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.... 1 V if, ull" xi, ,,., ,. si' ny. r, rr' lf: . J , ?"mePff,fff-.Q af tmfm'-PM J' ,f 4 f' '75 gf I Af, ,la 3,51 I . UI ., ,,--fu. .,f 11: f-'A' , 'fm V .f u ,. .42 X X v 'lf .J Ja ,,,., A , :,., -V wwf! xl" .Il , ,' ,A-'L -Q 4, .1 y,,,g. AY - AQ, ,. .f ,..v N' 11 n I . " , 7. Y' ' 2 - , I. ly, Il 1,P f 1. 1, 1' , A .pf QW , yu, V .4 ,I V ss i , 1 rl' B -. A , A, 1 NY.. 1 q " ,, 'rf-ff-1:.wLqc. fig.-ga.-:f:J-1 1,-4-.19 9311-"N-5.13-,-::5L,g--..- .g:2,i.1Q?1L-Z1 ,.,-5.5-1-.f.-'.aL.1.,p,e,-,Q-. lil-,L-1--xeg-gf: L:.-- 1.171 311. Lx- 1 ff. if-2' 1 A . . A. .1:.. ii T-',:311 . A:. -, ,QV x 11" Af- gg: 1:5-4 ' V -ij2LI1:3.i-hifi" 1'-11-15: -3-7 ' .- '-Zwl -1 Z- if ' --5.-Eiif?iT-f'FI-Iii'-'if -"'-iXiJN1'f-+-- '1--'-Qjvgqqf Q53-'-:-,if'?1-1-ff 2765-' ' ' I ,' -I . :W 'V , I-,IM 1 ,Lf In . ,XJ 5 . .N ' 1 ,- f 2 K, 1 - ,Z I W, H, ..fZ' . 'n b ' ' fp. . A V . 2 " , N , . 31 Y F - X 4.5 Ci I, ,HL--, . ,I H - V. E53 " ff V ' 1 ' . ' , N ' , ' en - ,4 . . . , , A f , 1 rw! , ' ' I . ' - Q ' ' A' . ' 5 if 4' f- V . pf " Q -'s ' f f A 'A :H 'H 1 - .' , , ,f . .L V, . I -. . 5 u 1 ' , 'W a sf -2- P ' W I , v' ,J . 1 , .' 111 f ,' v , ' ' - ' " . X ji.: 10 ' -A 4 W . ' 'I I , , . A A 3 , . ,.: f N. -J " L f . ' 5' xx. 1, 3 xg y u- , v , i , , 4 Q 'L ' , 1 ' V i jf 5' It 9'-4 F if , . , I 3 ' iff .. , If ' E57 " 'P , N-. f b .W . 43. . E 3, V 'I 'W' Aix ,. rl' . ,F . 1 -' , L V s. f , ' 'K Q- ,L 85' ,- ., V w :sf '35 q- .V-1 W ,, an M , M 1 A, ' - M M' ' A xg , .yy gl -JI' QA-5 'wxvv ' H X X.. e, I 1 Y -.J ' ,V - - 1 if -. M A ,Ax , ,. - L ' Zlig F ' , , - , - 1 . 1' ' ' - r x f . ,ff 1 , 5" ww' 3 - ,. ,K ,- ' KX fs' 3 'fm' .V V4 -W k Q x X 5 I ' ' . : "' 4' ' If A . , , . f ' V, ' 1 A , ' , Y Q v Q. 'rg 1 ,M , Q X . , . Us A ,51 1 I A , 'L ,:,. , F I w ,f . -4 , -' A 'it .J .J V xg, .1 ,v M 4 4 ffx 1 lf' ,. ,wx -V V ' 1 ', :. ' ,X . " ' , . V 1 f' . , ,Q rn 1 ff 1 I V !1' v I mi ,- kt, .2 '- ,. Q 1 ,Ax X. 5,3 K -. V wi Arpt-.T'T,,, , , H z F' W 1 A . xy r .' , "' , ,Q 5-' I . -Z I: ' EK -XS 1 j , x . 'rg W fy 1 i 'J .If Vg 1 3' J E" H " 1 L-' R , . jx 1.1 A4 f Q 3 ' i rs :J ' . K 5 ' 1 fi .. 1 -. ' X X . , lil V , f' ' n ' ' , 1 1 , 251 ' X", ' ' 5 ' ' if .R ' ' f. 1 :J 5 , ' L5 , , V 1 4 ,, - , , - E f V, mf f , 4 1 - .J-' tg " w 11.1 kr ' A 'K :S ' ' Lf' . L . V4 V . , 4 A i . c 'mf ...fl 'J ' V N V f K ' 4 ' 1 c 1 I 4 A1 . l ' 1 ' " J 1 A 4 'J , X ,K 0 f if ,w 1 L' K f , 31 ' Pa ,f 1 l,' if 2 x , ' X ff' 'w l . J fx" , LU? 'X f' t 1, ' . N J AJ ,, f ,,' , 'f x x X ,Q I f -. , P ,U 'fllfg I, +1 ,g if .f xy Wx m18O Days wlth Lnttle Qunp !!. Around the School Q51 5 ALIQUIPPA HIGH SCHOOL l HARDING AVENUE X Q Co O .9 X ,Q- Foreword Our trip around the school covers l8O days of actual attendance by Aliquip pa High School pupils To most of us Th se days have passed rapidly but thanks to Little Quip our gu de we see again many behind the scenes activi ties and wellremembered moments here recorded for all time As our pictures and paragraphs tell the story of people places and pro grams that have made up our would at Aliquippa High this year we realize this l8O day span of school attendance has been multiplied l2 times over for our departing seniors-and many, many more times over for all the teachers and administrators who have guided, inspired, and applauded the progress ol Aliquippa students. But Little Quip, typical of his generation, is in a hurry. As we catch his serious expressions and smile at his antics on the pages that follow, we are aware of his pride-our pride-and his unspoken thanks which these words of ours are meant to convey. 4 Table F7 Contents ADMINISTRATION Administrators a 'iff Offices CLASSES Seniors Senior Queens Hall of Fame Juniors Soplwomores Freshmen Eighth Grade Candids ATHLETICS Football Basketball Cross Country Track Volleyball Go Baseball Intramural. GirIs Athletics ACTIVITIES Music Drarnatics National Honor Society Servic, 8. Social clubs Publications Acknowledgments Patrons 8. Adv,rtise s Autographs A 1220 2I23 26 49 50 51 52 53 54 58 59 62 63 66 68 69 72 79 80 86 88 89 92-93 94-95 96-99 IO2-IO9 II3- 9 130433 140-I57 158-I60 -1 '+X ADMINISTRATION S ALIOUIPPA HIGH SCHOOL HARDING AVENUE 43- 19? of 49, f f foe X0 I I I ' X I 1' II 'I I - I x I 1 I K f I IN ' 'ff I, X N X I , , ' f X I If 1 I X X X ff XXI GJ ZIIIII I xx Xf , W ' I I , af sv If I I I I , 6, ff! Qx' ,ff I V ff !f My xx jf Q 1 -9, ff I I v f KX 1 4 , Q O I I i 7 47 QS8'cJ f f I , vc, f 4' A I I I K I 'Q X A ' I I K, I4 f ,C I I I I kk ,f I X Ii ,III ' ' f , 0 X I W I I 'o I X!!! I 1 F I I I I ' I I I I I I , I ff! I II I X "' I I I I I I Q I I ,f I X , ,Q I H I I ' Administration Superintendent 'Wi Samuel Mllanovuch it-1 Board of Education Seatedl to r Clarence D Nelsh solicitor Stanley C Brobeck adm asst George Zatezalo supt bldgs 8- grds Raymond C Moore John P Zahorsky vice pres Herbert Gaitsch pres: aent Standing William C McHattle Louis A Batchelor Samuel Mllanovlch superintendent Dan Mednch secretary Sephen D Mnhaluc Dr Lawrence N Colonna J Austin Leis treasurer 7 B6 Q., 1,4 -K 8 'mf-v4 'L-LQ. it K I ,Q 1 I . .z . , 1 . , . .g . , . . .1 - , . , -1 , - A v - - 4 - 1 1 1 , , I . , . . , . , . ,,,., 5 . -N , , , ' Q X v , V- , 1, ,. ,, ,J ff l s 'nf Q..f"-W V 'K . n . 1, V- , ,' gpm w P ' 1,41 Ti'f1,'X s, ,K " S x 9 -Q. i 12 I , V ' ' 'N . , x , V , -We -1 x X - f S W, J' Q B r' 1,2 Q. A -f ' N ,A 2 .1 f"1 ,- Q' , ' - . Admlnustratlve Assistant Stanley C Brobeck The Allqulppa School Authority Seated I to r John Essey vlce chm Robert Herbert chaxrman Edward Flbbl John Francona osst sec treas Standing Dan Mednch secretary J Austin Lens treasurer Samuel Mllanovlch superintendent Clarence D Nelsh co sollcltor Absent Arthur Herskovltz co sollcltor 9 Prmclpals Assistant Prlnclpal Mchoel M Zcxhorchck Prmclpal Dr Douglas A Lehman 9 0 i . 1 Dlrectors f 'S Y' ll"""""' so--f ATTENDANCE GUIDANCE Lloyd C Shlrk Do mc E Corsfo Home and School Vlsltors wk: ulse H Collun MC"'90"9F E Mcrhn 'll Adams Adams , Q Aschman Batchelor 'kv 'vw -.4 P.,-5 ,-A. ML!! get 'if' 4,.,... In homerooms and classes BELLE E ADAMS Geneva BA Umv of Puttsburgh MA English ll 8- 12 DONALDL ADAMS Call forma STC BS Umv of Pittsburgh MEd lndust Arts Elec Wood Intramurals varsnty volleyball coach Hn Y sophomore class sponsor CARL A ASCHMAN Washungton 8- Jefferson BS Hlstory 9 varsity foot ball coach Varsuty Club JAMES A BATCHELOR Shuppensburg STC BS Boys Physlcal Traumng JOHN V BATTLES Geneva College BA, History 9, Safe Drrvlng, varsity golf coach, asst lr hugh basket ball coach BESSIE H BENEDICT Kent State Umv BS, Offlce Practrce MARY LOUISE BENNETT Gen eva College BA, Duquesne, Umv of Pnttsburgh MEd, Vocal Musnc, Organ, Bach Chour, Organ Club CHARLES S BIECHLER Umv of Pittsburgh BS, Sc: ence 9 8- T2 N l B. D. . C. s ' ' J. . -1 T J wk ..-, ,, X L 5:-I :lf if -fl: . , . . . T2 LAWRENCE F. BLANEY-Edinboro STC-BS, Univ. of Pittsburgh MEd, History II, C.F.8-H. Club. ALDO J. BONOMI-Juanita BA, History 9 8- II, asst. foot- ball coach, iunior class sponsor. CHALLIS W. BRIT- TON-Lehigh Univ. EE, Univ. of Pittsburgh MEd, Geometry, Algebra I. CHARLES A. BROWN-Du- quesne Univ. BA, MA, English 9, Dramatics IO 81 II. DALE A. CABLE-Grove City College BA, Univ. ot Pittsburgh MA, Spanish I 81 II, History 9 8. II, intrae mural weight-lifting. ELIZABETH M. CARVER--Univ. of Pittsburgh BS, Girls' Physical Training, Girls' Ath- letic Leader's Club, intramurals. MARGARET E. CHA- BALA-Univ. of Pittsburgh BS, English 9 8. IO. SARAH B. CHAMBERS-Northwestern Univ. BS, Eng- Iish IO 8. II, National Honor Society. TYPING II instructor William Maslanik checks thc progress of these iunior girls. from clay to day yn f' , J""' xxx, '25 Q -U ...qu zz D. Cable t Mm it E. Carver f is 1 M. Chabala ' X S S. Chambers ' L' 13 Faculty 1,,,,, IES ,wa- R I S is I 4. L. Blaney A. Bonomi I C. Britton C. Brown W? 'Lvl X . '-we -W ' I Faculty ,- rt u. 'I 1 V A 1. V. Ns I f My 'B' " f YL I' .V,, . ,Q , wel' 5 t'f.WYs II . 'V DC Crawford Cunningham D'Antonio Delett ,ag 'tim X EDWARD CIRIACY-Williamson School Mech. Trades, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Vocational Carpentry. HELEN W. CIRIACY-Carnegie Inst. ot Technology BS, Home Economics Dept. Head, cafeteria super- visor, Future Homemakers Club. JO ANN COCHRAN -Westminster College BA, English IO, Journalism I, II, QUIPPIAN, QUIP SCRIPT. MAUDE G. COULTER- Geneva College BS, Geography Dept. Head, Geo- graphy IO 81 I2. FRANK W. CRAWFORD-Bowling Green SU-BS, Univ. of Pittsburgh MEd, Mechanical Drawing. ELSIE M. CUNNINGHAM-Grove City College BS, Univ. of Pittsburgh M. Litt., Algebra I 81 II, Geometry, Trigo- nometry. JAMES H. D'ANTONIO-Univ. of Pitts- burgh BS, MEd, Gen. Math, Algebra I, Geometry, senior class sponsor. JOANN DELETT-Indiana STC- BS, Home Economics, Quip Tri-Hi-Y. HISTORY Dept. Head Clifford J. Smith Irightl chats with instructor Dale Cable in his 9th grade class. teachers 'I4 if E. Ciriacy I ' ' 8, H. Ciriacy 'I Y' J. Cochran y M. Coulter by A Dolnack M Edwards B Fazlo F Fazlo Qs 'hr' TN-5 diy., ANDREW DOLNACK Umv of Plttsburgh BS Gen Sclence 9 MARION E EDWARDS Geneva College BA Univ of Pittsburgh MECI History 12 BEVERLY FAZIO Callfornua STC BS General Math Algebra I Basic Math TruHnY FRANK FAZIO Calnforma STC BS Ge Scnence 9 ANN FLEMING Unuv of Pittsburgh BA Englnsh 9 81 II EDWIN W FRENCH Columbua Umv BS Umv of Prttsburgh MA, Director of Industrial Educa tlon PETER P FUDERICH Umv of Plttsburgh BS, Science 9, assistant football coac"1 LOUIS GALL ETTA Duquesne Umv BA, BS, Scxence 8, Hustory 8 I5 Y '3'x 'iff' FACULTY A Flemmg E French P Fuderlch L Gallefta lx All - V, I 'F .- fe I .aff In fr, fy f, gf S ,g ,'v,.,, 5 I x , x V15 ' , A X I ' W I 1, ti E , U I F if 'B I I ' , T? " 'R .,,,4 Tl I I I 'I K' V i N i Q I 1 - , Q 4 If Q WV carefully guide our way. WJ . D' I I . . I I I I I FACULTY X,-3 gf V 'NV Halama Harchlck Hartley Hodge i 'Wm 'Ti pu.. 4 .-mg As sponsors and coaches, ERIC E GARING Thiel College BA Umv of Pulls burgh MA History I2 MARY C GEORGE Grove Cnty College BA Umv of Pittsburgh MA English ll 81 I2 MARYJ HAIGHT Clarion STC BS Llbraruan Jr Lnbraruans ANN HALAMA Induana STC BS Umv of Callfornna MEd Shorthand I 8. Il Typang I NIKOLAJ HALAMA Calnforma STC BS Industrnal Arts Metal GENEVIEVEE HARCHICK Clarnon STC BS Penn tate Umv MEd Engllsh Spellmg Read mg 8 YTeens HARRY J HARTLEY Edmboro STC Penn State Umv BA MA Sclence Dept Head Biology 'IO Future Teachers of America FRANCIS P HODGE Umv of Pltfsburgh VocahonalMachme Shop I6 E Garmg M George M Halghf Halama 39 Ss 'Y an , A ' -', X if fav A. mq ik S .0 F - C ,?l Q up N. , G. ' 'E H. , f F' 'I A ,Wx . in H fy T I " S I I , I 55 P I is 1 . ' ' ' i ' ' ' f N13 I I I , . Q A . , O , I , - R Long O Loschiavo N McCormick B McWilliams ROGER D. JONES-Penn. State Univ. BA, Univ. of Pittsburgh MA, Physical Education Dept. Head, Boy's Health, cross country, track, ir. high basketball coach. JESSIE B. KIRK-Geneva College BA, English 'lO. GEORGE R. KUVINKA-Penn. State Univ. BA, MEd, Geography IO at 12. Louis LADISH-umv. of Pitts- burgh, Carnegie Inst. of Technology, Penn. State Univ., Vocational Electricity, RHEA M. LONG-Ohio State Univ. BS, English ll 8K 12. ORLANDO LOSCHIAVO-Juniata College BS, Biology 10. NORMAN H. MCCORMICK-Univ. of Pittsburgh BA, MA, MEd, Latin I 8. ll, Language Dept. Head, Optimates. BLANCHE D. McWlLLlAMS-West Chester STC-BS, Vocal Music, Girls' Chorus, Choral- iers, Trio. ART CLASS for Lynda Evans, Barbara Bruce, and Robert Magestro means instruction from Dept. Head George Merges. Faculty X ...,..if-5 it nf- directors and advisers, .sw -vs' a Ajax j-if s....,.- A' YITP if 1, x X 'te G75 2 1 yt., f 17 -it fx f A--nb, HS' Nl , R. Jones 'Q J. Kirk G. Kuvinka L. Ladish . 2 Faculty V nn 7 . 'if-.V . Vx . R X J 0 'ETA4 MARGARET W. MacMlLLAN--Univ. of Pittsburgh BS, MEd, Bookkeeping l, Typing II. HELEN Y. MA- MULA-Duquesne Univ. BS, English 9, Speech 9. GRACE M. MARSDEN-Univ. of Pittsburgh BS, Re- medial Reading, Health, Jr. Red Cross. WILLIAM B. MASLANIK-Indiana STC, Univ. of Pittsburgh BS, Business Economics, Typing I 8. II. GEORGE MERGES-Edinboro STC-BS, Duquesne Univ. MEd, Art. GEORGE POLOVINA-Muskingum College BA, Univ. of Calif. MEd, Plane Geometry, Algebra ll, Trigonometry. JOSEPH PUKACH-Davis 81 Elkins College BS, West Va. Univ. MA, Typing I, Business Law, asst. basketball coach. WILLIAM J. REINISH--indiana STC-BS, Univ. of Pittsburgh MA, Commercial Dept. Head, Business Law, Sales, Even- ing School Director, Social Planning Committee. CARPENTRY instructor Edward Ciriacy discusses construc- tion of ping-pong paddles with Pat Phillips and Frank Falbo. they help with our proiects, M. MacMillan I X 'fl ff - .5 G. Merges 1: V 44 Q G. Polovina ' ' ' J. Pukach X W. Reinish V ' 1 lx X 'M 4 5 H. Mamula G. Marsden W. Maslanik 91" pics iq B of 1.f"'f,X If? Q F Rockage Ross T RUSCIITI I Scmcrdzugcx xg? cheer our vlctorles FRED R ROCKAGE Gen Motors lnst Umv Plttsburgh Vocatnonc1lMochme Shop JOSEPH A ROSS Geneva College BS Umv of Pittsburgh Al gebru I 81 ll Basic Moth THEODORE E RUSCITTI Geneva College BS Umv of Pittsburgh MEd Senior Science Physlcs Student Councll IVANJ SAM ARDZIJA St Vnncent College AB Buology IO Chemnstry I CLIFFORDJ SMITH Umv of Pnttsburgh AB MEd Hlstory Dept Head Hlstory 9 8. ll HELEN D SMITH Muskungum College BA French I 8- II Le Cercle Franccus FERDINAND J SPORNY D quesne Umv BS Music Dept Head Sr Bond Jr Band Dlrector ANDREW M STERANKA Cclrnegue Inst of Technology BS Umv of Pittsburgh MEd Al gebra I General Mcnthemcntncs I9 -C-f-'cf FACULTY 38: E Vlnclc J Wozmckr E Zettel X., Te ,305-e ask! Ai and pave our way to success RUDOLPH TATALOVICH Umv of Pnttsburgh BA MEd Auduo Vnsual Alds Dept Head AVA Club CAROLINE H THEL Geneva College BA Umv f Plttsburgh MA English Dept Head English 9 8. ll Evening School Engllsh NADINE UJEVICH Umv of Puttsburgh BS MEd Gurls Health Sr Glrls Pos ture Program NICK URAM Slippery Rock STC BS Safe Drnvlng varsnty basketball coach asst football coach ELAINE VINCIC Chatham College BA Speech Play Director Senior Commencement Program JACQUE LINE M WOZNICKI Geneva College BS Umv f Pittsburgh MEd Geography 8 Math 8 ESTELLE M ZETTEL Muchugan State Umv BS, Home Ec 8 81 9, II 81 III, Future Homemakers Club R. c. hl I ,Y .S I ' W l if V D P ., f - ' Q' -If B Q es f . I I . -- I I , ' . ol O' I f ' ' . , .T 'Q ffl! - , , ff! . I . . 5 ZW ' - - , ' . o 20 Tatalovlch Ulevlch Uram Offices Cd-H' Morne Sellorl Supplnes 8m Athletlc Tickets Ellzo beth Gcrwood Attendance Clerk for Alrqulppo Schools Elvoretta Hank Cllnlc Clerk PRINCIPALS OFFICE personnel Mane Sellgn and ATTENDANCE Director Lloyd Shlrk wrvtes czcrmrt Mrs YVOr1r1e Monolovrch ct then- de kg tance slups for Koulc: Popovosclus cmd Sandy Hon non os Mrs Elrzabeth Gczrwood checks chedules Need supplies or tickets fr- vwxw ,Si are George Zotezolo Superintendent of Buildings 8. Grounds Fred Ferry Asst Supt of Buuldmgs 81 Grounds Yvonne K Mcznolovuch Prlnclpol s Secretory R8 4 044 21 sl , xr ' - els ,, A 'JW ' J l . ' s s 0 9 C W K ' . . . '7 r ' 32 V7 K xl lp E' Ee l.,?1il '-f-1 Q52 NT, M ' ' ' .. G V Ntfr X Offnces Qi. Anno Muller Bookkeeper Josephlne Z Vldovuch Superlntendent s Secretory Ccztherune Znhmer Payroll Clerk Muchael Bobanuc Stotustucuan 8. Office Manager Faculty Manager of Athletucs 'i ,C Vwean Goehmann ,rwh Swttchboord Operator Margaret Klmak Actuvuty Fund Bookkeeper AL 1,511 FQ Oil. ing.. CHECKING THE SCHEDULE for the Week Ore STATISTICIAN Mlchoel Bobamc and Mrs Cath Wllllam Rermsh commerclal dept head and erme Zuhmer dnscuss the school employees soclal Nancy Moore lumor securrty program 22 Wy , f ag my ' R M , f' A Q M x X Q, V I if In Mx xx. 1' ' Us My V A f M K 4 ,., -C3 yx General Office Personnel Hfyl? "4 " xf , or E..t to yd M ed IC al School Nurse Catherine Mulesh, Dr. H. C. McMillin, Dr. J. L. Miller, School Nurse Mary A. Lynn. Ca f et e r ICI Mrs. Jeanette Neugebauer, Mrs. Harriet Prosser, Mrs. Edna Campbell, Mrs. Amelia Santilli. Custodians Head Custodian Louis Corucci, School Patrolman Harry C. Stiggins, Nebeulah Henry. Not pictured: A. Monsuetti, W. Peoples, J. Aloica, E. Bell, G. Brooks, C. Byrd, B. Evanko, A. Guzma, A. Hoidila, C. Kormazyn, A. Kirin, E. Kotun, B. Lerini, S. Zatezalo, A. Zdrcnyk. te fl CLASSES ALIQUIPPA HIGH SCHOOL S HARDING AVENUE 6X y Q3 Q6 X X o ' QQ f Q X 5 Q X Xwcyf X Anya!! Vgf W, 'Q' O 't"""'l el1lOl'S I Class of 1958 Officers President Richard Schilo Vice President Patty Rock Secretary Elsie Venanzi Treasurer Koula Papavasilis Ass't Treasurer Delores Canepele Sergeant-at-Arms Ted Zernich Parliamentarian Suzanne Ranics Seated: E. Venanzi, R. Schilo, K. Papa- vasilis. Standing: P. Rock, D. Canepele, S. Ranics, T. Zernich. As we prepare to leave our Alma Mater, mixed emotions fill the hearts of each graduating senior. Each of us enjoys the satisfaction of having completed four years of high school. Now as we look back, we all recall September i954 and the strange feeling of being lost in the seemingly vast Aliquippa High School. But soon all the novel experiences of chang- ing classes, going to study halls, and solving our first algebra problems became familiar parts of our daily life, and A. H. S. became another home for us. Our first big decision- choosing the course we would follow for our remaining high school days-came in that momentous freshman year. With the quick passage of the '55 summer vacation, each of us embarked on his re- spective course. While the academic students became well acquainted with French, geometry, and eight o'clock Latin, commercial students labored painstakingly over their typewriters, general course students studied their biology, and the industrial boys began their daily ascent to the hill-top shops. After the election of our class sponsor and officers, we began our first project-a dues campaign. Our Sophomore Class party was the reward for those of us who had paid our dues. 7- X "A SMILE is the key to successful sales," instructs Mr. D'Antonio, class sponsor, to football program chairman Marlene Markovich. oz' 5 :Pl 77 i y J X Ik aiDG5 i wt' T :VY JX1 HOMEROOM TEACHERS-Seated: Mrs. Helen Smith, Mrs. Ann Fleming, Mrs. Maude Coulter, Mrs. Rhea Long. Standing: Joseph Pukoch, Frank Crawford, Mrs. Nadine Uievich, James D'An- tonio, class sponsor. Unique in the fact that our class sold basketball programs in our iunior year ,we added much needed funds to our treasury. These extra funds and the enthusiasm of our classmates helped to make our junior prom, "Pink Champagne," the overwhelming success that it was. How can we forget the "ahs" and the admiration everyone had for our centerpiece? Amidst the confusion of trying on our class rings, there came the sud- den realization that we were soon to become seniors. Our senior prom, "Destiny," the class banquet, autographing yearbooks and pictures, color day, our victory over Ambridge in football brought many happy and fun-filled moments to our final year. The College Board tests, applications for college and iobs brought sudden seriousness and a cognizance that we were no longer irresponsible school children. ln face of all these memories, it is no wonder that so much sentiment and emotion fill our minds. These past four years will be important, never forgotten years, for we, as graduating seniors, have striven to leave a clear and lasting imprint at Aliquippa High School. SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE-Seated L. to r.: Lipecky, Starr, Gregory, Belich, Futur. Standing: L. to r: Roma, D'Agostino, Ralich, Kreisberg, Taylor, DiNardo, Biancucci, Gentile, Mr. D'Antonio. Absentee: Papavasilis. ,4 .... yi as hi QN- Seniors "HOW TIME FLlES," say seniors as they contemplate graduation during a noon hour gathering. mg' NANCY ABSON . . . Nance . . . Aca- demic . . . Quip Tri-Hi-Y, Bach Choir, Bach Ensemble, FTA, CF8.H, Organ Club . . . enioys bowling, dancing, and swimming . . . college next. GARY ANDERSON . . . Gary . . . Gen- cral . . . CF8.H . . . main interest- laaling . . . Navy next. JEAN ANDERSON . . . Jeanne . . . Academic . . . Choraliers, Girls' Chorus, former member of Latin club . college next. ANDREW BABISH . . . Baa . . . Aca- demic . . . Band, CF8.H, AVA, NHS, French club . . . enioys swimming, foot- ball, records and sports . . . to attend Carnegie Tech. ROBERT BARNA . . . Bob . . . Aca- demic . . . Band, Hi-Y, baseball . . . enjoys sports and records . . . college next. 28 ,.......-- ML ANGELA ADDUCI . . . Punkin . . . Aca- demic . . . Latin club, Quip Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club . . . enioys music albums, sports, and writing letters . . . Neatest Dresser . . . to attend college and study medicine. JANET ANDERSON . . . Jan . . . Aca- demic . . . former Latin club member, Choraliers, Girls' Chorus . . . to attend college. JOANNE ARBUTINA . . . Jo . . . Cleri- cal . . . former Jr. Red Cross member . . . to become a housewife. JUDY BALDWIN . . . Jude . . . Cleri cal . . . Quip Tri-Hi-Y . . . Lena the Hyena . . . marriage next. JO ANN BATCHELOR . . . Batch . . Stenographic . . . Leaders' Club, Quip Tri-Hi-Y, QUIPPAN Asst. Bus. Mgr. , , enioys football games . . . to attend college. WILLIAM BATTlSTl . . . Potato . . . Auto Shop . . . enioys driving fast cars and listening to iazz with the boys . . . J8iL or Navy next. JANNETTE BAZEMORE . . . Clerical . . Girls' Chorus, Choraliers, CF8iH . . . enioys singing and dancing . . . to at- tend business college. TED BELICH . . . DoDo . . . Academic . . . French club, Band, QUIP SCRIPT, CFSLH, AVA sgt.-at-arms . . . main in- terest-money . . . to attend college. GLORIA BENDZAK . . . Glo . . . Gen- eral . . . former FHA treas., intramural softball, basketball, and bowling . . . enioys TV and football games . . . to be a beautician. VINCENT BIANCUCCI . . . Vince . . General . . . Band . . . enioys listen ing to iazz with the boys . . . to at tend college. ,C 13 ANN BAYOREK . . . Clerical . . . en- ioys reading, dancing, and listening to records . . . to be a comptometer oper' citor. CHARLES BELAN . . . Chuck . . . Auto- motive . . . enioys fishing, hunting, and swimming . . . Armed Forces next. THOMAS BELICH . . . Bel . . . General ...QUIPPIAN Art Editor, Track, weightlifting . . . likes art and wom- en . . . to be a commercial artist. PATRICIA BENEDICT . . . Patty . . Stenographic . . . Cheerleader, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y . . . enioys dancing, swimming, and football games . . . Best Dancer . . . to be a secretary. HELEN BIBBY . . . Stenographic . . . Leaders' Club treos., NHS, FTA, Stud- ent Council, intramurals, Jr. Red Cross, Bond Maiorette . . . enjoys dancing . . . to be a secretary. MARY BIRES . . . Meck . . . Steno- graphic . . . FHA, Leaders' Club, intra- murals basketball, softball, and bowl- ing . . . enioys reading and dancing . . . to be a secretary. THOMAS BROWN , . . Ling Tong . . . Academic . . . cross-country, track, volleyball, Band, French club, Hi-Y . . . enioys swimming, dancing, and music . . . college or Marines next. Q-4 ?"V MARY ANN BOKOSKI . . . General lects Girl's Chorus, Choraliers . . . col- olbums . . . to be a nurse. LOGAN BRUBAKER . . . Woody . . . Academic . . . CF8.H . . . enioyg hum. mg, next. fishing, and girls . . . college M' 5 t 1 3 MARLENE A. CHACHIN . . . Mar . . . Clerical . . . Girls' Chorus, Choraliers, AVA . . . favorite pastimes are driving, swimming, dancing, and listening to music . . . to become an x-ray tech- nician. CAROL A. CHAPES . . . Carol . . . Stenographic . , . FHA intramurals JAMES BRUNO . . . .lim . . . Academic . . . cross country, former Latin club and Astronomy Club member, form- er Band mgr . , , likes chemistry and piano . . . to study medicine. LE ROY BYERS . . . Lee . . . Academic . . . NHS, CFSiH, Hi-Y treas., QUIP SCRIPT, Band, former member of Latin club . . . enioys working in the ieep main interests are hunting, fishing, and dancing . . . to be a doctor, ISABELLA J. CALDARELLI . . . Bella . . . Academic . . . Leaders' Club pres., NHS, Jr. Red Cross vice pres., French club, Pep Club, Jr. Prom Committee, former member of CF8.H, intramurals . . . likes dancing and clothes . . . to be a lab technician or join the Arm- ed Service. DOLORES CANEPELE . . . Dee . . . Clerical . . . FHA, Tri-Hi-Y vice pres., Football Queen Attendant, Laurel Queen, asst. treas. of Sr. Class, form- er member of Pep Club . . . likes swim- ming, drawing, and driving . . . future undecided, JOSEPH N. CERAVOLO . . . Joe . . . Academic . . . track . . . enioys col- lecting iazz records and dancing . , . main interest is music , . . plans a musical profession. CARLETTA R. CHAMP . . .Tootles . . . Clerical . . . intramurals . . . enioys singing, dancing, and playing soft- ball . , . likes Mr. Reinish's sales class . . . to be a private secretary. CECELIA M. CLARK . . . Babe . . . Cler- ical hobbies are listenin to radio 1 ' - - 9 . . . likes dancing and popular records and records . . . main if1Y9fSSi-l1C1ir- . . . main interest is shorthand . . fu- styles . . . to be a secretary. ture-airline hostess. ARLENE BUFALINI . . , Buff . . . Cleri- cal . . . Cheerleader-captain, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y, intramurals . . . football queen attendant, Daisy Mae . . . en- ioys swimming and dancing . . . most popular . . . future undecided. HAROLD CAIN . . . Nelson . . . Gen- eral , . . Cross-Country, track, weight- lifting . . . hobbies include dancing, skating, listening to records, a nd singing . . . to attend a business school. JOHN CALDARELLI . . . Camper . . . General . . . Varsity Club, Jr. Red Cross, former football player . . . col- lects old coins . . . hopes to be an avia- tion mechanic CAROLE CARPENTER , . . Carp . . Stenographic . . . CF8.H, AVA . . . likes to skate, dance, read, and listen to pop music . . . plans to get a civil service iob, NICHOLAS CERCONE . . . Neco . . . General . , . enioys listening to pro- gressive iazz, swimming, and weight- lifting . . . main interests are dancing and loafing at the Grill , . . Best Dancer . . . Navy next. ANGELINE COLAFELLA . . . Angie . . . Stenographic . . . Jr. Red Cross, Stud- ent Council, Quip Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Prom Committee, lr. homeroom vice-pres., FHA, basketball and football program committees . . . enioys dancing . . . to attend business school or be a beau- tician. JEROME COLBERT . . . Colb . . . Auto- motive . . . tall and lanky . . . future is undecided. ABBIE G. CONNOR . . .Toni . . . Gen- eral . . . Girls' Chorus, Choraliers, Y- Teens, Student Council, former Jr. Red Cross member . . . likes swimming, driving, dancing and miniature golf. . . a future "Florence Nightingale". STEPHEN CONTI . . . Steve . . . Gen- eral . . . interested in football, base- ball, radio and television . . . to be- come a technician. SUSAN J. CORSl . . . Sue . . . Steno- graphic . . . Leaders' Club, Quip Tri- Hi-Y vice pres., QUIP SCRIPT, intra- murals, NHS . . . likes food, movies, and football . . . college is next. JOSEPHINE A. COLALUCA . . . Jo . . . General . . . Pep Club, FTA pres., in- tramurals, former member of Jr. Red Cross . . . interests include dancing, sewing, French, chemistry, and cloth- es . . . to attend Edinboro STC. PEARL COLEY . . . Dinky , , , Clerical . . . enjoys sewing, reading and danc- ing . . . to join the waves or get mar- ried. JOYCE A. CONTI . . . Stenographic . . . Leaders' Club, intramurals, form- er Jr. Red Cross member . . . enloys radio programs and football games . , . to be a secretary. KEVIN T. COONEY . . , Coon . . . Academic . . . basketball . . . likes records, guns, swimming, sports, and girls . . . to be an engineer. EVELYN L. COURINOS . . . Evle . . . Academic . . . Quip Tri-Hi-Y, French club, football program committee, former member of Pep Club, Jr. Prom Committee . . . likes dancing, talking, and loafing . . . to attend college. I .4-.1 ASHTON DITKA LEADS a discussion in Mrs. Edwards' P.O.D. class as students listen attentively. Seniors Seniors TRIG STUDENTS Dave Prosser, James Shirk, and Barb Fatur study the transit diligently. X Ii. 5 . "" ,A . .. .Q .1.'s?t , - NY - S A 1 ,. at 51 f p1xxirf'6 'fs Q .5 1 -'Q ' ' 2iaE!lY1'fiQc9t.flX If ... CL XID. tg. MARGARET W. CRNKOVICH . . . Mar- gie . . . Academic . . . French club, Latin club, Quip Tri-Hi-Y, Sr. Class Exec. Bd., former Cheerleader, Pep Club, Jr. Red Cross, football program committee . . . enioys talking and sew- ing . . . interested in clothes . . . to be a nurse. MARLENF C. D'AGOSTINO . . . Mar . . . General . . . Y-Teens vice pres., Girls' Chorus, FTA, former Jr. Red Cross member . . . enioys driving, draw- ing and swimming . . . main interest is clothes . . . to attend Edinboro STC. JOE DAVID . . . vocational . . . varsity football . . . likes hunting . . . to ioin the Morines, GLORIA A. DEAN . . . General . . . CFSH, FHA, AVA . . . enioys loafing and listening to music . . . main ine terest is clothes . . . future undecided. ANGELINE DELTONDO . . . Angie . . . General . . . collects pictures of movie stars and records . . . likes playing softball . . . to get on iob. 32 JANICE M. CUNNINGHAM . . . Janie . . . Home Ec . . . AVA, FHA, CF8.H . . . likes to listen to pop music, swim, and sleep . . . enioys football games , . . undecided. ANGELA M. DAMIANO . . . Angie . . . Clerical . . . Quip Tri-Hi-Y, intramurals, former member of Pep Club . . . likes to talk . . . main interests are danc- ing and listening to records . . . future undecided. EDWARD N. DAWSON . . . Academic . . . French club . . . intramural bowl- ing . . . enioys collecting stamps, hunt- ing, fishing and reading . . . college or Navy next. EUGENE DELEONARDIS . . . Eug . . . General . . . likes cars and sports . . to attend a vocational school. EDWARD DESALLE . . . Diesel . . Academic . . . enjoys swimming, driv- ing, and listening to music . . . mqin interests are cars and girls . . . future undecided. WILLIAM DlClOCClO DICE General enloys huntIng fIshIng weIghtlIftIng and musIc to oIn the Armed SSVVICE CHARLENE DINELLO Charlene StenographIc QUIPPAN asst Adv Mgr former member of Student Coun Trl maIn Interest RIch lIkes to cut haIr e housewIfe ASHTON DITKA As Aca demIc football halfback base ball basketball guard NHS VarsIty C ub lIkes sports mam Inter ests are gIrls and popular musIc Most Popular to attend college PATRlClA DUDICK C: Cerl ca CF8.H Intramural basketball enloys sports horseback rIdIng paIntIng and drawmg may t tend a busnness school DARIUS S DYDEK Toogy General baseball ltkes work Ing on cars and collectIng records future undeclded JULIA DINARDO Ju I8 Aw demic GIrl s Chorus Pres Choral ISYS Cheerleader Pep Club Sr Class Exec Bd former member of LatIn club and Student Councul Jr Prom commlttee maIn Interest danc IH to be a nurse JOSEPHINE DIPASQUALE General QUID Trl HI Y FHA pres Intramurals enloys llstenung to c cords watchmg TV and football games to be a beautIcIan EDWARD DOUGHERTY Doc General m In Interest gIrls Wot to Iom AIr Force JOHN DURBIN Jack AcademIc CF8.H Latln club HIY toys huntlng ltstemng to the radlo and chemIstry to attend college MONICA DZURO Munse StenographIc NHS QUID TrI HI Y homeroom sec treas former member of Student CouncIl and GIrls Chorus Intramurals known for her laugh to be a stenographer LINDA ERMI ee StenographIc Pep Club vrce pres Student Coun cIl NHS YTeens Sr Class Exec Bd football Jr ed Cross sec FTA maIn program commntee former Interests are clothes and sellIng shoes be a prlvate secretary JOHN EVASOVICH Johnny AcademIc NHS French club Var stty Club baseball track football guard collects Iazz albums mam Interests are sports dancrng and girls . . . Most Talkative . . . to attend college. Aff DUANE ESTRIGHT General Varsnty volleyball CF8.H enloys watchmg TV maIn Interests are huntnng lISl'1lng sleepIng and eatIng future undeclded JAMES FARRIS Baba Slp Gen era baseball enloys smgrng danclng and lIstenIng to PTOQFESSIVE azz maln Interests are gIrls and food . . . to 'om the Navy. an S.. BARBARA A FURICH Barb StenographIc FTA FHA Pep C ub Interests Include IIstenIng to records, skating, and talkmg to bc a mIIIIonaIrc and a nurse MAXINE GARVIN Max Gen eral FTA treas, FHA enloys workIng In the attendance offIce and coIlectIng records to attend busI ness school BARBARA A FATUR Barb Academuc French club pres QUIP PIAN asst class edltor Semor class Exec Bd NHS Leaders Club QUIP SCRIPT homeroom treas J Prom commntee Intramurals former member of FHA enloyg swimming IJGSIQSI ball and popular muslc main In terests are clothes and French Most LIkely to Succeed attend college STEVE M FEDORCHAK Stush General football center and co capt track Varsrty Club Most Athletlc college next PATRICIA FRANK cu Steno graphIc Intramurals Army Navy Leaders Club corresp sec lIkes pop musrc sports and drIvIng a or Most Athletlc to attend a busIness school ELAINE M FREDICH FreddIe Stenographrc QUIPPIAN copy co edItor Intramurals lnkes football games records and workmg at Hoff man s to attend a busIness school ERNEST R FRIONI Bo Gen era nIce to know future IS undecIded MARY ANN GABOR Gabe General Leader s Club AVA treas Band IIbrarIan Jr Red Cross QUIP SCRIPT enloys dancmg and druv Ing lab technIcIan or nurse next PAUL L GENTILE AcademIc Band, QUIP SCRIPT, CF8IH, French club sec, Jr Prom commIttee mam In terest IS musIc to attend college NICK F FAZIO Pvzza Eec trIcIan to be a taIlor HARVEY FELDMAN Academuc former photographer for QUIP SCRIPT IIkes fIshIng golfmg cars and sports to be a mechamcal en gIneer .IACQUELIN L FRANKLIN JackIe ClerIcal CF8IH Quup TrI HI Y Interested In money clothes danc Ing sIngIng and marchmg college next GEORGE A FREEMAN General HIY Interested In photo graphy to IoIn the AIr Force o work at J 8- L GFPAIDINE A FRIONI Gen StenographIc QUIP TrI HI Y form er member of Pep Club Interested ID laughIng BuIcks and Amondge to attend busIness school "7 .B -1 Q-If - ' I , ., r. I I. I E .II ' I I Ai 1 " ' ,lA .fl 1 . . , - . . . h t 1 r - I - I X 2I,LL,I '5q 14 il ...Pt... - ' ' f I , , - P' 6 . I.. . nn- ' "' I ',' " ' r I ' ' I , , , -I gt Q I ' ' ' ' ', - , ' Q7 HORACE GEWETH . . . Machinist . . . likes hunting and fishing . . . main interests are cars and boats . . . to loin the Marines or the Air Force. DAVID E. GIST . . . Gismo . . . Gen- eral . . . track, cross country, likes basketball, football, adventure stories, art and music . . . college or Marines next. NICHOLAS A. GIULIANI . . . Big Nick . . . General . . . intramurals, Optim- ates, track, Varsity Club . . . likes Mr. Garing . . . enioys taking pictures, girls, and money . . . to work in J8.L or attencl college. CLARENCE GIPSON . . . Gip . . . Gen- eral . . . track, weight lifting . . . en- ioys music, sports, girls, and money . . . a future barber. OSCAR GIST . . . Botche . . . Gen- eral . . . intramural basketball and football . . . main interests are cards, women, and money . . . to be a mason or electrician. JEFFREY GODSHALL . . . Geoffoi . . . Academic . . . NHS, French club, former member of Astronomy Club . . . hobby is designing cars . . . main in- terests are automobiles and current events . . . to attend college and be- come an automobile designer. 2, so-5 ,A-1 LAURA MAE GORDON . . . Connie General . . . likes listening to re- cords, skating, dancing, reading, and traveling . . . to be a home ec. teacher or nurse. DOLLY ANN GRIFFIN . . . General . . . hobbies include skating and reading . . . business school next. MARY GREGORY . . . Stenographic . . . QUIPPIAN copy-Editor, QUIP SCRIPT, Girl's Chorus, former Pep Club sign chairman, NHS . . . hobbies are sew- ing and making hats . . , main in- terest is clothes . . . future-to be her own boss. GEORGE R. GUMINSKY . . . Aca- demic . . . Latin club, intramurals . . . main interests are sports . . . will loin the Air Force. 'R ALIQUIPPA HlGH'S football queen and her court receive accolades during pep- assembly. L. to r.: E. Venanzi, A. But- folin, T. Belich, J. Shinn, D. Canepele, and P. Polis. Seniors im vw Seniors CELEBRITIES OF QUIPPIAN ASSEMBLY pose for our cameras. L. to r.: Ted Zernich, Tom Belich, and Louis Wagner. ROBERT W. HALL . . . Wayne . . . Ga il, General . . . CF8iH, AVA, Jr. Prom 5. , C" 'lg committee . . . college next. SANDRA J, HANNAN . . . Sandy . . . Stenographic . . . QUIPPIAN Business mgr., NHS, Student Council sec., Pep Club, Leaders' Club, Girls' Chorus sec., Choraliers, QUIP SCRIPT, intramurals, Girls' Trio accompianist, former mem- ber ol Tri-Hi-Y, Science Movie Club . . . likes playing the piano and sew- ing . . . to attend Robert Morris Busi- ness School. ROBERT S. HIBER . . . Academic . . , intramurals . . . likes fishing and sports . . . main interests are girls, playing the accordion and money . . . Navy or radar school next. MAMIE L. HINES . . . Stenographic . . . Jr. Red Cross . . . hobbies in- clude cooking, basketball, collecting pop records and talking . . . plans to be a secretary. TIMOTHY HOBSON . . . Tim Hop . . . Academic . . . intramurals . . . likes dancing, sports, eating and iazz . , . to study dentistry at Howard Univer- sity. 36 JOAN C. HANEY . . . Jo . . . Steno- graphic . . . AVA, intramurals, form- er member of CF8iH, Band, and FHA . . . enioys dancing, skating, and lis- tening to popular music . . . a future airline hostess. BARBARA J. HELTERBRAN . . . Barb . . . Clerical . . . Bach Choir, Bach En- semble, FHA, intramurals, former mem- ber of Pep Club . . . likes swimming and driving '52 Plymouth . . . main in- terests-money, men and clothes . . . future airline hostess or secretary. LYNN HINEMAN . . . Academic . . . Pep Club, Bach Choir, NHS, former member of AVA and Latin club, Foot- ball Program Committee . . . collects Nat "King" Cole records . . . to at- tend Penn State. JACQUALYN C. HOBBS . . . Jackie . . . Stenographic . . . CF8.H, AVA, FTA . . . likes law and shorthand . . . main interests are skating, swimming, and listening to pop music . . . to be a secretary. BARBARA M. HORTON . . . Babs . . . General . . . Y-Teens, Jr. Prom com- mittee, FTA sec., NHS, Sr. Football programs, AVA, Pep Club, Girls' Chorus, Choraliers, French club, form- er member ol Jr. Red Cross, Forum, Jr. Class executive board . . . Wittiest . . . enioys collecting records, driving and clothes CHARLES HORTON . . . Chart. . . Gen- eral . . . track, cross country, intra- murals . . . enioys playing pool . . . to ioin the Marines. ROBERT G. HORTON . . . General . . . interested in model airplanes, a n d reading . . . to ioin the Air Force. ROBERT HUNTER . . . Bob . . . Gen- eral . . . enioys hunting and fishing , . . nice to know . . . wants a good job. DONALD JACKSON Don Gen era CF8.H Band likes to unt main interest is driving to loin the Air Force JAMES R JONES oy ACC: demic Optimates Jr Red Cross QUIP SCRIPT Student Council ikes to collect stamps and sports attend Penn State ,ff ff? in '13 eff MARJORIE HORTON . . . Merge . . . 3 if clerical . . . enioys sewing, sports, and ,I EE dancing . . . to be a seamstress. '44,-ff" jY552'4f: 2,3 4 , it I 5 ll " 'iv l f-5 GEORGE HREDZAK . . . Snorkel . . . Academic . . . French club, Hi-Y, Band, AVA, intramurals, Varsity Club, QUIP SCRIPT . . . enioys car building and women . . . future - college and aeronautical engineering, 9 MARY ANN INFANTOZZI . . . Tozzi gg J, Cru-jf, -cc , . . . Clerical . . . Band . . . enioys driving and skating . . . to become A A CI nurse THELMA JETER General 4- oys reading and dancing f'f1C1lI'1 interest is boys to be a secretarY JOHNNY W JOSEY Speedy General Band cross country track Varsity Club enioys music and girs future in the Marines 3 ROBERT W KATCHUR O ACUCLSVUIC QUlPPlAN advertising mgr AVA QUIP SCRIPT Band Jr Prom committee bowling to t tend college BARBARAJ KELLY Jeanne Clerical CF8iH Qulp Tri Hi Y form er member of QUIP SCRIPT co lects progressive lazz albums i es clothes and money to attend Cen 'ral State College RlCl'lARD E KIMBROUGH Dlckle General football intramurals RONALD J KLENOVICH General HIY treas CF8.H collecting records Interested In a football career future college and girls future is undecided l ,J 'S V 1 l 1 . . . . . ' . ' ' ' en. l . . . , . . . i ' . . . I . . . ' , - r . . . , , , K ' ,Q 5 - - . . , i .' 14. , . . . l . . . -X X . . . to 'I , , , ' ' v ' V D. , . -we ,,, . 3- V5 i 'Q X , , L , L . , - L f ' 4 I . . . ' I ' . . . , l l- I- , - ., , , , , . . . l- ' , ' , , , Q . ' A . . . l'k . . ...lts... in J . . . . . . , . I E . . . l- ., . . . , ,, Varsity Club . . . likes studying C1 nd main interests-Chevies, study hall, , . . f,f:.p,s ,- gf 1 g e'1n,gffs ' - ' ' ' A if-5 Q 3 V f:- Qi' ,P f-rv Qcfs . Jizz? .pw ' xx' Hs WAYNE S. LIPECKY . . . Winch . . . Academic . . . Student Council, intra- murals, NHS, former member of Latin club and Astronomy Club . . . likes sports and music . . . interested in baseball, records, and P. O. D. . . will attend college. IRENE A. MCDONALD . . . Academic . . .Latin club, Pep Club, NHS . . . likes reading and watching television main interest - school in general . . . to attend college. GEORGE J. KOBALY . . . Georgie... Academic . . . Band, Hi-Y pres., Latin club, bowling, former member of As- tronomy Club, track mgr .... hob- bies - dancing and listening to pro- gressive iazz . . . main interests are cars and women . . . to attend col- lege, BARBARA KOWCHEK . . . Barb . . . Stenographic . . . interested in 4-H work . . . likes sewing and reading . . . will attend business school. ELAINE C. KREISBERG . . . Kreisie . .. Academic . . . NHS, Jr. Prom commit- tee, Girls' Chorus vice-pres., Choral- iers, Pep Club, Sr. Class Exec. Bd., Jr. Class sec., former Student Council and Latin club member . . . to be a teacher. JOSEPH LATELLA . . . Joe . . . Gen- eral . . . favorite pastime - driving a red.Pontiac . . . main interest - having a good time . . . future un- decided. GEORGE LEHOCKY . . . Hock . . . Carpenter . . . Hi-Y, Carpenter Shop pres., former Band member . . . likes hunting and cars . . . future-Navy. KENNETH B. McBRlDE . . . Mac . . . General . . .pleasant smile . . . future Naval officer. REENE L. McGREW . . . Bookkeeping , . . Girls' Chorus, Choraliers . . . hobby-auto mechanics . . . main inter- est is going to drag races at Akron . . .future secretary or receptionist. RICHARD KODA . . . Machinist . . likes working on cars and hunting. to loin the Air Force. PRISCILLA KRAYNIEWSKI . . . Pris... General . . , Tri-Hi-Y, former Maior- ette . . . Miss Good Posture . . . to study dancing. CHARLES W. LANG . . . Chuck . . . General . . .likes to hunt and work . . , main interest is cars . . . future blueprinter. PATRICIA A. LEHENY . . . Pat . . Clerical . . . Leaders' Club, FHA, in- tramurals . . . enioys swimming, danc- ing, and drawing . . . work next, then marriage. MARGARET R. LEIS . . . Peggy . . Academic . . . Girls' Chorus, Choral- iers, NHS, QUIPPIAN club ed., Pep Club, intramural bowling, Sr. Class Exec. Bd., former Latin club member . . . main interest is singing . . , to attend college. A-'ZP T RUTH McKENZlE . . . Chee Chee . . . Academic . . . Leaders' Club rec. sec., Quip Tri-Hi-Y pres., French club, Or- gan Club, QUIP SCRIPT, cafeteria cashier, intramurals, Army-Navy, for- mer member of CF8tH . . . likes writ- ing letters, talking, music, and Mr. Smith . . . college bound. JOHN A. MANFREDI . . . Jack . . . Academic , , . varsity baseball, NHS . . . enioys collecting records . . . in- terests are dancing, baseball, music. and medicine . . . to study medicine. MARLENE MARKOVICH . . . Mark . . . Academic . . . NHS, Optimates, Y- Teens, Pep Club, QUIPPIAN asst. club editor, Jr. Prom Committee, Sr. Class Exec. Bd., former Student Council asst. sec-treas . . . enioys dancing and listening to records . . . future beauti- cian. LANDRUM M. MARSHALL . . . Marsh . . . Machinist . . . track, Varsity club, Hi-Y, Band, Jr. Red Cross vice pres., intramurals, varsity volley ball, for- mer member of cross country team . . . interested in cars and music . . . to attend Army Technical School. ANTHONY G. MASSOUD . . . Tony . . . Academic . . . Bach Choir treas., Optimates, CFS-H, baseball, cross country, intramurals . . . likes dancing, collecting records and singing . . . interests are hunting, fishing, baseball, and football . . . future engineer. JUNE A. McLAUGHLlN . . . Cindy... Clerical . . . CF8-H, Army-Navy . . . hobbies - collecting popular records and basketball . . . main interest - working at the Ranch . . . futur work, then marriage. e.- JOHN R. MAPELLI . . . Jr. Electrician . . . Band . . . likes drums, cars, danc- ing, and listening to hi-fi records future musician. KERMITT D. MARSHALL , . . Witty... Academic . . . French club, Varsity club, Hi-Y, CF8.H, cross-country, track, intramurals . . . likes swimming and diving . . .future minister. NICK J. MARUHNICH . . . Tricky . . . Carpenter . . . former Band member and Carpenter shop iudge . . . hob- bies - fishing and hunting . . . main interest is working . . . to ioin the Air Force or be ci carpenter. KAREN S. MENCER . . . Mence General . . . CF8.H, French Quip Tri-Hi-Y, FTA, Girls' Chorus hobbies - dancing and driving likes clothes . . .future teacher. club, wi x .4 SL Q .Q W., 2 5 -t .,. -. 'f '45 4' '1-1. , ff! if K. l l 1 A Y t l 1. 4 Q A 3 i ' .8239 'RTS' 0-s V, ,QT I :Isl f 1' I' - .it it 4V i s -Eu X t R ,W X v-I X' l, 9-,xii-f, ll I KEVIN COONEY and Ashton Ditka trip the light fantastic in gym class. . S e n I o r s Seniors SENIOR LAW students listen to Mr. Pukach's daily lesson. AN, L 6 Y . , Q af: ,1, k..1,i.,:!z 5 Q.-viii. Im '1 4'-'ii-q A. f, A I 'ttf Q 5- .t . .fsv tt 'fat 5,5 -gi 23,l,L'g.,,1, ,ffgzgy .V I' 1 9 u "Q.' i?f?5!f i1 1 intently JUDY MERRIMAN . . . Rusty . . . Stenographic . . . Girls' Chorus, Choraliers, former member of AVA . . . enioys popular music and read- ing . . . to be a secretary. PATRICIA MONAHAN . . . Patti . . . Stenographic . . . Leaders' Club sgt.- at-arms, Quip Tri-Hi-Y, Intramurals enioys swimming, baseball, dancing, and driving a Buick . . . to be a medi- cal secretary. ROXANNE MONTINI . . . Rox.. .Cleri- cal . . . Tri-Hi-Y, former member of Pep Club . . . likes health class . . . enjoys listening to records . . . to attend busi- ness school. ARTHUR NADDOUR . . . Kiba . . . Carpenter . . . enjoys hunting and fishing . . . main interests are women, fast cars, and movies . . . to be a bachelor. MARY A. NESTA . . . Clerical . . . enioys reading, skating, dancing, and listening to the radio . . . to attend business school. 40 'Q LARRY MILLER . . . Glen . . . Aca- demic . . . Band, Hi-Y, Latin Club, in- tramurals . . . enioys swimming and records . . . main interest is his trom- bone . . . to be a chemist. ELAINE MONTINI . . . E . . . Clerical . . . former member of Pep Club, Jr. Class Exec. Bd., Quip Tri-Hi-Y . . . en- ioys dancing and collecting records . . . to be a beautician. YVONNE MOORE . . . Academic . . . Student Council parl., NHS historian, Tri-Hi-Y, Latin club, former homeroom pres. and treos .... enioys sewing . . . main interests are clothes and driving . . , plans a future in nursing. DAVID NEFT . . . Nefty . . . General . . . QUIP SCRIPT , . . main interests are cars and the Ranch . . . to join the Army and attend college. GALE P. OCHALEK . . . Och . . . Stenographic . . .Tri-Hi-Y . . . likes dancing, music, clothes, and talking . . . future is undecided. WILLIAM ODDIS Gen era enloys swImmIng watchmg TV and horseback rIdIng mam Interests are glrls sports and workmg at the C8.L to attend a prep school KOULA PAPAVASILIS Kay Stenograplnc QUIPPIAN edItor In chIef NHS sec SenIor Clczss treas QUID TYIHIY ec GIrls Chorus Pep Club former member of FTA QUIP SCRIPT Jr Prom CommIttee Jr Red Cross mom Interest IS 58 QUIP PMN and darcmg most octave to attend the Robert MorrIs BusI ness School ROSE PATTEPSON a Gen era Itk s sewmg skcItIng aan Ing parhes and travelmg future undecIded ROSEMARIE PEIRCE Osa Gen era Lea ers Club FHA VICE pres Intra'nurc1ls former member of Jr Red Cross lIkes dancmg edt Ing football comes cmd the IIS burgh PIrat s to be a beautIcIan VRANK PIQTROWSKI Acqdemlq AVA NHS HI Y Interested In IadIos etectrncal testlng equIpment ond electromc to become erectrrcal enaIneer '-3 RICHARD OXENDINE Goo Goo AcademIc footballend and co capt basketball forwczrd Varslty Club former member of Stud ent CouncIl enloys swammmg stnglng and lIstenIng to the rodlo Neatest Dresser to attend college PETER J PAPPAS JU JU chInIst Ilkes hot rods and women Navy or draft ng school next ALICE M PEARSON Clerrcal CF8.H bowllng Intra murol basketball llkes dancIng and swImrnIng Interested clothes o be a beoutIcIan ALBERT PICCIRILLI Pnccs Gen ct Interested In Fords ChevIes IAGVIHSS NIAKLENI: T PIROLI Peanuts Llercal tormer member of Y eets cxno Bach C. oIr I es swImmIng dancmg and football games to be a beautuclan or' a housewlfe MARY ELIZABETH PITTS Punkln General Qutp TrI HI Y for mer CFSIH rrember Intramural basket a enloys lzstemng to progres save 'azz ond travelmg future un deCIded STEPHEN PLODINEC Steve AcademIc Student Councll Astron omy Club former member of CF8.h enloys lIstenIng to the hIfI anc loaflng maIn Interest IS women to attend colleae si -un... .,.r MARIAN PLATONIOTIS More Clenccrl TrI HI Y former member of Pep Club and Bach ChoIr I es to collect records enloys money men ond mysterles Wolfess to attend a busmess school LINDA POLAND LIn Steno graphIc THA CFSIH YTeens enloys lstemng to the radro readrng dancmg and Iewelry future un decnded ...Bill . .. - ' ... I.-D . . . I . ... . "- - 1, I . . . - ., ' , ' 1 ' I I I - . , ... ... . ...MCI- '- ' , ., ' . ., I . . .- .- S Al . , I A I' E I - 1 3 ,V , - , - . - . I 'fa . tif X D. I Pg... . . .. . Al . .. l... 'e ' , ' , ' c- ' --- , ' , '- - ' , ' ' .. .' In ...I 'I . I . . . d ' , ' er I . . . ' ' , ' I V M I -, ' I , and girls . . . to join the Army or the h X 'I ' . I D ' ' , - ' u - , V , P't- I ' " 1 , I' ...I I T I . . . I ' - ' , ' ' , T I I 'h' ...l'k As . . . an ' ' , ' , ." I I Q . . . . . . I I- -- , - I - . - U' I' , . ,' - ' ...l'k b Il , .. I I ' . ... ' , M I .1 ' S ' , , - , I ' 5 ' ', ' , JUDITH POLIS Judy Clerlcal former member of Pep Club IIIKES to collect records swImmInq and worlang at El Rancho plan a a reer IH nursmg PATRICIA PONTIS a Steno grophnc CFSIH sec NHS Leaders Club Intramurals enloys drawung readmg dan Ing and horseback rd ID to attend buslness school MARGARET POPOVNAK Margl Stenographlc GIrls Chorus CFc.H J Prom commIttee QUP SCRIPT for'ner member of Pep Club engoys lIstenIng to FGCIIO mann Interest IS clothes to attend a busIness sclrool ELSIE PRIMIOLI ClerIcal PATRICIA A I-OLIS a Cerl TTIHIY Football Queen tendant IIIKES dancIng collectmg records eatrng and sleeprng ture secretary KATHRYN POPOVICH Katy Academm Ban French CIUID CF8.H engoys desngnrng clothes sewrng dancmg and smc ng became a drcss designer 'RTHUR D DRATT KnIsh AcademIc HI Y bowlmg Band LatIn club Intramurals IWOIDIDIGS are cars and the Ranch maIn In ests a e g rls er Inas n college IS next SCJNDRA PROCTOR Sandy Leaders Club FHA Student CouncIl Ste'IographIc Leaders Club for JOANNE RALICH General homeroom pr s Pep Club pres Glrls Chorus NHS ChoralIers for mer QUlp TrIHIY and Jr Red Cross member llkes dancmg and drIv In future nurse JAMES REDDICK JImmIe General Band former member of cross country team Pep Club Varsxty C ub hobby IS drrvrng a blue and whIte Ford . . . llkes money and gurls future undecided. treas former member of Pep Club and Jr Red Cross Intramurals enlays lnsten ng to the rcIdIo :nd e c In to be a bookkeeper DAVID PROSSER Dave Aca demIc outa LF8IH NHS farmer LatIn club member maIn Interests are radIo and electronrcs to study QISCIFICGI encuneerlrg t Cornegle Tech SUZANNE K RANICS SUZIS AcademIc NH Trl HI Y Sennor Class parl former member of Pep Club and Student CouncIl J Prom Committee lIkes movles swIm mlng and football plans to study educatlon at Penn state SHERRY A REDDICK ClerIcal former member o Pep Club CF8-H maIn Interests coolmng eat Ing drIvIng dancrng and Mr eIn s 6th pd. sales cass . . future - undecided. mer member of CF8.H Intramural bas ketball bowhng enloys reudmg lIstenIng t h f tc IoIn e Waves VIOLET RADATNOVICH Cler cal Tru HI Y Jr Cross forme Pep Club member Intra mural basketball enloys drlvlng and Wflllng letters to be a secre tary ,.f- T RONALD M. RHODES . . . Mike . . General . . . Hi-Y, weight-lifting . . . enioys guns, swimming, football, girls, and cars . . . to work with the state police. FERNANDO A. ROCCATANI . . . Fred Academic . . . Hi-Y, Student Council sgt.-at-arms, NHS, Aliq. Area Radio Amateur Assoc .... interested in ra- dio and radio servicing . . . to be an electrical engineer, ROBERT J. ROMA . . . Bob . C . Aca- demic . . . NHS pres., QUIPPIAN class editor, homeroom pres., cross- country, former Co-Council of Opti- mates and member of Astronomy Club . . . likes records, sports, and trig . . . main interests are academic studies and girls . . . L'l Abner . . . best looking . . . future - medicine or engineering. PAULINE C. FOSS . . . Kitty . , . Clerical . . . enioys bowling, skating, and swimming . . . interested in clothes and dancing . . . to be an air- line hostess. GLADYS B. ROBERTSON . . . Gladie . . , Clerical . . . Leaders' Club, Bach 3 Choir, Ensemble, CF8tH, Army-Navy, A T " f Tri-Hi-Y, intramurals, QUIP SCRIPT, '21 1 former member of Pep Club . . . 2, likes dancing and golfing . . . future medical secretary. PATRICIA J. ROCK . . . Patty . . Academic . . . Senior Class vice pres. Band Maiorette, FTA, NHS, Optimates, lt, QUIPPIAN asst. class editor, Jr. Prom W Committee, Intramurals, Quip Tri-Hi-Y, ik rl r va, former member of Student Council f . . . likes baseball . . . main interests - dancing, talking, and clothes . . . Most Talkative . . . future - nurse's I training. JOHN A. ROSS . . . Riss . . . Aca- demic . . . varsity football and base- ball . . . enioys running on the shop i field . . . to attend college. V ANN M. ROSSI . . . Annie . . . Steno- vi graphic . . . Student Council pres., Tri-Hi-Y, former member of Jr. Class exec. Bd . . . enioys dancing and swimming . . . to be a secretary. JOANNE ROZIC . . . Jo , . . General . . . AVA, FHA, former member of QUIP SCRIPT, Student Council, Pep Club, CF8.H . . . enioys movies and reading . . . future plans include nursing and marriage. ELLEN J. SALAY , . . EI . . . Clerical former member of Tri-Hi-Y . . . enjoys collecting hit records . . . main inter ests - riding in a blue Cadillac, eat ing, and sleeping . . . to attend cz business school. '33, ...NN CITIZENS OF DOGPATCH gather for marital ceremony. L. to r.: Judy Bald- win, Julia DiNardo, Arlene Buffalini, Bob Roma, and John Evasovich. Seniors Seniors "OH, NO!" cries Joan Haney as she , - uk - " it takes first glance at her pictures. ltrontl If s-x 'tix P. Lehaney and J. Haney lrearl O. Gist, C. Tucker, S. Simovich, and R. Schilo. 'oyw 5.1 f .1 4' 6 A r v Q" lx .. ft. , x ..w MILAN SALAYA . . . Junny . , , Aca- demic . . . intramural basketball, for- mer football end , . . interested in archery and guns . . . enioys build- ing high speed Dodge motors . . . to attend college. EUGENE F. SANTIA . . . General . , Bach Choir, Art Club . . . interested in art . . . to be an art teacher or com- mercial artist. RICHARD L. SCl'llLO . . , Rich . . . Academic . . . NHS vice pres., Sopho- more, Junior, Senior Class pres., QUlPPlAN photography editor, Hi-Y . , . Most Active , . . to attend college. KURT B. SHAFFER . . . Shalt . . . Academic . . . baseball, Varsity Club, intramural basketball . . . likes math and sports . . . to attend college. CALVIN SHIPMON . , . Moose . . . General . . . favorite pastime is read- ing . . . main interests are painting and listening to good music . . . fu- ture engineer. TP Aft GLORIA J. SALVATZ . . . Glo . . . Stenographic , . . Quip Tri-Hi-Y, in- tramurals . . . hobbies - football, baseball, dancing, and listening to Porky . . . main interest - driving '56 Chevy . . . future secretary. ROSEMARIE D. SANTILLI . . . Roe . . . Stenographic . . . Quip Tri-Hi-Y . . . hobbies include dancing, collecting pop records, and driving the Olds . . . main interests are money and clothes . . . to be a private secretary. EARL C. SELLARS . . . Spartack . . . Academic . . . Bach Choir, intramurals . . . hobbies - football and popular music . . . main interest 1 girls , . . to attend college. JUDITH SHINN . . . Judy . , , ACG. demic . . . Bach Choir sec., QUIP SCRIPT, Bach Ensemble . . . '57 Foot- ball Queen . . . main interests are clothes, singing, and records . . . best looking . . . to attend the Pinkerton Business School. JAMES S. SHIRK . . . Speedy . . . Academic . . . Band, NHS, French club, Hi-Y QUIPPIAN asst. photog- raphy editor, intrarnurols, former member of Forum Club . . . likes chemistry and math . . . to be a chemist. RAYMOND E SHOPE ElectrIcIan Hobby fUdIO work maIn Interests electronlcs cars gIrls and fIshIng to IoIn the AIr Force LOUISE J SILVESTRI ou StenographIc QuIp TrI HI Y Leaders Club Intramurals Army Navy hobbles are swImmIng dancIng and lIstenIng to records fT1QII'1 Interest drIvIng her brothers Ford future nurse STEPHEN J SIMONICH Steve General Intramural basket a hobbIes sports and loaf In future undecIded BEVERLY J SINTAY ex HIY FTA Intramural bowlmg lIkes dancmg swImmIng and clothes to be a lab technIcIan JOAN SMITH Jas General CFSIH Army Navy Intramurals former Cheerleader Bach ChoIr Pep Cub enloys sewmg cookmg skatIng gym and dancIng to be a teacher l DON F SHORT General football VarsIty Club track Ikes welght lIftIng huntmg and fIshIng 1-, college or servIce next VERA SIMONE ClerIcal QUIP TrI HIY former member of FHA lIkes dancmg and swImmIng ture IS undecIded '-9 WALTON SIMS WebbIe AcademIc track mgr Intramural chcImpIon maIn Interests Include sports musIc and cars to attend college RICHARD B SMALLWOOD RIC huntmg future J8IL employee LUTHER W SMITH Lupe General Intramurals HI Y llkes sports and money to be a mIIlIon ,, aIre WIII attend college or IoIn the AIr Force ROBERT L SMITH Smnty AcademIc former football player mam Interest loafIng at Bar ney s plans to attend college BARBARA SNYDER Barb ClerIcal Jr Red Cross CF8IH In tramural basketball and softball enloys collectmg records sewmg and swImmIng to be a medIcal sec re-tary rI oooaf s SOKOLOVICH RUTH ANN SPRAGG JOEY SockIe General IIkes skatmg Academuc Opnmates hobby and gIrls dlshkeg work IS collectIng records Interested I'I Armed Servrce next skatmg and lstemng to records to be a technIcIan ns . . . 1 ' . . . ' , ' , . . . I' y l , I I - ' ' ' ' . . . fu- , . . . I A ,G .lv S' . . . . . . ' ' I - - - V, ' It V b ll . . . ' - - ' . . . ' ' ' f I 'g... ' . , ', I 1 5 sl . . . . Is . . . . . . . 'II , ' ' ' 4 1 4 . A' T ACGCIGVTUC - - - FFSHCIW CIUID, QuIp Trl- . . . ElectrIcIan . . . lrkes gIrls and I I f I . . . I ' f I I . - . I 1 .- I I I . . . ' l , ' , ' . . . ' I ' I ' 5 N Tl E I- -. ' . . . . . . . . . N fs JOHN C. TELEHA . . . Chief . . . Aca- demic . , . Hi-Y, CF8iH . . . hobbies are hunting and fishing , . . main in- terests include cars, girls, and loafing at the Ranch . . . college is next. ELLEN R. THOMPSON . . .El , . . Steographic . . . Girls' Chorus, Girls' Trio, Choraliers, intramurals . . . likes basketball . . . plans to attend Nyack Missionary College. MARTHA E. STACHO . . . Mar . . . Academic . . . Leaders' Club vice pres., Bach Choir, Bach Ensemble, Tri- Hi-Y, CFSKH, NHS, Latin club, Army- Navy, intramurals, QUIPPIAN girls' sports editor, former member of Stud- ent Council orzd Pep Club . . . likes swimming, dancing, skating, and golf- ing . . . to attend medical school. PATRlClA STARR . . . Pat . . . Aca- demic , . . former member of Latin club, Pep Club, assists in the attend- ance office . . . enioys swimming, drawing, and driving a Dodge . . . to attend college and get married. DOROTHY STOKEN . . . Stoke . . . General . . . Tri-Hi-Y . . . interested in reading, classical music, and cook- ing , . . plans to be a dress designer and see the world. DAVID W. SUTHERLAND . . . Bill . , . Academic . . . Band . . . to attend college to be a pharmacist. ANGELO SYLVESTER . , . Ang . . . General . . . Band . . . enioys driv- ing and listening to progressive iazz . .future is undecided. BARBARA ANN THOMAS . . . Barb Stenographic . . . former Quip Tri-Hi- Y treas., Leaders' Club, intramurals . . . likes sports, typing, music, and dancing , . . to be a secretary. HELEN F. THOMPSON . . , Helen . . . Clerical . . . Girls' Chorus, Choraliers . . . likes football . . . future house- wife. CHARLES STAMM . . . Chuck . . . Academic . . . Band, French club, QUIP SCRIPT, baseball . . .likes sports . . .main interest is mathema- tics . . . to be an architect. BARBARA A. STEWART . . . Barb . . . Academic . . . Leaders' Club, CF8il'l, Band, Army-Navy, Y-Teens, Latin club, intramurals . . , likes tennis, hunting, swimming, basketball, and vacations . . . to attend college. DONALD STOLL . . . Don . . . Car- penter . . . Hi-Y, track . . . likes ar- chery and hunting . . . main interest is girls . . . future carpenter. RICHARD E. SUTTON . . . Sutt . . . Automotive . . . hobby - loafing at Freddie's . . . main interest is work- ing ot Miller and Sons . . , to attend General Motors lnstitute. JUDITH RAE TAYLOR . . . Judy . . . Academic . . . QUlP SCRIPT editor, AVA pres., CF8iH corresp. sec., OUTP- PIAN asst. club editor, Jr. Red Cross publicity chairman, Optimates, intra- murals, conservation essay awards, former Girls' Chorus member . . . to attend college and major in journal- ism, fs J 14 rv? EDWARD TISCH . . . Beeb . . . Aca- demic . . . CF8.H, French Club, Var- sity Club, baseball, football mgr., weight lifting . . . college next. RALPH TOMEO. . General . . . Bond . . . likes to listen to progressive iazz . . . hobbies are cars and his tenor saxophone . . . wants more educa- tion. JUDITH H. TRBOVICH . . . Turk . . . former Jr. Librarian, CF8iH, Army- Navy, intramurals, former Jr. Red Cross member . , . enioys swimming, dancing, painting, and collecting re- cords . . . interested in clothes and money . . . to attend a business school. ANGIE TSELEPlS . . . Babe . . . Gen- eral . . . former Sec. of Tri-Hi-Y, FTA, Jr. Red Cross . . . hobbies are collect- ing and listening to hi-ti records, and talking . . . main interests include clothes and money . . . future to enter nurse's training. MARIAN A. TUCKER . . . Clerical . . . Jr. Red Cross, former member of Student Council . . . hobbies include records and dancing . . . main inter- est is Carl . . . future-to be a housewife. ROSE MARIE TOLFA . . . Shorty . . . Stenographic . . . Quip Tri-Hi-Y . . . enioys swimming, dancing, and re- cords . . . hopes to be a nurse. LUCY M. TOWNSEND . . . Lu . . . General . . . likes dancing, listening to the radio, records, cooking, and clothes . . . main interests are money and food . . . to attend nursing or business school. MILO TRKULJA . . . Turk . . . Ma- chinist . . . CF8.H . . . plans to serve in the Air Force and then settle down. CHARLES TUCKER . . . Tuck . . . General . . . cross-country, track, in- tramurals . . . enioys swimming, pro- gressive iazz, and weight-lifting . . . to attend college or loin the Armed Service. CAROLE TURNEY . . . Academic . . . Latin club, French club, Girl's Chorus, Choraliers, Girls' Trio, former member of CF8iH . . . enioys music, sports, and reading . . . to be a lab techni- cian. 1 5 I PHYSICS STUDENTS and their instructor determine mechanical advantages of pulley systems. L. to r.: Mr. Ruscitti, G. Hredzak, K. McBride, J. Ross. Seniors NICK VREBAC . . . General . . . in- Seniors MR. LADISH points the way to Nick Fazio as future electricians look on, L. to r.: J. Yoko, L. Vuketich, R. Small- wood, H. Vallecorsa, R. Shope, and N. Fozio. ELSIE JEAN VENANZI . . . Els . . . ,H 'i i l General . . . Senior Class sec., Foot- ball Queen Attendant, Latin club, FTA, Quip Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club treas., Laurel Queen alternate, NHS, former mem- ber of Student Council, intramurals . . . likes clothes and Nat "King" Cole . . . to be a nurse. AURELIA VREEN . . . General . . FHA, former member of CF8-H . . . goes for cool jazz, money, boys, clothes . . . wants to become a mil- lionaire and attend business school. THOMAS VUKOVICH . . . Tom . . . General . . . intromural basketball and softball . . . enioys listening to the radio . . . main interest is sports . . . to be a fly-boy. LOUIS A. WAGNER . . . Lou . . . Academic . . . head football and basketball mgr., varsity club, NHS, QUIPPIAN Sports Editor, Astronomy Club co-pres .... enioys amateur astromomy and working with mo- chines and tools . . . main interests are science, swimming, ice skating, and hiking . . . Most Likely to Succeed . . . Bausch 8. Lomb award . . . plans to be a nuclear physicist. WILLIAM WALLACE . . . Machinist . . . likes to hunt and fish . . . main interest: girls, cars, and guns . . . undecided. 48 tramurals . . . likes reading and sports . . . main interests are Ioafing and following the Pitt Panthers . . . to ioin the Marines. MILAN VUJANIC . . , Carpenter . . . Hi-Y sec., Student Council . . . main interest is cars . . . to attend college or be a contractor. BRYAN K. WADDING . . . Bree . . . Academic . . . football mgr., QUIP SCRIPT, CF8-H pres., former member of Forum Club . . . hobbY is C00- servation work . . . interested in aero- nautics . . . to ioin the Air Force. BERNARD S. WALLACE . . . Bunny . . . General . . . Bach Choir, intra- murals . . . enioys sports, drawing, music, swimming, skating, and girls . . . future includes commercial arts or the Marines. PATRICIA A. WALTENBAUGH . . . Pat . . . Clerical . . . former member of Pep Club . . . likes dancing, reading, and collecting records . . . to attend college. DONNA K WHITEHEAD DIZZ Academic YTeens treas CF8.H NHS former member of OptImates Intramurals Army Navy co cap collects records Interested In ska Ing and dancing to be a nurse WENDELL L WILLIAMS Wm General HIY Bach Choir pres Bach Ensemble former member of Science MOVIE Club and Astronomy C ub lIkes cars and airplanes plans to enter the AIr Force LUCETTA WILYOT ChIckIe Stenographic Tri HI Y I es listen to popular musIc main In terests are dancing going to Ambriclge shorthand and typing to be a secretary ANTHONY YOKO Tony cational Auto Shop likes hunting fishing and working with cars maIn Interest IS singing undecided JUDITH A YOUNG Acad emIc Girls Chorus Optlmates Jr Red Cross Y-Teens Army-Navy intra- murals former member of Pep Club MARCIA B WIGGINS Marcy Stenographic Glrls Chorus Chor aliers Girls Trio enloys dancing shorthand and singing to attend the Robert Morris Business School BARBARA A WILLIAMSON Barb Academic Leaders Club Bach Choir Pep Club Army Navy Jr Prom Committee Intramural bowllng NHS AVA former member of Latin club hobbies Include reading loafing and clothes marriage or alrline hostess next DONALD A YANNESSA Guard General football basketball track basketball Varsity Club Intra murals likes sports main n terests are football and history attend college JOSEPH YOKO Electrician YTICJIU Interest IS listening to records one of our future Marines WILLIAM J ZEMKOSKY General Bach Choir vice pres Bach Ensemble Jr. Prom Committee . . . to attend college. . . . hobbies include cooking sewing listening to records singing and TV . . .to be a nurse. THEODORE ZERNICH . . . e . . . Academic . . . QUIPPAN asst. sports editor, Senior Class sgt.-at-arms, Hi-Y, CF8-H . . . likes drawing . . . main in- terests include sports and living . . . wittiest . . . to attend college. Seniors NOT PICTURED Including Day, Evening and 1957 Summer School Robert J. Baker Serafino Belli Paul Bender Dorothy A. Carter Juanita J. Causby Emily B. Agostine Yvonne J. Clark Michael A. Antonini Patricia R. Fontana Marie Hendon James Henry William R. Howell Francis D. Kohar James P. Ley John E. Lowe Martin W. Mack Guy A. Martini Deborah A. Moye Nancy Poland Thomas H. Prigorac Kenneth Proctor iw" '37 C' Q Q. Lil' Stiff... Salvadore Rangel Joseph Restaino Mary M. Talpash James K. Smallwood Lucy Tsounis Stella G. Wagner l QUEENS Football Queen JUDY SHINN was crowned Football Queen for l957 by Ashton Ditka at the annual Au- dio-Visual Aids dance. Members of the Queen's court pictured below are Cl. to r.l Elsie Venanzie, Arlene Bufalini, Patty Polis and Dolores Canepele. qv Y Y Beaver Valley TIMES photo 50 1 x if ll he ' W 'meg' t Posture Queen PRlSClLLA KRAYNIEWSKI, "Miss Good Posture of 'l958," was select- ed from T38 senior girls by Earl Wheeler of the Wheeler School of Charm. Pictured at left with Pris- cilla and Mr. Wheeler are runnerup Sandra Hannan, Dorie Schwartz of the Wheeler agency, 1957 Posture Queen Maureen Oleslca and run- nerup Lucy Townsend. Mrs. Na- dine Uievich, senior girls' health in- structor, was in charge of the pro' gram. XX me T7 mm Homemakmg Queen JOANN BATCHELOR rated top among sensor gurls In the annual Betty Crocker Homemaker of To morrow contest Joann received her award pin from Mrs. Helen Ciriacy Home Economics department head. 'MN QUEENS Laurel Queen DOLORES CANEPELE seated left was selected bv her sensor class mates to represent Allquuppa High School at the annual Laurel Fest: val to be held IH Wellsboro P June Elsre Venanzn rtght was chosen alternate 99s C7 A A Hall of Fame L tn-sf 'F-Y 'g V' NEATEST DRESSERS Ruchard Oxendme 8- Angela Aduccl BEST DANCERS Nnck Cercone 8- Patty Beneduct MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Louis Wagner 81 Barbara Fatur MOST ACTIVE Richard Schnlo 8- Koula Papavasllls 40' Yue WOLF 8- WOLFESS Edward Dougherty 81 Maman Plafonuotls ,vs "-A Hall of Fame Q 'i., MOST ATHLETIC Steve Fedorchak 8: Potty Frank WITTIEST Ted Zernlch 8- Bcrbcrc. Horton ,W an Juniors -in-nv Seated - Young, Knight, Garbini. Standing - Calabria, Perriello, Astorino. Class activities have kept the busy jun- iors on their toes beginning with the elec- tion of officers in September, followed by class ring orders and dues drives. Group proiects have included the selling of sta- tionery and the sale of basketball pro- grams. As we go to press, the iuniors are work- ing on their prom, "Fascination," under the guidance of their sponsor, Mr. Aldo Bon- omi, prom chairman Fred Paul and co- chairman Nancy Richards. The class also sponsored several socials during the school year. 26383211 he Class of Officers President Vice President Secretary Sgt. at Arms Parliamentarian L T 1959 Dave Young Joe Astorino June Knight Tony Calabria Francis Perriello UK JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE-Seated Cl. to rj: Young, Suder, Richards, Ulatoski, Knight, Dukovich. Standing: Cheuoront, Dydek, Chabala, Fouse, Czarneski, Ribnicky, DeJosepl1, Mon- tini, Smith, Ursitti, Paul. MRS. MARSDEN FRONT ROW: Frederick, Lewis, Cox Collins, Buono, Ulatoski, Selkovits. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Marsden, Can giano, Dukovich, Lange, Anderson Dawson, Bryant, Willgruber, Richards Davis. THIRD ROW: Rodich, Brown Barletta, Fleegal, Royal, Tesla, Baldwin FOURTH ROW: Grahovac, Maddrey Dickson, Slov, Huber. 4 I f SQL MR. Ruscirri FRONT ROW: Norris, B. Baker, Lance, Markovich, Barnett, Palermo, Mastel lino. SECOND ROW: Stadnik, Edwards, Carpenter, Todd, McHenry, Danianic, Wallace, Glenn, Ridnicky. THIRD ROW: Moore, Knight, Lowe, Williams, Du Browa, Salvati, George. FOURTH ROW: Likovich, Byrd, McCue, Dawkins, Doug- las, Aldrich, R. Baker. I 1 D 1 , Juniors MR. POLOVINA FRONT ROW: Palazzi, Paulin, Mayton, Riccitelli, Lint, Merges, Fisher. SECOND ROW: Sandor, Johnson, Toth, Dydek, Greenberg, Teterich, Gray. THIRD ROW: Colangelo, Purdy, Francona, Hauser, Carpenter, Sarkis, Lalama. FOURTH ROW: Volk, Davis, Vuketich, Tomei, Dobiczyski, Rettiger. ABSEN- TEE: Ogrizovich. Juniors SAFE DRIVING instructor Nick Uram fright? uses a street diagram and model cars to illustrate a problem for iuniors ll. to r.I Frances Cangiano, Georgia Ogrizovich, Janice Yaneski, and Richard Lehman. MRS. KIRK FRONT ROW: Smith, Gaston, Ramunno, DiSante, Chabala, Lewis, DePasquale. SECOND ROW: Loyosh, Hages, Pillar, DeFrancesca, Prodanovich, Ogrizovich, Close. THIRD ROW: Call, Savage, Per- riello, Gnarra, J. Klein, Slipka. FOURTH ROW: Cable, Cohen, Young, Calabria, Casuccio. ABSENTEES: M. Klein, Martin, Vukmanovich, Falter, Johnson. MR. BROWN FRONT ROW: Ruscitti, Gurniak, Cheu vront, Alger, Knight, Schuster, McPher son. SECOND ROW: Mr. Brown, Mc Henry, Mastrofrancesco, Stalter, R Brown, Pellegrini, Schwartz, Gregora- kis. THIRD ROW: Garbini, Yurkovich Elko, Foust, Thomas, Brooks, DeMar- tines. FOURTH ROW: Johnson, Urick 1 Campbell, Gewin, Mansueti. ABSEN- TEES: Dew, Popovich, Oaks, Smith, Zak. f MR. BONOMI FRONT ROW: Bozemore, Barnet, Ferry Reynolds, Como, Keifer, Smallwood SECOND ROW: Herda, Shannon, Roni eri, Kleist, Johnson, Lehman, Derglin THIRD ROW: Polka, Fadool, Williams, Holms, Rosso, Morgan, Gioconda FOURTH ROW: Smith, Sakal, Cabaio Chotiner. MRS. EDWARDS FRONT ROW: DiGiovine, Pollock, Frank, Katz, B. Bryant, Hill, Carney, SECOND ROW: Sheeder, Teleho, Polls, Weigle, Nowrocki, Evans, Toliver. THIRD ROW: Astorino, Nalli, Ursitti, Bibby, Bacha, Ozarneski, Brash. FOURTH ROW: Hanna, Powell, Boro- doch, Kasper, R. Bryant, Faber, Fetko- vich. Juniors ALGEBRA ll problems require instructor George Polovina's interpretation lor these iuniors. X J- LN em-fl' Juniors MR. HALAMA FRONT ROW: Stolkoviclt, Weingorten, A. Young, Kotalo, Colonno, Piccirilli, Swogger. SECOND ROW: Mr. Holumo, Howell, Fedorchok, Angotti, Fox, Hen- derson, Henderson, Powell. THIRD ROW: Smith, Sprout, Trehor, Volle- corso, Sudor, Durbin. FOURTH ROW: Kotkich, Steponovich, Turkovich, Moore, Stefonik, Surrott. ABSENTEES: An- drews, Lotone, Petrelli, J. Young. MISS MQCMILLAN FRONT ROW: Fox, Stevens, Frioni, Sherin, DeLisio, Del.eonordis, SECOND ROW: Bellochi, Dugos, Conti, DelTurco, Pietrondeeo, Fink, Buffoloe. THIRD ROW: Brown, Shively, Dawkins, Tur- ner, Moore, Anderson, Lodiko. FOURTH ROW: Sellori, Solvoti, Suder, Muscovichf Cekoric, Bradick. -gl MR. MERGES FRONT ROW: Valetti, Thomas, Nut- ter, Carney, Luurenzi, Sovoge, Burson. SECOND ROW: Deloseph, Keber Mon- tini, Zcwinski, Bish, Koncel, Pollodini. THIRD ROW: Byrd, Conti, Trbovich, Rito, Todoru, Brickner, Green. FOURTH ROW: Simonich, Lancaster, Honcovsky, McKenzie, Paul, Festor, Retullic. AB- SENTEE: Henderson. Class of 1960 Officers President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Sgl. at Arms Richard DePietress Beverly Markovich Debbie Wilkins Terry Barr Alex Weible L. lo r. - Barr Sophomores :Q : ' A 7 Q Z if f ll MR. BIECHLER I FRONT ROW: Pillar, Lee, Conti, Green, B. Parker, Williams. SECOND ROW: Mr. Biechler, Wallace, Nalli, Johnson, Call, Myers, Benaquisto, Hall. THIRD ROW: Falbo, Bradel, Biega, Mileca, Mansueri, Pearson, Carr. FOURTH ROW: Miller, Feher, Aiger, Phillips, O'Neal, Dunbar, J. Parker. 7' 59 MR. ADAMS all, George. uh 9' , Markovich, DePietress, Wilkins, Weible. FRONT ROW: Delon, Faiur, Corsi Schrieb, Dixon, Poland, Cercone, J Fisher. SECOND ROW: Mr. Adams Krouchko, Barr, Diaddigo, Myskiw Mamula, Maruski, Golixer, W. Fisher THIRD ROW: Matesic, Johnson, Yurko Miller, Nadzam, Peduzzi, West, Trom betta. FOURTH ROW: Thomas, Bar bour, Wilbruber, Dinello, Faiella, Fox Sophomores PLANE GEOMETRY student Bob Doty lrightl is about to prove the exterior angle is greater than either remote interior angle for Helen Fatur, George Merges, and instructor Miss Els Cun- ningham, math department head, MR. LOSCHIAVO FRONT ROW: Katulalc, Mansuetti, B. Di- Cicco, Shust, Gist, Nadzam, Musulin SECOND ROW: Mowad, Brubaker, Eclc ert, Housden, Pilotti, Lombardo, SUTTON Bryant. FOURTH ROW: Yaklich, MOYG McCoy, Monahan, Sullivan, McCracker ski' H54 sr. .six :N 1 . nail 1 l L L ig MR. DOLNACK MR. FAZiO FRONT ROW: B, Revis, Turkovich, Glo- vier, Demianowicz, Cassidy, Godzilf, Marvhnich. SECOND ROW: Mr. Dol- nack, Ball, Cekoric, D'Antonio, Junak, Nevgebauer, Williams, Ludwicl-4. THIRD ROW: Rettiger, Brown, Constantinou, Cochran, Porpora, Loyash, Svaigert. FOURTH ROW: Ulinski, Warzynski, Leo Galupi, Reid. ABSENTEES: Cannon Gueirrie, R, Revis, Smerigan, Thorpe 1 1 Wi nge rt, Lutz. MRS. MAMULA FRONT ROW: Schuster, Duesenberry Hauswirth, Cox, DePietress, Deceder Gioconda. SECOND ROW: Wimbs, Stoti ler, D'Eramo, Conner, Henderson Welch, Angelo, Dzamo. THIRD ROW Gorman, Nigh, Sims, Monteleon, Vel gos, Sivak, Tucker. FOURTH ROW Mosholder, Colonna, Haboush, Rogers Flowers, Kramer, Smith. 1 1 MR. BATTLES FRONT ROW: Nary, Baldwin, McGrady, Wallace, Robinson, Jordan, Zahorsky. SECOND ROW: Rosa, Bowling, Panta- leo, Dixon, Rees, Nutter, Berordi. THlRD ROW: Kier, Moore, lvrovick, Hons, Kirk- wood, Bianchi, Markovich, McMullen. FOURTH ROW: Crisi, Faieto, Tatlovich, Bowden, Orsen, DePietress, i. -we 'Q MR. MCCORMICK FRONT ROW: Angel, Hunt, Fisher, Bat- ley, Fricke, Eppley, Britton. SECOND ROW: Bates, Morris, Weibel, Maravich, Hayes, Evasovich, Ladish, Campbell. THlRD ROW: Warsing, Costanza, Un- known, Kosfelich, Sapp, Reynolds, Mal- linger, FOURTH ROW: Reimond, Kleno- vich, De Cicco, Moclcus, West. MR. ROSS FRONT ROW: Hayduk, Lampich, Man- sueti, Glucki, Fedor, Roma, Loyash, SECOND ROW: Semlco, Michael, Shinn, Peros, Peatross, McCormick, Dolan. THIRD ROW: McLaughlin, Walker, Zmi- ianic, Kalmer, Snyder, Merges, Zenn. FOURTH ROW: Marshall, Polis, Kohar, West, Evans, Palmer, Unknown. Sophomores ONE LITTLE FROG'S FOOT holds the attention of sophomore biologists Marilyn Aldrich, Ronald Gorman, Sonny Rosen, Joe Faiella, and Buddy Williams while science department head Mr. Harry Hartley observes the experiment. --'1 E l J ,x Freshmen MRS. GEORGE FRONT ROW: Royal, Sichak, Cru- migy, Lemons, Hunter, Greco, Paul- in. SECOND ROW: Miner, Ser- Cel, Freeman, Modesitt, Piccirilli, MacKenzie, Daniels, Conti. THIRD ROW: Cotman, Patterson, Kost, Dulick, Calabra, Colaluca, Cropper, Gilliam. FOURTH ROW: Struggs, Rohm, Arbu- tina, Schucolsky, Denson, Meade, Mc- Garry. MRS. MCWILLIAMS FRONT ROW: Simoni, Gregorakis, Sny- der, Liadis, Kirk, Zarnich, Macizam. SECOND ROW: Bowie, Canapele, Cox, Merges, Bibby, Slifka, Monahan. THIRD ROW: Rossi, DeITonda, Simatori, Rat- tle, Krajic, Pollock, Morgan, Morris, FOURTH ROW: Carter, Allesandro, Mat- tkovich, Byrd, Gist, Blue, Malackanich. MR. GARING FRONT ROW: Luton, Boyer, Derbaum, Smego, Rossi, Martella, Salvati, Flow- ers. SECOND ROW: Mr. Garing, Evans, Greco, Cox, Schwarz, Bruce, Ramunno, McKenzie, Cofield. TH!RD ROW: Laidig, Hobbs, Gilbert, Magestro, Butler, Bena- sutti, Zemkosky, Carter. FOURTH ROW: Crum, DiCicco, Lytle, Orsag, Meskow, Wickline. MR. BATCHELOR FRONT ROW: Kropchek, B r y a n t, Gnarra, Marshall, Tambucci, Santia, Fontana, Brown. SECOND ROW: MacKenzie, Mahon, Fisher, Piroslco, Tyson, Lipecky. T H I R D R O W: Ulatowslci, Dukovich, Salasky, Crumb, McCIelIen, Paliani, Latella. FOURTH ROW: Jo h n s o n, Rebich, Roger, Hineman, Davis, Poletta. Q-7 7 il. u::' X in '51 1 Q Freshmen MRS. CHAMBERS FRONT ROW: Matthews, Smith, Gre- gorakis, Winkle, DeBerry, Banks, Namie. SECOND ROW: Peyl, Lech- mcin, Farris, Anderson, Montini, Wit- ner, Liggett, McCallister. THIRD ROW: Boring, Shirk, Blasche, Panetta, Mor- qan, Rodie. FOURTH ROW: Hocken- berry, Kordick, Davis, Feltenberg. MR. FUDERICH FRONT ROW: Stolkovich, Palazzi, Red- dick, Dawkins, Henderson, Kachmar, Rubino. SECOND ROW: Kobaly, Hard- in, Benedict, Katkich, Horvath. Cottrill, Hill. THIRD ROW: Scrutchins, Vasilis, Sabatucui, Manko, McCracken, Mac- Donald. FOURTH ROW: Gist, Weston, Fouse, Sebastian, McCoy, Fabb. MR. KUVINKA FRONT ROW: Wilson, DeHaven, Der- cole, Kotala, Jones, DiSante, Saund- ers. SECOND ROW: Charles, Dull, Man- cini, Frederick, Hiber, Bucna, Baker. THIRD ROVV: Marshall, Paladina, Ing- gram, Conte, Simko, Toliver. FOURTH ROW: Jumper, Bradley, Cobb, Kundla, Evans, Tomasko. MR. BRITTON FRONT ROW: Palermo, Constaminou, Boring, Garuccio, Moore, Smith, Haz- zard. SECOND ROW: Riley, McMorris, Burden, Lester, Yacopino, Sims. THIRD ROW: Griffin, Bowie, Ziegler, Ziss, Frioni, Mclntosh. FOURTH ROW: Gor- don, Leechman, Sichak, Henry. Freshmen MR. MASLANIK FRONT ROW: Patrizi, Sporny, Dravich, Weston, Christian, Tesla, Valasek. SE- COND ROW: Komazech, Gist, Pierre, Fratnagelo, Bryant, Morris, D'Atri, Leli. THIRD ROW: Moore, Turner, Francona, McKenna, Paladine, Brosky, Jackson. FOURTH ROW: Hering, Fuller, Gaskins, Bivins, Wadding, Geiger, Luczka, J. Hill, M. Hill. MR. SAMARDZIJA FRONT ROW: Oxendine, Figley, Mc- Dole, Williams, Sokolovich, Cercone, Pelino. SECOND ROW: Glover, Voce carelli, Krause, Thompson, Green, Mc- Laughlin, Simmons, George. THIRD ROW: Bright, Compston, Pastine, And- ers, Zkranik, Close, Dolan. FOURTH ROW: Howard, Sudar, Dobiczyski, Stot- ler, Seals, Jones, Selon, Agresti. MR. STERANKA FRONT ROW: Ragland, Freeman, Fet- kovich, Bradford, Petrella, McFarland, Waura. SECOND ROW: Huston, De- Nello, Stovka, David, Lazenga, Mowry, Conney. THIRD ROW: Katcher, Jenkins, Sims, Kufel, Wormsley, Cercone, Lund- quest, D'Joseph. FOURTH ROW: Matta, Branchetti, Flocilnec, Bowie, Houghey, Sprohar, Stacho, Woods. MRS. FAZIO FRONT ROW: Pawlowski, Farkas, Blair, DiBenedetto, Hendon, Hudie, Josey. SECOND ROW: Hunter, Fuller, Byers, Branchetti, Zoppelt, Smith, Bokor. THIRD ROW: Legge, Conrady, Grossi, Avdellas, Yoho, DeMcitteis. FOURTH ROW: Mills, Alfano, Mancini, Harris, Baker, Venetti. Freshmen lTlS HEADS UP for Deanne Cottrill as Mrs, Nadine Uievich, girls' health in- structor, conducts a posture unit for freshman students, l MR. BLANEY FRONT ROW: Szedny, Farlond, Mc Cree, Ward, Bires, McGrady, Collins SECOND ROW: Smith, lrvin, Dean Steinbach, Oho, Avralcotas, Balmer, Par sons. THlRD ROW: Mingo, Trump, Sex ton, Cochran, Thomas, Mustach FOURTH ROW: Tsuris, McClure, Baylis Nichols, Zobrack, Prigorac, Hribar. gf- le' ,NA fi, X ills F1 ls ' ,r-1 v QVV MISS DEl.ETT FRONT ROW: Robinson, Tisch, Palla- dina, Duker, Sylvester, Szodny, Jack- man. SECOND ROW: Zanieski, Smith Naddour, Polis, Boos, Thomas, John- son, Yolco. THlRD ROW: Simmons, Car- ter, Hudson, Wimbs, Dawson, Lydick, Sellari, Baker. FOURTH ROW: McMa- hon, Pugh, Leonardo, Mamula, Valle- corsa, Norman. MR. CABLE FRONT ROW: Romeo, Rodehaver, Dan- iels, Steranka, Shaffalo, Moore, San- forcl. SECOND ROW: Horton, Sams, Wagner, Mineard, Anderson, Suhayda, McKenzie, THIRD ROW: DeNuzzio, Per- encevic, Edwards, Yaccich, Rembert, Torbic, Armes. FOURTH ROW: S m i t h, Urick, Rychil, Warfield, Sarris, Chapes, Ross. 1 FOURTH ROW: Lassiter, B. Ward, Zo- brack, Sopko, Messmer, Defelice, Bair FIFTH ROW: E. Ward, Slayman, Shu mate, Kundla, Scrutchins. MISS HARCHICK FRONT ROW: C. Stevens, Lupcho, S. Essey, Mogestro, Ives, J. Freeman Waldo. SECOND ROW: Miss Harchick, Evans, A. Stevens, Laurenzi, Masteilino Young, De SaIIe, Malackanich, Mooris. THIRD ROW: Mancini, Moore, Stamrn Anderson, Sercel, Fedor, E. Essey Jones. FOURTH ROW: 8. Freeman, Doy cich, Ruff, L. Johnson, Morgan, Gibson Figley, Bonchi. FIFTH ROW: Hribar Banovsky, Faiello, S. Johnston, Gagrica Hurst. MISS WOZNICKI FRONT ROW: Tatalovich, Agostinelii, Richards, Coladonata, Zanath, Brown, Stocho. SECOND ROW: Miss Woznicki, McMullen, Abee, Di Cosmo, Hardin, D'Antonio, Santia, Costo. THIRD ROW: Petronzi, Cosuccio, Nelson, Szedny, Reader, Waryck, AIIshouse, Barna. MR. GALLETTA FRONT ROW: Carpenter, Hrsitti, P. Shatter, Sutton, D'AIesandris, Davison, Casuccio. SECOND ROW: Betha Brown, M. Shotter, Sudak, Huber, Hay- 1 den, Cochran, Keller. THIRD ROW: Dixon, Sneddon, Mitrovich, Boyce, Rad- anovich, Smaliwood, Wylie, Marchion- da, MiIIer. FOURTH ROW: Carter Wadding, Mihalovich, Pollock, VaIiga, Prince, Slyvestor. FIFTH ROW: HaIIi- day, Condie, Riley, Dobish. I I t Eighth Grade "BOOKS ARE the doors to IcnowIedge" -and George Hayden agrees with Miss Genevieve Harchick, eighth grade instructor. li-D A quick trip PATTY ROCK at Ihe telephone RICH OXENDINE Iikes the cool wafer WAITING FOR THE BELL - Judy Mer- riman, Ann Rossi, Linda Poland and EIIen Thompson, H In W f ,W 1- , ,f , S TRIGONOMETRY sfudenis Jeff Godshall, Leroy Byers and Chuck Stamm check angular veIoci1y. ..-L ,fl- , MACHINISTS Kenneth Moskus, Ed Kiliary and Bill Galupi with Mr. Hodges Cseconcl from Iefii. Q1 Il' -Q... ,,p-"',f' around the school gnu Nu... l ui my GENERAL MATH instructor D'Antonio discusses a tax prob- WINNERS of the conservation essay lem with Anthony Hughey and Carol Bokor. contest Judy McAllister fleftl and Sara Ann Ley. 1 -ns. if A V A G SEWING instructor Miss Delett frightl works with CHEMISTRY students Stacho, Horton, Byers, Rocs MCII'iC1f1f1e MQFQSS, April Benasutti and Blanche catani, Belich, McKenzie, Venanzi and Evasovich Byrd. listen to Mr. Samardziia. 1 -Q I s 212' Q x. df- - -,J A Q -l .rail LUNCHTIME for Gary Thorpe and Jerry Kundlo. ATHLETICS QS- ! 3 X Qc ,3- CZ' X cy fb f x X X Q f ,505 ALIQUIPPA HIGH SCHOOL HARDING AVENUE 4 J fx N 21 f XXX- XX X 'JH as f 1 f QV Y I X ?i , , Xl f X f Qx f , X f" ' Xf X , . , , f Q, 6 X VX XX . V ff ' X I, 1. X xy ,f X H + X, X X 6, X X XX X W K If f x K K f V0 Q J, , XX I, X X' 4 ,, K X XX X K X Q0 x ff H 1 A xx R x X Q f X XQYK' HX Q X X xt V Y X f K ff I 5 f W x ff L 4 X f T F f' g , 4 , J 1 ' f , I E f CQ E., la'-3 sv Off IWW-. n TSM." T Q, 1' r Y ' . .IQ .J D a , I Ax fnsixi Us .Cf ir, ' ? an 'Q ' 'fr 11" Y Q W xi ilk' , H ' N, - og 7- rl L rr. 1" 'I' l f T .ZZ K1 93M L' 5 .-,,. qilgva . .gf T W-iff' 'fo' fr! ' GOZMYT V 1 P Q Q, A, FRONT ROW Left to Right: Young, Sakal, Kimbrough, Ross, Ditka, Oxencline. SECOND ROW: Faber, W. Byrd, D. Smith, Suder, W. George, Wilkins, Scrutchins, Brewer. THIRD ROW: Casoli, McMullen, Trombetta, Ogrizovich, J. Byrd, Thorpe, Feher, L. to r. - Pete Fuderich, Mike Dzvonau, llcad Coach Carl Coaching Staff Aschmcin, Aldo Bonorni, Nick Uram. . giwfw. 4--. 72 SEASON RECORD Aliq. Opp, T2 Westinghouse 28 35 Erie Tech 6 T2 'Mclieesport 27 6 'EllwOOd City 'Cl 37 7 'New Castle 'cr T3 6 'Beaver Falls ci 7 T3 North Catholic T6 T9 'Duquesne I2 T3 'Sharon ic' 6 T9 'Ambridge ic 7 140 T59 'WPIAL Class AA "cf Midwestern Athletic Conference -51 WR 'Uv bf 5 , .,. g' K N! an at 8 ac' -if i 'fur H tu i 5 nw If 'Q 4- F..?...I b za 1 I 1 72 L if 3 f i f ,', sshiila "' 1 - 8 'ZZ f, FRONT ROW: Fedorchak, Ycinnnessa, Short, Evosovich Calabria Salvati Flowers SECOND ROW: Dickson, Sellari, Evans, Sprout, Costanza DePietress Tome: Perriello THIRD ROW Din ello, L. Smith, McCue, Sims, Vespozioni, Monsuetti Del Turko Quips Win 4 Lose 6 That Coach Carl Aschman's gridders were "up" tor their season finale with heavily-favored Ambridge High School will never be disputed. The T9-7 walloping the Quips gave their arch-rivals was enough to convince most fans that Aliquippa load posted o good season record. The won' lost columns read 4 and 6 with 3 wins out of 7 contests in WPIAL Class AA ploy, and 2 wins out of 5 games in the Midwestern Athletic Conference. Left to right: Bryan Wadding, Louis Wagner, Richard Schilo. Absent: Edward Tisch, Dennis Constantinou, 71, !CCx SQ ef . - l vb-4- 1. 9' 'H up 5, i if , l Co-Captain -0'5" Richard Oxendine DICK KIMBROUGH races around end cs Bruce Wilkins End All Conf.-2nd team blocks McKeesport's Manning 1221, Building his 1957 squad around eight lettermen, Coach Aschman sent his team against Westinghouse High School in the exhibition opener. Quarterbacks John Malesh and Frank Sakal passed to Dick Oxendine for two touchdowns, but the powerful Bull- dogs had their own way in a 28-12 win. ln their second exhibition contest, it was the Quips all the way as they tromped Erie Tech 35-6. Oxendine, Ashton Ditka and Dick Kimbrough teamed to down the visitors. Elusive Kimbrough tallied three TD's with runs of 24, 16 and 6 yards. Cashing in on Red 81 Black fumbles, McKeesport's Tigers knocked the Quips from the WPIAL race in a 27-12 contest. Aliquippa's TD's came from the Sakal and Oxon- dine passing combination. A red hot Ellwood City eleven downed Aliquippa 32-6 in a game that found the Quips turning on the heat in the second quarter only. Tony Calabria ran for the lone TD after passes to Ditka and Kimbrough brought the Red 8- Black to the Wolverines' four-yard stripe. Edged 13-7 by the New Castle Hurricanes, AliquEppa's try for a second score cndcd in a fumble. Senior back Ditka tallied the Quips' lone TD on a 59 yard run. Seeking their first win of the season, Beaver Falls' Tigers managed to edge the Red 8. Black 7-6 in a spiritless game played on the Tigers' muddy field. Tony Faber opened scoring in the first half with a 43 yard romp to paydfrt, but the Tigers' point-after-touch down made the difference. Senior Lettermen Donald Yannessa Richard Kimbrough Ashton Dnkc Tackle Hulfbc-Ck Back s. End-An conf 3rd team Jgkgnwmiw L vu W nv 5 .yarn-Q 1 Ihr 5- 'nba-nw 4' "H 1U""""' 'M 1 1? " 7' 1 'Y '1 A 'Z Q -1 as 5 ii - - 413'- Co-Captain Ml 'K . If I 'np- r ASHTON DITKA stiff-arms Ambridge's Comchoc during Steve Fedorchqk the Quip's 19-7 upset. Center--All WPIAL, All Conf.-3rd ieqm Honorable Mention High School All-American Aliquippa was edged by undefeated North Catholic T6-13 when a fumble in the last seconds of play enabled the Pittsburghers to cash in on the Quip miscue. Bruce Wiikins' one yard plunge and a pass to Oxendlne accounted for Aliquippa's TD's. Visiting Duquesne enabled the Quips to terminate a three-game losing streak as they took to the air for a T9-T2 win. Junior quarterback Sakal passed to Oxendine for two TD's and Ditka ran for the third tally. Chuck Suder's remarkable punting came to the Quips' rescue in their 13-6 win over Sharon on the Bengal's field. Ditka's lO yard run and Wilkins' one yard plunge ac- counted for the Red 81 Black TD. Playing their best game of the year, Aliquippa downed the Ambridge Bridgers l9-7 before a iam-packed home crowd. With passing whiz Sakai hitting open receivers time after time, Aliquippa began the second quarter with a touchdown pass to Tony Sellari. Sakal passed again in the third quarter and Ditka scored. Fleetfooted Kimbrough's spectacular run accounted for the final TD. Seniors making their last appearance in Quip grid uniforms were Ashton Ditka, John Evasovich, Steve Fedorchak, Dick Kimbrough, Dick Oxendine, John Ross, Don Short, and Don Yannessa. Senior Lettermen Donald Short John Ross John Evasovich Tackle 8- Guard Holfbock Fullback 8- Guard Rx X U"f"' Vg...-MQW? R' 'N 1 sw qw-M-Mwuwtf-M' ' 74' V' f In 4 ww K xr' ' ww' 65" 1 -W -M gn '-----c ,Li K S'-fi salad J a 9 .L if Y ? fs.. .uv , V9 IME -vw W "1 'X fa, i f Q 3. I nz nf 'a ,, x .six .,:s I HQ, 2 ,f 'E 4" if Qs Sff x K ,ESV ,A ,W ,:'?,l4tt'A . 'l O Above DUFFY and the cheerleaders swing out after the Ambridge tilt ATHLETIC MANAGER Michael B0banIC OFFICIAL CAMERAMAN Rudolph Tatolovich gets the has a victory smile too proof on film. We Won! Left: COACHES Fuderich cmd Aschmon owait the official signal os the bench wlnoops it up. Be- low: COACH ASCHMAN believes it now! Junior Varsity Aliquippa High's junior varsity team, un- der the direction of Mr. Fuderich, played four games during the 1957 season, win- ning two and losing two. The JV's dropped their first contest at home to Beaver Falls, 6- 0. The Quips then subdued Ambridge, 20- 12, in a home contest, but the Ambridge JV's responded by defeating the Quios at Am- bridge, 18-6. ln their final game, the Red 8- Block defeated New Castle's reserves at home, 20-13. UQ. nv f '17 X Junior High Football 4 T i"?fw. T5 gf,-.qSG.,a 992535 55?-73eiGFf"f7?"57,-in 7 FRONT ROW: DiNello, Mayer, mgrs. SECOND ROW: Schulkosky, Norman, A. Smith, Fouse, Hill, Jenkins, McCoy, Arbutina, Zobrak, Jumper, Hribar, Gordon, Rembert. THIRD ROW: Agresti Scrutchin, Taylor, Colaluca, Tisch, Compston, Magestro, Herring, Yaccich, Burden, C. Smith Feltenberg, Bayllis. FOURTH ROW: Seals, Pastine, Tsuris, Long, Matakovich, Vallecorsa, Kundla Plodinec, Close, Cox, Royal, Cain. 1 1 1 Coaches-Aldo Bonomi and Mike' Dzvonar ,,.. , Aliquippa's junior high football team posted a season record of three wins and one loss in i957 Q ,T :za-asf 1'?f,-Q15 if a 2 competition. The "Little Quips" S Q ' V :M I ,,, 4 , , I WB' , ml rolled over Carroll 33-7, McKees- fui L: J " s f 'A 1:3512 port 20-O, and Ambridge 18-14. 1 ,f , li U ' gi 4 . , f' Their only loss came at the hands IHQQ, ' t l gh' X is 3 of the Beaver Falls Junior High Q :--, " 5" : , with a 7-6 squeaker. Outstanding pf N 1 in Min N- for the junior high group were ii. M, 44 L , , ,gf it A s, M Arbutina, McCoy, Jumper, Rem- 'lf i ii? I ' , 'lif'f,ff'g:-',,.,,"'knL, bert and Agresti. ,.,,, K ,jg V ,,, S - tf w,,a3gJr:fuq , ,-,. A K at n,,g?is.i.l'.?.'f H., 'iif3.'1t t5 -1 H 'ar ' 2 1'-' s J 1 " """?'1f s ' f, Q9 QUARTERBACK Jethro McCoy is about to make good a jump pass to Alex Smith in the McKeesport ir. high game. 79 kj I U Dlckson McKenzle Dnka Cooney Coaches Head Coach Nick Uram Assnstant Joe Pukoch Seated Tafalovnch Macldrey Astormo Oxendme Young Scrutchlns Lee Svandung Alger Cam SEASON RECORD Alrqufppa Opporlenf Monaca McKeesport Duquesne Penn Townshnp Weshnghouse Johnstown Monessen Ford Cny New Kensington Beaver Falls Sharon New Castle Ellwood Cuty Farrell Ambrudge North Catholuc Beaver Falls 44 'Sharon 40 45 'New Castle 52 70 'Ellwood Cily 55 38 'Farrell 39 75 'Ambridge 49 'WPIAL games Nav Ashton Ditka Kevin Cooney Rlfhafd Oxendlne Fo,-WG,-d Guord Forward-Captain QUIPS PLACE 3rd IN WPIAL After posting a 5-5 record in pre-season play, Coach Nick Uram's 1957-58 basketball squad cap- tured third place in WPIAL Section lll competition with 7 wins and 5 losses. Starting lineup personnel included Richard Oxendine, only squad member with previous varsity experience, Joe Maddrey, Joe Astorino, Kevin Cooney and Charlie Cain. Tagged "giant killers" during league play, the Quips defeated Monaco 54-48 in their exhibition opener and then dropped contests to McKeesport and Duquesne. After downing Penn, Westinghouse and Johnstown, Aliquippa took the short end of a 52-41 contest with sharpshooting Monnessen cagers. Ford City's precision and acuracy next swamped the Red 8. Black 66-28. With the exception at the North Catholic loss which came in the middle of league play, the Quips ended their pre-season warm- up with a win over New Kensington. A 53-42 win over Beaver Falls started Section Ill competition as Joe Maddrey and Amos McKenzie contributed 17 and 14 points, respectively. In their second meeting on the loser's court, Aliquippa won 58-28. Joe Astorino's fine set shooting led the scor- ing with 16 points. 8'I Managers L. to r. Fred Mamula, Jerry Moore, Louis Wagner Quips Smother Ambridge Twice Sharon's Bengals downed the Quips at Sharon 52-37, but the tgbles were turned when the Indians topped Sharon 44-40 in a thriller on the Aliquippa court. After losing a 55-54 heartbreaker in overtime against New Castle, the Red 8. Black again lost 52-45 when they met the Ne-Ca-Hi Hurricanes on their new floor. Ellwood City stopped the Indians 67-45 in an easy con- test before a capacity crowd on the winner's floor. Aliquippa retaliated by downing Ellwood 70-55 in an equally easy contest at home. In this game, Maddrey collected 19 points, Oxendine 14, Cooney 14 and Cain 13. The Quips defeated Farrell's Steelers 68-56 in their first encounter at Aliquippa as Maddrey and Cain earned scor- ing honors with 23 and 19 points respectively. On the Far- rell court, Aliquippa played inspired ball, but was unable to make up a one point deficit in the 39-38 down-to-the-wire thriller. Downing Ambridge 80-56 and 75-49, the Quips posted the greatest number of points ever scored against their cross- river-rivals since the schools began competition over 40 years ago. Cain led scoring in the first contest with 18 points, and Maddrey had 21 points in the season finale, which saw Coach Uram using all members of the varsity squad. Top scorer for the season was Joe Maddrey with 360 points. Charlie Cain followed with 190. Seniors ending their high school cage careers were Richard Oxendine, team captain, Kevin Cooney and Ashton Ditka. 82 JOE ASTORlNO pulls one out of the air, KEVIN COONEY tips it in Red 8. Black Surprise League Leaders JUMPIN' JOE MADDREY fleft photol Iobs one under the board 'nj -4, X, 53357 5 EIIUL -74 PLAYMAKER COONEY C445 has interference from a Farrell cager. 2 e T65 - x X do r A Q AMOS MCKENZIE C125 ready for the pass-in from Cooney during the Sharon upset. R5 81 T. an S! 1' 1 x 5-X' 'Lui 1 l W 4 'f f ein, ,, - , , Q Ml li N my 2 ...A X H Seated: Houser, Alger, Dickson, Tatalovicli, Lee. Standing: Braddick, Feher, Sakai, S. Lee, Slat- niske. ABSENT: Evans Varsity Reserves The Quip Jayvees under the direction of Coach Joe Pukach compiled a very suc- cessful season record, posting 17 wins against only 5 losses in competition identical with that of the varsity equad. Losses were to McKeesport, Duquesne, Sharon, Ellwood City and Farrell. Consistent top scorers were Wilkins, Dickson, Sakai and Tatalovich. Wilkins and Dickson had some varsity experience this season, and all four will probably see con- siderable varsity action next year. 'Q ' Left: WILKINS climbs an aerial stairway in the JV win N over New Castle. Below SAKAL sets up the play as Ron Dickson 4159 awaits the pass in Junior High Basketball E3 ft 5 1 4 .vvbx f n-L ' wifi-WW' +'- sr' """ FRONT ROW: Dornick, Mamula, Tatalovich, Dulick, Sopko, Petkovich, Baker, Turney, Royal, lewis. SECOND ROW: McCoy, Baylis, Matta, Battalini, Seals, Taylor, Rembert, Burden. THIRD ROW: Diaddigo, mgr., Mancini, McMahon, Fouse, Arbutina, Vallecorsa, Zobrak, Suder, Barr, mgr. R09e" -l0f19S John Battles Coach Assistant Aliquippa's junior high basketball team shared second place with neighboring Hopewell High School in WPIAL section 19 competition. The squad posted a 9-3 re- cord in league games and a 6-1 record in exhibition play. A win by Moon Town- ships' iunior cagers broke the Little Quips' 40 game win streak, which included their previous two year standing as Junior WPIAL champs. For the record, the team made 318 field goals and 118 fouls out of 326 attempts for a total of 754 points against 495 for their opponents. Matt Arbutina led scoring with 156 points and George Suder was runner-up with 143 points. JETHRO McCOY icenter No. 111 con- trols the lump ball in the Beaver Falls iunior high game. SEASON RECORD Aliquippa Opponent 38 New Brighton 15 38 Beaver 28 36 New Castle 23 28 New Brighton 18 31 Mt. Lebanon 28 26 Moon Township 27 17 Hopewell 18 51 Beaver Falls 41 51 Midland 26 24 Ellwood City 31 56 Ambridge 23 68 Monaco 23 26 Hopewell 32 4. 44 Beaver Falls 32 - 53 Midland 22 ' 43 Ellwood City 28 42 Ambridge 31 48 Monaco 17 38 New Castle 32 Cross Country WH ,Q ' " f,,' 5 if ' 121: ff' 5 L Y? A ev '- , , 'W i T . ' iff L' I - , ' 'ff' Roger Jones l ' ' Coach FRONT ROW: Marshall, Crosby. SECOND ROW: Moore, Roma, Gist, Brown, Bruno, Lowe. THIRD ROW: Tucker, Hill, Auguster, Doty, Hines. FOUR- TH ROW: Palmer, Bazemore, Austin, Josey, mgr. 4 Coach Roger Jones' harriers posted a season record of three wins and three losses for 1957. Quip victories were over Meadville, East Liverpool and Ambridge. Losses came at the hands of Central Catholic, Mount Lebanon and Penn. The Red 8- Black placed 6th in the Central Catholic invitational and thc WPIAL meets, the latter being held at Aliquippa's golf course. Consistent finishers for the Jonesmen were Crosby, Brown, Roma, l.owe, Gist and Horton Scene of Aliquippa's cross country meets at home, the Aliquippa golf course here provides a beautiful back- drop for the Mt. Lebanon contest, which ggi. 5 the Pittsburgh harriers won. - .v"' Q..-9 87 f4-r:,S9"- Track 1957 Y as . FRONT ROW: Henderson, Lowe, Moore, Johnson, Glenn, Simmons, Gist, Horton. SECOND ROW: Sakal, Karas, Flowers, Fedorchak, Josey, L. Marshall, Pierrello, Braddick, Piocquidio. THIRD ROW: Mr. Jones, K. Marshall, B. Lowe, Kimbrough, Belich, McKenzie, Short, Stoll, Shively, Giuliani, Mr. Farber. Coach--Roger Jones Winning its third straight, Beaver County championship, Coach Roger Jones' track team took part in eight track and field meets during the 1957 season. Of nine squad members who qualified for partici- pation in WPIAL competition during the Slippery Rock district meet on May 'l0, the mile relay quartet composed of Johnny Jos- ey, Richard Oxendine, Richard Kimbrough and Melvin Glenn finished third in the WPIAL contest at Mt. Lebanon. The Aliquippa team placed second in meets held at Ambridge, New Castle, Shal- er and Butler. Five high schools participat- ed in the Ambridge and Shaler contests. Assistant-Walter Farber RICH OXENDINE takes the hurdles at the Am bridge meet. 6' Quips Take Beaver County Championship Consistent winners for the Quips were Richard Oxendine, high hurdles, Johnny Josey, low hurdles, Earl Simmons and Lan- drum Marshall, high lump, Melvin G le n n and Earl Simmons, broad jump, Richard Kimbrough, l0O and 220 yard dash, David Johnson, 440 yard dash, Burnie Lowe, 880 yard and mile run, John Sakal, iavelin throw. ln successfully defining their county crown, Aliquippa racked up 57M points to outclass teams from Ambridge, Beaver, Ell- wood City, Midland, Hopewell, Monaco, Rochester and South High. Kimbrough, Oxendine, Glenn, Simmons, Belich and the 880 and mile relay team posted first place wins in their respective events. Earl Sim- mons set a new high lump record of 5'lO" at the county meet. TOM BELICH clears the bar, iPhoto at rightl. KERMIT MARSHALL up and over ivan r"7"' 'e fi 7, PAUL MOORE finishes a close one it ..i'a .. --A . 7 , f 5 qc, In , .gh My Sq I. rt 4 4. I ' -' W -f . If F- . . 1-- A .3153 - QV Cf, Q Q lie.,-rf .,,.i-s. 5. -im? 1 1 ' ""i A- "mi ' 2.533 an x " 5 "as ' fax "Ae F ' ' -' Q- , K ,ri l'- 1 A ' if , K 4 I . ., ig? " ' S if s ififw f , -, , gl: , I ii A ---5 'K' if - . A Q i 4 --0 Q x A ' 1' ' if... ' . ..... ,s .gt c- t 1 i-.'.-:M ,P as ,ti-1 vi ,F , . ,: i I 'L A Q l'T'.: .4 E N. 'fl' , ' T. -- .,i,.g Q .N ,Q avi"-'1eSiZ-Pf-"A" ' ' . . ' s ... M L 89 .f--""' ll ll Coach Don Adams' varsity volleyball team posted a season record of one win and four losses. Losses early in the season were two to Coraopolis and one to St. Joseph Lead Company. In the WPIAL tournament at Braddock, the Quips downed Plum Township and then lost to Braddock in the quarter-finals. Departing seniors were Clyde Cassidv, Bill Piocquidio, and manager Calvin Winkle. Returning let- termen for the T958 season are Richard Leh- man, Duane Estrighf and Robert Shively. In junior WPIAL competition, the junior high squad lost to Glassoort in the first round of the tournament. Volleyball Donald Adams Coach VARSITY - FRONT ROW: Brown, Pio- cquidio, Capt., Roberts, Smith, SECOND ROW: Mr, Adams, Estright, Marshall, Casidy, Winlcle, mgr. THlRD ROW: Leh- man. Absent: Shively. JR. HIGH - FRONT ROW: Constan tinou, Smith, McCoy, Cobb. SECOND ROW: Mr. Adams, Hockenberry, Lee, Marshall, Winlcle, mgr. Absent: Lewis, Trombetta, STEWART LEE fleftr and Jim McCoy battle Clyde Cassidy at the net. Golf John Battles Left to right: Maruhnich, McCr0Cl1erl, Kramer, Lehman, Kier, Hredzalc. FN Coach QL- Aliquippa High's Linksmen posted a season record of 3 wins and 7 losses in the 1957 Beaver County Golf League. The Quips lost twice to Ambridge, Hopewell, Moon Township and once to Cora- opolis. Aliquippa notched two victories over Monaca and one over the Coraopolis golf team. With six returnin lettermen, Coach Battles should have cz hi hl successful season 9 Y in 1958. N :M , , Ll ' 1 x f f , f -f?l"'qi:' f N Len: GEORGE HREDZAK keeps his eye ,, . J Ahh., K .K . on the ball us instructed. , , ru, xi , . 4, . gl if .rad-,,4:'f'a+Qri1g' Alt' Y. . .,' 1 wg '-1-'f'?.f1 . .- N .. w is -f 3 V' eg as -f 1 -. A 3. X ,Q Wg, 'GE . i , . ., "uf '-he , ' 1 ' V 1 5 :. 4 ia ,n.v...l- Q N -. 5" ' x P - A Y ' 4 s., Q ' ' .' s 1 'Y 1 1. ,4 .JZ Z if-l' f fp V s, F N -X ll K' M , ' tl ,, " hiv ' .. I jlg5J,lQoiT"j5ff.,yi.g-- ,4,,w1,. k , b Right! NICK MARUHNICH Completes ' 4 ' a li'-.hi r -r the round while Hopewell's Richard J j'j,d1,j 4f',.,f9 Peslcer holds the flag. 9'I Baseball 1957 Goll Studio photo FRONT ROW: Fetkovich, Ferris, Trombetta, Stamm, Barr, Astorino, Mamula, Peligrini, Massoud, Gnarra. SECOND ROW: Rockwell, Faber, llov, C. Suder, Orgizovich, Ross, Stuby, Young, Belich, P. Suder. THIRD ROW: Coach Dzvonar, A. Ditka, Sellori, Manfredi, Shaffer, M. Ditka, Moore, Ribnicky, Wilkens, Sakal, Mgr. Kline, Mgr. Tisch. Aliq. 0 0 12 I0 I2 3 14 l2 63 Coach-Mike Dzonar Quips Win 6, Lose 2 SEASON RECORD Opp. Beaver Falls , l Ellwood City 1 Ambridge l Rochester 2 Beaver Falls 7 Ellwood City . 0 Ambridge 8 Rochester l 21 V '-' u F U LQ Qin NJ Coach Mike Dzvonar's i957 Quips posted a sea- son record of six wins and two losses in WPlAl. Sec- tion VII competition. Opening against the Beaver Falls Tigers, the Quip Nine went down to a l-0 defeat as sophomore Bruce Wilkins posted the only Aliquippa hit. In their second meeting with the Tigers, the Red and Black clustered five hits and 'IO runs in a big first inning to down the Fallsmen 12-7. Relief pitcher Joe Stuby, substituting for hurler Dave Young, held the Tigers scoreless for his portion of the game. Edged out l-O in a contest with Ellwood City, the Quips were credited with another lone hit, this one by Kurt Shaffer, as the Wolverines came up with o walk and timely double. Pete Suder's clutch pitch- ing enabled the Quips to take the second game against Ellwood 3-O. Suder and Mike Ditka col- lected two safeties apiece in this contest. 92 Baseball 1957 . . '. EVZLA' ff A V JA.a.s ' ,. iv, 5 ji Q .- .s . :'.-'y j . J ' 'C-'O' D' " ,.,gM 1 . 4. - 4-, -. '.u -'1 . 4.99:- . ,. .jp , ,.-....,.,-.. than .i-- we Q ' 1 - . .Q 4 . Goll Studio photo PETE SUDER heads for home plate in a game played at Moreell Field. Place Second in WPIAL 17 l gflx .t t l 1 Th? v 'Wx I I r 1 Vsqtgvt' Gall Studio photo A mad Aliquippa Nine lashed three Ambridge pitchers for a l2-l victory in their first meeting. Joe Stuby held the Bridgers to five hits and tanned eight, as Suder, Ditka, Shaffer, Wilkins and Joe Astorino claimed ll ot the Quips' l3 hits. ln their second meeting with Ambridge, the Ali- quippa Indians belted l7 hits for a I4-8 win. Suder led the Quip attack with three hits and curve-baller Joe Stuby was the winning hurler. Aliquippa blasted Rochester l0-2 and l2-l. In the first contest, Astorino paced the Quip attack with two doubles as Young struck out 13 Ram bats- men. The Quips hammered out l6 hits in fthe second meeting. Chuck Suder led the onslaught with a home run and single while Young allowed three hits and fanned eight. Left: KURT SHAFFER rounds first base. 93 TOUCH FOOTBALL opened the boys' intramural program with five 8-man teams participating in twice weekly contests from September i7 through October 31. The Catalinas, captained by Luther Smith, took their second con- secutive intramural championship in the program supervised by Mr. Donald Adams. Boys' and Girls Qu KEIIWEL. ,Y , BASKETBALL, which attracted 25 6- man teams, closed with brothers Alex and Luther Smith as captains of win- ning teams. Alex's Underdogs posted a l2-0 record, defeated the Whirlwinds lor the iunior championship. Luther's Satellites defeated the Sputniks and also posted a T2-0 record as senior champs. Mr. Adams directed the pro- gram. PING PONG contests began November 'I with 15 boys and four girls partici- pating. Robert Doty captured the sen- ior boys' championship and Wilbert Hobbs the iuniors boys' championship. Louise Sapp won in the girls' division. Mr. Adams supervised the contests. BOWLING, supervised by Mr. Adams, attracted about 450 students. Fifteen boys' teams and 28 girls' teams com- peted in duck pin and ten pin leagues at the Sheffield Lanes over a T2 week period. As we go to press, the Debs, l8's, Jokers, Rocketts and Raunchies lead in the girls' division and the Aces and Stars lead in the boys' group. Mary Mancini, Frances Valetti, Fred Roccatani and George Savage are top WEIGHTLIFTING was supervised by Mr. Dale Cable. Though not a competi- tive sport, the after-school activity at- tracted about 25 boys. Weights up to 225 pounds were used by the "muscle men," many of whom also compete in other intramural and varsity sports. VOLLEYBALL, an early spring sport, is expected to attract about l2 boys' teams, according to Mr. Adams. The program calls for each team to meet opponents in sets of three T5-point games. Playing on a twice weekly basis, the teams should conclude their schedule in mid-April. single-game scorers. SOFTBALL league play,scheduled to begin after the volleyball season, will include boys' teams in both the senior and junior divisions. Barring incle- ment weather, the intramural program will close about May 22. , N-4iJ'.v'--V, K ' ' 7"l'1L f:i'Tw'i""Mf-'ffvw S. . i. wh .cw JO ANNE D'OTTAVlO hits a homerun. SoHbaH Champs RED WINGS captained by Martha Stacho and Gladys Robertson won first place in the girls' ten-league softball competition. Softball champs pictured at right. Kneeling: I. Caldarelli, P. Pontis, M. Stacho, G. Robertson, j. Trbovich. Standing: B. Williamson, E. Venan- zi, B. Sintay, L. Bellocchi, E. Carosa, R. Pear- son. BasketbaH . J K1 1"r 'dw M , Y ', ff ' P A , .' f T,-il' , .x Ax' . MRS. CARVER explains to Pat Pontis and her class how to tie a ball correctly. The girls use these instructions in their intramural basketball games. There are eighteen teams in the league which consist of sophomores, iun- iors, and seniors. lat right? H. THOMPSON and E. Venonzi iump for the ball thrown by H. Bibby, referee, while .l. Merriman awaits the results. 96 Girls' Mrs. Elizabeth Carver Girls' Physical Education Instructor S. , W.. M., Till .,. l-ii 6,0 1--'T Gyl'l Athletics TumbHng Apparatus ' i PAT DUDICK fabovel and Pat Pontis show us how to climb the ropes. fbelowl BARBARA STEWART performs a difficult stunt on the parallel bars while Evelyn Jeter does the leap frog over the box. 97 F v:f,, g g' 1 2 I-if ft TRYING their skill at building pyramids are B. Stewart P. Pontis, S. Martin, M. Gray, M. Stacho, P. Dudick. Playday ALIQUIPPA GIRLS' Leaders' Club hosted the an- nual Beaver County Playday which was held in the fall. Every team consisted of girls from each of the eleven area high schools. The girls por- ticipated in basketball, volleyball, softball and relay races. Winning team members received sterling silver charms. LORRAINE LOYASH at bat, with two other Beaver County girls. F. A C! ALIQUIPPA HIGH SCHOOL I f I HARDING AVENUE ACTIVITIES fb QV' X x, X Czfigf KI 'Eff , X X f E ,ff 'X 'X I 7, I 1 I Ii ff O E .' ,I 1' I f f'! II 5 X, 'ffl X x I A 1 I Z ,!'f4X 4859 I! I I xx , I fm of ' XI, ' s ,K w I I I if Q0 f E I I j EEEEEEE f X f v , ,i E I1 I XX! NX I E 490 I - E, xx Km ,X I I V IQ III M X X Q ff N' XX I ' I X. I 09 1' I If I 1 fx f-, I I ff HE H E IEEEII I I I E M I I I x X X i 1 N X I I I f 5 J I I 1 E g I I 5 X I I , I X ci 'x L c-H"- Band E 'UML we M W, M Drum -is Maiors plz if" 4 R b fDeFrcnceso J ph O 5 'X 0 iw I 1 2 102 - , afvf-W--W 5 FJSpy Dnrector H Cv Maiorettes flefv io riglw Joyce Montini Helen Bibby Mitzie .lunak Lynda Cable Jusfine Lcdish Pony Rock Belle Swogger FLUTE M. Dixon J. Ladish C. Pohl J. Schreib N. Selkovits L BAND PERSONNEL OBOES ALTO CLARINET BASSOON P. Gentile L. Byers D- PYOSSCV K. Kianicka B. Willgruber N. Moore BASS CLARINET B. Kramer M. lnfantozzi Band Color Guard ll. to r.J Allan Mallinger, Burton Co- hen, George Suder, Philip Sullivan. Regular appearances at all home football and basketball contests, traveling with the team and cheer- leaders to football "away" games, marching in parades, and present- ing two concerts each year are the annual highlights of a band mem- ber's schedule. Add to these ac- tivities a week-long band camp at Slippery Rock State Teachers Col- lege in August, regular third per- iod rehearsals and occasional par- ties sponsored by the Band Parents, and they all add up to the good music and good fellowship for which our Aliquippa High band is well known. ALTO SAX TENOR SAX R. Barna C. Bryant R. Denuczio R, Bryant A. Mallinger C. Mancini M. Poland P. Thomas P. Steranka B- Stewart BARITONE sAx A. Sylvester J. Josey R. Yaklich R' -romeo BANDSMEN keep things lively in the stands. HALFTIME formation with the Ambridge band. Band To finance the annual summer band camp, band members held their second annual Pop Concert and conducted sales of light bulbs and Easter eggs throughout the community. Officers of the Band Parents who sponsored these proi- ects in 1957-58 are Mrs. Clyde By- ers, presidentg Leroy Lewis, vice pres.p Clyde Holmers, secretaryp Mrs. Rudy Tatalovich, rec. sec.g and 5275 9 Harry Schreib, treasurer. BAND PERSONNEL FRENCH HORN BARITONE HORN -l- Alger Colonna C. DuBrowa Lewis T. Gnarra Jr. pl peduui M. Matta A. Prqgf W. Sutherland C, Sfqmm J. Szedoy 5,455 HQRN BELLS AND CHIMES A. Babish P. Cekoric A. Conte R. DeFrancesco J. Kier J. Robinson TYMPANI B. Sichack C. Ferry REHEARSAL TIME is a daily occurrence. LJ ,we l plorwllvallnmiiv ll Qlllwl llfrll lr alirkl DIRECTOR SPORNY at rehearsal. SNARE DRUM T. Douglas J. Marelli PERCUSSION J. McCoy R. Slifka S. Sullivan A ..,.-- 'I05 CLARINET D. Anderson D. Bianchi V. Biancucci W. Biega B. Boring T. Branchetti L. Cable J. Campbell W. Cekoric B. Cox M. Donaldson G. Hredzak P. Ivkovich M. Junak T. Kanyuk R. Kapanyko D. Kiefer C. Mansuetti M. Maravich R. Morris B. Parker R. Patrizi K. Popovich S. Sams J. Shirk B. Swogger B. Szedny R. Trone CORNETS B. Bowden R. Brash T. Brown R. Duker J. Frederick V. Hickman D. Jackson L. Loyash L. Marshall E. Maxwell J. Orsen J. Parker J. Reddick D. Shust R. Smith T. Sporney S. Thomas S. Valetti H. Williams TROMBONE J. Dunbar A. Harris B. Holmes G. Kobaly L. Miller G. Reynolds R. Tatalovich Left to right Sandy Harman, accom- panist Dolores Herda, first soprano, Ellen Thompson, second soprano, Bar- .f' bara Fricke alto. Girls' Chorus 1 A X 1 eo,-fti Ck l V? EN i ' v xl .I 3 , , . . "if:-123rs,. we V r'fw:1.'f'fff"t??:-f"': -Slewfwsgf ,.f li vt l l X FRONT ROW: Gregorakis, Eppley, Srafin, Miller, Deceder, Gahagan, Mrs. McWilliams, Marthens, Hendon, Welsh, Farkas, Pantaleo, Fricke, McGrew. SECOND ROW: Gregory, Barnett, Bazemore, Reese, Horton, Mencer, D'Agostino, Connor, Bryant, Stevens, Boyer, Narquini, Padgett, Gray, Sobon. THIRD ROW: H. Thompson, Papavasilis, Steranka, Angel, Dzama, Zdranik, De Joseph, Fetkovich, Alger, J. Anderson, Baldwin, George, V. Moore, Zoppelt, Aldrich. FOURTH ROW: Evasovich, Gurniak, Herda, J. Anderson, Bowling, Schuster, Merriman, Manasterski, E. Thompson, Geiger, Farland, Dugos, G. Moore, Popovnak, Gaston, J. Young, Luczska, Fleming. FIFTH ROW: Simmons, Reinel, De Martines, Nawrocki, Bokoski, Sheeder, Ley, McHenry, Piccirilli, Wiggins, Bryan, Di Nardo, Kreisberg, Ralich, Gioconda, Leis, Turney Czarneski, J. Young. Reid. Mrs. Blanche McWilliams Director No matter what the program, we can count on the Girls Chorus, Choraliers, and Girls' Trio to provide just the right vocal touch. This year the chorus has participated in many chapel programs, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter assemblies, NHS induc- tion services, and baccalaureate. Daily third-period rehearsals were stepped up in the spring when the school's choral groups presented their annual concert. Officers President Julia DiNardo Vice President Elaine Kreisberg Sec Treasurer Sandy Hannan of-. Trio 106 Z'- Eighty-five blended voices PEGGY LEIS, student director, leads the chorus during its appearance on the Christmas program Activities for the Choraliers and Trio included chapel programs, entertainment for community organizations and Aliquippa Hospital patients, and ci special assembly com- memorating the ground-breaking for our new iunior high school. The busy vocalists also held a joint Christmas party with the Boch Choir, two bake sales and a spring banquet. Choraliers FRONT ROW: Eppley, Horton, Connor, E. Thompson, Merriman, H. Thompson, McGrew, Fleming. SECOND ROW: Barnett, Dzoma, Alger, Mrs. McWilliams, Fricke, Gahagen, Stevens, J. Anderson. THIRD ROW: Herda, J. Anderson, Bazemore, Wiggins, Di Nardo, Kreisberg, Leis, Turney. FOURTH ROW: Gurniok, Reinel, De Martines, Bokoski, Bryan, Ralich, Young, Reid. E i S 5 G vu M . :yt r ,- if ' I I v W - - T. i - x .,.. , x- Q, 5 A A' . 'V ' 0 ,ii go'-1, 'L -':.':..--0' 1 K r 'ki' W f ,.,,,. - , YJM' Y," v' ffrelffmilfcf ,?'fr3'?'i'V' i 1 A V si i X . sf A ig . K i Bach Choir FRONT ROW: Lewis, Dydek, Chabalci, Young, Massoud, Mrs. Bennett, R. Royal, B. Royal, Tazel Ulatoslci, G. Kotala, P. Zemkosky. SECOND ROW: Palazzi, S. Williams, Lipecky, Zahorsky, Buf faloe, Monahan, Liggett, Salvati, McMullen, Abson, Katz, Green, Flannigan. THIRD ROW N. Kotala, Tambucci, Benaquisto, Helterbran, Shinn, D'Eramo, L. Toliver, Raffle, Elko, Di Pietress Hineman, J. Toliver, Poliani, Stacho. FOURTH ROW: Slifka, Silver, McClellan, L. Brown, Dan ianic, Zmiianac, Henderson, Sematore, Muscivich, Santia, Meskow, Williamson, Colbert, J. Smith Mileca. FIFTH ROW: Myskew, Batley, Keeber, Peya, M. Smith, Sellars, Revis, Wallace, Barbour W. Williams, McCue, Long, W. Zemkosky, Trombetta, Aldrich, Robertson, Symons, J. Brown. Mrs. Mary Lou Bennett Director Officers Pres. Wendell Williams Vice Pres. William Zemkosky Secretary Judy Shinn Treasurer Anthony Massoud Librarians Carol Symons Lino Trombetta With daily rehearsals scheduled for the fourth period, the Bach Choir and Ensemble are always prepared for auditorium appearances and special community programs. The choral groups have participated in special assemblies for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, National Honor Society induction ceremonies, and chapel programs. The En- semble also participated in January's ground-breaking ceremony for our new iunior high school. Money making proiects for the members included a bake sale and the sale of candy. The group held a joint Christmas party with Girls' Chorus and honored graduating members ata spring banquet. 108 1-7 Ensemble 54" FRONT ROW: Shinn, Massoud, Mrs. Bennett, Williams, Zemkosky. SECOND ROW: Dydek, L Brown, Benaquisto, Helterbran, Abson, Katz. THIRD ROW: Buffaloe, Henderson, Danianic, Sy mons, Stacho, Di Pietress, Elko. FOURTH ROW: Sellars, Wallace, J. Brown, Robertson, McCue Muscivich. Organ Students Members of the Organ Club have provided music for chapel programs and special assemblies in the auditorium. Under the direction of Mrs. Bennett, members had pre- sided at 24 assembly programs as of February. Joyce Oliver is chairman of the group. Marlene Swogger, AHS graduate and Carnegie Tech student, met with members to dis- cuss her studies in college and to present several organ selctions. FRONT ROW: Fleming, Housdon, Marthens, Bryant, Lydick. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Bennett, Ulatoski, Lemons, Snyder, Toliver, Abson. THIRD ROW: Mc- Kenzie, Kancel, Cheuvront, Smith. ABSENTEE: Gaston. 'I09 "BAND AID," a one-act play, an origi- nal monologue by Sanda Weingarten, and an original pantomime were dra- matic activities, directed by Mr. Charles Brown, which students viewed in De- cember and January At right, Mr. Brown rehearses Bob Stotfer, AI Francona, James Trehar and Anthony Casoli for their pantomime. Dramatic Productions "Grapes for Dinner," a one-act comedy staged for Thanksgiving assemblies, pre- sented a family's reaction to a radio commentator's ideas about diets. ln- cluded in the cast sec-n at left: Stand- ing - Nancy Richards, Barbara Horton. Seated clockwise from front - Joe Ceravola, James Shirk, Evelyn Duka- vich, Bonnie Teterich, Angelo Scarsella. "Light Competition," the Christmas play, concerned the rivalry between two families about their Christmas de- corations. Included in the cast at left lL. to R.l James Bruno, Barbara Hor- ton, Judy Taylor, Abbie Connors. Oth- ers, not pictured, were Judy Shinn, and James Shirk. yt g 'X-ff i 1 Senior Class Play CAST - Front row: Lipecky, Hall, Kobaly, Bruno, Brubaker, Teleha. Second row: Williams, D'Agostino, Proctor, Platoniotis, Thomas, Stewart, Shinn, Mencer. Third row: Leis, Sintay, Kreis- berg, Neft, McBride, Babish, Zemkosky, Dinello Ermi, Abson. "Onions in the Stew" Miss Elaine Vincic Director Seaweed, a broken ankle, a halt-wilted orchid, 56 seniors and their tireless direc- tor combined energy and talent and six weeks of rehearsal to bring down the house with Betty McDonald's "Onions in the Stew," presented March 7. Just as the cast, crew and senior class treasury benefited from this experience, so did the audience which thoroughly enioyed the delightful farce about inevitable and hilarious predicaments of teen-agers. CREW - Seated: L. Miller, properties co-chairman, D. Whitehead, prompter L. Hineman, student director, Miss Vin cic, director. Standing: R. Sprogg i5,.-ff, prompterp K. Shaffer, sound effects G. Robertson, properties co-chairman, J. Evasovich, stage manager. Z' Xx Ill National Honor Society - - -F l L FRONT ROW: Papavasilis, Moore, Mrs. Chamber, Roma, Schilo, Leis. SECOND ROW: Gregory, Fontis, Williamson, Caldarelli, Rock, Dzuro, Corsi. THIRD ROW: Prosser, Stacho, Hineman, Hor- ton, Markovich, Ermi, Fatur, Ranics, Hannan. FOURTH ROW: Manfredi, Lipecky, Kreisberg, Ralich, Whitehead, McDonald, Venanzi, Bibby. FIFTH ROW: Evasovich, Babish, Roccatani, Godshall, Shirk, Piotrowski, Byers, Ditka. ABSENTEE: L. Wagner. To raise funds for their annual two hundred dollar War Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded to an Aliquippa High School graduate, NHS members prepared the popcorn sold at football and basketball games, sold Christmas cards, and took over the sale of cokes and potato chips at home basketball games. Sixteen seniors were inducted in an impressive ceremony in December and, as we go to press, the induction for juniors is being planned. ,I hx A Fatur, and Irene McDonald at work "'l during a basketball game, Mrs. Sarah B. Chambers Sponsor Officers President Robert Roma Vice President Richard Schilo Secretary Koula Papavasilis Historian Yvonne Moore NHS POPCORN salesgirls Marlene Markovich, Suzanne Ranics, Barbara Student Council Theodore Ruscitti 'rf 4 Sponsor Officers -x . 'V R President . Anne Rossi "' Vice President Pat Dydek Secretary Sandy Hannan Sec. - Treas. Betty Conrady Treasurer Elsie Primioli Parliamentorian Yvonne Moore Sgt.-at-Arms Fernando Roccatani ANN ROSSI, president, receives the Student Council trophy from Ambridge president Nick Fallieras lfront rightl as Aliquippa Co- Cclptains Fedorchak and Oxendine and Ambridge Co-Captains Sab- onya and Tkatch look on. Student Council created another "first" in school government with the suggestions and cooperation of the Ambridge High School Student Council. Working together, the Councils organized a Sports Appreciation Day to honor the football and basketball teams February 28. Among other activities, the group has furnished recordings for socials, sponsored an assembly at which the Aliquippa-Ambridge Student Councl trophy was awarded to our football team, arranged to have buses provded for Plan ll students for the 58-59 school year and held its second annual talent show. . w oi 435' fx. 'N FRONT ROW: Lecesin, Moore, Primioli, Rossi, Hannon, Dydek, Roccatani. SECOND ROW: Vallecorsi, De Salle, Corsi, Greco, Chabala, Palladeni, Shaffalo, Williams. THlRD ROW: Schus- ter, Buena, De Joseph, DeMatteis, Silvers, Peya, Green. FOURTH ROW: Benasuti, Thompszn, Bibby, Ermi, Piccirilli, Slifka, Sherba, Markovich, Shiflet. FIFTH ROW: Jones, Ntladding, Bran- cheti, Morgan, Pietranda, Lepecky. s ,ani Y-Teens ww FRONT ROW Mnss Harchrck Moore DAgostlno Ulatoskn Norrls Whitehead SECOND ROW Ln Eppley Klefer Mayton McCormlck Horton Tolrver Markovlch THIRD ROW Nary Po land Stewart Sell-covrts Padgett Pohl Dnxon Nawrockl Young FOURTH ROW Reed Howell Lang Sheeder Teleha Dukovlch Katola De Joseph Bryan Erma Mlss Genevieve Harchrck Sponsor One of our four Y clubs afflllated with the drstrlct YMCA the Y Teens had a busy year After nmtlatlon of new members and a bowlmg party the club was represented at the Greater YMCA dnnner meetlng to luck off the Ys fund rarsrng campargn A service to the school and community the gurls held a fund drlve for UNICEF ln the sprung club members held therr annual Ma and Me banquet As somethm new thus year the club gave Y Teen sweaters to Its sensor members Offucers Presldent Joan Ulatosku Vuce Pres Marlene D Agostlno Secretary Maman Norrrs Treasurer Donna Whltehead Chaplm Nancy Moore si SWEATERS for Y-Teens are measured by lseatedl Joan Ulatoslci, Nancy Moore, Sandy Mayton and fstanding' Evelyn Dukovich and Natalie Selkovits. H4 Hi-Y Donald Adams Sponsor Officers President George K0b0lY Vice President Ted Zefnicll Secretary Milan Vuianic Treasurer Ronald Klenovic Chaplin George Hredzak Sgt.-at-Arms Bob BUVUC' CHRISTMAS SPIRIT prevails at AHS, thanks to the Hi-Y boys annual proieci. Kneeling: M. Vuianic, D. Stoll, T. Zernich, R. Schilo, R. Barna. Standing: R. Klenovic, A, Pratt, V. Biancucci, L. Marshall, G. Kobaly. One of our most active school groups, the Hi-Y has also participated in the Greater Aliquippa YMCA project inaugurated this year. Several members served as recreation group leaders for the Y's Saturday programs in local schools. The boys also distributed containers for polio and Heart Fund contributions. Other activities included provding and decorating the school's Chrstmas tree, con- ducting initiaton ceremonies for 28 new members, and partcipating in the YMCA Youth and Government mock-legislative program at Harrsburg. George Kobaly, Ted Zernich, Milan Vuianic, and Richard Schilo represented the club at Harrisburg. FRONT ROW: Mr. D. Adams, Hredzak, Klenovich, Barna, Kobaly, Vuianic, Zernich. SECOND ROW: Shusl, Massoud, Brown, Guiliani, Francona, Mamulo, Smith, Schilo, Byers. THIRD ROW: Dunbar, Durbin, Piotrowski, Roccatani, Rhodes, Teleha, Barr, Purdy, Pratt, Cekoric. FOURTH ROW: Cobb, Sullivan, McCoy, McBride, L. Marshall, K. Marshall, Stoll, Biharry, Prosser. i f K .Vx 115 L Tri-Hi-Y Mrs. Beverly Fazio Sponsor Ofhcers Pres VIce PresIdent Secretary Treasurer Sgt at Arms OFFICERS conclave wI1h Mrs FazIo lleftl Includes Jean Chabala Patty Dydek and Dolores Canepele The TrI HI Y s forty eIght 9 rls Includes twenty fIve new members who were lDdUCled dur Ing an Informal InItIatIon In October Money malung prolects to help pay for Iackets QIVSH to senIor members of the club Included a bake sale and a sorIal Concludmg the year s GClIVllIeS the TrI HI Y held a formal dInner In AprII to honor gracluahng members FRONT ROW Wnlyot Loyash Chabala KraynIewskI Dydek Canepele RossI SECOND ROW Teterlch Cercone Delon DelIsIo MarkovIch DeleonardIs LSWIS Fox THIRD ROW RUSCITTI Ro dlch Wlngert Cozzucoll Savage PlC1TOFlIOfIS Tselepls BenedIct FOURTH ROW Radonovlch Barley Mansuettu Moore Cheuvront Young Wemgarten Swogger FIFTH ROW BrItza DInello Keber DUVIS Oaks Ranlcs Plcarrelll 17 'su gy 10 4 v WV ff 116 PrIscIlla KraynIewskI Delores Canapele Jean Chabala Patty Dydek June Kmght Quip Tri-Hi-Y Miss Joann Delett Sponsor 94 Y 'fill Officers ti fiffgibtf, .",ha"m5Qg, its-g,."".:,. sq., President Ruth McKenzie N . Vice President Susan Corsi if Secretary Koula Papavasilis bw Treasurer Elsie Venanzi J X Sgt.-at-Arms Nancy Paulin b is c N3 fx Q sit POSTERS advertising the Quips' Jay Michael record hop are dns tributed by Lynda Cable, Bonnie Conner, and Janet Rosso. The Quip Tri Hi Y initiated 25 new members at its informal initiation in October. Join- ing other high school Y clubs, the girls held a formal induction ceremony. Fund raising proiects were a bake sale and a social which featured disc iockey Jay Michael. During the Christmas season the girls packed a box for a needy family's Christmas dinner. FRONT ROW: Simone, Poland, Corsi, McKenzie, Venanzi, Papavasilis, Miss Delett. SECOND ROW: Courinos, Damiano, Franklin, Gioconda, Riccitelli, Bazemore, Mencer, Shiflet, Abson. THIRD ROW: Crnkovich, E. Montini, Dzuro, Como, De Pietress, Kelley, M. Baldwin, Young FOURTH ROW: Townsend, J. Baldwin, Colafella, Rock, Kancel, Neugebauer, Gable, Conner. HFTH ROW: Rosso, J. Montini, Bibby, Sintay, Junak, Ball, Pitts. l'I7 in 4. 9" Q Optlmates Norman McCormick Sponsor Offncers Co Consuls Harry Hage Harold Puller Scribe Amy Bryan Quaestor Joan Ulatosku Praetor Marcle Stolkovuch WHEN IN ROME Optlmates Marcno Stolkovnch Amy Bryan and Joan Ulatoskn try the latest toga style for 1he club s annual banquet Comprlsed enhrely of students enrolled In Mr McCormick s Latin classes the Optnmates fr e the best and the funestl look forward to thelr annual banquet which requlres each member to wear a toga and forego Western cutlery Once the finger bowls have been used the Optumats guarantee an evening of good fun thanks to enterprising entertaun ers from the clubs roster In addutlon to thenr bn weekly meehngs the members con FRONT ROW Crnkovnch Ulatoskl Stolkovlch Bryan Pullar Mr McCormlck Hages Montlm Gullnanl McDonald SECOND ROW Ksefer Zahorsky DI Sante Fedorchak Y Moore Green De Joseph Czarneskl Tanner Swogger Reddxng Klem THIRD ROW Buono Mansuetn Lam plch Savage Baldwun Tollver Aldrlch Dzama Narqulm Padgett Norrus Rock Roma FOURTH ROW Venanzl Trbovlch Teleha Glenn Ferry Rees Schuster Slvak Mrleca Pantaleo Frncke Gahagen N Moore Young Kmght FIFTH ROW Stadnlk Smnth Townsend Cekoruc Dltka Manfred: Durban Jones Reynolds Campbell Alger Sllfka Cohen Brown 'I'l8 O J 4 D . - A '-sf' ' - , 'lo -f 1 X . , l X A l .x C i,:f - - 5 S.. ' NL . , . . . . , . . - , I I - , . . . . . u ' I - ducted a bake sale and held an ice skating party. 5 Q 1 .1 l 1 1 . 1 - 1 1 1 l .1 I . .I ' I D I I F I I ' I I I I I I . I . ' F I .I - I I I I ' I F I I . .I I . I I ' Z -I ' I I I I I I . I - I I . I I ' I I ' ' : f I . I I A I I I 'I . I I I I I I I I ' Le Cercle Francais Mrs. Helen Smith Sponsor Officers President Barbara Fatur Vice President Nancy Richards Secretary Paul Gentile Treasurer Delores Heida AU CAFE - Chef John Evasovich lstanding centerl takes orders from Margie Crnkovich, Barbara Fatur, Ruth McKenzie, Ed Tisch, Beverly Sintay, Kerr mit Marshall, Paul Gentile, and Charles Stamm. CHANTONSl fseatedl Barbara Horton, Delores Eercta, standing. FRONT ROW Sandy Maytn, .lerilynn Kancel, Nancy Paulin, Mary Ann Lint, Barbara Bryant Carol Turney, Katy Popovich, John Evasovich, Karen Mencer, Evelyn Courines Isabella Caldarelli. SECOND ROW: Ed Dawson, Ray Hauser, June McHenry Margie McHenry, Paul Moore, Andrew Babish, Evelyn Dukovich, James Shirk Tom Brown, George Hredzak, Ted Belich. ,Klear A 1 1 S., QL .. .' Y ... - -- 1. 3 '.. 'f. X -lc Q1 .G ,,. ,,, 1 s Sm M Supplementing their classroom studv of the French language, members of Le Cercle Francaise have held monthly meetings at which they have learned more about Franch customs and correct use of the language. The initiation of new members, occasional visits from French war brides of the Aliquip- pa area and their annual banquet, complete with French cuisine, were enioyed by the members. As a fund-raising project, the group held a successful bake sale. PARISIENS AUX BERETS! Ches DcBroaw, Nancy Richards, Renis Weingarten, Gerry Kotala, Linda Bellochi, and Al Francana. i19 Future Teachers of America lil i FRONT ROW: Mr. Hartley, Montini, Rossi, Horton, Colaluca, DeJoseph, Garvin, Dukovich. SE- COND ROW: Marthens, V. Schuster, E. Schuster, D'Augostino, Mencer, Abson, Fisher, Fricke Shiflet. THIRD ROW: Angel, Selkovits, Narquini, DeSantio, Knight, Cekoric, Rees, Panteleo, Fox Lewis, McCormich. FOURTH ROW: McHenry, Palazzi, Salvati, Como, Townsend, Bibby, Cable Connor, Ellis, Young, Slifko. FIFTH ROW: Howell, Furich, Hobbs, Rock, Venanzi, Sintay, Junak, Ball, Pohl, Dixon, Savage. ABSENTEES: R. Stevens, J. Brown D. Wilkins, C. Symons. These future teachers have done much this year to aid their careers. Several faculty members have spent their noon hours with FTA members talking about teaching oppor- tunities and the proper selection of high school courses to prepare them for college. The group has met with Geneva College students and Hopewell High School's FTA and visited various colleges which offer teacher-training courses. Officers President Josephine Colaluca Vice President Alicia De Joseph Cor, Secretary Barbara Horton Rec. Secretary Rosemarie Stevens Treasurer Maxine Garvin Harry Hartley ef' Sponsor future education. T20 1 1 FUTURE TEACHERS Janet Brown Rose marie Stevens, Debbie Wilkins and Carol Symons consider the cost of the r Future Homemakers of America Mrs. Helen Ciriocy Mrs. Estell Zettel Co-Sponsors ii Officers Pres Josephme DnPasquale Vice Presudent Maxine Garvm Secretary JoAnne Rozlc Treasurer Carol Chapes Parllamentarlan Jackie Hobbs CAFETERIA bullehn board core u an the charge of FHA members uch as Jo ephme DePasquale a d Plorxa B rdzak :gl-tl Wuth the malornty of their members enrolled In the home economncs course the FHA vs called upon to serve at many banquets sponsored by hugh school groups un the cafeterla Several members and IH the preparahon of foods and table decoratnons These future homemakers also prepare bulletnn board decorations whnch are posted regularly un the school cafeterua FRONT ROW Mrs Zettel Rozuc DI Pasquale Garvin Hobbs Chapes SECOND ROW Cunningham Leheny Pearce Benzak Blres Furlch THIRD ROW Knight Hrlbar Muller Johnson Wlngert qv C7 11 1-ff 'fam g-. l f-7' '17 121 Audio-Visual Aids - ...Q FRONT ROW: Gabor, Gentile, Taylor, Piotrowski, Danianic, Belich. SECOND ROW: Mr. Tatalo- vich, Katkish, Horton, Diaddigo, Rozic, Gurniak, Carpenter. THIRD ROW: Gnarra, Katchur, Ley, Hobbs, Chacin, Hall, Williams. In assisting Mr. Tatalovich with the high school audio-visual aids program, "Know- how" has become the middle name of the Audio Visual Aids Club. Instruction in the operation of the department's equipment occurs at workshop sessions led by the spon- sor. The AVA conducted its second annual football queen election and dance which proved to be a huge success. LEARNING how to operate the AVA tape recorder are IseatedI Judy Tay- lor, Istandingl Frank Piotrowski, Ted Belich, and Paul Gentile. Rudolph Tatalovich Sponsor Officers President Judy Taylor Vice Pres. Frank Piotrowski Secretary Joanne Danianic Treasurer Mary Ann Gabor Sgt.-at-Arms Ted Belich Parliamentarian Paul Gentile Junior Red Cross Mrs. Grace Marsden Sponsor President Nancy Richards Vice Pres. lsabelle Caldarelli Secretary Linda Bellocchi Treasurer Landrum Marshall Publicity Chm. Judy Taylor ff f LANDRUM'S ashtrays, fashioned from aluminum, win Mrs. Marsden's approval before they go to military officer's quarters. As we go to press, club officers are planning to fill another school chest with supplies for an overseas school. Articles for the chest and money to purchase them will be collected in all homerooms. TRAY FAVORS for Deshon Hospital is a proiect for Cleft to right? Margie Klein, Nancy Richards, Betsy Sudak and Isa- bella Caldarelli. --w.,"'x OFFICERS discussing Jr. Red Cross business with Mrs. Mars- den Crightl are lseatedl lsabella Caldarelli, Nancy Rich- ards, lstandingl Judy Taylor, Landrum Marshall and Linda Bellocchi. In addition to their annual tray-favor project Jr. Red Cross members sent ping pong paddles, checker- boards and aluminum ash trays to military person- nel this year. Members of Mr. Ciriacv's vocational carpentry shop aided in this proiect. 123 Conservation, Fishing 8. Hunting Club S. 5 n. Y' wv"'!"!" n' vw. ggwgn XX ,M s W ff l - ' , , Saint: um f' emu is as menu FRONT ROW: Ball, Byers, Pontis, Cekoric, Mr. Blaney, Wadding, Taylor, Stewart, Mencer. SECOND ROW: Ley, Reinel, Reddick, Sintay, Pearson, D. Teleha, Carpenter, Trbovich, Popovnak. THIRD ROW: Zernich, Stamm, Bazemore, Whitehead, J. Teleha, Babish, Toth, Dudick, Popovich. FOURTH ROW: Neft, Marshall, Hockenberry, Estright, Maravich, Gentile, Hall, Belich, Durbin, Tisch. AB- SENTEES: Massoud, Brubaker, Robertson, McBride, Stacho, Franklin. Boasting one of the largest memberships among our high school organizations, the CF8iH Club provides activity for outdoor enthusiasts as well as indoor fun. Social func- tions for T957-58 included Halloween and Christmas parties at the Bucktails' Lodge, a banquet for parents of senior members and a picnic at Raccoon Creek State Park. the Club members sent Chrstmas gifts to children's ward of Aliquippa Hospital and distributed outdoor-safety literature to area schools. For outdoorsmen, the CF8-H club continu- N ed its stream improvement and watershed control on Big Traverse Creek, planted trees and constructed food and cover plots at Raccoon Park, box-trapped rabbits for the Pennsylvania Game Commission and Ali- quippa Bucktails, constructed and main- tained winter wildlife feeding shelters in the Aliquippa area. ,W Left: CHRISTMAS celebrcints at the CF 8. H nnrty held at the Bucktails include Bryan Wcdaing, Jean Reinel, Dorothy Teleha, Shirley Edwards, Barbara Stewart, Joan Sheeder. 124 Hunting Club Lawrence F. Blaney Sponsor Officers Pres. Vice President Cor. Secretary Asst. Cor. Sec. Rec. Sec. Asst. Rec, Sec. Treasurer Chaplin Asst. Chaplin Sgt.-at-Arms Class Secretaries Bryan Wadding Wayne Cekoric Judy Taylor Alicia De Joseph Patty Pontis Dorothy Teleha Leroy Byers Barbara Stewart RoAnn Smallwood John Teleha Karen Mencer Dorothy Teleha Barbara Bell Sarah Ley REPAIRING and servicing a lean-to type of feeding shelter near Golf Course Road are Tom Morgan, Ed Hankoski, Don Hockenberry, Jean Reinel, Dorothy Teleha, and Bryan Wadding. A U .f'4, 1 4 9: . 5' v io, XB' 1 . . ' -4' if r 'rmir ' KAN. .I N STREAM IMPROVEMENT at Traverse Creek in Raccoon State Park, one of the CF8-H Club's annual proiects, re- quires the services of Cleft? Larry Fadool lfrom topl Carl Wilson, Max Korpash, and Ten Conte BOX TRAPPING rabbits for the Pennsylvania Game Corn- mission in the Sheffield Terrace district are Wayne Cekoric, Jean Reinel, Bryan Wadding, and Dorothy Teleha. Varsity Club '35 7 S Sponsored by tne Coachcs of all varslty teams MAGAZINE sales to benefut the Varsxty Club sweaters fund are discussed by Mr Bonomx Lours Wagner and Mr Aschman Entitled to wear the A whnch slgnlfles thelr partlclpatlon ID the schools varsity athletrc programs Varsity Club members devote thelr efforts to fund rarsmg progects to purchase numerals letters and sweaters for graduates Soclals after home football games and the sole of magazrne subscrlptlons have anded the boys In reachung theur goal Student Council Pep Club and Cheerleaders helped the boys In their magazme sales thus year FRONT ROW Short Fedorchak Yanessa Dltka Evasovlch Ross Shaffer Waddmg SECOND ROW Calabrna Astornno Trsch Low .Juder Young Flowers Schllo THIRD ROW Klmbrough Josey Roma Cooney Shlvely Brown Lehman Gust L Marshall FOURTH ROW Wagner Sel lan Smith Moore Ceravola K Marshall Hredzak Scrutchlns Beluch 101 126 Leaders' Club 11 -fw- Mrs. Elizabeth Carver N Sponsor I 1 .I+ Offucers Pres Isabelle Caldarelll Vlce Presndent Martha Stacho Cor Secretary Patty Frank Rec Secretary Ruth McKenzie Treasurer Helen Blbby Sgt atArms Patty Monahan USING a new phonograph purchased by the Leaders Club are Pat Monahan Isabella Cald arelll and Mrs Carver Hot cocoa' Candy' Coffee' Leaders Club gurls may shout these words an theur sleep Thanks to thelr energetlc sponsor and theur own cooperative spirit the gurls kept two stadnum refreshment booths going during football season Other regular progects In cluded refereemg gurls athletlc contests for gym classes and the nntramural program The club s calendar also Included the annual fall play day for Beaver County schools a Christmas banquet a swlmmlng party at the Sewnckly Y and vlewlng the West Ger man gym team In Pnttsburgh The group purchased films on basketball and softball and a recordmg machnne for use during gym classes and at socual events FRONT ROW Stewart Blbby Stacho Caldarellu McKenzue P Frank Monahan Pontns SEC OND ROW Loyash Proctor Close J Frank Corsl Sylvestrl Batchelor Cont: THIRD ROW Mrs Carver Dydek Deloseph Leheny Fatur Hannan Kancel Bellocchl Gabor Wllllamson FOURTH ROW Donaldson Plerce Byers Pnmnols Robertson Thomas Lang Dukovch Moore alfnll X 1 1 1 , . . . 1 . . , . . , . 1 1 r ' 3 1 I 1 1 -1 I 1 - 1 1 I - ' : , 1 1 - 1 .1 .1 1 - I 1 1 I I I I I I -I I ' . ' 1 1 ' 1 1 ' ' '1 1 1 1 5 1 1 I ' I 2 2 :ff f f T' I " - . 1 l L t , Ll I I L' I 1 1 A o 'Z -F V Y C4 , . 4 U .. - I M 1 . 1 x L , - F 1 2 . W F -1 T " N ' .. 1 ' .. . . - 1 T' ' I - 1 A . ,, 1 if ' W 4 - I X 1 re ' . 1 I n I R l A, T , c " - , ' ,s . , 1 - - if if Q" ' - , 5, , ru s 1 T 1 I-' ' H- 1 Q' v ' 1 I ' K 1 , 1 1 I l' ' ,I N l L .- -. fm. 1' I Miss Jacqueline Woznicki Pep Club FIRST ROW: M. Morkovich, Leis, Starr, Hineman, Ley, Bryan, Ralich, Miss Woznicki, Ermi, Bufolini, B. Markovich, Benedict. SECOND ROW: Papovasiiis, Katcher, Deceder, Miller, Skeriotis, Corsi, Chabala, DiCicco, Delon, Fisher, McCormick, Ellis, Barnett, Gray, Barson. THIRD ROW: Mamula, Barr, Whalen, Mansuetti, Lampich, Batley, C. Mansuetti, Cooney, Dydak, S. Lechman, Neogabar, Dawson, Zanieski, Stolkovich, Fedorchak, Czarneski, C. Greco, P. Greco. FOURTH ROW: Weibal, Pillar, Maruski, Klanicki, lrvin, Zemkosky, Maravich, Hickman, Furich, Calaluca, Peros, Kroucako, Szedny, Williamson, Caldarelli, Welsh, Bowling, Anders, Shirk. FIFTH ROW: Mallinger, Matta, C. Lechman, Magestro, Morgan, D'Antonio, Trone, Bowden, Orsen, Yaklich, Reid, Gahagen, Manasterski, DiNardo, Wilkins, Adduci, Kreisberg, McDonald, Venanzi, Evascovich, Brubaker. Initiation of new members lincluding the first male studentslj started a busy year for the Pep Club. A weiner roast, Christmas dance, a bowling party, a spring banquet and a picnic at North Park rounded out the group's social calendar. Services to the school have included painting signs for all home football and basketball games, helping to plan and conduct pep assemblies, and instilling that ol' school spirit in the student body of Aliquippa High School. Office,-5 WELCOME SIGNS posted for home football and baske ball games require the services of C. Fedorchak, M. Stolkovich, A. Bryan J Ral ich, J. Evasovich, E. Kreisberg and J. DiNardo. President Joanne Ralich Vice President Linda Ermi Sec Treas, Amy Bryon Sgt at Arms Beverly Morkovich Parliamentarian Sara Ley Sponsor Quip Script an cali N151 SEATED: Steve Grahovac, Juanita Baldwin, Editor Judy Taylor, Linda Bellocchi. Standing: Evelyn Dukovich, Tod Belich, Alicia DeJoseph. Miss Jo Ann Cochran Adviser Keyhole of the school and vital reading matter for our entire school family and com- munity, the QUIP SCRIPT has appeared the third Wednesday of each month in the Beaver Valley TIMES Aliquippa area edition. FRONT ROW: Gregory, Gabor, Dixon, Taylor, Markovich, Whalen, SECOND ROW: Katchur, Fox, Shinn, B. Fatur, McKenzie, H. Fcitur, Byers. THIRD ROW: Belich, Doty, Lewis. As. 130 Gentile, Robertson, Howell, Eyes 8. Ears ofthe School .sf ri-if H., W V..-.....1:-....e"""""" . N 'ZZx....L,..s... hs, -- CARTOONIST Ted Belich ilefti with reporters Richard Leh- man, Judy Shinn and Gladys Robertson. Second year journalism students served as editorial assistants to Editor Judy Taylor, while students from the first year iournalism class and many volunteers from the student body make up the reporting staff. ln addition to accounts of club, class and intramural sports activities, the QUIP SCRIPT has featured a senior biographical sketch called "This is Your Life," timely cortocns by Ted Belich, special occasion features, Judy's crossword puzzles, "Letters to the Editor," some guest editorials, and who can forget Bob Doty's Christmas poem? EDITOR Judy Taylor talks with prom- ising sophomore reporters Bob Doty and Beverly Markovich. QU'PPlan Staff C7 .1 WOOD-0 Yearbook FRONT ROW Gregory Bellch Roma Hannon Papavasllls Lens Wagner Schllo SECOND ROW Stuff Katchur Rock Fatur Batchelor Fredlch Shark Taylor Dmello Markovlch Zernlch Editor In Chlef Busmess Manager Advertlsmg Manager Class Edltor Assistants Club Editor Asslstants Sports Edltor Asststant Girls Sports Edltor Fhotography Editor Assistant Art Edltor lypmg Editor Assistant to Bustness Manager Asststant to Advetlslng Manager Mtss Jo Ann Cochran Advlser STAFF Koula Papavasllls Sandy Hannon Robert Katchur Robert Roma Patrucla Rock Barbara Fatur Peggy Lens Marlene Markovlch Judy Taylor Louus Wagner Ted Zermch Martha Stacho Rrchard Schulo James Shnrk Tom Bellch Mary Gregory Joan Batchelor Charlene Dlnello V Adyerfising FRONT ROW: Batchelor Fredich Popovnak Katchur Dinello Markovich Taylor Erml Monohan Staff SECOND ROW: Gabor Gregory Papavasilis Hannon Leis Byers Crnkovich Courinos Rock 132 58 Helpers for Little Quip ,,...-A 4 1lu f: - L!-0 . .. X , BUSIDSSS FRONT ROW: Gregory, Rock, Fatur, Leis, Batchelor, Hannan, Markovich, Dinello, Papavasilis Sfqff SECOND ROW: Hineman, Merriman, Frank, Gabor, Crnkovich, Courinos, D'Agostino, Ermi, Dzuro THIRD ROW: Starr, Silvestri, Monohan, Pontis, Wiggins, Popovnak, Townsend, Bazemore, Thomp son. FOURTH ROW: Simone, Corsi, Benedict, Conti, Bires, Pearson, McKenzie, Ocholek, Wilyot Bibby. FIFTH ROW: J. Anderson, J. Anderson, Fredich, Baldwin, Arbutina, Santilli, DiNardo Kreisberg, Ralich, Adduci. ABSENTEE: E, Thompson. BUY THE QUIPPIANI was the sales pitch for Charlene Di- Nello, Bob Roma and Mary Gregory during the yearbook assembly. iPhoto at righti. WAITING FOR THE "NEWS" during the yearbook as- sembly are Ifrontb Barbara Fredich KI. to r.I James Shirk, Judy Taylor, Bob Katchur and Pat Rock. iPhoto beIow.J II! i "'1s- Q BA., f-Q -g.,l , Seldom silent, seldom slow. . . L '15 I -I 0 -J Q0 'U OO Q- gy- t o Q W? , al mfg lil- DON'T FORGET YOUR APRONS was a familiar reminder for James Norman, Dave Gnqrrq and Joe Polis when frosh industrial arts students had o taste of home economics training from Miss Delctt. IB. V. TIMES photol FIRST AID practice for senior girls An- gela Damiano, Pauline Ross, Sherry Reddick, Patty Rock, Judy Trbovich and Judy McLaughlin is supervised by Mrs. Uievich 'leftI, health instructor. I WIRING SOCKETS was part of the training when Irosh home economics students Lonna McKenzie, Lynda Evans and Janet Cofielcl studies under Mr. Adams of the industrial arts dept. IB. V, TIMES photo? LIBRARY AIDES Antoinette Buona and Flora Cox read "Seventeen" while Lin- da DeJoseph, Guy Casuccio and Betty Boring work on class proiects, 4 X that's the way our days go. i SENlOR TYPISTS complete QSSIQYIITIGHYS In Mrs Benedlcts slxYh perlod office produce class QUIET REIGNS In room 29 study hall here supervnsed by Mr Loschuczvc dur mg the thlrd period FRESHMAN history pupils prepare theur study guides for Mr Aschmon ix We've come NATIQNALI HONOR SOCIETY 5 I DAVE PROSSER 8g BARB WILLIAMSON were among I6 seniors inducted into the NHS. CB. V. TIMES photol. HI-Y HUSTLERS conducted a car-wash at the Duick service station. L. to r.: J. Kobaly, A. Pratt, L. Brubaker, T. Zer- nich, Mr. Adams, Mr. Duich, L. Mar- shall, F. Roccatani, R. Schilo. saw. to the end of our tri SPORTS APPRECIATION DAY resulted from meetings of Student Councils of Aliquippa and Ambridge. Quip prexy Ann Rossi, lfront row Ieftl and Am- bridge's Nick Fallieras, front row cen- ter, headed the meetings. lhv' 54", 44'-' 1.1 C F 81 H CLUB members presented gifts to the children at Aliquippa Hospital. Seated: Barbara Stewart. Standing: Leroy Byers, Bryan Wadding, Mr. Bla- ney, CFSKH sponsor, and Mrs, Freda Greer, cl'1ildren's ward service chair- man. ITIMES photol 136 SO 4' if -M . " 1 1 -11 X ,, -ly, .fx 4 f L 1 , l l fl xA 5 lf lf 2 ' s W 11' ' , -1'-' E . . 1, , tw .. f.,. W H 2 ' ., .ffri ,, ' 3' D I' ' '. 4 MAY QUEEN CANDIDATES ll. to r.J Monica Dzuro, Paiiy Rock, Elsie Venan- zi, Dolores Conepele, Sandy Hannan, Julia DiNardo, Linda Ermi, Helen Bib- by and Joan Ralich. ' ,-...4---!"" ' ..... ,,,.....- W3 it's au revoir from Little Quip ,,.. SAME PLACE, SAME FACES - lust add Those caps ond gowns! Diploma-bound seniors, pictured on stage and in The audience during The QUIPPAN assem- bly, know that before long tl1ey'll don cops and gowns for commencement ex- ercises in the auditorium. Acknowledgments Sheffield Studio Allqulppa Ntclc Ferrt photographer Steve Koletlch asslstant Goll Studlo Allqulppa Wtlluam Goll photographer Beaver Valley TIMES Beaver Pa PHOTOGRAPHY admlnlstratton faculty s wlors queens homerooms organtzatsons football basketball cross country Intramurals gurls atnlctlcs advertlsrng and can :ds T957 sprung sports trac golf vol leyball baseball credits where used PRINTING 8. BINDING COVERS Edwards Brothers Inc S K Smtth Company Ann Arbor Mclwtgan Chscago Illunols Jack Marshall representattv Ralph Benz representatlvc Our grateful thanlcs Io Geo ge Mergcs art cl pt read and Nrcl Cercone for and to Art Edttor Tom Bellch Mrs Bessle Benecllct and her ofllce practrce clas es for and In reproauc Ing ptcture 5 h dules ana Jnnouncements Admin strators faculty and student body for IOO percent cooperation I planning and carrylng out oJr acttvltles Townspeople nt rchants and area tnclustrues for helpnng us flnance our publtcatson 138 GI' I f , G , , f , x. . , I , T I I 1 "Y kr I ' , . 1 , . , , . . , I , . - G , , - , A , . . . M , . ,A I , L . - , X , . . . . h , . , . I I . D ' . . ,k , ,, , y . c .. , I IT ' I 1 -- , . ' 1 D . . . , s- , Patrons And Advertising Th foffovxmjg ,mga Cm y fha Homes of Commumff rom In ofvm rg nc ll7ClUSffi'3S fvhobe IH v ub cron 139 l . 5 f f 1 f xl 5' 1 V X poi , buss fs: e 1 cz l ' , ' ' ' v feresf fr' ou yforbook img prompted ffwafr Confr- faurorm, ro: fsrci is :J f: , Community Patrons MR JAMES H DANTONIO MR AND MRS JAMES GREGORY MR AND MRS GEORGE MANOLOVICH MISS ANNA MILLER MR AND MRS NICK URAM MR JOSEPH PUKACH MRS LILLIAN MIHALIK HELEN SZELIST MR AND MRS MICHAEL BOBANIC MRS LOUISE H COLLINS BUZZY TATALOVICH FRED FERRI AND FAMILY MR AND MRS MORRIS KLEIN MISS ALICE LEIS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS RAYMOND AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS AND MRS ROBERT McCALLISTER DONALD G FLEMING SOL KREISBERG P HINEMAN MATT FATUR SAM CASTRONOVO GEORGE COURINOS STEVE LIPECKY JOHN RANICS ROBERT MANCINI MR AND MRS ALFRED SURGALSKI . . . MR. . MR. . . . . MR. . . MR. . . MR. . MR. . . . MR. . . . MR. . MR. . MR. DR. AND MRS. JOHN L. MILLER , , MR. MR. . MR. . . , h G MR. ' MR. . . . MR. . . , , MR. . , . MR. . , , , 0 MIKE DZVONAR AND MRS JERRY MONTINI MISS CAROLINE H THEL AND MRS STANLEY C BROBECK ALDO BONOMI AND AND AND AND MRS MRS MRS MRS FRED MAMULA J M WAGNER CARL A ASCHMAN SAMUEL FAUSOLD DOMENIC CARIFO MR MIKE DITKA JR MR AND MRS JOSEPH SELLARI 'I4 MICHAEL ZAPOTOCKY ANDREW ZAPOTOCKY MISS HELEN FATUR MR AND MRS ROBERT C EDWARDS MISS BELLE ADAMS MASTER MARC FERRI MR AND MRS ROMEO CALDARELLI MR AND MRS JOHN N PAPAVASILIS MR AND MRS SYLVESTERJ GRECO MISS KOULA POULIS MR AND MRS MIKE GREGORAKIS MR AND MRS J A LEIS Communuty Patrons MISS LOUISE WEICH MISS JUDY MERRIMAN MR STANLEY GOLIXER MR AND MRS MIKE POPOVNAK MR AND MRS CHARLES HANNAN MRS JULIA MCKENZIE MRS IRENE ALLEN MR AND MRS MIKE RALICH MR AND MRS JOSEPH DAGOSTINO MR AND MRS LLOYD SHIRK AND AND AND AND MRS MRS MRS MRS VINCENZO AND MRS AND MRS ANTHONY MONTINI OLIVER GRIFF WILLIAM GLASS WILLIAM BIBBY MASTELLINO JAMES WATTERS WILLIAM ESTRIGHT AND MRS ANTHONY SUHAYDA MRS EVA CRNKOVICH AND MRS W E LEEPER a . - MR. . MR. . ' . MR. . . , MR. . . . MR. . MR. . . MR. . - - MR. . . . MR. . . . MR. WAYNE CEKORIC MR. AND MRS. PAUL BIELICH . MR. . . MR. . . MR. . . MR. . . . . . MR. . 'I4'I MISS DOROTHY STOKEN MRS M R ROBERTSON MRS BERTHA STACHO MRS PHILIP STEWART MISS BARBARA HORTON MR AND MRS RAY J TAYLOR MR AND MRS GEORGE SCHILO MISS JANE HOUSTON MR J HARVARD MRS MATILDA ROMA DELIO L MORELLI MR ANGELO ROMA MRS ANNA ROCK MR AND MRS NICK ROCK MRS FRANCES HINEMAN MR STEVE RAK MISS LOIS DYER MR AND MRS PETER BELICH MRS LAURA GUILIANI MR GEORGE MARKOVICH MARY MARKOVICH BLANCHE MR AND AND AND AND AND AND ERMI MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS LOUIS ERMI JOHN MARKOVICH STEPHEN KATCHUR JOE MARUSKI W R PAINE MELVIN ACKLIN VOGUE LINGERIE SHOP ALIOUIPPA SPORT SHOP 2120 Sheffield Road Le? Vogue Florter Your Figure PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER 44-I FRANKLIN AVENUE eryII1 ng n Sporfs W lson Sporf ng Goods Schw n B cycles Jackefs Sweaters F shmg Hun! ng Equ pmeni ALIQUIPPA Allqulppa ESsex 5 4731 Complnments of CLI GEM JEWELERS BROS 409 Franklin Ave ESsex 5 SIOO Allqulppa Pa SPECIAL PRICES ON ALL GRADUATION GIFTS 475 Franklin Avenue Allqulppa I- Compliments of We feature nafnonolly advertised brands In suPERloR MEATS Dresses CooTs Suns Accessories 488 Franklzn Avenue Ahqulppa 427 FRANKLIN AVENUE ALIQUIPPA PA Better Meats For Less 'I42 H . ,, EV ii ii I - i o . Men's Wear A 'I 1' I I I ' - - ,PCL cy P ' s I 4 7 I- I I ' ' ' ,PQ ,IN W 4' 7 I . N Inf 'K--. XX The best IS sate with steel on duty Slfe shtpment of 1 product depends on the shtppxng eonmmer l-or certnn products only Steel Drums or Puls ean proude adequate protection ease ol' h1ndlmg md LOHXCUICHCC of storing Jones 8. L lughllfl Steel Drums .ind P.uls gu ird dgdlfhl dlmlLC md loss ln handling .ind stormg of produets llke hose mxde by the oll ehem1e.1l punt food md drug lndustrles O Jones 8. Laughlm STEEL CORPORATION PITTSBURGH Pacltaglng enmneers desnzners md produetlon mm lgement ID those mdustrnes know that J8.L Steel Drums And colorful decoratrons on J8.L Drums md l I dress up thelr produets m ilse s iles e lsler Depend able quality Jones 84 L tuehlm Steel e lretullw fibrlcated ln J8.L Contuner Dmslon Plmts issures consistent perform inee from J8.L Steel Drums md P uls S'I'EEl 1' , 4 X ex K x I l A t - , Q- . , ff ,t mf' M- ,L - I I-I : J ' 1 1 3 3 ' ' f ' Q ' 'QQ e ',: " 1 - m s. De 1. A' ,A is . N. ,I Y ' " ' 1 ' . 1: 1 ' and Puilsure safe and sound packages. 4 ' ' ' S ' . ' ' J ' , 1 'uis 1131 ' 'f' O ' 1 " 13' -' U' A 1 ',e 1' , 1 1 " ' ' 1' x 1 .--af. U' 5- ' X. -' 1 1 -1 V um pl 1',-I Pecoraro Aulo Body Free Esnmafes Auto Bod and palnfung speclalusts Radiator SCVVIC9 Auto Wreckers Late Model new 81 used parts Auto Towlng 24 hr Tovvlng Next To Green Garden Theater ESsex 5 9750 Io Dees Sunoco 1400 Sheffield Rd ES 5 9901 ALIQUIPPA PA THE BIGGEST LITTLE IN TOWN I G C Murphy Company THE FRIENDLY STORE 460 FRANKLIN AVENUE 144 Stoffs Mens Wear Allquuppa S Newest Men S Store Where Fashions Start l 482 Franklin Avenue ALIQUIPPA, PA. ESsex 5 254I ,b Y O I 'Y I . o . SERVICE STATION O Y I o Complimenfs of FINEST IN APPLIANCES S+eve'S Soda Grill TV - FURNITURE ALIQUIPPA. PA. ES 5 6592 556 Franklin Avenue ALIQUIPPA 345 351 Franklin Ave We Sefve +0 "'e"Se 2132 Sheffield Rd 5- QE EF' Q Q-I aw' gr-uM""'f WIN 'Sui'-15,1-vfmfise-W ,J-w"" ,ph A me iii STOVER CANDIES ES 5 9021 Besi' Shane HOFFMAN S Y SHOE SHINE onus srons PAR'-QR Smce 1921 Candy Clgarefies Tobacco KODAKS 13? Franklin Avenue '4 ALIQUIPPA Wilson Furmfure Co Anoiher Name For Good Furmfure Allqulppa Ambrldqc ES 5 7736 C0 6 3506 The Sfore for Personal Servzce Modern Efflcrenf Service YOUNG DRUG CO Prescrlphons Our Specualfy 512 Franklm Avenue ALIQUIPPA W7 Ernie's Sfeak House 143 FRANKLIN AVENUE gg FISH I Ruffner 8: Moore Real Esfafe Insurance ii' ESTABLISHED 1909 6 384 FRANKLIN AVE. ALIQUIPPA, PA. Q I If J 3 lr 3 TL, A E . I A1 5: -'sig B. V. CASH MARKET Imported and Domestic Groceries 8. Meats - Fruits 81 Vegetables Home-Owned - Home-Operated 65l FRANKLIN AVENUE ESsex 5 6637 Phones ESsex 5 6638 Since 7929 SUTTON CASH STATIONS Still Saving You Money 0 LOCATIONS: l5l4 Slweftield Road, Aliquippa, Pa. l6O Hopewell Avenue Alnquippa P Riverside Drive West Bridgewater 20th Street Sheftield Road Aliquippa JACKSON S SHOE STORE Better Be Good ESsex 5 2019 Aliqulppci 374 FRANKLIN AVENUE FUN lts fun to play in your school band lts fun to sing that too is grand But dont forget its fun to dream And fun to eat 1.-,Oddly Sheffield Drive in Drugstore Onald l'lCrdrng Rpgist r l Plc Hove Your Doctor Call Us For Your Next PRESCRIPTION Miller 8. Sons Chevrolet 21st and Sheffield Road Auouippfx PA ESsex 5 3531 GK Used Cm Essex 5 7731 T4 , ' ' , Gt I Q 1 -1 - ' ' , Pa. O Corner Mill 81 Brodlwead Rd., Aliquippa, Pa. T. D 1 ' 5, F" GDC Wll'lT'UCl5+ 7 NEW LOCATION BENEDICT PRINT SHOP 2008 Sheffield Road ALIQUIPPA PA ES 5 7050 ri C 81 L SUPER MARKET Your Friends 5 Neighbors in Their Bigger G Beffer Sfore ! 1100 Broadhead Road Aliquippa, Pa. 148 1 4 ' . - - - . M 'Av .Vg i- ,A K K ri, IW,Ax.e: ful. K-M41 ,IQ -f , 'f . mg,-fp H j 4 Qt' ,Q . . , . me 5 Q ., 4 of . Q f"2.:k wi" A 4' ,I Ep ,A gr I , g COMPLIMENTS OF UNITED STEELWORKERS OF AMERICA Local Umon No 1211 ALIQUIPPA PA W :Zi iw, gp I"'TN -- in 1,3-J I-I 4 Qin 4' N hi an-all EXECUTIVE BOARD OFFICERS DAVID qoqvey JoHNs ANTHONY VLADOVICH Frnancral Secretary Presrdenf BRONKO MRAVIC Recordrng Secretary FRANK YACCOPINO STEVE THOMAS Treasurer Vrce Presrdenf 'I4 , . .,, I A 15 , ' "" -I " u I I I 1 m SeA e A if ' ' ,' TI J :,. I E " xml: : im I I- ,Im 'If 2 I , I5 I I ' III In i 'I -nIf. 'I , .y ' W I 'I W X ':2I 4-.11 mx Iff A ' If 5 I 4 ' If 2'-I I .I.., If 5 W 7 5 1, 7 , W. -A T5 A -'--1, I "f' . 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Suggestions in the Aliquippa High School - Quippian Yearbook (Aliquippa, PA) collection:

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