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Q HIG6, Q-X ' 0 WS A 6 Q 3' 3 -J ww O A A' Q .l QF I TAYLOR ALLDERDICE HIGH SCHOOL Tl-ME QV I IDPIQDNCE The foumiczfion of az .mile is the eflumfion of its youfh. Volume XV liDuLJlisl'1eJ Jointlq Eg Jake Seniors o?Jcl'1e Januarq ami June Classes of: IQLLAL T119 -I-aqwov 7AiMevJice 4-iiglv School A Shady and Forward Avenues Pitlsburgh, Pa. OVEWOI' OLLOXYING the tradition of preceding classes. another issue of the Allderdice Yearbook, filled with memories of our high school career, has been published. Our school days have been full and happy ones, completing one phase of our social and academic education. Now we stand ready to take the education life may offer us. Unfortunately, life of today is chaotic as we are facing a world of strife. Therefore, representative of the youth of today, acutely aware of our existing responsibilities and bravely willing to accept them, we have attempted to embody in this our l944 Journal, the sentiment and happiness of our high school days. May this book in the future, serve as the connecting link with our very pleasant school past. lVhat sadness at the parting of the ways, For what has passed is gone, yet it is not For all the victories gained will remain won, And all the valiant battles remain fought. The heavens may cloud and all the stars may set, The earth and all its beauty fade away: But the ineffaceable spirit of the years here passed As long as heart will beat, with us will stay. The sun goes down, the red blaze fades afarg The Vanities and the trifles do but meltg Thus ends an epoch writ in stone: a day Is gone, but its warmth is forever felt. And now with humble eyes we greet the dawn. And grasp the burning brand into our hands thrust, For it must shineg our task to shield its flame: And with one voice: HlVe can, we will, we must! 4 edicafiolz VEN as we go through the ceremony of graduation our pride and happiness are oversliaclowed by the troubles of a nation at war. There are members of our class who have already en- tered into the service of their country. To these go our esteem. To those of our class who will leave sometime soon go our wishes for luck and a safe return. Our thoughts go, too, to our teachers who have left their classrooms and families to join the armed forces. They are all putting forth their best efforts to bring this war to an end. It is therefore fitting that we dedicate this issue of the senior journal to the fighting men of Allclerdice, especially to her teach- ers in the service: NAVY Mr. Charles XY. Bernhard Mr. 'lzunes A. l.U.11l'lCl1 Mr. Oliver Gordon Mr. lircole A. Liberator ARMY Mr. joseph C. Fitzpatrick U.S.O. Mr. Kenneth Young XYQXYICS Miss Marguerite Renshaw ,,,L ,Www 5 Y Gfgmilzis fmfiozz PI'ilZC'if7lli-lxflf. D. McCly1uonds Vice Prinripal-Mr. Arthur Thomas Sfaff Activitivs Director-Dr. L. XV. Korona Vocational C0iznseI01fYMr. W. M. Sharp Adviser to Girls-Miss Elizabeth Miller Chief Clerk-Miss Isabel T. Zinn Clerk-Miss Lois E. Hill Clerk-Miss Mary Hoppes Clerk-Miss Marguerite Renshaw Book Clerk-Mrs. Nettie Hallherv tn 6 gacuffy C 1477 Miss Olivia Koenig, Mr. XVesley Mills, Miss Jennie A. Norton, Miss Blanche Plantall. C ornrnercial Miss Helen R. Bartrim, Miss Harriet Calhoun, Mrs. Helen L. Campbell, Miss Mathilda johnson, Mr. Clay H. Longeneeker, Miss Katherine MeCamblay, Miss Emma L, Wilson, Miss Margaret L. Winch. . English Mrs. Adelaide Agnew, Miss Dorothy Albert, Miss Florence M. Barkley, Miss Olive liowlin, Mrs. Della A. Braun, Miss Mary Brennan, Miss Florence E. Graham, Miss Rose D. Hartz, Miss Agnes Kerr, Miss Frances Leech, Miss Ella Markley, Miss Nancy T. Montgomery, Miss Diantha NV. Riddle, Mrs. Helen D. Smith, Miss Elizabeth Vlfagenknecht, Miss Elizabeth XXYHFIIOCK, Miss Dorothy Zeigler. Foreign Languages Miss Dorothy Bergman, Miss Yetta T. Kamler, Miss Elizabeth NV. Klingensmith, Mr. C. 'I'. Roller, Mrs. Myra C. Simpson, Miss Edna R. Todd. H iszory Miss Charlotte R. Beaehler, Mr. Samuel Blitz, Miss Rhoda Bowler, Mr. John B. Coyne, Dr. Alvin G. Faust, Miss Ann S. Gaunt, Miss L. Esther Geist, Miss Grace F. jessop, Miss VN'inifred Lally, Miss Bertha O. Mitchell, Miss Anna M. Quattrocchi, Miss Cora C. Ross, Miss Leila H. Rupp, Mr. Lester Showalter, Mr. Harry Soles, Miss S. Pearl VVall. Hoaselzolaf Econornifrs Miss Charlotte E. Bailey, Miss Florence Bechtel, Miss Grace A. Grossman, Miss Margaret L. North. Library Mrs. Margaret H. McMiekle, Miss Doris Moore. Jllafhernalivs Miss Rosa Blessing, Mrs. Helen Conifer Bonsall, Mr. james S. Glaes, Miss Belle Long, Miss Blanche Pantall, Mr. George M. Phillips, Miss Alice L. Phipps, Miss Rilla B. Tait, Mr. J. L. Spitler, Miss lidith Hay Starz, Dr. XVesley XVagner. Jblanaai Training Mr. A. L. Gautseh, Mr. Kenneth H. B. julian, Mr. C. P. Kavanaugh, Mr. Herbert A. Lewis, Mr. Keith Mcllonalcl, Mr. August K. VVinterling. 7 :Music Mr. Roy F. Dietz, Mrs. Dorothy Jean Meyer, Miss Emma Steiner, Miss Laura E. Ziegler. Physical Education Mr. Robert Irvin, Mr. john H. Irwin, Miss Esther M. Long, Miss Margaret Mercer, Miss Elizabeth Schaefer, Mrs. Katharyn Hazlett Simms, Mr. Ernest Slessinger, Mr. Claude W. Sofield. Science Mr. Lon H. Colborn, Mr. Leo Gutoski, Mr. R. I. Hackett, Miss Alva K. Held, Mr. Edgar M. Hoopes, Miss jane S. Johnston, Miss Jane MCCandless, Mr. Walter F. Shively, Mr. J. T. Shriner, Mrs. Mae Weber Smith, Miss Edith M. Starz. School Nurse Dietitian Mrs. R. L. Tagress Miss Lydia M. Steele Custodian Speech Mr. Charles E. Dietz H all S upeiffuision Mrs. Leslie H. Bush Mr. Herbert Perer Miss Edna K. Bezler Swimming Matron Mrs. Bella Jones School Doctoif Brown Fulton, M.D. gaculfy Memhers in Service Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Oliver C. Gordon joseph C. Fitzpatrick George K. Young James A. Laurich E. A. Liberator C. W. Bernhard 8 K X XQAXL - cuzuary Journaf . . ,,w . ix Y ga A' x x r ,ogco on EDITOR-IN-CHIEF 81815 O i Ylixla Diana L. Birkenfield 11004, 939 Vg X . M W QXSQQ ,a X 411113 AW Yxxaiq ,X P1123 4' 1322 i v X If m y A555 , Geal' .N , S k! ge OG ww Q iff.. 111211 Gr 1 ' W -3, VI35 142 , , A . wax , 'i 1a,, . 00 A Y Claire Lifland 611 4-.t I Gem f Late YLQIXX5 : A is et ., . if A 28.611 M - xX ,'., .,., 2 . eo W wi' S? G gigs ff LU' 1 'ee G ' L 1 ' Xx 01 1 VN , M 'M Q my Calvin Miner A 5 Iva' A 1: 2 Sew fzba A E QF 05 1 -4 'Pal' K ' ' 923- gxcgz 111165116 0616 A , Mow Para 541 XX V ' J ew 48116 W' S Sb .gamex 666611 10 in ,W 1 2 vuzuary Gfass rqmzizafiwz eiafy 55:5 GettY President Vice President Richard P. Shapera George C. Oehmler Social Committee Tr Mafgafasuref et Caflls George Goldberg Miriam Tenenouser Larry Tieger Marilyn Pearle Annette Mintz Jane Ann McWilliams 0 11' cuzuary olzor gmguafes High Honor Students Diana. L. Birkenfield Gertrude Dixon Ivan M. Faigen Mary Graziano Jacquelin Harriet Greene Lee Morton Hershenson Kurt Hirschhorn Margaret Kapalo Betty Lou Koester Claire G. Lifland Roberta Elise Meltzer Naida C. Nowell George C. Oehmler Marilyn Lois Pearle Annette M. Yarov Honor Students Edwin A. Alpern Mary Edith Fabian Rhoda Lando Lore Helen Metzger Eleanor Palfreeman Donald Stanford Plung Anna Puzak Agnes B. Sheehan Martin H. Silverman Rolf Weil Harriet Fay Abkowitz Elizabeth Agapian Edwin A. Alpern Samuel H. Appel Rita M. Baker Anna Barisano Edgar Belle Harold S. Bigler Florence Pauline Billy Diana L. Birkenfield Ruth Bluestone Benny Leonard Braun NUARY CLASS Ella Mae Covert Arthur J. Demor Helen Derkach Gertrude Dixon Elizabeth Druga Bernard jack Edelstein Jo Anne Edge james F. Ewing Mary Edith Fabian Ivan Miles Faigen Herbert L. Feldman Evelyn M. Ferris 1944 Ruth Burgwin Esther Marie Calabrese Margaret Mary Caruso S. Murray Casselhoff Edna May Cauffield Angeline Cerra Elsie A. Check Betty Ann Chester Marilyn Terese Cohen Mollie Cohen William A. Cohen Rosalie Coleman George Goldberg Shirley A. Goodstein Mary Graziano Jacquelin Harriet Greene Florence Ann Griffith Victoria Eamelia Hakim Anne Halahan Jerome Howard Harter Lee Morton Hershenson Kurt Hirschhorn Lee H. Horvitz Evelyn G. Jacobson UARY CLA Milton Fine Lee Jack Finkelhor Richard Finn Marshall Bernard Fogel Esther H. Forkosh Rosalyn Diane Friedman Samuel Hicks Friedman Norman Garfinkel Anna Elizabeth Garner Zella C. Getty David S. Gelman Zigmond E. Glowacki 1944 H. David Jandorf Thelma Marie Johns Elizabeth F. Johnson Harriet Joseph William Julius William W. Kaiser Margaret Kapalo Hilda A. Kasselkus James P. Kenny Giacomo D. Kimicata Clyde A. Knox Betty Lou Koester mg. 14 .ym Pauline Koman William Kostilnik Stephen E. Krall Mildred Kranack Rhoda Lando Jack Latkin Magdalene May Lauer Emma Lazorchik Claire Marion Lebavitz Elliot Lebovitz Shirley Mae Lebovitz Helen Lemak Anna Mae Mesaros Lore H. Metzger Calvin John Miller Annette R. Mintz Dorothy D. Mitchell Shirley A. Mitchell james R. Moag Sally Stewart Moore Evelyn Morvai Herbert Irwin Moses Richard Harry Mosley Laura P. Motta ..i1:15f ' A by -JAL f .I,. as o i .E:,,,. y 5- 557: ,s ,, , afeifeisaffi, if Ear!-ff I ri 2 ,'filf7f5,.' 1 37' if , ww e iz' x 5 sw if ,..s3 , 5gX - i -' Marion Levant Claire G. Lifland Betty jane Linden Allen M. Lindenberg Russell Steven Makrauer Dorothy A. Malloy JANUARY CLASS Fred S. Mandler Richard Allen Markley Hazel Elizabeth Martin Margaret McGinn jane Ann McWilliams Roberta Elise Meltzer 1944 William W. Pancoast john E. Passavant Lenore Paull Marilyn Lois Pearle Marjorie Pleunik Donald Stanford Plung Anna Puzak Mary Elizabeth Queenan Gilbert Henry Rea Martha Jane Reichle Vernon Reingold Virginia Ann Ricca NUARY CLA -11-u-1- Ann Phyllis Myers Jeanne Negley Mary C. Newmeyer Helen Katherine Nichol Helen A. Niedziela Sylvia Mae Neel Blanche Mae Nowell Naida C. Nowell George C. Oehmler Elizabeth R. Onda Mary Elizabeth Paisley Eleanor Palfreeman 1944 Robert Richard Ridley Dorothea Ann Ritko Harold E. Robbins Thelma Robison Norman H. Rosenfeld Natalie Rosenson Shirley G. Rosenstock Selma Rosenthal Frank J. Rossi Shirley Sabel Gloria J. Saltzman David I. Sapper +6-16 -.l janet Gloria Schmidt Leonard J. Schmidt Annete Segal Patricia Ann Seibert Richard P. Shapera Milton Harold Shapiro Agnes Beatrice Sheehan jean Sigal Lena Silvaggio Martin H. Silverman Annette F. Simons Mercedes Staley JANUARY CL 1944 Hazel Lee Williams Robert Clarkson Winnett Robert H. Wolf Lenore Wolinsky Marion Ruth Wyner Annette M. Yarov Sterling Carr Yates Leonard E. Strahl Virginia Louise Sutch Miriam Ann Tenenouser Larry S. Tieger Enio A. T0zzi Paul joseph Turko Raymond Uhrin Rolf Weil Jean Lee Weintraub Irving Weitz Lacea J. Whatton Ruth Delores Wilds W Qraduafiolz Ccxercises E Vtfednesday, january 26, 1944 PROCICSSIONAI, Service Marches Orchestra, Miss Laura Zeigler, Director luvocatiou .... ..,.,..4.....,.......,.,.,.....,........ 1 ieverend john C. 0'COl111Of, C.SS.R. Pastor of St. llhilomeua Church Presentation of Flowers .,.r..,..,.,, ....,.,,,.,..,......rr.....,.,.............. k Tune Class, 1944 Edgar Goldfarh. June Class George Oehmler, january Class Czardas from Ballet Russc .,..., ......., .,..,.,...,......,.,,, ........., I - z figini Orchestra Post IfVizr U'1izwifya1 lLliC7'7Ztlfl01'LLl'l ,.,..., ...,.... I see Hershenson VVillow Echoes ....., ......,l.,...............,..........,.........................,.... .....,..., F 1' anis Simon Trumpet Solo with Orchestra David Jandorf Past IVUJ' Cizif-x'-Nzzfiolzal .,..4,.,..,............,........,..... ........ A ima Puzak Valse from Nutcracker Suite ...,, .. .,.,.,.........,...,.,, ,.,.,..., T sclzaikowsley Orchestra Post IVUV L'1zi!y-flz' Home ,.,.... i...,...,,..,..... ..,...... B e tty Lou Koester Class Gift ,i....,.........i.i., ,..,. .i.,...,............ ......,,.....,.,...., J a uuary Class, 1944 Richard Shapera. January Class joe Coletta, June Class Address ,.... .... ...,.,,.,.........,......,.. ......,...,.,............4..... ...,.,.,. D r . H . H. Hill Superiiiteudeut of Schools Presentation of Diplomas ,.,...i...,..,........ ..,.,.,, .,....,....,i.....,,.,.,.,.,.. . D. McClymonds Principal, Taylor Allderdice High School RECESSIONAL 18- mzuary fuss jyfay NTHE LATE CHRISTOPHER BEAN Directed by Miss Dorothy Zeigler CAST Mrs. Haggett ,,..., .. .,...,............,.. ...,.... S hirley Mitchell, Shirley Rosenstock Dr. Haggett ..,,...,..............,,.,........,..,....,...,,................,,....,....... Richard Finn, Leonard Strahl Susie Haggett ....................,..... ., Rosalie Coleman, Mary Graziano, Jacquelin Greene Ada Haggett, Betty Lou Koester, Anna Puzak, Rosalyn Friedman, Lacea Whatton Maxwell Davenport ....,...,.,......................,......,,.......,............,............................... Lee Finkelhor Warren Cremer .........,..,. Rosen ..,,..,...,..n,......,,..,. ..,......Calvin Miller, jack Passavant, Irving Weitz Bernard Edelstein Tallant ,....,... .......... .,........,.....,.,,...,...,..,,.,,...... J' a mes Ewing, Norman Garfinkel PRODUCTION STAFF Student Director ..,.,...,..... .........,.,.,,.......,......,,...,,........,..,,,.......,..... J ane Ann McWilliams Student Art Director.. ., ,. ,.... , ,.,, .... , Evelyn Morvai Stage Manager ..,.....,,.,...., .,.,.,. Z ella Getty, Margaret Caruso Business Manager .,.. Properties Managers A Book Holders ......,... Program Committee , TyP1StS ....,,. ,...,..., .....,..,,.. .....,,...,......,.,,,...,..,,..,..,,........ . , .. Business Committee . Publicity Committee . , Art Work . ..,. . Annette Simons Ann Myers, Miriam Tenenouser Hazel Martin Publicity Chairman ....,,.. .......,...,..........,....,.,...,..,.,,...... Harriet Abkowitz, Betty Linden Ruth Bluestone .......,...,...., ....,.,,.................,., .eug..6gu9L.,ivIargaret Caruso . ....,,.,., Lenore Wolinsky, Betty Linden, Harriet Abkowitz Miriam Tenenouser, Ann Myers, Naida Nowell by Miss Nortong Scenery-Margaret Dietze, ilton Coffey, Dorothy Adams, Shirley Radbordg Posters- arriet Herman, Helen Citrong Pictures--Marvin Stein, Corrine Cohen, Estelle Frank. ' Stage Crew ,.., ,..,., ..... D i rected by Mr. Winterlingg Tom Connolly, John Corcoran, William Devaul, Roy Miller, William Kaiser, joseph Kalinyak, Robert Snyder, Bill Paul, Paul Turko, Ellsworth Whipper. Edward Coffey, M Anita Marcus, H 19 CAST 20 ART DESIGNERS STAGE CREW , 2 I ,, DRAMATIC ENGLISH CLASS V, xx ,J 22 Terry Allderdice Physique ,,,. ......,...,.,.... N 'ernon Reingold Athletic ability .,.........,,...,... Harold Bigler Pleasant disposition ....., ,,..... S teve Krall Personality ..i.,.,..,..,..... George Oehmler .ilYIISllCCll talent A, ,,,.,.,......,..., Dave ,Iaudorf Unusual taste in shirts, ...,.... Bob Ridley .-lrtistzc slsill ......l.l..,................ Dale Stein llforle zuith stage crew , ...,... Bill Kaiser Coimectioiis with Voice A ,,....,,.,... ,s..,,.,. j ack Passavant Clzieiiiical knowledge ..l.. Lee Hershenson Oratorical ability .,..,.,.......,..,.... Rolf XVeil Physist ..... ,..,i,,.,.. A Jive specialist ....... liig boy ......,...,., Army aviator ...,..r Navy aviator .,,..,., Marine .,.i.,,.,,.... AAAAA,A,,A,Eddie Alpern N .iv A A,AAAAAA,.ASkip Strawl ..,NlZL1'Sl'l8.ll Fogel A,AA,AAAAAAABob VVinuett Zizzie Glamacki Sam Appel Merry Allderdice Pep ,....,.....,.......,.. Sweet disposition .,...,....... Looks ..............,.. Sense of hzmzor ,,... Cllllfllt ....,.....r,,... ,llUlh't1fI Z'f'llt'.YS AA A, Conznzon sense .,... A Exzrlzerance ,.,..... A Poise .........,.l..., Caofveifation A Sfvortsmanslzip Altlzletic' interests .... Iiriendliness A. .,.,.. ,A Betty Lou Koester .A l .aura Motta Claire Lifland Edna May Cauffield Jeanne Negley Natalie Rosenson Lena Silvaggiu Anna Puzak .A,A,Anuette Yarov A. Gertrude Dixon Lenore XV0linskv Zena Getty Elizabeth Onda l Superlatives illost artistif' ..., A, .......... ,.... I Dale Stein ,llost Ufllllwlllfl. A ...,. Aalliek XVeitz Most d7'IIll'lG1'1'l' A ...,..,.,. Virginia Sutcli .llost t'I1ll'l'f7I'IiXllIfj A ,......, David Sapper Most siizeere A AA Mary Graziauo Most 1'11taginati'z1e A A,AW'illia1u Pancoast -llost l'0lll'fUUI!S A,XYilliam Kaiser Most l'01lSl.dt'l'lIZ't' Mary C. Newiueyer .llost sensible A Roll' XYeil illost aetiwx AA AA Richard Sliapera Most eizeryetie A AAAA Margaret Caruso Most eutlzztsiastie A A-Xnne Meyers Most friendly A, Russell Makrauer .llost ItlltI.YSIIllIllllj AAAA Agnes Slleellau .llost eaftaltle A Lore Metzger 23' EFFECTS OF WAR ON HIGH SCHOOL PUPILS Unlike students of former year, we of today are confronted by a serious problem-how to best serve our country in wartime. Our post-graduate plans are now formulated by an ardent determination to do our utmost to bring about permanent peace. Many of our boys have already taken definite steps toward entering one of the various branches of the armed forces. Tests sponsored by the government are being given to aid them in choosing the service for which they are best suited. Others are taking the accelerated courses offered by colleges. These develop talents along particular lines also necessary fundamentally to hasten the termination of this war. Girls, too, are taking a major part in speeding the victory. Rather than entering colleges to obtain merely a cultural background, they are now applying their efforts to aid in the present crisis. Upon graduation some will immediately enter the Cadet Nurse Corpsg others will become connected with vital war posi- tions in industry as well as in business. U NVe students realize that it will be our duty to rebuild a war-torn world. Vfith this issue in mind we are seriously preparing ourselves. Until that time arrives we shall do all in our power to facilitate victory and procure a lasting peace. '24 if 25 00172 Home Room Teacher-Miss Elizabeth Wagenknecht Officers President ..,..,..... ........,.....,....... .4..., L I lizabeth Onda Vice President ,..,, .4......, S tephen Krall Secretary .........,.,......,..,.,..,. ......, ll lildred Kranack Treasurer ........,.,........,.....,..., 4..,,. r..... 4..,....,.,.....,. E c l gar Belle Foreword Representative .... ....,.....,.,..,....,,......... L enore Wolinsky Social Representatives ,.,.,.........,. Annette Mintz, David .landorf For Miss Wagenkneclit, the seniors of Room 253 have a sincere affection for her kind-A ness, devotion, and helpful influence. The class fully appreciates the great service she has rendered to each member. In Service Samuel Appel Entering Service Marshall Fogel, Army Air Corps Samuel Friedman, Naval Air Corps Cadet V-5 Zigmond Glowacki, Naval Air Corps Cadet V-5 fm A A FN - 4 , An. l Y 26 Samuel H. Appel Sain has never been quiet or shy, And lze's knorun to he quite a guy,' His favorite dish is eggs and lunng But alas, tlze Marines now have our Sanz. United States Marine Corps. Anna Patricia Barisano Ann is never lateg She is always up to date. One thing that she does hate ls to have to listen to debate. Student Councilg Business Service Guildg Hobby--Writing Lettersg Favorite Sport -Tennisg Service Preference-Army Air Corps. Edgar Belle Although Eddie has often been late, Even with teachers, he'll highly rate,' He likes to clown, but lze's really grand, And respeet he always does eonunand. Hall Patrolg Home Room Treasurerg Home Room Current Events Committeeg Photography Clubg Discussion Clubg Fa- vorite Sport-Swimmiugg Service Prefer- ence-Army Air Corps. Benny Leonard Braun Here is the genius of Rooni 253, lfVl1o doesn't give up or quit At any 'work that he takes up, So that's why he's now at Pitt. S. Murray Casselhoff Now iUurray's a fellow whois uiee lo know, lfnassuining and quiet, and so hlfitlz his real talent in innsie To sueeess he'll surely go. Hobby-Stamp Collectingg Favorite Sport -Footballg Service Preference-Navy Air Corpsg Plays for Outside Orchestrasg Steel City AZA. Marilyn Terese Cohen Marilyn is such a reliable girl lflilzo does everything very well, llvlldlt things go turong, and rvork's lo be done lt is to Marilyn that we all run. Journal Staffg Latin Clubg Hobby-Play- ing Pianog Favorite Sport-Swimmingg Service Preference - Army Air Corpsg Member Ladies Hospital Aid Society. Mollie Cohen Now Mollie lzas a very quiet way, Yet Sl1l 5 ready for fun just every dayg She's nice to look at, to talk to, too,' She does well at whatever she has to do. Business Service Guildg Hobby-C0llect- ing Insignias: Favorite Sport-Swiinmingg Service Preference-Air Corps. 0 Ella Mae Covert H ere's a girl who is very tall, .flnd quite niee looking, too,' Our Ella lliae is liked lJy all, For slze's a grand person through and through. Hall Patrolg Hobby-Writing to Boys in Serviceg Favorite Sport - Basketballg Service Preference-lnfantry. Marshall B. Fogel Marshalfs a chap from dozen Me.1'ieo way, Known to his friends as Gringog And of hinz we eau surely say lIe s a dashing fellow in any lingo. Football '41, '42, '43g Track '43g Hobby- Aviationg Favorite Sport-Footballg Avia- tio11 Clubg Service Preference-Army Air Corps. Esther H. Forkosh In 253 she helps keep tlze books, And this little lady really has looks, For C'J,'Llll1,l1lGll0ll.S' she never has to eraln, lfVitlzout her assistanee ree'd all be in a jarn. Home Room Secretaryg Business Service Guildg Volley Ball '39g Basketball '39g Hobby-Moviesg Favorite Sport-Volley Ballg Service Preference - Army Air Corps. Samuel Hicks Friedman To he a naval cadet is 5071175 desire, This flllllllllllll tee all ad1nire,' In tlze future he :nay do great deeds As designing airplanes to ineet the war needs. Chairman of Stamp and Bond Committeeg Current Affairs Committeeg Band Ag Marching Bandg Chess Clubg Soccer '40: Hobby - Designing Airplanesg Favorite Sport4Swimmingg V-5 Aviation Cadet in the United States Naval Reserve. 27 7 i David S. Gelman G01 10 your 1'110111, ' Mrs. 1311811 1111111111 S6131 111111711 5110 111111111 111111111 511 1111' 1lS17'1I'V,' .11111 111 f1'f111 f101'11111 110 111115 1107101' 111'11111111', I 11111 0111111111111 1110 1111115 110 601110, 110 1i0l17'Il1. War Bond Committee: Current Affairs Committee: Photography Club: Jewelry Club: journal Staff Photographer: Hobby -XVomen: Service Pre ference-Merchant Marine. Zigmond Edmund Glowacki, jr. 1-1110 11g011'11, .U155 L'1fYCl1j1'lI1t'll1'C'1I1 5111115 11 .115 Z1g7ll01'IL1 01111105 11.1111161110 111111 253: C11111 110111 11 11115 111111214 A111 1'C17111lV,' 15'111 11111' 01g01111 1 111111 11011111' 11121, Trzmsferred from Homestead High School: Jazz Orchestra: Favorite Sport- llowling: Service Preference-Navy Air Corps. Shirley A. Goodstein f:11I?C13',A' 01-1l'7l 11II'L1j', .1I1.S'1 1ll1I1lCl1jt'S 111 l1I1A'.Y 1110 111111: 17111' 11111 51111'5 11111111315 I't'1IL1.l'.' 1170 1'17t111j1 111111111 S1l1?,.S' 510011. Hall Patrol: Hobby-XYriting Letters to Soldiers. Anne Halahan H11111111f0'5 1110 11111110 511018 11111111111 1731, 1111111131-go-11101131, 11111 11111 51151: '1'11 110 11 11110111151 15 1101' IZ1ilLV,' .111 11115 511011 51101'1'011 111111 111111 11111511111 111111112 Girl Reserves: Group A: Girls Chorale: Hobby-Singing: Favorite Sport-Skat- ing: Service Preference-Army Air Corps. Kurt Hirschhorn .Y11111 111,111 15 ll 1011111111 1111111 Ll .X't'1'li0l1S 11111-V, 110 111111115 111011 1111111111111 11111111 110 11115 111 511315 1115 '1ll11'l'1'S1S 111'0 'Z'1I1'11'C1, 11111 1111 1111110 'ZQ'1?11,' 111111 110'11 1'0111'11 1115 8011011 15 011531 111 11111. iXllL'l'0SCODC Club: Chess Club: Discussion Club: Marching Band: Hobby-Chess: l'1llY0l'llC Sport-Basketball: Service Pref- erence -Army. Lee H. Horovitz 711115 -1111111111 1111111 15 1111110 S1l1f110I1.Y,' 1115 1lltIl'1f.Y 111'0 of 1110 11051 ,' 13111 'IU1Z1'll 111110 011155 11115 111111115 111 110, 1-00 711111115 1'1g111 'Z!'Ii11Z 1110 1'051. Stamp Clubg Hobby-Collecting Coins: H. David jandorf 1961710 15 tl 500111111111 501'01111d01', 111111115 1115 1110151 of Q1'11'1lIg 10 111110 1101',' .1-1 114l1'l'y .11l1I16?.S'1i1l 1110 111111111111 11111011 1011111y 31011 11115, 1110 111'0 11111 f111.'- ing. Home Room Social Representative: Band A: Orchestra A: Marching Band: Swing Band: Brass Quartet: Favorite Sport- Baseball: Service Preference-Marines. james P. Kenny fl 1111 S1131 111101 5181 1111110 gay 1110 J1'11111131'5 011111'111'101'15111'5,' 1f'1f 1111 1111 1110 g11'15 110 1.111115 111 1111131 T11 g01 1115 'Z!'111I1 S11l11.N'1I.1'A'. Favorite Sport-Basketball: Service Pref- erencc--Navy. Clyde A. Knox 1111110111 C131110 1110 1f1111111 111011101 171' 'Ul'7'j' dI111, 011111 1110 11110111 1111 Slilld' 1.1110 11111'011'11111 ,' B111 1110 01111 11f1011 13111311 11111011 f1lt'1'P 15 11 11111, FUI' 311111 500 110 11115 11011115 11110 C111'd011. Microscope Club: Track '4l: Hobby- Huutingg Enlisted in Navy in February. Stephen E. Krall S1l'7f'C, 1110 'Ulift' f71'U.S 1d1'llf1 of 253, 11118 Cl g11'1, 11111 511115 16111551 f1'00.' If any g1'1'15 111'0 5001'i11g 1'11111111100, S00 510710-011111 1111151110 1111'r0'5 Cl 011011100. Student Council: Vice President Home Roonig journal Staff: Voice Group B, Swimming '4l: Current Affairs Coin- mittee: Favorite Sport-Football: Service Preference - Army Air Corps - Hobby- Printing. Mildred Kranach 1l111110'5 1110 S!'CI 1'1tll'N of 1110 010155, And 15 11111111111 10 1117 1111110 11 11110111110 111551 T1115 11101'11'5 1101111 11'U1l1117'1g 107' 5110'11 110001111131 170 A f70'ZUUl'fl11 11111111 f7l'l'51d1'll1,S S6'f'l'P10l'j'. Business Service Guild: Secretary of Home Room: Hockey '4Z: Hobby-Dano ing: Favorite Pastime-VVriting Letters: Service Preference-Army Air Corps. Dorothy A. Malloy 17111110 15 511011 CI 111001501111 10155. S11l7iS 11 0101111110 115501 10 11111' 011155,' S110 111105 111 170TL'1 111111 1'111101' 513C11f?,' f11ld 1111111 115 1111 5110 '1'C?U11y 11005 11110. rl11'3llSfCl'l'CLl from Gladstoneg Hobby- Favorite Sport-Basketball: Service Pref- Swimming: S e r v i c e Preference - Air erence-Naval Air Corps. Corps. V 'M 28 W Annette R. Mintz liorazfso slzc is so full of flop, l'l c clzosv lim' as our sorial 1'0p.,' S110 l1'l.'c's to jolec, iuritv letters, foo. To clzrvr lzor friends, lzoflz old and new. Social Representative: Sigma Iota: Jew- elry Club: Hobby-Music: Favorite Sport -Tennis: Service Preierence-Engineers. james R. Moag Fmt' .rclzool days llc has 1111's.rc'd,' Sonic day lze'll ln: o pia111'sz',' This is, yon seo, lzis real UIIll7lll0lZ, To lm SOIII1' day o great lllZl.S'lflUlI. Orchestra: Group A: Trumpet Club Pianist: Hobby-Attending Concerts. Helen A. Niedziela llolcn is quiet and 5i1zrc'1'c,' Slit' luis clzosen 1'lIll'Sll1g as lzcr co1'vc1'. fllz'l1o'1gl1 .vlzelr rdflzrr l7USl1fItl and shy. :lt iulzflfczw' slzc docs, .rlzc llItIli'CS a good try. Business Service Guild: Modern Dance Club: Hobby4VVriting to Boys in the Service: Favorite Sport - Basketball: Service Preference-Army M.Pls. Elizabeth R. Onda llrfly is f7l't'Sl'll1l'lll of 253. flnd a 'Zf't'l'j' good one, foo: .-ls !'llt1l'llII'lIfj as any one could lwe, Sl1c'll do auyflzizzg for yon. 'l'ransferred from Knoxville junior High School: Student Council: Current Affairs Committee: President of Home Room: journal Staff: Favorite Sport-Swim- ming: Hockey '42: Swimming Club '4l: Leaders Club: Service Preference4All Branches. Eleanor Palfreeinan Ill' lzofzfc no fear for lim' career, llcr tasks orc dom' ruiflz scsi: Her Illilllllfl' l Z'f'l' is onlie .ri11fe1'1', .llnd lzm' work is of tlzr' lwsf. Transferred from Gladstone High School: Hobby--Stamp Collecting: Favorite Sport - Swimming: S e r v i c e Preference --- XYACS. Marjorie Pleunik llfrf is tl girl rvitlz qnlfo lvlondc l1c11'1' ,' Her 1101110 ix lllary1ef.vl1c s shy ond fair: Of tlzc fll.l'lS and lvoys in 253, .qllf is flu' Qlll-f'fCSf, as any one can see. Latin Club: Hobby-Letter VVriting: Fa- vorite Sport-Hockey: Service Preference Aviation Cadets. Marilyn Lois Pearle A wry active girl is Marilyn Pearle, lfl'o1'le, sports, and S0f'lfllS'Slll7 gives 1710111 all o zelzlrlg And eollatzrver flzo task slzc lzas to do Slit' docs it riglzt and .srm if llll'0llgll. Transferred from XVestinghouse High School: Social Representative: Current Affairs Committee: Bible Committee of Home Room: Foreword Representative: Sigma lota: Leaders Club: Favorite Sport -glee Hockey: Hobby-Collecting Rec- ords and Dates of Sports' Figures: Junior Hospital Aid: Red Cross: Life Saving. Frank J. Rossi Ilc'1'c is llliss Sfci1zo1 .r fvridv and joy, None oflzfr than 171'o11l', flzo iuondfr lroy, lX7l10'ZL'l1 to lzis fl'lt'lIdS ox SIZOOJICI' O 'Lc'o1'y,' Iilcfs quiet and lnzslzfzrl, lint rzlteays clwcry. Group A: Favorite SportYFootball: Serv' ice Preference-Marines: HobbyfShoot- ing Pool. Lacea I. Whatton l,afcy's a girl of fclzonz we ore proud: ln Christopher Bean slzf' fvlcascd tlzc crowd. llor disfwslliozz truly is grand. And sl1r s fzlfuays ready to lend ll lzond. Badminton Club: Hobby-Sketching: Fa- vorite Sport-Football: Cast of Class Play: Dramatic English Class: Trans- ferred from Gladstone High School '4ZZ Service Preference-Navy. Ruth Delores Wilds Rnilzio too l1a1fc1z't lCllf0'ZUll so long, For to tlll0flll'l' srlzool slit' did l7t'l0lIfl,' Tlzaf slzc 'is11'f ltlflclllfj in t'lZfIl'lll1'llfl fuller Is .rcmzl in lzrr Illfklldlllt' tulzirlz is Suzilcs. Transferred from Vincentian Academy: Hobby-VVriting Letters to Him: Favor- ite Sport4Skating: Service Preference-4 Army Air Corps. Lenore Wolinsky Lenore l7l'l0lNlS fo flu' .ll.M..ll.. lfl 'l11'rlz is l'lIS'V fo l'ClllUllIllUl',' Rafilzg well in all lzm' work Qualified lIc'l' or cz llIt'llIl7l'l'. M.M.M.: Sigma lota: Foreword Repre- sentative: Dramatic linfrlishi Basketball '40, '4l: voncy nan '40, '41g Horinyw- Wlriting Letters: Favorite Sport -Bowl- ing: Service Preference--Mariues. 29 F R 001022 4 Home Room Teacher-Miss Rose D. Hartz Officers l'resident .,...,..... .............,..,.,,. Vice President .. . Secretary ...,......A..,.....,..,..... Treasurer ,,,r .,....,,.,.,.,........... Foreword Representative .... ...... Social Representative .i...... ,,... .,.,...Harold Bigler Bernard Edelstein .George Goldberg ...,.....,,jack Latkln ,......Claire Lifland ,Bernard Edelstein For the unfailing cooperation and the wise aid which Miss Hartz has given to the members of this report room, the pupils all extend their most sincere gratitude to her In Service Gilbert Rea, Army Entering Service Harold Bigler, Navy NVilliam Cohen, Navy Bernard Edelstein, Navy Air Corps Lee Finlcelhor, Army Engineers George Goldberg, Army Air Corps Robert Ridley, Army Norman Rosenfeld, Army Enio Tozzi, Navy ,lack Latkin, Navy Air Corps Elsie Check, Cadet Nurse Corps lidna Mae Cauffield, Cadet Nurse Corps 30 Harold S. Bigler CBiggyJ He's My Guy JUST CALL ME HAL Familiar r.rfv1'c'ssion- lVl1istlr ' Famous for-catclzing passes Lifcfs goalgmillionairf' Lingering 111c'111ory-lmalrtiflrl .fllldvr- dice girls Student Council Presidentg Journal Staffg Home Room Class Presidentg Football '42, '43, Captain '43, Edna May Cauffield fEddyJ Paper Doll JUST CALL ME RED Familifzr mjvression- Oli, you sin.nvr. Falllous forgfrimzdliucss Llfo's QUUI-1'ZZl1'.Y!? Lingering memory-vacation days Home Room Hospitality Committee: Microscope Clubg Girl Reservesg Voice B, C5 Senior Leadersg Red Cross Clubg Basketball '4Zg Favorite Sport-Swim- mingg Hospital Aid. Elsie A. Check And the Angels Sing JUST CALL ME ELSIE Familiar words- N ot this little chick- on. Famous for-lzvr lnvaiztiful voice Lifffs goal-nurse Lingering 71'ZC7l10I'j'-l2A English floss Entered from St. Rosalia's C11BJg Home Room Social Committeeg Journal Staff: Voice B3 Hockey '42g Hobby-Dancing, Service Preference-Army Air Force. William A. Cohen fBi1lyJ . Lazy Bones JUST CALL ME BILL Falltiliar words-- lt builds you up. Fauzozrs for-intricate danro rozrtizzos L1'fr s goal-filaylzoy Lll1fQ6'l'll'1fQ ll'H'llL01'jVf1'lllZf ram to lnmfli Foreword Representative, Social Com- mittee: Home Room Finance Committee: 400 Clubg Service Preference-Navy, Fa- vorite Sport-Football. Rosalie Coleman i'Rosalie, My Darling JUST CALL ME BLONDIE Familiar words-f'Don't do today rulzal you tcm put off 'til f0l7Z07'7 0'ZC'.U Famous for-reserved wit 1,ifc's goal-diotitian Lingrrixzg 7lIl7llI0l'3'i.Sld'lif' Slrarul just lmforc tllcf fzfrtaifz fall Foreword Representativeg Dramatic Eng- lishp Cast of Class Playg Motion Picture Clubg Home Room Publications Com- mittceg Favorite Sport-Swimmingg Serv- ice Preference-Navy. Bernard J. Edelstein 'tThree O'Cloek in the Morning JUST CALL ME BOOMIE Familiar words- Just tzwnty-firm cents, please. Famous for-his film f71lj'SllIllF Lifzfs goal-Navy Air Corps fvilot Lingering 7lll'lllf0l'y-1:00lllllll from Student Council, Home Room Vice Presi- dent: Social Representativeg Dramatic Englishg Cast of Class Playg Football '41, '42g Service Preference-Air Corps. Jo Anne Edge Holiday for Strings JUST CALL ME JO Famozfs for-cl1ar11f1ing persomility Lifo's goal-to drive a truck Lingering 7H0l7I0l'j' - S l' 1' jv St1'a'zc'l's Srvirig l3'a1za' Home Room Opening Exercise Committeeg Girl Reserves: Orchestra Ag Senior Lead- ersg Swimming Clubg Favorite Sport- Football, Service Preference-Marines. Evelyn M. Ferris Happy Go Lucky JUST CALL ME EVIE Familiar rvord- Boodj ' Famous forfatlzlotic flblillilll' Lifrfs goal-to load a lzrmd Li11go1'i11g 71II'lll01'.X'Yl'l'0'Zx'dl'd street mrs Home Room Opening ExereisevCommitteeg Favorite Sport-Swimming: Service Pref- erence-XVAVES. Lee J. Finkelhor For He's a Jolly Good Fellow JUST CALL NIE LEE FlIllll.lI'flI' words- l could sit and tall' to you for llf0lH'S. 1701110115 ffll'-tlllllljlllfj C'USUlIO7.'tI Liffs goal-l'.S..fl. E'HQl'lZl'I'I' Liiizgering 'lllff?l7Z0l':V4-.ICl1l. 1, 1944, 7:15 A. lll. Home Room Hospitality Committeeg Dra- matic English 3' Class Play Castg Swim- ming Club, Engineers Clubg Junior Swim- ming' Teamg Hobby-Photographyg Serv- ice Preference-Army Engineers. 31 Rosalyn Diane Friedman I Left My Heart at the Stage Door Canteenv JUST CALL ME ROZ F11111011.r,fo1'-j101'1'1'aya1 of C1l1'l'.S' BCtY1L,S wife, floss play Lzfffs goalfto 111111 fllllli lat 117117 Li11ge1'1'11g 11101110131-.'l11dc'1'c1111'1 .f z1i1'f01'y 0'UU'1' 170111104151 Dramatic English Classg Class Play Castg Home Room Attendance Committeeg 400 Clubg Tliespian Clubg Red Cross Clubg Hobby-Collecting Copies of Paintingsg Favorite Sport4Baseballg Service Pref- erence - Armyg Blood Donor: Canteen Hostess. Anna Elizabeth Garner The Song Is You JUST CALL ME ANN F11111111111' 7C'lJ7'd.Y-rhivlif 110'ZU,' I'11 11111 QVOII 'Zx'11U1Z.H 17111110115 11111-111c10d1n11s 'voice I.1fj'11's goalgfo -1.0'1'll 1110 SPARS 1,111gc1'1'11g lIIt'IlI01'j'-7101.50 111111 1111x110 of Zl11Cl1F'1 ll71'!'t' Entered from Gladstone CllBJg Home Room Op e n i n g Exercise Committeeg Mushball '-42g Basketball '42g Favorite Sport-Swimmingg Hobby4Dancing. George Goldberg Take Me Gut to the Ball Game JUST CALL ME GOOBER l'11111i1i111' 'Zt'I7l'l1.S'fHGt'f 1110 Ollf of 1111.9 1l0llS1'.H 11111110115 fm'-.v11f11'1' 11'11111tt101'k Ijfvfs g01114-Navy X111' Corjvs 111101 l.1Hg0l'171Q 1111'11101'y4M1'. 101111 I7 'ZC'lIL Roomg Home Room Journal Staffg Bas- '433 Swimming Club Secretary of Home Finance Committeeg ketball '42, Captain '4lg Junior Leaders. Jacquelin Harriet Greene 'flimbraceable You JUST CALL ME JACKIE 1711111i11'111' ru01'11s- V011 'Zt'0ll1d7L,f kid 111e?'y' 171111111115 J01'f1lf'1' 'ZU1Ill'l11lg Quay 1,11-JJl?,.Y goulffo s11fc1'1'd T11 111'1' c111de11t101'.v Dramatic Englislig Class Play Castg War Relief Knitting Clubg Sigma Iotag Home Room Social Representativeg Favorite Sport-Swimmingg Service Preference- Army Air Corpsg Rolled Bandages for Red Cross. Thelma Marie Johns HArthur Murray Taught Me Dancing JUST CALL ME MARIE F11111i1i111' w01'ds--HO11, Daddy 1 171111111115' 101'-j'it1'01'1211gg111g toitlz God- frvy 1.if1?'.s' 110111710 1211 1111 1111111'1'1fz1k01' L1lIgC1'11Lg 1111'11101'ic.r-11111 .fl1111111'dicv d1I7lt'l?.V Transferred from Gladstone CllBJg Home Room Hospitality Committeeg Voice B5 Basketball '4Zg Mushball '4Zg Hobby- Dancingg Favorite Sport-Swimming. Rhoda Lando 'fFriendsliip JUST CALL ME RHO Flll'1L11'lilZ7' rtfords- O11, f71l0Ut'y.'H F11111011.r fo1'f111g11 511101115110 SfCl1Zdi7lg Lifcis goal-to g1'UdllflfC L111gc1'i11g 111611110131-1110 crzfcfwia Transferred from Peabody Cl0BJg Home Room Publications Committeeg Latin Clubg Sigma Iotag M.M.M.g Voice C5 Hobby-Moviesg Favorite Sport-Swim- ming: Service Preference-Marinesg Roll- ed Bandages for Red Cross. Jack Latkin Here Comes the Navy JUST CALL ME BUZZY F11111'i11'r11f ru01'ds- Ah, Cl 'ZQ'01'11Cl1l!U F11111011.v f01'f1111'1zi11111111 a11'011dc1111'v Lifelr 1117111-NC1i1fl1 flier L11'1g1'1'i11g '11'1c'11'101'y-1W1s.r Hart: Student Councilg Foreword Representa- tiveg Home Room Treasurerg Finance Committee Chairmang Stamp Club Presi- dentg Allderdice Bandg All City Band: Green Keyg Football '43g Service Pref- erence-Navy Air Corps. Marion Levant Put Your Dreams Away JUST CALL ME PUSSY 171111111107 words- O11, golly, go0d11cs.s'. 1711111011.r J07'--fSf0L1diV 7'6SfdE1'lf of 264 Lifcir g011Ifs0c1'a1 m'0r1r01' and l'lllf1l0I' I,i11g1'1f111g '77Il7711fl21'j'-M'7'. Sj1iz'Ic'1 s few- oritv 5113111111: L1ftl1c JI'PS1l1'1PS, dflllif 510111 cry, 51011111 be Sl'7If01'S by and by J: Home Room Publications Committee: Thespian Clubg Hobby-Reading Saroyan Stories: Service Preference-Armyg Fa- vorite Sport4Tennis. ii ' 32 Claire G. Lifland t'Lovely to Look Atv JUST CALL ME CLEO 1:tl1lI1111l1' 'ZQ'0'1'L1-H1'1'l111?H 1:11lIIOI1S 101'-1'0111'c1111g 11l0l1Cj' 1.1j'1 5 H0111-111 111111111 11 fine 1'11111'111i011 1.111g1'1 1'111j '111f'7llU1'j'-71IlW't111'l01L 1'111'1' 11011112 107' 111111111 Foreword Representative: Home Room Publications Committee: Journal Staff: Sigma Iota: Library Club: Stamp Club: Night School Defense Class: Hobby- Movies: Favorite Sport - Swimming: Service Preference-Army. Betty Jane Linden How Sweet You Are JUST CALL ME LITTLE ONE I:l1IlIl'11C11' 'ZL'0I'd.Y--U1 11111111 11 SPFIT1 7U6't1f707'l.U 111111110115 115-1l11155 Hf11'f.S,S 5f111ci111 111110 L1fc'5 90171-10 111111 111 Ca11'f01'11111 1,11lfj1'1'11lg '11ll'1l101'j'-g01ll1j 10 5611001 111 the 11101'11111g 1751 f11151111g11t Student Council: Home Room Attendance Committee: Dramatic English Class:Jew- elry Club: Hobby-Making Records: Fa- vorite Sport-Baseball: Service Preference -Nurses Aid. Sally S. Moore My Gal Sal JUST CALL ME SAL 1711111111111' Tk'01'd.YfuG00d Q1'11Z'3'.H 17171110115 f111'-111'1m1'1'111g 1101111111111 111115 L1fe'5 goal-10 171' 11110111171' 1011 111111171- 5011117 L11zgr1'111g IIICIIIOVJ'-1110 Sf111111511 POIIJ' that 11'11711'1cd 070111111 Home Room Attendance Committee: Ad- vanced Art: Hobby-Drawing: Favorite Sport-Swimming: Service Preference- Navy: War VVork--Knitting Sweaters. Evelyn Morvai lt's Always You JUST CALL ME EVIE F1Illl1111Il' 'ZL'I11'd.f---4.171211 k1107t1.'J l F111110115 101'-I1l'fl1lIGf1l' 111111111c1'151115 L1-fC',S 00111-P111'11150f1111r111 g1'111'115 L111g111'11111 111C'1lll71'j'--'ZQ'111111'1g 111 111111 I0 17I1j' 11111111 011111115 Social Representative: Home Room Hos- pitality Committeeg Dramatic English Class: Class Play Art: Debating Club: Drama Club: Sigma Iota: A.R.C.A. Club: Doll Dressing Clubg Fashion Club: Thes- pian Club: Red Cross NVorker: Junior Canteen Hostess. Ann Phyllis Myers Sophisticated Lady JUST CALL ME SISSY 1711111111-111' 11101115- 111 5 111-X' 111l111.H 17111110115 101'-I1C11'Z't' fll11'fI'f'1f711110l1 111 1111 5110115 1,1105 11001-111 011111111 11131 1111111 1.111g1'1'i11g 1lll'I1I01'j'-11ll' A1111111'111r11 1l1I11,Y XVZ11' Relief Knittingg Dramatic English Class: Blood Donor Registrar: 12B Class President: 12A Social Committee: Fa- vorite Sport-Swimming: Hobby-Making Jewelry: Service Preference-Navy. Naida C. Nowell Moonlight Becomes You JUST CALL ME CHRIS 1:1I1lI111l1l' 'ZC'01'd.Y-14110131 1f0711! 11111110115 101'-711111, 'v1'g01', 111111 'z11111111y 1,1f11'.r goal-10 111' 11 Sl'C'01'ld Dr. Kv11dlll'l7 L'1111jP1'171g 71IC'11I01'j'-S1U'Z'11'lg 0'L11'1' L111111 Dramatic English Class: Home Room Attendance Committee: Latin Club: Mi- croscope Club: M.M.M.: Sigma Iota Club. Maribeth Paisley Lady Be Good JUST CALL ME BETHLESS 1711111111111' 71'11rd- 1l11'1'1iy. ' 1:1l7'1fL0'l1fS for-f111111f111 1'1211'1j1f11115 5111001 11tt1'11111111r1' 1,1155 QOII1-SFC'1't'11ll'j' 1,11Zgl'1'1JlQ 11lUllI01'j'--1116 11511111 f1'11f11r1'.v Home Room Hospitality Committee: Jew- 1-lry Club: Hobby-Dancing: Hospital Aid: Service Preference-Navy. Anna Puzak Strictly Instrumental JUST CALL ME NUSH 17111111'1i111' 21101115- O11, 17tI10llUj'.U 17l111l0l1X 107'-1j'f7'111g 11111 11l0f1'111lf1 11111111- 1111 L1f1 5 1111111fl'11'11'l'.f'S L1111j111'11111 11101110111--f1111' 1101111115 S171'1I1 111 11011111 100111 Foreword Representative: F o r e W o r d Staff: Dramatic English: Cast of Class Play: Bulletin Staffg Orchestra A: Hobby -Roller Skating. Gilbert H. Rea So Long for a While JUST CALL ME GIL F1I17I111111' 7x'lH'l1.Y-H11v11P11 110 11111 1'1lf.QH 17111110115 101'-f1'1'51 1111'111111'1' 01 264 10 1111- S'ZC'1'1' 11111 1'1111 1.111115 1111111-1111'1111'1111' L111gU1'11111 1111'111111'51-. 111111 United States Army. 1 Robert Richard Ridley Coming in on a Vlling and a Prayer JUST CALL ME BOB Familiar wora'5-f'll lzaf.' iflnollzm' cu! slip! Foiiiozls for-fwqzroliting fha Pmiguiii Lifc's goc1lA11zill1'o11ai1'0 jvlclylwy Liiigcring 771f'77lf0I'j,'-fl0tlyfjlllg Mrs. Blish Stage Crewg Microscope Clubg Hobby- Loafingg Favorite Sport-Footballg Serv- ice Preference-Army Paratroopers. Norman H. Rosenfeld Marching Through Berlin JUST CALL ME ROSY Frzmiliai' fvords- A1'6 Noll' kicldi1IU? Ftl71'L0l'lS for-his proserocd youth Lifefv goal-officer in the lfiziicd Sfolvs Army Liiigmfihg iiioiiiory-bon''iful Transferred from Gladstone in llth Gradeg Hall Patrolg Home Room Social Com- mitteeg Corporal of Pennsylvania State Guardg Service Preference-Army. Shirley G. Rosenstock You're the Tops JUST CALL ME SHIR Familiar 7U0l'dS-NCIZPFSG and c1'arhc1's. ' F01'1'l0l'l'.? for-clozmr vrzasfar of corv- IIIOIIIIFS Lifefv goal-fo get him Liiigwfiiig meliiory--yrllorcl early dis- ihissol slijvs e Type Clubg British War Relief Knitting Clubg Voice Group Ag Home Room So- cial Committeeg Dramatic Englishg Cast of Class Playg Girls Choraleg Hobby- Musicg Service Preference-Air Corps: Blood Donorg American Wome11's Volun- teer Service. Shirley Sabel A Trifle on the Triflin' Side JUST CALL ME BILL Familiar words- I do1i't sayf' Fomozfs for-fvlvasuiif disfvositioii Lifefv f10lll-71'IH'SC,. Lingcriizg mz211z.01'y-o111' fvri1n'ifvol'.s' blur' vyos Dramatic Englishg Stage Crewg M.M.M. Clubg Sigma lotag 400 Clubg Drivers Clubg Drama Clubg Voice Group B. Annette Segal 'Tm Breathlessu JUST CALL ME HONEY Familiril' 'ZK'0l'l1lS-HFIL'fZ'ZJ8HSlU Fmhozrs for-happy go lizcley air LI'fl?,S goalfiizwso Lizzgwizzg nzvmory-258 report room Voice Group Bg Library Club: Sigma iota Clubg Modern Dance Clubg Dramatic English Classy Home Room Attendance Committeeg Automobile Clubg Girl Re- servesg American VVomen's Volunteer As- sociation. Patricia Ann Seibert Best of All JUST CALL ME PATTY llflllllllifll' 'words- Gee wliie! Famous foi'-keeping o record of rc- maiiiihg school days Liffir goal-fo cvitm' lWc11'i11c2 Corfu' Liiigvifiizg 7'7'Zf?71'Z07'3l-ll17'. lllCCl37I I'l01'ldS, frieiidlihess Home Room Attendance Committeeg 400 Clubg Business Service Guildg Favorite Sport - Footballg Service Preference - Navy. Enio A. Tozzi Music Masterl' JUST CALL ME EN Fmizillor iuords- PVlzat's Hp, Doc? .FII1'7'1'0llS for- l70UfIll'lfl1l tours arisiiig from his violin Lifrfs goal-lvank fvr05idc'11f Lingrwiiig iiifiiiory--lllliss Riddleis' wif Orchestra Ag String Orchestra Clubg 400 Club: Quartetg Favorite Sport-Footballg Service Preference-Navy. Jean Lee Weintraub 'Sentimental Feelingu JUST CALL ME JEAN Faiiiilim' w01'dsm It's iiicowvciiiciitf' Fnmozis for-cosy-going manner Lifofv goal-to hoop our of trozrllle Liiigcring iiieiiioify-lilaiils exprossioiis Home Room Opening Exercise Committeeg Auto Clubg Fencing Club: Sigma Iota Clubg Night School Shop Coursey Group C: Hobby-Rcadingg Favorite Sport- Hikingg Service Preference-Air Corps. 34 Marion R. Wyner Dark Eyes JUST CALL ME MICKY Fu11z1'Iiar fuords- Oli, sugar. 15111110113 f0J'7t!l'1'1'Z71l'lfj at SC1l00I at 8:46 sharp I.ife'5 gocll-11111'.n' I,flIfjf?l'I'71g 11101110ry4Si11a1'1'a'S engage- Mzcnt at the Stanley NYar Relief Knitting Clubg Hall Patrol: Modern Dance Group: Math Clubg Fash- ion Clubg Aviation Club: Jewelry Club: Leaders Clubg Hockey '43g Championship Soccer and Basketball Teams '42, Highest Athletic Point VVinnerg Basketball '40, '41, '42, '43g Mushball '40, '41, '42, Swimming '40, '41, '42g Soccer '40, '41, '42g Volley Ball '40, '41, '42g Tennis '42g Evening' School Mechanical Drawing Courseg A.VV.V.S.g Senior Life Saving Course. Annette M. Yarov You'd Be Nice to Come Home to JUST CALL ME NETTE Ftlillfltlll' 'ZQ'07'fI'S--Hl'l '0lIld you that, fvIUc1s0? Wflvrll FUIIIOIIS f0l'fl'CtIdil1g ilu' Bible In the 77Z0l H'l.'lZg L1'-fl? S goalfanof to Im a fmrlzcr Lingvrizzg zzzvnzory-flzc Iiny fl'0SlIlt'S Student Councilg Hall Patrol: Journal Staff: Chairman Opening Exercise Com- mittee in Home Roomg Publications Com- mitteeg Sigma Iota Club, Library Clubg Beginning' French Clubg Voice B, C3 Night School Defense Classg Favorite Sport!Footballg Service Preference-Air Corps. Do You Remember liob RIDLENHS recl shirt? Bernie EDELSTEINS accent in class play? lnseparable Calvin MILLER and Vir- ginia RICCJX? Larry TIEGERS resemblance to Frank Sinatra? Dick FINN and Skip STRAHL as M.C.'s on class day? r ' 00272 265 r' mmm Home Room Teacher-Mr. J. Lester Showalter Officers President ,. .....,. .......,..,.,..... ...., l 3 etty Lou Koester Yice President .. .,..,. .leanne Negley Secretary ,. .,..,. . . ...,, Diana Birkenfield Treasurer ...,,.,. .... ....,,...,.,,,. ..,.,,..... N N ' 'illiam ,lulius Foreword Representative ,...,....,.. .i.. ..........i.,,..,.,......... b I ames Ewing Social Representatives ....... l.arry Tieger, ,lane Ann MeXVilliams l'he seniors of Room 265 have deeply appreciated the help, guidance, and friendliness fxtended to all by Mr. Showalter. He has expressed interest in every member of tie home room tln'oug'hout the past year, and has given unselfislily of his time to an tic pupils in their many individual problems. llill Robinson l.esser Simon In Service Kenneth Miller, lf. S. Army Reid Speer llarvey Anderson Entering Service Edwin Alpern, A.S.'l'.P. llill Julius, Army lYilliam Kaiser, Army Richard Shapera, V-12 Naval Training Leonard Schmidt, Army 'Martin Silverman, Army Air Corps Robert Wolfe, Army Air Corps lilliot Lebovitz, Army Air Corps George Oehmler, A.S.T.P. ' 4. Milton Shapiro, Army Air Corps Larry Tieger, Army Air Corps l.eonard Strahl, Army Band David Sapper, A.S.'l'.P. flerolne Harter, Navy ,lznnes Ewing, Marines Norman Garfinkle, Army Mary E. Queenan, Cadet Nurse Corps 36 Edwin A. Alpern qnaaiep SENATOR JOSEPH GUFFY ALPERN Noted for--being tlze tallest senior l'i.S'lttIllj'-'ill any debate Hopes to be-at lawyer Ouija Board saysf President of .'lllIUl'l4'G1I Bar JlSSOC'l.tIll0Il.,, Orchestra B, Chess Club, Student Coun- cil, Sigma Iota, Current Affairs Dis- cussion Club, Photography Club, Track Team '41, '42, '43, Favorite Sport-Foob ball , H ob b y - Photography, Preferred Ilrauch of Service-Army. Rita Marion Baker OLIVIA DE HAVILAND BAKER Noted for-lzer shy, t7f7f7C'tIllllfj llltlllllfl' Usually-frraetisiiig sliortliand Hopes to lrefa stenograplzer Ozrija Board says! Gofzfernnzent Girl. Transferred from St. John the Baptist lligh School, Hobby-Dancing, Favorite S p o r t-Football, Service Preference- Navy, Outside Activities-Tennis, Bowl- ing, Movies. Diana L. Birkenfield CDU DAPHNE DU MACRIER BIRKENFIELD Noted as-effieiezzt Journal editor Usually-rzrslzilig from one fvlaee to an-' other Hopes to befan autlzoress Ouija Board says- You 'zuill make a million writing a best sellerf' Sigma Iota, Hall Patrol, Library Club, Secretary 12A Home Room, A.A.A., Jour- nal Staff, Editor-in-Chief, Foreword Rep- resentative, Favorite Sport Q Football, Service Preference-Army. Ruth Bluestone QRookyQ IACQUELINE COCHRAN BLUESTONE Noted as-Little Miss Fi.rit lfslrcllly-tyjviizg letters to serz'iee men H ojves to be+a flyer Oltljltl Board Stlyjr'-UVOII will lvrealc all speed reeords in a romzd-tlze-ruorld fliglltfj Dramatic English-House Director, Head of Prologue, Head of Program Committee, Usher, Volley Ball-10th, llth Grades, Service Preference-Marine Corps, Out- side Activities 4 Blood Donor, Junior Hostess at Canteen, Usher at Pittsburgh Playhouse. Angeline Cerra QAugiej HATTIE CARNEGIE CERRA Noted f07'+lll'l' Stiff-l0Ilt'll' zfoiee Usually-on time for everytlziiig llofes to lzefa eostlime designer Ozrija Board StIj'5'Hlv0ll are destilzed to be tlze 'zuardrolre designer for M GM Studios. llall Patrol, Hobby-Dress Designing, Favorite Sport-Football, Service Prefer- ence--Navy, Outside Activities-Bowling, 'l'l1eatre. Gertrude Dixon tGertieJ ETHEL XVATERS DIXON Noted forflzer feill1'1z5,'ness to llellv others Ifsnally-alwsorlzed in an ilitereslilzo book llojves to be---a seeretar-v Oizija Board Stljkf--UJYOII will become prrvate secretary to tlze editor of The Courier. 'Vrziusferred from Homestead High, Presi- dent of Class, 9th Grade, Cooking Club, Student Council, 9th Grade, Favorite Sports--Basketball, Tennis, Service Pref- ereuee-XVACS, Outside Activities-Read ing and Movies. james F. Ewing III Uiml MAJOR JOSEPH FOSS EWING Noted as lreilig- l'11i from lllissoarf' guy Ifszrally-lleel.'l1'1zg tlllylltldj' Hopes to lwega Ifiiited Slates lllariue Oziija Board says4 Mar1'1ze officer. Foreword Representative, Class Play, Hi- Y Treasurer, Photography Club, Favorite Sport -- Football, Service Preference - Murine Corps. Norman Garfinkel fG3.1'fJ HENRY ALDRICH GARFINKEL Noted for-telling tall stories l'szzally-ready with a wise retort llofves to lie--a lt1'It'.X'K'1' Ouija Board StI'VSfHTlIi.S' is Pills- l7llI'tjll'S District Attorney. Class Play, Orchestra B, Discussion Club, Student Council, Favorite Sport-Baskeb ball, Service Preference - Para-Marine Corps, Outside ActivityfTau Eta Alpha Fraternity. Mary Graziano CGrazj DOROTHY THOMPSON GRAZIANO Noted for-lier selzool spirit OTSlidlljl-1 Zl1l1ll1'lg for Majorette drill Hopes to be-a ,ioarizalist Ozrija Board says- Featiired eolmlm- ist of New York Times! junior Dramatic Clubg Volley Ball, 9th Gradeg Basketball, 9th Gradeg Hall Pa- trolg Majoretteg Class Play Castg Theatre NVingg Hobby-Twirling. Jerome Howard Harter tDocD HENRY I. KAISER HARTER Noted for-lzis friendly grin I.VXIlllllj'-l'Uf7tIl1'lll'Ij automoltiles Hopes to be-an eiigiiieer Ozzija Board says- Construction engi- neer for state bridges. Track Teamg Gym Teamg Hall Patrolg Stage Crewg Bandg Orchestrag Stamp Club: Hobbies-Baseball, Fixing Carsg Service Preference-Navy. William Julius UOUYD MAYOR LA GUARDIA JULIUS Noted as-a 'man about town Usaally--amioyiizg tklczry Graziano Hopes to be-a busiiiessman Oni-ia Board says- F11t11re president of tlie Josepli Horne Company. Marching Bandg Band A, Stamp Cluby Mechanical Drawing Clubg Treasurer, 12A Report Roomg Home Room President, 9th and llth Gradesg Service Preference- Armyg Outside Activity-Salesman. William W. Kaiser QBi11J VICE PRESIDENT HENRY A. WALLACE KAISER Noted as-an all-arozmd good fellow Usually-straiglzteiiiizg out his book- keeping Hopes to be-a meeliaiiie Oaija Board says- Chief foreman aj' Chrysler Plaiitf' Transferred from Westinghouse Highg Stage Crewg Hobby-Electricityg Favorite Sport-Footballg Service Preference-Ma- rine Corps. Betty Lou Koester fBetsyj BETTY HCTTON KOESTER Noted for-lzer vitality Usiially-cheering om' liome team Hopes to be-a dress designer Oziija Board says- H ere is Adriaifs successor. Beginning Type Clubg Fashion Clubg Stu- dent Councilg Senior Home Room Presi- dentg Cheerleader '42, '43g Class Play Castg Volley Ball '40, '4lg Basketball '41, '4Zg Senior Leadersg Mushball '41, '42g Outside Activity-Girl Scouts. Elliott Lebovitz QLebJ DR. WASSELL LEBOVITZ Noted for-lzis serene attitude iijlllllljl-g7'ilZdl'lLg away at lzome work Hopes to be-a doctor Ollijlll Board says- The President of tlze flmerieaii tlledical Society. Band, Hobby-Sportsg Service Preference -Army Air Corps. Jane Ann McWilliams tjaniej GEORGIA CARROLL MGNILLIAINIS Noted for-lzelpiiig to arrange senior datiees lfszrally-roaming tlze lzalls Hopes to be-a model Ouija Board says- Leading Po-zuers' model. Voice Groups B, C, D, Eg 12A Social Committee, Dramatic Englishg Hobby- Swimmingg Outside Activities-A.W.V.S., Canteen Worker, Selling Bonds and Stamps, Aide in St. Francis Hospital. Lore H. Metzger CLAIRE BOOTH LUCE METZGER Noted for-liitstliiig about for Journal material llsztally - taking t li e atteiidaiiee in Room 265 Hopes to be-a social ruorlser Oziija Board says- The state azitlzority on social reformsfj journal Staffg Hobbies - Collecting Stamps, Writing to Friends in Foreign Countriesg Favorite Sports-Hockey, Bowling, Tennequoitg Outside Activity- junior Councilg Service Preference- Army. 38 Shirley Mitchell qnanchp LYNN FONTAINE MITCHELL Noted for-her fine acting in the class play C7.S'ltf1llj'-fjL'lll11g early disiiiissals Hopes to he-an actress Ouija Board saysv The queen of the stage starsf' Senior Art Clubg French Clubg Class Play Castg Favorite Sport-Skiingg Service Preference-Infantry5 Outside Activities -Nurses' Aide, Junior Auxiliary QHos- pitalj. Jeanne Negley JOAN FONTAINE NEGLEY .Voted as-a very good thing in a small paekage Us11ally4e1'eating artistie rtiorlc for phy- sies Hopes to he--a nurse Ozfija Board says-'illireetress o f iziurses at Mayo Clizzief' Student Couneilg Foreword Representa- tiveg Home Room Vice Presidentg 12B Social Committeeg French Clubg Math Clubg Orchestrag Nurses' Aideg Service Preference-Naval Air Corps. Mary Catherine Newmeyer fMary Kayj MARGARET BOURKE-WHITE NEVVMEYER Noted for-her iizfeetiozis happifless Ifszfally--eolleetiizg Slllllll pictures Hopes to he-an effieient offiee 'Zk'0I'h'Ul' Oziija Board says4 The t'07lll1lg staff photographer for Life 7llftlgC1,S'l1lt'.H Hall Patrolg Fashion Clubg Girl Reservesg Favorite Sports-Golf, Tennis, Swimmingg Hobbies-Dancing, Collecting Picturcsg Service Preference-Armyg Outside Ac- tivity-lota Gamma Sigma Sorority. Mary Elizabeth Queenan fun NURSE ELIZABETH KENNEY QUEENAN Noted forfher activities lil! llllljlit' Usually-p1'aetisi1'zg in 41 2 Hopes to be-a nurse Ouija Board St1j'.S'+USItfJc'I'llZlU1Illc'Ilf of Nurses, fohus Hopleinsf' Fashion Clubg Social Representativeg Group Ag Girls Choraleg Favorite Sport -Footballg Hobbies-Singing, Collecting Recordsg Service Preference-Navy. George C. Oehmler MAJOR AL WILLIAMS OEHMLER Noted as l2ei1zg-e'Ue1'yone's choice Usually-engzzlfed in activities Hopes to be-an aeronaiitical engirieer Oziija Board sarys-f'Lt. Colonel United States Air Corps. Football '42, '43g Home Room President- 9th, 10th, llth Grades: President Hi-Yg 12A Vice Presidentg Automobile Clubg Group Ag Journal Staffg Sigma Iota. Natalie Rosenson QNMJ JOAN DAVIS ROSENSON .Voted forfher happy-go-liieky air Ilszrally-getting into trouble Hopes for-szieeessfifl 71ltlI'l'llItjL' Oziija Board says- l'l'ife of nafual offi- eer. Swimmingg Baskctballg Orchestra B5 Blood Donordg Hobby-Traveling. Gloria J. Saltzman CRedJ GREER GARSON SALTZMAN Noted for-her tIlllJltl'll tresses Ifszially-iuaiting for the 3:05 bell Hopes to be-a 1z111'se Ouija Board says- Head of Zlflllhv Nurse Corps. Junior Dramatic Clubg Auto Clubg Li- hrary Club: Sigma Iotag Blood Donorg Favorite Sport-Swimming. David I. Sapper fDavej ANTHONY EDEN SAPPER Noted for-his keen tlziizlsing Ifszially-tinlseriug with a radio Hopes to be-a ehemieal eogitzeer Oziija Board StIj'S--UIYUII will perfeet synthetie r11l1l1e1'. Foreword Staftg Radio Clubg Home Room President '41, '-123 Favorite Sport-Base- ballg Hobby-Radio. Leonard J. Schmidt CSchmittyJ REPRESENTATIVE SAM RAYBURN SCH M IDT .Voted forfhis easy-going way Ilszrally-attending to his own affairs Hopes to be-a politician Ouija Board says- Speaker of tlie House of Represeiztati'oes. Orchestra Ag Marching Bandg Chess Clubg Student Council. Richard P. Shapera Leonard E. Strahl CSMP? CSkiPJ ADMIRAL CHESTER NIMITZ GENE KRUPA STRAHL SHAPERA Noted for-his ft'tt'tldHIl'L'S.Y I7s11f1IIy-eo111i11g in late Hopes to be-U 'naval Offtiftft' Ozzijo Board says- Lt. Cilittltttlltllftil' of United States Fleet. Sigma Iotag Photography Clubg Current Discussion Clubg Football '43g l2A Class Presidentg Hobbies-Sports, Photographyg Outside Activity-Delta Lambda Phi Fra- termty. Milton Harold Shapiro fMickeyj ALFRED VANDERBILT SHAPIRO Noted f0l'--Qllffttltj ttt'0I!tlll M12 Sho- tualter Us1toI1y-Iozifiizg Hopes to tw-tr Z7ItSiltt'.T.S'l1IlItl Oztija lioord says-'ilI'otI Street 1141111.- er. Hall Patrolg Social Committeeg Orches- tra: Favorite Sport-Baseballg Service Preference - Army Air Corpsg C.A.P. Radio Code. Martin H. Silverman ,IIQSTICE HUGO BLACK SILVERMAN Noted os--the best dressed 1111111 IYSl!lINj'v'f7t't'.fItttd'tlltj t'1tSlL0'llIt'l'.S' at Gim- t1et's Hopes to befa IKITLWPI' Ouija Board says- Judge of Ciflltlllttltl Pleas Court. Hall Patrolg Marching Bandg Band Ag Absence Bulletin Distributorg Orchestra Ag Stamp Clubg Cooking Clubg Sigma Iotag Hobby-Clarinetg Service Prefer- ence-Navy. Mercedes Staley QBlondiej Noted for--her quiet C,'flUt't1l Uslzally-ready with ll smile Hopes to IH'-tl telephone 0f7Ut'ltt0t' Oztijo Noord .YKYVS-KiSI!f7t't Z'1'A'0t' of tele- phone 0f7t'l:Clf0t'S.H Transferred from St. Rosalia's School: Favorite Sports -f Football, Basketball: Service Preference--Armyg Outside Ac- tivities-Roller Skating, Movies, Workiiig. Noted for--his porttfoyol of the lT0'll1ll't jl doctor in the class ploy IISl!UHj'1t'tllLl'I'ftlIil1ttlg at se111'o1' dances Hopes to have-a nfzzftsieol eoreet' Oztijo Board sz1ysf l95-l's King of S'IUl'tlfj.U Band Ag junior Dramatic Clubg Pho- tography Club: Chess Clubg Class Play Castg Service Preference-Armyg Favor- ite Sport--Baseballg Hobby-Musicg Out- side Activity-Swing Band. Larry Tieger CAPTAIN EDDIE RICKENBACKER TIEGER Noted for-Iris t't'.YClllf71tIltt,'t' to I71'a11I.r Sizztcztnz Lfsztotty-U11y-zvlzere Itllf in 265 Hopes to 1704-11711 ofoiotot' Oztijzz Bot11'd says -- l11st1'11eto1' at iltarstz Field. l2.fX Social Represcntativeg Aviation Clubg Favorite Sports-Football, Baseballg Serv- ice Preference-Army Air Corps Rcservcg llobbies-Speaking Spanish, Eating Spa- ghetti. Hazel Lee Williams tHayJ HAZEL SCOTT VVILLIAMS Noted for-her ttllLC'1't'Sf in sruitzg tlIlIStf' LISI1fZHjVfSkI'lflltttg people Hopes to IPUACI llltl'St' Otrija Board soys4 Top tllttlft' at re- .YUlII't'fl 1tIfI07'ttf07'jl.H Hobbies-Music, Dancing fthe real Mc- Coyjg Favorite Sport-Footballg Service Preference-Marine Corpsg Outside Ac- tivities - Junior Choir, Young Peoples' Missionary Club, Pianist for Church. Robert H. Wolf fBobj - ALBERT EINSTEIN WOLF Noted for-his kll0'Zt'1FCZ1gt' of physics. I'sltatty-11a1'11ss1'11g J. Lester Hopes to befor rt1e111'ieoI C7tLfjflZUU'l' Ollfjitl Board Stljlifullttljttllfvs ellellzieut 'ZC'fS'Cll'd.U Chess Clnbg Aviation Clubg Hobby- Vtfooclxvorkg Service Preference - Naval Air Corpsg Outside Activities-Captain of Basketball Team, Delta Lambda Phi Fra- ternity. U! 40 T JOTS 'N' JABS The annual National jitterbug Contest was won this year by Thelma johns and Hazel NVilliams tying for first place. Skip Strawl was crowned number one bandleader of the country by Miss America, Angeline Cerra. For thc fifth consecutive month, Martin Silverman has had one of his songs take first place on the Hit Parade. Shirley Sabel, while singing at the XVilliam Penn's Italian Terrace Room, was spotted by talent scout Milton Shapiro and is on her way to llollywood. Music critic on the New York TTIILCS, Allen Lindenberg, threw a banquet honoring Milton Fine, director of the Radio City Rockettes. A smash musical opened on Broadway Friday night- Pennsylvania. The l9th Century setting, along with superb acting and singing, provides the back- ground for a play that will run at least five years. Singing the leading roles are James Moag, Rhoda Lando, Annette Segal, and Frank Rossi. The delightful music, as for example the title song Pennsylvania, came from the pens of Martha Reichle and Kurt Hirschhorn. Coming back to our ground, we at Pittsburgh attended a music festival at the Masonic Temple where the audience participated in a Community Sing led by Jane Ann McXVilliams, Mildred Kranack, and George Oehmler. One of the biggest affairs of the season was the President's Birthday Ball held at the Roosevelt Hotel. For this occasion many former Pittsburghers of- fered their services as part of the entertainment. Dave .landorf and his orchestra came in from New York where they are currently appearing at the XValdorf Astoria Hotel. Claire Lebovitz and Dave Gelman flew in from Hollywood to show the latest in South American dances. Climaxing this event was a stirring rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner by Shirley Rosenstock. And coming to the close of that program, we bring to a close this column. As you are being led back to your cell, dear reader, take but a moment to think of your poor fellow-inmateime! Till next time then, and with lotions of love, I remain your Allderdice correspondent who saysiany connection between what is written here and actual persons is purely a matter of insanity. 41-P fi if P P if 00192 Home Room Teacher-Miss Edna Todd Officers President ......,..,.. .............,..... .,..... L e na Silvaggio Vice President .............,.,.,. ....... F lorence Griffith Secretary .......,,.,..,...,.......,.,., ..i... H arriet Abkowitz Foreword Representative .,.,,,.,.... ......,.....i,.....,.........,...., S ylvia Neel VVe, the members of the 12A class of Room 363, wish to express our sincere thanks to Miss Edna Todd, our home room teacher, for her helpful guidance of all of us. Her kindness and excellent advice will always be remembered by each pupil. In Service john Dunn Arthur Demor, Army Air Corps Milton Fine, Army A-12 Fred Mandler, Army A-12 Calvin Miller, Navy Richard Mosely, Navy Air Corps V-12 Harriet Fay Abkowitz H arriei fries in c'fzfM'y way To do IIN' work just riglzfq That 511013 z'01'y Fffliffffllf is easy to say, And also that sl1c s very bright. Fashion Club, Girl Reserves, Sigma Iotag XVar Relief Knitting Clubg Secretary- Treasurer Home Room, 12Ag Dramatic English, Favorite Sport-Skatingg Hobby -Moviesg Service PrefcrencefArmy. Elizabeth Agapion Lis k7I0'ZL'S how fo use lm' Iwaivli Most rldffczzztclgeozrsly' H v'1'0 sure film' sfzfll go 'very for And farce the world C0lH'tlgC0llfSljJ. Transferred from Gladstone, Foreword Representative, 11Bg Favorite Sport- Swimmingg Hobby - Collecting Cardsg Service Preference - Army Air Corps, Helped with Rationing. i 42 Florence Pauline Billy Flo is always langhingg Flo is never blneg Her cheerfulness will ever Keep her snziling through. Transferred from Rankin High Schoolg Hockeyg Mushballg Basketball: Hobby- Sketchingg Favorite Sport-Basketballg Service Preference-Coast Guardg Vol- unteered for Hospital Work. Ruth Burgwin 'Tis hard to describe her, So quiet and deinureg But every one likes her, Of that we are sure. Transferred from Gladstoneg Group C3 Favorite Sport-Bowlingg Hobby-Record Collectingg Service Preference-Navy. Esther Marie Calabrese A pretty girl with a pleasant smile, lifho lilces her clothes of the latest style ,' Theres certainly no reason to fear Bu! that Esther will have a great career. Entered from St. Philomena's, 19403 Fash- ion Clubg Girl Reservesg Hockeyg Hobby -Collecting Souvenirsg Favorite Sport- Swimmingg S er v i c e Preference - Air Corpsg Red Cross VVorker. Margaret Mary Caruso .l'largie's talent has not been in singing, But -with tlze baton she can lceep right on swingingj For this young lady is that cute major- ette VVho no one in Allderdice will easily forget. Girl Reservesg Senior Leaders, Drum Majoretteg Senior Class Treasurerg Dra- matic Englishg Favorite Sport-Footballg Hobby-Twirlingg Service Preference- Navyg Sold War Stamps. Arthur J. Demor Art's the leader of our band, At football, too, l1e's really grand,' And friends of his are all quite sure That this chap's faine will long endnre. Motion Picture Clubg A Bandg Radio Code Clubg Leader of Swing Bandg Foot- ball '4Z, '43g Hobby-Taking Picturesg Favorite Sport-Footballg Service Prefer- ence-Army Air Corps. Helen Derkach lt's trne she isn't very tall, But tlzis little nziss is lilced by all,' life all agree slze is very bright, And Derby makes a pleasing sight. Junior Leadersg Senior Leaders, Basket- ballg Volley Ballg Hobby-Collecting Post Carclsg Favorite Sport-Ice Skatingg Serv- ice Preference-Army Air Corps. Elizabeth Druga Betty has an ever ready smile, She's gay, but efficient, too. With those big brown brown hair She's loyal through and throngh. Soccerg Basketballg Volley Ballg Mush- ballg Leaders '42, '43g Hobby-Roller Skatingg Service Preference - Marinesg Blood Donor. eyes and light john Dunn United States Marine Corps. Mary Edith Fabian Edith is a reserved lass lfl l1o hides a brilliant mindq Always charming in her class For she is quite refined. Transferred from Gladstoneg Business Service Guilclg Voice C3 Favorite Sport- Tennisg Hobby-Singingg Service Pref- erence-Army Air Corps. Milton Fine Dark hair, pleasant smile, and a keen mind Has Milton, who is the business -man lsindg But he lilces a good time or two- There's never a dull moment when lllil- ton's with you. Motion Picture Clubg Stamp Clubg Favor- ite Sport-Basketballg Hobby-Dancingg Service Preference - Armyg Collected Scrap for War Effort. Richard Finn Rich is the boy with the friendly smile W ho always has elegant style,' Every one lenows him and so will yon, For you see he stands si.r feet two. Class Play Castg Photography Club: Hobby-Dancingg Favorite Sport-Soft- ballg Service Preference-Armyg Worked in War Plant. 43 Florence A. Griffith This young lady has at merry face, She is really very gay,' flud no one else ean false her plare For she's won as efuery zuay. Transferred from Gladstoneg Social Com- mittee, lZBg Vice President, l2Ag Hobby -Dancingg Favorite Sport-Football. Margaret Kapalo Sluall packages are precious, 'tis true, And Margaret is only five feet treaq Yet' we know that this tiny lass ls quite outstanding in her class. Transferred from Gladstoneg Business Service Guildg Voice Group C5 Hobby- Collecting Unusual Articles from News- papersg Favorite Sport-Swinimingg Serv- ice Preference-Army Air Corps. Hilda A. Kasselkus Ililda is a lizfely iniss l'lf'lia doesnt miss a trieleg lf there's ever any fun on haud l 'au'll her in it thielc. junior Leadersg Senior Leadersg Basket- ballg Hobby-Sewingg Favorite Sport- Service Preference-Signal Corpsg Red Cross Sewing. Giacomo D. Kimicata lflf e're pleased to announce That we have in our crowd A fainous football player Of 'lQ'fI07ll roe're faery proud. Entered from Central Catholic High Schoolg Footballg Football Committeeg Stamp Clubg Hobby-Dancingg Favorite Sport-Footballg Service Preference-Ma- rinesq Vtlorked in VVar Plant. Pauline Koman Suiall and cute-really quite petite ls this little uiiss who is awfully sfueetg lllhen things go wrong and spirits are low, Pauline's the one to wlioin we all ga. Business Service Guildg Hockey '4l, '42g Basketball '41, '42g Soccer '41, '42g Volley Ball '41, '4Zg Favorite Sport-Swimming: Hobby - Dancing 5 Service Preference - Marinesg Sold Defense Stamps. Emma Lazorchik She's an energetic girl lflfho does her Quark tuitlz ,:'est,' She's a ziery sueeessful lass, And she rates among the liest. 400 Clubg Hockeyg Basketballg Favorite Sport-Swimmingg Hobby-Letter VVrit- ingg Service Preference-Marines. Allen M. Lindenberg He's usually rather quietg He's really awfully swell. That he will he successful ls quite easy to foretell. Stamp Clubg Aviation Clubg South Ameri- ca Clubg Soccer H393 Favorite Sport- Footballg Hobby-Building Model Planesg Collected Scrap for 'War Effort. Fred S. Mandler lfVe all niust adniit That Fred uialses a hit Mf'ith that uiost pleasant siuile That lasts all the while. Orchestra Ag Stamp Clubg Cooking Clubg Quartetg Triog Quintetg Favorite Sport-- Footballg Hobby - Collecting Stanipsg Service Preference-Medical Corps. Margaret McGinn lllargie has only friends, not a foe. And she's going with a boy named foe, And fuheu he eonies home with his pay. She'll be his 'wife on that C07lllllg day. Transferred from Gladstoneg Hockeyg Basketballg Miss Steiner's Clubg Favorite Sport-Bowlingg Hobby-Sewingg Serv- ice Preference-Arniy Air Corps. Anna Mae Regina Mesaros Slze displays a. pleasant witg Her faults she'll readily admilg Hut best of all the traits ive see ls her elzarnfziing personality. Transferred from Gladstoneg Business Service Guildg Basketballg Favorite Sport -Ice Skatingg Hobby-Musicg Service Preference-Army Air Corpsg Collected Scrap for War Effort. Calvin Miller VVhen Cal's around, we surely eau say lt's not 'eery hard to he happy and gay ,' llf ith his pleasant smile aud cheery way Ile lwauishes rare and lrriglzteus the day. Transferred from Gladstoneg Journal Staffg Class Play Castg Favorite Sport- Football: Hobby-Dancingg Service Pref- erence-Navyg Blood Donor. Dorothy D. Mitchell Dorothy is a stylish lady, fllways prim and ifery daiutyq fl inodel is her future goal, flnel it is sure she'll fit this role. Transferred from Gladstoneg Business Service Guildg Basketballg Favorite Sport -Footballg Hobby-Collecting Souvenirs: Service Preference - Navyg Collected Scrap for War Effort. 44 Richard Harry Mosley Solllc days Dick is Cll7.YK'lZlL, .fllld .S'0lllC7fllIIfC'S llc is lata: llc l1C Z't'l' SFCIIIS ta fllld llis seal, l?llt 110 F011 allzeays keep a dale. Transferred from Gladstone: Student Council llA, l2B: President of Home Room, l2B: Chemistry Club: Hobby- Sailing: Favorite Sport-Ice Skating. Laura P. Motta 11 lllly lady, f7lt'0SKIl'If alld gay Ta t Zll'l'j' Ollt' llll'UIIfjll0llf tlle day: .S'llc's j'IlSl all Vliljlll, yoll'll all adllllf, fllld rclltll all slll' lllflkfj a lllt. Transferred from Gladstone: Basketball: Hockey: Favorite Sport-Football: Hobby -Letter VVriting: Service Preference- Navy: Collected Scrap for War Effort. Sylvia Mae Neel .fl llligllty pretty girl is Sylvia Neel- .ll least tllat's tlle way 'zur all feel. r'll'ZC'llj'.S' well d7't'SSt'll lllld l00kI'11g 1lt'lIl .Ya lllflflifl' fzullclzl or fvllere we lllcet. South American Club: Hockey: Foreword Representative, IZB, IZA: Favorite Sport --Dancing: Hobby-Letter Writiiig: Serv- ice Preference-Army Air Corps. Blanche Mae Nowell Sl1l s fllll of ll1lSfTlII't'f alld of 'Z'llll,' llt77' lzafil' 1iS llgllt, alld S116 is Slllllj .S'lle's 'very gay alld lots of flill, Jlllll 507110 0110 llas llelf fall' llFC17'f reall. Transferred from Gladstone: Business Service Guild: Basketball: Hobby4Mu- sic: Favorite Sport - Skating: Service Preference-Army Medical Corps. Martha jane Reichle III lllflllj' talellts docs lllalfty l'.rf'l'l, Ill fav! slll' docs l Zf'I'l'-Vflllillg so very well' .llld if 1 7Il are l Z'I'I' llcvdllla a pal .lllSl fall all ll'l1iS witty, rllllallle gal. Transferred from Gladstone: Basketball: Volley Ball: Hockey: Journal Staff: Fa- vorite Sport-Ice Skating: Hobby-Music: Service Preference - Navy: Collected Scrap for VVar Effort. Virginia Ann Ricca Cillllll' ,HIS a flleasallt slllillx' lll'1' lllsfvasltiall ls 7'!'l'X' srcllvt. .- vs, . . ls tlllsf fllllld' ill 0 tIlTi'lll'.Y llel' slyll' Ta llll'l'l' llel' ls a l'f'al treal. Microscope Club: Girl Reserves: Band A: Marching Band: Hobby-Collecting Ear- rings: Favorite Sport-Ice Skating: Serv- ice Preference-Navy, Thelma Robinson TlIt'll1I0 ls always tllc 0714, llf'l10 lleljls to start lots of fllll. Ta llltlkf' fl'lt'1IflS, slle d'Il0Tl'.Y just lla':t'-- So FUIIII' all, Tllfllllfl, alld take a llllfv. Transferred from Gladstone: Doll Club: Basketball Team: Volley Ball Team: Hobby-Photography. Agnes Beatrice Sheehan .llgllfj is at tllc lofi of tllc roll, zlllll llel' llclll'l'zll'lll0llts reafll a lllllll goal: xl llflflflj'-QI?-lIlC'kj' CHILI' tll'ZC'llVVS 7llI'l'l'j' lass- Xlglles ls tlle jlrldl' alld jay of alll' 'Ii'll0lU class. Transferred from Gladstone: Foreword Representative: Journal Staff : Senior Leaders: Basketball Team: A.A.A.: Hobby -Cooking: Favorite Sport-Tennis. Lena Silvaggio Good flIlllfjS CUIIIK' lillf little f7!ll'kSf llllla said tllls was tulsa illdeedq TlZfl7'U ls llat lllllclz lllal' 0117 Lclla lacks: 1 v ll' 0 kllart' tllat slzes llolllld ta slll'l'l'l'll. Transferred .from Gladstone: Student Council: Business Service Guild: Bulletin Staff: President of IZA Home Room: Hobby-Reading. Annette F. Simons -llIHlt'ffl', 'ZUl'Il50llIf' alld gay, Always llas a word to say ,' Hel' f7l'l'St'1I4'C sllcds a Slllilllillfj llglll ll'lllltllel' l't's lllllrlllllg, 110011. al' 'lIlUlll. Dramatic English: Senior Leaders: Hobby - Dancing: Favorite Sport - Football: Service Preference - Army Air Corps: lllorkcd on Ration Board. Rolf Weil Ralf, as ls well lCJ10Tf'Il lly all. ll'ylIIlfS to lle all ellgilll'l'l',' .glllff llt' is as slllart as lll' ls tall. llle lt'1ZOTU for llilll sllccess ls llf'al'. 400 Club: Speaker-Town Meeting Dis- cussions: Hobby-Collecting Stamps: Fa- vorite Sport-Basketball: Service Prefer- GllCC'-CllCllllC2ll VVarfare Division: Sold XYar Stamps and Bonds. Irving Weitz l?l'ckl'l' 'ls a jolly lad .-llzuays llazllllg fllllf .ffllld llecazlsl' lle's 7Il Ut'l' sad lll?'.Y ftl'Zl01'I'll lly !7'ZlPl'jl 07112 Class Play Cast: Voice Group B: Orches- tra A: Soccer '39: Favorite Sport-Foot ball: Hobby-Dancing. 45 im r 00172 ' Home Room Teacher-Mrs. Myra C. Simpson Officers President ........,.., .........,.,,...... ...., V e rnon Reingold Viee President ...,............. ...,....... I van Faigen Secretary ...,.,...o..,.............,,.. A...... ' Virginia Suteh Foreword Representative ..,.. ..,..... E velyn Jacobson Social Representative .,......,... , ....,,...,..,.,,.,.,i..,i,. Miriam Tenenouser lt is difficult to put into a few lines the appreciation which the class would like to express to Mrs. Simpson for her guidance, her helpfulness, and particularly for all of the little things which she has done to make our senior year a memorable one, In Service Robert W'innett, Army Air Corps Entering Service Herbert Moses, Army XN'illiam Kostilnik, Navy VVilliam Paneoast, Navy Donald Plung, Army Air Corps Vernon Reingold, Navy Dale Stein, Army Paul Turko, Construction Battalion Sterling' Yates, Navy Betty A. Chester Ivan M. Faigen fChesJ An fmmsing 1ILL1SlCiClll' 'is 110, , , . Always in time, never off keyg 1'l '5 ' 'UH mf lm L' Mundi' Observe his real genius, cmd who can .rind easy 011 1110 z'yfs,' deny S110 has cz C1lC1I'7ll'lllQ smile H071 be a success in all ilzat 11071 fry. That fiaulwallvl1x'f1'110li.20. T1'CaSu1'C1' H0010 Room C1031 Gfadcli ' ' Vice President Home Room Cl2th GradeD, Girl Reservesg Majorettes '40, '4l, '4Zg Chess Club President, Radio Clubg.VVood- Volley Ball '40, '4lg Mushball '41, '42g wind Quintet: Grehestra Ag All City Ol'- Basketball '40. ehestra. ' 46 ' .. ,pg ...Y .W Herbert L. Feldman TT1'l'1ll'l'l' is CI s111a'i011s lad: 110's i1110r0s101l 111 pl11110s a11d s11011. Of 111is l70jl'S ability ' ll 0 1'a111101 say 100 1Illlf1l. Aviation Club: Service Preference-Air Forceg Hobby-Making Model Airplanes. Zella C. Getty 5110's 110r0, s110's 111010, s110's t Ut'l'j1- 'ZU1lt'l'C1 This liiisy girl 1111111011 Z0lla,' 117711 if 1110 10111111 0111' Pls lllld S110'll C1'l'liU1llly g01 1101 fella, Business Service Guild: Foreword Staff: Dramatic English Class: Senior Class Secretary: Home Room President, l2B: Leaders Club: Swimming '41, '42: Basket- ball '41, '42, '43: Volley Ball '41, '42, '43: Cheerleader. Victoria E. Hakim S1101'1 and darlc 1s 1f'lil'f1I1'11I Ha1'1111. 111131 l1lC'1'l'? T11031 just d011'1 111a1.'0 1110111. jewelry Club: Service Preference-Navy: Hobby-Letter Writing. Lee M. Hershenson T110 lllf1'U'll'l1l fi0ld is 1110 lf1l0lCl' of L00 ,' .find 11 1111110115 d00101' 110's s111'0 10 110. H0 1101s f1l11'7I1, slsill, 1uis0 j11dg1110111, 100- S0 1112's sure 10 succeed 111 wliatever 110'll da. Photography Club: Microscope Club: Discussion Clubg Band A: Marching Band. Evelyn G. Jacobson S110's 'Z't'7'j' 011a1'111111g 111111 'Z'1'1'j' 11100 A1101 also 'llffy s'z11001- T111s fully d0s01'i110s 0111' Evfljill, A girl 111110 0a11'1 110 110111. Transferred from Swissvale High School, '42: Foreword Representative: Club: Red Cross Club: Senior Leaders: Basketball '43: Hockey '4Z: Usher for Graduation. Betty johnson B01131's 1110 0110 1111111 111111 f1g111'0 so 11'i111, T110 g11'l 1111111 1110 101117 dark 11ai1'. fflld C7'ZlC1'y 0110 18ll0'ZQ'S 111111 111 110111111111 101111 1101' S110 is always 0011sid01'1z10 111111 fair. Transferred from Gladstone '42: Service Preference-Army Air Corps: Hobby- Letter Writing. Harriet joseph N100 f1l1llgS 001110 111 111110 j1a01'ag0s, This we 12110111 is 11 ll1?,' And 11111011 7110 1111111' of 11100 j1a01c11g0s, 1110 0e1'1ai1zly 1110111010 Ha1'1'i01, 100. Senior Bulletin Staff: Service Preference -Army: Hobby--Reading Mysteries. William Kostilnik C?lll1'1 is 1110 word 107' Bill .1ll111011g1z 1111's 'z101'y rt'111y,' 11's 1111111 111 511771 111s 77l1'l l1.S' 1111 111 j.I1S1 0110 111110 di11y. Secretary-Treasurer Cl0th Gradej: Cook- ing Club: Voice Group B: Service Pref- erence-Navy: Hobby-Letter Writing. Magdalene M. Lauer l1l11gdal0110 is Slllfllll, H011 S7111-10 is lI1'Zi'!ly.S' f711'1lSfllI1,' VVI1011 s110 af1f10a1fs 1111 any 171101111 T1l0y'1'U glad 10 1111110 1101 p1f0s0111. Transferred from Forest Park High School, Baltimore, '42: Service Preference -Navy: Hobby-Writing to a Sailor. Helen Lemak Ill 0z101'y 1'00111 11101'0's .V01110 0110 O11 7L'1ZOIII j'0Il 0a11 d0f7t'17,Lli To 11010 51011 111 11 f11'1l1P of 110011. A1111 H0l011's 111111 type 0f f1'1011d. Baseball '4Z: Basketball '42: Hockey '43Z Service Preference-Army Air Corps. Claire Marion Lebovitz Cla11'0 is alrvays 1111171731 ,' Cl11i1'0 is 1ll'ZL'Cl.l'S gay: 111110101101 110 1101' 101 111 lif0. PVO 110,60 slie s1a51s 1111s Nllljl. Foreword Representative: Girl Reserves: Sewing' and Tatting Club: Typewriting Club: Plastic Club. Shirley Mae Lebovitz S11i1'l0y's tall 101111 long dark 1111i1' 5110's li1'0d 113' 0110111 0l11',' Y011'll 1Zl Z'1'l f111d 1101' s1111'1'111g 'Til all 1101' work is d0110. M.M.M. Club: Basketball '4l: Service Preference - Army Air Corps: G Hobby - Music: Favorite Sport-Swimming. Richard Allen Markley W'0'r0 glad 10 010011110 11170 1101210 111 0111' 01011111 11011, a fU11'l0llS football f71l1j'F7' Of 111110111 zc10'1'0 1111110 proud. Football '41, '42, '-43: Most Valuable Play- er '43: Football Council: Service Prefer- ence: Hobby-Jewelry: Favorite Sport- Football. 47 . . .,,,,,, ..-..,,7,a' i 1 1 1 lp- Russell S. Makrauer lC11ss is jolly and l1e's newer sail, .fll'zc'ays felling jokes is fliis lad, 'l'aki11g f7il'l'IH'K'5 is easy rulzere l1e's eoneerlieel, .fls f?l'l0l0g7'fIf7llj .S' a SZLIIIII5' lie lzas Kjlllfklwl' learized. Soccer '40, Swimming' '40, Tumbling Team '40, Cross Country '40, Photography Club, Code Club, Book Room Club. Hazel Elizabeth Martin Very blonde lzair and eyes so lilac, Of llCl' lllL I'l 5 llIIlC'lZ good fo say, For 'ZK'lIf1fl?'ZJP7' llaeel afleiiijvls to do ll'ill lie done in flze lvesl jvossilile way. Dramatic English Class, Journal Staff, Girl Reserves, Type Club, Hospital Aid Club, Voice Group B, C, Theatre Vlling Club. ' Roberta Elise Meltzer A lovely girl folio does 1101' sliirk, Slze never fails to do lier worlc. For a eareer ill' arf sl1e's l1o1111d l5'eea'11se sl1e's lvesf in llzis tc'e'11e foimrl. journal Staff, Social Committee, Fore- word Representative, Fashion Club, Sen- ior Art Club, Sigma Iota, Modern Dance Class. Herbert Irwin Moses His big lrroion eyes flzaz' smile at you Make you gay and lzafvfvy foo, llis l1'1flil'7't'.VlS are 'll'lClHj', lzis friends ilze SfY77IfC,' lj lie lseejvs 011 going, l1e'll certainly win faiiie. Student Council, Social Committee, Vice President, 9A Home Room, Chess Club: Mechanical Club. Helen Katherine Nichol Helen Nielzol is a quiet lass, Sl1e's I1P'Z't'l' II0l.Yj' i11 flze class, ,b'lIl .Y a jial flzaf erfery one likes to meet, liar loyal fl'lt'1I6lXlIlfl slze ffllljl lee lveaf. Transferred from Gladstone '42, Hobby- Skating, Service PreferencefArmy Air Corps, Favorite SportfSwimming, William W. Pancoast Hill is slzortq Hill is q11ie1',' lI'e often see l1i111 sleejving- This lie does wlien no one looles .-Ind feaelzer is not f7t'Uf7l'Ilfj. Transferred from Gladstone '42, Journal Staff, Service Preference-Navy, Fa- vorite Sport-Football. john E. Passavant Jael' lzas very 11iee llloiia' lzair, lle s a fellow with seeiifziiiigly nezfer a care, lflf'i1'l1 all the girls, lie has quite a way, llis teelzniqne never fails, ai least ilzey say. Class Play Cast, Dramatic English, Hi- Y, Voice Group A, Swimming '40, '41, Football '41, '42, Basketball '41, Lenore Paull .S'l1e's always ready ivitlz a smiley ller serzfiees are quite 'ZC'07'I'll'ZC'lI'lll'. Sl1e's a lielfvfzzl, lzajrjvy girl to know- lvffllll lzer 77lCl1Zj' lzoiiors we could lze- store. Orchestra B, Service Preference - Air Corps, Hobby--Reading, Favorite Sport -Swimming. Donald S. Plung Donalel is really a grand aflilele 1711 sfvoris lie can do just any feat. A reiizizing 'way rviflz every OIZF, Tliougli 71IlSFlI1't UOIlS and just full of fun. Debate Club, Basketball '41, '42, '43, Track '40, '41, '43, Cross Country '40, '41, Cross State Physical Fitness'Rung Avia- tion Club, Aviation Code. Harold E. Robbins llarolel is good l00k1'71fg,' lle's fjll'll'l and l1e's .flljlf Tlll'l I?J.S' no 11se in denying Tlial l1e's really one grand guy. Code Club, Bands B, C, Service Prefer- ence - Army 5 Hobby - Music 5 Favorite Sport-Football. Selma Rosenthal This young lass lias lvig l7l'07i'Il eyes, For llfflllfjl and grace slie 7Qll'71iS a Prize. Selma who is so sweet and sincere ls always fvleasaizt fo liazfe alrite iiear. Student Council, Secretary Home Room, lOl-X: Girl Reserves: Junior Leaders, Sen- ior Leaders, Band B. janet Gloria Schmidt lf's llaral to find a lrefier one To do lzer work and yef 1'1fI'ZlU jim, To lie fall of life and do all slze eau-- Of course we 7110011 our elassinale Jan. Editor-in-Chief Foreword, Fashion Club, Thespian Club, Story Telling Club, Vol- ley Ball '4l. 48 jean Sigal Sig is witty, gay, and spriglztly, Always seems to answer brightly, Snappy, happy, newer ltlue, A good worker, forefeer true. Student Councilg Jewelry Clubg Senior Knitting Clubg Dressing Dolls Clubg Voice Group Bg Basketball '42. Dale Stein If there is sometlzing tlzat must be drawn, A colorful sunset or a beautiful dawn, PVhy not call upon our Dale Stein, LV1l0'S very talented in the artistic line? Hobby-Arty Service Preference-Armyg Favorite Sport-Tennis. Vernon Reingold Vern has lots of pep: He's always lots of fun, But he is most happy Plflzen all the work is done. Student Councilg President Roomg Type Clubg Debate Clubg Latin Club, Tumbling Clubg Cross State Physi- cal Fitness Rung Football '41, '42, '43g Track '40, '41, '42, '43g Swimming '403 Soccer '40g Basketball Manager '41, '42, '43g Cross Country '40. 12A Home Dorothea Ann Ritko A very choice young lady, nice to know ,' She's friendly, she's jolly, she's loyal- so Of her pleasant things are easily said ,' llf'e'll never forget our classmate Red. Business Service Guildg 400 Clubg Mush- ballg Service Preference'-Armyg Hobby- Dancingg Favorite Sport-Baseball. Robert Clarkson Winnett Bolfs not 'very tall, and he's rather shy ,' His loyal patriotism no one will denyg For lze's already joined the Army Air Sterling Carr Yates He's on the beam, he's in tlze groo1.'e,' He's never still, l1e's on the niotfeg lVhen from this school he graduates, Easily remembered will be Sterling Yates. Hi-YQ President 12B Home Roomg Band Ag Orchestra Ag Swing Bandg Swing Trio. Miriam Tenenouser lVIimi's e.rtrenzely clzarming With a smile that's quite disarming. She's fviziaeious and forever gay, No matter what the hour or day. Dramatic Englishg Social Representative l2Ag Hospital Aidg M.M.M. Club: Blood Donor Campaigng French Clubg Knitting Clubg Theatre Wing. Paul joseph Turko Paul's one of the boys who worked on stage crew, Without him just what could the class players do? Now as for his classmates, they think him O. K'.,' And as an all round good fellow would rate him an A. Stage Crewg Service Preference-Armyg Hobby - Photography 5 Favorite Sport - Basketball. Raymond Uhrin Tall and blond and strong is he, And in a nzood of fun and joy, It is, of course, Ray Uhrin, 364's own sweater boy. Hi-Yg Orchestra Ag Football '41, '4Zg Service Preference-Army Air Corpsg Fa- vorite Sport-Football. Virginia Louise Sutch Here's a blonde who is t'ilfl7'lllitlfjly chic. Slze's pleasant to look at each day of the week, And Ginny is just as nice as she looks, So we won't forget her in our nieinory C V llooks. .0rP . . . Student Councilg Home Room Secretary And ls doing his part to lzelp win the 12A? Home Room Vice President IZB: 'Zt'c1t'. Bond Salesmang Auto Club: A.A.A.g De- Army Air Corps-Stationed in Florida, Miami Beach. bate Clubg R.C.A. Clubg Art Clubg Mod- ern Dance Club. 49? V -Y 50 1 I LUZ6 Q55 Faculty Sponsor-Miss Diantha W. Riddle BUSINESS MANAGERS F - .. . S A ' o SS we df! QQ S ar Art Editor Editor-in-chief i i ' , H joseph Coletta Natalie Roth ,aff TYPISTS Joseph Wilton Maflfin Coury Woodburn Sllvefblatt I Q3 S K if ART WORK Miss Jennie Norton-Supervisor ' Marvin Stein Margaret Horvat Shirley Radbord Dorothy Adams . James Gilliland Harriet Herman Sidney Preny Shirley Elaine Rosalyne Kurfeerst Silver Wolkoff Associate Editors Lee if 1,3 i - in A m Carl Friedman snirley S f Krnnr Alpern Jr d 1 1 Ruth W Margaret Ferko . ' Dletze . 5 ,, rr Marcia ' , ,wr In , Margaret Friedman ls Ama i 'F P Wiley ,V Marcus r 9 ' - Q ,.,, Av it Q, 4353. D on S Caesar Q Rubinfield Gafofoh Jerry Sanford E11 Kramer Lampl Freedman 52 M arge oumaf Staff JH i is its 5 if . Mi Jacqueline H. I Twig X .,,. V lil 5 if - it iv' I Betty Jane l Bauer .V Podolinsky 'i Anne Cozadd 9 'Yan Ruth 3 Starr Betty Pickholtz Mildred Rosenberg Mildred Campbell -7-., Gloria X -- A Mendelson ig M5643 gk .. ' 1 Elaine Levin 1 eeeeerea - Estelle Mattes -F Mk? Carole Fox 5 aw k J Phoebe Nelms jane Hertrick Helen Miller jean Lydon x E Florence O'Hare wud , t .J Dorothy Kaufman K? Ek WA :,,,y . E g , K i. Lois Bernstein als! N. if 6 Mildred Hagan ga g: Q 2 3 , t . slab Vi kt'7' I 3 Albert Twersky i53 .4 ass rqouzizafiolz Ciass Officers President Joseph Coletta Vice President - Treasurer Edgar Goldfarb A Marvin Silverblatt ii if, i if A Secretary Anna Mae Sebak Social Committee Howard Azen Irma Briskin Nancy Friedman Edgar Goldfarb Clifford Hostein Omar Lerman Russell Makrauer Lewis Meyers Richard Seewald Marvin Silverblatt Ruth Starr Sidney Tobin Charlotte Weil Margaret Wylie 54 Louise Aberman Gloria J. Ackerman William E. Alexander Rhoda Adele Alpern Shirley R. Alpern Helen Andrews Ruth R. Arenson Robert joseph Arnold joseph Austin jean L. Ayres Corinne G. Azen Howard Morton Azen Diana Jean Balbot Lorraine F. Ball Marion Barkan Lois Marie Barnes Thomas Barnes Rose Marie Barrish Betty Jane Baur Alvin R. Beck 'Y X W .W 5 ei kr F L.. if K 5 . , sf' A x , Ji' get 'if i , Samuel E. Becktel Johanna R. Belak Margaret I. Bendig joseph Michael Berill Rose Berjanski Betty Lee Berman Diana Ruth Bernstein Lawrence Bernstein Lois Berstein Katharine Virginia Bishop Harriet S. Blitz Diana Bloom Y, -2' .ap Q vs- S I' . . fe gg ' S53 A A 2' 'A s 8 , 5- Env 'S 99 LTC? '::.i:sgf:?g: 1: Richard I. Bluestone Q ! ' 5? Km, T 1 Mary Eleanor Cooper Sanford P. Cooperman Geraldine Edna Costello Joseph Coury Lauretta Mae Cox Anne M. Cozadd William M. Crow, jr. Morton Cuban Mary Elizabeth Cusick Mary Helen Czilyo joseph Danko Richard E. Danzey 56 Tillie Bogulski Norman Sander Boodman Irma Reda Briskin Dorothy Brody Lee Ann Brourman Matthew George Brown Anne Buckstein Claire Cahn Marion jean Cameron Mildred Alice Campbell Clara Cantor Barbara Jean Caplan Lee E. Caplan Henry L. Carlini Ilona Lois Cipa Helen Edith Citron Elaine B. Cochran Joseph A. Coletta Jay Phillip Cooper Morris R. Deaktor Catherine Virginia Dean Mary Elizabeth DeAngelo Leonard Earl Dee Del E. Dematteo Rose E. DePaolo William Devaul Marilyn Hope Dezen Margaret Ruth Dietze Evelyn A. DeLillo Josephine Dimperio Eileen Donnelly james C. Eardley Theresita Eles Phyllis Elling Raleigh N. Evans Harry Feinberg Edna E. Feldman Sherma Betty Feldman Isabel Feldstein Shirley Feldstein Ruth E. Ferko Howard Fine Irving L. Fisher Leatrice Fisher Margaret Fitzurka Richard Fleischer Dolores P. Flesher Dorothy M. Foley john Charles Forrest Carole Virginia Fox Estelle M. Frank 'Q James V. Godfrey Anna Gogniat Arlene Helen Goldberg Milton Arnold Goldberg Edgar J. Goldfarb Betty R. Goldman Bred I. Goldsmith Lois Goldstein Millicent Goldstein Roselle E. Goldstein Elizabeth A. Grande Phyllis Grant we sa +f Fanny Frank Rita L. Frankel Eli H. Freedman Alice Lorraine Freeman Doris Mae Friedlander Annette J. Friedman Bernard L. Friedman Lee J. Friedman Marcia G. Friedman Paul A. Friedman John Fries Miriam Fuss Caesar A. Garofoli Rae Gelb Philip M. Gentille, jr. Mary J. Geraci Irwin L. Germeise George Gernsback Larry Gerring David M. Gherman 5 ... -rf, .gi i w L g in 93 ,H 'JD ' S A Hr ff , If L 3: an 1' f ar 'Le 'iw r Helen Higgis Lois Faye Hill Margaret Himich Howard I. Hirsch Lorraine Anne Horovitz Clifford Jerry Hostein Lillian Marie House Carl F. Hovde Marian A. Hulme Beatrice E. Hyman Norma Annette Jack Donice jean jones 3,7 59 i ,,Y, , Lif Eugene Leonard Greene Miriam Greenbarg Sherma B. Greenberg james Joseph Gregg Leroy Kenneth Groff Alicemay Gross Ruth Guberman Edelina C. Guerra Mildred E. Hagan Helen Hakim Florence B. Harbacho George Peter Harris Paul Morton Harris Charles A. Harrison Audrey M. Hart Richard A. Hazley Lois Mae Hendel Robert D. Hepner june Hershman jane Hertrick 3? jerry Allan Kramer Vida Kramer Ruth Cherie Krauss Evelyn Eileen Kronket james M. Kruman Merwin E. Kubrin Shirley Kurfeerst Bleema M. Kwasser Sanford M. Lampl Ailsa Goldie Lange Leone E. Langue Geraldine R. Lanning 7.,5o, Doris Louise jones Carl jones Jerome A. Josephs Pearl C. Kalb Stanford Kalla Florence Kannensohn Iryne Mae Kaplan Sidney Karmia Pearl Karpa Betty Jane Kaufman Dorothy Kaufman Julia D. Kayton Jcseph D. Kish Carl Nathan Klahr Gloria E. Klaus Albert Stanley Klein Jeanne L. Klein Evelyn Kloss Donald J. Kopelman Shirley Kopelman .. .ji '33 Nick Charles Laudato Barbara Lavra Patricia L. Lawson Betsy Ellen Lazar Frank A. Lentz Omar K. Lerman Elaine Iris Levin Bernard David Levine Jerome Levine Joyce Levinson Elaine Lewin James Litman Aureen Litt Robert B. Loevner Irene R. Lohle Lowell G. Lubic Jean Lydon Norma R. MacMillen Ruth Mandel ., Bernard I. Mankin rm? 'v 'lf Mary Ellen Manning Anna Marcosky Anita Jeane Marcus Betsy A. Marshall Virginia Martine Earl M. Mattes Estelle Meryl Mattes Gloria June Mendelson Marilyn Lucille Mendoza Joseph H. Meyer Mary jane Milan Helen V. Miller - 1 ' 6 1 Sally-joy Oleon Ethel O. Orris Miriam F. Pearl Robert C. Pearlman Edgar A. Pearlstein Marian Pencheff Edgar V. Peresman Dorothy jean Perlis Betty Fay Pickholtz jack Pincus Pauline Playso Geraldine Pleunik Y.. 62 1 Roy Dale Miller Agnes Mincheff Jerome Milton Minkin LaVerne Monaghan Walter T. Moore Bernadette Morsek Lewis B. Myers Helen Gertrude McCauley Jane F. McDonald Helen McQueen Susanna McNally Camille G. Naffah Phoebe Claire Nelms Harriet Newman Virginia Newmeyer Mildred M. Novakovich john O'Brien June Ann O'Brien Phyllis C. O'Brien Florence V. O'Hare Mildred A. Rosenberg Betty Rosenfield Claire D. Rosenthal Elaine Rosenthal Lois G. Roth Natalie Roth Sylvia Roth Don Lee Rubinfield Irene K. Sabo Minerva Sachs joseph H. Safyan Nellie Samson Yi 63 ,N -.. ,,. il Fe Martin Arthur Pochapin Margaret Podolinsky Selma Marion Podolsky Leonard Price Lmily R. Puleo Ruthe Rabinovitz Shirley Radbord Gloria Gail Raffle jean A. Rausch Marian Reichman Shirley S. Reitter Marilyn E. Riesberg David W. Robertson Paul Rogal Marvin Richard Rom Ernest D. Rose Jean E. Rosecrans Fay Rosen Gertrude Rosen Estelle C. Rosenberg .. .2 J., , - .V M , ,3- Marilyn H. Silverman Ernest M. Simon Helen A. Simon Hilda Hannah Simon Irving Leo Simon Leon J. Simon Sidney B. Simon Anne Sirota Norman J. Sissman George Siviy Evelyn Ann Skovranek Dorothy A. Smith , 64 , AY, If me if if Robert F. Schlesinger David H. Schmid Zelma Schmidt Anna Mae Sebak Barbara A. Sedler Ruth Sedler Richard S. Seewald Colleen Sefing Marjorie Segal Miriam Seiner Irene Shapiro Yetta Adrienne Shapiro Dorothy Evelyn Shaw Robert J. Sheer Shirley Ann Sidow Franklin Z. Siegel Marguerite N. Sigler Elaine Silver Marvin L. Silverblatt Audrey Silverman 3 Richard M. Smolin Morton Snitzer Robert Myron Solomon Harvey Irwin Spielman Harold L. Spokane Howard E. Spungen Ruthe Starr Morton Stein Nathaniel Steinberg Thomas W. Strong Jessie Sturm Elizabeth L. Sunic Lois Symons Lawrence Tachna M. Evelyn Tanski Elmer Tatton Sylvia Tepper Gilda M. Thomas jean L. Titmus Sidney Wayne Tobin Wilma Veronica Trepak Albert Twersky Jacqueline Twig Isabel Vertman Richard Vexler Ellen Vogel Moses Voloshen Leonard Walk Raymond Russell Ward Charlotte H. Weil Annette Weiner Anne Weisberg JU NE CLA at s ,AY :,,q , . -1944- SS Marvin H. Weiss Rosalyn Sonya Wesoky George R. Wessell Herminie G. West Margaret Jean Wiley Jennie Wilson Myra Wind Morton E. Winkler Rosalyne Wolkoff Mary Joanne Wood Wilton A. Woodburn, J William A. Worrall Elaine L. Wynett Lawrence M. Yahr Gloria Phyllis Yann Natalie Young joseph Peter Zagorka Angeline Zalfine Rose Virginia Ziviella Bernice Shirley Zwick 66 A so Us A IH 73 -. r 141 fy . Harry Graves. , . Josey , ,.., , ...... ,. Grace Graves . Hilda , ..., .....,. , . Lois Graves Judy Graves, , Fuffy Adams J. B. Curtis ,. .. Ellen Curtis ,. , Willis Reynolds Barlow Adams .. Western Union Boy Merrill Feurback . Sterling Brown Albert Kunody Tommy Arbuckle .. Charles , ..., Henry ,, ,. .. ,... Haskell Cummings C AST Qin order of their appearancej . Howard Azen, Dick Hazley .Sylvia Roth Rose Maria Barrish ..,Ruth Guberman, Sally Oleon Geraldine Costello, Illona Cipa Diana Bernstein, Mary Jo Wood ,.......,....Lois Goldstien, Elaine Lewin Corinne Azen, Betty Rosenfield .. ..,. ,,.Del Dematteo, jay Cooper ., , Aureen Litt, Vida Kramer Paul Rogal, Norman Sissman Robert Slessinger David Robertson . . Frank Lentz . .,..., ,. . ,Clifford Hostein David Gherman, Merwin Kubrin Robert Solomon, Dick Seewald Hjack Forrest ,. ..,.. A .. , Wilton Woodburn Irwin Germeise, Morton Stein '-' 67 1 '- ' 7' ' Y U N O R ORGANIZATION Directors .,.....,.........,...... A.....,.,..... M iss Elizabeth Wagenknecht, Lois Goldstein Business Manager . ..,,.. ....,..,,....,...,....,,.,...,..,...,.,........,....,............ M arilyn Mendoza Publicity Chairman ...,.,. Properties Chairman Zelma Schmidt .,.,..,..Arlene Goldberg Q 7'7 7 68 7' M COMMITTEES Secretaries ..,,..,............. .,,, .,..,,.,..,.,..,..........,,,..,.... J u ne Hershman, Ruth Mandel Assistant Directors ,, ..,. .... M ary Joanne Wood, Ruth Guberman Student Managers ,.,.....,..,... ,.., ...... ...,..,.........,..., ...., .,., P h y l l is Grant, Barbara Sedler Stage Managers . .. ,..,,. ,..,...,, ..,....,t..,.....,..,,,...... ...,.... A . . ,Pearl Kalb, Ethel Orris Bookholders ...,. Charlotte Weil, Joyce Levinson, Marian Hulme, Isabel Vertman Business Staff .....,.., ,,.. Harvey Spielman, Millicent Goldstein, Leatrice Fisher Sewing . .............. ....,....... . .. .... ,..........,....,,,..,..... ...... .,.......,,. .... . , A n ne Marcosky Costumes ..,..., ,, ..,,...,...,.... Marian Barkan, Myra Wind, Joyce Levinson, Anne Marcosky, Bob Solomon Make-up .... .... .. .. ,. ,Miriam Seiner, Marian Reichman, Elaine Silver Set Planners .,....... ,......,., ,,.. ...,,. , ....,..,...,....,........ R o s e Marie Barish, Charlotte Weil Program ....,,..,. .... . Ruth Mandel, June Hershman, Lois Roth, Miriam Fuss Props ......,....,.....,. Sylvia Roth, Rose de Paolo, Miriam Fuss, Rose Marie Barish Publicity ,..... Barbara Sedler, Gloria Yann, Millicent Goldstein, Leatrice Fisher, Myra Wind, Louise Aberman, Lois Roth, Ilona Cipa Art.,. ,........,..,, , Margaret Dietze, Edward Caffey, Milton Caffey, George Harris, Helen Citron, Ruth King, Jean Zapolsky Foreword Representatives ,..,.,.., .... ...,.. ,.,.... . , , ..Marilyn Mendoza, Aureen Litt Announcers , , Myra Wind, Arlene Goldberg, June Hershman, Gloria Yann mg QP -V -V V. -W - -- v ,W 69 Wv-,.Y,n., ,,.,,7,, eniors In Service .I ack Fries ..... ,.,.,....,. .... Harold Cohen .,.. Camille Naffah .,.., George iXi1I1'1'Zly A Leon Simon A A George Gcriisluack AA Ilmmalcl Dean A Hvilliztiii XYU1'l'Il,il ix. .lwlm U lurien ,A A A Graduated Irving Fislier l,mx't-ll Lubit' AA lQobc1't IAXYCIICI' A A A blue Meyers AA AA xlzuucs Litmzm AA A A Umar l,e1'ma11 A U Navy A Navy AA Navy ,A Navy A A Navy AXrmy A, A Xriuy Marines ,Xir Cfuiqms College A Pitt Pitt AA Pitt Pitt AAAA Pitt I'cmi Stau- --H vo N111 ' A rr1Wrr rr 001721 I r1'4i'rr'rM'1' rriii Home Room Teacher-Mrs. Helen D. Smith Officers Presicleut A A A AA AA AA .,.,.. Fritz Hovcle Vice l'resicle11t ,A AA ,A .... ..,,.,.... C arole Fox Secretary-'l'1'cz1s111'e1 '.... A llowzmrcl fXZCll FOl'6XVlJl'Ki Rcp1'c5c11tz1ti1'c .,,. ,...,.........A.....A....... i4i0NVZll'li gXZCll Social Rc-p1'esc11tativcs AA A Biilflflll Rcicl1111:111, jerry li1'z1111c1' Pupils f1'11111 each report l'llOlll Slly, lVl1C11 tlwy finally 1'1'21Cl1 IZA, l 'l'l1'1t thcir UXX'll tc'1c'l111 bt 1 1 -' tops thc rc' g B111 wc arc sure 11111' Mrs, Smith is best. 0530- William Alexander Tlzfs 111131 211110 fvlays f00fl111ll fu1'll ls g11.v, 110011-11111'111'1'1l still. l1l12'.v fjlllltli 1'11 .v1'11d11'.v, 111 IllZ1Sll', 100. fllll' 111'd1'111' .1f101'1's f1111, Hill. i:U1'ClVOl'll Staff: Jlbllfllili Staff: Home Rooln Vice I,l'CSlClClltI Raclio C0110 Clubg Football '42, '-13. Howard Morton Azen l701't01' 1-15011 S0011 'zufll f11'111'1'1'f1' .lll Ill' l1'111'111111' fI'0lll l100l.'s. l'l1 ll d0l1' 0111 pills 10 lmyx llllll girlx .-Incl f7t'0f7Ill 'Z1'l10 111l11111'1' l11'.1 l00l's. A.A.A.: F111'c11'o1'1l Staff: Class Play: Home ROO111 SCCl'ctary-'l'1'e:1S111'er3 Home IQOUIII l7f11'cwo1'cl Rcp1'1'sQ11tative3 Sigma lotug Stamp Club: Cookimg Clubg Rand A. Ruth R. Arenson l1'11fl1i11 is f1'1'Hy, 5l11 ll ftlkf' d11'f11f1'011,' fl1'J' 'Zm'1H'k 111111101' Ill' tl losx. 'l'l11'.1 l11'111'l.1', lllfkj' St'fl'CftII'-V ll'1'll 1111 VII IlI1Il'l'.X' l11'1' l10.1s. iNlA.XI.MA3 Book R1111111 Clubg Blood llcmorg I'iz1sl1i1111 ill'L'SSlllg' llull '-ll. Club: Drainatic Clubg Doll Club: Basketball '425 Volley Diana jean Balbot l711.fl11111111l1l11 .l1'1111 fzvillz 11111 d111'l.' l11'011'11 l11111' ll'fll lItI'Z'1' 1111 0ff1'1'1' 0f pl11.fl1 11111l 1'l11'01111'. l'0t'tIfl0ll1Il g1111l11111'1' will Ill' l11'1' 1'111'1'1'1', H111 xl11 ll 11l.10 llllilfl l111,1l111111l 111111 l101111'. 4X1'tivitics Cl1ai1'111z111g Sigma Iota: Nurses Nici: i'l2lSlllOll Clubg XYHI' R1-licf Knitting Cflubg O1'Cl11-sim B3 Basketball '40, '-113 Yollcy Rall '-ll, '42, 71i - 1 Harriet S. Blitz This girl of o11r 61101111 1111111 Cl 11e111111f111 voice 1s 111e 11es1-lo01.1111g girl of 11111' c111ss,' h1'1l6lL 11's 1111111 for f1111, s11e is the 01111- This lovely, likeable lass. Hospital Aidg Red Crossg Knitting Clubg Voice Ag Girls Chorale. Morris R. Deakter 1511ger-11yed Maiseh from 31011111 altuays Had a 11111711710 1111111111011 10 fly. T111'o11g11 111s work 111111 his hope, -Ilis 11r1111111f'll 1111111111 1'7'l1C?,' I11 61 helicofvfer 1111'll soar 11Zl'01lg1l 111e shy. Stamp Clnbg junior Basketball. Rose DePao1o Our fI11I1I'C' 1111' hostess, Rosie, ls fond of every sport, S1111 likes 111 l1111g11, 10 d1111ee 6171161 s1ca1e,' 11111 her 11111111 i111e1'es1 lies 111 111e airport. Dramatic Englishg Fashion Clubg Modern Dance Clubg Girl Reservesg Basketball '-ll, '42, '43g Volley Ball '41, '42, ,435 Soccer '41, '42, '43g Championship Hockey 'll un '43 Margaret Ruth Dietze il'11l1'1jIi0, lig111-haired and serious, 100, Is 01TL'CIj'.Y re1111y 10 give 1111111 10 QYOL1. She says she's s11y, 11111 I have fo1111d S11e's 1101 017151 jolly, 11111 fl 11es1 all- fl7'0l!1ld, journal Staff: Set Director, Senior Class Playg Treasurer, Sigma Iotag Microscope Clubg Discussion Clubg Leaders llth Grade. Howard Fine To ge1 11 11111111ce 1111111 H0v111e 10 dance, The girls of 1118 class would 611j0y,' For 1111 of 11111111 11110111 111111 1111s 1101111501116 17171111 Is 11 i1.'o11derf111 d1I7ZC1'1', oh boy! Marching Bandg Band Ag Soccer. Irving L. Fisher I-Ieis served IIS 111011 for five years 1111111 Playing 1111s11111l1all. Irv is swell for 11e h'7IOTC'S 1111111 To 1111 a friend 111 1111, Student Conncilg Foreword Representa- tiveg Latin Clubg junior Basketball '40, '41, Senior Basketball '42, '43, '44, Richard Fleischer Always 11111g111i11g, 1LC?'Z1l 7' 1111.113 Ever 1761171732 friendly, 100. Dick, the 110y 'zt,111o's f1111 of fllll, Is 1111111f0111e 111 R011111 o11e-si.r-o11e. Lunch Patrolg Student Councilg Radio Club. Carole Virginia Fox llosl f70f7lll1l7' girl 111 class 1214, Is 1111sy-go111g, busy, gay. 1111111 11er d1Sll7'77I171g 1'11111r111, 111051 say, Carole 1u111s y011r 11e111'1 away. A.R.C.A. Presidentg A.A.A. Vice Presi- dentg Journal Staffg Home Room Secre- tary, l2Bg Home Room Vice President, llAg Fashion Clubg Latin Clubg Discus- sion Clubg Sigma Iota Clubg Voice B. Miriam Fuss S1111 loves 10 'ZC'1I1l'11f f0011111l1, to gala 011 the 171101110 ,' S1111 reads 'I,1111e f11J7l0l',H likes ea11 de C0101jI1f',' Her favor11e radio f7l'0g1'1111I'S Blind IJfI1U',,' She plays 11111 f1i1111o,' we lllillh' s11e's gre111. M.lX'l.M.g Hospital Aidg Dramatic Eng- lishg Report Room Defense Stamp Saleg Latin Clubg Fashion Clubg Thespian Club. Irwin L. Germeise Voied 11111 'le111es1 boy 111 11111 class 1Vas Ir1t1111, 111e ladies' 111011. His 511.111, 011 re111 1111e CI11'l'tlC1S every lass, A1101 Irv is Cl T. Dorsey f1111. Dramatic English. Eugene Leonard Green S1ar-gaser Gre1111, o11r 1111111111111 E11ge11e R1ses before 11111 s1111 To greet 111e 11e111 day, Good 111f01'1'l111g 10 say, 1411111 io ge1 all 111s C17I?7l'l'1.S'1'1'j1 d011e. Marching Bandg Discussion Clubg Band A. Lorraine Anne Horovitz Sh11's 1111 e.1'eelle111 d1111eer, 111111 she 111ees fo read. Renee fICl7'1I1'1'l'S L011 C011J1H'7l, 111deed. She 11s11111s 10 Hope, lilees Ell111g1o11, 100. Her 111111res1s, 310111 see, are 1111111y, 1101 few. Red Cross Club: Nurses Aidg Group B Voiceg Basketball '43, '44g Transferred from Allegheny '43. ' 72 ' Carl F. Hovde Best all-round and most sincere, Our class president, year after year, life know that he's heading straight toward success. Do we like our Fritz? the answer is, 'Yes'! President of 1615 President of Sigma lotag Discussion Cluhg Vice President of Microscope Clubg Band Ag Orchestra Ag NVoodwind Quintctg Woodwind Quartetg Clarinet Triog Marching Band. Florence Kannensohn If yon're ont to find an all-around sport, Brunette, not tall, but rather short, rl girl who's hep and not too slow, Yozfve found her when you see our Flo. M.M.M.g Hospital Aidg President British War Relief Knitting Clubg Voice B. jerry Allan Kramer Laughing eyes, sharp neckt-ies C haracteriee our ferry. And, oh, his repartee ls clever, q-nick, and inerry. Foreword Staifg Journal Staffg Home Room Social Representative: Chess Clubg Sigma Iota Clubg Band Ag Orchestra Ag Saxophone Quartetg Woodwind Ensembleg All City Band. james M. Kruman Jirnrny Krnnian, inechanic to be, Thinks Rita Haywortlfs a dream. His hobby is photography, He's strictly on the beanz! Lunch Patrol. Merwyn E. Kubrin Porky is quite a society inan And a Sigma Delta, too,' To intake tlzings nzove whenever he can. Ilejll try his best to do. Dramatic Englishg Social Committeeg Checker Club. Sanford M. Lampl Man about town with eyes of brown, hVho's ever witty and gay, Is popular Sandy, oh, he's dandy, All of the folks say. Editor Forewordg Journal Staffg Presi- dent Latin Clubg President Stamp Clubg Discussion Clubg Cooking Clubg Band Ag Marching Band: All City Band: junior Basketball '4lg Soccer '4l. Joyce Levinson foycie with her talent and knack for doing things Is certainly a very good baker,- Since she can zehip up a recipe any time, hVe choose her as tlze ideal hoineniaker. Class Play: Dramatic Englishg Knitting Clubg Fashion Clubg Hospital Aid. Lowell G. Lubic Lowell, tlzough short, is fond of sport, He excels in just any ga1ne,' A doctor he'll be, as we shall see, And his high rating will be just the sanie. Basketball '43, '44g Track '43, '44g Cross Country '44g Green Key. Anne Marcosky lflflzen you're looking for a date, 'Cause yon're lonesome and blue, Call up always gracious Angee, She's the gal who will conie through. Home Room Social Representativeg Art Clubg VVar Relief Knitting Clubg Jewelry Club. Lewis B. Meyers Sir foot one and lots of fun Is our black-haired Lew. This good churn is handsonze, And happy-go-lucky, too! Margaret Podolinsky Always loyal to her friends ls Zldarge, a future Nurse Cadet. Loving dancing, loving fun, She's the nicest girl we've niet. journal Staffg Hospital Aidg Senior Hos- tessg VVar Relief Knitting Clubg Voice 12, C9 Leader llth Grade. Shirley Radbord This girl who seeks for souvenirs Has quite a selection to see, I want to be a housewife, says Shirl, And that's e.ractly what she'll be. Red Crossg Class Play Scenery Coin- 1lllttCCQ Journal Art VVorkg Microscope Cluhg Modern Dance Clubg Sigma Iota Cluhg History Clubg French Clubg Volley Ball '42. 73' Gloria Gail Raffle Hrre's tlm gal fzviflz all ilza Glo ',' Of friends sliz' lzas ple1'z.fy,' lflf c rc sure that Gloria will go far, For talents slzfe has many. Thespian Club: Doll Dressing Club: Sig- ma Iota Club: Fashion Club: Red Cross Sewing Club: Modern Danee Club: Busin ness Service Guild. Marion Reichman Rfivlzy, the girl with flw long lflark lzair, Has a most cafviivatiug smile. MYIICJI a ff'lloft s in want of an e.rcPll1'nl date, lz s llJCll l011'iS llllllIfl7Cl' l1v'll dial. Hospital Aid: Red Cross Club: Class Play: Social Chairman Home Room: Yoice B. Marilyn E. Riesberg Qllarilyn is liomid fo lm Slll't't'5Sflll in liar amlzilioli. That rerffzin l11llIL'S H10 onli, you suv, .I good lzome is liar missiovz. Nurses Aid: British XVar Relief Knitting: liashion Club: Orchestra B: Pool Leader. Gertrude Rosen livllo-tvs, if by any fllflllff lf'on7r0 looking for a fvarfnvr for a dalzru, Turn your lzead and loolc fllis Quay: f'fl'1'f1'rl.s ilu, gal ful1o's good, they sayf Ned Cross Club: Nurses Aid: Voiee V: Transferred from Swissvalc 1943. Estelle C. Rosenberg lisfallz' is in flu' fllfllffl' lflfllftflftillrg liar favorite with glav. .billll uofires flzr tvallr, flu' floflzrs and flirir talk. Sonia day a modal slza liofws lo lw. Orchestra H: Sigma lotzl. -- -4-S--..A W ,gf WA-.. Natalie Roth Clvzfal' Nat lzas made up liar mind- li's off fo a farm to look For a cosy spot with plenty of slzadv ll lmra size can write har lwook. Robert J. Sheer Intelligent and shy- llis t'llPllllSil'j' nzarks are lziglzq .ls a t'11l'I1Iil'Lll t'll!jllll't'l', mall lwl, lt's mzfrlz snfrvss flzaz' Holi will gel. Chess Club: Track-High Hurdler '43 44: Cross Country '43. Lois Symons Lois is pretty, has lzasvl eyes: zlnd five-frzof-fizie is liar lzeiglzf. SllF,.Y flower, sl10's lvriglif, fur' know .Ylll'iS tulsa. lrs, Lois is really all rigllfl Student Council: Sigma Iota: :X.R.C.A.: lfrench Club: Volley Ball: Basketball. Sydney Wayne Tobin .al fvlfasauf kid is our Sid, Oar aflzlelt' fine and Sfl'0Hfjv.' For .Vawy Air Corps ln' is lvouual. .lad fo our floss lla does lwlong. Marching Band: Band A: All City Hand: Football '41, '42, '43: Basketball '40, '41, '42, '43: Swimming '39, '40, '41, '42, '43, '44: Soccer l39, '40: Track '4l: Green Key: Optimist Athletic Award '-ll. Foreword Staff: A.A.A.: Red Cross Club: liditor, Journal Staff: Discussion Club: Modern Dance Club: Band B: Swimming. CII! e ee 4 oom 21 mr eeee A at ee b - ve Home Room Teacher-Mr. August Winterling Officers llrcsiclent ...,. .. ,. . ....,. ..,, 4 , . .,'l'l1OIl'l?lS Strong' Yice l,'resirlc-nt ., . ,Nfmnzui Sissmau Secretary . .. . .. 'l1I'CZLSl11'Cl' . . . ,. . , , . ,... Elaine Lewin . , Doris lfriecllancler I m'ewo1'cl licpix-seiitzltivc ,..,. ....,...,....,. Davicl Schmid Social lQep1'cse11t:ltix'cs l'llll'1'ii'f Xcwmzui, Rulwrt Schlessingcr There arc many tczlclicrs in this schmml , , . Whuve lllilflk' us live up to the rule: llut ls fnicml mtl pal xxi-.L 1 un tlm t If I 1 lls Xlr. Xlinicrlmg wh .. A - -0 s' ', oo, ds hchmccl us tlirmigh. 1 fw, 4 Gloria J. Ackerman th ing: Amlmiticm and clcpeucleucc to her work she'll always bring. Girl Reserves: lhisim-ss Service Ciuilclg Baslictlmzlll '41, '42, '43, '4-lg Volley Ball '41, '42, '43, '44: lluckcy '42g Senior Leaders. Katharine Virginia Bishop Kitty's a girl who is full of lun, Blue-eyecl, zmcl likecl hy every mic. Rcfl Cross: Social Qmnnittee: Group B3 Bzlslcctlmall '42, '453 Soccer '-42. fll he :L secretary, that's one sure Thomas Barnes Tom is :L member ni the illustrious Group fxg By :tml hy he may replace Sinatra- we really c:m't say. Group .X. Diana Bloom Dczy is as pretty as she cfm he, Blfmclc hzlir zuicl Cllilflllillg. she's smut thing' to see. Rccl Cross: Nurses .Xicli Senior Ar Modern Dance Class. 75 'WW ' ' Norman Sander Boodman Normi's the quiz kid, to him the home- work's a game, By and by he'll be a chemist,-look for him in the Hall of Fame. Discussion Clubg French Club, Fun With VVordsg Quiz Me Club, Latin Club. Marion jean Cameron Makes friends one, two, three, Cammy is swell as you can see. Girl Reserves, Book Room, Basketball '41, '42, Volley Ball '41, Hockey '42g Senior Leaders. Lee Caplan Likes to meet all the women he can, Casanova Caplan. is quite a man. Band Ag Marching Band, Sax Quartet, Swing Band. Marilyn Hope Dezen Most glamorous is our stunning Dee- zee, Does really please the boys quite easy. Business Service Guild, Modern Da11ce Class, Voice Group C. Theresita Eles Terry's got such a very cute way, Everyone thinks she's quite 0.K. M.M.M.g French Clubg South American Club, Leaders Club, Hockey '40, Volley Ball '43, Basketball '43. Doris Mae Friedlander Darling secretary of our gang, Frankly she goes over with a bang. A.A.A.g Red Cross, Sigma Iotag Senior Leaders. Lee J. Friedman Leads the girls on a merry chase, For Bud is fast and likes to race. A.A.A.g Sigma Iota, journal Staffg Foot- ball Council, Latin Clubg Cooking Club, Football '42, '43, junior Basketball '39. john Fries Jack once was ready for a part in the class play, Fighting now with the Navy's a real part, we'll say. Dramatic English. Helen Hakim Her hero is a handsome flyer, Hope he comes back, is her desire. M.M.M.g Art Club, Hockey '41, '42, Vol- lcy Ball '40, '4l. james V. Godfrey Jitterbuggin' james is quite a guy, Goodness, there's just nothing he won't try. President Home Room, Swimming Team '44. jane Hertrick janie's a charming cheery lass- He1'e's the darling of our class. Journal Staff, Aviation Club, Modern Dance Class, Girl Reserves, Volley Ball '4l. Elaine Lewin Energetic's the word for this athletic girl g Lew's at her best with a baton on the twirl. Student Council, Dramatic English, Ma- jorettes '39, '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, Volley Ball '38, Basketball '39. Aureen Litt A piano player you see this girl is, Likes to study, and sure is a whiz. A.A.A.g Sigma Iotag Foreword Staff, Discussion Groupg Dramatic English' 1 Modern Dance Classy Orchestra A, Volley Ball '41, '42, Doll Dressing Club' Voice B. y Norma R. MacMi11en Norma is the sweetheart of all, Most everything nice, and not too tall. Sigma Iota, Microscope Club, Aviation Club, Modern Dance Classg Advanced Art Class, Volley Ball '4l. Joseph H. Meyer Joe left school to go to college, Mostly he is seeking knowledge. Harriet Newman Here's a girl who's loads of fun, Never kept back by any one. Sigma lotag Social Representative, Dra- matic English. john O'Brien Japs will find that j'ohnnie's not shy Out on the battlefield when he learns to fly. Aviation Club. Ruthe Rabinovitz Ruth is charming, that's quite true, Reporting news is her ambition, too. Sigma lotag Senior Leaders. . ..,. .L .L 76 . .Y Marvin Richard Rom Makes friends, easy to please, Results-puts every one at his ease. History Club, Radio Code Club, Aviation Club, Cross Country '43, Track Team '44. Fay Rosen Fay's a girl who'11 surely succeed, Really, she's a girl 218 did need. Business Service Guild, Volley Ball '41, '42, Basketball '41, '42, Senior Leaders '43, Robert Schlesinger Rob's the sharpie of 218, Slick, slim, and swell, in our esteem. Social Committee 78A, Dramatic English, Hall Patrol. David H. Schmid Dave, we'll remember foutside of rhymel, Soliciting' for the Foreword and being on time. Foreword Representative 12A. Nellie Samson Not too tall, quiet and intellectual, Studious, poised-most effectual. Marvin L. Silverblatt Marv has his fingers in many a pie, Surely he will succeed in all he will try. President of Home Room, 7B-IZB, Sigma lota, Representative of School in Jeffer- son Oratorial Contest '43, Secretary of Senior Class, Journal Staff, Green Key: Discussion Group: Orchestra B, Basket- ball '41, '42, '43, Track '41, '42, '43. Sidney B. Simon Sid could break a n1aiden's heart, Smooth at dancing-that's really an art. A.A.A., Radio Code Club, Cheerleaders '43, '44, Orchestra A, Cross Country '43, Track '43, '44. Norman J. Sissman Now here's a guy that's really fine, Sis would never hand any one a line. A.A.A., Dramatic English, Microscope Club, Discussion Club, Orchestra A, Marching Band, All-City Orchestra, Swing Band, Cross Country '43. Dorothy A. Smith Dotty's sweet and full of pep, Sunny smile, she's really hep. Student Council, Aviation Club, Girl Re- serves, Orchestra A and B, String En- semble, Volley Ball '41. Leon Simon Leon's wearing the navy blue Serving his country along with his crew. United States Navy. Morton Snitzer Made the ball of fame carrying the ball. i'Snitz is still waiting for Babbie to fall. A.A.A., Football Council, Green Key: Radio Code, Aviation Club, Story Telling Club: Band B and C, Football '42, '43, '44, Volley Ball '42, '43, '44, Soccer '42. Thomas W. Strong Tom's got a personality, in one word -be's swell. Selected as our class president-VVhat he'll be? VVe can't tell. Young Magicians Club, Band A and IB, Marching Band, Trumpet Club, Swing Band, Swimming Club, Green Key. M. Evelyn Tanski Earnest, studious, and dependable, Tact and pleasantness reconunendable. Business Service Guild, Bulletin Staff. Jacqueline Twig ,Tolly Jacky, cute, blonde, and tall, Too good to be true, a pal to all. AAA., Foreword Staff, Red Cross: Busi- ness Service Guild: Journal Staff, Dresse ing Dolls, Band B, Volley Ball '41, '42, Basketball '42, Senior Leaders. Richard Vexler Rich will be a P.F.C.. Vexed if he gets a Captaincy. Magicians Club, Literature Club. Morton E. Winkler Mort is rough, ready and able, With a profile very much like Clark Gable. Orchestra A, B, C, Football '41, '42, '43, Track '43. -Q ferr- - B 77 We M if ee-Yblfeeewe oom 256 me e ee ee W ee ee Home Room Teacher-Miss Agnes Kerr Officers lfrcsidcut .,..,.,. . .... .....,.,...., .,.....,....,.., I l ona Qipa Vice llresident Seci'et:,u'y ..,. .. Trczisurei' ., ...,... lTUl'6XVHl'Cl lQCl31'L'SC1llZlllYC .....Ricli:u'1l Bluestone .. -lean Titmus llolores Fleslier , Mzlrizm lflulnie Sovial lQClJ1'CS9lllZlllYC . .. ., , ,, ,.,. .,,.. ..,. A .. Rzxleigli livzlns NYC d11n't lmmx' xvlmt xxx-'cl liavc dune If wc li:1dn't had Miss KCITI Slick bccn our guido and lots ul lun - So wc ullcr tlircc Cheers to her. .. L 4 All lr Helen Andrews ll1'1' 1fl11'1'l'.v l111if1' lifllv 1l1111,f1l1's, Har 1z11s1' tlll I!j7'Z1'1II'll s'z1'z'11g, Ilvllllll you 111ld 11 pair of sfv111'lsli11g 051115, 'l'l11'1'c's a 1'1'1'111' fn' for tl k1'11g. 1X.A.A.g Nurses .-Xidg Hobby-Collecting lnsignia. Lawrence Bernstein V1111 flllll 51111 llz11f LtIl'7'j' H. flax l1'111'1z1'1l HIC 1150 of fl111'l1f1Qv,' TI11' girls all fl111'lc tll'0IfllCl' 111.111 511, l'1111'1l !l11'11l2 l11's 11111111' -mrs 1311111011 Aviation Club: Radio Clubg Radio Code Club: Bandg jewelry Club: Track Team '41, '42, '-13, '44, Lois M. Bernstein .l1r1sl.' l11' 11i111l1l11, J111'l.' l112 1111i11l.',' l'll'Ul1I 11111.s'1'1' lJ111'l'y gvfx KI lri1'l',' .slflll flzinks that jazz: is l1I1'llLU all riglztg .S'l11' flltlblki' lIl71' 1'1?c111'1l.v day flllfd lziglzt. :X..X..X.1 Rod Cross Club: -lmmurnal Staff: Sigina lotzlg Voicc C. joseph Berill .lilly is dllllll 111 11ll 11111' lIUfIl'lSv, Il '11 l.'1111-zu l11111 l11'.vf as B111111,v ,' llvllllll l1f1' .v1111111s 111111111 iuiflz l1'j'llIff. lla 11111 xfill br 171131 and fllllllly. Orcliustra .-X: Hobby -V Musifl Scrvicc lDl'CfCl'CllCC4-NEIVY :Xir Corps. f'-----f--f- -Y--7 -W Y envy--W Y 78 , WY, A.. Richard I. Bluestone Our little boy Blue -stone Can't blow a horn,' He'd rather play basketball Night and morn. Vice President of Home Room, 12B-1ZAg Movie Clubg Cooking Clubg Intramural High Jump '40. Barbara jean Caplan Rings on her fingers, And bells on her toes, An air debonair And smart taste in her clothes. Dramatic Clubg Senior Leadersg Basket- ball '4lg Hobby-QCollecting Snapshots. Henry L. Carlini PVhat is Henry made of? lt's a question that leaves us blank ,' Is it dancing, sports, or just plain fun That makes up our own H ank? Boys Cooking Clubg Radio Club: Avia- tion Clubg Track Team '41, Ilona L. Cipa llaffy-dovun-dilly, our Cipa is silly, Her antics are a riot VV hen our favorite clown starts kidding around The class just will not be quiet. Student Councilg Foreword Representa- tive: Dramatic English: Class Play Castg 12B-12A Home Room Presidentg Sigma Phi Gammag Basketball '41, '42, '43, '44: Volley Ball '41, '42, '43, '44, Hockey 211. '42, '43, '44g Leaders Club. Helen E. Citron Tveinkle, twinkle little star Like Helen's eyes do from afar They're green eyes-like a song we knew lifay back in 1942. A.A.A.g Red Cross, Sigma Iotag Ad- vanced Art. Lauretta Mae Cox There was a little girl who had a little curl Right in the middle of her forehead, She has such brilliant locks, our sweet Lauiretta C ox, That we's affectionately dubbed her rrRCd.1J Senior Hostessg Red Cross Sewingg 400 Clubg Sth Period Swimming Instructor. Richard Danzey llick has ai very handsome face, Of ladies he is fond, But girls, zoe'd better warn you no-w, The gent prefers a blonde. Hobby-Pin-up Girlsg Service Preference --Air Corps. Leonard Earl Dee Speak and hear no evil And no evil see ls the wisest 1notto Says red-haired Leonard Dee. Aviation Clubg Track Team '43g Hobby-- Building Model Airplanesg Service Pref- erence-Air Corps. Raleigh N. Evans Hi diddle diddle, our Raleigh's a riddle And if he jumped over the moon, W' e wouldnt be vexed, nor even per- plexedg l'Ve'd expect even greater things soon. Home Room Social Representativeg Radio Clubg Band Ag Hobby-Engines Aircraft: Service Preference-Air Corps. Edna E. Feldman Good things come in small packages, lt's universally known, l?dna's one small parcel That we claim for our own. Business Service Guildg Basketball '40, '4l1 Hobby--Dancingg Service P1'eferencc --VV.A.F. Shirley Feldstein Sugar and spice and everything nice ,flre synonyms for Shirleyq For anything that ails you We prescribe this charming girly. Foreword Representativeg Voice B: Bas- ketball '4l, '42, '43g Hockey '43g Volley Ball '41g Soccer '41, '42. Dolores P. Flesher Wee little Flesher runs through the hall Upstairs and, dotenstairs with never a fall ,' ln four years' time SIIFIS acquired the skill Of running to class with never a spill. Red Cross 5 Home Room Treasurer: French Club: Aviation Clubg Radio Code Club: Hockey '43g Championship Basket- ball Team '43, '44g Volley Ball '43, 79 Estelle M. Frank Ding, dong, dell, That lnsciozis kid's Estelle, Uni' Sissy's looks will soon fill hooks, Like !'l70g11e and irMdd67'l'L0iSUllC.JJ A.A.A., Red Cross Club, Sigma Iota, Art Club, Senior Art, Modern Dance, Swimming '40, '41, '42, '44, Volley Ball '40, '41, Basketball '40, '41, '44, Mush- ball '43. Phyllis Grant Coosey-goosey gander, whither do you wander? To cheniistry class to think and ponder. il'll find a new element tlzeref' cried Phyllg Said lllr. Colborn, l donlrt if you will. Red Cross Club, Dramatic English, Stu- dent Manager of Class Play: Chess Club, French Club, Sigma Iota, Discussion Club, Modern Dance, Voice B, Basket- ball '4l. Miriam Greenbarg Miriam Greenlwarg sat on a wall, As Larry walked by she had a great fall ,' She was not hart cause Larry fell, too, And we hope this lasts 'til the Journal cornes through. Home Room War Stamp Representative, Business Service Guild, Hobby-Collect ing Snapshots: Service Preference-Army Air Corps. George Peter Harris Georgie, Porgie Pnddin and Pie Kissed the girls and niade theni cry, lf'l'hat we inean is cry for inore, This Romeo has gals galore. 12B-12A Home Room Social Representa- tive, Microscope Club, Camera Club, Voice B, Soccer Team '41, junior Var- sity Basketball '4Z, Hobby-Photography. Marian A. Hulrne l'ou'll see lzer at NActi'oity As lnisy as a little lree, Her time is not alnisea' or wasted, The joys of knowledge she has tasted. Foreword Staff, Red Cross Club, Dra- , matic English, Latin Club, Dramatic Club, Voice B, Basketball '41, Volley Ball '41, '42, Mushball '41, Dancing. Sidney Karmia Sing a song of si.r pence Tlzere's Sidney in the gl'0O7!C,' That he is hep and full of pep lfVoz1ld not be hard to profve. President of Student Council '40, Dra- matic Club, Basketball '42, Group A. v Donald Kopelman That Donnyis full of inischief, lflf'e're sure yoi1'll all agree ,' And yon stick around yoifll find Cags are his specialty. I Band A, All City Band, Marching Band, Hobby-Airplanes. Patty L. Lawson Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake Lawson's nian lflfill have to be handsome .ds any inan Can. Bulletin Staff, Business Service Guild, Senior Hostess, Red Cross Sewing Club, 400 Club, Sth Period Swimming Club Instructor. Anita Jeane Marcus A dillar, a dollar, a diligent scholar lldiss Marcus' grades are Sllf?'7 t 'l7'LL',' Mfr. Colliorifs Uiliiaiiitau is sure hard to beat-a For slze's certainly right on the lieain. Red Cross Club, Journal Staff, Sigma Iota, Discussion Club, Senior Art. Gloria june Mendelson Gloria, Gloria, ll e are all for ya, Our only coniplaint is That there are no inore o' ya. A.A.A., Red Cross Club, Journal Staff, Sigma Iota, Orchestra B. Bernadette Morsek .4 little learning is as alangerozis thing, it-lt least Pope said it was trite, So liernadette put her liooks away To find lnetter things to do. Red Cross, Doll Club, Sewing Club, Group B, Hockey '41. '80 Betty Rosenfield Sing a song of AU Choir, XI pocket full of notes, lfVhen Betty sings Eniitte lt doesn't sound like Mair5y Doatsf' A.A.A.: Red Crossg Dramatic English, Class Play Castg Sigma Iotag French Clubg Voice Ag Soccer '41g Volley Ball '42, Mnshball '4l. Marilyn H. Silverman Little inaid with hair so red, You can rest your weary heady l'Vith beauty received frown a generous fate, You'll have no trouble in finding a mate. Red Cross: Sigma lotag Art Clubg Hobby -Dancing. jean L. Titmus Giggles should have been her name: She ean t control her l'l'Zl7f1Z,' She has the nzost amazing laugh Of any one on earth. Home Room Secretary, 12.-X: Dramatic Club: Voice B3 Basketball '4l3 Volley Ball '42, Isabel Vertman Mica mica parzia stella Renzinds us of our Isabella, And if in Latin you're not up to par, That means, twinkle, twinkle little star. Dramatic Englisbg Art Club: Junior and Senior Leaders. Charlotte H. Weil Old King Cole -was a inerry old soul And so is Charlotte lfVeil,' The atlzletie girl of Allderdiee Is never reitlzout a sinile. Dramatic lilnglislig Home Room Social Representative: junior Nurses Aid: ,lun- ior Leaders '4lg Senior Leaders '42, '43, '44g Soccer '41, '4Zg Hockey '43, '44l Volley Hall '4l, '42, '43, '443 Basketball '41, '42, '43, '44g Tennis '43, '44. Natalie Young Voted most studious of our class Nat is a friendly little lass. ll'iIl1 nzusie as her avoeation, Perlzafvs some day sl1e'll swing tl1e na- tion. Sigma lota: Voice C. R: Student Hos- pital Aidg Hobby-Music. Rose Ziviello .finatra's famous for his voice, Durante for his nose. For nothing else than lveing stceet .llueh fame is due our Rose. Foreword Representative: Volley Rall '4l: Hockey '43: Soccer 540: Musbball '-ll: Hobby-XVriting. Qsb r 8 I Home Room Teacher-Miss Florence M. Barkley Officers President .,......... .,,., .......... ,..,... J L J scph Coletta Vice President ,... ..,... C orinne Azen Secretary ...,..o,.,, ......... L lay Cooper 'lreasurer ..,..,...,,..,....,........., ,.............,.............,,,.. I iois Goldstein Foreword Representative . . i ....., ,........,. , . ..,.,..., .Bernice Zwiclc Social Representatives, Clifford Hostcin. Barbara Sccller Miss Barkley, the Dean of 266. Has llclpccl us through cacb flay: Her cheerful, friendly attitumlc ls in our hearts to stay. C365 Rhoda Adele Alpern Corinne G. Azen R Rho . . . rhythmic . . . refined C 'iCorky . . . carefree . . . cellist A .Xclorable . . . actress . . . ambitious A A11ll7lfl0l1S . . . HCUVC . . . 21111191316 A .Xttractive . . . amiable . . . artistic Student Council: AAA.: Red Cross: Dra- Scwctary of Class, 43: Junior Chorus? matic lfuglislr: Vicc President-of Home Iiashion Club: Story Telling Club: Dra- MO111- lfixi Sigma Iotai 5011101 Leaders' matic Club: Owhcstra A: All City Gr- Discussion Group: Orchestra A: Hockey :.,::,m.u, '42, mg Yolley Ball '41, 342, '43, Betty Lee Berman Marlon Barkan B Brunette . . . bustling' , . . busy M Mimi . . . mischievous . . .merry L Loc . . . likeable . . . laughing B Bright . . . blithe . . . bonnie B Big'-hcartecl , . . beaming Rell Cross: lpfilllliltlf English: Sigma Rccl Cross: Sigina Iota: Hobby-Saving Iota: Hobby--Collecting Perfume Bottles. llancllccrclmicfs. ' 82 ' W' B M1 Claire Cahn Betty R. Goldman C Dizzy , . . . clever . . . cute B Bets , , . boogie-Woogie . . C Conscientious . . . candid . . . ca- beauty P81716 G Gay . generous . . . gracious Hospital Aid: Sigma Iota: Voice E. Elaine B. Cochran E Efficient . . . effervescent . . energetic B Brownish-red hair . . . bright C 'fCorky . . . care-free . . . clever Modern Dance: Voice E, C: Hobby-- Dancing. joseph A. Coletta I joe . . . jack-of-all-trades A Artistic . . . admired . . . attractive C Commercial artist . . . clever car- toonist Student Council: Foreword Staff: Presi- dent l2.'X Class: journal Staff: Home Room President: French Club: Radio Code Club: Art Club: Track Team '42, jay Phillip Cooper I jovial . . . jester . . . journalist P Punster . . . personality plus C Cutting capers . . . cartoonist Foreword Staff: Dramatic E n g l i s ll 1 Ticket Committee: Radio Code Club: Or- chestra B. Mary Elizabeth De Angelo M Musical . . . mischievous . . . merry E Executive . . . earnest . . . esteemed D 'ADe ,Nngeu . . . dainty . . . depend- able Girl Reserves: Microscope Club: Hockey '-I3: Hobby-Doll Collecting. james C. Eardley I jim . . . jaunty . . . jolly C Calm . . . candid . . . clever E Eager . . . energetic . . . exceptional Stamp Club: Radio Code Club: Hobby- Xlodel gXirplanes. Rita L. Frankel R Radiant . . . reliable . . . refined F Frank . . . fashionable . . . favored Red Cross: Social Committee: Chess Club: Basketball '-12: Volley Ball '42, Annette I. Friedman A Sister', . . . able . . . agreeable I jlaunty . . . jocular . . . jolly F Frank , . . frolicsome . . . friendly Dramatic Club: Aviation Club: Orchestra B: Hobby-Collecting Records. Lois Goldstein L Lo . . . little . . . lively G Graceful . . . gentle . . . gay Student Council: Foreword Staff: Dra- matic linglish: Treasurer of Home Room: lYar Relief Knitting: Sigma lota: Discus- sion Club: Orchestra B: junior Leaders: Senior Leaders: Manager of Basketball, Soccer, and Hockey, '42, 343. Charles A. Harrison C Chuck . . . cheerful . . . chummy A Ambitious . . . aspiring . . . artful H Happy . . . honest . . . helpful Microscope Club: Group A: Foreword Representative: Secretary of 315. Richard A. Hazley R Dick . . . red-haired . . . resonant voice A Able . . . academic . . . accomplished H Hypnotist . . . hunter . . . humorist Discussion Club: Microscope Club: Voice liiroup .X: Hobby-Hypnfmtism. Robert D. Hepner R Robby . . . reliable . . . regal D Dashing . . . dapper . . . debonair H Handsome . . . husky . . . handy Radio Code Club: Orchestra A: Hobby-- Aviation. Clifford jerry Hostein C Cuppy . . . casanova . . . col- legiate I jovial . . . jivey . . . joker H Happy . . . high-spirited . . . hos- pitable Student Council: Class Play: Social Representative y-12, '43, '-14: Junior Basket- ball Team '41, Beatrice E. Hyman B 'iliean . . . brunette . . . brilliant E Effervescent . . . esteemed Red Cross: A.A.A.: junior Girls Choi-ug: H Helpful . . . honest . . . hard-worker Voice E, D, C, B. French Club: Hobby-Reading. 83 Pearl Kalb Ernest D. Rose P Poil . . . pert . . . pretty E Ernie . . . energetic . . . earnest K Klever . . . kwiet . . . kute D Designer . . . dependable Red ci-OSS, Dramatic English, Dramatic R Rugged . . . rare humor . . . re- Clubg Sigma Iota. Served Young Magicians Clubg Radio Codeg Dgrothy Kaufman Aviation Clubg Basketball Club, Orches- D HD tv, I I-0-I ti I I 1 - on tra B3 Band B5 Cross Country Team '41, K K O ' ' ' 'TT u t' ' C e5erVm':- '42g Cross-State Physical Fitness Run '42g een - - - 1119199-1' ef - - - Basketball Team '41, '42, '43, '44g Track kwalified Team '39, '40, '41, '42, '43, '44. Lunch Patrolg Journal Staffg Vice Presi- dent '4l, '42, '43g War Relief Knitting, - Aviation Clubg Junior Leadersg Senior ,Mildred A' Rosenberg Leadersg Champion Basketball Team '42, M Hllillllyi . . . musical . . . marvelous '43, '44, Volley Ball '41, 442, '43. mice A Ambitious . . . Aspiring . . . amiable Jeanne L. Klein R Radiant . . . rosy-cheeked . . . re- J wleannial . . . joyful . . . jewel fined L Little one , , , lovable , , , lively Red Cross: Foreword Staff: Journal K Katchy . . . knowing . . . kind ?l9ffliClFrf'iCl' Clubi Voice Group A5 Red Cross, Jewelry Clubg Hobby-De- in S 'Gmc' signing. Lois G. Roth Shirley Kopelman L Loey . . . lovely . .I . luscious S Stenographel. . . g sociable . l . R Radiant . . . rhythmic . . . reliant shorty K K'Kopey . . . karacter . . . kidder Business Service Guild, Dramatic Clubg Penmanship Clubg Basketball '41, '42g Volley Ball '42, '43: Tennequoit '4lg Hockey '43. Evelyn Eileen Kronket E Eve . . . energetic . . . entertain- ing' E Effervescent . . . enthusiastic K Kweenly . . . konsiderate ,lewelry Club, Girl Reserves: Senior Leadersg Orchestra B: Champion Basket- ball Team '42, '43, '44. Shirley Kurfeerst S Shirl . . . successful . . . sincere K Kapable . . . kind . . . kwick- witted Bulletin Staffg Foreword Stafig Business Service Guild, Journal Staftg Modern Dance Club. Ethel O. Orris B A S R S Red Cross: Dramatic Englishg Bible Reader of Home Room: Chess Clubg Or- chestra A3 Trio, Quartetg All City Or- chestra. Barbara A. Sedler Bains . . . brilliant . . . blonde Attractive . . . ambitious . . . acl- mirable Sagacious . . . scholarly . . . self- contained Student Councilg Red Crossg Dramatic Bnglishg Home Room Secretary and So- cial Representativeg Thespian Club: Sen- ior Leaders: Sigma Iota: Basketball '42, '43, '44g Volley Ball '42, '43. Ruth Sedler Ruthie . . . red-headed . . radiant Sociable . . . smooth-dresser French Clubg Hobby-Saving Pictures. Moses Voloshen M Moe , . . modest . . . mirthful V ' ' Vehement . . . yigoious . . . valued g gI?ig1'L'iI4W. . eageg . . . elefgzant friend 'A QT ?1't.' ' ' pen-mm' ec ' ' Entered from Peabody: Likes Football Op 'mls 'C and Swimmingg Hobby--Collecting Books: M.M.M.g Girl Reservesg Dramatic Eng- Ambition-Pharmacist5 Future Prospects ilSl'lQ Hobby-Jewelry. -Army Air Corps. 84 Marvin H. Weiss Bernice Shirley Zwick M Marv . . . mischievous . . . manly U 7 H H Handsome . . . happy . . . helpful B HZ - - - busy ' - ' beUCV0l911f W lVitty . . . wise . . . willing S Sincere . . . sunny . . . spirited A..-X.A.3 Locker Patrolg Aviation Clubg Z 26310115 , , , Zegtful Radio Code Practieeg Pliotograpliyg Band B5 Football '4l. Rosalyn Sonya Wesoky R Roz . . . reasonable . . . respon- sible S Solicitous . . . sweet . . . sociable W XYinsome . . . worthy . . . warm- hearted Model for P.T.A.: Red Cross Sewingg VVar Relief Voice C. Knittingg Aviation Clubg Lunch Patrolg M.M.M.g Book Room Clubg Blood Donor Campaigng Foreword Repre- sentative: Fashion Clubg Thespian Clubg Modeling for Sewing Department: Volley Ball Team '41, '42, '43g Basketball '42, '43. HALL OF FAME B1 ggest VVOl1l2I.ll-l'I2ltCI'- j oe Danlco Go away l l'3igg'est .lane MacDonald Social Attender- JXlways tliere-lirstest and bestest. Headache- hl ay Cooper B iggest jay, please be quietf,-Teaeliei' Wittiest- Ilona Cipa l,,augli, l tllfjllgllt Ill die. Most Courteousf Fritz Hovcle May l help youf' Best Character- NUl'lllZLll Sissman lsn't lie swell. liiggest lilaniliater- U1llillLJXl'll Most Popular lfaculty-- Mrs. 'lones Towel, please. - e 5 ' gs M47 00112306 Mamma aaaaaa as- Home Room Teacher-Miss Emma Louise Wilson Officers llresiclent . .,,.,....... .,,. A Vice l'resiclent .,... Secretary ,........ ......,. lreasurer , ....,.. . . .,..,,.,. . Forexvorcl li6l5l'CSC'lltZlllYQ .............. Betty liziur .,.....1lCclgar Golflfarb ,....llfl21l'g'21l'Ct Fitzurlqa Caesar Garoioli , liclgar Golcllarb Social Representative . ,..,.,,.,., ,. ...,,......, Sylvia Roth You've been as Clear as one could be ever sinus our sopboinore days: Wle shall remeinber i11 our hearts your tliouglitful, pleasant waysg .Xncl lor your lielp 111 all xve'vc clone, your faith in all ive liope to clo, Your llOlllC room Class of 306 offers its thanks to you. 1 Q.. - l Rose Marie Barrish . Ilios-4R0s10 f,'.f1111Ily fozr11dff1111'1'1'fijvati'11g in sports ,VI111l11'1'i01z-11111190 Rt'I1lL7llIZ7f7I't'd flil'-H1056 giggles llosnital Aid: llraniatie Euglislig Senior l,L'llClQl'S Club: lloclcey '43g Service Pref- e1'c1u'efNnvy. Betty jane Baur 4 l I1'11s4B1'f1'.r Il.YI!tlN,X' ff?1lIIllff.Yf71't'lIdf1lfg SIIIISZIIDIH' .l111I1if1011-11 Izuffvy 111a1'1'ic1g0 l61'111v111I11'1'1vd ffll'--IIK77' big brofwz ryzxv Student Councilg .'X..X.1'X.g Journal Staffg Home Room Presiclent, 12B-l2Ag Fashion Club: German Club: Red Cross Clubg Service Prefereiice-Ariiiy. Alvin R. Beck Aliasf-Clziclc l's1111Ily fUI!1Ilf-ftlkhlg Cl 5110050 fl111Ini1'1'011A-11I1'c1'1'icia11 I?v1111'111bv1'1'c1 115--ZJashf11l Alvin llall Patrolg Stage Crexvg Service Prefer- L'llCCA-AIXIZIVY. Samuel E. Becktel ,'lIi11.v-Cizrddlvs l's11aIIy f01111c1'Y-111' 1110 110110111 of H10 'IL-IIIS 11001 ,fl111l11f1011,f1'0 lm cz s11rc0.vs RU111z'111l11'1'fd forgflznf CfIl'l'f1'UP 71Zl11fL11l?7' Aviation Club: French Clubg Chess Clubg Radio Code Clubg Track Team '39. ,. , , 86 .W ,VY - Johanna R. Belak 1-'lIiasA'fo I 'XIHIHVX' ll'0I!J1de-IJC7lgll'i'H 41mlwifiolz-affiaf1'i.r lel'I1IC1l1l?l'l'l'd forfflmt Clll'Cf'l'FC 1116111111137 Bulletin Staff, Hook Room Club, Hobby -Ice Skating, Serviee Preference-Air Corps. Matthew G. Brown xl liar fillallly i,'Sllt1H-X' f0I1Ildf51'I!d.l'llZg a c11c11zis1'1'y book ,plIllZ7l'ff0JLflIlCdftflJlC RL'llIt'llIl7U1'c'lf for-his stuofiouslwss Microscope Club: Discussion Club: ,lun- ior Chess Club, HoblvyfChemistryg Serv- ice 1'reference4Arniy. Anne Buckstein . l1lLISffl1lHi0 Ifsizally fozrlzdfr-'fit flu' Irlocklfoard in 306 .fl11zbif1'o1z-4d1'v.v.r dt'.Y1fjllCl' k'UlllCIIll7t'I'l'd forflzwr 'Z'1 Z'clCify A.A..'X.g Sigma iota: Harpist, Hobby- Sxvimining. Geraldine Edna Costello Alias-Gerry lfsizully flllllld-4l'0Hl'l' slsutiizg ,florbitiolz-fvrofvssiolzol skater IeU7IZ0lllZ7Gl'Cd for-flmz' steel! voice l70rexvorcl Representative, llramatic ling- lish: Knitting and Tatting Club, South .Xmerica Club, Group E, C, B, .-X, Volley Ball '41, '42, '43, Basketball '41, '42, '43, Hockey '42, '43, William M. Crow, jr. zllias'dBill Usually fozuzd-rvitlz. the stage .fl'ilzbiflio11.-flrlrzy Air Corfu I?l'lllt'llIl7t'I'4'd as-Silmzt Hill l'7'UTC' Stage Crew, Hobby4Stamp Collecting, Service Preference-.Xir Corps. William R. Devaul . liitlsflizfll lkillflllj' flllllld-ZYUCA' stage .el111I11'fio1zff'l11'cf puffy offzrcl' in flu' Navy Rt'lllUllIl7Ul't'CI' for--flzaf zwry jileasczlzf dz'.rfv0.ri!lio1z H Senior Engineering Club, Book Room Club: Stage Crew: Hobby - Huutingg Service Preference-Navy. Margaret Fitzurka Allies--1lla1'gie Llrmllly jozzzzd-Clzzzclfs Plzarnzacy .fl111.12ifiozz---sfvizognzplzcr lrvzfzcllzbwcfz' f0I'7flU1' szeacflzcss Bulletin Stailg Secretary of Home Room, lfasliioii Club, Business Service Guild, lloekey '43, Volley Ball '42, Basketball '41 Alice Lorraine Freeman 1111115--. II l.. .X'I!UHj' f0IIllfl'fdI'Ll'ZUlllig .rlIIIlllfltlll-dt'Slgllt'l' 1x'c111v111luv1'vd for-Izcr fl'1iL'lIdliIlft'S5 Yolley Ball '43, liielcl Hockey '43, Mush- ball '43, Basketball '43, Holmby-Drawing, Service Preference-Army. Caesar A. Garofoli .el11115-fSq1rvz':,'c1' llvlnilly jozozu'-jvlayizig cIa1'1'110f rllll17lfZ.0Il--IllUdiflllf? jeL'lllt'1IlI7t'1'Ud for-his czrrcllvlzt f?o0pc'r41- lion .Iournal Stallg Cooking Club: Chess Club, llzlncl .X, UQ AlZll'L'lllllfl' Hanclg VX'ooclwincl Quintet '42. Philip M. Gentille, Jr. .elliiisgfzifvpy Uszrally fozmdfiu the gym .4111I1z'fio1z--In' flu' first 0110 in Tokyo Ru111c111Iu'1'cd forgflzaf S5-yard run for a. io1rcl1dote11 lfootbzill '42, '433 Basketball '40, '41, '42, '45, '44, Track '41, '42: Green Key Vice President, Service Preference-Army Air Corps. Milton Arnold Goldberg Alias-illilt llrzrizlly fdlllldfllllllhilllfj the girls A111initio11-clzgizlvwing fQl'll1t'llII7t'l'L'd forgflzaf gleam in his eye llzill l'ntrolg lflolxby-Stainp Collecting: Navy X -12. Edgar J. Goldfarb Alias-Iiddic lfszrally fUllllG'4-f7ll'41Sll1ff czfery one A111I1z'tz'o11-dullfisiry Rt'llll llII7t'I'Ud forgfzis llllhflflll talent .X..X..X. President: Vice President of Sen- ior Classy Vice President of Home Roomg Social Committee, Orchestra Ag Trio. 87 -Y . ,. . , .. - Fred I. Goldsmith Alias--lflfolf lfszrally foundain Mr. Shriner's room A1e11I1ition-electrical engineer l?0lllClIlbC7'L'd for-his laugh Hall Patrol: Hobby - Collecting Old Coins: Service Preference-Army Signal Corps, james joseph Gregg if lias--Noody lfszrally found-at the Pengnin A111l11'tio1,1-jrlzysical education coach R'l?lI'Lt?l7'1lJU7'Ud as-first string football 111071 Cooking Club: Football '42, '43: Intra- mural Basketball '44: Hobby --- Sports: Service l'referencegNavy. Leroy Kenneth Groff 1fllLlS'7l'l'LlL.S' lfsnally found-Carnegie Library A111l1itio11-a'e1ztist1'y leCllIf'lI'LlH'7'Cd for-his bow ties Young Magicians Club: Radio Club LXVSQAICJ: Voice B: Orchestra A: Trum- pet Club: funior Swimming' Team. Alicemay Gross Iias-Szrzy lvjlllllljl fonndfpestering Dr. PVagner ffl1ll7lfi0lLTHllfS0 1e0Illl'llllIUl'L?d for- My Paratrooperu Hobbies fR0ller Skating, W1'iti1ig Letters, Rowling, Yolley Ball: Service Preference --fl'aratroops. Margaret Himich A lias-M argie L's11alIy found-raising those greenish- gray eyes A111bitio111--clerical worker 1 Iel'lllP7llflJl'l'Ud for-her cifteness i Bulletin Staff: Basketball '4l: Volley Ball 542: Hobby-Dancing: Service Preference kNavy. Bleema M. Kwasser fl liasw- I? ea ifsually flililldf-NYU, Canteen A 7'l'll7ifi0H--1l Z16l'1'ltZgC1' of her niarriage and l7IlSI'llI'S5 Rf'lll0lIll7l'l'6'd for-her well-known charm Business Service Guild: Voice C: Li- brary Club: Hobby-VVriting Letters to Service Men: Service Preference-Army. Lillian Marie House fl li as-Li l l's11all-v found-boivling .flmbition,-tyfnist feC'lIlCI1lI7Cl'Cd forklzer pretty face Hobbies - Collecting' Movie Pictures, Autographs. Taking Photographs: Mush- ball: Service Preference-NVaves. Geraldine R. Lanning .fl lias-Jerry lfsnally found-Rosen's gfIlllIlifl0ll--fC'Illll1llll? zfndertalcer leC'1'1'll77I'Il?01 t?d for-that swooning over Hl:I'U71lC'lCU Hockey: Basketball: Hobby-Collecting Pictures: Service Preference-Navy. Jerome Levine .tllias--Rozneo liSItl1lljl found-leading the Swing Band ,tlmbition-111nsieian l6t'IIlt'llIlIUl'i'l1' for-his jogging Social Committee: Dramatic Club: Band A: Marching Band: All City Orchestra: Allderdice Quintet: Swing Band tl.ead- erjg intramural Basketball '42, '43. james Litman .el l iasff l7'1l7'1'Li1'Ly l's11ally fazznd-jerking sodas .ffl l1Ll7ll1'017,-f'11g'l7'LCC'7' lx'c11ze111l1e1'ed for-that llllSCl1i0'Z10'ZlS look in his eye Chess Club: Radio Club: Marching Band: Hand B, .XL Service Preference - Air Corps. jean Lydon xl lias-foe lfsnally found-tuith lVlinnie flinbition-happy life 1eC'7lIf7lIlbl'7'C?d for-her enpid bow lips and blue eyes M.M.M.: Business Service Guild: Journal Staff: Fashion Club: Service Preference 7-'fNavy. Estelle Meryl Mattes -flliase--just plain Estelle lfsnally fo1111d-fzuith date filled week ends .ffIIIl71'fi07l-fly her own plane 1et?I1'LCllLl2UI Ud for-lzer pleasing Person- ality A.A.A.: Red Cross Club: Journal Staff, Aviation Club: Dressing Dolls Club: Sen- ior Leaders: Orchestra A. 88 Susanne McNally A Iias-Sue lfsnally fozmd-Hroet'n's Hill A 1lll7ifl'0lL-lllH'St' Renzeznlwered for-her pretty brown eyes and red hair Jewelry Club, Volley Ball '42, Soccer '41, Business Service Guild, Service Prefer- ence-Navy. Helen McQueen Alias-Qzreenie Vsnally fozlizcl-wearing nice clothes flIIIl71'li0Il-71lCll'l 1'tIgt' and two cute kids Renzenzlvered for-that boogie-Woogie swinging Hobbies - Collecting Records and Pic- tures, Service Preference-Army. Agnes Mincheff Alias-Aggie lfszmlly found-playing basketball A znbition-secretary Renieinbered for-her athletic ability Bulletin Staff, Young Magicians Club, Basketball '42, '43, '44, Volley Ball '42, '43, '44, Hockey '43, Soccer '42, '43, Mush- ball '42, '43, '44, Business Service Guild. Jack Pincus .el lias-P ink Usually found-in 464 .silllfblifl01lYlllt7dlCiH6 le0llLt'lIllJt'l Cd for-hhis e.i'cellence in scholarship Engineering Club, Chemistry Club, Chess Club, Band C, Band B, Intramural Bas- ketball '43, '44, Intramural Volley Ball '42, Softball '42. Shirley S. Reitter Alias-Slzorty lfsnally found-lieljving some one A111bition-stenographer fe6'llll'l7Il?l'l'Cd for-her rlzeerfulness Sigma Iota Club '44: Aviation Club, l.CZlKlCl'5 Club '4l, '42, Basketball '41, '42, '43, Volley Ball '41, '42, '43, Swimming '41, '42, '43, Temiequoit '4l, '42, '43. David W. Robertson Alias-Robby lfszfally found-at the Comtilnnnity Cen- ter 4-Iinbition-Navy Air Corps Renieinlvered for-his winning smile Class Play: Fencing Club '42, Orchestra A '41, '42, '43, '44, Swing Band, Service PreferenceffNavy Air Corps. syivia Roth ,Al lids--Syl l's1rally found-looking for G1's r'llI'1l1ifi01'l-S0t'lCIl worker Reinenzlfered for--her orchids A.A.A., Red Cross Club, Class Play, Aviation Club, Foreword Representative, Basketball, Volley Ball, Hockey. Audrey Silverman Alias-Andy lfslrrzlly found-doing shorthand A771l7il1i07l-.S'f6'7l0g1't1Pll67 Reineinlrered for-her winning ways Business Service Guild, Red Cross, Hob- bies-Bowling and Reading, Service Pref- erenee4Marines. Richard M. Smolin A lias-ill iek e y l'Sl1tZll3Y found-tvitli Phyllis ,4lJ1l?ifl0ll-A'll7JfIl Conzinonder Reinenzbered for--his way with woinen Hobbies-Collecting Stamps, Roller Skat- ing, Bowling, Service Preference-Navy. Jessie Sturm A lias---f ess Uszrzzlly fozmd-boruliiig f1IIll7lll'0Ilf-CtILl't?f nurse Renzelnbered for-her shyness Hobbies -- Collecting' Photographs and Snapshots, Service Preference-Army. William Robert Worrall Alias-Bill Vszmlly found-fat illiss Steiner's flIlllllflflll--LllKZ7'I.lIt' flyer J fU'I1LUllli7l'I'l'IIi for---his dancing technique Voice B, A: Male Chorus, Football '42 '43, Service Preference-Army. ,, .H 89 x ee 00102 35 8 Home Room Teacher-Miss Leila H. Rupp Officers President ...A......., .A...A..,...... .,,., . R ichard Seewald Vice President .......,.,.. .e.... R obert Loevner Secretary ,....,.....,.,.....,...,,..... ,.,.,..,...........,..,......... A nne Cozadd Foreword Representative .,., ............ ........ ,.,,.... b l L me Hershman Social Representatives ....t..,..... ....... I rene Shapiro, Qloseph Safyan lid like to be the sort of friend that you have been to meg I'd like to be the help that you've been always glad to beg l'd like to mean as much some time each minute of the day :XS you have meant, Miss Leila Rupp, to us along the way. -La, A Vpi.. HURRICANE COURIER Somewhere in the Pacific july 5, 1946 Lee Ann Brourman 'Pretty I77'lI'ZU1'L-Cyfd VVHC, Lee Ann B7'01l7'77'lU71V, in the battle of brains against lfzv Axis. sforrd KI point for our side rvifh a SI!g!jC'Sl iU'll that 1'i'SIllfl'd in the !'0l'lSt'7 ZlflILl07l of zz zfifcll Qual' izrzlafwzfczl cmd in 'ZC'I'77'l'Ii1'1fj 41 551.000 roar bond for hm'- wif. Aviation Clubg Junior Chornsg Voice C, li: Basketball '43g Hobby-Dancing. Sanford P. Cooperman One who made fl qzrifle trip of going from 5C'tl7lIU1If to flu' grade of Il0lll'L'1'Ifl11Zf is Sazzford C00fPm'111m1 who, to make the .vfory fnwfvcf, 1705117110 F0ll1Illl1l1fdl'7' of H10 ITT. boat in fulzirlz llc' fuzzy CI 1'1'zzi110c'. Foreword Staffg Checker Clubg Cooking Clnbg Boys Choirg Home Room Basket- ball Teamg Hobby-Automobiles. 90 ' 4' f Anne M. Cozadd 'llleep in the heart of the Pacific, and flying, is pretty talented Anne Cozadd who is helping to sheloe the tinie-honor- ed belief that army flying is for nzen only. journal Staff: Red Cross: Mr. Sharp's Office: Secretary of 358: Girl Reserves: Microscope Club: Modern Dance Club: Fashion Club: Basketball '41, '42: Hobby --Souvenirs. Sherma Betty Feldman Cute Shernnz Feldnzan was the success- ful candidate 'when a group of sailors got together for some voting. They conferred upon her tlze title of The Sea Nymph of the Pacific Fleet. Red Cross: Sigma Iota: Senior Leaders: jewelry Club: Hockey '43: Volley Ball 'fl2: Soccer l43. Harry Feinberg The Post has settled hack to normal after the recent folzirlroind visit of Hand- some Harry lieinherg, topnotch coine- dian of Hollyrzeood, whose roisecrachs holstered the morale of all the boys. Lunch Patrol: Hall Patrol: Football '42, '43, 44. Fanny Frank 'lllost of the credit for last night's hril- liant performance goes to stunning Fanny Frank. Her dancing has heen cheered in arniy camps all over the -ruorlclf' Voice lf, C, BZ Hobby-Collecting: Rec- ords. F Rae Gelb Once again it was Rae Gelb of the l'V0ll1t'llJS illotor Corps who had the honor of dri1'ing the President around to inspect the island during his recent stop-ozfer. Slie was heruitching in her snappy unifornif' Defense Stamp Representative: Latin Club: Fashion Club: Modern Dance Club: Senior Leaders: Baud C, B, A: Hobby- Collecting' Handkerchiefs. Larry Gerring Known alnong his lnates as a 'fearless fighterf SfSgt. Larry Cerring teas re- cently reliezfed from duty as Pradionian on a snh-cliaser, and is on his way to the States rohere he will he an instruc- tor.', Hobby-Pocket Billiards: Service Prefer- ence-Navy. Arlene Helen Goldberg 'Liked the Navy from the start-still like it--,' says pretty, lzlne-eyed Wave Arlene Goldberg. Froni tlze nnnilier of sailors near her, tue lcnofo the Navy is prond of her, too. Red Cross: Lunch Patrol: A.A.A.: Dra- matic English: jewelry Club: Drama Club: Fashion Club: Fun VVith Woi'ds Club: Basketball '42, '43: Volley Ball '42, '1l3: Hobby-Dancing. Sherma Greenberg lt's a luclay person who escapes being named in Shernia Greenberg's peppy eolunin in the Hurricane Courier. This hright-eyed reported doesn't Iniss a thing. Fashion Club: Latin Club: Sigma Iota: Senior Leaders: Basketball '-43: Hobby- Traveling. Paul Morton Harris According to a delayed despatch froin Vella La Vella, marine fighter pilot, Paul Harris, shot down tivo .lap dive- holnhers in a flurry of aerial action. Hall Patrol: Stamp Club: Service Pref- erence-Army Air Corps. june Hershman June llershinan, as lzard-toorhing as- sistant Ked Cross field director, acts as a clearing house for the trouhles that heset our 111071, here. They, in apprecia- tion, voted her the stueetest girl at the Post. President of M.lX1.M.: Red Cross: A..-XA., Lunch Patrol: Dramatic English: Fash- ion Club: Sigma lota: Aviation Club: Library Club: Foreword Representative, Band C: Basketball '43: Volley Ball l44: Hobby-Dancing. Lois Faye Hill 'fflorgeous Faye Hill, one of Holly- feood's glamour girls, left for the States today after spending nearly two nionths trafveling fronl canip to canzp entertain- ing Athe hoysf' AXA..-X.: Lunch Patrol: Hockey l43: Bas- ketball '43: Red Cross: Hobby-Sow VC1lll'S. Ailsa Goldie Lange NA hooster for the lllarines is good- looking Ailsa Lange, an engaging young iooinan who hefore induction was one of the leading New Yorlc models. Red Cross Club: Fashion Club: Sigma Iota: Hobby--Designing'1 Service Prefer- ence-l1Vaves. 'A F 91 Betty jane Kaufman 1'Perhaps the girl niost popular with the doughboys is Betty fane Kanfinan of tlze Red Cross Clubmobile. Not only does she serve doughnuts and steaining coffee at just the right monient, but she builds up morale with lzer pleasing per- sonalityf' Entered Allderdice September '43g Hobby -Collecting Snapshots. Frank A. Lentz Caniouflage expert, Frank Lentz, of the Navy Air Corps, is doing very necessary and vital work wlzich is little publicised. The safety of everybody on tlze island depends on the cleverness of tlze camouflage artist. Dramatic English, Aviation Clubg French Clubg Art Clubg Junior Chorusg Hobbies -Model Aviation and Art. Bernard David Levine VVind Drift, a new publication particu- larly popular with the Air Corps, owes its success to its hard-working, hard- driving editor, Bernard Levine. Quiz Clubg Library Clubg Orchestra C, B, Ag Hobby-Reading. Robert B. Loevner Dashing Bob Loevner, well known athlete, was high-scorer at last night's basketball game. Ensign Loevner uses the same technique in shooting down Jap Zeros as he forinerly did shooting baskets. Vice President of 3585 Student Council Representativeg Green Keyg Soccer '40, '4lg Basketball Team '42, '43, '44g Hobby -Sports. Ruth Mandel Sounds as if Ruth Mlandel is busier than the proverbial bee in her Red Cross work. This attractive lass with her sparkling blue eyes brings coinfort and cheer to even the most isolated out- posts. M.M.M.g Red Crossg Lunch Patrolg A.A.- A.g Dramatic English, Business Service Guild: Sigma lotag Library Clubg Fun VVith Worcls Clubg Orchestra B5 Band C5 Hobby-Reading. Phoebe Claire Nehns YC harming Phoebe N elms, acclaiined the lfirst Lady in Radio in at recent poll, won, on her appearance here, a new title, Songbird of the Pacific. Journal Staff, French Clubg Modern Dance Clubg Senior Leadersg jewelry Clubg Voice E, C, B, Ag Girls Chorale, Swimming '43, '42, Basketball '42. Robert C. Pearlman Very popular around tlze Post and especially with the Arniy Nu-rses is good-looking, happy-go-lucky Bob Pearl- man, director of the Post Band. This live-wire organization adds much to the social life of the island. Hall Patrol, Chess Clubg Sigma Iotag Debate Club: Band Bg Orchestrag Track '43, '44g Cross Country '43, Hobby- Sports. Dorothy Jean Perlis Helping to disprove the saying, 'A woman can't keep a secret,' is Dorothy Perlis, the only woman censor in tlze Pacific. Even though she can't tell the secrets of the Arniy, Dorothy is still as gay and entertaining as ever. Sigma Iota: Mathematics Clubg Spanish Club, Band C, B, Basketball '43. Betty Fay Pickholtz In coinplete charge of our 'Brown Derby' is clever and ingenious Betty Pickholtz, who does everytlzing from baking cookies to dancing with hoine- sick boys. Journal Staff: Red Crossg M.M.M.g Avia- tion Clubg Modern Dance Club: Sigma lotag Orchestra Ag Hobby-Music. joseph H. Safyan Joseph Safyan, an official lldarine pho- tographer who it-as selected from inore than one hundred applicants, is now be- ginning his dangerous and exciting work. Unfortunately most of his pic- tures can not be released until after the war. 12A Social Committeeg Photography Clubg Boys Cooking Clubp Hobby-Ice Skating. 92 Marjorie Segal ll ell on its tvay toward becoming one of the utost popular and informative books of the year is Miracle in China, 'written by ,Marjorie Segal, attractive foreign correspondent. This bools re- flects the autl1or's incredible courage and bravery. Girl Reserves: Microscope Club: Dra- matic Club: Junior Chorus: Basketball '40: Volley Ball '40, Richard Seewald Involved in one of those interest- arousing but it-can't-be-told-now inis- sions was Richard Seewald, leader of the squadron that won a unit citation front the president and received high praise frenz the lVar Departnient re- cently. Dramatic English: President of 358: Young Magicians Club: Cooking Club: Green Key: junior Chorus: Basketball '4l, '42, '43, '44: Hobby-Sports. Irene Shapiro Proudly wearing lieutenants' gold bars instead of technical sergeant's insignia, is lovely Irene Shapiro, one of the niost popular lVac's around the Post. Social Representative: Jewelry Club: Sig- ma Iota: Senior Leaders: Fashion Club: Basketball '42, '43, '44: Volley Ball '40, '4l, '43, '44: Mushball '42: Soccer '43, '44. Franklin Z. Siegel Sergeant Franklin Siegel has received the Silver Star for gallantry in action near Tarbuna. His was the infantry company that did some of the hot, hard fighting tlzat drove the faps off the island. ' Aviation Club: Geography Club: Cooking Club: Junior Chorus: Track '43. '44: Cross Country '43. Marguerite N. Sigler Hzlfter a ship-board romance that began when both were en route to duty here. the engagenzent of Margtzferite Sigler, sparkling and vivacious Navy Nurse, to a Lieutenant in the Medical Corps was announced. Dramatic English: Senior Leaders: Mod- ern Dance Club: Knitting Club: Band C, B, A: Basketball '42: Volley Ball '43: Swimming Meet '42, '43. Elaine Silver One of the lf.S.O. girls reported cap- tured soon after our forces landed here walked gayly into the Post today. It was pluclcy little Elaine Silver whose thrilling story of escape Inust wait until after the roar to be told. Foreword Staff: Bulletin Staff: M.M.M.: Business Service Guild: Journal Staff: Dramatic English: Latin Club: Motion Picture Club: Knitting Club: Blood Donor Campaign. Anne Sirota Anne Sirota, lieutenant in the lldarine Corps, sailed this morning for lzonze on an extended leave. The boys at the Post will certainly uziss her for they describe their favorite gal as brave, gal- lant, and wonderful. AAA.: Sigma Iota: Doll Club: Aviation Club: Junior Leaders: Senior Leaders: Basketball '42, '43, '44: Volley Ball '42, '43: Soccer '43: Swimming '42, '43. Howard E. Spungen Howard Spungen of the Medical Corps is believed to lzave been transferred to flustralia. lcVhile on this Post he was cited for bravery beyond the line of duty in transporting the wounded from the front under heavy firef' Lunch Patrol: Swimming Club: Band: Football '43: Basketball '43, '44: Track '43, '44. Ruth E. Starr Thanlrs to the Army grape vine, every one on the Post knows that pretty Ruth Starr is tlze new Canteen Girl at the PX. She sells orange pop. Foreword Staff: Red Cross: Journal Staff: AAA.: Sigma Iota: Girl Reserves: Automobile Club: Band A: HobbykMu- sic. Nathaniel Steinberg Participating in the recent invasion 'was Nathaniel Steinberg, leader of a gallant group of Paratroopers, who by their resolute bravery, cleared the way for the main forces. Chemistry Club: Chess Club: Discussion Club: Mathematics Club: Microscope Club. 93 George R. Wessell S121'11i11g 111 11111 lZl'1lI1?d f01'r11s for less illflllf 17 j'1'U1' p1'0'L'1'011s 111 his new 11pp0i111f- 111011111 G1101'g11 11 ess1111 of the TU111C Corps IIOTL' 1111s ll 1111111 of 1111011110 APO's. All 1112 hopes is 111111 1111611 01110 bririgs 111711 ll 1111111 11e11rv1' 1I07II6'.U Microscope Clubg Service Preference- Navy. Annette Weiner Tho boys of 11111 101111-h111m111 flying f111'11'11ss, 11111 Elusive Annette, 711111111 has 112111111131-.s1.1' 1IlIiSS10IZA' 111 ifs c1'1111'i1, 1111ri- 1111111 1h111'1' good 111611 10 11111 girl 17flCAh' 11011111 111 P'iffX17Ill'Q1I, 1-11111101111 1f1 'ei11111', for 11111111111 11111 ship is 111111111d. Transferred from Lear School, Miami Reach, Florida, April, l944. Jennie Wilson u17V11'l5U71'I1' 1111111111 ifVi1SO11v, who is doing her part 1731 S'1'1 1fg1711g for 1110 111011 at the Marimv Hospital 011 S111111711ys, is secre- fcrry for Cl busy c.1'p11rt c011'1pa111y d'lH 11l1-Q the 'ZQ1'C17k.U Modern Dance Clubg Voice C, B5 Library Clubg Volley Ball '43g Tennis '42, '43. Myra Wind '21 f11'z11 days 111111 111111111 tl fjlillllli f01'11'11ss was I11'01111h1 d11tu11 111 tl f1111'f111'1 1111ldi1lf1,l, 11111 pi1111f was tYfl'1'1I!'fli'Z'l' ilIj'1'lI 11'i11d, 11 peppy 1it11e 1'V11sp for 11111 Kl1'111y Fl'1'7'j'- ing C0111111a11d. Red Crossg Dramatic Englislmg Jewelry Club: Fun VVitl1 VVords Clubg Senior Leaders: Volley Ball '40, '4lg Basketball '41, '42g HobbyAPiano. Elaine Wynett HS111111 1111s1'1Av s1s111c11111g 1I'1'0H'1llli 11111 Post is r11111'11111111, 111111111 E111i1111 l1vj'1Lt'fl', 1111111 is 111111111 ll s111'i11s of G1 s1.1111111zcs for Life il1ftI1ft1L'Ji71l'.U Art Clubg Knitting Clubg Handwriting Club: Latin Club: Volley Ball '42: Hock- ey '43. Foreign Correspondent Post 358 WWW' Y Y' 'M 94 W 4' L We rl 00m 372 L-..-W.-- .la .a Home Room Teacher-Miss Mary C. Brennan Officers President l .. ., .4,. .,..,.,...... .,..,,. . I Quth Ferko Vice President ., .. ,4..., Catherine Dean Secretary .,.n . ,.,. ,.,....,.,,,.,., ..,, .,.. B I a ry Geraei Treasurer ., . .. ., . .. ,.., ...Ierry Josephs 'l7oreword Representative ,.,. , ,... .... ..,. , ,.,., ..... . ..,.. G i 1 da Thomas To you, Miss Brennan. we want to say That you'Ve been most helpful in every waye In making us work. in encouraging our fun. No one could exeel what you have done. QD B Louise Aberman ,'VitfA'Ilfl1lIt'il Veasiv Last ft'orcIsf f1111f'1z.. Lovely to look at, poised and refined, Another like Lou is hard to find. Dramatic' English: Chess Clubg Basket- ball '42: Volley Ball '42, jean L. Ayres .X7l.CA'JltI1IIl'-IDN' IVC1' Jeannie is dainty and very petite. Always nice to any one she may meet. Bulletin Staffg Hobby-Readingg Ambi- tion-To Be a Dancerg Entered from Gladstone, September '42. Lorraine F. Ball XickmzllzU-Famziv Last 'zv0rc1'.r- IPO notlzing fill you llflll' from IIlL'.'H Lorraine an actress will some day beg Bright lights and musie will be her key. Group C: Hobby - llramaticsg Entered from Gladstone, September 312. Margaret I. Bendig AylifklltllIlC1jl'f4I1'f,'1'l' Lust 7v01'a'.r-'Z If Iaxf rua are frm' fo do as rec' fvIm1.w! Margie in sports has really done wellg But in art work, too, she can excel. Basketball '4Zg Volley Ball '42g Jewelry Club: Auto Club. ,H . Y 95 , Y, , , ,H ,, , W, ,H Rose Berjanski Niclmame-Reis Last zwnrds-- Q-4t last our f7'0Cd0llI.v Rose is gay and full of lung Because of her smiles, she's liked by everyone. Hobby - Dancing: Entered from Glad- stone September '-12. joseph Coury Last words- Na words could express my 1'h011gl1fs. Joseph is the potential genius of 372, Capable and clever in many things, 'tis true. journal Staffg Hall Patrol: Qualitative Analysisg French Clubg Radio Code Club. Mary Elizabeth Cusick lNl'lCk1Zll71l0-gclljl' Last rtfards- Trc'elz1a lang years. Mary is the one with the golden voiceg Clever and dependable, she is our choice. Hobby-Singingg Bulletin Staffg Entered from Gladstone September '42, Catherine Virginia Dean lvIiCk'llUlll e-C assc' y Last wards- I finally s'nccc'rded. Cassey is one with perfect attendanceg Dependable and industrious, of her we have remembrance. Home Room Vice Prcsidentg Hobby-- Dancingg Ambition-Secretaryg Entered from Gladstone September '42. Del E. Dematteo lNrlCk7l0ll'l,C-A ussia Last words- Yal100.'. ' Del is our man about town: Doing comic things, he's really a clown. Axgation Clubg Dramatic Englishg Hobby - ctmg. Ruth E. Ferko Nick1'za1naAPaafP Last words-'il ra11z.c'! I saw! I C011- q11a1'ad! Really charming, really gay, Filled with the best, every one does say. Foreword Staff: journal Staftg Bulletin Staffg President of Home Roomg Social Representativeg Student Council Repre- sentative: Volley Ball '43. Dorothy M. Foley Nic k na 111 0-Fol Last TC'0l'dS---Ur47Zd now what? Dorothy is a gay little lass, Forever clowning in our class. Hobby-Collecting Snapshotsg Ambition- To Be a Secretaryg Entered from Glad- stone September '-l2. jack Forrest N 1'vl'1za111.a-J aclcsan Last ruardsfwlt was frm while it lasted. john is a jack of all trades g Forever busy, he has made many A's. Qualitative Analysisg Photography Club, Orchestra A: Band A3 Marching Bandg XVOodwind Quintetg Xllooclwind Triog Rifle Team. Bernard L. Friedman .lVic'k1'1a71ra-Big Boom Last iu01'dsf G00d-Ilya F01'az'v1'. Bernie is likeable, dependable, true, Full of fun. yet quite capable. too. Foreword Representative: Student Coun- cilg Treasurer of Home Room. Marcia G. Friedman Nicklzalzl0-rlfluslz Last words- Af last the ball and clmins are off. Merry, happy. jolly. and gay, Full of laughs in work and play. journal Staffg Hobby-VVriting Letters to Service Men. Paul A. Friedman Nirl'na111a--Bam Last words- I have to go, but danjz' anyone sfop me. Playing the violin has won him fameg Friedman is already a great name. Orchestra Ag Quartet: French Club: Member of Boston Symphony Orchestra. Mary J. Geraci Niclszlazlzr-Haddy Last wards- Sol At last we are on our 0Ti'1Z.M Mary's the dark-haired beauty of our class 1 Good natured and charming is this lass. Secretary of Home Roomg Entered from Gladstone '42, ,W 9 6 , , .. George Gernsback lY1'rlc1za1110-Tiny I.c1.rt1uo1'a'.r- X J ? J ? . ' George has plenty of tricks up his sleeve: Gracious! He's Miss l3rennan's pet peeve. 'Hall Patrol: Locker Guard: Radio Club. Ann Gogniat .Yirlclzlzllzcilfzf11.114171 Laxf Tt'I71'dX+H.SS0 sorry ifs over! As a dietician she will excel: Good at baking, what more need we tell. Basketball ,433 Hockey '-43: Volley Ball '-ki: Entered from Gladstone September '42, Elizabeth A. Grande Nicklzalllc-Gissy Laxf rvordx-A'Good-bye. 'lI0'ZK','H Easy-going, happy and gay: G1zzy's the one who will stay that way. Business Service Guild: Bulletin Staff: Hobby-Dancing: Entered from Gladstone September ,42. Edeline C. Guerra Niz'k1za111cfRed Last Yvords-'4F1'1zc1IIy .v11c'a'm'dmi. Edeline is one who possesses Gorgeous and beautiful red tresses. Social Representative: Hobby-Collecting' Souvenirs: Entered from Gladstone Sep- tember '4Z. Mildred E. Hagan X'iclmn111we-llflzfllic Meeting' 'tMillie is quite a treat: Her sweet ways are hard to beat. ,I ourual Staff : Bulletin Staff : Business Service Guild: Entered from Gladstone September '42. Florence B. Harbacho Niclcnanz0-Flossy Last 'ZU0I'!11S'-lrrbvfi more books. Flo is quiet, rather shy: Her pleasing ways will never die. Hobbies-Bowling' and Sewing: Ambition 4Nurse: Entered from Gladstone Sep-- tember '42, Audrey M. Hart .Viclsna11Lu-Tvruzite Last words- Prf1i.w the Lord, I passed the c.ra11zim1ti011. An irrepressible dimple has this little lass: Here's to a darling in our class. HobbyiCollecting Popular Records: En- tered irom Gladstone September '4Z. Helen Higgis .Vlir'1CILtlIllt'fIJIif7 Slllllllk Last 1t'urd.r-'Q-lt last. Helen's enchanting, friendly way: Has given much each day. M.M.M.: Hobbye-Dancing. Carl jones Nickml1110QB1zc!c Lax! words- T1zi.r flilllt' fflr 1'm1I!! ' Carl is cheerful. manly, and gay: Just keeps you moving' in the right way. Track '44: Cross Country '43: Hobby-- Dancing: :Xmbition-Army Air Cadet. jerry Josephs .Vickmz1110-Jo Last 7U0l'd.S'YHf'lll 011 my 'iUfI'X'.'U .Ierry's a gentleman of ease: just the kind we like to tease. Foreword Staff: Treasurer of Class: Aviation Club. Stanford Kalla .xvitfklltllllx?-541711137 Last words- lI'01z.'f Im around much any more. Sandy is certain to succeed: Keen, alert: some day he'll lead. Aviation Club: Band '40, '4l. Iryne Mae Kaplan lVic1e11a11L0-Rance Last words- It's a dream, a beautifzfl 'Zk'0Hd67l'fliI dl'C'lIl7I.U Iryne's the sort of gal one doesn't al- ways find: Keeps her head and makes her way and never lags behind. Hall Patrol: A.R.C.A.: HobbyAReadingg Good Books. - - -- 97 -for M- r r Pearl Karpa Lori teords-Milly wish has coma ztrztef' Pretty, quiet and bright is she, Kind and gentle, you'll all agree. Ambition-To Be a Secretary, Entered from Gladstone September '4Z. Joseph D. Kish ,Yicilmrzilz 0-Joe Last ieords- You'II 7LU'Z'C?I' lmowf' Joe is very fond of sports, King of all witty retorts. Hobby-Playing Basketball. Gloria E. Klaus lvl-Ck1lfl7'lIfC--Pl?7'0.1'iCi6 Last Tl'01'd.Y---iiHll.l ha! Big jokefi' Gloria likes music and she likes to sing, Keeps up-to-date in everything. Foreword Representative, Voice Group A, C, Entered from Gladstone September '42, Hobby-Collecting' Records. Virginia Newmeyer Nickmzflze-Ji1my Lust words- I 1141710 reached half my goal. Virginia is our socialite, Neat and pretty, quite polite. Fashion Club, President of Home Room 9th Grade, Girl Reserves, Hobby-Col- lecting Old Ash Trays. Jean A. Rausch Nick1zc1111eafm111zie Last tc'01'ds- I made if at Ia.rt. ' Jean strolls around with pomp and flare, Ready with a smile and never a care. Hobby-Iitterbugging, Ambition-To Be a Secretary. George Siviy George, a whiz in math will be, Surely well-versed in gay repartee. Ambition-'XVants To Be a Pilot, Enter- ed from Gladstone September '42. Hilda Hannah Simon Last words- I can at last forget my past. Healthy, hearty, ever gay, She'll make good some future day. Library Club, Girls Chorus C, B, Volley Ball '43, Basketball '43, Hockey '43, Mushball '43. Sylvia Tepper Sylvia's small, but then you know Tall oaks from little acorns grow. Library Club, Mushball '40, Basketball '40. Gilda M. Thomas Nicklzazlzv-fill Last tt'0rdsf Az' Iasi. ' Gilda would be a nurse for the ill, The cure is a smile instead of a pill. Foreword Representative, Vollcy Ball '43, '44, Basketball '44, Mushball '43, Entered from Gladstone February '43, Anne Weisberg Nick1zm1'1.c'-A nnic' Last words- Von ctm't take it with you. Always helping and doing her share, With vigor and vitality, playing equal and fair. Library Club, Voice Group, Entered llth Grade. Herminie G. West Nickname-He1'ky Last zeords-I'I'll tell you what Fm gonna do. Her sweet and pleasing disposition, Will surely be written in some great composition. Fashion Club, Voice Group B, C. E. 98 rr Hrs 00m453i ii Home Room Teacher-Mrs. Helen Bonsall Officers l'resifle11t 1 1 1 . Vice Presirleut Secretary ,.,..,., ,l reasurer .,.. .,,...,. . . ....,..,. Foreword Represeiitative ., . Social lit'l5l'CSClltZltlVt' . .. ,. A , liz1y1111111cl XYz1r1l .. ..,, . NlZll'Q'Zll'Ct Wiley Wxxlilfflll Nlmncllnirim .,...,.,,.ZCllllZI. Sclimicll ,lime NelJ11uzLl1l , NOl'l1lZl luck rllllllllgll were lillUXYl1 you but Il sliorl time, lt's with deepest sincerity tlmt we can say Il1:1t forever lll our licznrt s the l1lClllUl'j' xx'1ll l'L'llllll1l Of your kiucluess aml frieuclly way. L Q gk Robert Arnold Lois Marie Barnes f'1,4-U,-31, ,f1m1f,f' and JMN,-V Us 0,111 Om- 11'11'11 1111111 111111' 111111 111'1'11y 111'11'z1'11 1jx'1'.v, NW- .Mm 1,1115 1'1111 1'1'1111y f'l1ll.Vl' S111111' s11111s. 11Tx'll'l'-V !111011'1111f111'1'11'zv111111'r'1'1'111'11'1:1'.s',' l1111'1'1'.v11'11 1.11 1111111 11111 111'.v1' 111'1xs's1'11 1111 1z1'11111.v 111 1' 111111 1111? 1111112 'ZUt'U1', 1 x S11 'M' 11111 1'1'1111'11111e1' 111111 111 1111 11,111 5111' 5 1111111111 111 111111111 111'1' 11111-V ,v111111'- we 6111. Diana Ruth Bernstein CDezeJ l1'zu11,v,v 1'111'111'1111 11110, 1I1Tx'lU'S gfly, 111 1 1111111s 'ox 1111 fzu111'1'1'. l'121Slli0l1 Vlulu: k1CXYCll'j' Vlulwg l-I11lvl1y-W lbrezuuiug 111 New Clutliesg Service Prel- e1'e11ee-f.X1'111y. Dorothy Brody '51 ' JV 1 1' df'3'5 1I11ft11- is 111z'111v 1'1 1'1' 1111 s111'1' .v111 11 1'1'11r11 1110 1111111115 1'111'1'1' 111'1' 11111111' 'zu111 111' sf11'111'd 111 111j1II'.Y. Ix.iX.lx.i Class Play Cast: Dull Dressing' Club: Sigma Iota: Aviation Clulwg Senior Leziclersg junior l.e:1clersg Hockey Man- ager '43g Basketlwall '43, 3145 Point Keeper for '42, '43, '-1-1. 4111111 1111s f111111.v1'1111 'zv11.vs ,' S1116 11k1'.x' 111 .s'fI111,l'. S11 5110 111111'1'.v 1111 rlfv. l71u1'ewo1'cl Stuff: Red Cross Club: MAT.- M.: Fcmrewfml RCDI'CSCl1t2lfiVEI Matheuiatie Clulug Discussion G r 01111 I Microscope Clubg Basketball '42, '-433 Senior l.e:1clersg Valley Ball Manager '-13. if I Irma Reda Briskin flrmj ll'1fh lovely vyvs and FlZtIl'lII1'lItQ Slllllilv, lflllll fllt'Ul'S 11s all the ivlzllcf. 1-Ilzuays lzzrsy Cllld 011 tlzv go, Slzffll bc' a s111'c1'ss as all hm' f1'11?11als lsntoiv. Foreword Representative, A..-XA., Red Cross Club, Social Representativeg Doll Dressing Club, Art Clubg Senior Lead- ersg Junior Leaders: Basketball Referee '42, '43g Hockey Manager '43. Mildred Alice Campbell fMacb i1'l1'algc' is always st1'iz1i11g To help and do lZl'l' j1a1't,' Xlud that is why that she has 6111110 So close to r'z101'y heart. Journal Staffg Fashion Club, Junior Leadersg Senior Leaders: Secretary and Treasurer of Senior Leaders '43g Basket- ball Championship Team '41, '42, '43, '44: Basketball Manager '43g Mushball '43, Hockey '42g Volley Ball '41, '42, '43. Clara Cantor CPinkyl Stzrdiozzs, 111iscl1ic71o11s, a11d wer gay, This is Clara 1'1z l Zf'Cl'y way. Ready to laugh and lm s01'io11s too ,' Sl1e's a friend to all and especially to you. ,lunior Leadersg Senior Leaders: Basket- ball '43g Soccer '42g Volley Ball '42, '43g 1-lockey '43. Mary Eleanor Cooper CMC? lllary is so sivcct and stcfvll That sl10's iucll lilccd is11't hard to tall. llvllllll hw' lovely 'voice is raised i111 song, llfo iuislz that Sllfld go on and 011. A.A.A.g Red Crossg South American Clubg Thespian Clubg Voice Group E, C, Ag Girls Choraleg Orchestra Ag Solo-lst in Chorus: Trios and Quartetsg Senior Lead- ers Club. joseph Danko fDankoJ Quiet, s1 1'1'o'11s, bat f'I1l1'L too, for has always so1'1f11?tl1i1zg to do. A11 o11gi111'ar he 'ZUll1'7,lS to lm, l1os1'g111i'1f1g tliihgs f7'07II1 sva to sua. H'obby+Model Airplanes: Service Pref- erence---Navy Air Corps. Eli Freedman ln thc f11tz11'c there will be A flllll0ll.S' ClZC'7'lllSl from old 453. illaay hoiiors will on ll'1.7'l4 lic. ll lzo will it l3l??f'AlfVllj' lili. journal Staffg Microscope Clubg French Clubg Hobby-Vllalkingg Service Prefer- ence-Arniyg Civic Club-2nd Place. Lois Mae Hendel Lois is iuillilzg, kind and trac, Ready to lzelfv i11 all that you dog Har clza1'111i11g smile' and llllS0lflSllf way l'l'1'lI get har far in the world each day. Sigma lotag Dressing Dolls Clubg Avia- tion Clubg Basketball '43, '44g Volley Ball '43, '44g Red' Cross. Norma Annette jack Cjackiej Happy, 111iscl1i011o'11s and a little shy too, N07 77'7ll,5 ready to help 111 all that you do. Shrfll always a joy and a C071lf01'l lJ1'. For shi' wants to ln' a 'llll'l'5C', 51011 see. Sigma Iota: Social Representative of Home Room - 12B3 Badminton Clubg Voice Ag Voice D3 Girls Chorale. Doris Louise jones CCaseyJ Casay's dark hair and eyes of l11'oic'11 Should make it hard for her to stay dozen. Sl'lt?,.Y llffllf active just 0z1c1'y way, So har 771!'7lZ07'j' will long with as stay. Student Council l1B, 1lAg Class Leaderg Hobby-Making Own Clothesg Service PreferencefNavy. Carl Nathan Klahr Ca1'l's CIl'l'll?lll07l is to he an c'1fLgi11ee1', So here at the top he will appearg Bat 110711 he is icfoifleihg to atchievfe this fame. Ill school 'zc1l1a1'e all 7't'l1It'lIIlJl31 his 11a11'1e. ,lournal Staff, Microscope Club, Hobby- Vllalking: S e r v i c e Preference - Signal Corps, Civic Club-lst Place. 100. 1 Vida Kramer CVD .allways happy and as cnte as can lie, Vida's the inajorette of 453. 1-In adinirer of Glenn Miller's hand, When the war is over she'll he liacls near his stand. American Red Cross, Hospital Aid, Class l'lay, Dramatic Club, Sigma Iota, Band A, B, D, Basketball '41, '42, '43, '44, Senior Leaders, Modern Dance, Drum Majorettes. Leona E. Langue tLonaD Leona, with those green-brown eyes, Is the one whom so inany idoliseg She's always sparkling with gayety, Happiness, inischief and frivolity. M.M.M., Modern Dance Club, junior Leaders, Hobby - Sentimental Album, Service Prefereuee4-Army Air Corps. Betsy Ellen Lazar QBunnyj Interested in sports, dancing and innsie, too, Hnnny's holiliies are certainly not few. lfVith hazel eyes and hair that's dark, She's always happy as a lark. Foreword Staff, A.A.A., Aviation, Sigma Iota, Doll Club, Band D, B, junior Leaders, Senior Leaders, Volley Ball '43, Hockey '43, Irene R. Lohle QReneJ Ever happy and fnll of pep, Irene ineets friends at every step ,' lfVhen the sound of laz1ghter's heard. You may be sure it's this 453rd. Fashion Club, Voice A, Girls Chorale 5 Mushball '42, Basketball '41 , Hobby- Collecting Menus. Helen Gertrude McCauley CGertJ S'hy, gay and very sincere .flre qualities which inalce Helen so dear. Ever ready to do her part, She's been well lilsed right front. the start. Basketball '41, '42, '43, '44, Mushball '41, '42, Volley Ball '41, '42, '43, '44, Hockey '42, '43, Hobby-Pressing Flowers. jane F. McDonald fjaniej fanie's adorahle and certainly swell. No wonder with ns she rings the hell. .lt social functions she's always fonnd, Say, she sure does get around. Red Cross, Foreword Representative, A..-XA., South .Xmerican Club, Drama Club, Sigma Iota: German Club, Hobby -Collecting' Match Books. Marilyn Lucille Mendoza fMendozQ .llways fnll of pep and 'ZlllIl. Marilyn is right in the S'ZUlll1f,' llelping here and going there, She seelns to he just everywhere. Foreword Staff, M.M.M. Vice President, Red Cross, Class Play, Modern Dance, Sigma Iota CActivities Committeejg All City Band, junior Leaders President, Slinior Leaders, Basketball '41, '42, '43, Jerome Milton Minkin .llusic is priinarily on Jerry's mind, Not swing stnff lint the proper hind, .b't'l'l'0It5, hold, and shy, too, Ile can do anything others can do. Chinese Checker Club, Mathematics Club, Home Room Club, Voice E, D, C, B, Hobby-Composing Music. Marian Pencheff lPennyJ l'enny's in the swing of things, Towards dancing and howling her de- sire clings. Sweet and shy, as nice as can he, She is an asset to 453. South American Club, Doll Club, Voice li, Mushball '42, Basketball '42, Hobby- Dancing. Paul Rogal CR0gey7 Tall, darls, and handsome is this fellow, lfl'ith his darls lzair and jaclcet yellow. His interests are varied as yon can tell, Perhaps tlzat is why he is lihed so well. A.A.A., Microscope Club, Class Play, ,lunior Chemistry Club, Student Council, Football Team '43, Orchestra A, All City Orchestra. 101 jean E. Rosecrans Ueaniej 111141111514141' 111 11III.YI'L' 15 41111' 101711: S1141 14111415 141 .Y11Ifj, 411141 411 C1tl11I'1'S 15 5414111, 11lIflf1j' 411141 fjllj' 15 11115 1111441-41314141 g411, .'11I11', 415 IIIKIII3' 111111143 1114111415 CT 5441011 11411, Voice K.: Girls Chorale: Senior Leaders: llistory Club: Microscope Club: French Club: Doll Club: Hospital Aid: Volley Ball '-ll, 42: Class Leader. ' Irene K. Sabo CSayboJ 114151, 1111541111411141145, 1141171731 415 H1111 1111, .b'Cl170'.V 11 j'4111411'1142 of 453. 11411' 111ti1'1'VX' Il111!f!11t'1A 411141 Sfl1IlA1t'1111g 41y415 .l1411.'41 114'1' 41111' 4'111114'4v for 11 f141j1111411'11y f11'1.:'41. Xoice lf, ll, ll: Hobby - Playing the I'i:n1o: Sk'l'YlL'L' Prefereiice-Marines. Zelma Schmidt qzeniey ll'1141114111411' 111411'41 15 14141111 141 4141, X411 -r4'111 S111'4'1j' 54141 11 1111'41114j11. l5'Z'l'1' 4'1141411'x1, 11113 Z71.11'Zk'11't'l't'f1, 14155. 15 11 41411111 141 11141 414155. .X..X..X.: .Xbst-114141 Bulletin Staff: Red Cross: Class Play: 'l'l'C21S1ll'Cl' of Home Room: lliseussion Club: Sigma Iota: llirls Chorale: Basketball '40, '4l: '42: Senior l.4-aflers. Shirley Ann Sidow Qsidj 5141 15 514411 41 1411 411 flllll, 1,41144j111411' 15 .Y1l11'1t'li 11y 11115 411141. 1311141-41314141 11411111 111411141 114111' 411141 11115- fil11.lj'Z'011.Y 11411143 S110 11415 KI fldlxl' 111 41111' 11141111411'y 'fk't 11 411- 141141. linterecl from Gladstone '43: Service Pref- Cl'C1lL'C4Bllll'lllt'SQ Hobby--Collecting Pie- tures. Irving Leo Simon CServe1 5111 31. 17. 54111141 4141-v 11115 14111 141111 171'- 414111141, -fllld 1'41414'11 11141 14111, 415 f11'414114'14141 11-v 54111141. ,-111 1411141 111141141 1171 1141111 ll!j1'1't', 1141'11 1141 11 5144'4'4155, ,111.Y1 12414111 411141 .S'l'1'. Stuclent Council: Aviation Code Club: Stamp Club: Orchestra B: Track Team '43, 'll-l: Cross Country Team '43, Robert Myron Solomon QBobbyJ 1141r41 15 B4111, 11141' 111111411141 S1Cll', 1111110541 1'4'f114141114111 11415 Sf71't'lICZ1 Q141141 j141r,' H41 411541 1111425 10 .S ZU17Zff 411141 51414151 I1'1111 7'0llI'1I'Ij' 1101'Sl j', 11111 11111 1111111 Kaye. Student Council: Class Play : Social Representative: Sigma lota: Orchestra .-X: Swimming '40, '41, '4Z: Captain of Soc- cer Team '-ll, '42: Senior Basketball '41, '42, '43, '-14: City Tennis Championships '45, '44: Track Team '41, Harvey Irwin Spielman CI-Iarvj C1141411'1141 l1tI1 Z14'j', 4l1'ZUtl3'S 'Zt'01'k1llg, 1g1!Sj' 11411'41 411141 17l1Sj' 11141141 ,' ,Y411141 411 1115 5114411415 15 1141 .91I11'k11I1f, R111 f411' 5414111641 1141 11415 tl 51141451411 f11I11'. llall Patrol: Class Play: journal Staff: Cliess Club: ltlicroscope Club: Discussion Club: Voice B, C, I1, E: Basketball. Elmer Tatton CBunnyJ 1311111131 1111415 141 514111141 411141 S'ZL't1j' 1l'1111 111411 41111 f11'4114155411' 1f11j',' 1115 171116 C'j'l'S e'z1r1' 11411111.1141 7lIl'1'1'11j',' 1141 11414151 l Z't'1'j'11I'1'Ilfj 41111141 t'1Z1'4?7f11y. Voice Group C, B, A: Male Chorus: Magicians Club: Football '42, '43: Swim- ming Club: Hobby--'Iiinkering with Ma- rbinery. Wilma Veronica Trepak 4Wi11yp U11114f111g, f1l0Il1j1I1fI!1 411141 51114'411'4', 41141 l'111.llfgS 111411 111411141 41141' 111-1111y 41414111 11411' 14111g11111g L'5'4'S, 11411141 414111 f411'g411'. 511635 411141 of 11141 'lZ1C!'S1 g11'15 'Zi'l'J'L'C' 111411. Voice E, D, C, B, A: South American Club: Hobby-Vtlriting Letters: Service l'referenee4Navy. Raymond Russell Ward CREW? T1115 141d'5 1111141 4151415 177111 711150 1114144111 114111' 1114114141 g1'1'1S 414141411110 411141 Rtljl 17l?TC1Ll1Vl'. 1115 i1IC7f15111g f7l'1'S01lfl111j' 441111 g4'1 111111 j11414'415, J11114111g 11141 11141011421 411 1411111-111141114111 1416415 Class Room President lZB-l2A: Hi-Y: Hobby-Aviation: Service Preference- .Xir Corps. 102. !' Margaret jean Wiley CP- J-J l.ow'ly fo look af, olfligiug and kincl, P. f. is flu' fyjuv l10l was-V f0 find. Sluiv fwffzrlar, ruiffy, and Wally quilu zuisc, To 453 .vlu 5 Wally tl fvrisv. A.A,A.g Red Crossg Foreword Stafig journal Stafig Vice President of Home Room, llli-lli-Xg South American Clubg 'llllCSlJiZ-111 Clulmg Discussion Clubg Basket- lnzlll '4lg Yolley Hall '4l. Wilton A. Woodburn, jr. qBudp His vlvzw' mul his plvasilzg -:my Ham? llltldt' 115 all Ufjl'l'4' Tluff Bud will IIIOVU flum likvlv qv! fusf tr'lu'1'v lu, walzfs fo lui Foreword Staffg journal Staff: SCL'l'CtZll'y of Home Room: Chess Club. joseph Peter Zagorka C1069 fm' ix flu' guy fviflz flu' u1f4'l1i11g', Guy and t'lll't'fl'L't' all flu' rvlzilv. .llulozluzzzxly .v1'11gz'1uj in his dm'ff-fo1u'fl voice .llczlcws l11'1l1 mu' of .llixs Sfr'l11c'l S l'lI0lr't'. Group E, B, .XJ Malo Cliorusg Cooking Club. Angeline Zalfine fAngieQ Snuzll, quivf and twry srvvvf, foo, ,llufiv IlItIkc'.V tl fruvul fluffff frm: .Yl'T'Ul' .wuz 'zuifluzgrl u lllllllllzv .s'1111'lv, ll'l1u'l1 luzx flu' f'0'ZU!'l' In luyfzfilv. Hobby-XYritiug' Letters: Service Profor- ence'-Mariucs. QQJ own' ' ' 103 ' ' ' ' ' ' eww e e so Wee? vom 454 Q eeeeee ff e e-e e Home Room Teacher-Dr. Wesley J. Wagner Officers ,......1XI1HZl. Mae Sebak l,J1'CSlClCl1t ...,..,..,. ...,..,.....,..... Vice President .,..........,.,.... Seeretary-Trezrsurer .......,,.,. lioreworcl Representative ..... ..Don Rubinfielcl Mary Jane Milan Miriam Seiner .Don Rubinfielcl Social Representzrtive ............,.,,......,..,.,...............,.. Dr. VV9.gner, we think none better than you Vlflien it comes to the work a home room teacher must dog You've been so outstanclingly good to us all, Y11u've macle our school days quite pleasant to recall. Morton Cuban il1111'1's f1'11?1111.x111'f1 -:uc 1111 1111 s11111'1', T110 11155 of 111111 we c11111d11'1f 11111112 Service Preference - Arniyg Hobby - Radio. Mary Helen Czilyo Al 11111.01 girl n'1z'1111111 11111111 111 say, She 1101's 1101' work 'l:7'0l7'Zf 111113' 111 day. Service Preference'-Navy: Hobby-COL leeting Snapshots. Evelyn DiLi11o 111111 E'Z'1'1.X'll'.Y 1'11111'111 111111 11l1'1'111'f1'1'11 7'111'111', T11 111' I-I1 IIUI' f11'1'.r11111'1' -zur 1111 1'1'j111f11. Service Preference -3 Marines: Hobby -- Collecting Dolls. Josephine Dimperio Clllft' 111111 j11'1'1'tVv is 11111' 1-l'I'L?IlUi fog r1l1'tc111'1'011 1111ys, 51117 H1111 101111 111111 serv. 1x 1111i111'11,g I111' 1111.v1v111's 1111.9 171711111111 1111 Service Preference - Vwfnvesg Hobby - Reading. Phyllis Elling fL171'1fl?, 1111 11111' f111.s'.s' .v111' 11115 11'1f1dl, 11111' 1'lllf7'llC. Girls Choraleg Service Preference-Air Corps. Leatrice Fisher I 111'fu girl 111 11111' 1'1'11tu11, Of 1111111111 rue 111'11 'Z't'1'3' j11'111111'. 104 Dramatic linfflish' Fashion Club' Orches- U 1 , tru ll. 1. Millicent Goldstein 11111111 llllS 110115011 us 111- 1111111y ways, 111 1111 1101' s1111111's sl11v 1ll'ZUllyS 1llff'Llr'C'X 14147511 Dramatic Englishg Orchestra Ag Quartet QStringjg Modern Danceg Dramatic Clubg Doll Clubg French Clubg All City Or- chestra. Donice jean jones 1-llrmys 1111f1py, 1111,u11ys glly, 111 0111' 111111s1 s110 l7l'l7lfjS ll Sllllll-J' 1'1,1y. M.M.M.g Girl Reservesg Library Clubg A Cappella Choir. julia Kayton Jllllllyi 51111111 lllld Cl'ZUfl111y s11y,' 110r 1110110 s1'1'111s 10 110, 1'11 1ry.'l Service Preference - Marines g Hobby -- Sports. Albert Stanley Klein 111 1111 lzis 5111111.05 1111's 011 1110 1011, 1-lt 110111i11g 11111 s111'r1'ss will 110 slnfi. Sports lfditor of Foreworrlg Service Pref- erence-Navyg Hobby---VVriting'. Ruth Cherie Krauss 1611111 is sru1'1'1 1111611 s110 is 011105 1i'110ry 0111, of IIS 1311111 0100s 51111. Business Service Guildg Modern Dance Club. Nick Charles Laudato livery 0110 is fond of N1ck,' As 1111 1111-1'01111d g0011 f0110tv, 111 s 0111' pick. Hall Patrolg Service Preference-Coast Guard. Barbara Lavra S0 11C1f7f7j' 111111 f1101ls111g 111 7ll11Illl1'1' is s111', 1911r1111r11's s111'0 10 11111110 1111 0ff11710'111 secretary. Business Service Guildg Hobby-Letter XVriting. Mary Ellen Manning S110 likes 10 rcorle 111 11011111 01' S'Zt'lllI 111 C1 150015 13111 s111' t'Ul'lLIlIIlj' 610051111 1ik0 10 sj11'1111 1lf'l' 111110 111 s011001. llaske-tball '-433 Hockey '42, Virginia Martine T0 1?'Z!Pl'y 0110 1V16'lljl is C1 1r1111111,' LV0 1111110 y01 10 sec 1101' gllllll. Hobby - Drawing 3 Service Preference - Navy Nurse Corps. Earl M. Mattes Only 1111111s1'1111'111 10 Earl appeczlsj S111d10s, f0r 111111, 1111110 710 f716lCC 110 f1f0ls. Senior Arty Orchestra A. Mary jane Milan S110 likes 10 lltlllff, sl112 11k1's 10 sing,- .-111d Ul1j0yllI1'1ll 10 6111, sl10 1ik1's 10 11r111g. Business Service Guildg lZA Class Sec- retary and Treasurer. Helen V. Miller 1101'l173' 1111s flllll' 111110 fi1lgl'l'A', 0110 111110 11l'll711l7, Her fa110r111' l10l7l73' 1s C1101c'111g glllfll. journal Staffg Service Preference-Air Corps. Roy Dale Miller .-1 swell ft'1lUTU 10 1111110 tIl'0I11Ill, 170111 like llllll 1'1111 110 f0111111. Stage Crcwg Hobby-Aviation. LaVerne Monaghan 111 1111 11111l1'li1's s110 1100s s11i110, l,lllfU771l?y5 ll g1r1 1v110's l'l'tI11VV f1111'. Vullcy Ball '4Zg Basketball '43. Walter T. Moore 1,1111 0f 1111' 'Z'U1'y l11's1,' V 511111115 0111 fl'0111 1110 1'L'Sl. Service Preference--Armyg Hobby-Pho- tography. june Ann O'Brien 1111s witty girl 101111 111'1' 1f011s111111 01011111- 111g, 1l111k0s 45-l 110 f71LlCC f0r f7'0'ZL'7Z17'lg. Service Preference-Navyg Hobby-Dano lllg. Phyllis C. 0'Brien This girl 1111111 1101' 'Z'C'7'jY f77'17l1jl f111'1', 111 0111' 111'111'1s 1105 111011 fl place. lizlsketball 143, '-443 Volley Ball '44. Florence V. O'Hare IJC1'S011tll1ly plus, 11117115 F10, ll'1 1'11 .YIl1't' s111 11 1l1 Z't'1' 111011 ll 110011. Social Representativeg Bulletin Staffg Business Service Guilrlg Journal Staff. Pauline Playso rllllllft? tl-FL? H111 'llldlly 11130 171111111111 11r011-11d ,' ll'1111 11014, gl'l11fl-11151 111111 g00d-'ZUZZ11 11b0111111. Scrvice Preference -- Marines: Hobby- Letter XVriting. ' 105 ' Geraldine Pleunik This nice girl has won our lzeart, Always zuilling to lzelp and do her part. Service Preference - VVACS, Hobby - VVriting Letters. . Leonard Price Len always has lots to say, lflfejll hear from lzfzfm at some later day. Service Preference-Merchant Marines, H obby--Pliotography. Emily R. Puleo Emily lzczs lets of pep and plenty of go, Sltejll ga far, that 'we all know. Modern Dancing, Basketball '42, Hockey ,4, Claire Rosenthal Claire is popular 'zuitlz every one, Crum! to lC1l0'ZUV, plenty of fun. llospitul Aides, Doll Club, Voice Group lf B ., . Don Lee Rubinfield Full of lalzglzter and full of glee, Every one lilces lzim, as you van see. .X.A.A., Journal Staff, Social Cliairmang lfootball 143, Swing Band, Marching Band, Band A, Anna Mae Sebak Pretty, quiet, and sure of lzerselji, Sl1e's destined I0 gain. lillllll? and weczltlt. Student Council, Business Service Guild' y Bulletin Staff, ll.-X Class Treasurer' Home Room President. v Colleen Sefing Dlmpled cheeks, eyes of blue, Girls like Colleen are mzfgltty few. Volley Ball '42, '43, Basketball '43, Hock ey '43, Soccer '42, '-13. Miriam Seiner Short and szeeet, and full of pep. als a lveczzrty slze will gain a rep. Dramatic English, Modern Dance, M.M. M., American Red Cross, Doll Club Group B, Soccer '42, Senior Leaders Basketball y42. Helen Simon Sy111e's zz blonde, and pretty too, lint no luck, boys, to Ray sl1e's true. Service Preference-Navy, Hobby-Skat ing. Evelyn Skovranek Cute and clever, nice and small, Slzfs tlze envy of us all. Service Preference - Marines, Hobby - Dancing. Harold L. Spokane Harold is tlze leader of tlle floss. His slsill at tlzis 'is lzard to surpczss. Orchestra A, Service Preference-Army. Elizabeth L. Sunic Betty is baffle in our lfltlSA'V,' llfv missecl her fj7't'll'llLV HI, the pusl. ,X N, WYWAYYHH Y. , 106 71-74-4--Af-7--f-A-!---?f -- 00l7Z467e AA A Home Room Teacher: Mr. james Glaes Officers Presirlent A A A AA A AA AA liclgar VA Peresinen Vice lfresiclcnt A AA A Allavicl Clternian Secretary AA A A A AAAA Gloria Yann 'lA'1'easnrCr A A A A A AA Hfainille Natlali Foreword Representative AA Mirizun F. Pearl Social licpix-sc11t:1tix'c A AA A AAA, A A Qllinerva Sachs NYU tliinlc that wc sliall nt-vcr lincl AX inan tl1at's just so nifc ancl lzinrl .Ns our own Mr. Glass: AX 1112111 whose sniilc fan spread such flu-cr, .X man xvliosc ways are so siiiccru ,Ks our own Mr, Claes. L gl is A Shirley R. Alpern joseph Austin qshirn qjoaiey 5111111115- 1s 1-1.1111 5111- 1111,,- 1111K of 'fQ'I1L,- I ,IAMJ WWII! iA.UHU1,UHf U Wu, mmwdjm .'l1111' 11111. 111111'1 -zu11v.v 'zu' 1111151 11111 1111111, N, A , , ' ' , , - .V A A I11 .i 1111u11v.s .so 1111111111, 111' 111111111 fflll .S111' 1'111x'.v 1111' 1'1111111 11111, ':1'1'111'.s' 11 Zlflv MT 1 ' ' ' 1 . 1110' .1 - 1- - .1 -1 ' A A , A A A11111' 1111 1 '1'v111111 1'0111 rl 111 III 11111 1111'1'1' I9 111111' 111111 .S1lI1'1f'.X' 111111 1 .fy--gm Ui ' if it 610' 1 M A f1r1'lS 1111' 11111s1 7'1'1'.v1111'11' f1'1I11'z1' 111111'1 11 ,Iournal Staffg Sigma lotag Foreword Nw. IN, Rcprcsentativcg Hospital Aiclcg Art Clulmg ' Aviation Club Seniors Lcadcrsg Hobby- lIol1lJy'- Hunting: Service Preference Playing Piano Service Preference-Ariny. .Xrniy AXir Corps. 7 W ' Y 107' 7 ' 7 ' 7 ' Tillie Bogulski ernn To be a nurse is Tillie's ai1n,' She'll help the needy, the blind, and the lainie. Her siuile is enough to niake any one vuell. There's only one word for her, and that is swell.'i Knitting Club, Game Clubg Hobby-Sew- ing. Eileen Donnelly Quiet, tiny and very blonde, Of Eileen rue are very fond ,' She's light as a feather and always prancing, :Cause Blondie tops all when it coiues to dancing. Hobby - Dancing 3 Service Preference - Navy. Isabel Feldstein Clzzyj lsabel's queen of the silver skates,' She s the dark-eyed beauty boys call for dates. She's sinooth and graceful, so petite. She's a girl 'who's really very sweet. Hobby-Figure Skatingg Service Prefer- ence--Navy. David M. Gherman tFritzJ Fritz is the blond 'with the big blue eyes,' His future prospects rest in the skies, His anibition-to fly a plane for the Air C orps,' His future-to help Uncle Sain win the war. Home Room Vice Presidentg Class Playg Dramatic English, Green Keyg Hobby- Having Fung Service Preference-Army Air Corps. Roselle E. Goldstein fRozJ Roselle is our choice for pin-up girly The Jlruzed Forces think so, too. When she's at the Canteen, they're all in a whirl, lflfith her around, soldiers can never feel blue. Hobby-Dancingg Service Preference- Army Air Corps. A Ruth Guberman tGoofyJ Goofy is a inost talented girl, lllhen she nziniics, she has everyone in a whirl,' Her acting can be cornpared to that of Bernhardt, 'Cause once over the footlights she can take any part. Dramatic Englisbg Class Playg Hobby- Dramaticsg Service Preference-Army Air Corps. Howard I. Hirsch QRabbitJ lflfliat would we do without 'lIlf'lSCll'il?7JOl!.S' Rabbit? For liking him soon becouies quite a habit. He praises Sinatra, he's one in a niilliou. The people who adinire hiin run inore than a trillion. Radio Code Clubg Hobby-Collecting' Pin- up Picturesg Service Preference - Army Air Corps. Evelyn Kloss livelyifs the girl with the russet trusses,' l'ou'll recognise her by the nice way slze dresses. She was voted the one inost likely to succeedj lfl'e're sure the parade of falue she will lead. Hobby-Ice Skating. Elaine Iris Levin QPeanutD Five feet one, eyes of green, Hair so clark, mind so keen, Smile so sweet, manner so plain- fust one girl fits this description and that's Elaine. Foreword Staffg Journal Stafig Sigma lotag Foreword Representativeg Art Clnbg Aviation Clubg Hobby-Frank Sinatra: Service Preference-Air Corps. Bernard I. Mankin QBernyJ Quiet as a inouse is Bernard, Quiet as a niouse but learned. He's kind and he's generous, shy ,' Rernard Mankin is one swell guy. Service Preference-Navy. t Z'l'l' SU mr 4' 108 Betsy A. Marshall fBetsJ Betsy's the pride of 467: She's a perfect gift from heazfeiz: She has poise and talent galore ,' SlIL7i.l' made of sugar right down. to the core. Leaders Club: Girl Reserves: Hobby-f Collecting Old Letters: Service Preference --Navy. Camille G. Naffah fMinnie the Moochj .llinnie goes 'with .lvaimie with the light hrorwi hairy They're always together, they make a rate pair: glad Miii1ii'e's so fall of 'Zf'l7II, vigor and eheer, That he's oar fhaire for the boy of the year. Home Room Treasurer: Microscope Club: Green Key: Junior Track Team '39: Man- ager Baseball Team '39: Manager Foot- ball Team '39, '40. Mildred M. Novakovich qmiagep ,llildred has a tviiming Quay: .fllthazrgh she's quiet. she's tll'Zk'tI'VS gay. ll? like her for her fIll'lIl'd-llf nose. Her dark early hair and her lleazrtifzrl clothes. 'fl0O Club: Dance Group: Voice C, B: Hobby -- Dancing 3 Service Preference - Marines. Sally joy Oleon Sallyls a dark-haired Veronira Lake: Her appearaim' is perfect and thafs im mistake. Although she is stzfdioifs, she's still lots of fun: .ls an all-round girl, Sally rates A-l. Dramatic English: Class Play: Discus- sion Clubg Orchestra A: Senior Leaders: Service Preference-Navy. Miriam F. Pearl ovnmn For .llillzi ive predict great things, She'll cheer the world with the songs she sings. She's bright and gay and dL'l70'llfl1il',' Her lilting voice drives off all care. Home Room Foreword Representative: Nurses Aide: Art Club: Junior Leaders: Voice E, C, Ag Girls Chorale: Volley Ball '-ll, '42g Basketball '42, Edgar A. Pearlstein qmaaiey liddie is a gentleiizari of the first degree, He's the nicest fellow there'll ever be. lIe's smart, has nice, hols really grand: .rlizd wlieizi yozfre ia trozflvle, he'll lead you a hand. Radio Code Class: Radio Clubg A Baud: Marching Band: Hobby-Radio. Edgar V. Peresman QPeaslyj Peasly is a handsome lad! ll ith girls has quite a t'lItl1'llIL'1'. He 'makes them sad, he makes them glad, This feiiiiniize heart alarmer. l2A Home Room President: 12B Vice President: Sigma Iota: Chess Club: Voice B: Track '43, '44: Cross Country '43: Hobby - Collecting Automobile Mirrors I Service Preference--Army Air Corps. Martin Arthur Pochapin fPoachyJ Martin is always clorc'r1.ir1g,' illartiu is lzefver froruaing. lIe's lzappy-go-lucky in eww'-v 'zva-v, .-lzzd we like him better ezwr-v day. Orchestra A. Selma Marion Podolsky QDimplesJ Selma's a girl with plenty of knowledge? Her alizbitioii is to go to college. Iler rciirmiug smile, her dimples sweet, Make her a prize for ruhom all rom- pete. French Club: Aviation Club: Sigma Iota: Class Leader: Hobby-Sketching: Service PreferencefAir Corps. Elaine Rosenthal mniey Blonde, hlzfc-eyed, just five feet three. Elaine's the Sllllllltlil girl there'lI ever be. She likes ezferyoae: ezferyone likes her: And wherever she goes, she sets hearts astir. Home Room Social Committee: Orchestra E: Hobby-Jewelry: Service Preference- Navy Air Corps. ,Tm g..-,,,,7,,,,M,,,,, ,, TE, .. 109 ,4,t,,.. .- ,,- W , ,,,, Minerva Sachs fMinnieJ 11111111.10 111111 .11110 11k0 11 111.1f1111.111f111l,,' 11111011 11 c01110.1 111 .111-01111s.1, .1110 1511111 '1If17i'1'1' 11111. S1111 s .11111111 111111 .1110'.1 1f1'i1f'1.1i1.11I 111111 1110k'A' 11k0 fl S1C11',,' 17011 F1711 1101 3'0111' 111.11 11011111' 111111 .1110'11 110 11111. Home Room Social Cbairmang Nurses Aideg Group C: HobbyfSingi11gg Service Preference-.'Xrmy. Yetta Adrienne Shapiro QBunnyJ Y111111 1.1 Cl 1211111111111 1'1'0011111'0,' S110 1.1 1111011 1131 I Z'1'I'j' 1011111011 H03'.Y 11k0 1101' 101' 1I1'1' 11111711171 1Z1111',' C1111 11k0 1101' 101' 11C'1' .V1111.Il, .111 1'111'1x Leaders Clubg Red Crossg Voice B: Vol- ley Ball 142: Basketball '42g Swimming 311, '4Z: Hobby-Trying to Reduce: Serv- ice Preference-Coast Guard, Dorothy Evelyn Shaw CD00 12011011131 15 1110 111101111 01 s1101'1.1,' A1 .1111d10s, .1110'.1 1110 11111. A1 11'1111111111110.1s, OZT1' 1111 5111' 111111155 H011 111711111103 111171111' .1110111 111 .11011. Leaders Club: Science Club: Voice Group ll, C, R5 Hobby-Collecting Coins: Serv- ice Preference-Marines. Ernest M. Simon QErniej E1'111Cj.S' 11721711 1110 C0711I'11f'1l1,' H011 170017 112 111111131 fl 11111315 A1111 j'0'Z1 1110.10 01111 F3111 111111 .111111111 V011 11111111 110'.1 C1I1'11'11'.X' 13111111112 Organized Dramatic Groupgi Hobby-Act ing: Service Preference-Army. Morton Stein fMortyj 11 3.1011 71111111 10 1001 1111111131, 11111111 111 1001 11110, C011110 10 467 1111111 11111111 1111111131 ,S'1'11111. F01' '10k6?5 111111 1110111105 111111 f?7'11'1'1k'.Y 1111111111 S00 111011131 ,' 31011111 111I1Q1l 11.1 310111210 1ZC Z!1'1' 16111011061 1101010 Dramatic English: Class Playg Marching' Band '43, '44g Hobby-Bicycle Ridingg Service Preference-Navy. Lawrence Tachna v fT3kJ 1.111'1'3' 1.1 11111, 111111' 11011 111111' 111111 110.1 11111111.11111111,' 11171' 111.1 111111 Z'1'10I1S .1111110 111111 t1'111 17111 11 1111'g0 1'f171fS0711,. 11111 T11k'.1 11110 .1fz11111111111'.11111 11.1 111.10131 111111 1211102113 'C'1111s11 1?'Z'f?1'3' 111111' 111101 111111 -z11111'1'11z101' 111' 111103. '1'r:1ns1er1'ed from Fifth :Xvcnue in '43g Hobby - Dzincingg Service Preference - ixlillly ,'Xir Corps, Albert Twersky KAU .11 1.1 11 11101131 1111111.11'111011.1 111115 11011 I11'11'l1iV.V .11111111111, 110 'IIUWFJ' 1001.1 .11111,' 110'.1 11111 111111 1l1'vS 111011111, 1111111 0110.1 111 111110f- 1 1 1111 11111 ,-11 1.1 11111111.11 11111 11111111 111 110 1!'111'. w1l1lll'llZl1 Stuff: Chemistry Club: Hobby-H Fishing: Service Preference-Navy. Ellen Vogel CEU 173111111 1.1 11 111111111 111 111'1711,' 5111111 111'ZK'fl3'.V 11011111 .1111110 11111111 110011. 111'1' .1111110 1.1 111.111 11 .11111111111 11111115 111.11 111 .100 1l1,1' 1.1 11111 1'11.Y1711'11111 .11g111. Frencli Club: Orchestra 17, B: Voice Group lf, C: Hobby 4 Musicg Service T'rc11-reneeg:Xrn1y. Leonard Walk CLenniej 11111011 11 01111111.11 10 111'111'11.1, 111111111 .S'111'1' 1100.1 11.1'1'111,' l11 .1 11 1111113 111 111111111111 111111 011' '711'I1.S'1'l' 11.1 111011. 111715 .1111111011.1, .1111'11111.1 111111 1l1 ZJ1?'1' 10111111 O1 111111, .11111101'1111'11 '111111 .11111111 1111111 1717 111'01111. .1X.1-X.A.g Microscope Clubg Orchestra A. Rosalyne Wolkoff 112015 1305111311111 1.1 01111 1101110 1001111 011103115 511011 17 1111110111 1110111111011 01 1111111111110 1101111131. 5111111 .1111111'1, 1111111 .1111001'0 111111 171111111 11.1 011012 111111' 1'll'11'1'1' 11'0111 0711, SCl'1101', 011117 111111 1ZfC'Z1C'1' d1.1.101101'. Bulletin Staffg Business Service Guildg Forexvord Staff: Journal Staffg Hobby- Xllriting Lettersg Service Preference- Navy. S'i? Y 7 '7 ' W Y WW ' W 'l1O LW W W 'WW 'W W W ' W'W'W' 'W Mary Joanne Wood Gloria Phyllis Yann CWoodyD fSnitchJ . . Ol fi! l'112'1 112 I' '1' ' .lfl111'y 11111111111 1x 11 llL'U'Z'l'lIlj' gzfff I t11f2t1Cill,Ul A HH ls It lim Ol 11?-1zpz11'1' 5111- 1'1111,,.v1z1, yzzfvrv 51011 ll I1f1. JMU' in HH, NNW MHZ a gm' mimi S1111 .v .vtu'1'e1' 1111d 5110 x rl1111'111111g 111111 l'7'l'l' 21,611 ' ' 0 ft'm5 ' l111' 11' -1 1-ff! 1 11 '1 tl XIII II11' 111'1'1' 111111115 111111111 1IL'I' 'ZU0II'lL fit f 'ff' A li A M wi' U MU ' IM . H. dh V- 611111 lass H' Us I 5' ls still flzr f11'1'd1' and joy of 11111' ielzolc class. llramatic English: Class Play 1 liecl Cross: Microscope Club: Voice Group C. H, .Ng Girls Chorale: Hobby-Collecting Match lloxcsg Service Preference V-.Xir Corps. Secretary K1'.M.M.: Dramatic lfnglislli Home Room Secretary: Junior l.e:11lers: Sigma lotag Voice Group lf, C. ll: Ma- jorettes '41, '42, '43. '44, Lawrence M. Yahr fLorenzoJ I.1II'l'j S flllflfj'-ffl?-lllfky, 'Zk'lfll0lllL II f111f1'. H11 l111j111.v s111111' 11'11.x' 111 1111 11 1111ll1011111'1'1'. .Ind if we A'1I0'ZL' l,111'1'y, 1111d fue flllllk Tec 1111, 'l'l11'11 we k'11111ze lfltll s111111' Illlbl' his 1l1'1'11111.v fezll 11111111 frlw .. 1 ., - lraclc 43, 443 l'ootball Manager '42, '-153 l'lolwhy--XVriting Poetry. Profound Thoughts llow often in the course of steady learning XYhen forehead aches ancl when our eyes are burning' Do we in one thrust shove asicle our book, Destroy it and its author with a look? We curse the mighty hoard of erluca- tion, All printecl things. supposed stimula- tion, Wie curse the high school. anything' callecl Knowledge. We curse great Socrates ancl ev'ry col- lege. Xnfl then we go outdoors or to a show. fo squelch our n1is'ryi lvrealc it with one blow. Xncl soon. Slll'l7l'lSl1lQ'lj' this moocl does pass, Xncl almost eagerly we go to class. Xncl so you see that even things like cake. Continnally taken. cause an ache. 1 i '7 7'4 7'7 ' ' E11 112 Q mor gl'6lJLl6Lf85 Carl Klahr Eli Freedman Matthew Brown Dorothy Kaufman Pearl Kalb Norman Sissman Fred Goldsmith Claire Cahn Norman Boodman Ruth Starr Lois Symons Marvin Silverblatt Edgar Pearlstein Dorothy Perlis Corinne Azen Anita Marcus Millicent Goldstein joseph Coletta Harold Spokane joseph Coury Zelma Schmidt Natalie Roth Paul Rogal Estelle Mattes Lois Bernstein Betty Pickholtz jean Balbot Rose Marie Barrish Betty Bauer Diana Berstein Mary Cooper Ann Cozadd William Devaul Tohn Forrest Carole Fox Ceasar Garoldi Rae Gelb Edgar Goldfarb Lois Goldstein Ruth Guberman Charles Harrison Tune Hershman Lorraine Horovitz Norma ,Tack Albert Klein Robert Sheer Irene Shapiro Miriam Seiner High Honor Honor in' 113 ' Phylis Grant Helen Andrews Norma MacMillen Mary Dietze William Alexander Mary Wood Wilton Woodburn Marilyn Mendoza Elaine Levin Eugene Green Margaret Wiley Sally-Joy Oleon Phoebe Nelms Elaine Lewin Vida Kramer Sanford Lampl Anne Buckstein Aureen Litt Lee Friedman Richard Hazley Irving Simon Carl Frederick Hovde Jerome Josephs Anne Sirota Don Lee Rubinfield Dorothy Brody Betty Rosenfield Barbara Sedler Sylvia Roth Edna Rosecrans Ernest Rose Shirley Radbord Ruth Rabinvitz Selma Podolsky Mary Podolinsky jack Pincus Gloria Mendelsohn Lowell Lubic Bernard Levine Omar Lerman Betsy Lazar Geraldine Lanning Elaine Silver Hilda Simon Mary Tanski Elaine Wynett Natalie Young Leonard Walk f ,. ,.,. ,yr ,4 P55211 ,fi . iz ' ' iz ,Q I ,Z A .. 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'I 16 CTI Tlf SERVICE :fm JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Sponsor-Mr. L. W. Korona SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Sponsor-Mr. L. W. Korona Vice President-Fred Marks President-Harold Bigler Secretary-Marshall Levy 1 18 W' ' GROUPS BUSINESS SERVICE GUILD Sponsor-Miss Katherine McCamb1ay President-Zella Getty Vice President-Patty Lou Lawson LIBRARY CLUB Secfetary-Treasurer-Elizabeth Sunic SpOnS0r-MrS. Margaret MCMiCk1e i .,. , 7-2, 77,7 119 ,WWW ,NYS ,,,,,,.g,,, ,l 'FQ' BULLETIN STAFF Sponsor-Miss McCamblay Ruth Ferko Zella Getty jean Ayres Mildred Hagan Harriet Josephs Rosalyn Wolkoff Shirley Kurfeerst Mary Cusik Anna Puzak Lena Silvaggio BLOOD DONOR COMMITTEE Sponsor-Miss Elizabeth Miller vw 'N 'HW' gnw' ' 120 ' BOOK ROOM Sponsor-Miss Marguerite Renshaw President-Johanna Belak Vice President-Marian Ginsburg Secretary-Treasurer-Marilyn Stewart 'WS wo! ...Q ' Nw! wg Wx Sponsor-Miss Elizabeth Miller President-Lenore Wolinsky Vice President-Ruth Mandel Secretary-June Hershman Social Representative-Ruth Arenson A.R.C.A. Sponsor-Miss Elizabeth Wagenknecht Secretaries-Ruth Starr, Anita Marcus Council-Jacqueline Twig, Carole Fox, Barbara Sedler, Corrine Azen ' A l'if'fZ2i?tT7i,g 'Zi , 47 12 1 O 3 Vw 7 N BULLETIN STAFF Sponsor-Miss McCamblay Mildred Hagan Agnes Mincheff Annamae Sebak Elizabeth Grande Margaret Fitzurka Evelyn Tanski Elizabeth Sunic Rosalyne Wolkoff Elaine Silver FOURTH PERIOD HALL PATROL Sponsor-Mrs. Leslie H. Bush Eddie Belle Evelyn Seliga Thomas NVall Ella Mae Covert Sara Hanna Henrietta Kaufman , ,..M..-mW- i .fifaqg , ele e fa ' ,xv fa. DISCUSSION GROUP -qv' Sponsor-Miss Elizabeth Wagenknecht President-Matthew Brown Secretary-Aureen Litt 4 WV 123 ' ' FOREWORD STAFF Sponsor-Miss Diantha W. Riddle DISTRIBUTORS Edit01'-in-Chief- First Semester-janet Schmidt Second Semester-Sanford Lampl iv - COPY READERS - 124 U 'if' DIG' ff' GIRL RESERVES 5 em,WZ,it HI-Y 125 MODERN DANCE Sponsor-Miss Elizabeth Schaefer ...A ,, YOUNG MAGICIANS Sponsor-Mr. Leo Gutoski President-Richard Fried Vice President-Burton Ringelheimer Secretary-Sally Shapiro 'W' 'WW' ' ' i ' Y 126 1 Y? Y AVIATION CODE PRACTICE Sponsor-Mr. Herbert A. Lewis MICROSCOPE CLUB Sponsor--Mrs. Mae Weber Smith President-Gilbert Rae Vice President-Leonard Wolk Secretary-Sylvia Harris Treasurer-Matthew Brown 1-fr? -Efswiw' . 75 vm -H--' -wmwnaise- A - ' - 127 aw 9,9 Xkuwg FASHION GROUP Sponsor-Miss North SIGMA IOTA Sponsor-Dr. Faust 128 ' ' '! Q31 AVIATION CLUB Sponsor-Miss Elizabeth Warnock if' J' ,., DRAMATIC ENGLISH CLASS Sponsor-Miss Dorothy Zeigler 7 Z 'Y' ' 129 W N 1' ACTIVE HOME ROOMS OUTSTANDING IN BOND AND BLOOD DONOR CAMPAIGNS Room 251 Teacher-Miss Jessop SJ f' Room 314 Teacher- Miss Quattrocchi OUTSTANDING IN BOND DRIVE Room 313 Teacher-Miss Lally .. A. 1 , Ik 100fZp FOREWORD SUBSCRIPTION 'W ' ' 130 ' AW ' A Room 352 Teacher- Miss Beachler 1002? FOREWORD SUBSCRIPTION q 4 4 L Room 366 Teacher- Miss Kamler Room 207 Teacher-Miss Montgomery Y T' 131 KUSICAL GRCANIZATICP GROUP A Sponsor-Miss Steiner ORCHESTRA A Sponsor-Miss Laura Zeigler 132 ' lg SOLOISTS ' Sponsor-Miss Emma Steiner James Moag Richard Hasley Joseph Zagorka William Muracca William Ladley STRING QUARTET BRASS ENSEMBL-E Sponsor-Miss Zeigler Sponsor-ML ROY Dletz . Millicent Goldstein Sanford Glasser Nmmaf' Slssman Leollafd Schmldt Paul Friedman Florence Cooper Marlene Saylof David Jandoff Jay joseph GIRLS CHORALE Sponsor-Miss Steiner 'ff' 7'r '4 'W 7 133 W '4' 'Y 'W ' ' ' ' A ' A-L. SOLOISTS Sponsor-Miss Emma Steiner Jean Rosecrans Mildred Rosenberg Ada McCarney Barbara Trachtenberg Barbara Mahaffey Mary Eleanor Cooper BAND B Sponsor-Mr. Roy Dietz MALE CHORUS Sponsor-Miss Steiner Y ,iw , 134 .. YY, ,fini 7 YY- if BAND C Sponsor-Mr. Roy Dietz ORCHESTRA B Sponsor-Miss Laura Zeigler ' ' '135 7 BAND A Sponsor-Mr. Roy Dietz ORCHESTRA C Sponsor--Miss Laura Zeigler A A 1374 A GROUP B Sponsor-Miss Emma Steiner WOODWIND QUINTET Sponsor-Mr. Dietz WOODWIND QUINTET Seymour Scthwartz jerry Kramer Sponsor-Miss Zeigler Jerome Levme Marjorre Saylor Fritz Hovde Lawrence Greenberg Norma Blosser Mark Faigan Norma Blosser Robert Demmler Um ' 1 38 1 www M 1 L mea f f-f AA.-.Mp K x 1, Q, is TRIO WOODWIND QUARTET Sponsor-Miss Laura Zeigler Sponsor-Mr. Roy Dietz Edgar Goldfarb Lois Roth Kurt. Hi1'SClll101'H Jerry Kramer Rosalyn Roth Fritz Hovde Lee Hershenson GROUP C Sponsor--Miss Emma Steiner ' W' 139 ' 'Z 'Z' 7' W' ' mmm TRUMPET QUARTET Sponsor-Mr. Roy Dietz Thomas Strong Byron Kramer George Davis Norman Vogel SWING BAND 140 GROUP D Sponsor-Miss Emma Steiner GROUP E Sponsor--Miss Emma Steiner 141 MAJORETTES Sponsor-Mr. john Irwin 142 yu' I ' 'YH' 1 n ,,, 3 55 ig if .5 ik! EQ 17? iw X 5. Sl mf-'bgn C5 A., CHAMPIONSHIP TRACK TEAM Coach Robert Irvin FOOTBALL TEAM Coach Ernest Slessinger 4' ' 'Wm ' 145 2 ' C3 wi TUMBLING TEAM SENIOR SWIMMING TEAM Coach Soffield JUNIOR SWIMMING TEAM Coach Soffield 146 hm af ' X 's f KX X-xx. BASKETBALL TEAM '34 vi GREEN KEY Sponsor-Mr. john Irwin K 34-7 E i s 5 w x x 1 2 Q Q 1 4 3 2 1 S E LM SENIOR LEADERS Sponsor-Miss Esther Long President-Barbara Sedler Vice President-Corrine Azen Secretary-Treasurer-Mildred Campbell Social Chairman-Hilda Kasselkus il 4 -... A A CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL TEAM Under the direction of Miss Esther Long 149 CHEERLEADERS Sponsor-Mr. Robert Irvin Iva Jane Goldstein Shirley Krumholtz Lois Orinstein Marilyn Mendoza Betty Koester Zella Getty Jeanne Friedman Sidney Simon Robert Loevner Bernard Latterman john Whited HOCKEY CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM Under the direction of Miss Esther Long 150 MISS SCHAEFER'S LEADERS ' 'iI.C.,,i JUNIOR LEADERS Sponsor-Mrs. Katharyn H. Simms President-Joan Chronis Vice President-Dorothy Semenow Secretary-Alice Bechtel ' 'W ' ' W f ' 151 'H W ' SCHAEFER BALL CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM Under the direction of Miss Elizabeth Schaefer CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL TEAM Under the direction of Miss Elizabeth Schaefer 152 ' -uw- .aw val 4-an ..- -- Ahyin Lamed Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. L. Mr. and Mr. and Dr. and COMPLIMENTS OF Sorority Mrs. Max Balbot Mrs. Karl E. Baur Mrs Sol Buckstein Mrs Leo Campbell Mrs A. Cooper Mrs H. Drill Wm. Frank Mrs. Milton Freedman Mrs. N. Friedman Mrs. Edward Gelb Mrs. I. Ginsberg Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. A. Lampl Mrs. E. R. Lewin Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Lydon Mrs. Rose G. Mattes Mrs. J. Morsek Major and Mrs. E. J. Newmeyer Mr. and Mrs. M. Novakovich Sgt. and Mrs. Herbert Price Quintet of the Hot Club of M. Goldberg Mrs. Harry Goldfarb Mrs. H. A. Goldsmith Mrs. j. W. Goldstein Hendel Fruit Company Mr. and Mrs. A. Kalla Pittsburgh Mr. and Mrs. M. Roth Mr. and Mrs. Jos. H. Seewald Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Sidow Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Silverblatt Mr. and Mrs. S. Vertman Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Weisberg Mrs. W. A. Woodburn 154 To Every Member of the Classes of 1944 The Taylor Allderdzke PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Extends Good Wishes for A Bright and Happy Future 13, 5 Y ,Ji Sigma Kappa Fraternity Exfmids Its 1175! lf1 i5l105 and C07ZfjVUfIfIt1fi071'X fo fha? G7'CldIfl0fi1'l!j Class of 1944 670713-ffflfulflltjgyu-7 Our Best lflfislzcs to Every Q Graduates f Sigma Omega I Sorority N 9 1 Cradlzafc' of flzc' Class of 1944 Theta Mu Sigma Sorority CHI ALPHA BETA arfcfzds flzvir COIlIf'IiIIIC'lZfS to H10 grrldzffzfiug class. 156 i i i Tau Eta Alpha Fraternity extends its compliments and good wishes l to the graduating class of 1944 i jack Brill Robert Solomon Sanford Cooperman Morris Deakter Howard Fine Milton Fine Bernard Friedman Norman Garfinkel Edgar Goldfarb Clifford Hostein Louis Jacobson Lewis Meyers Jack Nathan Ivan Novick Richard Seewald Robert Schlessinger Leon Simon Arnold Steinman Selwyn Berson i jack Breskow Morton Fibus Harold Goldman joe Mettan Raymond Nathan i Elkan Rosenberg Earl Schaffer Don Schnyder jerry Segal Paul Schutzman y Melvin Segal i Dave Simon i i i i l i i enmnaa ,aQQm aaoe agmmmomrl 157 Y 1 s 1 772 S1gma D Glta Y s , s 1 i Ep 511011 3 , rate-:1'n1ty , wishes :he best of luck Z0 the June 1 gmduuting class of 1944 zzmi to Ilze fom' graduating members of our fwzternify MERWIN KUISRIN PAUL ROGAL JEROME LIEVINE SIDNEY TOBIN i I I s I 158 'lb flu' .wlzior firms of 1944 'rw TVISXI In vffuzzd nm' l1m1'f14'.vf good fvi.s'l14'.v THE CAVALIERS N , . C UllfjftlfI1IUfIlHI.Y N fu 1110 fxllldlltlfllllj .SVIIIIIVS Dl5l,TA LAMBDA PHI 1 R.fX'1'ljRN1TX cvmlpzlm flf. Y of CBUY ALPHA IEETA CHI soRoR1'rY CBQNDS Q l M C077ZP!l.77Z67lf.K' of Fl'l.C7IIlI Y 1 7 ' 159 ' Coats--Suits-D resses ,X1.w,xYs THE SMARTEST ROSE HARRIS 2000 MURRAY AVENUE fCU1'11C1' Iieaconj Y Murray Delicatessen and i C0 'fH 1 S Uf Dairv Store i i , , f , V , i NoR1H11RN 1835-1837 IIURRQXX :XX EXUE JACkson 9953 3 G HT The Home of Delicious Curned Reef Sandwiches W :Xll Kinds of Sandwiclies i To Take Out grail j. CAPLAN i KOSHIER ME.-XTS i MEN'S WEAR i i i i and Arrow Shirts Interwoven Socks 5872 FORBES STREET i POULTRY H.-Xzcl 0333 Open Evenings w Y RECORD GIFT CENTER Cl,,'XSSlCf.XI, POPULAR RECORDS lf.1'f'1IlA'i'Z't' Cfhiflllllt' fF'ZL't'!l'PX' GRICETING CARDS 160 ww rswf .v ,. . 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Miller Photo 85 Supply l Geor e Adler Delicatessen y g Q The Allderdice Barber Shop Schulberg's l Gold's 5 8a 10 i G1ick's Food Market, Murray Avenue 162 www before has there been greater demand for the trained man and woman. Such a demand can be met hy young men and women continuing their studies under the victory school-the-year round plan. SUMMER SEM1zs'r1iR BEGINS JUNE 26 The University of Pittsburgh Address the Registrar Coinplimmzfs of FEIGENBAUM BROS. Ann M. Gallagher Greeting Cards for All Ofrasious yy'- RENTAL LIBRARY HAzel 5952 587816 Forbes Street r M. HOROVVITZ KOSH IQR M IEAT M A RKET Live and Dressed Poultry 2026 MURRAY AVENUE XVe Deliver 163 C0l1lf7Il'HIC'l1fS of MAXIN E'S 514 XVOOD STREET Q BUY XVAR BONDS ! 1 1 RHQET YQUR FRIENDS AT Wlzvre Every Bite Is fzzst Right rx Phone: HAze1 1213 CICERO BROS. 1 Canton Tea garden Rurbm' and Emmy Shops Our Motto: Excvllc-nz' Food L 5323 FORBES STREET Mvdfffl PWCUS 1 3140-43 AIURRAAY AVENUE CHOP SUEY AND CHOW MEIN jAgk50n 9860 Open 11 A. M. to 2 A. M. .lAckSon 9720 JAckson 9771 2018 Murray Avenue, Pittsburgh 1 M 7 W Y O W4 , SC11111t,S F1'll1'C 1X12lI'1iCt Best U7'fS11C?S from 1 ' ' , X' I F1 mfs and T egefaales Hebrewv 2124 MURRAY AVENUE . . NHt1OI131 Dehcatessen HAzel 2425 T ., ,S.,--,,, V, E ,S Formerly with McCrecry'S HSI1lll'l'7'6?I HiII's Most E.rcl11s1'zfe FIll'l'i07 J MEMBER OF PITTSBURGH FURRIERS ASSOCIATION I 2631 1XIurray Avenue MO1'1'Owfie1d Apartlnent Building HAZCI 6565 1 Hats, Decorations, Noiseinalcers, Favors For .AIII Orrasimzs The John Robbins Co. 342 THIRD AYICNUIC Tc-lcphonc Cflurt 5445 Pittsburgh, Pa. The House of Reliable Qualify and Service Standard School Jewelers NIXON THEATRE BUILDING PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Class Rings and Pins Booklet Diplomas Commencement Announcements I Club Pins Cups and Trophies Medals and Awards Sport Charms and Keys i W 4 277 I M YY 77' ir Y ini 7 I 3 JACI-:son 9827 LOLIS P. GOLVASH, Mgr. SQUIRREL HILL BOVVLING ASSOCIATION l Ttawify-fzzzn' I'vrfvc'f nl. 19. C. -flllrys N , - , v . - . I RILSERX ATIOXS POR PARTIES Scene of Pittsburglfs Greatest Bowling Exhibitions I 5844 FORXYARD AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. N ' 165 Colzzplimmzfs of JASCN BEAUTY SALON 2045 XVIGHTMAN STREET HAze1 0475 For Your Drug Store Needs Telephone HAzel 1881 Wm. D. Callahan, Ph. G. Squirrel Hillls Oldest Drug Store Prescriptions Our Specialty Free Delivery Service E if Gifts Draperies C111-e Carlton Shop urniture Upholstery l 1 l l M anclel Roofing Co. Roofing and Slzvct Zlfvfal W01'k 1932 FORBES STREET ATlantiC 9217 Let BARRIE re-upholster your furniture like new. Upliolstering, Furniture Repair, Slip Covers, Draperies, Venetian Blinds Barrie Upholstering Interior Fmfnislzings HAzel 2284 1 amd 5865131 FOSEJES QTREET i Interior Decorating Cal' ary A VCHUC - 'SSO Forbes Street HAzel 6632 A' Randall Plttsburgh' Pa' l J Estimates Clieerfully Given Buy War Bonds and Stamps C07lIff7l'i1llf'7'lffS of a Frimzid BEST XVISHES TO MY ALMA MATER --P FC. MORTON ALPERN Y i N Zweigs Bakerv i i i 2107 1x1t'RRm' AVENUE T Y HAZQ1 3639 , , N N N N M arkct Muchinerv WE IILTY SELL TRADE All Kinds of Machinery, Tools, Motors, Belting, Office, Shop, Equipment 214 MARKET STREET COurt 7283 Noble-Thompson Institute ,'X1,1cx.ixNni4:R C.AM1'l4EI.L 'l'1loxu-SUNEANNE NOBLE Tlitmifsox Svz'1'vft11'iuI CI2I!I'S4'fYi1II'L't' 4110111115 Offirv ,Uuflziur Colrrsr' Six Il'i'a'ks' SIHIIIIZCI' Coursz' DAY AND EVENING State Theatre Bnildingf4335 Fifth Avenue, Pittsbnrgll-AT 2255-2256 KING DISTRIBUTING CO. Vittsburgli. Pu. '167' Devoted to Essential Business and Secretarial Training N THE ALLDERDICE iprinfed 1331 MAYER P R E S Esialflislzvd 1387 235 COLLINS IXVENIQE IEAST IEND4, P1'1'Tsm'Rm1, PA Plloues 1106-O7 IlIlzmc1 N ,H N A Y K 168 3 ff 'N ...'N OA 1 I fx N 532 13223 X! IQI 6 , Q IIE COPPER I CQ IHIALPTQNES AND LIN E ETCIGIINGS THAT WERE IISED IN PRINTING 'IIIGIIS EOUKWEIRE MADE gy 159 SUDEQIOR ENGRAVING Co. 255 f2fAvenuo Pztfsbuii Pa. s Ik C 'as 1 I DAY AND NIGI'IT E VI IE'-' Xsf XX 1-7A XA !i'v '-Kxxr- 4 X, ' K- lx X 169 F23 H ILL 7 S S T U D I 0 Officio! School Photographer '23 FAREWELL Another eomineneement will soon be here Anotlier graduation class will he gone: But memories of Clays in ,Xllclercliee Will for a long' time linger on: Memories of clays spent here lYill of course be very nieeg It isnlt so easy as some of ns thought To leave olcl Allclerclice. Our motto is to know, clo, and be, And the sons of the Green and White VYill bring' her honor on lancl and on sea 'Uirougli darkness and through light: But the olcl must make way for the new, VVe ean't have our pleasures twieeg So biclcling' a funcl arlien we say, Farewell to Allclerclicef' W' 171 ' 172 Gflufoqraplzs G?LLf0q 111,065 XTR!-?.Tf'f 7 '?0'. 'jixc ,'?i '1 va-wtf, 17451 rpg -.-7 - T, Nev. ' ':v f4.- -'- ..', - fr TN-Q 1.31. -' , .- WM -V . . 1. - - ' xi' YL, . in xf aff :f ' .':L'Q-vf',Zf .'T-J-7-' -1.-- ' - XJ' . .'1 .Pn .1'., '..,,L-'. . v ,4.?.6Egx:..::?9., A, -. -.,. '-'iffffg-Ig' Y ' Q A -Q 135.2.1v9S, y.,, xv ' -'---Jfy? ' x . , 11 . x IW: 'IK-I!H'f ml-. 11:1-c1mf.,4 4..- A2 ,. fl JZ , XZ X 2 f , ,, 7, X,-f Z Z ,f Zfff I X

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