . vi- vacious . . . sultry songstress . . . keen and alert. Voice A, B, C, D, E: Girls Chorale: M.M.M.: 400 Club: Service Preference- Navy: Favorite Sport-Swimming Shirley Spokane "Shirl" . . . beanteons brunette . . . fash- ionable and friendly . . . "ll"hat a Dif- ference a Day Makes" . . . smooth dres- ser . . . gracious and gay. Foreword Staff: Sigma Iota: Volley Ball '43g Tennequoit '43: Hobbies-Dancing, Playing the Piano: Favorite Sport-Vol- ley Ball: Nurse's Aide: Service Prefer- ence-Air Corps Norma Louise Zakey 'l'Lon" . . . shy . . . enjoys Ellery Queen eyes! . . . "That Old dainty dietitian. . . . those green Black Magic" . . . M.M.M.: Hobby-Dancing: Service Pref- Transferred from Fort erence - Army: . Madison High, Iowa: Favorite Sport- Baseball ' -100 C2 6 00172 425 Officers President ,.., ,.... ...,..A.,.,.....,, ,,.., l , a ura Higginhotham Vice l'resirlent ...,. ...,. ,.,,.,........ . 1 lim Sloan Secretary ,. .. Treasurer ....A.,..,..,A.,.,,, Forexvorcl Representative Social Representative .,...........,. .,...Mary Rita Chrin ,.,.N0rma Blosser .....,,l.ouise Klenclelson ............,.Alan Smalley Home Room Teacher-Mr. Wesley Mills lt's hard to find right words to say llow we all admire Mr. Mills' frienclly way: H1-'s advised us well and helped us, too: He's managed to get every one of us through. Norma Blosser S110 11111r'1'.r Tx'li11l 111f1.111',l1 f1111'.r1' 111111, g1'tTl't', ,-11111 111'1's.r1'.r jus! as tv1'11,' III 111'111'1111rs 1N'111'11111 1111l11'x fz'1'.rf f1111r1'. 4111111 lil! 5fIld11'X dom l'.l'Cl'1. ll,-X Home Room Treasurer: Orchestra A: Band Ag All-City Orchestra '44, '45g All-City Band '41g 400 Cluhg Class Play Cast: Hohlxyfllfusie Eleanor Bodak rl 1111'111' lass j'0Ill11 1z1'z'1'1' 1111'1'f T111111 E11'1111111', 511 fair: S111'1'1'.rs 'z1'1' 1l'll0'Ix' .r111"11 11111112 1110111111 S111' may go 1111'vr1'111'1'11. Hobbies-Piano, VVriting Letters: Sport- Hoekey: ixllilllilOllA-SfCllOgl'3.DllCl'I Trans- ferrerl from Gladstone Lena Cannavine 111171111 11l1l,d 1111s S1111 111 .vt1111'.v 1111111 Her .S'f111111's11 111' 11C'1' 1lllIf1l.7 Her 'z1'1111d1'1'f111 .r111i11".v 1'1111111f11 .111 ,1'f11fI1Ifw f1'11111 114111 f111l11. journal Staff: Hobby-Reading 4.'Xrn1y Air 111 r11'111' 3 Favorite Sport - Swimming: Prefers Corps: Came from-Gladstone 'T h' ' 4" "" 71 O1 john Paul Corcoran J1111111111' 1'.v ru1'11-1'1111tv11 fo v1111, This 11111111'.v111111' 11111 1111 11111' Sfflfjl' r1'1'u',' III 1111 1'1'sf1111'f.v 111".s' .r111'1' 111 f111'11.r1' E1'1'1'y1111d.x' 111111 111, .v1'1's. Stage Crew: Green Keyg Hi-Y: Plays Vianog H1ubhy--Automohile Mechanic Betty jane Doelfel CDIH' Htlflrll is 11 1'11111'1111'111f .ll1.r.r, fl 11111'1'f girl 'fix z'1'111',' 111 1111f1'1',r s111' -1'1I.S'f 1'1111'! 1'1's1.vf,' 11'1' 1'11111' 111'1' 11x UTlI'Ilt' 191110.11 Voice Group ll, C, lip 400 Cluh: Holxlmy --lbaneingg Favorite Sport-Football Nancy R. Elliott .1111111111111 .v111".v 1101 f111' fyfw of 1f11'1 11'1111 .TIl1'1'Z'l'.Y for l1IIIl'1l 111'f1'11l1'1111. 1l'if111'11 t111' 1It'tll'1 of l"Z't'1'3' 11111' S111' 'Zx'l'11 111'.r1'1'2'1'5 111.1111 1111'11f11111. llll Home Room Officer: Voice Group R, C3 Art Clulsg All-City Girls Chorusg Favorite Sportfllowlingg Jxlllliltltlllfilill Succeed in Music Edward L. Fisher A mighty nice fellow-Ed's his name, He doesn't make a noise, But this we loudly can proclaim- He rates well with girls and boys. Young Magicians Clubg Favorite Sports -Baseball, Golf, Ambition-To Be a Journalistg Hobby-Collects Material for Current Events Book Arthur G. Grindle A tall and handsome lad is he, A chap who rouses the class with glee ,' And when he passes through the hall Clever remarks he's sure to let fall. Hobby-Dancingg Favorite Sports-Foot- ball, Swimming Edna Z. Harris Calm, collected and very quiet, Her nerves one can't upset, She takes things as they come and go, And never does she frown or fret. Hobby - Collecting Trinketsg Favorite Sports -- Football, Volley Ballg Plays Pianog Entered from Gladstone Laura Higginbotham Laura likes to skate and dance, Her disposition is very sunny, And any one who knows lzer says She really is a honey. 12A Home Room President: Voice Group C, Eg Volley Ball '41, '42g Works in Cafeteriag Hobby - Sewingg Favorite Sport-Roller Skatingg Ambition-To Be a Stenographer A Margaret May Irwin Margie is known as our streamline type With her S1l'lll0S and wiles galore, And she has the kind of disposition That all the boys adore. Nurse's Aideg Hobby-Collecting Menusg Favorite Sport-Football: Plays Piano Walter J. Johnston In sports and dancing he's the best. As any senior will attest: This jolly chap wins all the hearts Of all the lasses of these parts. journal Staff: Hi-Y, Foreword Repre- sentative: Football '43, '44, Hobby-Dano ingg Favorite Sports - Baseball, Golfg Ambition-To Be a Sailor Morton Klein A tennis star perhaps some day Our Morty Klein will be,' To watch him flit about the court The world will rush to see. Discussion Clubg Jewelry,Clubg Gamma Phi Alpha, Class Play Staffg Hobby- Photography 5 Favorite Sport- Tennis g Ambition-To Be a Good Business Man Bernard Latterman Good qualities he doesn't lack- A fine cheerleader, a star at track ,' H e's now at Pitt, and it can be said That he's one swell fellow, our boy Red. Cheerleader '44, '45, Green Key Peggy Ruth Llewelyn If popularity and chic Are substitutes for size, Our Peg won't have to worry, if She's careful with those eyes. 12B Home Room Officer, Voice Group B, C, E, Modern Dance Club: Volley Ball '41, '42, Tennequoit '40, Majorette '4lg Favorite Sport-Swimming Ada McCarney Ada's the girl with an attractive smile, And always she appears right in style ,' Her musical talent is known to all j Someday sl1e'll appear in Carnegie Music Hall. 12B Home Room Officer, Voice Group Ag Soloist: Nurse's Aideg Hobby-Sing- ingg Favorite Sport-Swimming Louise Anna Mendelson Louise is always collecting money, For F orewords, gifts, or pinsg And with her engaging disposition She always manages to get a subscrip- tion. 12A and 12B Home Room Officer, Fore- word Representativeg Voice Group C, E3 400 Club: Aviation Club: Sigma Iotag Hobby-Baking, Favorite Sport-Bowling Marie Meszaros Marie is just about five feet two And she really loves the Navy Blueg We don't ever have to ask her why Because we see the lovelight in her eye. Basketball '43g Swimming '43g Volley Ball '43, '44g Hobbies-Singing, Skatingg Fa- vorite Sport-Swimmingg Ambition-To Be a Singer 102 , , I Y f Oliver V. Miller It takes a wie to beat our Ollie VV hen once he starts to swim,' By nature he is really jolly, And through the waves he ploughs with vim. Voice Ag Male Chorusg Swimming '44, '45g Hobbies-Woodwork, Scoutingg Fa- vorite Sport-Swimmingg Ambition-To Be a Sailor La Verne Muldowney La Verne is just about five feet two, And her eyes are the prettiest shade of blue g She's always ready to start some fun, And have a smile for every one. Favorite Sports-Volley Ball, Swimmingg Ambition-Marriage William R. Paul If we hear a bang and then a clatter, VVe know exactly what is the matter, It's just Bill, who likes to play, To keep our home-room bright and gay. Stage Crew: Hobby-Musicg Ambition- To Be a Sailorg Plays Trumpetg Favorite Sport-Football Richard Plesset In English he does very well, At history he is better,' But when it comes to music, Richard should get his letter. Journal Staffg Radio Club, Voice Group A, B, C5 Small Musical Groupg Qualita- tive Analysis Classg Hobby-Chemistry Howard R. Schorin Howard is a little shy When it comes to speaking outg But to all of us who need him, I-Ie's helpful beyond all doubt. Class Play Production Staffg French Clubg Junior Art Club, Hobby-Chess, Favorite Sport-Skatingg Ambition-Ad- vertising Gerald Simons Gerald's ambition has now come true, And he's wearin the navy white and 9 . blue, The very best wishes from one and all To this fellow who answered Uncle Sam's call. Favorite Sport-Footballg Ambition--To Be a Sailor jim Sloan N o matter what there is to do, Jim likes to have a chat,' He always finds some one around To talk about this and that. 12A Home Room Vice Presidentg Hobby -Art Work, Favorite Sport-Basketball Alan Smalley A jolly laugh and happy smile- His passport to success, They would dance with him a mile, All lassies do confess. 12A Home Room Social Committeeg Hobby - Collecting Picturesg Favorite Sport-Boxing Marvin G. Stein To Marvin, art has much appealg His sketches, life-like rise, In animated movie reels His future surely lies. Class Play Castg Aviation Clubg Sigma Clubg Cavaliers, Quiz Iota: Discussion Me Club, Track '44g Basketball '43, '44, '45g Hobby-Arty Favorite Sports-Bas- ketball, Track Dorothy M. Thomas A friend in need's a friend indeed, And Dotty is a friend to all,' She's always glad to do her bit, No matter if it's large or small. Nurse's Aideg M.M.M.g Favorite Sport- Baseball 5 Hobby - Cooking 3 Ambition - To Become a Nurse Ruth Troxell Ruthie is a quiet girl, But when you know her well She's loads of fun and full of wit, As all her friends will tell. Red Cross Sewingg Favorite Sport-Base- ballg Hobby-Crocheting, Entered from Gladstone Mary Rita Uhrin Rita likes to swim and skate, At basketball slte's handy, In sports she truly high does rate,' In the gym she's more than dandy. Red Cross Workg Works in Cafeteriag Hobby - Writing Letters: Plays Pianog Favorite Sport-Roller Skating ' - 103 Betty Varadi With curly hair and snappy eyes, With inanner very gay- Our Betty surely talees the prize For happiness each day. Hobby-Dancing: Favorite Sport-Teu- nisg Ambition-To Be a Musiciang En- tered from Gladstone Dorothy Wallace This young lady is the one Who inalces our class complete, For when if comes to having fun, Our Dottie can't be beat. Hobby-Writing Letters: Sport-Hockey Ambition - Stenographerg Came from Gladstone Herbert Weisman Our Herbert is quite carefree As every one can see,' We like hint 'cause he'll always be Ready for fun and gayety. Favorite Sport - Baseball, Vocation - Jeweler Elizabeth Willig Our Libby's quiet, slim and neat, A Paris shop she'd like to keep, Hut sonic 0ne's sure to 'lllUlCC his aint The early changing of her naine. Modern Dance Club, Fashion Clubg .Fa vorite Sport-Baseballg Hobby-Cooking Ambition-To Be a Dietitian jean Zapolsky This sunny young lady of 425 ls full of fun and so alive, Her laugh's contagious and she's quite keen ,' The class is really quite fond of lean. Foreword Representativeg Art Clubg Jun- ior Leaderg Red Crossg Hobby-Artg Fa- vorite Sport-Tennisg Ambition-To Be an Artistg Plays Piano IF-fwith apologies to Rudyard Kipling, If you can make "A" grades when all about you Are making "Cs" and envying you. If you can dance all night and then the next day Rate high on Colborn's chem test, too. If you can cut some class and not be caught for cuttingg Or skipping Rollers homework, still get through, Or, being late for Miss Hartz, get a zero Yet never feel too sad, nor show you're blue. If you can talk in class and not be admonished, Or sleep in late and wake up feeling game. If you can pass a course, or get an "E" grade, And act on both occasions just the same. If you can bear to tear apart your "motor" To build, instead, a "radio" that sparksg Or watch the theme you spent such time on, broken, Ripped into shreds by D. R's. harsh red marks. If you can fill the thirty minute lunch time With fifteen minutes food and fifteen, fun. Yours is our school and everything that's in it, And--what is more-you'll be a senior, son. 104 00172 45 7 Officers l,l'CSlCl6llt ....,,,.... .....4.....,..,,....,. ...,.... J 1 Jan Clironis 7 Vice l resident ..4,A Secretary ...4..A.... Treasurer A...rr.,A.,r.,r.,.r,.,,,...4.. Foreword Representative ,... Social Representative .,........,................ ......,. ...,. ..,. . , ,..Carolyn Chronis ,..,.,,..,...Roy Cliiles . Peter Hendryx .. Florence Hulme Iris Rosen Home Room Teacher-Mr. R. j. Hackett Tall . . . wears sharp bow ties . . . quiet voice . . . catching cliuckle . . . ambition- 'AC" card . . . efficient ni management. Jean L. Allison Jeanne Balter "AI" . . . flllfll . . . 111'z'1'.r 611111611111 . . . Hjl7l11111illH . . . 1l1'1?'Ix'1I l'5'l'S . . . 1111111 . . . 111111119 11111 111 C11II'1lI'S 1111111 Store . . . 1ItIlI11.S' 11111 111 1110 l91'111'1111 . . . f11z'111'if11 likes T. 11. 1111611 .S'1111'1111.rf . . . 111'ef1'1'1'1'11 .v111111w-"1f H1111 111 111' lrlllln . . . S.O.P.S. 1111111611 of s1'1'z'11'1' . . . .flir C111'f1s. journal Staffg Fashion Groupg Nurse's Aide Sherma Bernstein Class Play Production Staffg Voice B, C, Eg Stamp Club Robert E. Campbell 1 "l31111" . . . ff17,lU1'1.fl, x11-vi11114"II'l1at's 7 Sl1l,1'111 . . . 17l'0'Zx'1I 1'-v1'.x' . . . 1111111115 1110 ' P' Dfw' ' ' ' "UU-l'l im"""l'.'ff. ' ' jgmmn . I I 111,111 111'm 1gm1,I,,1,IU 10 Sm, Ii1v'z'l.5 111 11111'1111111.x . . . 111111111 111 111111 111 1110 L1'1111f" 1131 H111'1'y J111111's . . . f"l'1'f1'1'S A ffm'- 1'111' zlfllly Air Corfu . . . 711111115 111 111 11 5U18'C CNW 51'f"'f'ff"'3'- Q I Y I Carolyn C. Chronis gags Day Production Smit: We Group "T1'1'113"' . . . dark l"Vt'N . . . 1111-1'111111d 11111111 sf1111'f . . . 11'si1'11.f 111 H1111 1111f1v . . . Roy Chiles N.IIJ11'X'H . . . 1111-l'0I111lli tlf1I11'ft' . . . f711Ij'.S' i1'111111111111' . . . 1'llj0j'S HG111111 1311s1'1'1's" . . . 111111111 111 r11111'111' 111 1f1111'f11'1d, 1"11'- g11111I. IZA Room Secretary: Marching Band Ag SXYlIllllllll,Q' Team: Track Team '- "' WZ " M' at ' '-'lg' 105 fl11Ij'S z'11111'11 . . . f11'1'f1'1'1'1'11' 1111111111 11f.v1'1'- 7'ir1' . . . Illfflllflw. IZB, IZA Home Room Vice Presidcntg Foreword Room liepresentativeg Voice A3 Orchestra H, C: junior Leaders 7A- IUAQ Senior Leadcrsg Basketball '40, '41, '42g Volley Ball '40, '41, '-123 Tennequoit '40, '41, '42 ,, . . ., i,. -1' ' mn' lu r -:W ' -1 joan C. Chronis "Jojo" . . . happy-go-lucky . . . very ar- tive in sports . . . likes T. D. and her twin . . . preferred branch of service- Navy . . . plans to go to college. 12A Class Secretary, IZA Home Room President, Voice A, Modern Dance Club, Junior Leaders '39, '40, '41, Senior Lead- ers '42, '43, '44, Basketball '40, '41, '42, Volley Ball '40, '41, '42, Swimming '41 Jeannette Cuttler Black hair . . . gay kid . . . listens tc Danny Kaye and Fred Waring . . . fa- vorite sport-swiinining . . . anibition- N nrse. Home Room Representative-10th, 11th, Orchestra B, C, D, Nurse's Aide, Junior Leaders Jeanne Fischman "Jeannie-with the light brown hair" friendly . . . plays a solid boogie on the piano . . . adinires T. D. and Danny Kaye . . . anibition-inerchandiser. Class Play Production Staff, Sigma Iota, Harmony Club Cassel Gatz Happy-go-lucky . . . ready with an en- gaging sniile . . . keen sense of hninor . . . altogether a well-liked fellow. Sigma Iota Sanford Goldstein "Sandy" . . . shy . . . favorite saying- "Oh yes"l!! . . . enjoys the Hit Parade . . . also Greer Garson . . . Interested in electricity. Radio Club, Chess Club, Basketball '43, '44, '45 Ernest N. Graziano "Ernie" . . . shy and swell . . . likes "Angelina" and Fred Waring . . . haunts the Hot Pnppie Shop . . . anibition- coinrnercial pilot. Green Key, Track Team '44 Peter B. Hendryx "Pete" . . . tall and good-looking . . . fonnd at Rosen's . . . plays clarinet . . . thinks foan Leslie's O. K. . . . . wants to travel aronnd the world. Treasurer of 12A Home Room, Band A, A.A.A., Microscope Club, Hi-Y, Swim- ming '40, '41, Track '42, '44, '45, Stamp Club Robert Hill "Hilly-Yak" . . . 6ft. lin .... haunts Park Theatre . . . on Chanip track teain . . . enjoys Boogie Woogie and Toininy Dorsey . . . prefers Navy. Class Play Cast, Stage Crew, Track Champs '44 Dorothy Horovitz "Dotty" . . . shy . . . likes T. D. . . . col- lects post cards . . . wants to be a Social Worker. Transferred from Union High at Bur- gettstown, Ambition-Social Worker Florence Hulme "Flo" . . . green eyes . . . serious . . . likes Mr. Colburn . . . avid Hit Parade listener . . . ambition-Cadet Nnrse. Foreword Room Representative, Nurse's Aide, Modern Dance, Senior Leaders, Basketball '44, '45, Line Soccer '44, Volley Ball '42, '43, '44, '45, Tennequoit '43, '44, Hockey '44 Marshall Landay Stndions . . . fiend for sports . . . now college student . . . anibitions to be a doctor. Sigma Iota, Stamp Club Arlene Levinson "R" . . . blond . . . very friendly . . . adniires lldr. McCly1f1ionds and Van Johnson . . . plans to go to college. Class Play Production Staff, Orchestra B, Aviation Club, Discussion Club, Sigma Iota, Art Club, Nurse's Aide, Modern Dance Club, Volley Ball '40, Tennequoit '40 john D. Lyon "Jack" . . . six footer . . . blne eyes and black hair . . . on swiinining teani . . . enjoys Harry Janies . . . arnbition-engi- neer. Art Club, Swimming Team Dorothea Mannella "Dotty" . . . happy . . . pet expressionw- "'Cnte as Christmas" . . . loves records, especially "I'll Walk Alone" . . . enjoys photography. Foreword Room Representative, 10B-12B, Orchestra B, Marching Band A, Stamp Club, Junior Leaders, 9A-l0A, Fashion Group 106 Jane C. Mawhinney "Janie" . . . swell . . . collects records haunts Caruso's . . . blond, blue eyes . . . wants to be a nurse. Nurse's Aideg Basketball '40, '41, '42g Volley Ballg Tennequoit '40, '41, '42 james Mitchell "Zoozie" . . . tall and handsome . . . foot- ball player . . . admires Tommy Dorsey . . . hangs out at Beacon Bowling Alley . . . wants to be an airplane mechanic. Green Key, Football '42, '43, '44g Swim- ming-Junior '40, '41, '42, Senior '43, '44 Henry N eaman "Hank" . . . football hero . . . always saying, "Wliere's My Hat?" . . . Delta Lambda Phi . . . Best gal-Ellie Calig . . . Future as a Marine. Green Keyg Football '43, '44g Basketball '45g Track '45 William N emeth "Frog" . . . shy . . . 6ft. Zin .... eyes of blue . . . enjoys Johnny Mercer . . . Fa- vorite song-"Angelina" . . . wants to get into service. Transferred from Gladstoneg Swimming '4lg Soccer '42, '43 Robert Notz "Bob" . . . serious . . . likes hunting . . . plays the trumpet . . . likes baseball . . . wants to be a farmer. Marching Band Big Football '43 Madelain Nowling "Mady" . . . short and cute . . . loves dancing . . . G. A. L. S .... gay . . . ambition-model. 11A Home Room Representativeg Nurse's Aideg Modern Dance Clubg Volley Ball '42, Tennequoit '41 Lois Proffitt "Sis" . . . light brown hair . . . quiet, but friendly . . . favorite saying-"Fish- hooks" . . . ambition-pianist. Voice Group Ag President of 1lA-304g Volley Ball '42 Frances Reiner 'fFlossie" . . . frivolous . . . pet peeve- homework . . . remembered for her vio- lin . . . wants to be a nurse. Class Play Production Statfg Orchestra Ag All-City Orchestra: Sigma Iota Iris Rosen "I" . . . hazel eyes . . . very mischievous . . . crazy about Star Dust and Delta Lambs and Fred Waring . . . favorite sport-swimming . . . wants to be a psy- chologist. l2B, 12A Home Room Social Representa- tiveg Orchestra B3 Sigma Iotag Art Club' v Nurse's Aideg Modern Dance Club: Leaders Club '43g Basketball '41, '44g Volley Ball '41, '42 Beatrice Schneirov "Schnief" . . . tall and blonde . . . one of the G. A. L. S .... plays piano and cello . . . enjoys Fred Waring . . . wants a career. Art Clubg Harmony Clubg Aviation Clubg Orchestra B3 Basketball '41, '42g Volley Ball '41, '42, '43g Tennis '44 Florence Simon "Flo" . . . happy-go-lucky about Harry James . . . ambition-to be secretary to Mr. McClymonds. Library Club . . . crazy Earl C. Snyder "Brain" . . . happy . . . admires Mrs. Smith . . . hangs out in 456 . . . favorite song-"Don't Fence Me In" . . . prefers Merchant Marine. Orchestra Ag All-City Senior Orchestra: Microscope Club Jean Speer "Jeannie" . . . blue eyes . . . brown hair . . . likes Harry James . . . interested in the Marines . . . ambition-Secretary. Basketball '40g Volley Ball '40g Fashion Club Rita S. Steinlauf Blue eyes . . . favorite song-"R-um and Coca-Cola" . . . interested in basketball and the piano . . . is going to be a fine arts student. Gym Class Leaderg Transferred from Peabodyg Hobby-Art Work Guido H. Stempel f'Guy" . . . admires Umbriago . . . very liappy-go-lucky . . . hobby-chess . . . wants to be a chemical engineer. Orchestra Ag Intramural Basketball '45g Hobby-Chess 107 ' - John A. Thomas Rolf G. Winter "Jack" . . . slzy . . . GdlIll'!'US Ur. llligizm' "l311fc11" .... 9 fudiozzs . . . admires illr. . . . Collects foreign nzoizfy . . . favorite Blitz . . . fl0l7T7y-Sfll7llf7S . . . enjoys .vfmrf-fooflulll . . . rfomfimz--Radio Sfvfkv fomuv . . . runnis to 110 a Hzvrlzau- Field. ical l'llfjTlIf'l'I'. lntramural Basketball '45g Hohhy-Col- lecting Foreign Coinsg Transferred from Track Team '453 Intramural Basketball '45g Hohhy-VVorkshop fll lt J ans one . . Thomas Woods, jr. v Wllllam Untener "lfl"0ods" .... v ruvll guy . . . Iilcvs Count "Cunt" . . . SZLIIUIZUIIX . . . 11fHH1fS flu' Post Basil, c , . Plays 0 lmf my , I . qufmfg ff, Office . . 11'lcv.f Harry fnzzzcs and Hefty In' a profvgrifinal Inu-pr, f'7'aMV - - ' P"f'ff"'-S mf' l"lf"'f"3'm7U'U pn' Gymnastics '44g Football '44g Track '45g tar affm gradmzfzon. O1-Clwstfa D, C Soccer '40, '41, '42g Basketball '40, '41 That Will Be the Day When . School starts at ten o'clock! No one flunks! Hits from Broadway and Hollywood come to XVe have mirrors in every room. Van johnson comes to Allderdicel XVe don't have tests. Homework is abolished. Pupils issue their own hall passes. VVe have an hour for lunch. Seniors don't have to write English our assemblies. themes l Y N ?l2f" iaa if g f'X .79 'Wi-, my W?-' 42 s ' a 'X 1 K1 g 70 1 X .....6f31mX I , LOVA A N XA Daze of Our Year Sometime way back there in September-school opened. with such new additions as two-way traffic on the stairs, and five point traffic on report cards. September 29-Allderdice-Peabody game, 6-O-for us, of course, thanx to Peppy! October 16-A constant combing of hair and wearing of ties was evidenced on this day and for a few weeks thenceforth-Mr. Evans from Hill's was here to take our pictures. October 19-The red-letter day in more ways than one. Report cards! Need we say more? jane Levine didn't think so. November 3-First of terrif TAHS social season was presented in the form of the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Sid Tobin and the South Hills good losers made it worth remembering. November 10-The memorable Booster game. backed by everyone. C among whom were the GALSH and the victorious Senior Varsity cheered by all rooters. November 22-Another super senior affair-this time at Lexington Roller Rink, with Bill Crosby and Mike Marcus with the rest of the Social Committee knocking themselves out to make it just so. December S, 6, 8-"Beginner's Luck" which was more than luck to see. Ruth Boksenbaum was then the rage, and we all piped up our voices to sound like "Birdie" December 20. Zl. 22-The Choir's Christmas program. a real holiday spirit send- off was presented, ,lim Gilliland and Mary Garcia, seniors through and through, sang real music. january 16-"Senior Priorities" starring Edna Gehlert and other entertaining entertainers. kept us laughing for days. lVe liked Bob XVeiss as the Bus Driver. fHow true a characterizationlj January Z3-Formvordk Staff Party was thrown for Michaels, Melnick. Teplitz. Cohen, and Lyons. The starving journalists finally got some food. and their pictures in the Foreword, to boot. january 24-Graduation! and the Prom!! Graduating Cavaliers and their ladies looked lovely. and Marsh Levy's boogie-woogie was constantly in demand at the various rooms on the Bill Penn's l7th floor. january 30-Freshies got lost in the first floor annex, while jay Averbach and the rest of his crew took office as Hossifers' of the new Seniors. February l-1-Everyone was in love, if not with each other, with Mark Daniels. Don Taylor, and the rest of the "VVinged Victoryn cast, except Nan Freed- man. who was still walking around quite dejectedly, because she couldn't wear lipstick-long live SOP'sl February 24--Scholastic Art Exhibit closed after displaying Dorothy Adams' and Ruth Kings masterpieces for two weeks, not to mention a host of other Allderdicians who took honors, which we naturally expected. March 2-Victorious swimmers came off with the city championship and everyone felt happy about the whole thing. March 14. 15, 16-Modern Dance program-just Modern Dance program-thatls all! ln the meantime Tom lVall was still keeping the Discussion Club in stitches. March 17-Seniors Madelain Nowling and Iva jane Goldstein graced Frank and Seder's fashions with their lovely faces and figures, and Allderdician femmes flocked there to gaze and behold the models. April 7--Georges and Li'l Gway VVabbits were seen en masse at the Hi-Y Bunny Hop, where everyone was "having a wonderful time!" April 10-By this time. students were again being marked tardy because the 109 record-breaking snow had finally melted, while the cinders on the ice turned to dirt beneath our feet. April 13-Friday-taha-but Seniors have not even time for breathing, between Civic Club tests, High Honor tests. ,lournal Questionaires, and eager antici- pation of the all-star colossal production-"Janie" M ay 3-Teachers issued second reports for infants, but the ones that count for Seniors, as the Chronis twins held their breath. May 22, 23, 24-Mfhat we had been living for-Pepper, Chabie. and the gang, not to mention little "Elsbeth," made for really fine memories of our Class Play. May 29-T he journal staff was still laboring, especially editor Ruth Clarkson, but if you read this, you'll know we succeeded. june 8-Class Day . . . we laughed and laughed and almost cried, but welll always remember it ! June 13-Graduation!!!! Our chosen speakers really did our class justice, and our poppas and mommas in the audience made us choke up. june 14-Graduation prom at the William Penn was the product of the combined efforts of Delta Lams, Hi-Y's and Cavaliers, and they certainly did it up fine. VVe drove our teachers and parents crazy while we had 12A-itis, as Miss Steiner says, but we hope they could bear with us and feel, now, as sorry for our leaving and as happy at our honors as we. Knowing that they do, we leave our thanks . . . This has truly been our year! ' FAMOUS SAYINGS dl, she can cook, too" .,...,.....,...,...,...,............. I always do my homework" I like all my teachers" .. ...' A I think I deserve an A" .. .. A Now the theory of relativity is" -6 1. n at is .1 The bus was late .......,,.,.,...,.,..,,..,.... Where were you fourth period?" I'll never get married" . ,.,. .. .. I'll bring you an excuse tomorrowi' ..... l'm giving an A to all the boys" . "Of course the Pirates will win this year" .,., Ac rs H s. What's your name, handsome ?" ................ It ca Oh! What you said" ,..,....,...,......,.,........ Will you repeat that P" ,,,,..,,..,.......,...., "But, Mr. Roller. I" , .. ,. I'm going to start training tomorrow" ..r,. How awful, she gave me a B plus" ......... Wake me up when the bell rings" KC ss na CK 0 if This is so sudden ......... ...,,,..... So then what did she say P" ...,.. I canit say, nov ,... ...........,..,,.,.. jay Averbach Dorothy Hawkins Sid Amdur Kenneth Lenchner ,. Donald Zangwill Celeste Silberstein Mr. Thomas . . ..r... Ruth King Jack Lennox Mrs. Smith ., Bill Benswanger jean Petrie Tom Wall Abe Rounick Jeanne Friedman Donald Solow .. Sema Moskovitz Bert Nevin Ruth Frank Dick Herman Louise Opie I10 ACT IT FOREWORD STAFF GRADUATES Sponsor-Miss Riddle Ruth Clarkson, Corrine Cohen, Audrey Cohn, Rose Marie Condas, Rina Epstein, Nancy Freedman, Audrey Golomb, Barbara Golomb, Audrey Green, Gerald Hebert, Ruth King, jane Levine, Shirley Lyon, Robert Melnick, Milton Michaels, Jerry Newberg, Irene-Ruth Ravick, Shirley Spokane, jean Teplitz. 11th and 12th Grade FOREWORD REPRESENTATIVES -Y Y Y, Y, Y Y, 112 Y-- E ,, 9th-10th Grade FOREWORD REPRESENTATIVES nh-am Grade Eo1zEwoRD REPRESENTATIVES 100129 Subscription Rooms 4 ROOM 120 'Y m-Y' Y 7'-Z 113 A ROOM 251 ROOM 206 Foreword Subscription 114 ROOM 256 100'Zp Rooms C3 Q2 ROOM 352 ROOM 467 ROOM 368 115 9 L-f WWW ne' and X599 'Q Leif Dai fl Xi, M S Dance SY M80 f Qddiqaacoabba 6 ffm' Eid infer sh fs fb Riagg Q5 . xv X QA., o ey, 0 N S 95 xo l1,. V ' mm ey so Vkmw' Hosted diff? WIA? D J M , . X66 px 16:5 iN1Qag mu B T' . 1 '. . QX9iexc.mQONQX' W E I I X l y u broadcast and NV 31115015 Ate dn EDU . Sembx as fo .A e studems 'Fefe gf QQ 9 of V fy, -o O ' 4 ,A E 9 6 4 Q OW "iam 9 .Xxicvf o"'-M nach nov-YS dYmc V. E: DQ' I X, ,qym more ,M ye ' A X ,Keen 'QXYVSKX gia t M' Vgm M? as S: .. 1 2 5, gg? ev K, -A ' 9 6 PUPILS o T0 TA KE ggtoac abciore. PMQCY3' I on S Wa' . f' S Q... A 'N H' '9 IN BRO ADCAST HERE The In I "'-' . Y DHY K Air wiij mor Tfvwn M . gy WW: be br ng ul smug O RY --' wdHSXX1,1,ff0m H6111 "f QJANWKS Q33 w.. S 200-1 T1 M' or AUQQR Q X 0 7, it X NX -06 Q .S fi ef AK, . If? 'JF 'wif' X' S' Q' ea . 0 M xofxwxg CWC' 5 S C7 9 'P' 96 S ,IZ 00 X109 O06 me we + 5:5 S, Shxvoom C530 2950 4' Q 4 6 Q fgglxivifgoxca xo va' Q00 X' 3 6 WQPWS gg f-Eiga ff! Us M0 0 0' J' N W W? -X Yeo? f326'E.f.: ff- 4' 00 W M Q. Q- Yfy,Ofj0Q'fQ?'30 i000 00 Q dw. 'SWYXX S Ygioboe 05 fpoance ' 2 'J-2 Lifflfiffiieoxfff- Us W 5 " Serffvs I l Oh I6 1574102100122 G rib as d td 9 Babble Om? me In -2 Ice Cftel' Jodi Ygfdflb' Sir cp g r? are 501100 gbsnoa 'LOGO exe 'WOQ QQ 3 , 'e r 'U-2111 as H .s',-rio! if Q 6 I6 0, we Come n 31' ,Y-II-I Iarg. ' We so-5g We Zunguiiigic .V-' Xciixggl Care Ve me an U , 1, - Goes if w'x'dX 9 Pang' .x ,W A f 9 B01 -A C iuXXUsv3:3E,:Ea fx 09 Qgxgpgmswsxbmt f 11 Vw vm f1iIQX.ff'2QwlwtA'C 3C5c,Q7ffQ 5' 4 , Si wgimm -X . S5992 Wm do md Q ah' if UPG gag! 0 was 'S-kivvwa 15,5969 QW OH vom YN -Q ff, 'w 0 W7 'o oe Ed - Bw Ar - Lf WO 10 ew if Qf-X Ilfmi part S'd'NjXOO'29fgXQXs Sbaqsfwigxvi X212 SX fgiiwrg . Bd Tough an Q. UQ gif, 9 - 114 Cv - ' "' , Nxgms Re S1 Gradmg swam D ues Former mem X Qxo ' ef af B 45,35 Y Junmr Sclenge Fa 0-Q 0 J' Ir 4 mo Q Q Again rhisv L.. ,Zio QJQ 55051 eEr'aQh,fuiu?1PQXXSYRESNQQXXWXNEK Lim N VZ, ai 7 ni g,+Q,5Q QQ ff .d v at gggoggh QM .?,,ff1,,+h vm 60. 4, A Hner Rev, YX0 l Mx xgfpli . R 4.1 1'- B :ind QXWQXN Bw Q5q'1d9M6Y.AiQ, 120200002 - W .wow walgcw of V 1 o,Qa'?'?fr ,, fxjek, irlioccx 11101. or 01, ' 1 biem y rv-: 6 'hdefrqfdeh Q06 G MORONUS A LL?ERDICIS Pict ures F Of .l0llf ll 2Q5j0y0 fa Jjolbjdbow Q59 x J , 0 0 0 A Vxctow 'Yemxmakes 2 1 It U1 len: . PCCu1ia , 1 Ynasketbad Season ,ap mL'Z,"?f f"defdffM W- T0 Be Taken Th' 2 V l .On Tuesday, Yobxuary 27, the MX- Z 7 S Month deidke Dragons ended xheir reguh: 64 .X 0 XX Nmskf H season with a 50-37 WV5' VC' C9 W , 0 0 M on the Oaklaxt' cc- PS 2 0 -J Qoughf Q1 1 wexx 6 E pAXdcidx6xm aww' E w 0' G .cxxked Q5 Cnc Regxooix do '6-7 Pin.. LY '1'XHkMx0t'h'?i'sSCd ',6QA73"g"Z1g hz Q' o M X " P X er J " O'e,QI1" as -We ee A ee- Kite .Qui y jliffefin SERVICE CLUB Sponsor-Miss Mathilda G. johnson General Manager-Helen Kopka Assistant Manager-Betty Bender Assistant Clerks-Julia Horvath, Hilda Jenkins, Elizabeth Yasko, Shirley Allison Back row: Hilda jenkins, Betty Bender, Shirley Allison. Front row: Julia Horvath, Helen Kopka, Martin Yasko, Elizabeth Yasko, Mary De- Greorio. Mary DeGregorio, Yvonne Guilloteau, Ann Colllns Rose Marie Condas ASSISTANTS 117 ervice maps BLOOD DONOR COMMITTEE SHADYSIDE HOSPITAL AIDES Captains Sponsor-Miss Mercer Thursday-Audrey Green Monday-Sally Kruman Friday-Velma Miller Tuesday-Ada McCarney Saturday-Shirley Seiner Wednesday-Florence Hulme Sunday-Doris Francis W W A 118 W A ' "" K' ' "WV LIBRARY CLUB A.A,A. Sponsor-Mr. john B. Coyne President-Milton Michaels Vice President-Irene-Ruth Ravick Secretary-Treasurer-Beverly Stein 119 Sponsor-Miss Alva K. Held President-Beatrice Weiner Vice President-Ruthe Pechersky Secretary-Alice Scott Treasurer-Gloria Trueg P1 4. f 9th and 10th Grade SOCIAL COMMITTEE f':,r:snmji0 WJ. A , . THEATRE WING Sponsor-Miss Dorothy Zeigler President-Harriet Bliman Vice President-Roberta Feldman Secretary-Treasurer-Lois Goldman Social Chairmen-Jerrv Prince, Ruth Weinstein L SIGMA IOTA Sponsor-Dr. Alvin Faust President-Marshall Levy Vice President-Celeste Silberstein Secretary-Geraldine Lipman Treasurer-Milton Michaels 121 GMS MICROSCOPE CLUB YOUNG MAGICIANS Sponsor-Mrs. Smith Sponsor-Mr. Gutoski President-James Gilliland President--Stewart Tyrnauer Vice President-Robert Heatley Vice President-Murray Grossinger Secretary-Eleanor Evans Secretary-Irene Felman Social Chairman-Bernard Mallinger Treasurer-Learita Lazar ' ' ' " ' " W ' 122 ' W SENIOR DISCUSSION GROUP Sponsor-Miss E. Wagenknecht Moderator-Norwin Katz Secretary-Sema Moskovitz AVIATION CLUB Sponsor-Miss Elizabeth Warnock President-Edward Coffey Vice President-Howard Bernstein Secretary-Joanne MacLeod Social Chairman-Sylvia Harris 123 JUNIOR DISCUSSION GROUP Sponsor-Miss B. Mitchell Moderator-Joseph Lenchner Secretary-Grace Salzman GM POST OSWALD GROUP RADIO CODE Sponsor Mr. Lewis MATH ART GROUP Sponsor-Mrs. Bonsall Director of Group-Alan Wallie 124 HI-Y Officers President-Tom Wall Vice President-Tom Salisbury Secretary-Tom Tovey Treasurer-Myron Wagner Wifi fRl.J 5 mic MARCHING BAND Director-Mr. Dietz BAND A 126 i . X ' W Wwkw W A C Pi cw BRASS QUINTET BAND B ! 127 rckenfm Director-Miss Laura Zeigler ORCHESTRA A ORCHESTRA B Y' 128 7' Y Y Y TRIO STRING QUARTET ORCHESTRA C Z 'Y 129 WOODWIND QUINTET SAXOPHONE QUARTET ORCHESTRA D 130 7 ' ,uw-.M -, f fvomf .Mzz5L'c Director-Miss Emma Steiner any ,I fgijf' Q 7 .Wi-5 i 1 7 3,1 ,V f' MALE CHORUS GROUP A W 131 H' ZW' GROUP B GROUP C i132 '? GROUP D GROUP E AH' 133 7 VITAL STATISTICS Our pet peeves are . . . 5. 7 weekend homework getting up early people that say, "Oh, you're just a VX e are singing . . . "Don't Fence Me In" "To Allderdicen "Close as Pages in a Book" chlldlu "I've Been Vllorking on the Rail dish-washing road" Qwith all the partsj Our favorite pastimes are . . . 6. XVe are going to be . . . dancing engineers reading the comics nurses passing drivers' tests teachers completing physics manuscripts sailors collecting military insignia writers Our favorite haunts are . . flyers 1101116 7. Our heroes are . . . drugstores, in general our parents Carnegie Library' Van johnson Forbes Field Miss Riddle the movies Franklin Roosevelt chemistry lab the Boy Scouts lVe like . . . Bob Shaw three-inch Steaks Mr. .McLly1nonds . the color green 8. Sometime we are going to . . . swimming meets ride the merry-go-round at Coney nylons Island the hunting season dance at the Mardi Gras sincere smiles try out my Spanish in South red bow ties America football games see England in the Spring long-eared dogs roam Broadway at night 9. We are also . . . friendly ambitious practically grown up GRADUATING ll 4 V V 1 X 5 :iii-'JILL I 5 2?m::::HmZ'x X X 1' 1 1. M , , , A fx Q fl 5 W at gf VK !! Q if li .pgaijg ,' 1 " ' . ,f,I?" W, or M.-...W A.-x H. I l"l In Hlllumlllliiuum. V M Il 5 ' ' nw!-5215-wi 5 Rm W 1 na at 1 1 f lXf43gVgl-'2!4Q39.w,.-z- . ' f 1 - ,',,,v x A , 097' QL N223 M035 A S X 19, ' mga-5 X f ' 'rtviii ' , X Aa is he-gy. v Aietlslbg ll X 'N X f jI,.g.12w2s2v.'i5 6 E . 1 gs 4: H3'37?9P'9S f ' 41 Eg ' fA"gs'z'm X o X 1 A 2: -Q tafgl.kt'1n"lV QQ ' nz 22 lzejaiasslff -,! Y 'N' vain din ul" RF Katia 'S nf L A " Binary. 1 N 0 LQ,'e".2i5 ' 9 f4J""7G53'5"' gui , ' " ,fglflflllllllirllmlmrull 1 nv'-7 ff ff 439 Q3'f54f5G"H1'g',..l' .1 5,-,4 OQ1 I .avi ,J A' ', If '.'v' X 4 , . 1 F 1, 662 '1"' 13? 'M R WWW 'VIVAWSSM' , ,,.ff-QW ,C .asm 6 F , fl Q 1, 4 ,,f3i2Qw:a+Q!1L!L'lll'2' any f 'qv-."nyvJ'0+9.rv4 925'-'ivwsf' "w 4 x43l Sfiybvf' 4 'Rn 41,50 I ' W N4 4: ,anew M + s -mi' M. ,493 QQ' s My A ski? , 22455-- X A f7?f"vw"-fi ' ' Q '?'v':' if ' U I , 8 J . CHEER LEADERS Sponsor-Mr. Robert Irvin MAJORETTES Sponsor-Mr. John Irwin """ 136 777777 oofbaff FOOTBALL TEAM Sponsor-Mr. Group Captain-Sidney Tobin Allderdice 6--Peabody 0 'Twas a warm and balmy autumn day: The sun was shining bright. The wearers of the red and gray Opposed the green and white. ,Ns Tobin raised his hands. The game was on! The kicked! .X roar engulfed the stands. The players emerged upon the field Amidst three thousand cries XVhich steadily grew to a mighty roar And echoed against the skies. Giovane snatched the hall .Xnd quickly gathered speedy ln l'rcmt of him his blocking XYith McCarthy in the lead. ,AX hush fell o'er the seething mass ball was formed FIRST TEAM 138 T -V 1.2-" 111.1 we- 'Li?fi'Q1QQh"'ii5F.1?3f1iZ " 1 " 1 '-- r' "Peppy" raced for thirty yards 'Till the whistle finally blew. The play was stoppedg the teams lined up, The ball on the forty-two. The spiral snapped back to McTighe, Into the line he plunged, A half-blocked, frantic, Peabody guard In desperation lunged. His arms entwined around the legs Of the Dragon crashing through. "Putz" was stopped, the ball squirmed loose, High in the air it flew. A fumble! Quick! Recover that ball! But when the men unpiled. A red and gray was underneath, And the Peabody stands went wild! The Highlanders rolled to the Dragon 4 eighteen, Making their mighty bid. "Hold that line!" was the desperate cry And "hold that line" they did. A last-down pass was blocked by Miles. 'Twas the Dragons' ball once more. The ball was snapped, McTighe to Ray- , First-down on the thirty-four! McTighe to Gulyasy good for six, Chernoff ploughed for nine g A buck through guard, a center smash, The Dragons ripped their line! The ball had crossed the midfield stripe: 'T was Allderdice-"First and ten"! Nothing could stop the crushing force Of eleven determined men. Up the field the Dragons marched, Advancing yard by yard Sinews taut, eyes agleam, Muscles straining hard. " -u. Once again McTighe received, And, breathing a silent prayer, Heaved his pass with bullet speed- Three men leaped in the air! Bodies tensed, arms outstretched, This was "do or die." The pass was good! The score was made! McC0nkey from McTighe. This land is large, the people free. There is joy for all who try. But of all the joy to be found that day, It was greatest at Allderdice High. SECOND TEAM 139 FOOTBALL MANAGERS GREEN KEY 140 '7E7"' Y' BASKETBALL TEAM Sponsor-Mr. Irwin Captains-John Gulyasy, Miles McC0nkey TRACK TEAM Sponsor-Mr. Irvin Captains-Howard Bernstein Gene Feldshue ' 141 Q i"" GYMNASTIC TEAM Sponsor-Mr. Sofield Captain-Tom Cantle SWIMMING TEAM Sponsor-Mr. Sofield Captain-Ed Whitman 143 To flu' STAGE CREW A Luncheon Lyric firm' nf: 'lllofw O'z'v1', l'lvfi.w, lvUIli1'l' liirlflzg .lly .siflllfjllfffl Uh, l1c1'c's tu liuttlcs. liiics. zmcl trays. Syiulmlic nl mu' liiiiclimmii clays. They lcd us wcll, we gals :tml guys. lYith liztm-lmiis. sump, :mcl clicrry pies. Hut thc spaghetti. uh. thc spaghetti- lt lills rim' eyes with tcztrs To know that wc must gm without ln all thc comming years. NYC liwcrl thc swirl rilrl-llasliiirm-rl stcws, is The QI'ZlVlCCl spmls. :mcl rithci' lmrc-ws. 'lll'llC. wc' tliuuflit thc clnicnlntc' Czlkc The host that :my chef cfmulrl lzztltc. But the spaghetti, ah. thc S1JZLgllClIll-! It czumut he siirpztssccl. lf lllbtlllllg' Clsc rciiiains with us. Hs 11lClIlUTy will lust. So llCl'C'S to liiiiclmrum lines zuicl trays .Xml hcst of all. spaghetti days. Rather than l,zu1zL. Grztlmlc, or llccly. Youll thrill us with one word: "sp:1ghet "Y 144 ti." AMAA irfs Spark -A SENIOR LEADERS MODERN DANCE Sponsor-Miss Long Sponsor-Miss Long President-Gloria Brodie Executive Chairman-Audrey Golomb Vice President-Estelle Berenfield Assistant Chairman-Shirley Felman Secretary-Harriet Bliman Secretary-Annette Ginsburg Treasurer-Carolyn Chronis Social Chairman-Jeanne Marcus YW W' 'Z Y 'W 145 ETF' 7' ' WZ' W JUNIOR LEADERS Sponsor-Mrs. Schaupp President-Rebecca Holmes Vice President-Rille Kamens Secretary-Geraldine Gerber Treasurer-Seena Goldman Social Chairman-Norma Trust JUNIOR LEADERS Sponsor-Mrs. Simms Y' 146 "ir FALL SPORTS HIGH POINT WINNERS hlust -ll more days to go, Soon 25. soon l0 'Till we'll he out of .-Xllderdice And on our own. liut thenf: Remember all the happy times That we have had right here. The basketball and football games, And golly! did we cheer. On swimming days. those "oomphy' girls XYith hair just dripping wet. .Xnd pledges running through the halls, Those poor kids sure did sweat! 'l looking' was our liiggest joy. XX hat s one day, more or less? Of course we seldom got caught lint when we did-T. S! XYe've laughed and joked for four long years, Somehow we'Ve stumbled throughg Our teachers were swell-don't argue. please l- 'l'he day we get those sheepskin scrolls XYe're really on our way: l.oads of luck to each ol you. See you around some day! XYith newcomers we all had some fun- The 'elevator passf filth 'floorg' And though we had to do some work lt d0esn't seem had any more. 147 I' Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. COMPLIMENTS OF Sidney Aronson Irwin Baraff Irwin Bliman and Family Mr and Mrs. Louis J. Bloch Mr and Mrs. E. P. Burton Mr and Mrs. Samuel Chaban Mr. and Mrs. P. Chronis Mr and Mrs. Henry C. Cohn R. M. Colnes Mr. and Mrs. B. Cowen Mr. and Mrs. I. B. Cuttler Mr. and Mrs. Joseph De Francisco Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Edelson Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Edelstein Meyer, Charles, and Gilbert Elovitz Mr. and Mrs. William R. Finn Mr. and Mrs. Saul T. Glass Mr and Mrs. M. Goldman Mr. and Mrs. H. Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Golomb Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Goodfriend Mr and Mrs. Morris Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Sam jubelirer Mr. and Mrs. Karl Kalmenson Mr and Mrs. Max Keyser Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Kelso Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Lazar Irwin Levinson S 2!c Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Levinson Mr. and Mrs. D. Lichter Mr. and Mrs. J. Lipman Mr. and Mrs. Harry j. Lockhart Mr. and Mrs. I. Lutz and Daughters Mrs. Vincent Mannella Mr. and Mrs. M. Marks Dr. and Mrs. H. N. Mawhinney Dr. and Mrs. J. S. Morledge Dr. and Mrs. David Moskovitz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Notz Mr. and Mrs. M. Pechersky Phi Delt Softball Team Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Roth Dr. and Mrs. Morris Rubin Safyan's Little Photo Shoppe Miss Mildred Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Charles Silver Mr. and Mrs. Harry Soltz Mrs. Sadie M. Speer Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Sperling Mr. and Mrs. Philip Stein Mrs. I. Steinman Mr. and Mrs. B. Supkoff Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Swanson Mrs. S. Weiner Mr. and Mrs. Milton Weinman Mr. and Mrs. S. Weinstein Mr. and Mrs. William H. Whitman 149 THE 1945 ALLDERDICE '23 Engraving SUPERIOR ENGRAVING CO. 235 FIFTH AVENUE '23 Photography HILL 15' STUDIO 214 N. HIGHLAND AVENUE A2 Printing MA VER PRESS 235 COLLINS AVENUE O Kawenberg 'A Original HOT PUPPIE SHOP Steak Sandwiches yotfll like! just a little sign that we appreciate your patronage. Thank you. FORWARD AND MURRAY AVENUES It "VVe Do The Job Right" Come In-Let Us Prove It "Service for all cars"- "The Best in Town" COYNE Sc EVANS 5600 Wilkins Ave. 5301 5th Ave. Compliments of Murray Ave. Market 2103 MURRAY AVENUE jAckson 2901 For LUGGAGE C - LEATHER GOODS Omphmems of GIFTS . Alpha-Beta-Chi IT'S 14LE1sER's SORGRITY 1001 LIBERTY AVENUE Opposite Greyhound Bus Terminal jAckson 9827 LOUIS P. GOLVASH, Mgr. SQUIRREL HILL BOWLING ASSOCIATION FORWARD ALLEYS Seventeen Perfect A. B. C. Alleys RESERVATIONS FOR PARTIES Scene of Pittsburgh's Greatest Bowling Exhibitions 5844 FORVVARD AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. Compliments of JASON BEAUTY SALON 2045 WIGHTMAN STREET HAzel 0475 MARTIN AND VANDERVORT, Inc. PHARMACISTS 3614 FIFTH AVE., near Atwood St. -- 5618 WILKINS AVE., near Wightman St. 5872 NORTHUMBERLAND ST., near Shady Ave. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduating Class SANDY LIPSITZ "VVhere Courtesy Prevails" Comphmems of Walker Beauty Salon C oniplete Beauty Service Gliclis Food Market HAM 1661 2121 MURRAY AVENUE ,835-27 MURRAY AVENUE Pittsburgh, Pa. What Will You Have to Offer When Peace Comes? EFFICIENT BUSINESS TRAIN- ING IS oUR SPECIALTY W, M, SHARP Duffs-Iron City Real Estate Brolcer College 424 Duquesne Way Pittsburgh Cal' Sycamore 8197 ATlantiC 4875 152 Sigma Delta Epsilon Fraternity extends best 'wishes to the graduating class and to their nieinbers entering the .verfuice ALUMNI IN SERVICE Alvin Unger f Leonard Bloom Howard Cooper Kenneth Gordon Merwin Kubrin Leon Labbie jack Langue Jack Lebovitz Jerome Levine Murray Levenson George Levy Joseph Miles Phillip Weiner "Brud" Oseroff David Raphael Morris Rosecrans jerry Rubin Robert Shapiro Murray Shapiro Leonard Strahl ' Irv Terner Sidney Tobin Bud Treelisky Jerome Vertman 153 GAMMA PHI ALPHA salutes its Graduating Members JANUARY CLASS Richard Herscovitz Leroy Myers Marvin Seigal JUNE CLASS Horst Cahn Earl Kopsofsky Leonard H. Forman jerry Krantz Marvin Katz Bob Levine Morton Klein Henry Pasch Norbert Shanblatt ARMED SERVICE Donald Kopelman-U.S.N. Leonard Walk-Aviation Cadet Marvin Silverblatt-Aviation Cadet f Irwin White-U.S.N. fDeceasedD ' 154 Compliments of Delicoxessen and Grocery Sam's Barber Shop 2126 MURRAY AVENUE 4233 MURRAY AVENUE HAZCI 0142-3 Compliments of BEACON and MORROWFIELD PHARMACIES Ann M. Gallagher Greeting Cards for All Occasions ul" , RENTAL LIBRARY 'll 5872 FORBES STREET HAzel 5952 58785 Forbes Street l ' Squlrrel H111 B. G. S. PHOTO SERVICE Candid Photos That Please Taken in Your Own Home No Job Too Large or Too Small Call JAcks0n 0858'-HAzel 3431-SChenley 8187 155 1 SIGMA KAPPA FRATERNITY extends hest -wishes to the Graduating Class of 1945 NOTARY PUBLIC Furniture Upholstery Gifts Draperies David G. Morgan General Insurance and Real Estate Serfuice 4353 MURRAY AVENUE Pittsburgh, Pa. Phone JAckson 2624 The Carlton Shop Interior Furnishings HAzel 2284 5852 FORBES STREET fNear Shady Avenuel A. Bandell Pittsburgh, Pa. Little's Shoe Store Arnerica's Largest Shoe Store Selling Finer Shoes for Less .4- 585O Forbes St., Pittsburgh, Pa. Every known width and size. Open Evenings MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT CICERO BROS. Barher and Beauty Shops 5823 FORBES STREET 2140-42 MURRAY AVENUE JAckson 9860 jAckson 9720 JAckson 9771 Compliments of DE LUXE CLEANERS 4355 MURRAY AVENUE HAze1 6060 Compliments of Compliments Of - a Autenreith's Mallinger S Dollar Store .lefweleifs 5832 FORBES STREET 6th Floor CLARK BUILDING Pittsburgh, Pa. HAZCI 8822 DRESSES COATS Surrs GRACE MILES 5867 FORBES STREET SQUIRREL HILL Open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Evenings Styles at MILES are MILES ahead Complim-'mls' of Phillips Pharmacy MRS. BLANK of Reliable BLAIXI Kvs Drug Store Needs Gifocery ami Delicatessen 1014 GREENFIELD AVENUE GUS HIRSCH' Ph-G Compliments of THETA MU SIGMA 157 Complimemy 0 FRIE V A Lv uv .. .tl 'Wg ff - n g!-5 l QA' f my 5? 2 g W I 9 at " ll N 158 u To the Senior Class of l94-5 we wish to extend oar hearliest good wishes NEVVMAN,S YOUTH CENTER 5836 FORBES STREET HAzel sooo C on gratulalions Seniors f SIGMA OMEGA PI SORORITY JEANNE BALTER MARIAN CHABAN NANCY FREEDMAN It's a treat to eat our lunch meat" Schultz's Dairy Store V 509 GREENFIELD AVENUE HAzel 5890 Phones: I-IAzel 3370-3371 John F. Nugent FIRE INSURANCE REAL ESTATE MORTGAGES-RENTING NOTARY PUBLIC 5819 FORBES STREET Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh Compliments of the RODEF SHALOM ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Compliments of Meyer Rosen Drug Store FORBES AND SHADY 159 T126 Delta ambda hi Fraternit wishes the best of luck and offers congratulations to the graduating class of June 1945 and to the graduating nienibers of our Fraternity Marshall Levy Sanford Marcus Fred Marks Henry Neaman Jerry Prince Alfred Rosen 160 Tire Repairing and Recapping Motor Vitalizing-Car NVashing ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION PITTSBURGH, PA. P Eleclricel and Tune-Up Service Rental and Recharge Batteries MCKINLEY HOTHAM Phone JAckson 9948 MURRAY AND LILAC STREET SQUIRREL HILL Manor Pharmacy Chronis Flowers P' f" ' S 'I' 75.IL7Zpfl07'l P6010 LILY MURRAY AND DARLINGTON Pclmsylvania Station T'iffS'm"2h' PH- seimiey 37oo4,xT1amif 2905 Phono HAzel 6000 The House of Reliable Quality and Service Standard School Jewelers NIXON THEATRE BUILDING PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Class Rings and Pins Booklet Diplomas Commencement Announcements Club Pins Cups and Trophies Medals and Awards Sport Charms and Keys 161 B The TAU ALPHA MU SORURITY wishes the hest of Inch to the graduating class and to our three graduating memhers Norma Barker Harriet Herman Ruthe Peehersky H. Vane Silberstein F.H.A. Mortgages COurt 4800 Compliments of Loretta Cleaners and Tailors 1102 GREENFIELD AVENUE JAckson 2980 JAckson 1457 Philip Reicher Sc Co. XVats0n Standard Paints Glass, Hardware, Wallpaper Plumbing Supplies, Household Supplies, Mirrors 5880 FORBES STREET Pittsburgh, Pa. COurt 0488 Expert Servlet Penn Camera and Photo Supply "'Evvrything for Photographyh' 910 LIBERTY AVENUE Pittsburgh, Pa. 7th Avenue Hotel Building 162 LEO A. RAMBACHER Meals and Produce "VVe have what you want when yOu want lt. CCJOEH KAr11Z SQUI RREL H I LL Fresh Fish-Sea Food 2128 MURRAY AVENUE A k 257 5804 FORBES AT MURRAY J C 50" 5 FORWARD SHOE REBUILDING SAM RUGGERI, Proprietor WEVER before has there been greater demand for the trained man or woman. Such a demand can be met by young persons continuing their studies to become chemists, physicists, or engi- neers, doctors, dentists, lawyers, or pharma- cistsg nurses, social workers, teachers, or mem- bers of the business world. The University of' Pittsburgh 163 -- fl- For Estimate--HAzel 0900 Certified' Cprocess C0. Specializing in Cleaning Upholstery and T acked-down Carpeting 5633 FORVVARD AVENUE Pittsburgh 17, Pa. VVQ Service Homes, Clubs, Hotels, Churches, Theatres, and Offices Perl Sc Reichbaum Finer Foods 1901-03-05 MURRAY AVENUE Pittsburgh, Pa. Phone JAckson 1100 C oiiiplimerils of Paramount Foods H. B. ROSENTHAL Manager HAzel 0256 HE-PNER Radio and Electric Co. 5884 FORBES STREET At Shady Avenue, Squirrel Hill Pittsburgh, Pa. P. MILLER PHOTO at SUPPLY "Your Photo Friend" .2004 MURRAY AVENUE HAzel 2441 B est Wishes from HEBREW NATIONAL DELICATESSEN HOLLYWOOD BARBER SHOP 1931 MURRAY AVENUE HAzel 7782 . Newman Brothers, Proprietors MURRAY-BEACON ALLEYS 1916 MURRAY AVENUE ,IAckson 0266 164 To Every Member of the Classes of 194-5 T he Taylor Allderdice PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Extends Good Wishes for A Bright and Happy Future Compliments of ALPHA GAMMA SIGMA Best wishes to those graduating Ruth Cohen Lois Orinstein Eunice Cohen Sonia Rosenblatt Iva Jane Goldstein Shirley Stein Compliments of GOLCHWB PAINT and GLASS COMPANY 219 THIRD AVENUE 1532 CENTER AVENUE SACHS REAL ESTATE CO. Complete Real Estate and Insurance S erfoiee KEENAN BUILDING-COurt 0895 5822 FORBES STREET-HAzel 2140 1524 CENTER AVENUE-ATlantic 9664 PITTSBURGH FRANK FREYVOGEL Residence Phone: HAzel 2368 166 Congratulations from VICTORY A. Z. A. TO 1Ts GRADUATING SENIORS February Class June Class Edward Coffey Robert Horvitz Mervin Greenberg Howard Schorin Milton Coffey Byron Kramer Hyman Haffner Sidney Amdur Morris Naimark Billy Weiss Merle Markowitz Good Luck to the Graduating Class PI SIGMA TAU extends its best 'wishes and congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1945 Fine Flower Gifts SQUIRREL HILL FLOWER SHOP 1717 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PENNA HAzel 3300 GREETINGS FROM A FRIEND - 167 GAMMA ALPHA LAMBDA Sorority extends ils best wishes 10 the graduating class of 1945 and to ils fifleen graduating members Chari Baker Estelle Berenfield Harriet Bliman Elinor Calig Audrey Golomb Joyce Jubelirer Geraldine Lipman Beatrice Weiner Madeline Nowling Norma Reuben Selma Rogal Iris Rosen Betty Ann Rubin ,Ioan Sack Beatrice Schneirov Y 168 C ongrazulaliom to the Graduating C lass ALPHA SIGMA TAU F rate fairy FORBES HARDWARE STORE Registered HOUSEHOLD GOODS, HARDWARE, PAINTS AND GLASS Phone HAze1 0238 5839 Forbes Street, Pittsburgh, Penna. Comfwlimeuts of Complmwms of 501475 5 and 10 RALPH'S BARBER SHOP I. BINSTQCK 4372 Murray Avenue XLLDERDICE BARBER SHOP MANDEIJS CLEANING AND TAILQRING C0,,,,,,i,,,0,,,s of MRS. ESTHER KLEIN SQUIRREL HILL BAKERY ARCHIE STEINBERGKS 4227 Murray Avenue NIEAT MARKET SCHII.IT'S FRUIT MARKET 2136 Muffay Avenue Murray Avenue MARCH ELECTRIC CO. ROSS' FRUIT MARKET 2017 Murray Avenue A 169 T26 E S Q U I R E I Vlfislz Ilze Best of Luck To The Graduating Class of 1945 cmd TO THEIR GRADUATING MEMBERS Mervin Greenberg Martin Sheinman Melvin Silver Jerry Steinfeld Herbert Weismarm MEMBERS IN THE ARMED SERVICES Sherman Cohen-U.S.N.R. Del DeMatteo-U.S. Army Stanley Glasser--U.S.N.R. Allen Lindenberg-U.S.A.A.F. 170 Compliments of Compliments of C. A. SC HWAN Northern Light Co Compliments of Grace Martin's S h 1 1822 MURRAY AVENUE C OO JAckson 2455 The 366 Shuttlebus The body .....,4....4.....,...........,.. Mr. Blitz QA big partj The carburetor ,..4...,....,... Abe Rounick fDistributor of hot airj Motor ,r... ,,..,, . ,...,....... N orman Lazarus fVery seldom worksj Spring .r...,4..,.,.....,.........,.,...,,. Everyone C Often brokej Q . . Lhassrs . ,,......................,......,... Betty Rltz Gas tank .,.,.,.,.............A,..... jerry Krantz fAlways full of pepj Tall hght ..,.,...........,..,......,. Rhoda Fmn QAlways last to classj Cushions .r...,.....r,.,..............,,, All exams CI-Tar from softj Key ..r........,............,......, Jerry Newberg QHard to findj Mirror ...r.....,,....,..., Irene-Ruth Ravick fEasy to look atj 171 The Cavaliers extend their hemfziesz congratulations lo the raduating Class of 194-5 jay Averbach XMark Chernoff YLee Perelstine XZola Gold 9FOmar Lerman ,"Milton Michaels 9FDon Rubinfield 'kSid Gelman Xlaarry Yahr 9FHoWard Azen Eddie Perelstine Joel Tanur Jack Goldsmith XHoWard Spungen Marvin Stein Donald Solow X In Service Bernard Kalb Herman Moltz Bernard Pearlman Farrell Rubenstein Kenneth Bress Leonard Rothaus Donald Averbach Irving Greenberg Myron Swartz Howard Spector Herbert Limsi Ronald Schmeiser Carl Citron Herbert Rubinfield David Arnold Paul Felman Gfu foqraplzs 175 00574 QF: '. 'N X11 f f'2?,2q.'Q4gsQf,'sf f 4'ag'd'y'-ff My Q Q A R 0' Q.'Q1'Y',fy",qg'fj fwa 'w 777711 -.!s:,sEf',Z'l 's I 17.55 if 562' '21 I SS figs Q 9331 affix' 1775? Piyg EMM'--gffafg iw X Wf4y,f3. qfvyempr A, 'M'-4' X x, ' f lQ'f"m5W3, x 1 Q l N2 l WW ,,.,. A 1 ff"iW-ff'ffYf4426-'SQZQEILZ l"'ll ESE .- -in 0 r 'jwfg . ,, ,Mfg y QQ. Q- ff f 'wwf-f ' fx, A F 1' ' fs! Fwmf .. 151 6 'I'N.fg:N" ,gy QL 'gif' if " 1 K f Q Q. ,pm " NN ., fi-:U I I , N . i N 'WAX I 'N f'-.xsj 1 .111 'Nqr , 176

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