Alisal High School - Trojan Yearbook (Salinas, CA)

 - Class of 1973

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- V V V .V V. :Q-4.-:V-'Jai-.-nVV-:V'V .s-,fzff-V:-:Vs '- fi if-'fi'-1 f -V ' " 5' ' ' ' T.--"Y-2 551-',g5'..," 1: ,,,- :.g-ggi-5 1-H3 'G'--w" T 'L-LQ 'EJQQ Qgf , 4, ., ., ' 4' Q-if 3.1. -1, -4- .T M., ,V ..,?.,,,, .2 :-. .r--V-,-ffxr-'f-'f--hir -.7-7--ff' '- M - ',,j2iQ2fV'u'5,T'3Qg': j.-: ??g1Qg-jfg.,.5-Q:- f.gjja."l,.gFf',,V,i '51 Tig-fQ:..,f'?,: . ,. ., ' 5-.V '- f- VA- -" iii " 'rf -H ze.-QV1-'fig '7 .- .ai L -g2,i"V.5i .,, '-",'fg1iVf -V,-ff' gi..-V 3,-V:-gg If -7,'.'-,fy .4 ft-. ' .. V- E -" -- ig ' '.,.'-Lf . " ' 1--' - I. ' J"--"'A,'.X.!L-. --. '.'.a-2,5 J-"JP" . ".",.J" -1. -V V QV" -, V' Z"-' 'VU . ,V 4 V- ., , , ...f ,..A . 1, gg.4f-g,-.- -----V Q. V.:--, ,-.Q-:i :f -fy-,WV . V ', -t 4 '53 ,T.i'ji.?"- '-Z7"i'.f- 1' T if ,x'T. 'T , f- ,.1.,:' 1, h, ,- gg- ,I . I , 4- in ,I -527,-'NX' 6- :sean h Av . -r ..1 - A,..f I . ,- -A ., .,,.- - 3.15245-"' iff, .lg E- I 3 . :nw -,fe - -. ' .ww . ,V-. A T. - , ,K . ,s , F. ' S' A '- " ' ' f" 'X X 111 X 1V""S221- '- V '-V 1 . .V,L.-3' -41 ,-I'5V' '- '. -1- . ,, , --" 'e f. ', IL" - . - H- V X. f . ., V . XY 1-.. ' 4 gy, ,wg ' . V- ' ' ' fn 'V'-3' ' ' " ' -V x 'U F FV . fi- -' 9 . f"f f-Tau.-., . V. .- .. y qggii-35112-ffkiiiaa-19.552-fu -3 - ,. - , gg-QF' V5""-,U ' V ' . x V 1 , X - R ff-,Q 1. Va. -1?-,AV M -5 - vw? 'f 'T:n-H' 1, ' 3 fx . V- ,V V - ,5. H - -' . -. VZ - V- - -- .--' f --. ,, - -- W .- f'f-Qf:-'f "F,- , 'V '11, ,.V V, . -a-a5n--V.e-.--,,,gv.-,pf,g,.- ,4-..,,1.-V 4, 5. -r ,f - - .-14. ,, .ge .2 ,..14 i nnfiib ,-.-,fv,i9:J.a- X , . . - . - ' , '- . --., .V A- 1- - 4 - ' A g - X 5'-, . X If 5.5-.E -Q " ' J ' . -Q-If' f - S. 1, ' H ,,uf. - ' T'-H -Wil ,- 'Na V:-' Jw, . pigs" -'- n- f X V V. - ve, ,gf f. -Q--an .-5-,ga-4,715 -NA ,, ' . '-2g42Bg!, ,j'- .' 'ap "b '- Lil 2a?Li,,- - V , 353 Z'-1 ,-.-- r f may-124'-'H-5-1:1-ik1""'V .N .- L ,Vw-. V -- -, - -. -1.-ze. ..-'-v .13-.Q-..VN f. ' V ' - 5 11- N - . ,nf -1' - V ' r V 2, 144 .x Nw ' - K. fig, fb'-5?.g'Qf"f15s'3.-'21 ' 3 - 2- . -. 'z'w?ww'l?T1f3-'f1:'r2f--1-nh'-:, QI- ' 't'S"3-27'-Rv:-4-W-Yff L " - fllgfgf 'x ii ' 5 V- ,ri iw f gy F - V-7ii,2'5ga,.-" V --M 'zz l :FQ 'L -'va Vw - .2 -'G 'X -sv-aaa-em-sqVs':-Lzmsfx ' Vdc' Q z 155, .- " f V' -Q " ' 1 : 'Z "' V. J V eww1225-114-112152. , , "" "fig -' ' . ff ' ' f. N Vg---, Paz, rm-0. ,-,4 ' . I, SQ f . . " this " 3. -'F' M," 2- S-1i'ti"f-3:75, - 'Q Q.,,v:- 41-- 'iii' , 4 f?:fg1.-.S , XX Qi - -a im . ' '1 ' x 'X - -, ' '-312, -wr ,. V f ' .5 ' ' 2 -V--:,f.:vn-Qi- .f 2' V' .fV av- ' .-. - , ,Isa . , ' Q 'Xb Y' - V , . 4- 5 ff --A w' M 3 , ' N- . xii " ' D :J-E' ff:--V.,'1x:," f',Vgf'--Lef1..eN:-::-- -Q - I? , . , , 5,V,,----1-,. ,..1 -fi: V 'xc L HQ- -' .H 1" -, . -vi-:swf-Q,-'i.,a,4v23Q,-.-kaf2:4a2'4ffn-535:21-X N -4- ,- - xg , s xv . , ,..ygfflfq-V61-ff--V1ff-V,Me5V.wffiwx-fsmf.. 1 ,,. X: f'-' 'fs , - in 1 'Q wif-'-' f '-U V: . six" 'Kuff-5' .A www. ., A .J 'J asia- , UV W X -efyfvi-aw-2-,2F5z:g:g-1gfzr-:-2f4,g3.,ff?3-ii?-5:34422-L-3.f I N: V-it 1:1 :-QA , ,Vw -f. V 1 - V, :fi - - -f ,-is f N-7 K. 1 . A " V l V. 4-gg V . ' 3 , ' " HQ24' ."w-.":',Q',-3.2, 1".:'s ' rg' S:'73 -' .. 1 A - 'V 1- -' ,-QT: wg-4-',itvf52..5"n.-. 55.951-1' z -:. if ,gi-,,Q,,jL" ' 1 r m2V"?-'Sf 'f '1 Y' V- ""?' ' - 'fu . ' 1 , f ,V V 'V -' xv -5: ' -- b - V . X -fffff ' ' - V H S ., - f. 5.2-A . --.5"4ZH'.I2- .1-V61"fr-??V'.fQ'2-K?-fe, . - S Q V , Er - -- 2-: V' V' ' A' V S :V - . -' - f' ' " "' - fl- :':4?-..:-'I-":1-If ' ':V"1"'vE' ' "i31"f 'Z'-7-51' 3 52"-fi.-':"?? -29" . 'f . -M115 -. ' - ' - ' , ' '- -X 9 Q ,s 4 211' V' V -' V V .A - 1' .- V - VV --. -emu A.-w urn- 2-'V-::""1:: li.. fig..-g 2. V ' '- -1f'2- ' , X -H ' Q Vp " a' V ' ,. ' V F -iff X . , if N-1 V - V-V-- ---J -V.-V' ' .E .' 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QQ' D QQ QQGIC if 'P ' ll Ngo' f wxu. is x Ili O J 'f i - fxo Jw avr Wzszxanwpg .X V Q +L 2, gh d KYDH vlgmfbi Ypayf 5 QQ wmv Lf 6145! al Qi? O-Q fcbljif' Q mx Sw QT NC cr .5 ' n d V94 NL U qw S jx, fm 0 . Q X , I dlfazlj KY Q X Q V? L-Z4 ff gnome Q QJQJ Q lk ' , Q X W if XM gd we B5 fi? X dy W-5 EY gi ' W X- X XXX ,Y HP? Q ' V VK? 065,91 . U j?,xj 5 GQ WP rf 1 i ff " - ' Qs? Wflw. 53669 MQ if X' ,in 'jfs my KSC I C br I f h AC. X' ' O ,jo 52 QQJVQJ if if 5 ff Gab if ' my yy Q jj wp diglobwsxidv ' r 'Nw Xu 3jNQhUNWQx X 25 EX? 3' Xnq ERA? WSSW siwyqv Q15 ' " ff3O35Ep,5QQ9mi '12, X ' vgfwxigx f 1 f f . ng '-' '33 fwxssbi' 23 A 335,,'91 fsgg 53 E 'Q53?35?eZf'Q W -11 CQ figbfo -1- 1 I- A f-7 w , .Q X if l --ll 5 B QQ li Qt Belongs too X 'Q Lisifw A hiMchool, if liizojan '73 I I ,'f-ee-lea A 2 A QHQQ . .y g rr n 4 "" 9 i l iii' ' O O 6 fdwiltfif J s O fi J f J K fr J9 J, D ft, j xx , 'Q ,I ,Vu i I 4' 0 at fe J ' so CN l D99 f A ff 'S it N3-1 J9 Q! JU b 5 , Q O ' 0, V Q A N I rj: '49 O O ' . K ,v -A'mQ,ZJ: t QQ , X Q1 Eb 3 n fb .W mf, 4,L?r x' "Every time we sarfhiegll o N QW ' t rf i 1 L if I t3Sff'em0en'Le.I'ti2'Q0"me Wim, a, it N F-2 toward goodbye. K-f Some distance V from the actual phrase W if-I f but moving toward it all the same. I 5 'XOX Rf The distance between those two words V , . 'i RSV 05 becomes a little less X 5, f GD . as we grow older. rwj w 9 K X VV YN Be aware then ,J W V Q XV X that tomorrow NJ QW xx-0. Dyke is only tomorrow. . XJ y it l W QQ M -Rod McKuen KJ f l ' ' C Q95 f X ' , Q N- My ft tt , A 2 XL? L X Q! L f V fx" 'MV 5 Ab e wp f fi f' L 0-f ' dv s 3 3.1 , U x KO is 'Q W 'f 'WW' time rzeaehmq on without eno, almme lion IHIIIFIIIV. theme ape no yeans Ano months, weeks Ano Gays, me 54 IF' 'iff W' houns Ano mmutes . . . theme ape only eoloen SUDRISGS Ano sunsets mankme time fora leannme, time Kon Cneamme, time lion lovme. IDN! x,'1- la - 3 each AGE that has passeo leaves the Dzaenanee of Its existence In poetny, philosophy, lltenatune . . . E Q M f ,. - ste 'A f 39 ' 15' 'v 3 W. e . ff E W' f - e wh N 4 I, .- If l Ilan .Q!,..4 gg LII' E- . 'vu XX K W :mt K Eliif. ,ggi I V IJ 1 I, .,' .5 ff.- ,, ,N 5 as lonq AS UWGRG IS IQGTHGITIBEIQIYIG In U16 IHIHO of man, UIGRG IS UO eno to anythmq. ' f Qi V .- --4 X Zhi B. 3 .16 A 'T I ." l Eg--Qfulixhnghht A flag m y -' H. - 1 1 -Wggv -L. 4 sie, . theme can B6 no eooosyes. EACH IIRIGUO IHAII PASSES INFO IIIITIG RGITIAIFIS A ITIGITIORV AHC each new oay Bmnqs new faces, new smlles, new fmenos . . K 4 LN +5 F I E 6 -4. ' 1 X I 'E A ' Q 'VA- vt . . 2 G11 ,1zf?"'Z2:'ff3w' 7-Ei -:See gm' 13. ' J' A -A ,.1+sQ4"'-F4 1 , .33 T A wg jak-J ,F xr' SVR ' f ' I L1 5 'AGR X K ex. may 'lv tx Tw .lux x wk V. V '. ,.-- JW W ' A ., vi--""""T5-V 1 . Y ii ' ' nw- ,gf 5 , ' ,K ff? V. K, - 4, , 4... , V Y Y 1 ' ,, ' " ' ff' - , '5, iQ, 'assi' 'i?Q:fT'?'- in V Y . nv V , M 5,17- 3.4 4 ' W1-'fF'?l:.-Lf:.:.1'f H' - , . ,. thank ou, mms. Oi She always gives-time, energy, talent. Time-directing many out- of-class rehearsals and performances, Energy-in trips to San Francisco several times a year to find new music for her choirs. Talent-in the hours of teaching she gives to all her students. Before concerts she worries endlessly, and after concerts she praises eloquently. To the AFS students she is a friendly smile in a strange land, She welcomes them with warm understanding and guides them through the confusing life at Alisal. To her choirs and to everyone at Alisal she is a fantastic person. There can be no one in her place, In return for all you have done Nlrs, Di, we dedicate the 1973 Trojan yearbook to you. Flin asmilem. I if l I in I 4 I -1' . i s ,lsr-mini, ' '.f+Pfi?' 3 l l .. i , 'ff s ., b V Y. ' . H+ . 'L-...N always working, . . , . 3.4: . Q ' 0 o 'o'.',' ' 0 0'-'-'. , , .U n u Q Q . . .0 n 1 Q , 0 1 u a's'n'n'. 0 O u 0 o ,u.o'n.o Q 0 o a 'Q' Q U o Q u Q roy a song. . , 5 1 "1 f Y" ' :Q z W ' Mya ,. -' 1 A A K iv 3' , y N .J . A , 5 f , "" M-................ yw. , , W " g friendly gfance . tx ! 5 5 1 QR K. w. .xxx t, ,tl Mrs. Di. V 4 50,44 mm .A '1s'iz"iQa9-,r-., I I p P N1 W nf ACAD IUICS "nothing m me IS to B6 feaneo. It IS only to B6 unoerzstooof' - ITIARIG Cume ix? lg? 'if' 59 Y' "-ls., 5, . I-:L,g A ' Gf 0 ' V 419' X . Q11 ,Q r - X XJ - . . WK -N rf L fu -ey if cf kv Sy ww NN X1 .HX Q f I r Supemntenoent S11 X' Xi OK' NV kr om 'QW x QNM ' XQXXQY . 'V Qu XX I1 N QWN V K ' Ok we KN QW Wir 5 NC N9 NL Dk wx gk EV W3 MN REQ N MC K ser v rv ww xwvx RW rf ow:M. Mr. Robert Binns XV! Boano of tnustees Thomas, Mr. David J. Klshum, Mr. Seymour D. Lesser. Top row: Mr. Joh 12 teach your: chiloizen well . . . Aoministnation al' Miss Minnie Drewes Assistant Principal II A , A L Mn Vaughn Tuttle ' Assistant Principal I Mr. Miles Rodick , Assistant Principal Il "I hear: you knocking" . . . Counselons Mr Loverde, lVlr. Whnely, Mr. Bllek Mr. Kimball, Mr, Martinez, Mr. Collins, Mr. Wilson, Dr. Metzer, Mr. Forrest "So much to owe" Hoocton my eyes" . . . lmnaman . . . nunse Us , rig. f I . Q55 1 f fffsif-5519 Mrs. Wilson M555 Brown "1Zher2e's A hush" "Ball of confusion". . . . . . lmnany Staff Omecton of Activities 1 sb .if X. . 1 if 'S ig fl? "lt's only the Beginning". . . Business Mr. Krueger Mr. Fourcade Mr Johnson Mr. Carter Mr, Favero the lonq Ano wlnolnq noao assess 'X QQQ Omvens' Goucatlon Wlth DEH In TIAHO Mr. Logan Mr. Rowiand Mr, Mullins 'W,,,..f- Mrs, Cobbley Nlr. Williams Mr' Curran Mr. Angelo ,z , W Q ' I Gnqllsh Oepantment P- Wh Mr. Lidard Mr. Hod i f-. f A4-1 Nlr, Severson Mr. Deaver Mr. Walden w ' X ,x Y gg Q, is. .Y av va .-46312 N-. , Y I i Gxpness younselfn. . . lime ants Mr. Horsley "Oo you know what I mean?". . . languages , X In numsens too BIG to IGHCREH. . . mathematics Mr. McCarroII MV- Clafk gf.. W Mr. Hadd'an Mr. Fife 'H Mr Ouickert lt'S youu thmQ". . . lnoustmal GOUCAIIIOD Mr,R1ce Mr. Price Mrs. Englehorn Mr. MaleCh Mr. Mullen Mr. Ogborn "I was wonkme In the las late eff.-f.:i.1 one ment". . . Selenee Mr, Hursh Mr. Hetrick Mr. Paben Mr. Meninga , PS?XfQg:,, - 1 552 V e 'Az ' I- my ff' A I 1 My Piifx Y:'.' . L' n 5 4. ,g: , ,.e , . ,fw- Mrs Condren Mr. Hayes ' N. Xl 9" A K 1 f. 1 glsiishf x :TF ,X fffpe'-V , K "ff:,f!1 - we asf ,. 'Se 3- , if ,. ,Q Q .,,L ii 15:- Mrs. Lewis LJ k.kT f 5 21 1 'The Games people play". physical eoucatlon X Mrs. Camany Q I H Mr. Sundgren Miss Little Mr. Enea Mr, Fnice Miss DiVaII Mr. Pickford ,,, , 4 , ,, J 1- rf 'gfz -be aqff 'W fx 1 'Q Qi iw Mrs. Barton - i ,e"f.xUl 'AL 1 e n 'Vfj XV Aa mf! u I7 u rv K 7 Cinnamon Qml . . . nOmem51w5Qn e 1'-nn QBGGIHDIHGS . Q . Cycle Seven 'C ,- ,,, . 2 'W ! I 0 3' Mrs. Weaver YS-- Q K L' Q H 4' ff .. - in Z? i ' L a I A -'fn I 1 n e - k W QQ l? "'3'UJ L Q. is 5' W , ii' ?' VJ X 3 137 .is , RU L , 5 N ' . 5 T . ff' 3-5 f' 3. " A ' 4 'N 4 ,gffcjk 'ww' A 9 5, ws 5 Y ' 1 ,Q V I ., 4, 4 L by A My 4 ,ki b, ,, X '- X ' xx. A N . , V f " 'ff QL 'Q - - .. S W A L , , 4 5 ' X . , -':k 3 ' n nn.f ll W"W . l'0 like to teach the won2lo". . . Social Stuoles h',h'11 '53 Mr. Rambo Mr U Mr. Napoli - W... Q ' gig zt. Qi 4 05 , k is 3 3 QYx --.- Mr. McLaughlin Mr. Gilbert Mr. Foreman Miss Schlemz Mr. Casper "you Better: sn: Gown kms". . . teaehen Ames Left to right: Mrs. Matelll, Mrs. Pacheco, Mrs C Alcocer. Mrs, Lasova take A letten, mama". . . Seenetames - 0.-Y. .V , ,,.....,............u....-.-1--. ...Q-.-....,., Left to right: Mrs, Jnmenez, Mrs Meyers, Mrs Baldazzu, Miss Palmer. Mrs. Fuser, Mrs. Kirby, Mrs Davud, Mrs. Bennett I I 7 M Ive openeo up the boon GSGA Stallll "you've Got A Duomo" . "Come Ano Get lt" . mA1Cl2OD Calietema Staff gfimu f g W ' k traumas Q M' .fi . - . 3 s Q fx 'ig ' f M.. k . K gr Q , .- A """""""""' M 4 . .0 . 'U' Q r - 'XL'L L"W G L . MW' -: t . M A "H D ,,. - ,. WA --1 V ' - - 1 .. 2 .b f' -' " 0. . M 'X My 3' "" V L Y- EQ... W.. .F HV' ' f 'E - AF A Q gl . Q .1 ,...' . rf "" A . I' "' - f - ' 1 TQ --of G. f Q "' !n f V of . X S s X ,. xv K s Q , , . Xi V A sss M G M 'Wai r MY.. , r ko X4 J Vx 'VI' Q- rgfax Q , Left to RigQ1t:fQIIrs. Huckabyr-lfjsfknight. Mrs..SmmQ!h, Mrs. Escobar, Mrs.. ,, Castro, Mrs. Lavorato. Mrs. Timer. Mr .R jmrtsl Mrs. Anderson. G f A G r - A XXX we L+ G "IL I hao A hammenn . . . Custoolal Staff gfzfiiig "I Gotcha" . . . noon Supenvlsons Front row: Mrs. Yonder, Mrs. Norolan, Mrs. Haddan, Mrs. Wort Mrs. Gorgulhogback row: Mr. Gregory. Mrs. McLaughlin. Mr. G hington. ardner. 57:49 N? ' 23 M55 , . B z. .fun it , ,, x Tx ,, ,, ,M 31' x ' 5 N 5 wax' by , ui-, I Q . fl, Q' 4, Q A. wig R 5 ban Q Mx YOU Q Q 5, 0 Q Q ' Xi! 5 ' 0 0" DICE WYIGI1 OHS OGOI2 ClOS6S, Al101Ih6l2 GDGHS BUII W6 often look so lono Ano so neorzetfully upon the CIOSGO COOI2 H1611 W6 OO D011 J o S66 U16 OHS WhlCh has openeo lf0l2 US A G Bell ,... 5 'f 2 'Sm ki Us fa ..V,AA V gm 17 WH Q Bw- 145 4. i J- Nx .5 v li ls. v Q , 1 if , wt ,NN 36 rf i 2 1 6 x 3 1 52 S it A 4- Kris? -rg A team, A oizeam A sigh of neue! Class of 73 Under the outstanding leadership of four industrious students, the Senior Class of '73 organized many exciting activities. The ever efficient officers. President-Brady Ryburn. Vice-President- Tom Yamashita, Secretary- Claudia Ward, and Treasurer- Mary Lowe, produced such excellent events as Bermuda Day, Halloween Day. Playnight, Christmas Ball. Nostalgia Day, Childhood Reunion Day. and many other days. Always helpful, the advisors of the Class of '73 were Miss Blauert, Mr, Collins, and Mr. Puterbaugh, As Brady Flyburn said, "The Class of '73 turned out to be one of the most spirited and active classes in the history of Alisal." Miss Blauert, advisor Mr. Puterbaugh, advisor ,xi i 1' GEORGE ACAYA "To have a friend is to have one of the sweetest gifts that life can bring." -Anna Lindsay QE PENNY AGUIRRE "Life has meaning - to find its meaning is my meat and drink." -Robert Browning LINDA ALLISON ... Georgie ... biggest accomplishment, learning to accept people for what they are and not what I want them to be ... remembers Jamboree, wrapping houses, parties, rallies National Honor Society 3, 4, CSF 3, 4, Thespian 2, 3, 4 . ,. plans to get married and go to college. RON ADKINS .. .Chipmunk ... biggest accomplishment, making new friends remembers amnesia and having fun while papering houses . . . plans to join Naval Reserve and then Active Navy. Joio AIDAR .,. biggest accomplishment, meeting people and making friends . . . remembers his first day at Alisal and the Christmas season Soccer 4, AFS, Leadership, Talk .,. plans to go back to Brazil and go to a university. TERESA AMARO ,,. Charlie ... remembers rallies, leadership, Nov. 16. friends and shorts Jr. Class Treasurer. Track Interest 1, 2, 3. 4, Ecology Club 3, 4, Commissioner 4. Homeroom Representative 2 . . . plans to get a job, travel, goto school. ROY H, AGUILLON.. .biggest accomplishment, graduating ... remembers football in the second and third year plans to go to college and geta part-time job. MARY ALDAPE .,. Marissa ,.. biggest accomplishment, graduating ... remembers summer of '72, Trojan Jamboree, "Trip to Mexicali" ... GAA 1, 2, Spanish Club, FSA plans to take life as it comes. JANET AMONETTE biggest accomplishment.graduating .,, remembers going to games, Christmas Ball, Homecoming, messing around Yearbook 4, Journalism 1, 2, 3 ... plans to take it easy. 'Q' A -ll- JOE AGUIRRE biggest accomp- lishment, maintaining my sanity in the midst of widespread lunacy . . . plans to pursue an education in the liberal arts. CHRISTINE ALLEN ,.. J.C. ... biggest accomplishment, getting in to see my counselor remembers friends, games, brain strain . .. French Club, Choir, Guitar ,.. plans - Heaven only knows. JUDITH ANDERSON AI biggest accomplishment, learning shorthand and being on Honor Roll after 3 years remembers Senior Playnight, lunch 6th period Swim Team 3, 4, GAA 3, 4 . .. plans to go to college and become a secretary. ADELIA ANDHADA Delias ... biggest accomplishment, getting my license remembers Lorie first got her license and she drove tothe library shopping with Emelda GAA. Spanish Club 1 plans to attend Hartnell College. VICTOR ANZALDO biggest accomplishment, graduating ... remembers summer of '72, meeting girl friend, friends, getting involved with Chicanos plans to get a job and travel, ULDA ARIZMENDI ... biggest accomplishment, graduating early ... remembers Jamboree . . . plans to go to college, and get a job. tx..,f KlFlT ANDRUS J.J. greatest accomplishment, earning an 800 on the S,A.T, Math . . . remembers sixth grade camp, Paco, Arroyo Seco F.F.A., Baseball, A,S.B. Treasurer. plans to sleep. RALPH ALFRED APODACA biggest accomplishment, listening to Mr. Horsley's lectures on music remembers Debbie, Stage band Music ... plans to travel and then go to college, get a job. RAFAELA ARMENTA Fala biggest accomplishment, learning English remembers Mr. McGraw, friends, teachers favorite hobby. sleeping during class plans to attend college. 7' FRANKIE ANNESS greatest accomplishment,graduating ,.. remembers S.F, opera field trip, singing plans to gc to Jr. college and college, CONNIE ARDE "When youth has spent a penny at a fair, X The old men tell f Of the bargains there. X There was this and that X For a price and a wage, X But when they came away X They had all bought age." -Louise Driscoll CLEOPATRA A. ASUNCION biggest accomplishment, remaining an individual remembers cross country, 3rd period physics class, 5th period NHS 2, 3, 4, French 3, 4. CSF 2, 3, 4 Track Interest 3, 4 Homeroom Rep. 3, 4, A Cappella 4, plans to go to college and then earn lots of money PAM ANTHONY greatest accomplishment,graduation ... remembers good thoughts of leaving school . . . plans to get a job and travel around. MARY ANNE ARIOS . . . Waddles . .. greatest accomplishment, turning 17 remembers koala, legal drinking party, San Benancio, Mr. Farnsworth, cemeteries .. , Hartnell Community Chorus, AFS 4, Track Interest 2, 3, 4. Spanish Club 2 ... plans to get part time job, try for UC Irvine or U. of Hawaii, or leaving and never coming back, VELINA BAGGETT ... biggest accomplishment, making NHS remembers Terry's jumper cables, Catalac, GAA initiation . . . Volunteer Nursing, Science 2, 3, 4 GAA, 1.2, 3, 4Track 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4 . , . plans to getajob. 'Qf"Q"TV MIKE BARICE ... biggest accomplishment was keeping from getting busted . . . remembers getting busted for leaving campus . . . plans to geta job and get married, ALAN BENEFIELD Barnyard Benny . . . biggest accomplishment, buying a car ... remembers that life is only what you make it football. FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 plans to travel all over the world. JONI BLACK ... biggest accomplishment, learning to make Sloppy Joes at set construction . , remembers "See How They Run", dead pine trees, Jonathan Edwards, and Punctllious J, Avidity ... GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Thespians 2, 3, 4, Block A 3, 4 . ., plans to study veterinary medicine, ART BARRIENTOS biggest accomplishment, becoming a senior remembers CCS basketball champs and all Jamborees basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Checkers 1, 2, 3, Journalism .,. plans to go to college, JOHNNY BENITEZ biggest accomplishment, staying in school , .. remembers Saturday nights and football games football 1, gymnastics 1, 2, tennis plans to travel around U.S, VIOLA BLANCO biggest accomplishment,graduating ... remembers "l can dig it", football games, my locker watching football, playing coed volleyball, basketball , , . plans to get married, go tocollege GEORGE RAYNARD BEASLEY ,, Ray biggest accomplishment, qualifying for CSF remembers being accidentally called into Miss Drewes' office . , , football 2, track 1, 2, 4, gymnastics 3, band, cross country, CSF, art play . , plans to attend college CHRIS BERNAL ... biggest accomplishment, making honor roll .., remembers NSHS football game, playing Varsity football, and having a far-out year football 2, 3, 4 plans to go to college DARLA BLEDSAW biggest accomplishment, Vocal Ensemble .., remembers Nov, 8, June 9, eyes, Jamboree, friendship, concert History, Unisons' 1. 2, 3, 4, llios 4. AFS 4 ... plans to go to college and try to unwind. '-.DJ -...... STEVE BELLONE "People are always good company when they are doing what they really enjoy," -Samuel Butler ROBERTA BINGHAM Bert biggest accomplishment, buying a car and graduating remembers Nurses Club, parties, Christmas Ball, Senior playnight and football games, basketball games, and boys plans to go to Hawaii and get a job JOE BLOHNI biggest accomplishment, making new friends, ... remembers basketball season. Arroyo Seco, Christmas Ball, R.P. ,,. basketball 2, 3, 4, baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 ,,. plans to go to college. WILLIAM BLOOMER ... Nichols biggest accomplishment, having a good senior year ,.. remembers Mrs. Condren, friends, snow , .. swimming, bowling, scuba diving, bicycling ,. , plans to go to college and learn about life. DANNY BOURBON .., biggest accomplishment, learning to walk in populated halls remembers the boss chicks: Cathy, Debbie, Mary smoking in the heads . .. plans to go to college and meet important people. LEWIS BREWER ... Lew ... biggest accomplishment, going to Abbie Hoffman's birthday party .. .' remembers tennis . , , tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. NHS 2, 3, 4, LSEPF 4 .., plans to go to college to play tennis. JANICE A , BOHDE Giggles biggest accomplishment, graduating before sister remembers opera trip, H.S,, Mr. Puterbaugh's English class girls' choir, A Cappella plans to get a job. x . grew ,kc .. RICK BOYSTER ..."The ideal life is in our blood and never will be still. We feel the thing we ought to be beating beneath the thing we are." -Phillip Brooks DAVID BROWN .,. biggest accomplishment, passing American History, getting a job and buying a car ... remembers metal shop, FFA steer, friends . , . football 1, 2, FFA ...plans to work and grow old. . -.mei-zest. ..,... . ,.,. . X i RODNEY BOLES ... Rod ... biggest accomplishment, passing 2 years of Spanish remembers the Alisal Basketball Tournament rooting section .,. football 2, 3, track 3 ... plans to enter Air Force RICHARD BRADLEY ... Captain ... biggest accomplishment, finding a girl that means a lot to me, getting 5 A's remembers '72 football season, Construction Tech and cool heads at Alisal .. . football 1, 2, Yearbook 1, 2 , ,. go into construction business, MIKE BRUCE ... "AlI thatwe need to do, f Be we low or high, X ls to see that we grow X Nearer the sky." -Lizette Woodworth Reese EARL V. BOUNDS Master biggest accomplishment, learning to understand other people .., remembers "See How They Run", Ashland trip, being elected ASB Vice - Pres drama, work, hitch - hiking, reading, cross - country, tennis plans to travel, go to college. BARBARA BRANNON ... "l desire no future that will break the ties of the past," -George Eliot SHARON BUCKMAN remembers "GTO" . . . plansto go to college. RUDY BUEN biggest accomplishment, graduating and passing English . . . remembers Trojan band, starting for C and D basketball ... C and D basketball 2, 3 .., plans to go to Hartnell, find a job, FRANK CAGLE Stretch biggest accomplishment, becoming the number one gas welder in school . . . remembers running all those miles, P.E, Leadership. arguing with Nlr. McLaughlin, waiting for track ... track, cross country plans to become an auto painter. RICHARD CARILLO biggest accomplishment, passing Mrs. Cobbley's English class ... remembers Florence, all football and basketball games ... football 1. 2. wrestling 3, 4 swimming 1, 2. 3. cross country 4, CSF 2.3.4, NHS 3, 4. llios 3,4 . . . plans to go to college. vt. 3 ef' ? OSCAR BURGES ... "Whoever seeks truth with an earnest mind, no matter when or how, belongs to the school of intellectual men." -William Ellery Channing GILBERT CAMPOS ... "Happiness is essentially a state of going somewhere wholeheartedly." -W.H. Sheldon JACKIE CASTENDA "ln the concert of nature it is hard to keep in tune with oneself if one is out of tune with everything," -George Santayana. ANNITA BURTON Bertha Dinc . .. biggest accomplishment, buying a car ... remembers the great fall, Bud the Canary, Backward Jumper, opera trip Girls' Glee, Girls' Choir, A Cappella . . , plans to go to college. EMELDA CARIAGA biggest accomplishment, graduating in January and passing Algebra 3 after seven tries . . . remembers becoming an "Auntie", falling asleep, and shopping with Adelia plans to attend Hartnell and continue working part-time KATHERYN CEJA ... Kathy ... biggest accomplishment, becoming a Senior, passing Government remembers "the family". Ecology, Fridays, Class of '73, GAA, MAYO, Home Room Rep, laughing, meeting people plans to get a job, go to college, "to make life easier for every one l meet." ESTHER CABRERA biggest accomplishment, learning to be a proud Trojan ...remembers Christmas Ball. rally with Miss Drewes ... Karate 1, 2, Typing 1, 2, 3, 4 .., plans to go to college and study. REBECCA CARPENTER Becky biggest accomplishment, finding Wayne, making Gold Seal, getting a "B" in Hartnell English ... remembers Long Beach, Nov. 7, 1969, my ring Band 1, 2, 3, 4, CSF 2.3, 4. Yearbook 3 . . . plans to get married. become an R.N. ALFRED CHACON Freddie biggest accomplishment, getting through high school remembers summer of '72, '61 Chevy Pearl plans to travel, get a good job. settle down, JIM CHANDLER ... "Let but another world - war kill. The rest will be safer still". L.A.G. Strong SHARON CHISUM biggest accomplishment,graduating remembers having fun, meeting people, and going out ... plans to go tocollege. DEBBIE COPELAND "Where is the Life we have lost in living?" T.S. Eliot RAYMOND M. CHARFAURAS Ray ... biggest accomplishment, meeting teachers and friends remembers film making, show, capri, and Mary Computer Data Processing . , . plans to go to college after a long vacation, see Japan and Guam once more. CHERYL COFFEY Folgers, cups remembers running for football queen, being a majorette . . . drama I, 2, 3, New Renaissance, Majorette 2 . ., plans to goto college. LINDA CORTEZ biggest accomplishment, getting beginner swim card remembers falling down in the hall, shopping after the games, going to football games MAYO , , . plans to go to college, g8I8 part time job, it DENNIS CHASTAIN "Happiness is essentially a state of going somewhere whoIeheartedly." W.H, Sheldon SUSAN COMER ... Susie .,. biggest accomplishment, graduating, being a senior. getting a car remembers parties, Nurses Club. Christmas Ball, Senior playnight football games, basketball games and boys . . . plans to get a job, a car, go to Hawaii. AGNES COSIO Aggie, Cos biggest accomplishment, completing all four years . .. remembers "Tight", S.C. camp, Halloween, football cake ... cheerleading, songleading ... plans to head for college lbut after a GREAT summerll. ,pw FIOSEMARY CHAVEZ biggest accomplishment, meeting so many farout people . . . remembers football games and parties, Jeff . .. Unisons', French Club, vocal ensemble. honor choir plans to attend Hartnell College. LYDIA CONTRERAS Lily biggest accomplishment, graduating from High School remembers meeting Mr. Wilson volleyball. swimming, badminton ... plans to be a secretary, travel. STEVEN JAMES COUNTFIYMAN Country , . . biggest accomplishment, buying a T-bird, graduating, learning how to shave remembers Senior playnight, sports Senior Activities, Disneyland, KADOONG ... swimming, Electronics pres girl watching plans to go to trade school, get a job. 1IT""i -i 4 KAROLYN COVER "Like a bird singing in the rain, let grateful memories survive in time," -Robert Louis Stevenson YVONNE CREASEY ... "To live with all my might while I do live and never to lose one moment of time." - Johnathan Edwards GLORIA CUNHA ... Glo ... biggest accomplishment, earning Thespians membership remembers Seacliff. funny face. BS. .. . Thespians, GAA, Drama Club, auditions plans to leave Salinas m fr , if g FEW i lt?I""' CHERYL COVINGTON Shurgal Towt Biggest accomplishment, graduating ... remembers last football game, Thanksgiving vacation, going to S,F., snowing sewing class, flirting, working with mentally retarded children lab assistant plans to goto college. PAMELA CRITES Pam biggest accomglishment, passing History and getting a job remembers Senior prom, July 3rd, Christmas Ball '71 FSA, CSF plans to marry Stan and work, MIKE CUSHMAN ... Cush ... biggest accomplishment, making the honor roll for the first time in 12 years remembers winning football Jamboree. making football playoffs, meeting new people . . . football 1, 2, 3.4, track 1, 2, 3, 4, football club 1, 2, 3, 4. drama club 1, 2 . , . plans to go to college and do some traveling. MARY COWAN ... Lami ... remembers Football queen, Paul accompanist 1, 2, 3, 4. Cheerleader 3, 4, Sec. Treas. 2 plans to go to college, travel LORETTA CUMMINGS biggest accomplishment, graduating ... remembers when I knew someone in every Creative Foods class . . . sitting on Miss Drewes' bench plans to get a job and go to college. LEILA DAMASCO Bat, Pineapple biggest accomplishment, graduating remembers going to the games. meeting new people. having fun, bad times . .. GAA 1. 2, 3. 4 ... plans to get ahead and take life easy. LARRY COYLE . . , Puffer . . . biggest accomplishment, buying a car ... remembers third period First Aid class, Debbie, Jackie, Rene ,.. hunting. playing .., plans to travel. PAUL CUMMINS ... biggest accomplishment, being myself and free ... remembers traveling during vacation, Elaine, voting Nov 7 . . . AFS 3, 4, parties! ... plans to go to college. ' NEIL DANIELSON biggest accomplishment. never getting busted remembers graduating from 9th, 10th, and 11th grades . . . motorcross riding, skiing, jamming around in our van plans to go to Hartnell and work. BILL DEAN ... Humphrey ,., remembers the night Fay came over and I was football 1, 2, 3, 4 plans to get a job. BILL DEW "With strength no centuries deny, X Rooted in rock beyond the eye, X Their-giant forms emerge."-Haniel Long DINA DOMINGUEZ .., biggest accomplishment finally graduating . . . remembers the Christmas Ball. Hartnell game, our clique, and JA, ... MAYO .. . plans to live in San Jose. ROBERT A. DEERING ... Bobby .,, biggest accomplishment, acquiring three real friends . , . remembers 71- 72 school year . . . baseball 1, rifle 1 .., plans to move out of the house. BILL DIAS Coyote biggest accomplishment, buying pick-up . . . remembers the thrills of victory and the agony of defeat . . . football 1, 2, 3, 4, wrestling 3, 4, track 3, llios president . .. plans to go to college, LINDA DOMINGUEZ "What do you look for, what do you seek? A silver bird with a golden beak." - Norman Ault WENDY DEHART ... biggest accomplishment, trying to go to school everyday and graduating ... remembers objects with black and brown shades, fun doing all sorts of things with my friends , . . plans to go to college and see things in the world. RICARDO T, DIAZ Rick biggest accomplishment, making it through Senior year remembers SJ., wrestling . . . P.E, Leadership . . . plans to make something out of himself. PATRICIA DUBLE ... "Why may not I, as well as these, grow lovely. growing old?" -Karle Wilson Baker JAMES DELORY ... Jim ... biggest accomplishment, getting in, staying in, getting out remembers sunny summer of 72 ... band 'I. 2, 3. NHS 2, 3, 4, Electronics 2 ... plans to go to college, relax, travel, do it all! DOUGLAS BRIAN DIXON Dougie Puppy biggest accomplishment, passing chemistry with B's remembers swimming up the gorge, the beach, the Christmas Ball, CCS and the B.A. plans to go to college, have fun. JOANN DURAN Jojo biggest accomplishment, becoming engaged to Gilbert . .. MAYO Club, 2 years... plans to go to Hartnell for 4 years. CLIFFORD EDWARDS "Uncertainty and expectation are the joys of life." -Richard Congreve PATRICIA ENOSARAN Pat biggest accomplishment, graduating ... remembers friends, the snow ... volleyball 1, 4, Track Interest 1, 2, Lunch 1, 2, 3, 4 ... plans to get a job. get married. ELINA ESTRADA "Happiness is not mostly pleasure, it is mostly victory," AHarry Emerson Fosdick DANIEL ELDRED ,,, Skeleton remembers field trip to Fremont parties, racing. motorcycles plans to bum around. DONNA EPP "There will be no song on our lips if there be no anguish in our hearts." -Karl Barth ALLAN FARIA Al remembers the party at Toro Park after Senior testing . . . Arts-Crafts Club . , . plans to goto college, then carpentry. CHARLES ELLEVAN ... "The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind " - William James MARIA ALICIA ESCOTO biggest accomplishment, graduating in January ... remembers Hartnell game. the "park", J.M.A. ... MAYO 4 ,.. plans to go to San Jose to live. BARRY FERDINANDO ... "Oh better than the minting X Of a gold - crowned king f ls the safe - kept memory X Of a lovely thing," -Sara Teasdale CONSTANCE ELLIOT ... Connie .,. remembers Joe, meeting the paper deadlines Journalism 1, 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4 ... plans to get a job, go to the 1976 Olympics. DEANETTA L, ESPINOSA ... biggest accomplishment. attending beauty college , . , remembers being a Senior ... plans to finish beauty college and become a successful beautician. MARGARET FERREIEA biggest accomplishment, fitting 10 people in my VW ... remembers forming a soccer club with all my nutty friends, celebrating at R.G.'s house, going to Santa Cruz on a rainy day ... meeting people, enjoying myself plans to goto college. TOM 'FIGUEROA ... Fig ... biggest accomplishment, making honor roll ... plans to go to college get a job. DANNY GARCIA ... "The Cross is the ladder to heaven " -Charles G, Blandem RITA JUNE GILES ...June ... biggest accomplishment, deciding what I would like to be . . . remembers meeting people and making friends ... History 1, CSF 2, 3, 4. Young Life .., plans to goto college. NlTA FORGNONE biggest accomplishment, graduating ... remembers Frosh Leadership, the other Seniors ... NHS 3, 4, Gymnastics 2, CSF 2, History 1, Frosh V.P., Junior Sec,, Com. of Social Activities 4, Homeroom Rep plans to go to college. GERAEDO GARCIA biggest accomplishment, graduating .., remembers wrestling 2, 3, soccer . . . plans to go to college. TERRY GOLDSNIITH Goldie biggest accomplishment, taking Latin for 4 years remembers Ecology, Aptos game and getting kicked out of the library plans to start a collection of old cars. ARMANDO FRANCO .,, biggest accomplishment, expanding mind remembers first day, last day, Dec. 13 ... Checkers 1,,2, 3, 4 ,.. plans to getajob JOHN GARCIA biggest accomplishment, stopping a NSHS runner at '71 J.V. Jamboree remembers Christmas Ball . . . football 1, 2, 3, music, weight lifting, tennis plans to join service and seek career. AUBINA GONZALES ... Bima .., biggest accomplishment, graduating, learning how to drive . , . remembers going to school early, getting out early. nice teachers . . , GAA, Girls' Glee . . . plans to go to college. New ff ANNE FRASSETTO biggest accomplishment, flunking two math tests remembers Badger Pass. Uncle Joe, Boss No.3 . . , plans to get a job, go to college, and travel all at once, LUCY GERONIMO Gabbi biggest accomplishment, getting good grades remembers Salinas High games, meeting people get a Dodge Dart or Colt, go to college. ELIZABETH GONZALES ... "lt is only contemplative moments that life is truly vital." -George Santayana HENRY GONZALES ...Chile ... biggest accomplishment, getting through school . . . remembers cutting class with Esperanza C and D basketball, soccer, track 1, 2, 3, 4 . .. plans to get a iob and mess around gqsaiw' WADE GOWIN Fish eyes biggest accomplishment, making friends with Mrs. Hursh remembers Barbara, science, PLE . , . Karate 2, 3, football, tennis ... plans to go to college. RACHEL GUTIERREZ Alejandra remembers October '72 ... MAYO. Spanish, soccer plans to get a job and travel. OSCAR GONZALES "Our ideals are our better selves." -Bronson Alcott pr-11 MARGARET GRECO ... Margie ... remembers meeting foreign exchange students, singing, talking nurses, Unisons ... plans to travel and get a job. CINDY HAAS ,.. biggest accomplishment. passing American History ... remembers friends, basketball, football games . . . plans to get a car, live day by day, get a job, go to college. TERRY GOSTE ,.. Bambi ,.. biggest accomplishment, passing history. getting a good job , . . remembers the Junior Miss Pageant, Christmas Ball, Senior Prom .. . Flaggirl 3. NHS 3, 4 plans to attend college and become a model. ROSEMARY GREENE Rosie ... biggest accomplishment, living after eating in the cafeteria , . , remembers 5th period lunch bunch, teachers, winning rooters trophy, PATRICK HALE ... Hippie... biggest accomplishment, graduating remembers David, Horsley, band, Rowland, L. McLaughin, Big Rube ... CSF 1, 2, 3, 4, NHS 2, 3, 4, Journalism 3, 4, football 2, track 1, band pres, 4. section leader 3, 4, pep band director 4 . . . plans to go to college, Z! v-X'- BECKY GOWIN remembers friends, fun times at A.H.S. and my wedding day plans to have a happy marriage. STEVE GUIDOTTI "We aspire by setting up ideals and striving after them." -Harry Emerson Fosdick PAM HARLAND ... "Happy homes are built of blocks of patience." -Harold E. Kohn KATHY HARLAND ,.. "The friend is the person whom one is in need of and by whom is needed" -Arthur Benson MANUEL HERNANDEZ ... biggest accomplishment. going home after 5th period . . . remembers people, playing basketball, watching girls .., basketball 1, 2, 3, MAYO 1, 2, 3, 4 . ,. plans to go to Hartnell, ROBERT HUMPHREYS ... Bob ,.. biggest accomplishment, graduating remembers summer of '72 .,. Vocal Ensemble . . . plans to hunt for six months, go to college. ALVIS HARRINGTON Al, Alvie, Elvis biggest accomplishment, finding greatest girl in the world remembers parties, track meet for 6th graders, friends, camp football 2, 4, Boys' Glee, Karate, J.V. baseball, P.E. Leadership plans to become policeman and marry the girl I love. MARIA HERRERA .,. The unexamined life is not worth living. Socrates CHARLES HUNT Charlie biggest accomplishment, graduating . . . remembers Cold Blood concert. Debbie ... Track 1, 2, 3, 4, German 1, 2, Wrestling 1, 2 . . . plans to getajob. ',,g.,... KEITH HERMAN ...biggest accomplishment, missing bus at Long Beach remembers messing up a stage band solo, going to L.A, swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, diving 3 plans to take it easy for awhile, then go to college. BARBARA J. HOFLER Barb, Geraldine ... biggest accomplishment. getting 4 A's out of 5 classes ... remembers queen candidacy ... Drama 1, 2, dancing 1, 2, 3, 4. Mascot 3, Majorette 2 plans to work at Pacific Telephone. JEANINE HURSH ,.. Nina ... biggest accomplishment. getting through social studies classes remembers working on Christmas Ball, Prom, T.P,, and shaving cream. T,M, . . . plans to go to college, get married. JUANITA HERNANDEZ ,.. Jack ... biggest accomplishment, graduating . .. remembers getting out and having fun, going to after school activities, the "Putt Putt" plans to get ahead, take life as it comes. FRED HOLMAN "Delicate humor is the crowning virtue of the saints." - Evelyn Underhill BECKY SUE HUSTED biggest accomplishment, getting home early one time .,. remembers Main St., the "Cad", Porter, lunch, home Thespians 1, 2, 3, 4, NHS, CSF, FSA. water skiing, avid sports fan , . . plans to be completely independent of any person, place, or thing. MARGARET INGRAM Bug-Juice biggest accomplishment. playing solo flute in band remembers "Guys and Dolls", challenges, frogs, auditions band 1, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella 3, 4, Vocal Ensemble 4 plans to go to college. ROBERTA JAY ... Birdie ... biggest accomplishment, meeting Brady, Joe, and Claudia, being Senior Historian remembers blowing bubbles against the wind, going to Monterey with Joe, and the night Brady Bi Co. rolled Bill's house ... CSF 1, AFS 4. Karate 2, Prom Com 3, Senior Historian 4 .,, plans to go to college, become rich and famous, eventually get married, meet lots of people. and become a social worker. BENIGNOJIMENEZ . . . "More people are troubled by what is plain in sight than by what is obscure," -Roy L. Smith NAPOLEON ISLA "There is no danger of developing eyestrain from looking on the bright side of things." - Jan Christain Smuts MARLENE JEFFERSON .,. remembers making it to half my classes, going to NSHS basketball game and not getting in ,,. GAA 1.2, 3, 4 ... plans to go to college, get a job. travel SUSAN JIMENEZ ... Susie .,. remembers Christmas Ball, Jamboree, Senior Playnight . . . flaggirl 3, FSA 3, 4, lllios 2, 3, 4. MAYO 2, 3 ... plans to go to college, take life as it comes. fi ROXANNE JACKSON "I met a hundred men on the road to Delhi. and they were all my brothers." -Indian Proverb MARVIN JEFFERSON ..."Happiness adds and multiplies as we divide it with others." -A, Nielen DAVID JONES ... biggest accomplishment,graduating ... remembers band trip to Long Beach, having fun with friends, working at airport, just being a Senior , . . History 1, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, CSF 2, 3, 4, NHS 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 2 ... plans to go to college. 1, CARL JARSCHKE ... Sunkie ... biggest accomplishment, went out for wrestling lllios, Karate plans to ride around the world on my motorcycle. CHRISTOPHER JENSEN ... Chris . .. biggest accomplishment, 4 years of straight A's . . . remembers Cindy, finance office, Christmas Ball Cross Country 1, 2, 3, captain 4, track 1, 2. 3, 4, CSF 1, 2, 3, 4. NHS 2,3 lpres.l 4. German 1, 2 ipresl 3, 4, Speech 2 . . . plans to go to college for Ph. D. DAVID JORGENSEN DJ ... remembers Toro park after Senior tests, jam sessions, Melody, Dick's house Si Coke baseball, guitar, chicks. yearbook, and good bush .. . plans to play music and keep head up high. LESTER LANGLEY ... Les ... biggest accomplishment, getting first job remembers Senior playnight ...Journalism 3, Jobs Careers 2, New Renaissance 2,3 ... plans to continue work at KOMY in Watsonville, CANDACE KERSHNER ... Candy... biggest accomplishment. voting in the national presidental election ... remembers the twins, Porter, Main St. .., arts Bi crafts, GAA . .. plans to get ajob, go to college. ANN MARIE KRAKER Annie. Crackers . . . biggest accomplishment. getting on honor roll in Senior year, meeting Hector lboyl Chavez remembers summer of '72 Journalism, lllios, co-head flaggirl, Hector, Susie, Mary, Jenny, Connie . .. plans to get a job, get married. PAT JUDGE . . . "Prayer begins where human capacity ends." -Norman Vincent Peale JULIA LEA KESL Cocca Nut biggest accomplishment, staying on honor roll . . . remembers engagement to FHS., Yamaha 200, Mustang speech 3, 4, 4-H, motorcycles plans to go to college, train to be an airline communicationist, and marry in 3-4 years, LINDA KREIDEL ... Wendy biggest accomplishment, graduating remembers just having fun .., plans to go to Hartnell. DEBRA KELLER Debbie biggest accomplishment, getting through high school and making the honor roll . . . remembers snowfall and winning a saddle at the horse show riding and training horses plans to gc to Hartnell for 2 years, then get a good job. DEBRA LYNN KIMBALL Debbie . .. biggest accomplishment, making it through P.E. without getting hurt. making the honor roll ... remembers being a ghost on Halloween, mid-term graduation, Danny, not getting any black eyes or sprains Karate, homeroom rep., plans to get married, keep working as a secretary or policewoman. RICKY KREIDEL ... biggest accomplishment, knowing more girls remembers almost flunking and goofing off . . . Big "O" . , . plans to go to college. BARBARA GEFIEA KELLY Dutchess ... biggest accomplishment, making honor roll remembers wrecking car in the parking lot flaggirl 2, 3, lllios, Unisons 1, 2, 3, Vocal Ensemble. Honor Choir, A Cappella, Girls' Choir plans to go to airline personnel school or fate. RONALD KING Ron biggest accomplishment, graduating .., remembers Central Park, Seco, last class, B.C. bowling 2, 3,4 plans to go to college. DOLORES LACANLALE .,. Lollipop . ,. biggest accomplishment, passing all required classes needed for nursing remembers turning 18, J.C., F.L. ... going to dances 1, 2. 3, 4, Health Careers, Chinese Club . . . plans to get married and goto college, KATHY LARICK ... biggest accomplishment, graduating . . . plans to travel and meet people. RICK LAZZERINI .,, Lazz, Jesus .,. biggest accomplishment, making honor roll, making all league remembers Tsuge's birthday party, graduating, beating Salinas High in football . . . football, track . . , plans to travel, get ajob. LORETTA LOOP ... "Man requires a transcendent object of devotion." - George Herbert Palmer STEVE LATHAM "The steps of faith fall on the seeming void and find the rock beneath." -Walt Whitman Wi d""' LINDA LIGHTFOOT ... Carrot biggest accomplishment, staying out of trouble remembers first place in 100 yd. backstroke, Senior playnight, Mrs. Cobbley, 7th period English Band 2, 3.4, Track 2, 3.4, swimming 3, 4, GAA 2, 3, 4 plans to be a sexy secretary, KAREN LORENTZEN ... biggest accomplishment, passing American History remembers Frosh year, wrestling meets, Fliver Rd .,.. plans to getajob, JAMES PAUL LAWSON ... Splash biggest accomplishment. singing first solo . . . remembers Mary, friends. badminton, music class .. . singing, scientific experiments, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Vocal Ensemble 2, 3. 4 .., plans to travel then go into the Air Force. CANDACE LlNEBERRY Candy remembers mosaic all night FSA, A Cappella plans to go to work then to college, MARY LOWE biggest accomplishment, associating with true friends and great teachers remembers 18th birthday, Saturday activities ... Speech St Debate 2, 3, 4, CSF 1, 2, 3, 4, NHS 2, 3, 4, FSA 4, Ecology, History, Spanish, and Chinese clubs . .. plans to enjoy life and further myeducation. MARY LAZZARONI biggest accomplishment, getting an "A" remembers sports, dances, fairs football 1. 2, 3, 4, going to fairs plans to go to college, get a job. DEBBIE LONG Fireball biggest accomplishment, learning to solve my own problems remembers Jimmy, Christmas, rings Journalism, messing around. football, and basketball plans to getmarried. PRISCILLA LOZADO ... Peachy biggest accomplishment, graduating remembers Richard Bach's autograph, going crazy over Armando, "Hey, it SNOWED in Salinas. you guys!", meeting sweet Marie ... plans to go to college. we, Senions honon f c 4 ' H if L V VV z4'4 ,Q f L- ,jg Z S?'v E fifty SERS li LJ P?xf??3:,': fi !'fI Q yi t l,m..5i V ,fl Vgffp 1 . J G H I , O :il I Y Best Dressed Becky Husted and Brady Ryburn Claudia Ward and Brady Ryburn Most Dedicated an Most Attractive Mary Cowan and Kirt Andrus Mary Cowan and Bill Snyder Most School Spirit ld ,E . 1 Best Personality Mary Cowan and Brady Ryburn tv i' we Most Likely to Succeed Mary Lowe and Scott Rogers Mary Lowe and ChrisJenson Most Scholastic Most Athletic Glenda Woodrow and Bill Dew Class Wits Dana Melon and Bill Snyder a if uw MIKE LUCERO biggest accomplishment,graduating ... remembers winning CCS, getting a job tennis, wrestling plans to move to Alaska, AMPARO MARQUEZ Ampi biggest accomplishment, attending Alisal and graduating from it remembers having Mr. Wilson as a counselor - he's far-out . .. traveling, meeting new faces plans to become a stewardess and travel around the world. ROSIE MARTIN ... biggest accomplishment, being on the honor roIlfor4 years ... GAA 1, 2, FSA 1, 2 ... plans to attend Hartnell. MARIA LUGO "Happiness is not mostly pleasure: it is mostly victory." - Harry Fosdick I JOHN MARSALA ... "lt is high time that the ideal of success should be replaced by the ideal of service." Albert Einstein JAMES MATT ... biggest accomplishment, becoming solo chair first trumpet, making the baseball team Frosh. year remembers rolling Rita's house, almost rolling Mr. Horsley's house, having a good time ... Baseball 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4 plans to go to college, get a job. LINDA LUKER ... biggest accomplishment, meeting people remembers moving from Ark, summer of '71, my Mustang, Denny's . .. Boys plan to work and get my own apartment. KATHY MARTIN FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1,2 .,. plans to go to college, BARBARA MAZZUCA ... "You pave the road I l'Il follow, X You build the bridge X l'lI test it first." -Rod McKuen ,...-an-f' CHERILYN MADDOX Cher biggest accomplishment, making friends . . . remembers the plays, AFS interviews, singing being a Senior . , , Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, Thespians 2, 3, 4, AFS 4 ,.. plans to go to college, find someone. MARYANNE MARTIN ... remembers riding horses, swimming, and doing nothing GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Swim team 1, 2, 3, FFA 1, 2 ... plans to go to Hartnell for two years and then to Cal Poly. RICK MCCULLOUGH .,. "Across my dream with nets of wonder, l chase the bright elusive butterfly of love." -Bob Lind ROGER G, MCRAE Mac biggest accomplishment, making the football team, getting a car .. . Katy, Jr. English, M.C, Horse, graduation . .. Football 2, 3 , . . join the Air Force KATHLEEN MELVILLE ... Kathy ... biggest accomplishment. getting A's and cheating remembers parties, Nurses Club, basketball games. Christmas Ball football games, cooking, dieting ... plans to get a job, go to college, get married. LINDA MENEZES Tex LSEPF 3,4 ... plans to goto college, get a job. get a car. MARY MEDINA ... biggest accomplishment, getting through high school .. . remembers Christmas Ball. friends singing in choir plans to go to college, ROBERT MENDEZ ... "There is more to life than increasing its speed " - Mahatma Gandhi JOHN MERCADO . Life is occupied both in perpetuating itself and in surpassing itself." -Simone De Beauvoir RAFAEL MELENDEZ am the force, I am the fire. I am the secret source of desire " -Lee Wilson Dodd I ELISA MENDOZA ... Stupid ... biggest accomplishment, finding out I was going to graduate, remembers going to Carmel ,.. Spanish Club . , plans to attend Hartnell JEFFREY MESSERLI remembers the first semester of my freshman year when I attended a school in Seaside ,.. Basketball 2. Track 2. 4 .,. plans to make a concentrated effort to remain in perpetual existence limpossiblel, DANA MELLON ... biggest accomplishment, switching s'chools between my sophomore and junior year . , . remembers winning the nifty knees contest and class wit, R.J.. L.E., making friends Prom Committee, Christmas Ball Committee. New Renaissance plans to get out of Salinas, go to college, become famous. RAY MENDOZA ... biggest accomplishment winning medals in cross country and graduating remembers our basketball team Auto 1, 2, 3, 4. Cross Country plans to go to Hartnell, CARL MILLER ,.. biggest accomplishment, living . . . remembers snow. stereo set. Elton John, friends . .. conquer the world. DIANE MILLER ... biggest accomplishment, graduating. learning how to drive . . . remembers going in the wrong lane, Senior playnight meeting someone. summer plans to go to college. get a job, get a car, travel. CHERYL MOORE biggest aCC0mDlishment. graduating ... remembers my laughs and cries in English with Mr, Puterbaugh Music 1,2 ...plans to get a job, go to college. STEVE MORASCA ... biggest accomplishment, passing American History ... Tennis, 2, 3, Checker Club 1,2, 3, 4, C St D Basketball 2 . . . plans to go to college. DEBBIE MOLINA ... remembers friends. good times at A.H.S. . . . GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 ... plans to enjoy life to the fullest and to let life come as it may, RUDY MORA ... "There is no great future for any people whose faith has burned out." -Rufus M. Jones JOSEPH H. MORRISON ... Staggerwing biggest accomplishment, leaving his mark in history . . . remembers Seco, football, parties. P.K,, the "B" gang, Colt 45 ... football 2, creative writing, track. parties, art plans to go into the military as Com. Tech., become a creative artist. ESTHER MONTOYA ... "What is the present. after all, but a growth out of the past?" -Walt Whitman HELEN MORALES Hel biggest accomplishment, getting my car remembers snow on Pinto, Erik, Round Table. games, CCS Songleading 2, 3, 4, messing around talking, CSF 3, Track Interest 3. Unisons 3 . . . plans to go to college, get a job, have fun. BONNIE MORROW "God keeps up a continual conversation with every creature." -Paul Claudel 4 GUADALUPE MONOYA ,.,"To have faith is to have wings." -James M. Barrie RITA MORALES ... Paco ... biggest accomplishment, surviving Yearbook remembers AFS, surprise snow- balls, Jamboree '72, "Neato Burrito", the "Squad", Arroyo Seco, my "Friends" Yearbook, AFS, Band. Cheerleading plans to go to college, travel. SAMMARA MOYERS ... Sam ... biggest accomplishment, being elected class officer, being class princess, and being nominated for Basketball Homecoming Queen remembers when she was a Freshman and began learning the ropes . . . Leadership 1, 2. Homeroom Rep. 1, 2, swim team 1, 2. 3, History 1, Thespians plans to attend and graduate from college. MARY MUROUJA "In making a living today many no longer leave any room for life " -Joseph R. Sizoo POUL ERIK BERG NIELSEN ... Pjale biggest accomplishment, not being told what to learn remembers AFS experiences, Christmas Ball. Opera Trip. meeting lots of weird Americans .,, AFS. Electronics, Aviation plans to return to Denmark. continue education. getmarried. MIKE NURSE ... "The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones." -Chinese Proverb DICK NELIGH ... biggest accomplishment, helping the LWT football team beat Monterey .. . great parties at my home football 1. 2 plans to get married, join Air Force. Bur' ik- MIKE NOBLE ... "ln the concert of nature it is hard to keep in tune with oneself if one is out of tune with everything." -George Santayana DANNY OCAMPO Dan .. wrestling 1. 2. 3, 4 football 1. 2 Dlans to go to U,C.S.C ARLINE NELSEN "There is not great future for any people whose faith has burned out" -Rufus M. Jones REBECCA NORRIS Necky Borris . . . biggest accomplishment, going to the lake remembers making cookies for the Christmas Ball. rolling Kirt's house. announcing the football homecoming, Leadership . . . Fresh, pres., History 1, AFS 1. 2. wrestling 3, Homeroom Rep 3, Comm. of Student Store ... plans to go to Europe in July, work, and move out of Salinas, DIANA ODOM .,. biggest accomplishment, making it through high school remembers the football games and friends , . . student 1. 2, 3. 4 ,., plans to get a job and travel. 'kv- t A 1 DEBORAH NEWMAN ... Debbie ... biggest accomplishment. meeting a lot of real great teachers and friends ... remembers knees contest, Jamboree '72, Miss Schlentz, 5th period, Larry plans to work. letting things happen free. KIM NUNNALLY ... remembers Myrtal, my friends. Christmas Ball Committe, Band Aid . .. plans to go to Hartnell then transfer to Cal Poly. MARTHA OLSON ... "The spirit of man is stronger than anything that can happen to it." -Robert Falcon Scott GLORIA OROZCO Pee Wee ... biggest accomplishment, trying to get taller remembers friends, hang- overs, football games, going out powderpuff football 4, GAA . . . plans to continue schooling ALEX PARDO Al biggest accomplishment, meeting the people remembers making touchdown against Salinas High, Cindy, Senior playnight . , . football 4, basketball 3. 4, track 4 ... plans to visit friends at Alisal, get a job and then get married. BONNIE PEDERSON ... Benarie .., biggest accomplishment, getting a 70 on the sight reading test in band remembers community chorus concert, football rallies. football half time shows ... A-Cappella, German 2, 3 . .. plans to attend Hartnell, stay alive. learn to ski KATHERINE PADILLA "What is the present, after all, but a growth out of the past?" -Walt Whitman EARL PARKINSON ... Boy ... biggest accomplishment, meeting new people, learning remembers the many different views of people: good and bad football, cross country, track, making films, French Club. girl watching . .. plans to go to college, become me and study computers. CINDY PERALES "The people with whom we travel are much more important than the place to which we travel." -Ronald Selby Wright. RONNIE PAGE "The only new thing that ever enters into this world is a human personality." -Ernest F. Scott MIKE PEARCE Stretch biggest accomplishment. getting straight A's remembers winning basketball games and girls... basketball 2, 3, 4 plans to get a iob, travel, go to college. ALFRED PEREZ "The steps of faith fall on the seeming void and find the rock beneath." -Walt Whitman DONNA PAJAS .. ."Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. I Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old." -Franz Kafka ROBERT PEARCY Bob biggest accomplishment, meeting Karen Pettigrew remembers '73 football team getting into playoffs with Soquel football 1, 2, 3, 4, wrestling 1.2, 3 baseball 1,2 plans to get a good job and get married. BRAULIO PEREZ ... Lale ... biggest 5CCU"flDlishrnent. passing American History remembers Aptos, Alisal basketball game, drafting class plans to go to college. DAVID PEREZ "ln the concert of nature it is hard to keep in tune with oneself if one is out of tune with everything." -George Santayana LEE POWERS "lf Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?" -Percy Bysshe Shelley REBECCA TORRES RANGEL Becki biggest accomplishment. getting people irritated while getting used to Alisal gestapo .., remembers cutting with my doctor, daisies. Christmas Ball. Mr. Poulsen dancing, track ... plans to get a job, getmarried. travel. JAMES PETERSON "Joy is the gigantic secret of the Christian." - Gilbert Keith Chesterton. EDDIE RAMIREZ ... biggest accomplishment, not getting a haircut remembers car. job. Debbie football ... plans to get ajob, MARTHA REAL ... biggest accomplishment, meeting friends, graduating early, learning remembers Andy, snow. shorthand . . Spanish 3. 4, FSA 3, 4. Mayo 2 .. plans to get a job and get married. if if -is . , -as 11455.5- . l 2'fss-ts-1:15, Tif t, KATHY PETTIGREW Dimples, Ruth biggest accomplishment, getting the prom done on time. meeting new people, not getting my house toilet papered remembers prom, Christmas Ball, Jr. Class Princess, football queen candidate, all night party ... Journalism 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 2. 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Leadership 3 ... plans to continue to work. housewife, MIKE RAMIREZ "What is the present, after all, but a growth out of the past?" AWalt Whitman THOMAS REEVES ... "Unless a man undertakes more than he possibly can do he will never do all he can do." - Henry Drummond ps--,. K Q-.1 CONNIE PHILLIPS biggest accomplishment, getting out remembers Readers Digest, Pumpkin pies. RA . . . plans to work part time and attend Wayne's College of Beauty, ARNOLD RAMISIAL Cadiz biggest accomplishment, graduating . . remembers football games. car . . Karate Club ... plans to get a job, go to college, DUANE RICE ... "Happiness is essentially a state of going somewhere wholeheartedly." -W.H. Sheldon PAUL RICHARDSON ,.. "Jcy is the sign of spiritual maturity." -The Pure In Heart FREDDIE RIMINDO ... "As much of heaven is visible as we have eyes to see." -William Winter ANDY RODRIGUEZ ... Jr. .,. remembers my friends when they were nice to me, working in the attendance office . . . plans to work. VELVIE RICHARDSON biggest accomplishment, meeting a lot of different people remembers running for Jr. Miss, CCS, D.S., P.E, Leadership camp. ... GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 plans to go to Hawaii, get a job and then go to college and meet a lot ofdifferent people, JOSIE RINGOR Parakeet biggest accomplishment, getting into community chorus remembers summer of '72, traveling, football programs, "the Messiah" singing 2, 3, 4, Drama 2, 3, Spanish 1.2 ,.. plans to go to college and get a part time job. EFREN RODRIGUEZ biggest An-as-. JEFF RIGDON "As we acquire more knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible but more mysterious." -Albert Schweitzer CAROLYN JEANNETTE ROBENSON ... Bunny,Wart ...biggest accomplishment, learning howto drive ... remembers sophomore lover, choir, school games, friends . . , choir. A Cappella . . , plans to go to college, get a job, get married. accomplishment, getting an ED ROGERS .., remembers good graduating ... soccer 4 ... plans to times in the parking lot ... FFA 1, 2, 9915 mb and 90 I0 College, 3. 4 . , . plans to go xo college. JOHN RILEY Big Red biggest accomplishment, passing Nlr. Rowland's class remembers too much work and no money .,. Golf 1, 2, 3, 4 ... plans to go to college and geta part timejob. DELORES ANITA ROCHA Lorie biggest accomplishment, getting my lamb to King City ... remembers Jack -in - the - Box, Ray, track 1, 3, 4, FAA 2, 3, 4 .. . plans to work after recuperating from graduating. RICHARD S. ROGERS biggest accomplishment, buying a car, graduating, being on the honor roll . . . remembers Senior Halloween and Bermuda Day plans to go in the Navy, get married, go to college. WILLIAM SCOTT ROGERS Alisal "Mooch" . . . biggest accomplishment, wearing "slacks" to an assembly without Mr. Kearney telling me to . .. taking my nephew to shoot pool, working with Joao 'iHunch" Aidar ,.. tennis 3, 4, drama 2, 3. 4, conning teachers 1, 2, 3, 4, shooting pool without my nephew .. . plans to move out of "Hick Town". U.S.A,, go to school atli. SHARON RUIZ biggest accomplishment, passing remembers the prom, O.B. .. Badminton .., plans to get a iob, ROBERT SALAS . . . Frog . . . biggest accomplishment, meeting a lot of good people . . . remembers my junior year baseball 3 plans to go into service. LEON ROSS biggest accomplishment, making it through all four years ... remembers K.C. fair . .. FFA 2, 3, 4, girl watching 1,2, 3, 4 ... plans to go to college. DEBRA RUSSELL Debbie biggest accomplishment, winning a homemaking award remembers summer of '72, Christmas Ball, working in the Homemaking department, 5th period lunch bowling, cooking, sewing, flirting , ,. plans to travel, go to college. ALEXIS SALAZAR Lucky biggest accomplishment, placing in songleading competition remembers cutting out 12 pairs of shoes, football cake, box of popcorn GAA 1, 2, Songleading 3, 4 plans to goto college, get a job, travel. CHARLA RUBIS Charolette biggest accomplishment, graduating remembers Senior playnight, Ag. and summer of '72 ... raising steers and sports plans to go to a business college. get a part time job. PATRICIA ANN RYAN Tricia, Pat ... biggest accomplishment, getting to the 12th grade . .. remembers the Jamboree, fun. friends ,.. football and basketball games boy watching. fun ... plans to go to college and travel to see as much of the world as I possibly can. ALBERT SALINAS "Make all, within society, members of the crew, not passengers." -Elton Trueblood CHARLES FIUIZ ... Charly ... remembers football and basketball games, having fun tennis plans to go to college and electronics Il'8ll'lll'1Q. BRADY BENJAMIN RYBURN Rainbow, Ruby, Panda Bear biggest accomplishment knowing when to stop remembers camp. caroling. summers of '71-'72, Seco, Seacliff, L.T, Prom '72, movies with L,T., GC., R.J. and D.D., climbing to falls, Senior activities. CCS, plays, C,W. glitter fight, Jamboree ... plans to become corporate lawyer or bum whichever comes first GILBERTO C. SANCHEZ Wolley passing Mr. RowIand's XYZ English class in Jr. year ,.. remembers going through Senior year and completing it plans to go to college and find a part time job. LIULIA SANCHEZ .., biggest accomplishment, getting beginner's swim card remembers Christmas Ball ... GAA 3, cooking, learning tennis ,.. plans to get a job and a car and take life as it comes. JEFF SAVAGE Schmedlape biggest accomplishment, getting to play football and baseball ... remembers Senior year with Coach Pickford in football, '72-'73, football playoffs . . . football 1, 2, 3, 4, baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, NHS 3, 4, Stage Band 1, 2, Football Club president . ., plans to go to college, get a job. LIZ SCOTT ... "Rarer than books and ribbons and beads bright to see: this little key of dreams out of my pack." - Charlotte Mew ALFRED SANTANA Al biggest accomplishment, playing drums at basketball game remembers Mr. Horsley, band room, snow on mountains, Fox concert Pep Band, Stage Band, Rock Band .. . plans to study music, become a Pro drummer. DAVE SAWYER Pacho biggest accomplishment, getting through high school, remembers making all Tourney at AHS tournament, Paul E. Walters all tourney, playing championship JV team. Varsity team .. . basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, baseball 1, German, Electronics . .. plans to go to San Diego State. BILL SELLERS ..Let us on our wondering way, to the mystic heart of gold." -A.E. ALICE SARGENT ... Alicia biggest accomplishment, graduating remembers Jamboree, Mr. Kroeger and class, friends, wood, Roosevelt bus . . . office practice . . . plans to goto college, .ug PAT SCI-IERER ... biggest accomplishment, graduating .., remembers Mr. Wilson, Senior Playnight ... JV football 2 ... plans to live. GLORIA SHANIP ... "Old tales of life, love, and hate, of time and space, and will and fate." -Haniel Long DEBBIE SARTWELL biggest accomplishment, the rooters trophy remembers Seacliff beach, Christmas, Songleading and Charlie . .. GAA 1, Majorette 2, Songleading 3, 4, CSF 3, Gymnastics 1 ...plans to goto MPC. KARYN SCOTT K,J. biggest accomplishment, graduating a year early . . . remembers wrecking my car, getting a job, our club's Pie - Eating contest, L.S.E.P.F., Unisons plans to go to college, work and get rich. MELODY SHAMP biggest accomplishment. was learning to speak English Choir 2, 3, 4 plans to go to college. LLOYD ESHEDAHL ...Joe Cool ... biggest accomplishment, camp. meeting Teresa Thompson and Teresa Bakes . . , remembers Christmas Ball P.E. Leadership, work, bowling . .. plans to have funl, parties. dates, everything! DEBBIE SILVA Dirt Farmer remembers when the class of "70" was herefthe popcorn fights. Thanksgiving 1971 F.F.A. plans to go to Hartnell. BERTHA PINON SIMPSON ,., Bertie . ,. biggest accomplishment, growing up, and getting the man I always wanted ,., remembers getting married to Walter Ray ... advance homemaker . . . plans to work, buy a house, have a baby. DAVID MARK SHEPHERD ... Sheppy biggest accomplishment. making it to a Senior remembers playnight, B. S. ing the freshman. becoming a bachelor Metal Shop plans to become professional driver. JESSIE SILVA ...Jess ... remembers China Town, the ferry under the Golden Gate Bridge, biggest accomplishment, keeping busy ... Chinese Club ... plans to get a job, DEBRA ANN SLEVIN DUMB DUMB biggest accomplishment, winning Halloween Costume Contest, coming to school 3 times a week. going to work on Friday nights remembers gossip, green gloves. Christmas party. Deb's friend, and J.I.B. ... FSA 3, 4, plans to move to San Jose with Deb and Becky, I fi xjim DIANA SHUTE "The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones," -Chinese Proverb JOHN V, SIMAS ... biggest accomplishment, getting an "A" in Mr. Hale's class . .. remembersthe almost white Christmas ... parties .. . plans to go to college, live life day to day KATHY SMITH Putt- Putt biggest accomplishment, passing the school year remembers Roger. Bach, Sports, teaching P.E. going to games . . . plans to get a job. 'iffy CAROLYN SIGALA Seagull biggest accomplishment, buying a car . .. remembers psychology class . . , GAA, CSF, Spanish club plans to go to college. DEBRA R. SIMON ... Star ... biggest accomplishment. getting up in the mornings remembers lunch time, gossip, Main Street with A, B. C, J, and K. Christmas party, Jack - in - the - Box ,.. FSA ... plans to move to San Jose and go to college with Debi and Becky. PEGGY SNARR ... biggest accomplishment, graduating in my last year New Renaissance I. 2 plans to goto college and have a good time. BILL SNYDER Snort, Forger biggest accomplishment, FFA State Farmer remembers the Prom, Xmas Ball, K.N., S.A., spirit, Fosters, "You Got a Friend," "You're so Vain," "The Flat out Truth," Mrs. David Activities office 1, 2, 3, 4, FFA, SCF, Art, T.P. team, Leadership 3, plans to go to Cal Poly and fix my EI Camino JEFFREY MICHAEL STENTZ Jeff biggest accomplishment, making the symphonic band for 3 years remembers S.F. opera trip, chorus of "Guys 81 Dolls", going to Long Beach, going to Alisal go to Seminary School. DOMINADOR TACMO biggest accomplishment, winning the Director's Award remembers transferring into Symphonic Band . . , plans to attend college. LINDA A, TAYLAN biggest accomplishment, assuming responsibilities as an'individual remembers Waddles and Parakeet, Alisal Cross Country Invitational, and vampire tooth ... CSF 1, 2, 3, 4 NHS 2, 3, 4, Track Interest 2, 3, 4 French 3. 4, AFS 2, 3, 4, Thespians 2,3 Homeroom Rep. 2, 3 ... plans to go to college. CARLOS SOLARIO ... Charlie ... remembers cool people plans to go to college. MARSHA STOCKTON "Cheerfulness and content are great beautifiers and are famous preservers of youthful looks." -Charles Dickens JIM TALBOTT ... biggest accomplishment.graduating ... remembers making it through school. buying a car, D.L. Bowling 1, 2 . . . plans to get a job and get married. GAYLE STEAVENS biggest accomplishment, making it through Senior Year . . . remembers Christmas Ball, Long Beach and Disneyland passing out band uniforms, Mr. Horsley band 1, 2, 3, 4, CSF 2, llios 4. GAA 2, Unisons 2, 3 ... get a job, go to college. BILL STOUT . .. "The soul's joy lies in doing." -Percy Bysshe Shelley MARIA TAMEZ ... Mary ... biggest accomplishment, passing classes remembers Jamboree, summer of 72, Sept. 29, Oct. 20 plans to get a iob, maybe get married, -' : sexes. DEBBIE STEELE . . . "What a privilege to be alive in this particular day and age!" -Franklin D. Roosevelt DARLENE SWIFT biggest accomplishment, graduating ,.. remembers leaving Alisal . . , plans to move to Oregon, buyland. ELIZABETH TANAWAN .,. Libby ,,. biggest accomplishment, graduating , . . remembers football and basketball games, my friends .., MAYO 2, 3, 4 ... plans to go to college. V PEGGY TAYLOR remembers taking a psychology class with my duckie sister the D.S.l.H.S.O.L. club . . . plans to leave Salinas. go to collegehave fun. DEBRA THOMPSON ... Debby ... biggest accomplishment. getting through high school. passing math . . . remembers summer of '72, having Mr Puterbaugh for an English teacher. P.E, class ... choir. Unisons Club .. , plans to get a good job and have a good time. JOHN RICHARD TRAFTON Smoke biggest accomplishment. graduating remembers 73 basketball .., basketball, girls ... go tocollege. CHERLY VAN NESS biggest accomplishment. passing American History remembers English with Leon, the summers with Michael Wright . . . plans to get married and go to college. .J KIM TEAGUE ... "Any man can again have the joy of his first meeting with God if he will go back over the same road," -Roy L. Smith MARK THORNTON "The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life." -William Morris DONNA URREY ... biggest accomplishment was finally getting a job after years of trying . . . remembers phone calls from Gary, phone bills, talking too much in the attendance office GAA. Songgirl 3. CSF plans to travel for awhile, get a good job, get married in 1974. KASSANDRA THOMAS ... Kass ... biggest accomplishment, getting an "A" . . . remembers creative foods and First Aid . . . basketball, football. track. adv. creative foods and developing child plans to go to college. become a nurse or a telephone operator. CECIL THOMAS .., Fish ... biggest accomplishment. meeting friends remembers playing basketball. Lon . . . Basketball 1, 2. 3. 4 . . . plans to goto college. SUSAN VALDEZ... Susie... remembers Christmas ball llios Club, Flaggirl 3, 4, FSA 3. 4. Track Interest, participated in band activities . .. plans to go to college. travel and then get married. PHILLIP THOMPSON "CheerfuIness and content are great beautifiers and are famous preservers of youthful looks." -Charles Dickens LORRAINE TOWNSEND ... "The ideals which have always shone before me and filled me with joy of living are goodness. beauty. and truth." -Albert Einstein TOM VALDRIZ ... biggest accomplishment. developing philosophy for life remembers Fresno super sandwich, Bible camp at Yosemite . . . Yearbook 3. 4.nDebate 4. photography 1. 2. 3, 4, surfing plans to attend Peperdine. see the Country. YOLANDA VASOUEZ "ln every house should be a window toward the sky. MARY VILLALBA biggest accomplishment, passing all my classes with good grades, getting my license, making new friends ,.. remembers winning the Jamboree, Senior playnight, making a pii'ata in Spanish, going to the games with Emelda, Evelyn, 84 Lucy plans to get a iob, go to school in spain. i RICHARD WAY ... biggest accomplishment, staying in school . ,. Psychology class, the snow, Jamboree, football swimming 1, 2, 4 plans to join the army, try for Green Beret. MARILYN WHITE biggest accomplishment, bringing my shorthand grade to an "A" remembers the snow, Larry's party, friends at work Track lnterest, working plans to go to business college, RICHARD VEGA ... "Religion is man's response as a whole to what he considers most important and most real." -Nels FS. Ferre JAMES WALDROOP ... "Uncertainty and expectation are the joys of life." - Richard Congreve TIM WEBB biggest accomplishment, graduating ... remembers friends and football games ... tennis ... plans to go to college and getajob, TESSIE VENTURA .., Tess biggest accomplishment, graduating remembers basketball 3, 4 plans to finish my education at College. BARBARA CLAUDIA WARD HLW biggest accomplishment, learning to laugh at myself, not others remembers summer of '71, my kids, B.R. activities office, phone conversations, '72-'73 hassles, Mr. Poulsen . . . Girls' State '72, Jamboree Com. 3, 4 NHS 2.3.4 CSF, Thespians. Leadership ... plans to attend Hartnell then transfer to a universitv. DONNA WEBBER ...biggest accomplishment, getting a car ,., remembers Main St, "Porter", Jack - In - The - Box . . . plans to get a job. JACK VILLALBA ... biggest accomplishment, graduating, learning how to drive, getting an "A" remembers new friends . . . basketball games, football games . . , plans to go to college. DEBI WARNER Warne biggest accomplishment, passing my Junior year remembers lunch at the cool table, Margie, Debbie Slevin winning Halloween prize . . , plans to go to college. GEORGEANN WENCE ,,. George biggest accomplishment, making new friends and keeping the old ones remembers H'T show, band trips, basketball games, Yearbook, A,L., J.B, History 1, Unisons 1.2.3, Yearbook 'l, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4 AFS 3, 4, CSF 2, 3, Pep Band 4 plans to continue education, travel. DEARL WHITELEY . .. "The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones." -Chinese Proverb anim,- 'w-... BRUCE WHITMAN "Know well that a hundred holy temples of wood and stone have not the value of one understanding heart," -Zoroastrian Scriptures MARGARET WILSON ... biggest accomplishment, learning how to drive. buying a car remembers Mrs. Condren, 4th period, Chemistry class Track I, Library Guild, Work Experience 3, 4 . .. plans are to work, go to college. KATHY WRIGHT ... "The ideal life is in our blood and never will be still We feel the thing we ought to be beating beneath the thing we are." -Phillips Brooks DOUGLAS YOUNG ... Doug ... biggest accomplishment, buying a car remembers getting out after 4th period . . . plans to join the Air Force. RICKY WHITMIRE "As much of heaven is visible as we have eyes to see." -William Winter ROGER ALLAN WINANS JR ,.. Butch biggest accomplishment. buying a car ...remembers Jamboree, shop class basketball, water skiing ... plans to get a job and go to college. OSAMU YAMOGUCHI .,. Yama ,., becoming a senior . . , get a job. KAREN WICKHAM ... biggest accomplishment, learning how to drive . .. remembers winning the Rooters' Trophy at the Jamboree, the Lunch Bunch ... plans are to go to college. GLENDA WOODROW biggest accomplishment, winning the powder puff tourney in my Jr. year, beating Santa Catalina in tennis ... Christmas of '71, 3rd period P.E.. G.A.A,, Powder Puff Football .., GAA, Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4 Powder Puff Football 3,4 Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4 Softball I, 2, 3, 4 go to college, get a job. travel anywhere. ai!"-'x TSUTOMU YAMASHITA ... Torn ... biggest accomplishment, naturalization ,,. remembers double front somersault off the mini - tramp German 2, 3, 4 Band 2, 3 Stageband 3, 4 ... leadership 4 ... plans to attend college. A-......X - W9 try' LINDA WILLIAMS biggest accomplishment,graduating ... remembers Christmas vacation plans to travel, get a job. go to college. CRAIG WORTHINGTON ... floating 4 years through school "Leon St., Pmndalef' Cheryl's mad dad. my gas milege, BD. ... staying up all night to fix my car, just to mess it up the next day . . . buy a bug, economize. CYNTHIA YNIGUEZ ... "As one lamp lights another, nor grows less, So nobleness enkindleth noblenessf' - Library of Congress HELENE YOUNG ... Sugar... biggest accomplishment, graduating .., remembers my Junior and Senior year especially Mark T ... plans to try and go to college and get married, CIASS S "to see A wonlo m A qnAm of sAno Ano A heAven In w A wllo flo era, holo IDIIIFIIIN m the pAlm of yours NAFIO, AHC GTIGRYIIIV In An hOUl2. - WllllAm Blake . Xb" WZ V o .V - ? sw, ' ,, K' K A L- . f f ,,-'A " ,M-1' A SV' If My 3' .xxx kg , . NA.- X My .C 23,1 rf, jfs f ,. VS K 'f o wonk, to cane, to succeeo . . Class oli '74 Efficiency. hard work and merriment marked the year for the Junior Class of '74, The diligent officers: President' Willie Pura, Vice-President Larry Ingram. Secretary- Denise Bolin, and Treasurer- May Domaloag. organized a successful playnight. After a perfect playnight, the Juniors settled down to other activities. Some of these activities were fund- raising, A candy sale and commanding the basketball concessions were a few of the money-makers the Juniors accomplished. The funds raised from these activities went towards an excellent Junior-Senior Prom. Special thanks to Miss Di Vall, lVlr. Favero, and lVlr. Romero, whose enthusiasm and spirit brought forth the ever present spirit within the Class of '74. bs 5 .. . s.5 1 Vice-President-Larry Ingram Class advisors-Mr. Romero, Miss Divall, Mr, Favero sh Y Si is , rt W' ' 'T President-Willie Pura Treasurer-May Domaloag , is ' L - ' , X v. Q. -:Lat ' fer' t . x re l f' 'Y l K? 53 A Q if 'Sf' "' 'I . ,V ,XX 5 ii WZ? r 'P' L - Qi l, L If 2 e V? " . S , -A A H 4 V 2, ' J YY l 55' . 1, ,Q ' Q. '. ' .' ' Ii 1' f 1 ' ' mn ' 9' . r se J gf 3 , S K 3 is 'J vi A'-1, 4' .,- A .ISS ,V s , . 592 il Al -. L 2 ' f l J 'VS h 2 A 4... . 4, " ' LKQ-,. ' PT -. X ' 4 fr - L , .1 3, 12 1 Q ii , M., X ff- ,- Ai ,S ,.,,.-,,f ,c ks' E . X my E' Y 1 1 fb-V Kg K X Q Q W. 'F f y? f N L xx A , 4' A ,Z l " ,, A if A - . , L l ' Q" . O Q Vg: W L 1, - f I f X V' X oo? E' x " Q , J " , 'i i x . If rf ' r ' wig 2' 13 v- 4. G YS 'r Q Q- " 9 X me Sonny Acierto Lori Adkins John Aguilar Luis Aguirre Christina Akers Javier Alcocer Ernest Amparano Duane Anderson Lyn Anderson Suzanne Anderson Debbie Andrews Sharon Andrus James Arballo Jennie Arde Elizabeth Arias Susana Arizmendi Alma Armenta Billie Arms Tony Arroyo Minnie Arruda Patricia Arvizu Patrick Askew Julie Azzopardi JoAnn Bagnoli Karen Bailey Jeff Baker Philip Balgua Irene Ballesteros Victor Banda Leticia Banuelos Pablo Barcenas Lori Barnes David Barragan Evelyn Barrientos Samuel Bashline Evelyn Batara Paula Bealert Marvin Beleu Martha Berglin Rennie Bingham Raymond Bisares Debra Bledsaw Denise Bolin Gerald Bowlin Clinton Boyster Terri Bozzo Fay Bradshaw Martha Brammer Randy Brannon Richard Brannon Gloria Bravo Karen Briggs Rosemary Calderon Susan Calderon Ernie Camacho Sharon Camel 65 James Carothers Sylvia Castro Edward Cazarez Robert Ceralde Joaquin Cerna Hernando Chavez Naomi Chavez Jonetta Chenea Louis Chinn Rudy Cisneros Stella Cisneros Blane Clapp Mark Clark Jose Clemente Ricky Cokley Jerald Cole Gerald Collins Patricia Cook Jim Corbett Elsa Cordero Israel Cordero Leonardo Correa Frank Corteze Irene Cota Steve Crain Steven Cummings Alex Cunningham William Cunningham Paul Danyeur Diana Davidson Carol Davis Irene De Anda Danny Deaver Kathleen Dedmon Frank De La Torre Judi De La Torre fi, l C 2,ll Ii:Z?i .Q , 1' K 'S f-v A 4 A ik , ' ' Q n C1 8 If G! '5 'R Mil 1 A if X if -,. w. t ," f rg, sf X l A a f fs .J w Nfl 5 T...fw we f ' .V V it xi if X we 4 W ' 4 I v it f 1 W, in ,L A . ,fi ai ' 55,5 fr i '7' C l i N n ,my Wwe' ,i,l ,. , K 1 1 414 is ' if 1 2:52 ,rpm r ,X xc, A rf ' XM aw ' rs J 1 i. 2 '-' gf! WN , i X I t . i " 11. 1 if ., V Q. I lg-1 -,Vg ' ' 'Q is ,' I 'Q ' ' 1 Q J X- I I 1 y ' ,- If Q- lf - ' 5743:-. . J 5. ' ' ' 'Q . X RTP, ,gi Em it-ft-ski" .624 '- L-- 2'- eg pw My F .F ' 2 .x V rr gif .-1 f L f J I in g o K A V in , 3 I " Sharon Denton Alice Deome David Dew May Domalaog Mark Domingo Debra Douglas Robert Dow Kenny Drenk Marsha Duncan Frisco Edu Edward Elkins Florence Ellevan Stephen Ellis Henrietta Elson Timothy Enosaran Kevin Epperson Earl Escobar Guadalupe Escoto Ceasar Evangelista Gary Evangelista Irene Evangelista Teresa Fanning Loretta Farrar David Flores Patricia Flores Grace Fong Robert Fenner Steve Forest Wilma Fraley Patricia Francks Randy Freeman Lula Gallegly Diana Garcia Rose Garcia Debra Garner Anthony Gerbic William Giannotti Guadalupe Gilpas Guadalupe Gomez Tiburcio Gomez Aubina Gonzales Elias Gonzales Ruben Gonzales Tommy Gray Richard Grice David Groves Edward Guerrero Richard Gutierrez Rosie Guzman Gregg Hall Bruce Harland Diane Harrison Sue Havens Michael Hazelberg Beth Henry Carlos Hernandez Cynthia Hernandez Eddie Hernandez Virginia Hernandez Anna Herrera Sharee Higgins Cynthia Hightower Gregory Hilliker Christie Hopper James Horn Robert Horn Cheryl Howard Terry Hunsaker Kevin Hursh Martina lnfante Lawrence Ingram Carlos Jacobo Fred Jeska Nancy Jeska Angel Jimenez Juan Jimenez Patricia Jimenez Danny Jones Sheryl Kellogg Karen Kimmel Jody Kirby Rick Kirkpatrick David Kong Susan Krentz f' l 'X its-S , , f ' Qw-4' Q .. .af ag ' " nr H N 2 an 4 Yi 4 'L fm "'f"'A X 4 . -1,,: L , ifjgff ,,f'l' 1- 4: .,,. V Wag., T t' f 'ffl . 'K f 4 W, A VI -9 .f 9' , . K. A II ' Una I .fm rr fv lily? . A i 4 ll V Q ' N' Q 4:7- .re orfaaa grmriwar rr.r or i'T 1 QL 4, I L 'E' 'ff it V ei ,,ehz C l e K fa ' ilk ' fl 'i ' fm l 2:1:f2:E, ' ls. C f ' ,GZ V . . QL. ,,, F , ,fl I 2 rfgk all ' V sw ' A 1:51, 3 VA :fx A x ag, .fir Al f in uv Q 15 ag. 'fr-9 ,. A an l Ii: We ffi .1 ff-t-W X . L X Nfl N...,"e-' -if 1-.1-.. Sf T' ' ,v is gg. , ' M- it L. e V. . : "V xxx D fy O 1 liqy '.Lif7 C X A: I JMR. S 1.1 f f ' K In " 1 -g 'wr' . I r X ns 6. N 'auf' l 4 Q if l 1 'P X1 ' 5 jf,- . ,.j. e .ef 1 "Y ID . i, v : Digg 'A A2 Q, -cr g , '-x W., 1 f tk xx 1 i , 'lf gg 1, it ,, F' "ll f 5 -A ,?!,' Dwayne Kromer Michael Kubik Douglas Kuepfer David Langley Victor Larosa Carol Legg Eugene LeFloy Yvonne Lewis Cynthia Lim Kenneth Lo Wayne Lo Sherry Lockart Donald Locke Leonel Longoria Laura Loomis Stanley Lowe Aurora Lozada Priscilla Lozuda Thomas Luzod Cirila Macaraeg Henry Macias Shirley Macias Anita Magdaleno Randy Mai Lucio Maldondo Dominic Marquez Blanche Martinez Danny Martinez Sergio Martinez Steven Martinez Mario Mazzuca Martha McCommons Vivian McDonald Kathleen Mclntire Carolyn McKinney Gloria Mendez Edward Mendoza Charles Menezes John Mercado Zaragosa Mercado Bradley Messerli Carol Meza Michael Mithcell Carl Montank Kevin Montank Tina Moon Cheryl Moore Lyn Moore Lloyd Morish James Morrison David Moseley Julie Myhres David Muyer Connie Nelson Norika Nishihakamada Rebecca Novoa Debra Nurse Irma Olvera Raul Olvera Elizabeth Ortega Eva Ortiz Rosie Ortiz Mike Osuna Rafael Oviedo 2 -.. 1 gl .f MW' 5, J?" X .. , lx f 5,1 lf 1 J AV f L ,Wh-45 f T17 f .f 1,3 0 42 ,wa '? 4 ff vm 1 ' x I ml x 'N A f, .ow . VV Y Q. f 1 1 li X 'l ' fi r ing," M f haf' 5 if Q, , Q ' 'L v, 'f ' 4 . U l 1 .hex if Ri 1 ' or if v ff " iv - ,J 12 ,. ' if 1- aim- 'rl 4 A y I lm 1 Q 1 . .W ,V by . ii i 1" ll, Y ' ' sl L.. . , H ' rf , .5, li 4. 35 , .I . 3' L , , , i 1 .fi x A V if P 2 ' , A it 2 ' Q , 'b Q. '9214 , 4 ' 1 'Q ' ' 7 .. 2 A V 4-7 it V " N., ,gt , YA Q EN 'i 'if .iii l - X we . M E 1 f- Q- 4 ' H" A x I X .fi 133.13 i -'fix M-an it W'?W A K we , is 5. . . - w I h A Wx 'P 1' C Io , S ,T - P I1 1 -sl ' l ' R i is mix. N f X ' Qi X' iw' . V, X, ' , :ii , Z A 'T-4 ' fi J A E 1, I , fl ' A f 1, Ay C' 491 in f W 5' ' , if :rv 252' - ' is Q I. X y X . Susan Ow Rosie Page Adele Parise Yamilee Parisot Lonnie Parker Lorraine Parker Jerry Pemberton Jim Pemberton Linda Pena Cheryl Pendergrass Alfred Perez Arnold Perez David Perez Gilbert Perez Hector Perez Lily Perez Michael Peterson Karen Pettigrew David Phipps Hortensia Pinon Jeff Plumlee Patt Poole Donald Posey Roxine Potts Barbara Powell Rebecca Pulido Willie Pura Muriel Quintero Mary Ramos Rosalie Ramos Gloria Real Robert Regazzi Cindy Reyna Ronda Reynolds Manuel Reynozo Lorenzo Rhone Joyce Richardson Fernando Rico Ronald Ritchie Vincent Rivas Richard Robinson Saundra Rodman Vernon Rogers Alfred Romig Danny Ross Dwane Rowe Fronzaline Ruegg Richard Ruiz 71 Robert Ruiz Esther Russo Gloria Salas Debbie Salinas Joe Salinas Dwayne Samples David Sanchez Xavier Sanchez Lawrence Sandoval Steve Sandoval Clifford Sawyer Jack Schmidt Karen Scott Mary Scott Edwin Seals Michael Seitz Denise Self David Shelton Debra Shook Denise Silveira Sharon Simon Clint Sindel Leonora Sirwet Katherine Smalley Denise Smith Gretchen Smith Linda Smith Terry Smith Steven Spaunhurst Susan Stefani Erik Stein Mike Stidolph i""Qr gf' i X ' 3 K .-f..eA,,v'x-- ' :gui M n 'J-K Q B Vi L Q f' 3 s ff, gt N- ia fri 51 til TE ii i 'ii W S 43 .Q " I kj , i"i M-f "iQ ' 5A 55. ' ,: 3 ' if L , Q. E I Q T95 xr' . tw... , . , 1 V Xiilif? if fe' D i H' Wi' V: 4 I S' . W '-f' I 'Q ,, , 6, V ..,z1hJ,.. . . Xi! I ,t is-f li gy, N., xy -ci' Z - .W I gf x cv ny, L S .. C1 1, is it an , if-R .. Q ,. . wt. W F x 3 , .AX Q1 L ri' 4, X " I as S A - ,vt apt, an-r 5 x wr ' T , x fa W' if 4 4 i H! W' PF. . 15 Tina St. John Geralen Stockton Dana Stone Mamie Sum Flandel Swift Kim Taylor Michelle Thomas Debra Thompson Susan Tonus Richard Valdez Gary Van Dyke Dale Victorine Yolanda Vidales Rose Ann Villa Bobby Villaneda Maria Villasenor Jerry Walker Terri Walker Flobin Walter Tom Watson Thomas Way Edward Wence Craig West Lester Wible Charles Williams Crystal Wimmer Gerald Woodrow Osamu Yamaguchi Susan Yednak Laurel Yingling Thomas Yount f Y 4 1- 'i f f ,I 'ff f LXA iff , sv gl ' gzfwfk v AQ, Q, 3, x f gi 9:41255 Q an if 42w,gwvEy1 wrt? ,, V H x, 3ifZf13Ziffa Q " H' 'i Sym W Ki J 5 an W fa' H ' W g if 1 . if .2 ,, Qu A ff W Uh, w, ,Jim iw ' 1 -mx -KRW "5n-.. cs.-, 3,--, Mfg SI . I' 'fa 355 1- -1 ' S1 Am 15 TW 50" V . jg, ,EY : ,253 y -, pf , f A A 2: Q A f'H uh , , Q, 1,1 .fy - 45 f 5 4-3? Q ' 1 safe J , 1 aggffg f z. Q 11551 1.414-1 z4 5 'v -gf. .Q . .U iw .Wifi . ' . Q naw, Jumon happenings f 'A A VISION, A CHAUGUGG, A RGAUIIY Class GI: 75 Raising 81,000.00 for a fantastic Junior-Senior Prom was the main goal for the spirited, energetic class of '75. The Sophomore class strived to build their funds and started off the year with many highly successful car washes, benefit drawings, candy sales, bake sales, and a carnival booth. Among all the mass confusion of raising money, the Sophomores relaxed and enjoyed themselves at their playnite: dancing, gossiping, eating. . .and just having loads of fun. This year's officers, President: Phil Dyk, Vice-President: George Robles, and Secretary-Treasurer: Janice Haydon, put in much "behind the scene" effort to pull the class together. Without their advisors, Miss Alexander, lVlr. Espinosa, and Nlr, Mortensen, the class of '75 wouldn't have been able to "get-it-together" as well as they did! Weiser s 1 t i ima Q I 1 W es i, t-sr ami- Secretary-Treasurer-Janice Haydon was A 11 If at W v , , M X 'T' ' N l' 'if X ?s. X Q ,r A x ' ' . . If fir , ' C" l 4 ' I ' l i i 3, K 5 K Q - ag! wg m,., Z . 45 -Ii 5 Q A as L. 1 , ' T' 'K S.. 1 X lu K Q Q .N x 2 , iT T". N K A A 5.3!-, ' 4 - A ' , f Q ,, ,mi 5 + .4 A if ' Q' f R "m W' - t r 3 l 5 Q- ,iit us s A , v' K ' ' AL- E'-! " . .J K' Af' K 7 Lk. Z it X ad R3 Y FSE W 1.5 fe ' n - .. L .A k,,., , ' 'Y' A , W ,.. ,es -l if ' x L. ts A Q -I ' 43 A ,,. ti. G '- .5 , gr' X L -. ,, as .. r ., 2 f- JL fl - 1 . f l A i 4 All f X . ' X , ,LL, 1 1.24 ' i , A, K M X Q A A A A C A Q 4 vo. ,, ,Q 'r 1 ' '. G - -qi t ' , ' 'rr s , i N g . A 'Y' g' eil tj A-'t P . A f .fl y , , C . r t x 1AXK , H if.-VW 1 A 3. 12. - 5 U .. N A' 7, - H X Ass- if. ,. ,Q K riff. C X' 2 N Q" '98 Q .4 in t - - tt 5 i A " T 'f' t f- ' Y-" I N ' ,L l N ' 1 , is K It 3 .I SX ,V .t . y Q-f' t f 2,1 vf as t ' t 1 . K .. ' . ' - fl g Q -. .tg - QW t Vi ' ' Elan B' Manuel Acosta Eileen Agee Bernadette Agpaoa Ruben Aguilar Frank Aguilera Rafael Aguillon Oscar Aguirre Ethel Aledo Debbie Allen Javier Alvarez Mike Alvarez Patricia Amaro Edward Anderson Victor Andrada Lorrie Andrews Denise Androws Craig Andrus Robert Anthony Anthony Apodaca Marcela Arde Juanita Arios Josephine Arroyo Robert Arroyo Denise Ayala Frank Ballesteros Grace Bandung Maria Banuelos Wade Barcik James Baughman Billy Beaird Charles Beck Lonnie Bedford Erick Begun Barbara Belcher Julie Bellone Deanna Benefield Rita Bernal Fred Berry Fred Bigay Linda Blea Ernest Blevins Wade Blevins Terry Blizzard Richard Bordynski Robert Borrell Steven Bowers Kenneth Bradley Steve Briano Chris Brown Velma Buen Marquett Burgess Inez Burnes Madgelean Burns Stacy Burton Patricia Cabrera Aggie Camel Diana Campos Julia Canant Robert Carothers David Carrillo Jorge Casarez Roman Casillas Beatriz Castillo Carrie Castleberry Linda Castro Denise Cavagna David Ceja Alex Ceralde Roy Cervantes Armando Chacon Sylvia Chacon Robert Chandler Daniel Chartauros Gwendolyn Chastain Ronald Chisum Rosa Cisneros Laura Copus Andrew Corbin Dale Corbin Monica Cordova Rosalie Cordova Octavio Coria Foster Cornelius Pablo Correa Clinton Coulter Terry Countryman Michele Cox Charles Crain Maria Cuellar Michael Cummings Paula Cushman Elizabeth Dalton Dana Dames Becky Davis Chel Dedampierre Profirio Delacruz Sara Deliz Christal Dennis Sarah DeSales Joe Dew Beulah Diaz Roger Diaz Stephen Dixon Craig Doerner Lerma Domingo Suzanne Domingo Karen Doris Alan Douglas Cory Drenk Patricia Duckett Steve Dunn Ramona Duran Rudy Duran Patricia Durell Philip Dyk Alicia Echon Kelly Edmondson Elizabeth Edu Robert Ellevan Christy Epperson Francisca Escoto Gavino Esquivel Leticia Faliva Cheryl Favero Ernesto Felipe Hilaria Fernandez John Fernandes Annette Ferreira Randy Fisher Oscar Flores Rebecca Forest Cynthia Forgnone Timmy Franklin Albert Gage Yadira Galindo Norma Gam . . annmrib ' arcia Jessie Garcia Juan Garcia ,i i. , 4 sf " A i i A f W 1 ."' Y A , 1:4 g it ,, Q r A " X T-qbiffh 1 K I' 5, 2 i-' - V- C , , ,. if fi .ff "nge, M: R Cm- ' ,J ,Q td , X ny, 4 A .. N QW , er 'Allawi , .. 4 X . 45. , x , ' -i A ,IDA . Eg ,,gi Q3 4, ff ,R vt tr- fy' aj! ff ' " M2 ff N ,,,,,e,, Qi T 9.V i w, Lael. "' 'ii t W x 5 4 is ,ff ,,y,, rf it ,,,,,f . C V. C 5 C A 1 A Z' lii if e,s , ievf eagf 'et , '. AU, 5' " W , A ji 5 I Q ' A V ,v M : at 5 Qt if A -r 4 , C - get it , ' P i . - 2 221' i ' .E ' fi? f hw A qi it K .il ,,,, . M IW N I I 7' 'Z' 3. I Ri A :fi 'ie 1 4 , ., Q ' , A ., .,, , Ax5E 7 GM X 1. 1 .M V ' up V lvhyv f v, af, 2 12'-, rear f ii ,fi, + ll ix A, N- ' , 1 1 X 2' t ' "" Q A' ' F'- 'P' r 4 K , i ig if i - -' L V , ., Qt fe , qi . , . -ii img Q i ' I A g i I y ... ,nv 1, -1-'rf . 55' QQ ,gets V qc" Q f I fi- n R .,. A ri 'A ' 5 ' .. " 4: l 5' .. . T Li , 1 g r j I ,E .yr , . V i ,fs A Q K J r , - ,J 'N n 7 0 n il 4 - - ' so ' 3 - , ' V , Q uf- 1 , 1 ,,, f t ,M J . X J W A W Q 1- - v ,,, 1 . f g 6 . x 1 . Fl W 7 q X V . Q v- 13 - ' 1 53 is 5- I ' 1. . it 4. - , ,. H, x 1 K 2 , , -f ff, r Q v 1176 , g t W' . - " V. .i . r K I . , X I 1 1 ' 4 , t ,I ,r - H ,f ,, r ,L 'WZ14 ,'fi Yi NCL' 3' F A -Elf, if 1 , ,F . L fl' I , ,x 44 Y' 1 1- J. i ai' U YI-G in . X- I it-+I ri is 5 , X ' ff 'sw VE jg A , Ji F51 .H , V 'Q ' l I -, " 1 A r x. . -L Y 'ii' V ' N Q V: I A '1- 5 Q - -,A FQ ' Debra Geissler Rosa Gomez Estela Gonzales George Gonzales Maria Gonzales Ida Gonzales Douglas Gray Diane Green Debbie Greene Gustavo Gutierrez Elizabeth Gutierrez Nancy Haddan Jeannine Harden Renee Hargis Ron Harlan Curtis Harvel Floberta Heess Juan Hernosillo Beatriz Hernandez Blanca Hernandez Christine Hernandez Flosali Hernandez Michael Herrick Deborah Hoadley Denise Holt Robert Hopper Rickey Horvath Doylene Hoskins Debra Huffman Sindy Ingram Susan Ingram Debra Inman Angela Irby Johnny Jackson Linda Jeantrout Verlyn Jeska Flay Jimenez Veronica Jimenez Patricia Johnson Vicky Johnston Bradley Jones Mary Jo Jones Tammy Jones Mary Kawahira Kila Kesl Lawrence Knight Judy King Dale Kirkman Tina Kong Esther Lafebra Julie Lazzerini Lori Lightfoot Michelle Lineberry Keith Long Stephen Long Angelita Longoria Gustavo Longoria Janice Loop Jeffery Lorentzen Mike Lowry James Lucero John Lyons Darlene Machado Danny Madewell Dennis Maduli Irene Maldonado Vicki Maness Marsha Maples Dora Marsch Paul Martin Terrace Martin Diana Martinez Kenneth Martinez Rosemary Martinez Roy Martinez David Matt James Mazzuca Jeffery McCallough Meri McCann Shane McCauley Janiver McClelland Walter McCommons Douglas McCoun Alex Medina Dennis Melville Marylou Menard Guadalupe Mendoza Rosa Mendoza Steven Mendoza Debra Michaels Nancy Miller Dennis Mitchell Nicky Montoya Curtis Moore Martha Mora Christine Morales David Moranda Richard Mote Jason Muir Ricky Munoz Pamela Murphy Lana Musgrove Folyd Nelson Vickie Nelson Beverly Nutter Jimmy Obara Brenda Olds Esperanza Orozco Maria Orozco Johnny Ortega si 'Hy F W r- was , X x K9 KN it 5 l Q- as - sd it W i L, .Q ..XL We t. ,sg t fs K' '59 i.. li ,tsersf-1' '-5 ' 4 ' Eel K I L , . k V -'iw fp ' .-,, , ,ev Aixv K '15 . I L. - P ' .' j S if Q ' ,- 1 i. t- N 'lf ' as "J, . ' , A ' 1" ' , 9. - xr 1 QQ, 3 xf 4 sag' 'bf . .ttr cn- , ff , :Pa H X frank X h . -1, ' we wt tri 'uf .ggi vii? , f. it W. ' V f K J in jf V 3.3351 . K ii , f5 ' de st ,X , . 4 if Q .. :at K wig In We Sf ci, QUT K...-ft, ts t y -:pl -ns W, x H i J I A W , I Q. '-A , ,t '- f--X Q-,V '. fi f ew i 2 -y, s fe l ff K . ,K i ' Q- ii , t W , . J K , ia, x. t - - t ' N X- 1 5 iK Lrg, ,L K? ,1 gi K i i "Q gg, if t K K I 'L' I X S . L we .. .X 9 ' l ,' Q' fi .4 S f i X K T , Q, X t R Q I , . 'Wm' K"K ' K I . fl K K K J W D A- ,L-X, V y , ,. .,,. va- - s' R' QQ.: A- ' -1 . e i AA! . y d, ,,:N ig K. , ,. ,. b " .'-5 . "' fs KX Q 5 ' f X KVKK sf f ' - r y z, . e. ' ' .. -1- 7 JKQ., A at P' 'X . A It J ' I .1 Q . i 4 ai, 1 - ? f was " . t .3 . i ga X. 3 O 1 ik i my at , ' y' f in F tg , 1 Q -.- Yi 4. -lit -,ff .gq ' s. ,x , V J D Egg? U ' K A '-sg I f A ., Q il - "' ' . IT Q is . va V , Q Lf . Q if ,Q L ' , , 'fl S A XJ l if- H' 7. . N t it t ee, K ..f. - " F-QM, YY it 'if W H- j'!i'f..L fi 3 ., " I v Q G 1, I XA L K I .I as. sf , qegsj C- 4, , ' Y N I o i 1- ls- li is U 1 wr , -- I i .. W. fi a st if "- t " at wg? G 4, - R bm gy t :Q L 'ii - Y H' . 'X v -' , . 2- a 3-' . 'I x a-D, 'S Z X -fl"""' .rf , A H 4' T auf 2 ' 3 ' ' , F.. A ' X in L, if sa s iss' , 2 ,Uv ' vi .M 'ie 5 , V Q J 'I .,, -f z .41 N , Q f 1 A 'fag 5 Q , X M A 4 'Q' ., 1 y , ii? if 1 1 ". it .. 3 ae X E k A.. Maria Ortiz Gloria Osuna Jessie Pabros Nancy Painter Babara Palmer David Parish Diana Parker Donna Parsons Gabriel Payan Kenneth Payne Curtis Peebles Rosie Pena Lynda Perez Rose Perry Patricia Petersen David Peterson Mike Phillips Tony Piedra Terry Pollock Bobby Pope Candice Powell Kathy Powell Jennifer Prosser 'Serie Pugnier Vlichael Pura Betty Puterbaugh Jrbano Ouintero Euadalupe Ramirez Rosalinda Rangel Renee Rawson Clementina Reyes Robert Reyna Keith Rice Chandra Richardson Jesse Rico Manuel Robles Bentriz Rodriguez Efren Rodiguez Sherry Rogers .lim Romig . X 7971 asia Kose Gary Rowe Roderick Rozin Barbara Rudd Luis Ruelas Gilbert Ruiz Kimerly Rumsower Gene Russo Sandra Fluttschow Abel Said Edward Said Alfonso Salas Virginia Salcido Maria Salinas Norma Salinas David Sanchez Domingo Sanchez Ernie Sanchez Javier Sanchez Joe Sanchez Raul Sanchez Theressa Sanchez Richard Sandoval Benjamin SanJuan Tommy San Paolo Esther Santiago Rebecca Santiago Jesse Santos Connie Santoyo James Sasules Joseph Sawyer Jan Scarpa Mark Scherer David Schmidt Charles Schriver Linda Scoggins Waka Scott Bruce Seitz John Selva Beatriz Sepulveda Judy Serasio Guadalupe Serna Susan Serrano Vickie Shelton Jerry Shoemaker Jeff Sigala Sheila Silacci Robyn Silva Clara Simon Sammy Simpson Debbie Sims Charles Smith Debbie Smith Elaine Smith John Smith Maureen Smith Sandra Smith Jose Solis Janet Sory Marvin Souders Sharon Stanley Ann Stark Linda Steavens Mike Stein Glenda Stone Lucy Stone Ty rena Surrette Richard Sweatt Neil Swift Patricia Swift .,. Q ,fl Y 'Ggjl ini . 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Tracy Tanawan Keith Taylor Connie Tavares Rickey Taylor Rosie Terrones John Thoeni Lynette Thomas Suzanne Thompkins Joyce Thompson Kelly Thompson Louise Thompson Randy Thompson Ronda Thompson Theresa Thompson Yvonne Thompson Rhonda Thornton Terry Tinney Valerie Tonus Raul Torres Wayne Turner Clement Udasco Linda Upp Jose Urquidez Thomas Urrey Jesse Valdez Julian Valdez Lupe Valdez Mary Valdez Agapito Vallejo Delia Valverde Richard Vanwyhe Yolanda Varela Linda Vaughn Alice Vega Victor Velasco Bruce Victorine Estella Vidales Auggie Villa Manuel Villa Ismael Villarreal Robert Villegas Joyce Wadsworth Michele Waite Jimmy Walder Terry Walker Griffin Warren Timothy Warren Elaine Wortman Judy Washington Pamela West William White Diana Whiteley Darlene Whiteley Cindy Whitmire David Williams Patrick Williams Robert Williams Kristine Willis Leland Wilson Ricky Woodrow Aaron Wride Rickey Ylitalo Michael Youngquist Mike Zwarts XX ,- Y' If avi ' 1 , ,..W, Fw .av Q9 hm, f x 1 ia.- wvn rf '33 , ,N ...x .x A., x X .33 . X Ni WX X N Qeshman 'ERIVIA 1 ' ' I v.-,M '.Ji,xuxU,u,' M-mwl ' 1 I T' 1351! H1 4 Richard Abebagt? Denise Adams, Tommy Aguilar, :Ailison Teresa? Janet Amonette Judy Anderson Adelia Andliaidiiii XS'- Kit! Andrus Frankie Anness Pam , 2 , lf!-:api S We . ,.,h,W.1, ,V Q fi 7 W1+,,w i , s- 5512 Y 5, M A 53' , r-fee 1,111-le V ,z - if 1-WNW i ,. . Q -X..-W f, Q., ., Aguimonr JOSRFQ UQ, Penny Aguirre, Joao Aidar. Mary Lou Aldapehigenjamin Aledo,'Christigte Allen, Linda Kiilihony, Ralph Apodaca, Connie Arde,i,Qj3lVlIaryrg'Arios, lllda Arizmendi, Christina Armenta, Rafaela Arn-ignte, Debbie rArno3ii,f Cleopatra Asuncion, Velina Bagggiyigliyilmichael Barcikj Art Barrientos.lRay-geasley, Ed Beck, Steifii5fBelione, Sharorjfliellville, Alan Blineiield. Chris' Bernal, Roberta Binghamgfggine Black, Viola Biaiicolfbarla Bledsavv, Joe Blohm, Bloomer, Jiariice'iBohde, Rodney Boles, Earl Bounds,i'gQaiQEfiBijurbon, Rick Boyster, Richard Bradley, Alex Bram,biliaQ1f Barbara Brannen,gLewis Brewer. Roger'lbrlghtwelgljilijfjggiBi'ist,ol, Mike BrooKs,,David Brown, Mileezigruce, Shfarci1'Buckman, lrene'Buckner, Rudy B'ueri..0,scar Burton, Nick Busane, Esther Cabreragiiggiink-Gagle, Gilbert Campos, Emelda Cariga,JRel:gecca Carpenter, Carillo, Cary Shannolifllllackie Ceetaneilla, Marial Castillo,'Robert Castillo, Kathy Caja, Jesse Centeno, Pilar Cervantes, Alfred Chacohwlim Chand'Ier:'Raymond Charfauros, Dennis Chastain,lifiRosemary Chavez,:Sl-iaron Chisugn, e,ri Coffey, GregifC5Tucci, Susan Comer,,Lydia Contrerasg,Rodneyiiontreras, Earl Cook, Deborah Copeland, Jefij3yl,3,QC'ordovafE StanleWCorrea, Linda Cortez, Vincent Co'TfelQ?QAgnes Cosioif-iSteve Countryman, Karolyn Cover, M ry Cowen, Larry Coyle, Yvonee Creasey,ifPajmiCrites, Loretta Cummings, Paul Cummins, ifi Cunilia, Mike Cushman, Leila Damasco, Neilpanielson,,William Dean, Martha De Anda, Robert Deerin,ggfyllenEly Dehart, James Delory, Naomi De Sales, RuthiQleSales, William Dew, William Dias, Arthur Diaz. Diaz. Doug Dixon, Paul Domi!!!-IQ Pi!1BfDomingiii5z,flgeticia Dominguez, Linda Dominguez, Pat DubleiE3oi5fi5iii1Duran, Steve- Dyk, John Daniel'1Eldi'ed, Charles Ellevan, Constance Eliint, Pat Enosaran,'Donna Epp, Frank Escobar, Espinoza, Elina Estrada, Allan Faria, Barryferdinando, MargaretiFerreira, Tom Figueroa, Forgnone, Franco Armando, Anne Marie llirassetto, Danny Garcia, Gerardo GarcieX,f'Juen ,f Vince Garcia. Lucy Geronimo, Rita Giles, Terry Goldsmith, Arnold Gonzelesgglggbina Tiigjnzales, Elfifiiekfiiizales, Elizahetghggonzales, tl-!enryiGonzales, Oscar Gonzales, Rudy Gonzales, Terry'Gosf5if?Becky iGi5wa, Roy Gowinyvlargaret Grecegffifilisemary Greene, Rachel Gutierrez,,Cindy Haas, Pat I-lale,zfKathie Harlandiifgiglvis "Harrington, Jaeqijieiiililerbert, Keith Herman, Baltazar Hernandez, Edwiarfirjllriernlandez, Juaflfiita Hernandez, ManLiQgfHern,andez,iiMaria Herrera, Barbara Hofler, William Holland, Fred Holman, Rita Horn, Robert Humphrey, Jeanine Hursh, Becky Husted, Margaret Ingram, Napioleaon lsla, Robert Jackson, Roxanne Jackson, :Qarl!gqIeifSel?ike,'Roberta Jay, Marlene Jefferson. Marvin Jefferson, Chris Jenson, Benigno Jimenez, Susan,- ,..., X .. ,rf is M, mme ,, iirr ,rg ,-s, A are - ' sec Jii'nipezg,jlDavidJones,David Jorgensen, Pat Judge, Kazutokamimura, Akira Kawahira, Sandra Keebler, Debra Kelleig?Qgi,fi2Eggl1fl Rufuskemp. Candace Kershner. Julia Kesl, Debra Kimball, Ronald King, Mike Kirkpatrick, Ann Kraker, liiiiidiiilireidel, Ricky Kreidel, Tsugu Kuramura, Dolores Lacanlale, Jose Landeros, Lester Langley, Kathy Larick, Steve Latham, James Lawson,-Mary Lazzaroni, Linda Lightfoot, Candy Lineberry, Robert Lizaola, Debra Long, Loretta Loop. Arnold Lopez, Karen flgoijpnitzen, Mary Lowe, Pricilla Lozada, Michael Lucero, Maria Lugo, Linda Luker, Cherilyn i 1 . ppp. zes'..:,.:.sxF - ., Maddox, Michael Madriaga, James Mankillar, Cesar Marin, Ampaso Marquez, John Marsala. Katherine Martin, Maryanne Martin, Rosie Martin, James Matt, Barbara Mazzuca. Ricky McCallough, Roger McRae.'Jennie Medina, Mary Medina. Richard Medley, Rafael Melendez, Dana Mellow, Kathy Melville, Robert Mendez. Elisa Mendoza. Ramon Mendoza, Linda Menezes. John Mercado, Jeffery Messerili, Carl Miller, Diane Miller, Steve Mohler, Debra Molina, Esther Montoya, Guadalupe Montoya. Cheryl Moore, Judy Mora, Steve Mora, Helen Morales, Rita Morales. Steve Morasca, Joseph Morrison, Bonnie Morrow. Sam Moyers, Calvin Muir, Mary Murquia. Richard Neligh, Arlene Nelson, Dianne Nelson, Deborah Newman, Poul Nielsen, Mike Noble, Rebecca Norris, Kim Nunnally, Michael Nurse, Danny Ocampo, Diana Odom, Martha Olson, Gloria Orozco, Randy Osborn, Ricky Osborn, Alonzo Osuna, Sandra Owen, Fe Pablo, Myrna Pablo, Marilyn Pebros, Katherine Padillo, Ronnie,Page, Donnie Pajas, Alex Pardo, Adaberto Paredes, Earl Parkinson, Mike Pearce, Robert Pearcy, Bonnie Pederson,QQscarlPemberton, Cynthia Perales, Alfred Perez, Braulio Perez, Danny Perez, David Perez, Robert Perez. Heinrichfferry, James Peterson. Kathy Pettigrew. Connie Phillips, Lee Powers, Gloria Pritchett, Mike Quale, Eddie Ramirez-.Franklin Ramirez, Arnold Ramiscal, Rebecca Rangel, Martha Real, Roy Redwine, Tom Reeves, Willie Rhone, Duane Rice, Paul Richardson, Velvie Richardson, Jeff Rigdon, Edward Riley, Freddie Rimando, Josephine Ringer, Louis Rivera. Gordon Robb, Sally Robertson, Carolyn Robinson, Richard Robledo, Dolores Rocha, Bertha Rodirguez. Andy Rodriquez, Edward Rogens. William Rogers. Tommy Rojas, Alan Ross. Leon Ross, Charla Rubis. Johnathan Ruegg, Henrietta Ruelas, Abel Ruiz. Charles Ruiz. Pete Ruiz, Sharon Ruiz, Debra Russell. Patricia Ryan, Brady Ryburn, Robert Salas, Alexis Salazar, Albert Salinas, Joyce Samudio, Gilberto Sanchez, Julia Sanchez, Alfred Santana, Miguel Santos, Ruben Sapata, Alice Sargent, Deborah Sartwell, Jeff Savage, David Sawyer, Pat Scherer, Katherine Scott. Elizabeth Scott, John Scott, Leon Scott, Bill Sellers. Bernard Sepulvado, Ronald Sewel, Ethelen Seymour, Gloria Shamp. Melody Shamp. Lloyd Sheldahl. David Shepherd, Steve Sides, Dwane Shute, Carolyn Sigala, Deborah Silva, Fernando Silva, Jess Silva, Robert Silva. John Sixas, Deborah Simon, Charles Simonson, Bertha Simpson, John Siordia, Deborah Slevins, David Smith, Kathy Smith, William Smith, Peggy Snarr, Bill Snyder, Carlos Solorio. Bianca Soto, Cary Stark, Gail Steavens, Deborah Steele, Jeff Stentz, Duane Stevens, Marsha Stockton, WilliamiStout. Darlene Swift, Dominador Tacmo. James Talbott. Maria Tamez, Elizabeth Tanawan, Danny Take, Lonny Take, Linda Taylan, Peggy Taylor, Pamela Teague, Markos Terroneas. Michael Terry, Kassandra Thomas, Deborah'Thompsons, Mark Thorton, Cecil Tomas, Ismael Torres, John Trafton. Susuan Trimble. Donna Urrey. Gloria Valdez, Mary Valdez, Susan VaIdez,Tom Valdriz. Cheryll Vanness. Ana Vasquez. Yolanda Vasquez, Jose Vega, Richard Vega, Tessie Ventura, George Vidales, Jack Villalda. Mary Villalda, Jammie Villarreal, Randy Villarreal, Steve Walker, Debbie Warner, Claudia Ward, Richard Way, Tim Webb. Donna Webber. John Weiner, George Ann Wence, Marilyn White, Dearl Whiteley, Bruce Whiteman, Ricky Whitmire, Karen Wickham, Linda Williams, Margaret Wilson, Roger Winans, Linda Woodrow, Craig Worthington, Kathy Wright, Osamu Yamaguchi, Tsutomu Yamishita, Cynthia Yniguez, Kenzo Yonemitsu, Doug Young, Helene Young, Lester Young. ACU ITZIE time IS not measuneo By the passlne of the yeans, n' But BY what one ooes, what one feels, X ano what one achieves." Jawahanlal nehnu f Ei ii at I E 5 2 32' QU 1 , . l":k, si as-4 R ? V bg W ,.-nan-04 ,ff an-"1 ,Ni A rv f X if ' SN LX' ' :N 3 lfun Ano Games Boil Gown to Wonk . . A. .B. Officens, Commissionens This year Alisal has a fabulous group of active and able - working students to lead the school. With Mr. Poulsen advising them, the officers and commissioners did their absolute best to assist and lead the entire student body. Activities that the officers and commissioners had this year included many enjoyable student body dances, hysterical and witty rally skits, and the most important of all, the Walk - A - Thon. When asked what President Scott Rogers thought of being the student body president, he replied: Being president of a school of 2,100 people brings to light a number of pleasant as well as unpleasant issues. I have seen things that I do not like: some I have been able to change, others I will never be able to change. I must say that I have had many more pleasant experiences than unpleasant ones. Concerning the people of this school, I have made many more friendships, and although I have lost the association with some friends of the years past, the friendships definitely still do and always will exist, How the office has affected me as a person I cannot say: it is always hardest for one to objectively examine himself, but throughout the year I have learned more than in the previous IO and I place an extreme value on that knowledge. LJ fi A.S,B. Vice President Earltgounds. 'R Treasurer Kirt Andrus nq l A.S.B. Assistant - Treasurer and Secretary Karen Briggs and Karen Pettigrew I. fi Q, ,r t ' Qt' A.S.B. Commissioners from left to right: Linda Allison, Doug Dixon, Nita Forgnone, Becky Norris, and Theresa Amaro 1"' A VCICG In Stuoent GOVGIQITITIGDII . homenoom Repizesentatives fx 1" ' t Any suggestions or comments? Want to know the latest news about what's going on around school? Ask a homeroom representative because he would know. A homeroom representative is a reliable student elected by his fellow third period peers. He attends commission meetings representing the voice of his homeroom class. Then he reports back what was discussed and what should be voted on, Special thanks should be given to these students who link the student body and commission together making Alisal a great school. What would we do without them? 3:1- "I firmly agree." fi Representatives preparing for a discussion Taking notes on up-coming activities. Spmlteo, llmenol , Ceolcateo . . . 1973 Songleaoens Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings at a single bound , , No. it's not superman but . . . the songleaders of 1973. These girls have entertained the student body with various routines during the half time. We salute you, Songleaders of '73. Debbie Sartwell, their head songleader commented, "I really enjoyed being head songleader this year. Songleading is really a lot of fun, but it also takes a lot of work. I believe it's up to every member of the squad to make it the best." we 9 ex." - ffxgy? 1 553' 595 . T'N!1--'rv-'S z fx .Vt ,Q Y' , 1 1,-.QiHft?fK+ '??' Qw . . tgps., 3 . . r, aww 45 ' X ft fl A Yf W' lgfqfm f - , - . rf, QM, it -4,54-. FL Yi , . , . ',v'rf,1 -,gba ,g'1,,,51X.g N,-:kit V . ki. , 4 r vte. . W. 'L ' Y .wt r".':"1. . iw , ".',.,"j,vvN :ML 1' .M . A fmi, 5. if-1: ' Nik 7171+ gy Jfftu-l.Qy V ' ' xx V '!.1.".w ' "Rf ef , 5 i'i':5' 44.4 ,-474' . . . . . ,gags - , 'ff V nl '.Xgf-.iii-xD? '4 ,egg , H -. V- ' i - f :l2w2fy:nifRg1, a . H-' J 1 . 3!'Y'l'5i57T?:nF55' , H tS5yQv47,?lQQg1,f".v J 5, ,wgk3g,:.4QH',??,'E, femff.. -- 1.'Y.ii? i-lf . iw. -, fr -as - 1. ,,.xe:gx - . J' xv! . Alexis Salazar If Grace Fong -e..-.l,ulie,Azzopardi T ' Agnes is .,.. .. 393 .-,---..,.--, ,f,L, ....f, ., ,., ..- .ie Nha - .. fi! ir... A Smile A team A yell . 1973 Cheei2leAoet2s Leading the student body into various group cheering were the Alisal cheerleaders. Through football and basketball games, the cheerleaders have kept the restless crowds entertained, These gals have captured the 1972 Football Jamboree Rooter's Trophy for the seventh time in a row which was a great accomplishment for them. The cheerleaders have done a fantastic job this year. Thanks for a job well done. ' m . J 4' Q .- - r'..?'. , . ' "oi - -'f' 'QS A .Q A 1. D 0 -v - ' 5, 4 .. .3 I: Q1A",t.'!tQ, S - . 11' P." -, ,X N515 in " Q' f 8 gf- ' , ' 'J-5 "' . fa ,iff , 4:9-45-jvfii :T 11.l.,. 1 5. ,,.. J iw- 103 . ,W , .,. QOUIIIDGS, DRACTZICG, AHC hAl20 WORK . . . JUNIOR VARSITSV CHGGRIEAOGRS varsity A Q W- .. WZ AHOINGR AOOIIIIOIT . . . majoncttcs This year there was another addition to the Alisal marching band . . . majorettes. Two hard - working girls marched with the band at parades, twirling their batons and showing off gigantic smiles! These girls practiced diligently at night rehearsals, learning new routines and keeping their batons in top shape. Advising the girls was Miss Alexander. Majorette Majorette Debbie Sims Jeanette Anderson in SJ' A Special penson . . . mascot There was a very special person at the many league basketball and football games, our mascot. Diane lDinkerl Harrison has been a fantastic mascot this year, cheering and showing her appreciation for the players of our teams. Mascot Diane "Dinker" Harrison Danaoes, Glamon, Competition . . the lilaoomls XV New M -fo Aa Q The Flaggirls always add glamour and zest to every band performance. This year the flaggirls performed at the Jamboree andimany opening shows during the football season. They traveled with the band to many parades, earning first place in Soledad and Pacific Grove and third place in Merced. The flaggirls also found time to compete with other schools in central California. They entered the Door Decorating Contest and did very well earning honorable mention. Towards the end of the season, they performed at basketball half-times and marched in many spring parades. Susie Valdez, head flaggirl, summed up the year's events by saying, "As flaggirls we're very proud to represent our school. This year has been exciting and active for all of us." fO cf I-. ep.1r 'I ---A-- B 5117 5 I " gilt. . ' , ,' -J 1 Qillfi' . 'e m' QQ?-.'.'f'2iQ.2 -11 :rg .gs 'ae 5 sg:-,,.r ' . B t is gil ' ' V' w "1 .X ua Q 2 :X a A X . ffl Q V A-'V' Ani i I -x rzench fooo, people, Cultune . . la lileun oe lls J- l , i in himse Winning second prize for their Christmas door began the year's activities for the French Club, Working together, they produced one ofthe outstanding activities this year, the Twirp Dance. With the assistance of their advisor, lVlrs. Bainter, La Fleur de Lis proved to be one of the outstanding clubs this year, The officers were co-presidents, David Kong and Lynn Anderson, secretary, Sylvia Chacon, and Grace Bandong, treasurer. "We had a lot of fun this year working on activities like the Twirp Dance and Mardi Gras which were great successes. We also learned much about the French culture and especially enjoyed the French food." cs, , 1 0 . . 1 ,ff N I V4 ru h . V. fgyqqtugyv-3 AK Everyone goes back for more. Mmm ,r,.. good! , LA. Q...--1' r Spizechen sie Oeutch? . . Qenman Clue Excitement, energy, and fun, fun, and more fun were the answers we got when asked what this year's German Club was like. The German Club was one of Alisal's most energetic clubs. They started off the year actively by selling their tasty German Gummi Bears, placing third in the annual Christmas Door Decorating contest, and taking many interesting field trips to places like a Viennese Bakery where they enjoyed many bakery delights. The club's hard-working advisor was Mrs. Smith, and the club's officers were president, Chris Jensen, vice president, Earl Bounds, secretary, Mamie Sum, and treasurer, Tom Yamashita. We asked what Chris Jensen thought of the German Club. He replied: I think that the German Club is one of Alisal's most active clubs, with this year highlighted by fund - raising, field trips, and our annual year-end banquet, German Club is a fun and exciting club, and I would heartily recommend German to any student considering a foreign language. iff if '50- ra il' Q kg R 9 4 3 , fungffssc G , 3 Ltqz . 1' ,- ' - .' 3 ,Pk 'Why gas ,,, .' New , .ttt We 4 honoiz Stuoents pnomote i FII,- health Caneens Gxploizeo ., ,Z lntenest in Civic Alifaiiizs . nhs Promoting leadership and scholastic ability, the National Honor Society was advised by lVlr. Baxter. This club consisted of scholastically inclined students who obtained their membership by invitation. Carwashes were held to build N.H.S.'s treasury. The officers were Chris Jensen, president: Joe Aguirre, vice- presidentg Claudia Ward. secretary: and Sue Trimble, treasurer. Asking Chris Jensen for a comment on the National Honor Society, he replied, "We promote interest in civic affairs to provide a means by which honor students may be recognized by the community." 1 ,1 ' . 14 f 4 A42 '21- . . health Caizeeizs Clue The Health Careers Club is made up of students interested in a medical career. The club started off the year by entering the Christmas door decorations contest. The outstanding members of the club were Diana Martinez, president, Kathy Melville, vice-president, Julia Cariat, secretary. and Sindy lngram, treasurer. "All of the members would like to thank Miss Brown for being such a terrific advisor. She has helped answer a lot of the questions we've had about medical careers." fowwu 775 Xi :.f r- f ,L ,, fl - gift? K' ry ' il l 'M Futur - -be taksabre ' ..-fu 5 E' Q 2 . : . it T. if A 15 ri .i i i E :ie T . W i i... - ,L 5 ' x -5 1 : - , ii ' ' T' '. T Q . 3' -I 3,5 J t i , i Arif, r: f 3, Q. , 'S' A. -pi U -X5 vi .. M ' .. , "J 8 gr . A L ,u ,A A 5' i 4 fiili -' 1 is E K I,I'IQl11'i11 .i A "'I1Z1ffQ21'Q 1 - iii? ' E 5, X .Q , their doordecoratio g K argi- A ith 3 :E i fx. 5 lf . " fi l . Q. f , - 2 rin ' . ' L i . ,. i ' A 'N jf Erdildotin I ,.1':1 . ,,. U O BACKIHG UD OUR Wl26SIlEl2S . . lllOS CIUB Wrestling fans of Alisal High composed the llios Club. With the help of the wrestlers, club members, and the score-keeping statisticians, wrestling has become an ever popular sport at Alisal High. Serving as president this year was Bill Dias and assisting him was Barbara Powell, secretary, Suzanne Anderson, treasurer, Debbie Douglas, and Sergeant-at-arms, John Marsala. Bake sales were given at the meets to raise money for the club. The club was ably advised by Mr. Rice and lVlr. Espinoza. Commenting on the club, president Bill Dias replied, "l think our club was one of the most involved and experienced clubs active this year." JM! Q Members discuss the upcoming match. 'tm Was that ,early the Score? The wrestlers are also interested. Your order please? The llios treasury grows. . . Debbie is impressed. . . I Q i A, ,TL l ! a Stuoents honoizeo pon Scholastic Achievement . . csf l i li X spians discuss a new play. s The California Scholarship Federation is a state-wide organization. It is designed to honor students for their scholastic achievement in academic subjects as well as service to the school and the community. C.S.F. held carwashes and a bottle drive to earn money for their annual trip. The money also went to the scholarships which were awarded to the deserving members at the end of the year. Outstanding members who held the club together were: president. Joe Aguirre, vice-president, Chris Jensen. secretary. Cleo Asuncion. and treasurer, Grace Fong. Advising the club was Mrs. Cobbley and Mrs. Bainter. "Qualification for C.S,F. is a great distinction and I thoroughly encourage all who qualify to join." X , .. A ' 5 . f X . V1 ,nefaf N .xr.,4-,LJ A f' , 1 J QC? .- an Oizamatic oeoication . lnteiznational thespians Lights, curtain . . . action! The production of a new play was in progress as the actors promptly took their places. These students were members of the honorary International Thespians who had earned their titles by putting in 100 hours or more of any work connected with the theatrical arts. lf not on stage, other members were behind the scenes busily engaged in creating the sets and programs for the performances, Directed and advised by lVlrs. Smith, the Thespians produced many exciting productions this year, "The Dramatic Arts have never and will probably never receive the wide recognition that it deserves. Our society is devoted to achieve that recognition. In drama there is much more than meets the eye and hopefully the vision of the students will improve." f :QI ,a RADIOS, CIQCUIIIS, mooel AIRDIAHGS . . GIGCITRCDICS A110 AVIAUOH The Electronics and Aviation Club accomplished more for Alisal High than most of the students realize. First, they did the fantastic job on the Christmas lights that brightened up the school during the holidays added a little spirit around Christmas time. President of the club was Steve Countryman, vice - president, David Matt and secretary, Anthony Gerbic. Asking Steve to comment on his club, he said, "l think that the Electronics and Aviation Club will have a newer and more exciting future." CWI 2'9" ft g llliili t r-' AHS! Nfl 'U16 BUSINESS WORIO . lsepf LSEPF .. . laws, sales, economics, and personal finance is what this club is all about. With the help of lVlr. Fourcade, the club gained insight to the business world by handling, counting, and keeping records of money. The club sponsored the ever popular pie-eating contest and ticket raffles for baseball and football games. LSEPF president Lewis Brewer worked with his fellow members, Karen Scott, Linda Menezes, Tammy Prescott, Paula Howard, Doris Lepper, Melissa Burkeen, Deanna Benefield, and Terri Amaro to make the year as enjoyable as possible. Commenting on the club, Lewis said, "The biggest activity of the year was the pie eating contest." Anita CBD . ., . , e H113-ll fr iii ll? illw I r sxiwfsiszsm. metals, Welome, Scizap . . metals Clue i 5 N 'N i . --ST' sn-k. .3 ,. f, tin X x i Now this is how it's done . 'wg Welding, you might say, is their speciality, and that is how the Metals Club managed to make all their money. They deserved it though because with the special advice of their advisor Mr. Larry Hale how could they miss? They built many things for the prom. such as a bridge. They did little odds and ends for the school, like designing and building a drag to smooth out the track and baseball diamonds. All the little things that add up to big things in the end. The leaders of this club were president Ed Rogers, Bruce Whitman. vice-president, Steve Sides, secretary, and John Marsala, sergeant- at-arms. We asked president Ed Rogers to comment on this year's metals club. He replied: "l think the club is great! The club will do really good next year, as their will be lots of new boys in shop." , - 'Q y fv'fQ"jsavf Metals' Club officers 1 vw Someone's busy 'rf is X -is N X is is A1 QW' 4 1 9: 0 t A, M , 4. . sw f 5 aw ' people leanmno aaout people . .Amemean lllelo Seizvie lVlrs. Di. A smile and a friendly word are small things-it's hard to know how to say thank you. But people who take time out of their lives to further the causes of love, peace, and good will are important in this world-and thats why you're important to us. 1973 A.F 1 '- 'L .' A 2 .x Riw aweek. 'I Our foreign e John and Paul-Our 1973 foreign exchange students. I 114 fir W i S ' xi V1 tl K Our foreign exchange students and their brothers Earl and Paul 4,1- Thank you Mrs. Di' Vi . 'I livestock, lano, Contests, l2iBBons . . . Ella Competing in land judging this year werei Ed Rogers. Earl Escobar, David Brown, Rick Cokley, and Bill Snyder. .As tunnis f" 'T' .Z"'y.- vb ""ff'-As-3931 MM A 'F fiifiiisi v.fHf7.jg4w, '- Future Farmers of America must have been the most active club on campus. Not only did they sponsor the King and Queen of Hearts' Dance which was a BIG success but they also held the Donkey Basketball game, went to the state convention, and attended twenty judging contests of land, livestock, and vegetables. "Youth with a Purpose" was the motto of FFA., which the club more than lived up to, This year's officers include president, Paul Richardson, vice-president William Smith, secretary, Kathy Martin, treasurer, Sharon Andrus, sentinel, Charla Rubis, and reporter, Rick Cokley. William Smith, vice- president, commented on the year's events. "Alisal FFA. gets a lot from the Student Body and hopes that you, the students. get much enjoyment in return." 1 f? 1 1 Xfrgi' f N -,I H" 1- -"Y as ..,-,- 6 Z9. """ L4-I Front row: left to right: Mr Mullen, C. Andrus, E. Escobar. G. Hopper, M. Lazzoroni, K, Martin, T. Fossette. M, Stidolph, 2nd Row: B. Farnworth, J. Cokley, C Brown, M. Cox. C. Dedampierre, M. Martin, D. Dames, M. Bernal, T. Rose. 3rd Row' D. Dickerson, B. Hopper, W. Smith, T. Martin, K Andrus, S Andrus, C. Pemperton. Back Flow: S. McCulIy, E, Rogers, Fl. Cokley, P. Dyke, B. Snyder, L Ross, D. Brown. L Jeanlrout, C. Rubis. :wg Eli, -1' x Gala- -... 'Nl' -ev - .yqf aa. jill Sponts, Oeteizmmation, Oeoication The Girls' Athletic Association was one of the most popular and busiest clubs on campus this year. While keeping their cool and looking feminine, the girls who joined G.A.A. always worked hard either trying to compete in their sports or trying to raise money for their active club. There were all kinds of sports: gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, swimming, softball, track, tennis and even powderpuff football. The girls were led byz Glenda Woodrow, president, Sharon Andrus, vice-president, Velvie Richardson, secretary, Karen Briggs, treasurer, Terri Bozzo, fund raising, Katie Padilla, publicity, and Nlamie Sum, Custodian of Records. With the help of Mrs. Camany the club withstood many of the problems and challenges clubs face. f I 1 . Qf,-Qi5., Loves .L X J N ik All the members of G.A.A, an GAA. Bozzo Katie Padilla Mamie Sum 2 lf Y A Eli i I.. . Blocks, SWGAIERS, DOIDIS . . Block A Choo-choo O . LA The G.A.A. snowrm - Y ., Block A is an exclusive club for sweater holders only. In order to get their sweaters they have to gather G.A.A. points. One trip the club participated in was to Eastridge to try out the sport of ice skating and another to a professional basketball game earlier this year. Under the leadership of Mrs. Camany and Sharon Andrus the club accomplished a lot this year. Sharon Andrus commented on her club: "This year Block A enjoyed many fun activities, such as barbeques and parties. We had a carvvash to raise money. Our advisor, Mrs. Camany, participated in many of these activities with us l SKGMGK Cin Anticipation? J.- 100. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii w-H 1-mwngnw. W-----A-0 A - W ,. .. .f-2. - q 1-- tickets, Dopconn, Dizooucmq movies . . the Classical llilms Clue Want a bargain on an old movie you missed? The Films Club will help you with it since that's their speciality, showing old movies. Students interested in the club joined together to show some of the best movies ever. One of the movies they showed was "The Haunted Palace " With the leadership of Eric Stein and the help of their advisor Mr. For eman. the club brought many enjoyable hours to many people Assisting Eric this year were officers: vice-president, David Banda, secretary, Rose Ramos, and treasurer, Susan Ow. We asked Eric how the club started no . . ur club started and was very active during the summer. We made our own movie to help stimulate our interests in the motion picture industry." - ,i .' f KX' I L7 1 President Eric Stein raps with the other members. jig, at W S ' A 33.7, Q- -1555.5 3 ,. 'gk .E f i K. A ' X' si 71 Mr. Foreman, caught in a serious mood we lluno Raising, Cultunal pmoe, Unity . ITIGXICAH AITIGRICAFI YOUTH ORGAUIZAIIOD Togetherness is the theme word for this year's lVl.A,Y.O. club. The lVl,A.Y.O. club really got it together this year by meeting every day during fifth and sixth period to discuss activities for the year, such as dances, carwashes, bake sales, and a year-end picnic. They also discussed and planned a dance for a Chicano scholarship which turned out to be a wonderful success. Officers of the lVl,A,Y.O. club included president, Shirley lVlacias. vice president, Anna Herrera, secretary, Angie Marquez, treasurer. Becky Navoa, publicity manager, Judi Delatorre, and sergeant-at arms, Baby Gonzales Sponsors included lVlr, Martinez and lVlrs. Dolores Laysoya. How can one describe the feeling of togetherness that the lVl.A.Y.O. club has? Shirley described it as: "The lVl.A,Y.O. club of Alisal has been very special to me and to my CARNALES in the club. They made every event we had a beautiful happening and feeling of togetherness among us Chicano students of Alisal High, To know that we can work together to strive for a better cultural background in this school is rewarding," Brvttow ,f Jfvf-wif' if The ivi.A.v.o Club X 'f . fi wifi.. :..........-.- Den Ano papers in hano . . quill Ano Scnoll Ever wonder why YOU were never a member of the Ouill and Scroll Club? Maybe it's because you didn't know the requirements. Ouill and Scroll is a club consisting of honorary members who are sincerely interested in all aspects of journalism. Requirements include having 'lOO lines of copy published in the school paper, being a Junior or Senior, and being a paid member, One of the most memorable events was the dessert party that Ouill and Scroll held for the A.F.S. students. Everyone had a good time, especially when IVlr. Puterbaugh, their advisor, started whipping up gourmet treats. Members of the club included president, Connie Elliot, vice president, Kathy Pettigrew, secretary, Karen Bailey, treasurer, Jonetta Chenea, sergeant-at-arms Art Barrientos. Other members were Steve Bellone, Pat Hale, and Fay Bradshaw. We asked president Connie Elliot to comment on this year's Ouill and Scroll. She replied: "I loved every minute of it!" 7 V ,V V si ,,w,,L,,, ,QKAM-ge. -'Mylipshrg seaIod-!"- ' ' ' ' . , . . . . , . , . , . , . . . . . ,.,--" iffy ' l'lllU 3' .Pd K gg lfffglgraff ,. , ,ff . lm, HSiiiirir.iry Snrirty liiriiiigli Srliiinl Eliiiiriiirlbts :rits Swqw ,.....i. 1.- :Xlisnl Digi: Sfrhnul, Salinas. California rg. s.,i..,....-Q ...i,..v.....,.., ,,i.e r,-.......i.i... ,iw l Hliitvrunliuitzil Srtuiih lllzirr Atuiirh y iii ills t-t.iiimr.iri.-ii vlssrlr.-til views,-rrp.-is 4-irrbir-'QQ lv' shrill .r..s.f1.r.irm.uv ilii.-will ir, 5.-lm li.-.mat Uliriuil 9.-rrvita luyres ilu.: iitiwnrh A.-pifiillifr riirwiwi liiriimrt-5 srurntritimi ' I f '7 'rl ' 'Thope pieturo theyre faking lof' alright in the . 3, 'Q' wi '. Bonnie Pederson typing a "hot" news story ASSISIIHG U16 COACHES AI U16 'CRACK meets . . 'CRACK Cleo measures the decisive long jump. Jesse impatiently waits for the final results, l 4 fn fa 'lim 1:i1.,'? IDIICRGSII Track Interest is perhaps, best summarized by its president, Cleo Asuncion, who said: "The primary activity of the members of the Track Interest Club was assisting the coaches at the crossecountry and track and field meets. The various jobs range from keeping score and recording times and distances, to raking the jump pits and providing refreshments for the team. Track Interest earned money by selling football programs, and at the end of the year the club and team members got together at a playday, The club is very active, and I encourage everyone to join because I feel that track is more enjoyable by being at the finish line when a runner breaks a record. and by helping and meeting the team members instead of just sitting in the stands." CI I G cl t1fi,A-cwN -I, QQ Some members of Track Interest get together to sum up the day's events. kts? S 'I Cn the Jos tnainmq . . . liuturze Secrzetames of Amemca Throughout the year. the members of the Future Secretaries of America acquired knowledge of secretarial functions. These future secretaries learned useful practices such as filing and learning how to use the adding machine. Nlrs. Kirschner, their advisor, was ever- present to help the members along in their endeavors to acquire office practice. President Candy Lineberry noted, "FSA has been a learning experience as well as a fun one for the members who participated in the activities. The members worked together and many gave much of their time to the group projects. It has been a good year for the Future Secretaries in which much was accomplished and many fun times were experienced." The officers this year were Candance Lineberry, president: Becky Husted. vice- president: Debbie Simon, recording secretary.: Debbie Slevin, corresponding secretaryz Susan Valdez, treasurer. L ' ' i U52 5451 .'., ' ug! fic lit X 19 The members of the Future Secretaries Club ' . - I F.S.A. officers left to right: Debbie Simon. recording secretary: Becky Husted. vice presidentg Candice Lineberry, president: Susan Valdez. treasurer: and Debbie Slevin, corresponding secretary. Mrs. Kirchner assists an F.S.A. member on a correspondence letter. Pinning the incoming members of '72-'73, ,M Q iv-1 c G, v""'m.1,,. the l est F.S.A belsates, Competition, tounnaments . . Speech 8, Oesate Q-Y' MA- 'rt club ssist Mr. Logan in directing Events Tournament an ' ' I Lou Bre I 7 C aimed at recruiting new before giving n 5 Q if: zy- :E 3 if .in Log! s with interest as speaker Mary I F-Qmlwlji. -- ,T Y g as--Q. of hier topic. Onaftmo, Designing, Builoinc . . Cneckens Clue Surveying the Jensen Ranch and selling food in the concession stands at the J.V. football games were some of the outside activities the members of the Checkers' Club accomplished. Each member maintaining a "B" or better average was selected from his drafting course to join the honorary club. This year's officers were Art Barrientos, president, George Acaya, vice-president, David Moseley, secretary, and Tsugu Kuramura, treasurer. The Checkers' Club was ably led by their advisor, Mr. Price. Art Barrientos replied: "The events sponsored by Checkers' aided us in financing the activities that made our club one of the most exciting and interesting at Alisalf' Club president Art Barrientos shows off a smile while holding up the fence. The Checkers' Club members: George Acaya. Art Berrlentos. Jesse Centeno, Armando Franco, Akira Kawahira. Tsgu Kuramura. Ron Hicthio. Steve Morasca, David Ruegg. 4 "I Believe In music" . Vocal Qnoups This year Alisal's vocal department consisted of four musically inclined units: Girls' Glee, Girls' Choir, A Cappella, and Vocal Ensemble. Each group strived for perfect blending. good tone quality, improved sight reading, and advanced music fundamentals. Girls' Glee and Girls' Choir's main goal was to prepare for A Cappella, while A Cappella reached for Vocal Ensemble, and Vocal Ensemble .. . well, they just kept up their smooth tone quality and perfected their singing! After these groups practiced and practiced up to their music instructor's satisfaction. they showed off their musical talents by performing at many concerts, where they received rewarding and meaningful criticisms. Let's give a hand to the future singers of America! ' xii J ' K l' The Alisal High A Cappella group. Ill Concentration is the name ofthe game. fin Qmls' Qlee, Gmls' Chom, ocal Gnsemrsle . . . L . - ng wg, i-ll Members left to right. top rowi Chris Deanda, Tammy Gamer, Cathy Jackson, Angie Shelton, Gloria Domaloag. Cheryl Pemberton, Marilyn Stidolph, Janet Smith, Teresa Garcia, Cindy Henny, Middle row: Jeannette Bounds. Tammy Dibble, Armenia Mallari, Irene Cota, Gloria Simon, MaryHSiabab,a. Rena Havens. Rhonda Ross. Kelly Thompson. Georgette Powell. Front row: Edna Bandung, Josephine Pacquing, Lupe Castillo. Marilyn Salveijo, Esabelvillaneda, Members left to right, top row: Regina Thoeni, Martha Brammer. Marsha Donken. Karyn Scott, Annita Burton. Sally Robertson, Alic Deome Lori Gannone. Sandra Ru tsc ow, Patricia Swift. Sharon Andrus. Carolyn Robinson, Christy Epperson. Middle row: Carol Davis. Rosemary Grain, Angela lrby, Diana Bledsaw, Cheryle Yednak. Vivian McDonald. Lori Smith, Janice Loop, Debra Douglas. ln Ok Choi, Stella Kim, Front row: Liz Edu, Kim Rumsower. Susan Lopez, Velma Buen, Linda Melgoza. Donna Parsons, Mary Tamez, Michelle Lineberry. Marcela Arde, Members left to right. top row: Robert Humphreys. Gloria Shamp, Paul Lawson. Mike Nurse, Gerea Kelley. Danny Simpson. Middle row: Margaret Ingram, Frank Anness, Marsha Stockton. Steve Lathum. Melody Shamp, Front row: Mary Cowan, Darla Bledsaw. Rosemary Chavez. Cherilyn Maddox, On the Sweet Ano On Ilouiz A h S Banc Nlusically spirited and talented was the Alisa! High Band. The band was jam-packed with creative, talented and eager students just bursting to show off what they could do. In the fall, they performed and placed in many exciting and competitive parades and entertained the student body with their well organized halftime shows. During second semester, the band changed the scene and entered the symphonic season, becoming regular Mozarts, Bachs, and lVlancinis'. During the symphonic season. the band took a tour to Marysville and Nevada City to show off their musical abilities. Afterwards, the band rewarded themselves by taking a trip to the snow, where those who knew how skied, and others had just good clean fun organizing snowball fights and building snowmen. Want to know the secret of the band's continued success? lt's Mr. Horsley, their devoted director. Skilled and talented in the music profession, he gave all he could to the musicians of this organization. Other loyal officers were president, Pat Hale, vice president, Kayce Cover, secretary, Denise Smith, and Treasurer, Suzanne Anderson. We asked president Pat Hale to comment on this year's band. He replied: I think the band had a really great year. The band started the year with an all-time low enrollment, but they didn't let that stop them. The highlight of the year was the tour of Northern California. The group planned it and then did a fantastic job at all their concerts. This is not to say that the band didn't have its problems-it did, but the guys and gals always seemed to come through. I think that is the sign of a truly great band. After the performance of this year's band, I think we can say that we are still Number One! I ' , i ' 1 3 0 I 'i J l P ---vw-f-.11 ' ..l-wf,1..,. r m-1, Y AIisaI's brass and percussion secnon 2 kk S as K 5 R R i 335 3 Q 'A K Horslsy, our ou h and fear ess leader. AIisaI's woodwind section. n '1 fi 1 . Alva The brass sectlon shows what they can do. It takes a perfect musici have a 1 vyfifs , ' K 2 'E' 5' 'r"r'm"'f ' J Mllelelaysd., . W., 1 Cizoppmo, Copy, Check lists, llizustizattions . . . 1973 tizojan Working on a yearbook is a unique experience. Very few organizations work under the same - atmosphere with such productive results. Tre- mendous pressures, continual misunderstand- "ig If . Q iii 3 w ings, and constructive criticisms are present at ' each level of staff production. But as the staff packed Mr. Kearney's office to view the newly arrived books, a certain sense of pride and ac- ' " "'- f complishment filled the air, and the staff sudden- F' ,.i . ly became as one, forgetting their many argu- ments and disappointments. The books had 1. arrived, and it was theirs. These staff members 1 Y - as were as varied as raindrops in the sky. Yet if one looked at each long enough one could see a certain quality each must have, a determina- tion to produce the best yearbook Alisal's ever had. Bernadette Agpaoa, a lively class mem- --- ber, was a willing worker when one was needed. Janet Amo- nette and Joe Blohm lent a hand on the senior section. Joe also helped with sports and in secur- ing patrons for the book. If there was anything to be done that required experi- ence or simply a will- gmrimf 5 't 'Jing . W QTJZJ- V , 'A .ANN M H P, Nu , xy A i 3 ', 146 ' T' ' ' Q V -. E t -'i .f - .. g , V, A 1 1 ,, . - ' 2 yi il Q 1 J W . ' 1 ' 'ik , Siggkp- .2 ft ., J , r,, . ' X Q :.,ffi-iflal-r',i,vL, V' ' .. "' f4i-2"-Z.'i- fi af--z. s Q31 Emf-.'-. "'5'f1.' 1 V' ' . f 1 2 -s Q ' " 'S i '-t""I2a'fiif1'ff.' 1 ' "' -. .tJ'...v" . ,,. i M95 . .t , N. pe-sem. . 1 .-.,, ingness to help, Fay Bradshaw was the person to see. A never ceasing fountain of energy, Fay often worked till the early hours of the morning to see that a deadline was met. Paula Carrier and Carolyn McCart aided in advertising. Sylvia Chacon, Maria Cue- llar, Chris Morales, and Ebby Martinez combined efforts to produce some of the best copy the yearbook has ever printed. A photographer needs to be ' much more than just a picture taker, i he must have imagination and a sense of timing. Tom Valdriz was one of the most competent photo- -' graphers around. Photography helpers who assumed major roles were Charles Crain and Manuel Nerez. Along with pro- ducing outstanding copy, Mamie Sum and Cindy Forgone labored successfully over the girls' sports' section. To become an editor of a section is to have great responsibility placed upon one's shoulders. Two people who handled their editor- - 1 Q FQ' .,.. 'N b , Xu - X f EE .I Af.. ft? V i wi '36 'V 5 ,,, l i K Y 3 yi 'X w -kr Jimi, i tt gtg fr' ' l 'Riga 1 I L- K. "' ilk ' . 'tf iiifi 4 W. M my jj 1,1-:sr . ff ., .S .5 1. 'T Q 5 if-. t - l f . T x . Q t. g I ,. , Vu A' . -", . i 9, 1' . - f I7 N' " -fl . ,4Af:fjfebJ,5,l . .4 '-f!',iE:1a',4?Q at z. 2'-x'3,fflg.M ' ' T .U U A sr f' A fa' S 1. iv's' Awami eiigkf 5512 P , ships quite well were Debbie Sims, classes, and Janice Haydon, organizations. David Jorgenson was boys' sports' editor with Mike Pura taking over during the latter part of the year. Lending their talents to organizations were Brenda Olds, Jessie Pabros, and Diana Wilkinson. Gilbert Perez and Gabriel Payon assisted the sports' editors. Jimmy Nlazzuca co-editored the faculty section with Claudia Ward. Brady Ryburn worked on the senior section. Finishing four years service on the staff was one of yearbook's most capable members, GeorgeAnn Wence, of advertising section fame, Always eager to help each new and old members GeorgeAnn was a constant strength to both the staff and its advisor and editor. Two people directed the course of the yearbook, mold- .f -fx . A s', 51" A-pf' ,T . f' fa 5 3 T .pe ing and forming it into what the finished product would ia' 4' 1-5 T- ' z be. As mere humans, they make mistakes. The difference being that their mistakes would be preserved for posterity. -...ill lxX .s.. . T I , i s . Qgywxg x.,4 xy 3 55-L'k fb-?32t4fs K.. ix Nix i T y Y ' r . it 4 , 1 . , .4 V-aux V ' ' 1 1 , ' " L, 4 ' - V 1 ,K Q qgregtfff j , ' 355351 ?41f?5a.Q'1.f'T . , ,z:Ei,, ' f, ,iffff ' Q P . ..,. X 341 594 V1 A veteran of four years, lvlr, Angelo became more than just an advisor. Rita Morales' second year as editor proved to be even more of a challenge for her. Rita, however, met the challenge in producing the 1973 yearbook. These were the members of the staff who were thinking different thoughts as they crowdedinto Mr. Kearney's of- fice, and in most, a pride swelled in their hearts as the books were viewed for the first time. At the same time a sense of finality and sorrow filled the room, for never again would the same people work together for so long and hard toward the same goal. ug lnteizestinq, up-to-Cate . . tizojan tmlsune The Trojan Tribune staff finished another successful year in producing an outstanding monthly newspaper. With the guidance of Nlr. Puterbaugh, their journalism advisor, the staff produced various interesting and fresh ideas in many of their columns. The Tribune brought us up-to-date on many of the sports, up-coming activities, and recent news around the school. This staff should be commended on a job well done. This year's editor was Connie Elliot, assistant editor, Kathy Pettigrew, feature editor, Karen Bailey, sports editors, Steve Bellone and Art Barrientos, business manager, Lucy Stone, ads manager, Karen Bailey, distribution manager, Art Barrientos, photographers, Pat Amaro and Kathy Pettigrew. 5 is 6 . 5 fi 5 ff ,Wifi f f ...I -'Q f'M'f""""" 'sl-. X Mr. Puterbaugh looks on. ,Q z iii elim Simi sim, i One picture says a thousand words. Looking busy all the .-,L .Wu uma. i'uff'EZ'.l Chicago, B., S., 8a t., Santana . . pep Bano Chicago, Blood, Sweat and Tears, and Santana were the types of songs you could hear at any football and basketball game from our fantastic Pep Band. Led by band president Pat Hale, the Pep Band played during half-times to raise the spirits of the Alisal students. When Pep Band leader Pat Hale was asked about this year's Pep Band, he replied: I think the guys and gals did a fantastic job. We practiced for a half hour before a performance, and they still came through with "flying coIors." I don't think I could have asked for more out of them. We had our rough spots, but, by and large, I think we did a good job. The members didn't get discouraged when something went wrong. I would like to thank all the members for a job well done. f game IITIDRGSSIHG SITIIIGS . BANNER QIRIS Practice, practice, and more practice was the theme for the Banner Girls of Alisal High. They had night practice, practiced 5th period. and practiced with the band. They represented the band in parades always giving the crowd the first impression of the fantastic Alisal Trojan Marching Band. J' N A h S 0: Fw Q ?fP 22.0 como ...gk un, 220: QKQQQJ 502 '62 2950 i :WI 'TEE : an :Qc :wg j"gf.a. Usw-C 72D 3350 54.-T Q33 2233 o 5: O Q29- :mm ,,,:. SEE :ELS lo 'SCE mf-3+-' Quad or fe Ogg E+-13 -'C Egg'-' 252 ..a.:Q. as E or -12 U5 Eva ,EH 'MZ 959 O QCD 25 iv: ww EQ ns- was C.: 36 0+-I 'DD man gh. F3 UFO 50 Op U9- 2. Q2 mu O: mfs WE S-Q P.-I 21.1. 30 'nc gee +-25 O C 6 E honey taste 0 ps, IIA CA R060 ITIAD, CO AI GS, B Cl may 110 m0 UGS, H - u 51, , 612 Gm SRG th 6 lIkE th 133 jx iw, Q 5 iff? 4DQim5f! A S ff? L A l uvuam19Q 33 I ll 1' N sw 5 :s cn E i A -1-Y 12 5 .Q E' Q I A001099 Hu ln sulnofin ' OS lulvfx H IIIUG ARES to me eveny noun of the llqht Ano oank IS A mmacle. eveny culslc meh of space IS A mnzaclef' -Walt Whitman V V V li 5 . Q an 4' ' ,J x . my , 'bfi-.adg-Q S ,T an 0' I "' - . V! 1 'fn Xu 'U t I ' x the wonlo of Cneativity . . . ant Oepaiztment Working with leather, ceramics, jewelry needle crafts, and sculpturing were many of the creative crafts of the art department which the beginning art students learned this year. The more experienced students increased their ability in the crafts, The arts and crafts were taught by Mrs, Roessler and the skilled workmanship of teaching the fine arts taught by lVlr. Lee covered such things as painting and drawing. Though there was no Renaissance Faire this year. the students' work resulted in many fine objects. The departments continued interest in local art contests and generous contributions, such as Christmas hospital decorations, added to it prestige and community involvement. Working together or alone their work was highly impressive. Mrs. RoessIer's art students hard at work. Mrs. Roessler and some of her creators. a l i Some ofthe many things Mrs. Roessler's class made "And beauty burst upon my window By Mr. Lee's students. Our instructor . . . . .... Mr. Lee. Students work on glazing -.. .TN 'RK grs 5 ll ,itll-t"!. ' l . 55.1 M NM5 -"Y1t:'f',. .511-' u.kst...e5n1- -1011- f" Q28 x ,ff S Skill, patience, Dnactice . . Onama Smge crew take time to watch rehearsal. Drama involves just about everything. This year the Drama Department learned about the skills and patience of acting. Three one act plays were presented with a touch of variety. The first and second plays were dramatic, chilling, and full of expression. The third play was a comedy about human communication. Outstanding senior actors were Brady Plyburn. Scott Rogers, and Cherilyn Maddox. Many thanks are owed to Mrs. Smith for her many hours and hard work of teaching and producing such successful productions this year. If I were a carpenter? The "lady" carpenter. -if- Ti Mlkg works on lighting, Mrs. Smith is pleased with a performance. The light man is always at work. 7 iv 140 F "music is love in Seanch of A Wor2o" . . music Once again the band was on the move. One of their fund raising activities was a very successful pancake breakfast which helped them travel on a tour to Northern California. They traveled to Merced for the big band review. Competition was against sixty-four bands in which our band placed third. It was practice, practice, practice which resulted in very successful half-time shows at football games and in such successful parades. The band also presented the best Band Concert ever, led by director Mr. Gary Horsley. K . .,.. 4 'T 'Q - , . in - f . a t ., 1. -W 1 4 hulk .,,4 :ge xx gf' IEE' 1 N t fr 'Xl get T. .w 1 is 5 Eff 1 i il f .-.21 aff f t , -' :Q l a for fi! if 4 .ir swf f 'K g W ,arg 3,1957 ,av ff Xxx, 'j "Listen to your intonation!" A few band members hard at practice. "Listen, warm up. and tune up!" f K t The band plays with pleasure at the game. The band joins in and watches the rally W J theme is A Soho on Oun lips . . Vocal ,anal-..u.s--Q f 5, f Vocal students listen to instructions, Listen' The n blend in Work is enio yable here. This year the vocal classes were minus two important things. One was the Boys' Glee. But the most important was Mrs, Di Girolamo, Replacing lVlrs. Di was Mrs. Lins, The vocal classes began the year with a Christmas concert directed by Mrs, Di. Various performances were given by the Vocal Ensemble such as a tour to Marysville and Nevada City with the concert band on Nlarch 8,9, and 10. Also a quartet sang at the wedding of Kathy Pettigrew and Bob Palma. The Spring Concert, directed by Mrs. Lins, was, of course, a success. The choral festival, which was a combination of all the Salinas High schools Cappella Choirs and Vocal Ensembles, was held for the public on April tenth. The vocalists concluded the year knowing they had entertained in an enhancing manner. Singing is not merely interpreting notes, but understanding the meaning behind the words. 1' i oi 'W i In vocal, well begun is half done, 14 'Reflections' . . A Iimlooy of One Acts The Drama department's first production of the year was a trilogy of one act plays. Skillfully directed by Mrs. Donna Smith, the three one acts met with substantial success each of the four nights of performance. The first presentation was "To Burn a Witch" by Richard Bray. This particular play centers on two young girls accused of being witches and sentenced to burn at the stake. "The Lottery" was derived from the story by Shirley Jackson and takes place in a small farming town where everyone depends on crops to survive. Once each year a human sacrifice is made to insure a good yield. "The Lottery" is the story of one such sacrifice. Rounding out the trilogy was "The Bald Soprano", a comedy written by Eugene lonesco. One interpretation of the play seemed to be that it was a humorous comment on society. But whatever conclusion the audiences preferred to draw from the plays, each would agree that this winter's presentation was highly entertaining. Villagers appearing in "The Lottery" were: Diane Harrison, Deven Smith, Vickie Boswell, Michelle Puckett, Lynette Thomas, Barbara Palmer, Marsha Maples, Craig Scherer, Poul Nielsen, Debbie and Kathy Smith, Doreen Baird, Pansy Kemper, Ronnie Stillwell, Debbie Headley, Gene Russo, Debbie Sartwell, Gene Pugnier, and Ruth Villareal. P Q to Bunn A Witch Tessie is stoned by her family and friends. Dame Stanley is not pleased with Mary's refusal to confess "the lottenyu ww-f . ., t ,rfueifm Soprano To Bu I! Mrs. Kuby The Steele Mr. Martin Mrs.Martif Trimble Maddox 1...flre 'nn 'UQ N. 9 Q 5 fl., ff' l, ' 4, ' f ki Nast-X','.g" , 1 A' ', I 'V "i x Q ,Q ly ' gi 1: Q' N ,E V i 4,443 ' A 4 , w ' , f W v A, -, , A xg.. v assi.: i , A, Lux T1 S E practice, Dnactice, Dnactice . . . 1973 BAND On toun The time drew near. The size of the room diminished next to the swell of the crowd. As each band member found his music. instrument, and proper place, the disconcerting noise slowly decreased. The announcer stepped up and as he finished the introduction, the Symphonic Band of Alisal High burst into the fast-paced strains of "Gallop," Thus went each successful performance of the concert band on its mini-tour. The day was spent in performances at the Castroville Center and EI Sausal Junior High. The bands performance started out a day of hard work and ended with a tired but satisfied group of young musicians. "I think it goes like this. . 44 Think Mr. Horsley, how does that beat go? The stage band knows how to do it. 44 ,,,.,,- M.,-f ,...,- The Little People were a hit with the iunior high classes. Performing is the name of the game. A feature of the stage band: Soloist Danny Simpson. Cneam pies Ano essy llaces . . . Gpll ple Eating f " .'. fo-, ' , 'iw'-4: K' Yr' Contest Step right up folks! . , , . the annual pie-eating contest was being held at Alisal by the LSEPF club for the eighth year in a row. Crowds of spectators rushed in the boys' gym to see this guaranteed hilarious event. Sounds of laughter came from the audience as they watched contestants busily digging their faces in Iucious creamy pies. The one who "ate the whole thing" first was the winner of the contest and received an enormous frozen turkey. Turkeys were also given to the rest of the contestants. tffgf .V ., 4 V i t, 4 Q f-rt W I i . 9 n is, A U Q , B i, ,f wi E 5 Q u, 1 t+Q.1i'lt ,X i 1 . - gn 5 if-14 V K e - V - 1 A i ,dx ' . we ir.-- 4 is' is :Q ' A i ' ,ggi I wt vs. gfs A 5 X . 2 2 1 Q ai 1 it wi IFE me A L sq Qi: if 3 f L, R .f ,t 4 5 if ' Y P' 1 'K 11" We ' f ' , - fw. A- ff fx: at 1 , A G iji' ?ff X 'Q ' -g . N V -"pf e " "' . f,,f.:fej , Mew A F ' 1 W ,,...g,ff:1tr ,gt-tg: g g 3 . X N. , :3,:isiw,3if' L ' un i , , r, I an -Q How come no one likes pies???? Janice .... after eating lunch. Oh Bill, shut up and eat! Thats our A.S.B, President?l? 4 W V 1 14 Vlstnup . . Royal Copenhagen China . . Doul I live in the northern part of Denmark, called Vendsyssel, in a small village, Vistrup, with 400 inhabitants. Vidstrup is situated 4 miles from the west coast of Denmark and also four miles from a larger city, Hjdrring. Nly father, Aage, has a farm, which is very small i25- 3O acresl compared to farms in California, but big enough to make a living. Nly mother, Ingrid, is a housewife. Nly sister, Agnete, is 29 years old and works in the firm F. L.Smidt in Copenhagen. In 1971 she was married to Lars Brink, who is studying Danish at the Uni- versity of Copenhagen, and they now live in one of the suburbs of Copenhagen, Virum. IVIy brother, Gunnar, is 24 years old and is studying librarianship in Copenhagen. He lives in another suburb, Vaeldse, in Denmark. I'm attending a three year grammar school called "gymnasium" lit has nothing to do with an American gym- nasiuml. I finished my first year before I came to the USA, and I will continue my second and third year when I return. It's quite similar to Alisal High School except for the size lthe "gymnasium" has about 600 pupilsl and the ability to choose your own subjects. l'm enjoying my stay here in Salinas very much. I enjoy living with my host family in Prunedale and attending Alisal High School. It's a tremendous experience for me to go to this school, to get to know all the different people around the campus, and also to take whatever subjects I like. Jeg bor i den nordlige del af Danmark, kaldet Vendsyssel, i en lille Iandsby, Vidstrup Iigger ca. 6 km fra Vestkysten og ogsaa ca. 6 km fra provinsbyen Hjorring. lVIin far, Aage, har en gaard, som er meget lille lca. 21 tender landj sammenlignet med farms i Californien, men stor nok til at tjene til Iivets ophold. lVIin mor, Ingrid, er hjemmegaaende husmor. Nlin sbster, Agnete, er 29 aar og arbejder i firmaet F. L. Smidt i Kobenhavn. Hun blev i 1971 gift med Lars Brink, som studerer dansk paa Kelbenhavns Universitet, og de bor nu i en af Kobenhavns forstaeder, Virum. IVIin broder, Gunnar,er 25 aar og Iaeser til bibliotekar i Kobenhavn. Han bor i en anden forstad, Vaerlose. I Danmark gaar jeg i en 3-aarig skole, kaldet gym- nasium ldet har ingenting at gore med et amerikansk "gymnasium"l. Jeg afsluttede l.g, inden jeg rejste til USA, og jeg vil fortsaette i 2. og 3.g, naar jeg kommer tilbage. Det Iigner Alisal High School en hel del med undtagelse af stbrrelsen lgymnasiet har omkring 600 eleverl og muligheden for at vaelge sine fag selv. Jeg nyder mit ophold her i Salinas Saerdeles meget. Jeg er meget glad for at bo hos min vaertsfamile i Prunedale og for at gaa paa Alisal High School. Det er en vaeldig oplevelse for mig at gaa paa denne skole, at komme til at kende de forskellige mennesker paa den og vaere i stand til at tage fag, jeg bryder mig om. The All-American kid ..... 7 12. .- ...PWA Paul listens intently to a lecture. f-Paul in one moods. 111577, L Oizacena Coffee Joao I am from the city of Dracena, Brazil, with a population of 40,000 and like Salinas it is an agricultural city. The main product of my city is coffee. I feel very privileged to be an AFS student represent- ing my country, and I consider myself very fortunate to be living in California and attending Alisal High School. I am from a family of six people, my father is the principal of an Elementary and June ior High School, and my mother is a first grade teacher. I have one brother Paul, who is 16 years old and two sisters, lara, 12 years old, and Moena, 9 years old. My host Family, the Escobar's, are making my stay here a most exciting one. I have enjoyed meeting all of you and I hope you will have the same opportunity to travel to Brazil so I may return the hospitality that you have shown me. Sou de Dracena, Brasil cidade com una populacao de 40,000 e como Salinas e' uma cidade agricola. O principal produto daminha cidade e' cafe'. Eume sinto oreulhoso por y ser um estudante AFS representando o mev paiz e me cosidero muito afortunado por estar vivendona California e estudando em Alisal High School. Minha familia brazileira e' formada por seis pessoas. lVlev paie' diretor Primario e Secundario e minha mae e' professora primaria Iprimeiro anol. Eu tenho um irmao, Paulo, com 16 anos e duas irmas, Iara com 12 anos e Moema com 9 anos. A familia de Eddie Escobar, mev hospedeiro, esta fazendoa minha estada aqui a melhorar possivel. Tem sido muito bom ter conhecido todos uous e eu espero que tenhama a oportunidade de viajar ao Brasil para que eu possa retribuir a Hospitalidade que tem me dedicado. S, Joao forms a new friendship. 'X' 'j I, Jofo talks about Brazil Q 147 Z 48 On September seventh, spirited Alisalians participated wildly in our annual Jamboree at the Salinas High Stadium. The excitement of winning the rooters' trophy for the seventh consecutive year was a fantastic sight of screaming and hysterically happy people. Varsity captains, Leon Scott and Bill Dew, proudly received the coveted victor's trophy again for the third time before Alisal's cheering crowds. The first masterpiece, "Alisal Says HelIo," was rolled out at the beginning, followed by a giant record, "We've Only Just Begun" and a final roll-out, "l Gotcha!" Tired but happy, the Trojans left the stadium with a memory of another Jamboree victory. w. .XT ' ,,.t ti' is ri i NE We ,."it Y , tit - :wi iikfgc f :sf "Dance to the music." The beginning of the end for the Vikes and Cowboys 1 Y. ti? EAN. N ,ccws Q at it ' .,,, ., .Wig .t,,. M . l1:if1K:1:::rr.'::3 Allsal makes Its Own kmc - e f mc..-1 Q i o.N N 4 Oli ITIUSIC 1 I . r uf h n ,Q p mi . Y ,ff , y fx me-1 f Q yv -I, ss .. . 2"...mustcome d 3 Movement by Trojans ,..,.,, . ,Artwork by Muriel. Mr. Kearney watchung our opponents. r 'W '5 ,,-f-Q4-.2 "7 lt. args K ' J-C? ' A AJ '5.-1 V.. . I ,Y T111 ,,- YV M 3515 4 . I ,Jf Li W 'fin 'f U Elm gf . , XM Our songleaders entertann the players and roolnng section. X. " J - V . ,, ' ef . - ew., HM , :L if-Q 5-,141 f M ,. , , - 1 ,.- I S. J.. V 5" "'Q A'iiif' 'ff5 .18 w,,y, I v . we ' K' i..'2'2'3s many Cowan hononeo With Another triumph resulted on Homecoming night when Alisal defeated the North High Vikings with a score of 42-31. Miss Mary Cowan was chosen to reign as football queen of 1972. Among the ladies nominated by the football teams to seek the title were: Miss Janet Amonette, Miss Cheryl Coffey. Miss Barbara Hofler, and Miss Kathy Pettigrew, Also enjoying the game was her rnajesty's court: Junior princess, Angie Marquez, sophomore princess, Chris Morales, and two freshman princesses, Miss Armenia Mallari and Miss Yolanda Barrigan, all chosen by their respective classes, s'3'.xiz Class princesses shown here after the presentation of gifts: Las! year s queen Flora Albano crowns our Queen Mary The pretty gal smiling from ear to ear is Miss Mary Cowan. Queen Mary Cowan shown here with her escort Paul Lawson 1972 homecoming title 1 - ff? ' X-if -2 , X' A , 'Q I V gxw . f T Q ' v 5 ,I 4 4 - 4 - , 'uf -. L - ..:'1ww ff - The 1972 Alisa! Homecoming Queen and court. 11 1 Sir fl s I Princess Janet fer v Princess Cheryi Queen Mary Shown here are the class princesses. 9 7 .1bn"'l Yolanda Barngan . . . Chris Morales Armenia ,Qi I Princess Barbara Princess Kathy Bi 5. fe. "Q -135 "Each of Us is an Llnlimiteo loea of fizeeoomn . , . On Tuesday, December 12, 1972, Alisal was honored by the presence of a prominent author, Mr. Richard Bach, While on location in Monterey for the filming of his best selling novel, "Jonathan Livingston Seagull", Mr. Bach graciously consented to visit Alisal for what turned out to be two hours of insight into the mind of one of America's currently popular authors. lVlr. Bach described the young life of a writer as a constant struggle with just about everything, Describing life as a swiftly moving stream, and students as tiny creatures clinging to the rocks along the way. The only way to hit midsstream is to jump right in. Students, M Bach. To: those who cling to rocks. From: Richard Bach x5 L 1 W9 rife ' NP tif' W- - Bach A- Q ,A 2 signsa book fora 4 0 1 5 ' I 3 1 1 x ,. , if fi g? 3 Q ,f The beginning of our insight into Richard Bach's mind. The writer ........ with a constant struggle. Explaining and answering questions is one of Mr. Bach's specialties, 3, wf,fH?Q 'lf?t"" ,9f-J5i,f1neiQ-a:t,f'4v: x A -'-QW --eg P5aiiF7W2iw . i I'Xf K f- Hi ' 4: + .. ft r .J , W lrf' , f,,,, , . -t, f :gg ,5zfsgzf..f,y,Q' ,, . 1.3,,,i49gM my , ,.,,,, pf I I Wrzestlmq Stnenqths ADC Sklll OGlTlOl'lS1Cl2AIZGC A12 Region IV llmals Putting all their strength and skills together earned seven Alisal wrestlers a first place in Region IV. On February 17, a crowd gathered in the Trojan gym to watch some of the best wrestlers from the Monterey Bay League. South Peninsula League. and Mission Trails' League, Competing with 26 schools, Alisal came through with 62 points, Gunn High with 58, and North High. 57. Working throughout the day scoring and timing were our hard working statisticians, cheerleaders, songleaders, and llios Members. Coaches Terry Espinosa. and Don Rice have proved throughout the year that they are the top coaches around. Flose helps the "officials," if -Q i fi I 'W 'It Fi? " V , ':-,r-7.-f.:-- .. f' L 'Mi"'ff'1:r11'iMf.ti14:l Q A L L ' if 'b,,mx:3YG'1""" 4., . -is .au s Q T - ' T5 ifiyf 5 I , 'L lf: , , 1, N Mj+,Q,q my is a QW f ' it Working at a wrestling meet really lSN'T boring! -.31 , but gm X-1 W 2, 4, , 1-" mins v iw Qi VIN, ,Ax,,,. ,, 53 v 1 ,WM fl mil' if X fi fi "u.,,,. From Alisal to those who have FAITH in mind. HOPE of soul, and PEACE at heart. Saint Nicholas speaki 4 L... 4 ng with a small friend. Everyone loves candy canes, 3 Sw Q 4 2. sa Q ,,.,g..,es ,-fA Q- - Nilw .,-wifes: sv 3 sm A sleighful of toys for all good girls and boys. ' Wh"-2+-W. l , E I K .gg A 5 1 5 V. l Y , sse E E ,, ww 1 af-ff 'fs 194' LHGUOG SDIRIII GVIOGDII AI AIISAI hlGh School 4, 3 . X Q Q ' S' lf l ,, ,1?, , 4l ., A wif' H . ef r t7" i'r,iff-rise' 'ii E2 ' li get -1 ij .4 f l: 'V YV I A ' . Li 1 f fag tif, L! ping, -"H ' ' 'fi ie 'pn' AJ V 35' , .Lff,'2, ,MM 4 5, ' 'I'5.ggi V -mr i dl s ti r? '.l1 ,5,glfz 2 ,til . f, r N ' ig. " if , 'iyl',U , , i if i .Zh in , Al .fd .V 5- - Vt gl 1, "V - 2, ,, 1' f.:..L r g: Lf 'fbfy 'Yi .1 ,.'Lv! t Q, li!! H 5 . :i , ',f . if ,li TiiiPf 1a fi YQQF 4- f's-- ug if 1, 5 .f A' ," ff 4, F 'lily 'fir 2 . 452- W . if I f' 7 . s . t iff! 15 ' i rp.. ,Y W - ,il 113 41, or fi r. w il l V1 T54 Z djifsiijxbi Zigi!! jf EZ il t 1 .' '. '. .Z-,4 'i ' .. 'J A a ff. 1 - 13. rl' 'V 'E 52 2' ui? 1 - ie, 53.51 "M l 'Ve' l r-i -al , , p .r "' Aichi- I I A ti' Hi, 24N',2g,r Yuletide greenery is radiant throughout Alisal. The season to be jolly was upon us and at Alisal it was obvious. "Season's Greetings" in green lights greeted each person as he passed through the main doors. Holiday music floated over the school lawn. Mistletoe and candy canes were on display at every corner. At night a Christmas Concert was given by the Vocal Music Department. Creative artists displayed their Christmas spirit in the form of art objects in the library. Even Santa made an appearance visiting every good underclassman and a few exceptional upperclassmen too. It was a very merry Christmas at Alisal. Santa takes time for some relaxation. It's Santa mouse!! A Yuletide greeting especially for the Jolly. yfxx lxjrk 027191 D01 l Lively decorations prepare the library for Christmas. . kt KIIZSBXX, S W f 6 E'5ass.,. 1 gvj 5 Ai' .E ii Oeisme Samzwell Diaoves Woizthy This year Alisal's basketball queen was chosen in quite a different way. Nine young ladies were chosen by the varsity basketball team. They were: Linda Allison, Agnes Cosio, Nita Forgnone, Helen Morales, Rita Morales, Samrnara Nloyers, Becky Norris, Velvie Richardson, and Debbie Sartwell. Out of these nine, the student body voted for five finalists. They were: Anges Cosio, Nita Forgnone, Becky Norris, Velvie Richardson, and Debbie Sartwell. On February 6 when the Trojans met the Salinas High Cowboys Debbie Sartwell was crowned Alisal l-ligh's 1973 basketball queen at a well prepared and beautiful half-time ceremony. Debbie was presented with the Oueen's crown, a silver tray, a basketball necklace, and red roses. Happiness is being Alisal's '73 Homecoming Queen, Our beautiful basketball queen Debbie Sartwell with her escort Charlie Hunt Mr. Kearney presents basketball necklaces to the court, A ffidlim Queen Seated With he' Court of 1973 Basketlsall queen tltle , X -'-Q. 1 The 1973 basketbali Homecoming nominees " P T I - 725' .2-J t 1 23 ' -z f'Y 'ff' inf I ff. 1 V . I 'qt ' Af eg is Wy! " cv 5 -we W P of Q3 -L . g.. . xv ' - ,, . Q -2 -, 35 t .--I - Q? T t vxu' L' ' t f - s . A '.- . , '. 1 , 48. me s 5 1x'.'1I'f' ' f:1'3,l1i4.gQ ' 'll-I-11551592 fslxfffll- " J ' 4.1 .H:Li',L 3:,'gj!j, qi. L - ,'.fg',:5q.,.2u -.'kT.f.'g,-'1g,f,', ti j 1 - VTg1J43,:Q 3:32321 ff Zig, , A W ,ff Qfgiiyl 532'-Shri' fl-fsvi J -3" ' is , ., fwfr- . ,YQ t X V: ft 3 :"T'ef'Fi4ii gr- 1 4, or f'ffl?'Li1' fli ffk' "LQ--Y4' 4' 5: A' 5- " f 3, , - QQ If ' ,Exif 4" -J +5 1 5 -1- fizii'-fe' ffffi t "r :Q-1 1' 3' :ag-'lx 1- .M ' .' A71 1 JFZ? tS.Z"'fQ .wi ' "-'1 A. Jin' 5 , J-fa-J -,fi-tl 5 wi 6 Q , 1 I . Z ii U'-H. 1 .'f.f",'P 99 . - . Q' 2 'MJ .1 ,,A , - 3 .9-A, , . N, .xv , ,1- . K 4 rat 6 ,Y 1 I Princess Nnta Forgnone and Joa8A1dar Brady Fiyburn and Prnncess Becky Norris Debbie IS crowned by '72 Homecoming Queen Donna Kendrncks 2' QS 2 F W 2 4 N fx rQ -N" KJ w Fnrst runner-up Agnes Cosmo wwth escort Bull Dean Velvle Rnchardson and Steve Latham pose for a shot Donna Kendrucks escorted by her brother Gary Denms .., J may 7 anothen Bio Success heants Oance Adding to the Valentine spirit. the Future Farmers of America presented the traditional King and Queen of Hearts Dance. On the night of February 3, 1973 in the Trojan gym, the spirit of Valentines day lingered throughout the entire evening. Various organizations ran in the race of selling tickets. Janice Haydon and George Flobles were sponsored by the sophomore class. They were crowned King and Queen of Hearts. Taking a second place was Jack Castenda and Ann Herrera sponsored by the lVlayo Club. Third place was captured by Sylvia Chacon and Joao Aidar sponsored by AFS. Many deserving thanks goes to the Future Farmers of America for sponsoring the very enjoyable King and Queen of Hearts Dance each year. . Hia king Ano queen of -, 1973 King and Queen of Hearts, George Robles and Janice Haydon. The Trophys, Second runner up Anna Herrera and Jack Castenda. U T nw is ,. ,Vx The fellow who resides over our rallies. .Tommy Trojan "Later, Sweetie. Later" The centipede advances. -v ll Y YI We me numrserz One! 8.- 4. WM x x 1 The Cheerleaders. , .at their best, "You put your right foot nn. 41, I 'G-Q. the memomes of A Qneat Semon yean -i i. , 2 A9 ww ,L , f f 3 + 1 V7 'UQ LWIEZS A x 4 9 bv' Jiri" 'wb 4 SQ 32523 '-53 1 f iii fl lx s 1 fi l ig 1 I v it-1 2 1 gpm 3 is rl' 3 'W P tix' ,.f X ifiqfiw. ' 1 F ir XLL, - jig . P+' w An I 4, X. , Q, 5 dig, 5 I I as TQ . 4 I .1 4 5- 2 . .V i- f' 9 T A asf' rg It A L ' as , ,ll - :CX ki - 3 ' A5 YHA L. L 5, V" 'li Z.: ,'vA',.':Q sl . F1 .5 A w. .'J Q ' -'KP' r l W.. 'A 3 in if nfl! K 'nf' W , JL by , . ,, 8 5:1 ,gi 5 ,J Q ' N. 2 'B J f iff.: - xx -Q M' , ,X ,AX 1 ' 'J " 9 ,' ' " 4 Q . . f.o s"? . , , ., N 4 . 'X I af Wi, 1. .Y wif fi Q ii - .-.. '... . f.--L A N Q i. A f W? x . A 9 K X S SQ if, h. wi 'I, X ' - A nf-5 . kv. Ag, ,..,.y, 'S iw . .W E.. . 5 Q X Q mi A X-, Q. 2 vi Y 5 mga. .. V1 nw H It was A Veny Qooo yew XL- xy.. 1. kl Lf 7 t I iff Y 9 X fy i ,ff if .gn 5 Y ff "Lf, DORIS ID the tnue SDIRIII of spontsmanshlp, pon The qlony of spom: Ano lion -OlymDlC Oath the honon of oun teams." LI54 XSA5 'QQ at 599 6 10: V. . 5 .xg - ,,- -vs .N m. ' '19 J ' 42- 5: rg ' pi, Q gy-2 , . S -, , Q ' .L , - 1 4.-. 1'4" E 34 Qneen machine Dnoves A A new record was established at this year's 1972 Jamboree team by none other than the fantastic Alisal Varsity football squad. The Trojan Green Machine for the first time in the history of the Jamboree won for the third consecutive time the Jamboree Football trophy. ln the first game of the night the Alisal "gang" creamed the Vikings by beating them 12 to 1. lt was a much different story when the Trojans met Salinas High. The Cowboys broke the "Green Machine" by a 2 to 1 victory over the Trojans. North Salinas proved to be a bit tougher as they edged out the Trojans 4 to 2 in their rematch of the night. In the final game of the night, Alisal didn't seem to be bothered by their earlier defeat to the Salinas High Cowboys as they sprang back to beat them 5 to 2 to clench the title. Two words that described the teams' feelings that night were "Far-Out!" For the regular season, Alisal was ranked number two in the division in total defense and team defense and achieved the number two team in the Southern Division of the M.B.L. But, as the saying goes, "When you're number two you try harder!" The Trojans had 989 yards on the ground, led by Leon Scott's 440, 269 by Davey Dew, and 258 by Mark Domingo lThe Terrible Trioi. Danny Ross accounted for all of the Alisal passing yardage and led the division in all passing categories, except completion percentage. He completed 44 of 92 attempts for 694 yards with four touchdowns and six interceptions. Ross's passes usually wound up in the hands of Alex Pardo. Rick Lazzerini was second in the division with 17 receptions while Pardo was third with three. Well, what are the words that can describe a team like the one we had this year at Alisal? Far-Out! ' 519.5 -O of Sgoty but ru C Y 15 J tgtgiiipi -4 N 5,1--,, thizeat in mBl i ,., 1 yvf- , , yi- ,,., 'wx --a w,'i:a,2if.a , , ,, W L., 1 I ' +Ml?QQ??13ilQES:'Li2f QUT W W Y will Q, r 1 an 2 , .Enix 'l.?5f43xi'1i'l!ii25E M, 'YT ' i"' T ' I-t--.fe:a.sw..,. mt., 1 fs .V -..,, Nw- , 151 V1.yif.ii f 4 .. ff , . -v-syiifitlaw 1 . ,,.,. kia 4, ,y ' wgirz'-Zlfizigftg Alisal ,iyg Mission 1 20 i Alisal Zi? .Watsonville 6 Alisal ,A y,,. ,gsgnza ,ir Qruz o Alisal sfiftzlal liii' 3 36 Alisa: 8 Alisal if 6 Alisal f Grove 13 . Aliifilf Z "'i iNi6rthiHi9h i 25 ,. - A if M K 1 . T 4532915 it Row 1 Bill Dew, Alex Pardo, Steve Bowers, Mike Ruiz, Earl Escobar, Robert Perez, Jim Morrison, Chris Bernal, Mike Madriga, Mark Domingo, Bruce Fonner, Ed Elkins lmanagerl Row 2 Earl Cook, Bill Diaz, Lloyd Morrish, Earl Parkinson, Bill Dean, Kenzo Vonemitzu, David Dew, Alvis Harrington, Jerry Woodrow, Larry Ingram, Steve Forrest, Dominic Marquez, David Ceja Row 3 Carlos Jacobo, Clint Sindell, John Marsala, Mark Thorton, Steve Crain, Dan Ross, Mark Hoskins, Bob Pearcey, Jeff Savage, Bill Smith, Rick Lazzerini, Ernie Amparano, Leon Scott ,v . . x g T Q g,. 4 , X . ti . I Ea x g 1 XRS Wag 34 31 85 as 4 .,,,.',,' feats Leon Scott takes on three opponents at once. 42:61 Q qi xx F Lia? a f' C133 My Q ggi' ,rs A lf Wk, I ., ...M . Q80 ,9 414 A ki t " QE: Z' -3 nal P' 3 lkill 1 wx 4 1,1 -.f 6' 1' ' ..f' 'A X N ",.p:- ,, gm 1, ,yf ' , 1:,. ' lf' ' '1,.,-v V fi 4, 542:15 f- f :W " 5 . I 4 x ' . . x :v - 1 u I , ,Q 4' ,- ,nn I xr. 4 ,1 i tt., C 1 - if' " .w:1'......" " 'H ' 1 ll I K 7 WJ 'L B E 'T A . - -5 . -1 253 . y , L 0 I Y' -M 5?-'QL' ' ' ff f .- 'PT' F nj I is fm Q . la, -4 4 ' x . v if f ! ef:- 4 ,1 I M 1 f is L ,Q lm 1 1 t " ' f . - Y 21 . , 2, 4 ri 1 ua " ft . L' ' I--1 . -A. .K K Sl.. -513.1-Z?l::9'g,gj ?,: grill? A-:tiff Lf 5,53 hrk, S N -M -g 4 Qj 2,-13.17, ' -,K 31,5 Q Q5 ,fx-2., .J .:,,f.A::, ji: . 5 '?5"5'55'3fpffv:'fC:t-ww, 'st -1-f1'f'.: wt 'fx f ftwt' 143+ x41,5'ggi,f5f. if W.: A3659-fraWn,,fv fauwy' fr 4 2 I A 5-.' "ft 1'-X 'im M55 3. '55 'W-.:' -1 ,s-nf? ., , 3. - J' 'S-55: fggg-,sf ,257 f' Q13-Sig-'Q'Yf4'f':g!5Q21s:f5yh,H5YT , K Siva ' 5.Q-lrggv . Q f,e,a9?,-Q1 , QQ ,jf -my 'N tim Sym fighgff AL N935 1 9' . 'QQ:-?3qQffw,:'5:32E?ff'm42Tt.i2ejQ2,fFf?fJSf 1 Q. Linn, '97'f'Kl'v"' 5-2.4 ' -, N vt x- 1 N V wrt 9,1 "-'S 1 f-2 "Hr-Lv' 41 r. . .x 53- A 4. ,L . r+?'232?iiwv, 1 . 'L',u'15'-xl " Vw,-:sf nrhrvxlfvbz -fa' kf,0fQlg'fX3'hK' R' ,QSM UG U V J. V. Lf ' 'Cr ', " 214'-'A - . "f-". . ,v,k1f.y. ,Q 'nu J-v -4- ,fi . f i ,. -X319 Q ' qnix c .A iS"",f.,9"L.. .0 -,fi-., ' 9 ,via fgzaiifgg -a. xc ,INK au M L l W . t -'g ,...s,,.fL A un V-5 -:1-.-,1,X3Lw. ':.1 -' W Q 'wisp far?- QRLJ 'X' at .1x?f""" K5 WML, ,K we ' is --as I gX Top Lefti Bug Leon krcks off, Bottom Left' Cowboy Leon Scott performs hrs TD dance for Monterey Top Right: Flick Lazzerum can't be stopped. Bottom Right. Danny Ross's pass slaps by Alex Pardo. .J . t H V x. Q' , V' tx, , 3... Dommgo headed for a goal ' : my .fa-,T I fl . I ff, iv 4' Q' f f IFJ K ,Jw .mm w x and Scott, happy and victorious. 'W LL ,Es fn IPF if alisal Junioiz Vansity wins llmst Cut Championship Although the J.V. record shows only two wins, the young Junior Varsity played well all year, hampered by mistakes and bad breaks which cost us many games, Offensively they were led by Gary Rowe. Keith Smith, Alan Douglas, Jim Romig, and Lineman, Larry Thomas, David Schmidt, Cliff Sawyer, Jason Muir, Dale Webber, Jeff McCullough and Jesus Rico, Defensively they were led by Robert Anthoney, Jeff Sigala, Roy Cervantes, Abe Longoris, Larry Sandovali Ernie Comacho, Robert Ceralde, John Smith, Victor Andrado, Tiburcio Gomez, and Gilbert Ruiz. The captains for the year were Gary Rowe, Robert Anthony and Robert Ceralde. This fine team play and the excellent coaching of Mr. Mortensen, Mr. Russo, and Mr. Romero gave the Alisal J.V.'s its first City Championship. NYY: 2,9355 Flow 1: Coach Mortensen, Victor Androda, Keith Rice, Vincent Rivas, Alex Cunningham, Alan Douglas, Robert Ceralde Ray Jimenez David Flores and Jim Romig Row 2: Eric Rowe lmanagerl. Robert Anthony, Keith Smith, David Schmidt, Tiburcio Gomez, Cliff Sawyer, Douglas Gray, Lucio Maldonado John Smith Gary Rowe and Ernie Camacho Row 31 Pat Askew, Richard Brannon, Fernando Rico, Tony Arroyo, Roy Cervantes, Dale Webber, Jason Muir Jeff McCullough Larry Sandoval and Gilbert Ruiz Row 41 Coach Romero, Coach Russo, Jeff Sigala, Larry Thomas, Coach Herrera, Eddie Mendoza, Edward Cazarez, Jesus Rico and Sonny Acierto ,XXL V ilrilx N FQ ease Q TQQUEQ U 21 f' 'FYBQILQIEE 'Q-:iii M aU,e+t51r-5244 -Q33 f-40 5 E N.. I '1 Alisa! pass complete to Alan Douglas. Salinas finds no room to advance. 41-2 ,X defense moves t ,. . Top Right' Alisai offense gets rolling to crush Salinas High. Middle Right: Coach Mortensen sends a play, Bottom Right: Keith Smith bulldozes through the Salinas defense N42 linosh-Soph team Gains Valuaisle Gxpemence The 1972 Frosh-Soph football team had a "fundamental" football season this year. Out of 7 games played they won only 2, which were against San Lorenzo and Aptos. But instead of gaining prestige this year with a winning team they gained experience. With this year of hard luck behind them they look forward to a winning season next year, Coaches Deaver, Favero and Rice should all be commended for the excellent coaching effort they gave. Members of this young team which should be noted for outstanding playing this year are Steve Dixon, Wayne Knight, David Carillo, Ted Wilson, Tracy Tanawan, Mario Rojas, David Puns, Jimmy Jemenez, Randy Disher and Elias Revera. Leading the team as captains were Steve Dixon and Wayne Knight. . -is Kmght.-- E ' Row 1:John Rodriguez. Ken Payne, Mike Gutierrez, Brett Urrey, Albert Anguiano, Danny Camacho, David Puno, Tracy Tanawan, Henry Rede, Gene Russo Row 21 David Carillo, Steve Dixon, Mike Hernandez, Curtis Moore, Julian Valdez, Joe Bernal, Albert Amaya, Mario Bozzo, Robert Borrell, Carey Brewer, David Doerner Row 3: Ed Richards, Mike Rose, Jim Walker, David Orosco, Randy Fisher, Dennis Gilbert, David Ramierez, Mario Rojas, Wayne Knight, Jim Jimenez Row 4: Dave Anderson. Ruben, Coach Favero, Mike Climer, Paul Hilliker, Rich Sweatt, Lee Wilson, Aqapito Vallejo, Coach Deaver, Coach Rice. Manuel Nerez JS f H , it -' T?BF943?si3B , ,,li QW-1 7 ' 1 ' .C f'.ff'f5,9:, ?9gG71?l11724331 Q yr 951459-6' fsaflalfas - ' i 59?-A 12 e aaueea4ew54e, e54ef' 4 Cnoss Countny Goes It Again, Gicht Stizaiqht yeansl Our Varsity Cross Country team continued its Salinas City Championship dynasty for the eighth straight year. The Frosh- Soph finished a productive year by placing first in the Alisal Invitational and second in the MBL. All three teams were the South Section Champions of the MBL. Coach Allen acclaimed Chris Jensen as his outstanding varsity runner. Chris was team captain with Roy Rede as junior varsity captain and Artie Garcia was frosh-soph captain. Along with Chris, Roy and Artie, Coach Allen further praised David Groves. Ruben Agular, and Bruce Victorine as his outstanding runners. fp- J' 3 ,- 2.5-. fx N4 lists few 5 ,yi-a,"ElQ"h-"'w'i in 'H 'QSM 'L r .9- 4, g , L x 'Yi ul 5 1- ,x f, ml . x ff' ,. ,S J ' 1.2-i" T Q35 me W6 a-fr ill , :- Top left-Joe Sanchez takes a breather after a run. Top middle-Alisa! Trojan trucking down the road Top right-Chris Jensen jogs rn Salinas wulderness Middle left-Beasley catching up on opponent Middle middle-Roy Rede and Sal Sanchez burn up the road. Middle rlghtfRay Beasley keeps a steady pace Y lv... , . we 1. 1 3 Q , . Q11 . ' 'xml . 39 4:-1 Q, .K H 'fire 'A' My , 1 .A M .-, gf .y Cagle rests after a grueling run. 'Q ', . . . fel -7 V "if: aff. m"i,4..55 I ' ' 'sf 4 X ' . . ' i-'cg I V' 1 , ' Q 6 Q 1 1 ,V l'..t- . ,,....z . -.., up .,,- ' - , Q., - ,.1 "' N. ff. K an v i jf .LF ff" f get X f- div. 'i it 'Q 'Y J "0" team Steals mBl title! The "D" basketball team followed in the footsteps of the "C" team by also finishing first in league play. Although they fell to their opponents three times. they dominated the boards nine times to finish with a winning record. Captain Hector Perez, Tony Rimando. Tony Taylan, and Darren Hinn were all outstanding players for the D's, The D's were Coached by the precision disciplining of Nlr. Art Gilbert. AHS 51 Salinas AHS 18 Watsonville AHS 36 North High AHS 27 Salinas AHS 14 Watsonville AHS 31 North High AHS 42 Salinas AHS 32 Watsonville AHS 25 North High AHS 42 Salinas AHS 23 Watsonville AHS 33 North High ta'fT+o1an Score. F. shoots a free throw "D" Team: left to right: Coach Gilbert, David Scott, Jerry De Ia Cruz. Darren Chinn, Hector Perez, Mike Grice, Tony Taylan, Tony Ceralde, Tony Rimando Oscar Flores Curt Peebles, Wayne Turner. il " 's" Bizmo home Ilmst place honons! Alisal's "C" basketball team excelled in league play to finish the season in first place. During league play they compiled a record of 10-2 to gain the respect of other teams. Coach Art Gilbert was exuberant when talking about his team's play. He praised Captain Richard Gutierrez, Craig Andrus. Alex Ceralde. Joe Dew. and Gus Gutierrez for their outstanding play throughout the season. val ' - va -- ':'4ff'i'5?'3r ff 1 N Ft " K' ' M flw faiggt-G42 ' 2' f a:-rsfsefrtx -me". -, . -ei. fe. ,.: ., Y -. 1-1.-:-M A f kwieftfi A .1 l .L 'iXifif:45'4fldi8:"k' Qij. g.. ' . fi 'f i I 'li-J 73162 ' " i R 1- V f 4. 1 K ii "fy li-wi-, . 1, 1 'W . . -we 1 5 ' we ' .W ' If, P ' E! tim: V r 'mf :.- Q- -4. if .- -' - ?2?511'i?? 11fsE-,..- if -.fu 5,1 "F ' 'M 4 A 4 ,,-,"gf'.a -' .jg 2.3: .., .2 Q--z, " -K Aman! .. . ' -1 kslgggtgse w. ' ' g g ,V . . , 2. . A S K, we -i ,f . - ff" ' f -1 :lp "Sgie:3,9va,+f..g,e :Jw-fiif if ' 3,12 5' P B - .- . ' A 1 i.:g'fff'g, .fr ' , 1 . 1 , , - , " ' 3 . 4 ,Q l .-E f Q A x. ' ' A! it ft 1 i I ,,-.:g .i gwfgg if cw' gtk gm K 1 -A NM- fr aa Sf-5 x.. .. --2 ef ' 4 -fi. V i l ':r,. 5' i .' ' 'tiff-ix ' Q A X Q i f-Y L A Q v Gutierrez lik AHS 34 Salinas 31 AHS 39 Watsonville 33 AHS North High 25 AHS Salinas 34 AHS Watsonville 34 AHS North High 29 AHS Salinas 46 AHS Watsonville 27 AHS North High 27 AHS Salinas 26 AHS Watsonville 41 AHS North High 26 1 Alex Ceralde shoots over North High defender. 1- . K ,,.. ti in x. "C" Team: left to right: Coach Gilbert. Gus Gutierrez. Mike Pura. Craig Andrus, Joe Dew, Aaron Wride, Manuel Villa, Alex Ceralde. Gilbert Martinez, and Richard t 2 3 3'i?'il S' ' 3 t it 1 ' A. 1 1 ' ... Y ,. ' :V . i .r k A .xt n . it ff e x .b ' 2 . o S 17 . . .V S V3 1 4 . V DQVAQG ,ll . f N .f Jury 5 K , r Q Ny. . f v ' .1 yr: M, --A Vatzslty hoopstens Bneeze thnu Alisal toutznament VlSlTORS ALlSAL 'ASX The final score shows Alisal on top! Coach Cork Haddan's varsity basketball syndicate again dominated the local pre-league basketball season. One of the greater accomplishments was capturing the 4th Annual Alisal Invitational Basketball Tournament. Alisal blasted its opponents out of the gym on all three nights of the highly acclaimed event. Schools bowing to the Trojans were Yerba Buena, 102-43, Hollister, 83-47, and Lincoln. 82-50. The win marks the second straight Alisal Tourney championship and the third time in the four year history of the event for Alisal. Alisal destroyed challenging Yerba Buena. 102-43. in the opening night as all of the starting quintet broke into the scoring column, Ronald Ritchie broke through for Alisal as he led the Trojan efforts with 25 points. Mike Pearce followed with 161while Steve Sides had 15. In the semi-finals against the Hollister Balers. the men of Troy bolted away in the first half and went on to record a lopsided 83-55 victory. After only scoring five points during the first night, Sawyer surprised everyone as he led his team in scoring with 21 points. Sides was next l16l along with teammates Art Barrientos l1 11 and Ritchie l10l. In the long-awaited finals, Alisal found Lincoln High a little less cooperative than its preceding opponents. But, as the final seconds ran off the clock, Alisal again had successfully laid claim to its tourney championship running past Lincoln, 82-47. After his fine floor game and totaling 50 points, Sides was the unanimous choice as Most Valuable Player. Also selected to the All Tourney team were Sawyer and Ritchie. Sawyer had totaled 49 points: while Ritchie had 45. QW , . if Dave Sawyer Ron Ritchie fights for rebound against Lincoln. X 'Sill Y Art Barnentos fares for two points. ....- ..f -'L "'L' m f J ll Q2 , . Q, 3 5ggg .LZiy59" V En defen ar fi -,,... A X fr fb 'S Another Alisal point chalked up by Bill Dew. Dave Sawyer wins the opening jump, Q 5 .19 ' 1 ...... he V .. -V -,.,,1g, 4.-'gf din, , ,5 A 64. 4 :ee 1 12"-3715 ,A W . v 1 Q , 6 - i Q m f if YQ. l 18 0 During the '72-73 basketball season. coach Cork Hadden's cagers carried on with an Alisal tradition, winning basketball. For the fourth year in a row, Alisal captured the league championship. The only difference this year was it was the southern division instead of the entire league. Alisal lost its bid during the Shagnassy playoffs, losing to the northern division champs, Aptos. Alisal started off its season by capturing the Alisal Invitational Basketball Tournament for the third time in the last four years. Alisal breezed past Abraham Lincoln. 82-55, in the final round to win the tourney. Alisal opened defense of its Monterey Bay League crown shortly afterward with a 71-7O come-from-behind win over Aptos. In their next big outing, Alisal opened its defense of the Paul E. Walters' Tournament with an easy 56,49 romp over the St. Francis' Lancers. ln the semi-finals Alisal found itself again matched with Aptos. The Trojans slipped by 66-64, but lost in the championship round to Castro Valley. Steve Sides and Dave Sawyer were named to the All- Tourney squad. From here, the Trojans swept all of their opponents from the northern division and then the southern division, at least until they met up with North Salinas. The Vikings, who possessed the lowest record in the league, found the remedy for their team's illness and swept by Alisal. 55-51. In the next game, Alisal lost to Monterey, but North Salinas defeated second place Seaside to let Alisal clinch the division title. Steve Sides and Dave Sawyer were the top bread winners for Alisal, followed by Joe Blohm, Mike Pearce. Ronald Ritchie, and Art Barrientos, all outstanding members. VARSIKY CAGGRS CADIUR6 i 154K a..Li!5S mBl South Olvlslon title Lefttorrght Bottom J Blohm D Sawyer S Sides R Rltchne M Pearce Top A Pardo J Trafton A Barnentos K Andrus C Tomas Aptos Harbor San Lorenzo Soquel Santa Cruz Watsonville Salinas North Salinas Monterey Seaside Salinas North Salinas Monterey Seaside Santa Cruz Aptos Ron ii Q g,x5As i. r'x4 , 1 .44 ,N-.9 f "S.J K gi x j , XJ XX e I Xr W QQ Y . in , C Steve Sudes prepares to shoot from the foul Irne Joe Blohm looks on as Steve Sldes flies through Santa Cruz players for a layup 4 t Sawyer and Sides battle underneath the board for a rebound. Gonzales 46 For the second year in a row, Coach Art Gilbert has compiled a vast St. Francis 46 amount of individual talent into a tight bond that has rolled over Gilroy 40 everything that got in its way. The Gilbert mentored team Awalt 46 possessed a 18-5 over-all won-loss record and a 11-3 league Harbor 48 record which gave them a piece of the two-way possession of first San Lorenzo 60 place in the Monterey Bay League south-division. They tied with Soquel 63 Monterey. Santa Cruz 59 Watsonville 51 Danny Martinez and Danny Ross were the real pace-makers for the Salinas 48 team as they averaged 17 and 13 points respectively. Other Ngrth Salinas 56 indispensable players were Jim Corbett. Gene Pugnier, Fresca Monterey 59 DeLaTorre, Javier Alcocer, Joe Dew. and Steve Crain, Seaside 72 Salinas 53 X- f- f North High 46 Monterey 41 Seaside 51 Wins-18 Losses-5 A.H.S. Carmel 63 Pacific Grove 46 Palma 52 Palma 55 Salinas 52 Aptos 64 Gene Pugnier is fouled as he shoots over a Cowboy player. Jim Corbett gets his shot blocked by a Salinas High man. F' my lr' Vw 1 fnosh-Soph Gxpetzienoe fine Basketisall Season Left to right. Bottom row: K Allen, C, Andrus, T. Taylin, T. Ceralde, D. Puno, A. Ceralde. Nl. Taningco, K. Rice. D. Chinn. T Robertson, C. Pearce, P. Dyk, E. Richards. For the first year under their new coach Phil Le Blanc, the frosh- soph team performed well. The young Trojans finished third in the MBL-South with a 6-8 win-loss record and an 11-9 overall record. A high point of the season for the team was winning. the Salinas City Tournament. Outstanding team members were Craig Andrus and Steve Robertson. Also pacing the team were Gary Dennis and Charles Pearce. Team captain was Craig Andrus. Frosh-Soph Scoreboard North Salinas 37 40 Palma 35 59 Gonzales 29 45 Hollister 25 49 Palma 37 49 Salinas 54 28 Aptos 49 38 Gonzales 44 50 Harbor 24 23 San Lorenzo 29 45 Soquel 46 84 Santa Cruz 42 48 Watsonville 39 41 Salinas 40 29 North Salinas 42 32 Monterey 52 47 Seaside 41 34 Salinas 33 41 North Salinas 39 46 Monterey 75 37 Seaside 58 22 WINS-11 LOSSES- 9 op row: J. Sigala, L. Wilson, G. Dennis S Q' u-L. 'x... ,vap- .Nw ,Q-L15 - if Y I 'YI 6 .1 W 'Q Q VARSIIIY Wnestlens QGIGU AS John Marsala, CCS third place, heavyweight. Coach Espinoza watches the matches nntently. The "BIG Four"- Marquez, Nlarsala, Powers, Yonemitsu. mBl Qual-meet Champions , . H. SN-. - X, . - -K .. . .., , - X' ,-x Q , x .V-xxfks -N, . V,f'X' , Q' ' .X "'. -Q "U '- f . ' . ' , if y . 4 A Q ' V9 2' r , ' fri k,..nQ , ,A - i . -L . N 5. s ,V o rl , 5 Q, F k. .. fo. .fl y W, . ' , ,- tg :,.,Lg.r X- rum 4, A , - 3 sw A, X w- 4 - K - 5' -W N ' fx. 1 W' . V N2 i X R ' f - wx - If ,' L "' L ' -. ' -- 4' i- - A . . T , S s o 4 ,., . ,I ,... - .max 1 H I kk W V ,i,', ia.- . , 1 v -xs Q: XA 5 up Q A V ,vt V L - - - f r or N . -. -.-v Q Q. . . . x -A K , - - sq , M . ' f ,. A -- ,, X ., x L- ., X , 1. -'.. - .' ' , Q- .' A. 5 x , ,. , , S.. is 'f 'wg ' M' .N , f - - V , ,Q M R',,- V - .EJ ,us - . 1 , lk gk 1 I " .Q 'f'f.'3'f "5 3 . , 5 vw N X. s f " If V44 A L-R1 Front-Coach Espinoza. Roger Diaz, Richard Camllo, Danny Ocampo, Lee Powers, Craig Doerner, Ed Ramirez, Coach Rice. Back- John Marsala. Clint Sundel, Bill Dias. Kenzo Yonemitsu, Abe Longoria, Danny Garcia, Soupy Marquez, Rick Diaz. 2 -QS I T Bull Dias pressures his opponent. John Marsala Works for 3 pm Ill' K., -' 'XXX Q sir' , . mo 4 0 , L 1 ,. 7 ax Q qszwv 7' jaw, 5ff.Q' 0.113 if - , zf 'Mug , ,i,.fg,'LLf 'N , x'-. fgevzseggirggif, f z, gag.,'2. i gig-If ifww' .-,se .e . , 'Jf?.:3'?" 3 I 'W z., . , gow' . , N ,Y -f ffffxgz -' 'A Q , 53,35 1 ie 3. J ' 1-5' 'aw ' -A i, .. ' if ,gig Lee Powers ponders his next move. "NYS SJ ':4'6ff1?I Bag. ewa- ,eiyf A 1 ' ifowiji Pi ff- f,. , ix 3: Hrv. 11 4. ,f ?..,xQth, . .-544-EQ, fi if-.v'l-rw' f 'Q 'R :i':""43'Tw:'4' -l' 6255 if 33 ri ' ,diff M. xii '54 , MJ :ff ,QW :QA-W4 fi A . 65, 1' Mfr- - QI ' 'x .Q xx Civ E5 x If 5 V- X 1 4 1425 ' 43' . 9:1 , M , af I ' v ! .5 I . Ki Ls is r- fi Q59-Lg' 9.4 X ve xg' , N ,is fh .W L J Kg? 1, ,-.,' 2 , Q, Mifqu 'LALz rgxzefjr J ,Q ,.f, -Mg Powers won't let hi Kenzo Yonemitsu, Region IV runner- up, 168 pounds. Abe Longoria moves into referee's position. Richard Cariilo pressures his man. -K. x s -1 4 l X. Mgrklxiw x.z"'4A ' Ns-V H ,. xi! was-3 . - x--it kghgr, fax .K x X V , X .xxx 'LJtV,,:g 5. S 'Lt L 'T- ek Ki 1 Abe Longoria wrestled well fOr AIISBI. Richard Carrlllo performed skillfully through Yonemltsu strains as he holds his opponent down. the season. A-Ag' s-g.x 1 v-"v.,H'M h rf 'H 5 VG Sf'lz7'i '23, FQ, ,4,sWv.N 1 w NLS". xt-it xis-" s'sw- H has Q fm. we . -, 4. 'TU 'vt 'A fl . an-.fx 1. if .Q JA. M tL'5'X,g'4 fH"A'4s uf.. s N pk KPQQQ X AJ Yonemltsu seems to be relaxed as he controls his man bYi'i.lx 'sv- A L7YQ,V N ., 'xx wsu S fhf., l x..6 1lK5'g,,. E, I .QW xlyx " sMx-q,5N ' tk Y . Ku ' -AY, X -I .X by X' af Q' 'x. - 'ox-.V-f,.y'.' l, .Lx sg. . Q34 ' 1 Lx ,- as-74 q . ,U xtk 'dvi S23 v V1 ftiw . . sllfqx N STA ' 5. kffhzl gf-xc? 'Ls 4 ive' ' '. M. .wg A., .. 4.4. fwhfw .. . -1-'-sggxffgf N... - , , , H ML V f ff V M1 .wi ml-3.1hdc,E? 35. ilxfflu. V . "ri - X A W ff- we Little Ed Ramirez. 98 pound Region IV third place. f we ilk? fm Junioiz aizsit Qiaappleizs Qamsecono in mBl Race ,M tg ., ,. .F ry.-it. 2 ' 4 'Q T -,lyke ov ll. tt . I , V Y 1' 5 f ' ' '3X: Y 1 ' " .. ,, grwk J 3 .sf J X S.. is my-.3 - t Y Q in M I I H . . ,, W X 1 N. W mf tai' v- , x it 'fi . xr 4 ". .55 Zi? gg, iff? Row 1- C. Peebles, W Simon,J. Anderson. Row 2- K, Minami, H. Espinoza, H. Salinas, K. Hursch, M, Yamaguchi, A, Ocampo. Row 3- D. Comacho, M. Zwarts, T. Way, D. Orozco, K. Peebies, T. Sandoval, D. Carrillo, V, Rivas, T. Blizzard. Row 4- Flores, R. Borelli, D, Ceja, P. Hilliker, R. Sweatt, B. Nichols, W. Knight, D. Ramirez, Mgr. J, Troutner. Coach Don Rice's junior-varsity squad, like their varsity counter-parts, had one of the finest wrestling seasons in the history of the school. Alisal finished off their season with a 10-21 won-loss-tie over-all record and a 8-1-1 league record, which gave them a second place in the Monterey Bay League south-division. ln league competition, the Trojans lost only once, and that was to Monterey. Alisal marked the opening of the season with an amazing 47-17 victory over the visiting Gilroy team. But it was in the following match that Alisal found its only non- league loss, 43-21, at the hands of the Gonzales' Spartans. As league competition got under way, Alisal easily raced by all of its opponents from the the M.B.L. north, But things didn't look bright for the eastsiders as cross-town Salinas threw a big scare into Alisal as the Cowboys battled it out to a 29-29 tie. The highlight of this contest was little 103 pounder Eddie Ramirez who pinned his Cowboy opponent with only 12 seconds elasping into the first period. Alisal then fought off a brazen North High attack, but in the following match against Monterey, the Trojans found their dual meet championship title hopes sunk by the Toreadors, Outstanding grapplers throughout the season were Paul Hilliker, Art Ocampo, Ken Peebles, Tom Way, Bob Nichols, and David Ceja. Terry Blizzard keeps his man down. l .ffl Art Ocampo, JV 98 pound wrestler. X--:flu ,. ., Larry Sandoval applies the half-Nelson. Victory for Alisall on 5 Torn Way awaits the chance to escape, Another win for David Ceja. Terry Blizzard holds his man. Kevin Hursh retains control. QS i.. , me ml-, ouno vaizsity Basesall team Shows poweiz In mBl Although the baseball team lost most of its players last year, it came through with many victories this year. Returning players were seniors Kirt Andrus, Steve Bellone, and Jeff Savage followed by juniors Danny Ross and'Dwane Rowe. Dominating the pitching scene were last year's junior varsity pitchers. Pitching exceptionally well throughout the season was sophomore Gary Rowe, Other pitchers were Willie Pura, Ernie Camacho, and Larry Thomas. The team even had a freshman, Leland Wilson. catching. He proved to be an encouraging player for more seasons to come. Doing a fine job getting the young rookies together and building them up was once again Coach Chuck Filice. This year's team was inexperienced but encouraging. Next year's team should be both well experienced and outstanding. Gary Rowe was an outstanding pitcher, gs... Steve Bellone attempts a bunt. The iuniors of our varsity, Danny Madewell talks with the other sophomores on the varsity team. fill T N v I ' Row 1: E. Camacho, W. Pura, D. Madewell, A. Douglas, T. Gomez, G. Ruiz, S. Bellone. Row 21 L. Wilson. L. Thomas, K. Andrus, G. Rowe, D. Ross, J. Savage, D Rowe. D3nnY Ross smacks B M59 hil- Jeff Savage is ready for the pitch. n,,,.1 -. .- 5 , q ' Catcher Lee Wilson, a freshman, gains experience for next year. Alan Douglas swings and misses. Kirt Andrus rips the ball for a hit, Danny Ross awaits a pick-off attempt. The threa seniors: Andrus. Savage. and Bellone. .X la! vaww,, :Am O.. K' A no Larry Thomas throws the ball hard Catcher Lee Wilson confers with the pitching staff. ,X A 4 Jeff Savage watches the foul ball he hit. . ' ' 1' Y V '-QV 1 " we ' x L 1- . ,, '.v If , . Q 'r ' fs 1 X TLA, .. .es V, .4, , .fe ,fclrv ' M 'fl 7 r N i al, -ns MR f . A .. 5' 4. ' - 1 - 1 - . I " ' ' ,aff V ,f , Y b - , I Hg- g :V gr , W J gg, J jr W ff V using'-' - V45 ,L Q L q ' "gy , 4.4 V J, P+ R272 ,"iJZ3:f 'I .T 27' 1. Eff . 4 ' -:fig v K i ' 9 in 15 , jk- -Fx 'VL' 'A Y is fir!!-'Jil 5-,rr , , . s 1 N-7-Vg, gd '- K N. 4 . H f, .5 , .gif 'ff3,. V ,x - X .f.'g 1, N " V T71 xt t 6- van- , f, . - 5. 4 . , ,jffx N.: -411.1 L ' ' f ',"i.:.'2"s'4 A 1 iggw A 1, Y f.:-6:3 ,, , 4, V- -f - V 4- 7- xleim- 4' ' 251+ ' ' 'fi . ,. 2, . ' ff: LL-Lxilji, "" 4 -2-3 . l 11:-.'j:,f ,-2351, V 'h,V?.-ljfng-g V H' A- rw- 'fi mvmif. "V Q., I-lyvr , ., 4.4 - 1, - S , , vb-s V -n.:-,,. Q, 4 2-, ,fav W -1. 1 A J,,,'+, v 1 f -1 K L ' - , fw ' 1g,,. .c .1 Alan Douglas swings for a base hit. i r J.V's Reisuilo pon next yeaiz The junior varsity baseball team, according to Coach Gary Mortensen, experienced a year of rebuilding. A very young team, the J.V.'s are mostly made up of freshmen. The season opened with a tie against Hollister, followed by losses to Salinas, Palma, and Santa Cruz. Credited as outstanding players were Ed Richards, John Smith, Craig Andrus, Ken Peebles, Dan Comacho, and Dennis Gilbert. The freshmen on the J.V.'s also represented our school in a newly formed MBL freshman baseball league. This team had a fair season. . , ...J-. fr'x"' ' Jimmy Jimenez tips the ball foul. 1 v - . 1 .L . A-. li '- - L Row 1: C. Andrus, D. Camacho, D. Puno, J. Anderson, P. Williams, B. Urey, J. Muir. Row 2: F, Nelson, J. Buckner, M. Hernandez, K.'Smi!h, T. Walker, J. Jimenez, M. Climer. Row 3: Coach Mortensen, P. Hiliker, J. Smith. K. Peeples, E, Richards, D. Gilbert. J. Bernal, P. Bellone, R. Kelley. - Jimenez wgifs for gh, next hgngrl Keith Smith filled in well as catcher. . , Q ! Q v ..- .... ' 1 " . . W V M . , J Q, . kv I , - N l :'."- . ., . . . Aww' xii' Jn ' - A i E l JN 1 ' . I 4 , ,,..- ., nwuwl, .. 'f W ' "T 'iii' 5 T , gi - H! Jj my 1 V r?,. r' Q f' :L3:,."f?Q' . ,..- ' fl ,fl xfansw' . ,frxf . f , as-+1-. Q. ,f . W- . , , - .5 1. J ,f xii' Af, , .- -- A - A - :1" 17" ' " . - H. 1 ..--f-H., -1 - ,- gif' "sh .. - 1 "tk "MQ -. 5. . A '. . ,Q fr,,..,,' , K - 'f f' ' ' - ".4 , - . 1 'Ll . . , . . .N . , -r1.4-J .An , ,- gh, ,I - - A- . -YL-,. 1 Alf, ' "F", . K' Paul Hillikar catches the ball for an easy out. Q vansity tnackmen Overzpoweiz mBl Rivals Behind the coaching of Andy Allen and John Favero, this year's track and field team was one of the strongest Trojan teams yet. The Trojans cindermen opened their season against three year defending Mission Trail League champions, King City. Alisal, behind the powerful hurdling speed of Billy Dew, breezed past the King City squad. 81 to 85. Super-stars Carlos Jacobo ldiscusl, Bill Dew, Earl Cook lhurdlesl. Chris Jensen, Frank Cagle, Jim Lucero llong distancel, Al Romig lpole-vaultl, and Alex Pardo C100 yard dashl were just a few of many who paced the striving team's efforts throughout the season. 'D DOES- Q Lf by QC W Row 1: L-R3 J. Lucero. R. Aguilar, H. Gonzales, D. Flores, C. Jacobo, A. Romig, A. Pardo. M Cu?g1man.J Messerli D Kuepper Row 2 F Cagle C Jensen A Garcia J Sanchez, K. Hursh. E. Stein, R. Rede, R. Rogers, Row 3: D. Dew, C. Hunt, R. Ritchie,J. Ruegg, R. Hopper R Way Row 4 S Forrest D Simpson L Morish E Cook S Spankler. B. Dew. M. Domingo, R. Ababam. Bill Cunningham sprints down the long jump strip. .4-f ,1,.v- I L- ,f 'TTYL 1. ,, Alfred Romig clears the pole vault bar easily. l,,..,.. Q35 ll KRTXI ll --1 x !.""Huwi i' 'Q' 4 mx. W bf f ,pal - .. ' x " a , . ', AI " 1 A fxxxxx . 5 - 4 f I lt. I l I Q .......a, Bill Dew floats over the hurdles ahead of his opponents. .,w,.,i:w l""""W" 'WN - , .14 .fx , Marv! vw f-qi? ' - I , ik Spanky Spangler "walks on air" in the triple jump. 1? Q.,- , R:..'c. A.. .-1 A 5:4-'ar--. K 4, x -, 'affix Ii QLQ ' M' 'Q-'Sm' -lr-s-21.53. :..,. it a K' ..s:1..- ',..,-H Q Q, 1ei?xiK N "N 4. - W - . Wifi or Q i if 3 ,Q Ei 33 V. XX I ge' 4 GILL '? ""'! . un, 1 , r Q 4 . er, - .fm Bill Dew flies over the low hurdle while Earl Cook follows. Kevin Hursh is another Allsal distance man. Jeff Messerli performs his vvarmups The three Alisal 880 runners, Frank Cagle. Henry Gonzales, and Jam Rgubgn Lucero. - " Ag' ax. 4- "i ,lf 3 4 ,J 'IIT-J Rueben Aguiliar and Chris Jensen finish the first lap of their run. Artie Garcia sprints to the finish line of the mile run. Carlos Jacobo set a hurling tho discus. . .tgxgav Q -.i'g,,i,, .EQ them John Ruegg is another of AIisaI's outstanding pole-vaulters. David Dew and Al Homig cross the finish line in the 100 yard dash. l "' ' WJ ..,. 204 llnosh-Soph Cmoeizmen Show mal Stnength Alisal sported a fair freshman-sophomore track season this year mainly because of the basic inexperience of the team. lVlost of last year's standouts were moved up to the varsity squad. Sophomore Dennis Maduli headed the list of stars in his hurdle specialty. Also, Jim Romig had an outstanding year in the high jump. Adding to the team's strength were: Doug Gray, Mike Huntley, Elias Rivera and Tony Taylan. The froshesoph cinder men were led by coaches Allen, Favero, and Herrera. Doug Grayjumps to a win in the triple jump. ,M -gf.-m .4- ' '."w' .. A Mike Terry finishes an exhausting two mile run. . Jr rr. Y -f- A. .-ou. It Dennis Madulitries to at h 'th hi N th H' h . The Alisa: F-s hurdlers, Rudy Duran, Tony Tayian and Dennis iviaduii. C C up W' 'S or 'Q opponent ...I ' i L-Fi Row 1: R. Boreili, R. Baez, E. Rivera, M. CIimer.J. Romig, D. Gray, D. Schmidt, D. Maduli, G. Rose. B. Victorine. J. Villegas. M. Terry. Row 2' D. Moniz, J. Hermosillo. R. Pulido. V. Velasco. T. Tanawan, S. Chabarria. T Rimando, D. Chafauros, G. Pugnier, K. Rice. H. Oualls. Row 3: G. Russo. T. Taylan. J. Beaird. R. Osuna. A. Acaya. C. Pearce. R. Sweatt. Row 4: C. Scherer. D. Williams, C. Lozado, M. Huntley. J. Sigala. R. Garcia, R. Duran, R. Villegas. Row 5: M. Cantua, M. Vidales, V. Ferdenando, L. Bedford. Jim R0"hiQ CIGSVS The high iUh'D bar with amalihil 9359- Mike Huntley trails slightly in the 220 yard run. 2 f w H W ' W W - . . dir. '5ii'S1:: ,.:. "","f 'Nr' .vt ' A ' 55 N A. . . .Qu Ralph Osuna and Jackie Villegas run the two mile run. if 5, 5 , ' V ,,...Q-"' O6 tnojan tankmen Gxpemence Ilam Season 5 5 2 l . ffl m 1 li? rant l L.,-fs" Row 1: D. Carrillo. R. Brannon, R. McCollough, S. Locke. C. Simonson. R. Briggs, R. Carrillo. Row 2: S. Sanchez. K. Smith, S. Smith, J. Ghera, K. Ryburn. Coach Enea. The 1973 Alisal Swim Team suffered a frustrating season due mainly to a small turnout. Coaches Bob Enea and lVlilt Pickford continued relentlessly though. hoping to build a strong nucleus for next season. Richard Briggs, a freshman and newcomer to the team. provided much of the effort along with teammates Rick lVlcCollough, Richard Brannon. Dave and Rick Carrillo, and Steve Locke. Richard Brannon comes up for air. 1. 5 .. W. ,mm .3 K A K ps . . .,..,. , x in yjdff.. w '. J '. K .. ,l ' """' A 5 ,.,flQlfT'i 1 ,meypti , JR' . . 395-S .1 'Asif' 'K f . iw-'A . V V, S ' 5 4, S Q, .J ,Ely Richard Briggs swimming the backstroke. i 5' 1"-m' ,r.,. y V- :ft ,K T 'Wt if 5.-. 3 it 175' aes W -A, s . ax' i . V E MJ' f ' ic" gyita. -s mx gil? 1' S .ff A: XJ!!!-, , 'V x ' H Team members stop to pose for a picture. Na r ' -f ,,..,.. nw' .. , MW wc.. r I - ig , ,g , g t L g K '4 ' A 1. ' .. 'Q ,...f -. . ' I -iv .-T f ig. .. .PY 5 V R 1 , V A f, V . ..,. - kzgh , . I Mk- gs.- 7 4, I W KW M M K . Mxx. g - 2 F, ..... gsm, .mixe s K K : J if W-,I .f, f. u.fa,,.15b.,, .Ma-acyl? lyk. , Q sres Q ' 3' 1. e- ,L xl 5-4. ' AQ.. A-a t: :mr -L "1 ,K lf' :T ., "ff ' 'fm ,W ".,...Jf'- K-5:45 . . ""' 'WST T Fl K A 1 1 1 , 'ef . v . - 52' - -ig 11' ' -. 5 L.. f -H- i. S Q .fi 1 i S- if V V ,if 5- ' 3? 4 .f , Wg, f W ,, Ny, KK4?:'K fuse .jjj f' ei 0' " ' gfgigxxsgxjgtg Xj-.ff ' if ww' KKKKfrKbQfkf ef KK . A 1 ' , Q , '.-- X "'!wK-11w-cf,j:,::e5r1-,.a- ' .:aP2':.a?q,,- Qi,-1 A mmf" ' 1 ,rf 'f 4" 57 "' gig-1-'---2 fir.--'?117Q'?f+f'f f' " ' 'vii-t, , V p ,af K - 'N Mfr- ' 'tw 1135 -ff: 'rg f - ' , ' .- ' a L.. K , i , . - M, ,QM . . K - , 4 - . N H 1, ,, - ':f?:, .-:W . 'N 7, K K.,.Q.,, - . . f -.-J' 7 M'M-'T,.zf A W Richard Brannon comes on strong in the butterfly. The pause that refreshes! my KKK KN KK Fwfik L. . K- Q KK A, L , ' W -W i peQla.',:.1 f -ve"'?'?"f" f ,f"" ,J r ' . es 3, s . f ,r al , 'Aft 2512: - e -A 3 W I ' 5 ' ' .Avi 1 Y"-ll '-N " "V j'.":'1. " +- ' 'FQ' f"' -'fl b e ',"'m- -:wx fn-lf, wgw 'i , ' f ' . N fn-,Q-,Q ma , . ,f mf,-' - M 5 , KMKNKK f-ff-5 ,8 1, .-,eww ' ' A K" f.:' A 'P I. --r' , X ' ., . cl - ei L ' 91 K ,. V . Kyla A ., - KK-. n,""" . K 1-5 A " Lf " ,.-2 , ' I i 1' 1 '. K . , . .4 r .-'S' Q65-Q-.. it ,' 1 - " , . ,, ., , . , - "vii i"'v': ' ' "Y-Ve s. i e 3' iff '. 'f efx ' 'V pail '15,-.'a ' 4'fAi" ,, -A -.' ,V A I' riff. ' R77 ' 'vii i' 5 , '- " '., .. . 1 , i su. N Q '-g A4 .' K , ' s 1 ,pf me 'F V V -.-52+-7 7 X - A ' , .- f ff ' . ,ch-fy -, W -- . - -.1 ' i T V- ., 1 " z:fl.Q52'iE4..a 7 X 3 lx A35 1' ' Y, ":'2t17f, , ,A ,, K . I ,K ' I , -Q .,,gx.,g.xx.,5.x.x.N.S.x.7g.,x-..,N.xe.x 'g.,' ?,., -glhf ff: wif.. K K x ',, Xl. ' ' ' 'T-ff it e- -i i 1-. -ff' - - ,fa fr? 4, 'Q -,"'e1"a" 4 51" - -4 K H- -W' X F. ' . .--L-.1 , K1 K Kx -Ax, Kvvh . .- K.. in ..., , . ' ,Q ' i AWK .e s X David Car rillo seems to be sleeping as he swims, Richard Carrillo, an outstanding swimmer, J A - . era- ' ' s -s Nl .-,. K. K ,,-,... 4, N, :h.K.,g-Q ' '- wars 'A s. QQ K- Av- Envy-I J. . X - X- N ' 1 .. p- ,.. ' 3- it, - "rf f . '--- 4' " ' 'M-' " A I, KK , U x ,KK A " 5. 1 A., K M,-f, -.1354 . f" I V I , A ,va-' . J N . , , 31:2-3',f'i' we A A, - .WU - 1,1 - ,M we , , ,,p'1 K ' if ,,1ff'f., ' .fe 'K+- sv 'N .S . ' es 5' fin... EK glhwij' M K ff, K it if -is K, , ,M , I-'licherdjnggs is well ad of everyone else in the breast stroke. VA iRiQgrd Bgjannqn is caught in the middle of his stroke. ,s A A . .. twf wait.-.l 'U' GOIIIGRS ACCOITIDUSN Exceptional SGASCI1 Seeing the Alisal High School Golf team practice their birdies, putts. and drives was a common sight to see at the Salinas Fairways. The golf team faired quite well during their season, -t tub'- l g r t v 5 t,sY'u5"'uf-. M,Q5,. . winning many of the matches and improving their form and style. M "?'f,f'i'i Carl Sundgren was this year's golf coach. He cited John Riley as an V, B. " , lf- X- ' 495' i '.i. outstanding golfer for this year's team. " -- x .K K . , .5 -If .M X' ..,, -X xlib, Q. at I x 'ff' HN hx .. . i- g -., t. V. A .4 5. ' . Q -PQ, g, 4, t - , K we ..,:.Nh S. 2- S'- Q 9'1" '-Ytff' 1 J 'M is ' 3 2 . we . , 4 ww Ig 3" 1',,.Pf.,gpi wx is .. I tn saw ,W Wm lwgqfliililfil N Row 1: M. Brown,J. Riley, O. Lavilla. Flow 2: R. Horvath, C. Enosaran, R. Taylor. i i l i l i l se. W1- 21"-+sgg:v:sw:vs. .L Soccen team places econo in mBl ,Y -v 4 The 1972-73 Soccer Team Soccer became an MBL sport this year and Alisal was a power in this sport also, The young team went throughout the season defeating teams like Gonzales, Salinas. North Salinas, and Hollister. But the soccer squad did not have the honor of becoming the first MBL soccer champs as they were defeated twice by a strong and experienced Watsonville squad. Heading the team were Jose Solis and Roberto Ruiz. The team was ably coached by Mike McGraw. Jose Solis kicked the ball through Gonzales players, '. Jose Solis steals the ball from Gonzales V, Av s ' x tg.,-3g:3.g.L., -:3:g:3:g1:g5. If' -- D g.'.if.f'.jga'.-.'..s..t,.',t. W A x ,JL . gy. t :ik P 1 Zi: ,,, me .XX ,1 gg wwl 'A s v .3 m -6- , . .. , 4-Q - 23" ' A 1 20 . X QWAK W E r -s A A , 1 5 sg ' is sm r i .i , vig. o f' -.J - r--. f ' X. QP' 5 J L Q .K bf. 1 X L , K J I I A -.2 A 4. 1 ..., ' K lm?- L 'X g? fl 'first ,wifi ' L fm? - -5 W I 'f 3 , , 2 M ,is . -f:'q,.j..1 -' " ' .xx 9 L ' r iw -x ac ' ,. Aix bm. -W lg sg a 'QQ iff" if . .' if 1 L . z Lewis Brewer serves to open his Victor Hernandez shows good for From left to right Coach Deaver Oscar Flores Joe Sawyer Erme Fehpe Errk Begun John Fernandez nth Rice Alisal netmen penfoizm Well in mBl pta 'L " 021555, -wr ' 'F .... . .V v 6 1 fI.k..+x tr.--"M W? Left to right: Lewis Brewer, AI Salinas, Scott Rogers, Earl Bounds, Mike Lucero, Jim Sasules, Coach Deaver i -B ' 'M l f gf ' 12, ' . r f . - ',f'f',f it A r'- rf - g .4- if' 9 t x Q .W on fs L, v 1 Q x I 1fmeaQv-fi 'v '44 , ' Lfwfm V 'Y 1' ' ' 9 I. ,'1,V,lbE,.fL7'y', , L ' . . . 'Afyylmln-r L ,. y , A W ' f I 1 ' ' xB or hackhands the ball. Scott Rogers returns a serve. Coached by lVlr. Deaver, the Alisal Tennis Team again demonstrated their excellent form this year. With returning veterans, Lewis Brewer, Albert Salinas, Scott Rogers, Earl Bounds. Mike Lucero, and Jim Sasules, the tennis team was wholly composed of seniors who appeared to be in perfect condition, Participating throughout the year brought endurance and experience to the members of the team. Even though their first few games revealed the uncertainty of the long season ahead of them. the tennis team finished its year with ease and composure. Lew Brewer shows his skill. 4 ull' -'I Led by such exceptional players as Karen Briggs and Jonetta Chenea, the 1972-73 girls' varsity tennis team faced some difficult competition but concluded its season with a commendable 4-4-1 win-loss record. Two doubles teams consisting of Glenda Woodrow and May Domalaog, and Terri Bozzo and Joyce Elson were also outstanding. The junior varsity team, coached by Miss Alexander, produced promising future varsity team members for coming seasons. Mrs. Camany, varsity coach, found both teams to be a terrific and eager group of girls. With most of the team returning, the 1973 season promises to be hopeful. Left to right: D. Shook, M. Domalaog, T. Gonzales, T. Bozzo. J. Elson. K. Doris. D. Chenea, C. Forgnone, G. Woodrow. Absent Fl. Ryburn. qnzls' tennis team unoenooes a Ilan: Season 95 at ye,-. A 929 PM 22,-:f,:".2 -'EA nh if 1 ,W 2 "uv Zi! , , gifvq, ,. . ,pw 1 VMS' 4,9 'M 51 v- i 1 "f H7 ,.- P", W ,K L fxyv Q4 'Y' A fgs- 'A " ,,--,-':".-,,r'II'g':", if 1-',,,,':-71-"""""' 1 18 ,4 S -r-if 4'-'vs' 15 if ?:, R K fi 'zine g Q-'f 3 wwf if Wfly 2 riff! A Y A? 5, E fir ,N v W . ta it ig fi 3 Q ,'if,51"ffj Ll Q EM, . W, W gf .IL ,git :MAL 4 5 ,L t' n I Q R 1 pq.-qyaoaovu J 'wr 4. J L 'rd N ah". HW, LW. -Q.. -2 . 1 z t r -Lilfgarff ia ' - tj f?,'6,'31"5 ff? ' Q f. , ,, .gy Jax , . 'QFQS 6. J: 2 . .,, .gtg ' . hue 412.-',f.. f,f5-2.'r '1 ' -. fr .vm H" -4-1 ' as f i 41,3 ,. T ,J -.4,ft'ff ' - ' . , +,,g'.f'..,fa. . 4 4 . . gf-.. , . lf 4 ' f. - -. W ,Ji gf' Q.-ff' 1. . -ff ...M Q K. of ,Vp 1' .yn Agri, .f ,ff-,,.,.e W'--in .. ..- 0 I 9 T,r,.i J: jk? ,. C. .i,i4.1eM2:g . .1--.rl - ' ' A ,'.a. ','. 't"'4,5.'a f' . ,--.f -. i.. f . nay. ' l ', ,. Q' 5 .,.A' '- ' ' if 71 'N' mittg. 5 'J ff gigi- ..f+a'f if "ff'ff1t+,. fi . "' 'ig ,i:,..f-'ini Lg. 5. g3,..- 1 , .. -, fr' -,-'fi' ' ig' ,t q.-f - 3, ' , L 2 ' je 31f..',Q: .M . 5.1 . .J-fd MH r his-5 ,f, ,G .clxrwva 1. t-.glgzy-:HL ly, .. . ' I-121, 1i'.a?,,.t.N . 'gli' ' ,' 'fans ,g'i'Si3.5,rg,Lg- as 6, I pw 'ggi T.. Q155: .75 was gy ,3?J,'5f3'-,i?.f.f3,.:'Z ,-toj'g.'g'35, 4 5- ."1,..5M5..g'fy-1 if fn 7.05 .. ,Q-W 3 J i .-- '.:rjs.Jii'-v'Mi's'?--'X' '.,.'l5?': W f-j '- ?f'5fi'1'2gi'3 . Wifi ?,f..x.?i-..- 2 z. 'J ' ' 14" M sscgifi- , 1-TM' 1. ?f'.LM . TT i, a..-.,.' - Y.. , ' mfg W., wig 1 .. , 4,1 Q '- w wi. i' fi .uf 1, .-1l3v!,,l5x,2, N am-W J A. ,v A 4 'r 'pi,...v. ,r 9 3'."t.f': ,V Nyjgfi ,, X," . 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J. , 1 i T - .sklf ' .ii . -A - . -wry., -'4Ysm- . - 'JN 'WA fs- 1... .il 'V Terri Bozzo and Joyce Elson working towards another win. i i Left to right: M. Doris. A. Mallari. M. Lee. K. Thompson, C. Seymour,J. Pabros, M. Siababa. E. Batara, Miss Alexander. I A 4 V xsm law!! ww., z11afsw115a'KAii'se9YftxmwfE.iS-' i5Sl51LEf?a'11wA 'W 1 ,. .... M. FS 'LFP' . P M-ff tiaojanette menmaios Oisplay Ilutune Stnenoth What's red, white, and blue and swims in the water? The Alisal High Girls' Swim team! The team did something out of the ordinary this year-they had a Swim-a-Thon! They used the money made from the very successful Swim-a-Thon to pay for those patriotic swim suits, and we all agree that they really add a little something to the swimming pools! This year's outstanding swimmers were: Mary Ann Martin, Susan Stefani, Linda Jeantrout, Sharon Andrus, Linda Lightfoot,Beth Dyk, Cheryl Yednak, Susan Ingram. and Patti Parker. Captains for the year were Marsha Stockton and Sharon Andrus. When we asked Mrs. Barton what she had to say of this year's swim team, she replied that this was an exceptionally fine year for the girls, and that the team showed good potential. She hopes next year will be as good. :Q . ' XKYTDA , .T 'Wm' . My N CSherylFxSUllbQ.4Q-195-gbreather. 1 'kt't.5,,,m.iz:A-f' -xt I l1 Lori Parker, Linda Jeantrout, Rosemary Greene. 5 fi W-an I, in Mrs. Barton and Mrs. Camany discuss the team. - , Y . ,1y.g,fM,. V 1 .- WYNAN'-v.K, TSA., N'i'."i1-5. ,wifi ' . ' ' Kip ffygq .IVF ' X4 t... . 1 n 1 355.4 -sxyjfgy i , X gawk.. . X H. gba - H rfezvft-.fwg - 1 . ' ' 1' ,, A ,.1.f.r1.W J., g, u 4 ':gi4:g.,g1..z 1 ,f F - ' .yt 1 'F' v "Ilia " ' 'I 41 'fiiiiftfff' ,yy f"'I . c"fi"i7 - .T A . ' .W My ,4 2 ,pf,:55,, . gg- - V xy. K 71, V ffm' W " "' lv fx 'v' fied- 'f' , f' M A - ", '3 "" "V x - ..,l 'f9? ' F2 Zi. .. -+ A ,H it g y., ' L I V .- ' , g - 9F',.j,,t-, f,1,f,,,,4,,ggw5f5M,,ff4I - -W fM,14,.5.1 f f ffggiw 4. V 4 1 I, , '45 I' ' F I tm: Q ' " W . . We 'ry 1 r ' M -r r 4 . . 4 r i 445' ' .. . " f:, r3W0e-f-NM--M.1,.A,? . .. ..,..,wn 2 if Yzn.f.ftt.Lqg,f,?f"'fN93af:sv4 H m:"'1fIfv"wgf' -ww., f v', i tiff'- , vga i .own-, , A 51" A ,, nl, 1 ' 1.3 , V . V3.4-f' ' f!'4"' , 1 A4 L , A s i First row: D, DePratti. Second row. left to right: L. Lightfoot, Mgr., S. Rocha, D. Bandy. P. Parker. Third row: D. Dalton, Mgr., J. Corrella, L. Parker, J. Anderson, L. Jeantrout. V. Richardson, K. Shriver, R. Green, L. Johnston. Fourth row: S. Anderson, D. Valvarde, P, Swift, M. Stockton, S. Stefani,J. Anderson, L. Lightfoot, V. Tonus. D. Salinas, Mrs. Barton Fifth row: C, Deandra, F. Fluegg, S. Yednak, C. PembertonLC. Yednak, A. Deome, B. Dyk, C. Jackson, C. Favero, S. Andrus, S. Tonus, K. Heurly. Mgr. Absent: S. Ingram. 'K l I I l l 1 L. 1 v- ' ' w tis? Q4 .-Y i i Q , if LYS? I fi A312555-f4'3-71?'3""5"K awards ' Y i L . ., Lei, i T. monqan hill Basketsall tounney highlights Qmls' Basketsall Season Placing second in the Morgan Hill Basketball Tournament high- lighted the girls' 1973 basketball season. The team consisted of outstanding members from the "A" and "B" teams. "A" team members were Glenda Woodrow, Leila Damasco, Debbie Geissler, Karen Briggs, Nlay Domalaog, and Joyce Samudio. Outstanding "B" team players were Velina Baggett and Gloria Orozco. This superior team defeated all but Fremont High School in the play-offs resulting in a well-earned second place. Coach DiValI thought the season was fine, and she has high hopes for the 1974 season. Marlene Jefferson attempts a basket, M-vis f amui1n u l-if ll A Team: L. Damasco, K, Briggs, J. Samudio. M. Jefferson, M. Domalaog, D. Geissler, G. Woodrow. Karen Briggs shoots lay-up. - fw om - A ,.-"Q-L.. -.,. Velina Baggett attempts a free throw. Rosanne Ryburn aims carefully. onents' heads. 4' R U0 B. Team: K, Doris, G. Baggetr. Orozco, J. Chaboya. D. Hoskins, D. Smith, R. Ryburn, V. "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" Karen Doris tries for two points. ev' is ""TT" w Wflax f.-K 'ff ' v, gg - . wJg,g15e1z:::g.i -.ic .eww isifiiffugi Www " Wtiiiilerf Wi f' 'ff ' W., l .ul Njilfi ik.. f ,- -., i 1 Wm' -iii.--'A ,..N,..,...,,. 3 ,f or gf, .. ' Left to right, front: G. Powell, M. Hauschild, D. Inman, on horse: G. Hopper, Coach Jane Little, E. Ferreira, on balance beam: M. Cuellar, S. Chacon, R. Thoeni, on uneven bars: C.JacksQn, E. Cardona, T. Cokley, F. Ellevan, G. Breeden. Outstanomq Q mnasts QUAUI: In QGGIOFIAI m6SI This year the girls' gymnastics team had many new faces. These girls worked diligently learning both new routines and the gracefulness of a top gymnast. Alisal was proud to be represented by four outstanding gymnasts in the Redwood City Regional Meet. They were Priscilla Lozada on the balance beam. Florence Ellevan. all around gymnast, Maria Cuellar, vaulting, and Melanie Hauschild. all around gymnast. X .4 Miss Little commented that with so many new faces on the A gymnastic's team, the 1974 season is sure to be successful. . l V ,. . Florence Ellevan strives for Olympic style. the uneven parallel bars. Q5 W Nu 'ig 3' . 7 fc X an .1 'A X L l O 6 GAA. ollevisall Gxpemences touoh Competition Florence Ellevan stretches for a spike. Under the fine coaching of newcomer Miss Alexander, the 1973 Girls' Volleyball Teams met some tough competition but came through with a fair season. The teams consisted of girls participating in the Girls' Athletic Association and were divided into the varsity, junior varsity, and freshman teams. The individual teams showed fine team spirit throughout the season and are looking forward to an even better 1974 season. 4? Waiting tough and r Left to right. front row: J. Pabros,IMl Siababa,VC. Camany, D. DePartti. L. Damasco, G. Orozco, J. Chaboya. M. Waite, M. Sum, Adena Statzer. second row: E. Batara, E. Bandong, B. Agpaoa, L. Edu, J. Black. D. Lepper. B. Batara, V. Buen, V. Nelson, G. Jackson, Miss Alexander, third row: M. Lee, M. Doris, J. Elson, G. Woodrow, M. Domalaog, F. Ellevan, P. Jimenez, K. Briggs, L. Sirwet, A. Malari, G. Domalaog, B. Belcher, J. Carilla, last row: A. Echon, T. Geissler, C. Favero, K. Padilla. V. Baggett, C. Yednak. S. Andrus, C Egmberton, D. Valverde, V. Jimenez, D. Sims. K. Doris, Mary M Brammer, T. Gonzales. T. Bozzo, D. ...wi " 219 .sf A. 'v Qml tizacksteizs Come On Stizono with A haizo nucleus With the combined coaching of Mrs. Barton and Miss DiVaIl, the 1973 Girls' Track Team sprinted through a very rewarding season. The girls worked hard at their endeavors resulting in some well-earned wins. As a group, the team showed fine performances throughout the season. Some exceptionally fine team members Miss DiVall cited were Anna Herrera, discuss and shot put, Emma Cardona, 880 yd. run, Grace Bandong and Jonetta Chenea, sprints, and Cathy Powell, hurdles. Special recognition was given to Rachel Amparano who broke the school record for the mile run with a time of 6:29.7. Next season, a strong core of tracksters will be returning to dominate the track. Linda Lightfoot practices at the Denise Adams warms up before long jump. i getting down to business. l if H.'+fs.4, Coach DiVaIl joins Terri Bozzo in a quick lap E Left to right, front row: L. Lightfoot, V. Richardson, J. Bounds, G. Bandong, C. Powell, second row: E. Ferrera, T. Bozzo, E, Cardona, D. Adams, L. Parker, third row J Elson, V. Salcido, B. Dyk, L. Lightfoot, S. Andrus, L. Berniss, A. Herrera, last row: Mrs. Baton, G. Mendez, C. Jackson, S. Simon, R. Amparano, and Miss DiValI --1 -.-adn. Q 0 Q 'Qin or-:- :ui-.,. .. rq:11!vP1-'G 5 ii ,,-1. ps... mn y Grace Bandong clears the bar by a good measure. Running produces lots of laughs. Alisa' ffacksfefs P309 93011 Ufhef- One of the Lightfoots at the long jump. an ,4...-A "M 'wh law.. ,. 414. -W., Q Miksgst.. , 2,4 'W -f +,"m.x,,. L , - Q .gm fi 3" , rv, as 2 ' Q.. 4, W , W, ' 1 ., rf, an T ACVGRUS m DIS ll 77 the times, they Ame Chanqlnq Q 4 A 4 ,- , fr wr ,X 152 ,P EQ W .4 A ,W if KTM f"'f,L hh Ll , ' fri - L A 'We' .D 2gNA.z:2?!z425v5.-wvzfx x i 4" ff X ,L x x X , UHTE f - RV 635A X 'I ,f f . x X f lx X M' . YK ,X W Q' QQ xi 224 M Awww .H 44. ' 95557 P X F 1 nga.-:mn 04" . P.O.BtlX4IB I BALINAB. CALIFORNIA93901 U PHDNE424-1946 Mnnnnnn-r Pnwnm. umrunuzo PA-rnauaxn BINIIAI. INVIIYIBAYIDNI l2l.tc1'loNl:: IZIJUIFMINY INDUITIIAL llnullfv CONIULTANY WATEMMIN PLAN? ul-IAIOI 'Ill ALAIUI LOOAL ALAIN OINTIAL OYFIOI IIIIDINYIAL UOMMIIOIAL INOUOTIIAL OUIOI-Al ALAINI LOBAL ALARM UINTIAL DVYIOK IIIIOINTIAL OONMIIOIAL INOLI IYIIAL TNKY1' AND PILYIIAII FIIVINTION PIIIONNKL INVIIYIIATION FOLYI IAFN KLII OIYKOTO ll IXAMINATIONI LINDIIEDVIR INVIITIDATIONI OHOFLIFYINB FRIVIINYIDN DETAIL UNDIIOOVKI FHOTOOIAIHV INDUITIIAI. COUNYKIJNTILLIIKNDI TIAYYIO COUNTI TIAVYIO IUIVIY IAYITV lunvn -AYITY PLANNINI INOUITIIAL .lil-IIITV RAYMOND WATER! F.O. IDX lil OALINAI. CALIFORNIA PHONE DAY OR NIGHT O24-l'45 louoxo AND .TATK LIOINIIO 'N .l Ei ' .7 --. A Q ' "T 52:7 1 I -fb ,,-, 'LJLLIO XQN IX:-' I Nz:-5 '- 1iInQ,,I,g gif' Y fffO WWV!W?wW?? j. ' .xl -,xy ftjllbd gi Q xxx 'Q0vf,X- 'HEY i fi . O M n fx -wfmf f '-1 , "Va h ,,,',-.f".A ..... 'FD - -,Ts , " -'N-. 4 xi gg, if I Yi., A: .V 'O -' Qui'-' ..- f ,, Congrats to the Classy class of '73 1nter9harvt-ist. - 1- A ...jf ,5 gf- 'j - QUALITY AND ' f 'A' ' 'H' ' SERVICE ' 2 -2- simce 1919 2 QQuaniiigjijbhifiucijiiil. 'Oi' Open Sundays Phone 424-8075 429 Front St. Salinas, California Headquarters for Homeowners , . ' Best Wishes - ' Sherwood Shopping Center if from " The Salinas 981 North Ivlain street Flowerland Florist Salinas' California " ' Je, if 'i' ,lr 424-4808 11 vv. Acacia sr. 422-7421 A -' WBSIEPH store 5- ' A Salinas, Calif. 7' ' J BARLINC. f ' if-f' '-and 268 lvl ' s ig, , ain treet W. Sh gum! GLW!! 5 Ph Seiirsaiinas, California 93901 IQ OD MID-'rowN One Evenings by Appointment 1-F-NE COIFFURES 6' M 35-5- 10 ivuarown Lune 424-3719 J area code 408 RD. Kimber saunas, cam. 93901 Phone 424-0307 gfiiftlvs Alice Kimber .7 2-1, ,- it 1 VALLEY NATIONAL BANK K VALLiiv Boom as ADT Si-loo Phone 422-9291 970 Park Row Salinas, Calif. Salinas California phone l408l 424-0051 322 East Market Street Mailing Address: Box 1086 HOUSE of HABDTOPS OWUEVSI used cars YOUV independent Bank Ron 81 Kay Harmon se habla espanol 409 Park Bow gag, JEANETTE Liivoeaie sHoPPE gag? I I 5 Nationally Advertised Brands 1 ar Q es 7 J E W E LE R S Harp's RL!! Drugs The store that has everything. Service with a smile. 880 East Alisal St. 422-2772 1081 S. lVlain St. VALLEY CENTER BOWL Phone: 422-9031 Stanley and James Seeclman 362 Main Street Phone 424-1246 1'Ouality Jewelers for Over a Quarter Century" Downtown Salinas 701 E. Alisal St. Salinas, Calif. PEPE TACO Open: 11:00 A.lVl. Phone: 424-4347 11:00 P.lVl. 22 26 Visit PAY LESS for your prescriptions and every day needs. Phone: 449-5451 x , s . I I I A vm i Pharmacy: 449-2481 'AIM I t y y .r 5255 ryyr I 5 '-:1 N., xv- MciIum'I A K IPJJXA -' ' y 5 1' ,ww we elm -I r ri 3 f I swim I S " we I ei: ,,i, 'Ik I EEF' f ' F' I I v I , XA SALINAS DRIVE -IN MARKET 421 Monterey Street Salinas, California CINDERELLA'S VOGUE 424-4646 236 IVIain St. 315 IVIain St. 758-3315 JIM GATTIS MEN'S WEAR SALINAS KAWASAKI KAWASAKI 84 INDIAN SALES 8: SERVICE Jim Chisum 50 W. Market St. 424-9611 For all your shopping needs. ' 1002 S. lVIain St. Salinas Phone 373-4393 N ,,,,u,,s sAuNAs mucx IERMINAI. Complete Truck Service R. C. lDickI Attinger, Owner Eddie Olds, lVlgr. ne. .... L GlN'S SU PEFIIVIAR KET 422-0841 950 Sanborn Road 1020 Terven Ave. Phone P.O. Box 888 l408I 424-0875 Salinas, Calif. 93901 Salinas, Calif. 424-1503 CIN D E XN-...uf PIESFS 1-if M fri H121 un uf' I WMI ' A I ,MW , ash: 228 PEESI Ju Jkw fiikqwxffgg V3 viii, WUQJTJ W LLQAJQI wx ' wW 1Qs31ibQ lf F-YEQMX ,l5Qw,g,r3J Y5u've got Cl loi' fo live. Pepsi's got Cl lot to give SlD'S H. SAI1l.'.esq. AUTHENTIC INGLIIH DEPARTMENT STORE TWSHCSJ SHOPPE Phone: 424-5248 832 E. Alisal St. V- , ,YWYE ,,,. -,,v,,, , Y ,. -.i..l.,,.,m,, , - .,.. , T. ,,f,- F.. t - E T- f-if f 5: "WE M 21 Y Wi- -EEE, T 1 CAIVIERA EXCHANGE 929 S. Nlain-Valley Center-Salinas, California Phone 424-1497 Photographic Supplies Greeting Cards ,Im I I - KANE and ZECH 334 Monterey street TE- A Salinas, caiif. 93901 TRDVVARE ' PAINT ' Phone 758-1623 SOUND CELLAR S" ""i 72 Y Y" i it f jf '--- 4 , Records 84 Stereo Wfl-'VP S "T :ff TT'i Q.??i'.Ji'r?1?- T riff-922' A QE.. 4:54.--5--. .-- -32 all --Sfggzli., i?:3Lf4 ' umm BOB FORGNONE CHEVRON Ei if-g i if ' ' gi g' ' lQl sATLAS TIRES, TUBES, BATTERIES AND ACCESSORLES f fyffiirff 4 S S H GREEN STAMPS L . :, - 177 Williams Road 422-8612 Salinas, California WICKES Lulvi BER DA'LYMARKET 1250 Abbott St. 758-3367 . . Appliances Paneling 32 W'll'amS Rd' Cabinets Power Tools H . , I H Carpeting Plywood Floor Tile Paint Se'V""9 the mcest people 'n town- 2 O ice Equipment dy Stationery Co. -351 MAIN STREET - TELEPHONE 424-4861 - P.O. Box 1047 1 H ti vi i MONTEREYSAVINGSQLOAN 1 3 ff rl 1 E' SA nu 1 FY' ' Y, , , , , S+ LINAS, CALIFOR 7390 I l I N, xg .7 iw? .E 2 . I - ft .. . ,AW , 5 ,Q ,. 1 J v . , ,wk 1. P Q 1:-12 ,,.Qf-A:.1- I ",, . -Fi A T 1 ' ,. S 'ft':'1':-Z-39.ff-inL . f . 1 x 1 ul- 2-Q ,,"1j4.., :M - -Aggik 1 L. 1 sq VZ' ' ,x :PY .115 ,JE si. J- E . .-4-wwe W it--f'L,:1 ,Li - - 2 111, , .1fwa4+fes slim - 1 1 E Ll 1 ,' V' Q ff' 1 353+ wk. ,I -pi 'Q , 5,5 , ,X s- . 1- 115 E: 4 ' 675 '1 'fs jj 14:11 "- in .,. . ' - :H Q gf ,1 3:'4f'f:" ii-fl' 1 - ..1...,..,- c W ,1 , I N lf "1f'ifi,5 in .A Ms ,--3: , A U-faf' 2 9 '. .f2lA?+2. 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Sa"naShg2-5247 ELAINE POWER'S FIGURE SALON Join our happy-time hour Pl'10T09f3DhiC SUDDHBS 81 Equipment 35 Plaza Circle Salinas, Calif. 424-0858 4.4 RTER . A. RCRAF 4 SALES ECHDDL FoooFAi R MARKET ,qu -7,,,,,d,, jnallpiper 695 E. Aiisai sr. A. RPDRT CA . D . ...Size Don Phone: 424-4101 PM P 9 0622 4 9 1300 AL MARTINS ENTERPRISES KTAXIDERMY STUDIOI GAME HEADS MOUNTED CAMPER - BOAT AND T.V. SALES YOUNG'S BARGAIN CENTER New and used furniture and appliances. Admiral-Philco-Emerson and Hardwick Buy-Sell-Trade 669 E. Market St. 422-5468 TARGET ALLEN at KAY NIARTINS O1 E C R N OWNERS S , C 93901 4 Pe st Co n t ro I 1393 E. MARKET ST. SALINAS, CAI. IF. DlCK'S SERVICE CATLETT 84 SONS 1040 El Camino Real North Exxon Service , 188 S. Sanborn Rd. Salinas, Ca Prunedale, Calif. 758-5300 Dick lVlcCoun Phone: 663-3207 where money isn't everything NORTHERN CALIFORNIA SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Established 1888 Northridge R 307 Niain Street J. C. PENNEY CO. 8l I N E Telephone 424-6434 , Salinas, . The "New" Place Shop Penney's and Save C8IIf0fI'1IH 93901 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! I A EVERYTHING IN Music -E, 3 ,, 3 5? V1 f A fe Lf I f L, A Q.. v M Office f . Q U . 'L 342 M n Strsel Tolcpha , t n, U A A . s I cam. 424-6421 3 V, E525 j f' ' Music X I ' .,R, nl j' ,I 4 , COMPANY x 'S I It. Y faq- pau. Shu. 918 South Main Street Valley Center SALINAS CALIFORNIA IDA MAE PAROLA O HA 4 3466 TRIM gl PRIM POODLE SALON Bathing .Trimming .Scissoring Five Days A Week Complete Dog Grooming .All Breeds Specializing in Poodles 906 North Sanborn Road Telephone 424-6890 Salinas, California 93901 A-I GLASS 21 South Pearl St. Phone 422-1245 PlNKY'S DRIVE-IN 910 N. Sanborn Rd. When you're hungry, try Pinky's for: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Phone: 422-2213 Eat inside or take out THRIFTY MARKET 1025 Del Monte Ave. 422-9145 J HARDWARE :ANI AND LIGHTING AL VE LASOU EZ Residence 422-2336 Phone 422-7478 650 E. Alisal .Salinas Builders Hardware and Lighting Specialists "Best of Wishes to the Class of 73" Patios - Sidewalks - Driveways Curbs and Gutters - FIOOVS - Foundations, Etc. Residential - Free Estimates - Commercial DIAMOND CEMENT CONTRACTOR, INC. 773 Galindo Street Mike N. Chacon Telephone 422-9480 President Salinas, California il'-S3221 SEYMOUR'S ICE CREAM 758-1215 609 E. Alisal St. 0 J 5 mm Vnvmvr mann PM NS 656 E. Alisal St. HOME FUR ISHING 424-2507 .. L -- gi +L... -,Q tl Class Rings JOSTEN S Caps and Gowns Senior Announcements 622 S. Main 422-9045 SALI NAS MUSIC CENTER 5 234 if X' 4-fA' Wagga, the snow today 12! Best of luck Best lc. R. David Best Wishes to o Renee Hargis' out and l'll fldgtyclass like ours comes o lvywgnce Philippine lmports to the "God has wings who know leave! To say good-bye is to die a 81 Scroll . . . International Society for Young e's hoping the class of '73' is the first, last only one of its kind. Debra Russell Happiness is representing Allsal High The Flaggirls to Steve Bowers In Are the I., Q A 4 W, 3 ,,, k,,., I L'1x 255 -. fx ,. . - gif . TN tri f N-X .Yu .Q Q . Q. I' t V F ' Q Us J, ,fy ff' 5 1 - f, :' Q iw ez "' L- ' ' 353 Nlain Street Rita Morales ,TL ,, xg' .Iy - -V, . w 'f 4' ' x 4 -J , ,,- . x K: F '. .1 x ,- JR '. 5 XQAE, vawwxv'-'-':f'A l T174 fx- ,fe e -N ..-fi B.. 415,-6" -V "Sak - Q 5 f 1.1 k X x L N.:- ,NYY " - W. ,.,.N .K , - . - 7 5231. .Wy ff r- .ilu Y- . .cal e e e xx ,, W. Q '75 it sb . 4 I ' e ls. -A COOK'S PHOTOGRAPHY 52415486 in memony ARDOIC RAITIISCAI. th should roam. How strange it is that man on ear And lead a life of woe, but not forsake His rugged path: nor dare he view along His future doom which is but to awake. -John Ke ats 2 A Veizy Special lacy: miss mmnie Oizewes One of the most respected women of our school is Miss Minnie Drewes. Most students saw her in the role of policewomen, but for many students and faculty alike Miss Drewes was a person worthy of knowing at a personal level. At many activities Miss Drewes was a willing volunteer and she proved to be an expert at throwing pies during rallies. To just say thank- you for the many years of service is not enough, for we are deeply indebted to Miss Drewes because without her this school would not have run nearly as well nor achieved the status it has gained. For your many years with us, your willingness to help, and for caring, we offer our sincere appreciation, We'Il miss you, Miss Drewes. rf!" in ' 1 4 '.g2g4".f.fS' 25" A 1 v I, gf- Q ff. if ii' 23452 c2K.:f:,.ifiif3 I c The Miss Drewes' special Busy at wnik . f nal Q .. i Q :sew pi ...t,,.Mmdf Documents from the principal. She always finds time to smile and laugh with friends. t WW, SQ ,,t,tui .ff-ff M s Mfff - 2 M' :.:'z 7- G, as rc v "4 is ex. ,tered f M My M, .,.. 4, ,L 47 gf jg? ,, ,HM -' f61a.slc,+-if--f--A 'f"'1?"'1 " sf it . . .--b " i V5 4-ir. Y Y , F I c W s 'r " ,yt ,LM A .,"-'fi L.1.QQ.c,3irL:WeM2 5 'iiatstt ' -4 ' . ,F is 4 , . rx gi ,. 5 f A , 5 P , ,. . rHy,,w,,, 4 4 F-w t ' , W V ,U , , , .1 . mgpjaf-:, , 1 tw' Ml"-i 1-M 1 3 ,Q , M fa ils' K 1 ,:- , A-'f--zztw 4- G- Q 3 it 1 3 it vi' 2 71 X E +2523 5 cl S im 5 ,. 1 KRYLH 1 J ' it 3: ,E l A6 A N ' i i Qi Mgt al?- . , , . at .K- -4 ' -,mx -1. 1' 2 'S ' , ter: ,iw - ,Q qs. : t. 'N . .. ., . -. ti ,st , Ank i . l I l I outhank outhank outhank outhank outhank o we me time. time ooes not exist without us. WG CPG-5 We oestnoy. W6 love . . . time ooes not pass us By, we pass ADO AS W6 lllme, W6 that we me ape . . . The 1973 Trojan Yearbook staff strived the future all who read this book can book emerged, we had experienced through all the hectic deadlines. we stil offered their talents l would like to express the year 1973 so that someday in the time. As time flew by and our Although the staff stuck together sources. To those people who Through all the rough times that we sc we turned to for guidance. Mr. Angelo, we being there when I needed your help. I there was always one person to whom for being there. l especially thank you for Without photographs a yearbook would not be possible. Mr. Ken Cook, Cook's Photography, Mr. Gene Jones, Hurl Swartz Studios, and Mr. Bob Rodd Jr., Dolly and Bob's Photography all deserve thanks for the great pictures they captured of Ali' l particularly thank Mr. Ken Cook and Mr. Clay Peterson of the Salinas Californian for the many extra hours they devoted to this yearbook. The administration helped a great deal to assist the staff in any way they possibly could. My deepest thanks go to Mr. William Kearney and Mrs. Beverly David. This year's exceptional staff was more than jus f kers. To me we were a family. loving and hating one another while striving toward the me goal. My deepest thanks go to some very special staff members: GeorgeAnn Wence, ads, Fay Bradshaw, activities, Janice Haydon, organizations, Debbie Sims, classes, and Tom Valdriz all combined their individual talents toward the creation of this book. To all my staff members l am grateful for their devotion and efforts at deadline time. Thankyou staff. V There are several people who cow of this book. l would,,like to acknowledge and thank them, for without you Cherilyn Maddox, Muriel Quintero, talents to the book. Thank you Mr. Horsley, and guidance throughout the year. would not be possible. Thank for contributing your artistic for your encouragement It is with sadness that I leave Alisal High memories l accumulated throughout my the staff and me in any way. l appreciated it l cherish all the wonderful you to all the people who helped out-going editor could know. Qs.. 'CLfxf1CL.'- og u-Qjuq ge-od bpamd +0 yXO,,,.Q Mamwk HUIM-1 U-QM., .QMJQ-QQJQLL -ef, hi mem Ljo-Q oVuzo.LwL U25 M19 and dam po chowk NHfxo.i uocgq owxq-1 Lfgulpx Qsdnhkuko Hfwwppq ww-MQ gm: SQ mppq Laborid.,-9VXc:'x3,Q, qgu Af'xOL,u-Q., Gqoq Luck. LJIN QCVLQ LdL.C1fLD fb CQ-'Vvn.Q, QJVXCQ team QQVLQ J owes,L9.Q km o..Of1,L3,4k-+. OLLLDQLJQI QJMLQJ, HCLX x N gi: 'S w Q 2 2 W - T 15 Q F Wa, Wi - 57 wgiifafaxp Ziff MQ? Sf2QQQQ3Dg4CX 9-UQ-,fix '50 QQ ' 60221 Q Q1 fi is ffgffw isa is 2193 wvjfi gL2i3t2f:.'1z::3,f 33,0 A WM ul 536 2, up f WWW?-f nds, gsxfff gx M KAN! 'fi--065 N , A Xgiglggpd 6 ,, W7 32i5?5x Q, XGA 7 'fl I My ' "3?b 325 my 9 ff , X ffgfga? yigjy? 94 Efi'e Q35 yi gig W5 EP " ob Am F 'QE Xixrii fix pi Mk N cv ww JN Q -- O ' 50 9 yy , Q? XE gag? Q38 ,Ag QM QR fgffulpmg 650-KMKQJQAAJ Q ' an ,fri gfwb c'7"77f"f . WQQQW' jfjjiiwf. LCC? W UQQQgQiE3fffff 1 75 ,l by 5 J! If Ep A Z-?f'l,U.wu ! Q QQOIQX of ii .J N! F X 3 6 S i x 5 .T 5. .AJ

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