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-e 'S sr Kis- 'W Q gg' lm, 5 4 'fl W ,-FSR- ., S Si . M, ,gl V Y x f 1 ff' a ' 7 9' , . 7 Q JFK 4 4 Lg., 5 UH? 5 endow 'li' V4 ff' S WW 9 Q V 'B ' E if f? i f f K J o vq' f K ChmSC f"Ef -VW 'Gmoggifji Q-:QL-'f"I 5, v v fx 93 A ' 01 as 6 X 9 0 f . X S Q 4' 5 1 x ' ' fi I I KG 'a b V A . -", ' X ' .-A' ff Q, ' -err? " ,9 E r,k., ' R... I , . f A? my - ., X-.I lik? , ,7 A A' ,Jay ,,-7, dl , TH "3',,f f 5 ,, fwfr- ' , r Q' ,f . ' . 7255 f ,-JH 5 N0 QL ' H ,un-nn ,wf , Lf, , 175 ' 1 FSH' ' Jn, A . f 2 O I We, the Graduates, dedicate with pride and joy,to our Parents the 1955 edition of the Halloween. To them we owe our life, our initiation 1 in the love of God, and the opportunity of studying at All Hallows. Inspired with the example of Mary and Joseph they have always endea- vored to keep us on the road that leads to God. Pray the good Lord that their efforts will be crowned with success. .,.w0m?9 359' -Vik. 1 fm , ,vm , 2 f5g?9i51,.? ga, W af 46 4 f M2 1 ' 5 , : Q Bib? 1 1 ' gmsw, i ,A ' , Q 3 QQ 4,4 UE, A . Q, '- M Y. -sj :q1. ' 1' 9 'I U 4 A, 1-Q, , , ,ef ,I ,: :f, I H5 ,.A, 1 V Um feaezead gfzalim pawn C21-lllfian gallsrl ofcyraxznlj HH HAUUWS HI EAST 16411-1 STREET NEW YORK 52, N. Y. My Dear Graduates , H This issue of your yearbook marks the final listing of your name in the All Hallows High School publications. You are leaving All Hallows, the school you have attended for the past four years 5 you are leaving the teachers who have endeavored to guide you to spiritual and intellectual accomplishments 5 you are leaving friends with whom you have spent many pleasant hours 5 you are leaving an' atmosphere of discipline, mixed with kindness and thoughtfulnessg you are leaving one world and entering one entirely new, where un- paralled opportunities await those who have the determination and the fortitude to avail themselves of them. Your school, your teachers, your parents and your friends are proud of you and happy for you, that you have reached this goal of your life, the attainment of which speaks well for your future success. Some of you will be successful to a great degree, others to a somewhat lesser degree but endeavor always to bear in mind that success apart from God is no success at aJ.l. Your courses here, at All Hallows, have been built around a God-centered core, a core from which emanates all the goodness, virtue and strength of character necessary for the attainment of goals so ardently desired. lhis clear-sighted vision of God as the 'end-all' of your endeavors will make everything you attempt, a success 3 every friend you make, a 'real friend", every goal achieved, another triumphant step toward Heaven. We, your teachers, have been proud to have been associated with you at All Ballows. Proud, because we feel that in our efforts to aid you to accomplish something worthwhile , you have sensed the main purpose of life and cooperated with us to the best of your ability. Some of you will forget All Bellows, most of you, while not forgetting, will have no further contact with All Hallowsg but, to all of you, we wish the greatest possible success and happiness. Mxy your loyalties to God, Country, Parents and Friends, never vaver, and may God grant that we may all meet in Heaven, our True Home. M Sincerely yours, f36L.,eL ,,...,.. .-,... vw- . .--Q1-:5.'1,,,., -. rfslqa- sm., , ,J'.',17'1-'Q',',g,3ggQ-'Qf'1.?e,v:iSa?i"?i!5i25Efi7kf:2iX2M'EI'1H41T3NI3':?j-1, 6-m-:y:f:-"-s.11'-i4wz- " sf . .f Sgi1'U"1'2f1f" 5"' Wiki' R32 'fl' "" 'i5i'f2i"'5' f""'C' "" '1 W"' 7"?' P"3 7 4' W ' . X ,wr K. ,+L v1fq.g,,5 ,:..i.'1-mg1:,Q,f5gg,,-ggrkfgfgit ,,q-5yf7 .j4fxr-. 3 xivrfEQ?g.,fV'.4Q,Qjy,?'Qit'2,,vfW- 1, " ""N'fQf2.135.312-g." " A , A A 1 I lv A 3g? '-!s.v- 'P ' f'--1-wi, jx. f--316.1 .1 ,..- T.. Z J-454 5 ., 's . ,f 11 ' -72' eg- 1 ', gi: WA gi' . F' un.. . .. ,FW nr. w -I '2 .cf I 'L J 11- U 2-224' ig. 4, 16 ,ij , me 5,-, . Ls." 1 ng at - , . 3 :-'Lf .5 . g, df, 1 lf. 1' ' J' ' 3. .H I' .5-nf' Q 5, -:urn .- :gc -,. . ,. ., ... ,z.- V. ., 5- :. A - .-,ff 3' ff? A. r .r an pq!! .. 'U' .v u W: Q3 Gr Lv' J. u . 611511 '--if M 1' ug? 'I iff? -5 I . .1 .. 1-. V 3 ll 355 an Q A, ,f 1 5 ' "3 rw as Q2-K Y. if 71' fi- x 1:,.1 Q, . .' 11 2,55 I 1.5. is .na Q .1 Q- ,., . . 1' 'iff' mf fl 114 16? X vw' Sf Q I S3 .2 e.. If w' .-25 'I if ..,' , N- A ,Fe .Q- nn -. '! If ,-1 r Lyn, . . 5 I D ' 'ILS 'fi '5 V 1:45 .vip I -.-,'. . 4 Z- . 5555, et- P .JW -.,,3 .:,:--g., f g gzegxtff' cz.-we - ing 'C . ... W. 'Q v ' N. -Ji' R, Au 1 ,Q , . 5,41 '1 BROTHER J. H. VAUGHAN Vice Principal Religion, English, Geometry Moderator of Fathers' Club BROTHER J. H. FITZGERALD Religion, Latin, History BROTHER E. B. HAGGERTY Religion, American History 'Fw BROTHER L. C. HALEY Treasurer Religion, Geometry Moderator of Mothers' Club BROTHER P. S. COLLINS Religion, Latin BROTHER A. P. SULLIVAN Religion, Algebra, Trigonometry Business Arithmetic Moderator of Band 1!44 BROTHER M. F. BRADLEY Religion, Algebra, English Athletic Director BROTHER J. G. CARR Religion, Chemistry, Algebra Business Arithmetic Moderator of Football BROTHER J. R. KELLY Religion, Biology, Geometry, History Moderator of Track BROTHER J. B. WALSH Religion, Physics, Trigonometry, Geometry Moderator of Yearbook MR. S. CICCERELLI Latin BROTHER P. D. MCCARTHY Religion, Algebra Xgf MR. J. COURTN EY Latin, French BROTHER P. G. MCPADDEN Religion, French, Algebra, Business Law Moderator of Glee Club Moderator of Tennis , , 45,1 MR. C. HEFFERNAN English, World History - 'Tlx-'61, iil ' I.-RAN CE ww is 'SAE-PP sun ff E0 BWLEY ANG2?EE'.BffE I L Coach MR. R. KING English of Baseball, BasketbaII Football MR. J. FITTS General Science MR. J. OBROTKA Glee Club Instructor BROTHER C. B. QUINN Religion, English, Mathematics Moderator of Blue and White MR. W. STEO Economics, English MR. J. KELLY Registrar MISS M. REILLY Librarian BROTHER P. L. NAGLE Not Pictured Religion, French Moderator of Handball MR- J- GRAHAM English, Economics we Hip., X , K s E S E N I R a host of people, to the man who served as our principal acting as an inspira- tion for us to become as great a man as he isg to my parents whose sacrifices made my high school education pos- sibleg to the faculty whose labors at times have seemed in vain but the fruits of which will be materialized in coming years when we will be tried and tempered in the fire of human experi- enceg yes, to all these we owe a tremen- dous debt of gratitude, incapable of ever being repaid. Another dominant feeling is that of sorrow that four years should have passed so quickly. Scarcely had our shyness and naivete, characteristics of the Freshman, worn off when we were Sophomores, wrestling with intricate problems in Geometry and Latin. Junior year had hardly begun when we were given our Senior rings. This year, Senior year, has come and gone amidst many good times experienced at ath- letic events and classes. Finally, happiness is mine, as l graduateg happiness because my par- ents had the foresight to give me the fine benefits of a Catholic education. Somehow, the bright red bricks of the building have always symbolized for me what All Hallows really is: a place where boys became men, not just physically, but morally and intellectu- ally as wellg The education received here will be as lasting as the granite foundation on which these bricks are laid. As we go forth into the world, our high school education, received at All Hallows, will stand us in good stead and will be an inspiration to us to model our life and conduct on that of a good Catholic gentleman. i9 JOHN ADAMS St. Helena's Quiet and amicable Quince has been well liked by all those that know him. While at All Hallows his main interests have gone to the Glee Club. An Honor Student in Freshman year, John plans to study Law at Fordham University. Good luck. CHARLES ANDERSON Our Lady of Mercy Charlie's friendly character has won many friends for him while at A. H. He played two years of J.V, Baseball and also participated in Intramural Basketball in Sophomore year. Best of luck to him at Iona in his chosen field of Business Administration. Q: t ' DANIEL AHEARN All Hallows Dan has been a twelve year man here at All Hallows. "Tuck", as his friends know him, lent his talents to the school Glee Club, Dance Com- mittee, J.V. and Varsity Baseball, lntramural Basketball and Debate. He plans to enter the Holy Priesthood and become a Maryknoll Semi- narian. LOUIS ANZOLUT . Our Saviour In his four years at All Hallows, Louie has not only been an excellent student, winning two medals, but he has won the friendship of his fellow students. Lou's pleasant smile shall not be forgotten, C.C.N.Y. is his choice for a course in medicine. 20 WILLIAM AHEARN All Hallows Billy, a twelve year man at All Hallows, has been an asset to Gael Basketball teams for four years, He was Co-Captain of the Varsity Bas- ketball team in Senior year. Billy also played Baseball for two years. His many friends at All Hallows sincerely wish him success in his future endeavors at college and later in the field of Physical training. ROBERT BALDWIN Resurrection Ascension Coming to us as a Freshman in February, Bob has always been an active participant in school affairs. In his Sophomore year he lent his services to the Glee Club and the J,V. Football team. For the last two years he has served on the Library'League. The best of luck goes with Bob in his pursuit of Accounting at Iona. LAWRENCE BANKS St. Joan of Arc Known for his sleepy but witty ways, Larry has won many friends during his stay at All Hal- Iows. Although he is undecided about his future intentions, we are certain he will find success. The best wishes of the Senior class go with him all through life. ROBERT BRAZIER St. Ignatius Loyola An Honor Student for four years, and a mem- ber of the J.V. Baseball team for two, Bob has certainly been a real credit to All Hallows. We are sure that his ready smile and wit will carry him far in life. He intends to pursue a course in Architechtural Designing at either M.l.T. or the University of California. 2l ROBERT BARTH , Our Lady of Refuge Bob has always been an active member in A.H. activities. He played J.V. Football in Sopho- more year and has been a member of the Library League for the last three years. After serving on the Dance Committee for three years, Vice President in his Senior year, Bob also lent his services to this year's Prom Committee, Hunter is his choice for the study of Engi- neering. RICHARD BERGER St. Mary's Help of Christians Renowned for his quiet personality, Bob has been an active supporter of many of our athletic and social activities. He joined the Tennis team in second year and served as a valuable member for the next two years. His future plans include a course in Engineering at Manhattan. is ii EDWARD BROWN Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Coming to All Hallows as a February Freshman, Ed has given his support to the school in all its activities. The Newspaper and the Chess Team have kept this Long Island boy busy. Engineer- ing at Manhattan is the bright outlook for Ed. We wish him all the best. JOHN BURBIGE Our Lady of Sorrows John, always ready to liven up a group with a witty remark, thus leaving his friends with a laugh, has played Intramural Basketball in second year. His vocal ability has been lent to the Glee Club. A future in dentistry seems the outlook for this bright young fellow. We wish him lots of luck. JOSEPH BYRNE St. Ignatius Loyola Joe's spontaneous cheerfulness and friendliness have made him one of the schools most popular students. Joe took time out from his studies to play two years of Intramural Basket- ball. ln Senior year he became Clerical Editor of the "Halloween". Next Fall, Joe plans to enter Parks College of St. Louis University, where he plans to pursue a course in Aero- nautical Engineering. The Senior class wishes Joe, "Good luck". ANTHONY CARDONE St. Joseph's Academy Known for his friendly ways, Tony has always been an active school supporter. He played Intramural Basketball and was a member of the J.V. Football team in second year and also sang in the Glee Club in Sophomore year. The best of luck to him at Fordham, where he will study Business. I l 9 0 22 RICHARD CARMORY St. Angela Merici Always a true school supporter and a faithful member of the Library League, Dick's shy humor has won him continued acclaim by his fellow classmates. We predict a very success- ful career for him when he finishes his Business Course at Iona College. MATTH EW CHLUPSA Saint Kevin's Matt came to All Hallows from Flushing in February of 1952. Since then he has partici- pated in the Band for three years, in the Library League for one year and served on the Tennis team for one year. His chosen career is electrical engineering which he hopes to study at Manhattan. WILLIAM J. CARR All Hallows Willy, a twelve year man at A.H., is always ready with a quick smile. He has been a Var- sity Football player for four years and a Latin Society member in Senior year. Notre Dame is his choice where he will major in Law. JAMES CLANCY St. Angela Merici Jim, a Varsity Football member in his Senior year, has been constantly known for his fiery spirit. He also played Intramural Basketball in second year. We wish him the best of luck at either Fordham or Manhattan, where he plans to major in business or engineering. 23 NICHOLAS CATALDI Our Saviour's Quiet and unassuming, Nick has been a tribute to the "Blue and White" for two years. Also accredited to his laurels is his being a four year Honor Student. We are sure his future will be bright and we wish him the best of luck' at Manhattan where he will study Mathe- ma ics. JOHN CLEMENTE St. Ignatius Loyola Jack has been an Honor Student at All Hal- lows for four years. A member of the Glee Club, Chess team, and the Blue and White, he has proven himself valuable in numerous school activities. We are sure that he will be successful in his engineering studies at Man- hattan College. MAURICE J. COLLINS Our Lady of Victory Jay has made himself known for his quiet and unassuming attitude. During his second and third years he played varsity football. We wish him the best of luck at Fordham, where he will study law. THOMAS E. CORLESS All Hallows Tom, a twelve year man at All Hallows, has been an active participant in school affairs during his high school stay. He has constantly been on the Honor Roll and won the Excellence Medal in his Sophomore year. Beside being a member of the Band for four years, Tom was also a Tennis player in his second year. Al- though undecided about the college he will attend, we wish him the best of luck in his chosen field of Chemistry. 24 JAMES CORCORAN St. Ann's Since his first year at All Hallows, good- natured Jim has been an ardent supporter of the school's many activities. A conscientious member of the Library League, he plans to attend St. John's University where he will study Pharmacy. EDWARD COSTELLO St. Nicholas of Tolentine Quiet, unassuming Ed came to us as a February Freshman. His athletic ability has been dem- onstrated in his three years of Football and two years of Baseball during his stay at All Hal- lows. An Honor Student for three years, Ed's success in Engineering and Physics at Man- hattan is assured. JOSEPH CORLESS St. Benedict's Joe has been an active student in his four years at All Hallows. He has distinguished himself by his likeable personality and fine scholastic record. He took second honors in his class in Freshman year and has been a four year Honor Student. Joe has also been an active member of the Dance Committee for two years and played Intramural Basketball for two years We wish him the best of luck in his studies of Engineering at Manhattan. GERALD R. CROTTY Parochial School for Boys, Co. Clare, Ireland Jerry came to us as a February Freshman. He was a track man in first year, and a member of the Library League for the last three years. The best wishes of the Senior Class go with him to Fordham, where he plans to major in Pharmacy. PAU L CU LSHAW - Holy Trinity Paul's activities at All Hallows have included Intramural Basketball in second and fourth year. A likable genial representative of the Senior Class, he hopes to enter the Advertis- ing Field. THOMAS DAGNELLI St Thomas Avellino s During his four yours Toms popularity has come as a result of his humor He has been an untlring member of the Library League His ambition in life is to study lithography at the Rochester Institute of Technology His ability leads us to believe that success will crown his efforts JAMES CULLEN St. Francis Jim, a likeable fellow, is a product of Ridge- field Park, N. J. ln addition to his athletic achievements, which include two years ot J.V. and Varsity Football, and two years of lntra- mural Basketball, he has also served on the Dance Committee in Senior year. Jim plans to study meteorology at Fordham. JOHN DALLAS All Hallows John, an All Hallows man from way back, has a combination of intelligence and personality equalled by few. His many activities have in- cluded captaincy of the C.Y.A. and membership in the Chess Club. All good wishes for success at Holy Cross where he plans to study Physics. 25 V wiu.iAM DEELY St. Ignatus Loyola BiIly's record as a member of the J.V. and Varsity Baseball teams as well as his fine scholastic record culminated by three Excel- lence Medals goes to show how sports and study can be combined. Bill was also a member of the Debating society in second year and Sport's Editor of the Blue and White in fourth year. Bill's natural abilities will carry him far at Columbia University where he will study Medicine. 26 i LOUIS DESANTIS Holy Rosary Lou is a student who successfully combined his school work with athletics. He was an Honor Student for four years and the winner ot the General Excellence Medal in second year. Lou played two years of J.V. Football, one year of J.V. Basketball, two years of Varsity Foot- ball, and ran Track for one year. The Senior Class wishes Lou the best of luck and knows that due to his many abilities he will succeed in his law studies at Notre Dame. EUGENE DAN KO St. Barnabas The Library League in his second and third years and the Dance Committee in his third and fourth have benefitted from the talents of this popular Senior. lona's School of Busi- ness Administration will provide a fresh field for his abilities. DENIS DEVANE Sf. Margaret Mary Denis has livened up many a class room with his witty humor. An Intramural Basketball player in second year, he has been an active follower of school activities. As yet undecided about his plans for the future,,we wish him the best of luck in whatever field of endeavor he chooses. MARTIN DEVITT St. Joseph's Marty, a popular and genial senior, has given his talents to many school activities. He was a member of the Library League for two years, Track team for four years, J.V. Football team for one year, and the Varsity Football team for three years. ln his Senior year he was selected Co-Captain of the Football team. The best wishes of the Senior Class go with Marty to Fordham where he plans to major in ac- counting. JOSEPH DiBARTHOLOMEO St. Luke's Joe has made many friends among students and faculty alike. ln his high school career, he has played J. V. Football for one year, and par- ticipated in the Glee Club and the Dance Com- mittee in fourth year. Joe has his sights set on a Pre-med. course at lona. 27 FRANClS DEVLIN St. Angela Merici Frankie, a supporter of All Hallows sporting events, has made many friends among the stu- dents. He gave his services to the Dance Com- mittee in Senior year. Because of his amiable disposition, he will definitely be among friends when he leaves in June for Iona, where he plans to major in Business Administration. Best of luck, Frankie. ANDREW DiMARCO St. Patrick's Andy's amiable smile, appearance and casual way have always impressed the class. Contribut- ing his athletic abilities to Sophomore and Senior Intramurals, he has shown himself a real son of All Hallows. A Business Administration course at Iona is Andy's wish for next Sep- tember. ' PAUL DEWAR Immaculate Conception Paul's likeable personality has won him many friends during his stay at A.H. A member of the Library League for three years and of the Dance Committee for four, Paul was also a Sophomore Debater, a Chess team captain in his third year and a Senior Latin Society member. After graduation, he intends to take up law at Fordham. JOSEPH J. DOLAN Sacred Heart Joe, noted for his likeable characteristics. has been a very active man while at A.H. He played on the Varsity Baseball Championship Team in his Junior year, and has also been a member of the Latin Society and Glee Club. We wish him success at Fordham, where he will first take an Arts Course followed by a medical career. WILLIAM B. DONNELLY St. Gabriel's This popular Senior has proven his athletic ability by playing J.V. Football for two years, Varsity Football for two years and one year of J.V. Baseball. Bill plans to attend the College of Agriculture at Cornell University. Best of luck in your chosen field, Bill. JOSEPH DUNN St. Angela Merici An all round man in the true sense of the word, Joe has two years on the Blue and White, one year on the Poster Club two years on the Halloween, and one year in the Glee Club under his belt. Besides this, he was a three year Honor Student during his stay here at All Hallows. We are sure Joe's quick and easy humor will win him many friends at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he will study Aero- nautical Engineering. WILLIAM R. DONNELLY Our Lady of Refuge Because of his friendly manner, Bill has won many friends here at All Hallows. He played Intramural Basketball in his second and fourth years, was Football Manager in Sophomore year and Baseball Manager in his econd and fourth years. A member of the lfibrary League in second and third year and a Senior Glee Club member, Bill intends to study engineering at Holy Cross. MICHAEL EGAN Sf. EIizabeth's Mike, by his effervescent personality and good humor, has established himself as a popular student at All Hallows. He played an active part on the Dance Committee in Senior year. When Mike leaves the school, a great gap will be left for some ambitious incoming student to fill. The best wishes of the Senior class go with him to Manhattan where he plans to take an Engineering course. 28 JOH N DOWN EY St. Angela Merici John has been with us here at All Hallows since the second grade in grammar school. His excellent sense of humor and friendly' nature will be long remembered by his fellow students. Upon graduating, Jackie hopes to pursue a course in aeronautical engineering at Rensalaer Polytechnic Institute. We all wish him luck and success in his future life. BRIAN JOSEPH EUSTACE Our Lady of Mercy This popular student has made many friends at All Hallows. Brian has been an important asset to both the Dance Committee and the Newspaper for the last two years. From here he plans to go to Fordham where he will study Business Administration. JAMES FAHY St. Theresa's Jim came to All Hallows in l95l as a February Freshman. His quiet manner and jovial smile have won him the admiration of his class- mates. Jim has participated in the Library League, the Chess team, and was a member of the staff of the "Blue and White" in fourth year. Due to his many favorable traits of character, he is assured of success in his law course at Fordham University, THOMAS FITZGERALD St. Frances de Chantel Ever since coming to All Hallows, Tom has been a leader in school activities. A three year Honor Student, he was President of his class in Freshman year and Vice President in Sophomore year. The Dance Committee, Bas- ketball and Baseball all benefitted from his talent, and ability. He intends to make Base- ball his career but will also study law at Seton Hall. 29 WILLIAM FALLON Sf. Nicholas Bill has been a well known member of the All Hallows Band for four years. His quiet man- ner and jovial nature have made many friend- ships. Our best wishes go with Bill to Seton Hall where he will prepare for the Priesthood. ROBERT FEUCHTER St. Raymonds Friendly and full of fun Bob has been a mem- ber of the J.V. and Varsity Baseball teams in second and third year respectively. Bob in- tends to study civil engineering at a major college. The best wishes of his many friends at All Hallows follow him all through life, along with the certainty that his endeavors will be crowned with success. PHILIP FOWLER P S 6 Phil is best known at All Hallows for the hustle and spirit he has shown during his four years here. Phil played Football in his Senior year and was a key member of the City Championship winning Baseball team in Junior year. He will undoubtedly succeed in his chosen career. ROBERT FREEDMAN St. Ignatius Loyola Bob, one of the most popular Seniors, has distinguished himself by participating in many ot All Hallows extra-curricular activities. In addition to being an Honor Student for four years, Bob has diverted much of his time to the "Halloween" of which he was Sport's Editor in Senior year. ln addition, Bob has been a member of the Dance Committee for two years. Bob has every qualification for a successful future in the field of electrical engineering which he intends to prepare for at Lehigh University. BART GAN NON St. Anthony's Bart has been a member of the Dance Com- mittee for two years and now in his Senior year is a member of the Prom Committee and the Treasurer of the Dance Committee. He also lent his surging talents to the Glee Club and was an Honor Student in first year. His effervescent smile has won him many friends at A,H. Bart intends to study Business Ad- ministration at Iona. STEPHEN GAVIN Sf. Mary's Steve came to All Hallows as a February Fresh- man in l952. Since then he has joined the Chess team and the Tennis team. His quiet ways havelwon for him the respect of his fellow classmates. We wish him all the luck in the world in his future career, Civil Engi- neering. .wa x ao JOHN GI BN EY St. Joseph's John came to us as a February Freshman. His winning personality has won him scores of friends. He supported school activities by his membership on the Dance Committee for one year. The class of '54 wishes him the best of success in his studies in Chemistry at Man- hattan. WALTER GOGAN All Hallows Wally has been a three-letter man at All Hallows for four years playing Baseball, Basket- ball and Football. He was Co-Captain of the Football squad in fourth year. Wally plans to enter Fordham University to study Account- ancy. He takes with him the good wishes of his many friends at All Hallows. FRANCIS GILL Annuncia tion Frank was chosen Chairman of the Dance Com- mittee in his Senior year. He also headed the Prom Committee which had the important duty of making the necessary arrangements for the Senior Prom. The many friends Frank has at All Hallows hope that he has the same success at lona College, where he will take a Liberal Arts course as he did here. JAMES GRAY St. Ignatius Loyola Through his quiet and unassuming manner, Jim has won the admiration and respect of all his classmates. He has been an Honor Student and supporter of school activities. The friend- liness and school spirit he has shown at All Hallows will help him greatly in his studies in chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania, where he plans to attend next Fall. Sl JAMES GLEESON All Hallows Jimmy's familiar face has been seen around All Hallows for twelve years now. During his stay at the high school, he has played three years of Football and in his Senior year was one of the co-captains of the team. The best wishes of the Senior Class will accompany him to Dayton where he plans to study Business Administration. CHARLES J. GROGAN All Hallows Charlie has been a twelve year All Hallows man. He played Varsity Baseball for one year and also contributed his services to the Glee Club for three years. The best wishes of the Senior Class will follow him to Iona where he plans to continue his studies. THOMAS GUIHEN St. Anselm's Tom's contributions to the growth and progress of ,All Hallows have included Intramural Bas- ketball and membership in the Latin Society. His friendly nature will always prove an asset in the field of his choice. Our very best wishes go with Tom in his college life at Iona. CHARLES HEARN Holy Trinity Charile has been active during his four years at All Hallows. He has shown his athletic abilities by playing Freshman Basketball, one year of J.V. Basketball, two years of Varsity Basketball, one year of J.V. Baseball, and Varsity Baseball for three years. He is un- decided as to which college he will attend, but he plans to take a scientific course. Good luck, Charlie. 32 THOMAS GUNNING St. Simon Stock During his stay at All Hallows, Tom has con- tributed his time and energy to many of the school's activities, including the Blue and White for two years, the Dance Committee for two years and Varsity football in Senior year. We all wish him the best of luck in his engineering studies at Manhattan College. ARTHUR HELLER St. Catherine of Genoa Arty's easy ways have won him many friends at All Hallows. He was a medal winner in Sophomore year and has been an Honor Stu- dent for four years. The best of luck goes with him to Fordham University where he plans to study law. JOSEPH HARRINGTON Our Lady of Good Counsel Good natured and amiable, Joe was an Honor Student for four years but he did not devote all his time to his studies. He was a member of the Glee Club for two years and of the Latin Society in fourth year. In addition to this, Joe played on the newly formed hand- ball team. We all wish you the best of luck in your vocation to be a Maryknoll Priest, Joe. THOMAS HICKEY St, Andrew AvelIino's This four year Honor man, famous for his wit and humor, has been always a strong supporter of school activities. Tom has played Jay Vee, Intramural and Varsity Basketball. Engineering at Manhattan looms upon Tom's horizon. E S U JOSEPH HOLOHAN Our Lady of Mercy Joe's loquaciousness has won him many friends, his athletic abilities were proven when he played Jay Vee and Varsity Football. He has also given his time to the newest activity, that is, Rowing. A stay at King's Point Maritime Academy will aid him in his future career as a deck officer. We wish Joe the best of luck. JOHN HURLEY St. Joseph's John was undoubtedly one of the best liked personages in All Hallows. He could always be depended upon to break the monotony of every- day class life with a timely remark. He con- tributed his time to the Library League for two years, the Glee Club and Rowing team for one year and was the cashier during the cafeteria in his Senior year. John intends to study Elec- trical Engineering at a major University. THOMAS J. HICKEY Sacred Heart Tom after entering All Hallows as an eager Frosh, immediately began improving the quality of the Glee Club. Possessing a disposition hard to beat, he should succeed in any course of his choosing. THOMAS KANE St. Rose of Lima Tom's personality and jovial carefree manner have earned him the friendship of all the stu- dents. He particapated in the Glee Club for three years, the Intramural Basketball for one year, and he played Varsity Football in Senior year. Tom's winning ways and his ability to Qet along with people are sure to aid him as he follows in the footsteps of Christ. 33 Z 5 5 2 5 i ii i QWW "W i THOMAS KEHOE St. Mary's Help of Christians Tom came to All Hallows as a February Fresh- man. Since then he has participated in the Band for two years and the Chess Club for one year. Tom is going to St. Gregory's Seminary in Cincinnati where he will prepare for the Priesthood and especially for Missionary work. 34 VAL KELLER St. John Chrysostom Val's fine sense of humor and amicable dispo- sition has left its mark in All Hallows. In first year he was quick to show his school spirit by joining the Track team and in Senior year he was a member of the Glee Club. Valfs eagerness to make good has been shown by his being an Honor Student for four years. We wish him the best of luck in the Armed Forces, which he will join after graduation. JOHN KEARNEY St. .loan of Arc A likeable figure in class, John has built an amiable reputation for himself. He has been a creditable student during his four years here. By his past performances we are assured of a bright and successful career for him as a mechanical engineer. JAMES KELLY St. Joseph's Ari amiable personality and good humor have been Jack's trademarks in all his undertak- ings. He was a board and cinders man in second year, and an ardent supporter of all school activities. Jack plans to study Business Ad- ministration at one of the leading colleges. The good wishes of his classmates go with him. JOHN KIENKER St. .loan of Arc Coming to us in second year, John has circu- lated himself throughout the school activities Being progressive and popular at All Hallows we can be sure of a bright future in Account- ing at St. Louis University. RAMON LOPEZ Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Ray's excellent record as a four year Honor Student has been a credit to All Hallows. He took time out from his studies to be in the Band for two years, the Tennis team for one year, the "Blue and White" for two years, and the Poster Club for two years. He plans to study eningeering at the University of Detroit. 35 WILLIAM KOCH St. Joan of Arc Loyal is the best word to describe Bill. This was proven by his neverending attendance at athletic events. Socially, his loyalty was seen in his presence at dances. He looks forward to an Engineering career at Notre Dame. We wish him lots of luck. JOHN LYNN St. Ignatius Loyola After coming here from lreland only two years previously, John entered A. H. in 1951, eager to make good. He was a member of the Band for two years and was well liked by all during his stay at A.H. Although John has not yet decided which college he plans to attend, we sure he will succeed in his chosen field of Mechanical Engineering. JOHN LOWNEY St. Andrew Avellino's A loyal member of the Glee Club, John came to us as a February Freshman. His exquisite sense of humor and generous attitude have helped to enliven the school atmosphere. We wish him good luck and fortune at Manhattan, where he intends to major in Civil Engineering. DANIEL MADORRAN All Hallows Dan, a twelve year man at All Hallows, has been a member of the Band for four years where his melodic Sax has kept us all in step. Dan intends to enter the business world where we are sure he will use his winning personality to great advantage in the years ahead. HENRY MAGNUSEN St. Luke's Hank is a good natured fellow and has been well liked by all who know him. He demon- strated his athletic prowess by playing J.V. Football for one year, Varsity Football in sec- ond and third years, J.V. Baseball for one year, and Varsity Baseball for three years. The Football team dearly missed Hank's services at guard this year, because of a knee injury. He is sure to succeed in an Electrical Engineering course at Manhattan. JOHN J. MANNING St. Andrew Avellino's John entered All Hallows as a February Fresh- man. He has been an ardent follower of school activities. He has sung in the Glee Club and was an Honor Student during his four years here. By his amiable personality and hard working manner, he is sure of success at King's Point where he plans to major in Marine Engineering. JAMES MARRINAN St. AnseIm's A good student ever since his arrival here four years ago, Jim is guaranteed a successful ca- reer. He has participated on the Dance Com- mittee for two years, the Glee Club for one year, and on the Varsity Football team for one year. Jim has his sights set on Holy Cross, where he plans to major in Psysics. Good luck, im. BERNARD MARTIN All Hallows A quiet and sincere young man, Bernie was a valuable member of the Debating Team in Sophomore year and was Lay-Out Editor on the newspaper in Senior year. His many friends at All Hallows wish him well in future endea- vors and feel certain that he will succeed in his chosen field of Engineering. 36 JOHN T. MANNING St. Gabriel's Since coming to All Hallows four years ago John has lent his talents to the school Band. Besides being a member of the regular Band for four years he was on the Swing Band for three years and was its leader in fourth year. He will certainly be a success in his chosen field which is Electrical Engineering. THOMAS MARTYN Sf. Simon Stock Never losing sight of graduation day, Tom has always worked diligently to attain this goal. Some of his extra curricular activities included sports. He played lntramural Basketball for two years. His pleasant humor gives him a splendid head start in his future career, of Business which he will study at Fordham Uni- versity. WILLIAM MATTE! All Hallows At All Hallows, Bill has made many friends among the students and faculty alike, mainly because of his friendly personality and casual appearance. Bill has been an active member of the Library League for two years. After graduation, he will study Medicine at Fordham, where he is sure to be a success. The best wishes of the seniors go with Bill in his future years at college. HUGH McGLADE Sacred Heart THOMAS McENERY St. Joan of Arc One of Jackson Heights gifts to All Hallows is Tom who joined the Chess team among many other activities. A future in Electrical Engi- neering at Villanova seems to be the outlook. We wish him the best of luck. JAMES McGERALD Our Lady of the Assumption Mac has been well liked by his fellow students all through high school. He lent his talents to the Chess Club in Junior year. We wish him the best of luck at Manhattan, where he plans to study Engineering. ...i s.-me ,, Hugh has been in the Glee Club for two years, in the Latin Society for one year and on the Debating Team for three years. Hugh was named chairman of the Debating and Orator- ical Society in his Senior year. His vocation takes him to Fordham to study teaching. 37 LAWRENCE McGOVERN Blessed Sacrament Larry has a pleasant disposition and an amiable manner. Always a good student, he was a member of the Latin Society in fourth year. We are sure he will do well in his future en- deavors at one of the maior college where he will take a liberal Arts course. ima. in 9 RAYMOND McGRATH St. Angela Merici Ray has made himself liked for his unusual humor and interest in school activities. The Senior class wishes him success in his forth- coming endeavors at Manhattan where he will enroll next Fall to study Electrical Engineering. JAMES McINERN EY Our Lady of the Assumption Jim has been a member of the Track team in first and second year and of the Glee Club in the third and fourth. He takes with him the best wishes of his many friends at All Hal- lows as he goes on to study Engineering at Manhattan. X THOMAS McINERN EY Holy Rosary Coming to us in February of 1952, Tom is known for his witty character and his fiery school spirit. In addition to singing in the Glee Club in his Freshman year, he also has been a member of the Dance Committee for the last two years. Tom first plans to take a Pre-Med course at Cornell, where he will major in Surgery. N 5 1 38 GEORGE McKILLOP Our Lady of me Assumption George has gained many friends at AH Hallows by his friendly nature, He was on the Track team for two years, With his many fine traits, George is sure to succeed at the Merchant Marine Academy where he intends to study Deck Engineering. RICHARD McMAHON Blessed Sacrament Dick, a popular and genial Senior, came to all Hallows as a February Freshman. His pleasant smile will be remembered always by his class- mates. He was a Medal winner in Junior year and a member of the Dance Committee in Senior year. The best wishes of the Senior Class will follow Dick to Manhattan where he plans to study Engineering. JAMES McSWEENEY Our Lady of Refuge Jim is quite an active fellow having participated in many of the school activities. He was on the Track team in Freshman year and a member of the newspaper in Senior year. Jim was a Medal winner in Sophomore year and an Honor Student for two years. We wish him well at Manhattan, where he will study Engineering. WILLIAM MEADE St. Andrew Avellino's Willie entered All Hallows as a February Fresh- man. This popular student, with his quick wit and ready smile is well liked by all who know him. Willie was an Honor Student, a member of the band for one year, and a member of the Intramural Basketball team for two years. The Senior Class wishes him every success at Iona, where he plans to study Business Admin- istration. 39 THOMAS McSHERRY St. Elizabefrrs "Mads" sense of humor and wit have won him many friends among his classmates and faculty alike. Mac was a member of the Dance Com- mittee which he joined in Senior year. He plans to attend Manhattan, where he plans to study Engineering. JOSEPH MIKALAUSKAS St Luke s Joe one of All Hallows best liked Seniors was a member of the Library League and an active follower of all our sports activities. He par- ticipated in Intramural Basketball in his second and fourth year The best wishes of the class of 55 are with him as he goes to Manhattan College to major in Civil Engineering. PATRICK MOONEY Sacred Heart Pat was a member of the Band in Junior and Senior years. He also played on the Tennis team for two years. His many friends at All Hallows wish him well in his future career as a Civil Engineer. THOMAS MUTSCHLER sf. Fidelis Tom's activities since entering All Hallows as a February Freshman have included membership in the Glee Club and the Dance Committee. His pleasant personality will undoubtedly win him many friends at M.l.T. where he plans to study Mechanical Engineering. 40 JAMES MORAN Good Shepherd Jim's pleasant sense of humor has made him very popular with his fellow student's. Jim has engaged in many school activities. He was a member of the Debating Society and Glee Club and also Managed the Basketball team. Jim intends to prepare for the Holy Priesthood at the Paulist Seminary in Baltimore, Maryland. JOHN MUZII St. Francis Xavier Good natured John always an avid supporter of school events has been a three year member of the Glee Club but his laurels do not stop here for he has been a two year Intramural man. A career in Pharmacy will be his reason for going to St. John's We wish him the best of luck in his future. EDWARD MUTO All Hallows Ed is quite at home at All Hallows, having gone through both grammar and high school here. Ed has built himself an enviable record in his four high school years. He played on the Tennis team for three years, and on the Fresh- man and Varsity Basketball teams. His future plans include a Business Administration course at Iona. THOMAS 0'CONNOR Visitation Tom has not only been the mainstay of the Varsity Baseball team for three years and of the Football squad in Senior year but he has also been an Honor Student for three years. His explosive sense of humor has won him many friends at All Hallows. We feel certain that he will succeed in his chosen field. e-mr' DANIEL 0'DONOGHUE St. Anthony's Since coming to All Hallows, Dan has been a four year Honor Student and a three year Medal winner. He was a member of the Dance Committee in his Senior year. Dan plans to enter Manhattan College to study Engineering. We feel certain that he will meet with as much success in future life as he has met with at All Hallows. JAMES O'DOHERTY Our Lady of Martyrs Jim's refreshing personality and amiable man- ner have made him well liked by all the stu- dents. While at All Hallows, he was a member of the Glee Club and the Intramural Basketball team for two years. Following graduation, Jim plans to major in Business Administration at Holy Cross. The Senior Class assures him of success in the future. JOHN O'FLAHERTY St. Simon Stock Flats is one of the best liked Seniors at All Hallows this year. His fine spirit has been ex- emplified by his great support of school activ- ities. He was a member of the Blue and White for three years, the Band for one year and the Dance Committee for two years, He plans to study Engineering at Manhattan. STEPHEN O'LOUGHLIN St. Simon Stock "Big Steve" is one of those happy-go-lucky fellows who is popular with all. During his high school career, he was a member of the Dance Committee in fourth year and the Intra- mural Basketball team for two years. Steve plans to take up 'Business Administration at Iona. The Senior Class wishes him the best of success in all his endeavors. 4l MARK O'SULLIVAN Our Lady of Assumption After coming to All Hallows, Mark played intramural Basketball for two years. The Glee Club claimed him as a member in first and fourth years. Because of his cheery disposition and casual air, we know that his past effort will be rewarded with a bright future. 42 VINCENT OWENS St. Nicholas of Tolentme Vinny, coming to us in second year from Ford- ham Prep, will always be remembered for his fine competitive spirit. He distinguished him- self as a fine playmaker of the Champion Intra- mural Basketball team in second year. He plans to study Business Administration at lona. JOHN 0'NEILL sf. EIizabeth's John's quick wit and amiable disposition won him many Friends at All Hallows. He gained a reputation as a good student and an avid supporter of sports events while here. We wish him every success at Fordham University where he plans to study Business and Adver- using. ROBERT PAGNUCCO All Hallows Bob's funny tactics have more than once added to the humor of a classroom. He played Foot- ball and Baseball during his stay at A.H. We feel sure that his fine character will enable him to go far at Fort Schuyler Maritime Col- lege, where he will study Maritime Engineering. JOSEPH PARODY All Hallows Joe is one of the best liked and best known Seniors. His sense of humor and friendly man- ner have made him extremely popular. Joe has been a three letter man, in Football Base- ball and Track. He has also participated in the Glee Club. His vocation for the military life leads him to Virginia Military Institute. EDWARD POWERS Resurrection Ascension Ed, known for his quiet manners, has been an active school supporter at A.H. for four years. He was a member of the Glee Club for a year. and also a Library Leaguer in second year. We wish him the best of luck at Fordham, where he intends to become an Accountant. 43 MARCIAL PEREZ St, Ignatius Loyola Marcial came to All Hallows from the sunny shores of Venezuela, his native country. Marcial has been "the" most ardent supporter of school activities during his tour years here. He was a valuable member of the Debating and Oratorical Society for two years. ln Junior year the newspaper, Dance Committee held his main attentions. In addition to being Editor- in-Chief of the "Halloween" in Senior year, Marcial was also a member of the Dance Com- mittee and Latin Society. Undoubtedly Marcial will achieve success in his study of Law at the University of Caracas. The entire Senior Class wishes Marcial the best of luck. DANIEL PRICE St, Luke's Dan, a Queens man, has always been known for his jovial spirit. He lent his services to the Dance Committee this year. The best wishes of the Senior Class go with Dan all through life. Manhattan is his choice for a course in Civil Engineering. JOHN PIEDMONTE St. Frances of Rome "Speedy" has shown his versatility by not only running Track for two years but by being in the Band for four years and on the Glee Club for two. John will undoubtedly find success in his chosen field. His many talents plus his personality form an unbeatable combination. BRIAN QUINN St. Andrew Avellino's Since entering All Hallows as a February Fresh- man, Brian has been most closely associated with the photography laboratory, tor three years. We feel certain that Brian will achieve success at Lehigh University where he will study Chemical Engineering. PAUL K. ROONEY St. Heleria's Paul, a four year Honor Student and General Excellence winner for two years, has certainly been a valuable asset to All Hallows. In addi- tion to his scholastic achievements, he has been a member of the Track ,team for four years, Captain in his Senior year, Managing- Editor of the Halloween, and a member of the Latin Society. Paul's ardent school spirit has won him many friends and our best wishes go with him to Iona where he will pursue a Liberal Arts course. ANDREW R. SILO All Hallows Si, an active member in all school affairs, has been a credit to A.H. A member of the Band for four years, he also played Intramural Bas- ketball in Sophomore and Senior years. If his success is based on his work at A.H., we are sure that it will be abundant at Niagara Col- lege, where he intends to get his B.A. ERNEST SAMPSON Our Lady of Lourdes Since coming to All Hallows, Ernie has proven himself a tremendous success in the school's athletic activities. He played one year of J. V. Football, two years of J.V. Basketball, and two years of Varsity Basketball. Although his plans for the future are undecided, his genial per- sonality will take him far. Good luck, Ernie. DANIEL SLATTERY Blessed Sacrament Renown for his everlasting smile, Dan has gained many friends during his stay at A.H. Besides running Track for two years, he played on the Championship Intramural Basketball team in Sophomore year. He plans to attend Iona for a course in Accountancy. 44 PATRICK SCANLON St. AnseIm's By utilizing his friendly nature, Pat has made many friends at All Hallows. A typical stu- dent, he sung in the Glee Club in second and fourth years. His future plans include four years at Manhattan and then he plans to enter the Air Force as an Engineering Draftsman. FRANCIS ANTHONY SLAYNE St. Raymond's His ready smile has enabled him to win many friends during his four year stay here. An amiable personality and good humor have been Frank's companions in all his undertakings. He has the wishes of all All Hallows men for the greatest success in Aeronautics at Iona. ALAN STEVENSON All Hallows Al, winning many friends through his quiet manner, has certainly been a credit to A.H. He played on the Tennis team in his Junior year and joined both the Glee Club and the Newspaper this year. AI intends to pursue a course in Electrical Engineering at Stephens Institute of Technology. JOHN SULLIVAN Annunciation "Sully" as he is known around All Hallows, has followed the social and athletic events of the school fervently. He was a member of the Track team in his first year and played Varsity Basketball in his Junior and Senior years. He was a member of the Dance Committee in fourth year. His willingness to cooperate in all school functions Missa sign that he will succeed at Iona where he plans to study Busi- ness Administration. WILLIAM SULLIVAN All Hallows Bill is a twelve year man at All Hallows. He has been a member of the Photography Club for four years and was on the Halloween staff in his Senior year. His sense of humor and radiant personality will aid him in his future years. Bill plans to attend Cornell University to study Veterinary. ... ,....., , . ??'t JOSEPH SUPRENANT Our Lady of the Assumption Joe is well known at All Hallows for his great sense of humor. He joined the Dance Com- mittee in his Junior year. Joe takes with him to Iona, where he plans to study Accounting the best wishes of his classmates. 45 DONALD SUTTLEHAN St. Frances of Rome Don has participated in Football, Baseball, and Track competitions while at All Hallows. Upon graduating, he hopes to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. At the time of his dis- charge, Don plans to enter the college of his choice. We wish him success. FRANCIS WALDRON St. Angela Merici Known for his jovial and humorous ways, Frank has won many friends in his four year stay at All Hallows. He was an ardent supporter of all sporting events. Although he is unde- cided about his future career, we wish him success at Fordham, where he plans to continue his education. W as i J, DONALD WALTH ER All Hallows Known for his fiery spirit, Don is a ,twelve year man at All Hallows. He has been a value able member of the Library League. Don plans to take a degree in accountancy at Holy Cross. ROBERT WILLIAMS Our Lady of Loudres Bob's good natured personality and excellent aptitudes have combined to give All Hallows a fine and outstanding stuclent. He plans to further his education at Fordham by taking a Liberal Arts course. Luck is all we can wish Bob in his future striding through life. EDWARD WINTERS St. Benedict's Ed has proven his athletic abilities on All Hal- ows' Basketball and Football teams. In addi- tion, he has given time and talents to the Band and Glee Club. Although Ed has not selected any particular college, he plans to take a course in Mechanical Engineering. We wish him luck in his chosen profession. FREDERICK YARUSSO All Hallows Fred, memorable for his amicable ways, has made many friends while attending All Hallows. He is a twelve year man here and the best wishes of the Senior Class go with him to Manhattan where he will major in Chemical Engineering. DERMOT WOOD St. Mary's Help of Christians Derm, coming to us as a February Freshman, was immediately recognized for his amicable character. He served on the staff of the "Blue and White" in his senior year. He intends to study Egineering at Fordham. We wish him the best of success in all his endeavors. THOMAS WRIGHT St. Andrew AveIIino's Tom is the possessor of the enviable combina- tion of a very fine personality, a quick sense of humor, and an easy going manner. He also played an active part in the Intramural Bas- ketball games for two years. Good luck at Fordham and in-the field of Journalism, Tom. ANDREW ZIEGLER St. Andrew Avellino's This popular Flushingite has won many friends at All Hallows through his amiable personality. Andy is another February Freshman who made good here in many ways. He was a member of the intramural Basketball team for two years. Andy's many good qualities will aid him at Cornell, where he will study to be a Veterinarian. 47 '5zWxi'31' 'f , pw, ,, V Hi25ifw2iw?fg!fwW?"Fz'3L,i ' : ga l mlvggag l is . 'ffm my 2 E 1 Q ff :fs- "1 -..... , W, V 'f ,, ,A.x. ..,., .:., , ,,, X ,Egan Awww QCJZC F5355 mi? Ham '-w5f.:':., al- .- ..QQ we I X -E M 3 ., 1 .V - f - Lp' 5, a J f w Q QW? fs ,W Q - ,XL h - wr, ff' W. y wi f ' ,w l,,,1g. ,I ,I g M' ,, , A , k k"k . u.. ,,,'. y O'Regan, R. McCormick. Sitting: G, Co!on, D. Ffaherfy. Standing: J. Grimes, S. Foley, T. O'Connor, J. Doherty, M. Helbig, R. Neach. W. Spreen, R, Cappiello, N. 0'- Suliivan, W. Volz, E. Torfone, D. O'Grady, R. Sefzer, W. Murphy, J. Davis. 51 Front Row: P. Greaney, O. Anzolu? H. Ryan. Back Row: J. Mazzareila, W. Nufley, J. Byrne, T. Conion, C. J. Burns G, .McFadden R. O Brien,.J, Jennings, R. Bligh, J Flailey, R. McQuiIlan R. Toih, J. Glynn, D. O'Bri en, T. Tyson, J. Burns, J, Chiffone D. Laurie, K. Walsh. 5-2 E. Kavanagh, J. Kenny, A Lie- bler, J. McLoughlin, T, Long, M Mallon, T. Murray, L. Walsh. T 5 1 g , i Q E, li E 1 ? I ,Q ls 55 v,,v 9:41:12 mi f., ., ,, ,f 'Q-:fL1.wmm:wwmwz::Qgwwwm. , -m,g,, I M. Harrington, J. Flaherty, W. Kenney, E. Lammanno, F. Russo, G. Flynn, M. Cleary, D. McDonnell. F. Suarino, J. Coffey, J. Kiley, J Flannigan, C. Wilson, W. Harrington J. Broderick. J. McSherry, J. Maher, P. Foley, T. Sylvester C. Poolman, J. McGriel, C. Martignoni. Sitting: W. Flanagan, T. Ambrose, Stand- ing: J. Keelan, J. Flaherty, R. Gallagher, J. McMullen, F. Schauder. 54 gfw, nkf' fy, E wx . .-,pw MLS' g., -5 , K if? M' ll: wuvwf ,Q I ,,,,.,......--.,,-.u , E. Woods, F. O'Connor, A. Mosiello P. Mclnfyre, L. Cahill, P. Heim, J. Moran, M. O'Gorman. Kneeling: M. Danke, D. Pichler, M. Lee. Standing: J. Healy, R, Cum- mins, R, Sfreiber, E. Bradley, A. Semento. mana Sitting. W. Sommer, F. ONeull J. Reis, A. Theysohn, Standing R. Lavery, J. Gaffney, R. Karl, J. O'Neill. . ,.,,.sfx J. McGoldnick, R. Briant, W. Dugan, M. Jordan J. Freeman, R. DeGompes, R. Barreif, J. McGlrth H. Webber, E. Shlnmck, J, Veccla, R. Torner, J. Keegan, G. Verrando, C. Degenhardt, J. Toley.. X ! 9 fl ev s cgi , Q ' +5 4 1 nf 4 :gg nf f .. ,, nv-he-25 A -- 2 eq P M ' g ,Q if mf '-" 1 11? ' ' : f r , uw 'W -,S '49 K gg at .Q -Q if iii? A ",: gf ' , ... 1 X Y xg' ,VH it Ex 'H S EQ! 9 ling X -em We fy 6 5 5 S ii4 W 1 2 5 4 9531296 YA M431 W 41, 1555 . 5' ' W-fl J' V V X " Q3 gray .L 1 iii 1 ' 5 4 F if M rr 39137121 iw-5 1 'z 1 fv , if ' uk' A A f 94 QS! sz 'sw if' awww 5 Lv A L K' L'??E iff: 5 gwifaeigz -f L s Q M if Q in gk K3 QS "" ,j,,., i ' 32 li Q' W Y- 5. A Aw x?fw? N ' -,A, 2 5 S S A mfs QT.,-1 ..- 'wa -- .,. X M . .fy-:.. :Mk I-2:21 53 WW . A V ,- " ""v-ff .sz -' 3232, A -2 - f' f" 7' q El W y 4 , ,1 11 5 S i . , Y 1 H-r Q A1 f FE?" 1 .v 2 Q if , ., gi s ., :H 5 if U g i 2? S 1 3 wwgajgggg ,guy if if .A Q in A , my mf , 5 SW -Q 1 3 111361 f KS, 4f?5Z'.'ls91 9"52if"f f .,.seig1gjj15 MTT'i?fvj,L,-L::L?'1 f flfviggi, MH' W 2- i-if , , , 1' I ,fp if V 'Qwaggf fe sf 1 a 5 5-x,f'ffig5wvse2,e315gw ig Q wffn-ge n 'f M-'S gy .16 -5 wsm.gk?5f3fa'..1mmf sm? was Y 2 :5,:, r 'QS ' f ..- ff ,B -If L 1..:vm 13? Y ...f, ,W Q.. , .., .,,. X iw' . , :ttf aff' 1- .- fi, f aw V V Q 'qi fa X :REM Sitting: J. McCall, R. Acosta, T. Farley. Standinq: W. Gorman, H. Sheerin, K. McCIory, W. Walsh, R. Coleman. .Front Raw: M. Doyle, W. Corbett, J. Hagen. Back Row: B. O'Hara, V LW., Pankow, R. Murano. an 4 Sitting: G, Shinnick, W. Pierce, T, Kennedy, G Viverito, P. Rowan. Standing: P. Murphy, J. Ribulla, J. Homberg. ' wt li gs 1. Q M W. Ya 49 , . I ,.,. , W 4 ,a A , at 'VB' N .,,.,4 d w s ' 5 if , I M U? X V' , 1 ' 51 1" .L gi A?" Wil we ,, im. Vf,. gkV, L M , W Q X J: msg A 1 mga? M fa, 5 gn if ,.,. ,M f Y x S if ,Q f AV , 8.525 , f X 13,5 gf 4 W as ,EB X R ug fi JK ,, 2 vs' ,ig W5 A kg Y L if b fl 9 if L -x wr' mp 395 2gg,:W?W.fii'fw,gWW:fxw?fk ,Sv - f74':5zgI.::?2 - ' , -W,A. Q- , W .,4.'. yfh, A.L, A Q, , fy ,, J .xi H W 1, - WW Q ' 4: iif f yegk 'MH 4 f :gy Q-faq? 41 fi ,zu H.,-1+ ffm-:qi 5 -lg-L1 . f-, I 1.A- qw, M .QU 'MSJZ - w Y Q-39:3 -P15 V - QW is W. my , ,V W , 7 :J 'M Front Row C Jaeger T Farrelly J Morrls C Scagllone Back Row J Mlmhan M Ryan F SWEdIfCh J Sheffield Front Row: R. Llewel n D. Mc- Y . Laughlin, J. Pravefz. Back Row W. Dalton, J. Powers, J, Herfel, C. Roberts, H. Maginnis. 64 T. O'Rourke, C. Colgan, S. Losonsky J. Parris, J. Ferreira, Front Row P G E DeSalvo J Carman Back Row M Connors F Branching E Fsrrfaii A Crabtree a o Back: D. Pinto, J. Reilly, Bryce- land, E. Diemer, E. McLoughlin. 65 Front Row: T. Oswald, N, German, T. Phelan. Back Row: J. Brady, G. Kiernan, R. Garay, J. Secor, J. Grimaldi. W ,M-Q Front Row: R. Feighan, J. Doyle, R Gerber. Back Row: D. Mazza, T Coffey, K. Wedra, R. Rohde, J. Allen Front Row: M. McNamara, L. Gris- olia, M. Fogarty, J. Lewis, R. Moran, J, Devaney, Back Row: W. Kennedy, J. McKendry. 66 r Front Row: R. Brady, P. Axion, M. Cesarie. Second Row: R. Ryan, K. Hurley, J. Raffigan, E. Benedict. Back Row: H. Haider. . wry' VAK1 "" ' " 3 lt Sl . ...xl f.. l , ' mg?-W' W. Sfolclf, J. Marrinan, R. Ma- rino, A- D'ArrgeIo. T. Cooke, VA. Cavanagh, R. DeCoursy, L. Looby, R. Poolman, P. Jarema. J. Foley, R. Papscoe, R. Bielemeier P. Rehill, J. Donnelly, T. McQuilIan C. Mercurie, L. Noclerio. , wi .uk K rv-W . 5534 , .1---4 Q X W2 2 gif 1 we fi gi Q' Qs 5 5? 54, 5,,,,.e-A-ffff A-f 'x 1 2' ' ,fiik ' fi f 1 , 2 c ,M . K 4, i 5 2 1 M' P Q 1 2: fy lyk: LQ K 3 XXX ,rg ki x 'f'?75PfS'4'1, Egg? X-, - fix 1 , wife'- f W .AML Q.. PM . ,VJ x, M, Kneeling: H. McGovern, F. O'NeHI. Standin : J. Morle E. Meenahan, Q Y. R. Corcoran, M. Ryan, A. Saies. 'V Front Row E Ksndermahn T Barry, K Rexlly, W Brennan J Mahie, R DuPenhma, T by yi. G. Seutz, T. Sulllvan, W. Kearney, J. Ricci, E. Flynn, J. Flood, J. Lyons, VV. Smiih. SIXTY YEARS IN ORDER With deep regard and affection, the Brothers, teachers, and student body of All Hallows turn toward our venerable and beloved Jubilarian Brother P. D. McCarthy, and proudly offer our warmest and most sincere congratula- tions on this his 60th year as a member of the Irish Christian Brothers. Sixty years is a lifetime in itself, sixty years spent engaged in the same occupation is a truly remarkable achievement but sixty years spent in the service of God is about the highest form of perfection a man can attain on this earth. Very early in life Brother McCarthy answered the Master's call to devote himself to the education of youth. He was one of the first postulants to join the Irish Christian Brothers Order in his native city of St. John's, Newfoundland. On February 4, l895, he was accepted as a postulant at St. Bonaventure's ymaw College, St. John's, where he began his spiritual training. lt was considered necessary to send him to Ireland to complete his novitiate and professional training. His stay in Ireland, how- ever, was prolonged over a period of some twenty years, during which time he graduated from Queen's University, Belfast, and taught in many of the Brothers' schools. He is still remembered with affection and gratitude by his former pupils in those centers where he labored: Enniscorthy, Dundalk, Ennis, Lime- rick, Drogheda and Belfast. But his teaching activities were not destined to be confined to lreland alone. What more likely endeavor could there be for his talents and zeal than the schools of the American Province of the Order. So in l9l5 he made the hazardous wartime journey back to Amer- ica. Until l92O he taught at St. Mary's, Hali- fax, then he began his first connections with All Hallows. With .that unbounded energy which has always characterized him, he helped, during his four years there, to maintain and enhance the enviable scholastic achievement that marked All Hallows school from its incep- tion in l908. During this time he obtained his Doctor of Philosophy Degree in History and Political Science from Fordham University. ln l924 he was sent to open a school in Butte, Montana. lt was here that his skill as an administrator was first seen. The wisdom of his selection as Principal of this pioneer establishment was soon evident in the high scholastic tone he inculcated and fostered in Central High School, Butte. ln l933 we find him back as Principal of All Hallows. With the same zeal which characterized his former career there, he, in his role of Director, led the school in the crusade for spiritual and scho- lastic perfection. His last period as administrator was as Prin- cipal of Leo High School, Chicago, from l94l to l947. His memories of this school rank next to the love and 'affection he cherishes for All Hallows. After a few years at lona College, New Rochelle, he returned to All Hallows in l952, where the youthful buoyancy of his step belies the sixty years he has spent as an edu- cator. While Brother McCarthy can be proud of his sixty years as a member of the lrish Chris- tian Brothers, the Order, too, can be justly proud of one who has labored so long and so devotedly at his apostolic work. ' That is why we, the students of All Hallows, join the Brothers and many friends of the Jubilarian in sincere felicitations on this mem- orable occasion. fl M65 cs Rasw EN ' ' 9 NU' I cnaowmlaolsou fa AYSZ MW Yogi NE Q55 Y 266, 1. mr feb' e A M5016 rme 6 -nf O N18 '50 9 up it mix 9,011 on YP' K1 B 3 ish en 5 ffnese bt,-Lo r hawighe we Mer Gio., r ya Posse 16 wav 5,05 W hue WB? 165' 1 I BYO 3,-of' 1:3 DSW' r IXYG Wye fo a K ei' ya u dx-6 wr 'inn as 1 XWO un A 1 5 1:0 , anon?qPJ:?x1 t,w0T?xeTN1:'OZ'1ZOvc 3,3 Blirgifuxgpfvloe mo0'5 1n5e5"1 "'1'9e5 wi' xs 5 wh ws he W o bon 0 vat xi of :Lf guuea x-lwgxaw sabeullxe 25,161 Og. az! fm me ioxlnsr' nent Tvmohed YWea115e OV 5 havfieeng 'Fe Un? wx! in mionsward Y ,-. , . 1- ftx hemvo fgnerfer flour W 'e 'L -Br O on - O93 Youxgo fever' 005 efxer me yyO"'i19Y'5' do 551 ,anti 1 am 5 xv V E , tae v yovr ' eat ood to e. fega ef.-ew .Q fm oongasx on' h wp 45-no . ld vk anawati uit ,wry 'fr-1 KJVMKPW in 0 , 6 f' vyhoo of 'anis' R7 ' XXV' Macaw D. ,xc 1- envy' Y-een' me 515' nto 'Ha1:,ovg.2h'u A3 Ehix 'L '10 new my ,wi -f C0 A1 Y' w " U W, 1 M101 Govr PD:WUX me nuff: Heuss wasnurrmron Dc 5822 :seamen ngcuang 5 P0323 :AHL HALLOWS 1411 EA 215955 sr 154 sr: fffkf- PLEASE sxreun rp BROTHER PATRICK uccmzmv uv bo1vGnAfuLAyoNs gin slxrrxrfans' OF bknffmsn ssnvrct ro His counmax' lun H18 FAITH l'NA'iHks gnucuviou of Youne usri T0 uw AND 7o Yq, or YOUkAT-Tf-IE rsshjuonglh b1,uisER HY assfiushes mn A'n4pPY'cELEaRAit6m Ann Fon umm' Ftisbar pnonucnvs vom: rossmeaa N 'smear n ElSENHOUERf . M --"' W74CC Llc -, "W , 3 1, JK NL Pg R xy Fw 'V N I 0 N NEW YORK Ny Rev apo ER Pea 4 7955 fv ?!DLR 1og,fLfTf?'Ck D Mccmmy if ALL Hauows m EAST ,64 I AM H ST Nyk CAT Appr ro .fam mm r,.,5 MSTIN HOLIC EDUCATORS OF THE NATIUN GUI-91-150 LEADERS OF agp CHURCH Occasmfv. OF Y 'N Cowan ANU GUI? Dlfwomg ATULATING You 7 YH: CHRIST, L'UB"-Es As A M ODAY on me AN Bnamms EMBER 'UF 7-H5 OF mg CONGREGA7-1 EUUCA 7-,ON I LAND. mug UN DF N AMERICA A DEDICATIDN r W ' ND rm, 0 CATHQL1 f-'Am . ' 'P LEAD U yg quo YOUTH is AN fngpm ,ION To 'ZSHIP AND GUIDANCE Auofvc aug ARS or SERV, L. aug GR ' W CE IS aouwm AT' 'UDF Fon ES YOUR HE4LTH AND HAPPINESS ,N G S. AND oN THIS occ4.9,0N I wi '-'Any 0D'3 WORK ' SH V00 CONN NUING R ossar r WAGNERI MMDB 500PM ww n wgmT2'5ff 5521.5 M :Q Sitting Brown Fahy Burbidge Woods, Hickey. Standing Murphy Dennehy Acosta, Scully. This year the newspaper continued the splendid job it has been doing in the recent years of reporting school affairs in an intelligent and literary manner. No matter which field the paper has turned its attention to it has managed to come up with a workmanlike, competent and sometimes brilliant job. Ramon Lopez served as editor-in-chiefg Alan Stevenson, as associate editor, Bernard Martin, William Deely, Nicholas Cataldi and Jack Clemente served as editors of the various divisions. James McSweeney wrote "Boards and Cinders," Tony Pinto and Charles O'Regan wrote "Activity Roundup." The "Letters to the Editor" and "What's Your Opinion" columns were handled by C. Carroll and F. O'Connor. "Heard, Seen, Noted" was a composite of information received from the various classrooms. The photography was capably handled by Ed Hein. The efficiency shown by this year's staff could not have been achieved without the excellent supervision of Brother C. B. Quinn. if Q Sitting: G. Colon, J. McSweeney, J. Clemente, N. Cataldi, J. Burns. lAbsent: McMullenl. Standing: C. Carroll, C. O'Regan, T. Pinto, E. Hein, F. O'Connor, 1 flfffgmtt 4. BL E a 11 d W H IT E Published by the students of All Hallows 111 East 164th sr., BX., 52, N. Y. CYpress 3-4545 Vol. 24, No. 4 , january, 1955 Editor-in-Chief ..... ....... R AMON LOPEZ Associate Editor ..... , ..., ALAN STEVENSON Layout Editor ...,. ..,, B ERNARD MARTIN . DE1-:LY Sports Editor ...... ,,.......,..... Feature Editor ......................... NICK CATALD1 Feature Writers John Clemente, james Burns, James McSweeney Reporters Burbige, O'Regan, O'Connor, Scully, Acosta, jones, Murph Dennehy, Fahy, Wood, Brown, Hickey, Slayne, Pinto, McMullen. Art Photography Gus Colon Ed Hein 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I lv- Sitting: W. Deely, Sports Editor, R. Lopez, Editor-in-Chief, A, Stevenson, Associate Editor. Standing: B. Martin, Lay-out Editor, J.- Clemente, N. Cateldi, Feature 75 Editors. MR. J. OBROTKA We This year's Glee Club under the able guidance of Brother McPadden and Mr. James Obrotka, has enjoyed a very successful season. After putting in many practice periods, the club made its first appearance before the Fathers' Club at the October meet- ing. They also appeared before the Ladies' Auxiliary and at Grand Central where their performance was highlighted by a selection of Christmas carols. Among their other perform- ances includes a presentation at the Hotel Commodore. At the Annual Spring Concert on May 28, the Glee Club will join with the Band in the production of "Americana," This presentation will include songs representing all sections of the U.S. Among the selections will be "Battle Hymn of the Repub- lic," "America," "Little Shoemaker," "Down in the Valley," and "Wild Irish Rose." Front Row: W. Donnelly, C. Wilson, C. Grogan, Mr. James Obrotka, Director, J. Muzzi, V. Keller, J. Hurley, Second Row: J. Fedigan J. McKendry, J. Morris, J. Doyle, J. Grimaldi, J. Keegan, R. Ryan, C. Roberts, T. O'Connor, T. Mutschler. Third Row: J Marrinan, R. Garay, F. Jordan, D. Flood, J. McDonald, D. Good, J. Clemente, J. Dolan, J. Lowney, M. Driscoll. Back Row: G. Flynn, F. Suarino, J. Manning, J. Murphy, J. Holohan, P. Scanlon. ' Front Row: T. Cullifon, K. Hurley, J. Mclnerney, P. Rehill, W. Scully, T. Sheerin, G. O'Regan, W. Galvin, M. O'Sullivan, J. Veccia D. O'Grady, M. Tyson. Second Row: H. Sheerin, T. Bockenko, C. Kindermann, J. Spina, R. Lewllyn, J, Cranwell, J. O'SulIivan, R Acogfa, M. McNamara, J. Johnson, E. Donaldson. Third Row: T. Sullivan, C. Wolfertz, M. lmhof, J. Parris, R. Papscoe, P. Jones J. Ricci, E. Epinosa, D. Anzoluf, D. Ahearn. Back Row: J. Moore, T. Kane, R. Brady, J. Ballo, J.lMurphy, W. Cotter, A. Heller ,Ima Glee Club and Band at Christmas Concert. f 'iwm!fawfnv5fuL'.':'.,h-Qvna1 fhzsw9 -- -..gamma 'w.v:mz11wv.wwlsi:L.l: iw. f .. Mzmv ,. , f , J This year was one of change for the band's directors. Besides, e eee 3 new moderator, Brother Suyllivafn, i it yalSQ acquireda new leaderQ Mr. sagem, to replace iiiii Rygielgf All Hallows' band leader for the past four years. How- ever, there was surprisingly few changes in the band's program on the whole. yy s , first item on its schedule was as program of Christmas carols in Joyce Kilmer park which, unfortunately, was cancelled at the last minute on account of the weather. ln December the band joined with the Glee Club to pre- sent a Christmas concert which was well received by all presentg the next event was the St. Patrick's Day parade where the band performed admirably. At present we are awaiting the annual spring concert which, from the sound of the rehearsals promises to be as big a success as the Christmas one. As we go to print AH, will defend its Class B Championship. Also coming up is the Catholic Music Festival and contest, in which not only the Band but also several Trios and Quartets from All Hallows have been entered. g t . ' AUGUST Sincelthe band clidn't playa atfffany footballfigames the ' fi? ., 4 . M ., X1 ,f 1 Ii. L 'r x W W ' , M. fs . ,Z ., ,.V. J A' ' - 1 fr fglfa, QM 4 'KM ,J-3,35 sk . " ff - .wzfzawnwzz . - :fi r f '.,f, 3' fn . :,. , -,,, .,,:,,. , L , .Q W f 7, if , W , K , 1 Y r f- wmv P.- Y- 5-Nh ,-.Q My 1 5 ! fp In 12? . ' I Dfw F9 More than l e . e e fifteen h lliliisid since St- Patrick red years have wondeasli dal' is celebrated inwim tolfeland. are mwbefiver lrisl-,men and 'Sl Parts of the e e ee e . vers f 1 e sparklin Ouend'.lHe"e fn New Y ol rgtand h l 9 Parade ,S had e ork CIW a sslgmorl of this Qrear Saint veg March l7rh in e 005 in .th ' any of th . march inlfhij New York Metropolitae high exception Th paralfle and All Hauow n. area dlgnified 'ma e Sf 004 can be l S is no l e mer ' 4 l Proud Cf th :gd The scleaog gg:'jhm2"e h62fire ge,-,ici .e S ffuly li e l A fc le . All etrlbute to Sainfwrilrlisresented in New Yo'-:lit 1-3 if Self to63Y . d my he vwsue of Heaven' to C nght gf Sun, W 'IB bflihtrfj: 3: 2311. , m SPED f Ughgqinf, d o igiicnei firm ' m m delith 0 E rth . b-yt of 2 1 En 5s3r1':Y:aZ.tneSS of ROCK' m day - a myself F0 d' bxxrtue 10 Pact me e S to UPVOM m 1112 IS Q to so mxgm d Cazsdk Wlsd0m tg, llglf before me God'S Eye to hear me Gofgs Elzrerd to sPeal3f0" me L G 'S r 626.5 Hand in Qgbefore m Godng to pr0f.6Cf- In s Shle to Secure God s Gays Host. f den10n5 ' st snafeio ' agigxkst seducuoni of :lc 22233551 lusts of nasxro wishes ill to against evewolxr afgngnsngwn mvlm"de" a if aw 3 .Q-is gi M523 5' ,..-...ll Sitting: J. Hurley, D. O'Donoghue, J. Sullivan, S. O'Loughlin, D. Ahearn. Standing: M. Egan, W. Donnelly, P. Dewar, M. Perez, B. Eustace, R. Freedman, J. O'Flaherty. ' I l I Dance Committee Sitting: Thomas Gunning, Secretary, Frank Gill, Chairman, Robert Barth, Vice Chairman. Standing: John Gibney, Vice Chairman, Bart Gannon, Treasurer. The success of this year's dances was achieved through the excellent guidance of Brother Haggerty and the tire- less efforts of the entire Dance Committee, headed by Frank Gill, Chairman, Robert Barth, John Gibney, Vice Chairmen, Thomas Gunning, Secretary, and Bart Gannon, Treasurer. The excellent music was pro- vided by the All Hallows' swing band, under the leadership of John T. Manning. The entire proceeds of the dances were used to lower the expenses of the Senior Prom. The splendid turnout rewarded the efforts of the members of this important school function. 82 ' A H1 , J' T Sitting: J. O'Shaughnessy, R. Pagnucco, G. McFadden, D. O'Grady, L. Gaffney. Standing: E. Mufo, J. Cullen, T. Mufschler, J. McLoughlin, F. Johnson, D. McLaughlin, P. Gill, M. lmhoff, J. Marrinan, C. Menges. wi fy 1' Scene at Chrlstmas Dance. 1-f mai? J . V NL., i my J ' wg. T if kgs, Q2 ' 2:5-4 " 1- f u '55 5- A k wa... 5 Q wi :sw HP K s i f f 1 X S K. if 13' D f -FE M' ff'7'7a ' 'f Clerical Workers: Thomas Burns and Joseph Jennings. This year we have attempted to present a pictorial review of the l954-i955 school year. The '55 Halloween represents much hard work on the part of the entire staff. Many modifications have been made including a Senior directory, a new cover, and different faculty and class sections. We are very grateful to Routel Studios for their invaluable assistance and to Brother Walsh, whose supervision made this book possible. We sincerely hope that this yearbook will bring back pleas- ant memories in future years to the Class of '5-5. WEAR 9 , Photographers: William William Sullivan, Joseph Dunn, Edward Hein Sitting: M. Perez, D. Ahearn, W. Carr, J. Gray, T. Kehoe P. Dewar J. Mclnerney. Standing:,Mr. Court: ney, P. Rooney, C. Grogan, J. Dolan, L. McGovern, H. McGIade, T. Guihen. I .... . ui.. :sri -after' 121 .ef 5 213 nf' 1 T111-fJ.fg:23fi 1 As- . . 4 5. . 1 1 .T .' ix" ,,s4 Aff--:MSM 5255533-i:s.:w,-.2 .. , F " . f 33-5- , - J J' ' A Asi'iiiN i-QW ..i EL-"1w.I".f.v:?iV MU , -fn 2355. 1 2 S . .L , M. .sr , -fflli..-'..e2s . V f ...use X- ,,,, at ,ff,.- .if f . . . . .. ri..-ex .fixtew . , .rea-. .ti .tee- -.mes-w.ftg.,, W2 - kg. ti,,g,5a5.i.?,m3,,g.,zfggi ..,.,.r.........f: -V. . . -- V ei ,,... .mi ,...,, - '59,,1W.i,s , M wa LS ..,. M ggi? fi Q its erm... ,ef -kkk fig? E ',i2"-L fr fa :pw 5, .3 551 get 86 we if .sm it-t...t,,.m7 .tim .,-.1Elw ,wfrzf - L U l if 4 f - ' . Sitting: Anthony Semento, Stephen Losonsky, Paul Axton, John Davis, Murphy, Peter Edmunds. Standing: James Morrissey, Thomas Mclnerney, John Mazzerrella, Hugh McGIade Benjamin Finley, Constantine Menges. This year under the very capable direction of its moderator, Mr. William F. Steo, the All Hallows Debating Society has greatly increased its sphere of activities. Since January there has been, on the average, one debate per week. The National Debate Topic for this year isg "Resolved: That the Federal Government should initi- ate a policy of free trade among nations friendly to the United States." Some of the schools which AH. has.thus tar debated in- clude: Xavier, Fordham, Rice, Power, and Cardinal Hayes. The A.H. debaters have been very successful in these contests. The All Hallows Debating Society has also held its own oratori- cal contest, in which more than six other schools participated. Moreover our speakers have been active in several oratorical con- tests. They participated in The American Legion Oratorical Contest, The Student Leaders Council, and "The New York Times Youth Forum." Capping these activities, our debators are receiving a very excel- lent course in Parliamentary Procedure from Mr. Steo. 51 lt , a This year, the Library League, under Miss O'Reilly's capable direction, has endeavored to awaken the reading interests of the students. The League has tried to do this by introducing many new books in an attempt to satisfy the reading tastes of all. ln addition by subscribing to various periodicals magazines it has attempted to keep the students informed of what is happening in the world at the present time. The members of the League are kept busy maintaining the books in good condition, and by classifying and pre- paring the new books for the student's use. M., . gig. ., . . er M, . iii 'A 1 f s 14. H -vi V L, - Q - Y , Qi ta ,ffl f P3 N .. ,... .. V .... ,gf W. Flanagan, R. Barth, P. Dewar, M. Devitt, L. Gaffney, G. Crotty, W. Harrington, R. Morrison, J. O'Shaughnessey, B. Costello. Sitting: Miss M. O'ReiIly. rw J. Coveney, E. Lamanno, J. O'Brien, M. Cleary, R. Rieder, F. Russo, C. Degenhardt, H. Regan. .ff ,yfwt X we vii -'Un The Annual Fathers' Club Communion Breakfast Brothers receiving Communio rr! m BROTHER VAUGHAN Moderator l"'1 Q t ? , This year the All Hallows Fathers' Club, under the moderation of Brother Vaughan, has once again striven to better their past triumphs. The increased interest and participation shown by the fathers was, no doubt, party due to the many enjoyable events sponsored by this organization, and also to the able efforts of the president, Mr. John O'Grady, C The major events were the Father and Son Communion Breakfast, the Sports Dinner, and the lrish Night. ln addition, at regular meet- ings, Deputy Commissioner Nolan spoke and lectures on the microwave and polygraph were given. Among other notable items on the pro- gram was the Metropolitan Grammar School Basketball Tournament, which was won by Commander Shea. This year All Hallows has many reasons to be proud of its Fathers' Club. E. Condoon, A. Byrnes, L. Fitzgibbon, M. Baker, M. Reid, M. Byrnes, S. Hurling, J. Moran, Bro. Vaughan, R. Sisk, J. Grady, B. Connors, G. Glacchae, L. Redicam. . Communion Breakfast Committee Sitting: John Lazzari, Secretary, Cy Fields, Brother J. H. Vaughan, Moderator, Brother R. B. Power, Principal, John O'Grady, Presi- dent, Edward Shinnick, Treasurer. Standing: Frank Nesbitt, John O'Shaughnessy, Raymond Gettens, Recording Secretary, James Mullins, Eugene Gallagher, Robert Morrison, Thomas Mclnerney, Francis Walsh, First Vice President. ' 89 BRO. Mrs. J. Carney, Mrs. H. Hearn, Mrs. J. Heaphy, Mrs. J. Costello. Moderator The Executive Committee for the Spring Card Party. Scene at the Spring Card HALEY MRS. J. HEAPHY Chairman !.g.!'l4a.. Last September, the returning students were delighted to find that the gymnasium had been com- pletely renovated. The stage was redecorated, the floor varnished, and the ceiling and walls repainted. This notable achievement was accomplished through the tireless and patient efforts of the Ladies Auxil- iary. Once again, the Ladies Auxiliary continued, under the leadership of Mrs. J. Heaphy, its presi- dent, and Brother Haley, its new moderator, to pre- sent entertainment for the enjoyment of the mothers. The first event was the reception in honor of the new mothers. Then followed: the Fall Bridge, the Christmas Party, the Cake Sale, and the Spring Bridge. All of these affairs were tremendously suc- cessful financially, as well as socially especially the Cake Sale. This year, as in the past, the Brothers and school have reaped the fruit of the ladies' endeavors. The Auxiliary contributed new draperies for the Brothers' dining room and new blackboards in the classrooms. The mothers also intend to install new desks in the grammar school. The students thank the Ladies Auxiliary for all they have done to beautify our school. The annual retreat dominated the religious activities at All Hallows during the l954-l955 school year. An innovation was introduced this year as the freshmen and sophomores made the retreat in December, while the upperclassmen had theirs in April. This new division increased each student's opportunity to gain the maximum spiritual benefits of the retreat. Father W. Dotz ably conducted the December session and Father J. Steltz also did a fine job in April. ln addition, the school was fortunate in having Father Traube come in every Tuesday to act as a spiritual adviser and to hear confessions. Father Steltz preparing for benedictions. M. Chlupsa and T. Kehoe accompany Fr. Steltz out of chapel. Altar in School Chapel. Final benediction at senior-junior retreat. 91 Wai fwgw gm my My W4 'W M , ., 'V if 2 ff ,U 355503 K h- ,A V - Q ,,:f, l ,z'-if W . 411- -g L. 'iff S f f, xwk E A A -V . .V f- V ' qi-ff-:fi-2g:f , Z '.'Wfi'e , 'ff-'f1fe.SlZE i:1k:Yiulf,"5 , 9',.lL:-1i"f- -1Iff':'eA:: .WEN V V., f ' , ' 9"ff1f5L:fE' iw:-5"fi'l - :f .iL.:5'y.L, 5' Qzzmffgz. . -f f,--ng-mg -my -1 --mi ag , 5 gifs-w p-:ff 15:5 A, ..VV.g,A L ..h,, i ,V:. I , ,M H , f - 1 .sqyq H-lnqfy W zswii V 415 una?..,h:1:g,k5:g,qfzz:way,g-,lb,:g,,,K L, :Q . g g ,, 1-:'fL,Q5gyrviU'5'fi':g-,, g ,, If 'K 3 , Jfi::L.gg21k5Qwgig1',111,1 ,, 1 1 'af:I-e1m1i3:a.g,wi?MewfHff 233, I, Lq,-gz-.gif-fy gas?:5zf:ww,g:'f,g:,,:f,1w,gf:w- .wfgffm 3,1-kU,,Q,kg,1, ,f.553phi-mm-qif-ggqwwm fvizz ,',.,9J,Lfgifnswzkgawvfwkieggi-,, q,,,-H, ,1f,, , f.wf14f:sQeDrff-ff.wfiww.ff,,- s -M 1, WK" f S M ,,.D,hQ,, M ,,:f,.,M.h2fmw,,, ,,.1.z,,..QW ,mp wfzmelmesf-,, ,fwg,g.f,Q:4Q,Q1H1w Marv Qsfgwf 5 , KW , WM., ,, ,, LQ ff' ,, X ,, E- Wfims-Lwqwuwfpwww.a,i2n,i,aWmA,,sf2m,,:m.,4Lrd3lwa::s,1:,zM,ayfllfgiwiwm:Wm1:gen,:fl'3f:,5w,gp,,s'Eiw-,zzlwifp+,,mzz,,'a1 ,,,, :mas-.zevf if:Sszw:52?w25ff22sf 'vwimgk 2 BRO. J. G. CARR Moderator ?aa4fZaZl Enameled As autumn rolls around, we know that it means the beginning of a new football season. This year, as an added incentive to Cath- olic High School teams in and around New York City, a new foot- ball league was formed. This league was composed of the following eight teams: All Hallows, lona Prep, Mount St. Michael, Cardinal Hayes, Stepinac H.S., St. John's Prep, St. Francis Prep, and Cham- inade H.S. Each team is required to play at least five league games, 'with the league leader to be decided by the best won and lost percentage. Iona Prep went through an undefeated season in league competition and copped first place in the new league. Much to the disappointment of everybody at All Hallows, the turnout for football was ridiculously small. Less than thirty players tried out for the team, leaving Mr. King with a very small and light squad. Except for a few individuals who played a fine brand of football, the team as a whole had a very poor season. MR. RICHARD KING Coach MARTIN DEVITT Tackle if If f THOMAS O'CONNOR Back I LOUIS DESANTIS Back Honorable Mention All City 'Tiffin """"f,f'f JOHN KILEY 95 THOMAS LONG Cenfel' Tackle PHILIP FOWLER Back EDMOND COSTELLO Center JOSEPH FLANNIGAN End To rf' WALTER GOGAN Back All Hallows opened its football season against a favored St. t Lou DeSantis John's team at Tilden Field. In the second quar er scooted around right end for a 40 yard run and the only All Hallows touchdown of the game. St. John's scored twice in the first quarter and three more times in the second half as the Gael pass defense looked very weak. "Red" O'Conner and Lou DeSantis also played fine football throughout the whole game. The final score was St. John's Prep 31 and All Hallows 7. ' ln the second game of the year, All Hallows and St. Francis Prep met at Boys' High Field before a fine crowd on an overcast October afternoon. All Hallows and their opponents struggled to a O-O tie at the end of the first half. But soon after the start of the third quarter the St. Francis bench power began to preside. They scored twice in the third quarter and once in the last. The game was marked by O'Conner's fine punting and also the brilliant defensive work of Helbig and O'Conner. The game ended with St. Francis on top by a 21-O score. JAM ES C LANCY End 96 ED KAVANAUGH Guard JOHN KENNY Guard WILLIAM DONNELLY End CHARLES WILSON Guard JAMES GLEESON End Honorable Mention All City DENNIS O'GRADY End JOHN O'SHAUGHNESSY JOHN BAMRICK End Back All Hallows faced a powerful and unscored upon Iona team at New Rochelle in their third game of the season. ln the first quarter, lona rolled up a 2l-O lead as Leone and McGoldrick ran wild on end runs and quick openers up the middle. ln the second quarter, a long pass from Gogan to Helbig set up the first All Hallows touch- down as DeSantis went over for the score. ln the third quarter, All Hallows scored again on a sustained drive as O'Conner dove over for the touchdown. Later in the game DeSantis ran thirty yards around end for a touchdown. All Hallows introduced a "shift" which lined up eight men on the line of scrimmage at the side of the field, leaving only the center, the quarter back and one other lineman in the center of the field. The first time it was used the "shift" gained about twenty-five yards. The final score was Iona Prep 34 and All Hallows 20. A fair crowd watched All Hallows take its worst defeat of the year at the hands of Mount St. Michael at McGovern Field. All Hal- low's only tally came in the first quarter when DeSantis passed to Kiely, on the "shift" play, who made an acrobatic catch in the end zone. Throughout the game Mount continued to roll up points.. The game finally ended with the score 38-6, with Mount being the victor. ln addition to throwing a touchdown pass, DeSantis also made some fine catches for All Hallows. In the final game of the year for All Hallows, the Gaels encountered Cardinal Hayes at Randalls Island. ln the first half Hayes scored three times as Gino Novelli could not be stopped. All Hallows scored on the first play of the fourth quarter as Lou DeSantis made the outstanding play of the game as he ran beauti- fully around end for 55 yards. Fowler scored a little later on a plunge over the center of the line. Hayes was just too powerful for the small and light All Hallows squad. The final score of the final game of the year for All Hallows, was 40-I3 in favor of Hayes. THOMAS KANE Tackle its-'ES TQ Y' w w g t .ff is -VMC , s - .. 1, -F wi says? .Q M .3 K, ,E K' t M51 ' il M-N f M.. 4 , Nw. , vwwfrvrzx fx.. . fx--75, . V, ., .W A..k. . I, A . VINCENT MANCA Tackle ROBERT GERBER Back fa, 2 f1wea,,:fs2mfw -H, W V f - x ' ' 2 , li? , ,,,. , ,M U, . M.. ,.. M .M ,iw ,ilH,,l ,,, ,, , ,. .. M ., ,. . , 2 55.55, TA.. ,, 3 -:Qi-vgs A - , H ., 71 1. af Q .. .Q ...,, gi ,L ,Q-f,-.g . ,. ..,, ,,. ..,, 65, ,I 152 .fain ,251 , ,, egiwg Li Q. 9 1? if . , . W.. ., , . ,wg .gig K .. ..-,, 12, . . -'55, Q ww , .M 'fn 2 575 vi? si fi Z .,,..,, X G , gg, , le A ' A . f V f fu V ,. 1 gf " my ,4 W,g,wfgwg?1,-3:Lgy?fyw.Sff,-agsjvw5:,fK g,5,3-i,ggQimc3.J1.. 6 -f5g.,i'g4 aimffwwagfwgw--Qqlffqalumgkcilem-.ffwyAvyu.f:5f My fwmfgggiggwfgk-535,'r3iAff,??ffW11e+7u,,?amf'fggwig,.5,3235 , qw ,ww 4,45 fp- W 'ffA:,,,f1wi,' fm 'wffififiw .F A' gu" M x'f?m92Km?aK M QAMWWM ifmfagzg.asfe.i,w1wgQiL2:4:v11kfifS' fix f Front Row: W. Ahearn, T. Murray, E. Muto, D. Flaherty, E. Hyland. Second Row: T. Setzer, J. Chiffone, T. Leahy, T. Fitzgerald, T. Fetherston, C. Hearn, T. Hicke. Back Row: Bra M .' J. Fl ' W. D ll M .' Reddan, J. MR. RICHARD KING Coach BROTHER M. F. BRADLEY Moderator Y y, gr , annigan, onne y, gr , Donnelly, J. Sullivan, M. lmhoff, Mgr. This year, the l955 All Hallows Varsity Basketball squad found itself placed in a new league, composed of Cardinal Hayes, Man- hattan Prep, St. Helena, Stepinac, Mount St. Michael, and All Hal- lows. All Hallows placed second in the Bronx Division of the CHSAA, while losing only two games in league competition, both of these losses being to Cardinal Hayes who captured first place in their division. Although for the first time since i952 All Hallows made the playoffs, they suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of a power- ful St. Francis squad at Madison Square Garden. ln the Knights of Columbus tournament, All Hallows again lost to St. Francis in the quarter-final round. All Hallows went to its sixth ESCIT this year hoping to retire the Bishop McKinley Cup. We showed that we were still a powerful Club, despite our l4 and 6 record by downing Fairfield Prep, 78-60. We had hopes of going all the way, when we were stopped in a heartbreaker defeat, 53-5l, to Power. Ernie Sampson's scintillating play earned him a spot on the tournament All-Star Team. Tom Fitzgerald was the man largely responsible for the success of the team, as he averaged a little more than 20 points per game in league competition. Fitzis deadly jump shot coupled with his tre- mendous driving ability earned him a position on the first string All City team. Tom Fetherston's fancy ball handling, and fine shooting was rewarded by receiving honorable mention on the All City team. The admirable play and tremendous spirit displayed by Sampson, Sullivan, Steppe, Leahy, Hearn, Ahearne, and Hyland will long be remembered by those who have watched them in action. Of course, we must not forget the excellent jobs done by both Mr. Dick King, the coach, and Brother Bradley, the moderator. All Hallam I I RECORD OPP'?0?f'f 75 . . l..3fj'S8ll6 . 48 55 . . . Rice . . . 57 39 . Power . . . 54 71 . Sty Helena's . 68 91 . St. Simon Stock 53' 49 . Cardinal Hayes 69 76 . Stepinac . . 72 65 . . ' . . Q wh .. f 59 . Mahhattan Prep 'mm' Q'-5 Q ' 80 . -Mi. St. Michael's '71 A 85 . Stepinac . . V 55 ' 56 . Power . . . 609 73 . St. Helena's . 55 I 57 . Cardinal Hayes 76 88 . Manhattan Prep. 72 75 Q . . Peeeeeee 4 70 . Michaelfs'ii'iQpfipf ee7-' 4 f 'eee T47 . Sf.7fFrancis Prep I 7"7 "'78 ' 065 . Xavier . . . 60 084 . Hoiy Trinity . - 71 058 . St.pFrancis . . 767 '78 . Fairfield Prep . 60 '51 7?-EQ --,.-, V' ' . ' .- sl - ' f'84e eeyiy - fl ieeir i - iiiiii GHNHS ' I 'I'--Playoffifaf Madison Sgiiare Garden ' if I 0--K. lofffC.i Games 5 I INDIVIDUAL SCORING Sampson . Fitzgerald Steppe . Fetherston Sullivan . Leahy . Flannigan 412 358 304 269 I 55 54 52 Two h ands for beginners n'T give him room. IOI Rf, if no ' ? 'rom FITZGERALD All cify -fry and 9 et IT' 2 JOHN SULLIVAN vw TOM FETHERSTON 102 ,I-"' J' WWWM Zl l Jumping Jack Too mam' handS .DL rf spoil the broth. mg his Wh ere's the +f,,. Look S Qood fo me' Rx Vv 4 , i' 'wg 'X ua M , K we , fl HA!-40 6 v I q ?7!7+J2fI ,ff CHARLIE f Q .4 Ck 5 HEARN Ligl 3 wwf M Awwkgjve hi rn a cha,-,Ce fe' las -fry and st D 0 fn SAMPSON Whg saY5 WS 3 big ff' 9? an'S Qam N eed a gfepfadder? IO4 it 9095 Fefhe 'Stews hoping 105 Up' UD an The d "As he flies Through The air with the greatest of ease." euce is UD. d away. MIKE STEPPE Front Row: M. Spina, T. Tansey. Second Row: J. Ryan Buchanan, J. Woods, F. Burke, A. Estella. Back Row J. Joyce, M. Grosso, R. Dallas, R. DePompeyo, F. McCardle We Wee The l954-55 Junior Varsity Basketball Team did exceptionally well despite the tact that there were no holdovers from last year's City Champion- ship team. Their hard playing and competitive sportsmanship throughout the season brought this team into a tie for first place in their division of the CHSAA. ln the game played to decide the division leader, they lost a heart-breaker to Cardinal Hayes. Due in a great measure to the superb coach- ing job done by Mr. DiSlanisleos, the J. V. lost only two games during the regular season. Praise must also be given to all the members of the team and particularly to Burke and McCardle whose excellent play helped lead the Junior Gaels to second place in their division of the CHSAA. 106 REEOIQB i AIlHa1faws , 'L,' 'ff+Opponeznf VVVI,a Sglleff V. Power . . -Rucef .L Sf, HeIenVa's . . .V Cardinal 'Hayes . Qtepmac Ricej . . Q Manhattah . Mt. Michael Stepihacf . 'I Power, HeIena's . . Cardihal Hayes .L f ' Manljqattagjn .V 'La Siille Q Mt. Michael Cardihal Hayes 'F Playoff eamei IO7 . ,a . .. F J' He Shoo 1- . s with his ,ef f hand foo A fumble in the backfleld Look ma, no h ands Front Row: Mallon. Gragiola, Corcoran, Wedra. 7955 Second Row: Rattigan, Power, Reily, Feigan, Cooke. Back Row: McCIory, Brennan, Allan, Ryan, Thomas, McCall. Z f MQ., ..,--, ,r,- f -1, ..f, f. Q1-J... 7,-- , f , ,,-,.x.,, ,..,.. V. f gg., 5, ,..1,.,f 45.5. V . K5 rrrfro rr,ro rrrr rrrr oror i JW' n'r Jnn r rrr f f rfo r rrrr rrrr aorr 1 . g r . . . oro,r fr' ,f"f,' :',, .'fff' 1r, ,'f' rrh. 66. avfa f r' rrrnf rJ1r .. .- -St. .l:lelef1a's . i 'l'57 rrrrrr rrrr 4553 rrrr r rorrr ,oo rorr a ? lO8 ln following the great All Hallows tradition of winning, the Freshmen really produced a winning team this year. ln fact, they sported such a powerful squad that they were able to win the city championship. They defeated St. Ann's by one point in the finals. Led by Kenneth McClory who averaged 20 points per game and Kevin Reilly, this team featured a fast breaking attack combined with deadly outside shooting and strong rebound- ing, definitely a winning combination in any league. They started off slowly but after a few close victories and a loss to LaSalle, they picked up real class and went undefeated for the rest of the season. Of course, no writeup of the team is com- plete without praising Mr. DiSlanisleos, the coach and Brother Carr, the moderator, for the superb job they did in producing a champion- ship team. Congratulations!! City Champs. John McHenry and Edward Benedict in action. BRO. NAGLE Moderator Front Row: R. Brady, W. Kennedy, E. Benedict, J. McHenry. Back Row: R. McQuillan, R. Gallagher, J. Harrington, E. Bryceland, J. Vanderlinde. if This year another sport was added to All Hallows Athletic Pro- gram. A handball squad was formed and equipped to participate in inter-city competition under Brother Nagle's capable supervision, handball has blossomed into one of the school's favorite sports. lO9 Front Row: F. Byrne, M. Danko, J. Foley, M. Manzarragga, B. Hartnett, A. Marks, J. Kindermann, J. Spina, M. Lee, W. Moclair, P. Rooney iCaptainJ. Second Row: J. Kyle, W. Murphy, J. McCarthy, J. Caesario, M. Rospars, A. Theyson, R. Culhane, R. Decoursey, D. Salvati, J. Freeman, P. Kingston, J. Minihan, J. McLoughlin, J. Healy, J. Hefferin, C. Gonzales. Back Row: M. Wilson, G. Verrando, T. Flattery, BRO. KELLY Moderator .ly ,-',, W W. ,s'.1:,sa..f:-V.. - vig' ,w.em.,,,,.,.. G. Colon, P. Donnelly, C. Fedigan, J. McGerald, J. Gibney, M. Devitt. Characterized by the usual small but spirited squad dom- inated by underclassmen, the team has been ably coached by Brother Kelly and Mr. Pete Waters. Constantly ponding over the boards and cinders, our harriers have begun to come into their own after a slow start. The indoor season was highlighted by a fine showing of the Midget 880 Relay Team, consisting of Byrne, Moclair, Freeman, and DeCoursey, which captured the gold cup at the Fordham Relays. Aided by utility men, Paul Rooney and John Kyle, who double on both the two mile and 880 relays, the team is coming fast. A point ot balance is maintained between the distance runners: Murphy, Fedigan, and Flattery, and be- tween the sprinters: Gonzales, Foley, Lee, Healy, Spina, Marks and Danko, ln addition Colon and Devitt have done remark- ably well in the high jump and shot put respectively. Prospects tor the coming Iona-Queens Meet and the Penn Relays are bright with Captain Rooney leading the team, while a chance of dominating the ICB Meet is predicted. 110 QUTDOOR V SCHEDULE . V 'CHSAA Relays ' 'Iona Preb Dual Meet I L iorfa-Quaena-Colfaga Meet V Ncgyice-Frogh Chamgjiormsl-ripsi Fordhama, Prep Relays , Vt Cardinal Farley Meet - V SCB Meet - V- V - xBrdhx2'Manhattan-aWestchester , J-5-Ci5'!8l'1'2PiOl"lShiQS LV VV . Richard DeCoursey fights for the lead. Championships trt if Sp-ilfaeahoe-' Gliuia V,V- Meet? V kF.g.,.. GfWr1,rCb2mPfSmSb'f2S at Martin Danko to John Salvati in the 880 relay. PAUL ROON EY Captain MARTIN DEVITT Shot Putter 'Ill QP ing iylff 'x .gtkilflr ff H4 ni , 'H-tea 'ie will U. Meet' lj mK'k St. .iohn's Meet V B. Meet LL:L , ,L l ' llss - Championships , l fi CHSAA City championships This year the All Hallows hill and dalers, paced by Captain Paul Rooney. had a very successful season. BesLdes ca its share of Iaurels in many of the meets, the squad took sec- ond place in the ICB Meet, missing the first place trophy by a mere point. William Murphy, William Moclair, Chris Fedigan, Dan Slattery and Paul Rooney sparked the Varsity, while the top men on the JV were John Heffernan, John Freeman, and Mel Lee. The Freshmen had a profitable season as they also took a second place behind a powerful Rice team. Led by John Lewis, Maurice Culhane, and John Allen the Frosh should produce a well rounded team in a few years. John Allan breaking the tape in the BMW Meet W- M1-H'Dl'1Y winning his heaf- W, Moclair taking second. Front Row: R. DiPompeo, R. Brazier, P. Fowler, D. Ahearn, A. Ziegler, W. Flannigan. Second Row: K. Walsh, T, Long, T. Hickey, T. Fitzgerald, W. Gogan, H. Magnusen. Back Row: J. Donnelly, J. Doherty, R. Feuchter, W. Deely, T. O'Connor. MR. R. KING Coach BRO. BRADLEY Moderator - a Last year, when the Varsity Baseball season ended, the familiar cry, "Wait until next year," was not heard around All Hallows. Only congratulations could be offered to the mem- bers ofthe l954 Varsity team as they had just won the CHSAA Championship, the first ever won by All Hallows, at Ebbets Field. Wally Mulvaney pitched brilliant ball to defeat Bishop Loughlin. "Red" O'Conner also played a big part in that game as he threw out three base runners in crucial situations. The one-two pitching combination of Wally Mulvaney and Tom Fitzgerald combined with the timely hitting of the team car- ried them through a season in which they only lost one game, to St. Ann's, and that game being lost by only one run. This year, with about half of last year's starters left on the squad, All Hallows again sports a strong team. With Tom Fitzgerald as the backbone of the pitching staff, helped out by Jim Donnelly, and with a lot of hitting power to back them up, the team so far has gone undefeated. Some of the hold- overs from last year's team include Tom Fitzgerald and "Red" O'Conner, the battery, Dan Ahearne, Hank Magnusen, Phil Fowler, all of whom wield potent bats. With the addition of some other fine prospects like Ziegler, De Pompeio, Hickey and Long, this year's team may turn out to be as good, if not better, than last year's team. Dick King so far has done an excellent job with the team and if nothing happens to alter the situation, All Hallows might produce another city-cham- pionship team. GOOD LUCK GANG! Varsity Pitchers R. Feuchfer, J. Donnelly, R. Brazier, Co-Captain T. Fitzgerald, A. Ziegler. Co-Capfain Tom O'Connor shows his swing. Wally Grogan hifs The dirl' against 'the Mount. l 1954 City Champs Front Row: T. Fifzgerald, P. Fowler, F. Tirico, D. Ahearn, l. Dolan, P. Casey, G. Bernard. Second Row: W. Mulvaney, Br. George, R. Ricci, T. O'Connor, W. Deely, E. Hyland, H. Magnusen, W, Gogan. Back Row: R. Pagnucco, Br. Bradley, C. Grogan. Coach Kir1Q ll6 e Qame' briefs Team befor Phil Fowler fakes his cut. ll... ........ . llgilii ii llll l illiii Front Row: K. Reilly, R. Feighan, J. Tansey, P. Colangelo, T. Bochenko, M. Spina, R. Maftes. Back Row: T. Roach, X. Eboli, D. Holzer, K. McClory, J. McGarvil, W. McConnell, W. 'Quast, J. Herfel, V. Cardo lMgr.J .72 This year, under the able coaching of Brother Carr, the J. V. team looks like a big winner. So far this year, the J. V. team has run up a record of two wins, a loss and a tie, and in all their games so far they have made a very impressive showing. 'viz L V me P. Coxangelo, w. NW,,,. .. . , ln their first game of the yea rn, they defeated M' Sp Tolentine 23-6, as they indicated tremendous batting strength as Spina, McGarvil, Collan- Mr elo, and Tanse their Number l itcher, so . . if If 225555 far shape up as the sluggers, although, up to now most of the others show tremendous prom- .wfffi I ..,. I ise. Many of the young ballplayers will very soon be top performers for the All Hallows Varsity team. l 31,5 ri, i 2 .33 ' 'd'l 'll "" J ' . ' BRO. CARR nz -,'-. .aw 4514271 ....'... f-ff,'- ' q V f f f " Coach rsi. J N Q . ,.,., f Y . . " - rf . J . ,A . I J ' ,.-. , f . .. ' 2 'i'd"i' ,. 2 G. If M W IV, -,'. 3 f ' f fif- V? 'N' ' " J Y ' . . ..... ,wr .i J it ..... J J w w . . isr J R ' r qgaf'-1'1xr'1Q:Qif. .js "" .HT ,"' ' 'UT' "2 pg., 3.3 ',"i Q I' 'A"' f ' 1' , , ' 7' 1! f-f' ' I nf --J. f. f 'Qi nj., K' A M." """ f -3 .1 K f g.. i"l 5 ' '.?..fij 5. " 1 5? fy, l I 'IW . 224 Q ' A' ,V., 5 V. .. ,wi ,1 1 5 fV.,..V...., . ir kr Vkrr Z I .... 1 I ,rv ',.. 1 g y, J . We R X' .. lill 1 h..f 7, Q' . l"' 1 Y. llk. W ' V 5 ' 'llf 5 ,. 2 rd fb, .5 J " fi5f.f f' V" ' in "J lii' I ' , -R . gi , . . . 3. . T. V 'gt' , + n . V , at , J... ' 5 3 "', ,A YV ' F 4-a..,,,r ,"' R ,:?,+'Q5 "'. Q r s g',,,, .,.. V S M VL kyr, 7' ' . , I , I .V -'f', 1 ' . . ','i 5, 11 ',.rJ J J A "" ,A we ,y.y ,,i.. '.i. T. Bohenko, R. Matfes, K. Mc- ' ,,.i. ,R J f.r' . 'irsi Clary, w. Quast, K. Reilly, rr" 1 J- Heffel' X- Eboll- D- Holzef- J- Tansey' 'ZA R- Fefghan- il' 2 . J y: J. 2. ' , J' JJRJ 1 , H SQw JAMES COSTELLO President Offczaa MAUR ICE MCCARTHY Vice President EDWARD MATHIS JOHN GLEESON Secrefa ry Treasurer I Thomas Brew Q Richard Burke Thomas Carroll 44139 A T As we now look forward to our graduation day we must also pause and look back on our last eventful year at All Hallows In September l954 we entered the final stage of our iourney through grammar school Under the direction William Casey ce we took up our studies and Cornelius Collins devoted ourselves to the diligent preparation for our regents examinations which were to assure our passport to higher learning Although we considered that learning was to be our major concern during this our final year of elementary studies we also discovered that the Class of 55 was to enjoy different features in our school program, introduced by our new principal, Brother R B Power Most important of these was the Christmas retreat, attended for the first time by the eighth grade An atmos phere of great sanctity pervaded the school dur ing the three days of December 2Oth, Zlst and 22nd, l954. The wise and inspiring talks of Reverend Father William Doty who conducted the retreat impressed indelibly upon our minds and souls the need of prayer and devotion in Rocco Conte William Corcoran is 013' , ,, b, - ' ae U k .A C ,:":.-fu, .--LA.:-ana--'-'.'v' -- 'QZQJ' "j',,Tyfl:'-' .- . - ',,. uw, A . ,, -,....v- 'ff-rams.-:.f,"S,'-'z-1" -.:-- our daily lives. 4'-u.b..4. ,,.-..z .... .'....uax.c-'- -' Gerard Crisci Peter Cuomo Joseph Fallon l2l William Frank Louis Ferrante Daniel Florio VWVP' With Christmas vacation came the chance to relax a bit from our studies and to overcome any little difficulties we had met in our school work January brought the long anticipated regents examinations in which we all earned our regents diplomas To all of us this brought a feeling of deep satisfaction and sincere grati tude to all the Brothers who had guided us so patiently through our various subjects ever since our entrance to All Hallows But the fact that we had passed did not mean that we were to have a recess from learning The second semester saw us taking up in addl tion to our regular work new studies of algebra, Latin and general science. Aside from these many of us took time out to participate in var- ious extra-curricular activities. We played on the softball field and the handball and basket- ball courts: we took over the responsibility of editing and writing the "GRAM NEWS"g our many voices were ably blended into harmony by our music teacher, Mr. James Obrothag those of us who had musical talent joined the school band under the direction of our new director, Mr. Saigon. Most of us found great satisfaction in all these activities which contributed so much to our complete education. Y -1--Wa.. UP ' c., V - 4 ' ' , ,,4,,s'5C ' -21.. . :s-15' U2:'if-4T-f1,4i:GLL-- L - 5 I , ..4'v-., as - v eg. .h a 57mm l i Q ' x 1 Q., 5" Brendan Holly James Fay Michael Foley ff l : 5,m,,:,L,J A.. K .,,',.,. -s..7-.-,-ly ' -'-Q My , .,,.. W., '.,M , Q , . ,, ,N . . , , " g .,b.,! . ..,.,,,,-.,s., laws - . , - , , - . , Joseph Kelly l22 -,J -wise,-f Joseph Kennedy John Kiernan Walter Law Edward McCusker John Lazzari Michael Lentini The high-light of our athletic program was the introduction of C.Y.O. basketball to the school for the first time. Our team won high honors in the private school league in both regular and post-season tournaments. This year the team was most fortunate in being offered pions", a television youth show. Jack Kiernan won the right to represent our school in the junior champions tournaments at'Madison Square Garden. Another new activity enjoyed by our class was gym period during which we partici- pated in inter-class basketball, volleyball games and calisthenics. In other fields we were also busy. We par- ticipated in the C.Y.O. essay contest for which ten boys from our grade wrote essays on the topic "Youth, America's Richest Heritage". Our "GRAM NEWS" was awarded a second place trophy in archdiocesan competition, in addition our class newspaper "The Herald" sponsored a photography contest. Spiritually, too, we were preparing ourselves in order that we might have the moral courage to meet the new problems the years to come will James McHugh John Mahoney William Mahony Edward McAloon Francis McDermott Michael Merriman 123 Richard Neville John Orme Michael Moretti George Ripol John Russel -.4-21,-I-H ., . , JN - I ,,.. .' ,S-Ig - - . .- . ,. Ja, '--fl T" Q I ,, , an-2,.,.I ' " "' -x J. - -X5 'A' .2Q1:ff1f'l T -f 1. ' thrust before us. During the Holy Season of Lent, we resolved to come closer to God and His Blessed Mother. With the coming of Easter we rejoiced with the risen Christ. So passed our final year in All Hallows grammar school with all phases of our development, spiritual, mental and physical, carefully fostered under the far- sighted guidance of our teachers. We the Grammar Graduates of l955 want to thank the Brothers Teachers and Parents who worked for us so untiringly We will offer many prayers for those men whose lives have been an inspiration to us They have trained us in tellectually and morally so that we may remain strong and Chist like through all the days of our lives With our departure from grammar school we pray O LIGHT OF THE WORLD WHO HAST BEEN OUR LIGHT IN THE PAST BE OUR GUIDE FOR THE FUTURE JOY AND IN SORROW AND 4' IN ALL THAT WE MAY EVER UNDERTAKE Barrett Sweeney l24 Patrick Temple Donald Wilson Donald Shea sax 'K ff, gras ,,-- X ., .M wr ' I :za ,M 51A 4557, 15 ,L A . 4, kr' A .S 3' 1 M3553 2 Front Row: L. Herrmann, J. O'Connor, B. Minogue, R. Juliano, G. Fasula, J. Ferrara, M. Smith, R. Callahan, R. Malcolm, M. Murphy, F. Hagen. Back Row: J. Woods, Tam- ames, R. Casey, E. Reynolds, J. Giblin, P. Principafo, T. Downey, W, Norton, P. Diamond. fl' 1 .1 , fi f 1 BRO. J. J. COLLINS BRO. s. P. coNsioiNE Front Row: D. McAloon, T. Costello, M. Groffola, J. Merriman, R. Carroll, F. Tyrrell T. Rabbift, R. Dominquez. Back Row: B. Farrell, A. Esposito, P. Lathwood, M. Conlon J. Brady, R. Wagner, M. Harrigan, P. Brauer. Q 11... ' .lfalw.5QY..1i..522..5wY..5!e ,Q ff ,.sz?f25i s'w' , W K . l 5 r Front Row: P. MacDonald, R. Cerbone, C. Burke, J. Heaphy, W. Hari, P. Dolan, G. Cavanaugh. Second Ro R. Castaldi, T. Liguori, P. Ferguson, J. Turiello, M. Galferio. Back Row: L. Cox, J. McCann, R. Kelly, D. Murphy, J, Haybyrne, R. Weaver. ' o BRO. W. McKAY I 28 1 .wffsefm Q1 .,.Qf.m l l .Front Row: T. Marfell, R. Harrigan, R. Sullivan, R. Carota, K. Kennedy, W. Brady, R. Deppe. Back Row: W. McAloon, R. Mercado, W. Geffens, J. Lium, P. O'Brien, C. Heffernan, F. Deraney. BRO. J. L. O'TOOLE 129 sa F Front Row: M. Conte. G. Murphy, T. Chorba, P. Muscillo, M. Formoso, W. DeEgidio, W. Coriell, J. Lavery. Back Row: M. Bennett, E. Riley, J. Brady, R. Ferrara, M. Hanratty, R. Neville, R. Bechdol, M. Brown, T. McGrlel. ,.,...,,. 1 g ,...,. f , . 'rf ' , 'J T5-::"1f"f35fff1L. .. -' . Q . 1 H :'- .nw 4 fx f.-gf..5f,--33. - H517 I 'f 'Z "T" 130 BRO. J. A. REIDY ',f.w:1'.-.., , 1... -my ...H f. .,-.1f...f. 11,1 .. -.Q ......,..-,..1- -f ..., f .. . ,I Front Row: D. Keane, R. Meli, D. Mclnfyre, H. Ryan, J. Cheevers. Back Row: W. Ellis, J. Masselli, F. McCaffrey, C. Walwyn, R. Tomaselli, T. J. Lynch, H. Herkerf, A. Feig, R. Pollio. BRO. J. T. CONCANNON ff F5 fm gg? P5 Jr -mg , ,,f.,.:iw -. . V ,,.. f 1 . :V : Ii i" VZ: . if L fr 19 .- ' 1 A - l. f..,evfQz.- f ' .sm 1g.,r .. .F A Y' " wp... 5 Qgyvm BRO. L. P. QUIGLEY Front Row: C. Christopher, A. Brown, G. Moley, J, Fleites, R. Scheerschmidt. Back Row: N. Ruocco, J. Fitzpatrick, R. Esposito, D. Whitmore, R, Brache, J. Tobin, J. Liguori, R. Comenzo, M. Schmidt, W. Callahan, E. Callahan, F. Martell, P. Bennett. I l32 ALL HALLOWS RAN ,K1rSe?s,31SrIfbE2T' O A ' 4 A A Dt,'CC'Il1l7LTI'. 1954 All Hallows Grammar Scli . -YY ,YWEM ,M - ,,.-E.,E,r-,.,,.........., fl' H.H. SHEETS ff: 572015 - back over her year and rmcvption, Dvcembe rr, Wu S term l. Ullf nd rt the rs, Iva st 115 if TY ic no ,fl CF Il 4 1 fr :ecp close watch over him always. V0 Woul BROTHER CONSIDINE lizil rome to Moderator -in- 1. Brother is not a stranger to All Hal- 5, having taught here affevv years ago. S Brother Poxvcfs intention to maintain high scholastic and athletic standards sh have beentraditional here at All 1 1 thru- :ww Iirotlwrw to the Craaznnmr Schoul S 1. .rf Iumrrm ' Farther to comme Turrfgcptiaxru, By if Hrst momer :ng ot bodv and soul 11' bxrncfxts, many lvsscr tlxrmrgn. privzztrf rlcvrwtimx to the Bfcssed lDe'1mrInwnr. 'Ihr Front ROW: J. Fay, L. Gaufeira, 'Gl Crigcgy W. Haglboylnla, thi1flfl7llkbiCSXtit'tf1CC1. rmd 21 thoufsmud other favors piuc-v Brother Loc: W. Frank. Back ROW: R, Cardwell, E. -I-amamesy rp 5 xntcrccxmry powers. P21201 BYUHWI' Pi J- Russell. S- MZFOUSY, R- Ramifezr arson chasm-r to Curl, for Mary is the Mother of f0UUCU4U1t1S Mid Bfvlflvf Nlllillfllllh fvlivfllllg L should ask Marry mr rmytlaarxg we med, for Mary wiil always irxtercvde for us. at Saint fICfCihil'S E'Sw.'l'xoc11, Mamhutizxn, U, Bmlhvr Quigllfgy ix the first gfkldt' touch:-r, ll who c-zum: to us frmn Saint Fidzmxmfs. all 6 N Brother is zmtso com,-h of our fifth and sixth ot ALL HALLOWS GRAMMAR SCHOOL gradelmrak1'tmzl1tf:a1x'xz.Bestofluck, Brother, 111 EAST 164,11 STREET NEW YORK 52 N. Y' for the cmnirtgi season. Qf CRISCI BmUzr-1' O'10oIv was ax former tcacllcr at bf A I Edi A v Y I Saint C4-cfilizfs School and Irma. Brother is M swcme mrs "" """""" "" B I LL H YBYRNE, LOU S GALTERIQ ncwv if-aching tht: fourth I grade, and We tif 590115 --------------------------A---'-f--'--"----'-'----f BILLY FRANK- JAMES FAY, JAMES LYNK would like to uungrzrtulzitcr him on his sue- Columnists-JOHN RUSSEL, ROBERT STIRBIS, EUGENE TAMAMES, WIT- crcfssful coaching of the Midget fnotrmll team, Ji NEY NORTON, RICHARD CARDWELL, ANTHONY MARRA, JOHN CIBLIN, H, X 5' AKQ ,l I f sg- t I RICHARD RAMIBEZ, WALTER FARRELL, PAT DIAMOND, STEPHEN c,3ff51,LLgChi1 agmilifrigogijlrirfulttwnr MORONEY, LEONARD QUINN, PATRICK TEMPLE, JAMES cosTELL0, I X ' V K g ' EDWARD MCALOON, WILLIAM QUIRK, RICHARD HARRICAN grade, and we extend to hnm a very warm PI lows. welcome. I ' ' 'tc Mary wi!! ever be a faithful member of ourfilmurchg ' w- I I ' . When our Blessed Lord uttered those beautiful words, "Suffer the little children to come unto Meg for of such is th? king- dom of God," He must certainly have had in mind our little boys in the first grade who approach His altar to receive Him for the first time in Holy Communion. What ioy and happiness fills the chilcl's heart, when after many weeks of fervent preparation, he finds himself ready to re- ceive His Lord. Having made his first Con- fession the day before the child approaches the altar, during Mass, with a pure spirit ready to be nourished with the "Bread of Angels", Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. ls ' K " .,,,. H ff ff w-wir' ffl' ,.f.f,1sisws g,- .a,mw ,-W F t R : B. C , J. F't ld, F. H gan, J. Lynk, M. Hayes, B. Stirbis. Back Row: L. Quinn, Manager, B. Minogue, J. OClCrdnnoc:tvR. Malgglerh, J. lgigigiedri, E. MatF1is, J. Costello, B. Frank, B. Haybyrne, Manager. Not Pictured: J. Gleeson, J. Russel. Completing one of the most successful sea- sons in the Grammar School History, the Junior Gaels compiled the outstanding record of 23 wins and i2 defeats. Led by Captain Jack Kiernan, the Junior Gaels entered a newly formed CYO Private School League which included Loyola School, St. Joseph's Academy and lona. ln this league, the Gaels' record was 4 wins and 2 defeats. The Gaels entered the All Hallows Father's Club Tournament in which they emerged victorious against St. Elizabeth's, but lost to St. Raymond's in the quarter finals. ln the lrish Christian Brothers Tournament, the Gaels chalked up a win over Sacred Heart but lost to St. Cecilia's, 43-33 in a very well played game. All Hallows was represented on the All- Star Team by Jack Kiernan and Billy Frank. Frank Hagan won the foul shooting contest and received a gold medal: The Junior Gaels also competed in the Pfivate School Tourna- Z ment sponsored by the CYO. After a victory over St. .loseph's, the Junior Gaels lost the "tough one" of the year to Iona, 34-32, in a "Sudden death" overtime. Jack Kiernan and Eddy Mathis made the All-Star Team and Frank Hagan won the title of Best Defensive Player. Credit must also be given to John Glee- son for his outstanding play during this tourna- ment. All Hallows also played such schools as Sacred Heart of Highbridge, St. Philip, St. Angela Merci, a St. Athanasius, Immaculate Conception, St. Helena's, St. Ann's,' Allen Stevenson and Dalton School. Throughout the season, the rebounds were capably handled by Jimmy Costello and Ed Mathis, who scored l52 and l56 points respec- tively. lt was their constant fighting spirit under the boards that kept All Hallows always in the game. The playmaker and high scorer with 243 points, 'Jack Kiernan, was always a i High Jumping for a small man. BRO. CONCANNON Moderator threat to the opposition by his driving ability and accurate jump shot. Besides Jack, Frank Hagan and Billy Frank with their jump shots and driving spirit always assured All Hallows of a fighting chance until the final whistle had blown. Frank got 98 point and Billy got 97 points. Among the capable reserves were John Russel, Roger Malcolm, Mike Hayes, Bob Casey, Jimmy Lynk, Bob Stirbis, Brian Mino- gue, John Fitzgerald, and John O'Connor. By beating St. Ann's by a score of 33129 and winding up the season victorious, the Jun- ior Gaels have left an enviable record to be carried on by the future Junior Gaels. Every member of the team deserves praise for con- tributing to this fine record. At the close of the season each player and the two managers, Leonard Quinn and Billy Haybyrne, were awarded bronze basketballs in recognition of fine sportsmanship. Rough but oh so gentle. Eddy coming to the rescue Hands up but to no avail. 7954 ' zffk E M , sw- . f ,, , ,, ,M rs, ei, Front Row: Haybyrne, Kelly, Linza, Deturo, Somma, Carreras, Donnelly. Back Row: Loftus, McAloon, Carroll, Verlezza. nol? ,,,,l fllrl llllni The Midget Football team was under the capable i Coaching of Brother O'Toole and Brother Reidy. The lfill ,rrrl jf l,,.l squad consisted of 22 players from the fourth, fifth and o- illil llgl llli sixth grades. The team has worked very hard and is deserving of great compliment. Their success had its cul- N' mination in a longed for victory over Iona of New e,,, Rochelle. We congratulate our Midget Gael team on their ,.,.-,s - r--,,,-,, , ,,,,'. Q ,,,' tt.,tt, , t,,. r,,,-,,,st. ,,-,,, L. f,-,f.l.evfeL.mfaw f i,f.:-vmfesx-if -1 f sz-Z2.f1gS:w f fine spirit and good play which made this victory possible. Front Row: George Ripol, Edward McAloon, Richard Neville, Robert Callahan, Michael Smith, Brendan Holly, Peter Cuomo, Michael Moretti, Maurice McCarthy, William Frank, James Fay, John Lazzari. Second Row: Joseph Kennedy, William Corcoran, Louis Galterio, Robert Stirbis, Thomas O'Brien, John Heaphy, Peter Dolan, Willim Hart, Richard Cardwell, Michael Conlon, Salvatore Linza, Michael , . TTTITU-RZSW: W'Hi'tney Nfton, Barrett Sweeney, Fhomas Ra5EiTf, FlarolE'Pesci, WTl'liam Casey, Robert-Casey, Edward Malanoski, Richard Dominguez, Donald Shea, Louis Ciota, Patrick Temple. Fourth Row: Philip McHugh, Paul Miklusak, Robert Nieves, Richard Sullivan, James Murphy, Richard Harrigan, William Brady, James Haybyrne, Stephen Ward, William McAloon, William Gettens. Back Row: Eugene Tamames, Joseph Kelly, Edward Clarke, James Kennedy, James Turiello, Victor D'Eufemia, Raymond Carroll, Robert Castaldi, Richard Ramirez, John Orme, Francis McDermott, Ralph Cerbone, Arthur Dillon, Peter Brauer. f ' , , , . 1' S -1' Christmas Concert l .0 Q On January 26th competitions were held at All Hallows to choose the best' all-around athlete to represent the School at the Junior Champions TV Program on Saturday, January 29th, l955. The competition included the following events: the 5-O yard dash, won by Jack Kiernang the standing broad jump, won by Jimmy Costello, which tied the Junior Champion record with a tremendous jump of 8 feet, 3 inches, the football throwing, won by John Glee- song the running broad jump and the 20 second basketball shoot, both won by Jack Kiernan. The three highest scorers in these events competed in a foul shooting contest during the TV program. The 50 yard dash was filmed in Joyce Kilmer Park and the other four events were filmed in the All Hallows Gym for showing on the TV program. A group of fifteen boys from 7th and 8th grades led by the three contenders for the Junior Champion Award, Jack Kier- nan, Mike Hayes and Jimmy Costello, appeared on the TV program along with a group from St. Joachim and Anne of Queens Village. The Master of Ceremonies was Carl Braun of the New York Knickerbockers and Elroy "Crazylegs" Hirsch, the famous end of the Los Angeles Rams, was the guest star. Crazylegs showed thefundamentals of being a good football end and how to catch and handle a football in a sports clinic in which Jimmy Lynk and Billy Frank participated. During the program the three top contenders showed their ability in a foul shooting contest. Mike Hayes won this event by making 4 out of 5. Jack Kiernan received the most number of points during the competitions and was awarded the Junior Champion trophy for All Hallows. He represented All Hallows in the Junior Champion Tour- nament in Madison Square Garden in which he was in competition with all the other Junior Champions. l4O The three top contenders with Crazylegs and Carl. kZ1f'..f-J7. gg R 14' The Junior Champion along side of Crazylegs and Carl. 595' Brother Reidy and the members of the Ari' Class wiTh one of Their masterpieces. l42 x E 2 v 5 K E W-'P Brother Collins and sfudenfs enfranced by music Treasures , , .-vi,-.5o.,Q. f. A fo, 17,-at . ,, Va, i , , .V ...,,.N, Adams, John Vincent . . Ahearn, Daniel Joseph . . Ahearn, William James . Anderson, Charles Vincent Anzolut, Louis Peter . . Baldwin, Robert .... Banks, Lawrence . Barth, Robert . . . Berger, Richard John . Brown, Edward . . . Burbige, John . . . Byrne, Joseph .... Cardone, Anthone Paul . Carmody, Richard . . Carr, William . . . Cataldi, Nicholas . Chlupsa, John .... Clancy, James .... Clemente, John Michael . Collins, Maurice . . . Corcoran, James Gregory . Corless, Joseph Patrick . . Corless, Thomas Edward . Costello, Edmund Joseph . Crotty, Gerald .... Cullen, James Bernard . . Culshaw, Paul . . . Dagnelli, Thomas . Dallas, John . . Danko, Eugene . Devane, Denis . . . Deely, William J. . . Devlin, Francis Joseph . . Devitt, John Martin . DeSantis, Louis. . . Dewar, Paul ..... DiBartolomew, Joseph . DiMarco, Andrew . . Dolan, Joseph .... Donnelly, William . . . Donnelly, William Raymond Downey, John .... Dunn, Joseph .... Egan, Michael . Eustace, Brian . Fahy, James . . Fallon, William . . Feuchter, Robert . Fitzgerald, Thomas . . Fowler, Philip . . Freedman, Robert . . Gannon, Bartholomew . Gavin, Stephan . . . Gibney, John . . Gill, Francis . . Gleeson, James . Gogan, Walter . Gray, James . . Grogan, Charles . Guihen, Thomas . Gunning, Thomas . Harrington, Joseph . . Hearn, Charles . Heller, Arthur . . Hickey, Thomas . Hickey, Thomas . Holohan, Joseph . Hurley, John . Kane, Bernard . L f fo., f 'TH''f"f'7.'fWf'f""'W" " '- " f"- if Nr f -,...X, -1- ., -'wx 13 -. . r 1 E I I . 1959 McGraw Ave., Bronx 62, N.Y . 583 W. 215th St., New York, N . 180 Riverside Drive, New York, . 2378 Webster Ave., Bronx 58 . . 443 E. 186th St., Bronx 57, . . . 60-36 83rd Place, Elmhurst, . . 3210 82nd St., Jackson Heights, . . . 2773 Briggs Ave., Bronx 58, . . . . 50-32 61st St., Woodside, L. I . . . 37-01 30th Ave., Astoria, L. I . . 112-32 38th Ave., Corona, L. l . 126 E. 83rd St., New York 28, N. Y . 199 W. 10th St., New York 14, N. Y . . . 272 E. 163rd St., Bronx 36, N.Y . 261 E. Kingsbridge Rd., Bronx 58, N.Y . - . 457 E. 186th St., Bronx 57, N. Y .' . . 45-56 189th St., Flushing, L. l . . 359 E. 163rd St., Bronx 56, N.Y . 201 E. 79th St., New York 21, N.Y . 78-20 270th St., New Hyde Park, L. l . 535 Spring Valley Rd., Maywood, N. J . 1233 Fairfax Ave., Bronx 51, N.Y . 1113 Walton Ave., Bronx 52, N. Y . . . 141-41 7'l st Road, Flushing, L.l zzzziz. 4444444 . 142 W. 228th St., New York 63, N. Y. . 172 Teaneck Rd., Ridgefield Park, N. J 484 Amsterdam Ave., New York 24, N. Y . . . 33-13 155th sn, Fhwhing,L.L . . . 306 E. 163rd sf, Bronx 56, N. Y. . . 20 Halsted Ave., Yonkers 4, N. Y . . . 101 E. 179th St., Bronx 53, N.Y. . 1335 Madison Ave., New York 28, N. Y. . . 1166 Gerard Ave., Bronx 52, N. Y Ugg. .6. F N Il W' mtv -3322 Uxwmq oU,3 FO' r pw N an-if .1434 3- U, cn 5355? cn S-Pi? :YL T. v1u1 como 91571 GS-SS' -+5 4 zzzzzzzrrzr -4-44-4-44-477:47 67, . . 100 W. 162nd St., Bronx 52 . . . 3358 Corsa Ave., Bronx . 3875 Waldo Avo., New York 63, . 2710 Bainbridge Ave., Bronx 58, . . . 309 E. 164th St., Bronx . . . 274 Bonner Place, Bronx . . 560 W. 192nd St., New York 33, . . 2474 Marion Ave., Bronx 58, N. Y. . . . 48-1 l 47th St., Woodside, L. l. . . 37 Sherman Pl., Jersey City, N.J. . . 1705 Purdy St., Bronx 62, N. Y. . . . 3086 Hatting Pl., Bronx 61, N. Y. . 2763 Sedgwick Ave., New York 63, N. Y. . . 960 Park Ave., New York 28, N. Y. Y . . 1459 Taylor Ave., Bronx 69, N. . . 45-11 166th St., Flushing, L. l. . . . 43-14 28th Ave., Astoria, L. l. u in 0 wg O. o -9.2 8283 2245 '!'fH5'f1:' Wig? - O, Z4 255 mm -43.2"-4 91 3 mg FX 3 7r- :cu .. . 24:5 zzz? 5555 -lb LU O GJ N W 5'- J-- 4 sb Z 9. ff- ,.., zzzzzzz ,444444444 . 607 Concord Ave., Bronx , . . 52 28 . . 939 Ogden Ave., Bronx 52, . . 55 . 2122 Valentine Ave., Bronx 58 . . 9 .. 1704 First Ave., New York 28, 61 . 2165 Chatterton Ave., Bronx . . . 790 Riverside Drive, New York 32 52 . . 1011 Nelson Ave., Bronx . . . . 35-25 155th St., Flushing, N. . 2470 Tiebout Ave. Bronx 58 N . . 561 W. 163rd St., New York 32, N. Y. Kaufl, Albert . Kearney, John . Kehoe, Thomas . . Keller, Valentine . Kelly, James . . Koch, william . Lowney, John . Lynn, John V . X. . Lopez, Ramon A .- . McEnery, Thomas . McGerald, James . McGIade, Hugh . . McGovern, Lawrence McGrath, Raymond . Mclnerney, James . 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