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I fi ' 1 I sf gs!-xx Q L 5 Z ff' ff. . f X XXX Xxx f-:vHN ! f' J MM QWMNA 5 XL., W-N S VN? 'Q X 4 f. .lgvg 3 PRESENT THE QWW ALIQUIPPA HIGH SCHOGL !Xl1qL1opc1 Pe- lr ,11 1 9 4 9 W ,QRS ,Qv X 'N Qffxwx .N j wx f ,415 f K FILM- . 'A X , Xv5XXXxxxv X , 4 Xxx X ,QM A mg Y- ,' A , es Ea? If is N pr: 1 2 E X s H - 0 M X - , V - r . xx Q N N xx H K 'Fgtlkff 5, h E' XX H 1' - 2 'Q 4 E1 A " :Mm X9 wma -W f' 1-E o N- , E i 4 Q- 9171 'fi' ' A xiii 'Q , - 2, , ,1 2 N' 'SX N 4- w ' 1 -K , I N ' x Q Qlp, X - IO AM ' X L E ' 57' 'Z F H I N' . EX ,ivy . :Ah -- ,h ' nl X ,fs L' Q qxbl It 'AX J 1 X -In .- ' 1. 1 I , 1,1 s ilyk " s I' 'NL ,ffnltq X Q If xi j F 3 wa OA My ' We lecfacale Dear Mom and Dad A strange thma has happened to me It has come over me slowly but now 1t has a frrm hold on my lrfe At last I have awakened from the dream of chrldhood I have reached the threshold of Llfe ltself and I see Llfe s hand be konma to me and challenqrnq me I have rust bequn to see the lrqht to fathom and comprehend the meanmq of the trme and effort that have been bestowed upon me I have been blrnd for so many years never eelnq the sacnftc tears and toll all qrven for my welfare and belnq But Nature has been krnd to me She has removed thls mask of youth and now I look about as does a blrndman upon recoverrnq hrs srqht frndrnq Joy and meanrnq rn the thrnqs I have so often overlooked And the love that I now feel for you my parents conveys a new meanlnq a meantna of rmmea ureable thanks Thus I dedrcate thrs book to you my parents whose dedrcatron to me I have come to realrze and appre rate For me th1s serves only as a meager bejunnrng a begmmnq of a new klnd of expressron of my qratl tude and thankfulness for all you have done for me It has been you my parents who have rnsttlled the sp1r1t and rnsprratlon that I shall need to meet the responsrbrlrtres and burdens whrch w1ll be thrust upon me durrna lrfe s Journey And rt has been you wno have warned me about the prtfalls alonq the way and advrsed me wrth the wrsdom of experrence so that I rmqht not repeat your mrstakes All thrs your love and auldance whrch I have taken for granted has now become a Splfll that I cherrsh In dedrcatrnq thrs book I dedrcate my lxfe to makmq myself worthy of your devotron You must feel some Joy and prlde from my achteve ments for success to me IS contrnqent upon that All I am or ever w1ll be I owe to you I only hope I can ao on from here and really make you proud of me I feel ready now to take my place rn the world Thanks aqam Mom and Dad Your chlld O I . , - 1 . 1 . . . N, . 1 G I Q 1 -1 V 1 1 , . 1 1 1 S 1 1 , h . . f X, . e I , ' . . , , . . . 1 , , - . I I . Y , . . . . , , . , . 7a Um Paaenu Wei? Devil within the hearts of arlrlzinixlmlors and Kflllllfllfi alike arf thx' 111f11mrie.v of flmsr we haw rfspfcffrl and e11j11yrd. Il? fmiise fo fray rrilnztr to ll zvffll-,l'11o11'11 adllzizzixtrator and turn A'flldf'Ill.Y zclmxf loss 'wr' luzw ffl! rlfrply. Tlieir 111e111orifs will forfwr rrfmrzin ll par! of ours. Though our loss is II gain in mmtlzzfr zmrlfl, 101' mn rmly wo ll rl er-uv h 3' .4 MR LOUIS A SMITH 1889 1948 Born 1n nearby New Brrghton Mr Srnlth be ame a res1dent of Woodlawn now Ahqulppa 1n 1916 He was elected a member of the School Board rn 1922 and served as a D1re tor unt11 1937 Elected Secretary of the Board rn 1931 he served 1n that capaclty unt1l h1s death marlcxng a perlod of twenty srx years of consc1ent1ous and ta1thtul ervl e HIS was a record of perfect attendan e at School Board rneetlngs durlng the enttre perlod of hls rnernbershxp A graduate ol Ohlo State Unrverslty as a Ceranncs Engmeer he was Chlef Cerarmcs Engmeer for the Iones 61 Laughhn Steel Corporat1on at tlne trrne of h1s death Also a d1rector of the Prov1dence Hospltal Beaver Falls Pres1dent of the Beaver County Crlppled Chlldrens Cl1n1c and act1ve ln the prornotlon of a Therapeutrc Center rn Beaver County h1S church the Boy Scouts and em ployrnent orgaruzatlons Mr Srmth was one who gave generously of hls tlme energy and Gb11l1Y . . . H . 1 ' V 1 , . N., . , I - . . . Q . A , P -. C . C w . . . . . . 1 A 1 1 . . 1 . . . . . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 , . NAOMI ANDERSON 1928 1948 Her qulet personahty and genume frrendll ness endeared Naomr to many who w1ll re member her as one who would have graduated wrth the present Semor Class A student rn the Home Econom1cs course before leavrng school she followed eagerly the GCl1V1l19S of her class and school desp1te her rllness The members of the Senlor Class feel deeply the loss of one whom they had grown to love as a schoolmate and frrend 1932 l948 A member of the Iumor Class at the t1me of h1s death Iuno s was an engagmg personalrty and energentlc sp1r1t HIS honorable part1c1pat1on 1n the Acad em1c course of study, basketball ba eball and other outdoor sports w1ll forever remam a part of h1s memory upheld by h1s schoolmates and frrends lUNO DAVID ROMA - J fi ff F X X2 S ii At the helm ot our system are compel ent men We oi the school place our iaith in them Through these years have they been our guiae And with us their teachings will al ways abide CLASSES meant more than Just work and Dlgy For we knew they held the key to a future day And as we went with a seemingly care tree mind Each year was a Jewel cut precious and fine f-X FT 'ff' f ,sr j 47 X D G' X by le lf gw Z 0 x,,"o lh xfiky f Xxx. -A If ffjffli f Jaw 1 X -..if fwfr fr ff Jawa! These are the days oi '49. ln 18 it was qold they had on their mind. In l9 we rushed, though not for goldf But wait, read on, and see our story told. There's our school up on the hill. 'Tain't nothing at all like Sutter's Mill. But come with us and look inside, And let this book be your only guide E Housing marches hoarse cheers tense moments full of fears Stadium lights with crowds below as onward we went to battle the foe To our ATHLETICS we give a great hoo ra For we know we have gained in all win lo e or draw C 11. Ll XX ,ff , f , Q Q . - , If X . T X t, 'L I Eflu K l h I 'IZ' Q5 . I I Q X l , A 1 X 4 if N Ei 'Nxt lif if , rw ' - J 1 X I f T l . , f -1 I ,, L 4 Q, J I . . . 5 Q K W l"f-. I . Hg-' L 'rj y L, 4. T - . if X 4035- h, f . . 0 ' Q G VI I K b X ' , s , . I fi? Vw" tk j i f 'f 1 WT? it A f .. f f f .e s H f T ff. f c, e:'f r ,.RX- ,Y ij' - l- Ax ,-Q cf! t 1 uc, , f""' , ' f' 'E' aazqfvm For ORGANIZATIONS we were on the run Cause what ts school wrthout some fun? Partres Proms Soclals and such The e are the rare trmes that meant so much But Worx had a part IH our club hte too In ACIIVITIES ervr e was our cue Mee rnas were held and worc wa done And as we went on tre worlc be ame un i xox In these days of 49 When weve reached the end ot our chrnb We look back on the years so swlftly pas ed Not really gone but rneant to last Donald Poland Paul I-Iurley xl Nm ts IQ 7 W1 3 ,g -iz, ? Ni 'lm ff ,fr 'fwrflfin L 1 Q gdrvm I Wy Aitgizm orowded halls and r1nq1nq bells Shouted areetmqs and mlnqled yells After school meetxnqs and makeup tests Asslqnments qalore but never a rest Thls was SCHOOL LIFE for four short years Now we are taklnq our rnernones and leavrnq our tears fx' me NK Lbcjfm l M ull we lx -tw! W Ii' W 1 'W' X , mgglb 'W WP .L":. I ISR nf It SSS mia ,fx X WY .xi .... P3 LL ff: " 4 LII 32 At the helm of our sykie Il are Comp eteht heh We O' t me school place our falth m them Through the e years have they been our qu1de And Wlth us then te TPIIIHQS wlll always cxblde 'VLA X ' Q I 1 r , S , I . r , , , YQ f 'livfii A 'fe-' iii X5 'V 6 fr fy 11 1 4 v Q Al S' x Hilde Seated left to rrqht R N Keyser I K Buchanan Georqe F Tovey Dr L N Colonna Presrdent Harold E Cram Sohcrtor Standmq L M Wllson Dr H I Gold I T Bradford V1rq1lM Gray E W Devrtt Secretary Not presert A I Lels Treasurer Board of Educahon The Board of Educatron headed by Dr L N Colonna formulates the pol1c1es and oversees the act1v1t1es of the school d1str1ct In prov1d1nq bu1ld lngs teachers and supplres to the d1SlI1Cl rt has a year round Job The board conslsts of even professronal and bustness men elected for terms of two to srx years and three appomtees secretary treasurer and sollcrtor Durlna the past school year rnernbers of the Board as Well as the entrre school and communlty felt deeply the loss of Board Secretary Mr Louts A Smlth Mr Srnrth s twenty s1x years of perfect attendance at meetlnqs was an attarnrnent as honorable as the equally farthful servlce he had shown ln all h1s assoclatrons , . . . , , . , M , ' . S 1 -1 1 1 ' 1 V 1 1 1 ' ' . . 1 - 1 I O O Supenntendent two Mr Wrlson s task as Superrntendent 15 told Besrdes headrnq the educatlonal proqram he manages all of the busrness affa1rs and IS onsrble for many of the rmprove therefore resp nts ot our school system H19 Asslstant Superintendent Mr errntendent ondary educatron ad as the co ord1nator of sec dardrzed tests 1n our school Dunqan our Asslstant Sup m1n1 ters all stan H rr are e system Qt spe ral rnterest to 1 d Junror hrqh school ara es G43 C0-lftpezehj 01644 Pnnclpcxl The dutles ot Mr Crawford Prrncrpal of our hlqh school rnvolve student aurdance the records and enrollment ot the student body and parent student drscrplrnary problems Also rn the hands of our Pr1nc1pal IS the task of con ter schedule structma an d balancrnq the mas Assistant Pnnclpal As Assrstant Prmclpal Mr Marley rs re sponslble for the dlscrplxmnq of students mak ule of classes and obtarmnq substr xnq sched tute teachers when ne essary We aaa fallffz in lfzem ENGLISH Miss Caroline Thel "And what is so rare as a day in Iune . . Yes, whether it's memorization, grammar, literature, themes, book reports, book club subscriptions, and a host of other duties, it all comes under the English department. The English office buzzes with constant activity and affords ample proof of the efficiency of its more than qualified department head, Miss Thel. HISTGRY CS GEOGRAPHY Mr. Clifford Smith In history and geography classes we learn of and come to appreciate the won- derful heritage which is ours. From free discussion and exchange of our ideas, we weigh and consider the possibilities of the future. Inspiring us to become useful citi- zens is Mr. Clifford Smith, head of the de- partment, who is well known throughout the district for his participation in civic affairs. ENGLISH SeatedAleft to right: Miss Ccchran, Mrs. George, Miss Thel. Standing-Mrs. Long, Mrs. Hoover, Mrs. Weitzel, Miss Small- wood, Mrs. Marsden, Miss Adams. COMMERCIAL Mr. Dale Robinson A large percentage of Aliquippa High students are enrolled in either the clerical or stenographic divisions of the commer- cial course. Courses offering instruction in typing, shorthand, office practice, busi- ness law and organization, and book- keeping prepare students for future office work. This department also assists in the publication of the school newspaper, the QUIP SCRIPT. SCIENCE Mr. Francis W. Marley The interesting field of science is made even more so through the efforts of Mr. Marley and his assistant, Mr. Tatalovich. As a part of their visual education pro- gram, the department has increased its use of classroom films. Everything from Pascals Law to the Ionization Theory is covered thoroughly by this department in general science, biology, physics, and chemistry classes. HISTORY 6- GEOGRAPHY Seated -HI. to r.: Mrs, Edwards, Mr. Blaney, Mrs. Coulter Standing Mr. Smith, Mr. Kuvinka, Mr. Aschman, Mr Gar ing. , k A I 1 ,J Qmmz . ,fix X Q, ' I ef f ff 5 ""?l- "" 'uv' 39" ww 3' J Q 45.3 i yzs X f Q+,fsf?' a Q - - W . A .f F , W A . Q- is Y' aff - f? . 1 ,..,,,,-, 'i ', xav- , - 3 ll ' ' A ' : ' A fly ., if f W 4 , ' Y' ik Avfxtsi- . Q 4' . E W 4 ' Ts . ,Wg 'i . if 1 fi ,. if! 0. ' W I.. .4 li gl. 5 'vu V I v ' l . . -3 a X f- . K., I 'Q ' Y x.-ix -max :- xx' f"55r , 74447 haue dean aaa qmkie INDUSTRIAL RELATED Mr. Edwin French Courses in English, history, related mathe- matics, science, and drawing are also a part of the industrial students study. In their re- spective order, these subiects are taught by Mrs. Fleming, Mr. Biechler, Mr. Brittain, Mr. Brobeclc, and Mr. Petty. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Additional shop instruction is offered to students not enrolled in the Industrial depart- ment. These courses range from two periods per week to ten periods depending on the stu- dents course. Mr. Crawford heads instruction in mechanical drawing. HEALTH 6- PHYSICAL EDUCATION Lett tc rgghi: Mr. Milancvirh Mrs. Carver Miss TCLCH Mr. lcnes. HEALTH ci PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Sam Milanovich Mr. Roger Iones Essential to a growing mind is a healthy body. Thus in "gym" classes we are schooled in the proper manner of exercise and a realiza- tion of its importance. In health classes we are taught the im- portance and necessity of practicing good health habits and hygiene. Senior classes also carry a complete first-aid course. SPECIAL TEACHERS Safe Driving, a new-comer to the school curriculum, is handled jointly by Mr. Uram and Mr. Battles. After school and evening Safe Driving instruction is provided for towns-people with both the classroom and in-the-car instruc- tion. Mrs. Iessie B. Kirk, our librarian, in addi- tion to managing one of the most modern school libraries in Western Pennsylvania, instructs ninth graders in the use of the library. Mrs. A. G. Martin, our guidance director, helps students select the courses for which they are best suited. College-seeking seniors great- ly appreciate Mrs. Martins advice and inform- ation relative to higher education. SPECIAL TEACHERS Lift tc right: Mr. Battlas, Mrs. Martin, Mrs, Kirk, Mr. Uram. 7fzeia leacfzinqi will alwaqfi ala' e IUNIOR HIGH FACULTY The tremendous task of teaching seventh and eighth graders and preparing them for high school work and responsibilities falls to special teachers whose duties are confined to this group of students alone. This is the first time in the history of A. H. S. that seventh graders have entered the portals of the senior high school. MEDICAL STAFF A well-equipped clinic is maintained for student emergency use here in the high school. Its staff is composed of Dr. McMillin, Dr. Miller, Mrs. Walsh, and Mrs. I-Iellein while Mrs. Hanks serves as fulletime secretary. In administer- ing periodical physical and dental check-ups including innoculations and X-rays, the staff is kept occupied the entire school year. IUNICR HIGH FACULTY Seated--left to right: Mrs. Lalqccco, Mrs. ownscn, Mrs. Williams. Standing--Mr. Fausold, Mr, Carito, GENERAL OFFICE Though not as well known to the higl. school student body, the general office is the co- ordinating office for the school district. In ad- dition to this work, the business office handles all accounts for organizations and houses the Superintendents and Assistant Superintend- ent's offices and board rooms. From handling telephone calls to computing teachers' salaries the staff is indeed a busy one. PRINCIPALS OFFICE After a student has been at A. H. S. for a while, he soon learns what it is that makes the school tick. Yes, Marshall and Vicki are to the school as a main spring is to the delicate mechanism of a watch. If you don't know something or want anything, sky hook, crib, cyclotron, stapling machine, just see Marshall or Vicki, and you will go on your way com- pletely satisfied. Recipients of everything from daily announcements to supply orders, theirs is the friendly atmosphere known and appre' ciated by all. On behalf of the student body and faculty, we send our best wishes to Mrs. Adams, who has recently resigned, and welcome Miss Zork- ovich to her position as Mr. Crawford's secre- tary. MEDICAL STAFF Left tc right: Mrs, Walsh, Mrs. Hellein Dr. Miller. Bick to camera- Mrs. Hanks. GENERA OFFICE Left to rlqht M1 s Zobraclc Mr B ban1c M Garwood MISS l-lolpp MISS M1llcr MISS Dewlnrst M1ss Horvat ATTENDANCE OFFICE Regular attendance IS an essent1al factor rn procurrnq a sound educat1on Mr Shrrlc head of th1s department sees that cons1s ent attendance IS rnarntalned He 1S by ne QQSIIY somewhat of a hand Wr1t1nq expert as several absentee can well test1ty Mr Shlrlc IS ably as 1sted by Ioseph1ne Zorkovlch IANITORIAL STAFF Early rnorn1nq snow and who s to sweeo rt away? The Ianltonal statt ot course Ch1lly roorns bulqrnq wastebaskets lunch room clean ups all ot these tall to those men and women who keep our bu1ld1nq look1nq br1qht on even the drear1e t days Though camera shy the1r less Jobs most apore 1ated PQIINCI ALS OFFICE I. t More lv'1ller ana a lc1e LGWIS are among many Ind thc r quesnons answered hy Mr D l Gre and I' s Adarrs ATTENDANCE OFFICE ll 3 rr anl Mlss Z rl: JI ln ponder the da1ly a sen ees 1 L ' 1 'S ' , 1 , 1 ', rs. .. 3 l . . I I S' I I . laces are well-known to all of us and their une e t: 1 1 ' I c ' 1 wh: '1 -1 ' . ., , e co " Y ' Y flr. R112 ,: o .c' C 1, . , b t CLAbSES meant more than 1ust Work and play For we knew tt ey held the key to a future day And as we went mth a seetnmqly care tree nund E tt year was a 1ewe1 cut pre tous and ftne 5 SUBJECY K CLASS QQ 14-qw, A -KJKMG.. 'wxxxk ug w Q4 -LL xklq ' by 4 ,iq 0 Y-vs. Ak, 14, A4- 4-+A. M-J !.a. -A.. -L.. v I---.S....4-.... P '00 asa PUWYQ fy N Cl ASSFS v Q. - ,L L a my L ,' , ,J ' IW f LY ER' M.-U, ' ,. . m, Y , wma, -... f 9 x I L - , ' , 7fV1' H,, -, 5 , e f f , Q f 1 5 . 1 g ' . 5 - ' ' 4,,,,x ll Vu M AM, i I 2 . I A ,A ., ,W nw. ,, , 1 , ,A , . L . 3 E Lt 3 . 3' A ,Ah 'MW-1 - 1.5 l .f " I J - 52 ' ' S 1 . . '- ' ' - Y L- . W '.f3-:mmf K' " A .emu Sf: Q W ' Slit" KT 'hw 1. V' ' A 'f V V X Q :Q Nm Q f, Y :rin ? ', '54 'u 5:13 . . 0, 1.6 J 4 , , S-"V Vi'b..w Uh: ' ,fx-Q., -.AMT f '.'. ' , 1-H. ' ' , 1-.xi ALA ., ', Q I' - ' N, '!.f, a. if nf A --QMF X 1-+"'XM SM I i 'its KA AMNL ' - ,fc nah " V Q .KA it w M x , , , r .A , V .4 .ltd V' a,fLw1g, , .. 'Y M . I ffpsu f-vm x f W i 4 U ' 3' 1,4.,l,,x-A.,-..'Y 4.1.1, , 5, ,M ' f G 1 . lu Q. ,Lu k-"1-.' , ' 4 ' fx f -' M- 2 1.1: -14 3.2 - -x - .4 4' ' - y.z,,1, -4 , 'Q . . K qi ,,g' 7 1,'f,..,T?" . 1 A, . A ' " ' 4 , ' F 4 fx' - W r31 1 ,".Q. .Y-Q' , ,iz 1 k.f,.A:,1x 'A in ' A bn ,mf ,J J 4 ., . . - A , V f J , .--. 1. W 1 3 ' wa K , , I , gg: V f Y 1 ,Q . 1 ,, , M' , ,, J A 5+ f 1 .ss ,M A E 5 ,V , . , -Q ' "U ' 13 A . - 3 . . . 1 , x 4-A ,,- wwf- ...-""'L'--G--A ew of amz., Nm Yes we thought 1t wont be long now unttl we ll be marchlng to the fam1l1ar stralns of Pomp and Ctrcurnstance Graduatlon day was draw1ng near and to most of us 1t would be a day we had long OWG1 ed A day that could never be forgotten As the t1me drew near we took a prlvllege dear to the heart of eve y semor and rem1n1sced lt seems such a short t1me ago that we entered A H S as very much bewtldered Freshmen but nevertheless we felt our class the most rmportant 1n the world For several weeks we pondered over teachers names and roorn numbers schedules up and down stalrs etc but 1t wasnt long unt1l we conquered these obstacles and were able to enter our Sopho more year wxth that grand feehng of secur1ty Although we st1ll studled hard dur1ng the week our thoughts over the week end drrfted towards the soclal world We began to Joln extra curr1 ular GCl1V1l19S to attend soc1als and some of us were lucky enough to go to the May Prom Also unhke any other class we held a 1o1nt meet1ng of the Ianuary and Iune clas es ele ted Olf1C9IS and began the collec t1on of dues Try1ng hard to keep our studles and soclal l1fe balanced we found ourselves one step hlgher we were Iunlors A new group of offr ers were ele ted and we all worked hard plannlng SOC1GlS and sell1ng A H S penclls and stattonery And our efforts were well re warded the evenlng of November f1rst when we danced to the dreamy muslc of Al Legge s orchestra at our Iunror Prom The Showboat Flnally the year arr1ved when we were all looked up to our Senlor year Once agam able leaders were ele ted to gurde us throughthe 1mportant year Work was begun on our OUIPPIAN A large percentage of our class was honored by mductlon 1nto the Natronal Honor SOC1elY Then came the date wh1 h w1ll probably hold a h1gh pos1t1on among our mem orles Yes Ianuary frfteenth was tl'e date chosen for that gala event Wlnter Enchantment -our Senlor Prom A few days after the Prom the Ianuary graduates b1d adleu to the school and to the Iune Class as they marched away w1th mlsty eyes toward commencement and a new world The rest of our class prcked up the1r books to begln the1r last semester These last four months were a flurry of a l1V1l19S sentor partles soc1als club work f1n 1sh1ng the yearbook and thousand ltttle dutres whlch come to every Semor A few more of our class entered the N H S the teachers gave aone act play for the QUIPPIAN and our Masque and Dagger Club drd the three act All My Sons But the tnevltable day came The beautrful strams of Pomp and Clrcumstance called us to come and take our places 1U the World Wrth tears rn our eyes and that tlght feehng ln our throats we recelved dlplomas and congratulatlons Then we turned and took one last look and sa1d one last goodbye to a frrend called Al1qu1ppa Hrgh School IANUARY HOMEROOM TEACHER Mrs Hoover Mr Tatalovrch Seated S Moms I Yarosh Mr Blaney Mrs Flemxng Mr Kuvmka S OFFICERS MAY I-IOM ROOM TEACHERS Mrs George Standmg I DeVore R Iohns W Kxrk M s Adams Mr McCorm1ck IANUARY CLASS ROBERT AEGAN Bob General emoys skung and swrmrrurg amb1t1on ts to become a construct1on eng1neer w1Il 1o1n tte ATTIY after graduat1on Men of few words are the best men SOPI-IIE BELSKY COmIHGYClOl has an arnb1t1on to travel a k mg on the telephone and hstenmg to the rad1o are her favonte pas trrnes always seen w1th Mary A merry heart doeth gocd NATALIE BONOMI Nate Academ1c Masque and Dagger prom comm1ttee plars to attend Penn State to become a mort1c1an A good heart IS a letter of cred1t GILDA CAPPELLA I1lI Academ1c Leaders Club Mas que and Dagger Chem1stry Club Treasurer of Nat1onaI Honor SOCIGIY Intramurals prom commxttee plans to be a teacher Never 1dle a moment but cheer ful and thoughtful of others DOLORES CASOLI COmm6fClGl be a housewxfe danc1ng w1th N1ck everybody knows Dee Dee would 11ke to usually seen The g1rI .A NE CI-IIEC Ch1Ck Commerc1aI Red Cross QUIP PIAN Staff Prom Cha1rman charr man of soc1aI comm1ttee of 49ers future housew1fe Nothmg IS 1mpOSS1bl9 to a Wlll mg heart MICHAEL BARNA Mtkey ACQd9m1C Prom Commxttee Vars1ty Foctbal a true ports enthus1ast t t re 1.ndec1ded No better form no better sport FLORA BELLE BETHA Comrver c1a amb1t1on IS to become a seamstress enloys readmg and Izstenmg to the radto S1Ience IS a great peacemaker MARIE BRUNI Mary Acadermc Asst Feature Edztor of QUIP SCRIPT Masque and Dag ger QUIPPIAN staff Intramurals Prom Comm1ttee future trerd toward a Wflllflq career As full of Splfll as the month of May QUIPPIAN des1res to Commerc1aI staff Prom Comm1ttee travel to CaI1icrn1a A sweet attractwe k1r1d of grace ROBERT CAVISH Bob Acadermc Student Counc1I Red Cross OUIPPIAN staff I-I1Y Chem 1stry Club Masque ard Dagger Semor A Cha1rrnan pet peve IS g1rIs w1th the new look From the crown of h1s head to the sole of h1s feet he IS all m1rth ANITA CI-IRISTINI Chrts Academu: 'I'r1 H1 Y Masque and Dagger spends her spare trme bowhng dancmg and QOIUQ to mo v1es des1res to be a prtvate secretary L1ke the careless flowmg foun ta1ns are the r1ppIes of her ha r A- ...pri .LM It -- I A ' ' - ' C MARIE CAREAGNA . . . "Merle" lOSEPH COELHO oe ACGd9m1C emoys all sports would l1ke to study electrtcal er gtneermg at Carneg1e Tech Srlence 15 one great art of con versat1on LLOYD CURLEY Curley General upon graduatton he plans to work at I and L leves that the least sa1d IS the eas 19Sl mended A man of few words BETTY DAVID Betts Com merctal Leaders Club Intra murals loves to have fun She IS so full of pleasant anec dotes PATSY De MARTINES Demet r1us Irdustr1al ma1n mterest IS sports especrally basket ba A truly modest fellow lOl'lN DeVORE ack Academlc HY Ma que and Dagger QUIPPIAN staff plans to take a bus1ness course A man of courage IS also full of fatth ALYCE DUDLEY Dud Academtc Bach Cho1r known fcr her w1tty remarks hopes to some day s1ng IH a pro fessronal cho1r A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance IANUARY CLASS ROSE COMO Rosco Commerctal Gtrls Chorus Prom ommzttee emoy read1ng mo vtes and the opera Ready to serve at an rnstants nottce IACK DAVEY R1ck Acad em1c l-l1Y Vars1ty Club Track Baseball Manager Future Teachers ssoc1at1cn Bach Cho1r Masque ard Dagger QUIPPIAN staff Intramural basketball plans to attend col lege ack of all trades CHARLES DeLlSlO Chuck ndustr1al playmg cards and read1ng occupy most of hrs spare t1me undec1ded future specral mtere t IS Kay h1s bass tha IS' A Smlle for everyone ONNA IEANJ DeVORE Duke r Chem1stry Club collects photographs GV1d skat would l1ke to attend Sew1ck ley School of Nursmg Outet tn add1t1on to all cther advantages I-'ERDINAND DOMLADOVAC Ferdle Academtc Red Cross staunch baseball tan plars to attend college St1ll waters run deep MARIORIE FERRY ShOfl19 Home Econom1cs Tr1 I-l1Y Home Ec Club very fond of skatmg Blue are her eyes a the fa1ry flax V .ul .... be- A ' 1, 1 NI... rr " U l' .... N - I D 1 " . ...A1... ' V .I - er... I 11... H by .1 lANUARY CLASS CARL GARTLEY es Gen era H1Y emoys sleeplng skat1ng cmd dancmg hopes to become a draftsman the Navy after graduatron Never a dull moment IOHN GIANNETTI Farmer lndustrral has a great mter est rn cars plans to become an auto mechamc A tall asy gotng fellow HELEN GRUBYESICH Babe Commercxal her spare t1me IS spent readrng hopes to be a bu mess woman Good taste rs the flcwer of good SHIRLEY HALL Shrrl Commercral YTeens Intramural basketball enloys swrmmrng attends Robert Moms Busmess Schocl Laugh and the world laughs wrth you ANN HARVEY Butter Academrc Bach Cholr Masque and Dagger YTeens OUIPPIAN Staff a trarsfer from Sew1clcley I-hgh a future nur e The sweetest vozce th1s srde of heaven LUBE IERICH Com mercral snapshot collector favorlte pastzmes are danc1ng and gomg to the movres a future busxness woman Great persons do great kmdness es GERALD GERASIMON erry Academrc Presrdent of HrY Busmess Manager of OUIP PIAN Red Cross Nat1ona1 Honor Socrety Masque and Dagger w1ll atterd Geneva upon graduatron Thmkers are carce as gold IRENE GIANIODIS Rennre Commerc1al collects snap shots enloys dancmg and mo v1es plans a career as a re ceptronlst Slmplrcrty IS charm DESPINA HAGES Darsy Academlc Red Cross Chemrstry Club ardent Plrate lan future Spanlsh lnterpreter Satrsfactzon guaranteed MARGARET HARCHER Marge Commerctal Red Cross OUIPPIAN Staff prom commlttee very fond of dancrrg mterested tn handsome men future secre tary Srnxles you cant forget MATTHEW HUDSON Profes or Academrc Band Chemrstry Club Masque and Dagger Boy s Quartet Natronal Honor Soclety plans to attend college Honest labor bears a lovely face HERMAN IESCHKE Academlc Masque and Dagger oys huntlng a non talkatrve nonchalant person Words seem to destroy so much HI ,, ' , 1. . nl . fr rr " " 9 .' " H- H ' ' ...a .. SGHSS n .fl "' "' "' ff. ... 1 - , ' H ' rl I-.I 1 H ,, , I "' j' ' r 1 ' S . ' I ... ,, .,."Li1"... - ' ' ...enr " - ' u nr .. ROBERTA IOHNS Bobble Academrc YTeens Specral Grrls Chorus Presrdent of Natronal Honor Socrety Chemrstry Club Masque and Dagger Corresponclmg Secretary of 49ers Cla s Edrtor of QUIPPIAN plans to attend Grove Crty College Varrety rs the sprce of lrfe KOULA KAZAS Kay Commerclal collector of prns enjoys dancrrg and gorng to the movres ambrtron IS to be a prrvate secretary A real treat CATHERINE KOULEPIS Acad emrc Secretary of Natronal Honor Socrety Club Edrtor of OUIPPIAN Bach Chozr undecrded future versatrle personalrty She has half the deed done who has made a begmnrng Ir Red Cross Student Councrl amb1t1on rs to make use of her sales course makmg frrends IS her hobby Prrate fan Her ways are ways of pleasant ness PHYLLIS MANELOVEG Phyl Academrc Feature Edrtor of OUIP SCRIPT YTeens ASSISIGFI Feature Edrtor of OUIPPIAN Chem rstry Club ambrtron IS to be come frrst woman Presrdent wrll attend Slzppery Rock State A merry heart goes all the day EVELYN MARAVICH Evre Cornmercral Leaders Club future housewzfe enloys collect mg srapshots and attendmg soczals Tall as the krng s own daughter IANUARY CLASS ELEANOR IONES lonesy Academrc Vrce Presrdent of pec1alGrrls Chorus Ir Red Cross a stamp collector hopes to be a nurse Always rarrn to go DOROTHY KOSTELICH Det: Commercxal a future house wze readrng and attendmg so czals are her favorrte pastrmes A heart wrth room for every Joy IACOUELINE LEWIS lackre Academrc Secretary f Bach Chorr musrc charrman of YTeens Chemrstry Club looks forward to a career rn opera Born wzth a grit of song General G I o s wrll study enqrneermg at Unrversrty of Prttsburgh hobby IS com col lectmg He that has frrends has no wor nes WILLIAM MANSUETTI Wxlly Industrral plans to con trnue hrs educatlon rn the electrrcal field Always ready for a laugh BERNICE MEADE Berme Academrc Vrce Presrdent ot M A Tr1H1Y Treasurer of Future Teachers Assocratxon OUIP SCRIPT Grrls Trro Natzonal Honor Socrety smgrng and playmg the prano are her favorrte pastrmes to at tend Hampton Instrtute The gentle mrnd by gertle dee ls are known I. . I . . . ' . . .l h l o MARY LONGO . . . Commercial . . . EUGENE MABEE , , , "Could Be" - f I - - - . . . . . . . . I e . . . IANUARY CLASS DOROTHY MIHALIK o Commercial Leaders Club Prcm Committee future dress designer our Daisy Mae for 48 She sits high in all the peoples hearts DOROTHY MILLER o Academic Captain of Cheer leaders Girl s Sports Editor of OUIP PIAN Chemistry Club Masque and Dagger Intramural basketball ard mushball diversions are dancing and skating would like to at t nd Pitt Ready? Lets go' WILLIAM MIRACLE 1 Industrial finished education in night school after servirg three year with the U S Marines ambition is to stay single? He that has patience may com pass anythlng ELEANOR ONDOVCHIK Dock Academic Tri I-l1Y student director of Girls Chorus Chemistry Club Masque and Dagger attend Sewickley School of Nursxrg has a fascinating doll collec tion Sing away sorrow cast away care MARY PERICH Mare Commercial most outstanding characteristic is her friendly quiet and refined manrer sewing and reading occupy her leisure time cooking seems to be a natural art Kindness gives birth to kindne s IENNIE PUSKARICH . . . " en" . . . Commercial . . . strong yearning to travel around the world . . . enjoys reading and driving a car . . . makes a practice of remembering faces . . . "Sweetness is the best of virtues" OLGA MILANOVI H Cooky Academic Leaders Club Intramural basketball Prom Com mittee intends to study further in field of athletics A friend in need is a true friend indeed LOIS MIRACLE Pug Academic Twuler Ir Booster Chemistry Club Future Teachers Association plans to attend Slip pery Rock emoys writing letters as well as receiving them A blue eye is a true eye MARTIN MYERS Mitt Academic ambition is to Joln Air Cadets raising rabbits is his hobby favorite pastimes are reading traveling and bowling Smooth runs the water where e brook is deep IRENE PANTELAKIS Academic only ambition in life is to help others alway seen with Anita has exceptional Writing abiilty The social smile the sympathetic tear IOAN POSTAL Shorty Commercial Prom Committee future housewife or clerical worker reading and listening to the radio are her favorite pastimes A good heart is worth gold NADENE RADULOVICH . . . "Noe" . . . Academic . . . Leaders' Club, Masque and Dagger, Chemistry Club . . . will continue in field of athletic . . . to study physical education at Indiana State . . . dances and listens to the radio in her spare time . . , "Lovely as the day" l sd! ar PAT ROSS Shadow dustrlal future auto mechamc amuses everyone by playrng hrs gultar that rs of a merry heart hath contmual feast HELEN SALMENTO Skrppy Pre nursmg Leaders Club Chemrstry Club drsllkes home work collectmg hankres and wrrtmg letters take up most of her spare trme Good humor rs the sunshrne of the mrnd IAMES SAMBOL lrmmy General H1Y Student Councrl color guard rn Band QUIPPIAN Staff ambttrous enough to want to own a gasolme statron eruoys dancmg and sports Man loves httle and often MARGARET SAXON Commercral to be a prrvate secretary pet peeve rs people who crack gum emoys musrc and swrmmmg Speech rs great srlerxce rs great NILLIAM SCARSELLONE Scars General future rarlroad man fond of football basketball and swrmmmg hstemng to the radro and dancmg are hrs favorrte pas trmes Take trme for all thrngs KENNETH SMITH General Treasurer of Chemrstry Club Masque and Dagger Sgt at Arms of Hr Y very fond of tmk ermg wrth cars hopes to be come a flyer A creatrve mmd and a skillful hand IANUARY CLASS TONY RUBEIS Woody lndustrral Presrdent of V C A C Natronal Honor Socrety o bres are collectmq blrd books and latest records They re only truly great who are truly good LORETTA SAMBOL Boots Pre Nursmg Specral Grrls Chor us Home EC Club Intramurals YTeens Leaders Club Cherrustry Club rs plannrng to become a housewrfe A cheerful look makes a drsh of feast ROSEMARY SALVATI Short stop Academrc Leaders Club Chemtstry Club Masque and Dagger OUIPPIAN Staff wr attend Sewrckley School of Nursmg fond of dancxng Oualrty not guantrty Academxc QUIPPIAN Staff Mas que and Dagger Chemrstry Club YTeens Spec1alG1rls Chorus to become a medrcal secretary wrll attend B T C Words flow freely PETER SIMONI Pete Academrc Varsrty Football Stu dent Councrl Masque and Dagger OUIPPIAN Sports Edrtor Natronal Honor Socrety desrres to study law at Prtt or Duquesne Umversrty Hrs lrmbs are cast rn manly mould for hardy sports or con test bold WILMA SOLOMON rs Commercral Leaders Club a future housewrfe enloys eat mg fespeclally French fnesl and dancxng A good heart IS a letter of credrt "...1n- ,,He": 4, ' I V' ...hh- G . ,. . HELEN SCABAVEA . . . "He-yo" . . . er" I ' ' l ..."K.R."... A lANUARY CLASS IAMES STEWART Stew lndustrral hrs ambrtron rn lrfe rs to be hrs own boss as a hobby he has a woodwork shop He that can have patrence can have what he wrll MILDRED THORNTON Commer cra Specral Grrls Chorus Grrls Trro a great lover oi musrc a future housewrfe Musrc rs the unrversal language of mankmd RAYMOND VERDONI Bugs lndustrral student conduc tor of A H S band plans to study further rn the freld of cctrpen r FRANCIS VREEN Academrc member of Track Team collect mg sports prctures rs hrs hobby plans to attend Prtt to become dental technrcran Srlence rs golden SHAD WILLIAMS Danel General plars to study mechan rcal engrneerrng at Carnegre Tech qurte fcrd of huntrng and lrsh mg The boy everybody knows THEODORE ZAIAC Tudge Academrc Art Edrtor of OUIPPIAN Natronal Honor Socrety a born artrst would lrke to become an archrtect Of manners gentle of aifectrors mrld IO:-IN SUDAK oe dustrral Vrce Presrdent of V C hopes to 1orn the Navy Grve hrm hrs rrfle and hrs tackle and hes as happy as a lark lOSEPl-I TROMBETTA oe lndustrral school seems to be hrs pet peeve enroys mu rc and dancrng No coward soul rs mme ROSE VITALE Roe Com mercral Red Cross Trr Hr Y lans to attend Busrness Trarnmg College rn order to pursue a secre tarral career Sweet and shy but very under ROBERT WILHELM Bob Academrc Chemrstry Club Mas que and Dagger especrally en roys teasrng grrls a future tooth drgger a dentrst A sparklrng personalrty and full of laughs ANNE YARDIC Toots Cornmercral looks forward to a dancmg career enyoys readrng Dancrng rs the loftrest the most beautrful of art rt rs lrfe rtself CATHERINE ZUQAY Kayo Comme-rcral prom commrt tee plans a domest c future a srap shot collector A good port wrth wrnnrng ways l y ' ' " ' ' A.C...l " . . 1 I D "I l l L . . . I . 1 . ' p ' 4 ' ty . . . H ' ' ' . "A good Ioe to have around" standing' . G I ' I I. . . . - A , ' I I , IW H rl figs lRNES INE ABERCROMBIE Erme Academic Tri I-I1 Y GITIS Chcrus Special Chorus loves to sleep S1 S1 Senorita will attend Western Reserve to become a lawyer STEVE ATI-IANASSION Beppy Academic Varsity football QUIPPIAN photographer always with two Bills and a camera will 1o1n Navy VIRGINIA BABIAK Girny Academic Tri I-I1 Y emoys dancing for a pastime always at a social an undecided future DEWITT BAKER Farmer Academic student who e ambxtion is to be an aeronautical enqmeer member of H1 Y and Chemistry Club interested in hunting and danc ing ANN BARBER Barb Academic an ambitious q1rl interested in basketball and farm ina Social Chairman of Y Teens will qo 1nto busines with Connie ard Bunny MAY CLASS ALEX ANDRES Sandy Academic Chemistry Cl b mam interest music and Char play e1ther sax or clarinet for band w1ll attend Pitt to be a doctor ROSE AVOLIO Fluffy Stenoqraphic student member of the Tri I-I Y fav rite pastimes are dancinq and swimming DOMINICK BAGI-IETTI Rose bud Auto Mechanic cu t1 vates roses a future mechanic tall blond and randsome HARRY BAKEWELI. Fuzzy General Varsity Football Manager his hobby IS sports always seen sleeping wi Join the Navy MICHAELI BARON Academic an ex Vet emoys a l1ttle of everything intends to be a c1v1l enqmeer will attend Penn State BENJAMIN BAZMORE . . . "Ben" DOLORES BELAN . . . "Deema" . . . . . . Academic . . . creates unusual Academic . . . Student Council . . . falsehoods . . . an amateur artist Tri I-li Y . . . Vice-President of home' . . . spends spare time teasinq room . . . dancing is a favorite pas Marge Darby . . . qcal-lawyer. time . . . to be a nurse. MAY CLASS HELEN BORO Bo Bo Com mercxal Clertcal Thts ltvely qtrl emoys stnqmq and danctnq a brmllxant future awatts her ALLAN BROWN Acad emlc H1 Y Future Teachers of Amerxca women mterest Al w1ll attend Penn State to be come a teacher CHALBERT BURCHETT Chab Academ1c student belongs to H1 Y and Chem1stry Club llkes huntlnq ard square danclnq staqecoach lust pulled tn here comes Chalbert DALE CABLE Cncket Academ1c three letter man Football Basketball and Baseball mam tnterest xs sports fof coursel CoCaptam of and team PAUL CANGIANO Meathead Auto Mechanxc thmks he would l1ke to be a tractor tra1ler drtv ertoys loafmq LENA CECCARELLI Chtck Commerctal Trea urer of Lead ers Club collector of class plc tures past Prestdent of Leaders Club acttve tn mtramurals to be a secretary ANN BOSNICK Bunny Clertcal student lauqhmq ts a hobby w1th Bunny seen at all the soc1als future farmer CATHERINE BROWN Kay Art course Gtrls Chorus Red Cross Chemtstry Club our Chtnese belle at Hallowe en party a future nurse IOHN BUSAK Bush Acad em1c Band Chem1stry Club a smxlmq lad whose hobby IS photography w1ll study med1 c1ne at Pltt GEORGE CALAFACTOR Booty Electr1c1an has as odd hobby of collectmq battleshlps h1s future IS m lanes 51 Lauqhlm CATHERINE CAVOULAS Cathy Stenoqraph1c collects ptctures qulet and sweet thxs future secretary l1keS to dance and smq MIKE CI-IABALA Chubs Electr1c1an tall w1th wavy red ha1r doesnt hke choo chco eattnq IS a favortte pastnme 'K-J SOLLY CIAMACCA Lucky Academrc Homeroom Presrdent 47 48 Chemrstry Club Secre tary Ir Red Cross N H S wrll attend Western Reserve to study law VINCENT COLONNA Vmlon Commercral trombone play Student Councrl ob1ects to long skrrts voted best dancer rn Semor Class ANTOI-NETTE CRISI Anty Commerc1alStenoqraph1c Tn H1 QUIPPIAN doesnt hke homework may atterd B T C IOHN CRNKOVICH Crank shaft Auto Mechanrc co lects hub caps has mam mterest as a Ford always smtlmq GEORGE DANOVICH IR Sooty Academlc Varsrty Club Ir Boosters Basketball lrkes people wants to be an enqrneer SHIRLEY MAE DAVIES Bones Acadernrc Band Tn H1 Y Teens Leaders Club actlve 1n mtramural sports wants to be a qym teacher after attendmq Slrppery Rock MAY CLASS CORRINE COLLINS Corky Academrc Y Teens Masque ard Dagger mam mterest rs lrmmy to attend nurses tram mq school CHARLES COSTANZA Nuts Commerc1al Clerrcal Band qrrls are hrs mam mterest to be Presrclent of the Umted States ROSE CRIVELLI Commercral Stenoqraphrc Leaders Club Tr1 H1 Y OUIP SCRIPT trve rn rntramurals usually seen wrth B111 wrll attend B T C ELTON C CURRAN Bunky Academrc Chemlstry Club Prestdent actrve 1n the Masque and Dagger IS rrtent on becom ma a chemrcal enqrneer MARIORIE HELEN DARBY Mar ale Academrc M A Trl H1 Y Secretary Specral Gzrls Chorus E T A Chemrstry Club w1ll attend Lrncoln Um versxty to study Jcurnalrsm GINO DE SANTIS Pumab Clerxcal student sports enthus tast ambmon IS to ee the world MAY CLASS PAUL DEVANEY Iunror Acaclemrc Hr Y Chemrstry u wrll tudy enarneerrnq College ,rndecrdecl MARY DORAZIO Academrc Y Teens rs her favorrte club weet lass B T C may be the near future ANN DOYLE D pe Com rrrercral Stenoqraphrc collects ohotoqraphs Senror Prom Com mrttee would lrke to be a secre tary ANN DYKE Honey Com mercral Stenoqraphrc collects mrnrature horse frqurrne enrcys bowlrrq and square dancrrrq Prom Commrttee future secre tary MARY LOU EVANS Lou La Academrc Cheerleader Trr H Y Chaplarn N H enroys darrcrnq swrrnmrnq rce skat rnq nursrnq school next SARA FATTORE . . . "Sally" . . . Home Economics . . . treasurer of the E. H. A ..., hrs future nurse enjoys swimmrnq ard dancing, ROBERT DON'NA Buck Academrc Plays for the Dukes hopes to be a shoe salesman or a Fuller hr sl' man IOE DOUGHERTY Academrc burldrnq model planes hrs hobby sports also take up hrs trme wants to be a mechanrcal enqrneer HELEN DRAVICH Yeya Commercral Socral Commrttee of Senror Class Dramatrc Club says men are her pet peeves an undecrded future SALLY ELLIOTT Susre Home Econornrcs cafeterra work e H lr Red Cross loafs at Mrckeys errroys sewrnq HELEN FADOOL Toots Clerrcal ollects records a cheerful qrrl and lots of fun to be a secretary IOHN FETKOVICH . . . 'Punsky' . . . Academ.c . . . Senior Prom Com, mrttee . . . Chemistry Club . , . mam interest rs women . . . will study civil engrneerrnq at colleqe. WILLIAM FIBBI 1 a ch1n1st Student Counc1l OUIP SCRIPT V C A C OUIPPIAN Varstty Club N H S art1st1cally1ncl1ned IAMES FRANK l1mmy Electr1c1an N H S head football manager plays basket ball and baseball th1s peppy fellow wants to become a ball play LEON FREY Ham Acad em1c very mannerly Track The Vo1ce 1ov1al and fun lov1ng has chosen a pro IGSSIOD as a p1an1st PHILIP GINAND Cats Academ1c Cross Country anager ol Vars1ty Basketball lr Boosters Chem1stry Club QUIPPIAN Student Counc1l 1rcessant talker future GVIGIOY IAMES GOURLEY Farmer Academtc Band H1 Y mus1c IS hxs hobby lb n1ce look1ng lad enjoys hunt1ng ELIZABETH GRAGO L12 Commerc1al l1k9S cowboy mus1c collects records fascmatmg eyes plans a secretamal career MAY CLASS GEORGE FIELDING Walt ACQd9m1C Football Manager wants to ret1re at 18 IAMES FREY 1m Acad em1c a master w1th 88 keys lover of food future m1ll1ona1re ANGELO GIANIKAS General course Sports occupy cr great deal of h1S t1me crossword puzzles and pcpular records are h1s hobb1es to be a detectwe CORNELL GLENN Hoot Industr1al playtng football and ool are hlS pastlmes gets a k1ck from com1c books STANLEY GRABSKI Gabby Mach1n1st l1kes everythmg mcludmq g1rls emoys football thmks he Wlll go INTO busme s for h1mself DORIS GRATSON Dee Commerctal mam 1rterest IS Bob l1kes to dance very fnendly another secretary for the busy exec ..."F'b"...M- .... .... , g GT. MAY CLASS IOHN GREGOR Iohnny Green Machtmst V C A C C retary stamp collector oa mg and eattng are hrs tnterests wants to be a hr tclass machmtst BRONKO GRUBICH eneral course e G I Ioes Club IEANETTE C HARVEY Ieanne Academxc Y Teens Prest dent Bach Chotr Chemtstry Club Masque and Dagger Ir Boosters Semor Prom Com mrttee enloys SIHQUIQ can talk your leg off wtll attend Sewrckly Schocl of Nurstng CHESTER M HAYDEN Chrt Academ1c a Hopewell trans er doesnt approve oi the new ook arms to be a mxlhonalre CAROLINE I-IRELEC ommerctal Stenographtc dtslxkes ratny days and western rnovres goes for classrcal records rmg on thrrd Imger left hand wonder what her future IS gomg to be-'P PATRICIA HUGHES Patty Acadermc Y Teens Bach Chotr thxs future angel of mercy emoys lxstenmg to Twelfth Street Rag wrll attend chool I nursmg EVELYN GRABASKI Evte Clerxcal Leaders Club takes an actlve part rn 1rtramural sports mam mterest ts Ike rursmg rs her ambttton PATRICIA HALLISEY a Academr Ir Boosters Chemzstry Club Spec1al Grrls Chorus Prom Commtttee Masque ard Dagger beautttul eyes and a brg sm1le a future physrcal theraprst CATHERINE HAWANCHAK Cushy Stenographrc co Iects records mam lnterest IS past1me to be a secretary IOSEPI-I I-IRAMIKA Scout Auto Mechamc handsome man of the shop chxckens and pmg pong are hrs Interests Arr Corps IS hrs future PHYLLIS HUEFINE Phyl hstens to the fun to be w1th wants to be a housewtfe Cler1cal student radlo by the hour PAUL I-IURLEY Academrc Feature Edttor of the OUIPPIAN and OUIP SCRIPT Ir Boosters Vxce Presrdent ot the Masque and Dagger Presmdent of the F T A N H qutte a wrt wtll attend Betheny " .... Se- ' ...l f- ' 'I - z - Y' I - men . . . dancing is her favorite ...C ' ' s o ' IOSEPH l. IHNAT . . . "Iggy" Com- mercial . . . hobby is reading the funnies . . . likes to dance and play basketball . . . goal-salesman. ELAINE IACKSON . . . "Susie" . . . Academic . . . Chemistry Club . . . Y Teens Secretary . . . sewing and knitting are her hobbies . . . in- tends to be a laboratory technician. BERNARD IUTH Bernie Carpenter Industrial Club Varsity Club always seen with a short brunette to play pro fessional baseball is Bernies m bition SYLVIA KAKOULAS Sally or Silvester a Stenographic stu dert Treasurer of the Special Chorus lr Red Cros likes to day dream IAMES KANFOUSI-I Foush Machinist loaiirg is his hobby the scream of the Machinists IOHN T KERIOTIS Iiriner Academic G l oes erioys all sports a quiet fellow MAY CLASS MARGARET ANN IACKMAN . . . "Peggy" . . . Commercial Steno- graphic . . . Vice President of Tri l-li Y . . . Cheerleader . . . main interest-Larry . . . likes dancing . . . collects spcrts photos. BARBARA IENKINS . . . "Babs" Com- mercial Steno . . . Y Teens . . . lr. Boosters . . , lr Red Cross , . . twinkling blue eyes . . . always laughing . . . will attend Robert Morris Business School. ELSIE KABAY Els Steno graphic student doesnt like homework colects records and snapshots a future secretary ANN KAMENSKI Anka Clerical Leaders Club intramural Sports T alter graduation Whats the interest on the Windber football team? CONSTANCE C KANGIA Peach Academic l-lornercom Treasurer Ioe is her interet a fun loving girl Y Teens voted best dancer in the Senior Class WAYNE STEVENSON KIRK Academic N H S F T A Ir Boosters Club Varsity Club Treasurer of Senior Class Masque and Dagger Man ager of Basketball Team ycys dancing always in a pleasant mood MAY CLASS EDWARD KRNYEVICI-I Kenny lndustnal C A bookmq manager follows Notre Dame and Yankees future undec1ded WALTER LAKE HZO ACGd9mlC Alan Ladd Chem1stry Club Ch19f 1nterest IS tarqet shootmq ma1n amb1t1on IS to be enqmeermq supermtenden ROSE MARIE LAROCCA Roclae Commerc1al Stenoqraph1c OUIP SCRIPT c llects post cards a qu1et l1keable qxrl future secretary Academ1c w1nner 1n Pennsylva ma Week contest Chem1 try Club Boys Quartet collects addresses plans to study law at Correll WILLIAM MACROGLOU s1y Academ1c Sq at Arms of Sen1or Class I-lomeroom VICE Pres1dent Track cc lects stamps and model a1rplanes favortte cheerleader IS Lorra1ne PETE MALOBABICH Peter Electr1c1an ft hmq and hunt mg take up hts le1sure t1me mtends to be a great sportsman MARIE G KOZA Wee wee Cler1cal collects snap shots Leaders Club always Jokmq act1ve tr 1ntramurals sluqqer 1n mushball and fast 1n basketball ELSIE IEAN LANEY Academ1c Y Teen a cute blonde future elementary teacher W1 atterd Wllllum 6. Mary IOSEPH LEO oe Academ1c Chem1stry Club d1sl1kes long sktrts h1s amb1t1on 15 to be an enqmeer wants to attend C,arneq1e Tech Chlef 1nterests are West Al1qu1ppa and Ambndge collects snap shots l1kes to dance plans a ecretarxal career EUGENIA IEAN MAKRIS leanne Commerc1al Steno qraph1c Class Ed1tor of OUIP PIAN Y Teens Tr1 H1 Y I-I seen everywhere and always work1nq hkes sew mg very ererqet1c and talkat1ve DOROTHY MARAVICH o Academ1c Y Teens Tr H1 Y Alpha Beta Kappa Treasurer woman IH wh1te mov1es take up her tzme a great helper ofl.cSl... DONALD LEVIN . . . "Dingle" . . . GLORIA LUX . . . Commercial . . . ' ' "v.'. ... 1- .fn I.. 4 I t ...N. l ..."Dl" STEVE MARBICH Marb Academzc Band camera snappmq IS h1s hobby voted orqqest wolf rn Semor Class to attend P1tt ELEANOR MARKESICH Sk1n Stenoqraphlc Cheer leader Trl H1 Y and a he are her lntere lots of pep rn Eleanor ten B T C kmttmq wrll at MARGARET MARUHNICH Com me-rclal Leaders Club OUIP SCRIPT actwe rn mtra Drug Store wxll be a secretary DOROTHY MAZONE Choolue Academrc Y Teens Ir Boosters emoys dancxrq wxth Sam cute and sweet wrll take up nursmq IOHN MCBRIDE e Acad emrc H1 Y Sqt at Arms Football Manager sleepmq aqrees wrth h1m ambxtxon to own a car AUDREY MCFARLAND Mxckey Commerc1a1 Spectal Chorus collects souvemrs ard records a gal Wrth natural rosy cheeks MAY CLASS CHRIS MARKATOS Chrxsty Gereral pet peeve home work plays pmq pong m spare trme H Y future un declded NANCY MARSHALL Nan Academrc Chapla1n of Y Teens Band sewxrq IS a hobby a lxkeable person qoal lady of mercy for Presbyter ran Hospltal TONY MAVRICH Tomuck Electrrcxan lndustrral Club stamps and cue balls are hrs and words EDWARD MAZZOCCA Mut so MQCh1H1Sl Varsrty Club Football and Band rarely seen w1thout Eleanor DAVID MCCRORY l..1ttle Eqer Auto Shop collects baseball prctures enloys sports amb1t1on to be a mechamc HENRY MCGINNIS Mac Commerclal mam mterests Hopewell and baseball hkes to dance d1sl1kes red heads a future enqmeer " " ' :ts . . . . . . ' . . . cl . . . ' ' . mural sports . . . works at Alwood collections . . . enjoys wine, women, MAY CLASS PENELOPE MEI-IOS Penny Stenoqraph1c collects records enloys dancmq and lcafmq to be a stenoqrapher WILLIAM METROPOULOS Metro Academ1c Co cap tam Vars1ty Football Intramural Basketball wants to IOID the Navy and play football MARIE MILLER Academ1c Chaplam and past Presldent of M A Tr1 I-I1 Y Presldent of Speclal GIIIS Chorus an accompl1shed PIOHISI musxc and SSWIHQ are iavortte past1mes w1ll attend Duquesne Un1vers1ty IELDO MONTINI D1mples Electr1c1an Band Industr1al mus1c and sports are h1S mterests a m1ll1ona1re to be we hope you make xt EUGENE MORRIS Ixqqs Academ1c past Secretary and Znd Semester Pres1dent of H1 Y Student Counc1l Pres1dent ar hamentarzan of F T A OUIP PIAN Advert1s1nq Manager Boosters Chem1stry Club loves to tease people enloys holdmq mtellectual conversahons CLOYD MOUNTAIN Moe Electr1c1an Industr1al Club spends t1me loafmq qu1et fel low wxll 1o1n the Army WALTER MERVOSI-I Laddre Carpenter Irdustr1al Club p1cture collecter loais at Strand Shoe Store wants to enter the busmess world WILLIAM MIDOK Fats Electr1C1an Sqt at Arms of In dustrlal Club collects three dol lar b1lls emoys sports the stronghold ot the Football Squad WILLIAM MILLER 1 Commerctal loves to work and play pool would l1ke to own a busmess IERRY MONTINI Iuqhead Academ1c Vars1ty Club Basketball team 1snt complete w1th out h1m emoys darcmq a future teacher Sl-IARLENE MORRIS Shar Academ1c Ed1tor of QUIP SCRIPT Asst Club Ed1tor of OUIPPIAN Semor Class Secre tary humorous and tr1erdly collects souven1rs W1 study lournahsm at Penn State EDWARD MOWAD Fats Commerc1al loves sports es peclally football I1k9S to qtve ta1l end of yokes a future book keeper .' ..."B'll"... Club . . . Traok . . S .,.. F. T. A. Rand.. . . Varsity TRAVIS MURPHY Academrc Varsrty Club Cross Coun r Track H1 Y Booster Chemrstry Club Presx dent bullds a1rplanes future undecrded PAULINE NAGY Stenoqraphrc l1kes to dance and bowl collects post cards to be or not to be what? her future rs un decrded BETTY NOVASELAC Betts Clerrcal brrqht blue eyes always crackrnq Jokes Wllh Toots emoys dancrnq and foot ba a future secretary BASIL T OWENS Buzz Academ1c Dramanc Club and F T A Pres1clent H1 Y OUIPPIAN Asst Busmess Manager enyoys all spcrt lrkes to travel cmd sleep a marnstay of the H1 Y basketball team VIRGINIA PARISH Gmny Clerxcal she hkes mysterres and movres a trarsfer from Hopewell Hrqh secretar1al work rs her dream CAROL PATTERSON Steno qraphrc works rn Mr Shrrks offxce Leaders Club par trcrpates rn mtramural sports w1l lattend B T C i' Q MAY CLASS ANN MUSLIN Muzzy Stenoqraphrc pet peeves doqs eryoys baseball as a nam mterest a quret qlrl ELEANOR NICASTRO Steno qraphrc her second home the movres Leaders Club Secre tary actrve tn mtramurals goal a medxcal ecretary ALBERT OGRODSKI Red Electr1c1an Industrral Club would lrke to Jom the Navy as a radro eIectr1c1ar' CLARA PARASCENZO Steno qraphlc favorrte sublect short hand QUIP SCRIPT typlst Leaders Club hkes to read actrve rn 1ntramurals future undecrded TONY PASSERI Shonders Academlc H1 Y Chaplaln Band and Bach Chorr Presrdent Treasurer of Ir Boosters Student Counc1l Ir I-Irqh Basketball Manager plays baseball en1oys smqmq hopes to be a success 1n the musrc world RUSSELL PERKEY Perk Academrc Chemrstry Club eatrrq and photography are hrs m terests hrs dream IS to get rrch qdrck and retzre at an early aqe MAY CLASS EVELYN PHILLIPS Academtc her hobby IS sewrnq Tr1 H1 Y plays rntramural sports always srmlrnq become a med1cal secretary after 1 WAYNE PIXLER IX General H1 Y and Chem1stry Club d1SlIk9S the new look l1kes huntmq ard football w1Il attend Southern Methodlst Un1 VGYSIYY CAROL POSTAL Babydoll Cler1cal Correspondm Se-cy of Leaders Club Tr1 H1 a peppy cheerleader spend t1me Wllh her scrapbook ma1n 1rterest IS Sm1tty actzve 1n mtramurals ELMIRA POWELL Myra Stenoqraphtc emoys collectmq records and readmq her ma1n mterest IS B1lly Whom she marr1ed before qraduahon GEORGE RABBIT Rabb1 Academzc Homeroom Treasurer com1c books are h1s favor1te past1me enloys sleepmq and bothermq others GLADYS RADY Gee Gee Home Economrcs Y Teens Spec1a1 Grl Chorus a future housew fe ELEANOR PIEKIELAK Ptckles a Cute Stenoqraph1c gal Leaders Club and xntramural sports emoys snappmq p1ctures call popcorn peanuts ICE cream at football qames DONALD A POLAND Don Academtc OUIPPIAN Edrtcr ID Ch1et Student COUUCII Masque and Daqqer Chem1stry Club Bach Chotr H H1 Y Vtce Pres1dent w1ll study pournal1sn'1 or law on P1tt scholar sh1p MARIORIE POW Marge Stenoqraphrc Secretary of Ir Boosters Semor Prcm Comm1ttee wonder why she has an mterest 1n football? w1ll attend Robert Moms MARGARET PUKACH Marge Commerc1a1 past Pres1dert of Tr1 H1 Y Speclal Gzrls Chorus Senror Prom Commrttee hkes musrc and dancmq e peeve conce1ted people PEARL RADUT Toots Cler1cal Chorus pet peeve schcol ma1n mterests are toot ball and dancmq a nurse of tomorrow PATSY RIVETTI Spec Carperter emoys attendmq soctals always Smlllnq to be a qrocer MAY CLASS MARY ROSS Muddy EUGENE SALLIE r Track Stenoqraphrc collects snapshots Cross Country Ir Red Cross mtends to become a steno d1SlIk9S the new look cheerful QTC1Dh9T G voted best lookrnq 1n Senior Class expects a Marme umform after qraduatron ANTOINETTE SANTILLI Tom Clerlcal Grrls Chorus MARGUEEITE SCHIEDLL B Peg OUIPPIAN typtst swat com CG 'mc If OOM' Chemrstry Cl 1b pet peeve mtttee of 49ers alwys has a Joke to be G bemmc on sale drrvmq to be a nurse MARY ELIZABETH SEECH ee chre Ac'adem1c Leaders Club Pre rdert past Vrce PTESI dent ot Tr1 H1 Y OUIPPIAN Asst Class Edxtor Spec1a1 Chorus mam 1nterest Ioe emoys sew ma musrc and dancmq act1ve THELDA SETTERS Doc Academ1c Bach Cholr Treasurer OUIP SCRIPI Chermstry Club Semor Prom Commrttee would lrke to be a dental as slstant after atterdmq Geneva BERNICE SHORT Shcrty Stenoqraphrc Tn H1 Y Lead ers Club not too keen about shorthand rntramural sports and danctnq ocupy her trme FRANK SIKTAR Kzller Academrc Chermstry Club baseball IS a ma1n mte e t towers over all of us would l1l-ce to attend Mrchrqan U RICHARD SEERY Drck Academ1c Chemrstry Club mterested 1n pharmacy com rollectrnq rs a hobby ELSBETH SI-IARPS Betty Comrnerctal Ir Boo ters pas' Presrdent QUIPPIAN typ1st enloys SSWIFQ and swtrnrmnq always around when theres work would hke to be a prrvate sec retary WALTER SHOTT The Ktd General Romeo of the halls sports 1nterest hrm W1ll attend a detecttve school MARY SIMS Clee Steno qraphlc Presrdent of M A Tn Hx Y QUIPPIAN Staff Special Gtrls Chorus Gtrls Tr1o would ltke to be a Journahst " ,,.At,.. . - in Intramurals . . . will! attend B. T,C, MAY CLASS ELEANOR SOMERLADE Acadermc cute lrttle blonde Tr1 H1 Y Band loves mus1c snappy Wllh a clarmet another q1rl 1n whue W1 attend Iarnson M9mOflGl Hosprtal CHARLOTTE STEPHANOVICH Char Commerc1al fl H1 Y and Spec1al G1rls Chorus enJoys class1cal mus1c and read1nq sweet sm1le rr1a1r 1nterest IS Al EDWARD STOKEN Stoke Electr1c1an Student Counc1l CWhats the matter Wllh new ones9l I :S L h1S fu ure DONALD SUTHERLAND Orv Carpenter lndustr1al Club hkes sports and dnvmq lzkely to follow fathers foot teps a rmlk man ROBERT SWER1NGEN Bob Academ1c Band H1 Y emoys mus1c loves h1S Clder Dave s tall compamon Wlll attend Penn State to become an enqmeer ANN SYRKO Ster1oqraph1c VICE Pres1dent of Leaders Club MARY SONSINO Commerc1al collects photos qu1et but not bashful w1ll attend B T C tor ecretar1al future GLENN STITELER General collects old three dollar b1lls eatmq and loahnq h1s rna1n 1nter ests plans to be an a1rl1ne p1lot OUENTIN SULLIVAN Ouenny Art Course Cross Country the needed stamma for h1s sport LOUISE SWIANTEK Peggy Clencal a transier from Hope well would l1ke to be a h1ll brlly smqer on the radro GENEVIEVE SYREMIS Stero qrapluc 1r1tramural basketball cla1ms she had too much home work collects Chma PIQS and adores B1lly LENA TAROUINIO Lee Com m9fC1Gl our struttmq Drum Ma mtrarnurals collect snapshots Joreue Intramurals Wants a very hkable qlrl to be to be a baton tw1rler 1nstructor a secretary . . . 'Er' . . . ' H H A l 1 4 h I 1 . . . 4 -. V. collects old 'fm doum bills I - - . Varsity Club.. . . sleepinq gives EVELYN TATALOVICH Clerrcal member of foot ball program commlttee a very qulet lass B T C w111 be ers rn May PALMA THOMAS Dolly Academrc Y Teers Vrce Presldent of Alpha Beta Kappa Student Councll QUIPPIAN Lnrls Chorus and Specmal Chorus Masque and Dagger emoys SOCIUIS and desrgnmg clothes RUDY TRKULA Conrne Carpenter enyoys ports baseball prctures take up hlS lersure hours yearns to be a baseball player the Romeo of the Machmx ts collects sports artrcles an of the Prrates ELAINE VINCIC Academrc past Treasurer of Alpha Beta Kappa Ir Red Cross Bach Chor QUIPPIAN Masque and Dagger Vrce Presxdent of Y Teens Chemlstry Club swell personalrty accomphshed p1an1st w1ll attend college to tudy speech and drama ANN VOLITICH Commercral very athlet1c Leaders Club collects ouvemrs enloys all sports MAY CLASS GEORGE TISZA General rshmg and fhrtmg are h1S hobbres also a sports enthusxast QUIPPIAN dr1ver remember? WILMA TKATCI-l W1lly ommercral wants to be a housew1te dancmg IS a favor1te pastxme collects PICTUIQS ELEANOR TSOUNIS sourn Clerlcal dlshkes raggmg teach ers nn study hall day dream1ng IS second nature always wrth a laugh wants to be a career woman RALPH UNIS Rrzzo dustrlal enyoys f1sh1ng and hunt 1ng to be a truck dr1ver EUNICE VOGEL Academxc Y Teens Treasurer Ir Boosters Ir Red Cross Chemlstry Club Masque and Dagger very neat collects souven1rs wxll attend Prtt to study mterxor clecoratmg WlLl-IEMINA VREEN Mma Stenoqraphrc M A Tr1 H1 Y collects pxctures wants to make a success of hte to be a nurse ..."Ev" ..- ...V U.. ' I lV"' I "" ' .. ,... ' h I ---G I ...H H.'.. b f c ' i RICHARD TURKOVICH . . . "Turk" . , y , MAY CLASS IOVAN VUKMARAVICH . . . "Scope" . . . Academic . . . Student Council ..F. T. A .... N. H. S .... en- joys spcrts . . . Homeroom Treasurer . . . would like to be a teacher. GEORGE VULA Vula or Big George General Football likes hunting and fishing teases all girls guards the door of 230 to ioin the Navy WILLIAM WARYCK Fatty General Varsity Club the football team couldnt do without htm hope to enter Naval Academy MARTHA WISNIEWSKI Marty Commercial OUIPPIAN Masque and Dagger Girls Spe cial Chorus ambition is to be a model THOMAS P WOOLAWAY Tom Academic President of Ir Boosters Homeroom Sec retary I-I Masque and Dagger Chemistry Club Track and Cross Country enioys dancing would like to study engineering at Carnegie Tech IOHN YAROSH Tubby Acad emrc N H S President Ir Boo ters Vice President Senior Class President Chem rstry Club Bach Choir erioys working with plastics and wire may attend Penn State for civil or aeronautical engineering CARL I. VUKOVICH . . . "Doc" . . . Academic . . . likes baseball . . . building airplane models is his hobby . . . drives delivery truck for grocery store. HELEN VURDELIA Sandy Commercial enyoys sports and classical music likes to read OUIPPIAN a quiet girl GLORIA WILBON Chips Clerical Plan ll Reds basket ball team traveling is her am brtron HELEN WITKO He Steno graphic Tri H1 Y Typirg Editor of the QUIP SCRIPT QUIPPIAN typist Leaders Club G1rls Chorus intramural sports always busy STEVE YARDIC on Car penter emoys dancing ard pass ing out gum the Armed Forces in the near future DALE YELACA Deep River Iim Academic Chemistry Club dislikes the new look likes hunting fishing Plucher Puellas and that new Ford MAY CLASS MARY YEZZI Do Do Stenographtc Gxrls Chorus drshkes bemg c a l 1 e d Shortre loves to meet people MICHAEL ZERNICH Mxck Academlc N l-I S Varsxty Club Parha mentarran of Student Councll Basktball star and Foot ball Manager w1ll attend Pttt on scholarshlp GEORGE ZUNICI-l or Academzc QUIP PIAN hkes movles cmd baseball collects pen nants cmd postcards wrth the two Brlls wants to travel the globe Ioseph F Campbell Lloyd C Curley Eleanor Demma Charles DeSalle Steve Dzugan Robert I Faytock Wtlham R Foley Chrxstma Garofalo George Glad Agnes Holp lohn Barancho Lewls Barbour Anthony Battalmx Louls Cxccone Danrel Dublc Mrchael Goss Txllle Gratson Mrlhcent Hayden NICK ZIVKOVICH Gereral Varsity Club Cross Country and Track qulet lad but energetic SENIORS NOT PICTURED IANUARY cuss I r Elsre Horak Edward D Krnyevxch Bronko Lapcevtch Reba Love Wxlllam Mxracle Albert Mudry Iohn P Murphy Iohn Olsakovsky Thomas Pettlbon MAY CLASS Esther Hood Louls Iannamorelh Phllhp Incorvatt lohn Kerlotxs Constarce Kontehs Nrcholas Macroglou Lrno Marcantomo . . . "P . MELVIN KOSANOVICH . , . VINCENT ZUGAY Vlnce Academtc QUIP PIAN Co Photographer and Busmess Manager sports and mus1c are hrs hobbtes w1ll attend Geneva to be come a teacher Casanova Academxc doesr t lrke the new look thnves on sleep and bas ketball to be a naval cf xcer Lots Phxmzy Lots Shatlalo Wrlltam Trerney Anthory Thomas Ioseph Trombetta Ioseph Turkovxch Dorothy Tyson George Vcdomc Rtchard Wrlght Mxchael Zobrak George Murgenovrch Ioseph Palladxm Iames Pope Louts Popovach George Shomsky Rudolph Trkulla Anna M D Vldmar Emrl V1dov1ch ...J 1? xxx A .pw 5--4' W' 1 6 elwld of 1950 MR. CRAWFORD Front Row: Proakis, Mcnttni, Russo Nolti, Marshall, Rochl. Second Row: Vuckovlch, Tatalovtch Dupkamoh, Ciamacca, Mr. Crawford Third Row: Palombo, Vitale, Yelaca D'Antonio, Barbuto. Absent: Grobaski, Koza, Mrller Rruh ard Tlcatch, Tarquinio. MRS. COULTER Front Row: Barhato, Kozlina, Levln Leonardo, Fouse, Lasky, Pappas, Restamt, Ross, Se-,fond Row: Mrs. Coulter, Burns Mdnro, Mrlanovirsh, Wyland Ret gel, Suhar, Shumatr, Davld, Proc qqtdro. Tlxrd Row: Marrnaduke, Harmlton Baud, Burlcet, Elllott, Forbes Davxs, Sue-zech, Sperdutt. A:3sen': Barnes Carnes Dantels Glovter, Markts OZlmGk, OFFICERS Presrdent ,...............,..,.,. ..,. ,, lohn Barore Vrce Prestdent ...,.,....., Tom Sarqeson Secretary ..,,.,.,.,....... Mary Ann Mihalik Treasurer ...,..., ..,.. F lznor Voyvodich Sat. at Arms Fred Ross MRS. LONG Front Row: Oddts, Ball, Volpe, Myers, Marshall, Carone, Revell. Second Row: Mrs. Long, Prtsuta, Dlme ttrovrsh, Gross, Maravtvh, Kosto, Yurlco, llllllld Row: Vtfaqner, Ee-ga, Vmftvh, Makrts, Orsaa, Lagkartdes. Aosent: Barone, Deramo, M1lanov1ch, Vladovlch, Frey, Boro, Ceccarelh, Lucls, Rubrno, Wrlbon Richards. MRS. BENEDlCT Front Row: Caravacct, Barbour, Ka- kiou, loseph, Sarqeson. Second Row: Walker, Skorich, Snuth. Kotlarz, Del Guzzo, Lloyd, Frana' kos, Kcsanovtvh, Vtnvc-, Mrs. Bene- dict. Absent: Vallecorsa, Kontelts, Wrlson, Rlqqens, Dowdell, Green, Petrick, Fattore, Carnrnq. 4-in-al ,s Seated: I. Barone, M. A. Mihalik. Standinq: E. Vcyvodich, T. Sarqeson, F. Ross. MR. REINISH Front Row: Donina, Gray, Cino, Gait enaris, Miso, Baldwin, Pavlovich, Myers, lenkins, Ralich. Second Row: Garner, Hobson, Tib- olet, Tilly, Brandon, Mozena, Mc' Cafterty, Pajac, Devaney, Gilbert, Mr. Reinish. Third Row: Houston, Farber, Eberle, Winovich, Buclous, Sisson, Walker, Radovich, Planera. MR. ZAHORCHAK Front Row: Zuqay, Sund, Young, Ma iors, lacob, DiGovine, Bertoli, Hutt Crnkovich, Todd. Second Row: Voyvodich, Ronqiti Evan, Mihalik, McConnel, Militich, Turney, Sylvester, Rice, Tepsich, Mr. Zahorchak. Third Row: Padgett, Simmons, Bull, DiCicco, Woods, Zobrak, Felaar, Mancini, Wilson. Fourth Row: Fowler, Tomer. Now ready to take their coveted places as Seniors, the lunior Class has been active throughout the year, especially with such money-making projects as socials. The Iunior Prom, "An Old Fashioned Christmas," climaxed several weeks ot hard work tor their co-chairmen, Millicent Maravich and Don Bull and Nancy Skeriotis, chairman of decorations. Though theirs has been a profitable year, the death of one of their active and most likable members, luno Roma, leaves with them the memory ot a schoolmate and friend Whom they shall never forget. MR. HARTLEY Front Row: Montini, Rivetti, Piccone Glovier, Keyser, Rinker, Marzon vac, Skeriotis, Lisa. Second Row: Del Guzzo, Gasttriend Timcisko, Pfeiffer, Scabevea, Guira Mathews, Recker, Stamm, Smoth ers. Third Row: Sandy, Finks, Cox Aaccris, Kovac, Blair, Aetkovich Roma, Mr. Hartley. MR. ROSS First Row: Mascian, Davis, Stuchlok Smeqa, Cuch, Montini, D'Allesan dris, Alam, Green, Collins, Lawr ence. Second Row: Mr. Ross, Tomel, Yanko Thomas, Tomb, Martinka, Luke tich, Skiba, Mitchell, Robson, Mar chionda. Third Row: Kozlowski, Moskola Orsaq, Kulha, Morris, lcnes, Pon tis, Persi. rish. Absent: Kemp, Maravich, Nairn, Par- MBS. McWILLlAMS Front Bow: Myers, Strother, Stern. Second Row: Mrs. McWilliams. Kozel, Byrd, DiNello, Grossi, Co- langelo, Copalc, Meade, Dzugan, Oster, Sperduti. Absent: Davies, Kovac, Marshall, Mitchell, Palmer, Patterson, Pav- lovich, Powell, Bizza, Starnlgoul, Toney, Turkovich, Tipper. MRS. MARSDEN Front Bow: l-lerda, Timko, D.CosrnO, Mcrris, Oldham, Garner, DelTurco, Krivan. Second Bow: Augustine, Maiden, Tselepis, Zeola, lntanToZzi, Don- aldson, Mrs. Marsden, Third Bow: lannamorelli, Zoiyrak Shannon, lozsa, Kosonavich Strot- her, Campbell, Dolnack. Absent: Bell, DeSantis, Duganich I-lyre, Iohns, Maravich, Mascia, McGraw, Mikedis, Minotti, Pnsuza, Simmons, Trkiula. MISS POIARKOFF Front Bow: Mzss Paiarkoti, F, Brown, DxCioccio, Montini, Dulay, Gran- ikos, Lucas, Vfaryck. Second Bow: Murphy, DeNuzzio Dacba, Ceravola, Cause, F. Fink Third Bow: Atalictis, Behun, Billings- lea, Farelli, Stala. Fourth Bow: Compston, Santilli 'Naz- rner, I, Fink, Grago, Sims, S. Brown, Carroll, McKenna. Absent: Argenbright, Bailey, Dari-el Harlow, Petter, Rogs, Salaya, 61914 aj MBS. EDWARDS Front Bow: Bestaino, Bologna, Far- land, George, Bradick, Fletcher, Vitale, Valiga, Campbell, Salonus. Second Bow: Mrs. Edwards, Ha- boush, Agostine, Earl, Fontana, Mthalcin, Cannon, Bodnar, Hohn- son. Third Bow: Myers, Gaydos, lanes, Sarnbol, Kovaccvich, McCarthy, Fayad, Testa. Absent: Mansuetti, Markovich, Mi- halik, Smith, Yelland. MB. NICKLAS Front Row: Mcblatfie, Mtklos, Melt, ieschlce, Canning. Second Bow: Mr. Nicklas, Palombo, Tucker, Greco, Honchak, Chizmar, l-laluga, Chabala, Bowden. Absent: Laughlin, Petrie, Pitts. 1951 MR. DAVIS Front Row: Bruni, O'Brien, Sirnoni Sarris, Prunell Romantgne, Bene- dirt, Biscan. Second Row: Costanza, Kish Mott Rosich, O'Ccnnor, Pornpeanz. Pla- nera, Suenback. Third Row: Mr. Davis, Kerictis W. Smith, Hines, Bass. Absent: Allison, Crevar, R. Evans. Henry, Palombo. I. Smith, Theo- doro, Crawiord, L. Evans, Moskas Slezak, Tisch, Vtfagner, NVozni:lci. MRS. KIRK Front Row: Wagner, Yezzi, Smith Niqh, Crissi, Brown, Scournis, Mc Neill, Frey, Donina, D. Miller, Mrs Kirk. Secord Row: Petrie, Koletich, B Miller Bracci, Gourley, Sarnbol Estolc, Gentile, Oaks, Metropolous, Ferris, Hayden. Third Row: Richards, Brttza, Forbes, Maravich, Murphy, Sisson, Mc Williams, McClelland, Piekelek, Butler, Dunham. Absent: Borov, DelGuzzo. 'Tj' H7Ir....l MR. URAM Front Row: Ceanlaqlione, Kurpel, Fouse, Rivetti, Hirieman, Van Ryan, Cercone, Leo, Bright, Meute, Evans. Second Row: Mutkus, Feldman, Lane, Tselpsis, Bakewell, French, Rossi, Molton, Antonis. Third Row: Leon, Placidi, Malesh. Katz, Deflice, Early, Parsons, Ya- hich, Morrison. MR. ADAMS Front Row: Vladovich, Suttelle, Evans, Radut, Compel, Carpenter, loloskey, Kocher, N. lones, Miller, Ross, Tyson. Second Row: Sharps, Frohm, M. lones, Perich, Crnkovich, Mudrick, Aeqan, McMullen, Hines, Sprohar, Caler, Mr, Adams. Third Row: Voyvodioh, Vogel, Sakol, Pitts. Absent: Brown, Brunton, Cummings, Gibson, Hoffman, Kozlowski, Mut- kus, Palme-ri, Slcurla, Vasko. MRS. BRADLEY Front flow: Mascian, Dougherty, Han nan, Mclntosh, Otto, Kohar, Hine man, Sutherland, Manqiarelli. Second Row: Duthaler, Kosto, Ey- rnan, Merriman, Bucan, Grubysich, Beal, Rose, Wasil. Third Row: Manasterski, Taylor, Avdellas, Walker, Sisson, Swer' LHQCD 'Wilhelm Belich. Fourth Row: Waryik, Laman, Pas- sodelis, ezmq MISS COCHRAN Front Bow: Nelson, Lyles, Glenn, Mc- Kenzie, Sliqh, Beck, Williams, Nie- man. Second Row: Welch, Galazarano, Dunn, D'Eramo, Hribar, Zeljak, Dull. Absent: Byland, Cavoulas, Chismar. Fink, Niesen, Weaver. MISS HALAMA Front Row: Palmieri, Wytiaz, Van- nauker, Woodward, Perkey, Blair, M. Standley, Painter. Second Bow: Matijasic, Porter, Sar- ris, Iohns, Strother, Ross, Schneck, Miss Halama. Third Row: Piroli, Santilli, C. Stand- ley, Temple, Kerns, luth, Miller. MISS MacMILLAN Front Row: Shaffer, Radanovich, Lang, Morrison. Second Row: Puskarich, Zuqay, Va- rosky Miss MacMillan, Welch. Martin, Wallace, Morrow. Absent: Dupkanich, Leqqe, Thomas, Hudson, Mansuetti, DiNardo, Tar- quinio, Oaks, Rembert. MR. MILANOVICH Front Row: Marks, Basile, A. Miller, D'Amico, B a b i c h, Crnkovich, Frank. Second Bow: Blackson, Steals, Petrie, Barber, Akins, Charles, Glad, Third Row: D, Miller, Celich, Mar- shall, Trump, Rinqle, Davis, Chilli. Absent: Gray, lones. MBS. WEITZEI. Front Row: Zubaly, Prigorac, Gla- dich, Getic, Besch, Evanko, Gutier- rez, Mrs. Weitzel. Second How: Green, Baqer, I-lerda, Campbell, Hayden, Vasilis, Laz- zeri, Kalamus, Chiotti, Gulley, Cinclrich. Absent: lones, Vreen, Santilli. 195.2 Front Row: Bouras, Cheuvront, Kunzman, Aeqan Ackerson. MR. GARING Second Row: Piccirilli, Steianacci, Langford Isasky, Epley. Third Row: Pontis, Getic, Barbour, Murphy, Bruni Lehocky, Conner, Mandich. Fourth Row: Mott, Huckstep, Lanqe, Wiles, Aber- crombie, Mr. Cwarinq, Zalucky, Lucci, Lake Krizmanich, Eqyud. Absent: Neft, Daugherty. MISS LAMAN Front Row: O'Neill, Betters, R. Campbell, Re veil, Haboush, Murphy, Griffith, Lesko, Leqqe Second Row: Colaluca, Walden, McCarthy, Wil son, Miller, Zlatovich, Kaluza, Nowak, De Cosmo, Zobrak. Third Bow: Lukacin, Boos, lackman, Dukovich Even, Miss Laman, Bateman, Nicastro, Oros Sapariti, Petty, Tkach, Fatur. Absent: Stala, D. Campbell. MISS BONOMI Front Row: Sarkis, Skiba, Kuchera, Short, Silves ter, Semma, Duncan, B. Brown, Gallatin Painter, Mock. Second Row: Mitchell, Person, Sakol, Tirik, lohns Porpora, Brunton, Aschman, Iones. Third Bow: I. Brown, Lewis, Kemp, Hasho, Babich Anderson. Absent: Data, Lee, Sturle, Walker. MRS. BROWN Front Row: Miller, Leo, Davies, Andrews, Katchur Liberati, Purrachio, Shumate, Koban, Kamen ski, Coley. Second Row: Fracassa, Galzarano, Laird, Mike Palmer, Munro, Toth, I-lohla, McNeil. Third Row: Moore, Wilson, Lucci, Thomas, Sko rich, Iones, Minich, Mrs. Brown. MISS DeSENA Front Row: Paich, Futieo, Zuqay, Dupkanich Clark, Leaqe, Moore, Glovier, Collins, Cia macca, Casuccio. Second Row: Sicklesmith, Manasterski, Perencevic Depner, Festor, Mill, Bernola, Trkulja, Crocker Third Row: Miss DeSena, Canqiano, Giannetti Del Turco, Sapariti, Colonna, Turner, Patter son. 61444 of MISS SMALLWOOD Front Row: Caropellotti, Barbuto, Leqqe, Gray. Thomas, Benedict, Llcyd, Ondik, Iozsa, Step- hens. Second Row: Gause, I, D'Eramo, Huffine, Fran- cona, Sichak, Fortunato, Tapolski, Morrisette Carosa. Third Row: Miss Smallwood, Lee, Barton, Carnes Lewis, Glenn, Kimbrough, Winkle, Dunn. Fourth Row: Liberatore, Nolfi, I. D'Eramo, DeVorc MRS. BENNETT Front Row: Douds, Griffiths, Early, Bires, Siege worth, Ermi, Marocco, Morris, Faber, Russo Lewis, Cavoulas, Ritchie. Secord Row: Mrs. Bennett, Cobb, Buclous, Milliner Jarrett, Marich, Allison, Dorazio, Radovich Markatos, I-Iunter, Kennedy. Third Row: I-Icrvath, Iones, Galbraith, Franqo- poulis, Garbini, Baranylc, Colonna, O. Tipper Absent: I-lribar. MISS MORAN Front Row: Bertoli, Volpe, Chervenka, Susa, Del- Greco, Gutierrez, Ross, Chilli, Duniee, Corsi Second Row: Miss Mcran, Ewing, Yanko, Buorta Basile, Woffard, Rembert, Ingram, Siktar. Third Row: Thornton, I-lanshew, Levinqer, Kreiqer, Platoniotis, Crossland. Absent: Mudrick, Vail. MR. ELLIOTT Front Row: Turner, Graham, Brandon, Shahen Petrick, Daniel, Nichols, Kalcoulas, Bradel Davis, Faieta, Mazzocca, Vidic, Eaton, Mr. Elliott. Second Row: I-Iall, Miller, Gavalia, Shultz, Musuf lin, McConnell, Swiatek, Gianetti, McNeill Dyer, Walton, I-Iribar, Third Row: Mowad, Novaselac, Lee, Ladika, Keserich. MRS. GILLESPIE Front Row: Zernich, Mclieel, Del Turco, Shannon, Bryant, Finks, Smothers, Sandor, Musante, Huff, Medved. Second Row: West, Karmozyn, King, Tomeo, Bush Harlow, Abctyes, Burchett, Deter, Solita, Roth Third Row: Yaramus, Restich, Smolich, Whisner, Mott, Tolta, Redd, Rady. Absent: Williams, Marchione, Smeqa. 195.2 MR. POLOVINA Front Row: W1tner, A, Romanttne, Ftoyba, Buday Sampson, C. Romantine, Strohm, Stargent Salay, Isasky, Matijasrc. Second Row: Belich, Short, D'Erco1e, Palombo Debs, Klencvich, Setters, Niesen, Buchanan Stepanovich, Alfanc. Third Row: Mervosh, Brougher, lohrson, Taylor Iones, Voynilc, Shannon, Zihrner, Popps. Absent: Woznickt, Clark. MH. BATTLES Front Row: Syrko, Langer, Morrison, Zeltak, Ross Mihalko, Tselepsis, Byers, Davis, Mamula, Second Row: Oehler, Mancini, Vitale, Pollack Forbes, Caler, Levin, Monn, Zambery, Mr. Battles. Third Row: Cowart, Parrtsh, Townsell, Freeman, Salaya, Palombo, Piotrowski, Mutkas, Mark ovich, Tirik. Absent: Sebictaus, Corby. Special Shufenii morelli, Miss Zcrkovich, Trombetta Scarcellone, Mr. DelGreco. Second Row: Incorvati, Grabski Aegan, Keriotis, Macroglou, Bar ron. Third Row: Coelho, Horton, Olack Mabee, Diciocco, Vidovich. Absent: Agcstini, Belsky, Grubich Longo, Schnerk, Woznicki. Composed ot part-time students, most ot whom are veterans, the Special Students' primary aim is to complete their requirements for graduation or post graduate courses preparatory for college entrance. Though many of them have been away from school studies for several years, they have entered into our curriculum with ease and prove themselves Worthy citizens ot the high school. Through the efforts of several ot their number, the G. l. loe's Club was organized for the veteran-students enrolled in the school. Front Row: Diciere, Faytock, Ianna- ELECTRICIANS Realizing that pupils of high school age must have varying interests, needs, and abil- ities, the local school administration has es- tablished several curricula in an effort to satisfy these variations. To meet the needs of some of the boys who wish to enter a skilled trade upon completion of high school, the Aliquippa High School offers trade vocational courses in Auto Mechanics, Carpentry, Electricity, and Machine Shop. The general aim of these courses is to give a boy the opportunity to acquire such basic skills and knowledges in one specific trade as UPPER CARPENTERS Front Row: Verdoni, Rivetti, D'Ambragi, Dicton, Kramer, Glenn, Trkulja. Second Row: Del Greco, Yardic, Bicsenkamp, Porter, Men' canin, Mr. Ciriacy. Third Row: Barbour, Iuth, Evans, Smith, Sutherland, Shahan. Not Present: Evans, Mervosh, Stewart. UPPER MACHINISTS Front Row: Delieso, Guzie, Grego, Dobrc, Rubeis, Kriso, DiCiero. Second Row: McNeil, Cindrich, lezzi, Roscoe, Turkovich, Mr. Glass. Third Row: Sundy, Sudak, Grabaski, Gardlik, Kantoush, Mazzacca, Fibbi. I TRI CARPENTERS will enable him to secure a job in that trade, to keep the job, and to progress in the trade. Another equally important purpose is to provide instruction that will assist him in mak- ing the adjustments to modern society required of all good citizens. Each trade course is divided into two sec- tions beginning with the tenth grade, the lower grade and the upper grade. While one group spends three weeks in the trade shop, the other studies related subjects and drawing. Although the boys are introduced to the trade as a group, instruction is largely on an individual basis. UPPER ELECTRICIANS Front Row: Amoroso, Ciccone, Malobabich, Ogrodski, Mav- rich, Slezak. Second Row: DiGiovine, Buchanan, Mountain, Frank, Man- sueti, Calafactor, Mr. Ladish. Third Row: Chabala, Trombetta, Rogan, Midock, Montini Stoken. UPPER AUTO-MECHANICS Front Row: McCrory, Hramika, DelTurko, Zbihley, Ringle Clark, Baghetti. Second Row: McCandless, Unis, Reback, Giofre, De Mar- tines, Mr. Nelson. Third Row: Gianetti, Shannon, Crakovich, Cangiano, Pc- toczny. DEPARTME AUTO MECHANICS Younger boys are often paired with older ones to gain experience at jobs new to them. "Live" cars brought in by persons of the community are a part ot the Auto-Mechanics' Shop. Common repairs and adjustments are made in a general shop. Two "junk" cars are available for beginners' instruction. Learning the use of hand tools and the operation of woodworking machinery is a part ot the Carpentary Course. The last two years include the carpentry of house-building when the boys put into practice the measuring, lay- out, cutting, erecting, and nailing instruction. First year Electrical Construction students LOWER CARPENTERS Front Row: Woods, Bazmore, Dickton, Koza, Iacob, Mano- lovich, Rinaldi. Second Row: Wytiaz, Piroli, Scabevea, Constanza, Scrrazzo, Santilli, Mr. Brittain. Third Row: Bedekovich, Iohnson, Bruce, Fayad, Simoni, Radut. Not on Picture: Shaw. LOWER MACHINISTS Front Row: Burns, Tirik, Pontis, Pvotchenko, Lloyd, Rodich. Second Row: Bevnolh, Scavazzo, Eortunato, Seech, Mr. Brobeck. Third Row: Bucan, I-Tiber, Zombore, Petitta. MACHINISTS practice the wiring of low voltage circuits such as those used with bells, annunciators, burglar and fire alarms, and telephone systems. Eleventh and twelfth grade students study di- rect and alternating current motors and gener- ators, motor controls, transformers, and meters. Machine Shop boys learn the fundamental operations of the lathe, shaper, milling machine, drill press, power hack saw, contour saw, uni- versal grinder, tool grinder, and furnace. Main- tenance work on shop equipment and the con- struction of new equipment and experimental work is a part ot the twelfth grade boys' instruc- tion. LOWER ELECTRICIANS Front Row: Murphy, Webb, Rcmieri, Battalini, Dinardo. Second Row: DiBocco, Dukovich, Paciotta, Merison, Gieri, Mr. Petty. Third Row: Suhy, Silvestri, Aller, Puckett, Venanzi. LOWER AUTOTMECHANICS Front Row: DiCicco, Copak, Santia, Gula, Karcs, Lalama, Zonker. Second Row: Rodich, I-lags-s, Forland, Kolich, Mr. Beichler. Third Row: Kossler, Eicher, Piotrowski, Bochok, Thompson. Vlouernq rnarclres hoarse Cheers tense moments full of fears Sladrlm lrqhts wrlh crowds below onward we went to battle the oe To our ATI-llETlCS we qrve a great hoorah For we know we have qarned rn all wrn lo e or draw fl 'HQ' f? J' 1 f 0' I fa ! 'UD 4 lx., 7' f NQ FX . We uf Nm I riff f rem X fi C Arg wha Af fx 'r ' l , as . f . s . ff N 3 EEK -xg Xl X ill f l X!! W7 F Y' , f .1 I ,, K N, J I 3 gp l X l H x.,, 4 4, ,HM I 3 -, T, . A IX ,. Z X X 'WQXQR2 4 'S ' , 1 K -ff o f mr r A ' HV I 0, W:-I XX' L , X L 6 my lf. ' . ' "F -e 4' - - 4 . me f lj' ATHLETICS 4aaZ-Bd! r SEASON RECORD ALIOUIPPA OPPONENT 7 ...............................,............................... Erie Tech 13 28 .....,.....,....................,4.............. North Catholic 7 SU .............................,................................. Windber 6 33 ................,......................... Central Catholic l3 6 .....................................,......................... Rochester 13 6 ................................................,........... Ambridge 20 O ...................................................... Ellwood City 19 O ........................................,............. Beaver Falls 19 O ......................................................... New Castle 35 COACH CARL ASCHMAN Operating underanew system exclusively at the beginning of the season the Ouips proved to be slightly unpolrshed and a little on edge They dropped their first game a 13 7 heartbreaker to Erie Tech because of their inability to produce a sustained drive The Ouips rallred back and defeated North Catholic and Windber by 28 7 and 50 6 respective ly They reached their peak in the Central Catholic game which resulted in a 33 13 victory Faltering on the wet field at Rochester the team lost a gruelhng 136 contest ln play ing their hearts out against Arnbridge their 20 6 defeat could hardly speak for the annual thriller that kept fans on their toes and hanging on their radios Despite a reshuffling of the line the Ellwod City eleven gave the Red and Black grid ders a '90 setback in their next fray The final losses to Beaver Falls and New Castle showed the offensive sting was missing for the season VARSITY SQUAD poulos DeBaLco Second Row Mr Brobeck DEra'no Mr Uram Suhey DrNardo Stala Mrlanovich DeFe-hc Vladovich Crndrich Walker Trpper Vula Mr Aschman Third Row Frank Mgr Bakewell Mar Barone Fontana F Waiyck Billinqslea Ball D Smith Hires Murphy Mc Brrde Mgr Moskola Mgr Not pict red Del Tirco Greco Front Bow-l. to r. -Stoken, Mazzocca, Midok, Cable, B. Vfaryck, L. Smith, Gregor, Simoni, Barna, Shannon, Metro- ' x I , 4 ,ff N s. HQ' 'iw 'I 13,2 X 'W r ,. So 9 is s " x -451 if W W 4 fu . -1. 4 ' a Q. g pw .4 -af g .fn . 5,0 I V 'sw ,iff . 11: Z ., s gm 1 -f If N, 15 1 gp, 1 4 .Fi 4 "fn in - o s CW .-A N--3 i MARCH GN RICJHI P4lDOK TAQKLE ex L.. STOKEN END WALKER TAL KLL SHANNON TACKLE SIMON! Gufxnn BAR NA BACK SHAW BACK DELTURCO BACK MILANOVICH TACKLE DOWN IHAI HLLD f VULA METROPOUI 05 GREGOR GUARD END CABLE BACK END WARYCK TIPPER ,if ARD L U BACK SMITH CENTER Mc BRIDE MANAGER WPIAL CLASS A CHAMPIONS MICKEY ZERNICH Co-Captain 6 Center AP. AII-State -- Errst Team CLARENCE SHAVV Forward AP AIIState Fon a e Mermon IERRY MONTIIN Guard D ALE CABLE Forward .Slate 6' F- 'Pixma WESTERN REGIONAL CHAMPIONS IAMES FRANK Cc-Cayffam 6- Guard AP. AlI'S!at+- Semnd Team IOE RICHARDS F:rward GEOR E DANOV ICII G a J Forward PA I WALKER Cen rEarward n Kirk I1 ecorma P 1 I n 1 Sha v IV' Zfzrmch I Frank R Iaards D Ca II rd R ra d Mr If Q S aIa G Dano ram I W1 son FLLIIII R Barnes R S 5 J s ,I KETB LL QWI Wm elm ,4 vwpzu, INDIANS DEFEAT YORK 63 51 COP FIRST STATE CROWN IN COUNTY Regtsterrrg wms over nme exhxbttxon twelve league four regtcnal WPIAL and four state PIAA opponents the Ahqutppa I-Itgh School Basketeers gave thetr Alma Mater tts ttrst State Champxonshtp and to themselves coveted posttrons m the athlettc annals of Pennsylvanta That the champronshtp seemed tnevztable from thetr ftrst ttlt way back rn Juntor hlgh school IS somethmg the fars predtcted And Sammy and hrs boys proved 1t Thetr capable cool play and w1n em all thecry d veloped through the excellent coach1ng of Sam M1lGHOV1Ch and h1s assrstant Ntck Uram gave the Outp Cagers the rtght to a champtonshtp that no one questtoned from thetr fxrst contest on the hardwood Two quahtres dtsplayed by the team'-co ordmatton and teamwork were never d1sputed by therr followers or the sportscasters Another rmportant success factor was that any combmatron of the hrst etght players could be used w1thout destroymg the h1gh efftczency of the team Equally true ot thts dream team was the sportsmanshtp exhtbtted by every varszty reserve player Thetr excellert phystcal condttton fast breaks alert ness to the opponents strategy perslstent speed both of fenstvely ard defenstvely and equaltty of play garnered them an unbroken strtng of VICIOTIGS over the best Class A teams the state had to offer games theorres were as qurckly exploded a made The Sharon Bengals loomtng as a sectlon favor1te were eas1ly dropped tn the hrst t1lt 56 33 but sttll held therr own IH other league trays As most sportsmen agree the second 51 43 wm over Sharon was the real turrmg pomt Remammg league and VJPIAL games proved to be de crdedly one stded In meettng Somerset and PIAA compe t1t1on the team proved xtselt the classy outftt already predrcted Then came Westmont General optmcn has rt that the under rated Westmont ers proved the scrapplest threat to the Red and Black The apparert slow start of the locals had fans wavmg good bye to the Phzlly tram but the conststent defenstve and later oftenstve pluggtng proved the hlghltght of the tmal 47 40 wm Wtth the wm over Sharpsvrlle team rocters lmmedxate ly set out to tr1m the Eastern Reglonal Champs Ycrks Whtte Roses-and Sammy and h1s boys dtd 1ust that SAM MILANOVICH NICK URAM Coach Asststant lt IS SIQHIIICQHI to note the stmxlarrty of the iollowmg commerts made by leadtng clttzens and sports fans They speak for all ot us who know the boys and then coaches as mdtvtduals who rn turn proved themselves a genume team There were no prtma donnas they all played for each other and every one of the boys was a perfect gentleman all ot the trme Mr Robert Crawford The decrdmg factor was therr wtllrngness to forget themselves for the good of the whole Ccach Roger lones It was the teams team They played for the team ard not lor themselves Mr Larry Blaney The team po sessed an excepttonally fme sptrtt and they dehmtely had the wtll to Wm Mr Donald Adams Pure teamwork carrted them to the champ1onsh1p They were a good team all the way round Mr Mxchael Bobamc It was the wtll to Wm that I beheve contrrbuted great ly to the success of our team Mrs Mary Gecrge It ll go down as one ol the greatest teams tn PIAA hzstory People frorn the east have told me that they have never seen such an accomph hed team We are very proud oi our coachtng stall Dr I. N Colonna THE NOOSE OF 29 KNOTS Count em 29 m all a knot for every wm Kept by Mrckey Zermch Co Captam and center the hangmans noose became as Important to the team as Dr Mrllers hat I I o o a , I I ' . ' - - , e- , . I ll ' 1: I I 4 I I is r I I I . . . . 5' - I V ' I ' I fl I ll As the season progressed from exhibition to league ' ' I I 3 . ll I I ' A I I I I .H T I I I H I I U I I I - I I Al I H - Il I I I , . . . . .I I .. . , . I . A il Nw- ' . wwf, " nm 3 1 I Z? ,, .. ky, J' A Q' 'LQ' .M.3,q, 'Lf if ' J - gg wk , L q , . 'I X x A 't E Qi N 1 T f nA K 'I .quhq x rs q fl X "1i3? Q -, . '5- 4 M' I 'W A r gm ' Ll l ' ' X If X 3 . I ' 3 R ,I ' U F 'SH ,b S' wk ' ws ,V LP N si 1 an 8 ff' Q IG Q. 4V I I Q., , U wif? f af .SEV f ' 3 5 . 3 .., ,, 7.3.4 - ying I- QQXARG? " c I at K rx-,. J 'Q 15 ,S K IN v X-. 1 Y x I QA' Q . k. sf A1 ff J I wf.,y?ig Fl: , 7 ,Ry . . Q 4152: 'T its gy 1, 1 f . Q ' 1 X, ' fkfk .,, L 1' Liv A - x My 14: F Q, vU""Vv 2 X I' Qi ' il ' 5 lag I? 7, f'ff 5 ' , . MV nw" ' x vii, af Z A , if i 5 . K, I J ff -. , 'E ww .Vs if - .xr-fn ,y- 1 A 'N :SH 'L 5' ii I R fi' W' O ' sw - v , V Q QX -'nn Q-,fn lgx W. L .5 X PW? 'N 2, IB j nn om 4 Rf K 1 I 3 1. f 1 V Q, f l x 'lui' I ll ltvsss ' U D .M .2-. 'S - ' X Pi Q - 1 V - , 1 1 9' f -ff F , ' ' 5 f f f 8 . 1 A Y Q5 ' .S q Y-wx Y Q! is 35. W, 7 A A A I' i s V A Rf er' I 6 Q . QQ S 39. Ji Q L - , A """' k ', W 1' I. h 0 iq iff 0 0 fi " yrs A f E J 'f ,f'?:if ' '! I f ' Ex ' Wadi ' :Q gi ! A QQ 4 V . , t i gf. 4 " 1 Y Y A er 'f .5 Q i Q-Q gl. ff v H tm 1 -Q 'W' 7 an 633,65 Q' M u .i 1 'i' 'Q -sf Eg ff 5 5' ,. 'F f , if f - E5 xii Wy La Q. 15, 4' ' 32 3. Wg f .bl : I 'M x ' f 0 , Wm- ' . v , - , . -.A , , . 'Q eg K- div 1, f 4... H, ff " 1 wp-lR.,gf.A b '.x.55" 5 I I Q 'ily ll., f. 'F xlr, s 5 ' ,s Kgs. y. LA f I :I L1 if , E , K AN. . ,uk rv - W 9-51 QS ffm 'T -qv 2 4 Q v NLD A 1- 5 ' ' 21 N J - ,ca , V .' A QA, .H 3 i Q' . '23 Im 'r' X f. 5, I fl ' 1 , wifi, ,, , Yau' - 5. 4 ,iw K-M, .,. - , I ,v -. - ?v fi FW I LX sf X S 4, J 5' EFTH ':f"? Bit I Q1 M4 4 X M" 11 uf' 1 x 4 1' f ' 2 A :-...Q , x,EjfJ ' 1 4 59? ' A-. 5 ' , ry ' ,, 4 - ' T S ff-ff. x Na ,xAr , 15, -Jpglrfi, Y ' 'Q f uw' I Q .3 , . ,ly A I ' H XV. I A 19 ' sf Vw S", ' -'U " ' 1' 'A-S.. X 'fx fi Fw Q 1 f fix X? ' ' is ga "gf-1'j:,?,,5x1.xB 4 fx' " -37 - . 3 ',?'l3 4 4 35' 72 v4 A . a 7 'g Q,9', . gfpgkfg " , xi Q4 3,1353 ? R i X v 4' i X V h '5' 9 ' g . wi ' ,Q Q Q, X , .14 ' jf? U -Q 'Q 4' , f "V , .fix 4 -5 X9 WN f E it 2 fi, A ,A 7 K ,jk 4 ' V' 9 ' f""' .. ' f ??5?3 fi?5Q , p 4 n gg Y 5 Q 6, K I g A H at W I I ff ,J ,L ,, , ,, .Af K5 ,, 5, Allah ri 'G MI' 21,2 u,,f BA FBALL 1948 SEASON COACH SAM MILANOVICH As has been the custom ot the Alrqurppa I-hah ba eball team they aqarn copped the county and d1str1ct baseball trtles for the 1948 season Under the quldance of Coach M11OD avrch the dramond stars cru1 ed through thexr regular schedule w1th only one defeat The 1nt1e1d composed ofNe1sh Dobo CIC cone and Frank dlsplayed a better balance that had been seen on any other school dlamond squad The p1tch1nq was shared by Grable Klopovrch Passerla and Freldmq whrle Slezak SEASON REOORD AUQUIPPA Ambrldqe Monaca Beaver Mldland Rochester Ambrrdqe Beaver Mldland Rochester PLAY OFFS Avonworth Wampum 1 Cratton was the man ot steel behrnd the plate Round ma out the squad were Ball Glad and Wal lace rn the outtreld Asrde from the Cratton defeat durrnq play otts the Ourps met thelr surprl e upset at the hands ot Mrdland Th1s defeat was the frrst handed the Red and Black team ln 56 regular e t1on contests srnce 1942 durrnq whlch they copped two WPIAL crowns and srx sectronal champ1onsh1ps 14 DIAMOND STARS Front Row 1 to r Mr Crawford Ball Glad Slezak Grable Klopovlch Vlallace Luketlch Pafserl Mr Mrlanovtch Second Row Karas Mar Rlacuns F1eld1na Cxcconr Dobo Frank Iuth Kaluou Mar -J ' '- 13 ............,..............................,.........,............ ' 8 15 ...............,,..........,......................................... 4 8 .........................,.......,......,.....................,......... 3 3 ..................,.....,............................................ ' 1 12 ................................,................................. 4 8 ....,........................................................., ' 2 12 .....................................................,........,......... 1 4 ............................................................... ...... M onaca O 6 ................,................................................,... ' 9 6 ................,..............,...............,.......,,......... 4 18 ................................,.............................. 6 5 ...,.............................................................. 1 3 i f 9 A, ,Q" Zu wi "" A '14 Q Y. 1 ,L g A I A MA' 'hom Luadlm ffvl TS-4 43 YQ!! 7,172 if X In lf: ninj- U! 1 COACH ROGER IONES W1th few lettermen returnmq Coach lones had a Track squad cons1st1nq of several Jun1ors and sophomores durmq the 1948 season Thrs green team lost a close match to Ambrrdae 1n the1r openmq meet GZVQ to 6316 Competma 1n the WPIAL Relay at Can onsburq the Qurps copped econd p1ace 1n the team Jave11n and fourth place 1n the hrah Jump Ieldo MOH11H1 Ed Stoken and B111 M1dOC were the medal wrnners of the Jave11n team wh1le Mrckey Zermck Iohn Kendnclcs and Rlch B111 mqslea made up the h1qhJump team TRACK 1948 SEASON The WPIAL qualrtymq meet at Ambrrdqe placed the followmq boys B111 Trpper th1rd place 1n the 880 yard run Ed Stoken th1rd place Javelm B111 M1dOC hrst place dlscus Mrckey Zerruch and lohn Kendncks frrst and th1rd place respechvely 1n the hrgh Jump B111 Trpper f1rst p1ace broad Jump A1 Brown and Ray Gurterrez f1rst and th1rd place 1n the pole vault B111 T1pper was the only polnt w1nner 1n the WPIAL hnals at Conr1el1sv111e He placed frfth 1n the broad Jump and fourth 1I'1 the ha1f m11e run Eron Row 1 to r S rn 1-lmes Paloma Brlhnaslea R VV ods Woolaway Coach Jones Powell Vvelch Meade Sarqesor Brovn Mvers Crpnam Qecond Row Frey 1 Brrde Davey Uerry Blacks n 1 Woods Perkey Walker Trpper Guuerrez Scabavea S1"f1on1 Passodelrs Thlrd Rcw Zermch Kendnlc Stcken Mrdoc Murphy Mornson Todd Mqr Davzes Mar Montlm Protrowskr Jurkcvr h Srmth Barone DeFe11e J . . , C . I 1 ,, ,, I 1 , . . J , . . I ,, J J J J J , . , , , . . . I V J J J Q . . . . J - , . J J J . I 1 - Q ff- , - W- K . '-J . ' '-1. - X , . ' 1 . .G ' 1 ' A ' ' J YY J J . - J- n J E . , V.- , , 1 . J , o .J,, , , , J ,. ng CROSS CGUN TRY W1th Tom Sargeson and Steve Welch collectrng 1nd1v1d ual honors and the team con srstently placrng among the wrnners Ahqurppa Hlgh s Cross Country squad set a ventable record tor the county and d1s trrct Although startrng four weeks late rn competltlon the squad drsplayed a good record tn dual contests by deteatmg Central Cathollc and Beaver Hrgh School twrce Two losses were handed them by East Lrverpool and Ambrrdge Tom Sargeson placed tlrst rn tour of the trve dual meets Torn agarn placed tlrst among the runners and the team placed se ond at the New Castle Neadvrlle Ahquropa meet held at Castle Hllls Golf C ur e rn New Castle A qugdanqulcr meetG1Mt Top l to r Tom Woolaway Eugene Salhe loe Hramrka Mrddle Tcm Sarqesor n ses out Berne Luteran cn ot Mt Lebanon to cop the lebanon placed the AIICIUIDDCI mdwtdmt WPIAL chqmpmrsm Brentwood and Mclieesport rn that order Copprng the 1nd1v1dual WPIAL crown and ettrng a new cour e re ord Tom Sargeson won the laurels durrng the WPIAL meet at W1lk1nsburg's Alcoma Golf Course Though the Qu1p team falled to quahty Tom represented Ahqulppa tak1ng frrst place laurels rn the PIAA meet at the Penn State course On the same day Steve Welch copped the lunror AAU laurels at the Schenley Park 4V2 mrle cour e The team placed thrrd among tho e from Prtt Central Catholrc Geneva Beaver Hrgh School and other colleges Senror AAU honors went to Tom Sargeson a weelc later whrle the team placed second among the Prtt Varsrty and Freshman teams Slrppery Bock State Carnegle Tech Marshall and Geneva Colleges and other h1gh schools ln add1t1on to the senror harrrers prctured abo e the Cross Country squad also mcluded Emmrt Powell Louls Stern Ronald Woods Ioe Protrowskr and Ed Iones along w1th Tom Sargeson and Steve Welch - L I - ' I o s ' . ' - I: U o I 1. I 1 ' . h , team first Over Mt' Lebanon' Bottom: Rudy Trkulja, Mgrq Travls Murphy, Phil Gxnand, Mgr. ' . ' ' ' s ' S c , I , , l U , C . Q , . . , . . . V , Reserve Basketball Front 1. tc r.: Billinqslea, Passodflh, Stald, Grove, 11111201 Crm volo. Back: Coach Uram, Murphy, Marmadukc, Suz1c'h, Mowad. or Hq1 ont 1 r Hn ar Delcrc E H1 ar Nofaselac Cl"lCll lones L Hribar Back Passodellis DelTurko Popts Mowaa Taylc n 1 Hiqlr Basket 1rs B p h lc step G1nar-d Mgr Second Mmer Taylor M1r1 hy Sans Frank Passodclhs Th1rd Keserich Ladik Timk Cal a Ma av11h Champ cnes R ani RESERVE BASKETBALL Proving a top team among their opponents, Coach Nick Uram's Reserve Basketball squad showed great promise oi future brilliance on the varsity hardwood. Their 17 wins and only three losses totaled 851 points to average 42.6 per game against their opponents' 589 points and 29.5 per game. Wins over Donora, Duquesne, lohnstown, Al- toona, Monaca, Mclieesport, Beaver Falls, Wil- kinsburg, New Castle and Sharon gave them a ten-game winning streak that was snapped by Farrell, 35-29. An easy win over Ellwood City was then over-shadowed by the loss to Am- bridge 29 24 Following their win over Arnold se ond t11ts against Beaver Falls New Castle Farrell Ellwood City and Ambridge proved victorious until Sharons Bengals supplied the third defeat 41 28 Rtch Billingslea Ralph Greco Dom Stala Chris Passodellis Ray Barnes Frank Hribar and Tom Mowad also competed in the Varsity WPTAL and PlAA. play offs IUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL Although the re ords do not show 1t Coach Milanovich s Iunior H1gh Football squad played commendable ball all season They were tied in two games with Corapolis and Rochester and lost two to Ambridge and Beaver Fallls George Sarris the tiny quarterback was the big gun for the squad until he suttered an arm 1nJury Despite several other iniuries the en tire group showed their eagerne s to mix 1t with the best oi teams TUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL With the phenomenal success ot the 1948 team to spur them on the Tumor High Basket eers rambled through the season sporting an impressive record ot ll wins and tive defeats Averaging 31 points per game Coach lones cagers were able to hold their own with some oi the best d1str1ct teams A convincing 3126 victory over the Ambridge lunior High squad ouch provided most of the scoring power with the able assistance oi Popps Skortch Keserich and Taylor C ' ' , , C ' , - 1 . 1 v 1 -1 1 15-frfirf ' ' ' ' ' 1 1 lum 5 1 1 Fcotlgcll I 1 , N I Fr gy to rl: 5 33 , 1 t In , 4 , A t high-lighted the last game. Woznicki and Mark- 7. . . . lu ll . -.ball ' F t 1. tc r.: Mgr. urns Forms Skcrtfx. Grsdfg, ltfoznxv 1, Huck- f I ls, . ' .luv , 1 5 , I . 6 SPONSOR Miss Audrey Laman First Semester Captain Dorc'hy Miller Second Semester Co-captains Mary lg .1 Evans Eff-ancr lfl,IIlCC'S1i'll "Coach eeteam -pep stearnt " "Te-am f te-arrt - team team e team!" Continuous counterparts ot school spirit, the cheerleaders make the game complete. Their new black satin skirts and red satin jackets, purchased with the profit from their sale ot football and basketball penants, can be seen swirling at all athletic events and pep assemblies. Though chartering buses tor away games and playing host to cheerleaders of visiting teams keeps them busy, they also have regular training sessions that keep them on their toes. Their annual "Sadie Hawkins Day" social, highlighted with "Daisy Mae," "Lil Abner," "Lena, the Hyenaf' and "Marryin' Sam," was one of the most successful events ot the year. Tor photo l. to r.: V, Gray, C. Postal, E Markesich, D. Miller, L. Hamilton, P lackman, M. L. Evans. I I Quik Though volleyball basket- itall, ard mushball are among the girls' favorite sports, we see thcrn here as they practice for the Gym Exhtltiticn held on May lZ and l3. Tumbling and march' ing anlls are only a few of the Span!! K. many "precision drills' exhibite E-y the girls as well as the bcys at that tzrne. Square dancing taught ccrnrinea 'girls' and boys' classe has refornrf a favorite, also gd' X a N XM KW ,fr WL ' Q 'EIIM' W' H HD L Q Zifvm Mmm For ORGANIZATIONS We are on the run Cause what IS school wlthout some fun? Pcrrhes Proms Socmls cmd such These are the rare tlmes that mecmt so much But work had or part m our club hfe too In ACTIVITIES servlce was our cue Meetmqs were held cmd work was done And ds we went on the work be mme fun I E C, I X J ll! V N R- 1 YS grin 3 92 1, 5' A-'Jil-7 ,N Qtv ' W f ' 'f'1!ln,I2i2" ' I -. f Iliff . , - 4-.5 Q., , ,f I xv 1 -,Z-Z A ft 'u-fz 1 .410 , . f J 0 ' , if , Il ' ,J , A ' f 2' 3 fff Qs: ly ?u, T, X "J 1' 'if A, wfly I n I' -' , ' f 111' - .- ' I ' ANI , .flf lar 1 yr in ,mu I , I I gi' 'NE 5 ' " ' 2--.g?ri Elzjirj , Q I 5' QI--'rfb F I' H .u , 1, 1 , . - 2 fig I E ii s 'f Y ' ' ' ' E L, A -1 A ' Mx 5 ' -Zqg-. T' QS i s e I4--'L A .. X 14a1fwufma,mZ0 All gi I O I I b!' A ,V ix Q ' Aj E Eg , , fx. i I L C I 5 G ..,T N"- --I 5 "' .4 2 I 'V ' --5-. 4 . A. T . In X 9 .a fn? Q ' lv 7 kj, L? -5. , XV ' '54 i Bl-WEEKLY NEWSPAPER Front Row: Mpss Adams ltzkovitz, Myers, Kccher, Meade, Duncan, Demma, Meute, Leonardo, DrGicvine, Hobson, Bateman, Porpcra, lfflss Eoncriii. Second Row: Rgchards Turney, 3ri'Za Pwkiaf-k, Vcyvydivli Manelovea, Mitchell Darby lVlt'lAfl1ll1GITlS, Sakci Hurley, Erivrlo, Zlatcvrchl Third Row: Hall, Larrian, 'Noznirlu ball, Volpe, Yuri-co, Matthews, Prisuta, Ftinker, Lario, Bruni, Morris, Setters, Meade, Byrd, Mitt-hflll Pibini, Not Pivttirrrrlz Crivelli, Difhcco, Dirrivrovich Marshall, Murphy, Revell Russo, Ross, Slcerrotis, Tirncrskc, Witko. Serving as the keyhole of the Aliauippa High School is the student bi-weekly news- paper, the QUIP SCRIPT. "Sharlene, is the masthead completed?" . . . "Helen, type this on a fifty-four space line.' '...' 'Hurley, is your Campus Chatter written?" lt's all this and much more every other Friday and Saturday when the QUIP SCRIPT, furnishing the latest news and gossip for the school, goes to press. An accurate account of school activi ies is maintained through such columns as "Club-ettes" and "Shop Talk" while the student body is subjected to a verbal spank' ing occasionally via the editorial page. This year's sports staff proved one of the best as did the art staff. SPONSOR Excellent editions at Christmas and Easter are already traditional and this year's Miss April Fool issue proved once again that the staff is capable of anything. Florence Bonomi As the following awards testify, the QUIP SCRlPT is one of the most outstand- Assismm ing mimeographed publications in the district: lnternational First Place Awarde-fQuill Miss Bene Adams and Scrollg Banner Award A e Westminster College, All-American Honor Rating f Na- tional Scholastic Press Association, First Place Certificate-'Columbia Scholastic Press Association, and the Sigma Delta Chi lournalism Award from Pennsylvania State Col lege. STAFF Editor in Chu: , Shari'-nf' l.1or:is ,'.rii,, P , Eirncr Voyvcdich Sports Edzror , Alvin Eberlff Business Manage: . l:YCITlf,'f-S Fuss Feature 11 s Phyllis Manelcvg Art Editor . Nara Skerrc' . . . ,. l y ,ai News Editor . Ani' r:1 Pau, Hurley Typtng Edpor ,, ,. Fla-lor: Vliko Donald Pcantl RZlf,i?IfCI lohns f 'ir if ' 'i .2 f,1C'kiEIlI'1f l''1's Editor Class Edit: flags Editor Clulf Editor Middle: Pail Harley Feature Editor: Palma Thomas Asst, Feature Egiihrp Easil Owe-ns, Co-Business lvlan ager: Teddy Zara: ArtEa1tcr: Dorothy liiller Girls' Sports Ednor: Sharlfnf- Morris Asst. Clulc Editor. Eottcrrzz Pete Simcni, Spcrts Editor: Phil Ginand, Asst. Sports Editcr: Steve Atlianassicn, Photography Editor: Vincent Zugay Co-Photographer 51 Business lvlarager: Eugene lwlcrrig Adv:-rtising Manager: ferry Gera- siincn Business Manager. We cant help wanting to tell you the story behind these l3E5 pages you're read- ing so listen as we lift the golden lining of the '49 QUll3PlAN for a peek behind the scenes . . . Selection of "top man" was the first real step during our Iunior year. "Wlio's go- ing to be the Editor?" was very naturally answered by the election of Don Poland, that capable fellow whose blond head you've seen rushing in and out of 220 all year. During the summer we met to choose our theme and cover design and glean ideas. We rushed into September armed with picture schedules galore. Seniors, homerooms, athletics and clubs were "shot," and that never-ending query, "Does Steve have his prints ready" was born. The imperative, "l want my write-up changedlu kept Roberta and lean hopping: Teddy produced his sketches: Pete stepped out of football and into his editorship with gustog lerry organized his men and sold the book: liggs took Franklin Avenue by storm to produce a top-rate advertising section: Catherine and Sharlene kept plugging on their new, improved club section: Paul went cra7y with his Halls of Fame: Vince and Buzz took bookkeeping to heart as they kept the sales records straight: and Don was keep' ing us out of straight jackets, burning the midnight oil over rewrites: pulling that sticky glue out of his hair, and passing his subjects. Theres so much more, but weve run out of srace. Now its yours your '49 QUlPPlAN. 49 ADVISOR Miss loAnn Cochran Marque and fbagqm SPONSOR Mrs. Gladys Hoover OFFICERS President ..,., ., Basil Owens Vice Presidfnt Paul Hurley Se re ary E aine V ntl Treasurer Nancy Skeriotis Fiant How l, to r.: Carrol Rokscn V.n'i'i', Keyser, Vogel, Curran, Cmrasimori, Salvatti, Skerictis, Marshall fclins, Mayors. Second Row: Scabavea, Hag-es, lriashc, Thcmag, Milanovich, Bruni, Cavich, Miller, Sicklesrnith Yelland. Isasky, Elerie. Third Row: Tomi, hive, Kish, Benedivi Marshall Davis Gasttrtr-nd lplins, Mc Grow, johns, Bixilcf-it Piqiiilli, Dtvancy. llmiitli Row: l.CI'A.'IK-!1.'l- Sartzbcl ?av.u.':'f. Yczlfl Mis. ll-ovf-I lwvvvliy YNil- K helm, Kirk, Poland, Nloolaway. Filth Row: ClfIilSl1Hl Capella Bcromi, Piadulcvwh Simcni Davey, Hudson, Zajac Smith, Felaaz, Owens, Hurley. Broadcasting over the PA. System, precentation of the Christmas pageant, "Hope of the World," and Arthur Miller's "All My Sons," helping the Science Movie Club with the lanuary commencement movies, and giving members public appearance experience have given the Masque and Dagger Club an important place in the schools extra-curricular activ- ities. Formerly the Dramatic Club, the Masque and Dagger en' courages talent and provides experience for its members com- posed ot speech and dramatic class students. Pictures here include scenes from "All My Sons," the Christ- mas pageant, and backstage work. ln addition to directing the above programs, Mrs. Hoover also directed "The I-louse of luke," a faculty play for the QUlPPlAN'S benefit. Front Row-l. to r.: liarvey, Compely, Matatasis, lvlilfldfo Oster Volpe Dtfiliiric Matajasic, Byers, Strohm, Woolsey, Bruni. Second Row: Venanzt, Sundy, Kosancvich, Crawford, losza Vinci.: Thtriias, Britza, Abayes, Phillips, Gastfriend, Levin, Vitale, Ringle. Third Row: Mrs. Smith, Langer, McGraw, Dickton, Yurko, Hayden, Keifer, Kish, Milanovich, Davis, Buchanan, Estok. Fourth Row: Theodouro, Gormley, Vfilhelm Hudson, McMullen, Ciamacca, Fetkovich, Vogel. Fifth Row: Sallie, Miller Frey, Smith. "Yes, we'd be glad to make nut and candy cups for the veterans at Deshon Hospital." Replies similar to this one are often made by the members of the lunior Red Cross. Represented by one boy and girl from each homeroom, this organization is a part of the National Red Cross in serving the needy of our world. Rec! 04044 SPONSOR Mrs. Helen Smith OFFICERS sgdtfrit ,.,. ,..... .... , . , fulia lgisza t f rr-isident fl. if-n Vitale 1' tary Natalif- l'ifJ.C!YlTVlt'l'l surf-r ., Rayni: ngl flariicels The organizations three main projects for this year includ- ed making five hundred nut and candy cups for the veterans at Deshon Hospital every holidayg collecting playing cards, and making stuffed animals and dolls for Christmas gifts. Much of their handiwork has been displayed by the club in the second floor display cases. The annual Red Cross drive for funds was conducted in the high school through the efforts of the hard-working Iunior Red Cross members and their sponsor. KX emi. .. sbp- DIRECTOR Mr. Ferdinand I. Sporny "Stop, look, and listen to the band, band, band!" Yes, were mighty proud of our Aliquippa High School Band. One hundred and ten strong, Mr. Sporny's boys and girls have gained prom- inence in community and valley programs and district band festivals for the past several years. With first period sessions for the full band everyday, "Practice makes perfect" is surely one of the Band mottos. Theirs is a rigorous schedule that also includes marching drills for the excellent performance at the half time of football games and for holiday parades. "R U Ready?"fone of Mr. Sporny's orig- inalsewas promptly answered as the full Band, Drum Maiorettes- Front: Drum Major, Lena Tarquinio. Second Row: M. Tarquinio, E. Sperduti. Third Row: M, Guira, M. A. Mihalik, I. Huff. Band- Front Row-l. to r.: Tarquirio, Guira, L. Tarquinio, Mr. S orn Mihalik Huff Sjerduti if P Yr f f - Second Row: Buclous, Hoffman, Russo, Mascian, Waqiier, ltskovitz, Morocco, Bailey, Orr, Arqenbriqht, Somer land, Davies, Carey, Lloyd, Bertoli, Ozimck, Tilly Borov. Third Row: Thomas, Marcionda, Gross, Montini, Palmeri Leqqe, DiNardo, Busak, Passeri, Colonna, Marich Tipper, Hudson, Crevar, Dupkanich, D'Ambroqio. Fourth Row: Ronqhi, Buclous, Franqopoulos, Baranyk, Bar- bini, Wasil, Oaks, Voyvodich, Skurla, Marshall, Kira, Felbar, Daniel, Dolnak, Walden, Kozlowski. Fifth Row: Zobrak, Mancini, Dukovich, Avdellas, Montini Marbich, Kossler, Wilsoncroft, Myers, E, Scarazzo Petitta, Simmons, Lalama. Sixth Row: Mozzocca, Andres, Gourley, M. Scarazzo, A Mansuetii, Palombo, Cosianza, Colonna, Sperduit Puckett, Padgett, Walker, Orsaq, Gaydos, Tomer, Mon- tini, Fowler, Sweririqert. Not pictured: Laskarides, Valacorsa, Biechler, Augustine Guiffre, Miller, Otto, Persi, Mastellino, Woods, Patton G. Mansuetti, Kennedy, Hudson, Trombetia, Verdcni M racle. - ll O I O resplendent in their red and black uniforms, pro- vided an attractive background for the State Basketball Championship game at Philadelf phia's Convention Hall. The following members brought laurels to their Band and school when they participated in the Midwestern District Band Festival at Wanipum on April 2l and 22: lohn Thomas, flute: Mike Cfiuffre, clarinetg Robert Persi, clar- inetg Alex Andres, clarinet, Stuart ltskovitz, oboe, Charles Biechler, bassoony Agnes Ozimok, alto sax: Bruno D'Ambrogi, Cornet: Vine cent Colonna, tromboneg Ed Mazzocca, baritone horn, and Tony Lalama, tympani. Early spring found the Band rehearsing for their Fourth Annual Spring Concert held April 28 and 29. Capacity audiences heard the "Overture" from the Student Prince, "Ed Beb- cano," "Deep Blues," "Orpheus," selections from Gershwin and "Oklahoma," the "Con- certo in lazz" with Tony Lalama at the piano, and the "Blue Bells of Scotland" with alumni guest soloist Karl Williamson on the trombone. ln order that money might be raised for Band sweaters, the Band Monogram Club was organized by seventeen Class of '49 bandsmen. The funds were accumulated through outside activities. lt is expected this organization will continue for each group of graduate Band meme bers. Above Bight: Seated in their special section at fcctba.Q games, the Band keeps spirits nrcughcut the games. Middle Bight: Only one of their excellent field fcrriattcns that demand plenty of practice drills. Below: The swirling skirts, clapping hands and tapppng feet of the Cheerleaders join the Band at all fcctktall and basketball games, Below Right: The Brass Choir, direfted ly lvfr. Chester Sporny, adds real zest to Christmas music and the an- nual Spring Concert. Front Plow Mrs Bennett Mrncttl Theodorou Myers DErcole Dliranto Oldham Marshall Ostrr Fousc Baldwrn D1Cosmo lfarkrs Al er rutrrl re Second Row Passerr AQOSl1H1 VllllCIH1S Placrdr Bradel Setters Kouleprs Palombo I Rlnale Phrlhps Sepanovlch Petrre R Davrs Campbell Thrrd Row lores Walker Davey Costanza Carroll E Davrs T p All Ha x y lc Crawford Petrte Blacks n Fa arrs Fourth Row Yarosh Smrth Krsh Keller Lewrs Huqhes Burchett Dudley Vrncrc Kasonovrch lozsa Bouden McN1el R Hrnqle Absent Aboyes All son Barbour Barbuto Bu lcus Crrsr I l-lar vey lannamorellt Mahon Srcrcel mrth Wastl Boys Qrartet Matthew Hudson Leon Frey Glenn Puckett Brll Trpper Bach Ghaw DIRECTOR Mrs Mary Lou Bennett OFFICERS V1ce Presrdent Kenny Campbell Secretary Iackre Lewrs Treasurer Thelda Setters Orqanrzed wrth the arm of developrnq srnq ers rn school musrc the Bach Cholr SD9C1Gl1ZGS 1n part s1nq1ng Thls well known musrcal qroup has partr crpated m broadcasts over the publlc address system performed for Commencement the Sprlnq Concert the Chrrstmas program varrous assemblres and for local orqanrzahons Members of the cho1r representrnq the school at the Mrd Western Pennsylvanra State Muslcal Assocratron rn February were Tony Passerr Iames Buclous Dale Smlth Mary Cath errne lohns and lean Harvey The drstrrct vocal festrval was held rn Sharon lean Harvey Patrrcla Srcklesmrth Ann Harvey Alyce Dudley Kenny Campbell and Allen Mahon were chosen to attend the ln and About Chorus rn Pntsburqh The boy s quartet of the Bach Chorr IS com posed of Kenny Campbell Irmmy Buclous Allan Mahon and Tony Passerr The boys have performed for the Iunror Womens Club and other local orqamzahons I r r 5 ' A f l 'r V r ' r t , .ir c' tg . . t t., ' f r V 1 r r 1 . . , . , , , ,,,.! , . , . trump, nano, A. .. rfe ,, , ,t , , , 3 c '. 1 , 1 , , , f' , ' I . P ' s . President ....4,......,.,.,.....,..,.,...,.......... Tony Passeri , , . I I I I A - , . t r t t 1 . . t I , . . , MA' Ghana DIRECTOR Frrst Row-l. to r.: lricrila Ceantlaqronf-. Frcwn. Heade Evars lones. l-leute, l.1r:as Yfzzi Cvfyscr. Gllx'-'IFF Szmcnr Yezzr lchns. Sfaoavea. Bron-Jn Fffrxfw Stala. lsasky "a:nrErell Mrs. Mcwrllrarns. Second Row: Corral: Nalin Fr-rky Motion 'fir--cdard Szrrts 3,1-:ide Parnter. Elarr. Kakcxzlas Fcrlwfi-s. Tlcrsrs. S'ani1'y Farmer Deter. Lrone. Flady 'Dol Turlcc. liyrmz Thrrd Row: Mrlanovrch Kchar Woznran. Valrga. liashc Flalzch Gause. Dunn, lchns. lohrts Skcrrctrs, llarors. Drnella Zobrak Chr1strnr.Sambol Fstck llefrcpculas. Fourth Row: Carl Thomas Erxtza. 'Weineskr Fleiglc Malesh Rrzza. Byrd. Sarrrs Eel Guzzre Shannon Seesh Rrnker Sambol, Luketzch Hallzsey Mazden Perscn.l.f1tche1l. Frith Row: Ondcvchrk Aberrrcmtirc Forbes Busan Darby Llanas Mrs. Blanche McWilliams geyskl, OFFICERS First Semester Presrdent ..,.. .,.,...,.,.,..,,.. . Phyllrs Hyre Vrce President ...,. Nancy Slcerrotrs Secretary ....,...................... .. Arn Flasho Treasurer ....,................... Carol Simonr Sgt.-at'Arms ,,.,. .,.,., M rldred Meade Second Semester Presrdent ......,.,.,....... Nancy Skerrotrs Secretary . ..,..,.,.,...,.,.,...,.,.,.,. Ann I-lasho Treasurer .,....,.......,.,....... Carol Srmonr Sgt at Arms Mrldred Meade The arms of the Cfrrls Chorus are to develop each member musrcally and culturally Therr use rn the school currrculum rs to supply enter tarnment for school programs such as the an nual Chrrstmas pageant Baccaulaureate and Commencement exercrses specral assemblres and the weekly devotlonal broadcast Every sprrng therr vocal concert rs a brg program for all musrc lovers of the school and commumty spwez eww Specral Grrls Chorus rs the arm of all mem bers of the Grrls Chorus Certarn requlrements must be met before the arm rs realrzecl The grrls must have vorces above the average and must have a frne sense of pltch Independence rn part srngrng rs also a requlrement Thrs group berng smaller rs often heard rn communlty programs Thrs year they have appeared at the Iunror and Senror Womens Clubs and the Rotary Club fo, V. X . , , .. x . - lx ' rs' Row o r anr c n s f as Yczzr Ke ser Cwrovrc S n a ,I lcnns S a affa Pzz ls sc gms on Rcuv for ak Lfars a uns R 1 lc Kakot las F c lc a rsfy a ran 'r as 1' re Byrd R Z o nr am s s c Sarnbol De G zzr Fourth Flow Ondo hrk A r 'n e F rres Dar f 1 . . . , , . . f . . - I I Fr . -V l. t .: Sh .cn Mead . lc cf M.-ure Luv . - A y , , ' ,fr :inc r E ' .. 1. ' - Ercwrr Pctrrc- . M. Ye r. ltaia r a 'y l.lrs. lJl:'al.'z.Q.' . S-cg d 'Z Q,: . lfaltz T' '. M "in, lrlfaiifl ffl. ful ' al L. . :KEY-s lflajirs, Rxrlufr. Sffff Luk-11-gt. Mrtinell H ll 1 , 'farrigrz-ll, Thzrd Row: Skerrotrs ll :tion lil cvwh. Thar Ervza '.'fd1., ska. , rz Zcbral-1 lC'lTf1Sfl .S . E.ol,Metrcpc1la E'f-k . 1 Ll . ' : vc be Cro. bro, C fc , by. ajaanalellanaa Saaelq SPONSOR Miss K Lydia Frank Fu-si Semester Oihcers Presrdent Roberta Iohns Vtce Presrdent Iohn Yarosh Secretary Catherme Kouleprs Treasurer Grlda Cappella Second Semester Officers Presrdent lohn Yarosh Vrce Presrdent Iames Frank Treasurer Mrchael Zermch Every Tuesday at 12 20 we tmd our N H S members 1n M1ss Frank s room S ated 1 to Yarosh Mxss Mac Mrllan D1C1cco Hudson Iohns Zer mch Geraslmon Koulepts Capella Frank Poland Za1ac M1ss Frank Standmq Woolaway Cramaca Rubers Slmom Meade Evars Vukmaravlch Montrnr Ftbbr Owens R scoe Hur ley Krrk Malcrrs Maravrch Pnsuta The Natlonal Honor So lety cons1st1nq ot those students who excell ln scholarshlp leadershlp character and SGTV1 e or1q1nated ln our h1qh school 1n 1927 lts qreatest proJ ect s1nce then has been the N H S lvlemorral Scholarshlp Fund The t1rst scholarshlp was awarded ln the sprxnq of 1947 to Robert Brent Sharps Sponsormq the movxe Arablan Nlqhts selllnq Chnstmas cards holdlnq bake sales and annual taq day are the pro1ects by Whlch the N H S members have ra1sed money tor the necessary funds To create an enthus1asm for scholarshrp to shmulate a des1re to render servrce to promote worthy leadersh1p and to encourage IH the students of our hlqh school such hab1ts of conduct as w1ll develop the hlqhest type of character IS the purpose of the Nat1onal Honor Soclety Those elected to membersh1p rn the sprlnq of 1949 were Alex Andres, Ann Bar ber, lohn Barone, Dolores Bertoll, Dale Cable, Theresa D1m1trov1ch, Mary Dorazlo, Alvm Eberle, Nancy Sker1ot1s, Sara lane Lloyd, Mary Ann Luketrh, Mary Ann M1ha11k, Nrck Mrlanovlch, Eugene Moms, Ahce Myers, Robert Swermqen, Palma Thomas and Elmor Voyvodlch 4 0 Secretary ....,....,.............. Millicent Maravich ' I . 1 e -. r.: , ' - I ll 1 - 1 I r V I I . .A . . . . . A ,- I , W , - . . H . . ., . . . f f , H . . , . . I I , . . . H . f Slurfenl Gunmen! SPONSOR Mrs A G Martin Fxrst Semester Othcers Presrdent Eugene Mcrr s Vrce Pres dent R1 hard S ss or Se re ary Treasur r R era all Asst Se Trcas Mary Ann Mmat Parlta nertartan M haet Zerrr h Ser cnt at Arms R hert Bfrt lt Second Semester Ofhcers Presrdent Dora d Levrn V1 e Prestdent Edward Kccher Secretary Treasurer Helen VlTGl9 Asst Sec Treas Rcbert Kcvac Sergeant at Arms l-'lol ert Ulovrer Fxrst Semester Front Row Oltker Rrvcttr Crnkovlch Woolsey Ball Salvat Moore B Brown Devrtt Zcrlusky Sargeson Nrca tro Mott Luccr Bertolt Second How Lee Nezmar Iohnson Far ber Webb Pratchenko Santrllt Luke trch Schneck Sxrnonr A Brown Var osky Mthalrk Iosza Grossl Mrs Marttr Thtrd Row Pertch Gourlcy Pompeanr Passert Musulrn Cavtch Poland Markovrch Honchak Vukmaravrch Kovac Mcrrts Grnand Behun Gar bmr Fourth Row Srsson Smlth Tomko Gut te ez DAnton1o Copak Stoker Sambol Ftbb Zerntch Second Semes er Ftrst Row Rtvettt Manglarelll Vttale Lasky Zugay Iacobs Munn Ma mula Mrtchell Euen Hayden Second How Hud on Glovrer Thonas Kccher Dzoba DeSant s Lake Symons Sharps Herrtng Brrtza Mrs Marttn Thrd Row Sargeson Schneck Tolta Webb Passerr Poland Marr1s Vuk maravrch Kovac Murphy Srmth Roscoe Fourth Row Rtrgle Dclccc Mnano vrch Cable Levm Planera Swer mgen Ladlka Sundy Thts group ot homeroom prestdents atfrlrorted wrth the natronal Student Counctl works toward rmprovement ot the hrgh school ana teaches 1ts members parlramentary procedure At the Nattonal Student Counc1l co'1Jer1t1on held last Tune 23 25 tn Washtng ton, D C, Altqutppa Hlgh was represented tor tl e frrst tmte by Iovan Vulcrnaravtch At weekly meettngs, homeroom representatlves brmg before the Counc1l problems, complamts, and suggested lmprovements all ot whtch contnbute to the bettermg ot our school and the boostmg ot our school smrtt The Student Councrl has purchased a re order tor use at school part1es and soclals Money for new records has been roused by holdmg socrals U V ...,. ,.........,. , ..........,.,.....,. V rw r ....,........,...,.,.... cn z 1 . .c f - ' e ......,.....,. ob Z B . , c.- - . ,..,. ' '1" r . .... ,...,.,...,.. , 3 c ' ..,. 4. c., 4 c . f Parltmentartan ........,.. ..,.,.,..... E ugene Morrts , , -w f-N Q . , 1 , N t' r , ' ' , , ' , , ' e, ' , . t - 1 t 1 1 2 , , , - ' V l . I I I A T l - 4 I T V I r W l I 'IW SPONSOR Mr Donald Adams First Semester Othcers Pres1dent Gerry Geras1m1on V1ce Pres1dent Donald Poland Recordmg Secretary Eugene Morr1s Ccrre pondmg Sec y Allan Brown Treasurer lames Sambol Chaplam Tory Passen Sergeant at Arms lack M-:Bnde Parharnentanan George F1eld1ng Second Semester Oihcers Pres1dent Eugene MOYYIS VICE Pres1dent Iohn Barone Recorclmg Secretary Wayne Kxrk orres Sec y Rlchard Palombo Chaplm Tony Passert Sergeant at Arms Trav1s Murphy Parhamertanan George F1eld1nq From Row McBr1de De Vcre Smrth Curran Sarnbol Swenngen Se ond Row Sandy Murphy Sa cnus Proak1s Poland Passere Brown Barna Carnes K1rk Morrls Makv1s De Vaney Petne Th1rd Row P1xler Vttlson Fartley Felaan Begg Markolos Phchards Rmale Palornbo Geras1rnon CGV1Fh Bunchett Donaldson Fourth Bow Davey Barore Gourley Moms Tones Murphy Halnaa Ozvens Buclous Mr Adams N tpresent F1eld1r1g Baker Frey ln order to create ma1nta1n and extend throughout the school and cornmumty h1gh standards ot Chr1st1an character the H1 Y atta1ns 1lS goal by serv1ng both the h1gh school and communlty The H1 Y boys are known tor the1r splenchd Job of ushenng at basketball and football games and decorat1ng the school at Chnstrnas t1rne One ot the1r b1QQ9Sl events ot the 1948 l949 school year was soonsonng the H1 Y Tr1 H1 Y Cen tral West D1SlflCf Bally 1n October Soc1al events ot the year 1ncluded the annual Sweetheart Banquet and annual Father and Son Banquet ln add1t1on the club was act1ve 1n 1ntra mural and 1nter scholasnc basketball As the book goes to press the basketball team 1S undefeated 1n Beaver Valley con1pet1t1on . W F. , , ., , . .....,... .. Treasurer .,.,.,.,.....,.............,...,. lack McBride ,, . . 1 - - . , , U 1 ,,,, 1 1 . , I , ,. . . 1 , xl 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' - x A y . , 1 1 - - r . . , - - - 1 '7uJlW SPONSOR Frrst Semester Mrs Bessie Benedict Second Semester Mrs Grace Marsden OFFICERS Pres1dent Mary Ann Lukeuch V1ce Pres1dent Peggy Jackman Secretary Ann Prrsuta Treasurer Elmor Voyvodmh Sergeant at Arms Dolores Belan Chaplam Mary Lou Evars FITSY Row Somerlade Ferry Alam Second How Evans Iackman Short Lloyd Dawes Kovac Luketmch Chnstmt Sambol Bertoh Ph1ll1ps Tllly MGTGV1Ch Compston Th1rd Row Seech V1tale Belan B b1ak Goldsmxth McGraw l-Iarml ton Postal Salaya MGfGVlCh Cr1s1 Avolro Cr1vell1 Yurko Fourth Row Pnsuta Sklba R1ch ards Bntza Smlth VOYVOdlCh D1m1trov1ch Ondovclnk Mrs Ben ed1ct Not Present Sl1z1k Mott Pukach Stepanovrch Martmka Masc1an Mang1arell1 Markestch Makr1s The cornpanlon organ1zat1on to the H1 Y the Trl H1 Y IS composed of Al1qu1ppa Hlqh School qlrls under the sponsorshlp ot the Y W C A Durmq the year the q1flS Jomed the H1 Y 1n sponsorlnq the Central West DlSlf1Cl Rally A Valentme Banquet and other so 1al events completed the years calendar of events The colors of red Whlte and blue express Sacr1t1ce Pur1ty and Loyalty and are exempllhed 1r1 the trlangle torch and clrcle of the g1rls pms ' z Evans, Volpe, Ball, 'Myers' Brightl ' : , ' , , a- funvwlfzf SPONSOR M ss Glda Dc-:Sena OFFICERS Preszdent Mary S1ms Vrce Pres1dert Bern ce Meade Secretary Marlorxe Darby Treasurer Phylhs Forbes Sergeant at Arms leifre Evans Banquetmg 1S fun as these Tr1 H1 Y glrls and MISS De Sena w1ll testlfy Front Row Meade Molton R Brown Marshall Hob on Martha S1ms Second Row Forbes Smothers S Brown M1tchell Dawkms Mrss DeSena Thrrd Row Abercromb1e Barby Cosby Clark Forbes Absent Byrel Evans Meade Phr mzy Mary S1ms Vreen An annual Chrtstmas Party part1c1pat1ng 1n the Central West D1str1ct Rally pro n1ot1ng tag day for the Negro College Fund collecttng canned goods for Thanksg1v1ng for a colored 1nval1d and f1x1ng bullet1n boards are lncluded 1n the act1v1t1es of the Mar1on Anderson Tr1 H1 Y The M A Tn H1 Y, composed of act1ve Al1qU1ppG H1gh School negro g1rls, IS the only organ1zat1on of 1lS klnd 1n Western Pennsylvama lnsp1red by the great accornpltshments of thelr namesake, the purpose of the M A Tr1 H1 Y IS to seek, f1nd, and share O I . . 6 Chaplain ..,.................,.,.,......,.,.. Marie M ller l W'7een4 SPONSORS Miss Dorothy Polarkoit Mtss Charlotte Smallwood OFFICERS Prestdent leanne Harvey Vxce Presrdert Flame V1nc1c Secretary Elame lack on Treasurer Eumce Vogel From the solemmty ot formal 1n1t1at1on to fun hlled evemnq of Red Cross work 1t s a Y Teen eve y t1me Front Ftow Gl VIQY Vmcq Second Row Keyser arner Thtrd How Scabavea Vogel Fourth Row Collms Davxes To b Burkett Barber Dcrazro Mara vtch Hughes Harvey lohns Ross Fifth Row M1ss Smallwocd Thomas Rlce Sambol Lewls Maneloveq lackson Marshall VIYICIC Iacob M1ss Potarkoit Oldham To see understand and promote the Chr1st1an way ot hte the Y Teens have stnved to reach the1r ObJ9CT1V9S by pertormmq more SGIVICG to our school A1d1ng the Red Cross by makmq Chrlstmas and Easter tray favors for the veterans at Deshon l-los p1tal and provtdlnq entertalnment tor 1nd1v1duals suftermq from lntantlle Paralys1s at the Watson Home were proJects ot the Ahqmppa Hlqh School branch of the Y Teens W1th a full calendar ot act1v1t1es for each school month, the1r hayrlde, mformal tn 1t1at1on, annual May Dance, "Melody T1me," along wlth the "Ma, Pa, and Me" Banquet and the "Me and My Man" Banquet hlqhhqhted the calendar of events Durlnq the summer ot l948, Al1qU1DpG Hxqh School was represented at the nat1onal conference I , l l l Sergeant-at-Arms ............... loan Glcvier . . , : 0 , ' . , ,- . , cz . : ' , ' , 'n , U U L , t , .feacfwx Glad SPONSOR Mrs Elizabeth Carver CO SPONSOR Mrss Audrey Laman OFFICERS Presldent Mary E Sech VICE Prestdent Ann Syrko Recorcltng Sec y Eleanor Ntcastro Corres Sec y Lena Clccarellt Sergeant at Arms Betty Davtd Front Row Marzovac Solomon Woz D1Ck1 P1cc1on1 Ftrvettt Salvatt Rtv ett1 Phtlhps Davres Todd Copak Short Koza Postal Left Column front to back Nrcastro Salmento Seech Syrko Radulo vtch Mtlanovtch Parascenzo Vo lttxch Cecarelh Mxltttch Mthahk Crlvelll Luketlch Sambcl Mara v1ch Rtght Columr front to back Skerlo t1 M11ler Capella Dav1d Haruh mch Patterson Grabaskr Dav1d Kamensk1 Ptektelak Salaya M1 hahk Although elltng refreshments at football games takes up most of the Leaders Club grrls t1me tn the fall the members ftnd t1me for plenty of soctal and athletxc events Early IH September they were hosts for the annual Beaver County Play Day The afternoon was htghllghted by softball between teams each represented by glrls from towns throughout the valley Knock knock knock Open Sesame Open These magtc words opened the doors of the Leaders Club formal Arablan Ntghts held m November ln the wmter the glrls dug out therr bathlng sutts and went sw1mm1ng at the Sewtck ley Y Aslde from all the fun the members render servtce by helptng Mrs Carver 1n gym classes and servtng as referees at the after school glrls basketball games Second Row: Timcisko, Marshall, i : 4 V I 1 r ' C l 'Q rw I , . , tt H , , f , - f , ,.., , . f f . , . . . , SPONSOR Mrs. Ielsie Kirk Officers First Semester President ,.......,, ......,. S aral Iayne Lloyd Vice President ..... ...... Secretary ,....,. ...... . Treasurer ....... , .....,. Sgt.-at-Arm ..,........ Officers Se President .......,....... Vice President .. Secretary . .,.,..,..,... . Treasurer ,......... ...... Parliamentarian Historian ...........,.., Front Bow: Volpe, Leonardo, Di Giovine, Lane, Myers, Painer Blair. Second Row: Thomas, Maravich Prisuta, Voyodich, Vuckovich Dimitrovich, Third Ftow: Yurko, Revell, Mara- vich, Lloyd, Stanley, Matthews, Lawrence. Vivian Lawrence . Theresa Dimitrovich naw Max Palma Thomas Dorothy Maravich cond Semester Theresa Dimitrovich Ann Vukovich Arlene Matthews Roberta Ball , .,.....,... Theresa Volpe Elda Di Giovine DiCicco. "Sorry--thats a twenty-five cent line." Gnly an Alpha Beta Kappa girl can say that and collect! By improving the library service in the school, the Alpha Beta Kappa girls also work to stimulate greater interest in reading throughout the student body. Not always so business-like, the assistant librarians have formed a committee to plan for the annual tea for the teachers. The girls have been busy helping the Iunior Red Cross make tray favors for the veterans at Deshon Hospital. ewan, cw SPONSOR Mr Wrllxam Etlxoit Frrst Semester Offxcers Presrdent Elton Curran Vrce Prestdent Travrs Murphy Secretary Solly C1amaca Treasurer K R Smrth Parhamentarran Matthew l-lud on Sergeant at Arms Grlda Cappella Second Semester Officers Presrdent Travrs Murphy Secretary Don Levrn Treasurer Tom Woolaway Sergeant at Arms Russel Perky Front Row Gourley Burchett Gm and Fetkovrch Koglowskr Levrn Brown Second Row Davles Salvatr Scaba vea lohns Cramacca Poland Moms Passerr Setters Vogel Woolaway Hcrton Devaney Mr Elhott Thzrd Row Cable Yelaca Perkey Seery Curran Murphy Prxler Yaro h Srktar Smrth Lake Leo Wrlhelm Fourth Row OHdOVCh1k Hages Seech DeVore Radulovrch Cap ella Mlller Maneloveg Lewrs Vrncrc lackson Hughes Dudley Halltsey Mrracle Abercromble Darby Worklng to further rnterest rn the sc1en1f1 held through experlments held trrps and lecture drscussrons the Chemlstry Club IS comprreed ot students from the chemlstry classes An experrment 1S performed at each meetrng by a group of three members The most rnterestrng experlments have proven to be glass blowrng and plastl s A conducted tour through the Carnegre lnstrtute ot Technology was made early rn the year , Vice President . .........,..,.....,.,....,..,...... Ice Leo 1 Y r I: V I . , A . . ,. .0 . , , , ' N' I I ' O , .. I . , . h . .A C . Sc' Mamie Glad SPONSOR Mr Rudolph Tcxtalovxch OFFICERS Prestdent Edward Solorus V1 e Prestdent Carole Srmcnr Secretary Thornos Von Ryne Treasurer Robert Feldman Chcxplcnn Sal y Dougherty Front Row relurndn van Ryne Theodouro G1bson Crevcrr Solo nus Bcrclc Row Bodrrr Kczl wskr Mor ns Mr Tcxtalov ch Trsh Duthcxler Hrnerncm Dougherty H C1 n n cz r Brcxddcgk or Mr Rudolph Totolovrch thls qroup hos pre ented vonoue movtee The e movres have been shown rn both cloesrooms and the boys qvrn 'Ind have , roved to be bene llC1Ql to tle students studres Gne purpoee of the orqonrzotron rs to learn to run rtovre prone tors DY showrnq tl e nnovtes themselves To better photoqrophy ornonq t e student s t e cum ot tne Sclenfe Movre Club ln worklng toward thls qodl true rqontzo lun Q oneored xsn tie ot Contest Wm rtwde CI fnghly successful event ot the yedr Mernbershrp 15 open to Qtudents ooove tl e ntnttt qrode , F . C U I , C , ' One of the newly forrned clubs is the Science Movie Club. Under the sponsorship 1 ' ' f t ' - C ' ' ' - . . A ' . ' t '3 f - ' ' ' 1 ' A C ' ' . or S 1 Ei ' . ' I ' C ' . ' .' f, lpo ' Qdeow Q .d-ii ICI ' ' ' A - ' .ie . 11 ,. '7efwf'e"4 AMERICA SPONSOR Mrs A G Marhn First Semester Officers Pres1dent Bas1l Owens V1ce Pres1dent Ann Pnsuta Secretary Mlll1CEHl Maravxch Treasurer Bermce Meade Parhmentarlan Eugene Morr1s Hxstonan Ann Pnsuta Ltbranan Roberta Ball Second Semester Ofhcers Preszdent Paul Hurley Vrce Pres1dent lovan Vukmaravtch Secretory Lena Manqrarelh Treasurer Ann Vukovxch Co Parllmenlanan Wayne K1rk Eugene Morns I-l1stor1an Mzldred Meade Ltbranan Stephame Manasterskx Front Row B Meade Cuch Fxrk Ball Myers Oster Ureen M Meade Lane Byrd Harlow Toth Maravmch Mrs Martm Second Row Purrachro Brown Ktrk Morr1s Vukmaravlch Barton Ko sanovrch Vukovxch Domztrowch G1lbert Darby Thxrd Row Manqtarellr Rose Frohm Prrsuta lohns McGraw Montzm Manasterslcl Srcklesmlth Hurley Daxey Owens The Future Teachers of Amenca a new orqanlzatlon 1n our hugh school came mto ex1stence for the purpose of mformmq students about teachmq as a professlon Slnce tt IS a branch of the Nat1onal F T A the members rece1ve Personal Growth Leaflets publxshed by the Nat1onalEducat1on Assoc1at1on whtch a1d them tn learnlnq the requlre ments of aood teachers By tutormq fa1lures and subshtutlnq for teachers when necessary the members rece1ve pract1 e ln teachmq L1ke most oraamzattons the F T A awards pms to tts members on a hfty polnt ment system Th1s orqantzatlon spent tts hrst year of exlstence SUDGIVISITIQ play grounds tutorxnq teachmq Sunday School and 1mprov1nq our school ln countless ways Due to 1ts construct1ve act1v1ty tt met w1th areat success and w1ll probably contmue to 9X1Sl as an act1ve oraanxzatton next year 4 OF xg, U IJ , ... - fr U S ' aww 040 '14 XNHHRIQA SPONSOR Mrs Catherine Brud'e OFFICERS Pre rdent Mara1e Ferry Vtce Prestdent Catherme Scabavea Secretary l-leler' Trklla Sergeant at Arms Madelrne Plreter WX Although latchen capers are thelr mam act1v1ty the F H A qrrls and thelr sponsor frnd t1me for recreatron Left to Ffhqht Mrs Bradley Montlm Scabavea Hemz Short Moshes Ellrott Ferry Gray Formerly known as the Home L onomlcs Club the Future l-lomemalcers ol Amer 1ca consrsts ol qrrls maJor1nq 1n home economrcs Th1s IS the only chapter of lts klnd rn Beaver County ln order to further the homemaklnq knowledqe of 1ts members everal successful bake sales were held and proceeds Went to the fund for the purcha e of sweaters Early m the frrst semester tne members pa1d dues to natronal and county treasurres wh1ch they ralfed at a square dance The club held a skatlnq party and a noon hour soclal early rn Ianuary After act1ve membershlp ln the orqanlzatron for one semester, the members become lunror Homemalcers and may advance to Senlor Homemakers The state and natlonal orqamzanons ol thrs club held convent1ons whrch brought F H A members from manv parts of the country 7 T if 1 I J l l ...- . ' . y l 5' .....,........,.................. Treasurer ..,...,.... ........,........ ...... S a ra Fattore K X ""' , , . . ' . 'c ' , - I I I' C , .. S . . . , . , , . Eauleu SPONSORS Mxss Gxlda DeSena Mr lack Battles l-'1rst Semester Ofhcers Presrdent Tom Wcolaway V1ce Pres1dent lohn Yarosh Sefretary Marqte Pow Treasurer Tony Pas e1'1 Sgt at Arms Kenny Campbell Parhamentarran Pat l'lall1sey Second Semester Othcers Pres1dent Tom Woolaway Secretary Arlene Matthews Treasurer Betty Sharps Sergeant at Arms Wayne Krrk Parlramentarzan Tony Passert Front Row M1 s De Sena Leonardo D1 GIOVIUE Sch1edel G a r n e 1' lacobs P1oqu1d1o Mazone Mr Battles Second Row Passer1 MOTTIS Stern K1rk G1rand Hurley Sharps Murphy Thrrd Row Danovlch l-lalhsey M1raCle Gura Rmlcer Vogel Woolaway Yarosh Not Present Pow Wlll you please help us make our tag day a success? The lunlor Boosters have been orqamzed to answer to all questlons s1m1lar to th1s one Co1'1s1st1ng of boys and qlrls from the tenth eleventh and twelfth grades th1s club was establlshed to render servtce at all tunes The IUHIOI Boosters helped make the M A Tr1 H1 Y taq day for the Negro College Fund a success A comrnlttee also Worked packlnq Chnstrnas q1ft boxes to send to the veterans at Deshon Hospltal An annual Chnstmas banquet was held December 28 o Vice President . .,.,...,.,. Carolyn lzlinker 1 1 , SPONSOR Mr. Stanley Brobeck W. 8. A G, Front Row: DiCiero, Guzie, Pontis, Rodich Gregor, "Dance to V. C. A, C. recordings . . and ycu'll see Second Row: Grabski, Turkovich, Dubic, Sudak, Fibbi, 'hese boys every time. Rubeis, Mr. Brobeck. Raising funds for the purpose of helping Industrial boys who have graduated from Aliguippa High School through trade school is the aim of the Vocational College Assistance Club. To raise needed funds, the V. C. A. C. has rented a recording machine, purchased last year, for socials and parties. Selling candy has been another means of fulfilling their purpose. sPoNsons Wad - 6 Mr. Carl Aschman, Mrs. Sam Milanovich. Mr. Roger Iones First Semester Officers: President, Tony Piubeisq Vice President, lohn Sudakp Secretary, Iohn Guzie: Treasurer, lohn Gregory Sergeanteatel-lirms, Dan Dubic. Second Semester Officers: President, lohn Gregory Vice President, Ichn Guzieg Secretary, Richard Turkovichz Treasurer, Nick Cindrichy Sergeant- at Arms, 'William Fibbi, Seniors of Basketball, Football, Track, Cross Country, and Baseball teams comprise the member- ship of the Varsity Club. Purchasing sweaters for the senior boys in all athletic fields is their gcal. The movie, "Red River," sociclg, and a basketball game between the Alumni and Varsity teams have been sources of income fcr the sweater fund. Last year the boys purchased a moving pic- taire camera which is available for use by the entire school. Front Flow: Midock, Danovich, Woolaway, Gregor, Smtth, lJVaryck, Metropolis, Bama, Simoni, Passeri, Sallie, Vula. Second Row: Rabbit, Frank, Murphy, McBride, Davey, G.nand, Kirk, Eakewell, D'Artonio. Third Row: Mr. lcnes, luth, Cable, Trukulja, Stcken, Shaw Mr. Aschrnan Moz' zccca Monttni Shannon, Zernich. Q. Y. fae'4 Organized by World 'Nar ll veterans, the G. l, loe's have contributed two flags to our school. One, in memory of all American veterans, flies from the pole in front of the school. The other marks the honcr rc'l cf veterans who did not return. By holding numerous noon-hour socials, the boys were able to raise the needed money for their prciects. Officers cf the club are: Nick Macroglcu, president, Emil Vidovich 'age pres- ident: Eugene Maybee, secretaryg Nick Afovin. treasurer, Michael Earcn Ser' geant-at-Arms. Mr, Del Greco and Miss Zarkovzch are sponsors. Front Rcw: Macroglou. Vidovich, Barron. Second Flow: DelGreco, Kenotis, Grabski, Fazcck. Third How: Di Ciccio, DiCiero, Olack, Mabee. Crowded hdlls cmd rmqmq bells shouted qreetmqs and mmqled yells After school m e e t 1I'1 q s cmd make up tests dsslqnments qdlore but never CI rest Thls was SCHOOL LIFE for four short years Now we otre tdkmq our mem ones cmd lecxvmq our tears X QwX2l ff!! 'lf l lq AWN QNX I l 0 5 nf vac K 4 X I nm lc c X I ' ' 4 ll is- M wah 3 QR SJ " l X 52 55: lf' X X ll t lx l X ' Wr- ttttf , + t , ,,, ll . W X ' I ' l 7 L7 pl XIX NN 1 'l'M,'vm.n-muul""'c Q' . Ix tflf, is-Xl I nl X 5 ' ql"'i 'ill , X 7 KK' tail El'lWtxxx nulnlnlm ff! 0 In X QAM- --"'W,gf M11 '-,N Q I - t ' al ft l' V Qliiix Q M Six T3 'ff ii, ' fi , 1-1" 0 , gh 3' , tt x f KX tm , , L: ,:... iii? 1 I -'L SCHGOL LIFE FAMILIAR F CE lb nu n v rm f' y S 2 B111s vqwolsq -ann Cx FTGNP' mmf or ff Q fc 1nd G, P BG L ff nrm uri 1d r eq Tag' 3. to r.: fin- i2'AY1'LI'1 K ex 'lflfil n, in 1 N11 Blur-5 K1rk Ill - . .3 .' .f rigs f ,iq Sikt N . Zh- T111 " "mn Mlddle--BlQ'.'.' Qi iffy' C1 :kretty xlccih-LN. F?f":r:A- T.. f'h':r s'x':s':.s: C62 X ffT'J1'TlYfIEY .. T.'r1rE'zfh 'he f file P, t 1' :uh THE f s 1 Jr Qfm f iss sncn rj dum HGH elementary 3 s G asf n Y cmfi I ' 'nb New Shefixeld S 1 ,F kr rc s Und k f 'Fm rcs' ' HW Pere f fos'Qr1ty ND GV 1 'N Q '14 W- --.Y-, ,VV fl. ,H Y- ,nu M W, ,,'- rv--vw 1 -,Y-Q I' S .r A .. -. . .,, ,. lf, 'YI f1'Q'i, 'lfi 1 XY fiixr l'lf'Y 'I' 'if 14 43 S .1-WM....V 9. v E Fxf ly ,:::: ' I ,- y r 2 K , ,Q F I. a 1, 'NDA-'Q 3 '-NK X 14 .fefiea la 0144 Spandaa . . . wp a Q Dear Miss Cochran We tne Editors and otber rrernbers of the 49 QUIPPIAN Staff never realized that tbe publishing of a yearbook was such a huge task In underestimating the Job many of us unknow as our sponsor willingly and auietly assumed Never once did we hear you complain ot your overload of QUIPPIAN work our work We are the only ones who were able to see how you worked far beyond that which is required of an ordinary soonsor and so we of the staff felt that it we permitted this book to go to press Witbout expressing in some Way our gratitude for the fine Job you have done a great iniustice would be done In appre iation for what you have done in planning the book regulating the business and correspondence keeping after us and doing the many tbings tnat we neglected to do we sincerely thank you The 49 QUIPPIAN Staff . 'Y mfsp. ,. , . , ingly sidestepped our responsibility and duties, which you, V A 1 J l V - 4 v THAN Fzrst Row l to r M1ss Cochran Koulepr Salvatz Iohns Scabevea I-laqes S Moms Brunr Athanasszon Seech Cavrsh Mrller Belan K1rk Second Row Hurley Rabblt Sulhvan Zumch Marcroalou ZaJcrc Zuqay Davey Owens Sambol Frbbl Devore Thrrd Row Darby Poland Sxmonl Gmand E Vlorrrs Danov1ch V1ncc Harvey Mimeloveq Lewrs Harcher Carfaqna Thomas Gerastmon On behalf ot the yearbook staff l take th1s opportunrty to thank every one who had a hand m producmq the 49 OUIPPIAN The OUIPPIAN offers llS SIHCGFG thanks to Mrs Hoover who d1re ted for the benetrt of the OUIPPIAN the faculty play The House of luke and to the faculty players Mrs Sm1th M1ss Adams Mr McCorm1ck Mr Remlsh and Mr Battles For an outstandrnq Job Jn the advertrstnq department qo the staff s grate ful thanks to Eucene Morrrs Advert1s1nq Manager and to Paul Hurley who ably as 1 tei hrm Eugene and Paul are to be commended for a Job well done Many thrnks to W1ll1am Fxbbe for hrs excellent drawrna for our Dedl canon pace The Staff offers tts qratetul thanks to Babs lenklns Helen Wltko and Elsbeth Sharps who d1d much ot the routme Job ot typmq copy We also thank Mary Slms lean Makrrs Antolnette Crrsr Helen VurdelJa Helen Dravrch Antolnette Santelll and MarJor1e Pow who helped m th1s work To the Goll Photoqraphlc Studro for supplylnq the plcture of Mr Lours A Smrth and to the Beaver Valley Trmes whose photoqraphers supplled several plctures u ed Jn the athlet1 sectron many thanks ln short lf you have had any part at all 1n makrnq th1s book a reahty we thank you DONALD A POLAND Edrtor ID Chref 1 Q: 1 , . . . . i . . . , , . t , J - f , ' - . . I . N, , 1 ff H . . , , . . , , . , . , . . , . . , . I L - ., f I C C ' ' . V ., . . -, . 1 1 I I L' V I Y . , . , A , . .fx . S L, .. , . , J - J UUR AD ERTI ER I1 'Q 0 1 1 P O11 WN fee ad 9111 Q 111111 IIGQS Q-X1c1b11s11111Q'11s W111 1C1ve kc d 111c1KD 1 13 bocc oss 11319 By 111911 '1e1dly coo e1c111J1 111 1 1 XV1 111111 exs 0 fxdvertfe 111 11 Q QUIPPIAINJ 11 ey wow' 1 they qv 111111131 bQ11111d 11 Q vou111 of A1QLl1DpC1 'IIS 19 QQIUG D T 'C' O UC1 WC- 'Q 1 171151 WC L 1 df 19 YLJL OUT TG IO U! H CS N Q A-' Y fw 1 11 -1 1' 111 1 HCTIKTILJ y - "sed tx: A 1 11+ 11 hmm 1 - 1 1 , . M . ,.11 1 1,5 V I. . 2,1 ' ' . ' fr' 1 1 Q 'N Q d 1f9l 1'H""i 2 1 L, ' .1 . ', 'Z Ezcxfe -P .1 121:11 1 3 ,md TLEY 1 121, -' ,li 3,3 1 E1 1 rws- 11C1iC:11'1t'1. fly L 1"k Schog. IKTOIQTTS :md md us 111 any way 111931 61:11. Vfe ' 1 '11 1 ..lCl'9I'S, to Ulf 11. 31, 11.1111 115' 2111511 1,113 FkOSS1!,D1Q amd sim-J Il19YlL ii1fQ11 1111911 ':1'.'1f" Sf'lY1f 1,11:1,:e1'f1g1tid Lv 1219 giewglfe gf t:11S f' 1'1:r1L11.1t , TO THE GRADUATES OE 1949 Our Smcerest Wlshes for A Happy ond Successful Future PITTSBURGH MERCANTILE CO Ahqmppcx Pa The two young 1od1es showmq mten e mterest m the ohorm no bormets obove ore MISS Dorotlfy IVIITHCINC Cleftl ond M15 Evelyn Morovlch lrlqhtb The Ionuory 1949 qroduotes of ATICIUIDDG H1211 Sc ool were ohotoqrophed on o VISIT to HOFFMAN'S THREE DRUG STQRES EGR YQUR CONVENIENCE Plon 12 Dowu own Plon 11 ATIQUI oo ' 1 ' ' M' s A ' A . the Millinery Deportment of the Pittslourqh Meroontile Compony. T .I PCB STYLE QUALITY BEST WISHES TO ALL VALUE WOODLAWN 'TS STAMAN S TRUST COMPANY 392 Franklin Avenue 8 anklin Avenue Aliquipoa P Aliquiooa Pa Pnone 550 ., A er-41.3 t--1: ' 30- ',P.,........-a ua,,,.-- N-ffl RIQ3. 'N s Better Furniture tor Better Homes Aliquippa s Finest Restaurant Cornolete Fountain Service Fine Steaks Chops Home-Cooked Meals 945947 Franklin Ave, e- Aliquippa Homemade pie Phone 892 i v l A s 201 Franklin Avenue Phone 2192 Aliquippa Fish and Poultry Market PAFCMBO FLOWST FLOWERS BY MARY Poultry cSlFish Dressed While You Wait Cut Flowers if Wedding Funem1 Designs All Kmds Of F1511 and Seafoods Centerpieces fe Gibson Greeting Cards 222 Franklin Ave. Phone 2695 36516 Franklin Avenue Phone 1651 Ahquippa, Pa. MILLER AND SONS CHEVRIILET BO0K'S "SATISFACTION ALWAYS" SHOES FOR THE FAMILY 721 Franklin Avenue Phone 32 HOUSST VC111-195 'ff Lowest Prices Aliquippg 416 Franklin Ave. Phone 671-R BEST WISHES GRADUATES ALIIIUIPPA RADIO 81 TELEVISION JACOBSONS SALES 61 SERVICE ,,. P , T . f x,.Cf..1GIS GHG CXEACIS CI Larqest Store ot Records in Beaver Va11ey MEN WOMEN A CHILDREN 154 K19111 SI- Phofle I 453 Franklin Avenue Ahauippa Phone 41 CONGRATULATIONS ' My heartlest congratulatlons to the young men and women graduates from the Allqulppa Hlgh School To go to school ln Amerloa where anyone who wants 1t cfm have a sound and useful educatlon 15 lndeed '1 prlceless pr1v1 lege And when school davs are over to work at a Job of your own ChO1CE to take part ln the act1v1t1es of the comnunlty where you l1ve to choose your government representatlves freely and wlthout coerclon ln the securlty of the votlnv booth to have maxlx um enJ oyment of your rlghts and prlvlleges so long as you do not lnfrlnge on the rlghts and prlvlleges of your nelghbor to meet freelv w1th your frlends and nelghbors for the d15CL1SSlOl'1 of problems of mutual lnterest to go where you want when you want those 'Ire some of the many prlvlleges that go w1th belng an Amer1c'1n But we must never forget that w1th these pr1v1leges goes a responslblllty the responslblllty of keeplng Amerlca free and thls 15 a challenge to everyone of you It 15 only by keeplng Amerlca free that we can safeguard the dlgnlty of the 1nd1v1dual Amerlcan and h1s pr vllege of l1v1ng the way he wants to The future stretches before you What you make of lt 15 111 your own hands If I were asked to summarl e mv advlce ln a few words I would say 'Thlnk for yourself do not abdlcate your right to make your own declslons to self seeklng demagogues or p wer hungry despots My best wlshes to you all Ben Moreell Presldent JONES 8: LAUGHLIN STEEL CORPORATION . . 1 . C . , . . L . . .- . 1 ' . , A ' S ' , . . , . . . D : A- to worship God as you please 3 to express your views without fear 3 ' 3 S C . . . . ' C 0 . .Z . . , . - . 7 7 , -o - I .NIO Y II OO--- ! "Sheffield's Most Popular Store" OLIKER BROS. SHEFFIELD DAIRY 435 Franklin Avenue Allauippa P50119 1249 W- f 2314 Sheffield Road St Y SI"lOe Shine PBFIOI' STERLING SERVICE CIGARS TOBACCO CANDY Shoe Shrnes Our Specralty 54 Franklm Avenue Phone 463 A1 Franklm Ave Theo I TS919p1 1 u1 oa q p Alrqulppa Prop I ll Il ' l l C C l I I 135 ' . . . ' . a The Siqn of Quality in Americds Homes for Gver 32 Years PLODINEC FURNITURE COMPANY 362 Franklin Avenue Phone 480-I FJRNTTJRL TO BE PRCUD OF EGERS LEADING IEWELER Fun Allqul Cc Y Y w 35C ' 2 klin A'.'e:1'qe Manufacturers of Carbonaied Beverages L E O N A co- SMART MENS WEAR 730 Franklin Avenue 419 Franklin Avenue Aiiquippa, Pa. Phone 1022 Anquiepe "We Have a Complete Line of Me-n's Furnishings' Compmms of ALIQUIPPA AUTO PARTS owEN's SNACK BAR SPORTQHEQODS 1828 Mum St' Ahquippg 100 Wauqaman Si. Ph. 666-2705 'nf Aliquippa's New Super Market AL-WOOD CUT-RA-I-E ee SUN SUPER MARKET 301Frank1in Ave. Phone 9469 145 Fffmklm Ave. Phone 896 Aiiauippa Aiiquippa omo VALLEY Moron COMPANY MARSYL'S CHRYSLERJDLYMOUTH INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS ALIOUIPPA 253 STGX1 1 Ssss' Allcglipl JONES FLOWER SHOP BISHTON S F ofvers for Efery Occctslon ESSO SERVICENTER T tw C1 fx e U A y for ReGlHc1pcy Motormq 575 Fmklm Ave O 9 S49 Pmmklm Axe Phone 9418 A TIGUI r Ahqulppc -N v . L, till-. f T K X ' Flowers Express Tlisughis - , T 1 V ' e s .ws s rw or As Qiznisl scnvsy Q U ' f . . P21 H 839 , Q 'QL . T USE MQRE DRI N K MQRE DAIRY TRY OUR HOMOGENTZED MILK Phone 462 WILSON BROS FURNITUR ANOTHER NAME EOR GOOD FURNITURE PRODUCTS E 224 226 Franklm Avenue Phones 900 2095 MOVING ALIQUIPPA STORAGE ,, ' ' ' ' "-xiififwefvfawtzv-sQf4lglZ5,K QA , ,,,g,,,, .V . , ,1 - , my pylfk- ft Y 1 , r .cw F gf " f 1:5-fx A ' ' Q35-1 Q .' fi,- 4-. 4 1 ,, 1 5 5' r fu. l Gifts to the Graduates for 43 Years Class of 1949 Congratulations from THE WILKENS AMATEUR HOUR and THE WILKENS IEWELRY COMPANY Headquarters for 605 Mercnant Street E N S Ambrrdqe Pa Diamonds - Watches - Ieweiry - Radios - on 'E-Z' Credit A Comphments of PLUMBING ond HEATING SUPERIOR CLEANERS I-Iot Woier ond Steom I-Ieohnq Systems WE DO ODORLESS CLEANING 369 Prcrnk 1n Ave AI1qu1p'oo Phone 76 I 253 Fyankhn Ave Ahqulppg COHQIOIUICIIIOHS IIOUI GOOD OUALITY LOW PRICES SEIU Eronkhn Ave Phone Ahq 363 562 Eronkhn Ave Phone 2536 Free DQPVQTY SOL'S FAME RESTAURANT VIEADOUARTEPS POR SPORTING GOODS Mens tne Wav You L1ke Them 363 Fronkhn Ave Ahqumppo AI1qu1ppc1 I AuTENnElTH'Is DOLLAR stuns MEAT GROCERIES mem C 8m L CASH MARKET SOC'S ROOT BEER Home F1:'19: Quinny IVEQLITS CN Dmh +1ry:'er1Gs rfrgiulfe QS Exeter. Foods SCCS FRGZEN CUSTARD FREE DELIVERY Q'C,II1dlQS 6 Coufetuorus 218 1714111141111 pmvlm W5 Kwd Wg, 130 Ffllilkllll Avenue Phone 9427 'wher m Ahfuulppu Shep Crt S 1604 Irwm Qtreet Al1cJu1r:oc1 PHO e N974 4 4 Em kl I A RJ Are Hire it 'Servlce Vfztli A Srmlen ' f L 11 .V E 452 7 - n 1x14-5319. GOOD SERVICE GUARANTEED MARKATOS SHOE SERVICE VOGUE L'NGER'E SHOP 724 Franklin Ave. Phone 1679-W 345 Franklin Ave- E Aliquippo "Let Vogue Plotter Your Figure" DAVID'S DRIVE-IN REAL BAR-B-O CHICKEN IN THE RUFF Steinfield Hardware and Appliances S47 Motn Ave. Phone 149 Kone CS Brodheod Rds. Ph. Aliq, 9489 West Ahquippo FLOWERS WIRED ANYWHERE SMOKE ALAM'S CIGARS QSSQTQQ SMITH JEAN S. ALAM Occisioncxl 1 1 W H O L E S A L E Flowers 379 Franklin Ave. 142 Stotton St. Phone 991 MICHAEL'S ORPHEUM THE FINEST MAKES BQWUNG PARLQUR RADIUS AND "Bowl Your Way To Heqnh' TELEVISION 476 Franklin Ave. Phone 329 Frankhn Ave. QSQQ Ahquippgy PGA Phone 9419 Ahquippcx 1 FEEDER S SUPPLY CO H O E b T T Guaranteed Quchty at 1503 SEGf1G1C1 A e S PWOHQ 1316 Allqulppc 1 "RED CRQSSH and HBRGWN-BILT" , x - E A Y E 1 A E D 4 BUILDERS SUPPLIES LUMBER MILLWORK READY MIXED P M O R E ROOFING INSULATION CONCRETE AUQU1pp A HARDWARE COAL AND COKE Phone 173 PAINTS GLASS 112 Stcxtlon Street 169 Stotlon Street SAMBOL'S SERVICE STATION WE GIVE EXCELLENT SERVICE Phone 1511 601 Mcnn Street A11qL11ppG 1 , . . CQNGRATULATIQNS TO THE CLASS OF 1949 SHIFLET PORTRAIT TUDIO forthe FINEST IN PHQTOGRAPFX ALIQUIPPA Phone 1051 454 Franklin Avenue A We11 Known 1eWe1ry Store GH OROARK GIFT QHQP w1t11 CONFECTIONERY FIFTS FOR ALL CQCASIONS 1015 Mcxm Street A11qu1ppc1 HARTSTEIN s P1 9585 77 Fran 11r1Aver1ue Ahqulppcx ur' FQMPLIMENTS PATSY S QF MEAT MARKET CARTWRIGHT HARDWARE co. 174 1:1ICII'11C11I Ave 459 cmd 461 Frcmklm Ave Phone 9576 Free De11very Phone 35 '6'd91i"fwi W PAUL BROOKS EXCAV!-XTING EQUIPMENT RENTALS Beaver Falls Pc Phone B F 5611 TEPER'S JEWELRY STORE "Vc111ey's Fmest Iewelry Store" 370 Frcxnkhn Avenue Ahqmppc " ' 14? ' 'H 'fesfix ' XX b To Our Future Citizens, l , The Class ot '49: I S The destiny ot our democracy, which was raised upon the foundation of God's teachings is in the keeping l Fresh Fruits Vegetables Groceries of you our American youth Butter Eqqs Cheese Woodlawn Lodge No l22l B P O Elks 524 Franklin Ave Phone 966 The Village Smnthy COMPUMENTS OF ELECTRIC fs ACETYLENE WELDING S LOA N H A R DWA RE Weldlnq While YOU Wdlf 516 Franklin Avenue Aliquippa 602 Sheffield Avenue Phone 2567 Phone 542 BEST WISHES from HENDERSON 81 SON t INSURANCE REAL ESTATE Barnhart s Confectionery A1 1 Stationery Magazines Drugs lqulppa Contections 806 Franklin Avenue Ahqmppq Phone 9526 431 Franklin Avenue I l I I , . l I I I O W - l l 1 i I l t 7 - . , I 1 I .-v l .T COMPLIMENTS OF VULCAN CRUCIBLE STEEL CCMPANY ALIQUIPPA CQMPLIMENTS THE QUIPPIAN CLUB 31815 S A IQUIPPA CDF 9 erson tre-et Aliquippds Most Modem Fully Equipped WATCH REPAIR SERVICE Eeotuririq Aliquippds Only Wdtchmoster 81 "The Store Especially For Your Child" Woiclies lewelry Rodios Appliances SATISEACTKDN GUARANTEED 501 Erfmkliri Ave. ClQ Bldq. - -- Phone 2723 ALIQUIPPA omplimerits BEST OF LUCK To lL1GClCISSOf 49 TO THE CLASS OF 49 BRANTHOOVER'S MARKET Quality Medts ci Groceries 447 Erorilcliri Ayeriue Phone Aliquiooo 295 Plori S 2l48 G 2580 llUl lrwiri S1 Aliquiopo fa A Q A M' via.. xl M K a , I A . 1 , . ' 'K QL. C . I N V e A ' , , A 4 San Rocco Council No. 3 Kidd Drawn Steel Company Sams of Ccnlumbus of America, Inc. C West Ahqu ppcx PCI AICTLP OMPLHVYEN S 0 Tow Tacleusza WW l Koscluszkl Soclefy RU T Hvaurr Hallv CLIIIIP5 A G K W P HP RIF 1 4 l51Ef.k1i A zum, C ' , T' 1481 .End 'venue J Q. N :,:. F' 1. fx fr- mp: Q ff: 1-:L T: F'If M'igEgALAP:lR QQR fI1'C' ,fi .1-.111 X, P ga ,-24:7 iigfz.. TQ H417 "NED ALIQUIPPA REDS BETTY'S SMART SHOPPE ATHLETIC CLUB Everything for the School Girl Sponsors Cf CELTIC-REDS AT1'11sET1C TEAMS 423 Franklin Ave' Ahquippc "The best ond most progressive oth1etic orqonizor- Phone 2150 tion in Western Pennsy1vonio." 213 Fourth Avenue Phone 1642 CLEVELAND 5 MAYTON 81 WAGNER Fooo MARKET is LooKER PLANT Ywf HUDSUN Dealer Modern Design tor 49 1133 Mom Street Phone 63 64 124 Klehl Street Phone 1094 Ahquippo Locker 2539 Ahquippo 1 HAVE FAITH IN YOUR DRUGGIST Modern Eff1c1ent SGIVICG YOUNG DRUG COMPANY PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY 512 Frcnklxn Avenue COMPLIMENTS OE Albert I Cercxvolo MD L N Colonncr DDS M1lton I Eqer OD Ever1ttH Lcurd MD lohn L Mlller MD Dr H R Prlrncts Ir Georqe B Rush MD Myron E Rowley A S Slcrtruske DDS H C Thel MD FACS l O. A. Krcxtzert, D.D.S. Ralph E. Smith Our Homogen- 'IWG Serve ized Milk is Reg What Yee Deserve" 400 U.s.P. Units "The Beef" i ot Vitamin D l Added. Today our nation has turned to rehabilitation Every item in this program must be perfect Any imperfect part may cause a breakdown This is also true of our production line Let our whole ome milk and dairy products help you give a healthy performance tor today s task SUTHERLAND DAIRY 40 QUlPPlAN EXPENSE ACCOUNT CUnabr1dgedl Money' Money' Money' Everybodys always worrying about money but not the members oi the QUlPPlAN Staff Although we have most of the expen es listed here tor the QUIPPIAN our branch offices have not as yet submitted their records We will however endeavor to bring the main penditures out in the open away from all malicious talk Listed below are e more important casualties of our cau e Editor in Chief s traveling expenses S5 000 00 His girlfriend s cokes P Hurley s haircuts Cone per year plus massagel Razorblades Ctor E Morris monthly shave with No Ne k Razori Class Editor s psychiatrist s bill l0 00 Advertising Manager s shoe repairs S Athanassions payments to teachers tor permission to graduate 100 01 Business Managers courses at B T C 300 00 Extra payment for failure to take final eyams 25 00 Typists after school typing classes Cno refund? 10 00 Supplies for Staff s week end retreat in the mountains 150 00 Food CRefund on potato chip bags S3 005 345 67 Hush Money 1 000 U0 Staff s transportation to the Home tor the Aged 30 00 TOTAL E NUF Spelled backwards FUN E l l 0 l - l ' ' , ' , I , ' ' ex- th ' T s : U ' 7 -' ' , ..t,...................................... ffffffififfiffifIfffifffffffflffiffIffffffff ' sfoo . 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