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Allderdice High School - Allderdice Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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W5 Y VJ, ,, M I w 1 fg V-,qv .J ,wi ' Q: V1,,,j.r9f 251537 ef, if Xww VV-ax 15' . E LV , QQ. , a - V-if s,,-.5-1511115 ' , 'M' . , , V- V. . 5. V .e ,WEAV- ,, A .. .. , ., . 1 f av. ,X if a , ' ..4 5, ,,' 2 f , ,.f . . M V if V i A if M ww., " -' M., V 1 .. U-If N' 1 vi,,. K , 53- T., Vg " 'ju' 'isp ' 4 , ' V -,Q -xpi A :J-,gsm " ft- , pin -. V - , .L.,.V ,Q Q, 'W Qi 551 'His J ,, :uf . gy va K ,V, 37- .. , :R 1- Q11 "' r ,ff -if : f' . . , U um' , .km ,- g .,5,. , , ,X 1 K , A-A fg K Q I .Q 5. , .iz :ul - .. MV , '-c ' ' ' -V ae-. w ,f " xi , .Q fr' ., ,, A wx. -v . . . wmv., v- ,. ' il, f- 2' xr ., fn, , . . J-4 ' f We 3.4. V Lv . V! ,I ,, -VV . ., W.. V f.-43 1 F' . ,H V ,- -V. .wt wi. . gm E - x , sv 43 .vh- M. g' H . as X . .5-VL N V -V :Ni V V V - A. . .136 ibm, -.3 ,V ..f V, , , ,, M, i . V, . . , .Q fr?-4 rw- ' Q4 4 ' V .wx U -V ' ,'A:llQ ipWT eia:2J'fJa 1' ' R, - 5: W ' . A 1, , 11 . 'Rf gl Q V ' V ' , 'W if . gigffjix , ' 'AV 3 'V "' QQ, ,jf K' V: '-JW' U31 ' Q .Um , ' V- V, ,' ' , Q VV i M, -JY 5, , afwi 'V Q - , AV, ,X ,:, E . T:-7s ' 1 , , . F' W , I A V Rv" 'L L,!'e,AA7' xi : ,IMRV4 ha' ,,.4gV. gk J: , -'N , .M . pri. vp' dz' V' X , ' if-Q AV V ,V ' ' A ., ., wwe , A , 4 k V ': A - ,. MPV: '-' 'f'!, Ava! , 5 . fv . '-ze--e , , 8' z 'H Va s- , . ,M , -J 6 , .nh ,, ,A .V,! V L .A ,. PRN, H N Q, - -5.3 K-r 4. 1' t "., 54. ie' -. 1 '.4..nL-if Viv . ,, V...' fm- 'N ' - vi' im. wk a . 1 Q ' "ue, V 1 In 1 4, N QVJMM MW 'wmifigw WW WW my V QW x4 QOJ3m.6ijj,?f by is 363 ' :D F af . TMQ QI 1 ULIQDICE it Volume XI DUlJIiSL19J Joinflq Lg Seniors O15 'blwe Januarq anal June Classes OP IQQO -Uwe Taqxov JQHJev04ice 4-liglw Sclwooi Shady and Forward Avenues Pittsburgh, P 01' EWOI' N COMPILING this book we have endeavored to present a com- plete record of the activities of the class of 1940 and to present to the entire student body a representative picture of Allderdice. It is our hope that in the years to come this book will serve as a pleasant me- mento of our high school days. I -E-r Wgqg?mw Wm IJ? igrg gw y X S 47 Q J X Q L 31 .ff f 52436, . N--5Za1ff' f X E 4 I E-:. ,.- - ' , 5 a - f QNX T' Ss: , , f f ,Las 'f V 7'Ie,':' - -.1 mg?" 4,4 , f CQ 5 2,3 S ' ,,, X f' Q -. , '- - -1-51 i E - ' I ' i i ' V+ - . ,Jw 'TL ll E555 E- 4' :Is . P Q I L I 5 X g I V W gf s H 1 T Y Q G' v K " 4 3 1 w q fff ,Q in mi , I' ,-' fl iq!! ' 5 DR. ROLAND G. DEEVERS Principal 'Vs , fl., I '2 77vf"'vs- VV QXWQQJ -M rl 6 Mr. Joseph C. Fitzpatrick Miss Olivia Koenig Mr. VVesley Mills Miss Jennie A. Norton COMMERCIAL Mr. ,lohn P. Angelo Miss Helen R. Bartrim Mrs. Helen L. Campbell Miss Elizabeth A. Fleming Miss Florence Graham Miss Mathilda G. Johnson Mr. Clay H. Longenecker Miss Katherine S. McCamblay Mr. John B. Melvin Mr. Thomas E. Miller Mr. George B. Snyder ENGLISH F Miss Dorothy Albert Miss Florence M. Barkley Miss Olive Bowlin Miss Ruth A. Clauson Mr. John B. Coyne Miss Mary A. Evans Mrs. Glyde C. Ferguson Miss Adelaide Hartman Miss Rose Hartz Mr. Iirvin F. Hoerger Miss Agnes Kerr Miss Frances M. Leech Miss Ella Markley Miss Nancy T. Montgomery Miss Diantha W. Riddle Miss Sara D. Stuart Miss Elizabeth Wagenknecht Miss Elizabeth Warnock Miss Clara I. Welsh Mr. George K. Young Miss Dorothy Zeigler acuity Principal-Dr. Roland G. Deevers Vice Principal-Mr. S. Glaes Activities Director-Mr. L, W. Korona Vocational Counselor-Mr. W. M. Sharp Advisor to Girls-Miss Lucy A. South Special Clerical Work-Miss Hazel Altsman Miss Isabel T. Zinn, Chief Clerk: Miss Lois E. Hill, Clerkg Miss Helen M. Brand, Clerk: Mrs. Catherine M. Hoyt, Book Clerk ART HISTORY MUSIC Charlotte R. Beachler Miss Hester A. Baird Miss Miss julia Behane Mr. Samuel Blitz Miss Rhoda R. Bowler Mr. Alvin G. Faust Miss Miss Miss E. Alma Fife Ann S. Gaunt Esther L. Geist Miss Grace Jessop Miss Bertha O. Mitchell Miss Anna M. Quattrocchi Miss Cora C. Ross Miss Leila H. Rupp C. Soles B. Tait Miss S. Pearl VVall Mr. Harry Miss Rilla HOUSEHOLD ECONOMICS Miss Charlotte E. Bailey Miss Florence Bechtel Miss Grace A. Grossman Miss Margaret L. North LIBRARY Mrs. Margaret H. McMicklc Mrs. Marion Swarts MATHEMATICS Mir. Charles VV. Bernhard Miss Rosa Blessing Miss Marian Couperthwaite M r. Charles H. Freeble Miss Belle Long Mr. George M. Philips Miss Do-rothy E. Pickard Miss Alice L. Phipps Mr. J. L. Sipitler Miss Edith M. Starz Dr, VVesley VVagner Mrs. Dorothy Jean Meyer Mr. Raymond R. Reed Miss Emma Steiner Miss Laura E. Zeigler PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Oliver Gordon Miss Katharyn Hazlett Mr. Robert VV. Irvin Mr. john H. Irwin Miss Esther M. Long Miss Margaret Mercer Miss Elizabeth Schaefer Mr. Ernest Slessinger SCIENCE i:Mr. Nicholas Babyock Mr. Lon H. Colborn Mr. R. I. Hackett Miss Alva K. Held Mr. Fred E. Holmes Mr. Edgar Hoopes Miss Jane S. Johnston Miss Jane M'cCandless Mr. J. T. Shriner Mrs. Mae Mfeber Smith Mr. John K. Stratiff DIETITIAN Miss Lydia Steele SWIMMING MATRON Mrs. Clara Blo-om CUSTODIAN Mr. Joseph Marks SPEECH Miss Edna K. Bezler SCHOOL DOCTOR OREIGN LANGUAGES Mr. H. H. Wilson DI. Edmund Boots M D Miss Dorothy Bergman ' ' ' ' Miss Mary C. Brennan MANUAL TRAINING HALL SUPERVI I Miss Yetta T. Kamler Mr. A. L. Gautsch Mrs. Mabel Mcgolggl Miss Eliz. W. Klingensmith Mr. Kenneth H. B. Iulian MI.. O' C. Truschinuel. Miss Anna G. Richey Mr. C. P. Kavanaugh U Mr. C. T. Roller Mr. J. Earl Krotzer Mrs. Myra C. Simpson Mr. E. A. Liberator Miss Edna R. Todd Mr. Anthony Scorza 'kSubstitute for Miss Miller 7 Morton Chester Marvin Nathan Alpern Bagley Buncher Cantor Catherine Caloyer Anita Coller cuzuary JOLLVIZQ! Staff fm? . V50-c .i ' f .-'IIT 355' EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Lawrence Letwin ASSOCIATE EDITORS Shirley Fredland Lenore Goldstein Norman Gottfried Vivian jones Frances Kalson Ralph Levin jean Olsen FACULTY SPONSOR Miss Diantha W. Riddle Sally Osborn Madlynne Robbins Sylvia Sachs Mildred Spichty Gladys Virts Arthur Wiesenthal TYPISTS ART WORK Lucille Cohen Emily K1 aman Mr. Fitzpatrick-Supervisor Betty N emenz 8 Rosalie Agger jerry Caplan Margaret Cole Rollin Davis Lucille Deily Pete Elash Edmond Golden Lee Goldman Bill Henicke Leatrice Miller Jeanne Rush Luze oarzzaf Sta L EIDITOR-IN-CHIEF Miriam Rosenbloom '," ASSOCIATE EDITORS Kayla Bachrach Doris Brennan Jerry Caplan Phyllis Charie Jean Cooper Barbara Flagg William Friedman David Heinz Coralie Jacobson Lois james Kenneth Kardon Ruth Lawrence Shirley Lehrer TYPISTS Eleanore Holeman Carmel Mariano Mary Dimperio Robert Goldbloom Edgar Levenson Ruth Rosenbloom Barbara Levy Louise Saul Jeanne Lichter Richard Silberstein Jayne Martin Alma Fay Spann Bertram Miller Shirley Stein Margery Palley Ruth Swanson Gerson Perlmutter Thelma Thompson BUSINESS MANAGERS Martin Faberman Harrison Levy William Pankuch Harrison Blumenthal edicafioiz ooN ANOTHER class will become part of the vast number of students who compose the Allderdice Alumni. That group typifies American youth. It consists of those who possess ambition, hope, and that ability to think for them- selves which springs from a democratic education. Therefore to those students who have preceded us and to the many millions of youth who are their counter- part we thoughtfully dedicate this book. Glass Qgresideizfs january l936-David McClean june 1936-james Gilmore June 1930-Stanley Goldman january 1931-Louis lNeitzel June 1931-Fred Braem-er January l93Z-David Boyd june 1932-David Amsler January 1933-Juliet Weller' june 1933-Robert Goehring January 1934-VVilliam Miller June 1934-Sam Boyd January l935-'William Rittman June 1935-Betty Adams Ianuary 1937-Bradley VVelfer fliilled in an airplane accident tember 5, l936.j june 1937-Wallace MacClean january 1938-Jack Lloyd June 1938-Carl Blythe january l939-Sidney Mullen 'Tune 1939-Mendel Silverman January 1940-Betty Nemenz C IO J' AN UARY CLASS CLASS OFFICERS President ....,...... ....,.. B etty Nemenz Vice President .,... ........,... D avid Wliite Secretary ,.....4 .,.... V Villiain Brantnei' SOCIAL COMMITTEE Standing- William Brantner john Flatley Seated- Shirlene Schwartz Ruth Mansfield Betty Abercrombie 12 JANUARY CLASS Betty Abercrombie Harry Abramovitz Morton Alpern Charles Amsler Bernice Adele Arnold Chester Bagley Ruth Barish Pearl Lee Baum Ruth Baxter - Mary Catherine Beardsley Mary J. Belie Lillian Bender Blanche Berkovitz Robert Bishop Ruth Blackham 1940 Paul Blain Ruth Blitz David Bloom Loretta Bogardus Margaret Boone Hannahmary Brantner William Brantner Marvin Buncher George Cain Catherine Caloyer Nathan Cantor Roy Carmichael Gilda Cerra Alex Cherevka john Chorney 1940 Sam Freed Andrew Louis Gall Lois Gallagher Andrew Gallishen Richard Galvin Naomi Gibbons Metro Michael Gogniat Doris Goldstein Lenore Goldstein George Gordon Norman Gottfried Theresa Gualtieri joseph Halwakx Helena Harris Margaret Hazi JANUARY Lydia Ciccone Lucille Cohen Anita Coller Mattie Crittenden David Davies Nick De Lucia Helen De Paolo Kathryn De Stout Willa Mae Elicker Naomi Ellman Jerry Feldman Anthony Ferrainola john Findlay William Fischer Shirley Fredland ACLASS Allen Hazley Dora Hendrix William Henicke Jean Henry Meyer Herman George Heski Howard Hess William Himes Florence Ruth Holzer Phyllis Jacobson Saul Jacobson Mildred Johnston Harriet Jones Vivian Alma Jones Frances Kalson 'Q' "fi M 5, 1940 A. Albert Karmia Betty Kasuta Katherine Kazmier Alfred Kennedy Elsie Kidwell Emily G. Klaman Jerry Kleinerman Julia Kosiba Amelia Kunkel Hymen Labovitz Lilyan Lang Geraldine Lois Lan James Lannis Harry Larkin L. Arthur Lassman gi? 1940 Virginia Mallick Edmond Mancini Rohland Mansfield Ruth Mansfield Sara McClean Robert Mettenberger Jeanne Miller Leatrice Reda Miller Dorothy Mintz Ruth Anne Montgomery Arthur Naugle Betty Nemenz Harold Neuwirth Jean Olsen Sarah Ellen Osborn JANUARY Cecelia Laudato Lawrence E. Letwin Norton Levenson Jack D. Levin Ralph Lloyd Levin Eleanor Ethyl Levine June A. Levine Ruth Levine Stanley Levinson Elizabeth Lindenbaum James Lindenburg Betty Louise Lloyd Irma Loomis Edward Robert Lowry Ethel M. Lubin CLASS William Patterson Harold Penner Esther Perlman Alfred Perlstein Virginia Petronio -Emil Piciucco Patsy Prescott James Reich Helen Richter Madlynne Robbins Allen Rogal Harold Rushe Sylvia Sachs Herman Salomon Tessie Salzman 1940 Anna Sapira Julie Sawchak Naomi Harriet Schoenbrum Ruth Miriam Schoenbrum George Schrier Shirlene Schwartz Bertha Shapiro Maurice Shapiro Bella Shepse Alvin S1a1 Ruby D. Sigmond Marcia Silverberg Andrew Siviy Mildred Spichty Helen L. Steen l-...L , 5 JANUARY CLASS Albert V. Steinkirchner Gloria Szecskay Rae Tanur Aida Terramani Marion Tiedeman 1940 Donald Weyel Margaret D. Whitaker David White Virginia Whitehouse Arthur Wiesenthal William Wilbert Victor Willem joseph Williams Robert Witt Marilyn Wolovitz Robert Todd Emily Toth joseph Traynor Burton Unger Virginia Vale Jacob Viehl Gladys Elizabeth Virts John Walik Ethel L. Walkow Ruth Weiss Charles Yurkew I8 William Goffo rt High Honor Zeta lmpfer Wafiona! gfoxzor ociefy Harry Abramovitz. M Sara McClean Catherine Caloyer ' Leatrice Miller Lucille Cohen Betty Nemenz Helen De Paolo Jean Olsen Mildred Johnston Sarah Ellen Osborn Betty Kasuta Sylvia Sachs Arthur Lassman David White Jerry Feldman Frances Kalson jerry Kleinerman Harry Abramovitz George Cain Catherine Caloyer Lucille Cohen Anita Coller Helen De Paolo Shirley Fredland UNSELFISH SERVICE Mildred Johnston Lawrence Letwin mor raduafes Harold Neuvvirth Sarah Ellen Osborn Madlynne Robbins Allen Rogal Honor William Goffort Margaret Hazi Mildred Johnston Vivian jones Betty Kasuta Emily Klarnan Arthur Lassman Sara McClean Sylvia Sachs Tessie Salzman David White Leatrice Miller Betty Nemenz jean Olsen Anna Sapira Gloria Szecskay Gladys Virts Arthur Wiesenthal SPECIAL HONOR Sarah Ellen Osborn CName engraved on school plaque for outstanding scholarship, char- acter, and 1eadership.J 19 The January Graduating Class Revue I. Q. Act I Scene 1-Good Evening .......,.............,.......,.................................. Lyrics by Arthur Lassman and Harold Neuwirth Girls: Shirley Fredland, Anita Coller, Ruth Barish, Pearl Baum, Ethel Lubin, Florence Holzer, Ruth Blitz, Leatrice Miller. Boys: Buddv Levenson, Ralph Levin, David Davies, Albert Karmia, Robert Todd, Jerry Kleinerman, Chester Bag ey, Norton Alpern. . , Scene 2-High School Suffermore ...........................................................,...................... Written by Harold Goldstein Ma-Sally Osborn Scene 3-Swinging To Class Girls: Ethel Lubin, Leatrice Miller, Shirley Boys: Robert Todd, Morton Alpern, Additional Students: Bernice Arnold. Anita Karmia, Chester Bag'lev. David Davies, Pa-Allen Rogal Bud-Harold Neuwirth Fredland. Coller. Ruth Barish, June Levine, Meyer Herman, Albert Ralph Levin, Jerry Kleinerman. I Scene 4-I've Got What It Takes ................................................. ,.., ................. M i isic and lyrics by Jerry Feldman Sung by Pearl Baum Scene 5-Committee On Character Education ............,...,..................... VVritten by S-ally Osborn and Jean Olsen Teachers: Mildred Johnston, Sally Osborn, Student: Meyer Herman. Tessie Salzman, Allen Rogal, Marvin Buncher. Scene 6-Political Machinations ...........................,.,............... , ..................,....... Leatrice Miller and Morton Alpern Scene 7-Nothinv Can Be Done Students: Mildred Johnston Scene 8-There's One In Every Teacher: Naomi Ellman. Students: Alice - Madlynne by Sallv Osborn and Jean Olsen . Flizabeth Lindenbaum. Robert Todd, Buddv 1 . Class ..................... ,............ X Vritten by Mad ynne obbins and Naomi Ellman Robbins. Jane-Amelia Kunkel, Mike-Alvin Sigal, Jimmy-Marvin Buncher. Tom-James Reich, Marv-Pearl Baum. Louise-Bernice Arnold, Ralph-Meyer Her- man, Bill-Allen Rogal. -Harold Neuwirtli. Pat-Ralph Levin, Betty-Sally Osborn, James Mortimer Broderick, III Scene 9-Honor Roll ..........,... . ...,..,..........,...............,...........,..... Lyrics by Arthur Lassman and Harold Neuwirth Giflsf Shirley Fredland, Anita Coller, June Levine, Pearl Baum, Ethel Lubin, Florence Holzer, Ruth Blitz. Leatrice Miller. Boys: uddv vens , Ralph Levin, David Davies, Albert Karmia, Robert Todd, Jerry Kleinerman, Chester agley, orton Alpern. Act II U . Scene 1-Hedy Lamarr ......... , .....,.. .. ............,......................................................................... Lyrics by Shirley Fredland Admirers: Budd Levenson, Albert Kai-mia, Jerry Kleinerman, Ralph Levin. Postman: eyer erman. Hedy: Pearl Baum. Scene 2-First Formal ...............,...................................................................................... Written by Harold Neuwirth Henry-Ralph Levin, Sis-Shirley Fredland, Ma-Tessie Salzman, Connie-Jean Olsen, Johnnie- Harold Neuwirth. Scene 3-Babes In Arms An Old Lady-Lyrics by Shirley Fredland. Sung by Elizabeth Lindenbaum. Babies: Leatrice Miller, Morton Alpern. Bernice Arnold, Chester Bagley. Scene 4iSocially Maladjusted ......,..........,...................................... Lyrics by Shirley Frerllantl and Jerry Feldman Sung by Jerry Kleinerman. Scene -5--The Women ....................,..................................................... Written by Sylvia Sachs and Leatrice Miller Girls: Naomi Ellman, Mildred Johnston, Pearl Baum, Bernice Arnold, Madlynne Robbins, Amelia Kunkel. Scene 6-Senior Hop Seniors: Pearl Baum, Anita Coller. Naomi Ellman. Ethel Lubin, Florence Holzer. June Levine, Allen Rogal, Albert Karmia. Robert Todd, Chester Bagley. David Davies, Meyer Herman. Juniors: Shirley Fredland, Ruth Barish, Ruth Blitz, Leatrice Miller, Budd Levenson, Ralph Levin, Jerry Kleinerman, Morton Alpern. Scene 7-"Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow" Sung by Mildred Johnston and Jerry Kleinerman. Scene 8-Graduation .......................................,........................,........................................... Lyrics by Shirley Fredland Girls: Shirley Fredland, Anita Coller, June Levine, Pearl Baum, Ethel Lubin, Mildred Johnston. Elizabeth Lindenbaum. Jean Olsen. Ruth Blitz, Sally Osborn, Leatrice Miller, Florence Holzer. Boys: B ddv , David Davies, Ralph Levin, Albert Karmia, Robert Todd, Allen Rogal, Meyer ' Herman, Chester agley, Marvin Buncher, Harold Neuwirth, Morton Alpern, Jerry Kleinerman Activities Director ,...,.............................. ...,..,............. ................................. ............................... M r . L. W. Korona Production under the direction of ..........,..................,..................,......................... ......... M iss Rose Hartz Dances staged by .......... ,..,..,,,.....................,....., ...... .............,........,,.............. . .................... . .....,................. M r . Fred Kelly Honor Roll, Babes in Arms. High School Juniors were routined by .........................,.. Miss Shirley Brown At the pianos ..,.............,.........,.,..,...,..,..........................,........,................... Miss Ruth Levin and Miss Bertha Gerson Musical arrangements by ............. ....... ...............,......................,..........,............................................ M i ss Ruth Levin Revisions of sketches ..................................,............,....................................,...................................,... Elizabeth Koskofi Scenic Designer .............................................................................................................................. Mr, Joseph Fitzpatrick Assistants: Peter Elasli, Jean Zimmer. Edmond Golden. l,ee Goldman. Brian O'Connor, Jean Rush, Philip Pearlstein, Jerry Caplan. Bill Henicke, Madeline Woleslagle, Libby Simon, Jean Price, N Dorothy Holstein, Ruth Mansfield, Richard Carlson. Scene Building .......,...,.......................................................................................................................... Mr. A. L. Gautsch Proplerty men: VV'illiam Simpson, Charles Se-bak. John Farrell, Lawrence Farrell, Earl Wagner, James atterson. Stage Managers .............................................................................................. Betty Kasuta and Hannahmary Brantner Electricians .................,. ........ D avid Harris, Charles Alderson, Howard Boyd, Mr. Frederick E. Holmes Technical Assistants ...,..................................,....,......................,.....,.........................,..... Jack Levin and Amelia Kunkel Publicity ......................,..............................................,......................,...,...,.................................,....... Miss Diantha Riddle Assistants: Frances Kalson, Miriam Rosenhloom, Morton Alpern, Ralph Levin, Alvin S-igal. 20 'yu ' II I. Q. l TWENTIEW-l COWIMENCEMENT Januavq Class, liehroarfq I, IOLLO THEM E-DEMOCRACY AND EDUCATION Processional Pomp and Circumstance ....A..,AA.A.....,A.4.....,,.....A.............,...,......,,..,...,.. ,....,.. E Igor Orchestra-Miss Laura Zeigler, Conductor Invocation ......... ..4....,..,.....,,..,....,,A,,A..,......,..........A..,,...,..,,..,...,... R ev. Karl A. Stein Presentation -of Flowers Minuet Gothique ..,... A.....r....,.....,..,...,,..,...,...,...,... ..r..,. B 0 ellmamt Orchestra Address ...,,.rr............. r,,.r......,...,..., .....,,.. A 1' thur Lassman Old Folks at Home ,...,....,.... .....,. ...,.,. . , . .,,......... Foster-Engel The Rosary ,... . ,.r.,...,....,.....,... ...... , ..,....,s....,r...,..r...,.....,,..,....w...,..,......... E thelbert Nevin Senior Choir-Miss Emma Steiner, Director with Mildred Johnston, Soprano Soloist Address ......,,.,,,.ii..,,,,...,,,i........,...................., ,,,.... S arah Osborn Intermezzo from Carmen Suite No. l i..,....,.....,. ,............... B izet Orchestra Class Gift Address ,..,..,... .............,,.....,....,....,..,.i,.i..,.i,,i...l.,,........,.,,., D r. Earl A. Dimmrick Associate Superintendent of Schools Presentation of Diplomas Einlandia ..,.. .....,...,...,,,...,..,.................,..,... ...l... S 12 belius Orchestra Recessional 22 ACTIVITIES Zlze gfome oem Zeackms JQIZLZJIJZQI GQLU BIISS CHARLOTTE R. BEACHLER MR. SAMUEL BLITZ MR. ALVIN G. FAUST AIRS. GLYDE C. FERGUSON MR. I. T. SHRINER Their gIll'fllGJlC6 has been effectiveg their counsel has been wise. 24 00172 1 Teacher-Mr. Alvin G. Faust Officers George Cain Ralph Levin President .,...,.,.............,.......,.... Treasurer .,,......,.,.......... ,...,.,. .... Foreword Reporter ,.,.....,.,., ...Ralph Levin Student Council ,....... ..,......... I ean Henry Betty Abercrombie In aviation stars blonde Betty VVho for sports is always readyg Hier choice of career? VVell, we can't just say, But sheill be trying every single day. Social Committeeg Girl Reservesg Biologyg Senior Aviationg Volleyball '39 Ruth Barish Although Ruth is a quiet lass, She gets along in every classg In art she finds her greatest pleasure, And in this work she gives full measure. Senior Class Revueg Volleyball Team T583 Soccer Team 38. Loretta Bogardus A quiet girl who does not shirkg She never fails to do her work. From her you seldom hear a sound, But we all know L-oretta's around. Hall Patrolg Business Service Guildg Entered from Gladstone in February 1938. George Cain T Flying 'way up in an airplane- Whois the fellow? VVhy, itis George Caing He loves to fly, to swing, to sway, His favorite leader is Sammy Kaye. junior Leaders Clubg Junior Basketball '36, ,375 Class President l2Ag En- tered from Miffling Favorite Sports-Football, Basketball, Baseball. john Chorney "Junchy" plays the harmonica grand, And in all athletics he deserves a big handg He hates all night work and likes having money, Here's hoping his path will be shining and sunny. Business Service Guild: Entered from Gladstoneg Junior Life Saving '36, '37g Favorite Sport-Swimming. Lucille Cohen VVhenever thereis typing to be -done Look around for Lucille-she's the oneg A capable secretary sheyll be some day, With her courteous air and pleasing way. Journal Staffg Foreword Staffg Business Service Cwuildg Bulleting Hall Patrolg Senior Type Clubg Benmanship Club: Sigma Iotag Volleyball ,395 National Honor Society. 25 Anita Coller A gay and happy young miss is she, In school she loves all fun and glee, Journalism she plans for her future career, VVe w.ish her success year after year. Senior Class Revue, journal Staff, A. A. A., Foreword Representative, President 78B5 At Your Service Club, Latin Club, Sig-ma Iota, Debate Club, Dramatic Club, Safety Driving, Hockey Team '38. Helen DePaolo In every class there's someone On whom you can depend To help you at a time of need- Vlfell, Helen's that type of friend. Lunch Patrol '37, '38, '39, Red Cross Club, Chemistry Assistant Club, Senior Leaders Club, Group A, Soccer '38, '39, Volleyball '38, '39, Captain of Championship Hockey Team two successive years, National Honor Society. Kathryn DeStout Dark and cute is black-haired Kate, And for orchestra music she's ready bait, She makes her friends with charm and ease, A girl like her we are eager to please. Entered from Gladstone Junior High School, Hockey '38, '39, Basketball '38, '39, Favorite Sport-Basketball. john Findlay Small in stature, broad in mind, A boy like Johnny is hard to find, lfVe're very fond of his bashful ways, Wfhatever he does, it always pays. Group A, Male Chorus, Sport Club, Entered from Mifflin, Favorite Sports -Baseball, Football. Samuel Freed Sarnmy's a very quiet boy, His teachers he never does annoy, He'll find his place in the world of men As the same quiet fellow he's always been. Foreword Representative, Hall Patrol, Student Council, Sigma Iota, Stamp Club, Group B. Lois Gallagher Blue-eyed Lois is studious and gay, VVe enjoy so much seeing her everyday, She likes athletics and loves taking gym, To be a private secretary is her favorite whim. Business Service Guild, Hockey Team '39. Naomi Gibbons Naomi Gibbons is one of the lasses Vtfhom teachers appreciate most in their classes, She's quiet, serene, and always -on hand, Her cheerful good nature's forever in demand. Hall Patrol, Business Service Guild, Fntered from Gladstone junior High School '38, 26 Margaret Hazi 'fMiss I-Iazii, Miss I-Iazi, please come here," Itls the voice of her employer ringing in her ear, Margyls the perfect secretary, we do perceive, And once she gets her position shelll never have to leave. Foreword Representative, Sigma Iota, Entered from Gladstone in llB Favorite Sport-Basketball. Dora Hendrix A newcomer to l53 is this lass, She's been a happy addition to the class, She made her mark, s-he won her way, We,re very glad she came here to stay. Hall Patrol, Entered from Gladstone, Senior Art, Voice B, Volleyball Hockey '38. jean Henry She's very shy, she's quite demure, We all respect her, of that Ilm sure, jean does her tasks with a happy face, In her we find true charm and grace. Student Council, Hall Patrol, Activity Representative, Penmanship Club Safety Driving, Girl Reserves, Voice Group B, Volleyball '39. Florence Ruth Holzer "Gosh, oh, gosh," is Flossie's favorite saying, And does she go for Hal Kemps orchestra playing! She'd love to dance on and on forever, At dancing her stopping point is never. Senior Class Revue, Hall Patrol, Business Service Guild, Dodge Ba Ball '37, A. Albert Karmia There's nothing that's too much for him, This lad who's always full of vim, His hearty voice is good to hear, And can be heard afar and near. Senior Class Revue, Foreign Policy Club, Favorite Sports - Baseball Basketball. Katherine Kazmier Kate Kazmier is quite small and sweet, A pal she'll be to all she'll meet. She's good in all sports, especially in swimming, In the Olympics shels sure to give all a nice trimming. Sigma Iota, Entered from Gladstone in llA, Favorite Sport-Swimming Alfred Kennedy A hero in football, In baseball, too, Wie know that helll succeed In all he tries to do. Hall Patrol, Entered from Central Catholic High, Sports Club, Football '38, '39, 27 t Emily G. Klaman Emilv's shy and 'is c f V, C Q are ree as the breeze, She goes through school with charm and ease, She loves helping out as much as she can- A secretarial position is her future plan. Foreword Staflfg Business Service Guild: Bulletin Staff, Journal Staff Service Clubg Sigma lotag Psychology, Yolleyball ,365 Favorite Sport Baseball. Lilyan Lang Lilyan is quite tiny and petite, And all will admit she's very sweet: A real pal she's been to all of us, She does her work uitl i f iout any fuss. Psychology Club, Library Club: Sigma Iota, Safety Driving. Geraldine Lois Lange Gerry loves good frolic and fun, For any good time she's ready to rung She's liked a great deal by all her mates, And with all who know her she really rates. Book Room, Hall Patrol, Biology, Sigma Iota, Volleyball. jack D. Levin jackie is a ladies, man 3 He gets his lessons when he can' A player is he in the band y J And everywhere Jack is in demand. Foreword Re " ' l porter, Book lxoom, Dramatic Club, Band A '37, '38, '39, Ralph Lloyd Levin A grand sport in all he does is Ral h L ' p eviin, To his teachers he's simply a gift from heaven' work with a cheerful smile, well spent in fun meanwhile. 3 Journal Staff, For He does all his But his time is Senior Class Revue eword Representative Lu l P Treasurer l2B-l2A 3 nci atrolg 5 Dramatic Club, Band Ag S ' I ports 37, 38. Eleanor Ethyl Levine Eleanor Levine is a quiet lass She's never noisy in the class, She's a pal that everyone sh ld ou meet And for true friendship she canlt be beat Hall P l' ' ' ' atro , Business Service Guildg Dodge Bat Ball. june A. Levine Juneis full of fun you just can bet, She's snappy, too, and never blue, Full of pep, she has a rep Of being honest, clever true Business Service Guild '39g,Senior Class Revue' Volle 'ball '38 f 3 Ruth Levine A loyal classmate to the end, Admired iby one and all' And if one needs a real true friend, Cn Ruthie one should call, Hall Patrolg Dressing Dolls for Charity: Volleyball '38 28 james Lindenburg jimm.y's one of those we know Wfho doesn't try to make a show: At things he likes, he works quite wellg He'll make his mark as time will tell. Favorite Sport-Baseball. Betty Louise Lloyd Honey likes dancing and singing the best, And when she does these she never needs restg She hopes to join up with some really good band, Her fame will someday spread throughout the land. Craft, Doll Dressing for Charity, Favorite Sport-Baseball. Edward Robert Lowry Eddie Lowry is another one VVho thinks that life is just for fung VVork and Eddie just don't agree, But he,ll get along-wait and see. Lunch Patrol: Entered from Gladstoneg Art Clubg Group Ag Male Chorusg Gym Team '38 Ethel M. Lubin Ethel .is a lovely girl, At least we take that viewg And if you ever know her once You'll really know it's true, Senior Revue, Hall Patrol '39g Driving Club '39, Transferred from Pea- body '38g Volleyball '38, Dorothy Mintz She's f-ond of music: she's in Orchestra B, She likes chewing gum, as we can seeg She's cheerful and sweet throughout the day, She looks at all with a smile that's gay. Craft Clubg Sigma lota: Psychology Clubg Safety Driving Club, Or-- chestra B. Burton Unger Burt is jolly, never sad, Never known to have been badg He's one who can easily make a friend, And a helping hand he's willing to lend. June 1939 Class Play, Hall Patrol: Microscope Clubg Biology Club, Sigma lotag Drivingg Football Manager '38, '39. john Walik johnny is bold and happy-go-lucky, In everything 'he does he's terribly pluckyg He hates grouchy people, but loves aviation, And in this field he desires to find his vocation. Sport Club l2Ag Electric Club, Hall Patrolg Favorite Sports-Football and Golf. 29 David White Cheerful and jolly Dave always seems, In basketball and tennis he's on both teamsg He claims with force that girls he hates, But with the fair sex he always rates. Vice President of Senior Classg Senior Class Reviewg 12B Class Presidentg President of Debate Clubg Art Clubg President of Badminton Clubg Dra- matic Club: Junior Leaders: Basketball '37, '38, '39g Tennis Team l38, '39: National Honor Society. Arthur Wiesenthal Arthur is a man of science, And at defeat he hurls defianceg As a d-octor we know he'll succeed, To him we shall go for all human need. Senior Class Revueg journal Staffg Student Councilg Lunch Patrolg Debate Clubg Foreign Policy Clubg Dramatic Clubg Tennis Team '39, Victor Willem Green-eyed Vic loves stamps and girls, His school life's been a series of whirlsg He aims at law, we understand: His famels sure to spread throughout the land. Hall Patrolg junior Mechanicsg Arithmeticg Sportsman Clubg Gymnastics: Football '38, Marilyn Wolovitz Marilyn is gay and full of fun, She has a way with every oneg She's made quite a hit in 153, And her future good luck we do foresee. Business Service Guildg Penmanship Clubg Driving Clubg Sigma lotag Basketball '38, SILLY SENIOR SONNET There are so uzauy creatures 011 this earth Whose queerhess makes fhehi subject for the 200, That mast of us daift know the aue best worth Our laughs, because he's ual a kaugaraa. He has iuucli work to do and does if not Because he says chila' labor is u11fai1'. He loves to dauce and likes his music "hot" Ariel seems to like the Crazy clothes he'll wear. His kuawledge is sufficient for his life, He 1lflId67'Slf1IZClS the rvamen of his tizueg He shafves with Cl0lllIffl!l skill to him quite izezv. klfifh elders he is usually al strife, Anal never seems to have a siugle dime. This silly freak is real--a senior true. 30 00172 155 Teacher-Mrs. Glyde C. Ferguson Officers President ...............,....,...,.. Morton Alpern Vice President ....,........ Jerry Kleinerman Secretary-Treasurer ...........,..,. Rae Tanur Student Council ,,.....,.... Mildred Johnston Foreword Reporter ........ Lenore Goldstein Social Chairman ,,,............ Ruth Mansfield Morton Alpern Nickname-"Morty', Favorite Diversion-Iitterbugging Ambition-Journalist Senior Class Revueg Journal Staffg Foreword Reporterg President of Room 155, l2Ag Vice President of Room 155, l2Bg Library Clubg Chorus Blg Cross Country Teamg lfVel1lare Committeeg Chairman of Publicity Com- mittee for Senior Revue, Lillian Bender Nickname-"Li.lly,' Favorite Diversion-Sewing Ambition-Nurse Hall Patrolg Anniversary Clubg Favorite Sports-Swimming, Basketball. Ruth Blackham Nickname-"Towhead" Favorite Diversion-Collecting autographs of band leaders Ambition-Beauty Operator Hall Patrolg Volleyball Teamg Favorite Sport-Swimming. David Bloom Nickname--"Ike" Favorite Diversion-Basketball Aimbition-Successful Business Man Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrolg Senior Leaders Clubg Band Ag Basketball Team '37, '38, '39. Marvin Buncher Nickname-"Bud,' Favorite Diversion-Boxing Ambition-Journalist Senior Class Revueg Hall Patrolg Foreword Statfg Activities Representa- tive for Room l55, l2A3 Biology Clubg Vice President of Debate Club: Sportsman Clubg Band B3 Basketball Teamg Cross Country Team. Mattie Crittenden Nickname-HMat" Favorite Diversion-Cooking Ambition-Enibalmer Type Clubg Favorite SportfBasketball3 Entered from Gladstone High School. Nick De Lucia Nickname-"Mit Nicki' Favorite Diversion-Baseball Ambition-Typist Hall Patrol: Tvpe Clubg Entered from Gladstone High Schoolg Favorite Sport-Baseball. 31 Willa Mae Elicker Nickname-"VVillie,' Favorite Diversion-Eating Ambition-Florist Hall Patrolg A. A. A.g Fencing Clubg Girl Reservesg Hockey Team '38, '391 Basketball Team '3Sg Volleyball Team ,385 Soccer Team. Naomi Ellman Nickname-''Nomieu Favorite Diversion-Collecting coins Ambition-Sales Clerk Senior Class Revueg French Club: Jewelry Clubg Sigma Iotag Le Cercle Francais: Dramatic Clubg Voiceg Soccer Team '37. William Fischer Nickname-"Buck" Favorite Diversion-Dancing Ambition-Extraordinary Student Councilg Hall Patrolg Hi-Yg Favorite Sport-Football. Richard Galvin Nickname-f'Dickie" Favorite Diversion-Loafing Ambition-Diesel Engineer Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Aviation Clubg Favorite Sport-Ice Skating. William Goffort Nickname-"Bill" Favorite Diversion-Swimming Amkbition-Journalist Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Book Roomg Junior Leadersg Swimming Team: Favorite Sport-Hockey. Lenore Goldstein Nickname-"Lenny" Favorite Diversion-Jitterbugging Ambition-Tax Collector Journal Statfg Student Council: Foreword Reporter, 12B-l2Ag Safety Driving Clubg Favorite Sport-Dancing. George Gordon Nickname-"Georgie,' Favorite Diversion-Girls Ambition-Millionaire Libraryg Program Committee, Room 155, lAg Physics Clubg Sportsman Clubg Orchestra A. Norman Gottfried Nickname-"Norniy" Favorite Diversion-Hiking Ambiti-on-Petroleum Engineer Entered llA from Peter Stuyvesant High School, N. Y. C.g Journal Staitg Foreign Policy Club. Joseph Halwakx Nickname-K'Farmer" Favorite Diversion-Rifle Shooting Ambition-Head of Forest Rangers Entered from Gladstone High Schoolg B2 Chorusg Favorite Sport-Baskeb ball. 32 William Henicke Nickname-"Bill,' Favorite Diversion-Loafing Ambition-Artist Hall Patrolg Foreword Stallfg Program Committee of Room 155, l2Bg Art Club, Meyer Herman Nickname-"Mike" Favorite Diversion-Singing Ambition-To draw a better picture than George Petty Senior Class Revue: Hall Patrol: Secretary of Room l55, l2Bg Debate Clubg Mathematics Clubg Foreign Policy Clubg Male Chorusg Soccer Team. 9th Grade. George Heski Nickname-"Georgie" Favorite Diversion-Swimming Ambition-Executive Secretary of Business Service Guildg Favorite Sport-Basketball. Howard Hess Nickname-'fQssie" Favorite Diversion-Rifle Shooting Ambition-Typist Captain Hall Patrolg Business Service Guildg Banker of Room l55, l2B- l2Ag Favorite Sport-Football. Phyllis Jacobson Nickname-Hfakiew Favorite Diversion-Attending premieres Ambition-Designer Hall Patrol: Dressing Dolls for Charity Clubg Sigma Iotag Craft Clubg Crocheting Clubg Favorite Sport-Baseball. Mildred Johnston Nickname-"Mil,' Favorite Diversion-Driving Ambition-Private Secretary Senior Class Revue: President of Student Councilg Book Roomg President of Book Room Club: Student Director junior Division Clubsg Vocation Guidance Aidg Group A, Girls Chorale QSoloistjg Hockey Team 738g Na- tional Honor Society. Harriet jones Nickname-"Ionesy" Favorite Diversion-Fencing Ambition-Nurse Hall Patrolg Fencing Clubg Make-up Clubg Basketball Teamg Hockey Team: Soccer Team. Frances Kalson Nickname-"Franniel' Favorite Diversion-Playing Ravel's "Bolero" Ambition-Latin Teacher journal Staff: Student Council, lOBg Foreword Statfg Chairman ot Pro- gram Committee, l55-l2B5 President of Latin Clubg Debate Club. Elsie Kidwell Nickname-"Elsel' Favorite Diversion-Drawing Ambition-Artist Foreword Reporter of llAg Business Service Guild. 33 jerry Kleinerman Nickname-"Clintl' Favorite Diversion-Playing violin Ambition-Surgeon Senior Class Revue, Student Council, President of Room 155, 12B, Vice President of Room 155, l2A, Photography Club, Driving Club, French Club, String Quartet, Orchestra A, All-City Drchestra, Qualitative Analysis Class. Hymen Labovitz Nickname-"Hin Favorite Diversion-Dancing Ambition-Politics Foreword Reporter for 10A-1OB, Debating Club, Type Club, Stamp Club, Favorite Sport-Basketball. Norton Levenson Nickname-''Budclyv Favorite Diversion-Annoying teachers Ambition-Playboy Senior Class Revue: Lunch Patrol, Vice President of Room 155, 12B, Microscope Club: Sigma Iota, Dramatic Club, Male Chorus, Badminton Team 136, Favorite Sport-Basketball. Stanley Levinson Nickname-K'Stan" Favorite Diversion-Having dates Ambition-Efficiency Expert Chairman of Home Room Program Committee, Room 155, 12A, Driving Club, Photography Club, Favorite Sport-Basketball. Elizabeth Lindenbaum Nickname-"Lindy,' Favorite Diversion-Dancing Ambition-Nurse Senior Class Revue, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Charity Club, Science Club, Chorus A, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Swimming Teams. Irma Loomis ' Nickname-"Amri'l Favorite Diversion-Roller skating Ambition-Secretary Business Service Guild, Dressing Dolls for Charity Club, Hockey Team 139, Basketball Team ,38, Swimming Team '38, Volleyball Team ,38. Ruth Mansfield Nickname-"Manzy" Favorite Diversion-Movies Ambition-Artist Social Committee, 12A Class, Social Representative for 155, 12B-12Ag Biology, Doll Dressing for Charity, Physi-cs Club, Chorus B, Girl Re- serves: Hockey Team 34, Soccer Team '38, Volleyball Team '37, Tennis Team '38, Jeanne Miller Nickname-"Jeannie, Favorite Diversion-Horseback riding Ambition-Model Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Knitting Club, Sigma Iota, Volleyball Team, Soccer Team, Hockey Team. 34 Esther Perlman Nickname-HES" Favorite Diversion-Dancing Ambition-Secretary Business Service Guildg Favorite Sports-Tennis and SWim,ming. Alfred Perlstein Nickname-f'Fred" Favorite Diversion-Collecting stamps Ambition-Successful Economist German Clubg Sigma Iotag Favorite Sport-Tennis. Emil Piciucco Nickname-"Mill" Favorite Diversion-Football Ambition-Contractor Hall Patrolg Favorite Sport-Footballg Entered from Gladstone. Helen Richter Nickname-f'Ricky,' Favorite Diversion--Skatino' Ambition--Secretary Business Service Guildg Favorite Sport-Football. Herman Salomon Nickname-"Sain Favorite Diversion-Swimming Ambition-Sports Writer Business Service Guildg Favorite Sports-Baseball and Hockey. Bertha Shapiro Nickname-"Bert', Favorite Diversion-Dancing Ambition+Cashier Hockey Team '38, T595 Favorite Sport-Horseback Riding. Rae Tanur Nickname-K'Vickey" Favorite Diversion-Skating Ambition-Fashion Designer Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Secretary of Room l55, l2Ag Sigma Totag Art Clubg Craft Clubg Favorite Sport-Tennis. Emily Toth Nickname-"Tothie" Favorite Diversion-Sewing Ambition-Nurse 6 Hall Patrolg Junior Leadersg Life Saving Clubg Swimming Team '375 Fa- vorite Sport-Swimmingg Hockey Team '3Sg Basketball Team '39g Volley- ball Team '38g Mushball Team '38, joseph Traynor N ickname-"Joe" Favorite Diversion-Traveling Ambition-Bookkeeper Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Libraryg Type Clubg Favorite Sport-Football. Ruth Weiss Nickname-"Renew F ' Favorite Diversion-Playing records Ambition-Social Secretary Hall Patrolg Libraryg Charity Clubg Voice B3 Favorite Sport--Tennis. 35 00172 350 Teacher-Miss Charlotte Beachler Officers President ,........,,.,,.. ....., ,... .... B e t ty Nemenz Vice President .......,,,,.,.,.... Chester Bagley Secretary-Treasurer ,4,.,, Margaret Boone Student Council ...........,...,. Amelia Kunkel Social Rep ........,,............. William Brantner Foreword Reporter .... Madlynne Robbins Chester Bagley Member of Green Key, he works for all, , He's friendly and laughing, clever and tall. Senior Class Revue, journal Staff, Foreword Reporter, Lunch Patrol, Class Assistant l2B, 350, Vice President 350, l2A, V'ice President of Green Key, Band C and B. Ruth Baxter Her big brown eyes that smile at you Make you -cheerful and sunny, too. Lunch Patrol, Senior Aviation Club, President. Mary Catherine Beardsley Her greeting cheers you when you frown, Her fidelity aids you when you're down. Hall Patrol. a Blanche Berkovitz Keeping books that are out of the red Is Blanche's ambition before she is wed. Entered from Westinghouse 1938, Sigma Iota. Robert Bishop Though Bob is not too fond of study, VVe're sure that he will be somebody. Band C, B, A, Favorite Sport-Basketball. Margaret Boone Always active, always gay, Always helping others-that's her way. Hall Patrol, Library, Secretary-Treasurer 350, l2A, Hiking Club, Group B, A, Girls Chorale, Trio, Senior Leaders '39, Volleyball '36, '37, '38, Hockey Championship Team '38, '39, lnterschool Swimming Team '36, '37, Interschool Class Swimming Team '38, '39, Basketball '38, '39. Hannahmary Brantner For cheery work and smile so sunny, lt's on our Hank we'll place our money. Senior Class Revue, Hall Patrol, Aviation Club. William Brantner Secretary. football, what all have I missed? These plus personality make him head our list. Senior Class Secretary and Treasurerg Social Committee, Hall Patrol, President of Green K-ey, Football '37, '38, '39, Favorite Sport-Football. 36 Nathan Cantor Always grinning, witty, and smart, He guards the bank money with all his heart. Journal Staff, Class Banker, Stamp Club, Game Club, Sportsman Club, Foreign Policy Club, Photography Club, B and A. Roy Carmichael Friends and teachers all enjoy ' The laughing presence oif this boy. Hall Patrol, Favorite Sports-Swimming and Hunting. Gilda Cerra Gilda likes to jump and jive, W'ith her charm she'll always thrive. Business Service Guild, Volleyball '36, '37, Soccer '37, Mushball '36, '37, '38, '39, Hockey '38, '39, Alex Cherevka Hiere's to our K'Zeke" a great big hand, A football player forever in demand. Hall Patrol, Football '38. Andrew Gallishen i Andy's ambition is very high, Because this young fellow wants to fly. Hall Patrol, Favorite Sports-Football and Baseball. Theresa Gualtieri Our Theresa is ia dark-haired girl VVhose many interests keep her awhirl. Hall Patrol, Hockey Team '39. William Himes Bill is our red-headed lad, he has the very best traits, There's nothing we can add, so we leave him to the fates. Lunch Patrol, Library, Dramatic, Astronomy, Physics, German, Band C, B, A. Saul Jacobson An amateur song writer is our Saul, Interested in chess and tennis "et al." Chess Club, Debate Club, Favorite Sport-Tennis. Betty Kasuta Hither and yon she rushes all day, Clever and charming, busy and gay. Senior Class Revue, Foreword, Lunch Patrol Chairman, Guidance Pro- gram, Foreword Representative, Activities Representative, Music Appre- ciation, Volleyball '36, '37, '38, '39, Hockey '38, '39, Basketball '38, Mush- ball '37, '38, Soccer '36, '37, '38, National Honor Society. Amelia Kunkel Modest, peppy, never shy. Cheerful, happy, always spry, Senior Class Revue, Student Council, Hall Patrol, Foreword Representa- tive, Lunch Patrol, Aviation Club, Voice Groups C, B, A. William MacDonald Bill is quiet, rather shy, With those who know him he rates high. Cross Country '39, Favorite Sport-Football. 37 Virginia Mallick Ginny smiles while at her work, She wants to be a filing clerk. Captain or Hall Patrol, Craft Club, Hockey '39, Basketball '38, '39. Edmond Mancini Among all the swing addicts over the land Someday you'll hear of Eddie's band, . Hall Patrol, Business Service Guild, Favorite Sport-Baseball. Sara McClean Sally excels in games like hockey But with all her success she's never cocky. Student Council, Business Service Guild, Library, Senior Leaders Club, Chorus C and B, Lite Saving Club, Volleyball '36, '39, Soccer '37, '38, Hockey '38, '39, Basketball '37, '39, Mushball '36, '38, Tennis '38, Swim- ming '36, '39, National Honor Society. Nan McMahon Nan is small and quite petite, In our opinion she's hard to beat. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Hiking Club. Robert Mettenberger His interests are many, his friends the same, If he keeps this up, he'll surely win fame. Hall Patrol, Business Service Guild, Favorite Sport-Baseball. Arthur N augle Hedy Lamarr and her type may be nice, But Arthur goes for blondes in Allderdice. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Favorite Sport-Swimming. Betty N emenz Qur president is charming, She always leads the way, Her smile is most disarming, Her manner ever gay. President oit l2A, Typist, journal Staff, Typist, Foreword, President of Business Service Guild, President of 350, l2A, Hockey '38, '39, Basketball '37, '39, Swimming '36, '39, Mushball '36, '38, Volleyball '36, '39, Soccer '37, '38, National Htlnor Society. Sarah Ellen Osborn Pretty, brilliant, lots of fun, Always ready with a pun. Senior Class Revue, Journal Staff, Student Council, A. A. A., Secretary 350, l2A, National Honor Society. William Patterson Bill gets a thrill from a XVaring tune, He'll probably make his million soon. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Senior Math Club, Driving Club, Aviation Club, Band B, Favorite SportHTennis. Harold Penner Although his first name is not joe, VVith his keen wit quite far he'll go. Hall Patrol, Band A. Virginia Petronio The thing she liked the best at school Seemed to be the swimming pool. Swimming Team '37, Soccer '38, Hockey '39, Basketball '37, Favorite Sport-Swimming. 38 Madlynne Robbins VVas an actress in the Musical Revue, She likes art and music, too. Class Revue, journal Staff, Foreword Representative, Sigma Iota, Crafts Club, Short Story Club, Favorite Sport-Tennis. Sylvia Sachs A cheery word, a smiling face, news writing is her trend- That's Sylvia, the winsome girl, we proudly call our friend. Journal Staff, Foreword, Program Chairman l2B, Driving Club, Creative Wfriting Club, At Your Service Club, Volleyball '37, '38, Soccer '38, '39, Hockey '39, National Honor Society. Tessie Salzman To be a business woman, Tessie tries with all her might, In the classroom she is smartest, for her answer's always right. Senior Class Revue, A. A. A., Sigma Iota, Dramatic Club, Debate Club. Anna Sapira Good in sports and lots of fun, Boy, oh boy, is Ann a "hon"? Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Student Council, Hiking Club. George Schrier George works hard, he doesn't jest, VVe all know he's one of the best. Favorite Sport-Football. Maurice Shapiro For Maurice's future we have no fear, His success is certain as an engineer. Book Room, Safety Driving, Football '37, '38, '39, Hall Patrol, Favorite Sport-Football. Alvin Sigal Pictures are a snap as far as Al's concerned, Photography's a study that he has quickly learned. Senior Class Review, Program Chairman 350, l2A, Photography, Soccer, Intramural Mlushball Champions '38, Basketball '37, Basketball Manager '38, '39, '40, Andrew Siviy As a saxophone player he should succeed, Many musicians will follow his lead. Hall Patrol, Aviation Club, Band C, B, A. Robert Todd A ladies' man, one of the best, Happy-go-lucky and full of zest. Senior Class Revue, Student Council, Hall Patrol, Vice President 350, l2B, Hi-Y, junior Basketball '36, Swimming '38, Basketball '39. Donald Weyel To be a marine is his desire, For service and adventure he can't aim higher. Hall Patrol, Latin Club, Favorite Sport-Basketball. Joseph W-illiams What do you do in the evenings, Joe, That in the morning you study so? 'A Hall Patrol, Aviation Club. 39 00172 Teacher-Mr. Samuel Blitz Officers President ...,......,,......,,. Ha-rry A-bramovitz Vice President ..........,............,.. jean Olsen Secretary ,...,......,...,.,,.... Shirley Fredland Treasurer ..............,.,,........ Gloria Szecskay Student Council ..,.,,......,,.. Leatrice Miller Foreword Reporter ..,.............,,,, Rut-h Blitz Social Rep. ..........,......,. Shirlene Schwartz We number forty-three Witlu talent we are blessed, On the roll from A to Z, This really is no jest-- United as one We stand, We represent each Art Mr. Blitz's batty band. And all of us are smart. Harry Abramovitz Past-Basketball Fan Present-Basketball Player Future-Basketball Coach President of Green Keyg Guidance Committee, Soccer '36g Junior Basket- ball '365 Baseball '38, '39, Basketball '37, '38, '39, National Honor Society Charles Amsler Past-T-ook part in Midget Auto Races Present--Interested in female species Future-Auto mechanic Hall Patrol. Bernice A. Arnold Past-LITTLE girl Present-LITTLE lady Future-LITTLE woman Senior Class Revueg Guidance Committee, Sigma Iota, Girl Reserves Le Cercle Francaisg Hockey '37, Volleyball '36, Soccer '37. Pearl Lee Baum Past-Danced in Musicals Present-Dancer in I. Q. Revue Future-Dancing down the aisle Musical Revueg Hall Patrol, Election Committee, Guidance Committee Voice and Speech Club: Voice Bg Basketball '37, '38, Volleyball '38 Mary I. Belie Past-Tossed toys around Present-Tosses a basketball around Future-VVants to be a nurse so she can toss her patients around Hall Patrol, Senior Leaders '38, '39, Swimming '38, '39, Volleyball '37 Tennis '39.' Paul Blain Past-Fuzzy Wtizzyf Present-Allderdice's Gunga Din Future-Lost Horizon Foreign Policy Club, Football '38, 40 '38, '39g Hockey '38, '39, Soccer '39: Mushball '37, Basketball '38, '39g Ruth Blitz Past-Followed by little :boys Present-Followed by big boys Future-Kindergarten teacher Class Revueg Lunch Patrolg Sigma Iotag Book Roomg Foreword Repre- sentativeg Volleyball '37, '38, Catherine E. Caloyer Past-Globe Trotter Present-Cn the ROAD to graduation Future-Vagabond Journal Stattg A. A. A.g Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Sigma lotag French Clubg Biology Clubg Girl Reservesg Soccer '36g Volleyball '3Sg National Honor Society. Lydia Ciccone Past-Designing paper dolls Present-Vogue enthusiast Future-Adrian's assistant Favorite Activities-Designing, Art. David Davies Past-Musically inclined Present-Excellent bass voice Future-Singing in the bathtub Senior Class Revueg Lunch Patrolg Hall Patrolg Male Chorusg Group Ag Band B5 Swimming '36g History Clubg Favorite Sport-Football. jerry Feldman Past+Conducted his own orchestra Present-eCombination of Goodman and Shaw Future-Jitterbug's idol Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Guidance Committeeg Senior Class Revueg French Clubg Debate Clubg Wfoodvvind Quintetg Wloodwind Triog Band A. Anthony Ferrainola Past-Sang his nursery rhymes Present-Hidden genius of Allderdice Future-Aspires to be a second Nelson Eddy Hall Fatrolg Favorite Sports-Baseball and Football. Shirley Fredland Past-Comely little songstress Present-Musical brains of I. Future-Smiling through ' journal Staffg Senior Class Revueg Hall Patrolg Home Room Secretaryg Le Cercle Francais de Victor Hugog Girl Reservesg Voice Group A5 Volley- ball '36, '37g Soccer '37, Andrew Louis Gall Past-Everyone's little helper Present-Good deed Andy Future-State Trooper Hall Patrolg Chorus Bl, B25 Baseball '39g Favorite Sport-Baseball. M. Michael Gogniat Past-Sometimes bawling Present-Sand lot ball Future-Big League Baseball Player Favorite Sports-Basketball and Swimming. 41 Helena Harris Past-Indiscreet Present-Keyboard technician Future-Social Service Worliei' Type Clubg Voice B5 Basketball ,385 Favorite Sport-Football. Irene Kalla Past-ACollected clothing Present-Lends clothing Future-Owner of a dress shop Hall Patrol. james Lannis Past-Sang for his supper Present-Tenor in Group A Future-Metropolitan Gpera Group A Chorusg Male Chorusg Football. Harry Larkin Past-The hope of Room 410 Present-Versatile musician Future-Top flight band leader Lunch Pratrolg Physics Clubg Microscope Clubg Grchestra A. L. Arthur Lassrnan Past-Little boy with an Erector Set Present-Chemistry and Physics genius Qin a small wayj Future-Millionaire inventor Senior Class Reviewg Student Councilg Hall Patrolg Guidance Committeeg Qualitative Classg National Honor Society. Cecelia Laudato - Past-Played with toy telephones Present-Always dialing numbers Future-"Number, please" Type Clubg Swimming '38, '393 Volleyball '37g Hockey '38, '39g Mush- ball '37. Lawrence E. Letwin Past-Beau Brummel of Allderdice Present-Popular newspaper man Future-Interested in surgery Editor-in-Chief of Journal Staftg Hall Patrolg Co-Editor-in-Chief of Fore- word Staffg Lunch Patrolg A. A. A.g Judge of Electionsg Game Clubg Stamp Clubg Microscope Clubg Foreign Affairs Club. Rohland Mansfield Past-Tibbett as a youth Present-Baritone extraordinary Future-The Barber of Seville Hall Patrolg Group Ag Male Chorusg Cross Country '37. Leatrice Reda Miller Past-Girl behind the paint brush Present-Girl behind the tootlights Future-Girl never left behind Senior Class Revueg Student Councilg A. A. A.g Le Cercle Francais de Victor Hugog Life Savingg Senior Leadersg Art Clubg V-olleyball '36, ,37, '38, ,395 Basketball '39g Swimming '36, '375 Soccer '37, ,385 Tennis '38g Hockey ,395 Mushball '36, '37, '38g National Honor Society. 42 Harold Neuwirth Past-Fought with little girls Present-Ladies' man Ftittire-Will break millions of hearts Senior Class Revue, Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Foreword Reporter: Guidance Committeeg Le Cercle Francais. jean Olsen Past-The reason for Detention Hall Present-Avid reader of detective literature . Future-Stand-in for Sherlock Holmes Senior Class Revue, journal Staff, Hall Patrolg A. A. A., Vice President: Sigma Iotag Voice Ag National Honor Society. Patricia Prescott Past-Golden Girl Present-President of Omega Chi Future-Sweetheart of Michigan State Hall Patrolg Senior Leaders '38, French Club, Basketball ,37, '38g Volley- ball '37, Soccer '38g- Swimming Team ,375 Life Saving '385 Tennis ,37, '38, '39. James Reich Past-L'Enfant Terrible Present-Comedian? Vlfit? Future-Questionable Senior Class Revue5 Badminton Club, Guidance Committee, Band Ag Track 38. Allen Rogal Past--Could talk his nurse into anything Present-Debater Future-Filibusterer Senior Class Revue, Debate Club, President of Foreign Policy, Dramatic English Club. Harold Rushe Past-Little Lord Fauntleroy Present-Rusheing into everything Future-Triple Threat Man Favorite Sport-Football. julie Sawchak Past-Star of Kiddie Hour Present-Member of Girls Chorale Future-Singing Cowgirl Volleyball '36g lvlushball '36, Group C, B, Ag Girls Choraleg Business Ser- vice Guild. Naomi Harriet Schoenbrum Past-Cllflissjeid the curfew Present-CMissjed the late bell Future-Mrs. , Sigma Iotag Volleyball ,37, '3Sg Basketball '37, ,383 Mushball '36. Ruth Miriam Schoenbrum Past-Constantly howling Present-Canlt keep still a minute Future-VVill spank her children for talking Election Committeeg Sigma lotag Volleyball ,37g Basketball '37, '38g Mush- ball '36. - 43 Shirlene Schwartz Past-Deniure little Quaker Present-Dancing for a penny Future-Dancing Lady Senior Class Revueg Social Committeeg Sigma lotag Art Clubg Volley- ball '38, Ruby D. Sigrnond Past-Flew through school Present-Mind is in the air Future-Aviatrix Type Clubg Swimmingg Volleyball '37, '33, '39g Hockey '38, '39g Mush- ball '37, Marcia Silverberg Past-Fugitive from Gym Make-Up Present-Streamline lady Future-"Ftch" for Etching Election Committeeg Guidance Committeeg Sigma Iotag Type Clubg Voice BQ Volleyball '36g Business Guild. Helen L. Steen Past-A closed book Present-Reads newspapers Future-VVrites newspapers Swimming '36g Tennis '36g Basketball '36g Volleyball '37g Business Ser- vice Guild. Albert V. Steinkirchner Past-The little man who wasn't here Present-Head cheer leader Future-Train announcer Hi-Yg Band Ag Head Cheer Leader '39, Gloria E. Szecskay Past-Goldilocks Present-Intellectual Usherette Future-Fame on a billboard Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Home Room Treasurerg Favorite Sport- Basketball. jacob Viehl Past-Airplane Maker Cmodelsj Present-Groundling Future-High Flyer Hall Patrolg Voice B. Margaret D. Whitaker Past-Art teacher's pride and joy Present-Pastime is sketching Future-Petty's rival Favorite Sports-Tennis, Hockey, Swimming. William Wilbert Past-Beau Brummel of Golfax Present-Beau Brummel ol 364 Futtire-Whose Beau Brunimel? Hall Patrolg Hi-Y '37, '38, '39, '40, 44 00172 4 Teacher-Mr. J. T. Shriner Officers President ...,.,...............,.... Mildred Spichty Vice President .............., Mildred Kennedy Treasurer ...........,.......... Marion Tiedeman Student Council ...,.,.,.........,........ Aline Vale Foreword Representative ,,,. Vivian Jones Social Representative ...,....... john Flatley Doris Goldstein When it comes to public speaking, any audience she'll sway, She's adept at auto driving f-or she knows the safest way. And when it comes to- choice cuisine, she knows her istuff and how, So you'd like to meet the lady? Doris Goldstein, take a bow! Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Safety Driving Club. Allen Hazley He can hit a lbull's eye any time with a rifle or a smile. His ifriendship is considered by quite a few worthwhile. There's plenty more that we could .say but space is much 'too short. The lad is Allen Hazley, a through and through good sport. Rifle Club, Favorite Sport-Football. Vivian Alma jones Her pianistic repertoire's complete lfrom Liszt to Granger, And in the field of sports you'll find she's certainly no stranger. At every prom she's followed by a swarm of hands-ome dr-ones, And lucky is the lad who gets a dance with Vivian Jones. journal Staff, Foreword Representative, Physics Club, Volleyball '37, '38' Basketball '38, Soccer '37, Hockey '38, '39, Mushball '38. julia Kosiba H-ere is a girl who is blonde and tall And Julia Kosi'ba's her name. She's quite a riot in basketball For she's one of the best at the game. Favorite Sport-Basketball. Ruth Anne Montgomery Ruth Anne Montgomery's a charming brunette, At tennis she ranked with the best. And wherever we find 'her we're willing to bet She's among the most tastefully dress'd. Lunch Patrol, Library, President of Room 266, l2B, Badminton Club' jewelry Club, Basketball '38, '39, Tennis '39, Favorite Sport-Basketballi Bella Shepse Now Bella's good in everything, In sports she's quite the star, In life We have no fear for ther, WC,l'C sure that she'll go far. Student Council, President of Room 458, l2B, Safety Driving Club, At Your Service Club, Soccer '36, '37, Hockey '38, '39, Volleyball '36, '37, '38 45 Mildred Spichty A champion in everything, assignments always done, In work or sports she always plays the game. 458 is justly proud of all the fame she's won: Youlve guessed it, Mildred Spichty is her name. journal Staff, Student Council, Vice President 459, President of Room 458, Volleyball '37, '38, Championship Soccer Team '37, Championship Hockey Team '38, ,395 Basketball '38, Mushball '38 Aida Terramani If you hear us praise Aida, the opera we do not mean, But a charming Miss iwe've seen on hall patrol, She has friends enough and plenty to satisfy a queen, And Aida Terramani fits that role. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Type Club, Volleyball Team '38, Favorite Sport-Volleyball. Marion Tiedeman There's a quiet little lady with a charming page boy bob Althoug-h she doesn't say a lot, she's always on the job. S'he's been a faithful treasurer, the whole semester through Thank you, Marion Tiedeman, our hats are off to you. Treasurer, Typing Club, Favorite Sport-Skating. Virginia Viale Virginia Vale is noted for her fancy r-oller skating And in the art of making friends, she holds an A plus rating, In spite of all the friends she has, in truth it must be said That being popular didnlt go to -linnyis curly head. Hall Patrol, Favorite Sport-Roller Skating. Gladys Elizabeth Virts This little girl's petite and blonde and definitely pretty, The bounds of truth we're not beyond in claiming that she's witty. A jitterbug thatls "on the gon from morning until night, lt's Gladys Virts and we all know that she is "Weltl, all right." journal Staff, Sigma Iota, Volleyball ,38, '39, Virginia Whitehouse As lovely a girl as you,ll find in a week Of searching the school throughout, Shels pretty and blonde and charmingly chic, It's Virginia VVhitehouse without a doubt. Hall Patrol, Business Service Guild, Foreword Representative, Basketball Team '38, Favorite Sport-Swimming. Robert Witt This handsome blond Adonis is a sight that's really grand, ln a uniform that's quite the perfect fit. And unnumbered are the co-eds that crowd around the band, Not for music, but a gl.impse of Robert Witt. Hall Patrol, Vice President, Short Wlave Club, Band A, President, Favo- rite Sport-Basketball. Charles Yurkew I-le's lightning on the "up take," and his repartee is snappy, He's got a knack of making, an-d keeping people 'happyg He's also very handsome, and by all it is agreed, That Charles Yurkew is one lad whols going to succeed. Hall Patrol, Debate Club, Favorite Sport-Basketball. A-6 Q, Q 1 E wr.. Q Q E v 42 14 v- 4 5 2 5 E 2 5 L E X . - 'H 1 1 i! ff ww' F 'M-A M:?'Q f X 1 f riff X f , H x ,, A 1 X 51' by S T 11 . Q , H 5 r N-' K JUNE CLASS 1 CLASS OFFICERS 'President ..A...,.4....A.,....,.....,........,.,.... Theodore Macosko Vice President .... .,.,4..w,... V iolet Rose Secretary ......., ....,. I ohn Hagan Treasurer ...,. ...... N ed Nziffah SOCIAL COMMITTEE Rollin Davis Rhoda Landay Richard Rohrer Lois James Arthur Markey Hilda Charles Adelyne Roth Katherine Uhrin Louise Kaiser i L 1940 Stanley B. Bennett Ruth Berez Kay Berjanski Doris Bickel Wilda Bingham Rosemarie Birdy Erma P. Bloch Isabel Blotzer Harrison Blumenthal Ethel Bolton Doris M. Brennan Edwin Brenner Betty Brourman Henrietta Browarsky Ruth Lorayne Brown 54 JUNE Elaine F. Ackerman Doris A. Aclreon Rosalie K. Agger Helen Alberti Robert Alexander Edward Amantea Betty Jane Anderson Alice Appel Helen Babbie Kayla S. Bachrach Geraldine Bald Mary Baquet Alphonsus G. Barnes Ruth E. Beall june P. Belle William J. Beltz Florence Bence Bertha Beney Rita Bennett Ruth Bennett ,Jr CLASS Dolores Bryer Neal Buckstein Peter Burcin Winifred Burns Peggy Caldwell jerry Caplan Elizabeth Carrola Donald Chaban john Chakurda Phyllis L. Charie Hilda F. Charles Earle Cherkosly Arthur Christopher Anna Marie Cipa Aileen B. Cisar Arthur T. Clarke Florence Cohen Geraldine Cohen Leonard Cohen Mary Lou Cohen 1940 Mildred Cohen Leland Collins Irene Connelly jean F. Cooper Lucie Crowe Gladys Cupples Alfred Davies Frank Davis Fred Davis Rollin Davis Mary Cecelia Degore Richard Delbridge Dorothy IDepew Betty L. Devaul Alice DeVincenzo :lr E 2 1940 Martin Faberman John Farrell Mary Hilda Fedor Grace Fekety Lawrence Feller Lillian Fellman Ethel Fine Milbert Fine Jerome Finegold Phyllis Mae Fineman Vivian Ruth Fischer Margaret Fixel Barbara Flagg August Anthony Franzetta William Howard Friedman 56 JUNE Elaine Dickstein Mary Di Febo Frank Dignan Carmel Di Lillo Mary Dimperio Kathryn iDobbs Peter J. Dobda Lois R. Doelfel Dorothy Domhoff Frederick J. Dorsey Herbert Douglas Margaret Druga Elmer Duerr Betty IDuguid Geraldine Edelson Rosamond E. Ehrenfeld Dorothy Shirley Ehrlich Peter Elash Charles Engemann Mary Erdeky A CLASS Clara Evelyn Fritscher Lawrence M. Furlong Fred Garfinkel Marion Geilman Gerard Gentille Richard Gerston Margie Gessner Portia Geyer William M. Gibson Edith Giovane Clifford Glass Shirley L. Glazier Mechtilda Glossy Robert S. Goldbloom Warren Goldstein Herbert Goodman Boris Gordon Charles Graham Peter Graziano Rita Green 1940 Herman Greenberg Eva Ruth Greenlee Rena Grosser Josephine Guercio Anna Gulyasy Nida Jane Gunther Marvin Hadburg james Hafer John E. Hagan Herbert Hahn Norman Halpern Alexander R. Hamas William Hamilton William Hasley Gladys Heimert Wa dwm 1940 Rita Barbara Hyman Yetta Hyman Rose Ignatz John Douglas Ingram Anna Marie Ippolito Clifford Robert Jack Lois Ann Jacobs Coralie Jean Jacobson Vivian Shirley Jacobson Lois Marian James Ruth A. Jenkins Julia Jones Ruth Jones Marvin Josephs Joseph Joyce JUNE David Murray Heinz June H. Helfer Burton Heller Henry Henderson Lois Henderson Matthew Heretick William H. Herman Bernice Herold Seymore Gerald Heyison Mary Jane Hillman Andy Hobai Stephen Hobai Ruth Hoffman Eleanore Holeman Dorothy Holstein Marvin Horelick Clarence Horensky Florence Horvath Eileen Hudson Patrick H. Hughes CLASS Adassa Kaczewski Louise Kaiser Miles Karaica Kenneth Kardon Leon Katz Irwin B. Kauffman Ruth Kaufman George Robert Keefe Marshall Keller Mary Catherine Kertis Verne B. Kicinko Marilyn Kindl Kenneth Kirkham Mary Klimo Jean Kornhauser Florence Kramer Martha Krepps jack Kenneth Kruman Ruth S. Kwall Phillip Landay 1940 Rhoda Mae Landay Vivian Lanfear Irene Joan Lannis Ruth Adelaide Lawrence Rene Betty Leff Shirley L. Lehrer Edgar Levenson Jerome LeVine Harriet Levinson David M. Levite Robert Levite Barbara Levy Edward Levy I. Harrison Levy Tohn Lev 1940 Katherine McCarthy Thomas McConnell Martha McCullough Elizabeth H. McDonnell Richard McGeary Jean McGee William McVetty Chalmers Medsger Anna Melchitzky Leonard Mendelson Elizabeth jane Menk Jean Metzger Frances Milan Arthur Miller Bertram Miller 60 JUNE Jeanne Lois Lichter Athalene Lilley Julia Lipchak john D. Lipchik Harold Lohle William MacDonald Catherine Joyce MacDowell Theodore Macosko Charles W. Mallick William A. Malone Lillian Mandell William Harold Marcuson Richard Mardis Carmel Mariano Arthur M. Markey Eugene Marsalek Jayne C. Martin Dolores Mastascusa Richard Matuszeski Ruth L. McCartney CLASS Esthermae Miller Paul Miller George Shryock Mills Betty Mitchell Joanne Mitchell John Mitro Edward Molnar Nancy Moosa Sylvia Morgan Lawrence Morris fqpfv Hermoine Natalie Moses Evelyn Grace Mothersole Douglas Mould Sam Mussoff Muriel Myers Ned Naffah Mary Nagy William Nathan Rose Navratil Jennie N ee GQ 4? M 1940 Margaret Nettleton Betty Newman Wilbert Newman Charles Noll George Norris Jewel Nussbaum Joseph O'Biecunas Margaret O'Conne1l Mary Jeanne Olander Margaret O'Mara Patricia M. O'Mara Betty Orosz Jerome Ostrow Della Pace Ralph Packard i r x -,Am UWWJN x M , A w i"f lk x his 1940 Mildred Riesberg Jean Rigaumont Ralph Rocco John Rock Isabel Barbara Rockman Kathryn Ann Rodgers Norma Rogers Elarose Rogow Richard Loren Rohrer Pace Rose Violet Rose Benjamin Rosenberg Helen Rosenblatt Miriam B. Rosenbloom JUNE Margery N. Palley Mary Palyo William Pankuch Fay Parton Allen Pechin M. Gerson Perlmutter George Peterson Thomas Pickard Thaddeus J. Pijanowski Herbert Price Philomena Prosdocimo William Purtell Betty Quinn Louis Rabinowitz john Rankin Mary Regan Marguerite Renshaw Edward Reutzel jason Richardson Paul Rieffle CLASS Mildred Rosenfield Adelyne E. Roth Kurt Rothschild Rosalyn Rothman Max Rotter Margaret Ruffing Eleanor Mildred Rutkin john Sabo Margaret Sakal Elizabeth Salay jack Salisbury Dorothy Salvatora Florence B. Sarcone Louise Jane Saul Betty Jane Schaub Avesia Schauers Else A. Schledt Sylvia Schmidt Arnetta Schoemer Margaret C. Schrier 1940 Edna jean Schwartz Rosalind Schwartz Charles Sebak Bernice Seder Mildred Seewald Louis Segneff Mary Isabel Shannon Madeline Sheehan John D. Sheppard Alice Sigal Lenora T. Sigman Richard M. Silberstein Betty Rae Sill Pauline Silver Ralph Silverberg Lkwj 1940 Maurice Stein Morton Stein Shirley L. Stein james M. Stern William Stewart Morton D. Strauss Norma Stroje Rachel Strothers jack Struve Robert Stuedler Esther Virginia Stultz Adelyne Supowitz Ruth B. Swanson Stanley Swartz Pearl Talansky JUNE Francis R. Silverman Sidney R. Silverman John Simmons Enoch Sisselsky William Skinner Harriett Skirble Louis Slaton Eleanor Smith Rhoda Maye Smith Robert L. Smith Thomas Smith Edward I. Solow Evelyn R. Soltz Tom Sommers Theodore Sondecker Alma Fay Spann james E. Spratt john Stack George Starr Abe Stein CLASS Charles Tatton Frank Telerico Thelma M. Thompson Marjorie Tippins Robert Tobe Thelma Tobin john Francis Toomey Mario Tozzi Cecele Bette Trachtenberg Helen Tumbas Katherine Uhrin Lenore Louise Vale Laslo Varadi Herbert Venzer Evelyn V. Virgin Mary Waddle Dorothea R. Wagner john Wallace Mary Wargo V'Anne Wasson 1940 Barbara M. Weil Miriam G. Weinberger June Weisbrod Fleurette Phyllis Weisman Marilyn Weiss Mary Catherine White Robert S. Whiteside Betty D. Wilks john Williams Ruth M. Williamson Henrietta Wilson Elinor Gay Wilson Keith Winch Richard Wise Margaret Wislosky 65 Marvin Wolinsky Adelyne E. Woolhandler Howard Stanton York Jerome Bernard Zaslov Ralph Zellars THE PINE What nzeniories I get front thee, Oh tall and handsoine pine! Oh ineinories of realities, That once so true were niine. Neath thy yonthfnl trunk we planned A life so strong and boldg Yet see nz-e now, oh handsome pine, A inan so bent and old. Wlzile yon have ever 'lLf77C'0l'l11 gone I have missed iny Ull7I.,' Natnre's ways are nzostly best For nien are all the saine. A tree from cone so sinall yozfoe grown, A tree for all to see. blfhile I ani just an old bent nzan A drea-rner . . . yes, tl1at's nze. 66 Robert Zelleznick Stanley Ziff Doris Zimmerman Frederick Saul Zwick C THE HOURGLASS Rippling flow of crystal sand Constant niotion, to and fro, And in passing, niarles the lzonr Keeping tirne in nian's behest, Never resting shifting grain Free, yet trapped to do 711Clll'S will, Pouring down, an endless streani Visioned through protecting glass. Rustic in its outward view Ancient in its style and nse, This the niarker of the age Non' at rest beneath the dnst. Witli the passing of this glass In the rnsh of inodern ti-ine, bVe have lost o tireless friend I?epresenting former dreains. Swiftly nioving present life Frowns npon this ancient cloclcg, Now adorning antique shelf Iflflzere its sand-like heart nznst rest W w I jp 'SH S W f 553 2. 5" IUNE CLASS ACTIVITIES 05 Khe gfome oom eachers line Gfass Miss DOROTHY ALBERT MR. JOHN P. ANGELO MISS DOROTHY BERGMAN M155 RHODA R. BOWLER M155 RUTH CLAUSON MR. CHARLES H. FREEBLE Miss Y ETTA T. KAMLER M155 JANE BQCCANDLESS Miss ANNA RICHEY BERS. MAE WEBER SMITH Miss DOROTHY ZEIGLER The Sfhoohzzrzsfer his abroad, and I frust more to him, arzzzsed wiflz his f77'i77'Z'67', than I do to the soldier in full Tlhilifazfy czrray, for upholding and m'te1zdTi1fzg the ZiZJ0l'ZLZ-U5 of his fozziztry. -LORD BROUGHAM 68 l 00172 151 Teacher-Miss jane McCand1ess ' Officers President . ....,4....,..,......,.,.. Herbert Douglas Vice President ...,,.,...... Thelma Thompson Secretary ...................,..,, VVilliam Pankuch Student Council ..............,,...... Rita Bennett Foreword Reporter ,.,... Elaine Dickistein Social Representative Josephine Guer-cio K Edward Arnantea Great success we do foresee Will come to Ed in pharmacy. Grchestra B, Latin Club, Favorite Sport-Football. Betty jane Anderson Betty's ambition is to become a teacher, Here's hoping this joy will some day reach her. Photography, Dressing Dolls Club, Entered from Pittsburgh Jr. Academy, Favorite Sport-Baseball. Mary Baquet Mistress Mary, but not contrary, Keeps our home room light and airy. Rifle Club, Mushball '37, ,38, '39, Hockey '38, '39, Volleyball ,38, '39, Soccer '37. Geraldine Bald An outdoor girl is our jerry, Happy-go-lucky and always merry. Entered from Gladstone in l0B, Rifle Club, Voice B, Soccer '37, Mush- ball '37, '38, '39, Swimming '38, i39, Tennis '39, Hockey ,38, '39, Volley- ball '38, '39, Basketball !38, Championship '39, '4O. Rita Bennett This young lass has big brown eyes, For beauty and grace she wins a prize. Student Council, Hall Patrol, Biology Club, Rifle Clubg Favorite Sport- Swimming. Wilda Bingham "Ain't it the truth?,' is Wilda's line, Her friends agree that she's just fine! Favorite Sports-Dancing and Basketball. Doris M. Brennan Doris is at the top of the roll, Honor and achievement is her goal. journal Staff, Foreword Staff, Banking Representative, Chemistry As sistants Club, Qualitative Class, Psychology Club, Discipuli Minervae Favorite Sport-Volleyball. Alifred Davies Alfred Davies has wavy hair, You always see him with never a care. Library, Favorite Sport-Baseball. 69 Fred Davis To be a sawbones is Fredls aim, He wants to cure the sick and lame. Entered from Gladstone, Hall Patrol, German Club, Baseball '39, Favorite Sport-Basketball. Dorothy Depew If you like new clothes a lot, Call upon our seamstress, Dot. Captain of Fourth Period Hall Patrol, Library, Entered from Gladstone, Favorite Sport-Swimming. Elaine Dickstein This blue-eyed damsel, full of fun, ls the Glamour Girl of l-5-l. Class Play, Foreword Representative, Drama Club, French Club, Science Club, Basketball '38, Volleyball '38, Soccer '39, Mary Diinperio This diminutive lass with eyes so bright, As someone's secretary will be all right. Journal Staff, Foreword Staff, Business Service Guild, Volleyball '38, '39, Favorite Sport-Dancing. Kathryn Dobbs lf you are known to be her friend, You may be sure-it's to the end. Foreword Representative, German Club. Herbert Douglas jovial manner, eyes aglow, In any sport-why, he's our show. Hall Patrol, Home Room President, Gymnastics '38, '39, Basketball ,39, Track '38, '39, '40, Football '39. Lawrence Feller Let's all give Larry a great big cheer, Some day he'll be a great engineer. Favorite Sport-Football. Vivian Ruth Fischer Ducky has all friends-no foe, Shels one grand sport as We all know. Jewelry Club, Hiking Club, Senior Leaders, Junior Chorus, Basketball '40, Volleyball ,395 Hockey ,39 Peter Graziano A metallurgist Pete will be, His -fame will reach from sea to sea. Chemistry Assistants Club, Qualitative Chemistry Class, Favorite Sport- Baseball. Herman Greenberg There is ambition deep in his heart, A mathematician right from the start. Class Play, Qualitative Class, Foreign Policy Club, Drama Club, Checker Club, Band Ag Basketball. 70 Eva Ruth Greenlee Eva is always ready to go, There's just nothing she doesn't know. Qrchestra A, Favorite Sport-Swimming. Josephine Guercio Jo is such a pleasant lass, The pride and joy of our whole class, Entered from Gladstone lOB, Social Committee, Biology Club, Social Representative, Doll Club, Soccer '37, Mushball '37, '38, '39, Volleyball '38, '39, Basketball '38, Hockey '38, '39. Anna Gulyasy A stenographer this maiden will be, She's always quiet and busy as a bee. Hall Patrol, Business Service Guild, Mushball '38, Volleyball '37, '38, '39, '40, Favorite Diversion-Dancing. David Murray Heinz A very brilliant lad is he, Qutstanding, indeed, in chemistry. journal Staff, Chemistry Assistant, Qualitative Class, Biology Club, For- eign Policy Club, Favorite Sport--Tennis. Anna Marie Ippolito Sometimes she's serious, often she's gay, But we'd have our Anna, no other way. German Club, Hall Patrol, Mushball '37, '38, '39, Hockey '38, '39, Volley- ball '38, '39, Basketball '39, Swimming '38. ' julia jones Happy-go-lucky Julia, always gay and merry, Really wants to be a foreign missionary. jewelry Club, Favorite Sport-Basketball. Miles Karaica In wooing girls-you'd be surprised. He does it better than we'd surmised. Favorite Sport-Football. Irwin B. Kauffman lNe're sure this boy will find his way, His music makes you swing and sway. Favorite Sport-Football, Harmony H, Type Club. Martha Krepps A shapely model she would be, Wfhen cast at last upon life's sea. Captain Second Period Hall Patrol, Entered from Gladstone, Favorite Sport-Swimming. john D. Lipchik Football hero, number one, He never stops till he has won. Hall Patrol, Football '38, '39, Golf '38, '39, '40, Favorite Sport-Baseball. Elizabeth H. McDonnell Beth is always ready with a smile, She's pleasant and wholesome all the while. Hall Patrol, Biology Club, French Club, Favorite Sport-Hockey. 71 Edward Molnar Here's a chap who can beat it out, On piano or trumpet beyond a doubt. Band A, Favorite Sports-Baseball and Football. Mary Nagy Like the Adrian's, Schiaparelli's, and Molyneux's, Mary eventually may design modern clothes. Hall Patrol, Rifle Club, Mushball '37, '38, '39, Hockey '38, '39, Volleyball '38, '39, Soccer '37. Jennie N ee Soon an employer will dis-cover at his desk, Brown-eyed Jennie who likes clerical work best. Entered from Gladstone in IOB, Rifle Club, Hall Patrol, Soccer '37, Mush- ball '37, '38, '39, Hockey '38, '39, Volleyball '38, '39, Basketball '38, '39. Wilbert Newman We are sure that lfV'ilbert as a C. P. A., Will be beneficial to our government someday. Class Play, Hall Patrol, A. A. A., Favorite Sport-Baseball. William Pankuch In law our Bill will make a name, And as a judge he'll win great fame. journal Staff, Class Play, A. A. A., Home Room Secretary 12B-l2A, Biology Club, Latin Club, Foreign Policy Club, Debate Club, Favorite Sport-Baseball. Georgie Peterson With all the girls, George has a Way, His technique never fails, they say. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Entered from Gladstone, Biology Club, Dra- matics, German Club, Favorite Sport-Swimming. Margaret Sakal To make this world a better place, Is the thought behind this pretty face. German Club, Hockey Team '39, James E. Spratt This fellow may not be so tall, But he sure has something on the ball. Business Servi-ce Guild, Entered from Gladstone, Favorite Sport-Fishing. Thelma M. Thompson This red-haired lady reigns alone, Upon an academic throne. Voice A, Swimming '39, V Elinor Gay Wilson A lady of character is our Gay, Ready to serve in every way. Discipuli Minervae: Art Club, Volleyball '37. Ralph Zellars To fly a plane through sunlit air, VVould thrill this lad so debonair. Entered from Gladstone, Favorite Sports-Track and Baseball. , 72 journal Staff, A. A. A., Hall Patrol, Vice President of 12B-l2A, Voice B, Class Play, Foreword Staff, Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Hiking Club, 00172 156 Teacher--Miss Ruth A. Clauson Officers President ........,,............... Jean Rigaumont Vice President .................. Robert Stuedler Secretary-Treasurer .......,,.... Paul Rieffle Student Council ..,...........,.., Ruth Swanson Foreword Reporter ........,.,,.. Jayne Martin Social Representative ..,..... Louise Kaiser Henrietta Browarsky Gay, neat and very witty A And every day--oh, so pretty. Hlall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Sigma Iotag French Clubg Jewelry Clubg junior Leadersg Volleyball T585 Basketball '393 Soccer '395 Tennis VIO. Stephen Hobai An ambitious student is Hobai Although at times he's very shy. Library Serviceg Rifle Clubg Intramural Volleyball. Rose Ignatz A certain girl whose name is Rose Will be remembered where'er she goes. Drivingg Doll Dressing Clubg Hall Patrolg Basketball ,39g Favorite Sports -Hockey, Mushball, Basketball. Louise Kaiser Ky is charming, self possessed, Carefree, friendly and never depressed. Social Committeeg Sigma Iotag Stage Doorg Art Clubg Hockey '38, '39g Basketball '38. Mary Klimo Not much to say has this little lass, But she's quite an asset to our class. Foreword Representativeg Dramatic Clubg Hall Patrolg Favorite Sports- Tennis, Volleyball, Dancing. Florence Kramer Flo who is so sweet and sincere Is always pleasant to have quite near. Bankerg Dramatic Clubg Hall Patrolg Favorite Sports-Basketball, Hockey, Dancing. John Ley John "Rip Vlan Winkle" Ley Always has something witty to say. Engineering Clubg Favorite Sports-Basketball, Baseball. julia Lipchak Girls may come, and girls may go, But this little lady we're glad to know. Business Service Gui-ldg Dramatic Clubg Favorite Sports-Swimming, Vol- leyball, Basketball. jayne C. Martin This young woman, so pert and sweet, As a nurse will be hard to beat. ball '37, '33, '40, Martha McCullough Conversation is an art In which Mickey always has a part. Dramatic English, Hall Patrol, Banker, Sigma Iota, Soccer '36, '37, Hockey '33, '39, Volleyball '37, '33, '39, Basketball '36, '33, '39, Tennis '39, '40, Mushball '37, '33. Richard McGeary Dick M,cGeary, blond and so tall, He's the fellow who plays football. Hall Patrol, Football '33, '39, William MlcVetty Happy-go-lucky and ever ready, Is the chap we call McVetty. Lunch Patrol, Radio Club, Stage Door Dramatics Club, Favorite Sport- Swimming. jean Metzger Gay, charming and petite, Every day she is quite sweet. Property Committee, Class Play, Lunch Patrol, Sigma Iota, Orchestra A' Basketball '33, Volleyball '33, '40, Hockey '33, '39, Soccer '37, 7 Sylvia Morgan VVinning smile, ever so gay, This is our Sylvia day after day. Make-up Committee QClass Playj, Usher for Class Play, Hall Patrol, Stu- dent Council, Lunch Patrol, Sigma Iota, Voice B, Volleyball '33, '39- Basketball '39, Soccer '39, Douglas Mould Doug's ambition is the "Met", His success is one sure bet. Student Council, Hi-Y, Model Airplane Club, Voice A, Male Chorus' Favorite Sport-Baseball. v Q Betty Newman Betty will never be left behind, And a friend in her you'll always find. Came from Uniontown High School '33, Debate Club, Driving Club, Avia- tion Club, Hockey '39, Volleyball '39, Favorite Sport-Swimming. Betty Orosz VVe think Betts is really great fun, An interior decorator she wants to become. Hall Patrol, Volleyball '37, '33, '40, Basketball '37, Mushball '33, Hockey '39, Favorite Sport-Hockey. Thomas Pickard Tom is grand, we all agree, A famous printer some day he'll be. Stamp Club, Favorite Sport-Baseball. 74 journal Staff, Dramatic English, Foreword Reporter, Penmanship Club, Typing Club, Mushball '37, '33, Basketball '33, Hockey '33, '39, Volley- john Rankin He may be shy, he may be bold, But to us he's good as gold. German Club, jewelry Club, Orchestra A, Voice A, All-City Chorus VVestern Pennsylvania Chorus, Intramural V-olleyball. Marguerite Renshaw Marguerite is very sweet, And her friendliness can't be beat. Business Service Guild, Hall Patrol, Volleyball '37, '38, '40, Hockey '39, Favorite Sport-Swimming. Paul Rieffle Up above the world so high, In his plane our Paul will fly. Favorite Sport-Tennis. jean Rigaumont What could be more fair Than Iggy dancing light as air? Volleyball '37, '38, '40, Basketball '36, '38, '39, Kathryn Ann Rodgers Katy is the girl whom you'll someday see In the opera where she wants to be. Lunch Patrol, Voice A, Qrchestra B, junior Chorus, Mushball '38, Soccer '37, Hockey '38, Volleyball '33, Mildred Rosenfield. Mildred with her smile each day, VVill be remembered for her cheerful way. Hall Patrol, Stage Door Club, Volleyball '39, Hockey '39. Dorothy Salvatora Cute, petite, lovely red hair, We hang around when Dottie's there. Hall Patrol, Sigma Iota, jewelry Club, Hockey '38 Rosalind Schwartz Roz with her eyes of deep, dark brown, Never, never wears a frown. Hall Patrol, Stage Door Club, Volleyball '37, '38 Sidney R. Silverman Sid with his curly hair, Wfill be remembered everywhere. Publicity Committee Class Play, Hall Patrol, Games Club, Stamp Club, Foreign Policy Club, Sigma Iota, Color Guard, Band A, Soccer Team '36, Intramural Volleyball '40, Favorite Sport-Basketball. i William Skinner So much fun Skip can be, 'Specially when you're in his company. Rifle Club, Stage Door Dramatics Club, Orchestra, Football '39, Favorite Sport-Football. Morton Stein Morton with his manner so gay, Has the lead in our class play. Class Play, Lunch Patrol, President Dramatic Club '37, Favorite Sport-- Baseball, Intramural Volleyball '40, Dramatic English Class '40, 75 7 Secretary and Treasurer of Report Room, Hi-Y, Model Airplane Club, President of Report Room, Fencing Club, Qrchestra A, Senior Leaders, Soccer '36, '37, Hockey '38, '39, Swimming '36, '38, '39, Tennis '39, '40, William Stewart Stewie is the one who comes in late, But whom the girls are eager to date. Stage Crewg Hi-Y Clubg Engineering Clubg Intramural Volleyball '4Og Night League Basketball '39, '4Og Tennis '39g Favorite Sport-Swimming. Robert Stuedler Bob is our handsome swain, Wlhose wavy hair he does disdain. Hall Patrolg Vice President ot Report Roomg Aviation Club5 Hi-Y Club: Voice B5 All-City Chorusg XVestern Pennsylvania Chorusg Intramural Volleyball. Ruth B. Swanson Swanie is cute and really smart, She wins her way in everyone's heart. Journal Staffg Usher Committee lor Class Playg Student Councilg Sigma Iotag Stage Doorg Hockey '38, ,393 Mushball '36, '37g Swimming '37g Tennis '39g Volleyball '37, 338, '39, Charles Tatton To this lad named Chuck, Everyone wishes good luck. Band B5 Soccer '36g Coach Soccer Team '39g Intramural Volleyball ,402 Favorite Sport-Baseball. Marjorie Tippins A master at the organ is this lass, Loved and honored by all her class. Class Playg French Clubg Senior Dramatic Clubg Organ. john Francis Toomey When Jack is in the boxing ring, In praise of him the world will sing. Lunch Patrolg junior Science Clubg Intramural Volleyballg Favorite Sport -Boxing. jack Wallace Jack keeps himself in such good trim, That Cunningham has nothing on him. Green Keyg Track Team '39, '4Og Cross Country Team '39g Intramural Volleyball '40g Favorite Sport-Football. Margaret Wiislosky Margaret is very quiet in class, But shels bound to be a successful lass. Business Service Guildg Driving Clubg Volleyball '4Og Favorite Sport- Basketball. Henry Yacavino I-Iereis a boy who's rather small, His greatest ambition is to be tall. Intramural Volleyballg Favorite Sport-Basketballg Transferred from Glad- stone '38, 76 Howard Stanton York It Howard happens to be your friend, You may be sure it's to the end. Foreign Policy Clubg Sigma Iotag Lunch Patrolg Hall Patrolg Intramural . Volleyball '4Og Favorite Sport-I-ce Skating. Robert Zelleznick This fellow is very quiet in his Way, But he will be on top some day. Favorite Sport-Basketball. Mort O Doug Mo U john R Roz Sc H Sylvia M O Richard M Robert Z E Florence K R Henrietta Br O Mildred R O Jayne M Marjorie T Bill St F, Charles T A Henry Ya C Mart H Marguerite R E Howa R n Stein ld ankin Jvartz rgan cGeary lleznick amer warsky senfield artin ippins wart H011 avino a McCu nshaw d York Speaking for the boys: "Ld idolize a girl with eyes Like Barbara VVei 15 R O O M 1 5 6 lean etzger Rose gnatz Dorothy alvatora Ruth wanson Paul ieffle jean Riga mont John oomey Stephen obai Louise K iser Bill Mc etty Margar t VVislosky Kathryn odgers Mary Kl mo Julia ipchak Sidney Si verman llgugh Thomas Pi kard john ey John W llace Robert St edler Williaiii kinner Betty rosz Betty N ewman 1'd call her fair it she had hair Like Margaret Nettletong I would cherish her name if she had a frame Like Margy Palley. She'd be just right if she were the height Ot Jean Rigaumont. I'd do as she begs for a girl with legs Like Peggy Fixel. I'cl sit in chains for a girl with brains Like Doris Brennanf' Speaking for the girls: "Ld idolize a boy with eyes Like Harrison Levy. Ld not call him weak It he had a physique Like Herby Venzer. Fd darn his hose if he had a nose Like Rollin Davis. I really could care for a boy with haii Like Bob VVhiteside. Held be my kind it he had a mind Like Robert Tobe. He'd be Worthwhile it he had a smile Like Teddy Macoskof' 00142 255 Teacher-Miss Rhoda R. Bowler Officers 3 President ..,,.................... Frederick Dorsey Vice President ...................... Harold Lohle Secretary-Treasurer ...,.....,.. Peter Burcin Student Council .,.,......., Henry Henderson 1 Foreword Reporter ....,.., Jewel Nussbaum Social Rep ........,.,......... Lawrence Furlong Bernadine Allen VVe want to shout a poem about how we dream of that gleam in your eye, VVe want to shout, but all that comes out is My! My! Business Service Guild, Volleyball. William J. Beltz Titanic Yom' Stars, thank them and count your blessings, Look forward to what life offers you. Business Service Guild, Baseball. Rosemarie Birdy Oh, Roseamzhe, we love you, VVe're always thinking of you. Hall Patrol, Sigma Iota, Dressing Dolls Club, Volleyball '39. Betty Brourman I would take a trip to Mars, I would even count the stars. Anythi11g For You. Hall Patrol, Senior Dramatics, Stage Door Club, Voice B. Peter Burcin Call me Devil M ay Care, You know me, pal, I'll take a dare. Secretary of 12A Class, Aviation Club, Football. Winifred Burns Sunbeams try new dance steps, songbirds sound their Als, And the world joins in with a great big grin, VVhen the Sweet Pota-to Piper plays. Class Play Organization, Banker, Band A, Volleyball '38, '39. jerry Caplan Till we meet once again, you and I, Wi.9I1 M e Luck, as you bid me goodbye. journal Staff, Honorable Mention Scholastic ,39, Stage Crew, Art Club, Dramatic Club, Favorite Sport-Football. Elisabeth Carrola Thou art our girl iri-end, We fell for thee, Wajrii Back In 1939 A. D. Hall Patrol, Doll Dressing for Charity Club, Basketball '39, Volleyball '38, 78- Mildred Cohen Plflzafll They Think of Next? Now that theylve thought of you. Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrol, Wlelfare Comrnitteeg Contributed Truck Load of Food ffor Needy at Christmas, Volleyball '38 Frank Davis Vozfre A Lucky Guy Youlre just beginning to have your inning. And let your troubles go fryg No one can deny, you're a lucky guy. Business Service Guild, Leaders Clubg Favorite Sport-Baseball. Alice DeV-incenzo VV'e find you're the girl in our minds, The one who is Om' ldeal. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrolg Volleyball. Mary DiFebo I'701ilJ7'6 T00 Marwelozis For W01'ds, And much too very, very, To ever be in VVebster's Dictionary. Hall Patrol, Volleyball '39, Swimming. Carmel DiLillo Angel, you are our inspiration, Angel, sweetest in all creation. Tennis. Frederick Dorsey Gee, But Y0u'1fe Swell, Wlaen we say swell we mean you're charming as well. Business Service Guildg Home Room President of IZB, l2Ag Favorite Sport-Basketball. Lawrence M. Furlong S0 Long, we'll meet again someday, It can never b-e goodbye, welll just say, "so longf' Social Representativeg Swimming. Clifford Glass If your heart is in your dream, No request is too extreme. Wlieiz You Dlfisli Upon A Star, as dreamers do. Favorite Sports-Football and Baseball. Charles Graham S0 Far, S0 Good, so far, so nice, VVhen I graduate, I'll have the key to paradise. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrolg Driving Clubg Boys Sports Clubg Favorite Sport-Baseball. Rita Green You're just an Angel in Disguise, Wlho wandered down from up aboveg You're just a heavenly surprise, VVho came to earth for us to love. Foreword Representative, French Club, Drama Club, V-oice Ag Usher for Class Play, Volleyball '38, 79 - Rena Grosser Hi-diddle-dee-de, A11 ACl'0l'l,Y Life For Bile. You tour the world in a private car, You dine on chicken and caviar. Senior Dramatics, Stage Door Club. Marvin Hadburg I Did1z'f Know M7110-li Time lt Was, Then we met you. Hall Patrol, French Club, Sigma Iota, Debate Club, Favorite Sport- Football, Transferred from Homestead High School. Henry Henderson With A Smile and A Song, Life is just like a bright sunny day. Student Council, Rifle Club. Eleanore Holeman Yv01l,1'G A Sweet Little Headache, But you are lots of fun. T've a good mind to spank you Then thank you for all you've done. Business Service Guild, Journal Staff, Bulletin Staff, Foreword Staff, Lunch Patrol, Volleyball '39, Clarence Horensky Just Vlflzisfle While You Work, Put on that grin, and start right in To Whistle while you work. Hall Patrol, Foreword Representative, Gymnastic Club, Rifle Clubp Vol- leyball '36, '40, Baseball '36, Basketball '38, Football '39, Track '40, Kenneth Kirkham If skies are gray we won't feel blue, Il's Rcziaing Szmsltiae Vllhen we're with you. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Rifle Club, Driving Clubg Baseball. Phillip Landay You can do any little thing you've a mind to, But you just do it with A Tzomkle In Your Eye. Hall Patrol, Foreword Representative, Chess Club, Senior Photography Club, Senior Aviation Club, Cross Country '38, Rene Betty Leff Yozfre Lovely To Look Af, delightful to know, And a heavenly miss. Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol, Student Council, Science Club, Sewing Club: Volleyball '39, Basketball '38, Usher for Class Play. Shirley L. Lehrer There Arr Blzfelnirdx in the Moonliglzf, Silly idea of blue birds in the moonlight. But that's how we feel when we're with you. Journal Staff, Mathematics Club: Girl Reserves, Debate Club, Junior and Senior Leaders, Manager of Mushball '38, Manager of Hockey '39, Basket- ball '39, Soccer '37, '38. ' BO - Harold Lohle Youlre the only kind of knowledge They don't teach in any college, Yotfre Azz Education in Yourself. Book Room, Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol, Rifle Club, Hunting and Fishing Clubg Favorite Sports-Baseball '38, Swimming, Basketball. Lillian Mandell Between You and Me, Youlre something spectacular. Between you and me You,re a prize. Volleyball. Arthur Miller Vlfe Hadfft Anyone Till You, VVe were the lonely ones till you. Dramatic Club, Sigma Iota, Rifle Clubg Favorite Sports-Football, Swim- ming, Basketball, Fencing. Nancy Moosa l7Vhat's New? You havenht changed a bit, Lovely as ever we must admit. Hall Patrol, Business Service Guildg Driving Clubg Voice B. Rose Navratil You Are From. A110fIlCV W01'Id, Oh, so strangely so sweet. You came from this other world To make our world complete. Photography Clubg Favorite Sport--Swimming. jewel Nussbaum Suddenly we saw Polkar Dots and lVfoo11bea111s, All around a pug-nosed dream. Library Club, A. A. A., Foreword Reporter for lZAg Voice B, Type Clubg Girl Reservesg Dramaticg Manager of Soccer '39, Paddle Tennis '38, Vol- leyball 'ss joseph O'Biecunas Joseph, Joseph, WOl1,t you make up your mind? Hall Patrol, Qrchestra B5 Favorite Sports-Baseball and Bowling. Mary Jeanne Olander Yoiire As Pretty As A Picture, Mary, youlre just a dream. Entered from South Hills '39, Dramatic English Class, Stage Door Club: Beginners Type Club, Voice Ag Girls Chorale, Swimming '39. Peggy 0'Mara All The Things You Are, You are the angel glow that lights a star, The dearest things I know are what you are. Dramatic Clubg Penmanship Clubg Hall Patrolg Mushball '38, Volleyball 337, '40, Hockey ,385 Soccer '37, ,385 Basketball '38, '40, ' 81 '- , Allen Pechin O11e Song, we have but one song, One Song, only for you. Baseball, Track, Basketball. Norma Rogers l'm confident and serene, l've reached an age where nothing fazes me,- ln other Words, Seventeen. Business Service Guild, Hall Patrol, Foreign Policy Club, leweliy Club Volleyball l4Og Mushball '38, Violet Rose Violet, lt'5 A77'lGZl1lg, You're so charming, it's alarming, Vlle can hardly believe our eyes. Vice President of Senior Classg Bulletin Staff: Business Service Guild Penmanship Club, Rifle Club, Volleyball '37, '38, '39, '40 Mushball 37 '38, Hockey '38, ,395 Basketball '39, '4O. Helen Rosenblatt It Had To Be You, it had to be you, VVe wandered around, and finally found VV-onderful you. Type Club, Voice B, Swimming. Kurt Rothschild You Go To Our Head VVith a smile that makes our temperature rise, Like a summer of a thousand blulys. Foreign Policy Club, Orchestra Ag Favorite Sport vi' ROOM 255 Through the 771CZ7I3l walks of life .May they choose the best, Ever honest as they move In their life-vuork's quest. Let them have some work to do Somefhirzg fine to year1f1.,' Let them labor fruitfully Their ideal to earn. Vlfith success, let ihem, look back, Back upon this year, And recall a friend or tivo And their joys so dear. Live that you may learn to live, And ever join lz'fe'5 fight, Goo' o'er head and heart tUitl1i11, Guide your steps arighf. Soccer 82 ' l..-.-, 00172 256 Teacher-Miss Dorothy Zeigler Officers President ....,.,.,.,........... Francis Silverman Vice P-resident ......,..,.. Richard Silberstein Secretary ...,,.......,..,,....,.,.... Gladys Heimert Student Council ........ Rhoda Mae Landay Foreword Reporter .....,,....,.. Ruth Jenkins . Social Rep .....,..,.,.,...... Rhoda Mae Landay 'KTh e F utu 1'ama" Television Station D. Z. C. 2-5-6 Push the Dial and you shall see, What famous people all 256,s will be! June P. Belle The most attractive hostess at Hollywood Hotel, VVas an Allderdice student by the name of June Belle. Secretary of Class Playg Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Voice CQ Sigma Totag Make-upg Dramatic Clubg Favorite Sport-Volleyball. Erma P. Bloch Kaufmann's only chief buyer, Ts -on the ladder of successand climbing higher and higher. Publicity for Class Playg Anniversary Clubg Senior Type Clubg Biology Clubg Sigma Iota Clubg Stage Make-up Clubg Sportsmen Clubg Radio Broadcast 12Bg Junior Leadersg Favorite Sport-Football. Elmer Duerr His height never a hindrance do-es seem, He's now Basketball Coach of the Team. Driving Clubg Green Keyg Basketball 39, '4Olg1 Swimming X383 Favorite Sport-Basketball. Geraldine Edelson Charming, debonair, Ierry's a name VVe'll find in the annals ot Musical Fame. Class Playg Sigma Totag Stage Make-up Clubg French Clubg Art Clubg Hockey '39, ,401 Flower and Gift Committeeg Lunch Patrolg Favorite Sport -Tennis. Phyllis Mae Fineman . This famous star we hail today, Got her start in our class play. Class Playg Foreword Stattg Student Council Representative of 7B, lOAg Biology Clubg Make-up Clubg Voice Ag Hockey '39, '40g Gift Committee. Robert S. Goldbloom Always on hand in the Operating Room, Is the new Graduate Doctor Robert Goldbloom. Journal Staitg Hall Patrolg Microscope Clubg Favorite Sport-Swimming. B3 john Halbleib He's now Head Accountant for the U. S. A., VVe predicted this in grade l2A. Typing Club, Favorite Sport-Football. Gladys Heimert Combining traveling with a singing career, Is Gladys Heimert who, we think, is a dear. Foreword Staff: Lunch Patrol, Home Room Secretary: Banking Clerk for Home Room, Voice Group Ag Sigma Iota: French Club: Swimming '37. Seymore Gerald Heyison Jolly and cheerful, always carefree, Success will be his whatever it be. Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol: Stage Crew: Chess Club: Senior Dramatics: Volleyball '40, Favorite Sport-Basketball. Ruth A. jenkins 4 She manages a chain of stores, Has the kind of disposition that everyone adores. Make-up Class Play: Foreword Representative, Rifle Club: Stage Make-up Club, Senior Art Club: Sportsmen Club, Jewelry Club: Swimming '37, Marilyn Kindl That new Botany Prof. at Pitt, Doesn't mind teaching an all-boy class a bit. Jewelry Club: Soccer '36, '37: Volleyball '36, '37, '38, '39: Swimming '36, '37, '38, '39: Basketball '38, '4Og Mushball '39, '4O: Tennis '39, '40, Hockey '38, '39: Dramatic English. Rhoda Mae Landay Madam Landay who can reach Highest C, Can always be heard on Station XYZ. Publicity Ifor Class Play: Lunch Patrol: Student Councilg Social Repre- sentative for l2A: Activity Representative for l2Bg Make-up Clubg Sigma Iota, Dramatic Club: Favorite Sport-Horseback Riding. Ruth Adelaide Lawrence The business world's gain and Allderdice's loss, Has her heart set on marrying the Boss. Journal Staff: Publicity for Class Play: Hall Patrol: Flower and Gift Com- mittee, Sigma Iotag Stage Make-up: Art Club, Favorite Sport-Tennis. David M. Levite The man we know of trombone fame Is David Levite, a familiar name. Grchestra Ag All-City Orchestra, Band A3 Student Band Director, Gym Team '38, Muriel Myers The retail manager who hires and fires The head of the department is Muriel Myers. Make-up Club for Class Play: Science Club: Debate Clubg Orchestra B' Tennis '38: Volleyball '36, Favorite Sport-Golf. Della Pace Della Pace is a well-known name, As a pianist, she's gained fame. Lunch Patrol: Fencing Club: Basketball '36, Paddle Tennis '37, Volley- ball '39. K 84 v Ralph Packard General Ralph Packard, new chief of artillery -operations, Is the worthy object of the Presidents congratulations. Book Room, Drivers Club, Rifle Club, Lunch Room Service, Cheer Leader '38, '40. Mildred R-iesberg That new tennis marvel ls our 1950 Alice Marble. , Publicity for Class Play, Sigma lota, Type Club, Sportsmen Club, Music Appreciation, Junior Leaders, Basketball '37, '39, Tennis '39, '40, Hockey '39, Mushball '33, Rosalyn Rothman On Broadway in Great Lights, A Dramatic Actress who's reached great heights. Class Play Publicity, Hall Patrol, Lunch Pa-trol, Make-up Club, Junior Dramatic Club, Senior Dramatic Club, Soccer '38, Basketball '38, Volley- ball '37, Swimming '37. Sylvia Schmidt As a kindergarten teacher, her chosen vocation, She's made a great success and gained a reputation. Class Play, Make-up Club, lVl.athematics Club, Fencing Club, Soccer '37, '38, Swimming '38, Richard M. Silberstein They're paging the Doctor of Surgery- Why, it's our own Richard, Yes-sir-ee. Journal Staff, Student Council, Vice President of Home Room, Captain oi Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Photography Club, French Club, President of Debate Club, Current Events Club, Favorite Sport-Tennis. Pauline Silver She has full charge of the experimental kitchen, This young girl who's become a dietitian. Safety Driving Club, Make-up Club, Swimming '40, Ring Committee. Francis R. Silverman Happy-go-lucky this lad we knew so well, Is the newest manager of "Grand Hotel". Class Play, Hall Patrol, Home Room President, Social Representative, Banking Clerk, Sigma Iota, French Club, Junior Basketball '37, Biology Club. john Simmons That plane above, soaring so high, ls piloted by Simmons, a regular guy. Ring Committee, Gift Committee, Favorite Sport-Swimming. Enoch Sisselsky Air conditioning he chose with precision, A .huge success, a wise decision, Sigma Iota, Ring Committee, Volleyball '40, Translierred '39, Favorite Sport-Basketball. Harriett Skirble A perfect stenog she turned -out to be, This studious miss of Typewriting 3. Business Servi-ce Guild, Bulletin Staff, Safety Driving Club, Volleyball '37, Basketball '38, 85 Louis Slaton Our friend Louis Slaton now a millionaire, Oh! what a ladies' man, he's so debonair. Hall Patrolg Thespian Club, Soccer '37. Robert L. Smith Good-natured Bob Smith, that capable C. P. A. W-oii a big accounting contract yesterday. Favorite Sport-Swimming. Evelyn R. Soltz As a dietitian she stands out from the rest, Wlieii it comes to swell people, our Evy's the best. Class Play Usher, Hall Patrol, Book Room, Make-up Club, Sigma Iotag Biology Club. Abe Stein A huge success in the advertising line, Is none other than our Abe Stein. Sigma Iota, Band, Basketball '40, Rachel Strothers Greatest designer of womens fine clothes, Proud of the beautiful things that she sews. Costume Committee, Class Play: Charity Club, Basketball '40, Volleyball '40g Favorite Sport-Basketball. Frank Telerico Frank teaches Biology and dissecting bugs, But he's also a master at cutting the rugs. Hall Patrol, Band, Microscope Clubg Lunch Patrol, Track '38, Ring Com- mittee. Laslo Varadi Vlfell-known drummer in 'Kswing land" Has realized a dream, he's leading a band. Microscope Clubg Volleyball '40g Favorite Sport-Football. Mary Waddle Mary Wfaddle as we all did foresee, Has become quite the perfect secre-tar-ee. Microscope Club, Hockey '3Sg Basketball ,3S, '39, Volleyball '38, Trans- ferred '38 V'Anne Wasson Star reporter for the Daily Press Is V,Anne Wlasson, as you might guess. Publicity for Class Play, Hall Patrol, Social Representative, Volleyball '39, Hockey '3Sg Sigma lotag Current Events Clubg Fencing Club. Miriam G. Weinberger In the Pittsburgh Symphony she plays a flute, She excels in her playing, yet is very cute. Girls Chorale, Hockey '39. Marilyn Weiss This young girl, a Pittsburgh resident, Is private secretary to our President. Microscope Club, Volleyball '38, Basketball '39g Transferred in '38, 86 ' Book Room, Dramatic Classg Ushering and Stage Managing Committeesg Hall Patrol: Volleyball '39, Basketball '39, Mushball '38g Voice, Band, Betty D. Wilks Betty is charming, wholesome and sweet, As a high school prof, she'd be hard to beat. Class Play Usher, A. A. A., Sigma Iota, Make-up Club, Group C, B, Ag Biology Club, Volleyball '33, Adelyne E. Woolhandler The perfect nurse down to the letter, The minute she enters the patient feels better. Sigma Iota, Make-up Clubg Voice B3 French Club, Hall Patrol, Favorite Sport-Volleyball. Adieu VVe argued, you scolded, we had fun too, Time spent with Miss Zeigler weill never rue. Now that it's over we're sorry it's through, Time for Good-byes, so we say, "Adieu". CLASS WILL We, the members of Room 256, hereby, solemnlv will and bequeath to our successors and heirs: Clj Miss Dorothy Zeigler, our homeroom teacher, patient, good-natured and a friend to all. QZD The "doodles" on the desks whereby the departing scribes eased their nerves during the tension olf class ordeals. C35 The books with our original footnotes which will prove more in- formative than any new textbook issued. C41 The area immediately tangent to the entrance, where none or rather some of the aforesaid members of 256 did give an exhibition of Hjitterbug" dancing excelled by none. Q55 The aisles between the chairs in the back of the room, and the aisle in the middle of the room where various aforesaid members of Room 256 passed enroute to the office. f6j Lastly, we bequeath the motto of Allderdice, Know Something, Do Something, Be Something which has been our guiding light throughout the happy years spent here. Executed this Nineteenth day of june, in the year of our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Forty. A Signed: The Members of Room 256 - 87 00172 257 Teacher-Miss Dorothy Albert Officers President ...,,,.,........,,,,...,, Anna Marie Cipa Vice President ..............,.. Margie Gessner Secy.-Treasurei '........ Mary Jane Hillman Student Council ........,,,......... Bertha Beney Foreword Reporter ,......,.... Harrison Levy Social Representative ........ Hilda Charles Elaine F. Ackerman E veryone F inds her A dmirable. Drivers Clubg Aviation Clubg Entered from Peabody High School in Sep- tember '39g Favorite Sports-Baseball and Football. Alice Appel A nd here is M iss "sunshine" with the A ll-over smile. Business Service Guildg Band A5 Crchestra Ag Favorite Sport-Swimming. Helen Babbie "H Poly smokes," B abs is B reaking hearts again. Hall Patrolg junior Leader '37g Basketball '39g Hockey '39g Mushball '38' Swimming '36g Volleyball '37g Soccer '37, 1 Kayla S. Bachrach K nows the S ecret of B uilding friendships. Student Director Class Playg journal Staffg Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrol' Entre Nousg Le Cercle Francaisg Hiking Clubg Sigma Iota, ! Alphonsus G. Barnes, jr. A ll the G irls like B uddy's hair. Bertha Beney B londe bundle of B rightness. Hall Patrolg Student Council: Business Service Guildg Volleyball '38, '39 Championshipsg Basketball '375 Swimming. J Dolores B. Bryer HD ee!! Bt ubbles over with B runette charm. Business Service Guildg Junior Dramatic Clubg Favorite Sport-Volley- ballg Foreign Policy Club. - 88 1-1- jasper Campbell I ust one swell boy with a C arefree air. Favorite Sport-Baseball. Hilda F. Charles H ere you F ind C harm personified. Social Committeeg Craft Clubg Rifle Clubg Basketball ,38, ,39g Hall Patrol. Arthur L. Christopher A well L iked fellow is C hris. Entered from Cambridge Springs High School, Cambridge Springs, Fa., '39, Anna Marie Cipa A miable, M ischievous and C lever. Hall Patrolg Student Councilg Business Service Guildg President of Home Roomg Make-up Clubg Driving Clubg Volleyball '38, '39g Basketball '373 Mushball '37. Aileen B. Cisar A lways smiling "B ut definitelyn C ute. Student Councilg Business Service Guildg Hall Fatrolg Driving Clubg Fa- vorite Sport-Badminton. Gladys Cupples G iggles sure C ome easily. Hall Fatrolg Safety Driving Clubg Lunch Fatrolg Favorite Sports-Swinr ming and Volleyballg Junior Dramatic Club. Richard Delbridge R eally smooth on the D rums. Band Ag Football '38, '39g Volleyball. Betty L. Devaul B right, L ovable and D ependable. ' Business Service Guildg Driving Clubg Voice C5 Junior Dramatic Clubg Favorite Sport-Football. Frank Dignan F orever tries to D o his best. Hall Patrolg Student Couneilg Band Cg junior Leader ,36, ,37g junior Bas- ketball '36, ,37g Junior Olympic Champions ln Basketball '37, H 89 Margaret Druga M akes friends easily, D oes things -cheerfully. Hall Patrolg Swimming '36g Yolleyball '37g Basketball '39g Soccer '375 Hockey '39g Mushball '38, Betty Duguid B etty is .a D elig-htful friend. Orchestra Ag String Quartetg All-City Grchestrag Soccer 337, '383 Volley- ball '37, '38, Peter Elash P erhaps he's your football hero, or E lse your favorite artist. Stage Crewg Entered from Connelly Trade School '3Sg Art Clubg Football '38, '39. Mary Hilda Fedor M ary knows H ow to have F un. Hall Patrolg Business Service Guild: Junior Dramatic Clubg Foreign Policy Clubg Voice B5 Favorite Sport-Swimming. Grace M. Fekety G igantic-no, M ischievous-yes, F ascinating-but definitely! Hall Patrolg Business Service Ciuildg Junior Dramatic Clubg Driving Clubg Favorite Sport-Football. Margie Gessner M eeting her is a G reat pleasure. Business Service Guildg Vice President oif Home Roomg Foreign Policy Clubg junior Draniatics Clubg Yoice I, Hg Volleyball. Mechtilda Glossy M ickey is G reatly admired. Business Service Guildg Volleyball '39, 340. june H. Helfer I ust to know H er makes us .H aPPY'. . Business Service Guild: Driving Clubg Volleyball Championship '38g Soc- cer '3S, '39g Hockey '39g Tennis '37. Mary jane Hillman M akes us J' olly with her H earty sense of humor. Business Service Guildg Secretary-'l'reasurer Home Roomg Junior Dra matics Club: Foreign Policy Clubg Favorite Sport-Footballg Bulletin Staff. Andy Hobai A swell fellow with a H e-man personality. Favorite Sport-Football. 90 joseph Joyce I ust a I oker at heart. Hall Patrol Captaing Lunch Patrolg Green Keyg Manager Volleyball '4O: Aviation Clubg Favorite Sports-Basketball and Baseball, Mary Catherine Kertis M ighty C ute, and K ind to all. Business Service Guild: Volleyball Championship '37g Mushball Champion- ship y3Sg Swimmingg Hockey. I. Harrison Levy I n H im we find a L ad of promise. Journal Staff: Foreword Staffg Foreword Representativeg French Club: Latin Clubg Debate Clubg Entered from Shady Side Academy ,385 Swim- ming Team '40g Favorite Sport-Golf. William MacDonald W hat a M an! Cross Country Team l39g Track Team '40, Eugene Marsalek E xcels in M usic. Hall Patrolg Sportsman Clubg Group Ag Male Chorusg Favorite Sports-P Swimming and Canoeing. john Miitro I ovial and M uch liked. Hall Patrol: Sports Clubg Favorite Sports-Baseball and Swimming Charles Noll C ouldn't be N icer. Hall Patrolg junior Basketball '37, '38, George Norris G ood sport, N ever complains. Cross Country Team ,395 Track Team '40, jason Richardson I ason will C ome through R emarkably well. Entered from Wfest Philadelphia High Schoolg Favorite Sport-Boxing. Shirley L. Stein S ophisticated L ady with a S mooth personality. Journal Staffg Class Play Production Staff: Library Clubg Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrolg Art Clubg Biology Clubg Sigma lotag Volleyball ,375 Girl Reserves. ' W 'r 91 Dallas Tompkins D allas Cnot Texasj is T ops with all. Favorite Sport-Swimming. Mario Tozzi M akes scarcely a sound T he whole day through. Hall Patrolg Qrchestra B5 Favorite Sport--Baseball. Cecele Bette Trachtenberg C yclonic as a B arrel of T. N. T. MISS BOWLER'S BOOKLETS Peter Burcin-The Eaglet Frank Davis-The Little Minister Rita Green-She Stoops to Conquer Rena Grosser-The Plutocrat Rose Navratil-To Have and to Hold Phil Landay-The Beloved Vagabond Joseph O'Biecunas-The Story of a Bad Boy Violet Rose-Quality Street jerry Caplan-Apfvrentlce of Florence Mary Olander-Gone Vlfrth the Wirfzd Shirley Lehrer-llfIerryl1ips Lawrence Furlong-Adventures of Sherlock Holmes STUDY SMCCTHIE At her watch she keeps a-looleingj He never nzade the honor roll At her book she throws a f7'07,U11,,' Perhaps he isn't srnartj Then she takes her rouge and lijustiek, But he's the guy who always rates Puts it on when no 011615 'round. In every senlor's heart. I think I deserve at medal "Now, boys and girls," the teacher said I think I'n'z pretty bold "I'll put you on your honor",' For all these years I"ve gone to school And so she walked outside the roonz I've never minded the Cold Cnznehj. And peeped around the corner. 92 l 00177 263 Teacher-Miss Dorothy Bergman Officers President ..,.,,.......,.........' Robert Whiteside Vice President .......,.,.,,......... Robert Tobe Secretary-Treasurer ...,.. Alma Fay Spann Student Council ...,,....... Adelyne Supowitz Forewo-rd Reporter ...,..,.., Elizabeth Menk Social Representative .,,...... Adelyne Roth ' Read this slowly, Digest the same, And after each Amd every name, Arthur T. Clarke Blue eyes-red hairg Altogether-very fair. Tliink of Room Two Sixty-tlz1'ee, And all the fun Tl1e1'e's yet to be! Lun-ch Patrol, History, Moving Picture Club, Hi-Y, Band A Cheer Leader '39, Baseball '39, Intramural Sports '35, '36, Volleyball '40 Burton Heller This chap has many friends, To be gay .and witty he always tends. Lunch Patrol, Intramural Sports '36, '37, Junior Aviation Senior Avia tion Club, Foreign Policy Club, Grchestra Ag Hobby Club Lois Henderson Another redhead in our crowd, Of her we're certainly very proud. Hall Patrol, junior Dramatics Clubg Hiking Club, Charity Club Volley ball '37, Dorothy Holstein Very sweet-very smart, Winner of every heart. Class Play Production, Lunch Patrolg Hall Patrolg Sigma Iota Make up Club, Art Club, Dramatics, Favorite Sport-Tennis. Coralie jean Jacobson Coralie's very cute and appeasing, In all she does she is quite pleasin Journal Staff, Class Play Productio'n'g Hall Patrol, Badminton Club French Club: Senior Leaders Clubg Hockey '38, '39, Basketball 37 38 '39g Tennis '39, '40, Volleyball '37, '4O. Ruth Kaufman Mischievous in Work and play, Ruthy laughs and 's always gay. Dramatic English, Hall Patrol, French Club, Volleyball 37 Ruth S. Kwall I-Iere's the girl-It's Ruthie Kwall VVho's endeared herself to one and all. Class Play Cast, President of Book Room Club: Senior Leaders Club A. A. Ag Debate Clubg Voice A: Basketball '36, '37, '39 39 Volleyball '36, '37, '38, '39, Tennis '39, '40, Hockey '38, '39. -V 93 Barbara Levy p Her pretty face and charmmg ways And brilliant mind, have won our pra1se. Journal Staff, Class Play Production, Foreword Staff, Report Room Banker, German Club, Debate Club, Chess Club, Senior Leaders, Basket- ball '36, '37, '38, '39, Swimming '37, '38, '39, William Harold Marcuson Always happy-never blue, That describes Bill for you. Hall Patrol, Driving Club, Badminton Club, Junior Soccer '36, '37, Junior Basketball '36, '37, Intramurals '36, '37, Baseball Manager '37, Varsity Baseball '38, '39, Basketball '37, '38, '39, Tennis Team '37, '38, '40, Thomas McConnell In everything that he does do His sense of humor is shining through. Rifle Club, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Favorite Sport-Basketball. Elizabeth jane Menk Now "Menkie" really is a dear, For her future-never tear. Class Play Production, Lunch Patrol, Foreword Representative oif Home Room, Biology Club, Latin Club, German Club, Junior Chorus, Junior Leaders, Soccer '38, Basketball '37, '39. Bertram Miller Bertie has an "eagle" eye, But take it from us-he's quite a guy. Journal Staff, Foreword Staff, Photography, Engineering, Intramural Sports '35, '36, Volleyball '4O. George Shryock Mills Suave. smooth-full of vim, Tyrone Power has nothing on him. Lunch Patrol, Hi-Y Club: Swimming '37, '38, '39, Intramural Track '35, '36, Intramural Volleyball '40, Leaders Club. Hermoine Natalie Moses Hermoine is a pal To every fella and every gal. Class Plav Committee, Captain of Lunch Patrol, Biology Club, Art Club, Make-up Club: Debate Club, Tennis '38, '39, Volleyball '37, '38, '39, Basket- ball '36, '37, '38, Evelyn Grace Mothersole All her friends in Allderdice Say she's oh-so very nice. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol 3 -Iunior Chorusg Voice C, B, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Hand Tennis. Sam Mussoff VVe wish Sam only the best, Health and fun and happiness. Hall Patrol '38, '39, Motion Picture Club: Sigma Iota, Favorite Sport- Riding. jerome Ostrow He's tall. clark. and witty, too, Success will mark the things he'll do. Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol, Biology Club, Latin Club, German Clubg Fa- vorite Sport-Swimming. 94 Louis Rabinowitz Some day in music he will be A Benny Goodman-wait and see. French Club, Photography Club, Science Club, Checker Club, Games Club, Band A, Intramural Sports '36, Intramural Volleyball '40, Pace Rose A very swell lad is Pace, Doing everything with excellent grace. German Club, Band A since 9th Grade, Science Club, Orchestra A, Class Play Production. Miriam B. Rosenb-loom In every field she does excel, ln all she does she's simply swell. Editor-in-Chief of Journal, Editor-in-Chief olf Foreword, Dramatic Club: Debate Club, Foreign Policy Association, Latin Club, Voice A, Manager of Paddle Tennis '36, Hockey '38, '39, Mushball '37, Adelyne E. Roth Because of the swell things she has done, Her friends are many, her enemies none. Social Committee, Class Play Cast, Hall Patrolg Le Cercle Francais de Victor Hugo, Girls Senior Leaders Club, Hockey '38, '39, Basketball '37. '38, '39, Tennis '39, '40, Volleyball '37, '38, '39, '40, Mushball '37, '38. Margaret Ruffing She's sweet and cute and full of fun, And all she does is quite well done. Junior Dramatic Club, Driving Club, Basketball '36, Dancing-Favorite Sport. Elizabeth Salay 7 Although she doesn't make much noise, She's a favorite 'mong girls and boys. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Charity Club, Chorus, Mushball '37, Favorite Sport-Dancing. jack Salisbury Mischievous smile and laughing blue eyes, -lack is a fellow we all idolize. Entered from Bellevue High School in Junior Year, '38, Football '39, Louise jane Saul A charming, sweet, adorable lass- The darling of this senior class. journal Staff: Class Play Cast, Foreword Sta-ff, Hall Patrol, French Club, Dramatic Club, Junior Chorus, Ho-ckey '38, '39, Basketball '37, '38, Volley- ball '38, '39. Avesia Schauers VVe couldn't ask for anything more, Wfith us Avesia sure does score. Hall Patrol, Business Service Guild, junior Dramatics Club, Aviation Club, Volleyball '37. Arnetta Schoemer A1-netta's pretty and demure, That she'll succeed we're really sure. Business Service Guild, Voice Groups C and B, Volleyball '39. - - 95 , john D. Sheppard "Shep" is considerate, charming and sweet, Vtfhen it comes to perfection he can't be beat. Class Play Production: Lunch Patrol: Stamp Club: Hi-Y: Voice Group B: Intramural Sports '35, '36: Intramural Volleyball '40, Betty Rae Sill Here's to Betty, 263's I-Iedy. Hall Patrol: Art Club: French Club: Swimming '38: Volleyball '38. Thomas Smith Turned up nose, wavy brown hair, A host of friends everywhere. All-City Chorus: Group A: Male Chorus: Hi-YQ Intramural Sports '35. '36: Favorite Sport-Baseball. Alma Fay Spann Personality plus and a winning way Has our popular Thespian, Alma Fay. Journal Stalff: Cast of Class Play: Secretary of Home Room: Debate Club: Sigma Iota: Le Cercle Francais de Victor Hugo: Voice B, Junior Chorus: Senior Leaders: Basketball '36, '37, '38, '39, Esther Virginia Stultz Everything she does is sweet- In short-her manner can't be beat. Lunch Patrol: Chorus: Basketball '38g Volleyball '39: Mushball '39, Adelyne Supowitz VVithin her smile there lies a charm, Both care and trouble it will disarm. Class Play Production: Student Council: Hall Patrol: German Clubg Latin Club: Debate Club: Chess Club: Volleyball '385 Mushball '37: Hockey '38, '39. Stanley Swartz Of all the people we have met, Stan's one of the nicest yet. junior Aviation: Senior Aviation: Orchestra A, B, C: Intramural Sports '35, '36: Baseball '38: Favorite Sport-Baseball. Robert Tobe Don't be afraid of his I. He's personable, charming-most of all, true. Lunch Patrol: Vice President of Home Room: Checker Club: Chess Club: Latin Club: Band A: Volleyball '4O. Thelma Tobin Cheerful, vivacious, as nice as can be, An indispensable member of 263. Class Plav Committee: Activities Representative: Driving Club: Businggg Service Guild: Junior Chorus: Volleyball '36, '37, '38, '39: Soccer '38g Hockey '38, '39g Basketball '39: Mushball '38. Lenora Louise Vale For personality. Lenora is our choice, lVith her charming smile and soothing voice. Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol: Voice A: Volleyball '37: Soccer '37, '38: Tennis '38: Swimming '37: Mushball '37, 96 Robert S. Whiteside Bob is our president, handsome and shy, And we all agree he's one 'lswellegantu guy. Report Room President, Student Council, Lunch Patrol, Hi-Y Club, Art Club, Track '36, '37, '38, '39, '4O3 Swimming '36, '37, '38, '39, Intramural Track '35, '36, Intramural Yolleyball '403 Cross Country '38 Stanley Ziff Stan is a punster who teases and kids, As an elegant fellow he gets all our bids. Class Play Committee, Library, Sigma Iota, History Motion Picture Club: Intramural Track '36, Intramural Volleyball '40 Frederick Saul Zwick I-Iappy-go-lucky, carefree and gay, Fritz is the wit down 263 way. Hall Patrolg Aviation Clubg C Band, B Band, junior Leaders, Senior Leaders, Intramural Sports '35, '36, S0 how that j'0ZL,7'0 acquainted Witlz om' pmzsteafs and scholars, Tl1C7'6,.Y fzfery little wozzdeif That we zooulclaft trade them for One M'iIli011 Dollars. -.ff ROOM 263 Broadcast about 263 Qver station XYZ In the year 1953, Commentator, Rosenbloom-Naturally! "Super" Salisbury is sellin.g cars That easily drive from here to Mars. IfVeekly appearances of Professor Tobe In chemistry analysis and engineering probe. Adelyne Roth and Alma Fay Spann Are starring in a play Produced and directed by Stanley Swartz-they say. Arthur Clarke and Stanley Ziff Are working on a remedy F-or everything that may be wrong From cancer to an appendectomy. Brenda and Cobina have definitely Lost their stand It seems that Kwall and Levy now I-Iave the upper hand. 97 VVe mustn't overlook now, That startling "killer-diller" Photographer on crime-only L'Bertie" Miller. Louise Saul's program on the air Is reported doing mighty fair, And take .it from one who knows Mussoft, Rose and Rabinowitz have the shows. The new paper, He1zde1'501z's Pride Seems to be on the delightful side It's edited 'by Jacobson, Ihlhiteside and Mills Sponsored by Sheppard's Little Appe- tite Pills. Menk and Mothersole, in their new book on Fuss I-Iave proved again their great worth to us. And now, my friends, for more details See your paper and help our sales. 00172 3 04 Teacher-Mr. john P. Angelo Officers President . .. ,........... Theodore Macosko Vice President .....,.,..,....,....,...... John Rock Secretary-Treasurer ........ Richard Mardis i Social Chairman ...,........,..,,.., Rollin Davis Foreword Re-porter ........ Earle Cherkosly Ruth E. Beall This tempting morsel is awfully sweet, And has 'most everything, She's pretty and smart and full of life, Of course we mean our 'KDing,'. Hall Patrol, Sigma Iota, Book Room Club, 'Orchestra AQ,SVVl11111ll1lg Team ,375 Volleyball '38Q Tennis ,395 Favorite Sport-Hockey. Ruth Berez Open a package of friendliness, Drop in a pinch of truth, Don't forget some cheerfulness, And there you have our Ruth. Hall Patrol, Debate Clubg Entre-Nous French Club, Dramatic Club, Junior Chorusg Tennis '39, '40, Volleyball '38, Hockey ,393 Swimming '39, Favo- rite Sport-Tennis. Doris Bickel p, This serious dish is tops with us, And always is quite tricky, Add musical talent and roll it out, And there you have -our "Bickie,'. journal Staff: Foreword Representative, Sigma Iota: Group Ag Girls Chorale: .lunior Leaders '36, Volleyball ,355 Basketball ,37. Harrison Blumenthal Mix helpfulness and kindliness, Let simmer and do be wary, Add jollity and sparkle, And then you'll have our "Harry". Journal Staff, Lunch Patrol '39, '40, Biology Clubg Usher February Class Play: Intramural Volleyball '40, Favorite Sport-Baseball. Ethel Bolton This brew so sweet and delightful, Of it we are so fond-y, A teaspoonful of never-a-care, And there you have our "Blondie". Hall Patrol, Swimming' '39, Favorite Sport-Tennis, Entered from Glad- stone. Neal Buckstein Sift out initiative and pep, Then add some zest and zeal, Be sure to put some gaiety in, And there you have-our Neal. Ilall Patrol: Sigma Iotag Green Keyg lntramural Volleyball '40, Usher February Class Playg Favorite Sport-Baseball. 98 Donald Chaban NVash this package of contentment and cheer, Then cover and put it on, It's stuffed with fervor and zest and fun, And, of course, it is our "Don". Class4Play: Sigma Totag Bandg Junior Basketball '36, Intramural Volley- Jall ' O. Earle Cherkosly So witty and pranky and debonair, This dish will ne'er grow stale, Add a little of the spice of life, And there you have our "Yale", Class Play: Social Representativeg Hall Patrolg Foreword Representative, Stage Door Clubg Sigma lota Club, Bandg Track '39, Geraldine Cohen Melt some ambition and loyalty QT'his dish is very rare-yj, Stir well with unfailing friendliness, And there you have our "Gerry", Drivers Club, Chess Club, Biology Club: Senior Leaders Club, Volleyball '37, '38, '39, '40, Basketball '36, '37, '39, Mushball '36, '37, '38, Tennis '37, '38g Hockey '38, '39, Soccer '36, '37, Rollin Davis Concoct a beverage of happiness, And drop some mischief ing Shake .it up and coat with fun, And there you have our "Lin". Social Committee l2A1 Stage Crew: Activity Representative l2Bg Hi-Y, Night School Basketball '39, '40, Tennis '38g Lunch Patrolg Favorite Sport -Football. Martin Faberman This dish is full of sport and cheer, It's a hit at any partyg A dash of mischief, a dash of mirth, And there you have our "Marty", Journal Staffg Publicity of Class Play, Hall Patrol, Physics Club, Science Clubg Green Key, Intramural Volleyball '40, Volleyball Team '40, Lillian Fellman Throw in some merriment and sport, VVith happiness then fill, Remove all trace of bitterness, And there you have our "Lil", Business Service Guild: Driving Club: Junior Chorus, Volleyball '37, '38, '39, Hockey '38, '39g Mushball '36, '37, '38, '39, Tennis '37, '38g Favorite Sport-Tennis. Ethel Fine This flavorsome dish demure and shy, For it we'll always pine: VVe'll miss her gracious helpfulness, Wheii we part with Ethel Fine. Girl Reserves, Driving Club, Typewriting Club. 99 Richard Gerston This dish of sport and ambition, All hearts it does usurp, It contains friendliness and lots of rhythm, And, of course, we mean our "Gerp". Badminton Club, Cross Country '38, '39, Track '40, Intramural Volleyball '40, Favorite Sport-Basketball. Herbert Hahn A teaspoon of smartness and mirth, Let boil and d-on't disturb, i Be sure to add resourcetulness, And there you have our "Herb", Foreign Relations Club, Debating Club, Tennis Team '39, '40, Intramural Volleyball '40, Favorite Sport-Football. Norman Halpern This dish is bold but good to taste, About it all do swarm, It's fried in jest and cheertulness, V And there you have our "Norm". Hall Patrol, Foreign Relations Club, Dramatic Club, Band A, All City Band, Track '38, '39, Favorite Sport--Track. William Hasley Mix pleasure, sport, and kindness, Shake well but do not spill, Then add a touch of bashfulness, And there you have our "Bill". Intramural Volleyball '40, Favorite Sport-Basketball. Ruth Hoffman 'Vllith lots of punch and energy, It's sweet like all the fruits, You'll never tire of this dessert, For there you have our "Utes". Fencing Club, Orchestra A, Junior Leaders, Intramural Swimming Team, Volleyball '37, '38, '40, Hockey '39, '40, Soccer '37, '38, Track Team '37, Mushball '38f '39, Basketball '37, '38, '39, '40, Florence Horvath This dainty dish, though somewhat shy Is always on the go, It's sure to go straight to your heart, Because it is -our "Flo". Driving Club, Favorite Sport-Tennis. Yetta Hyman Take vim and vigor and ginger and snap, Wfe like this dish, you betta, Simmer with ingenuity, And there you have our Yetta. Publicity Committee of Class Play: ,Iunior Dramatic Club, Intermediate Dramatic Club, Latin Club, Debate Club, Sigma Iota, Voice B. Ruth jones This pastry so glad and friendly, In our hearts how it has grown, see, It's carefree and happy and jolly. Of course, we mean our "Ionesie". Debate Club, Favorite Sport-Baseball. 100 Vivian Lanfear Blend carelessness and sweetness, Then mash it through a sieve, Add talent, grace, and intellect, And there you have our "Viv", German Club, Orchestra A, Double String Quartette, All-City Orchestra, All-City String Quartette, Favorite Sport-Ping Pong, Harriet Levinson Wfith this captions and happy-go-lucky dish, Combine the friendship of many, Shake into a never-ending smile, And there you have our "Penny,'. Class Play, Publicity, Hall Patrol, Psychology Club, Sigma iota, Volley- ball '36, 337, Favorite Sport-Tennis. Theodore Macosko Leave out sophistication, But add leadership instead, Mix it till it's, oh, so smooth, And there you have our "Ted". President of l2A Class, President of Student Council, President of Home Room, Hi-Y, Boys Cooking Club, Orchestra A, Swimming Team '38, Favorite Sport-4Boxing. Charles W. Mallick Combine some perseverance in work, VVith lots of zest and luck, Season well with spice and fun, And there you have -our '4Chuck". Hall Patrol, Microscope Club, Sigma Iota. Richard Mardis A snappier beverage couldn't be found, This mixture will always click, Flavor with merry-making and pep, And there you have our "Dick", Hall Patrol, Microscope Club, Rifle Club, Orchestra A, Brass Group, All-City Orchestra, Favorite Sport-Baseball. Chalmers Medsger Roll out a barrel of kindness, Then add a peppy crumb, After it boils, let it jell, And there you have our "Chum". Ushering Committee, Physics Club, Band A, Intramural Volleyball '40, Volleyball Team '40, Favorite Sport-Basketball. Anna Melchitzky This delicacy is hard to find, And appeals to many a man, It's frivolous, gay, and full of life, And, -of course, we mean our Ann. Business Service Guild, Type Club, Orchestra B, Volleyball '40, Hockey '40, Mushball '37, '38, Favorite Sport-Mushball. 101 William Nathan This gay, bold dish is awfully rare, And always proves quite thrilly, It is pure mischief mixed with fun, But turns out to be our "Billy". Lunch Patrol, Sigma lota, Band A, Senior Leaders, Track '39, Intra- mural Volleyball '40, Junior Basketball '36. Margaret 0'Conne11 This jolly, good-natured, amiable dish, Is the sweetest kind that's made, Wfith sugar, and spice, and all that's nice, Of course you have ou-r "Babe", Business Service Guild, Entered from Gladstone '38, Hockey '38, Favorite Sport-Tennis. Betty Quinn Combine some gaiety and seriousness, Then add a touch of Petty, Sprinkle some mischief and beat it up, And there you have our Betty. Business Service Guild, Entered from Gladstone '38, Volleyball '39, Hockey '39, Basketball '39, Favorite Sport-ASwimming. john Rock This dish is spicy and full of zip, And is the class Don Juan, A pinch of happiness and cheer, And there you have our I-ohn. Class Play, Home Room Vice President: Boys Cooking Club, Orchestra A5 Voice B, Green Key, 12A Cheer Leader '39, Favorite Sport-Golf. Benjamin Rosenberg Mix up kindness and versatility, But extract a care for study, Boil in pep, then slice it up, And there you have our "Buddy". Badminton Club, Orchestra A, String Quartet, All-City Qrchestra, Intra- mural Volleyball '40, Favorite Sport-Tennis. Ruth J. Rosenbloom Mix energy, pep and liveliness, Witli lots of, you, know-sie, Then bake in versatility, And there you have our "Rosie", journal Staff, Drum Majorette, Hiking Club, French Club, junior Leaders, President of Senior Leadersg Volleyball '36, '37, '38, '39, Tennis '38, '39, '40, Mushball '37, '38, '39, Basketball '39, '40, Florence B. Sarcone This cut is choice and hard to get, Wfith joy it's covered and spread, There's also some friendliness and style, For here you have our "Red". Business Service Guild '39, '40, Fntered from Gladstone '38, Volleyball '38, Favorite Sport-Basketball. 102 Margaret C. Schrier To this sweet so gay and nice, Add a disposition sunny and large, Then bake until .it touches all hearts, And there you have our "Marge". Entered from Gladstone '38, Favorite Sport-Swimming, Hall Patrol Louis Segneff Here's something shy but really swell, Wfith plenty of humor too, Cook over a fire ot kindness, An-cl there you have 'OL11' "Lou'l. Favorite Sport-Basketball. Mary Isabel Shannon This bundle of personality plus, Is fun-loving, but really not dizzy, It's full of ginger and spice and relish, And turns out t-o be our "Izzy". Business Service Guild, junior Alice Sigal Dramaticsg Favorite Sport-Football Add neatness and congeniality, Then strain out all th-e malice, Next put in some charm and style, And there you have our Alice. Class Play Production, Hall Patrolg Class Committee, Typing Club, Sioma Iota, Penmanshipg Intramural Yolleyball ,38g Intramural Basketball 36 ,395 Intramural Hockey '39, Intramural Tennis 39. George Starr There's lots of brains and earnestness In this unassuming porridge. It hits the spot for it's so swell, And, of course, we mean our George. Orchestra Ag Intramural Volleyball, Favorite Sport-Basketball. Norma Stro je Pare joy, cut cheer, add gladness, Then mix it while it cooks, But don't forget ambition, And there you have our "Snooks". Make-up Class Play: Lunch Patrol: Make-up Clubg Devotional Leader in Home Room, 'Orchestra A3 Mushball X371 Swimming G85 Volleyball Man ager '39 .hw If men could be compared to food, And flavored, good or bad, And ordered just to suit one's taste To make that person glad: Then in our room of 304 Our menu would please all, For blended here each singl-e one Has virtue great or small. 103 -- Helen Alberti Helen is an athlete, Helen is a scholar, Helen has a pretty sinile, Bright as a silver dollar. M 366 Teacher-Miss Yetta Kamler Officers President ..........,.,..,.........,,. Patrick Hughes Vice President ...............,.. Morton Strauss Secretary-Treasurer ....... Barbara Flagg Foreword Reporter ......., Kenneth Kardon Student Council ....,,,, William H. Herman Basketball, H-oekeyg Mushball: Swiminingg Volleyball, Business Service Guild, Senior Leaders Clubg l'en1nanshipg Hiking Club, Favorite Sport- Basketball. Florence Bence XN7ho's that pretty redhead, We want so inuch to nieet? Her name is Florence Be-nee, She's really very sweet. Business Service Ciuildg Favorite Sports-Swiniining and Tennis. Kay Berjanski Now we're on the subject Of this likeable girl named Kay, Sheys really so swe-et and popular, Thereis nothing else left to say. Basketball, Mushballg Yolleyball g Soccerg Irene Connelly Reneels quite a skater, She certainly can swinig In our niind welll always rate her As one with boundless vini. Hockey, Favorite Sport-Tennis Banker: Voice: Band C: Mushballg Hockey, Volleyball, Swininiingg Fa- vorite Sport-Tennis. Dobda Pete wants to be an engineer, VVe all know he'll go targ Ot failure he need never fear For in any 'field he'll star. Peter J. Sporting Club: Track, Volleyball: Footballg Favorite Sports-Football and Basketball. Milbert Fine A niinute att-er the bell rings, In walks Milbert,-lateg But he's always pleasant to every-one, And with us he'll always rate. Favorite Sport-Basketball. 104 C Barbara S. Flagg Barbara is a scholarly young lady, lYhose ability increases with the days, XYhen report time comes she's never worried For her record is all A's. journal Staff: Secretary-Treasurer of Report Room, Hall Patrol, Bad- minton Club: Fencing Club: Senior Leadersg Basketball '37, '38, '39, Vol- leyball '37, '38, '391 Hockey '38, '393 Tennis '39. Marion Geilman XVith her brown hair and winsoine eyes, XVell-what more is there to say F- Except that we all idolize Her mann-er and charming way. Voice C, B3 Safety Driving Club, Hall Patrol, Current Events Club. Edith Giovane Edith wants to be a nurse, She'll make one of the best, This peppy, pretty little girl Wlill surely stand the test. Volleyball, Basketball, Hockey, Mushballg Soccer, Swimming, Favorite Sport-Tennis. Shirley L. Glazier That dignified miss we all know well Suggests grace in every way, And Shirley's aim is a model to be, At this she'll be successful some day. Library Club: Safety Driving Club, Jewelry Club, Senior Dramatic Club: Psychology Club, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Favorite Sport-Tennis. Herbert Goodman Chemistry is Herbert's vocation, ln this science he'll surely succeed, His mind is indeed a brilliant one, So someday he'll take the lead. Aviation Club, Track, Swimming, Hall Patrol. Boris Gordon Boris is a studious person VVho likes to hear Bob H-opeg He's always full of fun- lfVe've never seen him mope. Favorite Sport-Swimming, Hall Patrol. William H. Herman Uur -class is fortunate, indeed, To know some-one like Bill, Wlhen he gets a good position, That place he'll ably fill. Hall Patrol '40, Rifle Club '38, '39, '40, Track Team '37, '38, '39, Cross Country '39, Radio Club '37, '38, '39 Patrick H. Hughes Pat wants to be a doctor, He'll ma-ke a good one, you'll see. Don't forget t-o visit him, VVhen he's a popular M. D. Journal Staff, Home Room President lZA, Student Council, French Club. 105 Eugene Jupiin Iusk ask Ben Iupin what's his aim, This modest lad will say To make football a greater game, And say, he sure can play. Football-Favorite Sport. Kenneth Kardon Some people have ability to sell, XfVith Kenny this is an art, He handles business very well, Never complaining, always doing his part. Journal Staflf, Foreword Representative, Sigma Iota, Hall Patrol, Band, Lunch Patrol, Favorite Sport-Track. Marshall Keller In that airplane in the sky Sits Mickey, a mighty nice boy, His ambition is to fly, Wlhich he rates his greatest joy. Lunch Patrol, Badminton Club, Chess Club, junior Leaders. Robert Levite If you ever have anything to build, Don't hesitate to call on Bob, He'll be an up-and-coming contractor some day, And we guarantee a very good job. Hall Patrol, L-unch Patrol, Stage Crew, Publicity Committee of Class Play, Mathematics Club, Safety Driving Club, Favorite Sport-Swimming. Catherine Joyce MacDowell Were glad we know this wee Scotch lass, For joy shelll always bring, In a few short years in the Met's great hall, Theylll crowd to hear her sing. Chorus B, Favorite Sports-Swimming and Tennis. Carmel Mariano Carm loves music, She's interested in a band! Ttls ol' Glenn Miller, "Bestest', in the land! journal Staff, Foreword Staff, Business Service Guild Club, Favorite Sport-Tennis. Dolores Mastascusa A few words describe her- She can't be beat: She's pretty, pleasant, studious, Shy and very neat. Favorite Sport-Swimming. Richard Matuszeski Rich listens to Bob Hope, Tt's plaina to be seena. That he, like all the other boys, Has fallen for Cobinal Sports Club, Volleyball, Stage Crew. 106 Katherine McCarthy Always sweet and charming, Always gay. VVith a smile disarming, In our memory she'll stay. Business Service Guild, Favorite Sport-Mushball. Frances Milan This little girl is very nice, In fact, she's quite a honey! Tell the boys they're out oi luck, For she mentions a certain Johnny! Favorite Sport-Swimming. Fay Parton Fay's beauty shop will be the place To go when a wave is needed, She's the girl we knew in school, She certainly succeeded. Type Clubg Book Room. Philomena Prosdocimo When listening to the radio Don't forget to linger, Philomena's going to steal the show, She wants to be a singer. Dramatic Club, Mushball '37, 88, Soccer ,37, '38, Volleyball 137, 38, '40, Business Service Guild. William Purtell Billy is a handsome lad, That is plain to see, But he makes us rather sad lfVhen he sings off-key! 12B Report Room Presidentg President of Boys Sports Club, Hall Patrol: Student Council. Mary Regan Mary's that energetic girl VVho does her work with zest, If you ever need a friend, She'll be one 'ot the best. Biology Club, Volleyball '4Og Favorite Sport-Volleyball. Max Rotter Max likes Lana Turner, Better chain him down with ietters If ever she comes strolling by In one of her pretty sweaters. Library Clubg Hall Patrolg Band B3 Baseballg Junior Basketball, Boys Sports Clubg Publicity Committee. Charles Sebak Bookkeeping is really grand to know, It always comes in handyg In this field Chuck will succeed. His work we know is dandy. Stage Crew, Favorite Sport,-Baseball. 107 Madeline Sheehan Madeline wants to be a secretary, She's efficient, smart, and plucky. The man who hires her to work Wlill really be qu.ite lucky. Hockey: Volleyball: Sigma Iota: Favorite Sport-Tennis. Lenora T. Sigman Shels not very short, Sheis not very tall: Wlieii it comes to sports, She excels in volleyball. Volleyball '37, '38, '39, '-10: Soccer '37, '38: Mushball '37, l3S: Hockey '39, '4O: Basketball '4O: Library Club '4O: Business Service Guild ,401 Safety Driving: Student Council. Ralph Silverberg Wfe admire studious people, They're usually steady and quiet: Ralph's a fine example of this, I-Ie'll never cause a riot. Band B: French Club: Boys Sports Club: Hall Patrol: Favorite Sports- Football, Baseball, Tennis. Tom Sommers Some wise men could not have chosen I-Ialf as wisely as heg For Tom's ambition in life Is to live happily. Business Service Guild: Cross Country: Favorite Sports-Tennis and Swimming. Theodore Sondecker Collecting stamps of any kind Is Theodore's worthwhile hobby: He's got blond hair and a nice physique, And isn't the least bit snobby. Stage Crew: Activities Representative: Class President of llth Grade: Baseball l3S, '39: Favorite Sport-Football. john Stack johnny is an Ir.ish lad, Quiet, mannerly and shy: In school he's seldom ever bad, Really a very swell guy. Driving Club: Aviation Club: Football. Morton D. Strauss That Morton will be successful And reach his goal there's no doubt: Always doing all he can He's a swell person to have about. Lunch Patrol: Vice President of Home Room: Radio Club: Favorite Sport -Basketball. 108 Helen Tumbas Helen is an athlete, Blonde and tan and tallg She has a pleasant, ready smile, She's liked by one and all. Hall Patrol' Junior Leaders '36g Hockey '373 Driving Clubg Mushball '37 Volleyball BQ, '40g Voice Blg Basketball 'SSQ Favorite Sport-Volleyball Katherine Uhrin Katiels quite a baseball fan, She likes to read good booksg She has everything a girl could want, Personality, brains, good looks. Business Service Guildg Hall Patrol: Social Representativeg .lunior Dra matic Clubg Volleyball '39g Lunch Patrolg Football-Favorite Sport. l 109 This is the class None may szwpass Wlzezz it comes fo lzzwiug fmzg Robert Alexander You draw the most "Enchanting" 00172 370 Teacher-Miss Anna G. Richey Officers President ....,,.....,......,..,.........,, Jack Ingram Vice President ....,..,......,.......... Lois James Secretary ..,,,.......,.,.. ....,,,.... C lifford Jack lStudent Council .,.................. Barbara Weil Foreword Reporter ...... Dorothy Domhoff Social Representative ....,..,...... Lois James They all are mrifed For 110 one is sliglztea' And 'uotlzizzg is left zmdozze. things On flashing wheels and soaring wings. Photography Clubg Aviation Clubg Science Club. Isabel Blotzer USO Many Times" we dream of you, For you're a model's dream come true. Bankerg Red Cross Clubg Rifle Club Volleyball '38, '39g Basketball '38, '39 Mary Lou Cohen "O You Beautiful Doll," To be a nurse, you've had a call. 3 Lunch Patrolg Swimming '37, '383 g Hiockey '38, '39, Hall Patrol: Red Crossg German Clubg Swimming '37g Soccer '37, '38: Volleyball '38, '39, '4Og Basketball '38, Leland Collins "They Say" to be a scientist is his YVe know that he'll live up to his Radio Clubg Microscope Clubg Orch chestra. jean F. Cooper They're Nl-lap-Hap-Happy Days' Wlhen -lean her music plays. '39g Hockey '38, '39, ambition, tradition. estra Cg Orchestra Ag All-City Or- 7 Journal Staffg Oberlin Music Scholarshipg Basket Committeeg Student Council: lVoodwind Oduintetg Orche Leadersg Soccer '36g Volleyball '39, Lois R. Doelfel A "Chatterbox" you'll always be, And full of pep. so plain to see. stra Ag All-City Orchestrag Senior Usher in Class Play: Hall Patrolg Business Service Guildg Official Time Keeper. Dorothy Dornhorff "So Many Times" you've proved Help and sweetness and comfort a friend, you lend. Foreword Representativeg French Clubg Volleyball '38, 110 Charles Engemann The more "Wie See You" thc more we believe That as a draftsman you'll surely succeed. Cooking Club: Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol: Aviation Club. Jerome Finegold Jerry with his "Yoclelin' live" Does much to keep our class alive. Hall Patrol: Secretary-Treasurer of l2B: Usher Committee: Stamp Club: Sigma Iota: Dramatic Club: junior Science Club. Margaret Fixel You're always "ln the Mood" for fun, The hearts of all you've surely won. Class Play: Book Room: Fencing Club: Music Appreciation: Soccer '36. '37: Hockey '38, '39g Basketball '39: Swimming Manager '38, '39: Mush- ball '38: Volleyball '37, '38, '39. Portia Geyer You're "Lovely to Look At," delightful to know, A little ray of sunshine wherever you go. Sigma Iota Club: Music Appreciation: Hall Patrol: Soccer '36, '37: Hockey '38, '39: Basketball '39: Volleyball '37, '38, '39: Tennis '39, '40, Mushball '38 Nida Jane Gunther "A Young Man Sings" when he finds this lass, , For she's one of the best in our class. Iewelrv Club: Senior Leaders Club: Soccer '36, '37: Hockey '38, '39: Bas- ketball '38: Volleyball '37, '38, '39: Mushball '38: Swimming '39: Tennis '39, '4O. James Hafer ' There's "April in His Heart" 'tis said lfVhen he's out bowling, or being fed. Library Wlorkg Hi-Y Club: Science Club: Tennis Team '37: Hall Patrol: Night School Basketball '39, '4Og Baseball '39. john E. Hagan This fellow from "Tuxedo Junction" Is at every social function. Secretary of l2A Class: l2B Home Room President: Hi-Y Club: junior Science Club: Tennis '37: Night School Basketball '39, '4O: Baseball '39, Alexander R. Hamas , AleX's "songs will make you sway," For he's gifted in this way. Basket Committee: Band A. B, C: Jewelry Club: Sportsmen Club: Soccer '36g Baseball '37: Volleyball '4O: junior Basketball '38: Colored Guard. William Hamilton "The Song of the Metronome" rings in his heart, In the field of musicians he stands quite apart. Hall Patrol IOB: Lunch Patrol: Vice President of Home Room: Orchestra Ag Band A: All-City Orchestra. Matthew Heretick "That Sly Old Gentleman" you're sure to know: Some day a policeman's whistle he'll blow. Favorite Sports-Football. Badminton. Soccer: Hobby-Aviation. ' 1117 Eileen Hudson Weire glad that "Heaven Can Vkfaiti' a spell, Because this nurse will make us all well. Hall Patrol: Hiking Club: Dramatic Club: jewelry Club, Stage Door Club, Volleyball '37, Soccer '38. Rita Barbara Hyman "Music, Maestro. Please" could be a fitting title, For little Rita Hyman, who sings in each recital. Usher of Class Play: Le Cercle Francais de Victor Hugo: Hiking Cllubg Beginners Type Club: Music Appreciation: Group B: Group A: Girls Chorale: Volleyball '39. john Douglas Ingram "Hi Diddle Dee Deef' a camera ian is he, A famous photographer he's sure to be. Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol: President l2Ag Room Committee, Aviation Club: Music Appreciation. Clifford Robert jack Cliffy plays "And the Angels Sing," His trumpet has such a lilt and swing. Hall Patrol: Secretary and Treasurer l2Ag Cooking Club: Aviation Club: Band A: Brass Quartet: Orchestra A: Brass Ensemble. Lois Marian james "Our Own Little Skipper", with eyes so blue. She'll be a great reporter some day soon, 'tis true. Social Committee: Alournal Staff: Publicity Committee for Class Play, Vice President of 12A Home Room: Hall Patrol: Microscope Club: Dramatic Club: Basketball '38, '39: Hockey '38, '39: Soccer '37, '38, '39, Jean Kornhauser lVhen vou "Sing a Song of Sunbeamsi' who should come to mind But this small dancing student with eyes so bright and kind. Hall Patrol: French Club: Microscope Club: Charity Club: Basketball Committee: Favorite Sport-Modernistic Dancingg lnterest-Costume De- signing. Irene Ioan Lannis "Irene," the little bit oli salt and sweetness, 'Wfe could not ask for more completeness. Business Service Guild: Entered from Gladstone junior High School '38: Volleyball '38: Tennis '4O. Edgar Levenson "Day in Day Out" vou're simply grand, Wfilling to lend a helping hand. Manager of Class Play: Journal Staff: Lunch Patrol: Hall Patrol, Basket Committee: Art Club: Sigma Iota: Checker Club: French Club. Jerome LeVine His friendly manner is "Straight from the Heart", In medicine, now, he'll soon make a start. Microscope Club: .lunior Dramatic Club: Debate Club: Badminton Club: Fencing Team, Assistant Coach to Miss Shaeferg Entered from Le Conte Ir. High School, Hollywood, California, 8A. Y 4 1127 Paul Miller "That Lucky Fellow," Paul, Is a friend of one and all. Hall Patrol: Sports Club: Football '37, '38g Entered from St. Rosalia. Betty Mitchell "This ls No Dream" before our eyes, But Betsy, sweet and gay and wise. Class Play Pianist: Type Club: Biology Club: Hiking Club: Orchestra B: Basketball '3S: Volleyball '37: Soccer '37: Swimming '37, Margaret Nettleton "XVe Dream of Peggy with the Light Red Hair," As a dress designer she has a flair. Basket Committee: Biology Club: Entered from St. Paul's Cathedral High School, September '38, Herbert Price He'll "Give a Little VVhistle" anytime of day, lt's just our Herbie's nature to be merry. shy. and gay. Basket Committeeg President of Stage Door Club: Junior Leaders: Student Council '37: Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol. Betty jane Schaub "All's lVell" when Betsy comes this way, She's full of life and, oh, so gay. Basket Committee: Sigma lota: Entered from XVilkinsburg High School '37g Hockey '33: Basketball '38 Else Schledt There's "Music in Her Heart" so true, And mischief in her eyes so blue. German Club: Orchestra A: All-City Grchestrag Trio: Favorite Sports- Badminton. Volleyball. Riding. Bernice Seder "Seedie" with her "Magic Splendor," VVeaves a spell so very tender. Usher at Class Play: Hall Patrolg Basket Committee: French Club: Art Club: Sigma Iota: Tennis '39, '4O: Basketball '39: Volleyball '38 '39: Swimming '37. Evelyn Virgin Evelyn is "Our lnspiration," For she's the sweetest in all creation. Hall Patrol: Business Service Guild: Volleyball '4O: Hockey '39: Musha ball '38, Dorothea R. Wagner 4'Sophisticated Lady" eyes of blue. To help people with their diet is your due. Hall Patrol: Basket Committee: Phvsics Club: Sigma Iota: Hockey '38 '39: Basketball '38g Volleyball '37. '33: Soccer '363 Tennis '4O. 113 Barbara Weil Because of "All The Things You Are," In Vogue, we know that you'll go far. I 1 r Usher Committee, I-Iall Patrol, Student Council Representative, Vice Pre- sident and Secretary of Student Councilg Badminton '38, Fencing '39, '40: Voice B, Basketball '39, Mushball '38, Hockey '39. john A. Williams "Oh johnny, Oh johnny" how you can fly, 1 And when the girls are near you, how they do sigh. Favorite Sports-Swimming, Hockey, Tennis. Ruth Williamson "O Gee, O Gosh," G fudge, She'll be a success, or we're no judge. ' ' Dramatic Club, Voice C, B, A: Senior Volleyball Champions '40, Hockey '38, Soccer '36, '37, Mrushball '38, Swimming '40, Jerome Bernard Zaslov "I-Ie would swim the deepest ocean," If through military school he got promotion. Swimming Medal in 220 yds. at Slippery Rock '40, Swimming Clubg Cap- tain ot Swimming Teamg Volleyball, Door Keeper, NICHTMARES Wfhen I was just a little tot, And I would go to bed, I couldn't sleep without a light, The dark-how I did dread! For oft' when I would close my eyes And waken in the night, I'd look around, to my surprise I'd see the weirdest sight, For the elfins, imps, and goblins there Gave me a fearful fright. And then I'd dive beneath the sheets, CThe sight I could not bearj, But in a moment, inch by inch I'd rise to see what's there, I'd bolt upright and listen well, My eyes would open wide. And to my sheer astonishment A festival I spied! And as I watched the goblins feast The witches by would ride. They ate and danced and shrieked and screamed. They circled 'round and 'roundg Still on and on, of them I dreamed, My bedroom throbbed with soundg My window opened, more filed in, The masses grew and grew, And there I saw the devils grin And mix old Pluto's brew, They drank and laughed, the din in- creased And echoed through and through. Still Wilder, wilder they whirled by! "They're coming close!" I'd fear, But then with an exulting cry Each one would disappearg And as I was alone again, CThey, all, had gone awayj, I'd rub my eyes and look around, "It's just a dream," I'd say, And then I'd go to sleep again Until the break of day. And still, although the years have passed And I have older grown, Sometimes I dream those same weird dreams VVhen I am lrfmie alone: And then I think back through the years VVhen I was very young, I wonder. "lVhere from all this earth Those awful nightmares come? And why must they appear at night And never with the sun?" , 114 fwm 454 Teacher-Mrs. Mae Weber Smith Officers President ..,,..............,.,.....,......... Ned Naffah Vice President .,................ Leonard Co-hen Secretary-Treasurer ,,.. Adassa Kaczewski Student Council ,,..,.,...,......,. Edward Levy Foreword Reporter .......,,..... Edward Levy 'Y' Social Representatives- Richard Roh-rer, Gerson Perlmutter Many, many years ago, freshies all were weg We stepped into this big school to see what we could see. We saw the seniors towering highg the teachers, grim and stern, But we were little freshies then and We had lots to learn. Time marched ong the freshies grew and seniors they becameg And all the freshies followed them and were frightened just the same. Phyllis L. Charie "Goodness Knows." Since I wrote the "poetry" for this class, To sign my name is all I ask. Programg Journal Staffg Social Securityg Les Amis Francaisg Le Cercle Francais de Victor Hugog Basketball '38. Leonard Cohen "Pm not so sure about that." I-Ie'll hold an unique place in life As an aid to mankindg I-Ie'll climb to unknown heights With his vast, benevolent mind. Representative of Keystone Boys Stateg Awarded Clark University Scho- larshipg A. A. A.g President of Mathematics Clubg Physics Clubg Chess Teamg Captain of Hall Patrolg President of Class: Lunch Patrolg Drama- teersg Book Roomg Senior Leadersg Football '37, '38, '39g Track '38, '39. '40g Manager Intramural Track. Dorothy Shirley Ehrlich "You all." Dot's a bright and jolly lassg She's the Emily Post of our home room class. Social Representativeg Doll Dressing for Charityg Entered from M.acFar- land High School, Wasliington, D. C. '38: Favorite Sport-Bicycle Riding. john Farrell "Hi, Moef Most of his interests center about the field of aviationg Yet to the "femmes" he seems to be a wondrous sensation. Stage Crew for Senior Class Play '39, '4Og Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrol: Locker Patrolg Stage Clubg Intramural Basketball '39. August Anthony Franzetta "H'ya, babe., A dancing Postmaster General will be so very new That we take the opportunity to introduce August to you. tiveg Cooking Clubg Microscopic Clubg Orchestrag junior and Senior Leaders. 115i 1 9 Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol: Foreword Representativeg Social Representa- William Howard Friedman "W11Y, Daddy, Why?" Billy Friedman's "awful smart,"-he knows the way to a lassie's heartg He always knows just what to say. when to be serious, when to be gay. Dramatic Englishg Journal Staffg Publicity Staff of Class Playg Student Councilg Secretary-Treasurerg Bankerg Stalnp Clubg Cooking Clubg Band A. C., Intramural Volleyball. Fred Garfinkel "YS GOCIS-H Fred explains it is his bent To work for the U. S. Government. Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg School Bankg Chairman of Guidance Programg Physics Clubg Rifle Clubg Badminton Club. Gerard Gentille "Sum-H Gerard's "elegant" basketball game I-Ias earned wide attention and general acclaim. Basketball '38, '39, '4O5 Baseball '39, Warren Goldstein "Por Pete's Sake." In Goldstein's famous stories you'll find Exclusive makes of every kind. Hall Patrolg junior Leadersg Band B5 Intramural Volleyballg Basketball '38, Marvin Horelick "Aw, nuts ! l" Every man, American. English, Persian- Has SOIUC particular aversion-, VVe hear Marvin many times complain, If ' 37 VVhat women call hats are just a shame. Hall Patrolg Student Council: Microscope Club, Vlce Presidentg Chorus B5 Volleyballg Track Team '38, '39g Cross Country '3Sg Intramural Bas- ketball. Lois Ann Jacobs "O, boy." Because of her artistic knowledge Lois always knows ,lust what's right and pert and modish in the world of clothes. Publicity Staffg A. A. A.g Sigma Iotag Art Clubg Jewelry Clubg Badminton Adassa Kaczewski "No foolin'." You won't find a girl sweeter or finer Than Adassa Kaczewski, future designer. Secretary-Treasurer Home Roomg German Clubg Favorite Sport-Basket' ball. Leon Katz "Goodness" Because of the great scientific things you will do, Your name will be recorded in "XNIho's Wfhof' Verne B. Kicinko "Good grief." f'H'old all the wires: please wait your turng I am calling London." cries operator Verne. Entered from Trinity High: Safety Drivingg Basketball '3Sg Mushball '38 Favorite Sports-Swimming, Dancing. jack Kenneth Kruman "And how!" .Tack is peppy, full of fun. always ready with a pung lVhenever you find Iackie glum, proffer him some chewing gum. Class Playg Book Roomg Microscope Clubg Stage Crewg Intramural Vol- leyball Mio. 116 v Edward Levy "Hi, young fellow." Eddie has a lot off fung Fddie's friends with everyoneg XYhen not selling something new, He'll whistle or sing a tune for you. Vice President of Senior Student Councilg Foreword Reporterg Student Council Representativeg Microscope Clubg Foreign Relations Clubg Band B5 Soccer 'SSQ Basketball '38 Athalene Lilley "Imagine what!" To work in an office and marry is Athalenels aspirationg VVith her versatility we prophesy that dream's realization. Entered from Gladstone '3Sg Voice B2. William A. Malone "Golly." A mathematician of quite determined will, A sportsman and a scholar signify it's Bill. Hall Patrolg Student Councilg Junior Leadersg Intramural Yolleyballg Junior Basketball '37, Leonard Mendelson ul don't have time." lVhen Leonard's a lawyer, firm and erudite, His creed will be this-the maintenance of right. Stamp Clubg French Clubg Latin Clubg Favorite Sport-Badminton. Joanne Mitchell "Reallyf' Perhaps Aloanne will climb to fame As "MimiU in La Boheme. Hall Patrolg Group Ag Girls, Choral. Ned Naffah "Ain,t interested." Ned's a president both kind and wiseg He's often the object of ladies' eyesg He's the wizard of the football fieldg And in school work Ned's very skilled. Class Treasurerg A. A. A., Vice Presidentg President Home Roomg Foot- ball 38, '39g Track '4Og Gymnastics '4Og Intramural Volleyball '4Og Bas- ketball-Favorite Sport. Mary Palyo "Dearf' Mary strives for what she wants, so someday she will be VVhat's often sought but rarely found, a perfect secretary. Girl Reservesg Business Service Guildg Student Councilg Foreword Re- porterg Favorite Sport-Volleyball. M. Gerson Perlmutter "Enjoy yourself while you're young." Always something new to say-always a new trick to playg Gurk, in his good-natured way, brings laughs and joy to us each day. Thaddeus J. Pijanowski "SO What?" Tad's a most aesthetic person, very fond of sketchingg His knowledge of the arts and books makes his talk so fetching. Council Representative ,385 French Clubg Microscope Clubg Dramatic Club. Ralph Rocco "Hi, Babe," This scrappy, happy little man ever lends a helping handg His ambition is a great career as a famous engineer. Lunch Patrolg Volleyball '4Og Intramural Volleyball '4Og Intramural Bas- ketball '40, - A 117 Isabel Barbara Rockman HHCHVCHS-" Sweet, naive Isabel, Really does draw very well. Art' Dramatics Club, Senior Badminton, Type, Sigma Iota, Jewelry Club, Basketball '38, Favorite spot-t-Horseback Riding. ' H Richard Loren Rohrer A-H-ah! They say Dick is the he-man type-handsome, dark, and tall, His genial sgnile and sporting ways are popular with all. Usher Class Play, Social Committee, Stage Crew, Rifle Club, Microscope Club, Class President, Lunch Patrol, President of the State junior Academy of Science. Eleanor Mildred Rutkin "Oh, my!" She's a bonnie, bonnie lass, When a teacher, her every class VVill happy lucky youngsters be, To have a sclioolmarm such as she. Class Play, Library Club, .Activities Representative, Stage Door Club, Sigma Iota, junior Dramatics, Type Club, Anniversary Club, Volleyball '38, Favorite Sport-Tennis. Edna jean Schwartz "But definitely." Wlien she's around you hear each boy, Like little Abner say, "Oh, joyf, Publicity Committee for Class Play, A. A. A., Make-up Club, Sigma Iota, Voice B, junior Leaders, Biology Club. Mildred Seewald In swimming, tennis, in basketball, Midge can do ,most any feat, She plays all games and excels in them all For she's a very fine athlete. Social Chairman, Senior Leaders, Microscope Club, Fencing Club, Voice, Swimmino' Team '38, 339' Tennis Manager '39, D 7 b Eleanor Smith "Do you mind?" Eleanor is quite well-known for her dancing action, lt seems that every boy in school finds Billie an attraction. Girl Reserves, Favorite Sports-Swimming, Volleyball, and Dancing. Maurifle Stein "Wliat do you know fe A charming smile and a sunny disposition, Characterize our estimable musician. Microscope Club, Band A. Herbert Venzer UNO jivel, ln all the sports you mention, Herbie does excel, There,s no need for contention, We all agree heis swell. Class Play, Book Room, Lunch Patrol, Foreign Policy, Badminton Swimming '38, ,39, ,40, Badminton '39, '40, Senior Leaders, junior Lead ers, Track. 118 Mary E. Wargo "Gee, whiz." Maryls giftedg Mary's brightg Mary does her work just right, She will have for her employer, some fine doctor or great lawyer. Libraryg Safety Driving Clubg Speed Typing, junior Leadersg Basketball '38g Volleyball '38g Mushball 339g Favorite Sports-Dancing, Swimming. june Weisbrod "So." Before receiving her M. R. S. degree, June will be a private secretary. Girl Reservesg Favorite Sports-Swinnning, Tennis. Fleurette Phyllis Weisman 'WVhy does the ocean roar?" "She has two eyes so soft and brown, Take care! She gives a side glance and looks down, Beware! Beware!" Usher for Class Playg French Club, Debate Clubg Entered from Braddock High School '38g Favorite Sport-Swimming. Mary Catherine White "Well," Stateliness and beauty, blonde hair, and eyes so bright Make up our future model, Mary Catherine Wfhite. Biology Clubg Favorite Sport-Dancing. Henrietta Wilson "No." Little Miss lrVilson so dainty and sweet, For one versed in clerical work she can't be beat. Library. Doris Zimmerman "Goodness gracious!" Some folks are fond of dancing, And others like to sing, But Doris shines her best When she's in a skating ring. Girl Reservesg Favorite Snort--Horseback Riding. be' FROM 454 August Franzetta-A. F.-Always Friendly Ralph Rocco and Richard R-ohrer-R. R.-Ritzy Romancers June Weisibrod-J. VV.-judicious Wonian Jack Kruman-J. K.-Jolly Kingpin Herbert Venzer-H. V.-Home Room Visitor Leonard Cohen-L. C.-Lancelot's Counterpart Phyllis Charie-P. C.-Perfectly Charming Edna Schwartz and Eleanor Smith-E. S.-Enterprising Socialites 119 - MRS. SMITH'S WITS A Census Taker' Visits 454 And he finds that: The Favorite Hobby is Dancing. The Average Girl : Has brown hair, brown eyes, Weiglis 114 lb., Is 5 ft. 3 in. tall, Likes boys very much, Thinks girls are all right in their place, VVears skirts, sweaters, saddle shoes exclusively. The Average Boy : Has brown hair and eyes, weighs 160 ib., Towers 5 ft. 9 in., Wears no tie but a loud tie. The favorite orchestra is Glenn Miller. The favorite teacher is Mrs. Smith. Swimming is the sport most liked. The Pet Peeve of the fellows is long red fingernails. Chewing gum is the most indulged-in exercise. The .instrument all students play is the radio. That most members take up time and space. That evenings are spent doing home work. The greatest ambition is to graduate. All future secretaries want to marry the boss. The school system should be drastically changed. That girls' gym suits are anti-dated. That despite all objections we have had fun. bed Geometry Theorem Given: I love you To prove: That you love me Proof: 1. I love you. Z. Therefore, I am a lover. 3. All the world loves a lover. 4. You are all the world to me. 5. Therefore, you love me. Glamour! Glamour! Ruth Beall Doris Bickel Mary Jean Olander Peggy Pixel Betty Sill Barbara Weil Coralie Jacobson Margie Palley -Pshaw! Wish name down ! I could put my 120 lil, 00172 461 Teacher-Mr. Charles R. Freeble Officers President ..........,...,......,,.... Bernice Herold Vice President ..............,. Stanley Bennett Secretary ...,...,,........,,...,,..,.. Rosalie Agger Student Council .....,......,...... Mary Erdeky Foreword Reporter ,......,, Edward 'Solow Social Representative ..... Arthur Markey STUDENTS OF 461 'WVe've come a long way together, And we've still got a long way to go." Mr. Freeble "Readin' and VVritin' and 'Rithmetic, Taught to the tune of a twelve-inch stick." Doris A. Adreon "Stay as sweet as you are, For as you are, you're divine, dear." Business Service Guildg Junior Chorusg Voice B3 Volleyball '37g Mushball 'SSQ Hockey '38 Rosalie K. Agger "You're as pretty as a picture. Has anyone ever told you before?" Class Playg Secretary of Home Roomg Shakespearian Clubg Dramatics Clubg Microscope Clubg Art Clubg Make-up Clubg Paddle Tennis '373 Mushball '37, '38, '39g Hockey '39, Ruth Bennett "Chatterbox, chatterbox, chatterbox, Talking all day long." Hall Patrolg Sigma Iotag Driving Clubg Volleyball '39, Stanley B. Bennett "You don't have what they call technique, But what have you got that gets me?" Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Sigma Iotag French Clubg Band Ag Tennis '38 Edwin Brenner "I would swim the deepest river If I thought that when I swam that river, I'd find you." Entered from Schenley High School in the llth Gradeg Microscope Clubg Swimming '39, '4O5 Intramural Volleyball '40, Ruth Lorayne Brown "You're a sweet little headache, But you are lots of fun." Room Bankerg Class Playg Business Service Guildg Library Clubg Activity Representativeg Make-up Clubg Favorite Sport-Deck Tennis. 121 Peggy Caldwell "Speaking oil heaven, once I found an angel, Speaking of angels, darling, how are you?" Class Play, Library Club, Orchestra A, Volleyball '37, '38. John Chakurda "Things I never see, never seem to worry me, 'Cause I'm happy as the day is long." Hall Patrol, Voice B, Football '38, '39. Angelo M. Cocco "For he's a jolly good fellow, Which nobody can deny." Entered from Schenley High School, September '38. Florence Cohen "You've got everything, Everything I'm wild about." Hiall Patrol, Jewelry Club, Junior Leaders, Hockey '39, Soccer '37, '38, Volleyball '37, '38, '39, '40, Mushball '38, Basketball '40, Swimming Team Manager , Track Team. Lucie Crowe "Sweet someone, I'm glad I found you." Hall Patrol, Dramatic Club, Sigma Iotag Art Club, Voice B, Soccer '38, Basketball '38, Volleyball '38. Mary Cecelia Degore "Always and always, l'll go on adoring The glory and wonder of you." Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Favorite Sport-Volleyball. Rosamond E. Ehrenfeld "Little girl, You're the one girl for me, Everything I have is yours." Library Club, Hall Patrol, Business Service Guild, Make-up Club, Psy- chology Club, Typewriting Club, junior Chorusg Voice C and B, Driving Club, Swimming '39, Mary Erdeky "You haven't changed a bit, Lovely as ever, I must admit." Student Council, Hall Patrol, Anniversary Club, Sigma Iota, junior Chorus. Clara Evelyn Fritscher "Lovely to look at, Delightful to know." Class Play, Hall Patrol, Psychology Club, Voice Group B, Basketball '39. William M. Gibson "Mr. VVhat-cha-call-um, Vtfhat-cha doin' tonight?" Hall Patrol, Stage Crew, Cooking Club, Chess Club, Leaders Club, Track Team '39, '40, Cross Country Team '39, '40, Sportsmen Club. 122 Bernice Herold "Between you and me, you're something spectacular, Between you and me, you're a prize." President of Home Room, Hall Patrol, Jewelry Club, Stamp Club, Volley- ball '37, '38, Basketball '37, '38 Vivian Shirley Jacobson "You're much too wonderful, Too marvelous for words." Class Play Production, Hall Patrol, Sigma Iota, Biology Club, Junior Leaders, Senior Leaders, Basketball '39, '40, Volleyball '38, '39, '40, Soccer '39, Hockey '39. Marvin Josephs "You look good to me, Goody-good to me." Student Council, Hall Patrol, Sigma Iota, Orchestra B, Band B, C. George Robert Keefe "What goes on here in my heart, All this thumpin' and bumpin' And jumpin' when I see you?" Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Stage Crew, Boys Cooking Club, Aviation Club, Junior Leaders Club, Band A, Sportsmen Club. Jeanne Lois Lichter "I dream of Jeannie With the dark brown hair." Journal Staff, Hall Patrol, Make-up Club, Psychology Club, Sigma Iota, Cercle Francais, Junior Leaders, Swimming '38, Mushball '38 Arthur M. Markey "Gee, but you're swell. When I say swell, I mean you're Handsome as well." Social Committee, Class Play, Allderdice Adjustment Association, Library Club, Sigma Iota, Psychology Club, Dramatic Club, Band B. Ruth L. McCartney "All night long I'm day-dreaming, Day-dreaming of wonderful you." Hall Patrol, Favorite Sport-Skating. Jean McGee . "Oh, you beautitful doll. You tiny beautiful doll." Class Play Production, Lunch Patrol, Stage Door Club, Type Club, Voice C, B. Esthermae Miller "You ought to be in pictures, You're wonderful to see." Class Play Production, Junior Dramatic Club, Dramatic Club, Jewelry Club, Senior Art Club, Junior Chorus, Mushball '37, '38, Swimming '39, Hockey '39. Lawrence Morris "He's not so good in a crowd, but when you get him alone, You'd be surprised." Class Play, Hall Patrol, Chess Club, Band C, B, A, Track Team '37 ' 123 Patricia M. O'Mara "When Irish eyes are smiling, All the world seems bright and gay." Hall Patrolg Book Roomg Penmanship Clubg Voice Bg Hockey '39g Volley ball '37g Mushball '38 Margery N. Palley "I took one look at you, thats all 1 meant to do, And then my heart stood stillf, Class Playg journal Staffg Hall Patrolg Sigma Iotag Dramatic Clubg Voice C, B5 junior Chorusg Junior Leadersg Swimming I37, T585 Mushball ,39. Edward Reutzel "I'm just breezin' along with the breeze, Gay as a song, happy and freef' Business Service Guild. Elarose Rogow "You are the angel glow that lights a star, The dearest things I know are what you are." Hall Patrolg French Clubg ,lunior Chorusg Volleyball '3Sg Basketball '37. john Sabo f'Night after night after you, NVho else would do after you?" Business Service Guildg Lunch Patrolg junior Chorusg Aviation Clubg Fa- vorite Sports-Basketball and Swimming. Rhoda Maye Smith "You're the only kind of knowledge they don't teach in college, You're an education in yourselff' Art Clubg Frenchg Mathematicsg Sigma Iotag Volleyball '37g Swimming '39, '4Og Basketball '39, '4O5 Hockey WO. i Edward I. Solow "A little bit independent in your walk, A little bit independent in your talkf' Hall Patrolg Foreword Representativeg Class Playg Chess Clubg Stamp Club. Harry Spisak "With a smile and a song, Life is just like a bright sunny day.', Favorite Sports-Boxing and Softball. james M. Stern "He's a devil, he's a devil, He's a devil in his own home town." Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Senior Aviation Clubg Cooking Clubg Radio Clubg Model Aeroplane Club. jack Struve "I've got my eyes on you, So best beware where you roam." Chess Clubg Microscope Clubg Orchestra A. Pearl Talansky "lVe meet. and the angels sing, The angels sing the sweetest song I ever heardf' Library Club. 124 li-,H Keith Winch "Youve got to be a football hero To get along with the beautiful girlsf' Green Key: Trackg Football: Gym Teamg Entered in Junior Year from Division Hi, Milwaukee, Xhfisconsin, Richard Wise 'Tve got rhythm, I've got musicf, Favorite Sport-Fishing. Marvin Wolinsky "You're a lucky guy, VVhen you consider the highes t bidder can't buy the gleam in your eye." Entered from Bethel High: Student Councilg Hall Patrolg Activities Repre- sentativeg Aviation Clubg Sportsm en Club. te? THE FREE BLE MINDS A Toast to 461- Herelv fo the students of 461 Illay they have rzzauy hajujvy days And realize all their ambiztiorzs. IRONY I'm through with school and nczior again W'ill have to write a fl1cm.c,' So now I thought of a subject fhat I'm sure 'zoorzzld bring a beam. a senzor was my hopeg I have this honor Oh, fo be If always Now fhat Plfith if I cannot Copa. on the .lourazal Staffg in the fvlayg I toaizfecl to be I wanted to be I have my wish and now I laugh Because I heed a longer day. S E N I O R S VVe,ve worried, copied, hooked and crammed XVe've even studied, too. But now that we are leaving VVelre sorry that we're through. Goodbye to Tuesday programs With their helpful guidance talksg Goodbye to the Hpolice forcef, Wlio interrupted walks. Farewell to the dear old lunch room, And spaghetti every day. So long to dashes down the hall , With freshies in the way. Farewell to thee, dear Alma Mater, And now that we are done VV e really hate to leave you For we've had a lot of fun- And anyway College is much harder. 125 1 . 4 A W E D D I N C J U N E M A D - 'A - - 126 l1T JUNE MAD Direction--Miss Elizabeth Wagenknecht, Mr. Sam Boyd Earl Cherkosly, Student Director CAST fln order of appearancej Penny Wood .,....,,. ..,.................,..........,.. A lma Fay Spann, Adelyne Roth Chuck Harris ,....... .,,..,...,........,...,.,.....,......,.. E arl Cherkosly Mrs. Wood .......,. ........ R osalie Agger, Phyllis Fineman Elmer Tuttle ......... ......,......,,...,,.,,.,......,...., D onald Chaban Dr. Wood ...... . .,.,.,,,. Wilbert Newman Effie ............,.............. ,.,........... . Louise Saul Milly Lou .............,......, .,......,...... R uth Kwall G. Mervin Roberts ..,..... ..............,. M orton Stein Roger Van Vleck .,.... Francis Silverman Mr. Harris .,..................,. ,...........,,... L eon Katz Shirley Wentworth ...,... ,,,............,............,....,...... E leanor Rutkin Ralph Wentworth ...,., ...............,.,....,.,,.......,........... J ohn Sheppard julie Harris ....,...........,....,,.,...........,..,.,..,..,.. Geraldine Edelson, Margaret Fixel Act I-A Wednesday Afternoon in June Act II-Scene I-The Following Friday Night Scene II-Saturday Afternoon Act III-Saturday Evening . , - Setting-The Living Room of the Wood's House in Lynbrook,'a 'Sfnall Mid-west Town 5 Time-The Present " A W E D D I N G Director-Mr. Fred H. Holmes CAST The Bridegroom ........,, .,,,..,......,....,.. ....... G e rson Perlmutter The Best Man ........ .,.,,,,....... ......... W i lliam Pankuch The Bride ..............,,..,....,...... .....,,..,.........., J ayne Martin The Groomsman ........,,,...,,,.... Herman Greenberg The Bridegroom's Mother ....., ,........... W inifred Burns The Bride's Father ..,,............ ..............., P ace Rose The Bride's Aunt .....,............................,,.,....,... ,.....,,. E lizabeth Menk Setting--A Country House Time-The Present, an Evening in june STAGE CREW 127 INSTRUCTORS Mrs. Dorothy Jean Meyer Mr. Raymond R. Reed Miss Emma Steiner Miss Laura E. Zeigler MUSIC Musica! Orgcuzizcufiozzs DOUBLE TRIO ' WOODWIND DOUBLE QUARTET HARPISTS BRASS ENSEMBLE 129 A ORCHESTRA A BAND ,AM ,,,, f A A' ' :AQMHQL2.1fQf1fff'fW'W""'W . ,W V , fiyl I V! V Ably V X ,, Y ,Way . V WD- 'MAMWW . -.i.m,,,w,,..,M,,..,.,,,,, Q .4m,:,'g,ff5,-4 ' B ORCHESTRA 130 A, l CHORALE VOICE B-1 131 CHORUS VOICE A CHORUS C4 4? GIRLS CHORUS 132 R fl ,Q ww! M:-'cf fy MALE CHORUS '7' K ,J CHORUS CJ 133 BOYS CHORUS CLUBS SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Sponsor-Mr. Korona President-Mildred Johnston Vice President-Barbara Wild Secretary-Patrick Hughes JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Sponsor-Mr. L. W. Korona President-Iryne Bass Vice President-Perry Jubilirer Secretary-Audrey Whitman BOOK ROOM Sponsor-Mrs. Catherine M. Hoyt President-Mildred Johnston Vice President-Ruth Kwall Secretary-Miriam Weinberger BUSINESS SERVICE GUILD Sponsor-Miss Katherine McCamb1ay President-Betty Nemenz Secretary-Treasurer-George Heske 135 lst PERIOD 2nd PERIOD 3rd PERIOD 4th PERIOD 6th PERIOD 7th PERIOD 136 HALL PATROL Captains First Period-jacob Viehl Second Period-Virginia Mallick Third Period--Howard Hess Fourth Period-Arthur Lassman Fifth Period Senior-Lawrence Farrell junior-Leonard Cohen Sixth Period-Harold Neuwirth Seventh Period-William Wilbert 4 . Sth PERIOD HALL PATROL A. A. A. Sponsor-Mr. John B. Coyne President-Wilbert Newman Secretary-Marvin Sleisinger 137 FOREWORD Sponsor-Miss Diantha W. Riddle Editors-in-Chief Lawrence Letwin Miriam Rosenbloom JEWELRY Sponsor-Miss Olivia Koenig President-jane Louise Brown Secretary-Treasurer-Stuart Klein Picture Representative-lDorothy Fischer GREEN KEY Sponsor-Mr. John Irwin President-William Brantner Vice President-Chester Bagley Secretary-Treasurer-john Rock 11th GRADE SOCIAL COMMITTEE 138 Picture Representative-Helen Jean Price V1 A! fff..,c3 fyg ,i JUNIOR ART A Sponsor-Miss Jennie A. Norton Picture Representative-Ralph Sill SENIOR ART Sponsor--Mr. Fitzpatrick PHOTOGRAPHY Sponsor-Miss Geist President-Bertram Miller Vice President-Stanley Goldsmith Secretary-Treasurer--Rose Navratil Picture Representative-Rose Navratil 1 -J-if 139 ' x IX X A 5 lil- . V X . 'ifjif X NA mmafic DRAMATIC MUSIC X LX. N MAKE-UP Sponsor-Miss Dorothy Zeigler President-Hermoine Moses Vice President-Ruth Brown Secretary-Treasurer-Ruth Jenkins Picture Representative-Muriel Myers JUNIOR DRAMATIC Sponsor-Miss Dorothy E. Pickard President-Shirley Harter Vice President-Bernice Lutz Secretary-Treasurer-Shirley Rosenstock Picture Representative-Ruth Brown Sponsor-Mrs. Meyer President-Lois Hendrickson Vice President-'Morton Beck Secretary-Anita Stewart Treasurer-Virginia Morgan Picture Representative-Mary Alice Wagner 140 .U , 7 We f. 2 ' il 9B DRAMATIC Sponsor-Miss Elizabeth Wagenknecht President-Eleanor Squitieri Vice President-Dorothy Shannon Secretary-Treasurer-Given Davies Picture Representative-Given Davies X! JN 1 Mxr . DRAMATIC Sponsor-Miss Clauson VOICE AND SPEECH CLASS Sponsor-Miss Rose D. Hartz Picture Representative-Shirley Fredland DRAMATIC Sponsor-Miss Clauson President-Mildred Rosenfield Vice President-Marjorie LeVine Secretary-Treasurer-Eleanor Marcus L D 141 DRIVING Sponsor-Mr. E. A. Liberator President-Gertrude Thompson Secretary-Dorothy Vandergrift BOYS COOKING Sponsor-Miss Florence Bechtel President-jack Miller Vice President-jay Weiner Secretary-1Donald Udell X FASHIONS Sponsor-Miss Grace jessop President-Zita Sanders Vice President--Dorothy Kauffman Secretary-Audrey Whitman AVIATION Sponsor-Miss Elizabeth Warnock President-Ruth Baxter Vice President-Floyd Kessler Secretary-Eugene Schaffer 142 UNIOR SCIENCE J Sponsor-Miss Elizabeth L. Donaldson? President-Ruth Clarkson Vice President-Sema Moskovitz Secretary-Treasurer-William Crosby Picture Representative-Jane Levine ff. :F1Deceased 2. , .4 Q I , . 'Ag ., CORRESPONDENCE Sponsor--Miss Nancy T. Montgomery AVIATION Sponsor-Mr. N. M. Babyock Pilot-Elmer Mullins Co-Pilot-Paul Kasuta D S9Cfefafy-Treasurer-Natalie Harris Picture Representative-Bernard Bastacky RIFLE Sponsor-Mr. A.iL. Gautsch 143 CHESS Sponsor-Mr. Philips President-Robert Tobe Secretary-Treasurer-Jack Struve Picture Representative-Florice Limsi HI-Y Sponsor-Mr. Young President-Jack Hagan Vice President-Robert Whiteside Secretary-Treasurer-James Hafer Picture Representative-Theodore Macosko 144 LIBRARY Sponsor-Mrs. Margaret H. McMick1e Y FENCING Sponsor-Miss Elizabeth Schaefer Chief Official-Ruth Hoffman MICROSCOPE Sponsor-Mrs. Mae Weber Smith President-Richard Rohrer Vice President-Marvin Horelick Secretary-Treasurer-Ruth Powell Picture Rep.-Edw. Brenner, Milton Heath ENGINEERS Sponsor-Mr. Kenneth H. B. Julian BADMINTON Sponsor-Mr. Bernhard President-David White Vice President-Robert Klein Secretary-Treasurer-Ben Rosenberg Picture Representative-David White RADIO Sponsor-Mr. J. Earl Krotzer 1 4 145 LATIN Sponsor-Mrs. Simpson President-Frances Kalson Vice President-Doris Brennan Secretary-Treasurer-Gay Wilson Picture Representative-Gay Wilson GERMAN Sponsor-Miss Brennan President-Fred Hasset LE CERCLE FRANCAIS DE VICTOR HUGO Sponsor-Miss Anna G. Richey President-Sylvia Amdur Vice President-Ruth Kaufman Secretary-Treasurer-Adelyne Roth Program Director-Phyllis Charie Picture Representative-Naomi Ellman Vice President-Adassa Kaczewski Secretary-Barbara Levy Treasurer-Anna Ippolito Picture Representative-Anna Ippolito 146 ENTRE NOUS Sponsor-Miss Edna R. Todd President-Kayla Bachrach Vice President-Coralie Jacobson Secretary-Treasurer-Louise Comins Picture Representative-Louise Comins DEBATE Sponsor-Mr. I. F. Hoerger President-David White Vice President-Marvin Buncher Secretary-Treasurer-Adelyne Supowitz Picture Representative-Muriel Myers FUN WITH WORDS Sponsor-Miss Belle Long President-Joanne Edge Vice President-june Hershman Secretary-Treasurer-Doris Klein Picture Representative-Florence Kannenson v A f SEWING AND KNITTING Sponsor-Miss Hester A. Baird President-Mildred Domhoff Secretary-Mary Dobda DRESSING DOLLS FOR CHARITY Sponsor-Miss R. B. Tait President-Lois Henderson Vice President-Elizabeth Salay Secretary-Treasurer-Janet Getty Picture Representative-Betty Kubicko 147 148 SENIOR TYPEWRITING Sponsor-Mr. john P. Angelo President-Alice Segal Vice President-Harriet Faberman Secretary-Treasurer-Jayne Martin 1 SIGMA IOTA Sponsor-Mr. Alvin G. Faust President-Ruth Beall Vice President-jerry Finegold Secretary-Treasurer-jean Lichter Chairman Activities Com.-Kenneth Kardon Picture Representative-Jerry Finegold X STAMP Sponsor-Miss Anna Quattrocchi President-Robert Lazar Vice President-Gerald Spect Secretary-Edward Perlow Treasurer-Herbert Weiss Picture Representative-Robert Lazar MOTION PICTURE Sponsor-Miss Ella Markley President-William Alexander Vice President-Joy Cooper Secretary-Elinore Morgan .C J ,X -xx X - X N 5,1 P iq XX K5 XX- xii fzrx BIOLOGY Sponsor-Mr, Hackett President-William Rapport Vice President-Ruth Doyle Secretary-Treasurer-Leo Shapiro Picture Representative-William Rapport HIKING Sponsor-Miss Charlotte Beachler President-Ruth Rosenbloom Secretary-Treasurer-Yvette Walters 149 :Y .ss f' X K1 5 3 X C, 0 3 150 INSTRUCTORS Mr. Oliver Gordon Miss Katharyn Hazlett Mr. Robert W. Irvin Mr. john H. Irwin Miss Esther M. Long Miss Margaret Mercer Miss Elizabeth Schaefer Mr. Ernest Slessinger ATHLETICS SPORTSMANSHIP HE DEVELOPMENT of a true and wholesome character is the aim of competitive athletics. The following code was set up by the Sportsmanship Brotherhood: Keep the rules, Keep faith with your comrades, Keep your temper, Keep yourself fit, Keep your pride under in victory, Keep a sound soul, a clean mind, and a healthy body. A coach endeavors to teach these rules, but he can do little unless the player himself cooperates. Sportsmanship is, after all, living the golden rule. It is not so much what you know but what you do that counts. Character is caught, not taught, and, in the opinion of many, the coach, through athletics, is in a better position than any other person to instill this into the youth of -our nation. The business world needs more sportsmanship. The spirit of competition dominates the field of industry as it does the field of sports. You of the grad- uating class will find that business success is not solely an accumulation of wealth, any more than the prize won is the most valuable result of the game played. Suc- cess is the prize plus the satisfaction of having rightfully earned it. It is the fun and happiness derived from any game which makes a prize possible, that deter- mines the real measure of success achieved. In order that our boys and girls may become true sportsmen in business and develop the right attitude of mind toward business, they must continue the training and rules which they have followed in their athletic days. Absolute obedience to the rules of the game, quick thinking, and determination are a few of the qualities built out of competitive sports that are necessary for success. The real value of sportsmanship is brought out only when we realize the importance of developing a t-eam spirit. True character is best expressed in the manner in which victory is won and defeat is accepted. Being a "good sport" is not a matter of definition or formula. It is the spontaneous quality that rises to opportunity and to emergency. It is the great unseen force which carries us on in the face of almost certain defeat. Coach john Irwin 152 - FOOTBALL 1939 Record Allderdice 0 .......... ................. B raddock Allderdice 26 ....... ....................... S outh Allderdice 6 ........ ................ If Vestinghouse Allderdice 6 ........ .......... N ew Kensington Allderdice O ................... Allegheny Allderdice 0 ....... Schenley Allderdice 20 ........ Langley Allderdice O ........ Oliver Totals-58 .......,.............................................................. X Nfl,- X Xl ii AVING ONLY one letterinan backxir-Oni last yearls starting lineup, it was no surprise to the more rabid followers ot the Dragon eleven that prospects looked very gluin for a successful season. Ali Kennedy, who played a guard position las-t year, was switched to the backtield wh-ere he produced miracles. Much credit goes to Captain Alt Kennedy, Ray Stefanik, Clark Swisher, Keith Wincli, Chickie Griffin and Clarence I-Iorensky in the backtielcl, while on the line praise goes to Brantner, Reiber, Nelson, McNerkey, Lavery, Shapiro, McGeary, Delbridge, Lipchik, and Special Credit belongs to Peter Elash, ag- gressive guard who by his splendid teamwork won a berth on the ALL CITY TEAM picked by the PITTSBURGH PRESS. Coach Bob Irvin reports that prospects look very bright for a fruitful sea- son next year. 153 SOCCER His YEARJS soccer team, coached by I Mr. Irwin, w-on one game and lost seven. While the record achieved did not show much on the winning side, yet the team showed promise for the future. The team was made up entirely of first year men: included on the team were Quantz, Jor- genson, Vxfebb, Solomon and Tigue. Sey- mour Lefton was manager. SENIOR LEADERS - 154 JUNIOR LEADERS Sig iomf K W i"3??M'A" 'PWM' 2 7 Q 3 2 1 THE BOY, Nor THE GAME IFTEEN YEARs of coaching have proved to me that it is the boy, not the game, that counts. Basketball squads should be kept intact for the whole season. The squad, after 'proper selection has been made, should never be cut. A boy dropped from a squad " l loses his confidence. In order to build team spirit and team morale a boy should profit by his mis- takes. In case of a bad play, the teammates should encourage the offender to work harder. Spectators should not nag boys for making mechanical mistakes. Many boys have been ruined for team play by the constant nagging of coaches who do not know better. A kind word of encouragement in the right way will improve performance. - For the coming season the Allderdice basketball team members must subject themselves to hard work, strict discipline, and loyalty. CYMNASTICS YMNASTICS is a sport which has had a compara-tively small following de- spite the fact that an efficiently working team presents one of the most remark- able exhibitions of precision and coordi- nation that any sport can -offer. It would be worthwhile if Allclerdice could gather enough students who are interested in this type of sport. This year Allderdice had a few mem- bers of t-he team place fairly well in city Gymnastics Championships. Jack Larkin led the Gymnastics in three city meets by placing first in two of them. 155 SENIOR SWlMMING LTHOUGH the swimming team this year was young and inexperienced it did fairly well. At the beginning of the season the team had to give away 16 points to the opposition for every meet because of the lack of divers and back- stroke swimmers. Back alt their same positions for their third year were Edward Brenner and Jerome Zaslov. Bobby Ornitz led the field of swimmers for the season. About midway in the season Coach Gordon brought int-o the squad some sophomores who did very well and are expected to build the team up next year. Of these sophomores Joe Talachko, Goodman Landow, and XValter Lang stood out. Near the end of the season Jerome Zaslov, Edward Brenner and Martin Ornitz were taken by Coach Gordon to Penn State College for the Pennsylvania State Championships. Witli the b-est swimmers of the state Jerome Zaslov placed fourth with only 5 yards difference between second and fourth. At Slippery Rock State Teachers College where the Inter-State Championships were held Jerome Zaslov placed first in the inter-state free style race, The total of meets won were twog and the total lost were three. TRACK TEAM HE TRACK TEAM which was I composed of regulars like Herbert D ou gla s and Robert Wfhiteside was handicapped by bad weather. Tryouts brought out th i r t y boys. Next year Coach Gordon expects to build his team up of Juniors. Douglas and XVhiteside graduate leaving only a few ex- perienced tracksters. 156 157 as-ga-..,..,.....,L First Semester Second Semester Social Chairman ,....,............ Ruth Kwall ITH A combined program of athletic and social activities, the Senior Leaders enjoyed another year. Among the sports, basketball, volleyball and soccer were played in addition to other field activities and referee practice. The Leaders, social calendar for this season conta.ined a greater number of events than ever before. A tea was given for the prospective membersg the junior Leaders were invited to a Kiddie Party, several roller skating and swimming parties were helidg the boys' Senior Leaders Club and the Green Key were guests of the girls' Leaders. The highlights of the Leaders' activities, however, were the Senior Fare- well parties at the close of each semester topped by the Annual Frolic at Schenley High School in the spring. HOCKEY OR THE second year, the field hockey championship went to Helen De Paolo and her team. This year the champs almost met their match when they played Philomena Prosdocimo's team. In the final game, the contestants fought hard for an hour and a half with the w.inning goal made by Emily Toth. Not only did Helen's team win for the second year, but this year it had to win two games against Philomena for the final honors. The members of the winning team were: Helen De Paolo, capitaing Betty Kasuta, . Margaret Boone, Betty Nemenz, Sally McClean, Mary Belie, Gilda C e r r a , Irene Connelly, Anna Sapira, Mildred Spichty, Emily Toth and Virginia Petronio. 158 SENIOR LEADERS President .....,..,......,..,... Leatrice Millei Vice President .,,............ Barbara Flagg Secretary .................. Ruth Rosenbloom Treasurer ..,...........,.., Mildred Seewald Social Chairman ....,,.......,.... Ruth Kwall President ,................. Ruth Rosenbloom Vice President ..,....,..,,. Marjorie Petrie Secretary .........,. ...... A lma Fay Spann Treasurer ...,........... ...... B arbaia Flagg JUNIOR LEADERS r , , 1 5 i 1 , fs!! ,'jfj"Ii'x,M, v r . 'N ,-- 7 " The members! oiithe Junior Leadersgxclub have succeeded in carrying oiit their aim, which is to help the gym department function more smoothly. These girls, with their plans and ideas of success were chosen as officers for the first semester: Rosita Kerber, president, Ann Meyers, vice presidentg and Katherine Dice who not only had the duty -of the Secretary-Treasurer, but also that of the chairmanship of the social committee. Presiding in the club for this last semester were: Lucy Seibert, president: Frances Davis, vice presiden-tg Nancy Smith, secretary-treasurerg Betty Jane Fording, program chairman. MAJORETTES Sponsor-Mr. John H. Irwin 159 I -R X CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS fl 10th GRADE VOLLEYBALL 9th GRADE VOLLEYBALL 11th GRADE VOLLEYBALL 160 1' I I VOLLEYBALL AND B A S K E T B A L L oth AND 10th GRADE BASKETBALL 12th GRADE VOLLEYBALL sth GRADE BASKETBALL f . 7th GRADE BASKETBALL I , 'V , X , , . 161 ' SOCCER 10th GRADE SOCCER AR MUFFS and red flannels were added to the soccer equipment last fall. So many girls had turned out for the tournament that the final games were played just before jack Frost arrived: the field was kept open an extra two weeks by special permission from the Board -of Education. Faithfully lasting through the c-old 'til the very end of the tournament were Iris Kwallls team in the ninth ffrade contest and Iverne Cantle's team of tenth graders. Both of these championship games were close. The ninth grade teams fought against a tie until the last minute when the goal keeper, heroically defending her goal, threw the ball right into Iris where it bounced off and over the line for the 6 winning point. Besides Iris there were Rosita Kerber, Ann Toth, Christine D Dorrance, Barbara Ackerman, Katherine Dice, Marion Smith, VVinnie Morgan, Vera Goldspinner, Betty Cohen, Shirley Brinn, Shirley Norris and Marian Schein to share the honors. Iverne Cantle's team managed to win by a 2-O score: her teammates were Peggy Able. Grace Beers, Nola Cantle, Peggy lVlcNiff, Ida R-Outh, Martha Toweny, Virginia Packard, Ann Kalser, Vera Blythe, Hilda De Vincent and Esther Katz. og in-2 9th GRADE SOCCER 162 ,v '. Q S . V f f 23C THE ALLDERDICE Trinted by MAYER PRESS Kev E bl!dl89 -X F E P P Ph 1106 H11 d 163 0. 'U I High Grade Secretarial Training Enrollment Limited to High School Graduates who Rank in Upper Half of the Class, and to College Women. if Six Month Course tor Commercial Students -k Ten Month Course for Academic Students Effective Placement Service-Free ,- .-1. THE PINKERTON SCHOGL Summer Session Professional Building, 429 Penn Avenue Fan Term july 1 to Sept. 1 ATlantic 0414 I September 9 moe Jlfarim 3 Sch 001' "cz school dI..S'C1'I'7llilZClZiCU SELCRETARIAL FDR YOUNG VVGIVIEN ATlantic 6309-6310 17th and 18th ELOORS, KEENAN BUILDING PITTSBURGI-I, PA. . . 30th year . . Miss Conley"s School 6214 WALNUT STREET, EAST END Secretarial Training for Young Women Enrollment limited to one hundred students with good preparatory records. 164 BUSINESS TRAINING COLLEGE SECRETARIAL ACCOUNTING BUSINESS .ADMINISTRATION COURSES FULTON BUILDING PITTSBURGH ATLANTIC 2678 She: "You're the kind of a IIIEIII a WOIIIZIII C2111 I1'L15I.U Dick Silberstein: "Say, haven't I niet you somewhere before? Your familiar." faith is said the "It takes guts to do this," moth as it popped on the w.iIIdshield. Alina Spann: "Can you drive with p73 OHS Z1l'1II . I. CZIII. Ardent Adniirerz "I'll say I Alma: "Okay, have an apple. "Guess who" Lou U He knows what to do! Especially after his so-called Moustache had been ou for twelve days. "The pride of Allderdice Square" Teddy Macosko .lack Hater Bob VVhiteside Wfhat-three prides! Oh we big square. I ROOM 204-BLOCK BUILDING i Successful Merchants Always Advertise iu the A Squirrel Hill News A , . 7 ,I -- -L "Advertising in the News -E .S ' is Z sy Z Q ff' I I f X 0 o .1 E Pays Big Dividends I Jo f"' ' 1909 MURRAY AVENUE S .J 1 I I . ,ff MUSIC MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PHONQGRAPH RECORDS VOLKVVEIN, S 632 Liberty Avenue could , LEARN how easy your family ' play and enjoy The Hammond Organ X f ulll" "' l I - , Q 604 Wood Street S1285 andup Liberal Terms Arra Mello .OO nged 7 I' S Pittsburgh, Pa. 165 ll, it'S ll JACIQSO11 9827 LOUIS P. GOLVASI-I, Mgr. SQUIRREL HILL BOVVLING ASSOCIATION FORWARD ALLEYS Ttcimity-foizr Pc'rfm't A. B. C. Alleys RESERVATIONS FOR PARTIES Scene of Pittsburgh's Greatest Bowling Exhibitions 5844 FORWARD AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. Y- , , L 7 , 1 ,.-- , --L l L I I . . , N Compliment: of MARTIN 81 VANDERVORT I Morrowfield Pharmacy . PHARMA CISTS l and 3614 Fifth Ave., 5872 Northumberland St. , 4701 Fifth Ave., 5610 Wilkins Ave. B eacon armacy PITTSBURGH, PA. 1 1 i i y yy y Z y Reineniiber the Latin Program with sucl1 stars as: Bob "Mercury" Tobe and l Doris "Venus" Brennan. "Flash,' Mills and Bill Stewart Walk- SAM ADLER, Prop. ing to scl1-ool Qand homej every clay- i Geeee! They sure look cute. Nlurray and Phillips Avenues Pittsburgh, Perma. And then there was the time Sam Mus- soft HAZCI 3800 Came flying through the door-tsk! . - i tsk! 'homfl Delivery Sewing , These hall patrols!!! , , ,V Y, Y 1 i United Moto rs Service Life-Cap Tire Treading Leaders in Motor Car Service i Coyne 81 Evans Motor Co., Inc. I P1'ttsbztrgl1's Finest Service Station 5600 VVilkins Avenue 5301 Fifth Avenue at Aiken I MAyflower 4370 ivmyiiowef 1580 l ' 166 Atltlelcler and Smith FLoR1sTs 1717 Murray' Ave. Plttshurgh, Pa. HAzel 3300 l Hefzfigzzarterf For Allderclice Supplies Pennants-Notebooks-Paper Squirrel Hill News Stand l l'T!ze Sfore of Friezzfffy SEl'Z!iL'EU S804 Forbes Street vli-Xclcsoii 9733 f0Aen6erg 14 Original HOT PUPPIE SHOP Steak SU1ICll'ZL'l.f'1lF.Y yozfll like! just a little sign that we appreciate your patronage. Thank you FORVVARD AND MURRAY AVENUES The House of Reliable Quality and Service Standard School Jewelers NIXON THEATRE BUILDING PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Class Rings and Pins Booklet Diplomas Commencement Announcements Club Pins Cups and Trophies Medals and Awards Sport Charms and Keys 167 Lightning Local Express Company "Pitfsbz11'glz'5 Largest Delivery Sysz'e11z?' Serving Points in 1. Allegheny, VVashington and Beaver Counties Phone: ATlantic 5434 Terminal 25th Street at Liberty Avenue l FRANK VV. SALVATORA President C0lIZ'PIlllZ61IfS of Perl - Reich baum Compliments of Willqiiis Market 5616 Wiiiim Avenue scheniey 1481 CHOICE Foons 2107 Murray Avenue HAzel 3639 Zwieg Baking Co. Formerly Feldman's Same Ownership VVe Speciafize in Home Made Cake: for the Hofifffzyr S833 Forward Avenue IA 1837 L. BINSTOCK jeweler' p il O ffer Their Sincere Cofzgmtufafirmf l to the Clwrref of 1940. Fxpert Watch, Jewelry and Crptical 1 Repairing ' 1929 Murray Avenue, Squirrel Hill J!-lckson 3175 L.,,, , ,,. - ,-, 1 lfVith a wild yell he sprang behind a chair, threw it madly to one side and flung himself under a table. For sev- eral minutes he lay there squirming. Then he dragged himself out, hitting his head on the table, and dashed across the room, diving over a divan. After a moment he crawled out from behind and stood up. 'These ping pong balls certainly are hard to catch," he mut- tered. Miss Long: 'fW'hat did you find out about the salivary glands ?,' Perplexed Student: "I couldn't find a thingg they're too secretive." An optimist is a person who does crossword puzzles with a fountain pen. I wish my room had a floorg I much prefer that to a door, Because Walking around 'Without any ground Certainly becomes quite a bore. 168 CT Q7YD SISSMAN S T U D I Q Offciaf Sdzool Plzoiogmplzer Oi?-2?YD Co717fJIi111.e1zfs Of A Friend Phone HAzel 2600 l u rr Colonial 3-hr. Cleaning Established 1915 Office-4375 Murray Avenue All Garments Insured Delivery Service Everywhere Best Wislzes from Meer your friend: at FORBES C1cERo Bizos. HARDWARE STORE CRegiSteredJ Barber and Beauty Shops l 2140-42 MURRAY AVENUE 5851 FORBES STREET J.-Xckson 9720 JAckson 9771 PITTSBURGH' PA' 5610 WILKINS AVENUE Phone HAzel 0238 SCher1ley 9881 , 2 I V , x .S bi J x v 0 N , 49 N 'bf CR' Complimerits 43' o 0 fo N Q7 Q: 5 A A fb Q 'Q' w of Rfb' .Q 55- NQ 'U Q N06 Q Q55 i A Friend P? io 9 Qi S 7 i S S O , 'li S, , ,TAckson 9868 Delivery Service ' i Affiliated Service Stations, Inc. P'ittsZ11u'g11's llffosf Accormzzodatizzg Service Stations TIRES-BATTERIES-LUBRICATION COR MURRAY and BARTLETT LOUIS ENGELB ERG . Manager PITTSBURGH, PA. 170 Taylor Qfifllderdzke PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION embers of the CLASSES OF 1- 9 -4- - O PP 1 Compliments Of 51 friend REGENT PHARMACY Sidehamer Bros. BLOOMFIELD'S TAILORS Hazelwood Compliments of NU-WAY Cleaners Compliments of NEW MANOR GARAGE H AZEL l 8 8 l For Your Drug Store Needs Wm. D. Callahan, Ph. G. Syuirrel Hill? Older! Drug Sfore Prescriptions Our Specialty MEYER ORRINGER f Free Delivery Service ll Groceries ly George Edwards REAL ESTATE Slips that Pass in llze School 5037 Second Avenue HAzel 0387 Rhoda Mae Landay-absent for ti Compliments of FORWARD BEAUTY SALON Compliments of HERMAN BROS. AIKEN-FORBES Tailoring Co. 5817 Forbes Street HAZe1 3601 Compliments of GLICK'S FOOD MART Compliments of COLFAX PHARMACY CARLTON SHOP 5860 Forbes S Fine Furniture Upholstery and Draperies treet change. Physical Geography class not over- flowing. John Sheppard-wanting to become an impresario. Herbie Goodman-a crack analyst. Doris Brennan-I. l47. Miriam Rosenbloom-hack writer. Halleck-it slipped-hoW'd it get in? Margie Palley-walking alone! -other slips. -hah! think we wanta be sued for libel! I wish I were a little frog, Preferably a cod, Then I could sing and sing and POLI'S RESTAURANT GOLD'S QFORWARDJ 5 and 10 DAVE and LEN'S DRIVE INN Barbecues and Fountain Drinks MORROWFIELD Barber and Beauty Shop Compliments of BEACON THEATRE Compliments of NUSSBAUM'S Compliments of A Friend Compliments of A Friend Compliments of A Friend -Vtfhat rhymes with cod? I am a little maggot I squirm and squirm and sq But nobody loves me Because I ani a worm! uirm g Earle Cherkosly: "I suppose think Ilm a perfect idiot." Teacher: "Oh, none of us is p feet." you er- Senior: "Transfer, pleasef, Conductor: "VVhere to?" Senior: "Can't tell you. It's Zl sur- prise party." Is he lucky? He took a penny to class the other day and made 97 on :1 true-false exam. Give a girl an inch and she thinks she's a ruler. 173 e 4 ' ...'N ON 1 I 'N UDB 1011 FPIQNITIN G LAFES 29 .0 gf N 4 f xl 'Qx .aah ' 'I '5 I IIE COPPER I Q HALPTONES AND LINE IBTCHIINGS I'I:I,N'I' WERE IISEII IN EIIINIING. II:-IIS BUUKWERE MADE W 2666 SIQEQIOR ENGDAVHNIKG Co. 5 f2fAve11ufg Pztfs'buTPa. rg C prf IM DAY AND NIGI'IT SE VI 1'5" x, , I i'v- uxilblxf-Q I 4 x A K' X x I Self Torture Inconsequential hurts are from World- VVhat others failed to dog Real hurts are in the heart Inflicted there by you. Gossip Think not of what others say- They'd complain for spiteg Struggle on in your own way- But first make sure youire right. Ironic Life is futileg life is sadg Potentialities the lmprisoned deep within your heart For you to set it free Is some 0'reat talent waiting there C For your desire to be. Self-respect XVhen others may complain and fret VVhat you forgot to do, The only thing that really counts Is your respect for you. Befudciled An excited person is like a befuddled And the cost of itfs so dearg cow- Still it WOL1ld1'1,t be half bad Afraid of starvation, crops all the grass If we'd enjoy it while itls here. now. cklzowfedqmelzb To sistance To fects of To in sellin To Miss Katherine McCamblay and the staff typists for their valuable as- in the preparation of the material for publ-ication. Mr. joseph Fitzpatrick and the art students for crea-ting -the pictorial ef- the book. the periodical representatives of the home rooms for their invaluable aid g and distributing this book. Miss Rose Har-tz and Miss Elizabeth Wagenkiieclit, together with the members of the casts and production staffs of the two class plays, for raising funds for the Journal. To the Mayer Press, the Sissman Studio, and the Superior Engraving Com- pany for their efficient construction of this, the 1940 journal. To our advertisers for their loyal support of the school and the book. 175 1.5, ,.'lw,7., ' va H si A Q4 5-2.5: .1' L ' f.. X?-Q J, I 1 Q M.. , ,S .1 I , Q 1 N I J ' ' ff. 'aw .4 'fir' ' Q, ,,x,,,:,.- - , Q "1 . 'N , .,., sg-i :W '- if . ,,, Y V , wk ,A U 'W Wwwf , I9 ' ,, , A f ', . -sf ,ny 7 yr-m .pu 3 ff: Q X W 4' " 'F' -'fyivf' 1 f,, I -. ! At' 1 ' 3 ' , lf. , , Y , 71, Y Q ,Q A , , U . , , 1 .Wa 5 F, .. , ,k glvvx A. if S. in yr, , 'F' 4 , 1 ,, Mx-i , M5-. 2,1 ' 4. , ,l Q55 . Y ,mf Q A , , ,, .: K f A W ., V K :K 1-' Q - , - f ' MY., AL a ,rx " - , ! 1,5 ,I E . .M , . ,Ag V 4 aw. W Z V , I, ,hy . - 1 1-, , wha, MTA , : K- V. QF K if W ' 1 V 1 ' LQ ,, I 'f A gr .11 ' A . 1- ' . 1- 'K W Q' 'M , A lg. , 'm-TW: 14 . w QM G' Q S 4 1 257' lf .A f, 'Q 3,3 x ,.,f J

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