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L as is V, ,Q , ,, Wm K iz f . J' V Q -y 1 Q W, as r x X , w K L Our Lcudq of Perpetual Help b,g,.., ,1- 'Y , 4-.if uwjx ryimi '47 3 Lvaf 1 ' fm. U :L f .s,,, 5? K viii X, ,, fx ,gi .MQ :wifi . 5' , : 'gl fifgs A- EVA QQ: V Mi? 72 ,si " ,V ,, '15 .f:,i9.f, . F' 'L 5,3 lim " sif -V ViV?ziwVV .. Jw ,V K KK V Vf'5f1'?g1i7.,nl ff, ,, -,Vey V. :fag - ' KKK KKKK . K VKKKKK V 1 S K K VV K KK VV , I ,. ,A .. V- V , Vy. VV -. H, V V ' V .V ., V' V VV A V-gay ff K vw V, f ,, 'VHA 'AA-f , 'Z M L, . H gi., A K V. ..,, V VV, K KK, KK KKK YVQKKQQWVKKK ,K KK, ,... K- K ,,..,4 , L,,, , , ., ,, ., .. V ,.,L. ., . , . , , ,. '.,, , V V V ,V ,. . wif if K Lkffyf . J. .. K K gV'FQ z V' 'VV LV, .K AWK! I 'K . K., L , IM ,yi ff," K V .NK ., ,. V V- - VV -- V V . 4' A Q -. V X A A wwf 'V ' ,, V y V, VA far WVQK .. ,,,. -A VV LZVWKK K 3 V ' V , K .V V. V V- Y VV V , ..f..--: V V- V VV .Lg -, " V 5 VV. KK - I KKK? VK .QW K VKV' Wx ,U , K .. VV ,, V K VMKKK K , ..-. V mlgm V V , 'V ., .. ' . .. Y, VV V- . V ' ' 5 u V7 V , V' My V - Vw V,, VVQQVV K K .. -V, VV V VW' V Q v ' ff 'Y V V, '7 VJ H -'- Ex V ' K V- W VV VV V - 'N X , V KK KKK ,KK KK K . KK K V, K , fV ,gs KK.K K .,,V .K - .,.,. -. ' A ' ' . ' Lg " V' -- ' -S V V VV Vzgm -V K, " ww . V- ' 3' V, V"' V- I . , . Vg . K I .V , K . in .E i ,,, V "-L V ' - . I V V 7 ' . - X, V V , V . . ,,,V V .. 'V' V 'V VG" 1 . 3 m'VW-Q so . ix Q . V 'V ' .V A :VV .Vi W' 15 . V , - wtf Vi. f A V. V . V , V- V WE V . V , -, V . ww VV V V ' fx V VJVV1-V gil--VV V V nl V A Q5 . V. ,Q --,VK 5 KK VV,f,gK ,VKKYKK wg, . , KK J ,, VeV?,f+f ,V . V' 'kh' Vw "" V 17" V ' V af . -QV, Q ' .. . V . V - V V V . " -,Q Vu F22 if V ,. 4 g ,g,, . , .. . .. V V V V . -- V :JV V V ,,,, VV. ,p -V FV --., 32 , ,. V , V V V- V - VV V VV V-VV V -V V 'V V .. 'Vi' .V V. V , V -sy V ,V ,,k, G 'ii' 'XV .WV ', ,VQg?vifi"f? g - '. , . 5 . , - VVV- , V A 1 , A WV 'Sf ' ' ' VV' I A K , ' .VVVVNQYVV , 'WVV5 V 'L I V . ' Q VVVVQ V 1 V. E V :mf V , V V? ' V ',,, - NV V: . V fi V'kV. V ' '. ' e!f? V- ' . , .. I - ' '-'V ""t ..,, . .,,,,.. -V ' V'f'w '5,:f5V V F: 'V ww VV'- V7 V: VV'fV" ' ,. -' 1 ' ,,. V Q. ,,,, . V ,, .. KK K KKK KK KK I . V . . V V V' V ' V VV V ., ' . V W:+,V.VNwQ,g,, V KV 3 A Q K ' '?fVw1a-M,f.Q,sfi5g5gm.,.i,,5VV1 KKV . -wig: +V KK . , Lf VV K. ,K 9. VK K '- M V " . 1 ff ,,., A , V V--' V V V-,-, 'V , H V V V ' Vw fy 3, ., , K V I MVSJVVVVWTLZQ VV.- K ' VW- V V. . ,,'V VV V - V . V - V .V V.V-V V V,,, . ,,,,,., . V,... .V -V V, VV V V ,. .,... . W VV VV WAV. ,,,. ,Q ,, -- ,- - - VV , .--V . V' 'M "W" f V1-YIVV ' . -- VVJHUV . A fififf Vg, . -R j,. .5 Z. VV 'V ,I - H VV W . , V- VV ,V ...,. '21 V VV . , V. '. VVTVV VVVV , VV V Vw' V . - VV VK .K . - VV V V V V V ' V. ,124 . . V .V ,, jg - X ,,.. V V .W , V KV .V 6 A L VV-- V V, V V., Vw L O 3, V , 3 V V K K KK KK V 0 KKVKKKV 5 5, K-V . . V VV ,V Ks,KKKV, V- VV V K VK Nw-ag - V .V -Ki YA tp - .,KKK K K K V, KKK.. VKKKK - V ,Q , , ,, ,, V - A V- , . V , ., V ' X ' V V V-V-V . ' m 1 g o V V .- V VV , . V' 'V , L, -VV V . V . A .,,V , , V A.--. V, V 'VVV'V " ' ff f': V V' V - -' I V' 6 ,. V V 1 .,,.V 'V V K K K K I , . .K .. , . A , .,,, , L . ,.,.. V--, ,swvi ,:K K , V 5 LVV wif. ..,,V,,,-.,V ,,,,. , MV --VV .,VV ,.VVV I. . V . KVVV . . ,. V,,,V..- V. , ... . VV ., -. V---- .i f ,.... M - -Vw VV V Hmsewgs-wgrrw , . V -V V- V 0 VV .V VV"V A ' V V- V - V -- . V -Www, Wag. K ,VVfJ,Mg:VV,S - , ., . -A V VV - VV - - . V , K T A ., K , K , K5,M,,V.,.,v, M, .T,KKKKqf , ,, A K, 0 'V A ' E4 ,Y X, ff ' - K, x H V' , fi :V' VV W PM VVVV V VV 5 V I ,Q ,.- Qnoween AIIH ll ' HiqhS h I V 4WfgfL wif It is- impossible to express adequately the esteem of the student body of All Hallows for Rev' Brother D. F. Curtin who, in the capacity of Principal for a period of six years, has endeared himself to all who have known him. The flashing smile, that wonderful sense of humor, together with strength of character which Brother possesses, seem more -a. part of ,the very walls of All Hallows than attributes of its Principal. ' A former pupil' of old All Hallows, Brother came to us as principal in 1948, and this year marks his retirement from oflice. . It is with great pride and deep humility that we dedicate this 1954 Halloween to our Reverend Principal, friend of all. His memory will ever remain a source of inspiration and encouragement to all of us. THE EDITORS sv..-,J ...-. -, ............,..t..-a..u1t-.rss.mai-5. .- . -...:r...... - Reverend Brother J. C. Collins VICE PRINCIPAL Reverend Brother D. F. Curtin PRINCIPAL Folcultq Rev. Bro. D. F. Curtin Principal Brother J. C. Collins English, Latin, Moderator of the Fathers Club, ' Halloween Moderator Brother M. A. Hurley Mathematics, Treasurer, Moderator of the Ladies' Auxiliary Brother C. B. Quinn English, Mathematics, Moderator of the Blue and VVhite Brother P. D. McCarthy Mathematics Brother I. H. Fitzgerald History, Latin Brother I. H. Vaughan Mathematics, English Brother A. P. Sullivan Mathematics, History 8 Brother P. S. Collins Physics, Latin Brother E, B. Haggerty History Brother J. F. McGowan French, Band Moderator Brother M. F. Bradley Mathematics, English, Varsity Athletics Brother M. G. Can' Chemistry, Varsity Football Brother M. A. Lee Physics, Mathematics Brother T. P. Joyce Elementary Department Brother I. D. Donnelly Science, Mathematics, English 9 if""-, 3 w lx Brother B. M. Coogan French, Elementary Department Agfixcwy Brother I. R. Kelly Biology, Elementary Department Brother I. I..Collins Elementary Department Brother N. C. Pierce Elementa K epalrtment, W BQWQAWQ Brother S. P. Considinet Elementary,Departme Brother D. A. Rinaldini Elementary Department , ff? 1 jyfafdln Brother I. A. Beidy Professor C. I. Helfeman Elementary Department 4 'T fm X Lx. W t 10 Brother I. T. Concamlon Elementary Department English, History Professor J. R. Courtney Latin, English Mr. J. I. 0'Connell Track Coach Miss Moya O'Reilly Librarian Professor J. H. Tessier English, Economics, Science Professor S. R. Ceccarelli English, Economics Mr. Charles Tienken Business Administrator Professor V. X. Marcellaro Biology, Health, 'English Mr. A. F. Rygiel Music Director Mr. John P. Kelly Q Secret f ii Wi? 11 Mother dear, remember me, And never cease Thy care. V5Ee.i,,, K . The frontispiece of this year's Halloween is a black-and-white reproduction 0 what is perhaps the most famous picture of theChurch-that of Our Mother of erpetual He p. This beautiful and famousiimage should be of special interest to every Catholic, but particularly to graduates of All Hallows, since it is a depiction of the Patroness of the Christian Brothers of Ireland. The original represents Our Blessed Lady on a bright golden background, bearing the Divine Infant on Her left arm. Her features are sadly thoughtful, as if the loving Mother were already contemplating the sufferings of Her dear child in the closing days of His life on earth. i ' s She wears a bright red garment, over which is a long full cloak, interwoven with gold, while covering the head and falling over the right shoulder is a mantle similar in color. A close-Etting cap of a bright green color and with a Greek border half covers the forehead. The Divine Infant, with averted face, shows a surprised and startled expression, presumably at the sight of the instruments ofthe Passion, borne by the angels. His garments, like those of the Blessed Virgin, are brightened by many gracefully drawn lines in gold. The angelic figures are those of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, they seem to issue from the golden background, which the artist probably meant to signify Paradise. The Greek letters present in the background are the contractions for the words "The Mother of God," "The Archangel Michael," 'The Archangel Gabriel," and "Jesus Christ." It is considered that the letters and signs are not part of the artists work, but were made to explain the picture by someone else. The picture is supposed to have been painted in the thirteenth century, by an artist living in the island of Crete, and whose name has not been preserved. After the colors had dried well on the picture, the artist, as was thelcustom, overlayed the work with a specially-prepared varnish which gave the painting a resisting power against the ravages of time to which we are indebted for the purity of the colors and the brightness of the gold after a lapse of centuries. 12 Till in heaven eternally Thy love and bliss I share l , . ,E 5 1 . 5 2 . ? S - 5 A M? W ' 54 , 4 ai i wi Via if 2? x32 9 1 ' a E s ft i , f xv E , a K 7 Ei L L 4 a f Lawrence E. Anderson Our Lady of Mercy, Bronx Larry entered All Hallows in the fall of 1950 and made many friends quickly. An avid footballer, he made the I. V. team in freshman year, and followed the Gael teams closely. Upon graduation, Larry hopes to attend Iona for a Business Administration course. The best wishes of the class are be- stowed upon him. Carl R. Auletta All Hallows, Bronx Carl is quite well known at All Hal- lows, having graduated from the gram- mar school. In his four years here, his cheers and actions have done much to improve the support of the teams. Pre-med at Fordham is Carl's choice for a profession and we wish him the best of luck in his ambition. Thomas D. Barry St. Benedicfs, Bronx A good student ever since his arrival four years ago, Tom is uaranteed a successful career. His pIeasant ways won him innumerable friends, both in the classroom and on the baseball dia- mond, where for two years his main interest was centered. In pursuit of his chosen field, Chemistry, Tom will attend Fordham. Robert A. Bauer St. Mary's, Flushing Bob entered All Hallows as a. February freshman. With loyalty as his motto, Bob cannot help but succeed in his field. Vice President of the Poster Club in fourth year, he will surely be missed by the faculty and students alike. Our best wishes go with him as he majors in Science at Villanova. Gilbert W. Bemard Ascension, Queens Gil came to us as another of the Feb- ruary class. He has always been an active participant in school activities. Senior year was occupied mainly by his activity with the Dance Commit- tee. Gil plans to take up Marine Engi- neering at Kings Point. We wish him the best of success in all his endeavors. William I. Bemxch Our Lady of Loprdes, Manhattan Bill has -been an Honor Student for four years. In keeping his marks above average, he managed to cop the Gen- eral Excellence medal twice. In addi- tion, he was also a starter on the Gael Football team for three years. We know that he will be successful at N.Y.U. where he plans to take up Engineering. Donald B. Blaikie All Hallows, Bronx Don is a twelve year man at All Hal- lows, having arrived here in the first grade. During his high school career he was a member of the Varsity Foot- ball team, and was elected class officer in sophomore and senior years. His future plans include West Point Mili- tary Academy, where he hopes to at- tend after graduation. 14 John M. Bohan St. Benedicfs, Bronx One of the marks of a true All Hal- lows man is his willingness to partici- pate in school activities. john has dem- onstrated this well, being the drum- mer of the School Band for four years. He has also been a member of the track team. john plans to continue his studies at Iona, and our best wishes go with him. John M. Bligh St. Benedicfs, Bronx ilohn is a four year man at All Hal- ows. His ready smile has won him many friends among faculty and stu- dents alike. A member of the Band for four years and also of the Latin Society in senior year, he has always actively supported our school activities. He Jmlans to follow an Arts course at For ham. John J. Boyle St. Luke's, Bronx Competence and a friendly manner are the attributes by which fohn has won the admiration of his fe low stu- dents. The ability to mix business with pleasure will carry him far along the road to success. The best of luck in his future studies at Manhattan, where he will become an Electrical Engineer. Anthony I. Borget Our Lady of Good Counsel, Manhattan As soon as Tony reached All Hal- lows he immediately became popular. He was Class President for two years and a member of the track team in freshman year. Intramural basketball occupied his time in junior year. His friendly ways have won him numer- ous friends, and after leaving All Hal- lows, Tony plans to make a career of the Marine Corps. Thomas I. Brereton St. Pius, Bronx Tom has spent his high school years with friendliness school functions. time to the Glee and also to the man year. His and interest toward He has given his Club for three years track team in fresh- friendly ersonalit P I Y will assure him the best of prosperity in whatever profession he chooses. William B. Brady St. MiChd6l,S, Flushing Bill gave his athletic abilities to the track team in first year. Maintaining a good average throughout his four years, Bill has constantly been near the top of the class. We send with him our best wishes as he continues his studies at Manhattan College of Engineering. john I. Broderick Sacred Heart, Bayside This popular four year student who comes from Long Island has been a highly successful participant in our sports and activities. His capabilities have been amply demonstrated in the Debating Society and the school paper. As a member of the Latin Society, John has shown remarkable interest in the classics. He plans to study Law at a leading college. 15 .... .git 47 t r ai :fain ' at 4 . 4.5 xg? -sr . K ,.,., M r ,ttt ii KVM, . ,... 5, , Vpy. mfr -.,ri11,, af! . 'Wa . fifififi we .rw , fy i W - if-.l?QQfF?Q5?ia K ' 'K 2.-31l.ii23'f5 Q. F-,iiiiiiiix I lafsiil ' Z' K ' H3125 i?',Qk?f4f l S' 2 is 95 William P. Broderick Annunciation, Manhattan .Bill is one of those fellows who appre- ciates a good joke, and his cheerful appearance around the school has cer- tainly He is a rabid Yankee fan, and enjoys the art of philately. We are sure he will have no trouble in his Business 'Administration course at a leading college. Jerome B. Brown St. Francis of Rome, Bronx Ierry possesses the true Gael spirit. During his first year, he was a mem- ber of the track team, but the De- bating Society was his main concern for the next three years. He will con- tinue his studies at St. Francis Col- lege in Pennsylvania. We are sure that he will succeed in his chosen endeavors. james I. Buckley Our Lady of Mercy, Bronx "Buck" is the possessor of an excel- lent personality and unfailing good humor. In senior year his main at- tention was given to the Blue and White, where his infinite sources of ideas were put to immediate use. He has gained many friends at All Hal- lows and should gain many more at Iona College where he will continue his studies. Thomas A. Burke St. Raymondis, Bronx Tom is a typical All Hallows man of diversified interests. An all-round ath- lete, he participated in I. V. Basket- ball, Varsity Basketball and Varsity Football. Tom intends to pursue a course in Business Administration at St. Ioseph's College in Philadelphia. His many friends wish him the best of luck. Thomas I. Callanan St. Simon Stock, Bronx Tom, a supporter of All Hallows sport- ing events, has made many friends among the students. When Tom leaves the school, a great gap will be left for some ambitious incoming student to fill. We all wish him the best of luck at Iona, where he intends to take up Business Administration. William F. Callanan St. Simon Stock, Bronx Bill, by his effervescent personality and good humor, has established him- self as a popular student in All Hal- lows. The best of luck to him at Fordham where he will study Busi- ness Adrninistration. We of All Hal- lows are sure the future holds nothing but success for him. 16 Joseph I. Canavan St. Elizabetl-r's, Manhattan. Joe, one bf All Hallows' best liked seniors, was a member of the Dance Committee and an active follower of all our sports activities. Because of his amiable disposition, he will defin- itely be among friends when he leaves in june for Manhattan College, where he will major in Business A ministra- tion. The best wishes of the class of '54 are with you, Joe. James I. Cash All Hallows, Bronx In his years at All Hallows, Jim Cash has upheld the famous A. H. tradi- tion by maintaining a reputation as a good student and as a hard worker in extra-curricular activities. Iim served in the Glee Club and in nu- numerous other school functions, and he looks to the Marine Air Corps as holding his future success. Best of M94 luck, Jim. 4533? ' Hugh E. Carolan Ascension, Queens Hugh is one of the numerous Queens men who make the daily trek into the Bronx. Since his arrival here in the fall of 1950, he has been an ac- tive supporter of the school's many activities and a popular man among the students. Hugh will surely prosper in his chosen profession. Daniel E. Cassidy All Hallows, Bronx Dan has been with us ever since the - fourth grade and his stay at the school has been happy for all concerned. His quiet and friendly nature have been influential in securing numer- ous friends for him. Although his college has not been decided upon, we know that Dan will be among the best in his chosen field. t" Peter R. Casey All Hallows, Bronx Pete has been a nine year honor man at All Hallows, and he was a member of the Halloween Staff in freshman year. Possession of an excellent per- sonality has distinguished him at All Hallows and, although he is undecided about his future, we are sure he will be a success in any undertaking he pursues. E 'awe . "' 1 Richard P. Cella John F. Clifford Andrew M. Coffey St. Ioseph's, Manhattan Dick is known for his vivacity and generosity. He has been a member of the Library League for two years and has actively supported the school teams. In addition, he has won the ad- miration of all his classmates through the fine qualities he has exhibited. The best wishes of the Senior Class go with him in his future years at Fordham. Good Shepherd, Manhattan This popular Manhattanite has won many friends at A. H. through his friendly personality and goodnatured smile. john has a serious side also, as shown by the way in which he has pursued his studies. We know that he will carry with him the tradi- tion of All Hallows in his Engineering course at Manhattan College. 17 Sacred Heart, H ighbridge In his four years at All Hallows, "Mel" has become a familiar figure at. the social activities. A member of the I. V. Football team for two years, and a Band -member for three, he receives our best regards in his further studies. James J. Coffey All Hallows, Bronx im's ability was put to good use in 'Not Quite Awake", a school play in vhich he starred in first year. His irdent backing of all school activities ed him to he a member of the Dance Iommittee, and his friendly smile is hining at all the Gael games. Jim in- ends to further his studies at Iona lollege, where we know he will be a uccess. Frank I. Costello All Hnllows, Bronx F'rank has been a nine year man at All -Iallows, arriving here in the fourth grade from Long Island. He devoted nuch of his time to school activities by contributing his talents to the Band 'or four years. Frank's chosen iield s Chemical Engineering, and we all oin in wishing him the great suc- :ess he truly deserves. Henry F. Culshaw Holy Trinity, Manhattan Henry demonstrated his school spirit and ahility by joining the j.V. Base- ball Squad and thc track team in first and second years. He also was an Honor Student for two years, and a member of the Dance Committee. Henry expects to join the Navy when he graduates, and we are sure he will duplicate during later life his success in All Hallows. HN 1 1 Robert J. Connolly Sacred Heart, Highbridge Bob's enthusiasm for all he under- takes is demonstrated both in the classroom and on the athletic Held. Coming from Bishop Dubois three years ago, Bob ran cross-country in junior year. His school spirit will be put to good use when he continues his studies at Iona. john I. Coyle St. Margaret Mary's, Manhattan Iohn, one of the friendliest and wit- tiest members of the Senior Class, is an active member in many of the extra-curricular activities. He intends to continue his studies at Manhattan College, where he will take up Busi- ness Administration. We are certain that ,lack will carry the spirit of All Hallows with him to college and throughout life. Michael I. Cummings All Hallows, Bronx Mike is quite at home in All Hallows, having gone through both grammar and high school here. A hard worker for the school and an avid student, he is popular among his fellow stu- dents in the Senior Class. Mike in- tends to enroll at Manhattan, where he will pursue a career in Engineer- ing, and we are certain that he will have no trouble securing success in later life. Robert M. Cunningham Annunciation, Manhattan. "Big Bob", as he is called by hi: friends at All Hallows is known as an above-average student. But hi: claim to fame is on the basketball court, where he has been an outstand- ing performer for four years. Elected Class President in senior Year, Bob is undecided as to which co lege he wib attend. 18 Nicholas F. Cuomo All Hallows, Bronx Nick's quick wit and friendly smile have won him many friends in his twelve years at All Hallows. For two years he played in the Band, and was a member of the I. V. Baseball team in sophomore year. Nick plans to attend Iona College where he hopes to study Business Administration. George J. Daggett Good Shepherd, Manhattan "Quick to smile and slow to frown" a equately describes George. At All Hallows, he spread his talents over a variety of fields. He played the trum- pet in the Band for two years, and was a member of the Freshman Track team. After graduation, George plans to study for the priesthood at the Franciscan Seminary. We at All Hal- lows wish him the best of luck in this noble vocation. William j. Deegan St. Andrew Avellino, Flushing Bill came to All Hallows as a Feb- ruary freshman. His active support of school activities is demonstrated by the fact that he was a member of the Freshman Track team and the I. V. Baseball team. Although he is unde- cided as to what college he will at- tend, We are sure that his personality will help him in the future on the road to success. Martin E. Diem St. Ignatius Loyola, Manhattan Vlarty came to All Hallows in 1950 ind since then has become popular by showing plenty of school spirit and ardent support of school activities my his membership on the Freshman Track team. We offer him our sincerest avishes for the best of luck on his road o success in life. 19 J Robert F. D'Arconte Public School 7, Bronx Bob has made a good name for him- self at All Hallows. His extracur- ricular activities include two years in the Library League, and, his senior year, the Latin Society. Bob, an Ex- cellence Medal winner, intends to study Dentistry at Fordham, where rvek know he will have the best of uc . William C. Daly St. Angela Merici, Bronx Bill's good natured personality and excellent aptitudes have combined to give All Hallows a fine and outstand- ing student. During his stay, Bill lent his talent to the J. V. Football team. He plans to further his studies at Ford- ham and there is no doubt that Bill will long be remembered by the Class of '54. We wish him nothing but the best throughout life. Daniel I. Diamond All Hallows, Bronx Danny, a popular Hgure in class and school functions, has gained success in both the classrooms and the field of athletics. His deadly set shot and fiery play were a welcome addition to the Varsity Basketball team. Danny has his sights set on North Carolina University for continuing his future plans. ' 'E iii gm - at ev ' .,,, 1 55 51 'S 1 3 . f,,fw f 5 ftiifhi ' gl 'f so Jawa 1 James C. Dolan Immaculate Conception, Astoria Jim, whose friendly personality and sharp wit have gained him many friends, is well known for his school- work and his interest in extracur- ricular activities. He plans to study Mechanical Engineering at Manhat- tan College after a spell in the Air Force. However, wherever he may be, his true worth will stand out. Iames I. Dolan Immaculate Conception, Astoria Mixing sincerity with rcsourcefulness, jim lent his talents to the Glee Club for two years, besides being a mem- ber of the baseball team in second year. We wish him luck in his chosen field of Engineering at Manhattan College, where, if his high school rec- ord is any criterion, he will surely succeed. Walter A. Donnelly St. Gabriel's, Bronx Don's attendance at All Hallows has been marked by diligence both in extracurricular activities and school work. He played four years on the football squad, three years on the Var- sity Baseball team, and a year of I. V. Basketball. Walt's goal is Notre Dame, where he plans to complete his education. Robert E. Donovan All Hallows, Bronx Bob came to All Hallows in the third grade. While in high school, he played solo clarinet for four years, and also was a Dance Band member at the same time, three years of which he spent as leader. He has been a familiar figure in all dance and social activities. IL-lie hopes to attend Juilliard School of usic. was ave William I. Dorney St. Iolm's, Kingsbridge Bill possesses a large quantity of that well known All Hallows spirit. A four year Honor Student as Well as an outstanding athlete on the Varsity Baseball team, Bill has also won many friends among students and faculty. The best wishes of the class go with him in his chosen vocation, whatever it may bc. Timothy P. Driscoll Sacred Heart, Highbridge During his stay at All Hallows, Tim certainly has shown his friendliness, and has thereby gained many lasting friends. Mixing sincerity with re- sourcefulness was Tim's recipe for suc- cess. Following graduation, he intends to go to the Merchant Marine Aca- demy at Fort Schuyler. We of All Hallows wish him the best of luck. Thomas D. Dunn Good Shepherd, Manhattan Behind that friendly grin which has become so familiar to us at All Hal- lows lies a true All Hallows man. Tom plans to enter college this fall, where he will major in Science, his primary ambition is to bt-come a fire- man. We of the Senior Class wish him the best of luck. Edward J. Farrelly Sacred Heart, Highbridge Since his arrival here, Ed has been an Honor Student and medal winner con- stantly. He is a strong supporter of school activities and is quite well known around the school. He plans to attend Fordham to continue his studies, and his ambitious personality and friendly ways will carry him far throughout life. James J. Durrigan St. Ioan of Arc, Jaclcson Heights Jim came to All Hallows in his senior year from Cathedral Prep in Brooklyn. In this short time, he has become the Photography Editor of this year's Hal- loween, where his skill is quite ap- parent. He intends to study Mech- anical Engineering at Detroit Univer-' sity. The june graduation will take a true friend away from All Hallows. John C. Eidt Our Lady Queen of M artyrs, Queens Upon arriving at All Hallows, John immediately established himself as a popular student, filling his four years with friendliness and interest in school functions. With his personality he is sure to succeed at Manhattan, where he will study Engineering. We of All Hallows wish him well in this ditlicult position. V Lawrence I. Farley Our Lady of Good'Counsel, Manhattan Larry is an active member of the sen- ior class, having distinguished himself in the social and academic phases of school life. His many activities have not prevented him from making close friends, and we know that he will prosper in his Civil Engineering course which he intends to pursue at Manhat- tan College. Robert I. Farrell Sacred Heart, jersey City "Bobo", the smiling lad from New Jersey, has distinguished himself as a fine athlete. He has played for four years on both the Varsity Basketball and Football teams, and was elected Class Treasurer in-senior year. "Bo" plans to attend Notre Dame to study Civil Engineering, where's he sure to continue his fine work. Eugene F. Fedigan St. Rose of Lima, Bronx Arriving here in the fall of 1950, Gene immediately showed his inter- est in school activities by joining the Track team. Throughout his four years here, he has been an active partici- pant in track activities. Not con- tent to excel merely as an athlete, Gene has been 9, prominent' debater for three years. An Honor Student for three years, Gene has not yet decided upon a career, but we wish him luck in whatever field he chooses. George I. Ferguson Ascension, Manhattan An amiable personality and good hu- mor have been George's trademark in all his undertakings. He was an Honor Student at All Hallows and hopes to attend Fordham University for a Lib- eral Arts course. The best wishes of the Senior Class go with George in his new endeavors. Leonard I. F liedner St. Andrew Avellino, Flushing Francis I. Fiordalisi Immaculate Conception, Queens Frank, with his warm smile and win- ning ways, has made many lasting friends while at All Hallows. Socially- minded, he was a member of the Dance Committee for three years. Frank would like to attend the Ford- ham University School of Pharmacy. His many talents certainly show great promise. Michael I. Fields All H allows, Bronx Starting his career as an All Hallows man in the grammar school, Mike has captured the best wishes of his Senior Class. He was a member of the Band for four years and a member of the Dance Committee for three years. Mike's ambition is to study Engineer- ing at Manhattan College. john A. Fogarty Sacred Heart, H ighbridge eonard's excellent record as a four ear Honor Student and three year medal winner has been a credit to ill Hallows. His extracurricular ac- ivities include Debating, Dance Com- iittee and service as a member of the Ialloween Staff in his senior year. Zngineering is his chosen profession. Lest of luck, Len. John P. Furgluele Our Lady of Victory, Bronx Since his arrival at All Hallows, John has spent much of his time in per- fecting the harmonious melodies of the Glee Club. Business Administra- tion at St. Iohn's is his choice after graduation in june. You can be sure that the best wishes of the Senior Class go with John all through life. Lawrence I. Forbes Sacred Heart, Highbridge Never at a loss for words, this pop- ular senior has made his presence felt at All Hallows. During his stay, Larry was an Honor Student for two years and an ardent supporter of the school's many activities. He intends to continue his studies in Engineering at Manhattan College. lack, a four year Honor Student, is one of the best-liked seniors in the school. This has been proven by his election as Chairman of the Dance and Prom Committees and Class Secretary in his senior year. jack will major in Electrical Engineering at college, and we all join in wishing him the success he deserves. William J. Gallagher St. Josephlr, Astoria A popular figure in class and social functions, Bill has built himself an enviable record at All Hallows. He has been a creditable student during his four years, and a member of the Latin Society in his senior year. With his friendly personality and detenni- nation he is sure to succeed in the study of Law at Fordham. John F. Gilligan St. Frances de Chantal, Bronx Following in the footsteps of his broth- ers, John has upheld the famous Gil- ligan tradition by distinguishing him- self on the Varsity Football Squad. This indispensable lineman of the Gael eleven also ran track in his freshman year, and has won many close friends while at All Hallows. When John graduates this June, we are all sure that he will be well on the way to success. Edgar F. Ceigel Our Lady of Lourdes, Manhattan The nobility of Eddie's character com- bined with his numerous talents have enabled him to remain consistently on the honor roll while taking part in a wide variety of school activities. For four years he was a member of the Varsity Track team, running at the Seton Hall and Penn Relays in his last three years and setting a -new city championship record in the 280 yard sprint. In his senior year, besides being elected Vice President of his class, he was Sports Editor of the Halloween, Captain of the Track team, and also a Dance Committee member. Ed will pursue a career in Dentistry at New York University. D Edward R. Gaw St. loseplfs, Astoria Ed, always ready to liven up the group with his witty disposition, has left many an All Hallows man laugh- ing and happy. Entering as a Feb- ruary freshman, he immediately 'oined the track team, where his achieve- ments have been remarkable. He ran at the Penn Relays in his last two years and placed fourth in the C.H. S.A.A. half-mile run. We wish him nothing but the best when he enters Manhattan College to take up En- gineermg. John J. Guldner St. Barnabas, Bronx John's amiable smile, appearance, and casual way have always impressed the class. Entering All Hallows as an eager freshman, he immediately joined the Freshman Track team. Since then, he buckled down to his studies with re- sults that will surely carry him through the study of Dentistry, which he will take up at Iona College. John T. Hall St. Monica's, Manhattan Behind that friendly grin which has become familiar to all, lies a true son of All Hallows in the person of John Hall. John contributed his ability to the Track team, and his popularity is witnessed by his election as class of- ficer for two years. He plans to study l3usiness Administration at Siena Col- ege. Donald B. Harrington St. Benedicfs, Bronx This popular senior has helped All Hallows both athletically and socially. Don played on the Freshman and J. V. Basketball Squads and was Treasurer of Dance and Prom Committees in senior year. Don hopes to attend Man- hattan to study Electrical Engineering. We are sure he is destined for success. John M. Heavey St, Theresrfs, Woodside Thomas E. Harris Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs, Queens Tom was quick to take to the cus- toms of All Hallows, and even quicker to make friends at the School. After graduating this June, he intends to continue his education at college where he will take up Electrical En- gineering. We know that Tom will continue the good work which he has so ably displayed at All Hallows. Ernest W. Haynes St. Charles Borromeo, Manhattan Ernie's participation in school activ- ities has been spectacular. Four years of Varsity Football, one year of J. V. Basketball and three of Varsity Basket- ball have been rewarded by the ad- miration of students and faculty alike. He intends to study Medicine at one of the leading universities. Joseph I. Humphrey John came to All Hallows as a Feb- ruary freshman, but it wasn't long before he was firmly established as a popular student. For two years, the Glee Club borrowed his talents to the greatest advantage. ln June, he hopes to enlist in military service and after that to continue his education at Iona College. Edward J. Howard St. Andrew Aoellino's, Flushing wi This popular Flushingite has won many friends while at All Hallows, through his friendly personality and carefree attitude. An Honor Student for four years, Ed was a member of the track team in first year and played intramural basketball for a year. He participated in Sophomore Debating and was an Ofiicer of the Dance and Prom Committee for three years. He was also Sports Editor for the Hal- loween in senior year. Good luck to Ed when he enters Fordham next fall. james I. Holloway Sacred Heart, Highbridge In Jim are combined the qualities of a very fine personality, a quick sense of humor, and an easy going manner. He was an Honor Student in first and second years. We know he will make us proud of him in the future, when he studies Engineering at Man- hattan College. 24 John J. Holohan St. Elizabetlfs, Manhattan That John is an all-round fellow shown by his popularity among tl student body. He has always shov an interest in school activities, al his sincerity has captured the respe of both the Senior Class and the fa ulty. His polite, helpful and friend qualities will aid him greatly in tl future. St. Andrew Avellintfs, Flushing This Flushing boy has engaged in many extra-curricular activities during his stay at All Hallows which began in February, 1951. Among these are two years on the Debating Society, one year on the Dance Committee, and a year of Freshman Track. An Honor Student for four years, he plans to take up Business Administration at Fordham. View gl' '61 Charles M. Kavanagh Holy Trinity, Manhattan Michael J. jordan Corpus Christi, Manhattan Although a quiet young man, Mike's good disposition and explosive humor won him many friends. Mixing sin- cerity with resourcefulness was Mike's recipe for everything he undertook. He will undoubtedly uphold the rep- utation of All Hallows at Manhattan College next year. Richard M. Irving All Hallows, Bronx Dick, a twelve year man at All Hal- lows, has always been one of the most popular men in his class, participat- ing in school functions with great en- thusiasm. But Dick's activities have not prevented him from making many close friends, all of whom are sure that Dick is headed for success at Fordham where he will devote him- self to the study of Law. John T. Keaney Jo one possessed more school spirit han Charlie. Never to be seen without . smile, he has made friends since his .rrival at All Hallows. He was man- ,ger of the Freshman Basketball team u his first ear and Manager of Var- ity sports for three years. In second 'ear he was Class President. Charlie ropes to continue his studies at Ford- iam where he will take a Business :ourse. Joseph V. Kiernan St. Margarefs, Bronx This smiling friendly lad who hails from Riverdale was on the All Hal- lows honor roll for three consecutive years. Following his graduation in June, joe plans to take up Engineer- ing at Manhattan College. The Class of '54 goes all wish him the best of luck in future years. few i Vtrrr , vw- F 'iii Eamon M. Kelly St. Theresa's, Woodside This February freshman, commuting from Woodside everyday, is well liked at A. H. He expects to study Business Administration at St. Iohn's School of Commerce. We know that John will carry the All Hallows tradition with him not only through college, but also through life. Donald I. Komisky Corpus Christi, Manhattan Don has made a name for himself while at All Hallows. He layed I.V. Baseball in second year and could al- ways be found at school functions. Although undecided about the future, we can be sure that wherever he goes there will be bubbling activity in the vivacious Komisky manner. ant! GTZ? St. John's, Kingsbridge Eamon, a class officer and Honor Stu- dent, has divided his time between the baseball and football teams all four years and has been a credit to both. Eamon plans to enter the medical pro- fession, and with his aptitude for hard work, he can only be successful. William I. Kozera Public School 73, Bronx Bill has- contributed much to the school as an athlete and as a student. A three year football man, he has been a credit to the Gael eleven. Uncer- tain as to what field he will follow after graduation, his diligent nature is sure to win him prominence. We wish him the best in all his future activ- ities. Patrick J. Lanzone Sacred Heart, Highbridge "Big Pat" has done much to promote our school. In freshman year he was a member of the J. V. Football team and in sophomore year, the J. V. Base- ball team occupied his time. In third year Pat turned his talents to the Glee Club. His future plans include further study at Manhattan College. Joseph M. La Forge St. Iaseplfs, Emerson Joe has been making the long trek from New jersey for four years and has contributed much to the extra- curricular activities of All Hallows. He was in the Glee Club for two years and in the Library League for three. He expects to enter the Jesuit Seminary in September '54, and we know he will succeed there. Lawrence F. Larkin St, Simon Stock, Bronx Larry was an Honor Student, a medal winner and a member of the Dance Committee. He played Freshman Bas- ketball and I. V. Football. Intending to take a Liberal Arts course at Ford- ham, his admirable qualities, which have won him friendship and admira- tion will be sure to bring a full meas- ure of success to him. James J. Le Bar St. Raymondis, Bronx Jimmy, who has a generous nature and an unfailing optimism, came to us four years ago as a scholarship winner. Throughout his time here, he has been an active participant in school affairs. Maintaining an honor average in the Scholarship Class for four years, Jimmy has served as a Varsity Manager for three years, and has handled all the sports publicity for outside newspapers for All Hal- lows during the past three years. He was Managing Editor of the Hallow- een this year, and also a member of the Latin Society. His plans for the future are centered at Cathedral Col- lege, where he will study for the priesthood. 26 Ronald F. Lambert Our Lady of Angels, Bronx Ron brought a desire for hard work and a diversity of talents with him to All Hallows, and soon established himself as one of the leaders of the class. Throughout his four years here, he has been a great inspiration to all his classmates, and we are sure he will continue on to greater heights. Richard I. Larsen Holy Spirit, Bronx Dick, a likable fellow, uickly took to the All Hallows way otf life. He ran on the Freshman Track team and joined the Library League. His win- ning ways have gained him numerous friends. Even though his plans for the future are still uncertain, we feel sure he will succeed in whatever Held he chooses. xg:-g. .aigyfi , , ., ..,, 5 I . l in was .L . infill. 1 4 ,ff il T iv J "3 ,M .sffaffaafa ,,,. Q K Fred S. Leonard Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Bronx Fred entered the spirit of All Hallows and quickly made many friends. His favorite pastime is rooting for the Giants as well as for All Hallows' champion basketball teams. He has gained a thorough and lasting reputa- tion as a good student. Fred plans to further his academic education at Iona College. fi! Donald A. Lownes Our Lady of Mercy, Bronx Don will long be remembered at All Hallows by his cheerful smile and embrasive personality. A remarkable tenor, he sang in the Glee Club for a year. Upon graduation from high school, Don intends to make Engineer- ing his goal in life. His success at All Hallows, we are sure, will minor his accomplishments in future activ- ities. I William F. Leonard SS. Peter and Paul, Bronx This talented musician received a four year scholarship for music and played solo clarinet and saxophone for the All Hallows Band. Thus, as a four year member of our Swing Band, he contributed immeasurably to its popu- larity. Bill intends to be a professional aulgician. Our best wishes go with Gregory J. MacNeil Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Tenafly Greg is another of the boys who have come from New Jersey to make an excellent record at All Hallows. A persevering worker when it came to studies, and possessing a cheerful and calm disposition, he was very pop- ular With his classmates. After grad- uating Greg hopes to take up Com- munication Arts at Fordham Univer- sity. James C. Malley Blessed Sacrament, Bronx Jim came to All Hallows in the fall of 1950 and has become one of the most popular A. H. students. His good natured manner and spontaneous hu- mor have made him many friends. A four year Honor Student, Jim intends to further his education with a Chem- istry course at Manhattan College. 27 H. David Llewelyn St. Barnabas, Bronx Dave typifies the ideal of cooperation among the students. He was on the Debating Society in his sophomore year and on the Blue and White con- secutively for three years. This year he served as the Co-editor of our school newspaper. Best wishes in his Chemistry studies at Niagara. Thomas E. Maher Our Lady of Mercy, Bronx Tom's contribution was the deciding factor which made sleeping the pas- time of his class. Even though he moves slowly, he's hard to catch when it comes to wit and participation in school activities. This hard worker and scholarship winner's inclinations are toward Manhattan College where he will pursue Engineering. Jeremiah P. McCabe All Hallows, Bronx Jerry has established an enviable rec- ord in his length of time at All Hal- lows. Never once in his twelve years has he been off the honor rollg he has always been near thc top through- out those twelve years. An up-and- coming piano virtuoso, he intends to take an Arts course at Fordham. His quietness of manner and sincerity will spell out success in his chosen field. james E. McConnell Good Shepherd, Manhattan jim has given his talents to the All Hallows Track team and intramural basketball squads. Following gradua- tion, he plans to study for the Priest- hood at the Paulist Seminary. With him go thc best wishes of the Senior Class for perseverence in this noble vocation. John F. McElroy St. Margaret Mary's, Bronx Iohn has been an Honor Student for his four years at All Hallows. Our School Band has occupied his extra- curricular talents. After graduation, he intends to enter Fordham in pur- suit of a Ioumalistic career. May life at college be happy for you, Iohnl 28 Gin- John I. Marsick St. Margaret Mary's, Bronx john has been an active student his four years at All Hallows. 4 modest and unassuming personali and his enthusiastic participation all phases of school life will ma him long remembered at All Hallo He plans to attend Iona, but has n yet decided what field he will ent Whatever one he does choose, ho ever, we're sure success will cro his efforts. Thomas P. McCabe Good Shepherd, Manhattan Tom came to join our ranks fo years ago and has been an acti' supporter of most school activities. member of the Dance Committee senior year, Tom has been a famili figure at the A. H. social functior He intends to go to Manhattan to tal up Business Administration. John I. McElligott Holy Spirit, Bronx Iack's contributions to his school i clude membership in the Libra League for two years and in tl Dance Committee for a year. He al played on the I. V, Baseball Squa exhibiting his ever-present scho spirit. His winning smile and cheerf manner will carry him over the roi to prosperity. Donald C. McGee All Hallows, Bronx The "Rat-a-tat-at" of the drums h been Don McGee's trademark for tl past five years. At every function pa ticipated in by the Senior Band in tl last five years, Don's drumsticks ha' beat out rhythm with a profession air. Well liked by all, he wishes further his education and maintain career as a musician. Good luck, Do in all your plans. Stephen F. McGee All H allows, Bronx ve has shown his athletic abilities his membership on the I. V. and rsity Football teams and being a mber of the 1951 Freshman City :ketball Champs. He has also yed on the I. V. and Junior intra- ral basketball squads. He wishes continue his education at Iona Col- e where his ability to combine work l pleasure will' assure of success.' Thomas B. McGoldrick St. Iosephir, Bronx ring his four years at All Hallows, n has been an ardent supporter of my of our sport and social activ- s. Following graduation in '54, he ends to pursue an Engineering rse at Manhattan College. There, are sure, he will display the training both morally and inftel- ually received at All Hallows, James A. McCovem St. Ioan of Arc, Queens fresh Traclcman, Iim has been a ular student at All Hallows, His rlastic abilities are attested to by maintenance of an honor average ughout his stay at All Hallows, er graduation, he proposes to take Engineering, but is as yet un- dgd as to what college he will 1 . James I. McIntyre St. Iohn's, Kingsbridge ny, a four year Honor Student, 'larship winner and general excel- e medalist, has maintained an ex- 'nt standing for four years in the rlarship Class. Editor-in-chief of Halloween, Sports Editor of the N and White for two years, and Editor of the Blue and White and oween for two years, he also was ree year Varsity Manager, class of- , and a valuable member of the ar Club. jimmy served as cashier he cafeteria for three years, and aged to the Latin Society. His llent scholastic record is equalled by his tremendous school spirit, the best wishes of his many ds, both student and faculty go him to Cathedral College where :itends to become a priest. 'Gilt' Hua.. ...,,, George A. McCibney St. Simon Stock, Bronx George's name has been a regular en- trant to the school honor roll. In his senior year he was a member of the Latin Society. His quiet and sin- cere manner will help in George's study for the priesthood at Cathedral College. We wish him all the bless- ings needed in this worthy vocation. joseph I. McGowan St. Luke's, Queens Joe came to All I-Iallows as a Feb- ruary freshman. In first year he ran cross-country track and in his years at All Hallows, Joe has been an out- standing and -popular student. He has gained many friends at All Hallows and he will surely gain many more at college, where he plans to take a course in Pre-Dentistry. Henry D. McKinney St. Simon Stock, Bronx Hank was a member of the Band for two years and a Dance Committee member during his senior year. A popular and well-liked senior, we are sure Hank will iind no diiiiculty in pursuing a course at Fordham School of Pharmacy. His fine character and friendly ways will help him steer a straight and honorable path through- out ie. 29 f I -X me l iii ,L E sf. li Wye .W M :li 255 5, , a .t ,. . .5 til 25 Robert J. McLaughlin All Hullows, Bronx Bob is a three year member of the track and football teams. His out- standing school spirit is quite evident also in his membership in the Dance Committee for two years. Bob's choice for the future is a military career at West Point, and we all sincerely wish him the best of success in his noble choice. A , John I. McTigue St. Simon Stock, Bronx "Mac" has made many friends among students and faculty alike. In his four years he has played Freshman and I. V. Basketball, and in fourth year was Vice Chairman of the Dance and Prom Committee. All wish him luck at Iona College where he intends to further his ambitions. Edwin P. Mink Public School 81, Bronx Eddie came to All Hallows from St. Margaret Mary's in Riverdale, bring- ing with him a keen sense of humor and a ready smile. An Honor Student in second year, Ed hopes to continue his studies at Michigan University. Whatever field he chooses, we feel sure that the future holds nothing but success. am, . "f,?"'- wr Thomas M. McNamara St. Vincent Ferrer, Manhattan Throughout his four years at All Hal- lows, Tom has always mixed a little bit of humor with his studies, mak- ing him a popular and genial fellow. Next September Tom plans to major in Chemistry at Fordham University. His enthusiasm in all he undertakes plus his continuous interest in all the activities of the school are sure signs of success in later life. William I. McQuillan St. Nicholas of Tolentine, Queens Coming to All Hallows as a February freshman, Bill has always been pop- ular with his classmates. He is un- decided as to the college he will at- tend, but hopes to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. All good wishes go to Bill in his chosen field and we hope the future holds nothing but success for him. Lawrence E. Messick All Hallows, Bronx Lan'y embarked upon his high school life four years ago and immediately showed his interest in A. H. activities by joining I. V. Football team. Not content to be active merely on the athletic field, he has contributed im- mensely toward the social life of the school by his membership in the Dance Band for four years. He in- tends to join the Air Force after grad- uation where he is sure to carry on the fine traditions of A, H. William J. Minogue All Hallows, Bronx Good natured and amiable, Bill is a loyal supporter of all school activities. Another example of a typical student from All Hallows, he has been a con- stant admirer of all Gael teams. A member of the Latin Society in senior yea.r, we know that he is sure to en- counter success when he enters Ford- ham University to major in Law. 30 Richard M. Monturo All Hallows, Bronx Monty, hailing from St. John's Parish, is a product of our grammar school. Although the chief interests of Monty have been roller skating, he has been a Glee Club member for three years which earned for him the reputation as a hard worker. Upon graduation Monty plans to enlist in the Navy. Denis J. Moynihan Our Savior, Bronx Denis, during his four years at All Hallows, has been a popular and cre- ditable member of the student body. After graduation, Denis intends to study Accounting at Iona College. His success at All Hallows, we are sure, will be duplicated in later life. John I. Mulcahy Holy Spirit, Bronx Because of Iack's personality and co- operative nature, he has made many friends since his arrival at All Hal- lows four years ago. An ardent Dodger fan, Jack plans to further his education by studying Business Ad- ministration at Iona College. His all- around ability guarantees his success in the future. Thomas I. Mullin Our Lady of Mercy, Bronx Tom's service during senior year was taken up by membership on the Dance Committee. The school spirit and friendliness which he has shown at All Hallows will help Tom greatly in his continuation of studies at Iona College. The best wishes of his class- mates go with him throughout his life. 31 John I. Morrissey Immaculate Conception, Jamaica John, a four year Honor Student and medal winner, arrived at All Hallows in February 1951. Rated as one of our top debaters he has compiled an outstanding record, and is well known for his active support of school activ- ities. The best wishes of his class- mates are his for a successful future in his chosen field. -. ,, ,x . is Robert J. Mullin St. Mary's, Winfield Bob is a typical All Hallows man, a credit to the school and a staunch supporter of our tems. Upon grad- uation he intends to attend Iona Col- lege in New Rochelle for a course in Business Administration. Good luck to Bob in all his future endeavors. Robert I. Mulvey All Hallows, Bronx A member of the Dance Committee in senior year, Bob has followed the so- cial and athletic events of the school ardently. Bob has been popular with students and faculty alike, as is evi- denced by his election as a class otl-lcer in freshman and senior year. We are sure Bob will succeed at Man- hattan. where he plans to study En- gmeermg. , K I ,k,'y Q ' K ' if 35?Gf'es3'K v agile f It :EQ i or - I .Wi K .. 1, I. ggi f UZ, Q.. ,,. 5, 5: . xiii" fi . . ,,,k,J: K .I . ,sr- . ,,f,g5fKg31 T61 . my 55 'x . ,, , f K- 'feats wig ,K - r5fs,f.f5.i. aww vi ffffilg , . , qefff. 215- ifI:f'fsf?51 5 , ,.E,.., , H ,.,J5.Mk..kb U : V+ 1 fi, ' ' ',-'ilisla . I if .t ,QQ ,,.: M- 15 2 ,i.. at joseph I. Murphy Ascension, Queens Joe came to us as a February fresh- man. A member of the Dance Com- mittee in senior year he has also sup- ported the various other extracur- ricular activities. As of now, Jae is uncertain about the future, but his popularity will surely speed his suc- cess. George A. Napolitano St. Patrick's, Manhattan George has followed the fortunes of the "Blue and White" teams through- out his four years here. His popularity obtained him class offices in junior and senior years. His diligent and serious manner has gained him the respect of all. He plans to pursue a course in Science in the fall. James F. Nestor St. Margaret Marufs, Bronx jim has been an Honor Student throughout his four years stay at All Hallows. Known for his jovial and humorous ways and has been an ac- tive follower of school activities. jim will study Chemical Engineering at Manhattan College. H. Richmond Neuville Blessed Sacrament, Queens Dick was a member of the Debating Team for three years, and the Poster Club ever since its founding, serving as its President this year. Dick plans to enter the Jesuit Seminary in Sep- tember. All his classmates wish him the best of luck in this noble goal. George I. Nozicka St. Nicholas of Tolentine, Queens George came to All Hallows as a Feb- ruary freshman. In senior year he served efficiently as a reporter for the Blue and White. Though he plans to pursue a career in Science, he is still uncertain as to which college he will attend. Francis F. O Brien St. Iohnis, Kingsbridge With a smile and a cheerful word for all, Frank, in his last year here has contributed much time and effort in making the monthly dances a suc- cess. We wish him the best of luck at the Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point. Iohn F. O'Callaghan St. Iohn's, Kingsbridge Iohn came to All Hallows on a well deserved scholarship. A track mem- ber in foiu-th year, john has had an excellent scholastic record in his four years at All Hallows. After gradua- tion, he intends to take up Engineer- ing at Manhattan College. 32 Thomas J. O'Connell St. Keoin's, Flushing Peter C. O'Connor St. Bartholomeufs, Elmhurst Pete was a February '51 entrant at All Hallows. His participation in school activities includes Sophomore Debating and in senior year he served ably on the Dance Conunittee. He in- tends to continue his studies at college where his achievements are sure to be outstanding. Through his quiet and unassuming manner, Tom has won the admiration and respect of all his classmates. His main contribution to the school has been his membership on the Dance Committee. His future plans include a course in Marine Engineering at Kings Point, whore his fine high school record will hold him in good stead. William G. O'Donnell All Hallows, Bronx Bill's activities at All Hallows have been a credit both to him and the schnol. He was on the photography staff of the Yearbook for a year, the Debating team, and in senior year, he was the Managing Editor of the "Blue and White". Bill will major in jour- nalism Brendan T. O'Dee St. Kevirfs, Flushing Brendan has been a supporter of many school works and for four years was a member of the "Hitchhikers Club',. After graduation, he hopes to continue his studies at Iona pursuing a course in Business Administration where his friendliness and quick sense of humor at Yale University. will put him fa: ahead. We wish him the best of luck. Matthew J. O'Malley John T. 0'Reilly St. Simon Stock, Bronx Coming to All Hallows four years 3 0 l0hn has been a typical student. gif member of the Dance Committee in Senior. year, he has been a regular PQUICIPSDF of our social functions. His winning personality, furthemiore, has won him scores of friends. It is Iona for John, and there he will pre- pare for Law. Good Shepherd, Manhattan Matty's talents were well invested at All Hallows for he spent three years in the Band and four years as a mem- ber of the Library League. He plans to study Electrical Engineering at Manhattan College where his friendly personality and fine school record will be great assets. Our best wishes go with him. Michael I. O'Shaugnessy St. Simon Stock, Bronx Mike is a good-natured fellow and has been active on the Dance Committee in senior year. He was a member of the Latin Society in his last year also, and could be counted upon to be at many of the school's functions. He hopes to go to Iona College to study Business Administration. We are sure his future efforts will be a credit both to him and All Hallows. 33 'WT- Richard I. Pelliccie St. Simon Stock, Bronx Dick's personality and carefree man- ner have eamed him the friendship of all the students. In first year he was a member of the track team and also played on the Freshman City Cham- pionship Basketball team. He will at- tend Fordham University in the pur- suit of a course in Pre-Law. Arthur R. Piervincenti Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Astoria Artie has been a real credit to All Hallows. A typical student, his marks and popularity rank high among the faculty and students. Although his future plans are undecided, we are sure that he will succeed in whatever occupation he chooses. Joseph H. Quinn St. Philip Neri, Bronx Joe came to All Hallows in September 1950 and during his stay here played two years of I. V. Football and in sen- ior year worked on the Dance Com- mittee. Joe plans to continue his studies at Iona in Business Administra- tion where his success, if judged on his A. H. record, is assured. raw 'Her' ,,.,,,.., 'Q Charles C. Plliegler Our Lady of Refuge, Bronx Charlie filled his four years at Hallows with friendliness and inte in school activities, especially on athletic field. He has participate all three sports, baseball, football, basketball. His outstanding achi ments have occurred in his two y of Varsity Baseball and Basketball. addition, Charlie has played two y of I. V. Basketball and two years Varsity Football. Iona is one of colleges he is considering for entr next September. Thomas R. Purcell St. Gregory, Manhattan An Honor Student for two years, Ti has also been active in sports, cluding basketball and football two years. His membership in the H tin Society will help him for he visions of attending St. John's Univl sity and majoring in Law. Thomas J. Quinn St. Simon Stock, Bronx By utilizing his friendly nature T4 made many friends in All Hallows. played Freshman Basketball and wa. member of the "Hitchhikers Clul Tom is undecided about the coll: he is going to attend but his gen personality will surely win him frier everywhere. Robert L. Radtke St. Raymondis, Bronx Coming to All Hallows four years a Bob has played two years of footb: He was elected Vice President of class in sophomore year and hopes attend either Kings Point or F Schuyler when he graduates. We sure that success will follow him his future life. Edward L. Redmond St. Gerard Maiella, Hollis d entered All Hallows as a February eshman. Excelling in languages, he as a medal winner in second year. i senior year he contributed his tal- its to the "Blue and White", the adn Society and the C.Y.A. For the ,ture Ed plans to study for the teach- g profession at Iona College. We ish him the best of luck. Alan E. Richards Immaculate Conception, Astoria .Ile entered All Hallows as a Feb- ary freshman. A member of the irsity Football team in third and urth years, his ready smile and wit ve made him one of the most pop- 1r seniors. Allie's future plans in- ide a four year course at Iona in isiness Administration. Anthony T. Roche Sacred Heart, Highbridge ny was an Honor Student for three urs and an active follower of all tool activities. Although undecided rut his future career we know that will be as much a success as his nr years at All Hallows were. Donald I. Ryan St. Joan of Arc, Jackson Heights 1 Don's record as a member of both V. and Varsity Basketball teams as ll as an Honor Student goes to show v study and sports can be inte- ted. His popularity is attested to the fact that he was elected class :er in second year. He will study v at Holy Cross. WM! Whorf Robert I. Ricci All Hallows, Bronx For twelve years now, Bob has been journeying to A. H. from upper Man- hattan. Vice Preident of his fresh- man class, he also played j.V. and Varsity Basketball and Baseball. A Li- brary League member, Associate Sports Editor and Co-editor of the "Blue and White". Bob's smiling face is well known to all A. H. Good luck Bob, in your future enterprises. Miguel A. Rios Our Lady of Lourdes, Manhattan "Irish Mike", as he is called by his classmates, has been the pianist in the A. H. Swing Band for four years and his skillful fingers have livened up many an A. H. dance. Mike intends to study Medicine upon graduation. Best of luck, Mike. James G. Rorke St. Kr'uin's, Flushing Jim joined All Hallows as a February freshman. He has been a member of the Glee Club and an enthusiast of many Gael sports. We feel sure that success cannot be but his. The best wishes of the Senior Class ac- company him in his future years. W-'Y Wm' as r Gabriel A. Scarfia St. Mary Help of Christians, Woodside Arriving as a February freshman in ,5l, Gabe extended his talents to the Debating Society. Later he joined the "Blue and White" staff, the Latin Society, and the C.Y.A. A four year Honor Student and medal winner in second year, Gabe has been a paragon of school spirit. With regard to the future, he has chosen to follow in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi. Thomas B. Sheridan St. Nicholas ol Tolentinc, jamaica Tom was one of our many students who journeyed from Long Island. A typical All Hallows man and a strong supporter of school activities he was in the Glee Club for three years and won an excellence medal in third year. A hard worker and excellent student, Tom excels in math and science. He will surely find success as an engineer and our best wishes go with him. Ronald J. Smith St. Ierome's, Bronx Ron's amiable smile and casual ap- pearance around school have always impressed both the faculty and stu- dents. His pleasing personality and love of work soon found him as a member of the Library League and a participant in many of our school functions. Ron will continue his studies at Manhattan College where he will take up Engineering. Thomas I. Smith Sacred Heart, Manhattan Tom, a happy-go-lucky but ambitious fellow has greatly helped to support our school activities. He was an ardent A. H. football fan and a mem- ber of the Library League. Although undecided about college, he has vi- sions of studying Business Administra- tion. His radiant smile and persuasive ways will take him far. Robert J. Socci St. Francis of Rome, Bronx During his stay at All Hallows Bob ran track in freshman year and helped to make the dances this year success- ful. ln addition to this, he was an Honor Student for two years. After graduation, Bob intends to major in Electrical Engineering at Manhattan College. The best wishes of the school go with him in his future years. ra George G. Stoehr St. Barnabas, Bronx As soon as George came to All Hal- lows he lent his talents to many school activities. He was a member of the Band for four years while still main- taining an honor average. I. V. foot- ball occupied his time in second year. George hopes to continue his studies at an out of state college. Emmanuel T. Spiteri Immaculate Conception, Astoria "Iunior" entered All Hallows as a February freshman in '51 and has been a popular and well-liked student ever since. Having ably lent his tal- ents to the school Glee Club, he in- tends to invest them further in the U. S. Navy. The Senior Class of '54 wishes him the best of luck in this worthy pursuit. iw Q, Robert R. Tompkins Our Lady of Refuge, Bronx Bob has been a consistent Honor Stu- dent since his arrival, coping a medal in first year. Always present at school activities, Bob was also a member of Latin Society in senior year. Comell is his choice for future study where he will major in Law. We all wish him the best of luck. John J. Tracy St. Angela Merici, Bronx Iohn joined the ranks of All Hallows in September 1950. Since then he has participated in many of our activities, and quite often could bc seen at many of the Gael sporting events. Although his future is not definite and he has not yet selected a college we feel sure he will do well in whatever field he follows. James W. Stuart The Madonna, Fort Lee A four year member of the Scholar- ship Class, Jim joined the Latin So- ciety in senior year and has done quite well in both. As to the choice of a vocation, jim is not yet decided. His eifervescent personality and friendly ways, however, will win many friends for him in future years. Best of luck, Jim. Michael A. Sylvester Our Lady of Mercy, Bronx Mike, on entering All Hallows four years ago was a medal winner and a member of the Freshman Basketball team. His subsequent successes on the I. V. and Varsity Basketball teams only added to his stellar record. At the culmination of his studies here, he plans to study Engineering at Man- hattan College. Thomas A. Tierney St. John's, Kingsbridge At All Hallows Tom has made many friends among the students and faculty alike, mainly because of his friendly personality and spontaneous cheerful- ness. A popular fellow and good scholastic student, we are sure he will be a success at his intended college, Fordham. We all wish him good fortune there. Frank I. Tirico St. Francis Xavier, Bronx Frank has been quite a prominent member of the Gael teams. He has played two years of I. V. Football, four of I. V. and Varsity Basketball, and three years of Varsity Baseball. His athletic success is second only to his ability to make friends. He will e sorely missed on the All Hallows scene by all who know him. Anthony 1. Trimboli St. Kcoin's, Flushing Iourneying every day from far off Queens, Tony has been a loyal student of All Hallows. At many of our ac- tivities you could find Tony. Manhat- tan is his choice for a college, where he plans to major in either Engineer- ing or Accounting. Whichever is his final decision, we feel certain he will succeed. 37 , - lt nguw- :FW Ronald T. Verdi Our Lady of Mercy, Bronx Ron has proved to be an all-round student at All Hallows. In second year he lent his talents to the I. V. Football team while in fourth year the Latin Society benefitted by his pres- ence. We all wish him the best of luck at Iona College where he will take a Liberal Arts course. Daniel E. Walsh St. Angela Merici, Bronx Dan, a well liked student and medal winner in freshman year, was a con- stant Honor Student. With his quiet and sincere manner we are sure he will succeed in his chosen field of Engineering at whatever college he chooses to attend. Michael I. Walsh St. Angela M erici, Bronx Quiet and amicable, Mike has been well liked by all those who know him. While at All Hallows his main efforts have gone to the Library League. Although his plans for the future are uncertain, his friendliness will serve to take him far. . 38 Francis I. Vogel St. Je1ome's, Bronx Four years ago Frank came to All Hallows. Lending his support to the school's athletic activities whole- heartedly, he soon became a popular fellow with classmates and faculty alike. After graduation, he will study Civil Engineering at Manhattan Col- lege. The senior class wishes him good luck. john G. Walsh Ascension, Queens While at All Hallows, John played I.V. Football and was a member of the freshman Track team. In fourth year, he joined the Senior Dance Commit- tee to which he contributed greatly. The good wishes of his classmates go with him to Iona, where he will study Business Administration. Kenneth I. Welch St. Nkholas of Tolentine, Queens Through his quiet and unassuming manner, Kenneth has won the respect and friendship of both the faculty and student body. His plans for the future include a course in Engineering at Manhattan College. The best wishes of the Senior Class go with Ken in his future years at college. Francis I. Wozar Public School 75, Bronx Frank, with his ready wit and good sense of humor, came to All Hallows in September '50. During his stay he lent his talents to the track team for two years. Frank plans to further his academic education at Iona where he is sure to be a success. Thomas C. Whelahan Our Lady of Lourdes, Manhattan Tom's name has appeared on the honor roll for four years and he was a winner of a General Excellence medal. His amiable personality and athletic ability while a member of the Varsity Baseball squad for three years eamed him the respect of his fellow students.. Tom intends to study for an Engineering degree. James P. White Our Lady of Refuge, Bronx Iim's refreshing personality and quick wit made him well liked by all stu- dents. His participation in school ac- tivities is typical of All Hallows students. Hopes of a Business Ad- ministration course at Iona are among Iim's plans for the future. We wish him the best of luck in all his under- takings. Anthony V. Zeto Sacred H eart, Highbridge Tony has distinguished himself by his ready wit and likable personality in addition to a fine scholastic record. In his four years at A. H. he has been a member of the Dance Committee and School Band. Following gradua- tion, Tony intends to study Agricul- ture. Best of luck in your chosen Held, Tony. 39 Q 5 F is 3 a . 'Qi' 5 5? R .Levi H' P vi, ax 'Hn , ff hz 'Kiki X W . Q' fi , W., ,, f 1-lr . , af- Jssrg M, 4 W- fs, 1 ' Hz 5 M ew ,, ,. ,. W. 5, ww, 21 L- 225' t 5 1 5 gl? ii 2 .9 Q. Jw ' Cu Q95?1Zf - .1 I. Ll, ,I 'X 1? G 51? i .Q-mi, 'Zz My f -I gg, .f-Q. 2 . IM., I , K M ,.,. V g yr 4, , - g 3 4 'f' g- 1! f - ' H Q: I Q iii? ,his ,: if 1 I "' W mf fw ,H V ,--., . "Y .- L " X N' Wx. ,M 1, 'I 1 if , gf , . ,, A... f if rv M . 5 Qu? gg ,, M XS W za H Q M ,. -...N ,I fm: new :mx .A - W" .fx NA H L X' k 5 4 3 551 It 2 -. H in W1 W .R 4 J fm A c six ,553 Q 1 4 J .7 vim ii 5 5- rg gi 5 lc . m 3 Q? A 4' 3 S f vf pw -if ff AQ 4 K Q if 1 K gy r 1 , f fzf -F j ' 9 W u in Lg!! i is L L 10 3 Y, V If 4 M f W P ,,,ef,K, EJ E 53 w-5 A Z f a J- . D 2 x Q A I A 'W W f' U ,Q ?,L,,5lj4l?g1s qi., V, wmv 1 A .,L, wiv M X who-.. EFX M' gfifff T ,g--4 5... p- E A mg? CLASSES s ntwxrsmvs vm rfqum 1'--if - -v W-HMM ii! Z: .5 Qfgglg E 2 5 Q' aff! r 4 F1 'Q jf 1 H1 if I 5 5 Q, u EI :X J 5 3 112 , K Q gi 9 A w A v K r-PFW .,,. AmA, Q K Q i MT! fw- ff gf .... w A Ml . 4'-. 'Q I , 14,5 W K5 5"- ,5 .Fr "' .1-' 5 1. um s 'ul 4 ' E H 'N sh MQ' if Q 5 5 "' 'V - ,E in A v 1 1 f' A, JV ?RP1fws, . gm , Wwqmwwssvzf.-5711522511211 wx .fw:M24if5 ani i Silting: R. Soc-ci, A. Trimholi, C. Kavanagh. Standing: H. Carolan, D. Komisky, T. Maher, W. Brady, I. McGowan, T. McNamara, R. Mullin. ENIGRS T. Sheridan, T. Brereton, I. Coyle, L. Farley, D. Diamond, T. Dunn, H. McKinney. I. Rorkz, D. Lownes, D. Harrington, I. Boyle, F. Vogel, G. Napolitano, P. O'Connor. C. Stoe-hr, N. Cuomo, T. McColdrick, I. Culd- ner, T. Barry, I. Furgiuele, G. Ferguson. is .,.b-'QM Sitting: E. Kelly, J. Malley, R. Cunningham, I. White. Standing: E. Gaw, I. Dolan, H. Farrell, I. Marsick. ROCJM 2 2 E I. Murphy, F. Tirico, I. Bohan, W. Leonard, F. Fiordalisi, T. Callanan. W. Broderick, A. Piervincenti, T. McCabe, R. Bauer, F. Costello, J. Holahan. Sitting: W. Deegan, E. Spiteri, L. Forbes, T. Smith. Standing: I. O'Reilly, R. Connolly, R. Stewart. 45 Sitting: R. Hadtke, P. Lanzone, A. Richards. Standing: T. Quinn, L. Anderson, I. McTigue R10 Cgfl . A A., r, . 2 gb 6? ,Q ax xx. , Q, f ' " ii-afxzlpli g ,x A 'flag 1 :mt if 4' 'i '13 'gf . -Kimi 155 3 x f :pw 5,x I. Manning, T. O,Conn0r, T. Fitzgcrald, T. Cunning, D. O'D0noghuc, D. Ahern, B. Eustacc, I. Suprenant. U - RCJOM Front Row: J. McSwvcney, P. Dewar, I Clvnicntc, A. Ziegler. Back Row: I. Manning A, 1-191191-, H, Magnuggn, J, O'F1ahQriy, Front Row: T. Hickey, M. Perez, N. Cntaldi. j. Mikalauskas, L. DcSantis, B. Martin, Back Row: I. Gray, F. Gill, W, Decly, R. Freedman, I. Lynn. I. Mclnerney, B. Gannon. Front Row: R. Lopez, A. Ste e son, T. P, R . dl ' Kehoe, W. Kqch. Brick Row: nM0oney, nancy' 1? qmf' Kelier' I' P1edl1n?iltcf J' Chlupsa' S. Gmm, In Glhmmy, In Fahey' ownc y, Anzolut, T. Mutschlu. H-7.5-.K ROOM 21 ON41l If Yxrusqo T Dxgnelh T Kam T Coxlcsa D Maddorun G McK11lop E Wmters Front Row: R. Bcrgcr, D. Wood, I. Marriman. Back Row: R. Baldwin, J. Berbick, E. Danko, R. Williams, J. Corcoran, W. Brown, P. Fowler. JUNIORS F. Slayne, T. Mclnerncy, E. Powers, A. Cardone, L. Danko, E. Muto, I. Gleeson, T, Hickey. j J, . V f, :Jie X 4.4. . -f , ff , uw, . J, 1 ,fu 52 411 "' . wah: '- f ,fe si sw fm M12 r 4 EM 'J R . J Y ,A my. if ,X gap J, iv? gg i gf 2 X ggi Q . f J F ., 9 lg L 3 gi B' Q , 7" gg A 1 6 I3 ,vw ff M 5 Wi QL: my 1 F Y Vlg- W ' "..X'E5 ' Tiff' if ft 1. Y ' 5 WW , ,L I. ,.-ga If ye 1 U. '1 il 3 Nr , Jw 2 s' if 7 Q- ,, f W, if I 'Y' . K' ,-. . ' :- my -1 9' 2995- -3 .K K? , 3 . 'Q 1,3- ffm F' 1 I Q swf, SOIDHOMOR1'-ss 'TEA Front Row: I. Coveney, M. Harrington, I. Flynn Back Row: E. Lamanno, G. Flynn, VV. Murphy, F-mm Row: W. Long, F F- Russo- Schauder, J. McSherry, W. Kenney. Back Row M. Cleary, I. Sieler. I .gn Front Row: F. Ceballero, T. Flaherty, I. Corcoran. Front Row: L. Coyle, L. Walsh, I. Barratta, R. Basora. Back Row: T. Fethersfjoniq Coffey, D. McDonnell, Back Row: D. O'Grady, R. McGlincl-ley, P. Jordan. . oey. Front Row: I. McElroy, J. Davis, R. Toth, R. Gallagher. T. Leahy, I. Flannigan, L. Gaffney, C. Benjamin, Back Row: T. Long, M. Mallon, R. Bligh. J, McDonald, J, O'Shaughne55y, fi S9 fx.: M r f ,L Y 4 Lv ,',. 5 kg X , nf'-wr Ulf J .24 A , Q W, .L 1 0 4 v ai krr. f 6 .5 ALS si Front Row: R. Neach, I. Enright, C. Mooney, W. DeBlois, J. Byrne. Back How: M. Helbig, S. Foley, R. Knapp. ROOM 1 I. Lynch, A. Pinto, I. Donnelly, D. Flaherty, O. Anzolut, J. Reddan. , . ' s Pg Front Row: B. Reynolds, W. Nutley, D. Allen, J. Mazzarella, H. Ryan. Back Row: I. Kyle, M. Karrigan, C. O'Regan. I l .Lyn ., l P. Magnante, I. Dougherty, C. Colon D. Stirbus, T. Conlon, C. Menges. Front Row: T. D. O'Connor, B. Costello, R McCormick, T. M. O'Connnr, D. McNamara R. Morrison, I. Grimes, D. Fahey. Back Bow: C. McLoughlin. 53 M 56 4 -Qfhrkwf ",:f 1 V' x ws, iwflgffi., 5 W ,ff " 9 1 K X35 jf k y W ,,, V , 7 kfqggw 'hifi ,X A A ,A fa., JA 55 f X i ,f 1,5 ri' 'kykr 235 is sr f " any ii as 1 . n , E ' 1 V J 1' QQ Zz K 1 QM we A A3 ie S Jai: V xp' Kg fu 1 x f E F Aja 'Wm f , 1 'aw 1, g f ix 4' -1 2543 3 .L . .ifwfzfa . ,?mA' Q, f Y .Q.f:45ff:- ,c f.f::1X ,..x ,M 11 wazzeazl-1 . .um . .uf if W we KM V ,fs f 3 Q7 x x S9 6 4 J, g , F Rlccobono I Healy R San Guhano D. Walkpr, V. Manoa, G. Feenan, I. Kemp, -QQ Front Row: R. Tonner, M. Paraiso, I. O'Brien, P. McIntyre. Back Row: R. McGihncy, F. O'Con- nor, F. Byrne, E. Rahilly. Front Row: F. McArdIe, I. McGo1drick, I. Vanderlinde, M. ordan. Back Row: . McKiernan I I , I. O'Callaghan, J. McGarvie, D. Gilligan. FRESHNIE Front How: R. Briant, A. Triana, I. Vaughan, D. McSpedan. Back Row: J. Joyce, W. Dagan, M. O'Reilly, R. DePompco. Front Row: W. Geisler, R. jones, R. Barrett, H. Pike Back Row: F. O'Neil1, W. Acosta, R. Dallas, R. Logan ROOM 1 3 Front Row: M. Tyson, J. Freeman, W. Moclair. Back Raw: H. Webber, E. Roma- now, F. Byrne, J. Oates, R. Streiber. 57 N f' 5 ,, g M Q? ,Y YM - 1, eia:ffN- f U 1 9? . - :BI 5. , We . M- W? Q f 1 1 A Q ,Q N is x , L Sf? ,if N 1 , jx' QP f A ff va if 7 f fwvg s QQQQ .8 ' fi. N54 -1 , .. xf 'W A -a xf. sf , . , 1.92 - 214. X Qfdfbs J ' in 5 1 F 1, , ,JS 2 9 ' "" ' ,Q , H43 if V ' V Lly VV V V V Wq'f""fm . VV ii VV VV VV VVXVAE , V QV Tai V g 3 , , A L, ' .. - V V ' L 'Q 3 VV :,, ,,,,- V V psf . X 1 A w, 1 Q A my' 1 'E 'L L I ,, .Q A ,, if V nf +L I l , gm? z, f +57 f .gf , Fi N ff f xg 5 - ,-1, 3,23 i :H av N -1 YW, N I 4 as W?i4'iyS'?'3' ' K la - ii . A , ' f QM 3 H1539 W-pm wr: , 1 3 , mwnx mv: N f fn -,-K.,-:,g,fk5,M 7 Wftsf X, X gf. 1 nf 'L'L A Mn A , Y yeh K QggLgLT2:l?g:f. H fl, ,ls Q ' M gist . F-sf, '-'WWQ 3 W7 Xe kr if :Z 5? ww L5ef'i'ig:fgif K, i, Nj.. I A ' 41 f ,Q A V, 'B K I A am 4165 5:3 5 Q R -Il", uf i W ffm use gf f QI f Wi- 'wif . 9 'Z I L IA , , ,, f S 321 , , Q D A, J' Rf at i W if V I 'FW Q W K K' Ak Ev W : ZF 'K' 55 ff.. Vvmmiggah ,,. :AOP "-Z? J aw- 'ig , U 1535 Q 1 T Ja n X, fl at 551,91 ' 3. 'z 1 saga r' Q 5 'YN C '. 'Q as l '15 Q 'fy ' n 'V W """""'W if John Manning, George Iurgvnson, Patrick Greaney, Edward Hein, WVilliam Fallon, Edward Cummings. Front Row: john Oates, Iohn Piedmonte, 'ference Lennon, Daniel Madorran. Back Row: john D'Esopo, Stephen McGee, Andrew Silo. The All Hallows Band, under thc capable leadership of Mr. Rygiel and the guidance of Brother McGowan, has surpassed its own Hue work of the past. Its tasks this year were somewhat greater than in former years because of the lack of a high school glee club Which normally assists the Band at school performances. During the football season, the Band played at several games and was accredited a great morale booster. Its next perform- ance Was at the lighting of the Christmas tree in Joyce Kilmer Park. There, despite the bad weather, the Band turned out a splendid program of carols. Other events this year in which the Band participated were the Catholic Music Fes- tival and, of course, the Saint Patrickis Day Parade. For the Hrst time, the Band, un- assisted, put on the Annual Spring Concert. Another great achievement of Mr. Rygiel was the formation of a new group of en- sembles to replace those lost to the Band by the large number of boys who graduated last year. WVe are confident that the Band has maintained the excellent standard set in former years and our hearty felicitations are extended to Brother McCoWan and Mr. Rygiel for their Hue work. i Mr. Bygiel and .Brother McGowan 66 Front Row: Vincent Manoa, Thomas Walsh, Matthew O'Malley, John discuss some important plans. McGrath, Peter English. Standing: George Stoehr. Back Row: D'0nald MCC-ee, John Bohan, john Farrelly. Q Y I , V I, 'rfww LL get-"1 11.75 . K. wY x 1 .V-- Vl K'1Q A fm Rx ff gf Ai s fe if figs' A 4 ff 5 222 QW r Y '13 M 4 ' 4 at Z , f"'Q9,, E if W sk " in , , 5 Kg ff X x N, , fy' xx eff' 25215 F ,L ix 1 ik X ,K ,Q u L f, Q 4, A 3 fi ax Q 'gg 3 gf Q , gf , F , 3, A Y, f 1- X ":- , lfr - 7. i , -M . ' fa .. 1 ., J at .,., f N 3 5 , , f f N N 5 ff f jj -ix ,, , V ,, hL - Q I Yfl f y V ,L f lf Q. 1 f ' ,QFHGL ig, . A ! i Q W gg, ..z1: H W , V ilfff H ' ' 47Q Q fifi Q if fx 7 Q f 4- F Q 1A ' 1 Ax Q ,V ' S-'br LK Q, , A ,.f2 " ,I 1 'I fq ' ' xx E s I - x :Q -V-, ..2:-f- -:.,Q 1 , '- , .. ',.' y '--Q ::' 3 Front Row: Robert Donovan, Stephen McGee, William Leonard. William O'IIara, Andrew Silo, Stephen Gardner. Second How: John Looby, Patrick Creaney, Martin Wynn. Buck Row: Miguel Rios, Donald McGee, George Jurgen- sou, John Manning, John D'Esopo, Edward Hein, Senior Dance Bond A natural outgrowth of the Senior Band, the All llallows Dance Band has heen a very rhythmic and very melodious asset to the social activities of the school. Its talented and versatile leader this year was Bob Dono- van. Lending its full support to all the school dances held during the year, this organization was fully deserving of the sincere vote of grati- tude and appreciation extended it hy the niemhers of the Senior Prom Committee. This year's program came to a fitting climax in the out- standing performanee which they rendered at the annual Spring Concert, Front Row: Terence Lennon, Stephen McGee, Andrew Silo, John Piedmonte, Stephen Gardner. Second Row: John Loohy, Patrick Greaney, Martin YVynn, John Manning, William U'Hara. Bock Row: Daniel Madorran, John McGrath, George Jurgenson, Edward Hein, John D'Esopo. Junior Dance Bond Next year a new and different Dance Band will supply the musical tl.CL'OlllDtlI1lIllCIllI at the school dances. Throughout the year the inenibers of this group gave freely of their time and efforts in striving to prove the validity of the time-Worn adage, "Practice makes perfectv. The Junior Dance Band has changed its repertoire to include less ballads and more lively music, and although as yet untried hefore an audience, we are sure that, under the capahle direction of John Manning, it will have reason to feel proud of its efforts. St. I3c1tric:k's Dclq DCIPCICIQ VVhen March 17th dawned bright and clear, Gaels from all over the metropolitan area prepared for the journey which was to take them to 45th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues at precisely 1:30 M. Assembling in four groups of 72 men each and led by Hagbearers in- cluding Walt Donnelly and Tom Burke and All Hallows renowned marching band, under the direction of George Stoehr, the Gaels began the "long march up the green linen of Fifth Avenue. Because of great ability to coordi- nate their marching feet, the All Hal- lows representation created a great impression in the minds of the million people who lined Fifth Avenue. The fine reputation which All Hallows has achieved is a great tribute to the hard Work of the Brothers and, in particu- lar to the fine effort of Brother Curtin. lt was a thrill for all true sons of Erin to see the feet of the All Hallows brigade in perfect rhythm. Apprecia- tion was readily seen in the numerous bursts of applause which the Gaels Heading up the All Hallows contingent Displaying the talents of the Band. nerited from thousands of onlookers at the parade. 5 i ' A n I Cardinal Spellman, Bishops and Priests watch All Hallows go by. The members of the Faculty march too. All Hallows sem march up the Avenue '65, '39 23 'C ,gr 3 ..- ,Q "gm V ? ' H 3-I vi X 3 , 5, Q., 'Q . l 3' :msg C. Y. A. The Catholic Youth Adoration Society, ever since its founding in 1948, has taken tremen- dous strides in bringing Catholic boys and girls closer to Our Lord in the Blessed Sac- rament. In the space of six short years, the C.Y.A. has spread from New York City, where it originated, to many states, territories and foreign lands. Father joseph Bernier, S.S.S., the founder and moderator, gives four Holy Hours per month in New York. For the stu- dents of All Hallows, the Holy Hour is held at 3 P. M. on the third Sunday of every month at the Church of Ss. Peter and Paul, in the lower Bronx. The student leaders for this year, Cabe Scariia and Ed Redmond, ably as- sisted by Thomas Burke and Iohn O'Brien, have carried out the arduous task of attempt- ing to persuade their fellow students at All Hallows to come to the Holy Hours with a spirit of undying zeal. Front Row: E. Redmond, G. ScarHa, Student C.Y.A. Leaders Back Row: J. O'Brien, I. Burke, Student Counselors. Front Row: Iames McCormack, Christopher McKenna, Edward LaHanka John Heffernan, james Morrissey, Thomas Egan, Edward C' d B k R F ank 0Connor Thomas General Science Club G'Wi.i2i2'iiz, Roi... zaidibar. One of the newer additions to the extra-curricular activities at All Hallows is the General Science Club. The purpose of the club is to assist in classroom demonstrations, to participate in Held trips, and to participate in school exhibits. Membership in the club was restricted to freshmen who displayed interest in the Held of science. Moderator of the club is Mr. H. Tessier. President of the Club is James Morrissey and Vice President is john Heffernan. At club meetings the members discuss current scientific events, conduct experiments which would be too difhcult to undertake during the regular school periods, and present the results of these experiments to the science classes in the form of oral reports. M .mefizxfzz -1 ws , , .A,,,, NWN 22 S ,fig A n.s,s,.1,:vq.. if z 1? ' 58 R -N.. WN ,- .m.,,..,..,:k.7 ,K I ., , ,,-,mtv Q-,wx vw-1: YZUSFQJQQLK f - ik iisgf . 5 V, -wa 5- w, A ., -K' - . Q, M w r A t 3 2w :?Q5?QE3sf ' , Q ww' - :.' , i Q Ei :QQQQQQX E ., J k..-,f , , wa? X Y ff mega ,M :nes Q, 1-.. we KM, ,W V,,-Ymwmgmq ' f I -sgizvzrzax-sravisisiisw I 1 S ,. 5.5 m 5 mf 3 am egg K Z 5. I L. ,. k - f ' 'fi fr .1 S in 3331, 5 v I W' 1 V 3 'R xg? ' Aw W gfgfgsj K. M ' W My N,.. . , ,, Front Row: D. Stirbis, R. Bauer, Brother D. A. Rinaldini, R. Neuville, P. Jones. Buck Row: C. Colon, J. Fogarty, R. Mulvcy, V. Manoa. Poster Club This year's Poster Club has surpassed all expectations in both the quality and quantity of its work. Under the guid- ance of Brother D. A. Rinaldini, its moderator, the staff has turned out many fine posters. VVorking not only in pen and ink, but also in pastels, pencils, and tempera, as well as oh multi-colored poster boards, its posters have been used to advertise many of the schoolis activities and events. The football games, CYA holy hours, the annual operetta and the Boxing Night of the Fathers, Club are just a few of the many events the Poster Club has publicized for the student body. The President, Dick Neuville, and the Vice President, Bob Bauer, together with the entire staff, are to be compli- mented for their many hours spent making the fine posters. ,J A xx f' I 'W ez., 5 We limes G 4 tNHr X' 'W Www LC X "wa 'Nm as an , ,ff - 'L "X i , 1, .V V. gy I as A, sg cr E , j ,law ' g X ' P PY' 4 ..' li - 1 'srl I fp "1 - 'uf' y., 41 in Tl 4 Pf' Mirni ssil " ' , .4 if .',.. s - . "W A if AP... P 'Q AWN P' Q , L . , A,,, ,S ' ' uf P ff? - I' rrnnn P ' Xa r 'ff-IP' siis' P C ii f M V 3 iff! I. . -I I P ,"' 'A t , : V r P P . f '41 amegpifi ,,'t i - ' A f. . , Z P P Prsr Members of the Poster Club hard at work. LAWRENCE FARLEY 1954 Chairman Sociol Activities The number one reason for the success of All Hallows, social life was the Senior Dance Committee. This most active organization presented a series of dances that will be long talked about at All Hallows. The gym was the scene for the dances and the music was furnished by Bob D0novan's excellent Swing Band. Big gun of the committee was the Chairman, Jack Fogarty for 1953, and Lawrence Farley for 1954, ably assisted by Vice Chairman Iack McTigue, Secre- tary Ed Howard, Treasurer Don Harrington, and a host of members comprising almost one-Hfth of the Senior Class. Working hard to make the monthly dances a success, the members of the committee have given their time with the result that the individual prom bid has been considerably lowered. By now, the Senior Prom of 1954 has become a memory, but a delightful one, for the one hundred twenty couples who attended. The soft lights and decorations at the Hotel Roosevelt plus the dreamy music of Ioe Carrol's superb orchestra made the evening a complete success. The laborious but necessary preparations were accomplished by the Prom Committee-the oilicers of the dance committee. These boys as well as their moderator, Brother E. B. Haggerty, worked ex- ceedingly hard to bring about each and every success. Credit is also due to the students of All Hallows for their interest and excellent participation in this, a most enjoyable activity. A scene at one of the All Hallows dances. KW.. fe Frou! Plow: A, Zcto, VV. Flunnagnn, I. O'Sl1augl'mcsSy, M. 0,Shilll2'hlll'SSy', R. Socci. F. O'Conn0r, T. Flaherty. Bunk Row: J. Murphy, 1. McElligot, I. VValsh, I. Hull, D. O'Cmdy, J. Quinn, P. De-war, S. Garner. 1 'lm E Rev. Brother E. B. llnggorty PROM AND DANCE COMMITTEE OFFICERS Front How: John Fogarty, 1953 Chairmang John Mc'I'igus-, Vice Chairman. Bark Row: Donald Harrington, Truusura-rg Edward Howard, Secretary. W7 Fmn! How: P. O'Cnnn0r, D. Fvrrivk, I. Dolan, I. Cnnuvnn, I.. Gaffney, E. Cvigcl, E. I,:nnlnmn1o, R. Mulvey. Buck Row: L. Larkin, J. Cnllvy, T. Mc'Cnl1v. R. Barth, VV. Dunnvlly, M, Fivlds, L. Farlvy, H. ML-Kinney, R. McLaughlin. The literary chronicle of All Hallows, the "Blue and Whitef' has done more this year than provide monthly recapitu- lations of curricular and extra-curricular affairs. Under the direction of Brother C. B. Quinn, the layout was revised to include features that were more clearly representative of student opinions. A "Letters to the Editoru column and "Activities Roundupi' articles were highly instrumental in encouraging and devel- oping a strong school spirit. The staff included Bob Ricci and Dave Llewelyn as co-editors, with Bill O'Don- nell, Gabe Scarfia, and Ed Redmond working in the capacity of managing and associate editors. Feature writers Ramon Lopez, Nick Cataldi, and Ed Geigel were responsible for the series of fine articles on school activities and sports, while reporters Ed Howard, John Broderick and Marcial Perez handled their jobs with the precise- ness and clarity of professional journal- ists. Reporters Charles O,Regan, jim Burns and Frank O'Connor were wel- comed additions to the staff this year, 78 The staff at work. and, next year, will constitute the back- bone of a good staff. Staff artists Dick Neuville and Joe Dunn are to be complimented for their fine art work, and the photography of Ed Hein spoke for itself. The future staffs of the "Blue and Whitev will have to work hard to live up to the standards set by this year's staff. Blue E. Redmond, T. O'F1aherty, I. Buckley, G. Scarfial The day before deadline! Sitting: Ed Ceigel, Brian Eustace. Reporters R. Lopcz, T..Gunning, Standing: Editor Bob Ricci and Tom Gunning. and B. Eustace talk things over. 1? ,ff R. Lopez, M. Perez, N. Cataldi, I. Broderick. :md White Q . Rev. Brother C. B. Quinn Editor Bob Ricci with feature writers M. Perez and D. Llewelyn. Feature writers Ed Geigel, jim Buckley, and I. O'F1aherty. 79 Len Fleidncr, jim Durrigan, jim L1-Bar, Bro. I. C. Collins, jim Mclntyre, Ed Howard, Ed Geigel. Halloween IIM MCINTYRE Flrlifnr-in-Chit-f The students ,of All Hallows were a little shocked, but pleasantly surprised at the green and gold cover of this year's Halloween. This is a typical example, however, of the many changes that have been inaugurated in the 1954 annual. Under the capable leadership of jim Mclntyre, the Editor-in-Chief, the staff has made the "54,' a standout in both the literary and artistic fields. This has been a year of new ideas. Revolutionary changes such as using informal pictures in place of for- mal class photographs have made this year's Halloween more than 'ijust another yearbookn. Every page exem- plifies a tremendous amount of planning and work on the part of the small and compact staff. jim Durrigan did a magnificent job as photo editor and the work of the whole staff was supported by Jimmy LeBar's excellent handling of his duties as managing editor. The sports editors, Ed Howard and Ed Ceigel, showed great imagi- nation in compiling the sports section which merited the applause of the entire student body. Among the many im- portant contributions of jimmy Mclntyre as editor was his complete handling of the artwork, and Len Fleidner performed admirably his duties as clerical editor. Other hard-working members of the staff were Frank Costello and john Morrissey. Brother J. C. Collins was a great help as moderator, and through his advice, hard work, and determination, the parts were carefully put together into another suc- cessful yearbook. The excellent portrait photography was done by Mr. George Routel of Routel Studios, Inc. All Hallows can be proud of this yearis Halloween. 80 ww? JIM LE BAR Managing Editor ED CEIGEL Sports Editor JIM DURRICAN Photography Editor ED I'IOWARD 81 Sports Editor .f-f"""M. BILL SULLIVAN Grammar School Photographer EUGENE DONALDSON Clerical YVOrkcr S2 WW iff 'f Y L 1 3 r I x xl. 4.8 LEN FLEIDNER Clerical Editor Halloween Staff FRANK COSTELLO and JOHN MORRISSEY Clerical XVorkers Dhotogrcuphq Club Bill Sullivan Ed Hein, lim Durrigan, jim LeBar. The photographs which adorn the pages of the Hal- loween and the various other school publications were not created by mere accident, but through the hard work of the members of this year's Photo Club. Slaving over the enlarger and various multi-colored trays of chemicals, these camera bugs were known to subsist on boiled hypo rice, acid fixer, and tasty. sheets of raw film for days at a time. VVith the darkroom as a base of operations, the mem- bers of the club managed to turn out some outstanding examples of excellent photography. Using the schoolis Speed Graphic camera, they took shots of meetings, tourna- ments, track meets, basketball games, and activities, thereby insuring an excellent pictorial record of school life at All Hallows in years to come. The members of the 1954 club were jim Durrigan, photography editor of the Halloweeng jim Leliar, jimmy McIntyre, Ed Hein, and Bill Sullivan, Grammar School photographer. In future years, We are surc the fine work of these pho- Jim McIntyre 83 tographers will be deeply appreciated. Religion Y The Retreat Master, Father Salvator Fink, stresses a point. is R if W KK v..."'Fr5 K e Talking things overl This past year the students of All Hallows have had the opportunity of discovering the activities of many religious orders, and of examining their own inclinations to the call of Jesus Christ. Vocation directors from Maryknoll, Graymoor Monastery, the Salesian Fathers, and Society of African Missions, and many other communities, addressed the stu- dent body, pressing their appeal for more young men to atake up the Cross and follow Himf, A high spot of the school year was the annual Vocation VVeek during which each All Hallows' man was en- couraged to consider a career as a religious, and in particular as an Irish Christian Brother, as his state in life. The increased devotion to Our Blessed Mother that has characterized the prayers and devotional observances of All Hallows men is. due no doubt to the serious appreciation for the "Fulgens Coronav of Pius XII that has been fostered by the zeal of the Brothers in training the line Christian men that are to go out into the World. 57,4 LH.: gy :Q A 33: Q S if -Sz , I FRESHMAN TOURNAMENT TEAM JUNIOR TOURNAMENT TEAM SENIOR TOURNAMENT TEAM P. DEWAR Tuninr Captain OFFICERS Sitting: R. Mulvey, P. Casey, Vice President, J. Mclntyre, President, F. Costello, Secretary, I. Fogarty, Treasurer. Standing: T. Burns, E. Hein, Sophomore Captain, I. Maher, Freshman Captain. I. LeBAR Senior Captain REV. BROTHER M. A. LEE The Chess Team was organized in 1954 chiefly through the efforts of a group of enterprising Seniors who felt it would be a welcome addition to the long list of school activities. The enthusiasm and response of the student body was tremendous, and the newly organized team became the school's largest activity practically overnight. Since the club was organized late in the school year, it did not sec as much activity as was expected, but succeeded in its main objective-to build for the future. The junior and Sophomore Tournament teams are of such a calibre that we are assured of a fine record next year. The team was ably moderated by Brother Lee, who supervised the meetings, games, and tournaments in the Physics Lab, instructed many neophytes, and bettered the game of many other players. Among the officers of the team Were: james McIn- tyre, who was chiefly responsible for its organization, Peter Casey, Vice President, jim Le Bar, Senior Cap- tain, Frank Costello, Secretary, and jack Fogarty, Treasurer. john Maher was Captain of the Freshman team, Ed Hein of the Sophomores, and Paul Dewar, of the juniors. The school was ably represented this year by a team composed predominately of Seniors. The team has developed at a remarkable rate and in future years will undoubtedly take its place among the most bene- ficial and Well-liked activities in the school. The E. S. Cfl. T. boot The trophy case. Y. Bllrkl' and thi' Cunningham uith eshman trophy. me K- of C' trophy' Featherson holds the IV trophy. ..-M. '91 A 4' Mn-5 'S E -.gk X ,F ',, Congratulations! TROPHIES Each year, the various All Hallows teams ranging from Varsity Basketball to Track return with numer- ous medals and trophies as evidence of their success. This yearis spectacular successes at home and away have brought us numerous prizes from all over the Eastern United States. Besides the magnificent per- formance of the Varsity in Newport, Rhode Island, fthe team practically brought back its weight in troph- iesl the Track Team won new honors for the school in the Penn Relays and many other championship meets in the city. The jay Vee copped the First Place trophy, terminating their season undefeated, the Freshman Team took Second Place, losing a heart- breaker to La Salle. Although the baseball season is not over yet, the Varsity and JV teams are picked to win recognition in the CHSAA finals. Individual honors have also been many. Ernie Haynes, for instance, was High Scorer at Newport, Most Valuable Player, First String All-City, and First String All American! Many of the trophies, however, are locked away in the ever-growing trophy cases at the end of the year, with the result that the majority of the student body does not get an adequate chance to see them in their full splendor. Therefore, it is a privilege and a pleasure for this yearis Halloween to present to you various photo- graphs of these new trophies, medals, and awards, in the hope that, in looking at them, you will remember the great teams they represent. 87 M -Lf 1 'Ulm ' A331 5 f nl K. 'ff "fyi"""'. nw'- " 'Ek' fl! Y 5,953 E 1 M F 'V 'E' 54 ' 2 'SF Qs 5" i A ww SPONSORED BY Tllli l"ATlllQllS' CLUB OF ALL IIALLOXVS 'sv On hltlILll 2-1 of this yetu, the Fatlncis Lluh ol All Ilallows presentecl its Annual Boxing Night. As in the past years, the affair was enthusiastically received hv all classinen ancl their fathers-untlouhtetllV hecause of the excellence of the ex ent itself, as well as lol its purpose ot .utling the school financially. Twelwe matches were arranged, for as inany pairs of some of the most promising young boxers to he fountl in the ranks of the l'.A.l,. Atltlecl attractions inclutlecl two legitnnate wrestling houts-certainly a unity in iecent years. The attendance was gratifying to the committee that plannetl the eveningfs program ancl servecl to cleinonstratc one instance ofAll llallowsl school spirit, Effi- cient hat-clleck ancl refreshinent-x'enrlin,L5 services were operated hy groups of students in order to increase the enjoyment of the spectators, who readily ex- pressccl their approval. All who tlevotecl a part of their time to insure the success of the vcnture cle- stlu a laigc infasuic ol thanlxs horn tht tntnc stuclcnt hotly. Especially tltscrving of thanks is Rev. llro. I, C. Collins, motlerator of the Fathers' Cluh, who arranged the entire night antl was responsible for its txemenclous success. Front Row: Frank Meyer, Jann-s Mullins, Vincent Mazzino. Second Row: John Lazzari, judge Patrick Fogarty, Brother Curtin, Eugene Gallagher, Frank Walsh. Buck Row: Edward Cummings, L0uiS Gaffney, Michael Hayes, James Regan, Raymond Gettens, joseph Regan, Anthony Capalbo, Michael Hickey, Edward Shinnick, john O'Shaughnessy, John Tyson, Angelo Cristina, Cy Fields. Nu! Pictured: John O,Grarly, Henry Feuchter. ALL -HALLOWS No bear hugs now!!! K The Principal, with Deputy Police Commissioner James Nolan, Captain Brennan, and former Police Commissioner George Monaghan, enjoy the bouts. The Moderator with Frank Ne-shit and Thomas Mc-Inerney. Right down to e ropes. .JF ,K imag And St. .Ir Oi carri repli Protect thy child, and cheer my path With thy sweet smile of loved? XVhen Father Marchi told of the miracle-working e in the Augustinian Monastery, the lledemptorists petitioned Pope Pius IX to have the image placed in the Church on the spot chosen by Our Lady Herself. the Pope, in granting the request, said: "It is our will that this picture of the Blessed Virgin be returned to the church hetwcen St. Mary Majoris and ihn Lateransf' 1 April 26. 1866, the miraculous Madonna was ed in a solemn procession to her chosen spot in the Church of St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, one of Blaryls greatest lovers and defenders. Today the original painting reposes in Rome while millions of cas luring her and her perpetual help to all men everywhere. ,Mwwm . f-g,,1 fm: My . - . . .,,k , in fg mfgm--K Q QA V51 5 4 'ff X , "5 K wg 3 Q ig ,A y ., ,hit S L.,A, Q, 5 Page My ' Q HL BRO. I. G. CAHH M ml emlur MII. RICHARD A. KING Director of Athletics BACKFIELD Bu Farrell, llalilwaekg Charlie Pfliegler, Fulllwackg 1,011 DeSantiS, Halibackg Wally Cogan, Quarterback. LINE Bill Kozera, Taekleg Padcly Lanzone, Guardg Ernie Haynes End' Eamon Kell Centcrg . y y Y, Bill Bernich, Guarclg joe Flanagan, En Marty D1-vitt, Tackle. 92 K .. . I W Front Row: E. Costello, M. Collins, j. Flan- agan, j. C-illigan, D. Cray, A. Richards, P. Lanzone, E. Kelly, B. Bernich. Second Row: C. Wilson, T. Burke, T. Gleason, R. Blakie, C. Benjamin, L. DeSanfiS, W. K0- zera, YV. Donnelly. Back Row: W. Don- nelly, H. Magnusen, J. Parody, WV. Cogan, VV. Carr, T. Pure:-ll, C. Piliegler, M. Deviti, E. Haynes, I. Fazzino, II. Farrell. On Tuesday, September lst, 1953, the main body of football candidates turned out to commence train- ing for another football season. There was a large nucleus of those who played varsity last year, aug- mented by a large crop up from last year's winning 'IV team. Under the tutelage of Mr. King and his capable assistants, Bob Dourney and Ed Museo, both former All Hallows stellar linemen, the team gradu- ally began to take shape. By the time school started, the squad was in very good physical condition. Then disaster struck. In a scrimmage against Taft, All Hallows lost the services of Bill Carroll who was counted on to supply a major part of the rushing offense. Lou DeSantis was selected to replace Bill who sustained a broken leg. The season opened on September 27th against St. Francis, an underdog, who registered an upset victory by the score of 6-0. The Gaels did not play a hustling brand of football. Incidentally, this marked the first appearance in football attire of "Fuzzy" Fazzino, erst- while All Hallows track star. The next game, played in New Rochelle against Iona, was one of the high points of the whole season. All Hallows scored very early in the first period on a pass from Gogan to Haynes, and this combination ac- counted for the other All Hallows score in the third period. The game ended in a tie, 12-12, but the nu- merous Gael rooters knew who really won this game. Gur next opponent was St. Ceciliais of New Jersey. The Gaels got off to a good start but the attack bogged down and St. Cecilia's was victorious in a hard-fought contest, the score being 19-13. Wally Gogan scored on a quarterback sneak in the first quarter, and a Gogan- to-Haynes aerial was good for six points in the last quarter. Thus, All Hallows lost another close one, but remained undaunted in quest of their first victory. Against St. john's of Brooklyn, the Gaels were completely outclassed by a score of 32-7. The only bright spot of the game occurred when Fazzino went five yards around end on a "Fuzzy Specialn. Lou DeSantis drop-kicked the extra point and the Gael offense was completed for the day. On a rainy November Sunday, the Gaels played a very rugged Mount eleven. The mud played a huge part as an equalizer. The fierce line play of the Gaels caused the Mounties to fumble no less than seven times. The overzealousness of a Gael player caused the only All Hallows score of the day, a Gogan to Haynes pass, to be called back because of a penalty. journeying to far-off Connecticut, the Gaels played a championship Fairfield eleven. Scoring very early in the period because of a bad pass from center, on a Gogan to Farrell pass play, the Gaels looked like the great football team that they really were. After the first quarter, the game evolved into a desperate effort by All Hallows to stop a red-clad dervish named Ringel. Thus the Gaels went through the first six games without a victory. Only a tie with Iona provided any sort of a thrill for the Gael supporters. With only the Fordham game left, the Gaels were looking forward to the Fordham game with a real desire for victory. 'f1afg1.Ssgv5f.3E f 1 iii - M -..f .7554 as .. ,LWQ - 1.:1111:..f 1 131 2 L., ga virfffm ' it X.. .5 .Ki wi.:-S:,., 6 S. 52221451-its-A iz:E'?.:3WE: i".z .t 4 vii. 224131.51 ' ' 5 5 it izagg ,H 4 rr fa? . .2 153,52 5 . s- wx sw -: M in wa rftff Q it 1 - 2252 . mmqw, ..... ,. 3 ,r,,.,f.: il. fifisw - aa, aassxqig es: ra.. .wily .X .. 15Wli'fil'Xf Wm? f fs-,as.'.. s sm .fx m7i.3w QE ---vin. W 104 551 .. f Hiiiikglf - fmzfegi- aa - f 1.S5r..f'11,. X wav 4 was si 5 iii v5 rv. Ass SQ ii 1. ,mi T121 331 4 .t .az . . .U ji ., lliifa ,..,., ,,,. .,,,, E ,aifita ,, sf' Mxl 'Fi 553: vii, I 'rs:2:er32e2fvfel,'f' X. S I wil' 'BSL !i.f,i5s,r-EJ? fi Q. :Elf :fish- X r 2 W af me wa,- ' 5.5 il .1 sl .. .-it fffffiiffssiefg .W .sus . ...... ,ar i vm. Wig .nr . vw.. . v.-.v,-. Maas, .. ..-..-. uf Y W .X ...... Z., -- ez. -sl- t ff: fem SDE fi Q- ff.- .iris-ig swf .W . fa, , Qiiliwilii wr? 7 .faliflafg ,, . ia. K Us-f vi if U by A lr Rfzxfu ' ra 1+ ..,, ,.. . A f ...ggi 'iz .Sr 1.3.1 ,. .ia . 1 we svgf-XU N Vw . tx. tai 3 il gqgtizi We Ei 1 i Wag E was 'ii-girth 'Fifi ' . ., L ,-,iv . 3' A554 PADDY LANZONE Honorable Mention, All-City Guard Charlie throws F or Imam ' , gal!!SI t's splits the UPYXNS 8 Sail 1 Lou De BILL BERNICH Guard a key block for Bo. Charlie Pfliv 'ler leads Lou Di-Santis in nuest. L I of n first down against St. Iohn's. 94 EAMON KELLY Honorable Mention All-City Center W e W . ' ' .- p g On Sunday, November 8th, the Gaels met Fordham at Fordham Field. The fiery Gael spirit was in evidence because the first time they touched the ball, they scored, Lou DeSantis splitting the Ford- ham line and going forty-five yards for a score. Not to be outdone, Bo Farrell went around right end for forty yards and a score. A pass, Gogan to Haynes, accounted for the extra point and the Gaels led, 13-0, at the end of the first quarter. The second half only served to increase the Gael lead. The same pass combination, Gogan to' Haynes, accounted for another six points and DeSantis kicked the extra point. Finally in the last quarter, on a uFuzzy Specialv, a play designed especially to capitalize on F azzinois blinding speed, he skirted end to register the last score of the ,53 season and at the final whistle, the Gaels led 26-6, thus finishing the season with a well-earned victory. Although the season was a great team effort, credit must be given where credit is due. Ernie Haynes was selected as a member of the All-City and All-Met teams while Paddy Lanzone, Bo Farrell and Eamon Kelly, all very underrated ball players, received various awards for their great play. Charlie Pfliegler, Bill Bernich, Bill Ko- zera, john Gilligan, Ozzie McLoughlin, our co-captain, injured in the Iona game, Al Richards, and John Fazzino were all seniors playing their last game for the Blue and White. Also, players of the caliber of Gogan, DeSantis, Magnusen, Devitt, Flanagan and Costello should be remembered for their contributions to the '53 season. Thus the season closed on a triumphant note, and all those concerned will have wonderful memories in the years to come. . al A ERNIE HAYNES All-City and All-Met End S sa. I ry CHARLIE PFLIEGLER F lib k Bo thwarts Indians' TD effort. ' u ac ma, 5 BO FARRELL Co-Captain .4 X 3412? '-sasal, fi may ' Sf, Qi . .mu Q VARSITY BASKETBALL GAELS RATED AMONG TOD SIX OF NATION ,. , MR. R. A, KING Coach Wu would like to extvncl our con- gratulations to Mr. Dick King for bi-ing chosen nnc of the out- standing coaches of the nation. Mr. King was also chosen to coach the North quintet in the annual nationwide North-South clash at Kentucky this year. 96 Front Row: VV. Gogan, R. Farrell, T. Fitzuvrald. F. Tirico Back Row: C. 1'Hic'glcr, R. Cunningham, E. Samson, E. Haynes, TEAM SCORING RECORD , R. Ricci. M. Sylvester. A. H. Opp. 89 Metropolitan Life ,,,, ,, 44 74? Xavier ,,,,,, ,,,, 4 1 621' Cardinal Hayes ,,,,, ,, 48 671' Power ., ,,,,,,Y,,,,,,, WY 54 52 Alumni , ,,,,,,,, ,, 45 57T LaSalle ,, ,.,,,, ,,Y,Y,,,Y,, , 62 621' Rice , , , ,,,,,,, 38 59T St. Ann's ,,,, , A W., 68 77T Stepinac W 53 58+ Mount St, Michael 60 75'I Xavier ,,,, ,, 55 86TT St. James ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Y ,Y,, 4 7 9111 Power ,, , W 69 92TI Don Bosco ,,,,,,,,,,,, 23 79I' LaSalle .. ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, 49 74TT St. Francis , , ,, 54 55T St, Ann's . ,,,,,,, 67 69'I'I Cardinal Hayes , 50 5lT Mount St. Michael ,,,,, 43 SOTT Chaminadc ,,,,,, , 61 5ST Cardinal Hayesw ,,,, , 66 70" St. ,Petr-fs ,,,,,,,, 54 541' Rice ,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,, ,W 25 66" Sf, lN1ary's ,,,, , 56 72T Stepinac ,....... , . 75 73' Cathedral 59 1761 1329 Won 19, Lost 7 'I'League games TI' K. of C. Toumament 0 ESCIT Toumament BRO. M. F. BRADLEY M odcrator fe-.-wr wiw -I 5 JAMES DONNELLY M a nagrfr JAMES MORAN Manager CONGRATULATIONS! ERNIE HAYNES First String All-American L 4 Scarcely had talk about football ceased when the call for candidates for the Varsity Basket- ball Team were sent out. Mister King, coach of many a fine All Hallows Team, and Brother Bradley, the moderator, were the ones responsible for molding such a fine team. With a very strong nucleus of battle-hardened veterans and the recruits from last year's JV Team, Gael sup- porters had strong hopes for a City Championship team. After numerous scrimmages, the first string began to shape up. Co-Captains Frank Tirico and Bobby Cunningham played the outside along with Charlie Pfiiegler while Ernie Haynes and Mike Sylvester were stationed in the cor- ners. The Gaels, in their first real test, swamped the Metropolitan Life team by forty-five points. The league season opened most auspiciously with a win over an aggressive Hayes team be- fore a huge home crowd. The final score was 62-48. Ernie and Bobby led the way with seven- teen points apiece. Frankie threw in numerous timely set shots. After a close victory over a sur- prisingly strong alumni aggregation, the Gaels ran off successive victories over Rice, Stepinac, Xavier, Power, and LaSalle. The clash with St. Ann,s loomed as a struggle between two un- defeated titans. Before a packed house, the Gaels lost, due chiefly to the large amounts of per- sonal fouls. As if our loss to St. Ann's was not bad enough, the team suffered a tremendous blow when Bobby Cunningham, because of a freak accident, was lost to the team for the remainder of the season. Gael rooters looked forward to seeing Bobby in uniform by the time the post season rolled around. The tremendous work of Bobby is seen in the fact that the team won but four of its remaining eight games. Ernie attempted to carry the scoring burden and received some needed help from Charlie Pfliegler but the team could not quite function at its former scoring rate. The Gaels ended their league season with an upset loss to Mount, 60-58. The annual K of C Basketball Tournament commenced in fine style by romps over St. Iames of Newark, Don Bosco, St. Francis fthe latter to be the Glens Falls Tournament winnerj, and Hayes. The least margin of victory was nineteen points over Hayes. Ernie Haynes was chosen the Most Valuable Player in the tournament. ln the finals, All Hallows met a big, rugged Chaminade club. After a good first half, featuring the fantastic shooting of Charlie Pfliegler, the Gael offensive faltered and Chaminade drew away in the final quarter to capture the championship. K Egg, pmmumxwwm.. UAW. . , Wzggwwm 1.- ' R- fy- A -iff yffLW5l35 f"'5 v " i 2 x, '. 4. .-fm. 1 qggzwf l 'X :M rx 5 A - X W5 ff S 5 A 3135252 fs wk .Q 1 H -'SZ , gk 4, L wa ,f A Q Nix gf W M, Exif 14? ,eb az, Please EWS me the ban' "And away We go ,, FRANK TI RICO . UD H . Reaching for the moon X Coming up for air. The prolific scoring and sparkling rebounding done by Ernie Haynes during the course of the season placed him on every all-star team, including the All CHSAA and All Catholic teams. Bobby Cunningham would have achieved similar honors, were it not for his crippling injury. As it was, he returned to help spark the team to the K of C finals. Because of his outstanding per- formances he was given numerous honorable mentions. The two outside men, Frank Tirico and Charlie Pfliegler, performed so Well that the opposi- tion could not drop back on Ernie and Bobby without leaving themselves open for a devastating outside barrage. Perhaps the unsung hero of the campaign was Mike Sylvester Whose rebounding and clutch shooting proved so indispensable to the Gael offenses all year long. Two others most worthy of mention are Tom Fitzgerald and Ernie Samson. These boys, who so often came off the bench to bolster a sagging offensive, were two more reasons why All Hallows was such a power in basketball. Then, too, the 'ishock troopersv, Bob Ricci, Eamon Kelly, Bo Farrell, Billy Ahearn, Charlie Hearn, Charlie Kavanagh, Wally Cogan, and Danny Diamond must receive men- tion for their timely clutch performances. As the middle of March approached, the hearts of Gael supporters turned to Newport, Rhode Island, where the team was to defend its Eastern States Catholic Invitation Tournament Championship. INDIVIDUAL SCORES Haynes . . . . 584 Sullivan . . , 12 Cirnningham . . 240 Farrell . . . . 12 Pihegler . 223 Fetherstone . . 11 Sylvester . 187 Kavanagh . . 8 Tirico . 186 H Aheame . . 8 Fitzgerald 144 Hearn . . . 5 Samson . 88 Steppe . . 4 Ricci . . 26 Cogau . . . 3 Kelly - . I9 Leahy . . . 1 9 -1 2- I wg . 1 w ff iw! .,, F I. 555 ,infra- Er 'R Y L 105' is M . .1 1 fa N .M X ,, fi? 5 ,,-e.e- 10 g. nw.. , A ,.. . if EM' 101 Ernie for two. Going my way? P 1 'N X 'I 1 f D f Ex I . f OB CUNNINGHAM OW Hying- The big stretch Hands up! wx ' .. K ia W A N X W ,.m,M.,, W Q 'gig ij an 'P 49715 wk? 5 'N NV Y W mm W WNW awww 1952! H335 2 .W ww K fw v9'W mv 4 ww Rf ,Q W M www N mm ,wx Q av . M' fi 1' 'Mk Q Q, - ek, ., V . A ,M V I ly kyki V 1 A ga.. ' is ng, . -sr gig? , X n KX 2 mv -, gr., I-Q " 1 x U 6 ,I Y ' A a f' K 'G iv , f P' .- 3 Y vu , , '.. M fe ' 3 , . , ., xv .' A EQ ' 3 af J' . , . 'S ' ,,, " ff ' L, , A ' J' f xx 4 L.. 41. v , ,f ...fs- f EF1- .-?.-we -..7,.,, 33,-v wl:I'-qrr-sr-rf in I L is 1 Nr I- 3 f li It is said that lightning never basketball club disproved this E. S. C. I. T. Tournament, held auspices of the Newport team played its first Hallows triumphed, 70-54, ness of the contest. Finally sive of Bobby and Ernie who game, against St. Mary's of the best and closest game of St. Mary's attempted a foul shots and emerged standing, along with came out ofa sick bed to The finals of the team, Cathedral Prep, the semi-final against St. second successive victors. Ernie duplicated his their efforts in the tourney, players. This pair also secutive time that Ernie The gentlemanly oil the court earned which they in the same spotl This year's last year's triumph in the Rhode Island, under the on the of March, the s of Jersey City. All indicator of the close- double barrelled oifen- respectivelyi Our second State Champions, was actually being close all the way, on numerous points and was out- Frank Tirico an extremely big was not as difficult as' denied their bid for a 70-59.with All Hallows the by caging 25 points. For named the two most valuable team, the third con- by the team only to the one . ,.. -.4..- .. ..n....A44...llaiL.A1' 7' , , ,J U ..-iff' N093 s ,:'1': ff 1. .ef 5 3' J l . S 'S 9 A .. Ni :, , ML gf . Flanagan, Hyland, Donnelly, Manager, Mazziotta. mv VEB BAS HAIL TO THE CHAMPS! Because they play before the night games and following the afternoon games, the accom- plishments of the 'IV are often minimized or else completely disregarded. Not so this year! Under the tutelage of john Mazziotta, a former All Hallows basketball star, and with Brother Bradley serving again as Moderator, the team was the best. No one in the city came near them. The outside men were Tom Featherstone, a member of last year's IV squad, Tom Leahy, one of the sparkplugs of the great Freshman team of 52353, and Mike Steppe, a transfer student from Clinton High School. The corner men were joe Flanagan and Ed Hyland. Beginning with the romp over Hayes the junior Gaels roared through the entire season without the taint of defeat. Sixteen straight opponents bowed before the blistering, fast-break attack of the team. This team was in a class by itself. There was no one capable of staying with them for an entire game. Even the vaunted St. Annfs squad, finalists in last year's Freshman Championship, bowed before the Blue and Wliite tornado. The City Championship playoffs proved but a repetition of the already-established theme. They were slightly pressed by Manhattan Prep in the semi-final game but, in the finals, they walked all over Holy Trinity of Brooklyn, last year,s Freshman City Champions. Thus the junior Gaels went through the entire season undefeated, with a final record of 21 wins and 0 losses. Special tribute is due to Mr. Mazziotta for his tremendous job of coaching. Too much cannot be said about his facile handling of the great amount of talent at his disposal. Brother Bradley merits mention for serving in the inglorious capacity of moderator. All in all, the school can be vastly proud of the exploits of the junior Varsity. Congratulations, champs, on a job well done. 106 Front Row: Laurie, Bameric, Featherson, Flaherty, Hills. Second Raw Kavanagh, Leahy, Mallen, Setzer. Back Row: Moran, Manager Steppe 5 ilx wg xx 52715 ,QQ -f 15- lg -.,, , ,mga Aff, F0539 Amr W hc Q mlm' Wie-E' lf? gt ,fans ffjfifi' QL ,... . .M 1- 5 fe s 5 ea it .g . f . 4 q . A Sitting: Mario Spina, Frank McArdle, Anthony Este-lla, Frank Burke, Joseph Woods, Standing: Anthony Hit-calonc, Thomas Rahilly, David Buchanan, Robert Dallas, james O'Callaghan, james Jansey, Denis McSpecltlen Cinanagerj. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Perhaps the least publicized of all the Gael teams and the one which receives the least support from the student body is the Freshman basketball team. These fellows, so new to the school, are quick to pick up the meaning of loyalty. This yearis team was no exception. The boys went through an entire season of tough league play Without experiencing the strain of defeat. In fact, they Went all the Way to the finals of the city championship before they suffered their iirst defeat, a close loss to La Salle by one point, Whom they had previously defeated. Because of the high caliber of basketball that the Freshman team demonstrated, Gael supporters are assured of a top-Hite jay-Vee squad next year and equally great Varsity teams in years to come. The extraordinary scoring of Burke and McAr- dle, the playmaking of NVoods and the general all- round playing of Spina and Estella were all features of this great team effort. Credit is also due to Brother Coogan who served so capably in the dual role of moderator and coach. The entire school should be proud of the achievements of this yearis Freshman team whose members strove so hard to bring glory to All Hallows. 4, V -, ,.f.. me A X ,,.., 1 f' f .mv-A 'Z-Etmrm Aw, ,. REV. BROTHER I. R. KELLY M L!.!b,..E,g. U A X K Lv : fl y ' 5 uh 5 f SQ l yy l i v l K fl Actual size of one of the medals won by the Varsity one-mile relay team. 110 Front Row R Streiber, I. Freeman, I. Byrne, D. Flood, I. Kyle, W. Moclair, J. Iflealy, Wolfertz. Second Row R VValker, C. Gonzalez, E. Geigel QCO-Captainj, E. Gaw fCo-Captamj, 1.0 Callaghan, EFedlanPRoonL VlDe'ttIV BRR WEhlfM jRRd M g ay, . . vi , . eccia. ac ow: . rn 0 C anager , . er Q anagerj, I Ega M Spina I. Salvati, I. Maher, C. Fedigan, W. Donnelly, J. Heffernan, R. Geisler, W. Scully, J. Lewis, J. Foley, J. Delamere LManagerj. MR. JAMES I OCONNELL Coach . . . , ' H A :fa , ...L s-I.Y.: fye:iegi.-'ff -'-" . izztsfzgff ,ff A A Once more All Hallows has lived to its tradition of having a small but spirited track team. In its second year under Moderator Brother J. R. Kelly and Coach Mr. jim OlConnell, the team again displayed magnificent superiority and demonstrated superb invincibility from the first cross-country meet, right through the indoor season, and into outdoor track. Prowess and ability in hills, boards, and cinders alike, have been the outstanding characteristics of this yearls squad-power and strength, its distinguishing features. As the outdoor season got under way, the prospects for winning the I.C.B. Trophy at the Irish Christian Brothers' Meet this year were great and promising. Many new runners came out for track as a result of the All Hallows Field Day which was held on March 26th with great success. Among these were shot-putters Ernie Sampson and joe Parody, sprinters Mario Spina and jim Marrinan, and many more Freshmen. In the Hrst two outdoor meets All Hallows has already won its share of prizes. The 880 yard Freshman relay team of Veccia, Foley, Spina and Liddie ran away with second in that event in the CHSAA Relays, while the sparkling Varsity mile relay combination of Kyle, Gaw, Rooney, and Ceigel triumphed at the Collegiate Track Conference Qformerly the Seton Hall Relaysj by taking second among national competition. This same team will unite to run at the Penn Relays to encounter the even tougher competition. But their early victory assures them success in Philadelphia as in every one of the meets this year. It is indeed a credit to Coach O'Connel1, Brother Kelly, and All Hallows to have produced such a tremendous track team. '7 "', ffff INDOOR TRACK The winning junior Relay team of Liddie, Rooney, Foley, and Kyle. The thrilling indoor season, which was most spectacular of all, wit- nessed numerous victories by Co-Captains Eddie Gaw and Ed Geigel, by veteran runners Gene Fedigan, Paul Rooney, and john Kyle, by shot- putter Martin Devitt, and by a competent Freshman team. After Win- ning medals in every meet except two, a triumphant finale was seen at the City Championships held at Madison Square Garden. Scoring a total of 11 points, it was at this meet that the Gael Wing-foots really shined. Ed Geigel, the junior 280 yard City Champ, only took second in that race in which he held the record, but Paul Rooney, John Kyle, Eddie Liddie, and john Foley made up for this loss by finishing second in the finals of the junior six lap relay after recording only the fifth fastest time in the trial heats. Bill Moclair captured the third place medal in the Midget 50 yard dash While the Freshmen: Veccia, Byrne, Holzer, Gon- zalez, Donnelly, Streiber, Maher, and Fedigan formed relays and did exceptionally well. In the rough half-mile run Eddie Gaw received such a blow during the scramble for the first turn, that it was remarkable that he even recovered sufliciently to take fifth among the top half-milers in the city. Varsity runners Paul Rooney, Gene Fedigan Eddie C-aw, and Ed Geigel. if Martin Devitt Shot-putter PPV? FRESHMAN SQUAD Front Row: I. Byrne, R. Geisler, NV. Moelair. Back Row: XV. Scully, I. Maher, C. Fedigan, R. Streiber. Paul Rooney Sprinter and Half-Miler Eddie Gaw looks fresh as he rounds the turn at Madison Square Garden. as INDOOR TRACK SCHEDULE T CHSAA Relay Carnival Stuyvesant Meet Vx. :N fi W, Senior Mets fTwo mile Relay Time Tlialsj , Milrose Games flwiedley Relay Time Trialsl Cardinal Hayes Meet NYAC Meet COne Mile Relay Time Trialsl Freshman-Novice Meet N. Y. U. Meet - National Interscholastic Championships Bronx-Manhattan-Westchester Championships IC4A Meet C One Mile Relay Time Trialsl Q W .r...1Qi.,-ietmf. 595' K' 4 ZIP Q 53, 'X e z 'lug 1 we V A We l f ie if Q it gif 5 A 1 , vt e Q W be A t 5 at ' " 3 X ak W Y mf'-5 K ' - 2 -. e fe' : f' ,wie W ' ' ii ,. , p f! f1:15exi'eA .gy f f -- ,ta A5435 :,zpfi.yff,1.g 5' " f - ' T110 ff? il-1:43 1 33 ik Q ' he F l. ,,.t, . t.,..v ,, ..,lr f ,r .,t,, f ,.i- T Fordham Prep Relays CHSAA Championships Edgar Ceigel New York City Champ - '53 Sprinter and Quarter-Milcr Ya. Geigcl takes the lead in an attempt to break his own record in the 280 yard dash in the City Championships. .N , ,QW f, MQ M . 51 W, ,Q ,,. ff Z ',,,,, 2, - , f 5? .ww , J, Wm- wg? ig wx. , W nag-fm Q, wi V .sssk .EMF "ra .2 2-'N ifel?'?'4'b' V .I vifiefilq Tiiisizy ,gflaggms lid- .V lffllifsgg 39G53?'M -1 nf f, 5 fi ,.. 5 CROSS COUNTRY R 'fag A'-K X 43.52 H... ..:.:..iug varsity Squad. L g f , l Gene lldlgun, john O'CallaghaiL JtghS'iIZ,iE Elddggiiehgddie Caw, oney. In this tougher counterpart of track, a small ambitious team again proved to be a valuable asset to great success over the rugged hills. Not to be discouraged by the cold days and the stiff competition, All Hallows sent its five Varsity men: Paul Rooney, Ed Geigel, Gene F edigan, john O,Callaghan, and Eddie Gaw, to all the meets to win medals and bring back glory to the school. This they did and more. By placing fifth, eighth, thir- teenth, fourteenth, and eighteenth, respectively, in the traditional Irish Christian Brothers' Cross-Country Meet, each one Won a medal, placing All Hallows second among all its rivals. On the same day, john Kyle took fifth place honors in the IV race, While the Freshmen also captured second place with the aid of John Flood, Eddie Liddie, Chris Fedigan, John Maher, and Bill Moclair who Won medals. In previous meets tl1e Frosh squad had romped over Hayes and all its annexes in a dual meet and had placed in the Manha- tan Meet in which over thirty schools participated. Mr. O'Connell and Brother Kelly have again come through with a top-notch team from a limited number of runners! Con- gratulations. CROSS-COUNTRY SCHEDULE Manhattan Meet N. Y. U. Meet Fordham Meet St. Iohrfs Meet I. C. B. Meet Bronx-Manhattan-Westchester Championships CHSAA City Championships Freshman Cross-country Squad Lapzro Wil Front Row: Robert Ricci, Philip Fowler, Peter Casey, Walter Mul- vaney. Back Row: Edward Hy- land, Henry Magnusen, Gilbert Bemard, Thomas OlConnor. ' - ix e R of r X Nw' wi, 'gr Y, 5f'a' new . TW 4,4 ,.'f-- G F I L ,.. , n 2 Phil Fowler gives the pitcher a menacing eye VARSITY BASEBALL Front Row: Walter Donnelly, Thomas Fitzgerald, Daniel Ahearn. Back Row: Robert Feuchter, William Deely, Walter Gogan. HALL6f E- rr. X f 1 N. . 3 fi' , fr ,r ff' it .5 Outfielders take time out for a picture W That was a fast ball, eh, Tom??" 4 .ii- i .g?.L4ff.. , 45 ivy i 3' 1 N . V it Y .fii flaw 'iff' K N-A Q. -K -f .pb as 'r' Pitchers Tom Fitzgerald, Gil Bernard show us how Because the yearbook must go to press early in the year, the achievements of the baseball team are often underpublicized. This year is no exception to this rule, but this yearis team is quite an exceptional one. The strength of the team lies mainly in its tremendous duo of Wally Mul- vaney and Tom Fitzgerald on the mound and "Red', O,Connor behind the plate. All three of these boys are veterans of last year's club. The infield is particularly strong with Hank Magnusen at first and Frank Tirico at third. Bob Ricci and Dan Ahearn are this yearis version of the Key- stone Kids. The outfield is a Well integrated combination of speed and hitting and field- ing progress. The left fielder is Pete Casey, a newcomer. The center-fielder is Bob Feuchter, up from last year's jay Vee team. Bight field is held down by dependable Walt Donnelly, a three year Varsity man. These were the men who comprised the first nine, but praise is due those men who fill in so capably for injured or slumping first stringers. The first two games of the year resulted in victories for the Gaels over La Salle and Xavier. Since both clubshave undefeated teams, Gael supporters were pointing toward the clash with St. Annis which will probably give a hint as to who will be the league champions. What a formidable infield! Front Row: S. Foley, R. Neach, I. Boshenko, R. Fitzsimmons, T. -Leahy, M. Bray, W. Long. Second Row: W. Flannigan, T. Long, I. O'Shaugnessy, J. Burns, D. Holzer, J. McArvey, T. O'Connor. Back Row: D. Ryan, I. Barratta, E. Cahill, W. Volz, M. Mallon, I. Donnelly. 'fp ' A . r w 1 1 . l . .. .,,.... ' P we H I , - , MR. JOHN MAZZIOTTA Coach The I. V. Team of 1954 has shown a surprising amount of talent. Under the superior coaching of Mr. john Mazziotta, a graduate of All Hallows, they have shaped into a line team. Taking special caution in choosing the players from an anxious group of boys, Mr. Mazziotta has picked a team of budding Varsity stars. The I. V. started oil their season with a close 8-7 victory over Iona, followed by Wins over St. Helenais Q10-lj and Mount St. Michael Q5-4j. The pitching staff of this yearis team consists of Cahill, DePompeo and Donnelly. It has been their abilities and successes that has been responsible for the line record of the I. V. 118 Sitting: Russell Bliss, Joseph Woods, Edward Muto, Edward Cummings, john Byrne. Standing: Alan Stevenson, Patrick Mooney, John Chlupsa, John Gavin, Anthony Estella, John Manca, Richard Berger. TENN is Tennis, somewhat of a new activity to All Hallows, has been rising steadily in both popularity and success. Under the supervision of Brother Coogan, the team has gained a respectable place in the league within a short period of time. An unfailing team spirit and exceptional student interest has encouraged the team greatly, and daring plays are used to such perfection that even the most formidable opponents are confused and defeated. Already, Edward Muto has proved himself a champion and the team finds him indispensable. Douglas Laurie, playing second singles, also deserves a handsome share of the Supporting Ed and Doug as a singles player is Ed Cummings. His ience and skill has benefited the whole team, and will carry him far in matches. Along with singles, the doubles also take an important part :eam. Joseph Woods and Russell Bliss comprise the doubles team. Their ious team work and skill have made them outstanding members of the Dn the second doubles team are Alan Stevenson and Mike Chlupsa. credit. exper- future of the ingen- squad. While leveloping skill and technique for future necessity, these two carry on with spark- ing enthusiasm. We are sure that the Tennis Team, under Brother Coogan, will :ontinue to maintain the high degree of popularity and success it has exhibited :his year. The team is still quite young, but in years to come, it will find an even Jrighter place in the history of All Hallows. 119 BRO. R. M. COOGAN Moderator l s M ' he K 7 i -I ,. X. eggs llllil e,-jW :V 'ip ' -, f A, """"""el I z 2 . - 3 wi f' L 1, " l sr s s awe' pg 1 , ,,.,A l,r..,,....,., MA " A ,...4-, ,,,.-M CUR LADY OF NEW YORK COPR. 1942, ARCHBISI-IOPRIC'0F NEW YORK "O Virgin Mother, from Thy throne, So bright in bliss above . . ." The Irish Christian Brothers' great love and devotion to the Mother of Cod has been outwardly manifested in numerous ways. In times of stress and danger the Brothers have ever relied on Her loving protection and they have adopted 'Our Mother of Perpetual Helpl' as their patroness. Most of allthey have r instilled in thousands of their students a greater love and devotion for Our Lady. s i F From Crete to Rome, through Home to the farthest corners of the earth has spreads the devotion to this miracle-working image. The title "Perpetual Help" is of Maryls own choosing, so that all Her children everywhere might feel free to cell on Her at all times and in all their needsg :Only one who understands the meaning of true "help" can fully appreciate this marvelous gift. The Church celebrates the Feast of Mary as the Mediatrix of all graces. Millions reeog- nize this truth when they salute Her as "Our Mother of Perpetual I-Ielpf' wa 1 W M4-M, l , ,MW 1 , Sz , f ,Q N4 ,rw . 5 5 E a il v X .X si ff ff' A S. Q? rr, ii f.-f ,Q 1 Ei lag. 2 , Q Q if mf. 23 bf NK in Ui N. flush sf 2 gg' 5 W, 2 M 1- ws wxlt' 15 cl yn 4 ffm it W .F 16 if KW ami f, gg Rf.. Q L 31:-:z ffzzvi ikiw- ' A , W 2 . f'13:f'ffgi1i2fif wi. i , ' , . , ' M lgw vs-.1 ,, , Eff . ' H,,.m'11WQi'f'f Y M .- .ffLL.g?4if3zz!.1, it 5 23135151 5 .. W 5 0 1 3 Q X 5 1 .5 1 U 1 f 4 2 GRAMM Joseph Ballo Giovanni Cantarella Thomas Conroy XVilliam Corbett At Prayer September 1953 was the beginning of an important year in our lives. It was to be our final year in the Gram- mar School. This is the year we had prepared for since we entered school. In September it seemed as though Graduation Day would never arrive, but now, when we look back over the year, it seems to have passed too quickly. The first part of the year was filled with a busy sched- ule of study in preparation for the Regents Examinations which we were to take in just four short months. Prep- arations for these tests meant perfecting ourselves in all that we had studied for the past seven years. Old fa- miliar subjects received new namesg Arithmetic became Preliminary Mathematicsg Geography, History and Civics were combined under one title, Citizenship Educationg English was now broken up into two parts. Also as mem- Arthur Davie Robert DiPenti1na Cornelius Cash john Conway Albert Crabtree Robert Fiore-nza GRADUATE George Freiberg Roger Garay Howard Haider Peter Jarema joseph Landron wh cg A 1' is At W'ork bers of the eighth grade we were expected to have a more intelligent grasp of our Religion. It was our job now to change our knowledge into living realities and principles which would guide us for the remainder of our lives. Aside from our studies, many of us took time out after school and during school to participate in the various activities. NVe played on the football and basketball teams, to us fell the job of editing and writing for the "Gram Newsvg our lilting voices were to assume many of the roles in the animal operetta. Yes, these were busy, happy days. Time started to fly by, for all our days were filled with spiritual, mental and physical activities. Before we knew it, December had arrived, with Christmas vacation and the chance to relax a little. This Thomas jurkoski Richard Llewelyn John Loftus Val Ly11Cl1 Richard Mallery GR MMR Robert Marino Iohn McCall Iohn McKendry Iohn Murphy Lawrence O,Brien At Play Christmas we didn't relax too much for fear we might lose the results of our previous months of hard study. January came with the Regents Examinations, in which most of us did Well and earned our Regents Di- plomas, the well deserved reward of our hard Work. With Grammar School subjects now behind us, we didn,t stop and take time out to restg very shortly we would be entering high school, so we took an opportunity to master some of the fundamentals of Latin and Algebra. Soon after came the Holy Season of Lent, in which We resolved to come much closer to Our Lord and His Blessed Mother. We started getting up earlier in the mornings in order to attend daily Mass and receive Com- munion. Others in our class arrived earlier at school to make the Way of the Cross before the beginning of classes, While more throughout the day added extra visits to the Blessed Sacrament. When Easter came we were Patrick Murphy William Pankow Charles Perkins Philip Perry Paul Quinn Kevin Ranaghan George Seitz GR DU TES John Ricci At Dismissal well prepared spiritually to rejoice with the Risen Saviour. Since this was also the Marian Year, we adopted the practice of getting together in groups to build a new shrine in the classroom each month in honor of our Blessed Mother. These shrines showed our love and devotion to Mary, which we intend to retain throughout our whole lives. After Easter Vacation, and our participation in the softball league, Graduation Day came svviftly. Now that it has arrived we look back with gratitude and apprecia- tion on our years in All Hallows: Gratitude first to our parents who made this day possibleg secondly, to our teachers who Worked so hard on our behalf, and lastfbut most important, a fervent prayer of thanks to Our Lord and His Blessed Mother VVho protected and guided us to this our Graduation Day. A William Rynne Clement Scaglione Gary Shinnick Daniel Skelly Timothy Sullivan Alfonzo Thomas 'mwx Front How: V. Lynch, VV. Rynnc, P. Mur- phy, I. Murphy, Bm-k Row: 1. Conway, Ii. Hnidcr, J. Mm'Kwulry, I. Ricci, R. Seifz. Front Row: J. McCall, R. Fiorenza, R. Llcwclyn, D. Mnllery. Back Row: I. Loftus, L. O'Bric-n, C. Scaglione, T. Iurkoski, T. Sullivan, P. Iarema. Front Row: K. Rmmghan, A. Crab- tree, I. Lzmdron, T. Conroy. Back Row: A. Davie, C. Perkins, C. Cash, A. Thomas, R. Garay. 126 Eighth Grade Corbett Perry I Cibc 1 11 ,il We 5 91 Q . f. "JW, R433 X, ir' E 'lui g X X 11 rug V4 . 1 358 :QS M J- my wg , Y I Ev: 97: K ' Q fqw' T ,MQ J W My v 'WVX if ...A x 6 qw s r L ,ix -'-Wu, yu 4, FT Ifll ff 1 P Temple VV Casas E McCusLer G. Ripol, VV. LIIIIIOIIX, E. Casey. B. Sw:-cncy, Sixth Grade R. Malcolm, E. Tamumcs, M. Murphy, ll. Ramirez, I. DrLibcr0, L. Gullcrio, R. j'ulinn0. I. Giblin, YV. Norton, S. Momnvy, I. Fitzgc-ruld, F. Hagen, P. Principnto. D, Conte, T. O'Bricn, R. Cardwell, R. Casey, W. Farrell, P. Monaghan, G. Fasulo. 128 F. Corti, I. VVoods, P. Diamond, A. Mmm, E. Reynolds, L. Quinn, L. Herrmann. Front Row: M. Hayes, XV. Coyle, W. Haybyrne. Back Bow: B. Minogue, J. Ferrara, R. Callahan, M. Smith. T. Downey, G. McCall, R. Stirbis. I. O'Cnnn0r, E. Malzmowski, I. Hickey, I. Lynch. f L S- i ,, ' he---Wm, . H me fy , gun , . w, 5 if 1 gl , 5 pw -- ,V-Q ff?-' - l r iii' 1 X' 1 Vw Vi ' 'O . lr Q ' U f "QAM ' 'A 1 E A ,.,.. A. V F 11xLif Y 1 VJ J ff' -ax 4' I . ! . I 2 I A, s ifffffx "rv'pv 5 Q g w I' X I ir, fm 3, if 9 " g , W W.m if 'K " QeHzAfw1sHzAgk I ,. v ,fix . I wg 5 X , 3 H . 'ww , I :al- D nld Pun S xlx non 11:11 1 Iuhu .ROELIS 4 . . 1 A 1 K Francis OTDOIlllL'1l, Andrew Esposito, Ralph Scottino, , 1' -,',.z- 'z '- , '.z,A 1'-, J.xn1Ls Nhrruum, liumoud Turnur 8 Q p Q? gk sg. V . . Q 2, , w . .X I 2 Kiiyi 4 Wi :':.?,rH "k" z 1-PEL Lfn 1 'Q l 1 3 5+ ' 3 , 1' My 1 ' lag 11' 1 E , ' ff - i ' 1 x,,,, : rn, 3 L A Q y fr Q 'A ,-. S xr ,A Q ,, il i yin , w .. H, 1- . Q Y' ws, a 3 ,, ' I . , S 'UR , J 4, 3 mv A . ,, Q Fzflif, TQ '5 4 wig? ,,,A' v lil Lx as b ' Q . 'lhxs Mountle always gets hxs man! I hi cl G r cu d e Front Row- Richwrd Cnrotlx XVilli nn Bind Thonms Mor n . 1 . . , 1 1 y, al . Buck Row: james Murphy, xyllllillll Lliiguulin, Kc-vin O'Bricn, Gerard McCann. Front Row: Raymond Wallace, Richard Sullivan, Joseph Accordino, Robert Deppe. Back How: joseph D1-Simone, Gerald Pollice, Emanuel' Aiinincllo. 'H- Sittingf Anthony Cristina, Terrence Martell, Ronald Leone, Frcd Dournvy, Riclnird Harrigan. Standing: Edward NL-iclich, XVilliani ML-Aloon, Kevin Kennedy, joseph Vierno. , , M gg I, K , - 4 fy- V -. , aw W! A :fl K X I f - 'bm hifi Halloween in the Third Grade. John Recine, William Gcttens, Gerard Lopez, Peter O'Bz'ivn, Christopher Heffernan, james Lynch, Michael Comiskey, john Linn. 131 ,L JM, N ' - .7"'7'rg , , ' .X f 'ji X .,K f iii! -H -Dol Akira .. 45' ,ga 1 li uf' L, .. 3' Q G i ie! ww' " 'mes , J 'aa 5 ' f . A5 5 'IMX IZQUJ ,. M 17'-43" iff '1' 1 , "' Q 3,- '5?'-25 1 'M Y :Vi "Hymn .av ,144 M vf. ,...,W w.,-, Q M, . 'ff I 4- a, if W R' I Q 1 ,,, , 32' I Front Row: Bernard Dinardi, Thomas Lynch, Richard Meli. Iohn Chcevers. Back How: Robert Tomasclli, Billy Crutti, Thoinus VVhalen, Barry Forde. Front Row: John Ticrnnn, Ioscph LoZito, Robqrt Mahon. Huck Row: Anthony Lopiunc, Ralph Polllo 'Umm 15 I Lynih john Lok unc Riurl jordan Kevin Fitzgerald, Michael Collignn, Hams Hcrkert, VVilliam Ellis David Keane, Charles NValwyn, joseph Musselli, Terry Brady. 133 An interesting story. First Grade Front Row: Anthony Ribaudo, John Lim- berg, Hugh Ryan, Russell Crea-n, Walter Kenny, Joseph Boll. Back How: Brian Gallagher, Peter Loughrnn. Alexander Fcipz, Patrick Bcnnc-tt, Kevin McCann, William Callahan, Thomas McLoughlin, Francis McCaffrey, Raymond Clifford, Carlton Lowe. Brother Donnelly directs. H. M. S. Dincafore On the afternoon of Sunday, April 4, and the evening of Monday, April 5, The Grammar School presented 'SH.M.S. Pinaforef, by Gilbert and Sul- livan, for the enjoyment of the parents and friends of the school. Under the able direction of Bro. D. Donnelly, the youthful thespians gave forth their best efforts to make this a memorable occasion for the school. The enthusiastic applause which came at the end of each performance showed an appreciation for the work of the boys which had been underway since September, it also rated "Pinafore,' equal to BRO. J. I. COLLINS BRO. J. D. DONNELLY Director The practice that makes perfect. Mrs. Costello puts on the make-up. Mrs. Frank adjusts the costumes, Ed catches up on his reading. "VVe sail the 0 the best of the Grammar School productions. john Ricci, as the Captain, showed both ability and poise as well as an understanding of the role that enabled him to project it to the depths of the auditorium. Michael Moretti and Tim Sullivan shared the spotlight as Josephine and Ralph, the lass and the sailor. They both sang and acted so Well that Mr. Gilbert and Mr. Sullivan would have undoubtedly rejoiced. Their work drew constant applause and countless laughs to the delight of all present. The pompous Sir joseph Porter, K.C.B., First Lord of the Admirality, was assumed by Daniel Ahearn. Daniel showed up excellently in the part cean blue? MR. A. F. RYGIEL Music Director "O my own dear father "I am the captain of the Pinaforef' 135 FN ...ah "I polished up the han "Poor Ralphll' "'v. . M , dle of thc big front door." and gave to it the experience and showmanship which has made him the favorite of many of the school shows. Little Buttercup, the lass who had a secret, called for and received the hest of james Fay's talent. His eloquence and clearness of pronuncia- tion permitted the audience to know at all times the development of the situation. Hehe, the cousin of Sir Joseph, was ably handled by David Nlallcry. The part of Dick Deadeye, the villian of the allair, gave Daniel Flood a chance to exhihit his fine talents. The lloatswainls part, with its resounding i'For Ile is an Englishmanv drew high praise for William Frank. 1 8 136 "Now Ralph is the c-apt aiu and the captain is Ralphf, Junior Goel Footlooll l BROTHER T. P. JOYCE Moderator 'QU' -. X Q1 4, -' ' 'x M. Merriman, Cv. Cresei, P. Quinn CCaptainl, I. Costello, E. MeAloon, T. Conroy, I. McCall The junior Gaels once again romped to the football field this year, a team light in weight but strong in spirit. Led by Captain Paul Quinn with his fine defensive line play, the team strove to make a name for themselves on the Held. The sparkling running of Al Thomas and Billy Frank, coupled with the driving runs of Bob Diljentima, accounted for many of the touchdowns of the season. The line and backfield, though heavily outweighed in the games against St. Raymondis and Iona, fought all the Way and gave ground only after a hard struggle. Against St. Angela and Sts. Peter and Paulis, though still out- weighed, they fought with all the spirit at their command and came out victorious. Front Roux' J. Keenan, T. Carroll, VV. Frank, J. McCall, VV. Law, D. Shea, P. Temple. Sccorul How: M. Merriman, E. ML-Aloon, l'. Quinn, C. Crisei H. Haider, M. McCarthy. Back Row: J. Costello, H. DiPi-ntima, T. Conroy, C. Perkins, A. Thomas T. Jurkoski, E. Mathis. 137 A. Thomas, R, DiPentima, T Iurkoski, P. Quinn, W. Frank as J BROTHER I. T. CONCANNON Moderator Front Row: W. Haybyrne, T. Downey, Co-captain R Car ' roll, G. Cavanaugh, D. McAloon, J. Haybyrne. Second Bow: R. Cardwell, W. Maher. W. Coyle, I. Lynk Co captain, J. Hickey, E. Malanowski, W. Farrell. Back Row R. Iuliano, B. Minogue, M. DeTuro, L. Galteno B. Farrell, J. 0'Connnr, R. Stirbis. l. The Midget Gaels practiced at Macombs Dam Park for games in which they were to play Iona, Allen Stevenson School, Col- legiate School and Princeton Boys, Club. The Midgets Won three and lost three for the season. They lost twice to Iona and once to Alle11 Stevenson School. The fifth and sixth graders beat Col- legiate School, Allen Stevenson School and Princeton Boys, Club. On Sunday evening, December G, the Midget Gaels celebrated the close of their football season by having a movie which was followed by a dinner in the All Hallovvs cafeteria. The dinner was sponsored by the mothers of the boys on the team with Mrs. G. Galterio and Mrs. R. juliano acting as chairladies. The boys also received the school letter We of the Grammar School are proud of our Midget Gaels. T. Downey ......... ..-.... 138 SCORING RECORD R. Juliana .... .. ......... -.. I. Lynk...,.. ..... .....-... E. Malauowski-.. .... ..- Backfield: E. Malanowslu R i.11iano,vJ. Lynk, T. Downey ine: . I-Iaybyme, D Mc Aloon. B. Minogue 'W Cole W, Maha-. B. Farrell. n sur is Front Row: WV. Pnakow, X, QQ' M 'X if 5 H ,ff 5 Z ,t,, ii, 2 .sm .f1,,,m U fi : I J ,K W - v X I! v ,,,, Q" A A 'WSW 1 gif, 7 1, +1535 W W nf in is ' .,,.. QM' ff, - Q1 X , .I fy -is V 555 ,,, , Q1 2 ,, , 11 1 Q iw f:-.w :-z f : ., : E 1 ':,' ' ' Q. Q' E Z0 kk :VIV .,,,,- R ..,, 5?':A , ML4 uf 2 ,xanga N 7,7 0 ,P 8 fi ,.,... 1 J ,:.1 J l A yihliiilfl r ,Q In '- ,,X if tkr V4 I.. U, K ., J FK .e f + N .X . ,M Q? QL 5 .i Q' s X k A 1' if , 2.,, D, 3 , 5 z sr f W 2 an J as 'E , K wk ,F .,,... W, als gg .31 2 2 Ball! Ball! VVh0 has the ball? VVhen the boys of the Midget Caels were not practicing, they were playingg on some days they played two games. The 5th and 6th graders played 25 games, winning 12 and losing 13 to very good teams. Competition was very keen throughout the season, and the team was efficiently coached hy Brother Con- cannon. High scorers for the Blue and XVhite were john Fitzgerald and Roger Malcolm, the captain, each with 128 points. The en- tire team and the two managers received the school letter 'SAD in return for their hard work on the squad. All Hallows can justly be proud of this year's Midget Gael Basketball Team. 'ill .L 22 ,wi Front Row: D. Sullivan. E. Tamames, G. Cavanaugh, I. Ilaylvyrne, R Ciscy T Dowm Back Row: L. Galterio, Mauagerg Ii. Stirhis, I. Lynk, J. Fitzgerald, B. Mmogm R Malcom Captaing F. Hagan, YV. Maher, R. Ramirez, Manager. Not Piefurzd M H1 ts Midget Gone! Basketball Reaching for the moon. Something to he proud of - a school letter The Art Class at work. The results. Art Class Under the able direction of Brother llinaldini, the Art Class again continued on its Way to instilling in the boys not only the ability to draw Well and develop the talents of any bud- ding artists in the school, but also to fill them with an appre- ciation for the great work of art and their artists. The results of their Work have proved both a delight and a joy to their teachers and parents. I ,, vr Morc results. Bro. Rinaldini instructs. 141 i ALL HALLOWS Kevin Ranaghan, Editor Albert Crabtree, Assistant Editor Sitting: G. Shinnick, P. Quinn, K. Ranaghan, C. Perkins, I. Loftus. Standing: W. Rynne, G. Crisci, R. Garay, T. Iurkoski, J. Murphy. Gram News Steiff Early in October of this year, a new staff of fourteen students ambitiously took over the responsibility of providing the student body with its bi-annual review, the "Gram News." This fine paper is a reflection of their ability and the result of their activity during the past year. The paper successfully operated under the competent direction of Kevin Ranaghan, Editor, and Albert Crabtree, Assistant Edi- tor. Thesc two staff members have shown their ability not only in their own writing, but also in the directing and organizing of the other departments of the paper. Charles Perkins, heading our own Sports Department, gave a very complete and in- teresting coverage of the encounters of our Midget Gaels. Paul Quinn assisted Charlie Perkins in the handling of the Hfth and sixth grades, Sports Activities. Both these mem- bers of our staff are to be congratulated for their skillful handling of what we consider a diflieult and rather important job. "Meet Your Eighth Cradev was under the direction of Gary Shinniek this year. Gary did a line job of giving us a brief introduc- tion to as many of our eighth-graders as possible. Book Reviews were provided by two new staff members from the seventh grade, Gerard Crisci and Pat Temple. The staff welcomed Gerard and Pat to the ranks early this year. Others on our staff included john Loftus, john Murphy, and Paul Quinn, columnists, William Rynne and Thomas Iurkoski, Art Directors, and Richard Llewelyn, feature writer. 142 - 1 EIGHTH GRADE TEAM Besides the sports activities in the school where All Hallows meets outside competition, there remains Within the school an intramural program under the able direction of Brother joyce. The aim is to instill in the boys a spirit of fair play, competition, and appreciation of healthful recreation. In this way it is hoped to fulfill the principle of a "sound mind in a sound bodyf, The competition is lively in this soft- ball league. The desire of the lower grade teams to Win out over the upper grade rivals is met by the resolve of the higher grades to hold their own by- meet- ing all comers, and, they hope, defeat- ing them. 143 l Softball Intramurals SEVENTH GRADE TEAM SIXTH GRADE TEAM Bob makes a good try. .,,,. , 1 f 1 .- , .5Ee?f',.:-,95- af fb VL fa? ' :u f f?5Iil'A,f Lf' 'V Q25-'EJ 139.5 v z gkwfz KrgMQgiZg2pc:52z.:grgg1LQi5fg:QQ fn .1 1 1 1 if HK ff'fwsa,95?41ewf1fg " Jiimgiiif M KK"' f f "-- Jigg2g:si:f5f'5 f ge'g.J9?f3flff525.:TilY-Li 'k ' J 5153 V 4, I " -x ,f ' Q C w K 222' ewa- 'W 4, 1.40 ,...., 9 ATM, V , K K IL' 31554 Z 'mf .mg 42 fs vt x.- 5, fr ' "'f 4 i- V , . A, 1 Q "Q , , 4, , 3-A ,.1. , 4.12 I I 1. .1 I l I fx-.Z,x,'Y,, v - 2 1-1. 4- . va., 9 -fd" -,U .. PM-rp , . ml gpm, Lt, ,g,,51, 5. ,.- 9 . :W 19 ' A , ,gx. -2 f., , 1 , Q ...,, gr M ,, - , , 12 "-x x. , .n Y , ,--r , LYS 'Ji .. ,, .-. r A W ' nl.-,.,, -N ,L , .,1l,.,, ,.L. H IQT5, USM 1 'ws .2 .,, . I J V ' a ly' W U f c 'U 1-A ,iqj ' , .- fm A ,LIT f-Y' I1 75" 1 va-1 . will me: N., 1 .lr r N E 4 Haig, 1 L? Egg: an Q 535' , :V IEE' ,. :Nw i wl P iff' .,. . l .- . . 'A X , f Q XYYQAUQ' - f , ,DZ 5 9 2 'vu . W fi: 1 rf M 354, W ipzf' '1 Q I l A Six qw! if - ,..,,,

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