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A v , w w T . w w 4 N 1 I l TMQ Qi 1 lDlfIQDlCE Volume Ljublislwecl Joinilq Lag Seniors 01C tlwe Januavq anJ June Classes oF lQ58 -Uwe -Iwaqlov 1fqHJe10o'ice 1-Iiglw School Shady and Forward Avenues Pittsburgh, P . it 3535? 5 Xp s J5 5311 4 N, X m N I ' K 0 -a J ov' te ' .Q 0 ..fl.46" -. ,u x 'tNl'4l gr -y Q. uf 0 Xl'?3'flAi1l :id . W .,'-1 'L vt .FW 222' 1 f i ' 4 f 1' 4' ."i1'l f X 1 ffff jrli. Ya. .--'-5.3, ff fi, I 540. 4 Q 'f' 4 1 ls Q 5 A 0 4' Q A 9 I oi Hop 0 Z." 'f 4'1" .A f A, Klum i i 'T , ve? -q' 4 1 1 0 K'V",7 I A 1 U X 'Q 'N'i't'l ,CZVEWOV HE PURPOSE of this yearbook is two fold. Primarily, we aim to present to the seniors and the school a permanent record of the activities of the class of 1938. Our secondary, but no less important, goal is to acquaint them with the problems of securing everlasting' peace. It is our hope that this book will serve Ill future years as a link between the past and the present. VVithin its covers will be found many diverse featuresg some will amuse you: others will make you ponder a bit. VVhatever the nature of the material may be, it is here to give you a pleasant memento of Allclerclice. 4 v., ecliccufiwz rru sincerest appreciation. we, the combined classes of January and June. 1938, dedicate our journal to two persons who have done much to forward thc ideals of education in our city. MRS. MARY JUNKIN COWLEY Dr. Robert M. Sherrard last year was 1'Ct11'6Cl from the position of A s s o c i a t e Superintendent of Schools, -which position he had held since 1911, Prior to that time, he served as a teacher in the Pitts- burgh Schools. ln 1934, he received the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from VVashington and Jeffer- son College, in recognition of his fine work. Dr. Sherrard has always forwarded the interests of Pitts-- burgli school children. 5 Mrs. Mary J. Cowley served for twenty-five years as a member of the Board of Education, from 1911 until 1936, when she passed from this world. Throughout her later years she was identified with play- ground and welfare work, Her utmost efforts were centered upon helping others, particularly under- privileged children. DR. ROBERT M. SHERRARD DR. ROLAND G. DEEVERS Principal Greene lm-rl iris' "Golden .f1g0,"' Rome its "".fIgc' of the fl11t011i11cs." and ow own rounlry Hx "Era of Good Fvvliazgf' IVF lzopv and Iwlivw that flzvrv will rome U. Iinz-c wlzirlr will Inc' kH0'ZL'll fllrozlglz- out tim world ax flu' age of "IvlIf'Z'l'I'.VfII Pmrr and Good I- 1'iII."' --K. G. Dlclwlzus G ir A acuity Principal-Dr. Roland G. Deevers Vice Principal-Mr. J. S. Glaes Activities Director-Mr. L. VV. Korona Vocational Counselor-Mr. XV. M. Sharp Girls' Advisor-Miss Lucy A. South Special Clerical VVork-Miss Hazel Altsinan Miss Isabel T. Zinn, Chief Clerkg Miss Lois E. Hill, Clerk: Miss Helen M. Brand, Clerkg Mrs. Catherine M. Hoyt, Book Clerk RT Miss Marie J. Dollard Mr. Joseph C. Fitzpatrick Miss Jennie A. Norton Miss Olivia Koenig COMMERCIAL Mr. John P. Angelo Miss Julia Behane Mr. I-larry ll, Book Miss Ilelen R. Bartrim Mrs. Helen L. Campbell Miss Iilizzlhetli A. Fleming Miss Florence Graham Miss Adelaide Hartman Miss Mathiltla G. Johnson Mr. Clay H. Longeneclcer Miss Katherine S. McCamblay Mr. John B. Melvin Mr. George B. Snyder ENGLISH Miss Dorothy Albert Miss Florence M. Barkley Miss Olive Bowlin 'tMiss Sarah Davey Miss Mary A. Evans Mrs. Clyde C. Ferguson Rose Hartz Miss Mr. Irvin F. Hoerger Miss Anna Houston Miss Agnes Kerr Miss Frances M. Leech Miss Belle Long Miss Ella Markley Miss Nancy J. Montgomery Miss Diantha VV. Riddle 'Miss Muriel Rugh Miss Sara D. Stuart Miss Elizabeth hfVElgEl1lillCClll F Mr. George K, Young Miss Dorothy Zeigler OREIGN LANGUAGES Miss Dorothy Bergman Miss Mary C. Brennan Mr. John B. Coyne Miss Yetta T. Kamler Miss Elizabeth Klingensmith Miss Anna G. Richey Mr. C. T. Roller Mrs. Myra C. Simpson Miss Edna R. Todd HISTORY Miss Hester A. Baird Miss Charlotte R. Beacltler Mr. Samuel Blitz Miss Rhoda R. Bowler Mr. Alvin G. Faust Esther L. Geist Bertha O. Mitchell Anna M. Quattrocchi Cora C. Ross Leila H. Rupp Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Mr. l-larry C. Soles "'Mr. Nicholas Stevens Miss Rilla B. Tait Miss S. Pearl VVall HOUSEHOLD ECONOMICS Miss Charlotte E. Bailey Miss Rebecca F. Bard Miss Florence Bechtel Miss Grace A. Grossman LIBRARY Mrs. Margaret H. lVfcMickle Mrs. Marion Swarts MATHEMATICS Mr. Charles WI Bernhard Miss Rosa Blessing Miss Marian Couperthwaite Mr. Charles H. Freebie "'Mr. Thomas J. Hogan Mr. George M. Phillips Miss Dorothy E. Pickard Miss Alice L. Phipps Mi. J. L. Spitler Vlfesley Wagner Dr. Mr. I-I. H. Wilson MANUAL TRAINING Mr. A. L. Gautsch Mr. Kenneth H. B. Julian Mr. C. P. Kavanaugh Mr. J. Earl Krotzer Mr, E. A. Liberator MUSIC Mr. F. M. Bechtolt Mrs. Dorothy Jean Meyer Miss Emma Steiner Miss Laura E. Zeigler PHYSICAL EDUCATION Miss Katharyn Hazlett Mr. Franklin Haar Mr. Robert W. Irvin Mr. John H. Irwin Miss Esther M. Long Miss Margaret Mercer Miss Elizabeth Schaefer Mr. Earnest Slessinger SCIENCE Mr. Lon H. Colborn Miss Elizabeth Donaldson Mr. R. J. Hackett Miss Alva K. Held Mr. Fred E. Holmes Mr. Edgar Hoopes Miss Grace Jessop Miss Jane S. Johnston Miss Jane McCandless Miss Elizabeth C. Miller Mr. J. T. Shriner Mrs. Mae Weber Smith DIETITIAN Miss Edna Com-pton SWIMMING MATRON Mrs. Clara Bloom CUSTODIAN Mr. Joseph Marks SPEECH Miss Edna K. Bezler SCHOOL DOCTOR Dr. Edmund Boots, M.D. HALL SUPERVISION Mrs. Mabel McConnell Mr. O. C. Truschinger "Substitutes for Miss Ruth Clauson Miss Clara Welslt Mrs. Mary C. Rila Miss Jennie Kearney -7 mmm! Sfaff EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Dorothy Ornitz . .,.........,..,...... ............. ..,,,..... ...,,...... J a n uary Class William Klinkenstein ........ ,.,,..,..... J une Class FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Diancha W. Riddle Associate Editors - January Class Sanford Alter Leonard Kanenson Ilene Smith Robert Bain Barbara Kramer Ernest Stern Betty Blair Raymond Kramer Florence Stewart Rose Feldman Reda Levin De Vera Syna. Edythe Gold james McShane Betty Wilbert Miriam Goldstein Nancy Robling William Zielonka Mary Houghton Stanley Rosecrans ADVERTISING Karl Adler Marvin Goldbloom Stanton Frankle Julian Silverman Herbert Harris ...... ,. ......,. Business Manager W 7 8 Associate Editors Elinor Barbrow Rosella Bass Sara Broido Dorothy Casey john Casey Marjorie Heinz Jack Heller Helen Hockenberger Emily Jacobs Dorothy Kane June Class Betty Murphy Leonard Oliver Mary Osborn Elaine Ostlund Philip Perma: Richard Eiseman jean King Diana Rosenberg Mary Louise Finnin Nancy King Stanley Ungar Christine Grote Lois Long Rita Weisbrode Harriet Harris Jane Miller Ruth Zimmerman " 9 K -Ll1Ql Mgr! If K A' Z XM-I' f .vi I 5? V I . f M fi P f 1 f", Q , ' , -If if 1 7 .fQ414?E5 0 Z VA I JL .ff 1 'Qr"'fF?1f:f:it?2a4?2ffg.g,2 -vifll' """ 7 577.11-fl 5"1'33-Si212fiEf:2if'de22,.. 'H 'mf' 'NNN ',.'fg17igf,'i'f9f X. .Q Vial , 5 M ' if - .- 12. f' ' ' iv N . 'fi I I fyyl - Ng fwwzlg' ,,f if f , M?" 'f ,Im 'f W "YI I ' ' 'VU-'18, "United 'we stand,- Difvideel we fall." 10 l amtary Glass rqouzizafiozz OFFICERS l'resident ............... .................................. .I ohn G. Lloyd Vice Presiclent ....... ........ S tanley Rosecrans Secretary ........... .............................. I aines F. McShane COMMITTEES Journal Sanford Alter, Robert Bain, Betty Blair, Rose Feldman, Edythe Gold, Miriam Goldstein, Mary I-loughton, Leonard Kanenson. Barbara Kramer, Raymond Krainer. Reda Levin, james McShane, Dorothy Ornitz, Nancy Rolmling. Stanley Rosecrans, Ilene Smith, Ernest Stern. Florence Stewart, Du Vern Syna, Betty Wilbert, NVilliam Zielonka. Social Betty Blair, Nancy Robling, Lawrence Rosenson. Ring Virginia Bateman. Cuddy Briskin, Howard Cohen, Antoinette English, Ed- ward Greenwald, Donald Middleton, Lillian Murdock. XValter My-coff, John Tyksinski, Dorothy VVilliaxns. Gift Ruth fXlJCl'CI'Ul1llJiL', Shoal Berer, Thomas Dignian, lVDildred Goodnite, David lrlast, Clinton Kallenberger, james Keifer, Fred Kindl, Betty Miller, Mary Alice Spelhnire. Flower Nladelinc Austen, Charles Cuden. John Kranick. Arthur Krasne, Shirlev Las- day, Ann Lintz, john McNif'f, Adrienne Sedler, Stanley Wfeinthal. Song Cheer Motto Xvilliillll Calhoun. Robert Cohen, Everett -Tones, Alfred Katz, Paul Mazerov, john Mcttenherger, Edith Piper, Lawrence Rosenson. David XfVald. Dorothy Wfciner. 'K ""' 11 l' SOCIAL COMMITTEE GIFT COMMITTEE FLOWER COMMITTEE SONG, CHEER, MOTTO COMMITTEE RING COMMITTEE 12 First Row-fLeft to Rightj Mildred P. Abelson, Ruth Abercrombie, Herman Abramson, Mabel Adamitz, Sanford I. Alter. Second Row-Madeleine Austin, Ruth Austin, Robert Bain, Bernice E. Barer, Virginia Bateman. Third Row-Shoal Berer, john Bishop, Amelia Caroline Blackham, Elizabeth Ann Blair, Katharine Boyd. Fourth Row-David Myar Bregman, Cuddy Briskin, Nathan Bruno, William D. Calhoun, Irene Cipa. Fifth Row-Theodore M. Cipa, Robert Cohen, Howard Cohn, Evelyn E. Coin, Violet Coughenour. , , , , 13 -- First Row-fLeft to Rightj Jack Crisman, Lucille Crittenden, Charles Cuden, Katherine Danko, Thomas Digman. Second Row-Marian Mildred Ebersole, Ann Emerson, Antoinette English, Martin Feldman, Rose Yetta Feldman. Third Row-Elsie Ferguson, Mae Willa Foreman, Betty Irene Fulham, Emma Gergely, Lois A. Gloekler. Fourth Row-Edythe Gold, Howard Golden, Miriam Goldstein, Robert Goleman, John Gongas. Fifth Row-Mildred Goodnite, George Graham, Edward Greenwald, Jerry Greenwald, Gertrude Theola Harris. 1 4 ' L i i i First Row-CLeft to Rightj David Hast, john C. Hood, Mary Wilmot Houghton, William Richard Immel, Cecelia Ippolito. Second Row-Everrett J. Jones, Clinton Kallenberger, Leonard Kanenson, Alfred Katz, james Kiefer. Third Row-Fred Kindl, Ruth Ioa Kleiman, Barbara Jeanne Kramer, Raymond Kramer, John Kranick. Fourth Row-Arthur Krasne, Lois Krepps, Kurt Krumich, Jean Ruth Kruse, john Kyle. ' Fifth Row-Shirley Lasday, Julius Ronald Levkoy, Irene Leposky, Frances Levant, Rada R. Levin. 15 1 A W i First Row-fLeft to Righty Morris Lichter, jerry Lieblich, Anne Lintz, john G. Lloyd, Frank Lyle. Second Row-John Manning, Paul B. Mazerov, joseph McNiff, james F. McShane, jr., Marian Menzer. Third Row-john Mettenberger, Donald Mayo Middleton, Andrew Miles, Bernard Miller, Betty Louise Miller. Fourth Row-'Frank Miller, Belle Moidell, Anna J. Morton, Olive M. Morton, Betty Mudrock. Fifth Row-Lillian Murdock, Walter J. Mycoff, Mary B. Myers, Thelma Norris, Dorothy E. Ornitz. , 16 ,L -M ,,., i 1 First Row-CLeft to Righty Frank Pallotta, Mathilda Palombo, Edith M. Piper, June Plessett, Peter Puzak. Second Row-William Charles Pyers, Esther Evelyn Racusin, Harold L. Ray, Nancy Robling, Thomas Reynolds. Third Row-Stanley Rosecrans, David Rosenfeld, Lawrence Rosenson, Louis Schwartz, Adrienne Sedler. Fourth Row-Florence B. Shapiro, Ethel Marie Smith, Helen Ilene Smith, Jack Smith, Mort C. Smythe. Fifth Row-Sidney Soltz, Mary Alice Spellmire, Yetalouise Steinman, Ernest Stern, Morris Stern. W '17 r of First Row-CLeft to Righty Florence Ann Stewart, Ruth Swartz, DeVera Lee Syna, Mary Tichi, Jean E. Toth. Second Row-Olga D. Tozzi, john Tyksinski, Howard Vanselow, Marie Verna, Robert Vogan. Third Row-David Wald, Ruth Margaret Weadon, Dorothy J. Weiner, Stanley Weinthal, Betty Anne Wilbert. Fourth Row-Gladys Eleanor Wilds, Dorothy May Williams, Harriet Sylvia Wolk, Anna Yalch, William Zielonka. Fifth Row-Ann Doris Zimmer, Alvin Jacobson. 18 - "Ami they .vlmlf beat liz-eir sworzls info plowshares, A nfl fhei1'spem'5imo p1'1mi1f1g-forksg Nzllion shall 1101 lift up sword ezgaim! nation, N eiffzer shall :hey learn war any more."-BIBLE -Isaiah 224. -T "i- 19 .Zeta Glzapfer jfafiozzaf gfonor Society Ruth E. Abercrombie Sanford I. Alter Shoal P. Berer Elizabeth A. Blair Miriam F. Goldstein Mary W. Houghton Leonard Barbara Mary B Dorothy Nancy Robling A. Kanenson Stanley Rosecrans J. Kramer Adrienne J. Sedler Myers Helen I. Smith E. Ornitz Yetalouise Steinman UNSELFISH SERVICE AWARD Dorothy Ornitz Stanley Rosecrans 20 High Honor Pupils Shoal P. Berer Reda Levin Miriam F. Goldstein Dorothy E. Ornitz Edward Greenwald Stanley Rosecrans Leonard A. Kanenson Adrienne J. Sedler Barbara J. Kramer Honor Pupils Ruth E. Abercrombie John J. Mettenberger Virginia Bateman Mary B. Myers David M. Bregman Peter Puzak Violet Coughenour Nancy Robling Mildred E. Goodnite Helen I. Smith Mary M. Houghton Yetalouise Steinman Clinton H. Kallenberger De Vera L. Syna Shirley Lasday Dorothy J. Weiner THE JANUARY CLASS ANY INNOVATIONS were made by the 147 members of the 1938 January graduating class. The twenty-five honor students were given an exam- ination at Frick Training School with students of similar rating from the other city high schools to determine those who were to graduate with high honor. This was the first class to use this method as grades had always been the basis in past years. Nine students were graduated with this high honor rating. Class standing was obtained this year by using grades from the last six semesters of high school work, rather than the last four. A Senior Honor Assembly was held the last period on January 19, the last day of school for the graduating class, instead of the last Friday as had been the custom. All seniors who had earned honors, such as honorary awards, team letters, etc., were seated on the auditorium stage and were presented to the senior school. For the first time a matinee performance of the class play was not given. Instead, a committee of ten was chosen from each report room to 'be present at the first part of a dress rehearsal of The Youngest by Philip Barry. The play was halted at several points so that the audience might give their reaction to the play, the new amplifying system and the visibility. The evening performances of The Yozmgcst were given on December 15 and 16. This year the class program was presented at night, breaking the practice of giving it the last afternoon of school. On the evening of January Z5 this program, a Minstrel Revue, was presented to a full house. Even the commencement ceremony its-elf was subject to change. For the first time the A Cappella Choir sang at graduation. This was made possible by the use of the organ for the recessional. The June graduating class presented two baskets of flowers instead of one. Each graduate was given a rose as he left the plat-form, this also 'being an innovation. This class was the first to receive the new style diploma which is in the form of a small portfolio instead of a large scroll. Thus it can be seen that the January graduating class of 1938 has done its part in the progressive advancement which must always mark the pupils of Taylor Allderclice High School. 21 .M r. jfrofzeris Cuf- Ups Room 215 Mr. 1. Earl Krotzer - Sponsor Krotzerville was his creation, Radio is his avocation g In the hearts of his class abiding, To them his name will bring glad tiding. President .......................... ,....... ............................ I e an Toth Vice President ....... ......... 'l 'helma Norris Secretary ......................................... ........ B tary Emerson Treasurer ...................................,.................. Andrew Miles Student Council Representative ....,..... W'ill,iam Zielonka Social Chairman ........................................ Nancy Robling Activity Representative ............... ....... X Villiam lmmel Foreword Representative... ........ Dorothy Ornitz Herman Abramson Hermie a reporter would like to be, That he may write about you and me. Rifle Club: Cooking Clubg Chemistry Clubg Economics Clubg Baud Ag Orchestra Ag Swimming '35, '36g Stunt Team '35g Football '36, '375 Track Team '35. john Bishop Our Bishop, who is quite tall, Is so well-known for basketball. Hall Patrol: Green Keyg Band Ag Basketball '36, '373 Interclass Volleyball Champions '35: Interclass Basketball Champions '36g Baseball '37g Volley- ball '37. ' " 22 Lucille Crittenden Lucille is a charming lass, She is the pride of all her class, lrler dimples are a joy to see, Wfithout them, where would Lucille he? Hall 'Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Voice Bg Volleyball '35, Basketball '35, Thomas Digman I-lere's the boy that warbles, "Digie" is his nameg Some day these lovely warhles May lead him to his fame. Hall Patrol: '1'reasurer of l--lome Room, Gift Committee, Voice Ag Male Chorusg Cross Country '37. Ann Emerson Ann glides hy on her silvery skates, XVith never a frown to darken her face, If all could he as jolly as she, A happier world, I'm sure this would be. lliall l'atrol5 Secretary of Home lioomg Song-Cheer-Motto Committeeg Orchestra B5 Volleyball '35. Mae Willa Foreman Any time you hear Cah Calloway. That Foreman girl whose name is Mae Xhfill always he listening to her ideal, liven though it means missing a meal. Hall Patrolg Voice B. Lois A. Gloekler llappy. sincere. and oh so gay ls our Lois from day to clay. Voice Cg Basketball '37. Gertrude Theola Harris She loves lo play. she loves to singg She answers "yes" to everything. A truly nicer girl than she Could not he found hy you or me. Voiee B. William Richard Immel Hill .lmmfel is not so very tall, Hut good things are usually small. Lunch llatrolg I-lall Patrol: Activities Representativeg Radio Clubg Stage Crew. Everett j. Jones This Everett Jones is the quiet one, XVho works hard till his studies are done. He also plays on his high trombone .ln such a way that none could groan. Lunch Patrol: Song-Cheer-Motto Committeeg Band Ag Gym Team '35, '36, I I '37, Track Team 37. --' 7' 2 3 jean Ruth Kruse Jeannie has such bobbing curls, For these she's envied by all the girls. President off Home Room, Voice A, Volleyball '35, Song-Cheer-Motto Conl- mittee. John Kyle John Kyle has blond hair, Blue eyes, complexion fair. Student Council, lrlall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, lce Cream Boy, r.lll'CZlSL11'C1' oi Home Room. Marian Menzer XVith Marian you can never find gloom, When she's around, she lights up the room. Student Council, Foreword Representative, Social Committee, Lunch Patrol. Andrew Miles Our admiration he impels, ,Cause in Chemistry he excels. Treasurer of Home Room. Anna J. Morton Anna will never be left behind, A friend in her you'l1 always find. Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Knitting Club. Betty Murdock Betty surely is never slow, You can always find her on the go. Hall Patrol. Walter 1. Mycoff Here's an ardent baseball fan, l-le goes to the games Whenever he can. In Allderdice he has made a name, ln some near future may he find fame. King Committee. Thelma Norris Hockey, tennis, or basketball, She plays them well, she plays them all. Hall Patrol, Vice .President of Home Room, Business Service Guild, Volley- ball '36, '37, Basketball '36, '37, l-lockey '36, '37, Tennis ,36,'37, Mushball '36, Dorothy E. Ornitz Dorothy E. Ornitz is tall and so slim, On her the spotlight will never dim, And we hereby give her name To a lasting place in the Hall of Fame. Foreword Staff, Hall Patrol, Foreword Reporter, journal Staff, Orchestra A, Soccer '34, Volleyball '37: Class 'Day Committee, Class Play Publicity, National Honor Society. Peter Puzak Peter is our trucking lad, A better dancer can't be had. Student Council, Hall Patrol , Class Play, Flower Committee. 24 Harold L. Ray Laughter, joy, and fun, All rolled up into one. Hall l,'atrol, Secretary of Home Room, Song-Cheer-Motto Committee. Thomas Reynolds Tom Reynolds with his wavy hair, l-las more than his rightful share, He should give it to the girls That they might have more natural curls. Cross Country '35, '36, '37, Track '36, '37, Nancy Robling Nancy is the girl petite, NVho we all know is very sweet, Wfith wisdom and joy she wends her way 'l'hrough the school from day to day. Hockey '36, National Honor Society. Helen Ilene Smith Ilene Smith is very sweet, And for her brilliance can't be beat. lVith her dark eyes and curly hair, She's a girl that is quite rare. Secretary ol Home Room, journal Staff, Allderdice Adjustment Associa- tion, Senior Leaders' Club, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, '37, Soccer '34, '35' Hockey '36, Basketball '36, Tennis '34, '35, '37, National Honor Society. 1 Mort C. Smythe Duke is the boy who more and more, Helps to add to that football score. A marvelous dancer, he is rumored, A nice fellow when properly humored. Stage Crew '34, '35, '36, Football '35, '37, Hall Patrol, Orchestra A, Soccer '34, DeVera Lee Syna VVith her sparkling humor and ready wit She is sure to make a hit. So much lun DeVera can be Wfhen you're in her company. Class Play Secretary, journal Staff, Arithmetic Club, Type Club, Debate Club, Basketball '34, '37, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, Hockey '36, '37, Sidney Soltz Around the school Wherever you stray, You'll always find Sidney Asleep in the hay. Hall Patrol, Economics Club, Stamp Club, Band C, Soccer '35. Ernest Stern Ernie with his curly hair Draws the girls from here and there. Hall Patrol : Student Council, Book Room Club, journal Staff, Stamp Club, Hobby Club, l.e Cercle Francaise, Art Club, Orchestra B. " 25 llall Patrol, Social Committee, Class Play, journal Staff, Humane Society, Crafts Club, Chorus A, Allderdice Adjustment Association, Soccer '34, Jean E. Toth Black hair, Dark eyes, Beauty rare, Wfhat a prize! Lunch Patrolg President of Home lioomg Song-Cheer-Motto Committee. john Tyksinki If john happens to be your friend, You can be sure it's to the end. Hall Patrolg Secretary l2Bg Ring Committee. Howard Vanselow Howard is an "all-star", The girls think he's a "honey", And when he's on the football field, He runs just like a bunny. Hall Patrolg Football '36, '37. Marie Verna A quiet lass is our Marie So very pretty, as you can see. Secretary-treasurer of Home Roomg Business Service Guild. Robert Vogan Bob is the one who always tore To get the properties behind and before The curtain. Stage Crewg Hall Patrol g Orchestra B. Ruth Margaret Weadon Ruth will always brighten you Whenever you happen to feel blueg She's a friend to have and hold, She's fashioned from a noble mold. Hall Patrol. Yolanda Yobbi Yolandzfs laugh, Yolanda's smile, Keep us happy all the while. William Zielonka VV. Z. because of his fine traits, W'ith all people always ratesg Because ol his looks and wavy hair, The girls for him set their snare. Student Councilg President oil Home Roomg Journal Staffg Debate Club Current Problems Club 3 Orchestra B. ww 26 mrs. Simpson? ueri ef gJue!!ae Room 362 Mrs. Myra C. Simpson - Sponsor "Arnica optimal" say her Latin Charges, "Best ol' friends" say the restg Wfillingly sl1c'll lend a hand, Her friendship stands the test. President ...................................,...................... Alfred Katz Vice President .................................... Leonard Kanenson Secretary-Treasurer .................................... Betty Wilbert Student Council Representative ............. A drienne Sedler Social Chairmzln ........ ........................ I ,awrence Rosenson Activities Representative .............. Yetalouise Steinman Foreword Representative .............................. Fred Kindl Virginia Bateman Virginia's main ambition Is to be a dietitian. .Ring Committeeg Debate Clubg Basketball '34, '35, '36, '37, Hockey '36, '37 Volleyball '36, '37g Tennis '36, '37g Swimming '36, '37. Nathan Bruno Natl1an's one of our best boys, He clocsn't care for any noise. Hlall Patrolg Bandg Cross Country '351 Track Team '37, Soccer Team '34 Irene Cipa Full ol joy and full of fun, Always liked by everyone. Hall Patrol: Current .Events Clubg Microscopic Clubg Make-up Club Volleyball '34, '35, Basketball '35, '37, . 27 --- Evelyn E. Coin Evelyn wants to teach dancing And in that field she'll go prancingg For she is both studious and gay And always bound to win her way. Hall Patrolg Class Playg Red Cross Club. Antoinette English Antoinette is sweet and sincere And always charming to have near. Hall Patrolg Ring Committeeg Business Service Guildg Penmanship Clubg Chess Clubg Volleyball '35, '36g Basketball '36g Tennis '36, '37 Martin Feldman Marty is a reliable chap Always doing his work with a snap. Hall Patrolg Junior Basketball. Rose Yetta Feldman Always ready, willing, and able,- She wants Rhett Butler played by Gable. Bulleting Foreword Staffg journal Staifg Business Service Guild. Edythe Gold Edythe is quite a studious lass, Also a credit to our class. Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Journal Staifg Current Events Clubg Business Service Guild. Howard Golden Howard's hobby is making money, And he is also gay and chummy. Hall Patrolg Soccer Teamg Art Club. Robert Goleman The famfous playwright of 1992 Is Robert Goleman of Room 362. Hall Patrolg Foreword Representativeg Astronomy Clubg Band A3 Inter- mural Champs '35, john C. Hood Ambition deep within his heart Inspired in John the thought to start The task of air conditioning in our town For future generations the year around. Mary Wilmot Houghton Very quiet in her way, But she will be on top some clay. Hall Patrolg Journal Staffg Art Clubg Craft Clubg Qrchestra Ag Volleyball '37g National Honor Society. Leonard Kanenson The Physics notes are due tomorrowg He has to write, he cannot borrow. But days of toil will soon be o'er For "Ig" the Senior will study no more. tiveg journal Staffg Current Physics Club: Model Airplane Clubg Boys Senior Leadersg National Honor Society. 28 Hall Patrolg Vice President of Home Roomg Student Council Representa- Alfred Katz Al is the president of 362 And he's always got a smile for you. l-lall Patrolg President ol Home Roomg Song-Motto-Cheer Committee. Fred Kindl Tall and thin with clear, brown eyes. That is our Fritz as you may surmise. Gilt Committee: Green Keyg Badminton Club: Allderclice Adjustment As- soeiation. Barbara Jeanne Kramer liarbara is both studions and gay :Xml the violin she surely can play. Foreword Staff: journal Staffg Debate Club: "Entre Nous"g Orchestra A: Senior Leaders Clnbg Basketball '3-1. '35, '36, '37g l-Iockey '36, '37g National 'Honor Society. Arthur Krasne We see by a star Artliur taking a journey: And ending at the bar To be an attorney. Soccer Manager '32, '33. '3-lg Lunch Patrol: Track Manager '35: .lunior llasketball Manager '35: Senior Basketball Manager '36, '37g Hall Patrol: Football lVl'anager '37g Flower Committee: Senior Leaders Club. Frances Levant XX social worker she wants to become, Anil we think Frances is really great fun. Hall Patrol: Penmanship Club. Julius Ronald Levkoy llis brow is furrowed, his eye is dim, For poor -lulins is about all in. Cross Country '36, '37g Swimming Team 363 Volleyball '36: Track Team '36g Radio Club '37, Morris Lichter Even though his niekname's "Nappy" He is really very snappy. Hall Patrol. jerry Lieblich jerry is our man about town g lle has a way so clebonair, Upon him the girls will never 'frown As he dances like Fred Astaire. Class lllayg Stamp Clubg Airplane Club: Biology Club. John G. Lloyd He is president of the Senior Class And he also knows the forward pass. Hall Patrolg l"resident of Senior Classg Green Key: Voice Group Ag Foot- ball '35, '36, '37g Male Chorus. Frank Miller Quiet and contained is our Frank. Never known to do a prank. Hall 'Patrolg Driving Clnbg Gym Team '34. 29 Mary B. Myers Very attractive with lots of poise. Now we know how she gets the boys. President of Senior Leaders: Girl Chorale: Group A 3 tlperag lrlasketball '35: l Soccer '35g Volleyball ,35, X365 National l-lonor Society. y William Charles Pyers ' ' ' '-I . ll He is in for protessional base Ja This fellow who is shy and tall: And the mob will crave his name XNhen he plays in the big game. Foreword Cartoonist: Model Airplane Clubg Badminton Clubg Penmanship ' ' ' ' ' '34, '35: Baseball '37: Badminton '36, '37. Club: Driving' Club. Football 1 Esther Evelyn Racusin ' 1 she holds :1 high position ln our esteem .. To be a successful secretary is her ambition. Lawrence Rosenson Larry is our engineer. And Ifor him let's give a cheer. ' ' '-Klotto-Cheer Committee: Model Air- Vice President ot Home Room. bong plane Club: Social Committee: Physics Club. Adrienne Sedler Quiet, shy and petite, nd very sweet Current Pvc-nts Club: Also pretty a . . . Student Council: 'Hall Patrol 3 Flower Committee: National l-lonor Society. Ethel Marie Smith The nifrht wore on, and the sky grew gray, ' 1 v - l . . va tw And found this poor Senioi Hflllilllg an y. P 34. Girl iReserves g Volleyball Mary Alice Spellmire Her eyes like stars they twinkle bright- lxes '1 prettv sight l I 3 tiroui A Our Marr Alice ma ' . . d . 1 . C nittee: Shakespeare C u u 1 '1 Hall Pati'ol:'Class Play: Gift omi Chorusg Opera. Yetalouise Steinman Very attractive and stylishly dressed, Is Yetalouise. ever at her best. tative: National Honor Society. Hall Patrol 3 Activities Represen Ruth Swartz Ruth is our For her joy is always to actg We are sure she will go far l 'ffl t and shininff star. little drainat And be a Jrib 1 . . 6 Hall Patrolg Class Play: Debate Club. David Wald Big strapping boy is he, His life ambition is the Movie Industry. " ' te 3 Boys' Cooking Clubg Micro Lunch Patrolg Song-Motto-Cheer Commit ce ' t' Band A scope Club , Brass Sexte , . 30' 7 I 1' Harriet Sylvia Walk A serious girl ancl high her aim. W'e're sure she'll reach the hall ol lame. Hall Patrol: Pantomime Club. Dorothy J. Weiner :X pleasant smile for all arouncl. :Xncl when in sports she's never flownecl. Hall Patrol: Class Play: Song-Motto-Cheer Committee: Debate Club: Special Art Club: Senior Leaclers Club: Basketball '34, '35, '36g Volleyball '34, '35, '365 Hockey '36, '37: Soccer '3-l. '35. Betty Anne Wilbert Our Betty is quite gay With boys she has a way: But no matter what they say Her heart is still at XN. and J. Hall Patrol: Seeretary-Treasurer of Home Room: Class Play: Journal Staff: Craft Club: liasketball '373 Hockey '37g Soccer '35: Volleyball '34. Gladys Eleanor Wilds Happy-go-lucky, a mischievous lass, Yet quite a ereclit to our class. Hall Patrol: Bantl B: French Club. Dorothy May Williams Dot wants to become a nurseg But on us. please clon't rehearse. Hall Patrol: Ring Committee: Senior Leaders Club: Volleyball '34, '35: Soccer '35, '36g Basketball '35, '36, '37g Hockey '36, '37, Swimming '34, Anne Doris Zimmer Serious. shy and clemtu'e- A classmate to be prourl ol we're very sure. Business Service Cuiltl: Penmanship Club: Art Club. QXOLJ I 31 - Mr. Snyder? Ghiffwzs rt Room 455 Mr. George B. Snyder - Sponsor Truly the magnitude of his heart ls reflected in his class devotion, Now that we and he must part Our hearts are filled with real emotion. President ......................... ................... X Villiam D. Calhoun Vice President ....,...........................,... Ruth Abercromlaie Secretary ............................................................. N nne Lintz Student Council Representative .................. Robert Bain Treasurer ................................................ Mildred Coodnite Mildred P. Abelson An artist is she lVith palette in hand. Her fame shall spread Throughout the land. Special Art Clubg German Club. Ruth Abercrombie A miss so fair Of great renown, She'll win the heart Of all in town. Senior Leaders Clubg Rifle Clubg Allderdice Adjustment Association: Gift Committee: Vice President of Home Room: Hockeyg Class Day Committeeg National Honor Society. -- 32 A Mable Adamitz To one so fair As our Miss Mable, lf wc were beauty judge, XVe would give first label. Hall Patrol: Foreword Reporter: Vice President of Home Roomg Social Committee: Business Service Guild. Sanford Alter I A producer he Rich and good VVith lots of money And bachelorhood. , journal Staff: llall Patrol: Class Play: Allderdice Adjustment Association: Senior Debate Club: Current Problems Club: Handbook Committee: National 'Honor Society. Madeleine Austin A gay. happy-go-lucky Mischievous disposition: 'lfo be a social worker ls her ambition. Rifle Club: Soccer '34: Flower Committee: Book Room Club: Volleyball '33. Ruth Austin To her tl1cre's no worry About school, worlc, or money For she's always liappy. Cheerful. and sunny. fl-lall Patrol. Robert Bain A part of tb.s journal ln fact this very caption Wie devote to Rolfs honors Received for meritorious action. Student Council 3 Hall Patrol: journal Staff: Allderdice Adjustment As- sociation : Student Court: Band A : Cross Country '37: Class Day Committee. Cuddy Briskin l-le plays off pitch: l-le plays off beat: But is never far off Wlhen time comes to eat. Hall Patrol 3 Ring' Committee: Badminton Club: Wloodwind Ensemble: Brass Quartet: Orchestra A. William D. Calhoun ln mathematics or science He may possibly be hazy: But with his wit and humor l-le drives our class quite crazy. Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol: Song-Cheer-Motto Committee: President of Home Room: Green Key: Band Ag Brass Sextet. 33 Robert Cohen Most drawings appear to us A little lar fetched, But Roberts we are sure Are certainly tetched. Lunch Patrolg Song-Motto-Cheer Committeeg Senior Art Clubg junior Bas ketball Team. Violet Coughenour She is very nice And also smart, lhforking in her classes She always does her part. . Hall Patrolg Morning Bulletin: Business Service Guildg Penmanship Club Charles Cuden His life and loves Wfe can record As centered on one A 328 Ford. Foreword Reporter: Hall Patrol: Flower Committee: Badminton Club Orchestra Ag Brass Quartet. Katherine Danko Many honors to her XfVe do bestowg A well liked girl Is Katherine Danko. Business Service Guildg Penmanship Club. Emma Gergely Shes a swell girl A11d is loads of fun In her school work, She's not at all dumb. Business Service Guild. john Gongas Jolly, good natured, Spreading cheer All fourteen months Of the year. Stage Crew. Mildred Goodnite She is full of vim And has lots of go, And is one girl Were glad to know. Treasurer of Home Roomg Business Service Guild. George H. Graham 'I-le was so quiet Wlhen .he first did arrive But now he is the wit Of Room 455. Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrol: Band A. 34 Jerry Greenwald ,Picture a doctor With head so bald, XVhose shingle will read M. LJ., ,lerry tlreenwald. Shalcesperian Clubg Band B3 Orchestra C: Class Day Committee. David Hast At mathematics he is IL whiz Dealing in roots and surds x 21x llf3. Gift Committee: Hall Patrol: Sigma Iota: Rifle Clubg Current Events Clubg Vice l'resident of Home Roomg Tennis Squadg Miss Todd's French Clubg Orchestra B5 Stamp Club. Cecelia Ippolito Upon a career She is bent As a model Upon the continent. Hall Patrolg l,.uuch Patrol. james Kiefer Wfith national fame As a movie star A Casanova .lim Will be worshipped afar. llall l,Zl.ll'UlQ l.unch Patrolg Model .fXirplane Clubg Microscope Clubg Class l'layg Gilt Committee. John Kranick john is a star On the football field, He will carry the ball Never to yield. Flower Committee: Boys Senior .Leaders Club: Soccer '34g Golf '35, '36, 375 Hall Patrolg Volleyball '36. Lois Krepps Her blue eyes And lovely smile Make her acquaintance Xvorth your while. Kurt Krumich Not loquacious Nor pugnacious Hut tenacious And sagacious. Irene Leposky I-Ier work is done 'Hel' grades are goodg She has graduated As we all should. lilall Patrol: Lunch Patrol. 35 - -1 Anne Lintz Upon investigation We really do see She wants to be a secretary Upon a rich man's knee. Business Service Guildg Current Eveutsg Hall Patrolg Flower Committeeg Secretary of Home Room. Frank Lyle His name is Frank Wfe call him aloe, But to the girls He is Romeo. Hi-Y: Cross Country ,365 Orchestra A. john Manning The class will love and worship him Because of his degrees, Helll have them all, oh yes he will, From B. A's to Ph. D's. Lillian Murdock For this fair lass VVS: think there will be A school teacher's desk And dignity. Hall Patrolg Morning Bulletin: Ring Committee: Business Service Guild. Edith M. Piper A faster typewriter For her we must invent- The prize secretary Of the entire continent. Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrol: Current livents Clubg Library Clubg Girl lie- servesg Orchestra A g Volleyball '36. june Plesset For those to whom Misery and woe is chronic VVe suggest Miss June As a remedial tonic. Hall Patrolg Girl Reserves. Mathilda Palombo She hopes to be The wonder of the stageg But with the class She is the rage. Lunch Patrolg Library Cluhg 'Mathematics Clubg Dramatic Club: Foreword Reporterg Voice Group B. Stanley Rosecrans Stanley is precise To the thousandth of an inchg To succeed in engineering For him will be a cinch. Foreword Staff 3 journal Staff: Student Council g Hall Patrol 3 Vice President of Senior Classg President of Home Roomg Allderdice Adjustment As- sociationg Mathematics Club: Band A: Handbook Committee: National Honor Society. 36' B 1 i l Louis Schwartz Of "Pete" Schwartz You're sure to hear, Famous because of A political career. Boys Cooking Club: Latin Clubg lflall Patrolg Current Events Clubg Student Council. Florence B. Shapiro Her culinary skill Could be turned to ready cash: She can bake and she can cook Things from soup to kitchen hash. Olga D. Tozzi Fast in her work, Fast in her play, Slow getting' into trouble She'll go a long, long way. Hall l"atrolg Business Service Ciuildg Clirl Reservesg Volleyball. Anna Yalch She lives her life Without a care To a million dollar smile She 'fell heir. Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrol. LUNCHROOMANIA Clamor. clamor everywhere And never does it cease: Clamor, clamor everywhere And not a moment's peace. Gay remarks and shoving throng, Lines that slowly crawl along. Loud "hellos" and shiny trays, Food in colorful arraysg Sandwiches piled way up high, Soup and milk and cherry pie. Crowded tables, lack of space, Conversation everyplacc: lirom the clamor it would seem That excitement reigns supreme: 'lihen the hcll's shrill piercing clash- liollowecl by one long mad dash. ln these well-known sights and sounds. 'l'erry's eating place aboundsg 'l'hrough the years this lunchtime fuss Has 'become a part of us. Growing on us hit by bit. Till we wouldn't part with it. 37 .Miss Mifferis elzaqerie Room 460 Miss Elizabeth C. Miller - Sponsor Dissecting bugs for her is simple, A scientific mind has sheg But her smile and cheery dimple Kept our classes quite carefree. President .........,... ........... ............ ..... .............. S h o a l Berer Vice President .................. ....... . blames McShane Secretary-Treasurer ............... ................... M ary Tichi Activity Representative ................ i ..... Miriam Goldstein Social Chairman ............................................... Betty Blair Student Council Representative ...... Raymond Kramer Foreword Representative ................ lfdward Greenwald Bernice E. Barer To be a model is her aim And she deserves what she may gain. Volleyball '34, '35, '36, '37g Basketball '34, '35, '36, '37g Hockey '36g Soccer '34, '35g Mushball '35, '36. Shoal Berer Ever ready to do what's right, He'll come through without a fight. President of Home Roomg Gift Committeeg Current Physics Clubg Band Ag National Honor Society. Amelia Caroline Blackham Oh so quiet, oh so shy, Never fear, she'll get by. Hall Patrolg Volleyball '35g Mushball '35. A 38' ' Elizabeth Ann Blair Betty Blair is so petite, ller classmates think She's hard to beat. Qlilall Patrol: Social Committee: Foreword Reporter: Class Play: Journal Staff: Craft Club: Volleyball '34, '35, '36, '37: Basketball '35, '36, '37: lloekey '36, '37: Tennis '35, '36g National Honor Society. Katherine Boyd She's a gal no better could be, Everyone's pal is our Katie. Lunch Patrol: Rifle Club: Class Play: Swimming' '36: Basketball '35. David Myar Bregm-an Blue eyes, brown hair, just six feet, I-1e's tops with us: he cau't be beat. liall ljatrol: Senior Applied Bookkeeping' Club: Voice B: Intramural Bas- ketball Champions '35. Theodore M. Cipa Everything quiet and then a noise, Our guess it's Ted amusing' the boys. Senior Art Club: I-lall Patrol: Soccer '33. Howard Cohn Because his 'face is lit up by a smile, His life, we feel, will always be worthwhile. Hall Patrol: Ring Committee: Biology Club: Photography Club: Cooking Club: .Band Ag intramural Mushball Champions '32. jack Crisman Ile is where the crowds are thickest, Ask us why? He sells lunch tickets. Lunch Patrol: Hall Patrol. Marian Mildred Ebersole Light brown hair and eyes of brown, "Mernie" is tops all over the town. Business Service Guild: Basketball '35: Orchestra A: Volleyball '35, Elsie Ferguson Quiet, shy and oh so sweet. For many things she can't be beat. Hall Patrol: Knitting Club. Betty Irene Fulham Very cute and nice to know, We bet she never lacks a beau. Basketball '35: Volleyball '35: Soccer '35, '36. Miriam Goldstein Miriam has a voice so sweet, That we-'re sure she ean't be beat. Foreword Staff: Class Play: journal Staff: Girls' Chorale: String Trio: Quartet: Opera: Group A: Senior Leaders' Club: Volleyball '35, '36, '37g National Honor Society. Edward Greenwald Nice boy, lots of fun, Brings joy, makes things hum. Student Council: Foreword Representative: Ring Committee: Cross Country '36, '37: Cheer Leader. -39 Clinton Kallenberger Teacher says, "XVant something done?" just send for "Clint", he's the one. Vice President of Home Room, Gift Committee, Biology Club. Ruth Ida Kleiman Ruth's a girl you'd like to know, Always on time, never slow. Hall Patrol, Craits Club, Applied Bookkeeping Club, Business Service Guild, Mathematics Club, Voice A. Raymond Kramer A happy-go-lucky boy is he, Free from cares, l1e'll always be. Hall Patrol, journal Staff, Social Committee, Biology Club, Band A. Shirley Lasday Tho' quiet and shy, she's tops in our class, Want to know why? She's a right pretty lass. Hall Patrol, Flower Committee, Hockey '35. Reda R. Levin ln studies she rates very well, In social liie she's quite a belle. Journal Staff, German Club, Basketball '34, '35, '36, Volleyball '35, '36, '37, Soccer '34, '35, Hockey '36, '37, Tennis '35, '36, Mushball '35, '36. Paul B. Mazerov Paul is Beau Brummel of our school, Five girls at once is his main rule. Secretary-Treasurer of Home Room, Song-Cheer-lVIotto Committee, Debate Club, Band A, Baseball Team '37, Manager of Football '37, Manager of Basketball '36, '37. joseph McNiff The mischief dances in his eyes, For cutting-up he takes the prize. Hall Patrol, Boys' Senior Leaders' Club, Band A, Football '37. james McShane Jimmy is a pleasant boy, with a sense of humor, That Notre Dame will be his goal, is a well-known rumor. Hall Patrol, Student Council, Secretary-Treasurer of Senior Class, Class Play, journal Staff, Intramural Mushball Champions '34, '35, Track Team '35 John Mettenberger Johnnie, we hear your greatest delight, Is shooting rabbits late at night. Business Service Guild, Song-Cheer-Motto Committee. Donald Mayo Middleton An all-round boy. a mighty good dancer, Ask the girls, they all know the answer. Hall Patrol, Class Play, Ring Committee, Hi-Y Club, Orchestra A, Mush- ball '35. '40 -1 Bernard Miller Wfant to know why his hair is red? 'Cause very early he goes to bed. Lunch l"atrolg Book Room Clubg Athletic Leader '36, '37g Intramural Championship '36, '37, Betty Louise Miller Betts, in our minds always will linger That you play the piano with only one linger. Volleyball '35g Teimis '353 Current Events Clubg Red Cross, Gift Commit- teeg llall Patrol. Belle Moidell Our Belle is everyones friend, lfor her smile there is no end. Volleyball '35, Olive M. Morton I.aug'liing gaily all :the day, "That must be Olive," people say. Swimming' '35g Basketball '36, '37, Volleyball '36, Frank Pallotta A boy we couldn't do without, 1'-le really knows what hels about. David Rosenfield A "linen he has for all the girls, Especially the ones with natural curls. Hall Patrolg Cooking Clubg Microscope Clubg Orchestra B3 Mushball Intra- mural Champions '36, jack Smith Never rush, never hurry, Never even seems to worry. Hall Patrolg Intramural Basketball '36. Morris Stern Morris plays football like no other boy, 460 calls him their pride and their joy. Basketball '36, '37g Football '36, '37. Florence Ann Stewart Florence is cute and really smart, She wins he1' way in eve1'yone's heart. Journal Staff, Senior Art Club. Mary Tichi A little bag of joy and pep "Life ot the party" is her rep. Secretary of Home Roomg Business Service Guild, Volleyball '34, '35, Stanley Weinthal Smile P Forever- Frown P Never-. Hall Patrol: Class Play: Flower Committee, Allderdice Adjustment As- soeiationg lflhotography Club. f H' ore 41 7 In I 42' Charlotte Winslow Oliver Winslow ..... Mark Winslow ..... Clie vyoulzqesf Production directed by Miss Dorothy Zeigler DECEMBER15AND16 THE SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Augusta Winslow Martin ....... Alan Martin ......................,. Martha "Muff" Winslow Richard Winslow ............. Nancy Blake ,.... .. CAST fin order of appcarancej . ..,.............,.. Miriam Goldstein, Dorothy Weiner .............Peter Puzak, Karl Kortland .........Jerry Leiblich, Stanley Weinthal Swartz .......Sanford Alter, James McShane ..,.....Betty Blair, Nancy Rohling ...James Keifer, Donald Middleton .......Mary Alice Spellmire, Betty 'Wilbert Katie ................ .................................................................................................... K atherine Boyd The scene is in the home of the Winslow family in upper New York State in the month of june. . fx Orchestra .... . .... . Scenery Design Scenery Building ...... Lighting ...................... Activities Director Business Manager Bookholders .... Properties ....,...,....... Wardrobe Mistress Make-up ................... Publicity ..... Stage Crew ........ Advertising fPcstersJ .... Karl PRODUCTION STAFF Miss Laura Zeigler Fitzpatrick Gautsch Mr. Krotzer ....,.Mr. Korona .............................DeVera Syna .......Mary Myers, Harriet Wolk Stanley Rosecrans ..................Irene Cipa Yetalouise Steinman Dorothy E. Ornitz Adler, Richard Benswanger, Howard Boyd, Karl Eagle. john Gongas. David Harris, Charles Mycoff Miss Dollard rr r fwrrr 43 FINISHED My high school life is en My studies all are done. ded, My spirits fall so very low I'll now miss all the lun. Vlfakening every morning Seven on the clot I was always there "johnny On the Spot." Q Memories to nie Have been very nianyg Troubles sure I had Many more than plenty. Missing now the friends That I long have known. I can scarcely keep Sad thoughts from being Leaving now the place shown That we've learned to like. There's not a senior can Feel so very bright. 44 Class qc Februarg-Q-8g , " . . , .Q . ni-Eilrb' ', , - ,. ' SIXTEEIXIW-I CCDIVWIENCEMENT -I-Uesdaq, iiehieometi I, KQ58 H gJr0qram Processional March from Aida ........ ,...,......,..,..........,,...........,.....,.........,..,.,.,..,.. ..A..... ,.... V e 1' di At the Organ-Robert Brown, February '37 Invocation ...... . ..,.....,.............,.,,,.,..,...,........,.... .,...,.,.,...,.. R cv. Joseph S. Morledgc Presentation of Flowers King of Heaven At Thy Feet A Cappella Choir-Miss Emma Steiner, Director The Foundation of a State is the Education of its Youth .,... . Stanley Rosecrans Panis Angelicus .,,.,......, ..,..,.,..,. , . ..........,.,............ ,. ,.....,l....... .. ..... C'C?.S'Cll' Frmzck Alleluja ......,...... .,.,.,.,....,l,.,.....,..., ........,.... .....,.......,. ..,.. . I fi f '. fl. Illosarl Miriam Goldstein-Soprano The Highest Aim of Education is the Formation of Character ,.,... Dorothy Ornitz Emitte Spiritum Tuum , .......,4,....,.,....... ...,..,., ....................4.,..........,.,......,,.,,. S I mefky A Cappella Choir-Miss Emma Steiner, Director Class Gift Ad-dress .....t ....,..,,....., ,.....,..........,.....,. . .,.,........,..i..l..., .,l,......,. D 1 ' . J. Freeman Guy First Associate Superintendent of Schools Presentation of Diplomas Recessional 46 -'Q' ' 4 M5 i 4 L -'A . 1, , wissl X -,x 442' : x s W dish X Vis- ' sr 'xx : X ' X X- xgxx ,s., F ai EN QS? W N X 'X I X nm , 'ff Ir hfffagg-g,ai1'faf-N . f ,, s X. fig pr-uf 'S 414: , 5L1WQ15m.l6Ai7""f"'U sl 's 19? 1' M,:.ll5'f4?'1 A2 wmggwsfffg-,aim ,W s - 'N " is?" - 6 4'?f'1,Y2 . ' ,sd if -'Y' "lf-,ff ' 'by' "Inler1mli011rzlism is no! file antithesis L0 nzzlionfzoozl bu! mflzef' zz synthesis 0 f fmfionsf' I -EMIL LUDWIG R 47- RESOLUTION How insignificant we feel today, So young to face alone this world of strife: And yet, we stand in fear and some dismay Upon the threshold of a strange new life. We know not what the coming years may hold. Nor how the will of Cod would have us fare: But our ideals and faith will not grow cold lVhile we've the will "to do" and soul "to dare." ft is our aim to cultivate the best. To seek the rbeautiful and shun the rest: To lend our help to all in need of aid. And face the Future staunch and unafraid. Let us but live our lives so that we find Some little worthwhile thought to give mankind. THE MEANING OF PEACE BACE IS A WORD too often used as a mask for other desires. In parts of this country, people are led into lawlessness and sorrow by a ranting conjure man with the cry "Peace, it's wonderful". In other parts of the world. selfish nationalists shout "Peace" while they hold a dagger dripping with the blood of freedom and democracy. Peace is established in some places -by executing half the population to gain non-existent :benefits ifor 'the rest of the people. Some nations ruthlessly annihilate weaker neighbors and yet maintain technical peace. All of these actions are carried on in the name of peace. VVe, in the United States. immediately recognize that such actions are far from peaceful, and yet millions of people throughout the world are told that they are living and dying-dying mostly-for the cause of peace. They are being kept in total ignorance through a system of organized propaganda and lack of a free press. One great step for- ward in the attainment of peace for our country is to maintain the American ideal of freedom of speech and of the press. "Give Light and the .People VVill Find Their Own Vffayf' 48 ' 1 CONTENTMENT Wit-'x't' always thought ol' Peace as something rare. An abstract goal, so dint and lar away: Hut rm! Peace. the kind we all may share. Lies in the loveliness ol' everyday:- A rosy sunset' and the twilight! cahn. A lazy river plodding on to sea, A haunting nielody. a soothing psalm. The strength and beauty ol' a stately tree: Majestic mountains and vast fields of grain. The strange enchantment of a lovely smile. The gentle patter ol insistent rain. A task that's finished. or a friend worth while: These are the things in lile which never cease, These are L'Il.1'll1'S solid synonynis for Peace. PEACE AND THE STUDENT u'1':N'1'v-oN1c YEARS Mao this nation went to war to make the world safe for democracy. The rivers of Europe ran red with the blood ol Americans- inartyrs to the cause of democracy. Wlhen we look over the shattered world today, must we think that their blood was shed in vain? The last war did not make the world sale for democracy. but made it the nesting place of greed. hate. tyranny and intolerance. This fbook is dedicated to peace because it is our belief that the world needs peace. Wfe, the youth of this nation. will have to make our own decisions about the future of peace and democracy. Qui' plea to end the barbarism ol war cannot fail to the heard. , 7,-1 1 -4 49 -,YY Zin Memoriam ALLDERDICE STUDENTS LEONARD .JXLPERN IQOIYERT SIVITZ EVA ROSE NIARTIX SCHOOL P.-XTRONS NIRS. AIARY JANE COXYLEY DR. hl. FREEMAN GUY DR. CHARLES R. FOSTER DR. .IAMES N. RULE AIRS. TAYLOR fXl.LlJI5RDICIi "T1m1'c is 110 dmilzf Hffml scvms so is 1'ra1usifi0n,' This Iifc of morfrzl brvallz Is but a suburb of tim Iifv Elysian 117110542 fworfal we fall Dcfzilzf' In Mevrzory of JHI'IiIh1n Giilheri Q5uIhhInnm Class of 1933 - so ..,v,u "VVe jnmish an imlivizlurzl guilty of assault or flvmwler, but zlze l7'Hl5.S'lZC7'6 of zz people is con- .vizlerefl zz gloriom zleeflf'-SENECA 51 une Gfass rqcuzizafiozz UFINCERS President .......,.... ...................... .......... C a rl Blvth Vice President .... ....... P hilip Permar Secretary ........ .... X William Dickie SO MANY MEMORIES 'r IS with mixed emotions that we bring to a close twelve long years of readin', writin', and ,I'llIl11T1C'ClC. 'Today we stand at the threshold of a new and differ- ent life. As we look to a future of uncertainty. memories of our schoolclays return with new clarity. Remember our sensations as 'bewildered "Freshies" wandering aimlessly about the halls, trying so hard not to 1001: as scared as we fell? How insignificant we seemed! The clatter of the lunchroom, the intricacies of the corridors, the tall Seniors looking' like giant skyscrapers,-these were our very earliest im- pressions. As we became older, there was more opportunity for us really to enter into high school activities. Novel clubs, a choice of new subjects, and Senior assem- blies all combined to give us a "grown up" feeling. W'ith our Senior year came the crowning point of all our school experiences. During the past ten months, our days have been cramimed with an abundance of new and absorbing interests. Came first a new honor to our school in the form of the city basketball championship. Then there was the thrill of those grand socials, which were, of course, the best in Terry's history. A unique class play followed by an artistic operetta gave us an air of cultural advancement. Another example of our "pioneer" spirit was the novelty in graduation through our double commencement. . . . So we come to the end of our high school career. VVe know that our life here is ended, but . . . the memory lingers on. 52 First Row-fLeft to Rightj Harry Abramovitz, Israel Abramovitz, Sylvia T. Abramovitz, George Abramson, Alfred Leroy Adams. Second Row-Karl Adler, Edith Adlersburg, Dorothy Elsie Aldrich, john Edward Ambrose, Elmer J. Andrey. Third Row-Nancy Artz, Miriam Avner, Jerry Bachrach, Aloysius Bahleda, Ethel Bailey. Fourth Row-Robert Malcolm Baird, Herbert Bernard Barach, Elinor Barbrow, Stanley Barish, Howard jack Barr. Fifth Row-Rosella Carlyn Bass, Marie Elizabeth Baur, Dorothy Grace Beavers, Bella L. Becker, Rollie Beegle. 53 First Row-fLeft to Rightl Bernice Bennett, Richard Benswanger, Jr., Doris Marie Bentley, June Rose Bernard, Chester Raus Bernstein. Second Row-Maurice G. Bernstein, Werner Block, Louise Blumenthal, Carl Stuart Blyth, Bertha Borsch. Third Row-Elsie Breakwell, David M. Brinn, Thomas Brody, Donald Broida, Sara Broido. Fourth Row-Leonard Broudy, Zolie Carl Buko, George Anthony Burg, Francis D. Bnrgy, Edward Henry Burton. Fifth Row-Joseph Edward Butler, Florence Mary Calabrese, jean M. Caldwell, Eleanor Caplan, Melvin Caplan. 54 First Row-fLeft to Rightj Eleanor Elizabeth Carothers, Joseph Caruso, Dorothy Veronica Casey, John Casey, Mary Veronica Cavanaugh. Second Row-Mary Anne Chernotowich, julia Jean Chornyak, Alfred Cicero, Thomas L. Clarkson, Jane Cloman. Third Row-Anne Malone Cobb, Marion Cohen, Marvin Sigmund Cohen, Mildred Frieda Cohen, May Elizabeth Cornman. Fourth Row-Harry Cotton, Donald Cusick, Robert Daley, Esther Danilovich, Dorothy Davies. Fifth Row-Harold H. Davis, June Irwin Davis, Phyllis Betty Davis, Betty Jeane Deane, joseph DiFeb0. 55 'T First Row-fLeft to Righty james Vincent DeFrancisco, Herman Denmark, Dorothy C. DeVincenzo, Betty jane Devore, Stanley Frost Dice. Second Row-William Graff Dickie, Michael joseph Dimperio, Ruth Dinsmore, Council Henry Dinsmore, Rose Dorfman. Third Row-Irene Downey, Audrey Doyle, john Main Duff, Thomas Patrick Duffy, Charles F. Durning. Fourth Row--Margaret Dzugan, Charles Karl Eagle, joseph Raymond Ebner, Joseph Eger, Richard Eiseman. Fifth Row-Jack Edward Ellis, Gabriella Erdeky, Irwin Eskovits, George Fabian, Eleanor June Factor. 56 First Row-fLeft to Rightj Bernice Feingold, Sarah Margaret Fillmore, Mary Louise Finnin, Matisse Lee Forbes, Margaret Ford. Second Row-Sarah Willovene Forrester, Ovetta Bernice Foster, Helen Marie Fowler, Stanton Frankle, Paul Charles Fratangelo. Third Row-Gertrude Freed, Oliver Freeman, Judith Friedherg, Alter Chester Friedman, Edna Belle Friedman. . Fourth Row-joseph F. Galardi, Margaret M. Gall, Grace Ellen Gamble, Eleanor DeVera Garfinkel, Milton M. Geilman. Fifth Row-M. john Gerecter, Steven Geriok, Leonard E. Glassner, Eleanor Jane Glick, Helen Charlotte Glick. K 57 First Row-fLeft to Righty Marian C. Glick, Dorothy E. Gloekler, Hortense Goldberg, Jayne Ann Goldberg, Marvin B. Goldbloom. Second Row-Lois A. Goldsmit, Betty Jane Goldstein, Eileen Goldstein, Bertha A. Goldvarg, Ben Goodman. Third Row--Richard Goodman, Zelda Gordon, Shirley Gottlieb, Eleanor Rita Gray, Janet A. Green. - Fourth Row-Sylvia Greenberg, William Greenberg, Zelda june Greenberg, Edward W. Gregg, Andrew Grezmak. Fifth Row-Ethel Gross, Christine Grote, Bernice Grotstein, Paul J. Guinther, jr., William Gujski. T 58 First Row-CLeft to Rightj Margaret Evelyn Guy, Michael Hahalyak, John F. Hailstones, Georgia Lillian Hamilton, Laura jane Hamilton. Second Row-John Harper, Harriet Harris, Herbert Harris, Roger John Harvey, Albert H. Harwood. Third Row-Lenora Marie Hasper, Arthur Wallis Heckman, Marjorie Heinz, George Humphreys Heller, jack Heller. Fourth Row-William Demmler Henning, Eleanor Ida Hess, Raymond Hicks, George R. Hill, Dorothy Jane Hite. Fifth Row-Helen Edith Hockenberger, Morgan Hockenberger, Edith Margaret Hodgkinson, Edwin Harry Hoffman, Ruth Estella Holbrook. 59 -1.4 Y f First Row-CLeft to Righty Regis Anthony Holleran, William E, Hood, Jr., John Jacob Hoover, Frank William. Horn, Helen Horvat. Second Row-Margaret Hosey, Emil J. Hosko, George Hosko, Albert John Howell, Margaret Jean Huchko. Third Row-Arthur Hurwitz, Emily Nan Jacobs, Rosella Frances Jacobs, Alma Lee Jacobson, Julius Jacobson. Fourth Row-Norman R. Johnson, Elizabeth Frances Jones, Thomas M. Jones, Charles Byron Jorgensen, Betty Jayne Joyce. Fifth Row-Sherman Jubelirer, Sam Kalser, Iris Kamin, Dorothy Louise Kane, Arnold Leon Kann. 60 Lf First Row-QLeft to Rightj Paul C. Katz, Evelyn Kaufman, Ray Keller, John S. Kelso, Marion Sandra Kholos. Second Row-William Kiefer, Dennis King, Donald Frederick King, Jean King, Nancy King. Third Row-Peggy Kingsbacher, Janet Kinley, Jean Kinley, Louise Williams Kirk, Evelyn Klein. Fourth Row-Evelyn B. Klein, Louise M. Klimon, William L. Klinkenstein, john F. Knox, Martin Kramer. Fifth Row-Hillard Kreimer, Mildred Kronket, Barnardine Marian Kuba, Kathryn L. Kuhns, Anna Kukic. ,K ,-..K,,,,,,. 61 7 - First Row-CLeft to Righty Ervin Kurtz, Rachel Labovitz, Janet Landay, john S. Lawrence, Bernard Lazirovitz. Second Row-Mary M. Lebanik, Ruth Constance Leff, S. David Lefton, William Irvin Leitzell, Corinne Lenchner. Third Row-Sigmund Lenchner, Milton Bernard Leoff, Marvin Lerner, Betty Lee Levens, Donald Levenson. Fourth Row-Anne E. Levin, June Elaine Levine, Raedelle Suzanne Levy, M. Rose Lewis, Mildred Claire Linden. Fifth Row-Clark Raymond Livingston, Jeanette Esther Lloyd, Pasquale Manfred Lombardi, Lois Emma Long, Mary Catherine Lyden. ' 62 i 1 E I First Row-fLeft to Righty Mary Margaret Lydon, john Francis Lynch, Katherine Frances Lynch, Betty C. MacDonald, Morris Mainwaring. Second Row-jean Edith Malatesta, Burnett Malone, Evelyn Louise Mantch, Cecil Marcus, Eleanor Marcus. Third Row-Morton Marcus, Irwin P. Marcus, Edward J. Marks, Lillian Irene Martin, Robert Louis Martin. Fourth Row--Matthew Marshall, Alice Anne Matuszeska, William McClean, Jane Marie McCusker, Robert Knowles McGeary. Fifth Row-Dolores Margaret McKee, Thelma McKeen, Leo McShane, Eileen Hope McVicker, Frank Robert Mercurio. ' 63 f? First Row-fLeft to Righty Eleanor Mervis, John Franklin Meszaros, Betty Meyers, Pearl Michaelson, jane Louise Miller. Second Row-Robert C. Miller, Rose Elizabeth Miller, William Boyd Miller, Agnes Elizabeth Mohrbach, Mildred Moidel. Third Row-Fergus Thomas Monahan, Florence Maureen Moore, Betty Moorhead, Dorothy C. Mulvihill, Elizabeth jean Murphy. Fourth Row-Nellie C. Murphy, Charles Anderson Mycoff, Mary W. Naffah, Tulia Nicholas, Albert Michael Norbut. Fifth Row-Morris David Nudelnian, J. Kenneth Obringer, Kathleen Edith O'Connor, Jeanne Dorothy Odle, Leonard Myron Oliver. 64 ' " First Row-CLeft to Righty Joseph Frank Onodi, Mary Catherine Osborn, Elaine Ethel Ostlund, Rita Minnette Owens, Louette Edith Packard. Second Row-Fred John Paratore, Lillian Madge Pastor, Marvin Perilman, Feola Frances Perlman, Philip Howard Permar. Third Row-Margaret E. Pflaum, Marvin Plesset, Arnalda Porro, Walter Proeger, Ruth Irene Provasnik. Fourth Row-Eugenia Prus, Harry C. Raihle, Melvin Rapport, Annetta Rauschart, Edward Stanley Ravich. Fifth Row-Clair Robert Reeside, Arthur Lewis Reinstein, George Richard Renshaw, Janice Reuben, Lester Harold Richman. 65 First Row-CLeft to Righty Betty Ritenbaugh, James john Rocco, William Howard Roe, Irene Rosen, Diana Alix Rosenberg. Second Row-Alfred A. Rosenbloom, jr., Estelle Rosecrans, Sylvan H. Rosenfield, joseph Ross, Theodore T. Rossen. Third Row-Myra Fern Roth, Roselle K. Rothbart, Betty M. Rupert, Bernice Sabel, Ruth Salisbury. Fourth Row-'Paul James Salvatora, jack Clayton Sample, Rosalie Sassin, Warren Milton Satterfield, Irma D. Scenna. Fifth Row-Heinz Schledt, Helen Judith Schoenbrun, Arthur Schwartz, Helen Schwartz, Jeanne Louise Schwartz. 66 - First Row-fLeft to Righty Adele Sedler, Irma jean Serbin, Esther Deborah Shapiro, Selma Sylvia Shapiro, Jacob Neiman Shearer. Second Row-Mary Louise Sherry, john H. Siebert, Anella Ruth Siegal, Jay Herbert Silverberg, Julian R. Silberman. Third Row-Ralph Silverman, Elsie Tyler Simon, Edward Simons, Ann Slapnick, Jeanne Audrey Smith. Fourth Row-Melvin Smith, Roslyn Betty Smith, Sara Belle Smith, Donald Snyder, Mildred Suffer. ' 'fi "" Fifth Row-Dorothy M. Solenday, Robert Lea Soles, Margaret M. Sopko, Velma Sopoliga, Helen Madeliene Spencer. 67 - First Row-QLeft to Righty M. Marian Spicuzza, Norma Rose Squitieri, Eileen Stack, Glorioso Dornenic Stauzian, C. George Steen. Second Row-Martha Strassburger, Alfred Corrie Stuedler, Elizabeth May Sullivan, John L. Sullivan, Joseph Willam Sullivan. Third Row-Howard Martin Swartz, Bertha T. Takacs, Frances Taksa, Lillian Luise Taylor, Rita Teplitz. Fourth Row-Helen Sylvia Terner, Theresa Jane Thiel, Zola J. Tisherman, Helen Elizabeth Toth, Stanley Shep Ungar. Fifth Row-Betty Ann Unger, Vera Elizabeth Varadi, Thomas Edward Verna, Agnes Gertrude Vislay, William Steven Vislay. 68 First Row-fLeft to Righty Marian Frances Vitulla, Joseph Francis Votilla, Janet Louise Waddel, Marshall H. Wagman, Shirley Wanetick. Second Row-Ethel Waring, Grace Waring, Ruth H. Wasser, Ben Wechsler, Rita Rosalind Weisbrode. Third Row--Leon Jay Weiss, Phyllis Florence Weiss, Sylvia Weitz, Eileen Ruth Wessel, Vance Louise Wiebel. Fourth Row-Leo Paul Wieteska, Alan B. Williams, Charlotte Mae Williams, Clark Williams, Meyer Lawrence Williams. Fifth Row-Nancy Williams, L. Melvin Winer, Eleanor Burch Wise, Helen Wohlfarth, Rhea Helen Wolk. 69 First Row-CLeft to Righty Melvin Lawrence Wyner, Rose Marie Yeager, Lois Bernice York, Helen Lendell Zagorka, Ruth L. Zimmerman. Second Row-Aaron Herbert Zwick. UNSELFISH SERVICE AWARD Rita Weisbrode Arthur Hurwitz 70 L elk .Miss Jfifcheffh .Merryma cars Room 154 Miss Bertha Mitchell - Sponsor "C lrace was in all her steps, heav'n in her eye. In every gesture dignity and love." President ............................ . ...................... Vice ljresident ...... ....... . joseph Butler Christine Grote Secretary .... .............. .......... J A ean Kinley Treasurer .... ......, Foreword Reporter ...................... ..... Jean Kinley . O-vetta Foster Activities Representative... ....... .. .... ........... Z olie Buko Student Council Representative .. ........... Social Committee Representative Alfred Adams "He the sweetest of all singersf, junior liasketball '34, '35g Varsity Basketball Male Chorus: Student Councilg Group HA". Elmer Andrey "Ripe in wisdom was hc." . Alfred Adams june Davis '35, '36, i37, '3Sg l Green Key 3 Hall Patrol '37, '3Sg lntra-mural Nlushball '36g lntra-mural Basketball '36. Zolie Buko "Nor is he content with soft repose." Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrolg Football Bandg Activities Representativeg National Honor Society. Francis Burgy "Grows with his growth, and strengtliens with his strength." Lunch Patrol '37g Hall Patrol '38 - 71 'i ft h-ani joseph Butler "His worth is VV?J,1'1'3.Ill.l0l' his welcome." Brothers of the Skillet, Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrolg Green Key Vice Presi- dentg Class President. Malone Cobb "Her smile was like a rainbow flashing from a misty sky." Hall Patrolg Girl Reservesg Drivers' Club. Marvin Cohen "His eyes beget occasion for his wit." Orchestra Ag Band Ag NVoodwind Quintetg Sigma lotag Class Play. june Davis "The joy ol youth and health her eyes display'd." Student Councilg Social Committeeg Hall Patrol. Ovetta Foster "Her air, her manners, all who saw admiredg Courteous, though coy, and gentle. though retired." I-Dall Patrol, Sewing Clubg Lunch Patrol, Foreword Representativeg Basket- ball '36, '37, Hockey '37, Edna Belle Friedman "Those dark eyes-so dark and so deep." Volleyball '38g Basketball '36. Margaret Gall "Such joy ambition finds." Mushball '36, '3Sg Siwimming '35g Volleyball '35, '36, '37, '38, Basketball '37g Tennis '36g Soccer '36, '37g Swimming Manager '36g Hall Patrol. Grace Gamble "Merrily, merrily shall I live now." Secretary of Knitting Clubg Lunch Patrolg Economics Clubg Hall Patrolg Mushball '36, Edward Gregg "XVho does the best his circumstance allows, Does well, acts noblyg angels could no more." Green Keyg Hall Patrol, Driving Clubg Brothers of the Skilletg Cross Country. Christine Grote "So well to know her own, that what she wills to do or say Seems wisest, most virtuous, discretest, best." Senior Leaders Clubg Orchestra Ag Journal Stalffg Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrol, German Clubg Basketball '35g Hockey '36g Tennis '35, '36, '37g National Honor Society. Evelyn Guy "A happy soul, that all the way To heaven hath a summer's day." Art Clubg Track '33g Hall Patrolg Volleyball '35g Biology Club. Michael Hahalyak "Behind a frowning providence He hides a smiling face." Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Golf Clubg Art Club. H72 Marjorie Heinz ' , "How pretty her blushing was, and how she blusl1'd again. ' ' Student Council, Voice A , journal Staff, Hansel and Gretel Cpera, National Honor Society. jean Kinley "Thoug1htless of beauty, she was beauty s self.' Hall Patrol. john Kyle "The field's his study, nature was his book." ' Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Ice-Cream Boy, Senior Flower Committee. John Lawrence "He has moved a little nearer To the Master of all music." Orchestra B, Band A. Mary Lebanik "I-ler angel's face, as the great eyeof heaven, shined bright, And made a sunshine in the shady place." Swimming Team '35, '36, Volleyball Team '35, '36, '37, '38, Basketball '36, '37, Mushball '35, '36, '38, Tennis '36, Hockey '38, Soccer '36, Hall Patrol. Byron Lebovitz "He doth, indeed, show some sparks that are like wit." Student Council. Lois Long "Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low, An excellent thing in woman." Senior Leaders Club, Voice A, journal Staff, Hall Patrol, Basketball '36, '37, Hockey '36, '37, Volleyball '37, '38, Tennis '37, Operetta, National Honor Society. Irwin Marcus "He had a head to contrive, a tongue to persuade, and a hand to execute any mischief." Matthew Marshall "None named thee but to praise." ' Class Play, Track '37, '38, Cross Country '37, Debate Club, Lunch Patrol, Chemistry Assistants Club, National Honor Society. Robert Martin "Look, hc's winding up the watch o'f his wit, By and by it will strike." Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol. Marvin Plessett "He preferred to be good. rather than to seem so." Hall Patrol, Physics Club, Lunch Patrol, Current Events. Melvin Rapport "The enormous faith of many made for one." Model Airplane Club, Hall Patrol, Foreword Reporter, Miss Miller's Science Club. 73 Alfred Rosenbloom "His heart was in his work. and the heart giveth grace unto every Art." President of Miss Todcl's French Club: Lunch Patrol: Activities Representa- tive: Sigma Iota Clubg Miss Millers Biology Clubg Orchestra A: Golf Team 3 National Honor Society. Mary Louise Sherry "So wonianly. so benign. so meke." Secretary of Home Room. Ann Slapnick "A face 'with glaclness overspreacl! Soft smiles, by human kindness bred." Lunch Patrol. Sara Belle Smith "The mind. the music breathing from her face." Voice Ag Girls' Choraleg Hall Patrolg Class Play. Dorothy Solenday "Her sunny locks hang on her temples like a golden fleece." Business Service Guild. Marian Spicuzza "A smile that glow'd celestial rosy red, love's proper hue." Business Service Guild. John Sullivan "He was a scholar, and a ripe and good one." Bertha Takacs "Mindful not of herself." Business Service Guildg Hall Patrol. Helen Toth "I have a heart with room for every joy." Business Service Guild. janet Waddell "She is pretty to walk with, And witty to talk With, And pleasant too, to think on." Knitting Clubg Lunch Patrolg Economies Club: Girl Reservesg Mushball '35, '36. Phyllis Weiss "l-ler silver voice is the rich music of a summer's bird." Voice Ag Hall Patrol. Rose Marie Yeager "She moves a goddess, and she looks a queen." Art Clubg Lunch Patrol: Sigma Iota Club. 74 Ln- l r. ifotuzqh yoanqffers Room 157 Mr. George Young - Sponsor "Business ls Business" President ................................................ Donald Levenson Vice President ....................... ...,............ Z ola Tisherrnan Secretary-Treasurer .......................... Pasquale Lombardi Foreword Representative .......................... Phyllis Davis Student Council Representative ................ Melvin Winer Social Committee Representative ............ Mildred Cohen Activities Representative ............... .......... P hyllis Davis Dorothy Beavers "I Sing Because I Love to Sing" Orchestra Ag Voice Ag Student Councilg Hockey '37g Soccer '35g String Quartet g Rifle Club. Rollie Beegle "I Waiilt to Go VVandering" Student Council: Hall Patrol. Louise Blumenthal "Character of a Happy Life" Student Council: Psychology Club: Senior Art Clubg French Clubg Volley- ball '34g Soccer '35, Donald Broida "Thinlcing"' Maskers Clubg Class Play. Mildred Cohen "Moonlight and Music" Bowling Clubg Social Representative: Class Playg Volleyball Manager '35g Volleyball '36g Basketball '36, '37g Soccer '36, 75 Phyllis Davis "She Wallis in Beauty" Psychology Club, Maskers Club, Sigma Iota, Le Cercle Francais: Adjust- ment Association, Activities Representative, Class Play. Dorothy De Vincenzo "Keep Smiling" Milton Geilman "Stanzas for Music" Group A, Male Chorus, Hall Patrol. Dorothy Gloekler "There is a Lady Sweet and Kind" Swimming '35, '36, '37, Volleyball '35, '36, '37, '38, Basketball '36, '37, '3S' Mushball '35, '36, '37, '38, Marvin Goldbloom "Best of All" Sigma Iota, Photography Club, Lunch Patrol, lflall Patrol, -lournal Staff, National Honor Society. Bertha Goldvarg "Sweet Content" Bowling Club, Hall Patrol, Volleyball '35, '36, '37, Paddle Tennis '35, Tennis '35, '36, '37, Soccer '36, Basketball '36, '37, '38, Hockey '37, '38. Zelda Gordon "Just Be Glad" Crochet Club, Bowling Club, Hall Patrol, Volleyball '35, Basketball '36. Zelda Greenberg "Beauty and Truth" Ethel Gross "The Cheerful MVR-Y" Secretary in the Medical Room. Edith Margaret 'Hodginson "Smile" Driving Club. Margaret Huchko "Little Buttercup" Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Volleyball '35, '36, '38, Mushball '35, Soccer '35, Basketball '36, Swimming '35. Nancy King "A Musical Instrument" Orchestra A, Student Council, Library Club, French Club, journal Staff. Evelyn B. Klein "Delight in Disorder" Sigma lota, Biology Club, Bowling Club, Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Voice B, Volleyball '35, '36, '38, Anna Kukic "The Scholar" Student Council, Lunch Patrol, Class Play, Volleyball '38, National Honor Society. 76 l an cc .. P Donald Governor Levenson g "just Try to Be the Fellow Your Mother Thinks You Are" 'President Home Room, Short Wave Club, Debate Clubg Sigma Iota. Pasquale Lombardi "The Zest ol Life" F Student Council: Lunch Patrol, Cross Country '36, '37, '3Sg Track '31, '3Sg Cheer Leader '37, '38, Mildred Moidel "A Quiet Life" Sewing Club, Volleyball '37, '33, Agnes Mohrbach "Silence" Clair Reeside "A-Hunting XVe VVill Go" Rifle Club. Harold Lester Richman "The Height of the Ridiculous" Band: History Club: Debate Clubg Student Council, Hall Patrolg Soccer '35. james Rocco "By the Sea" Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Gym Team '37, '38 Roselie Rothbart "And Lightly Live the Flowers" Bowling: Tennis '37g Basketball '36, '37g Volleyball '35, '36, '37, '3Sg Soccer '35, '36, llockey '37: Mushball '35, '36, Arthur Schwartz "The Right Must XVin" Band: Orchestra: Manager Baseball '37: Manager Football '37, Manager Basketball '36, '37, '38: Trumpet Clubg Brass Quartetteg Lunch Patrol, Radio Club. Jeanne Schwartz "She Was a Phantom of Delight" Dramatics Club. Esther Shapiro 'tThe Sphinx Speaks" Sigma lotag l-'acldle Tennis. Selma Shapiro "Laugh and the World Laughs XVith You" Lunch Patrol: Hall Patrol, Volleyball '35g Bowling Club. Jeanne Smith "Gentle Life" French Club: Hobby Club: Red Cross Club: Paddle Tennis '35g Tennis '36 Volleyball '35, '36g Soccer '373 Basketball '35, '36, '37, Swimming '35, '36 Norma Squitieri "Age of Wisdom" National Honor Society. - 77 v Biology Clubg Psychology Club: Bowling Club: Sigma Iota, Craft Club, Frances Taksa "The School Girl" Dramatics Club: Craft Club: Volleyball 137. Helen Terner i'j'oy of Life" Library Club: Tennis 137: Volleyball Zola Tisherman "I Shall Not Care" '36: Bowling Club: Hall Committee '36, German Club: Biology Club: Mechanical Drawing Club: Basketball '37, '3S: Track '38, Melvin Winer "The Laboratory" Microscope Club: Student Council. Melvin Wyner "Too Late P" Lois York "Belle of the Ball" Shakespearian Club: Sigma lota: Pcnmanship Club: Psychology Club: I-lall Patrol. x fx ' LEXI S6'7'll0l'-SPZ11llSll word lor Sir Grmlzmfz'-sloiv but sure C0l'7IJ'lIC'lll'4'?lIlClll-lJEgl1'11'lll1g' Dlf7l0lIILIL'j'-tllC act of getting' a diploma Banquet--a character in "Macbeth" Study Period-a period spent in wishing Cllllllfl1lIllZl.t which japan is trying to get Steel Plan!-21 stolen flower Rain-an excellent excuse to see Robert to school Synouyin-a spice used in making syno Opt-imisi'-an eye-doctor I 7 rank-a French coin Dimxy Darn-:1 crazy college professor CON you had nothing to clo a set of Taylor for Alice liayej instead ol' going nym buns 78 W L one ooloo i .Miss .7 erris omuz mms Room 254 Miss Agnes Kerr - Sponsor Kind. considerate. Miss Kerr was ready ever To serve as our most faithful friend: XVe're sorry now our paths must sever As our school days come to an end. PI'CSlClCl1t....... .......... .. ...... . ..... ..... .......... Vice President ............. Secretary-Treasurer .......... Student Council .................... Foreword Representative ...... Social Representative ......... Activities Representative ...... George Abramson lfle's a little bit shy And afraid to speak: But a wonderful guy, Week after week. Hall Patrol: Applied Bookkeeping Club. john Edward Ambrose ' Add a quiet sense of humor To a serious-minded chap, And you'll have an interesting NVho is liked whatever may hap. person Don Cusick A serious lad is Don, A good-hearted person, too: But you know he likes some fun From his twinkling eyes of blue. Hall Patrol. ......Martin Kramer Annetta Rauschart .....l2leanor Mervis ......,...lVl':1ry Usborn ..............-lane I-lite ......Leonarcl Oliver ........Robert Soles ' 79 l 4 -.. -an Robert Daley He's a tooter on a big bassoon, A vocalist, as wellg In sports he takes his place with ease And always rings the bell. Urchestra A: Band Ag Voice A: All-City Orchestra Xll State OfCilCStl1 Dramatic Class: Football '35, '36, '37: Swimming 36 Harold Davis Diminutive in size, yet in sports quite a mang He's steady and always does all that he can. Gym Team '34, '35, '36, '37, 'SSQ Driving Clubg Dramatlcs Class Hall ll mol Band Ag Intramural Basketball Leaffue. D james Vincent DeFrancisco Plenty of fun, -lokes galoreg That's our Jim, NVho's never a bore. Bookkeeping Club. Joe DiFebo I A regular he-man is Joe. In football conquering every 'foeg 'I-lefty" but nice, and a little shy, You'll turn to look when he passes by. Football '37g Gymnastics '35, '36. '37: Volleyball 34 3a 36 Tr ick 34 Karl Eagle For hobbies Karl's takes the prize, For an excellent marksman is heg I-le'll hit the mark, we all surmise. And a good ballistician will be. Allderdice Adfustment Association: Stage Crew' blationil llonoi Socutx George Fabian In the last row he often snoozes, Much to his teacher's botherg If she wakes him up and asks him lo work, He savs, he'd "really not rawther." Hall Patrol, Helen Marie Fowler A pleasant smile and freckles. too. Make Helen quite a dear: You're always glad you've come around VVhen you find that she is near. Jayne Ann Goldberg Full of fun and mischief, Jayne livens any crowd: VVith her lively sense of humor She makes us laugh out loud. Business Service Guild. William Gujski Seldom seen and seldom heard, VV:-3 know him little-yet From :those who know we find For friends he'll never fret. BO Georgia Hamilton Full of pep and ginger Ot an athletic turn of mind- Our Georgia is a winner, But she's never been a grind. Senior Leaders Club: Life Saving: Hockey '36, '37g Volleyball '36. '37, '38g Tennis '36, '37, '38g llasketball '35, '36, '37, '3Sg Mfushball 336, '38 Laura jane Hamilton li you're looking for fun and laughter, You'll get it when l,aura's around. For she radiates good spirits. And joy that knows no bound. French Clubg Hall Patrolg Tennis '35. Raymond Hicks lf any odd task needs to be done, just call for Ray, he's the capable one. jane Hite lVith winning charm and pleasant smile, -lane attracts a crowd in marvelous style. Business Service Guild: Make-Up Clubg Foreword Reporterg Volleyball '38: Hockey '37. Julius Jacobson if it's a call for "c:mdid" camera shots, -lulius will supply your needsg Hut when the morning alarm rings loud lts sound he never heeds. Lunch Patrolg Senior Photography Clubg Class Play. Martin Kramer A better president canlt be found I-le has guided our class with knowledge profoundg A musician he is. a sportsman, too, Whatever he starts he's sure to do. llome Room Presidenlg Class Play: Band Ag Orchestra Ag Manager lr. Basketball Team '35g Manager Senior Basketball Team '36, '37g Swim- ming Team '38 Bernard Lazirovitz Bc-rnie's a happy-go-lucky chap, ln activity period he takes a napg ll you talk of sports. he likes them all, But his favorite choice is good old football. Applied Bookkeeping Club: Sigma Iota: intramural Basketball League. Raedelle Suzanne Levy Wdhen you are sick and need a nurse, Raedelle will keep you from getting worse. For nursing is her chosen work, And in this field she'll never shirk. 81 Eleanor Louise Mervis To her friends she is a pride, There's not a math she hasnlt triedg A modern miss, her interests run From serious work to having fun. Sigma Iota: Voice A: Class Playg Basketball '37, '38g Volleyball '36, '37, '33 Mushball '36g Tennis '37, '38g Swimming '35g Paddle Tennis '35g Operetta Pearl Michaelson Pearl's a jewel in more than name And is enrolled in our "I-lall of Fame." Morning Bulletin g Business Service Guild 3 l-lall Patrol. Nellie C. Murphy Prima donnas are hard to find, But in our school we have one: The highest notes she doesn't mind, As gracefully she trills them. Voice Ag Make-Up Club. Kathleen Edith O'Connor XVhenever some typing you want to have done, Kathleeifs the one who can do itg She works from morning till set of sun And never seems to rue it. Dorothy Odle Gay, mischievous Jeanne, So neat and nobbyg In music she shines, And sketching's her hobby. Jeanne Art Leonard Myron Oliver "Lennie's" an ambitious lad And musically inclinedg VVe know he'll make his mark in life For hard work he doesn't mind. Clubg Hall Patrolg Swimming '35g Volleyball '38, Social Represcntativeg Student Council: Journal Staff: Sigma lotag French Clubg Football Band: lntramural Basketball League. FJ Mary Catherine Osborn Quite versatile is this little blonde miss. Not only in class work excelling. Burt in music and clubs she does her bit Witli an air so sweet and impelling. Journal Staffg Student Councilg Voice Ag Girls' Society. Porro Efficiency plus is her middle name. For she renders her services gladlyg In home room and office she gives her time, And never does any job badly. Lunch Patrol g Sigma lota. Arnalda Chorale: National l-lonoi 82 Eugenia Prus Ot' all of the people we have met We think lfugenia's quite worthwhileg She has that smoothness and certain grace That go to make up "style." Business Service Gnildg Ornamental Penmanship Clubg Volleyball '35, '36g Basketball '35, '36g Tennis '35, '36. Annetta Rauschart VVhen there's something to be managed, Annetta's the girl you seek: With some sport or school activity She's busy from week to week. Senior Leaders Club: Make-Up Clnbg Swimming '353 Volleyball '35, '36, '37g Soccer '36, '37g Hockey '37, '3Sg Basketball '36, '37, '3Sg Mushball '36, '37g 'Manager of 12th Grade Volleyball '38 Irene Rosen A little bit dil't'erent in her thought She thinks that men are not the topsg But rather she champions WO1'llCI1lS rights, And for their cause most strenuously fights. Business Service Guildg Sigma Iota. Bernice Sabel If a popular song you'd like to know Bernice is the one to whom to gog She'll hum the tuneg the words she'll state, For with popular songs she's right up to date. I-lall Patrolg Volleyball '35, Irma jean Serbin Sugar and spice Make lrma quite niceg An all-around girl, At managing, a pearl. Library Club: Physics Clubg l-Iall Patrolg Volleyball '35g Hockey '36g Hockey Manager '37, Jack Siebert Model railroads built quite well. Take up .laek's leisure hoursg This hobby requires inventive skill. As well as engineering powers. lli-Y: Activities Representativeg Swimming Mildred Soffer Her disposition's mighty sweet, And her sense of humor's kinda neatg She can be serious. as friends can tell, l"erhaps a little forgetful, as well. Sigma Iota: Business Service Guild: Hall Patrolg Volleyball '36 Y T 77" 83 W' " Robert Soles He always greets you with cheery smile, And a pun or joke your wit to beguile, A swimming champion he'll someday be For a very ambitious fellow is he. Hi-Yg Male Chorusg Voice Ag Assistant Swimming Coach 337. Theresa Thiel A quiet sort of a girl is she And friendly when you meet herg Clever and quick and capable She doesn't let anyone beat her. Hall Patrolg Volleyball '34, Sylvia Weitz Another one for our "Hall of Fame" Is Sylvia who works with lofty aimg She's busy typing every clay And does her work in a winning way. Morning Bulletin, Business Service Guildg National Honor Society. Louise Wiebel Full of fun is our Louise, She's one the boys do love to tease, For she takes it all with a flashing smile And makes others try to copy her style. Business Service Guild Presidentg Driving Club, Morning Bulletin, Hall Patrol, Soccer '34g Volleyball '34, Clark Williams He's always wearing a friendly gring He's ever happy, ever gayg He jokes from morning until night, And his friends like him just this way. Hall Patrol. Ruth Lewis Zimmerman Ruth is a very brilliant lass, And musical as well, She's at the top among our class Because she's simply swell! Foreword Staff: journal Staff: Debate Club: Microscope Clubg Voice Ag Grchestra A: String Quartet: String Sextetg All-City Orchestrag Tennis '35g National Honor Society. FN 84 .Miss Barkfeyis ucccuzeers Room 264 Miss Florence Barkley - Sponsor Friendly Beneia-ctor President ...........,.......................................... Doris Bentley Vice President .................... .......... F ergus Monahan Secretary ................................. ........... E lsie Aldridge Foreword Representative ........ ......... V Villiani Kiefer Social Representative .......... ............ B etty Meyers Student Council .................. ........ G lorioso S-tanzian Elsie Aldridge "Energy Abounds" Hall Patrolg Red Cross Clubg Bandg Volleyball '34, '38g Hocke Doris M. Bentley "De1nure Belle" German Clubg Sliakespearian Clubg Hall Patrol. Veronica Cavanagh "Virtuous Cherub" Business Service Guild. Mary Chernatowich "Most COllSClClllj1OllS,, Business Service Guild. Julia jean Chornyak "joyous Chantress" Voice Ag Girls' Choraleg Safety Patrolg Gperettag Tennis '37, 85 Catherine Crowley "Charmingly Capable" Business Service Guild. Dorothy Davies "Definitely Dainty" Business Service Guild. Michael Dimperio "Merrily Disposed" Council Dixon "Considerable Dignity" Orchestra Ag Basketball '36, '37. joseph R. Ebner "Just Eager" Mathematics Clubg Track Team '57, '383 Cross Country Team '37, '38 Margaret Fillmore "Memorable Femme" Business Service Guild. Gertrude Freed "Gracious Friend" Driving Club: Stage Make-Upg llall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Swimming '37 Volleyball X383 Mushball '37, jack Heller "Jolly Hustler" Senior Photo Club: journal Staflg Model Airplane Clubg Gas Model Club Biology Clubg Lunch Patrol. Eleanor Hess "Energetic Handful" Hall Patrolg Orchestra Ag Band Ag Quintet. Regis Anthony Holleran "Resourceful I-Iun1orist" Marion Kholos "Mischief's Kin" Volleyball Team '37. William Kiefer "Whimsical K1own" Hall Patrolg Student Councilg Foreword Reporterg Baseball Team. jean King "just Keen" Accompanist for Miss Steinerg Library Clubg Journal Stalfg French Club Raymond Livingston "Roly-Poly Lad" Lunch Patrolg Physics Clubg Student Council. Mary Lydon "Much Liked" Driving Club: Hockey '3Sg Volleyball '36, '37. ,..., ,LLL ,,86. - Catherine Lynch "Candid Lady" Hall Patrolg Volleyball '3Sg I-lockey '37. John Lynch "Jolly Laborer" Hall .lf'atrolg Bandg Cross Country '37. john Meszros nl ' ii jocular Monsieur Mathematics Clubg Hall Patrol. Betty Meyers "Busy Maid" Social Representative: Activities Represelitttiwc Basl etball 3 36 37 Volleyball '35, '36g Soccer '35, '365 Mushbtll 36 Swllllllllllb 35 36 Life Saving Club. Fergus Monahan "Fair Minstrel" Student Councilg Hall Patrolg Bandg Cross Country 37 Charles Mycoff "Cheerful Mixer" Stage Crewg Pliotograpliy Clubg Microscope Club Lillian Pastor "Lady Peaceful" Hall Patrol. Feola Perlman "Fashion Plate" Basketball '37: Volleyball '35, '36, 385 Tennis on 36 37 Soccer Hockey '37g Bowling Club. Edward Ravich "Efficient Reporter" Physics Clubg Band Ag jack Sample "Jolly Sport" Helen Schwartz "Hearty Sister" Margaret Sopko "Mild Sportster" Sigma lotag llasketball Velma Sopoliga "Very Scholarly" Glorioso Stanzian "Gay Singer" Band A. joseph Sullivan "Jolly Senior" Lillian Taylor "Laconic Talker" Thomas Verna "Truly Versatile" Male Chorusg Group A. Leo Wieteska "Latent Wisdom" Hall Patrol. Hall Patrol. '35g Volleyball '35 87- .Miss jeuppis ascafs Room 356 Miss Leila Rupp - Sponsor "A perfect Wfoman. nohly planned, To warn. to comfort, and command." President .................................................. VVilliam Dickie Vice President ............... ...... l ilinor Barbrow Secretary-Treasurer ..... ..... S tanton Frankie Student Council ............ ..... L ois Goldsmit Foreword Reporter ......... ......... S ara Broido Social Representative ........... ..... I Elinor Barbrow Activities Representative ..........,............... Sara Broido Harry Abramovitz "His mind is his kingdom, and his will his law." Ir. Student Council: Sr. Student Council: Mathematics Club: Chess Club: Driving Club: Hall Patrol: Sigma Iota: Art Club: Foreword Reporter: Class Play. Karl Adler "One thing is forever good: that one thing is success." Sr. Debate Team: Journal Staff: Band B: Physics Club: Class Play Business Manager: National Honor Society. jerry Bachrach "And feel that I am happier than I know." Chess Club: Mathematics Club: Orchestra A: Chess Team: French Club: Lunch Patrol: Stage Manager-Class Play. Elinor Barbrow "Sweeter even than honey and the honey comb." journal Staff: Sr. Operetta: Social Committee: Psychology Club: Sigma Iota: Literary Club: Group A A Cappella Choir: Xflfafile and Vlfeaving Club: Tennis Manager: National Honor Society. B8 Richard Benswanger "A man of polite learning and a liberal education." Swimming Team '36, '37: Stage Crew: Hall Patrol: Class Playg Sigma Iota: Physics Club: Band li. june Bernard "X'X"ell-timed silence so much more eloquent than speech." Psycliology Club: Urehestra :Xg Nlushball '35, '36. Chester Bernstein "He is everything aclvantageous to life." Foreword Staff: llall Patrol : Business Manager of Class Play, Hobby Club: Foreword Reporter: Band B. Sara Broido "A short saying oft contains much 'wisdoinf' Stage Make-Uip Club: Psyeliology Club: journal Staff: Activities Repre- sentative, Foreword Reporter: National Honor Society. Leonard Broudy "His time is forever: everywhere his place." Hall Patrol: Band. Eleanor Caplan "Friend more divine than all divinitiesf' XfVaffle XVeaving Club: Shakespearian Club: Driving Club: Tennis ,35, '36, '37g Soccer '36, '37: Volleyball '35, '36, Hall Patrol: Hockey '37, joseph Caruso "Capacity for joy is unbounding within him." ' Football '37: Swimming Team '36: Cross Country '36, '37: Track Team '37, '38, Capt.: Volleyball '37, l-lall lfatrol. ' Alfred Cicero "Men of few words are the best men." Football '36, Stanley Dice Ulfle openeth his mouth with Wfisdom, and the law of kindness is on his tonguefy Business Manager, Editor of Foreword: German Club: National Honor Society. William Dickie "Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright." Leaders Club: l-li-Y: A. .'X. A.: Sports Announcer: '33 Class Secretary, Hall Patrol: National Honor Society. Charles Durning "A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the wisest men." Hi-Y: Hall Patrol 5 Lunch Patrol. Bernice Finegold "Pursuit of the perfect. is the pursuit of sweetness and light." French Club: German Club: Crafts: Student Council Representative: Volley- ball '35g Hall Patrol. Stanton Frankie "All wisdoni's armory this man could wield." Debate Club: .Iournal Stall: Voice: Rifle Club: Senior Operetta. W 'W ' B9 Oliver Freeman "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine." Shakespearian Clubg Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Band A. Lois Goldsmit "Endurance is that crowning quality, and patience all the passion of great hearts." VVaffle VVeavi11g Clubg Student Councilg Class Playg Tennis '35, '3Sg Volley- ball '35, '36g Hall Patrolg Mushball '37, Ben Goodman "Good humor only teaches charms to last, Still makes new conquests and maintains the past." Class Playg Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Dramatic Club. William Greenberg "Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep." Band B5 Foreword Staifg Sigma Iota. Paul Guinther "An honest man, close-button'd to the chin, Broadcloth without, and a warm heart within." Class Play: Foreword Staffg Hi-Yg Lunch Patrolg School Reporter of Post Gazette School Pageg Alternate Sports Announcerg German Clubg Operettag National Honor Society. jack Harper "His smile is sweetened by his gravity." Foreword Staifg Lunch Patrolg Hi-Yg Survey Club. George Heller "Be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath." Electric Clubg Cross Countryg Short XVave Club. Helen Horvat "She is Hospitality and Gladnessf' Knitting Clubg Penmanship Clubg Hall Patrol. Norman johnson "He is well paid that is well satisfied." Class Play. Iris Kamin "Gentle of speech, beneficent ol mind." Shakespearian Clubg Class Play. William L. Klinkenstein Hl!VlSClOlll is better than rubiesfl Editor-in-Chief of Journalg Physics Club. janet Landay "Thy 1nodesty's a candle to thy mirth." French Clubg Hall Patrolg Class Play. Milton Leoff "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." Driving Clubg Microscope Clubg Lunch Patrolg German Club. 90 Betty Levens "That is gold which is worth gold." Cooking Club, Sr. l..eaders Club, Basketball '36, '37, Soccer '35, '36, Hockey '37, '38, Volleyball '36, '37, '38, Tennis '37, Mushball '36, '38, Hall Patrol. Morris Nudelman hlflLl1'C friendship's well-feigned blush." Annella Siegal "She has the hearing ear and the seeing eye." jewelry Club. Rita Teplitz "A tender heart, a will inflexible." Red Cross Club. Betty Ann Unger "Her ways are ways of pleasautness, and all her paths are peace." 'I r. llramaticsg Literary Club, Shakespearian Club, French Club. Vera Varadi "A closed mouth catches no flies." Cartoon Club. Agnes Vislay 'fl-ler kindness is wisdom." Business Service Guild, Volleyball '33, Sigma Iota. Marian Vitulla "Though pleased to see the dolphins play, I mind my compass and my way." lilall Patrol, Business Service Guild, Volleyball. . Shirley Wanetick "She is a maid so sweet, so petite, so modest." Red Cross, Shakespearian Club, Drivers' Club, Mathematics Club, Hall Patrol. Rita R. Weisbrode "A great devotee of the Gospel of Getting On." Foreword Staff, journal Staff, Business Service Guild, National Honor Society. Alan B. Williams "His heart's as far from fraud as heaven from earth." Boys' Cooking Club, Lunch Patrol, Chemistry Club, Surveying Club. QQQQ '91 ,Mn Sofas, Saints and Sinners Room 357 President .......................................................... Leon Weiss Vice President .......,....... ....,.. S ylvan Rosenfield Secretary-T1'easu1'e1' .......... ................ J ohn Casey Student Council ..................... ............. I acob Shearer Foreword Representative ....,.. ....... N Varren Satterfield Social Representative .................. ................. M arie Baur Activities Representative .......... ........... J iune Levine Mr. Harry C. Soles "You'1'e an Education" Marie Baur "Sweet As a Song" Social Representativeg Psychology Clubg German Club: Hall Patrolg English Club - Miss Stuartg Band A3 Lunch Patrol. Maurice Bernstein "VVhistle VVhile You NVork'l Soccer Team '35, '363 jr. Basketball '35, '363 Football Team '36, i375 Basket- ball '36, '37, '3Sg Tennis Team '37, '3Sg Hall Patrolg Microscope Clubg National Honor Society. Bertha Borsh "On the Sentimental Side" Voice Ag Mushball '36g Volleyball '35, 336, '3S3 Soccer '35, '36, Melvin Caplan "Every Day's a Holiday" Hall Patrolg Junior Basketball '35, '36g Junior Soccer '35, '36g Senior Bas- ketball '36, '37g Football Manager ,37. . 92 W . Eleanor Carothers Hldfith a Smile And a Song" Voice A: Girls' Chorale: Library Club: Tennis '35, '36: Volleyball '36, '37, John Casey C "Casey. john, Riclin' No. 357' journal Staff: .Hall Patrol: Driving Club. Marion Cohen "l'll Take Romancel' Volleyball 36: Swimming Team '37. Richard Eiseman "Two Tickets To flCUl'fYl?L,i f 's 4 1 1 U 4 - journal Staff: Senior Llass Play: Aclvertistng Manager for Class Play. Mary Louise Finnin "Mary Lou" journal Staff: Hall Patrolg Hockey 136: Volleyball '38 Judith Friedberg "You're llere. You're There, You're lIx'erywhere" Foreword Staff: Stuclent Council: Senior Debate: Sigma lota: Le Cercle Francais cle Victor Hugo: French Club: Hall Patrol: Tennis: National Honor Society. Leonard Glassner "l Feel Like a Feather in the Breeze" Hall Patrol: Stuclent Council. janet Green "Start the Day XVith a Smile" Class lllay: flrlall Patrol: Art Club: Student Council. jack Hoover "Gee But You're Swell" Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol: Rifle Club: Orchestra B: Student Council: Foreword Reporter. Rosella Frances jacobs "I Can Dream, Can't I?" Astronomy Club. jack Kelso "Getting Some Fun Gut of Life" Vice President of Hi-Y: Biology Club: Current Physics Club: Stage Crew: Hall Patrol : Micro-scope Club. jack Knox "l'll Get By" Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol. Bernardine Kuba "You're Slightly Terrific" Hall Patrol. David Lefton "You Oughta Be In Pictures" Book Room Club: Class Play: Soccer '34, - -93 Iune Levine "You're A Sweetheart" Hall Patrol: Sigma Iota: Senior Leaders: Class Playg Basketball '36, '37, '38g Swimming Team '36, '373 Volleyball '35, '36, '37, '3S3 Class Tennis Title '35, '36g Mushball '363 Hockey '37, '38, jean Malatesta "So Rare" Hall Patrolg Biology Club. Alice Matuszeski "Got My Mind on Music" Organ Class. Robert McGeary "Life ls a Song" Hall Patrolg Golf Team '37, '38 Dorothy Mulvihill "Something to Sing About" joseph Onodi "Little Man. You've Hacl a Busy Day" Biology Club. Harry Raihle "No Strings" Hall Patrolg German Clubg Lunch Patrol: Current Physics Club. Estelle Rosencrans "Laugh Your Vlfay Through Life" Sylvan Rosenfield "You Gotta Be a Football Hero" Bookkeeping Club: Hall Patrol: Soccer Team '34: Football Team '37. Warren Satterfield "The 'Band Played Out of Tune" Hall Patrol: Photog'rap'hy Club: Lunch Patrolg Band Ag Foreword Repre- sentativeg German Band. jacob Shearer 'Tm Shooting High" Hall Patrolg Biology Club: Student Councilg Physics Clubg Cross Country Team '37, Edward Simons "I Live the Life I Love" Band Ag Lunch Patrol. Helen Spencer 'Tm In a Happy Frame of lVlintl" Drivers' Club '37. William Vislay "Hc'S Tall, He's Tan, He's Terrific" Physics Clubg Swimming Team '37, '3Sg Gymnastic Team '38 - 94 joseph Votilla "joseph, Joseph" Physics Club. Ethel Waring Grace Waring "Double Or Nothing" Business Service Guild. Ruth Wasser "You Have Everything" I-Iall Patrol: Lunch Patrol: Rifle Club: Make-Up Clubg Senior Class Play. Leon Weiss 'Tm Feeling' Like a Million" French Club. Helen Wohlfarth "Sweet Someone" Hockey '37, X383 Baseball 'SBQ Yolleyball 'SSQ Mushball 233. Helen Zagorka "You're an Education" Psychology Club: Current Physics Club: Library Clubg Mushball '36: National Honor Society. SENIOR READING LIST Tlzc Darzfrlzrcl Village ,,..., .....,.,.,..... ...........,.........,...,.......,............ r IX llderdice at 3:10 Colm' and Gel Il! .......,........ .. .. .... .... .,.. ..,.......,...........,.........,.....,.., ...... L L 1 1 ich bell 5NfJl'6'lllllllH llrc News .,.... ......., . . .,.. . .,..... Lunch table discussions of Halleck tests I-Icrovx Ezfcrlv Cllilrl Slloulrl Know .....................,,. Our Champion Basketball Team In flu' Slmrlorr' of ljlrerlg '......,........... .... ......i...... T I ie graduating Seniors Om' Mutual Frieizrl ,.............. ...... ,........,,....,...,... ,........ R 4 1 '. Sharp Lilllv lV0mcn .......... ,. ........' lris Kamin and June Bernard Don, .lmm ....,.......,..... . .....,.........,...,............. Henbie Barach rl-la-11 for Ilia' Agar ,... A .,.........,. i.... B ill Klinkenstein Genius in Beauty ....... ......,....,.... H elen Hoekenberger Clzilflrcn .............,,...,.,.,..,.,.... ....... All those not yet Seniors lll6'0SIl7'f' for 1Wea.vurr' ....... ....... ,............... ..........................,................. C 0 0 king Class Clinrga of tlzc' Liglrl llrigadc ...................,....,...,....,..................................,....., Fire Drill Tlw l?c'l1u'n of llw lvllllii-'C ..........,. Suuburned Lillian Barris Cback from Floridal Urea! lI.rf1ccIation.i' ......,,......... ,.....,.........,........,..........,................... B efore the Socials Tlzc Liglrl Tlmf Failed ,,.... .......... O ur memory on test days Clone lflfillz flu' llfiml ....... ........ . .. ..,................., Schooldays Crm! P0.YSCS.S'l'0ll.Y ..... .....r.,... ......,.......................... D ' iplomas Thr' Crisis ,,...,......,,.............,... ...,..r.. Second Report Period fIll"s l"l"r?ll Tlml Elzzlx lflfcll .....,,,., ..,.,....i...,..,..,... G raduation Af' ' 'WWA "" W" W' 95 L .4 Kim goreiqn Cgxclzcuzqe Room 359 Miss Edna Todd - Sponsor ll xtremely gentle T aught us to be good President .................................................... Philip Permar Secretary-Treasurer ................................ Betty Murphy Student Council Representative ...... Sherman Iubelirer Foreword Reporter ..........,,.................... VVilliam Leitzcll Social Representative ................. ....... l luth Holbrook Activities Representative.. .......... Stanley Ungar Israel Abramovitz I zzyis very quiet A dept at baseball Hall Patrol: lntramnral Basketball '36: Mushball '36g Baseball '37 Aloysius Bahleda A bunch of mischief B lushes brightly Stanley Barish S naps candid photos B orrows school time for sleep Senior Photography Clubg Driving Clubg Swimming team ,37, '38, 96 Belle Becker "B abs" is crazy about the B ig Apple Bernice Bennett HB unny" runs errands B est way to keep that schoolgirl figure Volleyball '35, '36, '37, '3Sg Hall Patrol. . ' Elsie Mae Breakwell E veryone calls her "Dodc,lie" B eautiful smile Foreword Representative: Psyeliology Club: Cooking Club. Betty Jeanne Dean B oys, look this way D eliglitiul is Betty Real Cross Club: Driving Club. Audrey Doyle A ruddy complexion D ubbecl "Little Audrey" Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol: Football '37: Intramural Basketball '36, '37. Margaret Dzugan M' akes scarcely a sound ' D reams about being' a nurse Biology Club: Volleyball '35. Irwin Eskovitz I S always chewing' gum Fl nviecl for his curls Basketball '3-'lg Track '33, '34, '35, '36. I Marisse Forbes M akes a striking picture F ollowed by admirers 1 l Hall 'Patrolg Lunch Patrol: Sigma Iota: Art Club? Science Club: Driving Club. Ruth Holbrook R aces about eonfuseclly H ates ber nickname "Goofy" - Class Play: Senior Social Representative: Hall Patrol: Voice A: Girls' Choral : Senior 'Lcaclerg Volleyball '37, '3S: Hockey '37: Tennis '36. Alma Jacobson A lways sweet -I ust loves to knit Sigma Iota Club. Byron jorgenson B asketball star 'I oins in all the fun Green Key: Stage Crew: Basketball '34, '35, '36, '37, '38 -M N H 7?' " '7'Y 97 Sherman Jubelirer S tudies are his line 'lj' ube" will be a business executive Allderdiee Adjustment Associationg Student Councilg Bandg Physics Clubg French Clubg Shakespearian Clubg Literary Clubg Swimming Team '3S: National Honor Society. Sam Kaiser S ports are his hobby K eeps the basketball team at the top Basketball '35, '36. '37, '3S3 Football '35, '36, '37g Tennis '36, '37g National Honor Society. Paul Katz P lays chess "K ute little fellow Bandg Chess Clubg Senior Applied Bookkeeping Club. Evelyn Kaufman E very day she is late K eeps in trim by truckin' Sigma Iotag Shakespear-ian Club: jr. Dramatic Club. Peggy Kingsbacher P eg to her friends K eeps plugging away at math French Club: Basketball '353 Volleyball '36, '37, '38g Mushball '35, '361 Soccer '35g Hockey '37, Hillard Kreimer H e's mighty tall K nows his stuff Class Playg Band Ag Dramatic Clubg National Honor Society. Ervin Kurtz E asy-going fellow K nown as "Cookie" In'tram'ural Basketball '36g Intramural lVlushball '36g Junior Basketball Team '34. William Leitzell VV ants to be a chemical engineer L ikes to be alone Green Keyg Hi-Yg Gym Team '34, '35, '37g Football '37: National Honor Society. Mildred Linden M akes a name for herself in sports L eads a busy life Class Play: Senior Debate Club: Senior Leaders Clubg Literary Club: Red Crossg Soccer '34. '35g Hockey '36, '37g Basketball '34, '35, '36, '37g Volley- ball '36, '37g Mushball. Jeannette Lloyd I eannie with the dark brown hair L ikes good fun whether here or there History Movie Club: Marionette Club: Girl Reserves Clubg Life Saving Clubg Volleyball '36, '37, '3Sg Swimming' '36, , 98 Edward Marks ,li ntertains the class M akes funny faces Biology Club: lianrl A: lntranlural ljztslqctball '35: 'Intramural Mushball '34 Frank Mercurio F rowns upon homework M akes lovely things from wood lntramural Mushball, '34: lntramural Basketball '35, Robert Miller R cscrvccl in manner M ay be a naval officer Radio Club: lflectric Shop Club: Driving Club. Betty Murphy B risk, beautiful biologist M erry Murl also makes music lournal Staff: Senior Learlers Club: German Club: Psychology Club Archery Club: T-lianscl and liretel Opera: Soccer: Hockey: Tennis: Volley- ball: National Honor Society. Albert Norbut A lways on the jump N ever worries Microscope Club: Intramural Musbball '34: lntramural Basketball '35. Marvin Perilman M akes the air ring with his voice lf' lans to work lor a moving' picture Company Stage Crew. Philip Permar P hotography is his hobby P crsonality is magnetic Vice President of Senior Class: lioreworcl Staff: Journal Staff: A. A. A. Green Key: Radio Club: Senior Pliotograpliy Club: National Honor Society Arthur Reinstein A ppetite is terrific R cticent in nature Intramural Mushball '35, Betty Rupert B est kincl of a friencl R eacls most of the time Psychology Club: Yolleyball '35, '36, '37. '3S: Mushball '35, '36: Natioua Honor Society. Ruth Salisbury R ed-head S o very friendly Volleyball '38 Paul Salvator l" laying is his ambition S pencls his free time at lSaly's Hall Patrol. 99 'v i Elsie Simon E asily recognized by braid S wims very well Art Clubg Swimming '34, '35g Volleyball ,355 Musliball '3 Martha Strassburger M akes many witty reniarks S ophisticated lady Voice A1 Psychology Clubg Tennis '35, '36, '37, 1385 Vfollexb lll 35 35 37 'SS3 Mushball '35. Stanley Ungar "S hep" has lots of friends U ses his noodle ournal Staff' Activities Re :resentativeg r. liasketliall 'Xlanvfel fennis Y l s '38g Intramural Mushball. Marshall Wagman M ile a minute runner VV ill usually be found reading Physics Clubg Sigma Iotag Cross Country Team '37g K olf le'nn 31 38 Track Team '3Sg Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrol. Mae Williams M akes a good secretary VV illowy and sweet Student Councilg Business Service Guildg Hall Patrol. Meyer Williams M ike does wonders with electricity XV ill surely go far Chess Clulig Intramural Mushlmallg Sigma Iota. OF ALL THINGS! llfllllldllif 'ii lm fllllllj' if - Dave Brinn couldn't play basketball? I-Iillard Kreiiner were sho1't? Betty Moorehead were a brunette? Howard Barr didn't wear loud socks? Paul Guinther were bashful? Joe Ross didn't like to sleep? Marian Glick didn't giggle? Betty .lane Goldstein ever had a hair out of Norma Squitieri came to class unprepared? Rosella Bass did11't have poise? Xvilliani Roe were puny? "Chuck" Durning never made puns? David Lefton were quick? "Don" Levenson didn't like to argue? 100 place? r. gifzpafrickl gifien y gofks. Room 423 Mr. joseph C. Fitzpatrick - Sponsor Mr. Fitzpatrick-Indicious in everything' Conipanionable with his 12 A's Friendl with evervone. Y . President .................................................... Herbert Harris Vice President ................................, Betty .lane Goldstein Secretary-Treasurer .........,.......................... Emily Jacobs Student Council Representative ................ Donald King Foreword .Representative .................. ......... l ,ouise Kirk Social Representative .............. .. ......... Roslyn Smith Activities Representative ......,.. ...... l Qoslyn Smith Edith Adlersberg li agerly enthusiastic A lways audacious Sewing Club. Nancy Artz N eatness magnified R adiance glorified A llure personified Hall Patrolg Volleyball '35, '36, Miriam Avner M odesty to her acclaim A ttractive, always just the same Hall Patrolg Senior Art Clubg Class .Playg National Honor Society 101 7 l - - 1. Howard jack Barr H earty in manner ,I ovial in mood B lue in eye German Club: Sigma lotag iiyni Tr-am Manager '35g Swinuning Tezun '35g junior Basketball Manager '36. Rosella C. Bass R espected for a-bility C alm under stress B londe and dainty Art Club: Allderdice Adjustment Associationg Hall Patrolg Foreword Staff journal Stallg Student Court judge: Marionette Clubg Lunch l-'atrol National Honor Society. Werner S. Block XV istlul looking S erious minded B ashful ways Chess Clubg Psychology Club. George Burg G uns are his hobby B ut he lilies planes, too. jean Caldwell ' -I oyful young blonde M arriageable? Quite C ute as can be. Hall Patrol. Alter Friedman :X rtistic pliotographer C audicl as his camera F un loving fellow .-Xstronomy Clubg Pliotograpliy Club: Hall Patrolg Cheer Leaclerg Soccer '36 joseph Galardi .I olly joe G reets us with a smile Lunch Patrolg Student Councilg Cheerleaderg Volleyball '36, '37. Helen Glick H elpful Helen's C arefree air G ets our vote Book Room Clubg Sigma lotag Hall Patrolg Soccer '35g Volleyball '35, '36 Betty jane Goldstein B eautiful always -I aunty, quite G rooming--perfect Class Playg Senior Art Clubg Volleyball ,36. Eileen Goldstein E nergetic "doer" G arrulous talker 102 " Herbert Harris H appy-go-lucky J' nst one swell boy H ard-to-get Foreword Staflg journal Staflg Checker Club Albert Harwood A miable athlete l-l, igli-juinping' lan Orchestra A: Cross Country Team. Arthur Heckman A viator at heart 'VV illing to try "H eclcyu to his friends Frank Horn F riendly manner XV orthy ideals ll ates ehiselers Senior Photograpliy Club. Albert Howell A lert always bl olly joker "I-l appyw Howell Lunch Patrolg Hall Patrol. Emily Jacobs li nergetic worker N ever a Slacker ul ovial companion Literary Clubg Debate Clubg Hall Pat ol ouin il bt lf Arnold Kann A rtistic fellow 'L ikes "little" girls K ids everyone Art Clubg Orchestra A. Donald King D uclcy Donald F ollows baseball K eeps out ol trouble I-Ii-YQ Student Council Representativc Oichestm ZX Louise Kirk L ikes swing "W eejie's" her nickname K ind to all Senior Class Play: l7oreworcl Reprcscntttlve Clichestm A Lrtm Club Student Council. Evelyn Klein E ver ready R olliclcing humor K iclcs seldom Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Foreword licpiebentatiwe Red Cross 103 Louise Klimon L ovely lady M ischievous maid K indest ever Lunch Ruth Leff "R ufusu to her pals C ongenial companion 'L ikes ties Patrol: Make-Up Clubg Volleyball fcun 31 Opelclla Marionette Clubg Volleyball '35, '363 Soccer 36 llall l t l Upcxttti Sigmund Lenchner 4 S lightly serious L ikes lipstick Microscope Club: Debate Clubg Class Pl ly Marvin Lerner M icroscopes 'fascinate him L ikcs to take pictures Short XN'ave Club: Microscope Clubg Photo rlphv Club Rose Lewis R eady forever to help M erry wherever she goes L oquacious person is Rose Typewriting Clubg Driving Clubg Vollub all 35 Swunnnn 36 Hocl ey 37 Morris Mainwaring M ysterious person C lear tenor voice M inds his own business Group Ag Male Voice Croupg Hall Patiol Burnett Maloney B ashful but likeable lady M erry and cute for all Business Service Guild. Eleanor Marcus ll nergetic person M atheinatics lover Type Clubg Library Clubg Lunch Pati ol Mtthcm l.tlCS Club Kmttinb Club jane McCusker J ovial, jolly person M oving picture fan Hall Patrol g Operetta. Thelma McKean T iny little thing M any call her "Pepper,' Hockey Teamg Volleyball Team '35, S Jane Miller I olly to know L ovely to look at M ost awfully attractive ' Foreword Staffg journal Staffg Operetta 104 Betty Moorhead B ewitcliing belle K arrot topped M cCartliy fan Driving Classg XN"affle XVeaving Clubg Hall Patrolg Operetta. Irene Provasnik I ndustry P ersonificd Adele Sedler A miable smiles -I ollylaugbter S ensible bead I-Iall Patrol' Si-"ina Iota' Soccer '34g Volleyball '38. 3 .5 I julian R. Silverman ,I eweler, maybe someday R eally very efficient S erious both at work and at play journal Staflg Orchestra Ag Hall Patrolg German Clubg Sigma Iota Roslyn Smith R onny's very active I5 ubbling over ever S cintillatinv' lady 6 Make-Up: Science Club: Voice .-X: Sigma lotag Debate Club: Soci il Com mitteeg Activities Representativeg Hockey '36g Tennis '36, I37, '3Sg X olley ball '36, ,38g Operetta. Corrie Stuedler C rosby fan is Cor1'ie A lways tunes in Bing eems to make liim sleepy SENIOR SILVER SCREEN You're Only Young Oncef ',.,.....,.,.... ...................,..,.,.,.. O ur motto "livery .I'Jay's a Holiday" ,..... "Invisible Menace" .......... "Dangcrousl5' Yours" ,... I "A Star Is Horn" ......, . "Call It a Day" ...,..., . "Swing Your Lafly".,.. "Seventh Heaven". ..,,... .. .- ..,...For too many Seniors ............Unexpectecl tests .........,I.,atin "ponies" .,...,..Class Play Night 3:05 ...,...At the Socials .,....,.......,.,.XfZICZIEIOH The Awful 'l'rutli" ....... ,.,....... ,4....,. .,.,.,.,...........,....,., I 1 e port Cards Something' to Sing About" .I,.,....., City liasketball Cliampionshi-p Mad About Music" ...,......,. ...4..........,....,.,..,, S ylvan Rosenfield "Dancing Lady" 4,,........ "l0O Men and a Girl" .,... .. Eleanor Cvarfinkle Marisse Forbes and ber admirers "The Perfect Specimen" ....,.... .....,.. A ..........,,...,.......,,.,. C arl Blyth 'IA Girl W'itI1 Ideas".., ..,.....,,.r.,.,.. ...........,............,. D lane Miller "You Can't 'Fake It XVitl1 You" ...... ....... I -nncliroom Silverware ' 105 e .Miss Qoffardis .Qarfinqs Room 425 Miss Marie Dollard - Sponsor She's just o11e splendid person, A real "trouper", too, For six long years her guidance Has helped us as we grew: W'henever we were troubled, Miss Dollard was on hand, No wonder all her "darlings" Think that sl1e's simply grand! President ........................................................ joseph Ross Vice President ................. ....... ' l-Ielen HockenlJe1ge1 Secretary-Treasurer .......... ................ M ary Ntlfah Foreword Representative ........ ........... E clwaid Burton Activities Representative .................... Paul Fratangclo Student Council Representative .................. C111 Blyth Social Representative .................... ........ lV lyia Roth Ethel Bailey A student, a singer, quiet, modest, and shy, Her friendship's 'worth winning, we know, just you try Robert Baird Bob's sense of humor is sublime, He keeps us laughing all the time. Marionette Club. 106 Herbert Barach Light-hearted Herb is full of vim, For nothing ever bothers him. 'Dramatic Clubg Hall Patrolg Band. Carl Blyth 'l'o our president our allegiance we assign, For Carl just typifies all that is fine. Senior Class llresidentz l"resident. Senior Student Couneilg Executive Coni- mittee: Senior Leadersg Green Keyg Football '36, '37g Baseball '371 Volley- ball '37, Edward Burton When you're rich and retired at twenty-one, Please, liddie, tell us how it's done. Foreword Reporterg Male Chorus: Voice LX: Green Keyg Baseball Teain '37, '3S. Betty Cornman Week-end assiguinents are Betty's pet peeveg She'd rather strain her blue eyes sewing in a sleeve. llrivers' Club. john Duff lle's a baseball fiend. he's a baseball lan, On the baseball field he's a mighty man. Thomas Duffy His eyes are sparkling. his lace is aglow, ,lle's 'Calling' on his radio. joseph Eger 1-le has that charm you ean't evade. Depend on Joe to make the grade! Orchestra: Randi Woodwind Quintet: Debate Clubg Foreword Reporterg Student Council. jack Ellis .lack is a boy who has noffoes, 'Cause he's a sport from head to toes. Track Squad '37 . Paul Fratangelo Gay or serious. shy or bold, We don't care 'cause he's good as gold Hall Patrol Marion Glick This gay eoquetie who always talks Malces quite a charming chatterbox. Make-Up Clubg Sigma lotag Hall Patrol: F-hakespearian Clubg Volleyball '3Sg Basketball '36g Soccer '37, Eleanor Gray A heart as glowing' as her smile, A real friend and one worthwhile. Orchestra A. 107 I jack Harvey ,lack's easy-going, gay and free, And what a personality! Hall Patrolg Mathematics Club: Cooking Club. Lenora Hasper With pep and vim and vigor, too, This sprightly miss just can't be blue. Helen Hockenberger Gay or serious, she bears no grudge, Collecting's the hobby of our dear friend "Pudge". Journal Staffg A. A. A.g Art Clubg I-lockey '37g Volleyball '37g Life Saving '37g Tennis '36, '37g National l-lonor Society. Edwin Hoffman Good-looking liddie-'s lonrl of having fun: l-le likes to joke, and how he loves to pun! Current Physics Club. Corrine Lenchner "Connie" is just chock lull of lun, That's Why she's liked by everyone. Volleyballg Art Clubg Make-Up Clubg Hall Patrol. Mary C. Lyden She's hitched her 'wagon to a star, This girl who's sure to get quite lar. Betty MacDonald XVatch out for "Bet", whose inaimer gay ls sure to steal your heart away. Girl Reserves Club. Evelyn Mantch Old Fate many gifts on this one did bestow, A sports girl, a dancer, and a good contralto. Voice Ag Drivers' Clubg Leaders' Clubg City Doubles Tennis Championship '37g Basketball '36, '37g Volleyball '37, '38g Hockey '37g Mushball '36g Tennis '36, '37, '3Sg Tennis Manager '37. Morton Marcus Big-hearted, jolly, quite alive, The Tyrone Power of 425. Microscope Clubg Biology Clubg .lfrench Club. Eileen McVicker Wlith golden curls and eyes so bright, Eileen's a "Phantom of Delight." Hall Patrolg Voice Ag Girls' Chorale. Rose Miller Small wonder our Rose keeps cxclanmng "Ch fish !" She puts them to shame for swi1nming's her dish. Senior Leaders' Club: Soccer '34, '35g Hockey '36, '37g Basketball '35, '36, '37g Mushball '35, '36, '38g Swimming Team '35, '36, 108 William Miller A lively fellow, never glum, Bill's sure to make things hum. Lunch Patrol. Florence Moore "Flo" has that strange appeal that makes you sigh, This graceful bloncle is 'sure to catch your eye. , Lunch Monitorg Volleyball '35, '37, '38, Soccer '35, Basketball '36, Hockey '37. Mary Naffah ln sports and art work, "Sporty" does excel, NV'e rate her tops because she is so swell. - Hall Patrol, Senior Art Clubg Make-Up Clubg Senior Leaders' Club, Life- Saving Manager, Basketball '36, '37, Volleyball '38, Tennis '37, '38, Tulia Nicholas The vivicl beauty of this clark-eyecl lass Makes Tulia a joy to any class. Type Club. Louette Packard Her qualities are those We most admire. For she has everything one eoulcl desire. Art Club, Hall Patrol, Volleyball '35, '36, '37, '38, Basketball '36, '37g Mush- ball '37, I-loekey '36. Margaret Pflaum i Her splendor grows, it never stays the same, For Marge is like an ever-spreac,ling flame. Marionette Club, Tennis '35, '36, '37, Volleyball '37, '3S. Richard Renshaw XVith such a very winning smile, fl'le's sure to make his life worthwhile. Hall Patrol. William Roe I-le's six feet tall with wavy hair, l-lroacl-shoulclerecl Bill's got something there! 7 'I Hi-'1 3 Hall 1- atrolg Football Team. Diana Rosenberg Among' the boys she causes strife, Because Diana's full of life. Foreworcl Stall: journal Staffg Class Play: Sigma lotag Psychology Clubg Le Cercle Francais: Shakespearian Club, Masquersg French Club, Junior Dramatic Club, National Honor Society. joseph Ross Although he may be much too fond of sleep. .l'oe's Wisdom and his intellect are cleep. I-Pobby Club, Sigma .lotag String Quartet, Orchestra Ag String Ensemble. Myra Roth Bewitehing dimples, lots of pep, Anal lVlyra's never out of step. llall Patrol: Social Chairman, Volleyball '34, '35, '363 Tennis '35, '36, A 109 Helen Schoenbrun Blue-eyed. petite. and riding' high, A pretty social butterfly. Sigma Iotag Make-Up Club: Shakespearian Clubg Hall Patrol. Melvin Smith A suave and easy-going air Mark handsome Mel so clebonair. Voice Ag Male Chorusg Hall Patrolg Gym Team. Eileen Wessel A claintier miss we're never seen , , . ,. I han slender. golden-vozeecl lmleen. Voice A: Girls' Chorale: Psycliology Club: Volleyball '36, '37: Soccer '35 Mushball '35, '36. Rhea Wolk She walks in beauty like a queen. Wfith poise and grace and eyes serene, Hall Patrol '37g Special Art Club. Aaron Zwick This husky athlete seeks his lame In track and pool and football game. Soccer '34, '35g jr. Basketball '33g .I r. Track '34, '35g Senior Track '36, '37 '3Sg Football '36, '37. GREEN AND Green and white. Our banner's floating. Hope and purity Denoting. Pure in purpose. Pure in toiling. Honor, valor. Never soiling. WHITE For the outcome liver hoping. As we go on Striving. coping. May our flag' Be lowered never. Hope and purity Be ours forever. 110 Mr. jerfzlzardis gfeari-Ckrohs Room 453 Mr. Charles W. Bernhard - Sponsor "'l'hanlcs for the Memories" David Brinn President .. ........................ . ........... ......... ,...... Vice President .......... Secretary-'l'1'easu1'cr .... Student Council ............ Io-lin Gerecter Ray Keller Harriet Harris Foreword 'Reporter . ........ ......... ..... I -l arry Cotton Social Representative . ....... .... F lcanor Garfinkel Activitics Representative ..... ........ l larry Cotton Sylvia Abramovitz "Witl1 a Smile and a Song"' lyCI'111lPlllSlll1'l Clubg Volleyball '3Sg Tennis '35. David Brinn "Youre the Tops" Ir. Basketball '35: Sr. Basketball '36, '37, '38, Thomas Brody "Go South. Young' Man" Thomas Clarkson "It's Easier Said Than Done" Football. Harry Cotton "Lazy Bones" Activities Representative: Foreword Reporter: President of Math Club President of Chess Teamg Lunch Patrolg l-Tall Patrol: Track Manaofer 37 Cross Country Manager '36, '37, FM' -- 111 Esther Danilovich A "I W"anna Make Rl1ytlim" Senior Leaders '3S: Volleyball '36, '37, '38: Basketball '36, '37: Soccer '35 '36, Hockey '37: Musliball '35, '36, '37: Tennis '37. Herman Denmark "l'n1 in My Glory" Voice Ag Class Play: Foreword Reporter '37, Irene Patricia Downey "More Power to You" Driving Club: Hall Patrol: Hockey '36. Gabriella Erdeky "Don't Ever Change" Secretary of Report Class: Business Service Guild: Volleyball '35, Elenore Factor "Sweet Varsity Sue" Sigma Iota Club. Eleanor DeVera Garfinkel "Dancing Lady" Student Council: Social Representative: Class Play: Basketball '37, Volley- ball '35, '36: National Honor Society. . john M. Gerecter " "I've Got My Lore to Keep Me XV'3.l'1ll" Student Council: Hall Patrol: Badminton Club '36, '37: Tennis Team '36 '37, '38: Swimming Team '37, '38 Hortense Sarina Goldberg "You Appeal to Me" Swimming '34: Basketball '38: Volleyball '38: Tennis '34g Musliball '35 Richard Goodman "A Little Bit Independent" Foreword Reporter: Hall Patrol: Basketball Team '35: Tennis '37, '3S. Shirley Gottlieb "I'm Feelin' Like a Million" Secretary of Report Class '35, john F. Hailstones "Getting Some Fun Out of Life" Voice A: Male Chorus: Library Club: Lunch Patrol: Gym Team '35. Harriet B. Harris "It's just the Gypsy in My Soul" lournal Staff: President, Senior Leaders: Door Patrol: Life Saving: Hockey '37, '3S: Basketball '36, '37, '3S: Volleyball '35, '36, '37, '3S: Soccer '35, '36, '37, '38, Mlushball '35, '36: Tennis '36, '37: National Honor Society George R. Hill "Here Comes the Sandman" Track Teamg Football '36, '37g Boxing '36, '37: Skiing '36, '37. Morgan Hockenberger "You're Here, You're There, You're Everywhere" Stage Crew. W- 112 v 1 Arthur Hurwitz "Always and .fXlways" Hook Room: Tennis Team '37, '3S: National Honor Society. Thomas Milton jones "l'lz1ve You Mel Nlr. Jones?" Hall Patrol. Betty Joyce "Sweet Someone" Volleyball 'SSL Luueb lT'Il.f1'lJl '36. '37, '33 Ray Keller "Let Me Day lvl'CIl.1ll" Seeretriry-'l'rezisurer '37: lflall Patrol '37: Svviiuining '36: Boys' Leaders. Mildred Kronket "You llave livervtliingf' Girls' Rifle Club '36:'l9l:1ll Patrol '36: Girl Reserves '35: Volleyball '35, '36 '37, '38 Kathryn Louise Kuhns "Drezuuy Eyes" llall l':1l1'ol 38: liirl Reserves '35: Volleyball '35: Basketball '35. Rachel Labovitz ".l'm lDepeuclable" Type Club: llall Patrol: llaslcetball '36: Volleyball '35, '36, '37, '3S: Hockey '36. Anne Levine "lVl'o:miu' in tbe Moruin' " Driving' Club: Penuizuisliip Club: Current lfveuts Club: Tennis '37: Volley ball '3S: Art Club: Basketball '38, Cecil Marcus "Got my Mind on Music" llall Patrol. Lillian Martin "You're Il Sweetheart" Business Service Guild. Dolores Margaret McKee 'iSllCl'lIllllg'IlllS" Craft Club: llzill llzilrol: Bzisketball '36, '37, '38: Hockey '37, '3S: Musliba '36, '33: Volleyball '36, '37, '38, Elaine Ostlund ngoplifsliezitecl liilflyu Foreword Staff: journal Staff: Business Service Guild. Janice Reuben "Now. XYill You be flood?" Sewing' Club. Betty R. Ritenbaugh Ulilaelc-eyerl Suzan Brown" "A""' 113 Theodore Rossen "Laugh Your XYay 'l'liroug'l1 Life" Cooking' Clubg Hail li'al'rolg .llaslcetball '35, '30, '57, '383 Soccer '35, '36g Track Team '35, Heinz Schledt "Lost iu the Shuffle" Radio Clubg Short NVave Club. Jay Silverberg "Gee, But You're Swell" President c1f,l1'. Stucleut Couueilg .X Banrlg Microscope Club: Senior Slurleut Couueilg Library Club. Eileen Margaret Stack "Sweet as a Song" Reel Cross Clubg Door l'atrolg Hall l'z1trol 1 Hoelcey '38g Volleyball '33, Elizabeth Mary Sullivan "When Irish Eyes Are Smiliu' " Hall Patrolg Volleyball '38 Howard Swartz "You've Got to be a Baseball Hero" Baseball '37, ,38Q Current Physics Clubg Stamp Club. Ben Louis Wechsler "BewiIclered" Foreword Representative: :'Xviatiou Club: Physics Club: Baseball '38, O a aiizzwrorr 656 gh arioufs glfackefeen Room 456 Mr. R. J. Hackett - Sponsor "Your bounty is beyond our speaking But though our mouths be dumb, our hearts shall thank you." President ...........................,.....,............ Sylvia Greenberg Vice President ............... .............. I anet Kinley Secretary-Treasu1'e1' ........ ......... B ernice Grotstein Student Council .,......... ....... I Cennetli Obringer Foreword Reporter ............. ............. E leanor Vtfise Social Representative ............ ........ X Villiam Hood Activities Representative ........... ...... D orothy Casey Dorothy Casey "Beautiful in feature, lovely as a day." journal Staffg Activities 'Representative '37, '3S3 Hall Patrol ,383 Soccer '35 Driving Club ,37, '3S. Florence Calabrese "As merry as the day is long." Girl Reserves '373 Volleyball '36, '37, '38 jane Cloman "Good humor teaches charm to last." Betty jane DeVore "She adds ll precious seeing .to the eye." Hall Patrol '36, '38g Volleyball '38 115 Ruth Dinsmore "Her air, her manners all who saw admired." Rose Dorfman "A rose with all its sweetest leaves yet folded." German Club: Hobby Club: Sewing Club: Astronomy Club: .lewelry Clubg Junior Chorus. Margaret Ford "The mildest manner and the gentlest heart." Volleyball '34, '35: Drivers' Club '3S: Mushball '35, Sarah Forrester "The dimple in thy chin contains beauty in its round." Hall Patrol '36, '37g Volleyball '36, Steven Geriok "Rich in good works." Hall Patrol '37, '38: Lunch Patrol '3S: Stage Crew '37, '3Sg Swimming '37, '38, Eleanor Glick "For to admire and the world to behold." Sigma Iota: Hall Patrol: Soccer '37: Hockey '37: Senior Leaders '37, '3S: Mushball '36, '37g Volleyball '34, '35, '36, '37, '38: Tennis '36. Sylvia Greenberg "Charms and the girl I sing, to wi:t-a superior person." Home Room President '37. '3S: Hall Patrol '37, '3S: lvlushball '35, '36: Volleyball '36, '37, '3S: Biology Club '36, '37: National Honor Society. Andrew Grezmak "He who hath knowledge spareth his words." Golf Team: Hall Patrol. Bernice Grotstein "Beautiful in form and feature." Class Play '3S: Voice A '35, '36, '37, '3S: Girls Chorale '36, '37, '3S: Opera '36: Secretary of Home Room '3S: Volleyball '34, '35, '36, '37, '3S: llflushball '34, '35, '36, '37: .Psychology Club '37: National Honor Society. William Henning "A pleasing countenance is of advantage." Rifle Club: Lunch Patrol: Male Chorus: Yoice LX: Chess Club: Stamp Club. William Hood "The world knows nothing of its greatest men." Social Representative '37, '3S: Stage Crew '36, '37. Margaret Hosey "To hear her speak and sweetly smile. You were in Paradise the while." Driving Club: Hall Patrol: English Club: Tennis '37: Basketball '37, '3S: Volleyball '35, '36, '37g Mushball '36: Hockey '36: Soccer '35, '36, Emil Hosko "He whom truth and wisdom leads." Track '3S: Stage Crew '37 . George Hosko "Sincere and of good cheer." Hall Patrol '3S: Stage Crew '37, '38, 116 ., Robert Hunter A "The splendor of Silence-of snow jeweled hills and of ICC." Elizabeth jones "You have given us a taste of your quality." Urnzunental l'en1nanship Club. Dorothy Kane Q "Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eye." .lUlll'llZll Staff: Xiolleylmll '35, '36g Mushball '35, '36g Knitting Clubg Biology Club. Dennis King "A pleasing countenance is a silent comnienclationf' janet Kinley I ' "l'lL'1lVCl'l'S lust best gift." llall Patrol. William McC1ean ' Mtn of few words are the best men." Leo McShane 'DX friend more divine, than all divinitiesf' Band: lli-YQ Gym Team '36, '37. Kenneth Obringer - "l:l'Ulll the crown of his head to the sole of his foot, he is all111irth." Student Council: Ilall Patrolg Foreword Reporter. Rita Owens " 'Tis well to be honest and true." llall l'atrolg fJl'll2llllC11f2ll Pelimansliip Clubg Basketball '35, '36, '37g Volley- ball '35, '30, '37, '383 Mushball '38g Hockey '37: Soccer '35, '36g Swimming '35, '30, 'licnnis '30, '37, '38, Fred Paratore "His own cllaracler is the arbiter of every one's fortune." Asst. Trzlck 'l't-:nn Mgr.: Stage Crew '36, Walter Proeger "lVlirror of all courtesy." Thomas Reilly "Studions of ease and fond of humble thin0's." I .5 Rosalie Sassin "A joy forever." Irma Scenna "ln every gesture dignity and love." Volleyball '35, '30, '38, Ralph Silverman "Stn-ws gladness on the paths of men." Sigma Iota, Foreword Reporterg Hall Patrolg Track '37. Donald Snyder , "Sweet .food of sweetly uttered knowledge." George Steen "A dish fit for the gods." ' 117 l 4. john L. Sullivan "A fighting youth, and gay in manner." Book Room Club: Hall Patrol. Nancy Williams "Friendly sweet, and always gay." Drivers' Qlubg l32lriliC'lll2lll '35, ,36, '37g Volleyball '37, '38, Nluslibull '38 Eleanor Wise " 'Tis well to be nierry and wise." Crafts Club, Library Club, Girl Rcseiwcsg I-Iockey '37, '3Sg Soccer '35, '36 Volleyball '36, '37, '38, Swimming Team '35, '36g Life Saving Club '37, '38 Musliball '35, '36, '37, X383 Basketball '36, '37, '38 ,A 3 Yi, 9,. It ' L ' , .9 :J '51 'wr V H . ..., 3 .5-...J . ngggw I 5 ,Fig W -z.1l'wi3, 5 tgqda nifgg Eugq V fb 1 :YW Tfilx , 5 "'."'ltk" " V, . .. in if " .Q Q 'I " u"f-135:,2l5lx,, av L. a 9 33. f..'g,2 fl, ,. -' . ,. -vi 23,1 gn, "V'5ul' 15355 M P Ai: 15 I -1. .-- i rf, qw W5'?QLf?Q-. r X x .L 5 Q Nl' MMM tix' "WE -.xxullagg ,-L :fl gl .nxalgsf 1- ' "pa I!'lafPa.lf.'f if .girgsricilzpl .M ,-- '---3 , f ai :ill-Mig ,j ra o 411 ff ' .i- N ,-,pf , z A- 1, 7:1 f -f iz: 1132 cv' , ' o ' W . liilfl - ,, -::2-R " ' - 'Q Q l afwffiif' . r'nu iii-lwiflllial fyffgg. 'L -. I I -5 .U . '. . .wgq 'tu wcllv- 1 5 qui "fiat: ,lpn 1 ,N ' rf. ' .-Q -3 Hz? 1 ill N.. we ,pfiaffsxixtf-' ' - af. ff-mf. '1---- BFI: Ng,'.f?i::.i?:l,-,xN4l-. 'I 4 3,013-l,,,:,., lx .Jr-.,:,Q1..'g3?:3 ' M f Qi M,-M, - .M W 7 Y " H14 x.-.-gn .4 Lgl., 'J' lg' ,Ag vera 7 . , . . X ' 4. C.. - - 1-pf., , n Ol" ' in-.. - . -vip, "Peace am! res! al lengllz lzzzfue come, All the dzzylv long toil is pang .flml each hear! is whispering, CHOVIZE, I-Iome mf last' " 1 18 Zeta Ghapfer jfafiozzaf glfmzor ociefy Karl Adler Miriam Avner Eleanor Barbrow Rosella Bass Maurice Bernstein Sara Broida Zolie Buko Stanley Dice William Dickie Karl Eagle Judith Friedberg Eleanor Garfinkel Marvin Goldbloom Sylvia Greenberg Christine Grote Bernice Grotstein Paul Guinther Harriet Harris Marjorie Heinz Helen Hockenberger Arthur Hurwitz Sherman Jubelirer Sam Kalser Hillard Kreimer Anna Kukic William Leitzell Lois Long Matthew Marshall Betty Murphy Mary Osborn Philip Permar Diana Rosenberg Alfred Rosenbloom Betty Rupert Norma Squitieri Rita Weisbrode Sylvia Weitz Helen Zagorka Ruth Zimmerman 119 120 - 1 Dr. S. I. Hsiung's .gnupg frecious Sfream Presented by THE GRADUATING CLASS OF JUNE, 1938 IN THE SCHOOL AUDITORIUM MAY 18 AND 19 Production directed by Miss Dorothy Zeigler CAST Cln order of appearanceb Honorable Reader .....,.,............................................................................,..... Diana Rosenberg Property Men .,...................... Bob Daley. Martin Kramer. Hillard Kreimer, Joseph Votilla His Excellency Wang Yung ....,.........,............................. Herman Denmark, David Lefton Madam Yung. ............................................. . .....................,... Eleanor Garfinkel, Mildred Linden Maids to Madam ................ Miriam Avner, Phyllis Davis, Janet Green, Marian Glick, Su ...................... Wei ...................... Golden Stream ...... Silver Stream ........ Precious Stream ...... Her Maid ........,...,.. Janet Landay, Eleanor Mervis, Myra Roth Richard Benswanger .........Paul Guinther, Sylvan Rosenfield . ..,......... Ruth Holbrook. Ruth VVasser . ..............................,. Betty Jane Goldstein ......Bernice Grotstein, Sara Belle Smith Kamin, Anna Kukic Hsech Ping-Kuei .... ..,............................... S igmund Lenchner, Matthew Marshall Suitors ..........,......,..............,............... Harold Davis. Herman Denmark, Richard Eiseman, David Lefton, Sigmund Lenchner, Theodore Rossen Princess of the Western Regions ............................ ............ L ouise Kirk, Louette Packard Ma Ta ............................,...........,........................ ...... ....,............,............ H i llard Kreimer Kiang Hai . ............... . Maids to Princess ....... Norman Johnston ......Mildred Cohen. Marian Glick, Lois Golrlsmit, Margaret Pflaum, Martha Strassburger, Eleanor Wise General Mu .................................... ........................................................... H arold Davis Executioner ,...........,..,..................,..... ........ B en Goodman The Minister of Foreign Affairs ..... ........,.......................... B ob Daley Wild Goose .......,..........,..................... ........ M iriam Avner, Janet Green Warden ...,........... Soldiers ......... 4 ....... . Attendant No. 1 ...... Attendant No. 2 ..... Julius Jacobson Paul Guinther, Joe Votilla .. .Julius Jacobson Donald 'Broida fn f PRODUCTION STAFF Orchestra ......................................................................................... ........ M iss Laura E. Zeigler Scenery Design and Costume .... .............. M r. Fitzpatrick Scenery Building ........................ ....... M r. Gautsch Headdresses and Costume ...... .... M iss Dollard Lighting ...,............................ ................... ......... M r . Krotzer Activities Director ..... ................... ....................... M r 1 Koruna Business Manager ..... ........ K arl Adler, Chester Bernstein Bookholders ........... ..... L ois Goldsmit, Eleanor Mervis Properties .................. ................................ J erry Bachrach Wardrobe Mistress ..... ..,................................... M ary Naffah Make-up ..,.........,...... .....,. .......... . . . ,............... ......,,.............................. M ake-up Club Publicity ........... ................................... .,........................ R i chard Eiseman, David Lefton Stage Crew .....,... Howard Boyd, Karl Eagle, David Harris, George Hosko, jerry Konigsberg, Charles Mycoff, Maurice Shapiro Advertising CPostersJ ...... ....... .... .............................................................. M i s s Dcllard 121 122 Clubs I ALLDERDICE ADJUSTMENT ASSOCIATION Sponsor-Mr. Sharp President-Philip Permar Secretary-Helen I-Iockenberger BOOK ROOM CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Hoyt President-Arthur Hurwitz Vice-President--David Lefton Secretary-Mildred Johnson FOREWORD STAFF Sponsor-Miss Riddle Editor-in-Chief-Stanley Dice Senior Staff Members Rosella Bass Dorothy Ornitz Rose Feldman Elaine Ostlund Judith Friedberg Philip Permar Miriam Goldstein Stanley Rosecrans Paul Guinther Diana Rosenberg Herbert Harris Rita Weisbrode Barbara Kramer Ruth Zimmerman jane Miller 123 Ulm BUSINESS SERVICE GUILD Sponsor-Miss McCamblay President-Louise Wiebel Vice-President-Grace Waring Secretary-Treasurer-Ethel Waring JUNIOR AND SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Sponsor-Mr. Koruna President-Carl Blyth Vice-President--Alfred Adams 124 GMS LATIN DRILL CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Simpson QNO officersj DEBATE CLUB Sponsor-Miss Klingensmith President-William Zielonka Secretary-De Vera Syna BOYS' COOKING CLUB Sponsor-Miss Bailey President-Louis Sedlack Vice-President-Gerald Specter 125 1 Clubs PSYCHOLOGY CLUB Sponsor-Miss Fleming President-Norma Squitieri Vice-President-Ruth Tract Secretary-Phyllis Davis MICROSCOPE CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Smith President-Melvin Winer Vice-President-Marvin Lerner Secretary-Ruth Zimmerman BIOLOGY CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Hackett President-Norma Squitieri Secretary-Thomas Grekin 126 Ulm ENTRES NOUS Sponsor-Miss Todd President-Alfred Rosenbloom Vice-President-Robert Horowitz Secretary--Barbara Kramer CERCLE FRANCAIS Sponsor-Miss Richey President-Jerry Feldman Vice-President-Leonard Oliver Secretary-Shirley Fredland GERMAN CLUB Sponsor-Miss Brennan President-Stanley Dice 127 GILLAS BADMINTON CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Bernhard President-john Gerecter Secretary-Treasurer-Julius Broida RADIO CLUB Sponsor--Mr. Krotzer President-Donald Levinson Vice-President-Sidney Mullen Secretary-Robert Mullen CRAFT CLUB Sponsor-Miss Koenig President-Marjorie Woodburn 128 labs APPLIED BOOKKEEPING CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Book President-David Bregman Vice-President-Ruth Klieman Secretary-Treasurer-Paul Katz DRIVING CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Liberator fNo officersj STAMP CLUB Sponsor-Miss Quattrocchi President-Edward Solow Vice-President-Stanley Goodwin Secretary-Edward Perlow 129 GLLLS JUNIOR PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Holmes President-Wilbur Hansen Secretary-Treasurer-Brian O'Conner GIRL RESERVES Sponsor-Miss Pickard President-Rea Simon Vice-President-Shirley Lehrer Secretary-Angel Profeta ART CLUB Sponsor-Miss Dollard President-Jeanne Odle Secretary-Miriam Avner 130 611165 SIGMA IOTA Sponsor-Mr. Faust President-Alfred Rosenbloom Vice-President-Harry Abromovitz Secretary-Ruth Meyers LIBRARY CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. McMickle President-Blanche Tolansky Vice-President-Phyllis Levine Secretary-Ruth Weiss HI-Y Sponsor-Mr. Young President-William Dickie Vice-President-Jack Kelso Secretary-James Watkins 13 PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Sponsor-Miss Geist President-Philip Permar Vice-President-Clarence Tyler Secretary-jack Heller HALL PATROLS FIRST PERIOD SECOND PERIOD THIRD PERIOD FOURTH PERIOD 132 X k N. ! 1

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