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v f .NA we nu J W ,Q xl Q fifggl , "" x AW: in 1 'XY L, A N921 fl, w'k"k fn ', W Q ' is ,L 1.4. A .Y A lg. nw-Y 139 wif -lf M' JN 4 5 S! vu , gk.-,?. , K'-J .QT J' 4 w Mb- 1 x , 1 L ,J ,I f 4 f ' f rg. X 0 J 0 , VL 4 f ' 'i s a f. 1 tv' X Q " . v ,, . 1 . .,. I 1 , p 7 1 f r , 4. " A . '. 1 u , L 1, 1 4 ' ,V 4 x 1 X ., 1 , 1 A 1 , L al I5 . L ' ' f 1 ,Q ' . ,xi i, 11? , - Iii-5' .Q ,A . K X Q - 1 K, '1. . ' K' .nw Q , A 43-. . .ff , ., 1 4 a 6' iiE.Mfsf.fw M N QA. ' fun. ,, ms' . K f ,ffm J w 51 -V 'Pa 311 ' 15, Qx fjwls Hi X y x ' ' MQ 'M lm WN , 'f ' 1 MZ n 'E ff M IM NR I" 42:5 " ,gm W hw QM Q xf W ' 'QQ1 A ' H If' V ' 1 'N 2' f f -Jffffk gf 'H 'f' " I A LX. Amzly hw", fvf-, ly !" , -l -f-: ,W V? 'N :mix x -Jff v u .,, , JV ' ' iffmx j W E2-'f'f W4 1 !,f, .: ,,:h,i5,f:qei43,5yj lx Z' JJ, aqlowff 7ZXXHJe'PJice 1-biglw Sclwoo TENU-I ANNIVQQSAIQY f9.27-7937 'E IIJQ QI I IDLIQIDICE Volume VIII IDuIJIIsI'1ecI JointIq Lg Seniors OF iI1e Januarq and June CIa9se9 oF IQ57 -I-Ive -IQOLIIOT' Q IIJe1"0IIce I-I IQIW Q-3c:I1ooI Shady and Forward Avenues Pittsburgh, P E' DEIJIBHTIUH T IS extremely appropriate that 011 this, the 'tenth aiiiiivcrsary ot the fouiidiug of Allderdice, an expressioii ol appreciation should be offered to the 1112111 who was quite instrumental i11 the successful orgzmizatioii of this school. Therefore, for what he has done for geiicral educational ZlClV211lC611l61ll, and es- pecially for what he has done for Taylor Allderdice High School, the senior class of l937 l1'O11'O1'S and thzmks l1i111. It is 111 this 111ood that we dedicate our jour- nal to that energetic, el'llllllSl.Z1SllC, and Sj'l11lJEltll6llC educator - Dr. Charles R. liostcr. 6 FUHEIUUHD URING THE TEN YEARS of the existence of Taylor Allderdice High School, many worthy students have graduated to become helpful and useful citizens. Each succeeding year the graduating classes have be- come larger, this class being one of the largest. Qur high school has always bee-n one which has inspired our students with an appreciation of the wonderful civic opportunities and facilities for higher education and broader knowledge. In this edition of the journal we shall give a com- plete summary of all the activities and achievements of the senior class. In presenting the contribution of the present senior class, we shall keep in mind the background history and achievement of the first ten years of Taylor Allderdice High School. The past classes have set a fine precedent for our schoolg we hope t'hat our accomplishments will be a helpful in- fluenc-e to the future Glasses of Allderdice. We here attempt to-portray life as it has occurred for the graduating students. It is our wish that this book may give you enjoyment as you may from year to year renew memories and friendships in its pages. 7 ..- THIS BUILDING ONCE STOOO VVHERE NOW STANDS THE TAYLOR ALLDERDICE HIGH SCHOOL 8 UUH SCHUUL N FEBRUARY 7. 1927, the first classes were conducted in the Taylor Allderdice new high school on Squirrel Hill. The building was one of the finest and mo-st modern of the schools in the country. Since then a large annex has been built to accommodate the fast-gr-owing number o-f pupils which has in- creased from six hundred eighty-nine to approximately 1 three thousand two- hundred fifty. Of the thirty-four original instructors twenty-three remain among the one hundred twelve teachers at the present. Allderdice has grown.from a junior high school to the largest high school in western Pennsylvania., As Allderdice has grown, many important organizations for the improvement and management -of school affairs have arisen. The Student Council, which was begun in September, 1929, and has progressed efficiently, is one of the most helpful and influential groups in determining the school's policy. The Foreword, which is the school's newspaper, has exerted quite an influence at Allderdice. There are many other athletic, scholastic, and non-scholastic clubs and organiza- tions which have not only been quite useful in helping the pupils use their leisure in a worthwhile manner -but also in broadening their knowledge and developing good character. In june 1930, the first class of fifty graduated from Taylor Allderdice. Since that time the classes have increased until the present class which is onegof the largest. Every class has given a gift of some sort to improve the appear- ance of Allderdice or benefit the pupils of the school in some 111?l111'1C1'. The honor students of Allderdice graduate not only with honor, but they also may be members of the National Honor Society. Students who have honor grades and good character are chosen as members of this honorary society although not more than fifteen per cent of the class may be chosen. There have been ten thousand pupils at Allderdice during its first ten years, and most of them have some sort of pleasant feeling toward our school and the ideals for which it stands: schol- arship, tolerance, initiative, cooperation, obedience, honesty, and good judgment. 9 HIllllIllI3lHHlIUlI HIE slfccnss of any group or organi- zation depends largely upon the efficient leadership of the group. As principal, since its opening in 1927, ."Xll- derdice has heen fortunate in having Dr. Roland G. Deevers. He has capahly di- rected the policies of the school during its growth from a small high school to that of a fair sized community. Intro-- duction in Allderdice of modern educa- tional trends, growth of Allderdicc as one of the highest ranking high schools!-in short, much of the success of Alldcrdice may be attributed to Dr. Roland G. Deevers. Our tenth anniversary marks the first year of Mr. Glaes' service as vice-prin- cipal of Taylor Allderdice. If his brief year of effective management is any in- dication, the years will luring him further outstanding success in this capacity. A C E F Principal-Dr. Roland G. Deevers Vice-Principal-Mr. S. Glaes Activities Director-Miss Ann A. Houston Vocational Counselor-Mr. VV. M. Sharp Girls' Advisor-Miss Lucy A. South Assistant to the Counselor-Miss Hazel Altsman Miss Isabel T. Zinn, Chief Clerkg Miss Lois E. Hill, Clerkg Miss Helen M. Brand, Clerk: Mrs. Catherine M. Hoyt, Book Clerk. RT HISTORY MANUAL TRAINING Mr Miss Marie J. Dollard Mr. Joseph C. Fitzpatrick Miss Charlotte R. Beachler Mr. Samuel Blitz . A. L. Gautsch Mr. Kenneth H. B. Juliall Miss Jennie A. Norton Mr. Alvin G. Faust Mr. C. P. Kavanaugh Miss Olivia Koenig Miss Esther L. Geist Mr. J. Earl Krotzer OMMERCIAL Mr. John P. Angelo Miss Julia Behane Mr. Harry D. Book Miss Mrs. Miss Helen R. Bartrim Helen L. Campbell Elizabeth A. Fleming Miss Jennie Kearney Miss Anna M. Quattrocclli Miss Bertha O. Mitchell Miss Cora C. Ross Miss Leila H. Rupp Mr. Harry C. Soles Miss Rilla B. Tait Miss S. Pearl Wall Mr. E. A. Liberator MUSIC Mr. F. M. Bechltolt Mrs. Dorothy Jean Meyer Miss Emma Steiner Miss Laura E. Zeigler grfgfnfll HOUSEHOLD ECONOMICS PHYSICAL EDUCATION Miss Mmilda G Johnson Mies Charlotte E. Bailey MISS Kafharyn Hallett Mr L Komim Miss'Rebecca F. Bard M13 Franklin H2-HY ' -' L k Miss Florence Bechtel MF- Robert W- I1'Vil1 Mr' Clay ' Ongenec ff M' G A G Mr. John H Irwin Miss Katherine S.'McCamlblay ISS race 'V myssman Miss Esther' M' Long Mr- John B' Melvm LIBRARY Miss Jeanne E. Muter NGLISH MiSS Mary H- Anderson Mr. Alexander Oliver Miss Dorothy Albert Mrs. Margaret H. McMlckle Miss Elizabeth Schaefer Miss FlO1'61lCC Bafklffy Miss Ruth Cla'-'son Mr. Charles Bernhard SCIENCE . Miss Mary G. Clough Miss Rosa Blessing MISS Hester A. Baird Miss Mary A- Evans Miss Mary A. Carter Ml' Lou H' Colbom Miss Rose Hartz Miss Marian Couperthwaite Miss Elizabeth Donaldson Mr. II'Vl11 F. Hoerger Ml. Charles H Freebie MY- R- I- HHCkC'ff Miss Agnes Kerr Ml-f George Mf Phillips Miss Alva K- Held Miss Miss Elizabeth Klingensmith Excie M. Laird Miss Dorothy E. Pickard Miss Alice L. Phipps Mr. Fred E. Holmes Mr. Edgar Hooper Miss Frances M. Leech , . ' . M555 GF3-CC .ICSSOD Miss Belle Long geCIlgipl5ileSllyder Miss Jane S. Johnston Mlss Ella Markley Mr. Wesley Wagner Miss Jane Mccandless Miss Nancy J. Montgomery Ml.. H. H Vvileon Miss Elizabeth C. Miller Miss Diantha W. Riddle ' MY- I- T' Sllfinel' Miss Sara D, Stuart IYIYS. Mae Weber Smith Miss Elizabeth Wagenknecht Miss Clara I. Welsh DIETITIAN Mr. George K. Young Miss Edna Compton Miss Dorothy M. Zeigler OREIGN LANGUAGES li,iSiiiii1RON Miss Mary C. Brennan Miss Dorothy Bergman CUSTODIAN Miss Olive Bowlin Mr' Joseph Marks Mr. John B. Coyne Miss Yetta T. Kamler SPEECH MiSS Alma G- RiChCY Miss Leona Adams Mr. C. T. Roller Mrs. Myra C. Simpson Miss Edna R. Todd SCHOOL DOCTOR Dir. Edmund Boots, M.D. 11 BMI f.b5fd JUUHHHL STHFF EDITORS-IN-CHIEF David Henderson Leah Brown Faculty Advisors-Miss Ann A. Houston, Miss Diantha W. Riddle X Manda! Qt "1-' I-.CA Cc - 12 FEATURE Miriam Amdur Alexander Bassett Kathryn Challinor Alice Furlong Ruth Goldenson Marion Gordon Robert Hamilton Nitta Johnson Belty Larson Esther Marcuson Shirley Meyers Adelee Paris Grace Pickard Ethyl Sapper Ruth Shapiro Edna Stewart joan Strassburger ASSOCIATE EDITORS ACTIVITIES SALE OF BOOKS Adele Brown Ruby Chesney William Floyd Mary Louise Hawkins Katherine Hess Martha Kari Eleanor Leach Millard Levy Cline Cooper Alex Eckstein Paul Fisher john Perry Herbert Reich Esther Shelton David Spiegel Mary Louise Little TYPISTS Ruth Longenecker LITERARY John Campbell Mary Hughes Jane Hughes Freda Jaffe Lillian Davis Mary Agnes Furlong Anna Kawka Helen Meier Marjorie Nichols Elizabeth Schwab Albert Lasday PICT U RES Edward Weinberger ROUGH Bensvn Bernice Weiner Margaret Bllrklls Harriet Wertkin Margaret Ffeidel Gayle Taylor Hermoine Goldstein Priscilla wright Ruth Pearsol Roman Pijanfowski ADVERTISING Howard Silverman Louis Broad Helen Epstein SPORTS Allan Holbrook Barbara King Charles Reid Richard Steele 13 Sol Freedman Paul Fisher Henrietta Gerwig Margaret Maclachlan Iii? -'f of If A, JHHUHRU BLHSS UHGHHIZHTIUH OFFICERS President ...4.,..........,.,.,...,..,.,..,.......,A.. Bradley Welfer Vice President .....,...,...4.............,.......,.,.. Frank Friedman Secretary .....,.,,. ...,.... D avid Henderson CGMMITTEES Journal Robert Benson, Cline Cooper. David Henderson, Xllilliam Lester, Barbara McCreight, Gayle Taylor, Ruby Chesney, Ruth Shapiro, Alex Eckstein, Williani Floyd, Henrietta Gerwig, Martha Kari, Marion Gordon, Paul Fisher, Esther Schwartz, Katherine H-ess, Mary Louise Little, Ruth Longeneeker. Bernice VVeiner, Helen Meier, Anna Kawka, Elizabeth Schwab. Social Helen Magidson, Doris Lundy, Wilbur Hall, Genevieve Morgan, Bill Frick. Picture Hermoine Goldstein, Margaret Burkus, Esther Shelton. Margaret Freidel. Roman Pijanowski. Ring Gladys Herold, Ann Witt, Joseph Genstein, Shirley Kaplan, Dorothy Hud- SOIL Song Kathryn Challinor, Robert Gross, Joseph Mariano, Beulah Beers. Motto-Cheer War1'eii Golden, Edward Demmler, Melvin Krasnow, jean Tinsley, Rich- ardson Courtney. Flower Betty Grove, Felise Prise, Florence Hoge, Frank Alexander, Howard Reinhard. 14 MOTTO-CHEER COMMITTEE Warren Golden Edward Demmler Melvin Krasnow Jean Tinsley Richard Courtney SONG COMMITTEE Katherine Challinor Robert Gross joseph Mariano Beulah Beers SOCIAL COMMITTEE Helen Magidson FLOWER COMMITTEE Betty Grove Mary Louise Little Felice Prise Florence Hoge Frank Alexander Doris Lundy Wilbur Hall Stuart Cohen Katherine Hess RING COMMITTEE William Lloyd Ruth Longenecker Barbara McCreight Gladys Herold Anna Witt First Row-1Left to Rightj Frank C. Alexander, jr., J. Dinsmore Alley, Jr., Martha Ando, Mary Agnes Andres, Edward A. Bahneman. Second Row-Annette Barney, Louis Lawrence Beizer, Robert Frederick Benson, Mary Berjanski, Ruth Bernstein. Third Row-Robert Mosier Bowlus, Elizabeth Ann Bradley, Mary Adele Brown, Burmen Harry Brown, Robert B. Brown. Fourth Row-Margaret B. Burkus, Leon Cagle, Ruth Mae Caldwell, Lucille Canter, john R. Caruso. Fifth Row-Kathryn Challinor, Ruby Mae Chesney, James White Clark, :1fCline Granville Cooper, Richardson McElmurray Courtney. 251Decea.sed - Y 16 inf, ,Y YYN7, nd., X Bell 'rabid First Row-CLeft to Righty Virginia May Cupples, William Bradford Curley, Jr., Rose- marie D'angelo, Edward W. Demmler, Beatrice DeRenzo. Second Row-Kermit jack Dorsey, Alex Eckstein, Frederick john Edstrom, Andrew Feczurka, Paul Leon Fischer. Third Row-William W. Floyd, Margaret Martha Freidel, William T. Frick, Frank A. Friedman, Margaret Fulton. Fourth Row-J. Thomas Furlong, Catherine Gable, joseph Genstein, Henrietta Gerwig, Mary Suzanne Giesey. Fifth Row-Stephen Gogniat, Warren Golden, Hermoine Goldstein, Marian Theda Gordon, Rose Green. 17 M-QFGQFQL. qgrsqqrt S First Row-fLeft to Righty Robert E. Gross, Betty L. Grove, Edward Harris, Helen Harris, Mary Louise Hawkins. A Second Row-Ruth T. Helfer, David Henderson, Edward Victor Henning, Sara E. Henry, Gladys Herold. Third Row-Katherine Hess, Florence Estelle Hoge, Alexandria Olga Hosko, Dorothy May Hudson, Robert Carson Hutchison. Fourth Row-Frank J. Iannone, Edward Irwin, jack Herman Israel, Edward A. jackson, Jr., Harris William jolly. Fifth Row-Harry L. jubelirer, Shirley Gladys Kaplan, Martha julia Kari, Anna Kawka, Florence Jane Kelsky. 18 First Row-fLeft to Rightj Ernest Kerekes, William Hurton Kern, Genevieve Helen Kosiba, Melvin Sanford Krasnow, Sidney Kwall. Second Row-john P. Kyle, William Ladley, Albert Henry Lasday, Joseph Lazirovitz, Salome Lesik. Third Row-William Frederick Lester, Donald L. Levine, Florence Lilyan Levkoy, Boris Limsi, Mary Louise Little. Fourth Row-Betty Logan, Ruth Longenecker, Doris Lundy, Helen Frances Magidson, Alphonse Raymond Malatesta. Fifth Row-Betty Marco, joseph A. Mariano, Carolyn Jane Martin, Leonard F. Martine, Emmajean A. Mastascusa. A19 l First Row-CLeft to Rightj Anna Mae McCarthy, Elizabeth M. McCauley, Barbara McCreight, May MacLaren, john A. McTighe. Second Row-Helen Theresa Meier, joseph Miller, Michael john Mitchell, Genevieve Jeannette Morgan, Ila Flora Morgan, Third Row-George H. Mycoff, David A. Myer, Herbert Nelson, Ruth Betty Pearsol, Stanley Perlman. Fourth Row-Leon Roman Pijanowski, J. William Pocklington, Sylvia Portnoy, Felice Elaine Prise, Thelma Sara Ray. Fifth Row-Milton Reich, Morton Reifer, Howard Norman Reinhard, Marcelle L. Rice, Ralph Patsy Rocco. 20 First Row-fLeft to Righty Eugene Rosenfeld, Dwavid Rosner, Pauline Schlesinger, Eliza- beth Marie Schwab, Arthur A. Schwartz. Second Row-Esther Marie Shelton, Esther Florence Schwartz, Margaret Joan Seaman, George Seewald, Ruth Shapiro. Third Row-Edward Shekell, Sylvester Siegel, Eleanor Lois Siff, Selma Sigal, Loretta Shirley Sims. Fourth Row'-Charles Sipper, Frank Sipper, William Harold Slocum, Milton Snyder, Harry Raymond Solenday. Fifth Row-Wilbur Starr, Carl Duffy Taylor, Jr., Gayle Alice Taylor, Jennie jane Thomas, Milton Thomas. 21 First Row-CLeft to Rightj Jean Stratton Tinsley, Anthony j. Tozzi, Nathan L. Wedner, Edgar E. Wertheimer, jr., Bernice Estelle Wiener. Second Row-Mary Jane Willman, J. Woodrow Wilson, Anne Witt, Evelyn Caroline Wood, Gilbert Bernard Yarchever. Third Row-Frances Louise Zewe. JHHUHHU CLHSS HUHUH STUDENTS Albert Lasday HIGH HONOR Doris Lundy David Henderson Felice Prise Robert Hutchison Gilbert Yarchever Bernice Wiener Katherine Challinor Frank Friedman Mary Louise Little Howard Golden Robert Benson William Lester Adele Brown Mary Kawka Alex Eckstein Patsy Rocco Barbara McCreight Paul Fisher Ruth Longenecker Gayle Taylor Florence Hoge Ruth Shapiro David Rosner Marian Gordon James Leitch Frank Friedman Elizabeth Schwab 22 Tl . Fmeae. ZETH UHHPTER HHTIUHHL HUIIUH SUCIETU Frank Alexander Robert Benson Katherine Challinor Alex Eckstein William Floyd Margaret Freidel Frank Friedman Warren Golden David Henderson Albert Lasday William Lester Mary Louise Little Ruth Longenecker Doris Lundy Helen Magidson Barbara McCreight Roman Pijanowski Elizabeth Schwab Ruth Shapiro Bernice Wiener Woodrow Wilson Gilbert Yarchever - L1 ,r THE SUHU Sganarelle ..... Ergaste ............. Street Vendor .... Lisetle .............. Ariste ............. Valere ..... Leonor .... Isabelle ......... Ly sander .......... Sylvester . ........ ..... First Lackey ....... UL FUR HUSBHHIJS In an Adaption in Rhyme by Arthur Guiterman and Lawrence Langner Production directed by Rose D. Hartz JANUARY 13 and 14, 1937 IN THE SCHOOL AUDITORIUM CAST fln order of appearancej Second Lackey ....... Street Dancers B ear ...................... First Girl .......... Second Girl ..... Third Girl ..... Fourth Girl ..... Pierrot ........... Columbine ..... Harlequin ........ Third Lackey .... First Bravo ..... Second B ravo ....... Magistrate ....... . Notary .................................. .......... . .. ...... ................ . Robert Gross William Slocum Joseph Mariano May MacLaren William Frick Michael Mitchell Doris Lundy Betty Grove William Floyd Edgar Wertheimer Jack McTighe Helen Arthur Schwartz Harris, Cline Cooper Edward Harris Morgan ..................Betty Bradley Pauline Schlessinger Virginia Cupples Gilbert Yarchever Marian Gordon William Kern Sylvester Siegel ..........Warren Golden .........VVoodrow Wilson Melvin Krasnow William Lester Link Boy ............,........,........................................................................................ Edward Harris The entire action of the play takes place in a square in Paris. ACT I. MORNING BALLET INTERLUDE THE DREAM OF SGANARELLE Adapted from the ballet of "Le Marriage Force" Originally danced by His Majesty Louis XIV and his court, the 29th of Sganarelle ..... Athenee ............. Sh epherdess ...... Solomon ....... .... Socrates ............... January, 1664. CAST flu order of appearancej First Egyptian ..,., . Second Egyptian Dancing Master ......................... ....... . . .............. ................. . .. Robert Gross Ruth Longenecker Esther Schwartz Robert Benson Frank Friedman ..........Virg'inia Cupples Pauline Schlessinger Frank Iarmone Tircis .....................,...................................................................................................... Carl Taylor Olympians: VVoodrow Wilson, Cline Cooper, Herbert Nelson, Genevieve Kosiba, Helen Harris, lsla Morgan, Betty Bradley. ACT II. EVENING OF THE SAME DAY PRODUCTION STAFF Choreography ....,...,... .............................,........................................... M iss Elizabeth Schaefer Orchestra ....................................................,........................................... Miss Laura E. Ziegler Scene Design ........ Mr. Fitzpatrick, assisted by Students-Andrew Feczurka, Delmar Damrau, Don Browne, Rollin Davis, Wm. Lester, Glorioso Stanbian, Richard Flading, David Lloyd. Scenery building ........................................................................................................ Mr. Gautch Lighting ............................... .................................. M r. Krotzer Research .................................................,.................... ............... M iss Dollard, Rosella Bass Bookholder .................................................................................................... Barbara McCreight Properties .... Margaret Seaman, Dorothy Hudson, Alice Robinson, Mary Ann Hughes, Annette Levine, Kathryn Challinor, Mary Louise Little. Wardrobe Mistresses .......................................................... Elizabeth Schwab, Martha Karl Stage Crew ........ Dan Keller, Robert Vogan, Seymour Kerber, Clifton Benscoter, Wim. Immel, Byron Jorgenson, Jack Rex, Wm. Hood. 24 4 AM. , 2 5 .- - A FGUQTEENTM CCWIMENCEMENT -I-uesdau, 1l:el31"u0n"u '2, IQ57 E gJl"0qI"6ll7Z Processional Entrance and March of Peers .,.,,...,.,..........,..,., ,..........,,. ,.... . . Arthur Sullivan Band-Mr. Francis Bechtolt, Director Invocation ......,. ..,...,1.,..,...,..,.,i,.,.,..,.......,...,.,.,....,............. R ev. Harry Allen Price Presentation of Flowers from 12B Class Light Cavalry Overture ...., ,...,.i.., ..,ii,i,.4.,.....,.. ...,..,..i. F . X fon Suppe The School and Community 4.... ,..,..,.. D avid Henderson Honors .......,.......,...,...... ....... Doris Lundy Praeludium and Allegro ..................,...,,........... ....,... ,............,..,.,.,. P u gnani-Kreisler Violin Solo by Milton Thomas Accompanist-Frank Friedman Sports ......,. ..,...........,,,....... .4....,............,.,........ ..,., A l b ert Lasday Class Gift .,.......,.,......,... ..... F rank Friedman Symphony in B Flat ..,.... ,...........,.... .,.,.,. F a uchet Band V Address ..,.. ,..,,....,....,....,.,.,..........,...,....., ,i....,.,.,........,... D r . Charles R. Foster Associate Superintendent of Schools Presentation of Diplomas Recessional 26 S NNW ff' ' - sux, !Ai?eg.' Q.. 'Q' K bgilit 'f I 4 t 1 X I' " nga- af., S? LP in . "f ' x gy? E 6 f K! bi A N:k"'.s-v 74 i N X -.1 SL fp! ff f 5 n X M-1 f f Aki X 3 W " I K 1-2 k ffffv-f-X: it, 2.1, F bo-F' E J EMM V fl Mxgrgmj l Em W 4 -V Nl -- ,, ' FT, . 65.5, 'rug ..,,,5 EM N w' N X x M, w ww, , mm ,L. y, M 1211 ' mm. -lH!iLi,LWEn xmg w! Ii' Xu Q I' X M!! W YUM' 1 -w,yI' uW V W, . X ' W 'H , hw ' ,r i sw ff, ,-'1 ffl r Y- . W . X ff? V ' fir' X: V f' X ' 925545 f 3WTf:gf'? .N 2' V 'J' .""'m' . W' ' "5 A l'1" 11 -.-is P :12 '1w- w ' W M M4 fr i ii? lf HJ A1 1 y :ri 13" W .Ll3 'LiMf e 'N 'V ' W -- .1-.ff f ff 4, M W W' V ffl '4 Q, in A 775 "3-VH., 'W EK ff fr. f 'M . 1' -wg, -, -11 1 M 'Hu' f f"-H 'gf' W, '34 5 XM. 7' .gf-k. U ' 1 ' X ,f A ,F-2 -if-25... Irwin. I - di lm X 0 5-g:if? i 2 1'5" .4,, L 'Wi 1 2 1 W-mf 'lj Ziyi .122-'Q ff! J, j .Z M2 'EQ-L' , 2313i M,1.f3 ffga- -N! A N j 33' , A T1 17 A HQ 4 3"Ef:1, ' '-1,-Q ,- r'f'f' gfmi..-Oh 191, :W ,H -Qi" .VE , A 164-lL5A:?,!.gj2,,1.?3,, x 3, , 1 41,21 V ugly, L U ' 5ffi7',-1 Q 1 J THE BUUHSHUP Room 153 Mr. Faust - Report Teacher President ...................... ................... M elvin Krasnow Vice President ....... ........ l Hladys Herold Secretary ............... ....... 1 iatherine Hess Student Council ....................... ..... F rank Friedman Martha Ando-Great Expectations Business Service Guild, Senior Leaders Club '35, '36, Basketball '34, '35, '36, Hockey '35, '36, Soccer '34, Beatrice De Renzo--A Century of Humor Business Service Guild, Bulletin Staff, Volleyball '35, '36, Mushball '35, '36. Paul Fischer-Business as Usual journal Staff, Vice President of Home Room, Rifle Club '35, '36, Football Team Manager '35, '36. William Frick-Tarzan Escapes , ,Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Social Committee, Class Play, Male Chorus, Fooftfball '34, '35, '36. Frank Friedman.-Anthony Adverse Merit Parade, Student Council, Activities Board, Senior Play Cast, Presi- dent tactingj of lZA Class, Brand, O1'chestra, Tennis '35, '36. Thomas Furlong-The Hermit of Far End Hall Patrol. Steve Gogniat-Comic Relief Robert Gross-Heroes and Hero Vtforship Hall Patrol, Song Committee, Class Play, All-City Chorus '34, Male Chorus, Opera '35, Football '34, '35, '36. Ruth Helfer-Through the Looking Glass Stage Make-up. Gladys Herold-Midsummer Night's Dream Business Service Guild, Senior Ring Committee, Vice President of Home Room '36, Home Room President '35, Volleyball '35, '36, Mfushball '35, '36. Katherine Hess--Alice in Wondierlarid Hall Patrol, Journal Staff, Secretary-Treasurer of Home Room, Senior Social Committee, Type Club, Tennis '34, '35, Volleyball '34, '35, Mush- ' ball '34, '35, '36, Swimming '34. Alexandria Hosko-Adventures in Friendship Business Service Guild, Creative Vtfriting Club, Ornamental Penmanship. 28 Edward Irwin-Lone Rider Hall Patrol. William jolly-The Divine Comedy Home Room President, Home Room Secretary. Anna Kawka-A Portrait of a Lady Journal Staff, Foreword Staffg Business Service Guild, Volleyball '35. Florence Kelsky-The Whirlwind Business Service Guild, Sigma Iota, Volleyball '34, ,353 Tennis '34, '35. Melvin Krasnow-A Man for the Ages Hall Patrolg Home Room Presidentg Senior Class Playg Football '34, '35, '36g Song, Motto and Cheer Committee. William Ladley-Monsieur Beaucaire Cross Country '34, ,35g Swimming '34, 335. Betty Marco-Among My Books Hall Patrolg Home Room Presidentg Type Clubg Basketball '34, Volley- ball '34, Anna Mae McCarthy-First Lady Business Service Guild, Volleyball '35, Basketball '35g Mushball '35, ,36. May McLaren-She Stoops to Conquer Senior Class Play Cast. Isla Morgan-Sense and Sensibility Hall Patrol, Senior Play Cast. Herbert Nelson-Gaily the Troubadour Ruth Pearsol-So Big Hall Patrol, Picture Committee, Journal Stafig Home Room Vice Presi- dent, Rifle Club: Sigma Iota Clubg Mushbail '35, '36g Basketball '35g Tennis '35, Felice Prise-Of Thee l Sing Hall Patrolg Flower Committeeg Sigma Iotag French Club, Opera. Patsy Rocco-Adventures in Contentment Business Service Guild. Eugene Rosenfield-4Mutiny on the Bounty Basketball '35, '36, '37. Esther Schwartz-Gone With the Wind Hall Patrol, Journal Staffg Senior Play Castg Stage Make-up Club, Voice BQ Volleyball '35, George Seevwald-Rip Van Wiinkle Gym Team '33, '34, '35, -29 Charles Sipper-Fruits of Solitude Jennie Thomas-The Tempest Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Volleyball '35g Tennis H333 Basketball 34 Swimming '34. Mr. Faust-The VVarden 153 Activity Period-The Deserted Village Sllllli SHEET THE David Henderson President ....................... ............... Barbara McCreight Edward Jackson Student Council ....... ......... F rances Zewe Vice President ...... Secretary ............,.... Louis Beizerm-"You're the Top" In our estimation. you have our highest esteem VVe bet you'd be the hero of any team. Judge ol Elections: Motor Clubg Current Events Club. Robert Benson--"Exactly Like You" Like Solomon. you're kind and wise, You're just the one to take the prize. Hall Patrolg journal Staffg Senior Play Castg Character Committee Microscope Clubg German Clubg College Board Lating President of Home Room. Mary Berjanski-"To Mary Witli Love" XVe'll send you roses rare And yet with you, none can compare. Banking Clerk. Adele Brown--"You've Got Something" A sweeter girl we cannot find VVhy must you leave our school behind? Journal Staffg Vice President Home Roomg German Clubg Orchestra B Margaret Burkus-"A Pair of Dimples' With her gay, entrancing smile, Her dimples shine all the while. Hall Patrolg journal Staffg Picture Committeeg German Club john Caruso-"just Driftin' Along" He's a gentleman of easeg He's the kind we like to tease. Band B. 30 Richardson Courtney-'The Gentleman Obviously Doesn't Believe" At a girl he never flickers an eye, Can it be that this young man is shy? Motto-Cheer Committee. Hermoine Goldstein-"De Lovely" She's the sweetest girl to be found in the land, All Don juans eat righ't out -of her hand. Hall Patrol, Picture Committee, Stage Make-Up Club, Journal Staff. Betty Grove-"You're Slightly Terrific" She's a combination of everything that's fine, Every fellow whispers, "I wish that girl were mine." Hall Patrol, Flower Committee, Senior Play, President of Home Room, Leaders' Club, Basketball '34, '35, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, Soccer '34. David Henderson-"When He's the President" Brilliancy we apply to you, VVithout a doubt. you're one of the few. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Class Secretary, Journal Staff, President of Home Room., Rifle Club, Orchestra A. Dorothy Hudson-"Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue" The smile we prize Lingers in her eyes. Ring Committee, Hock-ey '34, Basketball '34, '35, '36, Volleyball '34, '35, '36. Edward Jackson-"He's Happy When He's Hiking" To be hiking on the trail Is the joy of this young male. Hall Patrol, Business Service Guild, Home Room Secretary. Ernest Kerekes-"You're Our Best Bet" It's a shame you have to go, We did enjoy knowing you so. Secretary-Treasurer of Home Room, Band A. William Lester-"Amigo" He's a lovable and loyal pal, We have admired him and always shall. Hall Patrol, Senior Play Cast, Clerk of Elections. joseph Mariano-"He Likes Bananas" Calblbages and onions hurt his singing tones He likes bananas because they have no bones. Song Committee, Senior Play Cast, Male Chorus. 31 Emmajean Mastascusa-"Dark Eyes" That smile in your eyes Is something we prize. Hall Patrol. Barbara McCreight-"You're Too Good To Be True" You're just like dynamite in a crowd- Is such perfection really allowed? Hall Patrol, Ring Committee, Senior Play Cast, Home Room Vice Presi- dent, Astronomy Club, Chemistry Assistants' Club. Helen Meier-"One in a Million" You're so generous and kind Girls like you are hard 'to find. Business Service Guild, Foreword Staffg journal Staff, Bulletin Clerk, Volleyball '36, Basketball '36, Mushball '36. William Pocklington-"Hand in Glove" He's so tall, and oh! so sweet, just the kind we like to meet. Howard Reinhard-"You've Gotta Be A Football Hero" That fellow can certainly carry the ball, I guess tl1at's why for him the girls fall. Flower Committee: Green Key Club, Football '34, '35, '36, Basketball '34, '35, '36, '37. Sylvester Siegel-"Papa Tree Top Tall" Over six feet two, He's the pride of Tilbury Avenue. Hall Patrol, Student Court, Senior Play Cast, Home Room Secretary- Treasurerg Current Topic Club, Model Airplane Club, Cross Country Team '35, '36. Harry Solenday-"Our Best Friend" VVhether we're up or whether we're down to the end, We can depend upon him, Our Best Friend. Hall Patrol, Sigma Iota. Gayle Taylor-"Sweetest Girl This Side of Heaven" Any more like you at home? For if 'there are, we'll never roam. Hall Patrol, Journal Staff, Secretary-Treasurer of Home Room: Volley- ball '35, '36, Mushball '35, '36, Edgar Wertheimer-"Through the Years" In Colfax and Wightmian he was liked by all. Even in Allderdice the girls still fall. Hall Patrol, Senior Play Cast, Sigma Iota: Band Ag Senior Swimming '34, '35, '36. 32 Jane Willman-"A Treat for the Eyes" SEhe's beautiful and she shows it. She's wonderful and we know it. Basketball '34, '35g Volleyb-all '34, '35, '36g Hockey '34. Woodrow Wilson-"You're the Cure for What Ails Us" Your smile never fails us, You're the cure for what ails us. Social Committeeg Program Committeeg Class Day Committee Senior Class Play Castg Type Clubg Biology Clubg Short XVave Clubg Orchestra A Evelyn Wood-"You're Everything Sweet" You're a rose in bloom, You're a rare perfume. Business Service Guildg Hockey '36g Basketball '36g Mushball 36 Frances Zewe-"A Star Fell Out of Heaven" A miracle has happened, as they sometimes do, A star fell out of heaven, and turned out to be you. Student Councilg Business Service Guildg Girls' Chorale. Slllllll Room 364 -6-4 Mr. Blitz - Report Teacher President .................... .......... Vice President ...... Secretary .............. Student Council ..... Robert Brown Eddie Duchin-"Ten magical fin Helen Magidson Henrietta Gerwig William Slocum Albert Lasday gers of radio." Male Chorusg Assistant Manager of Opera "Hansel and Gretel Hall Patrolg Special Eastern Music Conference Chorus. Bradford Curley Voice of Experience-"A word to Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrol. Alex Eckstein Ted Husing-"An exercise a day k Journal Staffg Christmas Card Commi Intra-Mural Mushball '36g Class B-aske Wiuiam Floyd the wise is sufficient. eeps the doctor away. tteeg Bandg Little German Band tball '36g Track '35, oe Cook-"Laugh and the world laughs with you." Class Playg Activities Boardg Presiden the Green Keyg Senior Judge of the Stu '35, '36g Ring Committee '36. t of the Hi-Yg Vice Presldent of dent Courtg Journal Staff Band A 33 Margaret Freidel Beatrice Lillie-"She keeps the gladness in your heart." Hall Patrol, Journal Staffg Picture Committeeg Type Clubg Chess Club. Margaret Fulton Lady Esther-"Be kind to your face. Make-up is the rage." Art Clubg Sigma Iotag Volleyball '35, joe Genstein Phil Baker-"1 got double trouble." Ring Committeeg Stunt Day Committee. Henrietta Gerwig Harriet Hilliard--"Soft-throated nightingale of the air." Hall Patrolg Journal Staffg Vice President of Home Room '36g Girls' Senior Leaders Club '35, '36g Hockey '35, '36g Basketball '35, '36, Warren Golden Frank Buck-"Bring A's back alive." Motto Cheer Committeeg Class Playg Band A3 Orchestra: Intramural Basketball Champs '35g Intramural Nlushball Champs '36g Chess Clubg Track '34, '35, '36. Marian Gordon Gracie Allen-"I don't get it." Senior Play Castg Stage Make-Upg -lournal Staffg Volleyball '36, Edward Harris Cantor-"Girls, you'd love to spend an hour with him.' Class Playg Chess Clubg Biology Club. Helen Harris Mary Livingston-"VVittier than wit." Senior Play Cast, Library Clubg Volleyball '35, '36g Mushball '35, '36. Sara Henry Molly-"The life of the party." Hall Patrolg Basketball '35g Volleyball '35g Red Cross Club. Florence Hoge Myrt-"Two's companyg three's a crowd." Flower Couimitteeg Hall Patrolg Soccer '34g Mushball '34, '35g Hockey '35, '36, Frank Iannone Fred Astaire-"Dancing his way to fame." Business Service Guildg Class Play. Harry jubelier Beetle--"There's always a jester in the crowd." Martha Kari Patsy Kelly-"A package of sunshine and flowers." Hall Patrolg journal Staffg Mushball '35. 34 Genevieve Kosiba Helen Jepson-"Silver voiced prima donna of the air." Hall Patrol, Class Play, Voice Ag Swimming '35, Mushball '35, Basket- ball '36. Sidney Kwall James VVallington-"Gift of Gab." Captain of Hall Patrol, Motor Clu'b. Albert Lasday Leopold Stokowski-"Music fit for a king." Student Councilg Band A. Donald Levine Bottle-"And then the cork blew off." Helen Magidson , Elsie Janis-"The one and only woman announcer." Home Room Presidentg Senior Lcarlers Club, Social Committee, Activities Boardg Basketball '33, '34, '35, '36g Volleyball '34, '35, Alphonso Malatesta Tony Lombardo-"Kind, thoughtful, and full of rhythm." Carolyn Martin Marge-"'I'wo's companyg three's a crowd." German Club, Soccer '34g Mushball '35, Hockey '36. Betty McCauley P Betty Crocker-"The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Hall Patrolg Girl Reserves, Library C.ubg Basketball '34g Volleyball '34, Soccer '35, Mushball '35. Michael Mitchell Frank Parker-"Cnr singing Don juan." Senior Class Play, Foreword Stafig Picture Committee, Green Key, Hi-Vg Activities Board, Journal Staffg Voice Group Ag Swimming '32, '33, '34, '35, '36, Gym Team '31, '32, David Myer l Milton Reichj"Two messengers of cheer and laughter." David Myer-Pick Hall Patrol, Stamp Club, Band, Math Crlubg Door Patrolg Basketball Manager, Intramural Basketball Champs '35, Intramural Mushball Champs '34, '35, Milton Reich-Pat Stamp Club: Math Clubg Intramural Basketball Champs '35: Intramural Mushball Champs '34, '35. 35 Elizabeth Schwab Ma Perkins-"Always willing to help." Business Service Guildg Foreword Staffg Journal Stalfg Creative VVriting: Ornamental Writing. Margaret Seaman Polly-"Helpful Hintsfi Hall Patrolg Class Play Castg Basketball '34, '35, '36g Mushball 134, '35. '36g Hockey '35, '36. Edward Shekell Parkyakarkusg"Th-ere's one who can park his carcass anywhere and sleep." Hall Piatrolg Lunch Patrolg Cross Country Team '56. William Slocum Ken Murraym"Dry Humor." Hall Patrolg Hi-YQ Tennis '35, '36g Swimming '35, '36g Male Chorusg Secretary-Treasurer of Report Roomg Class Play. Milton Snyder Uncle Ezra-"Kind word for everyone." Door Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Intramural Basketball '35g Intramural Mush- ball 234, '35g Stamp Clubg Band Ag Hall Patrol. Carl Taylor Andy Brown-"Lazy Bones." Green Keyg Hi-Yg Hall Patrolg Class Playg Swimming Team 34, '36, Gilbert Yarchever .Ian Peerce--"The voice we all enjoy hearing." Captain of Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Group Ag All-City High School Chorusg Class Playg Penmanship Clubg Male Chorusg Special Eastern Music Conference Chorus. - THE CIHEIIIH Room 459 Mr. Phillips - Report Teacher President ....................... ............. R uth Longenecker Vice President ...... ................. W ilbur Starr Secretary ............. ..................... D oris Lundy Student Council ..... ........ M ary Louise Hawkins Edward Bahneman Stan Laurel-"Babes in the Woods" Int-erclass Sports. Ruth Bernstein Greta Garbo-"Camille" 36 Annette Barney Jesse Matthews--"It's Love Again" Business Servic-e Guildg Make-up Club. Russell Cacella H Cesar Romero-"Three Musketeersn Lunch Patrolg Interclass Basketball. Lucille Canter Lyda Roberti-"College Rhythm" Secretary of Le Cercle Francais. Kathryn Challinor Kay Francis-"VVhite Angel" Journal Staffg Stage Make-up Clubg Opera. Fred Cirilli ' Leo Carillo-"Gay Desperadou james Clark jack Oakie-"Collegiate" Lun-ch Patrolg Crafts Clubg Rifle Club. Virginia Cupples Simone Simon-"Girls' Dormitory" Hall Patrolg Senior Play Castg Crafts Clubg Volleyball '34, '35g Soccer '34g Hockey '36, Edward Demmler Nelson Eddy-"Rose Marie" Motto and Cheer Committeeg Christmas Card Committeeg Home Room Vice Presidentg Orchestra Ag String Quartet. jack Dorsey Paul Robeson-"Show Boat" Orchestra A. An.drew Feczurka Andy Devine-"Big Game" Senior Play Castg Home Room Secretaryg Astronomy Clubg Football '35. '36g Basketball ,34g Swimming '33, '35, '36, Sue Giesey Irene Dunne-K'Theodora Goes Wild" Voice A. Mary Louise Hawkins Nova Pilbeam-"Nine Days a Queen" Student Councilg H-all Patrolg Foreword Staflg journal Staffg Red Cross Clubg Library Olulbg Junior Chorusg Volleyball '34, '35g Hockey '35, 37 Herman Israel Four Marx Brothers-"A Day at the Race Track" Hall Patrol. Shirley Kaplan Joan Crawford-"Love on the Runn Business Service Guildg Sigma lotag Tennis '36. Salome Lesik Martha Raye-"Hideaway Girln Business Service Guilclg Make-up Clubg Volleyball '34. joe Lazirovitz Robert Taylor-"Camille" Class Day Committeeg Civic Tests. Mary Louise Little - Jeannette MacDonald-"Rose Marie" journal Swtaifg Mak-e-up Clubg Red Cross Clubg Opera. Betty Logan Aline M3CMHllOll-iiCJ'llC XVay Passagel' Ruth Longenecker Myrna Loy-"The Great Ziegfeldu Lunch Patrolg journal Stafig Ring Committee: Senior Playg Home Room Presidentg Type Clubg Quartetg Girls' Chorale. Doris Lundy Ruth Chatterton-"Doclsworth" Social Committeeg Senior Play Castg Home Room Secretaryg Microscope Clubg Latin Clubg Volleyball '35, Leonard Martine Dick Powell-"Stage Struck" jack McTighe Victor lVlacLaglen--"Magnificent Brute" Senior Blay Castg Stage Crewg Sigma Iotag Football '34, '35, '36g Basket- ball ,36g Intramural Musliball. Joe Miller Edward G. Robinson-"Bullets or Ballots" Hall Patrolg Chess Clubg Book Room Clulbg Band B. Roman Pijanowski Frank MiCl'ILlgll-ii'lSlll'CC Men on a Horse" Hall Patrolg journal Stafig French Clubg Cross Country '34, '35, Thelma Ray Joan Blondell-"Stage Struck" Hall Patrolg Crafts Clubg Soccer '34. 38 David Rosner Frank Morgan-"Dimples" Hall Patrol: Home Room President. Arthur Schwartz Gliver Hardy-"Babes in the Wfoodsn Hall Patrol: Senior Play Cast: Home Room Vice President: Penmanship Club: Football '34, '35, '36, Wilbur Starr Spanky lXlacFarland-"Our Gang" Home Room President: Cheer Leader '35: Gym Team '33, '34,,'35. Milton Thomas Rubinoff-"Thanks a Million" Orchestra A: String Quartet. Bernice Wiener janet Gaynor-"Small Town Girl" Hall Patrol: journal Staff: Home Room Secretary. THE LHBUHHTUHEI Room 462 Mr. Colburn - Sponsor President ..................... ................. Loretta Sims Vice President ...... ...... G eorge Mycoff Secretary ................. ........ A nne XVitt Student Council ...... ........ S elma Sigal Frank Alexander Frank Alexander in first position Holds radio as his highest ambition. Flower Committee: Vice President of Short Wave Club. jack Alley Some think Jack is "Alley Oop"-- Does he really go with that savage troop? Lunch Patrol: Picture Committee: Rifle Club. Mary Agnes Andres Mary Andres as you may see Has already received her M. A. degree. Business Service Guild: Volleyball: Mush-ball. Robert Bowlus VV-eary and worn with the long night's cares Bowlus finds solace in Allderdice chairs. Hall Patrol: Basketball: Track-interclass: Volleyball. 39 Elizabeth Bradley Sweet strains of music fill the air VVhen B-etty Bradley's there. Business Service Guildg Play Castg President of Home Roomg Chemistry Assistants Clubg Band. Harry Brown Our jolliest senior is Harry Brown Full of ambition and likes to clown. Voice .135 Biasketballg Track4interclassg Volleyball. Leon Cagle To Leon Cagle we say "Hurrayl'! Did you see him sporting that great big "A". Hall Patrolg Football. Ruth Caldwell For sports Ruth Caldwell is so keen She's been the captain of many a team. Astronomy Clubg lied Cross Clubg Basketballg Volleyballg Trackg Mush- ball. Ruby Chesney Ruby Chesney, another sweet lass, VVe proudly call the belle ol our class. Lunch Patrolg Business Service Ciuildg journal Staflg Library Clubg Pen- manship Clubg Volleyballg Ho-ckeyg Type Club. Rosemarie D'Ange1o May Rosemarie with honors pass D'Angelo of the graduating class. Business Service Cuildg liulletin Stallg Creative XVriting Clubg Volleyball Mushball. Frederick Edstrom Fred Edstrom's position is really new, He once was the sheriff of 462. Vice President of Home Room: Chemistry Assistants Club. Catherine Gable Hollywood not only is able, For 462 has its own Catherine Gable. Vice President of Home Roomg Secretary-Treasurer ol Home Roomg Mushball. Rose Green Madam Defarge is very fitting To describe Rose Green who sits there knitting. Library Club: Hall Patrol. 40 Q Edward Henning If Edward Henning had a date, l'll bet that he would get there late. Hall Patrolg Basketball. Robert Hutchison "Hutchy's,' plump and full of fun, And on every occasion hands out a pun. Hall Patrolg Rifle Club. William Kern Billy Kern has eyes of blueg Oh, my girls, when he looks at you! Lunch Patrolg Play Castg Biology Clubg Chemistry Assistants Club. john Kyle A bashful lad is our john Kyle But he surely has a winning smile. Hall Patrolg President of Home Room. Florence Levkoy Florence Levkoy likes to dance Come on, boys, her-e's your chance. Stage Make-up Clubg French Clubg Red Cross Clubg Library Club. Boris Limsi Boris Limsi, that's a pip- Vifhat you wear on your upper lip. Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Play Castg junior Art Clubg Senior Art Club Model Airplane Club. Genevieve Morgan Genevieve Morgan, a Wiz shall be, Because sheis miastered stenography. Business Service Guildg Social Committeeg Mushballg Hockey. George Mycoff George Mycoff sees over us all Because he is so very tall. Vice President of Senior Class. Stanley Perlman Stanley P-erlman's rather small But it's brains that count after all. Vice President ot Home Roomg Secretary of Home Roomg Orchestra. Sylvia Portnoy Sylvia Portnoy has curly hair Around her pretty face so fair. French Clulbg Sigma Iota. 41 Morton Reifer Morton Reifer with drum and fife lfVill rattle along his way through life. Lunch Patrolg Stunt Day Com-mitteeg Bfandg Football Managerg Cheer leaderg Hall Patrol. Marcelle Rice VVho's the girl whose last n-ame is Rice? It's Marcelle, and she's awfully nice. Business Service Guildg Vice President of Home Roomg Sig1na Iota Club Tennisg Volleyballg Basketball. john Savulak John Savulak, what did you do To get put out of 462? Gym Teamg Swimming Teamg Lunch Patrol. Pauline Schlessinger Pauline Schlessinger is gay all the time. Not to like her is a crime. Hall Patrolg Play Castg I-Iockeyg Basketballg Volleyball. Ruth Shapiro Ruth Shapiro set a goal Always to make the honor roll. Vice President of Home Roomg French Clubg Stage Make-up Clubg jour nal Staff. Esther Shelton Esther Shelton is such a quiet type, Tlhat's why I don't know what to write. Lunch Patrolg Picture Committeeg Senior Play Castg Special Art Club H-ockeyg journal Staff. Eleanor Siff Eleanor Siff is an artist quite gifted But to rhyme with this line her name should be Siflttedj. Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Christmas Card Committeeg Senior Art Club Sigma Iotag Volleyballg Mushball. ' Selma Sigal In class-es Selma 'takes special care, She's incessantly combing her lovely hair. Student Councilg Hall Patrolg Business Service Guildg Sigma Iotag Tennis Basketballg Volleyballg Mushball. Loretta Sims Loretta Sims is really quite willing, To add to that her poetry is thrilling. President of Home Roomg Voice B5 Volleyball. 42- Frank Sipper Frank Sipper is a quiet lad For that, Mr. Colborn is certainly glad. Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrol. jean Tinsley Jean drapes herself around the tree And makes it look quite "Tinsley", Song, Motto, and Cheer Committeeg French Clubg Volleyballg Math- Puzzle Club. Tony Tozzi "Tony" Tozzi should hear the girls rave About his hair with its beautiful wave. Lunch Patrolg Hall Patrolg Volleyballg Intramural Mushballg Basketballg Library Club. Nathan Wedner Nathan VVeclner may always be seen VVinning medals for our gym team. Hall Patnolg Secretary oi Home Roomg Astronomy Clubg Marionette Clubg Gym Team. Anne Witt Little Anne is a VVitt, That's the reason she makes a hit. V Business Service Guildg Ring Committeeg Secretary oi Home Roomg Rifle Clubg Creative Writing Clubg Chemistry Assistants Clubg Volleyballg Mushballg Type Club. 43 YF--L-2 nurusnnpus l wW"' 'Zwfg ,ww 1 W, QMMWMAM! JWQWW-My 51-f-fyfpfweu . ,WMMMMW Q f f3t,fL0,1,M:JL4.W 3 MW WWW 'igiai ww-ax nfmw EX 5142 X34 JMQW it A S MWMW FMER F Fixx ' nn. 5 XEK wfffwo WWWQM is E Ni E evewf-Glwingwjlji i w1,Qf45""wn 'tag' W A TMQXWNW QM Wg? Q ,W iigkkw MMV? lmwflfl ?, Mvegw f,,fg?TMiQf5ffA1j,fX, PM 1""J""w'M My nigh 13197 ,. 16 Mgaw 59222 My VA qwww Q6 is 5 Q SWMJE Q'KE5 X My . Q5 E WW g,?,XWZ4fJ9vw9 wk gy KM'-AMA-H' !g,'Qz4J'mvy"WfMfff05-11, E M Pmvhifffmw f WM Jwydnrblfm LSFWWW ga? Eiga A gig UN Y W 3 Sf: KN, ,QA 21 ifffwlg EXE? 2 32? 2 2xf"21 j1fz E 5 ii 1 Q XG 3 S EWQQi Wi 52 'amy adm 'QQA Q WW Mfdxm, EQQNMQ fa 6wMM"wWf QQ0 ffmx v7 C'L6.uw,0QMMfr.f PQQEWUWWMWL dw? '5 O F5 X A gym Www HMM 2:,QLJd3 QQ Www K in Y , Jzwwifsgf fmwq-tx E Mmwqfwm Q'-Q-L34 ,WWW XDWWQSQW 45 - Q Eg Hi if 'W sf Zln Memoriam Lucille Beard Marcia Dennison Cline Cooper Ruth Ellinger Margaret Korchak john Nestor Bradley Welfer I know thou art gone to the home of thy rest- Then why should my sou-1 be so sad? I know thou art gone where the weary are blest, And the mourner looks up, and is gladg I know thou hast drunk of the lethe that flows In a land where they do not forget, That sheds over memory only repose, And takes from it only regret. Thomas Kiwbhle Hervey-I Know Thou Art GUIIU 46 'f -7- HEUUIEIH Dear boy, you died a 1nartyr's death, A smile, and then that awful crash, It closed your eyes, it stole your breath, The flames, alive, were like a lash. You'll never know, dear friend, the pain Your fate has caused us all to feelg One day with us, the next day-gone! It is, and yet, it can't be real. VVe cherish memories you left, We think of all the many joys, Before you left us all bereft, ,Mid pleasures we have shared as boys. And so, dear one, though you are gone, The world is better for your stayg Your voice, your laugh, with everyone Remains though you are far away. In Remembrance of Earl Bradley Welfer-My' dearest friend-Jack Reed 47 JUNE CLHSS UHGHHIZHTIUII OFFICERS President ........A,.. .,,.....,...A.......,......,. W allace McClean Vice President ,..,.. ...A.,.. A llan Holbrook Secretary ..,...... .....4., A rthur Frankston COMMITTEES journal Miriam Amidur, Alexander Bassett. Leah Brown, John Campbell, Lillian Davis, Helen Epstein. Alice Furlong. Mary Agnes Furlong, Ruth Goldenson, Robert Hamilton, Allan Holbrook, Mary Hughes, Jane Hughes, Freda Jaffe, Nitta Johnson, Sol Freedman, Barbara King, Betty Larson, Eleanor Leach, Millard Levy, Margaret Maclachlan, ,Esther Marcuson, Shirley Meyers, Marjorie Nichols. Adelee Paris, Grace Pickard, John Perry, Herbert Reich, Charles Reid. Ethyl Sapper, Richard Steele, David Spiegel, Edna Stewart, Joan Strassburger. Edward VVeinberger, Harriet VVertkin, Priscilla VVright. Picture Helen Epstein, Virginia Huber, Mary Hughes, Margaret Maclachlan. Shirley M-eyers, Charles Reid, Howard Silverman, Richard Steele, Margaret Townsend, Priscilla VVright. Ring Mildred Allison, Edwin Bankson, Lucy McDonnell, Cecilia Howley, Myron Lefkowitz, Adele Mallinger, VVilliam Rock, Richard Vockel, John VVhalen. Marjorie Wible. Flower Fred Amsler, Nancy Barnett, lXlarjorie Barun, XVinifred Blackhall, Frieda Diamond, Tom Hart, Rudolph Janata, Betty Markle, Gardner Robertson, Fred Schwartz. Class Day VVillard Coughenour, Wilbur Euston. Jerry Hahn. Edna Jones, John M-cConn1on, Albert Nemenz, Virginia Ray, Edwin Sable, Willianl Sarraf, Bill Stewart, Elliot Sadja. Social VVilliam Artz, Martha Barker, Arthur Cantel, Mary Hilda Fagan, Sam Hamilton, Edyth Liss, Jean Miller, John Patterson, Betty Stewart, Rita Williams. 49 First Row-fLeft to Righty Jean Abrams, Esther Lee Albert, Alex Alexandroff, Ronald Griffith Allen, Dorothy Maria Allison. Second Row-Mildred Lois Allison, Miriam Paula Amdur, Frederick Demmler Amsler, Rosalie Frances Andolina, Samuel Aronson. Third Row-Margaret Anna Artim, William Artz, Elizabeth T. Aschman, Marian Theresa Aschman, Ann Averbach. Fourth Row-Charles Daniel Baker, joseph G. Balogh, Ellis Edwin Bankson, Irwin Barker, Martha Barker. Fifth Row-Nancy jean Barnett, Alexander K. Bassett, Marjorie Helen Beeson, Helen P. Behum, Donald Alvin Benjamin, 50 ' - First Row-fLeft to Righty Renee Bennett, Clifton Alfred Benscoter, Eileen Marie Bible, Winifred Georgina Blackhall, Fern E. Blackham. Second Row-Mildred Bluestone, Esther Alexandria Borkowski, Martha Bowser, William Thomas Bradley, Marjorie C. Braun. Third Row-Louis Broad, Jeanette R. Brody, Allen I. Broff, Donald Brown, Leah Brown. Fourth Row-Shirley Mae Brown, Estelle M. Bryer, Robert M. Caldwell, John Gowan Campbell, Arthur Cantle. Fifth Row-Anthony Alphonse Carrola, Margaret Virginia Cauffield, john Fred Chart, Sadie Mary Chek, John Thomas Cherubim. 51 First Row-CLeft to Rightj Rosallia Rhea Chussitt, Mary Agnes Cobb, Alvin Harvey Cohen, Devera Cohen, Dorothy T. Cohen. Second Row-Anita Helen Cohn, Robert Dean Coleman, james Conway, Alfred R. Cord, Raymond Cornwall. Third Row-Willard Palmer Coughenour, Jennie Ann Coury, William Richard Cray, Harry Walter Currin, Louis Sylvester Curto. Fourth Row-Harry Daniels, Lillian Davis, Fern Dawson, john Whiteman Dawson, Agnes Gertrude Degnan. Fifth Row-Betty May DeHaven, Paul Deutsch, Frieda Ruth Diamond, Robert Charles Dickman, Harry DiPietro. 52 4 I . 1- I 1.73, . . ,. I First Row-fLeft to Righty joseph G. Dolgos, John Francis Donovan, Harriet Beatrice Dorfan, Pressly Richard Dowler, Helen J. Driscoll. Second Gray Duff, Caroline Louise Dunn, Christina Dunnett, William Kenneth Durst, Elmer Ellsworth Dyer. Third Row-Thelma Dym, John Dzura, Jr., jean Ebert, Albert Francis Eckert, Jerome Milton Eisner. Fourth Row-May Atwood Emery, Helen S. R. Epstein, Margaret Erdeky, William M. Estu, Wilbur Thomas Euston. Fifth Row-Margaret Evank, Mary Hilda Fagan, Jennie Feller, janot Fenton, john Ferrainola. 53 f 'on xy' I X. First Row-QLeft to Rightj Roger Sherman Findley, jr., Richard Alden Finkel, Norman Bud Fisher, Charles W. Flading, Arthur Frankston. Second Row-Sol P. Freedman, Dorothy Helen Frost, Alice V. Furlong, Mary Agnes Furlong, Vincent J. Galardi. Third Row-Alma Alice Gardner, Alta Theressa Gardner, Eleanor Van Tyne Garrett, Irvin Gerson, Eleanor Gesregan. Fourth Row-Daniel O. Gittings, Jr., Edward Leonard Glick, Shirley Ruth Golden, Sara Ruth Goldenson, Bert M. Goldman. Fifth Row-Edwin A. Golomb, Margaret X. Goodman, Helen Bell Griffiths, Alvin J. Gross, Marjory Hafer. 74 54 A""I" K, gl 'La' First Row-fLeft to Righty Jerome Hahn, Robert D. Hamilton, Sam J. Hamilton, Paul Morgan Harding, Jr., Thomas M. Hart. Second Row-Clara Ruth Hecht, Albert L. Helquist, Herman LeMar Hennessy, Harry Wolf Herman, Elsie Ida Hewitt. Third Row-John Earl Hinish, Jr., Sophie Margaret Hobiai, Bertha Mae Hoffman, David S. Hoffman, Harry Roberts Hoge. Fourth Row-E. Allen Holbrook, Jr., Morriss Fulton Holcomb, Eleanor M. Holzer, Cecilia Frances Howley, Virginia L. Huber. Fifth Row-Jane Audrey Hughes, Mary Scott Hughes, Raymond Edward Hutzler, Robert Morris Jacobson, Freda B. Jaffe. 55 First Row-fLeft to Rightj June M. Jamison, Rudolph Janata, jr., Henrietta jasper, Paul David johns, Reginald Hall Johnson, Jr, Second Row-Nitta jo Johnston, Edna Johnston Jones, Miriam Kalson, Ruth Kamin, Elizabeth W. Kamman. Third Row-Elise W. Kann, Mary Margaret' Kasko, Daniel Hugh Keller, Eugene Seymour Kerber, Ruth Eleanor Kern. Fourth Row-Margaret Elizabeth Kerr, Barbara jean King, Frank Kitzmiller, jr., Shirley Klein, Robert Morrow Knox. Fifth Row--Elizabeth Kohlmyer, :TfMargaret Korchak, Karl Reynolds Kortlandt, Fred Lee Kovacs, Milton C. Krantz. l'fDeceased 'Y' M W 56 I v ,I First Row-CLeft to Righty Bernice Joan Kravetz, julius Emanuel Kruman, Frederick W. Kuhn, Jane Louise Lachowicz, Florence Lois Laird. Second Row-Thomas V. Laird, jr., Elizabeth Ellen Larson, Robert james Lauer, Margaret Anne Lavine, Genevieve M. Lawlor. Third Row-Eleanor Louise Leach, Jack Leedy, Morris Lebowitz, Myron Lefkowitz, Arthur Levenson. Fourth Row-Annette Janet Levine, Lucille Levine, june Levinson, Louise Gertrude Levinson, Sophie Levinson. Fifth Row-Millard L. Levy, Bill Lewis, Bernard S. Lindenberg, Edythe Anne Liss, Ralph Locker. D 57 - First Row-1Left to Rightj Selwyn Lewis Loeb, Paul C. London, Violet Rosaline London, Mary jane Lovas, Raymond S. Lubet. Second Row-Grace Helen Lutz, Robert Dittman Lyle, Richard William Lynch, Jacqueline H. Lyon, Margaret jean Maclachlan. Third Row-Adele Mallinger, Shirley Geraldine Mandell, William Ellsworth Marbaker, Francis B. Marburger, Bernice Marcus. Fourth Row-Esther Siivia Marcuson, Louise Naomi Mlargolis, Robert N. Marguglio, Elizabeth Larimer Markle, Elaine W. Mlarks. Fifth Row-E. Myron Marks, Jr., Adeline Frances Mazzei, Dorothy Ruth McCarney, Wallace English McC1ean, Floyd McClintock. M, , . .,., ,L 58 .7 Y 4. -- First Row-QLeft to Rightj john Steel McConnon, Myles McConnon, jr., Louise Meredith McCullough, Lucy Blanche McDonnell, Mary jane McKee. Second Row-Jane McKenzie, Elizabeth Marie McNiff, Marguerite Jane Metzger, Shirley Paula Meyers, Anita S. Miggantz. Third Row-Charles Frederick Miller, Jeanne R. Miller, Solly Moldover, Rita J. Molyneaux, Anna Marie Monahan. Fourth Row-Calvin Jay Morgan, Ralph Moses, Robert John Mrosek, Foster C. Mutimer, Marshall Lee Neaves. Fifth Row-Albert Wilhelm Nemenz, Myrille Nevins, Marjorie Nichols, Karl E. Niedziela, Howard F. Noble. -,, 59 , 2 L First Row-fLeft to Righty Marjorie Anne Norris, Irving Novick, Albert Nusbaum, Donald A. O'Connor, Mary Catherine O'Connor. Second Row-Florence Betty Oestreicher, Ben Orringer, Frederick M. Orringer, Katherine Inez Owens, Martha Lee Owens. Third Row-Harold A. Packard, jr., Adelee M. Paris, William H. Parker, jr., john William Patterson, jr., Leon Paul. Fourth Row-Herbert Morris Paull, ReVera Perlman, Seymour Murray Perlut, John T. Perry, William Clyde Peters. Fifth Row-Wilbur E. Pflaum, Grace Lenore Pickard, Sara Pittler, Zelma E. Pittler, Sherman W. Pochapin. ' M 4 'A 60 E First Row-1Left to Rightj Earle Martin Port, King Powell, john Radvak, Katherine Virginia Ray, Patricia S. Reber. Second Row-Annetta N. Recht, Herbert Herman Reich, Charles Allen Reid, jr., Hazel Frances Reilly, Sylvia Maude Reno. Third Row-Janet, Rice, Metro Ridosh, Grace Edith Rizzo, Gardner Noyes Robertson, William Rock. Fourth Row-Ruth Rosen, Margery J. Rosenberg, Goodman E. Rosenfield, Adele Betsy Ross, Robert Clarence Rowse. Fifth Row-Mary jane Royer, Mary Louise Rua, Lee S. Ruslander, Jr., Edwin Leroy Sable, Leonard Sachs. g 61 First Row-CLeft to Righty Elliott Daniel Sadja, Nathan Safyan, George Meixner Sanner, jr., Ethel jean Sapper, William Bruce Sarraf. Second Row-Paul J. Scally, Miriam L. Schaffel, Mary Linforth Schmeltz, Mary Gertrude Schmidt, Frederick W. Schwartz, jr. Third Row-Sara Seder, jean Seibel, Ruth Lilyan Shapiro, Louise Marie Sheehan, Frank Halloway Sherlock. Fourth Row'-Dorothy J. Sherman, Eugene Shore, Dorothy H. Elaine Shuback, Dorothy Elaine Siegel, Howard Allen Silverman. Fifth Row-Joseph Alex Simonyak, Charles joseph Simpson, joseph Donald Simpson, Harry Slifkin, Ella Virginia Small. 62 4 First Row-QLeft to Righty Mary Ann Smith, Olga Mae Smith, Ray C. Smith, Mary Elizabeth Sommers, Florence Irene Sondecker, Second Row-David Spiegel, Alfred J. Spitz, Katherine Mary Stack, Katheryn M. Stack, Richard K, Steele. Third Row-Susannah Stevenson, Betty Kirke Stewart, Edna B. Stewart, William J. Stewart, Marjorie Valerie Strain. Fourth Row-Joan Strassburger, Betty Jane Streng, John Sullivan, Robert J. Sully, Helen Margaret Sutyak. Fifth Row-'Sidney Syna, Edward O. Tabor, Jr., Lillian D. Task, Pearl Teglassy, Paul James Thomas. 63- Q.-f'.rf iq' x'Aw:,X First Row-fLeft to Righty Lillian M. Thomka, Cora Etta Thorne, Howard Robert Tippett, Margaret Ellen Townsend, Bernard Emanuel Tracht. Second Row-Harry W. Twigger, Steven A. Varga, Frank Vecchio, Pauline Vereb, Victoria Marian Viviano. Third Row-Richard Landis Vockel, Friedrich Albert Wagner, Jack Walters, Marguerite M. Walton, Irving Arnold Wechsler. Fourth Row-Edward Weinberger, Helen Elizabeth Weinert, Harriet Wertkin, john F. Whalen, Charles Francis White. Fifth Row-Harry Robert White, Mary Marjorie Wible, Rita Lee Williams, James Wise, M orton Herbert Wolk. 64 'T e f First Row-fLeft to Rightj Kenneth Paul Woods, Margaret Jane Wragg, Priscilla Bromley Wright, Ervene Mary Yeloushan, Alexander Yeschenko. Second Row-Sonia Zabarenko, Michael Zihal, Jean Smith. Third Row-Raymond Cornwall, Madeline Pasekoff. UNSELFISH SERVICE AWARD Allen Holbrook Esther Marcuson 65 THE JUNE GRADUATING CLASS Presents Y John Priestlys Mystery-Comedy LHBU HHUM HHUVE Production directed by Miss Dorothy Ziegler May 26 and 27, 1937 IN THE SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Elsie Radfern .............. Mrs. Lucy Baxley ........ Bernard Baxley ........ George Radfern ....... Harold Russ .........,...... Joe Fletter ....................... Mrs. Dorothy Radfern ......... Inspector Stack .............. Sergeant Morrxs.. .............. .... , ......... ,........... ....................,..,......................,............,..,. . The entire action Radfern. Orchestra ....... ....... Scene Design. ........ .. Scenery Building ....... Lighting ................... Bookholders .................... Properties ...................,....... Wardrobe Mistresses ....... ... Make Up .... Draperies ..., . ..... .............. Business ...,.. . ....... , ............. .. ....,...,.,................... . ................................ . ................ . Publicity ......... .......,.................................................................. Stage Crew ............. Dan CAST fIn order of appearancej Levinson, Harriet Dorfan .............Elaine Marks, Barbara King Glick ........Rudolph Janata ....,..,.....Sam Hamilton Julius Kruman .........Devera Cohen, Edythe Liss Bob Sully .Charles Reid of the play takes place in the home of Mr. and Mrs. George PRODUCTION STAFF ...................Miss Laura E. Zeigler Mr. Fitzpatrick Gautch Krotzer Freda Diamond, Wm. Marbaker .......Miss Dollard, assisted by students ...Miss Beachler, Adele Mallingex Annette Levine Miss Bard, assisted by students Mr. Korona Esther Marcuson, Louis Broad Kel'er, manager, Bob Vogan, Byron Jorgensen, Robert Witt, Wm. Hood, Clifton Benscoter, Theodore Sondecker, 66 1 67 Y ' ,Y ,ay ZETH IIHHPTEH HHTIUIIHL HUHUJR SUEIETU A . .5S2" jfg I'I', lf? .- ' ' I or an First Row-Miriam Amdur, Frederick Amsler, Alexander Bassett, Leah Brown, Harriet Dorian. Second Row-Mary Hilda Fagan, Arthur Frankston, Jerome Hahn, Rudolph Janata, Freda Jaffe. Third Row-Seymour Kerber, Barbara King, Millard Levy, Esther Marcuson, Wallace McClean. Fourth Row-Sherman Pochapin, Howard Silverman, Richard Steele, Edna Stewart, Richard Vockel.-. , .Y K-f ,.,,, , V v ,V 68 LEHVES FHUHI THE IJIHRU UF TEHHLI HLLIJERIJIIIE February 7, 1927 Didst arise early this morn in some trepidation of mind, this to be my first day at the new schule, Very great frost, and I was much troubled by my nose, which was very red and much swelled from the bitter cold, and was taunted upon its size and color by two rifbald boys in my report room, whom I did endeavor t-o ignore with most woful unsuccess. So home, and what with one thing and another, totally unable to d-o my algebra, which is most difficult, I having no gift for the mathematics. To bed late, being much unsettled in mind as to whether to put my poor nose inside or outside of the blankets. March 21, 1927 Prevailed upon this eve to attend the first gathering -of the Parent-Teacher Association, where, with much bustle and to-do, Mistress Saul Lavine was named as chairman with Mistress Robert jones taking down all that was said Cmethinks this will cause embarrassment to some, who didst speak hastily and without due judgment in the heat of the momentj. Home much vexed that my mother was not elected, and so to bed. April 1, 1927 . Up betimes and did hasten to schule, forgetting of my breakfast, which I repent much a little later, having hopes of having been chosen for the schule paper, The Foreword, and, discovering to my disappointment that I was not, proceeded to join a band of other malcontents and derive satisfaction and revenge from claiming that as a newspaper, the Foreword was a good April Fool Joke, 'although the first issue seems to bespeak no little talent. Did hie myself home th-e fifth period Chaving been initiated into the de- lightful practice called 'hookingij there to lbrood over my wrongs and de- molish abit of meat to fill the vacancy caused by my lack of breakfast. Then while searching for specimens of my moth:-:r's handwriting to copy an excuse from didst discover some letters to her from old admirers and did enjoy myself heartily for an hour until she discovered me. Sent to bed supperless, but didst bribe my brother a shilling to bring me some victuals, and enjoyed a most hearty repast. So to sleep. Apni 29, 1927 Having been exceedingly disturbed in the night with the barking of a dog 69 of one of our neighbors that I could not sleep, for an hour or two, I slept late, and so was tardy for schule. Didst receive most hearty reprimand from my teacher for my laziness, which I did ignore most successfully. The first honor roll being published today, I did search long for my name on it, and rather to my expectations, did not find it. Home and the recipient of a lecture as to a boy of my talents not making the honor roll being dis- graceful. october 19, 1927 Although much wearied from schule this day, Qbeing awakened by a fire- drill fifth period, and 'being unable to return to sleep again, remained in that miserable state the last two periods contrary to muy usual customj. I did sally forth to the opening of night school with some misgivings. Disgraced myself by openly fand audiblyj sleeping during the dedication speech, but ev-en through my weary haze, didst perceive that faculty and curriculum show great promise of turning out graduates of a superior type. February 10, 1928 Exceedingly happy today in that I have now entered my first day of Senior high schule, indeed this is the first day of senior schule yet. I took great joy in looking down the side of my nose at the lowly seventh and eighth graders and making scornful remarks on their small stature, having just discovered Cand rejoicing in the faotj that I a'm all of .five feet six inches in height. Soon I am a man. Hath been observing a girl in my algebra class now that I am grown up, and wishing for the nerve to smile at her, but after making two or three sickly attempts followed by painful blushing didst cease and leave the maid in peace. After that in pleasant discourse with a friend who had observed my embarrassment and so home to sup and after that to bed. March 15, 1928 May Up betimes, and, after much debate, the day being a 'lamb' day, ventured to show my face in school, where I learned that we hath purchased a plot of ground for our athletes to frolic upon. Didst in a burst -of enthusiasm for mental aberrationj decide to join the band of Olympians, but a frantic search disclosing no hirsute growth on my hope ch-est QI hath hopes it is a chestj I didst retire as gracefully as possible, and so to bed. 17, 1929 This morn didst learn that a new sound system is in the process of instal- lation in ye auditorium, where amubitious young actors will henceforth cause the bones of Thespis to rattle dismally, and Ccausing still more dismal 70 tintinnabulationj sound movies will be shown, on rare occasions, it is feared. S-o home and to bed. September 27, 1929 May june Didst hie myself to the first football game this day fversus Carnegiej and there didst sit in the rain and berate myself for a miserable idiot. Then home neither knowing nor caring who won. After dinner my usual good humor being restored I di-dst call up Coach Irvin to discover the victor, but he, wise man, had stayed home and was as ignorant of the matter as I. Didst sit by the fire a while and muse on the follies and foibles of man. And so to bed. 14, 1930 Hath heard that ye Student Council prepareth a handbook for young and bewildered students. It is to be commended for this philanthropic deed, although I greatly fear that it sadly decreases the number of gullible "fresh- ies" to be sent to the fifth floor, and the first floor annex by way of the boiler room. Ah me, I groweth old. 20, 1930 Awoke this morning rather sad, this being the date of the first graduating class of 45, myself being a member by rights of it but being misunderstood by my teacher I am number 46, and therefore am to receive no sheepskin. Had not told my parents previously, and after breakfast didst disclose the matter to them. Whereupon ensued most miserable half hour. I was most glad to escape on the plea of being needed at schule, whereupon my father didst wax sarcastic. Worried no little at first, but soon regained my sunny good nature on remembering that a pretty redhead who has attracted me is still in schule also. And there is usually some solace to be found if one looks for it. Didst attend a graduation party and afterwards to a friend's house for the night, not wishing to face my parents just at present. January 30, 1931 Up betimes, and didst hie myself to town, there to enjoy the new revue. Didst round a' corner suddenly and upset Mr. Trimble, the architect who designed the new annex, and falling into conversation with him, learne-d that William and Hass, contractors hath completed that n-oble work this very day. S0 didst hasten to schule, there to petition for a room in the annex. The silence Ccomparativej of the building was music to mine ears after the infernal hammering and drilling that hath besieged me for the last few months. Was summarily refused a new room, and indeed, nearly deprived of my old one for not reporting to schule f-or fifteen days. CVVhich I did use t-o recover from a math testj 71 February 17, 1933 This day when I didst attempt to push my pie in a tablemate's face at lunch, I was gently and firmly refrained, and informed henceforth and f-orevermore there shall be a monitor at the head of each table to preside benignly over fellow students, and to restrain them from pie hurling, knife throwing, and sundry other deeds frowned on by etiquette books. Didst retire into a fit of sulks at this sad news, and was not able to smile again that day, except seventh period when Coach Irwin didst fall in the swimming pool. March 13, 1933 Upon arrival at ye old institution this morn didst learn of still another im- provement in the lunch room. Ye B. of Ed. has had lunch ticket machines put in to take the place of the old metal checks. Alas, 'tis sad. No longer can I impress the girls with my wealth by clinking a pocketful of lunch checks and keys together. So home and to bed, where I lay pondering, f'What is to become of me?" December 14, 1934 , I Up betimes and fell to whistling in the shower for at long last the red head in my report room hath shown some signs that the sight of me is no longer more than mildly disagreeable to her. I shall attempt -to persuade her to go out with me, when my worthy father hath restored me to his favor. Upon arrival at schule didst learn that the august seniors have deci-ded for future generations Qthat may not be so wise as theyj that from now on sweet girl graduates and strong boy graduates shall clothe themselves in mortanboards and gowns at Commencement. September 12, 1935 Up betimes and so to schule, where I am rapidly becoming a fixture having seen two graduating classes go past me. Much enjoying myself as I have taken all the courses the schule offers and am repeating them now, which I do with facility. Held much in awe by ninth graders who do approach me with their pennies and beg the privilege of exchanging them for the privilege of a handshake with me to bring them luck. I was twenty-two today, and laughingly recalled that on entering senior high schule didst think myself very much of a man. Didst go for a spin in my little roadster after schule, and so home to bed, my favorite spot. May 7, 1937 M-ost happy day. Called down to the office this morning, and upon enter- ing in some fear and trembling was informed that for my ten years of faithful service and loyalty I am to be given the 30 credits necessary for me to graduate, and let out of schule this June, also there were hints of a pension, if the schule board agrees to it. Didst hie myself to the neigh- borhood confectionery and celebrate m-ost fittin-gly on 7 milkshakes, 11 ice cream cones and 9 ice cream sodas. And so home, and to bed. 72 .- JuHnsrnn's cuffttunusf Room 119 Miss Johnston - Sponsor President .................................. ........... J ohn Campbeli Vice President ....... .. ...... Louis Curto Secretary ............... ..... E dna Jones Student Council ....... ......... F reda Jaffe Reporter ................................................ Edwin Golomb Years ago groups did meet, Important problems they did treat. So in genial atmosphere Our senior class has gathered here. Here's a toast tothe one Who's made school life such fun That we all agree to dub Our class "-lohnston's Coffee Clubn. jean Dorothy Abrams "Sophisticated ladyn suits our jean, Slender, willowy-my, but she's keen! Hall Patrol, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, '37g Soccer '36g Tennis '35, Dodge Bat Ball ,34. Esther Albert 'Tis 8:45 in one-nineteen And n-ot a sign of Esther is seen. In she walks finally with nonchalant air, A common occurren-ce, We all do declare. French Clubg Driving Clubg T-ennis '35, '36g Paddle Tennis '34, Basketball '34, Volleyball '34. Ronald Allen Tall, dark, handsome? N-ever! Tall, blond, handsome? Ever! Hall Patrol, Lunch Check Machine, Driving Class, Stamp Club. E. Edwin Bankson He spends little time on idle chatter- But concentrates on things that matter. Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Chess Club. Irwin Barker Red hair and fiery temper go 'together 'tis said- Irwin lacks this temper, though his hair is fiery red! Hall Patrol, Penmanship Clubg Orchestra. - 74 1" wr l ' 'i' Martha L. Barker Martha: We're jealous- Please tell us, Why the fellas Are so zealous About you? Social Committee. Marjorie H. Beeson Against Mlargie's disposition WVe never have complaintg It w-ould fulfill our ambition If ours, too, were without taint. Hall Platrolg Lunch Patrolg Current Event Clubg Microscope Clubg Red Crossg General Business Trainin-g. Marjorie C. Braun From 'the top of her head To th-e tip of her toes, Margie is striking In smart, snappy clothes. Hall Patrolg Current Eventsg Soccerg Basketballg Tennis. Shirley Mae Brown Shirley has plenty of vigor and vim, Brilliance enough to suit any prof's whim. Hall Patrolg French Clubg Voice Ag Swimming '37, john Gowan Campbell john is the answer to a Latin prof's prayer, For he translates Vergil with never a care. Ring Committeeg Hall Patnolg journal Staffg President of Class. john F. Chart Fred is quite a carefree chap In class he oiften 'takes a nap. Lunch Patrolg Orchestra. Louis S. Curto In his friendly, genial way, Lou makes new friends every day. A Hall Patrolg Biology Clubg Vice Presidentg Cross Country ,33, '34g Base- ball '37g Track '33. Paul Deutsch A m-enlber of ll9's roll call- Is this smiling, sports-loving Paul. Hall Patrol '36, '37g junior Basketball and Soccer '33, '34, 75 Robert Charles Dickman A likeable chap-a humorous Way, ,His favorite haunt--an old Chevrolet. Hall Patrolg Mathematics Clubg Volleyballg Basketball-Intramural. Thelma S. Dym Thelma seeks a place In the cinema skyg With her vivid appearance, Her star will set high. Hall Patrolg Current Events Clubg Mathematics Clubg Soccer '35g Mush- ball '35. Richard A. Finkel . Though Richard likes to quote--to remote, As an amiable chap he gets our first vote. Astronomy Clubg Scope Clubg German Clubg Model Airplane Clubg Cur- rent Events Clwbg Swimmsing Team. Everett F. Friend "A Friend in ne-ed is a fri-end indeed." Group A V-oiceg Male Chorus. Mary Agnes Furlong Mary is very quiet, She rarely makes a soundg Only her busily typing fingers T-ell us that she's around. Lunch Patrolg Business Service G-uildg Ornamental Penmanshipg Fore- word Staffg journal Staffg Bulletin Staff. Edwin A. Golomb Of this man about town- We could write a column, But it suffices to say That it's Eddie Golomb. Lunch Patrolg Hall Patrolg Reporterg A 0fCilCS'if3Q Volleyball '37. Eleanor M. Holzer W-e al-1 agree that Eleanor is cute- To add to this she plays the flute. - Driving Clubg Orchestra Ag Volleyball '35, '36g Mushball '34, Freda Jaffe Her likeable traits are many and varied, Behold the activities Freda has carried. Foreword Staffg Journal Staffg Student Councilg Girls Senior Leaders Orchestra Ag Triog All-City Olrchestrag Tennis '36g Volleyball '33, '34, '35 '36g Basketball '35, '36. 76 Nitta jo johnston Nitta has flashing dimples, 'tis rumored, She displays them often for she's very good-humored. Journal Staff, Hall Patrol, Foreword Staffg Art Club. Edna jones Simply full of pep and "go", One we're really glad to know. Hall Patrol, Rifle Clubg Class Secretary. Thomas V. Laird, Ir. He says his amlbition Is "Just to get along"g WVe'll say twenty years hence He'll still be going strong. Student Council '34g Golf '35, jack Leedy His aim--M. D. QMedical Doctorj Actuality-T. P. CTrombone Playerj Personality-Q. T. CQuietj Orchestra Ag Chess Club. Arthur Levenson VVhen it comes to dancing Says many a lass, Arthur should certainly Be head of the class. Margaret jean Maclachlan This jolly lass who has big brown eyes, NValks off each year with 'the tennis prize. Picture Committeeg Journal Staffg Senior Leadcrsg Microscope Clubg City Tennis Championship '36, Mushball '34g So-ccer '34, '35, Swimming '36: Volleyball '34, '35, '36, Basketball '34, '35, '36, '37. Geraldine Shirley Mandell As person, as fiddler, we think she's just keen, Ain' intelligent miss of tall, stately mien. Hall Patrolg Musicg Orchestra Ag All-City Orchestra, Trio, Tennis '34, '35, Volleyball '34. William E. Marbaker When Bill forgets to finish a sentence And his thoughts begin to float- You can bet he's probably thinking Of sailing in his boat. Class Day Committee, Hi-Y, Orchestra C5 Swimming Team '34, '35, '36. 77 Lee Ruslander cLass clown Energetic 1n:agnEtic Stamp Clubg Chess Clubg Debate Clubg Leonard Sachs Quiet, unassuming? Quite. Who is it? I'll bite. By these simple facts We know Lenny Sachs. Hall Patrolg Band A. Eugene Shore If it's laughs you're looking for- We propose you look up Shore! Band A. Hall Patrolg Astronomy Clubg Bowling Clubg Band Ag Swimming 37 Harry Slifkin So w-ell his trombone Does Harry play, That he'll slide into Renown someday. Astronomy Clubg Lunch Patrolg Band Ag jean Smith Jean is gaiety, pep, and fun, Popularity rolled up in one. Voice Ag Basketball '34, '35, '36, '37g Volleyball '34g Mushball 34 Soccer '34. Sidney Syna V NVhen a tuba you see- Wlhen an umplia you hear- You know it's a "Syn-a" That Sidney is near. Hall Patrolg Band Ag All-City High Sc Lillian M. Thomka Combination-Organ and Lil. Sens-ation-Deep thrill. hool Football Band Class Secretaryg Group Bg Group A '37, Edward Weinberger Chemistry, math or what have you? There's very little Eddie can't do. 78 All-City High School Band THE GEUGHHPHIU CEIITEH Room 151 Miss Jane McCandless - Sponsor President ................................................ Richard Steele Vice President ............. ...... F rieda Diamond Secretary-Treasurer ....... ................... E lise KHIlH Student Council .......... .... S herman Pochapin Foreword Reporter ................................ Sol Freedman VVe've had our studiesg VVe've had our fung How we'll miss youlf- 151. james Conway He's such a faithful friend to sleep That school-work dates he cannot keep. Automobile Clubg Swimming Team '37. Alfred R. Cord ' Of musical knowledge, there's nothing Al lacksg How grandly this young fellow toots on a sax! Dorothy T. Cohen Sweeter than sweet. nicer than nice, If you were pie, I'd want a slice. Hall Patrolg Senior Social Etiquette Clubg R-ed Cross Clubg Secretary- Treasurer of Report Roomg Volleyball Team '34, Harry W.. Currin If your spirits have dropped right down to the floor: There's no one like Harry to start them to soar. Hall Patrolg VVood Shop Clubg Cooking Clubg Lunch Patrolg Airplane Clubg Debate Clubg Gym Team. Joseph G. Dolgos He just loves adventure and wild escapadeg His spirit's the kind from which heroes are made. Service Guildg CrossVCountry '36, '37g Swimming '36, '37g Leaders '36, '37g Volleyball. Frieda Ruth Diamond Frieda is the cream of the cropg It's girls like her who reach the top. Foreword Staff: Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrolg Flower Committeeg Vice President of Home Roomg Senior Social Etiquette Club. 79 Margaret Erdeky A very sweet Miss, who is not very tall, Her charm and attraction gain favor from all. Red Cross Club, Girl Reserves, Volleyball Team '33g Dodge Bat Ball Team. Margaret Evank I-Ler chatter, chatter all the day, Makes our teacher's hair turn grey. Hall Patrol, Volleyball '34, '35, Mushball '35g Hockey Team. Jennie Feller Raven locks and saucy air, For with her none can compare. Hiall Patrolg Volleyball '35. Norman Bud Fisher Norman is l5l's tall clowng His sharp, ready wit will gain him renown. Hall Patrol, Bowling Club, Shakespferian Clubg Penmanship Clubg Cheer Leader '35, Football '36, Swimming '37, Lunch Patrol. Sol Freedman Low deep voice, and a slow friendly smile, Solis a boy who is quite worth while. Hall Patrol, Foreword Staff, Journal Staff, Assistant Radio Sports Com- mentator. Alta Giardnier VVhich is which, who is who, Alta or Alma, which are you? Hall Patrol, Basketball 335, '36g Volleyball ,36, '37, Tennis '36. Eleanor Gesregan A girl, very shy and quite demure, VVe all like her a lot, of that be sure. Hall Patrol, Junior Chorus, 'Voice B5 Book Room Club, Bowling Club? Volleyball '37, Harry Herman Round faced happy lad, Une can't 'think of him as sad. Boys' Cooking Clubg Astronomy Club, Microscope Club. john E. Hinish Football hero, strength to suitg john sees red if he's called "cu'te". Hall Patrol, Chorus Ag Male Chorus, Football '35, '36, '37, Sophie M. Hobai Chew! chew! went the little train, And Sophie mimics with might and main. Senior Etiquette Club. T B0 David S. Hoffman A quiet lad, with purpose strong, In any field, heill get along. Slide Rule Club. Betty Kramnian Fred Astaire's double, if we may say, lfVe wonder how she can dance that way. Hall Patrol, Bowling Club, Orchestra, junior Chorus. Elise W. Kann She strolls around with pomp and flare, NVith always a smile and never a care. Rifle Team, Hall Patrolg Scrapbook Club, Tennis Team. Margaret Lavine Margie has an efficient way ln both her work and in her play. Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrol, Debate Club, .French Club, Rifle Clubg Swim ming '34, '35, Volleyball '34-. Bernice Marcus Quiet and modest, a true friend, She will be loyal to the very last end. Hall Patrol, German Club. john Steel MicConnon A happy-go-lucky chap, a pleasant manner, too, NVhen john and Myles go, I wonder what we'll do. Lunch Patrolg Quartetg All-State Orchestra, Orchestra A. Myles McConnon, Jr. A brother to John, with the same attributes, He's a chemistry student, for Colborn he roots. String Quart-etg School Triog All-City Orchestra, All-State Orchestra Biology Club, Oirchestra A. Betty M. McNiff My, oh, my! How she does blush! Her face with deepest red does flush. Hall Patrol. Anita Miggantz The prettiest of girls with the darkest hair, And she has plenty of charm to spare. Social Etiquette Clubg Volleyball ,34, '35, Hockey '35, '36g Mushball '35, 81 Irving Novick From unselfish service, Irving never swerves, Your deepest confidences, ever he deserves. Hall Patrol, Mathematics Club, Sci-ence Club, Bowling Club. Harold A. Packard We've wondered how this Hal does the ladies' interest rouse, It's that fascinating habit of raising up his brows. Mushball, Volleyball Team '32, Band. Adelee Paris Pretty, cute, chuck full of vitality, That is our sweet, charming Adelee. German Club, Foreword Staff, Lunch Patrol, Journal Staff, Art Club. Zelma E. Pittller Peaches and cream complexion, hair of 'purest gold, Prettier than any Dresden doll an artist could ever mold. Hall Patrol, Dramatic Club, Social Etiquette Club, Penmanship Club Lite Saving Club, Hockey Team '36, Red Cross. Sherman W. Pochapin At man-aging things he is right at the top, May his future successes never come to a stop. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Student Council, Foreword Staff, Swimmin Team Manager '35, '36, '37, Tennis Team Maiiagei' '36, Handbook Editor Microscope Club. William H. Rock A jesting cut-up, if there ever was one, The life of his class, always ready lor fun. Hall Patrol, Male Chorus, Gym Team '36, Cheer Leaders ,35, '36, Ethyl jean Sapper An algebraic wit to the n'th power, At the hardest problem she will not cower. Hall Patrol, Journal Staff, French Club, Sigma Iota Club. Dorothy J. Sherman Dotty's pet peeve, the one which annoys, To be handed a line by some ol the boys. Hall Patrol, Basketball, Volleyball, Driving Club. Donald Simpson Sense of humor, loads of fun, He just lives from pun to pun. Elevator Patrol, Hall Patrol. 82 Z5 Richard K. Steele With an engi11eer's mind, this chap Richard Steele NViil travel through life on a straight balanced keel. journal Staffg Hi-Yg Green Keyg Activities Boardg .Picture Committee, Rifle Club. Rita Lee Williams - Her subtle humor makes us all roar, She's the type of Miss we all do adore. Hall Patrolg Cooking Clubg Senior Leadersg Volleyball '35, '36g Mushball '36g Basketball '36g Tennis '35, '36. 4 , THE llllllltll IIUUIIES Room 257 Mr. john Coyne - Sponsor President .......................... .................. ............. i Q Q. 'NVilliam Sarraf Vice President ......... A ...... William Artz Secretary-Treasurer .... ............. ....................... B a rbara King Foreword Reporter ...........,.................................... Miriam Kalson Student Council ............ Arthur lfrankston, Shirley Meyers 'Deux cent cinquante-sept, XVe wouldn't trade you on a bet- lVe have been so very gay Enjoying ourselves just day by day." William Artz Full of fun and mischief, Always on the gog Always ready with a smile, Thatls why we like him so. Social Committeeg Hall Patrol. Betty T. Aschman Plenty of fri-ends an-d a friendly way, ' Truly of Betty one can say. Business Service Guildg Penmanship Club. Ann Averbach ' XVhen she has a 'crossword puzzle to do, Tl1ere's no need for ponies, she gallops right through. Hall Patrolg Bowling Clu'bg Volleyball '35, '36, 37. Nancy 1. Barnett Conscientious. loyal, faithful and true. Her very best, is what Nancy always tries to do. Hall Patrolg Volleyball '34, '35, '36. '37g Tennis '35. A P5 83 Anthony Alphonse Carrola Anthony's the fellow with the musical name, Though he's quiet, he'll progress just the same. Alvin Cohen A In the evening he tears away, Always breathless, always gay. Hall Patrol, Vice President of Home Room, Sigma lotag Door Patrol. Anthony Rayfield Cornwall S Like warm "Sunshine" in the spring, H'e's sure to be late, it's the usual thing. Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Penmanship Club. Richard Dowler Handsome, tall, broad-shouldered, too, That's our football player to you. Picture Committeeg Green Key, Hall Patrol, Volleyball '36, Football '34 '35, '36. Christina Dunnett A little Scottish lass is she, With that name what else could she be? Volleyball '36, jean Ebent A turn of the pencil, a touch of the keys, A little typist always willing to please. Business Service Guild, Lunch Patrolg Archery Club, Creative Writing Type Club, Junior Chorusg Volleyball '36, '37. John Ferranolo A well "Red" boy who aims to rise, And do his traveling in the skies. Volleyball '37, Hall Patrol. Arthur Frankston When it comes to work our Art Has us beaten from the start. Secretary of Senior Class, President of Junior and Senior Student Council Editor-in-Chief of Forewordg Captain Hall Patrolsg Astronomy Club Debate Society, Sigma Iota, Current Problems Club. Alma Alice Gardner Who's that coming down the way? Alta or Alma, it's hard to say. A Group A Voice: Type Club, Basketball '36, '37, Volleyball '36, '37, Ten nis '36. S4 Morriss Fulton Holcomb Romeo and Galahad, Is that charming Holcomb lad. Intramural Basketball '34, '35, Intramural Volleyball '35, Paul D. johns To be "Beau Brum1nel" is his greatest desire, That's why he dresses according to Esquire. Lunch Patrol. Reginald Johnson Reggie seldom comes on time, And girls are always the cause of his crime. Hall P-atrol, Swimming Team '34, Gym Team '35, Microscope Club. Miriam Kalson As a friend and inspiration "Mannie" fulfills all expectations. 1 Hall Patrol, Foreword Reporter, Dramatic Club, Psychology Club, Li- brary Club, Basketball '35, '36, '37, Volleyball '37, Barbara J. King Wfith words so soft and voice so sweet, Here's tl1e type we like to meet. journal Staff, Class Play, Hall Patrol, Microscope Club, Crafts Club Marionette Club, Mushball '35, '36, Tennis '34, '35, '36, Volleyball '35 '36, Basketball '34, '35. Emily Lambinig Her winning ways and stature tall, I-Ier pleasing manner wins us all. Millard Levy Famous for his basketball, "Moose" is well known to us all, Foreword Reporter, Astronomy Club, Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Basket- ball '35, '36. Ralph S. Locker He is wisest it seems Because he avoids extremes. Sport Club, Basketball '36, Lunch Patrol. Paul London Quiet and reserved is he, As nice a boy as one can see. Library Club. 85 Adele Mallinger She is clever, witty and wise, She has large and dreamy eyes. Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Marionette Club, Current Problem Club, Siffma Iota, Debate Society, Volleyball '37, ta Shirley Paula Meyers Sweet, petite, and really quite witty, Charming, disarming and very pretty. Student Council, journal Staff, Foreword Staff, Sigma Iota, French Club, Craft Club, Tennis '34, '35, '37, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, '37, Louise Naomi Margolis A very sweet girl is Louise, Everyone she tries to please. Lunch Patrol, Current Events Club, Girls' Chorale, Girls' Trio, School Opera, Lunch Patrol. Adeline F. Mazzie Our "A" is a girl of acting mood, Liking all from sports to food. Astronomy Club, Soccer '34, Hockey '35, Volleyball '36, Tennis '36. Anna Marie Monahan So fair and sweet a girl is she, Full of charm and personality. Commercial Club. Ralph Moses Bashful he may look But bash ful he is not. llall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, French Club, Leaders Club. Ben Orringer H'ere's a blue-eyed boy, Always on the go- Has a sense of humor That's not one bit slow. - Sigma Iota, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Leaders Club, French Club. ReVera Perlman She is a credit to our class, This witty, active, talkative lass. Bowling Club, Hall Patrol, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, '37, Tennis '34, '35, '36, Seymour Perlut A regular Fred Astaire is he- You should see that stepper "Sey". Lunch Patrol, Book Room Club, Orchestra A. 86 William C. Peters Quiet, sincere, and always ste-ady, To lend a hand he's ever ready. Band, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol. Sara Pittler She likes fried chicken, she likes to dance, She takes pride in her clothes and wants to advance. French Club, Hall Patrol, Chess Club, Sigma Iota. janet Rice Brown hair, brown eyes, five foot one, Here is a girl all ready for fun. Hall Patrol, Business Service Guild, Penmanship, Red Cross, Tennis Manager '35, Tennis '34, '37, Basketball '35, '37, Senior Social Etiquette William Bruce Sarraf A clowning boy is Bill Sarraf, Doing things to make us laugh. Home Room President, Astronomy Club, Mathematics Club, Orchestra A Band A, Hall Patrol. Virginia E. Small "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart-" lfVe say of Virginia who tries to do her part. Hall Patrol, Girl Reserves, Volleyball '35, Mushball '35. Olga Mae Smith Very shy is Olga Mae, t Never talks unless she's something to say. Astronomy Club, Tennis '36, Volleyball '36, Mary Ann Smith W Wrigley's Spearmint and Beech-Nut, too, Wotildn't be too much for Mary to chew. Hall Patrol. john L. Sullivan Easy come and e-asy go, He peps us up when spirits are low. Char-les White Whitey's tall and his hair is wavy, And how he likes his chicken and gravy. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol. 87 - HHRTZ Hllll FLUUIEHS Room 262 Miss Rose Hartz - Sponsor President ................................... ......... S am H.a1nilton Vice President ........... ..... M illard Levy Secretary-Treasurer ...... ............ I ,illian Davis Student Council ......... ...... V incent Galardi Foreword Reporter ................................ Leah Brown Four years we have grown in stature and knowledge, Now some of us will go to work, and some will go to college At present we feel a bit heavy at heart To know our class will break up and we must part. But we'll never forget our friends froni Room 262, , Wherever we are and whatever we do. Mildred Allison The merits of Mildred are many, She has very few faults, if any. Senior Student Councilg Hall Patrolg President of Home Roomg ball 236. Alexan-der Bassett Our Alex is a versatile scout VV'hose merits his classmates all will shout. Hi-Y: Hall Patrolg Ring Connnitteeg journal Staflg Tennis '37. Helen Behum Helen is the kind of a lass, Who adds to the Worth of our class. Renee B-ennett This girl has a pert sunny sniileg Her charm gains her friends all the while. S-enior Type Clubg Hockey '363 Red Cross. Fern Blackham A sweet little Miss is Fern, S'he'll make many fellows yearn. Hall Patrolg Scrapbook Clubg Volleyball '35, Martha Bows-er For her friendship we owe the most, Ain-d so to Martha, we raise a toast. Volleyball '37g Mushlball '36. voney B8 Allen Broff As a scientist of worth A-l is sure to win a berth. Leah Brown She's clever and bright and she's witty, A namle she will make in our city. Foreword Staff, journal Staff, Student Council, Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Dramatic Clusb, Sigma Iota, French Club, Senior Debate, Volley- ball '36, '37. john Cherubin By his quiet, industrious way, "Cherb" surely will succeed someday. Model Airplane Club, Hall Patrol, Automobile Club, Band C-B. Devera Cohen "Debby" is charming, you know, She looks, and she acts--oh, just so. Psychology Club, Hall Patrol, Class Play. Lillian Davis Somebody's stenog "Lil" will be, Her future success we foresee. Business Service Guild, Foreword Staff, Journal Staff, Bulletin Staff, Secretary of Home Room. Dorothy Frost Our class has a member named Dot Her company is always sought. Make-up Club. Shirley Golden Varied interests, willing hancls, Always ready to answer d-emands. Hall Patrol, Driving Club, Stud-ent Council Representative, Soccer '35, '36, Mushball '34, Tennis '35, Volleyball '34, '35, '36. Vinny Galardi By his fancy colored ties "Vinny" sure attracts our eyes. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Student Council Representative, Football Manager '36, lVLush'ba'll '35, Track Team '35, Cross-Country '35, Sam Hamilton For piloting us through the senior year President Sam deserves a cheer. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Hi-Y, Green Key, Vigilance Committee, Social Committee, Class President, Student Council, Class Play, Soccer '33, '34, 89 Bernice Kravetz Black hair! Dark eyes! Pleasant disposition- All will aid in winning a favorable position. Stage Make-up, Volleyball '34. Robert Lauer Quiet, unassuming Bob Is sure to get a responsible job. Automobile Club. Morris Lebovitz He's full of jokes, and fun, And always ready with a pun. Hall Patrol, French Club: Cheer Leader '36. Lucille Levine Studious, steady, full of zest, This young lady always does her best. Hall Patrol, Tennis '35, Volleyball '34, Make-up Club. Louise Levinson She's little, but she's wise, She's a terror for her size. Secretary-Treasurer of Senior Make-up Club, Hall Patrol, Vice President of Home Room, Class Play. Sophie Levinson H-er friendship is lasting and true, Many things our Sophie can do. Stage Make-up Club, Hall Patrol, Volleyball '34, Millard Levy Millard gains marks quite high enough, He never shirks or tries to bluff. President of Short VVave Club, Hall Patrol, journal Staff, Vice President of Home Room. Bernard Lindenberg We know he's rather small, and we know he's very gay, For Lindy, almost always has something funny to say. Sigma Iota Club, Mathematics Club, Driving Class, Band, Room Banker, Lunch Patrol. ' Selwyn Loeb As a speller he wears the crown For you can't spell Selwyn down. D-ebate Club, Sigma Iota, Home Room President, Band A, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol. 90 Mary Jane Lovas Jolly, good-natured, full of fun, If you want a good friend, here is one. Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol. Betty Markle A beauty, but "dumb" does not fit For "Marky" has plenty of "lt". Hall Patrol, French Club, Vice President of Stage Miake-up Club, Flowei Committee, Orchestra, Hockey '36, Solly Moldover H'e's clever and he's jolly, All the boys and girls like Solly. Hall Patrol. Robert Mrosek Of all the boys in the senior class, For his friendly way Bob does surpass. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Secretary ol Home Room, History Club Track Team, Orchestra. William Parker "Happy am I, from care I'm free. Why aren't they all just like me?" Band, Orchestra. Wilbur Pflaum Got a girl, well I guess! Got a dozen, more or less. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Orchestra A, Tennis '37. jane Royer 'I ' . ' Vlfavy hair, twinkling eyes A natural wit, we idolize. Hiall Patrol, Lunch Patrol. Miriam Schaffel Miriam always does her best To earn all A's is her quest. Hall Patrol, Door Patrol, Social Etiquette Club, Stage Make-up, Knit- ting Club, Volleyball '34, Tennis '36, Hockey '36, Ruth Shapiro There's something in her Winsome way That sets every boy's heart astray. Hall Patrol, Make-up Club, Volleyball '33, '34, Art Club. 91 ' J Howard Silverman As a football player of note "How-dy" is sure to get our vote. Hall Patrol QCapt.jg Student Court Uudgejg Adjustment, Assistant, Fore- word Staflg Art Clubg Green Keyg Sigma Iota: Debate Club, Football '34, '35, '36g Soccer '33, journal Cover. William Stewart He's handsome, dark, and tall, And wins the friendship of us all. Group B Chorusg Group A Chorus, Male Chorus. Bernard Tract He's distinguished from the masses By his smiling face and glasses. Boys' Cooking Club, Library Club, Chess Clubg Debate Club, Slide Rule Club, Intramural Mushball '34, Volleyball '35. Peggy Jane Wragg She's a blue-eyed damsel, always on th-e go With ra sense of humor, that is not so slow. Dramatic Club, Stage Make-up Clubg Foreword Repres-entativeg Hockey '35, '36g Tennis '36, '37, ' jean Seibel In tennis jean holds full sway To win all "love" games is her way. Make-up Club, Senior Leaders. HIIGELIVS HIIGELS Room 304 Mr. Angelo - Sponsor President ............................................ Wallace McClean Vice President .................... .................... F red Kuhn Secretary-Treasurer .... ,......... E leanor Leach Student Council ........ ......... W allace McClean Foreword Reporter .......................,.... Karl Kortlandt We love this room for all the fun And all the cute things that were done, For the serious moments, toog 1We're sorry now we're leaving you. Rosalie Andolina Rosalie's brimming with pep and vitality, She has rare charm and a grand personality. Hall Patrol, Driving Clubg Volleyball '34, '37, Basketball '34, '36g Hockey '35, '36. 92 Robert Caldwell Bob's a very amiable boy, Always full of life and joy. Hi-Y. Rhea Chussitt Cute little smile, XVink of the eye, That's Rhea Going by. Leaders Club, Basketball '34, '35, '36, '37 , Volleyball '34,. '35, '36, '37 Hockey '37, Swimming '36, '37, Mushball '35, '36, Soccer '35, '36. Fern Dawson Tall and willowy, Likes apple pie, Always ready for fun Is she nice? Oh My! Hall Patrol, French Club. john Dawson For everything he has a knack, There's nothing much that john do-es lack. Student Council, Rifle Club, French Club, Microscope Club, Band A. Helen S. Epstein Helen's smart, Hel-en's bright, 'I-lelen's busy from morn till night. Picture Committee, Hall Patrol, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, '37, Basketball '35, '36, '37, Soccer '34, '35, Hockey '37, Tennis '35, '36, journal Staff. William Estu Sometimes you're quite amusing Your antics bring us joy, But the funniest part of all Is 'that nickname "Buddy-boy". Orchestra: Band: Swimming Team '37. Edward L. Glick A witty remark, a quirk of the brow, What'll he 'be later if he's like that now? Class Play, Senior Debate Club, Library Club, Hall Patrol, Fencing Club, Dramatic Club. Bert Goldman In athletics he's high in esteem, He even made the all-city team. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Soccer Team '33, Varsity Football '36, Varsity Basketball '36, '37 Captain, Baseball '37. 93" Y Bertha Mae Hoffman "Bert" is quite a dancing lass, Liked by everyone in her class. Raymond Edward: Hutzler In class Ray often gives the right answer, And on the floor he's a very good dancer. Hall Patrolg Band. Rudolph Janata, jr. He possesses intelligence, he has lots of ainbitiong And in the very near future, he'll hold a fine position. Senior Student Councilg President of Report Roomg Short Wave Club Band Ag Dramatic Clulbj Senior Class Playg Hall Patrol. Betty Kerr Betty's favorite dish is a whipped cream puff, But we think Betty is quite sweet enough. Library Clubg Marionette Clubg Soccer '34, Robert Knox Bob's quite mod-est, not so very tall, But can he play that game of basketball! Vice Presidentg Hall Patrol: Gym Team '34, Elizabeth Kohlmyer If you ar-e ill, ther-e's no reason to get worse, just call on Betty, she's going to be a nurse. German Clubg Hall Patrol. Karl Reynolds Kortlandt Karl's ambition seems quite clear, And if he gets the chance He'1l be a good engineer. Athletic Leader '37g Lunch Patrolg Band Ag Brass Sextetg Photography Milton Krantz T His nature seems to be quite mellow, And we think Milton's one swell fellow. Class Officer of Report Roomg Cross Countryg Track Team '37. Fred Kuhn "Fritz" is very fond of sports He n-ever lacks for witty retorts. Vice President of 3043 Gym Team '34g Intramural Basketball Captain '36 jane L. Lachowicz Conscientious student, Always has a smileg Jane is a girl VVho's really worth-while. French Clubg Hall Patrol. -7 94 9 Betty Larson Very fine student, Bett is our pride, Excels in charm a11d humor We're glad sh-e's on our side. Journal Staff, Dramatic Club, Home Room President, Senior Leaders Club, Ring Committee, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, '37, Tennis '34, '35, '36, '37, Basketball '36, '37, Driving Class. Eleanor Louise Leach An ambitious girl this Eleanor Leach, The 'top of the ladder she'll certainly reach. journal Staff, Hall Patrol, Swimming '34, Secretary of 304. Bill Lewis Tall, handsome, with a southern drawl, When Bill passes just watch the girls fall. Life Saving. Edythe Anne Liss Go to some theatre a few years from now, There you'll see Edythe, making her bow. Dramatic Club, Hall Patrol, Urchestra A, Class Play, Social Committee, Sigma lota Club, Volleyball '37, Ray Lubet Ray is a jolly guy, His wit is quite the tops, When Ray is at his best, The laughter never stops. Short Wave Club, Microscope Club, Sigma Iota, Hall Patrol. Grace H. Lutz Here's a girl sweet, modest, and fair, And do we love her wavy brown hair! German Club, Hall Patrol. Richard Lynch "Rich" wanted to b-e a "big shot", So he made an awful bang When he shot the water gun With the rest of the gang. Hall Patrol, Swimming Team '37, Lunch Patrol, Economic Club. Dorothy Ruth McCarney T-0 be a good secretary is Dorothy's aim, And in this field we know she'll reach fame. Girl Reserves, Girls' Electric Club, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, '37, Basketball '36, '37, Business Service Guild, Mushball '34, '36, Soccer '35, Swimming '36, 95 Wallace McClean "Wally" is our president And we think he's quite all rightg Football field or anywhere For him we'll root with might. Presiden't of Senior Classg President of Home Room: Student Council: School City Councilg Green Keyg Activities Boardg Football '37g Volley- ball '37g Intramural Basketball and Mushballg Lunch Patrol. Lucy B. McDonnell Intelligence, laughter, love of lung Get ahead of Lucy P-It can"t be done. French Clubg Hall Patrol. jane McKenzie Blonde and very charmling, Liked by everyoneg Jane's a pretty lass, Ever out for fun. Girl Reserves Clubg Volleyball '36g Secretary of Home Room. Marshall Neaves He makes us laugh, he makes us roar, He makes us ask for more and more. Voice Ag Male Chorus. Albert Wilhelm Ntemenz Laughing, smiling, full of joy, Al's also an industrious boy. Band Ag Business Service Guildg Economics Clubg Hall Patrolg Member of Intramural Championship Basketball Team '36g Chess Club. Karl E. Niedziela Just give "Red" some ham and eggs And he is quite content, Tho' he says his temper's hot, We know he is a gent. Hall Patrolg Orchestra B. Leon Paul He plays football well, His dancing is a treat, Lee's the type of boy That all girls like to meet. Football '36. Earle Port Likes to dance, likes to sing, Thinks that sleep is just the thing. Studenlt Councilg Sigma Iotag Intramural Basketball '34, '35g Basketball ,35. Mushball '34, '35g Intramural 96 King Powell Kings the sort of boy that everyone likes lo know, You'll meet no finer gentleman no matter where you go. Hazel Reilly Hazel's very quiet And she likes to readg She likes the kind of hero, That do-es a great deed. Business Service Guild. Mary Louise Rua "Louise" is quite fond of sweets VVhich we think suits her fine. But for her rare artistic leats We know she'll surely shine. Business Service Guild. Joseph Simonyak Here's a boy with talent in artg VVhen it comes to successg he'll have a big part. Frank Vecchio "Charlie" likes economics and apple pie, A baseball player he'll be by and by. Business Service Guild. jack Walters ' Always smiling, always gay, Always something witty to say. Hall Patrol. Harriet Wertkin Here's a brunette VVhos-e hair really curls, She's one of the many Cute Allderclice girls. journal Staffg Debate Clubg Driving Classy Secretary of Report Room Foreword R-eporterg Hockey '36g Soccer ,355 Volleyball '37g Basketball '35 97 Hlllllll Vlllllll llllllllll Room 366 Miss Kamler - Sponsor President .................... .........., T homas Hart Vice President ............. ...... C 'harles Fladinlg Secretary-Treasurer ....,.. ....... V irginia Huber Student Council ........... ........ C alvin Morgan Foreword Reporter ........ ............. F 'loyd McClintock "The time has come," the walrus said, "To talk of many things, Of caps and gowns, and passing grades, Of diplomas, pins and rings. Of presents, jobs and colleges, OE photographs and plays, For we will soon be graduates, And will close our high school days." Alex Alexandroff Homing pigeons Al likes to raise Then turns them loose in the sky to graze. Willard Palmer Coughenour A philosopher at heart, Wait till Vlfillard gets his start. Aviation Club, Home Room Secretary, Home Room Assistant Secretary Home .Room Vice President, Math Club, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Or chestra A, B, C. Harry Daniels Art is the hobby of this young lad, To be a cartoonist his present fad. Art Club, Biology Club, Hall Patrol, Foreword Reporter, French Club. Helen J. Driscoll Helen would be a nurse for the ill, And cure with a smile instead of a pill. Hall Patrol, Volleyball, Tennis '35, Mushball Team, Dance Club. Elmer Dyer We grant although he had much wit, .lille was very shy of using it. President of Class, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol. Charles Flading Our prophecy for Chuck Flading To win the Olympics, he'll be aiding. Baseball Team, Hall Patrol, Driving Club, Housing Club. 98 Alice Furlong Now Alice to all is a chuin, Never in class has she been glum. Girls' Chorale, All-City Chorus '34, Library Club. Helen Bell Griffiths Hielen would a niortician be, P And -bury you, and you Cancl mel. Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Sigma Iota, Basketball '33, '34, Dramatic Club. Marjory S. I-Iafer Marjory claims she's not ambitious, So concentrates on being delicious. Stage Make-up Club, Crafts Club. Robert D. Hamilton Ham a great scientist will be, And track to his cave the ferocious flea. Track Team, Cross Country Team, Hall Patrol, Swimniinig Team, Art Club. Thomas M. Hart Tom would make a lot of steel. And also "iron-men" sure I feel. Hi-Y Club, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Baseball '37. Albert Helquist Engin-eer Abbie likes Mickey Mouse, But much prefers to build a house. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol. Elsie Ida Hewitt She's not very tall, she's not very short, But all in all, she's a mighty good sport. Soccer. Harry Hoge Her-e's to the health and success ol this chap, For trouble and worries he doesn't give a rap. German Club, Slide Rule, Biology, Wfoodwind Quintet, A Band, A Or- chestra, German Band. Virginia Huber Virginia to the movies herself does hie, To watch Bob Taylor, and sit and sigh. Pantomime Club, Type Club, Hall Patrol, Microscope Club, Lunch Patrol, Secretary of Class. 'l june Jamison Modest, poli'te, and very neat A friend to all and very sweet. Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Volleyball '34, '35, '37, Basketball '34, '35, '37, Tennis '35, Soccer '34, '35, Musliball '34, '35, '36, Soccer '36. Ruth Marjory Kamin Nimb-le fingers that do so much She surely has a charming touch. Rifle Club, Crafts Club, Life Saving Club, l-lall Patrol, Lunch Patrol. Genevieve Lawlor Tall, sweet, and full of pep. As a stenog she'll gain a rep. Bowling Club, Drivers, Hall Patrol. Myron Lefkowitz Kinda tall and rather hefty, Everybody likes our Lefty. Hall Patrol, Bowling Club, Action Club. Violet Rosalind London Little Vi so sweet and pure, A lovely lassie, so deuuire. Current Events Club, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, '37, Mushball '35, '36, Basket- ball '35. '36, Paddle Tennis '34, Secretary of Class '35, Soccer '34, '35, Tennis '35, '36, '37. Jacqueline H. Lyon A pathologist will be Jacky, 'We'll go to her when we feel tacky. Ring Committee, French Club, Crafts Club, Student Council, Foreword Reporter, Hall Patrol, Life Saving Club, Lunch Patrol, Volleyball. Floyd McClintock Wfhen mischief has been done, Teachers always blame this one. Biology Club, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Door Patrol. Rita Molyneaux "Red" pnefers orchids of any hue, And from admirers receives not a few. Hall Patrol, Art Club. - Calvin Morgan - "Wlhy think?" asks Cal the bold, "By thinking one grows old." Senior Student Council, Publicity Chairman of Senior Student Council, Boys' Senior Leaders, Senior A Band, Captain Champion Intramural Gym Team, Lunch Patrol, Sigma Iota, German Club, Stamp Club, Hall Patrol, Volleyball Team, Ring Committee. 100 Foster Mutimer Foster will be a great musician, In the Hall of Fame helll hold high position. Microscope Clubg Male Chorus. Patty Reber Quite a beauty is our little Pat, And it's more than skin deep, Illl bet that. Crafts Clubg Stage Make-up Club. Margery Rosenberg Happy am I, from care I am free. Why aren't they all contented like me? Current Events Clubg Secretary of Classg Basketballg Mushball 3 it Soccer '34, 'SSQ Hockey '36g Tennis '35g Volfeyball '34, '35, '36 37 Elliott Daniel Sadja Sandy smiles, and can't stand still, For at dancing he has some skill. German Clubg Band Bg Hall Patrolg Class Day Committee. Frank Sherlock First in the hearts of girls is "Sherley" Because his hair is red arid curly. Hall Patrolg Cross Countryg Drivers Clubg Class President. Dorothy Siegiel To make us laugh, she'll never miss a chance A She's full of lun and loves 'to dance. Hall Patrolg Sigma Iota Club. Katheryn Stack Kay would buy stuff for a store, So they can sell it and get nmore. Door Patrolg Hall Patrolg Bowling Club. Betty Stewiart Betty likes to go to dances, V And there receives most envious glances. Social Committeeg Voice A. Marjorie Valerie Strain Marge would go in for sculpture, With her clay add to our culture. Manager of Rifle Clubg President of Art Clubg Lillian Task Travel is the ambition of Lil, To see Europe, Asia, and Brazil. Hall Patrol. Volleyball '35 101 Harry Twigger Tall and quiet. doesn"t "crack wise", Get him alone. you'll have a surprise. Male Chorus, Mixed Uctette: Indian Club. Pauline Vfereb Pauline to Hollywood will hurry, To be stenog for Fred MacMurray. Treasurer of Home Roomg President of Home Roomg Volleyball '34, '35 '36g Basketball '34, '35g Tennis '34, '35, Business Service Guild '37. Irving A. Wechsler ll' mischief gr-ew as we grow tall, How we would wish this lad were small. Chess Teanig Band Ag Astronomy Club. Morton H. Wolk hlort will be a millionaire, And engineer without a care. Senior A Band, Cross Cotnrtryg Art Club, Lunch Patrolg Foreword Re- porter, Class lJ'l7E'SlClCl1i. Michael Zihal Mike will be an author an-d playwright With his wit make our troubles light. French Clubg 'fiieasttrerg Secretary. Les Entants de Mademoiselle Hieheu Room 370 Teacher - Miss Richey President ....................... ...................... j ohn Patterson Vice President ....... ...... H ermian Hennessy Secretary ................ ............. L ouis Broad Student Council ........ ...... F red Amsler Foreword Reporter ................................ Herbert Reich To Room 370's daughters and sons, These four years have been quite short. By rocky shoals, 'through dangerous runs, Miss Richey has guided us to port, Until at last we now appear Eager for life and for a career. Fred Amsler XVinning personalityg never puttin-g on the ritz, Dependable, and in reality, -everylbody's friend, that's Fritz. Hi-Y President, Green Key, Student Councilg Male Chorus, Lunch Patrolg Flower Committeeg Field Day Champs '34, '35, '36g Football '34, '35, '36g Swimming '31, '32, '33g Soccer Manager '34, 102 Bill Bradley Calm and collected, unworrying, sane, enduring' his hair like a flame. His poise is , Hall Patrolg Lunch Patrol, junior Mushb-all Champs '33, Field Day 'Champs '35, '36, Foreword Reporter. Louis Broad ' Lou knows all the dance steps before they e'er come out, His gliding and his nim.ble feet keep him from getting stout. Journal Staff, Secretary of Home Room, Secretary of Sigma Iota Clubg ' ' ' ' ' -Club, Class Play Student Court, Hall Patrol Captain-2nd period, Driving . . I 1 Publicity Committee, Lunch Patro. Herman Hennessy This Irish lad's chock-full of fun, His jokes are liked by everyone. Vice President of Home Room, Activities Board, Hi-Y, Athletic Leaders Club, ju-nior Intramural Mushball Champs '33, Intramural Track Champs '34, '35, '36, Baseball Team '37, Frank Kitzmiller Tall and handsome is debonair "Kitz", His hobby is ladies, this he admits. Junior Chorus, junior Art Club, Hall Patrol, Swimming '36, '37, . Julius Kruman Now jules is a business man, concise and terse, so, NVhen he is out in the world, just watch his purse grow. Class Play, Hall Patrol, Sigma Iota Club, Lunch Patrol. Francis Marburger Playing recordings is "Mop's" greatest pleasure, He pursues this fine hobby in moments of leisure. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Green Key: Hi-Y, Intramural Champs '34, Field Day Champs '34, '35, '36. Charles Miller ' ' ' ' l heard, A voice like a bird, h1s songs have Jeen For an excellent singer, to him we're referred. Male Chorus. john Patterson "Pat" wants to be a reporter. Even now he looks like on-eg Acts like oneg talks and writes like one. Home Room President, Senior Student Council, Social Committee, Green ' ' ' ' " 'l' Baseball Team '37, Swimming Key President, H1-Y, A-ct1v1t1es Boaic , '33, '34, '35, '36. - 103 Herbert Reich I-Lis cheerfulln-ess and ready smiles, confusion doesnlt disturb, XVhen great excitement our class room riles, there's always a call for Herb. A Journal Staff, Hall Patrol, Debate Club, Sigma Iota, Lunch Patrol, Driv- ing Club. Charles Reid Sophisticated, friendly too, tall and handsome Charles Reid, In everything he tries to do, he's almost certain to succeed. Hi-Y, Green Key, Journal Staff, Ac-tivities Board, Class Play, Intramural Basketball Champs '35, Intramural Track Champs '34, '35, '36, '37, Edwin Sable "Zung" has a heart of purest gold, Many friends, a dashing manner bold, When he graduates, he'll go quite far, As a famous lawyer at the bar, Orchestra A, Astronomy Club, Sigma Iota, Hall Patrol, Student Court, junior Intramural Mushball Champs '34, Field Day VVin'ners '34, '35, '36, Senior Intramural Champs '36. Frederick Orringer ' A pleasant, agreeable fellow is Fred, Always perfectly composed, it can be said. Hall Patrol, Orchestra, Sigma Iota Club. Donald Benjamin "Prince of courtesy, merciful and strong." German Club, Badminton Club '36. Robert Lyle His interest's not in art, or even in ceramics, It's solely in the science of-Electrodynamics! Orchestra A. Jerome Eisner "And he will discourse most eloquent music." Orchestra A, German Club, Sigma Iota. Miriam Amdur lVIiriam's not of the silent kind, She's never backward in speaking her mind, Always knows just what to say, Says it in manner witty and gay. Lunch Patrol, I-Iall Patrol, journal Staff, Volleyball '35, Tennis, Mana- ger of Soccer Team. Eileen Bible Pleasant and neat in dress, quiet and sweet in class, Brown-haired Eileen Bible, a friendly little lass. Art Club. 104 Anita Cohn Style, grace, poise, and sophistication are just synonyms for Anita. French Club, Current Events Club, Student Council, Red Cross Club. Betsy Ross Like Betsy oi old, our Betsy, it seems, Is filled with ideal, ambitious dreams. Pantomime Club, Dramatic Club, Stage Make-up, Hall Patrol. Jennie Coury Big smile, all the while, Friends many, that's Jennie. Winner of Math Contest '35, Business Service Guild, Sigma Iota Club, Creative Writing Club, Mushball '36, Hockey '36, Soccer '34, '35, Basket- ball '34, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, Eleanor Garrett For scouting "Pinky" is strong, in the woods she just can't go wrong, In school one must "Pinky" berate, because every morning she's late. Astronomy Club, Home Economics Club, Hall Patrol CCaptainj , Dramatic Club, Book Room Club, Tennis '35, '36, Soccer '35, Volleyball '33, '34, '35, Mushball '33, '34. Cecelia Howley She carries herself like a queen, one lovelier cannot be seen, In just walking down the school hall, her manner is noted by all. Ring Committee, Senior Leaders, Sigma Iota Club, Business Service Guild, Hall Patrol, Basketball '33, '34, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, '37, Soccer '33, '34, Mushball '34, '35, '36, '37, jane Hughes A clever, unusually gifted girl whose spontaneous actions make her a refreshing personality. journal Staff, Library Club, Sigma Iota, French Club. Esther Marcuson Studying, working, laughing with zest, Worrying, hurrying, never does rest, Big smile, grand friend, lun Essie does bring, just an all-around girl, tops in everything. Activities Board, Senior Student Council, Foreword Staff, journal Staff, Debate Club, Senior Leaders, Girls' Quartette, Community Fund Speaker '35, '36, Basketball '34, '35, '36, '37, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, '37, Tennis '34, '35, '36, '37. 105 Louise McCullough A swimmer, an athlete, a singer too, Efficient in all that she tries to do, Friendly, encouraging, wonderful gal, No wonder she's hailed as everyone's pal. Girls' Chorale, Girls' Quartet, Rifle Club: Senior Leaders Club, Volley- ball '34, '35, '36, '37, Basketball '33, '34, '35, '36, Hockey '35, '36, Soccer '33, '34, Tennis '34, '35, '36, '37, Robert Rowse He'll float above, in the sun and rain, No, not in heaven, but in his plane. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Art Club. Sadie Chek Sadie's all right, "chek and double chek". Business Service Guild. Marjorie Norris Bustling, giggling, smiling, we've found, The atniosph-ere's cheerful when Midge is around. Girls' Chorale, Hlall Patrol, Hockey '36, Mushball '36, Soccer '34, Tennis '34, Volleyball '35, '36. Ervene Yeloushan ' What's the big attraction with the boys over there? Snappy, Peppy Ervene, with her yellow hair. Library Club, Red Cross Club, Cralts Club. Margaret Artim Tall and lissoni, unworried by strife, She'll make some good fellow an excellent wife. Business Service Guild, Lunch Patrol, Hockey '35, Volleyball '36, Tennis '36. Myrille Nevins Black hair, snapping eyes, For sketching clothes, she gets a prize. Stage Make-up, Volleyball '34, '35, '37, Soccer '34, Basketball '35, Ten- nis '36. i Shirley Klein A wiz in math, a wiz she will be, For Shirley's well-versed in gay repartee. i Hall Patrol, Volleyball '34, '35, Basketball '36, Soccer '35, Ruth Rosen Just a little shadow, slipping here and there, We've never seen on-e quite so sweet, never one so fair. Sigma Iota Club, French Club, Junior Chorus, Hall Patrol '36, '37, Volley- ball '32, '33. 106 Esther Borkowski "Smooth runs the water when the brook is deep." Hall Patrol, Voice C. Mary Schmeltz Lovely, quiet, sure of herself, Destined to great fa-me and wealth. Red Cross Club, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol. Margaret Goodman "Goody", we call her, a good sweet maid, Her wisdom and wit never will fade. French Club, Bowling Club, Volleyball, Swimming '34, '35, Hockey CULUHEL CHRTEIVS CHUETS ' Room 452 Miss Mary Carter - Sponsor President ............................,............... ......... M ary Hilda Fagan Vice President .................,... . ................... ....... R obert Coleman Secretary-Treasurer ........................ i ............ ......... V irginia Ray Student Council-Foreword Reporter ..........,. Roger Findley Banking Representative ............................................ Grace Rizzo Way up on the fourth floor, high and dry, ' In our school of Allderdice High, You'll find a class with civic pride, Wlio wrong and oppression over-ride. Our teach-er, Miss Carter, we soon must leave, And when that time comes, we all shall grieve, She's a teacher who's helpful, sym-pathetic and kind, And another like her, 'twill be hard to find. Marian Aschman Her pretty, blue eyes and very blonde hair Gives our "Minn" her -charming air. Penmanship Club, Sewing Club, Lunch Patrol. Clifton A. Benscoter ,, If you desire scenery both fitting and new, Hunt up Clifton for he's on the stage crew. Stage Crew. p Peggy V. Cauffield She's wise and she's witty, her talk runs like water, She's a very nice girl, but th-e grief of Miss Carter. Orchestra B5 Auto Drivers Class, Life Saving Club. 107 Robert Coleman Bob is cheerful, manly and gay, He'll keep moving in the right way. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Vice President of Ho-me Room. Thomas G. Duff Though he doesn't like to study, and books are his last resort, Making friends and keeping them is Thomas Duff's great sport. Track. Mary Hilda Fagan She comes through athletics with banners and bells, And in all her studies, this young lady excels. Senior Leaders Club, Drivers Club, President of Report Room, Student Council, Swimming team '34, '35, Basketball '34, '35, '36, Volleyb-all '34, '35, '36, '37, Soccer '34, '35, Hockey '36, '37, Tennis '34, '35, '36, '37, Roger S. Findley Roger's the sort of fellow one doesn't always find, He keeps his head, and makes his way and never lags behind. l-li-Y, Student Council, Foreword Reporter, Field Day Manager, Golf '36, Wilbur Hall Sports is the thing that he likes best, And in this field he works with zest. Captain-Gym Team, Swimming Team, Pyramid Team. Dan H. Keller ' When time for class play rolls around, There's one thing that is true- To shift the scenery on the stage There's none, Dan, better than you. Swimming team '33, '34, Student Council, Stage Crew, Lunch Patrol: jr. Mechanics Club. E. Seymour Kerber A student of merit is our "prof", To his good work our hats we'll doff. Astronomy Club, Short Vlfave Club, Foreword Staff, Stage Crew, Mgr. Gym Team '36, Lunch Patrol. Mary jane McKee How worried and troubled Miss Carter would be, If some one should kidnap little janey McKee. Basketball '36, Mushlball '35, Driving Class. Marjorie Nichols She's very amlbitious to make her own way, And surely success will her efforts repay. Business Service Guild, Foreword Typist, Journal Staff, Bulletin Staff. 10B Katherine Inez Owens Today in the future, and on to the end, Katherine Owens is the type I would like for a friend. Driving Club, Senior Leaders, Sigma Iota, Basketball '34, '35, '36, '37, Soc-cer '34, '35, Hockey '36, '37, Mushball '34, '35, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, Tennis '35, '36, '37. Grace Lenore Pickard W"hen it comes to rhyming, to Grace we have to look, For she's the one who wrote many lines appearing in this book. Journal Staff, Hall Patrol, Swimming '35, Type Club, Girl Reserves '33, '34 john 1. Radvak A news reporter will be this lad, For "The Reader's Digest" is always his fad. Intramural Mushball QChampions of l934j, Intramural Basketball '34, '35: Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol. Virginia Ray Her favorite delight is an invitation to feast. S'he's full of pep, vim and vigor, and likes Tasty Yeast. Vice President of Home Room, Girls' Chorale, Volleyball '35, '37, Mush- ball, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball '35. Metro Ridosh Our shorty has beautiful, curly, black hair But he's very hard for the girls to ensnare. Intramural Basketball '34, '35, Intramural Mushball '36, Grace E. Rizzo Astride a horse that wants to prance, Away goes "Gracie" who loves to dance. Soccer, Banking Repr-esvenftative. Gardner Robertson Among the boys within our class, Gardy is always sure to pass. Gym Team '35, '36, '37. Nathan Safyan YVhen we need a statesman, a man of great note, That's the time Nate Safyan's going to get our vote. Captain 4th Period Patrol, Member Boys Lead-ers, Lunch Patrol, Sigma Iota, Modern History Club. George M. Sanner, Jr. A jolly young fellow is this young man And he drives the girls home in his Ford S-edan, Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Volleyball, Mushball. 109 Mary Gertrude Schmidt She's happy, likes to travel, reads stories from "Life", Sh-e'll surely make some traveling salesman a wonderful wife. Lunch Patrol, Business Service Guild, Hall Patrol. Louise Marie Sheehan H-er eyes how they sparkleg she seems very gay. She collects photographs in a very big Way. Business Service Guild '36, '37, Charles S. Simpson Charlie is always laughing and is ever cracking wise, And oh, how that boy does love to xv-ear bright red neckties. Gym Team '35, '36, Band. Betty Sommers a Very small, and quiet and quite fond of cakes, And when it comes to good looks, she's got what it takes. Door Patrol. David Spiegel Dave Spiegel's a blond and his hair how it curls, A.bout all that he thinks of is girls, girls and girls! Gym Team '35, journal Staff. Katherine M. Stack A very fine skater is Katherine Stack, Her eyes they are hazel, and her hair it is black. Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrolg Volleyball '34, '35, '36g Basketball '35g Mush ball '35, Susannah Stevenson Always looking for pleasure, at least so it seems, For she cloes'n't like Math and she doesn't like themes. French Clubg Volleyball. Betty jane Streng Her highest ambition is to be a good nurse, But as a cheerleader, we've heard a lot worse. Helen M. Sutyak Full of laughter, full of glee, We all like her, as you can see. Hall Patrolg Business Service Guild, Automobile Driving Club. Pearl B. Teglassy A beauty expert I'm sure is our Pearl, And also w-e think her a very nice girl. Hall Patrol. 110 Cora Thorne She likes either to sleep in a bed or swim in a pool, But she certainly does not like to spend her time in school. Howard R. Tippett "'Tippy" is destined to be an engineer, Helll surely do well with the bolt and the gear. Male Chorus, All-City Chorus, Pyramid Team '35, Lunch Patrol, Boys Senior Athletic Leaders '37. Friedrich Albert Wagner A quiet fellow well worth knowing, His likeable ways are always showing. Photographic Club, All-City Orchestra. Helen E. Weinert Helen has four little fingers and one little thu-mb, Her favorite pastime is chewing gum. Basketball '35, Volleyball '35, '36, Tennis '35, Robert Harry White Ready with a smile for anyone to see But when it comes to studying, "That's stupid," says he. Microscopic Club, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol. Marjorie M. Wible As pretty as a picture, a modern Helen of Troy, I'm as envious as can be, who's the lucky boy? Leaders Club, Foreword Staff, French Club, Dramatic Club, Ring Com mittee, Vol-leyball '35, '36, Hockey '35, '36, Tennis '33, '34, '35, '36, Mush 'ball '35. james Wise This lad's favorite pastime always is driving, In school for success he ever is striving. Rifle Club. Alex Yleschenko VVhen vacation days are over And school opens in the F-all, , It'll 'be hard to fill Alex's place In 'both football and basketball. Football '35, '36, Leaders, Hall Patrol. 111 lHE SlllllHSlllllHll3 Room 454 Mrs. Smith - Report Teacher President ...................... ...................... X Vilbur Euston Vice President ............ ...... M argaret Townsend Secretary-'1'reasurer ...... ..... l lienrietta jasper Student Council .......... ...... F lorence Laird Foreword Reporter ............................ Henrietta jasper Represen't-ed on eacfh team, And shining in studies as well, Looking them over they would se-em To be just all around swell. Success to them! ll1ey'll land on topl T'hey'll climb al1ead4they never stop! Dorothy Allison Dot's a blonde, an-cl pretty, too. Thal's why we like her as We do. Basketball '34, '35, Volleylb-all '34, '35, lVlushball '34, '35, 'l'-ennis '34, Soccer '34, Winifred Blackhall 'lfull of charm and dainty grace, y Her thoughts are mirrored on her lace. Foreword Staff, Pantomime Club, Dramatic Club, Student Council, Hand- book Commfittee, Safe Driving Club. Estelle M. Bryer Stella has a way about her- Markes it hard lor you to doubt her! Volleyball 'Team '35, Mushball '36, Business Service Guild. Arthur M. Cantle Cantle is our rhythm King XVith dancing feet and nimble sway, H-ow we love to watch him swing As he out-mooches Calloway. Hall Patrol, Orcliestra A, lntramural Basketball, Secretary 454, Social Committee. Mary Agnes Cobb Co-bby is a flash in gym, At every meet she's in the swim. Voice A, Hockey Manager '35, Soccer '33, '34, Girls' Cfhorale '37. 112 Swimming' Team '33, '34, Volleyball '33, '34, '35, Basketball '33, '34, '35, '36, Tennis '34, '35, '36, Mushball '33, '34, '35, Senior Leaders '35, '36, Betty DeH-aven Conscientious in all her work She never has been known to shirk. French Club, Driving Class. Harry DiPietro Shorty is a r-eg'lar guy-He never stops to wonder why, He goes his own happy way-having fun from day to day. Soccer Team '33, Bland. john Donovan A quiet, friendly, cheerful lad, VVe'v-e never seen him when he's sad. Caroline L. Dunn Unobtrusive is Carrie Dunn, And we are sure sh-e's lots of fun. William Kenneth Durst Chile Con Carne's his favorite clishg He thinks jean Harlow's swellg And this indeed,s his greatest wish To be a star as well. Report Room Secretary, Vigilance Committeeg Lunch Patrol. John Dzura, jr. They call him "diz", but just in fun For when all is said and done Hie'll surely come crashing through On one of th-e pages of "W'ho's Who". Intramural Basketball '33, Short Wave Albert Francis Eckert Blond and handsome, tall and fair, He's a real boy-always square! '34, Hall Patrol '37. Hall Patrol, Memlber of Home Room Basketball Team. Mary Atwood Emery Mary, Mary, not contrary, What makes your hair so red? "Why don"t you know, you silly t I was 'born that way,', she said. Biology Club, Life Saving Club. hi Wilbur Euston H-e's the leader of our class R-ecl-lieacled dynamo, lots of pep. All who know him will agree There's not a boy with finer "rep". Intramural Basketball '34, 135, Short VV Lunch Patrol, Class President '37. ng, ave Club, Orchestra, Hall Patrol 113 janot Fenton Popular with every-one, Grand to know-lots of lun! Flower Committee, Orchestra A, Girl ll-es-erves, Home Room Student Council, Hall Patrol, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, '37, Mushball '35, '36, Tennis '34, Soccer '34, '35. Alvin Gross A conservative lad is he He goes his Way in serenity. Hall Patrol, Chess Club, German Club, Type Club, Received Medal in Typing Contest. Paul Morgan Harding Popular, pleasant lad is he, Always agreeable, never a frown Usually happy, cheery to see. Likeable, laughing, he's our pet clown. Henrietta Jasper lfVell-groomed, well-liked, well-bred-- What more could be said? Crafts Club, Le C-ercle Francais de Victor Hugo, Secretary, Hall Patrol. Ruth Eleanor Kern A girl with pep and plenty of go. She'll go far-that we know. Volleyball '36, '37, Mushball Team '36, '37, Basketball '36, Business Ser- vice Guild '36, Penmanship Club '36, Hall Patrol '37, Florence Laird Personality plus-that's Flo! We're sur-e she'll never lack a beau. Library Club, Volleyball '36, Hall Patrol, Student Coun-cil. Albert Nusbaum Al's our mechanic, he tinkfers with tools. Happy-go-lucky, he scoffs at all rules. Lunch Patrol. Donald 0'Connor Donald's hard on his automobiles, If he had his way he'd live on wheels. President of Class Room. Mary O'Connor The way to describe her is just this:- She's such a friendly, quiet miss. Marthalee Owens 'You're as shy as you can be, .But we all like you, Marthalee. Ba-nd A, Volleyball '35, Soccer '35. 114 Florence Betty Oestreicher Betty wants a career at heart We'r-e sure she looks the part, A single glance and you can see H-er carefully planned efficiency. Art Club, S-enior Stage Make-up Club, Volleyball '34, '35, Basketball '36, Mushball '34, '35, Tennis '34, '35, '36, '37, Soccer '34, '35, Lunch Patrol '36 Herbert M. Paull Herbie scorns his education He prefers procrastination He is bound with fascination Dissecting watches, his vocation. Marionette Club '34, '35, Annetta N. Recht An'netta's like a gay bouquet, She always brightens up the day. Foreword Reporter. Sylvia M. Reno Sylvia's small, but then you know, Big oaks from little acorns grow. Basketball '34, '36, Swimming Manager '35, Intramural Swimming '36 '37, Volleyball '35, '36, Manager '37, Soccer '34, Hockey '35, '36, Mush- ball '35, '36, Tennis '35, '36, '37, Girls' Senior Leaders. Paul J. Scally Paul says he likes chickens- Any kind. We aren't quite sure what he had In mind. Football '35, '36, Volleyball '37, Leaders Club, Band B, Hall Patrol. Sara Seder Sophisticated demoiselle, All you do, you do well. Art Club, Current Ev-ents Club, French Club '34, Volleyball, Tennis Dodge Bat Ball, Biasketball, Soccer. Dorothy Shuback Pert and clever, Cute and small, She's the envy Ot us all. Y French Club-'Le Cercle Francais, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol. Paul Thomas His crowning glory's 'his blond hair, He's sure to stand out everywhere. Male Chorus, Hall Patrol, Voice A. 115 1 Margaret Townsend Girls' Chorale, Voice A, Leaders Club, Foreword Staff, Girls' Trio, Basketball '33, '34, '35, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, '37, Tennis '34, '35, '36, '37, Soccer '33, '34, Hockey '35, '36, French Club. Steven A. Varga Debonai1', blithe in everything S't-eve's a boy who'll have his fling. Gym Team '34, '35, '36, Swimming Team '34, '36. john Whalen VV'hal-en is our muscle man Hes a real "all star", He's sure to have many a fan For in athletics he'll go far. Football '35, '36 Co-captain, Basketball '36, Leaders Club, Hall Patrol, Ring Committee. Kenneth Woods The football field is might, But Woods is mightier still, He conquers all he aims for VVi'th his overpowering will. Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football '34, '35, '36, Priscilla Bromley Wright Her keen sense of humor, we all do admire, To be a well-known writer, Priscilla should aspire. French Club, Sigma Iota, Foreword Staff, journal Staff, Library Club. U U H 6 H II 6 Room 461 Mr. Freeble - Sponsor President ................................ ................... J ohn Perry Vice President ........... ........ b lerome Hahn Secretary-Treasurer ...... ........ l luth Goldenson Foreword Reporter ...... ......... l lobert Sully Student Council .................................... Allan Holbrook VVe've filled our place in every way- In athletics, studies, clubs, and plays, In scholarship we rate qui-te high, We do our best and always try. Samuel Aronson A quiet sort of chap whose interests are centered around aeronautics l and science. Model Club, Biology Club, Debate Club. Daniel Gittings , Geometry is a subject Dan most abhors, He's a lover of science and the outfof-doors. 116 Charles Baker Charles will n-ever in oblivion be, This is our prediction-you wait and see. 1-lall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Orchestra A. Jeanette Brady This sweet girl has won our heart, She's willing to help and do her part. Current Events Club, Basketball '34, '35, Soccer '35. Don Browne Don's witty, bright, and gay- He'll go .very high someday. Foreword Staff, Field Day. William Cray Bill has lots and lots to say You'll hear from him at some later clay. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Intramural Basketball and Mushball '35, '36. Agnes Degnan Agnes is frank and likes lots of fun, But not till her work and studies are done. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol. ' Ruth Goldenson Ruth's charm and pleasant smile, Is known and loved for many a mile. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Journal Staff, Social Committee, Secretary of Home Room, Home Economics. jerry Hahn Music, laughter, and pep Give Jerry his wonderful rep. Foreword Staff, President of Home Room, Vice President of Home Room, Foreword Reporter of Home Room, Band A, Orchestra A, Woodwiiid Quintet, Debate, Chess, Bowling, Microscope, Soc-cer '34, Clara Hecht This charming miss with personality, Brings much joy with her vitality. Hiall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Sigma Iota, Swimming Team '35, Basketball '36, Volleyball '33, '34, '35, '36, Soccer '33, '34, Hockey '35, '36, Tennis '35, '36, '37, Mushball '35. Allen Holbrook Popular, active in every way, WVe seldom see Allen from day to day. Vice President of Class, Post-Gazette School Reporter, WWSW Radio Sports Announcer, Secretary-Treasurer of Student Council, Activities Lunch Patrol, Swimming '35, '36. A 117 Boar-d, Journal Staff, Treasurer of Hi-Y, Vice President of Green Key, Mary Scott Hughes Mary is our Scottish lass, Most athletic in her class. Operas do her fancy please, Doesn't mind her classmates' tease. Journal Staff, President of Girls Senior Leaders '37, Basketball '34, '35, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, '37, Swimming '36, '37, T-ennis Manager '34, Soccer '34, Mushball '34, '35, '36, '37, Hockey '36, '37, Picture Committee. Mary Kasko Mary's quiet and studious, liked in every way, W'i,ll make a good secretary lor someone, someday. Nifty Niblers Cllub, Creative Vtfriting, Business Service Guild, Volleyball '35, M,ush'ball '34, '35, Soccer '34. Elaine Miarks Elaine is our class sophisticate, Hier grace and charm with us do rate. Senior Play Cast. Mildred Bluestone Mildred has plenty ol tricks up her sleeve, Loquacious, she's Mr. Freeble's pet p-eeve. Volleyball '34, '35, '36, '37, Basketball '35, Type Club, Hall Patrol, Sigma Iota. Robert Sully ln general he's athletic, a ladies' man, Likes music an-d operas, is quite a sports' fan. Class Play, Shot pu't record three years, Badminton Club. Sonia Zabarenko . Sonia is laughing and is happy all the while, For everyone she has a good word and a bright smile. Hall Patrol, Dramatic Club, Pantomime Club, Crafts Club. Myron Marks He'l-l be a great business head we will predict, And also in business he will never be licked. Debating, Foreword Staff, Allderdice Adjustment Association, Chess Team, Hall Batrol, Lunch Patrol. Fred Lee Kovacs A fellow who dresses very snappily, Fred will live, we know, m-ost happily. Hall Patrol, Co-Captain 2nd Preriod Hall Patrol, Sigma Iota Club. june Levinson 1-las lots of personality, very light on her toes, Nieecls a dance floor and pool, and oh! how she goes. Sigma Iota, Pantomime, Swimming Team '35, Volleyball '34. 118 - Annette janet Levine Guess who! a curly-haired brunette, Athletic, crafty, humorous? Annette. Crafts Club '36, Girls Senior Leaders, President of Make-up Club '36, '37, Tennis '34, '35, '36, '37, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, '37, Mushball '34, '35, '36, Soccer '34, '35, Hockey '36, '37, Basketball '34, '35, '36, Secretary of Make- up Club '35, Peggy Metzger Good things come in little packs, Tlhere is nothing that Peggy lacks. Volleyball '34, Hall Patrol, German Club, Home Economics Club, Driv- ing Class, Knitting Club. Jeanne Miller A sunny disposition has our Jeanne, Hlappy, charming, and a cheerful mieu. Lunch Patrol, Secretary of Home Room, Home liconomics Club, Tennis '34, '35, '36, '37, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, '37, Howard Noble Hfoward is an easy going fellow who says that he likes French- 'but we know he is more interested in football and baseball. Lunch Patrol, Story Telling Club, Cooking Club, lilevator Boy, Cheer Leader '35, '36, Baseball '37, Frederick Schwartz A curly-haired blond is one step ahead Of the rest of the males! fWatch out, girls, it's Fred.j Lunch Patrol, Flower Committee, Home Room President, Secretary of Hi-Y, Historian of Green Key. Goodman Rosenfield Good is small and wise, He's a Uerror for his size. Hall Patrol, Cross Country Team '33, '34, Track Team '35, Field Day '34, '35, Library Club. Ray Smith Among the Smiths shines our Ray, Distinguished by his manner gay. Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol. Florence Sondecker Flonence is sweet, demure, and gay, She is a leader in both Work and play. Hall P-atrol, Lunch Patrol, Driving Club, Archery Club. Alfred Spitz Alfred has mirth and lively wit, VVith everyone 'he has made a hit. Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Band, Field Day '34. 119 Edna Stewart A brilliant student is our Edna fair, Also famed for her lovely red hair. Journal Staff, Senior Leaders Clurb, Archery Club, Life-Saving Club, Volleyball '35, Hockey '35, Basketball '35, Hockey '36, Basketball '36, Volleyball '37. Joan Strassburger ,loan's quite attractive, has talent in art, Is known in her class as athletic and smart. journal Staff, Art Club, Stage Make-up Club, Tennis '34, '35, '36, '37, Volleyball '35, '37, Mushball '35, '36. Edward Tabor Quite a big fellow, intellectual is he, Is musically-minded and likes chemistry. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol. Victoria Viviano Vic is a very quiet girl, hut is always ready to greet everyone with a big broad smile. Hall Patrol, Knitting Club. Richard Vocklel 1 If for Dick you want to hunt, Look for the l-eader out in front. Activities Board, Ring Committee, Green Key, 'l'reasurer of Hi-Y. Marguerite Walton Among the praises for Marguerite, Are those due her as a great athlete. Hall Patrol, Business Service Guild, Basketball '35, '36, Volleyball '36, '37 g Mushball '36. Robert Jacobson Bobby is lively, witty, and kin-d, Another like him would be hard to find. Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, French Club. John Perry john is the leader of our class, With flying colors he'll always pass. Class President, journal Staff, Hi-Y, Swimming Squad '35, '36, School Plunge Record '36, '37. Irvin Gerson Sport or amusement to Irvin appeals, But homework and studies have no place he feels. Captain Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol. joseph Balogh Joseph is a hard worker in every way, He'll be quite a success some day. Model Aircraft Club, Cooking Club, Rifle Club. 120 CLUBS HE EXTRA-cURR1cULAR activities offered by the various clubs of Allderdice may be enjoyed by all students. At least one of the clubs can be found to suit t'h-e individual pupil's int-erests. These organizations offer opportunities to further outside hobbies under the friendly supervision -of teachers. They are instrumental in tightening the bond be- tween the pupil and his school. The relation of teacher and student is increased, helping each to a better realization of their mutual problems. Perhaps most im- portant is the development of cooperation and understanding which is so vital throughout life. School Clubs are another important advantage offered by our educational system to help the student prepare for the time when his responsibilities will be greater. ..-ES' FOREWORD STAFF Miss Riddle-Sponsor Arthur Frankston-Editor-in-Chief 3.9 ., - YA .LAQ F FOREWORD REPORTERS BUSINESS SERVICE GUILD Miss McCamblay-Sponsor Rosemarie D'Angelo-President Alexandria Hosko-Vice President 122 STUDENT COUNCIL Mr. Korona-Sponsor Arthur Frankston-President John Patterson-Vice President ACTIVITIES BOARD Miss Houston-Sponsor ., , f Va, J -V5 f JR. STUDENT COUNCIL Miss Houston-Sponsor George Starr-President Edwin Fisher-Vice President 123 fD'cKYL19X veg Gull HDS Mal WON' M0 In 'Q PG b'yyQ,-95 H-'v---ada. O J' Q W, lo xk HHH PHTHULS FIRST PERIOD PATROL SECOND PERIOD PATROL THIRD PERIOD PATROL 124 HHH PHTHULS SIXTH PERIOD PATROL FOURTH PERIOD PATROL FIFTH PERIOD PATROL T 125 JUNIOR DRAMATIC STAGE MAKE-UP Miss W'agenknecht--Sponsor Miss Dorothy Zeigler-Sponsor Leonore Malakoff-President Annette Levine-President Adelyne Roth-Vice President Betty Markle-Vice President 126 7th PERIOD HALL PATROL Sydney Kwall-Head Patrolman BOOK ROOM Mrs. Hoyt-Sponsor Seymour Perlut-President Arthur Hurwitz-Vice President '1'1dY'Y' mae C? ws lm! LIBRARY CLUB Miss Anderson-Sponsor 127 X 'F'-ggsr-.aria -yy More L l N' ef if 'QVC 'JMLKGLX SENIOR GERMAN CLUB Miss Brennan-Sponsor Anna Winer-President Adelee Paris-Vice President x, 'X CU- wb, 5 R"'Y:r-Cd SQPX hJQr-'1kL- GREEN KEY Mr. Irwin-Sponsor john Patterson-President Allen Holbrook-Vice President HI-Y Mr. Young-Sponsor Frederick Amsler-President john Perry-Vice President T' Q0 il, so Q ' RXXLZXVY -Q, fb' 7 'Q 1 28 V Qf,,Q"d ' e ADJUSTMENT ASSOCIATION SENIOR DEBATE Miss Welsh-Sponsor DRIVING CLUB Mr. Liberator-Sponsor V7 540 129 N' C4 x N wx K . . M - w..o-.,- 1'."" 'QU' 'X M '-'-'I----NM "'4X""'5""""' M ,.L. ,. w A ' X , Laliu X C.sod'mgn Y-01's Z '.Jk.AYslx rag.-,.g f' KFC 'Yxfllw xiK1if"'Lv' CHECKER CLUB Miss Laird-Sponsor RIFLE C LUB Mr. Soles-Sponsor BOWLING CLUB Mr. Hackett-Sponsor 130 MATH CLUB Mr. Snyder-Sponsor Leonard Cohn-President Harry Abramovitz-Vice President MICROSCOPE CLUB Mrs. Smith-Sponsor Marvin Lerner-President Joseph Edelstein-Vice President SHORT WAVE CLUB Mr. Krotzer-Sponsor Millard Levy-President Philip Permar-Vice President 13 9 of FQUV fx SENIOR TYPE CLUB Mr. Angelo-Sponsor GIRL RESERVES Miss Pickard-Sponsor Shirley Lehrir-President Rea Simon-Vice President RED CROSS Miss Thompson-Sponsor Marjorie Beeson-President Ervene Yeloushan-Vice President 132 CREATIVE WRITING Mr. Hoerger-Sponsor SHAKESPEAREAN Miss Barclay-Sponsor Diana Rosenberg-President Tilla Mae Hendel-Vice President PEN MANSHIP Mr. Longenecker--Sponsor Elizabeth Schwab-President Zelma Pitler-Secretary 133 Qntuvvkd ,Q . L 1 ,xi ix SIGMA IOTA Mr. Faust--Sponsor Edgar Wertheimer-President Arthur Frankston-Vice President SCIENCE CLUB Mr. Holmes-Sponsor Jack Hogan-President Jean Rigaumont-Vice President ln '50 mv' 'U' vxaf-'-:-N 1' -'x..f-1.5 V ' Z3 N--A . 'fffw Gr-qu. r-w'-"+4'- w5'Y'QA?be- G 'f' JUNIOR SCIENCE CLUB - Miss Donaldson-Sponsor K9 jack Hagen-President D24 uf David Boodman-Vice President ec 40 ARQVP xRasa'nn3 'fqphbz BYNQQFQJ' 134 ART CLUB CRAFTS CLUB Miss Dollard-Sponsor Miss Koenig-Sponsor Eileen Bible-President Jacqueline Lyon-President Miriam Avner-Vice President Barbara King-Vice President - 135 I nd ' J iii' ' HIS YEAR marks the tenth anniversary of Taylor Allderdice. In such a short period of time, we cannot see very great differences in educational methodsg but this anniversary calls to mind some of the great improvements which have been made in the last two or three decades. Many of the things which we take for granted in our school life seem un- usual to our parents. The most notable of these are student activities. Student Councils, clubs, patrols, voting, student courts, and assemblies have all come into the school life since -our parents went to school, It is the responsibility of present students to make good use of these extra- curricular activities if they are to be continued and increased. Some students are inclined to scorn them, imagining that they are of no use to them. Others do understand that self-government activities help to make better and more in- telligent citizens in later years. lt is an Americans duty to support and take part in his own government 3 it is the studen-t's duty to support and to participate in his own school's activities. By non-support and unenthusiastic participation, the feeling will be created that the majority of the students do not desire extra- curricular activities. STUDENT COURT X 13, , 3 '12 is ra 136 v Q 4 un 4' l mam f 1054 9 I Z1 'MNA v WM E A' ff 1:54 'USE N W r fig W MMR: Q4 My Q I Ex' jf' Y ' Ah lk sg H gs ' 1 N 1 P2 5 14 ' -sf ', , s X -swf f 3, ' - Digi 35 ,gf W' A ku 1 f may , QA", A ' f- A 1+ ' . . , , x 'Q is , ,' . "?'P'Z"A sk 3 G H , A V 4 , ' -sa, r 3 A 5 J 1-MQ, 1. ' ,- -, -1 .x 1 H, K-'I I , nm: , .Q lbbvf 1,3 X wx A V iw K -' 4' f' M' 4 ' . k t Q.. ,E gif, 's l, :5 1, , :eff 1 , 3: f fs 11 f " N vf , Q16 ' K x ff," J A. W! " f' 9352: Mn MA , 'H-f, -- W' N " ' ,hiagn gfyv , Q, A ,, L. 7 -1 -' fx X fd- ..,v'w , ,, ,,--fr 7 , W ,g ff, f-' 'P--5'H?"', QQ'-ffl", . v e Ni,-1 .' L My ' Viggp r,,aj,g' ' vm 'A Qivgj' 4 1 45 1 A'--ff! J ,":'y - qw? A Avi- f Q, ' 11-,N , ' 2 f" 2 'E 'R N V' 9 , ,ff f'A""32:gQu ' V' - :W if 4' ' ' W H 71591 V' "HSL" W M 76 ' I 'f W f -' -'iq' 1 ff X 1 ,ff 41+ X X. f+1q n ,f 54 my , wff7'i'Q1',,H f 4 A 'N W, ny,,f--mayb:-V f W , 1 5 5, X QNX -- Q 3 4? Wff, ,M ii Q?-N 15 ,W .f XXX I jf" 1' 'Y YN 'T y 'ry fi ff ,. QQ", EW ex lx. A' ,. 11 XY X , ,,.N, X. -Mb mi x, M, " N ,Q 'Mika xx 1 x X5 WX NX warg? fig N A xx r f 3 HI USIC THULUH HLLDERUIEE SEHUUL BHHDS A C SCHUUL HUHESTHH A B C ct VUUHL GHUUPS TRIO QUARTETTE GROUP B GROUP C Miss Steiner-Director 140 IIISTHUHIEHTHL GHUUPS STRING TRIO BRASS QUINTET STRING QUARTET WOODWIND QUINTET Miss Zeigler, Mr. Bechtolt-Directors 141 + V 'f' Q' U f O U L0 'C Ks ra he-I X:,g""" Maman n ne' f' of.. e AG' - xi.-ao ca-"" -Ames: rfxdo - page! Y. st. QYLQV- 6 tix: f MUSIC APPRECIATION CLUB JUNIOR CHORUS Miss Stein-Sponsor Miss Meyers-Sponsor 142 GIRLS MALE VOICE CHORALE CHORUS A Miss Steiner-Director ' VW m Y WY' M77 143 7' 'YW 'Y Y YW Y ALLDERDICE IN ACTION 144 HTHLETIUS g,fQ5g FRA'-X y XJ is V ,wt jg' ' ' K iTTWmalllllnlillrllsllmwill W " Q X x I I 1 2 1 ' 4 P . if W , 1 i 5.1 T f 'f ta : X 1 A ' x X K m?nunnnwvannunwwH?m4:,g',if flaw? ' 3 1 it '11 N will 3'w:'1?Kil"'i'FTil "ii'fl,,llll , own if! , ,ga ,r JH, ul ji! My M11 Off, V fi K 1 l H 1- ll 1-- fi if. 1. llmSfrf'li, . -, 1. it il Ufwfii fl E 'K x-f f ' .Iwyff f'9,,f 'J' fl , If fjg ,umm-will Panini, il-'irwl , 'A il, ,I t 1 l 1 f f 1 ,gg 1 ,ks i .f f 41:3 , ., .f. lil'l.l.-..i,. i ffiiag 1, al'-S'f'53"' it-I ' lil' l l lil- F-w 'li,."i"'il' , " " -i 5 I-.1.-1-. - ,4-dr-1 I-Af ,,,, M,yqi,s if 1 , Nl il ill! il ! 5 illlalfrzllflll1it ll it , f e gersgj' LJ' Ik- . M, " ' ' . ,fi ...,., U 5 4 A '1 ' , ,--ng -fr . J j f My .f'1,4.1 ,. L I x I I f 1 l x 1 f ,LQ X' 51 ,lo j 4-21? , -TLS? if eijifiala .zfl .,.. ,.., 35515 5 ,W K HALL OF FAME HE YEAR 1937, besides turning out some very fine teams in Allderdice, pr-o- duced some exceptional individual stars who deserve a choice spot in the Allderdice Hall of Fame. First, in football the names of John Whalen, Howard Silverman, William Frick, Jack McT1ighe, Melvin Krasnow, and Kenneth Woods deserve to go down in the annals of Allderdice grid history because they all graced the lineups of the many All-scholastic teams. john Whalen, captain of the '36 Dragon eleven, deserves special acclaim. The pigskin-toter played such a sterling game on the offense and defen-se at hfis fullback position that he was named on 'the first team selected by all three -city papers. Whalen was given further honors by being se- lected captain of a mythical all-Allderdice eleven chosen by Mr. Irvin this past fall. Silverman, Frick, and M'cTighe, all three sterling linemen, also m.ade first team. Krasnow and Woods were given honorable mention. In basketball the Dragons- produced only -one player who received all-city ranking. The player in mention was B-ert Goldman, a truly great performer. Bert's exceptionally fine play throughout the season had much to do with the 145 success of the Green and White basketeers. He was a spearhead on the attack and a bulwark on the defense, and beside having these attributes he was strictly a team worker, that is he was not one to go after the limelight but rath-er a player who saw that his team came first. Mr. Irwin, the Dragon mentor, ranks Bert right alongside Levy, Miller, Bonn, and Levine, stars on the Allderdice court teams in the pastg and, to be sure, this rating is justly deserved. FOOTBALL AYLOR ALLDERDICE, for the first time in its history, really had something to cheer about when the curtain was lowered on the 1936 grid campaign. Especially is this strange in the light of the fact that the Dragons did not walk off with any championship laurels. But even in defeat the Green and White showed its colors as true champions-never giving an inch without a character- istic Allderdice fight. With only seven lettermen back from the previous season, Coach Irvin and Coach Slessinger, a new addition to the Allderdice coaching ranks, molded to- gether an eleven that had the earmarks of a winner down to the few remaining leagu-e tussles. A-llderdice and Westinghouse finally locked horns in what proved to be the deciding skirmish of the season as far as championship honors were con- cerned. In a rough and tumble affair on the Allderdice gridiron, the West- inghouse lads, by means of superior man power, walked off with a 13 to 7 de- cision and there went the glittering 'hopes of the titular aspiring Dragons. But undaunted by this crushing setback, the Allderdice grid warriors the following week administered a 6 to O reverse on the Peabody "Highlanders," This marked the first time that an Allderdice football team had ever defeated one from Pea- body. V Next year the Allderdice grid mentors will be faced with the difficult task of replacing eighteen lettermen. The stalwarts who will graduate from the squad are VVhalen, Gross. McTighe, McClain, Krasnow, Frick, Silverman. VVoods, Scally. Reinhard, Goldman, Feczurka, Schwartz, Hinish, Amsler, Dowler, Cagle, and Paul. SUMMARY Sept. 18-Allderdice ...,. .,........... l 4 'Perry ................. ..,..... 0 Sept. 25-Allderdice ...., ......... l 3 Fifth Avenue .,..... ..,..... 0 Oct. 2-Allderdice ..,.,., .,..., 7 Schenley ...,...,.... ......,. 6 Oct. 10-Allderdice ....... ...,.. 6 "'Martins Ferry .,... ,...,.,. 7 Oct. 24-Allderdice .,... ,...., O "McKeesport ...... ......., 6 Oct. 30-Allderdice ..... ....., 7 Westinghouse ..... ........ l 3 Nov. 6--Allderdice ....... .......,. 6 Peabody .,...,... ..,,... 0 Nov. 12-Allderdice ...,, .......,. l 9 South ....,. ........ l 2 Total-Allderdice ...,.. ......,...... 7 2 Opponents ,...,.,....,... .....,.. 4 4 Won 5 Lost 3 "'Non-League Games ' 146 1-jf WJ' FOOTBALL TEAM 147 LW? .gf6o',b -cry? .N er. ed? -r 1065, .Z Q ,eo ef -I' X, , 4-70 14 J! Q I rv BASKETBALL ITH THE RECORD of the preceding year completely 'blotted from memory, the .'Xllderdice lmaskethallers under the almle guidance of Mr. lrwin start- ed the l937 campaign with no less an objective than the City Championship 219 their goal to he reached at the end of the season. Vklith the team of Goldman, Rosenfeld, Mcllighe. Reinhard and liishop un- der his wing, Coach lrwin prepared his proteges for the gruelling titular race hy sending them against Homestead, McKeespr1rt, Perry and Aspinwall in pre- 148 season affairs. As their record of three losses against one victory might indi- cate, the team did not look any too promising. But as soon as the Section I race started the Dragons b-egan to click on all cylinders. Paced by Goldman and McTighe, the Green and White took their rivals fro-m Peabody, Schenley, Connelly and Fifth Avenue int-0 camp rather easily. But th-en along came their old Nemesis, Westinghouse, to put a halt to the Dragonls winning ways. As the 31-29 score testifies, the game was close throughout. "Yidel" Rosenfeld starred by scoring fourteen tallies. The follow- ing week the powerful South team made quick work of the Dragons, thus clos- ing the first half festivities. With McTighe, Reinhard, Rosenfield, and Bowlus graduating at mid term, the second half outlook looked rather glum. But building around Bishop and Goldman, Mr. Irwin molded a team that sparkled even 'brighter than the one lost. With Roger and Byron jorgenson, Mendel Silverman, Sam Kaiser and Dave Brinn playing brilliant ball, the Dragons lost only one game-that to South. Even this loss was taken as a matter of form :because the "Orioles" eventually went on to capture the State Championship. Taking -everything into consideration the Dragon five made a showing that deserves nothing but the highest praise. Ending in undisputed possession of second place with nine wins and three losses, their record is one of the bes-t ever produced by an Allderdice court team. The outlook for next year is unusually bright with only Bert Goldman grad- uating. John Bishop will leave at mid-term next season but with a new crop of promising recruits available from -the junior squad, the loss may be overcome. GYM TEAM HE GYM TEAM was handicapped, throughout the entire season due to lack of entrants. In a dual meet held at Fifth Avenue the team lost for this reason, although three first places were taken. The only other meet in which the team participated was the All-City Meet hel-d at Peabody. Allderdice cap- tured fourth places. These went to Nathan VVedner performing with the Indian clubs and Joseph DeFebo on the horse. Those graduating are Nathan Wedner, Gardner Robertson, Richard Dunn, and Steve Vargo. ' CROSS-COUNTRY His YEAR, the Cross-Country team again enjoyed a successful season. In the opening meet Coach I-Iaar's harriers defeated South Hills by 23 t-o 33 score. Three days later they bested the Freshman team of the University of Pittsburgh, 25 to 30. In a quadruple meet with Langley, Oliver, and the Car- negie Tech Freshnmen, Allderdice lost to Langley by one point, but beat Oliver and the Tartan Frosh. By defeating Langley in the City Championship Meet by a score of 51 to 54, the Drag-ons annexed the city title for the secon-d successive year. Dolgos, Sherlock, and Hamilton are the only boys lost to the team by graduation. 149 ' nz! ' u-asv" I 'r 144- -1 9 CROSS-COUNTRY BASEBALL FTER A LAPSE of five years Allderdice once again was represented by nine men who were out to show their prowess on the baseball diamond. Coached by Mr. Irwin, the Drag-ons were represented in Section I of the city high school league, playing in competition with five other schools. Bad Weather and a failure to find a suitable playing field, as well as con- venient practice grounds, delayed the Dragons' start no little. But as per sched- ule the Green and Wliite took the field against Allegheny at Friclc Park and ad- ininistered a crushing 5-4 defeat on their foes. The line-up Mr. Irwin used throughout most of the seas-on was B. jorgenson, cf, Blythe, lf, Keifer, rf, R. Jorgenson, lbg Goldman, Zbg Holbrook, ssg and Mazeroff, Sb. Hennessey, Abromovitz, Vecchio and Patterson divided the pitch- ing chores, while Marburger carried the brunt of the catching. This line-up was changed as the seas-on progressed with Goldman being moved over to thir-d, and a newcomer in Burton being placed on second. Incomplete summary: Allderdice 5 ....., ..,... A llegheny 4 Allderdice 2 .,..... ....,.....,.. S chenley 8 Allderdice 7 .,..,.. .,...., W estinghouse 6 Allderdice 1 ....... ....,,...,.. S outh 5 Allderdice 18 ...... ,,.,.,. W estinghouse 3 Allderdice 7 ....,. .......... ..,.,..... A l legheny 4 150 GOLF TEAM TENNIS CHAMPS Ano-" 50 X v wgcuk 1937 BASEBALL TEAM 1 f Y' Wi v yfqf KX ?51 M AWA in X3 X QWV 0 oYL,E F7 Dlelf Voawbl SWIMMING NJOYING only mediocre success, the Allderdice swimming team by no means came up to the natatory teams of the past. Winning only two meets while losing four, Coach Slessinger's proteges failed to set any outstanding pool records and were only able to place one swimmer in the Western Pennsylvania Champ- ionship meet. Paced by Johnny Born, high point man of the team with a total of 3924, the Green and White tankers were able to take the measure of Fifth Avenue and Connelly, but Schenley, Westinghouse, South and Turtle Cr-eek proved too com- petent. John Born and Buddy Mars represented Allderdice in the Western Penn- sylvania Regional Finals at Slippery Rock with Born -capturing third in the 220 free-style event. Prospects for next year's team look very favorable in spite of the fact that James Conway, Joe Dolgos, Richard Lynch, Joe McNiff and Steve Vargo will be lost due to graduation. GOLF LAYING WITHOUT THE services of two of their star niblick wielders, the Allderdice 1937 golf team had little to show for its efforts when the curtain was rung down on the close of the recent season. With John Niskach dropping out of school and Roger Findley laid up for half the season, the Dragons had to carry on with only one "ace", Jack Kranick. back from last year. Vlfhen the season finally opened up the Dragon line-up read like this: Number 1, Jack Kranickg No. 2, Charles Cuden: No. 3, Myron Marks, No. 4, Andrew Grezmak and at the number 5 post was John Dzura. TENNIS ITH THE CITY NET TITLE practically an institution in Allderdice, the re- gional finals still seem to be the bugaboo that continually haunts Dragon netters. VVinning the city tennis title for about the nth time. the hopes of Green and White racquet wielders were severely blasted when they were set back by a strong Shady Side Academy team in the first round of the regional finals. Allderdice 5 ,.,,,.,..,..........,..,.......,,.........,......... Schenley 0 Allderdice 4 .,.... ....,,,..... A llegheny l Allderdice 5 ,..... ...... N Vestinghouse 0 Allderdice 2 ...,.. ..........,.,. K iski 3 Allderdice 4 .,.... ...... L angley 1 152 SPORTS BASKETBALL HE ELEVENTH AND TWELFTH grade basketball tournament was played during the month of October. The four twelfth grade teams, captained by M. A. Cob-bg L. McCulloughg M. VValton and Seibel joined in the tournament with four eleventh grade teams. A number of hard fought games were carried on, and the final game of the season was played between M. A. Cobb of the twelfth grade and G. Hamilton of the eleventh grade. The game was Certainly a close one, and M. A. Cobb came out victorious with a score of 40-39. The players on the winning team were: J. Jamison, B. Larson, R. Caldwell, H. Epstein, D. Hud- son, Alta Gardner and M. A. Cobb. 153 VOLLEY BALL UE TO THE great number of spectators at the games and the opinions of the girls when they are asked what they think abo-ut Volley Ball, it can be defi- nitely stated that this game stands first in th-e Sports Parade of the year. A reas- on for this may be that those of the sidelines seem to get as much enjoyment and are more enthusiastic than those girls actually participating in the game. Long volleys encouraged by clapping and hilarious shouts could be witnessed almost any eighth period during February in the girls' gym. This year the players have developed real skill in passing the ball from one row to another and finally having it "spiked" by a person in the first row. The girls are quite proud of the team headed iby Mary Hilda Fagan for it not only w-on the tournament last year but also came out on top this season. r SENIOR LEADERS HE Fox AND HOUND CHASE, the Christmas Party, Treasure Hunt and the S-enior Leaders' Erolic were only a few of the many interesting and gay events in which the leaders participated. This year's program was filled with exciting and novel entertainment for this enthusiastic, active group. One of their cleverest ideas was the wearing of those new, attractive, yellow outfits that have been seen lately-they will help to id-entify the leaders. At the first meeting of the year, the girls elected Helen Magidson as presi- dent, Esther Marcuson vice-president, Henrietta Gerwig treasurer, Rita Williams secretary, and Mary Hilda Fagan social chairman. There were two contending teams. The first was headed by Helen Magidson and the other by Esther -Mar- cuson. At the end of the semester the president's team led by a few points. N The officers for the second team were: Mary Hughes, Mary Myers, Esther Marcuson, lVLargaret Maclachlan, and Marjorie Wible. Shuffle Board was introduced to the club about the middle of April, and after a few weeks of practice some of the girls entered contests which were held at the Frolic. It certainly seems to be a very popular sport and the leaders are hoping that it will be installed in the regular schedule of Allderdice Sports. To gain membership to the Senior Leaders Club has become the greatest ambition of all the juniors. This can be easily understood as the club, under the direction of Miss Long, has enjoyed not only many good times together, but has developed splendid athletic leadership and fine sportsmanship. 154 JUNIOR LEADERS SENIOR CHAMPION BASKETBALL TEAM SENIOR LEADERS SGVXQ xv-WY 155 TENNIS wo FORMS of tennis were played at Allderdice last year. Doubles were off- . ered to the sophomores and juniors, and singles to the seniors. At the end of the eleventh grade tournament, which was played last June, Joan Strassburger and Margaret Maclachlan were found at the top. The followin-g September they represented Allderdice in the City T-ournament. The fact that all the games w-ere played on the home court certainly made the games more interesting and realistic to the rest of the girls. The brilliant playing on the part of both girls helped them to get int-o the finals without much effort. The South Hills team, which had n-ot as yet lost a game, was their opponent. After winning two consecutive sets out of three, with a score of 6-l, 6-2, Joan and Margaret were declared winners and again the City Championship was in possession of Taylor Allderdice. This year's tennis season, which is held in june, promises to exhibit a great deal of sparkling playing on the part of the senior class. 1 SVVHAMING PLASH: The Taylor Allderdice swimming team is off again for new and more brilliant victories. Gver one hundred and fifty girls, representing schools from all over the city, particularly in the Inter-school Swimming Meet in which Allderdice placed second in both the ninth and tenth grade contest. The spec- tators, numbering over three hundred, crowded the bleachers to see the amazing contest. Certainly the team's accomplishment is considered remarkable and the members should be congratulated for their fine swimming and diving. Early this spring an intramural swimming meet was held in which the girls were awarded points for outstanding ability. BASKETBALL Hrs YEAR,S basketball season which opened in the latter part of October was enthusiastically met by the seniors. To liven things up, the twelfth graders took part in a combined tournament with the eleventh gradeg and much to the surprise of the sophisticated seniors, their juniors played a fast and hard game in their determination to come out as winners. To add to the interest, the final game was played by Mary Agnes Cobb's powerful twelfth grade team and Georgia Hamilton's fast eleventh grade team. It was the most exciting game in the tournament which can be inferred from the final score of 40 to 39 in favor of the seniors. Both teams contributed to the unusually good shooting and the fine sportsmanship. The members of the winning team were: june jameson, Betty Larson, Ruth CadWell,,+i.He1en Epstein, Dorothy Hudson, Alta Gardner and Mary Agnes Cobb. 156 CHEER LEADERS JUNIOR SWIMMING JUNIOR BASKETBALL 157 ' 5 5 We Maoyfi' 53 av- bar- a LYC-FYI. af- BADMINTON GIRLS' LIFE SAVING 158 XALSY sew Xbxf- QCMOO I V LX og gov thi Senvors I 'QA X X XX ASL rAxC94 was NR2"'to 4 'N If f XX X X 2' 12211 E xor ! ?y x X gg Q X fx Cr v I , gun. " v"inA-4 3 y Yuivsp X, gi. 03 fxqijlq' 52 fin , 1? X 5 M GO' nl , c,oN9'AG l X' WL SQ A zf Essex U v'2'lw0"f' ,fa . Q. X ', ff fldevclwom VX' f 'K ' Nj ' 4 I., XM ,Qu CE Ml 7 CMLENE X dll, Q XNU1-j.ff gg Til: QENEMLM ' 'lv l Y Q! K E, X5 qi!! K IT! 159 Taylor Allderdice Parent-Teacher Association zends aonlial greeling I th members of liz C lass of 193 7 and wishes llzem success and happinex. Djfe rent Sm fillifig Ma rfvelour HAMMOND ORGAN MELLOR'S Exnlufizfe Reprexenmtiwe 604'W-OOD STREET, PITTSBURGH, PA. Complimentr - of Qez zhe Ham. . . Beacon G0 to and Morrowlield r a REX MER S Pharmacy For luncheon or afternoon tea at the smart, pleasant Balcony Grilles in our Jenkins Arcade and Oliver Building Stores. Compliments . of cl For the finest Candy in the land? fresh every clay-in varieties to suit F7-jgnd every taste and purse . . . at all Rcymer Stores. 161 iTTyiTiTUiVEZE on thc occasion of its tenth anniversary. It has been a real pleasure to co-oper- ate with your faculty and staff in the publication of this, as Well as preceding editions, of the Alldercliee Annual 'I' WF, TOO, are celebrating an especial anniversary this year-OUR FIF- TIICTH, and we "point with pride" to our record of achievement. From a small beginning in 1887 we have climbed steadily and now occupy a commanding position in the Pittsburgh printing industry. We have always kept pace with every new development and include every up-to-date appliance needed to produce printing properly Ufcfmqeafm, Jwiianecfia Memacfmnllewpce 'I' aqer' Dubhsbing E7-1 Drinking 235 COLLINS AVENUE, PITTSBURGH, PILNNA 162 PFIGE FREIM Fl SLFIM-BEIDK .4 VTX Q ix m WILLIEARTZ AT wonxl ,141 W Q fv v 06 596 ?SWQQ ,Q gy O 0 XL Doiah MQ XEEA, W' lm W 4M V XQ X53 w Ngfxx Elem N XX f f N DENNEMBED l AW G7 N7 ACTOR 1 Qu Q th X MN- 'VQQK HAM SAM! 'row BW Sh A h A h x17 lxehtiqef X X fl Slgomnmqf as KAW 5 I I W0 if su.e55 5 I J M"'fS 12071041 tes Q M 'wifi cnAs:-leaf H -5- XX ff fff X122 coLsMAN ' X PN!-Y ' Sar' sr? ffff f Mocltf Do wrkha liufure J, QW gf qw IW 'fnvy f fV1qTac'he 42' WANNA u 1' CKET? ONLY TWEN Fl CENTS 6 MAQTHA 6 9,4 N21 BARKER, 'z' nucew' NEMESIS V .f-fx. if ,-Z" ff' ,-Zfz lk' f I, X, X X Z ! f oF GI-OR FOI-.Ld 5 HIM if ii , If X XVNIFQYYF "lg 2 2 S ' P- o , 45? 'Z -' -- X-. V 'ix " gv wf 'n J' W- xX xv ff :L Cf X0 - ess' 1 i L, - f ,J x, 4 I Y 5 ' 5. wks. I x. ,Q N2 is , A s Q -X1 , 9 1 X , Eff - . A ,N -ml ...vw ,L I Qqfez up wx JV! wiki' W , 1 ' Wy- AQ? ,Z ' 4 " f f . 'T' - - - - +V , Z S . Y X Z.. zwn VX az- , ,' HL ff Vf -if frsfzfnzf' ' ' If 'l X 7 fr-iv -.'V ff! ' A ' f' pl . ,QM Q ' Q-3:1 X wk V f ' ' .Z ' , 1 u 'W E ,gb if ei , ff 32151 lf: QYK 'LF' : .,.f-I --,, X A, Y 94 nr , elg hw Nx f -g , EEE? A 7 ' X M N ' --- , ., 4 1 w . If VZ- Z 5 I ' 'fi , mu ff - KN Y Q YA' Nz. 1 I E V?X A 'ik y U 1 x 0 , , ff Nom X5foNcoxAb Bef! Wishes BEACONWTHEATRE Squirrel Hilllv Fffiemlly YVZBKUVB 163 flea 14lm.a4,Z14 Genlwuf A business ilzaf has lived and flomfislzea' for over ninety years uzlust Iiavc' 711-H611 to 1'UC01lZ,77l6Hd if. But the flzorouglzlzcss of Duffle i11sfr1rftz'011 and the lllllflfllillg of Duffs courses to the progressive rlzanges in 11z0n'e1'11l business, makes a far stronger appeal than, iziere age. DUFFS-IRDN CITY COLLEGE Crmzbiiiing Curry Cnllega, with Duffr, Iron City, and Martin'5 424 DUQUESNE WAY PITTSBURGH AT1antic 4875-4876 Complimwff vf Perl-Reichbaum Co. F 1 Ii li B K' 11 IVIORRONVFIELD IXPARTMHNTS 00 I of t el etier in Produce-Groceries-Fresh Meats ALDERSON APARTMPQNTS Delicatessen Eiimunce .AVENUE APARTMx-:N'rs 1901 MURRAY AVE. Pittsburgh, Pa, HA 5700 J. F. Dunziy, Mgr. JACkS0H 1100 PRESENTING IDEAL SENIQRS Compliment: of Squirrel Hill? THE GIRL Fimfff I-lair .,...A.,.,,..,....,..,...,.. Genevieve Kosiba Eyes ....,....4...,....................,,,. Selma Sigal FOOD MARKET Facial contour .,.... .......,.i.. B etty Grove . 1 Figure ........... i.., .....,....... B e ttv Bradley v 1 , Ghck S hood art Poise ............... ..... M argaret Freidel Dress .,..,.,.... .............., E leanor Siff 2121-23M nA X . . urmy Vmuc Cuteness .. ......,. ,..i.,. X 7l1'g1U13. Cupples 3 Phones HA 4450-4451-4452 Disposition ........i. ,.,,.....,...., A nna Witt Sense of humor ,.,........, Esther Schwartz Personality ,...i,.,...... Ruth Longenecker THE Boy Eyes ...,,, ........,. R oman Pijanrowski f 1 Face .......,..... ....,.. VX 7illiam Ladley BIN S 1 OCK - - - - Physique ..i.. ,... VV1ll1a1n Frlck 1 or X Poise ...,.... ,Robert Benson Dress ,.,..,.,...,... ..,., , i VVilliam Slocum Qffg, Tfmif gimme C,mg,,,m1,,,i,,m Cutenesus ..i.,i,.,. ,.,..... Vlfilbur Starr to 11,5 C1,mg1 of 1937 Debonalreness ......,. Eclwarcl. Demmler Expert Watch, Clock and Jewelry Sense of humor ,......... Vvllllillli Lester Repairing Intellect. ,.i,......,...,...,. i ...,. . Albert L-asclay 1929 Murray Avenue, Squirrel Hiu Personality '... .....,,,,, ,.i,i lX f Iichael Mitchell JA 3175 Most popular girldlrlelen Magidson Most popular boy-Frank Friedman 164 The House of Reliable Quality and Service Standard School Jewelers Nixon Theatre Building Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Class Rings and Pins Booklet Diplomas Commencement Announcements Club Pins Cups and Trophies Medals and Awards Sport Charms and Keys Ann M. Gallagher Greeting Card: for All Oeemriom RENTAL LIBRARY Affelder and Smith FLORISTS HA S952 1823 MURRAY AVE, 1717 Murray Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa HA Zel 3615 V I M Compliments of the SAN D O Ml RE SQUIRREL HILL PIiAJ1NhKCX7l F ree Delivery At All Times , f .-W Barber and Beauty Shop 165 Coiiiplimeiils o f Allderdice Lunch 1 Room Good Luck and Best Wishes to the 1937 Classes from Youngk News Stand SCHOOL SUPPLIES NOVEL'1'IES TOYS CANDY A11 the Magazines 5804 Forbes Street Mur1'ay-Beacon Alleys Peiimyl'Umiiiz's Most Beautiful Bowling Alleys 1916 MURRAY AVENUE .IA 0266 25 Alleys 166 THE UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH -with a great part and growing future- is celebrating one hundred fifty years of notable service to Western Pennsylvania G ADDRESS THE REGISTRAR Compliments of Fred's Barber and Beauty Shop-S 8 71 Forbes Street. S. GERSON 1913 Murray Avenue REGENT PHARMACY Braddock and Hutchinson Avenues Edgewood, Pa. MOLLA BEAUTY PARLOR Mollie Baltrotsky, Prop.-1953 Murray Ave FRUIT MARKET JAMES DENOVA Q5 Regent Square S. Braddock Avenue B R E N T'S SQUIRREL HILL STORE-5820 FORBES STREET 167 N A PPELE LEYLLQR 2? if hgh. N 5 , X, HE COPPER Wa HALF TON E S AND LTN E ETCHTNGS THAT WERE USED TN PRINTING TEITS EUUKWERE MADE A71 U59 J SUDEQKJR ENGRAVING Co. 255 l?4AVOhUGplffSbU1' ,Pa A A S IK C pri xm, D Y ND NIGI'IT E VI E' xg, fi'-ii Xxxvi- 4 ,' - I X x Q Save Something Regularly To save something regularly out of what you earn is to make friends now with the future. Systematic saving leads to the fulfillment of many interesting plans It relates you in a happier, more helpful way to life. A deposit of 51.00 opens a Savings Account with this Bank. THE UNION SAVINGS BANK Capital and Surplus 54,000,000 FRICK BUILDING FIFTH AVE. and GRANT ST. Pittsburgh, Penna. CHERNEW'S BUSTER BROWN SHOES For Boys and Girls Authorized Distributor: BOY SCOUT SHOES GIRL SCOUT SHOES HA zel 5720 HERMAN KAIVIIN Real Estate 5862 Forbes Street Pittsburgh, Penna. C omplimenls of cz F riemi 169 SISSMAN STUDIO Ojioiol School Photographer QQEQLQ VOX POP Compliment: 0 f This afternoon our microphone is lo- cated in the first floor hall of Allder- dice. We're just in time to see the dis- tinguish-ed seniors dash from the build- ing fTime-about 3:45D. lfVe wonder what some of their hobbies are. Shirley Kiaplan says that hers is making up mystery stories. Herman Goldstein's is MEN-fWatch ou-t boys!j Willbur Starr likes berry picking-of all things. Pigeon racing makes William Kern happy, while jane Willman prefers ping-pong. VVe just asked Carl Tay- lor about his pet peeve. He says it's people who ask dumb questions QGuess that puts us in our plaoej. Robert Hutchison doesn't like school teachers and John Kyle objec-ts to nightwork. Betty Grove is against mustaches. We asked a lot of people to tell us their favorite 'books and they all say they're "Gone with 'the Wind" or "H-enry Es- mond." We'll have to sign off with a parting question. Do you like boys and girls? Frank Alexander says "Sure-- do y-ou expect to find all the misan- thropes by this one?" W-elre going home and look up some words in the dictionary. THROUGH ALLDERDICE AND OUT-MAYBE !! Who looks about with frightened glance And walks about in knicker pants? Who doesn't seem to have a chance? The Freshman. Who now has confidence galore And struts about from door to door? NVho claims he studies till three or four? The Sophomore. Who dresses up to come to class And blithely lets his studies pass? Who always sighs, Alack! Alasl? The Junior. NVho stares about with lordly gaze But spends the last month in a haze As eagerly he counts the days? Guess! DOROTHY M. GOLDSTEIN, Alderman C omplimenlr of A F fiend FORBES HARDWARE STORE 5851 Forbes Street HA 0238 KEYSTOXNE JEWELRY MFG. CO. 412 Clark Bldg. 717 Liberty Ave. "JOHN KATZ-FRESH FISH 2128 Murray Ave, IA 2575 Compliments of C. E. REICHARD We who are going into the world to become great men and women fwe hopej wish to show those who do not graduate a sample of our amazing story of knowledge. These are some of the facts we acquired or thought we acquired as Time Stumbled On. Biology-A grasshopper has three pairs of wings 5-Anterior, posterior. and bacteria. Physics-Cold contracts things. That is why the days are short in winter. French-Hors de combat. A war horse. English-An epicure is a poet who writes epics. Chemistry-Hard water is another name for ice. Latin-Pax in bella. Freedom from in- digestion CPeace in the stomachj. H ygiene-VV hen you breathe you in- spire. When you do n-Ot breathe you expire. Halleck-There are three types of poetry: lyric, dramatic and epidemic. History-A person may become a citi- zen in 'two ways. He may be born one or he can be neutralized. We feel that this is enough to either inspire or discourage you. T 171 Compliments of AMERICAN COAT, APRON and TOVVEL SUPPLY CO. MAX MOSES, President N. S., PITTSBURGH, PA. CE 7410 Compliments of Regent Square Shoe Repair BREGMAN'S Murray Avenue Fruits and Vegetables Compliments of NU WAY CLEANERS Compliments of Orringer's Grocery Store MARKLEY'S BEAUTY SHOP 1818 Munray Avenue ,l J Although VVebster's Dictionary is constantly revised, there are still many words whose modern meaning should be substituted. Thus: Ambidextrous, adj. .-'xible to pick with equal skill a right-hand pocket or a left. Bacchus, n. A convenient deity in- vented by the ancients as an excuse for getting drunk. Clairvoyance, n. Pretending to know what someone is thinking, when they are not thinking at all. Habeas Corpus. A writ by which a man may be taken out of jail when con- fined for the wrong crime. Hash, n. Stuff which isn't, which if it was, wou1dn't be anyhow because no one cares anyway. Helpmate, n. Wife, or bitter-half. Noise, n. Chief product of civiliza- tion. THE RECIPE FOR THE IDEAL GIRL l qt. personality--Shirley Brown M qt. brilliance-Freda Jaffe 1 qt. manners-Patty Reber 2 pt. wit and humor-Ad-elee Paris 2 pt. attractiveness Cpr-etty but not duinwbj-Edith Liss LG or Z gal. height-"Good things come in small packages but some girls are two packages fullf'-Elaine Marks. 2 gal. Midge Norris-5 pt. 1 to lk pt. weight-resulting in the thin or pleasinglyp plump type--Betty Markle 2 pt. neat appearance-Skippy Seder t'Seasonings"-Pepper 1 cup understancling-Ethyl Sap-per a few grains of shyness-Esther Bar- kowski a dash of sarcasm-Mini Amdur 2 ts. silence!???? Can't find it here! 1 lb. smiles-Violet London ' 122 cup smooth dancing-Bertha Hoff- man Add all ingredients Stir very, very gently Bake until just right Cnot too hot, not too coldj And then taste! Terry Allderdice says, quote, "If the way to a 11131'1yS heart is through his stomach then this recipe certainly hits the spot with a bangf' 172 GIRLS MAY BE ON A DIET BUT ANY GIRL WILL ENJOY THIS DISH The Recipe for the Ideal Mail l quart personality-Allan Holbrook 1 quart intelligence-Arthur Frankston M quart manners-Tom Hart Z pints wit and humor-Eddie Wein- berger l pint pleasant features and nice hair- Leon Paul 3 glasses lieiglit-Wally McClean 2 pints weight Cnicely distributed es- !' pecially around shouldersj-Bob Sully 2 pints neat appearance-Richard Steele "Seasonings"-Ray Lubet l cup "knowing a time and place for everything" ? P ? ?? A few grains of shyness-Robert Lyle A pinch of tenderness-Tyrone Powers 2 pound smiles-David Hoffman 1 cup smooth dancing-Louis Broad Add all ingredients Stir gen-tly Bake until hot!! Then taste-yum yum. Tested and approved by Miss All- derdiee w. " 1 at- X uw. N... , if ..,kNg,l:?,...+..A-I-l Q 'I + s., --...-...w x M f M' 173 HGHllUllllEDGlllEIllS. To Miss Katherine lVLcCamblay and the members of the Business Service Guild for their valuable assistance in typing the material of this book. To Miss Marie Dollard and the art students for designing and preparing the decorative effects. To Mr. Kavanaurgh and the boys in the print shop for very helpfu-l services in preparing 'business and advertising forms used. To the sponsors, Miss Rose Hartz and Miss Dorothy Zeigler, and the members of the play casts of the two classes for their excellent work which aided in financing this b-ook. To the members of the Student Councils for their efforts in selling subscriptions. To the Mayer Publishing and Printing Company, the Siss- man Studio, and the Superior Engraving Company for their efficient and helpful construction of this, the 1937 Journal. To all teachers and pupils for their loyal aid and assistance without which this book could not succeed. 174 KJ ,YS ,lv

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