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'T 'bhp fj- xx.. o ix S.,,, LA YQ h , gi X! f 1 Q Q s ' . ' 5 A ' N X .0 x - 1 ' . . 4 .Q K ' 3 f J Y ' I . N f s X N X Y Q , . 0 'cl Y . . . s i X s .Q , N 1 - -, Q 'Ng 'x X Q ' 4 sq. , ,A cl ,na , i w,k, n g Q -5 A I my '-sq. LY E A 0 1 q M f T5 F54 9 I Q f .L ' 'x Q K .gs x V 'gf 'W' X-' . z f ' I ' ,-nl ms Q C Am , Y i 1 x A' L. AL. ..l-ILL x v ' . ol T,- 3 Wg - I 3 Qi 3' 44 VT' M I 5.x ' . X hx x . . S x ixxv ' 0 K 5 ,' , . t I 5 3: W X Q 'S' ' , if f ' X Xi- g N f . S - I .X Q -, 4. L g . N 1 Fi. if gf, ' F g . 1 ,I . F. . Qx J-1 i THE CLASS Cf I956 THE HALLCWEEN 5 . LL H LLQWS INSTITUTE Bronx, New York yr' 1 '- x.-T M. ,,, . ' Y' - ' 'W W. W -. ' --- .'.r, , .,..f f r r r '-. v Q I 'x F it . bn., fx Q . 'l 6 ' t f' 'Q . f 5 - 9 t 3' . Pr. wx ,. 'iw' ' 'PUA'-W - '5 - 4 u .1. ' ,K ' 5 ixY, 2 11 . -5 I ,'- A ,Ag - Q. 3 'L ' .60 P' - 0 1 ' A ul' P W 1 ' 2 E i' ' ' . , url!! I9 ff fel' f' .' rf iw- - ' ' . s . ' ' 4 f . 4 , I 4- f' gn 3 i 'v - 'H , , W- Q..-f ' 1 I - 1 imp' i xg P . . in ,.J - 1 X V ' X .,V fi ,Q-I fi-5--s .Q .. x If ,' A I ' Q 0 D ' AQ. ' r -X' 1 -1 r X, H ., -Lg-'1,,Q V f' M' ' ' ' 'T' ' 'J 'Tim- , Q . ,. A. . Q . . - 9 V -7 1 - -f 4--f . .1 W -..2.:.m . --Q.- . h L M ,- o' s 5. 2' 'v -.-4-Q2--. ..-. ... 1'Q-v-Qflwc-Q-fwqkqos-49 xv V ,gan-gvabt ' ..1 K -w-Qt-NO V - ' , , .x, , x , Y 4 .fy fs? 5 ' L gf at x ...nh f' K eq- 401s I u-sg swaps .'v- X.. X.!'X! -...a w ' ' '- -ai lv 15' n 1. I ' . 1 I . A I . 3 :,..l A .Q hp-A -Q 3.- - W-F----.5 .y- . 2 Q ' nm , ' V.-. ,. .- X J' ' --.QA-.a.. 4 y'x5 X '11 Q 0- 'I--W - s x? X J., Y. C -L ' z -o .HN . V '11 I ' V' . .- slwf. Y ',:a . riffii-gin? vi 'v . QB.: :. 5 -lv'..,n 5 1 L-lvxlsu I ll .ax -.- v I o 1 ..., , 2 ,ff-fm . V' L12 wr, . ,...,,. ,,.,,,, , . ,, 3 LE. 1.7 3, S. 5 1 xii 1 'B Y 325, 2 , ,. Ts p . 14221 .. wg I ' .g. .:.1:1X. - A m.,ww J . ' W, 4-,' , I . ' 'FSR if ' ' :f,,,..ji?f . M.: ,.x, ,, Y- 'N J' ,Q 3+ ff 4' ff Dedlcatlon 11111111111 1711111111 1111111 1111v1111' 11111113 to 11111 U1111e11 State- 111 9 V11111 11111 11111t1111s 11111211116 1111 f11Nt P111111111111 0 1111 X1111'1'111111 11111111111 11111111 111 116 NN 11 11111 11111 1 1 5 1 1111 11111111111111111 1111 1111, 1s1111111s11111e11t of 1111' lllkllflllllllls 1111111111 1111 111 the 1llN1l C1l1l5tld11 1111111j,P1- 111 the A111fI1ld11 P111v111111 T111 111 11111111513 15111111141 Pdtllfk Rv1111 111111111 Illcllly -.e1fx11111 1111 111111 1111111111 1111 1111111 et f111111 111 1110 H11 1 qplllt 111 0111111 111 1116 111511 C1111 112111 13111111615 11111 111111811111 1111111 1,-1116111 111 1111 61111 of 11111 lO1lIl1ll6N 11111113101-, 11111 111 1116111111115 1ClXf 1111 111111611 600 111 11111111111 1111 t11IN 101111116111 1 11 11 1111111111 111 1111111111111 11111 11111 1111 Pd'1fJ1 11111 11 11 1111111111 1 N S11 11111111 111111 1111 111116 1 11 11111 111 1 1 - 1 1 11111011 1 1 1 1111111 111 1 l DIG 0 0 1 06 .- 1 . 1 . .- f 1, I 1 l J. 'A 1 T11' rg 's 1 111-5. 111-v 1' ' 1 511111 effort, 1111 1'1i11 1'-1:1 ' '211 1 ' s ' Q' 1 1,3 ',11 v Jn -I.. A v.S ' 1 1-1 1 .1 4 7 ' I f .P jk. K ' 1, ' 1 x' , ' ' 1 ' .' 1' ' It is 1'e1'111i11 111-1 111 O111121' will - ' 111 , 1 - 11161 11ig11 i1111111s 11111'01'a1C11 111' 11111111111' 111311 111 1111' past. 11116 011161 -1 1 tV111 ,'1.-.q1-- F-1. -1 1'- 111 1' 1 11111' f111111 11i1'111111 i11:1i1111i1111s. if 111ef1- 141P211.' -1111 111- W1' 111- 11111 111'111'w 11111111111 111-111111111 1111' 1U3f11'11i1i1111 111' 1111- 1111111 'J' 1111' 111'1111'1-11 111111111111 111 11111111111 1'a111'11'1i 1111111 1ll11l1f. 1111'201l11'11-1111111001f'i1l'111'11l1' x111fi1.14A1111 P11 1 111-1-. .L ae 5 Ms ,fe My 1 9' M You have now frnrshed one phase of your school lrfe and to you and vour parents we offer congratulatrons and the blessmgs of the Almrghty on thrs, and every occasron of vour lrves, for the years to come We belreve that ln vou, and wlth you we have done a good job we llke to belreve that you have assrmrlated knowledge both Catholrc and practlcal we lrke to belreve that what you have learned you w1ll practrce These belrefs and hopes of ours, although slmple, are what prompted your parents to send vou to a Catho lre School, at great sacrrfrces sacrrfrces of whrch you know nothlng, and of whlch rn all probabrlrty xou Wlll never know anythrng but whrch later on rn your own lrves you w1ll come to understand and apprecrate To God and to your parents you owe a great deal, somethlng rmmeasurable, lrreplaceable, rmpossrble to buy or to pay for Our wrsh to vou on leavmg school rs that vou mav and w1ll always re member thrs debt not just as a fond memory or a pleasant thought but as some thrnff real and rmportant to remember Thrs Uraduatron and anv occaslon of your lrves whreh marks some type of achrexement on your Dart, are but stepprnff stones on the road to Heaven Farlure to keep tlus thought rn vour mlnd, 15 a real farlure no matter what others may say You have we belrexe recerved a foundatron for salt atlon, rt IS now your oblrga t1on to Increase and to bulld on that foundatron V9 hrle you sav vour offrcral farewells to All Hallow-,, rt rs merelv a forma'l1ty for the bonds ot frrendshlps formed over the wears are not severed by a hand bake or by words of goodbye rather tlrev are strengthened wrth the passrng vears W rth 'he deepest rnterest we shall watch your development along the road of lrfe .alwax trustrnff that rn earh of vou, All Hallows mll have lastmg cause for joy Reverend Brother R. B Power . . . .. . . . . . . . . . G . f I a 1 . . . . . . . 1 9 1 9 , 1 .. . . . . . . . . . f - a -' 9 . . . Y Y . . . i . - , 1 J 9 0 - ' ' 1 U 1 ' . I . 2, . C . ' ' . V V V . . . 4 ' P ' V ' , , . . , . . . . . r ' s r v ' . -. . Q -1 .. . , , . 1 ' .' , T ' , i , s 1 7 - ' 5 ' , ' ' ' ., 1 J' , ' . .' ' 0' , . 1 . 7' ' . , , ' f u . f 1 V .. . J , , - ' 'S ' T . o . 1 vi 1 l v H U, 1 J . . . . 0 XX , 1 BR. L. C. HALEY BH- C- B- QUINN Relioion, MU1h6mGT1CS, Moderator Rehqionf Enqhshf Mathematics' 4 of Mothers Club Moderator of Blue cmd White BR J B WALSH qlorx PHysros Mctlrem ms Moderator 0' Yecrlocok r ' Page 8 BR J G CARR Pelrqron M1'hPmT1CS Che-mlstry DIFQC or of Atlletrcs 'Q' uq-4 'Hun as-, 'Qi' BR J R KELLY Relxolon HIS cry Mcthem 1C Biology Modercxior of Track BH J A MCKENNA Re-1xq1cn Mcrtnem txcs Lum Enqllsh 1 -1 5, , BR A P SULLIVAN fiezczon HIST ry Us hemahcs M cl roto c me B nd and D r Comrrl ee BR E T RICE V s md BR J H FITZGERALD R lqlon Lcxtm Word HISTCTY n. i BR. P. G. MCPADDEN BR, P, D, MCCARTHY Religion, Biology, French, Moderator Heligicn, Mqthemqiics of Glee Club, Tennis BR L P QUIGLEY Religion English Latin BR P L NAGLE Religion French Moderato Handball I' ik VU! Page 1U Saw BH. V. W. MARTIN BH. W. A. O'GORMAN Religion, General, Science, Latin, Religion, General Science, Moderator of Track Freshman Mathematics Basketball Coach MR C HEFFERNAN Enq lsh World l-hstory Mathematlcs Dae-l MR J COURTNEY Lotm French Q-nb Mn J oBRo'rKA MR A SAGAN Glee Club lnstructor MR R KING Engllsh Coach of Basketball Baseball Page 12 Band Instructor MR H BEAL General QCIGPCQ Eco'1om1cs Track Coach an , fig, Mn H351-IANZ World HISQOTY Enqhsh MISS M OREILLY Lxbrcman Page 13 M MR. J KELLY Reqlstrcr wr' RS D CARROLL Nurse Noi Piciured: MR. J. MARCOUX MR. DONNELLY X .42 .Ni . in iq, ,yg f 8 , 2 H 7 1 ,Jo f A n 5 ' I f Lu 4 Z ' pf 1 1 .iw sk I h , , i A 5 A ' 1 f' .X il mi 0 4 5 an :T-. . gi' 'wfcf' ALL' W s . . Q I1 . 52' , j .v Y- lf' 'Y' PQ Q 'Q Q, S ALBERT A. ADINOLFI Our Lady of Mercy Al has been a two year honor stu dent I-hs GCl1V1llGS mclude one year of track and one year rn the Glee Club We are sure he wrll not ftnd at dlfflcult to adapt hrmself to college and that h1s pursuxt of Denttstry at NYU w1ll be successful i DENNIS J ALLEN St Srmon Stock Frlendly and fun lovmg Denms Al len s lovral characte was no hmdrance to h1s scholastxc record and by hls studrous efforts he earned a seat m the scholarsh1p class Denms plans to study enqmeermg at Manhattan In thzs it Qps-1 OTTO L ANZOLUT Our QGVIOT F xendly Otto ha been one of the best lxked semors at All Haltows For four years he has been a member of the Glee Club and as a lumor was rn the Dance Band We are sure he wxll be successful m h1S study of muslc at Clty College of New York 'X' endeavor we wrsh htm the best of luck NH THOMAS W AMBROSE Our Lady or the Assumptxon Tom has been an avrd supporter of school events and a member of The Sodahty for two years He w1l1 undoubt dly frnd success m hrs chosen fxeld enqme rmq Page 16 49 WERNER H APPEL St Arms Academy Quxet and good natured Werner came to us from S Ann s Academy A sports cnthusrast he was a rrember of the Basketball Team ln ft st year He has lsc been a member c' the Lrbrarf League smce fr shman year As for a future career he rs strll undecrded K JOHN A BAMRICK St Anastastas lohn is well known at All Hallows for his athletic abilrty He has been a member of Freshman I V and Varsity Basketball and also I V and Varsitv Football Lie plans to take up agricul ture at the University of Vermont RAYMOND H BASORA All Hallows Ray is no stranger at All Hallows CHARLES P. BLAND Our Lady of Angels Charles' activities since entering All Hallows four years ago have included membership in the Glee Club for one year and on the Track Team for one year. His pleasant personality will un- doubtedly win him many friends at Manhattan, where he plans to study business. ROGER P BLIGH St Eenedicts Roger has been an impor ant asset o our schools musical actwittes H played on the hand for our years and was a member ct the Glee Club 1n first y ar The Senior Class V+. shes htm the best of luck in engineertna a MIT havmg b en h re since first grade Since t'tat time h1s outstanding scbolas hc recc d has been evident An honor student IU hrs four vears ol htah school and a general excellence Winn r ln sec ond ye r N8 wish hifi the best ci luck is medi al c re WILLIAM G BARRETT Sacred Heart Through his quiet and w rm rr- nner Bill h s won many trends a All Hal l ws He has supp rted rn ny s hoo Hitt s t ing e V y He pans to sudy engln ertrg a Manhattan Page 17 gg 'WW 5. THOMAS Baoonnrcx Torn an active member in s hoo iairs has been a c edit o All Hailcws nce oorrrni tee in m m er f re oe bating Sc iety na T rn art time He plans o n e vertisina Foran He was on loe Senior yea PATRICK J. BRIODY Sacred Heart During his stay at All Hallows, Pat has been an active member of the De- bating Society, the Catholic Forensic Society and has been an honor student for four years. We wish Pat the best of luck at Fordham College, MICHAEL T BRAY Blessed S crament xflike comes to us from Queens and h s proJen himself C be a true Al olallows man He was with tne IV Baseball Team and was manager for b h Varsity Baseball and Intramural Basketball Teams for one year He IU tends tc take up Business Administra ion at Qeton Hall THOMAS A BURNS St Helena s SINCE coming to All Hallows Tom has been a leader in school GCllV1l16S Beside being Activity Editor of the yearbook this popular senior was member of the Debating Society Chess Team Radio Club and Dance Comrnit ee A four year honor student h rounded out his education by participat irg in Track and Intramural Basketball Undou tedly Torn will achieve succes n his study of Electrical Engineering 3 'Tl'Z.. t-wr JOSEPH P BURNS loe has been one of the rnost popular seniors at All Halows Activity mise loe part1c1pated in track as a Fresh man IV Bas ball and lntrarnural Bas ketball He exp cts to pursue a course in engineering at Manhattan 'bi . a l . i, I C ' ' t l ht I Ba. . 3 U 1 Y , J . 1 1 Q . , t f I ' a V f 1 ,. I 9 ,A , E 23. , I I 3 1 I ' ' ' b O . Sacred Heart loan of Arc 1 ' ' c l af - ' , r ft ' ' . ' li . ' ' f' f. DG FI i If I I I I - ' r,anda.-eb ofim- as ,,. e, - ' c' a ' ,rack Tea for F: Q' . e K sh Q . re I Ll d rfake Aa- f ' . ' ' , ' ' 4 at 'Q am. i JOHN J. BYRNE Si. Frances of Rome lack has been one of the most ac- tive members of the senior class. Four years in the band and two years en The Tennis Team are a few of his acti- vities. A four year honcr student, lack has been in the scholarship class for three years. He hcpes to study Civil Engineering at Manhatan. RAYMOND,4l'. CAPPIELLO P, S. l4l Ray, with his warm smile and win- ning ways, has made many lasting friends while at All I-lallows. He has participated in I.V. Baseball. Ray in- tends to continue his studies at Mane haiian where he will pursue Electronics as a profession. JOSEPH J. CHIFFONE P. S. l4l During his stay at All Hgllcws, lc:- nas shown his cverwnelmzng irienali ness, and has 'hereby gained many lasting friends. Ice snowed his inferes' in school activties by j:in1ng the Var sity Basketball Team. He plans 2: a'- tend l-fannattan ta continue his studies. His ambitious personality will carry nirn tar tnrcugbeut life. JOHN B. COFFEY All Hallows lohn is an All Hallows man from way back, being one of the twelve year men, Iohn's gcod humor has given a smile to his classmates. His extracurri- cular activities include one year in the Library League and two years on the Dance Committee. We are sure that lohn will succeed in a business course a' lona. ii: A .. M1 'Q uid MICHAEL G. CLEARY St. Marys By utilizing his friendly nature, Mike has made many friends at All Hallows. He was a member of the Glee Club and Library League for two years, Mike intends to pursue a :curse in Pre-Law at Iona. +-vw 2 GUSTAVO A COLON All Hallows Gus came to All Hallows rn second grade Hrs fme humor and brrllrant per sonalrty have mad hrm one of the most popular seniors here A four year honor student and a four year member of the Track Team prove hrs scholastrc as well as athletrc prowess He was Ar' Edrtor of the newspaper rn thrrd year and Assoorate Soorts Edrtor of the year book rn fodrth year Gus tuture career wrll be Medrcrne at lohrr Hopkrns WILLIAM G COTTER Holy Sprrrt Brll has keen a member of the Glee Club 'o tour ye rs as well as the Track and Swrmmrnq Teams for two years Althouah as yet undecrded about hrs pl ns tor the future we wrsh hrm he hes ot lu k rn whatever freld of nde vor he crrooses WILLIAM B COOK St Rose of Lima 1 n apt stud nt came to us rn if THOMAS J CONLON All Hallows A twelve year man at All Hallows Toms quret drsposrtron has qarned manv frrends for hrm A four year honor student and a member o' the Latrr Socrety and Lrhrary Leaque Torn plans to enter the Holy Prresthood t The Socr ty of Afrrcan Mrssrons Colleae BRIAN P COSTELLO All Hallows Srnoe comrnq to All Hallows rn N348 Cos has succeeded rn bernq t rr top N h hrs srudres and trrerrds Ar horror s udent for tour years as welt as an ac ve member of the Lrkrary Leaqu Brr rr rs sure to make good rn Aarrcul tur whrch he wrll study at Corn ll i SPR, 51217 rrd year from Mrchrqan where he at tended S losephs Hrqh School Hrs rrra le pe sorralr y and athletrc ahrlrty e cn hrm many frrends The en rre Senror olass wrshes mm l: s r s rn hrs futdre x 2:v 141 1 Page 20 4-1- ff in-7 JOHN J COVENEY St Prus A quret nature has won Iohn many frlends among the members of the L1 orary league tn whrch he has been for two years l-Iavmq been a four year honor student we know that Iohn wrll achteve success rn Archztecture at the Cathollc Unlverslty of Amertca JOHN P DAVIS Good Shepherd loan durma hrs hrah school career was an actlve rrernber of the Debatmq Socxety and also was Vrce Presrdent ot the Soclahty Hts quret ways have won for h1m the respect of hrs fellow classmates He plans to enter S Peters Cclleqe to be a Paulls Father an THOMAS F CRONIN All Hallows 5. quret ftqure IH class Tom has hullt LAWRENCE F COYLE St Marg ret Mary Larrys am1able srrule appearance and casual Way have greatly lmpressed his classmates Contr1but1ng to hrs ath letrc Gbll1l19S to freshman mtramurals and IV Football hzs extra currrcular act1v1t1es also mclude membershlp rn the Debatmq SOCIGTY An enqlneerrnq course at Manhattan IS hrs plan for next September DENNIS J DESMOND St Luke s Denms has made hrmselt popular by hrs humor and mterest 1n school actr v1t1es The Semor Class Nl hes htm success tn h1s torthcommq nfleavor at Cathedral College where he wrll study for the Holy Prlesthocd 'Chg a respected repu atron for hrmselt An hcncr student durtnq hrs trrst two ye rs he has hid a crecrtable record ever slr e fr s qr de ut All Hallows By hrs pas pe ormdnces P9 IS assured of a br ht nd successf crreer ln the u ur . Page 21 JOHN T DOLAN All Hallows An honor student for all of hrs twelve years at All Hallows lohn has won many frrends by hrs pleasant person allty In hrs freshman year he was manaqer of the Frosh Basketball Team and later was an apt member of the Llbrary Leaque An attendance at Ford ham Umversrty wxll ard hzs career rn AdV9Tl1SlDQ 908: JAMES J DOHERTY St Rose of Llma lrms record as a member of the IV and Varsrty Baseball Teams as well as h1s fme scholastrc record as a four year Honor student goes to show how sports and studres can be combrred Doc was also a member of the Dance Com mlttee and Associate Sports Ed1tor of the Halloween IH semor year HIS natural ab1l1t1es wrll carry h1m far at Cornell Un1vers1ty where he wlll study Iournallsm EUGENE P DOLAN Corpus Chr1st1 Genes outstandmq personalrty and fme drsposltlon have made hrm one of All Hallows outstandmq students A act1ve Dance Comm1ttee member he also played IV Baseball and was on the Freshman Track Team Future plans lnclude MGd1C1H at Notre D me JAMES A DONNELLY St Gabrrels hm IS perhaps one of the most liked students of semor year He was a mem ber of the newspaper for one year the Basketball Team and Baseball Team for tour years and a member of the IV Football Team for one year In addltlon to thrs he was class presldent IH both lumor and Semor year Good luck lim 1n Notre Dame where he Wxll undertake a busmess course .seq GERARD J DUFFY St Elxzabeths Gerard came to All Hallows rn Sep tember of l955 from Cardmal Hayes where he was on the school paper the ln ramural Basketball Team for two ye rs and class V1C6pI9S1d9Dl for one year We are sure that he will succeed rn hrs chosen course ol lournallsm at Fordham. Page 22 111: ltwhv 'pf Q-9- ' JOHN J. ENRIGHT Sacred Heart During his four years at All Hallows, lohn, by means of his mild manners and good nature, has become one of the most popular seniors. He took time 'MOM 'nr'-rr out from his studies in third year to play inrtamural sports, After gradua- tion, lohn plans to take up Accounting at Fordham. PATRICK J FARLEY St Iohn s Pat is a newcomer to All Hallows since he iust came to us from Cathedral at the start of semo year At Cathedral Pat was class president for one year class treasurer for one year and was on the school paper for a year He intends to take a Liberal Arts course at Notre Dame JOHN P FAHRELLY Sacred H r S heen xe iiiced oy' is ow s r s riroual' 1 scwc ev is ext .ii r tion ars in 3 tends s u e t DANIEL H FAHEY St Ignatius of Loyola Dan s ready smile and generosity have earned him a fine reputatlon at All Hallows An honor student for tour years Dan won the General Excellence Medal in first year and m se-mor yea served on the Dance Committee We are sure that he will be among friends when he attends Fordham next year STEPHEN J' FAZIO St Martin of Tours steve came to All Hall ws in seruo year Durmg his stay here he has made m nj friends His pleasant humor will give him a splendid head start in his fu ur career of Chemical Engineering at Manhattan College in VI' C e Page 23 DONALD J. FERRICK St. Angela Merici Since his entrance to All Hallows, Don has always had a warm smile and jovial attitude to all. His activities in- clude membership on the Dance Com- mittee and Intramural Basketball. En- gineering is Don's plan for the future and we wish him the best of luck at Manhattan. THOMAS D. FETHERSTON Annunciation Because of his agreeable manner, Tom has won many friends here at All Hallows, He played LV. Basketball for two years and Varsity Basketball for two years. Possessing a disposition that is hard to beat, he should succeed in any course of his choosing. it 129 BENJAMIN M. FINLEY Our Lady of Lourdes Well liked Ben spent much of his time on the Cross Country Track Team in freshman year He was a member ox the Debating Society for three years, being elected vice-president in senior year. He also was a member of the National Forensic League. Ben plans to study Electronics at Notre Dame. Page 24 DENNIS F. FLAHERTY Annunciation Dennis came to All Hallows tour years ago and since then has been a happy addition to every class that he was in. He played basketball on the Freshman, LV., and Varsity Teams for tour years. He intends to further his studies at Manhattan. QS' 1 THOMAS A. FLAHERTY St. Ann's Tom's activities since entering All Hallows have been membership in the Library League, Dance Committee and Track Team for two years. The best wishes of the senior class will be with Tom when he enters Fordham for a Liberal Arts course. I' WILLIAM D. FLANAGAN St. Angela Merici The Library League and Track Team in first year, as well as the Dance Com- mittee for two years, benefitted from Bill's services. He was a mainstay oi the Baseball Team for four years and played Intramural Basketball. Bill' plans to study teaching at lona. l s JOSEPH B. FLANNIGAN St. Anastasias Having come to us from Teaneclc. New lersey, Ice has proven himself an asset TC the Football Team icr two years and the Basketball Team for four years. The best wishes of the Senior Class go with Ice tc college where he intends to take up Business Administra- tion. JAMES J. FLATLEY St. Frances de Chantel A four year honor student, Iaoques has combined his high scholastic stand- ing with a deep interest in sport by his membership on the Basketball Team, During his freshman year, he sang in the Glee Club. l-le plans to ga to Man- hattan to prepare for a career in Elec- tronics. Page 25 JAMES J. FLYNN Sacred Heart Although having been here only one year, lim has proven himself an out standing All Hallows man. lim's plans include a two year Liberal Arts course at Manhattan. He then plans to go to Dunwcodie to prepare for the Priest- hood. GERALD P. FLYNN St. Frances of Home The Dance Committee and the Library League have benefitted from lerry's able assistance for one year, and the Glee Club for two years. He was also treasurer of Our Lady's Sodality. We know that this honor student will be a success in whatever he plans to do. QV if 41:-Q, THOMAS M. FORD St, Angela Merici Tom has lent his talents to the Foot- ball Team for two years and the Dance Committee for one year. Tom has his sights set on taking up Business Ad- ministration at either Fordham or lono. SAMUEL J. FOLEY All Hallows A twelve year man at All Hallows, Sam's ready wit has endeared him to all. Besides being a medal winner and honor student, he has added I.V, and Intramural Basketball to his laurels. We wish Sam the best of luck in his study of law. PETER A. FOLEY Holy Rosary This Well liked senior has been out- standing in school spirit throughout his four years at All Hallows. Pete has been seen and heard at all of the ime portant school functions. We are sure that his amiable personality and ample talent will carry him far in his study of Pharmacy at Fordham. ROBERT C. GALLAGHER St. Ioan of Arc Bob is a young man held in fine es- teem with the faculty as well as the student body. He was an outstanding member of the Handball Team for two years. He hopes to continue his studies at Notre Dame's School oi Engineering. 'br 1 LOUIS F. GAFFNEY All Hallows Lou has been one of the best known and best liked students throughout his twelve years at All Hallows. His sense oi humor and friendly manner have made him extremely popular. Lou is chairman oi this year's Dance Com, mittee and was also a member of the Library League for three years. He will begin his career at the King's Point Military Academy. Q. UV 1? 'QV 455 'Q' dnl-lg 'L DANIEL F GOODE St Brena n's This ,ocular studen has made many Dan has been Glee Club for lso was on the r. Vfe all wish irri lucic nd s c ess n his future life. WILLIAM J. GALVIN Sacred Heart Bill was on track and cross country for one year, the Dance Committee for two years and the Glee Club for four years. Bill participated in one year oi I.V. Baseball and was a member of the Sociality of Mary. Bill plans to study law at Iona College. JOHN P. GLYNN St. Nicholas of Tolentine This Queens lad whose humor is well known will attend Fordham University for a Liberal Arts course. While at All Hallows, he used his athletic ability in freshman and sophomore years as a member of the Intramural Basketball Team. ln addition, he spent a year in the Library League. JAMES A. GRIMES St. Andrew Avellino lim, one of the school's many Flush- ing men, has Won many friends at All Hallows via his quick wit and genial nature. A three year honor student, Iim's school spirit was outstanding. lim locks forward to Manhattan College where he will study medicine. 'Jil fi 3 A EDWARD GROSSO WALTER J HARKIN S1 Helencs Our Lady of Mercy Ed Uartlclpated 1n 'ootball and traclf ln urst ye r basketball IH Junlor and enlor years as w ll as bemq on the Dance Cornmlttee On the Honor Roll for two years this ver atlle student plans to attend Iona where he wnl take up a course rn busmess JOSEPH J HEHIR Sacred Heart loe a member of the Glee Club fo a year ha made hrmself well known for hrs qulet and unassummq attltude The best wishes of the Senxor Class will accompany hlm to Iona College where he wlll take a course IH enqlneermq mm Kg, WALTER M HARRINGTON H ly Splfll Walters act1v1t1es at All Hallows have rncluded Intramural Basketball and mernbershrp rn the L1brary League A l1lC9AIb16 and Q mal representatlve of he Senlor C ass he IS sure to suc ceed 1n hrs chosen fl ld of BUSINESS Ad rrnnlstratron wnrch he w1ll study at Iona Colleqe Page 28 Walter a popula man around All Hallows was a member of the Track Team rn f1rst year and a member of the Dance Commtttee rn freshman and senlcr years He mtervds to contmue hrs studies at e1ther Nanhatt n or lona for a busmess course EDWARD J HEIN All Hallcws A twelve year man at All Hallows Fd spent frve year wrtle the Hugh School Band whlch he Jomed 1n seventh grade Scholastrcall, among the top srx 1n h1s year he was 9d1lO1'l1'1 chlef of the yearbook rn Senior Year Ed has also been the newspaper photographer a member of the Dance Band and cap tain of the Chess Team He mtends to mayor m Math at Prlnceton 'I? f MARTIN J HELBIG Holy Rosary Marty IS one of our outstandmq ath letes H1s sportmq accompllsnments IU clude two years o' football one of track and lntramurul Basketball H15 scholast1C accompltshments are not to be taker hqhtly e1ther havmq wan the General Excellence medal rn Freshman year Marty IS qomq to lona fo a Ltberal Arts course EDWARD J HYLAND Ho y Famtly Ea a frt nd to ll who krow h1m has been ar' asse to Gael basketball teams for our years He lso played football tor a year nd base all for two years Althouqn Ed IS yer undeclded about whlch college he wtll attend hls many r enas re are sur he wlll attaln suc cess tn whatever he undertakes l 'WGA 'T i az:-W RAYMOND F HOYLE sacred Heart Fay who natls from S cred Heart wcn h admlrortton of both hrs e hers and ellcw sudents H played l mural B ske ball rn flrst year d n-ned second m ts class ID luntcr r Hls 'ut e rs u td clded Ve wts lr' the best ct .xc MO' Qs' ,usb EDWARD T HOWLEY St Brendans Ed s quxck w1t has made mm a favo nte wtth hrs classmates He has been an honor statdent and a prominent mem ber of the Latm SCC1 ty On the socxa s de he has served on the Dance Com mlttee He 1ntends to oo to the Fordham 'School of SCIQDCG to further h1s educa txor' J JOSEPH JENNINGS St Ehzabeths An honor student who IS well liked loe has been a two year mernher of the yearbook staff ln hls semor year h w s hcsen Man gtnq Edltor of tHe H oween He furtnered hrs knowledge o a iorelqn lanqu ae by IOIHIDQ the French Club Ioe wth mator IH Busmess Management at lon From h re he ID t nds to enter Into nts ch s n fl d .45 '? 1- 4 Page 29 MQ an 152 ,lb-v FRANCIS B JORDAN Immaculate Conception Frank has made many friends durtng his four year stay at All Haltows Dur ing his high school stay he partxctpatecl in the Glee Club for three years and was also a member of the Dance Com mittee Frank has his srghts set on a Liberal Arts course at the Umverstty O New Mexico EDWARD D KAVANAGH St Franc1s Xavler Ed has become a well known figur at All Hallows l-le was a member of the Freshman IV and Varsity Basket ball Teams also the IV and Varsity Baseball and Football Teams The best wishes of the Senic Class go with Ed in h1s future years .tt Iona tim, -'N-, JOHN F. KEEFE Holy Cross lohn, during his tour stay, has been a member of the I.V, Football Team for one year, the Track Team for two years, the Debating Society for two years, and the Dance Committee for one year. He intends to take Business Administration at St. lohn's. JAMES G KEELAN St Iosephs lim after enterina All Hallows as an eager Frosh has been improving the quality of the school band ever since Possesslng a dlSPOS1l1OH that IS hard to beat he snould succeed in any course he chooses THOMAS A KENNEDY Al I-lallows rom IS c twelve vear All Hallows r n who has won many friends be vase cl h1s amzcabl attitude In fourth year he was a member of th Lrbrary League and the Latm Society We wish thrs honor student much luck when he nters Fordham o talfe a Lrheral Arts course Page 30 ,Q-t , WY' 'Y' T' JOHN T KENNY Our Lady of Anqels Iohn made hrmself very popular as a member of the Track Team rn frrst year In thrrd year he played for the Varsrty Football Team The Senror Class wrshes hrm every success rn hrs future at For Schuyler MARTIN J KERRIGAN St Iohns M rty s qenurne humor and frrendlr n ss ae two of hrs attrrbutes whrch have made h1m one of the best lrked senrors Two years rn the scholarshrp class have been proof of hrs frne schol s rc alrlrty Hrs futrre plans rnclude a ousrness course at Iona Colleqe VINCENT E KIESEI.. t C h rrne of Srenna er cnretol I-Ialovs rn r rr lr s srnc been wrnn no many s In rs rofral mann r A mem ret . the Sw1'nm1nq and Scf.:ul , arm-, 2 . - t amend F r',.amr 5- hey, fb :on1nzj.:ioto. Page 31 .QPR WILLIAM J KENNY St Nrcholas of Tolentrne Brll has made many frrends at All Hallows srnce freshman year because of hrs krndly personalrty He has been an actrve follower of school actrvrtres and was a member of The Sodalrty for one year He rs sur to succeed at col lege where he rntends to pursue a course rn enqrneerrrq JOHN A KILEY Vrsrtatron Iohns athletrc abrlrty has been put o good use on both the Basrcetball and Football Teams In hrs freshman year 're play d IV Basketball and later he playedj V and Varsrty Football Iohn also sanq rn the Gle Club I-Ie plans to enter No re Dame to study Crvrl En crneerrnq Qs '55 RAYMOND K. KILGALLEN Sacred Heart By his mild and socially inclined man- nerisms, Ray has won the admiration cmd respect ot all his classmates. The friendliness and school spirit he has shown at All Hallows will help him greatly in his studies of engineering at Fort Schuyler, which he plans to enter next fall. :Mug I3 1 'QQ ROBERT R. KNAPP Sacred Heart Likeable Bob has been a staunch supporter of activities while at All Hal- lows. An honor student for two years, Bob has also been on the I. V. Football Team for two years and he also took part in a year of Intramural Basketball. Bob is sure to succeed in his study of business at lona. JOHN E. KYLE Sacred Heart Through his quiet and unassuming manner, lohn has won the respect of his classmates. His main contribution to the school has been his membership on the Track Team tor four years. His future ambitions include a course in engineering at Manhattan College. Out best wishes gc with him. Page 32 JOHN T. LAFFERTY Our Lady of Mercy Because of his friendly manner, lohn has won many friends here at All Hal- lows. He played I.V. Football in second year, and Varsity Football last year. A member of the Dance Committee and Glee Club, Iohn intends to study Busi- ness Administration at Iona. EDWARD J. LAMANNO St. Nicholas ot Tolentine Ed has been influential in the schools extra-curricular activities. He was a member of the Dance Committee for two years, the Library League for three years and the Sodality tor two years. We wish him the best of luck in what- ever iield he chooses. DOUGLAS P LAUHIE During his stay here at All Hallows Doug has been a upporter oi school activities H played tennis for two years and also played on the IV Bas ketball Team Next fall Doug plans to enter St Francis of Loretta College where he will take a Lib ral Arts course The seniors wish Doug Good Luck 9 ,1. xv' THOMAS J LEAHY lmm cul e Lonceo ion Friend V and full o' fun Tom has e n Q. rrern er of All Hallows Basxetbal team fc 'our years nd the TV Base ll Te 'ri for two years iorn lntends to study Business Adrnmisr ion at a mayor college The best wishes of his rrany frietds will 'ollow irn all his life along with th certainy that his endeavors will be crowned with suc cess ANTHONY M LIEBLER All I-lallows Tony is another twelve year man HIS ready wit in or out of class has won him many lasting fiends Tony parti cloated 1n Intramural Basketball last year but athle ics are not his only interests 'us scholastic ability is also commend rbi Because of his outstand ng ch ir: er we are sure thi he will suc eecl a Holy Cross Page 33 TERRENCE P. LONG St. lohn's That Terry is one of All I-lallows' best sports enthusiasts is proven by the fact that he played on the Football and Base- ball Teams. Although his college is yet undecided, our best wishes go with him tor his studies of law 'EF MICHAEL E LOUGHLIN St Angela Merici Mike a popular senior has won the admiration of his teacriers and class mates during his say at All H llows He took part in Crc s Pountry ndoor and Outdoor Track ng with n a mural Basketball in f shman yea AQ v t his future is und ided ...M PETER C MAGNANTE All l-lallows Slnce ms comrnq to All Hallows twelve years ago Peter s school recora has been commendable be nq an hono student fo all twelve years He also was on the Track Team durtnq the las' part ol hts Junlor vear and rn semo year was Cl rrcal Edtor of the year look After araduaton 1t wtll be a Physrcs course a MIT for Peter THOMAS J LYONS All Hallows Tom has been a famtltar ftqure at All Hallows for tlae last twelve years and has been actlve m many school acttvt ttes He played IV Baseball and Bas ketball We are sur that Tom wtll successful at Hunter Cclleqe where h wtll stt.dy teachmq JOHN T LYNCH St Iohn Chrysostorr John rs ct typtcal All Hallows man and an araent follovt er of our teams He has been a member of the ale lu t r one year and Sports Edrtor for the Blue and Whxte in semor year He tends to attend Manhattan Colleqe fo a course tn Psychiatry MICHAEL MALLON St Gabrlels Mtke has parttctpated tn many sports durtnq lets lou years at All Hallows He w s on IV Footb ll Basketball and Baseball tn secord year as well cs be tnq on th Varstty Football Team tn tlurd yecr He plans o take up Hotel Manoa ment but has not yet ptcked a c l eqe 284: Nrx 'tr' fox 519 3'5 ,qqsv-wr X JOHN F MAHER Our Lady of Mercy One of th most ltked students All Hallows tn the past four years has been Tohn Maher Thts IS prlmarrly be cause of h1s ltceclcle dtspostttan and personallty lohn played lntramural Bas ketball and football tn second year After graduatton he zntends to torn he arrred ervrc s .viii CTT' CHARLES V. MARTIGNONE St. Ioseph's Academy Charlie, a true All Hallows' man, has won many friends through his amiable personality, He participated in Track, Glee Club and Intramural Basketball all in first year. He plans to attend Iona where he will take a course in Busi- ness Administration, JOHN D MAZZARELLA S1 Frances of Home Sean as he is commonly known as been an active member of the Debating Society and the Catholic Forensic League for three years His fine schol astic ability has rated him an honor student for four years He plans to enter the field of Public Relations wt. ROBERT H MCCORMICK St Margaret Mary Bob came to All Hallows on a S hol astic Scnolarship four years go since then he has d voted much of his time o the Hall N n on which he was Gr mm r Sc ol Edt or in seruor year ur best Nts s go wi 'i hlrr tc rd harri unere wil pursue r s C u JAMES G MCDONALD Our Lady of the Assumption Since entering All Hallows lim has cauired many comrades With hrs talented voice he was a backbone at the Gtee Club for four years ID t many concerts We wtsh him the bes tuck a Iona where he in ends to take up Business Administration :ag Ui T IF' DONALD M MCDONAGH Our Lady i Mount Carmel H vtrg lent his lents to the Track Team ln ftrst year Don Joined t'1e De bating So iety in fourtrt year 'We are sure th ne wit be 'nong friends our 'tat on s Air ror A ademy w er he wil purs e a ccu se in Electric Lngire ing DONALD J MCDONNELL JEROME E MCELROY Sacred Heart Don a two year honor student play ed Freshman Basketball and was a member of the Handball Team 1n thtrd year Hls lrtendlmess has won htm many frtends Mac wxll further hts educatxon at Fordham JOHN W MCGRIEL All Hallows lohn has qatned many frxends among students and faculty al1ke SIUCG com lnq here twelve years ago he has been a standout tn school spmt and loyalty We are sure that lohn w1ll be among tends when he takes up Busmess Ad n tmstratlon 'lv EUGENE J MCFADDEN St lqnat1us of Loyola GUIUSSS was on the Track Team and Handball Team for a year each In second year he was class pr sxdent and was v1cepres1dent as a semor A ur year honor student Gumess was on he Dance Commttte for three years and was Art Edxtor of the Halloween H olayed two years of Intramural Basket ball and was tr the French Club as a s mor Gumess plans to study Archvtec are at Notre Dame Paqe 36 St Marqar t Mary lerry has made many frtends among the students and faculty ahke tn h1s tugh school career he played lntra mural Basketball and partlctpa ed 1D the Dance Commtttee The best wlshes of the Senior Class ao w1th htm to Fordham Where he plans to take a Ltberal Arts course JOSEPH MCKAHARAY Most Holy Redeemer Comma to All Hallows from Reqxs 'ms year Ioe has made many fr1ends among has classmates and he takes ttme to support school GCl1V1l19S We wxsh htm the best of luck at etther Fordham or Notre Dame where he tn tends to study teachmq . I So , . . e I ' I . . . - - , . I ' 1 I ff' A ' . ., -. . -N el no - .o . . T .e' . ' . 1 - ,, . CHARLES J' MCLAUGHLIN St Raymonds A wrnner of both the Latrn and French awards Charlre has been a four year honor student and rs sports mrnded He has been an rrtrrnsrcal part of both Freshman and Senrcr Track he has also Intramural Basketball to hrs credit Fordham College wrll be gettrng an ex cellent dental student when Charlre studres there DENNIS R MCNAMAHA St Vrncent Ferrer Dennrs has won many frrends by hrs gurck wrt and amrable perscnalrty Hrs manv trrends rn the oenro Class wrsh lrm success rn hrs futur career rn Electrrcal Engrneerrng whrch he wrll prepare for at MGHDOTTGH Ccllege JOHN F MCMULLEN Cardrnal Farley Mrlrtary Acader y Thrs senror has been actrve rn school actrvrtres rnce hrs frrst appearance at All Hallows lohn lent hrs abrlrtres to the newspaper for three years as well as bernq on the Track Team for one fear and playrng basketball for two y ars He rs wrshed good lu k when be Lakes a ccurse of yournalrsm at Ford m Page 37 JAMES G MCLOUGHLIN Corpus Chrrstl lrm a four year honor s'udent and a eneral Excellence wrnner rs a cr dn to the scholastrc standrng of All Hal lows He has exclusrvely centered hrs actrvrty rn the Latrn Socrety Engrneer rng rs the chref ambriron for hrs college studres He wrll advance hrs knowledge at one of New Yorks colleges ROBERT MCQUILLAN St Nrcholas ol Tolertrne Bob has enroved the reputatron at All Hallows of a cheerful unsellrsh puprl The Football Team rn thrrd year and the Handball Team rn thrrd year and fourth year borrowed hrs abrlrtres and he was a standout rn both Bob rn ends to study mechanrcs JOHN B MCSHERRY bt Ehzabeth s Wlth hrs Jov1al p rsonahty and Jml alle dlsposltron Iohn has been a well known supporter of all school act1v1t1es tthroughout hrs days here 'We are sure that he wzll oe a Success ln later l1fe at er he has Completed 'z course in BUSINESS Admlnlstratlon CONSTANTIN C MENGES Holy TIIHITY A four year honor studen and an a around All Hallows man Connle vas unanimously elected Presldent of the Debattng bocrety In addltxon to lnls ac 1v1t1es IU the Danfe Committee ann the French Club he has taken part IH ack and handball He plars to study Electrlcal Engmeerlng at Manhatan CHARLES S MOONEY Sacred Heart A ready smxle and a good sense of lsumor have axded Charlle tn bemg a class o'f1cer ln both thlrd and fourth years lntramural Basketball was hrs sport whll h1s act1v1ty has been band m whxch he spent four years I-hs study of Electrlcal Engmeermg w1ll begm at Manhattan College ROBERT F MORRISON All Hallows A twelve year honor studen Bolo tonk part 1n the Llbr ry League rn thxrd year the Dance Commlttee 1n fourth year and a yearbook photograpfter 1n s mor year Bob mtends to attend Man hattan Mealcrne IS h1s Chosen held 1- v' mr' v JOHN J MURPHY St Johns nun, us frorrt Pegls mst ye r n I C1 s wn h1s t lents v 'cf' rmg Glee Clu the D nce Band a ,a rsh- . zz. Eecavse of hrs pleasant ? s me cpt1n1's.1: ways, we ar- sure he w rl he a Qedtt is S-.on Hall University L, e is amends to sudy Meatcme. Page 38 1 'T PETER J MURPHY St Rose of L1ma Srnce comma to All Hallcws 'rom Fordham Prep l st year Pete ras won many rlends He h s been xr 'rack and ln ramurat B stcetbalt Pete IS mshed the best o' tuctc at e1tn r F rdftam or l na elemn., sc'tool where e lntends k coarse ln Busm ss WILLIAM P MURPHY Blessed Sacrament Fleetfooted Blll whose slclll IU track won hlm many medals was elected captaxr of the Track Team IU ms Semor Year He has won many frterds DY h1 apt Irlsh humor He plans a career ln Electrlcal Enqmeerxra and wrl s'udy at Manhattan o earn ms deqt e THOMAS M MURRAY S G hrtel s Tom Ha x s it Ye r Bestd s ina on for four years, Tom :vas cn the Varstty Baskeczll 'ani Z1 ird year, a .. rn- -r in r.:.lo Jean s.a:f Q.- at' cc' f. ambigo and .sonality ll ceztainl enabl o suceee' 15 5 pe-m-d1:1.e 1 'A 5 t cn, Dame. Page 39 WILLIAM J MURPHY St Angela Merrcl Popular Bill had heen a good fnend to all smce comma to All Hallows four year ago We wrsh th1s staunch sup Dorter of school act1v1t1es all the luck ln the world when he entes Iona next year to study Buslness Aamlnlstratron RONALD J NEACH Holy Rosary Tnrouqhout hrs four years at All Hal lows Ronme has been an ardent sup porter at school actxvltres He was on lrtramural Basketball lcnq w1th the Track Baseball nd Foothall Teams Thrs year he IS a mem r of the Dance C rnmntee The Semcr Crass W1 hes hlm luck at Manhattan w ere he wlll study Electncal Enqmeerxnq C24 'Ga 1-D RICHARD T. NESBITT St. Brendan's While at All Hallows, Dick has been an honor student for four years cmd is currently a member of the Latin Society Following graduation, Dick plans to major in Business Administration at Iona College. We wish him the best of success in all his future endeavors. -Q ., ROBERT E NUNAN Sacred Heart A four year track man Robert also participated in Intramural Basketball tor two years and rorned the Glee Club in fourth year Our b st w1shes for suc cess go with Bob to Iona College where he intends to pursue a course m Busi ness Administration WILLIAM J NUTLEY St Margo et Mary ill t active supporter ol all school sports 'ras won manv friends since his arrival at All Hallows We are sure the future wlll be bright for this intelligent young rnan at Fordham in whateve ii ld he chooses Page 40 CHARLES F. O'BRIEN Cathedral Coming to us from Vermont las year Charhe has won the admiration of his school chums In Vermont he played Freshman and Varsrty Football Basket ball and Track While here Intramural Basketball has been his ac ivity Teach ing and coaching are his ambitions which he will pursue at St Michaels College DONALD J O BRIEN St Rose of Lima Bon s cneerful smile and amian e dis p st cn e his trade 'narks at All Hal ows I-e played on IV B sebal and Tr ck 'cr wo years each and .vas a st ndou in In ramural Basketball for Wo ye rs also He in ends o KG up Business Admmts ration a Iona nex 't' 'E.'... ' RICHARD M. O'BRIEN St Gabrrels A qulet student Dick is one ot All Hallows best liked students For tour years he lent his talents to our rrnd There 13 no doubt that he will succeed n either Electricrl Enqmeermq Physics wherever he qoes to colleqe THOMAS D O CONNOR qcod S epnerd is y r me e-Tralc TJ nr .lra B slcet le 'ns rn lr 1 I1 s ee n e mrnittee H s e p es den ct his in I nr ve n rn x ls cr Torn w en h c, es s x .J lS DENNIS J. O'GRADY All Hallows Dennis, a twelve year man at All Hallows, has played on Varsity Foot- ball, I.V. Baseball, Intramural Basket- ball and the Track Teams. He was also a member of the Debating Society, Glee Club and Dance Committee. He will en- ter the School of Arts and Sciences at Dayton College. 'Q' THOMAS M O CONNOR Holy Splfll Aside from havtnq been cn the Track Baseball Football and Intramural Bas ketball Teams Tom played a part rn h lpmq the All Hallo NS Band obtain its hne reput ion With hrs fine scholastic abrllty T 'n c n not help bu succeed JH the stuay of enqlneerinq .rt Manhat tan Cc lea Odqe 4l CHARLES R O REGAN Our Lady of Refuae Charlie an honor student has been active in the school newspaper tor three years ln sem r yea his leader ship proved mvaluable to he success of the Blue and Whlte of which he was co editor His cutstandrnq faculties mill undoubtedly rnsure for Charlre successful career at West Point +'.2'.?q QU' . , . . , ' 11 , A I I i ' ' f ' or ,. . . . , ' . 'o ' - . , . , A ll 4 11 1 . , N ' . . ' 5 1 A 5-' 4 re ' 1 M ' ' ' ,Gil . l I ' . l ' . o. a f l e. ' '5' ' . A A - ln fri ea Tcm IC' d in c ,z r' ltarn' l 3 l:allTa.,rd'. tl ir' and fourth year, he wa in the GL Club ana Da 3 Cc. . 5 wa vtc - r i 1 . ' class ' ur cz 0 year. Ne ha oth q bu: best 'hes f e ac ic lcna ta ind-' Dent' try. Q. S , . is .RFK Qt . E, , ,gag '17 ANTHONY P. PINTO St. loseph's Academy Tony will be remembered best tor his article on Brother McCarthy, which was featured in the Blue and White. His literary ability males him especially suited for the ich of editor of the school newspaper. Tcny's studiousness, ana urifailing ambition will aid him greatly in the study of Medicine, which he will prepare for at Manhattan College. JOHN M. O'SHAUGHNESSY All Hallows lohn is one of the twelve year men at All Hallows. The Dance Committee has benefitted from his talents for four years and the Library League for three. Besides these, he played on l.V. Basket- ball and Varsity Football Teams for a year each. Iohn will take up a liberal Arts course at Iona. CORNELIUS D. O'SULLIVAN St. Catherine of Genoa Sully, through his quiet manner has won many friends and has been a credit to All-Hallows academically. At- though he is not sure of his college, we know that Sully will do well in the study of Business Administration. JOHN P. REDDAN Sacred Heart lohn came to All Hallows in grammar school, but after a few years here changed to Sacred Heart. ln freshman year he rejoined us and then joined the Debating Society. In third and fourth years, lohn was a.rnember cf the bas- ketball squad. He dans to gc to Man' hattan College. CL. f'I' f 'T fwfr . .. . tt, CHARLES S. POOLMAN Sacred Heart Charles' ready wit has won him many friends during his stay at All l-lallows. l-Its activities include a year on the Dance Committee and two years of ln- 'famural Basketball. We are sure that Charlie will be succcssful in his studies cf engineering at Manhattan. 'L BERNARD F. REYNOLDS St. Luke's After coming to All Hallcws from St. Luke's four years aqo, Bernie reailily adjusted himself to this school and has been in the scholarship class ever since. Bernie will study at Manhattan rn order tc get his degree in Mechanical En- qrneerinq. JAMES P ROWLAND St Angel Merrc an avrd supporter of the schools ctrvxtles and spo Irm earned the respect of hrs fnends at All Hallows After qraduatron neyt Iune he wrll to CCI11fOYl llG to study Lxberal Arts at D C L A HENRY F RYAN All Hallows Henry who has been W1 h us slnce lurd grade rn qrammar schcol was ar active member or th Lrbrary League rn ttrst second and thrrd years In his fmal year at All Hallows NE ,v s Photo qraphrc Edrtor for the Blue and Whrte 'md the Halloween Hrs ou standmq cholastrc abrhty wrll mevxta lv lead hrm to success IH the study 1 Brolcav cr Vanhattan College KW '51 I 'v f yv 'ther VINCENT T RU-NCO FRANCIS T RUSSO Sacred Heart We rked Jrnney has dcne ll H31 lovs as won cz frrerzdshzp of nts c mates ind ers or 'znd al Art deqre ye'rr e p 1 ,rad A H o Frank 1 genera ex ellence med wmner rn second xe r and honor stu dent has m de m ny ' lends crash 'us ple san' rnanne H w s a Lrb ecque mem er for ye s ure IS und crd d kr v. rel A FREDERICK F SCHAUDER St Margarets Fred has become a very popular fel low at All 1-lallows I-le was a member cf the Track Team and Intramural Bas ketball Team The Semor Class wxshes hrm luck at Manhattan where lee will take up C1V1l Engmeermg WILLIAM P SPREEN St Margaret Mary A scholastxc credxty to All l-lallows B111 has been a four year honor studert 1-le has also taken part m the socxal ac uvxtxes of the school through hls mem bershrp on the Dance Commxttee B111 lntends to pursue the study of Electrxcal Engmeermg at Manhattan ROBERT W SETZER St FIQHCIS Xavxer Bobs ready smxle has wor hxm many friends at All I-lallows He has been a supporter of both soc1al and ath letrc act1v1t1es These acttvt res mclude JOSEPH P SEILER St Anthony s Smce commg to All Hallcws Ioe has become one of our best lxked students He has contrtbuted has talents to the Glee Club and Newspaper I-or the last two years he has been secretary ot our Sodalrty 1-le w1ll study Cxvxl Engmeer ng at Manhattan MICHAEL E STEPPE S Mlke came to All 1-lafllows at the start of hls second year Smce then he has won many frrends and much populanty He has played one year of IV and two years of Varsxty Basketball Mlke also has been a member of the Dance Com mxttee He IS undecided as to the col lege he w1ll attend but would l1ke to tudy Electronlcs two vears on th 1V and two years on the Vars1ty Basketball Teams also one year on the Dance Commrttee Although undeclded about wh ch college he w1ll a tend we are sure hrs chotce w1ll be a good one Page 44 DONALD E STIRBIS All Hallows A twelve year All Hallows man Don IS one of the best llked students m the school A member of the Poster Club for two years he has been an act1ve partlcxpant 1n all school act1v1t1es We are sure Don w1ll achreve success at Cornell UUIVGISITY ln the held of h1 cholce JOHN J SWEENEY St P1us Industnous Iohn who IS well hked has part1c1pated m Intramural Basket ball In adchtlon he has been a mem ber of the All Hallows Blue and Whxte staff Because of h1S ambmous attltude we are sure he w11l D9 success ful xn h1s study of enqmeermq at MIT xg-J JOHN P SULLIVAN St Ellzabeths Sully IS an honor student whose qulet rranner and qulck w1t have made h1m well hkecl by hrs 'ellow classmates Soclallv rnlnded Fe at ended many dances and ID lcls senior year lomed the Dance Comrmt e Hts future deavors mclude ouslness a lon Page 49 FRANCIS C SUARINO S 3 Llkeaole Prank has won a host o 'r1ends durmg his stay at All Hallows HIS actrvxtxes mclude two years ln the Glee Club Pram: hooes to attend Man hattan College and study enqlneermq THOMAS J SYLVESTER Our Lady of Mercy Tom IS well known at All l-lallows for hls me sense of humor ln hls lumor year he was a member of the Rowmq Team Although undeclded about the future we are sure Toms oe sonahty vlll carry htm far iw-4 he-..f f oi JOSEPH A. TAMAGNA loes quret ways have won hrm the respect and admrratron of hr fellow stu dents He played lrvtramural Basketball and has been a member ot me Lrbrary League for four years We are sure toe wrll succeed at lona where he wrll fr rther hrs education rn Dentlstry THOMAS B TYSON St Nrckolas of Tolentrne Brq Tom rs one o' the best lrked All Hallows senrors He has rounded out hrs hrah school educatlon wrth one year on the Track Team and four years rr the Glee Club Tom would lrke to take an enqrneerrnq course at Manhattan R' 1 RONALD W TOTH St Ioan of Arc A All Hallows Ronnre has won the 'Lx' 5,1 EUGENE T TORTONE Sacred Heart Genes fun lovrnq attrtude has made mm one of the most popular men rn the S n1or Class He played on the lntra mural Basketball Team last year and rras supported school functions for all four years H pl ns to take up a rberal Arts course at lona JOSE E VASOUEZ De Dreqo IH Mayaquez lose came to All Hallows from Puerto Rrco Durmq hrs four years at All Hal lows lose has prov rr hrmself to be a good wrll ambassador as evrdenced by hrs many frrends He played two years of Intramural Basketball ard Baseball rn frrst year lose rntends to pursue a course rn Busrness Admrnlstratron contrdence of hrs fellow classmates by hrs aenurnely smcere manrrer I-le was a member of the Gle Club rr frrst year r rr for Freshman Track and partrcrpat ed rn lntramural Basketball We are certarn Ron wrll succeed at Cornell Umversrty where he Nrll strdy Veterrn ary Medrcrne Page 46 in 12J R141- 'UB Ting, WILLIAM R VOLZ Holy Rosary Bills stralqht forward manner won him many friends oon alter his ar rival here Freshman Track and IV Bas ketball as well as the newspaper and Dance Committee have be n his extra curricular activities We wish him the best of luck at Manhattan where he in tends to study enqineerinq 14' LAWRENCE W WALSH St Gao tel s Larry s sense of hoimor IS well known KEVIN A WALSH St Michaels Kevms sharp wit has won for him numerous friends tnrouqhout his four years here He 'mas been on the Fresh man Basketball Team IV Baseba Track and t'ie Varslty Baseball Team Kenn is undecided about his plans for the future JEREMIAH P WHOOLEY Ierry came to Al' Hallows in rebru ary of his lumor year from Regis Since then he has become very popular amonq tne SGHIOTS at All Hallows He would like to ao to Manhatan College to study Civil Engineering 1' Pi. inr- is DY the seniors of All Hallows Besides Keeping his class on its toes he has been on the IV Basket all Team IH Second year the Glee Club in first year and has participated in Intramural Bas ketball Larry intends to take a Busi ness Course at Notre Dame WILLIAM DU BLOIS 5 CHARLES WILSON All Hallcn-fs Cnarge nas the longest distance 1: travel gfrorrz hottie to scnccib in the hiah school. Sespre this hardship Charlie has been extremely active in extra-curricular matter. He includes amcnq his activities: two years in the Cvlee Club, one year cn the Dance Com- mittee, three years cn the Football Team, one year of Basketball and three years cf Track. Charlie intends to study Pre-law at The Citadel. f:'n n 521 'rxx S W ., - lg A 7 :-,-. 5' ,Q 'Unix i ,rv 1 - ':-- Q 5 Q ' 8, 4 'I 13 lan 2 3,1 'A'- V , ,M Urid Zrclassmen Wi L24 ABQ. -. 1, ,, f ,, W my I ala Q Iasses f 9 , 1 'i'., ri 3. .I 4 2 N I' ' Q f 1 M um TH: 'U QQWQ I 2 , Z , , ,. WW, H Z 1 ,VN , , ' 1 1 , 5 4 , , A . lv 3 uw ' My A , A fi A' I' ff m, If A mf- f. .., Q fi '?q: f'- M --- 9 , if , 2' rf M B' -3- 0----. 53 f ' S. 3 ly. - , , - , , M , ...A.. 1 Q QV 5 ' f , X 1 ' M L I Z' W I , .-VA s 4,5 . , It 1 Q U 7,7 Fi 'V W ,, ' vi V in .in , A I 4 11 A V . 1 if Q I NTT ' Y' . T 127 Q' ,f' , 1 AXQS, A if , 33 yh 4 1 ' if ' f Z' 'wc' ,. -5 Q., n , ,, 'Y' , 4.1 f- fy ' 2 2 . .- 4, .- 1 7A 'T K' - 3 ff , 5? , bij A l at W in 'ny Y, ,M yi I we I 3 2 7 L I' -x, , , A Q 5 T, G Q Vim X 1 1 ll It In lt Y 4, W 'T - N .- Q rf W Y 2 wh Q. 4 ,vw gm L Q W 5, gs MQ x S Q - 1 3 K ,ia L .K 1 situ, -f IQ ff .lf I g61f ,1Q L 4, . 2 1 L x 291 ll, Qffrwii :v,Ni,n,' iKgJ1Qr .,, ,f I 'JD Q 0 Q 'RP Wiflf M ' 7L.'A .qllll-4 Q A ' f ,.i::-,, 'N V-rqNIW.,,. Hccki H. 5-Quiz, A., s. Fcey . Spre-en, Hepzg, R, Ccxppx- Fronfz S, Fczzic, D. Ferric, T. Long Efrk: F. O'Eri-5:1 Ll. K-97:13:12 Fi. 'c'E1 FYSVT T. Fl:'.Qy, 2, Lzqrzce F Schtude Gi.lISIE1' K Ffzffc' Vik Exits '. Cgrk f 2 r I .,v iw-1 92' ' ,, ..u 'f. , Ltg 'L uf if J-S1 A Y., Qx A ' .1 1 , inf WQ gb., , .1 fn i , W 4 xr my - - W , ' 'Y va ' Q' ' x 1, 1 L if 5 P . Q ' ' .- ei 7 Q H. .ff'f-- lu- l .,. ,qs k , . A . I . ff x 1 3 ,V Z ., 5 A 1 J crm k L ' ., we 4 W. :inf V ' ' .-L.i.g,.L. Q. 55 ,,,, 0, . wk w P . fi '51 lgs ,. . 5? 'R he 1 I M... .fy . OO ,Aww , w ww QW 3 f i , . Q., , if ,Jn n M... V-w X f 2 X as if 3 4. 4 1 raw f ,ww . ,f , 3 igifxvffj' 4 f I 2' Q- 1 N,'w,,ZZ,. 1 ,I 'if 1Z3C1'f,HM Vi' ,M .M ' . A M- 4 f a 1, ,QW si? Vw Q Qin 4 Q ' , :Zi MZ' af Q if if 1 'f ini' 'Q,fg...h.. 13, i ' '515,?, an 1' el , 15-+ ?' W GH 1. M yr , B I' ' f f f Ms 3, Jfvi , ' 'N' Shiyg A f 4 .U Q w.-.5 1 5 b q ish: Q , ,,,ff - '- W' f. -A .qign 3 pggfsu QW '3' Qffwn 9 JU 923' ,g- Ja 1 ' si v, w+ my, , QQf'm4f55 lG5? 9E' 6' - ., TF x sf? ,MJQ,mgh, ,vial u 'gf , w an if e i ge Y iii .LN s'v 1 Q, , 4 X . --4 x E , H D , .Q .A ii -12' 1 Kagmw .KWH rf? -f1n A ' Juniors Room 17 Q Front: H. Delocco, F. O'Sullivczn, G. Connelly, M. O'Gormon Back: E. Romonow, A. Mosiello, P. Hein, I. Moccicx C. Defenhordf, R. Rider, A. Trifmo K. Bornes, I. McGzrvie From: W. Egan, P. Delcmtere Book: D. Ryan, J. .lcjz , , Grzfn, T. Lennon I. Kemp, l. Loosy W. Moclcnr, R. Brcnnt, M. ORe1lly W. Somner, I. Kee-qcm, l. Moron, I Oates, R. Karl ' Front: G. Fediqon. I. Maher, R. Arm- bruster, M. Drisccl Bock: F. O'Connor, A. Estelle. M. Spina, E. Donaldson lllllll iam ,, ' Qwff r-Vx N421 525 QL V Morrissey, 4 3 L g,,,. gif!! if wmvlflnl 'imma ,. LSL' If 4 1 I ' ' Q ' , -6 ' F' 7 jg ., an 5 W uost A S memo R Elhs G Room 19 I G. Verrando, C. Wolftrez, I, Heffernan, D. Flood, C. Richman, P. Donnelly, I. Egan, C, Gonzalez. W Kmast n P OConnor M Rxtter I Rels P Mc l FICIHCIQCIH W Scully S Gardner I OShanahan lntyre R lung E OSull1van R PACGIDHGY M Harnnqton C MCKQHHG L C 11111 I Gaffney W Imhgf R D Eucnanan F McArdle R Dallas S I-lanratty E Logan I Mqrone R Deliompeo NA Ty on Greavy H Mnchell D Salvatl I OCallaqhan .Q . . . , f, .. . , I . W' , Q , I ff' FA N Room 20 From: E. Lel-lcmku, G. Marin Back: I. Veccic, P. Moore, R. Tanner, E Shinnick, V. Mcmcc, R. Hernandez rrcrtfz Fxtzsxmmcns, S. .'.3.s' Mz:1:.e: P. Ccicrfgelc, BASS, I. Vznderlmde, G. Feencn, T. Klein. I. Vfcods Back: Pl, San Guxllizznc, f. Newell From: E. Carroll, I. C3Ull19lCl, F? Powers, I. Ccsey, I, Coffey Back: I. Ryan, I, Mullins M. Icrdzln Front: A. Acudder, I, Cleury, I Falcher Back: F. Byrnes, W. Duqcm, I Murplfzy, VV. Acostz, N. Dillcuqh ery .ikf-r' Room nl ' Sophomores V Zoppcr W Crmq P McLcuqh11n M Doyle D McI.ouqh l T Fcrrrely E Kmclermcxn T Pul mczn B Marshall l N' rpny M C ssrcly R Moran R B Brennan T Cnifee C Pcrfwles l Kennedy G DGCOYISIQMC l Klerncm E Rc pmrs F Scrnsorn Shlnnrc P Inserrelo A Ccrvcmcmugh R Brelerrner W Front H Hcnder B Co bet N Gorman W tront F Scrmmcruqo T Phelqn R Acostcr Hqrmel Fcfk B Kelly M Ryan W Barrett W Kennedy Bock D Norton B DeMc1rch1 H Mcccnolly M F FlCOG Ducey , . in. - . K- , , X641 'ix ,fry w 4 . , N'-, - . - AU 1 , V ffl . - , - . , . X , . , , . , . ,L 3 ' ,' Q, . f ' ' ,, , . : . , . , . , , . . Room 14 i 'ANI I. Hcqen, L. Leahy, ,. O'SuHivcm, F, C'Nei1, I. Alien, R. Mcrcne Front: T. McQuillior1, H. Turco Back: C, Mercurio, T. Lewis, M. Ben- nett, E, Dizmzntes, B. Gunning IV. Brennen T. Smith, A. Thomas, r. Amercl, Feighzn, V. Ccrizrzn, r. 'Nilbon 14 ' '65 1 4 M.. From: I. Bonmeisel, I. Rchilly, P Skips, I. Ricci Bcrikz P, Mcflermcti, W. Kr zfmey, Brady, R. Ryan 'nfvll J o .N if f 5 T. Oswald, VV. O'Rourke, T. Culliicn P. Egan, I, Grimaldi, R. Mczriric, I Vizzini, T. Swiff L e is , f I 'rj 1! 2 I SQ, 'M' ., I Ferre-nc: M 'fiyan T Iurkosk1 A Murphy E RlO1'dG1'1 C Perkms T Ken ne-dy oo 'xy Rcbom 15 pg .D To cfe Rc1,r1IRe:1 v rs I FOI y R Anderson Back E Soldx M FoqcrtyI Hayes I Moron Front C Corro1I E NOWICCI E ESDIHOSU C Cash nnfv To M Cescrxo R P scce IN VI L. uqhm I Seccr A Vcmqban W Stcldt F xeme A DAnqeIo ,, 4 . 5' I 3 7 1 .n 'f ' . WQQ5: Q if I ' Is, f ' 7,1 3 V-,' I 4 ,Un . I A Qi Q55 I 1. K S 1 H l X ,. t . A Q R 'X -' C T V . V 'K Al.f,'-1'A-- , 'MJ SCA : I. Tc f. , I. tx 'a , . Irdcn P mg! I . , ' pn .. ', . ,'.,cI'c 1',. , . Front K McClory Meencrhcxn I Brady B Ol-lorcr Bock W Walsh K Rellly L Duffy W Schoepp Front L, Icxeqer R Llewe lyn R Mcxqholo Back lf McLoughl1n W1l hom Dcxlton A Crabtree D Skelly I Connors Room Front I Iohnson F O Rourke C Roberts Back P Rowan F Bran cl'11n1 I Ccrrolon R Ano G10 W-M.-NF ' nlihwil Front C Scaqllone I Mor rms E De-Salvo Back I Homberq S Los onsky I Bello R Murano W Pcnkow Front I Prcrvetz I Power I Rexlly Mrddle C Colqcm I Shel held Back E Farrell IMc1hle P Qumn Freshmen Room 5 ton' I Louchr n H Alen I Loftus A Acum p rs BUCK VV Keane T AUQIOIQII I DEBIIIIO L Trl Jeno G Messurz D CCIPIII T Iennmqs M Gcxrclcx P Conne-rs E Lellm I Farrell P Cucmo Qoe I MOTFIS M OEr1en P Sega H11 Adams M M Carthy I Sh nwhfm T Veenen mol E MCAIC n I Dcnagky I Qey C PUIIQG W Dex IM r Necef' A e s T L, rr IFG C ues 491 mc: 1 Kczxmlrc' I Rooney A Welbel D R1mmer M Rexdy D Shea F Rotondo M Mern man V Shalvey From: E. McKenney F. DeSimone F, HcDerrrc., K. Lizza, I.. Kaialinas. Back: I. Keogh V. Lawless, M. Lentinl Room 6 Front P Capplello I Conroy R Hornbuckle Back G Espos1o R Buda S Harms D Belsole I Gleeson G Calscl R Irod1c1 R Egan First How: D. Miller, G, Mcxley Second Row: E. McCusker, W. Petersen, I. O'Conno1 Third Row: W. Mahoney, T. Mannion, R. Matienzo I Q? wi 96' wa A, 9 i f ff 6 .y A 42 . .gy ig, 'I Y? '4 ff f Q1 2 4 af Q, f J 'I 2 R' f ag 1 x X 4 57 I l , . Q 1 I 3' 1 1- W ,.t, ! I V, Q1 6, 9' 4 - 1 , YI 1 5-7. 4 ev 1 E fl Yan V 0 W 0 2 k P 3 s xi I . . I. 13 - 5 , 9 G 1 .S M n 6,, j s. V ,,- 1-7 'K Front LaCour R Romano Rathqan Front R McKenna R Terranova Meehan E Bacxs T Canmo I Coslello S Moore I Barkley Walsh I Healy E Maihls Room 11 M OKeef F Wexsmxllex I Callaghan B Sweeney I Power R Woods B Colby C Kelly 'ka-'sfg from I Mooney R Alle E CUTTIS P GIUUHI Font I Noon n ll o L Desmond R Vuale P lempe I Hyde Ba lc Mclr yr R Wagne D l..1cy R Cone Back I Kennedy I Kuzxemk B Holly nv-ug 2 Februar Freshmen e-..,.,,,v F1rstRow I Cromn K Houllhcm N DISDFIO I T1z,J.1tr1ck I :ic G Knser T GTGI, D Bent ey R Dlknqelo Second Row H Cay T Iczxwcrslu I Delfrln J ns R ss OTdC'1S1 R Nnqr r ns ylemd R Imbruce R Mazza I Grecny R Verl c P Vid T w T Ness M h fx R 2111 C J 1 ws eczrl' n P R P I G 1 V Wmrcmson 1955 State Seholershrp rnners mf he 0-Q ' e V' 'Q O4 Q1 'Tix Ff .l,f':i1.7 ' 2-1 :. G .: '. G 1t11f. :t:i . 7 :file Gif vffii ffQetT.eIi'e ,ff-mtv 1,2 'X , , T f 'Ji 1 -3 ' 5 :QW V A5 s ff3 i ' swf Y T . V, 5,2 - ' l 7 +2 ,, f 4 I I x 1 igpq ' V v I 5 5 , ' 3 rg! f Q I D I A Q' A .w.. K Q' ': M an .!.-' I I 5.1-cv ' x-4. I 1' I 4 l If I 2, ' O 1 i 3 A C. v 'Q Y ,gf 17 , ,ww 'Zi 44? fa JM ' UDLR? .Q -an ,i-. L, Q A si 1 X I -- O A ! Kg ,il Q X x Y iff? 2 'M R V fm gf Q ff :Nf- 3' 1'N. C ef. N55 451556 My i ctivities GH From Qumn Cullen Lennox K1 m X, Mcrmey BUCK S Gcxrcmer F nn R OBr1en cmd Tyson Wg ff ma' K MR. A SAGAN n If Gm Ar, rs F Sewe C S f -Q : :L x H L QE1 ffl 1 , f , M1 ff' iii 'Wim Es IRQ Q +L '- .41 Q ,,... ,. I H11 MH. J. O'BROTKA Under the guiding hand of Mr. James Ubrotku. the All Hallovvs Glee Club made rapid progress to- ward its goal of precise and melodious song. This years group has been active in many ways perfect- ing its technique through the vocal and musical exercises devised hy Mr. J. Obrotka. The Spring Musicale was a resounding success as the grammar and high school glee clubs joined voices in the majestic Worthy is the Lambw by Handel and paid tribute to Christian Brothers of lreland with the stirring g'Soldiers Songf, Other popular songs completed the program the hit of the evening was the rollicking folk song Stolda la Pum- pai' as sung by the grammar school glee club. This and the fine piano duet of Mr. Obrotka and Joseph Ballo were high points in the evenings entertain- ment. The Glee Club. though small this year, is a Glee A911513 , Q, 1 I if Front. R. Nunan, 1. Foley, 11. M,.,1enzc, C. Ro.,er.s, l. McKenor,,R.G:1rcy,l, lohnsori, mwlgewelyn, R. McKenna: Middle: A. Adinolfi, D. Flood, M. O'Connor, D, Good, T. Offonner, l. Ke-soon, C. Blond, N. 510.213, I, Hezle Raymond Bock: V. Manoa, M. Driscoll, I. Shznahcn, I. Moore, R. DePorng:eo, C. W' S 'L f. l.1ff9YTYi P' Meelwnf 3- Rimef vastly improved group and with the inauguration of awards morale has reached a new high. The Glee Cluh looks forward to a hig year. Un llecemher Tth of VJ55. the All Hallows Glee Cluh in conjunction with the Clee Cluh of SL Fran- cis Xavier Academy. gave its annual Christmas Con- cert in the school auditorium. This marked the first time that such a concert was given at All Hallows. though it is sincerely hoped it will not he the last. The charming songsters from St. Francis and our own ehoristers from All Hallows playing to a well-filled auditorium. gave a performance memor- almlc for its lmeautiful singing and eye-catching color. The songs ranged from the spirited llockin' Thru the Night to the nostalgic Some Eiicliaritcd Even- ing of Rodgers and Hammerstein. and under the ahle haton of Mr. James Obrotlca. the music came alive w ith a verve heautiful to behold, The finale featured the massed Glee Club of over 150 mixed voices singing The Birthday of a King which was a show-stopper to say the least. The All Hallows High School Band interpreting Leroy Anderson and the ever heautiful Christmas Carols. gave a stirring rendition under the direction of the ahle and amiable 'VIr. Sagan. The success of this year's concert augurs well for future concerts. Club ,l BROTHER P. MCPADDEN ,,s. .,,. A -- ,,,, .X 1: ,eu..1tsn, , u,:.'.'1rt, tJ.s:..1:13:.:n, .. .ys:n, r. VCIZVY -. 6 P311 Grady, f. T-i:D:n3.d F. 54:11:10 PS Concert F' ..-,. .- - ...-...Q W' 7 ' ' ,' 51:11. I X t Un I,t'1'1'lllllt'l' .th of l'J.u.u. the .Nll llalloxts ble-e lilulr in tfoiljunr-tion with the Clee filuln uf St. Fran- ris hai ie-r Murlt-xiii . gate its annual lihristrnas lion- eert in tht- st-hool auditorium. This marlu-d the first time that surh a 4-om-1-rt was giwn at :Xll llalloxxs. though it is strive-rt-ly hoped it will not he tht- last. The 1-liarming songsters from St. Franvis and our oxtn vlroristf-rs from All Hallows playing to a well-filled auditorium, grate a performanee memor- alvlt- for its lveautiful singing and eye-c'atr'hing 1-olor. 'lihe songs ranged from the spirited Roc-kin' ilihru tht- Xightu to the nostalgir' Some lint-hunted lfxen- ingh of Rodgers and Hammerstein. and under the alrle haton of Nlr. james Olnrotka. the musie vamc- alive with a xt-rw lfeautiful to lvehold. The finale featured the massed Clee Club of over ISU mixed voives singing The Birthday of a King which was a show-stopper to say the least. The All Hallows High School Band interpreting Leroy Anderson and the ever beautiful Christmas Carols. gave a stirring rendition under the direction of the ahle and amiahle Mr. Sagan. The success of this year's concert augzurs well for future concerts. kff -- 1 -.-55.-s-1-L 11--Q. 3 R P i6 ff My 1 'SQ- X . 9? QQV Q 25, 'E 'f 'x 4 f i 1 4 iifi frm 552 V, , f- ag- I W t . I' 57,97 ,V Q ,Y iw A , ,, I A I ' 4 ' I 1 D v y? ,K ,.MV 'U' ff ff .Sf WZ. A-A V 19 M 5' ' -A Ki ' f '39 f .J Q if 47 N W5 ' x X . f, Qi hifi 5 5 5 .1 P 'Z' Q . , rw QQ Y 2 f , 4 . , , i I ,Ing f , ,V I P- - 1 T 53, I ., N-f Q ' y iffklikfzzi- -33'-H 'TQ ', 'mf iff. 3 , I ,7 , 5 I '-:ITF-Q ff , A- ft?-5 I I xi' ' 3i'7:lf.,. g 15257 T, 44, gsxii' 'fe E lli 47: 44435 f ' ', is if 1- ' Y ,, .V Z 2 Y 5 i ,....,, ' ' X 'QW1 , A .'q. ,-. 17' 1 15. , ,.1.. 'NK 'x Q ?' 31' ,? 9, - .14 Y 1 .li-.5 A fm ,' A'a .'f ,X .-1 f' ' -- Q fx kv 3 T4 . a. 'Y 0 Ln 1 -W.. n yi Wifww , -Q A-pr-.ef 'f 3 . f 1 1 HH gf I 5, 1 'YH' Q, xl. . , N., ............-...... ,.............. .......J. 4 ' r gppunmw I Linn-Q W Q French Club Row I: F. Russo, C. OIBTIQH, R. Numan, A. Long, Few 2: 'J Sf1TbiS, I. Tzmfxqnc, E, Tfrnzw Hzrkm Y, IQ-nnings ff Iso Kenn r den BmV1 1 C c Latin Socuet LI R W I WN 4 -1 or 31-3 m w X 5. X. mb M gig? f. iii WLM 3' G hr' I s . I , - Q I f np .wf . me X f ' 41- is v y su W Y J HW' j I as E . A13 - .I ff? fix . I . w M gg I VJ: 3 19 T gk W 5 W I I A .1 I A 0 A ' A I , I 1-rj K . , , 1 I 4 I 9 I 'fi ,I , - I I I F' S 'fl ', w N it l M, W, t 5 X Q I I I ko I y , -- fj' I V1 8 ' rn ' 12,1 ,A I 1, 55 r -,Gyn Q. ' - xy. ,I I J, iw. : '.:!f'f'I i Q' 'I 1 - . nf' ' 1' X ' 'Z 1 .15. A K ' .-J . , ,',j,2.v , - Emil A V' I I .f.Zg x Y .,,:L.,,. ' 522 . I ' ,, 1' . A' f I I A3 .. x fi Th I I r Bottom Row: P. Gunning, C. Roberts, I. Allon, R. Moqliolcz, I. Gioni. Second Row: I. Temple, R. Belsoe. I. Kelly, I. McIntyre, P. Axton, I. Conino, I. Mooney, I. Holly, R. Ancstosio I -liz' I ' -una'-vuffi-pun 1: V5 fi .Q . V' x Society The All Hallows Debating Society once again has had an excellent year. Lvnder the able direction of its mode- rator. Mr. Nlarcoux. the Debating Society has done very well in all its activities. which include debating. oratory and dramatics. The National Forensic- League has von- ferred the Degree of Distinction. its highest honor. upon Constantine Nlenges. Benjamin Finley. James Nlorrissei. John Nlazzerella and John Davis in recognition of their forensic achievements. The National Forensic League has also awarded the Degree of Excellence to Patrick Briody. Cyrus Roberts, and Albert Crabtree. The remain- ing members of the Society' have received Degrees of Honor. As usual the All Hallows Debating Society has partici- pated and done very well in numerous tournaments. In the debating field. All Hallows has entered the Father Cannon Nlemorial Tournament. in which more than fifteen eastern states were represented: the Peacock Tournament. held annually at Saint Peters College for schools from tht- entire Eastern Seaboard: and the New York State Debate Tournament. ln oratory. All Hallows has taken part in contests sponsored by the Irish Christian Brothers. the American Legion. the Holy Name Society. the Journal-American and the Catholic Youth Organization. Patrick Briody's oratorical prowess enabled All Hallows to do very well in all these tournaments. All Hallows has also participated in many contests sponsored by both the Catholic and National Forensic Leagues. Although more than forty school from the metro- politan area have entered these contests. All Hallows has always placed among the first ten schools. Yes. congratulations are due the moderator. the off- icers and the members of this years Debating Society. They have all worked hard to give All Hallows a truly splendid record of achievement. Offices. V ..s:er.s C. es B, , Msrriss QI '.. ,- r H-N Front I Murphy H Ryan R Cummings D Pinto R Sc1nIul1uno Back R Egan I Sweeney A Pinto I Lynch C ORegcrn I Donnelly W Volz Blue and White BL E and WHITE Published by the students of All Hallovss 111 East 164th Street Bx 52 N X CXpress 3 454: Xolume 23 N0 3 December 1933 I CHARLES OREGAX C0 Ed U'f 1 xx T1-Ioxx PIN TO Spofls Editor JOHN LXNCH OHN SW LEX I' X Feature Edztofx 3 ZIHNIES DOXXUALX Ffatufe Ii rxtfrs Richard San Giuliano 'Iuhn McMullen Rrporterx Patrick 5ILLoug.hlin. james Murphy. Richard Kfunimin Robert Lott Thomas Eagan. Francis jordan 1 Donald Pinto William Yolz Photography oseph Seiler. Henry Ryan After fretting off to a slow start the staff of the Blue anfl Wliitf prmlucerl a paper eomparahle to ani in recent wars The main feature of this tear s paper was the li fhtf r treatment of mam suh Pets e sta was ieaflefl x wefitur lllll alles Oliwan and fum into sports e itor Iaflx Lxnch ancl feature editors im llonnelli and nhn hiseeiiex Frank Jurflan wrote 'lhruuffh t e lx i i e 4 n . rum ii -'lruum e Q 1 I nentu 1161 .1 ruesiumei efti n li ifu: a 1 l'lZiI'f San ilu l'lIlU wr e 'ititt' 1 ir ,N ' In ., lu g' ' n ' 1 ' ' vw e- 1 ' ir' ' - 4 . 2 I ll F UU ' 'Q ' ' D11 - ,ri 111. ,erarr 'Regain Hu mert l,utt am liir' iarf fummins hanrllfrl all the-1' asiiunmcn 5. nee afvain tie ac-hieiementf f the itaff vuur 1 are f- ff. , ' J - 'ffh' a 'e wit wr .. R. fuinn. rnufleratrr. But must of all we must thank our moderator. Brother J. B. Walsh whose able assistance and wise miunse-l has airlecl us in turning out the 1956 l a - loween. Z-4 4. ff -X K L,- JJ Debate Jn Nfwenmhcr SC, the All Hall 'S In-Ifzxtirm Sonic-15 in thvir fun! r-sn huhflir riehzm- uf thq-fv1N+ mal SI. Burmbus Ii1:h Snlmul ' lupic uf lhm- rlvbgm, um 'Hu tional 'I'upiv. Rn-wlxwi' If lvml lhm'rnmz'nt J1wul4i :nur 11 hiuhrr rmllluatim I., qrm' uwhwl xIl1rle'I1INI11rH'1!h ur wllww and 11r1lu-rxllnw rmgmu- It-:am wr I41'IN.lINl' mul Iwlm xIllllI'1'Ni xx 4 Q ,-. . Nh-rtgw :mil -I,1:m-- XI1 Tl nk 1 I'l'X'i'WllXI5'. the tant: in three cwrxlvfb lg' CAIT11-lic Fwrfrf se were hcld at Sr f r IT, 31.13 Lani: 1 'clwber Qi and miter y. Park Terrace. WH No. The Ihiflf'-full? wxher nzemh. he Lraguc had 1'i'f'TCSCCTLiliNE: mos! mary cw melt ami Ihr .Xll ous ln-am did wry sn-II in rich em. hm' I'r'i'.ifil'1! Swfitli lu: rimxigr ni tmnnx wi nwnmlmre uhm uill ' I-vsvrhcr xhnfushwul the gran' scniwrw le11m4L1re: Fir1Ie5-NI.u- lla, Blenscs-Blurrkscy. and Thr junior teamb Robert. futon. Ixelly Gxano. 25. Nw. 3 ALL HAI LO Halloween This year as in previous years the Halloween Staff has strived to produce a book that some way not only differs from hut surpassed all preceeding ones. Perhaps egotistically we think we have suc- ceeded. The basis of our claim however lies not solely in our own effort but in the willing coopera- tion extended to us hy the faculty and students alike. Through numerous crisis and deadlines the faculty has steadfastly maintained an attitude of optimistic confidence and a much appreciated policy of non- intervention. With our new printer, Bradbury, Say- les, 'O,Neill Co. Inc and our photographer, Routel Studios. we must also share any forthcoming credit. But most of all. we must thank our moderator, Bro. J. B. Walsh for his excellent advice and wise counsel. Front Gustdvo Colon Robert McCormick, Edward Hein, loseph lenninqs, Thomas Burns Bock Cdesor Gonzalez ldmes Doherty, Robert Morrison, Guinness McFadden, Thomas Murrcy Eugene Donaldson XX 51 Ed Hein, Editor-m-Chief: Ioe Ienninqs, Mcmoqinq Editor . , ,.- .x,- -.. gurv'fwf':1:L:L' P 'R S T WE ' spcais Arc Am. E,.LCn: --M-LSA-'L A-RS g2Q ,Q1AMfhO L N - ,. , .., M M H ness T.f:r:::1C.e-r., Gus +571 BM-55' W ' WNSCR 11 r , Crm ...'.1rr:y, Gum Page 9 1 A om'o ,qi S f she-came-1,brother1 x. IQ! yl bf ' Q j v ! -f . X J N 'f gm ,QS g 5 i' X-0 I sl T Q f EQ? Q 2 F ' 9? K 3 ' fl 441 Nagy Jmf 11 i' N S? Ju 5 Q XXX chem 1 b q rom the New York Times. Acxcxccw Puleezel Aintchcz got no sense at 't 4 .lv ,. std.. . .f. addy, T, O'Ccnnor, I. Mcmr., C Deqenhurdt, R, Karl, VJ. Brirrwf, G. Flynn f,,..yn , 'N ',,, ' Nh., ':m':nr.C FY ...-.,f,Fi1.A J . .-f, , J .ns Sodalit KS , .N V,.,- Y A .J ,..-,f.,4.,. ,. .,.,1b Y rw-, :' ' :r:u1rN 'K' - N 1, f aim wx 5, fx Flu Q i L' 'YW' ... . Vw-'f . if A ' I Jun.: Fathers Club r Second Row Lours Gaffney Cyrll Fxelds Iohn Whelan Iohn Tyson Iafnes Mullms Mrchael Lu rente Arthur Vaughan F1rstRow Edward Shmnrck Iohn Mallow Rev Bro Edward T Rrce Francis Walsh Francrs Nesbrtt Lookmg back upon the orvamzatrons of the school created for the students beneflt we recall the untlrmv efforts of the Fathers Club moderated br Bro Fdward RICC Under IIS Presldent Wlr Francls X Walsh the club armed at understandmf' Q0Cl3l ffathermvs for thls purpose Thus the fath ers had a knowledge of thelr sons work at school and were enabled to afford them more ald throuvh famllx actlon The Fathers Club opened IH September wlth an encourafflnff enrollment of new members O Nor ember 19 1ts Commumon Breakfast was attend ed br a total of four hundred fathers A colleve Page 95 forum was staved 1n Derember at whlch deans of colleves, lflCll1dlDg Fordham, Vlanhattan Iona and St Johns vase Ueneral talks m the audltorrum Classroom talks were then held and warlous toplcs were dlscussed It proved l76IlCflCl3l and gratlfvlnff uts actn tres bw stafvlnff a Father and Son Dmner on Nlaw 19 Celebrltles from the sports world attend ed and outstandmv school athletes were honored The fathers Club whlch was founded for the purpose of brlnvlnv about a closer relatlon between famllx and student can certalnlx he credlted wlth atta1n1nU lts Goal . C . . D . I , v . , . . . ' 7 U ' 9 . . , , . . . U 7 ' C' D ' . ,' L q . 5 . F V . b . . F the student and his problemsg it conducted several to those who attended. The Fathers, Club climaxed t. U .D . U - .K .-i.L '45C.r . 1 Y - s . Y . . U . C . g 1 . .. e - ' v . F . C B v I , . V. 5 . C. F . r. D u n . 'A M I 1 . -Y . ,. - V . . D . . C .E F r .' ' cs Mothers Auxullar Y ltr the mstallatlon of mu offlters for tle 1'Jan 1976 school year the 1311163 Auxlllarx be' an 1 banner year at All llallosss On October 6 Ill the sc hool Lafeterla the auwull an hfld a rereptxon for the mothers of new stu dent lqhls affaxr was a huffe success and the ladles had an opportumtx to meet the Brothers QOCl3llY 'Nm ember and December were busy months for the Al1Xlll3I'N mth a brldffe and card partx on Noxember 1o and the annual Chrlstmas party on December 16 The second annual cake sales held by the Auxlll ary mth cakes baked and donated by the mother of students were enjoyed by the boys m Februarx and Aprll Smce thrs year marks the Colden ,lubxlee of the ChI'lS1lElIl Brothers of Ireland In Amerxca the Lad les Auvclllary of All Hallows went all out to make the 'Vlay 5 Brldffe a fmancral and soclal suceess The members publlshed a Jubxlee Journal and had a raffle on a mmk stole portable televlslon set and 9100 SBVIIIUS Bond Thls affalr was held at the Concourse Plaza Hotel on May 41 1956 Thls busv and happy year at All Hallows IS due to the cooperatlon of the actlve four hundred mem bers and the many frlends of the Ladles Auxlllars under the guldance of our moderator, Br L C Haley Olflcers of Lcdles Auxxh rv recrdmq left to rxqht Mrs Burns Trees Mrs Hecrne Recordmq Secty Mrs Gard ner 1st V P Mrs Surbxs Pres Mrs MN1qbt Znd V P Mrs De Marchx Ccrrespond mq Sec'y erczl meetmq Rev Brother Haley cxddressm the Lathes Auxlhary at Q qen s H1112-J 11 lrlldyo n 1' s e nd H Lcdxes Auxdmry m sessxcn , ner moe m, ,pf-1 ? wg 5 x ,I .X Q ' nl 1...-4-Q., Fi...-. ,e-1---Q ill .,-iii ,az--xi, E ' f .. TR- r. Y ports 'bi ML f arf xy lo Front Row: T. Tonsey, E. Kovonouqh, T. Ledhy, I. Woods. Second Row: A. Estello, R. DiPompeo, M. Spina, D. Flaherty, T. Fetherston, E. Hyldnd, F. Burke. Bock Row: M. McCcxrdle, M. Steppe, I. Flcmniqon, I, Donnelly, I. Heddon MR. R. KING Q' Lp-1... than BRO J G GARR ! Basketball The Gaels opened the 1955-1956 season in fine style, whipping La Salle in Madison Square Garden by a score of 51-56. As ex- pected, Mike Steppe was the big gun of the A.H. attack, contributing 25 markers to our total. Tom Fetherston, co-captain along with Steppe, threw in 7 points and set up most of our scoring plays. All Hallows continued on the winning road. copping their next theree in a row over St. Helenas, Manhattan, and Power Memorial. Eddie Hyland was the high scorer of the St. Helenas game, hitting for 21 points. The rebounding of Joe Flannigan and Jim Donnelly was a big factor aas St. Helenas went down 69-63. The Manhattan game proved to be a real thriller, but we managed to pull out an 80-77 overtime victory. Mike Steppe and Tom Fetherston combined for 25 and 20 points respectively. Power Memorial put up a good fight but Hyland again sparked the team to a 56-52 win. Cardinal Hayes handed us our first defeat, taking an early lead which was never overcome. The final score was T8-67. The Gaels bounced right back and chalked up a win streak of five games. Mike Steppe threw in 33 points as A.H. trounced La Salle for the second time T8-67. We met Stepinac for the first time on our own court and were victorious by a score ofT4-64. Fetherston, Steppe. Flan- nigan and Hyland hit in double figures which when combined with Joe Woods fine floorrnanship was to much for Stepinac. Despite an injury to Tom Fetherston late in the game All Hallows made a ter- rific rally to squeeze out a 52-49 triumph over Mount St. Michaels. Mike Steppe had 32 points and Ed Hyland 23 as the Gaels easily beat St. Helenas 84-69. Power Memorial proved a much easier foe this time, bowing T4-52. Jim Donnelly and Joe Flannigan again turned in fine rebounding jobs. A.H. absorbed their second loss before a capacity house at Man- hattan Prep by a score of 63-58. As in the Hayes game A.H. shoot- ing was off in the first quarter and the Prep took a lead which despite Mike Steppe's 31 points was never overtaken. Shaken up by the Man- hattan loss, the Gaels dropped another game, this time to Hayes by a 65-61 score. Another league loss would have been disasterous to QMLL0 vwttf HAL4 2 cfs I. Woods, F. McCardle, M. Steppe, T. Fetherston, I. Flanniqan, E. Hyland, T. Leahy to our playoff hopes but the team came through, downing Stepinac and Mt. St. Michaels. Mike Steppe had the best day of his high school career in the Stepinac game. He hit 17 for 18 shots from the floor, scoring a total of 4-1 points. Tom Fetherston made 26 points which combined with Steppeis 4-1 was more than enough to beat Stepinac. the final score being 87-63. Juniors Joe Woods and Frank McArdle each got nine points as A.H. again beat Mount. 58-53. Thirteen players scored and All Hallows trounced St. Agnes 96-4-9. The St. Agnes game marked the end of the regular seasonis play, but we still had to play Manhattan Prep. who had tied with us for second place, for a spot in the city championship playoffs. This time the big Man- hattan team was too much. Despite Mike Steppeis 37 points, we were defeated 31-66. We were next entered in the Knights of Columbus tournament. In the first round we overpowered Chami- inade and Cary Vandeweghe 65-60. St. Nicholas of Tolen- tine were easily conquered in the quarter finals as Ed Hylands scored 26 points. The final score was 30-54. In the semi-finals All Hallows experienced its worst shoot- ing night of the year. Not one man scored in double figures. consequently our opponent. La Salle. who we had already beaten twice. easily won 55-4-4-. The Gaels did manage to cop the third place trophy. downing St. Michaels 63-55. Because of publication datelines we are unable to in- clude the Newport tournament in this writeup, but we are sure the team will do very well and we wish it all the luck in the world. Llp to this tournament our record is a very fine 15 and 5. Our first vote of thanks and admira- tion for this record is owed Mr. King and Bro. Carr. Mr. King for his fine job of coaching and Bro. Carr for his unselfish moderation. A special note of admiration must be given Mike Steppe who made every All-City team and was high scorer throughout the year. Also to Tom Fethers- ton for his playmaking and clutch baskets. Ed Hyland for a steady all-round performance, ,loe Flannigan and ,lim Donnelly for rebounding and Joe Woods and Tom Leahy for playmaking and ball handling. And in conclusion let's not forget the subs who practiced hard and were al ways ready to do their best: Ed Kavanaugh. Frank Burke R. DiPompoe, Frank McArdle, Tony Estella, .lack Red dan. Dennis Flaherty, and Tom Tansey. AH 78 La Salle 46 AH 69 St. Helends 63 AH 80 Manhattan Prep 77 AH 56 Power Memorial 52 AH 87 Cardinal Hayes 78 AH 78 La Salle 67 AH 74 Stepinac 64 AH 52 Mount St. Michaels 49 AH 84 St. Helenas 69 AH 74 Power Memorial 52 AH 58 Manhattan 63 AH 61 Cardinal Hayes 65 AH 78 Stepinac 63 AH 58 Mount St. Michaels 53 AH 96 St. Aanes 49 'AH 66 Manhattan Prep. Bl ' 'AH 65 Chaminade 60 ' 'AH BO Tolentine 54 ' 'AH 44 La Salle 55 ' 'AH 63 St. Michaels 55 ' Play off Between AH and Manhattan for sec- ond place in our division. Knights cf Columbus Tournament. INDIVIDUAL RECORD Steppe ..,...s..r.s.,..,.ss.AAs.. 413 Hyland ........v...............-. 262 Fetherston --- ,---2l2 Flannigan --, ----l78 Woods ..... ,... 9 9 Mc Ardle --- ---- 65 Donnelly --, ---- 63 7:1 bf A x I Y ' '77 9 f ' 4 'a JB Q x Y Wie' 1 4 al ' if a Q if I fn -I Z9 0 ,A+ ,. id, I 'i N-up V1 x-Q-- ' lv, 1 I Kf 1 X t fw- 4: E Agffq is if ' 1. -QW' sr X. X s TT r s 'S 1 Q ' x l J Ixus N . I 1 I 1 ' 1 ll K3 'f'-' I .ff K 1 XM' A iM Y ma . A ,P ,lf ..Q3-225 ,, x N xx Y N. Mx ex 1 gm 0 Lfjiff, Q: zz' Q, 13 41' 9 9 1 7' , mmf K .QQ I 8 i 1'Xf2 ' 3 'li I fj'4'a- 3 FF' 'F' W A .1 !!Fl'Aj yu ,. . ' ' fats ig r Q V,- 'Ql 'gf' , ' 'X :Q iw I I f Psfy 1 , KJ Front Row A Thomas R Coleman W Smith K Rellly V Corcoran I Powers Back Row K McClory R Lucentr Allan M Ryan R Ferqhan B Mallon SCHOOL RECORD la Salle St Helenas Manhattan Prep Power Memorzal Cardmal Hayes La Salle Stepmac Mt St M1ChG9lS St Helenas Power Memorral Manhattan Prep Hayes Stepmac Ml S' MICHGGIS V Basketball 37 33 38 24 41 2G 40 Page IO6 Wlth the core of last year s Freshman CII, Lhamplonshlp Team returmnv thlS year, the All Hallows J V turned ln a fme season Wlth a record of 12 wrns and Z defeats As 1n thelr Freshman year Ken N1cClory and Kevln Rellly were the hlgh scor ers of the Junlor Gaels attack, VIcClory averaglng over 13 polnts a game Smlth and Mallon contrl buted scormg and playmaklng wh1le the reboundmg chores were assumed by Brennan and Allen, the lat ter really developlng towards the end of the season 'Hr D1Stan1slao and Mr Klng deserve a great deal of credlt for brmgmg thls club along f 'ff5t ??f'3 J, . 1 P 5 3' C' hw ' , 3 ,N , 9 VZ Q , 'iw' ,Q I X,,.' L . K A vs s . , I I f 1 I ,, f XM V' lv ' , I 'fr l Jo O , 50 ' l ' 35 , . . . D . V 38 Q - Q ' 59 - - ' 25 L v. L - . . as ' N ' ze 1 f ' - 3' 'if P 'O 'WY xi jl 'P. Nwl l-X Y is 'M ti' ' I , 1. ' A Yi + 4 L X 1' .I A . ' 'O AH ' ,,,? T l is N n x i 4 , XX, fb-tk s I 1 'Mr 'M-4 AH -l EEA!-I fl - Freshman Basketball The Freshman team this year gave great promise for the future. They wound up the year with an ex- vellent lT and 4 ref-ord. playing: every good Fresh- man team in the Pity. Early in the season they heat Power who eventually won the City Championship. The team was sparked hy Lueente. Powers. Heidi. l3eBrino and Triverio. Lucente developed so well. he was hrought up to the ,I. V. half way through the season. Rr. 0'Corman and Rr. Nlartin had a great share in the teanfs sum-ess as their ahle eoac-hing is as a te-rrlfif' inspiration to the players. G SCHOOL RECORD Xavier Power Merncria St. Ann's Cardinal Hayes St. Helenas Xavier Stepinac Manhattan La Salle Mt. St. Michaels St. Helenas Cardinal Hayes Tolentine Power Xaver Stepinac Manhattan St, Helenas Mt. St, Michaels Bergen Catholic Cardma. Hayes 1 Track 488 QR Top row I Healy T Flaherty I Kyle M Culhane I Maher P Flood C Fedxqan C Gonzales I Mmnehan Back Row I Moclalr F Byrne T Oswald R DeCoursey I Freeman I Veccz G Verando G Rospars Cross Country TRACK SCHEDULE St Helena Cdualj Dubols Cduall Xavler fdu lb BMW lntra Col qe Meet N Y U meet St Iohns meet Fordham m I lC B m et Thls year the All Hallows Cross Countrx Track ff-am has llved up to excellent CYPCCIHIIOHC Ablx roar hed bw Nlr H Beal and Bro Martln the Var sltw and ,IV haxe shared many well earned uc torles 'lhe team partlclpated 1n many dual meets endm the season wlth a record of four vsms and Iour losses The outstandlnf dual meets were affamst the f0ll0W1Ilf St Helena Dubols Fordham Yau er Xlount St Nllchael St Anns and Refls The team partlclpated 1n mam other mter scholastic' meets such a the I C B C H S A A and B M VI ln whlch ther ran awax ruth mam of the top honors Was lt also be added that thls sear A H ha had one of the best cross countrx teams IH wears VI e slncerelx hope that the freshmen mll 1 ne much support to the xarsltx ln future sears . , . , . , . , . , . , - I 1 - , . 1 . I , A . , -I ' . . ' ' 'h - . U 1 L W. V. ' G . I' . . . I Y , - I. - C, - D - C.H.S.A.A. F . ' . ' 1' ' 1 - he I I ' C . -' - ', s . . .. . . . . .. ee .l . 7. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' , . . . e r. . I D .. . ' . . S 7 1 Y I -v rn v T - . . - 1- Moclcur cuts the tape at the ICB meet The AH. big five cn the St. He1enu's meet. I Veccm scores or All Hcrllows ,ln , A G Vercmdo takes the strck from C D Srlrodr cuts the tape at the Fordham Fechqcm H1991 Durmg the mdoor track season the team achleved ffreat honors for All Hallows Throuffhout the season our team partlexpated ln the followmff meets Mt St Vllchael Polar Bear 'Nleet the Fordham Prep Relax Car nlval the Bronx Manhattan Westche ter Wleet and theC H S A A The prlde of the Track Team dur ln the mdoor season was our ,lunlor Nllfl et Team Throuffhout the sea son thls f roup ran awas wlth many honors culmmatln mth the attam ment of the Junior Nlldget Trophx ln the B NI W Br no means was the prestlffe of the team dlmlnlshed bs the Varsrtx and other members of the team Thelr merlt was prox en ln the C H S A A where thex ran well amon the best of competltlon Due to Nlr Beal s and Bro Kellx incessant efforts ln behalf of the team the season wa a tremendous success Indoor Track Tom Byrne shows qood form throwmq the shot A IQ r--'fc Q 441 if 2 as ' vw M 1 2 Q WW, Hz- w M 5 I 0 I 'Ll Nx af' X .Y 3. 5 QS Spmu takes off at the Cl'-ISAA Relay Ccrmvcl MR BEAL Freshrrcn Medley Relay I Almczquer T Fclrmlly I Prl to E McAloor1 BR KELLY Couch Modercrior mo. -2'..N S Healy takes second as anchor man of hls relay Fremean qwes stick to Byrne at Relay Carmval Uutdoor McAloon goes around last turn m the mxle e I of the Freshman Medley relay lhe outdoor season promlses to brlnv even reater success to the All Hallows Track Team Triumphs for the squad Clllflflf' tlns season are certaln malnlx tbrouffh the efforts of the team lt self and the expert tutelare of 'Nlr Harold Beal Notable performances hase been turned m bx all the members of th team throuffhout the be lll nmff of he eason thus nm It spm will a wlll to mln We can expect outstandmg shomngs b XII Halloms ln the nmportant meets thls season 'r WMO, Af 404 - 'J- fi ' Sitting: R. Neoch, R. Feiqhcm, P. Colcnqelo, I. McGcirvey T. Bochenkc. Kneelinqzh X. Eboli, R. Dilftompeio, T. Long, R. Fitz simmons, R. Memes. Standing: I. Doherty, I. Burns, T. Roach, l. Donnelly, G. McFadden. Varsity Baseball Due to a very' early' deadline this year. the base- ball section of the Halloween can report little con- cerning the squad's progress thus far in actual league competition. Therefore. we shall attempt to foresee future developments from the evidence we have at hand. Wvith the loss of all but five players of last year's near championship team. speculation has it that this yearis crew will not get very' far. However. with the combination of the five holdovers from last year and some really terrific material up from the powerful '55 J.V. team. All Hallows may very' well surprise everyone as the Cinderella', cham- pion of the city. Much will depend on whether Big Jim Don- nelly. this yearis number one pitcher. will come through and be able to win consistently. He will have plenty of potent assistance at the bat from such long ball hitters as Terry' Long. Pete Colange- lo. and Jim himself: along with Richie DiPompeio. Joe Burns. Josh NlcGarvey'. Tod Roach. Jim Doherty. and. in truth. the entire team. for every- one is hitting well this spring. The '56 Gaels also sport a strong team afield. Three of last yearis veterans. Terry Long. Jim Doherty. and Kevin Walsh. together with Pete Co- langelo and Tommy Bochenko. make up a formid- able outfield. Dipompeio. Burns. Richie Feighan and Tod Roach. from third to first. with Ronnie Neach to fill in when needed. present a hard-to-beat infield. Rounding out the squad are 'gGuinny Xlaclfad- den. and Eboli. who back up Donnelly on the mound. along with Bob Fitzsimmons and Bob Nlattes, two very promising Junior year backstops. lJon't let anyone fool you. This team WTILL go places - and Ebbets Field is only' a subway ride. j t XE uw F1rstRow R Mattes I McGawey R Fitzslmmons-Catchers Second Row G McFadden I Donnelly X Eboll Cnoi pxcturedj Pxtchers COACH KING Stcmdmq R Felqmun I Burns T Roach Neoch Kneelmg R D1Pompe1o BR CARR Moderator ami Ronnie D1Pomeo lets loose at u curve 6' Q , fi if ff M x ll I W ' . , I n V L gl V , , ,f fig 4.750 1 . 'if l' 'll ll ,fi ll l J' l f E33 Q C ,fl f ' l Wa -M . -A 4' ,.-J ' X' 7,4 , V, X Nt' 1 1 Q.. o C n lf ll C I ,f,l,' .W ' .' W5 fl W , C 4 fig, 'L - M V ' .. 'uv - 31 ..z . yu 5 I ' l N- l - X X . x 43 . Q.. gf -fi' Q 1 . Ji ,,ii,LgQ. - -' gf i ' . , v 1.. 3' , . J V Baseball t 'amy Front Row P McCarthy H Turco T Carroll F Wexsmlller Brother Martm s ,I V squad has dex eloped 1nto qulte a Good lookmff ball team smce try out tlme Sportlng a frreball rlffhthander and a smooth curve balllnff southpav on the mound toffether wlth a terrxflc baclxstop the team has one of the best JV batterlee Glme the FIIZ 0Connor daxs way back ln 19:12 Thls backbone alonv w1th the tlffht mfreld and smart looklng outfleld should make the 56 jumor Gaels a top contender for the Clty rhamplonshlp Page 116 0 O 7 N K l to V K , .,.' Bock Row 1- K.- Reilly, l. K,ierhcm, T.'Morrison, hotondo, I. ljelirino, C. Colqcm, I. McOuade . f n . up I Y . . 1 p 7 2 c l . . 7 . 3 v l ' . I , D . .U . . . . , . . INFIELDERS Cbcckj I MCQuc1de F Rotondo M Reldy K R 1lIy C!ron'D C Colgan H Turco H Sheerm if wx BROTHER MARTIN A Lg KAL'-OHS ,AL BATIEPIES Cbccld T Monmon T Carrol T f e C1rontU I DeBrmc I Iv' r IS OUTFIELPERS Cle4t1o IIQHYD I Kler L Tn no C Ferxms E Scldl I MCCQrmy FVOVPY B Nf l TW MPI a rahlvx Town Q xr ' 4- 4 MQW 3, iirlwf 'iw ,M M f 'X I'-'- T vs. Y Handball Team xg VX Q yi!! 'N Wir . K. ' Ufw gn- vs f rxmaf, f -of From lahn Lafferty Iames Fletcher Gregory Esposrto Iohn Conroy Raphael Accceta Tlmothy McOu111an Back Charles Iaeqer Fellx Ianexro Peter Ierema Blll Pankow Ed Bene-d1ct, Domemc Mazza 4,3 if f ar 4 ,fc W 45. vw ' ' Q V- 1 A-'Af A- Eff., Rmtla Sfraih-'z W 1 - 5 If if , lwVVzw,.V , ,ig , VV, - , . N, 19, A, ' W . ' , , S Y V f -Q tiff t i nk ! 5,,:5gf'zg?:-,gg . ff vw,-1 -,e.,. , H-, W.,-, v V Y , A ,V A , 4, T Y 5 5 5 M-5.5'lTi,E7'2?f , ' A ., 4, in 4 51 . 1 , WW fi-jk 3 K V- -lfv --V ,..,, ' , ',,' V V ,., ft',gf5 ,- . ,- , , g. ' - 4 , vw, 5 1 , .KLM . .1 l ' Q 'ie y Q L 1 Y r m e f i? M 5 ' H nw Vi 4 3 X A ff' ' aj fl V- V .14 r I A M Q . u J , L 5 2 Y 1 ' s a I l 5, ,Q gg W! k Muni , V 1 5 f - 'girls l , l ,r 5 , I 5 ' W :VV 44 ' ' N Q. V VV V A , V, B ri . ,V 2 ' 3 V Q , ,V z fi , . A 5 ' A 1 V I My ! ' ' a VV 3,- V fi 1 or ffv V l ,.. ' ,, I A l kllrkxzrsifil ,Q, . A rw v A ,w Q a Q r -aff NV a r V , X Allyn 6. K X GRAIVIIVIAR SCHUUL f - Graduating Class FRANK HAGEN Class Pres1dent ANTHONY MARRA ROGER MALCOLM MARTIN MURPHY Class V1ce Pre-szdent Class Secretary Class Treasurer Class Histor On entering the eighth grade in September. the realization that we were about to experience one of the most important years of our lives infused a spirit of enthusiasm and purposefulness in our daily ar- tions. Determined to justify our previous years spent at All Hallows, we began diligent preparations for the Mathematics Regents in January and the English and Social Studies Regents in June. ROBERT CALLAHAN RICHARD CARDWELL 'Vw' ROBERT CASEY MARTIN CAVANAUGH DANIEL CONTE 4 -141 WILLIAM COYLE JOSEPH De LIBERO PATRICK DIAMOND FRANK CORTI Q bst. it 4 NL- JoHN Di BELLO DOWNEY WALTER PARRELL GERALD FASULO JOSEPH FERRARA '-of 5 'Cr FITZGERALD LOUIS GALTERIO JOHN GIBLIN MICHAEL HAYES A three day retreat provided ample opportunity for us to prepare for Christmastide in the true spirit. The entire class received Holy Communion every morning to gain a closer union with Our Lord dur- ing this holy season. The days preceding the Christmas vacation were far from tedious, as our books, and especially Bro- ther O'Toole, kept us hard at work. Sooner than we sign goal Iwe fjhustn WILLIAM HAYBYRNE LOUIS HERRMANN H ay fjze race of goal Be Ms adlwacysn JOSEPH HICKEY JAMES LYNK WHITNEY NORTON expected, our three week holiday was before us, bringing a well deserved and heartily welcomed chance for relaxation. Following our return to school in january, our scholastic efforts and spiritual devotedness were well rewarded, for the entire class passed the ,lan- uary Mathematics Regents with flying colors. EDWARD MALANOWSKI BRIAN MINOGUE JOHN O'CONNOR THOMAS O'BRIEN .M RAYMOND STEPHEN PAUL PRINCIPATO LEONARD OUINN RICHARD RAMIREZ EDWARD REYNOLDS MICHAEL SMITH -S IL, 'fl , 'Qs -SUNG -nv ROBERT STIRBIS EUGENE TAMAMES PATRICK TIGHE JOHN WOODS When we resumed our studies in the second semester, Brother upheld All Hallows, position as one of the superior grammar schools in the city by supplementing our regular syllabus with courses in Latin, General Science and high school Algebra to establish a basis for our studies next year. During the course of the school year many of us lent our talents to school activities. The highlight of our athletic program was the initiation of track Page 124 I it lag L i i 'lf if Boliomz T. Downey, E. Malanawski, W, Farrell, R. Casey, R. Ramirez, I. Giblin, I. I-licke , S. Mcroney, E. Reynolds, VV. Shaybyrne, Top: W. Coyle, l. O'Connor, l y , Delibero, P. Tiqhe, M. Murphy, R. Malcolm, T. O'Brien, F. Hagen, W. Ncrton, I, Vlloods Eighth Grade BROTHER O 1'OOLE Cardwell Bottom: R. Stirbis, I. Frzaerald P. Diamond, L. He-rsmann, P. Prmcipzfc A. Marra, ' :inn E. Tir: zrnes. Tip: 1. .,ynlc. M. :-lxzyes, D. Ctnte, M F. ec.1, R. .,.,......,n, -. C Srmth, l, D1 E-91.2, R. lulpirzxc, G, 'Fizsulg l-f. CJ'-xinuugh, f. Ferrzra, E. !vflUCQ'..S, R 1.:'-a.Qfv- -K-1 - :Q-r v ' -v , , , ' 'V 5 Q? N . Q .. , 3 Z Ygfw , , ' f f 2 , , 4 Q5 I , , . - 512 , 2 , Ng X1 - ,, , If U 1 3, 7 X 0 W , ., 1 . 'A , 1' A f I ,L f ' 746- -mm' J 4 0 --f' vf .jg ' 2 VA, ,al s an x , K , W' M ' Q1 M' W A YY -. 5-. rv - - N L W . -, . 4 . , if, J I7 V. -V -., s 1. f , . -1 1- ' -. . +..f, 1 ., ' ,X . I - 7, .. x X v. . f. h X . . x rr . . 1 fm xv Q41 E S Q 'Q 4? Q Q - 4 ' S. if X1 I T1 QU Q 'V P- u, , 1' 5 V i V QL Q EQQQVQFQ f ,Q ft Q 151 Y' ' 1 siV 'J A WM 1 3 1 5 4 , ,, ff' at . f' 3, of , f' s t Q , N , Br 5 'x Q, 7 f X , ' . 12 l wa: , J' x ' . rs ' 4 q x 1 A C 'W ., ,5- , , gb: ' ' - an . f ,, V 1 R, , , J - V ' - ,, ag! A :' 4 ,' I fl l f A Q 3? , 1+ -I Bottom M1chcelCom1skey Anthony Cheno W1l11Gm Brody Kevtn Kennedy Rxchord Corotcx Ioseph Arcuro Terence Martell Roxert Deppe Top Icxmes Lynch Chnstopher Heiferncm Ronald Blcxs Iohn Lxum Peter OBrien Kevm OBr1en Kevln Scxple on Charles Wcnq r -5:5 V Q ' - . ' Ei' ' l - A W- ,- g 0 - .41 . ,, K ' J F ' ,Af y , V f -vi 6 , Q g ' x' I s ,,, t , 1. as I '7 fx 4 1 'fm M if , , 1 ,M , .if f . I 1 ', , .-If M 1 -' fulff 511 M... R M.: l R 5 f H 'Q' s Af- . 'ijzff .4. 3 -,, N' LI ,.,. -, r . fy, s Kes f -' 4 ,,, , ,,. ,A ,, .7 4L. , V S7 r 3, . 5 ' Q .1- Us 1 if l - ' Y - l If 4, E, L -71 A y e 5. Q LY an ' Q Q Y K . Vg iff , ie! f ' ' ' M - Q. 11: ' I M - Q . , 4 ev he X X, H .. , .X 5, L J X, ' Q D, . A HV, I, L l V. 3 if , 2 if 1 4' '- ' ff' , -. r' , I 'l 6 lg 1' ,ty , JI v 4 ., , . x Bennett George Murphy Mrchael Lonte Mlchael Formcso Top Rlchard Kearney Iohn Pacla Ronald Colasacro Rohert Preaux lohn Maher Cabell Hatfleld Andrew Iulxano Mlchael Kanratty S V Bottom: Thomas McGriel, Robert Bechdol, lames O'Brien, George Connes, Michael ,E .iv . h ,V pw 39,5 , 7 44 ff 1, n, M as Q 9 I ix? ' 7 Q sh W , .5 T , QV ' - 35? . X ' fi z Q 1 K, A Q I '. I 'V i 'f V , Q Y ij, fi Xt , 1. o 5 if 'll ,SN x u , I ! 5, ,, J 4 f ,I Ai of V 43.4 Q 4 'x Q, Bottom Terence Brody Iohn Tlernon Daniel Barton Ioseph McAtee Thomas P Lo Zxto Iomes Cheevers Vllllxum Elhs Robert Tomcselh Hans Herkert Lynch,.Thomos I, Lyncfx, Francis Mcfeoffrey, David leecme. Top: Reuol Iordon, I: 52 .K Q V3 3-- 1 ' gl I ,yi l ,V if V Q with l A ,M ' , , W 4, 4 ,V ' ' .M 34 1, Z I . 4,56 ffl - l X V? ii 7, fi ,A 'aging' 1 W ' mwws, ' 7. 'Aff 7.x K fI' A ' f ' ' L Q , e I hd I ' 1 l I , T -th 5 v ,ll ' . Qt ,fm Q -v I K, .... .12 I vu 'W 1 Q V . 3 ,V 'SE - l . 5 2 pi - - t fe GF ef 'flu f .1 Q5 ' gf Y' Y sv , x X P 4 , 3. , f 1 . Zigi q Q , he .1 t 5? . is K M 2 5 ' n H P A A. is vb hi Brltcm Thomas Mullm Ru en Brcxch lohn McGcrry Icnn R yrn nd Ncxpclztono Fleltes Mcrtln Coyne Edward Callaghan Walter Smlth Rxclwxrd Scnexrs lvmdt Myles Bletchley lames Gxbbons Pcztrlck Bennett Neil Ruocco, Foster Mattel, lohn l.iqucr'i,AGeorqe Mcley, Patrick McBride. Top: lose ' r .A ' ' I . ' 'M H ' mmqmf W , ,Q 4 ' , it id',, 'A S5 L.. ' H I 'Q Y gt 5 L iii , 'fit' t I ' L ,Y U . QL -g Ax I' Y 0 -if b , I. . 6 ' v ' - ' , . U., s lx ,A , ' ,, Y Q qYL21,k. 9' 1 1' I 9511: K . lk Y S I , at V xi! l- 4 . ,I f l 1 1 1 'ifbawl tl w I X ' .J Q A 3 ? , ' - , . . x 4 1 'H F H- 0 'M ' ,W F Grammar Glee Club Hrs! Row Harold PGSCI lcmes Merrrmom Hrchcxrd Dommqu .1 V1 tor Du'em1o lame-s Kennedy Rdym nd Carroll Qrchdrd Rdrmrez Domel MCAlocn Wrllrdm Hart Arthur Drllon Mrddle Pow Imes He y Mrchdel Hurt P Down R Cerlrone M Colon E lfrlmowskr R Cardwell E Tsm mes l Lynlc P Brru T d H w S l. 1 l H wpfry T OEr1en R Casey M Smrth l. Gc1l'er1o R Surlls virst Row: I. Bicdy, VV. Coriell, C. Sitler, G. Murphy, M. Conte l. M:N1ff, R, McHugh, A. Dossier, XY, Brady, R. Horri- Qcn, Sullivcn, M. Fcrrxcse, Second Haw: Y. Rcscrxc, Idmes Murphy, UV., B. Edwards, P, T-f:Huqh, I. '-f:G.'.s:Ck, R. Mercado, A. Prmcmpe, Y. f.f:C1r1el, l. Psztiz, C Hzifxeld, S. Yxrrxn, Thzrd Pew: R. Cxrberry, G. Md- rcnfy F. Kelly Grsiwcy, E. Ciminello, TN. Get?-ens, D. Hpjscn, R. C .s'.:.:Qi, E. Clzrke, Cv. Cxvancuqh Nl! .Jlallowfi Mu., e El . 4 15 : s on ' '11 ,A ' El. , Vol. 8 All Hallows Grammar School No. 1 hristmas Bug Christmas, the feast of greatest joy, is the yearly commemoration and celebration of the birth into this world, of Our Lord and Savior, jesus Christ. The presence amongst us of Our God as a little child in our own nature is what makes Christmas the happiest and most joyful feast of the year. Let us recall the first Christmas night on earth, the little town of Bethlehem is thronged with visitors, the decendants of David, from all parts of Judea, coming to be enrolled or registered so that the Roman Emperor, Caesar Agustus, in his pride, might know just how many people were under the sway of the Roman Eagles. Mary and joseph arrive in Bethlehem towards nightfall. They wander up and down the streets, seek- ing for a lodging, but being poor they found a welcome nowhere. Business was brisk, the inns were crowded with the so-called better classes, the people with the moneyg and so Mary and Joseph were rudely refused everywhere. Disappointed and weary, they retraced their steps to the suburbs where they find a stable with a manger or crib, from which the cattle used to feed. The night was cold and possibly a couple of these animals were sheltering in the stable. Towards midnight our Blessed Mother Mary painlessly brought forth the Divine Child into the world, and wrapping Him up in the poor swaddling clothes she had, lodged Him on the straw and hay in the crib. The little Child jesus, asleep in the hay on His first night in this world. What is happening outside the stable? Yonder, the town of Bethle- hem is wrapped in slumber, but there are a few shepherds on the hillsides, keeping the night watches over their flocks. They are not asleep, and suddenly a band of angels appears in the skies, lightens the whole countryside with a soft, heavenly light, and sing such music as had never been heard before, the first 'tGloria in Excelsis Deo . 'iGlory to God and Peace on earth is the song that ushers in the birth of Christ, announcing at once the double purpose of His coming-to give glory to God above, and peace on earth to men of good will. Let us this year unite with the spirit of the church liturgy and joyously welcome the coming of Christ into our hearts on Christmas Day. 3 f Q 5 x 5' A, 8 A Front: B. Minogue, W. Farrell, W. Maher, W. Coyle, W. Haybyrne, S. Moroney, T. Downey, E. Malanowski, R. Stirbis P. Loftus, R. Iuliano, T. O'Brien, E. Tamames. Back: I. Mfrriman, P, Tiqhe, R. Wagner, S. Linza, Galterio, I. O' Connor, R. Callahan, M, DeTurc, V. Verlezza, I. Hickey, D. MCAlaon, R. Cardwell, I. Kennedy Junior Gael Football This year witnessed the revival of the Cram Gael Football team under the alvle coaching of Bro. 0'Toole and Br. J. A. Reidy. Mani' hours were given to strenuous praetiee sessions held after school each day at Nlc:Conihs Dam Park. Constant drilling in the fundamentals of hloeking and tavkling hrought the team a long way. First string lvavkfield 1-onsisted of co-captains Tommy Downey and jimmy Ly nk aided lu speedy Eddie Nlalanowoski and shifty Danny Nlm-Aloon. The end positions were well played ln Bolm Stirliis and Pat Tighe. At center we had Wally Farrell along with his alvle replavements, Rolmliy Callahan and Big Guns if -V gvj Zavf -4 Jn ,, ,L ' 1 U Q ' f-1 - 1 3 ' Y' wa, , J. V . j 'eh 4,,,-,... :-..gare-a me-ff r N--W V ,, A ,,,,, , in V ,, A ,ig-,wgvlg :,!,,,,. KJ V, 4 , A - -ff-.L gp, .., 'wwqv I t V Vmzwkjtr aw, .,., mv., .Q ,Aim V g 1 ' I4 1 5 I f f i v f I I . I . . th :rpg 1,l: f S ' in W gl S N 5 1 in ' as-r 1 . v M Q 1 4 ' u X 5 ' KX - g 1 I ' . . A I . f 9 '-' ', .lu Q- - n.,- -. n f ' u ' M 'I IV' ' '1 ' ' ' I Q: - P f 0 1 v ' . P ' ' , A --. 'N . ' --1 -QQ L .. ..-, YW . - ' 2' O. O Q f' we :F .. . 3 . 'qw 1 '- far . fi-if1i'r rf: . V , M:: fAj,+we+s-K.3+1 L ' N1 1' ' ' ,Q 4 V- ' -1 5 WL ' f fi3'Ff'4'1ffrf faffsfw 'ff fx 5 ' 6, ,- - ,QV A X3- . g,,,. I-'Sf' 5 M ' ln-. L, , ,, , Q if I - , we .n ' , w t .. .' v-7 I-.sf A 9 . ' H4 1 .- v wr. !,,, . P. N. , v w,a,,.W f .1 ., E. NG ..-.x , -L '- ' I QMQN, , J. , 2 T, Wlitii ...wr . if ,v ll 'f- 'ifif' X' .J ' . X. f f aff ' 4' Pfv ,.,.' , .6 , 75,413-YI ,,.', .,-7 fe .N 5, t S, I H : -sQ. - - I , . 3 'Ei' . .33 L 3 8.2 a bei, ifrgeefmqz lolm Fitzgerald, Rxcnurd Frzqeruld, lvlxsknfz-el Hirrrffn Snunq: Nl1f'E.:-'Q H :yas 1.15-r Mfzlxar Ewqf-z. Txznzizmes, Donald Sullwum, Heier: Casey, lcxmes Lynk Bcck F?1:w Lfczrnurd Quinn, Ikfznzfgf-r, fshn GlC'THl'1CY, Flag-1 ,::.r:., lohn D1 Bala, Mzrm, Q,':v'mr1uql1, Iclm l lvr: Er. I T, Crmrznnon, C3311 il'-lg' pictured A Frmk QW Edwrud Reyzxzlfis Emir: L11 cqueU Junior Gael Basketball S.,- ov- llle Xll llgillmsx ,llllIl I lun-ls .ufvlvl lil lllllwlllf tlml 'null lluxlwtlmll l.:-alum' lrwm Xll, llzuluwl lp lm Opening the annual CYO league by playing Iona Grammar School. the Gaels trounced a poor shooting Iona team with a 4-8 to 22 victory. The fighting Blue and White easily encountered the Iona team with a barrage of fancy shooting and ball handling. Roger Malcolm and Frank Hagen led in the scoring. The Gaels ended the regular season by beating St. Augustine for the St. Augustine Tournament Championship. Now eager for a championship this year. the Gaels played determined basketball by winning 29 to 28. Winning wasn't easy, though. as it was a close game all the way. Frank Hagen was high man with 10 points, and also winning a most valuable playerw trophy. All Hallows won a floating trophy, which must be won three years in a row to be kept, and a permanent trophy for first place. Thus the Gaels started and ended the season with a 29 to 28 victory. Up, up, cmd rrwrry Captains . .Qi ,N ..., kr fj ' I Its C1 deuce for the Blue cmd White V fi , 4, Q 3 I ,, , ,,, - . Ma-: ... A '- v3w..,s ,rj 'Mn I x Kffxax 5.4 AW A I D Q Q W 1 -a x SQ. L43 1if'4f.Q V 4 Z f 1 1 XF4' A 'Rx' QV , , A ff-1 5 4 UM! 'ffffix A Q ' xy AX ' . 0 X H L Grammar School Debating Un the flate of Nlax 20 l9o6 Xll Hallow will he represented 1n an elo utlon fontest hx Ro ez Nlaltolm Anthony Vlarra and llamel Conte ofthe Cl hth ffrade clase vraduatmf' this mar The hors lSlllbCtI'X1I'l to take flrit Qeconcl anrl thlrcl prlzee ID a Conteet for all the Iflgh Chflitldll Brothers Qchools 1n New York Cltx Rover Nlatcolm wlll reclte the poem The Two Classea written hy Ella Wilcox Xnthom Nlarra wlll remte The Admlrals Ghost hx Alfred Nox ea Demel Conte wlll Une a recltatlon nl' The Hlffh waxman hx Alfred 'Noyes Help waa rendered to them ln plcklnf and learmn the poema hx Brother Rue of the lllfll sc ool and Brother l T 0Tf le f the elf' th race The pos me when rerttfrl muit he hctween thru .xml one half anrl fue rmnutes IH len th anfl polnt wx he 'THEN or taken on hanfl motlonc xolfe an nunclatlon anrl poature 'Q 1? Q -1 ef U' MY' , . .r,,V M, w , A ,H ,.g,,7f,:K rf A ? M . 'Q :M-,1 '3 fa X ff' f Q. iii: L . x' . g -,, . ,I ' 4, A N fi' -.K V f I , 'NA 4 Kgs' ' ' h ,. ' - X A I 1 I I It 1 t 'V bis' 5, R : I A 24 ilk' .' r , ' . A ' 'KV . H1 A N ik . A, 1 I -1 - .au-q : Y 1 .lx as gm, ' ' 4 . x - xx' x v ,..-4 'Q af-TN 1 I P A ,V .. ,xv 1 fs: J , ,I,, A Fx ' YFHST' fgggglg , 4 A My 1: . xr? 4-Q , Mm 5 W 2 x X' 5 HP i I l I ' x Y ,Q x W ,S 14 ax! if Hn. if 'A QMQMYS L !.X.s'x .W . x 'P 1? wxxi ,Nia fj 71 is 1 K ii I ., I W1 f' Y 4 5 M Av A in 6 fi ,' I f 1 f '1' Senior Director ALBFP' ADINOLEI DENNIS ALLEN THOMA AMBROSE OTTO ANZOLUT WEQN R APPEL YOHN BAMRICK ANILLIAM BARRETT RAMOW BASORA PARLE BLAND Po EF BLIFH MICHAEL GRAY PA RI fc BR ODY THOMAS BRODERICK 1OSEP1 BURNS OMAS BLRNS TOIJN BYRNE RAYMOND APPIELLO 1o EPIA FHVFFONE lf1CHAF' FTEAPY 101-'N COEFEY we no COLON WI LIA I COOK NOVA? 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