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'Glu tha C5lnrg nf 65nd in Thanksgiving fur Zlhundnnt Grains hzstunizrl upon thz Christian Bruthzrs nf Brzlnnfi during thz DSSI una hundrzd and Iiftg gains Zn pnrtirulnr un thz Hnrth Qlmrzrifnn pruninrz and un Ghrist s Burnt nn Earth im innhnzss punt P1115 KH num glnriuuslg rmgning tn iuhnm inn plzdgz nur ilngnltg and Emnutinn F F . 7 . , . Y . , . ! ..--xx K a .ss, 47", ,- 'M . ' ,... ? J ig v-.-- .V .J .v vaqg ,ff .2-w x Xu ,fav , , Christ Hlndel of Uouth Seninr Class presents Hll HHLLUIUS HIGH SCHUUL Bronx, Ileru Unrlr gi 135433 M fn: A 'N X N A. N x ,,,..g i-:T S ' A Q if 1 7 Q A 5 T , I, -.- . 3 5 g F .W N.--1 Nw f ? 7 ? - A 'X , - .jg ,i , , Q " Q: 'Q , 'fi zig' , A., , 3 A' 'V 3 ,E el k 'f 1 .iw ' i I. Memorial Chapel erected at Mount Sion, Waterford, to receive the remains of Edmund Ignatius Rice and to which they were translated on l5 May, l94l. Dflllllllllllll The order of the Christian Brothers of Ire- land this year commemorates the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the first school opened in Waterford, Ireland in 1802. To the far flung corners of the globe, schools conducted by the Brothers are now to be found. And as our own North American Pro- vince plays no small part in this vast field of missionary enterprise, it is with pride that the Statue of Brother Edmund Ignatius Rice, founder of the Brothers. erected as a mem- orial of his great work in Callan, Ireland. If 14 S 'Y'-4 Q ,. I 0 'iv Senior Class dedicates the 1952 Halloween to the growth of the American venture. , Maw Swisii iagxlfllsh C 1' -I .1 m 0:3 Bgom I9 Q fdefl ve Ce 3X Mn KYNZTQQEOHQWQ 2 Mount Sion School at Waterford, the first foundation of lrish Christian Brothers. Though the entire congregation is directed from Dublin, Ireland where the Superior General and the members ot his Council re- side, they are constantly informed through the Provincial Governing Bodies of the progress of the Brothers work. ln the United States the Pro- vincial House is situated overlook- ing the spacious campus of lona College, New Rochelle. Lf, Residence Front Row: Rev, Bros. Charles A. Lynam, MS., Robert J. O'Keefe, M.A. Back Row: Rev. Bros. Patrick A. Gleeson, M.A., Arthur L, McAleer, M.A., Arthur A. Loftus, Ph.D. 5 .- D . n Prlncnpal rend Brotherll .f.l1urtln, NLS The late Reverend Brother P, J. Ryan, founder and First Provincial of the American Province. St. Gabriel's Scholasticate, devoted to college studies and immediate prepara- tion for the formal educational work of the classroom. St. Joseph's Juniorate, fully accredited preparatory training school for aspirants to the Brotherhood. Santa Maria on the Hudson, where, following the reception of the Religious Habit, the young Religious begins his 7 strict Novitiate. LT fvb- BROTHERJ C COLLINS Assistant Prrncupal Englrsh Latm Halloween Moderator of Fathers Club BROTHER M A HURLEY Mathematrcs Treasurer BROTHER C B QUINN Englrsh Mathematrcs Track BROTHER M. G. WALSH Geometry, Hrstory, English Moderator of Alumni L BROTHER E P OFARRELL Physics Algebra FHCUHU FHCULTU BROTHER C P MCDONNELL French Hnstory Blue and Whrte BROTHER T A O HARE Scnence Hnstory 43 isnt.. BROTHER M P BURNS Hustory Varslty Athletics BROTHER P S COLLINS 9 BROTHER E B HAGGERTY Physucs French Debate English Lahn BROTHER P B MCINERNEY Chemlsfry French Band Socual Activities BROTHER G R BELLOWS Engllslrm Latm Glee Club BROTHER M F BRADLEY Algebra English J V Athlehcs Y 'Pi BROTHER G, V. JOCHUM Latm. Economics, Athletics BROTHERJ R KELLY Algebra Ecorwomucs , lHlIUllU HICULTU PROF. C. J. HEFFERNAN English, Geometry, History PROF. R. B. DALLIN Latin MR. A. F. RYGIEL Music Director MR. RICHARD A. KING H PROF. J. R. COURTNEY Director of Athletics English, Latin, French PROF E L CLONAN MR JOHN P KELLY Scuence Economncs Englush Secretary r 7.44, MR, CHARLES TIENKEN Business Administrator MISS MOYA O REILLY Llbrarlan I2 mv I I X , - f ' gg-' 1 r '- . gf P r .- , 1 I I A x fs FV, V A' M rv-1 .f ,X K iixi 2 .ff ffx z-'vf f'3 'f . ,., mzigf D John J. Amendolara John is St. Josephs Academy's contribution to All Hallows. l-le was on the swimming team in first year and has been a member of the Library League for three years, Lots ol luck in whatever you choose, John. John L. Baily L , Ncfza. J 'Z e"fc John has so ,. 'n' Lad '. vac' ami Lasciall F 'r1"'r' X 'fig ' as ar: 'v'-'ite statt, "Q, ', " at H15 Cross f' x L Edward F. Arrigoni Known for his scintillating wit and vivacity, this twelve year All Hallows man has played both football and basketball. Skip hopes to attend Iona College to study Business Administration. Many things we will forget, but we will never forget Skip. as they smiled. vwl Francis X. Beach Frank, a product engaged in many ot the swimming Of the Glee Club, paper. Frank will Villanova. ot Our Lady of Refuge, has activities. He was a member team in Freshman year, and Dance Committee, and school study Chemical Engineering at I5 0 Richard T. Barry Graduating from St. John's grammar school, Richie played J, V. baseball and was a member of the J. V, and Varsity basketball teams. He has decided to pursue a Business Course at Manhattan. .0 James J. Bean Jim has had a rather widespread athletic career at All Hallows. A reliable mainstay on the Var- sity football, basketball and baseball teams, he hopes to enter Holy Cross, and major in Physical Education. The good wishes of his classmates go with him. Richard F. Beston Dick came to All Hallows from St, Philip Neri, He has been active in sports, playing baseball for four years, He was also a member of the Glee Club for a year. Dick is sure to be a suc- cess in a Liberal Arts course at lona College. Eugene T. Brennan Seve is St Gregfrw the Greats contribution to All Hailzws A rm-mixer of the track and foct- X' :ali teams ln hrs first and second years, he has mah-. lrrends. Gene is stlll undeclded as to his career, but we knew he will do well. 1 Q, Heinz R. Borchardt A diligent student, Heinz came to All Hallows from Our Lady of Mercy grammar school. ln his Junior and Senior years, his excellent photo- graphic ability was put to good use on both the Yearbook and the school paper. He plans to attend Georgetown University and study medi- Cine. wg' X. :Nr fi- ' James T. Buckland Hailing from St. Joan of Arc, Buck has lent his talents to the Glee Club and the Blue and White, and was a member of the Varsity baseball team. Buclds calling is Aviation. We know he will succeed at Manhattan College. William L. Buckley Buddy is a quiet, sincere young man from St. Simon Stock. A member of the track team and Frosh basketball team, he lent his talents to the school band and Library League also. Buddy will continue his studies at Iona, where he will take up Business Administration. - -vi iigrl WX 6-Q 'lr William J. Crossin Hailing from St, Simon Stock, Bill played Fresh- man baseball and J. V. football. He was also a member ot the J. V. track team, the band, and an ardent worker on the Dance Committee, Best of luck at Annapolis, Bill. 90 Timothy Dempsey Tim has been liked by all ever since he entered All l-lallows. l-le played varsity football, and as a board and cinder man tor four years, won many laurels. Tum intends to major in Business Ad- ministration at Fordham With his pleasant per sonallty he should succeed Patrick J Deneher Pat came to All Hallows from St Margaret Mary s in the Bronx A member of the Fresh man track team four year honor student and prize debater he was also on the staff of the Halloween Pat plans to t d s u y Engineering at Manhattan College g this Wat pa Robert W Diemer COFT'lrn Al tr acred He r c am cr ne F e hman .slr'n"Yt D L1 Q ophc an ccntlnue as studue ege . . . . I1 " ' ' 'Q 'S' 5' c.D 7 I V X Q. - . Y l s ' Q to Hallfvys Crnf a t, Hlghbrldft- Eg, ,sin LA: ..e pspblar tor his 'dn l1.:n5 apr' A mem:1 ct t', ras 2 , nj team fe as: 2 tiotoail In hrs S Amie year Ecu p s to h 5 - s it lona Cill o , Comun from St Francus de Sales he has de Donaldw Donohue voted gbus talents to tl'e Lubrary League for Commg to All Hallows In Second yea, Don many years Jlrn wall study for the pnesthood rmmedlately made many fnends among has class at the Marylfnoll Semmary mates Although has plans for the future are uncertann we are sure that he wlll succeed In hrs chosen professnon Eugene J Donovan Gene has been rn All Hallows smce fnrst grade A very popular student he has been a C S officer for tlnree year l-le bas also been an honor student and an excellent debater for four years On the swummung team In fnrst year and a member of both the J V and Varsity football and track teams he was also on the l-lallow een staff Gene intends to take up Engnneerlng when he enters College In the fall VCU 4: v Now, wha' Could Brendan T Doyle tl'f W L ru FYQVUJ: TO BIT that bel e1m Hlratle O M- , John F. Dorrian Jack who graduated from All l-lallows grammar school us well known for has cheerful sprrnt A three year member of the football team he has not yet decided upon a career However we know he wall go far nn whatever fneld he may choose Danlel M Dunn 'W l On tl'e 1 a rnefn xca ran t e toctball to 'el Admlnl r r , . , - r r . 1' O . da" :afne t: Al lt w vw gczzml gnmfe Daz:-rm, 'wlxl las, , 'im ft FI 'lp 'Jew Parlsn, od 'Air 3 .mf fp-v" r-. 'r :uh :Hel Qprt 37,1 .vw Q' .F.4"1':.J. prso-5 54: if' et "Q p'.2.Qg Q3 lU1,:'l 'ir ee Dyfg Q rw-'va "tr, 'jr t.v pear: Ve -sei . - 32, me 4. 'o fn' e' et ti LV: Land and a gg L' rr-Q iw from '15 team HT txt Ar. or .ear 'org' 3..Xier'T. E "dig" ., - f' yggrx V- 1'-,qi ,534 are ws, Co P ,e ,gE,.1'u , A.:fv'-rmgratgr' .zz Fgxilw , 1, , fr l- ge, 3 rfgler an f '- . 'n, 7 . Albert E Ellls Wnlham C Fahey Amuable Al ns quiet reserved and obll nn A Q Q Hauling from St Ignatius Loyola Bull sang In the four year honor man he has always shown fune Glee Club nn has Sophomore and Junnor years school spnrnt He plans to attend Manhattan He was also on the staff of the Blue and White The Senlor class as sure he wull be a success In Bull hopes to contunue has studies at the Coast has chosen career un Englneerxng Guard Academy Bernard J Farragher sl Barney who played one year of Varsity football We take thlngs Seflou Y and four years of J V and Varsuty basketball enjoys sports of all klnds The Senlor class washes Barney a student full of school splrnt luck at Holy Cross where he will study Engnn eenng Zl A ,V R Y "' y x vs- up 'Ia 'IR John M Fltxgeral Fntz came to All Hallows from ST Francns de Chantal He has been very actnve an the held of sports playmg Varsnty football for two years and basketball and baseball for four years l the fall Fntz wnll go to Fort Schuyler Marmme School Q'-rv Robert J Gaffney G fr rn St Ravh rw rarhrh gg Ogl lg Lute an actue wah vs: xears Q' warsw, and Ne rve ofj lv Kama' '-we wax 1' J V iasepai one year Qrw the sf. 'TV"WlViQ fegvw .arg L me hs acccmplw-ments Frlerwgjl, rc gl, Gmail wlll Talfe up Mizeanlcal Endneerlnr 3 3 UIC future brmg U59 A Donald T Gallagher Don us a product of Good Shepherd Parish A man that All Hallows may well be proud of he has been outstandrng on the football team As a member of the track team he helped set the C H S S A record for the 880 yard relay Don plans to go to West Ponnt for Engnneermg We know that he wnll succeed Russel R Gang: Frlendly and full of fun Russ has taken part nn many of All Hallows extra currcula actmvntaes He has played two years of Varsity baseball and has partncrpated nn Freshman track He also put two years unto the Blue and White a fact whnch wrll prepare hum for hus course In Journal :sm at Fordham John J Gels John graduated from St Andrew Avellmo buf spent hns fnrst two years of hugh school ID Power Mer-norual He has been better than average nn has studles and has given a very good account of hsmself John rntends to go to Vullanova for a course an salesmanshrp Y r l x f, '. lr 1' Bw ' ff A W s 5 I 1 W Paul B. Gibney General excellence medalist, four year honor student, prize debater, editor-in-cbief of "Hal- loween,"class president will describe Paul, an All Hallows man since first grade. Conscientious and amicable, be is well liked by his fellow stu- dents. After graduation, Paul will study Law. Martin F. Gilligan Marty came to All Hallows from St. Francis de Chantal. Well liked for his happy nature, be has been a mainstay of the football team for four years and played J. V. baseball. Marty will take up Engineering at Notre Dame University. John T. Greaney bn ci '- ti All blallcws r' tlic' 'A l 't '-lb 4r:n1 L' .1 f'SV'YW'7'E' :biz an 1 1, e see l' s n .-,mb ,,?"C- .sf L+: .ws 3' b- r vw,-rnffr 4 rec' L. : pan, Li-ajde tor :our ea VN ' -F,-.s bf' xx I. nCl Ei vvl"3YQvC'V C lc L YLF and MUN TFC YOY vvitl' lOl'lnn' V T7 John J. Gould Jay graduated from All Hallows grammar school. He has been a good student, and after school hours a good athlete. .lay has been a mainstay of the football team and also an editor of the Blue and White. He plans to go to Cornell for a course in Hotel Administration. May success be yours Jay. W ' 4 e re in the money now i ln, J! Donald E. Harrington Coming from Holy Spirit Parish, Don's friendly personality has made him popular with his class- mates. A member of the football squads, a four year track man, and a member of the Dance Committee, Don plans to study Business Admin- istration at Pace. . Y Au gf, 5 1 N 5 i ll 'ar V Za ft e V George J. Hazley George, who comes from St. Joseph's Academy has made many friends in All Hallows. He has been a four year honor student, a member of the Freshman basketball and J. V. baseball teams and an editor of the Blue and White in Senior year. George hopes to attend Holy Cross and study Pre- Law. Robert H. Hein Bob is best known in All Hallows as the capable school photographer He partncupated un the Llbrary League In Freshman and Sophomore years and In the Debatlng Soclety In has Junior year Bob untends to pursue a course un Publnc Relatnons vo- ' 15 Patrlck B Hnckey Pat graduated from All Hallows grammar school Conscnentuous quuet and snncere he as popular among has classmates Good luck In the future, a -' Up gnu Wllllam J Hickey mnng to All al rn S Joh m nncrs c tw Donn cut tanlrng ln athlct S starrlng on the track and also the fo tba l cams To add to hrs 1CCOmpll hrmnt he has been on the staff of ht. Blue and Whltc f r the past tw years Al l w ww c f rget IS muable fellow .I A . V. Y . ' . y- . P T. P cot- , Bull, co l-ltlcw, fr t. n's has been well llkctl luocausc ot h s easy ways in a.'3l-l-talfos .Q, a , . o ' t . ze ' Z B 5 C O . I Hal.: s .ll not -.sealy Q th' 183, Ferdinand J Ingemto Ferdie is a product of St John s Kingsbridge He was a member of the Glee Club and also an ardent supporter of the school s sport s acti vities Herdie intends to go to Fordham for with him Peter P Johnson Pete with his ready wit and quick Smile came to All Hallows from Holy Trinity in Manhattan A class officer in his Freshman and Sophomore years Pete was also a member of the Freshman track team He plans to attend M l T and study Engineering Stanley T Karachuk Stas came to us from St Adalbert s Parish An honor student he has been well liked by all He participated in many of the schools activities He has been a member of the track and baseball teams Halloween Debating Society and Dance Committee Good luck to you in your Engineering course at Manhattan Stas pam fest 27 X ' JMS-b , 'V Q 'T ' Business Administration. Our best wishes'go JN? "' s. This must have been sef1OU James B Kearns Jam who halls from St Benedncts IS a sports enthusiast l-le was a member of the Freshman track team and played both J V and Varflty football After graduatnon Jlm wlll enter Fort Schulyer where he will study Marine Engineer nn ag John P Kelly Arthur Lennon rfw St Smon St ck C mmg 1 l m Gcol Shepherd VL VT 1 V' VBVYTVYWFI' LV' F L Vs r n T50 e if 1 n 3 CQJJ T HUB 'J ls 7 futum l'm, D ut C 3 SLJCCC 28 V v . . . - Q, I Q 'xl 'x I 1:31 came to All Hnllfpw, t yt Q A C, x 5 All Hal 4, V F-Tv VW JJ N-'H 'H lv F 'l' W." anl SQ ,Cr Q k '5':'g,l, ANL ltwn :plenty of vars, an1h"flf3nnrm-a"f- rL"'lon lsfth JPN? 'pn' A 4 or ,var lift-r 't,,f'- .t a 5 J V Av' I War- l. za nft! .2 t trams lx- has ehowv 'nun lr-xr, lm' :wat cnc 46-A r G' Q J"'lffll f' VU 3' Well ll 3 1Tl'lc-Te He lf- Cla: and tv-.3 ln tm l.llmrX. L .Flo h, oh 1, tg xl l, las tt Hall, Cries. ht: f 3 ,.F,fL1 :L l. ,Atrfw :mer T .el la ls .ti Arthur F Lnghtbourn Joseph A Llebler Joe halls from St Francxs of Rome grammar school A four year honor student he also proved himself on both the J V and Varsity basketball teams and baseball teams The Sensor class wnshes Joe the best of luck and knows that due to has many abxlntmes he wlll succeed an hrs studnes at Holy Cross Paul A Llgglo An All Hallows man since the flfth grade Paul has made many truendshups He was a member of the track team for four years played three years of Varsity and J V football and worked on the Blue and Whlte staff for two years Paul plans to enter Georgetown and take a course In Business Admlnnstratuon Arch IS Holy Trlnnty s contrubutlon to the Class of 52 A member of the track team as a Freshman the Glee Club nn Sophomore year and Co edntor of the Blue and Whnte as a Sen lor he IS known for hrs unfanlxng humor and happy smnle All Hallows loss wall be Fordham s gain for he plans to study Medncme there l ll never Smlle 39" , John C Meeth Thomas S Matarrese Tom came to All Hallows as a graduate from St Mary s Hts easy manner has won hlm many frtends A member of the Glee Club for two years and on the staff of the Blue and Whnte as a Sensor he wtll study Journalism at St John s Umversuty Wllham T McD ermotf Bnlly as h e ts known around the school has a lnkeable personalnty He graduated from All H I lows grammar sch I Jack a popular and genta sensor has glwen has talents to mam schcol actwtttes A valuable member ot the Varslty to tball anc track teams tour year h ncr tudent and Co edttor of the Blue and Whlte Jack wlll study Electrical En glneerlng at Pennsylyanla Unwerstty a oo and played basketball and ran track In first year The b S est wishes of the enlor class go wlth Bully nn hus chosen VOCBNOD am ahal we MCE 'Mel ag WheF Q 5 . I fi I 5 EAL L jk p l Y l l t 0 ' o is I ,L -A l ? 30 -x Q Michael J. McGuire Now, wh ' ere S the food? A graduate of Our Lady of Angels in the Bronx Mike was a member of the school paper in his Senior year. The good wishes of his classmates go with him to lona, where he will study Busi ness Administration. Osborne P. McLaughlin Ozzie's happy nature and broad smile will long be remembered by his Classmates. He has been on the first string Varsity and J.V. football teams and on the track team for four years. Ozzie was a four year honor student, and his talents have been used on the school newspaper. Ozzie aspires to a career as an Army officer and will study at a Military College. Patrick W. McGinley Pat is a product of Good Shepherd grammar school, Always a booster of All Hallows' activi- ties, he worked on the Blue and White in third and fourth years. An honor student, Pat will do well at Fordham, where he will study Law. 1 Edward G. McSherry Often have the walls of All Hallows resounded to the melodious voice of Big Ed, who was a leading member of the Glee Club for two years. Hauling from St. Barnabas, Ed has been a mem- ber of the Dance Committee for three years and on the Yearbook staff in his Senior year. He will attend Manhattan, where he will major in Business Administration. If Joseph Molloy Hailing from Saint Benedict's, Joe was a main- stay of the track team in his Freshman and Sophomore years, l-le has won many friends dur- ing his four years at All l-lallows and hopes to attend Iona for Business Administration. Kevin R. O'Brien OB is A orc, :txt cf cor nv' jmmrvar school. He ha: ltwn iw, actin- iw gvrtx managing f Ctirall anti in Lctl till for twu xt'.1r',,an1folax- irg tgp P tI"J Y l A 14.3 A' fVars,it, fi,Tl,3ll. l-le ha, a c it-on a nwm: .tr f the Danze Com, mittee for tiene ,cars O lf nm-ntls to cjnt hue his Studies at Fcnlrwmn Two esac' fc Lawrence J. O'Brien Larry was warmly welcomed to All l-lallows in his Junior year. A product ot St. Nicholas of Tolentine, he has been a strong member of the Debating Society for two years. Larry plans to take up Business Administration at Fordham University. 45' 4'- Gerring the i,,S,de dope Ludwig E. Odierna A quiet and sincere young man, Lud has been in All l-lallows since the first grade. Musically talented, he has been a reliable member of the band for tour years. The best wishes of his classmates follow him to Yale, where he will study Medicine. James G. O'Grady Quiet Jim came from St. Barnabas grammar school. l-le has excelled in studies, an honor man all tcur years. He was also on the track team and in the Glee Club. Jim's character assures success in his future endeavors. -f Walter T. O'Hara A graduate of All l-lallows' grammar school, Red has deeply establushed himself In the sports of the school l-le played Three years of baseball three years of basketball and two of Varsxty football We are sure that Red will be a success IH has chosen fneld John J O Kane John graduated from St Luke s grammar school An able and hard workmg student nevertheless he found tume for basketball and Glee Club each for one year We are quite sure that John wnll be successful In hus as yet undecuded voca hon New V' Robert F O Neull mf lt he e fvrv vcr: rl c smrnn IC "CV Cca t Goa d Pca erm - I 9 I 1 . - ' ' r ,,M,.ff. ,XV wi I X N cc-. , . . gf J Jyixy 4 Pg rr, , 3 'test .N tl' E1 't ' r W, V 4 je ge 'cc c' 'win 'f ,access E 1, .st re . suicecgi rm out tc s gut YC 1' lu , .vac-ra Cetrwcg r mic 4 Cunt JE A th .4 E JL ar: Acre, Danze C2 ' 1' .-, ai tbl ' S. 1 ,tjvarnE::tt-c1st3g3tctneU.S. Arthur R Petrino Artie a prodi t of Our Lady of Pity grammar school is well liked by his fellow students Al ways backing school activities he has lent his talents to the band for four years to the Dance Committee for two and to the swimming team for one Artie hopes to attend M l T where he will study Electrical Engineering Thomas F Rooney Tom has been an All Hallows man and an honor ' ' de. He has participated student since sixth gra ' the Debating Society as a Freshman and the nd Junior Tom in Library League as a Sophomore a . f the "Halloween ' staff and the was a member o Dance Committee in Senior year. He favors Man ' Engineering. hattan for a course in Y' Charles J Radtke Charlie s sense of humor and iocun earned him a high place among his classmates d baseball player he An excellent football an renown because of these abil: should gain some ties Good luck Charlie d smile fs Wh o stopped the clock? 35 ,ll UUU Wbaf the well dressed man 5 l 'N John R Ryan Hallnng from St Rose of Lnma Red ns best known for has happy dlsposltuon A track man an has freshman year and a sophomore member of the Glee Club he nntends to enter the R C A lnstltute and major In Electronlcs Wnlham F Ryan w 3 ls in a .mn o fSacrQf Hear Wag 3 mlpr of tba ' w Fm lm rw wear Agtlve ns to NTLM n C llcjc vs he vsnll stu sine Alrnnl ram n Michael R Scanlon e a rodcn ba bee a or l-l was n C three 5-:ar meml cr of The Debat ng Some X, am the Dance C rv mltfee Tbe slravns of ns fron, t bam Thr Ilccl Glee Club en usnasl f V9 we l go to on a u I L c u e ru '-'- b , I I 1 ' 1 'N' I U O B'll- h L Nl V' 9 C 1 l T, Mule , four xcar honor 5 Y, 5 n IU me :' 1 -qanrl ' ff Cl All H ll:-me for mi-he X. A s e , L tb 'fl WC l-'llmlx l-CUQUL' "W he Svfflff SCN, Blll :vwmrnwg tonne ln la s Fresbman xear and was a pla L 11 l: a , P bare dy f V ,- 1 tr 2: C 3? C 1 w ff 1 H H 5 o aes vac: l - th 5 gr tw yea -, M ll. wi I a for B sn'-ss C 's . 36 Qt Robert C Sherman Bob comes from St Vincent Ferrer Parnsh Pos sessed of a personaluty pleasung to all he has been on both the swlmmmg team and the Blue and Whnte Bob looks forward to studylng Com merclal Art and Cartoonlng at Pratt lnstltute Vincent J Sullo Van vs one of those happy go lucky fellows who as popular with all Coming to All Hallows from St Cecilia s grammar school he has always shown has Interest IH school actlvltnes l-las polite helpful and friendly qualltles wall and hum greatly In the future Henry A Teufel A product of St Catherine of Siena Henry was a member of the Glee Club as a Freshman O the staff of the Blue and Whnte nn has Sensor year he hopes to major ID Mathematacs at Fordham Unnverslty The nerd We ' 4 Walter Thompson Walt ns a product of Sf Teresa S grammar school mber of the Qulet and friendly he was a me track team nn farst year Walt s plans for the future are undecxded but we know he wall fare Albert G Urblna wel' In hls Chosen prolesslon Al has been nn All l-lallows sunce flrst year gram mar school Hrs frnendly manner has made hum ll Al hopes to study Busuness well inked by a Admmustratnon at Fordham Good luck Al Steven A Volvodnch Stexe a product C' a red l-leart gram nab a pleabant dl pc mon a d an am able man A Me erudenr. he was a memher r. Aman a u . cf the Fre-hrnan tra'k team. Alth ugh Steve S ll re undecld-d, we are sure he vvlll do we ln hxs future endeaxors. marscho l plans a B emeefl Classes Wllllam J Weldon Wullue a product of St Andrew Avelluno came to All Hallows IH second year from Power Mem orual Qunckly adgustlng hlmselt to the swang of things he took an actlve part un debatmg and track and nn hls Senlor year In the Dance Commlttee and Halloween B ll wll go Notre Dame and study Law Bernard A Wlrtz Quiet and lnkable Berme came to All Hallows from St Margaret Marys an the Bronx An earnest student he was a member of the track team nn fnrst year We are sure that Bernue wall be a success nn whatever professuon he may choose Wlllnam J Kloppenburg John J Wanamaker A product of St Rose of Llma Parnsh John has been a good student and a cheerful companion He has lent hus talent to both the Glee Club and the Llbrary League Hrs classmates wlsh hum luck at Manhattan where he wall study Buslness Bull comung to All Hallows from St Francis de Chantal spent two years on the swimming team and three years nn the Lnbrary League Leavung All Hallows after Junlor year he spent elghteen months an the Unlted States Marlne Corps He returned thus year to complete hus hlgh school graduatlon and after graduatlon w ll take a course nn Busmess Admnnlstratnon at Fordham t K- K 1 . A ' Y ' A Y , . , . . . I A , . . ' ' , , , - .. . . ". 1 I to E ml A J , . I I . . . . . ' , ' ' l S ll nl' . - 1 t. Patrick S Ha X SChoOi,i new schoo 1,1944- In 1876 the first group of Broth- ers set out from Ireland for St. Johns Newfoundland, coming on the invitation of Most Rev. Dr. Power, Bishop of that city. Thus it is a point of historic interest that St. Johns saw the first permanent residence ot the Brothers in the Western Hemisphere. Today the entire cathoiic youth ot the city receives its education in one or the other of the four flour- ishing foundations of the Brothers, rt' 11 l ES 3' 'gil E'-Y' MOU nt Cashfii Omh " 5 3naQ9fy 59 S? r, a .rcs C: cjcf-i839 40 194i. 2' 45. W schooxfx 9 ne i,t89O A - - How Cross 5Ch0o coffiflxexed . W tl! iUhu"" lll'f .Xl .-,ft -ij 64 5, , . 24242. ff ? . fe, -90.4 , : v X X I a 4 5, RJ NJA X V 5 2 ' 1 2 q QA Q 32 . , 2 ff- gg fm :ssh 4 4, U! Sv X ' Q' an Wyfgg X .. in P C! .Q g ' ' ' -4 X ,' gi ' M ff K ka., A I If I 4 W s +4 vakllf' 1 '- Jr , any 757, W, I X ...Q , ' ' mg ' .X .gg E Q T' . F , ,gi X ani mx , is X M, WY Qgm, , . .LM ,ff J A A b 1' E Q fu' 7 if -,f 1 Q' ,Q L E s xx! N g i 7 ff mm- 4 'Q ff' pg , ,, W 1-f'?'5. X was 4 f Y ,R Y Q5 . 1' 'F' - . av, A W' 0 X ,XY all W fm X ' sa 'Q , il Back Row: Paul Gibney, John Fitzgerald, Heinz Borchardt, Patrick Deneher, Arthur Lightbourn, John O'Kane, William Weldon. Second Row: Patrick Hickey, Osborne McLaughlin, George Hazley, Francis Beach, James O'Gracly John Meeth Front Row' Robert O'Nenll Eugene Donovan, Stanley Karachuk, William Fahey, R 0 O , A I John Bailey, Steven Voiyodich. SElllllllS Back Row: Richard Beston, Walter Thompson, Joseph Liebler, Albert Ellis, Joseph Fitzgerald, James Buckland, William Hickey, Second Row: Robert Hem, Patrick McGinley, John Gels, Brenden Do-yle, Michael Scanlon, Peter Johnson. Front Row: Thomas Rooney, Arthur Lennon, Bernard Wnrtz, William McDermott, Robert Gaffney, Paul Lugguo. 43 Q 5fyKW ovk. 'gi fs 5 xxk Xlll x A Ong dl f 1 gl Going? srance ,J Back Row: William Elfers, Thomas Murphy, John Cotter, Walter Mark. John McNamara, Henry Maier, Daniel Pendergast, James Richards, Gerald Hull. Second Row: James Cavanaqh, Rodney West, James Meenahan BITIBS , J McCarthy Front Row Joseph Dorruan David Murphy Paul Hamel, William Ward, Sebastian Rodriguez, R- 8 Q M I I Charles DonnelIy,'John Smith. 24 JUHIUHS v 9? '-XI' -QB at Bark Qow C-.rits Q: P rvo Kc. n Cara Y. Rotnerf Scaqnctvu. Dan ci We 'Q' Wttitam Ryan Edward Kennedy, Joseph Kcwcs Second Pow Antfin. N irc John Frank, Stephen SchVf7wa:h'er John Ward. Thomas O'Mail0y, FTBVTL s Tc"ar':-a Vw? 51, 'J :hnc Eroforick, Will am Caggak.-L Trgrras Larnr.. 'vincent Ktnlan, Rf: ' Star: to Key v- Kccdgh 46 UQ ev JM' -. wg WE 4, ,KK 4 Ag K4 N M s 1 3 j 1 , I' I I , n V r ,V ", if L , Jw 4, I , at . . , u ' . fy 'l 0 ,,, 1 Q , ,Q f X . ' of ' i A 3 fl' , 'P 4 V ' K r 12 ,, I 'fa .P , ? "?3wfAf'w b 'Q' Y ' ' 2, f Qw,r x kN,- QW if L ff 2 " 5 M 'A fi Y j,.: 1 m..?,, K? K P A I Yf' 4 I 1 3 If if wp V' Za' 4 ' W Y ' Ag A7 3? K .xy QQ AF f -no--47' W5 ' ff' Q 5 J 'g me' -4 ' ' f f ? , 52, ij A ' f A , ' 5 , Q J, A A 5 B K D V 'J 9 ,.,.62f'74 , W KA p ' f 'XII' ' if ' , I I, 4 Q 1 .1 If Af. 1 ,lik , It , Q? 5,4 'fran ,Q Qpfav ga., 2 ,, I is W fl 'wif' A x J 511 k H , in I -1 ,A Y Q min, ,ar ' aw" K 1 Er. "ff s egg! R00 19 iw gg ,ni ,,g11 Back Row: Martnn Breslin, John Cash, James Feenan, Francis O'Shaughnessy, John Keane, Andrew Dolce, Wxlluam Fralengh, Watler Knott. Second Row: Henry Hlrsch, John Alsina, Edward Earle, Anthony Ferguson, Francus Frtzpatruck, Richard Golden. Front Row: Robert Ploselll, James Thompson, Patrlck Kearney, Patrick Costello, John Saplenza, Noel Bradshaw. JlllllllllS 1 1 5 ' f E fp- R 9 'ii' Back Row: Thomas Jermyn, Joseph McCulIagh, John O'Callaghan, Salvator DeLuca, Thomas Farley, Robert Renz, Robert Fee, Hugh McNally. Second Row: Gerald Quigley, Robert Fltzgerald, Edwln Holahan, Michael Cawley, Alfred Flechenstenn, John Doran. Front Row: Wrllard Layvrence, John Talley, Joseph McNamara, John O'FarreIl, Arthur McAleer, Martun Muller. 49 fl I" 0 vu, f' 1 LH 1' Q , 1' A7 7 - " 'Yi' L . - sl L ,, L ' 'RHP luv!" A . wif? E - a, ,dbg 1 . -. . -.4a...Af.,.. .. .' - ,,,--,k,. wif A q-,' 55 w. if" A ' 'wr , ,J M ,igfg ,fix vw Y4- r ff' ,340 J, if 1 , ,A X' an :Z I w 4 ' ' V, Q4 g' 2f+-fm 1 ' lf t .wi NA 'Q ,A 'M ki! Q U 'N xx ,,f4 ' E551 A U ,Q Q 'Q ? ' 4 , 7' ' ' at lm f if 9- M J , A 5' . n ,V vg ' 1 f I , ' 42 ' 1 ' Y 4' .1 A 4 H W 5. v w 3 4 V 1 figs! aug y If 5 will Y 74 ,, 5 V' b 6 V . . . J F 541 ,? g4 X. ,4 T X 41 '4 ff ' ,Q f , 2 f Q vi lam' f wfx. . -- 2, yy ,ff 3 :LS an Back Row: James Coffey, William Brady, Rnchard Pelliccie, Wulliam Daly, Andrew Coffey, Charles Phleighler. Second Row: Edward Gaw, Eugene Fedxgan, Rnchard Stewart. Laurence Farley. Front Row: Donald O'Day, John Mar1in, Dems Moynlhan, Anthony Roche, Wullmarn Bernick, George McGlbney. SUPHUIIIURES TK x X Ki' 90 Back Row' John Gllllgan Rlcham Cella, Amzrew Faughan, Anthony Zeto, James Nesfar, Wllluam Brodernck. Second Row, Francle Vvozar. Thomas McGo crack, Gregory Macfwcll, Arthur Plerylncentn. Front Row, Thomas Snnlih James Dc:an, Mlchael Cmnrrlngs, Laweme Messlck. Romer? Rlccl, Donald Komlskey. 52 S Ei .V- u. W , .v .. ah A W 31, M, if Q, T, if 133 ? Q., 1? X 1 5 9 1+ 5 w Q A gi , iw' f E f X ab Q , x 4? M, I Q if f er 1 11 .K ia V .M y My Y A i!Ezw,,m"4 f , sw-v 46 sf WW 5, - ' 3' Back Row: Donald Harrnngton, Trmothy Driscolh John Fazzino, Henry McKinney, James Bohan, John Guldner, James Dwyer, Marhn Duem, Donald Lownes. Second Row: Robert D'ArconTe, Thomas McCabe, John Marsich, Francns Tiruco. Front Row: Henry Culshaw, George Napotufano, John Walsh, Edward Maher, R' 0 0 Matihew O'MaIIey, Mnchael Walsh. 14 suvuumunfs Eid 'Tvs gfncs -'-" 'Q -4""'. Exic' Swprcr' '-'IGCC Eros' Hawes R:'C'r Conf' nghafr- Thomas Ca' ana' "so 'Jf' T .0 'hh V F' Sc-"H: Dow .arcs Va 0- ram Ce anan Tb-:Fas Don" R :hard '. ng fzft -.A .' ao- -ery ' " Eg, Q T-fyfas Src' :ah Enoanae S: fe' , Rer-a Q .ann :zoo Tracy 54 Back Row: Ronald Lambert, Lawrence Forbes, Francis Vogel, Zachery Powell, George Daggetf, George Stoehr. Second Row: Richard Monturc. Edward Mink, Michael Jordan, William Minogue, Bottom Row: Robert Tompkins, Kenneth Welsh, Thomas Quinn, Donald McGee, James McConnell, Miguel Rios. SUPHUlllllllES R00 Ill Back Row: James Cash, Patrick Lanzone, Lawrence Anderson, Lawrence Larkin, John O'Reilly. Thomas Harris, John Keaney. Second Row: Richard Anagnost, Donald Blaikie, John Engler, James Rorke. Front Row: John Mulcahy, Ross Lumrnis, John Culhane, Michael O'Shaughnessy. 55 3 k, ?fQ .,,, , we , t ,. J Ae. ' 5 , ', X J v 4 S ' LS1 ' K? ' Q 'I 'V ng-- v Q W' ? I 5 1 X 4 X M 14 ' ' ' L in D 1. ' m '3 1 A ti 5 Q 21' Y-V K' gi ' fs 1 V A K , . Q 61, 4' 1 En- Q .A Q. Elia.. 4" ,"'N ,dY'1'-mij? ff ' , nu P"'??ixf4 mg Y 1 ip ' , .4 2,51 5,4 ya yu 5! M K-Nl N, wifi ' e -Q-I W M -,,,. ,X 9 Q 7' l ,Q 'nl ,f 1. ' ' " S 52122 :Q .f, pf 5 'O Mr, . ,. i '1' 5... l wan. 1 -3, yi 35... f f...l: - , V A ,R A J- A V . , ,Q , V . m6,n,,A.34 t , ,fmmiy ' , f ' A .. w f ' ' ' , 4 r ""- f . , l V to 2 .-1 .r-fx A vga 5 A , .T M. Q., We 4 . f I A 9 t , M r y A K-if W K y M A 1 ,fy M ' ,S Q 1 if 'V W ' Wife 4 X11 , 9 ' , I ,G , 4 ,xx ,,7' Q- , M4 gngwwb i .ww fm, M F M 'NCQ R00 ,fi- 'D'-no Back Row: Fred Steixner, John Sullivan, James Corcoran, Joseph Roth, Donald Suttlehan, Joseph di Bartolomeo. Second Row: John McCarthy, Arthur Heller, Robert Meenahan, Michael Egan, Front Row: John Adams, Jeremlah O'Shea, Robert Wllllams, James Clancy, Damel Fahey, James Gray. lHESHlllEll Back Row John Hurley John Mcvey, Thomas Noonan John De. tt, Stephen Oloughlun, Joseph Holohan, Robert Abc-le Second Row Paul Dewar Charles Grogan. Thomas Martvn. Eugene Danko Front Row' Donald Walther, Albert Kaotk Hugh O'l-lalrc, James Corcoran, James Marrlnan. Frank Knox. 58 Back Row: Robert Hurley, Paul Becker, Robert Pagnucco, William Fallon, Ernest Sampson, James Moran. Second Row: Joseph Byrne, Hugh Stevenson, Howard Walsh, Daniel Madrron. Front Row: Twomas Kane, Mark O'Sulliyan, Francis Walsh, Paul Culshaw, William Sullivan, John Muzni. lllESHlllEll ROOM . Q."29'l"X JG Ju? ug 2. Back Row: James Gleeson, Edward Winters, Charles Driscoll, Edward Muto, William Donnelly, Daniel Slattery, Louis Anzolut, Michael Cleary. Second Row: John Duggan, Raymond McGrath, Frederick Yarusso, John O'Neil. Front Row: Marcial Perez, James McSweeney, Thomas McSherry, Frank Devlin, Raymond Lopez, 59 Paul Rooney, Hg 5 HJ an ? ,Q 3 f in 5 f xx . V ' V I gy K - - M . C i N ,. 'Sn 1 3331 Ts s Y Q, 3215! if-?'8 .. .,,, J R X 'Y ' uv 'W Q4 x x ,U , ,7 ,s f'N 325 .flm I- I N 1 Q w HC! " 1 A, Q-ef" MWVI 1 X Q,-. 5-rv 1 AQ "W- 34 K 6 "-N--Y" "wg Q ton please AD MlNl5TRAT iON :ln ru M GY MNA5 HARR6 DOORLE Y gALL ,"'f' ENTRANCE On June 2. V950 three lwuridred and eighty Seniors. by far the largest class in the history of lona College, stepped forward to receive their degrees and were joined by a new member ot the 'Class ot l95O". the Very Rev. Brother Edward F. Clancy. Superior General ot the Christian Brothers ot Ireland. upon whom Iona was conferring the degree ot Doctor of Laws The remarkable growth ot this most recent college toundaf tion ot the Brothers. scarcely a decade old. eloquently bespeaks the wisdom ot youth ot our schools who seek as centres tor their education and culture those institutions founded on Christian principles ,I Y I. , , a f .MA f X gl- L, , Q, mCTIVITIES 4 p SK 7 . as U l 1' ., ' 2 4533 ,, ,rr dj:-Q", M .'ffff,'Tj-. Q J wif 'S 1 Benedicticn cf the Blessed S OUR VISITORS Each year the students are given an opportunity to hear talks from members of various religious orders who put before us the need of laborers in Gods vineyard. Sometimes we see new faces but in general the representative is the same as that of the preceding year. In retrospect, it is interesting to compare one chat with an- other. All these "good men and true" are symbols of that dynamic, purposeful urge-to win souls for Christ and to secure laborers to garner the grain from the ripe harvest. OUR CHAPLAINS Through several years we have been privileged to have Rev. Father Benedict, O.ES.A. as a community chaplain. Over these years he or one of his conferes has ever been the celebrant of the Students' Mass on such days of devotion. So it is with gratitude that we ask the blessings of the Sacred Heart on these men of God and on the Order of St, Augustine, 2" .F 4 Mas xENlTE ADOREMUS. it 'Y' 'V Selves available to us during these three days of freedom from Mldmghr Ma S S in th Q Broth Org Or flfgry OUR RETQEAT Again it was our good fortune to have as our retreat master f another of those followers of Father Hecker, founder of the Paulists the first American Missionary Society. The zeal of these vigorous f f campaigners, specialists in bringing converts into the fold, is fur K z E i , 'gp' 9 A rx '27 if Q ther manifested in the self-sacrificing manner they make them- ff i' school routine. This year's retreat-master was Rev. James Fenlon 'f Finley, CSP. To voice the students' summation of Father's retreat n I, to us-"Why not have more conferences." f Mindful of Fathers final exhortation, let each live his re- f A f i ligion by a faithful compliance with and active participation in the call to duty, befitting a true follower of Christ, our Leader. The e . 'VT a Qesturg OfVe5r2CFinley' CS P Sf aDDeal H ' Refrgafxl? 4 i , s..'sl tiwlf Y' 41' 2 ,fe as ' ' M E b cl Q '50 HvA,.'f' K, vga K , 5 ,A 4 ' Q -it pf wif. ' ' fy Va- Q4 ,, 191351 M it s WR? , v. Q l 2' A typical First Friday celebration f'l1 ?m, i E fi ff r " if-wx wt L-e-S :El-6 Q G- -.., Ya, Moderator BROTHER P. B. MciNERNE'Y' f. , 4.-, ff. 4 'j M k ,, iiwif ,.'gj'1"-jf 51' , 5, R 1--34 w . ,,. 1' ' 'F Q g,,,g,,, 'ti V , A 'IR ' ' 3 - V fifffi Lf : - s ' -Q, , 1 . D-133.5 44" gag Sl V aff A Q 5 A g f, Q Y g, X o- if o,.f ff all A-, .in QQ, - QQ if 1. J YF " u3,a,.' ,dv ' - 1X'r.i,... - 5 5 23? XR K g ,. ,vv , iiL3fiiLJLLi.L'-2 1 lll,...L-,, dih , . , 1 . -. . . -.J ... - . " . 1 y ' ' ' -J: "'-T-51" .' .. ,. -, '-4' " min- " ' ' - 1 1 , . ' 1' .ij f'-gmjll f o - M A ' ,,, ,T ., . W. , ..,. W. Q ,xg ' r hi , E , P N - -1. as 4 , . ' f '- ,.-r X, V, ' . : ,- , . ' ' ' 2' 0 5' f ', bm 9 ' ' :gi r"I' rf. ' -in Y' ' ' . "f7t' 7 " ' f 4 if . H ' -X '." -.4 H I - fawmff ' -. . I 4 , n I .o V e.,,,.,Q. x , -pk , r - , Tr . if :R v-V 4k'. ' 1' 1 ' - ' X - . rg A -': ,' . A -U.-,,,,,,,,,..- - ' -'- A A -an -Q-HJ-K W Q 1' Q ' lo :jj "" 7 YW-. ' 'lf V Precision Formation ,1 K A i ..-...- ,J-,W. iiii I x-gpm! "ft ' as .ar ,. I ' , Q - ,s X 5. f-' .sa .. i,-M?--1--f 7 is 4 1' 1 , . Y: fx -y ga - t,N. fl' f i, 1 Q .avi ' 1- f' ,l -F lilditl fifty- lm dvtiglllti I Q- 'MA mqif' to ix 4 - ' v' "- M' ' Z 0- , 'J .rt x5 i 5 ilk 2- gif" - 4" so L' " 1' .,. 814 4 -6 ' 'ff-m, 'L Wh. ,7gX-- i 1, . -C g -fi 6 wg-ffl ref. ,, Q l Qjigs if 1 5 LL' ay. . I? if t -4 -:gn -1 V, Q' f :Z-.5-Q: - 1 -' 'VL ':I"'- L A , yibsgy ' ' A 5 gf Vwrziy-.FAIQA -N E fa- i A f - M552 a.-Q, 4. rg 14 'V V l 4 f rf i i Q FM -1. .--f ', . ..f' . 5 v g,,gy'Li4,, Yong, -' . L A , I any rw .' - , Q ' fi ' Tfs.'r-' .g .f,",, . -' nf ttf Wyiff-fi A rr F' "" ' ' ' -"' " , ' . '-f-i ffJ".p ixtftff '- i V ' L ' Q -- ' K ,Q if,-.41-Ao' K 5 -"13v'it":-'fy W 1- L " ' Y' M 5' , ' A W'4' -" n ' ,N .W?'.'fflf30 z VD. W anf ific o N O .. ' E cl ir t n - O Last year three All l'-lallcws guartettes won first honors in the New York Catholic Music League while the Band itself placed third. As we go to press, we can look for an even better showing this year. Of course, the annual Concert, held on May 2 and 4 was an outstanding success After many long, hard hours of practice. the Band was superb. All who attended were more than happy to have come, But the Band would be nought had it not been for the tireless work of Brother P, B, Mclnerney and Mr, Rygiel, Through the efforts of Brother Mclnerney the band was combined into a wellf knit. spirited organization, Through the excellent instruction of Mr. Rygiel, himself a recognized teacher and musician, many fine artists were developed. To them. the members of the Band owe much. I f 1 itll' I I ..: , ' ' !..!5-is-rm." Y :'Q'! Front Row: Daniel Ahern,I-Warren McGoldrick, John Adams, Joseph Harrington, Donald Lawrcs, Joseph Murphy, Thomas Kane, Charles Driscoll, John Muzii, Joseph La Forge. Second Row: James O'Doherty, John Piedmont, Joseph Dodge, James Mclnerney, Arthur Piedmont, Thomas Sheridan, Edward Winters, Carl Rossini, Gerald Quigley, Daniel Mahoney, Paul Ringdale, John Clement, Thomas Brereton, Charles Grogan, Emanuel Spiteri, Allen Stevenson, Third Row: Mark O'Sullivan, James Cash, Hugh McGlade, Carl Wolf, John Bock, Anthony Nigro, John Heaycy, John Furginele, Robert Pioselli, Michael Scanlon, Patrick Kearney, James Thompson, George McKillop. Back Row: Ronald Grimmeyer, John Weir, Vincent Mahon, Robert McKeon, Edward Slattery David Haid, Patrick Murray. William Ward, Ronald Strommer, Brendan Lynch. ' Directed by Brother G, R, Bellows, the All Hallows High School Glee Club maintained during the past year the standard of excellence in choral music in keeping with the schools highest cultural traditions. B I B B After three months of arduous practice, the Glee Club presented its first program in January before the Fathers' Club. This successful con- cert was followed by subsequent appearances before the All Hallows C I U h Mothers' Club and the West Park Auxiliary. A significant musical highlight of the school year was the parti- cipation by the Glee Club in the annual concert held on April lB at Manhattan Center. This concert was designed to raise funds for the Brothers' Houses of Formation in West Park. The Glee Club's program charmed a large audience who applauded the choral groups cultured musicianship and evident grasp of fundamental choral techniques. At the Spring Concert on May 2 and 4, the Glee Club joined with the Band in presenting a memorable musical treat. A noteworthy feature of the program was the rendition by the Culee Club of the melodic novelty number 'Old King Cole". The massed voices of the bass sections gave this number the resonance of clarity so vital to its efficient performance. As accompanist for the Glee Club. Art Piedmonte of Room Zl played at all times in a distinguished manner l-lis work greatly enhanced the groups choral renditions. The baritone solo work of Joseph Dodge of Room l2 likewise added luster to the Glee Clubs varied and balanced programs. BROTHER G. R. BELLOW3 68 ldnau-...M -, ., ,,,N 1 iv .4 N t Y Q . v f f f f f , W' 'lp 'K .Q QI, 3, 1" j' Y YN X X1 N J aw ' 4 V Yr, , ' " " If f ., I 9"-x"' W ' . , L 1 ,V A ,vw . ' ' ' Q' 9 Q I v t 5 ha J? " 3 p I . .,.. Ia 1 QQ I K I t 5 lf-: 4 1. Sitting: Patrick Deneher, William Weldon, Brother P, S. Collins.Moderator, Paul Gibney. Eugene Donovan, Second Row: Stanley Karachuk, Joseph Humphrey, Vincent Ruane, Richard Neuville, John Morrissey, Peter O'Connor. Gabriel Scartia. Leonard Fliedner, Osborne McLoughlin. Back Row: Paul Hamel, William Grimes, Lawrence O'Ncill, Jerome Brown, Ecward Howard, John Broderick, Eugene Fadigan. Debating Sucieiu QQLGZKAQCZ' vw aizfjmafm WW aw! Aeajwyaat is The All Hallows Debating Society has en- joyed a most successful year-individually as well as collectively. Paul Gibney received the highest award offered by the National Forensic League, the Degree ot Distinction. Eugene Donovan, William Weldon, and Patrick Dene- her received the Degree of Excellence while the Degree of Honor was conferred on tive de- bators and the Degree of Merit on nine other members. The Senior debators emerged victorious from contests with Mt. St. Michael, Regis, Cathedral. and St. Barnabas, the Sophomores won debates from St. Ann's, St. l-lelena's, and St. Barnabas. In the Father Gannon Debate Tournament, attended by schools representing eleven East- ern States, the All Hallows' Senior debators tied tor fourth place. Besides debating the school was well represented in numerous oratorical contests, Two radio broadcasts over station WFUV were also included in the curriculum of the All Hallows Debating Society The valuable training gixen bx the moderator, Brcther Col- lins. has instilled excellent principles in the debators and will insure a strcng society next year, I WILLIAM WELDON President HEP P 5 COL M dCraT r Fl! A PAUL GIBNE I EW Vice Prcmden ay-A EUGENE DONOVAN PATRICK DENEHER Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary T Senior Debate Junior Debate W- :2 LEONARD ELNEDNER and JOHN MORRISSEY GABRNEL SCAREIA and RICHARD NEUVILLE .nfmew ff 11 Q, 2 2 , 2 Q , JOHN BRODERICK and EUGENE FEDIGPNJ 73 EDVVARD HOWARD, JOSEPH HUMPHREY, JEROME EROWNX PETER OCONNOR Sitting X- Lenrwfi J Curerne. U ss M O'Rc.llyL A. Talley. V. Luck Cv Sttvndifg Ccnat, T MCGCC. C. Walker. 1 Regan, . Talley L O Neil , J Alsina, F. Flo' in -, J ' 1lC', J Vet' got? D 'x'..11sh, G Eucf . 5 'en J Cen 'ne R Qcc Since its inception four years ago, the Library Club has grown in numbers and prestige, despite the fact that the students know that there is a lot of hard work ahead when they join. lt is greatly because of the effort that the members put into the various tasks as- signed to them during Activity Period that the Library is able to give improved service to all the students. A visit to the Library when Club members are on duty would show some shelving books, others sorting and filing cards, still others mending books, making posters, or sending out notices for overdue books, The entire school benefits from the valuable work of Miss O'Reilly and her energetic staff. Sign here. please. 74 lihraru Club iv lc J Q ., ffl S 1 ' M A I Catalog these books 054 I 0 5, '55 Sitting' Stanley Karachuk, Professor Robert B Da".n, M.A,. Moderator, John Geis Standirgi Joseph Fitzgera 'i James Donahue, William Weldon William Fahey. Jr., Arthur Lennon, John NVanamaker, Ferdinand lngenito Patrick McGinley. Peter Johnson, Arthur Lightbourn rrrr J rrrr Qwrr latin Sncietu C. U. H. Every third Sunday of the month during the school year, high school students from all dif- ferent sections of New York City assemble at St. Peter and Pauls Church to spend a holy hour in the presence of our Eucharistic Leader, Christ the King, The primary purpose of this splendid, selfless movement is to comfort our abused Redeemer, lt is also for the conversion of Russia and for the persuasion of young Com- munists by prayer to see the true light of a Christian world, The sight of Catholic Youth from schools of many diocese is, indeed, ina spiring, For over a hundred thousand students have attended these holy hours in order to be- seech Gocl to grant a lasting spiritual peace throughout the world. Lawrence O'Ncil, Stephen Schildwachter, Thomas O'Malley. The fabulous successes ot this year's Dance Committee were made possible by the excellent guidance ot Brother Mclnerney and the tireless etticiency ot Kevin O'Brien and his energetic committee, This year's accomplishments are unprecedented. That the dances were successful was shown by the gaiety ot all who attended. Another Social Hclivilies DANCE COMMITTEE Front Row: James Buckland, William Kemmet, Kevin O'Brien, Chairman, William Weldon, Michael Scanlon. Back Row: Paul Gibney, Peter Duggan, John Geis, Thomas Rooney, Eugene Donovan, Patrick Deneher, Edward McSherry. main reason for the successes was the excellent playing of Bob Donovan and his jumping All Hallows Swing Band. Beginning with the Halloween Hop in Octo- ber and ending with the Spring Frolic in May, the efforts of the Committee were rewarded by the splendid turnout at each and every dance. RQ Q ax Qu! 3, ff. W I 'Ti , ,fn 2' 15 N 1 ,mf f Af?A 6:5 'Dt :T X 9 vs' I- I , f APRIL I9, 1952 With the guiding hand of Brother McDon- nell at the helm, the "Blue and White" had one of its most successful years, l-le was expertly aided by Arthur Lightbourn and Jack Meeth as Co-Editors. Jimmy Mclntyre's splendid handling of the Sports Page drew a word of praise from all, The traditional 'Low and Inside' was humorously written by Paul Liggio, with Underclassrnen News supplied by Frank Muhl feld, William O'Donnell and David Llewelyn. Pete Johnson's satirizations on lClassic Characters' brought forth chuckles from the whole student body, Lastly, perfectly rounding out this staff of excellent journalists, was Fred HaIIiday's splendid art work as shown in the editorial drawings and the fine cartoons. John Meeth and Arthur Lightbourn, CO-Editors, with Brother McDonnell, Moderator, l 5 4' 'L' L ,..-Q' crge Hazlc--.', Osborne Mcl.augI'wNm Jzhn Bawley, Reporters pm . , fred Hamfia.. Ff' EC 'ir 3c'cr Jzhreie aec Sfgrm MU? fbi 5e5'J'e Wrlfera, Jamil C' Waei. La.: fi 'ir and Paffwcf McGee. f ge Edmcf. 54 51 and 7 g -- 1 5 - 1 B x .inli- 45 James .VcWrr','e. Femme Evrners, William O'D:rfc-I, Da.wdLW'weN.r',ar1d pw, if Paul Gibney, Editor-in-Chiefconfers with Reverend Brother J. C. Collins, Moderator. Halloween Staff The "l952 Halloween" represents hard work and much time and effort on the part of the staff, who have tried to present a book that will, in future years, bring pleasant memories to this year's graduating class, This year. as in the past, the staff has tried to present a pic- torial review of school life at All Hallows, covering the graduating class. activities. sports and informal life during the school year. Under the capable guidance of the Reverend Brother J, C. Collins, the volumes of paper work and pictures have been effi- ciently and expertly compiled. to bring order from chaos. and produce a book worthv to bear the title, Ml-lalloween". Credit in no small measure must given to the hardaworking editors and clerks. because without their unselfish efforts and determinatign t: uplwild thc traditicns set in former years. the publication if this beck viculd nct have been possible. SO QE of-i W, as ofa 42 "N ' e K K 'VQI i Q, Vyfbx r, if xbrr Q3 c,1x--- 'to A 'l fn Aft N2 ,gat Eugene Donovan, Associate Edltor and Stanley Karaclwuk, Sports Editor. J xi ,Q lggf' " C ,T , N m ll Q fd Jf . , X JJ, X Af, il C ,E K, A ' x ' X 7 K: K f -QL . N,f, ' v lf X ' l -fl N lvl 4, 'ff' 'R , , X 'l v f'-,f f- f E l ..-f-f"",. fb EJ..--ff , ' rr I, fn ,rj ' Ji J 4 ,flx ' x .4 .IX N, I li 1 '14 Edward McSherry, Kewn O'BrICn and Thomas Rooney, Clerical Stall. Bl .X Pafrwcl Dunoncr and W:llv.1m W4rIcl'Qn Acrlvlrlf-5 Eclntors .A.?fF?Q. pun A - IW 1 X tl c Xp T'-I 1 -s-lf' Checking the results. The Photography Club, again as in the past. has played an essential part in the publication ot the newspaper and the yearbook at All Hal- lows. This year's club has proven no exception to the rule ot being on the spot when the action occurs and recording tor posterity the events ot the year, Credit in all due right rnust be given to Heinz Borchardt. the yearbook photographer kA::lfirxr1l1D a lavout. Phnloqiaphu Club and Kevin Kadlec, the newspaper and sports photographer, tor their brilliant coverage of all phases ot school activities and sports, Three new members, William Sullivan, Robert Pagnucco, and Brian Quinn, have been broken in under the guidance ot the senior photographers to replace them in the future year and continue the tine work as in the past. HElNZ BORCHARDT Photography Editor of Halloween 4 XL' 'tf' 'GQ T J ,lv ' E 5575 Z M Qf mm, X 1 q Nh gal 'ff fw.."?'!N E 4 LB 3. HP, 7 I .bl ' J? A fwr'M:hCd QVCULJCT. 1 - ax 9" --A.v:A?1. ,, rQ , g,,,,f,. f 1 C mf? ,, 9. 4 if -2 , ai A 2 ,Q f Z "0 . :gy ,, 1 JE 2 '-Q fl V' - V f.,,, 1 ., . , - Q,-,V P-1: A 'fajg-'J .11 N, 96,5 'HM . , Qi ygv .43 " 457 -af - ,. fv- wa , 4' wi Wm ,zzz 7 1, 1 'C Rfwvv' ,Y .., ,,. 13 ' -A ,f V fi, H 7 A ' 'V 3.254 wif, f an V ,V ,J ,Q ', 17??f?:f" eifa' .ff fl ,ff ,f lu 1? ,tn Nil ffl. John Callaghan, John Worr, Wrllrarn nwlrl Gallagher. Martrn Charles Jgjii' R w' Pctcr Hotlrnan, Kevrn Kacllec, John Meeth, James Kearns, Second Row Gerald Brown, Frank Lwons, Walter Knott, Do . McGee Joseph Meflullaqh, Osborne Mclnoqhlrn Back Row Dau l l-lard, Ernest Haynes. Kevrrr O'Brren4 Bcrnarrl FarraQhCf. Manager. Absent: Charles Rarltke, ronf o . Fralergh. John Bock Grllrgan, Joseph Dorrran, Steven , Kavanaugh. Manager, Robert Farrell, Pao' Lrggro, ' , Jarnes Bean. Trrnothv Dempsey. Jarnes Mclntyre, Varsilu Football The en TJWU5, the 19:1 asm Zeal J Gaels' and Splflf T Sfluad d, mem Qflirf Npwcal Cf an A Wh exelnpgd NTS MH W Under me Capabl ll Hallovrg Team m :fe eleven dmc T d lftgmlm Led t C eeachmg of D k arked Ord A3 C fl 6 W Ca f 'C K' ef for the team amd H130 Of Thgrr hte advegsgbn Jlm Bean. The BUS thi' Coaglq fles, Con an A Qfafulafion 5 are in 38 ,si 36 M BEAN Captain BROTHER M P BURNS All Hallows All Hallows Ali Hallows All Haliows All Hallows RECORD De Wxtf Clunton ona St Franc St John s MT. Sf. Michael DICK K!NG Head Coach si x C ev-ffm -f --yga.-K--,V--gy 1 .-----.W -1 5 1 4-A 4' 'Jiri 'Y gI'..-nf ks d m hen' UBC e stoPPe H e s one nrne the Gaels wer ef H nuls l9 Clmlnn ll The vnctory over D e Wutt Clanton Hugh School was the G I of the season The trnum h ae s fnrst wun p was a mild one for the game was marked by many fumbles by Clinton The Blue and Whnte men sparkled with practncally every play Don Gallagher was the star of the game be-ang the key man un most of the game s plays Don recerved excellent su o f f Osborne McL h pp r rom Marty Gllllgan and aug lm hus lane men PETE HOFFMAN Dom GALLAGHER EVWEF ig X Halfback-All my ,, . ,. Q, ' 'QQ ' r K M.. ' E, - . Q g lx, xi Q 5 is J ll Q L: , 5 " Y- E ,, in h 4 , K , ' 1 . , r Q r- -as-1' .ww K ' ' ' ' ' ' f I - , f. V N , , , ,, f ' ' ' ' ' dvi' - w r 1 , ' ., ' f ',, W.. ' , , f - ' A f ' A , . . -, ..v..q, ' Q4 53. A , -'V . .4- 5 xl . f ' " A amz: ' 1: Q "W '1 Av' "' lx 53 ., , t, f M-A 4 4, r- , . , ' ' . . All ' A ff? 5' t W t . ' "' A4 ' 1 ' 5 V w A 1 . . . . . . . fi . . . : l l , . ,F l l. lf l l l.: l s - t l W Q 3 - 4 90 OZZIE MCLAUGHLI N End -v-.....,,w il!! UH .- .Ill it I Pin -am Z 1:1 '--q ful? Frrst downs T-en to y go nwsll 0 In thas game All Hallows on a dreary ramy day at the hands of a strong and aggressnve Iona team The day was marked wnth many fumbles and few passes Iona got oft to a qulck start early In the first period Later In the period the chargnng purple and white lane caught All Hallows behnnd the goal for a two point touchback In the second pernod Iona again pushed over another touchdown The second half was fought grnmly and nenther team scored The game ended I5 O wuth Iona on top met theur fnrst defeat in R 5 g Q01 PJ KEVIN O'BRIEN Quarterback Center Guard All Cnty ' 'surf-he-.gouge Iyy. I aid hi! lg ' -' I ml f A A nnnuj an . tllll IL M .- I 'gc I g 5 dis fs-. -a,, -- I-Q- . W hs A Q V- u 5 -j-,sl g , r'j:,, W- M - 'I f?I:KTQq'rz1""E15I-,Q f I ' N- N. at 11- 1. . W Qu -Q.. ,Jay--MA - . 4-.J 'Q .N 5 g L V H wt- .min ...,,5'5. ,yer 1 f ag, .. x My-Y, I -' "ffl" 1 I 1 K-f - I7 1 . , N I f V t . 4 , I" ' My ,,VV 1 In V -,K -l IIE . , a to the clear on Marty bl:lk2tmFrancns tumble recove Although All Hallows drove deep unto the Terrlers terntory an the furst perlod they could not push across a score Fnrst blood was drawn rn the second perlod when Don Gallagher streaked across on an end run A Dorman Gould Gallagher pass hut for our second score St Francus struck back wrth a touch down and the half trme saw the Gaels ahead l3 6 The thrrd quarter saw no Scurmg an fm: ldbl' pe-:cud .ul Francns scureu Uul lnelr nlgn nopes were Ge Hated when Don Gallagher raced back the klck ff touchdown of the game T o 70 yards for the frnal he game ended wnth All Hall ows vlctorlous l9 l2 ERNIE HAYES CHARLES RADTKE MM KEARNS Fullback En All Cnty Tackle .' T T V T llll Hallows l9-Sl. Francis I2 ""h-fav., I 'S9"'+-.41 .... 'Q-s., 'H-u-.,',,, 'M' wiigas le? .M W-Qwmg K fin. Fafragher 0 '1 me rec 0 EIVIFI a Pass romps for yardggind wsl Ill Sl llllc f the season The All Hallows defeat of Mt St Muchael was the upset o as far as the All Hallows rooters were concerned The game was tightly con tested but All Hallows determmatlon vltallty and splrct were overwhelmmg The Mount gave everything It had but It proved to be not enough Don Gallagher s plunge gave us the touchdown and the Jnm Bean Ernue Haynes pass combunatlon gave us the extra pomt Glory came wnth vcctory QC if JOHN O'CALLAHAN JACK MEETH Halfback BARNEY FARRAGHER Guard End X . . t v l ' I ' A v 5 , ' , 'H ' x "1 A ' 7 ' -A A N ,, x 5 .I I T' V4 , x ' 'gb .. , 'f H 1 "Le ,A Q W A , S T ff - T . l ,M W 'W ff ' V , 5 1 , ,V Q, I ' Y VV., Mx - , K M' 'W I . A A " 'fin 'F G K ff f ,, 1 A ,, V, W ,Q M . ,,, V, I I, w,':,,wV ' , f I ' , ' 'V W V '. 1 " ' fm . W 4,4 , - .- - 3 wee, ' T A "V rf-if 1 . M ' v ,, ,f'w?, ' ., 4 'W 'V . . - , J n . eff' , ,, A I I JA , i 1- . -we 1 Q I g M t Q.. v I 'M Au .. , N4 , f. I . W 4, Y ,y A- , ,. ,, -yi' g , , L, , A ' -fn. ., A ' in as 3-T: . - 'JY' -el '- m 1 T A ,"' W - T " T 4 4 ., N s- ,"" - --"Q . " M W ' ' ' Nt aa " 1 7 44, ,kt ,,.,c- -Q. , N -,, - X A - ' -gg M' ' 1 "A U ,f ' ' - 1. VAQQQ N 4 -.- VJ . 'gk a 0 l I f . . - f . . U . 'N ' . , , -... Q " Q 'sr "3 7 'C -.Q-M144 EQ if """ H f' wr -'I-.:..: 4 ' z...gx H V053-g wk U iQf.,'5L Y 5 "- ll' A hx ae t, ,V ,. , be , Ernie, our stalwart end' Shows l he a uws - 0 ns l The surprise was great when a small Redskin team defeated the Gael Eleven 32-20. ln the first quarter the fans were thrilled to see Marty Gilligan run back a blocked kick for an l8 yard touchdown. ln the second period Charlie Radtke drove across to pay dirt and the half ended with St. John's scoring. Next period Don Gallagher scored again and here the Indians sharpened their tomahawks and came from behind with four touchdowns. The score remained 32-20 despite efforts by the Gaels to regain the lead. 9 l x ,Q 67 L.: ' ,'jQ, -1 1 5 t t WHITEY MCCULLOUGH PAUL LIGGIO TIM DEMPSEY Quarterback Guard l-lallbaclq 1 -1 9-J Front Row: Bill Rosowitz, Billy Walsh. Bob Fngler. Ed Winters. Bill Carrol. Larry Anderson. Jim Fallon, Bill Carr, Bill Bernich, Melvin Cottcy. Second Row, Billy Donnely. Frank Tzrico Robert Pagnucco. George Stoher, James Quinn. W.a!ly Gogan. John Dewitt. Joe Brown. Back Row Lou Dc Santis. John l-lolohan, Joe Parody, Walter Donnely, Ernest Sarnpsin, Walter Mulvaney, Tom Niro. William Kazara. J. V. Football The Jay-Vees under the leadership of Coach Ed Musco finished a tough schedule with a record of two ties and four losses. The Gaels opened their schedule by tying Fordham 7-7. They then lost to the following teams: Mt. St. Michael, St. Francis, St. Johns and Hayes. Towards the end of the season the good work that Mr. Musco was doing with the team was finally rewarded with a tie against a strong Evander team. Since most ot this year's squad was composed ot Freshmen a fine season next year can be looked forward to with the return of these boys. Gaels Gaels Gaels Gales Gaels Gaels 95 RECORD Fordham . St. Francis . St. John's . . Mt. St. Michael Hayes . . . Evanders . X . MR. RICHARD KlNG Coach I CHSAA Division Trophy, Second Place. V .i'l-3 'Q Front Row, Vtilliam Elfers, John Fitzgerald. Joseph Liebler Joseph McCullagh, Back Row: Richard Barry, Walter O'Hara John McNamara, Ernest Haynes. Absent: John Kelly, Brendan Doyle, The i952 Varsity Basketball Squad con- tinued the tradition of previous years, the tradition ot winning. Through the inimitable coaching ot Mr. Richard King, the squad gained second place in Division l ot the CHSAA. After playing superbly in the Tourna- ment, they finally succumbed to a powerful St. Ann's team in the finals. When the regular schedule was completed. All Hallows accepted an invitation to play in the Eastern States Catholic Invitational Tourna- ment at Newport. Rhode Island The team com- 96 Basketball peting with the best Catholic squads of the North East captured second place. The fine showing ot this year's team was in no small measure due to the remarkable play- ing of its captain, Joe Liebler. Joe, because ot his outstanding playing. was voted onto the All- City, All-Met, and last but not least CHSAA Teams. To add to his glory, he broke a record of the Cl-ISAA by scoring torty-tive points in one game. And the names ot Fitzgerald, Kelly, Barry, Haynes, McNamara, and all the others will al- ways be remembered in All Hallows for great playing and great spirit. 97 l All A, All All Alf All All All All All All All All All All All All Al Af AI A'l ZA'l All :All All T frK ,..e 1-7" ESCIT Second Place Trophy. VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD Seton lnall . St. Amr 5 Stepinac . Scrantc' . Xavaer Rice . . . La Salle . . Mt. St. Michael Power . . St. Anns , Stepinac l-layes Xauler Rlce La Salif . MT. Sl' VilC'3 at M Pew, . Stl Frart s st. Jchf Manhattan St. Ann 3 De La Salle St, Michael s St. Peters . otals: All t-laf'-Qwsfljff Oppcr rt 'Numa . w,g,w,w+ Wg? C7 rw. Q V wig s Ox, V O 41. U B if 3' A Q 1 A 1 W 'Q pil, UC ! 1 5 A H li gf" una I Q' fi-Q-QM , 1,-,, g ash' 5... ,..-1.4, lf'O, I f J 'W G ' .x!. tl x . ,,.'E 1 I 5 Q 79 , ks. ggi 'W We ?""' is ,fxf if LSL, -fe" 0 -. if' 2 S 247 is 'I X 5. I 2 xv Wx 3, 12 '9 'I 5 Ill! F J. V. Basllelhal T ,Q Front Row J Ryan M Sylvester W Donnelly S McGee P B ckcr Second Po MCT Que F I ampson R Farrell R R C tan lC Abs ut R Cunnn ngha The l95l 52 Junlor Varsrty Basketball team dsd exceptnonally well m spute of the fact that xt was an mexperuenced team wnth few of last year s starters The hard playing and good sportsmanshlp manifested In all All Hallows teams were evadent m all the J V s under takmgs In regular season play the Junnor Varslty had lost only two of nts sixteen games ln the playoff wath Power Memorlal whose rec ord was also fourteen and two the J V lost a heartbreaker sn a hard fought ball game Prause must be gnven to the team and par tlcularly to Fluegler and Cunnmgham whose tune play led the Jumor Gaels to second place nn theur duvlsuon of the CHSAA Mr Kung the coach and Brother Burns the moderator must receuve credut for a ,ob well done All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows BASKETBALL RECORD St Ann s Stepmac Hayes Xavler Rnce La Salle Mt Sf Muchaels Power St Ann s Stepmac Hayes Xavuer Ruce La Salle Mt St Muchaels Power Power Totals All Hallows 829 Opponents 573 106 l 'v- V ' .11 V F , I l My 5' i wx A 'Im 5 Q y ' I ' l . . ...l .. J 5 j- an .L T' .V 'E ! xml, , ' R 7 - L 5' 3 gy: 4"P' - ' Q L! - -Hx 5 "" l l A l IB y I 5 2 2 I . , . . . , . , . C . w: J, I . NEO, 5.5 , . , . lccl. ap x C, FW gler. er ' , x m - . . J. v. A ' D . I . . 4l . ' . . . . . . ' ' Q l . .60 ' . . . . . ' ' ' . . 55 ...... . - - . . 52 ' ..... . . . , . .30 ' ..... . . U - ' A ' . . 52 .... . . ' . .39 . . ' . . . . ' ' I , . .30 . . . . . . ' ' - . .45 . ' . . . . . . .58 ' . . . . . . ' ' A . . 50 ...... . - ' ' . . Sl ' ..... . l ' - . . 53 ' ..... . ' ' ' . .73 , . . . . . ' ' . .5l . . ' ' . . . ' ' ' , .45 .... . . . A W ?'4 '2 44.1 .,A - gf if fz -H ff -A if ,, ,L 5 tk!-'T pu ! K font Ro T Ftzge ald J OConnor J Pa sdy W Wntcrs B3 k Ro Ro D S ttlc an C Hea n W A ewrne W Gogan F Knox J Corco man Basltelha The capable coachlng abllntues of Brother Bradley were not wasted thus year on the Fresh man Team The staunch llttle club battled tts way unto flrst place ID the leaoue only to lose In the City Champxonshlp Playoffs to Race by one point Tne team can boast of an ll l strrng of vlc torues and a tune trophy to boot The season started off wuth a bang as the Frosh defeated the ftrst fuve teams Then the only defeat tc to Manhattan The Gaels qunckly aycngcd tht loss by rupprng Manhattan 63 Bl at thelr next meeting The mann reasons for the huge succcss rt thls year s team were the ablluty of thc r lwxcrs and a team sprrut equalled only by thc X zrsltx and J V teams Parody Ahearne R th Fat gerald Gogan OConnor Hearn ano Kn x arc all to be complimented for fheur talcr t n thc basketball fneld Once agaln lt IS our pleasure to complrment the managers lJoe Canavan Tom Purcell Tom Mchlamaral and Brother Bradley for turnnng out such a splendld and successful team an other reason why All Hallows has rlght to be proud FROSH SCHEDULE All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows Playoff St Stmon Stock Cardnnal Hayes Holy Famlly Mount St Mlchael O L G C Manhattan Mount St Mtchael Cardmal Hayes Manhattan Holy Famuly St Snmon Stock Rice A H A v B.: k - If I F w: , I r , . ' , , r' , . l , ff w XV th, . u h , . I' , , FW L , . I' , . , . Van. . . ' 1 4 7 . . 48 . ' . ' ' , 7 , C ' . . 47 7 . mar the league record came wuth a -l-V56 loss AH Hallows 54 . - ' J A S ' . . 63 . ' A ' - . . 67 .... . . - I . . 36 . . . E , , 76 . ' , , ,A 7 7 gs . . 70 ' . Q I 1 7 l . . 63 . , 7 1 f , . . 78 ' . . . . . , , , , 1- . .72 O. L. G. C. . . Q 4 ' V l t i C 1 . .72 A ' . ' ' I.. ., X - ,A 'I . . 54 4 . . . . los in Q Hz.. 'a"i"' Fl lracli learn The Track team of l95l-52 main- tained the All Hallows tradition of a small but spirited squad. With the ex- ception of a few varsity runners, it is an inexperienced team but shows great signs of becoming a powerhouse in the near future with Brother Quinn as track coach The Cross Country team won third place in the lrish Christian Brothers Meet and was able to win its share of medals in various other competitions Some of the outstanding stars of the cross country season were Fazzino Donnelly Carney Wozar and Deeley The lndoor team had for its limelight a crack 880 relay team consisting of .1 - v- -. -.ull .4330 AQ: fa .uf- 4 . . 5 - J . - I ' . , -Liga.-,,-' I 1- , K-. I , .H ., ' Q ,,-:J-. 1, ..- - QW " vs ah- X. 'K' .54 ,.. ' 4- ' K i ' . 'Kxvz-we ...JL ' 5, J T ' Jr. '.' -J - 'f'- fs ll 9? - . J. .. ,-. Y -Q --J -.f--' -+ f .if ' I-. ' " ' ' ' - ""'-- .Nw .f . "- . .M H 4 -f -,. 4 phi ': "- M, .lsr .-fx' .lui Q' P 'Q I-.Q J -ir wa- "" .. if J -- . .. ,,K. f' r U1 r' QQ" ' 4 '. . ' 'u - ' i , i ' V ' l . ' ' -4'-.- ' , , A ... ,... , K- . ' S v' ' ' . ,, M V . .V . J ,A 1 A u r- wx w A V T Front Row: C. Donnelly, R, Deely, E. Gicgcl, M. Gilligan, D. Gal lagher, W. Hickey. J. Fazzino, T. Dempsey, Second Row: F Wozar J. Bohan, E. Gaw, O. McLaughlin, P. Carney. Third Row: W. Carr Don Gallagher. John Fazzino, Dick Deely, and Tim Dempsey. Among the many laurels they attained were a third place prize in the National Catholic Relay Meet and first place in the Hayes Championship Meet. There are great expectations pre- dicted for the All Hallows Outdoor team. With the addition of two more star runners. Bill Hickey and Ozzie McLaughlin. the outlooks are bright for the team in the forthcoming Penn and Seton Hall Relays and also in the out- doorl C. B Meet. On the Cie' llO .rg-q--if kk NQA 's . 1- 5... , 1 'sr 'Sa Q5 QC DONALD GALLAGHER and TIMOTHY DEMPSEY Co-Captains E. Sampson, J. Parom' J. Gmcson. Q. Duggan. J. OSU" .arm J, Plc-f'norv?c. G. MCKN' cp. Top Row: T. Vvhwtfwclfi. P. Rccwe, J. Suwehan, J. Erojemck, M. Dcvm, J. Vvakh, J. Mc,me'rwc,. I I I Work out -f xamdnfiyigfz-rf?-:x v 'O f ' ' ff' ' . f ',' ' Zf' JL-hpfww ' L .T-,Jn gg. .. "1 ., -A -Yfpx' Yiwu fl- mln?-"9f'?,?' T" W -'Ll' .Q-fb,,"A,',.v'j,. '-Xffm. , ' , 3 m. ff 7. ' - -35 . A . Q- A aa' ,W.'v?'1Ar1+5.-U - .N - M qqavuw, .if . 'A .':f'?ifM ?"g'.."F '?'?QZ?3' f ' 5,4 . .w ' -L... mf. . 1 ff-.L -Y 1 jx 23 ' -z,.nld3. I ' 31,4 Tritt iff-- - Y- . r i 5' ' ' ilzfv- ,4 r V IA j I, 1 i ...I :fy Q- 'x BROTHER C. B. QUINN Coach v.4.p.-as-vw Iv 'fm -'xr-' . J "' 'f EF" f s..-,, Fast fmngk .,..w, hx 'Qu in 1 if my .W , - .J warms 5 UD. ,Q s pw' .,r4U'v'J,+- ,mf F, JN Sewng me D 112 BCC Breakin s M, .tw 'Q -udp if , Dfo .' I I 1 xssp x xx Y , mg-,I A E: 'br' 11-M. Gallagher, H1 U f The Tape , ww 54 . , .Q "V - ,, 3' w M Wyfww'f7f4q71g.g,g.,,,.J W , ' ff' '41 M., ,, I 11" f Q, , Ml .H ' - Mu' 0.5. 4 - J Q nw ' V " ... ww ww Nl' m.,.r - -5:15 M. V' . ' , L' q Lasrf - V ' 1. 3 . V, D' 4 . 4 'V '- ,fks ' 17 W W 1 - y F 444, Q M ummm ..,,. Q- ,A .,..u- -8- sn- f- ,..: .5 M , ,Ji wir, ez. 'a' ' Ckey' MCLaU9H""' and DemDseY lumber rl: up. 1 l Mx. v ' 1 J' 5 ,fu M1 J Varsilu it . Q 'Qi wb 'in- .kf 414' We , f Fifi. Front Row. R. Gangi, F. ingenito, F. Tirico, J. Hanlon, J, Fitzgerald. J. Liebler, R. Strommer, P. Hoffman, aim' J. McNamara, J. Baily. Back Row: V, Sullo, R. Beston, W. Ryan, J. O'CaIlaghan, J. Dorrian, W. Mark, T. Whelehan, W. O'Brien, K. Queally, P. Hickey. W 'A' A l Absent: J. Bean, J, Buckland. .X g... M A s 2 "'Af:'A..f:.. K In J i . ' -M 3' . x - .. 1 A x "H " ' -, - 1 . ' x- -. N ol'-.. fu: i I g., Q 'fee 'Q - ww- 'J'-' 'P .. ', 'iii i 32-ff 'Trix JOHN FITZGERALD Captain At the time this Halloween goes to print, the baseball season had just begun, and so there was no way to determine the actual ability of the team. Though the season was young, the Varsity squad gave an excellent impression of itself in the two games that II4 Baseball , 1 ,.,rlH.L0is Nez! za pf' it played against Xavier and Power. The team should end the season near or at the top of the league's standings. The squad had many "rookies" and six members of last year's team. They are: Liebler, Fitzgerald, Bean, Beston, Bally, and Gangi. The underclassmen show much promise: with the experience of last year's members, the team has much potentiality. IIS Y' WT. Jar A , fa. LI' -E2 ' A 'Z 'X . ox. 4, I' . M pi J. LaBAR, C. KAVANAUGH Managers . f N . U- I RICHARD KING Coach ,f F INGENITO SCHEDULE All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows AII Hallows All I-Iallows All Hallows All Hallcws All Hallows All Hallows All Hallows Hayes Power Xavier Fordham LaSalle ST Arm s 151 3 Q J MCNAMARA Mt Sr Michael mg.. Hayes Power Xauer I.aSaIIe ST Arm 5 0 I -y ,. I A IJ , fr .. . , . QI 4,- 4', i,Qr "'F5'!!giC5' ' Wiiiib' V. SULLO J LIEBLER J FITZGERALD J DORRIAN W RYAN J BAILY I O CALLAGHAN H7 J HANLON A ? 0 BROTHER M P BURNS Vs -x J.V. Baseball B L Willow. HM I. Front Row W Mulvaney W Ahearn R Pagnucco, T. O'Connor, H. Magnusen, C. Hearn, D. Slattery Back Row J Engler P Lanzone W Bernard, N. Cuomo, J. Dolan, R. Ricci, R. Brazier, T. Fitzgerald W Bernlch C Anderson, J. McElligot, D. Komiski, E. Ray. Two hours after Brother Curtin announced that tryouts for J. V. Baseball were to be held, sixty Fresh men and Sophomores were out throwing and warming up. From this number some twenty odd boys were selected for the team. Many of the choices were ditti cult, but the best players, in the coach's opinion, were chosen. The J. V. Baseball team has some excellent pros- pects who, through Brother Jochum's diligent coach- ing, may be looked to not only this Year, but also in future years. Many victories on the diamond are assured. H8 fa-5, ...... P ... li... 635 - Q, .., , f ,', '. 1 A L L Li J .gg ,M.L'JiyL, 'ly' gig..- x1..' A M el . 11- , '-W4 W lnfieldersz W. Ahearn, R. Ricci, Outfieldersz P. Lanzone, C. Anderson J. Engler, D. Komiski. C. Hearn. Em Ii During the game Warm up RICCI beats Oblf 3 hlf I I9 I I X. Y . D X ' K , ' ff' if J mg' ' -?"'. v, 3,-. I V F N eww:-Q 4 . 1 , rg- M' ,L ' . Q'f.1', ,-2 '- W L2 ' ' A205-11 'wrt V ' L. ' '- Eff!" , f . wth, .lv F K www .4 g,,,'1 si -L F if 4144444 -an xv' sl Y.. 1.-v "H na -2, --n --u GRHHI GHHDES ah! W1 n L.1 "'- - " V I - L 7 -fi f 3 , , Zfflz- -1 4 ' '. La- .,v-? , .R . , ,, . ,Y , . I 1 ' 7 ., 1 , . K A M - " 1 . 3 A 3 , 1 ' Q -I ' .. 7 . 1 f '.. v - N -jj' - . 1151? , , Y .WH I A X f J 1 A .Q , 2 V j - ' 3 ,3 , ,k V M , , , , , ,Q rrffv ,,.,.. I Q g . . . . H ,M A K 3 N ' ' N 4 , X I K , , if 1 ' ' , 4 W " " A W , ---A M i A ff T , , HW A':" " ff-W ' A f .-, , V K WM' I T ' 31, 'Y' f ' ' A ' 'W' ' iff- - - 1 gf-iff f' . Mn A ' 'M' ' :7 ' X ' 'V f 'M . . .- , W . . , ' ' 1 V - ' ' , 1 4' .. ,f , ' my , v '- f . A A " A 7 'u I ' N , ,, 5, Q 'WA ' M A ,AQ 1' v v A Z " .,, . .' ..- r ", .. ' M N J 4 . V' X Aff' . ,,. f.-. . , A 'K ,A L . , , . ' I ffkt' ' . .vw . , ' -1 ml., ...-. 1-I 1' 1 V , i 1 6 .1 5 .4 . . X n I -J .: r Q s I, ' Q ss Q, T h H Y ,C - 'N VYAA 5,3 7 f 'l-fllff fr It a U a I H Q Ramon Basora CnarlesBen1amin Class A:- John Brennan John Coffey Gu tavo Colon Vincent Conlan Thomas Conlon Brnan Co Yell Thomas Crow n I22 5, I r C ' 9' lg, y John Dolan John Fidanza Richard Flanagan Samuel Foley Looking back on the past year we see that it has been busy eventful and consequently one that has flown by The first half was the busier since it was devoted to a diligent preparation for the Regent examinations in Mathematics English I English ll and Social Studies With everyone passing and receiving a Preliminary Regents Certificate the second half of the year greeted us with Latin and Algebra subjects that have prepared us for high school work The eventful part of the year came as a re- sult of our participation in the saying of the Rosary during the months of October and May and the making of the Way of the Cross as a class group during Lent. Such school activities as Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta The Pirates of Penzance band music appreciation elo- cution football basketball and Gram News also helped in making this year not only event- ful but also pleasureful. lf we graduates were asked to express our feelings upon leaving the grammar school Paul Frank Louis Gaffney Donald Grey' 123 Edward Hein Thomas Kennedy would fund wlthln us feeltngs of toy anxuety sadness and apprecuatlon Joy belng felt over the fact that the day we thought so far away ln September l944 had ftnally arrayed Anxnety for the comung years of hlgh school has been a recent companlon and has left some of us umpatuent longung for the opentng of school next September Sadness presents Itself among these feelrngs over the fact that our happy grammar school days are ended separatung us from our lower grade frlends and many delnghtful actuvutues Of all our feellngs the strongest ns that of apprecua tton Apprecuatuon for the enterest shown and the nndlvldual attentnon gnven to us by our knnd efftcuent and zealous teachers who worked for Je eph Marcl y Anthony Me url 5 Anthony Llcbler Thomas Ly ns Peter Magnante Thomas Manntng us wholeheartedly ln the classroom and who sacrtfuced much of theur tlme an provndlng us wnth after school actnvnttes To these Brothers we want to extend a srncere thanks for thelr lnsplratton that wtll lead us In the future to model our ltves on those of Chrnst and HIS Blcsseu lvtultter Robert Mow on rfcbert McDcrmctt 124 George MCG- rlcm hm AACCZN 9, De O GraJy J hm fCGr Fergus O Scanma I VW 51. ik kip Ms: J hm O Sbaudhnc Henry Rxa VT Donald Stwims Char! es Wilson EIGHTH font Fgw H A Lwct 0' S Ff Colon Scvfnd Pr. MCGQ ind' J C . w rx, C. J F T Lf nn G R MfDcfmf2YY an f Hc-wn A 'X Hnfh I-hw ianza. L Rusw A Mvswfu Gavins. F C Smurf G McGc!::mk F D Cya., C Ecn .W vw Mfg' .N , vw 126 REV. BRO. C. C. CURTIN Front Row P, Frank J O'ShauQh ne R T D. T say, T L,cns. T Can on, V. Conian Basora Second Row J. Brennan Kennedy, R. Hanagan, J. Coffey O'GraJx,, D. STJCLS Back Row Manning, R. Mornscn. B.Cos1eHo J. Marchwony, P. Magnante. C. Wwson. TH GRHDE Front Pow: J Bzeien, E. Romanow W. O'Hara, M. Bergen, Second Row J. Keenan, R. Orcewe, P. Mclmyre T Cavev. M. Wxnnc. Third Row E. Cumrmngs, T. Lennon, P. Vnrtuoso J Eohan, J Oates Back Row: P Engmh, R, Rnezier. R. DaNas, A. Scudcier, J. Mwlms. l27 SIXTH GHHIJE Lf! QCA , 'JICG Q LT-Sw ,H L,".4 T ..'- 'F "f""'C1 QCA F,,'ofv1.1 5 flu P 'Q'-'H .1 Pan- iw . L," " Y 21" , H Hair rw: im K fg.rm.',a" fVQ"YN2X Fw-'0': C'a"":L 5 EQ-is f.- - A Q :fwf ' Tl Q Lfl-A 128 REV. BRO. T, P. JOYCE Frc't QCA Z SCWZ, D SKQW. R C Gare, P Fen- -CCZTTGV Qzw' C Cas'- Mal cr. P xmrpr. P OL. nn J Ea 3. T'-f: :L-lv N- Ccrzgcfr H P-mga". F2 Mmm: 2 Csnwa. Ba:k Fcw J '.':Kcn-ir, D. Twcrrcy A Na n R SP ,LV cwovth, E Carfyc 3 X 9 FIFTH GHHDE Front Row: W. Caacy, P. Temple F. Morzgan, J. Russelh Second Row W. Frank, E M:Cusker, G. Argcnno E. Casey. Thfro Row: M. Mcrrnman R. NcvwHe, W. Mahoney, E. McA1oon W. Law. Fourth Row: P. Cuomo J. Mabonc, J. Costelio, G. Rnpol, C, Cmluns. 129 rf' V-r JSC. ,' ff 'W J A f FUURT ., - yi L' P Q3 "" P' 'I .. 7 -. T' '11 Rn .cm "K 'T :wmv ...L 130 H Lff' Q HQ. , -, T C E' cf F r-MA. .A ri, I .s KZ A un 5"'f T3"'.E""C', L HCV'VY'8'1 H yi, fcfzmf 33.1 R Raw vez 23.13 Fgrwp P, Pmncepat 'Ffa Raw: E, Hcrtcl, D. Conte i 'Y 5 SM: e J CcL.r,c'1 -Paw . O Corner. P. Monaj "an R. Caumcw, M Ha.cs. fr REV. BRO. R. M, COOGAN Fran! PCN: L. Crofa. R. Green. F. O'Dcnnc'1. M, Harrngan. Second Row G, Dey. R. FrTzQcraN'f, C. Morrrson. P. Na:D:naN'1, R, Hrmtaugh. Thrrd Row: F. T,rreH, R, X-Nagner, V, Ver- lezza. G. McClcHand. Back Row: T. Raz: rf, P. Brauer, D. McA1con, J. Lrancumuno. REV. BRO. R. D. BALZE CO .Jin QB 'B Xu G2 1- THIRD GHHDE Fr R ont Row: A. Bergen, R. Scomno . Carroll, M. Groftola. Second Row D. Perry, R. Turner, J. Merriman, V D'Eu+em1a Thrrd Row: B. Farrlell A, Esposito, M. DcTuro, W. Qulrk J, R. Brady, Back Row: R. Boyhan Wnlson, T. Cobtclbo, D. Sullivan I , -w ln- . V N , N4 N Qi ,gag id W f""'i,' if rf 5 Y' if """' ' ' , :gg -., fn W Q ' QL E59 JL. V1 in ff ' gfgfl' Yr . I ,l ,g Q! ,T ti, ll me -+-,sw I ka? A Q Q gr.. if ""' 1. A V 6 Y ' '+- ,fn any En, is A . a, , 1 5- x N V 1 F- A f Jam f : A I ya 'E 455 'W ' Front Row: J Hegart, R, Leone C. Hc'fe'nan, T. Moran. R. Smlwan, Second Row: K. McCarthy, T. Mar- tell, J. Vwerno. R. Fagan. G. Lopez A, Cherwco, A. Tntus. Back Row: R. Hcmcon, W. Geffens, R. Carota, R. Napoixtano, F. Dcrancy. REV. BRO. S. P. CONSIDINE flnsr snnnf WK Front Row: D, Von Marbach, R Harrigan, R, Hanagan, J. Fariey, J O'Ccnnor M, Care W. Klle . Sec , Y, Y ' ond Row: J. De Snmone, L. Lopez, G. McCar1r1.K. CoughIwr1,W.ChnQue lm, E. C+'nmeNo, W. Brady, W. Mc- Aloon Back Row: J, Accordmo, R. Deppe, A. Crnstma, E. Kmg, K. O'Bmen. 0250 Juni ll l Gaels .1 1' Lne R Flanagan D G ay C Wlson T Lenno V Rcrnanow R Co tello T Mann ng Backf eld J OShaughnessy C Bengamn G McGoldrCk R McDe ott Thus year s elghth grade team proved lt self equal to the best of All l-lallows past football teams Although they dad not wan all thelr games thelr splrut on the football freld made up for an undefeated season mln Robert McDermott and John O Shaugh nessy ln the backfleld the team possessed :Deed D3:Slr1g dumly drlu clever quarter backmg Smoky Brennan stood ready to full nn for any of those backfneld players As for the lane we had Tom Manning and Rlcharcl Flanagan at the ends Both were fast and capable pass recenvers Playlng In thelr place on defensrve were Sam Foley and Gus Colon Donald Gray and Brnan Costello were our hard drnvlng and power drlven tackles Tom Lyons and Terry Lennon were on hand to give these players a rest and take over for defense work At guard Eddne Romanow and Charlie Wilson made ln lmpregnable wall to penetrate Eddle although a seventh grader and younger player than most of the others made up for lt by has blocks and tlmely tackles Charlle a newcomer to the school prcked up the tradltnonal spnrlt of All l-lallows and gave hrs best on both defense and of fense Joe Marchlony get fvrst call at center and Louns Gaffney stood ready as a very capable substltute Gett ng pr pared t r lcna Our elghth grade team has guven us rea son to be proud We knew they would carry the name of All Hallows to victory no matter what the odds agalnst them !! Ar'- Q I... - ',.lhv 5.'.' -An' awrvxl 'Cn C A--T: i : . . . r , . i , . n,a, , . s , . i . l 5 . ' , . i , . I , . rm . With George McGoldrick, Charles Benja- ,. ...A A ' . -L'l' , , I I, , 4 l . , Ui . ' 'l . . . . . . . 1 V l - l e ' 'o . fec. P funn, F2 V dent rra, A J' ca i. JJ. Fran-4 Life: Q.Te"rip e. fi eers. T Conro, G. Sn nn ck, R. Dev ne. W. Mahoney. E. McAloon. Pep talk from Billy. . Di Pentima goes around end. Aa Hu 47 Princeton Boys Club . . 0 O Iona ....... 2l l4 Vikings . . . . 7 0 St. Raymond's . . 6 l8 Allen Stevenson , . 6 18 St. Mary's . . , 0 7 St. Raymond's . . 0 l3 Mt. St. Michael's . . 0 6 St. Mary's ...., 6 I8 Moeschen Boys Club . . 6 0 Iona ....... 6 lllidqei Gaels This year's Midget Gael team was a great success under the expert coach- ing of Brothers Duffy and Joyce. They assembled their squad of approximately twenty boys from fifth and sixth grades and practiced them faithfully every day. Some of the sixth grades had already had some experience on last year's Midget Gaels. and Brothers Duffy and Joyce expected to build a winning team around them. The fifth graders turned out in large numbers hoping to make a place for themselves on the first string, Such spirit resulted in some excellent ma- terial to make a good team. Since the opening of the football season the entire squad attended prac- tice sessions either in the yard or at Macombs Dam Park. Under the able training of their coaches. the team showed itself well able to handle a tough schedule and come out on top. We of the Grammar School are proud also of our Midget Gaels. We're on our way. Junior Baal Basketball The Gram Gaels went through a season of twenty-three rugged games with great spirit and all round team work that has been the characterization of every eighth grade squad ot All Hallows. Despite the loss of the only experienced player, George McGoldrick, early in the season, the Gaels succeeded in compiling a record ot twelve wins and eleven losses. Al- though the Gaels did not have a very successful season, they played hard and never gave up no matter what the odds against them. Our eighth grade team played the brand ot ball that has become a tradition at All Hallowsi good, hard. and clean. The fellows of this year's eighth grade team leave behind them an outstanding example of what can be done though much- needed experience was lacking. They fought to bring victory to the school they love. Front Row D Gray C Benlamin B Costello Back Ro R Mcbe mott S Foley J Dolan R Flanagan G Mc oldrrck T Mann ng C Vv lscn Junior Gaels Record A OPP S Phi up Annunciaticn St Jerome Corpus Christi Qacrcd Heart t Phi p lmmaculate Ccnception Sacred Heart Brcnx St Anoela Lakeview Good Shepherd Our Lady ot Refuge S He ena Mirror League Our Lady of Refuge St lgnatluS Comdr Shea ona St Cec l a Sacred Heart Qacred Heart BROTHER R M COOGAN . H. . 36 ..,, 45 27 it i ..4... 2l 34 a - 35 37 Vlll 39 29 11 l . . . . . 34 24 A ,.,.. l6 24 --'- l6 46 V A A A 25 6 ,f 30 ' , . 32 24 St. Augustine ,A,, 23 42 Annunciation .,.. 60 30 - 2 .... 29 30 4 2 W 4 - 26 29 s . i. ,.ia., is 32 - --'-a 'il IQ I 30 1 38 i ,..,. . 33 30 I I 32 56 . it ...,. 29 L38 lllidqel Gael Basketball With the basketball season of l952 behind them, the Midget Gaels have shown great promise for the future. Combining an offen- sive fast break with a defensive zone, the All Hallows Fifth and Sixth Grade basketball team compiled the enviable record of fifteen wins and six defeats. Included in this record is the Gaels' five wins and four losses against such noted midget seventh and eighth grade com- petitors asi St. Jerome's gainer of the playoffs for the Bronx C.Y.O. Championship, St. Mary's of City Island, Our Lady of Angels, St. Luke's, St. Cecilia's, Good Shepherd, and St. John's, gainer of the C.Y.O. Championship semi-finals and winner of the De La Salle Midget Tourna- ment. The Gaels' center, Alphonso Thomas, supplied the height for the team. Thomas Con- roy and Gary Shinnick were the high scorers and packed the big punch for the Blue and White with l88 and lZl points respectively Front Row A McCall P Quinn T Conroy A Thomas G Shinnick Back Row J Gleeson J Costello J Kelly W Frark R Beers M McCarthy Midget Gaels Record OPP St Philip of Neri St Jerome St Mary Our Lady of Angels ona St Philip of Neri St Jerome Adelphi Sf Luke ona St Angela Allen Stevenson St Philip of Neri St John St Cecilia Good Shepherd ona St Philip of Neri Poly Prep BROTHER P R DUFFY S' CeC"'a Adelphi BROTHE . LOWS Director xx 7M PJWU l A KvA8ICV'Grl"'VCV8 ' Nl L 0 'I 1 fx L' H ' ' r 3 emaU0" ui P735 vii! 1115 rr - N ,L pg Of BROTHER Q C. CURTIN LJ Dwector B-Wed S 5uXXivHH tw ' The Pirates W Q nu. HALWWS 1953 ana HYQQ, fcrvvafdcn1h62fOC" KIA " fi, ujjenzance... eSU' rdly We 1358 ha b we .-Clam PART I .4-nmr Grammar School Cleo Club .1 'I hm' Nalional Anthem .......,..,.,..... ....... F ranzvk Jrorf Keg h. D1-dic.uion Hymn ---x Salve Regina ...., ..... . ....... Creyorrbq f. Duna ,...,.......,... ..A.......,....,......,..,.... . . cl, Wllfl is Sylvia ' .......... 2. Pianoforl 3. Jr- .lunior J. Lovely I Overture W-X Pirates h the sean' dS who Dloug F RYGIEE-in I -N The Hram me frief' A- ' '5f NCC MR' mPan' ACCO S S I 0 N PART Ill I. Ac! ll X The Phare: of Pc-nzanf' Dlrvrled by Arco 0717, U.. M, Maru! W HSIavBS Ut DU ' Q famous caum VOUV In All abhor , 'rf- MARK OASULLIVAN DANIEL AHEARN ,pf ib- bsx. Q Mare u g-5' FWZ 'L , f f ve-f, sac Q 'Hn Q Ia. is - Q Q . I THOMAS CONROY CHARLES DRISCOLL THOMAS KANE ,Q T. Carroll, T, Conroy, T, Sullivan, J. Ricci. Getting prepared iiThe Pirates ot Penzance-' was presented in thc school auditorium by the Grammar Schcol Department ct All Hallows lt was enthusiastically received by large audiences ot parents relatives. and friends ct the young thespians A notewcrthv teature ot thc entertainment was the intellif gent and spirited participation bv the vouthtul actors in the rousing and tunetul choruses and their keen understanding et the cperetta was evidenced toe bv their apparent enjoyf ment ct the subtle witticisms and trtslicsigmc lianter ct Gil- berts satric lyrics lt was this whilehearted parttcipation that so greatlx impressed the audience The xcung princi- pals deserxe a wird it praise Their hard wcrk since Sep- tember certatnlt bcre fruitful results Their pcise and stage presence were indicatiwe ct the sericusness with which they had participated in preliminary rehearsals JOSEPH DODGE ROBERT LADAU pn. acial I E i i -.Y 3 -1 QI? , , NY LZ ' I it 1-s Q M, 'cdericl , '- 'vXcGo!d"Ck , J. .nv E. He' dau, R. La 0 4 G 47 W 'Ou' -if Hal. ll' All llulluws fffilllllllill' .Sblmol V No. I . ranlg Bohan and Berlm gb off -- ead Gram Ne ws A av- ? l 17111 1'?.'1nk uf our 6'lL'f2fI7 grzlrle IMS Dfw: r'lw.w'f'f1 In brawl the 6571111 lf 1' I!f'!'.'lll.N'f' of his rax71f'r1'f'17f'f' on 5 , i 51.51 yr-ark paper. l:'lll1 !I1ff'UflS all f 1 nur ,'1rI1'1'1'!1'rs zznrl so is able Z0 if A' CQMACK fllfllfijf' .'1n'1' f1N'Sll'l'1f71l'lIl' ,g'iVen bfyh. 5' ER J- AA IIA .'zl1fl1't-1' In nrg.m1'zv and to hr BROTH .Npirv wtfvrrf fu xmrlf as lmrff als he , lfllfif, lmflv llx In fm-I ln' would be 51 Vlxlll' Iflff-flllll' c'fl1'tffr. HI! cw-c'fl1'mrv. xl.'IlIIf'5' liuhgm gm! Hx!-UIEIIII l1Jf'fflAlI.L'lL1fllf rm' luv vvwfrilh VL'l,?f!f'IN. Ivflrm' Jlfllyl-lvl' hr UTI-If' will 'V hc' 5't"f'f7 in Ihr- lbrr!1ffm11'ng pxzpffm. pauj py.a,,k flllllllivl' l1'vl1.'m IX nzml l17fr'lV ffl ?llll'f'f'fl :is our lfrf1'rffr lim? '1'c':lr. 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