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ww www ZAHJLVUEVEXVDVICZE K 1 Qgfifgiw MW gifb 5 WML , J Qvpisj ,fx WNAAL5 Vxgdh WK Zgpuwwg bzciflq gag E33 1ef Q 7 !g,,6vLff-3ff4 ,V QYMWWJQQLQLMMG ff JM' TM Qgl g o x L i 41" ,LQ SJ' R xofrllf . fi f JV ff -- . fl ff? ' V 7 gig fl 3 X fi' 1 E EBC ZEQLQDNLQSIQ Y Jfcww X 'ruff lfffc Q, f EEE 12- . H L , ,,, N UAE QI!! DMQDICE WW ' WMM WWWM' Q7 , gym, A DuElisLeJ J Volume oinflq lag Seniovfs oi: the Januarq anal June Classes oF IQLLI -Uwe -I-aqiov JClHJev0Iice 1-liglw School Shady and Forward Avenues Pittsburgh, Pa. MAWWW Gila Gfppreciafiozz ITH SINCEREST appreciation for their patience, their understanding, and their untiring efforts in behalf of the school, we dedicate this page to the members of our faculty who have retired from teaching. In Septem-ber, 1929, Miss Hester Baird came to this school from North Continuation School. ln Allderdice she taught the social sciences until her retirement in 1940. Now living in Crafton, Miss Baird spends mu-ch of her time working in her garden, of which she 'is very proud. During the WVorld War, Mrs. Catherine Hoyt, who is deeply inter- ested in social service work, became an active member of the American Red Cross. Even during her stay at Allderdice she found time to par- ticipate in that work. Mrs. Hoyt served capably as head of the book- room from 1928 until this year. After teaching at both Fifth Avenue and Peabody, Miss Anna G. Richey came to Allderdice as instructor of French. She is a Vassar graduate and a member of Phi Beta Kappa, national honorary scholastic fraternity. An extensive traveler, Miss Richey has toured the whole world. Since her retirement in February, she has been continuing her travels. Miss Lucy A. South came to the Pittsburgh Public School System from Uniontown. First she taught at Colfax, when Allderdice was opened in 1924, she joined our faculty as girls' adviser, in which capacity she served until this February. At present Miss South is living in Jackson- ville, Florida. " 4 4 edicafiolz LEVEN YEARS AGO, in February, 1930, a new teacher came to our school from New Kensington to serve on our faculty. Since that time, he has become our di- rector of activities in Taylor Allderclice and has niost capably filled his position. It is in sincere respect and gratitude f-or the many fine deeds and services that he has rendered this grad- uating class, that we thoughtfully dedicate our Journal to Mr. K-orona. 5 Zin Memoriam p N DECEMBER 25, 1940, Mr. Abraham Sissman died suddenly in the midst of a busy season of school work. A professi-onal photographer in Pittsburgh for over thirty years, Mr. Sissman had specialized during the last fifteen years in school photography. The present pupils of Allderdice and the members of the different classes in the years gone by will never forget the kind, gentle man who so quickly put every one at ease when the sitter was so worried and nervous at "picture-taking" time. Mr. Sissman always felt that each school was "his" schoolg each class, "his" classg every student, "his" friend. It was undoubtedly this personal pride and interest which he took that endeared him to all who knew him. Mr. Sissrnan was a man of simple tastes. He ha-d few interests outside of his work. He made his work his entire lifeg and he died While hard at the work he loved. Allderdice will sorely miss Mr. Sissman who has established himself in the hearts of all in this school. 6 In Hllemnriam HARRY LEWANDOWSKI january 11, 1922-May 12, 1941 7 acuity Principal-Dr. Roland G. Deevers Vice Principal-Mr. J. S. Glaes Activities Director-Mr. L. W. Korona Vocational Connselor-Mr. W. M. Sharp , Adviser to Girls-Miss Elizabeth Miller R. L N l . E Miss Isabel T. Zinn, Chief Cleifkg Miss Lois E. Hill, Clerk, D R0 APrEcga1DEEV RS Miss Mary Hoppes, Clerk, Mrs. Laura Duncan, Book Clerk Jlift Mr. joseph C. Fitzpatrick, Miss Olivia Koenig, Mr. Wesley Mills. Miss Jennie A. Norton. Confinieifeial Mr. john P. Andrews, Miss Helen R. Bartrirn, Mrs. Helen L. Campbell, Miss Elizabeth A. Fleming, Miss Florence Graham, Miss Mathilda Johnson, Mr. Clay H. Longenecker, Miss Katherine McCamblay, Mr. John B. Melvin, Mr. Thomas E. Miller. English Miss Dorothy Albert, Miss Florence M. Barkley, Miss Ol-ive Bowlin, Miss Ruth A. Clausen, Miss Mary A. Evans, Mrs. Glyde C. Ferguson. Miss Adelaide Hartman, Miss Rose Hartz, Mr. Irvin Hoerger, Miss Frances Leech, Miss Ella Markley, 1"Mrs. Lois Marshall, Miss Nancy T. Montgomery, Miss Diantha W. Ridd.le, 'l7Miss Muriel Rugh, Miss Sara D. Stuart, Miss Elizabeth Wagenknecht, Miss Elizabeth Warnlotck, Miss Clara I. XVelsh, Miss Dorothy Zeigler. "'Substitute for Miss Kerr. TSn'bstitute for Mr. Young. Foifei gn Lan gnages Miss Dorothy Bergman, Miss Mary C. Brennan, Miss Yetta T. Kamler, Miss Elizabeth XY. Klingensmith, Mr. C. T. Roller, Mrs. Myra C. Simpson, Miss Edna R. Todd. Hixtoify Miss Charlotte R. Beachler, Miss Julia Behane, Mr. Samuel Blitz, Miss Rhoda Bowler. Mr. john B. Coyne, Mr. Alvin G. Faust, Miss E. Alma Fife, Miss Ann S. Gaunt, Miss L. Esther Geist, Miss Grace Jessop, Miss Bertha O. Mitchell, Miss Anna M. Quattrocchi, Miss Cora C. Ross, Miss Leila H. Rupp, Mr. Harry C. Soles, Miss Rilla B. Tait, Miss S. Pearl Wall. 8-- Household Econoinics Miss Charlotte E. Bailey, Miss Florence Bechtel, Miss Grace A. Grossman, Miss Margaret L. North. Lihrary Mrs. Margaret H, McMickle, Mrs. Marion Swarts. Jldathenaatics Mr. Charles W. Bernhard, Miss Rosa Blessing, Miss Marian Couperthwaite, Miss Belle Long, Mr. George M. Phillips, Miss Alice L. Phipps, Miss Dorothy E. Pickard, Mr. George B. Snyde-r, Mr. I. L. Spitler, Dr. Wesley Wagner, Mr. H. H. Wilson. Jldanual Training Mr. A. L. Gautsch, Mr. Kenneth H. B. Julian, Mir. C. P. Kavanaugh, "iMr. J. Earl Krotzer, Mr. James Laurich, Mr. Herbert A. Lewis, Mr. E. A. Liberator. iFTransferred to South High. Jldusic Mrs. Dorothy Jean Meyer, Mr. Raymond R. Reed, Miss Emma Steiner, Miss Laura E. Zeigler. 'Physical Education Mir. Oliver Gordon, Miss Katharyn Hazlett, Mr. Robert W. Irvin, Mr. john H. Irwin, Miss Esther M. Long, Miss Margaret Mercer, Miss Elizabeth Schaefer, Mr. Ernest Slessinger. Science Mr. Lon H. Colborn, Mr. Leo Gutoski, Mr. R. I. Hackett, Miss Alva K. Held, Mr. Edgar Hoopes, Miss jane S. Johnston, Miss Jane McCandless, Mr. I. T. Shriner, Mrs. Mae Weber Smith, Miiss Edith M. Starz, Mr. John K. Stratiff. Dietitian Speech Miss Lydia Steele Miss Edna K. Bezler Swinirning Matron School Doctor Mrs. Clara Bloom Dr. Carl VV. Kohler, M.D. Custodian H all Superoision Mrs. Mabel McConnell Mr. Joseph Marks Mr. O. C. Truschinger 9 ART EDITOR la. ttrr Lee Goldman OLLTIZH! S EDITORS-IN-CHIEF , zfq A. i, , ,V '- we 1 qs I , 4, . X 'Y R fe January Class-Edwin Fisher June Class-David Slepian aff BUSINESS MANAGERS f i EEVE ., ' L" I I1 k k. JS k r - .: ri K .. Carl Hamburg Murray Minster Faculty Sponsor-Miss Diantha W. Riddle January Class ASSOCIATE EDITORS Stella Brien Lee Cantor Nathan Cohen Agnes 'Coleman Saul Goldberg Stanley Goldsmith Dorothy Gross Edwin Karelitz The art work found in this journal was done by these students: Robert Alexander Louise Beatty Richard Carlson Margaret Cole Lee Goldman Bill Henicke Art Director-Mr. Philip Pearlstein Jeanne Rush janet Rosenberg David Schnable Ralph Sill Fred Smith joseph C. Fitzpatrick 10" Jerry Konigsberg Patty McCullough Charles Miller Marjorie Petrie Virginia Ritz David Saylor Terry Yarov TYPISTS Jean Collins Bertha Elek Helen Feldman June Class mm TYPISTS A ' Y le- W ia, 41- E' ii' , , 'gk 5 y Betty Evans Mary Kopka Ruth Anthony, Sylvia Amdur, Helen Bachner, Ada Block, Elaine Brown, Shirley Cohen, Margaret Cole, Louise Comins. Dorothy Dee, Edith Eisner, jean Elliott, Aaron Esman, Russell Flocken, Richard Ford, William Hafer, Wilbur Hansen. Ian Henderson, Symoine Kamin, Esther Katz, Marion Kovacs, Carl Lewin, David Lloyd, Donald Middleman, Eloise Nettleton. David Oppenheim, Robert Ornitz, Morry Rosecrans, jean Rush, Joseph Schaffel, Shirley Sheffler, fDorris Simmons, Marvin Sleisenger. Mary Alice Smith, Richard Spitz, Wilma Wagner, Marjorie Woodburn. ll i 01' 6W0l' J S A BRIDGE to span the years of time and keep alive the plea- sant memories of our school days, we, the classes of 1941, publish this twelfth edition of the Taylor All- clerdice Journal. APNXRN .J cmuary Gfass rqalzizafimz President ...........,,. ...,.........,.. E dwin Fisher Vice President .....,.... ..,.,... Patricia McCullough Secretary-Treasurer .,... .......... R robert Bandell JANUARY CLASS SOCIAL COMMITTEE Dorothy Fischer Margie Ebert Gloria Maddalena Terry Yarov 14 Sidney Aberman Samuel Adler Melvin Austin Dorothy B. Averman Robert H. Bandell Blanche Baren Louise Elizabeth Beatty Julia . Bed 'ohnski J J Margaret Barbara Behun Helen Beley Jane L. Brown Florence Calig Leah Cantor Marilyn Caplan Frank B. Cawley Mary Cerra Ruby Marie Chiles Virginia M. Chisholm Grace Cillo Lawrence B. Cohen 15 Bette Benach Hazel M, Benscoter Katherine E. Beynon June Bicht Rose M. Block Beatrice Bluestone Katherine Ann Booth Stella Brien Esther Claire Brinn Irma L. Brown Y, Margie Carolyn Ebert Bertha Elek jean Elizabeth Ellis Carmela Rose English David Epstein Helen Feldman Phyllis B. Ferderber Dorothy Ruth Fischer Edwin Ralph Fisher Madeline Helen Fitzurka 1 w Nathan Cohen Agnes Mae Coleman jean Elizabeth Collins John Connolly, jr. William M. Coury Rosemarie Deak Francis Albert DeLucia Edith Maxine Dernis james J. Dorsey Florence Dym Fred France Leonard J. Frank Frances A. Furedy Mary Gall Joan M. Gibson William Lee Gochnour Ethel L. Godleskie Saul Goldberg Bernice Goldman Lee Goldman 16 Stanley Goldsmith Elaine A. Greenberg Dorothy M. Gross Frances Faye Gualtier Anna Gula Dennis William Gulyban Harold George Hall Sophia Antionette Hardy David Harris Harry B. Harris, jr. Ruth M. Jones Anna Margaret Kalcheck Michael Kalinyak Edwin Karelitz Phyllis Kaufman Irvin J. Kertman jerry L. Konigsberg john Kovach, jr. Peter Kranack Daniel Krasne 17 C W Duwane Heffner James Henning Mary Jane Hicks Stephen Himich Melvin J. Hoffman Geraldine Houchens Griffith Howe George Hunter Helen Jaback Robert jones E JANUARY CLA Roberta M. Ladley Adlyn Selma Lange Vincent John Lavery Marie Leasure Betty Lee Leff Irwin Levinson Dorothy Frances Lewinter Josephine Lobona Patty McCullough james McMil1en Robert McNertney Gloria Maddalena ' Miriam Marlatt Lois jean Martin Sylvan Harry Mazerov, Jr. Charles Miller Harry Millett I-Iillard Vincent Morgan ,lane Moore Dorothy Louise Mycoff 1941 Harold Neel Robert Nelson Brian C. O'C0nn0r Priscilla E. Papp Marjorie L. Petrie Lawrence Pickholtz Angel Profeta Mary V. Pulcini Cleo Rita Ouinn Ruth Richman 18 Raymond Riding Virginia Ritz Katherine E. Rodgers Annette Rosenblatt James Ross Jesse W. Sandor David C. Saylor, jr. Eugene Schaffer Edward Carl Schneider Robert Frederick Schneider Myron Bud Swiss Bernard Szeinbach Romaine P. Taddio Charles W. Taylor Leda Thomas Rita Thomas Phyllis R. Thompson Elizabeth P. Toth Mary Elizabeth Trapp Barbara jean Tudja 19 Anna Marie Schwager Jud Schwartz Norman M. Schwartz Priscilla Shupik Libby Simon Rea Olive Simon Michael iDe11 Slivka Irving Solomon Norma Jeanne Steinberg Arthur Sterman 4 1 l Beatrice Weiner jean Lillian Wolf Leah Janet Weitzel Ruth W-01k Joan Louise Weisbrod Terry Y3f0V Kean Wllliams William Yeager 101111 Wwe Jean B. Zimmer Henry W. Wojtasek Katherine Zukosky onor mJuafes High Honor Seniors Esther Brinn Leah Cantor Leonard Frank Saul Goldberg Lee Goldman Rose Block Marilyn Caplan Nathan Cohen Agnes Coleman jean Collins Bertha Elek Helen Feldman Edwin Fisher Honor Seniors Jean Zimmer Charles Miller Hillard Morgan Marjorie Petrie Virginia Ritz David Saylor Joan Gibson Stanley Goldsmith Dorothy Gross Phyllis Kaufman Patty McCullough Romaine Taddio Beatrice Weiner Terry Yarov 20 - e an-an e i Zefa Gfzapiellrjfafionaf gfonor ociefy Hazel Benscoter Rose Block Esther Brinn Agnes Coleman' jean Collins William Coury Bertha Elek Patty McCullough Marjorie Petrie David Saylor UNSELFISH SERVICE AWARDS Edwin Fisher Agnes Coleman SPECIAL ALLDERDICE AWARD Patty McCullough David Epstein Helen Feldman Edwin Fisher joan Gibson Lee Goldman David Harris Phyllis Kaufman 21 The yd? of 6!6L!0C N THE CLo1sTER of the church of the Virgen de la Asuncion de Malacatepec in Milpa Alta, Mexico, a stone idol has stood on its pedestal for year-s. At its base, flowers bloom. In the cloister patio is a well, one of the sources of Water 'supply for an arid village. The idol presumably is Tlaloc, the Rain-God -but the villagers or parish priest will give only noncommittal answers. "It has always been there? "Quien sabe que sera?" is perhaps the most common reply given to an inquisitive traveler. But the flowers surrounding the idol tell the story of a watchful tenderness which deceives the persistent assertion of ignorance. No flowers are planted in the other three corners of the cloister. 4' 22 Y THE EYES OF TLALOC A Mystery-Comedy in Three Acts December 16 and 17 ALLDERDICE AUIDITORIUM THE CHARACTERS Amanda Simpkins ,........................,....,,.,....,..,...,.,..,... .,...,. D orothy Gross Ezra Simpkins ,,.,., ....... M elvin Hoffman Pudge Rogers .,... .....,.. S aul Goldberg The Professor .,..... ......,.. E dwin Fisher Tommy Tinker , ....,.. ..,...,.. H arry Harris Nancy Howe ., ,..,......... , ,........, Rea Simon Virginia Lee Byrd ,........ ..,......,., J ean Collins Pat Gillis ......,...,.,.,.,.,... , ..,....... Agnes Coleman Nawa ,.,...,..,.................... ....., S tanley Goldsmith Salvador del Santos ...,.. ,,..... N orman Schwartz Pepita del Santos .....,.. ....,............,...,..,,., ,,..,........ E s ther Brinn A Rancher ....,....,.,..,.. .,...,..........,,..,.,.,.,....,... ...,...,., M y ron Swiss SYNOPSIS ACT I Livingroom of the house on the Rancho de los Alamitos, near the Mexican border, in Southern Arizona. Evening, toward the close of Sep- tember. The equinoctial storm, usual in the region, has already begun. ACT II The same. Evening of the following day. ACT III The same. Immediately afterwards. TIME: The present. COMMITTEES Make-up: Leah Cantor, Betty Leff, Florence Dym. Publicity: Edwin Fisher, Elaine Greenberg, Lois Martin, Jean Wolf, Rea Simon, Harry Harris, Saul Goldberg, Terry Yarov, Dorothy Gross, Agnes Coleman. Ushers: Blanche Baren, Ruth Wolk, Sam Adler, Melvin Austin, Hazel Benscoaer, William Coury, Francis De Lucia, Margie Ebert, Jean Ellis, Phyllis Ferderber, Dorothy Fischer, Madeline Fitzurka, Harold Hall, Daniel Krasne, Irwin Levinson, Lois Martin, James McMillan, Jane Moore, Robert Nelson, Brian O'Connor, Mary Pulcini, Cleo Quinn, Raymond Riding, James Ross, Jesse Sandor, Eugene Schaffer, Phyllis Thompson, Mary Elizabeth Trapp, William Yeager, Leah Weitzel, Rita Thomas. 23 'F cnzuar Glass Gommelzcemezzf y H P R O G R A M Processional lvVar March of the Priests from "Atl1alia' y..,,..4,.....,,... ......A......,,4...,... F . ZlIU1zdeIss0h1z Band-Raymond R, Reed, Conductor Invocation .......,...,.,.,...,.,....,.,.,..,.,.. ....,.. R ev. Robert VV. Gibson, D.D. March from "Sigurd Iorsallar "...,...,.................,. ,....... G rieg Band Presentation of Flowers Canzonetta .,,. .......... ,..........,...........A..,.A.....,................,.... ,...,...,, P i e me Clarinet Soloist, Helen Feldman Accompanist, Marion Berger Opportunities for Youth ...,.. . . .,..,.. Patricia McCullough, David Saylor Symplionie Espagnole ,.........,.,.,...,..4......,.,......,..........,.,.,..,....... ,....,. E doumfd Lalo V'ioli.nist, Irvin Kertman Acc-ompanist, VVolfgang Schanzer Class Gift Andante from Symphony in C Major ...,......,.,.. ,..,., Schubert Band Address ...... ...,4......,.,,..........,,..,......,....,,..,. ......... H . L. Cleland Director of Guidance Presentation of Diplomas Processional "" 24 'M 1126 00172 ZMLCLZVS alzuary Gian Miss IZLIZABETH FLEMING MR. IRVIN F. HOERGER MRS. MYRIX C. SIMPSON Miss CLARA I. XVELSH For tlzeir patient gllflI1C1lIt't', lzelfvful counsel, and pleasant friendshifv, lhe seniors of the January class express tlzeir czppreciatioaz to their home room teachers. K f'-9 is W" 25 00112 159 Teacher-Mr. Irvin F. Hoerger Officers President ,...........,.,...... ..........,....,.4...,........,....,.... M arjorie Petrie Vice President ,........... . .,..... Leah Weitzel A Secretary-Treasurer ..... ......... I ean Collins Student Council ............. ......... R ea Simon Social Representative ....... ........ M argie E-bert Foreword Reporter .....,....,............ joan Weisbrod Sidney Aberman Louise Elizabeth Beatty S top Pretending L Ouise A in't Misbehavin' Hobby - Collecting Phonograph Recordsg Favorite Sport-Baseball. Melvin Austin M y Caballero A Smile NVill Go a Long, Long Way Voice Blg Jewelry Clubg Entered from Gladstone '39g Favorite Sport -Basketballg Hobby-eCan1ping. Robert H. Bandell R unnin' Through My Mind H e's Tall, He's Tan, He's Terrific B ewitched Lunch Patrolg Foreword Represen- tativeg Secretary of Senior Classg Bas- ketball '38, '39, '40g Favorite Sportrd Basketball. E specially for You B less You Biology Clubg Art Clubg War R-elief Clubg Favorite Sport-Ridingg Hobby -Fashion Designing. julia I. Bedjohnski I ust Let Me Look at You I ust for You B less Your Heart Hall Patrolg B u sin e s s Service Guildg S o c i al Representative l2Bg Safety Driving Clubg Hockey '40g Fa- vorit-e Sport-Volley Ballg Hobby- Dancingg Entered from Gladstone ,39. 26 , Katherine Elizabeth Beynon K itten on the Keys E verything Happens to Me B eloved, You're Lovely Business Service Guildg Social Rep- resentative, Favorite Sport-Footballg Hobby-Reading. Beatrice Bluestone B usy as a Bee B lue for You Type Club, Hiking Clubg Soccer '38, Volley Ball '38, Favorite Sport- Volley Ballg Hobby-Collecting Snap- shots. Katherine Ann Booth K K-K-Katie A Song Was Born B elieve It, Beloved Group A, Chorale, Favorite Sport -Horseback Ridingg Hobby-Collect- ing Statues of Horses. Leah Cantor L ove of My Life S eventeen C omes Love Journal Staff, Dramatic English Classg Organ, Biology Club, Debate Clubg Library Club, Make-Up for Class Play, Favorite Sport-Ice Skat- ingg Hobby-Music. Frank B. Cawley F aithfully Yours B e a Good Scout C oncentrating on You Lunch P a t r ol 5 Business Guild, Hobby-Fishing. Service Grace Cillo G irl of My Dreams C inderella, Stay in My Arms Class President, lO6, l2Bg Business Service Guild, Doll Dressing Club, Volley Ball '40, Entered from Glad- stone '39g Favorite SportMBasketballg Hobby-Reading. jean Elizabeth Collins I eannie with the Light Brown Hair E very Day's a Holiday , C hatterbox Secretary-Treasurer of Home Room lZAg Secretary-Treasurer of Business Service Guild, Foreword Staff, Jour- nal Staffg Class Play, Hiking Club, Doll Dressing for Charityg Favorite Sport - Tennis, Hobby - Knittingg Zeta Chapter, National Honor Society. Francis Albert DeLucia F unny Little Pedro A ctions Speak Louder Than Words D ark Eyes Hall Patrolg Favorite Sport-Foot- ballg Hobby-Collecting Autographsg Entered from Gladstone '39, Margie Carolyn Ebert M argie C ollege Humor E xactly Like You Hall Patrol Captain, Social Repre- sentativeg Hiking Club, jewelry Clubg Soccer '39, Tennis, Hobby-Knitting. David Epstein D evil May Care E verybody Loves You Lunch Patrolg Class Play Student Managerg Dramatic Club, Favorite Sport - Basketballg Hobby - Stamp Collecting, Zeta Chapter, National Honor Society. Mary Gall M y Heart at Thy Sweet Voice G ee, but Youire Swell Safety Driving Club, Speed Typing Clubg Knitting Clubg Library Clubg Basketball '38g Volley Ball '39, Hobby -Collecting Souvenirs. William Lee Gochnour W hose Heart Are You Breaking To- night? L ittle Boy Blue G et the Moon Gut of Your Eyes Drama Club, Radio Club, Aviation Club, Hobby-Music. George Hunter G ive a Little Whistle H avin' Myself a Time Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Book Ro-om Club, Voice C, B, Favorite Sport - Football, Hobby - Photo- graphy. john Kovach, Jr. J ust a Wearyiii' for You K eep Saving Your Love for Me Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Green Key Club, Basketball Club, Intra- murals-Volley Ball, Basketball, and Baseball, Entered from Cleveland, Ohio, in February 1940. . Roberta M. Ladley R estless M eet the Beat of My Heart L ittle Girl Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrol, Book Room Club, Library Club, Safety Driving Club, Rifle Club, Swimming Meet '38, '39, Volley Ball '38, Basket- ball '38, Marie Leasure M arie L ovely to Look At Hall Patrol,VBook Room Club, En- tered from Sacred Heart High 1lB, Favorite Sport-Tennis, Hfobby-Ice Skating. Hillard Vincent Morgan H ow D'ya Like to Love Me? V agabond Dreams M usic, Maestro, Please Captain of Hall Patrol: Male Cho- rus, Voice A, Favorite Sport-Base- ball, Hobby-Singing. Brian C. O'Connor B lue Lovebird C harming Little Faker O h, How I Hate to Get up in the Morning Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Social Committee, Photography Club, Art Club, Favorite Sport-Horseback Rid- ing. Marjorie L. Petrie M errily We Roll Along L et's All Sing Together P ractice Makes Perfect Lunch Patrol, Iournal Staff, Presi- dent of Home Room, Group A, Cho- rale, President oi Seni-or Leaders, Biology Club, Intramural Swimming '37, Basketball '39, '40, Soccer '38, Zeta Chapter, National Honor Society. Angel Profeta A ngel in Disguise P retty As a Picture P Hall Patrol, Class Play, Secretary- Treasurer of 12B Home Room, Girl Reservesg Knitting Club, Basketball '39, Volley Ball '37, '38, Soccer '38, Hockey '39, Swimming Tournament '38, '39, Virginia Ritz V irginia E asy Does It R oses of Picardy Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Journal Staff, Orchestra A, String Trio, String Quartet, All-City Orchestra, All-City Quartet, Favorite Sport- Football, Hobby-Reading. Jud Schwartz I ust a Whistlin' and a Whittlin' S entimental Gentleman Senior Dramatics Club President, Senior Driving Club, Basketball Man- ager, Favorite Sport-Football. Arthur Sterman A ,Man and His Dream S o Rare Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Radio Club, Favorite Sport - Football, Hobby-Radio. Rea Olive Simon R omance O rchids for Remembrance S ome of Your Sweetness Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Student Council: Class Play Cast, Girl Re- serves. President, VVar Relief Knitting Club. President, Sigma Iota, Paddle Tennis '37. Myron Bud Swiss M y Buddy S tout Hearted Men Hall Patrol, Class Play Cast, Green Key, President, Sigma Iota, Book Room, Basketball Club, Varsity Bas- ketball '39, '40, '41, Intramurals-VOL ley Ball, Baseball, and Basketball. Romaine P. Taddio R osey, You Are My Posy P olka Dots and Moonbeams T o You, Sweetheart, Aloha Social Committee, Voice A, Girls' Chorale, All-City Chorus, Book Room Service, Girl Reserves, Library Club, Volley Ball '37, '38, Favorite Sport- Football, HobbyHSinging. Charles W. Taylor C lass VVill Tell W here You're Smiling T oo Romantic Hall Patrol: A Band, Entered from Gladstone '39, Hobby-Music. Phyllis R. Thompson P rettv Baby A R ose of the VVorld T he Same Sweet You Jewelry Club, Hockey '38, '39, Bas- ketball '393 V-olley Ball '37, '38, '39, Tennis '39, Mushball '38, Favorite Sport-Tennis , Hobby+Dancing. Rita Thomas R io Rita T hanks for Everything Hall Patrol, Dramatic Club, Hiking Club, H o c k e y '39, Basketball '40, Swimming '39, Entered from Glad- stone in '38, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby-Collecting Post Cards. Mary Elizabeth Trapp M y Heart Belongs to Daddy E verybody Loves My Baby T o You Safety Driving Club, B io lo gy , Dressing Dolls for Charity: Favorite Sport-Badminton, Hobby-Ice Skat- mg. h joan Louise Weisbrod I ust a Golden Dream L 'Amour, Touiours L'Amour W onderful You Foreword Representative, Jewelry Club, War Relief Club, Favorite Sport - Swimming, Hobby - Modeling Clothes. Leah janet Weitzel L ullaby in Rhythm I ust a Dream of You, Dear W here do You Keep Your Heart? Hall Patrolg Vice President of Home Room, Voice A, Girls' Chorale, Avia- tion Club, Favorite Sport - Roller Skating, Hobby - Collecting Glass Qrnaments. Ruth Wolk R omance and Rhythm W ith a Smile and a Song Class Play Committee, Secretary of 12B Home R-oom, Sportsmanship Club, British VVar Relief Club, Favor- ite Sport -- Ping-Pong, Hobby - Col- lecting Autographs. William Yeager W e've Come a Long XVay Together Y ou're the Greatest Discovery Since 1492 Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol: Aviation Club, Volley Ball '40, Favorite Sport -Football, Hobby-Photography. jean B. Zimmer .T ust the Kind of a Girl B aby Face Z ing Wlent the Strings of My Heart Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Class Play Committee, Library Club, Art Club, Aviation Club: Knitting Club: Volley Ball Club '37, '38, 29 "ii D- D aD .a - 00172 25 aa... . Teacher-Miss Clara I. Welsh Officers President ........,..... . ...A,.A.,......, ,A,,,.., P attx' McCullough Vice President .......... ............ I ohn Connolly Sccretary-Treasurer .... .,..,., D orothy Gross Student Council .e............,.. ,...... I erry Konigsberg Social Representative ......,.... ...i.... D orothy Fischer Foreword Representative ..,...........,....r.....,....i,....,....... Dorothy Gross The members of Room 258 wish to express their deep appreciation to Miss Clara Vtfelsh flor her patience and understanding, always at their com- mand. Dorothy B. Averman She may be quiet, size may be shy, Bu! is sho loads of fuzz-Olz, my!! Photography Club, Favorite Sport flee Skating, Entered from Peabody High School. Rose M. Block Roso's ambifiozz fo marry, we'1'e sure, VW!! be Cl success, with that Lamow al- lure. Hall Patrolg Dramatic Englishg Jun- ior Leadcrsg Volley Ballg Soccerg Basketball, Zeta Chapter, National Honor Society. Irma L. Brown Irimz is corefafee and wants from her life, Only to 'lllCZfl'l'3' and be a- good wife. Hall Patrol, Class Play Committeeg lintered from Atlantic City High School. Florence Calig Tall, zoillowy, strileiiig is Flo, She wcmfs to model, so Hood we say no? Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrol, jewelry Club, Junior Dramatic Clubg Volley lflall ,385 Soccer ,37. Ruby Marie Chiles For jazz "Butch" has one swell ear, Erskine Hawkins is her class, we hear. Business Service Guild , Entered from Gladstone Hi-gh School. Lawrence B. Cohen Larry is occasionally ra-ther late, But his personality should redeein this fate. Hall Patrolg Art Club, Sigma Iota. Nathan Cohen As far as we're concerned, Nate is quite O. K., And in adding to his high school stand- ing, with us he rates A. Journal Staff: Group A, Male Chorus, Track '37. john Connolly, jr. fohn inay be shy, but, oh what at guy! And can he build scenery?-Oh, rny!! Stage Crew, President, Senior Lead- er, Swimming Team, Track Team, Gym Team. William M. Coury Bill gets niad when he's called Willie, And to call hiin that sure is silly. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Mathe- matics Clulb, Business Service Guild, Zeta Chapter, National Honor Society. Helen Feldman Wherever there's niusic, there's Helen, they say,- So we hope to see her lead a band soine day. Journal Staffg Foreword Staff, Bu- siness Service Guild, Morning Bul- letin, Band A, All-City Band, Or- chestra A, All-City Orchestra, Wood- wind Quintet, Zeta Chapter, National Honor Society. Phyllis B. Ferderber "Ferdy's" well known for her record collecting, And she's certainly not bad at chic clothes selecting. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Craft Club, Dramatic English, Sigma Iota, War Relief Knitting Club, Volley Ball. Dorothy Ruth Fischer Dotty's a favorite with all of our class, Level-headed, cheerful-in all, a delight- ful lass. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Home Room Representative, Jewelry Club, Volley Ball, Favorite Sport-Swim- ming. Ethel L. Godleskie Ethel's just an all round sport, She's not a bit bold-she's not that sort. Business Service Guild. Elaine A. Greenberg A sweeter girl, you never could find ,' Of course it's Elaine who's on our inind. Hall Patrol, French Club, Sigma Iota, Dramatic English. Dorothy M. Gross Dot took the lead in the senior class play, I As a student in school, she is clever and gay- journal Staffg Class Play Cast, Foreword Representative, A Cappella Choir, French Club, Jewelry Club, A.A.A., Hiking Club, Volley Ball '40, Soccer '39. Sophia Antionette Hardy "Di1nples"' eyes of ocean blue Beani with joy and love for you. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Knitting' Club, Safety Driving Club, Basketball '39, Hockey '39. David Harris Dave's the big shot on the school stage crew,- Without hiin what would the senior class players do? Student Council, Hall Patrol, Stage Crew '37, '38, '39, '40, Zeta Chapter, National Honor Society. Harry B. Harris, jr. "Bud's" the guy who loves the gals, Friendly, cheerful with all his pals. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Class Play, Physics Club, Dramatic English Cast, Book Room Club, Green Key, Soccerg Baseball '38, Basketball '38, '39, '4O. james Henning finnny's our pilot, gay, happy-go-lucky: Sonze day he'll fly up in the clouds ,' he's plucky. Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Orches- tra: VVood Wincl Quartet. Ruth M. jones ".lonesy" likes the business angle ,' VVith facts and figures she likes to tangle. Hall Patrolg Sewing and Tatting Cluhg Entered from St. Rosalia School. Michael Kalinyak Mike's going to join the navy and be- conie an engineerq Wfe wish hini lots of luck for the time is getting near. Entered from Connelly Trade School: Favorite Sport-Basketball. Irvin I. Kertman "lWousey's" a genius at playing the violin, .-Ind niusical honors are his but to win. Hall Patrolg Orchestra Ag String Quartetteg Trio fStringj. jerry L. Konigsberg ferry's quite hanclsoine-blond hair, blue eyes ,' Possessing these, need he glanzorise? Student -Councilg Lunch Patrolg ,Tournal Staff: Stafge Crewg Senior Leadersg Soccer '37g Gym Teamg Track Team. Adlyn Selma Lange Addy's quite charitable-is our belief, For slze's always knitting for British Vlfar Relief. Hall Patrolg Class Play Committee: fiirl Reservesg Sigma Iotag Volley Ball '37g Soccer ,3Sg Mushball '38' llasketball '39. Betty Lee Leff llfhen Betty rolls those big brown eyes, Boys, far and wide, she can hypnotize, H-all P a t r o l 3 Dramatic English 3 Voice Ag Jewelry Clubg Junior Lead- ers: Volley Ballg Soccer. 7 Josephine Lobona "Jookie" leads a jolly day. Mixing study with her play. Hall Patrolg Jewelry Club: Volley Ball '37g Basketballg Soccer '38, Lois jean Martin The artist's brush she likes to wield, As art, she clainis, is her chosen field. Class Play Committeeg Jewelry Clubg Doll Dressing for Charity Clubg Sigma lotag Soc-cer '3S. Patty McCullough Because she's vice president of the whole 12A class, PVe're proud of this clever and artistic young lass. K Vice President Senior Classg Presi- dent Home R o-om : Journal Staff: Foreword Staiig Jewelry Clubg French Clubg Dramatic Clubg Senior Leaders: Soccer '37, '3Sg Swimming '35, i36. '37: Zeta Chapter. National Honor Society. jane Moore .lane thrills fhein with those eyes of browng Her dazzling way never lets theni down. Sigma lotag Volley Ball '39. Ruth Richman Five foot two, eyes of blue ,' A very good dancer and secretary, too. Assistant to Mr. Sharpg Dramatic English: Favorite Sports - Dancing and Swimmingg Entered from Alle- gheny High School ,4O. Raymond Riding Ray's mischievous as an inip, 'tis true : And to rate hini high nientally is nothing new. Student Councilg Lunch Patrol: Driving Club. Katherine E. Rodgers Katherine wishes to be a beauticiang She'll nuzke it, we know, with her dis- position. Hall Patrolg Sewing Clubg Volley Ball '39: Entered from Gladstone High School 'SR - ,7, ,W 32 Wm, L james Ross .li111.'s a111bifio11?-l?11sz'11c'ss boss. ljfllllfll slzall be flu' 11411110 of Ross. Business Service Guilclg Safety Driv- ing. jesse W. Sandor 'ilizflldogn hails from 2-5-8, .S'lI01'1'lICIJId Zola, tc'0'1'o proud to stale. Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Business Service Guild. Edward Carl Schneider l"l"'0'll buy our corsages in "Dz1tcl1's" slzopg And 011 .Motlzofs Day, 1c1o'll know 'zc1l1o1'v to stop. Hall Patrolg Stage Crewg Favorite Snort-Basketball. Robert Frederick Schneider Bob would like to travel and fo fly 'VVay above flze clouds so high. Stage Crewg Favorite SportABas- ketball. Norman M. Schwartz Ill 0f7l0llLCl7':V Normie hopes to shine: Heil do well as a co111eflio11, we opine. Hall Patrolg Class Play Castg French Club: Photography Clubg Track 'SSQ junior Leadersg Senior Leaders. Bernard Szeinbach 'llizrssy' is a good a-tlzleieg .-ls ll ficlcler, he Cllllfjl be beat. Hall Vatrolg Favorite Sports-Base ball and Footballg Entered from Fair- mount junior High School, Cleveland, Ohio. Beatrice Weiner Nlusitr seems to be Bm1t1fice's forfoj S110 really does M0111 the 1'l11yflz111icol sort Hall Patrolg Voice Group B. jean Williams 1601115 at lzczppy-go-lucley young lass, Fifi, slza' says, 110 arl111i1'e1' of the male class. Hfonie liconoinics Clubg S o c c c 1' 1 Nlushhalll Volley Ballg Basketballg Hockey. Henry W. Wojtasek 'lllzfsic lzatlz CllCZ7'7'I'LS,U the old saying goesg W'z'tlt his a.cco1'dio1z, hc"ll bonislz all woes. Lunch Patrolg Entered from Glad- stone ,37g Favorite Sports-Swimming' and Basketball. ,Jil C4 ,XV L Si yA....2Ef SE It 33 - 7 00172 3 O9 so C Teacher-Miss Elizabeth A. Fleming Officers President ......,..,., .....,.,...,.,. Vice President .........,.., Secretary-Treasurer 4... . Student Council ...,,......,.,. Social Representative .....i.,. Foreword Representative ...... Samuel Adler One of our jwomising lmsi1zessmen LVl10's sliorwzi his ability again and agai11,' Ami in the f1i1'111'e, we 'z'e11t1z1'e to say, He'll malee gooa' in a great big way. Student Council. Blanche Baren Om' Blaaelze is quite a pleasant soul, Vlfiflz helping otlzers as lzer goal: Quiet, zt'i11.ro11ze, and denture- Boys, .flzefr always .rare to arllare. Entered from Los Angeles in llAg Dramatic English Classg Favorite Sportw Horseback Ridingg Hobby - Knitting. .......Charles Miller ,...,....David Saylor ..,...,....,Terry Yarov ......D0rotl1y Levvinter .....,......Terry Yarov ......Madeline Fitzurka Helen Beley Helm is calm and quiet, llfitlz a 1'tc'i11lcle in lzef' eye- Maybe you have spied it As .vlze has Passed you by. Business Service Guildg Favorite Sport - Tennisg Hobby e- Collecting Movie Star Pictures. june Bicht Five feet Iwo, Eyes of lilaeg lt's .rare no 'zc'o11a'e1f that With lzeif boys lilce to elzat. jewelry Clubg Hiking Clubg ite Sport-Ice Skating. 'M 34 A" 7"T'i7W"i Favor Stella Brien Two lovely dimples, Lots of poise, A pleasant smile That attracts the boys. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Journal Staff, Junior Chorus, Type Club, junior Leaders, Dramatic Club, Bas- ketball '37, '38, Basketball Referee, Volley Ball '37 , Swimming '38. Jane L. Brown .lane is quite an attractive blonde Of whom everybody is really fond ,' Ever filled with vigor and pep, In dancing she can surely step. Fencing Club, Jewelry Club, Favor- ite Sport-Skiing, Hobby-Collecting jewelry. Mary Cerra M ary's homework always was done Yet she ever had plenty of time for fun At beauty perfection she wants to work, And in this line she'll never shirk. Business Service Guild, Sewing and Knitting Club, Soccer '37, Volley Ball '39, Mushball '38, Favorite Sport- Mushball. Virginia Montgomary Chisholm She possesses artistic skill, She's tops in the field of art, She works with a right good will, And will ever do her part. Entered from P e a b o d y in Lunch Patrol, Art Club, Hiking Club, Favorite Sport-Tennis. HB, Rosemarie Deak Small packages are precious, 'tis true, And Rosemariels only five feet two, Yet we know this tiny lass Is quite conspicuous in her class. Entered from Gladstone in IOB, Hall Patrol, Foreword Representative, Sew- ing and Tatting Club, Basketball '40, Florence Dym Dymie is our stylist, Her taste in clothes is swell, She leads our class in fashions, And really rings the bell. Hall Patrol, Class Play Committee, Beginning Type, Red Cross Knitting, Jewelryg Girl Reserves, Mushball '33, Volley Ball '39, Basketball '37. Bertha Elek Of all the 309ers There's one who does surpass In every sort of typing- M iss Elek is the lass. Business Service Guild, Foreword Staff, Journal Staff, Safety Driving Club, Favorite Sport - Swimming, Hobby-Drawing, Zeta Chapter, Na- tional H-onor Society. Madeline Helen Fitzurka Her harmonizing is known to be good, As a secretary she's efficient, Madeline is admired by every one For she is quite proficient. Lunch Patrol , Business Service Guild, Foreword Representative, Sew- ing, Crocheting, Knitting Club, Volley Ball '39, Swimming ,38, '39, Favorite Sport-Volley Ball. Fred France I Intricate models demand his attention, H e's nimble in wit, a success at inven- tion. His future, we claim, a brilliant career, For this promising structural engineer. Book Room, Hall Patrol, Green Key. Frances A. Furedy Any time there is a need For some one to take shorthand, 309 can surely heed For Frances it can coinmaud. Business Service Guild, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Hobby-Collecting Stamps. Bernice Goldman Our Bernice is always ganie, And she wants to seek her faine In athletics of any kind, And here success she's sure to find. Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Type Clubg Volley Ball '37, '38, Soccer '39g Basketball '39. Frances Faye Gualtier lVit'honl this joyful jitterhug Our class would be quite deadg Since she can swing, and sway, and truck, She keeps ns gay instead. Student Councilg Drivers Club, Knit- ting Clubg Favorite Sport-Tennis. Anna Gula Anna is sure and very quick, As shown when she plays tennis: For with a racquet in her hand She's known to he a inenace. Hall Patrolg Knitting Clubg Volley Ball '39, Favorite Sports-Tennis and Badminton. Dennis William Gulyban A niaster niusician is he, Always in tiine, never off key,' Look at his talent and who can deny He'll he a success with that old, college try. Orchestra Ag Brass Ensembleg Avia- tion Clubg Favorite Sport-Softball. Harold George Hall Our best inechanic is Harold Hall Whose work is done quite well,' H e's ready to answer any call, And the result is really swell. Hall Patrol, Art Club. Duwane Heffner In the world of song at the top he's classed, For sheer ability he canlt be surpassedq As for his voice, we've all heard hiin croon, None is his equal in singing a tune. Group B, Group B-l g Group Ag Male Chorusg Aviation Club: Favorite Sport -Football. Stephen Himich Class coniedian is our Steve, Always jolly and hard to peevej Continually siniling and always happy As he tells his jokes that are quite snappy. Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Sports Clubg Biology Club, Radio Clubg Fa- vorite Sports-Football and Baseball. Anna Margaret Kalcheck Anna knows what she wants to do, She has her goal in 1nind,' Wfhen all her work at school is through, A good .secretarial jolt she'll find. lfnterecl from Gladstone HB5 Hall Patrolg Knitting' Club: Favorite Sports -Swimming and Tennis. Edwin Karelitz In Eddie we hcive a versatile lad, lVhatever tlze sport, he's really not bad, His natural ability at playing the gaine Gives proinise of lasting, future faine. Hall Patrolg I-ournal Staff, Micro- scope Clubg Favorite Sport-Basket- ball. Peter Kranack Golf is the sport in which Peter rates highg In naining good golfers you can't pass hiin by,' lfVith an excellent swing and a fine fol- low through, H e sends drives and pntts both straight and true. Foreign Relations Clubg Soccer '37: Golf '38, '39, '40, Basketball '39, '40g Football '40, Hobby-Collecting Foot- ball Programs. Vincent John Lavery Vincent wants to he a cop, And his desire no one will stop,' ln rain or snow, in cold or heat, Vou'll always find hiin walking his beat. Football '38, '39g Golf '38, '39g vorite Sport-Football. 36 4- Fa- Dorothy Frances Lewinter Dot's a smiling brunette, S he has many admirers, we bet, The one who averred That blondes are preferred, An equal of Dot, never met. Student Council, Psychology Club, Fencing Clu b, President, Favorite Sport-Horseback Riding. Robert McNertney This classmate of ours rates high in reports Which say he's outstanding in the field of sports, Especially in football where lze's subject to call, To punt, to pass, to block or carry the ball. Foreign Relations Club, Football '39. '40, Sylvan Harry Mazerov, jr. His efchibition of skill in salesmanship ls packed quite full of vigor and zip, He's sure to win a high position In the field of his chosen ambition. Band, Sigma Iota, Aviation Club: junior Leaders '37, Baseball '38, '39, Football '38, junior Basketball '37. Charles Miller Through grade school, high school, and probably college, Our president displays an amazing knowledge, Loyal in spirit, firm in will, 'Twould be hard to find a place he couldn't fill. Hall Patrol, journal Staff, President Home Room 12B-IZA, Sigma Iota, Microscope Club, Favorite Sport- Football. Dorothy Louise Mycoff Though many of our girls like sewing, There is one who is quite supreme, .lust give her some thread and a needle, And Dotty will sew a fine seam. Business Service Guild, Favorite Sport - Baseball, Hobby - Dancing, Entered from Gladstone junior High. Robert Nelson Now, Robert, my lad, your heart's in the game, Each minute you play, you add to your fame, On gridiron, in classroom. you're loyal and true, lndeed, you're a success whatever yon do. Band A, Football '38, '39, '40, Hobby --Photography. Mary V. Pulcini .llary just ooees vigor and pep, ln sports she has achieved quite a rep .' Slze's usually found over in the gyni lVorking off surplus vitality and vim. Volley Ball '37, '38, '39, Soccer '37, '38 Championship, Basketball '37, '38, '39, '40, Hockey '39, '40, Swimming '38, Favorite Sport-Mushball. Annette Rosenblatt ln order this girl to define, lloth beauty and charm must combine, A Pepsodent smile, A perfect profile, i ,-Ind features just simply divine. Hall Patrol, Biology Club, Art Club, Type Club, Soccer '38, Basket- ball '39, Volley Ball '38, Hockey '39, Swimming '38, Hobby - Horseback Riding. David C. Say1or,.jr. Dave is a champ in the game called chess llfliich requires that you think rather than guess, He is very observant and extremely wise, And in the end, he will take the prize. Lunch P a t r-ol , Student Council, Guidance Program Committee, journal Staff, Vice President, Report Class l2B-l2A, Stamp Club, Chess Club, Intramural Track '37, '38, Swimming '37, Chess Team '40, Zeta Chapter, National Honor Society. 37 Anna Marie! Schwager A class wonld never be complete Withont a cook who rates qnite highg And Anna Schwager is hard to beat When it coines to inaking at cake or pie. Entered from Sacred Heart School 10135 Hall Patrolg Biology Clubg Fa- vorite Sport-Swimming. Michael Dell Slivka Electricity is Mike's chosen field, Wire, tape, and pliers he can easily wieldj He's very anibitions and likes his work, In which, we know, he'll never shirk. john Wise John is the aviator in onr rooin, Up in the sky, he'll eip and ,eooing Throngh the clonds, he'il swiftly sail, In rain or shine, he'll carry the inail. Aviation Clubg Sports Clubg Hobby -Airplane Racing. jean Lillian Wolf Jeannie is onr pianist In classical and swingj This lovely tickler of the keys In innsic will have her fling. Property Committee for Class Playg Sigma Iotag Tennis '4Og Soccer '-403 Basketball '40g Swimming '40. Terry Yarov When it cornes to planning fnn, Arranging dances and parties qnite inerry, There jnst isn't any one Who can corne np to onr Terry. Lunch Patrolg journal Staffg Cast of Class Playg Secretary, Senior Report Classg Social Representativeg Voice B-lg Debate Clubg Dramatic English Classg Sigma Iotag Basketball ,40. Katherine Zukosky Every class needs at good swiinnier In order to rank first rateg We acqnired one whois a winner When we niet np with Kate. Business Service Guildg Favorite Sport-Baseball g Hobby-Sewing g En- tered from Gladstone Ir. H. S., 11th grade. ? ,ia 'N Til 38 00172 3 6.2 asa, e- Teacher-Mrs. Myra C. Simpson Officers President ,,,...,,...., . .,.. .....,..,,,....s......s ,....... . , Saul Goldberg Vice President ........,,.. ,.......,....,,.. ......... M e lvin Hoffman Secretary-Treasurer ..... Student Council .....,.....,. Social Representative ......., Foreword Reporter .....,...,. Margaret Barbara Behun Just iniagine, if you can, 'fMaggie" wth the Supernaan, How they'd niake the others shrink Roller skating at the rink. Student Councilg Social Representa tive 3 Home Room Secretaryg Group A Biology Clubg Hiking Clubg Hobby- Roller Skating, Sport-Basketballg En tered from Gladstone l0B. Bette Benach Pleasant, cheerful, lovely always, Fast friends has she by the score, Personal charnft, a sense of humor, Priceless traits, a goodly store. Hall Patrolg Thespian Clubg Sports- man Clubg Hobby-Knitting. ...,,..Margaret Behun ...,.....,,..,..,Ioan Gibson ...,...tGloria Maddalena ..,.....,..Marilyn Caplan Hazel M. Benscoter Bookkeeping is a job thdt's hard for inany, But it's just like play for our Bennyj And niaybe you all w0n't inind knowing That her favorite hobby is the art of sewing. Hall Patrolg Rifle Clubg Home Eco- nomics, Hobby - Sewingg Favorite Sport-Volley Ballg Zeta Chapter, Na- tional Honor Society. Esther Claire Brinn "Good things coine in little packs," W ho said this was wise, indeedg There is not inuch our Esther lacks, We know she is bound to succeed. Class Play Castg Book Room Clubg Assistant in Mr. Sharp's Office, Senior Leaders Clubg Favorite Sport-Baskeb ball, Hobby-Ping-Pongg Zeta Chapter, National Honor Society. Marilyn Caplan A horticulturist is our "Cappy," Always gay and always happy, S he raises cactus plants with glee, "It's fun," she says. "But definitely." Student Council, Class Play Com- mittee, Foreword Reporter, Thespian Club, Know Your State Club, Volley Ball '37, '38, Soccer '38, Hobby-Knits ting, Favorite Sport-Swimming. Agnes Mae Coleman I n inany talents does Aggie excel, And she does thein all so very well, That if you are ever needing a pal, Just call on this witty, reliable gal. Foreword Staff, Hall Patrol, Jour- nal Staff, Class Play Cast, Senior Leaders Club, Volley Ball, Soccer, Swimming, Favorite Sport - Swim- ming, Zeta Chapter, National Honor Society, Unselfish Service Award. Edith Maxine Dernis Her fingers are nirnble and very light, She can play on the typewriter keys, Her copy is clear, coines out just right, Her future boss, she's surely bound to please. Q Business Service Guild, Hobby- Reading, Favorite Sport-Tennis, F.n- tered from Peabody High School l2B. jean Elizabeth Ellis Jeannie is gay and serious, too, Her hair is brown, her eyes are blue, And when there's tinfte, she likes to read Of rnen and woinen, and the lives they lead. Know Your State Clubg Favorite Sport-Dancing, Hobby-Reading. Carmela Rose English Active in tennis and basketball, too, Is this girl whoin we bring to you ,' She's full of fun and always gay, And we all know she'll stay that way. Sewing Club, Tennis '40, Basketball '39, '40, Hobby-Photography, En- tered trom Gladstone llB. Edwin Ralph Fisher "The quill is inightier than the sword !" This is not a inere belief, An exainple that cannot be ignored- Eddie-the Journal Editor-in-Chief. Captain Third Period Hall Patrol, lfditor-in-Chief of journal, Senior Class President, Class Play Cast, Sigma Iota, Allderdice Adjustment Association, Merit Parade, Baseball '39, Basketball '39, '40, '41, Sports Announcer, Zeta Chapter, National Honor Society, Unselfish Service Award. Leonard J. Frank Tall and dark is our Lenny, Of friends he has so very inany, A brighter boy could scarce be found Even by hunting the world around. Student Council, Hall Patrol, Band .X, Foreign Policy Club, Sigma Iota, Safety Club, Qualitative Chemistry, Favorite Sport-Football. joan M. Gibson .loan is a reserved lass lrlfho hides a brilliant inind, Always charrning, never loud, For she is inost refined. Student Council, Hall Patrol, Presi- dent of Home Room l2B, Group A, Girls Chorale, Secretary of Senior Leaders, jewelry Club, Hockey '39, Mushball '39, Volley Ball '39, '40, Zeta Chapter, National Honor Society. Saul Goldberg A studious fellow is our Saul, H e's interested in basketball. l f e'er world affairs have you on a fence, lust ask Saul about current events. Hall Patrol, Journal Staff, Class Play Cast, Class President 12A, Foreword Representative l2B, Foreign Policy Club, Hobby-Current Events, Favorite Sport- Basketball, Business Manager of the Class Play. 40, Lee Goldman I you find something inust be drawn- An evening sunset, or a lovely dawn, Why not call upon our Lee, A talented artist-yes siree! Home Room President, 9th, 10th, llth, Foreword Staff, Journal Staff, Scenery Crew, D. A. R. History Award, Special Award, Scholastic Art Exhibit tStrathmore Supplementary Awardj, lst prize Physics Essay, Art Club, Zeta Chapter, National Honor Society. Stanley Goldsmith If we were to write his biography, We'd say he liked photography. And as for nfiusic-it's plain to see, His favorite orchestra is NBC. Lunch Patrol, Journal Staff, Class Play Cast, Winner in l940 Scholastic Art Contest, Art Club, Photography Club, Hobby-Photography , Favorite Sport-Baseball. Mary Jane Hicks She displays a pleasant wit, Her faults she'll readily adniit,' But best of all, the trait we see Is her charming personality. Hall Patrol, Voice B, Hiking Club, Mushball '38, Swimming '37, Hobby +Collecting Match Folders, Favorite Sport-Roller Skating. Melvin T. Hoffman "Say now" look what we've got here, A boy wh0's niischievous, full of cheer. A future geologist is brown-eyed Buck, And in that field we wish hini luck. Class Play Cast, Vice President of Home Room l2A, Stamp Club, Sigma Iota, Safety Club, Intramural Volley Ball '40, Hobby - Collecting Sports Pictures, Favorite Sport-Baseball. Geraldine Houchens Our Gerry is really inusic inad, A-nd sings with a great deal of skill, We shouldn't wonder if sorne clay, A vocalist's place she'd fill. Lunch Patrol, Music Group A, Know Your State Club, Hobby - Music, Basketball, Entered from Gladstone in 1lB. Griffith Howe Music is Grif's real vocation, And sonie day he'll receive ovation, H e' ll be the best guitarist in the land, When he plays in a "solid" band. Art Club, Hobby-Recordings, Fa- vorite Sport-Football. l Helen jaback Helen faback or "Jay" to you C oinposes songs-plays puzno, too,- S eine nian's secretary she will be, A successful one, just wait and see. jewelry Club, Volley Ball '37, '38, Swimming '37, Basketball '38, Mush- ball '38, '39, Hockey '39, Favorite Sport-Tennis. Robert ,Tones Everywhere and anywhere, That's where you'll find Bob Jones, But later on you'll find he'll be Where a Diesel engine drones. Hall Patrol, Aviation Club, Favorite Sport-Football. Phyllis Kaufman Phyl never proves untrue, She does her work with skill, N 0 niatter what she's asked to do, She laughs, and says she will. A. A. A., Typing Club, Soccer '38, '39, Hockey '39, Volley Ball '39, '40, Soccer Manager '40 , Hobby-Dancing, Favorite Sport-Tennis , Zeta Chapter, National Honor Society. Daniel Krasne Little Dannyfs one of our best, H e's always cheerful and never blue, Sure he "goes" for H edy Laniarr, But then, don't you? Hall Patrol, Chess Club, Intramural Volley Ball, Hobby-Collecting Small Motors, Favorite Sport-Swimming. Irwin Levinson Irwin wants to be sonfie day, A very successful C. P. A. Collecting stainps in his spare tinie, li'e'll bet has cost hiru niany a dinfie. Hall Patrol, Safety Club, Hobby- Stamp Collecting, Favorite Sport- Football. 4 1 I Gloria Maddalena They say she's jolly and full of fun,' So this is easy to see, That when her education is done, She'll be happy as can be. Hall Patrolg Senior Social Com- mittee, French Clubg Hiking Club, Hobby - R o l le r Skatingg Favorite Spo rt - Swinimingg Entered from Gladstone. Miriam Marlatt Miiiii's extremely charming With a smile that's quite disarming, To get what she wants is so simple, When she exhibits her cute little dimple. Favorite Sport - Football g Ent-ered from Gladstone 10B. james McMil1en A friend to every one in school, He always follows every rule, He is polite and happy, too, In engineering, many feats he'll do. Hall Patrol, Radio Club, Allderdice Hi-Yg F a v o r i t e Sport-Football, Hobby-Radio Construction. Harry Millett Eyes of blue, six feet two, That's our "little" "M oe." Give him a gun and watch him run To the woods to hunt deer and doe. Aviation Clubg Favorite Sport- Swimmingg Entered from St. Rosalia's. Harold Neel A handsome lad is Harold Neel, At least that's the way we feel,' Always well dressed and looking neat, N o matter when or where we meet! E n t e r e d from McKeesport High Schoolg Favorite Sports-Skiing, Foot- ball, and Basketball. Priscilla E. Papp Who's the girl who wants to be Taking letters rapidly, Makes her typewriter go tap, tap? None other than our "Brownie" Papp. Foreword Representative l2Bg Busi- ness Service Guild. Lawrence Pickholtz We're pleased to announce That we have in our crowd A famous football player Of whom we're very proud. Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg A.A.A. 5 G r e e n K e y g Qualitative Analysis 5 Chess Clubg Basketball '4-Og Football '39, '40, Favorite Sport-Baseball. Cleo Rita Quinn Cleo's a lass who's very nice looking, And as a hobby she dabbles in cookingj She's vivacious, happy, and always gay, No matter what hour, minute, or day. Hall Patrol, Biology Club, Red Cross Clubg Doll Dressing Club, Know Your State Clubg Hobby-Knitting, Favorite Sport-Dancing. Eugene Schaffer When is it that girls' hearts leap? Surely it's when they see our feep,' And there's a reason for all this fuss, It's because of this lad's personality plus. Hall Patrol, Photography Clubg Sec- r-etary Aviation Club, 'Color Guardg Favorite Sport-Ice S-katingg Entered from George Washington High School, N. Y. Priscilla Shupik Here is a lass who likes to hike, Maybe she'll climb the peak of Pike, But if at this she's stopped by fog, The world will have a fine stenog. Senior Report Class Treasurerg Busi- ness Service Guildg Favorite Sport- Swiinmingg Entered from Gladstone llB. Libby Simon From her golden head to her toe, f'Tibby" is full of fun, Gay, cheerful, sparkling, entrancing smile, A friend of every one. Student Council, Art Clubg Volley Ball '38, Knitting Club 3 Favorite Sport -Horseback Riding. 42 l Irving Solomon Irv is that boy with the friendly sniile, Whoni yon often see when walking the aisle, Every one knows hiin and so will yon, When yon. see that he stands sin' feet two. Safety Club, Driving Club, Foreign Policy Club, Intramural Volley Ball '39, Favorite Sport-Baseball, Entered from Oliver High School IOA. Norma Jeanne Steinberg Though niaking jewelry is N 07'l7'1ll,.S' hobby, She spends innch tiine in the theatre lobby, Fencing is the sport in which she's a niaster, Since never one foil ever gets past her. Jewelry Club, Fencing Club, Favor- ite Sport-Football, Hobby-Making Jewelry. Stephen C. Szekeres A likeable fellow is Steve Szekeres, Thafs why we want to have hirn near mg H e plays alinost all the sports there are, Bnt in volley ball he's a shining star. Hall Patrolg Green Key, Volley Ball '40, Intramural Mushball and Volley Ball. Leda Thomas 'Tis .hard to describe her, So qniet and deinnreg Bnt that everybody likes her Of that we are qn-ite snre. Entered from Gladstone llB, Hobby -Collecting Snapshots. Elizabeth P. Toth W henever yon see Elizabeth, If y'on'll take a good look, She'll be listening to a syrnphony Or reading a new book. Hall Patrol, Doll Dressing, Business Service Guild, Volley Ball '40, Favor- ite Sport-Bask-etball, I-Iobby-Read- ing, Entered from Gladstone l1B. Barbara jean Tudja Brown hair and brown eyes, And a pleasant sinile, llflake ns all consider her A friend qnite worth while. Foreword Representative 11B-1lA, Jewelry Club, Sigma Iota, Hockey '40- Favorite Sport-Horseback Riding. Laslo Varadi A handsonie lad with a pleasant senile, Who likes his clothes of the latest style, He feels that everything has its place- S 0 with Laslo's nanie, we cover this space. Microscope Club, Aviation Club, Hobby-Art, Favorite Sport-Baskeb ball. lf 5 3: 134' 43 SENTING QUUENE Emma IQZH LUZ6 gk! President ,,....,4.....,.. ........ M ary B. Anthony Vice President .,..,. .......... I an Henderson Secretary .,,.......... i,.....,.... S ylvia Amdur Treasurer ...., .,....,. M orry Rosecrans 12A SOCIAL COMMITTEE Jayne Anderson Louis Conroy Paularuth Friedman Virginia Gloeckner Gene Gottlieb Margaret Swisher Harriet Gusky Betty Jane Marsh Marillyn McCulloch Miriam Odle Hubert Seidenberg Bernice L. Abercrombie Sidney Aberman Ryna Abramovitz Barbara Abrams Alan Stanton Abramson William Adams 'Dorothy Adamson Edward Alexander Anita Alman Charles W. Allison Sylvia Amdur Jayne E. Anderson Florence Angel Mary B. Anthony Ruth L. Anthony JUNE CLASS 1941 lr" v I G :JI . .. an r. .Q f Q Roslyn Arnowitz Frank Edward Ayers Doris Ayres Jean Rachelle Azen Helen G. Bachner Helen Jeanne Bachrach jack Bailey Clara Baldini I Betty Bamford LJ Ethel Barge Jack Barry Paul Barthol Maurice W. Baruth Francis Basille Peter Batyko .F i feel" Henrietgla Miriam Belsky Ernest J. Bendzsuk Melvin Bennett Murray Berer Jack Berman 47 .. Philip Brostoff Betty Brown Elaine M. Brown Louis Brown jane Burke Dorothy Mary Elle Mary Cannavine Herbert Cantor Bernice Caplan Angeline Caprini James Carcia Ray Carolla Eleanor Cauley Ann Cepko Florence Chart Raymond Chasser William S. Chemes Shirley Chotiner Agnes Chromey Arthur Edward Cic 48 n Cain Mary Ellen Biedenbach Ada Block Conrad E. Bloom, jr: David Boodman ' Harriet Booze1La,f'X 4' Q-ZVJ+j'd'i1f'pA Daniel Borrelli Howard M. Boyd Lorraine Althea Boyer Antoinette Bracalielly Shirley Brand IH Dorothy Brennan Geraldine Brew Harriet Broida Irwin Broner Robert Bronk JUNE CLASS 1941 vi' X joe Cillo Richard F. Cobb, Jr. Fay Cohen Harold M. Cohen joseph Cohen WAV!!! ff! mf, s eena cg 9 f Shirley J. Coh X Morton Cohn Margaret Cole June Grant Collins Louise E. Cornins Louis W. Conroy Pauline V. Conway Gertrude Cooke Robert L. Cornman JUNE CLASS 1941 X l X I.. 1.11.-.. Annette Coryea Inez Virginia Cosentino Thelma Coughenour Ethel M. Crawford Jeanne A. Crowe Regina E. Crowley john Cseselka Eleanor E. Cuneo Louis W. D'Angelo Lucy D'Angelo Grace june Davis Saul C. Davis Dorothy Anne Dee Lucille A. Deilv Merita +DeLucia lr N 4,"' " Mildred Depew George Deptula Dorothy Dezen Albert J. DiFebo Leonard DiGiosio 49 N. Q David H. Eyman Harriet Faberman james A. Fallat George W. Feczurka Elaine Feldman wwf' I Marie Ferrier i . jean Ferris Dorothy Field Annette Fink Margery Rheta Finkel Dorothy jean Firth Ralph M. Fisher Warren D. Fisher Russell J. Flocken Helen G. Fontana jack W. Forbes Richard W. Ford Agnes H. Forrest Barbara Frankel Dorothy Frankel ,gig so Q' 1 gf Michael Ditillo Kenneth wDoriot Ruth M. Dougherty Lois Laverne Douglass Ruth Mae Doyle Stella I. Dragan Betty Dugan Richard A. Duncan Andrew Dzura, Jr. Edith Eisner Bernard Elbaum Jean Elliott Aaron- H. Esman Helyn Grace Euston Betty Evans JUNE CLASS 1941 Betty Mae Freed Irene Shirley Friedman Milton Friedman Paularuth Friedman Charles L. Fuhrey William E. Gable Elizabeth Gallagher Arttway Garner Judith C. Gatz Robert George Frances M. Gersmann Yanni- ITAO-O-vv Janet Gen, Edgar Alan Glick Virginia Gloeckner Belle M. Goldberg JUNE CLASS 1941 b 'X Sherwin A. Golding Bernard Goldman Leona Goldstein Doris Goodman Paul Goodman Marilyn Gordon Gene Gottlieb Wolfgang Graebert William Dominic Grande Louise V. Grant Jean Greenberg Arthur George Griffiths Beryle Grotstein Richard Grove Harriet Rosalyn Gusky Morton A. Haas William D. Hafer Dorothy M. Hagan Cyrus B. Hailperin Carl Hamburg 511 Nancy Hertz William Hipkiss Walter R. Hofmann Morton G. Hostein Rita Hotz Gleneva Houghton Christian A. Hovde Shirley Howorth Robert Hull Ruth Hutchinson Nicholas Hyman john jacavino Harold Jacobs Robert james Alvey G. Johnston Carol Jorgensen Margaret Kalinyak Anne Kalser Ben Kalser Gloria Kamin 52 Edith Hanna Wilbur V. Hansen Roy Harkness Elinor Ruth Harris Sarah Harris john S. Hast Francis Richard Hastie, jr. Ruth Hausman Arthur C. Heineman, Jr. jean Held TW, n X xkxlgtn Henderson oda Herman Agnes Hernon Leonard Herrmann Natalie Herrup JUNE CLASS fljgffjlfff-W F .JJ f, f if I 'H Symoine Kamin William H. Kane Shirley D. Kanenson Paul Craig Kaplan Elias Karpa Esther Katz Maurice Leon Katz James Kelley Leonard Kholos Verna King Freda Klarsfeld Helen Klein Irving Klein Robert Klein Sidney Klein JUNE CLASS i 19 1 i 4 rw' Robert E. Knobloch Mary Kopka Pete Korenoski Nick Kostiuk Marian C. Kovacs 1 1 . ,I Burton Haroldgaus Bennie Krumho I Harold R. Lammie Anne R. Lang . Stanley jack Lange 1 vi? s'-I as-if 'N all N 5, -rf Xl e ii 'K 'A rt. Q .A 1 Qi lv? K Jack Larkin Aaron Latkin Lillian Lawrence Joseph N. Lazzaro Nick Lazzaro Anna Lebanik Jay C. Leff F. Stuart Leitzell joan Levant Phyllis Jeanne Levette 53 ' K I 'X Y QW" o,. x v David Litman Henrietta Little Gertrude Litz David Lloyd Rhoda Lobel Yvonne Lucille Loftus! K 4 , Y x Helen Loomis Bert Lowentnai X ' R. Isabelle Lowenthal y ,Q Jean Lubin -kt X k V X, Robert Luley Lois Lurie Walter Francis Luxbacher Agnes Eileen Lydon Alvira MacCaron William G. MacLachlan A. +Dona1d MacLean jack Mahony Elizabeth Malatesta joseph Malitovsky 54 Lee Levine Phyllis LeVine Gladys Joelle Levinson Natalie Levinson Leonard Levy IJ ,. Kdrl Lewin B rnice D. Lewis Xzrginia Ley salyn Lichtenstein Eva Irene Lindenbaum Ruth Betty Linder Ann Lipchik Geraldine Lipman Betty Lipsky Andrew Lisak JUNE CLASS 1941 iliifvll A-Ti inns ,,f..m1ux-n.1s: ,wp-W m XS 1 fx X Q W Q N 'S Sidney Malitovsky Beatrice Marcus Eleanor Miriam Marcus Larry M. Marcus Margie Marcus Marilyn Marcuson Betty E. Margitan Robert Markley Philip Wilson Marks Betty jane Marsh jack Marshall Nancy Mastascusa Eben Matlis Frances jane Matthews Marillyn A. McCulloch JUNE CLASS 1941 X3 Q Mary McFadden Betty J. McNelis Edith McNinch Beulah C. Meltzer Ruth Doris Mendelson Betty C. Mervis Laura Gloria Messineo Donald J. Middleman Lee S. Miller Manuel Miller xg ' - sm SX R C. Eobert Miller Hyman Millstone Murray N. Minster Cecelia Mary Misik Dorothy Mitchell A ' ,. ' J! JA ml as igj,, ' 1514 . 1: .r'Q jack Mitchell 0 Sidney Moglewer Dolores Mohrbach Henrietta Moidel Stanley Moravitz 55 Dolores B. O'Hanlon Howard Oldham David N. Oppenheim Ruth E. Oppenheimer Robert A. Ornitz Andrew Thomas Pacuta Eleanor Pangle Thelma Parker Louis Pastorius Victoria Ann Parrish XS Y Elinore S. Pearlman Leonore Perlstein Joseph C. Pietro Virginia Catherine Platt Vernie Playso Gloria J. Polis Betty Jane Porter Ruth Portnoy Helen Jeanne Price Rita Joy Price 56 Mary Katherine Morgan Mary B. Moses Allen A. Moskowitz Samuel H. Moskowitz Geraldine Mudler Comellia R. Naffah Norma Jeanne Nanna Dorothy Jeanne Navratil Jack Nelligan Emma Nelson Eloise Nettleton Gus Nicholas Jack Oates Leo P. 0'Brien Miriam Odle JUNE CLASS 1941 Olwyn D. Provan Virginia Raab Florence M. Radovic jack Raihle Leah A. Raizman Sara M. Rankin Maxine Sylvia Rauch Carl Ray Ever Lou Ray Iva Regan Robert Reich '17A.L-1 1kT-....-1 11-1-1.1 I.'4L11C1 .LY iiU1111 125151115 Cecelia B. Reilley Florence Reno Patrick Ricca JUNE CLASS 1941 K 'f Florence Rice john R. Ridosh Mary C. Ritko David H. Robison Ruth Robins Cyril A. Rombach Morry J. Rosecrans janet Rosenberg Millicent R. Rosenberg Faye Rosenfeld Jerome Rosner Betsy Ann Ross Earl J. Ross Angelo F. Rossi Belle Anita Rost Beverlee Ruth Roth George J. Roth Blanche Rowse Domenic Ruggeri Jeanne Rush 57 Helen Ann Seaman Peter Segla, Jr. Hubert Seidenberg Murray J. Shapiro Amy C. Sharove Connie B. Sharpe Shirley Sheffler Lila Shillady Mary Ellen Shotting Eleanor Shuback Seymour Sikov Dorris M. Simmons Wade Simmons Natalie Simon r Robert William Simon Q L Marvin Herbert Sleisen David Slepian Thomas Small Ruth Smelscer Edward J. Smith 58 Jeanne S. Rush Pierce Ryan Mary Salay Amelia Salim Carl A. Samuelson, Jr. Marcelle Sarnito James Richard Saunders Madelyn Schaefer Joseph E. Schaffel David J. Schnabel Ruth Schechter Ruth Irene Schmidt Betty Jean Schulz Gertrude Schwager joseph Schwet JUNE CLASS 1941 Martha Smith Mary Alice Smith Phyllis Smith Marian Jayne Smolin Helen Snader joseph Soffer Anne Spencer Richard M. Spitz Ruth Spokane Dorothy Lois Spratt Edward Spungen Ann M. Stack Mary Rita Stack Herbert Stearns Shirley D. Stein JUNE CLASS 1941 649' 'aiu Ms wk ,pa- Raymond Stevenson Everett E. Stewart Robert Steytler Marjorie M. Stromberg Earl Surloff Clifford Sutton Richard Sweitzer John J. Swick Margaret Ann Swisher Ann Tarasovic Martha Tawney Russell Taylor Kenneth Francis Thomas jean Tiedeman Murray Jack Tisherman Robert Titmus Charles C. Toth Elena Tozzi Alfred Treelisky Helen Bernadette Trepak 59 A xixx 2 ' 5 xl Donald Watt Q Philip Weiner Sylvia Weiner Q Harold B. Weissmang Morris M. Weitz 9 il Betty Welfer William J. Wellings William R. Weyel Esther Wheeler Maxine Wible Johnston E. Wiley Thomas E. Williams Marshall W. Wilson Doris A. Wolfson Marjorie G. Woodburn Carl Worley William A. Yahr Charlotte Yamron Edward Eugene Yourick Mary L. Zagorka 60 Bessie Troianos Selwyn Trust Mary Cecelia Tulley Martha L. Tunell Elizabeth Ulishney 1 -X f lf' .' af. L, -...JL ' 5 ',k,,..f,..g 114,43 - 'f 1!J'f Alvin C. Unger Dorothy E. Vandergrift Eileen VanMaele Roland Vargo Florence Vereb .bf ,KKK- Theresa. Yaerna William Kgyvwachtel Wilma"B. Wagner Elsie Wwflochik fwfr,-A19 Made-lon L. Wats XJ JLJNE C135 4 J' JUNE 4 i pa f5fZfifMwM Lois Zeiler Melvin Ziker M Manuel Z 'g aj . . .. . 'MW W. , . . ,f f ' M f Y ' M I fue f ' 7 f ff I fi' . , f ,f , 2 . , ,I f X ' f - 41513 'X Q 22: 325232319 V 1, , ' f A , Y 5-" 9-,, X f , ffi1,E2' 72 s - . - , fi ifffnviixx . 5 h Ln M Z! ?Qf -rf-xx S s , 1 Q X' M 7, , ft f X 'Q f ff sp X 2 l lk , Qywcf gtg- - 2 f av 4' f g,Lul: B f ff? LATE ix ' ' ow V" fx ' , DENT 5 , ' 4'1f".' V 1 :Q f, f SJJQQM. kt kg .1 pl y, ' Q fy WOOL XE, f N. Fo X 1 I V-fm W FSM r f 1 f-WW -, WH' Ii, , tif f ff K: J' 9 .za 4MwQQFf'x' V ,-. L' 3 i l X I -X ,KZ A M.. I ,YQNM Gag E N KJ 4 " f L .f -. A - .iff ' 525' NX? 'F A .. 7 ' f f ,. X' 'Af .wfgfnj gi .. " '5q' '-3 ,, LAP-5 fsl ' f B ATHLETES 2' " -'4 Aww S A ,' " ?k' - Gw '- . v ff Q' X my if X 'rx-V, f x " ikfzim -'55 f 1-ff""""5'T'. ------ -1-. . H, W... ' V ' . Q-ff' ' ,..-A ww ' XX X N Q, XE 4, Z i ', GURGLE , ., V M ,, S ,, -new " ,iq gfi K , GURGLE f 3 X " Q,xx1ClEEx, x , f X . " 'h if f '-'51 G1 " E ' " A BJ Q If K Vw M .l.It' I ,tttqni fi -'- X -A A WQI, RUM: ' , .1 , 7, 5 1 f 5 rrmvj - . must ' - fyfv ACF ' if H?fi2ggUv'f'0'N Qf ' 4: Z Sufic! Q' ,crwunl ' i gxiggrigf-, -W 1 G , M Q 'WW K IL 'X 45 5 L Q1 - f Q, , f - Q V1 ,ff gxmil 5 0 11 e , jf, V -- gl 'MEX t w Oflcnesvwy 4 J Af- - I?-V: 4 f-It 1 . - H vnl:-uf k Ig 4 L ww ' N M1 vs r E5 XX hf , T THE . H ' -ff R -Q ,514 . 3 W x 5... . I-Q4 I 1 K ,f 6 4, i. -. ., 4 , 5 by I: R , 1 ' 4 31 A f ' 0 x f , L ff fi -A " ou or , , ' 41, f 5 5.-i f M Uaiiszcs , - , g yin. I f . fi ' Q 11 L -,,. ' , "' ,-f X' .l,. I I Y ,i f,-lf EMHER PRU-,nom - Lum H .. ,, 4 -Q lf",-3" :,,: 19 uf: mrefiesrev x nT'5 THE lf" V V , ? if 'N PROGRAM ,L cumws , Wy, , , 5.113 ' X , , , V , , V ' ' I if-'iffzgilf W 1,35 g . R. EIS' 'y a V V f gg7:.1.f'f55Qto -9- H A V -f 'N JX "X NA Q 1 G , v, 5,--1g.:'::-meg, xf Quoin, .,,.,fV , - UW 1' A x 3".pf92:f1'7'W'640'. X17 ' . - QV f - - - hx? 9 Xl - ' 'M Q- wm. K V 'A't' 62 i 00172 1 Teacher-Miss Bertha O. Mitchell Officers President ...4...,...,...,. .,...A.,4.,..,... .4,.4,.,. M o rry J. Rosecrans Vice President ..., ....,..,,...... Stanley Lange Secretary-Treasurer ..... ............ H oward Boyd A Student Council ............,... .4............ I ack Bailey Social Representative ...4.,..4, Foreword Representative i,.... Sidney Aberman N icleuame .....,....4.......,........,...,...... "Sul Past ..,.......4,,...,... Slept 23 hours cz day Present ...,....4........,...... .......,,. L azyboucs Future 4......,,. Stepiu Fetclzifs successor Rifle Clubg Favorite Sport-Base- ball. Dorothy Adamson Nickname ,...,.,.. ,, .,4..,.,..,.,.........,,. " Tillie" Past ,.,... Tools lowing rare of lzer dolls Present ,.........., Kind to flzmzb auiuzals Future ..,.......,.,,......,.,......,.............. Nurse Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Science Clubg Hi Vtfanna Cag Typing Club: Doll Dressingg Volley Ball ,SSQ Bas- ketball. ......,..Jayne Anderson .........Aaron Esman Charles W. Allison N ickuaule ...i..,...,...,..,.. ... ..... "Cltucle"' Past .... Otouezl zz N0. l Chemistry Set Present .........4.......... ...... . . Soda ferker Future ....,4..,..,.... Nobel prize cltemisf Photographyg Safety Cluhg Orches- tra. Jayne E. Anderson Nlckuavue ..,,......,.,,...............,..,... "'Juuet" Past ,,........,l..........,. Plwuogrctfvlt wzucler Present ....... ..,...,,... R ecorcl collector Future .....,............ Dicfaplzozze opera-tor Social Representativeg Photography Clubg Knitting Clubg Mushball 'SSQ Soccer '39g Volley Ball 239, '41 5 Hockey '38g Basketball '39, '4lg Tennis '4O. 63 Frank Edward Ayers Harold Cohen Nicknaine ,....,4..,.........,,................. "Doc" Nicknaine ................ "Tyrone O'Cohen" Past ..., Cut pictures froni newspapers Past ............ ...,.......,.. C ute child Present ...... i .....,.,.,.... Reads newspapers Present ...,...,......,............. Woinan-hater Future ........ W' ill write for newspapers Future ..........,....,,....,..........,..... Casanova Hall Patrolg French Clubg Sigma Iotag Senior Leadersg Stamp Clubg JackBai1gy Baseball '39g Track '4Og Intramural Nickname ..,..,..,.....,..,,..,.......,..,... "Coat" Softball ,391 '404 VOlleY Ball '39, '40s Past ...........,.... Played with toy soldiers Baskefbflll '39, ,40- Present ....,..,.,......,. ..... W atches parades Future .,..,.........,..,,......... Arniy officer Hi-Yg Football '40g Swimming '4Og Student Council. john Parker Barry Nickname ..........,...,..................... "Jack" Past .......,4..,t..,.,.............. Fireside sitter Present .........,....,..... Drug-store cowboy Future .............,.....t......,.,........... Traveler Hall Patrolg Voice Groups A, B, C. Howard M. Boyd Nickname ,...,.....................,.,... "Howdy" Past ........ Walked to school every day Present ...... Runs up the "down" stairs Future .t.. Will set a new track record Home R 0 o m Secretary-Treasurerg Stage Crewg Hall Patrolg A Band. Dorothy Brennan Nickname ., ....,,....,.............,....,..,.., 'fDot" Past ................ Wore attractive clothes Present,.. Buys attractive clothes Future .... Will design attractive clothes Photography Clubg Art Clubg Latin Clubg French Clubg Basketball '38, '39g Medical Room Assistant. Geraldine Brew Nicknaine ,...,...........,..,,.,.......,. "Gerrie' Past ....,....t...............,.. A pretty picture Present ............ Hobby is photography Future ........ Ace "Life" photographer Hall Patrolg Photography Clubg Art Club. june Grant Collins Nickname ..,..,.........,t.,.....,.....t... "funie"' Past ...,,...........,..,.... Sang in the bathtub Present .... Miss Steiner's prize soprano Future .......... Metropolitan Opera Star Hall Pa-trolg French Clubg Group Ag Girls' Choraleg Chemistry Assistant. Richard Duncan N icknaine ..........,....,.............,...... "Dick" Past .......,........ Played with Erector set Present ,........,.... Builds physics niodels Future ....,...,.,...,,.t,...,......,........ Engineer Hall Patrolg Student Councilg Staege Crewg Lunch Patrolg Aviation Clubg Safe Drivers Clubg Chess Clubg Stamp Clubg Gymnastics '39g Volley Ball '41g Track '40, '4l. Aaron H. Esman Nicknaine ,.,..,.............,,.........,.......,, "Es" Past .....,,...... ......... I ust a little cut-up Present ,.,,....,.t............,..,..... Hair splitter Future .....................,......,,........., Surgeon Foreword Representativeg Foreword Staffg Journal Staffg Fencing Clubg Photography Clubg A. A. A.g Qualita- tive Chemistry Class. jean Ferris Nicknaine ...,... ,......... .,.. ,,,, ....... ' ' I e annie"' Past ..........,..,...,.. Enjoyed taking baths Present .,......,... Interested in 5'ZfUl7'1'l7'1fLl'l1ff Future ...,.... Olyinpic swintniing chaznp Social Representativeg Voice D. 64 Barbara Frankel Nickname ..4....,........4,.,...,...,,... "Bunnie"' Past ....A.,..,..,....A...,.............,.... Californian Present .,........... ....,.. , ..... P ennsylvanian Future ,.,........,.....,...,..,... Miss America French Clubg Sewing Clubg Sigma Iotag Basketball '40g Tennis '40, '4lg Swimming ,405 Volley Ball '40, Ralph Guiser Nickname ....,.,.,...,...,...............,. "Goose" Past ........ Tried flying from roof with an umbrella Present ........ Builds airplanes flldodels, of coursej i Future ,. .,..,.,.,l,.,.,.,,,......... Army aviator Student Council. Cyrus Hailperin Nickname ...,...,...,.,,..,....,....,.,....,...,. "Cy" Past .,..t...t..t.,....,.....,.,. Composed music Present ...,...... Plays violin, organ, piano Future ,.......................,........,.. Quiz Kid Stamp Clubg Photography Clubg German Clubg Orchestra A. Rhoda Herman Nickname .,...,...,....,...............,. "Rhodie"' Past .t...t,.,.,............,.... Built doll houses Present ....,,.. Designs castles in the air Future ................,...,, Interior decorator Hall Patrolg Art Clubg Hiking Clubg Photography Clu-b. Ruth Hutchinson Nickname ,..,...t,..................,.. '!Poochie" Past .,.,......,............. Admired by .parents Present .....,.. Admired by all of the boys Future ,.,. Admired on magazine covers Hobby-Dancingg Favorite Sport- Swimmingg Entered from Gladstone. Leonard Levy Nickname .........,.,.....,.,........,..,,. "Lenny" Past ...............,,,....., Couldn't stand stil! Present ...........,....................,..... .litterbug Future .... lilankflflfhat future is there in jitterbngging? Biology Clubg Foreign Policy Club. Freda Klarsfeld Nickname ...........,.,.,................ "Fri1sie" Past ,.....,. Took first step at six months Present ..,........,...........,.........,.....,.. Hiker Future .,......,..,...............,.... Globe trotter Hiking Clubg Medical Room As- sistantg Hall Patrolg Hi-Wanna-Ca Clubg Sewing Clubg Knitting Clubg Basketball '405 Volley Ball '40g Tennis '40 Natalie Levinson Nickname ,..... ,. ..,.,.,.,.............,....,.. "Nat" Past .... Standout in "Our Democracy" Present .,.. Admirer of President Roose- welt Future ....,..,.,.. First rcfonian President Hall Patrolg Safety Driving Clubg Embroidery Clubg Basketball '405 Vol- ley Ball '38 Geraldine Lipman Nickname .,.. ........ .......,............. ' ' Gerry" Past ,.., Enjoyed watching children play Present .... Student of children's reactions Future .... An expert' in child psychology Aviationg Safety Drivingg Tennis '40, '4l. Volley Ball '39. Stanley jack Lange Nickname ...,.... ,............. , . ,.,.., "lack" Past ................ Teethed at three -months Present ........ Cutting his wisdom teeth Fntnre .......,. ..,.,...,..... . ,, ,. ....... Dentist Student Councilg Hall Patrolg Home Room Vice Presidentg French Clubg Senior Athletic Leadcrsg Sigma Iotag Aviation Clubg Debate Clubg Band Ag Track '40g lntramural SportsiBasket- ballg Soitballg Volley Ball '39, '40, Nicholas Lazzaro Nickname .. ..,.. , .... . ,.,.,...... "Nick" Past .... Spent time thinking of .soldiers Present ..,........., ,.... R eads war stories Futnre ........ lflfill probably be drafted Stage Crcwg Driving Clubg Track '41 65 or r for '1 'T .11 Isabelle Lowenthal N ieknanie .......,........,.....,..,....,4,.., "Dizzy" Past ,.........., ......,..,... I fnew something Present ........,...,....,...... Does something Fntnre ..,................. VV ill be something Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrol, German Club, Sewing Clubg Tennis '39, '40, Volley Ball '40, '4lg Basketball '39, '40, '41, Lee S. Miller N iekname ...,..,,...................,..,....,.. "Lee" Past ...,......., ........,. M nd-pie maker Present ,.,.,......t...,,... Amatenr gardener Fntnre ........,..,,.,....... Gentleman farmer ,Lunch Patrolg Art Clubg Library Clubg Soccer '38 Stanley Moravitz Nickname ..........................,..,,..... "Buck" Past ....,. Hit by little girl's Kiddie Kar Present ,... C lzases women drivers from streets Fntnre .... Will teach his wife to drive History Clubg Aviation Clubg Stamp Clubg Radio Clubg Intramural Sports -Mushball '39, '40, Basketball '33, '39, '4O3 Volley Ball '39, '4O. Olwyn D. Provan Nickname ..,,........,,.......,....,...,.,... "Ally" Pa-st ....,.....,,,............... Loved by friends Present ,t.... l'V1'ns love games in tennis Fntnre ,,.. lflfill love her job as secretary Business Service Guildg Soccer '38, Vlolley Ball '39, '41 5 Basketball '38, '39. Florence M. Radovic Nieknanze ...,......,....,..,.....,...,......... "Flon Past ...,......,. .,i..... l Ventto movies Present ..........,.,....... Thinks of movies Fntnre ..,..,.,....,..........,...... In the movies Basketball and Volley Ball-Favor- ite Sports. Ever Lou Ray N iekname .,.,......,..,.......,,................. "Ev" Past ...t...i.t..t,..t.,.t,...,.....,.. Child prodigy Present ...... ., .......,... Stndent Fntnre ,.,...,.....,.,.....,.........t...,...., Teacher Typing Club, Dancing Clubg Posture Clubg Volley Ball '4O. Cecelia B. Reilley Nickname ..,...,....t.........,..,..,........ "Cecil" Past ,..........,.. ,........ M odel child Present .......,...,... ...,....... M odel friend Fntnre ,,.................,. T .,...,.........,..,.,. Model H all Patrolg Photography Clubg Sigma Iotag Voice B5 Mushball '38, Soccer '39, Volley Ball '39, '4lg Hockey '39, Basketball '38, '39, '4l3 Tennis '40. Pat Ricca Nickname ,.......,.....,..,..,,.,.............. "Pat" Past ,.,,....... ....... M iniatnre Tarzan Present ...,, .....,..., ........... W e ight lifter Fntnre ..,...,,.,...,.............,i.,..... Superman F 1' e n ch Clubg Favorite Sport- VVeight Lifting. David H. Robison Nickname .....,....,...,.....,..,...,........ "Dave" Past ..,..... Played with mechanical toys Present ,......, Tinkers with machines at home Fntnre ..,,.,,..,.,...,........ Expert maehinist Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrolg Electric Clubg Chorusg Orchestra. Morry I. Rosecrans N iekname ........,.,...,..,.,................ "Mace" Past .... Fed a special formnla as a baby Present .... Member of Qnalitative Class Future ...,.,.,............,... C lzeznieal engineer Treasurer ot Senior Classg President of Home Roomg Student Council, Foreword Staff, journal Stattg Hall Patrolg A. A. A.g Mathematics Club, Sportsmanship Cluibg French Clubg Orchestrag Senior Athletic Leadersg Baseball '39g Gym Team. 66 Jeanne Rush Nickuaiue ,............. , ,...,A.,.,.... ".lcauuie" Past .........,. ..A...,.........,.,,...... F ast friei-ul Present .,,. A.,.............,. R rush-es arouud Future .,.. Quick, efficient secretary Hiking Club, Knitting Clubg Hockey '38, Basketball '40, Volley Ball '39, '40. Robert William Simon Nickname ...,.,,,....,.4..,. .........,.,.,...,.. ' 'Sip Past .......... ... .,...... VVaterboy Present ...., A.,.,.i.,....................,. ll lauager Future .,., ..,.i..i...i....... ..,...,.,.,.,.. , . . Coach Senior Leaders, Sal-ety Club, Intra- mural Sports-Soccer '37g Basketball '39, '40, Football, Track '40, Mary Alice Smith N ickuaiue ..........,.,................... "Smitty" Past ,.,..........,........,.,.,..... P1'0l7l!"l1l chilzl Present ,...,......,.,,,,.. ...... H ouor student Future .......,...,,................, Strict teacher journal S t a ff g Crocheting Club, French Club, Knitting Clubg Mushball '38, '39, Soccer '38, Volley Ball '39, '40, '41, Hockey '39, '40, Basketball '33, '39, '4Og Tennis '40, '4l. Philip Weiner N ickuaiue ................,,.,...,,.,,..,,,.., "Suite" Past .....,.. Played with toy autoruobiles Present ............ Nuts about convertibles Future .,... .,......,...,. A uto iuauufacturer Ilall Patrolg Stamp Club, Sigma lotag Debate Club, Radio Club, Micro- scope Club: Band A3 Track '39, Intra- mural Sports-Softball '39, '40g Volley Rall '39, '40, Basketball '39, '40 A'- 67 Harold B. Weissman Nickuauze ...,........,......,............ "Speedy" Past 4 ,..,. .. "Soapbox Derby" chaiupiou Preseut .........4......,..,.... Cowboys his car Future .,....., Vlfill break speed records Library Clubg Hall Patrolg French Club, Senior Athletic Leadersg Micro- scope Club: Intramural Sports, Volley Rall '39, '4O. Betty Welfer Nickname ..,............,......,...,,........ "B ets" Past ........ Worked for a year readiug G.W.T.Vl7. Preseut ,........... Works hard iu school Future .,...,.. VVill work well iu au office Business Service Guilclg Crocheting Club. Richard C. Wood Nickuaiue ....,,....,............,.............. "Ace" Past .,,.,.,....,...,......,.,.,...,, Bought a kazoo Present ,.,.....,......, Plays seveu iuusical iustruiueuts Future .........,...,............, One uzau baud Radio Club, Hobby-Spanish Music. able ,gee Qiail N. L' Q 157iZiiiiil775'J yy X ,, I X l Teachers-Mr. George K. Young, Miss Muriel Rugh K Officers President .,.............. .....,............... ......,,. H e len Trepak Vice President ..,..... ....,...... B etty Margitan Secretary .....,...... .....,..,......... L ila Shillady Treasurer ..,.........,....,. .....,.. M ary Ellen Shotting Student Council ..,,.,.,.,.,.., ,..........,,.... H elen Trepak Social Representative i......... ....,.... B etty jane Marsh Foreword Representative .,.... ....,..,........... B elle Rost Peter Batyko Dorothy Mary Ellen Cain NiCk1ld77LCH-B1t!lj.0 liViCk7IG7llC-Dl171,fJIC'S Pet Peg-ye-Pgmf Spgla Pet Pecos-Maki1zg gmjvlzs A111blf1'0l'Z-PI-f0f A'7'lblifi01l-Tyflsf Remembered for-His wood shop mon- R0Hl01IlbL'1'C'll' for-Her Wd .rlcirlg 7167 Volley Ball ,37, '3Sg Basketball '37g O1-ghegtra A, B5 Basketballg Mush- Mushball '37g Favorite Sport-Roller ballg Football: Soccerg Baseballg Fa- Slf?lliUQ'- vorite Sport-lee Skating. Robert Bronk Anne Cepko Nick'11a11L0-Brollkles ATiCk1ItIlIIl'1Z31lfCfl Pet Peeve-lVome1z Pct Pccoc-Forftoard and S!1z1dy'A7Jes. Amb1'tio1z-Ojvtomezfry Ambition-To graduate Reme1r1fzbe1fed as-Casanova of our room Relzzcizzbcrcd for-Her helping Izumi ' Student Couneilg Hall Patrolg Sen- Volley Ball '37,' T585 Mushball 'SSQ ior Leadersg Band Bg Intramural Vol- H o b b y-Coolcingg Favorite Sport- ley Ball. Nlushball. 68 ' H Richard Cobb, jr. Nielrnanze-Dick Pet Peew-Girls Anzhlhonw-Opera Singer Renzelnhered for-His efficiency Male Chorus, Rifle Clubg Senior Leaders, Chorus Ag Swimming Team ,373 Football '36g Baseball '36g Hob- bies-Otld Coins, Pigeon Fancier. Shirley J. Cohen Nirknanie-Speeks Pet Pee-z'e-Journal staff ineetings Anzhition-To he a farnier RPlIlCI1Iibl'l'FCl for-,High red socks Student Councilg journal Staff 5 Fencingg Badniintong British Wai' Re- lief Knitting: German, Junior Lead- ers: Voiceg Paddle Tennis Champ, Volley Ball '37, ,385 Tennis '4O. Saul Davis Nicknaine-lfVolf Pet Peezfe-Sclzool in general Anzhition-To he a business nzan Renzenzhered for-His wavy hair Library Club. George Deptula Niclcnaine-Dep Pet Peeoe-Riding street cars A nibition-Journalist Reineinhered as-Onr football hero Hall Patrol, Foreign Policy Clubg Chorus B, D, Football '39, '40, Hobby -Collecting Classical Records. Kenneth Doriot Nicknanie-dKenny Pet Peezfe-Getting np lllonday niorn- ing Ambition-Radio engineer Reinenihereal for--His radio work on jimmy Dorsey Nichnaine-Sizook Pet Peeve-Teachers Ambition-To he a snccess Reineinhered as-The Bill Robinson of 157 Andrew Dzura Nirlenaine-Andy Pet Peeve-Studies Anthition--To get ont of school Renzenzbered for-His wishful thinking Hobby-Artg Favorite Sport-Bas- ketball. ' George W. Feczurka N iclenanie-B eansy Pet Peefve-Report teachers Ambition-Accountant Reineinbereal for-His latent powers Auto Club, Hobby-Stamps, Favor- ite Sport-Baseball. Elaine Feldman N icknaine-F els Pet Peefve-Washing dishes Ambition-To own an electric dish washer Reinenibered as-M iss Personality Hiking Clubg Doll Dressing Clubg Voice: Volley Ball '38, '39g Basketball l37, TSS, !39. Warren Fisher Nickname--Fish Pet Peezfe-7th period class Ainhition-Salesnian Renzeinberea' as-The business ntan of our rooni Hi-Y, Debate Club, Hall Patrol. Helen G. Fontana N ielenaine-C hee-Chee Pet Peeve-8 :45 WSQAE A-znhition-Singer Radio Club: Soccer '373 Favorite Reineinhered for-Her pleasant sinile Sport - Footballg Hobby - Radio Voice B, CQ Volley Ballg Hobby- CXVSUAWD. Singing. 69 i Robert James Nic lenam ep-B ob Pet Peeve-English Ambition-To be great Remembered for-His langhing ex- pression Favorite Sport-Baseballg Favorite Orchestra-Fred Waring. Anne Kalser N iclename-H ench Pet Peeve-Peeling noses Ambition-To be a reporter . Remembered for-H er Florida snn tan Library Clubg Knitting Clubg Tennis Champg Violley Ballg Mus-hball 38, '39, '-405 Basketball '38, l39, '40, Robert E. Knobloch N ickname-K nobby Pet Peeve-People who talk too mnch Ambition-Civil Service position Remembered as-Onr singing minstrel Hall Patrolg Sportsmen Clubg Voice Ag Male Chorusg Favorite Sport- Baseball. jay C. Leff Nickname-Leff Pet Peeve v- High-pitched affected voices r Ambition-To be a bnsiness magnate Remembered for-His brief case and his grand personality A Student Councilg Finance Com- mitteeg Chairman Debate Teamg Fore- wordg Stamp Clubg Mathematics Clubg Sigma Iotag A. A. A.g Activities Chair- man. Betty Margitan N icknaine-B etts Pet Peeve-School teachers Ainbition-Bookkeeper Remembered for-H er cnte smile Vice President l2Ag Student Coun- cilg Hobbies-Bowling and Reading. Betty jane Marsh Niclsuame-Betts Pet Peevc-Shorthand Ambition-To be a wife Remembered for-H er social service Business Service Guildg Social Rep- resentativeg Voice B5 Hobb1es-Bowl- ing and Dancing. jack Marshall Nickname-Blondie K Pet Peeve-Allderdice Ambition-Naval Air Corps Remembered for-His good wit Hall Patr-olg Tennis '39g Baseball '39g Swimming '4O. Frances jane Matthews N iclenaine-F ran Pet Peeve-Radio announcers Ambition-To wear horn-rim glasses Remembered for-Attractive sports clothes French Clubg VVar Relief Knitting Clubg Girl Reservesg Entered from VValnut Hills High School, Cincinnati, Ohio. Dolores C. Mohrbach N ickname-Doodles Pet Peeve-The dawn Ambition-To see the world Remembered for-H er carefree manner Business Service Guildg Junior Lead- ers Clubg Volley Ball '39g Hobbyh- Swimming. Norma Jeanne Nanna NlCk1'ZG14l6-DlIl6 Lee Pet Peeve+Dancing Ambition-To travel Remembered for-H er western voice Volley Ball '38g Red Crossg Sewing for Downtown Store Window Display. 70 ' jack Oates N ickname-W'h eat Pet Peeoe-Saxophones Ambition-Music supervisor 9 Remembered for-His bag pipes Radio Clubg Qrchestra Ag Wood- wind Quintette. Andrew Thomas Pacuta N ickname-If ats Pet Peefve-Books Ambition-To be a success Remembered for-His sincere coopera- tion Cooking Clubg Driving Clubg Hiking Clubg Favorite Sport - Baseballg Hobby-Hunting. A Eleanor Pangle Nickname-fEl Pet Peeoe-Corny jokes Ambition-Heiress Remembered for-Activity in sports Business Service Guildg Stage Door Clubg Orchestra '40g Swimming '38g Basketball '4lg V-olley Ball '40, '41g Hiobby-Dancing. Sara M. Rankin Nickname-Sally Pet Peeve-Church bells in the morning Ambition-Career woman Remembered for-H er name on the Honor Roll Home Economics Clubg Voice Bg Volley Ball '37, '38, Mary C. Ritko Nickname-Peaches Pet Peeoe-Alarm clocks Ambition-Typist Remembered for-H er demure shyness Volley Ball '38, '39, '4Og Basketball '38, '39, '40g Hobby-Singing. Belle Anita Rost N iekname-B unn y Pet Peeoe-Business Organization Class Ambition-To get to New York, Remembered for-Her work in behalf of the Foreword Foreword Representativeg Hiking Club, Art Clubg Knitting Clubg Swim- ming '39, '40, Basketball '40g Volley Ball '4l. Betty jean Schulz AUCRlICl7l'lf'-SC1'lMlfZl6 Pet Peeoe-Coming to school regularly Ambition-To get out of school Remembered for-H er quietness Business Service Guildg V-olley Ball '37, '38, Mushball '39g Swimming '40g Hobby-Collecting Pictures. Peter Segla, jr. Nickname-Pete Pet Peeoew-Themes Ambition-To be a big league baseball player Remembered for- His novel expres- sions Foreign Policy Clubg Basketball '40g Hobby-Foreign Coins and Old Coins. Mary Ellen Shotting N i ckuame-.M ary Pet Peeve-Getting runs in stockings A mbition-Stenographer Remembered for-H er cute ways Business Service Guildg Treasurer l2Ag Voice B and CQ Hobby-Volley Ball. Lila Shillady Nic kname-Irish Pet Peeoe-Getting up at 6:45 a. rn. Ambition-Private secretary Remembered for-H er kindly manner Business Service Guildg Secretary l2Ag Swimming '38g Volley Ball '39, '40, '41 5 Soccer '40, '41 5 Basketball '40, 71 , Shirley D. Stein Nif'k11a11ze-Red Paz' P06710--CCff'1.llg up in the rrioruivzg fl 111 Intron-1lf7a1'1'iage Ren-ze111be1'ed for-Her Fireman lVar Relief Knittingg Girl Reservesg Beginning Typeg Orchestra C and B3 Hand C and Bg Volley Ball '37, '38, '39g Basketball '38, ,39g Soccer '37, '38, '39 Helen Bernadette Trepak Niclerzame-Cfzpie Pet Peeve--Being home room president A 11z,biti0u-Secretary Re11ze11zbered as-Home room presiderzt Business Service G u i l d g Student Councilg President l2Ag Volley Ball '38, ,39g Hockey ,39. Edward Eugene Yourick N1'c'k11a11z,e-Eddie Pet Peeve-Wfords for Coach Irwin Ambitiorz-To be drafted Remembered for-His blue sweaters Favorite Sports-Baseball and Foot- ball: Hobby-Rifles. 1--I 1 V511 A i 1' il CP,.:..xAlxff.nn n ,, Dj WMC Teacher-Miss Elizabeth Warnock Officers President .........,,....,. . ..................................... Christian Hovde Vice President ...,.... .............,. D avid Slepian Secretary .,....,...... ...,.................. I ean Elliott Treasurer ...........4............... ........ H elen Jeanne Price Student Council ...,........,.,.... ..,.,.............. I oe Schwet Foreword Representative ....,., ....r....,.,...., L eah Raizman Social Representative ....,...... ......... V irginia Gloeckner Paul Barthol Maurice W. Baruth Long after the tlrtklihg bell does sound, 11110773115 OW Student As it always has to date, A prospective M. Di The door flies opehg what happens H613 headed for college then? T 1' d Paul Barthol struts in late. 0 get HS egreei Hall Patrolg Student Councilg Phy- Lunch Patrolg Foreign Policy Clubg sicsg Sportsmen Clubg Pan American Mathematics Club 3 Pan-American Clubg Junior Leadersg Favorite Sport Clubg Hobby-Stamp Collectingg Fa- -Baseball. vorite Sport-Tennis. 73 Eleanor Cauley Eleanor is shy and gay, A secretary she'll be some day, Her boss will find a dainty worker, And soon will learn that she's no shirker. Aviation Club, Mushball '40, Swim- ming '39, Tennis. Shirley Chotiner V ery short, C harni her forte- Decorating-career. Success?-Have no fear! Hall Patrol, Jewelry Club, Library Club, Sigma Iota, Hiking Club, Man- ager ot Volley Ball '39, Favorite Sport -Tennis. Robert L. Cornman He's quiet and friendly, Quite a cheerful lad, We've never seen Bob When he's been sad. Hall Patrol, Rifle Clubg Chess Club, Hobby-Chemistry, Fav-orite Sport- Football. Regina Crowley Reggie loves to type and write, She'll be a secretary gay and bright. Though happy-go-lucky' and nfiischie- vous, too. Yet she'll be sincere in whatever she'll do. Hall Patrol, Shakespearian Club, Photography Club, Favorite Sport- Volley Ball, Favorite Hobby-Danc- ing. Dorothy Anne Dee Sweet and fair, Good and kind, For sonieone nice Keep Dot in niind. Foreword Representative, journal Staff, Know Your State Club, Hiking Club, French Club, Aviation Club, Applied Music, Volley Ball '37, '40, Favorite Sport-Swimming. Betty Dugan Betty's tall And loads of fun, For soineone sweet, i She's No. 1. Aviation Club, Hockey '38, Mush- ball '40, Swimming '39, Soccer '39, Favorite Sports-Swimming, Tennis. Marie Ferrier "Blondie" with those big blue eyes Front the boys brings inany sighs, Her ainibition is to sing, And her success is one sure thing. Foreword Representative, Chorale, Group Ag Field Hockey '39, Hobby- Stamp Collecting, Favorite Sport- Tennis. Dorothy Field Dottie's hobby is the "shuffle," I'1n sure her steps she will not 1nuffle,' Typing seenis to be her speed, With secretaries she'll take the lead. Gregg Shorthand Club, VVa1' Relief Knitting Club, Swimming, Volley Ball, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis '39, '40, Favorite Sports-Swimming and Dancing. Russell Flocken You'll find Russ in the shops, Or over near 458. At all such work he is the tops, An engineer he'll surely niake. journal Staff , Stage Crew, Chess Club, French Club, Physics Club, Mathematics, Hobby - Shop Work, Favorite Sport-Horseback Riding. Betty Freed Gay is Betty, although shy, Mischievous, too, and that's no lie,' Always lending a helping hand To any one any place in the land. Hall Patrol, Library Club, Mushball '38, '39 , Soccer '38, '39 , Hockey '39, '40, Volley Ball '39, '40, '41, Swim- ming '38, '39, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball. 74 jean R. Elliott .leannie fc-ith the darlr brotvn hair, Proves to be quite ehie and fair, Dashing through the halls eaeh day, She gathers friends along the way. Journal Staff: Home Room Secre- taryg Social Representativeg Latin Clubg Hiking Clubg Soccer '38, Hockey '38, '4Og Basketball ,39g Yolley Ball '39, Favorite Sport-Tennis. Helyn Grace Euston To be a songstress on the air ls the goal of Helyn fairy She hopes that she will finally land As singer with Glenn ilrlillefs band. Voice Group Cg Band Bg Volley Ball '39, Swimming '38g H o c k e y ,405 Hobby - Singing, Favorite Sport -- Yolley Ball. Arttway Garner Wlzefz activity is around And time just seenzs to ereejv, It a'oesu't bother Arttfzoay, He's bound to be asleep. jewelry Club l2Ag Favorite Sport- Roller Skatingg Hobby-Shop W01'k. Shirley Glass Shirley has a hobby Wlzielz, is diffrent but supreinej lt's eating leuiou ehiffou flies, And do they make her beani! Entered from Peabody High School. Virginia Gloeckner When mischief is on the go, Boots' part does not rank low, She puts in her share with many a dare, And just comes through by the breadth of a hair. 0 Social Representative llth and 12th, Hiking Clubg Stage Door Club, Soccer '39g Hockey '4Og Basketball '4Og Volley Ball '40g Favorite Sport-Ice Skating. Bernard Goldman ll'YllFl'U'Zf'l'I' yon go, lf'ou're bound to see Bernard C:0lll7lIlllI :ind his .ln-dee. Hall Patrolg jewelry Club, Band Ag Orchestra Ag All-City Bandg Woocl- wincl Quintet, Favorite Sport-Baskeb ball: Hobby-Mechanics. Wolfgang E. Graebert "Fn::ie's" his nickname, His love's for the sea,' lflfe all feel quite certain A inwigator he'll be. Lunch Patrolg Rifle Club, Physics Clubg Foreign Policy Club, Microscope Clubg Stamp Club, Hobbies-Stamp Collecting and Ship Moclelingg Favor- ite Sport-Baseball. john S. 'Hast Eyes of hazel, Hair of brozcfn, Off to eollege Our .lohn is bound. Lunch Patrolg Stamp Club, French Clubg Biology Clu-bg Favorite Sport- Ping-Pongg Hobby-Collecting Mot-hs and Butterflies. Arthur C. Heineman, jr. Dark brown hair And not too tall, Front. 202, "Art" alone uiade Qual. Lunch Patrol: Biology Clubg Chess Club, Know Your State Clubg Latin Club g Favorite Sport M Baseball, Hobby-Stamp Collecting. jean Held Jeannie, shy but debonair, To good cooking adds her share. Baseball is her favorite sport, And as a. fan she won't fall short. Foreword Reporter, German Club, lvlushball '39g Basketball '39g Tennis '4O3 Favorite Sport-Baseball. -B 7 5 ..-- M. -. Christian A. Hovde Tall and hazzdsome, llright, never hesitant, That is Chris, Our home room president. Student Councilg Home Room Presi- dent l2Ag Chess Club, Physics Clubg Fencing Clubg Grcbestra A, Fencingg Hobby-Naval Researchg Sport-Rid- ing and Fencing. joan Levant Tall and graceful is our Ioan, As her presence has always showug .'I model she'll be some future day, To present the clothes the f'Americau Iffllynll Hall Patrol, Foreword Reporterg Art Club: Drama Club, Sigma Iota, Pan Americang Hobbies - Collecting Recordsg Favorite Sports-Horseback Riding and Skiing. A Virginia Ley California, here she comes, Be prepared with all your drumsj Beat a time for Dudy Ley, A future housewife, very gay. French Clubg War Relief, Knitting Club: Favorite Hobby - B r us h t 0 n Shuffleg Favorite Sports - Dancing and Swimming. Sidney Moglewer Happy-go-lucky, Hut studious, too, There's very little, Sid Cfllljf do. Biology Club, Mathematics Club, Sigma Iota. Howard Oldham When asked just what's his aim, Howaravs bound to say, "To make football a better gameng And say, lze sure cart play. Lunch Patrolg Senior Leaders, Foot- ball '39, '-403 Track '39, Hobby-Archi- tecture. Helen Jeanne Price Sophisticated lady ls the uame for Heleu feauue, la the crystal ball of the future Her success cau be plaiuly seeu. Foreword Staff, Foreword Repre- sentative, Art Clubg Sportsmen Clubg Volley Ball, Basketballg H-ockeyg Soc- cer, Tennis. Leah A. Raizman Leah is a little lady, Always prim arid very daiuty. Au advertiser is her goal, l'm sure that she will fit the role. Foreword Representativeg Hall Pa- trolg Foreign Policyg Sigma Iotag Knitting Clubg Shakespeare Clubg French Club, Hiking Clubg Volley Ball '-40. Angelo F. Rossi A11gie's our sport fait, For the major league's bou11d,' H e's blue-eyed arid gay, A good fellow all 'rour1d. Entered from Farrell Sr. High, Far- rell, Pa.g Favorite Sport-Basketball. Blanche Rowse Happy-go-lucky and full of fuu, Admired and loved by everyorieg To nurse she'd give up fame and all Some wounded soldier to euthrall. Hall Patrol, Aviation Club, Hockey '38, '4lg Mushball '40g Soc-cer '39, Fa- vorite Sports-Swimming and Tennis. Carl A. Samuelson, jr. Big and strong and somewhat shy, An all-rogmd fellow, iudeedg To farm is Carl's ambition, At which he will succeed. German Club 3 Rifle Clubg H-obby- Farmingg Favorite Sport-Football. 76 Steve Santez Steve is our tall lad, Standing six feet or niore' His ainbition soine clay- The U. S. Navy Air Corps. Hall Patrolg Aviation Clubg Favorite Sport-Tennis, Hobby-Flying. J joseph Schwet foe's a scholar, Blond, blne-eyed and tall,' He always wears a srnile, He's liked by one anal all. Student Councilg L e a -cl e r s Club, Physics Clubg Dramatic Clubg Photo- graphy Clubg Pan American Clubg Lunch Patrolg Hobbies-Tennis and Stamp Collecting. Connie Sharpe Connie's pet peewe is the inen, Bat she'll soon change her ininfl again, For her ainbition is to niarry Soine rich Toni, Bill, Dick, or Harry. Dramatic Club: Hiking Clubg Volley Ball '4Og Basketball ,4Og Soccer '39g Favorite Sport-Horseback Riding. David Slepian David has a hobby which is a little rare, Talking to strange girls is on his bill of fare, He hopes to be a physicist in soine fntnre day, Bnt his attention now is on the oboe which he can play. Editor-in-Chief, S e n i o r journalg A. A. A.g Home Rooin Presidentg Bad- minton Clubg Orchestra Ag All-City Qrchestrag VVooclwincl Quintetg Favor- ite Sport-Tennis. Marian Jayne Smolin Marian loves a ball to roll, For her chief sport is to bowl, To this grey-eyed, cnrly-locks, We add the trait of chatterbox. Beginning Type Club, Photography Clubg Volley Ball '38, '39, l4Og Soccer '39, Basketball '38, '39g Mushball '38, '39g Hobby-Swiininingg F a V o r i t e Sport-WSvvi1n1ning. Ruth Spokane Rath Spokane won her fain-e lfVhile baking an apple pie, She took a bite, found the ernst very light, And said, "kVhat a good cook ani I." 12A Hall Patrolg Foreign Policy' 7 H i k in g Clubg Shakespeare Clubg Basketball '4Og Hobby-Cookingg Fa- vorite Sport-Baseball. Johnston E. Wiley Jolznstonls our inon about school, At social fnnctions found, Going here and going there, He snre cloes get aronzzd. Libraryg Biologyg Aviationg Green Keyg Pan American Clubg Favorite Sport-Golf. jk ay df 77 QI? 830172 2 5 O Teacher--Mr. john B. Coyne Officers President . .,....... .A.,,,...,..A., . . ........ Raymond Stevenson Vice 'I'1'esident .,... ...,,.,.,.,....,.. I ack Berman Secretary .........,.,........ .,.,...... C ertrude Cooke Student Council ............... ....i,.,...,.. L ouis Conroy Social Representative .......,. ,...4,..,.,.,,,, M anuel Zweig Foreword Representative ...., Lewis Baker Alias--" Curly" Usually-11 Ihffllf Vocafiozz-Trnmzt officer lnterelzlss Bzlsketball '39, '40g Inter- class Mnshbzillg Hobby-Fisliingg Fa vorite Sport-vlee Skating. Frank Basille Alias-"Piz"' A LZXIIUNA'-fldllfjlllfj around V0fUfI'0ll-Yidillll' Bzlslcetballg Footbnllg Swinnning. Ernest Bendzsuk flliax-f'U1z1e" Usually-Lain Vomtia11-1ij'firia11fy m'pe1ft J Lusiness Service Guildg Hobby- Stznnp Collecting: Favorite Sport- Baseball. , .,..... Ben zunin Kruinllolz jack Berman -rllias-"J. Hvrnmzz Bl?l"1lLCl'IlU Iyjltllllj'-SL'Fl'I with Jean Sigal Vomiion-Cariificd Public Accountant Vice President of Home Roomg .fXviation Clubg Hall Patrolg Library Clubg Swinnningg Tennis. 'Thomas Boyle Alias-'AT011'L" fT.YIl-Ulfj'-RUI'.Ylllg fill? roof I'y0fllfl0'lI1C0llfVflff07' llnsketballg Football: Boxingg Soc- cer: Softbullg Hobby-Gardening. Antoinette Bracalielly Alias-"To11i" Ifxzlally-Xl grami girl Vomfiofz-Tyfvist Social Represenlativeg Business Ser- vice Guild. 78 Ray Carolla A Iic1.s'--"Heels" U 5nally+Hcwir1g fun Voco1'io114Offic'e worker Social Representativeg S t u d e n t Council: Secretary of Home Roomg Business Service Guildg Footballg Bas- ketballg Softballg Swimming. joe ciuo Alias-"Joe" Usually-Sleejving VOK'fZl'l0lI-BOOIEIZGBPC7' lnterclass Miushballg Interclass Bas- ketball. joseph Cohen Alias-"Joe"' U Snally-llf ith the girls Vocation-Aeronantical engineer Treasurer of Classg Aviation Clubg Hobbies-Football, Mushball, Swim- ming, and Tennis. Louis Conroy Alias-"Bud' Usually--lVi1'lz Gibliie Vocation-l1fleo'icine Group B3 Social Representativeg Swimmingg Tennis. Gertrude Cooke Alias-"C oolc1'e" U .molly-VV orking Vocotion-Sten.ografJher Secretary of Home Roomg Charity Clulmg Business Service Guildg Basket- ball '4Og Volley Ball '40, ,41. Thelma Coughenour Alias-"Cokie" Usual l 31-H el ping Vocation-Social worker Business Service Guild. Louis D'Angelo Allies--"Lon" U snally-Doirfzg sornething Vocatio11-Departntent store manager Business Service 'Cruildg Interclass Mushball. '79 Lucy D'Ange1o Alias-"Lon" Usually-Busy Vocatlorz-Worrrarz executive Art Clubg H-obby-Collecting Pho- tographs. Mildred Depew .dlias-"Moo" Usually-Looking cnte Vocation-Marriage Business Service Guildg Basketball '4Og Volley Ball '4lg Hockey '4O. Albert Di Febto Alias-"Alu Usually-Noisy- Vocation-Bookkeeper Interclass Basketballg Interclass Softballg Favorite Sports - Football and Basketball. Leonard Di Giosio Alias-"Len" Us'nally+SnfLlling Vocation-lllodel for tooth paste ads Hobby - Collecting Popular Rec- ordsg Favorite Sports-Basketball and Volley Ball. William Edward Gable, jr. Alias-"Bill" Usnally-Behind stage Vocation-Theatricrzl technician Stage Crew. Elizabeth Ann Gallagher Alias-"Peanuts" Usually-Eating peannts Vocation--Owner of a peanut plant Hockey H395 Basketball '39g Hobby -Collecting Snapshots. Marilyn Gordon Alias-'ILynn" Usnally-Charrnlng Vocation-Fntnre Hollywood starlet Library Club 3 Advance Knitting Clubg Dramatic Clubg Volley Ball '39, '4Og Soccer '39g Mushball ,385 Basket- ball '4Og Swimming '37, Louise V. Grant Alias-"Lon" Usually-Studying Vocation-Star on Broadway A c t i v i t y Representativeg Chess Club, Junior Leaders, junior Chorus, Ur-chestra Ag French Club, Volley Ball '37, '38, '39, Mushball '39, Bas- ketball '38, '39, '40, Hockey '40, Swimming '38g junior Dramatics' Knitting Club. - 7 William Hafer A Iias-"B eetf' Usnallye-Day drearning U V 0Cdfi01'l-M echanical engineer Student Councilg journal S t a ff g Microscope Club, Hi-Y, Hall Patrol, Intramural Sportsg Footballg Basket- ball, Softball, Tennis. Dorothy Hagan Alias--"Dot" U sua! Z y-S well VOCGf1.011-P1'lUGfC secretary HOlDblSSfSWllllllllllg, Dancing, Ten- nis, and Basketball. Edith Hanna Alias-"Edie" Usually-Talking with Lon V0cati0nMNnrse Student Council Q B io l o g y Clubg Hiking Clubg jewelry Club, Volley Ball '38, '39, Musliball '39, Basketball '38, '39, Hockey '40, Tennis '4Og Swimming. Sara Harris Alias-"Harry" U snail y-ill ak-ing 11 ju gynz l70caz'io11,-Beautician Hobby-Music. Agnes Hernon Alias-J'Aggie" U snally-H appy Vocation--Personnel manager Hobbies-Dancing and Swimming. William Hipkiss Alias-"Hippy" Usually-In hot wafer Vocation-Railroader Hobbies-Saving Silver and Danc- ing, Favorite Sport-Swimming. Rita Hotz l4Iias-"Red" U sua! I y-R eadin g Vocation-Literary critic Business Service Guild, Volley Ball '41, Swimming '4lg Tennis '4l. Margaret Kalinyak Alias-"KaIIy" Usually-Talking with friends Vocation-Telephone operator Beginning Type Clubg Girls' Photo- graphy Clubg Volley Ball '39, '4Og Bas- ketball '393 Soccer '39g Hobbies- Radio and Dancing. Symoine Kamin Alias-"Si" Usually-On! of the room A Vocation-illedicine journal Staff: Latin Club, Biology Club, Violley Ball '403 Tennis '4Og Soccer '39: Mushball '39, Helen Klein ,-Il1'c1s-f'Cl1erk0" Usually'-WWII the boys i70Cfll'f01I-fi7'l1Lj' llostess Business Service Guildg Volley Ball '41, Bennie Krumholz Alias-f'Lefz'y" DTSIICIN-X"'LV07'l'j'iIlfj about .vonneflzing Vera!i011-Plzarnzafist' lforeworcl Representative: Hall Pa- trol, Aviation Club: Library Clubg Swimming, Mnshballg Basketball. Agnes Eileen Lydon A I ias-"D i 111, pl es" ' Usnalfye-Looking pretty Vocation-Uivrarian Volley Ball '40, '41, H o b b i e s- Dancing, Violley Ball, and Skating. W 80 Y A Florence Rice Alias---"Flo" Usually-Takillg filings vary Vomfi 011-TV'I':fC Vrcsifleiit of Home Roomg Foreword Representative: l,ilvrary Clubg Dra- matic Cflubg Safety Clubg Hall Patrolg Chorus: Yolley llallg Musliball. Edward I. Smith flfins--f"S'11ziffyi' Z's1ruIIj'4TaIlc1'1zg Vv06'1IfI.l?1IfCF1'llQfI.Clf Public xlrcozuzfant lnlerclass Basketball '39, '4Og Inter- class Xluslilmall 89. '40: Hobbies- Printing' and Developing Pictures, Ice Skating. Anne Spencer Alias-"C0m1I0s.f" Uszzally-Powdcrivzg her 11050 I'0f'Clfl.0II-B1lSl'1I6SS 'womaii Group .Ng Vice President Book Room Club. Raymond Stevenson Alias-t'Stezfic" U molly-Discussiaazg sports Vocation-Busiimss man President of Home Roonig Student Councilg Business Service Guildg Cap- tain Senior Volley Ball Team. Manuel Zweig .4I1'as-"Mike" U sually-Playiizg tcmzis V'0f'Hfl'0'll-E71gi1l6U7 Social Representative: Tennis Clubg Junior Tennis Teamg Senior Tennis Team '39, '4l. -..S c 00172 .953 D Teacher-Miss Elizabeth Wagenknecht Officers President ..4....4..... ...,...,.......,...,.......,.,............ R ichard Ford Vice President .,..... ...,.......,..,........ I oseph E. Schaffel Secretar5 '.4.........,,.,........ .,.,... S hirley Sheffler, Esther Katz Student Council ....4.........,... .,...,...r....,.,,..... h llurray J. Shapiro Social Representative ....,,...... .,.....,,..,..,.,.,,.,...,... bl ean R. Azen Foreword Representative ,,....... Barbara Abrams Lozfable . . . tall . . . light brown lzair . . . alert . . . recognizes respoiisibility . . . wizfacioas . . . able leader . . . good coiwermtioizalist . . . fasciizatiiig . . . loads of fini. Dramatic linglishg Property Chair- mang Make-Up Committeeg Voice Group B3 Aviation Clubg Shakespeare Clubg Fntre Nousg Hall Patrolg Flo- cution Cluhg Sigma Iota. Alan Stanton Abramson Little boy, big brain . . . stable and de- pendable . . . eoitimeitdable persever- ance . . . industrious and aaibitioiis . . . a lad wlzo's going places. Dramatic English: Class Playg Pre- sident of Pan American Clubg Radio Clubg Physics Clubg Chess Clubg Hall Patrol: Voice B. ......,.Margery Rheta Finkel Sylvia Amdur Sparkling f7l'7".Y0'7l0lllf1V . . . 5 ft., 3 iii. bit of lorfeliizess . . . flowing lzrowa wavy lzair . . . 'Z'l-'ZlllCl01lr.S' . . . typical Allderdice girl . . . indastrioiis, iiztelligeilt, ambi- tions. Secretary of Graduating Classg Co- lfditor of Forewordg School Page Re- porter: journal Statig Class Playg Pre- sident of French Clulbg Sigma lota' firoup 'Hg Senior Leaders. J jean Rachelle Azen Tall . . . rolorfal . . . an eye for style . . . fvrogressirfe . . . loads of spirit . . . lll'5I'gII.S' dresses , . . interesting and in- gl'lII.0ltX ideas. Dramatic ling-lishg Social Represen- tativcg Foreword Representativeg Stu- dent Councilg Dramatic Clulig Art Club: Debate Clubg Volley Ball '38 B2 U 'W W H Helen Jeanne Bachrach Flower-like beauty . . . dark, dark hair and ivory skin . . . clear brown eyes . . . tinkling laugh . . . gracious . . . inore than her share of brains. Dramatic English, Class Play Cast: Sigma Iota, Art Club, junior Leaders, Foreword Staff, Applied Music, Vol- ley Ball '38, '39, '40, '41, Basketball '38, '39, '40, '41 , Tennis '38, '39, '40, '41, Elaine M. Brown Diniinutizfe genius . . . cute and clever . . . well-liked for her tactfulness . . . agreeable .... s unny sniile . . . ferhininity mthout fuss. Dramatic English - Property Com- mittee ot Class Play, Journal Staff, Aviation Club, Sigma lota, French Club, Biology Club, jewelry Club, Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrol, Applied Music. William S. Chemes A light hearted, happy-go-lucky fellow . . . entertaining . . . a born clown . . . good-natnred, genial joker . . . definitely fun to have around. President of Home Room, Vice Pre- sident ot Home Room, Intramural Sports-Basketball '39, '40, Softball '39, '40. Stella I. Dragan Tall, slender . . . light-hearted and gay . . . charniing, cheerful conipanion . . . agreeable . . . she likes everyone, and everyone likes her. Dramatic English, Volley Ball '41, Margery Rheta Finkel A whirl of skirts, dancing feet . . . boundless enthnsiasni . . . spontaneous chatter . . . irrepressible giggle . . . per- petual niotion . . . vibrant, sparkling personality. Class Play Cast, Sigma Iota, Or- chestra A, Foreword Representative, Ra-dio Club, Vice President of Home Room, Tennis '40, '41 , Volley Ball '40, '41, Basketball '39, '40. Dorothy jean Firth Athletieally inclined . . . energetic and active . . . keen, alert niind . . . 'willing to help . . . nierry . . . inodest and un- sophisticated . . . sterling character. S e n i o r Leaders Clubg Foreword Staff, Journal Representative, Les Amis Francais, Aviation Club, Know- Your4State Club, Hiking Club, Le Cercle Francais, Voice Groups A, B, C, Dramatic English, Volley Ball '40. '41, Mushball Manager '39, Basketball '40 Ralph M. Fisher Sir feet, two inches of lazy, charniing nonchalance topped by wavy black hair . . . optinzist . . . he's happy about the whole thing. Class Play Cast, A. A. A., Secretary of Home Room. Richard W. Ford Laughing gray-blue eyes . . . enchanting grin . . . snrrealistic ties . . . tall, blond, 'n' definitely handsonze . . . jaunty, care- free nzanner . . . easy-going e.i:ecu-tive. President of Home Room, Journal Staff, Class Play Cast, Green Key, lflall Patrol, Microscope Club, Safety Quiz. Judith C. Gatz Unassnniing . . . disarniingly natural . . . clear, frank gaze . . . quiet but friendly . . . e.rpert clarinetist . . . newer seen anywhere ruithont Bernie nearby. Class Play Cast, Hall Patrol, Fore- word Representative, French Club, jewelry Club, Band Ag Hockey '40, Basketball '40, Volley Ball '4l. Leona Goldstein Pretty face, chestnut hair . . . quiet and efficient . . . a snzile that's full "of 7k'fIl'llIflI . . . responsirie and friendly . extreniely likeable. Class Play Usher, Hall Patrol, Bu- siness Service Guild, Hiking Club, Shakespearean Club, lfl o c k e y '39, Yolley Ball '38, '39. 1 Gene Gottlieb Striking blonde beauty . . . sliin and willowy . . . low, husky voice . . . elegant wardrobe . . . cool, calni, 'n' collected . . . devastating attractiveness . . . watch out, boys! Dramatic English Classg Student Manager of Class Playg Knitting Clubg Junior Leadersg Social -Representativeg Lunch Patrolg L-atin Clubg Biology Clubg Sigma lotag Voice Group B5 Hall Patr ol g President of Home Roomg Basketball '40g Soccer '40'Z Volley Ball '40, '4lg Tennis '40, '4l. Harriet Rosalyn Gusky Sense of hunior accouipanied by an in- fectious chuckle . . . frolicsoine . . . full of fun and good .spirits . . . good-na- tured and friendly. Class Play Castg Knitting Clubg French Club: Stage Door Clubg Li- brary Clubg Dramatic Englishg Lunch Patrol g Latin Clubg President of Home Room. Elinor Ruth Harris Unusual combination of jet black hair and gray-green eyes . . . determined chin . . . poised' and charniing . . . excellent taste in clothes. Q ,Class Play, Student Councilg Ac- tivities Representativeg Radio Club: Orchestra A3 Sigma lotag Violley Ball '39g Tennis '40, '41, Shirley D. Kanenson Hascl eyes, dark hair . . . coinpetent . . . appealing . . . syinpathetic listener . . . sophisticated air . . . loves dancing . . . interested in secretarial work. Make-Up Chairman for Class Playg Doll Dressing for Charity Clubg Busi- ness Service Guildg Orchestra B3 Vol- lev Ball '39. Esther Katz g Clever . . . dependable . . . winsorne ways . . . captivating srnile . . . very adept at sewing . . . loyal friend . . . unusual doinestic ability . . . Qshe can cook, toolj Class Play Castg Foreword Repre- sentativeg Foreword Staflg Journal Stattg A. A. A.g Assistant Secretary of Home Roomg Volley Ball '38, '39, '40, '4lg Mushball '38, '39g Soccer '38, '39 Maurice Leon Katz Clever andcongenial philosopher . . . ranks in the genius category . . . willing to accept his share of work . . . resolute . . . the' kind of fellow you can always count on. Dramatic Englishg Class Play Castg Student Councilg Activities Represen- tativeg Mathematics Clubg History Moving Picture Clubg Physics Clubg Qrchestra Cg Lunch Patrol. Robert V. Klein Brown, wavy hair . . . tenor voice . . . iinpeccably tailored clothes rnan- about-town .... s inoothie . . . dates ga- lore . . . fraternity guy. Dramatic English Class: Class Play Castg President of Boys' Badminton Clubg Sigma Iotag Male Chorusg Voice Group Ag Safety Quizg Vice President of Home Room. Nick Kostiuk ' Ready, willing and able to tackle any- thing and everything . . . eager to help . . . sincere and trustworthy . . . service with a sinile. Foreword Staffg Foreword Repre- sentativeg Class Play Castg Dramatic Clubg Dramatic Englishg Volley Ball '40 Marion C. Kovacs Intellectual, worldly-wise sophisticate . . . candid individualist . . . keen, alert hazel eyes . . . self-assured and capable . . . delightful conversationalist. journal Staifg Dramatic Englishg Class Play Castg Sigma Iotag Biology Clubg French Club, Foreword Repre- sentativeg Hall Patrol, Elocution Club. Bernice D. .Lewis Sleek brunette with a lovely oval face . . . fascinating chatterbox . . . refresh- ing personality . . . lively . . . spirited gaiety . . . bubbling with vivacity . . . she's tops.. Bookholder of Class Play, Knitting Clubg Dramatic Clubg French Club. Betty Lipsky Auburn hair and bright blue eyes . . . a good worker . . . agreeable, anxious to please ..., jovial . . . a friend indeed. Class Play Bookholderg Hall Paitrolg Hiking Clubg Business Service Guild. Yvonne Lucille Loftus Innocent baby face franied by burnished coppery curls . . . tiny and lovable . , . sweetness personified . . . sugar 'n' spice 'n' everything nice. Class Play Castg Dramatic Clu-bg Sio- cial Representativeg Co-Chairman of Home Room Committeeg Basketball '40, '41. Elizabeth L. Malatesta Dark, curly hair . . . sweet face . . . petite, shy and gentle . . . rnodest . . . industrious little thinker . . . quiet and dependable. Dramatic Englishg Sewing Club: President of Girls' Photography Clubg Soccer '38, '39g Hockey '40g Volley Ball '38g Baseball '39, '4Og Mushball '39 Laura Gloria Messineo Rare, flashing sinile that lights up her whole face . . . tiny . . . unaffected . . . earnest and sincere . . . loyal . '. . spirit of co-operation. Class Play Cast., Dramatic Clubg Business Service Guildg Social Repre- sentativeg Basketball '4O. Emma Nelson Tall, exquisite beauty with queenly car-- riage . . . cool, calin blue eyes . . . un- ruffled poise . . . charining serenity . . . ineticulous grooniing . . . future John Powers' inodel. Class Play Castg Microscope Clubg Volley Ball '39. Maxine Sylvia Rauch Tall . . . cluster of reddish brown curls . . . energetic . . . always hustling . . . ready to offer services . . . usually occupied withsonie task . . . a good trouper. l Library Clubg Hall Patrolg Sigma lotag Type Clubg Lunch Patrolg Dra- matic Flnglishg Property Committeeg Volley Ball '39, '40, Basketball '39, '40, Betsy Ann Ross ' ' A glory of shoulder-length titian hair . . . deceptively denture face . . . soft voice . . . elfin charin . . . typical sub-deb. Foreword Stafig Dramatic English, Usherg Junior Leadersg Hiking Club, Stage Door Clubg Soccer '39g Tennis '4Og Basketball '39, Volley Ball '38, '39, joseph E. Schaffel - i Curly-top . . . energetic and resourceful leader . . . versatile . .' . sinall in stature but tops in brain power . . . witty . . . personality plus. Co-Editor of Forewordg Journal Statfg Dramatic Englishg Class Play Castg Les Amis Francaisg Physics Clubg Sigma Iotag Band A. 'W' 4 1 Murray J. Shapiro Competent and level-lzeaclecl . . . like-- able, interesting to talk to . . . clean-cnt good looks . . . "Spring Fever" star . . . 'zol1al"s Robert Taylor got that "Sonny" lzosift? Class Play Castg Student Councilg Safety Quizg Foreword Staffg Vice President of Sigma Iotag Green Keyg Les Amis Francaisg Psychology Clubg Sportsmanship Club. Shirley Z. Sheffler Brown eyes trcrialeling with suppressed inerrinient . . . nose that crinkles up when she laughs . . . tactfnl and syinpa- thetic . . . charzning . . . intelligent. Foreword Staffg Journal Staffg Sec- retary of Home Roomg Class Play Cast: Foreword Representativeg Fenc- ing Clubg Dramatic Clubg Sigma Iotag Tennis '4Og Student Council. Dorris M. Simmons Slight build . . . quiet . . . cultured . . . patrician air . . . agile . . . sports en- thusiast . . . delicate charan . . . graceful carriage . . . an enjoyable companion. journal Staffg Foreword Staffg Dra- matic Englishg Dressing Dolls Clubg French Clubg lewelry Clubg Voice A, B3 All-City Chorus 3 Soccer '39g Hockey '39, '40g Volley Ball '38, Richard M. Spitz Born intellect . . . sincere . . . man of the 'world . . . good-looking . . . up to the minute in fashion . . . level-headed . . . typical business executive. Student Council: Dramatic Englishg Class Play Castg A. A. A.g Journal Staffg Debate Teamg Lunch Patrolg Home Room Presidentg Sigma Iotag Badminton Club. Everett E. Stewart ' Tall, broacl-shouldered basketball whiz . . . nntrou-bled blue eyes . . . nonchalant . . . sense of hunior . . . "Stew's" an all- "round good fellow. Foreword Staffg Dramatic Englishg Class Play Castg Foreword Represen- tativeg Senior Leaders Clubg Micro- scope Clubg Basketball Clubg Tennis ,4Og Basketball '41, Sylvia Weiner Tiny and amicable . . . helpful . . . jovial . . . blue eyes . . . dark curly hair . . . good things conie in sinall packages. Class Playg Make-Up Committeeg Shakespearean Clubg Hiking Clubg Volley Ball 'SSQ Basketball '38, 86 00142 2 - Teachers-Mrs. Lois M. Marshall, Miss Agnes Kerr Officers President .,..,.......,...,,,,..,....,........,...,....,................,.,....... Mary Anthony Secretary ..,........... ,..,.......... I ack Forbes Treasurer .,....,...,.,.....,. ...4 ,,........ D a vid Eyman Student Council ,..,..........,. Social Representative ....,.,.... Foreword Representative ,.,.,. Florence Angel "And the Angels Sing" Last Worfls-"Tl1is was heavenly." M otlo-"J ast be a lady or a gentleman." Mad'e to be-A famous singer Hzall Patrol, Group Ag Girls' Chor- ale. Mary Burnham Anthony "A Pretty Girl ls Like a Melody" Last Words'-Siglz.' Sala! Sniff! CN0 wordsj M Otto-"K eep smili11.g." lVIade to be-A singer 12A Class President, Home Room President, A. A. A., President of the Senior Leaders Clubg Group Ag Girls' Chorale, Swimming '38, Hockey '39, '40, Basketball '38, '39, '40, '41 g Volley Ball '38, '39, '40, '4l. ...........Marvin Sleisenger ..,....Marillyn McCulloch ..,....,...Wilbur Hansen Ruth L. Anthony "You Stepped Out of a Dream" Last PVords-"Alma Mater, I'll never forget you." Motto-"Tlwre's always a silver lining." Made to be-A nurse journal Staff, Secretary of A. A. A.g Sigma lotag Treasurer of Senior Leadersg Rifle Club, Hockey '39, '40, Basketball '38, '39, '40, '41, Volley Ball '38, '39, '40, '4lg Mushball '38, '39g 'lfennis '40, '4l. Irwin Broner "Southpaw Serenade" Last lfV0rds-"It was a swell place." .Motto-'ffust relax." Made lo be-A S3'11"lfJll0lllC musician Orchestra A. Roslyn Arnowitz "Sweet Is the VVord for You" Last Words-"The happiest years of iny' life." M otto-"C onfncins say-" Made to be-Snccessfnl Student Council, Social Representa- tive, Hall Patrol, Tennis '41, Micro- scope Club, Chess Club. Harriet W. Boozell "With a Smile and a Song" Last Words-"I'Il iniss Gronp A." Motto-"Know something, do sonie- thing, be something." Made to be-A concert singer Foreword Staff, Group A, Girls' Chorale, Hall Patrol, Senior Leaders, V-olley Ball '38, '39, '40, '41, Swimming Team '38, Basketball '40, '41, Soccer '38, '393 Hockey '39, '40, Mushball '40, '41. Herbert Cantor "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" Last Vl7orcls-"ffl like to teach here." Ilflotto-"Inst keep plugging." illade to be-A cheinistry prof. A. A. A., Chess Club, Microscope Club, Sigma Iota. V Jeanne A. Crowe "Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair" Last W'ords-"Now I can relax." Motto-"Get soinetlzing clone." Zllade to be-A No. l Ainerican artist Hall Patrol ,Voice A, Girls' Chorale, Microscope Club, Sportsnien Club, Volley Ball '38, '39, '40, '41, Soccer '38, '39, Hockey '40, '41, Mushball '40, '41 3 Basketball '40, '41, Tennis '40. Lucille A. Deily "All This and Heaven, Too" Last Words-"Boat jonr!" M otto-"Faithful forever." Made to be-An artist par excellence Senior Leaders, Art Club, Soccer '37, '38, Hockey '39, '40, Vlolley Ball '39, '41, Basketball '39, '40, '41, Mush- ball '39, Tennis '40, Yearbook Illus- tration, Class Play Scenery, Hall Pa- trol. David H. Eyman "Let's Be Buddies" Last Words-"The shortest four years of iny life." Motto-"Work inakes the world go 'ronnd." Made to be--An electrical engineer Treasurer of Home Room, President of Fencing Clubg I-Ii-Y, Orchestra A. jack W. Forbes "I Didn't Know What Time It Was" Last W01'd5-lrD07l,l know how I dial it" M ottoQ"Wliy worry?" Blade to be-An ariny air corps pilot Senior Leaders, Secretary of Home Room, Green Key, Safety Club, Foot- ball '38, '39, Intramural Activities- Basketball and Soltball, F a v o r i t e Sports-Football and Basketball. Wilbur V. Hansen "Music, Maestro, Please" Last W0i'rl.s-"Coitlcli1't be sweeter." Motto-"Let's go dancin', with Vlfill Hansen." Maile to be-An orchestra leader -Iournal Staff, Foreword Represen- tative, R a fl i o Club, Photography Club, Orchestra A, I-lobbies-Aviation and Photography. 88 Y "W" 'F Walter Hofmann "Call Me Happy" Last lflfords'-"Seine day we'll beat lrVestinghouse." Motto-"Tlie bigger they are, the harder they fall." Marie to be-A great, big, husky foot- ball hero Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol, Hi-Y, Senior Leader-s, Rifle Club, Football '39, '40, Volley Ball '40. Sidney Klein "You Can Depend on Me" Last IV ords--"l t was grand." lllotto-Hllforlc hard," Made to be-A success at anything Hall Pat r o l , Photography Club, Chess Team, Group A, Male Chorus. joseph N. Lazzaro UVVhatcha Know, Aloe?" Last lifoifds-"Wo2e".' I did it." llflotto-"Enjoy life." Made to be--A well-paid shop foreiuan Stage Crew, Band, Lunch Patrol, Gymnastic Club. Anna Lebanik "Little Girl" Last W01'llS-fl7'1lGl1lCS for everything." illotto-"Always prepared." Made to be--An efficient secretary Type Club, Shakespeare Club, Vol- ley Ball '38, '39, '40, Mushball '39, '40, Tennis '40, Soccer '39, '40, Basketball '38, '39, '40. Gladys joelle Levinson '4Gee, But You're Swell" Last W ords-"Farewell." M otto-"M alee progress." llfade to be-A theatrical star Radio Dramatic Club, Psychology Club, Safety Club. A. Donald MacLean "Music Maker" Last Word.s-4"l ean't believe it's true." Motto - "Live right a ii d you'll b e happy." lllade to be-A gifted musician Band A, Orchestra A, Tech Or- chestra, Swimming '37, Hobby- Music. Robert M. Markley "Thrill of a Lifetime" Last lfVorclsf"I1' took effort." llflotto-"Stay in there and pitch." .Made to be-A big business nian Social Representative, Hall Patrol, Senior Leaders, Hobby-Sports. Marillyn A. McCulloch "My Dancing Lady" Last Words-"G'bye, now." illotto-"Laugh and the world laughs with you." Made to be-A dancer Social Representative, Hall Patrol, Group A, Girls' Chorale, Secretary of Senior Leaders, Make-Up, Basketball '40, '41 , Volley Ball '39, '40, '41, Swim- ming Team '38, Mushball '39, '40, '4l. Betty C. Mervis .. "Betty Coed" Last Plforrls-"I'll always have iny Journal ." lliotto-"Neat as a pin." .Made to be-Admired Vice President, Treasurer of Photo- graphy Club, Le Cercle Francais de Victor Hugo. Donald J. Middleman "Don't Ever Change" Last lfV07'ClX-ahlyllflll goes on?" llffotto-'Illialee the world a little brighter." Made to be-A siieressful inusic dealer journal Staff, Chess Club. C. Robert Miller "l've Got a One-Track Mind" Last Llf'0l'd5-Ulllllll, I ean't bear it." Molto-"One thing at a time." Made to be-Another Clorenve Darrow President ot Senior Leadersg Radio Dramatic Club, Band A: Basketball Club: Manager ot Basketball Team '40, '4l3 Cheer Leader. Manuel Miller "Do l VVorry?" Last lflfords-"It's all over now." Motto-"Inst take it in its stride." Made to be-A swing band leader Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Biology Club: Microscope Clubg Chess Clubg Physics Clubg Voiceg Tennis '39, '40. Dorothy Mitchell "Little Bit of Heaven" Last Words-"5'o long!" Motto-Golden Rule Made to be-A dress designer Girls' Photography Club. David N. Oppenheim "I Haven't Time to Be a Millionaire" Last lfVords-"Boy! Whatta life!" Motto-"Anything you do, do well." Made to be-An industrialist Jo u r n al Staffg Foreword Staffg A. A. A.3 Chess Clubg Tennis '40, '41. Elinore S. Pearlman "Did You Ever See a Dream Walking?" Last Words-"W'l1at now?" M otto-"Keep everything under con- trol." Made to be-Fainous Sigma Iota, Dramatic Clubg French Clubg Biology Clubg Volley Ball '38, '39, '40, '4lg Basketball '38, '39, '40, '41 3 Soccer '39, '40, Hockey '40, Mush- ball '39, '40g Tennis '40. Betty jane Porter "On the Sentimental Side" Last Wo1'cl.s-"lt was wonderful." lldotto-"Owe a friend, always a friendf' rldode to be-Eddie's Sewing and Tatting Club. Robert Reich "O, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning" Last Worcls-"Doii't wake ine up to- morrow." Motto-"Be good, and no one will bother yon." lldade to be-A prosecuting attorney Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Rifle Club: Tennis '4lg Swimming '39g Soc- cer '38 john R. Ridosh "Never Took a Lesson in My Life" Last Words-"It wuz a breeze." Motto-"More play, less work." lllade to be-A flagpole sitter Aviation Clubg Stage Crewg Drums- Music, Footballg Trackg Hobby-Pho- tography. Ruth Robins "Ain't She Sweet" Last Words-"AIla'erdice was marvel- ous." M otto-"Be sweet." Made to be-A renowned musician Safety Clubg Group A, Girls' Cho- rale, Instrumental Trio, Sextet. Jeanne S. Rush "Well Be Lost Without You" Last Words-"lXlo inore 'rush'ing." lldotto-"Work keeps you fit." Made to be-An artist of international fame Art Clubg Student Council 3 Fore- word Staffg journal Staffg Stage Scenery. Marvin Herbert Sleisenger "All the Tliings You Arel' Last DVorcls-"I'll sure inlss this place." Motto-"Give it all you'we got." Made to be-A famous surgeon Secretary of Student Councilg Fore- word Staifg Journal Stafig President of A. A. A.g Captain of 7th Period Hall P a t r ol g President of Sigma Iota: Physics Clubg Biology Clubg Senior Leaclerg Sports Announcer. Helen Snader "You Should Be Set to Musicl' Last W ords-"I can't forget you." Motto-"If at first you clon't suc- ceedy-" lllade to be-A swiugster Radio Dramatic Clubg Safety Clubg Activity Representativeg Psychology Clubg Volley Ball '38 Alvin C. Unger "Yours for a Song" Last Words-f'Noto what'll I do?" lllotto--"Take it easy." Made to be-A1nerica's foremost jewel- 61' Hall Patrol: A. A. A,g Male Chorus, Group Ag Soccer '38g Senior Leaders. Eileen Van Maele "You Darlin' " Last Words-"I t was a tough fight." M otto-"A stitch in tune-" Made to be--So1neone's sweetheart Hall Patrolg Crocihetingg Aviation 3 Home Economicsg Basketball '4Og Volley Ball ,40. William Wachtel "You've Got What It Takes" Last Words-"Sl o long, 462." Motto-"Understand the basic concept." Made to be-A research chernist Chemistry Clubg P h y s i c s Clubg Microscope Club. Thomas E. Williams "The Wlandering Boy" Last Words-"At last it happened." illotto--"Don't over-exert yourself." Made to be-A business vnan Senior Leaders Clubg Vice President of the Green Keyg Hi-Yg Intramural Activitiesg Favorite Sports-Baseball and Basketball. William A. Yahr "O'h! Red!" Last lfV01'ds-'Tin all finished." Motto-"If he can do it, so can I." Made to be-Star salesinan Senior Leadersg Science Clubg Soc- cer '38g Intramural Volley Ball '405 Trackg Favorite Sports - Basketball and Baseball. 00172 .264 1 - Teacher-Miss Florence Barkley Officers President ..,....,.,....... ................ ..,........ R o bert George Vice President .e..e..... Secretary-Treasurer ..... Student Council ..,.....,....... Social Representative .........,... Foreword Representative ....... Bill Adams ' "Bill's" hair is browrz, his eyes are gray, He's just a little shy,' He struius ou a guitar, they say- He'll be fauftous by and by. Boys' Cooking Clubg Aviation Club, Favorite ball. Anita Alman All archaeologist she'll be, And delve into the distaut pastg And from her great thirzgs will see,' life leuow she'll reach her goal at last. Psychology Club, Entre Nousg Sig- ma Iota, War Relief Knitting Club Foreign Policy, Art Appreciation. Rifle Club S p o 1' t s- Swiniming, Rifle Shooting, and Basket- .....,..,.Philip Brostoff ...Seymour Sikov .......Marjorie Marcus ...i,.,Natalie Herrup ...... Ada Bl-ock Clara Baldini Because she is'so blithe and gay Our Clara's liked by all. S he has a very friendly way, This lass so sweet aud siuall. Beginning Typeg Band B3 Basket- ball '39, '4O'g Soccer '39g Volley Ball '39, '4O. Ada Dorothy Block This darling miss with charming ways Ranks very high in our esteem. lflfith her fine record of all A's, No wouder we thiulc she's supreme. Journal Staffg l2B Social Repre- sentativeg 6th Period Hall Patrol, Sigma iota, Type Clubg Volley Ball '39, '40, '4lg Tennis '40, Basketball '39, ,4Og Mushball '39g Soccer '39. 92 "S 'mv' Conrad E. Bloom 'fConnie's" ambition is to write A faznons book or two, And we know he'll be all right In whatever lze inay do. Green Key, Sigma Iota, Foreign Policy, 7th Period Hall Patrol, Fa- vorite Sport-Ice Hockey. Lorraine Althea Boyer Vlfhen yon are sick and need a nurse Lorraine will keep yon front getting worse, For nnrsing is her chosen work, And in this field she'll never shirk, Biology Club, Hall Patrol, Group BZ. Philip Brostoff Here is a boy with intellect, A surgeon he will be. One better we conld not select To get a ineclical degree. Secretary of l2B, Vice President lZA, Bfiology Club, Pan American Club, Chess Team, Hobbies-Coin Collecting. Stamp Collecting, Micro- scopic Slide Collecting. Agnes Chromey If yon lzave need of a stenog Inst call npon our own sweet "kid", At typewriting she is adept, In the business world she'll get ahead. Hall Patrol l2A, Type Club, Senior Leadersg Band Group B, Voice Group B: Swimming '39, Soccer '39, Volley Ball '38, '39, '40, Basketball '39, '40, Mushball '38, '39. Louise E. Comins I don't know what l'll take at college, Bat from these verses yon'll agree, That I haven't any knowledge ln the field of poetry. Art Club, Entre Nous, Debate Club, Hall Patrol, 4th Period, Sigma Iota, Favorite Sport-Badminton. Dorothy Frankel Now lzere's a girl who's got it all, She's sinart and she's attractive. Wlien we need help we know to call The bookrooin where she's active. President of Bookroom Club, Entre Nous, 6th Period Hall Patrol, Secre- tary of Advanced Vllar Relief Knitting Club, Voice A. Charles Fuhrey Gentleinanly, conrteons, Thoughtful, too, and kind, High school days will always serve To bring hiin back to inincl. Favorite Sports-Football, Tennis and Swimming. Robert George Onr president has really clone A lot for 264 , "Doc's" always reacly for sorne fnn And never is a bore. Home Room President l2B, QA, Photography Club, Stage Crew, H1-Y Club, Hobbies-Swing Music, Drums. Edgar Alan Glick p Onr Edgar is a jolly lad And fond of ladies fair, H e's always babbling np with fnn Ana' never knows clnll care. Aviation Club, Safety Driving Club, Male Chorus, A Cappella Chorusg Fa- vorite S p o r t-Swimming, Hobby- M-odel Airplane Designing and Build- ing. Natalie Herrup This lass with hair of eoaly black, Is very pleasing to the eye, For interior decorating she has a knack. VV e predict she'll go qnite high. l2A Social Representative, jewelry Club, Safety Club, Sigma Iota, Tennis '41 , Hobby-Collecting Classical and Swing Records. M- 'sw' '93 Ben Kalser Ben is a new nieinber Of onr Rooin 2-6-4, Bat we will all reineinber Hiin for everniore. Lunch Patrol, Chess Club, Safety Club, Favorite Hobby-Building Mod- el Airplanesg Favorite Sport-Swim- ming. William H. Kane "Bill's" a boy who is a friend, To every one in need. Always a helping hand he'll lend, H e's a fine fellow, indeed! Boys' Cooking Club, Hall Patrol, Favorite Sports-Swimming and Bas- ketball, Hobby-Stamp Collecting. Paul Craig Kaplan Black enrly hair, a gay boyish grin, And yon've got onr ladies' inan, Paid, A fnn loving fellow, the idol of wonien. The Craigiest gay of theni all. Jewelry Club, Dramatic Club, Band Bl , Favorite Sport--Football. ' Aaron Latkin Aaron's a happy-go-lneky lad, Who aninses as with his wit. We never see hini looking sad, With ns he's really niade a hit. Physics Club, Swimming Club, Bi- ology Club, T enn i s , Badminton, Hobby-M o d e l Building, Favorite SportiTennis. ' Phyllis Jeanne Levette A sweet little lass is Phyllis, A good-hearted person, too, And yon know she is fond of fnn Front her twinkling eyes of blne. Fencing Club, Knitting Club, Hob- bies-Volley Ball, Collecting Records. Henrietta Little Swi1nining's this girl's favorite sport, And at this she does excel, She's also good on the tennis eonrt. We think H enrietta's swell. Biology Club, French Club, German Club, Knitting Club, Sports-Hockey and Teaching Swimming in Beginners' Class. Margie Marcus Oar "Marge" is qnite at innsie fan She knows the best in swing, As stndent eonncil she's just grand, She's niade ns bny nfiost everything. Student C o u n c i l , French Club, Safety Club, Hall Patrol. J Wilma Marilyn Marcuson Liked by one and all is "Mal," For she really is a pal, Her clever .styles we all adinire, For fashion drawing is her desire. Art Club, Sigma Iota, Hall Patrol First Period. Comellia R. Naffah Here's the girl whols active When it eonies to Physical Ed, She's also qnite attractive, Froni her toes np to her head. A. A. A., Senior Lea-ders, Vice Pre' siclent Knitting Club, Rifle Club, Jewelry Club, Swimming '33, Soccer '38, '39, Hockey '40, '41, Volley Ball '38, '39, '40, '41, Basketball '39, '40, Mushball '33, '39, Leonore Perlstein "Laura" brightens np the erotvfl Vlfith her cheery' sniilej So of her we are very proud, l7Ve consider her worthwhile. Foreword Staff, Senior Leaders, Book Room , Cercle de Francais, Entre Nous, German Club, Advanced Xhlar Relief Knitting, Tennis '39, '40, Bas- ketball '37, '38, '39, '40, Hockey '39, '4O. Rita joy Price A cheerful, friendly girl is Rita, She really eonldn't be niiieh sweet-a,' We know she'll realize her ainbition, To beeoine a well-known dietitian. French Club, Type Club, Favorite Sports-Ice Skating, Swimming, and Tennis, Hobby-Piano Playing. janet Rosenberg Oar "fan" is really versatile, VV ith paint and brash she's clever, Her looks and very charnzing sniile Will nzake her weleonie ever. Art Club, Social Representative, Foreword Repdrter, Stage Scenery. 94 ' ' 4 y Pierce Ryan Pierce is one who's very shy, H e's quite a brilliant boy, To be an engineer he'll try, And his inventions we'll enjoy. Boys' Cooking Club, Stamp Club, Pan American Club, Hall Patr ol , Track '41, Favorite Sport-Football, Hobby-Archery. Seymour Sikov "Slerk" as he is called by all, Waiitts to be an engineer. Since he's as sinart as he is tall, We know for hini- success is near. Secretary of Home Room, Foreign Policy Club, Mathematics Club, Sigma Iota, Favorite Sports-Tennis, Bowl- ing, and Basketball, Hobbyw-Piano Playing. Thomas Small This boy with hair of auburn red .ls quite a. baseball fan, We're certain he will get ahead, And of the Pirates be headinan. Basketball Club, Ir. Basketball '39, Varsity Basketball ,39, '40. Phyllis Smith Phyllis glides by on her silvery skates, With never a frown to darken her face, If all could be as jolly as she, A happier world, I'1n sure this would be. Library Club, Wlar Relief Knitting Club, Tennis '4l. Alfred Treelisky "Buddy" is the lady's inane- Wilma B. Wagner Blonde hair, blue eyes, That's our "Billie" to a tee, She 'works hard and always tries On the honor roll to be. Crocheting, Le Cercle Francais, Vllar Relief Knitting, Soccer ,39, Bas- ketball '39, '40, ,4l, Hockey '40, Ten- nis '4O, '41, Volley Ball ,39, '40, '41, journal Staff. William R. Weyel He wants to be a pilot, And help our U. S. A. In aviation he'll go high, And be a fainous flier one day. Ritle Club, Hall Patrol, Favorite Sport-Basketball ,' Hobby-Archery. Doris A. Wolfson Here's a lass who's zrharining, And for looks she ean't be beat, "Cause her ntanner's so disar1ning- To know her is a treat. Sewing, Favorite Hobbies-Art, Col- lecting Records, and lee Skating. Carl Worley The football player of our class ls one whonz we adniire, In Science very few surpass Our Carl, who'll go inueh higher. Radio Club, Microscope Club, Hi-Y, Track '38, '39, '40, '41 , Football '38, ,39, '40, Swimming '41, Gym Team '40, He sure is one swell guy, P And he is one who really can . lVlake all the girlies sigh. V ,FQ Boys, Cooking Club, Les Enlants 4' I. cle Victor Hugog Foreign Policy Club, 1' Q '- Book Room Club, Favorite Sports- J . Baseball and Basketball, H o bb y - Classical Records. ' "'- , was t ' 95 W i eem,-.,,, .b, S S eeeeee S 00172 3 Teacher-Miss Leila H. Rupp Officers President .,............ .,,...,...,...,,....... ......,...... D o nald Watt Vice President ........ ...,.........,.., ....... S t uart Leitzell Secretary ..........,.... ..,.,,..... D flartlia Tunell Treasurer .........,...,...,.. ........ M orton Hostein Student Council ...........,.,.,. ..,..,,.., E dith Eisner Social Representative ...,.,..... ,....... R lartha Smith Foreword Representative ......., .,...,. E clitli Eisner Bernice L. Abercrombie jane Burke Have you erfer lzearrl of llle sugar plum She is a picture of delight tree? lfVlzene'er slze gleam.: upon your sightj 'Tis a 7lllIl"Z'Ul of great 7'6'l10'ZUlL,' A lovely appa1'ifi011,.re1zt Also the 'mire of Bernice Abereromlnie To add to all our 1ll67'7'l7'1'Z61Ll. ls fLl71'l0ZlS lI7'0HlItl I'lI6 f0'ZU1l. Chgyaleg Julliol' Leadefgg S en 0 1' Girl Reservesg Art Clubg Group Bg Leaclersg Groups C, B, Ag Swimming Group Ag Volley Ballg Basketball '4Og '38, '39, '40, '41g Hockey '40g Volley Hockey '4O. Rall '4lg Basketball '-103 French Club. 96 Rayngond Chasser Old King Cole was a nierry old soul, A inerry old soul was he: He called for lzis pipe, and he ealled for his bowl, And a song by Rayniond C. Male Chorusg Group Ag Aviation Club. Annette Coryea Once upon a niidnight dreary, while she pondered weak and weary Ozfer niany a quaint and curious riolunie of forgotten lore,' Wlzile she nodded, nearly napping, sud- denly there eanie a tapping- 'Twas her Virgil gently rapping for attention as before. Junior Leaders 3 B i o l o g y Club: French Club, Dramatic Clubg Volley Ball '39, '40, '4lg Basketball '39, '40. Edith Eisner F171 hiding, l"ni hiding, And no one knows whereg For the wrath of the students depicted here Has greatly aroused the author's fear. journal Staffg Student C 0 un c 'il 3 Foreword Representative: Chess Clubg Knitting' Club: Basketball '41g Volley Ball '41. Morton Haas lfVhen he is grown to niaifs estate, He shall be very proud and great. .find tell the other girls and boys Of the schoolboy pranks whieh he enjoys. Student Councilg Senior Leaders: Foreign Policyg Stamp Club, Manager of Swimming' Team '38 Leonard Herrmann Blessings on thee, little nian, Busy boy with wool of tang Destined to be knitter-in-chief For the British War Relief. Microscope Clubg Class Play. Carl Hamburg The gingham dog and the calieo eat Side by side on the table sat. 'Twas half fast twelve, and what do you think? Carl was still trying to raise nioney for the class play. -Silly, isn't it? Business Manager Senior Class Play: Business Manager of the .lournalg Hall Patrol: jewelry Clubg Entered from South Hills lligh School, 11th Grade. Morton G. Hostein lf the day looks kinda gloomy. And your ehanees kinda slinz, Still lVlorton has the power To nzake you cheer up and grin. Treasurer Home Roomg Sportsnien Clubg Dramatic Club: Pan .f'Xmericau Club: Soccer '38, '393 Yolley Ball '4l. Harold Jacobs Haste thee, Jake, and bring -with thee .lest and youthful follityq Then will you reveal to nie The secrets of qualitative elieniistry? Leaders Club, Cross Country '4Og Track '38, Leonard Kholos On the road to Raffydiddle Sits a fiddler with a fiddle ,' Sounds as if it's Lenny Kholos Playing one of his violin solos. Orchestra .Xl .Xll-City fll'Cll6Si1'Zl2 .-Xllderclice String Quartet: .Xll-Stale t lrcliestra. F. Stuart Leitzell I shot an arrow into the air ,' It fell to earth, I know not wheref But north or south, east or west. Stuarfs eonzfvany is the best. Vice President llonu' Roomg Hi-'Y Club: Radio Dramatic Clubg Swim- ming' '36, l37, '33, '39, lmramural Basketball H393 lntramural Yolley I-lall 9 39. 97 Lee Levine :I birdie with a yellow bill Hopfved upon's windort'-sill, Cooked his shiny eye and said, "Turn off that Vie and get to bed." Slurlent Councilg Swimming' Club: Stage Crew: Boys' Cooking' Club: SW'lll1Illlllg' l39g Track '39, David Litman Corning honie on a winter's night, Passing windows warin and bright, lflfe looked through and we eould see Daz1id's snrile as bright as rould be. Chess Clubg Track '39. David Lloyd Bring a eoinb anal play upon it! Marching, here we eonie! Dave will play his violin, We'll all join in and hunt. journal Staff: I-li-Y Clubg Biology Clubg Microscope Clubg Orchestra IX: All-City Orchestra. Larry M. Marcus Have you ever heard of the one-hoss shay? That was built in such a logical way? It ran a hundred years to a day- Reckless driving doesn't pay. -Ask Larry. Student Council: Vice President lZBg Junior Radio Clubg Senior Radio Club: Photography Clubg Safe Driv- ing Clubg Biology Clubg Boys' Cook- ing' Clubg Bancl Ag Tennis ,4O. Murray Minster The queen was in tl1e parlor eating bread and lzoney. The king was in the counting house Counting out his 11l01I63!. Likewise Murray has problems of weight, Trying to keep our Journal books straight. Journal Staff: Group Ag Male Chorusg Radio Dramatic Clubg Psy- chology' Club. Mary McFadden l' ran tell you all about it, Tell you so you cannot doubt it, H ow she dances, our .Mary dances, Ana' attracts admiring glances. Biology Club. Betty Jayne McNelis A1-nong the beautiful pictures That hang on M eniory's wall ls one of 3-5-6's Betty Jayne, That seezneth the best of all. Group A3 Choraleg Library Club: Hall Patrolg Fencing Clubg Volley Ball '40g Swimming ,39. Dorothy Navratil There is a little girl who has a little curl, Right in the middle of her foreheadq And her hair is 'very blonde, and her eyes are very blue, -find Dot's disposition is tops, too. Art Clubg Dramatic Club. Leo P. O'Brien Little Indian, Sioux or Crow, Little frosty Eskimo, Don't you wish that yon could see Lee's athletic ability? Hall Patrolg Photographyg Business Service Guilclg Student Council. Dolores B. O'Han1on Dolores O'Hanlon stays in the halls all day To chase the tardy students and loiterers away, And you think of eutting, look care- fully about A For the Hall Patrol'll git you, you don't watch out. Business Service Guildg Hall Patrolg Doll Dressing' for Charity Clubg Volley Ball '38 ,39. l41g Basketball T585 Bulletin '40, '41, 98 Thelma Parker "tllotlzer, may I go out and swim?" "lies, my darling alaiiglzterf' ltnt few if any display the vim That Tlzelnia does in the water. Mushball Championship '38, '393 Soccer '38, Volley Ball '38, '39, '40, '41 I Vollcy Ball Championship '39, '4l: Swimming' '38, '39g Hockey '39, '40: llockey Championship '40g Basketball '38, '39, '4Og Basketball Championship '40 Joseph C. Pietro .lacle and fill went ap the hill To fetch a pail of water ,' .loe is sure to reach success Xlt least he certainly oughter. Sigma lotag Senior Leaclersg Safety Driving Club: Cooking' Club, Band B. Gloria J. Polis Little drops of water, Little grains of sand, Plfhere Gloria gets her pep lflfe cannot understand. Student Councilg Les Amis Francaisg Physics Clubg Chorale, Group Ag' I-lockey '383 Tennis '40, David Raphael He ain't afearel of snakes or toads, or bugs, or worms, or mice, An' things 'at girls are skeereel of, he thinks are awful nice. In ease you haven't guessed-you see. David likes biology. Hall Patrolg Activities Representa- tive: Library Clubg Microscope Clubg junior Science Club, Book Room Club. Iva Regan Said the table to the chair, "You can hardly be aware Of the nunierous delights Iva's conipany invites." Girls' Photography Club. Florence Reno Animal eraeleers and cocoa to drink, That's the best of sappers, I think ,' Hut when I'ni grown up anal ean have what I please, I'll prefer l7lo's dishes lo any of these. Bulletin: Safe Driving Clubg Voice C, B3 Volley Ball '38, '39, '41, Cyril A. Rombach llenee, loatherl Melancholy, Of Cerberus and blaehest illiflnight born- Vlfhen "lfVheaties" enters any group There is no ehanre to be forlorn. Hall lilatrolg llunch Patrol: Green Keyg Aviation Club: Ran Ticket Ma- chine '38, '39, Ruth G. Schechter Breathes there a boy with soul so dead, PV ho never to liinztself has saizl, "Would that I eonhl always see Gals lilce Riithey after ine!" Pan American Club: British VVar Relief Knitting, Foreword 'Representa- tiveg Volley Ball '39g Baseball '38, '39. Gertrude Schwager Sing a song of six pence, A packet full of rye: Certrude's skill at basketball Is sure to catch the eye. Volley Ball '39, '40: Soccer '39, Bas- ketball '39, '4Og Hockey '4O: Swimming '40, '4l. Eleanor Shuback Haw doth the little busy bee Improve each shining hour? How doth our tiny Eleanore Stay pretty as a flower? Hiking Club, Dressing Charity Club. Dolls fo 1' Y 99 Martha Smith Listen, my chilclren, and you shall hear Martha's voice so bright and clearg An attractive girl-there is no finerg She wants to be a dress designer. Social Representative, K n i t t i 11 g Clubg Foreword Representativeg Voice A, B, C3 Tennis '40, '41g Basketball '393 Volley Ball '39, '40, Herbert Stearns Laugh. and the world laughs with you, VVeep and you weep alone: But when Herlzerfs near you'll shed no tear For his l11l7Il0I' is well known. Lunch Patrolg Home Room Secre- tary, B i o l o g y Clubg Photography Clubg Pan American Club, Safety Driving' Club: Boys' Cooking' Club: Tennis '4O. Robert Steytler l wamlerefl lonely as a cloud That floats on high o'er vales and hills, When all at once I saw a crowd .fldniiring Bergie's diving skills. S e n i o r Leaders Vice Presidentg Swimming Clubg Hi-Y Clubg Swim- ming' Team '33, '39, '41 g Gym Team '39, Martha Tunell .lack Sjrratt could eat no fatty His wife could eat no leang Our Jllarty is the girl for thorn- Her cooking is Sl!f7l'l'7IlP. Home Room Secretary: .'Xviatiou Club: German Club. Florence Vereb Type, Flo Vereb, type with care, Type in the presence of the instructair, Practice hard on your typcwrite-air, And you'll be a secretary, bright and fair. Business Service Guildg Hall Patrol. Donald Watt .lack was ninible, Jack was quick, .lack juinpecl over the caizdlestickg But Donald VV att is our athlete, Two hundred hurdles is his feat. President of Home Roomg Senior Leaders: Aviation Club, Track '37, '38, '39, '40, '41, XL 6 Aw 100 00172 3 L Teacher-Mr. Harry C. Soles Officers President .....,.....,.,..... .,.....,...,.....,.,r. ......,, L i llian Lawrence Vice President ..,,..4....,, ........,.,.,.., ..,4,., H a rold Lainmie Secretary-Treasurer ...,,,. ..... ...,4........ M a ry Moses Student Council ......A.......... ........A............. N Iary Kopka Social Representative ..,s.....,.s ,. ., Margaret Ann Swisher Foreword Representzltire ...,.... ,...,........ Mary Kopka Edward Alexander Melvin Bennett Nicklzazzre-Alex Nif"f'1f'7'7'l-4'-M01 Pe! Peezfe-The Pittsburgh Pirates Pff Pwlff'-Holmfvom U Pet EA'PI'8XSl'0l1-rIW11Gf is it with you?" Pcf Ef1'P"f'-95'07'- Oh, MN! R6l7'L8IlIbU7'6df071HlS sm'z'0riala'1'.rt1"11c- ReW'Cl7l'I7U7'Ud. fm'-H-is big bu-577955 mm fra11saCf10115 Lunch Patrol: Hall Patrolg Foreign Policy Clubg Leaders Clubg Bandg Or- chestrag Soccer '38 Favorite Sports-Baseballg Hockey. Margaret C. Buckley Nick11a111,U-Peggy Betty Bamford Pvt Peew-Riding street mm N ickname-Bammy pct E11-f,W55j0,,,..'fHj,1" Pell Pee7f6iN1fk110mf?-Y U Rc2111e111be1'ed for-Her H.S'f!?'l10ggl1'lgU for Pet Expression-"You'w got me there. Mr. Shaff, Remembered for-He" "ef"0""5e nose Foreword Representativeg Business Hall Patrolg Knitting Clubg Volley Service Guildg Doll Dressing Club: Ball '39g Swimming '38g Tennis '4l. Shorthand Club. 101 Pauline V. Conway N ickuaiue--C ouriie Pet Peeve--People going up the "Down" stairs Pet Expression-"For lieafverfs sake!" Reiueiurbered for-H er clieerfuluess Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Business Service Guild, Jewelry Club, Basket- ball '38, Volley Ball '39, '4O. john Cseselka Nickuauie-Dru11u1zer-boy Pet Peefve-Ouious Pet Ea'pressio1i-"Well, all right."' Reiueuibered for-His jizfiug Hall Patrol, Senior Leaders. Grace june Davis N ickuaiue-f arte Pet Peeve-Beiug teased Pet Expression-" Y e goals!" Reuieiubered for-150 'words a uiiuute Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Cooking Club, .Basketball '39, Lois Laverne Douglass Nickrzame-L0 Pet PUUUC-H07f1IOZU07'iE Pet Exfwressioiz-"Say, now!" Reuieuibered for-Her leadership in athletics Hall Patrol, Doll Dressing Club, Senior Leaders Club, Volley Ball '38, '41, Basketball '38, '40, Soccer '39, Hockey '39, jean Greenberg Nic le-uaiue-I eaurii e Pet Peeve-Gettiug up iu the irzoruiug Pet Expression-"Could be!" Reuieirzbered for-H er dark brown hair Entered from Fifth Avenue H. S., Doll Dressing Club. Gleneva Houghton Nicklzauie-Clerirzie Pet Peeve-Excess ruake-up ou girls Pet Expression-"How asiuirzef' Reiueuibered for-H er fuzzy augora .sweaters jewelry Club, Fencing Club, Voice C Richard Grove Nick-name-Dick Pet Peevfe-George Deptula Pet Expression-"How yfa d0iu'?" Reuierubered for--His curly locks Hall Patrol, Woodcraft Club, Latin Club, Airplane Club, Junior Leaders, Checker Club: Radio Club, Band B, C, H-obbies-Football, Basketball, Volley Ball, and Swimming. Shirley Howorth Nickuaiue-Lee Pet Pee've-Homework Pet Expression-"I thought I'd go out of iuy iuirid laughing!" I? em-e1ubered for - Her technique-ou roller skates Biology Club, Aviation Club, jewel- ry Club, Hockey '39, Volley Ball '39, '41, Basketball '39, Tennis '40, Robert Hull Nickuarne-Speed Pet Peeffe-His brother Pet Expression-"How about that, all right?" Remeiubered for-His clean-cut appear- arice Sportsnien Club, Track '40, '41, Gloria Kamin N i ckuaiu e-P ork y Pet Pee'z1e-Short skirts Pet Expression-"Ham arid eggs." Reiuerrubered for-Her iiiexliaustible wardrobe Hall Patrol, Hiking' Club, War Re- lief Knitting Club. Mary Kopka Nickua1ueHCups Pet Peefve-Jay Leff Pet Expression-"Oh, g'wau!" Remembered for-Her laughing blue eyes Student Council, Foreword Staff, liorevvord Representative, I o u r n a l Staff, Business Service Guild, Basket- ball '40, Volley Ball '39, '40. 102 Burton Harold Kraus lViCk11611143-C1'LlClC67'l Pet Pecvc-Gaposis Pet Ei'f77C.Y.?l01"l-IfCllllllf bc!" Re111e111be1'c1Z for--His lmzgiiude Activity .Representativeg Hall Pa- trol: Bird House Clubg Type Clubg History Motion Picture Club, Sports Clubg Band Ag All-City Band. Harold R. Lammie Nicle11a11w-Hflzifey Pet P68718-lg7'f'llllll 111111' Cillllillll Kilim'- gic and Lill Pet E.1fjJre.rsi0114"F01' 1'c1f'.r .s'11ls4'."' R011'1e111bere1l for-Hir 1'c2I1'1'r'111fP Vice President of Home Room: Hall Patrol: Microscope Clubg Sportsmen Club. Lillian Lawrence N iC187lLZ77'L?-Lil Pet Peeve-Homework Pet Expressiozz-"VVhy, suref' Re111e111bered for-Her energy J President of Home Room, Hall I a- trolg Aviation Clubg Volley Ball '39. Karl Lewin Niclcizame-Peggy Pet Peeve-Girls who are Iwazziifzzl. but dum-b Pct E,rpressio1z-"Oil, fine!" Re11fze11'1bered for-His i11cessa11t puns Lunch Patrolg Journal Staff, Ger- nian Club, Checker Club, Biology Club: Foreign Policy Club: Chorus C. Ann Lipchik Nickname-Lippy Pct P86710-H014167C'01'lC Pet EJL'P1'8.S'Sl071-rlWllGClll6j'0fClIUNI?" Remembered for-Her amz-imation Business Service Guild: Hockey '38 '39, '4Og Volley Ball '39, '40: Basketball '38, '39, '4Og Mushball '38, '39, '4O. Andrew Lisak .N'i1'k11,1111'1c-Wolyf PM P00110-Girls with 0z'l1r'1' boy f1'll71llf.Y Pct II.1'P1'0ss1'o11-" W' 1111161111 know, foe?" RU171fU171bCVCli for - His u1mssu11m1g mamzer Aviation Clubg Soccer '39, Gertrude Litz Al'lffflllllllt'-GC1'flC Pet Pcew-Sizczgs in .rlocleings P01 E.1'f7VCS.9Z-0lliuyllllll' will be llm day." RF'7Il,C1llZ?F7'0ll for-Her jollify Business Service G u i l d 3 Sewing Club: Knitting Club: Crocheting' Clubg Basketball '38, '39g Yolley llall '39, '4Og Hockey '39, '40, Sidney Malitovsky Nick11a11'10--Sin' Pet P6000-Sli1lf7l'tl QHl'.Yl'l0llS 411111 llll- swers Pct E.rp1'essio11-"He's tl c11aractcr." R07llf077lbUVC'll for-His squeaky shoes Stamp Clubg Foreign Policy Clubg Ambitious Nlusicians Club, Orchestra A. Eben Matlis Nick11111110---1W11t Pct PUCUC'-D0g77Z4lflL' fmople Pet E.1'P7'C55l07l-H1105 1'1ll'01ICGi7!IlI?I6'.U I?f111,e1'11bc1'f'1l for--His 1'111'.s'.r playiizg Chess Teaiug Microscope Clubg Hob- bies-Chess, Astronomy, Drainatics. and Track. Hyman Millstone .'X'ifk11f11111'-Hy Pet PP6110-Crzffy girls' Pct E.1'f7FP.Y.Yi0II--Hoklly, you I1ir1l.s'-11 flIOZt.VtlI!lII words!" Re111e111b1rre1l .f01'-Rdlllg 357's Cabafifl CHU Inlmcnv cz 110771 fl l'.unch P a t r o l 3 Microscope Club: German Club, Foreign Affairs Clubl .Xviation Clubg Band A. 103 AMW' ' ' 'AW' Mary Katherine Morgan Nieknaifzie-Kathy Pet Peeve-Boys 'zeitli bad niannerx Pet Expressi0n'J'My goodness!" Renzenfibered for-Her sincerity 'Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol: Jewelry Club: Business Service Guild: Basket- ball '4O: Yolley Ball '39, 340. Mary B. Moses Nicleizaiifies--Smiles, M ese Pet Peeve-Glooiny people Pet E.rPression-'"Honest t' Pete!" Remenilwered for-H er vivacity Student Council: Lunch Patrol: Bu- siness Service Guild. jack Nelligan Nieleizaiiiege-Jack Pet Peeife-H-Illarslzall WiIs0'11's singing Pez' E.1'f7V6SSi07I1r!Hi, mats!" Remenzfbered for-Esta-bIi.s'lzing n new record for Iardiness Hall Patrol: Sportsmen Club: Chess Club. Ruth Elaine Oppenheimer Nickname-Doelzead Pet Peeve-Meticulous people Pet E.i'pressi0n-"Say, kid!" Remembered for-Her pleasing smile Foreword Representative: Hall Pa- trol: Drama Clubg French Club: De- bate Club: Voice B. Ruth Portnoy Nieknaizze-Ruthie Pet Peezfe-Report cards Pe! E.1'pres.vi011-'"Say, kid!" Renieinbered f0raHer pleasing .smile Lunch P a t r o l : Dramatic Club: Shakespearean Club: Doll Dressing Club. 104 Earl J. Ross N iclenaine--Sonny Pez' P06118-lfi!01'7187l drivers Pet Expression--"VVlzat for?" Renzeznbered for-Hi.: frankness Lunch Patrol: Rifle Club: Aviation Club: Sportsmen Club. Ruth Irene Schmidt JViC'lC7It!1'1l,t7-fell11111-0 Pet Peeve-lfVashing dislzes Pet E.1'f77'CS.Yi0H-UGOSI1, gee wliieli' R'enienzI2ered for-H er amiability Foreword Representative: Business Service Guild: Sewing' Club: Knitting' Club: Crocheting Club: Orchestra B: Basketball '38, '39: V-olley Ball '39, '40, '41 : Hockey ,39, '4O: Mushball '39, '40. Marjorie M. Stromberg Nirilmanie-Doll Pe! Peeve-Being called "lWdrgie" Pe! E.i'pre.s'si011--HO. K., Kid." Renzenibered for-H er peppiness jewelry Club: Biology Club: Hall Patrol: Voice Group C: Volley Ball '39 John I. Swick IVifklIl111lC-'ifVCiii7lQf0II Pet Peeve-Girls Pez' Expressioii-"Yon can .ray that again!" Rem-eii-ibered for-,His Imzztwly physique Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol: Aviation Club: Radio Club: Rifle Club: Sandlot Sports: Tennis Team. Margaret Ann Swisher .Vir'lsno'111e-Jllargie Pet Peezfe-Baby talk K Pe! Expressioiz-"Veifre kidding 1ne!"' 1et'7lH'7lIJ7f'7'Cti for-Her petite atiraciive- ness Social Representative: Doll Dressing: Club: Hockey '39. Ann Tarasovic Nick:1a11fLe-Tarasi Pet Peew-Liver Pet Ei'f7VCXSi07l-rrWl1df do you ray?" R01llUl11lbCl'Cll for - HM' fj00d-'llUf1H'6Cl1-- Hess Business Service Guilclg Vollcy Ball '39, '40g Basketball '39, jean Tiedeman , Ni c Imam e-S 1l.'3y Pet Pemfe-People who are always late. Pr! Expression -"Aw, I just do1z't know!" Remembered for-Her 111-odesty Lunch Patrolg Knitting Clubg Cro- cheting Clubg Aviation Clubg Business Service Guild. Marshall W. Wilson Niclerzame-Will Pez' Peew-Noise Pet Exjavfession-"Go 'wafyf' R61'7lf671Zb6V0d for-His amibitiou Hall Patrolg President of Sportsmen Clubg Chess Club. 105 's 00I7Z35QXj'wJlA5J , oft! K Teacher-Miss Edna R. Todd , Officers President ..............,,,.,...,.....,...,........,..,......,........,,.,........ Russell Taylor Vice P-resident ............... ....,..,. H ubert Seidenberg Secretary-Treasurer ...,.. ............ E lsie Walochik Student Council ....4.....,.,.,... ...,.4,.... R obert A. Ornitz Social Representative .,....4...... F-oreword Representative ......,.. Bernice Caplan A pleasant smile and red hair, She brings pleasnre everywhere. Dramatic Clubg Junior C h o r u s 5 Mushball '3S3 Volley Ball '38g Soccer 'SSQ Hockey '39g Basketball 339. Jim Carcia fimmy is the boy with mischievous ways For which he will be remembered al- ways. Driving Club. Seena Cohen Her pleasing personality and stature tall Make her welcome to one and all. Art Club. .,....,..Allen A. Moskowitz ........,Beulah C. Meltzer Eleanor E. Cuneo Eleanor is witty, gay, and sprightly, Always seems to answer brightly. Secretary of Home Roomg Basket- ball '40g Volley Ball ,4O, '4lg Voice Group A. Bernard Elbaum Bernie's qnite a good mnsiciang To any gronp he's a swell addition. Treasurer of Home Roomg junior Leadersg Senior Lea-dersg French Clubg Orchestra A, VVoodwind Quin- let. Frances Meyers Gersmann Her merry face and qniet ways Always win for her great praise. Knitting Clubg Sewing Club. 106 R Sherwin Golding Very tall and very bright, To know hiin is a real delight. Student Council, Chess Club, For- eign Policy Club, Stamp Club, Voice B, Volley Ball '40. Doris Goodman Doris is quiet, sweet, and kind, Another like her is hard to find. Orchestra A, All-City Orchestra, Group D, Trio, Quartet. Alvey G. Johnston Alvey is always cheerful and gay, The piano, 'tis said, he prefers to play. Sigma Iota. Carol ,Iorgensen Carol is a grand athlete, In sports she can do 'nftost any feat. Sportsmanship Club, Jewelry Club, Mushball '38, '39, Volley Ball '38, '39, Basketball '38, '39, '40, '41, Hockey '39, '40, Soccer '38, '39. Elias Karpa In all athletics he does shine, This boy whom, we all think is fine. President of Home Room. Irving Klein Irving is quiet, rather shy, But his popularity will never die. Safety Drivingg Stage Crew, Or- chestra A. Anne R. Lang Her easy inanner and quiet way Are evident in both work and play. Sigma Iota, Hiking Club, Volley Ball '39. Phyllis LeVine Siniles just ever so sweet, Her presence always is a treat. Library Club, Sigma Iota, Dramatic Club, Voice B, Volley Ball '38, '39, '40, '41, Hockey '40, Basketball '38, '39, Soccer '40, Rosalyn Lichtenstein A charrning iniss, not so tall, Her winning ways are a delight to all. Student Council, French Club, Dra- matic Club, Orchestra, Badminton, Violley Ball '38, '39, '40, '41, Basket- ball '38, '39, '40, '41, Hockey '41, Soccer '40, Mushball '39. Eva Irene Lindenbaum At drawing Eva does excel, An artist's career we do foretell. Hall Patrol, Science Club, Art Club, Mushball '38, '39, Volley Ball '38, '39, '40, Basketball '39, '40. Robert Luley Rol1ert's a lad who's very gay And 'znakes ns all feel just that way. L u n Qc h Patrol , Orchestra, Volley Ball '40. Lois Lurie Gay, exquisite, and slirn, Her sparkling 1nanner's never dirn. Sigma Iota, Jewelry Club, Type Club, Soccer '41, Edith McNinch Blue eyes and red curly hair, Always ready to do her share. Art Club, Photography Club, Vol- ley Ball '38, Basketball '38, Swim- ming '38, Tennis '39. Beulah C. Meltzer Tall, stately, and also bright, Whatever her work, she'll do it right. Foreword Representative, Stamp Club, Type Club, B i o 1 o g y Club, French Club, Art Club, War Relief Knitting Club, Voice A, Basketball '39, Swimming '38. Francis Mercieri He is studious, friendly, and grave, But he is the one about whorn girls rave. Hobby-Card Collecting. 107 john Milko Gay and mischievous, but it seevus I-le's always ou the volley ball teaius. Sportsmanship Club, Orchestra A, Hobby-Hunting. Allen A. Moskowitz Music will be Alleu's career, Of his success, we have rio fear. Social Representative, Microscope Club, Foreign Policy Club, Orchestra A, All-City Orchestra. Samuel H. M-oskowitz Quiet, courteous-there's just oue thiug to say, Sam M oskovit.e's a geutleuiau iu every way. Microscope Club, Foreign Policy Club, Orchestra A3 All-City Orchestra. Eloise Nettleton Not too tall, quiet, and intellectual, Iu her studies-most effectual. journal Staff, Biology Club, Hiking Club, Tennis '40, Basketball '39, Hob- bies-VVar Scrapbook and Traveling. Robert A. Ornitz Bolfs the fellow who surely cau swim, Anal we all thiuk a lot of hivu. Student Council, Foreword Staff, journal Staff, Swimming Club, Avia- tion Clubg Orchestra A, Senior Lea- ders, Swimming Team '38, '39, '40, '41, Track Team '41, Tennis '4l. Louis Pastorius He suaps them hero, he suaps them there, He'll take pictures auywhere. Microscope C l u b , Photography Club, Boys' Cooking Club. ,Tack Raihle lack has a way with every oue, He's uiischievous aucl full of Stu-dent Council, Aviation Club, Photography Club, Hi-Y, Art Club, Hobby-Aviation. Faye Rosenfeld In athletics and sports, she rates quite high, Her spirit is oue of do or die. Type Club, Sigma Iota, Swimming '38, '39, Volley Ball '38, '39, '40, '41, Mushball '38, '39, Basketball '40, Soccer '39. Jerome Rosner Happy-go-lucky, he always seeius glad, He's -never down-hearted, l1e's never sad. Library Club, Orchestra A, Hobby --Photography. Domenic Ruggeri Cahu aud jolly aucl full of viru, That's the reasou we all like hiiu. Safety Driving Club, Cheer Leader, Orchestra. Amelia Salim A student who likes sports, too,' She's always happy in all she cau do. Puppet Club, Jewelry Club: Volley Ball '4l3 Basketball '38, Hubert Seidenberg folly, cheerful, ever ready to do Auythiug you ask hiuft to. Social Representative, Vice Presi- dent of Home Room, Foreword Repre- sentative, Library Club, Safety Driv- ing Club, Band. Ann M. Stack Her uzautzer gay and her cozuplexiou fair Blend with her pretty brunette hair. Secretary of Home Room, Hall Pa- trol, H-obby-Gardening. Mary Rita Stack Ever ready to serve her tuates Is orze of her outstaucliug traits. Vice President of Home Room, Voice C, Tennis '41, 108 Earl Surloff Snappy, Iiappy, izezfer blue, A good workoig gay and true. Badminton Clubg Foreword Staff. Russell Taylor H e is a whiz at clioiifiimfy, A famous scieiitist lie'Il bo. Home Room Presidentg Hobbyf Aviation. Elsie Walochik The efficient secretary of our class Is Elsie-our cliaifmiizg, blonde loss. Secretary-Treasurer of Home Roonig Jewelry Clubg Urchestrag Mushioall '38, ,395 Volley Ball 338, ,39, '40, ,4lg Bas- ketball ,3S, '39, ,40, '4lg Hockey '39 '4Og Soccer 338g Tennis 541. 109 00112 423 Teacher-Mr. joseph C. Fitzpatrick Officers President ................. ..,...,.,..,.....,...., ,.,.,.. f P hilip Wilsoii Marks Vice President ......,.... ,... .......,.,. , .........4,....,... B - etty Evans Secretary-Treasurer ...,.. Student Council ....,.,4,....., Social Representative ........, Foreword Representative ..4.... Henrietta Miriam Belsky H ere's a girl who's full of fun, B right, and liked by every one. Group A, Girls' Choraleg Helper in Medical Room: Shakespeare Clubg Fa- vorite Sport-Swimming. David M. Boodman D abbles in chemistry to such an ex- tent, B efore very long he'll be eminent. Qualitative Analysis Class g Vice President of General Science Clubg Microscope Clubg Vice President of Photography Clubg Chemistry As- sistantg Hobby--Reading. ..........lArthur E. Cicero .i.........4.,Ar'thur Griffiths ........Paularuth Friedman .. ....,.,.... Dorothy Dezen Eleanor G. Bigler E nergetic and sweet is she, B achelor girl she'll never be. Hall Patrolg Librarv Clubg Sewing Clubg Jewelry Club: Safety Club. Harriett Broida H ere's a girl who's cute and gay, B eautv and culture, she has in every way. Safetv Club: Dramatic Clubg Latin Clubg Hobby-Sleeping. . Mary Cannavine M ary is interesting. sparkles with glee, C arefree, vivacious. and lovable is she. Shakespeare Clubg Aviation Clubg Tennis '403 Basketball ,39g Hobby- Reading Good Books. l 10 'W' "" "HW" CM' V ' YW' A "C A Arthur Edward Cicero A lthough at French he does excel CU, C ute Eleanor holds him 'neath her spell. Secretary of Home Room, Latin Clubg Dramati-c Clubg Boys' Cooking Club, Motion Picture Club, Violley Ball '40, Hobby-Horseback Riding. Inez Virginia Cosentino I n this lass you'll find a friend, C onstant and faithful to the end. Vfoice C5 Sewing and Tatting Clubg Soccer ,393 Volley Ball '4lg Hobby- Swimming. Ethel M. Crawford E thel has a sunny smile, 'C ause of her, our life's worth while. Voice B3 Hall Patrol, Secretary of Aviation Clubg Soccer '37g Favorite Sport-Swimming. Maxine Wible Davis M ack's our pretty, red-haired lass, D evoted to Lin, she left our class. Treasurer of Jewelry Club, Hiking Club, Volley Ball '38, '39g Mushball '38g Tennis '40g Hockey '4Og Favorite Sport-Tennis. Dorothy Dezen D otty's the beauty of our class, D ainty and sweet, a lovable lass. junior Leadersg F r e n c h Clubg Drama Clubg Sigma Iota, Foreword Representative, Lunch Patrolg Hall Patrol, Volley Ball '38, ,39. Betty Evans B ecause she has a charming way, E veryone thinks that Betty's O.K. Vice President of H om e Roomg Forewor-d Staff, journal Staffg Presi- dent of Business Service Guildg Secre- tary of Shakespearean Clubg Favorite SportiRoller Skating. '111 Harriet S. Faberman H ere's the lassie of everyone's choice, F ar she'll go with that golden voice. Vice President of Typing Club, Pre- sident of Shakespearean Club, Favo- rite Sport-Badminton. james A. Fallat I olly as this fellow may seem, F uneral directing is his dream. Lunch Patrol: jewelry Clubg Type- writing Club: Boys' Cooking Club' Swimming '37. Q Irene Shirley Friedman I rresistible is our Irene's smile, F ull of fun. she's sure worth While. B i o lo g y Club: Red Cross Clubg Hobby-Tennis. Milton Friedman M eeting this boy's really a treat, F or his personality is hard to beat. Aviation Club: Hobby-Sports. Paularuth Friedman P raying for a cottage small and sunny, F illed with love, an ideal man, and money. Social Representativeg French Club: Dramatic Clubg Safety Club, Knitting Club, Volley Ball '38, '39, Basketball '395 Hobby-Singing. Belle M. Goldberg B elle, an office job should find, G ood work comes from a steady mind. Biology Clubg Shakespeare Clubg Hobby-Badminton. Paul Goodman P aul's the clown of 423, G ay and bold as all can see. Boys' Cooking Club, Leaders Club! Soccer '37, Football '38, '39, '40, Track '39, '40, '41, Volley Ball '40, Favorite Pastime-Bike Riding. Arthur George Griffiths A rt is certain to succeed, G ood at sports, the rest he'll lead. Student Council, Captain Hall Pa- trol, A vi a t i on Club, Boys' Senior Leaders, Volley Ball '40, Favorite Hobby-Sports. Beryle Grotstein B asketball is his ambition, G reat fame for him, our premon- ition. . Track '38, '39, '40, Soccer '37, Cap- tain of Basketball Team '39, '40, '41, Green Key, Basketball Club, Hobby -Woodwork. Francis Richard Hastie, jr. R eckless, cheery, jolly, gay, H andsome Dick just loves to play. Junior Leaders, Microscope Club, Favorite Sport-Driving a Car. Ruth Hausman R uth's a charming, pleasant lass, H ere's a darling in our class. Voice A3 Business Service Guild, Debate Club, Dramatic Club, Junior Leaders, Swimming '38, '39, Hobby- Reading. Nicholas Hyman N ick is gay and full of fun, H as the girlies on the run. Hall Patrol, Green Key, Basketball Club, Baseball '39, Volley Ball '40, Mushball '40, Manager of Basketball '39, '40, '4lg Hfobby-Music. Bert Lowenthal B ert likes girls, cute and coy, L ana Turner's his greatest joy. jewelry Club, Dramatic Club, Sec- retary of Safety Club, Favorite Sport iFootball. William W. G. MacLachlan, jr. W ant to be a doctor, Bill? M akes high marks, we're sure he will. Student Council, Art Club, Debate Club, Photography Club, Hi-Y, Ten- nis '39, '40, '41, Favorite Sport-Ten- ms. Philip Wilson Marks W ilson Wants to hit the gold, M illions, billions, ere he's old. President of Home Room, Hi-Y, Track '38, Baseball '38, Hobby- Fishing. Victoria Ann Parrish V im and vigor has this lass, P opular as anyone in the class. Hobby-Swimming. Millicent R. Rosenberg M akes friends quickly, and no won- der, R arely ever does she blunder. Lunch Patrol, Hiking Club, Nature Club, Favorite Sport-Tennis. Beverlee Ruth Roth B ev is cheery, fun-loving, gay, R icles horseback, and likes to play. Voice B, Hi lN'anna Ca Club, Jew- elry Club, Sigma Iota, Hiobby-Col- lecting Souvenirs. George I. Roth G eorge in a symphony would like to play: R eally, we think, he's on the way. Boys' Cooking Club, Orchestra A, String Quartet, Woodwiiid Quintet, All-City Orchestra. 112 4 7 David I. Slchnabel D ave could break a maiden's heart, S mooth at dancing, a whiz at art. Art Clubg Microscope Clubg Fenc- ing Club, Hobby-Fishing. Dorothy Lois Z. Spratt D otty's blonde and full of pep, S unny smile, she's really hep! Business Service Guildg Vice Presi- dent of Dramatic Club g Shorthand Club, Hiking Clubg Tennis ,40g Bas- ketball ,4lg Favorite Sport-Tennis. Edward Spungen E ver ready with a laughg S omeday you'll want his autograph. Lunch Patrol: Chess Club: Current Events Clubg Band Ag Favorite Sport -Football. Kenneth Francis Thomas K een and alert, he's nice to know, T o the top he's sure to go. Jewelry Club, Hobby-Fishing. Murray jack Tisherman M usic with rhythm starts him jiv- . mg: Y T o be an accountant he is striving. Microscope Clubg L i b r a r y Club, Hobby-Sports. Charles C. Toth C redit to any school is he, T op ot the ladder, his goal will be. Rifle Clubg Aviation Clubg Swim- ming '40, Hobby-Hunting. Elena Tozzi E arnest, steadfast, and dependable, T act and pleasantness commendable. Voice B5 Biology Clubg Library Clubg Volley Ball '38, '40, Hobby- Collecting Pictures of Opera Singers. Madelon L. Watson M adelonls grace lures every eye W hile on the dance floor she glides by. Driving Club, Photography Clubg Library Clubg Volley Ball ,38g Basket- ball '39g Hobby-Dancing. William J. Wellings W orking toward a goal so high, W ill a million satisfy? Hobby--Fishing. Marjorie G. Woodburn M erry, pretty, 'n' bright is she, W itty, too, you'll all agree. Journal Staff Q Vice President of ,Iewelry Clubg Vice President of Hik- ing Club: Volley Ball '38 '39g 'Soccer '39, '4O: Basketball '39g Hockey '4Og Tennis '40g Hobby-Dress Designing. Mary L. Zagorka M aking clothes, she loves this taskg Z ealous worker, if one should ask. Vice President of French Club: Home Economics: Hobby-Movies. Lois Zeiler L iked by all, our "Pug's" the one, Z ealous, quiet, but full of fun. Hall Patrolg Volley Ball '38g Favor- ite Sport--Tennis. . 'Gil "Wt-ag f' .- Y..- .f QP-. 113 . .,.. S -ca C 00172 Teacher-Miss Marian Couperthwaite Officers President ........,.......,.... ., ...,...,.......,.............. ..A.,... F lorence Chart Vice President ,............... ......... M argaret Cole Secretary-Treasurer .....,.. ..,A.,...,. M or-ton Cohn Student Council ......, ,... Social Representative ...., Foreword Reporter ...., Ryna Abramovitz Ryna is dainty and very petite, Popular, good-natured, lovely and sweet. Jewelry Clubg V-oiceg Science Clubg Hobbies-Swimlning and Tennis. Helen G. Bachner This flaxeu haired lovely has loads of WP, llfheu the fun begins she's right in step. journal Staff, Sigma Iotag Girl Rie- servesg Jewelry Clubg junior Chorusg Volley Ball '393 Mlushball H385 Basket- ball '39g Swinnning '38, '39, Favorite Sport-Horseback Riding. Ethel Barge Her flair for fun and love of swing, Her gaiety, make dull care take wing. Hobbies W- Volley Ball, Basketball. .......F.sther VVl1eeler ......Eleanor Marcus .............,.,.,Morton Cohn Murray Michael Berer Zllurray aims .tomeday to he A boxer, famed from sea to sea. Special Print Production Crew, Hi- Yg Hobbies - Wrestling, Swinnning. Football, Tennis, and Boxing. Daniel Borrelli Although he has a quiet air, Dau is lmndsorue aud debouair. Hobbies-Baseball, Basketball, and Tennis. Shirley Brand H er bonuie xruiles, her wiuuirzg 'ways lllake .vunsltine out of raiuy days. Sigma Iota, Orchestra, Band Ag Volley Ball '39, '40, Basketball '38, '39, '40g Favorite Sport-Horseback Rid- Dancing, Jimmie Lunceford's Swing ing, Hobby - Collecting Phonograph Band. Records. ' 1 14 M" T-T T L", Betty Brown A girl niore poised, inore lovely or refined lflfill certainly be very hard to find. Library Club: Type Clubg Orches- tra: Hobby-Collecting Compacts: Fa- vorite Sports'-Tennis and Horseback Riding. Angeline Caprini flIlfjI'llJltliS really quite sweet and rather shy, , Give her soniething to do, and she'll really try. Hobbies-Art, Knitting, and Music. Florence Chart Charnt and poise are eviden! ln lovely Flo, our president. Home Room President: Volley Ball '4l: Basketball '40g Hobby-Dancing. Morton Cohn Bud will go far with his talent in art,' His brains and good looks provide hint a fine start. Iforeworrl Representativeg Secretary of Home Roomg Art Club, Stage Sceneryg Track '40, Margaret Cole This charining, lively, blue-eyed lass Is quite the beauty of the senior class. Vice President Home Roomg journal Stalffg Sigma lotag Art Clubg Mushball '38, Soccer '39g Basketball '39g Hockey '40: Volley Ball '41, Tennis '41. Merita DeLucia Enrafntured is the one on whom shc's smiled, And by her lovely nature is beguiled. Basketball '39g Volley Ball '39. Michael Ditillo He quietly acts and has little to say, But, by such as he, The w0rld's work's accoznplished each day. A Chorus, Male Chorusg B Chorus. Nancy Hertz Gaiety, seriousness, loyalty, fun, These are Nancy rolled in one. Sigma lotal Knitting Clubg Type Clubg Volley Ball '38, '39, '40, '4l3 Basketball '39, '40g Soccer '39g Hockey '40, '4lg HobbyfCollecting Baggage Tags. james Kelley ln his twinkling, gray eyes which lease, There lies mischief, self-confidence, and ease. Orchestra Thi Orchestra B5 Gym Team '3S: Swimming '38 Verna King Her face shows character, courage, and prideq You'll go far, Verna, we're all on your side. Hobbies-Tennis and Dancingg Fa- vorite Sports-Basketball and Volley Ball. Rhoda Lobel Our Rhoda is pleasant, she has charni- ing ways, An excellent student, she inakes many A's. French Club, Dramatic Club. jean Lubin An enchanting, refreshing personality, ,fl friendly air with considerable dignity. Sigma lotag Dramatic Clubg Soccer '393 Basketball '39, '40: Yolley Ball '38, '39, '40, Hockey '40, Alvira MacCaron Alvira's the one with darle, glossy hair. Who's known for her smile and her countenailce fair. Basketball '40g S W i m m in g '40, Hobby - Dancing to Orrin Tucker's Orchestra. --'lm' A W """TT'TT7'1' 1 15 TTTTT-'T'T' ' joseph Malitovsky His trumpet already has won him some fa1ne,' Someday Malitovsky will be a great name. A Band, Soccer '37, '38, Football '38, Ornamental Penmanship Club, All-City Band. Beatrice Marcus To her one's thoughts are always run- ning, The word for Bea is simply "stunning," British War Relief Knitting Club, Hobbies-Tennis and Keeping Scrap- books. Eleanor Miriam Marcus M iss M arcus? Why, that's our Eleanor, Whose attractive ways we do adore. Social Representative, Third Period Hall Patrol, Dramatic Club, Junior Chorus, Hobby-Cooking. Nancy Mastascusa With glance so enchanting, smile so disarming, You all must agree that Nancy's quita charming. Basketball '39, Volley Ball '39, Ten- nequoit '393 Hobbies-Roller Skating and Knitting. Jack Mitchell Modest, unassuming, from him no one would know That this boy Mitcliell's our football hero. A Chorus, Football '40, Basketball '39, Baseball '39, Vernie Playso Tiny and quiet, dark laughing eyes, And there you have Vernie, a pleasant surprise. Basketball '39, Volley Ball '39, Ten- nequoit '39, Hobbies-Roller Skating and Knitting. Madelyn Schaefer Very tall and stately, in the manner of a queen, A girl who's any lovelier we know we've never seen. Sigma Iota, Hobby - Collecting Records. Wade Simmons Full of joy and full of fun, He's really liked by every one. Hall Patrol, Sigma Iota, Hobby- Collecting Records. Natalie Simon Natalie's sweet and lots of fun, She's quite a pal for any one. Hiking Clu-b, Typing Club, Girl Reserves, Volley Ball '36, Basketball '37, Ruth Smelscer With any one we'll wager, with any one we'll bet That Red is absolutely the swellest girl you've met. Htall Patrol, Basketball '41, Volley Ball '40, Hobby-Horseback Riding. Dick Sweitzer Mischief gleams in both his eyes, Which are as blue as summer skies. Art Club, Hi-Y, Lunch Patrol. Martha Tawney Charming, jolly, full of pep, Friends are made at every step. Sigma Io-ta, Basketball '39, '40, Vol- ley Ball '38, '39, '40, '41, Soccer '39, Hockey '40, '41, Tennis '39, '40, Art Clubg Hobby-Stamps. Bessie Troianos Bessie's quiet and gentle ways Are well deserving of happy days. Hobbies-Sewing and Embroi-dering. . multi: Selwyn Trust Of Sonny what inore can we say Than that he's one swell gny in every way. Sigma Iotag Foreign Policy Clubg Stamp Club, Soccer '37, Elizabeth Ulishney Of quiet, sweet Betty, we'11e jnst this to say, . We lofve her and hope she'Il always be that way., Business Service Guildg Hobbiesw- Shorthand and Typing. Roland Vargo Gay, big-hearted, Nonie's the lad With highest hopes, and he's never sad. Favorite Sports - Basketball, Base- ball, and Tennis. Theresa Verna To her rnnch praise we do extend As a loyal, trne, nnfailing friend. Basketball '39g Tennequoit '39, Vol- ley Ball '39g Hobbies-Roller Skating' and Knitting. Morris M. Weitz Kind, friendly, intelligent, too, Of fellows like Morris there are only a few. Aviation Club, Favorite S p 0 r t - Basketball. Esther Wheeler She's a trne and jolly friend, Upon whoin one can always depend. Student Councilg Volley Ball '40g Basketball '40g Mushball '40, Hobbies -Dancing and Skating. Melvin Ziker N 0 one needs fnrther to seek For a inore likeable boy than Aviation Clubg Swimmin Soccer '37, Senior Leaders C bies-Aviation and Football. Zeke. g '38, '39g lubg Hob- 117 --.,H,r, . ... , H is 00172 4 T Teacher-Mr. R. I. Hackett Officers President ........,., .....,.........,.....4, . ., .,..,.. Ruth Doyle Vice President ...... ...4...4......... , 4,.....,....... C arl Ray Secretary .............. Treasurer .......,,,......,... Student Council .......,..,...... Social Representative . ., Foreword Representative ,. Doris Ayres Slzeir small, but 011, so swell: Tl1e1'e's noflzing "Sl101'ly" Ca11't do wall. Biology Club: Charity Clubg Hiking Club: Hall Patrol Captain. Mary Ellen Biedenbach Pretty b1'07C'll l'j'f'.S', dark l21'0fcf1'1 hair, Om' MH7'j' has HX walkin' 011 air. T e n n i Tournament. llA g Type Club. Louis Brown "B00ty" is a lzajvfiy lad, N0 one ctw' .war him, sad. .......Ruth Dougherty Ethel Reichle Ian Henderson ,.,...Marcelle Sarnito ,. , .,.,, Dorothy Vandergrift Fay Cohen Fay is lrappy-go-lucky and gayg She will easily make lim' way. Little Sisters' Clubg Class Secretary: Big Sisters' Clubg Doll Dressing Club: Business Service Guild. Ruth Dougherty l'V1'z'l1 Doc, yozfll fliiuk you are in lzaavcu, For .rl1e's the .rweetlzeart of 457. Hiking Clubg Hall Patrol Third Per- iodg Secretary of Home Room. 118 W' ' T Ruth Mae Doyle As our president, she's tops, and she's pretty as can be,' Ruth will be a great success, you just wait and see. Home Room President, Hall Patrol: Hiking Club. Agnes Forrest "Nan's" a good scout every day, She's just swell at work or play. janet Getty She sings, she dances, and she's gay, She's pretty, she's attractive in every way. Hall Patrol, Volley Ball, President of Charity Club, Hiking Club. Dominic Grande ""Dunz-Dum" wins you with his sniiIe,' A sure suceess he'll be after while. Band A, Hall Patrol. Ian Henderson As every one says, and you'll surely agree, Our senior vice-prexy, a great figure will be. Vice President Senior Class, Vice President Student Council, Orchestra A3 All-City Orchestra, Journal Staff. john Jacavino .laele's the guy with curly hair, He's handsonie, sniart and ilebonair. Pete Korenoski Pete likes to play in a baseball ganie, Later in the big leagues, he'll win his farne. jack Larkin fack's an athlete, hale and hearty,- He's the life of every party. Aviation Club, Football, Gymnas- tics, Swimming. Ruth Betty Linder Ruth"s a great piano player, And no one in the class is gayer. Business Service Guild, Shakespeare Club, llall Patrol 12135 Volley Ball Captain, Basketball Captain. Helen Loomis Helen's known to every one, For she's grand to know-lots of fun. Art Club. Walter Francis Luxbacher Loafing is "Lu.i"s" favorite sport, And studying is his last resort. jack Mahony One swell guy is .lack Malzoneyg As for books, he says, "Bal0ney." Ruth Doris Mendelson Ruth excels in all thafs fine, She's on the Honor Roll every tiine. Stamp Club, Knitting Club, Le Cercle Francais cle Victor Hugo, Li- brary Club, Debate Club. Cecelia Mary Misik Her nieknanie is "Ceal",' All our hearts, she does steal. Hiking' Club, Book Room Club. Henrietta Moidel A great one -is this girl Moidel, All the boys are under her spell. Volley Ball '38 Geraldine Mudler Gracious, 7lI.f'l'l'j'-llllllij Gerry, She, too, will be a secretary. Secretarial Training, Hall Patrol: Basketball. Gus Nicholas Nicholas life laolc lo the stars anal what do we e see. lt's Gus working on llfiars, a niillion- aire to be. Photograpliy Club, junior Leatlers, Senior Leaders, Soap Club. 119 A Miriam Odle Our M inii is swell, we all agree,' An actress sonfte day, she will be. Junior Dramatic Club, Senior Dra- matic Clubg Senior Debate Clubg Voice BQ Social Representativeg Foreword Reporter. Virginia Catherine Platt She's talkative and full of fun, Virginia's a friend of every one. Business Service Guild, Volley Ball. Virginia Raab Virginia is always very inerry, And she'll niake one fine secretary. Business Service Guildg Art Club. Carl Ray f'Porky," "Fuzzy," "Wliisker.s," "Far- got Of nicknanies he sure has a cargo. Baseball '40, Senior Leaders Clubg Vice President Home Room. Ethel Naomi Reichle Were all real fond of "Honey," 'Cause she niakes our schooldays sunny. Hall Patrolg Class Treasurer, Busi- ness Service Guild. Mary Salay Mary Salay is her naine,' She's quiet, but popular just the saine. Hall P a t r o l 3 Basketball, Volley Ball. Marcelle Sarnito In sports she seeins to lead the band- No wonder boys all think she's grand. Library Club g Social Representa- tiveg Lunch Patrolg Soap Club, Soc- cer, Swimmingg Volley Ballg Mushball. James Richard Saunders "Bois" the guy you7 ll want to know, At least the girls all say so. Hall Patrolg Vice President Home Room, Eleventh Grade. Helen Ann Seaman Helen Seainan is quite a charining young lass, She's one of the very quiet niernbers of the 12A class. Hall Patrtolg Vfolley Ball. Amy C. Sharove fl711fl',.S' happy, plenty of wit,- Vlfith happiness her eyes are lit. Jewelry Clubg Student Councilg Foreword Representative. joseph Soffer This happy-go-lucky lad, between work and play is torn,' Sonie day he inay a inillionaire be, but not according to Mr. Colborn., Safety Driving Club. Robert Titmus The lads all call hiin Bobby, And physics is his special hobby. jewelry Club. Mary Cecelia Tulley .S'he's five foot two with eyes of blue, Success will inark the things she'll do. Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrol. Dorothy Elizabeth Vandergrift Dot's the girl the boys all look for, She's the kind Fd write a book for. Drivers Clubg Foreword Representa- tive. Charlotte Yamron C harl0tte's attractive-has talent in art,' Her classmates know that she's real srnart. Art Club, French Clubg Tennis. 120 01726 00172 KZQCLZVS JLLIZE Glass MISS FLORENCE M, BARKLEY MISS NIARIAN COUPERTHVVAITE MR. JOHN B. COYNE MR. JOSEPH C. FITZPATRICK MR. R. I. HACKETT MRS. LOIS M. MARSHALL MISS BERTHA O. MITCHELL MISS MURIEL RUGH MISS LEILA H. RUPP MR. HARRY C. SOLES MISS EDNA R. TODD MISS ELIZABETH WAGENKNECHT MISS IELIZABETH WARNOCK MR. GEORGE K. YOUNG The iiiaiiibcrs of the lime graduating class are ii teachers f truly grateful to their home r001 or tfehce, their friendly advice flzrvir rwver Clldillg pa 1 , and alvmfv all, fhvir P1lC01i7'C1gl?7'74IG1'Ill. J fic aw 121 SPRING FEVER Directors-Miss Elizabeth Wagenknecht, Mr. Sam Boyd, Jr. Howard Brant, a senior at Brookfield College ..,.....,.......,..... ....... M urray J. Shapiro, Robert Klein Ed Burns, a chemistry student ,..... .. ....,.. Everett Stewart, Richard Ford Vic Lewis, an art student ................r.... ...,.. J oseph Schaffel, Ralph Fisher Lou Herron, a journalism student ,..,.. ...... Y vonne Loftus, Sylvia Amdur Mrs. Spangler, the landlady ....................... ....... E linor Harris, Harriet Gusky Anne Purcell, Howard's heart-interest ,.., . ..,.....,,.,....., Emma Nelson, Margery Finkel Vivian George, Vic's heart-interest .,.,.............,....r..,......... Laura Messineo, Esther Katz Henry Purcell, Anne's father, a rich manufacturer. ..........,...,....,,............. Maurice Katz Phoebe Purcell, Anne's mother ................. .....,....,,.,,... ....... M a rian Kovacs, Judith Gatz Maude Corey, Howard's spinster aunt from California ...,......................,.... .....,......,.... ,.,...,..4.,..,...r H e len Bachrach, Shirley Sheffler Professor Virgil Bean, of the zoology department .... Nick Kostiuk, Alan Abramson Dr. Dixon, President of Brookfield College .....,....... ........,................,......... R ichard Spitz Messenger .........,..........,..,...,.,,.....,,...................,.......,......,.r,.r. ....... L eonard Herrmann STUDENT STAFF General Managers ......... .................................,... . . ...... Gene Gottlieb, Ralph Fisher Ticket Manager ............ ..............,.............. C arl Hamburg Property Manager ..... .. ......,,.. ................ M axine Rauch Costumes .................... ......................... B arbara Abrams Make-up Chairman ...,. ...,...,................... S hirley Kanenson Book Holders ............ ....... B ernice Lewis, Betty Lipsky Photography ............. ....,...... . ..................... R obert Or-nitz Foreword Reporter ..... .......,....,................................... ................,.............. J o seph Schaffel COMMITTEES Make.up ,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Marillyn McCulloch, Sylvia Weiner, Barbara Abrams Ushers .......................... ,. ,.,, .Dorothy Firth, Dorris Simmons, Leona Goldstein, Betsy Ross, Stella Dragan, Betty Malatesta, Jean Azen Property Committee ......., ................................................,.............. E laine Brown, Dorothy Firth Sound Effects ......,....... .................................................................... .... . I ............ I ......... B ill .Wachtel Stage Setting.. ..... .......... M ilton Friedman, Edmond Golden, Bill Henxcke, Erwin Kalla, Robert Korn, Philip Pearlstein Draperies ,,.,,,., ...,.. M ary Dobes, Eleanor McCauley, Margaret Meyer, Eleanor Mitchell Printing ........... ....... . ...... . ..... J oe Kramer, Joe Stefanie, William Rapport, Jack McConnville Stage Crew ....... . ................... Irwin Levine, William Gable, Bernard Bastacky, Charles Solow, Richard Hite, William Tihey, Ira Connelly, Paul Satterfield, John Lisak 122 'Twin- 0IZ0l' Barbara Abrams Alan Abramson Sylvia Amdur Jean Azen Doris Ayers Anita Alman Harriet Boozell Helen Bachrach Elaine Brown Maurice Baruth Ada Block Philip Brostoff Helen Bachner Betty Brown Annette Coryea Herbert Cantor Thelma Coughenour Louise Comins Morton Cohn Margaret Cole Dorothy Dee Ruth Doyle Richard Duncan Edith Eisner Betty Evans Aaron Esman Margie Finkel Dorothy Firth Marie Ferrier Russell Flocken Harriet Faberman Dorothy Frankel Judith Gatz Harriet Gusky Wolfgang Graebert Louise Grant Belle Goldberg Doris Goodman Arthur Heineman Christian Hovde .Dorothy Hagan Ian H. Henderson Ruth Hausman Cyrus Hailperin Burton Kraus Sidney Klein Esther Katz Maurice Katz Marian Kovacs Symoine Kamin Margaret Kalinyak ra uafes Robert Knoblock Harold Lammie Karl Lewin David Lloyd Anna Lebanik Betty Lipsky Ruth Linder Anna Lang Phyllis Levine Jay C. Leff Rhoda Lobel Mary Moses Donald MacLean Murray Minster Betty Mervis Sidney Moglewer Ruth Mendelson Henrietta Moidel Wilson Marks Betty Margitan Eloise Nettleton David Oppenheim Leonore Perlstein Gloria Polis Jeanne Rush Maxine Rauch Betsy Ann Ross Leah Raizman Sara Rankin Morry Rosecrans Marvin Sleisenger Joseph Schaffel Shirley Sheffler Dorris Simmons Richard Spitz Joseph Schwet David Slepian Earl Surloff Seymour Sikov Mary Ellen Shotting Mary Alice Smith Ruth Spokane Russell Taylor Helen Treoak Martha Tawney William Wachtel Marjorie Woodburn Richard Wood Esther Wheeler Wilma Wagner 123 124 eizior Gafelzdar September 3-Again we tread the beaten path in search of education, and leave behind these summer days of short, but grand, vacation. September ll-Barbara Frankel arrives from California . . . Record male en- rollment in Allderdice. September 17-Mickey Rooney in town. Unusually bare halls. September Z7-12B classofficers elected. October l-january Journal Staff selected. October 7-First Allderdice -casualty of the war! British VVar Relief worker stabbed in the cuticle with a knitting needle. October l8-Vtfestinghouse, 13g T.A.H.S., 6. This is only the beginning. October 24-Edwin Fisher elected editor of january Journal Staff. October 31-Not only HalloWe'en, but initiations are in full force. The well- dressed male pledge rolls up his trouser legs and wears nail polishg the girls wear their hair in pigtails and put on black stockings. November 5-Straw vote in Allderdice predicts the winner in the presidential -election. ' November 8-Great moral victory. Allderdice ties Schenley, 7-7. November 13-Open house night. November 20-Bernard Jaffe finished Writing another chemistry book, pub- lished by Scribbler and Sons. Price: Six White Owl coupons. December 12-For a change, Pierce Ryan goes to sleep again. December 13-Report cards today. What chance did we have? December 16-First performance of "The Eyes of Tlaloc," senior clas-s play. December 24--Christmas vacation. Wheel No more ohm work in physics. January 2-3500 resolutions broken-we all came back to school. January 9-Eben Matlis wins city high school chess championship. January 17--Sociology students broadcast over Columbia School of the Air. january 21-Senior Honor Assembly. january 28-Graduation. February 2-Groundhog Day. Pierce Ryan awakes. 125 February 7-Chemistry 3 starts under--twe can't mention Mr. Colborifs name -he won't buy the Journalj. February 12-Lenny Herrmann starts his first square for British War Relief. February l8--Tuberculin tests are given today. March 3-Epidemic of crutches hits the school. Everyone's broken some- thing-the breaks ran all the way from Karl Lewin's leg to David Slepian's little finger. March ll-Pittsburgh Symphony presents concert in assembly. March 17-Three Allderdice Students in Juvenile Court. No cause for alarm- they're just visiting. March 18-Guidance program on etiquette informs seniors that it is improper to use bread as a ba-ckstop. March 27-Senior boys pre-sent skit on freedom of assembly over VVVVSW. April 3-Lenny Herrmann still looking for his lost stitch. A-pril 5-Exam brings a close to the course on Democracy. April 17-First performance of "Spring Feverf, june 13-Seniors' last day, except for those unfortunates who have to make up gym. Sen-ior Honor Assembly. june Z5 and 26-Graduation. Midnight, June 27, 1941--The last day of school is over. The hurry, bustle and farewiells have echoed away, The crashing of lockers and doors is a recent memory. The trampling of feet, the hundreds of noisy mingled voices have gone. The long dark corridors are alone again and the heavy tired old building sighs 'deeply of relief and starts its long summer slumber. July 5-Summer School, here we come! 126 W x NWUES A. A. A. Sponsor-Mr. john B. Coyne President-Marvin Sleisenger Secretary-Treasurer-Ruth Anthony Picture Representative-jay Leff 12.8 Sch rqcuzi SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Sponsor--Mr. L. W. Korona President--Katherine Dice Vice President-Ian Henderson Secretary-Marvin Sleisenger JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Sponsor-Mr. L. W. Korona oo zafiom FOREWORD STAFF Sponsor-Miss lDiantha W. Riddle Editors-Sylvia Amdur, joseph Schaffel Senior Staff Members Harriet Boozell Aaron Esman Betty Evans Dorothy Firth Mary Kopka Nick Kostiuk Jay Leff David Oppenheim Robert Ornitz Leonore Perlstein Betsy Ross Jeanne Rush Shirley Sheffler Dorris Simmons Marvin Sleisenger BOOK ROOM Sponsor-Mrs. Laura Duncan President-Ralph Sill Vice President-Dorothy Frankel Secretary-Treasurer-Betty Gilleland Picture Rep.-Dorothy Frankel BUSINESS SERVICE GUILD Sponsor-Miss Katherine McCamblay President-Bertha Elek Vice President-james Ross Secretary-Treasurer-Jean Collins Picture Representative--james Ross 129 130 SECOND PERIOD PATROL FOURTH PERIOD PATROL Hia!! FIRST PERIOD PATROL THIRD PERIOD PATROL Qpafrofs SIXTH PERIOD PATROL SEVENTH PERIOD PATROL GIRL RESERVES Sponsor-Miss Dorothy E. Pickard President-Marion Cameron Vice President-Betty Logan Secretary-Treasurer-Edna May Cauffield Picture Representative--Marion Cameron 1 1 rf fubs SENIOR ART Sponsor-Mr. joseph C. Fitzpatrick President-Edmond Golden Vice President-Brian O'Connor Secretary-Lee Miller Treasurer-Winifred Morgan Picture Rep.-Winifred Morgan JUNIOR ART Sponsor-Miss Jennie A. Norton Picture Rep.-Gail Pritchard JUNIOR ART Sponsor-Mr. Wesley Mills Picture Rep.-Marjorie Teller ' - - 132 EEK JEWELRY Sponsor-Miss Olivia Koenig PHOTOGRAPHY Sponsor-Miss L. Esther Geist President-Stanley Goldsmith Vice President-Sidney Klein Secretary-Treasurer-Richard Yoakam Picture Representative-Richard Yoakam GIRLS PHOTOGRAPHY Sponsor-Miss Elizabeth C. Miller President-Elizabeth Malatesta Vice President-Betty Mervis Secretary-Doris Strauss Picture Representative-Betty Mervis 133 134 jfniffifzq Gfuhs ADVANCED WAR RELIEF KNITTING Sponsor-Mrs. Glyde C. Ferguson President-Rea Simon Vice President-Louise Beatty Sec.-Treas.-Dorothy Edwards Picture Rep.-Shirley Cohen WAR RELIEF KNITTING Sponsor-Miss Leila H. Rupp President-Betty Leff Vice President-Ellen Chersky Secretary-Treasurer-Jean Zimmer Picture Representative-Angel Profeta WAR RELIEF KNITTING Sponsor-Miss Elizabeth A. Fleming President-Myra Cohen Vice President-Ethel Glass Secretary-Treasurer-Vivian Hecht f. Q55 im Qirfs Gfubs X SEWING AND TATTING Sponsor-Miss Florence E. Graham President-Pauline Dugan Vice President-Rosemarie Deak Secretary-Treasurer-Ruth jones Picture Rep.--Rosemarie Deak .ln 1 - DRESSING DOLLS FOR CHARITY Sponsor-Miss Rilla B. Tait President--Claire Howarth Vice President-Helen jones Secretary-Treasurer-Lois Provan Picture Representative--Claire Howarth FASHIONS Sponsor-Miss Grace F. jessop President-Virginia Newmeyer Vice President-Roberta Meltzer f Sec.-Treas.-Janet Schmidt Picture Rep.-Roberta Meltzer 1 HOME ECONOMICS Sponsor-Miss Margaret L. North Picture Rep.-Rhea Rothman 1- 135 lvl-- JUNIOR CHEMISTRY Sponsor-Miss Jane S. Johnston President-Carl Klahr Vice President-Eli Friedman Secretary-Treasurer-Paul Rogal Picture Representative-Paul Rogal 136 M Mg' w ww dence MICROSCOPE Sponsor-Mrs. Mae Weber Smith President-Louis Pastorius Vice President-David Raphael Secretary-Emma Nelson Treasurer-Ruth Powell Picture Rep.-Everett Stewart BIOLOGY Sponsor-Mr. R. J. Hackett President-Philip Wessel Vice President-Raymond Stiles Secretary-Treasurer-Jeanne Golla Picture Representative-Jeanne Golla GMS YOUNG MAGICIANS Sponsor-Mr. Leo Gutoski President-Richard Seewald Vice President-Stephan Krall Secretary-Treasurer-Earl Mattes Picture Rep.-Warren Kardon SENIOR RADIO Sponsor-Mr. J. Earl Krotzer President-Iack Mahony Vice President-Jack Oates Secretary-Treasurer-Bill Robinson Picture Representative-Bill Robinson SAFETY Sponsor-Mr. James A. Laurich President-Melvin Hoffman Vice President-George Walachiky Secretary-Treasurer-Harriett Broida Picture Representative-SNQQLCosentina x Q il cr N rl lx E ,Y-be -J' YB X six X F X X X .X VX? XX X YQNTX , YN A. x is C49 GMS MATHEMATICS Sponsor-Mr. George B. Snyder President-David Horvitz Vice President-Irving Ross Sec.-Treas.-Russell Flocken Picture Rep.-Russell Flocken sys I, ff s. li CHESS Sponsor-Mr. George M. Phillips 138 SENIOR KNOW YOUR STATE Sponsor-Mrs. Myra C. Simpson President-Arthur Heineman Vice President-LeRoy Sachs Secretary-Treasurer-Geraldine Fay Picture Representative-Geraldine Fay MOTION PICTURE Sponsor-Miss Ella Markley President-Norman Wallace Vice President-Fritz Hovde Secretary-Treasurer-Betty jane Ladley Picture Representative-Arthur Demor JUNIOR KNOW YOUR STATE Sponsor-Mr. john P. Andrews President-Marvin Silverblatt Vice President-Norman Sissman Secretary-Treasurer-Norma MacMillen Picture Representative-Norma MacMillen SHAKESPEARE CLUB Sponsor-Miss Barkley 139 HI WANNA CA Sponsor-Miss Charlotte R. Beachler President--Freda Klarsfield Secretary-Treasurer--Yvette Walters Picture Rep.-Yvette Walters HIKING Sponsor-Miss jane McCandless President-Betsy Ross Vice President-Margaret Behun Secretary-Treasurer-Ruth Doyle Picture Rep.-Gloria Maddalena Clubs BEGINNING TYPEWRITING Sponsor-Miss Helen R. Bartrim President-jean Gilleland Secretary-Treasurer-Burton Kraus Picture Representative-Burton Kraus l DEBATE Sponsor-Mr. Irvin F. Hoerger President-Charles Miller Secretary-Richard Kornblum 140 SIGMA IOTA Sponsor-Mr. Alvin G. Faust President-Edwin Fisher Vice President-Marvin Sleisenger Sec.-Treas.-Margery Finkel Picture Rep.-Margery Finkel SOUTH AMERICAN CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Bernhard Y , . i LE CERCLE DE FRANCAIS DE VICTOR HUGO Sponsor-Miss Anna G. Richey President-Sylvia Amdur Vice President-Louise Gram Secretary-Treasurer-jean Lowenthal Picture Representative-jean Lowenthal S.P.Q.R. CLATIN5 Sponsor--Miss Yetta T. Kamler President-Bruce Gilbert Vice President-Margaret Belle Lawman Secretary-Treasurer-Dolores Kersler Picture Representative--Robert Shapiro Y- 142 MN" YWWYY i Ulm FUN WITH WORDS Sponsor-Miss Belle Long President-Bernard Zvirman Vice President-joan Edelson Secretary-Treasurer-Marjorie Aronson Picture Representative-Jack Lichtenstein 55 X s 1 FENCING CLUB Sponsor-Miss Schaefer Zim. E? :il GREEN KEY Sponsor-Mr. john Irwin 143 STORY TELLING Sponsor-Miss E. Alma Fife President--Lois Roth Vice President-Rhoda Alpern Secretary-Treasurer-Morton Winkler Picture Representative-Marion Levant HARP AND ORGAN PUPILS 7. 9, 63367 1 usic QUINTET SEVENTH GRADE SPECIAL CHORUS Sponsor-Mrs. Dorothy jean Meyer President-Eleanor Calig QUARTET Vice President-Gilbert Katz Secretary-Treasurer-Stanley Levine 144 w 7360295 We A Qf1.1 I lfl MARCHING BAND BAND B-1 145 ' rckesfms ORCHESTRA A ORCHESTRA B-2 146 ORCHESTRA B-1 BANDS B-2 - C GROUP A IJ, KJ' ,,,f,,,w fvoice groups GROUP B-2 GIRLS CHORALE 148 X' fold? GT. 014 I K 'x BOYS CHORALE K VOICE B-1 149 H H f 0-17 l THE ALLDERDICE MAJORETTES HE MAJORETTES of Allderdice have been organized as a group since November, I 1939, trained by Coach Irwin. After many hours of hard work and prac- tice, they developed into one of the best twirling groups in western Pennsylvania. They are in demand a great deal of the time, but Mr. Irwin accepts only the most 'promising of bids. The majorettes performed twice at Camp Horne last sum- mer and among other exhibitions this winter, performed at the Heinz Banquet, Unity Club Banquet, as well as assemblies in Homestead and Baxter High Schools. The majorettes received a great -deal of encouragement when they were visited by Betty Brown, former National Champion Twirler of the University of Southern California. She was very much impressed by the exhibition of twirling which she saw and helped them by showing them some of the fine points of strutting. 150 Y A n '1fiA-.4l1. BASKETBALL OR THE 1940-41 season the Allderdfce basketball team finished in the runner- up position in Section I of the city league race. On the whole the season was fairly successful. During the first half of the campaign the Dragon hoopsters were led by four veterans and one newcomer. Captain Eddie Fisher, Robert Bandell, Myron Swiss, and Beryle Grotstein were the experienced veterans, and Morris Sussman was the newcomer and fifth man on the first half varsity. Mid-term graduation hit the Allderdice team very hard. Captain Ed Fisher-great little floor man, Robert Bandell-powerhouse on defense, and Bud Swiss-the lad who play-ed hard basketball, all graduated. After their departure, Mr. Slessinger tried valiantly to find another successful combination built around Grotstein and Sussman. -Iupin, Schwartz, Stewart, Shapiro, Felix, and McCarthy all filled the three vacancies alternately. The team dropped de- cisions to all the teams but Peabody and Connelly. Allderdice 16 . .,..,...,., Ambridge 39 Allderdice ,......,. lVestinghouse Allderdice 37 .,..... ,.... D iormont 34- Allderdice ...,...,.,......,. Connelly Allderdice 32 ........i. .,........ P erry 35 Allderdice Washington Voc. Allderdice 26 .....,.,.l ..,..... B raddock 52 Allderdice ..,.,....,... Schenley Allderdice 43 Washington Voc. 33 Allderdice .....,,. ......... F ifth Allderdice 27 ,.....,.,........, Schenley 23 Allderdice ..,..... Peabody Allderdice 39 ..,...... Fifth Avenue 28 Allderdice i,.........,.., South Allderdi-ce 33 ,. ., .......... Peabody 26 Allderdice .......... Westinghouse Allderdice 21 ,...... ....... S outh 28 Allderdice ..... .. ....... Connelly 152 wwf T 'O 3 X I 0 " F O O T B A L L Allderdice 6 .,...,............,.,......,..,......,...,.....,,.,.,,...... Perry 12 Allderdice O ....,.,. ,,..., W ilkinsburg 19 Allderdice 6 ,....... .,..... W estinghouse 20 Allderdice O ,....... .,..... S outh Hills 7 Allderdice 7 .,...,., ...,........ R ankin 13 Allderdice 16 ........ ........., S outrh O Allderdice 7 .,...... ..,.. S chenley 7 Allderdice O ........ ....,. P eabody O Totals-42 ,.........4.....,...,4,..,............,.,..,................,..,,,.,..., 78 HE DRAGON ELEVEN, coached by Mr. Robert Irvin, turned in a better than expected season. The team started out green but by the middle of the season it was a team to be reckoned with by the league leaders. The team was captained by Robert McNertney, who was chosen All-Scholastic for his brilliant playing at end. Maloney started the season with a good showing but was lost to the squad by an attack of appendicitis. Ray Stefanik's playing was also of the higher type while Lawrence Pickholtz started off the season with a poor showing, but, by the middle of the season, he had improved so greatly that he turned out to be a real ball player. The team as a whole made a particularly good showing in their Rankin, Peabody and Schenley games in which they threw the opposing teams for a greater loss of yardage than they gained, for the teams won only by lucky forward passes. Prospects for next season are good, as many of the 'players from this year's team will be back next season. i VSQ I 5.x L 1 153 flag 774,17 0' SENIOR LEADERS First Semester Officers Second Semester Officers - 1 President ..,..........4.. Vice President .i..,. ..,,... Secretary .....,..,, Treasurer .....,.........,,,....,. Social Chairman .4...........,. First Semester Officers President-Elaine Lewin Vice President-Martha Leitzell Secretary-Ida May Brody Social Chairman-Barbara Sedler Sponsor-Miss Katharyn Hazlett Second Semester Officers President-Barbara Sedler Vice President-Barbara Hast Secretary-Audrey Whitman Social Chairman-Lois Goldstein CI-Iarriet Boozellj Marjorie Petrie President ............,.......,.,, Mary Anthony Mary Anthony Vice President ,.....,....,... Helen Gilmore joan Gibson Secretary ...........,.. Marillyn McCulloch Ruth Anthony Treasurer ..,.........l.....,.,.,.4. Ellen H-ovde .Esther Brinn Social Chairman ,,....,.... Harriet Boozell JUNIOR LEADERS 154 TENTH GRADE SOCCER CHAMPIONS 155 TWELFTH GRADE HOCKEY CHAMPIONS 156 . mapa QZVJWMMMMQKQ gfww XX.Lj'4"Q-Q g"5-.YQ W WW wi W Q? ""' W aaa? 0 ,mm i ,auvbffdaf ggi Maia' mawafi aim. As' ' af! HMWVYWW 7Zff""L if 'ff-x..Z3'21M MMS -ul u, . - .QR fgiwww o'w'f'fE-i"' V? MW QQ 6 MM . 'Hfdffwhge . ,Qf-M' Q.QWWV J5'MN isifwf A Min 9"""' M EQ: fWf44'a'N , ,QWf M4,Q'3ff?w2E WMA? PW? ffl? M WW7f"ffZ ii? m,:...,-gmzwsuy padppjbngjwzukfrgyl V- 157 . J 99,9 Jan, My fi-gvpph WW Y!!-....cuc., M Way 6 ZQ44, gf .H .AJ7 find, M? 6 F6 WWW W kfifli if J M 115 3242, M9 ii? Ci . q""fw+-S352 ixfwff E wwxzwg 535 A gvfwfwwaqgfgliiftg J S- ik V5 ,,,,wf""" gm ,rpg lf'Zz2fzm.,j,W'M?' . ,Wwmkeagqx 174V .M WML? W3 W, WT sv" AMW M.. MMR! YR qw aeywmbnim-Qaaiziwqwfw W W iwgaeymw 'Pb QM? Sygkjflagwwgujxwm as V' 1 WW arwumb .9.wMv,2f...4,. 158 W A DAY Mi' AIMDEWW QE .., LATE IN THE MIDDLE PART OF' EARLY JAFEMAPNAJULAUSONOEMBLR THIS BIRDS EYE VIEW OF THE SCHOOL REPRESENTS: THEPUPILS THE mes THAT HAWPENED OR COULD Ury HAVE HAPPEN ACTIVITIES, TH Ano ALL sum srurr LIKE THAT THERE Ns PLACES on svznvs us Pu if Accno:urA ,ANYSIMILARITY TO REAL DER50 , . .. MUS w .. ,gf C - . ,v v - l"' S , v 'ZZZZ 3 1 1 - 4 - A ' YT ff neue 2 O " -H'..VQv. .4 5' ' W 1 2:5-a.mQm , f :Q nb mmm f X Q V A I I E y O -- .wg - Q1 w- emu tvetg we 5. i uw? - A 'Z' 5 -v '23!.""" I :gl A 'WA 5-6-5 ,- X - X ov XX 'tgmuu I f. , " -Y 1 I 0 A ff 15 in Y X 1 71 v i-er-EE"A I I X if , xi f 4 f X 4- X X 'V A X iortehfjib f xy, I Q f X , Sq r' S N'-I ? S Q7 X f 7 Q. W ' WWW? I 4 --46 , ' v . . . K , 1, -511,1 ll , -1- 9 ' ' XX N' "MW -4 0 gif - . lc-gm QWWE 1 Q-ro f ix QL-" ., Q UW ff" F 0 4 Y xx rj fr VV Q x X A 'NT "'n - 'fi "r I V 5 1 ' Q I 1 ,I-7 if H ' E 1 IWW!!! Y - ' V' ,HI ' I ' 1. I. ,W M f"f"H' I 1 ,Q - efgvumc ' lm,x ,X 'ff F ,A ,fl Uh 2.x 4:1 I, , Q q,,f acces Z X , mu Y ' ...4 ff N , p f J XMIM! fff f , cava ' l I, xl I-.L+ w 'nf 1 X .7 L 21 H' " ,Q ' ' ' ' A , ' Q we 7? ,. X 1 U 3 lj ,1 .Vin v ' 4 f X 1' I ff" tw, A J -X f 'S ,fr QP' 0 'r 'f!2i' I' ' V' I ' r 1 . , . fa ' 4 ,:":. fit, 2 . W1 0, a 1,4 E, f ..-!.M,:1:' bl, X at V AU 1 - J, Q, 8 w 0 A ,, W. , - X 0 Q . 1, A, 151. qmpff v ,. ff! A "Ak ,Q WQ , .. I J 4g , - I, ff ff 3: '1 Xxx S I f xf f f gl fm 1 .W , , f .3 ' 4 xxx 1' .221 Z m 1 k Q! ' M. mi -maxi? A gym ff 'QQ Q my YZ ! '- 1' J f L x x X ,f ' V ' . Ms f x 'Q 14, I N1 n- , 1 ,R V141 ff X f H I . wh wl- 1.91'1' ' W- 'U I Q73 'N 1, 01' 10 1 ' 5 4f,:.?5 , N W ' 9"'17vf- ' ' yfb ,ff f ' 1 4 so L L W aw y fb .17 X XV v QNX 159 Comjrliiiicnts of BRYANIS ATLANTIC SERVICE LEE TIRES EXIDE BATTERIES Lubrication om' Specialty LOCATED AT PENN AVENUE and BARBEAU STREET Telephone : COurt 9007 Pitt-sb-urgh, Pa. C Umplimentx of LETT 81 COMPANY Of Indiana Incorporated MOTOR TRANSPORTATION Furniture - Upholstery - Draperies The Carlton Shop Interior F urnisfiingf HlAzel 2284 S860 FORBES STREET fNear Shady Avenue, A. BANDELL PITTSBURGH, PA. ANN M. GALLAGHER S853 FORBES STREET Greeting Card: Clzildrenh' 300,61 Toys - Game: Phonez HAzcl S952 MOntrose 714-l Mr. Harold's Beauty Salon 6013 CENTRE AVENUE fwallace Buildingl Pittsburgh, Pa. Hair Styling A Specialty LUBIN AND SMALLEY COMPANY ji 0 ifis ts rKiFl0w6TS For All Occasions" 126 FIFTH AVENUE Where Fifth Meets Liberty Phone: GRant 2200 Pittsburgh, Pa. BROWN'S QUALITY FOOD MARKET F1-ee Delivery GROCERIES MEATS l IOS South Braddock Aven Regent Square ue Phones: P Enhurst 2611 - 2612 M eel at ROSEN'S DRUG STORE SAM RUGGERI-Shoe Repair NEW REGENT SALON Braddock at Hutchinson SMILOVITZ Meat Market Compliments of a Friend REGENT SQUARE THEATRE S . Braddock Avenue, Edgewood Compliments of THE BEACON THEATRE Compliments of THE REGEN T PHARMACY SCHILIT 2124 Murray Avenue S FRUIT MARKET Compliments of MIEZE PHARMACY Morrowfield Barber and Beauty Shop FORBES AT SHADY . GOLD'S FORWARD 5 d 10 Plttsburgh, Pa. K J an Compliments of NU-WAY CLEANERS C0mj1Ii11fze11f5 of HURS' V TNS INVESTMENT BUILDING OLIVER C. HURST, jR. O35 T-ANTHONY COMPANY UR.-XNCE M SURETYA Eoxos COurt 2140 NVILLIS M. LANTHO NY T35 C07Ilf7IT'l'l'ZPIIfS 0 EDVVARD AZEN FASHIONS SQUIRR H EL lLL,S LARGEST, F1NE 5852-54 FORBES STREET ST FASHION SHOP HAzel 4848 161 f To the Prospective Mr. and Mrs. the M311UfHCfUfC1'S of ESTATE STOVES O jf fer Exclusive F eatiires IN THE "NEW VVAY OF COOKING" BAR -13 - KEWER AIR-FLOW OVEN E MECHANICAL HAND HANDY GRID-ALL Established ofver 90 years ago HAMBURG BROTHERS - Distributors 162 HAROLD'S FLOWER SHOP HAROLD KRONCQOLIJ -- SULLY NESTA 232 OLIVER AVENUE "Flower: That Talkn Open Sundays and Evenings COurt 8844- COurt 8846 C Ompi inzent: 0 f PHI EPSILON PI FRATERNITY UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH Compliment: of Murray-Beacon Alleys l9l6 MURRAY AVENUE Telephone: vIAckson 0266 Penn Point Coffee Shop 4-02 PENN AVENUE HAZEI. BEADLING, Prop. Morrowfield Cleaning and Tailoring Co. 2707 MURRAY AVENUE HAzel 4900 - 5700 Exclusive Squirrel Hill Agents for L. C. Rossen I-Iat'CO. Free call and delivery D. TOIA, Prop. Compliments of THETA MU SIGMA SORORITY 163 imma: HAZC1 2600 COLONIAL CLEANERS 4375 MURRAY AVENUE We 071677116 W- Om pzm. Cuff L,,l, 1 Dgziwfy swim C omplimwntf of MORROWFIELD APARTMENTS ALDERSON APARTMENTS ELDRIDGE AVENUE APARTMENTS HIAZEL S700 F. DUNIIAY, Mgr. Patronize HEPNER Radio and Music Shop 5384 FORBES STREET HAZCI 0256 "Srj1fi1'rel Hill'f only Cwzfpfefe R.C..-1. Vicior Store" FINE Flower GIFTS Affelder 56 Smith 1717 MURRAY IAVENUE HAZEL 3300 AT1autic 9149 TRIANGLE TIRE C . N EIN' and RE-CAPPED TIRES New Tire Mileage Guaranteed 125 FANCOURT STREET fiietween Penn and Duquesne Wayj Pittsburgh, Pa. 164 PHILLIPS PHARMACY SAM ADLER, Prop. 'I'fIIi FINICST BARBECUES IN lVIurrny and Phillips Avenms PITTSBURGH Pittsburgh, Pcnna. U Wasl1111gto11 Boulevard HAZCI 3800 Prompt Deli-zfery Service I C07IL17!i77l67Zf5 of WML Samson Sales Company NlEN'S WEAR Arrow Shirts Interwoven Socks 5872 FORBES STREET V - Y I T Hr-Xzcl 0333 Open Evening: J 51, FORWARD AI EINUE C 0'l1'lPIlT7"l1C?'11f.S' of TERMINAL COAL AND COKE CO. ATIa11tic 6134 MR. MILLER Comphmgnh of Compliment: of WILSHIRE CLEANERS 1926 MURRAY AVENUE Perl-Reich baum 165 "YW WW' AW' ina- C ompliment: of PRICES DRESS SHOP 1723 MURRAY AVENUE Open Every Evening Except Friday Compliments of a Friend SOL LANGE-5812 Forward Avenue Compliments of A Friend MURRAY AVENUE PHARMACY 2705 Murray Avenue HAze1 3511 Compliments of NEW MANOR GARAGE Compliments of LARRY'S MARKET 1408 S. Negley Avenue MAyf1ower 5123 TED'S SPORT CENTER Modern Luncheonette ICE CREAM BAR BILLIARDS "Squirrel HUP: Finer!" C mnplimentf of Morrowiield Pharmacy and Beacon Pharmacy 'FOR AN OUTSTANDING PORTRAIT COME TO FLEISCHMAN'S STUDIO PITTSBURGH, PA. Phones: AT1antic 0353-0354, COurt 8327 PHILADELPHIA FLO RISTS "Flowers for Every Occasion 166 To Every Member of the Classes of 1941 The Taylor Hllderalzke PARENT-TEACHER ASSUCIATION Extends Good Wishes for A Bright and Happy Future Co111,j1lz'1i1ie11lfs of JO E GULD EN-Service Station 2617 MURRAY AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA HAzel 5464-Delivery Service grace Jbffariifi 3' School "a foliool discriminate" Secretarial for Young Women l7'I'II AND l8'I"II FLooRs- KEENAN BUILDING PITTSBURGH, PA. The House of Reliable Quality and Service Standard School Jewelers NIXON THEATRE BUILDING PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Class Rings and Pins Booklet Diplomas Commencement Announcements Club Pins Cups and Trophies Medals and Awards Sport Charms and Keys 168 il? 1 Q XXX A X X! QT A X S5 f 3 For 0 Q I ' E. Graduation- Q ' 5 Q Suits - i N AE f X Formals ji M K i on f xxk Sportswear i 'I S X Q 7 9525 X and S535 and up 434 OLIVER AVENUE 0 I "Fitting and UNION TRUST' BLDG. Proper" MAJORS PE C-UI DAIRY AND CONFECTIOTNERY STORE Featuring our own make of Salted Nuts, Ice Cream, Baked Products, Candies, Light Lunches, and Refreshments. Ufe make to your order any flavor or color. Fancy Ice Cream Molds, Dipped Confections, Fancy Tea Sandwiches, Fruit Punches. Fresh Cocoanut Boston Cream Pies 5822 FORWARD AVENUE JAckson 9975 Franklin Federal Savings and Loan Hss'n of Pittsburgh 5831 FORBES STREET Telephone: JAckson 0729 All Savings Accounts Fully Insured up to S5000 Zllortgage Loans Solicited 169 LEETEES LTD. Pitfsburglfs 0ltfSfCl1Zdi71g tailors offers a tailor-made suit 5935.00 Guaranteed Fitting IMPORTED FABRICS KOPPERS BUILDING Corner 7th Avenue and William Penn Way . . 31st Year . . Miss Conle 's School 6214 WALNUT STREET, EAST END Secretarial Training for Young Women Enrollment limited to one hundred students with good preparatory records. E are a great people about in proportion to the num- ber of ns who live Zl full and rich life. Pittsburghens long ago created Z1 University to help and to inspire young men and women toward such lifeg they created a chance here to study medicine, engineering, law, business, the profession of teaching and other vocations. WRITE TO THE REGISTRAR UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH 170 THE ALLDERDICE Printed by MAYER PRESS Q Q36 Q,-xQiQ'QQ Q 299433 4, Swv? S5 Q gb C? f-SN44VQ'lAi S xo? if BUSINESS TRAINING Duff Graduates Get Positions VVIW? Duff's Placement Bureau Helps Duffs-Iron City College 424 DUQUESNE WAY AT 4875 C 0111-pliments of BRISKIN'S FUR SHOP A Large Selection of Eine Furs for Our August Sale 128 SOUTH HIGHLAND AVENUE A Telephone: Hlland 0264 Pittsburgh, Pa. u l lu Make MEl.LOR'S Your Headquarters PM fha Latest Swing R ecof ds of ARTIE SHAW MITCHELL AYRES VICTOR and BLUEBIRD Records ,Seekers 604 Wood St. Pittsburgh FOUNDED 1831 172 BUSINESS TRAINING CULLEGEI M eet your friemif at CICERO BROS. Barber and Beauty Shops 2140-4-2 MURRAY AVENUE JI-Xekson 9720 JAcksorI 9771 S610 WILKINS AVENUE SChenley 9881 SECRETARIAL ACCOUNTING ' , S ' BSSSSSSS L. BINS 1 OCK ADMINISTRATION ilewe le y COURSES I - ,V I Offer Tlzeir Sincere Cmzgrmfulatiom to the Clam of 1941. Expert Watch, Jewelry and Optical FUI.rC?N BUILDING RSSSSSSSS PI 1 ISBURGH 1929 Murray? Avenue, Squirrel Hill A'1'1.5xN'I'1c 2678 ' SIAekson 3175 jAckson 9868 Delivery Service Affiliated Service Stations, Inc. P'ittsb1,zrglI's Most Acc0111.11zI0daz'ing Service Staitiom' TIRES-BATTERIES-LUBRICATION LOUIS ENGELBERG COR. MURRAY and BARTLETT Manager PITTSBURGH, PA. JAckson 9827 LOUIS P. GOLVASH, Mgr. SQUIRREL HILL BOWLING ASSOCIATION POR ARD ALLEYS Twenty-four Perfect A. B. C. Alleys RESERVATIONS FOR PARTIES Scene of Pittsburglfs Greatest Bow1ing Ex.11ibi'nioIIs 5844 FORWARD AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. 7""' Y 1 73 X! N X , , X K X, i y 3 I X f Aux mmm.. If f L ff . ' I IIE COPPER - EIALEIUNEE AND LINE EIIBI-IINES THAT WERE IIEEII IN IUJIQINIIINE III-'IIE BOUKWERE MADE gy 659 SUDJQQXIOIQ ENGRCAVING Co. 255 E Ava-11uqP1tf5'buz' ,Pa. X I 3' DAT AND NIGI-IT SEIQIIC X X X1---.,..--W I E., ' I N X . C omplimcnt sof AUTENREITHS DOLLAR STORE 5832-4 FORBES STREET SQUIRREL HILL 6046116617 Z Original HOT PUPPIE SHOP Steak Saizdwiches yoifll like! I Just a little sign that we appreciate your patronage. Thank you. I FORWARD AND MURRAY AVENUES The bottle of perfume that Willie sent Vlias highly displeasing to Millicent: Her thanks were so cold, They quarrelled, Fm told, Through that silly scent Willie sent Millicent. A canner. exceedingly canny. One morning remarked to his granny. "A CZIIIUSI' can can All that he can, lint a canner can't can a can, can he?,' "May I print a kiss on your lips?" I askedg She nodded her sweet permission: So we went to press, and I rather guess XVC printed a large edition. Herels to the chaperone! May she learn from Cupid just enough blindness To be sweetly stupid. She frowned and called him Mr Because in sport he kr. And so in spite That very night This Mr. kr. sr. How fat she is. She used to wasn' The reason is, She daily doesn't. t. 175 William Penn Florists Beautiful Corsages for Graduation 31.00 and up WILILIAM PENN HOTEL Rhone: COurt 9342 Thoughts of a Senior "XVe think it's the beginning of the cndg but we're told itys the end of the beginningf, I came, I saw. and just made it! No more shocking events from elec- tric shop. No more home work in physics. I Let BARRIE re-upholster Upholstering, Furniture Repair, Slip your furniture like new. Covers, Draperies, Venetian Blinds BARRIE UPHOLSTERING and INTERIOR DECORATING 5869 FOIRB ES .STREET HAzel 6652 ' Estimates Cheerfully Given Swap Corner, a la Bulletin Index Willing to swap one perfectly good A in physical geography for one slightly used A in chemistry. All interested parties please apply in Room 462. I a1n willing to trade one battered month's issue of Esquire. Halleck for anything, preferably next Has your doctor's excuse expired? If not, I can trade 1ny size 44 gym suit, regulation blue Qcan be stretc-hed, if necessaryj for same. My draft number, lll6M. is available in exchange for one oomphy tele- phone number. I have on hand one legitimate hall pass, which I will trade for one blind date ton second thought, one eye will sufficej. Wanted: seventeen gas masks for the suffering members of the qualitative analysis class. .1-. Gfppreciafiozz The members of the graduating classes of 1941 extend their thanks to the advertisers for their contributions and cooperation. Allderdice students should remember to patronize these advertisers. '176 0ll'I.I. CIIUDSE SE RYE I. ll iivi rtr r f 1 cm 9 ' HE ONLY :Eli?i?E5EEsEs:::: .:..., '-1:s :5:z:s:s: 22. snws sluzur. . . l.As1s LONGEB NK FRIENDS who have Gas Refrigerators. Particularly people who've changed to Servel from other makes. They'll tell you "only a freezing system with no moving parts can give you permanent silence, freedom from wear, continued low operating Cost. Get silence -get Servel!" 177

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