All Hallows High School - Halloween Yearbook (Bronx, NY)

 - Class of 1953

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I jg . - LTD, J -4, If QQ? 45:5 8521: x 53:1 2 173 .im if? 11 wi " 'LQ f??5I :xii Q22 , gm 'iii n A2313 ,gm T7 '-xr. -. f, if - f""'1::-w--2:2 X f x 335 gli X Colleges and Schools of the Christian Brothers F .. of Ireland 1 Ireland ...... 94 E I ' '1---1 1 Austraha . . ' e. ' England . . 17 America . 20 . A. 1 Glbraltar . . 2 . n ' f Rome . . . 1 -nw, Q India . . . . 10 L -- ,L Y l "ik1l':H, " ' South Africa. . . 7 - ' -r"""'-W"""', s f" H . 'ami' Y - """"": - V' Ar entme . . . r for v ,, tv, ,al Y sq? . I 'V .L4,'Irk qi, ,L I LT? infra ! :SK i!v?..,.L 4 1, .I A 34 ,1 --My Q ' -5 '0l"l"lC ll I v-rw-W. .. . f' All wk l dp- TL f J . C'YV"V-'M Juv ' M V ,V .W ,YM -.f JQQJMJ fl,,,,,l', Www W4-QM Maw 'MWLWQM wma MJ Q2,4W' AW IM!! 74W 744gj7nwmz 5646! ,Shu 144 Stan 744 ,466 Sammy f he Chn ha 'Q gif II " t 'gs 'V I ! Y ' 5 I A 'I 'al ul N I W - I Am II -J I , I . ll . i 3 C ' E Q 1, I QI 1 il ll. r ll , II I IIIIIIIIIII, ,- I i - 1 - v . 5 '- ' , .4 , ,, I . S, A b Y : 7 I 1 , I 4, l 2 I . w, I . I I I I Y. ,E I 4 I II II Q II V :I ,. lI Q ll ,, :: ff ll 4 ll 1 II . I II I II ll I II !l 7 755 F 1 EE A11 Hallows 1-11911 sc1w01 ll ll edication In publishing thc' Ilzlllowccn to cmnlm-1nm'a1tv tht- Colcivn 'luhilvc of lim-xi. lhwrtllvi' .luhn A-X. K1-lly, formcr Pl'OYiIlL'iill of tho lirothcrs in Amvriczl, thc' j.fl'AltlIliltl'S of 19553 cicciiczltc this issue' to om' who through fifty yC1ll'S of mvritoriuus and Sl'li.S1lCl'ifiCillj.f scrvicv has aiciiimcci distiiigiiislic-cl honors. It is with tllllfitlliil' to Almighty Cod that wa- thc jlllldlllltillg class of 1953 pray that thc rcvcrcnd Brother hm- hh-sst-ci with ll plviltitliclc of graces in l'l'XX'llI'li for his 201110115 l2li70l'S in the l,o1'cl's Yillt'j'1ll'li. "G F' -. 'swvln-uf M. . Z ,r 'S 1 Q l 5 f ! 2 l .6 IQ- gn-v . 3 ci 151 34 lb' Q. rf, 'hm- L f .-1' 5 Til' 'il 'I Ai HJ?-J... li .T -.. -.. -.,.... -. Q. f'5M5',A 23,15 -HI, 1 . P , . 1 . 4 .,. 7 . 7.4" ,Q 'A R ',,,.-w'i"' , ss lg. :Ii rl . 1 P f 3 C 5... -. 5 3 -+ ? ii Illlllll Foreword lo cxivml flll'tlll'l' last y'l'ill'S tlll'l1H' which clvplc tllm 1931 ll IHOXXKKII is to slump lllilillly tllfflllgll 1 J 111 us .uc . I cl. hd tlw growth of tha' .'xllll'l'il'1lll l'rmim-cz ilu! purposv of min toriall lJl'K'St'llfllfillll, flu' Illkllllltxl' in whicll l1'm'icl1'llc'c' llzls so Sigllillly lmlvssvcl ilu- work of tlw I11'oll11'1's in 1. 7 4. ali M mln, L ,clmuncl Ifall ltlll5 gain 5 jimi MH: : V f ""' E nf" ' x'f""'m'MT: Wh f 'W k .W m.......0,,,...-af-W" 1 .W -1773 S P ' J-fa, , E mv :lg gf S H531 f.F',rw,.NQ N , , 4 ' I llfv Ii -- "1'!",uiH!.3!'F ' " ' - - -ww T"rr lll1i Ei-'iiii mn l 4 .. X 5 X of souls which l7lll'Ill'il so lIl'ig.flltlf' in tlw Nl'Nl'I'i' L W7 , . W k J .A -X , 4. , .X .. . x, ' ' - - 1, 5fmM+ awww , N-j A . v"""-'-my-ww 1 'WM gf W, 5? M' 'T K ' if - Liflfx -I1 3 ii ' wk R BROTHER C. COLLINS English, Latin A.s'.sistmlt pfilllflllll Moderator of lfuflwrs' Club, Ilallowcen BllO'I'llEli J. II. FITZGERALD llistor5" Latin I 8 'I FACULTY 1953 BllO'I'IIER M. A. IIURLEY Maitllcilnitics TfC'll.S'llI'Cl' fi '. L 4 I I, BROTHER C. B. QUINN English, Mnthcnmtics Moderator of Blue and XVhite BROTHER E. P. 0'FARliELL Chemistry BIROTIIER P. D. NIQCARTIIY Mnthcniutics Z' img? YL 5 - BliO'l'llER l'. S. COLLINS Physics BliO'l'llEli C. R. BELLOXYS English, Latin Mmlcrutur of Glu' Club N 0 BROTHER E. B. IIACCERTY BROTHER J. F. M1-COWAN I listory French BROTHER N. A. LEE Maltln-nmtics, Physics BROFIIER hl. P. BRADLEY lxIlltll0llllltll'9 English BROTHER I. D. DONNILLLY Sciciicv, English , Aft, ZA Z' ' BROTHER R. M. COOCAN French, History BROTHER R. RELLY Ik ilth NI itlum ities PROFESSOR R. B. IJALLIN Latin PROFESSOR C. IIEFFERNAN Engliwh Muthvinutics, History 10 BROTHER C. HORAN English, Latin, Economics MR. RICHARD A. KING Director of Atlilctics PROFESSOR J. R. COURTNEY Fri-ncli, Latin M li. JOHN P. KELLY Secretary MR. A. F. RYGIEL Music Director PROFESSOR II. TESSIEH English, Economics, Science MISS MOYA OREILLY Librarian fw Cf- 11 MR. CHARLES TIENKEN Business Administrator '57'f'::.f,' 'fir-'t41..1f,2,4.,, , -,,...t, N. W . i 13 L3 14 I .4- Q, 1 England In 1825 the Broth:-rs opcncd thcir first school in England. Through varying vicissi Indus, mounting through lack of lll0l1l'fill'W alssistnncv, thc Brothcrs continued thcir apostolic work, and at the prcscnt timc, t gcthcr with thc training schools amd collcgl for uspirunts to thc Orch-r, the Brothcrs haw ninc Svcolnlzlry Schools and an Approvc-cl School for orphans and dupe-ndcnt children The English Province inclndcs England, Scotland amd VVaxlcs. . J.: 5-ii. " 4' S J.. -'M i V.. , . nv W Q 5. .- - ww' 55, V. ,V 'Q T . ez 4.1 7 .I ' :lf V "' S' 'KWH' -w' wg mask 54- ' 5 ,M ,, AMY , ,. jf Q " "'7ilw ' 4g:k1?U3 ' 'lr'an'. 1 "ri I ff, XY Q H-Q,-Q T " .1., . SEEQ1 dub W.. JOHN C. ALSINA john, from St. Michal-l's, has bccn a popular and good-huinorcd studvnt. For thrcc ycars a nu-nib:-r ol thi- Library Lcagum-, hc- still finds tinu- 1-nough to dclvm- into thi' inany wondcrs of his hobby, an-ronautics. Host wishvs to John ut Columbia. H 531-t'T'?mf11f""""' "fW5l3"i'W.' """-""3'k71 Zs3'7 fy.. ' JOHN A. BOCK john, a product of St. Andrew Avcllino, Flushing, is a popular Scnior. His talcnts have addcd gr:-atly to thc success of the football train, hast-ball tcani, thc Glcv Club and the Dt-hating Ti-ani. john plans to attend M.l.T. wht-rc hi- will study Mcchanical Engineering. , 5 lg' . Vw x X u ' B N L. ' ., i. 0 ' ill! Ng .ggi x 'fl wt fn 1 ,W -Q 'T-Q" '5 . is 15 A ' ...K i qi 'F' . s -' v 55121 ,,. , A ' ' - . t 14 ""' . "fi ,q:z'1,w -. . J.. p X .D 0 HUGH 1. BRADSHAW Hugh, afti-r cnti-ring All Hallows as nn ragvr Frosh, iinnicdiatvly shown-d forth his talcnts un thc Fri-shinan baske-tball and track trams. Having sincc quiz-tt-d down, hc is now mainly known for his jovial wit and rvady smilv. Hugh aspires to a Science Course at Brown Univvrsity. ROBERT li. BRADSHAW Bob is a dy:-il-in-thi--wool Gai-l from St. Ann's Parish. His chunky lugs havc consistcntly churiu-d our cross-country in-anis on to victory. Nucl plans to channvl his cducation into dcntal Hi-lds at St. Pm-tm-r's Colli-gc. MARTIN P. BRESLIN Marty, a product of lnunaculatm- Conccption, has shown trui- school spirit during his four yi-ars at All llallows. A Vl'lIl'llIl'llt chccrlvatlcr, Co-Chairman ol thc Dancv Connnittcv in scnior ycar and Yicc l'residcut and Prrsidcnt nf thc Library Lvauuu-. hi- will attm-nd Fort Schulycr to Study Marinc Enginccring. N 'N 1 i"E "l"": MICIIAIEI, ll. BRODERICK llailing frmn Sat-ri-d lla-art Parish, Baysidc, Mika- has distiuguisln-d hinisclt' by his rvady wit and lik:-ahlc porsunality. A mciulwr nf the Dauct- Cnmmittct- and Library L4-aguc, hc plans to study :ni-dicinc at Cork Univcrsity, lrcland. ilihc good wislnfs nl all his classlnatcs go with lllll. j. BRIAN CAPRON A pundit from St. llre-ndan's, -lini's hooniing voicc has givcn a "i:0ldcu" touch to thc Glcc Clulx. llractical and vilicicnt, hu will study at l"ordhani's liusinm-ss School. PISTER j. CARN EY Pctl- caiuc to All llallnws from thc parish of thc Madonna. llc has lwcu a niculhcr of thc Track 'l'm-:un tor thru- ycars, and thc Varsity Fuotliall Tcaxn in sm-nior ycar. Pctc will study Busincss Administration at Fordham University. SW GERALD J. BUCKLEY "Buck" is annthcr highly rcspcctvd Qucvns- man, from St. 'I'cn-sa's, XVondsidc. ln the way of activitics, ht' was a nicinlwr of thc Lihrary Lcaguc and thi- Dancc Connnittvc. The intri- catv scit-ncc nt Mctcrvulogy is his calling. Good luck to Gi-rry at C.C.N.Y. 15 XVILLIAM j. CAPALBO Bill, a graduati- nl' thc All llallows grammar school, has hccn on thi- stall uf thc llluc and VVhiti- for thrcm- yvars, a iuclnhcr of thc Glu' Cluh and hasluthall ta-ani in Frcshnian Ycar and nf thi- Varsity hast-hall ti-am in Sc-nior Ycar. Bill hopi-s to study Bnsini-ss Administration at Fordham. JOHN 1. CASH An All llallows man from way hack, Johnnie, during his tt-n years stay at thi- school has hm-n a nn-mln-r of thc Band and Track Tvain. Pos- se-ssiniz a dispositinn hard tu hm-at, jack should succi-cd in any coursc of his choosing. Hi- is nuh-il lm' hu l!l'lL1llI mul 1-.inilifl quips. lla- :Ilan pnswsxn-5 xlmliuus hailnils. lla' con- lm-illplam-s thi- shirt ul an I.1uv Can-wr nl l"lll'Llll2llll. .R ' vu. ' , n'1rrre'z" - j:XNll'lS G. CAYANAGII lm: h.u slnmn zihllity vw-r silica- hix 4-i1ti'm1c'4'. XIICIIAEI, j. CANVLEY j.-XNIES j. COLLINS Miki' Cilllll' hx All ll:illmvH from SK. 'l'h0mns A lm'sl.ul winm-r mul fum' yvair lullmr sliule-nl, Alllllllim grzunnmr sn-luml. Ili- was ai im'mh1'r of jim hun pruu-il his uuilh lu thc srliuulg llalving thi- lrztlltl lur thru' yn'nl's. thi- Varsity Fmltlmll lwvn an im-inlwr ul thi- ll.iml, Ilnllrm- lfmlnllilli-0, 'IK-ann lim' mm, :mil thi' 'l'l'au'k rl-l'1lIll. Mika- ill- nml. in fourlll yiuir, lll'N4'All'1'll lialilnr lur "Hul- trncls tu nth-ml Illinois fur ai course in Clivini- luwn-4-n." IH-rwn.il1U' plus. jim is sun- to call Elig1lim'rilii1. siiL'u'4'cl in his rliuwu livlcl, l':lHllll1'l'l'llItl. is KEVIN K. QIONIICIRFORID lxvx' IW ht. Am1x'l.i Nh-i'i1'i's cunllilullliull in All Halluws. In si-niur yv.ur hi- playa-ml Yairsily Fuotlmll. llis xgnml sllspuxilinn hm won him nmny lrivllmls. lla- is iilulvulmln-il in In whul rul- lm-gv hc will .iltvml hut Imp:-s In .ill.un at ll,A. Ll:-grvv. ISICIRNANIJ Al. CIONATY JAMES P' CONSIDINE H4-lily. snnw- hix .irrnail in l"n'hl'luil'y lU.'i0, has num-iaitlnm in Nl.llll1.ilhu1. A lunr yvair hunur l llmclm- luxury hh' lunu lrivmls lliruuuli hiS quivl stmlrnt aiml nu-dnl Nxilmvr, hm- was al m1'mlN'r nl lmmnr mul lm-mlly .ittitmln-. Nu! .A mam to lim' tho l.ll?l'ill'Y l,L':llllll'. UH' Clvl' Clllll llllll .'x95Ul'liltl' icllv, llv has lwvn .1 lnvmlwr ul tha- l,ilmu'y lfilitnr nl lhz- ll.lll1m'4-vu. Ili- huln-x Uv tallu' up I.:-mum' .nul .mlm .i mln-1-rlmulnw. l':lll.IlIll'l'l'lllll .it Nlmulmltml, 1 lim. .1 liluuiluli- ln-lluw, L-.uiw hu nn lrmn An- l ' ' "W 'r 'Q wwwf-'z1- ' -farm Q - ' A ff- rw . 1'A'1'lllCK T. COSTELLO jOIlN U. COTTER Pnl hiss xiiii-4-tml his taih-nt mul vnthusiwmi -luhn was .i ignulixaiti- uf St. jusm-pli's ilxniuinmii' ililn 4-xi-ry .irlixiiy in uhicli lu' h.ns. pul'!in'ip.ih'Ll. as-luiul, ai film-4' Chili mi-nilwl' in l"l'x'sluii.ill Yun, ln iirxt ymuir hi- uns ai l"rvslmmn lluupstvr. Ni-xt mul al Yaiiwlty Bam-lmaill plnyvr in Si-mor Ymir. hm' Iii-cailniv .i Uh-v Clulx mi-mln-r. NVQ- hvlivu- Ili' hm nun iris-mlm during his four 51-.irs Pal! will ilu xx 1-ll .it l" .il All llwlluwr. .xml liupus tu nth-ml Furcllmxn im' lhuim-ss -Xiliiiinishxitimi. HICIIIARID Xl. DEELY Divk is ai Qph-mlul mmiviiplm- ul' hrninx mul liraiwn. lfm' Iwo yvairs hm' hzw ulitstvppvnl up posing hun-k im-I1 mul hm m-:iptlin-Ll lm-alnlsfaill this while' Illillllldillillll vu-1-llm-lit uraimlva. llls nvxl whip will he- Nlmiliulhiii mul Civil Eiigiiivvriiig SAl,VA'I'OlllC Y. Dcl.UCA I Quin-k with ai xmili' :mal allways iw-Quly with ai 9 -IANIIQS A. DAXION lflmii lluly llusally Svluml, .lim was llulh .ictixu :is .ni iiluls'la'l:ixsiimxi. .Iiullny was al film Klulu s'l1urailc'r ailicl llzuivm- Lliiiilllltlv im'xuln'r. ulsai in Iuutlmll playa-r. Hi' will mkv up Engi- lwvriiui ail Kfurnvll. nkv, Sail has plwwninl liiiiiwli :ui auw! lmth in i thx' vlaimrmuu mul mi lhn- cimlvr truck. Hvsuli-x v his tlirn-1' svairs un thi- train-k lm-aim hm- hm also In-on an slaiimich mppnrh-r uf :ill xc-limi! zutixitii-s. 029 009 Q- oo fi s C' if X X ,S ez, 2' " f' bi 1 0 5 2 Q XS 0 W' f " K9 17 - , 'sb PN Z . 3 .D 1 f , ' X Q . kk QD ANTIIONY Dc-RUBEIS A l'nlvln- Sm-lmol H91 grinliuitv, Tony has pruvvil himsvlf :ln llll-Tllllllil nmn, llaivinp! hm-n ai Inn-lnlmvl' all lhi- 'l1l'.lK'h 'l'i'aun, Ll Dnllvm' Colnnlil- ti-1' nufnilwr :ind in third yn-:ir ai nn-inlu-r of thi' lilnv amd VVhih-. Ili- inn-nds to gn tu Fnrdhann and iukc up l'lmx'imu'y. 1oHN1.DoLAN "Smiling jack" Dnlan, u typical All llail- lmx-'s :nun nl' inziny divx-rsifivd intl-rvsts, has from his nrrivnl, supports-d many school zu-tivitivs. A nu-mlwr of thc Dunno Cnnnnittvv, juvk is svt on ai Businvss Adniinislrntion Cnursv nt Inna Colh-gc-. Lots nf luck, lurk. 6 ll I -y.- i E, -f-1 , -1- , . i N l 3 i . -if - Q..- ,gs -. ,..-..,..- -- ,.,,+,,-1 , - . :. -1. I ANDRENV j. DOLCE Powm-rful Andy, from St. Ann's Plll'0K'hilll sz-howl, has lwvn ai ulnnrlilm' lilm-k" in thi- All llullows grid linv. Also hi his c-rm-dit is his fini' playing on tha- court fin-. Andy is ai cinch in zu-cnmplish his goal, Construction Emzim-vring, ut Nlnnhnttuii. CHARLES E. DONNELLY Charlvy, hailing frnni St. Nlirliau-l's in Flushing, has lu-vn nnv of thc invn who have L-ninposvd thi- lun-klimiv of thx- lraiclc lvani for thi' pnst twn yvnrs. Chnrlcy can lw sun- of sin-cc-ss, ln-uiiisv ul his winning pc-rsuimlily, nt lnnai wha-rv ho will niujor in Businvss Ad- niinistrutinn. JOHN P. DORAN juhnnii- is ai tw:-lvv yi-nr All llailluws man, lmvimg spi-nt his urnnilnnr school days ill All Ilullows. llis athlm-tc' llt'Sll't'S lmvi- nn! gnnc nn- Q - A if' 'ii snlisfim-d ns hz- has ln-mi :i hard running truck 4--Y--Y' r, Y- v -- f ' mlm in his first and fnurlh yn-urs in high school. . . i llc- plains to untm-r Inna and mln- up juurnaihsni. , , Q T--V 4.7. ..,..,,.- g-,,3V.4..Wgf.w.5M X , nn ll f in 1 :gl lv 1 I , 1 .Q - ' J, ' N Mi 5 ,ii --Q -v'i"'I"'1-is ix ii' wil I.. ' '.-,.,.,g,,5 f i A TM f,Mg,,.gm,QM5.., 5 ix N 5 Q I.. E, ,,,g.,.i,.,., Q X sv 5 l i'. "" 4' 1 i ' : iii'i 4. A l i , 1 1 l I ' I i . 5 5 S Y ' i 2 ..., 'TNQ--E' V. v M M.-3... lllll AQ, 4 rlilwslgggwgh ilrl., llll 2 4 ii, if, i 1 i M. i-, i-,lx , Q' ' il, A 2 5,,V , M ' I 4 A -Q 1 .1 .4 f - 5 6 ,I ',,,l.?..H4,,. I.. , A i A , 1 , , Q , llll si' I M i"' V ' Jn , M ' ' lllllllllal l Ill H1 18 Ill..-.ll I ..l...ll Q ' ' - AIOSICPII A. DORHIAN .Img sinrm' his .u'l'ix'1ll lrum Sl. l"miN'iwz llc flllllllkll, hum truly pruv:'il his worth on thi- pluying lin-lil. lh- has plnyi-ml hun' ye-.irs of X alrnlly l"1u1llmll :mil llnsvlmll, tug:-llivi' vilh hvu M-urs ul 4l.Y. llqskvllmll. jun- intcmls tu hike' up Pr 1--l.aiw ut I-'m'illmm. ICDXVAHIJ A. li.-XllI.lC lull In in l'l'lll'llill'y 1-nlmnl lrum Our I..imly of Nlalrlyrs. Quivl, alllvlilixv, .mal pm-i's4'rx'im1 hm- haw 4-uuipnln-il zum vlwlailwlm' l'n'vm'il. Nl' wish him lurk In culln-gc-lfulumhiu ulu-rv ln- will sluily Cflwliiivzil lfligllum-riiug, XVll.l,lANl l'. l'Il,l"lCllS 'lihiil xlmle-nt with 11 im-uml smile' an PETER T. DUCCAN Pvli- has ln-s-n in All llullows sim-v thi- first griuln-. This x'n-rxaitilm' shulont has ln-nt his Lilvnts lu ll:-lmlv. Ynrsity lfuutlmll. thi- llaulu' Cmn- lnittm- and was umnaigl-r of thc- llaiskvtlmll amd lfmrtlmll M-anus. Ill- plans tu study tcm-liing :lt G1-m'g4-tuwn. T' ,5 TIIONI.-XS CI, DUHKIN lun: haw xllmxn s.u1.ullx .mil liuulvlslilp in hh sl.i5 an thx' wlmul. Ili- un .ui lmlmr slluh lm' two yvurs, an 1-lu'1'rli'.uln'r .mal xruianl urlixilus pm'liL'ipnlil in Sm-nmr yn-.u'. llm- plans upon highly lc-nlnlinnil nlmly ul .fXlr4'i'.ilt Nlgiinh'n.uiu , all lurks Culli-gm-. x S DONAI. IC. I".-Xlll ,HY lnmilnn' xighl in ilu- rlixsvmrlii is lhll, uhm DUN. H mm. Mm. hmlm. qlulvllly hail, ht mln-5 In ux Irum St. ii.iln'u-I's. llm' pvrlnrim-ml 51- Mil-lm,-1',v Um-,-ug, ll,- hmfmlq U, mklf ,ly wilh vllnlllpiuiiwliip lurm lui' hull' yvzirs on our jQ,,m,,,.,.,-i,,g .,t'Mt,,,lmnA,,,- Kmmjml his lik, lulskn-llmll cluh. lhll'm ililviw-sts Lw'liln'i' un llusl- nm.. l,,-,-,1,,m1jg5, ul- JH- ,mp lu- will lmw- lm IWW ill Ul'0l'll1'lUWll' limlhll' lu lm p1usp4'L'llN4' r.ll4'n'r. L Xll Hasllnwx 1-.ills hum al prmulxlllu 1llllllllllI'i, H1- hx hx 'l'llUNlA-XS l'. l".'XRl,l'1Y "ling Tum" m.nllx SI. juhlfx his parish, hui s In-hu-mlm-xl IIIJIIY :xml Ullll4'tl away num-. llh .1 Harm' Im Luv, hm- im:-mls ln gn to Fora!- ln l'. lusk, jim, alt xl.lIlh,lH.llI. 'M XVIl,l,I.-XXI P. l'luNl'.l.ON E Rull nun' pnmlully my that uf an pull uf his rl.uxrv1:llm hf- wus hmm! lu ln- nm' ul thx- uma! , popular h-llmu, him-v hm' has n'xm'm'lln-ml in nunlln-llmlus, Klamlmlt.m'x lfmginm-ring L-uurw h.lx he-4-lx his chmuL'4', E ANTHONY II. FERGUSON HARRY J. FINK H-lllllltl fl"'Ill UNI' L-UR' 'lf -'X"1!i'l5 TUNE' INN IIAITQ' has hx-1-n ax uvlrnlllm' nmll from Sl rn an lm-mhm ul thu' lmml hu' two ymnlx, thc' lfrdng-lg X,ni4-r, ,Xhhuuuh hu- is n happy-go h wk lrnlu Im' um- yawn' mul lhm' llgmru' Cmnmit- lm-ky h-lluw, hm- has In-x'1'l' swz'rv4'4l lrum th: ' lhlfilll hu S--nun' yn-.un .-X pupnlan' wniur, he- hard rmul uf sm-hulurslxip. 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FITZPATRICK .-Xl ia ai r4mll'ilmlinn ul' Our l..uly uf Xlvlry lfmlmk is ai lmy, horn mul lvrml in Nvw jvrwy, , 5,r:ummu' sm-lmul. Sim-v hi- has ln-vu livw. hm- has who nnulv guml in Now Ynrk. Al All Ilzxllnws Lslzllxlislu-ml lllrlmlg lrivlinlsliips. llm'lmslm'llil1iS hu has Llisliiiilliislwrl himwll for his clvxtm-rity X lilvnls :xml work lu thi' llzuuw' llmnmitlm' aiml in slllmly als Wm-ll as in sports. Ullclolllmlvmlly hc' hais lu-vu rvspumiluli- lui' ily manly u1n's-msn. llc will slxccm-Ll all Nutru Damn- mul in his Engi- nilvnnls to vnlvx' l"url. Svliuylvx' lux' OlliL'cl"a m-1-ring rall'4'4'r. 'ruining. THOMAS j. FOG.-Xll'1'Y 'l'nm, ai lwn ycur lmmmr slmlx-nt, is ax product nl' St. jvrmnn-'s. 'l'um is popular with his rlnss- nmlvs, llv uill mln wi-ll nt Mnnlmmm wlwrv hi- inlvmls lu slmly lingim-m-riml. jUllN 1. 1f11AI 1121a "Yunnan: mam with an lmrn" hm-st mlmm-rilwm-S lnhn, who rzum' ln All ll.llhm's lrmn Sl. llum' nl l.imu. lluhn hm, pluyml hia lrumpci in tha- llrv luaunl, hum-n'rt lmml. nml olrlln-alral, aiml umm- al pl' niusin-um. ' A , N- x . X N fu is l l i fx. ISIJSQEX' 'A if' ' X '0 'Nils-, .ff L Pl "4 I 90 gl lf ,Q Q ig, . gy , . . f .-ll whu mlm- hx us from Sl. -l0Nl'Dll'S h.lx mncls- manly lrwmls ut All llaillnws lwn-alum' ul hix pvrs4m.ility. 'l'hv lwal ul luck gm-x to Al .ln XVI I .I .IAXI I. I"IlAI,ICIGI'I Inninmlinh-ly npnn his 4n'x'ix'nl In-rs-, llill funk np ln main nl Ilia- Iilsl 1l.iss. UI his llircc' yvalrs 1 'S lnnmli-n nnsl lu-r.ilm- n lrnn' All lInIInw's in thn- griilirnn, ln- pI.i3m-ll lwn yi-urs ns Varsity fnll lill' Imllnn. .-. - I lc. llill :isplrm-s ln zi llnsinvss Cnllrsv nl Main- . nu S- wwf., frm: 4-N' ' '- 4 IOIIN I.. FRANK Sinn' L-inning lo All Ilnllnws :is ai Fc-ln'nnrx 9. frvslnlmn lrmn Sl. .-Xnclrvw An-Illnn, lul1n's vuicv has aulmlu-cl ln tha- sm-cs-ss nl tlu' film- Clnlm. llis znnivnlmlm- pn-rsnxmlity is snrv to win him siiccvss at l"orLIInnn wlwrv lu- will study Law. IIERIIERT I. FIIAZER A uranlnuh- nf NIzuInnn.i parish. Ilvrh wus ll Inq-lnlwr of ilu- 'lilyick 'limnn for two yvairs. With his good disposition wc know ln- will du we-ll. llc plains in nth-ml Cnrnm-II Unixvrsity whvrv lu' will slncly Agrim-nltnrn-. IIICII.-XRD F. CENNAHO Ilaiiling from St. lil-in-clin-l's Parish, llich has long Iwi-ll knnwn :is thi- Class wil. llm' has lwvn faiithfnl lmml nn-lnlwr lur funn' yvzirs. Uuml Inc-k, Rich, in ynnr 1-nr:-vr ns ai Y:-li-riinn'iun. JAMES 1. GLYNN lim, xl m-l.uss nflivi-r in first yvur, is In-sl fnr his Imnnlllnss lnnnnr 'anal wit. lllzxili St. Anum-lals I-innnnnr Srhunl, ln- lnnnu QQ' bo upnn muh-riml. prnvvcl his nhility us il Q 0 A IKI.iths-nintic-s 4-rnlrw all Sl. luhn's is his ab Q 0 2 5 Q f 4 ,Q X 0 0, su vv E f D 9 W 5 SX Ch 0 9' R isgxflgjji ' , D ,N X S5 MK G. 'I '3 Y for fnrthvr cclncaihnn. - P CEHALD li. CIRINIXIEYIQR Ci-rry, lloly S iirit's 'ilt tn All llullmvs lnr thri-v yi-urs. lli- wus nlsn .i nn-inlu-r nl' the sun- hm- will lu- ai gn-nt 5lIl'l'l'SS all N.Y.U., wh:-rm hc plains to stnily junrlmlisin. HICIIAIKD l,. GOLDEN WILLIAM R. CRIMES A Iii-ry t-ln-1-v'ln-anlvi' who has li-al us in null-lin-v Bill hails from St. .-Xnmlri-w's, Flushing, and .it tht- lllllt' :intl VVhilc sporting vvvnls. is clash- during his linnr yn-airs stay has lwi-n at mmnlwi' ing Dirk. llniling from Cnml Sha-ph4-rd, wo sm- nl' thi- Hnnzl, Dunvi- ciUl1lIllllfl't', und Latin So- grvnl things in stun- fin' Dim-k, what vu-r his 1-it-ty. An honor stnilm-nt, Bill plans to tukm- up 5. ulmiu- in stmlivs, at l.ihq-ml Arts Cnnrsm- in L-ullm-gi-. Lots of luck, Bill. DAVID A. IIAID llnml mmm-il Dau-. hnils frmn lininaicnlnti- Cum-4-plinn Sm-lmnl, plnvm-cl fnnthnll lor twn ya-airs, was at nu-mln-r nl' tht- Ulm- Cluh and thi' lh-lxnli-ng 'll-uni. nnsl in Sn-nicn' yt-nr was Nimm- ging liililnr nl Hllullmu-1-n." Dan'n', tl four ya-ar hunor stnnli-nl annl nn-mlnl winnm-r, is lmpcliiil ni nltm-nmling M.l.'I'. lu Ll:-vm-lop his kiimvlctlge of Mx-clianiivnl l'iIllllIlQ't'l'ilIll. l7ltl'iDl'illlffK N. ll.-XLLIDAY l"r4'nl Dunn' In All llnllnwx lronl St. Sl'lDllSllilll'S grnlnnnu' Svluml in ln,llt't'llS. lli- was in tho Glu- PfxLll, Cluh in Snphmnnrn- yn-zir, un thi- lilnm- annl NYhiti- stnll' in jnninr yn-.n', nntl nn llu- Varsity Foot- Paul, lrmn Sl. Alxcln-w'x in l"lnshin1.5, is at hull 'll-:un in St-niur yn-nr, l-'ri-tl hnpvs to ut- guml stnclc-nt und aitliln-tm-. ln inninr your hi- was In-nal Yillnnuxn lm' at m-mirw in Cliclliilull Hngi- in l74'lnltm-. At thx- l7l't'5l'lll tnnv, Paul haw pi1.'lu't.l in-4-rlllg.!. nn splwilia' t'ulli'g1'. I ls lllilllvtl his line- singing urim- tu ilu- Gln- Cluli Danica- Cunnnithw- in his Sm-ninr Ye-ur. VV4- urc- -I.-XXIICS nl. u,xNi,14:Y Xilnlm: .is .1 4.u1lm1u luwlilnzul, jim luis sinn- Iumml lnumll .i wrmux mul uml.uml4'nl All llnlluxxx xtmll-nl. lh- lms Illxm-uuw xlmwn lum- vll ln ,ulx,uul.u1m- :lining his mn- yi-nr nn lln- 'Iimmlx 'l1'.um. ,lim iulvmlx lu n-fmlinlu' his xluuluw ,it l"m1ll1.m1 xxlwri- lu' will luke' an cilursc in lluxiln-xx ,X4lnxinlxh'.itlm1. CllCll,'Xl,D A. llll,I, llzniling hum lllwwsl S.u' in lzwksun siululx. ,ln-rip lms llxml up lu ilu- tlaulitiuns of in All llallnxxs m.u1. llu- ix xurv tu silL'c'4'4'cl ut :uuli.nHun ulimr ln' mln-mls lu pursue- ai 1-uursv in Iixiglnnm-x'1mL. v S jANll2S ll. IIANLUN 'IAXHLS ll.-XLLILY Um- ul ilu' llulnrrmu Qin-viii mvn, jim callin' llm 1lll""Kl"4l 'll'-'l""l-'li vllflffl ill Sf' .lUWPl1'5 hum Sl. NliL'l1.n-IX mul lmx xilnu- spzirklvml in ilu' -'lK-Nl"ll'!'- fl 'l'lll'l, fU""llll" lvll-N. 4'wl4'1'llu'il cl.xxsl'uun1 us uf-ll an nn ilu' lmwlmll diznnnml. lvi' -Ill. lh' ll-IN lllll'll'NU'll llilllwlf HI Nlllmll NIYUHS. , wmq1ll,,1i,1u uit hm In-iglmvm-fl many H .ulxniu Iu.ukum1 tlu- lllm' mul XYlnlv h-num. 'Hn- mmm-nt ul lmmwmluvii. Sum: lu- will ln' lwuclillg lwxt uisln-s nl lln- Sm-ulur Clam E0 U'llll ,lun in lun' ilu' nlistiml l'l1iu'rsily ul N1-w Nlvxico. lux lululm- .mt Xl.mll.lll.m. jOllN P. IIICIKICY .-Xrriximg lmm St. .-kmlri-w .-Xu-llinu in ilu' l"4-lwr.uil'y l"rrslm1.ul nlmx. j.u'k 1vlll1u'mlmli'ly lu'- unm- an in-ll kmmn lignrm-. llm' was an mx-mlwr ul flu- lfmnxnitl4'4', Svlllur 'l'l':u'k mul thx' l.1lu'.u'y 1.4-.num-, llul ul lm-k lu your llusim-ss unuw .il lmum, vl.nk. IIICNRY II. IIIHSCII Cmning lrmn .-Mluri.n's Sl. jose-ph's SCh00l, Hank has loyully xuppurta-ml :ull sm-huol ndivilie-S. ln althlulic uuupvtllirui lu' has shown rxu'llrllK funn as an lmmk m.m. Hunk plum on llnsim-ss Admmistrzxtinn nl Corin-ll. 'U -.5 A .- .. .,- r ,-,--.4 wi 45335-1?-g .wg3g35 'W ,. Tl? , . 1 " V x 3 mf sa, A ' - V J , - :Q M. gy. ' ' : ,wx 4 g L ROBERT II. NI. HUMAN Coming to All Ilullnws ns ai Fm-l1ru.n'y lfrvsli- mann, llulx hni ln-nl his lnlvnlx lu many :u'llx'ltn'S, invlnmlirng lln- Glu- Clnli, llnnll. llainri- Cmnxnil- 5' lm- ainxl 51 ' north linlilurslnp uf ll.illnw1-rn. On thi' truck tmnn, llulv has also sllnwn 1-xcvptiullzil uhility. An hunur student for fnnr yi-airs Bob null du wvll all llntgvrm, studying jUlll'llllllSllI. PILTER P. IIOFFNIAN EDWIN P. IIOLAIIAN ll:-lv. nrrixixng lrmn SI. .-Xinlvln Mvriui Crum- Known lnr his vivnuily nml pi-rsmmlily, Iinl, nnn' Svlunul, llIlIllt'lllLlll'lj' xlmni-il lnrth his nhility illl 1lllIIlllIllS Ui 51- ,lvilll Of AIAUS, Villllt' lu nfs is nn All llnllmvs utllln-lv. lfonr yvnrs nf font- ns an l'im-ln'lI1il'5' l'1l'l'SlllllilIl. VV4- know lu- will hull, tlnw- yu-urs nr. 4-4-nlvr un thu Varsity und sm-uw-sl all Mmilmttalxi in his ulmscn curl-or of hnn' yvnrs yi-nfs ol hnwlmnll culnprisu his cn- Ell1lllN"-'l'llll-!- vinlxli- n-foul. IH-lv plans ln tnkv np a Lihvrnl Xrls 4-mil'm'. vl0llN l'. llUN'l' Alllvnnj lruln Oni' l,.uly ul Mn-i'1'v, john ini- nnwlnil:-lx wlnlvllslxvml lnnuwll .ii xx pnpnl.n' slu- xlm-nl. Ills pvx'x4ni.illIy' has lu-lpml hnn ncllin-vo mu-us in lmxki-tlm.ull znnl lln- I,ilnr.iry l.4-.ngnm-. 'l'ln- lu-xt wisln-x ul tln- xmnnr L-lass .ir- rinlulpuln' vlnlni, nlm will stinly llnxinvsx all Tl IONIAS l". AI ICRMYN A gr.uln.ilm' ul Sl. K1-xin'x in Qiim-lu, 'llnn lln- ln.nlm- lrn-nnlx lgnsl, annl has mm-v livlnl .i liirly m-1-I1-ln'.lln'sl puxl. Ile- lnlvnmls to gn tu WH' Point, annl null 1-im-rgv .ix nn olliuv. 5 ,I lui yuiln-al lln- I1-ulslvl' an ai l"4-ln'n1n'y l" Ili Y xl A j . 'l I ffl.. il. JCGIU ww lx , , . i . l V . ll ' V .il N 10 www" '35 A Eli' ll 1 . iw .. ggi ,a W. 'Vi ll' 'ffl' v IN bl. KA IJLICC Alla-1' ummm: lu .Xll lhllmvs lnnn Our Iquly' ul ilu- Aviuuuulvllnnux, u-umlllv hm' nun ilu' Klvn- vrail l'.xu'll4-ilu' Xl:-4l.iI in Smvplimnnlw- XUQIY, play.-il lmmtlvill lm lun was .1 1m'mln'r ul lusllt lfu llxn- lla-lmtlml 'lf-.nn in jumm' yvzir, :incl was ur'm-Cliin-l nl Ullullmxm-n" in S4-nior yi-air. ml lllrlx lu lxm in luis rlmwn ficlcl ol' Civil Iinpglm-4-lin .-.Q i 1 L+ , ..f...x, il ,ln O -r 'f"'f u. W., . ,wg 2 , ...,.5,.. Mvle 5 5 QM, ICDXVARIJ II. KAVANACH jOIlN P. KEAN lisl likm' imuly ullivl' lmvi :ills-mling All Ilnl- A gxwimlilaili- uf Sl. ji-l'u1in"-2, ,lllllll luis lwrulllc lows, is 11 lluly' Trmity flrzuluzxlv. llc' lmi lwvn qluln' pnpulau' iluriml liix hmr ycairi all All llall- zi Slxzizllnst lm-nllwx' ul ilu- lnaxslivllmaill tl-nun fur lnws. During thc' pant two yn-.urs lu- luis ln-lpml fum' 5'1':xrs, inn ul whirh wi-rv X'.u'blU'. Al- tu make- thx- .-X. ll. Duma-s xi mica-1-ss. VV1- know illilllllll lil' ll-N NU! YM ll1'l'l4ll'll UPON ll L'-'ll-'um ln' will dn wi-ll ut Culumlxizi ntmlying Naivul lu' lnlvmls hr Lulu' up Buxiiu-ss Admiliixlxuitmil. Sl-ig-gum, GIUIIN F. KEANIC ll.ninu 1-umm' lrmnXY.islnlm1hmllm-ix1liN,julnl'S pm'wn.ilvl1- xxqiys h.ui- mv! xxitlx Lffklllllllll' lmxn '. s :i USlif'SL'TLlI'll'l'H uf 4- l'rm'slmx.m .xml I. X. lmskf-ll1.n!l tmunx. jullli . - 'a A lfurxllmlii l'nixvl's1ly. PATRICK C. KICARNICY l':it, lu- of ull 1-.i:m' In in llmn S.u-rm-il lliuut. :X llivlniln-I' ul ilu' lmml lm' mu' yvzir .mal Ilia' I.:-.uluv lm' Iwo ymirs, lu- plzinx In xlmlx ifle-rll' Mauna:-4-l'llxL! .ll fmml I,l1nlm. l'.it. .M 31, f'-lv-' Q ' " 1 V flml A , M Q , f 1 - 1 - 1 1 ll.-Yllilklx 'l'. Klz.-XllNl'.Y XVIl.I.l.-XXI lu. lxlLNlXllLTT PM Vanin' in 'XII llqlllmx .is ai l"n'ln'l1.u'y l"l'm'sli- l3ilI's gnml will mul igvllvml "Mimi hum" lmvv mam. Slmw- lhvu hm' has slimmn .i i'm-xnirnlinq in- 1':u'm'cl him pusls nl nupm'lum'4'. ,XS ifliaxlrlimli ln-rn-nl in X'.ll'lUllN .im-llxiluw, lmxmg ln-on .L mvm- nl thi- llaniu' Cnmniittm' hu has n1po1'x'imw.l .ill In-1' nl thx- Ulm- Vhih lor llxrm- yn-.uw .mil :mr sum-iuls, A spm'tsun.1n lun, hi- uns mi thx' Cfmnniiltvi- lm' unix l'.il inte-mls tu t.ikv up lmrk lvaim. lmm Cullm-gh xxill hm' his :ww Alma 'lllgivivviiluxg gil lfmmlh.uu. Nlailn-r. K ICVI N P. 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V' xii? 1x"1il 'A rj' A W 1 - ,f V' f ' p- K Lk,Lk",' E 3 ,qs-A mi r 'vi 1 my p X '.,. 5 V J., sing' 2'1- if D , f ar 3' " is M, i W , u f ' A M ' R' 5' 5 , . V 5? Q., 'gg fmt! wi.. N p l V i E' 3 x ti Ffiiiii M f fu is ,. X kb . , 1 4 -fi ,ff sy , fs. , ffm e -2-,E ,, 5" ' . A W . 46. wr' , Q 22 Ev N x g 'E L u 1 - , eil i 1 f J 'M X 'a ?'2?Em W .. -R R .- K wx wg ROOM 5, ' . 1 Q, .f w 1 . I ws 1 . . ,K s I ,A I 7 ly, . h 1 Af"fis H 1- V 3 1 W 151 -y VY, , ,. . , - x ' ,M , f- . E , l Q 15.'7 f 5 A T if 5 X 2. 54 gif. 5 .ff f J, -K' 5 Q 5 2-ff n Q. 3 v Y I r Q I LY! in Q1 Z2 Vx Y K . ga .1 . f. 'Y' 15" .2 f 1 v ' ,. 1, 1 5: J 5 V 1' L M 'L ' 4 ' Sw Q " X vi' 'Q Yi-ggffw y l 2 ' 'L H ' x -,H T ff. ' 5 , f 1 A f 1 ' 3' S ROOM ,nr Q ' 'g"f9 Ev . W , I - .33 . , 1 1 X . l . 5 O K ' Y LM ? W ? x 'Kwai F I e 5 P rw , .. . ,, 5 EW 4 X ,, A A N .f- U f ,Q I VQ' 4 1, ?' . - - xi - x fr' ' ,L . V 1, . ' N , ' 2 A f ' v x . n . I , X 190 .V ,Q 1 A knutty prulmlc-nl. 'W f -A 32 V 1, X Yfiij 5: gfggggaffx' . 1 vi' ' 1 s Q4 5. A Tllill'S not lmw I hvzlrd it! A Au 3 Q w ll L, I: Lb ll Il Q , Z! Z! M 3 . , , - em, ,XA ., :bf Q- iff Si - b , SW H we f ,N W 3 -We 1 2 K Y 5 F li. zu 'g Atafikn f I is E, 5 I I I I I2 li, Q V3 kg '- N !7g+?lg 4 HOME VISITOR I QQ.. K .'f ' 32 I ,.,' A 252 55: tg 3, g +3 L. ,Y 'W , 2' it an - x 40. AG. A F ' we-41-new uno , I 7 . , A. f Mmvwww f' mrx - 4 In A ' - .l , , 'Q 1 5 4 ' :Ph Q , QCHHW r-1 ' 1'gfYf'jSgg,, - 2 1 ,W gr:-fm , , Q ' IW if Q Q, .. ' 1 -K 'K sm-f ' Ji' nn' J, 'D - , p J ', , ' - B 4 Lvt us pray. I . A . XFN Bcnodiction Futlmvr King at School Retreat. Semor retreat at Gonzaga -rr NX 5 'r if VVarm-up session. Saxophone Section rlwilv, XV. I.4-fnnrrd, R. Donovan, L. M4-ssic. Other sax players: S. liln-Cm-, D. Maddoran, P. Silo. Band Commencing with the first football game of the year and continuing until the Graduation Exercises, the band again achieved meritorious honors in all its iields of endeavor. During this time, it furnished that certain vivacity and delight which made such events as the St. Patrick's Day Parade, the Christmas Tree Lighting and the Spring Concert en- joyable. The band gained a further degree of fame when they again gave an ex- cellent recital of many popular pieces at the concert held at the school audi- torium this May. One of the most important happen- ings on the band's schedule was the Annual Spring Festival Contest of the Catholic High Schools. It is hoped as this page goes to press that the suc- cesses of last year's Ensemble and Quartets will be repeated. However, it must be remembered that only through the patient instruc- tion and direction of Mr. Rygiel and Brother MCC-owan could these tri- umphs have been accomplished. REV. BROTHER I. F. MCCOWAN Mozlrrntor "Hail to the Gael" A 4 'su R , i A If f- v - ' 1 .. L' -f - A ' F Q A A fx- . . p -4 q b ' W- 7 1 ' , 1 93' 4 x 1 t fs' T--I ' ?""fx"' xi L N tc, S, F .f 1 Mn' in V f H -F ,L fikgft-K vf.-Rf ff A H f ,ff 3 . sf Sb ' f '-new -rf fwgf .W ' -'z , --ff 1.- 1, A x 'L A If ' E751 , va K .xg J! A ,X , X. vi: N YE: ,. N J., . V I4 v ' . V716-Qi r Q . 5 ' 'A 'JL A- SQ ' , , -4 . q" 1 N f, e xy" 1, Q' 1 K, L ,, . x ic- M 6 i Q1 V , ,A ,W A . t . J 4, . if r- V , L y 4 K , - " ' v' "' K kg . . ' . g 2 ' , . ' N' 9 g,- if k 'S - ' , .' 4 K-4 3 ' . K , . -' ' .- Q x O , ' --. v . . 5 W Q'-Y I M ' ' r. - , ' " . 'lf ' ' ' "2 , .L ' x f-. - - Y ".-I , ' Jw, , if 1 kr. sm A' ,, 1, . is ,Q- ,,,o A . 3, , I 1 N' . f -of , - T jf . fz- . Q-, 5 - N v-,A '- Q , 'V , L. U ' . ' ' " ' 5 I ' in P 4' 7 Y 'S. 4 . ., V, , N A 5' '- 'A K ', p F U- ,, f 1 W Q. Y f n ' - ' , 1 " K 5- x 3, Q' .', ' 'x ' '- . .,r'T .., '- ' ' ' f 41 Q K , in 5. ,L Q' 1' ,. A f,s,...,.,' " ' . . A, , A jlll'llS vyt- xivw: "AN-11't tllvy talll. tlaurli, :mtl lllllItlNUllll'?u St. Patrick's Day ' ' t 'Vt' 3,3 l N: l", . 2 ' f " lu gig, , t t E . , . A ' l tif . fl' P l' l. -'-f AM' - - 1 Na. 'Q 4 5 ,W 5 - Ry i f f t A" f L , R L -M if Zg l ., tg --' H A Il I1 , m Nlqlrk timv, lIIilltL'll. Up tllc' gn-1-1lli11t'. in tht-mitltlh-ul'tl1t-uw-num t-nllc-tl lfilltlm. swvpt tlw strutting lalcls :tml llig stvpping lalsscs. Tlu- sun mixvcl its Q with tht- 1-mvluzlml !I't't'll ul tllt' tlzty. Trump x tulm s tht llllllI1S cwllcmtml lJlzu'c'cl tlu-ir lnmss" ' ' Qi. ' ' tllt'll' SUIIUTUIIS ullflfllll. Immun, lmmmtxlfv wllilv lrlslmmns clvllgllt. tllt- lmgptpt-s. wanlt-cl tlu g1'vcti1lgsoftl1c scuscm , . . "II.fXI'1'Y ST. l'A'l'ltltIK'S IJ.-KY!" gi .Nminl tlu- UZIIIXUIIS ut Nt-W York. 3 72 St. lzltrivli. Apostle- nl lrm'lnml, pray fur IIS. ulclvn rms its tht 10 5 llulal tlw vlmxwl, A. ll. is L-umingl. il- , ,Wiki 15 Kr, I , .' Xly' 4 . 1 X -4 W-Tw K I' nw" KN nlg 3 'Q-'xx T1 """'1' l , Y l , - limlluws Collins :xml O'l"a11'rm'll lvzul our L'0Illlllg'l'lll 5- llp llu' .'Kw'l1lu- -vu., lN1ill'L'll wincls clonlt cllill an Cgwliu lu-nrt llfhllilly ws- pass St. l'a1h'iL-lxls Czltlmcmlml. f fs, A 2 ,il , . , ' ... A 4 , 1 Tenor Section If' nf R ui: j. Harrington, G. Meliillop, D. Ahern, T, Galvin, I. Consiiline. Mftllllf. Tj'S0u. T, Bri-rt-ton. VV. h1l'C0lll'll Slxllllll Time: j. Mtlnerney, C. Crogan, D. Mahony, H. lNlcClade, J. Moran, l. Nluteliler, I. Sheridan, A, Steyenson, j. 1 :Po Glee Club Bock Row: H. Pioselli, J. Thompson, C. Rossini, B. Lynch, C. Driscoll. J. Muzii, j. Heav1'!', T' IUUW- The Clee Club, for the second year under the very able direction of Brother C. R. Bellows, enjoyed a most interesting and successful season. After practicing diligently for several months, the group made its first ap- pearance at the annual Christmas party of the Mothers' Club. This performance was highlighted by the rendition of a selected program of Christmas Carols by the Mixed Group and of secular music by the entire Clee Club. They also appeared before the Fathers, Club at the April meeting. The highlight of the season was the Spring Concert presented in conjunction with the Hand on May 2:2nd. The large audience present attested to the group's fine technique and comprehension of the essentials of choral singing. The final performance, as in previous years, was given at the XValdort-Astoria Hotel on Graduation Night. Credit is due Arthur Piedinonte whose fine piano accoinpanimeiit greatly aided the group in its rendition of the various numbers. Brother Bellows leading the Tenors. 'ix ' lil'.V. I3RU'l'IlI'1li il. R, IHCl.I.OXYS .Umlrrutur Pluc-ticm' lIlllkt'S pwfl-L-t, .X Ig Buss Se-ution Irmll llulr: I. .'Ml.unN, I. SCRHIIUH. I, Uulall. P. I..mlom', l'i1'd111ul1l4', P. lling4I.xh'. A. l'im-allurmlv. VV. Long, 1. Nfm'Dnn.xld. Svvzmc ' x 1 XX Xhl 1 lnurlx H Nlulxhllu C C r Bu LI OIF: 'l'. Nnfmzum, -I. Cl'n'lm'l1lx', l. 'K4'u1luQ', A. Xigrx. f . Ivan vy. bl. 'A ' . . ' , 1. lrilxxllwym' . 4' ' Init: ll. ML'Kv0n C, NX'nl!, Y. Mahon, l'. N1ul'1'axy, D. llzxid, l', l,ym'h, il. Sivlvr, -I, Burk. 1 rw Front Hour: P. Duggan, D. lluinl, I. Brown. Bark Row: P, Vanighnn, Il, l.nnnnis, J. Morrisscy, L. 0'X1-il. ll. Nmivillc, Y. Rnnnc. Q -Q Sr VINNIE IIIIANIC IIICV. IIli0'I'IIIiII P. S. COLLINS l'r1'sifl1'n! AllHIl'fllfUT Senior The All Ilnllows Dclmting Socicty has cnjoyccl unothcr most sncccssful scuson. The' Dcgrcc of Pixccllcncc has hccn awardccl to both Yinccnt Rllllllt' anal lI2lXVl'4'lICl' O'Ncil hy the National Forcnsic Lcagnc as an uwurcl for thcir dc- hating zlchicvcincnts ovcr thc lust thrcc ycurs. john Mor- risscy, jcroinc Brown, uncl john llroclcrick liuvc uttuinccl the Dcgrcc of Honor as juniors, whilo lingcnc Fccligmi :incl Richarcl Ncnvillc liuvc rcccivccl the Dcglrc ol' Nlcrit. Unclcr the clircction of llrothcr P. Collins, thc Scn- ior Dchzltcrs huvc cincrgccl victoriously from contcsts with such schools as Curclinul Huycs, Powcr Kll'lIIOI'lill. and Ilicc. In the Futhcr Cannon Tonrnznncnt, hclcl annually alt Ford- ham, the tcum cuptnrccl high honors. In the Echnnnclian Forensic Tournznncnt, jcronic Brown ancl llichnrcl Ncnvillc rcceivccl the first place trophy for thcir finc clchnting. Bcsiclcs Llc-hating, All Ilalllows has hccn Wcll rcprcscntccl in the Journal-Amcriczln Contcst. and the IlC'ZlI'St Contcst, as wcll as appcanlllccs on rzulio and tclcvision. Vinccnt Rnane, Luwrcncc O'Ncill, Pctcr Duggan, Paul llingclalc, David Hzlicl, and Patrick Yzniglmn fignrcd promincntly as orators to bring to al closc a sncccssfnl ycur in this Hclcl. 76 Nc-gativc Tcum w"' john Brodvrick I':llLl1'lH' I-'L-dignn john Mnrrissvy Debating C? C5 AfH1'n1ntix'v 'l'vaxm nm- Brmvn und Rin-hgml N1-uvillm Inf! In llighl: P. Ijllllllilll. D. Ilnid, imxdnlv, L. 0'N4-il, V. lhxmu-, P. Yuuqlmn, Spa-nkcrs. Ilugh Mc-Claulv mul Iulm Rvclclvn. No! ymicturvzl: P. Dmuar. , Q4 A,.. n REV. BRO'I'HER j. B. DONNICLLY Mmlhumr 'N Marshall Pvrvz and Daniel Ahvarn Junior Debate B. Martin, E. O'Nvill, YV. Dfscly 4 S LL l in f' C uc I ilu is of tht- "Books of Kiioxvlcclgc." i .1 5 MISS M. 0'lilCll.l,Y i l,il:mriim FN L M 'I'l1c 151553 Lilmrary Lcaguc, Scnior Division. Library League .-.l Tlu- l,ilJrary Lcaguc was founclccl ovcr fivc ycars ago for thc purposc of aiding Miss 0'lh-illy, tlic lilbrarian, of incrcasing the capacity of library scrvicc, and of bringing about a largcr amount of cfncicncy on tlic part of tlic lilurary staff . The incmlmcrs of tlic Lcaguc participate in onc of thc most wortliwliilc but least-pulmlicizcd occupations of all -- the sliclving, lmincling, and covcring of hooks and tlic cataloguing of tlic numcrous new aclclitions to tlic lilmrary. judging from tlic appcarancc of tlic Library. tlic numlmcr of magnificent ncw books and tlic cxccllcnt cataloguc card sys- tcm, mucli credit is duc to Miss O'llcilly, and the Scnior Lcagucrs, Regan, lliclccy, Brcslin, Consiclinc, Conaty, McGee, Buckley and Alsina. Tllc l953 Lilmrary Lcaguc, junior Division. 3 Q. 5 ,, , . ,i ,. W A K .A 4 V Q if ma k,i,g..fQgm. .,, i f ti X x , K i . A Em. K , : I x L ii ,fl 5 , g ji E Af-A ,mai fa f 2 -5- , Q ga X . sl 4 E, Af , ,., --- W r L -Vfy ifffzii .. fx , , . 'K ,- 6 Q , '.,. ' K' M I ' V fl, .tl ' " ' 5 5 an Www snmliscnanw 5 I MQ , M. L , A 1 , . .Q I 4 l X ll g X' Q I I vb I Q s , . X A Q h L 2-E g Z L Wi gmwj 42 . 1. A' 'M 1 Q F QL I 3. uf J , if , 1 . 4 Y lik ' X .F Sitting: john O'Shaughnessy, Thomas MCC-ee, Brendan Lynch, john Dolan. Standing: john Cavanagh, Edward Howard, John Martin, William Donnelly, David Murphy, Gerald Buckley, Robert Hurley, john McConvillc, james Hi-gan, Janne-s Collins, Rnhert Barth, Lawrence U'Neil, Thomas Dnrkin, john Ward, Anthony Ferguson, Arthur Fields, john Uhrrm, Thomas O'Malley, Patrick Kearney, john Kean, Patricia Maher, Carl VVolf. REV. BROTHER E. B. HAGCERTY Moderator Sitting: Co-Chairman Martin Breslin, Chairman William Kemmet. Standing: 'I'rcasurt'r Peter Duggan, Secrctnry Robert Fitzgerald. Social Activities Putting aside all past attendance records, this yearls dances have proved to be the most successful ever held at All Hallows. All this was accomplished mainly through the tireless efforts of the Dance Committee which worked hard under the guidance of Brother Hag- gerty to make every dance a pleasurable one. The excellent music provided by Dob Donovanls All Hallows Swing Band also had much to do with its success. The efforts of all were rewarded by the overflowing crowds that came to the gym for a good time. 82 ,JN ,Q X A , r .. W V ,N L'!. ... Kia!-'L :I f:iff""l""'4 W ""' '.- ' C 4 .A 1351. wc x Hai iw vs " x . 2' 4 J s , 'M' +9 WL: 5 3 ,,.1.. wb M 4 A ' , fkgfz W .act is 1 'fy .sag 1 Jess' 4. au wx ji' J.: .Y 'X . 1 'HV ,QD .'1l' V 'v yu. M Q cn 'Icy lv 'r fps 4 .fm 1- Sitting: W, Secor, I. Mclntyre, F. Muhlfeld, Editor, D. Llewelyn. Standing: R. Ricci, T. Gunning, B. Eustnce, D. Murphy, A. Paladino, V. Ruane, R. McCord, J. O'Flaherty. Q il Al! tx X FRANK MUHLFELD Editor-in-Chief Blue and White This year, under the watchful guidance of Brother Quinn, the staff of the "Blue and White" produced a paper comparable to any in recent years. It's unusual success was due largely to the excellent direction of the Editor, Frank Muhlfeld and the improved layouts of joe Keyes. jimmy Mclntyre's sport page not only received approval from all the students but also helped to arouse school interest in all athletics. The traditional "joke" column, "Low and Insiden, was cleverly managed by the classic triumvirate, Murray, Paladino and Murphy. Completing the Blue and White's coverage were the many pictures of joe Dunn, the cartoons of jim Mclntyre, "In This Corneri' by Bill Secor and the varied feature articles of the staff reporters. 84 pw' A if t -ar' H 1' 'ir-'QS News Editors Vinny Rnnnc and Dave Llcwolyn .441 YJ-y Sports Staff Sitting: Thmnns Cunning, Ianni-s Mclntyrv, Sports Editnrg Robert Ricci. Standing: John O'Flnhorty, Brian Eustucv. ,iff ,,g,, a 'Tw r 16' I- S? "' 21 V Feature Writers Anthony Palndino, Bill Secor Dnve Murphy, Rodger McCord REV. BROTHER C. B. QUINN Modvrator 85 Hi- I I -' The Halloween Left Io Right: Dave Ilaicl, john Uhran, Bro. J. C, Collins, Mocleratorg Kevin Kacllec. In assuming their tasks as members of the year- lmook staff, this year's group has shown much talent, perseverenee. and cliligenee in this most tiine-neeessi- KEVIN KADLICC Iizlilm'-ill-Clzief 86 Managing Editor tating of all activities. Since early in Oetolmer. the afternoons have been spent in such unpleasant hut worthy tasks as coin- piling captions, Writeups, and layouts. XVere it not for the capable supervision of Brother C. Collins, and the talents of our Editor-in-Chief and photog- rapher, Kev Katllee, our work would have heen for I DAVID IIAID TV 101 IN UIIRAN Activities Editor naught. But neither can we forget the other editors and stafl' members, who have given unsparingly of their energy and time toward the publishing of a book that should be il souree of pride and joy to all. As in years gone by, it has been the purpose of this yearbook to present to the students a summary of the year's various happenings and achievements, together with a eoneise description of the teams and clubs, moderators and students. responsible for them. In ROBERT IIOMAN Sports Editor addition, the staff has tried to capture those choice bits of humor and life that give a still more candid view ofthe All Ilallows student. ln all sincerity, we believe we have given you, the reader, :1 universal and unbiased report, one that will capture for all time those ideals which have made us truly proud of this, our school. 7k Sdarau JIM CONSIDINE DAN MAHONY Associate Editors l i jim McIntyre, Iim Collins Clerical Staff 87 GK KEVIN KADLEC Yearbook Photographer Photography As in the past, this year's Photography Club has formed the backbone around which the suc- cess of both the school yearbook and newspaper has been built. Its four capable members: Kev Kadlec, chief photographer, and his three assist- ants: john Kean, Bill Sullivan, and joe Dunn, have continually supplied the above two activi- ties with candid, on-the-spot shots, recording for future reference the events of the year. Then, too, there is Brother I. C. Collins, whose skillful moderation and supervision of the dark room activities have helped mold it into a competent organization. 44" -l0llN KEAN and NYILLIAM SULLIVAN Left to Right: jnmcs Collins, Wlillium Sullivan, Dave lluicl, jolm Kwan. I XVILLIAM SULLIVAN :mal JOE DUNN 89 f vim gf r Hai!! 'S' ' Q W l " mis: H, . -- ui I 1 T' l ' . av I J . - like 'D ,V 1 1 X s' ' "' ,M vi . 1 1 -52 qu- ww fx- uh, My .-is . -3- .ar Q. af xl ff ff 1L . W - 9 YQ- lg .iQA, fl, L "f'f 'Z vin if . f A, 1 ,:..f Q N Q 'nys' , ii, 'T A 5 W., B , 5 gt, K N. Y. P I' Gl Cl b. F 5 'Ai .N1 ig jf f 4 wa - iv, 7 I !5f F fi Tv if g R a . ' W 5 I , g. 4 , . V. - v, ' ' H a 1, k,'GQ'f: I " ,Y +41 P Sf 'T ,. ,E I ' A Committee c.: TA 's 11" 1 Q!!! gl r ,sw , , r 2, x Q "' t -1 P W ig. 1 1 ij ' A W 55: 'N . " a ' ,sf f ' ' 'E H .I :WHS 5- is '- U v 1, Q6 0 4 , Y S VF .X Q ' ,g A ff-sql ,, ,. l, 95? v A W 1 X l V 1 , A K l"- ' l ,i..3 - A Q ,Ang y ' , 4' ! wg. up 45. .V -, .T .K fu- :fum Z 1 111 1 rl-all-Q, ' .x A 'X -'. u , ' , Auf W I Z :lf , 9 za 4 A ... ...W J .. . " 5 -I Q- l , K gi' , bwrwggg ' a .-'33 I ' ' :GE g - Q '. - -f ' 1 I :I X f ' 4' V f , ., s ' 7 s N E A - ' ' ! n It I T . 'fl' il f ' x . f. H M K+ ,,, AIU!-ws vw.. it , ERNIE HAYNES Co-Captain Front Row: john Gilligan, Alan Richards, Pc-tc-r Carnvy, Thnmas Purci-ll, james Meenahnn. Svcond Row: John Bock, Walter Donnelly, Peler Duggan, joseph Brown, john Devitt, William Fmlvigh, William Carrol, Roger McCord, Pctl-r Hoffman, Eamon Kvlly, Robvrt Farrell. Back Row: Andrew Dulce, Stvphvn Mc-Crath, Inhn 0'Callagham, K1-vin Come-rford, Edward Kenna-dy, joseph Dorrian, Erm-st Haynvs, Charles Phlc-ighler, Frank Lyons, Ruhr-rt McLoughlin, William Bcrnick, William Donnelly. VARSIT REV. BROTHER BRADLEY Moderator 94 DICK KING JOE DORIAN Head Coach Co-Captain Plagucd by injuries and facing one of the toughest schedules ever tackled by an All Hullows football squad, the Blue and White battled on with fiery spirit. Although the record is not il symbol of shining success, it does not indicate the boys' spirit and Work. Those who have won football letters certainly have the right to wear them proudly, for they have given their all for the school. With the addition of many new sparkling V. men, next Fall promises to yield 11 rich crop of All-City candidates. We salute these gridiron Gaels--both the coaches and the players! FQQTBALL The Backfield: Quarterback, joe Dorrinng Right Halfhuck, John O'Callnghang Fullback, Chares Phls-ighlerg Left Hnlfback, Stephen McGrath. The Line: Right End, Kevin Comerfordg Right Tackle, Ernie Haynesg Right Guard, Peter Duggnng Center, Edward Kennedyg Left Guard, William Bernickg Left Tackle, Frank Lyonsg Left End, Hubert McLoughlin. West pulling down a "Mounty." ERNIE HAYNES All-City Tackle All Hallows O Iona 21 A somewhat "green', squad of All Hallowsmen took the field against the classy Maroon and Cold. In a quick thrust, a shifty opponent was over for a score, before our men could recover. Coupling two long drives for touchdowns, they enjoyed a com- fortable half time lead. Then we came to lifel An O'Callaghan pass and a Farrell plunge put us deep in Iona territory, but the attack was stalled. Again in the final quarter Rod West inter- cepted, and appeared to be going all the way, only to be over- taken by a speedy defender. It was a hapless day for the squad and the five hundred fans who had traveled to the field. Good line play was contributed by Lyons, Hoffman, and Schildwachter. All Hallows 6 St. Francis 6 This game was all-All Hallows. Although neither team yielded a score in the first half, our su erior line play and power packed drives completely demolished, the Terrier defenses. However fumbles cost us many points! Late in the third period john O'Callaghan took a punt and snaked his way for a touchdown. The kic was blocked and with minutes to go St. Francis began its touchdown march. The noise was hushed as St. Francis at- tempted the all important conversion. No good! 96 BOB MCLAUGHLIN Honorable Mention All-City JOHN UCALLAGHAN llonoralile Mention All-City All Hallows 6 St. Iohn's 33 With the screaming headlines-"Redmen Top A. H.,,' we in- curred our second loss of the campaign. Yard by yard, time and again, our battered line was driven back by the St. john's steam- roller. The mainstays of the forward wall were Ernie Haynes and Andy Dolce. Our lone marker came on a prolonged march, climaxed by a Dorrian-McLaughlin pass. St. johnis, wait till next year! Bobo stoppul iitrr isinblc gun All Hallows 6 Stepinac Z7 Avenging their 1950 drubbing, 26-0, the White Plains eleven eked out a victory. In the opening moments it appeared that the Gaels' past flash was beginning to shine this season. With the ball deep in our territory, john O'Callaghan passed to Kev Com erford who outraced the Stepinac men to the eight, only to have the play nullified by a penalty. Midway in the second quarter after the Flaming Red had scored twice, a lon spiral caught by hard-running Steve McGrath sent the All Haiows stands wild. O'Callaghan faded to pass and then reversed Held, cutting down the sidelines fifteen yards to the end zone. The ame was tight until the fourth quarter, when the defense buckle , and Stepinac piled on fourteen points. Our offense was at its best in this game. All Hallows O Mt. St. Michael 34 This was "the big one" that got' away. The highly-polished Mountie attack in a series of plays had scored a T.D. Although the scoreboard at half time read 21-0, the team did not give up but fought on, penetrating the enemy's defenses consistently in the final half. Bruising tackles by John Bock, Ernie Haynes, and Pete Duggan broke u many scoring bids by the Navy and Gold. It was Dorrian, O'CallJaghan, Piieigler, and McGrath as our back- field's "F our Horsemen". A FRANK LYONS Honorable Mention All-City 97 TOM O'CONNOR nav. BROTHER DONNELLY Captain Coach The junior Gaels, under the leadership of Brother Donnelly, emerged from a tough season with an outstanding record. They racked up three impressive victories and a tie while losing but one. MeGoldrick, Benjamin and O'Connor, with hard blocks and solid tackles from the line, romped St. Helena's 27-0. Next was the hard luck loss before Hayes' Cardinals in a swirling gale of snow. The team administered a crushing defeat to the Rams of Fordham, 15-6. Parody starred. Revenge was ours when our gridsters retaliated their only loss, beating Hayes 13-6. A wet, cold and bruised All Hallows squad rallied to Tie Cardinal Farley H13 alll' as the campaign J- U I was hrought to a close. Front Row: Maurice Collins, James Cullen, William Long, Thomas O'Connor, Eugene Ray, Robert Knapp, William Carr, lack Kiley Ruben Barth, Second How: Charles Wilson, Terence Lon , Wllliarn Wetzel, Emest Sampson, joseph Diliartolemeo, james Gleeson Edward Kavanagh, Donald Suttlehan. Back Row: Coach gmther Donnelly, Walter Mulvaney, Edmond Costello, joseph Parody George MCC-oldrick, I. I. Corcoran, Donald Gray, Louis DeSanhs, Denis 0 Grady. 98 FIRST TEAM Right limi, -I. J. Curunznlg Rlghl 'l',u-H4-, 'l'm'rry Lungg Right Guard, Im- Pzxrmlyg C4-nh-r, Fd Cnslullog Left Guard, Charlie Wilsong lm!! 'I', Dun ilmyg I,4-ft Hmlq, XYAII N1ulx'.uu'yg Qlmrwrlfuc-k. Lou I7vSnntiwg Right Ilnlflmn-k, George McG0ldriCkg l'ullhgu'k. Umm bnHlvhm1g LL-it llzllfllzlrk. Tom 0'Cm1n FOOTBALL A. H. 27 6 l 5 1 I3 1 S3 7-4 1952 J. V. RECORD St. lIk'lk'llil fjillxdillkll llnycs I ormllmlmm Prcp Camlixml lluyvs f,:ll'kliIllll l"url4-y Opp 0 12 6 6 13 37 DICK KING J H McCULLA Couch Captain VARSITY BASKETBALL pom o s ra egy. 100 lfrnnt Ilou'.' Kvlly, l"arr4'll, lxlL'fllIll1l1.flI, O'Callaglinn, llirci, llllt-iillvr, lf. Kavanagh. Huvk linux- l'uur-ll, .lfllll1lgIt'l'Q Sylu-stvr, filllllllllflllillll, Mt'N:unara Ilnvm-s l'v'in XY ' ' ' ' Many now trophic-s adorn thc' showcases of All llallows, adding prvstigv to thc school of c-haunpions. Thu 1953 Varsity liaslwthall tvanl has lwvn in no sinall way rc-sponsihlv. The squad, conipvting in ont' of tho closcst races in the CIISA-XA Division l, finishcd fourth. hut was only ont' win shy ol' first place. ln tournanivnt play, thv Cavls wore almost un- lwatahlv. Altvr winning four straight games in tlw Knights ol- Colinnhus Nlvtropolitaln Invita- tional 'l'ournanu-nt, the-y bowvd in thc' final round to St. Ann's. Thus All llallows coppcd the soc- ond plan' trophy. At Nvwport, lihodc Island, whvrc thc' Eastern Statm-s Catholic Invitation 'I'ournznnvnt was hcld, All Ilallows rnlcd thc court. Tho squad took the 4-ovvtvcl lirst plat-o prizv, and carncd the distinc- tion ot- lx-ing tlu' host Catholic High School team in tlw Northcast. The prolific scoring and rebounding of Ernie Haynes and John McNamara earned them Tour- nvy and All-City recognition. Also, sharpshooter Cuimingham landed a post on the All-City Honor Roll. Captain 'WVhitcy', McCullagh's defensive play strangled the enemy's winning hopes. Tirico, Kavanagh, Pfleigler, Sylvester, Ward and O,Cal- , v ,, .1 . . .nil,1.. lx.u.nx.u1p1h, Mnnuf.:1'r, laghan also Hgurcd prominently in the Cavls, viotorious sc-ason. lt would lx- an incomplvtc pictnrc' inclvcd, it wc' did not niontion tht- nu-n lwhind the sccncs, Mr. King and Nlr. Caruso, who SllAll't'tl tln- rvins this yvar. and niolclcd thc- players into a chain- pionship tvani. REV. BROTHER M. F. BRADLEY Moderator Kar 714 QW 1 -1, 5 NAL4 sf 'lil ,wx gf e XAN 1 I7 s Z LJ-3"3' sf?" Ll T 'ii LH ss' 4 X Q' N Q A f Q xc! If 1 364' 'fy' N X gjw imma 'xx if 4 'K' M, " I f f 43" n Y V v y 4 K' b- ': Iv , A 1. If .Va ' 4H 7 -. H., gi? A A f lk r bla N Yak? X I3 I , ,ff 'Y ZR, , 1-MQ AS an my 1 - , , I W A ' I 1 Q! A ,f" A Ir. A., 14w: ' 4 A 8, Q, rr J sk.. 5 'g 1' ' 1' 'IIL ,ah i , N. K '- V Rwi jfff- -1 4 Q ' .. g 4 has 5 , , f- xwmwi HQ Y Wa unxhx X 3 A S- ' ' K' E3 H ,Y Q .-1-gl . .. X ' ' g X xl Q ffgz' .I 4 I I , 1 gl K Q' 'M . Qi .Q U A Q A 1,94 3, NWA Ji, isa if 'Nr x ' ' 11 -' 'j A x ' 6? -fs E. S. C. I. T. Third in 1950 and '51, second in ,52, All Ilallows finally made it in 1953! The new champions of the sixteenth animal ICSCIIT won on a pair of tap-ins hy john McNamara in overtime, as the squad took the final from XXX-st Catholic. 63-62. The Gaels opened the tourney hy crushing Yincentian lnstitute of Alhany 69-55. In the semi-final play, they nipped LaSalle 76-TIS. In this game the schools set a tourney record for a two-team total in one game. The aggregate. 149 points, was nineteen hetter than the old record. Again this year All Ilallowsnien dominated the All Star team. Ernie Haynes, second high scorer of the tourney, was named its outstanding player, while john McNamara. third high scorer was also yoted a first string selection. Ernie flipped in fifty-nine points, with "Mac" one under that total. Our new champions, coached hy Dick King, who had heen sidelined hy illness for more than two months, were awarded the Newport Council, Knights of Colunihus. and the Bishop NIL-Yinney trophies. f ini! NP ' ' ' lwll ' H-K. mp 'l'UtH'HkHNl -nt. Sign . -ng ,. . W1 . ,.fe4:v1 -1 H1 -- W ,, ,,.,, . i M444 4721 NYU-stling f-l'Ulll Nvwport. ave ,hu 'Qs- liruiz- hits tlu- Ulf-ll'l'S. x 9' 4' - V livon ilu- UIIUIIIX scorn-Q-soxnn-tixm-sl A dm-isivv buskn-t by Mike Sylvcstvr. 5 3 ' , R 'x X ? Q-, mm A fi K fx 5 ef f S. f 'jr il, Q m f Front Row: Gogan, Fitzgerald, Featherstone. Back Row: Setser, Parody, Daly, Hearn. REV. BROTHER BRADLEY Moderator mi' TOM FITZGERALD Captain I. V. BASKETBALL Tliis yea1"s junior Varsity basketball team displayed tlie poise, skill, and spirit of our past eliampionsliip elulis. The battling juniors consistently fought off opposition as they rode the path to glory and victory. Among the top performers were Fitzgerald. lfeatlierson, and Samson. Also contributing to tlie squatls sueeess was the Hawless play of Parody, llearn, and Aliearn. I. V. BASKETBALL RECORD All Hallows Opp. 54 Regis ....,........,......, ..,,... .,,,,, 4 8 66 St. Francis ......,.,. ,,.,,, 6 1 50 Stepinac ,...,... ,,,,,. 4 1 53 LaSalle ....... ,.,,,, 4 4 54 Power ..... ,,,.,, 4 8 51 Xavier .................,. ,,,,,. 3 6 38 St. Ann's ....,...........,.. ,.,,., 4 4 42 Mt. St. Michael ,... .,.... ,,,,., 3 4 44 Hayes .,.,....,,....,..,,,., .,,,-, 3 8 4.0 Rice ,..,,,.,...,,,,,.,,,,,, .B,,,, 3 7 51 Stepinac ,,...,..... ,,.,,, 3 7 60 LaSalle ......,......,,., ,,,,,, 4 0 31 Power ,,.,.,.,,,.,.,.,,,,,.. .,,Vw, 3 9 44 Mt. St. Michael ....,.., .,.,,, 3 5 38 Hayes .....,,,.., , ,..,,,, ,,.,-- 5 8 33 Rice .............,.., .,,.,, 4 5 749 685 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL REV. BROTHER R. M. COOCAN The 1953 yearling hoopsters outclassed the opposition Moderator as they rolled to victory. Adding a trophy to their collection and a great many wins to their record, they looked like a traditional Cael squad. Next year many of the players will move up the ladder to junior Varsity ball, one step closer 'Q ....1... to the top grade. ln the coming seasons they will develop greatly and will pace the future city champion teams at All Ilallows. GEORGE BRCOLDRICK Captain I-'rout Ilnlr: ll. 1"l.mau:nn. ll. l"lahertv. C. Nh-Coldriek, A. llillis, E. Hyland, Nvilll trophy Sreuml Hunt' J. 1.L'Alllf', 'I'. Brady. D, MacDonald, ll. Kiley, E. Canullulplll. Burk Role: Dolan. Donnelly, R, Nvilhlll, ll. MelDer1uot!. v al 1 1 '47 s TKT-'V 'J iff I 1 A,,.i 111 aa, IVR' j '-4' .-if ,N l i w 1 -W ,X NIR. JANIES OTIONNELL Coach lival Indoor Track Front Rolf: I. Nunnn, C. Bland, R, Younil. I. Kr-nnv. I. Brodvrick, I. Burns, NV. Murpln Allvn. E. Brown, T. Tyson. S4'r'mul Rolf: I. Kylix l. Byrn:-, ll. lfinlc-v, ll. Nlriliinc-lxy, G, Fool F G4-igvl, E. Danlco, I. Dothvry, l. Xvflll, I, l3ul'lwinlm-. A. Adinolfi. Tlzirrl llour: M. 0 Sul 1, lnanagvrg P. Iloonvy, I. Cilxlwy, Nix-Ks-mlry. ll. Nlc'Nl.ll1on. ll. llornan, ll. l'l1rsm Kvninu-tt, 1. Doran, F. Fitxpatril-lc, N. llradshaw, P. Fowlvr. I. Conn:-lly. I.. llanks, . I. Bohan, I. Roclw, F. Stvixiwr, S. Dvlan-a, S, Svhilrlwarhtor, D. Slattm-ry, I' 1 I. Yzzino. II. Mn-Nally. A. Zvto. That powerhouse promisvd in last ycai"s edition of Ilal- lowcvn has finally arrivcd. From tho opvning gun, thc' squad has virtually sc-orc-licd the lxoards and cindc-rs with its "rvcl-l1ot" performances. Highlighting thc' indoor svason was thc- cxcvllviit showing of the team in the ISNIXV championships. the- landslide' victory in thc Quadranglc nicvt. and thc surprisc showing of strvngth in the City Championships. New city champ of thc junior 280 yard dash is llc'0t-footc'd Ed Gcigcl. Caw and Fazxino camo vcry closc to lacing crowned champions in thc-ir 1'c'spvctivv runs. The outdoor tvam promiscs to lx' vw-n lwttvr than its in- door counterpart. Standouts should lx: middlv distance- mc-n: Fazzino, Caw, Captain Frank Fitxpatric-kg sprintvrs: C4-igvl, Pivdmontc-, Fowler, Samson. and Kylc-g milvrs: llooncy and Bradshaw. The addition of Don Smith H-itll, and thc rvturn of quartcrmilors llolw lloman and Dan Slattvry should add mort' spa-od and dcpth to thc Cavl wing-foots. After Garly sliccvssc-s in thc- Sc-ton Hall lic-lays, Coach O'Connc'll predicts a fine showing in the rclays at Pcnn, and RFV BRCTHER J R KELLY a chance of dominating thc ICB meet. Modcrator 112 V lull 'l' Kano, niamugvr. Burk Rmr: M. Louulxlin, C, Ninth, C. llauigs-tt, C. Donna-lly, Cap il R if I fr V V 3 E5 44 .ik 1 'C O ., ,. K, 9 HK, INDOOR SCHEDULE Catholic Indoor livlaiy Carnival Stiiyve-siiiit High School Invitational Mc-vt iv N. Y. U, Spiiwshoo Chih Mcvl Klillrosc Ciiinvs ilaiyvx Xivcl Noxiu- Chgnnpionships BYUIIX-XI.lllililiiilll-XYUSICIIUSIVI' Chiiiiipionships Vorclhinn Prop Rvhiy Curiiivzll lglliliillllljlik' Moot vs, St. Ann's, lhiyvs, Riu' CIISAA City Clminpioiisliips ROBERT McLOUCHI.lN 'Tlw :nun with thi- juvi-liiif' 1 ti 4, ED CEICEL City Chzunp FRANK FITZPATRICK Cnplnin ., as ., 50 g 1,'5, ,V Qg x--- 1 QW V -5,5 E ,vih 3 fry. ENN ' . EA Q . Fitzpatrick, Shittvry, Rooney prantlung np. 113 . . R 4? ii ,V 4' J ' i Mile-r, Paul Room-yg Sprintc-r. john Picdinonte OUTDOOR SClll'IDUl.l'f CIISAA Ri-lays llrooklyn Allillllllliht' Svlon lliill li:-hiys l'r-nn Rvinys Xoxiui--l"i'osii Cfinilnpioiisilips l"oi'iihann Pri-p Ri-Lays ilfli Nh-wt BI'UIlX'xiLllIillliiilll-XY1'SiL'ill'5i1'l' fiilLllll13iUIlSiIi13S CIIS.-X,-X City fflimnpionships john Fazzino and Ed Ciiw , ,,. , u . , , L.. , I ,Q 'X' f 4 ik-f A M . . C5 ' n U. N Q-4 ,A , ' S v"f5' Y , A 756, I. 'ji r .1-. , K .l ig - It LVL x y N -xi, w 1 0 L A IA W5 an s A QL, -M6465 'N-F 5,1 5 V 9 .. X M 14 , 'IN' X 5 ,sign gr-a '89 r lle relay whlppmg m z . - avr! fs R" ,0- CROSS-COUNTRY SCHEDULE N. Y. U. Meet St. John's Meet Dual Meet vs. Power I. C. B. Meet Bronx-Manhattan-Westchester Championships CHSAA City Championships. Freshman Cross Country Left tn Right: J. Kenny, NV. Murphy, j. kelly, j. Kyle, J. Burns. 115 Varsity Cross Country Front Row: II. My-Nally, R. Iloxnan, I. Doran, E. Gr-igel, P. Rooney. Buck Row: M. 0'Sullivan, nmnnyzer, N. Bradshaw, D. Slattery, Dm-Luca, C. Dagizett, C. Donnelly, captain, I. Fazzino, T. Kane, nninager, - . 'ug - K X. .sw , W X ,pvc-Af'-v p ,X ,GM .. 1 . .. 4 ' CROSS COUNTRY The 1953 edition of the All Hallows Cross-Country team was a great success. Led by Captain Charlie Donnelly, the squad took third place honors in the ICB meet. The team snared medals in all its outings, and ranked as one of our best aggregations. Paul Rooney, Dan Slattery, jack Doran, George Daggett, and Ed Ceigel paced the Varsity. Top men on the J. V. were: Hugh McNally, Bob Homan, Noel Bradshaw, Frank Fitzpatrick, and Phil Fowler. The Freshman harriers, sparked by Murphy, Kyle, Kenny, and Burns, took second place in the Brothers' meet. The Frosh also had a profitable season. Mr. O,CO11I'l6ll and Brother Kelly have certainly done an excellent job with the small squad. 1 '1 ul ici Ill. 'EA 7 Front Row' O'Callaghan, Hoffman, McNamara, Fitzgerald, Tirico, Ricci, Strolnmcr, Hack Row: Dorrian, Donnelley, O'Connor, Hanlon, Mahoney, XVhelehan, Carroll, Dolce, Magnusson, Mnlvancy. VARSITY BASEBALL Every fan knows that Yankee Stadium is the "Home of Champions", hut few realize that less than a hundred yards from the stadium, there is another "home of championsb-Bahe Ruth Field. Here the 1952 Bronx-NIanhattan Champions, our own All Hallows Sluggers, play their home games. Again this year, AI-Ts "Casey Stengelfi Nlrq Dick King, has fielded a fearsome nine. The potential pennant winners, in their first three encounters, have dis- played the hitting, fielding, and pitching that should carry them to the top of the division. Last season the boys were deprived of the City Championship hy Loughlin High, and so are out for revenge this campaign. Power appears to he the main obstacle that they must overcome. Let's take a look at the team. Left handed power hitter john O'Callaghan is at the initial sack. Dorrian and Ricci make a slick fielding keystone combination, while the "glue-gloved" Frank Tirico is at third hase. Besides heing dynamite at the plate, the outfield is strong armed and fast afoot. jim Hanlon, Aloe McNamara, and Hank Magnussen are the regular fly chasers. The hackstop and cleanup hitter for the Gaels is T. O,Connor. The pitching staff, topped hy Fitzgerald, also in- cludes Mulvaney, Hoffman, and Whelehan. We agree with Brother Bradley. the moderator, that this year promises to be another gold letter season for the club. ta. i H , Miclcev Mantle? Ixm'rImg: Dorm-y, Strommer. Standing. Carroll , Dolce, Donnelly, tutility playersj. No, john O'Callaglnm! I 1 1 ,-' , K ' 4 N 1 . 4 . .9 - h . ,- 7, ' "x:?av"w-. -'-T' ? ' ' X .ELL Qi- rx:- 'Vmn O'Cnnnor flushvs sign to haitiury inutu. X P a 059. 1 . I i Q .ri i NC i X i Q A , i w - " 5 gi ,lov Durrinn G , svn-mid lmsi-umm. V i ' Fitlgx-r.ild pu:-ks ui ' ruinivr on first. J -1 A .,--,w ,-HHN ' Q, ' ,qwa nw 4 . ,,,k if fx, Y Q V' N34 ., .K I N i ' in IOIIN O'CALLACHAN ' 5 1 first lmsunizui mid captain. ' ' Q 3 Q 'WP V, f r' ' ' ' it K I , R ., Q Shortstop Ricci awaits peg QQ... nh if' - fron ciitchcr in w-irm-ii 1. "M K M if x i x 4 I 1 '1 N- . -I Q w.-rv' . Q. Q ! 4 'ma H .mix ' xfl-:juni '-lk: v v-QQHTMI : K ' QL' 76' 5 ' , " I" xxvfifavh ,i'C", " P. A .1 .Q 'V uf ,L , rv Q .mu 1 i , w - ' if - ,'1sQ"2l:i"?'4.: ' ff i:'igQJ"v-1' Y f 1 "Scooh-r" Q Q , Tiricri Vx f 5 J -4 X 4 Fl -1-i-f00ff-A - ' K ' Jin: Hanlon. ,X 4 i "Tho junior Rvnding Rifle- .. H Right Fiplder Jon- Mc'1Nzinmra. 1 "Hnmmering Hank" Magnusson 117 QA I Q V U i U s I . -'al "fs A ' "K . VN, lv-sA1:'H I , gwywzqkkl. ,Yagi S--Y! fl -Hi 353.155, ? F' ,, 1,I' wr' 3 P as in T .4 5 -"::v,ff1'f XTXJ. L PLI Nf A w ova . minus 'YMUL-V ? .ML L 'iii , YQ .vAULjuv lwqkpvy 7 on n ira ., lv: 1, .U 10 l ll r 1. y, 'm-tlvl, Capivllrv, O'l1ric-li, lr lllu Ili H1 Al iri C Dmimflly, llills, llullgl l XX Imaliy, Ilylai 1' ri, lflklliilfilll. lirlrk Huw: liavanllgli, Cnxtvllu, l'.iLil1iu1u, Ummm-lly, Colgan, Us-4-ly, Amlvrxun, llirkvy, lamu, NY.ilxh, ul . - T N i I V BASEBALL I l I MAL. wht i f is f '31 , Brotliol' ll0l'11ll'S ymuig squacl lias conm- a long way since' its first workout at tht- start of tlw svascm. A firm-lmalling pitching, J 1 , liaclwcl lmy Q-lvwr luall liancllcrs. ancl swim' llarcl-liit ing liats f EY jj stiff t f mmm liavc lwvn molclvcl into a wvll knit ay.2gl'4'gz1timi. 'l'liv culx I 1 V -ll l Cacls look like winning.: timlmcr and L-oulml gn all tliv way to city cliampionsliip. WILLIAM DEELY Captain 118 tlic MAH'-RNVSE, .Piggy 5 Wifi 'AL The OutHc-ldvrs Infivldcrs Hyland, Hickvy, Gognn, Flanagan. Avy AL.UW 119 Dec-1y,Catcher. W- M as LL Pitclu-rs REV. BROTHER J. C HORAN Moderator Long, Bzu'nMal, Donnvlly. D1-cly fcntchvrl. .-'Q ee' -' A T I! LM ' ' Y w 4 5. gf.- ,.+ milmiif 0 E!! ,x -A 1 .QQ A 1 r 1 , fb. u 1.-li' il gg, iz . , -11 ,f.,1-1y,.. M321 "' -f' zls' EEE A 1 -Y .. , ' ff-' 1 , f:f.4',,,'.,-,.'L5 .. uw.: A' ."'f?"Q'A.. J I ,A ... , Q. - .J . . 2,4 VI "ff Q' V1 '.' -if.-.-5 s. i :fu 3 nf 7?Qff..:,,.: . . 72.4. T 121 The Graduating a Class of 1953 JAMES BIELEN President JAMES BOHAN , EDWARD ROMANOW Vice President Treasurer 122 r Joseph Bader Michael Bergen sy, X kr gk S 8 .' Agxshn ' Q 'xx X K 'nn ' Ai - 5' . Pitrick Bcrgcn William Berlingholf james Carney Thomas Cavcy ,. if Peter Colangelo Edward Cummings Robert Dallas 101111 D,ESOp0 5 Rohm-rt Dickinson Peter English Eugene Gallagher Sfl'Pll4'n Curdnvr Edward Crm-no Roger Karl L 9- J 1: ' fffg L- "3 '- ri Timothy Klein Robert Ladau 7. , Alix: of, ll'.k "iz .55 x - QD A 4-L , G I, , ' 3 1 E V' ,, '12 -2 .-.715 or fl fffmg y"l,l,. -' f' get lluln-rt Lavery qi Q P .8 Q , MLSYL- in . i . Q 51:69. u 1.2! 2 4' 1:0-1' , 5' I l"x1 ,-:ju-,.1iii-,Az L-Mlxg "im li - ,vii ' in Tcrvncc Lennon i ' f . , 1 3- - 15 v fi ' , -Yr M f ' Q1 W. , lv "H: V ,,., V , :q,Qf::H,fM,gp' , '72-K ., . ,.!! .ms .gr A v' gf.-., A ' w lah . -qv, .,, o K I, . W ' .qi N +L . 'T' "1 4 ,NNN 1 All V 1'-.N -'A -n' 'mum-X 15" .ww - ffm' 1- N' . Vw' X J fx . g 'V 47' ' '-5' "' . . 'V I 1 ' L M2 f 1- r A-"'11ze4:r V ,,,.Yg.r2x x 1. 4? I ,e V, in 1 3 , 'H .j, JH", 1, ' u 'Z ,iw 4 .4-. ' j ,'.4,"' J " if . L .fH...fx ' Y ii " .. .f Al'tIlHl'h1L'Bl'ldC ' 'NW M Q, f' f", john fyfgCfg1tl1 Arthur McGraw Philip Mclntyrc Robert Muttcs Alfrpd Mgysit-110 JKKIIWS Mlllliillm J1lll10S MUHUIS john Oates john O'Bricn i Y S , , Q y f igfii' 9 ' . ' 4' . '13 ' 'V., if mmfmA Q T f- fi L, V""' . . N K ,V l l k"' I "fifilQ5JF Wullcr Sommer ig X if li Martin YVYnnc Philip Virtuoso Frank Whalen I 1 ' '1 .A I , I 'f l 5 , ,. L X I ,, . V V V J ., s .r..., Q g..,, ,N ,, M , , - d.,.,,. ,... - J W, M, ,, ,,.,,,4,. if W H - 5- - - , i I , .V K Lf . ,K , i . : E 5 E I, ,A Y i ,N ,I W - . i,, f, .,,, f 4. 4 . A ,K x I . - William O'Hara john O'Neill ' X X if'-x Paul O'Ccmnor lluoul Orca-yrc if , llvgvr llivllvr Arthur Scudcler Edward Shiimick "1 'T -. a 9 . .i f I 4 1 K' X I 1 A -4 X X14 , I Q ' - 5 f K i ST rf .5 " 'J It ' -X N fl? ' ig.:-.f' H' -XA hir- ,Q V x -gy-. N- . Lk , 5' 1' V- 5' A? R. 'S 'ii-5 K ' . , '.' 3 '2' . ,V yy ,V Q . . AL A v K -N "' 1:5 Q - K fx., Wi K... , -I K is . - as ! K . sf A K :iw .A Q. 'M ,Q f V . A b K 5 f . A Q, M 'H an I yin 15.6 Q 4 v wi fi ri, 5 I A f ' Q if ,. - " W 'A . A' sl f.,l,. ' K- W Q 6, f,..- ,rv . 3 ,, ' ug- , Q ft J, ' . A' i if +35 ' . Q 'K' 4 4 is ' 1, b J i.. . ' ' . G Q . X Q Q, W1 1 f ' ' sligf 5 -1' J I N ay Q," '. T ig t ' S - ' 4 1, 4, iff i. , P 4 " ' ef i n gs. . 1. N: 5 , .4 y , b I Vg x Q 4 IN- ? sa .W A .J S C ' 9, 'fu 'Q H . . , . X X , f , A-fi .. , ,X - 5 f 1 . . A . an' f - -V I Q. . H K' 1 K ' 'A 'x I t .. K M .E . i ,S K ' N I, ' . " X f , 3 .Q -- A190 ., we mg. .. IQQS XF er f in Q-' sk K A Ku . 'vf A 4 D Q Q i . gi, ' 2 . A . . . f -. lm... 'i-nuff r L- .' k 4. v X A K b -A iw , SW, .flzki -W N4 X maria. 5 . . , " 7' 3' W ' .1 , ,ff - A 1 SBAV' ' ' W sv J . ? 2? f 'S L.: . . - 4 -vkzff 1,5 . 4. ,Q I 5 Q. ' Q. i. i n 4,4 "j'C?:'jA, -31? 2 "ig4.Lg,,g., ,Q ,fr W' fl 4 T f v I 'Q K 355' 3211, 'L' 55 'fz bmx fy Q " gf? ,f?4SfLxf+mf'w4 , 5 1 -Q .-in-Mil. we ,4j'iQAfZf.,,.f' +f.+rp.gx., "'f'?f- K- 7 '-qw , - ,Maxi N ,.7,,,w. . 4,5 K f M, 44. K n f 9 43" 7 K I 3 Q 5. , "ZZ - 'r , X as f 5 5? Q W.. v S . -1. aa , uk , . ,, " ffl' - V , A X w:vf '2,,,f '50 . 'Ls xi' 'Quia af ' 'Y As? gifjw A 'f , 4' 2 x , , Ni- ll 5 Mp is ' w ' Sf' .hw , A if wwf W ry M i xv ' f . F1 ., ffiqg ,f K t, L, ' Y 7-,mg-4 :A My Mi'-454, Q -I jfi.3g35.g,i A 'Wg M f, ',ff-Rf ' X ur. ' 4' ' f . ' 9 ' ' wr ffl? ' my Kw",2'? is Q fig," 4 'F' I. -rf? Q w g -Q 'V ' -m +-. .-, S3 f, Mu 6, tl U4 -Af' my f.,,'j k,,LE'f4' ,fl , , x M. , N MQ, A , :femvsig L as 1 1 'EXW wr Q .-qw '1 1' 1 x X 2 'Q A +7 35 "' , 1 xi - v filif f , S Q: F., :J ' N. Y any ,M .,. 9 VQY ,5. Q rf if 'w -N 1' , i X kr ... Y 7 .if 'F ,Q ,L ,R A :wav wk ,. R! v ai. 1 Swv sl' 1 ' X . ,, he . 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I A 7 . , J , -2' ff -sh 4. .u if Q 5 u . x -N57 Q, ff xi , M ,, '. fo 1 ' 'z ' Q s 3 Q .Q 1 9 B ,O Q v xg? , .4 hx 2 x Qi x, 2 , yu. 1' at . x x : K,. 1 I V , L . . , 4 , P V . N' 4, 5 V ,f ,K W- gn 'gf' .gps K 1 F F x K K gi . V' of' V if . xg f f .- .. K v, r 5 is X - v 1 W .M t.:k f K. A , P f fi 0, I, :y N:--Q - ,K 45:1 , X' L - .gi XX - ,. N1 , , , Q n gg A. L , . A, 5 r V :,,,,.. ' .,',i.' - 4 V ,Tv HN H rw, z , Q 1 A 3 ,wh ff K K :,. t Q - , 8 . .ug v .,, 'XL V ng, A QQ? ,L S vs, , .mam 'dbx' ' ' . X 2 8 f' as E 1,94 , 1 I v gf' .. , W- In in win'-1-ua M . 'S' W...f"'Em, , 'f'f. W P n Y 1 rf I IA, A A X LMI ig e L .1VA' V xx A L V X , if K A o 1 . A , Q , y ' a 'N A YQ I ' ii- fmwlwwi ff I Q eel Q I 'QA' I o . ff L 4. Q52 I , ,Q . Lf, E' V, x -4 ,mfr f l A' ? I ,- Q K t Q' .. V Q 0 ' ' 'I A ., E ' N, K , K TV' 5 .A l S 4 2- ' f V v W 4 ,,h ' j ,, fha. ,. gl Z r Qa?, Nwxigf Q9 af Q Paw Y L ' 4 A A h 1, L '31 lh,'y- . M gf 4 ' ' ' ,A 'H Q fl ,X -.fv 1 ZW .1 3 -4 4 . Q EJ X V 1 m'A i f ., 1" 21 QEMSEQV 4 Q M VL 6 ,F . i A I 'Y . F' f A if Q, V' 'M .nf V' .3 1:1 1 'The Mikado" ll QQ gy., REV. BltU'I'lilCIt G. lt. lilCl.I.OVVS Ilircctor HEY. lllt0'l'lllClK C. C. CURTIN Director Mit. ANTHONY RYGIEL, M.A. ti- 1 tif-ilir g ,pi nn.: 5 On Friday, March 20, and on Sunday, March 22, at 8:30 P. M., the Grammar School Department presented an abridged and simplified version of the operctta, "The Mikado," by Gilbert and Sullivan. Both per- formances were held in the school audi- torium bcfore large and enthusiastic gather- ings of parents, friends, and invited guests. Directed by Brothers G. R. Bellows and C. C. Curtin, the operetta was both sung and staged in a manner admirably suited to please even the most discriminating of Savoyards. The youthful thespians were surprisingly adept in their ability to com- municate intelligently both the droll, satiric banter of Gilbert's lyrics as well as the lilt- ing mockery of Sullivan's melodic score. keen understanding of the heart and sub- stance of a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta probably accounted for the evident en- thusiasm with which each performer entered into his role. But enthusiasm was not the only commendable feature of this produc- tion. Every shade and nuance of meaning in each line was plumbed to its depths and delivered in clear, well-enunciated tones. This commendable diction of the principals was a large factor contributing to the whole- hearted enjoyment of the operetta by those present. In the role of the pompous, corrupt public official, Poo-Bah, Hugh Mclade displayed an astonishingly mature grasp and understand- ing of every facet of a difficult role. In particular, his diction was of the highest order. Daniel Ahearn's portrayal of Ko-Ko brought to light the too-often neglected warmer qualities of the Lord lligh Execu- tioner. The humor of the role, too, became, in his hands, an organic part of Ko-Ko's character rather than the vulgar slapstick of tiring imitation. Raoul Orceyrcis por- trayal of the Mikado was another highlight of the production. Ilis singing, acting, and enunciation brought to this prize role the verve and drive essential to its successful characterization. The portrayal of Nanki- poo by john Ricci displayed to excellent ad- vantage both his understanding of the part as well the well-placed tones of his pleasant, soprano voice. VVillia1n Berlinghoff, as Pish- Tush, sang the very difficult "Our Great Mi- kado" number in sprightly, ringing tones, and displayed throughout the performance the necessary gravity of a japanese noble- man unaffected by the corrupting influence of dissolute companions. As Yum-Yum, Wil- liam Frank brought a sparkling freshness to a difficult role. llis poise and stage pres- ence were also noteworthy. ln the roles of Pitti-Sing and Peep-Bo, Michael Moretti and john Lazzari captivated the audience by their gayety and lighthcartedness. Finally, the chorus, by its lively renditions of catchy tunes and by its precision in movement. added new laurcls to a production charac- terized by unusual maturity of presentation. 1 x"'4 V C-I 1 MIKE M0liE'l"l'I DANIEL AIIEARN JAMES FAY RAOUL ORCEYHE 1 'Q . 'cm , X x N7 'h '.., fv 5 M , , " 'WN V -'r SN lIl'KIll Mn-GLADE Mrs. Costs-llrx hvlps out. JOHN RICCI BILLY FRANK r ,aa 'Q O0 . -YAT4 y, "4 ---X l.. 7, 4 gg L ,ZL Q !,. wi .. is r K, 1. ' Q i- lift' 2 'X o 0'- ff vi '5 if W . 4 ' v ef fi? ia we Q 'Q' L , a -. lf 4"L' I i 1 'E :fi ' WH I .5.'. ' . 1? ' ' 'Af' : ., 's-'jaf -'U 'E' s 9'-N OI ' V . . - .'.,'!v: eu w E l E- K rn ' 1 o ,o 'Q 'Qc . , . ,- bmi . Q ':'."V" ,. .. af o D n ' " arf' " ' UT!!-" ...-- . as 2.4 4' , nf Q" l1 'u- I 'KW at ! WG' """""'! 1 -' .'.: l', 1, . , 4' 291 Q Cr - f -il!- Junior Gaels Fran! Row: B. O'Hnrn. P. O'Connor, R Maltwi. T. Conroy, J. KTZITCS, M. Hvrgvn W. Sommvr. SITOHIT Row: A. Thnnms I. McGrath, R. l'1'L'rs, P.'Q11i11n, M VVynn0, R. Rivdvr, E. CIIIIIIIITIILZS. Bac Row: E. Ronmnow, P. Colnngelo, T, Lennon, E. Shinnick. ,, -13 ' St. A 'V , All H ngela M ' - L Mary 5-7 ord b auolfvs kept U . enC"7 AHJSZ S the y wlnnlng their Ene ref- Hows Oifellmg against gt? 'rd Same in A11Hat Rice mel swamped ns 5e8,S0t:s Zi 1513066 i 32 to 7. ter Maw ent by a scfxi.. GH' mm' 092-on -'-' "J A .H 13 Stevens0H'0 Xt H Theklkllen Stevenson.S:h23eEe in AH.-13 Princeton-6 victim to the junwombs Dam The season's fn-st eontest was 8 fell e prayed at'Mac3,0 53-10 with the Pnnceton. .oys A gamthe count being 1 ' Club on the Central Park gr1d1l'0H, A.H.-20 I1 Park' and A. H. scored a 13-to-6 v1ctorY- The sec CoIIegiafe.g The fxrst touchdown was scored .by Fmn I j.lx1-Il 1 1 11 ll x ll xx 11 ll s 11111 1 1 11 J fl' Pfllllk, ML'D1'r1n1tt I R Il I 'VI th , M Nf0l'l'lll. T. IJOIYIIIHLZ, B. Coyle, NV. Law. N I I mfr I C K 1 l 0 by A H ond Same th I - . ended . qt was I 388111 they swamm 3 v1ctory,p8:ed 'r At the end Fed their 0PPon ce ar-rv Tnhhnn :V 21:16 ETSI qualizf-. en mn' m ade Bill Frank after a. merch dur1n8 which Gerard CFCSCI d1d some fme balbcarrying. JimmY Cffsteuq ac' counted for the extra pomt wxth 8 rush throuszh the middle of the lme: Midget Gaels C .'1'1'o 1 ow: 1, .yn , . Fay, W. 'i' rrn: 1, fris-i, D. McA00n. 4 L Frmzf Row: T. Conroy. R. Dallas, T, Lannnn, A. McCall. i lluvk Huw: P. Cohmgvlo, P. O'Connor, A. Thomns, E. Romamow. f.- B a S k e t b a 11 REV. BROTHER J. T. CONCANNON Q2 I Front Rmr: R. Malcolm, I. Fitzyzvrnlcl, M. Hayes, I. Clvvson, I. 0'Connor, I. Russell. Back Row: J. Kclly, E. Mc-Cusku, W. Frank, M. McCarthy, J. Costcllu, J, Hugvn, T. Carroll, NV. Coruuram, Manager. 97 gh 1 x F? '. ' S QQ. J '- 1 fm fri"-" 1' iw 'Q 1 f J Ka. - ' 1. ' ' x , 4 , 3 , 'f . '. Q... , , sv, ,,. . .. 4 i If 9.4 ' , 7 f nk 9' I .9 -gag , 1 . f ' ,. 4' - 1 V A, 93.,i9iE,, 4 r . L! Brother Rinalldiui demonstrates. 'in- Art Class f Exhibition Na 141 Softball Sixth fiI'il4il' HEY. BINJ'l'IIICR T. P. JOYCE I 1',f" b' b I 'xl S4-x' m'x1 11111 x'4xc lm- Senior Division 7' Sxtllf i Junior Division s is S tl Q l Intramurals F'ftl C' ' 1- ALL HALLOWS BEAM N EWS ALI. HALLOVVS CRAMMAR SCHOOL lll EAST 164th STREET, NEW YORK 52, N, Y. Editor JAMES BOHAN Ann:-inlr Editors WILLIAM BERIJNGIIOFF, RAOUI. ORCEYRE Sports JOHN BEILEN, STEPHEN CARDENER Cfulumnisls-EVCENE CAILACIIER, ROBERT LAVERY, EDWARD GREEN, DAVIS MAI.l,ERY. KEVIN RANAGHAN, IOHN MURPHY, TIM Sl'l.l.lYAN, RUBERT LADAU Adixh PETER ENGLISH, THOMAS IARKOWSKI 'T' Silfing: M. VVyxnn', R. Dickinson, E. Cinn- niings, j. Mulligan, j. Mullins. S. Gnrdlwr. Slunrlimf: 'I'. KI:-in, j. lJ'l'Isnpn, W. 0lHllT1l, 'l', I.:-nnon, li. Gullnghvr, C. Cash, P. Pvrry. 144 Frou! Row: S. Cnrclnvr, I. lla-ilvn, P. English, D. Mull:-ry, T. Jzlrlcuwski, I. Murp Hack Rnw: R. Urcuyrv, T. Sullivan, E. Gallzighvr, j. Huhun, R. Laws-ry, K. Rzumgham, R. Laulun, VV. Bcrlingholf. Band 5 . 4 L Q hy i Our Mother of Perpetual Help PATRONESS OF THE ORDER I i P 5 i l il . . 5 .. .. , III I mt 5 ' . f + if 1 I gl, I I I ,, , , I i l I l I I , I, I PAPAL AND EPISCOPAL COMMENDATIONS I IMI . A "XVc esteem highly, Beloved Son, this charity of yours, whieh is exercised in the Christian education I ff if I ,,,I,,, of the young whom we love so fondly. For wc dearly understand that such charity comluces, in the highest -, . - I degree, to the welfare of Church and State. P P. Y , I . I I opt' ms . I I , . I . I in ll i I 5Im.,.r,.5I l.,,IIgmt,I1IItI0nS for the I-m,digimI5 de- ands of young men to join this nolile hand of Christian ....., I: vclopmcnt ol' the Institute, and thc wish that the Lord Ti'2lCl1l'fS- Bfslmll OFf1ffvl1 4-I may continue to prosper it." Pope Pius X H I h .- ' . . . I am one of the first to realize that the growth 4 I- nun Il.. I II I If I II It I I I AI . I I' A I 1 and vigor ot the Church in Australia is due to the mar- if 'I' JI ' lfslql' p un 'fn' lj' 'lh mdlly 517mm 5 'lb pm' vclous work of the Christian Brothers. It is almost un- "' V ll siile may foclt Ito 'your f,ongrc-gation, and that they. preeedentcd that a new Congregation of men should .. , fllSDlR'll hy tht- 5pir'it of Coil, may labor wholeheartedly within such a short space open their lnmdreclth house." I I. in your nohle work. Iope luis ,XI Cardinal Gilroy , I I. 1' ' "To meet the urgent ncccls of thc present time, I should H. I I Proud'am I of these Christian Brothers . . . they 'I I rather sec a great increase in vocations to the Christian are living testimony to the truth and wisdom that must I I I 'I " Brothers than to the priesthood." Bishop Flynn predominate in the souls of men if they would become I- builders as they tcach the youth of America to live in I "We all hope and pray that many vocations may he at- low and loyalty to Cod wld ml' lwlowd country' rw ll I I I I- I .I .I .I I I I Cardinal bpellman-March, 1939 5-- tractcc to t ie Orc cr o t ic C, llflhlltlfl Brot iers so t mat new I foundations may he opened in ,other parts ot the VVest --The Home work to which the Bmihcrs dedicate their W . . Wllvn' tho' im' 50 lmdly ""'L'flt"l' Bwllvll Bmwn lives, that of training the minds and forming the habits I - of youths in accordance with the precepts ot Our Divine I "Never, so long as I live, shall I cease to pay my debt I . Master, is one in which we are particularly interested." :I A of gratitudeg and I pray God to touch the hearts of thous- ' if "" 5 P0110 Pius X11 is 12' I , , I , - ll I l Mi - 7 ' A Q iw, , e4,,,5,, ,f,, , ,,'.i,i,,' f ,H , V., .,.. M9 . , '.,,'-' f, .+G .sl ., ' i.. 'M . lllllll ll. 1 , I I 1 ' . ' ' I I .- IIIIIIIIIIIIII-..Ill ll lllll ll ll I llll ll- :alll llll lllllIlilllllllllll-lllllll--I.I---l.ll....l'll. ...Ill- 1 fi Q ,4- fix!! Q T x ,u u Aummwu .-Q1,-fn: 4 x ,J ,au 5-L 1. F3 is 5- 4. 1.x X nm nu muuamuunnmnunzx. 1 I IL . 35 X'

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