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Allderdice High School - Allderdice Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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-, V...,-- iq-?....-.1..., Y V ,L , , ., - - Q1 L 1'-'-1' 'ye ' ,i Q: , f -V--1' A H+- .. QE I f 1 L " f' L 7-.' 1 : fi g igqf Aga 9 ' P'f 44, f -' V- 5.1:-, If '-1a..i f:5:LfTv 4? 1-5,5 1 H gffflfgsixs-2 ,, : H 1' , ' ., H - 4" J' f , .- 4. v . 7. . -,J f f, fs , 'rv-.U 4, .L .Jn .shy '--":'.rsf.f. 1 R' 1: - , , ' -, ,,. ,.. .2 '41, Q. -' ' ' -' K V i A- , - :Liu f - , fe. -.f x. ' . -4:1 A-J.. --zf 4 v , ,. '- 'vw -- ,g'.,,J'-4-,--., - gif- -- " .ef SL., -1 , .-. f-A F g-3,.ff"'e":' Xp-'r 7- . ---- H L- - - 'wma-4 , -f ' Q55-3 "gif 51:-'fir-emif J. :Q -4-e,"'7f' ' , ,J 1 1 :Arif f-11 . --2 'G . H - - , H . 3 .' Q, 73.1 'g-11,1 -gags. f' V.:.,g,5,:-1 T 'Q 375-it F, 1 ,viz I Q -"f E' 1-w-f.,f :- -J-,,:E3g.f,--are-'1-1 , . V. i 1L+',-+g:f1',f1f ---Q1 ,f eff'fK-5 1 5 A . T? . if 'ii".'te-isiafafri , g, 5 '3""?1sE-W-. 56? 1534- 'V ' ' - -1 ' X ' H'-ar' '.f2,4NE'EkN'-in f:..v9'2'-' if-3 ff, .ff -1, :af k-,R , . x. ,. ,, 54 , g,,,Q4.g -'-- A X 3,1 'T-5. 1 21 V -5 -. W, lsr, 55i:x,.175 'V . V k..Elx-:L .5-:N5f:+.fflggLi3Y- -. -' L . ,-, 1-we 1:2 - .,,1,1'if?"'.-:'. " .. ff, '- 1 f '55 V ,. -5 VJ- ,V V G Y- . t , ,. ml, EL. L -,,.. -, :Q , ., 1- gffxg f ' jj: r - . Qf :lj ,V 'S t . V V A -. ,. -,gn T35 . ,, . N, Y . RJ, ,V . . ' .bf Q ff' a '11-EDT f " f 'fix ,-: 11,4 'nfl NT'T,, ', 1. .' 2'5" YE? f- L. ' ,Q j,,.f:5-A.-il, , 1 2 , Lfffig.ff'.?fi,:R'1?.-i.1N3fu1'9 I8 m9fQ'.P9WB'YfUl ghgn - fi!-igki ., 135 . 32 ' ' -if , gr: .. W , -, ,p '- -- f---- -1 "Hai ,5 . "Ei: ,Nga ef L 1 , ' --Q- iedugaheng urge-will dqvelop ' Y A ' V'-' , - V' - V' . '- : '.e.if1,:+.,f 'gxiif'-, 31:3 , veYe"Y'hm91 A A I 55 fl -' . -WSMEU -f"5"'5"' Q-,f'te1"l,L T iii' ' Li, 4532?- ' ' Q ?"'iJ,.:fi:T .- f ff f P ' ' 2, ,fgfi?3rf- gf..- ,. ns- N ' ., I 165:55 gf f-cb, A eg -gf-'31-1.sff-T521-:7e??A, '5-'ffiflip'55-ff:lS",.cJ iii?-313.56 21, - :fa jg ,1 -ijw. ' - '. H -E4 i 1 .- ff- ' ' 5' 19- YQ 'iff' yefl 1 A5221 'ff F " f ""'1gf '.'1?5ffJfaji?f""V!Jf, ,. - , V ,, E 2y'2-..f"fa5 . Ks. sf H??f'?' 1' 3.3.2 'Nf'f"'?llxf' .-if if ze 3f-2QL5?kEifi" ' fe ,K .,,,,, V-, . . ., ,s.,-, .- ,,. , , W, Q, , .4 ig ' f 7!i"'2f'f 4 .xx 4.4, f,,,..Q s .114 ,,f,,44 J-in :X A ,Easy U, bi -f'-52:41 'X ifzifx- -'L l1Q':fQf, A-A, , ng Ffa. ,12f1.".,P"3i7-LESE g,:9'Q,,,3:2'A,'ff. 1-:ff !V4r.Qf--J' A 72:-'jffygyff-E-,yy-Q.,-A vs- b 5, gf rj-1 gg Q: '-3 1" ' , -' L :lx 4.21 f --1 -.w ,w,,w..: ,af ,nh .uf , , I U 1 1 ' ' ' 2. P , fI'his journal is to the Qfssocigtionv df Tiylor with and :Rf tht . thi's . hgslfffniiered fd M "" I 1: Y, 1 2- s . . , 4 5 1 'f' .gif- l . . ,, . I 'il -wma- Foreword Members of the 1936 graduating classes have fin- ished a high school training which has aimed to equip them with education as a tool to overcome the hard- ships which must be faced in the world. The idea, therefore, that each member is setting forth upon this arduous journey of life and must face evils, joys, hardships, further study and final success is present- ed in this book in a series of pictures symbolically representing the individual's progress. As youth sets out upon his quest the world is be- fore him, but the fascination and lure of flitting en- joyment deters him until, disgusted with his material surroundings, he turns to nature as a solace. Suc- cess does not come immediately as the you-th finds that the elements are relentless foes and the cease- less toil is a necessity. Eventually he realizes that in- tensive study and increased mental development will equip him so that in this ever-present struggle he may succeed in making nature his vassal. This brief state- ment is made with the hope that the drawings may be better interpreted and appreciated. Rapidly changing conditions produce a somewhat uncertain world into which this graduating class of 1936 will step. If this journal, which offers a brief review of school activities in which this class has engaged, may assist in recalling memories of school days when difficulties and obstacles were unknown, it will have served its purpose well. J,o.f-vw'-I-'-45l1LJ-'A' xvwjuijjfkx jgoJ . WM I J 01.44, ,6wQff,QWCL Jsdfzfw 2 7 ,1..-1-4-' -,f yyyg , . p . Offlf 1 ff Q i X X 5 ., X! R X l- 5 X 1- x X XX X X-XX X Q X ff- XX xx U ?lzlf1li'l',, l:'111'iff1 lllt' icilff ffm K'11wia'ff'ffgf' of iffy iQ'01"k.v. -Tuownxs lil.-A Tribute . As the day ul parting draws iiezir, our thoughts drift to the l'ClJUl't tezleliers whose helpful zissistzmee has aided us in our years :it .-Xllderdiee. Patiently hzive they aclvised and guided us, taking pride in our ziellievements and assisting us with our problems. It is our wish that the following should have this expression of our tlmnlcs fm- their uutiriiig efforts :md L'lllllllSlZlSl1l in uui' behalf: Miss Helen R. Bartrim Miss Charlotte R. Beachler Miss Rosa Blessing Miss Mary C. Brennan Miss Ruth Clauson Miss Marian Couperthwaite Miss Elizabeth A. Fleming Miss Esther Geist R. J. Hackett Miss Mathilda 'G. Johnson Mr. L. W. Korona Miss Frances Leech Mr. Charles T. Roller Miss Cora Ross Mr. J. T. Shriner Miss Sara D. Stuart 4 e Allclerclice VOLUME VII Published jointly by Seniors of the January and June Classes of 1936 THE TAYLOR ALLDERDICE HIGH SCHOOL -----SHADY AND FORWARD AvENUEs--l--1 PITTSBURGH , PA.- DR. ROLAND G. DEEVERS Principal 6 Faculty Principal--Roland G. Deevers Vice-Principal-Arthur C. Baird Activities Director-Ann A. Houston Vocational Counselor-W. M. Sharp Girls' Advisor-Lucy A. South Isabel T. Zinn, Chief Clerk: Lois E. Hill, Clerk: Helen M. Brand, Clerk: ART Dollard, Marie J. Fitzpatrick, Joseph C. Norton, Jennie A. Koenig, Olivia COMMERCIAL Angelo, John P. Book, Harry D. Bartrim, Helen R. Campbell, Helen L. Fleming, Elizabeth A. Graham, Florence Johnson, Mathilda G. Korona, L. IN. Longenecker, Clay H Catherine M. Hoyt, Book Clerk HISTORY MANUAL TRAINING Blitz, Samuel Beachler, Charlotte R. Faust, Alvin G. Geist, Esther L. Kearney, Jennie Quattrocchi, Anna M. Gautsch, A. L. Julian, Kenneth H. B. Kavanaugh, C. P. Krotzer, J. Earl Liberator, E. A. Mt h ll, B tl o. MUSIC R553 ecora cam Bechtolt, F. M. Rupp Leila H. Meyer, Dorothy Jean Solesi Harry C. Stffiner, Emma , Tait, Rina B. Zelgler, Laura E. Wall, S- Pearl PHYSICAL EDUCATION HOUSEHOLD ECONOMICS Bailey, Charlotte E. McCamblay, Katherine S. Bard, Rebecga F- Melvin, John B. ENGLISH Albert, Dorothy Barkley, Florence M. Clauson, Ruth Clough, Mary G. Evans, Mary A. Hartz, Rose Hoerger, Irvin F. Kerr A nes y g Klingensmith, Elizabeth Laird, Excie M. Leech, Frances M. Long, Belle Montgomery, Nancy J. Pregler, Hedwig O. Riddle, Diantha W. Stuart, Sara D. Wagenknecht, Elizabeth Welsh, Clara I. Young, George K. Zeigler, Dorothy M. FOREIGN LANGUAGES Brennan, Mary C. Bergman, Dorothy Bowlin, Olive Coyne, John B. Kamler, Yetta T. Richey, Anna G. Roller, C. T. Simpson, Myra C. Todd, Edna R. Grossman, Grace A. McDermott, Irene E. LIBRARY Anderson, Mary H. McMickle, Margaret Il. MATHEMATICS Altsman, Hazel Bernhard, Charles NY. Blessing, Rosa Carter, Mary A. Couperthwaite, Marian Freeble. Charles H. Glaes, J. S. Phillips, George M. Pickard, Dorothy E. Phipps, Alice L. Spitler, J. L. Snyder, George B. Wilson, H. H. Hazlett, Katharyn Haar, Franklin B. Irvin, Robert W. Irwin, John H. Long, Esther M. Muter, Jeanne E. Oliver, Alexander Schaefer, Elizabeth SCIENCE DI Baird, Hester A. Colborn, Lon H. Donaldson, Elizabeth Hackett, R. J. Held, Alva K. Holmes, Fred E. Jessop, Grace Johnston, Jane S. Marshall, Fred L. McCandless, Jane Miller, Elizabeth C. Shriner, J. T. Smith, Mae Weber ETITIAN Compton, Edna SWIMMING MATRON Bloom, Clara CUSTODIAN Marks, Joseph SPEECH SC Adams, Leona I-IOOL DOCTOR Boots, Edmund, M.D. 7 ournal Stafi-1 EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Edith Baker Hilary Lurie Faculty Editors-Miss Ann A. Houston, Miss Diantha W. Riddle FEATURE Ethelfrieda Hirschenson Estelle Serbin Phyllis Klein Geraldine Marcus Douglas Eckhardt xfMarjorie McCreery Clara Adams Alvin Malakoff xfBeverly Dobrin Estelle Kovacs Helen Stevenson Natalie Josephs Helen Jaffe VLester Herrup Betty Sachs ASSOCIATE EDITORS LITERARY Evelyn Goldsmith Dolores Niehoff Mildred Roth Clare Weil ACTIVITIES Falk Arnheim Martha Chersky William Wilkins Norman Davis fEsther Grote vjjack Stover Aethelburga Schmidt Carl Anderson Beatrice Thompson ,jWilliam Kidney Betty Parmelee Lois Green Katherine Becker jane Shallenberger NjDavid McClean TYPISTS Eunice Nathan Rose Angel jean DePinto CLUBS, SPORTS, MUSIC gfEsther Amsler y!Gertrude Broido Charlotte Greenwald Bernard Grossman BUSINESS MANAGERS Eugene Lipman Sam Saul Karl Stark JBernard Fisher ournal Staff 10 V..-,,.,Y Y Y Y- LfT7ZZt?J'.V above hi71l,S'c3ff fn- can Eremf M11'1.vff lmcc our K1 Min ' if man. 1 4 -SAINIUICI, IJANIICI anuary Class Drganization OFFICERS President ...........................................,...... David M-cClean Vice President ......... ........... L illian Bagley Secretary .............. ......... P erry Rockwell COMMITTEES journal Esther Amsler, Gertrude Broida, Ethelfrieda Hirschenson, Falk Arnheim, Edith Baker, Estelle Serbin, Martha Chersky, Phyllis Klein, Geraldine Marcus, VVilliam Vllilkens, Eunice Nathan, Norman Davis, Douglas Eck- hardt, Claire Wleil, Marjorie McCreery, -lack Stover, David McClean, Esther Grote. Social Elmer Hafenbrak, Evelyn Hayden, Marian Ertzman, NVilliam Goldsmith, Jean Stivers, Claire NVeil, Morris Feldman. ' Picture Helen Ebert, Morris Holcomb, Martha Chersky, Norman Davis, Alfred Conti, Virginia Norris, Marian Vkfiseman. Ring Jayne Karper, Paul Kuzma, Alma Adams, Julius Cubernek, Virginia Schideler, VVilliam Simpson, Ruth Vlfillianis. Song Dorothy Douthitt, Esther Grote, Marjorie M,cCreery. Color and Motto Vwlilliam Beynon, joe NVills, Daryl Adams, Russell Abercrombie, Sylvia Goldman, Donald Butler. Flower Harriet Olierfield, Gertrude Broida, l-len Xlleintraulm, Miriam Di-ckerman. Betty Rial, Bill Beynon. 12 ---Senior Committees-l TOP ROW-PICTURE COMMITTEE, COLOR AND MOTTO COMMITTEE SECOND ROW-SOCIAL COMMITTEE, RING COMMITTEE, FLOWER COMMITTEE BOTTOM ROW-SONG COMMITTEE 13 Januarbp Class LEFT PANEL Abercrombie, Russel L Adamitz, Frances C. Adams, Alma Myrtle Adams, Daryl Rose Adler, Harold Bernard Adreon, Lawrence ,f'Amsler, Esther :lfAshinger, Hilbert, Jr. Bage, jane Bagley, Lillian May Baldwin, james Manor Belie, Helen RIGHT PANEI Bennett, Beverley Gail Berk, Helen Dorothy Beynon, William John Billups, Anna Roberta VBluestone, Lucille Ann Blumenthal, Bernice I. Bonaro, Grace Borchers, jane Taylor Bougher, Leone Gwendolyn Boyd, Alexander Boyd, John Phillip w,!Boyer, Ruth M. 251Deceased l 9 3 Co 14 --- 15 Januarf Class LEFT PANEL Brinker, Paul A. JBroido, Gertrude Lois Brown, Bernard Irving Burchell, Robert F. Weisbrod, Frederick Wm Byrne, jean Marie Caldwell, James Robert Cantor, David Cepko, Bernadettte Rose Chersky, Martha R. Cillo, Raymond Paul Clarkson, Mary Louise RIGHT PANEL Cogswell, Mary F. Cohen, Phyllis Sylvia Collett, Ruth Lillian Collins, William Conti, Alfred Ronald Cubernek, Julius Davis, Dorothea Ruth Davis, Norman N. Deakter, Harry Denes, J. Charles DeRoy, Ralph Lionel Dickerman, Miriam 1936 January, Class LEFT PANEL DiLillo, Ophelia B. ,fDouthitt, Dorothy ,fDuddy, C. Lauretta Dunn, Harold Ebert, Helen Louise Eckhart, Douglass Lohr Erdeky, Kalman, jr. Ertzman, Miriam Louise Fallat, Helen Feldman, Morris Earl Ferris, Wilson Finney, Herbert RIGHT PANEL Friedman, Verner William Gatz, Arthur D., jr. Geyer, H. Lawrence, jr. VGlausser, Wayne E. Golden, Milton J. Goldman, Sylvia Marjory Goodman, Jerome Grant, Gloria G. Greenberg, Rosaline Gross, Charles Clayton v'Grote, Esther A. Hafenbrach, Elmer Edwin 1936 16 January, Class LEFT PANEL Hamilton, Veda Lillian Harris, David Howard yHarris, Wilma J. Hayden, Evelyn H. Heimert, Ruth Edna Helfant, Phyllis Wimmer Herscovitz, William R. Hicks, Arthur Earl Hicks, Hugh Harrison Hill, William E. Hershenson, Ethelfreda Jamieson, Ethel Roberta RIGHT PANEL Johns, William Todd Justh, Victor Kapalo, Frank Karper, Beverly Jayne Kaufmann, Esther Marie Kawka, Mary Kirkland, Glenn I. Kirschberg, Betty Kirschberg, Eleanor Klein, Marion Klein, Phyllis Kuhns, Robert Allan 1936 Januaryi Class LEFT PANEL Kuzma, Paul Lennox, Donald D. Lipchik, Helen Little, Donald Marcus, Geraldine Shirley LfMazer, Henry Mervis, Seritta ,fMeyer, Allison june Meyerson, Shirley M. Mudry, Regina G. xfMuirhead, Arnaud, jr. Murdock, Virginia Margaret RIGHT PANEL McCarney, Lucille VMcClean, David P. ,AVIcClintock, Homer Glenn JMcCreery, Marjorie McElroy, Henry james Nagy, Ethel Mary Nagy, Lillian C. Nathan, Eunice Nelligan, Catherine Marie Norris, Virginia Roth Oberfield, Harriet S. Okerberg, Lilly Elizabeth 1936 18 Januaryj Class LEFT PANEL Paulson, joseph Robert Pearsol, Blair Frank, jr. Perkins, Mary Jane Phelps, Grace Madeline Plessett, Pauline Porro, Alda Jeanne Powell, Virginia Frances Prosdocimo, Katherine Anna Purse, Betty jane Puzak, Michael Radacsi, Andrew B. Radin, Herbert RIGHT PANEL Rial, Elizabeth Ritz, Robert Rockwell, Perry M. Rose, Pearl Rupert, Betty jane Rupert, Dorothy Sanford, William H. Schechter, Edna june Schmidt, Herman joseph Scholler, John D. Scott, Charles Edgar Scott, Marcella 1936 19 Januaryt Class LEFT PANEL Serbin, Estelle Kay Shaw, Dorothy Irene Sherbert, Myers S. !Shideler, Virginia Shrager, Albert Simpson, William M., jr Sivitz, Florence Paula Smith, Selma G. Snyder, George R. Sogg, Marion Betty Staubitz, Claire E. Sternlicht, Kenneth RIGHT PANEL Stewart, Sander Harold Steyer, joseph Thomas Stivers, Jean Clydesdale Stock, Lois M. fStover, john G., Jr. Sutch, Howard F. Swisher, Cora Elizabeth Takacs, Stephen L. Thomas, Robert G. Thompson, Mary E. Tracht, Joseph Ungvary, Helen 1936 20 YWeil, Claire Weiner, Sidney Weintraub, Ben Wilkins, William Donald Williams, Ruth Witt, Edward Henry Wolf, Phyllis Sydelle Wonn, james Worrall, Marie Elizabeth Wiseman, Marian anuaryg Class 1936 Arnheim, Falk K. Baker, Edith Butler, Donald Baruch Darnell, Elsie Demchek, john Albert amison, Reid R. Wallace, Dorothy Virginia Stack, Bartholomew Francis Scott, Charles Edward McKibbon, Thomas Burton 21 Senior' Class Room Gffioers Miss Bartrim-Sponsor President .............. Vice President ...... Secretary ........,.... Student Council ........ Miss Fleming-Sponsor President .............. Vice President .... Secretary .............. Room 360 Williani Beynon .....Elmer Hafenbrak Jane Karper .......Falk Arnheini Room 351 ....... XVilliam Simpson ...., .... V irginia Norris Helen Fallat Student Council ........ ......... E linor Kirschberg Mr. Hackett-Sponsor President ................ ....... Vice President ....i Secretary ........ , ..... Student Council . Miss Beachler-Sponsor lf President .............. Room 456 Douglas lickhardt . Virginia llckhardt ........ liunice Nathan ......Norman Davis Room 350 ......Certrude Broido xfViee President ........ ......... l Esther Amsler jSecretary .............. .... l Dorothy Douthitt Student Council ........ ........,. I ulius Cuburnek Miss Blessing-Sponsor President .............. Vice President .... Secretary ............. Room 464 Donald Butler ...Lucille McCarney .........Marcella Scott Student Council ..... .......... R uth Williams Mr. Roller-Sponsor President ............, Vice President ...... Secretary ...,......... Student Council .. Room 2-70 ...,......Lillian Bagley Williaiii Herscovitz Dorothy Rupert .......... Lillian Bagley SERVICE AWARD Lillian May Bagley David P. McClean J Amsler, anuary Class Activities Abercrombie, Russell Lloyd-Lunch Patrol, Soc- cer '31, Cross Country '34, Home Room Mushball, Group B Male Chorus, Scrapbook. Adarnitz, Frances C.--Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Basketball '33, History Club. Adams, Alma Myrtle-Ring Committee, Class l"lay Prompter, Library Service Club, Home Econo- mics Club, Red Cross Club, Needlework Guild, Volleyball '35, Tennis '34. Adams, Daryl Rose?I-Ionor Society, Color and Motto Committee, Class Play Prompter, Opera: Tennis '34, '35, Volleyball '35, Library Service Club, Home Economics Club, Needlework Guild, Red Cross Club. Adreon, Lawrence J.-Door Patrol '35, '36. Esther-Judge of Studenit Court, Fore- word Staff, Journal Staff, National Honor Society, Swimming '32, Tiemnis '34, Accompanist for Voice Dept. and Opera, Group A member, Girls' Leaders Club, Rifle Club. Arnheim, Falk K.-Student Council, Hall Patrol, Chairman Hall Patrol, Journal Staff, Social Com- mittee, Play Reading Committee, Vice-President of 205, Secretary-Treasurer of 205, Foreword Reporter, Sigma Iota. 'Asl-ringer, Hilbert-Lunch Patrol, Intramural Mushball '33, Intramural Volleyball '33. Bage, jane-Basketball '32, Volleyball '32, Ten- nis '3Z, Swimming '32, Leaders '33, Bagley, Lillian-Student Council, President ol' 270, Vice-President of Senior Class, Swimming Team '34, '35, Tennis '32, '33. '35, Hockey '32, '33, '34, '35, Basketball '32, '33, '34, '35, Semior Lead- ers, Girl Reserves. Baker, Edith-Hall Patrol, Student Council, Editor-in-Chief of Journal Staff, Play Reading Com- mittee, President, Volleyball '33, '34, Tennis '34, Foreword Staff, Players Guild, Marionette. Baldwin, Jim:-Foreword Staff, Class Play, Intra- mural Volleyball '35, Band A, Junior Mechanics. Belie, Helen--Volleyball '35, Mushball '35, Hockey '35, Business Service Guild. Bennett, Beverly Gail-Hall Patrol, Voice A and B, President of Stage-Make-Up. Berk, Helen-JHistory-Movie, Travel Club. -. Beynon, William--Door Patrol, Class Play, Social Committee, Flower Committee, Color Committee, President, Vice-President, Reporter, Cross Coun- try '34, Captain '35, Billups, Anna R.--Hall Patrol, Basketball '33, History Club. J Bluestone, Lucille-'Hall Patrol, Orchestra A, Music Appreciation, Dramatic Club. Blumenthal, Irene Bernice--Hall Patrol, Mushball '35, Art Club, Special Art Club, Marionette Club, Stage-Make-Up. Bonaro, Grace-Foreword Reporter, Hockey '34, '35, Basketball '33, '34, Volleyball '32, Orchestra '32, Red Cross Club, Movie Squad, Assembly Squad, Shakespeare Club. ' Borchers, Jane T.--Book Room. 'Deceased Bougher, Leona-Volleyball '32, Voice A and B. Boyd, Alexander-Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Cross Country '34, '35, Intramural Basketball '35, golliylgill '35, Intramural Mushball Champs '35, an . Boyd, John Phillip-Senior Play, Intramural Mushball Team '35, Cross Country '34, '35, Make- up-Club, Intramural Basketball and Volleyball '34. Lf Boyer, Ruth M.-Mushball, Volleyball '55, or- chestra A, Harp Trio. Brinker, Paul A.-Mushball '35, Band A, Sigma Iota. V Broido, Gertrude Lois-Journal Staff, Flower Committee, Home Room President, Orchestra Ai Senior Leaders, Players' Guild, Rifle Club, Fore- yvord Staff, National Honor Society, Hockey '33, 34, '35 Brown, Bernard I.--Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Secretary oi Room, Motor Sport. Burchell, Robert-Swimming '34, '35, Band A, Fencing Club. Butler, Donaldw-Hall Patrol, President of Home Room, Class Play, Senior Debating Society, Play- ers' Guild, Color and Motto Committee, Foreword Reporter. Caldwell. James R.-Student Council, President of Room, Swimming Team '33, Band A, French Club. Cantor, David-President of Room 270, Boys' Leaders Club. Cepko, Bernadette--Hockey '35, Volleyball '33, '34, Mushball '35, Business Service Guild. Chersky, Martha-Door Patro-l, Vigilance Com- mittee, Picture Committee, Joumal Staff, French Club, Red Cross, Hall Patrol. Clarkson, Mary Louise-Foreword Reporter, Sec- retary and Treasurer, Business Service Guild, Red Cross Club, Stamp Club, Art Club. !Clippinger, June-Hall Patrol, Track '32, Girls' Quartette '33, '34, Lunch Patrol, Girls' Chorale 34, '35, Opera. Cogswell, Mary--Hall Patrol, Voice B, Opera. Cohen, Phyllis-Hall Patrol, Voice A and B, Stage-Make-Up. Collett, Ruth L.-Hall Checker of Hall Patrol, Basketball '33, Girls' Reserves, History Movie. Collins, William-Basketball Champion and Mush- ballg Boys' Leaders Club, Literary Club, History Clu . Conti, Alfred R.--Door Patrol, Picture Com- mittee, Football '33, '34, Soccer '32, Senior Mush- ball Championship, Green Key CP'rexs.D, Advertis- ing Club, Hi-Y, Senior Leaders' Club. Cuburnek, Julius-Student Council, Lunch Patrol, Senior Class Play, Senior Track Team '35, Na- tional Honor Society, French Club, Library Club, Senior Mushball '35, Senior Ring Committee. Davis, Norman-Student Council, Journal Staff, Picture Committee, Class Play, Debate Club. Deakter, Harry-Door Patrol ,- Junior Soccer '32, Football '33, '34, '35, Track '34. Demchek, John--Locker Patrol, Radio Club, Let- tering Club. 23 Denes, Charles-Door Patrol, Elevator, Biology Club. DeRoy, Ralph-Door Patrol, Hall Patrol, Presi- dent of Home Room. Dickcrman, Miriam-Junior Literary Club, Bio- logy Club, Student Council, Flowievr Committee? Foreword Reporter, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Assistant Swimming Manager, History Movie Club. DiLi1lo, Ophelia B.-Chorus A, Opera, Mushball '35. Douthitt, Dorothy-Hall Patrol, Song Committee, Orchestra A, French Club, Manager of Girls' Mush- ball '35, National Honor Society. Duddy, Constance Lauretta---Basketball '34, '35, VMusbhall '35, Volleyball '34, '35, Orchestra As Voice C, Knitting Club. Dunn, Haroldflfoottball '33, '34, '35: Basketball '34-, '35, Swimming '33, Soccer '32Z Ml1Sl1lP3ll Champs '35, Track Team '35. Ebert, Helen LouisefForeword Staff, Picture Committee, Business Service Guild, Archery Club, Red Cross Club, Biology Club. Eckhardt, Douglas L.--Student Council, Journal Staff, l'res'ident of 456, Swimming Team '34, '35, Band A, President of Signal Club. Erdeky, Kalman. Jr.--Door Patrol, Hall Patrol, Swimming Team '33, '35, Intramural Mushball, Senior Art Club. Ertzman, Marion L.4+Social Committee, Hall Pa- trol, Vice-I'1'esident of 270, Hockey '34. '35, Man- ager Track Team, Girl Reserves, Make-up Club. Fallat, Helen--Junior Chorus, Travelers' Club, Red Cross Club. Feldman, Morris Earl-Hall Patrol, Perfect' At- tendance '33, '34, '35, Biology Club, Social Com- mittee. Ferris, Wilson T.-Cross Country Team '34, '35, Soccer Team '31, Stage Crew '33, '34, '35, Friedman, Verner W.-Foreword Reporter, Short VVave Club, Biology Club. Gatz, Arthur-etflass Play, Players Guild, Debate Club, Volleyball, Mushball, History Dramatic Club. Geyer, Lawrence--Hall Patrol, Intramural Mush- ball '33, Intramural Volleyball '35. Glausser, Wayne--Class Play, Football '33, '34, Band A, Sport Club, Life Saving Club. Golden, Milton J.--Lunch Patrol, Swimming Team '35, Intramural Champion Mushball, Cross Country Team '34, '35, Band A, Cheer Leader '35, Jr. Mechanics, Library Club. Goldman, Sylvia M.-Hall Patrol, Home Econo- mics Club, Stamrp Club. Goodman, Jerome-President of 219, Tennis Team '33, '34, '35 CCaptainJ, Student Council, Sports Club. Grant, Gloriaflntramural Basketball '32, '33, In- tramural Volleyball '32, '33, Astronomy Club, Mic- roscope Club, French Club, Hall Patrol, Make-up Club. Greenberg, Rosaline-Hall Patrol, Senior Play Prompt-er. W Grote, Esther-Lunch Patrol, Journal Staff, Song Committee, Tennis '33, Orchestra A, Trio, Quar- tet, Players' Guild, German Club. Hafenbrak, Elmer Edwin-Social Committee, Vice-Presrident. Hamilton, Veda-Hall Patrol. Harris, David-Lunch Patrol, Boys' Cooking Club, Sigma Iota Club, Class President, Stamp Club, Band. V Harris, Wilma jane-Play, Opera, Orchestra A, Trio, Knitting Club, Honor Society. Hayden, Evelyn H.-elloor Patrol, Hall Patrol, Social Committee, Class Play, Foreword Reporter, Basketball '35, '36, Hockey '35, Volleyball '34, '35, Mushball '35, Mechanical Drawing Club. Heimert, Ruth Edna-Hall Patrol. Helfant, Phyllis W.-Hall Patrol, Book Reading Club, Knitting Club, History-Movie Club, Junior Chorus, Basketball '32, '33, '34, Volleyball '33, Herscovitz, William R.-Football '33, '34, '35, Track '34, Captain '35, Gymnastics '32, '34, '35, Volleyball Intramural Champions '35, Basketball Intramurals '34, '35, Mushball Intramurals '34, '35, Art Club. Hicks, Arthur E.-President, Band, Puzzle Club. Hicks, Hugh-Band. Hill, William E.-Band B. Ethelfreda-Hall Patrol, Journal Hirshenson. Staff, Orchestra A, French Club. Hodgdon, Georgie E.-Golf Team '33, Variety Club, Automobile Club, Book Room Club, Geo- metric Design Club. Jamieson, Ethel Roberta-Business Service Guild. Karper. Jayne B.-Ring Committee, President of Report Room, Vice-President, Secretary, Basket- ball '32, '33, Hockey '35, President of French Club, Art Club, Sewing Club. Kauffmann, Esther Marie-Museum Club, Busi ness Service Guild, Travel Club. Kerr, Edward J.-Cross Country '32, Male Chorus, Group A. Kirkland, Glenn I.-Hall Patrol, Band A, French Club, Short-Wave Club. Kirshbierg, Betty-4Baskethall '33, '34, '35, Hockey '34, '35, Volleyball '34, Marionette Club, Literary Club. Kirschberg, Elinor-Student Council, Hockey '34, '35, Volleyball '35, Basketball '33, '34, '35, Mar- ionette Club, Art Club. Klein, Marian-Tennis '33, '34, Tennis Manager '35, Volleyball '32, '33, '34, Jr. Loaders, Mushball '35, Swimming '32, '33, Basketball '33, Special Art Club, Jr. Art Club. Klein, PhylliseHall Patrol, Journal Staff, Flower Cimpmittee, French Club, Dramatic Club, Red Cross C u 1. Kuhns, Robert A.-Boys' Cooking Club, Secre- tary of Home Room, Saxophone Sextet, Band, Uvoor Patrol , Travel Club. Kuzma, Paul-History Club, Travel Club, Cook- ing Club, Door Paitrol, Perfect Attendance '32, '33, '34, Vice-Presiclent.Report Room, Mechanical Draw- mg. 24 Lennox, Donald-Trumpet Club, Cross Country '34, Band. Lipchik, Helen-Volleyball '32, '33, '34. '35, Swimming '33, Mushball '34, '35, Business Service Guild, Girls' Mechanical Drawing Club. Little, Donald S.-Senior Band A, State Cham- pionship Band, National I-Ionor Society, Class Play. Marcus, Geraldine S.-Student Council, Journal Staff, Tennis '33, '34, Basketball '34, Volleyball '33. M Mazer, Henry-Volleyball, Band A, Orchestra, Literary Club, Biology Club, Biography Club, President. Mervis, Seritta-B Chorus, Home Economics Club. Meyer, Allison--Girls' Choral, Quartet, Mechani- cal Drawing Club, Chorus. Meyerson, Shirley M.--Hall Patrol, B Chorus' Mathematics Club, French Club, Stage Make-up. Mudry. G. Regina-Hall Patrol, Mushball '34, '35, Volleyball '33, '34, '35, Soccer '34, Hockey '34, Red Cross Club. Murdock, Virginia M.arganeb-Business Service Guild, Travel Club. McCarney, Lucille-Vice-President 464, Volley- ball '32, '33, '34, '35, Mushball '34, '35, Basket- ball '34, '35, Hockey '34, '35, Girl Reserves, Girls' Mechanical Drawing Club, Business Service Guild, Girls Senior Leaders' Club. V McClean, David P.-Class President, Student Council, Class Play, Journal Staff, Swimming Team '33, '34, '35, Service Award, Convocation Speaker, if if National Honor Society, President French Club, Home Room President. McClintock, Homer G.-Orchestra, Band, As- troniomy Club, Rifle Club, Literary English Club. McCreery, Marjorie Graham-Journal Staff: Song Committee, Class Play, Tennis '33, '34, '35, Or- chestra A, All-City Orchestra, Opera, Leaders' Club, Special Art Club, Red Cross Club. McElroy, Harry J.-Golf Team '35, Boys' Chorale, Foreword Reporter. McKibben, Tom--Automobile Club, Boys Leaders' Club , Social Committee. NREY. Ethel--History Club, Mechanical Drawing Club, Mushball '35, Volleyball '35, Hall Patrol. Nagy, Lillian C.-Business Service Guild. Nathan, Eunice--Foreword Staff, Student Court Stenographer, Journal Staff, Co-lor and Motto and Cheer Committee, French Club, Puzzle Club, Busi- ness Service Guild, Jr. Leaders' Club. Nelligan, Catherine-Girl Reserves Club , Swim- mfing T'eam '32, Mushball '35, Girls' Senior Elec- tric Club. Norris, Virginia-Picture Committee: Honor So- ciety, Hockey '34, '35, Volleyball '35, Voice B, Archery Club, French Club, Oberfield, Harriet-4Hall mittee, Foreword Reporter, '34, Literary Club, French Red Cross, Chess Club. Patrol, Flower Com- Volleyball '33, Tennis Club, Cooking Club. Okerberg, Lilly-Red Cross Club, Business Ser- vice Guild. Paulson, Joseph-Band, Hall Patrol, Voice. '25 Pearsol, Blair F.-Male Chorus, Opera, Volley- ball, Basketball, Mushball, Voice A and B. Perkins, Mary Jane-Hall Patrol, Volleyball '35' Basketball '35, Hockey '35, Marionette Club. Phelps, Grace Madeline-Voice A, Opera. Plesset, Pauline-Red Cross Club, Advertising Club, Hall Patrol. Porro, Alda Jeanne-Red Cross Club, Advertising Club, Library Club, Business Service Guild. Powell, Virginia F.-Hall Patrol, Secretary of Re- port Class, Rifle Club, Advertising Club. Prosdocimo, Katherine-Red Cross Club, Adver- tising Club, Volleyball '33, '34, Basketball '33, '34. Purse, Jane'-Hall Patrol, Patrol Monitor, Senior Leaders' Club, Manager of 12th grade Hockey '35, Tennis '32, '33, '34, '35, Swimming '34, Basketball '34, Volleyball '33, '34, Story Telling Club. Puzak, Michael-Mushball Team '35, Lunch Room Patrol. Radacsi, Andrew B.-Door Patrol, Penmanship Club, Nifty Niblers. Radin, Herbert-Hall Patrol, Soccer '32, Swim- ming '32, '34, '36, Gym team '32, Intra-mural Mush- ball Champs '35, Intra-mural Basketball '35, Intra- mural Volleyball '35. Rial, Elizabeth-Hall Patrol, Volleyball '33, '35, Report Room President, Knitting Club. Rockwell, Perry-Secretary Senior Class, Door Patrol, Hall Patrol, Report Room President, His- tory Movie Club, Junior Basketball '32, Mechanical Drawing Club. Rose, Pearl-Worked in Library at Lunch Periods, Jr. Art Club. Rupert, Betty Jane-Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Volleyball '31. Rupert, Dorothy-Report Room Secretary, Hockey Manager '34, '35, Rifle Club, Advertising Club. Schechter, Edna June-Foreword Reporter, Vol- leyball '31, '32, Art Club. Schmidt, Herman J.-+H'all Patrol, Social Com- mittee, Student Council, Class Play, Mushball Champs Intra-murals, Band B, Astronomy Club. ClSgholler, John-H-all Patrol, Art Club, Astronomy u . Scott, Charles Edgar-Elevator. Scott, Charles-Travelers Club, Vice-President of Report Class. Scott, Marcella-Advertising Club, Swimming Team '33, Secretary of Home Room, Vice-President of Business Service Guild. Serbin, Estelle Kay--Journal Staff , Social Com- mittee, Volleyball '31, '32, Tennis '32, Soccer Manager '33, Volleyball Manager '33, Basketball Manager '34, Book Room, Stage Make-Up. Shaw, Dorothy Irene-Girls' Chorale, Hall Patrol. Sherbert, Myers-Mechanical Drawing Club, Door Patrol, Hall Patrol, Travelers' Club. lKShideler, Virginia-Student comm, Ring com- mittee, Basketball '32, '33, '34, '35, Hockey '33, '34, '35, Volleyball '35, Senior Loaders' Club, Girls' Chorale, French Club, Stage Make-Up Club. Shrager, Albert J.-Stamp Club, Student Coun- cil, Orchestra B. Simpson, William, Jr.-Ring Committee, Class Room President, Football Team '33, Band, Green Key, Hi-Y, Trumpet Club, Astronomy Club. Sivitz, Florence Paula---llall Patrol, Melody and Chords Club, Story Telling Club, Literary Club, Sigma Iota, Business Training. Smith, Selma G.fLunch Patrol, Student Coun- cil, Senior Class Play, Foreword Reporter, Secre- tary of Report Class, Tennis '33, Art Club, Ad- vertising Club. Snyder, George R.-tlloor Patrol, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Volleyball lntra-murals Champs '35, Basketball Itntra-murals '34, '35, Mushball Intra- murals '34, '35, Boys' Cooking Club. Sogg, Marion-Players Guild, Chorus, Class Play. Stack, Bartholomew-'Hall Patrol. Staubitz, Claire E.+Seniox' Committee. Sternlicht, Kenneth-Class Play, History Club, Voice Group. Stewart, Sander H.4Door Patrol, Basketball '34, '35, Track '35, lntra-mural Champs '32, '33, '36, Astronomy Club, History-Movies Club. Steyer, joseph T.-Volleyball '35, Basketball, Mushball. Stivers, Jean C.-Social Committee. Stock, Lois Miae-Vice-President of Report Class, Secretary of Report Class. yfStover, Jack--Captain Swimming Team '34, '35, i lresident of Home Room, Journal Staff, Foreword Reporter, Boys Leaders' Club, Varsity Dance Com- mittee, Intra-mural Track Champions, Hall Patrol, Senior Class Play. Sutch, Howard-Hall Patrol, Current Events Club. Swisher, Cora Elizabeth-Hall Patrol, Home Eco- nomics Club. Takacs, Stephen L.--Senior Gym Team '34, Tracht, Joseph-Intra-mural Volleyball '35, Senior Debaters Club, Chess Club, Boys' Cooking Club, Travel Club. Ungvary, Helen--Hall Patrol , Basketball '32 , Volleyball '32, Tennis '32, '33, Swimmimg '32, Leaders' Club. yiavallace, Dorothy vifginiadcwking Club. Weil, ClairefStudent Court, Journal Staff, Hall l"atrol, Social C'omm.itt.e'e, Class Play, Senior Lead- ers', President, Basketball '33, '34, '35, '36, Hockey '33, '34, '35, Volleyball '32, '33, '34, '35, Mushball 34, 35. Weiner, Sidney J.-Archery Club, Rifle Club, Library Club, Chess Club, Marionette Club. Weintraub, Ben-Hall Patrol, Door Patrol, Flow- er Committee, Sports Club, Math Club. Weisbrod, Fred-Cross Country '34, '35, Wilkins, Wlilliam Donald-Journal Staff, Band B, Voice B, Seven Years Perfect Attendance. Williams, Ruth--Student Council, Secretary oi Report Class, Advertising Club, Business Service Guild. Wiseman, Marian4Basketball Manager '32, Stu- dent Council, Junior Leaders', Home Room Presi- dent, Vice-President of Home Room, Advertising Club, Picture Committee, Foreword Staff Steno- grapher, President, Business Service Guild, Fore- word Rerpovrter. Witt, Edward H.-President of Report Class, Volleyball '35, Gym Team '33, Captain Gym Team '34, '35, Travel Club. Wolf, Phyllis--Hall Patrol, French Club, His- tory Movie Club, Knitting Club. Wonn, james-Class Room President, Football '33, '34, '35 Co-captain, Class Team Captain Vol- leyball, Basketball, Mushball, Seven Years Perfect Attendance. Classified Ads W ant-ads : VVanted-A lovely young lady to take Z1 handsome young man to the Leap Year Social. Joe Tracht to stop wearing those cute Windsor ties-it gives people the wrong impression. Oh, Mazer's ascots. ,A j-ob for all the seniors whistling for any graduation rehearsal. Knox Milligan and his band to con- tinue his dance-able music for the so- cials. This is wlhat we bequeath to posterity. A real alma mater song f or the school. .A henna rinse for Harold Adler. His hair is losing that lovely red lustre. A speller for Marion Sogg. She still doesn't know, how. Another genius for Miss Dollard. Edna Schechter is through school and leaving us all for Florida. Somebody to slap Jimmy Baldwin's wrist when he wears green silk bow ties. Lessons in how to walk with Perry Rockwell's rhythm-. A dimple like Donald Butler's. Verner Friedman to stay in step dur- ing graduation processional. The Kirschberg twins to supply the whole class with those initialed fobs they wear. They made them. Anybody want one? - 26 anuary Class Play Production "The Ghost Train" "THE GHOST TRAIN" by ARNOLD RIDLEY Sol-Old Station Maeateix... Richard VVinthrop ....,...... , ....... Elsie Winthrop, his wifei ....... Charles Murdock ..................,..... Peggy Murdock, his wife ............ Sterling ...,.. ..... .... . ........................ . Price ................. : ............... Jackson, a policeman ...,. .. ..... . THE CAST Baldwin, Julius Cuburnek Gatz, VVayne Glausser ....................Selma Smith, W' a H " ........Herman Schmidt, VVil1am eynon . ...... Marion Sogg. M 'orie McCreer' Tefldie Deakin, the detakative ....,.. ..... ....... jggkjtvpxer., a vi l c e Ju ia ..............................................,... ............. , ' ' 11, ' ........,..... Donac .1tt1e, Milton Golden ........,Kenneth Sternlicht, Norman Davis ..............,....-Iohn Boyd, Donald Butler Claire W e' Eye yn Hayden MANAGEMENT Director .,..... ............................................,............... ll liss Hedwig 0. l'regler Staging ........ ....... M iss Ann Adair Houston assisted by the Stage Crew tjMusic ........... ................................................................... M iss Laura E. Zeigler Scenery ........... .........,.................... ,... .................................... M r . Gautch and Stage Crew Make-Up ....,.....,. .. .......... . .....,..,............................................. Miss Dorothy Zeigler and Club Book Holders... ......... Daryl Adams. Alma Adams, Marion Ertzman, Roslyn Greenberg Secretary ......... .......... . ...............................,........................,.......... . , .... .. ......... Helen Mae Lyflick N Permission to use play given by Samuel French ,l-.ill-7 Twelfth Commencement Taylor Allderdice High School Thursday, january 30, 1936 CPROGRAM Processional Pomp and Chivalry ........................,,.......................................................... C. lxoberts Allderdice Bancl-Francis Hechtolt, Director lnvocation ..... ............................................................. l lcv. Robert VV. Gibson D D Presentation of Flowers Uverture, Princess of India .............................................. ...... l l. l 1 0 Band Physical Education ..... ............ ........ V i rginia Roth Norris Languages ................ lithelfrieda Hirschenson Mathematics ............. ..... rl ames Robert Caldwell Chorus from Ernani ................. .............................. V erdi Biand Social Studies ............ ............., P hyllis Klein Science .......... ....... F alk K. Arnhenn ifFine Arts .... ....................................................... ....... gl'-gglslgn r Presentation of Class Gift Address .... .........................................................,........... l Ur. D. R. Sumstine Director of Curriculum Study Presentation of Diplomas Recessional 28 The Most Stupendous Presentation ot the E 0 N Starring the Allclerdice Report Classes Seniors-January-1936 .. I Management General Manager ............ ......................... ................ I I clith Baker Chief Seat Seeker ............... ...... ......... N l ary Thonipson Assistant Chief Seat Seeker ............. ............ Hazel Rea Reel-man fha man that is a man it ....... ......................... B ernarcl Brown Curtain Yanker ................ .............. , .. .........,.................. Boh McElroy Board of Censors ........ .................. ....... . l 'stelle Serhin, lflsie Darnell Stick Swinger ............... ........................ ......................,....... l Q aymond Cillo Assistant Tax-Collector and Ticketeer .... ................ H elen lfhert First Ticket Ripper ..............................,......... ....... Lavvrence Aclreon Second Ticket Ripper ..................................... .....,. ......... F 1 'ank Kapalo Head of U-Findem-Vfe-Keepem Department Chief Bouncer QOn vacationit Assistant Bouncer ...................... Hat and Coat Girl Sorter .... 29 .........Mary Perkins ...............Blmer Hafenhracli ..........Klary Louise Clarkson E! EEEEHIEEEEE H EEE E fIhe Trained Ghost The Procession of the Loons of 464 efi Tricky Talkie l'rologue Enter .lane Bage and Helen Ungvary: VVe are the scene shifters. VVQ sift the schenes, we inean we shift the scenes. ACT I Lines forgotten. ACT II Enter G-reat Grand I'appy times XVonnj and Great Grand Manimy Cl.ucille McCarneyj 2 G. G. Pappy: Uh, Mlainniy, whar is niah squarrel rifle? Ah hears them revenue officahs agin. G. G. Mannny: .-Xh cain't renieinliah, pap. 'Pears like only las-t night I had it on the window, shootin, at them Kruhns. G. G. Pappy: Mighty queer yo' cain't find it now. Hminnininil Cwhispersj Yo! idon't suppose a hant took it, does yo? G. G. Maanimyz Yo' cain't never tell, Pappy. Still, it niighit have heen one o' theni shiftless skonks. G. G. Pappy: Anyway, who cares? Letls eat, I'ni hiongry. Call the chillun. G. G. Maniniyz Paul Kuznia VYonn, Dorothy Shaw W'onn, Perry Rockwell VVonn Chin, right purty nani-e, thatj g jack Stover VVonn fliet he's down to the river, diving offen that there tree whar they hung yo' pappy, Charles Scott NVonnj 3 Ruth Williziiiis VVonn .... A h caiu't renienihah no nio! Kin yo' recall any, pappy ? G. G. Pappy: Lennne seg Don Butler NVonn ts-ounds Spanish to nie. XVho'd ah evah nanie hiin aftah?j That's the only one ah kin renieniher. XVhy didn't yo' nulnhah them, Mannny? Like One VYonn, Two VVonn. G. G. Mannny: Oh, Pap, yo' knows ah cain't count ovzah five. G. G. I'appy: Ah right, let's cat. ACT IV Enter revenue officahs Uickerinan, lfeldnian, Friedman, Goodman, VViseman in alphabetical order, with blood hounds: Goodman: NVQ all is froin the county-seat. Hullo! Don Butler VVonn fin a stage whispcrj : Hey, you aren't supposed to come in yet. You're in the wrong act. Curtain 30 ACT III G. G. Pappy: These victuals is suttinly good. Wiliat is this? G. G. Mammy: C-orn Ponte Cat Mush. G. G. Pappy: Le't's turn on the phonygraph and have some dinnah music. QHeard on the phonygraph are the three Hillbillies: Ducky Harris, li'l Joey Paulson, and Meyers Sherbertj. G. G. Prappyx Hyyaaah! One of ouah littlluns is 111iSSlI'l,. Look around, Mlamniy, see which un's lackin'. G. G. Mammy: Hmm, hmm, hmm, Hmm. Wl1ar's ouah Nelli-gan?!? Pause Open the window so we can get her line in. Heard in the distance: Tm 'off to the city, trala, la la. Officahs: Never fear, dear Woiins. We'll find her. ACT V, ACT VI, ACT VII CC-ouldn't think of nawthin'j ACT VIII, SCENE IV CHeard in the distance the bell-like notes of the blood-hound "Gh-ost"j Dick-erman, the Dick: Ah, the dogs have her trail! ACT VIH, SCENE V Friedman: We're coming nearer. ACT VIH, SCENE VI Wiseman: Ah, thar she blows. fN0thin like being gradualj ACT IX Officah Feldman: Thanks to this nice trained dog, Ghost, welve found youah li'l N elli. ACT X The rejoicing village belles dance a Kentucky Reel, tripping lightly.across the stage. They are Pauline Plesset, Lilly Okerberg, Katie Prosdecimo and Marcella Scott. Crash! Bang! Boo1n!!"""t" fthey tripj. Epilogue David M.cClean: That's all, folks. 31 Clhe Dangers of Dorothy Douthitt Chapter 350 Synopsis of preceding chapters: Dorothy Douthitt, our heroine, in an effort to frustrate the plans of Alfred Conti, the villain, to evict her widowed mother. Lauret-ta Duddy, and her two maiden aunts, Ophelia Di Lillo and Madeline Phelps, from their home, plans to elope with the hero, VVilliam Hill. ln return for the mortgage, however, Alfred has expressed his desire to marry D-orothy. Meanwhile Ruth Boyer, the heroine's sister, and Harold Dunn. the villain's brother, have planned to elope. Billy Hill intends to take Dorothy to the big city where they hope to live happily ever after. But. before this plan can be executed, Alfred hires Mike Puzak and John Boyd to kidnap the heroine from her mother's home. When we left them last, the three thugs were carrying Dorothy off .to an abandoned saw mill, the hideout of the gang. Dk 'lf DK Sitting in the corner of the saw mill. Dorothy mioves restlessly about. Hier hands and feet are tied. Suddenly, as she ERD-E-KY turning in the lock, she calls, l'Is it BOY-OR girl? GClClR-TRUDIE-11 on my privacy, eh?" Alfred enters, demanding that she marry him. "A HURCHIQLI. bend and RUSSELL" she says, "but not If, He furtively strokes his large, black moustache as she emphatically refuses him. "You have no means of escapef' he says, "You nmst marry me or else-." Ik Pk Dk Ruth Boyer is posing impatiently while Bernice Blumenthal and Kalman Erdeky make sketches of her. MBOYCIU oh BUYKDB am I tired l" she explains. JUSTH then the door opens and Harold enters with a marriage license. "I went and DUNN it," he cries. 'flt's a-l"AUl.-ing." she cried, "this being on the l3RlNKflCRl of matri- mony. 'Wherels DI LILLO from my bridal bouquet?" He hands her a large lily and they walk off, leaving the bewildered artists who put their brushes and paints in the CUliURCNFKjd. Pk PF Dk Russell Abercrombie, Doriotby's brother, and his wife, Ruth Heimert, have come home with their little boy, .Nlbert Shrager, to aid in the search for Dot. Little Albie goes to the store for san iee cream cone. Alfred, disguised as a s-oda jerker, says with a smirk, "CONT-I Pl-lYl.L-C-thjlS l,lT'l' COHEN for you F" Little Albie is frightened by his big, black, moustache tboogey, boogey, boogeyj. VVhen he turns his back the little boy notices two strands of long, blond hair on his collar. He hurries home to tell Russell, who is a G Man. 32 Russell mutters absent-miindedly, "Dorothy's HARR-IS GOLDEN. DUDDY do it? What do you think F" "I DOUTH-ITT," says Ruth. Nevertheless Russell calls another G Man and announces to his family: "HILL be here tomorrow. He just left y-ESTHER'-day. Pk Pk lk Dorothy is still being held prisoner in the mill. However, she is no longer bound. As she hears Alfred coming, she pulls the table over in front of the door. From the outside, he calls, HPUZAK table back," and forces his way into the room. Then he hears a noise outside and, stepping to the wind-ow, he utters, "Aha the dirty double-crosser! ETHEL-FRED-A bloodliound. There she goes with HER-MAIN, SCHMIDT, wiho called the cops. Now they'r-e RADIN the place. Aha, me proud beauty, I shall leave you to your fate." With these words the hard-heart-ed villain leaves, locking the door behind him. Immediately Dorothy hears a crackling and notices a small row of flames licking the boards of the floor. Slowly they circle, higher and higher, catching the walls and finally the ceiling. Not a s-ound is heard but the r-oar of the flames. Suddenly Dorothy's voice is heard above the noise, calling, HPHELPCSD ! PHELPKSD ! Save Me! Save Me I" CONCLUSION NEXT WEEK-THE JAWS OF DEATH. Travelogue Aboard the good ship S.S. 456, we have just time to take a last look at Pekin, before going to our staterooms to change for dinner. Still standing at the dock, we see Wilson Ferris, representative of the American Steamship lines, waving goodbye to us. Then, turning from this farewell, we descend to our cabins in the giant steamer designed by Douglas lickhardt, who revolutionized the ship-building industry. At dinner we are led to a seat at Captain McElroy,s table and as the genial host, he introduces us to the other passengers. Harry Deakter and Jane Purse who are on their way to the Olympic Games at Shanghai offer to show us around the boat after dinner. Meanwhile we meet Ethel Nagy, Bernadette Cepko and Mary Kawka, all of whom have been sent to teach in the Chinese University, just erected in Shanghai. After dinner, our athletic friends take us around the ship. On deck, we meet two old friends, Jean Stivers and Howard Sutch, and learn that they have just been married by the Reverend Vinilliam Collins, a famous Missionary to China. Later in 'the evening, many of the prominent guests consent to perform for the amusement of their fellow pass- engers. Virginia Shideler, Allison Meyer and June Clippinger, on a vacation from the Metropolitan Opera House, accompanied by Maestro Henry Mazer sing a few selections from their repertoires. Finally Buck McKibben is pre- vailed upon to come out of his cabin, where he is studying the script for his 33 next motion picture, to let the female population of the ship get a glimpse of the 'Great Lover' as he is advertised. Soon tiring of the adoration of the ladies, he again retires and the dancing immediately begins. The guest of honor for the evening is Lady Claire Staubitz, wife of the governor of Canton, travel- ing with Eunice Nathan, her s-ecretary. The next morning we can see Shanghai and we look forward with antici- pation to the dinner being given for us by the American Consul, Norman Davis. Finally, we arrive at the Davis' home where we are greeted by Norman and George Hiogdon, who designed the Gothic pagoda, now used in China. At dinner we find Ralph De Roy, the diamond importer, Marion Klein, the famous artist an-cl sculptress, and Rosaline Greenberg, the authoress of a book on the Cihinese Stage. Later our host takes us to the newest restaurant in Shanghai, run by Har- riet Oberfield and Betty Rupert, who introduced the intricacies of the American Hamburger to China. ln the midst of our hamburger we are interrupted by Beverly Bennett and Grace Bonaro who are 'trying to sell tractors in China. They tell us that they have been living on boiled rice for the past two months, and W-e collect enough money to get them back 'to the U. S. and their families. The next morning, in order to get home, we take the China Clipper from Canton. In looking over the passenger list we see the name of Shirley Meyer- son, the world traveler and 'multi-millionaire. Later, in spite of her disguise, Serita Mervis, one of the original C women, is recognized. It is then she tells us that she is trailing a pair of dangerous criminals who are on the plane. Upon landing in Honolulu, Serita decided to corner the criminals in the lunch room. We follow her there, expecting a battle, but are sadly disappointed to discover that the couple are not gangsters after all but merely Bettie Rial and Wayne Glausser who were returning to New York to begin the manufacture of synthetic silkworms. Settling down in Los Angeles, the plane soon empties and we are left wait- ing for the Santa Fe Special to take us to New York where we shall see the great metropolis of the Atlantic Seaboard. Following the Bouncing Ball-351 Frances Adamitz Dancing eyes and brilliant hair Lends to Fran her charming air. Sylvia Goldman Sylvia because of her loving traits, XVith boys and girls alike she rates. Betty Kirshberg Clever, friendly, cheerful and sweet, That describes this maid petit. 34 Homer McClintock Time and tide for no man wait, And once again poor Homer's late. john Scholler Full of joy and full of fun Always liked by everyone. Bill Simpson This lad we're proud to recommend. His work and service knows no end. Andrew Radacsi Andrew just loves to read newspapers, We hope this will keep him from cutting capers. Fred Weisbrod Tall and thin with clear, blue eyes He chews his gum and makes surmise. Kenneth Sternlicht "Aha, Me proud beautyll' said Mr. Price. A villain he was, and not very nice. Lois Stock It would really give us quite a shock, If someone did not like our Lois Stock. Eleanor Kirshberg Eleanor Kirshberg, oh Eleanor Kirsliberg, H-ow is it that in you sweetness and light merge? Stephen Takacs A gay and merry boy is Stephen. Tiliat lie finds joy, we'll bet you even. Claire Weil From her to part is more than we can bear. Let's give a hearty, rousing cheer for Claire! David Cantor He looks a lot lik-e Eddie Cantor, And keeps us howling with his banter. Lillian Nagy She .has ambition to win her wayg Success will surely this repay. 35 Veda Hamilton Charming and cheerful, lovely to see. Successful and amiable she'll always bc. jane Borchers To know her and to see her smile ls something we all deem worthwhile. Benjamin Weintraub A mathematician he already is, In 'ust a few years he'll be a world wizz. J - Regina Mudry A pleasant smile for all around, And when in sports she's never downed. Helen Fallat Helen Fallat, sweet and sincere, Has a fine hearty laugh and is full of good cheer Marjorie McCreery This small pretty girl with bright blue eyes, More versatile, accomplished than any her size. Helen Belie Her bright eyes sparkle, she seems quite gay, She goes for sports in a definite way. Sander Stewart Sander Stewart, a reliable chap Does all his work with a right good snap. Virginia Norris This brilliant girl has a fine reputation A scholar she is by her chosen vocation, l:.sther Grote She's small and sweet and witty, too, Success will mark the things she'll do. Donald Lennox AX noisy trumpeter he seems, But Mr. Bechtolt on him beams. Rose Pearl Ambitious Rose llearl the designer of clothes Keeps us admiring the things that she sews. 36 Charles D-enes A dreamer with a great ambition, Catching dogs is his position. Glen Kirkland A quiet serious lad, say l But sure there's a twinkle in his eye. CBelieve It Or Don't eflbout 360 The Allderdice students travel farther up and down than they do on the level. The number of steps makes it necessary for them to travel more vertically than horizontally. Bill Beynon has seen Evelyn Hayden consecutively for 990 days, or 23,760 hours. Charles Scott traveled approximately 2000 feet vertically every day for two years . . . He ran the elevator. Jayne Karper is a natural blonde. An anatomical juxtaposition of the two orbicularis oris muscles in a state of contraction is a kiss. Harold Aldler is the blushingest person in Allderdice. Edna Schecter wore a different dress every day for one semester. Estelle Serbin has a repertoire of over 1,000 plausible excuses. All the students in Allderdice could be accommodated in 14,300 cubic yards, allowing for each student a space six feet high, two feet wide, and one foot deep. jack Stover is not a platinum blonde. Selma Smith is no relation of Kate Smith. Hbwvard Myers has graduated. Bill Sanford did his own nightwork in English Cfor two nightsj. Dave McClean's middle name is Palsey. Esther Kaufman and Virginia Murdock have pal-ed together since the cradle. Cora Swish-er is not an Hawaiian dancer. Herbert Finney drives a motorcycle and is still living. Hugh and Arthur Hicks are not hill-billies. Edward Kerr sang basso profundo with such volume that Miss Steiner's wall cracked. Dorothy Wallace is a direct descendant of Edgar VVallace. the novelist. Donald Baruch Butler is a direct descendant of Moses. Robert Burns, the poet, is no relation to Jean Byrnes. Falk Arnheim wrote this column. C'N'ifty, ehli' Said Claire VVeilj. BELIEVE IT OR DONT 37 'Ihe Secret Agent brings to you CIIIG Gossip of the World QThis is the Roller News Reeler, flashing to you The Gossip of the Worldj Flash . . . In the DORTHEA DAVIS Cup Ohess Match held in New York yesterday, JOSEPH TRACBLT, was defeated by Ethel Jamieson, a heretofore unknown player . . . The VVILLIAM Randolph HERSCOVITZ chain of news- papers is known to be trying to defeat the Honorable ARTHUR D. CrATZ's efforts to become president . . . EDVVARD NVITT has been awarded first prize by that well-known promoter of wrestling matches, BILLY WILKINS . . . The ADAMS sisters, DARYL and ALMA, have received a radio contract from the JAMES BALDVVIN Construction Company . . . Among the prominent society matrons seen at the debut of BLAIR PEARSOL at th-e Metropolitan Opera House was MARION SOGG . . . The fact that PHYLLIS KLEIN, the famous dress designer, has -opened a swanky shop on Park Avenue was dis- closed to LANVRENICE MEYER, newspaper reporter, by her business manager, MARTIHA CHERSKY. Seen along the shores of Clumborazo Lake, the most fashionable resort of the season, was MARY COGSWELL who seemed to be breaking Catherine the Great's record of a 225 foot train by wearing one 225 feet 1 inch long . . . Among the train bearers were GLORIA GRANT with the newest thing in two inch eye-lashes. FLORENCE SIVITZ with the latest shade of gardenalian nail polish on her inch-long finger nails, and GERRY MARCUS exhibiting her shoulder lapis-lazuli earrings . . . we seem to be going in f-or length this year. HELEN BERK is giving financial backing to the new CALDVVELLIAN formula for breeding hot dogs with mustard already on them for the Allder- dice Cafeteria . . . The news has just been flashed across thousands of miles of ocean that LUCILLE BLUESTONE has been proclaimed Epmpress of that far off Island of Zanzighanztan . . . JOE STEYER and BART STAICK are oc- cupied in selling refrigerators to the Eskimos . . . In the winter Olympics held in the Swiss Alps LILLIAN QLILJ BAC-LEY and MARION QERTZYJ ERTZ- MAN are members of the American team. Their chief activities are skating, skiing and toboganning . . . VIRGINIA POVVELL and DOROTHY RUPERT were seen distributing pampihlets at a recent indignation meeting against bob- bed hair . . . A new movement headed by LEONA BOOGHER is under way for installing COLLETT radio in every prison cell . . . GEORGE SNYDER, known at detective headquarters as Agent 2-70 has been awarded a cellophane medal for his outstanding work in the field of crime. 38 --Class Declaration We, the graduating class of january, 1936, being young and sound, on leaving port and sailing out into the strenuous seas of life, do, that we may steer our course to shun the outer darkness, subscribe to the following Articles: 1. We seek in life, for we know that somewhere they await us, love, friends, peace and happiness, and we shall take to them the straightest path. 2. In order that we may find the nobleness which is in each of us, we shall endeavor always to see the poetry of earth, to chart our course by the stars. 3. We shall try to live beautifully by so arranging our affairs that we may distill surety and order out of this chaos. 4. We earnestly dedicate ourselves to the consummation of the Brotherhood of Man, to the cause of Internationality, which we believe is the foundation of true Democracy. 6E"d'9'f' 'af' ffaaaot' Chair SXMV C7 . we-4,1 ff n-cage! ui" T' QNN7.bXN'WNNx, 64,405,667 0-9-db., Skw,vw.....' ' nf ' aa? 39 ffaffffwaf-fum-W fwf-Qi, MHWTWSMMW Zwwwfdw Cbywaanm- 0.49220 32,Q,,,,.7,A9fMA15U 4.Q.x,....b,..,.g fwwfdxdmwu fbfMM1 :M,.::,:-fy UMWMWMMJ 7?-W1 mf? 794' W 50541 A372257 ZA'C'e"'Qf-f-if 75"-'25Z2ilfa gif 5,435-he UWM 6' Aww! '-f.,1.4Q,gvm.fam..d,A,.,, M .fguymfff 'A' Mai mom 40 . gwy . , 9wfNyff1J7fT4cM 5 5 jdfyui cv-,cfcw-C44 20869-7' 'qfew-ffvg -Jlf 97IaAZ7id! Mandi? WWW 5 , 2,f3:fgQ? QM-QM iw, ZZVAM 23, cu.D1M7,,,K DMTMRQWXY U3- Wms New GE-A 5175 5-liar EPAMQ? "gem,-,,,,, WW! MMM WM Www MTELW ey Q 5 lj' aFM.ze-,dfMwf3-4-'A"5" QAM, GW? Zcd,,,,.,, JPAJJ BMWLAAMQLQWMW Gflwmwmd- ff Zfjffw fum..-cc 734,..f,Q4,f WMM 45' WZ? calm, mLgf,,,,L '5d7M"b WOWW mwmwxwaw MM EA faluawai 3m4UL,UjE Jud, Afoali.-if 2m4Mfm,4,,', , Jw! WWI' 224-'M itwmgwlbacmw wmwb ow.. QWL awww Qfadi, 24-2222.1 9Z'A722.f,4,V .1 - -EYLLL. f fQ5gff2z,W' u7.,,L.,.s, pid!! EZ-4 53550 fxygwwgd WM WWW WWW WWW 'fmmw B-N71u.l,J3.w.L QM AQL 47:jw,f MW!-7 WM ,'gxC,..,zZ,Jw.,f,4fL4n 76'1'9""'!Z"""'d"7' as-144'M2.'f, WZW X,-.,.s,.5'z:-.,g, f3a,.e-ff., fu U . WM7,yf,,,.,gq,4,cZ4fwCu1f- QM XM' LM, MQW! Afwwwj Qfbayu-5'a7w1XfaryQW can fm WVWVMM Wwyfwsy QMWJMW f4'wfffA14L, QW? WMM WML 7af,4LA4,, Jflfivfibfwdf JM fC.Q,.,,.1A,:.J Mmm Qwwwfgfwk Q QM llgvfwl jwwffib fdff-a.rS,, 5d2.,..C3L,,s Ldwma ct""!'7V' Mdw last will anh Zlliestament E, THE JANUARY '36 graduating class of Taylor Allderdice High School, being of sound?? mind and memory, do hereby make, create, edit, publish and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament, First. VVe do hereby direct our executors, hereinafter named, to pay all our debts and graduating expenses. Second. We do hereby give and bequeath to our successors the following: 1. The proceeds from our class activities for installing running orange juice and hot chocolate throughout the school. We know our names will be engraved on golden tablets for this deed. 2. The many scratches on the desks which, despite the admonitions of our teachers, our nervous hands have made during tests. 3. A hot spring from which to obtain hot water for the showers. 4. The books which we inherited from our predecessors and which we so patiently mended in the book room for our successors. 5. Our lockers, but we are taking our pictures with us, so there! 6. The band that so zealously played during the zero hour of our com- mencement. 7. The old mannnloth library dictionaries over which we so diligently poured. Shades of Misses Evans, Riddle and Barkley! 8. The pictures in the halls of which we are never aware, even after many years at Allderdice. 9. The large t-ower in the courtyard which is really a chimney. fSurprise!J 10. The extra mustaches, spectacles, eyebrows, cures and accessories with which we have adorned the portraits of people in our History books. 11. Our enormous, but elusive fund of information. 12. The traditions of Taylor Allderdice which have helped us to KNONN SOMETHING, DO SOMETHING, B12 SOMETHING. Third. All the rest, residue, and remainder of our estate, real, personal, impersonal, imaginary, and mfixed, we do hereby give and bequeath to future generations. , Fourth. VVe do hereby appoint the officers of the classes that come after us to be executors of our Last Will and Testament. Witness our hand and seal this Thirtieth day of January, Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-six. The January Class of 1936 45 IN MEMORIAM llilbcrt Asliingc-r Fm! the ,fame ffofk by forlwfrzizl, fhrlfff, run! Viflg B111 O fha henry ffnmge, lmcc' fbnn arf your, Nficz' Mon r1l'l your' run! ll6i"t7I' mm! 1't?fll7'll.,H -fMN'Ixl,'mN anuary Class Honor Students HIGHEST HONOR Esther Amsler Falk Arnheim james Caldwell "For fre rvfrf zzmivefl upon the .ffffmrvze hiff, HIGH HONOR Lillian Bagley Edith Baker Gertrude Broida Dorothea Davis Dorothy Douthitt David Harris Ethelfreda Hirshenson Phyllis Klein Geraldine Marcus Lucille McCarney Marjorie McCreery Eunice Nathan Virginia Norris Joseph Tracht HONOR Daryl Adams Bernice Blumenthal Grace Bonaro Paul Brinker Martha Chersky Helen Ebert Douglas Eckhardt Wayne Glausser Esther Grote Frank Kapalo David McClean Ethel Nagy Virginia Shideler Marion Wiseman Edward Witt Z E T A C H A P T E R N A Daryl Adams Esther Amsler T Falk Arnheim Lillian Bagley I Gertrude Broida O Julius Cuburnek Dorothy Douthitt N Wayne E. Glausser Wilma Harris A Donald Little L David McClean Marjorie McCreery Virginia Norris H Virginia Shideler O Claire Weil NQQUS l 'A' Lg R 5+ -O C I E T Y 6123-SLK, MBIS L - Literary CPeaee AR IS AN UGLY worm. It brings to mind pictures of unnecessary suffering. Unnecessary, because there would be no war-produced death. disease, destruc- tion if the peace-loving majority of the people would band together and lobby for their rights as diligently as the selfish or deluded minority who desire war or the causes of war. The common. every-day decent citizen does not want war, but he does very little to prevent it. The horror is not brought home to him until it is too late. Every war means a proportionate retreat in the advance towards civilization. ln spite of our surface veneer of culture, we will not have true civili- zation until nations, which are merely individuals in the aggregate, no longer commit shamelessly, and even boastfully, the crimes of which only the least lovely specimens of humanity are guilty. VVar is merely robbery and murder on a large scale. The pathetic pain and anguish of the innocent is the coin that pays for war. jealousy, ignorance, and hate breed warg war fosters jealousy, ignorance, and hate. lt is a vicious cycle that can only be broken by determined effort on the part of the intelligent, sensible element of mankind. efl National Problem FTER Isvlzkv PERIOD of destruction caused by tornadoes, floods, fires, storms, I and other similar catastrophes touching almost every section of land, the people of this country are confronted with the problem of rehabilitation. This national problem of rebuilding stricken areas is a huge undertaking and requires every person's support. It is not only the immediate relief that demands attention. but also the prevention of such recurrence. More often than not it is the emo- tional feeling of the time which sways the people towards lending a helping hand at a time of emergency, but why does this attitude lose its force when the work is only half done? Each person should avoid being one of the fickle mass that turns from one thing to another, swayed by those that never complete any work. Returning to normal after land, homes, and lives have been destroyed, is a serious problem which requires not only constant labor but a great deal of consideration and time. 48 -lx Qflrnericanisrn HE YEAR 1935, our last year in high school, marked the hundredth anniversary of the birth of a great American, and the death of another. Mark Twain and VVill Rogers were men who were much alike. Each exemplified an essential element, definitely American, a certain freedom, a blithe unconven-tionality. There was in each an indigenous note, reminiscent of the great plains, uncompromising mountains, and rolling rivers of America. Samuel Langhorne Clemens and Will Rogers were vivid personalities, extra- ordinarily charming, lovable, fun-loving. The total of their varying experiences approximates the possibilities of life open to men in the last seventy-five years. Adaptable, alert, unostentatious, democratic-these two men characterize Ameri- canism in its most admirable and desirable aspect. Tresenting Wilfred Wimble ILFRED VVIMBLE was a youth much like the ones that can be found in high schools all over the country. He was tall and more or less gangling, his hair was red, and his freckles were a sort of muddy rust color. He fancied him- self quite a Beau Brummel and wore dirty white shoes in December. He lived in a large industrial city, and his senior term was a year of Monopoly, Amateur Programs. and a ghastly song describing the progress of mtusic through an instru- ment called a melliphone, which had three valves. Because he was very much absorbed in these things, which were currently popular, and in the fair sex, which is perpetually popular with young men of his age and inclination, it is one of the lesser miracles that he could look forward to graduation in jun-e. VVilfred had a conscience, and it was this that led him to get fits of "looking for a jobl' which came about once every two months. He had worked, at various times in his career, as a paper boy, a soda jerk, a radio repairman Calthough that occupation was doomed when he brought home an E in physicsj, and a stock clerk on Saturdays in one of the department stores. ln May, however, a comibi- nation of dances, spring fever, and the opening of the baseball season, cured his twinges of conscience, and the front porch swing claimed him as its own. Like all young men, Wilfred had a girl. In fact, he had not one, but several girls. The main problem of his life was not how to get his Halleck nortebook finished, nor even where to get money to buy gas for Fire-Eater, his car, but rather how to manage his affairs so that one damsel remained entirely oblivious of the rest, at least oblivious of them in the capacity of the y-oung ladies of his choice. This was especially difficult since most of them were close friends, and exchanged everything from party dresses to the most secret of confidences. Be- sides all the girls whom he escortedito different places of amusement, there was 49 the one whom he "admired from afar". Her name was Clarissa, and she was in his Algebra class. She had big eyes and yellow hair, and although to some observers she might have the appearance of a slightly underfed goldfish, to Wil- fred she was a pers-onification of the nobility of w'omen, with something of Miss Bette Davis thrown in. However, he never got to be better friends with her than merely a boy who borrowed pencils from her. And didn't return them. Wilfred and his friends never walked when they could help it. Some of them owned sport roadsters of their own, some used the family car after a vast amount of coaxing and promising, and some resurrected cars from the cheapest pile of junk they could pick up at -the "grav-eyardf, VVilfred was one of the latter. Fire-Eater was part Ford '22 and part Chevrolet ,25 but her horn was from a Cadillac of the 1913 vintage, and still had a haughty tone. Fire-Eater was likely to be any color, depending on VVilfred's mood, but conversely, VVilfred's eolor depended on Fire-lfater's mood. If he came home still white, Fire-Eater had behaved, if he was panting and red she had suddenly gone dry and he had had to push her home. If, however, he appeared at his house black with grease, it meant that she had collapsed all together and he had been performing a major operation on her vital parts. His mother and the guest towels suffered. Mr. and Mrs. VVimble were ordinary people, but to Wilfred they were tyrants part of the time, nice enough people whose fault was that they misunder- stood him, part of the time, and sometimes they were angels in disguise. He took this last view of them especially when his father had given him some extra allowance, or when his mother had helped him out of a scrape. In all these phases he loved them, but he hadn't yet realized it. Wilfred's days were uneventful enough. He didn't fully wake up in the morning until his mother had coaxed him, in a somnambulistic condition, into the cold shower. Then he would wake up and start either to howl or to sing. I-Ie could never find his clothes, he bolted his breakfast in a true suburbanite manner, and he wasnlt late for school but sailed into class just as the bell was ringing. The strange thing was the way he always made it. He seem-ed to judge time by the split second. Wilfred was not criminally inclined, as some people might have you believe, but sometimes a spring day and Dean pitching would prove too much for him, and he would forget gym, or his sales class, and walk out through a side door into the great outdoors. He took lunch off, too, feeling, with the medical profession, that ther-e must be an agreeable atmosphere for proper digestion. To Wilfred the corner drug store was much more agreeable than the crowded lunch room, with a teacher eyeing him while he ate his cold spaghetti. After school he did various things, the least important of them being his nightwork, and when he went to bed each night h-e fell asleep to dream of wild, impossible situations, from which he always emerged the victor. "Of such stuff are heroes made." 50 "Put forth your fraud, put forllz your Izumi to bless ,fl ereolure sfrivkeu Iiruorous and dumb, IV!zo now re gurafs you Cvilk az l0'U67',.S' eyes .-'luaf knows ffm! you are merciful ami wise." -WYLIE une Class Qrganization OFFICERS President ................ ................................... . james Gilmore Yice President .......... ........ N lary Ruth Hosey Secretary .......... ...................................... I ,ester llerrup COMMITTEES journal Hilary Lurie. Mildred Roth. Natalie josephs, Betty Parmelee, Eugene Lip- man, Charlotte Greenwald. Helen jaffee, Evelyn Goldsmith, Dolores Nie- hoff, Lois Green, Bernard Grossman, Katherine Becker, Bernard Fisher, Lester llerrup. jane Shallenberger, Betty Sachs, Sam Saul, Clara Adams, Karl Stark, Alvin Malakoff. Rose Angel, Ruth Brodie, Wlilliam Kidney. Beverly Uobrin, jean lJePinto, Helen Stevenson, Carl .'Xnderson, Aethel- burga Schmidt, Beatrice Thompson, Estelle Kovacs. Picture Herbert Browar, Charles Church, Ruth Friedman, Oliver Fulton, Charles Hergenroeder, james Leitch. Harry Radin, james Steele, Edwin XVestphal. and jack Young. Ring Betty Fagan. jack Goldstein. Stevens Hopkins, james Lockhead, Herbert Springer. XYilliam NYalton, and Elsie XYilliatms. Flower Lena Abramovitz, Kosamond Bagran, Helen Bernstein, Betty Fedigan, Eleanor jones, Shirley Karper, Evelyn Parker, Richard Skirble, Helen Spahn, and Margaret Stirling. Motto, Color, Cheer, Song Carl Anderson. Albert Galata, Ruth Hawker, VVoodrow XVils0n, Ruth Wyld. Social Arline Broida, Mary Lon Campbell, Eleanor Clarke, Elaine Fitzwilson, lYilliam Foster, Theodore Hazelitt. Paul Pioth, and Mary Grace Wiinnett. 52 une Class Committees .L .f,, .W 4 X TOP ROW-SOCIAL COMMITTEE, PICTURE COMMITTEE SECOND ROW-RING COMMITTEE, FLOWER COMMITTEE LAST ROW-SONG, MOTTO, AND CHEER COMMITTEE 53- l-i-lJune Class ---- 1936 -L-T---T First Row-fLeft to Righty Lena Abramovitz, Clara Cleste Adams,lfElizabeth Davidson Adams, Robert L. Agger, Julius Albert. Second Row-Lillian Christina Allison, Amy Porter Alvord, Carl Anderson, Dorothy jane Andrews, Rose Angel. Third Row-Virginia. Louise Appelbe, Bernice Sylvia Arnheim, Irvin E. Artz, Richard Askin, Henry Avner. Fourth Row-Doris Henna Bach, Rosamond Bagran, joseph Charles Ballash, Anita Bastable, John Keller Bateman. 54s -l-June Class ---- 1936 i-l-- First Row-fLeft to Righty John Clark Baxter, Katherine B. Becker, Ethyl Beizer, Ger- aldine Bennett, Edward Berg. Second Row-Marguerite E. Berkeley, Lester M. Berlin, Helen Lee Bernstein, Sylvia Evelyn Bernstein, Katherine Ruth Blattner. Third Row-LeRoy H. Bloom, Wyllis Mae Bloom, Evelyn Phyllis Bluestone, Dorothy Bollens, Hilda Boreman. Fourth Row-Louise Marguerite Borsody, Edward joseph Boyle, William Vincent Bozan, Janet Brady, Erwin Brand. 55 -- -iilune Class ---- l936-l-+- -- First Row-fLeft to Righty Herbert Braun, Elaine S. Breskow, Charles Irwin Brinn, Ruth S. Brodie, Arline Lois Broida. Second Row-Irene Florence Broidayilerbert Browar, Hazel Maureen Browningpileanor Vesta Burns, Nell Debora Butler. Third Row-Russell Cacella, William L. Caldwell, Helen Campbell, Mary Lou Campbell, Doris Canfield. Fourth Row-Betty B. Cantelou,VilIildred Caplan, Ross Caruso, William J. Caufield, Charles O. Church. 56 ----June Class ---- 19361- First Row CLeft to Rightj Louise J. Cicero. Helen Pauline Cisar, Alfonse Civitate, Eleanor Clarke, Ruth Elysbeth Cleeland. Second Row-Irene Rita Coates, Alfred I. Cohen, Beatrice Frances Cohen, Ethel L. Cohen, Harold Cohen. Third Row-Leona Cohen, Millie B. Cohen, Victor Cohen, Martha Jayne Colbus, Dorothy jane Cole. Fourth Row-Catherine C. Connelly, Benjamin T. Cook, Frank William Cordwell, Galen Coughenour, Martha Edna Coulter. 57 -----June Class ---- 1936-l-l--- First Row-CLeft to Righty Ruthie Irene Crawford, Madeline Crews, Fredric Crews, Robert Crooks, Betty jane Crowe. Second Row-Richard D. Crowley, Nicholas Cua, Evelyn Danilovich, Edgar Danovitz, Ruth Davidson. ' Third Row-David Clarence Davies, George L. Davis, Margaret G. Delaney, Jean DePinto, Aaronel DeRoy. Fourth Row-Hugo F. DiLi1lo, Albert J. DiFrank, everly U. Dobrin, Elsie I. Dreistadt, Mattie E. Durden. 58 ------1-June Class ---- 1936--ll First Row fLeft to Righty Ruth Esther Durst, Jeanne Eber, Evelyn Eisner, john N. Eng- lish, Elizabeth M. Fagan. Second Row-James Edward Farrell, Andrew Feczurka, Betty Fedigan, Morton Feldman, Beatrice Feinberg. Third Row-Ida Sylvia Fellman, Jeannette L. Fillmore, Robert S. FinkelyLucas Emerson Finney, John Kennedy Finnin. Fourth Row-Frances E. Fischer, Leonard Fischler,Vgernard Fisher, Elaine Fitzwilson, William Edwin Foster. 59 i-----------June Class ---- 1936 -ll-i First Row-fLeft to Rightj William Edward Foust, Ruth R. Friedman!Oliver Henry Fulton, jr., John J. Furis, Albert joseph Galata. Second Row--Howard Vincent Gibson, james Kramer Gilmore, Lenora Thelma Girson, Grant Glausser, Florence H. Glick. Third Row-Dorothy Shirley Gold, Milton J. Golden, Eileen T. Goldin, Evelyn Winifred Goldsmith. William Goldsmith. Fourth Row-Jack Goldstein, Allen David Goldvarg, jack Paul Goleman, Ruth Golomb, Ruth Elinore Goodman. 60 fvffffffif - une Class ---- 1936 -l---l-- , 9 l. -Q First Row-QLeft to Rightj Ruth Annette Gordon,V6illiam Davidson Graham, Lois Elaine Green, Florence Greenberg, Wilfred Greenberg. Second Row-Sylvia Grayce Greenfield, Charlotte Davies Greenwald, Marcella Ruth Grekin, Bernard Harvey Grossman, David Groudine. Third Row-Albert joseph Hahalyak, Gertrude L. Hamburg, Robert Warren Hamilton, Elizabeth Jean Hanna, James T. Harnack. Fourth Row-Philip Lester Harris, Rozalyn Adelle Harris, Ruth Hawker, Elaine Hayden, Theodore Lyle Hazlett, jr. 61 -l-il--Jxlne Class ---- 1936 --i--i First Row-CLeft to Righty Helen Claire Hailman, Helen E. Henning, Charles William Hergenroeder, Lester J. Herrup, Selma Hirsch. Second Row-Herbert Charles Hochstetter, Elizabeth R. Hoffman, Milton Ralph Hoffman, Dorothy M. Hofmeister, Stevens B. Hopkins. Third Row-Mary Ruth Hosey,lfAnna Marie Howell, Mildred Rose Hunter, Elizabeth Ann jacob, Helen B. Jaffe. Fourth Row-Kathryn julia jeso, Dorothy E. Johnson, Harry E. Jones, Eleanor J. Jones, Natalie Josephs. 62 ---- 'li-June Class ---- 1936- 1-ill: First Row-fLeft to Righty Mary Ann Kail, Murray Kalson, Betty Kann, Shirley Rae Karper, Carl Morgan Kaufman. Second Row-Miriam Kaufman, Robert James Keller, William M. Kidney, Dorothy Eleanor Kinley, Helen Koman. Third Row-Clarissa Kopp, Theresa Kotvan, Estelle R. Kovacs, William B. Krow, Fred Labovitz. Fourth Row-Donald E. Lang, Leonard Donald Lange, John W. Larkinyjack Lawlor, Evan Leggett. 63 ,. ..l...l-- ---l-June Class ---- 1936 ---1-ii First Row-QLeft to Righty James F. Leitch, Harriet Hashell Lemmon, Dorothy Ileen Levenson, Irma Ruth Levenson, jeanne Levett. Second Row-Edna May Levin, Arnold L. Levine, Donald Louis Levine, Millard Levy, Marjorie Ruth Lewin. Third Row--Della Liebman, joseph M. Lindenberg, Eugene J. Lipman, john L. Liven- sparger, James Struthers Lochhead, Jr. Fourth Row-Betty Jean Loesel, Hilary Lurie, Ruth A. Lutz, Helen Mae Lydick, Melva Makrauer. 64 -1-----June Class ---- 1936--l-- First Row-fLeft to Righty Saul Mandel, Alvin L. Malakoff, Janette O. Marcus, Elizabeth Wishart, Lillian Marks. Second Row-Alice Marlatt, Eleanor Ruth Mars, Ryna E. Mates, Robert E. Maxwell, Nat Mayerstein. Third Row-Winifred V. McCann, Jacqueline McCormick, Charles Patrick McGinty, George Edward McKee, Mary Catherine McMahon. Fourth Row-Harry McNall, Nancy Louise McNamara, Charles A. McVay, Jack McVay, Rose Melore. 65 ------lklune Class ---- 1936 ------ First Row-CLeft to Righty Lucille R. Mendozayforis Cecelia Metzgar, Billie Miller, Catherine Barbara Miller, Frances Moll. Second Row-James T. Mooney, Betty Moore, Milton Morris, Thelma Nathan, Victor F. Nedlik. Third Row-Helen May Newbauer, Mary Dolores Niehoff, Sylvan Robert Noar, Betty jane Oberg, Charlotte Oppy. Fourth Row-Eleanor R. Oshry, Marshall Palley, Evelyn Ruth Parker, Betty Jane Parmelee, Mary Bernice Patton. 66 1-l-lJune Class ---- 1936 l----i- First Row-fLeft to Rightj Anna W. Paul, Alex Pechersky, William Santino Pellini, !Leah Penner, Gail Perelstine. Second Row-Bert H. Peterson, Raphelia Frances Petronio, Paul Piothfkuth Eleanor Piper, Robert Popcke. Third Row-Audrey Roberta Powell, Irene Audrey Prentice, Margaret Profeta, Philomena A. Pulcini, Hugh John Purnell. Fourth Row-Isadore Rabinowitz, Harry Radin, Helen Audrey, Hazel Belle Rea, Jeannette E. Reist. 67 -h ' -June C1-ass ---- 1936 ---- First Row-CLeft to Righty Leo Robins, Martin S. Robinsteen, Harry C. Rogers, Arthur Samuel Rogow, jean Elizabeth Rooney. Second Row-Rose Rosen, William Rosenfield, Mildred Roth, Rudolph Roytos, Aveline Rua. Third Row-Meryl jane Rubin, Jeannette Rubinoff, Sarah Sable, Albert Sabol, Milton Lee Sachnoff. Fourth Row-Betty Ruth Sachs, Charles E. Salvatora, Thersa Sandor, David Sarcone, Marjorie M. Saul. i68 -l---l-June Class ---- 1936 4------- First Row-CLeft to Righty Samuel D. Saul, David G. Sanders, james D. A. Scales, Aethelburga Schmidt, Marion M. Schmidt. -- Second Row-Sylvester B. Schoemer, Ida Schutzman, Lillian Thelma Seewald, Eleanor Seibel, joseph W. Seiler, Third Row-Jane Elizabeth Shallenberger, Ruth Flora Shapiro, Edward C. Shearer, Leonard H. Shiner, Betty Cecelia Shurtz. Fourth Row-Alexander O. Seigle, Ruth M. Simington, Belle Simon, Bernice Simon, Helen Simon. 69 -- --June Class ---- 1936 First Row-fLeft to Righty Sidney A. Simon, David Simons, Verna Sissman, Richard L. Skirble, Naomi Elizabeth Small. Second Row-Harvey Smith, Margaret Elizabeth Smith, Shirley Selma Smith, William James Smith, Pearl Snyder. Third Row-Marshall Solomon, Helen Martha Spahn, Charles Spitzer, Herbert McIntosh Springer, Karl J. Stark. Fourth Row-James O. Steele, Rita Steiner, Frances Louise Stemple, Helen Louise Stentz, Marjorie Stern. - '70 , ----l--ltlune Class ---- 1936 l-i-l First Row-QLeft to Righty Helen Stevenson, Margaret Jane Stirling, Burton H. Strauss, Betty Frances Stomberg, Robert G. Strong. Second Row-John Francis Sweeney, Richard J. Sweeney, james Robert Sweer, Charles Tarasovic, Lawrence Tedrow. Third Row-Jean Shirley Tenenbaum, Bertram Thomas, Betty Marie Thomas, Mary Thomas, Beatrice Thompson. Fourth Row-Dorothy Fay Tissue, Paul james Toner, Marjorie Glenice Trimmer, Fred- erick Henry Urquhart, Sarah Vargo. 71 - l--June Class ---- 1936 -----l First Row-fLeft to Righty Ruth Louise Victorhaus, jean Wald, William Walton, Morris Judah Wanetik, Helen Elizabeth Wasson. Second Row-Mary Joan Weaver, Harriet Weekley, Ruth Weinberger, Mildred Weiner, Mollie Weiner. Third Row-Robert M. Weinthal, Morton Weissman, Louis Curran Welsh, Herbert G. Wertheimer, jr., Edwin Stewart Westphal. Fourth Row-Grace Marie Wheeler, Raymond B. Wiener, Saul H. Wiesenthal, Howard Wilson Wilds, Bernice Virginia Williams. 72 .- -.....--i--June ciass -.-. 1936 -i First Row-CLeft to Rightj Elsie Duvall Williams, William Lamar Williams, james W. Wilson, Mabel Emily Wilson, Sylvia Irene Wilson. Second Row-Woodrow Howard Wilson, Mary Grace Winnett, Eugene Richard Wintner, Betty Wohlfarth, Walter C. Wohlfarth. Third Row-Evelyn Wolk, Abe Wolovitz, Elwood P. Wood, Sidney Woodrow, Ruth Hannah Wyld. Fourth Row-Charles Edward Wynn, Isabelle Ann Young, Jack Wm. Young, George William Zeiler, Irene Martha Zelleznick. Fifth Row-Florence Zeok, Frank Lonergan, Janet Florence Ziff. --' une Class Activities --' Abramovitz, Lena-Secretary of Home Room: Sigma Iota Club: Girls' Chorale: Girls' Quartet: Volleyball '36: Basketball '34: Soccer '36. Adams, Clara Celeste-Class Play: Journal Staff: Players' Guild: Ac- Girls' Chorale: Debate Club: tihvities Board fStooge Clublg National Honor S0- ciety. Adams, Elizabeth Davidson4Hall Patrol: Secre- tary of Report Room: Chorus Group A: Girls' Chorale. Agger, Robert L.-Astronomy Club. Albert, Julius-'Football '35, '36: Basketball '35, '36 Allison, Lillian Christina-Red Cross Club: Vol- leyball '33, '34, '35, '36: Basketball '35, '36: Hockey '35: Soccer '34: Mushball '35, Alvord, Amy-Hall Patrol: Class Play: Marion- ette Club: Junior Art Club: Hockey '35, Anderson, Carl-Secretary of Home Room: Hall Patrol: Journal Staff: Vice-President: Machine Shop Club. Andrews, Dorothy-Marionette Club: Lunch Pa- trol. Angel, Rose-Journal Staff: Foreword Staff: Sec- retary-T'reasurer oi Business Service Guild: Secre- tary-Treasurer of Nifty Nibler: Type Club: Typed Morning Bulletin: Hockey '35: Volleyball '35: Mus-hball '35: Tennis '35: National Honor Society. Appelbe, Virginia Louise-Hall Patrol. Amheim, Bemice S.-Class Play: Secretary- Treasurer: Social Chairman: Group A: Pantomime Club: Basketball '33, '34, '35: Tennis '33, '34, '35: Swimxnine Team '33: Volleyball '33, '34: H.all Patrol: National Honor Society. Artz, Irvin E.---Chief of Hall and Door Patrol: Vice-President of 156: Sports Club: Football '34, '35: Basketball '35: Soccer '32: Mushball Champs '35 Askin, Richard H.--Hall Patrol: Geometric De- sign Club: Football Team '33, '34, '35. Avner, Henry L.-Lunch Patrol: Assistant Cap- tain: Hall Patrol: President of Slide Rule Club: Song, Motto and Cheer Committee. Bach, Doris Henna--Pantomime Club: Electric Shop Club: Travel Club. Bagran, Rosamond-Hall Patrol: Flower Com- mittee: Stage Make-Up Club: Art Club: Basket- ball '32, '33, '35: Volleyball Manager '33, '34: Soccer '33: Hockey '34, '35: Senior Leaders. Bateman, John Keller-Stamp Club: Swimming Team '35, '36: Gym Team '34. Baxter, John-Hall Patrol: Class Play: Marion- Stte Club: Orchestra B: Home Room Vice-Presi- ent. Becker, Katherine B.-Joumal Staff: Class Play: Senior Girls' Electric Club: Volleyball '32, '33, '34, '35: Basketball '34: Soccer '33: Hockey '34: Mush- ball '34: National Honor Society. Beizer, Ethyl--Business Service Guild: Nifty Niblers. Bennett, Geraldine-Home Economics Club: Hall Patrol '35, '36: Home Room Vice-President. Berkeley, Marguerite E.-Biology Club: Red Cross Club: Nifty Niblers. Berlin, M. Lester-Hall Patrol: Stamp Club. Bernstein, Helen Lee-Hall Patrol: Vice-Presi- dent: Secretary: Volleyball '33, '34, '35: Basketball '33, '34, '35: Tennis Manager '34: Stage Make-Up Club: Flo-wer Committee. Bernstein, Sylvia Evelyn-Hall Patrol: Volley- ball: Lunch Patrol. Blattner, Katherine Ruth-Hall Patrol: Name Card Committee. Bloom, LeRoy--Hall Patrol. Bloom, Wyllis Mae-Business Service Guild: Sec- retary of Home Room: Treasurer of Home Room: Reading Club: English Club. Bluestone, Evelyn Phyllis-Lunch Patrol: Locker Patrol: Stage Miake-Up Club: Special Art Club. Bolltens, Dorothy E.-Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol: Volleyball '35, '36: 'Pravel Club. Boreman, Hilda-Lunch Patrol: Foreword Re- porter: Secretary of Home Room: Vice-President of Home Room: Games Club: Secretary of Home Economics Club: Secretary of French Club: Cur- rent Problems Club. Borsody, Louise Marguerite-VicePresident: Vol- leyball: Basketball '33: Knitting Club. Boyle, Edward Joseph-Student Council: Hall Patrol: Judge in Student Court: Football '33, '34, Captain '35. Bozan, William Vincent-Swimming Team '35: Gymnastics '34, '35. Brady, Janet-Hall Patrol : Book Room Club : Volleyball '33, '34: Tennis Manager '34: Girls' Leaders Club '33, '34, Brand, Erwin--Basketball '35, '36. Braun, Herbert-Gym Team '33: Gym Team Man- ager '34: Junior Chorus: Astronomy Club. Breskow, Elaine S.-Lunch Patrol: Hall Patrol: French Club: Soccer '33: Hockey '34: Mushball '34, Brinn,'Char1es-Hall Patrol: Class Play: Mathe- matics Club: Puzzle Club. Brodie, Ruth S.-'Foreword Staff: Journal Staff: Song, Motto and Cheer Committee: Debate Club: Sigma Iota: Hockey '35, Broida, Arline Lois-Student Council: Lunch Patrol: Senior Social Committee: Foreword Re- porter: Current Events Club: Hockey '35: Volley- ball '35, '36. Broida, Irene Florence-Stage Miake-Up Club: French Club: Intra-mural Volleyball '36, Browar, Herbert W.-Current Events' Club: Hall Patrol: Picture Committee: Class Play. Browning, Hazel--Girls' Chorale. Burns, Eleanor Vesta--Leaders' Club '35, '36: Rifle Club: Orchestra A: Secretary of Home Room: Hall Patrol: Hockey '36: Volleyball '35, '36: Bas- ketball '35, '36: National Honor Society. 74 Butler, Nell Debora-Knitting Club, Business Service Guild, Volleyball '33, '34, '35, '36, Basket- ball '32, '33, Soccer '33, Hockey '34, '35. Cacella, Russell A.-Lunch Patrol, Intra-mural Basketball Team. Campbell, Helen-Class Play. Campbell, Mary Louw-Senior Social Committee, Vice-President of Home Room, Basketball '33, "34, '35, Volleyball '35, Tennis '33, '34, '35, Mushlball '34, Hockey '34, '35. Canfield, Doris Elnor-Hall Patrol, Demonstra- tion Group, Opera, Mathematics Club. Cantelou, Betty--Hall Patrol, Volleyball '33, '34, '35, Swimming Team, Hockey '34, '35, Soccer '34, Basketball '32, '35. Caplan, Mildred-Orchestra, stage Make-Up Club. Caruso, Ross-fDoor Patrol. Caufield, William j.--Inventors Club. Church, Charles-Picture Committee, Green Key, Hi-Y, Hall Patrol., Cicero, Louise J.-Home Economics. b Sillo, Raymond-Intra-mural Basketball and Mush- a . Cisar, Helen P.-Business Service Guild. Civitate, Alfonse R.--Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Vice-President of Room 462, Secretary of Home Room, French Club, Marionette Club, Soccer '33. Clarke, Eleanor-Social Committee, Vice-Presi- dont of Home Room, Swimming '32, '33, '34, Hockey '34, '35, Basketball '32, '33, '34, '35, '36, Volleyball '33, '34, '35, '36, Senior Leaders, Soccer '34, National Honor Society. of Home Cleeland, Ruth-Secretary-Treasurer Room, Red Cross Club, Girl Reserves, Member of Bulletin Force. Coates, Irene-+Mfusical Organization, Basketball Team '34, Class Play Manager. Cohen, Alfred-Door Patrol. Cohen, Beatrice Frances-Foreword Staff, Hall Patrol, Foreword Reporter, Orchestra A, Debate Club, Manager of Soccer Team '34. Cohen, Herbert Harold-Hall Patrol, President of Home Room, Senior A Band, Intra-mural '35, Golf, Rifle Club. Cohen, Leona-Gym Locker Patrol, Hall Patrol, Vice-President of Home Room, Voice Group A: Volleyball '33, '34, '35, '36, Basketball '34, Tennis '34, Soccer '34, Mushball '35. Cohen, Millie B.-1HalI Patrol, Junior Chorus, Red Cross Club, Le Cerclle Francais, Type Club, Current Events Club, Junior Dramatics, Scrap Book Club, Volleyball '33. Cohen, Victor'-Band A, Story Telling Club, Sports Club. Colbus, Martha Jayne-Red Cross Club, Volley- ball '35, Cole, Dorothy Jane-Hall Patrol, Foreword Re- porter, Orchestra, Le Cercle Francais, Home Eco- nomics, Scrapbook Club. Connely, Catherine C.-Hall Patrol. Cook, Benjamin T.-Rifle Club, Hall Patrol. Cordwell, Frank William-Orchestra, Soccer Cap- tain '34, Intra-murals '34, Coulter, Martha E.--Hall Patrol., Crawford, Ruthie IreneHall Patrol, Junior Chorus, Girls' Chorale, Scrap Book Club, Girl Re- serves, Red Cross Club. ' ' Crews, Fred-Football '34, '35, 'Basketball '33, Volleyball '33. Crews, Madeline-Volleyball '35, '36. Crooks. Robert Cecil-eHall Patrol, Door Patrol, Foreword Reporter, Student Court, Lunch Patrol. Crowe, Betty J.-Hall Patrol, Girls' Chorale, Senior Leaders', Rifle Club, Volleyball '36, Hockey '34, '35, Swimming '36, National Honor Society. Crowley, Richard-Hall Patrol, Vice-President Sports Club, Vigilance Committee, Usher at Class Pay. Danilovich, Evelyn-4Story Telling Club, Basket- ball '34, Type Club. Danovitz, Edgar-H-all Patrol, Short Wave Club, Jr. Mechanics Club. Davidson, Ruth-Lunch Patrol, Vice President of Home Room, Student Council, French Club, Biology Club, Junior Chorus. Q Davies, David Clarence+Seoretary of HrUmC goom, Foo-tball, Band, Clarinet Trio, Saxophone rio. Davis, George-Student Council, Orchestra B, Band A, Junior Art, Rifle Club, Intra-mural Basketball. Delaney, Margaret G.-Tennis '34, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, Basketball Champions '35, '36, Mushball '35, Travel Club, Hall Patrol. DePinto, Jean-journal Staff, Foreword Staff, Business Service Guild, Pres-ident of Nifty Nibler, Red Cross Club, Type Club, Reading Club, Usher for Commencement, Red Cross Award. DeRoy, Aaronel--Door Patrol, Song, Cheer and Motto Committees, Debate Club, Art Club, Vol- leyball '33, '34, '35. '36, Hockey '35, '36, Basket- ball '34, '35, '36, Senior Leaders Club, Swimming Team '33, '34, Prize in Traffic Essay. DiFrank, Albert J.--Type Club, Nifty Nibler Club, Penmanship Club. DiLillo, Hugo-1Hall Patrol. Dobrin, Beverly--Journal Staff , Debate Club, Current Events Club, Voice B, Volleyball '36, Song Festival. Dreistadt, Essie Irene-Volleyball '36. Durden, Mattie Mearnikle-Red Cross Club, Vol- leyball Team '35, '36. ClDburst, Ruth Esther-Foreword Reporter, Cooking u . Eber, Jeanne R.-Gym Lock Patrol, Hall Patrol, ,Tumor Chorus, Checker Club. 75 Eisner, Evelyn-Hall Patrol, Foreword Reporter, Special Art Club, Tennis '34, '35, '36, Volleyball '36, Basketball '34, Mushball '34, '35. English, john N.-Student Council, Hall Patrol, Foreword Reporter, Vice-President, Basketball Chitra-murall Captain. Fagan, Elizabeth M.-Hall Patrol, President of Home Room, Secretary of Home Room, Swimming Team '32, '33, '34, Senior Leaders' Club, Volleyball '33, '34, '35, '36, Basketball '32, '34, '36, Mushball '34, '35, '36, Ring Committee, Class Tennis Cham- pionship '34, '35, Nanional Honor Society. Farrell, james Edward-Hall Patrol, Elevator Crew. Fedigan. Betty-Basketball '33, '34, '36, Hockey '34, '35, Hall Patrol, Flower Committee. Feinberg, Beatrice--French Club, History Club. Morton-Hall Patrol , Secretary-Troa- Feldman, surer, Story Telling Club, Vice-President of Sigma Iota Club. Fellman, English Club. Ida Sylvia-Business Service Guild, Fillmore, Jeannette L.-Secretary-Treasurer of Home Room, Red Cross Club, Red Cross Award. Finkel, Robert S.-Lunch Patrol, Motto and Cheer Committees, Class Play, President of Home Room, Band A, Saxophone Quartette, Inventors Club, G.Of.P. Club, National Honor Society. Finney, Lucas E.-Hall Patrol, Door Patrol, Vice-President of Home Room, Secretary of Home Room, Orchestra A, Basketball Captain '35, Or- chestra B. Finnin, John Kennedy-Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Current Events Club, Le Cercle Francais. Fischer, Frances Elizabeth-Hall Patrol, Swim- ming Team, Senior Leaders' Club, Senior Debate Club. Fischler. Leonard-Lunch Patrol, Secretary of Home Room, Band A. Fisher, Bernard4President of Senior Student Council, President of Pittsburgh High School Stu- dent Association, Board oi Managers of Foreword Staff, journal Staff, Captain of Seventh Period Hall Patrol, Senior Class Play, President of Sigma Iota, Allderdice Radio Announcer, Activities Coun- cil, Manager of Basketball Team, Service Award, National Honor Society. Fitzwilson, Elaine-Senior Leaders Club, French Club, Hall Patrol, Basketball '34, '36, Volleyball '35, '36, Mushball '35, Hockey '34, Social Com- mittee. Foster, William Edwin-Student Council, Lunch Patrol, Social Committee, President of Home Room, Secretary-Treasurer of Home Room, Green Key Vice-President, Hi-Y Vice-President, Soccer Team '33, Mushball '34. Foust. William-Secretary of Home Room, Mem- ber of Basketball Team, Swimming Team. Friedman, RuthQActivities Board, Picture Com- mittee, Debate Club, Marionette Club, Special Senior Type Club, French Club, Current Problems Club, Special Art Club, Hockey '35, Basketball '35, National Honor Society. Fulton, Oliver Henry--Hall Patrol, Class Play, Journal Staff, President and Secretary of Home Room, Orchestra, Band, Woodwind Quintette, Current Pro-blems Club, Slide Rule Club, Traffic Regulation Committee. Furis, john J.-Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Vice- President of Home Room, History Club, Football '34, '35, Safety Contest Award. G'alata, Albert JosephA.Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, President of Home Room, Secretary-Treasurer of Home Room, Swimming Team '34. '35, Intra- mural Captain '34, Basketball '34, Mushball '35, Track '34, Song, Motto and Cheer Committee. Gilmore, james-President of Graduating Class, Class Play, Hall Patrol, President of Home Room, Green Key, Hi-Y President, City Hi-Y Council, Rifle Club, Manager of Soccer Team '32. Girson. Lenora--fI'ype Club, Business Service Guild, Nifty Niblers. Glausser, Grant-Door Patrol, Band, Swimming Team '35, '36. Glick, Florence H.--Pantomime Club, Dramatic Club, Latin Club, Zoology Club, Philometria Order. Gold, Dorothy Shirley-Senior Student Council, Lunch Patrol, Tennis '33, '34, '35, '36, Volleyball '33, '34, '35, '36, Mushball '34, Goldin, Eileen-Senior Debate Club, Volleyball '34, Sigma lota. Goldsmith, Evelyn Winifred-Lunch Patrol, Class Play, Song, Cheer and Motto Committee, Journal Stalf, French Club, Current Problems, Vigilance Commlittee, National Honor Society. Goldsmith, William--Lunch Patrol, Social Com- mittee, Business Manager of Senior Clase Play, President of Sigma Iota, Activities Board. Goldstein, Jack-Hall Patrol, Senior Ring Com- mittee, Foreword Reporter, Band A, Slide Rule Club, Inventors' Club, Swimming Team '32, '33, '34, Gym Team '33, '34, '35, Cheer Leader '34, '35, National Honor Society. Goldvarg, Allan David-Hall Patrol, Biology Club, Radio Club. Goleman, jack-Band, Sigma Iota Club, Current Problems Club, Lunch Patrol, Astronomy Club, Stamp Club, Door Patrol, Intra-mural Basketball Champions '36. 1 Golomb, Ruth-Basketball '34, Swimming Meet 33. Goodman, Ruth-French Club, Make-Up Club, Hockey '35, Volleyball '36. Graham, David-Band, Orchestra: W'oodwind Quintette, Library Club, National Honor Society. Green, Lois Elaine-Journal Staff, Traffic Regu- lation Committee, Vice-President, Marionette Club, G.O.P. Club, Progressive Art Club, Award for Clean-Up Poster, National Honor Society. Greenberg, Florence-Biology, Make-Up, Basket- ball '36, Volleyball '35, '36, Swimming T'eam '34, Greenberg, Wilfred-Lunch Patrol, Sigma Iota. Greenfield, Sylvia-Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, President of Home Room, Secretary of Home Room, Foneword Reporter, Electric Club, Business Ser- vice Guild, Hockey '35, Volleyball '35, '36. Greenwald, Charlotte Davies-Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Journal Staff, Sigma Iota, Volleyball '34, '35, Hockey '36, Basketball '36. Grckin, Marcella Ruth-Hall Patrol, Stamp Club, Stage Make-Up Club. 76 Grossman, Bemard H.-Foreword Staff, Sigma Iota, Debate Club, Biology Club, Current Prob- lems Club, Golf Team '35, ViceaPresident of Home Roo-m, Journal Staff, Tennis Team '36, Lunch Patrol, National Honor Society. Groudine, David J.wHome Room President, Vice- President of Home Room, Class Play, Ring Com- mittee, National Honor Society. Hahalyak, Albert Joseph-Hall Patrol, Orchestra A, Band A, Soccer Team '33, Junior Swimming Team. Hamburg, Gertrude-Hall Patrol, Red Cross Club, Current Events Club, Tennis '33, Traffic Essay Award. Hamilton, Robert W.-Hall Patrol, Student Court, Male Chorus, Swimming Team '34. Hanna, Betty-Student Council Representative, Door Patrol, Secretary and Treasurer of Girls' Re- serves, Hockevy '36, Volleyball '36, Mushball '34, '35, Soccer '34. Harnack, James-French Conversation Club, Vice-President of Home Room. Harris, Philip Lester-Cross Country Team '34, '35, Track Team '35. Harris, Rozalyn Adelle+Traif'ic Patrol. Hawker, Ruth-Foreword Staff, Hall Patrol, V-ice-President of Home Room, Art Club, French Club, Pantomime Club. Hayden, Elaine-Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol. Hazlett, Theodore Lyle-Social Committee, Fore- word Staff, Home Room Secretary, Debate Club: Rifle Club, Green Key, Hi-Y, French Club, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, National Honor Society. Henning, Helen-'Girls' Swimming Team, Volley- ball '36, Hockey Team '36, Hergenroeder, Charles-Green Key, Hi-Y, Stu- dent Council, Hall Patrol, VicefPresident of Home Room, Picture Committee, Tennis' '35, '36, City Champions '35. Herrup, Lester J.-Foreword Staff, Journal Staff, Secretary-Tlreasuner of Graduating Class, Home Room President, Slide Rule Club, Current Proh- lems Club, Debate Club, Manager of the Swimming Team '33, National Honor Society. Hirsch, Selma-Stage Make-Up Club. Hochstetter, Herbert C.-Student Council, Hall Patrol, Orchestra, Gym Team '33, '34, Intra- mural Mushball, Volleyball, Basketball '33, '36, Hoffman, Elizabeth R.-Voice B. Hoffman, Milton Ralph-Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Band B, Band A, Stamp Club, Astronomy Club, Microscope Club, Manager of Intra-mural Mushball League '33, Prize for Traffic Essay Con- test. Hofmeister, Dorothy Marie-Vice President. Hopkins, Stevens--Ring Committee, President of Iglome Room, VicevPresident of Home Room, Male orus. Hosey, Mary Ruth-Hall Patrol, Vice-President of Senior Class, President of Home Room, Secre- tary of Home Room, Girls' Leaders, Basketball '32, '33, '34, '35, Volleyball '33, Hockey '34, '35, Mushball '34, '35, National Honor Society. Howell, Annaw0rchestra A, Electric Club, Mush- ball '35. Hunter, Mildred Rosc?Business Service Guild. jacob, Betty-Volleyball '34, Art Club. Jaffe, Helen B.-Journal Committee, Home Room Secretary, French Club, Honor Society. Library Club , National Jamison, Rieid R.-Rifle Club, Fencing Club. jeso, Kathryn julia-Hall Patrol, Class' Play Sec- retary. johns, William Todd-Orchestra A, Chemistry Club, Intra-mural Volleyball Champions '35. johnson, Dorothy E.-Red Cross Club, Traffic Essay Award. Jones, Harry E.fSecretary of Home Room, Play- ers Guild. I Com- Jones, Eleanor-Student Council, Flower mittee, Home Room Secretary, Red Cross Club, Hall Patrol, Traffic Essay Award. Josephs, Natalie-Journal Staff, President of Home Room, Secretary of Home Room, Vice-President of Home Room, Hall Patrol, French Club, Senior Leaders' Club, Basketball '34, '35, Hockey '35, Tennis '33, '34, '35, National Honor Society. Kail, Mary Ann-Business Service Guild. Kalson, Murray-Basketball '34, '35, '36 Captain. Kann, Betty--Hall Patrol, Advertising Staff for Journal, Scrap Book Club, Hockey '35, Volley- ball '36. Karper, Shirley Rae-Flower Committee. Kaufman, Carl-Hall Patrol, Gym Team '34, Swimming Team '34, '35, '36, Tennis Team '35, '36. Kaufman, Miriam-dFrench Club, Knitting Club. Keller, Robert--Swimlmling '34, '35, '36, 'Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol. ' Kidney, William M.-Secretary of Home Room, Foreword Representative, Flower Committee, Cap- tain of Mushball League, Student Council, Class Play, Journal Staff. Kinley, Dorothy-Secretary of Home Room, Pre- sident of Home Room, Vfice-President of Home Room, Volleyball '33. Koman, Helen-Business Service Guild, Nifty Nibler Club, Volleyball '33, '34, '35, '36, Mushball '33, '34, '35, '36, Rod Cross. Kotvan, Theresa-Volleyball '34, '35, '36, Mush- ball '35, Hockey '35, Soccer '34, Kovacs, Estelle R.-1Hall Patrol, Better Traffic Commission, Intra-mural Hockey '35, Journal S-taff, Type Club. Krow, William B.-Le Cercle Francais, Current Problems Club. Labovitz, F. S.--Astronomy Club, Current Proba lems Club, Slide Rule Club, Gym Team '34, '35, '36. Lang, Donald E.-Secretary of Home Room, Astronomy Club, Microscope Club. Lange, Leonard D.-Type Club, Hall Patrol. Larkin, John W.-Table Monitor: Swimming Team '33, '34, Swimming Squad '34, '35. ,77 Lawlor, Jack-Senior Social Committee: Student Council-Chairman School Spirit: Foreword Staff -Circulation, Business Manager: Lunch Patrol: Book Room Club, President: Stamp Club: Foot- ball '33, '34, '35: Golf '36: Tennis '36. Leggett, Evan-Lunch Patrol: Hall Patrol: ln- ventors Club: History-Movie Club: Junior Me- chanics Club. Lemmon, H. Harriet-Hall Patrol: Book Room: Girls' Leaders Club: Swimming Team '33, '34, '35: Volleyball '33, '34: Basketball '34, Levenson, Dorothy Ileen-Junior Chorus: Voice C and A: Pantomime Club: French Club. Levenson, Irma Ruth-Hall Patrol: Class Play: Girls' Chorale: Dr. Earheart's Chorus: Hansel and Gretel: Scrap Book Club: Tennis '34. Levette, Jeanne-Vice-President of Home Room: Dramatic Club: French Club: Current Problems Club: Volleyball '33, '34: Soccer '33, '34: Swim- ming '33: Tennis '33, '34, '35, Levin, Edna May-Secretary of Junior Student Council: Student Counoil Representative: Business Service Guild: Stage Make-Up Club: Nifty Niblers. Levine, Arnold I.-Hall Patrol: Class Play: Pre- sident of Home Room: Current Events Club. Levine, Donald L.-Secretary ot Home Room: Vice-President of Home Room: Orchestra. Lewin, Marjorie R.-Hall Patrol: Scrap Book Club. Liiebman, Della-.Student Court: Vice-President of Home Room: Voice A: Junior Chorus: Maskers Club: Diving. Lindenberg, Joseph-Manager Gym Team '33, '34, '35: Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol: Rifle Club: Sigma lota Club. Lipman, Eugene J.-Student Council: Student Court: Pittsburgh High School Student Association: Business Manager of Journal Staff: Business Man- ager of Class Play: WWSW Sports Announcer: Debate Club, Vice-President: Senior A Band: Gym Team '33, '34, '35, '36: Tennis Squad '35, '36: National Honor Society. Livensparger, John-Hall Patrol. Lochhead, James Struthers-Lunch Patrol: Ring Committee: Green Key, Secretary-Treasurer: Hi-Y, Secretary-Treasurer: Junior Swimmling Team '31, '32, '33: Senior Swimming Team '34, '35, '36: Ten- nis Team '35, '36: Home Room Manager '35, '36: Pyramid Club.. Loesel., Betty Joan4Red Cross Club: Volleyball '33, '34, '35, '36: Basketball '34, '35: Hockey '35: Soccer '34. .Lonergan, Frankglntra-mural Basketball: Intra- mural M-ushball: Received Second Team Letter for Participation on Intra-mural Mushball. Lurie, Hilary-Hall Patrol: Editor-in-chief of Foreword: Editor-in-chief of Journal: President of Home Room: President of French Club: S-igma Iota: Junior Leaders: Post-Gazette Merit Award: Type Club: Current Problems Club: Service Award, National Honor Society. Lutz, Ruth Averis-Hall Patrol: Advertising Club: Volleyball '33. Lydick, Helen Mae-Business Service Guild: Lunch Patrol: School Play: Secretary of Senior Class Play: Red Cross: Dramatic: Stage Make-Up: Track '33: Volleyball '33: National Honor Society. Makrauer, Melva M.--Junior Chorus: Rifle Club: Swimming '33, '34, '35: Tennis Manager '35: Bas- ketball Team '35, '36: Volleyball '33, '34, '35, '36: Soccer '335 '34: Mushball '34, '35, '36: Knitting Club. Malakoff, Alvin L.-Student Council: City Stu' dent Council: Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol: Journal Staff: Class Play: Senior Debating Club: Current Problems Club: Astronomy Club: "Stooges"- Activities Board: National Honor Society, Mandel, Saul-Hall Patrol: Orchestra C: Story Telling Club. Marcus, Jonette-aBasketball '34, '35, '36: Volley- ball '33, '34, '35, '36: Tennis '34, '35: Mushball '33, '34: Hockey '35: Soccer '34: Class Play: Vice- President of Home Room: Secretary of Home Room: General Science Club. Marks, Lillian-Lunch Patrol: Sigma Iota Club: Art Club. Mars, Eleanor Ruth-Student Council: Hall Pa- trol: Flower Committee: Stage Make-Up Club: Dramatic Club: Vice-President of French Club. Mates, Ryna E.-Book Room Club: Pantomime Club. Maxwell, Robert Earl-Lunch Patrol: Hall Pa- trol. Mayerstein, Nathan-'Male Chorus: Octet: Lunch Patrol. McCann, Winifred V.-Volleyball '36, McCormick, Jacqueline-French Club: Art Club. McGinty, Charles P.-Hall Patrol: Treasurer of Home Room: Manager of Champions '32: Man- ager oi Intra-mural Games '34, McKee, George Edward-Stage Crew: Motor Club: Band: Inventors' Club. McMahon, Mary Catherine-Business Service Guild: Tennis '35: Hockey '35: Volleyball '36. McNall, Harry-Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol: Boys' Cooking Club: Class Basketball Manager '36. McNamara, Nancy Lou-Hall Patrol: Astronomy Club: Girl Reserves: Mushball '34: Hockey '35. McVay, Charles A.-Student Court. McVay, Jack-'Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol. Melore, Rose Ann-Girl Reserves: Business Ser- vice Guild: President of Home Room: Lunch Patrol. Mendoza, Lucille-Hall Patrol: Ring Committee: Secretary ot Home Room: Junior Chorus: Volley- ball '33, '34, '35: Sigma Iota: Type Club: Red Cross: Activities Board Cor Stoogc Clubj: Stage Make-Up Club: National Honor Society.. Metzger, Doris-Girl Reserve Club: Girls Leaders' Volleyball '33, '34, '35, '36: Soccer '35: Hockey '36: Basketball '35, Miller, Billie-Girl Reserves. Miller, Catherine Barbara-Business Service Guild: Basketball '34: Volleyball '35: Shield and Figures. Moore, Betty-Student Council: Vice-President ot Home Room: Volleyball '34, Morris, Milton-Hall Patrol: Foreword Reporter: Band A: Cross Country '34, '35: Track '35. 78 Nathan, Thelma Ruth-Foreword Reporter.: Le Cercle Francais: Current Problems Club: Library Club: Home Economics Club: Soccer '34, Neubauer, Helen Mae-Hall Patrol: Stamp Club: Sewing Club: Volleyball '36, Niehoff, Mary Dolores-Lunch Patrol: Red Cross Club: Biology Club: Gvirls' Electric Club: Special Art Club: French Club: Journal Staff: Hockey '35: Current Problems Club: Traffic Essay Award: National Honor Society. Noar, Robert-Lunch Patrol: Intra-mural Basket- hall: Senior Band-Trumypet Solo: Brass Quartet: Brass Ensemble. Oberg, Betty Jane-Senior Student Council: Pic- ture Committee: Vice-President of Home Room. Oshry, Eleanor-Report Room Secretary: Hall Patrol: Junior Chorus: Current Problems Club: Slide Rule Club: Soccer '32, '33: Hockey '34, '35: Mushball '34: Tennis '33: National Honor So- ciety. Palley, Marshall Nevin-Foreword Staff: Student Council: Hall Patrol: District Council: Senior De- bate Club: Current Problems Club: Golf Team '34, '35, '36: National Honor Society. Parker, Evelyn Ruth-Flower Committee: Fore- word Reportexr: Red Cross: Pantc-mime Club: Sec- retary of Home Economics Club: Volleyball '33, '34, '35, '36: Soccer '33: Hockey '34: Mushball '33. Parmelee, Betty jane-Foreword Reporter: Lunch Patrol: Journal Staff: Class Room President: Junior Art Club: Waffle Weaving Club: Stage Make-Up Club: Volleyball '36. Patton, Mary Bernice-Library Club: Traffic Es- say Award: Hockey '35, '36: Volleyball '35, Paul, Anna-Waffle Weaving Club, Pechersky, Alex-Door Patrol: Vice-President of Home Room: Basketball Intra-murals: Physical Achievement Medal: Band: Mushball Intra-murals, Pellini, W. Santino-Swimming Team. '33, '34, '35: Gymnastic Team '35, '36: Won P, A, Effi- ciency Medal '34: National Honor Society. Penner, Leah-Biology Club '35, '36: Orches- tra A. Perelstine, Gail-Voice Group C: Group B: Pantomime Club: Library Club: French Club: Tennis '33: Efficiency Award '34, Peterson, Bert-Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol. Petronio, Raphelia Frances-Stamp Club: Inter- school Swimming Champion: Championship Volley- ball Game '33, Pioth, Paul-Current Events Club: Biology Club: Lunch Patrol: Social Committee: Class Play Ticket Manager: Football Manager '35: Tennis Team. Piper, Ruth E.-Orchestra A: Electric Club: Tennis '33, '34, '35: Basketball '33, '34: Volleyball '36: Hockey '34, '35: Mushball '35, Popclro, Robert-Door Patrol: Intra-murals '33, Powell, Audrey Roberta-'Stage Make-Up-Secre tary: Home Economics Club: Basketball '33, '34: Hockey '34: Volleyball '35: Report Room President. Prentice, Irene Audrey4Class Play: Pantomime Club: Stage Make-Up Club: French Club: Type Club: National Honor Society. Profeta, Margaret Rose-1Hall Patrol: Prompter Class Play: Girls Quartet: Girls' Choral: Part in Opera: Radio Programs wzith Chorus: Volleyball '33: Soccer '34: Hockey '35: Basketball '33, '34: National Honor Society. Pulcini, Philomeno A.-Business Service Guild. Pumell, Hugh-Hall Patrol: Lunch Patrol: Rifle Clutlg: Band: Astronomy Club: Sigma Iota: Stamp Clu . Rabinowitz, Isadore-Hall Patrol: Hall Conduct Committee: Operetta: Astronomy Club: President of French Club: Letter for Winner in Gym Team 34. Radin, Harry-Swimming Manager '35: Tennis Manager '35: Gym Manager '34: Dramatic Club: Stamp Club: Picture Committee: Class Play: Stu- deint Council: Lunch Patrol: Pantomime Club. Rauch, Helen Audrey--Hall Patrol: Foreword Re- porter: Girls Senior Leaders' Club: Red Cro-ss Club: Current Problems Club: Vice-President, Home Economics Club: Basketball Manager '35: Volley- ball '33, '34-, '35, '36: Hockey '34, '35: Tennis '34, '35: National Honor Society. Reist, Jeannette-Mushball '35: Volleyball '35, '36: Orchestra B. Ritz, Robert-Hall Patrol: Cooking Club: Rifle Club: Swimming '34: Football '35. Robins, Leo-Band A. Robinsteen, Martin S. Robinson-Hall Patrol: B-ook Room Club: Lunch Patrol: Orchestra: Marionette Club: Vigilance Committee: Elevator Patro. Rogers, Harry C.-Lunch Patrol: Book Room. Rogow, Arthur S.--Lunch Patrol: Hall Patrol: Home Roo-m Secretary: French Club: Pantomime Club: Intra-murals '34. Rooney, jean Elizabeth--Hall Patrol: Knitting Club. Rosen, Rose-Red Cross: Basketball '32, '33, '34, '36: Volleyball '33, '34, '36: Mushball '34, '35: Hockiey '34, '35: Tennis, Class Championship '33, '34, '35: Soccer '32, Rosenfield, William--Band: Orchestra: Stamp Club. Roth, Mildred-Hall Patrol: Type Club: French Club: Sigma Iota Club: Journal Staff. Roytos, Rudolph-Football '34, '35: Basketball '33, '34, '35: Mushball Champs '35. Ruben, Meryl Jane-Hall Patrol: Door Patrol: Stage Make-Up: Volleyball '33: Red Cross. Rubinoff, Jeannette-Student Council: Business Service Guild: Stage Make-Up: Hockey '35: Volley- all '36, Sable, Sarah L.-Hall Patrol: Home Room Com- mittee. Sachnoff, Milton Lee-Hall Patrol: A Band: Cur- rent Events Club: Stamip Club. Sachs, Betty Ruth-Lunch Patrol: Hall Patrol: Journal Staff: Song, Motto and Cheer Committee: French Club: Art Club. Salvatora, Charles-Machine Shop Club, Presi- dent: Foreword Reporter. Sandor, Theresa Anne-Volleyball '35, '36, 79 Saul, Marjorie M.-Hall Patrol, Cast of Class Play, President of French Club, Astronomy Club. Saul, Samuel D.-Student Council, Activities Board, Hall Patrol, journal Staff, Current Events Club, Sigma Iota Club, Type Club, Stamp Club, Current Problems. Saunders, David G.-Lunch Patrol, Home Room Secretary, Football '34, '35, Basketball '34, '35, Basketball Captain '36, Gym Team '33, Swimming '33, Schmidt, Aethelburga-Hall Patrol, Class Play! journal Staff, Name Card Committee, President of Home Room, Junior Chorus, National Honor Society. Schmidt. Marion M.--Hall Patrol, Social Com- mittee, Home Room President, Home Room Sec- retary, Home Room Vice-President, President, Stage Make-Up. Schoemer, Sylvester Bernard-Hall Patrol, F-:cond Place in 75 Yard Dash, Certificate for 1-lop-Step Jump 255 feet, Second Place. Schutzman, Ida-Home Room Vice-President, Senior Student Council, Home Room President, Home Room Secretary, Business Service Guild, Nifty Nibblers. Seewald, Lillian-Library Club. Seibel, Eleanor Grace-Home Economics Club. Seiler, joseph W.-fStudent Council, Hall Patrol. Shallenberger, jane Elizabeth-Student Council Representative, Member of Auditorium Committee of Student Council, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, journal Staff, Latin Club, Library Club, Biology Club, Certificate from National Trafiiic Essay Con- test. Shapiro, Flora Ruth-Home Room President: Voice B' Knittin Club' Tennis '33 '34 '35 '36, v g v 1 - - - Mushball '34, '35, '36, Volleyball '34, '35, '36 ' National Honor Society. - Shearer, Edward Craney-Home Room Secretary, Marionette Club. Shiner, Leonard H.-Cross Country Team '34. Siegle, Alexander O.AAdvertising Club. Simington, Ruth M.--Hall Patrol, Art Club. Simon, Belle-Sigma lota Club. Simon, Bernice-junior Red Cross, Senior Girls Electric Shop. Simon, Helen-Hall Patrol, Volleyball '34, '35, '36. Simon, Sidney-Foreword Staff, Journal Staff, Student Council, Class Play, Home Room Presi- dent, President, Special Art Club, Current Prob- lems Club, Marionette Club, Manager of Football, Winner of Scholastic Awards. Simons, David-Door Patrol, Orchestra B, As- tronomy Club, Cooking Club. Sissman, Vera-Hall Patrol, Secretary of Home Room, Foreword Reporter, French Club, Hockey '35. Skirble, Richard-Vice-President of Student Coun- cil, Hall Patrol, Flower Committee, intra-mural Champion '34. Small, Betty-Business Service Guild, Tennis '33, Bas-ketball '34, Volleyball '34, '35, Hockey '35, Girl Reserves. Smith, Harvey-Art Club, Manager uf Mushball Team '35, Competed in Basketball and Mushball lntra-murals '35, '36, Smith, Margaret-Business Service Guild, Lunclz Patrol. Smith, William James-Lunch Patrol, Hall Pa- trol, Home Room President, Home Room Visc- President, Inventors' Club, Junior Mechanics, Sec- retary, History-Movie Picture Club. Smith, Shirley Selma-Current Problem Club, Senior Leaders, Basketball '34, '35, '36, Hockey '35, '36, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, Mushball '35, '36, Soccer '34, Art Club CSpecialJ, Tennis '35, Swim- ming '34. Snyder, Pearl E.-Student Council, Hall Patrol, Business Service Guild, Girl Reserves, Volleyball '33, '34, '35, '36, Soccer '34, Musliball '34, '35, Solomon, Marshall-M-Debate Club, Current Prob- lems Club. Spahn, Helen M.-Student Council, Hall Patrol, Business Service Guild, Flower Committee, Volley- ball '31, Spitzer, Charlesfliand A, Hall Patrol. Springer, Herbert M.4Green Key, Hi-Y, Foot ball '34, Ring' Committee. Stark, I. Karl-Lunch Patrol, Home Room Pre- sident, Ring Committee, Class Play, Orchestra, Current Problems Club, Journal Staff, Senior De- bate Club, Gym Team, Basketball '36, National Honor Society. Steele, james Douglas-Hall Patrol, Hi-Y, Home Room President, Green Key, Picture Committee, Stunt Day Committee, Class Basketball Manager '35. Steiner, Rita4Hall Patrol, Foreword Reporter, Dramatic Club, Tenn,is '34, '35, Volleyball '35, Basketball '34. Stemple, Frances-Vigilance Committee, Secre- tary of Report Room. Stentz, Helen Louise--Cercle Francais, Archery, Pantomime Club, Hockey '34. '35, Volleyball '35, Numerals '33, '34. Stern, Marjorie4Hall Patrol, Hockey '35, '36, Basketball '36, Tennis '33, '34, '35, Volleyball '36. Stevenson, Helen Barnes-Marionette Club, Junior Student Council, Senior Student Council, Journal Staff. Stirling, Margaret: Jane-Hall Patrol, Senior Flower Committee, Home Room Vice-President, Girls' Chorale, Red Cross Club, Manager of Vol- leyball, Numerals '33, Strauss, Burton-Hall Patrol, Vice-President oi Home Room, French Club. Stromberg, Betty F.-Hall Patrol. Sweeney, John Francis-Hall Patrol. Sweeney, Richard J.-Library Club, Rifle Club, Lunch Patrol, Student Council, Book Room Club, French Club, Hall Patrol. Swveer, james Robert-Door Patrol, Community Fund Committee, Slide Rule Club, National Honor Society. Tarasovic, Charles-Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol. Tedrow, Lawrence-President of Home Room, Orchestra, Chemistry Club. 80' Tenenbaum, Jean Shirley-Hall Patrol, Secretary oi Report Room, Pantomime Club, Make-Up Club, Volleyball '34, '35, '36, Hockey '35. Thomas, Bertram-Hall Patrol, Secretary of Home Room, Machine Shop Club, Stamp Club, Intra- mural Mushball '34. Thomas, Betty Marie-Business Service Guild. Thomas, Mary Eleanor-Home Room Officer, Weaving Club. Thomas, Robert Grant-Hall Patrol. Thompson, Beatrice-Journal Staff, President of Home Room, Senior Leaders', Intra-mural Hockefy '35 Tissue, Dorothy Fay-Hall Patrol, Tennis '34, Volleyball '34, '35, '36. Toner, Paul I.--Rifle Club, Hall Patrol. Trimmer, Marjorie-Cooking Club. Urquhart, Fredrick H.-Intra-mural Teams '34, '35, '36. Victorhaus, Ruth--President, Vice-President, Sec- retary-Treasurer of Home Room, Cercle Francais, Girls Senior Leaders, Current Problems Club, Ten- nis '33, '34, '35, '36, Volleyball '33, '34, '35, '36, Basketball '34, Soccer '34, National Honor Society. Wald, Jean-Lunch Patrol, Stage Make-Up Club, Art Club, Volleyball '34, '35, Basketball '33, '34, Tennis '35. Walton, William Allen-Ring Committee, Hi-Y Club, Green Key. Wanetik, Morris J.-:Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol. Wasson, Betty-4Marionette Club, Scrap Book Club, French Club. Weaver, Mary joan--Volleyball '36. Wecklegy, Harriet-Class Play, Players Guild, Volleyball '35, '36, Swimming '34. Weinberger, Ruth-Volleyball '34, '35, '36, Bas- ketball '34-, '35, '36, Tennis '34, '35, Soccer '34, Hockey '34, '35, Weiner, Mildred-Hall Patrol, Story Telling, Marionette, Hockey '35, Volleyball '35, '36. Weiner, Mollie-Vice-President, Secretary oi Home Room, Civics Club, Business Service Guild, Hall Patrol. Weinthal, Robert M.--1Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Vigilance Committee, Secretary-Treasurer, Intra- mural '35. Weissman, Morton-Vice-.President oi Home Room, Secretary-Treasurer of Home Room, Presi- dent of Junior Mechanics Club, Secretary-Treasurer of Stamp Club, President oi Chemistry Club. Wertheimer, Herbert G., Jr.-Hall and Door Pa- trol, Sigma Iota, Golf Team '36. Westphal, Edwin Stewart-Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Door Patrol, Secretary of Home Room, Picture Committee, Biology Club, Junior Art Club, Swimming Team '33, '36, Soccer Team '33, Me- chanical Drawing Club. Wheeler, Grace-French Club, Locker Patrol. Wiener, Raymond B.-Lunch Patrol, Class Play, Band, Boys' Cooking Club, Stamp Club. Wiesenthal, Saul H.-:Hall Patrol, President, Vice- President and Secretary of Homer Room. Wilds, Howard W.-'Male Chorus, Sport Club, Hall Patrol. Williams, Bernice Virginia-Home Room Pro- gram Chairman, Tournament '34. Current Events Club, Tennis Vlllilliame, Elsie Patrol, Secretary of Home Room, Class Play, Pantomime Club, Swimming '32, '33, '34, Hockey '34, '35, Tennis '34, '35, Soccer '33, Volleyball '34, '35, Duvall-Ring Committee, Hall Williams, Lamar-Lunch Patrol, Class Play, Sec- retary-Treasurer, Chemistry Club, Junior Mechanics Club, Runn-er'Up Boys' Intra-murals, Stamp Club. Wilson, james W.-Vice-President of Home Room, Band A, Hi-Y Club, Trumpet Club, Stamp Club. Wilson, Mabel Emily-Art League, Art Club, Knitting Club, Volleyball '36. Wilson, Sylvia Irene-.Hall Patrol. Wilson, Woodrow H.-Hall Patrol, Art Club, Song and Cheer Committee, Journal Cartoonist, Football '34, '35, Athletic Manager of 261, Mush- ball Championship '32, Shot-Put Record, National Honor Society. Winnett, Mary Grace-Lunch Patrol, Social Com- mittee, Class Play, Hall Patrol, Pantomime Club, Sigma Iota, Volleyball '35, '36, Hockey '34, '35, National Honor Society. Wintner, Eugene Richard-Foreword Reporter, Chorus. Wbhlfarth, Betty-Treasurer of Home Room. Wohlfarth, Walter C.-Foreword Representative, Band B, C, Intra-mural Mushball, Football '34. '35, Second Prize in Physical Achievement, Basket- ball Speed Shot Award. Wolk, Evelyn-Pantomime Club, Tennis '32, '33, Hall Patrol, President, Secretary, Forerword Re- porfter of Home Room. Wyld, Ruth H.-Report Room Vice-President, Lunoh Patrol, French Club, Swimming Team '32, '34, Hockey '35, Volleyball '36, Song, Motto and Cheer Committeei Wynn, Charles Edward-Swimming Team '35, '36, Band A. Young, Isabelle-Hall Patrol, Class Play, Panto- mime Club, Art Club, Sigma Iota. Young, Jack W.-Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Home Room President, Band A and B, Sigma Iota, Advertising Club, Boys' Cooking Club, Intra- mural Teams: '34, Mushball '34. Zeiler, George-Orchestra. Zelleznick, Irene-Nifty Nibler, Business Service Guild. Zeok, Florence Dolores-Foreword Reporter, Stu- dent Council Representative, Girls' Reserve Club, Girls' Chorale, Girls' Quartette, All City Chorus, Group A, Opera, Volleyball Team '36. Ziff, Janet Florence-Foreword Reporter, Panto- mime Club, Dramatic Club, Volleyball Team '32, Awarded Numerals '32, 81 Senior Class Room Officers ROOM 156 Miss Clauson-Sponsor President .......,., .,..... W illiam Smith Vice President ..,,....,,. ..,....,,.., . Irving Artz Secretary ,.., . ,..,......, .. David Saunders Student Council .....,., jane Shallenberger ROOM 152 Miss Geist-Sponsor President . . . .. Mary Ruth Hosey Vice President. ,..,.,...,......, Dorothy Kinley Secretary. . .. ......, ,,......... E leanor jones Student Council . Charles Hergenroeder ROOM 361 Miss Brennan-Sponsor President ,..,. . .. .,..... Vice President . . Secretary ... ... .. Student Council .. ROOM 458 President . .. Vice President .. .. .. . Secretary ... . Student Council ..,, . Mr. .. Marion Schmidt ..Helen Bernstein Ida Schutzman Edna May Levin Shriner-Sponsor ......Audrey Powell .. ...,.,. Ruth Wyld .Elizabeth Fagan ...William Kidney ROOM 305 Mr. Korona-Sponsor President .,.,.. .. . . . .. ,... james Gilmore Vice President ....,... Eleanor Clarke Secretary. . , .... ..William Faust Student Council . .... .. ...., Bernard Fisher ROOM Q59 President . ,..,.. .. Vice President Secretary .. . . Student Council ROOM 261 President Miss Leech-Sponsor .................Albert Galata .. Geraldine Bennett ...Lucas Finney ...George Davis Miss Stuart-Sponsor Aethelburga Schmidt Vice President ................ .... J ames Wilson Secretary ......... Student Council ROOM 355 President . Vice President Secretary ........ . Student Council ROOM 352 President . . , ..... Morton Weisman .. ........Richard Skirble Miss Johnson-Sponsor .. Karl Stark Ruth Victorhaus . ...... Theodore Hazlett .. .... Alvin Malakoff Miss Ross-Sponsor . ..,. . .... David Groudine Vice President.. .. .. .....Betty Oberg Secretary .. . .. Leonard Fischler Student Council .. .. ...... Jack Lawler ROOM 457 Miss Couperthwaite-Sponsor President .. . ........ .... . . Oliver Fulton Vice President ........... Bernard Grossman Secretary ..... .. . . ......... jonette Marcus Student Council ..... .... . ., Marshall Palley HIGHEST HONOR Helen Rauch Bernard Grossman une Class Honor Students Evelyn Goldsmith Lois Green Lester Herrup Estelle Kovacs Hilary Lurie HIGH HONOR Clara Adams Bernice Arnheim Eleanor Burns Aaronel De Roy Robert Finkel john Finnin Bernard Fisher Ruth Friedman Oliver Fulton Jack Goldstein Helen Jaffe Jeanne Levett Arnold Levine Eugene Lipman Lucille Mendoza Dolores Niehoff Eleanor Oshry Marshall Palley Elizabeth Parmelee Santino Pellini Mildred Roth Aethelburga Schmidt Karl Stark james Sweer Marjorie Trimmer Lamar Williams HONOR Carl Anderson Dorothy Andrews Rosamond Bagran Katherine Becker Edward Boyle Elaine Breskow Ruth Brodie Mary Campbell Eleanor Clark Millie Cohen Lena Cohen Betty Crowe Elizabeth Fagan Beatrice Feinberg Morton Feldman Leonard Fischler David Graham Charlotte Greenwald David Groudine Gertrude Hamburg james Harnack Selma Hirsch Milton Hoffman Mary Ruth Hosey Natalie Josephs Shirley Karper Miriam Kaufman Dorothy Kinley Helen Lydick Alvin Malakoff Robert Noar Evelyn Parker Audrey Powell Irene Prentice Isadore Rabinovitz Betty Sachs Sylvester Schoemer Ruth Shapiro Charles Spitzer Dorothy Tissue Harriet Weekley Mollie Weiner Morton Weisman Abe Wolovitz Isabel Young 82 Zeta Chapter National Honor Sooietya 83 Zeta Chapter National Honor Sooietyb Clara Adams Rose Angel Bernice Arnheim Katherine Becker Eleanor Burns Eleanor Clark Betty Crowe Elizabeth Fagan Robert Finkel Bernard Fisher Ruth Friedman Evelyn Goldsmith Jack Goldstein David Graham Lois Green Bernard Grossman David Groudine Theodore Hazlett Lester Herrup Mary Ruth Hosey Helen Jaffe Natalie Josephs Eugene Lipman Hilary Lurie Helen Lydick Alvin Malakoff Lucille Mendoza Dolores Niehoff Eleanor Oshry Marshall Palley Santino Pellini Irene Prentice Margaret Profeta Helen Rauch Aethelburga Schmidt Ruth Shapiro Karl Stark james Sweer Ruth Victorhaus Woodrow Wilson Mary Winnett r84 N F N, 'x SQM1-1 Svwwx 344151 lmilz hir daily work or mind A ppoinzfed. MILTON vo M 9 6,27 ova CAPTAIN some bone-fy? "no sc:-noon. Z Q UNTIL NOTIFIED if 5 Q X .CRHHRM fm? WW rmncn 15,1236 Qi ,CJ ,....,,. THIS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE :ws K ll nf l X ' XIX . - K 'Q ....." hu ',',-xx, x Y M f , E lllhiix imulllllllllu.-ilaus 10 ' f f , , f V, 10 1 T Mons -ffs ' o MR.Fax4T -- MAKE " ,Buff ,9 4 snovno as S1141 THE or PHONES IH XUX WHAT WILI rr NOW PG OR A ' Pw DUNN :T Msn Munof NERD ""Q+NcF+ ,iff , H1 5' Q3fr.f?' V Jinx 1 0 X? 'Ei V L Z X WNY DIP I svfx ww TH HT f. o1.AR5flrf? 4 nun ponsev mes ff vo cava sen on Tue ,lyl sw A-KWXSPELIAL 604004 ous - I Q9 V ' 6 -755A 5' E x fr -I JTHE .ING POINT- , W ff 7 'df' EHLELSIE wlcmlrli WHAT CAUSED M155 57047171-777 CMLAPSE' f-WH, I ff way! Blu ROZENFIELD Rffofzveo on rn-15, -Cartoons by W. Wilson 'I'he Circus has come to town. And it's the greatest show on earth! Never before has Allderdice seen such DARING ACRO- ISATS, such HILARIOUS CLOVVNS, and SUCH BEAUTIFUL BAREHACK RIDERS. SNAKE CHARMERS, FORTUNE TELLERS, and SVVORD SVVALLOVVERS, all from the INIMITABLE JUNE CLASS, and all gathered together into ONE RIG SHOVV with TEN RINGS! Probably never again will THESE PERFORMERS appear together. After prac- ticing OUR ANTICS for FOUR YEARS, we've put on a circus for you, and it's three and one-third times bigger and better than any three-ring show ever per- formedl Step right in, everyone. The BIG SI-IOXV is waiting for you! Ring 156 Bugles blare and cymbals elang From where ten canvas mushrooms sprang, And the shouting fakirs loud harangue, Sing the song of the circus. .Xs a sample of the Big Top's charms. Even an 'austere schoolboard disarms And declares a legal holiday For this array of gay display, .Xnd the spectacular parade 2- First comes that Clever remarker CHARLES MCVAY, the red-head barker. Heralding the elephant procession And a girl whose chosen profession Is to own these Big Top tents fIt's rumored her name is HELEN STENTZJ. 87 In silks and spangles the golden-haired rider Gracefullyl leaps to the horse's back But-OOPS! She thas seen a spider! IRENE COATIQS hits the street with a smack. The crowded curbings and balloon venders Are very much concerned,- But soon they are to learn That IRENE has returned When that nasty, squashed offender On a toothpick stake was burned! L-ook! Here comes a regiment of clowns Among whose smiles, quirks, whims, and frowns, We see JACK SW EENY and ALEX SIIQGLE XVho lead on a chair, the orang-utang And make the children giggle. I wonder what's near the leopard van- Is it really the EVAN LEGGET' man? Now inside the tent at last Where Ringmast-er CLAUSOIN leads us With cracking whip t-o the Food seller where M. KALSON feeds us On popcorn and pretzels. While Sloothsayer R. GOODMAN reads us In 'leaves of pale green tea. VV'e laugh in merriment To hear the Ubangi's lip-full of chatter To see those BILL boys, SMITH and MILLER Across the aisle is MISS DOROTHY TISSUE The woman whose fat is her leading issue For bon bons and sugar plums s'he'1l bless you. Oh! My! Goodness gracious me! Thereis the wild man of Borneo He is as fierce as he can be But :-with unkept locks shorneo Minus the nose ring and growl of rage, It's LEO ROBINS in a cage! 88 It's feeding time, but what is that noise Like a thirsty d-og drinking water: Like a cow left in the fodder: Like the step of a theavy plodder :-? It's from BOB MAXWELIJS coffee stand Over by the big brass band :-and- What-a-girl waves the long baton It's JEANETTE RUBINOFF and her music-cum RUTH WEINBERGER at the tubag BETTY HANNA at the drum MILDRED HUNTER at -the fife, and EVELYN WOLK chewing gum just watch those chick harrnonians Make the rlhythm hum. fdee dumj. High in the air on the flying trapeze Light as two feathers in the breeze Are TENENBAUM and M. G. WINNETT In their PERFORMANCE NOVELLETTE In the gilded wagonette Behind those frills and shining curls Are HARRY RlAlUIN'S dancing girls. There are some boys who see these rings By getting a mole's-ey-e view of things And-often a lesson that long remains Such is the fate of SYLVESTER SCHOEMER While peeking under the canvas edge Of R!UTH GOODM.AN'S fortune-telling booth, Somehow, his clothing seemed to wedge- Thus policeman SAUNDERS found the youth. ELSIE WILLIAMS of the hall of fame- A girl of Dxresden china build, Rides her chariot through a loop of flame, A-ll marvel that she is not killed. There's IRVIN ARTZ, the magician Wilth a woman ex-politician She vanishes to-acabra de piff When suddenly-it's JANET ZIFF! 89 Over by the Princess Peewee MILDRED XYEINER, is a boy in a red domino I-Ie's just joined the jumblies And signs his name, BILL KROW. These jumblies are things quite rare Blue of hand, and green of hair They seem to amuse a millionaire And post-deb JANE SfHA,l,l,liNl5ERCilfR CATHERINE MILLER just can't guess XVho is twisting herself into an S Says JOE BALASH, the hicyclist "It's PEG STIRLING, the contortionistf' As JOE. pedals in a globe of steel See that Peerless Equestrian ELSIE DRIEISTADT do a double cart-wheel And then land right-side up again. Underneath the Chinese gong A smiling juggler plays a song NVith three bell-filled golden balls. But when her sweet music falls She gets the bong-Miss ISABIEVI,-l,li YOUNG. Now my friends, come along To the wonderful balance man 'Though his feats seein queer They're not! Un his left ear Are two lighted lamps and a chair of leather Covering a little ticklish feather! His life must he adventuresome VVith so much equilibrium This renowned CHARLES SPITZICR. See SYLVIA GRICENFIIQIID command The great pyramid of tigers It's not hard to understand XVhy her finger is oft on the trigger. 90 In the midst of tumult and excitement A parachute jumper falls in our tent! "Everyone quiet-We've called the patrol" fBut SYLVIA has things quite under controlj. From admidst the debris, who should appear But the parachute jumper, Captain JAMES S'VVEERi -In rushes the doctor, BURTON STIRAUSS And the ambulance man, RUDY ROIYTOSQ A journalist dares to whisper the fact That the entire thing was part of an act! Let's drift al-Ong with the happy horde, Since when does CHUCK MCGINTEY swallow a sword? Or BEATRICE FEINBERJG eat red-hot fire? Or BETTY STROMBERG walk the wire? It seems that I shall never tire Singing the song of the circus. But M. -G. WJNNETT, the Big Top performer Finds BETTY SACHS in a sawdust corner Sound asleep. RUBINOFF strikes up the band The crowds file -out to "Taps"-and 1- That's all for 156 folks. Ring 261 A Birdys Eye View of the 261 Circus To be sung to "Theres a Tavern in the Town' I. There is a circus in the town, in the town, And there we all shall hie us down, hie us down, To see the show, just as merry as can be, For all in 261 have passes free. II. The vendors are the first to come, first to come, And now intrude upon our peace, on our peace WOODY WILSON bellows "Popcorn ln And our meditations cease, fAlas! so sh-ould this parodyj 91 III. Next come the bareback riders fair, riders fair, LEE ADAMS, with her flowing hair, flowing hair, And her namesake C looking funny as can he, Bouncing on a snow-white mare. To the tune of the chorus: IV. Then the clowns with joyful laughter, LOUIS WELSH c-oming right after, VVith that "hang dog" look upon his face. V. Among the clowns are found this group, found this group: TIM WILSON jumping through a hoop, -through a hoop, SAMMY SAUL trots along, as he sings a joyful song, And JOHNNY LARKIN gives a "Whoop!U VI. A pageantry of color high, color high Trapezes hanging from the sky, from the sky, MILTON HOFFMAN'S hand is raised, stands he in- the topmost row, And waves to FRANCES STEIMPLE far helow. VII. We turn our eyes to the crowd, to the crowd, ROSE ANGEL we see sitting there, sitting there, Taking notes upon the show in her lightning-quick shorthand, CLARISSA KOPP right by her side. Chorus: VIII. On the tight-rope there above us, those two bold and daring fellows, LAVVRENCE TEDROW, LAMAR VVILLIAMS do a stun-t with their um- brellas And please us all most heartily. IX. Acrobats both large and small, large and small. We welcome now, both one and' all, one and all, MORTQN WEISSMAN is the first, and DICK CROVVLEY not the worst Of this gay throng, we love them all. X. The cowboys next hold our attention, They yell quite like an Elk's convention, VVIIJLIAMA VVNLTON and JACK YOUNG gallop swiftly along, As they sing that 'fDying Cowboy" song. 92 XI. Indians catch our roving eye, roving eye, PAUL TONER, shouting, leads them by, leads them by, A descendant of Sitting Bull on his taut reins doth pull, We know him here as BERTRAM THOMAS. Chorus : XII. MARGY STERN and RICHARD SKIRBLE Do a diving act and burble When, gasping, they come up for air. XIII. And now' the final act they call, act they call, This is the human Cannonball, cannonball, BILL ROSENFIELD will be hurtled to a length of sixty yards, And catch CI-IA.RLOTTE OPPY by the feet! XIV. When that is finally at an end, at an end, To our friends our ways We wend, ways we wend, MARTHA COULTER eating popcorn, PEARL SNYDER drinking pop These we see, yet there we may not stop. XV. Nearby we see a noisy' mob, noisy mob, ROSE ROSEN, HELEN CISAR sob, sadly sob, That 'thus our sh-ow should soon be o'erg Yet HELEN SPAHN doth lament e'en more. Chorus : XVI. GAIL PERELSTINE and AL PERCHESKY, Looking, for the wear no worse Cskyj, And ABE WOLOVITZ all buy some souvenirs. XVII. "The circus by hard times wasn't hit, w:asn't hit," Says famed economist ATHELBURGA SCHMIDTg "With you I quite agree, seemed fine to me" Says brilliant MARTIN ROBINSTEEN. XVIII. Next we go behind the scenes, lovely scenes, CATHERINE CONNELLEY there -is seen, there is seen, Ward-robe mistress SARAH VARGO, manager PAUL PIOTH, All at our hearty shouts appear. '93 XIX. And so tour Rolls Royce we go, yes we go, Vllhere VVALTER VVUHLFJXRTH and FRIED URQUHART, our ehauffeurs Say, "VVasn't that a dandy show ?,' And then upon their homeward way we go. Chorus: XX. Fare thee well, for we must leave thee, Do not let our parting grieve thee. For the time has come for all to say: Adieu, adieu, kind friends, adieu yes adieu VVe can no longer stay with you, stay with you! VVe will hang our equipment on a weeping willow tree. And come again next year to thee. Ring 305 Ladies and Gentlemen, come one, come all to the greatest show from' Maine to California and from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico! Darhum, Dailey, and Bingling Brothers are back in town with a brand new show! See Mme. Hazel Browning turn boa constrietors into angle worms! tl'l'lzaI, zzzadanz? flrr they alive? Of l'Ulll'Sf', flI'Fj'il'f' orlirwit Do you flozllft the room' of mc, Hffllllfll "Hull" Fislimf, tlzc Bclloruing HtIl'lCt'7'.7l NYhen l say that Bill Foust, the tattooed man. is an animal trainer, l don't mean the one on his arm. CPmuuts, little boy? Right over tlzcrv, from Szllzzvy Sl.llIi0I1. lint lltlllif give any to Aaroncl 110 Roy and Rzltlz 17r1'c'cl111ia,n. Yl1Il'j'i'Z'l' had rfuouglz CI17'l'Ut!,j'.5 Hurry, buy your tickets. The show is just starting. Betty Cantelou. lileanor Clarke, Betty Crowe, Betty Moore, and Shirley Karper, cracking their gum loudly, are now entering the ring astride' their white Arabian horses. Miss Karper is the young equestrienne who gained so much fame throughout Europe last year, and is now one of the feature attractions with the circus. clllll sorry. sir, youll lzowe to buy lirlcvtx for Milly' Colzvn and llrlvn. Cuniplmll. l know they are owr sir. Oli, itlv you, Mr. Korono. Step right im. Vou'z'e fvrufo' for Ethyl Raiser, att leashj As a sample of what the show is like, l wish to present the world famous Monsieur Stevens Hopkins. the sword swallower, who holds the w'orld's record of swallowing a rapier measuring as long' as three feet, nine and seven-eighths inches. He now tlie-e-e-eeelllll tl1f'lmt'.r tlm-t? l"l"l1ot!j There's been a slight disturbance, ladies and gentlemzen. john Baxter, the wild man from Borneo, has just escaped and is loose among the erowd. lf anyone sees Strong Man Robert Ritz please report the discovery to 'lames Gilmore. immediately. Make way. please. Sheriff Nat Nlayerstein is coming. 94 Truinpeter David Gro-lzanz, stop blowing that horn. Deputies Jack Bateman, Milton Morris, Dazfid Siinons, and Lester Berlin haven't been so seared since the day they were born. CEd. Note: We are not responsible for the meter of this poetryj. . But the show must go on. lt is much safer inside. CPairdon nie, Hlflddvtll-, will you Conte down off that pole? Von'll 'upset the t'1'ght-rope walkers, Santino Pellini and William Bosanj you see, one, -lack Goldstein, has already fallen, but his place is 'taken by Clowin Robert Finkel, who has just been bounced out of the rocking auto driven hy Herbert VVertheimer and pulled by Dick Askiin, in which they're n-ow rushing Jack to the hospital to have his wounds dressed by nurses Rutihies Gordon and Crawford and Virginia Appelbe, who keep going with the help of the refreshing pink lemonade served by Army Alvord, Rosa- mund Bagran, Katherine Becker, and Marguerite Berkeley. CEd. Note: Phewlj tlfes, Sheriff, the hospital is full. Peanut Eaters Friedfntan and DeRoy, who have ofxer-eaten, are there. So is fire-eater Eileen Goldin. She burnt her finger with Il match. Wl1diiS that? He's f0nnal?j Good news, everyone. You may rest easily now. The VVild Man is back in his cage, and the Strong Mfan has been pulled out of the barrel of sawdust into which he accidentally QFD fell. They tell me that he was found by Martha Colbus in the fortune teller's tent, Wlho looked in 'her crystal and saw where he'd gone. Cwentj CEd. Note: Use wford in parenthesis for rhymingj The show is over now. and will be continued in Ring four. The entire audience, Ruth Brodie and Lester Herrup, is cheering madly. What is this I hear? Pardon me, theylre booing madly. Ring three is closed for the after- noon. Follow the Flood Flashes Betty Loesel thinking she would have to walk home the day the' street cars stopped running . . . Eddie Wiestplial doing the Paul Revere act to see if family and friends were weathering the flood . . . Betty Sachs not having enough water in the flood, but getting water on the knee to boot . . . Helen Stevenson at Forbes and Murray trying to get a newspaper when th-ere wasn't one in the city . . . jonette Marcus monopolizing the only available telephone . . . Be-tty Kann giving her dog a bath when most of us went around with a dirty neck . . . Helen Rauch paying to get into the Manor and then Hlights outl' after ten minutes . . . Lestter Herrup anticipating a food famine by buying out the grocery store . . . Evelyn Goldsmith gloating because she had oil lamps . . . Eddy Boyle pomfpously directing traffic . . . Thelma Nathan and Selma Smith working for the Red Cross . . . Marshall Palley dishing out soup at McKees Rocks . . . Hilary Lurie doing a Highland Fling when the telephone rang the first time . . . The befuddled ex- pression on Jack Lawlor's face when the drinking fountain didn't work . . . The delighted exclamations when the bulletin said "no swimming until further notice" . . . Bill Kidney carrying water from the water-station . . . Elaine Breskow going visiting because she couldn't telephone . . . Eugene Lipman playing grocery ,boy in McKees Rocks. 95' Ring 458 This marvelous, unnatural phenomenon, commonly called a circus, has started off wvith flying colors, and all eyes are now focused upon the fourth ring-458. ELEANOR BURNS and her original sliding trombone, is leading the band, while MARSHALL SOLOMON, rushing in at the last minute as usual, con- tinually bothers her. JACK GOLEMAN giv-es a t-oot on his tooter, at wlhich FLORENCE ZEOK appears to favor the audience with a comic soprano solo. RI'CHlARD SWEENY, the prize clown, comes into view, leading his pet animal Cof niondescript breedj which combines MILTON SACLHNOFF, as the h-ead, REID JAMESON-the legs, and EDWARD BERG, as the tail. MARY TIHOMAS, just back from New York with a new act, offers some- thing new and different in magical tricks, Cshe pulls a squirrel out of the hatj. MARY JOAN VVEAVER and EMILY W-ILSON try their luck on the tight- rope, with surprisingly few casualties. AUDREY I'OXN'ELiL, the ring-mistress, cracks her whip as a signal for ELEANOR SEIBEL, MARY M.cM,AI-ION, and BETTY SMALL to show their audience just what bare-back riders really can do. LEAH PENNER, with her violin, gives a May-or McNair act, at w'hich VVILLIAM KIDNEY promptly gives HER the gong. That crack team-ELAINE FITZVVILSON and BETTY FAGAN begin their act of startling athletic stunts, while JEANETTE REIST stands by, waiting to begin her freak bicycle ride. VICTOR NEDLICK and HUGO DI LILLO engage in a little bit of race track competition, but both land on their respective noses. ROSE MELORE is demonstrating the gentle act of placing her head in the elephantis mouth, and AVELINA RUA throws choice bits of fish to his trained seal, w'hich has been croaking admirably, even with JAMES STEEL pinching his tail. RUTH WYLD flies through the air with considerable ease, but falls into the net when HELEN STEVENSON decides she Wants to be a fish. GALEN COUGHENOUR and WILLIAM CALDWELL are climbing with great alacrity from the house which DAVID SARCONE has set on fire. EDWARD SHEARER puts his well-train-ed lions through their paces as ROB- ERT STRONNG, CHARLES TARASOVIC, and ALBERT Di FRANK balance each other on chairs, tables, and various other contraptions. MARJORIE SAU'L tries to make HER trained seal sing "America," with but little success. WINIFRED M,cCANN and MARGARET DELANEY illustrate some fancy steps on the high wire, and are the first ones actually to get across. As a grand finale, JAMES HARNACK is blown from a cannon, landing in the net none the worse for wear, and guaranteed to be in one piece. Thus, ladies and gentlemen, ends the heroic efforts of 458. 96 CRevolution in Ring 355 Of the many rings of huge Darmum and Daileys, Dingling Brothers super- coll-ossal educational circus, hottest bed of bedlam is Ring 355. Ringmistress Iohnsonls personable tr-oup und-oubtedly creates the most sensational shows. Al- though a left-over group of artists, they have quickly formed into one of the greatest of the "funny" rings, with munificent business and publicity staff headed by manager "Confidence', Karl Stark and an expert ballyhoo staff including clownish Teddy Hazlett, stooge Rogow, "take a number" Al Civitate, and "wild mann McNall. Newspaper public relations counsel is "Ducky" Hawker. Aiding Ringmlistress johnson in her daily announcem-ents and advice are "Gabby Gert" Sissman, blatant "Becy,' Cohen and 'fLippy,' Levenson. Also on the s-taff was a certain person, long since f-orgotten, believed to have been Vice-President Vic- torhaus. The performers are of equal worth. The aerial ballet conducted by that master of the dance Millard "the Moose" Levy is unequalled. Equally as good are the rest of the acts. But last week into this boiling teapot swept a tempest. The boring from within finally came out--wi-th a bang. It showed itself and had "Leaping Lena" Abromovitz flying from trouper to trouper spreading the evil tidingsg it had plumpy Elaine Breskow and "Brained" Oshry Cmental wizardess-and fortune tellingj excitedly verifying the news in th-e crystal ballg and had "red" Labovitz considering asking Hearst to send him to Russia. For the revolution had come. Tactful David Goldvarg, of course. let the news escape to the outside world, and like a hurricane it roared through the circus. Yes, came the revolution. They were going to make the ring dignified! Order and silence they de- manded! The girls wlho hang by th-eir teeth and do a butterfly dance, Leona Cohen and Helen Simon had seized control of the ring right from under "Confi- dence Karl,s" nose. And now they were instituting such radical theories and ideas as keeping quiet. "Becy" led the "I told y-ou son bloc, of course. As the sides lined up to do battle Jeanne Eber dropped thirty sti-tches in horror while walking on the tightrope. Modest Molly Weiner even spoke a cheer- ing word to the twin strong men, Feczurka and Hahalyak. Sally Mandel and Goober Weinthal and VV-anetik all rushed to the fray--with lawyers, certainly. Even lethargic Wilfred Greenberg was aroused fr-om his stupor long enough to send a special delivery letter of pr-otest. As may be presupposed silent Ruth Shapiro and "mouse-like" Alice Marlatt, the bareback riders, aligned themselves with the revolutionists. The crusading crew of Rita Steiner and Thelma Nathan joined the fray on their newly won green steeds having just turned from the more profitable anti-gambling crusade. But the wily "bedlamites" were too much for the 'fstrong silentsf' At the crucial moment of battle. sly "confidence Karl" sent in his major and most feared officers "Ruthless" Golomb. the "S.S." Smith, "Peaches" Eisner and "Hallelujah" Boreman, "Bel1icose" Arnheim and contented Sara Sable who vamped judge and jury. The "Bedlamitesl' won the case and the revolt was crushed. o 97- Rejoicing, the victors parclonerl the rebels for it costs a great cause nothing- to pardon. Only Evelyn Bluestone was vinclictive. "VVliy not sencl these rarlicals back where they came from," she queried. But the rest were not of the same mind. "Hard-headed Hall, Cohen ancl frothy liclclie VVestpbal mouthecl many apologies for the defeated revolutionists and thus they were let off with impunity. But like the American Revolution, tlie Civil XN'ar, and H, G, Wlells there are still "Things to comef' Ring 361 .Al c'irrzr.v, KI 4f1'r4'1f.v. aim' uofliifiig to irk us. For c'i'c'1'y011f".s' Illlffj' lzvrv! And l"Z'C'l'j'flIlilIfj'S xzzappy l1e1'e.' Tl1,m'r's Ilflflllllg 0r1'r11'ir but 101.9 lll'I'U17tIflt', 1,711 SHIT you haw liotlziiig to fear, I'111 sure jiozfll enjoy if lzvrvf It wouldn't astouncl us in the least to see ROl5lCR'l' AGUFR Sit-ting calmly before a lot of people ancl swallowing :x claggerg And why should it, when FRIED CRIQNYS ls taming a tiger ancl has the poor thing so completely uncler his control that it mews! That is the tiger, of course, He cloesn't seein to like the horse On which HIQLICN BliRNS'l'lClN is rirling bareback, Ancl if you have clarecl her to rifle on her lieacl, you haul better take the clare back. LIENORE GIRSON ls a very versatile pirson . . . She has been riding and shooting and taining And what is more she has been blaming Poor little HICRHIE RIQUXYXIQ. who is a elown, For breaking her trapese clown. Herbie is very funny and because of him everyone has been laughing, Tho VICTOR COHICN ancl QXRNAUIJ MUI RIl'lC.fXlJ have been throwing rasp- berries ancl riff-raughing. ' And BELLE SIMC JN and l'llCl,liN Iii BRLJXN and IDA SCllU'l'ZM.'XN think the big ape is terrible But that is only because they are very seerrible. ELVVOOD VVOOD Is being misunclerstoocl. For people think he is selling iee cream ancl they have been misled 98 Because PAUL O'DONNEfLL just stuck a "cones 5c', cap on his hed. just a minit! A balloon is going up and CHARLES SALVATORE and DAVID DAVIES are taking a ride in it They are getting higher and higher And that is very funny because ever aft-erwards Dave Davies will think he is a fligher. MARY KAIL Is very pail For she is worried about it She thinks maybe the balloon will burst and the people will come down with- out it. "Would you like some peanutsn? asks CARL ANDERSON of KATHER- INE -IESO. She replies "I guesof' And that's the way life goes In the summer it is hot and in the winter it snoes. FLORENCE GLICK and MARION SCHMIDT Are idtl For they are dancing a beautiful dance And putting JULES ALBERT into a trance. Yes, Julius Albert, that great big strong football hero XVho left after the first quarter . . . Isn't that what you call fiddling while Rome burns, like Nero? ' ALFRED -COHEN I Is in a hurry, he says he mlust be gohen. But he has to Wait and see ANNA IrIfOlXYElLL Imitate Dick Powell. Soon there is going to be a mellerdrama. And since there are no girls in it we might also call it a feller-drama. In which CHARLES BIRINN Plays the part of the heroinn. The hero is HERBERT BRAUN W'ho must reseue Charlie by bringing JOSEPH SEILER the rent before daun. BERNICE SIMON and MA RIORIE TRIMMER Are handling lights, which are growing dimmer and dimmer. The play is over now and everyone is living happily ever after. And the crowd is recovering from lafter. Here comes a tattooed man who is PETERSON fBERTJ. And MATTIE DURDEN is asking him whether, if she gets tattooed, will it hert? Bert tells her no, not a lot. So Mattie doesn't know whether she will have it done or not. Picture, if you can, JEAN DEPINTO Holding an Eskimo costume which she is about to get into. '99 She and IRENE ZELLEZNICK are giving an act about Eskimos to make the people feel cooler, Because it is very hot and if you ask me nothing could be crooler, For JOHN LIVENSPARGER will immediately want to become an, Arctic explorer. And leave all the people who love him, in that way making them sorer and s-orer. EDNA MAY LEVIN and HELEN NEUBAUER and DORIS BACH are clustering 'round ALBERT SABVOL Who has just come from the stabol, Wihere, he says, Rex is doing tricks. And a lot of people rush to see him, but BETTY MARKS is afraid because she thinks he might also be doing kicks. Th-ere is a crowd around LOUISE CICERO. who is making magic And FLORENCE GREENBERC finds a mouse in her pocket and this is very tragic For Florence screams, And for a week afterward has bad dreams, And LILLIAN SEEVVALD and HELEN HEIILMAN think this is awful And they tell Louise that for a mouse a pocket is a very had place to put it in, And they tell Louise that if she expects a ride home in their car she is mis- taken and she will have to fut it in. So, the circus is very nice with all the people and all the colors and nothing could be prettier, But I think Ogden Nash is hettier. Ring 457 HELEN RAUCH-This must be Ring 7, there's BETTY VVASSON eating pea- nuts in the next seat. EVELYN PARKER-Well, if it isn'-t GEOR GE ZEILER selling her the peanuts. Do you see that clown turning flip-flops? Can it be BILL FOSTER? And that's HARVEY SMITH he bumped into. H.-Oh! be quiet, here comes BERNARD GROSSMAN, the ring master. Listen to him: Ring Mast-er-L-A-D-I-EES and GEN-TLE-MEN. Today we have with us the greatest trapeze artists in the world. Those fiery red-heads, RUTH CLEE- LAND and JANET BRADY, the "Girls on the Flying Trapezef, Alley-oop! E.-Aren't they wonderful, and look at those jugglers. RUSSELL CACELLA and VVILLIAM CANFIELD. Oh, that clown, HERBERT HOCH- 100 STETTER, fired his cap gun and they missed the balls! VVhy GRAxCE WHEELER caught the one that went into the grandstand. I-I.-Look at the living statues. Well, well, who would have thought that CARI.. KAUFMAN and RAYMOND WIENER c-ould stay still so long! E-Now comes the part that I like best. The animals are coming in. I am anxi-ous to see how well JONETTE MIARCUS has the seals trained. H-A.nd LOIS GREEN has plenty of nerve to ride those horses bare-back- Look at her jump from one to fthe other! Get a load of HARRIET LEM- MON standing on her hands on that white horse! F -Wait-Let's see the program. Oh, dear, we missed the Grand March with ROBERT NOAR leading the band and IRENE PRENTICE, the queen of the circus, riding a. giraffe! H.-The swimming tank was just set up. And guess who's going to do the high diving? E.-You can"t fool me. I just read the program. JAMES LOCHHEAD is going to dive into a flaming tank. H-And there's going no be a parody on the Floradora Sextet on the high wire. NELL BUTLER, LOUISE BORSODY, IRMA LEVENSON, MAR- .IORIE LEWIN, HELEN LYDICK, and NANCY MCNAMARA will dance on the tight rope. Tl1at's a remarkable feat! E.-There's PHILIP HARRIS putting the lions through their paces. I think I'd be afraid to do that. H.-And on the other side of the ring are the B-B girls, WILLIS BLOOM and DOROTHY BOLLENS, w'ho are making the elephants stand on their hind- ! legs and balance balls with their trunks. E.-Oh, I'm tired of this. It's th-e same thing over and over. Let's go to the side show. I got the tickets from IDA FELLMAN. H.-Isn't that MARCELLA GREKIN buying pink lemonade and ballo-ons for that little boy? E -Scat my cat, if it isn't HUGH PURNELL in a red uniform with gold braid. He's leading people through the side show. Listen to him: Hugh--Right this way folks to see the most unusual, the most fantastic spectacles and feats on earth. On your left y-ou have demon sword-swallower, OLIVER FULTON and on your right, that daring young snake-charmer, EVELYN GOLDSMI'IlI-I. If you will foll-ow mfe, you wiill see that miiniature Will R-og-ers, MARSHALL PALLEY, with his political patter and his infallible circling lariat. On this side is that unique specimen of humanity, the rubber- necked lady, DOLORES NIEHOFF, who can wrap her neck around a tele- graph pole three times. And will you look at those Hawaiian dancers straight from the South Sea Islands. They dance to the slow syncopation of the Instrumentalists, ISADORE RABINOWITZ and EDGAR DANOVITZ. That concludes our little trip but on the way out be sure and have your for- tune told by BETTY KANN, uncanny seer of things to come. - .4. 101 if if ff ff 5 1 ' if ..-- - .5 ll 152-8 The Greatest Circus on Earth Has Come to Town! VVhen you see this circus, you will agree that we'll. ER, WIN the prize for the most pleasing BRAND of entertainment. -k Your heart will race at sight of those two famous riders, SAUL VVEIS- ENTHAI, and ROBERT THOMAS, riding bareback around the arena! if HERBERT. the most daring SPRINGER, performs spectacular feats on the trapeze. . sk IYfhjat, er, diving! ROBERT KEl.I.ER and CH.XRI.tES HERGEN- ROEIJER will meet your fancy as they perform spectacular, difficult, fancy dives from 300 feet in the air into a small tank. f That famous team of horsewomen, DORIS METZGAR, ANNA PAUI.. THERESA KOTWAN, and BETTY Lt JESEI., costumed in lovely ballet dress. do the most graceful "acrobacktics" on the backs of keen horses. They will stirr fyouj up and spur you on. f Undaunted, IRENE VVILSON and MIRIAM KAUFINIAN, command a herd of IOO elephants. Fearlessly, with elephantine courage, they go among the elephants which, with their trunks, toss the two performers about. f XYe're not clowning when we say that you have never wit-nessed such uproarious, entertaining clowns as JACK McVAY, ARNOLD LEVINE, and the imp, DOROTHY JOHNSON. f Such daring! Siuch bravery! You must not miss the sight of those strong "lions", BILL GOIADSMITH, BOB HAMILTON, and EUGENE LIP- MAN, cowering before the whips of their lion-tamers, ELEANOR -IONES, BETTY I-IOF'FMA1N, and RUTH SIMINGTON. fVVill the latter live up to her Christian H3.11TC?D f Nurse no fears. Should an accident be-fall, the capable nurses, CHAR- LOTTE GREENVVALIJ and ELAINE HAYDEN, will be here. f we ,J Q,-1 I I .+A bi , gifs N " Q if' i '- in tis? X ,Sf L .X 0 5 W illl l ,l -IVA , X ' f' - -1-' W. -I i 'Zur N ff , ff ff ff ff l nt will STAR 6113505 Q 152-8 VVe're not hl,ll,il.l.'XNH when we say this M ,XRKS a great circus. wk HAZEL RICA, FRANCES MOLL, CERTRUDI2 HAMBURG, and ROZALYX HARRlS "air', the greatest trapeze gymnasts. f Your heart will be "l"ATTUN" when you see MARY BICRNTCE on the highwire. On an equal footing are lZll,l,lli MTLLIER, DOROTHY KIN- LICY, and HELEN J.-XFFF. 1' lie firm in the resolution to see rohust JOHN FURIS, the strong man, or bust. -Af MARY RUTH HOSICY and BETTY l'r-XRMICLEIC are fascinating snake-cl1arn1ers. QTheir good looks and magnetism would charm anybodyxj sk You will swallow in amazement when you View the act of HARRY ROGERS, the sword-swallower. Q The fire-eater. JAMES MOONFY, will set your heart aflame and heat it to the hottest pitch of excitement. f Rejoice! Sing at the sight of the a-muse-ing singing ventriloquist, ROSS CARUSOI if Come to the white tent with the green flags, the work of the construc- tion expert, GEORGE MQKIIIQ. The circus tent is pitched at the corners of Shady and Forward Avenues. A J fgggiig 5 .4 f lllllm Kylix E 12 U L E515 5 is E' E Ziff "sf E ff! ftlflii it .,', 4 E ff ' ' If W '- f V , f 1' ill.-Zh 4 ffl! 'i I 'llll 'H' 'lu i Nfl 'Y' E Z I ? x E X XX , 2 W? lx :J it : 51 47 2, XX. ' - ,Isa-1 Ring 259 "Step right up folks and get your money's worth when you enter Ring 9 and s-ee the greatest all-human circus on this globe", shouts ALBERT GALATA, chief barker, as the class of '36 gathers in front of the tent . . . "Beyond that entrance curtain the most daring show awaits your approval . . . the one and only 'Riding Devil, LEONARD LANG and his horse Satan galloping through the ring of fire . . . 'Th-e Man on the Flying Trapeze' none other than dash- ing GEORG-E DLAVIS . . . those death defying young trapeze artists LILLIAN ALLISON, MELVA MAKRAUER, and RUTH PIPER flying through space . . . EDDIE BOYLE deftly balancing his bicycle back and forth on a tight rope . . . Signor CHARLES CI-LURICH, the 'Master Dagger Thrower' and his lov-ely partner Signorita MARGARET SMITH . . . the eighth wonder of the world, JOHN ENGLISH, the sword swallower . . . Bandmaster HOVVARD VVILES with his oriental maestros presenting atmosphere for Oletra, the dancing Egyptian queen, none other than RUTH LUTZ . . . MELRYL RUBEN the 'Queen of Sheba' displays her beauty atop Jumbo . . . ROBERT CROOKS and JAMES FARRELL, the world's most famous clowns . . . DOROTHY iCOLE, our pretty fat lady . . . I-UOWARJD GIBSON and his remarkable flea circus . . . BETTY FEDIGAN on her diving hors-e . . FRANK LONERGAN and MADELINE CREWS, the internationally famous midgets . . . LUCILLE MENlDOZA, the original fan dancer . . . JEAN ROONEY'S Wild West show led by ARLENE BRIOIDA on 'Black Beurie' . . . prancing DOROTHY AND- REWS and MARY LOU CAMPBELL riding over gigantic obstacles . . . HAR- RIET WEEKLY, RUTH DURST and GERALDINE BENNETT in native costume give their version of the Indian war dance . . . BETTY JACOBS, SYL- VIA BERNSTEIN, and BETTY THOMAS as the bare back riders . . . MIL- DRED ROTI-I and BETTY SHURTZ, the bouncing acrobats . . . RAYMOND CILLI will thrill you as Shadow, the strong man . . . LUCAS F INNEY, the super-magic magician . . . PI-IILOMENA PULCINI, our Madame Eqigene, will predict your fate . . . MARGARET PROFETA, the prima donna of Ring 9, will compete against the cries of :Hot dogsl' an-d 'Pieanuts' emerging from LEONARD SHINER and BKENJAMIN COOK respectively . . . JOHN FINNIN, will amaze you as the thin man . . . fearless CHARLES WYNN, the lion tamer with his able assistant HILARY LURIE . . . and' as the grand finale see NATALIE JOSEPHS being shot out of a giant cannon." 104 3+5+2-Ring 10 The crowd is tense with excitement. The final ring of the great circus is about to begin. Up and down the stands the red-cheeked peanut vendors, HENRY AVNER, JOSEPH LINDENBURG, and HARRY JONES, vociferously yell their wares. NICHOLAS CUA scurries through the crowd selling ball-oons. Among the distinguished guests in reserved boxes are that great English actress, Mademoiselle HELEN HENNING with her boy friend DAVID "CLARK" GROUDINE, JEA,NNE FILMORE, famed in medical circles, DONALD LANG, United States Champion Messenger Boy, FRANCIS "PATOU" FISCHER, late of Hollywood, and BERNICE WILLIAMS, famous magazine-ad model. Suddenly, amidst a cheer of applause, suave, top-hatted Ringmaster JACK LAWLOR takes his stand in the middle of the big ring. With a thrilling "L-a-d-e-e-s a-n-d g-e-n-t-u-1-m-u-n"-the show, is on! The roll of drums, and those death-defying demons, the Flying Arabians, KATHERINE BLNTTN ER, SIDNEY WOODRLOW, EUGENE WINTNER, and MILDRED CAPLAN dash into the ring. Next are those famed sharpshooters, DORIS CANFIELD and FRANK CORDVVELL, Who have recently t-old reporter DOROTHY HEIF- MEISTER of the Pittsburg-h Bum Selegraph that they learned their art during their sixteen peaceful years of wedlock. Spied in the audience are JEANNE LEVETT, first woman ambassador from the U. S. S. R. With her escorts, Qno-acj Counts DONALD LEVINOVITCH and MfORTON FELDMANSKY, musing upon diplomatic questions over an extra large bag of peanuts. But now all eyes are focussed upon the most stupendous extravaganza of the show-Lady ELINORA GODIVA MARS, in her difficult stunts upon Lily, her milk-white horse. LADY MARS has been feted by all the crowned-heads of Europe. Even our own Mayor LEONARD MCBLARE FISCHLER stops munching apples long enough to give this beauteous girl the double oo. In another part -of the big tent, stealthily crawling under the flaps, are the Neighborhood Gang, DELLA LIEBMNN, SELMA HIRSCH, RYNA MATTES, EVELYN DANILOVITCH, RAPHALIA PETRONIO, THERESA SANDER and BETTY WO'HLFA'RT'H. Now upon the scene comes JEAN WALD with her all-girl troupe of dare- devil acrobats, RUTH DAVIDSON, BEATRIICE THOMPSON, ETHEL COHEN and IRENE BROIDA. The last act is a clever tid-bit, the Tennessee Hill-Billy, featuring the only feminine yodeler, JACQUELINE MCCORMICK. Sl-owly the great crowd moves out of the big tent. All that has been so gay with activity now seems dead. N-o one is left on the scene but the janitress, ESTELLE KOVACS. 105 une Class Pla Production THE ROMANTIC AGE BY A. A. MILNE H cAsT Melisancle ...... . ....,..,,.........,............ Bernice Arnheim, Irene Prentice Gervase . .,,......,..... .........................,...,...,.. l David Groudine, Sidney Simon Mrs. Knowle ........ Mr. Knowle ...... Jane ......................., Bobby ..,.,.....,......,...... Gentleman S-usan .... hm ...... . ...... ,. ......... . Alice, the maid ......... ........tTlara Adams, Marjorie Saul, Evelyn Goldsmith .......0liver Fulton, Bernard Fisher .........lilsie VVilliams, Mary Grace Winnett ............Herbert Browar, William Kidney Radin, Alvin Malakoff Karl Stark, John Baxter, Arnold Levine ......Katl1erine Becker, Irma Levinson, Isabell Young Director ........ , Staging ............... Book H olrlers . Secretaries .....,.... Publicity ..........,..... MANAGEMENT H' A t Hedwig O. Pregler Mis-s Ann A. Houston, Stage Crew ........Rutl1 Brodie, Margaret Profeta. rletlielliurga Sehmidt Mae Lydick, Ruth Friedman Bernard Grossman. Robert Finkel, Stevens Hopkins Paul Piotli. VVilliam Goldsmith, Eugene Lipman, Sam Saul Understudies .... Amy Alvorrl, Clmrles llrinn, Helen Campbell, Ire-ne Coates, Raymond Weiner, Lamar VV'illiams Business Staff ......... , .......... 106 'T"'...l'i Cfhe Rheumatic Age -l?.....'l'.. A revival of the H. Pregler production of May, 1936 CBeing an excellent example of the decline of the drama in one month! Act I The scene is the 'English drawing room of the Knowl-e family, which is taste- fully decorated with a grand piano at one end, and a log at the other. CThis is because the play must be short and there is no time to change the scenery between actsj. As the curtain goes up Mrs. Knowle is sewing, talking, drinking tea, and looking for her handkerchief all at one time and all in her sleep. Jane, th-e helpful cousin, is washing the fl-oor in the absence of Alice the maid, who has gone walk- ing out with the chauffeur. Melisande is banging the piano with both fists and singing a pretty little song. Melisande: If only a dashing young prince I could find, The rest of the world could go hang. With sword at his side, no bread sauce on his mind, Bang bang-bang-Bang bang-bang-BANG I I Jane: Melisande! Mrs. Knowles Sandy! Remember what Dr. Anderson said! "No excitement, Mrs. Knowlef' he said. Qane goes to the side and seeing Bobby and Mr. Knowle approaching, runs back.j Jane fin a whisperj : Psst! Mrs. Knowle! Bobby's coming! Mrs. Knowle: Oh! CShe makes a dash for the opposite door, breaking the Olympic track record and both legs.j . CM.r. Kn-owle and Bobby enter. Mir. Kn-owle has a pipe in his mouth and one in either hand. Bobby is in full dress, with the stock exchange quotations hang- ing from his pockets.j Mr. Knowle: Does anyone want to kiss me goodnight? Board of cens-ors from the audience: NO! That was changed. . Mr. Knowles Oh, that's right. Well, does any-one want to sary goodnight to me? Not anyone? W'ell, then, I shall go out into the shrubbery and look at the moon. Oh no, that's n-ot from this play. Oh dear! tHe backs out of the room, trying t-o pull another pipe from his pocket. Jane follows him with her knittingj Bobby: Sandy, I mean Melisande, will you marry me? Melisande: Of course not. Bobby: Oh well, tomorrow's an-other day. A Melisande: You're too ordinary, Bobby. Why must you wear a black dinner coat? Pink is so much more romantic. Bobby: Pink is so effeminate. But if you say so, Sandy, I mean Melisande. Melisande: Ah. Aaaaaah. QShe goes out into the garden through a convenient French window. Bobby goes to call his tailor about a pink dinner coat. There are noises that a car is supposed t-o make wlhen it runs out of gas.j 107 Gervas-e Cfrom off stagej : This car is the . . . Board of Censors: STOP! fGervase oomes in from one side as Mr. Knowle comes in from the other. Gervase is dressed as the spirit of Anglo-Saxon romance fsee Halleckj but as he has a coat on, it doesn't showtj Mr. Knowle: Hlullo. VVill you have a dr - - Board of Censors: N-o. No. NO. Mr. Knowle: Will you have a sandwich, then? Gervase: Thanks, but I'd rather have some petrol. Mr. Knowle: Some what? Gervase: Gasoline. Mr. Knowle: Oh. fThey go out. Then Gervase comles back in, because he forgot his car, which is parked by the other door. M-elisande floats in, sees him, falls in a faint, and when she comes to he is gone, frigh-tened, no doubt, by Ern, who has come on the stage before his turn. saying "Oooooooooh lull Act II The same scene, only Gervase has thrown his coat over the grand piano to hid-e it, because pianos don't belong in woods. He is revealed in all his splendor, which is something between Mr. Leslie Howard's Romeo costume and the comi- mander of Haile Selassie's military forces in full regalia. The stage crew has re- signed in indignation. Ern fsitting in the center of the stage eating bacon fatj : Ooooooooh. Gervase: I say, Ern, could you get me some breakfast? Ern: O-ooooooohl Gervase: I-Iere's half a crown. Will that help? Ern: Ooooooooh. Gervase: I'm. dying of starvation. Ern: ----- CCan't you guess?j fGervase kicks Ern and he goes rolling off the stage. The orchestra in the pit plays "Em goes round and round O-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo ooooo-oooooh."l QEnter Doctor Susan with a five and ten cent store on his back and a half ton cheese in his arms.j Susan: What d-oes the Great Alex say? Gervase: The Great Alex? Susan: 'fHello." Gervase: Oh. Alexander Graham Bell, of course. Susan: Here is my advice. Get married. Here is some cheese. I have to go to the library. In the words of the Great Boake, "Cheerio." Gervase: In the words of the Great Lowell, "So long until tomorrow." Susan: You got me there. fHe goes off and Melisande, who has been waiting for :her cue, comes in.j Melisandez My hero! Gervase: This play is getting too long. I'll see you at tea-time. 108 Act III The scen-e is still the same, only Gervase has taken his coat off the piano. The stage crew is picketing the auditorium carrying signs saying "The class play is unfair to stage crews." Mrs. Knowle: Where is Melisande? jane: Sheis out in the Wood floating in a pool with her hair down and the Wave coming out. Mir. Knowle: And she didn't even ki . . . CThe Board of Cens-ors looks warningj. I mean, she didn't even say goodbye to me. f Enter Bobby and Gervasej Gervase: W'here's Melisande? Mrs. Knowle: Who? Gervase: Melisande. Mrs. Kn-owle: Oh, I thought you said Millicent. Here she is. fMelisande enters, d-ripping wet and full of sea weed, looking like Mr. Noel Coward in "The Scoundrel."j Bobby: You aren't very pretty with your make-up smeared like that. jane, will you marry me? Jane: Of course. ' Gervase: Will you marry me, Mlelisande? I'll teach you h-ow to make bread sauce. Melisande: Of course. Mrs. Kfnowle: Oh, this is all so sudden. I think I shall faint. M-r. Knowle: Please don't faint, dear. I just shot Dr. Anderson. fShe faintsj The End It Can't Happen Here William Walton on time for French. Eleanor Oshry not worried about grades. Bernard Grossman not attempting to remedy the social injustices of the world. Andy Feczurka n-ot chewing gum. Harriet Weekly not eating ice cream and a sandwich for lunch. Mary Grace Winnet without that "someone" tagging along. Margaret Stirling n-ot stealing the show at that certain assembly. Evelyn Eisner buying lunch checks before school. Jeanne Eber not knitting. jack Goldstein not excelling in Chemistry. Herbert Hochste-tter with his record clear in the library. Irma Levenson not humming. Marshall Solomon without his brief case. James Gilmore not blushing. Herbert Wertheimer without his flashy plaid shirts. Marjorie Lewi.n's hair not in apple-pie order. Dolores Niehoff not telling "little Aubrey" stories. Lois Green without her fountain pen that just won't work. 109 TUDENT ORGANIZATIONS classed as clubs are a means of developing special talent among the members. They serve not only to develop hobbies pursued by some but to create new pastimes for others. The service clubs allow pupils to conduct necessary school functions. Cultural clubs give the student an opportunity to educate himself further. Popular trends are shown in several novelty clubs but these are not lasting. Athletieally-minded boys and girls may find clubs in which their talents may be used. Girls who like masculine diversions can find clubs to their liking. Many of the club activities can be carried on outside of school, and thus the pupil may make good use of his leisure time. l"upils and teachers come into close contact with each other and this promotes a better understanding between the students and the faculty. JXbility to cooperate, most essen- tial in life, is one of the results of such student organizations. Independence is developed also as many clubs are conducted wholly by the pupils with little assistance from the sponsor. Thus a club has a threefold purpose, to develop useful hob- bies, broaden the intellect and build character. 110 JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL President-Edison Goldsmith President-Bernard Fischer Vice President-William King Vice President-Richard Skirble Secretary-Treasurer-Edwin Fischer Secretary-Treasurer-Frank Friedman HI Y GIRLS SENIOR LEADERS Sponsor--Mr. Irwin President-Eleanor Clarke President-James Gilmore Vice President-Helen Magidson Vice President-William Foster Secretary-Mary Hilda Fagan Secretary-james Lochhead Treasurer-Mary Ruth Hosey Social Chairman-Natalie Josephs HALL PATROLS ll 1 x gAjlA!'V"' v 1 ' ' 7th PERIOD ELEVATOR BOYS HALL PATROL STUDENT COURT JUDGES Chief Justices-12A: Edward Boyle 12B: William Floyd 11A: Howard Silverman BUSINESS SERVICE GUILD Sponsor-Miss McCamb1ay President-Elizabeth Schwab Vice President-Mary McMann Secretary-Frank Iannone Foreword Reporter-Catherine Miller FOREWORD STAFF Faculty Editor-Miss Riddle Editors-in-Chief-Esther Amsler Arthur Frankston Hilary Lune BOOK ROOM CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Hoyt President-Arthur Hurwitz Vice President-Seymour Perlut Secretary-Helen Glick 11 2 f WMMJW ANNIVERSARY CLUB Sponsor-Miss Donaldson President-Annetta Fink Vice President-Shirley Cain Secretary-Elizabeth Lindenbaum BIOLOGY CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Marshall President-William Currin Vice President-Florence Greenberg SENIOR ETIQUETTE CLUB Sponsor-Miss Montgomery President-Zelma Pittler Secretary-Dorothy Cohen SCOPE CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Smith President-Edward Weinberger Secretary-Joseph Edelstein MATHEMATICS CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Snyder President-Harry Cotton Vice President-Harry Abromovitz Secretary-Treasurer-Stanley Rosecrans KNITTING CLUB Sponsor-Miss Solomon No Officers 1 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB NIFTY NIBLERS Sponsor-Miss McDermott Sponsor-Miss Fleming President-Daryl Adams President-jean DePinto Vice President-Helen Rauch Vice President-Helen Harris Secretary-Evelyn Parker Secretary-Treasurer-Rose Angel MAKE UP CLUB Sponsor-Miss D. Zeigler MASKERS President-Esther Schwartz Spoflsor-M155 Preglef Vice President-Mary Little President-Harry Radu' Secretary-Annette Levine Secretary-Treasurer-jean Levette MARIONETTE CLUB LIBRARY L B Sponsor-Miss Koenig Sponsors-Mrs. McMickleCarEi Miss Anderson President-Betty Kirschberg, Margery Finkel N0 Officers Vice President-Shirley Kanenson Secretary-Eleanor Kirschberg, Amelia Galim 114 FRENCH CLUB FRENCH CLUB Le Cercle Francais Le Cercle Francais de Victor Hugo Sponsor-Miss Bergman Sponsor-Miss Richey President-Marne Obernauer President-Marjorie Saul Vice President-Eleanor Mars Vice President-Marjorie Wible Secretary-Treasurer-Violet London Secretary-Treasurer-Shirley Meyers FEEJYZHNESSHB SIGMA IOTA Sponsor-Miss Todd Sponsor-Mr' Fan-St President-David Mcclean .President--Bernard Fischer vice President-Helen Jaffe Vrce President-Lucille Mendoza Secrxtar -E t St Secretary-Falk Arnherm c y rnes ern CURRENT PROBLEMS CLUB SPECIAL TYPE CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Blitz Sponsor-Mr. Angelo Chairman-Bernard Grossman No Officers 115 Za SENIOR GIRLS' ELECTRIC CLUB JCHET CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Krotzer Sponsor-Miss Held No Officers President-Lucille Cohen . P . - T . RIFLE CLUB Vlce resldent Barbara udja Sponsors-Mr. Soles and Mr. Bernhard No Officers JUNIOR CHORUS A BAND B BAND ff' ff X 714 ,, ,V fjjfvjfi- Ejsfliid V - ,. ,f,ff.fgfg f AW' X4 There are laws of nature which are beyond our power to change OTTO KA H N W X' "' ,,,,' It is the first of all problems for ll mum to fiml out what kim! of 'work he is to do in this urtifoerse. -CARLYLE f' ff X , GIRLS' CHORALE DEBATE CLUB Sponsor-Miss Welsh President-Marshall Palley Vice President-Eugene Lipman Secretary-Alvin Malakoff GREEN KEY President-james Gilmore Vice President-Bill Foster Secretary-james Lochhead Executive Committee-Allen Holbroo Charles Hergenroeder k MALE CHORUS ACTIVITIES BOARD Sponsor-Miss Houston No Officers GIRL RESERVES Sponsor-Miss Pickard President-Lillian Bagley Vice President-Lucille McCarney Secretary-Betty Abercrombie Foreword Reporter-Ruth Crawford A J, A ,ld ,I f ne. A ORCHESTRA WOODWIND QUINTET Flute-jerry Rosenberg Clarinet-David Graham Oboe-Albert Wagner Bassoon-Robert Daley GIRLS' QUARTET lst Soprano-Margaret Profeta 2nd Soprano-june Clippinger 1st Alto-Allison Meyers 2nd Alto-Esther Marcuson B ORCHESTRA TRIO Piano-Wilma Harris Violin-Ruth Zimmerman Cello-Robert Lyle STRING QUARTET 1st Violin-Milton Thomas 2nd Violin-Myles McConnon Viola-Edward Demmler Cello-John McConnon pfkffwl U 73 Q -A 'Yi-"QSC-1 HANSEL AND GRETEL DECEMBER 18th and 19th CAST Peter, a broom maker ........................ .,,...,....,..,,.............,. ' fed Mzituszeski. Rolxcrt Gross Gertrude, his wife ............,....,......,....,... ..,................................................ l' Ilizabeth Adams Hansel and Gretel, their children ..... ......... j une Climzinger and Margaret Profeta The VVitch, who eats children ......... ............... M ir-iam Goldstein, Irma Levinson The Dawn Fairy .,......,...................,.. ..,...........,.,.............,............... L ouiise Margolis The Sandman , ......................,.......... ,..............,,......... ........... . .... B I air Pearsol Chorus of Gingerbread Cliililren fhorus of Angels MANAGEMENT Ilirector ...... ...........,................,........ , ....... .......,................................... M i ss Emma Steiner Assistants ...... ......... M iss Laura Zeigler, Miss Ami Houston, Miss Hedwig Pregler 120 Athletics CHEER LEADERS jack Goldstein Alter Friedman William Rock Wilbur Starr Milton Goldin FOGTBALL TEAM HE ALLDERDICE gridders experienced another unfortunate season as the results below show. The outlook seemed very bright at the beginning of the season but soon darkened. The Green and VVhite dropped the first three games before being able to obtain a victory which was had at the expense of Schenley, 6-O. Allderdice was at the short end of the next three games and finally wound up the season with a victory over South. Possibly the outstanding accomplishment of the team was the scoring of two touchdowns against Peabody who hadnot been scored upon for the enitire season. Harold "Chang' Dunn, who played both end and half-back, proved to be the most outstanding player. Dunn received places on several All-Scholastic teams and probably was the best end of the Allderdice gridiron since the days of John Webb. Football Results-1935 Allderdice- 6 Perry-12 Allderdice- 0 Fifth Avenue-19 Allderdice- 0 South Hills- 6 Alldcrdice- 6 Schenley- 0 Allderdice- O Vifestinghouse-19 Allderdice- 6 Kiski-25 Allderdice-12 Peabody-20 Allderdice-13 South- 0 2 ational Scholastic Champion JACK STOVER No. 5 on the All-American Scholastic Team, 1935 D Swan Dives by Swan DWG by Jack Stover and Jack Stover Albert Patnick ALBERT PATNICK Placed Sth in the High Board Olympic Trials at Chicago 1936. A member of Ohio State. Jack Stover, Captain of the Allclerclioe Team in l935 W-on the National Scholastic Diving Championship at The Penn Athletic Club in Philadelphia in 1935. He was unclefieate-cl in competition. Al Patnick, a former teaminateiis now competing for Ohio State and recently placed in the Olympic Trials at Chicago. i 122 SWIMMING TEAM HE SWIMMING TEAM of this year showed itself to be weaker than the teams Tot former years. Out ot four starts, the boys managed to come out on top of but two. The Green and White tankers topped Westinghouse and South Hills while dropping the meets with Schenley and the Tech Frosh. The Allderdice swimmers did not engage in further competition because training rules were dis- obeyed. Captain jim Lockhead led the team scoring with a total of eighteen points for four meets. Morris Stern established a new pool record for the 100 yard dash - with a time of 1:02. VVilliam B-ozan was outstanding on the board while Be na Mars starred in the free style. gg' CITY oHAM?oaQf 6,-lffb j f 1935 Captains: Goodman, Hurst Undefeated in All Matches. The 1936 Team Also Won the City Championships. 123 1 GYM TEAM FTER HAVING defeated all competition previous to the city finals, the Allder- dice gymnasts suffered a great disappointment by coming in behind West- inghouse and Schenley in the final contest of the city. Starr, w'ho was the only man to place, came in third in club swinging. Two members, both of whom placed first, respectively, on the horse and club swinging in the first four meets, did not even place. One was ineligibleg the other suffered a misfortune on the apparatus. Co-Captain Wiltt was the high scorer for the season while Co-Captain Hall ex- hibited some fine skill on the mats. GYMNASTIC TEAM Third in City Championships. Won All Dual Meets. Co-Captains-Ed. Witt and W. Hall Swan Dive by Capt. Hall 124 GYMNASTICS 1935 TOP LEFT-CLUB SWINGERS TOP RIGHT-CAPTAINS HALL AND WITT BOTTOM-PYRAMID BY THE CLUB 125 CITY CHAMPS cnoss COUNTRY ,.,.A: Second Place in 1,.f "" in ' Pennsylvania State :" Championships -- " ii gf' p '1','i ' STATE RESULTS ' Reynolds-Second A' Horan-Fourth i f ' Beynon-Seventh Weisbrod-Eleventh Ladley, Reynolds, Beynon, Capt, Beynon Horan CROSS-COUNTRY HE ALLDERDICE Cross-Country team had its most successful season during the year l935. The Dragon runners copped the city championship and managed to place second in the state finals. The team practised daily at Frick Park in order to be in condition for the grind at Schenley Park when inter-scholastic com-- petition took place. The Dragon runners lost the initial meet to Langley but came back in the very next meet to defeat hoth Langley and South Hills. The next meet resulted in a win for Allderdice over VVestinghouse. Thereafter All- derdice Won the ci-ty title and placed second in the state competition. During the season Sam Reynolds broke the city record for the Schenley Park course and in addition received medals for placing first and second in the city and stat-e finals respectively. Other players deserving mention are: Captain Bey- non, Mike Horan and VVilliam Ladley, all of whom placed in the state finals. 126 GOLF TEAM OT ONLY DID the Allderdice niblick wielders annex the individual g-olf champ- ionship but also the city title. John Niskach scored a medal 81 to cop the first ci-ty golf championship which was staged at the Pittsburgh Country Club. A gold medal was awarded to Niskach. The Green and White golfers suffered but one defeat in city eompetitiong this defeat was at the hands of Oliver High. Oliver placed second in the city contest, losing one match to Allderdice and another -to Connelley Trade. Other performers besides Nfiskach were Marshall Palley. John Slivka, Jack Craniak and Herbert Wertheimer. For 'the second consecutive year the team used as its home course the Pitts- burgh Country Club which was donated to Allderdice through the courtesy of club members. CBASKETBALL ITH Two PRELIMINARY extra period clashes with two of the strongest team.s in the VV. P. I. A. L., the prospect for a Green and White city championship seemed very good. However, this prospect soon turned to disappointment. McKeesport and Homestead were the first foes over which Allderdice barely eked out victories in extra periods, 23-21 and 36-32 respectively. Perry was next defeated for the first Allderdice win of the season. During the first half of league competition the Irwinite efforts proved fruitless yielding six straight losses. The second half was little better with five losses and one victory over Peabody, 24-19. Dunn and Kalson captained the team during the first part of the season, while Saunders held the reins in the latter part of the camcpaign. Dave Saunders, the towering center, led the team scoring with a total of seventy-four points and also received an honorable mention on the Sun-Telegraph all-scholastic team. Those who contributed outstanding performances were: Kalson, Dunn, Saunders, Bishop, Rosenfeld and Levey. JUNIOR BASKETBALL N THE SEASON 1935-1936 the Junior Basketball team boasted an average of eight wins and two losses in league c-omp-etition and eleven wins out of fourteen starts for the complete season. The Little Dragons sustained two of the losses at the hands of Herron Hill, the third from Washington Trade School. Herron Hill was victor in the Alld-erdice section, but 1-ost in the play-off to Knoxville, a team which the Allderdice Juniors defeated earlier in the year. The team was copiously supplied with talent in every position but especially the work of Roger Iorgenson in the first halfg both Ted Rosen and "Red" Silver- man in the second half con-tributed greatly to the fine record. The team met a severe blow at the half-way mark when Black, Caplan, Bernstein, and Jorgens-on graduated to the senior school. 127 ----'i-'Girls' Sports ---"- 'r IS THOROUGHLY gratifying to look back over a highly successful season in girls' sp-orts. The early part of the year saw a greater turnout for hockey and soccer than ever beforeg and, although the list of entries narrowed down considerably in the second semester, keen competition and fine sportsmanship were evident. Hockey and soccer were given more serious periods of practise than any of the other sports and consequently display-ed a superior form and technique than the others. Unfortunately, the hockey season wias broken up by the change in the personnel of the Physical Education Department and was not continued after Miss Schaeffer replaced Miss Andrews. On the whole, it may be said, that the school can be proud of the fine form shown by the girls in their competitive events, and that it may also look forward to the coming year with the assurance that the wheels of the Physical Education Department will turn smoothly and quickly to encourage and train its girls not only in the game alone but in the valuable lesson of good sportsmanship. TENNIS N A REPLAY of the eleventh grade inter-scholastic tournament of the 1935 season, Betty Fagan represented Allderdice, replacing Lena Abromovitz, the former Green and VVhite entry. She defeated her opponent from South I-ligh School by a score of 6-4, 6-4. In a later match she was defeated by the representative of South Hills High School, 8-6, 9-7, despite her brilliant not work. SWIMMING ARLY IN THE sr1AsoN, the ninth and tenth grade mermaids had an opportunity to show their ability in an interscholastic meet held at Fifth Avenue High School. Here Allderdice representatives, competing with eight other schools, made a fine showing. The triumph of the day was a first place in diving, won by Ger- trude Roytos through her splendidly executed dives. Margaret Goodman in the breaststroke placed third and helped Allderdice to gain fourth place in the tenth grade meet. Each girl who qualified for the final meet was given one hundred points and those who placed in the final meet were given one hundred and fifty points, the equivalent of the large athletic letter. Later, these same girls acted as officials at the inter-class meets in March. Despite the fact that the turnout for these meets was exceptionally poor, three meets were held. Anyone who had not gone to the City Meet was eligible for them and a large list of entries was expected. Recognition must certainly be given to 'those girls who competed, for fine form and fine sportsmanship was dis- played throughout the three meets. 128 ' l-'-'-l-- GIRLS' sEN1oR LEADERS " --- HIS CLUB, with the finest traditions of the school behind it, can truthfully be called the aim of each girl in Allderdice. During the past year, the Leaders have been doing many worthy things, assisting or participating in all school activi- ties, supervising inter-school or intra-mural tournaments and games, and be-ing always available for ushering or showing visiztors around the school. In June, 1935, the club met and elected as their officers for the following semester these girls: Claire VVeil, president, Eleanor Clarke, vice presi- dent, Lillian Bagley, treasurer, and Esther Marcuson, secretary. These officers, together with Miss Andrews, the sponsor, and a membership committee, com- posed of two members from each grade, chose the new members of the club. These girls were initiated at the annual picnic in Frick Park, the food for which was prepared by Miss McDermott, who was the guest of the club. The girls who gave their initiation sketches at the picnic were Ruth Longenecker, Frieda Jaffe, Virginia Ray, Martha Ando, Dorothy Oliver, Rosamond Bagran, Helen Rauch, Louise McCullough, Mary Agnes Cobb, Eleanor Bturns, and Rita Williams. Upon the completion of the informal initiation, the club was free to make plans for the annual Leaders' Club Frolic, a meeting of all the clubs in the city, which was to take place at Allderdice. Before plans were thoroughly organized, however, word came of Miss Andrews' transfer tfo Schenley and of the abandoning of the plan to have the frolic at Allderdice. After Miss Andrews left, Miss Long took over the club. At the last busi- ness meeting of the season, the following officers were elected for the semester from February t-o june: Eleanor Clarke, president: Helen Magidson, vice presi- dent, Mary Ruth Hosey, treasurerg Mary Hilda Fagan, secretary, and Natalie Josephs, social chairman. These members of the executive committee and the appointed members of the memibership committee, with the aid of Miss Long, selected the new members to replace the Seniors lost by graduation. At a farewell party, Claire Wteil, Lillian Bagley, Marjorie McCreery, jane Purse, Virginia Shideler, Esther Amsler and Gertrude Broido, who were Senior A's, were given suitable mementos as a gift from the club, before they left school. The new members appointed to the club were Rose Miller, Naomi Levine, Margaret Gall, Margaret Maclachlan, Mary My-ers, Ilene Smith, Edna Sftewart, jean Seibel, Betty Larson, Betty Grove, and Henrietta Gerwig. During May, the Leaders' Club Frolic was held at High School. Thirty two girls from Allderdice were sent t-o take part in the fun. At this frolic each school entered a swimming and a volleyball team. After team competition, the girls were given supper and allowed a period of social dancing. The main objects of the club are to aid in athletic contests and to make its members generally useful throughout the school, and it can be said without fear of contradiction that the members of the Leaders' Club during the past year have h-elped to maintain and improve the general standing and reputation of the club as an Allderdice institution. 129 11111 1111, 1111- 1'i1CX'K'l1S 5111111 N1lIlXVl'11 1111-11' s11111-1'1111'111'. 1111- '11X'.'1'1K'L'S, 1l'fl111 1111- XR'l'11l.'R'S T111-111' N1.XR1i1-fl' 11,1 4849 VOLLEYBALL 1115 s1'11l1'l' was 1'1111 1111 11111 11111- 1111' bl111111111'1' Q'1'1lf1112l11'5 111 c1111111c11-, 11-111'111g 1110 1-11111'1- 111111'11111111-111 111 1111- 111-11' SL'll1ll1' :Ya 111111 13's. 111111 1111- 111111'1111111c111 1lC111g i1111111g 111 1111- 1U11l'l1Ill111'l11. 11'1-1'1- 1111111-11-Ns11' 11151. 111 1111- 1111-11111 gl'Il11C. M1-1111 A1Zl1i1'ZL11L'1'15 11-11111 Q111111- 11111 1111 11111 111111 1111-1 LXIZLT1' 11111111 1'1ZlgZlll.S 1-11-V1-11111 Lf1'2l111' 11-11111 111 1111- 1111111 g111111-. 13111111-11 1115 111' 1111- S1-1111115 11-ss 111 1111- S11l1Z1I11111, 1111- 1111-11'1-s 11'1-1'1- Il s1-1'11111s 1111'1-111 111 1111- c11111111111111s11111 11111105 111 1111- 1-11-V1-11s. 11111 111 Il 1111111 s11111'1 1111- 1':1CX'L'1lS s11cc1-1-111-11 111 1D111l1g 1111 Z1 102111 01 1w11 g111111-s 111l111' '1'11'1-11'1-'s ll11l'. 111 1111-sv 1111'1-1- 1111211 g111111-s. 1111- '1'w1-11'1-s NYOII 1110 111's1 111' Il s1'111'1- 111 -13-17. '1'111- 111111-1' 111111 11111111-s 1v1-1'1- W1111 111' 1111- 11111-1'1-11s W1111 1111- s1'111'1-s 111 38-29, 111111 42-211. '1'111- 1111-111111-rs 111 111c w11111111g 11-11111 w1111 1'1-Q1-11111 1111c 1111111111-11 111111115 were: 11. 11. 1"Zlg'Z'111. M, .X. c'l11J1J. 11. .N11f1l7111111. .X. 1,1-1'1111-, IJ. A1L'11Zll'l1l'1'. MQ XY1-11161 R, Xxv11112l1l1S, 111111 M. '1'11w11s1-1111. BASKETBALL .XSIiF'I'l5AI.1., 11111- 111 1111- 111-1111 111 S1ZL1'11l1g, 51111 11-11' 111 1111- '1ZlI1l1Zll'1' g1'11111111t1-5 1'1-11111-s1-1111-11. 1'1111'111g 1111- 11Q11111 1XY1J 1-111111 X'Il1'1L'11'. 1111- g111111-s 11'1-1'1- just il 111111- 111111-'111-1' 111111 11-ss 1111115111-11 1111111 111 111'1-1'11111s 1'1':11's 11111- 111 1111- 51111111-111-11 1ll'I1C11SL' 5 111-111111. AIIIVX' 1111111 1I11s1-1' 111111111' 1-1111-VQ1-11 111111111-111115 kl11L'I' 111-11-111111g 1111- 11-11111s 111 1'11111'1- 111-11, 1f1'1-11'11 11111111-11 111111 1'11Il111l' 1"11zw11s1111. 111 1111- 1111111 1-'111111-, M. 11. . . N 111151-1' 111-11-1111-11 lf. 1'111ZXY11S1lll 111' Il s1'111'1- 111 11-219. '11111' 11151 1-11-1'1-11111 g'1'11111- C1111- 1-s111111. M111'1' 1xQ'l1L'S C111111, 11115 1-111111111111-11 11: 1111' s1-11111-1111111 g'ZlI11L'. '1'1111s1- g'11'1s W1111 11'1-1'1- 1111'111'111-11 11111- 1ll11lC11AC11 11111111s 1111' 11115111-1111111 WL'I'L'Z M. 11. 1111sc1'. 13. Fllgllll, M. I.. 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Alleys Rl'lSl'fRY,'X'l'lONS AND lJ.XR'lll ICS lmu l'. Gulxuislm, Nlgr. xl.-XQLSU11 9827 534-4 l"o1'wg11'rl Avciiue Mr, ll.: "XYhy clicl you lczlvc yuur other sclmol?" H. R.: "lt's mat the school I clichrt . 5 Q . A 4 - Cjflllljflilllfilfj of like, it 5 the principal ut the thmg. Ckqnsolhluted Hllcllo. ls this .Irwin-scsi "X'l'ell, it might hc." ls Mary there?" "Shes gone out to buy ZL i'mvlmzLt." "VVl1ait does she want with a row- boat." "She Cillllll swim." "C Dhl Goodbye." "l iooiclhyef' CX H uw sillyj. it CHeuning Shops Kin' of .lllIft'l'lt'CIll C'i'r'ilf:r1I1'n11 l9294lXlamtl1ou Dzmcers C0,,,pjjmenf5 lQ30"ll'4'Jlll rlllllllllll gulf 1931-Tree Sitters of cz V933-.Iig saw puzzles , , Przeml 193-l-Hug culling contests 1935-"Scratch -out the top uzuue zmcl send ll dime." l93O4"l'll give you fifty clollars :mal Park Place for your railroadsf' t .r ety tiitg ri iiif f ty y i rtyyy l y y5 gt i iittttly y ryt . ir y e v', 55"-,:' 5" ' " "II : 'I 'if :,','iE'jr3 ,v-'E:fEff::3.'-'2'1E':l1. 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Co Beacon Q or DUQUESNE and Morrowfielcl IWQURSNE, PA. Pharmacy chicago, Brooklyn, Kansas Cary 138 Taylor Allderdice Parent-Teacher Association wishes success zo this 1936 Year Book 139 C oinplinienis of Allderdice Lunch R o o m CICERO BROTHERS 1 Barber and Beauty Shops 2140 Murray Ave. MURRAY PRESS AIKEN-FORBES TAILORING CO. 5817 Forbes St. HlAzel 3601 RENEE GROSS Beauty Salon Compliments of Fredls Barber and Beauty Shop-5871 Forbes St. Compliments of the Oliver Flower Shop 5828 Forbes St. KEYSTONE JEWELRY CO. Clark Bldg. Samuel P. Bachner, Prop. Compliment: of STEPP CLEANERS AND TAILORS Compliinentx of A F fiend ADLERS DEIIICATESSEN 2126 Murray Ave. MOLLA BEAUTY PARLOR Mollie Baltrotsky, Propf-1933 Murray Ave. Coinplimenis of a Friend Quality Printing at Low Cost I 2006 MURRAY AVE. HA 3742 Coinplimenff of MORROWFIELD APARTMENTS ALDERSON APARTMENTS ELDRIDGE AVENUE APARTMENTS HA S700 J. F. Dunlay, Mgr. Compliments of DAVID G. 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