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Allderdice High School - Allderdice Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Cover

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-1-V- . -Q.. . . , E2'?45f2f7,Eg , , if 55f a,.z1'EYJ4- - I: '5"'Q2Q7:9'j,f,jf5Eih.v- if fl :'5'::.-f --.. W1 Ei: -. . MS , LVL ,3i--'L-Qt,-.T' -,lm - 15155-5-4.:f:ef,,.'gf , 3 qs.: ei--' 'iff - :1 2,'Zi5'-fiiwgg-ag , .grz-2:--avg. - z :ff -2 , nf: .' V -'ff . - ' f V 2, " 7 314-7L' - ,lE'7'1?i.'.,f5e 1 ' - .5 -F - 3. -2 , 1 5 W: x-5 5 . - - LF, , . . ,, -,, , . r, ,,-y. .4 ,M . ,M., Y .,, . L'-if 1' . L -..:f2'-lwffzt-ff Hf'21. MLW - 5 494: "-E "' R.. , - -'eg-'-1'5':r42l r' V-if -Y Q 5, 1' ' - -f" ' -' E --f" . gi'QgZ 413 .V--V -5f2':fi5:f' -V .' 1,3 f14 w. f , gs5-1:if.l'-- - aa, ,3 33 -V k'?ii: ' gf:-45 2,j1A"153g5':g1,fi3'TJ'.3'k F: fri- -I -f a i r. 1 I . 5 HV:1 iGr ,gi,. 2i '. g,g. Tl? - -.v-.19-pggfv3,f:1Ef'?"E 5 5-1 f i-45 9-' g pflii' . - S- --,gg if 'A - -2. .-I '- 1' 2: 12-1:5 'I 30-H ' A -41, , '- 1' 1: jj A i--yr" '. 2 .. aij-5. 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F"-'I'-fif .-, er-fznfg. wil ,V Kif:'lfE,j5Jg-51-5-3,3-if-I 5,5 ' . - - f .fi-Cfgfifxgff ,,7f!5H.ei:.,.,,:-6--::f f' i 1f'f"-5 -Q, Q.- V- r ,ff-LELE.-s,5f, 1 ' .,41 +i3', , iq-.W may ' -. - ., . -L .-, .F .-- :-- . - 1 Q--K-V1'55 .Q-A - ' if iN-ffl ,gg-y -'g-Q., 1 - ' V- L?"5l+-'f':""k?i- " '7E V9" "A ' . 11"'- 'S-'F Tri- ji" 'Su-."?'ff 'Sari' Q55 1.--H 1- P . 4 iwgiy-2'f mf? 53-fi xrfiia ' MH f55f?1f+:55L1FF'P?'5 "" 3'Li? 1 -1512: 3 1 1'-'LV'-ff wwiztilmfri-5 was - -f. nf.---,.:i'?kg , -.- ww- ,- , A'wT:i51:2g'-M--qfetfifi' 21. . 125: :V fi- - . . - fu-ff .ax 3f'f-,.s5ii'- -V2-115 g ' 'H .-fm-.. V " L f. .. ' -'gP'?aif15-5?-151555.15 - ff- 1 "if ,.- - if-535343 E... 4 2 Huw: 51 -1- E me--4 - r.. - ' AFV. - .. . il'-Q V f .ere .?5?Pf1lfi:E1fzg--Lg-Qiigg' ff-fs --' x - 1-.ef V ---555:52 L-.rf .- . QQ'-.,,. -- , ' -if 1- Y. A-M-H"-if -.J -- - -'--1. nw --f-Y ff--4:4 n -' -Egan-:ffl-w.'7-' --'. Aff- :.-yet: ,' 4' ' -.if 422252 --pw .,g 51-r 452 -it-Ebgggix-leg. it-. '-QQ,-+f'Z:--:'L?f,1Pj' 2:2 f 1.- wi - .--gas .-:5?!ff,2g1feE' -ff .L"6QS.,f.J:2er as.-V 1, -1E?5.g ,- ' AB? 2- 1-ff - - ,Y V'1f:hTgi'i??Ee+3b.i'f2sLG-Q5'-1,12'f CARE? ,5.,f.l..,. 1. .F c....uf..,,,,,. -.gig 4m.,., 4,, .. . .. .,gI.q,i,.,? 'Ig - ,.-.. ,-N..1,,g.-Q: , -,V -Jjvx-5,-j52.a'12!f 2',f2,-iii.,-'fi3A,,3L'Vg-253411 ' -HT' ' vifiiiggaeevil-c:2fT'if-'F - - V ' '5YlL1"4Q?f5fv- 13.5.3 Q uf. 441233 'F 7 ' - -ii--+i?J12 Am. .V -7155 ' . ' -. aff g-. kb .3 - fm. gf-KZ:-5, 'lfF2as-e5?.2f,g5'Q' ,ta pf. '- - ,gg:'M,iV-1.r..1+s--1:24 A .t,'3f:gV4:,q5.g15.u. ,. -K-Nr-.. V 'ang-1 .15 .. . '- ,Q-. Qfarsgq-.aria-ish 5232? ' 'fm1:""'e-ss' . 1 2, L- '34-'--2 ' V1-Q 5 ' ' . fiaxi. " 21 .1 Vie -may . , - - ,V-.1- --, .-V+, .,., Q, ,,-V - . 3 iw . . 1., "Q-' '--V -zfgfzgg, -'wel-' . 1.-5.2.2, 1 5' 5 ,5 L ,J "N - f 1. i. . 'V 'f' ',,- 1.1. E- :'11'X.:fi J. JJ ' '?' 1 ' ' A ' -' 3:1 of 1 ...Q A N 1 M, Al ,L STA ol ff swf xv 'I MP1 .. X , ' . 3 I ' X . .' I 17' ,, 1, UL , X 1 il ,, ,. , .,. A M QW f. M If gf ff' :ii J L-. ww M ' Q Jw, H14 fi .-cZ.r'i' , . ,,,, . -. .x S ' 112f3:f?'9:rIit,.!1 fi V 1 4 55415 jf-' 1, 1.'.:':'P. Ei.-. 1 W' ,H W gyj"1'fyx1 9' 1 , . Avg L, yu if 7' .N ., , , , ,.uQ'.QQ,1j' . ifiisii' ff-fir' - Af '- 2-'ff JI 4, k . ii '- I.4Yxi,.:i -5.521 7 . v W". :WL .1 4 ' 3 A Q 1 Foreword -in If O 1' C N compiling this Journal, it has been the aim of the Senior Classes to form some lasting memoranduin of school friends and activities. Graduating from Allderdice, the Seniors will enter a new world with new conditions and re- quirements. The work demanded of different persons will vary, but all will enjoy recalling their high school days. If this year-hook can help retain those memories, its purpose will have been fulfilled. 3 M44 e 1 cl e r cl i c: e JANUARY-JUNE, 1935 VOLUME VI NUMBER I lwblislzefl jointly by Smiors of 168 J :mmm cmd fame Classes -ii 'THE TAYLOR ALLDERDICE HICZH SCHOOL -----i- -l--l- SHADY AND FORWARD AVENUES ----ll PITTSBURG H, PA. - - CDedieation In sincere appreciation of the service and ceaseless energy which he has so willingly rendered us, of his enthusiastic support of all class and school projects which have helped in our advancement, we, the senior class of 1935, dedicate this, our Journal, to J. S. Glaes Co 'li ournal Staff ni- EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Margaret Paddock Betty Rosenfield Faculty Editors-Miss Ann A. Houston, Miss Diantha W. Riddle 7 Daniel Lichtenstein, Leonard Levison, Freda Lewin, Beatrice Lynch, Davis Olds, Martha Nietz, Roberta Maizlech, Marjorie Mills, Betty jane Oliver, Selma Ories. Esther Robbins, Martin Sachnoff, Clarence Schulz, Mary Sipula, Leonard Sikov, Edith Stewart, jacques Wachtel, Jacqueline Weil, Robert Williams, Grace Thomas. Miriam Beeson, Robert Brown, Margaret Clark, Kensey Clarkson, jean Cole, Laura Dancoff, Tressa Dolatowski, Sidney Dorfman, Robert Flocken, Lea Goldstein. Henry Half, Carl Haller, Felicia Hamilton, Vera Harkness, john Hukill, Virginia King, Jean Klinck, Robert Kornhauser, Jerome Lebowitz, Yolande Lebowitz, 8 BUSINESS MANAGERS jack Levin Jay Reich Thomas McClure Lester Smith PICTURE COMMITTEE Gerald Feldman, Chairman Robert Mitchell Miriam Grimm Adelaide Bacharach Gertrude Hastie Henriette Bergmann Betty Lyle Richard Cassady Stanley Markey George Chakurda Anna Rupert Betty Gall Matthew Seltzer Doris Vogan 9 DR. ROLAND G. DEEVERS Principal 10 .. , I3aeulty9 1- . Principal-Roland G. Deevers Vice-Principal-Arthur C. Baird Activities Director-+Ann A. Houston Vocational Counselor-VV. M. Sharp Girls' Advisor-Lucy A. South A. Clare Aptfelbach, Chief Clerk, Lois E. Hill, Clerk, Isabel T. ART Dollard, Marie J. Eifert, Raymond Norton, Jennie A. Koenig, Olivia COMMERCIAL Angelo, John P. Bartrim, Helen R. Campbell, Helen L. Fleming, Elizabeth Johnson, Mathilda G. Korona, L. W. Longenecker, Clay H. M.crCamblay, Katharine S Melvin, John B. Schaide, Anna E, ENGLISH Albert, Dorothy Barkley, Florence M. Clausen, Rutlh Clough, Mary G. Evans, Mary A. Hartz, Rose Hoerger, Irvin T. Kerr, Agnes Klingensmith, Elizabeth Laird, Excie M. Leech, Frances M. Long, Belle . Montgomery, Nancy S. Pregler, Hedwig O. Riddle, Diantha W. Stuart, Sara D. Wagenknecht, Elizabeth Welsh, Clara I. Young, George K. Zeigler, Dorothy M. FOREIGN ,LANGUAGES Brennan, Mary A. Bergman, Dorothy Coyne, John Kalmler, Yetta T. Richey, Anna G. Roller, C. T. Simlpson. Myra C. Todd, Edna R. Catherine M. Hoyt, Book Clerk. HISTORY Blitz, Samuel Beachler, Charlotte R. Faust, Alvin G. Geist, Esther L. Graham, Florence Kearney, Jennie Quattrocchi, Anna M. Mitichell, Bertha O. Ross, Cora C. Ruptp, Leila H. Soles, Harry C. Tait, Rilla B. Wall, S. Pearl ' HOUSEHOLD Economics Bailey, Charlotte E. Bard, Revbeoca F. Grossman, Grace McDermott, Irene E. LIBRARY Anderson, Mary H. M.c'Miekle, Margaret H. MATHEMATICS Altsman, Hazel Bernhard, Charles VV. Blessing, Rosa Carter, Mary A. Cou-perthwaite, Marian Glaes, J. S. Freeble, Charles R. Phillips, Georgie M, Pickard, Dorothy E. Alice L. J. L. Pihipps, S-pitler, Snyder, George B. Wilson, H. H. .l.. I Deceased I 11 Zinn, Clerk, MANUAL "Budde, Hayes, Kavana TRAINING Wesley E. Frank L. ugh, C. P. Krotzer, J. Earl Veigel, Alvin M. MUSIC Becihtolt, F. M. Meyer, Dorothy Jean Steiner, Emma Zeigler, Laura E, PHYSICAL EDUCATION Andrews, E. Brenneta Hazlett, Katharyn Hoar, Franklin B. Irvin, Robert W. Irwin, John H. Long, Esther M. Muter, Jeanne IE. Oliver, Alexander SCIENCE Baird, Hester A. Colborn, Lon H. Conrad, Paul K. Donaldson, Elizabeth Hackett, R. J. Held, Alva K. Johnston, Jane S. Marshall, Fred L. Mc'Candless, Jane Miller, Elizabeth C. Shriner, J. T. Smith, Mae Weber DIETITIAN Compton, Edna SWIMMING MATRON Bloom, Clara CUSTO'DIA.N Garafona, Nicholas SPEIECH Adams, Leona SCHOOL DOCTOR Boots, Edmund, M.D. anuary Class Honor Students Highest Honor John Klotz High Honor Betty Jane Oliver Mary Sipula Carl Haller Kensey Clarkson Louis Ross Shelley Berkeley Sidney Dorfnian Margaret Paddock Vlfilliain Kunkel jacob Tracht Marjorie Mills Oscar Goodstein Honor Leonard Sikov Miriam Grimm Adelaide Bacharach Robert Flocken Williani Rittman Edna Mae Ryan Anna Rupert Gordon Morrison Ray Gady Margaret Clark Richard Cassndy Ralph Suttle Mary Tonkin John Hukill lean Cole Lenka Szeskay Marion Brand Leonard Rosen Zeta Chapter National Honor Soeietyb Richard Cassady William Kunkle Robert Flocken Carl Haller John Hukill John Klotz Marjorie Mills Betty Jane Oliver Margaret Paddock William Rittman anuary Class Urganization OFFICERS President ............. ............................. X Villiam Rittman Vice President ...... ......... R etty jane Oliver Secretary ...................................................... Marjorie Mills Class Colors-Royal Blue and Orange Class Motto-Finis eoronat opus. The end crowns the work. Ovid. COMMITTEES journal John Hukill, Carl Haller, Leonard Sikov, B. Oliver, Marjorie Mills, Margaret Paddock, Mary Sipula, Felicia Hamilton, Kensey Clarkson, Sid- ney Dorfman, Martha Nietz, 'lean Klinck, Beatrice Lynch, Jean Cole, Mar- garet Clark, Robert XVil'liams, Robert Flocken. Social Rose Rizzo, chairmang Leonard Rudolph, Frances Tinsley, Frances Pres- cott, Lillian Baseman, Irving Sachs, Maurice Parker. Picture Gerald Feldman,chairman, Richard Cassady, Anna Rupert, Adelaide Bacharach, Miriam Grimm. Ring Margaret Paddock, chairman, Martha Nietz, Rose Rizzo, llarry Chisholm, Song Carmelina Bonaro, john Pearce, XVilliam Runkle. Color, Motto and Cheer Herbert Rosenthal, chairman, Louis Ross, llcrnard llorn, llertrucle llastie Beryl Bahr. Flower l Eleanor Miller, chairman: Olive Larson, Marion Rigney, Pearl Newman Thelma Barrack. 13 Januuryi 19 3 5 Abels, Pearl Abraham, Vincent Allen, 'Gladys Eleanor Alpern, Samuel Lawrence Amedick, Francis J. Artz, Pauline Carol Averbach, E. Louis Bacharach, Adelaide Pauline Bahr, Beryl Grayce Barack, Thelma Lorraine Barker, Stewart Benford Barney, Della Ruth Baseman, Lillian Belie, ,Anna Marie Bendick, John Berkeley, David Shelley 14 Januarf 19 3 5 Bonaro, Carmelina Boreman, Hanna Libby Braun, Doris Ruth Brand, Marion Dorothy Caruso, Ralph Cassady, Richard C. Chisholm, Harry M. Clark, Margaret E. Clarkson, James Kensey Close, Elsie Jane Cole, jean Combs, Nelson R. Wright, Albert Bayard, Jr Corey, Alice Rose Cornwall, john J. Coyne, Claire Phyllis - ... January: 19 3 5 Crews, Eugenia Currin, jean Edna Davies, jane Gail Deakter, Julius DeTilla, Lenora Dickson, Mlarion Louise Digman, Alfreda Isabel Di Lonardo, Jennie Marie Dorfman, Sidney Duffy, ,Alice Jane Eckstein, Irene Erdeky, Helen Mary Epstein, Philip Feldman, Gerald Fisher, Betty Harriet Zemon, Dorothy Junuarya 1935 Flocken, Robert Edward Gady, Ray Gazdik, Laslo J. Ginsberg, Pearl Glass, Lillian Goldberg, Sidnev Harry Goldstein, Rita B. Goldvarg, Sylvia E. Goodstein, Oscar Goodstone, Harold Gregg, Mary Griffin, H. Kemp Grimm, Miriam Carol Grotstein, Sylvia Grove, Wilbur Blair Hall, Earl Willard Januaryn 1935 Hall, Ivanor jane Haller, Carl T., jr. Hamilton, Felicia Hastie, Gertrude M. Henderson, Charles B. Hukill, John Boyd Henry, Donald Murray Herskovitz, Gertrude Jean Horn, Bernard D. Hudson, 'Clara Ellen Jackson, Frank S. jenkins, Betty Lois Jones, Mary Louise Kern, Estella Kern, Richard Clyde Kimmelstiel, Miriam Joan Januaryi 19 3 5 Klaus, Glenn Le Roy Kletz, Harold Bernard Klinck, Jean Eloise Klotz, John William Kosiba, Veronica Mary Kramer, Helen Mae Krauss, Martin Krikstone, Bernard Kunkel, William Howard Laing, Nancy Neff Larson, Olive Wilma Laufe, Harold A. Lehner, Carl Levine, Joshua Jesse Levine, Leonard S. Lewis, Frank F. M5333 Juriuuryi 19 3 5 Lewis, Robert S. Lippert, Fern Marie Henrietta Locker, Myrla Logue, Elizabeth E. Lynch, Beatrice D. Maddalena, Nancy Fay Mariano, Flora Eleanora Mandel, Joseph McAdams, joseph Robert McCarney, John Robert, Jr. McClure, William Thomas McCullough, Virginia june McDonald, Dorothy Catherine MicKeown, William P. Meth, Miriam Meyer, Malcolm Januaryj 1935 Miller, Grace Dailey Miller, Eleanor Mills, Marjorie Mitchell, Genevieve Valerie Moellenbrock, Myrtle Irene Morrison, Gordon McLaren Mussoff, Allen Naffah, Magee Newman, Pearl Nietz, Martha Sawyer Novick, Edgar E. Null, Byron Burchfield Oliver, Betty Jane Paddock, Margaret Pardi, Michael Francis Parker, Maurice Januaryg 19 3 5 Patterson, Beulah Clara Pazin, Julia Pearce, John H. jones Perelstine, Dorothy joan Piper, Lois Eloise Pittler, Irwin R. Price, Betty jane Prescott, Frances June Rech, Julius Riddle, Mary Rigney, Marion Valentine Rittman, William C. Rizzo, Rose Marie Robel, Donald Richard Roberts, Eileen Elizabeth Weitzel, Josephine M. Jaiiuarf 193 5 Tracht, Jacob Rosen, Leonard W. Rosenberg, Irwin Rosenthal, Herbert Ralph Ross, Louis Leon Rossen, Clara S. Rost, Esther Frances Rudolph, H. Leonard Rupert, Anna Ryan, Edna Mae Sachs, Irving Harold Sample, William A. Saunders, Kingsley Richa Scandrol, Lois Jean Schmeltz, Myrtle Olive Schmidt, Barbara A. rd Januaryu 1935 Seewald, -Sidney Shapiro, Israel Shore, David Shrom, Elizabeth Gardner Sikov, Leonard M. Silverblatt, Irwin Simington, Helen Naomi Simon, Morton Lewis Sipula, Miary Sivij, Michael Smith, Irvin Hubert Solomon, Julius C. Squitieri, Aida Clara Stark, William Sterling, William, jr. Situmpf, Twila Juanita Januaryi 1935 Suttle, Ralph Earl Sutton, Virginia Mackey Szecskay, Lenka E. Tamburi, Julius John Tauberg, Milton Teitelbauim, Charles Jerome Tinsley, Frances Mae Tonkin, Mary Van Kirk Walkow, Lucille 1-Iermina Webb, Russell E. Wedner, Albert Leon Wlhite, Marjory Williams, Frank R. Williams, Robert Senior Class Mr. Marshall-Sponsor President ........... Vice President ..... Secretary .............w Student Council ....... Miss McCand1efss-Sponsor President ................... Vice President ........ Secretary .............. Student Council ....... Mrs. Simpson-Sponsor President ................ Vice President ...... Secretary .......... ..... Student Council ...... Miss McCamb1ay-Sponsor President .................. Vice President .... Secretary ................... Student Council ...... Mr. Young-Sponsor President ............ Vice President ...... Secretary ............... Student Council ....... Room Qfiicers Room 460 Frances Prescott Oscar Goodstein Eleanor Miller Richard Cassady Room 456 ..... Beatrice Lynch jean Cole Betty Shrom Harry Chisholm Room 362 William Stark VVilliam Kunkel Betty jenkins Martha Nietz Room 353 VVillard Hall Alice Corey Helen Erdeky Rose Rizzo Room 157 William Rittman Maurice Parker Margaret Paddock Margaret Paddock -- Class Sponsors i Katherine S. McCamb1ay-353-This well- hked commercial teacher -has received her B. degree . . . slhe studied at the Uni- versity of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, Harvard Univers-ity, and Indiana State Teachers' College . . . is exceptionally fond of music and drama . . . Dislikes personal publicity. George K. Young- 157-A. B. anfd A. M. University of Pitts- burgh. Mrs. Myra Simpson-362-Attended Clar- ion Teaichers' College, Penn State, Mid- dlebury College . . . Received her A. B. and A. M,. degrees at the University of Pittsburgh . . . forward of her college basketball team . . . Gardening is her hobby . . . very fofnd of books . . . likes biography best . . . Member of Pi Lambda Theta honorary fraternity . . . Ambition is to lbowl 150 . . . Outside of school, she is a memiber of Thursday Night Study Club and University Travel League .... A ip- proves very much of senior dances . . . likes, teaching in Allderdice . . . Some of us learnied Latin from her . . . Remember? Miss Jane McCand- less-456 -- Dislikes i idea of publicity, nevertheless we pro- ceed . . . attended California S ta te Teachers' College . . . received A. B. degree at University of Pittsburgh . . . gard- eninig and field trips are her hobbies . . . spent several sum- mers on field trips at Cornell, Wisconsin, Columbia and Penn State. Fred L. Marshall-460-Science teacher . . . Attended slchool at Thiel, Grove City College, and University of Pittsvburgih . . . Rather fonid of sports . . . member of col- lege ibaseball team . . . Belongs to a Bot- any Clurb at Pitt . . . hobby is collecting rare fish for classroom observation . . . he likes and is liked by his report class. 27 anuary Class Activities Abels, Pearl Phyllis-Red Cross Club, Aviation Club, Bridge Club, Current Events Club, Abraham, G. VincentAInventors Club, History Club, Hi-Y. Allen, Giladys E.-Current Events Club, History Club, Aviation Club, Type Club. Amedick, Francis J.-Orchestra B, Stamp Club. Artz, Pauline Carol-Library Club, Swimming Team '31, '32, '33, Hockey '33, Tennis '31, '32, '33, Averbach, E, Louis-Hall Patrol, Gym Team, Track '31, Orchestra A, Art Club, Current Events Club. Bacharach, Adelaide-Senior Class Play, Picture Committee, Tennis '31, '32, '33, '34, Hockey '34, Intra-class' Swimming '32, '33, Biology Club, Spe- cial Art Club, Red Cross Club. Baht, Beryl Grayce-Current Events Club, Girls' Choral, Art Club, Hall Patrol, Vigilance Com- mittee, Color Motto and Cheer Committee, Sigma Iota Club, Class S'ec,-Treas., Tennis '32, '33. Barack, Thelma L.-Flower Committee, Cun'ent Events Club, Sigma Iota Club, Swimming Team, Intra-murals '31, Barker, Stewart-Green Key, Hi-Y. Barney, Della Ruth-Stage Make-Up Club, Dra- matic Club, Sewing Club, Volleyball '33, Baseman, Lillian-Social Committee, Senior Class Play, Library Club, Basketball '33, '32, Volleyball '32, '33, Basketball Manager '34, Belie, Anna Miarie-Volleyball '33, Tennis '33, '34, Basketball '33, '34, Hockey '34, Mushball '34, Bendick, John-Junior Life Saving Club, Travel Club, Soccer Team '32, Intra-mural Champ '33, Berkeley, Shelley--Latin Club, Automobile Club, Band. Bonaro, Carmelina-Senior Play, Song Com- mittee, Girls' Chorale, Basketball '32, '34, Hockey '33, '34, Volleyball '32, '33, '34, Tennis '33, '34, History Club. Boreman, Hanna-Vigilance C ommittee. Brand, Marion D.-Senior Class Play, Girls' Chorale, Players' Guild, Special Art Club, Lunch Patrol, Red Cross Club, Hockey Team '34, Volley- ball '32, '33, '34, Tennis '33, '34, History Club. Braun, Doris Ruth-Girls' Chorale, Social Repre- sentative, Red Cross Club, Buko, John S.-Gym Team '32, '33, Football '33, Jr. Mechanics Club, Class Track Team '34, Caruso, RalphdStudent Council, Track Team '33, Cross Country '32, Swimming '33, Chemistry Club, Class Track Team, Captain. Cassady, Richard C,-Green Key, Hi-Y, Senior Student Council, Senior A Band, Picture Com- mittee, Senior Class Play, Brass Quartet, Chisholm, Harry M,fHall Patrol, Student Coun- cil, Ring Committee, Stamp Club, Museum Club. Chizek, Ruth-Red Cross. 28 Clark, Margaret--Journal Staff, Orchestra A, Rifle Club. Clarkson, I. Kensey-Journal Staff, Home Room Vice-President-157, Vigilance Committee, Progres- sive Art League, Stam.p Club, Ir. Mechanics Club. Close, Elsie Jane-Vice-President 456, Junior Leaders' Club, Senior Leaders' Club, Swimming Team '31, '32, '33, '34, Basketball Team '31, '32, '33, '34, Volleyball Team '31, '32, '33, '34, Mushball Team '34, Hockey Team '33, '34, Tennis '32, '33, 34, Cole, Jean-Journal Staff, Secretary, 456, Vice- President, 456, Art Club. Combs, Nelson R.-Student Council, Lunch Pa- trol, Soccer Team Manager, Museum Club, Stamp Club, Progressive Art League, School Play, Intra- mural Chamrps '30, '34, Corey, Alice Rose-Art Club, Current Events Club, Lunch Patrol, Senior Student Council, Secre- tary of Class and Sohool Plays, Business Service Guild, Hall Patrol, Vice-President, 353. Coyne, Claire Phyllis-Special Art Club. Curr-in, Jean E.-Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Red Cro-ss Club, Special Art Club, Puzzle Club, Hockey Team '33, Swimming Intramural '32, Davies, Jane Gail-Red Cross Club, Aviation Club, Vigilance Committee, History Club. DeTilla, Leonora-Girls' Chorale, Class Play, Dickson, Marion Louise-Current Events Club, Tennis '34, Mushball '33, Swimming '34, Digrnan, Alfreda Isabel-'Girls' Chorale, Girls' Quartette, Di Lonardo, Jennie-Red Cross Club, Business Service Guild, Dorfman, Sidney-Journal Staff, Senior Class Play, Players' Guild, S-enior Debate Club, Chan:- pion Intramural Team '31, Pantomime Club. Eckstevin, Irene--Current Events, Swimming Team '31, Basketball '31, '32, '33, Volleyball '31, '32, Track '32, Epstein, Philip-4,Hall Patrol, Science Club. Erdeky, Helen-Red Cross Club, Needlework Club, Math Puzzle Club, Business Service Guild, Foreword Staff, Vigilance Committee, Sec., 353, Feldman, Gerald-Student C uncil, Hall Patrol, , Chairman, Junior Lunch Patrol, Picture Committ I Gym Team, Manager '30, Junior Mechanics Club, Vigilance Committee. , Fisher, Betty Harriet4- Vigilance Committee, Chorus, Dramatic Club, Art Club, Volleyball '32, Basketball '31, Tennis '32. Flocken, Robert Edward-Journal Staff, Orches- tra A, Current Events Club, String Ensemble, Vigilance Committee, Student Orchestra. Council, All-City Gady, Ray-Junior Swimming Rifle Club, Debate Club, Poetry Writing Club, Red Cross. , Gazdik, Laslo J.-Hall Patrol, Marionette Club, Class Basketball '32, '33. Team '31, '32, V E i i l l l i Ginsburg, Pearl--French Club. Glass, Lillian-Variety Club: Red Cross Club: Current Events Club: Volleyball '31. Goldberg, Sidney Harry-History Dramatic Club: Rock and Mineral Club. Goldstein, ketball '31, Rita B.-Junior Dramatic Club: Bas'- '32, '33: Volleyball '31, '32: Tennis '32, '33, '34: Track '3l. Goldvarg, Sylvia E.-Red Cross: Jr. Mechanics: Jr. Chorus: Social Committee: Vigilance Committee. Goodstein, sident, Senior Debating Society: Lunch Patrol: Senior Class Play: Senior Volleyball Team '33: Voice: Rifle Club. Oscar-Vice-President, 460: Vice-I-'re- Goodstone, Harold-Track '33, '34: Volleyball '33: Swimming '32: Gym Team '31: Basketball '34, Gregg, Mary Frances-Student Council: Shake- speare Club: Scrap Book Club: Aviation Club. Griffin, Harry Kemp-Senior Class Play: Short Wave Club: Puzzle Club: Lunch Patrol. Grimm, Miriam C.-Senior Leaders: Picture Com- mittee: Hockey '33, '34: Swimming '33, '34: Bas- ketball, Manager '33: Volleyball '32, '34: Biology Club: Scrapbook Club: Art Club. Grove. Wilbur B.-Senior "A" Band: Football Squad '33: Junior Life Saving Club: Moving Pic- ture Club: Vigilance Committee. Hall, Ivanor I.-Treasurer, 460: Swimming Team '34: Lunch Patrol: Volleyball '33. Hall, E. Willard-President, 353: Student Coun- cil Representative: Current Events Club: Variety Club: Vigilance Committee. Haller, Carl T.-Journal Staff: Golf Team '33, '34: President of Home Room: Green Key. Halt, Elmer R.-Rifle Club. Hamilton, Felicia-Journal Staff: Track Team '30: Hockey Team '33: Senior Cho-rus: Girls' Chorale: Senior Leaders' '32, '33: Museum Club: Shake- speare Club. Hastie, Gertrude M.-Hall Patrol: Color, Motto and Cheer Committee: Senior Leaders' Club: Fore- word Staff: Basketball '33, '34: Volleyball '32, '33, '34: Tennis, Manager '34: Hockey '33, '34. Henderson, Charles B.-Hall Patrol: Orchestra: Stamp Club: Vigilance Committee. Henry, Donald M.-Senior "A" Orchestra: Auto- mobile Club: Vigilance Committee. Horn, Bernard C.-President, 460: Color, Motto and Cheer Committee: "A" Band: Radio Biology Club: Lunch Patrol: Automobile Reading Club. Club : Club : Hudson, Clara EllenkOrchestra "A", Hukill, john B.-Green Key: Hi-Y: journal Staff: Sec.-Treasu of Home Room: Junior Latin Club: Intramurals '32, '33. Jenkins, Betty Lois-Swimming Team '34: Vol- leyball '33: Junior Girls' Leaders' Club: Hall Pa- trol: Hobby Club: Sec.-Treas., 362. Jones, Mary Louise-Lunch Patrol: Business Service Guild. Kern, Richard Clyde-Soccer Ball '3l: Current Events Club: History Club: Geometrical Design Club. Kimmelstiel, Miriam Joan-Lunch Patrol: Presi- dent, 362: German Club: Library Club: Girls' Aviation Club: Motor Club: Volleyball '31, '32, '33: Basketball '31, '32, '33, '34: Tennis '33, '34: Mush- ball '34, Klaus, Gletrm Leroy-Orchestra "A": Male Chorus: Lunch Patrol. Kletz, Harold B.-Lunch Patrol: German Club: Swimming Team '31, '32: Intramural '31, '32, '33, '34: Jr. Basketball '3l: Basketball Manager '33, '34I Jr. Volleyball '31: Motor Club: Jr. Dramatics. Klinck, Jean E.-Journal Staff: Story-telling Club: Marionette Club: Rifle Club: Senior Leaders' '33, '34: Tennis '31, '32, '33, '34: Volleyball '32, '33, '34: Basketball '33, '34: Hockey '33, '34: Mushball '34. Klotz, johnv"A" Orchestra: Jr. Stamp Club: Sr. Stamp Club: Senior Class Play: Chemistry As- sistance Club: Commencement Speaker. Kosiba, Veronica-Business Service Guild. Kramer, Helen Mae-Girls' Aviation Club: Cur- rent Events Club: Vigilance Committee: Basket- ball '31, Krauss, Martin-Lunch Patrol: Junior Dramatics: German Club: Radio Broadcast Club. Krikstone, Bernard-Lunch Patrol: Band: Stamp Club: Motor Club: Lettering Club: Basketball, Manager '34, Kunkel, William H.--Tennis '31, '33, '34: Junior City Tennis- Champion '3l: Golf Team '32: Vice- President, 362: Orchestra: Trio: All City Orches- tra: Hi-Y: Class Play: Song Committee. Laing, Nancy Neff-Hall Patrol: Foreword Re- presen-taltive: Dramatic Club. Larson, Olive WilmaYHal1 Patrol: Flower Com- mittee: History Dramatic Club: Waffle-Weave Club: Variety Club. Laufe, Harold A.-Champion Intramural '31, '32: Inventors' Club: Museum Club. Levine, Jesse-Senior Debating Club: Senior Class Play. Levine, Leonard S.-Orchestra: Band: Dramatic Club: Automobile Club: Baseball Manage' '31, '3Z1 Ass't. Basketball Manager '34: Lunch Patrol: Intra- mural Basketball '35: Intramural Muszliball '35. Lewis, Frank Taylor-Senior Debating Club: Players' Guild: Senior Class Play: Math Club. Lewis, Robert-Student Council Representative: Inventors' Club: Museum Club: ln'ramural Cham- pionship Team '30, '32: Soccer Team '30: Senior Chorus. Lippert, Fern-JG erman Club. Locker, Myrla-Lunch Patrol: Junior Chorus: Senior Chorus: Dramatic Club: Puzzle Club. Lo-gue. Elizabeth E.-Orchestra: History Club: Movie Club: Type Club: Music Library Club. 2.9 I I Lynch, Beatrice D.-Journal Staff, Senior Class Play, Hockey '34, President, 456. Maddalena, Fay-Business Service Guild. Malatesta, Vincent J.-Motor Club, Football '32, Intramural Basketball, Golf Team '33. Mandel, Joseph-Band "A", Orchestra "ANZ Brass Quartet. Matvey, A. Stephen-Football '32, '33, Co-Captain of '34 squad, Intramural Champs '33, Stage Crew, Hall Patrol. McAdams, joseph Robert-Automoibile Club, Cui'- rent Events Club, Aeroplane Club, Lunch Patrol, History Club, Junior Life-Saving Club, Hi-Y. McClure, William T.-Lunch Patrol, Motion Pic- ture Club, Stamp Club, Aeroplane Club, History Club. McCullough, Virginia June-Business Service Guild. McDonald, Dorothy C.e1Hall Patrol, President, 456, Current Events Club, Junior Leaders' Club, Basketball '31, '32, '33, Volleyball '31, '32, '33, '34. McKeown, Williamwlntramural '33, Sports Club. Meth, Miriam-French Club, Commercial Club. Meyer, Malco1mHGolf Team '34, Current Events Club, Junior Orchestra, Marionette Club. Miller, Eleanor F.--Secretary, 460, Social Repre- sentative, Tennis '31, '32, '33, '34, Basketball '31, Volleyball '32, Red Cross. Miller, Grace Dailey-Report Room President, Report Room Vice-President, Red Cross Club, Marionette Club, History Movie Club, Business Service Guild, Volleyball '32, '33, '34, Hiockey '34. Mills, Marjorie-iSec.-Treas. Senior Class, Pres. Senior Leaders', Foreword Staff, Journal Staff, Senior Class Play, Volleyball '31, '32, '33, '34, Tennis '32, '33, '34, Manager '32, Swimming '34, Hockey '34. Mitchell, Genevievzwlmnch Patrol, Foreword Staff, Journal Staff, Business Service Guild. Moellenbrock, -Myrtle I.-Aviation Club, Red Cross Club, Business Service Guild, Morrison, Gordon McLaren-Orchestra "A", Woodwind Quintet. Mussoff. Allen-Volleyball Manager '30, Inven- torsfy Club, Museum Club, Intramural Champs '30, 32. Naffah, MageeMBook Room Club, 12tl1 Grade Class Track Team, Soccer Team '31, Intramural Champs '32, '33. Newman, Pearl-Flower Committee, "B" Orches- tra, Band "B", Shakespeare Club. Nietz, Martha Sawyer-Student Council Repie- sentative, Journal Staff, Ring Committee. Noviclr, Edgar E.-Current Events Club, Track '31, '32, Orchestra, Art Club. Null, Byron Burcbfield - Vigilance Committee , Junior Mechanics Club, Intramurals Champs '33, '34, Intramural Basketball '34. 30 Oliver, Betty Jane-VicePresident Senior Class, Editor-in-Chief of Foreword, Journal Staff, Trea- surer, Senior Leaders' Club, Voleyball '31, '32, '33, Swimming Team '34, Swimming Team '32, '34, Manager '32, '33, Hockey '34, lBas'ketball '31, '32. '33, '34, Commencement Speaker. Paddock, Margaret I.-Vicd-President Student Council, Foreword Staff, Chairman Ring Com- mittee, Editor-in-Chief Journal .?ltafi, Senior Class Play, Leaders' Club, Swimmri g 32 33 34 Basketball '32, '33, '34, Volleyball '31, '32, '33, '31, Track '31, '32. 1 v 1 , v v 1 Pardi, Michael F.-Intramural Volleyball '34. Parker, Maurice- Jr, and Sr. Volleyball '30, '31, '32, '33, Ir. Basketball Manager '31, Sr. Basketball Captain '32, '33, '34, S'r. Football '33, '34. Patterson, Beulah Clara-Variety Club, Current Events Club, Volleyball Captain '32, Volleyball '33, Class Secretary, Picture Club, Vigilance Com- mirttee, Business Service Guild. Pazin, Julia-Volleyball '32, '33, '34, Basketball '32, '33, Current Events Club. '31, '32 , Green Committee, Band ice-President, 157 , Pearce, john-Jr. Life Savin Key, Social Committee, Song "A", Basketball '33, Hi-Y, Senior Class Play. Perelstine, Dorothy J.-Museum Club, Motor Club, Girls' Volleyball '32, '33, Special Art Club, Track '31. Piper, Lois Eloise--Red Croses Club, Orchestra "A", Volleyball '32, Swimming '33, '34, Hockey '34 Prescott, Frances June-Presidmt, 12A-460, Vice- President, 12B-460, Social Com ittee, Red Cross Club. Price, Betty-Red Cross Club, Needlework Club, Business Service Guild. Rech, Julius J.-Mathematics Club, Marionette Club, History Club. Riddle, Mlary-Travel Club. Basket- Rigney, Marion Valentineilflockey '34, ball '34, Volleyball '32, '33, '34, Student Council Needle- Represenltative, Business Service Guild, work Guild CP1-es.J, Sr. Orchestra, Lunch Patrol, Vigilance Committee, Library. Rittman, William- President of Senior Class, President, 157, Class Volleyball '33, Champion Class Basketball Team '34, Band, Brass Quartet, Greer? Key, Hi-Y, Book Room Club, Players' Guil . Rizzo, Rose M.-Red Cross Club, Volleyball Champion '33, Basketball '34, Student Council Representative, Ring Committee, Chairman Social Committee, Lunch Patrol, Foreword Reporter, Business Service Guild, Hockey Championship '34. Robel, Donald R.-Inventors' Club, Band, Or- chestra, Current Events Club, Junior Mechanics Club, Aeroplane Club. Roberts, Eileen E.-Lunch Patrol, Sewing Club, Current Events Club. - Rosen, Leonard W.-Life Saving Club, Current Events Club, Football '34, Volleyball '33, Intra- mural Champions '32, '33, Junior Swimming. Rosenberg, Irwin-Band, Orchestra, Inventors' Club, Jr. Mechanics Club. Rosenthal, Herbert R.-Senior Debate Club, Color, Motto and Cheer Committee, Book Room Club, Sigma Iota, Senior Class Play, Inventors' Club, Chess Club, Marionette Club, Lunch Patrol. Ross, Louis L.-Basketball '31, '34, Volleyball '30, '33, Soccer '31, Track Team '30, '31, '32, '33, Sigma Iota, Jr. Mechanics Club, Senior Class Play. Rossen, Clara-Lunch Patrol, Library Club, History Club, Scrapbook Club. Rost, Esther-Red Cross Club, Jr. Chorus, Vol- leyball '31, '32, Tennis '31, '32, '33, Advertising Club. Rudolph, H. Leonard-Student Council, Fore- word Statf, Social Committee, Lunch Patrol, Sport Club, Jr. Basketball '31, Sr. Basketball, Manager '33, '34, '35, Jr. Volleyball '31. Rupert, Anna-Picture Committee, German Club, Book Room Club. Ryan, Edna Mae-Hall Patrol, Vigilance Com- mittee, Chorus, Girls' Chorale, Travel Club, French Club. Sachs, Irvine Harold-Social Committee, Stamp Club, Volleyball '33, '34, Assistant Manager Jr. Basketball '30, Sport Club, Intramurals '33. Saunders, Richard K.-Champion Intramurals '31, Short Wave Club. Schmeltz, Myrtle Olive--Track Team '31, Travel Club, Student Council, Costume Club, Girls' Chorale. Schmidt, Barbara A.-Red Cross Club, Book- makers' Club. Seefwald, Sidney-Current Events Club, Gym Team '31, '32, Track Team '31, '32, Shapiro, Israel-Senior Band, Senior Class Play, Motor Club, Inventors' Club, Motion Picture Club. Shore, David--Current Events Club, Jr. Swim- ming Team, Jr. Life Saving Club, Sr. Life Saving Club, History Club, History Picture Club, Art Cub. Shrom, Elizabeth Gardner-Secretary, 456, Girls' Chorale, Sigma Iota, History Dramatic Club, Hockey '33, '34, Sikov, Leonard M.-Journal Staff, Sigma Io-ta, Inventors' Club, Chess Club, Dramatic Club, School Play, Lunch Patrol, Vigilance Committee, Marionette Club, Junior Chorus. Silverblatt, Irwin-Hall Patrol, History Club, Invlentors' Club, Jr. Soccer Team, Current Events Clu . Simington, Helen Naomi-Red Cross Club, Girls' Reserves Club, French Club. 31 Simon, Morton L.-Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Swimming Team '32, '33, Band, Book Room Club, Players' Guild, Marionette Club. Sipula, Mary-Journal Staff, Commencement Speaker, Hall Patrol, Shakespeare Club, Intraclass Swimming Team '32. Siviy, Michael-Hall Patrol, Vigilance Committee, Intramurals '32, Dramatic Club, Travel Club. Smith, J. Irvin-Jr. Mechanics Club. Solomon, Julian C.-Vigilance Committee, Male Chorus, "A" Chorus, Motor Club. Squitieri, Aida-Bookholder of School Play, Book Room Club, Volleyball '32, Rifle Club, Red Cross Club, French Club. Stark, Vlfilliam-Orchestra "A", Senior "A" Band, All City Orchestra, Basketball, Public Speaking Club, Vice-President, 362, President, 362, Sigma Iota, Senior Debating Society, Lunch Patrol. Stirling, William, Jr.-Hi4Y, Sport Club. Tamburi, Julius John-Intramural Field Meet Captain '33, Swimming Team Manager '31, Soc- cer Team '31, Motor Club, Hi-Y, Football '32, '35. '34, Intramural Basketball Captain '33, Tauberg, Milton-Hall Patrol, Class Volleyball Team '33, Championship Class Basketball Team '34, Senior Class Play. Tinsley, Frances M.-Girls' Aviation Club, Social Committee. Tonkin, Mary V. K.-Volleyball '32, '33, Basket- ball '33, '34, Hockey '33, Tennis '32, '33, Swim- ming '33. Tracht, Jacob-Senior Class Play, Vice-President 362, Chess Club, History Movie Club, Museum Club, Intramural Volleyball '34. Walkow, Lucille H.-Motor Club, Junior Drama- tic Club, Junior Leaders, Volleyball '32, '33, '34, Basketball '31, '33, '34, Webb, Russell E, F-Male Chorus, Voice "A" Chorus, Museum Club, Cross Country '33, Intra- mural Basketball '33, '34, Intramural Volleyball '33. Wedner, Albert L.-Lunch Patrol, Inventors' Club, History Club, Current Events Club, Intra' murals '32. Weitzel, Josephine-Vigilance Committee, Volley- ball '32, '33, Aviation Club, Swimming Team '32, Baseball Team '34, Lunch Patrol, Book Room Club. White, Marjory-History Club, Lunch Patrol, Library Club, Motor Club, Foreword Repre- sentative. Williams, Frank R.-Hall Patrol, Inventors' Club. Williams, Robert-Vice-President of Home Room, Journal Staff, Class Basketball '33, '34, Intramurals '32, Latin Club. Wright, Albert Bayard, Jr.+Green Key, Hi-Y. Zemon, Dorothy-Library Club, Red Cross Club. ,,-ii-l ,iiil Class raduatiug G I 35 19 nuary, Ja K - C1888 Features '-'--l CRadio First-Nighterr C3 62l ELLO, ladies and igenblemen, this is your favorite announcer, Tom Sawyer, describing a typical first-night of a Broadway musical comedy. In case you are interested, the name of this in-usi-cal satire is "The Magnate of Allwa Street". The noted playwright, Mr. Martin Krauss, authored this proinising production. Mr. Gordon Morrison, the renowned concert orchestra conductor, wrote the lyrics. Here is the cast -of tonigihtls performance. The little "Ylocksha" is played by that Villain of villains, Mr. Isreail Shapiro. Miss Mariam Kimmelstiel, the statues- que lady of the stage, is playing the leading feminine role. Miss "Lady Lue" Walkow, in the second feminine lead, w-ill offer some lighter moments with her de- lightful singing and dancing. We know that there will be a gay time tonight with those two singing comedians, Russell VVebb and Julian Soloman. Mr. VVebb will also do a little crooning, which he 'can do so well. There are several minor parts but I lhaven't time to name them. The stage sets were designed by Miss Jean Currin, a well-known interi-or decorator. She was aided by Miss Martha Nietz, who also designed the gowns to be worn by the ladies of the cast. Miss Dorothy Zemon of Hollywood, came to New York especially to design the hair dresses to be worn lby the two leading ladies. Miss Clara Rossen, owner of several exclusive beauty shops, will make up the two feminine stars. joseph Mandel, well-known trumpete-r, is in the small aceomipanying orchestra miade up of the leading musicians in the city. Well, more and more people are arriving by the minute, Mir. Krauss just came in with his secretary, Miss Miriam Meth. Mr. Morrison has driven up with his friend Dr. Kunkel, who is very much interested in music, 'and the Gov- ernor of New York, William Stark, wfho is another musician. The inveterate first nighters, Miss Julia Pazin and Miss Barbara Schmidt, have entered the loblby. Miss Irene Eckstein, New York's favorite inannikin, has gone into the lounge with her two inseparable friends, Miss Thelma Barrack, and the woman athlete, Miss Rita Goldstein. Miss Betty Fisher, one of the season's more popular "debs", is coming in the door, followed by two of New York's more successful business men, Irving Sachs and the millionaire Leonard Rosen. Herbert Rosen- thal, that really funny -comedian wfho made a million dollars in the movies, is entering with his two stooges, "Mike" Pardi and Nick Romanchack. Miss Betty Jenkins, the "deb" who wants to 'be a lion tamer fwe are seriousj and her insep- arable chum, Hdebi' Frances Tinsley, who would like very much to be a chemist, 33 fsee Mr. Colbornj, are followed by the man-about-town, Byron Null. The owners of -the delightful "Little Bookshop", Miss Anna Rupert and Miss Josephine Weitzel, have left it long enough to attend this play. fWe don't blame thermj. Oh, here comes the radio comedian, Hal Kletz, with his familiar "Hi, Tootsf' Bernard Krikstone, the bridge-builder, and his associate, jacob Tracht, who has just finished the one hunidred floor stkyscraper, are entering this structure, CI wonder if they feel lostj. Anyone conne-cted in any way witih tonight's production should be highly flattered 'because two notables seldom seen at first nights are here this evening. They are Irwin Rosenlberg, the noteid inventor and scientist, and his co-worker. Frank Williams. On one -of his few stops in New York, Mr. Vincent Malatesta, the world traveler, has condescended to co-me tonight. Mr. jerry Teitelbaum, the owner of many Five and Ten's, is here with his partner, Mr. Leonard Levine. I am surprised that so many people .showed up before the opening curtain. Wait a minute, I spoke too soon. William Flanagan, the sportsman and movie idol, just came in. It looks as if he had overslept. In just a minute, the cur- tain will rise on the first act of the first performance of Broadw'ay's first hit -of the season. VVe might have known that Miss jean Klinck, the auto-racing and flying enthusiast, would fly in from London just to see the play. "How is the ocean today, Miss Klinick?" Oh, I forgot, she speaks only Chinese. With Miss Klinck is Mis-s Virginia Sutton, a famous auto-racer. Well, good-night, folks, I am sorry you can't be here, but not everyone can be fortunate all the time. Flash! S. S. 460 Wreeks Off' Coast of Allderdiee HE niglht was darkg lightning flashed in jagged streaksg thunder rolled like a bass drum. The good ship S. S. 460 desperately was ploughing through a turbulent sea. Suddenly there came a sickening crash. A cry came forth from Captain Cassaday: "All hands -on deck, man the life boats l" The first mate, Julius Deakter, tried to carry out the Captains orders. "Get your life belts an-cl report to yo-ur stations," he cried. There was much conftusiong lpeople screamed and fainted. Two sailors, Kemp Griffin and W'illiam Sample, were busy fanning Pearl Abels, a noted buyer, back to consciousness-they managed to bring her to. but remembering the situation she promptly fainted again. Oscar Goodstein and Marian Brand, the famous Shakespearean actors had been rehearsing a scene, and coming out on deck, shouted: "Can'st not do something about 'this F" fThe language seemed to have stuck-we wonder-could "Twelfth Night" have affected them??j A little farther along the de-ck, climbing hastily into life preservers were 34 seen Francis Amedick, john Cornwall, Glenn Klaus, and Joseph McAdams. These boys wer-e entertainers on board, each accomplished along individual lines. Above the din of all the excitement, Alfreda Digman, that famous opera star, was heard singing. It had -been rumored that whenever she was excited she would burst into song. It was now a known fact. Accompanying her on her tour of Europe were Eugenia Crews, Lenora de Tilla, Bernard Horn, Frank Lewis, and William Stirling. Quite in contrast to this confusion, however, a shuffle-board game between Ivanor Hall, Juanita Situ-mpt, Genevieve Mitchell and Lenka Szesckay kept right on. Frances Prescott, wrapped up in a steamer rug, watched unconcernedly. Rushing to warn tlhem of their danger, Mary Gr-egg slipped when the boat lur-ched and fell overboard. With the cry of "Man overboard!" Jesse Levine, that All-American swimmer, did a beautiful jack-knife from the rail to rescue the fair maiden! Most of the passengers had now been lowered to the raging sea in life boats. What was ahead-no one knew. After 'passing a very long night in a mad sea, the dawn came bringing with it a somewhat calmer sea. Betty jane Oliver and Marjorie Mills :had tried to keep the spirits up in one boat by singing a song that was quite rousing. It was learned later that Miss Oliver had gotten t'he song a long time back at a camp she attended. CWe wonder w'hat' that song was??l In another 'boat not far away were Steve Matvey, that fam-ous foot- ball star, Julius Rech and Irwin Smith, the polo players, and Ralph Suttle that most distinguished surgeon who, incidentally, was on his way to Europe to per- form an operation on that World renowned comedian Bayard Wright. They were trying to break t'he monotony by each one guessing as to how close they were to land. After all this guessing, it was a girl in another fboat whoreally sighted land first. She was Ray Crady, nati-on-wide-known designer f-or women. With glad shouts the oarsmen took renewed strength and pulled for shore. Several hours later the boats struck bottom, and the passengers aliglhted with much glee. The island looked uninhabited-at least as much as could be seen at a glance. So, of course, the next course to take, th-ey agreed, was to break up in parties and start to explore. Bernard Horn headed one group. Along with him went Adelaide Bacharach, a promising young artist, Claire Coyne, and Eleanor Miller, her models, and Helen Simington, distinguished woman diplomat., who had been on her way to attend The League of Nations. Tlhey 'had not gone very far into the depths of the island when who should confront them but Leonard Sikov- but lo and behold, the had reverted to the primitive life -of a cannibal, and there- fore had his warriors drag the victims to his village. T'here, tihey were bound and tied ready to be boiled in the soup. just at the crucial moment, however, along came Bill McClure and Dona-ld Robel-captain and 'co-captain respectively of The Nation, a rescue ship with Lois Piper and Aida Squiteria, both notable for w-ork done in similar cases. And they lived happily ever after. 35 Qflll-lderdicel-In A Day-lzel Mark Melli1zger C8:44j In the dark and dismal group of "Gay Graduates" shot little F. H., past the rows and rows and rows of serious and smiling faces for should I say 'fcalm and collected countenances"???j of her classmates, 'among whom she discerned "Hand- some Qohn Turnball, ,Inj to you!! Henderson and "Johnny" Pearce attempting to decipher codes sent "to and fro" under the "eagle eyev of Mr. Young--on past "Tiny" Tauberg and Dave Shore, who were avidly debating the question: "Is kiss a common or proper nounu ?-at last arriving under the nose of Sir M. Simon, who, perhaps, maybe, because of his "sox" appeal, had been placed in the midst of "glor- ious gals." Suddenly, from out of the depths of the "bookroom," emerged Presi- dent "Bill" Rittman and Sid C-"Bkrm"j-Dorfmian just long enough for "Pater" Young to inquire if they had removed their names from the "A, L." C9:O0j Awakened from a sound sleep, yours truly, having nothing more or less than a study UD class the first period, decided to accompany "Petite Pattyn Grimm to that fascinating study of jewelry!! Here, she smirkingly watched, from under a pot of boiling acid, the antics of those two "would-be-Goldsmithsf' Magee Naffah and Malcolm Meyer!! These boys were having more fun !-Magee burning off each and every one of his eye lashes and Malcolm calmly sawing away on his index finger!! The rest was unbearable, so off she trudged to Mr. Marshall's room. Here, peeking in the door, she beheld Shelley Berkeley gingerly clasping the cutest green frog to his breast and whispering sweet nothings Creally, Shelley gets "A" in biologyj into its ear! CD0 frogs have ears, Slielley???j But gracious, what is he doing to the poor darling? Really, this is quite sickening-I mfust leave!! Rushing away, she headed for Miss Riddle's room, where, to her astonishment, she per- ceived Carl Lehner and Robert CSpeedyj Lewis visibly being heart broken over "Dear" Henry Esmond and his fascinating Q ?j love affair!! QNot unlike some we know of lj Present, also, was Tiny Mary Sipula-who, with a dangerous look in her eye, was emotionally rendering Sand'burg's "Fog"!! Slinking sideways, the reporteress glanced into Miss Beachler's room and there saw Richard Saunders re- citing history dates!!! Ql0:l5j While anticipating lunch, Miss H. thought it advisalble to report to at least one class today. So she answered "presente" when Miss Bergman called the roll in French. Translation got under way and Margaret Paddock, that famous woman of action, contributed her bit of information concerning the "Miserables, !! Sweet 36 and silent Flora Mariano sat "et pensa", !'Qu est-ce que je fais cette nuit???" Sud- denly, a golden voice was heard rhythmically accompanying our rendition of French words! Unable to stand the suspense longer, F. H. rushed up to the fourth floor, and there she espied lovely Myrla Locker sending forth glorious notes fit for a wed- ding!! While up there, Laslo Gazdik was seen in "Crafts", intent on achieving success with his latest invention: non-crooked picture frames!! Ah, h, h,-the bell-food !! On the way to it, she collided with Ralph Caruso, who just out of Physics Class, was still walking around in a dream!! Lunch-and what a lunch one can consume in 15 whole minutes!! It's ll :30 by the time your friend arrives with your lunch checks!! Food flies and so does time-so- ! ! ! Qll :45j As she slipped into her fourth period class by the skin iof her feet, F. H. saw. engrossed in finishing their meal, Allen CButchj Mussoff, john Qlrishj McCar- ney, and Vince Abraham!! Demurely attempting to get just one more bite of her candy, 'fPrecious Pearl" Newman concealed herself from Miss Riddle's view and succeeded!! Getting her Hfilll' of "Halleck," Henry Esmond and Modern Poetry all rolled up in one, F. H. was in dire need of a bit of practical inspiration, so left to visit Mr. Lon Coliborn!! Here, she found "actor, scholar, and jack-of-alh trades" John Klotz, engrossed in attempting to retrieve the pair of cotton trousers that he had washed in "Lye,', just to see if they really would dissolve! !Fearing for her life, the Hdetekative-in-skirts" fled from this multitude of genii Cplural of genius ! lj On her way down, F. H. stopped in at 353 !! There, gazing over Fay Maddalena's shoulder, she was unable to decipher all of those hieroglyphics Fay was drawing, until she was informed that this was a class in shorthand!! Cl stil! don't know what they meant ! U Suddenly, as she pranced along the deserted Cat lunch time??j halls, she be- held Nelson-Art-Combs, with poster and paint, dauibing here, there and every little where, just to 'Kget the effectf, ! !! CNO One Ever Knows Wliat Time It Is!!!D To endure an activity Cby the way, who ever thought of calling it that?j was beyond all comprehension-Nso, with more energy than usual, your journalist skipped CPJ all the way down to the auditorium-at least, all the way from the first floor annex!!! There, attempting to "sneak a peek" at play rehearsal, she slunk through the door and evaporated into an seatte-ah, getting Shakespearean already, eh??? How now, eyes, do you see-how can it be?? Yea, and in truth, wherefore, alas, epic, an which, arose Cby permission of G. Steinj-it surely is-Louis fSebastianj Ross and Lillian COliviaj Baseman engaged in a heated argument over the linesg "Some are lborn great some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'emu ! !! These two actors have undoubtedly been either born great, achieved great- ness, or had it thrust upon them!! Who knows??? 37 QNext To The Lastj What a long, long period! Even if it is the next to the shortest in the clay. It's still the next to last!! Well, while we're at it, we might as well go up to Miss Blessing's where a lot of us are taking algebra C-but where to, please???j As fel- low algebraians, F. H. had mathematicians john Henry Jones Pearce, Harold Laufe, "Bill" Rittman, and "Marg" Paddock!! Here, we speedily discussed Ein- stein's Theory of Relativity, and other such trivial subjects!! The gong sounded Cnot a prize-fightj and we tore ourselves away from those interesting subjects !! Down flights and flights of stairs-or rather "up"-for more people were coming "up" the "down stairs than were going down the ups-oh well, you know what I mean!! On the way, she encountered Veronica Kosiba, whose fingers were practically dropping off from typing in Miss McCamblay,s room!!! Following in Veronica's footsteps, or, rather, walking up her hack, came little Mary Lou Jones, who has been training seriously for the secretarial position under the president of the U. S. VVell, let's get down those steps, please!!! QAh, At Lastlj Racing across the court from first annex to first, F. H. caught up with Estelle Kern and, together, they struggled into that Ulonesomev and "deserted" basket- room!! Then, after the weekly bath of soap and congealed water, F. H. partici- pated in a few games such as: basketlball, hockey, tennis, volley-ball, mushball- which reminds me-on the way over, we encountered the genuine Maurice "Mushy", "Bing', Parker in person!! Yes, girls, the football hero!! Thrills and chilblains! And with "MushyH was that irresistible, young basketball player, Harold CGoodyj Goodstone ! ! ! ! Now, to get to a more technical Cyet somewhat less interesting to the common rabblej-subject-that of "commercial law." And guess who has dreams of becoming one of our much-needed lawyers- none other than Kensey Clarkson, who, between times and cases, is quite, quite an artist!! Also aspiring to that great profession is Lois Scandrol, a diminutive, yet forceful damsel!! They're getting too deep for your author, so let's run up and visit Sweet Cyet a stickler for workj Miss Ross!! Here, in her class of history S's, we find john Buko, athlete, aviator, and genuine "all-arounder," giving the latest news scoops!! And it looks a lot like both john and F. H. are having diffi- culty getting the latest "scoops" ! !! However, it is 3:05 now and at 3:05 Allderdice makes more noise than a "chickens' scoop" !! Get it? So, since a pun is the lowest form of wit, let's off "wit" the false smile, and be on our way homewards to night-work, for what is a school without at least one scholar?? 38 Song Hits of 456 Graduation january 31-I Can? Believe lt'.s' True Mary Louise Sullivan-S0 S lzy Olive Larson--Mademoiselle Pauline Artz-Soplzistieated Lady Elsie Jane Close--Voizfre Ezfrywlzere Dorothy McDonald-Stay as Sweet as You Are Allbent VVedne'r-The Old Man of the Mountain Della Barney--Little You Know Eileen Roberts-Solilncle Robert F llL1iCkC'11--C011lCI1l'C?ll Nancy Lainige--Fil as a Fiddle After Graduation-Congratula-fe Me Beatrice Lynch-lilanze It on My Youlli Margaret Clark-So Nice Doris BraunmSonzebozly Sweet Elmer Halt-Sleepy Head Marion Dickson-Beautiful Girl Harry Chisholm-Sing College Boy Jane Davies-Alice in Wonderland Sidney Seewald-The Man an the Flying Trapeze Louis Averbach-Lost in at F og Mary Toukin--All Aineriran Girl Lillian Glass-Y0u're O. K. Carmelina Bonaro-My Fzilure Star Gertrude Hastie-Y0u're a Builder Upper Edgar Novick-'VVitlz My Eyes Plficle Open 1,111 Dreaming Robert VViIliams--Oiit of ilze Darlcness Betty Shrofm--Frerlcle Fare Esther Rost-Look Wli0's Here Willliaiii Smale-I Wish That I Were Twins Philip Eps-tein-lVl10's Afraid of flze Big Bad Wolf? Leonard Rudolph-Don Juan Sylvia Grotstein-rWl1o ls Sylvia? .lean Cole-Temptation Mary Riddle--So Sweet Moran Conwell-Here Comes the Captain Elizabeth Logue-Carefree Harry VVeritzel--School Days? Charles Hen-derson-l.asybones Irwin Sivlverlblatt-Learning Frank lacks-on-You Lead llze Parade Fern Lippert-Bright Eyes 39 Q , 353 Foreword-Herald X25 fHead1ine Ciippingsj Keuyfiw 0 Wetofef 9 oi Xlxme Alpem K HT 0fAltw-Hey f 5 X 1 S owa QOKQEQLLOQOXS LaWJ:l'f Grove N Q S M ev? X5 cg Collfe eer 1 96 xwz X9 Q X fence In we we Qyigs rea Sv YS 0 hcells QS QS Baba Cb ffl' S led 12 Q . 5:31. gif-9,1 A aI1IeS ss aw uf QQ? C T U' Aggr0"nd Q5 0 0 . 16 S 'SQ W' In F wo Y, Q kfrw 995 'OnS S, G0Xw?Q:,xg,qqX,oXe e Ogg Nav umenx Qgxgsiiieoxsao Leagu Sewes N9 'WW X' View WV WAI. Mmei anAg0iigaX Yigargs g Con Graf Conciudeidendxy 2, HUKIL Ven 11,6 n elm., ww X659 LQJHENRF A356016 G9 is ARTY Olggp E To les Ymfm .qoafixz RWHELQQBR Y 'G X695 4100 NGLY qgbzfv fjiiyfz? 129 W' 4,4ix9s5'tb 01. 550 fa 2- 6 Zg'f'd 1680-9 S59 ebiiyg 0 4 I1 bd AS- gbleliy Jyiffessx 0 S, Wfdeecao 6Jf 4.0 ll "4,jjbr4,4o,-425fe'Zs lb ly Members of Carnegie Club 1' . lefhf"Qf"s 642, 639 Hold Frollc eQ106o1',9:?949afeQ' 6 -- brovgioo 0 The Misses Duffy, Ginsberg, Price Lead Festivities 40 Farmers' Organization Shows Profit Chairman Goldberg Announces Surplus X9 Q52 mf 4' da Q' eff BOM abbfs 805' 096' AQ 150,50 a1,dQ 65076, 6,01-651-1 472' Q95 E'YPed- 4,3156 1,0 Q in E 'U S' ge G ef? le ON HQ? Q ESM' ow 1516! QQSX 6,0 Q 6 - 'Qs 411 . ZQ' P' Q3 Q r Q eJ3f,b6006 Q 1160 Q9 lp fa 'Q' Q7 515 6 W C' S' 6Z0'?0 fy 1755,- 1? Labor Strike Led BY CNY Crushed bt' MCKBWH The Misses W bite 11 ,I H1011 2519012 R 0 so ef G Sings Amid Papefruit Sh 0 1? . ZW A Ao 'S QP '42 Q dbh Appoin ' 6' 0w'r 'it' Q fe ted M I Z and M '94 G G fmbefs of CCUl10Ugb 'IQGXQASQQQ QB S 11' , MAKES MMLICNS e mg Hot Arr Furna XX Wx ces To South Sea 1 Presents Shorta is Islanders ' 'Proutly ge Of W Doctor Swu B Qfermel New Set ot Sextuplets Y U. s. Agfrculfurignizllemgcfi "We are entering upon a new era of scientific advancement," an- nounces Perelstein. "Moore development in social and psychological fields to be expected." 41 111- We A Cpoet OI' Prophet? --..?.1..'- Now if you listen you shall hear: Of the mid-year class of Allderdiceg The latest report of its present careerg Of those who hoped great fame to entice. Each reader knows that in this world So many ills have always stayed That now Bill Kunkel, with flags unfurled The ranks of science has arrayed. To aid him in a foreign land He's need of well-trained girls in white. The nurses Oliver, Logue, Brand, Miss Piper and Miss Stumpf do fight! And near a well-known dentist's chair fWhile Clarkson draws a wreathj We find our Sullivan in her lair Who does her best to pull some teeth! To "learn" the mob was quite a task Until F. Amedick and Miss Crews Perfected this system: first they ask Their pupils to learn the "U's." Many girls who like to write Have reached their wanted goal. But educated persons cite The works of Rost and Cole. To learn to fly-do airy pranks Is quite a thrilling stunt--and so . Our classmates in these flying ranks Are Sample, Pardi, Meyer, Buko. Miss Digman teaches music well, And Mary Lou the organ plays.. Replacing Ramona, they do tell, Is Miss McDonald-latest craze. Our Mister Morrison does lead His own orchestral jazzy men. Un Novick's songs his friends do feed- "They're fine" says ev'ry critic's pen! 42 And ev'rywlhere we look around Commercial artists' work we seeg The signature-now is it found That it iscriffin, Mills, Corey? We cross a bridge-perhaps the mark Of Bernard Krikstone-engineer. Again, we hear the voice -of Stark A socialisti-c man-no fear. Cui' Chisholm now, is some cadet! And Shrom and Currin have had great fame For many fashions Uhey do iset VVithin our homes-no two the same. Now Pearce and Cas did not want much For just a 'million did they aspire. They worked andworked-so now can touch A silver ball, or golden lyre. Our Milton Taufberg has success Because hels the toastmaster now. lack Hukill, too, now does confess Heys at the top-take a lbow! And we suspect that Hamilton Has dreams of crashing Hollwywood. But Flocken fears Uhat Washington Does not realize his worth-it should! Stenography has on its roll Some well-trained girls from Allderdice, And many now have reached their goal- Three are McCullough, Newman, Price. John Bendick works for Uncle Sam g Cartoonist i.s Kemp Griffin now. "Are you a dancer P" Gregg: "I am!" Before the footlights does she bow. Of course this list has just a few, For lots of others fame have won. Their duty many chose in lieu Of glory which they migiht have won. 43 Qwfutogravhs alfigfgliwaxfiw Q DW I E Qiiijlgiai 53 gif wwfwwii EMM EWU' .gwwib 54926 D3 WMM P W3 YYY WLM .6VME5 j?X G 2-iyiigbk Jmfii fd. XJZLMW J! 2 Qii,f.i . Nag, iff W fi? gf? ,GJ S Q5QQU ,E m 5 QQ? ik E if if Q22 fgf 2122 Q2Qmi.MEw 'wmMfm fgiwxgwfi Efkiswgifyfiik ff wifi? 3 E, ,Q AMW, . ffwiliiwig ZQNKWE 0 5g ' Fh- fb? yyg? in-H fork? i fs ie- 0 dd!!! 'W-LQ iixdiffjifiwcgkii , WM Qi S Qfflw ajZE , ,, .6,,1,.., W.fWM4 6,-Mywfvdf 46 55,4 xwwfwwga iflffik S? I! in eff X figs? jffffiyfg T gwff Q25 546167-iff f W Wliqif df? M1 1252 ygifeggw MQ? sf Q2 if sg Riff? an QX 13' 47 MMWMJ 9 620 MLM fx J 1 of 2w3VmE'75?sg"g Egg ,, 'fi v., Q Q fgfildffwzaifgx 5, fl? wi mb f'gq?g'd,6WfZMv Qffjwy Kwffgfyg vgLQ.oUOyd 'W M2 K 35? iiigkxi QQ? M J MM vf.,4,...zf COULD I INTEREST YOU IN SOME NICE NAME canng ???" - X ff WSW onxn' 1 YEA: p 1 - ,- vas ours! r-wsu-y Q "if 0 9 I I ' wvsru CTMQN 507' THEXZQQ "" XKL-.X X - RL f -f -'--' Q' , . 1 vjvmmef 'fax X l ' 'PZ ffoahn 'w 'x '- f jx Vx IIWI 'wi f f : I X QA we as '1 Q Q. R 1 ,W I -L13 54PX47:! ' :H ,- Xgff, , 1 'Ln if 'f F J' I ARK 515' 0,4 ,M ! N .llgl ff uuguflI!5H, X :Que X I U ing' Al -Fr - K A ,J w 1 J 'N 'T' , 1- .f, I VARKER, THE +L, MAN QF N w"" A TYPICAL AL- f MANY NAMES. LDERDICIAN AT CAN you 'PICTURE' GRADUATION! Ducx cnssmv AS A 0 J MODERN uu5BAND? fx J "' ,rg-LLTFNQ D P wco7W'jVl'lffi-7,f'l ,- an BE ooo? Com mcg xi A A X 1 . - MR. IRWIN. B ,W um 5uAP1Ro ns REPUTED ,,-ge' mE'!sN0Q5y TO BE THE Mo5T PERFECT ,NW V V BLOND IN ALLUEPCUICE-I F - fn pon Nunn nuun. - L-1, W Y -HK ' 4 -4: A :SM .I Uvf' V A A 7 INAJ X fW1Lxx X N-r X 9 mat sumo K 1 I H 'rue FEB. cuss cen- mamv vs onnovwu! I Neve: HEARD so MANY New Excuses IN MY ATHOS MIL S, AND 1-1FE!'.'M Y ARAMIS ouvzk - THE Ulf! KA- Tuner. MUSKETEERSAI AND so Tfmaum Qxlli N 'Swap ff f OH! THOSE GOOD OLE DAYS Q 'I ' IN cooxmo CLASS, 5 , 53' . SSG! " A . fl? 11 Q xi FOR ALL THOSE WHO ARE 5UFFEpslNG NEQVOU5 CONDITION AND FATlGUE, MAY we sueoesr me sammzwm :N 423.47 I" ., . q 1 2 ' E 121 SN' ,z G-... 1 fa-sm.. lk f, '2 4 msg M 49 une Class Qrganization OFFICERS President ........................................................ Betty Adams Vice President .........................,.................. XYilliam Smith Secretary .............,.......... , ................................... Jack Levin Class ColorsfNavy Blue and Chartreuse Class Mottof"Nostros Amemus" Let us love each other COMMITTEES journal Lea Goldstein, Edith Stewart, Betty Rosenfield, Laura Daneoff. Freda Lewin, Robert Brown, Tessie Dolatowski, Jerome Lebowitz, Roherta Maizleeh, Jack Levin, Lester Smith, Jacques XVachtel, Jacqueline NVeil, Thomas McClure, Vera llarkness, Grace XVilson, Martin Sachnofi, Virginia King, David Olds, Daniel Lichenstein, Esther Robbins, Miriam Beeson, Jay Reich, Robert Kornhauser, Selma Ories, Leonard Levison, Clarence Schulz. ' Social Janet llyndmanbli. James Bassettik. Stewart Coleman, Miriam Freed, Thomas McKil1l1en, Alice Hirsch, Edwin Horne, Louise Rittman, Ruth Purtell. Picture Robert Mitchell"t, Henrietta Bergman, George Chakurda, Matthew Seltzer, Stanley Markey, Doris Vofgan, Betty Lyle, Betty Call. Ring Evelyn llooclii, Morton Stern, Jeanne Kalish, Ellen Morehead, Bernard Halpern, Jay Reich, Joseph Fink. Flower Marjorie Bandiman"t, Josephine Koyton, Sally Dobson, Yolande Lebowitz, Louise XYoosley, Bertha Thomas, Betty Moore, Betty Osborne. Motto, Color, Cheer Nora McClure9F, Clarence Schultz, Margaret Sehwamiberger, XVillis Anthony, Bertram Roth, Foster Reed, XYilliam Sanford, Margaret Sanford, Mar- garet De Paolo. Song Theodore Matuszeskiff, Harold Broudy, Kenneth llodgkinson, Elsie NVitt, Gertrude Wfilkinson. ' Denotes Chairman. 50 Abravanel, Benny Adams, Betty Ali, Rose Ann Allerton, Gir-ten William Alter, Serene Anderson, Gene Elizabeth Ando, Steven Andre, Elizabeth Anthony, Willis Martin Aranyas, Rose une 193 5 Baker, Wilda Mae Bandman, Marjorie Bash, Harry Bassett, James Guy, jr. Beegle, Robert Winfield Beeson, Miriam Bennett, J. Dorothy Gertrude Bennett, Joel I. Benswanger, jean Florence Bergmann, M. Henriette 51 Berman, Meyer O. Bernstein, Irwin A. Bernstein, Leona Marick Bily, Marjorie Ann Block, Annette Marie Block, Morris Julius Blotz, Carl H. Borsh, Anna R. Boyd, Helen Marion Braff, Meercy June 19 3 5 Broberg, William Broudy, Harold D. Brown, Robert Musser Brown, Winifred Emily Calloman, Richard Campbell, Robert Claire Camponeschi, Rose L. Capalbo, Margaret M. Caplan, Emanuel Caplan, joseph S. J Carlson, Carl J. B. Chakurda, George Chizek, Ruth Civitate, Antonette D. Clippinger, june Coleman, Stuart Francis Conrad, William Henry Cooper, Margaret Elizabeth Cornelius, John T. Coughenour, Arbutus une 1935 Crawford, Novella Crews, Bertha Cromwell, Edith Rowland Crowley, Alice Louise Cutler, Julius Arkin Daley, Mary Marguerite Dancoff, Laura Mae Daniels, Edna May Darling, Mildred Cecelia Davis, Dorothy May 53 June 193 5 Davis, Evelyn De Fazio, Michael F. Denmark, Milton Denmarsh, Dorothy Elizabeth De Paolo, Margaret Y. Descamp, June Dolores Dick, W. Russell Dickson, William Russell Dobson, Sallie Jane Dolatowskii ,Tressia Claire ig , 54 Donahue, Robert A. Eigenrauch, Mary jane Elinoff, Helen L. Elkin, Louise Millicent Emery, Mildred Jane English, Tulie John Enzian, Ann Louise Epstein, Mildred Esman, Milton Fearon, Ruth Elynore J Figola, Joseph Findl, Julia Finesilver, Floris Lorraine Fink, joseph M. Fireman, Ruthe Fisher, john Arthur, jr. Flanick, Mildred Fleischer, Gertrude Fletcher, Anna Margaret Fontana, Armand L. une 193 5 Frankel, Richard Black French, George Edward Freed, Miriam Friedman, Ruth Reah Froelich, Charles Thomas Froelich, Eva Margaret Fuller, Samuel Henry Gall, Elizabeth B. Gazdik, Molly K. Geilman, Harold 55 Gerber, Marianne Gibson, Mary Lilyan Glamser, Arthur Denton Gloeckner, Marjorie Gloekler, Rita Claire Gluck, Eidwin L. Gold. Rose Goldberg, Maurice Golden, Ruth Goldstein, Lea June 1935 Goldvarg, Dorothy S. Goodman, Ruth E. Gorenstein, Edith Mae Gray, James Edward Greenstein, Esther J. Guercio, Michael Half, Henry C. Halpern, Bernard Morton Halt, George Reynolds Harkness, Vera V. Harris, Lillian Hartless, Helen Leona Harwood, Legula E. Hatgan, Mildred Heidish, Margaret K. Hemming, james T. Henning, Charles C. Herman, Fannie Herring, Ruth P. Hinkes, Florence s A Q ilhlge 9935 XXX Q Q ig li x ' N Hirsch, Alice Helene Hodgkinson, Kenneth Vernon Hoffman, Charles Lorenza, Jr. Holton, Forbes S. Hood, Evelyn joan Hopkins, Ruth M. Horne, Edwin Charles Horowitz, Selma Houghten, Robert Lincoln Howell, Dorothy Amanda 57 June 1935 Howell, Virginia Rae Howley, Wi1liamVE. Huchko,'lPaul ' A Hurst, Oliver, if Hutchinson, George C. Hyman, Helen Arleen Hyndman, Janet Mathewson Isaacs, Arthur Isaacs, Ruth Leonore Jacobs, Robert james, Mildred Grace jenkinson, Audrey Claire Jones, Alma Hazel Jones, Helen Kalish, F. Jeanne Kaplan, Edward L. Kaplan, Harold Karako, Rudolph E. Katz, joseph Philip Kauffman, Edna G. Keil, Eleanor Louise Kennedy, Betty Pauline Kennedy, William james Kern, Eleanor Ruth Kerns, Jack W. Kerr, Grace Virginia Kiefer, Dean B. King, Virginia Koelker, Betty Korchak, john Mae 5 Kornhauser, Robert L. Koyton, Josephine Kramer, George F. Kramer, Lloyd B. Kurtz, Sarrae Langie, Helena Lebowitz, Jerome Lebowitz, Yolande Lehman, Milton G., Jr Levin, Jack June 1935 Levin, Morris L. Levison, Leonard Spencer Levy, David Leonard Lewin, Freda A. Lichtenstein, Daniel K. Lieberman, Aaron Bernard Lifsher, Sidney Lee Lipchak, Mary Lowenthal, Morton Lucchino, Dominic Anthony Ludin, Gladys Geraldine Lyle, Betty Jane Lyttle, Doris Maclachlan, Philip Sill Maizleck, Roberta Mallinger, Adeline Maloney, Regina Marbaker, Ethel Price Marcuson, Charlotte Thalma Marguglio, Peter P. Juno Markey, Stanley C. Marks, Malcolm J. Marrone, Gasperine Margaret Martin, Grace Thelma Mattes, Ryna Ruth Matuszeski, Theodore R. Matvey, A. Stephen Maulsby, Helen McC1ean, Margaret Paisley McClure, Nora Walsh 193 5 McClure, Thomas James McConnell, Verna A. McCormick, Edith Florence M-cDermott, Regina M. McElroy, Robert G. McFeaters, Elizabeth Jean McGaughey, Annabelle McIntyre, Betty Mertz, Louis Frederick Meth, Melvin Col June Mettenberger, Harry Charles Zwerling, Bernice Gloria Meyers, Margaret Meyers, Paul Edward Michael, Clifford H Middleman, Harvey R. Miller, Jack K. Minster, Maxine Hannah Mitchell, Robert Augustus, jr. Molans, Arthur Mitchell 1935 Molitoris, Anne Margaret Montgomery, John Lawrence, jr Moore, Paul Richard Moorhead, Ellen R. Morton, Samuel A. Moses, Alta Ruth Mullee, Mary Josephine Mulligan, Mary Estelle Myers, Hazel Alta Myers, Howard L. 62 June 193 Nagin, Annette Norma Neaman, Reva Needleiman, Rebecca S. Nirdlinger, Dorothy Adelaide 0'Brien, Harry G. Oestreicher, Gerald S. Olds, David McNeil Ories, Selma Orr, Lawrence E., Jr. Osborne, Bette Grace 5 Palkovitz, Gertrude Bella Paratore, Sam W. Pasekoff, Herbert Ivan Pastor, William Andrew Paulus, William J. Pavlinac, Margaret E. Pearlstein, Reeva Pratt, Alvin A. Profeta, Rose R. Purtell, Ruth 63 Raffaele, Dora Louise Raisig, George Ralston Rapport, Meyer S. Recht, Mamie Reed, Foster Lyon Reich, jay S. Rice, Beatrice Rittman, Louise Clara Ritz, Isabel Mary Robbins, Esther Leah une 193 C94 5 Robbins, Rosalie Roberts, Walter Samuel Rodgers, David Charles, Jr. Rosenblatt, Harry Rosenfield, Betty R. Ross, Russell Rost, Leah C. Roth, Bertram Rothschild, Elsie jean Roundtree, Margaret Frances June Rubenstein, Erwin Bernard Rusch, Irene Sachnoff, Martin R. Sachs, Arthur Leon Sakal, Bertha Schmeltz, Mildred M. Schmidt, Henry Edward Schneider, jack Worgan Scholler, jean Schultz, Clarence Henry, Jr. 1935 Schutzman, Arnold I. Schwamberger, Margaret Schwartz, Sylvia Charlotte Seltzer, Matthew Shenkan, Leonard L. Sigmond, Madelyn Silverman, Eleanor Ruth Simon, Esther S. Simon, Harvey Simons, Selma Rea 65 J Sklar, Wilford Smith, Helen Rosella Smith, james Elmer Smith, Lester Smith, Ruth N. Smith, William A., Jr. Snyder, Naomi Fay Snyder, Norton Paul Spandau, James Jerome, Jr. Spann, Elinore Aronson une 1935 Stefanik, Dorothy Bernadette Stein, Frances R. Stein, Gilbert Stein, janet Harriet Sylvia Charlotte Morton Harvey Stewart, Edith Straub, Graham McClintock Surgalia, Helen Swetland, Grace M. Stein, Stern, C96 June 19 3 5 Takacs, Vilma E. Teitelbaum, Dorothy Jeanne Thomas, Bertha Edna Thomas, Grace Margaret Toner, Catherine Louise Toth, Helen Ruth Toth, Julius Troxell, Emily Rose Tunney, John Lawrence Turner, Anne Margaret Tytke, Louise Constance Venger, Mary Jane Vogan, Doris Wachtel, Jacques Walsh, Howard Wasserman, Milton Morton Weaver, Ruth Esther Weil, Jacqueline Ida Weiland, Lynn Alton Weinberger, Harold Benjamin June 193 5 Weingarten, Lilyan Janice Weisman, Sidney Weiss, Sidney A. Welshhans, Virginia Naomi Wentz, Regina Mary Wilkinson, Gertrude Weaver Willem, Joseph G. Williams, Wendell Wills, joseph Wilson, Grace Marie Wilson, Jack Robert Witt, Elsie Martha Wohlfarth, Philip Wolfe, Marjorie Woodfill, Harry O. Woozley, Margaret Louise Wynn, Myrtle Frances Yalch, Matthew Zatkovich, Gregory Zatman, Abraham Zeta Chapter --- National Honor Soeietyb Betty Adams Molly Gazdik Marjorie Bandman James Bassett Lea Goldstein Ruth Goodman Oliver Hurst Vera Harkness Evelyn Hood Janet Hyndman Yolande Lebowitz Roberta Maizlech Helen Maulsby Edith McCormick Alta Moses Jacqueline Weil C99 Betty Rosenfield Clarence Schulz Lester Smith William Smith Jacques Wachtel 4- Class Sponsors - Miss Edna R. Todd-359-Came to Pittsburgh from Indiana but maternal grandlparents were P-eninsylvanianis . . . great-grandfather one of original founders of the Harmony Society at Hiarmonly and Eclonomy, Pa .... Attended' Butler University and Indiianiapolis 'University . . . Phi Kappa Phi . . . In Paris attenicled La Sarbonne, famous French school . . . Student at the French School of McGill University, Montreal, Canada . . . Interested! in the theatre, in traveling and in music . . . just a whisipeir in your ear CSihe confessed to a secret ambition to have been an 'Ethel Barrymorej Miss Bertha O. Mitchell-154-Very affahle history teacher in t-he first floor annex . . . Is a native Pennsylvaniian . . . liducateid at Pitt and Columibia . . . Likes both knitting and reading, but never does both at onfce . . . Manages to create 21 spirit of both instruction: and amusement in heir classes . . . May often be found on the tennis courts in her spare time. Miss .Welsh-258-Is a native Pittsvburgher . . . Received her education in this city . . . college training at the University of Pittsburgh, has also attended Harvard and Columbia which 'proves that she likes to study . . . Is extremely fond of art. the study of which is -one of her hobbies . . . A secret ..., Miss Welsih likes to cook. H. H. Wilson--463MCame to Pittsburgh from Wa,shington County . . . Received his colleige training at W. and J. and Waynfesburg . . . Did graduate work at Pitt. . . Has taught practically everything in the high school curriculum except mod- ern languages . . . Secret joy is music . . . Enjoys chorus work, but claims never to have been outstanding in it . . . reserved and cautious. 70 Miss Tait'-358-Graduated from VVellesley College, Colum- bia University, and attended the University of Pittsburgh . , . Inter-ested in traveling' . . . has visited both at home and alhroad . . . Is fond of iehorus work, having -once sponsored a Girls' Glee Clu'b . . . Her chief amihition is to invent a robot that will correct history tes-t papers as well as under- stand and translate the writing. Harry C. Soles-357-Studied at VV. and J. and Pitt . . . Interested in history: in fact, was one of the organizers of the XVorld llistory course for the eity of Pittslnirgh . . . lfond of athletics . . . Spends his sfpare time huntinig and managing the Rifle Cluib . . . llas an aversion to maps drawn hy students. but is keen for student discussion in class. Miss Leila H. Rupp-356-ls a native Pittshurgher . . . liducatecl at l'itts'hurgh schools, Scheniley and l"itt . . . llolds a master's degree . . . Fond of traveling and has visited many remote corners of the country , . . Her piupiils elairn her weakness is clothes . . . Does not give overhurdening: assignments and enjoys a good joke as well as her history putpils do. Miss Mary A. Evans-266-Native of Alle- gheny County .... A ttended North Side school where her father was principal . . . Graduated from Allegheny High School and University of Pitts'burg'h i. . . Is very fond of musie . . . Insists that she does not like to give homework as she has to correct it. Miss Hartz-262-Came to Pittsburgh from llaltimore, Maryland . . . College work oth- tainieid in Pittslburgh at ihoth Carnegie Tech and the University of Pittsihurgh . , . Has always been interested in drama, par- ticularly in plav direction and production . . . Says sfhe likes to play golf, but ,plays Croquet better. 71 - une Class Activities - Abravanel, Ben-Book Room, Stamp Club, Short Wave Club. Adams, Betty I.-President of Senior Class, Stu- dent Council, Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Debating Society, History Dramatic, Volleyball '32, '33, '34, '35, Literary Club, Basketball '34, '35, Hockey '34, '35, Senior Leaders '33, '34. '35, Junior Leaders Club '32. Ali. Rose Ann-Judge for Voting, Stamp Club, French Club, Volleyball. Alter, Serene--Current Events Club, Junior Leadl ers' Club, Basketball '32, '33, Tennis Crunner up! '32, '33, '34. Anderson, Gene E.-Junior Chorus, Girls' Chorale, Chorus, Girl Reserves. Ando, Steven-Short Wave Club, Science Club: Intramural Champions '33, '34. Andre, Elizabeth-Business Service Guild. Anthony, Willis4Hall Patrol, Chess Club, Life Saving Club, Swimming Team '33, '34, '35, Aranyas, Rose-Business Service Guild. Bandman, MBfjOYl?FOfCWOfd Staff, Chairman Flower Committee, Dramatic Club, Orchestra "A". Bash, Harry-Lunch Patrol, Band, Science Club, Track '34, Cros-s Country '33, Swimming Squa-l '34. Bassett, James G., Jr.-- Chairman Social Com- mittee, Junior Mechanics, Hi-Y. Beegle, Robert W.-Inventors' Club, Member of Band. Beeson, Miriam-Red Cross Club, Senior Leaders' Club, Journal Staff, Basketball '32, '33, '34, Vol- leyball '32, '33, '34, '35, Tennis '32, '33, '34, '35, Mushball '34, Hockey '34, Track '3Z. Bennett, Dorothy Gertrude-Junior Chorus, Red Cross, Junior Art Club, Senior Art Club, Volley- ball '33. Bennett, Joel Irving-Junior Art Club, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Class Play, Student Council, Junior Orchestra. Benswanger, F. JeanneStudent Council, Fore- word Reporter, Voice B, Tennis '32, '33, '34, '35, French Club. Bergmann, Henriette M.-Picture Committee, Advertising Club, Group A Girls' Chorale. Berman, Meyer Oliver-Hall Patrol, History Movie Club, Football Squad '33, Bernstein, Irwin-Sport Club, Current Event Club, Chess Club, Allderdice Chess Team, Hall Patrol. Bernstein, Leona-Home Room Secretary, Travel Club, Puzzle Club, Hockey Team '34, Hall Patrol, Block, Annette Marie-Hall Patrol, Wlaffle Weav- ing Club, Stage Make-up, Penmanship Club, Travel Club, History Movie Club. Block, Morris-Foreword Staff, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Puzzle Club, Student Council, Re- port Room Foreword Representative, "A" Orches- tra, Wood Wind Quintette, "B" Band. 72 Boltz, Carl H.- German Club, Boys' Cooking Club, Door Patrol. Bolsh, Anna-Red Cross, Business Service Guild, Volleyball '32, '33, '34, '35, Mushball '34. Boyd, Helen Marion-Student Council, Foreword Reporter, Girl Reserves, Swimming Team '33, Volleyball Team '34, Basketball Team '32, Hockey '32 '33 Braff, Meercy-Business Service Guild. Broberg, William T.4Lunch Patrol, Junior Bas- ketball '32, Football '34. Broudy, Harold-Student Council, Song' Com- mittee, Make-up Story Telling, Band A, Orches- t.a A, Horn Quartet, Swimming Team '31, Brown, Robert M.-A Orchestra, String Quar- tet, Harp Trio, Jo-urnal Staff, All-City Orchestra, Cross Country Team '33, Lunch Patrol. Brown, Winifred Emily-Advertising Club, Me- chanical Drawing, History Club, Orchestra B. Callomon, Richard-Mathematics Club. Campbell, Robert C.-Football '34, Member of Champion Interclass Track Team '34, '35, Camponeschi, Rose L.-Girls' Choral, Voice A, Voice B. Capalbo, Margaret M.-Lunch Patrol, Hall Pa- trol, Hockey '34, Volleyball '35. Caplan, Emanuel-Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, History Movie Club, Special Art Club, Sociology Club. Caplan, Joseph S.-Senior A Band, Swimming Team Manager '31, German Club, Stamp Club, Sport Club, Motor Club. Carlson, Carl J.-Current Events, Special Print' ing Club. Chakurda, George-Senior Picture Committee, Hall Patrol, Mathematics Club, Varsity Football '33, '34. Chizek, Ruth J.4Reil Cross Club, History Movie Club, Current Events Club. Civitiate, Antonette D.-Current Events Club, Business .Service Guild, Volleyball '32, '33, '34, '35, Basketball '32, '33, '34, Tennis '32, '33, '34, '35, Mushball '34, Hockey '33, '34. Clippinger, June-Lunch Patrol, Girls' Chorale, Girls' Quartette, Track '32. Coleman, Stuart F.-Art Club, President, Social Committee, Inventors' Club, Astronomy Club, Motor Club, Senior "A" Band, Home Room Presia dent. Conrad, William H.-President of Inventors' Club, Cross Country Team '33, '34, VVriting Club. Cooper, Margaret Elizabeth--'Vice-President ol 262, Reading Club, Chorus, Players' Guild. Cornelius, john T.-Boys' Cooking, History Movie. Crawford, Novella--Red Cross, History Movies. Crews, Bertha-Red Cross Club, Dr. Earhart's Chorus, Demonstration Chorus. Cromwell, Edith-Class Play: Art Club: Museum Club: Red Cross Club: Cooking Club: Hockey Team '34: Make-up Club: French Club. Crowley, AliceRed Cross Club: Hockey '33, '34: Volleyball '35: French Club: Aviation Club: History Movie Club. Cutler, Julius A.-Sports Club: Lunch Patrol. Dancoff, Laura Mae-Student Council: Journal Staff: Hall Patrol: Class Foreword Representa- tive: French Club: Junior Dramatics: Shakespeare Club: History Movie Club: Basketball '32: Hockey Manager '34. . Daniels, Edna-Girl Reserves: Business Service Guild: Basketball Team '3l. Darling, Mildred Cecelia-Library Club: Student Council. Davis, Dorothy-Marionette Club: Special Art Club. Davis, Evelyn I.-Advertising Club: Red Cross Club: Marionette Club. DeFazio, Michael-Readers' Club: Orchestra: Cross Country '30, '32: Movie Club. Denmark. Milton-Dramatic Club: Class Play: Basketball Team, Manager '35. Denmarsh, Dorothy Elizabeth-Girl Reserves: Business Service Guild: Secretary, 358: Volleyball '33, '34, '35: Hockey '34, '35: Diving '33, DePaolo, Margaret Y.-Motto, Color and Cheer Committee: Hall Patrol: Senior Leaders: Hockey 334: Basketball '34: Volleyball '3S: Mushball '34. Descamp, JuneRed Cro-ss Club: Business Ser- vice Guild. Dickson, Russell Wm.-Student Council. Dobson, Sallie-Hall Patrol: Type Club. Dolatowski, Tessie Claire-Dramatic Club: Needle Club: Hockey '34: Penmanship Club: Business Service Guild: Journal Staff: Vigilance Committee: Student Government Co11rt. Donahue, Robert A.-President of 463: Adver- tising Club: Senior A Band: Football '33, '34: Gym Team '32: Green Key. Duggan, Mary Louise-Rifle Club: Hall Patrol. Eigenrauch, Mary Jan4+School Play: History Movie Club: Vice-President of Rifle Club: Drama- tic Club. Elinoff, Helen-Sigma Iota Club: Red Cross Club: Secretary-Treasurer of Economic Club: Sec- retary-Treasurer of Motor Club: Hockey '34, Elkin, Louise-Hall Patrol: Story Telling Club: Girls' Aviation Club. Emery, Mildred Jane-History Club: Art Club. English, Tulie John-Student Council Representa- tive: Hall Patrol: Foreword Reporter. Enzian, Anne Louise--Door Patrol: Secretary of Class Room: History Club. Epstein, Mildred--Junior Chorus: Red Cross: History Movie Club: Sigma Iota. 73 Esman, Milton J.--Jr. Stamp Club: Senior Chorus: Latin Club: Debaters Society: Players' Guild: Sigma Iota: Intramurals Championship Team '33. Fearon, RuthfOrchestra: French Club: Red Cross: Sigma Iota: History Movie Club. Figole, Joseph-Lunch Patrol: Vice-President. Findl, Julia-Lunch Patrol: Hall Patrol: School Play: French Club: Volleyball '33: Basketball '32, '33, '34: History Movie Club. Finesilver, Floris Lorraine-Junior Chorus: Red Cross Club: Players Guild: Senior Class Play. Fink, Joseph M.-Ring Committee: Hall Patrol: Class Play: Vigilance Committee. Fireman, Ruthe-Stamp Club: Library Club: Knitting Club: Stage Make-Up Club. Flanick, Mildred--Advertising Club: Business Service Guild. Fleischer, Gertruds+Hall Patrol. Fontana, Armand-Sport Club: Marionette Club: Intra-Mural Basketball Champions '34. Frankel, Richard-Stage Crew: Lunch Patrol: Reading Club: Players Guild: Senior Debate Club: College Board English: College Board German: Senior Band. Freed. Miriam-Social Committee: S'ecretary-Trea- surer of Home Room: Home Mechanics, Shakes- peare Club: Monitor in Lunch Room: Girls' Home Economics Club: Red Cross Club: Stage Make-Up Club: Special Typing Club: History Dramatic Club. French, George Edward-Lunch Patrol: Rifle gulls: Geometrical Design Club: Special Lettering U . Friedman, Ruth R.-Lunch Patrol: History Club: Home Economics Club: Voice A. Froelich. Eva Margaret-Dramatic Club: Needle- Ev?-lk Guild: Penmanship Club: Home Economics ll . Fuller, Harry-Rifle Club '33, '34, '35: Fencing Club' '34, '35: Orchestra. Gall, Elizabeth B.-Advertising Club: Ring Com- mittee: Business Service Guild: Volleyball '32, '33, '34, '35: Basketball '32, '33, '34: Tennis '32, '33, '34, '35: Mushball '34: Secretary of Leaders' Club: Swimming '34: President oi Business Service Guild. Gazdik, Molly K.-Hall Patrol: Vice-President of Home Room.: Red Cross Club. Geilman, Harold-Transferred from Schenley '33, Gerber, Marianne-Foreword Reporter: Lunch Pa- trol: Basketball Team: Business Service Guild. Gibson, Lilyan-Business Service Guild. Glamser, Arthur-History Movie Club: Swimming Team '35. Gloeckner, Marjorie-Advertising Club: History Club: Mechanical Drawing: Orchestra B. Gluck, Edwin-Stamp Club: Senior A Band: Golf Team '33, '34, '35. Gold, Rose-Hall Patrol, Home Mechanics Club, Shakespeare Club, Special Typing Club, Dramatic Club, Stage Make-up Club. Goldberg, Maurice--Hall Patrol. Golden Ruth-Story Telling Club, Junior Liter- History Movie Club, Library Club, ary Club, Penmanship Club, Stage Make-Up, Orchestra. Lea-Journal Staff, Student Council, Goldstein, Hall Patrol, President Report Room, Leaders' Club, Jr. and Sr., Basketball Captain '32, '33, '34, '35, Tennis City Championship '31, '32, '33, Class Cham- '32, '35, Captain '33, '34, '31, '32, '33, '34. pion '34, Volleyball Track '32, Swimming S.-Waffle Weaving Club, Goldvarg, Dorothy I Dr. Earhart's Chorus, Travel Club, History Movie Club, Current Events Club. Goodman, Ruth F.-Student Council, Foreword Staff, Junior Leaders, French Conversation Club, Reading Club, Orchestra A, Cooking Club, Junior Chorus. Gorenstein, Edith Mae-Special.Art Club, His- tory Movie Club, History Dramatic Club. Gray, James Edward-Student Council, Lunch Patrol, Foreword Reporter, Hall Patrol, History Current Events. Greenstein, Esther J.-Transferred from Gladstone '33. Half, Henry C.-Journal Staff, Hall Patrol, Science Club, Band "A", Voice "C", . Halpern, Bemard M.-President of Home Room, Ring Committee, Players' Guild, Dramatic Club, Current Events Club, German Club, Orchestra HB., Halt, George R.fForeword Reporter, Lunch Pa- trol, Inventors Club, Rifle Club, Ring Committee, Intra-murals '33. Harkness, Vera V.-Journal Committee, Orches- tra B, Travel Club, Lunch Patrol, Home Econo- mics Club, French Club. Harris, Lillian-Lunch Patrol, Library Club, Art Club, History Movie Club, Golf Club, Public Speaking Club. Hartless, Helen Leona--Cooking Club, Hand- writing Club. Harwood, Legula-Dramatic Club, Orchestra "A", Voice "B". Hatgan, Millie-Business Service Guild, Library Club, Home Economics Club, Volleyball '34, Mushiball '33. Heidish, Margaret Kathleen-History Club, Mu- seum Club, Volleyball '35, Track '33, Basketball '31, Tennis '31. Hemming, James T.-Boys' Cooking Club, His- tory Club, Movie Club. Henning, Charles--Lunch Patrol, Green Key, Band A. Herman, Fannie--Lunch Patrol, Museum Club, Make-Up Club, Sfhakspeare Club, Orchestra B, Basketball '33, Hockey '35. Herring, Ruth P.-Hall Patrol, History-Drama tic Club, History-Movie Club, Motor Club, Sigma lota, Basketball '31, Tennis '33, '34, Hockey '33, '34. Hinkes, Florence-French Club, German Club, Business Service Guild, Make-Up Club, Student Government Court. Hirsch, Alice Helene-,Social Committee, Hall Patrol, Tennis '32, '33, Red Cross Club, Voice B. Edward-Hall Patrol , Hodgdon, George Chorus, Golf Team '33, Geometric Design Book Room Club, Motor Club, Variety Club, Club, Progressive Art League. Hodgkinson, Kenneth Vemon-Sports Club, Male Chorus, Orchestra A, Chorus A. Hoffman, Charles-Foreword Reporter, Stamp Club, Inventors' Club, Writing Club. Holton, Forbes-Green Key, Intra-mural Basket- ball '34, '35, Intra-mural Volleyball '34, '35. Hood, Evelyn-Student Council, Secretary of Home Room, Ring Committee, Volleyball '35, History Club, Travel Club. Hopkins, Ruth-Red Cross Club. Horne, Edwin C.-Players' Guild, Foreword Staff, Sports Announcer, Football Manager '33, '34, Soccer Manager '31, Inventors' Club, Student Council Representative, Member of Social Com- mittee, Class Play. Horowitz, Selma-Inventors' Club, Volleyball '35, Mushball '34. Houghten, Robert LincolnACurrent Events Club, Hall Patrol. Howell, Dorothy A.-Dramatic Club. Howell, Virginia Rae--Dramatic Club. Howley, William E.-Hall Patrol. Huc-hko, Paul-Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Cur- rent Events Club, Travel Club, History Club, Soccer '3l. Hurst, Oliver-Green Key, Hi-Y Club, Tennis '30, '31, '32, '33, '34, '35. g Hutchinson, Henry C.-Voice A, Male Chorus. Hyman, Helen Arleen-Hockey '34, Hall Patrol. Hyndman, Janet M.-Chairman Social Committee, President Junior Art Club, President Special Art Club, Vice-President Home Economics Club, His- tory Movie Club, Players' Guild, Girls' Leaders Club, Tennis '32, '35, Hockey '35, Volleyball '33. Isaacs, Arthur-Short Wave Club, Movie Club, Stamp Club, History Club, Junior Aviation Club. Isaacs, Ruth Leonore-Puzzle Club, Inventors' Club, Vigilance Committee. Jacobs, Robert-Hall Patrol, Slide Rule Club. James, Mildred Grace-Current Events Club, Business Service Guild. Jenkinson, Audrey Clairc+Current Events Club, Hall Patrol, History Movie Club, Swimming Team. 74 Levison, Leonard Spencer-Foreword Staff Sports Jones, Alma Hazel-Class Play: A Choral Group: Girl Reserve Club: Junior Chorus: Lunch Patrol: Stamp Club. Janes, Helen-Current Events Club: Girl Re- serves: History Movie Club: Mushball Team: Vol- leyball Team. Kalish, Jeanne F.-Lunch Patrol: Ring Com- mittee: Foreword Staff: Sports Editor for Girls: Secretary Junior Art Club: Home Economics: Spe- cial Art: Library Club: History-Movie Club: Man- ager Volleyball '33: Senior Leaders' Club '33, '34, '35, Secretary. Kaplan, Edward L.-Volleyball Championship of School '34: Captain of Basketball Team '34, '35: Volleyball Team '32: Jr. Basketball Team '31: Class Reporter. Karoly, Befnhart J.--Secretary-Treasurer 12-B Class '33, '34: Stamp Club: Current Events Cluib: Orchestra B. Katz, Joe-Lunch Patrol: Radio Club: Chess Club. Kauffman, Edna G.-'History Movie Club: Home Economics Club. Kteil, Eleanor L.-Drama Club: History Club : Volleyball '35: Tennis '33, '34, '35. Kennedy, Betty-Advertising Club: History Club. Kern, Eleanor-Penmanship Club. Kerns, Jack W.-Boys' Cooking Club: Current Events Club: Football '33, Kerr, Grace V.-Literary Club: History Club: Dr. Earhart's Chorus: Girls' Chorale: Biology Club: Library Club: Lunch Patrol. Kiefer, Dean--Hall Patrol: Door Patrol: Short Wave Club. King, Vinginia Mae-Door Patrol: Treasurer in Report Room: Dramatic Club: Group A Chorus: Journal Staff. Koelker, Betty-Student Council. Korchak, John-Inter-Class Volleyball Champions '34 Kornhauser, Robert L.-Student Council: Hall Patrol: Dramatic Club: Current Events Club: German Club: Manager Swimming Team '32: '34 Volleyball . Koyton, Josephine-Red Cross Club: Dramatic Club. Kramer, George F.-Cheer Committee: History Club: Jr. Basketball '31: Gym Team '30, '31: Volleyball '3l. Kurtz, Sarrae-Basketball '32: Tennis '32. Langie, H elena-O rchestra : Voice. Lebofwitz, Jerome-Journal Staff: Door Patrol. Lebowitz, Yolanda-Picture Committee: Hall Pa- trol: Junior Leaders: Junior Student Council: Senior Girls' Leaders: Basketball '32, '34: Volley ball '32,p'33, '35: Hockey '34: Assistant Business Manager Class Play. G Lehman, Milton G., Jr.-Foreword Staff: Read- ing Club: Debate Club: Players' Guild: Sigma ota. 75 Levin, Jack--President Senior and Junior Coun- cil: Secretary of Class: Journal Staff Business Manager: Business Manager of Class Play: Busi- ness Manager of Foreword: Reporter for Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Pittsburgh High School Student As- sociation. Levin, Morris-History Movie Club: Dramatic Club: Swimming Team '33, '35. Editor, Managing Editor: Journal Staff: Players Debating Society: Class Play: Guild President: Radio Program: Motor Club: National Scholastic Literary Award: Home Room President. Lewin, Freda-History Club: Journal Staff. Lichbenstein, Daniel K.-Journal Committee: Stu- dent Council: Hall Patrol: Manager of Field Day Events '34: Advertising Club: Mathematics Club: Astronomy Club. Lifsher, Sidney LeeHistory Club: Chess Club. Lipchak, Mary-Red Cross Club: Penmanship Club: Business Service Guild. Lowenthal, Morton-Hall Patrol: Current Events Club: Sports Club: Intramural Champions '33. Lucchino, Dominic-Auditorium Committee: Stu- dent Council: Intra-mural Champion Team '31, '32, Ludin, Gladys Geraldine-:Current Events Club: Special Arts Club: French Club: History Movie Club: Electric Club for Girls: Swimming Team '33 Lyle, Betty Jane-Scrapbook Club: Knitting Club: Tennis '34, '35: Picture Committee. Lyttle, Doris-Scrapbook Club: History Club: Home Economics Club. Maclachlant Philip Sill-Hall Patrol: Latin Club: German Club: Biology Club. Maizlech, Roberta-Journal Staff: Door Patrol: Stage Make-Up Club: Home Economics Club: Junior Leaders' Club '32 : Senior Leaders' Club '33, '34, '35: Basketball '31, '32, '33, '34: Volleyball '32, '33, '34, '35: Tennis '33: Hockey '34 Mallinger, Adeline-History Club: Stage Make- Up Club. Maloney, Regina-'History Club: Tennis '33. Marbaker, Ethel-Aviation Club: Latin Club: Life Saving Club: History Movie Club: Swimming Team: Leaders' Club: Vice-President of Report Class: President of Report Class. Marcuson, Charlotte 'Ihalma-Puzzle Club: Ninth Grade Dramatic Club: Home Economics Club. Marguglio, Pete-Hall Patrol: Senior A Band: Senior A Band Librarian: Current Events Club: Senior Basketball Student Manager '34, '35: Senior Track Student Manager '35. Markey, Stanley---Stamp Club: Foreword Staff CEd1tor-in-Chief? I German Club: Vigilance Com- mittee: Senior B Band: Picture Committee. Marks, Malcolm J.-Lunch Patrol: Astronomy Club: Senior Band: Volleyball Team: Property man for Class Play. Marrone, Gasperine-Sports '3 4. Martin, Gnaoe Thelma-Voice B, Voice A, In- ventors' Club. Matuszeski, Theodore R.-Song Committee fChairmanJ, Student Council Representative, Ad- vertising Club, Octette Male Chorus, Allderdice Track Team '34, Champion Interclass Team '34, Molitoris, Anne Margaret-D-ramatic Art Club, Public Speaking Club, Junior Chorus. Montgomery, jack-12B Class President, IZA Class Vice-President, Geometric Designs, Chess Club, Rifle Club, Lettering Club. , .. 11-.,1 n:-1.--.1 ,,I,,.L.- I'l.1...l. 'lI-'ll...L.Jl Stern, Morton-Foreword Staff, Ring Committee, Student Council Representative, Sport Club, Track Team '34, Champion Interclass Track Team '34, '35, Stewart, Edith--Journal Staff, Class Play, Vice- President Literary Club, Shakespeare Club, Dra- matics, Red Cross, Stage Make-Up, Home Econo- mics Club. Straub, Graham-Hall Patrol, Hobby Club, His- tory Club, Door Patrol, Swetland, Grace M.-Business Service Guild, Penmanship Club, Basketball '34, Business Service Guild Secretary-Treasurer. Takacs, Vilma E.-Foreword Class Reporter, Secretary and Treasurer of Home Room, History Movie Club, Hockey, Basketball. Task, Rebecca-Volleyball Manager '35, Teitelbaum, Dorofthy--Basketball '35, Hall Patrol. Thomas, Grace M.-Red Cross Club, Chess Club, Astronomy Club, Band A-B, Orchestra B, Mush- ball '34, Toner, Catherine Louise-Business Service Guild, Rifle Club , Penmanship Club , Foreword Staff Typist, Junior Art Club, Vice-President of Room 357. Toth, Helen Ruth-Mechanical Drawing Club, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Hockey, Mushball. Troxell, Emily Rose.-Hockey '34, Basketball '35, Volleyball '35, Tunney, John Lawrence--President of 266, Fenc- ing Club, Cross-Country Team '33, Turner, Anne Margaret-French Club, Girls' Chorale. Tytke, Louise+Student Council, Lunch Patrol, German Club, Travel Club, Orchestra A, All City Orchestra, Cooking Club, Handwriting Club. Venger, Mary Jane-Orchestra, Inventors' Club, History-Movie Club, Volleyball '35, Vegan, Doris-Class Vice-President of 359, Hall Patrol, Picture Committee, Class Play, Volleyball '32, Tennis '32, '33, Wachtel, Jacques-Journal Staff, Senior Orches- tra, Sigma Iota, Chess Club, Modern Inventors' Club, Hall Patrol, Vigilance Committee. Walsh, Howard-Marionette Club, Football Team '33, '34, ' Wasserman, Milton Morton-Voice B, Vo-ice A, Male Chorus, Stamp Club, Sports Club, Chess Club, Hall Patrol, Intra-mural Champs, Volley ball '34, Basketball '33, Weaver, Ruth-Biology Club, Mushball '34, Volleyball '35, Weil, Jacqueline-Journal Staff, Class Play, Vice-President of Home Room, Players' Guild, Art Club. Weiland, Lynn Alton-Junior Players' Guild, Cheer Leader, Hall Patrol, Business Service Guild: Vice-President. Weinberger, Harold B.-Travel Club, Inventors' Club, Rock and Mineral Club, Story Telling Club, Clarinet Ensemble, Band A, Automobile Club. Weingar-ten, Lilyan-Hall Patrol, History-Movie Club, Business Service Guild. Weisman, Sidney-Lunch Patrol, Science Club, Lettering Club, History Club, Intra-mural Cham- pionship Team IOA. Weiss, Sidney-Orchestra A, All City Orchestra. Welshhans, Virginia-Lunch Patrol. Wentz, Regina--Business Service Guild. Wilkinson, Gertrude-Song Committee, Senior Chorus, Girls' Chorale, French Club, Story Tel- ling Club. Willem, Joseph G.-Lunch Patrol, Jr. Mechanics Football Squad '33, Club, Short Wave Club, Champion Intra-mural Track Team '34, Wills, Joseph-Geometrical Designs Club, Intra- mural Mushball '34, Wilson, Grace Marie-Journal Committee, Vice- President of Class, Foreword Reporter, Library Club, French Club, Sigma Iota Club, Girls Re- serves Club, Home Economics Club, Hockey '34, Wilson, jack-Golf Team '32, '33, Green Key, President ot Report Room, Hall Patrol, Current Events Club. Witt, Elsie-Literary Club, Travel Club, Rifle Club '34, '35, Business Service Guild, Vol- leyball Team '34, '35, Mushball '34, '35, Wolfe, Marjorie-History-Movie Club, Electric Club for Girls, Scrap Book Club, Special Art Club, Voice C and B. Woodfill, Harry O.-President of Report Room. Woozley, Louise-Flower Committee, Story Tel- ling Club, Puzzle Club President, French Club. Wynn, Myrtle-Girl Reserves, Junior Art Club, Hall Patrol, Volleyball '33, '35, Swimming, Mush- ball '33, Yalch, Matthew-Soccer Team, Latin Club. Zatkovich, Gregory-Fencing Team, Class Play. Zwerling, Bernice G.-Sewing Club, Literary Club, Tennis '33, Jones, Alma Hazel-Class Play, A Choral Group, Girl Reserve Club, Junior Chorus, Lunch Patrol, Stamp Club. Janes, Helen-Current Events Club, Girl Re- serves, History Movie Club, Mushball Team, Vol- leyball Team, Kalish, Ieanne F.-Lunch Patrol, Ring Com- mittee, Foreword Staff, Sports Editor for Girls, Secretary Junior Art Club, Home Economics, Spe- cial Art, Library Club, History-Movie Club, Man- ager Volleyball '33, Senior Leaders' Club '33, '34, '35, Secretary. Kaplan, Edward L.-Volleyball Championship of School '34, Captain of Basketball Team '34, '35, Volleyball Team '32, Jr. Basketball Team '31, Class Reporter. Karoly, Bernhart J.-Secretary-Treasurer 12-B Class '33, '34, Stamp Club, Current Events Cluib, Orchestra B. Katz, Joe-Lunch Patrol , Radio Club, Chess Club. Kauffman, Edna G.-iHistory Movie Club, Home Economics Club. Kuedl, Eleanor L.-Drama Club, History Club, Volleyball '35, Tennis '33, '34, '35. Kennedy, Betty-Advertising Club, History Club. Kern, Eleanor-Penmanship Club. Kerns, Jack W.-Boys' Cooking Club, Current Events Club, Football '33, Kerr. Grace V.-Literary Club, History Club, Dr. Earhart's Chorus, Girls' Chorale, Biology Club, Library Club, Lunch Patrol. Kiefer, Dean-Hall Patrol, Door Patrol, Short Wave Club. King, Vinginia Mae-Door Patrol, Treasurm- in Report Room, Dramatic Club, Group A Chorus, Journal Staff. Koeiker, Betty-Student Council. Korchak, john-Inter-Class Volleyball Champions '34 Kornluiuser, Robert L.-Student Council, Hall Patrol, Dramatic Club, German Club, Manager Volleyball '34. Current Events Club, Swimming Team '32, Koyton, Josephine-Red Cross Club, Dramatic Club. Kramer, George F.-Cheer Committee, History Club, Jr. Basketball '31, Gym Team '30', '31, Volleyball '3l. Kurtz, Sarrae--Basketball '32, Tennis '32. Langie, Helena-Orchestra, Voice. Lebovwitz, Jerome-Journal Staff, Door Patrol. Lebowitz, Yolanda-1Picture Committee, Hall Pa- ff01S .ll1Hi0I' Leaders, Junior Student Council, Senior Girls' Leaders, Basketball '32, '34, Volley ball '32, u'33, '35, Hockey '34, Assistant Business Manager Class Play. I Lehman, Milton G., Jr.-Foreword Staff, Read- ing Club, Debate Club, Players' Guild, Sigma O 3. 75 Levin, Jack-President Senior and Junior Coun- cil, Secretary of Class, Journal Staff Business Manager, Business Manager of Class Play, Busi- ness Manager of Foreword, Reporter for Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh High School Student As- sociation. Levin, Morris-History Movie Club, Dramatic Club, Swimming Team '33, '35. Levison, Leonard Spencer-Foreword Staff Sports Editor, Managing Editor, journal Staff, Players Guild President, Debating Society, Class Play, Radio Program, Motor Club, National Scholastic Literary Award, Home Room President. Lewin, Freda-History Club, Journal Staff. Lichtenstein, Daniel K.-Journal Committee, Stu- dent Council, Hall Patrol, Manager of Field Day Events '34, Advertising Club, Mathematics Club, Astronomy Club. Lifsher, Sidney Lee--History Club, Chess Club. Lipchak, Mary-Red Cross Club, Penmanship Club, Business Service Guild. Lowenthal, Morton-Hall Patrol, Current Events Club, Sports Club, Intramural Champions '33, Lucchino, Dominic-Auditorium Committee, Stu- dent Council, Intra-mural Champion Team '31, '32, Ludin, Gladys Geraldine-iCurrent Events Club, Special Arts Club, French Club, History Movie Club, Electric Club for Girls, Swimming Team '33. Lyle, Betty Iane-Scrapbook Club, Knitting Club, Tennis '34, '35, Picture Committee. Lyttle, Doris-Scrapbook Club, History Club, Home Economics Club. Maclachlanh Philip Sill-Hall Patrol, Latin Club, German Club, Biology Club. Maizlech, Roberta-Journal Staff, Door Patrol: Stage Make-Up Club, Home Economics Club, Junior Leaders' Club '32 , Senior Leaders' Club '33, '34, '35, Basketball '31, '32, '33, '34, Volleyball '32, '33, '34, '35, Tennis '33, Hockey '34 Mallinger, Adeline-History Club, Stage Make- Up Club. Maloney, Regina-1History Club, Tennis '33. Marbaker, Ethel-Aviation Club, Latin Club, Life Saving Club, History Movie Club, Swimming Team, Leaders' Club, Vice-President of Report Class, President of Report Class. Marcuson, Charlotte 'Ihalma-Puzzle Club, Ninth Grade Dramatic Club, Home Economics Club. Marguglio, Pete-Hall Patrol, Senior A Band, Senior A Band Librarian, Current Events Club, Senior Basketball Student Manager '34, '35, Senior Track Student Manager '35. Mlarkey, Stanley-Stamp Club, Foreword Staff fEd1tor-in-Chiefl 3 German Club , Vigilance Com- mittee, Senior B Band, Picture Committee. Marks, 'Malcolm J.-Lunch Patrol, Astronomy Club, Senior Band, Volleyball Team, Property man for Class Play. Marrone, Gaspezine--Sports '34. Martin, Grace Thelma-Voice B, Voice A, In- ventors' Club. Matuszeski, Theodore R.--Song Committee CChairmanJ, Student Council Representative, Ad- vertising Club, Octette Male Chorus, Allderdice Track Tmm '34, Champion Interclassv Team '34, '35, Matvey, Stephen--Hall Patrol, Stage Crew, Lunch Patrol, Sports Club, Cooking Club, Fool- ball Squad '32, '33, '34, Captain ot '34 Squad, Intramural Musliball Champs '33, '34. Maulsby, Helen-Foreword, French Conversation, Basketball, Volleyball, Hall Patrol, Tennis. McClean, Margaret Paisley-Red Cross, Me- chanical Drawing Club, Swimming '33, Team '33, Basketball '34, Volleyball '34. Diving McClure, Nora-Chairman of Color, Motto, Cheer Committee, Student Council, Foreword Staff, Class Play, Secretary of Home Room, Tuesday After- noon Club, History Movie Club, History Senior Debate Club, Leaders' Club. Club, McClure, Thomas J.-Journal Staff, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Student Council, President of Class, Hi-Y Club, History Club, Champion Interclass Track Team '34, '35, Vigilance Committee. McCormick, Edith Florence-Student Council Representative, Door Patrol, Shakespeare Club, Junior Art Club, All City Chorus, Chorus A, Volleyball '33, '34, '35, Hockey '34, '35, Mushball '34, Tennis '33, '34, '35. McDermott, Regina M.-French Club, Hockey '34, Volleyball '35. McElroy, Robert--Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Motor Club, Secretary Junior Mechanics Club, Alex. Graham Bell Club, History-Movie Club, Biology Club, Soccer '30, Intra-mural Champ '32. McFeaters, Elizabeth-Puzzle Club, Story Telling Club. McGaughey, Annabelle-'fAdvertising Club, His- tory Club, Knitting Club. McIntyre, Betty-Red Cross Club, Business Ser- vice Guild. Mefth, Melvin-A Band, Short VVave Club. Mettenbergler, Harry Charles-Assistant Student Council, Mechanical Drawing Club. Meyers, Margaret-Mechanical Drawing Club, Svwimaning Team '33, Basketball '34, Hockey '34, Mushball '33, Volleyball '35. Meyers, Paul E.-Championship Track Team, lnterclass '34, '35. Michael, Cliftford-Sports Club, Stamp Club, Life Saving Club, Swimming Team '31, '32, '33, '34, Cross Country '33, '34. Middleman, Harvey-Hall Patrol, Short Wave Club, B Band. Miller, Jack K.-Short Wave Club, Captain of Junior Swimming '32, Senior Swimming Team '33, Minster, Maxine Hannah-Jr. Dramatic Club. Mitchell, Robert-Picture Committee, Hall Pa- trol, Hi-Y Club. Molitoris, Anne Margaret-Dramatic Art Club, Public Speaking Club, Junior Chorus. Montgomery, Jack-12B Class President, 12A Class Vice-President, Geometric Designs, Chess Club, Rifle Club, Lettering Club. Moore, Paul Richard-Locker Patrol, Volleyball Chamrpions '34, Football '33, '34. Moorhead, Ellen R.-1Ring Committee, Class Play, Players' Guild, Puzzle Club, History-Movie Club. Morton, Sam-Current Events Club, Band A. Moses, Alta Ruth-Student Council, Foreword Staff, Junior Art Club, Special Art Club, Junior Chorus, Traffic Essay Wfinner. Mullee, Mary Jo-Advertising Club, Special Art '33, Marionette Club, Special Art '34, Hall Pa- trol '34, Myers, Hazel-Needlework Club, Pantomime Club, History-Movie Club. Myers, Howard L.-Lunch Patrol, History Club, A Band. Nagin, Annette-Inventors' Club, History Club, Tennis '32, '35, Hockey '34, Volleyball '35, Neaman, Reva-Foreword Representative, Lead- ers' Club-, Tuesday Afternoon Club, Swimming Manager '34, Basketball '32, '33, '34, '35, Hockey '35, Tennis '32, '33, '34, '35, Volleyball '32, '33, '34, Track '31, '32. Needelman, Rebecca S.-Business Organization Guild, Make-Up Club. 0'Brien, Harry-Male Chorus, Secretary CReport Roomb. Oestreicher, Gerald S.-Progressive Art Club, Motor Club, Stamp Club, Sports Club, Orchestra B, Band A, Volleyball '34, '35, Lunch Patrol, Foreword Reporter. Olds, David McNeil-Journal Committee, Student Council, Door Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Hi-Y, Senicr Debate Club, History Movie Club, Slide Rule Club, Orchestra A, Band A. Ories, Selma-,Secretary CReport Roomli Journal Staff, Home Economics Club, Volleyball '33, '34, '35, Basketball Manager '32, Swimming Team '3-1. Orr, Lawrence E., Jr.-Foreword Reporter, Short Wave Club. Osborne, Bette--Voice B. Pasekoff, Herbert-Door Patrol, Current Events Club, Junior Mechanics Club. Pastor, William A.-Cross Country Team '34. Paulus, Wm. J.-41-Iall Patrol, Current Events Club, Rifle Club, Stage Crew, Champion Intra- mural '33. Pavflinac, Margaret-Girl Reserves, Red Cross Club. Pearlstein, Reeva-Shakespeare Club, French Conversation Club, Le Cercle, Francais. Pratt, Alvin A.-Orchestra A, Inter-mural Cham- pion Team '35, 76 Profeta, Rose-Advertising Club, Business Ser- vice Guild. Purte-ll, Ruth-Business Service Guild, Red Cross Club, Social Committee. Raffaele, Dora L.-Reading Club, Stage Make-Up Club, Hall Patrol, Current Events Club, History Movie Club, Raisig, George Ralston-Hall Patrol, Intra-mural Basketball '34, '35. Rapport, M-efyer S.-Hall Patrol, Stamp Club, History Movie Club. Reed, Foster-Motto, Song and Cheer Committee, Volleyball '31, '32, '33, '34, Soccer Team '31, Journal Staff, Reich, Jay S.--Ring Committee., Stamp Club, Sigma Iota, B Band, Vigilance Corn- mittee. Rice, Beatrice-Mechanics Club, French Club, Sigma Iota, Tennis '32, '33, '34, '32, Volleyball '32, '33, '35, '35 , Basketball Rittman, Louise-Social Committee, Class Play, Senior Leaders, Orchestra A, Swimming '34, Ritz, Isabel M.-Red Cross Club, Stage Make- Up Club, History Movie Club. Robbins, Esther Leah-Library Club, Lunch Pa- trol, History Movie Club, Journal Staff. Robbins, Rosa,lieHall Patrol, History Movie Club, Knitting Club, Swimming '32, '33, Basket- ball '32, '33, '34, '35, Volleyball '33, Tennis '34, Rodgers, Charles D.-Biology Club, Band A, Soccer '31, Rosenblatt, Harry-Radio and Short-Wave Club, Sigma Iota Club, Intra-mural Competition '31, '32, '33, '34, Rosenfield, Betty-Journal Staff, Editor-in-Chief, Student Council, Players' Guilrl, Senior Debating Society, Hall Patrol, Senior and Junior Leaders Clubs, Swimming '32, '34, Basketball '32, '34, Volleyball '32, '33, '34, '35, Tennis '32, '33, '34, '35 Ross, Russell-Current Events Club, Orchestra A, Orchestra B, Rost, Leah-Senior Leaders' Club, Basketball, Swimming, Tennis, Hockey, Volleyball, Art Club, Junior Advertising Club, Rotah, Bertram-Color, Cheer, Motto Committee, Hall Patrol, Stamp Club, Junior Mechanics Club, Band, Gym Team '32, Rothschild, Jean-Foreword Reporter, French Club, Story Telling Club, Basketball. Rubenstein, Erwin B.-Motor Club. Rusch, Irene-Business Service Guild. Sachnoff, Martin R,-Journal Com,mittee, Hall Patrol '35, Stamp Club, Astronomy Club, Short Wave Club, Junior Chorus, Special Boys' Chorus, Orchestra C. Sachs, Arthur Leon-Foreword Representative. Sakal, Bertha-Story Telling Club, Business Service Guild, Volleyball '34, '35, Mushball '34, 77 Schmidt, Henry E.-Business Service Guild. Schneider, Jack Worgan-Lunch Patrol '34, '35. Scholler, Jean-Red Cross, Slide Rule, Story Telling, Orchestra B, Junior Chorus, Volleyball '32, '33, Schulz, Clarence H,-Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Class Vice-President 12B, Chess Club, Hi-Y Club, Senior Basketball Manager '35, Schutzman, Amold I.-Dramatic Club, Schwamberger, Margaret-Cheer, Motto and Color Committee, Girl Reserves, History Club, Volleyball. Schwartz, Sylvia Charlotte-Class Play, Stage Make-Up Club,, Junior Dramatic Club, Aviation Club, Current Events Club. Seltzer, Matthew-Picture Committee, Lunch Patrol, Junior Reading Club, Sigma Iota, Senior Orchestra, All-City Orchestra, Vigilance Com- mittee. Shenkan, Leonard-Band A. Silverman, Eleanor-Advertising Club, Simon, Esther S.--Red Cross Club, Home Eco- nomics Club, Volleyball '31, Basketball '32, Simon, Harvey-Puzzle Club, Sports Club, Ten- nis '32. , Club , Simons, Selma Rea-Home Economics History Club, Puzzle Club, Inventors' Club, Vol- leyball '35, Tennis '32, '35, Sklar, Wilford-Lunch, Hall Patrol, Sports Club, History Club. Smith, Don Gale-Foreword Reporter, Intra- mural Gym Team. Smith, Helen Rosella-Business Service Guild , Library Club. Smith, james E.-Vice-President of Report Room. Smith, Lester-Journal Staff, Lunch Patrol, Class President, Green Key, Stamp Club, Boys' ing Club, Cook- Smith, Ruth N.-Foreword Class Reporter, Girls' Leaders, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball. Class , Smith, WilliarneVice-President of Senior Hall Patrol, Green Key President, Hi-Y President, Snyder, Norton Paul-Vice-President Boys' Cook- ing Club, Spandau, Jerry-Players' Guild, Chemistry Club, Student Council, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Junior Chorus, Pantomime Club, Special Latin Class, Junior Art Club. Spann, Elinore Aronson-Lunch Patrol, History Movie Club, Junior Literary Guild, Sigma Iota. Stefanik, Dorothy Bernadette-Latin Club, His- tory Club, Volleyball '31, '32, '33, '34, Basketball '31, '32, '33, '34., Swimming Team '32, Hockey '34, Track Team. Stein, Frances-eHall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Senior Class Play, Radio Program, Book Reading Club, History-Movie Club, Allderdice Senior De- bating Society. Stein, Janet-Chorus, Senior Orchestra. Stern, Morton-Foreword Staff: Ring Committee: Student Council Representative: Sport Club: Track Team '34: Champion Interclass Track Team '34, '35, Stewart, Edith-Journal Staff: Class Play: Vice- President Literary Club: Shakespeare Club: Dra- matics: Red Cross: Stage Make-Up: Home Econo- mics Club. Straub, Graham-Hall Patrol: Hobby Club: His- tory Club: Door Patrol. Swetland, Grace M.-Business Service Guild: Penmanship Club: Basketball '34: Business Service Guild Secretary-Treasurer. Takacs, Vilma E.--Foreword Class Reporter: Secretary and Treasurer of Home Room: History Movie Club: Hockey: Basketball. Task, RebeccafVollcyball Manager '35, Teitelbaum, Dorothy-Basketball '35: Hall Patrol. Thomas, Grace M.-Red Cross Club: Chess Club: Astronomy Club: Band A-B: Orchestra B: Musli- ball '34. Toner, Catherine Louise-Business Service Guild: Rifle Club : Penmanship Club : Foreword Staff Typist: Junior Art Club: Vice-President of Room 357. Toth, Helen Ruth-Mechanical Drawing Club: Volleyball: Basketball: Tennis: Hockey: Mushball. Troxell, Emily Rose.-Hockey '34: Basketball '3S: Volleyball '35, Tunney, john Lawrence-President of 266: Fenc- ing Club: Cross-Country Team '33. Turner, Anne Margaret-French Club: Girls' Chorale. Tytke, Louis4+Student Council: Lunch Patrol: German Club: Travel Club: Orchestra A: All City Orchestra: Cooking Club: Handwriting Club. Venger, Mary Jane-Orchestra: Inventors' Club: History-Movie Club: Volleyball '35. Vogan, Doris-Class Vice-President of 359: Hall Patrol: Picture Committee: Class Play: Volleyball '3Z: Tennis '32, '33. Wachtel, Jacques-Journal Staff : Senior Orches- tra: Sigma Iota: Chess Club: Modern Inventors' Club: Hall Patrol: Vigilance Committee. Walsh, Howard-Marionette Club: Football Team '33, '34, - Wasserman, Milton Morton-Voice B: Voice A: Male Chorus: Stamp Club: Sports Club: Chess Club: Hall Patrol: Intra-mural Champs: Volley- ball '34: Basketball '33. 78 Weaver, Ruth-Biology Club: Mushball '34: Volleyball '35. Weil, Jacqueline-Journal Staff: Class Play: Vice-President of Home Room: Players' Guild: Art Club. Weiland, Lynn Alton-Junior Players' Guild: Cheer Leader: Hall Patrol: Business Service Guild: Vice-President. Weinberger, Harold B.-Travel Club: Inventors' Club: Rock and Mineral Club: Story Telling Club: Clarinet Ensemble: Band A: Automobile Club. Weingarten, Lilyan-Hall Patrol: History-Movie Club: Business Service Guild. Weisman, Sidney--Lunch Patrol: Science Club: Lettering Club: History Club: Intra-mural Cham- pionship Team IGA. Weiss, Sidney-Orchestra A: All City Orchestra. Welshhans, Virginia-Lunch Patrol. Wentz, Regina--Business Service Guild. Wilkinson, Gertrude-Song Committee: Senior Chorus: Girls' Chorale: French Club: Story Tel- ling Club. Willem, Joseph G.-Lunch Patrol: Jr. Mechanics Club: Short Wave Club: Football Squad '33: Champion Intra-mural Track Team '34, Wills, Joseph-Geometrical Designs Club: Intra- mural Mushball '34, Wilson, Grace Marie-Joumal Committee: Vice- President of Class: Foreword Reporter: Library Club: French Club: Sigma Iota Club: Girls Re- serves Club: Home Economics Club: Hockey '34. Wilson, Jack--Golf Team '32, '33: Green Key: President of Report Room: Hall Patrol: Current Events Club. Witt, Elsie-Literary Club: Travel Club: Rifle Club '34, '35: Business S'ervice Guild: Vol- leyball Team '34, '35: Mushball '34, '35. Wolfe, Marjorie-History-Movie Club: Electric Club for Girls: Scrap Book Club: Special Art Club: Voice C and B. Woodfill, Harry O.-President of Report Room. Woozley, Louise-Flower Committee: Story Tel- ling Club: Puzzle Club President: French Club. Wynn, Myrtle-Girl Reserves: Junior Art Club: Hall Patrol: Volleyball '33, '35: Swimming: Musli- ball '33. Yalch, Matthew-Soccer Team: Latin Club. Zatkcvich, Gregory-Fencing Team: Class Play. Zwerling, Bernice G.-Sewing Club: Literary Club: Tennis '33. Senior Class Room Officers RO'O'M 463 Mr. Wilson-Sponsor President ....................,....... Robert Donahue Vice President ................ Jack Montgomery Secretary-Treasurer ...... Dominic Luccino Student Council .................... Grace Wilson Foreword Rep ........ ........ G race Wilson ROOM 359 Miss Todd-Sponsor President ..........................,. Bernard Halpern Vice President .......................,.. Doris Vogan Secretary-Treasurer ................ Selma Ories Student Council Foreword Rep... ROOM 358 ..........Robert Kornhauser ............Donald Smith Miss Tait--Sponsor President .................................... jack Wilson Vice President, .... ....................... . .Joe Figola Sec.-Treas. .......... .,........Dorothy Denmarsh Student Council .......................... J ames Gray Foreword Rep... ROOM 357 President ............. Vice President ....... Sec.-Treas ........... .....,...Tu1ie English Mr. Soles-Sponsor .........Willis Anthony .......Catherine Toner ..........Harold Kaplan Student Council, ......,.............. Evelyn Hood Foreword Rep ....... .......William Conrad R OOIM 356 Miss Rupp-Sponsor President .................................. Lea Goldstein Vice President ........ ....... E dith Stewart Sec.-Treas ................ ........Miriam Freed Student Council ......... ......... B etty Adams Foreword Rep ........ .........Laura Dancoff ROOM 256 Miss ,Evans-Sponsor President ..,................................. John Tunney Vice President ........................ James Smith Sec.-Treas ................ Anna Louise Enzian Student Council ........... ,Edith McCormick Foreword Rep ......... ROOM 262 President ................... Vice President ........ Sec.-Treas ................, ..............George Halt Miss Hartz-Sponsor .......Thomas McClure ........Margaret Cooper ..........Nora McClure Student Council ...,..... . ....... Morton Stern Foreword Rep ......... ........Lawrence Orr RO'O1M 258 Miss Welsh-Sponsor President ................... .................Lester Smith Vice President .................. Jacqueline Weil Sec.-Treas ................. ..........Harry O'Brien Student Council ...........,.............. jack Levin Foreword Rep ......... ROOM 154 Miss Mitchell-Sponsor P1 esident .............................. Harry Woodfill Vice President ......,.. ...............Molly Gazdik Sec.-Treas ..,............................. Vilma Tekacs Student Council .................... Betty Koelker Foreword Rep ,........ 79 ..........Ruth Smith .......Jean Rothschild l,l1.T11 Class Features Fortune Vol I Established Sunday June 14, 1945 Esmon and Gluck Rivals for the Nobel Prize lt is rumored that either Milton Esmon or Edwin Gluck will be the proud possessor of the Nobel Prize this year. Esmr,-n's book on "Why I Am a. Socialist" is said to be one of the finest literary productions of the age. G1uck's "A Fool Is Born Every Day" has also taken the country by storm. Expedition in Egypt Ends in Reunion Dean Kiefer, Harvey Middleman and Morton Lowenthal, all eminent archeologists, sailed last Saturday for Egypt to open and explore the pyramid containing the body and possessions of King Tut. However, it seems they were several days too late, for upon arriving at their des- tination they found othcr scientists puttering -about the ruins with tro- wels. Introductions revealed the "early worms" to be no lesser per- sonages than Lester Smith, Jack Levin and Robert Mitchell. The expedition resulted in a grand rc- union since all concerned were schoolmates, having graduated from Taylor Allderdice in '35, Thus "All's well that ends well" tutl tut! Science Triumphs Again Eminent astro-photographer com- pletes startling invention. Pittsburgh, June 14. Leonard Shenkan, secretary to Jacques Wachtel, announced today the completion of Mr. Wachtel's machine which is capable of photo- graphing the country and inhabitants of Mars. Critic Jay Reich claims it to be the greatest discovery of the age. Stage and Screen "Gloriiied Schooldaysu, Broad- way's latest hit, was held over for another month. The critics say that the acting of Elizabeth McFeaters and Clifford Mitchell, stars of this popular production, is superb. Mary Jane Eigenrauch, star of "Glamorous," is sailing for Europe on the steamship Empress. Ac- companying her will be Ruth Hop- kins and Lofuise Elkin who are scheduled to open in the new French production, "La Jolie." Katherine Cornell has stepped in- to the background since the debut of Frances Stein, talented actress, who will next appear in the produc- tion "Carl" written by that cele- brated playwright Janet Stein and capably directed by Dorothy Nird- linger. Legula Harwood has been riding on the wave of success since her violin solo, presented last night at Carnegie Music Hall. The critics praised it very highly. Who is that popular young ma- tinee idol who keeps the women waiting at the stage entrance? . . Charles Henning is making a per- sonal appearance at the Penn this week. Line forms to the right, ladies. SOCIETY Creators of Styles Hold Show Mesdames Jean Rothchild and Jacqueline Weil displayed to fashion- able society, last night at the Wil- liam Penn Hotel, their latest crea- tions from Paris. Among the guests seen were, Mr. and Mrs. Knee Sylvia Swartzl Pete Margu- glio and post debs Mercey Braff and June Descamps, accompanied by those lions of society, Harry O'Brien and Lloyd Kramer. Court Presentations Louise Wloozley, Virginia Wel- shans, Gertrude Wilkenson and Rose Ali, all prominent society women, are to be presented at court this fall. CURRENT EVENTS New Record Set Cal. June 14h-Foster Reed and Robert Mitchell, daredevil aviators, flew yesterday in their ship "Blue- streak" from London to New York in six hours, fifteen minutes, thus, setting a new world's record in transatlantic flying. Smith Will Run for Governor New York, June 14-It was an- nounced today that Mayor William Smith will be a candidate in the next election for the office of governor. Herve and There Dr. Armond Fontaina was ap- pointed head of the Falk Clinic at a meeting of the prominent physi- cians of the city. George "Pendarvis" Kramer and his well known Hill Billies are ex pected here soon. He just com- pleted a season in London. Stanley Markey, noted journalist, was elected editor-in-chief today of the New York Daily Bla. 1,ll.l.1 -- .1M. - ... .l-T Words of Wisdom CConsisting of a bit of Chitter-Chatter emanating from Room 4633 Helen Elinoff-"Whoops, my deah!" Milton Lehman-"Tell me all about it gwwhatever it is I'm again' it." Sidney VVeiss-"Little man, what now?" Jeanne Kalish-"Lookie, here comes cookie." Janet Hyndman-"Anchors Avveigh! My program's full!" George Chakurda-"You carry the ballg Iill stay back here." Alvin Pratt-"How'do, Gals." .lack Montgomery-J'Naw! I bet you're kidding." Clarence Schulz--"I haven't any time." Richard Frankel-"Ahem,-unaccustomed as I am to public speaking." Bernhard Karoly--"It's the principle of the thing." Leonard Levison-The playboy of 463.-"So I said to Mr. Roosevelt." Margaret McClean-"He must be tall, clark, and handsome." Robert Donahue-"Who has his English done?" Arthur Isaacs-"What's the difference, as long as you'rc healthy?" Bertha Crews-"You may call it madness,-" Novella Crawford-"Yeah, man !" Mike De Fazeo-"Hey! How about that pension ?" john Fisher-"Bottom's up!" .lean Scholler-"Open, sez me!" Wilfred Sklar-"Remind me to put T. N. T. in your coffee." Grace Wilson-"What price glory?" Kenneth H'od.kinson-"Who, Crosby ?-Why he's small fry!!" Dorothy Stefanik-"Hi-sport." Winifred Brown-"Oh, Graham, thisyll kill you!" Russel Ross-"Tut-tut, dear man !-Punctuality, that's it." Julius Toth-"Nuts to you!" Elizalbeth Miclntyre-A life's dream pounded out on the typewriter. Louise Tytke-"Where's that tiger?!!" Marjorie Gloekner-"When the moon comes over the mountain!!!" Josephine Koyton-"A little of this, and a little of that." Paul Huichko-"Let me tell you!" Grace Thomas-"A birdie told me." Carl Carlson--"It's just gift, that's all." Sidney W'eisman-"Look how the five year plan is working in Russia Dominic Lucchino-"I would have played that shot this way." VVilliam Pastor-'Tm a natural l" George French-"'Who me?" Geraldine Hayes-Madame "X" Martin SachnoffQThe King of Blah! "All together boys-'phfh!?!? !' " !V9 81 CD0 You Remember Miriam Beeson's athletic achievements? Dorothy Bennetts expressive eyes? Joel Bennett's suavity? Carl Boltzls inexhaustible candy sup-ply? Anna Borsh's giggles? Antonette Civitate's high pitched screams? Edna Daniel's watch gazing? Dorothy Denmarshls sweaters and skirts? Tessie Dolatowski-our red-headed court stenographer? Tulie Englishys engaging smile? Ioseph Figola's numerous escapades? Mildred Flanick's studious efforts? Betty Gallls earnestness? Marianne Gerberls gliding walk? James Grayis flag salute? Michael Guerciopthe class romeo? VVilliam Howley's happy-go-lucky manner? Helen Hymanls German troubles? joe Katzis popularity with Miss Tait? Grace Kerr's operatic ambitions? Jerome Lebowitzis haste to do his nightwork? Sidney Lifsher's haste in getting the bulletins? Mary L'ipchak's shyness? Adeline Mallinger's soothing voice? Maxine Minster's continual tardiness? Arthur Molan's slaying of girls? Betty Osbornels pencil sharpening? Rose l'rofeta's sweet smile? Ruth l?urtell's gum chewing? Irene Rusch's quiet manners? Arthur Sachs--Jimmy Gray's stooge? Bertha Sakal's marble hair? Naomi Snyderis angelic countenance? Norton Snyder--the girls' delight? Grace Swetland's willingness to work? Rebecca Task's managerial activities? Ruth Weaver's hair cut? Lynn Weilancl's infectious humor? .lack Wilsonvoilr golfing champ? Matthew Yalchls harmonica playing? joseph Wills-tlie man without a country? 82 i-l-lLife Begins at 8:30 17-l-T Act I Time-any day but Saturday or Sunday: any month but July or August. Year-1935. V Place-Taylor Allderdice High School. Scene-Third floor annex. Corridor deserted except for a clock indicating the time-8:20. The stillness is broken by the patter of light footfalls as the petite ruler of 356 trips slowly down the hall. She inserts the key in the lock, and swings the door open, meanwhile drawing the blind to insure privacy against the hordes of two-legged pests who will swarm the halls. A quick glance around the airy, sunny room, and she daintily seats herself, preparing for a pleasant ten minutes of quiet contemplation. At the sound of the 8:25 bell, she starts, frowns at her watch and steels herself for theordeal which is to follow, for 8:30 is the dreaded start of school life. At this moment, Laura Dancoff saunters in, requesting errands to run. As she dashes out with a handful of pink slips, she collides with Maurice Goldberg, who is closely followed by Louis Mertz, Jack Schneider, Madelyn Sigmond and the inseparable pair, jack Cornelius and James Hemming, all intent on a bit of last minute study. The first to interfere with peace and quiet is Sarrae Kurtz, who flings open the door and rushes in loudly bewailing the loss of one corner of a ten-inch finger nail. In the next moment, practically all the light is obliterated from the front of the room by a clamoring crowd of newly-arrived students sur- rounding Miss Ruppls desk. She is at length able to detect the gentle voice of Ruth Fearon humbly requesting a sheet of paper, the stalwart tones of Meyer Rapport loudly demanding Shaefferls ink, instead of that already in the inkwell, and the laughing voice of julia Findl and Ellen Moorhead discussing the previous nightls class play rehearsal. VVhen at the warning sound of the 8:40 bell Miss Rupp has ordered the crowd to disperse, she is able to see that Esther Simon, Margaret Schwanrberger, and Regina McDermott are exchanging opinions on the institution of the Student Court. A second before the bell, as the absence list is being made out, Charlotte Marcuson dashes to her seat with hat, coat, and gloves. VVhile the late signal is sounding, Edith Stewart opens the door, shouts "I'm here l" and runs off again. One minute afterward, Regina Maloney arrives with her usual alibi, "But oh, Miss Rupp, the bell just rang." When Robert Jacobs reluctantly consents to close his books, Bible reading is begun. This is followed by the flag salutation which is delayed until Harold Sutch, Arnold Schutzman, and Harold Weinberger are prevailed upon to rise and join the others. The signal bringing this period of aggravation to a close, evokes a deep sigh of relief as the curtain falls on Act l. Act II Scene--Activity Period in 356, the same day. The scene opens with the ringing of the late bell. Betty Adams is standing before the desk, vainly trying to make her usual announcement heard above the noise coming from the rear of the room where Morris Levin and Harry Rosen- blatt are indulging in a never-ending argument. By the time Betty does gain every- 83 one's attention, and is relating the amount of silverware stolen from the cafeteria, Rose Gold enters and causes an uproar by displaying her bottle of Rem and spoon as reason for her late arrival. Wlien order is restored and the announcement com- pleted, Elizabeth Andre, Arbutus Coughenour, and Rose Airanyas turn to their bookkeeping records and complete columns of expenditures and receipts. Steve Ando employs his time by carefully constructing mechanical drawings with the technique of a skilled craftsman, while Edith Cromwell and Alma Jones are en- grossed in memorizing their lines for the third act of the class play. Miss Rupp beams with pride as she observes these diligent-working cherubs, and then attempts to make out a test for her sixth period class. VVhen she reaches question two, she is distracted by a continuous pounding noise. She looks up to see Williani Broberg roving around the room again and forgetting to return his size 122 D's softly to the floor. No ,sooner is he settled in his chair than an incessant chattering can be distinguished above the general hubbub. While describing the lines of her new evening gown, Serene Alter is knitting the last sleeve of a red wool dressy mean- while Fannie Herman is trying to sell her a raffle ticket from the -l-- Club. The exasperated Miss Rupp determines to postpone the history test and de- vote herself to lessening the noise in 356. She quiets these latest female disturbers with a threat of Sth period punishment, and, in the same breath, sternly commands Philip Wohlfarth to keep all four legs of his chair on the floor. Ah, silence at last, but no-Betty Rosenfield suddenly breaks forth into a dramatic stage whisper di- rected across the room to Lea Goldstein, who answers her question about the Hal- leck test in an equally voluminous voice. A black look from Miss Rupp in their direction is enough to silence these girls. By the close of this period, Miss Rupp has become so distraught that one word from George Hodgd-on her to change his'seat permanently to the chair beside her desk. The class slyly voices its sus- pect that not only George's conduct, but his good looks, have prompted this move. The bell announces the close of activity and again Miss Rupp welcomes the respite with a deep sigh. The curtain falls on the second act. Act III Scene-Same as Afct II. Time-3 105. Miss Rupp is seated at her desk contentedly munching her favorite chocolate wafers. She seems to think that the day's worries from her report class are over. and is then unpleasantly surprised when Milton Denmark ambles into the room carrying a baby doll. She reprimands him for the silliness of his appearance, which scolding causes him to retire with head hung. Climaxing the day, Miriam Freed enters to continue the Seventeenth Chapter in the story f ?j called Miriam Freed vs. .Miss Rupp. The subsequent conversation is not to be disclosed, although its nature can easily be imagined by the determined air with which Miss Rupp rises a-t the 3:45 gong. Again she inserts the key in the door, but somehow as she locks it, her attitude changes. She becomes once more the light-hearted, petite charmer as she trips daintily toward the office. Her one thought now is to enjoy life until 8:30 the next morning. CURTAIN 84 ' a Z I-4 '-4 D E?0E59?5355Wg?W5?5E9??E?EE??555925555:E59 WEBHQHHENHQ H'sg-EB'AHmB:"mg 3 HHE'Dn1 is Ng 'Q-'G0E'Emn8arQa2sQf'2 QNsw'?g'2Fs5 wwmawn' NH 5 ' U W QFQ Mm? H 81 Hgemn 5 O2 w as FWTH EO Q'0'Nwg0 O 0 D 2-1 EQE. ul wwmg gn. Q'-' QS O 2 'Un' W omvwmn ww DWR ZW wnsinmmn Omgnq 5 FWm0: xvwwnu-wh, mu-M-n1.45Ef.g--.. :ra moons-,Q Um.,--... sg m:'e55f:1?. 252252:-.2:s:.'W5:22S:452S'f""5"iGEs L1 Ngzgug-5vn:3 Nm'45-0111 gtzvh ru-7g"::g:U,?Uq"' :Z -.11-g-1952 -5- Ea: :O-50 -1 ::,,:C-'Q zz: ""''."5-'f1.:s:m-fisinzswiss-sggesmzslf " s:s2::s'1":':..-1-s'vsm-2' sz :.: ': ' .' .:P.: Em ::::::::'P-a"A'm-- "'hfl-ll-zkn N1-13-a' '-11-1':v"'u'-ul-13-lbinl-1 gyg???gg?g?:g?5W?????googgWooEoo?g5500320 -- rf " gr Q10 53 mm. "' U'U""'9' 5EF55?agg5Qioiuwgg5E1gQ?NWNE:s?ES?5Eam?SE g.,.,,.i2gnp, NHSFOE-EN g'ggE9Pl2g:Q.qm80E.2mgsw20iO 2a5w,55iggF.5m1wN, vgHg2EEgEf vi 2205. E ... W m ,. . , l ":0ia2':+ PQPS-w5:iHS5s g zi-?'..Pf52E'52"".2' -,rf ---I m: ' - '.m ' ' ,n ,-, .wmv-v. fb::.-nn. '-- . :,,,,O -ENo'g15.- g , ::::-1":'.'3.'U."' 1:1-W...-O-"'--h swigzg:qs,a52-5Q?35u55?.-9222mBgf'Egg5Q2 'EUv:9g,5Fjn25Fw u35Em'II2ZI?5WZZmm:. mg .g,qm. ..,,m.,,,,.,,,ogm m,mN , ,,m..':1n. 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The graduates of 1935 surely Illclal have taken this reunion to their hearts. Ten years havenyt changed their feelings toward their former classmates. DOROTHY DAVIS is a most charming hostess. Her penthouse is a dream of perfection. The interior decorator, RUTH FIREMAN, arranged a most delightful apartment. STUART COLEMAN and his orchestra are providing the syncopating rhythm. CHARLES FROELICH is -certainly giving those drums a beating. I notice District Attorney MORRIS BLOCK conversing with attorneys JULIUS CUTLER and JOSEPH CAPLAN. There must be something of great interest in the corner. Senator ABE ZATMAN is having a heated argument with DR. HAROLD KAPLAN. It's probably about politics. What is EVELYN HOOD up to now? Well, if she isn't collecting alumni dues! She doesn't seem to be able to lose that -old hafbit of collecting money. HELENA LANGIE and ROBERT BROVVN are discussing Helena's new composition while she is playing it for him on the piano. He will probably play an arrangement -of the song at his next concert. SAM MORTON, SAM PARATORE and WALTER ROBERTS have convinced ROBERT VANDIVORT that he should be the fourth of a quartet. VVhat singing! Or should I say screeching! We at least have plenty of music. The new Olympic rules seem to be troubling ALICE CROWLEY, champion swimmer, and HELEN RUTH TOTH, only woman pole-vaulter to be entered in the Olympics. Neither seems to approve of them. ETHEL MARBAKER, the famous model, is discussing the latest styles with SALLY DOBSON and MARY DALEY, who have just opened an ex- clusive shop for fashionable ladies. HELEN LEONA HARTLESS has just returned from China, where she has been serving as a missionary. She is holding an interesting conversation with CATHERINE TONER, who is serving as private secretary to WILLIS AN- THONY, the financier. MILLIE HATGAN, who has become noted for her creative hat designs, and who is known in Paris as Mlle. Millie Hatgan, is also conversing with them. LEONA BERNSTEIN, the prominent psychologist and child educator, is quietly listening to ELEANOR SILVERMAN, who heads the advertising staff of a lange department store. LILYAN GIBSON, the distinguished artist, ELSIE WITT, who takes her bookkeeping seriously, and GASPERINE MARRONNE, who teaches household economics, are strolling through the apartment, stopping to examine odd furni- ture and chatting with VVILLIAM CONRAD, who owns an antique shop. SYLVIA STEIN, a successful sales woman, listens attentively to his explanation. DOROTHY TEITELBAUM, one of the season's prettiest deibutantes, OLIVER HURST, who recently retained the tennis chamipionship for the 87 United States, IRVING BERNSTEIN, a noted Hollywood movie director, and LILLIAN VVEINGARTEN, the ardent social reformer, seem interested. VVhat different ideas are being presented here! VVENDELL WILLIAMS, who left his florist shop to attend the reunion, ARTHUR GLAMSER, who still hopes to be mayor, and Captain CHARLES HOFFMAN are interested in MYRTLE WYNN, who is doing t'he jig which won her a trip to Ireland while she was stewardess on Captain Hoffman's ship "The Lolly-Pop." I The hum of an airplane brings every one out to the veranda. FREDA LEWIN, the noted aviatrix, has written T. A. H. S. in smoke letters and has made a perfect landing on the roof. A trifle late, perhaps, 'but she's in time to sing "Auld Lang Syneu which brings the end of a perfect day. What a glorious day it has been for everyone. Many thanks to those who planned this happy reunion. The Theatre Review CPresents Graduation Get Together Directed by Miss R. D. Hartz Script: Vera Harkness, Thomas McClure Stage Settings: Harry Mettenberger, Architect Stage Crew: Charles Rodgers, Jack Kerns Decorations: Margaret Heidish, Interior Decorator Costumes: Eva Froelich Master of Ceremonies: Lawrence E. Orr tThe Matinee Idolj Larry-Hello, folks. This year our program is going to be different. All home room talent. Before we begin the program, I want to announce that the murals in the lobby of this magnificent theatre, were designed by that famous artist Mildred Jane Emery. Our first number is a tap dance by Margaret Pavlinac, and can this little girl make those tootsies go, and howl C Peg appears, dances, applausej Larry-Next we have a campaign speech by Thomas McClure, candidate for Mayor. May I introduce our next Mayor, Thomas McClure. T. Mc-Ladies and Gentlemen, I am very grateful for this opportunity to make an appeal to you. All I have to say is vote for me for mayor. Ouch! Who p threw that tomato? QMakes a hasty retreat.j Larry-As a restful interlude we will now have a selection by Henry Hutchinson and his Matchless Musicians, while our famous television star, Marjorie 88 Wolfe, presents an Adagio dance with her partner, Harold Broudy. QMusicians play, partners dance, applausej Larry-Thank you, Miss VVolfe QPsst! lVhat are you doing tonight?j QMarjorie leaves disdainfullyb QCurtainj Scene: School Room Characters: Supervisor and several young men and women. Sup.-Young ladies and gentlemen, this is our annual convention, as you all know. First we are going to have an oral review of what you have been teaching this last year. Esther Greenstein, how mu-ch are ten, eight, and two? Esther-Eleven, supervisor. j H Sup.--Corre-ct, you have an intellect equal to l2instein's. Vera Harkness, what is wrong with this sentence, "Them boys was beautiful?" Vera--It should be, 'AThem girls was beautiful." Boys are handsome, not beautiful. fSome of them.j Sup.--Excellent. James Bassett, what is the formula for baking powder? james-HZSO4, and 'by the way, Supe, just call me UL. Mf' fLadies Man.j No need to be formal. Sup.-Fine, that was a perfect lesson and I am very happy to say that the schools in which you teach are very fortunate in being so favored. Larry-The next Number will be that famous Classic "On the Road to Manda- layl' sung by our popular baritone Theodore Matuszeski. Incid-entally Esther Amsler is at the piano. QTed singsw-Applause and calls of "Encore."j Ted-l'm terribly sorry, folks, but I must leave for Hollywood and my -plane is ready. So long. Larry-Have a good time! Next we have Miss Margaret Cooper, the famous stage and screen star who will do a scene from her latest picture "I Want to be Alone." Peg-Hello folks, I want to be alone. Larry-What! When I'm around? Peg-It doesn't go that way. Larry-just a little joke. Peg-You can't make fun of me. I can't emote with you around anyway. 1,111 going. CShe leaves but sticks her head around the curtain againj P. S. folks-this is just a scene. ,Bye, Larry. I.arry--So long, Toots. Our next number is a concertino by that great concert pianist, Marjorie Bandman. fPlays, applausej Larry-Thanks, Marge. The next feature is a chorus number done by nurses and doctors from the various hospitals. The chorus consists of Margaret Meyers, Emanuel Caplan, Betty Kennedy, Richard Calloman, Eva F roelich, and Robert Campbell. Maybe I'd better say a word about these people while we're waiting. Bob seems to be having trouble with that black satin tie of his. Tch! Tch! To think that the scientist who cornered the love bug 89 and isolated the spring fever virus can't tie his own tie. There that cute - little nurse is doing it for him. Hmm! Mayibe mine needs retying, too. Well, here they come, folks. Bob Campbell, Richard QDafoej Calloman. and Emanuel Caplan-by the way, Cappy ol' kid-what's this about you and Marjorie Wolfe? E. C.--Oh, just one of those things. CThey dance, leave, applausej I.arry1Now, friends, the main feature of the evening. We have a big surprise in store for you. We are going to have a double wedding right here on the stage. Rebecca Needelman is going to marry her boss, and Gladys Ludin is to marry her first millionaire. just a life 'long ambition, you know. NVell, we're all set, folksg the ceremony will be penformed by Reverend Joseph NVillem. Marjorie Bandman has kindly consented to play the wedding march. QMarriage takes placej Larry--And next, may I present George Ralston Raisig, of the Ralston Straight Shooters, who will give an exhibition of fancy shooting and lasso artistry. Geo.--Bang! Bang! Bang-bang-bang! Banglbang-lbangl Bong? Audience-Ray, Allderdice! Larry-And now we will be favored by a talk by that smart young society matron, Henriette Bergmann Van Horne, on the need of a society for the prevention of saxophone players. V H. V. H.--Well, I don't want to take a lot of time, is there anyone in the audience who likes saxophone players? QDead silencej VVeill, then you can all sign th-e register of the society at the door as you go out. VVe"ll do something about this menace! Larry-Thank you very much, Henrietta. Qlcy glare from HQ Oh, pardon me-will you Henriette. We will now have an interlude during which the audience will be served with cheese and olives through the courtesy of the fNoraD McClure cheese and olive factory. Nora's trained dogs, the "Purpingtons of Purp," will put on their s-pevcialty act immediately after- ward. QAudience dines, pups actg applausej Larry-The next feature is a one man, or rather, one woman, style show. The most beautiful gowns in the world, designed and modeled by a girl who matches them, Miss Isabel Ritz. Clsabel models several gowns, cloaks, etc. Alpplausej Larry-Associated with Miss Ritz is one of our foremost beauticians, Miss Eleanor Kern, who is unable to be here as she is visiting in Europe this summer. You will now hear Steve Matv-ey, Alabama football coach. CSteve appearsj Well, Steve, how're your chances for winning the Rose Bowl game this year? Steve-'We can't lose. The game's in the bag. 90 Larry-How do you feel about winning all the games so far? Steve-All the credit goes to the boys, but I gotta go now. QI gotta datej Tally-Hoh-0. I.arry-We will now be favored by a talk by Harold Geilman, on "How I built the Geilnian Dam." Iiarold-Well, folks, there wasn't a lot to it. All I did was to draw up the plans, and then sit at my desk and push buttons to make people hop: pretty soon it was finished. Larry-Next, Russell Dickson, traveling salesman and amateur chicken raiserg Bob McElroy, petroleum engineer, Paul Meyers, the electrical engineer, and VVilliam Paulus, the mayor of Oshkosh, will give a quartet rendition of that old time favorite. "I'll Be Your Dishpan If You'll Be My Dish." with everyone joining in on the chorus. C50HgD 359 F Yolande Lebowitz Bernard Halpern Ryna Mattes Bertram Roth Milton Wfasserman Rose Camponeschi Graham Straub Mary jane Venger Robert Houghton Selma Simons Harvey Simon Cute and pretty is our friend Yo, Listen boys, she can cook and sew. In his studies he's the top, A sure success-not a flop. Happy and jolly, full of good cheer, Always Ryna is quite a dear. Dimpled cheeks, eyes of blue, Boys like Bert are mighty few. A Socialist in heart and soul, To make you one is his goal. Quiet and plain is our friend Rose, Always a smile wherever she goes. A happy-go-lucky boy in our classes, Well liked by the boys as well as the lasses. This girl is 'clever and smart, Her sincerity comes straight from the heart. Never says much, yet rather gay, But when he opens his mouth he has somethin Hair of a brilliant hue, Loyal and kind, forever true. Vlfhen out of slchool his living he will earn, And of his fame We soon will learn. 91 STI Russell Dick June Clippinger Gertrude Palkovitz Gerald Oestreicher Selma Horowitz Paul Moore Annette Nagin Grace Martin Melvin Meth Harry Fuller Ben. Abravenel Ruth Golden Mamie Recht Mildred Epstein Alice Hirsch Margaret Capalbo Harry Bash Florence Hinkes "What a mann Russell, never a word At least we haven't from him ever heard. Sweet voice and plenty of charm, To be in her presence could do no harm. A new girl in our crowd Of whom 'we truly are very proud. Always happy, always gay, Into our midst he brings a bright ray. Selma happy, Selma glad Al-ways pleasant, never mad. ln all athletics, how he does shine, NVhen he is gone, how we will pine. She's small and she's shy, Her smile no one can buy. To say goodbye would be quite sad, Her time with us has made us glad. Always the best, Stands out from the rest. This boy, with his brief-case, ln our hearts has won his place. His friendship we do prizeg The loss out him we could not equalize. Ruth is sweet and she is cute, All of us Ruth does suit. In our room Mamie is chief, To say goodbye will cause us grief. To make a mistake with her is talboo, And with us, she is certain to come right through Now Alice to all is a chum, And never in class has she 'been glum. This little girl is hard to describe, But to make her acquaintance, we prescribe. Harry is the pride of the band, And in our class a helping hand. A quiet girl without much to say, She does her work from day to day. 92 Donald Smith John Korchak Wilda Mae Baker Robert Kornhauser Roberta Maizleeh Edward Kaplan Edna Kauffman Beatrice Rice Selma Ories Forbes Holton Jack Miller Ruth Isaacs A genial boy, very clever, His friendship we can never sever. Neat fellow to have around, Few like him can be found. A song and dance is her theme, To entertain us is her scheme. This witty fellow with his constant clowning, Makes 359 no place for frowning. Roberta has helped us in many ways, And in her studies makes many "A's". Athletics is his line, And in them he does shine. Knowing the answers has brought her fame, In our -class she has made her name. Her smile is sunny, Her laugh worth money. Selma rates high, Selma rates best, 359 with her was blest. A physique like a soldier or marine, Forbes should do good on the screen. Many a coach for Miller would wish, jack in the water is just like a fish. Doris Vogan Fine thoughts of Ruth with us will stay, Even when we are old and gray. Now Doris is really a peach, VVhen needed she's always within reach. Sunrise on a Yokohama Mountain QO1' Why Children Leave I-Iomej fDirect from our Japanese School Correspondentj Bell !-to work, Teacher say: please answer, So say-no Know, Then "EY, Oh pshaw! Lunch !-same menu, Then study-what do? Drag on-Tired day, Home-more study, Eat-think of tomorrow, To sleep,-must remember- Work next day, Teachers-studies. Morning,-sweet spring, See clock,--my goodness- Rush !-1 Belll- Then Bell-repeat work, Hooray! Oh pistachios! CNuts-to-youll ' 3111 Bmntiam 1-l- WESLEY E. BUDDE Died Ian. 31, 1935 110 is nmdf' 0110 with 1IllflH'I' . . . HU is cz f'l'f'SFI1!'C fo Im fvlt mm' kzzmwz In rff1.rk11f',vs and in light, from hfrb aim' SILUIIF, Sfvrmr1'1'11g ifsrlf TUflI'l'l'yl'l' ffm! jmfvm' 'lllllj' 7ll0'Z'l' I1'l1ir'l1 has m'ifl111'1'r17v11 ifx Irving to its 0'ZU1I,' Hflzivlz wic'Id.v flu' funrlzf wiflz lzciw'-ivm11'iz'rf low, S1lA'fUfll5 if from Iwzzmzilz, and kf1lCHFS if c1I101'c'. -SHELLICY ALVIN LAWLEY Died Jan. 24, 1935 A qnivf zmas.v11111.i11g lad who in the short period of nun uzozztlzs iuon his 'way and made fricmzfv among both icczclmrs and pupils. 94 ---Q 95 BOSTON PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL l' .-.1 Litgrarbp Editorial HE founding of the Boston Public Latin School marked the first noticeable step forward in the education of the masses. At the three-hundredth point, the modern student looks back on that foundation as being the beginning of sec- ondary education in America, and as being the initial stage of the progression from a one-room schoolhouse to the 180 room building of Allderdice. On the one hand, we have a higher education in Latin alone, for pupils fro-m nine to twelve years of ageg on the other, we have all the commercial as well as academic subjects, in- cluding extra-curricular activities such as the shops, crafts, and music depart- ments, for students from thirteen to nineteen years old. The equipment of that pioneer school consisted perhaps of a few crude chairs or benches, a slate, and probably a small stove for heating purposes. Picture the modern concep- tion of a school-Allderdice: with its three large gyms with all equipment per- taining to athletic activities, with its large auditorium and stage, with its many craft rooms and home economic provisions, with its four huge furnaces providing ample heating facilities-does it not symbolize the advancement in education more vividly than any words? Teachers, fully prepared to specialize in certain subjects- are they not more efficient than the former all-powerful schoolmaster? These various bettered conditions are preparing the children of today to meet the future with more hope-more reason to hoipeffoi the best that life has to offer. Here- after, educators of the VVorld will undoubtedly make still further advances, and every person will be able to receive a still higher training that will fit him for any work. Let us, then, all do everything possible to attain this ultimate goal. qlie Crigin of the Modern High School HE nineteen-hundred-thirty-five graduating classes should feel highly honored to participate in the celebration of the 300th Anniversary of the Foundation of Secondary Education in the United States. VVith the establishment of the Boston Public Latin School in 1635, the foundation was laid upon which our present splendid system of public education has been built, and in commemoration of this event the Tercentenary of Secondary Education is being sponsored by the Department of Secondary School Principals of the National Education Asso- ciation. This celebration started during Education Week in 1934 and will close in June 1935. Desiring to express our appreciation and to contribute to the success of this important educational anniversary, we use this theme in the 1935 Allderdice Journal in commemoration of this event. On April 13, 1635, the torch of the educational system in the United States was lighted when the freemen of Boston, Massachusetts, adopted this order: "Like- wise, it was then generally agreed upon that our brother Philemon Pormont shall be entreated to become schoolmaster for the teaching and nurturing of the chil- 97 dren with us.', The Boston settlers were especially well fitted for the task of establishing the schools inasmuch as records show that one man in every two hundred and fifty had been graduated from an English university. It was natural that these educated men should start the career of the school and they did not delay in doing so, for it was only five years after the settlement of Boston that the Boston Public Latin School was founded. Philemon Pormont, the first teacher of this school, did not continue his connection with the school for any length of time. He was reported to have been a follower of Anne Hutchinsong and after going into the wilderness of New Hampshire he founded Exeter Col- lege, and served there as pastor in l638. A small group of boys, for the girls were not admitted until 1828, and Philemon Pormont the pioneering teacher composed the personnel of the first school. Little is known about the subjects that were taught but we may surmise that Greek, Latin, and religious studies composed their entire schedule because these were the subjects taught in the English institutions from which the early American schools were closely patterned. Massachusetts inaugurated the first real system of education and the character of the schools in this colony was developed from the peculiar form of society and government. Thus the system of education was democratic, concentrated and homogeneous. From such a small beginning with one instructor and a few p-upils has grown the splendid service now provided for more than six million young Americans by twenty-six thousand public and private high schools. Secondary education has advanced one step after another, eaoh essential in view of the growing needs of democracy. Secondary education has passed from the Latin grammar school, to the academy, to the free high school, and this advancement is one of constant adaptation to changing needs. The Tercentenary should be more than an observance of the founding of the first school. This is a time to take inventory of our own advantages in education in comparison with those of the first pupils in the United States. The students of 1935 have access to gigantic buildings of two hunldred and two hundred and fifty rooms compared to the small bare room of the first school. Present schools are equipped with all modern conveniences such as heat, electric light, Ventilating systems, etc., while the Boston Latin School was fortunate to have a small stove to lessen the chill of the cold New England winter. The founders of the Public School system would marvel at the size of the faculties of today with one hundred or more instructors and they would wish that the text books now in use might have been available to their students. Criticism would change to thankfulness if the students of tod.ay would compare their ad- vantages with the hardships that the first students endured. The educational torch lighted three hundred years ago has been held aloft by each succeedin.g generation and its illuminating rays have reached every part of our country affording to the youth a priceless possession. As graduates this torch is placed in our keeping. What of the future? Shall we, by neglect, allow its rays to be lessened and its horizon shortened or shall we be ever watchful and zealous that the Public School system shall be an ever increasing source of power? 98 une Honor Pupils Highest Honor Leah Goldstein Betty Adams Rose Gold Edith Stewart jacques VVZlClllICl ' David Olds Bernard llalpern Betty Rosentield Roiberta Maizlech Alta Moses Ruth Goodman Leonard Shenkan Evelyn Hood Jacqueline Vlfeil Relmccc Bertha Thomas Ruth Smith Daniel Lichtenstein Helen Maulslmy .lean Schoeller Novellla Crawford lloris Vogan Mary plane Venger Edwin Horne Mamie Recht Freda Lewin High Honor Reeva l'earlstein ,Beatrice Zwerling' Clarence Schulz Yorlanfle Lelmowitz .leronie Leilmowitz Grace XVilson bleronie Spandau Honor Catherine Toner Stanley Markey Molly tlazdik Edith McCormick Laura Dancoff Morton Stern Jeanne Kalish Miriam Beeson Lillian Harris hlanet Hyndman Edith Gorenstcin Milton Wlassernian a Needle Service Qflwards Milton l.ehman Miriam Freed Miltcmii l:Sl1lZ1ll Floris Finesilver Robert Jacobs lrestcr Smith Betty Koelker man Matthew Seltzer lanies Bassett Vera Harkness Margaret Vavlinak Marjorie Bandman .lack Levin Henriette Bergmann Frances Stein Gertrude Xlilkinson Martin Saehnoff Dorothy lflowell Magee Naffah Margaret Paddock Jack Levin Betty Adams 99 4- " Y' c ., '45 . fp " 5 'Wf-,X S 1 THEYSOOVI' kr 1-uf Socml- '--1-V . ll Klllll wsu' H . 0 , vue-sr D GND 4 MAN Ls Tea" A Q 9. ' X 'T +51 f Q i v Q -p- ff A X 4Z4l.-xbflirx WE' , lv - I, ' Hllll! All H ll IIIIHIIIIIIHII IIAIIIIII I Ill ll ll ll' Iwou'-r RUN AGAIN -Loouuosi ,6 S. ow-ms w6LcAREfp i SX 066 vw tad 'f Riff YL , " hives 3-+ 1' Y +- 02. ' Q H 1 N, M" 'NIH ,I I sue'-1 A 1.-1--r..! 'YEGHBD on-rn HEAD. x -BARNEY Guam-F S 5 ff? O W 1 0 h W7 ,gfigf M- a 2 KC, K JIlLIIf'IE1l93 4 f .5 'ff' r - ,.g..u , BEST no m ocwe Yana J, il?'i5?g4 A 1Au1'uoR ANONYMOUSQ 1, 9 ash +'4'1Q"' tg' I Ga 9, 6,7 1'-1 '99 ' " 7 1 5+ f f Z if 4, f 1 ' ANN wsm Tmneww-11 HK ' SEL. MAD A env , Ill um mace lignlisusfraiqg' an A Evggreneb ,,n11""5g , , AND Evcnv WHERE ANN XVEPRNOW' M m Hsuom.. 41" 52 0 .' JACK WAS BQUNDTQ QQ' ' 90 x .1 ' ' ' ai M l il '. , ' m 5 mm cor UP HND finfvt :frm IQYIIPB ScHwHD3JTw:Q2NSQn1:: ' 0 dmv " J Q' V ' 0 ' ww Tue-1 TELL me nm I ' Fw 0 f w"'n u TXEZEQVEFTEAMI xx n 3.7.1 xanax . ' ,Z-2: yi' NW ' WHO'LL BUY MU' X fa' ,M Acer Yoon vxcwu " ... , ffmw bffz? an A 5 . f,T5"" whim XW-7 FTELDMAN 1 g 0 lhllllillllmx ,, 1 - ti ' '10 'wg ga n 500115 J W APQSJEF W' 'Q I- A- ' f xx' " ip co DSTIEN v L zvfszsx, bixff L Ssmou '55 4:-fuer .W 100 Senior Class Cpmductions -Twelfth Night- HE Senior Class of February, 1935, presented as their dramatic production, S'hakespeare's well-known "Twelfth Nightf' Under the able direction of Miss Pregler and Miss Houston a cast was chosen that gave a splendid perform- ance in their interpretation of the difficult classic. Only one performance was held on the evening of January 17. The acting was excellent and the fine costumes and scenery lent a touch of realism that is quite uncommon on the high school stage. The audience was very much amused by the antics of Feste, the Clown, Malvolio and Sir Andrew Aguecheek, as well as by those of Fabian and Sir To-by Belch. Maria, Olivia, and Viola were presented masterfully. Genuine sorrow was felt for Sebastian, Antonio, and the Duke. The names of the players and their respective roles are as follows: Orsino-William Kunkel Priest-John Pearce Sebastion-Louis Ross Malvolio-Richard Cassaday Antonio--William Rittman Fabian-Carl Haller Sea-Captain-jesse Levine Feste-Os-car Goodstein Valentine-Milton Tauberg Viola-Marian Brand Curio-Frank Lewis Olivia-Marjorie Mills Sir Toby Belch-Sidney Dorfman Maria-Carmeline Bonaro Sir Andrew Aguecheek-john Klotz Officers-Jesse Levine, Jack Henderson The dancing numiber was su.pervi.sed by Miss Andrewsg the Stage Crew was under the direction of Mr. Hayes, and the gypsy players were directed by Miss Zeigler. 'Prompters were Adelaide Bacharach and Margaret Paddock. Z? le, 102 A' .ii .T , -':'KV ww i Q f 2 ig M Q Q M M bi , fry J Y at 9 K A fi" ., , W .X K ', 5 3. - w 1 ikukgixfk 51' T4 Z 3. 1 1 , 5 3 1' E x f 5 2 'lv mf ? ,. . Qs ,wah fi? m f 'Y ' ff" . 'A 5 1 rf, ,V .E gin: A if' fy, Wkw 3 pam in K 4 wif Y iv Qi QQ ' www- k ylb -4 N gk: Kk,, ' 5 fx .Q .Q 3, xg' QS SN, , .,. ff sg F , Q f f a,w f 'sf' .. i saw - i min, f K, i . gi: - . f 1 iii 522 - gg: -' - gf wi . Q . g y 'iss f ' fy " IE v fr A K gf 1 3 'Va :ffif 5 E xg , , gig w,fg?fg2. fkiwiilfz 55' Q Nr afagggisi. P ,545 1- A 'v-Qi? 5www2wf5 eWWQQi wE ,Q-f,, . L L , X f.:. k i M5 X: K I ' , 1 A - Vi Q ' 'X 1 M' if I 15, H.-gf ' . V, R . f f N ' Q' i x A P 7 ,fiW"b 21 A , .. , 4 I . fy ,, 4 1 :gf W "' x ,Q nm 1 Q : M X . . . A 2 Rf, ggi P ,,1f,?gSsqgf,jk-iifs .1 ,X f 4 , X I Y , A 4 2 , ? 1 .ws 9 1 2 , 7 ,. Sf 7,7 x ,Q .'"g52-,W1i4" V, I k 1 ' 1 Qvgw? 'Q f i . -3 f - 2 jf K - ML Mi K L. , . iid Q K5 .5555 he-g :VA :VM Pg WJ,-'y S if , . H' L y raw' - ", S W E' Y A '21 , - .ga Q Y Q2 ng, auf 1, 5? 'mxf ki Q wr 3 x Q 'iii 2 as - is ff X? f, lv Q 53 i Q! er 5' if I w SW , if THE CLASS OF JUNE 1935 of ALLDERDICE HIGH SCHOOL Presents "PLL LEAVE IT TO YOU" by NOEL COWARD in the ALLDERDICE AUDITORIUM, MAY 28 and 29 PLAYERS Mrs. Dermott .........,............... .,...........,............................ E dith Stewart, Francis Stein Daniel Davis, her brother ..,..... ......... M ilton Denmark, Edwin Horne Sylvia ..................,.........,....,........ ......... B ertha Thomas, Edith Cromwell Evangeline ........ .................................... S ylvia Schwartz, Ellen Moorehead Joyce ............... ................,... .................. L 0 uise Rittman, Floris Finesilver Bobby ................ Oliver .................... Mrs. Crombie ....... Faith Crombie ......,.... .......Leonard Levison, Gregory Zatkovich, Lloyd Kramer James Bassett, Joseph Fink Julia Findl, Jacqueline Weil .........Alma Jones, Doris Vogan Griggs, the butler ....... , ............... ........ J oel Bennet, Jay Reich ACT I Scene-The Hall oi Mulberry Manor, Mrs. Dermott's home, a. few milves out of London. Time:-December of the last year. ACT II Scene -ASame as Act I. Time:-A glorious summer clay, eighteen months later. ACT III ScenwSame as preceding acts. Time:--Seven-thirty the morning' following the events of Act Il, Book Holders ..... . ..................... .... ..,........... I . eona Bernstein, Nora Mcflurc MANAGEMENT Directed by Miss Hedwig Pregler Staged by Miss Ann A. Houston Wardrobe Mistresses-Miss Irene E. McDermott, Marjorie Trimmer, Eleanor Sable Scenery Prepared by Mr. Hayes and Stage Crew Musical Direction by Miss Laura E. Zeigler Furniture by Courtesy ot' Half Brothers of Homestead Business Manager-Jack Levin Assistant Business Manager-Yolanda Lebowitz Stage Crew-William Paulus, Sam Paratore Original Musical Compositions by Alta Moses, Robert Kornhauser 105 , 2 f --f.. , , 5 5 if f Q' 2 Vi i 4 Q, XR Q "'2 I A :ff fi A p -. f ,, A 5 V ? I 3 , L LL " , "K" -' ' tk I W 3 Y fx iw i X 'A . Jfgfli wif www-af,.wmvMQN x 1 '- 5 ' fl 5 M as QW' 'D+ ' , Q ,. kg , sf I r H 'W Q ww v gf", , 'fp 2 ff" v ZS' , U' K " ? f' ' if L - ' 'Aifr5',',. , f Sm gf, .aww gay, Q 'B M., ...-.........,.,. 41' J -gm Clubs -4, SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL President-Jack Levin President-Mary Osborne Vice President-Marshall Palley Vice President--Ruth Morgan Secretary-Betty Adams Secretary-Sallie Osborne Sponsor--Miss Houston Sponsor-Miss Houston STUDENT COURT OFFICIALS THE FOREWORD Chief Justices-12A: wiuiam Smith, 1213: Esther Amsler, Stanley Markey - Editor-in- HA: Edward Boyle Chief Sergeant At Arms-Gerald Feldman, Eugene Lipman Miss Riddle-Faculty Editor Chief of Patrols-Sylvester Seigel Court Stenographers-Florence Hinkes, Tessie Dolatowsky 108 5 ME, fJA,,if FIRST HALL PATROL PERIOD PATROL SECOND PERIOD PATROL 'DHIRD PERIOD PATROL FOURTH PERIOD PATROL 109 FIFTH PERIOD PATROL SIXTH PERIOD PATROL SEVENTH PERIOD PATROL ELEVATOR BOYS Elijah Getty, Charles Scott, Jack Dorsey, Francis jordan Charles Denes, Louis Livingstone Substitute-Marshall Solomon 110 +5 s SSX PLAYERS GUILD President-Leonard Levenson Vice President-Bernard Halpern Secretary-Edwin Horne Treasurer-Gertrude Broida Publicity Chairman-Edith Baker Sponsor-Miss Hartz MEARIONIETTE CLUB President-4Rosel1a Bass Vice President-Helen Stevenson JUNIOR DRAMATIC CLUB President-,Shirley Lehrer Secretary-Treasurer-ADiana Rosenberg Sponsor-Miss Wagenknecht STAGE MAKE-UP CLUB President-Ruth Fireman Vice President-Edith Stewart Secretary'Treasufer'Le9nafd,Sikov Secretary-Treasurer-'Mary Louise Little Foreword Reporter-Julius Livkoy Sponsor-1MiSS Zeigler Sponsor-Miss Koenig BUSINESS SERVICE GUILD President-Betty Gall Vice President-Lynn Wieland Secretary-Grace Swetland Reporter-'Catherine Toner Program Committee Chairman-Helen Smith Sponsor-Miss McCamb1ay BOOK ROOM CLUB President-Seymour Perlut Vice President-Arthur Hurwitz Secretary-Treasurer-Helen Glick Sponsor-Mrs. Hoyt 112 LIBRARY STAFF Direction of Mrs. McMick1e Miss Anderson RED CROSS President-Dorothy Douthitt Vice President-Lucille Mendoza Secretary-Treasurer-Ruth Crawford Sponsor-Miss Alice Thompson Care of Am, Red Cross ANNIVERSARY CLUB President-Jean Olson Vice President-Betty Condon Secretary-Treasurer-Adeline Roth Sponsor-Miss Donaldson THE' WAFFLE WEAVING CLUB AMATEUR NEEDLE WORK President-Gilda Tamburi Vice President-Rosell Frishman Secretary-Violet Kapelman Treasurer-Marie Kapelman Sponsor-Miss Held JUNIOR NEEDLE Presidente-Bertha Lubet sponsored by Miss Grossman, has no offi- cers. It is merely a social group which meets once a week for enjoyment and waffle Secretary-Treasurerflflorence Karsh weaving. Sponsor-Miss Graham Vice President-Marian Lobnda N3 LE CIRCLE FRANCAIS President--Hilary Lurie Vice President-Millie Cohen Secretary-Treasurer-Hilda Boreman Foreword Reporter-Mildred Roth Sponsor-Miss Richey SENIOR DEBATING SOCIETY President-David Olds Sponsor-Miss Welsh SIGMA IOTA President-Jacques Wachtel Vice President-Elinore Spann Activities Committee-Milton Lehman, Chair mang jay Reich, Falk Arnheim Secretary-Milton Esman SponsorQMr. Faust JUNIOR HUMANE SOCIETY President-Mary Osborne Vice President-Harriet Harris Secretary-Treasurer-Marjorie Heinz Sponsor-Miss Miller 114 f I ff 0 MASKERS-MISS PREGLER President-Harry Rodin Vice PresidentQEsther Marcuson Secretary-Betsy Ross Sponsor-Miss Pregler GIRLS MECHANICAL DRAWING CLUB President-'Evelyn Hayden Vice President-Helen Toth Secretary-Treasurer-1Margaret McClean Sponsor-Mr. Veigel MATHEMATICS CLUB President-Tillie Seltzer Secretary-Treasurer-Jack Harvey Membership Chairman-Evelyn Miller Publicity Chairman-Bernard Lindenberg Sponsor-4Mr. G. B. Snyder Can You Imagine? Bill Snizile not lozifing? Jack Henderson not joking? Betty .lane Oliver not talking? Lois S'CilIICl1'Ol not "gy'pi1ig'?', llorotliy MzicD0n:1lcl not Z1 tzilentecl pianist? 'lolin lilotz "flunking" at sulmjeet? Siclney Durfinzin not lmluffing? listelle Kern noisy? Nelson Ciniiilis not being :L clever artist? .Xnna Marie lielie not pzirtieipzitiiig in sports? Genevieve Mitchell not typing? Izzy Sliapiro not "flunking?" Sidney Seeixzilcl not rolling' zirriuncl on niztts? 115 listlier Rust liking lzivencler? Gertrude Hztstie not telling juikesli Pj? lilsie june Close with strziiglit liziir? Czirnielinzi lionzim not lziiigliing? Kemp Griffin not clrziwing? Ray Gacly not sewing? Pearl Abels not in the office? Dick Cassacly not balancing stuffs. etc Donolcl Roliel not on ri motorcycle? Martlia Nietz with gray lmir? Miriam Kiininelstiel not voueliszifing infurination ? Virginia Sutton not driving? Musical Calendar for 1934-35 October 10-Male Chorus and String Quartet-Educational Program K. Q. V. 12-Milton Thomas, Violinist--P. T. A. Meeting. , 21-Group A and the Girls' Chorale-Third United Presbyterian Church. 24-String Quartet-P. T. A. Meeting, Linden School. November 7-Band, Orchestra, Group A and the Male Chorus Education Night --P. T. A. Meeting. 8-Orchestra, Gimbe'l's Department Store. 9-Harp Trio, Teachers' Meeting, Greenfield School. 14-Girls' Chorale, Sectional Meeting of Teachers, Gladstone School. 25-HMale Chorus, VVeekly Y. M. C. A. Program, K. D. K. A. December 5-Orchestra, American Vocational Counsellors Meeting, VVilliam Penn Hotel. 6-Male Chorus, Third United Church. IO-Orchestra, PQ T. A. Meeting. 11-Orchestra, Intermediate Assembly. 12-Band, Junior Assembly. January 16-Girls' Quartette, Educational Program, K. V. 17-String Quartet and Orchestra, Incidental Music, TWELFTH NIGHT. Senior Class Play. Girls' Quartette, Dart-ball Banquet, M, E. Church. 20-Group A and the Girls' Chorale, Bethany Lutheran Church. 22-Harp Trio, Tuesday Musical Club. February 3-Girls' Quartette, Greentree Presbyterian Church. 21-Girls' Quartette, P. T. A. Meeting, Rodgers School. 23+Girls' Quartette, Fraternity"Teaf'.Honie of Mrs. Foster. I March 3-eGirls' Quartette, Greenfield Presbyterian Church. 13-Selectecl Singers from Groups A and B for All-City Chorus and Twenty Musicians Chosen for All-City Orchestra, Music Educators Convention, Syria Mosque. 15-Group B, Music Educators Convention, William Penn Hotel. Ted Matuzeski, Vocal Solo VVinner, Music Educators Convention, Wil- liam Penn Hotel. 17-Girls' Quartette. Ames Methodist Church. 22-Girls' Quartette, Squirrel Hill NVoman's Club. April 6-Allderdice Salon Orchestra. Commercial Teachers of Pittsburgh. 3-Group A and Girls' Chorale, Waverly Presbyterian Chur-ch. Group A and Girls' Chorale, Evening Service, Homestead Presbyterian Church. 12-Girls' Quartette, Squirrel Hill Woman's Club. Salon Orchestra, Ensemble, Girls' Quartette-4VVestern Pennsylvania School for the Blind. l4M-String Trio, Educational Program. K. V. 17-Group B, Girls' Quartette, and Ted Matuzeski-Senior Assembly. 28-Group A, Emory Church. May l-String Trio-Meeting of Mathematics Teachers, Carnegie Inn. 116 bv? 'L fvvxkwdf'-J MMU WWW vfim ffkwq ! .fs N4 Y, I4 0 . ,. Y ORCHESTRA A BAND A 117 bwlkkw f' 1 I fgfffpqfj P ii ORCHESTRA B STRING QUARTET TRIO BAND B 118 x f iUJu.3L L5 1 f V 'VVYY " ,,,,... MALE CHORUS HARP TRIO Q 'N GIRLS' QUARTET GIRLS' CHORALE 119 Voice Groups GROUP A GROUP B JUNIOR CHORUS GROUP c 120 cflrhlerics 121 FOOTBALL NTU the annals of Allderdice athletics the l93-l football season was etched with the drab tones of a 'blunt pencil. The dark hue of defeat was the callous coni- pensation bestowed by the football gods upon the valiant efforts of our gallant gladiators. To brighten this dreary picture were thrust only two colorful dahs of conquest, recording well-earned triumphs over the formidable opposition of Perry and Schenley. 122 Unleashing a sensational series of forward passes, the Dragons struck through the air with a brilliant aerial attack to win their inaugural encounter from Perry, 6-0. This first exhibition of the 1934 edition of the Dragon pigskin machine re- vealed a skillful aggregation and seemed to indicate a successful season. For the newest Green and White model responded to its initial test with both a potent of- fensive weapon and a rugged, stout-hearted defense. Although losing to Rankin in- their second tussle, the green-jerseyed gridmen further substantiated this first impression as they matched the performance of tl1eir victorious rivals on equal terms in every phase of the game except the score which was 7-6. In the other non-league contest, the Dragons were defeated by a powerful New Kensington High team, 13-7. But they went down to this defeat with heads unbowed and contributed an impressive performance notwithstanding the fact that they were on the short end of the score. Buoyant hopes were soon shattered, however, as Allderdice collided with league adversaries and sustained successive sectional setbacks to Westinghouse, Peabody. and South. The one redeeming feature of this sectional strife was the spirited thrashing the Dragons inflicted upon their traditional rival, Schenley, 6-0. Fifth Avenue wrote "finis" in black letters to this disappointing season by registering a 13-O shellacking. When Coach Irvin first assembled his charges last fall, he was greeted by only three really familiar faces-those of Mushie Parker, Bill Frazier, and Steve Matvey. It was they who served as the nucleus for the strenuous task of rebuilding which confronted the Green and White mentorg it was they who bore the brunt of the Green and White play, both offensively and defensively, and it was they who garn- ered in all the individual honors of the year. Emulating the deeds of valor of these three heroes were such stalwarts as Donahue, Chakurcla, VValsh, Moore, Tamiburi. Rosen, and Glousser. Allderdicefo Perry-O Allderdice-6 Rankin-7 Allderdice-0 VVestinghouse-13 W Allderdice-7 New Kensington-l 3 Allderdice-O Peabody-14 Allderdice-O South-19 Allderdice-6 Schenley-O Allderdice-0 Fifth Avenue--l 3 123 SOCCER TEAM lfllf soccer team, directed by Coach lrwin, began its season in magnificent style. The first game was captured without much trouble from the Sehenley eleven by a 2 to l score. The winning streak continued when Allderdice downed the Silver l.al4ers in the last few minutes of their game when they chalked up a l to O victory. The next game brought the first defeat when a Peabody team was victorious in a hard fought game, the final score being 2 to l. The following week Coach lrwin's boys held Nunhall, the former state Champs, to a scoreless tie in a non-league game. The next game on the schedule was that with Arsenal. The Allderdiee Dragons piled up a 2 to O lead at the half. but were not able to hold their ground and lost a heart-breaking game by a score of 3 to 2. The following game was an "off day" for the Green and XYhite. They were con- quered by a strong filadstone eleven and the result was a 5 to O defeat. The season, however, was ended in fine shape by a victory over the Baxter squad, The Green and XVhite Dragons, through the fine playing of John Hood, Michael Chereha and the rest of the members, have built up an enviable record. RIFLE CLUB HI-Y GREEN KEY FENCING CLUB 124 GREEN KEY ROM Septennher to tl une the Green Key has CO'11Sll'11L11llI1lCll a full calendar ol activities. Brought to a successful culmination this month hy the annual picnic at Riverview Park, the program included visits to the XVestern Penitentiary, McConnell's Mills and Frick Park where seven new members were added with an impressive initiation ceremony. The annual banquet was held at the Downtown Y. M. C. .X. during the Christmas respite, and its joyous reunion with graduated nienrbers proved the success of this seven year old organization. Rounding out this year replete with activity, were the weekly Tuesday meetings in which ath- letic participation at the field, gym, and swimming pool was offered. Besides these enjoyments the Key did not forget its sportsmanship purpose which was carried out to the fullest degree hy assisting' all the visiting' coaches, officials, and teams who were guests at Allderdice during the past year. C H D A I M V P E I R O S N A. Patnik J. Stover 125 ffm CBASKETBALL BIMXCK cloud was cast across the Allderdice basketball horizon during the entire 34-35 season. Only once was this thickness penetrated. It was a faint glilnnier caused by the glistening scoreboard numerals which recorded the Green and lYhite courtinenls lone win--a 24-18 triulnph over Perry in an inter- sectional fracas. Youth and inexperience were left groping about ainidst the pitfalls of a sop- histicated world of basketball. Nevertheless, the players studied their lessons faithfully and sustained the hard knocks and buniips courageously. Although they inet with little success, their never-say-die spirit is worthy of the highest coni- niendation. Noteworthy among this victory-lmarren season were the individual perform- ances of Mushie Parker, Lou Ross, liddie Kaplan and Harold Goodstone. To- gether with their inexperienced colleagues, they performed their basketball chores to the very best of their ability. 126 TENNIS AINTAINING the same supremacy which has characterized every Allder- dice tennis team, the Green and Wliite netmen should win the city champ- ionship again this year. justifiably, Allderdice may be called the cradle of city scholastic tennis championships, because every year of court representation has found an Allderdice raquet wielding aggregation occupying the title throne, and an Allderdice racqueteer either champion, runner-up, or both. Under the tutor- ship of Coach Franklin B. Hoar, this year should prove no exception. Mainstays of the 1935 tennis team are last year's runner-up Oliver Hurst and his competent colleague, Jerome Goodman. GYMNASTICS HE gym team, in spite of the fact that it was made up largely of tenth and eleventh graders, upheld admirably the record established by the preceding gym clubs. The gyimnasts led by Captain VVitt were barely defeated in their first en- counter when they dropped a close meet to the Schenley stunt men. In the f-o1- lowing meet Coach Hoar's boys were downed by a powerful Westingliotise squad, but they came back and finished their season by conquering the Peabody per- formers. ' In the city finals, the Green and Wllite, as usual, came through in fine style and captured the third place position. The success of the team can be attributed largely to the fine supervision of Coach Hoar and to the splendid performances of VVitt and Brace on the horizontal bars, of Hall on the mats and of Bozon on the horses, also to the wonderful display in club swinging staged by VVedner, Lipman and Lebowitz. CROSS-CQUNTRY HE Cross-Country team captained by J. Boyd, enjoyed one of its most suc- cessful seasons. Coach Hoar's runners were victorious in two out of three meets. They decisively defeated the'Peabody pacers by a 24 to 41 score and chalked up a victory over the Schenley squad and Tech Plebes in a triple meet, which was held on the Schenley Park course, by a score of 31-41-45. The Green and White racers' only defeat was suffered at the hands of a fast Langley team by the score of 18-38. The Allderdice Dragons wound up their fine season by taking second place in the city meet. Over one hundred participants from the various city high schools took part, and five of our boys were among the first fifteen to finish. 127 SENIOR 100 POINT WINNERS JUNIOR 100 POINT WINNERS SENIOIR GIRLS' LEADERS CHEER LEADlERS CBASKETBALL NEW type of basketball was inaugurated for the eleventh and twelfth grade girls last fall. Instead of playing the regular court game, the two court style was used. Another change which has made the game more interesting was the elimination of the ,center jump in favor of the throw-in. Closely matched teams and keen competition throughout the tournament added thrills and excitement to the games. The captains Chosen hy the girls were B. Adams, E. Close, L. Goldstein, and M. Tonkin. - Elsie jane Close's team defeated the winners of the eleventh grade tournament, and then won the championship game from Lea Gold- stein. Tihe members of the winning team were Elsie Jane Close, captaing A. M. Belie, M. Deljaolo, Findl, G. Hastie, M. Kimmelstiel, and M. Paddock. The manager of the twelfth grade tournament was Lillian Baseman and the games were refereed by Betty Jane Oliver, Lea Goldstein, and Virginia Shidelerg all of these girls played in the tournament in addition to refereeing. 128 GIRLS SENIOR LEADERS CLUB L AST year the Girls Senior Leaders Club attended the Leaders' Club Frolic held at Langley High School. A health play was given, and after dinner the var- ious clubs entertained with songs. The Langley Club provided an orchestra and the girls spent an enjoyable evening. The officers for last semester were M. Mills, presidentg B. Adams, vice president, Jeanne Kalish, secretaryg B. Oliver, treasurer, and M. Paddock, social chairman. , , This semester sixteen new girls were admitted into the clutb. These girls were chosen because of their good sportsmanship, athletic ability and tlheir ability to carry out the ideals of the Leaders Club. Fifteen girls are graduating this .semester and they will be replaced by other girls who are considered w-orthy of being in the Leaders Club. The presiding officers are B. Adams, presidentg C. Weil, vice-president: B. Gall, secretary, L. Goldstein, treasurer, and M. Beeson, social chairman. HOCKEY LVVAYS a favorite sport of the eleventh and twelfth grades, 'hockey was received this year with more enthusiasm than ever before. A hockey team consists of eleven players, and with four teams for both grades plus the sub- stitutes, almost a hundred girls took part in the tournament. In both grades, only those who had played hockey previously were eligible to become captains. The twelfth grade captains were-Betty Adams, Elsie J. Close, Marjorie Mills, and Margaret Paddock. For the eleventh grade, Gertrude Broida, Betty Kirschberg, Virginia Shideler, and Claire Weil were elected as captains. Good teamwork was an outstanding feature of all games. Margaret Pad- dock will be remembered as the outstanding goalie of all teams of both grades. Many times the ball was shot to the goal only to be returned with hard clearing- shots from her stick. Other members of her team who showed exceptional talent were Betty Gall, Louise Rittman, and Margaret DePaolo. Anna Marie Belie, who played center half-back, exhibited remarkable qualities as a defense player. The forward line of Marjorie Mills' team was well supported by the halfback line where Marge starred as center half. Cooperation and good team- work was evident in all games played by Betty Adams, team. Elsie Jane Close's team, the winners of the tournament played games full of thrills and action. The champs were-Grace Miller, Lea Goldstein, Edith Cromwell, Alice Crowley, An- toinette Civitate, Rose Rizzo, Fanny Herman, Betty Jane Oliver, Dorothy Stef- anik, Gertrude Hastie, and Elsie Jane Close, Captain. The chief scorers were Rose Rizzo and Elsie Jane Close. A strong half-back line, consisting of Stefanik, Cromwell, and Goldstein played an important part in the defense. On the sidelines. if a pile of sweat coats was to be pulled apart, Laura Dancoff would be found in the midst of them, acting as scorekeeper, timekeeper, and general all-around manager. 129 SWIMMING IVISN only a short time in which to practice for the swimming meets, the J eleventh and twelfth grade girls who were anxious to make the teams liter- ally made hay while the sun was shining. Every activity and eighth period that the swimming pool was available, found them enthusiastically competing with each oth- er, working up speed and attaining skill in their swimming and diving. As the day for the Sectional Meet approached, eliminations were made until at last the final squad was chosen. The Championship Meet was held October llth at Fifth Avenue with all the high schools in the city represented. The eleventh grade swimmers won first place. The relay team of this grade won the city championship for the third successive year, having previously won it in the ninth and tenth grades. The twelfth grade was well represented in the Trial Meet, but met with a few qualifications in the Championship Meet and narrowed the chances of winning. In spite of their hard luck, however, the girls showed good sportsmanship and carried off two second places. This ended the swimming season for the year. GIRLS' SENIOR VOLLEYBALL ERVE, "Spike it,', "Set it up," were a few of the cries heard as the senior girls' volleyball teams went into action. This year, any nine girls from the same grade were permitted to form a team. After the captains were elected, a double elimination tournament was run off. The first games were won by the team which reached fifteen points first, the later games were w-on bythe team having the highest score at the end of thirty minutes. The captains of the nine 12th grade teams were: Betty Gall, H. Boyd, E. Haydn, G. Broida, H. Maulsby, M. De Paolo, R. Maizlech, G. Wilson, and M. Emery. B. Gall's team, winner of the tournament, won each of its games by a wide margin. The team members were excellent servers and spikers, and all played well together. B. Gall, captain, M. Beeson, A. Brors-h, A. Civitate, L. Goldstein, H. Toth, H. Lipchik, B. Sakal, D. Stephanie. - The 12th grade manager was Rebecca Task. 130 Familiar Sights and Sounds To Ye Seniors Mr. H. H. VVilson- "I-low's that-" I. T. Shriner- a "Oh Sugar-' Coach Irwin "Now Listen, You Birdswu Mr. Thorne QGone but not torgottenj "Understand?" CAnd Howj Miss Blessing "How many see?" A Slurp and a Munch. The Lunchroom, Dope- The fainting of Mr. Longneicker, when a student asks for a supplementary law book. Miss Evans in the hall, picking up paper. Mr. Young, and that tan roadster of his. lrwin Rubenstein-"Geeve eet to heem Rubee." The Daily Blah-Leonard Levison. Mickey Berman-Pay as you enter Doc? Bucky McKifb'ben-Clothes and Wininien. XVhy Lad, the brass of you? CGuess whoj Gregory Zatkovitz-On guard? Mr. Sissman-Watcli the Birdie. Me-Trying to think up all this STUFF. Mr. Soles and his flock of gun cranks. Bertram Roth sleeping in the hall 5th period. Wayne Glausser-Ye olde faithful seller of lunch checks. Doris VoganAOlkay Toots. Little Jakie Miller--And the girl friend. Morris Block-They call him an oboe player? Dorothy Teitelbaum-She was -only the baker's daughter but oh how she could raise the dough-What's funny about that? CDon't get me wrong for insinuating anythingj Famous pair--Miss Mlcffandless and Joel Bennett. Famous sayings- "How does a mice when it spins?" by J. L. Montgomery. Did you ever see a dream walking? VVell I did. C3rd floor, end of 2d period, near libraryj. VVhat's that terrible noise? VVhy that's Donahue yawning. 131 ' x fx X 29 +f 4 ' 5 Huis COPPER ' HALPTQNES AND LINE ETCHIINGS THAT WERE 'USED IIN PRINTING TIHUIS BUUKWEHZE MADE gy me SUPERIOR ENGDAVING Co. 255 Q7E4Avenuf' Pitfybugi Pa. K c XX DAT AND NIGI'IT SE VI lf?-' j X' uf --.--- X K f i,F XX. X' - 4 XX. 1 V Q X. In 132 THE ALLDERDICE PRINTED BY MAYER PUBLISHING 8a PRINTING CO. ke! C11 A r EdP bg Ph 1l0f7Hld 133 Ann M. Gallagher ' Greeting Canif for All Oemfiom RENTAL LIBRARY 0 HA S952 1823 MURRAY lAVE. HALF BROT I-IERS "Happy H ome F 1fH"7'li5!Z67'5,, 120-122 F. STH AVE. HOMESTEAD Student Singer-What I want t know is, am I a bass or a baritone? Miss S.-No, you're not. Nurse-You were very naughty in church. Guy. Do you know where little boys and girls go who clon't put their pennies in the collection box? Ciuy-Yes, nurse, to the movies. Student fseeing' teacher after return of a test-paperl-Miss R., I don't think I deserved an E on this examination. Miss R. Qwearilyj-I know, but we do not have any mark lower than that. A-Define a polygon, james. James fa 'bright young ladj-A dead parrot. Ffozcers For Every Occaxiorz TITC HENAL F LO RAL C O . 1720 MURRAY AVENUE foPPos1'rE MANOR THEATRE, Phone HiA Zel 3377 Pittsburgh, Pa. THE UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH has lived since the log cabin days of Pittsburgh. It "I lives because thousands, touched by its influence, have greater earning power and are happier in things of the spirit. Q-X,eu 4 Some blunders from examination papers. QWe are proud to report that they are not from our own temple of higher l'earning.j Things which are equal to the same thing are equal to anything else. Letters in sloping print are hysterics. Absent-minded husband and wife off on a long trip. Wife-Honey, I forgot to turn off the electric iron. Husfband-Don't worry dear, noth- ing will burn. I forgot to turn off the shower lbath. - EDefl?Qyx lrsl see us for p Reliable Jewelry and Optical Service 311-315 Smithfield Street 'T' Only Opposite 4th Ave. Pustoffice 'mm Phone JA ckson 9774 Jiffolla feiziiiy Tfzrlof T lie Home of Service EXPERT PERMANENT WAV- ING and COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE Open 9:00 A. M. to 9:00 P. M. MRS. B. MARKLEY, Mgr. 1933 Murray Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 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Wfhen she appeared for breakfast next morning she was greeted by her father with these words: "Good morning, daughter of Satan." To which the daughter respectfully replied: "Good morning, father." Binsfock Jewelers Offer Their Sincere Congratulatiom to :lie Clancy of 1935 Expert Watch, Clock and Jewelry Repairing 1929 Murray Avenue, Squirrel Hill JA 3175 Murray Beacon Alleys Pcrzrifylvuriiab M or! Beauliful Bowling Alley: 25 ALLEYS 1916 MURRAY AVE. JA 0266 Expert Bowling Coaching, Afternoons Squirrel Hill Bowling Alleys 24 A. B. C. Alleys RESERVATIONS AND PARTIES Lou P. Golvash, Mgr. -IAckson 9827 5844- Forward Avenue hi U RRAY PRESS Quality Printing at BUICK PONTIAC SAM SO N SALE S Low Cost CO. g Jackson 2000 S826 Forbes Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. 2009 MURRAY AVE- HA 3742 Service-1915 Murray Avenue 136 C omplimems of O. K. 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G e orge Hodgdon Physique ..... ..................... .........,.. L e ster Sm-ith Intellect ...,..... 4,...,. B ernard Halpern Disposition ......... .....,.. M ilton Denmark Debonaireness .......... . .,.,....... Foster Reed Cuteness ...i.,................. ....,... G raham Straub Wit and Personality ..,. Bobby Kornhauser Dress ......,..................... ...... C harles Henning Capability .....,. .......,.. Jack Levine Ambition ............... ..... I acques Wachtel Sportsmanship ...... .............. B ill Smith Youngk News Stand scHooL SUPPLIES NovE1.'r1Es TOYS CANDY 5804 FORBES STREET ALL 'DHE MAGAZINES 140 Compliments 0 f Marathon Linen Supply Co., Inc. 812 EAST STREET FA 6606 C omplimenls of AMERICAN COAT, APRON and TOYVEL SUPPLY CO. N. S., PITTSBURGH, PA. CE 7410 raeefflnrtinhfchoo 'cz school discriminate " Jecretliltllilfillgldults l8"'57oor Memn f3uilding .'Pittsburgh, 7911. 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PITTSBURGH, PA A cknowledgements to HALF BROTHERS 120-122 E. EIGHTH AVENUE, HOMESTEAD Qflclcnowledgements The Journal Staff wishes to take this oppor- tunity to acknowledge aid in the compilation of this journal. XVe are greatly indebted to the teachers and pupils for their splendid coopera- tion and support as well as to Miss McCanIlJlay and the Business Service Guild for the typing, and the art department for the art work. 143 wwf fzfjiwzlwghu WW W Qifji- Ji- :W ' fl T ""::' :" E:.. ' ' 4 A, ' ', ' 4'1 .::. 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Suggestions in the Allderdice High School - Allderdice Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) collection:

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