All Saints Commercial High School - Excelsior Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY)

 - Class of 1947

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All Saints Commercial High School - Excelsior Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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r5"I .',. I'I Il-I II 'I 'Ii' IIf"i'I . J. .IIII 1+ TI III5IIIA f.I ,II II ILIITII. II, Ir. .IIFI 1 ul I. -- -1 H' ...-II. .- ..:f- I"1 GSI' I IIII HIIIQHI Ii. Q I. II- II III IIIrJ I. I I ,I 7.1'I"'I4.:v'- 'I ' rv 'I .. 1I.yi'. II. IE Ik nip: "' .II In I 3. .I .I'r' I I 1 F5 If '--"-'I I .1 I.-N! I' - I I I II? I-IIE' IIE 4 1II'I I r.. .gl IIIIIII-II II.-Ir'I.I 43' I-JI. 53? I " III 'J .' I'- - '-Il. I I II-I -IJIQIPI 1,g'Il'I: II"I- .ISII II III, 4' I f 5-Q I' - I 'Z -Tl II I . II- .- IIQIAII -II l'. I, I 'J' ! 'I I III 3 III . WE'-'1. 5,I ... .I- I .I . . I.-. ' I IIII. - I . If A .... "4 ij I I '- I fbi.. II '. Fi I I. ' EZ .I.II?' '. . IIII I 32: I I: -env, I. .. . III... . I' - I' I - - 44.-I . - I---'II I. .. I - .-'I Llp. "'1. f I I,5.'I .. I- I. 1' I.1"i, . I' ,i.,.I" ' .I II. 1. .-.EI I' 'II -' III. ' ,U II, 1 " I II: I I I: 'IIf'3,, ' ' I I -uI- 'I II. I III.I- . 'IL 'W 1 JI P. . ... ' I III- I' '-I xl QI: I' if SI' I I . 4111.5 If 32 ' w'..'I .I I ' I' II" ' " if I, I .. I I,..I..I4 ,APLII If I If I 'Iii I -Igf: I I 4 I ' . . . . I. TIIIIIIII III. '-II .,.. -IIIII ' AI I -f " 1.-JI. I.,:,.g4- - .I I II.L'.,. L' .II . L.:I 1II.I...I-I' .W I .. +I , I-'I I -II" ,I , I ' K I- I II I I II "+I IIII LUIIII . I ' ' 4' -144 ' . . .4 .ILL '. .S WEL -'III' ' Iv -Ilf. " ""'I'I'.. --IEW-IIII I ,o' - .I' ' I l I I . .. , I. :I+ I I- ' - I I,-T 'QTQa,1- 1-I T LII 5:':,-.-' ' 1Ii'II" ,II c TI' I A .I I -I II' ' 1- I I I I' ' I .4 .. I I I ,Ip-II., 'I - ."'1 I-. - , ' ' :P I -.I "I 'I - " I I - I - , .. - . . I 1-1 'Iv I . . .I,I III . . I I. I . IIIIII I-Q: I II I IItv'g.I. .L I I . IIIIII L, I I I I I , . Ii... . -. -I L"-III.:-Q ff I 1' L' "I-3' 5' . .III-I I ,I R j III' 'TSIII 'I' .gfl IJ- I.fI I.-' If -QI.-. ,II III . III' . .I54 I , , AIIIII I II,.I I. .1 -. "' 'I .Iv 29- "F I G""i'I." f. I I ,II-III ...I 'I III .I .,I ,MI 'I ,II u ri I I I IIIIII .JAII I-I-. .I .. ,I 14,1 41-'M F QI -. .,,, . . I. I IE I, IS' .QI 'I , '-I' I. ,Irv'1Nl'- A . ' I .,I ' ,I ITF I' I 'TI I .II ' I ,I ,IIIM In 'I -' I I . I- .I I I-- FIJI 9.1-HI, I, I' 1.1-I I 'III' I ' I- .-., .4 I I III I .I -II: " -I I Iff- IM . ,-+- I I Ii " 71' " I", I MI' 'W' I I' ' I1 'I -WI? I- II' ' L . I I .L I . ' -.III'I -- . ii ' ' ' -I .I II... .. I-. 1-f -I - .- I I- I - ' I , "KL: ,- , I , I I I' 1III I, III III +'QI1.Ir'1' ' -Lf' I " Ig 'I 11.11 I 'I -'J If I I . I I ..: I1IIIEIIf II III It - 1 I ' 'f I I .II . L", '-1.1 .I '24,-.. - I- I 6 I IIIIIII In! . - I .I IL- II I I 1 ml U III I. III . I III- IVF-I. YI I II A - - I I I, -. ...IQ in-.II .I .I I. I I IIiIQ..i, I, I1 LIT? 'I - I -I ,II I I - -III II I if I. ww 1141 .1 .llllh 'J I1 1 I -' 1 9 . I '-.-' IPF, 5 .una-' I EXEELSIIIII 9, 13 Q96 'O .J O I E KJ ff i 'ff 2327 . gdb I ALL SAINTS EUIVIIVIEIIEIAL HIGH SEHUUL SS WHIPPLE STIIEET BIIUUIGLYN, N. Y. IS47 Rlivukliwn XXRMANDU U'URrz0l,o. PSN Prcwirzciul Pfx1,1.m'1NE FATHERS QIfYliRliNlJ Ncm'1'lsxiR fXNsr:1.x Priorvss 001101111 DrmlNlc',xN Slswus In K ci IS .J O O . 4, 3.3 Zz atm ka ,uf if 'tg DEDIE TIU Xve, ttie gractuates ot 1047. are very tiappy to ctectivate ltiis issue ot ou tmetovect tlxeets ior to our new Reverenct Pastor, tjaltier t-uciian Atvtnate t,.S.tXt., iDZlSIT1LICt1 as we are tiis tirst ,qrartuating group tiere at Att Saints. Xvc tmave wetcomect Fattier Atztuate on previous occasions, tuut we wistw to express at ttwis time our sinrere tiope ttiat tie witt tearn to tove Att Saints as we rto. 7 Xtve reeognize Fattier Atutmate as a sctioot man, ever on ttie atert to sec ttiat Att Saints Commereiat tives up to its ,qooct reputation. Our onty regret is ttiat our time spent witta Fattier tias been so stiort. txttay Goct tvtess tiis future years at Att Saints. . RIXIRIXIPI liIXN1XI'I'X'l'I' HXIHI' IJ :arm UU! si U ya, A E 1,3 Q6 Q, -O sl g 2 of rn 'P M -2: -4' 2 hi sts z' 4 An Appreciation of the Sisters of Saint Dominic We wish to extend our sincerest gratitude to the Sisters of Saint Dominic for their patience, Icinctness anct help during our stay at AU Saints. twemories of the past two years will certainty inctucte our hetovect Faculty. There were times when the Sisters were very serious, and there were times when they were gayg hut they were always themselves, ahte and ready to meet any situation whether it was to give an extra hit of scholastic help, a correcting took of reproach or an encouraging smite. To know them is to love them. That is why we, the Seniors of AH, Saints High Schoot, take this oppor- tunity to show our appreciation to our unforgettahte teachers who have spurred us on to the heights of amhition ever making their motto HExcetsior.H May' God htess their wort: anct give them strength and courage to carry on for many more years to come. JOAN FASANO '47 - -4 Bm me ol. Cu.rz1ru'o1-. N.xc.o.fx1.r.N. OP. llrirrvipol ljcur Cvrarcluulvs, mlllu- om- lllUSl lilu-ly lo Slli'l'f'i'flH is ir lillc- lwsloxyml lmy llw Qfililllilllllgj 1-lfrsson our- ol llwir llllllllJi'l' lu wlrom llwy pc'rc'c'iw llu' ullulilivs uOr'0ssnry lor il Sllf'Cl'SSllll 1'!lfl'l'l'lll Stlllll' l'llOSf'll liolcl ol CllllllilYOl'. . llsuully ouly our- is uc'c'orclc'rl llrul voycrlvcl lrilmulc'-llmc' ollwrs musl svlllo lor somm-llriug il lilllg- morc- prosuiv, lwrlmps an lllllv morc- svulimvulul. or ar lilllv urorr- uurusiug. N4-l, varvlr om- iu llrul group possvssvs ll1c polvuliul qxmlilivs lllul umlqc- lor slrwoss. rxlxilily is uol somcrllriug you lulrvril liliv llw volor ol! your vycrs, nor clo you m'4Iuiro il lmwzrlrsr- you liyz- iu vougcuiul surrounclings, or zrssoviulc' witlm ilu' riglml liiurl ol' In-oplc-. rxlmilily sl:-ms lurom c'l1uruc'ln-r-llml iuclvllrmlulv somvllming llml is you-llml you, yoursa-ll fwolc- lrom xyillriu. ll is uourislwcl lmy your c'l1oi1'r-lac-lwm-or: rigglml uucl wrong, vourugv uucl wr-frkrwss, zurnlvssuvss nucl uvliou, Your lm-mlm:-rs lmym- lu-llwrl lo lvuu llw spurlg You vnu iucrcnso ils luriglll- uvss lay iucluslryuufl ,mrmlfrkaugQ-Ilm-1 or you run quc'uc'l1 il, lmy lisllcssncss nml lllCllllCl'i'IN'l'. Your pullr lic-s vlvur lu-lyorv youl liccp in Illlllfl llrc- priuvilmlvs llml lmvv lam-u luuglrl you: slriw 4-mlm cluy lo lwllc-r your arvornplislmmvuls ol llmc clay Jclorvg lx- lrour-sl zrucl sirm-rv iu your clcalings will: olllcrs, uncl you vzmnol 'ull-you will lx- Mllw om- mosl lilwly lo slrfrvvcllll Your prilrripal, Nw me Nl. U 45:1 Rlllllz Nl,Xi.l7.Xl,l'.N. Olb SISTER FRANCES DE CHRNTAI., OP. Religion, Stenograpliy, Typewriting, Sociais SISTER MINRY CYRIL, UP. Bookkeeping, Machines, Cafeteria I If I I ioi. 1 I. .,,,,,, l'HQ...E ' I .., ... ,,.,., , ,... , IJ SISTER IVIARY VIQNARIJ. OP. Stenograpiiy, Typewriting. Engiisii, Law, AII.Imnae SISTER M. JOAN THOMAS, QP. Religion, Boolclqeeping, Stenogruphy, Introduction to Business, Missions .mail i , I , . SIs'I'IiIe XIARIH CoI:I'I',x. U, P. Englisiw, Sll'll0QfillJhy, Typcwriling. Excelsior. TIM- Flmnv SISTER M. GuR'I'IaIInIi XXERUNICA. QP. Pmusincss Arilliniclicf. Stcnograplwy. Typc-writing. Dramatics 1 , . IIEII ' 'I I ' 'II 'IU IIIVIII' I . ' ' 'If fi I,j,Q'II,,'IIg5,I,,, I, ,iifx I ' I I II ' ' I II I' II I, X Y , . SIs'I'IiIz N. PHILIP MAIzc:IxRIiT, OP. low, Typewriling, lntrodurlions to Business, Bookshop SISTER IVIARY ANTONIA, CIP. English, Religion, Typcwriting, Athletics I 65- IS T' 'O 5' 'Q 2 O 4 L- U7 2? -D 4' F r, A2 FY gxs A TRIBUTE TU FATHER UUHBULU, P. S. M. Excelsior would not he complete without a word to our former Pastor and friend, Father D'Urgolo, P.S.lVl. Our hearts hold a two-T old message for this shepherd of soulsg lirst, we miss him very much, and second, we lcnow now with what sadness he must have left All Saints, for we, too, must now say farewell to our heloved school. Xve have already congratulated Father D,Urgolo on his high office of Provincial of the Pallotini Fathers, and we can also envy him for the satisfaction he must enjoy as he looks haclc on his fruitful years at All Saints. Xve can almost hear God whisper, INV ell done, good and faithful servantf, Father not only served God, hut he served everyone of us hy thinlcing up new and hetter ways to please us. Knowing Father D,Urg0lo,s charm and liindness, we feel sure he will he successful wherever he goes. Q 1 U10 'il' Q .S +0 N' 2 O ny i f , 'gf Ii UWLEDGE IS POWER "Knowledge is Powerln Yes, "Knowledge is Powerf' You lwave cliosen your llieme well, dear students. Knowledge and power are synonymous, and wlien tliey are strengthened by tlwe determination to malce tluem come to life'-f go to worlc lor you-tlwey merge into a single word-SUCCESS Knowledge is familiarity vvitli a subject gained lay instruction or observa- tion. You liave to your credit two years of commercial scliool worlc wlaicli has had as its goal: "Fitting you lor a place in tlwe business worldn wllere com- petition is lceen, and wlwere otlwers equally equipped will cluallenge you at every step, ln your quest for success, you liave anotlier aid-your Religion. Religion is tlie laasis ol all lcnowledge-all power. The meaning of life, tlae source of all liappiness, tlie principles ol all learning were tauglut by tlie greatest of all teacliers long ago-tlwese teaclwings do not cliange witlri tlie times. They form tlae cornerstone on wlwicla eacli ol you will louild. The success you aclaieve will be only as great as tlie use you malce of tlie powerful weapons your teacliers of today put into your liands. Tliey liave tauglut you well, use tlwe lcnowledgc you have gained-use it fearlessly and your Mlfnowledgen will be a "Power" for good, not only lor you lout for otlwers as well, in wlwatever worlc you undertalcel CNHRIST: Hxvliat reward woulclsl Thou have? THOMAS: .SN4,7IlCl other Illll, Tlwysclf, Lord." UUH P!-XHE T5 Uppermost in Gods mind alter He made His laws of respect towards llimsell' was respect towards our Mothers and Fathers. "Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother" commanded He, and He didnyt mean mayhel The Fourth Commandment is the only commandment to which God has attached hoth a blessing and a curse. Happiness in this world and the next if we are good to our parents-misery here and hereafter if we ahuse and neglect them. That law was not only made for the prim goody-goody hoys and girls of centuries past. lt still holds good for the hale and hearty youth of the twentieth century. One would hardly thinlt we would need the command of the Supreme lraw Maker to tell us to love our parents. Nature itself demands it. True, we love our Mother and Dad, and woe to the one who dares to cast an insulting remarlr against theml From the time we were tiny tilces, Mother and Daddy were the heroes of our world. Vxfe were frightened-they soothed usl XN'e humped our lcnee-they comforted usl We were lost-they found usl Vxfe rarely questioned them and never judged them. They were perfect because they were our Mother and Dad. Do we prove that love hy our actions now? l Do we inspire a loolc of pride in the eyes of our parents when they rest upon us. Do we malce them thinl: happily Hltys all heen worth whilef, NVhat's heen worth-while? What sacrifices have my parents made for me. My dear girls, try to snap out of the apathy of talcing everything without even realizing it has cost a sacrifice on the part of the donor. Since the minute ol our first hreath our parents have heen planning for our welfare. Many times those plans have cost them sleepless nights and empty poclcets. The deht we owe our mother and dad can never he repaid on this side of heaven. Yet, they aslc for little in return-donly the right to he proud of us. As we loolc into our own hearts, our consciences remind us of the many, many times our own Mother had done without something she wanted so much just so that we could have something we didn't even need. Have they not scraped and sacrificed to give us a Catholic education which they considered more important than anything else? The money for such an education could easily have heen spent on some- thing else. l lcnow ol more than one good mother who has scruhhed 'lloors to earn her daughterys tuition. It is a consoling thought to thinlc of that happy holy Family of Nazareth. We lilce to put our own parents into the place of Mary and Joseph. We admire their gentleness and lcindness and their tireless spirit of sacrificel That is all very good and aflmirahle. hut we must not forget there was a Child, Jesus, in the Holy Family and 'tHe was suhiect to themf, Do we follow His example ol ohedience? l fear many of us fall verv short of our marlc. lt's Mothers joh to lceep us in tow, to lay the groundworlc for us to grow into well-groomed. well-mannerecl adults. Young people don't want their parents as pals-they want them young enough to tall: to and old enough to tum to. All Mothers and Fathers are heroines and heroes to a large extent. They face the very ravages of lite to protect their young. We have lived through a crisis and we know they are the unsung heroes of this past war. They hravety and staunchty stood aside when duty called their hetoved children to war. They would rather have heen torn timh from hmh themselves than to send their hoys into the jaws of death. They died a thousand deaths daily as they tremuiousiy glanced over the casualty tist. Many, ah, too many, died in spirit themselves as they found the name they hoped would not he there. Of such hrave stuff is this country made-the parent stock is good so we need have no fear for our future. Parents grow old with time and many of them hecome helpless. The tragedy of that is they also hecome unwanted. Those who would have died for their children are now pushed from pillar 'to post with annoyance hecause they are in the way. is it any wonder God would put a curse on such children? Whatsoever you do to your parents, that same thing wilt happen to you. Let me ten you a little story. A poor old granny was hving with her daughter and son-in-taw. She had no money now for she had given it to her daughter to start her oft' in her newly-married life. She knew she hadn't many years to tive so she prayed her children would have patience with her until she could claim her Eternal Reward. Feehte though she was, she often tried to help her daughter around the house and several times she hroke a dish or cup. In exasperation the ungrateful daughter ordered her hushand to carve a thick mug of wood for her welt-meaning Mother. Two hright little eyes of their son watched this scene. Sotemnty the owner of those eyes went to his little toot chest and put together a rude cup of wood. At First the mother thought he was unusuatiy clever and she asked the tad what he intended to do with the cup. Her pleasure turned to chagrin when he innocently answered, 'Tve made it for you, when youyre old iike Grandmaf, This story speaks for itself. So, youth of America, tet us stand erect, and in spirit, word and action let us salute our parents as Gods gift to Mankind. I Q s ANNE HEILMAN '47 1 L 111 G +0 .J O o KJ 'E 'ff gf? 2-D 25 gif My dear Girls, You, at the end ol your husiness school training, lcnow where you are going-you are going out into the husiness world to malce your dehut and he- come successful in whatever worlc you undertalce. That is your immediate end. But, you are also going to God-you want to go to God-that is why you chose a Catholic husiness school for your training. That is why you have heen doing what you have heen doing for the past ten years of your Catholic Schoot tile. Every course in your curriculum has had an immediate purpose. Every part ol' your training has had an end proper and pecutiar to itself, and good in itsetl. Your entire educational experience is its own end and it needs no other justi- limtion. But, God is the ultimate end of your education-that is where you are going. Qtherwise your education would immediatety hecome meaningless and aimless. Because you lcnow where you are going and why-you are ot singular importance to the wortd. Because you lcnow where you are going and why-you quality quite ohviously to talce your ptace in the husiness wortd. You are going into a world ol' totat war. You must not toot yourself about that -Your enemy is Satan whom you will meet in his diahoticat spirit ol wortd- liness-ol hatred of religion and retigious, hut you hear powerful weapons of laasic Catholic lcnowledge, and their numher is legion. Use these weapons and use them wetl. Then your training witt not have been in vain. Your pastor, REVEREND LUCIAN ABBATE, P.S.lVl. ls Q6 ,oo -.1 Q f Ei iz qgmvf? ski' I ENUWLEDEE UF BUD I5 ABOVE ALL HNUWLEDEE If J MN f .N ,,, ...... A- - -- 41 e S N 41 X: , --- .if . xxx. as I 1, 4 J il I 4 4 . V! K I ' , ff! . .MAL-M WWM' 7 I V H Q Q I I O 1' I H 3 ,A..f---'-f'-"4" V yy ' l 7 Q 5 J HM U Q k,ll bf!!! 'Q AAL! i lvffi ' V' 5 W I' 1 'A' A' 'Q 'Hi-3.3-fi ' If 1 I ":?.:w Lu., w' S Nw X -7-',,,.f lf, '- ,1 Z--,..-o""" .,f" 4 nh!-'j,,,.Ju.g., , Mary Panlridzl Lnvirl H , ?' I . ,l , c,, r I-' fy MII n ' "' v f I 5 u ,I I A x 1 1 N if 1 ' " mx . " i A V lllil l'l'illl1'CS C IIPIDCFIIL X'ir'c'-lJ1'c'xi1fr'l1l I1I0l'Cllt'l'R0S1' IYIIHIIIII 'J If ffK',, 1 1. 1.4 , G ' ' f I I I I I , l I L 1 1 , - L 1 . I , J., 5 lurllm .lmw Svnnlon rl'l't'flSl zrvr JA' UARY ELASS UPFIEEH5, ffjpg .0 J',1"'m Q .loam Ann l:ilSillI0,s ,' !.- fi J I I 1' rvsir 10111 V . , x., ,f , - f' f 1 " ' I . I . It 1 IXIIHC A lzariv Ivilinim Vif'vAP1'vsirfc11l AQICIC Annu I Iill Sw'l'c'lul'y Cullmcwillc 74I'0FlSlll'Ol' Ixlillilx Sliavlipoolc u Sllsull !'I'ilIHl'Sc1IilIL l4Ifll'l'll1'1' ,Xyu-s fwluw ,f""1 .4 , ffl, 'M ,7 f' 1' f , af IF I' INIVH1 1XIIllc nalu X rim- New-f mln nu' lf:-vsw CYIIIIIUHIIK' IXIIIH' H4-gc-I1 I . .V fv x-'U f f 9 1 f' f,,, ' 7llillLx1Xlll0iIIVllC Bruno lgvlirm fxlivc' LiilIIlIlilllCHil Maury l:I'illN'0S Cili 5Iz1ryf11l,I1c'ri11c1 fN1'c11x'Icy IxIi1I'IIlil 1XcI1'Ii11c' fiulrc ,XIi1'c-NIz1ric-IX11111 IQ11s11111z11'x' 1XQ11c1s I Dull 1Ii1o 1 L, 9 1 ' if JJ I4 IL MJ A J V Q 1 L 4 Q, ,I' V1 1' ,lf ' I 5, II! FIz1ryIIc'r1111cIc1llc-IfI11'I1z11'cIl , , A I X ll ft, f ,.4,!.ff7!.ifw I 1,44 1 , I 7o1'0lI1y Lrg!! I . Ng, , 14'- 1, 1 V If, 4444 A1111 E111 I i0ror fic-Ioslc P-1111-111 I J'1X111I11'c1si11 ll'IC'tIf1L'1llIlI llllllltlll IIUIVUI' HH' S'VllUlIf'lIlUllS. SII I Ollililllfi' II1c-1'cs11 I J IXINIJIUNICL ' slmlws lim 4' 1'l'l.-ISACUN. ilu ifflmlvzrlrv nf lfw mmm ,Ill 1 A rg3au'r-l Maury 'fron AIOHXEIIIII,H14'Fl'Sil Gngjllu - 1 l,.nlru'mf lam- C :linkin 'clan 1XIIllc1llSllli'I'0li Awww? IXYIHCI' I.olu Xirgil1iz1l'.spusilo ,f -f' . f ,CA'1v 6 I ,L 2 ZLMJJV 7 AC, 1 ,af LVCQA Z0 ffff Nom Mario lrnlmy Y VIICFCSZI IQOSC Fillllil A lnriv 'IWIICFUSEI l:illIlO I 'P IN lurion Rullm Koch IX Iilff' IXQIJUS KOIIIIHIIII Uorollly Cvviliu Ipnlunc Mar f nn Lilmcrulore 1 H M J p. zx' lfJf"r. V fl' 'l ' J X lx W , Murglwrilc- Dolorcs I luycs X1 !f ' M c, , N UN L i Q QM . . L ,, U 5 NV , . iff I lwrvsu Ann .lnllnvnro 5 f ' lf, fd L, V . L - ,'f40 ', 1" f 'f 4 J V757 ., ywif YP-'!""0 mf- '- X ,' ' Kutlmcrimb lxlury Iif'Ullilll Blnrilyll lflvanorc Keiclmr IQIIOLIJICIIQO mrncs of learning well 'P 3 , ,, ji- fl JfU"l" 7 X. . .fvgrda 0 rceluin .ffZfj4i1fl6fi1'f'r1fT?fsc'.ZISARQ Jflilllc vu-lianMnQl'ull1 I V 1 l ',,., v.,1 , In 1+-1 W .ll'illl cxilflll IX lil . v VN. 'gswnawx 564 nning , 1 x X-- rxx--"I' hxe X lam!-I lxgjgic- BI1'C0l'l1lif'li J I L , ' .lmmAm1Nf-Nllly J Arun! Y I .' If J' Dlm'glw1'1l0 Kula l.m0km y . . . ,loam I i1l1'l1'ml.1l1clop 1 - , fly!-1 ff - ,,,f,, ' f ,,, x i I ' - 1 f 1 1 f' "' W I ' ffvf . X Z , -f.f,c ' xr x mclmu Alice Lollmrop Doris Qiilllli'l'iIH' long K11t1l1fc-c-11 Rose Ncilwf fi HJ, , f f-' ' aflnf- I. 1, ,X J " VIQJX ,Q f 1 'ij' . '7 ,' if 1 ' , , ,lqvrvsa Lorclta Ncvilt IJOfI'ilillP A Iargnrvl, Norris Mary A1111 Purzialv ljutpiqia A1111 1VICNully 1' 'jf -1. 1. . - n , r ll I ' J. I . . 1. ' -bf. . . A Eileen Mary Mencndez C11tl1erinc'1'X1111 lx l11H1a1H u X nly W, 3 f-3.1 Jpbu 130 H., 'zur JJ J , 7 X , 12 fp X 5 Al I K , An JJJ X 1X1111a1 1X'l11yIX"I11rrz1y Our knouflcffge is the anmsseff lfzougfzt um, l',X'lN'l'f4'lH'i' of iIIIHl!IIC'l'lI!Il0 mimls. -IALMIAZRSUN, D lilfli' , Xml oinvllc' l'o .IUJIH I ICICI! IQIICIXLL , . l5or0ll1y' lfiixnlwllm S uluwcr I,illl'I4'Iil ,Xml S ,. Y. Illlllml IIIPIUNI IH1r5l v IJmmI1ybI..m-X1-I-mm Kullmlm-1-11 Maury Xxlifll gsryb' MI! M XXIIKIIPX' Row Xxlilflll Mpflxx - lei, ' 4 'If I Dolores Magdalen Siillilixllfxf Virginia Ann Sflmcfcr lgitlz-iq Cogliax Sgoltov 'Ax 75 I ' 7 wx f W at " V " - f Y' I I 'A ' -4 X 7 fl I t l A I X I ', I . , , , ,. I o f . J f ',a .1 1 f 1, 1 3 'V If Villldil lgilfbilfil SIZIXVSIU HQ dugg' For LIIOLUIOKIQC loo, is itself a power.FBAC0N. Florence Helen Zambanini Rosa N Inrgarcl A 'ary LumbuLo l , , 1 I L ST WILL A U TESTAMENT NVe, the class ot January 1947, laeing ot sound mind and sound hody, about to depart from the protecting influences of All Saints Commercial, do ordain and establish the following distribution of our ettects: As our executor we desire Sister Philip Margaret, for theres nothing lilce having the Hlawn on our side. We leave the School itself, the feeling of regret that will undoubtedly prevail at the loss of so many "Lights of Liearningf, To Reverend Father Ahhate, P.S.lVl., we leave our prayers and promises to live up to the ideals he set before us. To Sister M. Gertrude Magdalen, we leave our heartfelt gratitude for her patience and forgiveness for our numerous pranlcs and misdemeanors. no Sister Frances de Chantal, our arduous collecting of stamps. To Sister M. Cyril we leave a nice quiet Cafeteria. To Sister M. Venard, an extra giggle to add to her sense ot humor. To Sister M. Joan Thomas all our pennies for the Missions. no Sister Marie Corita we leave our Sten notes to he transcribed. To Sister lvl. Gertrude Veronica we leave the Dramatic Club with an invitation to UBroadway.H To Sister Antonia we leave the Pmaslcethall Court in hopes that she will discover some new :Fighting Xvinnersf' To the Freshmen we leave All Saints Lunchroom for lzhey'll need it mosll-"No eating in the Classroomsln To the Sophomores, the right to dodge Late Passes. And to follow the age-old custom. we hestow our heloved name. SEN- IOR, upon the Class of .tune 1947 along with new, shining Senior Buttons. Atas and alaclc, we leave also those traditional and tearful Regents. To our Marshals we leave a .ludge's rohe to malce their decisions otiicial. To the Student Body in general. an earnest request to support whole- heartedly all the activities ot our school, whether they he Religious. Social or Ffducationall To All Saints Commercial, our Alma Mater, we leave the assurance of a perpetual place in our hearts and our memories. Signed and sealed. ESTELLE COSTA '47 MARY EHR!-IARDT '47 IN ENUWHEDBE QE I3 m THERE I5 'Q :U STRENGTH ! Q9 f 'O .J O 2 Z O . EQ in ,QV if Gcrmainc rl Iinjovimg lim pc I c-auwwfl ll I GRADUATION 1 EA WE FAKE IT? When the words future, graduation, or business world come to our ears, we seem to get hutteriiies in our stomachs, and all kinds of thoughts in our minds. NV e realize that very soon we must leave the sanctuary of our homes and school and face the great unknown. Can we face it? Do we have what it takes? We feet a certain strength sustain us when we realize we have our faith to hack us up and to keep us clean and pure. Do we value and love that faith? Have we the indominitahie ioyaity of our early martyrs or shalt we shrink from criticism when our Religion is attacked. Shan we suffer from a Hdumh devil!! when our conscience and our heritage hid us speak? Ah, too often will there he times when we, because of our religion, shall he scorned and sneered upon. Shan we cringe hetore the attack or shall we prove we have the stamina of the saints? Weyti see others advance while we are left hehind. Prejudice will keep our salary iow while others less worthy prosper. Can we hear to he Financial martyrs for Christss saice? Can we stand the teasing hecause we won,t eat meat on Friday? Shall we have the strength of our convictions hy staying away from that condemned picture? How ahout passing up a Saturday night date hecause we must go to confes- sion? Such trials, dear classmates, offer us a challenge. Let us straighten our shoulders, square our jaw, and defy the pagan world to defeat us. Let us refuse to offer incense to their ciay idols! Qnward and upward, girls, in this hattte against the world. the tiesh and the devil. Keeping ever hetore us our motto: :The Sacred Heart for the world: the world for the Sacred Heart? let us whisper to ourselves. Uwe can, we must, we win winiin MARILYN Keici-nm '47 QE I3 ff 'O q O Q tr 151: 'ff Z-Z sf 'Q MET!-XMUHPHUSIS UP A BOBBY-SUXEH gun ,uv -5 QF- ls O Q, fo sl Q 2 O In 'if 1- -Y: z hi Ss! 'z' APPHEEI TIU Hrl1l1ElI1liSU is sucli a little word, yet it is about the only word we can use to convey some part ol our appreciation to our laeloved teaclciers and parents. XVe have spent two years in All Saints Commercial. and sad to say, we ldave prolaaloly talccn too mucla lor granted. Now on tlie ttxreslaold ol' Graduation, we pause and remember we would not be ready to lace tlae busi- ness world if it were not lor tlie love and sacrilice of our dear parents. Pro- viding us witli a Catliolic Education lias meant giving up many a luxury lwere and tliere. But as true, God-loving parents tliey did it witl'1 a lieart full of love. Qur dear parents lanew the advantage ol sending us to a Catlaolic School and no sacriuce was too mucli. Here and now we want to tlaanlc ttiem and assure tllem, tlieir sacrilice will not liave been made in vain. New let us turn to our dear teacliers. Tlaeir worli, as lar as we are con- cerned, is Hnislwed. Tliey liave striven tirelessly, patiently, endlessly, to malce sometliing wortli wliile witti tlie material God had sent tlaem. No effort was too mucla-no taslc too great or small-ftlaey were ever at our service. Could suclm unsellisli effort ,Qo unrewarded and unappreciated? Only God could reward tldese valiant women as tlaey justly deserve. Xve can, how- ever, sliow our appreciation lay proving to our dear Sisters tlaat we can and sliall malqe llwem proud ol us. Xve sliall put into practice tlae lessons they taugleit us, and witla tlaeir lielp and tlwe ltelo ol God live up to tlie ideals they set lmefore us. iVI,xRioN Busciiivu '47 ix s A-, N , 1 ,5 v 1 f A4 E1 72- h E J M ZZ? 5 L X X N if " - f "' ,-5 ? W rf Q vm I X 'f ,Q Prvsirfwil JUNE ELASS UFPIEEH5 JOHN l'.HilI'Ii1Il0 Holorvs A 'airy finllwrl I. rlv lronc- V 'uric Cfonlo Vive-Prcsiclcn! .IOIIHlxlilfyhll'CiOI'l1li1f'L I'C't1Slll'UI' Aincliu Ann Fortunato President Joann Patricia Devlin Vir'0'Presiclcnt Gcncvicvc Tiiorcso Gudaitis Secretary Rita Eiizabetii Knaucr Treasurer Mary Iszllx-I fxgupi C IIIIIK IxIwlIII'H1'I'I'Y X1rmIif'uNIi1l'x'l3il'g4' lurr llnl H1'IlI3I'ilfHl'V II Mario Burns 'Nc H.: A Lux IhlIlJlQ'I'I u'lc'rfg11' Im llzcf flnlirfulc' In frfclr'-Iihll-LIQSUN. XIII! XY! -mnim fxrnorosu ' I XllllilI'.1lIIilIJilI'll0Sil EN .Af N , Q 4 Cllflfiil lxiln C,LlSZlZZil Ma1l'yrosC ZVXIIIIC Civurc Barbara ljllcn Clancy June Julia Comazzi Marion Mary Husvcnri Lillian Nlnry Czrliuri Doreen Norma Czrmplxru Uorollwy .lane Carney Xvlzul we Jo not rrrrrfwslrrnu HW .IUHU1 I Im ll.: I Imlm.uI I :If-will Mun' I 3iIIul1 CQOIISIEIIIVK' IX Iury' CNUYUINI Irvnc- 5 Iury CHIIQ Il Xlxlullwllm' I .urv I DLIYI Ililu UIoriu I XIIQNI Wei? I f' zrxixcwg,-I 21Ilf'l'l I lf. n1'x'I IHIIII ll Iu.nl1IXI.m'.ml I mm C7gwv-Mx, Ze' . Sw...-.',,,f' xx' l ln H101 Wlxli N X ll'lC ljlllll urilyn l:l'ilIli'CS l'1ilzpz1l1'ic'lQ 'lxlllillllillll' l'rz1!Zillil Tnlcric lilizzxlaclli Froelmliclm lx lilI'lOl1 liYClf'll l':N'C' L,ll'SlllZlNillillllxl'1il1'llll flf ,L-'lllj '- f cf " ' f' . I f . X I 7 M , , . . X, ,, , F0 n4llrl!V' ,f7 ca!! z 7 Li ll ff U M ,lIlllClXlZII'lf'l:F1llOH Alito IDL-lla ljinli our U sulnjvfl ourselves. or we lenow ...X Lf wlzvru we mn Iiml IIIIUITHKIIIOTL upon il.-SAMUHI. JOHNS I Iorc-nr-1' ,IUJIII I IEIJILQ' 1 I JIIIW-A rc-rlruclv I Iuyc- lcIr0yfianlI1r-l'il11' I Ivrlf-I A Img .Iosc'pI1inc' I Iiggins ON. IX Iuriv 5 Ie1cIvIilw C,vIilI'QIllI0 I X 'QLIIIII I Ill'l'K'Sil CWIUKIH Q, '4 . Ilw CnIIvn Ijallriviam Arm CIIXIIII I lclcn EIT1ilIiCx Hoclniclq Agnes Regina I IIIQIIOS Dorollmy lxlnry Hynos c1ilI'0'il1UcjIIl'iSUHU Iorio Knowlcrfgc is more Illllll cqzlimlfcrzl lo fc u'r 7c.--SAMUIil. JOHNSON. c-nniv .Ivan JZICYIFLISO Rosa' Ixluric' ,IllliilI1O lflizzxlvcllm Ycroniva KoHmmm Roscullrml'llix1:lwlI1Iirl1fc- I4 ., ll1'L?'ll XXQIIVS IXPIIIUINW' A , . . 1 1 Vw M15 I -Q! li v W V X W bxmli X Marion ,lunv Minimum I , IX1'll1'1' iXlill'l1'IXlill'ilZZU J Vf-fAf f I Q-Mfcfy .ff J-fff 'f' ' f f vi -fl -riflfl Mr 1 , -Q I 1 J...,:7.-Q '4 ..f ' ,J , f,,f- 1 1 I ,llli1iI Aluriu Mansvllvl' ,Trimlv Loriu BI my ,Nun Mm'vl1iu ilff' .IOIITI INOIIS .lilIIi'1XHIll' A lill10f f ,lim-fl fer1u14'fwfgfr' iln1nr:rlc1fI:c's ilsvfhf.-Sli: ,IAMI-LS M.XC'IilN'l'USIl. .NSNV-z lulm fx! y . VW' C I :cc Xvi'I'0liiCil ixivviqs ix lilly IBili'lJilI'il IX IPIIIUF igciu ix icssiim Nuric lxniiv ix icissina fl is uw!! for om' lo kllflll' I'lO"C' 1111111 ful says. Dolores ixizlrion A if' Jormolk Eiizabctil iiorcila iX'lc'Uonoug ixfiargarct Patricia P lciiaciclcn J Phyllis Tiwrcsu Nvi urllmmcl -l'l.,'XU'l'l,iS. 1XllQl'IIHiIc ullwr'1n1- lynlrm- wggzm-I loam I,ilI'f'4'H ll f llflilllll' I nr:-llu IJ' . ' sunli- 4' llull fzrdfz lcllnzafmfqv wp: xrvlfz lzis zrorffs.-Planmviilzlsx Pauline lx Iuric IN lullcr Gloria Muriv Nlnppl I3oroll1x' ,loam Nuvllmigj .lllilll IXHII lnllllli Ann Lorraine Rogers lfclyllro Cc-villa Mario Dolores Schaffer Frances FIQIIGIGSEI SCl'1CId S+-'f' wurlf1y lu' is.-luml-LRT mf mzl.cml1c'l-'wr-'R IIXIIIN' lclu Sirlwr W' 61: M .ff fff ff f l"rz' mx-s Maury Sprvilzcr lflimlnctlm Marie Tigfme .lc-mminc Evelyn Xvallqcr Marie Dorothy Sm'l1icsrnm1 Theresa Nlinuic Scluuorwilz EX'illXlOI1ii1lll' ILIRIINIS Cc-line IN lariv Shea Rilo Ciallmorine Zeller Anna Iillizrn fernnn Rosemarie Ann Zn-rnis zero S nollzingy los! by Irving wise.-l.,rx I-'oN'1'.MNli. Geraldine Viola Weeks 'florence Helena Xviggins ADDR TEICFGSU ROSUIUEIHC lfxllll HVOHIQCFS N PAHEWELL She was standing closer than ever laelwore, especially since graduation had come. NVQ? were very conscious ol' l ler when we were saying good-hye to the Sisters and the girls. She listened intently as we gave our stumbling hthanlc yous," and tried so hard to say all the little heartfelt words wed wanted to say to our wonderful teachers and classmates. l suppose She had always heen there, hut only then had we hecome so aware ol' l ter presence. It was She who led us down the corridor tor the last time. Xve lcept loolcing into each classroom as we passed, envious of the girls who could remain, and we rememhered the lun we had when we were in their places. XVQ tried desperately to swallow so much ot the past two years in one last looli: tried to ahsorh so many vivid pictures lor our alhum of memories in so lew seconds. Xve attempted to hold on to that something that had been ours lvor so short a time, and we felt hurt lnecause we KNEXV we would have to let, go. The l.ady tugged at our sleeves and reminded us that time was llying. Suddenly, all our lonesomeness escaped through our eyes. Each tear was a sweet memory ol happiness. lun-all the things we had enjoyed so much. Xve hesitated on the threshhold and loolced hacli once more to the school we were leaving. Then we turned to lace our escort with heads held high. Nvith a silent prayer we hid our Alma Mater farewell and thanlced God for those teachers who had trained us so well. Timidly at lirst, and then with gathering courage. we linlced arms with the lady, Madame Future, and hravely set our steps towards Success in the Business Xvorld. . iloiw FLAHERTY '47 eo 651 55' F11 'S 490 Z. .. 1",i' in ' 4 X 51 M05 mn if rv - Q es BU VUYAEE When we launched the good ship HS. S. All Saintsf, our hearts were full of excitement, anticipation and a hit ot tear. Just what did the planned voyage hold for us? Vxfould we have calm sailing on the Sea of Education, or would the trip he rough and dangerous? As we pulled up anchor and put on steam, we waved farewell to our elementary school days and turned our faces towards the rising sun of a new future. We found ourselves with our fellow mates, the freshmen, First class. They, lilce us, had to go through a Hhoot trainingn to ljind out what was ex- pected of them. The Captain of the ship, Sister M. Gertrude Magdalen, QP., welcomed us heartily and assigned us to our presiding officers. Not very much later and without too much warning, we were put up for dress parade and inspection hy the upper declcmen. They put us through our f'Davey Jones Loclcer Routineu and then we felt we helonged. At least, we were treated with due respect after that. Vxfe had different otticers tor our classes and we found them helpful, lcind and patient. Besides worlcing hard day in and day out to. lceep the good HS. S. All Saintsu alloat, we did not overloolc our social life and recreation. The whole crew assemhled for its first Halloween Dance. A rolliclcing good time was had hy all, and huge waves of success splashed all over us as we gave the ghosts and the gohlins a merry chase. Shortly atter this successful dance there seemed to he a huhloling of excitement in the air. Groups of the crew and passengers were seen going down to the hold. Those who could get near enough to listen heard plenty of laughing and signs of activity. ln a very short time our curiosity was satisfied. The dramatic cluh had put on a play called 'Brother Goosef' We all pulled up our chairs in a cozy fashion and watched our fellow mates put on their show. Vxfas it good? Vxfas it a success? The very hoards on declc crealced with delight while the entire crew douhled up with appreciative glee. Out on the high seas we lcept our compass pointing straight ahead towards our final goal. We studied hard to pass our tests, and with our hand on the wheel ot Time, we found ourselves advanced to the rating of sophomores, second class. Yes, we were getting places hut we toolc all in our stride. HS. S. All Saintsn was piclcing up speed and on March 17, 1946 we dropped the hoolc oft' the coast ol: lreland. Naturally, we all hecame natives for the day and the crew went ashore to celehrate. Sure then, more than one lad and lassie lcissed the Blamey Stone that nightl Qur voyage would he ideal it we didn,t have to worry ahout hoolcs and charts. The Captain and her ollicers made sure we didn't enjoy ourselves too much. After all. there was worlc to he done and it was our ioh to do it. '99 4x5 1. 'v .- Q 1? lf 1-S f as QQ in A 5 wi 5 K, f x 2 ,, M ij 5 WWF 3" Wiiifiifi rm! 4 .5 18 3 G g 'Y 32:4 mg sgw. M 4' As a respite after intense and concentrated toit on the upper and tower decks, we headed our ship across the Qcean of Enjoyment and sailed up to Rye Beach. Unce again the crew went ashore and had a hilarious time. Whoopsl There hiew the whistiei Vxfe had to run for it hefore the gangpianic was lifted. Thus ended a memorahie day of fun and troiic and the life ot URyeiy.H For a white we put ati thoughts of fun out ot our heads. Vxfe had a dangerous attack to make and we couid not risic defeat. All hands on decld Finals were threatening to suhmerge us it we did not tacide them with a ven- geance. The Fight was hard and exhaustive hut the resuit was reasuring. 'sighted tests and sank sarnef, Ah success! The victory was ours. As a re- ward we were advanced in rank to the rating ot J. G. Uunior Gradej. With happy hearts we steamed the hoat into drydocic where we were to ieave her for repairs until Septemher. As the weather cooled, we could smelt salt in the air and things started to hum again. AH togged up in our new outfits we reported for duty. A hit of a shoclc awaited us for our Commander, Father D'Urgoio, PSM. had heen shipped to a foreign land. We felt lonesome without him, and our First re- action was one of panic. The good HS. S. AH Saintsui-would it keep aiioat? Father D,UrgoIo had steered it through so many stormst We were then intro- duced to our new Commander, Father L. Ahhate, P.S.M., and with a salute in recognition of his authority we accepted him wholeheartedly and once again we were ahie to sing "Anchors Aweighf, By this time we sincerely ioved our hoat and we did att in our power to make her sailing smooth. We entered ati important events in our log, the HFtame,Hg we oiled one of her hig engines, HExceisior,H with ads and hoosters until it ran without a hitch. We drank in the tang of All Saints air and 'Found ourselves saturated with the invigorating hrine of The Sea of Success. At last our group was getting recognition. Folks were clamoring for our pictures so we posed prettiiy and watched the hirdie. Next we were Fitted for our rings and gownsf-a sure sign of progress. We were getting nearer to our destination hut we stiit had a coupie of stitt' hatties ahead of us. We held our Annuai Dance around Halloween time again. We offered hospitality to ati hands ahoard ships found in our waters and throughout the evening our laughter leaped from one hreaicer to another. U The Dramatic Ctuh was at it again, having nothing iess than "Chariey's Auntn up its sieeve. That play was one of the hig things we tucked away in our hook of memories. The performers made a splendid showing and they enjoyed the piay as much as we did., n The next monster attair was our Prom. The very stars ahdve put on ai special hriitiancy tor the occasion and wintced in a very knowing fashion. Old r I 4 J I, 1- Yyfig 'Tl 4 gg 8 Y n a 318' 8' 45. "xg W sr g , Man Moon danced merrily in and out of the lleecy clouds keeping perfect rhythm with our orchestra. HS. S. All Saintsn with all her colors llying steamed straight ahead as the hand struck up an enchanting tune in her own hallroom. Life seemed so complete as we melted into the spirit of the night. Vxfe had no sooner settled down to a quiet sea life, when the alert gong was heard. Every girl ran for her hooks. Exams were coming towards us lull speed with all guns open. We all went into a huddle and crammed the necessary ammunition for a counter attack. When the smoke of hattle had cleared away, we looked up and managed a tired grin. Yes, we were victorious again, hut it hadnlt heen so easy this time. T he Captain commended us for our good work and we were awarded the gold senior huttons which meant more to us than the Purple Heart. At last we had reached the ranks. Qnly now could we afford to look upon the Freshmen, lirst class, with a scrutinizing glare. Weld have a jolly time teach- ing them the ropes. fdust as an aside, the initiation was the hest ever held ahoard the HS. S. All Saintsf, We harely stopped at throwing the victims overhoard. They walked the plank, all right-all rightl. However, more serious things were claiming our attention. We saw our deadly enemy hovering in the not too far distance. We were ahout to plunge into a new unknown hody of waterwrlqhe Great Commercial Bay. We had to he prepared for any whirlpools that might await us there. Our Chaplain called us together in retreat. He warned us ol: storms and hurricanes and he told us we would always Find a safe harhor in the Blessed Sacrament should the sailing get too rough. Then with his Final hlessing he handed us over to the Captain who had her hinoculars fixed on the dreadful Regents which had crept up on us unawares. This time it meant Fight to the Finish-sink or swim. We used every possihle grain of knowledge in our torpedoes. Answers were hurled over the tumultuous waters last and furiously. To hesitate was to losel Qnce again we won., This time we were hattle-scarred hut triumphant. It was all over-the Fight for success and the trip itself. We had hrought the HS. S. All Saintsu through. Her purpose was accomplished, she landed us at the Port of Graduation. Vxfe were juhilant and as we tumed to thank the Commander, Captain and Qflficers we gasped with astonishment, for the ship had quietly and unohstrusively sailed away with another precious cargo while we were celehrating. Just helore she dropped helow the horizon she gave us a forty gun salute which was carried on the wings of the wind to us and seemed to haunt us with the words: HBe good-yousre on your own nowf' THELMA LoTHRoP '-4,7 ANNE HEll.MAN '47 . lr' I .N x xx BOAT HIDE TU RYE BEAEH I L4 Ulm 'HU' 5 6 S Q? 0 .4 O O , 171 iw .nb in a ss N s 1-lwlgv is cm rxrhfiliolz lo llllllltlll pr -HO! Ill UV. RACE NA e x' f x . L L 9 J- , C S Q K, n ' U' Z .g . :'f Ax V Jzgslljf, f 'X m ' f w 'xy , KV ' X N NND - - Q l V, I lx , X I X Q . 1 I X fy P ' FQ K fff X ff ! ' XX ff J ' f f X X X . X ' f 7 f Y ' ' f' XX , ff! 1 X f Q X X N ' f f K 3 A "m v READY Fon THE WOM' Wa - ffl S 'SEWWMA JL A Q X i gif. 7 W , ig? , f F " www A I 3 Ss. 251' . .W 11.-1-Sn iw . NA :wi fiw l 6 K ii i 35,-S Q 424. - ww: N fwxvmi impi XX Q 2 fu H X X 7? x M ,. N X' Kg HE 5 Qxilig fl QU' QQXQN- S mfg, , Tp vw K .X WEN, X F N J as AMEHIEA5 YUUTH llats oll' to the teen-agersl rl-hey are the cream ol Americas tomorrow. Amid the chaos and turmoil of the recent glohal war, Americas youth stood lirm and unafraid. True, they were too young to enter into the actual conflict but they did what they could. Nothing was safe when they led a salvage drive. Vxfhat matter if Mother could still use that old iron lcettleg it could he put to hetter advantage in the scrap drive. American youth was never too young to malce sacrifices., When our boys in the service needed help most, our youngsters were giving up movies, calces and candy and huying with their treasured money stamps and honds. They sacrihced their precious leisure hours after school to talce a man-sized joh in order to lift the tremendous hurden of lahor shortage. America will never forget how generous and proud her youth was to he an blood donor. Many and many a pint of treasured young hlood found its way across the ocean and onto the hattle front. Here is something which everyone should rememher. American youth had no part in hringing ahout the past vicious warl lt was not the greed or the jealousy of the teen-agers which caused it. But, it certainly was the courage and hlood of the teen-agers who won itl The lands of the war-torn countries have heen hathed and hlessed with the crimson hlood of American hoys and girls. Many of them did not lcnow why they were Fighting, hut-Htheirs nol to aslc the reason why-theirs hut to do and die? Just when our teen-agers were old enough to appreciate life to the l ull they were hurled into the jaws of a paralyzing fear and death. lndeed America may he proud of her youth for they have heen tried in a crisis and they were not found wanting. Now that the tenseness of war has been relaxed, the eyes and minds of the adults have hecome critical when they turn to the teen-agers. All of a sudden there is much headwagging and wondering about the young hoys and girls. The youngsters have heen on their own a great deal and they have developed a rather independent attitude, hut under the rough surface their characters are still sterling. They are enjoying life hut isn't that a priv- ilge of exhuherant youth? .lust loecause they dress Hsharpn is no reason to cause parents to loolc on in holy horror. Franlcly, though there isn't much lueauty in the teen-ager,s regalia it is more comfortahle and more modest than the costume worn hy the Hljlappern not so many years ago. Of course, they swoon ahout Franlc Sinatra and Van Johnson-every generation has its swoon- ers. Uidnvt their parents go limp over Rudy Vallee and Rudolph Valentino? T he bobby soclcsers are not potential law brealcersg they are just a group of merry, laughing youngsters who manage to lceep out of trouble most of the time. lf a girl or boy gets into trouble it certainly wasn't because they wore bobby soclcs that caused the damage. Those scatter-brained jitterbugsll Just what harm is in that jumping around? lt's a very good way to get rid of their animal energy. Certainly the partners are lar enough separated to prevent any snuggling. Remember how the dancers, when mother was a girl, used to snuggle up to each other? America need not be frightened at the antics of her youth. She may just recall the Charleston and Blaclc Bottom of the previous generation. Those Charlestoners are now dignified, subdued parents. Can she not expect as much from this present generation? From reports in newspapers and periodicals retuming service men were convinced that the youth of America was in a pretty bad shape. This repu- tation turned out to be the worlc of our zealous sensational news reporters who lhought a crime committed by a teen-ager was more sensational news than one committed by an adult. Thus the glaring spotlight of public opinion has made it rather uncomfortable for our youth. Yes, there have been crimes committed by some very young lollc, but these children probably had innate criminal tendencies anyway. How about the rest of the young people? Are teen-agers really hanging around julce joints, drinlcing and gambling? Are young people racing down the road to perdition, pleasure bent, indulging in all sorts of unmentionable evils? Of course Notl Young people are pretty much as they always were- lresh, smart and smooth. Perhaps there are times when they do exasperate their seniors but these youngsters remain solid underneath. They certainly aren't turning into gunmen. They are just happy lovable people. perhaps a scrious group at times for theyyve been through a war which has left its marlc. These julce joints we hear so much about usually turn out to be the corner ice crcam parlor where the gang meets at 5:15 to have a small colre and per- haps a hig romance. Sure, the teen-agers love the movies, but pictures are a source of good as well as evil. They learn history along with romance. and if the parents insisted upon the Legion of Decency choice there would be nothing to tear. No, indeed, America need never fear for her youth. There is no case against them, for they have done no wrong. AUDREY WOR1'li '47 EXEELSIUP1 STAFF Eflilor-in-ctwief tat typewriterl-loan Ftatierty Associufenl Eclitors Genevieve Guctaltis Joan Fasano Barbara Peterson Ntary Etirtmrctt Irene Conton Estette Costa Our Avcompanists and Ctloristers DHAMATIES "T HE JESTERSH have once again scored a successl Brandon Thomas' HCharley's Auntn went over with a hoom on December 12 in our auditorium. Not only did the audience appreciate the humor that Howed through the per- formance, hut the actors enjoyed themselves immensely. They had to step' lively, for as the saying goes, they were Hon the spotf' Charleys Aunt from Brazil whom he has never seen writes to say she is coming to visit him. He uses this as an excuse for him and Jaclc Chesney to invite two charming ladies to their rooms, expecting his Aunt to act as Chaperone. After all arrangements were made, the Aunt wires that she is not coming. The hoys are desperate hecause the girls wonyt come unchaperoned. The happy thought occurs to the fellows to use Lord Bahherly who had dressed up in an old maids costume l or the school play. Their prohlem is solved-Bahherly is forced to play the part of the missing Aunt. Actionl Cameral Lightslll From there, the show is on-Hlgahhsy' really stole the show, for she played her part of mistalcen identity to the full. One hreath-talcing predicament after the other occurs until thc real Aunt arrives on the scene and irons out the situation. The characters as they appeared were as follows: A .laclc Chesney .... Pmrassctt . . . Charley ......,. Lord Francis Bahherly . . . Sir Francis Chesney Kitty Verdon .... Amy Spettigue , . . Spettigue ..... Martha Scanlon-Marty tried to act as a conscience to Bahhs who always managed to say the wrong thing at the right time. Audrey Worth-Ahl the perfect snohhy hutler-nose in the air and all. Susan Clarl:-Sue had a perfect opportu- nity to live up to her rep as "Tomhoy." fliahhs pretending to he Charley's Aunti Frances Tortorellaf-f"Giggles', stole the show-,nuff said. Roseanne Kruse-This udaddyu played her part superbly. Mary Ehrhard-J a pair of slicli Joan Healy- H chiclcs Joan Regan-Give Joan any part and you can he sure she,ll put it across. Donna Lucia fThe real auntl Lola Esposito-Quite the lady, don,t you lcnow. Ela Delahay ................. Ann Marie Hellman F- Another dream heaml Nolte: H Furniture was obtained through the lzinclness and courtesy of I. Kurlz Er Sons 773 Broadway, Brooklyn . K JJ J J A 'S 57 ,gf J ZXXY w Q ,mm Rey 5 fl DQUARGY WORTL MQRTLQ Scanlon OR ORG 0 J Null, Pxfyfliiy E iYRlxr1KcH, ,Roseanne KRLLSQ JQMH 'RGQCXTH Ll ap r 5051.0 Anne IVIQRQLG Heilwmorx waomprwf Cousewime IVIMILQU -Ju 55? gy, by . QQ 4 M111 ff? 1 f I 'Rc 5 Hi is Fx 525 it :Zh N , , J H I WEE 1.Q'TwgA 2 , 35 ,W 0 ei ' L ' 5? if .HQ-W 1 'WH S 6 rw 'iv f--V 2 X f f .. Y. 4 Ni X THE WRITTEN WUHD BHEAHETH UUWN BAHHTER5 WIT5 A D EHITS Beverly Smiths little lnrother is much lnetter in school than she is. Nve found that out when he came to visit usl . . . NVantedl Pictures of Diclc llaymes to add to Marie Feeneyls ever-growing collection .... What would Sister do without Rose Bruno,s posters .... A picture of Franlc Sinatra isnyt sale when Theresa Dacchille is around .... Have you noticed Doris Kem- ethers' lovely green eyes? . . . How does Gladys Fairchild get her hraids to stand up? . . . Nvhy does Alyce Fitzpatriclc rush out of school to catch the 5 oycloclc train? . . . Hasnyt Gloria Emler heautiful hair? She should wear a long hola all the time .... Virginia O,Brien,s new red glasses are really sharp .... Nohody had hetter say anything ahout Richard Jaclcall in front of Lucille Luongo .... Poor Mary Adamol Her hrother won't talce her to the St. Johnys foothall games, anymore .... .loan Curtis almost tainted when she lost her hoyfriends ring. PS. She found it again .... Why, oh why, Mary Shea cut her hangs? . . . Why does Rosena lVlcl.iarnon insist upon saying "No" instead of "Yes" in the hoolclceeping class? . . . Who is the "Eddie,' who gave Diana Florio that Loughlin pin? . . . Can you imagine arguing with a handsome movie star? Well, that's what Rosena Martini didl . . . When Theresa Lynam gets up to answer in class. l'm sure everyone hears herl If you dont we advise you to consult an Ear Specialistl . . . Did everyone notice those Air Corps Wings Helen Barr is sporting? . ., . Vxfhy does Sally Nicholas cover up her heautiful eyes with so much mascara? . . . lt's really funny to hear Dominica Amato call a fox trot, a waltz and in this day and age, tool . . . The way Florence Hazellys hair has heen loolcing lately has tempted us to call her "Fuzzy-Vxfuzzvf, . . . Helen Perez wears her own shoes to worlc hut when she gets there Valerie wears them .... Ruth Paslcevich couldn't tear herself away from good old All Saints, so she's haclc again .... Dorothy Wulforst has a cute hlouse with champagne glasses and pinlc ele- phants on it .... Rememher the time Father Ahhate told Roherta Jones sheyd hotter grow un? . . . XViII Angelina Bellotti ever forget the episode on the Express the other day? . . . Anita Forgione is the typical American schoolgirl: she copies her homeworlc .... The average fellow isn't good enough for Muriel Murphy: SHE wants college studentsl . . . Sitting in the haclc of the mom is clisturhinfr for someone lilce Rosemary Eurell: she never lcnows what's going on .... Clara Hall just loves to Upeelcn at the lieyhoard .... Margaret Harty is the girl from whom we should all talce lessons: she does her homeworlc, never tallcs in school and lcnows all the answers .... Dusting-ughl You have our symnathv. Ellen Cullen .... What would Helen Medved do if she were surrounded hv anyone else hut her present company? . . . Too had we don't SUPHU UHE5 Group One fclna llweglf-r, ,lflflll Curlis, Lillizm liI'Sl7ilIT1L'l', Dorcwllwy lylrllfllc, fxlycc lfilxpalriclc, Umm' c,wilIJUlllQI'O, llmncllicn Ilxlllillll, .lmum llenly. YCYIC llcrwcg, Rilu lxlzuming. Cluclys l'1ai1'r'l1ilcl, Xlirgjilmin cj'lJJl4lC'll, Ik-len Slclmrmlcas, Durollmy llzurclmcrl, ,loam llmawlumwunmn. Ruse l5l'llI1U. Dimm l'4lm'iol Vlllwrvszx l.yllllIll, lxlury fxcluxrw, llvlcn 5lllllC'l', Nlexrlcnc Sprvilzcr, l.illiur'1 lfc'l'l4m'iCl1, llrmris lxlvmvllmw, lxliuy glwn. lfln-alumni' lxlullvr. l'vlUl'UIl1'0 Ilgm-ll, l-yclin Cjiil'OlZil, lxluric liccnvy. GFOUP 'TIVO ,Xugguslu ljvy. Clmrlullc lpusc, Uulmcs Ualws, Murimm lxlrlrurluno, lxlary Nvallcrs, QOSCIIU lxlCl-ill'l1OIl. 'lilcon lxlC'0l1ilIl, rlqlwrcsu llaccilmillc, CIM-m lfmlcr, Rusc lX'lm'lini, Gcrlrmlo Ricncvlwr, Gloria lxlccaluc. 'Nunn Spicllucrgvr, c1C'I'IHilllIC 'l'ricm'iCo, Lxllllil liimlrizyi, Allavrlinc lrjrzmzlicn, ljulriciu l:iHl1OgilI'l. liarlaaru Krvilxmamu. Pxcvcrly Smillu, Dorollmy Sxvllc-s, Vlqlmelma Kraft, lxlurgarcl l,al5runa, Lucille Luongo. SUPHUMUHES f'lwiffvlll-1Xl11l'y Sfzcu Xu: fn nfcnl fm llllHlX .N1'f'I4I'flll'-X'-'X irgfinirl U Brin -S , , , 5 Il'l'lISllI'4'l'-l.lHlllIl lXl'l'LHl'Ill1 have singing, Dolores Hitt has the PERFECT voice . . . Angelina Bus- cemi and Helen Hendrickson carry valises to school everyday f-1 Wonder whatys in Iem? . . . Josephine Brescia' seems to he having a hard time with Sten hut Sister has a lot of patience .... To have the joh of Hstationery-girl" is quite a task for little Rita Bahin .... Patricia Donahue gets so Hnervousu at the typewriter! . . . Emharrassing moment for Helen Kessler: the time she did a Rhumha and everyone else did a Lindy .... We att admire Dorothy Peters soft, sweet voiceg especially when she sang, 'Five Minutes Moran. . . Will Joan Regan ever put her coat on in the cioakroom again? . . . In a husiness world, neatness counts: Then you,H surety count, Elizabeth Schroeder .... Always deep in thought, is Anna Carr .... Is it any wonder why Frances Rahasca never gets into mischief? She sits in the front seat .... Even when the class is so quiet you could hear a pin drop, you canit hear Consuela Ceiandanot . . . They say your eyes make you. Then you are made, .loan Smith .... Lucille Lissner 'liked the auditorium Hoor so much, she slid right across it .... Mary White is the girl who forgets with whom and when she makes dates .... You can always hank on Grace Athano and her lovely smite. . . . What do Angelina Giove and Eleanor Dahherdt Find to chatter ahout att the time? . . . Arthur Murray has a new rival-none other than our own Catherine Newhouse .... Vxfe tried to Find the proper adjectives to descrihe Margaret Flynn, though in vain: so we give her Honorahie Mention .... Wc'd hate to he the referee who doesnt agree with Joan Foley in the haskethau games .... Wonder "whats, or Uwhon is making Florence Clarks mind wander in someoneys class, lately .... Come on, Dorothy Heinen, how ahout a nice, new hairdo? . . . Anna Martin had a great time at the Dance, didnt she. . . . To Joan Muckensturm goes the title of "Class Tornhoyf, . . . The girls are very curious to know who Juliette Watsh,s HRomeoH is .... Wish we could an he wizards like Sylvia Gagiio when it comes to Bookkeeping, etc .... IF you ever want to know what it feels like to lose your skirt when youyre out with your hoyfriend, just ask Pat Breslin .... Before speech time, Dorothy Cacace knew hers hackvvards and forwards hut then a tragic thing happened when she got up to recite-she forgot itt . . . Vxfho is going to take an airplane ride to Chicago and is afraid? Could it he our tovahte Pat Connolly? . . . Has anyone seen Rosemary Cordray? Just look for the tan girl with the short hangs .... Vxfhen you walk into the PG. room donyt get frightened, thatys only Nlargnrcl Eichnefs red hair .... Why does Frances Hartman always run for that certain lrain everyday? . . . If you want to hear a good story ahout "Dead Man's Giitchn just ask Mary Krzewska ahout it .... Pat Lincker must love to cut rolls, she's at it everyday .... We an like Valerie Zieniewicz's sunny dis- position .... Virginia Rieher has already ieft her share of school spirit to her sister .... Where did Mary Lupo earn the title of the class giggter? . . . Did you know that Frances Potocnic has the highest LQ. of her class? . . . if Barbara Morris wasnyt so shy, weyd get to know her better .... Have you noticed that Marie Gallo gets breathless when she thinks of Humphrey Bogart? . . . Who,s the traitor who printed all those "Silence, signs? . . . Patricia McNally and Eileen Batterberry have made "We wanta be aionen their theme song .... Won't someone try to straighten out Dolores Coiindreuer about Predestination? . . . Eileen Smith is our singing canary .... Wont Anna Reese be surprised when Sister collects all her Hsecretn magazines? . . . Jose- phine and Rosalie lriarte are our Poster experts .... Have you heard Rosemary Dattotico's new accent? . . . Who is the girl who claims she does her own homework, yet cannot pronounce the words she uses in her compositions? . . . Estelle Costas motto is "True love never runs smooth". . . Mary Ehrhardt, the unpredictable, planned to become engaged for Christmas .... I wonder if the me room will be kept in order after Kathleen Widz leaves. . .A . There never was a girl so faithful as Margaret Zambuto when it comes to collecting homework. She actually makes the girts "give" or else. . ., . Mmmm, nice cross and chain Catherine Muthau has been wearing lately? . . . No one can resist Marie Costa's sunny disposition .... Who is the girl who received a coffee bath at the football game? . . . When Martha Scanlon smiles, she turns the pockets of her soul inside out .... Jean Cordier carries her great height with great dignity .... Mary Lavin should make carbon copies of her home- work: she could pass it around taster .... Dorothy Verninosctothes tit her to a . . Kathleen Neibet certainty can cut a mean rug .... Florence Close is slightly backward about coming forward .... Red nail polish did a beautiful joh on Katherine Keenan,s eye glasses .... Witt Martha Cutrone ever forget the time she said she didn't get enough homework? . . . Not many people could wear Virginia Schaefefs new hair-do and stiu took quite so glamorous ..... lust what gives Wanda Stawski the giggles. Could it he the Palestine tadv in back of her? . . . Was Celine Shea embarrassed when she was told she had uwickedn eyes? . . . Nina Di Giacomo feels she win give up the ghost if she ever sees another poster .... Qne would think Frances Tor- toreuo was bom for the Dart of "Charteys Auntt' ,... Joan Brucknefs face is just popping questions during the bookkeeping period .... A certain Dorothy Simmons is carrving an awfully heavy torch for Soldier Mike ..... lust why is Margaret trotz having a digicuit time with her IB. homework? . . . Frances Lonzizero loves to sit down where there aren,t anv chairs! . . . Ann Marron has such money troubles .... Xvho wears argyrot for mascara? Could it he .loaneua Nevins? .... loan Wengier always says For her answers: ul say the same as she does.H. . . Kathleen Winters always seems to forget her lunch. . . . Prcfsicfent-Dolorvs cfOlfllflI'L'HCl T PHESHME UU Vice-Pr05izlcr1l-f Joforcs Hill S0CrQlf1ry-Syfviu Guglio reusuror-Gvrlrucfc Xx'YiS0l1ll7Ul'gl'I' FHESHME UU CIIUIIIP fpllt' XIIUVIIIII HIINIVIIII. f'lfIll' .XIII-lllll. IJUIHIMY. llixilllll, ,XIILIVIIHII KIIUXV, f UIINIIUIRI K Ulalll 'mm ISIIHLIIVI IIIIIVHI' NXIJIINII 'mm Nllu'I1c'1uQlll111 Xmm rxlfllflll, .xmlfn IUIQIUII-', l.l1f.nIwlI1 Nllwulvl. .xllll Rum-, Mary' Xvllllv, IIUICII Nl:-clxwf. IAIHIH1' '.lNNlll'l llwuvrmze- f I.11Lcx I'.l1wn1wl Ilnlrlmrrcllk ,xllll fxmlvllw. Hmwllmy Sinunu f Ln.: :XIIIIIVI NIIIIIJIY. IJUIHHN Q UllIlllIl'Hl'I, 5fIXIfl cl-IQIKIJ, 'Uilll lrvlrky, cilllH'IIIll' Ni'NXilUlIRI', IHIIIUITW CYIYPHIY If-law - l'1.uum-X lvulf-um-HU ,Nun IM vn.x11-11:11, luwmllmx' lyvlcw-, I'I-lIl4ki"4 IQ4lIl.l91'il lIi'!I'II Han 1Ill4Lwr1 Nmllm, RIM Hnlmlll, :XI-exgulvl Ilullv, Halls: 1.1 NIIIXVIPII. M.uu.m-I lwlf. ,Xmm f .my .lmm l'ug.n1u11i. Rww11u.11'y l'.1l1c'H. Ilull'im1.1 XIUII-III-III. IIVIVII IXl'w!1l. Xl1!l'!1l1.1 Iavllwlll, luwpllllmr' lynn-vnu, lQm.1l1m' lllmllllf I1-.zum Nvgnu, .lnwpllillv Ilinllc gud' I'4IIl"hIIIIl, KEVIIIIHI1' XXYC'INN1'llIll'l'Qi'Il. lyfllliflul l7fu1.nImll1-, I':Hc'1r fqllllvlm, 5lmQ11l1'l Rwggml, :xl-IIN' Nlrvxxalw, Ilulnlvs lynn FHESHME U12 5 1 1 I clfflllp CDIH' Mary lfclly, In-1112 firwlqsky. I'11l1'i1'i11 fzilHilQlN'l', Marilyn 1'X1l1'1gc111z1. R11sc111111'ic l511gl111l11, Fl01'C11vc KjlAl'IlI1filll, Plilry Igllllilfi. Ixlury Gunn. Hclvn E11cl1'i7xi, ,l4I1CI'C5il King. Ixlury Bc1'g01'. Arlcnc cTl'I'Ql1I'ii', ,lllilll Clllllllll, lxlury Sl1CfiC,lilIl. Iil'ilIlC'CS I111117isc1'11, Ulla CTllI'I'L'21, Hriclgvl lxlfllllgll, 1xIIill'iC Llilbll. ,I111111 Cuynv, ,l1lilI'lCHi1 Nvvim, fxllllil R1'oO1111c'1', R11sv111u1'y N1Hw11111l. I':H1I11Jl l.1'gg111cl1'11, llvlvn Nivs. HHI1111 l"f11'l1'117z1, Hc'I1'11 f5s!C'1'1111'1111'1. l,o1'1'lla'1 lIi1Hl'I'. CQVOUI7 74ll'U 1111111111111 1XIl1I'l'iS. 1XIa11'ily11 XX'i11l111's. Mary l51'111l1-11114, lQlPSl'IllEll'y Ric'lmcr, llc-1011 ciif'f'ilI'i'H0 Ixlnry Xvnrnl, Mary fi111'111'H11, ,lcwsc-11111110 C,iilFl'Hil. lf1l0011 BilHf'l'l3CI'l'y. IQIQH111111' H11lric'l4. ciibllililllfk' Ule1111L11wsLi, A11QcI111:1 D1G1r1x'111111i ljillfiffiil BlvN.1Hy, .XIIII Rc'y11c1I1ls, Mary I4.QEll1. X7CI'OIliL'1l Rally ,I111111 XVc111glc'1', 1l11'1'1'sz1 Mnllws. Blury I4K'l'll. l'1'z111cics l,11l111'11iL, lliiynlmullm lillllcn, lla-lvu IiCilIlll'y. fxllll IXlilI'I'l1l1. Iflcn11111' Yilulo, ,Tum-I Ho111'11l11111, 171111161-s lYIOI1iQIl1ilI1H. liiIOCIl 81111111 PHESHME IAQ Uv-W Ms IFFSQX fgggiiiia 'A gf :iff K . ' 7 !JI'l'Ylfll'IIl'-l1ll'lll!!JI' X Ilula X'irwfyrvxiffrflll-,Xfury' qc'r'l'c1lf1r'y'-A1111 Hur I w lIl'l!SlIH'I'-fllllllc flfll ll POST GRADUATES Sillingf-lxlary llannon. liorotliy Xvlillorst, Valerie fieniewiex, Helen Perez. ljatrieia Connally. lxlary lfrzewslia. Slumfiiigi-lJalrieia l.inm'lQer. Rolmerla ,lones. Virginia Rielmer. ljalriria ltreslin, l:l'i1l14'0S l l2ll'lIlii'Hill, lQOSOIHill'X CiOi'ClfilY, l,DOI'Oll1y QstHf'ElC'C. IQCDNUXI- LCDX E Tlrey were liotli young ancl eliarming, As lac ctaneect lior away in a wliirl. llc was so tall, ctarlq ancl lianclsome, Vyltiilc slie was a lair, tiny girl. His eyes were tlie color ol llII'CllIOlSC. Hers were relleetions otNigl1t, Tliey were perlocition in Contrast. A lueautilul, elegant siglrt. glue was a princess ol lmeauty. A prinee ol great valor was lie, Tliey were meant lor eaelr otlier. Tliat. any mortal eoiilcl see. lle gazecl clown upon lier witli rapture, Slice raisecl lrer sweet lame lor liis lass, Xvlien tlrey gazecl onee again at eafli otlier, Tlieir laces liacl mirrorecl tlieir luliss. Xvitli a million stars in tlieir eyes. vlqliey waltzefl along witli tlic song. .X luoy ancl a girl in a sweet emlvraee. Xvliere two lovers always luelong. Tlieylll clanee llirougli lile togellier, 'Nc-atli tlie laeautilul l leayen alnoye. Ttiat lsnows tliat tlieyyre not really royalty. ltiit. a lact ancl a lassie in love. loAN FLAHHRTY,47 "THE RIVALSH And now my Francis Quinn Has gone to he a priest After all the shirts l pressed for him, And all the pants l creased. l went with darling Francis Quinn And loaned him hoolcs and dollars And l used to sit and tall: to him As if we two were scholars. We trimmed the Christmas tree together And he often dried the dishes He ate the tally that l made And commanded all my wishes. But when l aslced our wedding date He never gave a nod . He just dropped me like a hot plate. And went running oll to God. Ah Yes, l once loved Francis Quinn You'd never thinlc that he, Could have such high falutin thoughts, About Etemityl He said 'twas his Creator Vxfho told him to say HNOH. My Goshl Unless you malce a hoy You havenyt got a Uheaun. fwilh apologies to Rev. Leonard Feeneyl IRENE CoNi.oN PUET5 EUR ER A PARTY IN THE SKNT A star was my diamond, The sun was my pearl: A great deal of jewelry For one little girl. My gown was a cloud All iquljly and white, My cloalc was rich satin It was made of hlaelc 'Knight The slcy was my host So suave and so gay, He served me champagne From the great Millcy XV ay My gifts were the finest And especially thisl From the man in the Moon l got my First lcissl JOAN FLAHERTY 47 r ,fb A2 A Wm XXX J I M N T I , H T5 UPF TU THE PHESHMEN mlllinl was llio lx-slr iniliuliou c-vc-rlu Mlllicy we-ro all Swell sporls.H Ml li-y, ljrc-sliir-, ills nol. ruining auicl you liaivc- your umlvrclla up.N hfxlililil lusl wlic-rc- rlifl llioso lfrc-sliic-s gc-L suvli raivisliing c'osluinc-slfu As fominents pussc-cl llrom onc- lo nnollicr, ull lwmls lurnn-cl lor lliis wus llim- cluy ol' 1-xoc'ul.ion ol' lllc- lrrc-slum-n lay tlif- Sc-niors. Tllc- Soniors lull wziili-rl lwo yr-airs llor lliis owusioii uncl llu-y worm- going lo mulqc- llic mosl ol il. XV:-rv llro l:I'l'SlllC'S Sl'ilFC'Kl? Xvcrc- lllc-y iusl ar wc-0 lmil, nc-rvous? Oulsinlc- ol linorlxing lillC'l'S :incl vlinllz-riiig lc-cr-lli, llic-y worm- yr-ry vool, mlm uncl vollc-rlr-il, A ' . , i l.ilr- mul run sinoollily all llic- limo, zuicl uworcliiig lo llu- N-niors, lor llii- lrrcsliir-s-Nc-vc-rl llllic- poor innocc-nl, lilllc- lfrc-slimc-n fume lo suliool on llial ini-morulmlc cluy looliing lrkl- nioclc-ls lor llulmy Snoolqs. lllicy wc-rc all lx-ill-4-Lf-rl in large liuii' rilmlrons, sliorl, rlrcssc-s, mulvlilc-ss slioc-s zuul sovlis plus llic-ir llullierls gurtcrs. Xvliul an inf-ssl All loo soon lli01'l0l'liVllllillxll I:-I5 lJ.lXl. :incl llic- yirlims Worr- lc-cl lo llrf- plum: ol' sluuglilc-r. llmy llml lima-, llic-ir slomzivlis wc-rv cloing lurn-ova-rs. As llif-y 4-nlc-rc-cl llic- uucliloriuin llu-ir moullis ops-nc-cl uncl llic-ir iziws clroppc-ll. Ali-lmlil llio Sc-niors were wailing lor llwm willi a mean glinl in llicir eyes. Yllliis wus om- clay llie youngslx-rs cliclnll wont anyone- lo linow llic-ir numc-s lmul llim- Si-niors linppc-norl lo lmyc- llic-ir own version ol' Hxvliols Xvliofy 'lllio svliool lioxylc-cl as rr group ol' poor ljrc-sliic-s lric-cl lo clmw a lliltfl' on llic pupor lungs xvllivli lmfl lx-on pul ow-r llic-ir lu-urls. Vlllic- girls llI'ElCllCillly rollc-Ll inlo Ilia- uislr-s as ai mllic-r sloul lfrcsliic lmfl ri lionc-ymoon rum- willi il yi-ry lllin girl, lloyl clicl llu-y looli lilcm- El riol wlic-n llu-y Worr- linislic-cl. l"miic'c-s Vlqorlorc-llo, ai llrc-sliic. was c'ommzuiclr-cl lo give- un iuiilzilion ol' un llznlinn lucly willing up llir- Hmnrlu-l lor llu- c'l'1ic'l4sH. l lc-r pm-rllormzinro was 4-xu-llonlr :incl il pul lu-r on llu- roucl lo llzum-. lliglil on llu- spol slic was signocl up lor an vonlrncl lo play il lc-ruling paul in Hcliurlc-yls Aunln. Vlillll lfrc-sliinc-n ol' Sc-plcnilnc-r lQ'lf3XX'K'Illllll'OllQl1 llicir lmfing lilqr- lliorougli- lmrocls :incl llu- Sf-niors ol' IU-17 wc-rv vc-ry proucl ol llic-in. hlARY ll. lfiiuiirxizor, l-I7 LA ,U ' 1 "' I llf i -ma, JUS - - ms'-H53 . r .... ul ' p l ,aiu :El gli.. 'I' 6 ' 1 llt ' S dc All l L Il L' ' - l NS' ll B95 155' n Y X f-I S' X?- ia 5' ' . xg vb s ' 2 A rv X XX. 9749 E 9 1 0 46 xXx gg cali' Q20 Cf "' 11.3 Q i f ,sf - -,S I! Owl N QA: .Y N .mf 4-uw, HSA wah ,gfzsf QE 4' M 'Q I vi !!V!7'!f97!0!V , Y THE FFESHMEN IWHHJE SPEAEUWG EUNTEST Presiding The Reverend Armando Dlllrgoio, P.S.M., Pastor , All Saints Commercial School The Reverend Peter Rofano, Reverend Mother Adelaide, Reverend Sister Claudia, OP. Part 1 America Can Be Proud of Her Youth ,.,.... r.... A udrey R. Xvorth The Attractive Uhhice Girl and hfiake-up ..., .... A gnes B. Capuder Part Il Cardinal Speuman ,i..... ....,.,. .,,. . I oan E. Flaherty Bing Croshy-Catholic .... ,.,.... i...... r I ane A. Maher Our Parents .......... ............ ..,. A n ne M. Heitman Part in Divorce ............. ........ ,.... J o hn B. Healy Can Peace Endure? .... ..,... J ohn J. Bruno l fm 3 4 5. ZUNE EUNTEST An Saints Auditorium, Brooklyn Wednesday, May 8, 1946 at 1:50 P. WI. A PROGRAM Processional-Mary Louis Academy Qrchestra 'The Star Spangled Banneruf-Audience Presentation of Contest Rihhons-Reverend Chairman Theme: TOWARD A BRlGHTER TOMORRONV "The Vxforld Nve Vxfantu QQueen of AH Saintsj .,...... Ellen Scully 'The Popes Course Through These Anxious Yearsn fst. Edmundgsj .......... .... J can Rogers HVNfoman,s Duties in Social and Pohticat Lifeu KAN Saints Commercial, ....,... Anne Heiiman HAmerica, the Saviour of the Missionsn fst. Aioysiusl ......, . ...... Margaret Sangirardi "Catholic Leadershipu fSt. Bartholomevrfsj ,....... Mary Zoe Keegan First Vxfinner: Mary Zoe Keegan Second Winner: Anne Heiiman Ii UI UIIEZIIVI, EA 'T WE IIIIII-1-II m1vuI mu' IilX'lll'III' cIrw1l114 xx'uIIImI Imw- mmm' Ima' iI IIII' xmf 'I . , 5 , I lm Imm- :II rnll'x'mx'mxl1ul'I'IIwII'zI. ,XIIIN II mul ours: xxx' jllsl Iml'l'mx'm'mI il Im III! HVIRINIHII UI IIII' IIIIIIII cII'IIIIII'IImII CEIIIIIKNI XXIHIII XXX' XXl'l'I' IIN' CIDHICI SIIIIIIII IMI' lrlll' 74Jllf'. r XX 1- xxuNI1 III luIu' .IfImI1IfIQII III II1if uImlIm'Il1l1iIy lu IIIIIIIIQ SISIIII' .XQIIU5 Imm.I1uI4II1-. XXI.. III XI.arx' Imlis ,XIIIIII-I11x'. .I4m1anim'a1, xx'Iw fu IQIIIIIIY 4mII NIP 'IIIIVIIDIINIX' II'III IIN Il1'IA XXI'II'Il'iIIIII'fI IIIIII xwII III'IIilYl'lI IIIII4IlI'lII9 f , . ,. INIl'I' amrI Iam me In-xlm mIirI mr1r'I1 II1ll1i1I4c'II1c'II1Iy'zl II1QQI..I.N. IXIJU IHIII III:-xx In-I zmfI Ilvl' QIIIXI QIIICI ,IUIIII IIIIIIIIJ I.III1c1 I Pl IIHUIII unwI.nIllI.1IIlw XIIII IIIIII ww 4? Mr .4- -4490. :QT 95" vnmtx C S.fXl.C, CJ,Hif'L'l'S-l.OIil lfsposila. lxllllil QiIlCllUl'il Idrcy XX' orlll, lfslvllc Coslu L, HR ifgli, kctf"T",vl A my: V Q wg, I KILL.,-L HV ' 6 Q36 ' flf POSTER Cl .UB f S X Xl YI' XVOIXK 1XIZ1I'SllFl,IS'-'74lIC? CTVUUHI of IITU CHFUIJ'-I.CO IiIOUOl' IX lCIl1lJl'I'S, of COLIFSCI RETREAT MASTLH Rev. J. Kun, S. J. roving A Poinl lo Killiy and fxlxmys llliixllllly, over Sl1CHf' IH IIIIN El IIAIUIIKI XUII ill Illltl i in , Q E X IE I! UPPIEEHS UP THE LEU HU UH IIISIHVIKIII-fxllllil f Iwlwlunlx SOCIETY lJH'Slfll'lI1-1XllIl IIUIIIIYIII HX IQIUHIHI Xclllllhlllllll 5l'f'IAi'lf 4 4' " w 5 . "'c'l111'x'-llc-IM1 Il.1cll1l1L Ass! N fl I-l'U Ilflll '1'.,,, or Snr'ic'l.x' rmv: fmfl lu IQIHIII. I'IHI'l'Il4'l' Killllllilllilll. KIIUYHI 'IIN' I,lIIll'l1 .xllllil cwIN'IN'I'illi, .lllilll VQISIIIIU. Hullfllll I1 nw: lmfl lu Rigllll, Ixlilfy IAIIYIII I'IUIl'Ilt'l' IYIlI4llIIl Ililll I,lll4Il'H Igilfllillml I,K'll'l'4UIl cIl'I'Ill1llIll' lil1dll4U. X-llllll I'l'Hl'llIll'I1, .llhlll IJIICIUIH. lylilllml Idlllll, .xllll blur' ' ll IIUIIIIIZIII, IXIQIIN' c lillk. l'llI'Il"l XIIAVIIVI IICIUH IIHKIIIIVL, HEIYIMIIQI Q IQIIMX, NIMIIIXII I Il , . lmlrwk, XX .umllx Flanvslai, Row Xilllllbilllilli I FLAME ST!-XPP Erfiior-in-Chief-foam Flaherty Associate Eclifors Estelle Costa Joan Lindop Mary' Eilrliarclt Lola Esposito Audrey Nvortii .lean Manning Josephine Bruno THE BULB AND BL E 'N--. . , .... N ,xx X x W4 '-SEQ: X XS x ALUM AE UTES Graduation days should he happy days and indeed they are, hut some- where in this houquet of gladness there lies hidden the thorn of sadness. We lind ourselves priclced hy the thought that our dear old school days are gone foreverg hut with this comes the rememhrance that we all shall meet again in these hallowed halls. "Lest old acquaintances he forgot!! from time immemorial each Alma Mater has hequeathed to those who left her portals a lcey which would unloclc the heavy iron gates-a lcey in the form of memhership in the Alumnae, and this lcey is yours to use. Your Reverend Pastor, Father L. Ahhate, PSM., your Principal, Sister Gertrude Magdalen, OP. and the Sisters of the Faculty will be waiting to receive you with a royal welcome. So wipe away those tears and smile again for we shall all meet again in the near uhye and hyeu. You rememher the old story of gratitude so well told hy the writers ol Sacred Scripture, don,t you? Qur Lord, Jesus Christ, had cured ten lepers of the dread disease which had made them outcasts from society, He had so com- pletely cured them that they were ahle to go out into the marlcets again and sell their wares. After this miracle only one returned to the Master to give thanlcs and He, who does not need the gratitude of men, meelcly aslced, HAnd where are the other nine? So, too, when the afternoon set aside for thc Alumnae Meeting comes around on the calendar the Faculty often stop to wonder-Uvxfhere are the other-not nine, hut nine hundred and ninety-nine" who should have returned, not to return thanlcs hut to pay the proper respect to our former teachers and fellow-students? The love you have for your own class- mates is clearly manifested hy your attendance at these meetings. Resolve now, on your Graduation Day to he Hsemper Fidelisu and your All Saints will he very proud of you. Sister Venard, QP., Moderator of the Alumnae, extends a cordial invitation to all graduates to return and have a gala reunion the afternoon of the Sundays hefore Decoration Day and Thanlcsgiving Day. Should you have a date. just hring your Van Johnson along. While you are reminiscing with your former classmates the Sisters will entertain the 'Boy friendn hy telling of your outstanding achievements while at All Saints. The entire Alumnae hody extend the very hest greetings to the graduating classes of 1947. To them we wish nothing hut the hest-Happiness, here and lierealterl Lf fR,LLL'1 ffl 19718 VKLff1dKJ kb X7 x fi fu CQJQQEK 04364 9 fynmzf !'7m. Q-on c' Q 5' gffna fzbfizsscx X3 Zlvi 17521 MRS. CLSQM A i A-d'aQ7Q +L W + Ni HMM JLG 'fr o for xy Z 'jf 'fir , -'CQ Q' sb 01 W SW 1"r-671, C17 - 5 Tig ALL SAINTS COMMERCIAL HIGH SEIIUIIL Uur aim here is to give a hrief history of your Alma Mater, the School you Iove so weII. Its history dates hack to the days when Vxfittiamshurg was in the heart of the country, when not a tree hut many trees grew in Brooklyn. The completion of the Williamshurgh Bridge in 1904 effected great changes in the WaIIahout district. There was a great iniIux of Jewish people who hought some property within the Iimits of the parish. Littte hy IittIe all the husiness went into their hands. An aImost continuous exodus of the pio- neers of the parish took pIace effecting a steady and continuous decrease in the pupiI register. Ctasses were consotidated and hy 1905 the entire upper 'floor of the heautiful schoot huitding was vacant. Right Reverend Monsignor Kaupert, ever anxious to promote Cathohc education, gave weighty consideration to the prohIem of the empty cIassrooms. He conferred with Reverend Mother Augustine, Prioress GeneraI, and with Reverend Mother Chrysostom, PrincipaI of All Saints SchooI, and after dis- cussing the matter and viewing it from every aspectl steps were taken with the diocesan authorities to make possihte the opening of a Commerciat High SchooI for Girts. With the decreased revenue of the parish, it would have heen an irn- possihihty to assume the financiaI ohIigation necessary to equip a commerciaI schooI. Typewriters, expensive machines of aII types, the instaIment ot furni- t.ure needed for machines, Iihrary faciIities, aII that was necessary to give stu- dents the advantage of a good husiness training meant a Iarge outIay of money. Af ter due consideration, Reverend Mother Augustine consented to open the Commerciat High Schoot as a Community High School, the outIay to he defrayed hy Community funds. The First ctasses met in the wen equipped and compIeteIy renovated upper Hoor in Septemher 1916. The pIan was for a two year program. The suhjects offered were ReIigion, Business Engtish, Typing, Shorthand, Business Arithmetic, Booldceeping and Business Law. Sister AdaIhert was the Hrst teacher appointed and tweIve students were graduated in June 1918. During the two years 1916-1918 the register graduaIIy increased and when the First cIass graduated there were seventy students enroIIed. From the outset high standards of scholastic exceIIence were maintained. The University of the State of New Yortc granted a Charter of Registration in 1918 and this was renewed annuaIIy. In 1918 Right Reverend Monsignor LLVS. IVIcCIancy, Superintendent ot Cathotic SchooIs in the Diocese of Brooldyn, was authorized hy His Excel- Iency, Most Reverend Chartes E. McDonneII, D.D., Bishop of Brootdyn, to propose to Reverend Mother Augustine that she turn over the promising, llour- ishing Community High School to A11 Saints Parish. Naturally, during the two years 1916-1918, while the Community was Financing the venture, the income had never covered the outlay of Community funds for essential equip- ment. With her spontaneously generous spirit, however, Mother assented to the transfer, and All Saints Commercial High School became a Parish 1-ligli School. During the lirst fifteen years of its existence the registration in the Corn- mercial High School lcept mounting, reaching an enrolment of two hundred and eighty-live students in charge of eleven Sisters, teachers of Commercial suhjects. The Curriculum was hroadened. Spanish and the study of business machines, such as veritypers, hooldceeping machines, dictaphone, etc. were added. From the years 1931 to 1937 the registration in the Commercial High School exhibited a downward course, in fact gradually the numbers attending dropped seventy-five per cent and the staff went down to three. Two causes responsible for this were: the compulsory education law extended the age ol? school attendance to eighteen. This meant that if an elementary school gradu- ate attended the two year commercial course she would he, normally, sixteen years old and not eligihle for employment, secondly, the Financial crisis fol- lowed hy the great husiness depression closed many openings and left those who remained open only to graduates of high school or even of college. The Commercial High School enrolment gradually hegan to increase. the register rising from 66 students in 1937 to 245 in 1942. ln 1937 a Post- Graduate class was organized. Graduates from the two years Commercial Course in All Saints devote one year to an intensive study of various types of husiness machines, including comptometer, adding machines, mimeograph ma- chines, multigraphing, addressographs, linotype, ediphone and dictaphone, in fact any machine commonly employed in husiness. Besides this they receive advanced instruction in husiness methods, English, and fundamental religious apologetic and ethical instruction. The last ten years has seen the resurgence of All Saints Commercial that loolcs lilac the heginning of a "Second Spring." At the time of this writing the religious stall' numhers eight, the student hody three hundred and eighty- two. Une hundred twenty-six girls applied for admission for the new term, hut it was only possihle to accept one hundred and eight of this numher. We are hopefully loolcing forward to the day when no applicant worthy of admission will he tumed away and when we will hehold a new edifice where students will he trained for "God, youth and country." Jack Adams Mrs. Madeline Adams Mr. John Adams Margaret Allen Checlc Ahherton Lucy Allen Mrs. Armand N. Aymong Lina Aymong Mr. Armand Aymong Eugenie Aymong Howard Austen Henry Adams Walter Atlcinson Betty Austin Angelina Audito Ralph Alessi Tom P. Abrahams H. Amherson Mrs. H. Amherson Mrs. H. Amherson Mrs. Pearl Arthus H. Amherson Alfred S. Arthus Fannie Avino Suzie Avino Joseph Aderrotty Vincent Aurigema Mary Aurigema John Alliance Raphael Alhano Mrs. A. Azzara Josie Accomando Marion Alandano Dominica Amato William Aldrige William Aldrige J Patricia Aldrige Josephine Aldrige Marie Alandano Rose Ariano Mary Ariano Philip Ariano Dominica Amata I'. Elizaheth Anlcenhrand Ruth Anlrenhrand Grace Alhano Frances Allen Suzie Avino Malcis Androv Raphael Allsancl Mr. and Mrs. Alhano Lois and David Alhers BUUSTEHS George Alddeldone Margaret Aslcin John Aslcin Margaret Rose Aslrin Dominiclt Ahate Norman Ahel Sister Antonia Rosemary Africano Domenica Amato Domenica Amato Domenica Amato Domenica Amato Domenica Amato Domenica Amato Domenica Amato Domenica Amato Domenica Amato Domenica Amato Theresa Appenzeller Tinny Amorosa Ann Amorosa John Amorosa Mrs. Margaret Amorosa Judie Asencio Benito Asencio Mary Buscemi Marion Buscemi Mrs. M. Buscemi Joseph J. Buscemi Charles Buscemi Doroth Buscemi id.. Balham Arthur Balcom Eddie Bisson Charlie Breslin Walter A. Bergin Harry Belloth Emma Brown Mrs. J. Barniclcel John Brossmer Marie Boclc Mrs. J. Batewell Rohert Brush M. Blumenstetter Edward Branson Rosemarie Bogliole Marie Bogliole David Bogliole Jr. John Bogliole S lfc U.S.N. David Bogliole Sr. Celest Bogliole Pvt. Charles E. J. Boyer Eugene Brolia Brother Bill Dorothy Beiclcert Mrs. H. Barnett Joan Baclcmann Mrs. Baclcmann Mr. Baclcmann Mr. Baclcmann Mrs. Harold Brown Elsie Brown Edmund Brandlofer Mrs. M. Byrne Joseph Bamherger Mae Bamherger Mr. W. Benada Mrs. W. Benada Margaret Bortscheller Loretta Bradley ' Mortimer Brennan Mary Burggrat Hlhe Bootsn Mrs. J. Barnett Mr. J. Barnett Mary Bruno Josephine Bruno Rose Bruno Gennaro Bruno Mary Bruno Josephine Bruno Anne Billano Miss Rita Brennon John J. Barchalc Dorothy Barchalc L. Brueder Helen Begen Catherine Begen Ensign Franlc Begen Teresa Bellotti Angelina Bellotti Angelina Bellotti John Bellotti John Bellotti John Bellotti Teresa Bellotti Faust Bellotti Angelina Bellotti Mrs. E. Bahin Master A. Bahin Miss R. Bahin Miss C. Bahin Master J. Bahin Miss R. Bahin Gennaro Bruno Mary Bruno Rose Bruno Gennaro Bruno Mary Bruno Josephine Bruno Gennaro Bruno Mary Bruno Josephine Bruno Rose Bruno FT. i.lOl"l1'1 Bl'adSl'l8lI', The Boots Mrs. E. Braemer Martin Broenner John Bramley Mr. J. Breslin Mrs. J. Breslin Rosemary Breslin Kathleen Breslin Michael Breslin Patricia Breslin Patricia Breslin Edward Barhera Helen Bernardini Judit Bernardini Mrs. D. Bernacchi Lt. James Bernacchi Kathryn Barrett George Billingham Catherine Ball Anna Batarch Theresa Brown Aura Barhosa Nilda Barhosa Eva Barhosa "The Big Four" Mrs. Madeline BOll0l'l Mrs. A. Brown Loretta Bradley Barney Bird Henry Bacltmann Jaclc Beacon Bart and Marie Pat Breslin Bill Beaton Claire Berry Mr. J. Beclcer Grace Breitung Mrs. Veronica Birgele Teresa Birgeles Veronica Birgeles Joseph Birgeles, Jr. S Mr. Joseph Birgeles E. Berberian, Jr. E. Berberian Marie Borosvit Mrs. Catherine Borchert Bernard Brunner Mrs. A. Brunner Mrs. J. Breitenbruclc John Breitenbruclc Alfred Breitenhrucl: Eileen Battenberry Mrs. Bennett Catherine Brunner Bob and Eddie Mr. Benedict Mr. 5 Mrs. Wm. Burlce Gennaro Bruno Rose Bruno l... Brueder Mrs. G. E. Butler E. J. Burlce Charles Belluo Florence Bilello George Baclcer Mrs. M. Berta Mrs. A. Berta Mr. 5: Mrs. J. Berta Angelina Buscemi C-asper Buscemi Patricia Buscemi Mrs. C. Buscemi E. S' E. Bch Ronald A. Beh Christina Boyle Beh Family Ralph Breitman Robert Biscione Edward Beclcer Joseph J. Braun Donald Bird Arlene Bird K. Brerbmann Broadwa Su ly Store Fr. John Bradlsllllaw, CM. Jaclc Beacon l"l. C. Bohaclc, Ridgwood Broadwa Su ply Store G. Bartulovicll Butchie-Daye Jael: Boyce Crucifix Buttaci Dom Bruno Mrs. Buttaci Joan Buttaci Santa Di Bello Mrs. John Brady Mrs. Jean Berry Louise Bellucci Helen Bryson John Blasi Mr. 5' Mrs. Edward Berger Jaclcie Burns Mildred Burchett A. Beclcer Mary Bates Alfred Bates Alfred C. Bates Gus Barbieri Lena Barbieri Stella Barbieri Mary Barino Margaret Bradley E. Beisswenger The Bo s Edward, Berger sf. Mary Berger Dorothy Borchert Helen Borchert Herbert Borchert P. Brice Barbara Brutweiser Charles Butera Mary Barrett Patriclc Barrett Claude Barrett Mrs. B. Bennett Henry Bahnsen Edna Burlce Helen Burlce Bob Berding "Bart"-U.S.A.A.F. Carl Brugmann Andrew Bayer Joseph Braun Betty Bogan Richard Brummer Camilla Bischoff Mrs. Wm. Bartlcoviclc Andy Basile Marian Bolomey L. Er D. Beihl Julia M. Betsch Ann Burns Mr. S Mrs. Burns Anna Broenner Marie Broenner Chris Carr Clarence Carr Anna Carr Catherine Carlin Mrs. E. Connolly Helen Cavaliere John A. Cavaliere Helen Catibiano Cullen's Candy Store Mary Connolly Catherine Conway Lena Capizzi James Ca izzi Harry Collrmlary Mary Cox Grace Coughlin Susie Calabrese Joan Cullum Susie Calabrese Mr. and Mrs. Coise Agnes Cordier Peter Cordier Agnes Cord ier l'larry Cordier Jean Cordier Jean Cordier Edward Constans Mr. Wm. Close Jean Corclier Mrs. Wm. Close Florence Close Bill Close Mr. Joseph Carozza Ray Cassarella Mrs. Celanclano Mr. Celandano Frances Celandano Miss Arlene Comazzi Franlc Cutrone Mary Cutrone Adeline Cutrone Louis Caliari Louis Caliari Virginia Caliari Virginia Caliari Salveno Caliari Salveno Caliari Raymond Caliari Raymond Caliari Lillian Caliari lsillian Caliani Lillian Caliari Mr. Norman Campbell Carol Cohen Doreen Campbell M... M. Campbell Betty Critchley John Critchley W. Colgan Mary Cicale Anna Connelly Charles Connelly Walter Conlon Ann Conlon Walter Conlon Ann Conlon Mrs. Julia Conlon Mrs. Julia Conlon Joseph Conlon Francis E. Conlon Joseph Conlon Francis E. Conlon Katheryn Carmody John Campbell Jean Cordier Jaclc Cintino A. Camerona Florence Cofslcy Edmund Cofslcy John Cofslcy lrene Cofslry Mrs. E. Clarlc Mary Clarlc Catherine Ann Clarlc Mrs. J. Clarlc Mr. John J. Clarlr John J. Clarlc, Jr. Mrs. T. Crane Mrs. Cullen Balbina Cyran Kay Clark E. Cullum Gertrude Cullum Mrs. l'lenry Costello Catherine E. Costello Peter Carroll Mrs. Caponigro Mrs. Caponigro Mr. Caponigro Julia Caponigro Mrs. Caponigro Grace Caponigro Mrs. Mary C. Clarlc Franlc T. Clarlc Agnes M. Clarlr Florence V. Clarlr Ann Connelly Charles Connelly Chris Carr Clarence Carr Anna Carr Catherine Carlin Charles P. Crisci Vincent P. Crisci Pete Crisci Josephine Crisci John Crowley Hannah Crowley Daniel Crowley Maureen Crowley Antonia Comella Mary Comella Lino Comella Charles Comella Mrs. H. Cullen Frank P. Cullen, Sr. Franlc P. Cullen, Jr. Jerry Cullen lrene Cullen Anna Colindreler James Colindreler lvlary Colomlai Charles Colomhi Daniel Colomhi John Colomhi Theresa Crisci David Connors Anne Connors Agnes Capuder Rose Chiarella David Connors, M.D. Mrs. A. Cadqerata Susan Clarlc Estelle Costa Dolores Cushinging Mrs. Cortrigus Pat Campbell Patricia Connolly Mrs. J. Connolly Patricia Connolly Nancy Chamhers Sue Charter A. H. Christoltersen Dolores Cerf Nicholas Conticelli Carol Cohen A Edmund Cofsky Dorothea Cullen Mrs. Henry Costello Catherine Costello Mrs. Emily Curtis Crowin Mrs. Carty Mrs. Louise Council . lrene Colindrella Lily Correa Mrs. M. Ciccone Mr. E. Conlclin Lillian A. Conldin Mrs. L. Conlclin Bob Cannon Antoinette Costa Susan Costa Marie Costa Leonard Costa Rose Costa Tony Costa I .enny Costa lvlary Costa Loretta Cadonix Alice Clarlc Mrs. Conlin Genevieve T. Canavan Catherine Cordray Malcolm Cordray Rosemary Cordray Rosemary Cordray Lillian Cordray Lillian Cordray Lillian Cordray Lillian Cordray Florence Cool: S. Charles Miriam Jean Carhonell Angela Cinco Walter Colbert James Colhert Lillian Colbert Mrs. Carney Mrs. Carney Mrs. Carney Mrs. Carney Mrs. Carney Mrs. Carney Mrs. Carney Mrs. Carney Betty Ann Cassidy Estelle Costa Mrs. J. Casella .Josephine Casella Joseph R. Collins John J. Collins Barbara Clancy John Clancy Joseph Clancy Mary Clancy Anna Christie Mr. 8 Mrs. Cook Bill Cassidy Eileen Canavan Bill Carney Armstrong M. Cantier Mrs. Crispino lioh Casaceli Bob Casaceli Catty Capo Mr. Ei' Mrs. P. Coviello Helen Ciccariello Mrs. W. Chadavoyne Mr. W. Chadavoyne Mr. Carter Mr. AI Crispino Florence Dennis Anthony D,Alessandro Joseph D'Alessandro Ehrichs Del Snells Delicatessen Barney Donnelly Mr. Pat D'Agroso Mrs. Marie D,Allessandro Domestic and lmport Thomas Dooley Thomas Dooley Ralph Joseph Desanna JMC Donald A. A. De Costamo J. R. De Costamo Mrs. Demi Mrs. Frieda Dortli Sonny De Franco Mr. L. De Franco Mrs. L. De Franco Catherine Di Bartolo Edward De Stefano Jean De Stefano Cpt. Joseph Del Pizzo Mr. S Mrs. J. Dillon Miss Eileen Dillon Edward Doyle Dorothy Daum Sophie De Meglio Maureen Delaney Peter Dato Miss Rose Dellacone Mrs. Di Grande Mr. 8 Mrs. John Digram Virginia Dorn Celia Dougherty Mrs. Lillian Donigan Mr. Walter Donigan Jane Denver Mrs. E. Dougherty, Jr. Mr. E. Dougherty, Jr. Mrs. R. Dougherty, Sr. Mr. E. J. Dougherty, Sr. Theresa Devlin Barbara Devlin Joseph Devlin lrene Devlin Joan Devlin Patricia Dalton - Jimmy Della Sala Lucy Della Sala Jerry Della Sala Nancy Dorsa Louise DeMeo Catherine Drago Kay D'Amato Julia De Maio Mr. 5 Mrs. C. De Prospo M. Downey Celeste D'Amhrosio Constance D'Amhrosia Agnes D,Amhrosia Thomas D'Amhrosia Rose D'Amhrosia Nicholas D,Amhrosia Mrs. P. De Blasio Kathleen Dunne Jeanne Din John J. Doherty Violet Davies Patriclc J. Donahue Dorothy R. Donahue Ellen Donahue Patricia V. Donahue Frances Donahue Larry Donahue James De Giovanni Lawrence A. Diehner Lawrence A. Diehner Mr. A. M. Demers Mrs. A. M. Demers Mr. fr. Mrs. A. Demers W. E. Dunn, Jr. Elsie Er Anthony Dicviovanni Marla J. Dowd Ann Darwin Bertha Di Giacomo Antoinette D,Amlarosio Mrs. C. Di Giacomo Mr. Philip Derosa Nina Di Giacomo Nina Di Giacomo Nina Di Giacomo Nina Di Giacomo Louis De Castro Franlc Demundo Angelina Di Giovanni Andrew Di Gregorio Benny Giamhalvo Sue Daprino Constance D'Augustino Lawrence Daum, Ph M '5fC Thomas J. Donnelly Grace Deranian Mardi Deranian J. Din C. De Josia Mrs. M. De Santis Mr. 5' Mrs. N. Davi Mr. 5 Mrs. N. Davl Mr. 5 Mrs. N. Davi Mrs. Luc Davi Kenneth Li Donnica Viola Desmond Joan Desmond Marie Dann Alice Dann Charles Dreste, Jr. Francis J. Deegan ' Patricia A. Deegan Gloria E. Deegan John Peter Deegan Anna Deegan Francis J. Deegan, Jr. Annie Dooley D. A. Billy Day Virginia K. Dom John Douglas Family A. De Stefano Ph llis Dattolico Fellx Dattolico Emily Dattolico Rosemary Dattolico Agnes Dattolico Mary Duffy Regina Duffy William J. Day James P. Dalton Miss Rita Dalton Edith De Lage Miss Ito Devin Mrs. De Carlos Tom Duane S. Espie Anne Emmericlc Doroth Emperor Donald Edwards Mary "Egg Head" Mrs. Mary Efundstein Franlc Eveline Lillian Erspamer Alhina Erspamer August Erspamer Frances Erspamer Bruno Erspamer - Augusta Erspamer Lillian Erspamer Alhina Erspamer August Erspamer Frances Erspamer Mr. John Essig Mr. John Essig L. Engels Joseph Eyermann Dorothy Emperor Dorothy Emperor Rosemary Eurell Mrs. Eurell Mary Eurell James Eurell John Eurell Mr. Eppler Marion Eve Miclce Eve Mrs. Elorence Eve Dolores Eve Wally Eve Tnxie Eve Jaclcie Eve Mary Ehrhardt Mrs. Ehrhardt Mr. Ehrhardt James Ehrhardt William Ehrhardt Mrs. M. Evans Lola Esposito Ralph Esposito Mrs. Anna Edwards Mr. 5' Mrs. J. Emler Eileen Egan Teresa Egan Dolores Egan Mary Ann Egan Patricia Egan P. Eas arro Miss Ellleen Ennis Mr. Sr Mrs. Edmund F. Ennis Mrs. Sylvester Ennis Memory of S. T. Ennis Mrs. J. Emmert Mr. J. Emmert Michael Emmert Mary Egghead C. K. Edmund Rose Engel Estell and Joe Sidney Estrom Mr. S Mrs. M. Eamile Franlc G Nelliels lce Cream Parlor Joseph Foca Joseph Foca lllranlcie Mr. Er Mrs. Flynt Valerie Froehlich Elizabeth Froehlich Matty Froehlich, Jr. Mathew Froehlich, Sr. Matty Froehlich, Jr. Peter Forgione Doc Fitzsimmons Sister Gertrude Veronica William Fitzsimmons Dr. F. J. Fels Louis Franzini Stella Frazzitta Eleanor Frazzitta Barry Frazzitta Marilyn Frazzitta Antoinette Frazzitta Auguste Fey Auguste Fey Anton Fey Anton Fey Elsie gey sie e Helen Eley Helen Fey Anton Fey ' Helen Fey Genevieve Fasano Edward Fasano Jean Fasano Joan Fasano Edward Fasano, Jr. Father Franlc Angelina Fazzarrino Eleanor French Mr. Joseph Fox Mrs. Rose Fame Daniel Fama, A.M.M. 2 Joseph Fama, F. Qfc Terry Fama Anthony Fama Mrs. Rose Fama Daniel Fama, A.M.M. 2 Joseph Fama, F. Qfc Terry Fama Anthony Fama Alyce Fitzpatriclc Marilyn Fitzpatriclc Mildred Fitzpatriclc Franl: Eitzpatricl: Joseph Fugarini Joan Eugarini Nora Floriani X C fc Walter Feught Dena Floriani Pater Floriani Lillian M. Forlenza Anna Fruehwirth Frenchy Helen Farrell Michael Frashella Marilyn Fitzpatriclc Alyce Fitzpatriclc Howie Fitzpatriclc Mildred Fitzpatriclc Franlc Fitzpatriclc Theresa M. Fuchs Louis Fisher Prescription Pharmacy Louis Fisher S Family Eileen Fern Franlr Joan Ella Flaherty .lames Flaherty Mae Flaherty Robert Flaherty Dutchie Friedman Dutchie Friedman Dutchie Friedman Dutchie Friedman .loan Farrell A Friend Catherine Finnegan .lames E. Foley A Friend .lennie Florio Thomas Florio Diana Florio Lena Facciolle Lenny Favuzzi Mrs. Helen Forlenza Arthur Forlenza Miss Lillian Forlenza Mrs. Helen Forlenza Arthur Forlenza Mrs. Helen Forlenza M. Fallon P. Fallon J. Fallon G. Fallon .lane Fallon Maureen Fanning M. Fallon Arthur Feeney Mrs. Grace Feeney Rohert Fahzon Mrs. Lillian Fries George Finnegan Eugene Fallen Danny Fallon Robert Fagan Memory of Gerard Fallon Mrs. G. Fattinger Basil Forgione Rose Forgione Anita Forgione .loan Forgione Artliur Forgione Ralpli Forgione Elizabeth Forgione Celia Forgione l... Froeluliclm Winky Froelilicli Artliur Ferliins Wm. Fitzpatriclc Mrs. Wm. Fitzpatriclc Buddy Farrell .lolinny Ford Elaine Frietag .lol'1n .l. Fasano Margaret C. Fasano Edward Foley, .lr. Mrs. F. Fortli Helen Fosdiclc Marie Finno Mrs. Edna Finno Miclwael Finno Miclcey Finno Sandy Finno Margaret Foster Eileen Fagan .laclc Ferrari Helen Francy David Francy Mrs. L. Fitton W. Fitton .loan Fitton H. W. Fryer May Fromweller Antliony Foresta Anny Foresta Mrs. E. Fullen Louis Fondriest Alice Farrell Felle Guido Facini, .lr. Ursula Facini Mrs. G. Facini Cliarlotte Facini Eugene Framzella Anita Forgione Mrs. G. Fiscluer Martin Franco Gladys Faircliild Alice Fairclrild Marion Friend Catlierine Friend lrene Flood Angelina Ferrara M. Fritzgerald Nora Fal'1y Mrs. N. Fal1y Kitty Faliy Maureen Faluy Max Fleiscluman .losepll Flalaerty Patricia Ferrara Alice F inlc Mrs. Alice Feeley Mrs. Alice Feeley Alice Feeley Fallaer F. .l. Fleming, C Mary Fiorelli Rosemary Fogarty Bunny Foley .M. Coolaie 8' Tanner Fergerson Margaret Foley .lames Foley Bill Foley .lolwn Fitzpatriclc Ricliard Fitzpatriclc Kay Ford To My Friends-Marie Mrs. M. Fraser Bob Gander lf. .l. Glynn Pat. Glynn Kay Glynn Mrs. E. Glynn lxlicliael Gallo Beatrice Gallo Mrs. rl. Garguilo Mr. .l. Garguilo Francis X. Garguilo Tlieresa M. Garguilo Louise Garguilo .losepli Garguilo Marie Garguilo C. Geraglaty Peter Graus Pvt. rlolin Grego Veronica Gilmore Dolores Groeniger Mrs. Gillispie l'lenry Guntlaer Robert Gormley Dolores Cabos Eleanor Cabos Silvio Cabos Fred Cabos Mario Gabos Louisa Gabos Carmella Gabos N at Greenberg Mrs. O. Gunderson l'larry Gunderson, Sr. l'larry Gunderson, rlr. Evelyn Gunderson Mr. 5' Mrs. C. Greis Pat Glynn Anne D. Gloeclcner Gilmartinls Pliarmacy Mr. Harry T. Gillen Mrs. Harry T. Gillen Miss Geraldine Gillen Alice Gillen Harry Gillen, .lr. Dorotliy Grieger Paul Gusmerotti Albina Gusmerotti Allaina Gusmerotti lrouis Gusmerotti Tlieresa Cvusmerotti Tlaercsa Gusmerotti William Gewanter Mr. E-rMrs. T. Occlaio Grosso Mr. 5' Mrs. W. Greis Elizalnetla Gilroy Paul Gomez Mr. Er Mrs. Goralc Mrs. Ann Glinlca Mrs. Ann Glinlca Mr. .lolan Glinlca Patricia Glinlca Dolores Graystone Mrs. Ann Glinlqa S. Gertrude Veronica S. Gertrude Veronica Mr. Walter Gallati Susanna Gudaitis Augustin Gudaitis Sandy Gudaitis Genevieve Gudaitis Mr. 5' Mrs. .losepla Ge Angelina Genco Margaret Greves Mr. Edward Garslce Mr. fr Mrs. R. Gibson Gladys Gardiner .lane Gordon S. Gertrude Veronica l'1CO F.F.C. Robert S. Gnatowslcy Mary Garvey Lillian Galvin Peter Gumes C. Glamlcowslci Zig Glamlcowslci Fred Grosso Benny Gredberg Red Grant Baby Gross Micliael Gingo Mr. rl. Greenstein Clinton Green Mr. l'l. Green Mrs. H. Green Hugliie Gorman Mrs. Graf Mrs. Gfaf lvlf. Graf ' Florence Graf Eleanor Graf Mr. Graf Aflne Gffif Mrs. Graf Mr. Graf Carol Anne Graf Cliristianna Graf Tlwomas Gangi .lolan Gerdes A. .l. Gillivroy Mr. 5' MIS. GeI'Cl'lOl'CCli Cliarles G. Giclc .loscplaino Galante rlolun Hugh Gilroy Anna Susan Gilroy Frances Gilmartin Rev. B. A. Gilmart Gertrude Gerrity Mrs. W. C-eravv Danny Gonyon Danny Gonyon Mrs. M. Gaglio Mr. V. Gaglio Mrs. A. Gelbu Mr. Karl Giegericli Roland Gay Leona Giese M. Gregory .lames Gieia Karl Gamal Franlc Giles Bill Grady V. Grispino Antlaony Gambino Florence Grenluam Anna Grenliarn l'lelen Grenliam in, OFM .lolmn Grenlram "Go eousn Tlre gang S. Gertrude Veronica Lorraine Ginty Mr. S Mrs. Wm. Gaynor Edna Gluclc Margaret Greves Tlromas. M. Gaston .l. Goodman .lean Giannone Elizalaetlm Gangale Bemard Granowslcy Katlierine Gallaglier Lorraine Galla lier Wm. J. Gallagdier, sf. Mrs. Florence Guastella Peter Guastella Anna Gleislzerg Helen Gruber Arlene Gerguric Mr. G Mrs. Gerguric .lolrn Glavin Anna Glavin Antliony Giacomaro Mrs. H. Gillen Antliony Giacomaro Amelia Gagliari .losepli Grano Rose Marie Gaglio Rose Marie Gaglio Sylvia Gaglio S lvia Gaglia ltdr. V. Gaglio Mrs. V. Gaglio Mrs. V. Gaglio Vincent .lolin Gulino Mrs. A. Gennusa Beatrice Geiger Mrs. Grossweiler Miss Grossweiler Carl Giegericli Mr. .lolm George Mrs. ..lol1n George .lean Gangi Tom Gangi Mrs. .lolm George S. Gertrude Veronica Gilmartin's Pliarmacy Mrs. Anna Haller Peter Haller Mrs. Haller Mr. Haller Robert Haller Nicholas Haller Loretta Halter Rosemar Hallcr Peter Haller Marjorie Haller Mrs. Haller Mr. Haller Mrs. Haller Madeline Haller Catlierine Haller Anne Haller Mattlwew Haller Claire Haller Francis Haller Mrs. Haggerty Mrs. Hereglwty N. Helllerman Franlc Hins Mrs. Hanslin .lames R. Home Gertrude Henrelman Tlromas Henreluan Elizalmetli Hurley Alice Hill William Hill Adele Hill Nancy Heaney Susan Heaney Bolalmy Hare Mr. 8- Mrs. Haaclc Mr. Haller .losepli Haller Maryanne Haller Edward Hill Rita Hill Bill Huglues Helen Harris Mrs. A. Heilman Ann Marie Heilman Mrs. Robert Healy Mrs. Robert Healy Mr. Robert Healy Mr. Rolnert Healy Miss Anne Healy Miss .loan Healy Miss .loan Healy Miss Anne Healy Micliael Hynes Margaret Hynes Kevin Hynes Micliael Hynes Margaret Hynes Micliael Hynes Margaret Hynes Dorotliy Hynes Margaret Hynes Dorotlly Hynes Dorotlm Heaney iadwaalnemy Tliomas Heaney Patricia Heaney Eleanor Hatriclc Edward Hatriclc Mary Hatriclc Mrs. .l. Herrmann Mrs. H. Hartmann Henry .l. Hartmann Mr. Henry Hartmann Mr. Henry Hartmann Frances Hartmann Frances Hartmann Mr. Henry Hartmann Mr. Henry Hartmann Henry .lolm Hartmann Frances Hartmann N. Hyland lolun Hottendorf Mary Huglres Ann Huglies Roberta Huglxes William Huglmes, Sr. Mary Huglwes, Sr. Edward Hilbert Margaret Heinz lzldna Hoegler lsudwig Hoegler l .udwig Hoegler lfdna Hoegler Kennetlw Holzlianer Mr. Er Mrs. E. Hill .laclc Hollman Bols Haaclc Col. Walter Hutlier, SG. Mr. 5 Mrs. Tlios. Hanralian .l. Hiclcey .l. L. Herbert Mr. 5 Mrs. H. Hendriclcson Helen Hendriclcson Henry Hendriclcson Edna Hoegler Edna Hoegler Edna Hoegler Edna Hoegler Emilie Hoegler Emilie Hoegler lrene Herweg Mary Herweg Henry Herweg lrene Herweg A. d. Harding Peter Harlcnig Mrs. Hunson Helen Hinclcen Francis J. Holland .losepli Hodniclc, Jr. .loseplr Hodniclc, .lr. .loseplr Hodniclc, Sr .losepli Hodniclc, Sr Helen Hodniclr Helen Hodniclc Franlc Honigmann Anna Honigmann .lacolm Hulaer Helen Henry Helen Henry William Hoolcer William Hoolcer Mary Hoolcer George Hoolcer Tlieresa Hoolcer Mrs. R. Haugliey Della Hall Franlc Hall Clara Hall Franlc Hall George Hansen Mary Hartigan Mrs. B. Hazell Mr. J. Hazell Mrs. J. Hazell Miss F. Hazell Kitty Higgins Veronica Higgins Patriclc Higgins Mr. .lolmn P. Higgins Mr. E. .l. Heftel Mrs. E. .l. Hertel T. Hoclimeister Mrs. T. Hoynan Grace Hayden Peter Hayes Tlreresa Hayes Marguerite Hayes John Hiller Bot: Hendericlcsen Mary Haag Mary Haag Rose Haag Florence Haag Catlmerine Haag Mr. S- Mrs. F. Hagedom Mrs. Henlce .lud Ann Henlce Ricgard Henlce Marian Hagmaier Ferdinand C. Halloclr Robert E. Holland Robert E. Holland Robert Edward Holland Eleanor Herrmann Helen Herrmann Al Heeger Peter R. l'lermo Micliael C. Holwitz, USN Marie Haye Elmer l'laye William Hammersly Bilalmy Hartman Lefty Hutlier Catlierine l"larty Tliomas J. Harty - Margaret l'larty Tliomas A. l'larty Mrs. J. Hupfer 4 Margie Hill William N. Hill Kay Hannon Jeanie Hannon Mr. Jolm lraggi Mr. Jolin lraggi Mr. Jolin lraggi Mr. Jolin lraggi William H. lnclc Josepli lmpellizzeri Caroline lorio Caroline lorio Caroline lorio Caroline lorio Mrs. L. lorio Mrs. L. lorio Mrs. L. lorio Mrs. L. lorio Caroline lorio Caroline lorio Barney lngoglia Joseplmine M. lriarte Mrs. lriarte Plc. Antluony Perez lriarte Milce lasso Raymond lriarte Raymon lriarte, Jr. Carmen lriarte B. Sanca M. lriarte Blanclle lriarte Rosalie lriarte V Doris lriarte Clotilde lrigarry Etliel 6 Hanlc lmlioll' Mrs. F. llule Mr. F. llile Micliael lppolito, Sr. llrances lppolito Micliael lppolito, Jr. James lppolito Scotty Jolinson Mrs. L. Jaclcson 'lllieresa Jalmenro Tliomas Jalmenro Marie Jalmenro .losepli Jalmenro 'llerry J almenro Sister M. Joan Tliomas Sister M. Joan Tliomas Cecelia Jaslcolslia lil. Joswig Norma Jordon Fredericlc Jolinson, SM Qfc Roberta Jones Anna Jones .loe Er Lenny's Candy Store Elizalnetlm Jordan 'lllieresa Jolinson Larry Jacaruso Miclcey Jacaruso Jennie Jacaruso Josepli Jacaruso Jolmn Jamele Julnray Dress Sliop Joe's Lunclueonette Joseplm Jones Adele Jones Tommy Jost Tinnie Jost Dolores Jost Jolmn Jost Sgt. Jolin Jost l'lelen Jost Allalina Jones Vera Keiclier Mrs. Margaret Kaiser Helen Kessler Mr. Josepli Kessler J osepli Kessler 'lllieresa Kessler Frances Kessler Mrs. Rose Kessler Franlc Kessler Jolin Kessler Dorotliy Keiclier Edward Keiclier Miclxael Kosalc lVlr. Ei Mrs. J. Kaselc Mrs. H. Kal'1l Mr. H. Kahl Mary Kallfa Kerwin W. Kist Pat Keegan Ann Kilgallon Marilyn Kaplan l7ern Kaplan lileanor Kracelc llelen R. Kracelc lfdward W. Kracelc, Jr. l'lelen Kracelc lfdward Kracelc, Sr. Mr. Knauer Mr. Knauer Mrs. Knauer Mrs. Knauer Miss Knauer Raymond Koscuilr Lillian Klein Mrs. Helen Kolaer James Kelly Anna Mae Kelly Mary Kelly George Kemetlier Anna Kemetlier Robert Kemetlner Elsie Kemetlwer Val Kemetlmer Butcliie Keary Roseanne Kruse Max Katz Florence Krasno Mrs. Anna Kreitzman Mr. Dave Kreitzman Barlnara Kreitzman Jolin Kreitzman Robert Klied Marie Koclu H. Kaufmann B. Kaufmann H. Kaufmann Mary Krays Eugene Kraus Dorotliy Knieriem Mrs. H. Koven Marie Kerenslcy Mrs. Jolin Kleinliammes Antllony Kerenslcy, Jr. Antlwony Kerenslcy Lillian Koerner Mrs. O. Koerner Mr. G. Koerner Edward J. Kenney Martin Keane Jack Keller Josepll Kuciey Viola Kraj Elizalnetli Kastelz Mrs. Kaller Mr. Kappel lrene Kocliis Julia Kayser Gerard King Sarah King Vlilieresa King Jolln King Dorotlmy King Lawrence King Kay King Mrs. P. Kraus Pat Kuczynslci Anita Kolclcinos Mrs. Riclmard Kolz Mrs. Helen Keamey Mrs. T. Kearney Karp's lcecream Parlor Miss E. Kramer A. Kramer Jolin Kramer Jolm Kyritz Ann Kyritz Jolin Kyritz, Jr. Pauline B. Kunzier Jerome Kearns Mr. J. Klemlaalla Agnes Klariclu Dorotliy Klaricli Carl Karl Mrs. E. Klemlnella Mrs. A. Kirclmer, Jr. Mr. Howard Kern Eleanor Kopp Elsie Kupper Anne Kelly Mrs. Margaret Klein Tlie Kropac Family Mrs. F. Kenney Mr. Er Mrs. J. A. Keyes Mr. Sr Mrs. William Kellelier Franlc Kum Helen Keefre A. F. Kerrigan Bolo Kmetz Jimmy Kelly Mrs. Kelly Jean Kyritz William Kyritz Angie Kyritz Joan Kennedy Louis Kilcel Mrs. Kleinlclaus Mrs. Kleinlclaus A. Kleinliomer J. Kleinhomer Theresa King Fred Kihoury Pete Kraunwich Mrs. Anna Kohler Mrs. Johanna Koch Mr. Raymond Koch Miss Catherine Koch J. Kerlrovich Marie Keller H. Kleinman Mary Kaufhold Doris Kaufhold Mrs. H. Keicher Mr. H. Keicher Pvt. Larry Keicher Maril n Keicher M... ll. Loud Patricia Linclcer Doris Linclcer George Lauer Barbara Lauer Mr. and Mrs. Lightfoot Mrs. G. Leary Mrs. A. Loebel Margaret Libby Grace Libby Mr. Fred Libby Jimmy Linelrin S. M. Limoaggio Joseph Lowe Au ust R. Larmann Barbara Larmann John La Sala Eileen H. Lorenz Vincent J. Lombardo Sammy La polla Anita Lunllob Joseph Lauria Mrs. E. Lamont Mrs. V. Laurino Dorothy LeBlanc Paul LeBlanc Dan LeBlanc Mary Levest ' Martin LeBlanc Josephine Levert Robert Lanimis Nellie Lanzone Mrs. L. Lissner Mr. L. Lissner Lucille M. Lissner Michael B. Lissner Lucille M. Lissner Lucille M. Lissner Michael Lissner Lucille Lissner Lawrence Lissner Sol Lombardo Mrs. Lipton ' Buddy Libertine Mrs. Margaret Leahy Harry Lang Ziggy Lederman Janet La Rue Helen La Rue Robert La Rue Lucy Leuci Mrs. J. Lyons Mrs. J. Lyons Mr lc . Luc Mr. A. Lease Mr. A. Lease Mr. A. Lease Mr. A. Lease Mrs. A. Lease Mrs. A. Lease Mrs. A. Lease Charlotte Lease Charlotte Lease Franlc Loopatalier Rita Linelrin John Lattimore Mrs. F. Lopez Dolores Lopez Mr. George Leyes D. W. Lawson Catherine Lothrop Kay Lothrop Eleanor Loughlin Mildred Luongo Michael Luongo Michael Luongo Louise C. Luongo Lucille Luongo Helen, C. Luongo Michael Luongo Mrs. J. Lotz Hazel Lotz James Lotz Mr. J. Lotz Charles Lotz Rudey Lotz Catherine Lotz Mrs. J. Lotz Mrs. J. Lotz Mrs. J. Lotz Mrs. Maria Loria Mr. Cwasper Loria Miss Nofria Loria Mr. Angela Loria Mrs. Mary Loria Mrs. Josephine Loria John R. Lisanti Joseph F. Lisanti George Lewis C-race Loughlin Mildred Loughlin Lorenz Family Larry 8 Tommy Pasquale Libertore Mary Liberatore Rose Liberatore Joan Liberatore Yolanda Liberatore John Liberatore Mary Liberatore Elda Liberatore Anthon Liberatore Rose Liberatore Mrs. T. Labiento P. La Rocca John G. Lutz 6 Sons S. La Rosa Lee Mary Louis Mary Levert Lilian Luca Dorothy Le Blanc Dan LeBlanc Paul LeBlanc Ann Loebig Catherine Lavin Mary Lavin Mrs. J. Lavin John W. Lavin, Jr. T. J. L. James Lavin James La Torre Anthony J. La Torre Luc La Torre Nicholas P. Labriola Joseph Lauth, Jr. Mrs. C. Lindop Mr. C. Lindop Mr. C. Lindop Mr. C. Lindop Mrs. C. Lindop Bernard La Porte C. F. Lavin Mr. John Lavin Mrs. John Lavin Franlc Lavin Mr. John Lavin Mary Lavin Mary Lyons Ronnie Legaris Alice C. Langon Norma Lucie Mrs. L. Laubach Caroline Laurich Bob Lord, U.S.N. Rita Lawless Mr. S Mrs. F. Lohlein Alberta Lorenz Alice Lorenz Walter Lorenz Margaret La Bruna Mr. S' Mrs. R. Lightfoot Josie S. La Ferrara Franlc La Ferrara Mrs. Le Cviarclro Jean C. Manning Mae Marrazzo Joe Marrazzo Mrs. C. McTigue Mr. SMrs. Jos. McCarty, Sr. Mr. 8 Mrs. Jos. McCarty, Jr. Richard 5 Michael McCarty Mr. 5 Mrs. K. T. McCarty Rosemary Millwood Jose h Millwood vigil Miliwooa William Millwood Rose McCarty Joseph McCarty Franlc Miller Margaret McFadden Jimmy McFadden Margaret McFadden Margaret McFadden Mrs. Margaret McFadden Lola Myden Me Too Mr. Er Mrs. Matonte Miss Jose hine Mennen Mr., A. Kfiacaonaia Mrs. McCool A. Montesano Muriel M. Marlrs Margaret McKenna Charles E. Moore Kitty Mulhall S. Marie Corita Harry McMullen . Mrs. W. M. Martin Mrs. C. McTigue Peter Masseria Louise Metzler S. Marie Corita Michaels Gift Shop Mrs. T. McGreer "Mom" S. Marie Corita Maracca Girls Grace Meelcs Mrs. A. Mannax Mrs. E. Mclfiernan Miss Ann McKiernan To Mom 3- Marie Marie and Vera Frances Mulloney Catherine Mulloney Eileen Menendez Ray Menendez Dorris Morreali Elsie Morreali Joseph Morreali Harold Myers Helen Myers Freddie Maccari Mary Marmier Helen Maher Mrs. Muller Mrs. Muller Pauline Muller Alfred Muller ' Mary Martin Mrs. S. Mcpartland Mr. E. Mcpartland Phyllis Mcpartland Henry Mayer Jose h McKull'ner Wllllam J. Mullins Katerine Mcl"lugh Bridget McHugh Katerine McHugh Michael Mcl'lugh Bridget McHugh Katerine McHugh Katerine Mcl'lugh Katerine McHugh Katerine McHugh Katerine McHugh Kitty Mudheacl Margie and Franlc Thomas Morgan Eleanor Muller J. Marco Edward Miller Joan McCormaclc Mrs. Grace McCormaclc Eddie McCafl'ery Mrs. Lucy Marretta Helen Murawslci Anna Martin Charles Martin, Jr. Mrs. Martin Marie Maimone Mario Maimone Louis Miller Elesie Miller Mrs. Leana Miller George Miller Frank Miller Norman C. McConney Joseph Mclfeon Giovanni Mangia Maria Mangia Tom Mangia Carmine Mangia Fannie Mangia Joan McCann Mrs. H. McCann Joan Melone Patricia McNally Mr. W. J. McNally Mrs. W. J. McNally Miss Doris McNally P. Marino Mr. S- Mrs. John Monahan M. Masso Muriel Madden Lucille Matheson Mrs. Molitor Ethel Maria Mrs. Wm. Martin Rita Murphy Charles Maitland Augusta Martini Rose Martini Dominica Martini Guleo Martini Muriel McCormiclc James J. Manning Catherine C. Manning Catherine A. Manning James McGovem James McGovem James McGovem James McCvovem Mahel McCormiclc Eugene McCormiclc Catherine McCormiclc Janet McCormiclc Yola Martino Santo Micciche Margaret McCauley Tony Mancusi Huhlny Mancusi Kitty Mulhall Sister Marie Corita Mrs. Matia Mrs. Matia Mrs. Melchior M. Maloney C. Maloney Mary McKelevy C. Maloney Dolores McDermott Mrs. N. McDermott Edward McDermott Edward Milsap Billie Murry Everet Madden Guiseppe Manno Patricia McKeon Marilyn J. McKeon Mr. S. Mclfeon Vinny McDermott Raymond Murray Mr. Er Mrs. Merkel Rita Meglio A. Molitor Connie Mangino Henry W. Michaels, S Zfc Gerald R. Marla Anne M. Marlc Louis Malamont Louis Mascher Emma Mascher Gloria Mascher Anthony Molinaro Mrs. A. Mueller Mrs. M. Miller Guy Madison Mary Mallii Mrs. l'l .J. Milligan C. Manfrecli Anthony Mennella Mrs. Miller ' Leo Menotti J. Murphy Mrs. Mahoney Mildred Mitchell Rose Marano Mrs. James Mcphilianny Mr. Thomas Messina Mrs. Thomas Messina Sal Mannarino Louis Montesano Doris Muclcensturm Gertrude Muclcensturm Mrs. A. Muclcensturm Mrs. Gertrude Muclcensturm Mr. George Muclcensturm Joan Muclcensturm Mr. George Muclcensturm Mrs. George Muclcensturm Mrs. Gertrude Muclcensturm Dorothy Menadier Clara Menadier Elizabeth Morch Sara A. Mulle Sara A. Mulle Julia Maher Jane Maher James Maher Eileen Maher AI Maher Joseph Monaco Bernard J. Morris Lucy Murphy Barhara Morris Virginia McCahe Miss E. Manica Eddie McCormaclc James McCormaclc Dorothy Mcl'lale Mary Muller Rose Muller Florence Muller Mrs. G. Muller Mr. and Mrs. Marecet Mr. Mule Myrtle Roder Er Stove Supply Mrs. C. J. Morris Mrs. C. J. Morris Mrs .McGuire Mrs. S. McAvey Jennie Monsello William Menagh Gerard McGrath Donald McDermott Danny McGee Virginia Murray Edward McColgon Joan McNally Jaclcie McNally Peter Marron Margaret Marron Joseph Marron Thomas Marron John Marron Gene Marron Mrs. A. Mildenherger Frances Mildenherger Eleanor Meurotta Martha Meddlemiss Billy Macchia Nancy Macchia Mr. Morre M. R. F. McGuire Thomas McGuire Mr. J. Mccormaclr Eddie McDermott Catherine l'l. Mehler Edward l'l. Mehler Catherine Mehler Ma Mehler Emll,Mehler Mrs R. l... Medwiclr Miss Mildred Medwiclc Mrs. Charles Medwiclc Mr. and Mrs. Medwicli Mrs. Edna Medwiclc Richard Carl Medwiclc Helen Medwiclc Thomas McCauley Helen Mehler Helen Mehler Marie Mehler Henry Mehler Henry Mehler, Jr. Mary Ellen Mehler Nora Meurer Mrs. Margaret McNulty Thomas McNulty Evelyn F. Marlcs Theresa McCarthy Marion McFarlane Marian McFarlane Marian McFarlane Marian McFarlane Marian McFarlane Marian McFarlane Marian McFarlane Marian McFarlane Marian McFarlane Mrs. McCabe Mrs. Mccahe Mrs. McCabe Mrs. McCabe Mrs. McCabe Mr. Mccalae Mr. McCabe Gloria McCabe Gloria McCabe Gloria Mccalae Mr. A. M. Mintz Joan Moran Miss Emma Muller Frances Montesano Frances Montesano Ida Montesano Louis Montesano Tom Monte Margaret Mannarino Sonny Mannarino John Montesano .lohn Mcl'lale, Jr. John Mcl'lale, Sr. Mrs. Lillian Mcl'lale Dorothy Mcl'lale Mrs. J. McHale Mr. .l. McHale Mrs. M. Mayernil: Vinnie Mayernilc Charles Mayernilc Franlc Monz Grace Munson Hen Mathes Joseph Messina Henry Mathes, Jr. Mildred Murray Mary Mcl'lale Mrs. M. McKenna Frances Merlcer Helen McCarthy Elizaloeth McDonough Mary McDonough Franlr McDonough Mrs. F. A. McDonough Mr. F. A. McDonough Barhara Muller Josephine Muller Mr. G. Muller Doris Mason Neil Murray Marie Murray Vera Malfi Anna Murray Jean Murray Peggy Murray Mr. S' Mrs. J. McGinnis Mr. Patsy Martini Mrs. Manganelli Dorothy Mathew James Mccahe, Jr. George Mccormiclc Thomas J. Mclileaney Bernard McGovern Eleanor McDonough Mrs. MacArthur Rolaert May Judith Ann Mayo Franlc Mayo Johanna Magrath Carmen Martini Elizalaeth Machhold Cecelia McGrath Edward J. McGrath Mrs. Mary McGrath Mrs. Moore Mrs. F. Minlc Mrs. M. Mattern Mrs. A. Miller Mr. Er Mrs. G. Marte Dorothy MacAllister Sally McMahon Mary Meclitz Mary Meditz Ma Meditz Fred, Martino Yola Martino Fred Martino .lune McKnight Joseph Mulvey John McKenna Ann McKenna Grace Meelcs Gertrude Meelrs G. Keelrs R. Meelcs Violet Mcl..ean Mrs. T .Mitchell Mrs. K. McClaverty Alan Mclsean Mrs. F. Meyers James James James James James James McGovern McGovern McGovern McGovern McGovern M CGOVCYH Tim Neville Pete Nappi Lucille Nappi William Nix George Nash Margaret Nash William Nash Pepitane Nunzio Mrs. Jane Novalc Mr. William Novalc Jaclcie Novalc William Novalc Mrs. A. Nies l'lelen Nies Mr. A. Nies Gertrude Nies Lucille Nappi Clarence Narli Mrs. A. Neuser C. Nelson HS Mrs. Noethig Otto Noethig William Noethig Evelyn Noethig Dorothy Noethig Franlc Noethig Mrs. M. Neale Mrs. M. Neale Lorraine Norris Ann Norris Mary Nelson Josephine Neri Joseph Niclce, Jr. A. Nelson Gloria Nappi August Nappi Anna Nappi Mary Napolitano Robert Nicholson William J. Nevitt Teresa Nevitt Mrs. William Nevitt Mr. William Nevitt Rita Nevitt Doris Nevitt Mary Nevitt Timothy R. Nevitt Mr. 8' Mrs. J. V. Nevins John V. Nevins Joanella Nevins l'larry Nevins Ellen Nevins Terry Nevins Mary Louise Naegele Margaret Nevins Maria Pisano Silvia Pisciotia Louis Portnay William Pazaras Gaspare Piccolo Bill Payne Bill Pendleton Francis Pusateri Joseph Pusateri R. Porticello Emily Peclri Emily Pedri Nicl: Pedri Dorothy Parasino Constance Paslcevich Mrs. Thomas Paslcevich Mr .Thomas Paslrevich Charlie Prior Alvin Petermen Janie Prior Ronald Parist Gregory Paris Mrs. Bette Powers Mr. Joseph Pfetler, Sr. Mrs. Bettie Pfelller Janet Pfeller Joseph Pfetler, Jr. Regina Panelaianco Arla D. Pusateri Janie Prior Charlie Prior Mona Parmani Jennie Perrone Mr. 5- Mrs. F. Priore Carmine Priore Cheryl Pattlnerg Mrs. Penisse Joe Piazza J. R. Provost l..ouis Pomatico Mr. 5' Mrs. Thomas Pomatico Anne Parisi Mrs. M. Pele Mrs. Petcliel Mrs. Petchel "Pal" Viola Peterson Allmin Peterson Margie Peterson Diane Lynn Pusateri Margie Pattulo MF. 6' Mrs. 'Tl'l0l'Y1aS Piifliel' Lewis R. Pagare Franlc Qrelaelc Rolnert O'Brien James O'Brien Joseph O'Connor Mrs. O'Brien Mrs. S. F. Ochsenreiter Thomas O'Brien Mary O'Brien Thomas O'Brien Virginia Q'Brien Mrs. M. Olexa Mr. M. Osterman Mr. P. Qsterman Miss l... Osterman Mr .C. Osterman Mrs. M. Osterman Decle Ostlnerg Wilma Oellerich Hilda Oellerich James J. O'Carroll Mrs. O'Connor William O'Connor Jimmy 0'Brien Helen O'Donnell Elinor O'Connor Jaclcie O'Neill Burty O,Neill Buclc G'Brien John Opstrup Billie O,Rourlce Milton Qpstero George Pritting Arthur Posa, Jr. J. Parisi Mr. R. Profit Mr. R. Profit Josephine Poje l'lenry Penna Henry Penna, Jr. Rose Penna Marie E. Perry Mrs. L. Perry Mrs. C. Pope Ella Pope Peter Porcasi Gaston Ponlillo Mrs. J. Parcell Porothy Parcell James Parcell P.F.C. Raymond Parcell Peggy Parcell Carmela Pisani Maureen Pacitta Mrs. J. Palminteri Mrs. lu. Parziale Paul Parziale Franlc Parziale Alma M. Pisto George Powell Mrs. M. Padclell Miss Elaine Paclclell Martin Paclclell Martin Paclclell, Jr. .loan Perlrlell Mr. S' Mrs. J. Procl: Bot: Polcomy Mrs. G .Phillips Siclney Pass Linda E. Pass Terry M. Pass Mrs. Florence Ploss G. A. H. Pless Jennie Puglisi Pvt. Anthony Perclicaro Margaret Passaro Charles Passaro Jerolcl Passlaro Nicholas Potere Tess Potere Mary Potere Vincent Potere, Sr. Vincent Potere, Jr. Nettie Potere Eli Poritz Matilcle Perez Alfrecle Perez Emma Perez l'lelen Perez Hilda Perez Alice Perez Ronald Passaro Mary Pat Food Store, l T. Petterson John Parziale Dolores Prensser H. W. Punger Delia Pottinger Marie Pepino Jimmy Russo Mrs. James Russo Thomas F. Pooley Herbert Pease Frances Perpall Angela Pepe Julia Pepe Helen Pepe Carolyn Pepe Pat Pancloll Lyn Pepe Angela Pepe Angie Palmeri Angie Palmeri Josephine Pelmeri Milce Palmeri Mary Palmeri Mary Parrino Loretta Parrino Ben Parrino William Quinn Mrs. Quill Mrs. K. Quill Harold Quail Marian Reitano James J. Regan Mrs. Eugene Rolnertson Barbara Ann Regan Denis J. Regan Moreen Reegan Mrs. D. J. Regan Helen P. Regan Thomas Regan .loan M. Regan HC. Rev. John S. Regan Mr. S Mrs. M. Rea Clara Ev Ralph Rea Margaret Renta Marie Roth Doris M. Roth Veronica Roth George A. Roth Anne Rogaclci Mrs. Agnes Ryan Joseph F. Rauch Catherine Rauch Mrs. J. Rauch Mr. J. Rauch Mr. 5 Mrs. Roppolo Mary Reass Margaret Rogan Catherine Rogan James Rogan Elle Reflerielle Franlc Rallanello Mrs. Marie Rallo Mr. Milce Rallo Mrs. Marie Rallo Mr. Milce Relle Nicholas Romano Mr. S- Mrs. Rose John Reilly Mrs. Kathryn Reese Mr. Thomas Reese Mrs. Steve Riggi Ann Rogers Ann Rogers Mrs. M. Rogers Mrs. M. Rogers Jimmy Rau Jimmy Riley William Rogers USS. Forest Royal .lean Roschen Carmen Roque laclcie Rossano Mr. Geo. Ruppenstein Mrs. Geo. Ruppenstein Mrs. Russell Donalcl A. Rearclon Mrs. Anne Raia Raymoncl Russo Miss Celia Ruvola lrene Richardson Paul Rolmins Mrs. Ralcow Arthur Rogala John Rea Jimmy Rhinelzeclc Mr. Reiner John R an Jimmy Rhinebeclc Ronnie Rogers Mrs. V. Rogers Mary Rogers Valerie Rudelall' Charlie Rudelall' Willizim Ringwood Rosalie Rush Richard Rubass Ridgewood Glass Shop Ellen Raggio Katheryn Raggio Hilda Raggio John Rnggio John Rogers Stephen A. Reborslciclf Joseph Rehorslciclc Mr. E. Rhiendlleish Annn "' RHVTUUHJ Madeline K. Rerlrins Karen Rallaele Mrs. W. F. Reynolds George Roper Mrs. Elizabeth Rieneclcer Mr. Anthony Rieneclcer l'l. M. Rush Mrs. Emma Rueheclc Mrs. Emma Rueheclc Mrs. Emma Ruebeclc Mrs. Emma Ruebeclc .loan Ruebeclc Elaine Ruebeclr Mr. M. Reynolds .lennettc Reynolds Patsy Reynolds Mary Reynolds rlnhn ReVl'l0lflS Frances Reynolds Mrs. Reynolds Anne Reynolds .lnry Rosa Adelis Rini Nora Rizzi Dorothy Rini Michael C. Romano Lena FIQIJUUKIUYH Romano b1llS. IQOIHHUO Edna Roflltlnllfl Elizabeth Redmond Willinn1 l... Redmond Arline V. Redmond Edward A. Redmond Arthur Rogals lrving Rothlein Bimbo Reid Theresa Rom Calanalpe Rosina Rose and Larry Frances Ridducco Charles Robinson Henry Robinson Pat Ritigliana Eileen Rothman Margaret Rothman Mrs. J. Rieber Mr. E. Rieber Mr. J. Rieber Miss V. Rieber Mr. fr Mrs. K. Read Mrs. R. Rieber Mr. G Mrs. J. Ryan Mr. S' Mrs. W. Rieber Bibiana Rembor Florence Ryan Mrs. R. H. Roder Mr. Riel: Mrs. Catherine Ryan Mr. Thomas Ryan, Sr. Catherine Ryan Thomas Ryan, Jr. Dorothy Ryan Anna Reidlinger Mrs. Ruhnlce Catherine Ragimierslci Catherine Regimierslri Mrs. Emil Roab Henry Stuhler Theodore Stattery Clara Smith Eileen Smith Alfred Smith John Smith Ra mond Smith Ailed A. smith Clara Smith George Seegar Marie Seegar Loretta Seegar Joseph Seegar Alice Seerie Mr. Seaman John Stengel Mrs. T. San Fanandre T. B. Searles Silk Family Mrs. B. Savage John H. Savage, Jr. llranlc Spadaro Michael Stelmolras Anthony Stelmolcas Helen Stelmolcas Helen Stelmolcas Helen Stelmolcas Mr. Er Mrs. J. Serina T ony Shire Kay Schucl: Fred T. Schuclc Peggy Anne Schuclr Hanlc Schwab E. Scutaria M. Siemers Elizabeth Schroeder lrmgard Schroeder Ellfrieda Schroeder Mrs. Louise Schroeder Joseph Schroeder lrmgard Schroeder Ellrieda Schroeder lflizabeth Schroeder Joseph Schroeder Elizabeth Schroeder Mrs. Marie Schultz Mrs. Agnes Schaefer Mr. Lawrence Schaefe I' Tec. Sgt. Jose h E. Schaefer Agnes Schaetler Lawrence Schaefer Leonard Schaefer Ray Schaefer Virginia Schaefer Virginia Schaefer Virginia Schaefer William J. Siegel Bill Seidman R. Scheimert Marie Schaal' Joseph Sudbeaz Mr. 5 Mrs. P. Slalrianos Nicholas P. Sfalcianos F lfc Pvt. Arthur E. Silver, U.S.A. F. Schmidt Charles Sandas George Schuclt Ruth Spolletta Ann Scheid Mrs. A. Scheid Tony Svezia .Jimmy Schmid .laclr Schmid Eleanor Schmid Shorty St. Barbara's Baslcetball Team llelcne F. Shea Theresa Shea Francis S. Shea Marie Schaller Marie Schaller Marie Schaller Franlc Schaller Franlc Schaller llranlc Schaller Franlc Schaller Dorothy Szelles Dorothy Szelles Dorothy Szelles Dorothy Szelles Dorothy Szelles Dorothy Szelles Dorothy Szelles Jose hine Szelles Stella Szelles Peter Szelles Robert A .S ringman Margaret Sahella Vincent Sabella Mrs. A. Sabella Sid's lce Cream Parlor Mr. Er Mrs. l... Stone Margaret Slrube Mrs. P. Sheridan Patsy Sheridan .laclcie Sheridan Thomas Sheridan John Sheridan Patsy Sheridan Dorothy Salinger Mrs. L. Salinger Miss M. Salinger Mr. J. Salinger Mr. J. Strouse Thomas J. Sullivan Anne Siclcer Anne Siclcer .Josephine Siclcer Mr. A. Schumann Mrs. A. Schumann Celine M. Shea Therese E. Shea Patticia l... Shea Mrs. Kathryne M. She Bill Sullivan Bill Sullivan Mr. S' Mrs. Saraniero Joseph Scammacca Rose Scammacca Agnes A. Schmitt August F. Schmitt Mary Silva 8 Walter Smith Josephine Spicer Mr. Er Mrs. E. G. Smith Mrs. O. Sherrill' Ted Schmidt M. Sersinger J. Spettel Margaret Smillie Muriel Smillie James Strouse W. 6 M. Sheridan Jenny Ann Sorrentino Josephine Sorrentino Mrs. Stephan Kate Schmidt Mike Schmalz Mrs. G. Schank Anne Slawski Mary Slawski Benny Slawski Viola Slawski Catherine Slawski Wanda Slawski Mrs. J. Strano Mr. Silver Henry Sager Helen Schneidawin Helen Schneidwin John Spreitzer John Spreitzer Frances Spreitzer Frances Spreitzer Nicholas Samallalo Mr. Er Mrs. Michael Su Charles Schazto Frank Sinatra Joseph Schmerwitz Theresa Schmerwitz Mrs. Anna Schmerwitz Herhert Schmerwitz Billy Spencer Mrs. P. Schmitt Mr. P. Schmitt H. Schmeelke H. Siefken Mrs. R. Sanders Dick Scapps Pat Arthur E. Silver James J. Smith Lydia Scholl Mrs. L. Spurge Mr. J. Spurge llivan Marie Er Betsi Schuphach Anna Smith Mrs. Theresa Sefcik Letizia Scotto Dominick Scotto Mrs. Salz Mr. Staehle Mrs. Senkei Mrs. P. Smith Catherine E. Scanlon Stephen G. Scanlon Mrs. Helen Scanlon John Scanlon William J. Scanlon S lfc Mrs. T. Smith Mrs. Helen Shonts Mr. Charles Stelmokas Charles Stelmokas Mrs. Veronica Stelmokas Mrs. Veronica Stelmokas Joseph Stelmokas A. Shuhan John Schreiner Adam Sheehan Mrs. lrene Shea Charles Sanzeir Lillian Sanzeir Marion Sanzeir Gerard Sportwear Virginia Shepherd Gerlando Samhuto Marion Marion Marion Rosario Steveys Sanzeir Sanzeir Sanzeir L. Sambut Candy Store Nicholas Summers Theresa Schmitt Mr. and Mrs. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Smith Frank Stehlin, Jr. Charlie Smith Joe Sauls Frank Sing Carl Schettino Mr. John Sternad Mrs. K. Stermes Mary Schaefer L. Stazer Mrs. Sommer Joseph Scanlon Monica Schmitt Marion Schmitt Dennis Shea Catherine Shea Catherine Shea Mrs. K. Stiles Mrs. H. Seebaclr John W. Scanlon Mrs. H. Schwartz Mrs. Schottenhamel Louis J. Saladino Marie P. Scott Mrs. Mary Stockpoole Catherine Stockpoole Jack Stockpoole Mr. Jack Stockpoole Mr. Jack Stockpoole, Sr. Jack Stockpoole, Jr. Catherine Stockpoole John Stockpoole Alfred Patrick Sweeney Phil Sena Nora Shap A. F. Schuhert Louis Susan Kenneth Shannon Mrs. Sohey Mr. Thomas Stockpoole, Sr. Mr. John Stockpoole Mr. Thomas Stockpoole, Miss Catherine Stockpo Michael Stockpoole Mrs. Nora Stockpoole ole Jr. Miss Catherine Stockpoole Margaret Stockpoole Patricia Stockpoole Mr. Philip Stockpoole Helen Smith Charlie Scheerer Philip Schook Bill Sommer Mr. John Schmidt Sidys lce Cream Parlor Joan Smith Loretta Smith Russell Smith Magdalene Schmuck Louise Soriano Edith Schlott Sheila Sperher A. Er S. Stone Mrs. Sure Raymond Seyforth Rita Schreiher Alan Sohey Peggy Sharkey Keele Tohin Mrs. A. Turner Christine Tymann Louise Tymann Mrs. Veronica Tymann Mr. S Mrs. Bernard Tymann Florence Tymann Anna Tantillo Mrs. Tevlin Joseph Tischler William Tymann Mr. G. Troup Mrs. Mae Thies Mr. William Thies Ruth J. Tramposch William Thorrie Marie J. Taddoni Nettie Taddoni Tom Tinnesillo Ellen Tumulty Winifred Tumulty The "4F's" Charles J. Tighe Elizaheth Tighe Charles B. Tighe Mildred A. Tighe Anna Tighe Mike Trezza Mr. S. W. Temple Morris Thall Lillian Tisi Mr. Tisi Mrs. Tisi Keele Tohin Mrs. J. Tramposch Frank Talior Frank Talior Frank Talior Maureen Thompson Joe Toscano L. Thristirno Roy Thom sqn Lorraine Thompson Mr. 5 Mrs. Toscano Michael Tricarico Miss L. Tavemier Mr. E. Toomey Jerry Toomey Gerry Tricarico Hilda Triessl Margaret Triessl John Triessl Triessl Family Herhert Tolmich, Jr. John Tierney Mildred Taylor Margaret Tarantunio Mrs. B. Tumulty Sarah Tobin Jerome Theatre Leo Umanoll' Gerard Urbancic Rosie U lialore Sam Ughalore Mr. and Mrs. Vigliette Mr. and Mrs. Vigliette Danny Venturo Danny Venturo Danny Venturo Mary Vogelsberg Dolores Van Ry Van Johnson Albert H. Vitale Ann Vlaclc Rose Vollc Rose Valente Rose Valenti Antonio Villomi Edward Voiland Mrs. Peter Verdu Sister Venard Anne Vaughn J- Verdefbel' Mary Vemino John Vemino Dorothy Vernino Rita Vernino Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Voiland Louis Vona Mrs. A. Voegler Mrs. G. Volpe Mrs. George Volz Dorry Venturo Danny Venturo Mrs. Victoria Vecchio Mary Vitale Anna Volpone Mary Volpone George Volpone James Volpone Mr. 5 Mrs. Volpone Mrs. Mary Vemino Mr. John Vemino John Vemino, Jr. Rita Vemino Dorothy Vemino John Vemino, Jr. Dorothy Vemino Mrs. Louis Vona John Van Geuns Peter Van Daal Rudolph Vallis William H. Vogel Thomas Wiclcham John F. Wilday Jill Wilday Lillian Wilday Miss A. Walsh Mrs. Helen Wulll Robert J. White Margaret Ward William F. Weelcs P.F.C. James Weelcs Cpl. Wm. F. Weelcs P.F.C. John A. Weelcs Geraldine Weelcs John J. Weelcs "Ski pyn Weelcs William T. Whalen William Weber Viola Weber Mr. H. Wagner Mrs. H. Wellbroolc Mrs. F. R. White Francis Whalen Mary Whalen George Walsh Neville Watt Carl Weissenbaclcer Gertnrde Weissenberger Mrs. F. White Mrs. Werner Henry Werbel William Winger Joseph Weiss Wood-Vin Mr. M. Wirlund Edward Wilde Jewel Wilde Mrs. Whirsing Carol Werner Mrs. H. Wehner Mary White Mr. R. Wilhelm Mar A. Ward William Wittig Mrs. G. Weissenberger Mr. E. Weissenberger Mrs. E. Weissenberger Mr. Joseph Weissenberger George White Slim Wheeler, U.S.N. Mary Weedloch Anna Weber Lawrence Weiss Marie Weiss Veronica Witterholt Adelaide M. Walsh Regina Wiedmaier Abe Wiener William Winters Kathleen Winters Miriam Winters Jean Winters Betty Woerner Walter Woerner Mr. S' Mrs. P. Walsh, Family Barbara Wolf Catherine Wessner August Wessner Charles Wessner Anna Wolf Eileen Wiggins Florence Wiggins Mary Wiggins Samuel Wiggins Frances Weiss Ernest E. Whatley Marjorie White Helen White Arthur White George M. Worth George M. Worth Anastasia Worth Audrey Worth Marilyn Wirtz Emil Wiegand R. J. Wuestmann Mary Ward Evelyn Ware Joan Woods Jacob Werner A. H. Wallach, D.D.S. Mrs. Bert Wallcer Mr. Bert Wallcer Jeannine Wallcer Mrs. George Wallcer Mr. George Wallcer Bart Wallcer Mrs. Bert Wallcer Mr. Bert Wallcer Carol Wagner Mr. H. Wulforst D. Wulforst Mrs. M. Wulforst Agnes Ward Francis Wright, U.S.N. George G. Wells Norman Wollman John Walsh Henry Weinstocla James A. Wilson Mrs. J. H. Wehmhoefer Mr. John H. Wehmhoefer Catherine Wiclcham Robert Yonlcers Mrs. F. Yonlrers Rosemarie Yonlcers Gerard Yonlrers Mr. H. Yonlcers Thomas Young Mr. Zohler Anna Zeman Elizabeth Zeman John Zeman Patricia Zeman Geraldine Zeman Anna Zeman Elizabeth Zeman John Zeman Patricia Zeman Geraldine Zeman J. Ziegler l... Ziegler Elizabeth Ziegler Mrs. J. Zainis Mrs. J. Zainis Alfonso Zambanini Alfonso Zambanini Maria Zambanini Maria Zambanini Ida Zambanini lda Zambanini Rosa Zambanini Rosa Zambanini lda Zambanini Rosa Zambanini Teresa Zizzo Edward Ziegler Jose hine Zupancic Catlrlerine M. Zeller Francis Zeller Daniel Zeller Catherine Zeller Daniel Zeller Rita Zeller Mrs. Katherine Zaun ln Memory-V. Zorbo Antonia Zambanini Florence Zambanini Livia Zambanini John Zambanini Ada Zambanini Franlc Zambanini Margie Zangrillo Julia Zagowslci Mr. Sr Mrs. Zidar COMPLIMENTS . of . OUR PRIESTS Rev. Lucian J. Abbate, P.S.M Pastor Reverend VITO PERRINI, P.S.M. Reverend MARIO SCHETTINO, P.S.M. Reverend FRANCIS WADOWSKI, P.S.M. Reverend Brother EUGENE CRESCITELLI, P.S.M. HEg 3 7283 fUp t St d M ns Savingj ROUTEL STUDIOS Official Photographers for C L A S S 1 9 4 7 5711 MYRTLE AVENUE fnear Seneca Ave. J BROOKLYN, N. Y. A 5935 MYRTLE AVENUE fnear Forest Ave.J BROOKLYN. N. Y. BEFORE the War America contributed less than 3'MJ of the support necessary for the Mission Programme of Our Holy Church throughout the World DURING the War the Work of Generations was destroyed! AFTER the War, what will America do? Consult: THE SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE FAITH 191 JORALEMON STREET BROOKLYN 2, N. Y RT. REV. JOHN J. BOARDMAN, Diocesan Director o 9 J. KURTZ 81 S N Complete Home Furnishers BROOKLYN - JAMAICA We are sincerely grateful for this company's kindness in lending us furniture for our annual School Plays APOSTOLATE FOR THE DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING Diocesan Director, REV. GEORGE J. HAYE 191 JORALEMON STREET, BROOKLYN, N. Y. Please send in names and addresses of deaf and hard-of-hearing people in this diocese. Donations will be accepted for this apostolate. Subscriptions to 66Ephpheta" magazine for deaf one dollar a year. Free hearing-tests for hard of hearing people. MAin 2-9373 COMPLIMENTS .,,f. CARR'S BAR and GRILL 17 GREENE AVENUE Brooklyn 5, N. Y. An invitation to investigate merchandising and clerical oppor- tunities is extended to the Graduates and Students of All Saints Commercial High School by . . . S. H. KRESS 81 COMPANY 39th STREET and FIFTH AVENUE LAckawanna 4-8325 New York City COMPLIMENTS . of . SAINT TERESA'S PARISH 1 880 COMPLIMENTS . gf . MONSIGNOR O. SILVESTRI ST. LEONARD'S ACADEMY BUSINESS SCHOOL Fon BoYS Conducted by the Franciscan Brothers A Two Years' Course in Religion, English, Bookkeeping, Stenography, Business Arithmetic, and Commercial Law 26 BREVOORT PLACE Brooklyn 16, New York Near Atlantic and Bedford Avenues Call MAin 2-6676 1947 GREETINGS FROM THE SENIORS 1 RO0M302 BEST WISHES FROM THE SENIORS 2 R00M3o6 GREETINGS FROM THE ,IUNIORS 1 ROOM304 COMPLIMENTS . of . THE .IUNIORS 2 R00M305 BEST WISHES FROM THE FRESHMEN 1 R00M2o1 BEST WISHES FROM THE FRESHMEN 2 RO0M205 COMPLIMENTS . gf - St. Stanislaus Kostka Church WITH BEST WISHES RT. REV. HERMAN J. PFEIFER S.T.D., LL.D. COMPLIMENTS . gf . FOURTEEN HOLY MARTYRS PARISH REVEREND JOHN M. MULZ, Pastor "Forward with Courage and Faith! U CONGRATULATIONS to OUR GRADUATES from THE ALL SAINTS UNIT of the Catholic Students' Mission Crusade God keep you, Dear Graduates, each and every one And crown with success all you undertake in His Name. SISTERS OF SAINT DOMINIC ALL SAINTS CONVENT CONGRATULATIONS and SINCERE WISHES FOR SUCCESS to the GRADUATES OF 1947 from ALL SAINTS ALUMNAE Don't forget to attend the alumrwe meetings in November and May --the Sunday before Thanksgiving and Decoration Day. GLenmore 2-2360-2361 REICHE 81 PEN Structural and 0 IRON WO NER, Inc. rnamental RKS 673-5-7 LEXINGTON AVENUE Brooklyn 2, N. Y. KOLLNER'S, Inc. SUPERMARKETS AND QUALITY MEATS- STORES THROUGHOUT LONG ISLAND COUNTY FAIR PORK PRODUCTS No Order too Large or too Small Deliveries Made Everywhere SCHWALBACH LUMBER WHOLESALE 81 RETAIL LUMBER - TIMBER - MOULDINGS Screens - Storm Sash - Doors - Frames - Sash Trim - Garage Doors - Glass, etc Cement - Sheetrock - Plaster - Etc. 65-06 FRESH POND ROAD 2-9117 Ridgewood, L. I., N. Y. EVergreen CHARLIE'S LIQUOR STORE 6016 PALMETTO STREET Ridgewood, N. Y. 4473! . . the high mark of fine class jewelry! Like your own class, generations of graduates have confidently chosen graduation rings bearing the D 81 C mark of high quality. Since 1893 such rings have been proudly worn by the members of thousands of classes, assured by our "made righti' guarantee that their rings ex- emplified the best in design, material, workmanship -- and value. f 4 I 1 -.1 17 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK 8 ' BOSTON 0 NEW ORLEANS ' PROVIDENCE GRADUATES Business Careers for Academic and Commercial Students THE EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES Excellent opportunities leading to responsible positions. Typists, Office Machine Operators, Files Systems Clerk, Junior Trainee Pages. Those with aptitudcs in mathematics or English. Rapid promotion on merit-Five day week The Society conducts a business of stability and there is no question about future as well as present possibilities. EXTENSIVE RECREATIONAL PROGRAM APPLICATIONS RECEIVED NOW: Employment Oflice Room 703 9 A.M. to 4:4-5 P.M. Monday to Friday, inclusive 32nd St. and Seventh Avc., Opposite Pennsylvania Station COMPLIMENTS OF HOLY FAMILY SLOVAK PARISH REV. JOHN OR COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF MARY IMMACULATE HOSPITAL HALLAM'S Liquor Store WINES sz L1QUoRs 91-08 37th STREET Woodhaven 21, N. Y. VI g 7 0648 JEfl'erson 3-8591 Fine Liquors, Wines 81 Beer FRANK ROTH BAR and GRILL Business Men's Lunch 11 to 12 523 EVERGREEN AVENUE Corner of Cornelia St. Brooklyn 21, N. Y. Cornelius Sullivan FUNERAL HOME JOSEPH L. BLACK Licensed Manager Chapel and Office: Willoughby and Lewis Avenues Telephone: J Efferson 3-6226 BEST WISHES T0 THE SCHOOL AND ITS G R A D U A TE S FROM ITS TRAVEL AGENT Charles W. Schreiber Tmvm. Bum-:Au 60-89 MYRTLE AVENUE Ridgewood, N. Y. Cor. Jamaica Ave. 81 144th Place, Jamaica McCarthy 81 Simon Inc. Manufacturing Specialists 7 WEST 36th ST., NEW YORK 18 Just oH Fifth Avenue Specialists in CHOIR GOWNS PULPIT ROBES CAPS, GOWNS, HOODS for All Degrees Outfitters to over 3000 Schools, Colleges, and Churches COMPLIMENTS OF ST. CATHERINE'S HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING SHAPIRO'S Fon THE SMARTLY Dmzsssn JUNIOR GIRL 1649 BROADWAY Brooklyn, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Est. 25 Years ST. 4-6115 Specializing in Office Positions STENOGRAPHERS - CLERKS TYPISTS - FILE CLERKS COMPTOMETRISTS ASST. BOOKKEEPERS Long Island Employment Bureau Positions with A-1 Compliments 24-16 BRIDGE PLAZA SO. Long Island City 1, N. Y. CIRT-BMT-8th Ave.-All Busses to QUEENSBORO PLAZA STATION? Phone HEgemun 3-3210 Est. 1904 COMPLIMENTS For A-1 Plumbing .lust Call us! OF Joseph J. Clark, Jr. msn ESTIMATE GAS HEATING AND OIL BURNERS Electrolux Refrigerators and Gas Appliances REPAIRS AND ALTEKATIONS CONGRESS and COURT STREETS 6119 FRESH POND ROAD Middle Village, L. I., N. Y. BERNARD A. KURZ Successor to Joseph Kurz Est.1893 MEAT MARKET Beef, Veal, Lamb, Mutton and Pork Poultry and Game of the Best Quality THROOP AVENUE EVergreen 8-2829 Cor. Park Ave. Teen-Agers! WANT MORE CLOTHES? Here's how you can have those dream duds! Just sign up today for our Teen-Age Sewing Class. You can register as an individual or form a group of your own friends. Make a dress while you learn to sew, and for only u fraction of what it would cost ready-made. Series of 8 lessons-38.00 S I N G E R g SEWING CENTER 1245 BROADWAY C Corner of Green Avenuel Brooklyn 21, N. Y. CLenmore 5-1785 HEgemz1n 3-1363 Alphonse J. Nirrengarten Andrew G. Nirrengarten Compliments of OUR LADYQS SODALITY St. ,losephis Church ASTORIA, N. Y. REV. ULICK 0'S. BUCKLEY, Pastor Compliments of OPTOMETRISTS ST. TERESA'S CHURCH Hours: 9.00-8.00 1869 HIMROD STREET Closed Wed. Ridgewood Sat. 9.00-5.00 Brooklyn 27, N. Y. BEST WISHES G E M FROM JUNIOR? 7mE HWHTMMRY 59-37 MYRTLE AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. Near 60th Strcct Half Pims 13TH STREET fBetwecn 4-th and 5th Avenues Brooklyn, N. Y. EVergreen 8-3353 JOHN F.BETSCH WHOLESALE GROCER 7-9 BEAVER STREET Corner of Fayette Street Brooklyn 6, N. Y. RAVIOLI CHOICE Served Daily Wines 81 Liquors CRISCPS FAMOUS ITALIAN RESTAURANT 8a BAR 593 LORIMER STREET 1 Block from Metropolitan Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. Long Island Shower Door Co. Manufacturers of SHOWER Doon AND BATHTUB ENCLOSURES IN GLASS AND CHROM. 130-05-09 101 AVENUE Richmond Hill 19, N. Y. Telephone EVergreen 4-7541 .CLCVCIHH11 3-5531 BEST WISHES Wishing Dorothy and her Classmates From HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND GOOD LUCK! 9 A STUDENT S HER FATHER FLATBUSH PARISH MICHAEL HYNES SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS TO MY NIECE M A R Y D O R O T H Y ROBERT HOYNES COMPLIMENTS OF OUR ALL SAINTS HOLY NAME SOCIETY HEgeman 3-1368 FREE Usa or CHAPELS Lady Attendant CHARLES MORTON Funeral Director FUNERALS TO SUIT CIRCUMSTANCES 578 ONDERDONK AVENUE Brooklyn 27, N. Y. No distance too far Limousines to hire Always Reliable Highest in Quality Fairview Avenue Pharmacy Howum Comm, PH.G. 702 FAIRVIEW AVENUE, at Palmetto Si. EVergreen 2-9361 Ridgewood, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS TO ADELE HILL From Baby Alberta COMPLIMENTS of ' A FRIEND Rosary Altar Society Blessed Virgin Mary, Help of Christian Parish Winfield, L. I. Gratitude and Love to MOM AND DAD Joan Fasano EVergreen 8-4751-4752 SILTRE STATIONERY AND PRINTING CO., INC. 546 GRAHAM AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. Congratulations To ANNA ZEMAN From Mother and Dad IN HONOR OF OUR FRIENDSHIP Joan Fasano Alice Fink STerling 8-9173 Robins and Sons Roundtown Bar and Grill Not connected with any other Roundtown A Good Place to Eat Vlrginia 9-8376 Rosin's Modern Prescription Department Toxins - Anti-Toxins - Board of Health Station-Same Reliability - All New Modern Equipment and Facilities 434 FIFTH AVENUE Wines Brooklyn, N. Y. Choice Liquors 86-19 91st AVE' WOODHAVEN and Food HEgeman 3-4769 COMPLIMENTS K SI M LIQUOR STORE OF . A F R I E N D 59-03 71st AVENUE Ridgewood, N. Y. Across from Ridgewood Savings Bank COMPLIMENTS or JOSEPH DESSINGER COMPLIMENTS From The Gudaitis Family With Love and Gratitude To Mom For Everything Your Loving Daughter Jean Manning COMPLIMENTS OF THE KIT KAT KLUB Congratulations to . . . IRENE CULLEN on her graduation Mother and Dad Congratulations to . . . BETTY McDONOUGH on her graduation Mother and Dad Regards to . . . STELLA BARBIERI From Mother and Dad Congratulations to . . . ANN ROGERS Jimmy MILIO the Chemist Prescription Pharmacy J. H. Milio, Ph.G. 622 MYRTLE AVENUE Near Kent Ave. Bklyn., N. Y. MAin 2-9825-9826 Congratulations to Our Daughter Marie Messina L. PORTNOY TAu.on COMPLIMENTS Of THE ENDRIZZI FAMILY DEWAR 81 DEVLIN GENERAL Rt-:mm Snor Oil Burners, Radios, Refrigerators Electrical Appliances 72-24 GRAND AVENUE Maspeth, N. Y. ILlinois 8-6535 GLenmore 2-9671 FRENCH BEAUTY SALON Parisian Creations Styled by Salvatore LaRosa Specializing in Electrolysis 303 WILSON AVE. BKLYN., N. Y. Congratulations to ANNA BURNS From Mom and Dad EVergreen 2-9466 Philip Sanfedele 8: Son Candies, Cigars, Stationery 8: Toys Horton's Ice Cream 565 FAIRVIEW AVE. BKLYN., N. Y. COMPLIMENTS Congragulations 0 OF MARY LIBERATORE PETER MANCUSO The Family COMPLIMENTS Congratulations to the OF Seniors From BENJAMIN F. WESTERVELT THE CLASS OF ,418 STagg 2-1395 MAX CHASIN A FRIEND Manufacturer of MATTRESSES, STUDIOS V, A A P1LLows AND FURNITURE -mrome 3-5152 Wholesale and RM NEWMAN'S DELICATESSEN 154 GRAHAM AVE. BKLYN., N. Y. 1586 BROADWAY Branch: 163-165-167 Johnson Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. BEST WISHES FROM THE SOPHOMORES Ro0M301 COMPLIMEN TS of the POST GRADUATES 47 AY EVel'gl'eel'I IAM YV YY 9-W Um Y JOHN M. WOLF COMPANY Healing and Cooking Appliances MASSIMINO'S FISH MARKET 742,744 FLUSHING AVENUE Brooklyn. 6, N. Y. Sen Food At Its Best -fvg--7-H --f-iw With Love and Appreciatio For Everything to MOTHER AND DAD 626 MYRTLE AVE. BKLYN., N. Y. Katherine Keenan IN LOVING MEMORY of SISTER M. JOAN DOMINICI, O.P. CONGRATULATIONS To MARY EHRHARDT From Mother and Dad CONGRATULATIONS To the GRADUATES From the Cutrone Family DR. L. ENGLEBARDT DENTAL SURGEON 544 COURT STREET Brooklyn 31, N. Y. FRANICS MEAT MARKET Mmrs or QUALITY 143 SMITH STREET MAin 4-5554 Brooklyn, N. Y. Telephone We Grind Our Tel. MAin 2-5457 FOxcroft Own Lenses on 9.0264 the Premlses "Where The Well Dressed Man Goes" 1- M' CURTIS CHIUSANO'S MEN'S SHOP Reg's'e'ed Haberclasher and Hatter Optometrist and Optician 1034 BROADWAY Oilice Hours: Nr. Willoughby Ave. 8:30 A.M. to 8 P.M. Bklyn., N. Y. Sun. hy Appointment Established 1902 FORGET-ME-NOT FLORISTS "Flowers Beautifulv 1280 BROADWAY GLenm0re 5-0170-0171 Bklyn., N. Y. Manhattan Shirts 613 MYRTLE AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. EVergreen 4-7403 Mon., Tue., Thur. 9-8 Wed., Fri., Sat. 9-6 APPLEBAUM 8: ELIAS OProME'rms1' - OPTICIAN Orthoptic Training A Specialty 729 BROADWAY Nr. Graham 81 Flushing Ave., Bklyn. 6, N. Y. ANFUSO BROS., Inc. FINE FURNITURE PERIOD-MODERN 861 BROADWAY Brooklyn 6, N. Y. Compliments of . . . John J. Gallagher Sons, Inc. FUNERAL DIRECTORS 87-46 137th STREET Jamaica, L. I. 25 ABERDEEN STREET Brooklyn, N. Y. 2684 NORTHERN BLVD. Manhasset, L. I. ROYAL MEAT MARKET PRIME MEATS AND POULTRY 42-15 28th AVENUE RAvenswood 8-5015 Long Island City, N. Evergreen 8-4909 NEW DEAL ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO., INC. LIGHTING FIXTURES APPLIANCES, NovEI.'rIEs 694 BROADWAY Brooklyn 6, N. Y. H A N N E Y FUEL OIL CO. 280 NORTH HENRY STREET Brooklyn, N. Y. IN LOVING MEMORY OF MY DAD IRENE CONLON Congratulations from MOM AND DAD to ESTELLE COSTA Hegeman 3-4840 SADIE,S BEAUTY SHOPPE HAIR STYLISTS 391 STOCKHOLM STREET Nr. Sl. Nivholas Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. Extend Their Best Wishes to All Saints Commercial High School 36-10 BROADWAY L. I. C., N. Y. AStoria 8-0700 Gratitude and Love to MOM and DAD from Marilyn Keicher SOuth 8-6981 John B. Mahaney Lic. Manager JOSEPH G. DUFFY MORTICIAN BAY RIDGE CI-IAPI-:L 237-9th STREET 7703-Sth Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. HOllis 5-2266 N. ROTH'S PHARMACY HILLSIDE AVENUE 81 212th STREET QUEENS, L. I. We specialize in beautiful Persian Lamb coats Ready made and made to order L. NELSON 104-23 JAMAICA AVENUE Richmond Hill, N. Y. 35 Years in Richmond Hill BEST W ISHES TO DOLORES SCHAEFER from the WELL WISHERS of 459 ALTEKATIONS Designers on EXCLUSIVE FROCKS Ladies' House Dresses, Smocks 81 Aprons Wedding Gowns and Dresses Made to Order 328 WILSON AVE. BKLYN., N. Y. Phone Hegeman 3-9421 KAISER'S BAKERY Birthday and Wedding Cakes Made at Short Notice 66-22 FOREST AVENUE Cor. Palmetto St. Ridgewood 27, N. Y. HEgeman 3-0304 Lady Attendant GEORGE BAQUE Licensed FUNERAL DIRECTOR Air Conditioned Chapels Chapel 81 Showroom 614 WOODWARD AVE. BKLYN., N. Y. CORSO PHOTO STUDIO Photography of Distinction Picture Frames-Mounting and Mats 410 KNICKERBOCKER AVENUE Above A. S. Beck Store GLenmore 5-1588 Brooklyn 21, N. Y. Tel. STerling 8-0333 FUNERAL DIRECTOR JAMES L. LYNAM'S SON THOMAS J. LYNAM FUNERAL PARLORS 503 FOURTH AVENUE BKLYN., N. Y. STagg 2-4026 Bridal Bouquets, Funeral Designs a Specialty JOHN ROSALIA Fnomsr "Say It With Flowers" 156 GRAHAM AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. Flowers Telegraphed Anywhere Fruit and Gift Baskets HAvemeyer 4-8586 Tom 81 Din. Regan Compliments of REGAN'S HARDWARE HARDWARE 81 PAINTS Plumbing and Electrical Supplies 94-11 Roosevelt Avenue Elmhurst, L. I. WILLIAM H. CORNELL UNDERTAKER 1210 LIBERTY AVENUE APplegate 7-4455 Brooklyn 8, N. COMPLIMENTS OF FATHER POWERS Congratulations t AStoria 8-1439 KITTY SUSAN L. SCHULLERMAN MARY Custom Tailor-Furrier MARTIE ESTELLE 36-13 som AVE. ASTORIA, L Fmm: MORACCO GIRLS CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS to the to the GRADUATES GRADUATES MRS. M. FOLEY Compliments of ROMA SUPER MARKET 1159 BROADWAY Bklyn, N. Y. MR. 81 MRS. E. J. GLYNN GOD BLESS THE SISTERS AT ALL SAINTS COMMERCIAL MRS. MARGARET DILTS BEST WISHES FROM Siemers Ice Cream Parlor 610 WOODWARD AVENUE Ridgewood, L. I. Home Made Candy and Ice Cream Compliments of . . . THOMAS ROULSTON, INC. Gltocsns Corner of 42nd Street and 30th Avenue Astoria, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS to our dear DOLORES SCHAEFER from - Mother, Dad, Anna, Terry Vlrginia 7-2204 CHAS. H. THOMPSON EVergreen 7-0433 Notary Public ANTHONY J. VERDIRAME Insurance-Real Estate 686 METROPOLITAN AVENUE Brooklyn 11, N. Y. Residence EVergreen 7-4697 248 Jackson St. Brooklyn, N. Y. FRANKLIN BRICK BAR Wines, Liquors, Beer Cay Entertainment Undertaker Lady Attendant Limousines Funeral Chapels 739 FRANKLIN AVENUE Omcez Home: Brooklyn, N. Y. 8711-87th Street 8907-88th Street MMD 2-9489 WOODHAVEN 21, N. Y. N. DI MARCO, Prop. 9 COMPLIMENTS STELLA i D ORO REGISTERED OF French and Italian Pastry , OUR LADY OF VICTORY Main Shire KBralnchbSti1ire A 291 entra Ave. 336 nic er oc er ve. Brooklyn, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. .IEiIerson 3-7491 GLenmore 5-3550 QUEEN'S CLEANERS and DYERS 45-45 37th STREET Long Island City To Our Loving Daughter MARILYN FITZPATRICK From Mother and Dad IN MEMORY OF A FRIEND VINCENT CAPASSO Killed in Action December 1944 BEST OF LUCK To KATHLEEN WIRTZ From Mother and Dad NOW THAT SUSAN IS OUT WHO WILL EMPLOY HER? Margie and Frank Congratulations and Best Wishes to MARGUERITE HAYES From Bill, Terry, Dad Congratulations to Dear VALERIE FROEHLICH on This Momentous Day From Mother and Father CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST' WISHES To MARIE SCHAFFER From Mother and Dad EVergreen 2-8907-9192 0. HENRY LINDEMANN PRESCRIPTION Srecuusr 668 SENECA AVE.-Cor. of Gates Ave. Ridgewood, N. Y. ll You Want Good Cofee Try Our Fresh Roasted Roasted on Our Premises-Daily Diamond Coifee 81 Tea Store 162 NASSAU AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. BUD'S SPORTING GOODS Fishing Tackle--Toys-Sporting Goods, Outboard Motors Pictures Developed-4Camera Supplies 7007 MYRTLE AVENUE Glendale, N. Y. V. Subellu, Prop. Where Cooper Catholic War Veterans Meets Myrtle EVergreen 7-1343 DR. JESSE ARKIN Dr-:N'ns'r 671 GRAND STREET Cor. Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. CLeveland 3-1137 MORRIS PARK LIQUOR STORE 9150 LEFFERTS BOULEVARD Richmond Hill 18, N. Y. Compliments of . . . ST. .IOSEPH'S BRIGADE LONG ISLAND CITY St. .l0seph's Church 43-19 30th Ave. Rev. Ulick 0'S. Astoria, N. Y. Buckley, AStoria 8-1611 Pastor NICK PASQUALINO 1870 ROCKAWAY PARKWAY Brooklyn 12, N. Y. General Contractor, Garage, Mason Work, Cement Work of All Kinds SKidmore 4-0418 Compliments of . . . NU-WAY LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING SERVICE 139-53 224th STREET Laurelton, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS Compliments of . - . To KATHLEEN WIRTZ F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. From 155 BROADWAY Aunt Chris and Uncle George LOVE AND GRATITUDE To MOM AND DAD Marie Schaffer EVergreen 4-7569 S. 81 M. AUTO REPAIRS Clutches, Brakes, Motor Overhaul, General Tune-Up 167 CLYMER STREET Bet. Bedford 81 Division Avenues Brooklyn, N. Y. WILLIE'S LUNCHEONETTE "Where all the girls from All Saints meet" 597 FLUSHING AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. Near Marcy Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS T0 OUR SISTER MARY EHRHARDT From Bill and Jim CALIFANO PHARMACY Nicholas Califano, Pharmacist THE TRIANGLE PHARMACY 43-02 NEWTOWN ROAD Long Island City RAvenswoOd 8-9590, 9594 GREETINGS AND BEST WISHES DR. M. GITFELSON DENTIST 384 KNICKERBOCKER AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. GLenmore 5-7908 CHARLES SHOPPE C oats-F urs-Dresses 1331 BROADWAY Brooklyn, N. Y. Open Eve GLenmore 5-8223 D. B. FOGELSON CO. SlcNs 856 MADISON STREET Brooklyn, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF TBILL KEHRT SAYDE M. SHEVLIN Licensed Undertaker and Embalmer 464 LORIMER STREET Office and Residence Tel. Shgg 2-3681 COMPLIMENTS OF Msgr. J. F. CONWAY Q. A. s. Compliments of . . . JAMAICA NATIONAL PIGEON, ASS'N A Edward Kracek, Pres. Best Wishes to ROSEMARY DATTOLICO From Mother, Dad R Phyllis Compliments of . . . NATHAN OUTFITTERS, INC. 1135 BROADWAY Brooklyn, N. Y. Enroll Now in AMBY"S KINDERGARTEN COMPLIMENTS or MR. 81 MRS. HOOKER 178 14th STREET Brooklyn, N. Y. ILlinois 8-6697 Radios - Refrigerators - Appliances - Clothing Bed Sets - Drapes - Chenilles - Curtains ARNIC'S Fon HoUsE FURNISHINGS Easy Budget Plan 240 GRAHAM AVENUE Arthur Posa Brooklyn 6, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF THE SCOTTO FAMILY J. AMATO Prime Meat Market 166 WYCKOFF AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. CHARLES SMITH MOVING AND TRUCKING 131-40 MERRICK BOULEVARD Jamaica, N. Y. REpublic 9-1868 V I C T O R ' S DELICATESSEN sl GROCERY Sandwiches For All Occasions Beer on Ice 164 CENTRAL AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. Tel. EVergreen 4-7940 A FRIEND Buy All Your Supplies In Your Own School GRAHAM DISTRIBUTORS, INC. 53 GRAHAM AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. LAUER DRUG STORE Doctors of Pharmacy TO MOTHER: With All My Love and Appreciation Your Loving Daughter Joan McCormack Cor. Liberty City Line K Grant Aves. Brooklyn, N. Y. A. Lwsn A 2B1 CONGRATULATIONS To Our Daughter ROSE JULIANO From Mom and Dad CONGRATULATIONS To PAULINE MULLER From Mother 81 Brother With Sincere Thanks and Appreciation To Our Teachers from CLASS OF JUNE CONGRATULATIONS To PATRICIA McNULTY From Mother and Dad CONGRATULATIONS To BARBARA PETERSON From THE FAMILY RAvenswood 8-4924 Lic. and Bonded Nights-Holidays Piano Movers A. E. MEISINGER Local and Long Distance Moving Packing and Shipping MODERN STORAGE WAREHOUSE Oiiice: 41-02 Broadway L. I. City, N. Y. BEST WISHES From the Priests of St. Agnes Parish MARTIN'S BAR 81 GRILL Choice Wines and Liquors Lunches 226 SCHENECTADY AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. LOVE AND GRATITUDE To MOTHER AND DAD From Mary Ehrhardt Christian Wersi, Pres. GEORGE WERST FUNERAL DmEc'rons 71-41 COOPER AVENUE Ax 72nd Street Glendale, N. Y. Phone: HEgeman 3-8777 572 HART STREET At Evergreen Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. FOxcroft 9-3140 JOHN J. GALLAGHER SONS, INC. FUNERAL DIRECTORS 25 ABERDEEN STREET, BKLYN. 8746 137th STREET, JAMAICA REnublic 9-7777 GLenmore 5-2020 Mary Kearns, Prop. Norbert Kearns, Mgr. KEARNS 81 SONS "Bushwick's Finest Funeral Home" 1504 BUSHWICK AVENUE Corner of Furman Avenue GLenmore 5-0103 Brooklyn, N. Y. TEDDY'S Grandview Grove Tavern 590 GRANDVIEW AVENUE Corner of Grove Street Ridgewood, N. Y. Choice Wines and Liquors EVergreen 2-9327 Compliments From . . . MR. 8z MRS. J. GLINKA To Our Daughter PATRICIA RAvenswood 8-5852 Lic. No. L145l .l . M A L E T T A Retail Wine 81 Liquor Store 47-20 BROADWAY Astoria, L. I. C. 4-8th Street Entrance Independent Subway We Deliver N ICK'S CLAM BAR and RESTAURANT Choice Wines and Liquors 584 BUSHWICK AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. J. J. SULLIVAN UNm:lrrAKEn 486 CLASSON AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. Funeral Parlors Lady Attendant MAin 2-6724 Compliments of . . . CORONVENTON, INC. KRAMER 8: WAGNER, INC. FURNITURE 1663 BROADWAY Corner Schaeffer St. Brooklyn 7, N. Y. GEFFKEN'S TAVERN FLATLANDS AVE. sf EAST 95th ST. Completely Remodeled and Open for Business Congratulations to . . . ADELE HILL From Mother and Dad BEST WISHES FROM OUR LADY OF MT. CARMEL CADET CORPS BROOKLYN, N. Y. GLenmore 5-9389 EVergreen 8-8331 BROADWAY ART SHOPP E featuring BOTANY YARNS Chi1dren's Wear 1377A BROADWAY Cars for Hire ANTHONY FORGIONE Licensed Undertaker 12 STAGG STREET Chapels Available Bklyn., N. Y. Near Gates Ave. Bklyn. 21, N. Y. AStoria 8-8888 Management F-Oxcmh 9-3860 Appraising Notary Public NEUFELD AGENCY, INC. Real Estate 8x Insurance 43-02 30th AVENUE 1230 John Neufeld, Jr. L. I. City 3, N. Y. WILLIAM C. FISHER FUNERAL CHAPEL BUSHWICK Ave. BKLYN. 21, N. Y. Wayne C. Trace Harold B. Trace TRACE BROS. JElIerson 3-4812 Richard A. Nirrengarten 0P'roME'rmsT Real Estate and Insurance 66-47 GRAND AVENUE I-Irs.: 10 A.M. to 8 P.M. 1556 Broadway Sat. 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. At Halsey Street NEMOWH 9-2420-2421 Maspeth' N' Y' Closed Wednesdays Bklyn. 21, N. Y. Phone I-1Avemeyer 6-1885 P E N Z 0 N E PHOTOGRAPHERS Diamonds, Watches Candid Weddings-CommercialMPortraits Costume Jewelry Children 170 WILSON AVENUE Brooklyn., N. Y. 94-14a 37th AVENUE Jackson Heights, N. Y. R1-:PAnuNc GLenmore 2-7470 COMPLIMENTS OF FATHER A. HEROLD H Avemeyer 8-1790-91 JOHN J. MEGIEL, INC. FUNERAL Dmncrons 64-18 FLUSHING AVE. Maspeth, N. Y. Love and Affection to MOTHER AND DAD on GRADUATION DAY from YOUR LOVING DAUGHTER Pat Glinka Compliments of . . . REV. JOHN BALKUNAS 64-14 56th ROAD HAvemeyer 8-2236 Mnspeth, L. I., N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF ST. VINCENT'S HOME FOR BOYS BROOKLYN, N. Y. Office HA. 8-0122 Res. HA 9-3275 JOHN VOGEL FUNERAL HOME GEORGE J. VOGEL, Mgr. 65-29 GRAND AVENUE Maspeth, N. Y. NEwtown 9-8080 RAYMOND J. MONTAGUE, FOxcroft 9-6012 J. C. KLEINER, INC. Optometrists and Opticians 319 WILSON AVENUE INC- Bet. Menahan sf Grove sts., Bklyn., N. Y. FUNERAL DIRECTORS office Hrs.: 10-12 A.M. sl 1:30-5:30 P.M. Monday 81 Wednesday until 7:30 P.M. Closed Saturdays During June, July 81 Aug. 69-42 47th AVE. WOODSIDE, N. Y. , A ppotntments Suggested MIMPS CANDY STORE WILLIAM W. SZACHACZ REAL ESTATE GENERAL INSURANCE 174 THROOP AVENUE Office: Home: 6506 Grand Ave. 6319-55th Ave. Brooklyn' N' Y' HAvemeyer 8-0719 Maspeth, N. Y. A . S T I N E S COMPLIMENTS OF REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 69-68 GRAND AVENUE A F R I E N D Maspeth, L. I. NEwtown 9-4490 MAin 2-8217 Fresh Cut Flowers COMPLIMENTS CARS FOR HIRE F Chapel Flowers 0 635 MYRTLE AVENUE Joseph B. Ingenito Brooklyn 5, N. Y. J O H N B A E H R IN HONOR OF OUR FRIENDSHIP Jean Olszewska Mary Krzewska HA 9-9161 Wm. Stein, Prop. BILL'S SERVICE STATION General Auto Repairing, Lubricating and Batteries Charged 67-25 51st AVENUE WOODSIDE COMPLIMENTS OF JOSEPH E. FRONTERA Real Estate Broker Congratulations to . . . DOLORES McDERMOTT From Mom and Dad COMPLIMENTS OF Monique and Christopher SOuth 8-2363 COMPLIMENTS OF Bay River Wine Co., Inc. 553 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. Near 15th Street Congratulations to . . . ANN AMOROSO From Mom and Dad IN HONOR OF OUR FRIENDSHIP Joan, Mary, Toni COHSTQJSIHUOUS Congratulations to . . . MARYROSE CICALE JENNIE JACARUSO From From MOTHER Mickey ERN EST'S DELICATESSEN 8m GROCERY Bottled 81 Canned Beer on Ice Home Made Salads 6023-67th AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. HEgeman 3-6783 TWIGG BROTHERS DELICATESSEN AND GROCERY Fancy Salads--Home Cooking-Fish Cakes 370 CRESCENT STREET APplegnte 7-3072 We Deliver Hegeman 3-1720 EDWARD HEDBAWNY, JR. Licensed Plumbing and Heating Contractor 6520 Fresh Pond Rd. Ridgewood 27, N. Y. 7 Sales Agent for Brooklyn Lnion Gas Co. HARRY L. DOUGHERTY Llquon Stone 66-58 FRESH POND ROAD Ridgewood, N. Y. Compliments from . . . THE REX BAR and GRILL 2258-PACIFIC STREET Brooklyn, N. Y. Compliments of MR. and MRS. A. Schumann Best Wishes of W. BITTENBINDER 306 WILSON AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. WALTER BURKWALD OP'rlc1AN 66-31 FRESH POND ROAD Ollice Hours Brooklyn 27, N. Y. 9 to 8 - Wed. 81 Sat. to 6 HEgeman 3-5485 EVergreen 2-9502 BILL'S RADIO SERVICE A.M., F.M., Television Electrical Appliances WM. H. KEIL Sales-Repairs 63-53 FRESH POND ROAD Ridgewood 27, N. Y. L A S A L A DlzLlcA1'1:ssl-:N 81 Gnocanv 256 IRVING AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. BEST WISHES MR. 8: MRS. WILLIAM H. CLARK Congratulations to . . . DOREEN CAMPBELL Love Dad and Grandma IN HONOR OF OUR FRIENDSHIP Fran, Liz, Catherine Congratulations to . . . AMELIA FORTUNATO From Mother and Dad BEST WISHES COLLEGE BAKERY J. TADLER BEST WISHES Eileen Smith COMPLIMENTS or A F R I E N D A. 81 C. HOME DECORATIONS 1199 GATES AVENUE Slipcovers, Drapes and Curtains All Made to Order A. Simmon BEST WISHES OF A FRIEND IN APPRECIATION TO MY MOTHER AND FATHER Alice Dann IN LOVING MEMORY OF MY DAD Catherine Stackpoole Congratulations to . . . MAUREEN CROWLEY Love Mother and Dad FLATLANDS MARKET 3844 FLATLANDS AVENUE Brooklyn 10, N. Y. Children and Adult Instruction Y HOEY STUDIOS Advanced Professional Stage Dancing TapwToe-Ballet Adolph Blome-Ballet Master Brooklyn, N. Y. 1102 DeKalb Ave. fErome 3-6868 Congratulations to Our Sister ROSE .IULIANO From Connie and Danny lN MEMORY OF OUR DAD Sister Joseph Marie, O.P. Sister M. Frances de Chantal, O.P. FLORALANE FLOWERS For Impression and Expression 2005-A FLATBUSH AVENUE Brooklyn 10, N. Y. ESplanade 7-8275 Congratulations to MARION EVE Mother and Dad THANKS, MOTHER AND DAD Carolyn Iorio Compliments of Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael Luongo LOVE AND GRATITUDE TO MOM AND DAD From Your Loving Daughter Marilyn Fitzpatrick In thanksgiving to my parents for a wonderful past, a joyful present, and a hopeful future. Theresa Jalmenro UPHOLSTERRVOF and REUPHOLSTERING Visit Our New Showroom and Shop Ridgewood Upholstery 81 Slip Cover Shop 803 CYPRESS AVE. inear Myrtle? HEgeman 3-0110 Congratulations to . . . JOAN PADDELL From Mother and Dad MANY THANKS To MOTHER AND DAD Love Phyllis McPart1and COMPLIMENTS or JOHN F. GERDES Congratulations to . . . MARY KOHLMANN From Miriam THANKS TO MOTHER AND DAD Love Angie Palmeri Congratulations to . . . MARY LAVIN From Mother and Dad FFF -ES FFFFOFOOO F F OBLER PHOTO STUDIO 920 SENECA AVENUE Ridgewood, N. Y. HEgeman 3-9049 Photography in All Its Branches ALFRED PICK Gaocan 81 DELICATESSEN 4219 28th AVENUE Long Island City 3, N. Y. A TRIBUTE OF GRATITUDE FROM A F R I E N JD T0 THE ALL SAINTS COMMERCIAL HIGH SCHOOL SISTERS Est. 1873 FOxcroft 9-8147 DRAKE Long Island Business College All Commercial Subjects Individual Instruction 14-16 BROADWAY Brooklyn, N. Y. Buy Your Gas Ranges, Kitchen Cabinets, Electric Refrigerators, Washing Machines and Radios from Hy-Grade Gas Range 81 Refrigerator Co. 758 BROADWAY Brooklyn 6, N. Y. near Flushing Avenue Fair Dealing and no Misrepresentation GEORGE J. SCHWARZ FURNITURE and CARPETS 1273 to 1283 MYRTLE AVENUE Corner Hart Street Brooklyn, N. Y. Tel. FOxcroft 9-7806 Vlrginia 7-6070-6071 HOME PAINT 81 WALLPAPER CORP. JAMAICA AVENUE cor. mm st. Richmond Hill, N. Y. DISTRIBUTOR WALLPAPERS - WALL-TEX - PAINTS VARNISHES - ENAMI-:Ls Tel. NEwtown 9-2387 RAY L. CLARKE QPTOMETRIST 68-23 Borden Avenue Masbeth, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS FROM A F R I E N D Congratulations to CATHERINE RAUCH From V d MOTHER an DAD Air Conditioned Chapels WARNECK FUNERAL HOME 1s-05 MYRTLE AVENUE Glendale, N. Y. HEgemnn 3-2024 William M. Warneck Rose Warneck Licensed Unflerlakers and Embalmers HEgeman 3-2074 N . Z E L E N Jswsu-:a Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry 55-35 MYRTLE AVENUE Brooklyn 27, N. Y. Two doors 'from Ridgewood Theatre Compliments of BLUMENKOPF 8: APPEL 733 BROADWAY Brooklyn, N. Y. CIGARS, CANDY, SODAS "Youll HANG OUT" COMPLIMENTS OF BERNARD J. DILLON Wedding Veils NOVA MILLINERY Exclusive Millinery HATS MAD!-: 'ro Oman 56-52 MYRTLE AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. EVergreen 2-9870 COMPLIMENTS OF B. MONDELLO'S DAIRY sf DELICATESSEN BEST WISHES Prescriptions EVergreen 4-7303 A. D'ONOFRIO, Chemist 5 0 0 Grand St. Cor. Union Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. Vlrginia 3-9889 PEPE'S AUTO PARTS TOWING DAY AND NIGHT TO Cars Bought-Sold-Exchanged 137-11 CROSS BAY BOULEVARD Near Old South Rd. Ozone Park MOLLY ANN G-AGLIO MAin 4-2772 Established Shore Road 5-2988 1910 LOVE 1 C. A. OHMAN 81 CO. Ellld B. E. OHMAN- Prop- CEILIIVG CONTRACTORS Dept. of Housing 455 COURT STREET Violations Removed Bklyn. 31, N. Y. EVergreen 8-0720 Miss Florence, Prop CONGRATULATIONS RAINBOW PHOTO STUDIO TO KITTY Photography ln All Its Branches FI'0m lhe MARONEY'S 159 GRAHAM AVENUE MARAUDERS Cor. Montrose Ave. Brooklyn 6, N. Y. All We Can Say Is: i'WE SHALL MISS T H E YOU, ALL SAINTS" G A N G FRANCES RYAN DRESSMAKER-COSTUMER AND ALTERATIONS 214 WEST 79 ST. NEW YORK CITY EVergreen 4-9007 JOE'S DELICATESSEN 502 LORIMER STREET Brooklyn, N. Y. MORSE APPLIANCES, INC. Houssuonn SEWING MACHINES 981 BROADWAY GLenmore 2-0600 Brooklyn, N. Y EVergreen 8-6408 PETER FATTA TAILOR Tuxedos, Full Dress Suits To Hire and for sale 122 WILSON AVE. BKLYN., N. Y. AUS DELICATESSEN Friday Specials CLAM CHOWDER 87 Flsu CAKES 1711 GROVE STREET Ridgewood, N. Y. PALACE MARKET MAUmcE KI-:1sLl:n, Prop. Quality Meats at Attractive Prices 545 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. BEST. REGARDS THE KNAUER FAMILY JEfferson 3-8430 RIVOLI TAVERN 1409 MYRTLE AVENUE Corner of Harmon Street Y. Brooklyn, N. e 'If'f:E'H'Q4.52 IN MEMORY OF OUR FRIENDSHIP Terry Fama-Terry Jalmenro CLI-LQDIQQ 2-8T15 W I W' I M EXCLUSIVE FROCKS Ladies' House Dresses, Smocks 8: Aprons Designers on Wedding Gowns and Dresses I Made to Order 328 WILSON AVE. BKLYN., N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF BRITE PLASTIC CO 56 SUFFOLK STREET New York, N. Y. SOuth 8-2330 KANE CLEANERS 931 BROADWAY Brooklyn, N. Y. Near Myrtle Ave. GLenmore 5-1885 INMEMORY OF MY LOVING SISTER: LENA CAPUANO L. DORKIN,S FANCY GROCERY 8: DELICATESSEN 50 RALPH AVENUE GLenmore 2-8906 Brooklyn, N. Y. Home Made Bolognas and Provisions of Quality Positively No Cereals or Artificial Coloring . . . Used . . . G. SCHAD Q SON 1260 MYRTLE AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. Phone .lEfferson 3-4464 GLEN FALLS LAUNDRY SERVICE 1125 IRVING AVENUE Brooklyn 27, N. Y. WILLIAM KLEIN ROUTE 11 FOxcr0ft 9-6428-29 Vlrginia 9-8376 R 0 S I N ' S MODERN PRESCRIPTION DEPT. Same Reliability - All New Modern Equipment and Facilities Board of Health Station 86-19 91st AVENUE Woodhaven, N. Y. Congratulations to . . . MARY CLARK from BOB Deep Sea Fishing Open Boat ELSIE K II Leaves Daily ..... .loe's Dock 8:00 A. M. Cerritsen Ave. 81 Bartlett Place Gerittsen Beach Capt. Joe BEST W ISHES FROM ST. BRIGID'S CHURCH RIDGEWOOD, N. Y. Clrcle 5-9306 Choice Wines 81 Liquors F0xcroft 9-5778 WILLIAM J. CARNEY'S BAR JAMES DRAGO RESTAURANT Roormc 8: Sn-nam' METAL Womc 908 7th AVENUE 1399 GATES AVENUE William Carney New York, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. GLenmore 5-8537 Orders Promplly Delivered .lEB'erson 3-4726 Kaplan 81 Greenberg A L L G E Y E R ' S Prime Meat Market Tl-:Nom STEAKS and Cnors Groceries - Dairy Products - Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 309 WILSON AVE., BKLYN., N. Y. EVergreen 4-0252 VARSITY SMART DRESSES 1 GRAHAM AVENUE Ray Becker Brooklyn 6, N. Y. EVERGREEN LIVE POULTRY MARKET 228 EVERGREEN AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. PIZZERIA ZAMBUTO 38 WILSON AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. We Specialize in Pizze-That' We Bake EVergreen 7-1975 S J. MONTEBELLO Hellmuth Kalenscher, M.D DELICATESSEN . 75 M h S 1830 Stephen St. - ena an t. Brogklyn, N. Y, Brooklyn 27, N. Y. Congratulations GL' 52760 BRIARCLIFF FLORIST TO 1658 Broadway Brookl n, N. Y. FACULTY Y Wm. Van derhoven, Prop. RELIANCE BEEF COMPANY Meats and Poultry WELCOME TO LITILE 116-21 Jamaica Ave. Richmond Hill, N. Y. JOYCE CONCEPT-A VI 7-3400--3401 AUTOGRAPHS P Tm BY Tm Com Pksss, INC., 200 VARICK ST.,4N'EXV YORK 14. N. H 65 ,.w-. lf "sl, '. . 'IA -, .1 . l 133' V 1:11 'E I w v. 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Suggestions in the All Saints Commercial High School - Excelsior Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) collection:

All Saints Commercial High School - Excelsior Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


All Saints Commercial High School - Excelsior Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 111

1947, pg 111

All Saints Commercial High School - Excelsior Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 19

1947, pg 19

All Saints Commercial High School - Excelsior Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 118

1947, pg 118

All Saints Commercial High School - Excelsior Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 58

1947, pg 58

All Saints Commercial High School - Excelsior Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 120

1947, pg 120

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