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 - Class of 1939

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Allderdice High School - Allderdice Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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'HLAAQ ', 1. A-'-.AA L5 459' A'Q.'3"'3q25"'2 "'F'EQ,,A f b,Q,,r," fr ?4'Q,"A:3J,"-KLA 51.1 52 .fin -A JA. -,....J" ff A,,.f4'.1g??,""i,, , '9f1"LT3,' -eL'4+fXQf Tl. ip.-:,.,,,.,,NL ' " 'S Agigff?-'Eilfif 554'-"'f-fvfr' A5 1315 '?HZ'1T'A J" .F A "MA" A 2'g'fuAff,AA '- Ax.. g 'wx ' "'v ' -f?fi"55'f'5"?'A"" j'nlfg'iagf,,A at 'Q - JF' A' Af--F' 56,25 A f -5g','gzEng - 'Ag'-vi X wiigfawwafsw If fiff ax E A- A A AA. f A' A -A A x W EA AAA+ Aw AW S' " A- A 5A, A A' 1 ' 5 1 1: ' ' A A .A , ' A' ' Af?-if if AL AAQEQQA ' " f. A " Q 'AB-:"'2 'g, gg AA 'A -A AQEMQ Auf A ' if if A. AA 'A :A HA 3 . 'WEHAQK A . ' lf A A -Al f " ' '5 " f'9'f22 A :za 'W l,g'q,A'- , A fa., -. x -+ A 1- pp A " 'W1' ' 5 AA , A V i '- Q-' f' ' ,Il ,kai-S' - 'E --- A -" -. AA -' ' -, Q., 'I' A 3 ' - ' A " 'L-cf 'Z Him 'e.A. A W ' AA AA Gs AA ' A ' 'A AQ A A 1' Q L ' i"' e?r-gf A f' 'J A' A' 122 2 V...- Q. A F- ' " A A A F -..' Tqmf "' - 'f gafff AmA. ' 'Q' lg ' A A l AA ' - A' AA A " A i ii M: A A. A 1 -' .A 1 F? f x ,A A,,1r'4,,.g Ag: ff' QA ...A A 'wg' 5 AA AA XA A ' ,D 4 1 A' 7 A ':A .1-4 '5" .LJ '- A AAA - I+. fffwb' ' "L' " ? 'a'w2A " A- 4 AAviAAf5""-w m'- ' A . 'fr A A .,,. ' A A A A A A 'A Ag ff... - A+ sg AA'fA ' sig. J' AA f " - A - - A " M Aff V, A. ' - AA' 4A A,A l A x l Y, .K A H , j r: A 1 A "'A '- ' A A v-A , f i V.A if .AA A ", Q Ai-AgA A:1AvAA A"?:1S:f' i fi fig. f A " A .5 A 3 QQ ,A , ,A i A X , ,WNW A ,i- AA A A A AAS? Q ,' 5 A- A - 74 ' A- ', A, A 'f " 'A QA ' A . A' 1- , '-' A A". AWA AA? ,A A, ' ,,-16-3 ? Q " ga' +2 ,Z ' 2 4, um 4? gi A ? N K 5 Cb A. Q AA A A AAAAQRA. 1 1 'W 'ia 'A' .AAaf"f"'-AMAA , .Gmc vf-.QA--f A A A f f-A A QQ T' . A Af 'V-M3 f fgi.-A'4f9.AA 'f f-we GSE Af M ffm? W 31 AA.,Af:A.A. Aw " -25 :aw A' , '. A A AA A ' wp Y, 44A., v ' AA ,V - AA ' A ,, mm VAjAw g4YA: AAAa. , A ., kk A- .Ah V -A rag x i , 'A ,A A 'Ei iii ff A2 H Ae A. A A A 'L A A A . A 'AA A A ,, it AA AA A ' 'ZA f arf!-n-A NK M I 1' 1, ii' air' Q g g, , i t, 3 Q! 2 11A " m ,f?' ' 'A A A f 2fsAA.A A AA . A A A' "3 T fl F . HA '1 ' A 'fT 'YfTA'!'f?5 ' A A ' " i vii 1 5 A' A ' "A ' A A A A - A A J, A' ,-g,A,- 354554 A pt A A '?5""A-A' Ar' AA AA, .ql'1, K A , A A ff? A 1 A , A --V A3 E F A ' wa L' A ' ' :HA -14.4 - M "" ff A AA A A 54 W a iiixaigrayr 3-Jfa. Q .gpg . A -: A A ' ALA- i ,A . A AA f' 4f'A, A 4, 5 ' Af A 'N A Q, 1135. ' fig! 1 " ' J 1, ' Y A A ' A A' ' ' - 'M 1 A ff ' 1 Aff ' A N"' A 3,951 A t A A. - A -H. A ,"h1Q'i"ff4-A4A..., ,, nf--A A A4 A ,.,,, AA, Q, .A ,A U, 'l5,,.t A ,AA A. A 29, A' 'A 'P' ' 2' A 'A A' "' A, ,g,12wigf?4L-,g"Q"'1"-A-T AA-f it-'P' T" ' f gi A.A , "f . 'A ', .Q -A 2 A'jA ' ' T- A. , , - A L Affmh' h'-33" A Q- A,,,,.. fl --in WF' fa' ' 'Y-. ' A ?' 'i"AiA'3.AA A ' l1fAfAfAy A A . AAMAQ-QAA' ffAfi33gAwAA?AigQipff-QAEAAQASZ 3 ? T , A ' gg., Q fb.-S Ag.1.AAAA A. - '95 A A A' AAf4+'3'lz14-Asgif-?'3-"f5?4?'f?Hjg4 5 A A A AA A AAW . A wi .I 4, b A 'jj' , A A, 55 ,AL , AA xi' A' " :AA-,JH "' 'A.A "'4gQ.A5if ' TATA'-fa ATA J, A t Q., Y ifkr yy V A A - :A ,eh-M I A1-V A ' 2: , N Q As- l5'. V JV, .4,A,,,.,-,nik -'A su VL A A .- V- fi fj'.7f5!5?jAA A A "'G" ' , I. gi? ' .'1 1 " 'I-'3i'?'i"f'2A4 " ' -5 ' il A.A'AA?'dL A :A'iAi'3'i,.fAAAAAAg --Tlfrfv ,A H L ' 'AA A A. .A - . A fa?-dw A 3, . A. A 1 A A, AH. A - .A A, Av-'bin-f A 1 " ' HQ244. -' iii,-5-32"-in if ,, f",1,, ' AN' ' fb 1" " A 1-A -A 41, 3. M-v 7AA.+fA"A.A-fwggh ' , 3+ A A 9... AA Y: ,'3""'3, AA i- ,W 2 ' fmkiggf A Q AA... ai. A :FAA 'A'M A - AA IA. 'Wi ' AA fi A. 4 J++-if-ii , g :avr AA AA A 'A '1, 4 3 .... A- AA ...Ai 5 -AA A .Rh A, A :A+A4A,.Q,- A A A A1A14"fAmQZAiff3'??Eff ' A 5 A A . -A' '5' A A mb - 3 ' Af A- " '45 ,,, gf! 1 "1"'4 , T- 576, ,K ' A Avg, .Ale L . A Au A A A 5'A++Aw+-+'fAfv ea Aw,-5 "" -ws i' "'-M A,-..'f"'f'?iAl?'F ' My - A wf'f'f'15A ...AAA A A'+f'?fA A-:A-w3AAA:A ' 7 A. A ?n,5?1x4'gf1":'5VV-l'Yi A.'A 33122161-a.QpsAAA ' 1 A W ? 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'I 45",-:SQL 'A fl.. 45:22 . "S-1-. -'fs 4.LL.f,-A.Ai:T'gRL,g52.N 52" f. 1 156314 "" 4 N-A 4843- wi- ...Aw if MA s-ya E if 'Eff ' "' :- F 'E 7 AA.3k1f' A A AAA 1 A AA M-Ai A A. A A A AA -AA 4 A ' ,A .A..A-46 ,,,,,Zg ,A ,,Y A ,V VA Av .A ,. +1 -A ,A fb A V A ,AA , I 43 A. 1 Vx, V A 4 " . ' i A ' 'bflf A ' 219 -AA 21 ' Q- A" 'A ,Ai A ' - 1 . 5 5. A+-2 A' A-3-945' - ' " , A 'A - A - ' x.u'AwAfx.AA ,,.,,'aBp,g3-AA AA. A v- Q-S-A .A -A. A., 4 , ,, ., ,A,AAA, 1 at-fu.,,sM-4.3, A, . A,,.+-5,.'5zu V AA, A A., ap C .1355 Am AA - A Av A ' A ' ,Ag f 'Q W ?-i"7:?:Tkiff'5i 1 ZLY ' 3 A A' A ' "- ' A F IJ ffi i 1'5" A ' ' rwfA.A.21w4uz:2-AxI:gagwasa.s+2+g'3ff- ',A A- AA AA :A N .A A ' AA'A A A A . ,ff-QE 4' 6 "w A I A gif.-- V 5, ' ??.-1. 11335 AA-" '51-i4""9'. A A? vAA.3-A141-A...g,W,A.AA,A,,, . , A AA A A ffs:g'Sm+- - b AA,A K A A f"'- --1 ' A 'H' 'WE 'wx . A " ' Jag . . .,'., ". -,. A: ' " "1" 1 'AA'-"' ' ii -A ff'-H ? 1- ,A -, , - - A. ,.' " "T " dlf' fha JMU ,Q Gush ig 'www' .Fl okgx:-pn . J I ! bcneg'rS'ff:5fIw Av W M I L',w' f53i53 f'f ?fQf6f1'ZQ-liqff gi 'ff gy 2 gg I W N5 - V ' W if MMS? W X . . J 4 dw? W A I Wm 35 JW! JWWZQ ' W W 5 I fjfgxm ' V515 X'?fY5WAjwf3 iT3fW wi? : my - My .?f'f'f'jlf WA . ff ,uf wwf l . QJWJKQWSJ .3531 Y! 10?JJQ,jJ"fliw9lMVA 1562? ' Qjwffwff 1 ,Q W 1 ??f2J Zwjww GM -X X - e I 4 Y 1 J S ' I fr ' Km? A ' W LSQRXSSM 1 , iwpviw 1-Al4A,, + m MEM ljZ,06?'4'W0'9w Q el' Qwwbw yl gglwglg X Wh mf M55 5 'fd " ,mf KW Mwfd W yww Zim'-Q 4? """J53-i'E'LQ R Q QgQi 3 iM e , Q UQ, L, Q . We 0 fseg 0F'O5O fu 59 E The TaqlOfSh5lLJ3jLi?ent1Qu SCM qzqitw piftSbu,gh,pa. f :gf 50' QW Mfg 01' 6 WOI' N Tnls erlitmn ni the journal we :um to present tu all a pernizinent 1'CC01'll ol the activities :incl zleemvniplishments of the senior Class uf W39. A second, equally inipurtzuit goal is tn ZlCfll12lll1f the pupils nl Taylor Allclerclice with our theme, the evo- lution of flCl11OC1'ZlCj'. Vast classes have set at splendid prececlenti we hope that this issue may continue to serve as :1 lllt'l1lCHtU with which to reezill memories :incl renew friendships. May it thus net :ts a link hetxveen the past and the present fm' the stuflents of Tzlylm' .'xllllL'l'- cliee High Selwul. 4 Yi' ' 'i' "7"' 'vi' ' ff. it .medical fiom 3 ' Q 1 1,,,.V.o X ,X , lx .-3 xx Q. , -1 xi' .L li N l N SINCERE APPRECIATION of his constructive achievements in advancing educa- tional efficiency and effectiveness in Pennsylvania, we, the combined classes of January and june, 1939, respectfully 'dedicate our journal to Dr. Gerald DeFor- rest VVhitney whose career fumishes an impressive example of ideal citizenship, altruistic public service, and sympathetic human relationship. Dr. W11it1'1e3"'s Educational S0r7,fire.r 1919-20-Director of Vocational Education, Altoona. 1920-Z4-Department of Public Instruction, Harrisburg. Supervisor of Vocational Education. 1924-36-University of Pittsburgh, Professor and Head ol Dt'l3Zll'llll'C1lt of Vocational Teacher Training. 1936-37-State Department of Public lnstruction. Deputy Superintendent. 1938- -Pittsburgh Public Schools, Associate Superintendent in Charge of Secondary Education. 5 lk, G? milzis fmfiorz DR. RHOLAND G. DEEVERS Principal MR. J. S. GLAES MR. L. W. KORONA Vice Principal Activities Director ' an -er ' ,ZfQf'b'C K' 1 'Li ohfv' P42 'lik 1' LC' 71" E, Miss Miss Miss grzcuffy Principal-Dr. Roland G. Deevers Vice Principal-Mr. J. S. Glaes Activities Director--Mr. L. W. Korona Vocational Counselor-Mr. W. M. Sharp Advisor to Girls-Miss Lucy A. South Special Clerical Wiork-Miss Hazel Altsman Miss Isabel T. Zinn, Chief Clerkg Miss Lois E. Hill, Clenkg Miss Helen M. Brand, Clerkg Mrs. Catherine M. Hoyt, Book Clerk ART . HISTORY MANUAL TRAINING Mr. Joseph C. Fitzpatrick Jennie A. Norton Olivia Koenig Lorna Williams COMMERCIAL M.r. John P. Angelo Miss Miss Mrs. Miss Julia Behane Helen R. Bartrim Helen L. Campbell Elizabeth A. Fleming Mr. Orrel Freed Miss Miss Miss Florence Graham Adelaide Hartman Mathilda G. Johnson Mr. Clay H. Longenecker Miss Katherine S. McCamblay Mr. John B. Melvin Mr. Thomas E. Miller Mr. George B. Snyder ENGLISH Miss Miss Miss Miss Dorothy Albert Florence M. Barkley Olive Bowlin Ruth A. Clauson Mr. John B. Coyne Mists Mrs. Miss Mary A. Evans Clyde C. Ferguson E. Alma Fife Mr. Irvin F. Hoerger "'Mrs. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Elizabeth S. Hfornick Agnes Kerr Frances M. Leech Belle Long Ella Markley Nancy T. Montgomery Diantha W. Riddle Sara D. Stuart Elizabeth Wagenknecht Elizabeth Warnock 'Clara F. Welsh Mr. George K. Young Miss Dorothy Zeigler FOREIGN LANGUAGES Miss Miss Miss Misis Miss Dorothy Bergma Yetta T. Kamler Miss Hester A. Baird Miss Charlotte R. Beachler Mr. Samuel Blitz Miss R-hoda R. Bowler Mr. Alvin G. Faust Miss Ann S. Gaunt Miss Efsther L. Geist Mir. Mer-win L. Himmler Miss Grace Jessop Miss Bertha O. Mitchell Miss Anna M. Quattrocchi Miss Cora C. Ross Miss Leila H. Rupp Mr. Harry C. Soles Miss Rilla B. Tait Miss S. Pearl Wall HOUSEHOLD ECONOMICS Miss Charlotte E. Bailey Miss Rebecca F. Bard Miss Florence Bechtel Miss Grace A. Grossman LIBRARY Mrs. Margaret H. MciMickle Mrs. Marion Swarts MATHEMATICS Mr. Charles W. Bernhard Miss Rosa Blessing Miss Marian Couperthwaite Mr. Charles H. Freeble Mr. George M. Phillips Miss Dorothy E. Pickard Miss Alice L. Phipps Mr. J. L. Spitler Miss Edith M. Starz Dr. Wesley Wagner Mir. H. H. Wilson ' 'i 52 51, ..'5z4g,ii,g!i. Mary C. Brenn l ,jwflilrll Alf " . " if-353 ' Eliz. W. Klingen Anna G. Richey K ni: Mr. C. T. Roller Mrs. Miss Myra C. Simpson Edna R. Todd Mr. A. L. Gautsch Mr. Kenneth H. B. Julian Mr. C. P. Kavanaugh Mr. J. Earl Krotzer Mr. E. A. Liberator MUSIC Mrs. Dorothy Jean Meyer Mr. Robert S. Miller Miss Emma Steiner Miss Laura E. Zeigler PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Oliver Gordon Miss Katharyn Hazlett Mr. Robert W'. Irvin Mr. John H. Irwin Miss Esther M. Long' Miss Margaret Mercer Miss Elizabeth Schaefer Mr. Ernest Slessinger SCIENCE Mr. Lon H. Colburn Miss Elizabeth Donaldson Mr. R. J. Hackett Miss Alva K. Held Mr. Fred E. Holmes Mr. Edgar Hoopes Miss Jane S. Johnston Miss Jane McCandless Miss Elizabeth C. Miller Mr. J. T. Shriner Mrs. Mae XVeber Smith DIETITIAN Miss Lydia Steele SWIMMING IVIATRON Mrs. Clara Bloom CUSTODIAN Mr. Joseph Marks SPEECH Miss Edna K. Bezler SCHOOL DOCTOR Dr. Edmund Boots, M.D. HALL SUPERVISION Mrs. Mabel McConnell Mr. O. C. Truschinger 'iSubstitute for Miss Hartz 7 OLLVIZCJ if EDITORS--IN-CHIEF Ruth Anne Mervis . ......, .. ..,.....A..................,...,...,.... January Class Edward McGehee ,..,.. , .. ..,.. .. Ujune Class FACULTY ADVISOR vw Miss Diantha W. Riddle Associate Editors - January Class jean Bennett Tillamae Hendel Norman Marcus Ellen Bonar Martin Kaiser James Morris Lauretta Cavalier George Lennox Eleanor Rittman Marjorie Clarke jean Lewis William Ruben Kitty Dunn Edward Ludwig Clarence Tyler Morton Heller Arthur Mankin TYPISTS Virginia Burke BUSINESS MANAGERS Hagel Miller January Class ,... Martin Ornitz Elsie Kristan june Class .Howard Goldenson 8 john Acheson Bernard Benkovitz Doris Berg Madeline Brown Virginia Burke Gene Carr Mary jane Covey Raymond Crawford Lillian iDi Lillo Robert Eckhardt Roselle Frishman Howard Groudine Margaret Gunther Associate Eclifors - June Class Shirley Hafner Elmer Hasley Rhoda Hunter john Kailer Bettie Kalish Norman Kanel William King Elsie Kristan Marjorie Levison Shirley Marcus Howard Mattes Peggy McCahill Ruth Mendoza Barbara Miller Hazel Miller Alan Perlis Adam Provan Diana Steinberg Reva Rosenberg Peggy Shombert Allan Solomon Lydia Stern Lucille Thomas Dorothy Tolochko Mary Tunney 9 , A'iilli u ."i' i 1'il'lr"il?7l'1'i5i?5'li7fillll l1'llLti5iiifiIQ..i'i' ll ll l 'lii'ilIlfI'f.Fiiill- ll l ll.,- ' O M115 ' . T Q , I' T I, ' T V T l T . t . T 35.E5s5. ,f. 5 ff--5 , J x -- .5 fusyftf :gf I X, , it ,s - s H., ,f ra -Xie I5 T K ' X 1-1:7 - i T I i ' my X, 1 , I ' A 9 iq V T rf i f ' rl ll ll ll ,'l"lllll' F -il y' qp i- li it ,, it .T yy A 'Tl LY ll ,A f K N Q , , ff X ,i 3 XM 5 f Q 1 'I I ii- Y . 1 1 , Y L J i 1 f, 1 ,ff , s Q :Eff ' 'SLK ,Urs Q I ,lit X fl H TSI ,fyiii K Q 'L Q gli u T T T ,Q ff l - f "A zhousami years sffarce serfue to form zz .mzfeg .471 hom' may lay it in lhe dust." EVOLUTION OF DEMOCRACY HE nncix or democracy developed first in the minds of the oppressed. It meant the equality of burdens and the abolition of privileges in running the race of life. Equality is the foundation of democracy. Wlhen equality is upheld by law. democracy is established: and all rule the state. There have been instances of democratic governing ol communities, large and small, from early historic times down to the present. The peoples of the ancient Greek States were essentially democratic in their political thought. and they strove continually to improve their mode of living. Their small comnnmities, city-states, were intermittently democracies and mon- archies. One detail alone shows them to have been not true democracies in the modern sense-that was the use of slave labor. Democracy became a fact at one time in the long history ol Rome. The Roman contribution to this form of government was the creation of a legislative body of older and wiser men whose experience and counsel must necessarily be valuable in government. This was the Senate. Amlong the people, equality in full did not exist. Political corruption eventually led to dictatorship. lu l-lth century ltaly, the people developed city-states like those of ancient ..,-l...-l.. ,, .,,Y, .,,,s 7,f, ,lo 4, - -Loma BvRoN Greece. This government was much like ours today: there were factions which struggled for control, and this was the beginning of the party system. The l4th century is also known as a part of the Dark Ages. During this age there was no Democracy: the feudal system with its lords and 'serfs contradicted the word equality. These city-states broke the bonds of Medieval authority. The independent-minded Swiss people, free mountaineers, left to them- selves governed their communities democratically. Finally, by the treaty of West- phalia, l648, which ended the Thirty Years NVar, Switzerland became a republic. By the same treaty, the Dutch Republic, which some years before had declared its independence from Spain, was also recognized as a free state. In the 18th century the political philosophy of Rousseau became the basis of democratic theory and it had its influence on many of the political leaders of the American and the French Revolutions. The British colonies in North America declared independence in 1776 from the mother country and founded the United States of America, a Republic, which more fulfils the ideal democratic state than any that went before. It established a republican form of governmient for all people living within its borders. Until slavery was abolished and women's suffrage put into effect, the slaves and al-l women were not recognized as citizens. Following the French Revolution which occurred shortly after the founding of our republic, France also became a Republic. The course of democracy in France has been broken twice by periods of dictatorship, the present French Re- public being called the Third. The Spanish colonies in South and Central America after a st1'uggle for inde- pendence about the time of Napoleonis .downfall in the year 1815 eventually became a number of Federal Republics. Although these states are called republics, many of them are practically dictatorships. Before the outbreak of the French Revolution a wave of liberalism swept Britain, but the bloodshed and excesses which took place in France brought a sober- ing reaction against violence. The British, therefore, accomplished their revolution peaceably by legislation. Britain tis a democratic state with a mlonarch whose power is but .n-orninal. These reforms of the early 19th century extended suffrage to the middle class, but the majority of working men, slaves and all women were excluded. Eventually through political agitation over a long period of years these groups were given the vote and suffrage became universal. In China in 1912 after many centuries of despotic rule, the people under enlightened leadership over- threw -the Manchu monarchy and formed the present Republic of China. It is the largest Republic in the world both in area and in population. Turkey in 1920 became a Republic but the governmental power was soon usurped by a dictator. Poland, another Republic born at this time, suffered the same fate. Today in the world practically all the Democracies are threatened by dictator- ships: and in Europe and Asia the lines of conflict are already drawn. The posi- tion of the United States of America in this ominous eventuality is to prevent the struggle from becoming world wide. 11 cumary Gfass rqcuzizafimz OFFICITRS President .......................,............................ Sidney Mullen Vice President .... ............. .......... l 2 oger jorgenson Secretary-Treasurer .............................. Eleanor Rittman ,J .1 ,fi james Basim Mendel Nevins Gilbert Tobin Dorothy sin Virginia Springer 12 ' Irene A. Andrey Gladys Mae Ayres Lillian A. Barris james A. Basim Dorothy Douglas Beltz Dorothy G. Bennett Mary Jean Bennett Frances Berez Bernard I. Berman Harold Black Lois Blotter Ellen Bonar Theresa E. Bozsan Birdie Helen Braunstein Helen Catherine Brew Florence Arletta Brown Charles Edward Bryan Von Hay Bunting Catherine Ruth Calabrese Lauretta Marie Cavalier U - , . , 1 Margaret Ann Cawley Mary Lee Chapman Sam Civitate Marjorie Kirk Clarke Belle A. Cohen Dorothy B. Cohen john Endsley Collett Charles W. Craig Robert Daniels Margaret Davies ' M77 ' 13 .- Mathilda Deluca Clara Deutsch Irving Dezen Lois Dickson Wesley Dobbs jane Dougherty Genevieve Dragan Kitty Dunn Louis Edwards Eugene Evans Shirley Fromm Charles Furedy Joa Virginia Gillum Irving Goldstein Winifred Graffius Katherine Gross Rose Groudine Dorothy Grove Michael Gula Donald Hall Don Hamilton Fred Hassett Loretta Hayden William Heidish Morton Heller Tillamae Hendel Violet Hipkiss John Horgan Thomas Hutchinson 14 JANUARY CLASS Helen Ichenkro Gerard Ignelzi Charles Jackson Roger Jorgenson Martin Kalser Dorothy Kart Selma Katz Bernard Kelsky Henrietta Lauer john Lebanik George Lennox Theodore Levine jean Lewis Helen Lipchick Rusch Lockhead Edward Ludwig 'Daniel Lynch Sidney Lyttle Arthur Mankin Beatrice Marcus Norman Marcus Morton Markowitz Edward Matthias Catherine McCallum Ruth McConnell Sidney McElroy James McKenna John McKnight Ruth Mervis Edith Meyers Q G3 Helen iller Emily Mitchell Rose Molivar Margaret Molnar Beatrice Morgan James Morris Sidney Mullen Ellen Nanna Harold Nanna james Nelligan Catherine Nemenz Kenneth Nevin Mendal Nevins Eugene Nirdlinger Martin Ornitz Sylvia Pasekoff Milton Pinsky Mary Radvak Sidney Rapport Thomas Reilly Dolores Rhodes Diana Rice Hildegard Richter Ann Ridosh Eleanor Rittman Sam Rosen Ruth Rosenberg William Ruben Victoria Ruggiero LaVerne Ruhe 1 6 JANUARY CLASS I.aVonne Ruhe Joseph Sarcone Bernice Saunders Hilda Seed Libby Seigel Joe Sekely Emma Serke Dorothy Sheenan Maury Sheer Thomas Sherlock Willard Shiner Dorothy Sill Cyril Simon Iva Simpson Joseph Sinwell Howard Skelton Dorothy Smith Robert Smith Hope Solomon Isabel Soltz Leon Spiegel David Spiro Virginia Springer John Sullivan Harriet Swartz Mary Szekeres Alfred Takacs John Takacs Carl Thompson Gilbert Tobin Ii- - 1 Regina Topp Marjorie Tower Ruth Tracht Josephine Tyke Clarence Tyler Adelaine Victorhaus Jean Watts Alice Rose Wilds June Williams Norma Williams Harry Woleslagle Melvin Young Norman Yutkovitz William Zeiler Glenn Zellars mor raguafes Donald Hamilton Tillamae Hendel High Honor William Charles Jackson Martin Kaiser Arthur Mankin Lois Blotter Arletta Brown Mary Chapman Robert Daniels Kitty Dunn Shirley Fromm Virginia Gillum Rose Groudine Fred Hassett Honor Ruth Anne Mervis Robert Smith Clarence Tyler William Zeiler Jean Lewis Norman Marcus James Morris Martin Ornitz Sylvia Pasekoff Eleanor Rittman Iva Simpson Norma Williams 18 Zeta Lois Blotter Ellen Bonar Arletta Brown Marjorie Clarke Fred Hassett Tillamae Hendel Jean Lewis Rusch Lockhead Sidney Mullen Martin Ornitz Eleanor Rittman Robert Smith Marjorie Tower Ruth Tracht Glenn Zellars JANUARY CLASS PLAY Alda ....... Duke .,....... Stephanie ........ Princess .............. Baron Cesarea ..... Rhoda .,........,...... Carrado ....... Eric ........... Grazia ................... Prince Sirki .......... Major Whitread ....... Cora .... . .....,......... . Fedele ............. ..., . .. Setting: The Castle will fakes G? Slfoficyay Production directed by Miss Muriel Rugh DECEMBER 13 AND 14 IN THE SCHOOL AUDITORIUM C AST of Duke Lambert in Italy ...............Belle Cohen ..............Gerard Ignelzi .......Adelaine Victorhaus .........Bernice Saunders ........Morton Heller .........Lillian Barris ..........,............,.....Kenneth Nevin .......,......................Norman Marcus Tillamae Hendel, Lois Blotter Dezen ..........................Roger jorgenson .........Helen Lipchick .,......James McKenna Time: Modern PRODUCTION STAFF Property Committee. ...... ................ R uth Rosenberg, Diana Rice, Beatrice Morgan, Marjorie Clarke, Clara Deutsch Wardrobe Committee ...........,..,.. ......... D orothy Beltz, Lois Dickson, Lois Blotter. Kitty Dunn, Dorothy Grove General Production Committee ...,... ...... S hirley Fromm, Violet Hipkiss, Arthur Mankin, LaVonne Ruhe. Cyril Simon, joseph Sinwell Orchestra ............... .,.....,..........................,.............,.............. M iss Laura Zeigler Scenery Design ......,.. ....... M iss Marie Dollard, Robert Smith, Melvin Carney, Ellen Bonar, Harvey Rosenberg Make-up ...................................................................................,..,..........,...,.. Miss Dorothy Zeigler and Boys' Make-up Club-Frank Sklar. Milton Levine, Bryan O'Conn.or, Morton Schein, William Myers, Ferry Simon, John Mitchell, Jerry Miller Scenery Building ......................,.... .... . ........................................................................ M r. Gautsch Activities Director ...........................................,.................................,...........,.............. Mr. Koruna Stage Crew ........ Mr. Gautsch, Mike Gula, Harry Garge, Hill Heidish, Anthony Di Paolo 20 ' .Qeaflz fakes Gil Slfoficpay l2lGl-ITEENU-I COMMENCEMENT -lroesclatj, Janoavq 51, IQZJO E g3I"0qY'6ll7Z ljrocessional March from ".fXthalia" ......4...,.A......,...,,.A..,...,....,.........,..., A............... ...., i l f0ll!I1CI5S01lll Orchestra - Laura li. Zeigler, Conductor lnvocation ...4 ,... A..... . ., ..,.............. , ,..... Rev. Robert NY. Gihson, D.D. Overture-"Don juan" ....,..,........., ,...r.. . ., Mosari Orchestra Aclclress-"High School lfclncation as a l,1'C1JZ1l'21IlU11 for Making a Livingl' Ruth Anne Mervis The Vesper Hymn ...... , r,...............r.., ,. . .,..., ........ ..,r..,.., , , Ludwig won lirfrfllofxmz Quartet - Margaret Ann Cawley, Margaret Davies, Ruth R. Rosenberg, Sherelcy Lewis Atlclress-"Higl1 School liclncation as a l'reparation for Living" ...,., Lois Blotter Gypsy Airs ....... ...,...,,,. ,..i. ,...... ,.....,..... , ...,.......r.i..................,...,.i,,.,, ....,.. - 9 II 1' 0 sa-ff? Violinist, Doris jean Lewis Orchestra Accompaniment Class Gift Minuet L,Al'l6SlL'lll16 Suite .........,..,....,,...... ...,l.....,...,........ .... P i .CICIL Sylvia Pasekoff - Harpist Orchestra Accompaniment Aclclress .... ...., ...,..,.......,...,.....,...,.......,..... ..,, , . . . .. .... ,,... B Ir. H. L. Cleland Director of Guidance, Pittsburgh Puhlic Schools Presentation of Diplomas Recessional f '22 Stories are no! mode, hor palchezlg they grow: Grow slow through centuries of pain, Am! grow correctly in the mczlhg Bu! only grow hy cerlalh laws, Of ferlairz hits in vermin jaws." +JOIIN IVIASFFIELD Z 7 ' "W 'W k' 'F' ""' "W 23 1728 00172 66LC!L6I'5 Clie The l1lC1HbC1'S of the Jilllllilff' '39 Class g1':1tvf11l1x :xpprcciutc thc kind scrviccs. the helpful advice. am ilu- WQH-rllrcctccl QIIHIZIIICC of their fivc home mm tczlchcrs. "HU Miss IIIQLIQN IZARTRIM Miss Rosfx BLIQSSING Miss RILLA B. TAIT Mn. CLAY H. T.ONGENEC'KER MR. C. T. ROLLER 'zvixv -who mn fIlSf7'IlI'f us and assist us in the Zmxixzess of daily . . . ,, z'zfrlu0u s living. , 24 , A .YYW . Y 00172 159 Teacher - Mr. Longenecker Officers President .. ,.., ...,..,... C harles Jacks-on Vice President .. .... Pasquale Lombardi Secretary . ,.,,.. ,. ,......,.,.., Joseph Sinwell Student Council. ............,.. Charles Craig Activity Representative.. james Basim Foreword Rep. .. , .. . ...,,. Dorothy Grove Gladys Ayres G reets you with a smile, A ims to please. Hall Patrol. jimmy Basim jimmy hopes to have a career As a famous engineer. Social Representative, Activity Representative, Physics Club. Harold Black I-I andsome and tall- B asketball and football star. Hall Patrol, Voting Judge, Sigma Iota, Boys' Leaders, Football '36, '37 '38, Basketball '36, '37, '38, Baseball '38, Junior Basketball '35, Mary Lee Chapman Quiet, reserved, and dignified, In Mary all the girls confide. Voice C: Voice B, Volleyball '36, Hockey '37. Charles Craig Room l59 is with you, Chuck, We wish you the very best of luck. Senior Student Council, Green Key, Cross Country '36, '37, Matilda Lucille DeLuca "Silence is golden" is a motto quite true, And Tillie, this holds good for you. Entered '37, Drivers' Club. Katherine L. Dunn Kitty is our prominent athlete, In future Olympics she may compete. Journal Staff, President Senior Leaders, Crafts Clubg Volleyball '35, '36 '37, '38, Soccer '35, '36, Mushball '35, '36, '38, Tennis '35, '36, Hockey '37 '38, Basketball '38, Dramatic Class. Louis Alfred Owen Edwards Quiet, persevering, friendly, Lou Will succeed in everything he'll do. Gymnastics '36, Pennianship Club, Y 25 " Irving Goldstein I s industrious G ood friend to have. A Band, Vice President. Dorothy Grove Little of stature, Curly of hair, That's our Dot whose type is rare. Foreword Representativcg Penmanship Clubg Hall Patrol, Group B3 lglas- ketball '37, '38, Volleyball '37, Hockey '37, '38, Mushball '37, Dramatic Class. Don Hamilton The quiet type, good student toog Real success, Don, should come to you. Foreword Staff, Hi-Y, junior Art, Special Art, Literary Club. Violet Mae Hipkiss V ery charming, H as high ambitions. General Production Committee. Thomas E. Hutchinson "Hutch" is a .fellow for the ages, Quiet as a Sphinx, wise as the sages. Perfect Attendance Certificate. Helen Ichenko A quiet girl, very clever. May we never Her friendship sever. Hall Patrol, Volleyball '37, Mushball '38, Business Service Guild. W. Charles Jackson Charles is a high honor grad, Success is bound to find this lad. President of Home Room. Theodore Levine Ted and his sax are seldom apart, No doubt it will 'be his life long art. Secretary, Operettag Voice Ag Band Ag Male Chorus, Soccer '35, Pasquale Manfred Lombardi Happy-go-lucky-what more can we say? We hope you will always stay that way. Vice President of Home Room: Rifle Club, Cross Country '36, '37, '3Sg Track '37, '38 Edward Ludwig "Ted" is much like other boys, He likes the girl whom he annoys. Hi-Y: Soccer '35, Football '36, '37, '38, Journal Staff. '26 Arthur Mankin Arthur is our master mind, A high place in this world he'll find. Journal Staff, General Production Committee, Chess Club, Microscope Club, German Club, Band B, Radio Play. Emily Mitchell I hope that all can always be As happy as our Emily. Sigma Iota, Penmanship. Catherine Marie MQcCa1lum "Kitty" loves to swing and sway, VVe hope her life will always be gay. Volleyball '37, Basketball '38, Hall Patrol. Ruth Lucille McConnell Her teachers surely will agree, Not many girls are as sweet as she. Volleyball '37, Basketball '38, Ellen Nanna Ellen is always bright and gay, She has plenty of pep every day. Student Council Representative, Biology Club, Basketball. Diana Rice Dark-eyed and lovely is this lass, Who adds to the brightness of our class. Driving Club, Basketball '35, Tennis '35, '37, Soccer '35, Volleyball '36, '37, Joseph P. Sinwell Joe is just the type ifor me, Happy-go-lucky and carefree. Secretary of Home Room, Activity Representative, Biology Club, Rifle Club, Class Play, Track Team '36, '37, '38, Cross Country '36, '37, '38, Volleyball '36, Cheer Leader. Ellen Hope Solomon I hope that Hope will always be As hopeful as she seems to ine. German Club, Hall Patrol. Norma Betty Williams Studious "Blue Eyes" is her name, To become a nurse is her only aim, Entered from Arnold '38, Hall Patrol, Penmanship Club. 27 00172 2 70 Teacher - Mr. Roller Officers President ,. .......,.., , Rusch Lockliead Vice President ,... .........., Jean Lewis Secretary . ..,... ...... , .,,........, E llen Bonar Student Council .. Bernard Kelsky Activvity Rep. ,...... .. Tillamae Hendel Foreword Reporter ,. Virginia Gillum Ellen Bonar VVhile she was here she did her part, Always clever in her art. junior Staffg National Honor Societyg A. A. A.g Art Clubg Scenery Com- mitteeg Mushball '35g Volleyball ,353 Swimming '36g Soccer '36, '37: Hockey '37, '3Sg Basketball ,37, '38 Catherine Ruth Calabrese Thoughts of "Cassey', with us will stay When we are tottery, old, and gray. Sigma Iotag Voice B. Robert Daniels His friendship We will always prizeg One of our really swell guys. Hall Patrolg Leaders Clubg Intramural Basketballg Intramural Mushball. Irving G. Dezen A dramatic success he will surely beg We all reniemlber him as Prince Sirki. Class Playg Student Councilg Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Badminton Clubg Soccer '35. Genevieve Dragan Her winning ways and stature tall, Her pleasing manner wins us all. Basketball '38, Virginia Ruth Gillum "Ginny" is gaiety, pep, and fun, Popularity rolled up in one. Foreword Reporterg Dramatic Clubg Shakespearean Clubg Voice Ag Tennis '36g Soccer '34. Winifred Graffius Wini, lively and full of tricks, Wishes to become an aviatrix. Physics Club. 28 7 ' ' William Heidish Very quiet in his way, But he 'will be on top some day. Stage Crew '3S: Football QThird Teamj '38, Tillamae Hendel Knowing the answers has brought her fame: In our class she has made her name. Journal Staff: National Honor Society: Activities Representative: Student Council: Hall Patrol : Library: Class Play: Le Cercle Francais: Sigma Iota: Shakespearean Club: Dramatic Club: Group A: Girls' Chorale: All-City Chorus '37. john F. R. Horgan Light-hearted John is full of vim, For nothing ever bothers him. Driving Club: Band B: Cheer Leader '37, '38 Gerard Ignelzi This witty fellow with his constant clowning Makes 2-7-0 no place for frowning. Class Play: Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol: Badminton Club: French Club: Cross Country. Roger Jorgenson Athletics is our Roger's line, And in them he will ever shine. Class Play: Senior Class Vice President: Green Key: Hi-Y: Hall Patrol: Junior Basketball '35: Senior Basketball '36. '37, '38: City Basketball Champions '38: Section Basketball Champions '38: Basketball Team '38, Dorothy Kart Dancing eyes and brilliant hair Give to Dot her charming air. Junior Chorus: Needlework Club: Mnshball: Volleyball. Bernard A. Kelsky He has that charm you can't evade. Depend on "Bunny" to make the grade. Student Council: Lunch Patrol: Hall Patrol: Foreword Reporter: Intra- mural Basketball '35: Intramural Mushball '35: Soccer '36, jean Lewis ' .lean is 'both studious and gay, And the violin she surely can play. Journal Staiff: National Honor Society: Biology Club: Microscope Club: Group A: Girls' Chorale: Orchestra A: String Quartet: Piano Trio: String Sextet: All-City Orchestra '36, '37, '33, Shereley Lewis Shereley Lewis is always quite willing: To add to that her voice is quite thrilling. Book Room: Group A5 Girls' Chorale. Helen Lipchick She's not very tall, she's not very short, But all in all, she's a mighty good sport. Class Play: Hall Patrol: Dramatic Club: Voice A: Volleyball '36, '37, '3S: Mushball '36, '38, 29 E. Rusch Lockheaid A quiet boy, very clever. His friendship -we will never sever. President of Home Roomg A. A, A.g Hi-YQ Green licyg National llonor Society. Norman M. Marcus At managing things he's right at the top. May his future success never come to a stop. journal Staffg Class Playg Microscope Club: Cierinan Club: Orchestra .Xi .Band A3 Intramural Basketball '36. Morton Markowitz Morton is a new boy in our crowd. To have him we are truly proud. Entered '38, Sidney McElroy Never rush, never hurry, Never even seems to worry. Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrol. Margaret Molnar A quiet girl with little to say. She does her work from day to day. Basketball T58. Beatrice Morgan "Sophisticated l.,acly" suits our Dollie, Slender, willowy-but she's quite jolly. Jewelry Clubg Class Plays-Property Committee: Basketball 'SSZ Mush- ball '37. James M. M-orris In his studies-Jim's the top. A sure success-not a flop. journal Staffg Hi-Y. Sylvia V. Pasekoff "Silly', wishes a harpist to beg Her success we surely can guarantee. Hall Patrolg Vice President of Sigma Iota: Harpist. Orchestra: Basket- ball '36. Thomas C. Reilly This handsome fe-llow is hard to describe, But to make his acquaintance we prescribe. Hall Patrol. Ann Ridosh Charming and cheerful, lovely to see. Successful and amiable she'll always be. Hall Patrol: Basketball '38 Wilda LaVonne Ruhe Friends LaVonne is sure to win. This genial, laughter-loving twin. Class Play Production Committeeg Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrolg Volleyball '37g Basketball '38 30 Dorothy J. Sill VVith words so soft and voice so sweet, Here's the type we like to meet. Social Representative: Hall Patrol: Student Council Representative. Iva Simpson Full of joy and full of fun, Iva's liked by everyone. Foreword Representative: Biology Club: Crafts Club: Swimming '35. Robert Smith "Robo" is this lad's nickname, By his drawing l1e's won fame. Stage Crew: Hi-Y: Senior Art Club: National Honor Society. David Spiro In chess. our David is a whiz, Champion of Allderdiee, surely he is. Lunch Patrol: Chess Club: Microscope Club: Driving Club: Chess Team '36, john L. Sullivan Full of joy and full of fun, Always liked by everyone. Hall Patrol. Regina Topp This little girl is hard to describe: But to make her acquaintance, we prescribe. Psychology Club. Clarence Tyler If it's a call for a candid-camera shot. Clarence is there always on the spot. journal Staff: Photography Club: German Club. Adelaine Victorhauis She is a credit to our class. This witty, active, talkative lass. Class Play: Hobby Club: Needlework Club: Photography Club: Mathe- matics Club: Jewelry Club: junior Life Saving: Soccer '36: Basketball 135, '36: Volleyball '35, '36, Andrew Yalch Every morning at 8:44, Andy comes rushing through the door. Norman Yutkovitz His sense off humor is sublime, He keeps us laughing all the time. Hall Patrol: Leaders Club: Band Ag City Championship Tennis '37 '38 31 00172 Teacher - Miss Tait Officers l'resident . .. ...,... . .,., .... B lartin Ornitz Vice President ,.,, ......,,.....,...... George Lennox Secretary-Treasurer ..., ......,, . , Lois Blotter Student Council, .....,......... ....... , Sidney Mullen Activity Representative , ,... Eleanor Rittman Irene A. Andrey Irene is a quiet sort. But also quite athletic: For when a inushball comes her way She never fails to get it. Business Service Guild: Basketball '38: H-ockey '37: Volleyball '35, 36. '37: Mushball 236, 237. Lillian A. Barris l.illian's little and hard to sec. But brings with her a smile That in its flirting coquetry Man's heart doth oft beguile. Class Play: Hall Patrol: jewelry Club: Physics Club: French Club: Shakespeare Club: Soccer ,365 Tennis '35. Dorothy G. Bennett Dorothyis the girl with all the pep: Shels always got a smile: If you want a little fun Just be with Dot a while. Bowling Club: Yolleyball '36, '37, 38: Mushball '36, '37: Soccer '37. Frances Berez A quiet girl who, we say, Is faithful, honest, true. The task assigned to her each day She tries quite hard to do. Typing Club. Lois Blotter This is a young maiden most bright, A shining intellectual light: She also is pretty, And often quite witty. Succeed? There is no question of might. Student Council: National Honor Society: Class Play: Secretary-Treasurer of Home Room: Senior Leaders: President of Hiking Club: Life Saving Club: Chemistry Assistants Club: Basketball l36, '39, '39: Volleyball ,381 Tennis '37, ' 32 F. Arletta Brown Miss Brown is ffriendly as can be, She's sweeter than any candy, When her help is sought by us, We find her al-Ways handy. Business Service Guild, National Honor Society, Bulletin Staff, Book Room, Girl Reserves. Lauretta M. Cavalier Lauretta's an artist at heart, Though in other things she plays her part, At the game of mushball, VVhich she likes best of all, She, too, has the points of a star. Journal Staff, Special Art Club, Mushball '35, '36, '37, Volleyball '35, '36, '37. Marjorie K. Clarke There was a young lady named Clarke, In athletics she made her mark, And other things, too, She is able to do, In any class she's a spark. Journal Staff, National Honor Society, Hiking Club, Senior Leaders! Basketball '36, '37, '38, Hockey '37, Soccer '35, '36, Volleyball '35, '36, '37, Swimming '35, '36, '37, Mush-ball '36, '37, Belle Cohen There is a young lady named Belle, At acting she shows up right well. She's very ex-otic, And seldom chaotic, And everyone thinks she is swell. Class Play, Jewelry Club, Hall Patrol: French Club, Shakespeare Club Soccer '36, Basketball '35, '36, Tennis '36, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, '37, Dorothy Cohen Ch, popular Dorothy Cohen, The fellows won't leave you alone, For wherever you go They bother you so That you can't call a moment your own. jewelry Club, Volleyball '37, '38. Margaret A. Davies VVhen it comes to singing Margaret is supreme, But when it comes to studies, Margaret, too, is keen. Student Council, Girls' Chorale, Voice A, Basketball '36, Volleyball '36 Science Club. Shirley L. Fromm Come along and give a cheer To this cheerful maiden here, She's lots of pep, she's always gay- Shirley has a winning way. Volleyball '36. 33' George Lennox George is one of the best- This isn't a bit of a jest: His clothes are so neat, And his manners so sweet, He takes his place well with the rest. President of Home Room lZBg Vice President of Home Room l2A: Stu- dent Councilg Journal Staff: Social Representative: Green Key: Cheer Leader. Sidney J. Lyttle There is a young fellow named Sid VVho always does what he is bid: He likes engineering In it domineering And Sid is a mighty nice kid. Physics Club: Intramural Mushball '38, John McKnight Jack and his car Make quite a pair: But Jack alone Is lots more than fair. Hall Patrol. Ruth Anne Mervis A talented girl is this, An exceedingly versatile miss: In studies she's 'bright And in sports a real light: XVe're sure that success she'll not miss. Foreword Staff: Journal Staff: Senior Leader: Soccer '36: Basketball '35, '36, '37: Volleyball '34, '35, '36, '37: Tennis '36, Ruth Meyers There was a young maiden bright, The exceedingly witty type: Her comic remarks Act just like sparks, For she always says something that's right. Mushball '36: Volleyball '36. i Sidney Mullen Oh! Sid is the king of them all, He makes all the others look small: He's so full of vim: W'e're sure he will win, For in nothing does he ever stall. Senior Class President: National Honor Society: Student Council: Short NVave Club: Photography Club: Biology Club: Merit Parade. Harold Nanna Harold's quite ready to add or share In any jest or joke: His countenance and witty ways Much laughter do provoke. W' N' 34 Martin N. Ornitz Martin is a camera fiend. In chemistry a whizz, To be a metallurgist His ambition is. Foreword Staff, National Honor Society, Journal Staff, President of Home Room, Vice President, Orchestra A, Photography Club, Short VVave Club, Microscope Club. Milton Phillip Pinsky To be a great composer ls Milton's only aim, And we are sure that he'll succeed And gain himself a name. Sidney Rapport Here is a fellow who plays in the band, To all he'll lend a helping hand, He has a cheery smile, he's ifull of fun All types of fame by him will be won. Thomas Reilly Tom likes Charley McCarthy, Tom admires Admiral Byrd, But when it comes to talking, Tom never says a word. Dolores Rhodes Dolores measures five feet two, But in that little size. There is a vim and pep and joy That you must realize. Senior Leader, Crafts Club, Volleyball '35, '36. '37, Mushball '36, '37, Swimming '35, '36, '37, Hockey '37, Soccer '35, '36. Hildegard H. Richter Come fill up a bumper of lemonade And drink with us now to the health of a maid VVho is jolly and clean and nice to see And works for us all like the famed busy bee. Business Service Guild, Bulletin Staff, Volleyball '35, '36, '37, '38, Hockey '38, Mushball '37, Eleanor Rittnman Ritty is one girl we really admire, In drawing, she does have the true artist's fire, Happy and gay, almost every day, Here's a girl whose talents many desire. Journal Staff, National Honor Society, Senior Class Secretary, Senior Leader, Crafts Club, Art, Volleyball '35, '36, '37, '38, Basketball '35, '36. '37, '38, Soccer '35, '36, Hockey '37, '38, Mushball '36, '37, Tennis '36, '37, Ruth R. Rosenberg Rudy or "Railroad" Qas by friends she is calledj VVould like, a gym teacher, to be, VVith hazel eyes and hair ovf 'brown She's a very nice sight to see. Girls' Chorale, Group A Chorus, Volleyball '35, '36, '37, '38, Basketball '35, '36, '37, '38, Soccer '35, '36, Hockey '37, '38, Mushball '36. '37, 35' Bernice Saunders Always laughing, singing and gay, We find this to 'be Bernice's way, And when she comes into the room, She's sure to drive out all the gloom. Class Play, Mushball '35, '363 Soccer '35, '36g Hockey '37g Basketball '36. '37g Volleyball '35, '36, '37. Libby Seigel This lady smiles when skies are gray, And laughs at stormy weather, Drives worry and the dreary day To some far place together. Business Service Guildg Volleyball '37, Thomas Sherlock A good-looking boy is he, An artist he'll always lbeg A helping hand he'll give to you In anything you want to do. Willard Shiner Happy-go-lucky and shy is he, An all-around fellow indeed. A merchandiser, Will would be, And at this he is sure to succeed. Intramural Mushball '37. Cyril Simon This jolly young fellow's called "Jake" His acquaintance is not hard to make, He's a top of a lad Although sometimes bad For to school he often comes late. Baseball '37, '3Sg Swimming '38g Brothers of the Skillet: Lunch Patrolg Library Club. Harriet R. Swartz Sweet and fair, Good and kind. For someone nice Keep Harriet in mind. Gilbert Tobin Gilbert hates to do his work. But you'll never see him shirk. He's always there, with a pun. Good old Gilbert, he's lots of fun. Social Committeeg Activity Representativeg Stage Crew. Ruth Raissa Tiracht "Rufus" is a mischievous lass, Has quite a humor, toog In journalism she'll make her markg She'll be a success-that's true. Qrchestra Cg Band B3 National Honor Society: Library Clubg Mathematics Clubg Debate Clubg Crafts Club: Basketball '35, '36g Volleyball '35g Soccer '36: Mushball '37, 36 00112 360 Teacher - Miss Bartrim Officers President ......,,...,...,....,,.., Lois Dickson Vice President.. ....,,, Harry Woleslagle Secretary ....... ,.......,,.. Marjorie Tower Student Council ........,..,.. William Ruben Activity Rep. .......,....,.. ,, jane Dougherty Foreword Reporter ......,.. Dorothy Beltz Dorothy Douglas Belftz Fresh as a flower, red as a rose, Dorothy's a dancer, who's light on her toes. Foreword Reporterg Xldardrobe Committee of Class Playg Riiile Club: Hockey '37, '38: Mushball '38g Volleyball ,385 Basketball '38, Lunch Patrol: Student Council. Bernard Berman Blond and handsomle, with a six-foot span, Bernie likes to dance, especially with Ann. Student Councilg Hall Patrolg Soccer '35, Lunch Monitor. Theresa Bozsan t Tess is shy, Tess is gay, Always has something nice to say. Business Service Guild, Tennis '36g Volleyball l37g Mushball '37g Hockey '38, Basketball '38, Sam Civitate Sam, although small in size, Is like great men-very wise. Vice President of Home Roomg Hall Patrol, Triangle Squad, Lunch Patrol. John E. Collett Tall and lanky, without a care, The girls all go for jack's1wavy red hair. Track Team '37. Lois May Dickson Although our charming President is small, The whole class is at her 'beck and call. Marionette Club, Volleyball '36, '37, Basketball '38, Foreword Reporter, Activities Rep., Wlardrobe Comimittee of Class Playg H-ome Room President. jane Dougherty To know her and see her smile, Is something we all deem worthwhile. Hall Patrolg Activities Representative, Yolleyball '36. Joanne Alice France Joanne is a girl we all adore, Pretty, witty, but never a bore. Volleyball '36, Social Representative, Soccer l36g Art Cluibg Tennis ,365 English Club. 37 1 I Kathryn Edythe Gross Tall and dark is our friend Kay, At classes serious, at parties gay. Sigma Iota. Rose L. Groudine Quiet and plain is our friend Rose, Always a smile wherever she goes. Business Service Guild, Bulletin, Lunch Monitor. Donald Hall Neat fellow to have around, Few like him can 'be found. Band A, Lunch Patrol. Loretta Belle Hayden Blonde and shapely is our Miss Hayden, With charm and wit she is fully laden. Class President, Volleyball '36, Knitting Club. Martin Howard Kalser A brilliant boy is he, So a successful doctor 'will be. Journal Staff, Home Room Treasurer, Debate Club. john Lebanik A happy-go-lucky boy is John, Gay and cheerful at noon or at dawn. Foreword Reporter. Daniel Lynch Shy and serious. he will shine, VVith his playing on the football line. Soccer '34, Swimming 335, Football '38 Varsity, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol. Beatrice Marcus "Petty," 'because of her loving traits. VVith boys and girls alike she rates. Hall Patrol, Le Cercle Francais, Student Director of Class Play, Sigma Iota. James Nelligan Shy and serious, but full of fun, Never stops 'til his work is done. Foreword Reporter, Cross Country ,36, Lunch Patrol. Catherine W. Nemenz In hockey "Kitty,' does excel, She rates tops, 'cause shels so swell. Volleyball 335, '38, Mushball '35, ,383 Hockey '37, ,383 Swimming '36, Tennis '36, Red Crossg Business Service Guild, Basketball '38, Mendal Nevins Gay and laughing, he has no foes, 'For he's o'bliging wherever he goes. Book Room, Badminton Club, Social Chairman, lVlushball '36, Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol. 38 Eugene Nirdlinger Easy going with a cheerful air, "Jeep" is handsome and debonair. Hi-Y Club, Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol. Mary Radvak When Mary's in the room, All's cheerful, there's no gloom. Volleyball '35, '38, Mushball '35, '38, Hockey '37, '38, Tennis '36, Basket ball '38, Red Cross. William Ruben Billy is a joyful lad, Happy, gay, and always glad. journal Staff, Student Council, Sigma Iota, French Club, Hall Patrol Lunch Patrol. Victoria Ruggiero Quiet, shy, cheerful and sweet, For many things "Vicky" can't be beat. Volleyball '36, Hockey '37, Mushball '36. Wiilma LaVerne Ruhe VVith charming wit and pleasant smiile, Wilma makes school quite worthwhile. Volleyball '36, '37, Orchestra C, B, Hall Patrol, Basketball '38, Emma Serke This beautiful 'blonde with eyes of blue, Besides her studies, she likes sports too. Business Service Guild, Volleyball '37, Swimming '36, '37, Hockey '36, '38 Tennis '36, '37, Mushball '37, Basketball '38. Dorothy Sheehan Dark and happy and pleasant too, Skating is what Dot likes best to do. Business Service Guild. Maury S. Sheer Maury is one of the grandest guys, To great heights he is sure to rise. Track Team '36, Hall Patrol, Cross Country '36. Howard Skelton Full of joy, full of fun, Always liked by everyone. Student Council, Riifle Club, Lunch Patrol. Isabel Soltz Clever, friendly, cheerful and sweet, That -describes this maid petiite. Business Service Guild, Hockey '37, Basketball '35, '36, '37, '38, Mush ball '36. Marjorie Eileen Tower Quiet and shy, she's tops in our class, She's good in musiic, and a very fine lass. Orchestra A, Microscope Club, Craft Club, Secretary of Home Room Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, National Honor Society. 39 Josephine Helen Tyke The most pleasant miss you've ever seen, ls our tall, dark haired Josephine. Volleyball '36, '37g Hockey '37g Mushball '365 Orchestra Ag Band A. Alice Rosie Wilds Always gay, always neat, Always studious, always sweet. Knitting Club: Hall Patrol. Harry Wolelslagle On the field he is fierce, in the room he is mellowg He is our Vice President, a most popular fellow. Vice President of Home Roonig Football '37, 138 Varsity: llaseball ,SS Student Couneilg Lunch Patrol. William Zeiler Bill is both serious and gay, The piano he can surely play. Photography Club. BETWEEN THE BOOK COVERS Old Faslzioned Girl-Catherine Nemenz VLIIIFII If1lIigl1ll100'd Was in Flower-Morton Heller Youtlfs Captain-Harry Wole'slagle Don fizalz-Williarlii Ruben Our Mutual Fricna'-Mr. Sharp Men of Iron-Hal Black, Carl Thompson, lidward Ludwig Lively Girl-Adelaine Victorhaus Charge of the Light llrigarlc-lfi1'st Lunch Period Gone Wiilz the VVz'mlf-Menclel Nevins Little 1470711871-L0lS Dickson and Lillian Barris Story of a Had Hoy-Sam Civitate Rm' Rust-Dorothy Beltz Perennial Bachelor--Martin Kalser Ladies of the Press-Jean Bennett and Eleanor Rittman S 0 Big-Leon Spiegel Three llfIltSlF0fFF7'5-Rllfll Anne Mervis, Ruth Tracht and Ruth Rosenberg pV0l'Id01"f1ll Year-Senior Year Seventeen-Loretta Hayden Buriezl Alive-Homework from English VIH Don Quixote-Maury Sheer Lumsberjack-VVillard Shiner 40 00171, Teacher - Miss Blessing Officers President ..,. ,..,....,,...,...,. J une VViflliams Vice President .. ., .,..,,...,, Carl Thompson Secretary ....., .,,,..,.................. H elen Brew Student Council ..,,,.......,... Morton Heller Activity Representativejune VVilliams Foreword Representative Helen Miller jean Bennett A uniform of blue for a nurse so new, A uniform of white and she will have reached her height. Foreword Staff, journal Stafsf. Birdie Braunstein From all the professions, nothing would 'be finer For Bertie to be than a dress designer. Hall Patrol. Helen Brew Sis will dance her way to fame, As teaching dancing is her aim. Rifle Club, Driving Clubg Hockey '37, ,38g Basketball '38g Volleyball '38 Secretary-Treasurer of Home Roomg Lunch Patrol. Charles Bryan When we put Chuckie on the spot, He said, "My heart belongs to Dot." Von Bunting Active member of the renowned Green Key, Shows plenty of vigor and vitality. Green Key, Track '38 Margaret Cawley Her voice is one of the very best, VVith her 464 was glad to be tblest. Girls' Chorale: Group Ag Volleyball y35, '36, ,37, '3Sg Swimming ,36, '37 Mushball '38, Basketball '38, Hockey '39. Clara Deutsch In her own quiet, pleasant way, She'll win your friendship from day to day. Rifle Clubg Basketball '34g Dramatics. Wesley Dobbs His nickname is "Speed," this we confess, Thus he can't but be a success. 41 Charles Furedy "To travel all over the world," says Huck, "Is my ambition." So we'll wish him luck. Michael Gula Une off the many things Mike can do, Is to be a member of any stage crew. Stage Crew. Fred Hassett An engineer Fritz will be, And after his name many a degree, Because this is his destiny. Microscope Club, National Honor Society, Physics Club, German Club, Lunch Patrol. Morton J. Heller Student Activities are his line, And in this field he surely does fine. Student Council, Senior Class Play, Journal Staff, Intramural Mnshiball '38 g Physics Club. Selma Katz Always studious, friendly, and shy, VVe feel sure that she'll get by. Sewing Club, French Club, Penmanship Club, Psychology Club, Drivin Club. Edward Matthias With his hobby we dare not trifle, Because his play toy is a rifle. James L. McKenna At the ibottom of the ladder, Jimmy will never linger, He will climb to great heights, For he wants to 'be a singer. Dramatic Club, Group B, Group A, Male Chorus, Class Play. Helen Miller Here's our happy-go-lucky gal, Who never fails to be our pal. Tennis '36, '37, Soccer '35, '36, Hockey '37, '38, Mushball '38 Rose Moliver According to Rose nothing would be 'finer Than to attend college and be a designer. Science Club, Hall Patrol, At-Your-Service Club, Basketball '38, Base- ball '36. Kenneth Nevin Kenny, who is quite new to our town, Will become an actor of great renown. Senior Class Play, Radio Play, Tennis Team '36, '37, Track Team '37. '42 Sigma Iota, Foreword Reporter, Senior Leaders: Basketball: Volleyball, Sam Rosen If you look behind an ice cream mountain, Yiou'll find little Sammy behind the fountain. Gym Team '35, '36, '37, '38, Microscope Club. Joseph N. Sarcone Via the Navy, the world he'll see, And someday a Captain he may be. Hilda Seed Hilda, better known as Vicky, NVears cute clothes in a style that's tricky. joseph Sekely An open road, A high-powered car, Cn the highways oi success He's bound to go far. Dorothy jane Smith Her laughing eyes and sparkling smile, just to see are quite worthwhile. Swimmling, Band A, Hockey, Basketball. Leon Spiegel Five foot three, A giant he would like to be. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol. Virginia Springer Likes "golf and Isaly's and Omega Chi girls", Says Virgie, the girl with blue eyes and red curls. Hall Patrol, Social Representative. Marie Szekeres A magnificent, magnanimous maid is Marie, Long will she reign in our memory. Alfred Takacs Al, who has a flair for danger, VVould like to be a forest ranger. John Takacs John's voice rarely disturbs the atmosphere, But when it does, it's something you should hear. Carl Thompson-Senior Class Vice President Carl Thompson, our football charmer, Would like to be a down-to-earth farmer. Football '36, '37, '38, Volleyball '37, Baseball '38, Green Key Jeanne Watts To make some man an ideal wife, Is Jeanne's ambition ifor her life. Rifle Club, Driving Club, Hall Patrol, Volleyball '38, " 43 june N. Williams Friend, artist, musician, swimmer, ln any "event" june's a winner. Activity Representativeg Rifle Clubg Volleyball Team '36, '37g Hockey Captain '37g Swimming Captain '36, ,375 Mushball '3S. Melvin G. Young Mepsie's one greatest desire ls to set the style for Esquire. Bandg Hall Patrol: Track Team '36g 'Intramural lVlusl1lmall ,36. Glenn Zellars A chemist great he'cl like to be, Goes for music by Count Basie. Track Team '37, '38g National Honor Society. She'd be perfect if she had: Dolly Morgan's face. Tillamae Henclel's eyes. Ellen Bonar's hair. Ginny Gillunfs legs. lva Simpsonls figure. Shereley Lewis's voice. Ruth Meyer's personality. Lill Barris's sense of humor. He'd be perfect if he had: Mort He'ller's poise. Sam R-osen's friendliness. Irv Dezenls looks. Dave Spir0's sense of humor. james Morris' outlook on life. Eugene Evans' musical sense. Hal Black's basketball team-work. Irv Goldstein's restraint. Then l1e'd get into Heaven. 44 f "Flare gofvernmem is defuelopmem, not ex ploimlionf'-THEODQRE PARKER ' 45 Zlze girsf Scion!---1859 S PART OF A democratic life, education must represent the unrestrained com- bined efforts of individuals to advance human welfare. Education in a pro- gressing democracy must be active and flexible, both real and idealistic at the samie time. Higher education realized its purpose when, on july 1, 1859, the first class was graduated from a Pittsburgh high school. Graduation exercises were held in Lafayette Hall, situated at the lower end of VVood Street, before a curious, un- sympathetic audience which crowded the hall to capacity despite the stifling heat. Wfith the aid of a few juniors, the senior students, W':i1liam C. King, Kuno Kuhn, and Hephzibah Wilkins, all who remained of a freshman class of one 'hundred and fifteen members, presented a program of music, orations, and essays, one of which was entitled "Man Is Superior to Wionian." By virtue of -the act of assembly of Pennsylvania on February 9, 1855, ap- proved by Governor James Pollock, entitled "An act consolidating the wards of the city of Pittsburgh for school purposesf, the first high school in Pittsburgh came into being on September 25, 1855. Two schools were originally authorized by the act. one for each sex, but the two schools were so concurrent that they were merged into one co-educational institution. Because of selfish individualism the newly formed school was expected to expire from lack of patronage and "other causes." Located at the southeast end of Smithfield Street near Fifth Avenue. at the present site of the Mellon Bank, the first schoolhouse consisted of the second, third, and fourth floors of a business house. Rare was the day when recitations were not prepared by the yellowish illumination provided by gas lights. Drays, omni- buses, and mail trucks, rumbling over the cobblestone paving. necessitated closed windows and constant adm-onitions to speak louder. Even when the chaotic street noises were quieted, the incessant chant of the auctioneer who occupied -the first floor of the sch-ool building reverberated 'through the school rooms, making study very difficult. School convened at 8:45 A. M. and dismissed at 2:15 P. M. with a half-hour allowed for lunch. The monotony of recitation periods, which lasted for fifty-five minutes, was relieved occasionally when a predatory rat, engaged in foraging for the left-overs from lunch, would be unceremoniously greeted with a barrage of chalk and erasers. Such conduct was the 'cause for light corporal punishment or a black mark in theiprofessoris notebook. Wlien a student had appended forty such demerits to his name during a three month period, he was irrevocably expelled. Thus rules of order were summary, not severe. In the curriculum of the Pittsiburgh Central High School were forty-five subjects, including complete courses in Latin, Greek, English, mathematics, history, and science. Many of these subjects, such as differential and integral calculus, 46 ' rhetoric, logic, astronomy, and physiology are now reserved for study in college, a few are now obsolete. Supervision of these courses lay in the hands of four capable teachers, Head Professor McKown, Professor Philotus Dean, Professor W. W. Dickson. and Miss Mary Maitland, who were under the control of the Central Board of Educa- tion composed of nine members, one from each ward in the city. The development of modern equipment and curricula is concomitant with the advance of social philosophy, this reality has made Pittsburgh a metropolitan educational center. Surely this progress in education is an index of the growth of a democratic way of living devoted to sympathetic appreciation and deferential utilization of human values. 0 NOCTURNE About the hour of dusk there seems to steal, O'er hill and valley, in the diizziliiizg light, A gentle touch, the first sweet sigh of Night, The welcome peace of rest which all must feel. She sets with simple dignity the sealy She speeds departing Day and all his might, Arid bids him sleep, and ease his weary sight, Wliile she keeps watch, and he heeds her appeal. And though to some she brings not peace but fear, A dread of what may lie beneath her calm, That sin and sirkizess iiow are at their best. She does izot ever so to me appear, To me the darkness is a soiothing balm I feel but peace and love, and so I rest. 47 LOVELY WEATHER WE'RE HAVING Spring is here, the birds are singing, Flowers blooming bright and gayq QPaper says it's getting colder, 'Nother snow storm on the way.j Getting zvarnier every hour, Leaves are budding down the lane: fBetter shut those upstairs zvindows, For it surely looks like rain.j Here we are in sunny April, All reniains of winter Iost,' fWe ic'on't lzave cz! garden this year, It could not survive this frosty Spring is here, no doubt about it, See the sunny, eloudless skyg CTell nie, some one. please, what's happened- How eonie spring has passed us by?j IT'S NATURE Have you ever seen the sky upon a niorning bright and fair? Have you ever seen the pietures tlzat the clouds forni, 'way up there! And you marveled at the artist who could paint a scene so rare- It's nature. Have you ever seen a spring stornzi front the shelter of your roonz? Have you ever seen the lightning flash and heard the thunder boom? And you thought the world was Clllllllff- Und tlzat this would be your dooni It's nature. Have you ever seen the country when the leaves are on tlze trees? Have you ever seen the flowers swaying gently in the breeze? And you stopped to catch the fragrance and got stung by honey bees- Ifs nature. 48 "The TCUIJIZ 1111151 be 11111116 mfg for 110111012- 1'111'y. 115 pamfc 1111151 be pl11111c1Z upon lbe 1651611 ff111111l111ir111 of polifiwzl li!1e1'1y." -'WOODROW VVILSON .if ee' lf if In S. uni S -5 ' fx 2 W X725 u 1 iff Z I Z If WZ! .,j"if "' 5 1 .,, 1 J f Nf'11 , , -'-fix, 1 , '11-fi n 1011 xxx X- ' N ': 1 . 1 11 11? 1 'X' '1 ' " - lf! 3 5 Q I , , , . i V Q ' ,, 1 1 if - ,Z Q5 1-1 -- ' 337' ffl? -.- 1 uh. rj ,J , - , A - 9, X -- A, - V, N- ,- -7-' Y N'-L, .X ,-Lg xg? 1- my ' ' 5' , 1 'A 1 - i x K Q K '4 ' fl, . ,,,, H 1 1 f , ,Q MSE. .1 A ' ' ff " 1- 523-' fx- ,if . ,,,-11'-" '1 , ' x , Y - - 4 ff - f- 1 . , ,L J- 1 3 .1 ,Q 11 I 1 ,,. ff -. 1 1 fgff 5 '4 f 5. ' ,. - 1,1-i QE., 2 7-ff! X .ipfifi 1' ,iff k":""1f' ily '15 7 ,,1,1ff1f5'L'Lff" 5 'Q ' - ' 'I' , 'rw' ' - , Ziff WAV ' 4,4 Zig If , vc ww QA, Q 1, if ' , . 1421 ! ' 1 , ' . Nkg .fu f ' ff " . W , , f I ,7 . J 1 X 1 . ff ' f, lk , I," ,J ' ' 1 4' , ffl, .. , . K f g 3 A ,Ex 49 xx' X 6 h N NND 5- 5 , Ae X X '-- XQ .ma -.,.. . X une Gfass rqmzizafiozz . ld . OFFICEX 993 V PI'CS1dCllt ,...,,.,..,...A.,.....,...A... , ,. ...... Mendel Srlverman Vice President ,.......A A..... ...., ..,.... ......., B a r l mara Burns Secretary ,A.,..., ..,..... 4..LQyf.I2clxvarcl McGehee r srolc1AL COMMITTEE aj ef ity. nf- f I. IXQIH sf ri lam a c '- Mary Abruzese Peggy Askin Melva Bernstein Gene Carr Dorothy Daley Margaret Gunther Bettie Kalish janet Lewin Peggy McCahill William Myers Betty Pearlman Albert Starr 'fr nil. fe Henry Abraham Ruth Abramson Regina Abravanel Mary Sondra Abruzese john L. Acheson, Jr. Raymond Aldridge Milton Richard Alexander Alma Linda Ali Julius Altshuler Joseph M. Amity Richard Amsler joseph Apjok Betty Armstrong Robert S. Aronson Marion Tomara Arrick Peggy Askin Eleanor Frances Atkinson Dorothy Averbach Frances C. Baker Laura Belle Baker Chester G. Bandman, Jr. Arthur Bariska Mary Elisabeth Barnes Maurice S. Baseman Elizabeth Anne Beall joe Bechtel Roger D. Beck Suzanne Becker Isabelle Bellus Lewis D. Benjamin 31' ,fs fipgs -55 7 .4 5 1 1 wwf' X P52 WX Bernard Benkovitz Doris Berg Victor E. Berger Melva Reah Bernstein Sylvia Bigler Dorothy J. Bolton Gordon Wm. Bonenberger Ruth M. Boozell john Born Thomas Brennan Betty Jane Brew Shirley G. Bris ' Donald Broida Julius Broida Madeline Brown j Mary Brown Mary Virginia Brown Philip Brown Joseph Jerome Buchman Roy Burchell joseph Lawrence Burg Virginia Burke William Burke Barbara Louise Burns Walter H. Burns, jr. Betty Jane Butler Edward Cain jean Caldwell Albert Calio jack Callender 1397 ii 3 1 .rea J yy av Jn' 'Vx' of fry JJ i Jean Cantelou Dorothy Caplan Mildred Theresa Carlson Melvin Carney Gene Natalie Carr Anna Catizone Anna Lynn Cauffield Margaret Mary Charles Elsie Chemes Margaret Cherevka joseph Chervenak George Edward Chilcott Edward Joseph Chute Nora Clem james W. Cloman Alan Morton Cohen john Cohen joseph Cohen Renee D. Cohen james Colbus Harlowe Coleman Francis Collins Virginia Collins Mary Dolores Connor Louis Corbus Sarah Coryea Mary Jane C Raymond Paul vfor Gordon Curry Dorothy Louise Daley 3 Ti 'i.- VK Ve ff ' 1 J Uv iififffrm Wilbert Darling Albert C. Davidson Mary F. Delaney Lorraine 1DeMartino Margarette Demko Anthony DePaolo Marilyn Dickstein Lillian DiLillo Viola DiPietro Eleanor Dolan john Dorrance Emm Druga Ev ieen Du y Ma a tiDuffy ' Wil 1 ' Duff A 1 . 1 ff! 1 Richard . uid Michaelx ura Robert E E. Catherine Eckert Robert H. Eckhardt Joseph Edelstein Harold L. Edison Dorothy V. Emswiller Gertrude Ellen Enright Leo English Tillie Erlichman Eleanore L. Evans Robert Ewing Grace J. Fagan Anna Marie Farley Lawrence james Farrell Norman Feinberg Sidney Harold Feldman Anna Margaret Fennell Anthony Ferrainolo Rosemarie Figola Lenore Finegold Rose Fiorella Leonard Firestone Cornelius Fisher Robert L. Fisher Jane Fitzgerald Jane Fitzpatrick John M. Flatley gmertami Fleis Irvin C. Frank Evelyn M. Fratangel Irene Sara Freedman Franklin H. Fries Roselle Frishman W W Cecelia Gajar Lucille Galvin Henry Gardner Eleanor A. Gazdik Earnest A. Geary Martha Gianotti Bessie Gibson Roslyn Linda Gilfond Leonard Giunto Howard Goldenson 5 JUNE CLASS A 1- Madelyn A. Goldhammer Edison Goldsmith Gretchen Goldsmith Irwin W. Goldstein Saul Go dstein z riff' ks Rita Gordon Regina M. Gormley Allan Gould Johann S. Gourevitch James Blakely Gove Clifford Thomas Grein Louis R. Greenberg Ruth Greenstein Thomas Grekin Howard Groudine Melvin L. Grove Edith Guerra Margaret Ann Gunther Rhoda Gur io Theresa ' giolo gywf et W I' Efhgl Gusky Dorothy May Guyer Shirley Hafner Doris Hagerty Ray Hale Theodore B. Hankoff Leon Harkness Belle Harris Herbert Harris Corinne Harter Herbert Hawkins Frederick E. Hasley Morris Hecht Earl Heckman Barbara Heinz Virginia Martin Helbling Richard C. Held Milton E. Helfer Bernard Hendel Agnes H. Henderson Virginia Hendryx Wilma E. Hepner Martin William Hesselman Virginia Hinish Irene Janet Hudjak 'Ts QL LLLLGML Jane Hudson Rhoda M. Hunter Robert Alfred Huth Gerald Isaacson Rhoda Lou Jacobson 225 ii if Jacqueline M. Jeffries Alice C. Jordan William Josephson John David Kailer Bettie Kalish Zelda Kalser Norman Thomas Kanel Leonard S. Kaplan Simon Craig Kaplan Helen Karaman k' "W "W WN ' 57 JUNE CLASS f as Aileen Lois Kaufman james Kaufmann Joseph Kearns Mildred Ida Kennedy Robert Kent Charles F. Kiefer, jr.6 Fw john King William C. King Willis Alfred King Margaret E. Kirkland Marjorie Jeanne Klee Coleman Klein Sherwood Klevan Marie Kopelman Violet Kopelman Betty jane Kortlandt Ruth G. Koss Milton Kotler Sam Krakoff Elsie Kristan Paul Kundra Susan Kusko . Alma Ladley . Marian Louise Lambyi Ernest Lauer . A ft Jjk 1 J Wal Jean Ann ayton Arnold Lazarus William Lebeau Frederick Levenson Norton Levenson 1 Lf' 'X if A X M fm jfyfw 4. ,. Y, ,WW W nfl, , , JUNE CLASS M, , ,lfutwflylwfy Milton Levine I Samuel Levine E Harriet S. Levison Marjorie Ann Levison Harold Levitt Betsy Esther Levy Janet Lewin Miriam Lichter Bernard Lifland ,David Sylvan Light David Lloyd Florence R. Lowenthal Bertha G. Lubet Annabelle R. Lucchino Wilbert Luley Eloise Allegra Lutz Norma Kathleen Lutz Dolores Luxbacher Michael Lydon Milton Mallinger Mildred Marcus Shirley Faye Marcus Faith Markert George Markon Louis Marks Thomas W. Marks David T. Marsh Eileen Marshall john Marszalek Peggy E. Martin "'-'l-l-- - 77 59 fa as M59 Wesley Duane Martin Edward joseph Mason Shirley Mathos H. Howard Mattes Morris Mayer Peggy McCahill Betty McCallister Alice McCandless john Harry McCandliss Arthur C. McConville jim McCullough Edward McGehee Harold P. McGreevy Edna Mae McHugh G. Rhoda McKercher Samuel M. Mcliissock Ruth H. Mendoza Bernice G. Meritzer Irene Rita Messineo Dorothy Metzger Margaret Michel Margaret Mihalchik William J. Milko Barbara E. Miller Hazel Ruth Miller Jerome H. Miller Lena Miller Mary M. Miller Michael Edward Miller Robert Minadeo john B. Mitchell, jr. Archie Moore Ruth Anne Montgomery Charles Morgan Rhoda Jean Morgan Harriet Moses Jean Moskowitz Dorothy Mowery Barney H. Mulvihill, jr. William Myers Carol Edna Nathanson August Nedlik Harry Nee Thelma Doris Neft Theodora Nicholas james O'Biecumas Ruth Ohringer Patrick O'Malley Clar'ce Ories Mar Owen M Roberta Owens Arthur Parker Selma Edith Pascal Wallace Patton Melvin Paull Betty Pearlman L,ois Hope Pearlman Bernard Pearlstein Amelio P. Pellini Sylvia Perer v' 61 Carl Perhacs Alan Perlis Carl Pflaum William Phillips Stanton Pifer, Jr. Muriel Pincus Caroline Piper Ruth Lois Pitler Charles Platt Dolores E. Powell Adam F. Provan Kathryn Puzak Milton Radin Robert Raphael Edward Rea I, . ff .1 1' V C: ., 'fl f - I F ,z Louise E. Redshaw jack Reid Maurice Reilly, jr. Herbert C. Reingold Lois Miriam Reist Wilma Jane Reith Dorothy Retenauer Jack W. Rex jetter Lee Richardso Pete Ridosh Sydney Robbins Helen Rohaly Marcella Rombach john Henry Rooney Frieda Rose f H . ,lf '5 Anne Ruth Rosenberg Harvey W. Rosenberg Reva Ruth Rosenberg Mildred Rosenblum Myers B. Rosenbloom Martin Rosenstock Shirley Rosenthal Alberta Genavee Ross Mildred Rost George Lewis Rowland Louise Evelyn Roy Gertrude Roytos Evelyn Rubin Lewis Rubinoff Michael Runavitch Roy Rupert Albert Rush William M. Sabo Leonard Samuels Nita G. Samuels joseph J. Sarcone Harry C. Sarge Betty Grace Schaar Edgar Schaffel Irma Eleanor Schaffer Morton Schein Dorothy A. Schnars David Schwartz Walter Schwartz Lois Kay Schugar i' --ll-"M" "" "" 63 JUNE CLASS J Q 5. 4 my Aiea J L.ois J. Scott Michael Sebak Eleanore Gertrude Seewald Alan Segal Isaiah Seltzer Rose Seltzer Helen Bernice Shapiro Margaret Shombert Herbert Shubin Esther Shulman Martin Silverman Mendel Silverman Gloria Silverstein Jerry Simon William Thomas Sinwell Frances Sipe Max M. Sirocca Arnold Smith Evelyn Smith Hugh Smith Mary Virginia Smith Allen L. Solomon Ellen Muriel Spears Virginia Spicuzza Rita A. Stack Albert B. Starr Alter Steinberg Diana Steinberg Lydia Mae Stern Lawrence Straus Natalie Supowitz Kenneth Charles Surloff Ruth Surloff Lawrence Susser David Sussmand William Suty Cecelia A. Szecskay Elizabeth A. Szeman Phyllis Taksa Blanche Rachel Talansky Gilda Flora Tamburi-A Gertrude Taylor - - Robert Tayl, - . ' Lucille LQuigg'Thqinas Vivianlifhompsop 0 K 'JJ' xniwi A..'D.ur :M :XXX . KJ Louise Tischler joseph Toia Dorothy Tolochko James Toner Reva Treelisky Andrew Triche Mary Virginia Tunney john W. Turner Aaron Udell , Burton Unger QE X 1 U ld-f .N fry, Frances L. Urbanic Aline Vale D,oris jane Van Buren Edith S. Varady Catherine S. Vislay 'w ww"'Q 6 5 Mgyff so ,I A . A r 1 . 111, U C Raymond Viviano Ralph Wagner jane Wallick Burton Wanetik Eleanor J. Warren -Z 1 6 f NI, .4 5 Wallace Warren Ruth R. Webb Florence C. Weigel Ruth S. Weinbaum Marcia Weiner jean M. Weinert Claire E. A. Weingarten Jack J. Weiss Shirley S. Weiss Anna Wesoky John William Westlake Louis john Wickstrom Bruce Wilds Robert McElroy Willey Naomi Wilson Wilma Witherspoon Ida Helen Wolf Rose Wolfson Harriet L. Wragg Harold R. Wynn, jr. George Yalch Frank E. Younkin Natalie Alyse Zapolsky William B. Zewe Leona Zinamon JUNE CLASS 152 Ruth Greenstein Bernard Hendel William Lebeau Milton Levine Ruth Mendoza Marcia Weiner Claire Weingarten 253 Peggy Askin Sara Coryea Howard Goldenson Gloria Silverstein 259 Marian Owen John Pankuch Wallace Warren 204 Elizabeth Beall Suzanne Becker Mary jane Covey Gretchen Goldsmith Barbara Heinz Betty Kalish Marian Lambie Jean Layton Edward McGehee Thelma Neft Bernard Pearlstein Alan Perlis Walter Schwartz Louise Zonge Gertrude Zweig mor raguafes Jung 1939 Helen Shapiro Raymond Viviano 261 Mildred Carlson Gene Carr Irene Freedman Leonard Guinto Carol Nathanson Shirley Rosenthal Mendel Silverman Ruth Weinbaum Ida Wolf 266 Milton Alexander Dorothy Averbach Richard Held Willis King Sydney Robbins john Kailer 352 Mary Brown Hazel Miller Lois Scott 355 Virginia Burke Janet Lewin Evelyn Smith Diana Steinberg Gertrude Taylor Dorothy Tolochko Gertrude Zweig 67 361 Henry Abraham Madelaine Brown Lillian DeLillo Elsie Kristan Margaret Michel Reva Rosenberg Louise Roy 457 Jerome Buchman Barbara Burns Walter Burns Joseph Edelstein Roselle Frishman William King james Kaufman 459 Renee Cohen Martha Gianotli Teddy Hankoff Norman Kanel Harriet Levison Marjorie Levison Harold Levitt Irma Schaeffer Allen Solomon Anna Wesoky 463 Catherine Eckert Henry Gardner Blanche Talansky Zin jllilzmuriam Al,Ll JlCRDlL'li STUDENTS HARRUQT M1N1c1N ANTHONY FRA'rANG13L0 SCSI-IOOL PATRON JUDGE THOMAS R. MACFARLANU "Tim 5f7!ClIlI'0l'.Y of Illc fI'I'lIllIlllC'llf of iimc May be eclipsed, but are e.vfinguis1zed noi: Like stars to tlzcir afvpoiufvd lwiglrf tlmy flimb, And death is fl I0-zv mis! which cannot blot The bffiglztness it may veil." --SHIQLLEY 68 L w , 69 ..,,,,, JUNE CLASS PLAY Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman's you cuzif Cake gf you Presented by THE GRADUATING CLAS-S OF JUNE, 1939 IN THE SCHOOL AUDITORIUM MAY 31, JUNE 1 AND 2 Production directed by Miss Dorothy Zeigler Penelope Sycamore ....... Essie...,..,, ...,...,....... Rheba ................... Paul Sycamore .,..... Mr, De Pinna ,...... . Ed ..,,...,............. ....... Donald ........... ........,....... Martin Vanderhof .,...... Alice .....,.........,........ Henderson .......,... Tony Kirby., ....,.,,.... .. Boris Kolenkhov ....... Gay Wellington ..,..... Mr. Kirby ........... Mrs. Kirby ...... Three Men ....... Olga ..........,.... Orchestra ......... . ............, . CAST Un order of appearancel ,. ............,...,........... Barbara Burns, Norma Lutz, Peggy Martin ...... Renee Cohen. Marilyn Dickstein, Claire Weingarten ................Sara Coryea, Carol Nathanson. Louise Roy ..,..................Chester Bandman, Morton Schein .............Albert Davidson, Bill Sinwell ......Martin Silverman, Burton Wanetik ......,................,....Robert Aronson, Duane Martin Heckman, William Myers .......Dorothy Daley, Rhoda Hunter, Harriet Wragg . ............................... ...Haro'd Levitt, Burton Unger ..,......Donald Broida, Howard Goldenson Gould, Gerald Isaacson .........Gene Carr, Janet Lewin, Ruth Surloff Burns, John Mitchell ........Melva Bernstein, Dorothy Daley, Natalie Supowitz ..,...,....Joseph Apjok. Jack McCandliss. Melvin Paull .........Aileen Kaufman, Harriet Moses, Clarice Ories PRODUCTION STAFF ...,.....Miss Laura E. Zeigler Posters and Properties .....,.. ................................................ .,.. ..... .,,...... M r , F itzpatrick Scenery Construction .. Activities Director ....... Lighting ................... General Manager .....,. Stage Manager ......,...... Gautsch Koruna Krotzer .......Barbara Miller .........Thomas Grekin Assistant Stage Manager ...... ........... M ilton Levine Business Manager ...,,,...... .,........,.................... S herwood Klevan Publicity ...........,...... .... ...... .......................................... D i a na Steinberg Costumes ,.......,......,....... .......................................,................ M argaret Duffy, Jean Moskowitz Assistant Directors ............................. . .......... ,...Miss Floris Finesilver, Mr. Theodore DeLay Stage Crew ,...........,...... ..... W ilbur Luley. Anthony DePaulo, Carl Pflaum, Earl Wagner, William Harris, Richard Rohrer, Robert Huth 70 M ff-LW TAHS THEATRE PRESENTATION Wteek of june 25th BIG DOUBLE BILL Double or .N ollnug ...T... ....A.A....,. ...4.,.......,.,,....,...,. ....4.....,.........,., ..,.,.... S t .ft r ring Violet and Marie Kopehnan Barbara and Wfalter Burns Virginia and Francis Collins STAGE SHOW You C'm1'l 'fake ll 1Vi!l1 You .,.,.,.,.,. .,...,..,,,.i,..,i.. S tzirring Living Snakes and Cats ADDED ATTRACTIONS Fiber The Ylflfff' Stooges ..... with Bob Ewing' Huth Our Gang .. ....... ,.,...... J zine Fitzpatrick, Bob lickharrlt, NVilniz1 Reith Silly S.T'lllf71l0llTt".Y . Milton Levine. Billy Lebeau. Thelma Neff. Ruth VVebb. Gert Zweig, joe Bechtel T7'flt'Z'f'I0fjIlt' ,... A .. description by Ruth Uhringer :incl Andrew Triehe Trailcrx 256 Playhouse-ll,fll Meyers, Harriet Moses, Clzirice Ories, Sherwood Klevan 423 Art Cizillery-.lean Moskowitz, Sztruh COTXCZI. Harvey Rosenberg Library-lilunehe Tzllzuisky, Sidney Robbins, Roselle Frishmzln 200 Press Roomf-Diana Steinberg. Reva Rosenberg. Gene Carr, Allen Solo- mon, Doris Berg, Edward Mcfjehee NEWS OF THE DAY Rhoda Mcliercher sends basket of fruit to the Rnccos. There-'s been a sudden crop of hlondesl How confusing a Halleck Test can be . . . Meyers Rosenblooni became so flusterecl that he misspelled his name, took clean paper and numzberecl wrong, then took more clean paper and heztclecl it with his sister's name! Natalie Supowitz and .lean Layton still lead the style brigade. " 72 GLB gfome 00172 6866 F5 XYQ. the graduates Of the June Class of 1939 wsh to express our gratitude to those who have asslstecl us so greatly throughout Our high school career our re port room teachers. Mlss NIARY C. BRENNAN Miss NIARIAN COUPERTHNVAITIE Miss MARY A. EVANS Mlss ESTHER L. GEIST Miss BQATHILDA JOHNSON Miss ELIZABETH IQLINGENSMITH Miss FRANcl2s M. LEECH MR. GEORGE M. l'H1LLIPs Mlss CORA C. Ross Mlss SARA D. STUART Miss liI.1zAnm'H XYAOENKNIQCHT MR. H. H. NVILSON "I am only a fellrrrc' traveller of whom Wm asltm' the way. I pointed allfafl'-alzcad of mysel as well as you." 73 00172 152 Teacher -- Miss Geist Officers President .... . .. .. . Milton Levine Secretary-Treasurer ,.,,, ., Lydia Stern Sltudent Council ,..,.. Claire NVeingarten Activities Rep ...,.. . ..,.. Bernard Hendel Foreword Reporter .. Marilyn llickstein Julius Altshuler J ust a pharmacist, lieid like to be, A nd give purple pills to you and to me. Marion Tomara Arrick M 'akes the boys take notice T ries to please everyone A ccent supreme. Philip Brown P leasing smile and never a frown. B eams on the face of Philip Brown. Physics Clubg History Club. Margaret Cheirevka M odest, eager to please, C ourteous to all. Type Clubg Volleyball '37. Gordon Curry G reat little fellow, does what he should, C an play the organ very good. Organist. Margarette F. Demko M ischievous blonde F inds pleasure in journalism D efinritely popular. Volleyball '38g Basketball '38, Marilyn E. Dickstein M akes a lot of rhythm E nvied for her voice D elightful to know. Dramatic llnglishg Class Play: Foreword Representative: Library Club: Physics Club: Group A-Girls' Chorale: Basketball '36, '37, ,SS '391 Volley- ball '36, '37, 'SSQ Soccer Manager. Harold L. Edison H e is very smart in chemistryg E asy subject ?-No siree! Driving Clubg Physics Club. Tillie A. Erliichlman T iny and petite A mbitious young lady E njoys modelling clothes. Basketball '38, ,393 Sigma Iota Club: Social Chairman. 74 6 Norman Feinberg N orm's full of joy and full oil fun, F or he's always liked by everyone. Biology Clubg Lunch Patrolg Checker Club: Football4l7avorite Sport. Saul Goldstein S aul's humor is now in its prime, G ets his friends laughing all the time. Foreword Staff, Driving Clubg Microscope Club. Allen Gould A llen's a great actor, rememtber the class play? G reat success will be his some day. Dramatic llnglishg Debate Clubg Baseball. Louis R. Greenberg L ots of luck to our friend Lou, G reat little chap, and I do mean you. Stamp Club, Debate Club, Psychology Club, Band A. Thomas Grekin T om will be a doctor great, G lamorous success will be his fate. Class Playg Biology Club, Sigma Iota Clubg Orchestra A. Ruth Greenstein R eally a sweet pal G racious, demure, dainty. Biology Clubg Basketballg Volleyball. Howard Groudine H oward is eager, enthusiastic, audacious G ay smile, swell pal, chummy and gracious. journal Staff, Mathemiatics Clubg Sportsmen Clubg History Clubg Activity Representative. Herbert Harris H. erky's a member of the Chi Sigma Phi H e'll always greet you with a "I-li!" Lunch Patrolg Sigma lota, Sportsmen Clubg History Club, Junior Basket- ballg Soccer '37. Corinne Harter C ute little miss H as a -charming manner. Sigma Iota Clubg Class Banker: Favorite Sport-Swimming. Morris Hecht M any people like our Morry, H e will shine in his glory. Lunch Patrolg Sportsmen Clubg Baseball and Basketballfeliavoritc Sports, Bernard Hendel B ig blue -eyes, seems quite gay, H e goes for sports in a definite way. Activity Representativeg Junior Soccer '36g Junior Basketball '34, '35, '36g Football '37, '38, Basketball '38 '39g Golf '39. Wilma E. Hepner W ears clothes nicely E nthusiastic, energetic lassie H as poise. Sigma Iota, Penmanship Clubg Jewelry Club: Volleyball '36. 75 jane L. Hudson J' oylful 'blonde L iked 'by everyone H opes to be a secretary. Favorite Sport-Swimiming. Helen Karaman H as many pleasing qualities K eeps everyone happy. Favorite Sport-Volleyball. Robert Kent R ob's sense of hun ' A ior is sublime, K eeps us laughing all the time. F . avorite Sport-Baseball. Sam Krakoff S aying somethinff funn ll g y a the day long. K eeps this fellow from getting the gon Footb ll' ' ' a , Basketball, Track. hi William Lebeau W illiam is really a fine musician, L earning the cello was his greatest ambition. Microscope Cluibg Orchestra A' Trio' O'uartette Xll i' , , M 3 I -City filrcliestra. Milton Levine M ilton can dance to perfection L eft alone, or in the gym section. Class Play: Presidentg Sigma Iota: Boys' Make-Up Club: Latin Club Orchestra Ag Triog Quartetg All-City Orchestra. Florence R. Lowenthal F riendly with everyone R eserved tactics L ikable chum. Craft Clubg Sewing Club: Hockey. Dolores B. Luxbacher D elightful is Dolores- B eautician is her ambition. L ikes to sew. Tennis '36: Favorite Sport-Swimming. Ruth H. Mendoza UR uthie" excels in sports, H as a 'winning way. M akes a striking picture. Journal Staff: Library Club' Sig I V ., , . gina otag Senior Girls' Badminton Club: Volleyball '36. '37, '38, '39: Basketball '37, '33, '393 Soccer '36, '37: Tennis '36, '37g Swimming '36, '37g Hockey ,37. Bernice G. Meritzer "B ernie" is loads of fun, G ives zest to her class, M akes friends wherever she goes. Dramatic Clubg Sigma Iotag Psychology Club: Basketball '37: Volley- ball '38 76 Wallace Patton W ally, our hero, is quite tall, P laced a special mention in basketball. Basketball '39: Baseball '39. Betty E. Pearlman "B ep" is her nickname E asy to look at P lays a "hot" pia11o. Social Representative: Sigma lotag Art Club: Favorite Sport-Swimming. Alter Steinberg A lter's a swell kid, lanky and tall. S pends most of his time playing baseball. Hall Patrol. Lydia Mae Stern L ikes to "swing tit." M erry and cute. S ports are her hobby. journal Staff: Secretary-'l'reasurer: Psychology Club: Volleyball '36, '37. '33, '39: Hockey '37, '38: Soccer '36, '37: Basketball '37, '38, '39: Tennis '36, '37: Swimming '36, '37, Joseph Toia I olly, good natured. spreading cheer T hrougbout the twelve months of the year. Book Room: Reading Club: Swimming '37, '38: junior Basketball '35, '36: Band A. Eleanor J. Warren "E lly" is audacious J olly to know W ears the latest in clothes. .-Xrt Club: Psychology Club: Volleyball '34, '35, '36: Dodge Bat Ball '35, '36: Basketball '36. '37: Hockey '37: Soccer '36. Marcia Weiner M ighty sweet, W orthy of her many friends. Sigma Iota: Hobby Club: French Club: Basketball: Volleyball: Library Patrol: Favorite Sport-Swimming. Claire E. Weingarten C arefree air E asy-goingjitterbug W alks with poise. Dramatic English: Student Council: Hall Patrol: Senior Guidance Com- mittee. Shirley S. Weiss S lim, tall. attractive, S opbisticated lady, W ants to be an interior decorator. 77 00172 204 Teacher - Miss Klingensmith Officers President .,.. ,..,.. , .,.. E dward McGehee Vice President .,,,, Elizabeth Ann Beall Secretary-Treasurer ..,, jean Layton Student Council Rep. ., Suzanne Becker Activities Rep. ., ., ,. .Helen Shapiro Social Representative ..,,,. Bettie Kalish Richard Amsler "liVell learned is the tongue and mind that cointnands thee." Betty Armstrong "Her mirth the world requires: She bathes it in smiles of glee." Sigma lota: Tennis '36, '37: Hockey '37: Soccer '36: Volleyball '37, '3S. '39: Basketball '39: lVlush'ball '37, '38 Laura Belle Baker "An equal mixture of good humour And sensible soft melancholy." Business Service Guild: Hall Patrol: Volleyball '39, Elizabeth Anne Beall "And her modest manner and graceful air Show her wise and good as she is fair." Vice President of Home Room: German Club: Driving Club: Senior Leaders: Fencing Club: Group A: Girls' Chorale: Volleyball '36. '37, '38. '39: Tennis '36, '37: Mushball '36, '37, '38: Hockey '39: Soccer '36, '37, Suzanne Becker "Thy soft heart refuses to discover The faults which so many could find." Student Council. Vice President: German Club: Senior Leaders: Orchestra A: All-City Orchestra: Volleyball '36, '37. '33, '39: Soccer '35, '36: llockey '37, '3S: Basketball '37, '3S: Mushball '37, Isabelle Bellus "Her spirits are always at high water mark, Always laughing, always singing." Hall Patrol. Betty Jane Brew "Kind words she ever has for all, She knows no base design." Drivers Club: Art Club: Basketball '37: Hockey '38 Shirley G. Briskin "Thy very artlessness beguilesf' Hall Patrol: Girls' Senior Leaders: Girls' .lunior Leaders: Tennis '3B: Swimming 35: Volleyball '35, '36, '37. '3H: Basketball '37, '33 '39: Soccer jean Cantelou "Learning not Vain. and VVisdom not severe, Wlith greatness easy, and with wit sincere." Debate Club: Sigma lota: .lunior Leaders: Soccer '36, '37g Hockey '37: Volleyball '36, '37, '38 '39: Swimtniing '36, '37g Tennis '36. '37, '38, 7B Mary jane Covey "There is more owing her than is paid, And more shall be paid her than she will ever demand." Senior journal Staff, Foreword Representative, Hall Patrol, Le Cercle Francais: Girls' Junior Leaders, Girls' Chorale, Volleyball '36, '37, '38, Soccer '36, '37, Basketball '37, '38, Hockey '37, '38, Gretchen Goldsmith "The intuitive decision oi a bright and thorough-edged intellect." Microscope Club, Psychology Club, Junior Leaders, Foreword Staff: Junior Life Saving Club: Soccer '36, '37, Basketball '36, '37, '38, Volley- ball '36, '37, Intramural Swimming '37, '38, Mushball '36, '37, Doris Hagerty "All that's best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes." Library Club, Sigma Iota, German Club: Biology Club, Tennis '37, Volleyball '38, '39, Basketball '39, Soccer '37, Favorite Sport'-Football. Barbara Heinz "So unaffected, so composed a mind, So firm, yet soft, so strong yet so refined." Fencing Club, Latin Club, Senior Leaders, Life Saving Club, Hockey '37, '38, Soccer '35, '36, Volleyball '35, '36, '37, '38, Swimming '36, '37: Tennis '36, Favorite Sport-Swimming. Virginia Hendryx "By honour prompted, and by pride restrained." Driving Club, Library Club: Swimming '35, '36, '37, '38, Hockey '38, Volleyball '35, '36, '37, Basketball '36, '37, Soccer '37, '38, Swimming- Favorite Sport. Bettie Kalish "VV'hen all the world conspires to praise her, The woman's deaf and does not hear." Journal Staff, Social Representative, Foreword Staff, Girls' Senior Leaders Club: Latin Club: Secretary of the French Club: Volleyball '36, '37, '38, '39, Tennis '36, '37, Basketball '36, '37, Soccer '36, '37, Swimming '36, '37, '38, Hockey '38, '39, Swimmling-Favorite Sport. Marian Louise Lambie "No conquest she, but o'er herself, desired. All arts essay'd, but not to be admired." Foreword Staff-Associate Editor: Junior Leaders Club, Senior Leaders Club: Latin Club: French Club, Soccer '36, '37, Hockey '38, '39, Basket- ball '37, '38, '39, Tennis '36, '37, Volleyball '37, '38, '39, Tennis-Favorite Sport. Henrietta Lee Lauar "No duty could over task her, No need her will outrun." Sigma Iota, Tennis-Favorite Sport. jean Ann Layton "In her air There is a something which bespeaks command, As one who is a lady in the land." Home Room Secretary: Library Club, Maskers' Club, Group A: Girls' Chorale, Tennis '36, Volleyball '36, '38, Soccer '36, '37. 79 Frederick W. Levenson "His plausive words he scattered not in ears but grafted them in minds to grow and bear." Stamp Clubg Physics Clubg Baseball-Favorite Sport. Bernard Lifland "Gentle to others, to himself severe." Football-Favorite Sport. David Lloyd "XVhere words are scarce, they are seldom spent in vain, For they breathe the truth that breathe their words with pain." Hi-YQ Football-Favorite Sport. Wilbert Luley "Out of his silence l picked a welcome and from his fearful modesty l read as mu-eh as from the rattling tongue of loquacious eloquence." Stage Crewg Track '38, '39: Basketball-Favorite Sport. Milton Mallinger "The gift of extravagant humour is good in those in whom it is acute. and be thankful of it." Basketball-Favorite Sport. jim McCullough "No matter how your virtues be praised it would be a masterpiece of understatement." Art Clubg Hi-Yg Swimming 338, '391 Track '39g Football-Favorite Sport. Edward McGehee "The wisdom that some parents feed upon their children was fed to thee abundantly and great use wilt thou make of it." Journal Staff: Home Room President: Senior Debate Club: Baseball '39: Baseball-Favorite Sport. Charles Morgan "lf humour be the mark, to know thee shall suffice." Track '37, '38, '39: Cross Country '37. ,38. Thelma Doris Neft "Thoughts of thy clear-eyed sense of duty Thy generous scorn of all things wrong." Senior Orchestra: VVootdwind Quintet: All-City Orchestra: Soccer '37: Mushball '37: Volleyball '36g Basketball '38, Bernard Ptearlstein "Long ago you laid aside life-harming heaviness to entertain with cheer- ful disposition." Library Club. Melvin Paull "Young hot colts being raged do rage the more: so deal leniently with the tempestuous tempers of those around you." Drama Class Castg Leaders Clubg Football '37, '383 Favorite Sportflioot- ball. Alan Perlis "VVe wound our modesty and make foul the clearness of our deservings when of ourselves we publish them." Journal Staffg Debate Club: Physics Club. 80 Milton Radin "He is one whose door is torever locked trom grief, hate, and anger." Football-Favorite Sport. D Harvey W. Rosenberg g 7 "He but dives into our hearts with humble and familiar courtesy." Foreword Staffg A. A. A.g Stamp Clubg Art Club. Martin Rosenstock "Cnarling sorrow hath less power to bite the man that mocks at it and sets it light." Hall Patroig A Band: Basketball '37, '38, '39g Baseball '38g Junior Basket- ball '36g Soccer '36, Louis Rubinoff "Love they to live that love and honor haveg and ye have both in time." Orchestra Ag String Quartet. Morton Schein "So much unlike the younger spirits whose apprehensive senses all but new things disdain." Dramatic Class Castg Hall Patrol: Stage Make-up Clubg Football-Favorite Sport. Walter Schwartz "lf knowledge could be set against mortality you -would live forever." Baseball-Favorite Sport. Helen Shapiro "That true and loving heart- Bestowing, with a glad unthrift, Its sunny light on all around." Activity Representative: Senior Leaders: Bowling Clubg Tennis '36, '37: Volleyball '36, '37. '38, '393 Mushball '37, '381 Soccer '36, '37g Hockey '33. '393 Basketball '36, '37, '38, '39g Basketball--Favorite Sport. james Toner "The best wishes that can be forged in your thoughts are servants to those around you." Basketball-Favorite Sport. Reva Treelisky "So soft, so calm, yet eloquent The smiles that win, the tints that glow." Book Room: Sigma lotag Volleyball '36, '37, '38 '39: Tennis '36. '37Z Basketball-Favorite Sport. Aaron Udell "Quick art thou to hear the good of men and ever slow to pick the bad." Hall Patrol: Physics Club: Football-Favorite Sport. Raymond Viviano "Cold wisdom waiting on superfluous folly." Physics Club: Basketball-Favorite Sport. Harriet L. Wragg "Her words are cushioned with laughter." Drama Class Cast: Hal.l Patrolg Le Cercle Francais de Victor Hugo: Tennis '36g Volleyball '37: Basketball '38: Swimming-Favorite Sport. 81" 00172 2 Teacher - Miss Wagenknecht Officers President . .. Howard lioldenson Vice President .,,.. ,. ,. ..,.., ., john llorn Secretary , ,, ,. .. .,..... ,Roy Rupert Activities Representative Sarah Coryea Student Council ,. . NYilnia Reitli Joseph Apjok As an actor joe Apjok has plenty of skill, He'll outdo the l'owells, both Dick and llill. Dramatic Class Cast: Orchestra B. Peggy Askin XYise like Minerva is Peggy A., Charmingly pleasant throughout the day. Dramatic Club: Social Representative: Foreword Reporter: Senior Debate Club: Psyeliologgy Club: Senior l.ife Saving' Club: Yoiee .Xg tiirls' Chorale: Basketball '35, '36, '37: Tennis '36: Hockey '37: Volleyball '36, '37. john Born l.eander swam the Hellespont: Lord Byron did it toog But this will not compare to what John Horn will do. Intramural Track '36 Julius Broida Tennis is this lad's favorite sport. Like Donald Budge he'll be king of the court. Badminton Club: Chess Club: Music Appreciation Club: Radio Club: .-Xrt Club: Lunch Patrol: Hall Patrol: Tennis Team '36, '37, '38, '39: Basket- ball '37: Mushball 137. Edward Cain ,Xs aviation is our Eddie's aim, lle's sure to achieve Lindbergh fame. lintered from St. Rosalia: FootballwFavorite Sport. Anna Catizone ,Xnna is a girl of poise. Admired alike by girls and boys. Hall Patrol: Business Service Guild: Volleyball-Favorite Sport. Elsie Chemes To ,loan of Are. this girl may compare: She's brilliant, inspiring, and wondrous fair. Business Service Guild: Favorite Sports-llancing. Swimming. ' 82 Home Room Vice President: lli-Y: Swimming Team '35, '36, '37, '38, '39: joseph Chervenak For continual chatter joe will not take a prize: But like the Sphinx he is silent and wise. Business Service Guild: Baseballklfiavorite Sport. John Cohen Like Pinchot who saved forests and game. This chap, as a forester. will do the same. Harlowe Coleman Handsome, thin, dark and tall, Harlowe, like Valentino, attracts all. Voice Ag Male Chorus: Football-Favorite Sport. Francis Collins For being polite our Francis is noted, :X second Walter Raleigh be now is voted. Hall Patrol: Current Physics Club: Lunch Patrol: Science Club. Virginia Collins Titian hair, teeth of pearl- "Lovely" well describes this girl. Physics Club: Lunch Patrol: Penmanship Club: Mushball '57: Hockey 138: Basketball 88: Tennis 239: Volleyball 337. Louis C. Corbus An answer laconic saved a king from invasion: And Louis' few words, too, offer effective persuasion. Favorite Sport-Football. Sarah Coryea An outstanding artist is this Southern lass. XVho someday may rank in Da Vinci's class. Dramatic English Cast: Activities Representative: Biology Club: Sigma Iota: Psychology Club: Volleyball 239. Anthony De Paolo Tony possesses excellent traits, For willingness he quite highly rates. Cooking Club: Track Team: Stage Crew: Lunch Patrol: Football-Favre rite Sport. Annamarie Farley If Ruth St. Denis desired a real protege. jXnnamarie could qualify in every way. Sigma Iota: Volleyball 36: Basketball '3S: Hockey '37: Tennis '39 Lenore Finegold Yenus was the beauty of old. But 253 has Lenore Finegold. Foreword Representative: Physics Club: Fencing Club: Craft Club: Marionette Club: Psychology Club: Les Amis Francais: Le Cercle Frau- cais de Victor Hugo: Sigma Iota: Tennis '36. Rose Fiorella So stately and gracious a girl is Rose That she rates with First Ladies by all she knows. Business Service Guild: TennisfFavorite Sport. Iane Fitzgerald Someday Jane a nurse will be. For real Nightingale amibitions has she. Driving Club: Hockey '36: Volleyball '36 83 Howard Goldenson Howard Goldenson, ambitious and gay, Perhaps will be a president some day. Drama Class Cast: Senior journal Staff: Foreword Staff: Lunch Patrol: President of Report Room: Radio Club: Psychology Club: Favorite Sport -Basketball. Rita Gordon Rita's great ambition is an actress of note to be: lfVe'll have a second Ethel Barrymore-just wait, you'll see. Lunch Patrol: French Club: Art Club: Science Club: Volleyball '35, '36. '39g Basketball '38: Favorite SportgVolleyball. Shirley Hafner In studies Shirley reaches the top: In beauty, Shirley's the cream of the crop. Senior Journal Staff: Home Economics Club: Tennis '36: Volleyball '37: Favorite Sport-Tennis. Ray Hale Ray, with his fascinating drawl, Is a real Irwin star at basketball. Green Key: Basketball '39, Leon Harkness He tries to please: he's capable and steady: To help another he's ever ready. Photography Club. William josephson Tall, Casanova-like is this lad, His friendly air makes every one glad. Transferred from South Hills High in Junior Year: Clean-up Campaign Committee: Hobby Cluib. John King John King can lead with lusty cheers, Though very quiet he usually appears. Lunch Patrol: Hall Patrol: Cheerleader. Davild Sylvan Light Creating drama is his delight, Some day you'll hear of playwright Light. Lunch Patrol: Drama Clubi. Theodora Niicholas Theodora, like Earhart, is eager to fly In her plane to heights way up in the sky. Sewing Club: Type Club: Volleyball '36: Tennis '36, Muriel Pincus Muriel is quite gracious: she's brilliant and keen: As a second VVills on the court she's often seen. Physics Club: Sigmfa Iota: Junior Leaders: Volleyball '36, '37, '38, '39: Hockey '38, '39: Swimming '36, '37: Soccer '36, '37. 84 Mushball '36, '37, '38, '39, Basketball '36, '37, '38, '39: Tennis '36, '37: Wilma Jane Reith Woodie is peppy and very charming, She possesses a smile that is quite disarming. Student Council, Personal Guidance Committee, At-Your-Service Club: Hockey '38, Volleyball '38, '39. Helen Rohaly In sports Helen loves to compete, And is rated quite an outstanding athlete, Mushball '36, '37, Swimming '36, Soccer '36, '37, Tennis '37, Hockey '33, Volleyball '39. Marcella Riombach Mischievous at her work and play, Marty's good-natured, pleasant and gay. Library Club, Dramatic Club, French Club, Program Committee, Volley- 'ball '36, '37, Mushball '36, '37, Favorite Sport-Football. Roy Rupert Archimedes' laws serve as Roy's inspiration, His mathematical feats win our admiration. Secretary of Home Room, junior Leaders, Junior Basketball '36, Intra- mural Track '36. Albert Rush Drumming is our Albert's aim, Some day he'll have Krupa fame. Band B, Hall Patrol, Driving Club. Alan Segal Alan is gracious, brilliant and clever, To be a statesman should be his endeavor. Gloria Silverstein As a leader Gloria has proved worthwhile, She has winning ways and an intriguing smile. Foreword Staff, French Club, Sigma Iota, Psychology Club, hlunior Leaders, Tennis '36, '37, Basketball '36, '37, Volleyball '36, '37, Mushball '36, Lunch Patrol, Soccer '37, Arnold Smith "Say it with flowers," says Arnold who knows The carnation, the lily, the orchid, or rose. Rifle Club, Favorite Sport-Swimming. David Sussman Als strong as Tarzan is good old Dave, And in athletics his banners Wave. Drama Class, Entered from Kiski. Phyllis Taksa Kind, considerate, -thoughtful, too, Happiness, Phyllis, should come to you. Library Club, Dramatic Club, French Club, Basketball '36, Soccer '36, Volleyball '37, Swimming '36, Andrew Tricihe An-dy's another Romeo, That's why the girls all like him so. Hi-Y, Stage Crew, Guidance Committee. 85 Burton Unger Always frienclly-l1is cheerful smile All his classmates does lueguile. Class Play: Hall Patrolg Biology Clulmg Microscope Clulmg Footlmll Xlzm agei' '371 Yarsity Football Manager 1383 Intramural Mushlmzlll '361 liitm mural Hzlsketlmall V562 Chief Spomsfliootlnall, llasketlmll, and llaseluull. F lm George Yalch lu golf Hobby jones can play a good game: ,.A . s v H , L .U . . , 5 ' ' :Xml our friend George Yalch can do quite the same. lntciul fiom fomicllx Yon ilionll Ili li glllillll liuoiitc gl ll D loll ill Mc -I oli bl um Anclrcw M i lc joli illill' Bob B Go Mui' R11 .loli jul ' 1 I' ru Roll ,,,,,, 86 , oe Bechtel :mc Miurtiu lflzltley lvin Carney clel Silvcrmzlu rviu Fraiik DOITZIIICC s McCulloch ricllc Selmulc url l'lCClilllZlll Aclieson in llcssclmzm utli ll Sinwell clon BUl1ClllJ0l'g'Cl' in Rosenstoclc Hale Born us Broiclzl liie Fries rt Ewing mort! Basket 00112 2 Teacher - Miss Leech Officers President ......,....,...,...,,.......,.. Bruce Wvilds Vice President ,...,.., Arthur MeConville Secretary. ,... .............,. . ...., M ary Brown 'I reasurer ,,.. ,..,,....... ...... R o ger Beck Student 'Council .... .,.,,..,.. S ylvia Bigler Activity Rep. .,,, ,... . . , Harriet Moses Foreword Rep .............., Dorothy Mowery Sooial Chairman ,....,...,.. VVilliam Myers Raymond Aldridge Raymond is a quiet lad- For that Miss Leech is truly glad. Short-Vliave Clufbg Stage Crew '57g Gym Team '36: Amateur Radio AviationfChief interest. Chester G. Bandman, jr. A boy we couldn't do without: Chester knows what it's all about. Class Play Cast: Student Council-l2B3 Foreword Staff: Sigma lota French Le Cercle Francaisg Mathematics Club: Radio-Short-XYave Club Chief Sport Interest-Baseball. Roger D. Beck l'Roger D" is a friendly boy, :Xlways full of life and joy. Group Ag High School Sports Broadcastg Chief Sport Interest-Tennis. Sylvia Bigler Sylvia is the cream of the cropg lt's girls like this who reach the top. Student Counoilg Hall Patrol. Thomas Brennan Gay or serious, shy or bold, XVe don't care-he's good as gold! Football. Mary Brown A jolly girl is Mary Brown, Full of fun just like a clown. Secretary-Treasurer l2B3 Secretary l2fX1 Yolleyball '385 Basketball '38 Favorite Sport-Swimming. William Burke Here's a boy who's usually still, But he's really very nice-our Bill! Favorite Sport-HBasketball. james Colbus Quiet and reserved is he, As nice a boy as one can see. Lunch Patrol: Senior Photography: Cooking Club: junior Photography Favorite Sport-Swimming. 87' Dorothy May Guyer Dorothy is sweet and sincere, And very charming to have near. Penmanship Club, Favorite Sports-Tennis, Golf. Earl Heckrnan Happy-go-lucky, pleasant too, Is there anything that he can't do? Drama Classg Class Play Castg Baseball '39: Favorite Sport-Baseball. Martin William Hesselman Marty's an easy going chap In activity period he enjoys his nap. Green Keyg Football '36, '37, '3Sg Favorite Sport-Football. Marie Kopelman VVho is that coming down the way, Marie or Violet? It's hard to say. Hall Patrol IZBQ Art Club, At Your Service, Nature Study Club, Driving Clubg Pemuauship Clubg Needlework Club, Favorite Sporte-Tennis. Violet Kopelman NVhich is which? VVho is who? Violet or Marie, which one are you? Peumanship Club, Art Clubg Driving Club, Nature Study Club: At Your Service Club: Needlework Clubg Basketball '38, Favorite Sport-Swimming. Ruth G. Koss This gay young miss who always talks, Makes quite a charming chatterbox. Hall Patrol: Penmanship Club: Sigma Iota: Needlework Club: Basketball '3Sg Volleyball '38, '39, Favorite Sport!-Swimming. Alma Ladley She's so generous and kind, Girls like this are hard to find. Book Roomg Penmanshipi Hockey '37, '38, Soccer '35, '363 German Club: Volleyball '38: -lunior Humane Society, Hall Patrol. Bertha G. Lubet Her chatter. chatter, all the day Makes our teacher's hair turn gray. Drivers' Club l2Bg Sigma Iota l2B: Penmanship Club, Needlework Club: Type Clubg Volleyball '38, '39, Basketball '38, Favorite Sport-Swimming. Michael Lydon He's six feet tall with wavy hairy M'ichael's really got something there. Favorite Sportwe-Basketball. Mary Alice McCandless Modest, polite, and very neat A friend to all, and very sweet. Hall Patrol: Favorite Sport-Baseball. Arthur C. McConvi11e Sports is the thing that he likes best, And in baseball he shows his greatest zest. Vice Presidentg Lunch Patrol, Favorite Sport-Football. A "" V 88 Mildred Marcus Mildred has plenty of tricks up her sleeves Talkative, she's one of our teacher's pet peeves. Driving Clubg Pemnanship Clubg Needleworkg At Your Service Clubg Na- ture Study Clubg Favorite Sport-Tennis. Shirley F. Marcus Nice brown eyes and friendly smile- Shirley's a girl quite worthwhile. journal Staffg Hall Patrolg Art Clutbg Basketball '385 Volleyball X393 ' Mushball '38g Sigma Iota. Barbara E. Miller Barbara is lovely and nice and tall, She couldn't be sweeter if she were small. Drama Classg Class Playg journal Staffg Needlework Club. Rhoda Morgan Your smile never tfails us, You're the cure for what ails us. Foreword Representativeg Penmanship Clubg Nature Study Clubg Needle- work Clubg Hall Patrolg Favorite Sport-Basketball. Harriet Moses Attractive and always stylishly dressed, Harriet ever is at her best. Dram.a Classg Social Committeeg Lunch Patrolg Activity Representativeg Hall Patrol. Dorothy Mowery Here's a girl with talent in art ln success she is bound to have a part. Foreword Representativeg Business Service Guildg Favorite Sport-Golf. William Myers Anyone with such fine traits NVith our classmates always rates. Class Playg Social Chairman: Debate Clubg Stage Make-up-Clubg Chess Clubg Favorite Sport-Tennis. Harry Nee VVhy has he so many friends? Because his kindness never ends. Favorite Sport-Basketball. james O'Bie-cumas James spends little time on idle chatter And concentrates on things that matter. Favorite Sport-Football. Patrick O'Malley Patrick is the quiet type, That's why we don't know what to write. Football '37. ,332 Baseball '33, '39g Favorite Sporth-Baseball. Clarice Ories Brown hair. blue eyes, a pleasant disposition VVill help "Tootsie" to gain a high position. Drama Class: Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Nature Study Clubg Penman- ship Clubg Needleworkg Favorite Sport-Basketball, 89 Marian Owen Conscientious, loyal and true, Her very best she tries to do. .X. A. A.: Physics Club: Art Club: Needlework Club: Volleyball '39: Mushball '36: Hockey '38: Favorite Sport-Horseback Riding. john Pankutch ,X quiet boy with ambitions strong, In any field he'll get along. Biology Club: Cross Country Team: Track Team: Favorite Sport-Tennis. Caroline Zane Piper Caroline's merits are many, She has few faults if any. Marionette Club: German Club: Favorite Sport-.Xrchery. Frieda Rose A grand secretary she will be Because she's mastered stenography. Business Service Guild: Penmanship Club: At Your Service Club: Favorite Sport-Basketball. Edgar Sclhaffel Easy going, gay and free, VVith a winning personality. Basketball '39: Lunch Patrol: Chess Club: Boys' Cooking Club: Favorite Sport-Basketball. Herbert L. Shubin Here's a gentleman of ease, just the kind we like to tease. Lunch Patrol: Hall Patrol: Chess Club: jewelry Club: Junior Basketball: Biology Club: Civics Club: Favorite Sport-Basketball. Wallace Williazm Warren VVallace is active in every way, VVe seldom see him from day to day. Foreword Staff: Hi-Y: Male Chorus: Business Manager: Favorite Sport -Swimming. Bruce Wilds For helping us through our senior year, Our president Bruce deserves a cheer. President of Home Room. Harold R. Wynn, jr. Never rushes, never hurries. Never seems to have any worries. Activity Representative: Lunch Patrol: Photography Club: Football '37 '3Sg Swimming Team '34, '35, '36: Senior Leader '37. 90' 00l7Z 2 1 Teacher - Miss Sftuart Officers President . . .. Mendel Silverman Vice President ,. Gilda Tamburi Secretary-Treasurer Shirley Rosenthal Student Council Rep. Ruth VVeinbaum .Xctivities Representative ., .. , Ida VVolf Foreword Reporter ...Mildred Carlson Mary Elizabeth Barnes XYe all love Harnie. she's lots of fun: Plays a whooping game of badminton. Badminton Clubg tiroup A2 Girls! Choraleg Soccer '33, ,36g llockey '37 Badminton-Favorite Sport. Mildred T. Carlson Xeatness personified, Sammy Kaye ian. Any task to be done ?-+Millie can! Foreword Representative: Business Service Ciuild: Penmanship Club Basketball '381 Volleyball '39. Gene N. Carr Lovely to look at, delightful to know. You'll find her friendly wherever you go. Dramatics Class: Class Play Castg Iournal Statfg Social Committeeg Fore word Staff: French Clubg Sigma Iota: tJ1'gan: Soccer '35, '36, Nora Clem Shy and sweet. trim and neat, The kind of girl you like to meet. Basketball-Favorite Sport. Mary Dolores Connor Dolly wants to be a nurse. and this we'll guarantee- XYhen you need attention, she's the one to see. At-Your-Service Club: l'enmanship Club: Basketballf-Favorite Sport. Mary F. Delaney Clever. Witty. Oh, so pretty! Basketball '39: Volleyball '393 Basketball-Favorite Sport, Richard W. Duguid A likable chap with a quiet way: liis good deeds soon will pay. Football-Favorite Sport. Eugene Van Beuren Evans With the trumpet. tiene's handy as he can be. Hut nothing can stop him when it gets out of key. Microscope Club: German Club: Physics Club: French Clubg llgmd A Brass Quintet. , 917 Irene Sara Freedman "You can't take it with you" is her favorite saying, Spends some of her time at piano playing. Sigma Iota, French Club, Art Club, Soccer '35, Basketball '35, '39, Swim- ming--Favorite Sport. Leonard Giunto Sometimes he's happy, sometimes he's gay, He says he's serious, we think another way. Football-Favorite Sport. Bernard Ingold He likes football, his eyes are blue, He's serious, shy, and studious, too. Football-Favorite Sport. Simon Craig Kaplan To Si, who likes his girls a la Titian, A vote for the best dressed Allderdician. Baseball-Favorite Sport. Milton Kotler Milton's a boy on the serious side, But his wit is something he never should hide. Organ, Baseball-Favorite Sport. Eileen Marshall Pretty as a picture, liked by everyone, Friendly, too, and witty, Eileen's lots of fun. Swimming-Favorite Sport. Wesley Duane Martin VVesley Duane is our pride and joy, That's why we call him our handsomest boy. Dramiatics Class Cast, Guidance Program Committee, Green Key, Cross Country '37, Football-Favorite Sport. H. Howard Mattes Vwhen there is fun about in the air, VVithout a doubt, Hershey is there. Journal Staff, Guidance Program Committee, Green Key, Swimming '37, Basketball--Favorite Sport. Harold P. MicGreevy The Business Service Guild's able President, VVe,re proud to say, 'was a 261 resident. Business Service Guild, Football-Favorite Sport. Jerome H. Miller Nothing too great, nothing too small, Jerry is there at your beck and call. Photography Club, Stage Make-up Club, Baseball-Favorite Sport. Carol Edna Nathanson A famous sculptor, Carol will be: Don't forget, it was our prophecy. Dramatics Class Cast, Art Club, Senior Dramatics Club f1Oth Gradej, junior Chorus, Tennis'-Favorite Sport. 92 1 August Nedlik Happy-go-lucky, mischievous Gus: His batting average-1000 with us. Football-Favorite Sport. Selma Edith Pascal Sooky Pascal's everyone's friend, To dull days, happiness she'll send. Basketball-Favorite Sport. Charles Platt They don't come any squarer than Chick, Of pilot prospects, l'1e's the pick. Business Service Guild: Baseball '39: Baseball--Favorite Sport. Adam F. Provan As an artist, he's the tops, We will bet he never flops. Journal Staff, Swimming-Favorite Sport. Edward C. Rea Big blue eyes with rosy cheeks, Eddie's the type a girl likes to meet Q0-ooh, Keatsllj Baseball '39. Anne R. Rosenberg Brown-eyed Anne, who is quite tall, ls a friend to one and all. At-Your-Service Club: Driving Club: Penmanship Club: Tennis-Favorite Sport. Mildred Roisenblum "Miss Rosenblum, please take dictation." QI-Ie's got a swell secretary in our estiinationj Business Service Guild: Group B: Swimming-Favorite Sport. Shirley Rae Rosenthal A smile for everyone. full of good cheer. When a friend's needed, Shirley is near. Business Service Guild: Bulletin: Hall Patrol: Home Room Secretary: Penmanship Club, Type Club: Football-Favorite Sport. Lois Kay Schugar Always giggling, always gay, She'll make new friends every day. Hall Patrol: Sigma Iota, Basketball '39, Tennis-Favorite Sport. Rose S. Seltzer A tonic for all your ills, "Seltzer" is better than pills. Sigma Iota: Type Club: Driving Club: Paddle Tennis '36: Swimming '36, '37, Tennis '37, Volleyball '36, '37, '38, '39, Basketball '36, '37, '38, '39: Mushball '37, '38, '39, Soccer '37, '38: Hockey '39, Senior Life Saving '38. Margaret Shombert 1 An author and poet Peggy 'will be, Serious, shy, and brilliant is she. journal Staff, Le Cercle Francais: Voice Ag Soccer '36, '37: Hockey '38, Basketball-Favorite Sport. 93 Mendel Silverman Mendel is our basketball star. As Class President, he's 'way above par. Senior Class President: llome Room i7l'C5lflClllQ lirecn Key: Basketball '36. '37. '38 '39: Basketball-Favorite Sport. Jerome S. Simon jerry is a favorite around us here, XVe'll all miss him for many a year. Boys' Cooking Club '3o: Boys' Stage Make-up Club '3S: junior Basketball 3 '3C: junior Chorus. Frances Louise Sipe As fine a 'person as we'll ever meet, Her friendly assistance is hard to beat. Basketball-Favorite Sport. Mary Virginia Smith Quiet and pretty is little Smitty, And underneath. she's very witty. Driving Club: Soccer 36: Hockey 38: Basketball '39: Hockey-Favoritt Sport. Lawrence Straus Larry's ambitionis to be a musician. NVell, weire all wishin'--l Football-Favorite Sport. Gilda Flora Tamburi Dress designing is her aim, "Tam" is sure to come to fame. Home Room Vice President: Fencing Club '39g Sewing Club '36: Soccei '36, '37: Hockey '38, '39: Basketball '36. '37, l38, '39: Volleyball '36. '37 '38, '39: Mushball '36, '37, '3S: Tennis l36, '37: junior Leaders '36. Ralph G. Wagner There is hardly a day that passes W'hen Ralph doesn't brighten up his classes. Baseball-Favorite Sport. Florence C. Weigel Brown hair, black eyes. five foot five, Our Flo's art talent is sure to thrive. Business Service Guild: Baseball-Favorite Sport. Ruth S. Weinbaum Ida She is tiny, but take our advice. XVhat there is of her is nice. Student Council: Latin Club: French Club: Debating Club: Driving Club Crafts Club: Penmanship Club: TenniseFavorite Sport. Helen Wolf As a debater we like her no end: But Ida's chief asset is that--she's a true friend. Activity Representative: Chairman of Guidance Committee: Latin Club: Sigma Iota: Basketball-Favorite Sport. Debate Club 94 am 266 Teacher - Miss Evans Officers President .. Ruth Anne Montgomery Vice President.. ...,,..... .,...... C arl Piflaum Secretary-Treasurer ......, ..Mary Miller Student Council ....,..,.. Jack MoCandliss Activity Representative ,... Albert Starr 1 Foreword Rep.. ..,,.. ..... R hoda Hunter Milton Alexander All ay I Suggest IFUIIIKIIIH' .-I Ituays in flzc' Dark Fntered lfroni Valley Forge Military .Xeade1ny. Dorothy Averbach 1? atv flffm' Day .-I nd flu' Angels Sing Foreword Staff: Activity Representative: Crochet Club: Group A: Volley- ball '37, 38: Soccer 139: Basketball 38: Swirnming: Baseball-Favoriit Sport. Dorothy J. Bolton !7 Ollif Change Your Heart if Ulllffliflll l27'l'0lIlUl' Football-Favorite Sport. Lorraine De Martino I. iff.: a Dann' D ark Eyes Business Service Guild: Baseball-Favorite Sport. Eva Eileen Duffy If rw' So Quia! I7 Gllflillg 11110 My Heart Business Service Guild: Basketball 233: Football--Favorite Sport. Rosemarie Figola R omanrc Runs ia the Family' lf oofloasv and Fanry Free Lunch Patrol: Basketball 138: Basketball-Favorite Sport. john M. Flatley J anim' lf vvlin' High ana' Hafvfvj' Trztek '38 239: Cross Country '37, '3S: Track-Favorite Sport. Evelyn M. Fratangelo I? ax-V 017 ffm E-rex I7 01' Er'ary Lana!-v llfarl Business Service Guild: Inter-class Basketball: lnter-class Volleyball: Swimming-Favorite Sport. 95 Earnest Geary E asy Lifviug G ol No Time Member of A. A. A.g Physics Clubg Swinuning-A-Favorite Sport. Bessie Gibson I? e cz Good Sport G ir! of My Dreams Basketball '38: Swimming 2385 Captain of Volleyball Team '593 Tennis-4 Favorite Sport. John Gourevitch J uri a Lilfle .Hit More Cf of My Mind on rlilusir Favorite Sport-Football. Melvin Grove M y Fine Feathered Friend G ofta Cel Some Shut Eye Bowling Club: Track '36g Football-Favorite Sport. Richard C. Held I? 0lll67lllbBl' H of and Happy Baseball-Favorite Sport. Agnes H. Henderson A nchorx Aweiglz H old Your Hats, Hoy.: Basketball-Favorite Sport. Irene Hudjak I Clfllllf Get You Our of My Mind H eoven Can W'oit Business Service Guild: llome Room Secretary: Football-Favorite Sport. Rhoda Hunter I? oiimnve in lhc Rain H ello, Zlly Dorling Drama Class: Journal Staff: Foreword Representative: Swimming '382 Volleyball X393 Football-Favorite Sport. Alice jordan i ,fl rf Von in H10 Mood for Mllvrlzief J illorlmg Jamboree Volleyball '37, 385 Basketball '381 Baseball-Favorite Sport. john Kailer J nxt Le! rllo Look At Von K illor Diller' Journal Staff: Foreword Staff: Senior Art Club: Secretary of lli-Y: Swimming X381 High School Sports Broadcaster: Basketball - Favorite Sport. Charles F. Kiefer C' on If Be True K ermiit the Hermit Radio Clubg Physics Club: Football-Favorite Sport. Y' 'A" ' 96 Willis Alfred King ll" Crm Colm' .el Long ll"ay Togctlwr If irkiu' thc Corn flrozuzcl Student Council: Basketball-Favorite Sport. Margaret Kirkland M argie K wp Calling :llc STt'C'l'lllCUl'l Volleyball '37, '38: Basketball-Favorite Sport. Marjorie Jeanne Klee .ll ml About llzc Boy K iss Me lfVill1 Vow Eyes Senior Type Club: Sigma Iota: At-Your-Servicc Club: Crochet Club: Has ketball '36: Teimis-Favorite Sport. Betty Kortlandt 13 lm' Sutcctliecirt K wp Snzlliu' German Club: Swimming '38: Football-Favorite Sport. Annabelle Lucchino .'l rr Tllcrf' .flu-v lllorv fit Hmm' Like' You l. ittle l.rm'y iltlakc-Bclicw Lunch Monitor: Physics Club: Volleyball '36, '37, '38, '39: Swimming '38 Soccer '37g Hockey '38g Basketball '39g Mushball '37, '38 Thomas W. Marks 'I' inte 011 My Hands .ll usif' 'flrrouglz tlw Night Band Ag Track. David T. Marsh D wiring Arouzm' ill y Mall Fencing-Favorite Sport. john Harry Mc:Candliss .I ust a Dreamer Amt I .ll 0lIllllj'lll01'l1llIg Drama Class: Student Council: lfli-Y: Hockey-Favorite Sport. Samuel M. McKissock S ny, Wlierc D0 You Live M nsic, Mrzmtro, Pleaxv Lunch Patrol: Band A: Basketball-Favorite Sport. William I. Milko IV lristlv l'Vl1ile You Work .ll y First l11zpre.t.vi011 of You Baseball-Favorite Sport. Mary M. Miller ill y Rerxeric .ll oct Mr in the rlloonlight Home Room Secretary: Business Scrvicc Guild: Pcnmansliip Club: Vollcy ball '37, '39: Swimm-ing-Favorite Sport. 97 .S Ruth Anne Montgomery R orkin' 1110 Town M 'HlI'llj' in the Nrmvcry Jewelry Club: Physics Club: Volleyball '36, '37, '38, '39: Mushball '37, '38: Hockey '38: Basketball '38, '39: Basketballglfavorite Sport. Archie Moore A i11't M1'.v11c111az1i11' M instrel Boy Orchestra A: Baseball-Favorite Sport. Arthur Parker A f1'aif11 To Dremiz P earn, R1'0111c1', Prove Swimming-Favorite Sport. Amelio P. Pellfini A Ireays P lease Re Kimi Cross Country '37, '38: Track '3S: Baseball4Fax'orite Sport. Carl Pflaum f"Moe"j C 01111510 H1111101' P 101150 C017li0 Out of V0111' D1'ca111 Home Room Vice President: Hall Patrol: Physics Club: Hi-Y: Stage Crew Club: Football-Favorite Sport. William Phillips VV 11isf1m'i11g H0'f7l? P arfzzcr, 11's 1110 PlI11'11IIfj 0f 1110 Way Lunch Patrol: Physics Club: Football '37, '38: Football-Favorite Sport. Stanton Pifer, jr. S wee1'.S'01110011c' P 01 O'Mi11e Football-Favorite Sport. Maurice Reilly, jr. M 11.11 S00 A111110 T0111'g11f R 1l'Vl'1IlIl 011 flll' Range Baseball-Favorite Sport. Sydney Robbins S 71111111 111111 .q'ZUlIj' R 0111115 and Roses Entered +from South Hills High. September 1937. Leonard Samuels L 11110 Sir Echo S fart 1110 Day Willz A 51111111 Biology Club: Sportsman Clubg Rifle Club: Bowling Club: Football '38: Intramural Sports: Football--Favorite Sport. joseph J. Sfarcone 1 05Gf7l1.l J0sef111.' 5' 111.i1ex Orchestra A: Football '37: Swimming '37: Swimining-'Favorite Sport. Albert Starr A 1' 0 1.111111 H01 Dog 5101111 S 1001131 Head Activity Representative: Hockey-Favorite Sport. 98 7 Lunch Monitor: Home Room President: Badminton Club: Library Club: WY i-..,.. 00I7Z 352 Teacher - Miss Ross Officers President ...,........,..,,...,..., Shirley Mathos Vice President ,... ...,, George Rowland Secretary-Treasurer... Catherine Vislay Student Council ................. Peggy Martin Activity Representative .... Louise Zonge Foreword Rep ..,...,... ,.,,.. . .Edith Varady Victor E. Berger To be a prosperous business man, ls Vic's ambition, if he can. French Club: Orchestra A: Baseball-Favorite Sport. Mary Virginia Brown Marys tall and rather slim, She's a lovely voice: sl1e's very trim. Voice A: Girls' Chorale: Basketball-Favorite Sport. Raymond Paul Crawford Ray's picked out for his position The job of being' a niortician. journal Staff: Hall Patrol: Voice I3: Golf-Favorite Sport. Eleanore Gazidik lileanore plays tennis when sheis able: Her other interest is Clark Gable. Business Service Guild: Basketball '39: Volleyball ,393 S'u'imining-Favo rite Sport. Edith E. Guerra Auburn curls, five feet high. Rarely ever heaves a sigh. Business Service Guild: Swinnning-Favorite Sport. Gerald Isaacson .lerry's serious, shy, and gay, Hopes to be a millionaire some day. Drama Class Cast: Intramural Sports: llaskctball-Favorite Sport. Rhoda Lou Jacobson Green eyes, blonde hair, Rhodais welcome everywhere. Volleyball-Favorite Sport. Leonard S. Kaplan Likes the coin-collecting fad: Lenls a quiet, modest lad. Physics Club: Baseball-Favorite Sport. 99 " Mildred Ida Kennedy Peppy ever! Quiet never! Foreword Representative: Senior Art Clubg At-Your-Service Club: Musli ball '37g Volleyball '38, '39: Basketball '39: Basketball-Favorite Sport Eloise Allegra Lutz Shy and mischievous is our Eloise, Because of this, she's easy to please. Lunch Patrolg Volleyball '37g Mushball '37g Mushball-Favorite Sport. Norma Kathleen Lutz Norma's one great ambition Is to be a good mortician. Drama Classg Driving Clubg Swimming-Favorite Sport. Peggy E. Martin Peggy goes for dancing and art, In the class play. took Mrs. Sycamore's part. Drama Class: Guidance Committeeg Student Councilg Home Room Trea- surerg Thespian Clubg French Clubg Driving Cluibg Tennis-Favorite Sport John Marszalek Studious never. happy ever, Oh, but John is really clever. Band Ag Basketball-Favorite Sport. Shirley Mathos Latin once was Shirley's hobby, Now for skating she does lobby. Hall Patrol: Home Room Presidentg Chairman of Guidance Programs Hockey '37g Volleyball '38, '39g Basketball '38g Volleyball-Favorite Sport Peggy MicCahill Peggy's cheerful all the while, She's rarely seen without a smile. Journal Staffg Social Committee: Voice Ag Hockey '37g Yollcyball '39 Hockey-Favorite Sport. Betty McCallister Five feet two. very gay, Everyone likes Mitzie's way. Hockey '37: Volleyball '373 Basketball-Favorite Sport. Dorothy Margaret Metzger Studious and shy. She catches the eye. Tennis-Favorite Sport. Hazel Ruth Miller The typewriter is her most useful tool. She's a great help throughout the school. Journal Staff: Student Councilg Foreword Staff: Business Service Guild Bulletin: A. A. A.: Penmanship Club: Tennis '36, '37. '39g Volleyball '37 '39g Basketball ,38g Tennis-Favorite Sport. 'M 100 Frank Nagy Little is known of Frankls ambition, But some day, we hope he'll get a position. Football-Favorite Sport. Carl Perha-cs At times he may seem serious, But his wit never wearies us. Baseball-Favorite Sport. Robert Raphael In 352, Bob's the business man, Selling cards as fast as he can. Book Room, Dramatic Club, Rand B5 Swimming '37, Football-Favorite Sport. S jack Reid Jack says the Stanley is his haunt, With this, the teachers he does taunt. Football-Fav-orite Sport. jack Rex Radio amateur WSNMP, He can broadcast from sea to sea. Radio Clubg Baseball-Favorite Sport. Jetter Lee Richardson Quiet and unassuming is our "letter", For a friend, there is no better. Volleyball-Favorite Sport. john Henry Rooney Although we've not known him long, Our liking for him is pretty strong. Basketball-Favorite Sport. George Lewis Rowland George is always called "monsieur" And his success we'll reassure. Home Room Vice President, Baseball-Favorite Sport. Harry C. Sarge Harry is an earnest worker, Never known to be a shirker. Football-Favorite Sport. Lois j. Scott "Know something, do something, be somethingf, says Scotty, Who is sensible, shy, and never naughty. Physics Club, Tennis-Favorite Sport. Michael Sebak Although a football hero, he is shy, But to all of us, lVfike's a swell guy. Football '37, TSS, Baseball-Favorite Sport. 101 - Eleanor G. Seewald "El" has a knack of making friends, And their cares, she always mends. Foreword Representative: Business Service Guild: Hall Patrol: Library Club: Senior Leaders Club: Badminton Club: Basketball TSS, '39g Volley- ball '36, '37, '38, ,39: Soccer '38: Hockey '39: Mushball '37, '38, '39: Paddle Tennis ,36. William Thomas Sinwell To be a cadet is Billis destination, Here's hoping he'll attain this occupation. Drama Class: Track '38, '39: Track-Favorite Sport. john L. Sullivan: Happy and gay, always in smiles, XVith these characteristics, our Sully beguiles. Lawrence Susser Always working is this Larry, No one ever sees him tarry. Swimming-Favorite Sport. Mary Virginia Tunney Quite petite! Very sweet! journal Staff: Hall Patrol: Basketball '38: Volleyball '39: Tennis-Favorite Sport. Edith S. Varady Now here's a very charming lass, She's a favorite of the class. Basketball '37, '39. Catherine Vislay A pal to all of us every day Is this girl known as "Kay," Home Room Secretary: Sigma Iota: Hockey ,37, 138: Volleyball '37, '38: Basketball '38g Mushball '38: Basketball-AFavorite Sport. Wilma Witherspoon "Birdie', wants to be a 'vvriterg May her novels make life brighter. Hall Patrol: Volleyball-Favorite Sport. Louise Zonge "Weezie" plays the harp so well, She seems to weave a magic spell. Activity Representative: Orchestra A: Hockey !37, 133: Volleyball y37, '38, '39: Basketball ,385 Basketball--Favorite Sport. 102 Foreword Representative: lfrench Club: jewelry Club: Volleyball ,36, '392 fm 355 Teacher - Miss johnson Officers President ..,,........,... ,...,, Robert Ewing Vice President ........ ,..,......... I anet Lewin Secretary-Treasurer .. .... Evelyn Smith Student Council Rep... .John Dorrance Foreword Reporter ..... Jean Moskowitz Robert Aronson Hels always laughing and jokingg His voice is always gayg You seldom find him moping- His success will come some day. Class Play Cast: Foreword Staff: Brothers of the Skillet: Mathematics Clubg Microscope Clubg Radio Clubg Entre Nousg Sigma Iota Club, Pre- sidentg Photography Clubg Art Cilubg Baseball. Bernard Benkovitz His ambition is to peddle fishg Yes, this is what he dreams. XVe hope that he may get his wish For herring and sardines. journal Staffg Class Presidentg Class Banker. Virginia Burke She's going to reach a towering height In the business world some dayg Shels learned to choose the thing thatys rightg Shels dependable and gay. Journal Staffg Foreword Staffg Business Service liuildg Bulletin: Mush- ball '38g Basketball '38 Albert Calfo He's an ambitious sort of fellow VVhen you get to know him well: His heart is kind and mellow, His friends all think he's swell. Lunch Patrolg Baseball. Melvin Carney His friends all call him "Dragonl' The symbol of his school, Because heis always draggin, Behind the others in the pool. Lunch Patrolg Green lieyg lfootball '37, '3Bg Baseball '3Sg Cheerleader '39 103 John Dorrance The i-cebox is his homeg That's where he longs to be, Among the food to roam And eat what he can see. Activities Representative: Hall Patrolg Brothers of the Skillet: Hi-Y, Vice Presidentg Model Airplane Club: Swimming '38, '39g Golf '38, '39, Emma Druga Einmals always willing To lenid a helping handg Her classmates have the feeling That she is simply grand. Hockey '38g Volleyball '39g Favorite Sport-Baseball. Margaret Duffy She's the one who sets the styles For what the others wearg She also sets the smiles That we so like to share. Class Play Production Staffg Craft Clnbg Hockey '37, Robert Eber 355's poet laureate Is friendly, genial Bob, VVhose humor, laughter and bubbling wit Have influenced many a mob. Lunch Patrolg Soccer Team l35g Track '35, Robert Eckhardt He likes to go out riding VVith his hands on the reinsg Those hands that do the guiding Over fields and narrow lanes. Journal Staffg President of Student Councilg Activities Reprcsentativeg Student 'Council Representativeg Rifle Clubg Badminton Clubg Hi-Yg Art Clubg Photography Club. Robert Ewing He's the president of his home room, H-e is blessed with mlany friendsg His face is seldom marked with gloom As happiness and good-will he blends. Home Room Presidentg Green Keyg junior Boys' Leaders: Group Ae Male Chorusg Football l37. '38g Volleyball ,365 Soccer '35g Track '35, Sidney Feldman He's always very silentg He seldom makes a noiseg His temper's never violent- He's tops among the boys. German Clubg Photography Club. Lucille Galvin We all admire her auburn hair And her happy state of mindg It is not strange that we declare Her thoughtful, sweet and kind. Penmanship Clubg Basketball. 104 Rhoda Gurgiolo She's full of vigor and vim, And all that goes along, Her hair is dark, and she is slim- She makes our life a SO11g. Hall Patrol, Tennis. Belle Harris She's quiet as can beg She seldom makes a soundg But we always agree She's nice to have around. Voice Group Bg Volleyballg Basketball. Herbert Hawkins He's the good-natured guy Who's always in a messg VVe really don't know why, It's up to you to guess. Swimming '36, Track '36, Football '37, '38g Baseball '39, Milton E. Helfer His favorite sport is dancing, He's one of the jitterbugsg When Milton comes in prancing Roll up all the rugs. Orchestra A5 Basketball. Sherwood Kflevan Y-ou'll find him with his head down, You'll find him sound asleep. They tell us that his eyes are brown, Some day we'll get a peep. Class Play Business Manager, Bowling Clubg Golf. Arnold Lazarus VVhen it's m-oney that we need, He collects the dough, No one dares his request unheed, He's the 'best collector that we know. Sigma Iota, Debate Club, Boys' Leaders, Band A. Sam Levine Debating is his true love- He'll argue any one, He'll never quit 'neath skies above, At least not till he's won. Debate Clubg Physics Club, Sigma Iota, Favorite Sport-Tennis. Janet Lewin She's engaged in many sports, She's always on the go. Among the best with her reportsg She's very nice to know. Dram-atic Classy Social Representativeg Foreword Staff, Home Room Vice President, Senior Leaders Club, Junior Leaders Club, French Club: Math Club, Tennis '36, '37, '39g Basketball '36, '38, '39, Volleyball '36, '37, '38, '39, Hockey '37, '38g Swimming '36, '37, '38 105 Faith Markert She wants to fly an aeroplane. That's what she contemplates, VVC know her hopes are not in vain, She'll rise among the greats. Craft Club, Volleyball '38, Swimming. Louis Marks When it comes to "book larnin" He's always nonchalantg But when 'sincerity's involved Lou has plenty to flaunt. Morris Mayer Though we've known him several years lfVe've never seen him, frown, He always appears Happy as a clown. Book Room, Lunch Patrol, Physics Club, junior Soccer. Rhoda McKercher She longs to be at the ball game When her Buccos are at home, Her heart's in a place we needn't name Gut where the fielders roam. Physics Club, At-Your-Service Club, Soccer '35, '36, Basketball '36, '37, '38, Hockey '37, '38, Volleyball '36, '37, '38, '39, Manager '39, Swimming Manager IZA. jean Moskowitz She's going to be a designer- Her talents are simply grand, Her personality couldn't be finer- Let's give her a hand. Class Play Production Staff, Foreword Representative, Foreword Staff, Senior Art Club, Cercle Francais de Victor Hugo, Volleyball Manager '37. Ruth Ohringer She's always full of song, She's always quite carefree, We're glad when she's along, 'Cause she's swell company. Fencing Club, French Club, U. P., Basketball '35, '36, '37, '38, Mushball '35, '36, '37, Hockey '37, '38, Volleyball '35, '36, '37, Tennis '36, '37, Soccer '35, '36. William Suty Wlienever activity rolls around, As it always has to date, Long after the tinkling bell does sound, Bill Suty struts in late. Football '37. Evelyn Smith She is liked by all who know her, An honor student, too, Wherex'er the fates may guide her, She'll be surpassed by few. H-ome Room Vice President, Home Room Secretary, Driving Club, Chess Club, Junior Leaders, History Movie Club, Hockey '37, '38, Soccer '36, Swimming '38, '39, Tennis '36, Basketball '38, 106 ' ' Diana Steinberg She ranks among the very wise, She's kind and sweet and gay, The twinkle in her merry eyes Says she'll succeed some day. Class Play Producti-on Staff, journal Staff, Editor-in-Chief of Foreword Staff, Craft Club, Sigma Iota Club, Psychology Club, Tennis '37, Soccer '37, Post-Gazette S-chool Page Reporter. Natalie Supowitz Her classmates think she's sweet, You'll seldom find her blue. She's always very neat, Girls like her are few. Class Play Cast, Foreword Representative, Library Club, History Movie Club, Psychology Club, Sigma Iota Club. Gertrude Taylor Her heart is always light as snow, Her mind keeps us on the run, Of all the girls we happen to know Sl1e's the one most full with fun. Home Room Secretary, jewelry Club, Fencing Club, junior Leaders Club, Senior Leaders Club, Senior Gym Period Manager '38, '39, Swimming Team '35, '36, Hockey '37, '38, Soccer '35, '36, Tennis '36, '37, '39, Basket- ball '36, Volleyball '36. Robert Taylor He's serious and studies hard, He's very quiet too, NVe know his success won't be marred, By failures many or few. Biology Club, Microscope Club, Brand, Band Concert, Speaker at Regional Meeting of junior Academy of Science at Peabody, Speaker at Penn State Meeting of junior Academy of Science. Dorothy T-olochko No matter when you meet her, She's sure to wear a smile, No gloom will ever beat her 'Cause she's found that smile worthwhile. Journal Staff, junior Leaders, Senior Leaders Club, Physics Club, Basket- ball '36, '37, '38, '39, Volleyball '36, '37, '38, '39, Hockey '38, '39, Soccer '36, '37, '38, '39, Aline Vale She longs to be a poet To write of spring and summertime, We know that she -can do it For she writes for us in rhyme. Craft Club, Swimming. Burton Wanetik He looks at life from the lighter end, He'll never moan or sigh, But d-own deep he has a strong trend- Tt's always do or die. Class Play Cast, Physics Club, Checker Club, Band, Hall Patrol, 107 Ruth Webb Ruth has a lovely alto voice, Sweet and mellow, toog She's always anxious to help us When there's anything to do. Biology Clubg Girls' Choraleg Voice Trio '37g Voice A. Rose Wolfson She always shows a merry faceg She always is so gayg No one can ever take her place- She's in our hearts to stay. German Clubg Craft Clubg Group A: Volleyball '36, '37, '38, '39g Hockey '38, '39g Mushball '37g Basketball '38, Leona Zinamon W'henever the drum begins to beat, And the band begins to play, Leona can no longer still her feet, She loves to swing and sway. Driving Clubg Voice Ag Hockey '385 Tennis '37g Soccer '38, Gertrude Zweig At the touch of her bow to the violin strings, Sweet music fills the airg And the melody Gert's playing brings Is welcome everywhere. Class Play Production Staffg Foreword Staffg Craft Clubg Psychology Clubg Social Chairman: Sigma lotag Orchestra Ag All-City Orchestra String Triog String Quartetteg Flute Triog String Ensembleg Tennis '36, '37 ffxy Wliaf If: Elizabeth Beall were Elizabeth Chimes? Marian Lambie were Marian Sheepie? Alan Perlis were Alan Diamonds? Peggy Askin were Peggy Tellin? Theodora Nicholas were Tlieodora Dimes? VVallace VV211'1'CIl were VVallace Peace? Dorothy Daley were Dorothy Vlfeekly? Robert Taylor were Robert Taylor? Lois Schugar were Lois Salt? Maurice Baseman were Maurice Attic? Roselle Frishman were Roselle Sophomore? "' 108 f 1 00172 361 Teacher - Miss Brennan Officers President ,,...,,.......,..... Reva Rosenberg Vice President ,,...,..,...........,, Irvin Frank Secretary-Treasurer .... Virginia Hinish Student Council ......,...,. Madeline Brown Social Representative .... Mary Abruzese Activities Representativemlrvin Frank Foreword Rep ............... Margaret Michel Henry Abraham "VVhistle VVhile You NVork" Every minute of the day, No matter -what there is to do Henry does it all the way. Soccer-Favorite Sport. Mary S. Abruzese "Keep Your Sunny Side Up"- Mary never seems blue, And her pleasant disposition VVill always see her through. Volleyball '33, Swinnning'-Favorite Sport. Frances C. Baker "You're a Natural", Franny, Red hair, sweet smile, and stuff, And when it comes to praises. Vife canit give you enough. Tennis '38, Basketball '33, '39: Volleyball '33, '38, '39, Football-Favorite Sport. '3 Arthur Bariska "Music, Maestro, Pleasey' For Art plays the cornet, He puts his Hall" in every note, And it comes out grand, you bet. Lunch Patrol, Band A. Maurice S. Baseman "I Get Along XVithout You Very VVell." Says Morry of the three "R's", But he goes for fencing and beautiful gal And rides in tuntbledowfn cars. Physics Club. 5. joe Bechtel "Just a Kid Named Joe" Has a swell singing voice, Seems to like all music, Kay Kyser's his first choice. Green Key, Vice Presidentg Male Chorus: Chorus 95 Mushball '38, Hockey Ag Football '37. 109 Madeline Brown "Heart And Soul", she puts them both In everything she doesg If you want a good scholar or swell friend, just give Maddy a buzz. Journal Staffg Guidance Committee: Student Councilg Hall Patrol Captain German Clubg At-Y'our-Serviceg Basketball '38g Volleyball 139. E. Roy Burchell 'KGet Out of Town", to study, And Roy will go, for he Expects to enter W. and Plus B-oston's School of Theology. Rifle Club-Favorite Sport. Betty J. Butler "Betty Co-ed" is the title We bestow Upon this pretty lass, For her pleasant personality Rates quite high with her class. Sigma Iota Club. jack Callender "We'll Never'Know" about Jack, For he never speaks a word, But so long as silence is golden, 'Tis 'better still than heard. Mushball-Favorite Sport. Lillian DiLil1o "Stay as Sweet as You Aren, Lil, Sincere and helpful, too, Keep bestowing your thoughtful. willing ways In everything you do. Journal Staff. Eleanor Dolan "XVhat This Country Needs is Foo !" That's lfddie's pet expression. Aims to be a lawyer or flierg A bugle's her proudest possession. Basketball '38: Volleyball '39. Winiam P. Duffy 'Tni' Flying High" Says football hero Bill. Hopes to be a pilot, And if effort counts,-qhe will. Business Service Guild: Football '37, '33, Dorothy V. Emswiller "Come and Meet Those Dancing Feet", Dot thinks tapping is swell, And we agree wholeheartedly, For she surely does it well. Tennis-Favorite Sport. 110 Grace J. Fagan "You're Here, You're There, You're Everywhere", And as Gracie breezes about, Gne minute she's in, the next minute gone, But she gets places, there's no doubt. Fencing Club, French Club: Swimming Team '36, Basketball '38, '39, Volleyball '36, '38, '39, Soccer '36, '38, Lawrence James Farrell "Time On My Hands"?-not Larry, He always has something to do, Be it reading, writin', or 'rithmetic, Still his smiles are far from few. Football-Favorite Sport. Cornelius Fisher "Ice Cream, Soda, Gingerale, Pop" What will your order be? Duke's a soda jerker, And a jolly good fellow is he. Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, French Club, Green Key. Irvin C. Frank "Don't Drop a Slug in a Slot" - But a ball in a basket instead: Yes. Chickie's an excellent shot, VVhose swell playing put our team ahead. Activities Representative, Vice President of Home Room, Basketball '37. '38, '39, Tennis. Madelyn A. Goldhammer "She's Got Eyes of Blue"- She's also quite petite, We've never seen Madge wear a frown, She's really very sweet. Hall Patrol, Sigma Iota. Theresa Elvira Gurgiolo "Laugh Your XVay Through Life." To this saying Theresa adheres, She always seems happy, cheerful, and gay. Her countenance harbors no fears. Orchestra A. Virginia Hinish "Could Be" Virginia's helping hand That makes us like her so, But whatever the attraction is, She's really swell, we know. Home Room Secretary-Treasurer: Tennis '36, Volleyball '36, '37, Soccer '37, Basketball '38, Coleman Klein "I Used to Be Color Blind", Says Coleman quite askance, "Until one iday I up and bought Those orange checkered pants!" Baseball-Favorite Sport. 111 Elsie Kristan "Chop, chop. chop, chop. chop, chop" And Elsie types away, This grand girl helps us all so much Throughout the entire day. journal Staff, Foreword Staffg Business Service Guild. Edna Mae McHugh "VVhen Her Irish Fyes Arc Smiling" And ne'er a word is spoken, Patty sits absorbed in thought, Nor is that silence broken. Band Bg Volleyball '39, Margaret Michel "You're As Pretty As a Picture", Blonde hair, and eyes of blue, Aims to be a good secretary, So Marge, we're rooting for you. Foreword Representativeg Business Service Guild. Micihael Edlward Miller "You Gotta Be a Football Hero" To get along in this -day and age, For when it comes to touchdowns, Mike sure is the rage. Soccer '35, Football '37, '38g Baseball '35, Volleyball '36. John B. Mitchell, jr. "Gotta Get Some Shut-eye", But although he's drowsy all day, Johnny makes it a practice to act between yawns, And was excellent in the class play. Class Play. Lois Miriam Reist "They Say" Lo goes for red-heads, In fact, she too says sol But also enjoys volleyball, And plays it well, we know. Activity Representative, Group Ag Girls' Choralcg Hockey '37, Volley ball '38 Reva Ruth Rosenberg "And Then I Wrote" is her theme song, For Penny's a poet of note. Endowed with a keen sense of humor And a nature not made to gloat. Journal Staff: Foreword Staff: Lunch Patrol: Home Room President Program Chairniang Debate Clubg Voice B. Mildred Rost "Now It Can B-e Told", And Millie broke this news- That to be a secretary Is the vocation she will choose. Lunch Patrolg Swimming '37, Volleyball '37, 339. 112 Louise E. Roy t'It's The Doctor's O'rders", And Louise -will certainly be The capable person she is today lVhen she gets her docto1"s degree. Class Play, Physics Club: Sigma Iota: Group Ag Girls' Chorale. Gertrude Roytos "Little Girl"-'cause Gertie Is not quite five feet high, But every inch is packed with smiles VVhenever she is nigh. Volleyball '36, '37, '38, '39g Soccer '36, '37g Tennis '36, '37, '38, '39, Hockey '37, '38, Evelyn Rubin 'Tm just a jitterbug"-that's lfdie, Who sure goes in for swing: She hails from Vlfasliington, D. C., Thinks shagging is "the thing." Business Service Guild: Volleyball '39. Michael Runavitch "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, lt's Omit to XVo1'k I Go", Says Mike with a cheery smile. And though he's got a lot to do, He's happy all the while. Football-Favorite Sport. William M. Sabo "Sailing, Sailing" over the sea, Bill plans to join the Marines, This shy lad doesn't speak much. But what he says he means. Basketball-Favorite Sport. Kenneth Charles Surloff "Deep In a Dream", quite pensive. For he studies now and then. Prefers basketball and baseball To school Work, don't you. Ken? Basketball-Favorite Sport. Louise Tischler "Every Little Breeze Seems to Wfhisper Louise" And we heard them carry this rumor, Louise is capable, cheerful, an-d grand, Possessing a fine sense of humor. Basketball-Fav-orite Sport. john Turner "Where There's Smoke, There's Fire" And this applies to Red, For when you think you're color-fblind. It's only Iohnny's head. Baseball-Favorite Sport. 113 Fencing Club: Life Saving Club: Swimming' '36, '37: Basketball '36, '38: Jack J. Weiss "You're An Old Smoothie," Blue eyes and coal black hair: And believe it or not, lack's ambition is To become a millionaire. Foreword Representativeg Hall Patrolg Physics Club. john William Westlake "Hold Tightu his pet expression, The drug store. his favorite hauntg lack's got the bluest, bluest eyes -What more could one boy want? Activities Representative: Hall Patrol. Robert Willey "Confidentially", just between us, CVVe don't want the others to hearl Bob admires Deanna Durbin, And wants to be an engineer. Hall Patrol: Physics Club. ' N ALLDERDICE GOES HOLLYWOOD Wliat if Hollywood suddenly lost some of its famous stars? VVe submit the following as able substitutes: Janet Gaynor ..,............i.,..........,..,. Mickey Rooney .,,..... . ,. Jeannette MacDonald ,... Mischa Auer ..... Clark Gable . ..,.4.,.... . Carole Lombard Tyrone Power .. Edgar Kennedy ...,... Ginger Rogers .,... Alice Faye .. ...... .. Ethel Barrymore Fernand Gravet ....... Leslie Howard .. Loretta Young .. .. Elissa Landi ......... Hedy Lamarr .,,.4.. -lohnny Davis .,,.,.,. Gene Krupa .,.... Spencer Tracy .. .. Lois Blotter .. .. john McK4night Margaret Davies Clarence Tyler Irving Dezen .. ., Bel-le 'Cohen Billy Ruben Bob Smith Dorothy Beltz ., Lauretta Hayden Adelaine Victorhaus Gilbert Tobin Thomas Sherlock Dolly Morgan Eleanor Rittman .,,....,Shereley Lewis .. ,. .. Eugene Evans Eugene Nirdlinger Daniel Lynch 114 W 457 Teacher - Miss Couperthwaite Officers President ......,....,,,...,....... Barbara Burns Vice President .,....,......,...... Walter Burns Secretary-Treasurer .. Jerome Buchman Student Council ............ Jane Fitzpatrick Activities Rep ............,...,.... William King Foreword Rep... .... ..,...., D onald Broida Ruth Abramson "She smiles and smiles and will not sigh." Soccer '35, '36: Hockey '37, '38, Basketball '37: Volleyball '36, '37, '38, '39g Mushball '36, '38 Alma Linda Ali "The hand that hath made you fine hath made you fair." Business Serv-ice Guild: Volleyball '37, 38: Soccer '36, joseph M. Amity "A hearty body and a mind at ease." Football, Baseball-Favorite Sport. Doris Berg "A modest lass but still we see The many treasures hid in thee." Journal Staff: Foreword Staffg Badminton Club: Basketball '37, '3Sp Yol- leyball '36, '39g Hockey '37, '38g Tennis '36, '37g Soccer '35, '363 Mushiball '36, '38, Gorden W. Bonenberger As a football player of note, "Gordy" is sure to get our vote. Football '38, Ruth M. Boozell "At whose sight, we see stars hide their diminished head." Senior Leaders Club: Volleyball '36, '39: Hockey '37, '3Bg Soccer '35, '36: Mushball '35, '383 Basketball '36, '39. Donald Yale Broida "Heedless of grammar, they cried, 'That's him'!" Class Play Cast: Foreword Representativcg Vice President of Badminton Clubg Physics Clubg Chess Club. joseph Jerome Buchman "Some after honor -bent, some aifter love, I after both." Foreword Staff: Home Room Secretaryg Physics Club: Microscope Club: Qualitative Classg Band A: XVoodWind Trio. joseph L. Burg "His 'worth is warrant for his welcome." Physics Club: Cross Country '37: Soccer '35g Football-Favorite Sport. T 115 Barbara Louise Burns "None knew thee 'but to love thee Nor named thee but to praise." Secretary of Senior Classg Drama Class, Home Room Presidentg Senior Leadersg Girls' Chorale, Fencing Club, Voice Ag Hockey '37, '38g Basket- ball '37, '38, Volleyball '36, '39, Mushball '36, '38 Walter H. Burns, jr. "Calm, collected, unworrying, saneg His poise is enduringg he's headed for fame." Drama Classg Home Room Vice President, Hi-Yg Footlball4Favorite Sport. Dorothy Caplan "A comrade blithe and full of glee, Who dares to laugh out loud and free. And let her frolic fancy play." jewelry Club: Volleyball '36, '37, '38, '39g Tennis '37, Hockey '3Sg Soccer '37, Life Saving '37, joseph Cohen "Happy am Ig from care I'm free. Why aren't they all just like me?" Baseball '39, Dorothy Louise Daley "There's a joy and li-fe within her eyes and sweetly does she sing." Drama Class, Social Representative: Make-Up Clubg Voice Ag Soccer '35. '36, Hockey '37g Volleyball '36, '37, '38, Soccer-Favorite Sport. Albert C. Davidson "A quiet unassuming lad of sterling worth." German Clubg Physics Clubg Baseball '3Sg Gym Team '37, Drama Class. joseph Edelstein "A scientific man W'ho knows the in's and out's of things Before the world began." Microscope Clubg Photography Clubg Physics Club: Qualitative Class. Anthony Ferrainola "Full of fun and mischief too, And always a cheery smile for you." Leonard Firestone "Never exert yourself, for all things come to him who waits." Physics Club: Foreword Representative, Hall Patrol, Band A. jane Fitzpatrick "This modest lass is pretty to walk with, witty to talk with and pleasant to think on, too." Student Council, Senior Leaders Club: Soccer '35, '36: Hockey '37, '383 Swimming '36: Basketball '36, '37g Volleyball '36, '37, '38, '39g Tennis '36, '37g Mushball '37, '38, Roselle Fritshman "Fortune, fame, power, life, have named themselves a star." journal Staffg Foreword Staff: Lunch Patrol: Program Chairman: Sigma lotag Le Cercle Francais de Victor Hugo. 116 Roslyn Linda Gilfonld "I tfill this cup to one made of lovelinessf' Soccer '35, l36g Basketball IS7. Edison Goldsmith "A sure combination of wit and good naturedness, The prime qualities of a rotund manf, Photography Club. james Blakely Gove "I am the master of my soul. NVhen I come, where I go, and what I do, I, and no one else, decidef, Book Roomg Hall Patrolg Locker Patrolg Lunch Check Clerk: Football '37. Ethel Gusky "Thy voice is sweet as if it took its music from its face." Business Service Guildg Penmanship Clubg Type Club. Zelda Kalser "A poet could n-ot but be gay, In such a jocund company." Hall Patrolg Penmanship Clubg Driving Clubg Sigma Iota: Basketball '39 James Kaufmann "He spends little time in idle chatter, But concentrates on things that matter." Psychology Club. Joseph Kearns "A quiet, friendly, cheerful lad, We've never seen him when he's sad." Lunch Patrolg Track H395 Baseball-Favorite Sport. William King "He who knows and knows that he knows, He is a teacher, follow him." German Clubg Rifle Clubg Activity Representative. Susan Kusko "'So long as we are loved by others, I would almost say 'we are indis- pensablef' Business Service Guild. Lena Miller "Round her eyes her tresses fell IfVhich were blacker none can tell." Business Service Guildg Tennis-Favorite Sport, Roberta Owens "To be merry best becomes you." Sigma Iotag Soccer H365 Tennis '36g Swimming '37g Volleyball '37, Mush- ball '38 Dolores Powell "A smile like sunshine and eyes of heaven's own blue." Biology Club. 117 Business Service Guild-Program Chairmang Sigma Iota, French Clubg Journal Staffg Foreword Staffg Student Councilg Hall Patrolg Lunch Pa- trolg Hi-Yg Chemistry Assistants Clubg Qualitative Class, Badminton Club' 1 Herbert Reingold "He is 'full of pep and wittyg he is debonair and handsomeg and this is enough for any man." Orchestra Ag All-City Orchestrag Checker Clubg Sigma Iota. Dorothy Retenauer "lf the harte iz rite, tha hed can't be very rongf' Business Service Guildg Volleyball '39g Basketball ,39. Hugh Smith "He acts as iii he's sorry, He ineekly lowers his eyes, But he's laughing up his sleevefl Sportsmen Clubg Track '37g Hunting and Fishing-Favorite Sport. Ellen Spears "Her cheeks so rare a white was on, No daisy makes eomparisonfl German Clubg Physics Clubg Volleyball '36, '37, l38, '39, Virginia Spicuzza "The crest and crowning of all goodfl Business Service iiuildg Swiinming-Favorite Sport. Elizabeth A. Szeman "Blessed are the joymakersf' Hall Patrol. jane Wallick "I dare not trust her eyesg They dance in mists and dazzle with surprise." Crafts Club: Badminton Clubg Volleyball '35, '39g Tennis ,36, '38, '39 Basketball '39g Mushball '36. '39g Soccer '37g Tennis-Favorite Sport. jean Weinert "She that was ever fair and never proud Hath tongue at will and yet was never loud." Swimming '36, '37g Hiockey '37g Basketball l38, '39g Volleyball '38, ,39 junior Leaders '36, Walter Wojtaszek "A conservative lad is he, He goes his way in serenity." Radio Club. JOURNAL DAFFYNITIONS x Love-Tenth word of a telegram. Epistle-Wife of an apostle. Rudy Vallee-A street in Paris. Etching-A ticklish feeling. Violate-A dainty flower. Atom-First man. Absinthe-Cutting class. Column-Peaceful. Pence-Article of male attire. Pig-To select. Ride-Correct. W Slip-Slumber. Alimony--Taxation without representation. 118 Mm 459 Teacher - Mr. Phillips Officers President .,,............,...,,,...... Edward Chute Vice President ......,... Miriam Lichter Secretary-Treasurer ,..,... Naomi Wilson Student Council ......,.. -Marjorie Levison Activities Rep .,....,,...,......... Irma Schaffer Foreword Rep .,,...,..... .,..,. N orman Kanel Regina Rose Abravanel Pretty Ars a Picture is Reggie. She is dark, cheerful and an accomplished pianist. Guidance Program Connnittee, History Club, Dramatic Club, Life Saving Club, Basketball '38, Volleyball '36, '37, '38, '39, Swimming '37, '3S, Tennis ,375 Soccer Manager '38, Life Saver '38, Swimming-Favorite Sport. Melva R. Bernstein Could Be that Melva will become the secretary of some large firm. NVho could resist the friendship of this bright lass? Drama Class Cast, Social Representative, Band, Volleyball ,37, '38, Bas- ketball '38, '39, Basketball-Favorite Sport. George E. Chilcott Take Me Out to the Ball Game tany timej is what 'tChilly" will say when he isn't playing or teaching that great American pastime. Hall Patrol, Guidance Program, Track '39, Inter-class Basketball '33, Baseball, Basketball, Track-Favorite Sports. Edward J. Chute Do You Wanna jump, Children because Eiddie's dancing is up to par. His blue eyes and brown hair make a perfect comvbination. Hall Patrol, President of 12A Home Room, Guidance Program, Basket- ball, Tennis, Swimming, Dancing-Favorite Sports. Alan Morton Cohen A Study in Brown fits Al to a "tee" A big business executive he hopes to be. Activities Representative, Stamp Club, junior Basketball Team l35, '36, Intramural Mushball Champs '38, Guidance Program, Basketball-Favorite Sport. Renee D. Cohen Message from Mars presented by Orson VVelles would be a perfect gift for Renee. VVe wish her the 'best of luck as a dancer. Drama Class, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Sigma Iota, French Club, Anni- versary Club: Music Appreciation Club, Drama Club, Dancing-Favorite Interest. 119 Robert D. Fleischer Old McDonald Had a Farm and Bob wants one too. He is serious, shy and has big blue eyes. Guidance Program Committee, Cross Country '38, Favorite Sports-'Base ball, Basketball. Martha Gianotti Martha describes her. She is quiet, serious, and studious. Mart prefers medicine as her career. Physics Club, Tennis. Theodore B. Hankoff I Promise You, Teddy will succeed. He is pleasing to the eye, in the mind, and on the ear. Who can forget him? Home Room President, Stamp Clubg Biology Club, Photography Club. Virginia Martin Helbling Toot Toot, Tootsie we shall sing for "Tootsie" as she plays the clarinet. Yirginia also plays the piano and goes for swimming in a big iway. Book Room Club: Guidance Program, Hall Patrol, Volleyball, Favorite Sports--Swimming and Horseback Riding. Robert A. Huth For Every Lonely Heart we suggest "Pop" to brighten things up. Bob likes dancing and ice skating. Hall Patrol: Guidance Program Committeeg Biology Club, Hi-Yg Cross Country '37, '38, Track '38, Swimming '36g Favorite Sport-Swimming. Aileen Lois Kaufman Dark Eyes, dark hair, and dark complexion is the way this gay, happy- go-lucky girl looks. Acting is her highest ambition. Drama Classg Soccer '38, Volleyball '37g Favorite Sports-Riding and Tennis. Norman T. Kanel Music, Maestro, Please we shall say to Norm as he leads his swing band to fame. He enjoys the tunes of Goodman and Shaw. journal Staff: Foreword Representative, Lunch Patrol, Badminton Clubg Mathematics Clubg Sportsmen Club, Intra-Class Basketball Team '38, Gym Team Captain '37, '38g Favorite Sport-Basketball. Paul R. Kundra Lonesome and Sorry will never be fitting for Paul. He is active in all sports, especially soccer. This gentleman also warbles beautiful tunes. Male Chorus, Stage Make-up Clubg Soccer. Harriet S. Levison It's Never Too Late to learn more of this shy, serious, but gay lass. She aidmiires Dorothy Thompson and H. V. Kaltenborn. Hall Patrol: Entre Nousg Sigma lotag Music Appreciation Club, Favorite Sport--Football. Harold. Levitt From Now On Cas everj we shall welcome Hal's company. He is a member of the debate team: likes public speaking, baseball and swim- ming. Guidance Program Committee: Drama Classg Senior Debate, 'Checker Clubg Swimming Team '38, Baseball. 120 Marjorie Ann Levison Stop and Reconsider how valuable she will be working in a hospital laboratory. Margie is gay, serious, and a friend to everyone. journal Staff, Student Council, Lunch Patrol, Guidance Program Com- mittee, Le Cercle Francais de Victor Hugo, Psychology Club, Tennis '37, Hockey '38, Volleyball '37, Soccer '36, '37, Favorite Sports-Hockey, Football. Betsy Esther Levy They Say Betsy will become a11 actress. Bets has mastered dancing and loves horseback riding. Senior Type Club, Sigma iota, Crochet Club, Psychology Club, Mush- ball '36, Favorite Sport-Dancing. Miriam Liohter Mjimi is gay, Mimi is mischi-evous. Dancing attracts her and jitter- bugs are her specialty. Tommy Dorsey's style pleases her most. Vice President, Dramatic Club, Crochet Club, Volleyball '37, '39, Basket- ball '37, Favorite Sports-Dancing, Swimming. George Markon Shorty George doesn't do this towering brown-eyed boy justice. He hopes he finds his way into the office of a realtor. Guidance Program, Male Chorus, Favorite Sports-Track, Cross Country, Swimming. Edward Joseph Mason l'm Wishing we could tell you all about Ed. He's quiet and we all like to have him around. Intra-Class Basketball '38, Favorite Sports-Basketball, Tennis. Irene Rita Messineo One Look at You, Irene. and they will take notice. Fashion designing attracts this gay and modest girl. Science Club, Hall Patrol, Volleyball '37, '38, Favorite Sports-Swine ming, Tennis. Margaret Mihalchik A Little Bit Independent describes our Peggy. Her patients will re- cuperate when they see her as a beautiful nurse. Hall Patrol, Volleyball '37, Basketball '38, Hockey '38, Favorite Sport- Basketball. Lois Hope Pearlman Remember Lois when you're in need of aid for she is always ready to help. She is a study in red hair and 'blue eyes. Hfall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Guidance Program, Junior Dramatic Club '36, Favorite Sport-Swimming. Sylvia Perer Sy1via's hair is like the night. Her eyes help to make a perfect color scheme. Her ambition is to teach history and we know she will make good. Foreword Reporter, Bowling Club, Volleyball '37, Basketball '39, Favo- rite Sport--Dancing. I- 121 Ruth Lois Pitler Satan Takes a Holiday because he has an efficient secretary in Ruth. Boxing atmluses this auburn-haired miss. Hall Patrol, Sigma Iota, Volleyball '38, Guidance Program, Favorite Sport-Boxing. Kathryn Puzak When rIt's Swing Time in the Rockies we will find Katie dancing there. The music of Benny Goodman and Barrie Blue are her favorites. Hall Patrol, Guidance Program, Volleyball '37, '39, Basketball '38, Hockey '38, Favorite Sports-Tennis and Dancing. Pete Ridosh "I Go for That," says Pete about basketball. He's a gay and happy- go-lucky friend of ours. Vice President, IntraaClass Basketball '37, '38, Favorite Sports-Baskeb ball, Tennis. Myers Bernard Rosenbloom. Never Felt Better after f'Rosey" the future dentist pulled that aching tooth. That black wavy hair attracts all of us. Group A, Male Chorus, Guidance Program Committee, Hall Patrol, Opera Presentation. Alberta Genavee Ross Sohoorl Days is the theme of Alberta's career. She plays the piano and enjoys a game of baseball. Sewing Club, Voice A, Volleyball '38, Mushball. Nita G. Samuels Hurry Home and see the old homestead after Ni-ta has beautified the rooms, when she is an interior decorator. Hall Patrol, Entre Nous, Music Appreciation Club, Favorite Sport-Foot- ball. Irma Eleanor Schaffer Minuet in Jazz suits Irma. The drums and piano also are a source of her recreation. Activity Representative, Hall Patrol, Sigma Iota, Voice A, Mushball '36, Swimming '38, Basketball '38, Tennis '37. Isaiah Seltzer Hold Tight, Isaiah, when you say you want to be a millionaire. He wants to work for an advertising company after graduation. Tennis and badminton are his specialties. Secretary, Badminton Club, Senior Debate Club, Intramural Mushball '38, Guidance Program Comxmittee, Favorite Sport-Tennis. Martin Silverman Good-Bye, Blues when Marty steps in. They say he plays the Xylophone Qin our class playj. Lunch Patrol, Dramatic Club, Make-up Club, Class Play, Favorite Sport -Football. Max M. Sirocca "Yes, We Have No Bananas" he will say in his large grocery market. Max likes all sports. Favorite Sport-Hockey. 122 Allen L. Solomon l U You're an Education when we need information. Allen is amicable, stutdious and he likes sciences. journal Staffg Foreword Staffg Guidance Progranig Senior Debateg Fa- vorite Sport-Badminton. Ruth Surloff We've Come a Long Way Together and now must part with Ruth. Cross-word puzzles and tennis add to her enjoyment. Drama Classg Guidance Programg Crochet Clubg Driving Clubg Volley- ball '35g Favorite Sport-Dancing. Cecelia A. Szecskay Ten Pretty Girls-Cecelia. She is the perfect eomrbination: auburn hair and big brown eyes. Guidance Program Commfitteeg Lunch Patrolg Biology Clubg Chess Club: Volleyball 237, ,385 Soccer '37g Basketball X385 Favorite Sport-Volleyball. Vivian Thompson jeepers Creepers, where did you get those eyes? Vivian prefers ro- mance in literature. Hall Patrolg Volleyball '58g Basketball X385 Favorite Sport-Dancing. Doris jane Van Buren My Reverie 'brings thoughts of blue-ey-ed Doris. A private secretary she wants to be. Science Clubg Hall Patrol: Volleyball '37, T585 Favorite Sport-Swimming. Anna Wesoky "Honey" is her nickname and it fits her to perfection. This pleasant individual plans to enter the field of commercial art. Entre Nous '38, '39g Art Clubg Favorite Sport-Dancing. Naomi Jean Wilson Whispering pleases some folks but Patty makes talking a hobby. Mis- chievous and happy-go-lucky describe her. Hall Patrolg Secretary-Treasurerg Sigma Iota Clubg Volleyball 235, ,36: Favorite Sport-Swimming, Dancing. ' N EPITAPH Here lies my chem-strie notebook, Touch it not, ye ghoulg In life it served so many Now peace be to its soul. 123 1- john L. Acheson Eleanor Frances Atkinson 00172 Teacher - Mr. Wilson Officers President .,..., . .. .......,. Barney Mulvihill Vice President ......,... ...,.., H enry Gardner Secretary-Treasurer ......,. Elmer Hasley Student Council ......,. Louis VVickstrom Activity Rep. .. .,..., E. Catherine Eckert Foreword Reporter ..,..... Ellmer Hasley Johnnie Aclieson fumes and scolds, Every lllO1'lllllg"WllCll he starts his "Olds". ournal Staffg Library Monitorg Photography Clubg Rifle Clubg Orchestra: Bandg NVoodwind Quintetg Vtfoodwind Trio. Eleanor Atkinson a dietitian will be, As soon as she leaves 463. Penmanship Clubg Volleyball-Favorite Sport. Lewis Benjamin Dear old Benny, the baseball fan, Wants to become a petroleum man. Library Clubg Baseball-Favorite Sport. jean Caldwell Jean, pretty and full of pep, VVill certainly be missed on that second floor step. Hall Patrolg Swimming-Favorite Sport. Anna Lynn Cauffield A saucy little red head with eyes so blue, Gay, cheerful and always true. Hall Patrol: Sigma Iotag Library Club: junior Leadersg Basketball 'SSI Volleyball '39g Basketball 2375 Mushball '37, 'SSQ Swimming '37. Margaret Mary Charles Lots of fun this fair damsel can sping "Chas" is always found eating at P'apa's Park Inn. Physics Clubg Penmanship Clubg Hockey 3375 Tennis-Favorite Sport. james Cloman Quite a fellow is this chap jim-, He has the class all rooting for him. Golf-Favorite Sport. Wilbert Darling Happy-go-lucky and carefree as a song, All eyes are on him when something goes wrong. Physics Clubg History Clubg Basketball-Favorite Sport. 124 Viola Di Pietro VVhat is her ambition, can you guess? That's right, you'rc right! It's a stewardess. Swimming '36, '37, Basketball '36, '37g Mushball '36, '38, '39g Hockey '38 Volleyball '36, '37. Michael Dzura Mike Dzura of athletic fame, Blows his trombone at every football game. Band Ag Swimming '36, '37, Golf '39: Intramural Basketball '36, '39 Soccer '35, Football-Favorite Sport. E. Catherine Eckert Am.bitious: Her goal is a nurse to be. Studious: She works unceasingly. Loyal: To school and friends true blue. Serious: But also a smile for you. Activity Representative. Gertrude Ellen Enright In her favorite sport Gertie puts up a fight, For badminton is her chief delight. Hall Patrol: Girls' Badminton Club, Stage Make-upg Hockey '37: Bad minton-Favorite Sport. Eleanore L. Evans "Ellie" isn't so very tallg She reminds us of a little doll. Volleyball '35, '3Sg Mushball '37g Basketball '38, FootballaFavoritc Sport Anna Margaret Fennell Somle day soon just watch and see. Our charming "Duchess" will be, The world's best private secretary, Who got her start in 463. Business Service Guild: Penmanship Club: Swimming-Favoritc Sport. Robert L. Fisher Robin's ambition will not be in vain. For the day will come when he'll pilot a plane. lntramlural Basketball '3Sg Track '38, '393 Cross Country '37, '38 Franklin Fries A baseball player is our own Frankie Fries: He drives in runs, and doesn't swing at the breeze. Green Keyg Baseball '38, '39g Baseball-Favorite Sport. Henry Gardner Henry Gardner though just a beginner, We're all proud of our scholarship winner. Home Room, Vice President: Photography Clubg Rifle Clubg Basketball- Favorite Sport. Cecelia Gajar Cecelia Gajar gains her knowledge. From Professor Kyser's Musical College. Mushball '36, '38, Volleyball-Favorite Sport. 125 Irwin W. Goldstein Irwin Goldstein six feet tall, W'ill make his living by basketball. Class Play-HPrintingg Bowling Club X385 Baseball '38, Basketball Manager '39, Basketball-Favorite Sport. Regina M. Gormley Regina hurries to and from classy Enjoys hearing Shep Fields blow in a glass. Clifford Thomas Gtrein Cliff, floats above, in the sun and rain, No, not in heaven, but in his plane. Lunch Patrol, Orchestra Ag Basketball--Favorite Sport. Margaret Ann Gunther She smiles and the angels sing, For happiness to all she tries to bring. Social Representative: Senior journal Staffg Latin Club, Art Clubg French Clubg Hockey 'SSQ Football-Favorite Sport. Frederick E. Hasley A hard worker and true friend is F. E. Hasleyg ln entertainment and studies he's far from lazy. Home Room Secretary, journal Staffg Foreword Representative, Library: Photography Club. Jacqueline M. Jeffries To make us laugh she'll never miss a chance, She's full of fun and loves to dance. Volleyball '37g Mushball 'SSQ Siwimming-Favorite Sport. Ernest Lauer Out to the ball park he likes to go, To see the great Di Maggio. Baseball-Favorite Sport. Robert Minadeo Quite the artist with the little banjo. Is our cheerful pal, Bob Miinadeo. Basketball-Favorite Sport. Barney H. Mulvihill, Ir. Good old Barney, so handsome and tall, He tops the crowd as he walks through the hall. Home Room Presidentg Hall Patrol: Green Keyg Golf-Favorite Sport. Louise E. Redshaw A friendly smile and cheery laughter. Today, tomorrow and many years after. Library. Betty Grace Schaar Betty Schaar is a charming brunette, Otne of the sweetest we've ever met. Volleyball '38, Soccer-Favorite Sport. 12.6 Dorothy A. Schnars Tall, slim, serious and shy, VVhose brilliant success is drawing nigh. Basketball--Favorite Sport. David Schwartz A Among the things that get David down Are blowouts he has as he rides about town. Football-Favorite Sport. Esther Shulman VVho is that babbling and making all the noise? It must 'be our "Essie" talking to the boys. Basketball 137, 1395 Volleyball-Favorite Sport. Rita A. Stack Demure and sweet 'with gorgeous hairg To have such locks just isn't fair. Swimming '38g Basketball '38, '39. Blanche Rachel Talanisky Blanche is our library fan, And is willing to help us whenever she can. Library: Hiking Clubg Lunch Patrolg Basketball--Favorite Sport. Lucille Louise Thomas Lucy is happyg Luck is gayg In 463 she brightened each day. Senior Journal Staffg Penmanship Club: Basketball-Favorite Sport. Frances L. Urbanic A perfect lady and a pretty iblondez No wonder that all of Frances are fond. Penmanship Clubg Swimming--Favorite Sport. Louis John Wickstrom He would rather play ball with all his buddies, Than bother m-uch about his studies. Student Council: Track '37g Soccer-Favorite Sport. Frank Younkin Frankie with his mischievous smile. For which the girls would walk a mile. Hall Patrolg Hi-Y. Natalie Alyse Zapolsky Happy-go-lucky and full of fun, She's a pal an-d friend to every one. Physics Club: Volleyball '35, ,373 Tennis '573 Basketball H385 Volleyball Favorite Sport. William B. Zewe "Diddy's'l secret is causing this talk, How does he manage to hear the Musical Clock? Football-Favorite Sport. 127 ONE MOMENT, PLEASE 128 "gl perfefl 4Zw1zm 'mf:y if lfzerefnre ffm 111051 slmmeless lining in the world." --EDMUND BURKE 129 ' BOOK ROOM President-Reva Treelisky Vice President-Morris Mayer Secretary-Treasurer-Alma Ladley Sponsor-Mrs. Hoyt SENIOR ACTIVITIES REPRESENTATIVES Sponsor-Mr. Korona STUDENT COUNCIL First Semester President-Sidney Mullen Vice President-Robert Eckhardt Secretary-Treasurer-Suzanne Becker Second Semester President-Robert Eckhardt Vice President-Suzanne Becker Secretary-Treasurer-Douglas Mould ,ff 777W Schoof 130 rqmzizafiom FOREWORD STAFF Editor-in-Chief-Diana Steinberg Sponsor-Miss Diantha W Riddle Senior Editors Doris Berg-Copy Gene Carr-News Roselle Frishman-Clubs Howard Goldenson-Features John Kailer-Sports Bettie Kalish-Sports Marian Lambie-Library jean Moskowitz-Keyhole Wallace Warren-Business Gertrude Zweig-Music Foreword Reporters Chester Bandman Reva Rosenberg William King Allan Solomon janet Lewin Typists Virginia Burke Elsie Kristan Hazel Miller BUSINESS SERVICE GUILD President-Harold McGreevy Vice President-Elsie Kristan Secretary-Treasurer-Virginia Burke Sponsor-Miss McCamblay JUNIOR ACTIVITIES REPRESENTATIVES Sponsor-Mr. Korona STUDENT COUNCIL President-Gloria Shiner Vice President-Irwin Golden Secretary-Everett Stewart Sckoof rqauzizafiom LIBRARY Sponsor-Mrs. McMickle 132 "" 'H 'V 7 gfaff gyafrofs SECOND PERIOD HALL PATROL FIRST PERIOD HALL PATROL THIRD PERIOD HALL PATROL FOURTH PERIOD HALL PATROL FIFTH PERIOD HALL PATROL 133 C""' ' SEVENTH PERIOD HALL PATROL 134 PAINT AN1D CLAY CLUB Qjunior-Senior Arty Sponsor-Mr. Fitzpatrick ART President-Joanne France Vice President-Carol Nathanson Secretary-Ellen Bonar Treasurer--Eleanor Rittman Sponsor-Miss Dollard JEWELRY Sponsor-Miss Koenig PHOTOGRAPHY President-Clarence Tyler Vice President-Martin Ornitz Secretary-Treasurer-Sidney Mullen Sponsor-Miss Geist jJ ' H1-Y 579- President-john Born Vice President-John Dorrance Secretary-William Wilbert Treasurer-Robert Whiteside Sponsor-Mr. Young i 1 N STAGE MAKE-UP CLUB FOR BOYS President-Frank Sklar Vice President-john Mitchell Secretary-Treasurer-William Myers Sponsor-1Miss Ziegler ' 135 'W JUNIOR DRAMATICS President-Helen Arnold Secretary-Rhoda Alpern Sponsor-Miss Wiagenknecht LES AMIS FRANCAIS President--Dorothy Firth Vice President-Gloria Polis Secretary-Treasurer-Annette Fink Sponsor-Miss Bergman 136 ENTRE NOUS President--Marjorie Marcus Vice President-Leonore Perlstein Secretary-Treasurer-Ruth Berez Sponsor-Miss Todd LE CERCLE FRANCAIS DE VICTOR HUGO President-Sylvia Amdur Vice President-Alma Fay Spann Secretary-Treasurer-Bettie Kalish Sponsor--Miss Richey LATIN President-Sally Osborne Vice President-Doris Brennan Secretary-Treasurer-Gay Wilson Sponsor-Mrs. Simpson CROCHET President-Jeanne Golla Vice President-Margaret Palyo Secretary-Treasurer-Mary Alice Wagner Sponsor-Miss Held GIRL RESERVES First Semester President-May Bechtolt Vice President-Ruth Brown Secretary-Treasurer-Doris Moses Program Chairman-Maxine Aaron Second Semester President-Maxine Aaron Vice President-May Bechtolt Secretary-Treasurer-June McVicker Program Chairman-Edna May Cauffield Sponsor-Miss Pickard HIKING First Semester President-Lois Blotter Vice President-Eileen Hudson Secretary-Treasurer-Gay Wilson Second Semester President-Eileen Hudson Vice President-Kayla Backrach Secretary-Treasurer-Gay Wilson Sponsor-Miss Miller 137 PENMANSHIP Sponsor-Mr. Longenecker PSYCHOLOGY Sponsor-'Miss Fleming TYPE Sponsor-Mr. Angelo DEBATE President-Allan Solomon Vice President-Harold Levitt Secretary-Treasurer-Ida Wolf Sponsor-Mr. Hoerger AT YOUR SERVICE President-Ann Rosenberg Secretary-Wilma Reith Sponsor-Miss Leech 138 MICROSCOPE President-Joseph Edelstein Vice President-David Raphael Recording Secretary-Gretchen Goldsmith Corresponding Secretary-jean Lewis Treasurer-Harold Hood Sponsor-Mrs. Smith BIOLOGY President-Norman Slessinger Vice President-Beulah Meltzer Secretary-Treasurer-David Lloyd Sponsor-Mr. Hackett 'rf!J"Vk ,f Lrglt CNJ an-x "I . I lv? l X A MATHEMATICS President-Jean Negley Vice President-jean Walters Secretary-Treasurer-Harold Bigler Sponsor-Miss Donaldson SIGMA IOTA President-Robert Aronson Vice President-Doris Hagerty Secretary-Treasurer-Betty Jane Butler Sponsor-Mr. Faust 139 DRIVING Sponsor-Mr. Liberator 1 f '13 r' I A " , fl ff r ' f f ,hi d,'!j,. !,.! ' ,Xl . 'f ' ,Zz If 140 H ki ,, , ,. ,,7.,, ,. FENCING Secretary-Ruth Hoffman Sponsor-Miss Schaeffer GIRLS' BADMINTON Secretary-Doris Berg Treasurer-Gertrude Enright Sponsor-Miss Behane RADIO President and Trustee-Jack Rex Vice President-Robert Witt Secretary-Treasurer-Raymond Aldrich Sponsor-Mr. Krotzer SPORTSMEN First Semester President-Norman Kanel Vice President-Howard Groudine Secretary-Treasurer-Ruth jenkins Publicity-Herbert Harris Second Semester President-Norman Kanel Vice President-Ruth jenkins Secretary-Treasurer-Marjorie Stromberg Sponsor-Mr. Soles BOYS' BADMINTON President-Julius Broida Vice President-Donald Broida Secretary-Treasurer-Robert Klein Sponsor-Mr. Bernhard ,J GREEN KEY President-Duane Martin Vice President-Joseph Bechtel Secretary-Treasurer-Robert Ewing Sponsor-Coach Irwin STAMP President-Herbert Weiss Vice President-Arnold Steinman Secretary-Edward Perlow Treasurer-john Speipel Sponsor-Miss Quattrocchi 7 ' """ 'H14 """' 1 42 B BAND CUnder the Direction of Mr. Robert Millerj usic INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC DEPARTMENT Under the Direction of Miss Laura E. Ziegler If wwf QUARTET Gertrude Zweig Louis Rubinoff Dorothy Beavers Milton Levine Wwljjj, X E E A BAND ORCHESTRA TRIO Jean Lewis-Violin Ruth Robbins-Piano William Lebeau-Cello KQ WLM 'M 7 QUINTET K Thelma Neft-Oboe Scott Powers-Clarinet Allan Moskowitz-Horn John Atchinson-Bassoon Bernard Elbaum-Flute "WT A-A-W Q. 4 M. M M' J 9 -," 0 Aff" , 1' 'X AORCHESTRA "1 Up.. 'x ' ' J ' X 3 5 5: . . J 1 7""" " ' 143 GIRLS' CHORALE VOCAL MUSIC DEPARTMENT Under the Direction of Miss Emma Steiner VOICE C-2 VOICE C-1 144 "WNW ' " "W" MALE CHORUS L1 PA 1A5 MUSIC APPRECIATION A JUNIOR CHORUS FOOLISH FANTASIES Ollltllllif It 190 ITIUIII3' ff: Roger Jorgenson were short and stocky Sidney Mullen didnlt smile. Ellen Bonar were a brunette. Norman Marcus didn't tell jokes. Melvin Young didn't wear loud clothes. Clarence Tyler didn't have his camera. Ruseh Loekhead talked ri lot. Jean Lewis came to Class unprepared. Tillamae Hendel didnit want money. Arthur Mankin didn't like to argue. Edward Ludwig didnit blush. Robert Smith diidn't chuckle all day long. David Spiro couldn't play chess. Lillian Barris were tall and lanky. Eleanor Rittmzm weren't the athletic type 'A' '146 147 Gfflzfefics CHEER LEADERS Edward Abercrombie Melvin Carney Frank Fries Martin Hesselman Albert Steinkertchner SENIOR LEADERS VERY SUCCESSFUL year consisting of volleyball, swimming, roller skating, bad- minton, track meets, mushiball, and social gatherings was recorded by the Senior Leaders Club. This program was topped off by the Senior Leaders Frolic which was held at Perry High School. The officers for the first 'semester were: President-Eleanor Rit-tman, Vice President-Peggy Taylor, Secretary-Jane Fitzpatrick, Treasurer-Marjorie Clarke, and Social Chairman-Dolores Rhodes. The following were the officers for the second semester: President-jane Fitzpatrick, Vice President-Leatricc Miller, Secretary-Barbara Burns, Treasurer-jane-t Lewin, and Social Chairman -Peggy T ay 1 o r. Taking -.,. . everything into consideration, it may be said that the Senior Leaders Club, under the direc- tion of Miss Long, had an ex- ceptionally fine program the past school year. SOCCER 9th GRADE WINNERS me 1fINAI.s of the tenth grzicle soccer tournament proverl quite novel as no one team was victorious. The tezuns ol Cainelizl Naffah :incl Thelma Parker hztttlerl out Your gznnes to ll 0-O tie. Alter the lust gzune the girls cleciclecl to Call it quits :intl give hoth teams equal creclit. Members of Lfainelizfs teznn were: M. McCulloch, C. blorgenson. H. Hoozell. M. Anthony, ll. Anthony, A. Fink, V. Jacob- son. H. l'rice, QX. Lipchik, and H. -lZlll2lCli. Members of Tlielinzfs team were: M. Smith. li. Freed. If. XV:1loehik, Al. Crowe. Al. Burke. M. llulcini, W'illiznns. l.. Shillzlcly, li. Herjzmski, ancl M. Theil. The winning' ninth grzule teznn was cziptzlinecl hy S. l'erelstine zlnrl the meni- hers were: S. l'erelstine. ll. Dunes. C. Kzunler. ll. .-Nlmims. Ci. Melnick, P. Rizzo, M. Aronson. M. li. l,U'lll'l11Illl. l. Yzilentino. S. Spzmgler zu .4 ra e. liesicles the winning teznns there was El fztvorahle turno to tl o 'nznnents which were uncler the clireetion of Miss llzizlett :incl Mi. . ercez luth Rosen- hlooni zinrl hlewel Nusshntnn were the ninth :incl ri Hull a C ers respec 'vely The girls will benefit hy their experfence next y .tr e5 wil lz, oe can which is siniilzir in some respects to soccer. PNX 4 I .- of WU Q I l ll ,P KL Ind U K cy?" f'-'A Q Q 10th GRA1 WINNERS x 3--L-1- " 'Win """" 148 VOLLEY BALL 11th GRADE CHAMPIONS Big' 10th GRADE CHAMPIONS ,., ,,,,7, ,ir 149 12th GRADE CHAMPIONS X fb '75 'Q ii I ,X S 5 as BASKETBALL 9th AND 10th GRADE TEAMS NICVV sYs'r1iM was inaugurated in girls' basketball this year in order to give ,inexperienced girls a chance to learn the game. A preliminary tournament was conducted for the girls who made up about ten teams. and the girls were taught by Miss Long as they played. Following this was the tournament for ex- perienced players. The girls elected captains and the captains chose teams of seven players. Because of the large preliminary tournament, a single elimination tournament was used, and lileanor R.ittman's team came out on top. Members of Tfleanons team were Kitty Uunn, lillen Honar, Lois Blotter, Marjorie Clarke. lisa- bel Soltz, and Ruth Rosenberg, all mid-term graduates. JUNIOR LEADERS H12 JUNIOR 1.iaAln-zks, sponsored by Miss Hallett and Miss Schaefer, have had a very successful and active season. Although they were unable to follow their planned schedule of activities due to the many sports tournainents, they have had many good times. Two activity periods were spent in the swimming pool where the girls engaged in novelty races and relays. ln April the Senior Leaders had a roller skating party at the Lexington Rink at which their junior sisters were guests. To reciprocate, the younger girls gave a party in the big gym on june 6. A grand afternoon was spent playing various games and participating in xv ls.. a question bee. The juniors A have also had several mush- ball games and played basket- ball and volleyball. These sport activities will continue until the end of the semester. 'W' "' "" " "" " 150 g. HOCKEY NE ov THE hardest fought hattles ol the year came in the linals of the hockey tournament. played between eleventh grade Helen De l'aulo's team and twelfth grade Peggy Taylor's team. Due to co-ld weather it was played indoors which made the game closer and more exciting. Because the seniors had not lost a game until they reached the finals, a second game had to be playedg and the elevens were victorious with a close score ot 3 to Z. Members of the winning team were: Captain Helen De Paulo. Gilda Arra, Helen Rohaly, Betty Nemenz, Ann Sapiro, Irene Conelly, Mildred johnson, Mary Belie, Sally McClean, Eleanor 't.Vitowski, Mildred Spichty, and lseatrice Miller. Much credit for the success of the tournament should he given to the manager, janet Lewin, who not only 'scheduled and refereed games, but also gave the girls pointers on the game, under the direction of Miss Schaefer. It is interesting to note that the winning team was also victorious last year in the soccer tournament. 151 BASKETBALL CITY CHAMPIONS NCE nokia the Allderdice cagers gained the prized city championship after copping it for the first time last year. thus hringing 'the title to the Dragons twice in a row. After mid-year graduation had played havoc with the lrwinites, the Dragons proved their real worth hy coming hack in grand style to take the Section l honors and then the Uity cup from Allegheny. .Nllderdice got off in great style hy grahhing all four preliminary contests from Homestead. Aspinwall. lllclieesport. and Perry. After leading all the way. the lrwinites had to stave off a last-quarter rally hy Homestead to win the close contest to the tune of 26-2-l-. 'l'his team from Homestead later went on to Win the state title. showing the real strength of the first-half team of Coach Irwin. Aspinwall proved "easy picking" as this team was defeated 38-2-l. At McKees- port, the Green and XYhite really niet tough opposition and had to put on a last- quarter spurt to win 34-28. ln their final prelim, Coach lrwin's lads found Perry rather 'weak and won 35-26. Opening their defense of the Section l title, the Irwinites finally managed to come out on top after heing ihehind most of the game to gain their first league win from South, 39-38 lleahody proved to he the next victim as the Dragons sent scoring marks soaring, the final score heing 66-13. ln this game Rog jorgenson hroke the City iindividual scoring record for one game by sending forty markers through the hoop. Fifth .Xvenue was not hard to take into camp as the Green and Vvhite grahhed their third straight win in league competition 40-23. Connelly Trade was really 'tough and after a great fight the Dragons emerged victorious in this crucial first-half contest. 27-26. XVestinghouse provided plenty of competition hut was defeated 38-34, and Schenley showed plenty of class hut was also knocked off 33-22. VVith this game departed Rog hlorgenson. the greatest player ever to perform for the Dragons on the court and ranked as the hest ever to play in the City high school leagues. Ray lflale and llal Black. two very smooth forwards, also played their last game for .'Xlldcrdice. South snapped the lrwinites' ten-game winning streak hy winning very deci- sively 2l--IS. and visions of a City title hegan to vanish. Peahody found Allderdicc once more in their stride and the llighlanders were defeated 32-22. lt was in ' 152 'L-' 'WW 153 this game that Coach Irwin's new starters, Patton and Douglas, began to get used to their surroundings. Fifth Avenue once more dampened title hopes by stopping the Green and VVhite 39-36 after a very close ,ball game. ln the game that proved to be the "decider" as far as Section T title honors were concerned, Allderdice eked out a 33-31 win over Connelly mainly through Patton's two field goals in the dying moments of the game. The Dragons then tucked away Section honors by beating Westinghouse 36-30. ln the final league game, the reserves saw all the action and Schenley won easily 27-52. Defending their City title in grand style, Allderdice staged a powerful second- half drive, pouring on the steam to win 42-32. The win came as a surprise as the Nexpertsl' had posted Allegheny as the favorite. The second contest was much closer but the Green and VVhite made it two straight and the title by winning 33-30. ln this series Douglas and Patton proved to be the big guns. The Allegheny win gave Allderdice the right to meet the Section IX winner, St. lVlary's, in the State elimination tourney. The Red and Blue proved -to be tougher than expected and the Dragons were eliminated from state title chances as they "took it on the chin" 43-32. This ended the fine season for the Irwinites and also the high school coach- ing career of Coach John Ht. Irwin, 'Coach Slessinger taking over the duties for next season. Allderdice's record for the season was fifteen wins against four losses. Coach Slessinger faces the task of replacing Chick Frank. game diminutive guard, who copped one of the positions on the All-City quintet, Captain Red Sil- verman, other guard, who showed plenty of fight at all times. Wally Patton, center, who very capably filled Rog jorgenson's shoes and who was a real scoring power in the closing games. In the reserve ranks, Marty Rosenstock. guard, and Bierny Hendel, center, will be missed. Frank will be especially missed because of his heady ball playing and way of keeping the team: together. Douglas and Gentile will be back and these boys should really be tops in the City next year, .especially Herbie. Wliite, Bloom. Abromavitz, along with Swiss and Bandell will return to try to give Allderdice its third straight title and it is sincerely hoped that they will once more bring the title to Allderdice. JUNIOR LEADERS Sponsor Mr. Slessinger F O O T B A LL Scores for Season Allderdice ...25 New Kensington Allderdice ...,... 0 Allegheny ,....,.... Allderdice .A,.. . 0 Carrick .....,.. Allderdice A...,.. 13 Peabody A4... . Allclerdice .,..... 19 South Hills ..,... Allderdice ,.,... 211 Perry .. . Allderdice .... 7 Fifth Avenue ., Total .... ...90 Total ..,.... L K . The Dragons opened their 1938 schedule with only three of last year s first team back in uniform. The vacancies being filled by four of last year's reserves, three new recruits, and the noted Mike Miller back for his senior year. Thompson captained his team rto a startling victory in the opener with New Kensingtong but in the early part of the next engagement, namely Allegheny, he was forced to retire with a sprained ankle, leaving his green team to stagger along without a capable leader. The team dropped the next two games by a touchdown margaing and then with .a chance to redeem themselves, with the first team once more intact, they went down for their third defeat in a row, bowing to Peabody by a lone point. No one could blame the team, for what happened. Mike, with the whole team' fighting for him., ran wild scoring all thirteen points and proved to the entire school .that his presence was all that was needed to mlake the team the best in the city. From then on the Dragons couldn't be stopped. South Hills and Perry didnlt have a chance with the famed Allderdice 'backfield together again giving the 'team the powerful offense it had 'needed so badly earlier in the season. Fifth Avenue remained and they proved to be plenty of trouble when, taking ad- 154 vantage of the Dragon's second team, -they easily blocked a punt deep ,in Allderdice territory and recovered it for the first score of the game. Coach Irvin rushed his first team back into the game and they fought right back to score the 'tying touch- down but the game ended shortly afterwards .in a 7-7 deadlock. The 1938 season as a whole was n-one too successful. Both 'Coach Irvin and Coach Slessinger had high hopes for championship, relying upon a group of team players 'rather than upon a few individual stars. However. they inet their match more than once and the better team won. All but Kennedy are graduating from the first team and nearly as many from the second so next year's season will see many new faces. Credit should be given to Miike Miller who proved himself one of the best all-around players ever to attend Allderdice. In the games he played he scored an average of thirteen points, counting the poin-ts after touchdown. Paul Mil-ler also stood out. He was the reason opponents were forced to choose the other side of the line when they needed precious yardage. Another outstanding back was Eddie Ludwig who served at both half and quarter. His first two years were marked with injuries but he made up for lost time as a senior playing from. start to finish all season. And we can't forget our lanky center Bernard Hendel. His great work defensively sparked the Dragon line to hold on more than one occasion and his passes gave the backs the confidence that does away with fumbles. Other seniors deserving credit were Hal Black, a great defensive end, Gordy llonnenberger who filled the injured Carney's shoes at quarter, and Marty Hessel- man, Harry Wloleslagle, Carl Thompson. Lynch, Paull, O'Malley. Ewing, Seback, Duffy, Phillips, and Ralph Levin who was forced to quit the squad before the season got under way due to a torn leg muscle. SWIMMING HIS YEAR's swimming team was one of the finest aggregations of natators ever to represent Allderdice. Under the excellent tutelage of Mr. Slessinger, the Green and VVhite tankmen won five meets and lost but two. The Allderdice mermen easily overcame Connelly, Fifth Avenue, Peabody, and South: and al- though they beat Schenley, they were hard pressed and had to come from behind to win. The Dragon swimmers lost a very close, hard-fought meet to Wlesting- house by a one point margin, and another close one to Carrick. T.A.H.S.-58 Connelly- T.A.H.S.-45 South- T.A.H.S.-49 Fifth- T.A.H.S.-37 Westinghouse- T.A.H.S.-40 Schenley- T.A.H.S.-35 Carrick- T.A.H.S.-45 Peabody- 155 vu Mtv-ffmw . ' e1WM,tacms A ' TRACK 9' llll.lllNG ms 'rmm around one of jg the hest all-around track men ever to don the Green and XYliite. Coach Slessinger ohtained a very fine showing from the track squad. Herbie Douglas, flash of the Allderdice cagers, proved he is no slacker in track hy en- tering in practically every running and jumping' event postled in the Dragon meets and coming out on top practically all the time. lt was Herlm who proved to he the sparlcplug of the Green and VYhite, and his hroad jumping and sprinting drew great attention from the fans. ln the l'eahody and Schenley meets along' with the qualifying meets for the eity, the Dragons displayed plenty of power and hut for a stronger relay team would have heen ridinw' the crest from start to finish. Xlone' with lJOlW'l'lS'S fine A r. a ' running there we1'e l"ischer, XYhiteside, Chilcott, Flatley and XYlierlie who gave . - . 'N ' , V evidence of developing into future track stars. ,f 1 e Serious damage will not result from graduation to memhers of the track t am. hut Fischer, Chilcott. Sinwell, and Flatley. the first three men in the relays, and the last a pole vaulter, will he missed due to graduation. llowever, the hulk of the squad will return. All the Dragon meets were held away lreeause of prevention of eoinrpelition on the athletic field. SOCCER me 1'As'r s1cAsoN proved to he the most successful ever enjoyed hy the Dragons. Under the excellent tutelage of Coach John ll. lrwin the hooters hung up a record of six wins and two losses. Outstanding stars of the season were Miller, fullhaelt, lllair lNVhiteyJ l'earsol, captain and left inside. and goalie Sniderman. 'ln league competition the Dragons topped Arsenal l-O. XYestingliouse 2-O. Schenley 3-O, and Baxter l-0: and lost W H to Sommers 2-l and Gladstone 2-0. Shady Side was also con- quered hy a 5-l score in a non- league game. 156 l . rl I " wf f I 157 - AND NO DEFICIT OW TO Balance the Budgeit of the Journal Iixpensesu has long been the dis- tressing query of many a 12A class. The '39 June journal staff, being unique and modest enough, foresaw no financial problems, heard of no money entanglements, and spake no pecuniary words. Herewith is presented an accurate financial -report of the expenditures and proceeds of the yearbook. ASSETS 1. Advertisements, including all I. O. U.'s, solicited by business staff ..., S 0000.79 2. 12A class group pictures Amount due-51500.10 per each head in the picture totaling about 345.00 Amount paid by few enthusiastic staff members ..., .. Club pictures Amount due-500.10 per each head in the picture totaling about 3500.00 2 .......00000.90 Amount paid by presidents of said clubs 4...,............,...,,,....,...,... 3.70 4. Subscriptions ..4,........,,,...,....... ...,,..... .... ..,.,...,... ,..,,,4,.........,...........,.......... 1 2 . 4 2 5. Staff members, text books traded in to second hand book stores ........ 1904.31 6. Three "free" popsicle sticks found in Room 260 ...... ..... 7. Crossword Puzzle Contest won by feature writers ..,.,... - 000.15 8. Class Play proceeds donation ...,.......,...,....,..............., ,....,. 1 2.50 Total Assets .,., ..,.........,............,..........,............,., ...,.... S 6 934.77 L I A B I L I T I E S 1. Engraving bill-3750.00 Paid 300005.80 2. Printing bill-3600.00 Paid 12.50 3. Street car fares to printer ..,,... .... ,.,...,.,........ 0 0 000.10 4. Taxi fares to printer ..........,........................................... .... 1 97.30 :-. Amount used by staff to see class play ...... .................,... .... 1 Z .50 6. Popsicles consumed by staff during working hours ..., .... 1 31.10 7. Libel paid for misrepresentation .......................,..,........... .... 1 50.00 S. Salary of entire staff based upon number of meetings attended and confessed number of hours spent thinking about the Journal ................................. ..... ........................................, ,.,. 2 0 7 .64 9. Subscription campaign including posters, newspaper ad and radio announcemen-ts ..............,.......,..........,.............................,...........,...... 2124.08 10. Free sample journals given to staff members, faculty, patrons, and reputable people .................................,.......... ....... 2 093.75 ll. Banquet in honor of publishing the 1939 Journal ........ ....... 1 000.00 Total L121.bilit'ies .... ................................................,............................., SIS 6934.77 Therefore, with clean slate and satisfied hearts. we, the '39 Journal Staff, leave nothing on the books for our succeeding classes. 158 Taylor ufllvlerdzke PAREN T-TEACH ER ASSOCIATION f CLASSES OF 1-9-3 -9 Ili wivlzvv 1110111 vzfrvcvv and lzafvpin The House of Reliable Quality and Service l Nixon Theatre Building l Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Class Rings and Pins Blooklet Diplomas Commencement Announcements , ' Club Pins Cups and Trophies Medals and Awards Sport Charms and Keys W' l l Senior-"But, your honor, I ani Il senior in Allderdicef' judge-"Ignorance doesn't excuse anybody l" Coach lrvin tio playersj-"And re- inember that football develops initiative. individuality and leadership. Now get onto that field and do exactly as I tell you." Bob lfu'iiig'--"Do you believe in clubs for women ?" Bob ElJCl'emllSlll't'. Hut only after kindness has failed." "Bob Hutli will make a good soldierf' "VVhy?" "He jumps at the smell ol powder." Andy Trische tafter being repri- manded by teacherj-"VVell. he's been sitting there all day, doing nothing but wasting time." Teacher-"How do you know ?" Andy-"Because l've been sitting here watching l1llllJ.N Coach Irwin Cin pool, to Joe Apjoki -"Thats better, Joe. you aren't swal- lowing so niueh water-doing more to the gallon, so to speak." A . . . 29th Year 3 MISS CONLEY'S SCHOCL Q Secretarial Training for Young Womeii l il Approved by the State Committee on Standards 160 SISSMAN S T U D I Q Offcial Salma! Tlzologmpher gP' fi5XliD A poet mailed an effusion entitled, "VVhy Do I Live ?" to a literary review, The editor returned the ,poem with the following note: f'You live because you didnit 'dare bring it in yourself." Landlady-"The man who occupied this room was an inventor. He invented an explosive." Prospective Lodger-"I suppose those spots on the wall are the explosive." Landlady-"No, they're the inventorf' 'He put his arm .around her waistg The color left her cheek: And on the shoulder of his coat It stayed about a week. Then there were two sailors looking' fOT Il lJC1'l1lZ1!lC11t NVZIVC. Marty Rosenstock-"May I hold your Polils Grill FRESH SEA FOUD DAILY 2607 Murray Avenue Phone HAZel 2600 Colonial Cleaners Established 1915 I Office-4375 Murray' Avenue All Garmentr Imurefl A gfzimt hand?" . . FIRE and THEFT Yetta - -"No thanks, it lSl1,'i heavyf' I SAVE The young man of today is the business man of tomorrow. Success or failure in business usually depends upon the ability to save. Thrift is ,l important in character building, too. It has a place in every well-ordered life. Plan now for a successful career by saving a part of your income regularly in the UNION SAVINGS BANK, where safety is assured by ample resources and sound management. l Ask about the PURPOSE CLUB which many say is the easiest and most convenient way to save. l ' THE UNIO SAVINGS BANK Capital and Surplus 354,500,000 l Friek Building, Fifth Avenue and Grant Street ,Pittsburglb PH- A' 162 ' . X huplsfgglog PIQNITIN LATES Z sq ff. -R ..,, if 3Qg,:in V l IIE COPPER - 97 IGIAIAPTUNIJS AND IAIN E ETCIIINGS THAT WERE IISEID IN RRIN TIN G TISIIS EOOPK WERE MADE gy zfzlfe 593822913 ENGBQQNQ CO' 4 J rkc I VOPIJZQ I 5' uf, 61 DAY AND NIGI'IT SE VI E" X- f Q5 l fir' XX xr - 4 + V lx X V' I 63 " 1 COMPLIMENTS OF THE GULF OIL CORPORATION ,ff-XX xx N 1 GULF X Hx 'u 1 a" ,fff l 55 HEY shall find wisdom here and faith. ln steel and stone, in char acter and thought, they shall find beauty, adventure, and moments of high victory." THE UNIVER ITY F PITT BURGH Father lo young .ron sucking his flrumlr: "Say, son, d0n't bite that thumb off. You'll need it some day when you are old enough to travel." fill LVay lu Iiame Housewife-"How did you come to fall so low as to go around the country hegging ?" Tramp-"lt's a long story, mum, and it's now in the hands of my publishers. I'm on my way to New York to correct the proofs." She smiled sweetly- showing hoth teeth. f,,, Y ,, Dinlples have caused more trouhle than dynamite. "I understand women perfectly,'l said the lunatic. Sign for deer hunters in XVyoming: "Dont shoot till they move. They may he VY. P. A. workers." Freshman-"This paper tells of a man who lives on onions alone." Co-ed-"VVell, anyone who Iiwx on onions ought to live alone." E BRE: NT'S eadifd efeaning SQUIRREL HILL STOR E--5820 FORBES STREET Y, .Y Y ,Y Y rl 165 Johnston TheFf0rz'.s'1f CORSAGICS A SPECIALTY HAzel 1012 5841 Forbes Street Squirrel Hill Portable Typewritcrs ALL MAKES NEVV AND REBUILT S1 Per Special Prices VVeek to Students FortPittTypewriterCo. O44 LIBERTY AVE. AT 83.20 Stephen A. Ovfoole 5106 SECOND AVENUE JAckson 2324 p York Supply Co. l lOl4 FIFTH AVENUE ATlantic 9862 Uptown Leading p Furniture Store l i Teaclier-"XVillie, tell the class what , the Hague Triliuual is." N X'Villie--"Tl1e Hague Triliuual ar-" Teaclier-"Dou't say 'The Hague 'l'rilJunal arci. Willie, use 'is'." XYilliew"Tl1e Hague Tribunal islni- ' trates national controversies." l i l it l l 1. Affiliated Service Station 1824 MURRAY AVENUE Cars Lubricated, Chassis Sprayed, Springs Cleaned, Battery Filled ALL FOR 51.00 Free Delivery it i New Personality with sANoRou.! l Want to look attractively different? Are vou tired of your present per- manent? 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The bankers in -the counting hous Are busy mul-tiplyingg The common people at the front Are doing all the dying. use I, ' 'H' 'T' I C l TUITION ON EASY TERMS W Q'f'g'j9'zh School of Beauty Culture PITTSBURGH'S FIRST 'X BEAUTY SCHOOL 437 PENN AVENUE COpp0site H0fll6ySJ 1 GRalIt 4117 PITTSBURGH i I I Ann M. Gallagher Greeting Candy for Af! Oeeafiom RENTAL LIBRARY l ' HA S952 1823 MURRAY AVR. Complinzents of a Friend l Freshie-"Do you travel much in that old flivver P" john Born-"From coast to coast." Fresliie-"Goshl From Maine to California ?U Born-" I coast down one hill, push it up another, and then coast again." l l Mr. Colborn-"Every day we breathe I oxygen. Wfhat do we breathe at night, l..enore ?" I Lenore Finegolid-"Nitrogen," 167 HCS! ll 'f.x'f1r'S IQIECIK' C'01IIf7Il.llIt'lIf.X' of QA Hderdice Lunch CRoom RoAen6erg lf Original HOT PUPPIE SH OP Sffllk StIlItf'ZUl.l'1IL'.Y yozfll Iikat' 1 In t a littlc sign that wc appreciate your patronage. 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L -, I Compliment: of IVIORROWFIELD APARTMENTS ALDERSON APARTMENTS I'f1.uR1DG13 IXVENUE APAR'1'M1aN'rs HA S700 J. F. Dunlay, Mg1'. 172 il C0'l4'1ff7Ii1ll6'l1l'S of Beacon Pharm acv Bartlett Pharmacy Morrowlield Ph RFID HCV LEARN how easy your family could play and enjoy The Hammond Organ Headquarters For Allderdice Supplies W 2 8 5 ' Pennants - Notebooks -'Paper 0 ' ' igzge-L--....,, Squirrel Hill News nf 'I -5 .md up L' YZ Terms lkirziiaged as-V--A" . . ,, N' A "The Store of Friendly Service 604 wood sf. Pittsburgh, Pa. 5804 FORBES ST' JA 9733 Nlr. Shriner-UAH bodies have a cer- Father - "Daughter! Daughter' tain power of attraction." Ilasn't that young man gone yet ?' XVally VVarren-"Yes, but some Jean Layton-"No, father, but Ivt bodies are more attractive than others." got him goingf, Ellen Bonar .....,. . Roger Jorgenson Sidney Mullen ..,. Lois Blotter .l..... Jean Lewis ..... . A Ruth Ann Mervis Jean Bennett .,....... Norman Marcus Clarence Tyler Eugene Evans ..,. Joan France ,.ii. Kitty Dunn .,..,. Babe" Lynch .... .. Lois Dickson ..., UNOTES TO NOTE" "Y-ou're As Pretty As A l'icture 1 "Thanks For Everything i. ., ...t.... "The Same Sweet You ,. ., ..,. A ,..,,... "Say It Witlr Music "I Believe In Miracles' 1 "Theres No Place To Go But Up' .. i,..,,..,...,........ "From Now On a v ,. "Every NOW And Then 4- v "Deep In A Dream "It Took A Million Years .. .. ., ,. "You're A Natural "Oh! How l Hate just Let Me Look At You e 9 9 To Get Up In The Morning' "Little Lady Make Believe' A' 173 - 9 ! y 235 L THE ALLDERDICE Trinted by MAYER P R E S S Ff!!!fi18S7 A IIP P Il ll0f7Hl1d 174 ,MH AI. ffgfwffgfgff OYTHE ELLANQR PdTgNXlgNZ4!4l4!Z "-1'4" Z7 ' T YEB8 ERIEESMQVCENAE, gqcgeeerjwwn, -Hi HE ?!C?TERe5 is-ifc, G:x,ETH?lEm 3 Rom Tam .7 X. f Jxflsfffif W J , IF I HBO THE wwf-S e Sw , 2 X 0' AN 'WCM' I I 2 - Q fi, . II "L i ,A fb 1' "N haves 'MSN-fN1S'r wwf- 'N 'N fl ' ' 5 "' s'fs:YAW-Y W. " "f - ' X 3 . - ' O. ,,.Qi:lW!xl' 0 ON Il , ,N 'sq Q E? 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