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The 1947 Qujppjan V I mul f1'WAQZ,j MII -was L X 'fs bm x ...Q R xx N5 f0"'7!zw' Q i, . lllllq,f:wm,,, gllzlllll 4 fI'lfIl'5mWn, 7' -e in 2 mf-Mflllflllz 'r'll4lIl2 l F9 funfillwmimlmfllzllli 2 mei ,,IIl2lllZIllZIlil"'5mZ Z X .G Mm Z ""5lu2l"55 X r P . I 4 Zflilf4m?Z .. -H -1 H71 ,uni M25-tZffiaZfniQ. , f ' VIII.. Q MQ, .V dl W J is 7 5 an wil f 7 7 f - f 'ns Z i Z ' ' Wwmfn fanamliw' amz 7 1 If Published by the Senior Class of Aliquippa High School Aliquippa, Pennsylvania 2. How We Work And Somet1mes Play Hand in hand through the halls and por tals of our school go the boy and girl on a mission of learning With them go s good living Their life here has as many phases as there are facets to a diamond each reflect 1ng its own prcture Together these students learn nablts ot courtesy as they greet thelr teachers and tel low classmates each morning in the class room as they mount the stairs in couples one to the geometry class, the other to law and still another to history. A few go still another flight to physics or chemlstry class. The bell denoting change of class rings and pandemonlum reigns, but only for a mo- ment. Then all is quiet, and the air is once more laden with the heaviness that is charac- teristic of knowledge. True, not all are here for the same thing, collectively-yes, but individually-no. Some What greater lure is there tha h e and Or can it be the shop boys? We've got a queen, and oh sh 's keen For she's the dream ol ou b ketball t m. Watch the birdie, girls! Good food? No wonder. The best lor th b t That's our team. a-s-d-I Practice makes perfect. We've got the pep, we've got the st m When it comes to Ambridge, we su m. "ln goes the good air, out goes the bad a Good bye, Mr. Lincoln. lt was n swell play How orderly . . . Or is it I th photographer' k Don't be misiulren. They're really industriou harbor ambitions to become artists, chemists, surveyors, engineers, While others Wish to take up medicine, nursing, teaching, and the many other professions which may develop from the solid background Aliquippa High School tries to furnish. When, after a busy day, the last bell rings for dismissal, and the classes troop out of their rooms, the boy and girl will stop for a moment at their lockers, then run out into the sunshine laughing and talking. Later, perhaps, they drop into the corner drug store for an ice cold "coke", lounging comfortably in their jeans and dirty saddle shoes, talking over the day's subjects. Then some enthusiastic pupils leave their particular gathering to come back to school, Where they meet for extra-curricular activities. Yes, the boy and girl ot Aliquippa High School will go out into the World better ott for having been here, to meet the challenge which the world presents, hand in hand, pre- pared! Tl! W ,sf gi! .vo 5 Lookm g Back ALIQUIPPA HIGH 1943 1943 l944 Eprdemrc ot colds sweeps school 1280 tudents and 26 teachers 111 football Ambrrdge Alrgulppa deadlocked 7 7 parade by students War bond rallles held to Wage bond ales S10 OOO worth bought rn one Week' Mrnute Man Flag flles for thrrty days over school assembly students spellbound by D 1' Ernest 1-lypnotrst blggest event ot year IS bazaar held to pay det1c1t of yearoook S736 pro ht students buy lc nk through bond sales coronatlon ceremonres ot May Kmg luke Suder and Qaeen Katy Kovalenko many graduates leave tor the armed forces reports come of A 1-1 S boys rmsslng or krlled ln actlon lam army lands lock stock and barrel rr' stadlum army show wows the crowds g1r1s n dreamland durmg thelr stay Mr Garlng asslsts rn Wrrtrng hlstory ot Pennsylvama rn faculty versus student basketball game boys wln 34 30 unforgettable Leader s Club Play Day at least one assembly sguee ed 1n every Week lohnny Smlsko cops state Jave lm champlonshrp decalcomanra plaque awarded to Allgulppa 1-hgh students for bond sales We buy through War bond ales a S50 OOO tralnlng plane th senror prom at last commencement and gradu atlon May Day fSSl1Vll1GS held 1n gymnaslurn on account of Iuprter Pluvlus . . . 7, , . N.. .. , I . . . - - I - 1 1944-1945: Eighth graders come to Aliguippa High . . . halls in a bed- l945-l946: New band director comes to A S., Mr. Ferdinand Spor- ney . . does amazmg work wlth band . . with war over, everyone tries to regain peacetxme atmosphere . . . new school courses offered ex- G. l.s . . . Rubinoft, the VlOl1Il1St, plays before record crowd . . . Tony Der- cole named most valuable baseball player ln the state . . . 338,000 in tools received by school from W.A.A. . . shop gets dismantled plane P-40 . . . veterans program g mg full blast Glrl Reserve 1n1t1ates glven the works f1rst class 1n woodworklng at shop twenty two men one woman t1v1t1es councll formed w1th Nr Hartman as dlrector new Llbrary Club the Alpha Beta Kappa choral cont ert blllowy gowns melodlous volces Band concert a c edlt to Mr Sporney band enlarged by thlrty mem bers Qulps trounce all other baseball teams cop W P I A L Cham p1onsh1p tr1p to Phlladelphla they lose Pennsylvama champlonshlp Ioe Zugay Day Ioe goes to New York to play to Amerlcan All Stars Pauhne Rogan Ed Mlasgowlcz crowned Klng and Queen IU May l:'est1V1t1es at last the graduatlon and the solemmty of pomp and clrcumstances 1847 F QU G-'dir 'P r , I 1 H. . . . - rv , NJ . . . . .L . . . 1 ' , - . . . GC' I I I Q l J. . ' . . . ., I , . . . f , , Y' . . - . . . , L . . . . . . . , , , 0 . . . . ' . . . , L . 11 11 T . . . . , . . . . , it 3 y 5 f I K ' f X f 4 LN! " ' 1 :GSX H ,Iii V Q ' ' 5 YU k . . fin YM' ii- Y v- L IIIFHIYJI -llllllll far back as hlstory records the story of atron rt pornts out the urgent need for lead n several rnstances rf 1t were not for thelr ort1nq words and authorrtatlve leadershlp all t have been lost hus 1t IS wrth us students We need kxndness 'ff dance and advlce whlch we frnd 1n the admtn tstrators and teachers of our school Always obllq rnq forever helpful they offer any servlces they can extend us gladly In apprec1at1on of the1r helpful servlces to us we can only say thank you May We prove our gratrtude by our qood work when We have left school That IS the only way we can really thank you or repay you For words we must adrnlt are but empty and mean lnqless shells 1f they are not frlled wlth results and successes Whlch only the future can unfold Therefore our gratrtude cannot be fully ex pressed at th1s trrne but you can be sure We Wlll qo out and do our best to make 1t up to you We thlnk teachers and admxntstrators that you have done a wonderful Job X .Q 1 ! , . 1 .I L ,,. ,f . . v 'tw tt t ... G . I K4 ' ' " '- f , ,. . I I ' - , . l - . f r Adm11:z1stIat1on MISS BONOMI . . . MR. IONES What's new this morning? I I I Our superintendent, Mr. Wilson's task is two-told. Besides being head of our educational program, he manages and reg- ulates all business transactions. Mr. Dungan, as the co-ordinator of secondary education, administers all standardized tests in our school system. Student guidance and parent-student problems are in the hands of Mr. Crawford. His work includes the records and en- rollment ot the student body and the construction of the master schedules. Responsibility for the disciplining of students, making ot schedules ot classes, and procuring substitute teachers are the duties ot our assistant principal, Mr. Marley. LYTLE M. WILSON Superintendent SCHOOL OFFICIALS IN SESSION left to right around table L. M. Wilson-Sup't ot Schools R. McGee-Sup't ot Buildings and Grounds Dr. L. N. Colonna: R. N. Keyser: A. F. Burket: H. Craig-Sol1c.tor: I.. A. Smith-Secretary: Dr. H. I. Gold: V. M. Gray: R. G. Mcllvain: A. D. Dunqan-Ass't Sup't oi Schools. tNo1 pictured-G. Tovoyl A D DUNGAN ROBERT CRAWFORD FRAN IS MAPL Y Assistant Superintendent High School Principal Assistant Hgh School Pr nc pal Theirs is the job of guiding the pupils of our school. They must point out the different subjects offered, they must also give the students counsel as to which course Will best serve their purpose. Their influence in these Ways is greatly felt and appreciated. The results are seen in the high academic standing of our school. Aliquippa High School is equipped to offer the students a variety of courses and subjects with capable teachers to instruct the various classes. There are: the academic course, preparatory to college, the commercial course, which turns out efficient book- keepers, and the stenographic course for ambitious girls and boys who aim to be secretaries. Also, there is a clerical-selling course offered, home economics, the general scientific, and a pre-nursing course. Careful lest they overlook the boys who wish to prepare for trades, an industrial course was established, which trains effi- cient and capable machinists, electricians, auto mechanics, and carpenters. Yes, the principals and high school faculty wield a mighty sword of guidance and advice, which makes the Work of the stu- dents easier and more enjoyable. Mr. Ladish and a few skilled electricians ADAMS. BELLE English Co-Sponsor-Quip Script ADAMS. DONALD L. Industrial Arts Sponsor-Senior HIVY ASCHMAN, CARL History Varsity Football Sponsor--Varsity Club BATTLES. MARY C. Home Economics Co-Sponsor-Iunior Booster Club BIECHLER, CHARLES Related Social Studles BIECHLER, ELOISE 8A Grade S. Facult History BLANEY. LAWRENCE F. Sponsor-Civic Youth Assistant Football Coach BONOMI. FLORENCE Commercial Sponsor-Quip Script Sponsor-Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor-Marian Anderson Tri-Hi-Y Head oi BRADLEY. CATHERINE Home Economics Departme Sponsor-Cafeteria Club Related Related BRITTON, CHALLIS W. Mathematics BROBECK. STANLEY C. Science Sponsor-Cheerleaders Sponsor-Pep Club Assistant Football Coach CIRIACY. HELEN Home Economics CIRIACY. EDWARD Industrial-Carpentry Physical CARVER. ELIZABETH Training Sponsor-Leaders' Club Sponsor-Girls' Intramurals Y 'G :QV .li Q...- COULTER, MAUDE G. Geography CRAWFORD, FRANK Mechanical Drawing CUNNINGHAM, ELSIE Mathematics Co-Sponsor-Leaders' Club Senior Advisor DAVIS, IOHN B. Head of Art Department Sponsor-Artomic Club EDWARDS, MARION History FAUSOLD, SAMUEL Mathematics FLEMING, ANN G. Related English Sponsor-Industrial Club ICN AW -'hw . Tig c .tt 3 N M QW! .Wg X Q' FRANK, LYDIA K. Commercial Sponsor-National Honor Society FRENCH, EDWIN Head of Industrial Department GARING, ERIC E. History GALFO, IEANNE F. Home Economics Co-Sponsor-'l'rZ'Hl-Y Senior Advisor GLASS, DONALD E. Industrial-Machine Shop Co-Sponsor-Industrial Club GREER, FREDA Commercial Mr. Iones teaching 12A boys First Aid Transportation. Surcease from daily grind- men's room at noon. Science HARTMAN, CLYDE M Sponsor-Chemistry Club Sponsor-Quippian Yearbook HARTLEY. HARRY I. Science HOOVER, GLADYS L. English Sponsor-11B Class IACK, SARA English IOHNSON. GERTRUDE Mathematics IONES, ROGER Head of Health Department Sponsor--Ir. High Basketball Sponsor-Varsity Club ff 'onsor-Intramurals Spenser-Varsity Track Sponsor--Varsity Cross-Country IORDAN. WARD D. Head ol Mathematics Department Director ol Evening School Faculty KIRK. IESSIE Librarian Sponsor-Iunior Librarians Sponsor-Alpha Beta Kappa KUVINKA. GEORGE R. History LADISH. LOUIS P. lv-dustrialefllettrical Shop Co-Sponsor-Industrial Club LIPPE, NATHAN M. Head ol Physical Training Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball Sponsor-Varsity Club LONG. RHEA English Sponsor-Alpha Beta Kappa MacMlLLAN. MARGARET Commercial Senior Advisor MARSDEN, GRACE M. English Sponsor-Alpha Beta Kappa Senior Advisor Advisor-Quippian Yearbook QQ' hw 4?-Q Head of Head of Music MCCORMICK, NORMAN Language Department MCISAAC, EDMUND R. Commercial Department MCWILLIAMS. BLANCHE Sponsor-Girls' Trio Sponsor-Girls' Chorus Sponsor--Boys' Quartet Sponsor-Mixed Chorus Science MORAN, CATHERINE Sponsor-F. B. I. Club Senior Advisor NELSON, WILLIAM Industrial-Auto Shop Instructor-Safe Driving Co-Sponsor-Industrial Club NICKLAS, IOHN M. Industrial Arts Co-Sponsor-Hi-Y English PALAZZI, ESTHER L. 1 "xg 4 6 fr f fp . l,".,3.1, 1 " A ,-.,"f"- 1 KAN!! 37d fx. qual- me Qi- PETTY, CARL B. Industrial-Related Drawing POLOVINA, GEORGE Mathematics REINISH, WILLIAM Commercial RICHARDS, MARIAN S. Health Physical Education ROBINSON, DALE W. Commercial ROSS, IOSEPH A. Nathernitlcs Sth Grade SCOTT, SALLIE Seniors learn Economics In Mr. Garing's class. Mrs. Long makes English Literature a vital experience. Sl-IAWKEY, ADA M. Geography SMITH, CLIFFORD I. Head of History Department Sponsor-Iunior Historians Co-Sponsor-Civic Youth SMITH, HELEN D. Language Sponsor-Iunior Red Cross Sponsor-French-American Relations Senior Advisor SPORNEY, F. l. Head of Music Department Band Sponsor-Baton Twirlers SWARTS. DONALD E. English Sponsor-Dramatics Club Club Faculty TATALOVICH. RUDOLPH Science Visual Education Sponsor-Iunior Booster Club THEL, CAROLINE H. Head of the English Department URAM. NICHOLAS Science Intramural Basketball Assistant Football Coach WALSH, FLORENCE School Nurse WEBB, KENNETH Reserve Basketball Coach Iunior High Football Coach Health-Physical Training WEBER. MARY Music Bach Choir Sponsor-Y-Teens WEITZEL, FRANCES T. English WHITE, CHARLES L. Mathematics ZAHORCHAK. MICHAEL M Science Senior Sponsor Mr. Shirk. Attendance Teacher Mr. Lloyd Shirk, Attendance Teacher Mr. Marshall Del Greco, Supplies Clerk Miss Doris Peilibon. Attendance Clerk, Mrs. Victoria Adams, Secretary to High School Principal ffl Htl g Office Personnel We can never estimate the invaluable courtesies and general helpfulness extended us by the ch-eertul, capable office statt. Their efficiency is established beyond doubt it you have ever seen them quickly convert the ottice from a hedge podge ot confusion to an orderly, mechanically working otiice. This they do by simply entering and coolly going about their duties, seemingly taking care ot everyone at one and the same time. They have a smile tor everyone, and it tries to tell us that they really don't mind us. But really, though, we think you're awfully nice, and We Want you to know we think so. '31 no V" :Y 4 an XQQX w t' Miss Mary Zobrak, Mr. Michael Bobanich, Miss Anna Miller, Mrs. Ersilia Kubera Mrs. Elvaretia B. Hank Mrs. Silvia A Holpp ,fl 'N 'R 11.41 ll f u ku w tl re 1S so111Ct 111q 1hout Q1 rv llllll ul xl N Q 111g gr uo Ct quys and 6711s th t 111 t 11111K s one Y gogd rlhey sr rkle W1tt1V1tit11N 11111 1 4411151 X K Q IO But thrscr we 111 y e ou1 1 31119511 1-4 1 qtut QIGH e tr II the te1Qher C111 th1t IQ the way s 111 sch h y r d11te Xvlk h1 hmess an 11 ross the1r A111 fl GH hoes and around the1r 11ouths fre the marks t qoodn1tured11ess Qur q oup ot stu C1e1ts 1S not 1111 h out re11t t Q any s hoot 111 any ta 'MVY1 111 A111 r1Ca As you qo thr ugh the followmq se t1o11 you toe W11 feel the1r 1oytu1 buoyant a1r as the1r taces pre r1t themselves to you V- 31N X" ll 3 1 ff th flllll u t Q ' lx f , 'ln 'C 1 It "U - ,, f S UL 'N A ' ' wif" I . l . .if t 1 I N9 Y 1 . , . IW, 1- x o , ge -h 1, ' fish, N L Q NW' I-. 'I X '1 1o,, 11 .f1's pe lf 1 . W 14 , ' Q 14o1i.1,tth. . 11et1111es they become 11 hit rowdy mn! qet out of - x Aa v 1'. '. PIL qkkt r':11e'11'ty1 is f as TF U I it 1 ' ost. The 'Q 't.. fry' ., d ' 1 21. "fre TTITX C. Q Classes Class History ln September of 1943 students began coming into the high school from all directions. Those climbing the hill looked forward to doing it for four years. As we sat in the gym waiting for home- room assignments, little did we know what was to follow, although we had our suspicions. After receiving regular homerooms, we began to try to acquaint ourselves with the rules and regulations of the school. Naturally, becoming quite confused, we approached upper classmen and asked their aid. Much to our discontentment we were dubbed with the name "Freshies" and were sent on our way, often with wrong directions. We weren't in the fog too long and soon learned the ropes, even those of cutting classes on the last beautiful days of fall. Since the war was still going on, a well recognized statement among the students on test days was, "Gee, l wish we have an air raid dril today." As May came around we looked forward to our summer vaca- tion, hating to leave the kids but eager for a rest and to dream of our sophomore year. As always is the case, the class diminished in size, but the remaining ones worked hard to keep up with the class. Being considered in the senior group, we had the privilege of attending our first National Honor Society Assembly. impressed by it the students locked forward to the day they would be eligible for the honor. "Friends, Romans and Countrymenn seemed the subject of the semester as the English classes began memorizing Mark Anthony's speech. Ah! What expression. Mark Anthony couldn't have done it better himself. Toward the end of the sophomore year, social maturity came into the foreground. This was illus- trated by the attendance of the May Dance that year. Extra-curricular activities came into promi- nence during this year also. Thoughts in the stu- dents' minds were how quick the last two years have gone by. We're Iuniors already! Senior Homeroom Teachers Rlill'gill'f't NliN'Nlill1lll Grave Nlzn'sdm-n i'utlu-rim- Moran 1101011 D. Smith 136 F BANDULA B GLOVIER P MONTINI F MANGIARELLI D VALLE N HAGES I SHAHEN F ROSS Upon returnrng to school rn the fall as full fledged Juntors agam wrthout a few who couldnt make 1t all our thoughts were turned toward the organ1zat1on of our class Th1s task requr ed great conslde at1on smce we wanted offrcers who would serve and represent the class dtltgently Afte or gan1z1ng all mterest was turned to our own formal Dreamer s Rendezvous Naturally a orom IS al ways accompanled wrth the questron Vtfrll you go to the Iunlor Prom wrth me? Ahl Those lucky glrls Skatmg parttes were qulte the fad and the clean up commrttees often wondered about the slrght 1ndent1ons on the floor and th cdd colored marks on the students It seemed that we all stopped comolamrng about backaches The only solutron was that we were flnally s1tt1ng on the charrs dur1ng assem blles Don t worry Freshres you only have two years to watt Some lucky students were able to attam Na uonal Honor and were very much congratulated by both faculty and students The only drsapoornt 1ng thlng IS that more people cant make rt We left school wtth only one great task to be started the year book Edltors were chosen and the sum mer work was to begm At last were senlors lt seems that the last three years Just whrzzed by lt wont be long now t1ll Pomp and Clrcumstance The class se 'ned to be larger summer school had qutte an attend ance A large number of students worced hard and well to get back w1th the class They were very much welcomed We semors became very popular Someone rs always askmg for some sort of an tntervtew A very common expresston was Oh' How darlmg No rt cant be Sentor photographs already lts Just a matter of weeks now Teachers are very busy after school and dur1ng therr free perrods the students seem to be espectally mterested 1n makmg up therr mrssed classes Naturally all worklng for exempttons May the l4th was the day to pay tr1bute to Krng Lloyd Cable and Queen Thomaslne Atk1n son The court looked n1ce too We have come to the conclusron that boys look very nrce 1n sults The s nror banquet at the Colonral brought the semor cl ss together for practlcally the last t1me Iokes and wrsecracks rang through the two gyms as we practlced for Baccalaureate whlch was followed by Commencement As we walked up to recelve our drplomas w1th Just a small lump ln our thro t and a slrght hrdden tear IH our eyes we looked about us at all our fr1ends and parents who watched us as we b1d farewell to Alrquxppa Hrgh School f"N vw 41 ,M 'QQ QQQ lk 9 'om ' X 's A . . . . , A 1. . . n ll I ll I - ' J I I . I - I ' ' . ' 'r ' a . ' r ' ' ' . ' ' ' 1 ll I A A! . I I 4 I I I I ll I u n 4 9 4 9 ' I ' 1 I JH I I I V I I . Q55 ,, . - , t 3 ' .' - er fl r ' - ' ' 1. .W t JJ 1 Foe A ' .1 ' . ' my . X ff Q? - I-r QQ! St ' Y ' 'L 0 Agrestr Anderson Atkmson Ayoob R Bab1ch Baker Bnudula M BIYBQI Alxskovxtz Athanassxon Ayoob P abrak Baghettr Bandula F Barbour Barr SENUOR AGRESTI MARY Chemlstry Club French Amerrcan Relatrons Club band Natronal Honor Socrety rntramurals and sports brkerldrng now attends nurslng School ANDERSON IAMES Iamre Secretary of the Iunror Boosters Trea urer of the l-l1Y hkes sports 1D general collects prctures humorous sort of fellow plans to attend college ATKINSON THOMASINE Tommy our favorlte cheerleader basketball queen l947 lrkes sports and men treasurer Tr1H1Y ture stenographer AYOOB ROSELLA Roe Qurp Scrrpt Strff dancrng skatrng Leaders Club collects new yokes future angel of mercy BABICH ERNEST Erme one of the boys from the hrll lndustrrla Club good tal ball reveals college BAKER MARGARET Peggy chref rn terest horses YTeens Dramatrcs wants to teach dressage BANDULA MARY Shortre lrkes movies shows off her Collectron of snapshots good cook Leaders Club plans to enter the busrness world CLASS ALISKOVITZ CAROL constant talker loves dancing and dramatrcs keeps clrpprnqs of the football and baseball players Alpha Beta Kappa Dramattcs Club Vrce presrdent of YTeens w1ll enter Ohlo State m September ATHANASSION GUST Gus always seen wlth a camera slung over hrs shoulder well on hrs way as a photographer has never rnrssed an Alrqurppa basketball or football game m all of hrs four years AYOOB PAUL Bully chref mterest sports favorrte subyect mathematrcs plans for the future are mdefmzte BABIAK JOHN Brg Boy Iumor Boost ers Varsrty Club loves Jelly beans lumberrack rn the makrng or on Geneva Colleges football lrne up rn near future BAGHETTI LUCY Luyack beautxful brown eyes likes rournallsm enjoys popular and classrcal musrc Gxrls Chorus Leaders Club and Natronal Honor Socxety BANDULA FRANCES Tunce e sm1 mg blonde presxdent of the Ianuary Class Leaders Club enyoys typmg sports fan has realrzed her ambrtlon now a secretary BARBOUR VIVIAN lrkes to read wxth muslc favorlte subyect typ ng ambl tron stenoqrapher BARNES GEORGE 1 champxon run BARR IOHN Zugar Varslty Club ner wmner of State track trophy lrkes sports manager of 46 football team spends most of rn general Varsrty Club Iumor Boosters collects guns w1ll attend Prtt ln fall hrs trme sleepmg chref mterests sports and 1S 'J I I if EE A Q, 3 6---1 dancer...e-nioys bowling..,sportsfan...crys- I I ' 1 I "... ' ', . " 'l- ' " . ' ...a ' ' 'I l " , ..."B'll"... ' - . "... ' . ' " . "S'." s'-19 xi 'zvylfllf f . 4 - y. 'yur , . B' 1 . FO TY- BLRBEI. MARY B s rncessunt talker YTeens urarnm s Club Alpha Betw Kappa Lorr sp cnd 1 q eg etary of 'l'r1 H1 Y l1kes to L md ska e collects ro ards most tulka wc ess of GUIOY class EISCAN VERONICA Ronne a col 1eCtor of records loves b cyclrnq wants to L19 G A910 fd, G- BRINEY MILDRED N tz e Y Teens yresulent of Alrha Eetw K pa 11kes to dance 11u L at endant of Vtfest Pr nn Nursmq S bool BUTLER IOYCE Butch Culp Scrlpt yros1dent of Marran Ande son lr1ll1Y favorne SEVEN BI CHLER MADELON Black e YTeens C: rls Chorus Dramat cs Club Chemls lkes to read coll cts p1qqy banks Vv tl be a nurse at ' t Penn BOLOGNA SUSAN ue cluef rnterest n nq sports fan favor te sub ect typmq fu ure secretary or recept on1st BURNS MARY ELLEN YTeens Alpha eta K poa favor te sub e t hrstory th1s future ecre ary hkes dancrnq and swrmmmq CABLE LLOYD Stzlts star performer on basketball team known for hrs excellent k1Ck trne ea n lko danc nq photography and 'ne 1 future ta1loress CAMPBELL DONAGENE leanne teens lunror Boos ers Qu p SCTlPl rke swm m no dancmq an amwteur art1st arm o e ter rov donce School of Nurs rrq CAR Y SAM H1Y lunror Booster l1kes dancrnq 9"lOYS Chook e s corrtpany now answe s to Geneva s roll call CARTMEL VIOLET feels at home 1l'l the sad Q e collects stamps her favor1te snorfhand M ss It acrxflrllan s h lper CERELLI ANTHONY M1mm1e VdYSllY Club H1Y co captam of the football squad coach lrkes muslc and sports a future football I ll 4. fl will ll' Vars1ty Club rnterests are ports dancmq and Shrrley Oh1o State College 1n 1all CI MPBELL SUE Suz e cheerful YTeer1s Alpha Beta Kappa keeps a drary IT'dlH rnterest plano a future nur e CARL MARIAN Drmples ta and Jlond Leaders Club Grrls Chorus Teens secretary treasurer of Artornrc Club mtrarnur ls dar1c1r1g goal qtenotype ln tr tute CELICH STEPHEN devotee of 1T1US1C str ng ensemble sports fan future a vrolm 1 t the can really handle that th nql CHABALA MARY ANN Mac emoys ca C1r1q and sports lrkes to read and sew Y reens Crrls Chorus Leaders Club Alnra Beta Kappa future 1 undec ded 0 lt Bra chler Bxscan Bologna Brmey Burns Butler Cable Lampuell, D Campbell, S Carey Carl Cartmel Celxch Cenllx Chlball " . 1 E . .. - - ...E UC " 4 L' '- e i1s': !ry....,. e ' dtrnfi C. t , , , , ,J , . . t 1- , Vtes . t,.'e.., iff. 3' ' . 1 l' :7a.c1.... L f, ' :'.g'shr. 'I fl 5 f-f 5? E a, i i:,' ' ...fztrlt 1 ' C . t 5 Q ' ' ' '. . ' ' I .'.""'.-. Visa 1 ff Q ' - - l 3 l I ' ' inq in football . . . star pitcher on '46 baseball team 1 - -r F' ' 2 1 '...l' s - ' 1.l4, 1 Q ' ', ,' S. 1,11 P 1- 1. -: - ' - . ll' ... - u... I ' U - 1.: 1 ' 'd V -K I A.l,.. r e ' W av: A.. A 'Q' ll... - 1 ff" ' D A' ' . , . ff. .., . . 51 X V3 i . 1 .. L5 1 :RLS 9-,'r ' C! ,f' lit llllt X SENIOR CHI Ll WILLIPM Chrlly senror socral e charrman basketball maclunxst plans to contrnue study of machrnery CLEVELAND BETTY Cleve ers Y Teens Dramatrc lnpra collerts mrnrature doqs Westmrnster college rn September COMO GILDA Brmbo cheerlead Alpha Beta w1ll enter Club edrtor of Qurp Scrrpt dancrnq travelrnq bowlrnq collects records wzll enter busrness world as Career Woman COSTANZA PETE Pete lndustrral Club Varsrty Club guard on the football team thrce years lrkes to make up Jrnqles future physrcal educatlon teacher CUMMINGS LAMAR Mrke track football and basketball burlds arplane models lrkes hrstory future druqqrst D AMBROGI IEAN Chez Tn l-I1Y short but attractrve dancmq and sports lrkes mathematrcs and Enqlrsh alms toward a busz USSS Career DAVIS GENE of Cheer Leaders Davey former dancmq and sports mlnq and drvmq beautrful blond harr tam future DE SALLE BETTY LU Boots chorus sports danclng movxes captarn swrm uncer qlrls hkes all subyects desrres to go to commercral art school Chrlln Cnamacca Cleveland Clrpper Como Costanza A Costanza, P Crevar Cummmgs Daily D'Ambrog1 D'Anton1o Davrs De Luca De Salle Dx Guovme CLASS CIAMACCA EVA Eve skatrnq movres swrmmrnq collects spoons plans to en er colleqe rn the fall CLIPPER MARTHA Marty Leaders Club favorrte subyect sales lrkes dancmq and Lovvlrnq no defrnrte plans for the future COSTANZA ANN Butch Busrness manaqer of Ourp Scnpt presrdent of National Honor Socrety assrstant edrtor of Ourppran emoys poetry and dancmq wears a rmq on the thrrd fmqer left hand lune IS the month CREVAR MILDRED Mrllre former sec retary of Tr1H1Y sports dancmq er bran Church Chorr collects prctures stenoq raphy rs her ambrtron DALLY CHARLES Chuck tall blond treasurer of Iumor Boosters cross country mterests are dancrnq women and sports favor rte sub1ect IS chemrstry undeclded future DANTONIO RUTH Red bowllnq danc mg and Henry Jovral and fun lovmq future housewrfe DE LUCA DAVID Blacky machmrst from the mdustrral department good lookmq baseball and basketball member of the Natronal l-lonor Socrety plans to be a farmer DI GIOVINE DANIEL Danny tall elec trrcran Industrral Club sports dancrnq favorrte teacher IS Mr Petty future rs un decrdeo seem, I ,QL gl-al ls me .u L. I A . . . 1 . . . , I I - - 1 A 1 rcrnrtrittc 1 ' , . . . . . . f ' ' ' - - . ' ' - . . . . . ' - ' , l ' . l 'C J . , . . V1 . A ,. - . . . I A . V I n I I I . . .,,. . . , . , . H " ' I . I Q H I I H 1 - . I . 1 n If ll 1 Q Q I I ' A ' ' I I . 4 . Q n u " ,vi v . . . H -f"' . .9 4 Y I ,rg ' 1 FORTY- NARDO ANTOINETIE Ann rr d ncmq and ports rharmmq DGISOW future stenc,raf her of Busmess Trunxnq Colleqe DORf ZIO D LPHIYE e SHTQIUQ baseball pe lals a l llce would lke to be 5 arms toward a mu lcal c e r DJYOVICH BARBARA Rube Lead ers Club typlst for Qu1po1an dancmq sports wants to be an mterror decorator charrman of decorrton of sernor prom FABER GERTRUDE ludd e Leaders Club danc ng and Ioe out tandmq sports secretary ln Nattonal Electrlc Company FARELLI ANNA MARIE Doc Chemrs try Club Alpha Beta Kappa actrve 1n class d1scuss1ons l1kes readrnq hstenmq to the rad o Geneva pre med course FEREZAN RAYMOND Ray two years of vars1ty football Varslty Club assrstant sports ed1tor of 47 Qurppran favorrtes are Iootball hockey and women Edmborouqh State Teachers College FROHM MARY ANN 4year Allqurppa Band member red ha1red Mary Ann was well llked by all chosen for all state band GEORGE BETTY Dramat1cs took part operetta Marranne qulte a dancer rna1n mterest IS Fred Humphreys undecrded future K af, fy wan D1 Nardo Dorazlo gl' Dukovrch 2 X A F R Faber I L Farelh g! Ferezan Frohm George Dr Nello Dubrowa Evans Farber Farland Fmk Fusco Gilbert SEVEN DI NELLO YOLANDA Lmda year book staff bowlmq and readrnq The Vorce favorrte subtect IS Sales plans to be an mterror decorator DUBROWA DOROTHY DoDo Leaders Club voted be t dancer rn Seruor Hall ot Fame travel nq men dancrnq often seen wrth Gee future avxatrrx EVANS NANCY LEE ca e erra worker home lovlnq l1kes to rarse plants and collect records wants to take up home economlcs work at the Watson Home Sewrckley FARBER MARY Srssy Trrl-l1Y secretary of Iumor Boosters Natlonal Honor So crety emoys dancmq favorlte subtect IS busmess law future secretary I-'ARLAND DOLORES Dee amb1t1on rs prrvate secretary collects postcards good natured hkes dancrnq skatmq and men PINK RICHARD Stmky usher at the State Theater mterested m law and polrtrcs news collector especxally Russran news future mouthp1ece rf he attends college PUSCO ANTHONY Peanuts Varslty Club wrsecracker of 217 sports and q1rls hrs mterests future server of Uncle Sam GILBERT RUTH I-lots emoys all sports cookmq lkes hxstory and Mr Garmg plans to attend nursmg school SENIOR GLOVIER BYRON Doolxttle VICQ pres 1dent of Industrral Club V1C6'Pf6'SlCl9l'1l of semor cla s lrkes women and weddmgs popular blond machmxst crystal ball reveals the Navy GORNICK WILLIAM 1 class repre sentatwe Iumor H1 torlans lndustrral Club one of the hrll grease monkeys attractrve smlle collects stamps belzeves experrence 15 the best teacher GRIPP LEONARD Buddy rnterested ln basketball and bowlmg quzet burlds model rarlroads no deflmte plans for the future HAGES NICK Bralns treasurer of the sen1or cla s top rankmg graduate 1n lanuary class mterest Angre excellent at chess now answers to Genevas roll call HAMILTON PHILIP Phl HIY parlra rnentarxan Iumor Boosters band color guard pe peeve recrtmg poetry beauuful eyes lrkes to dance the man that comes around HARRIS IOHN ack H1Y hunt mg bowlmg lrkes mathematrcs and scxence quret a future mechanrcal enqlneer HARVAN ARTHUR Clem bashful ambrtrous spends hrs t1me IIXIDCJ radros and worlung wrth mechamcal gadgets hopes to own h1s own radxo shop HATFIELD MARIAN I-lame drrvmg most glamorous grrl of e class future clerk. dancmg lanuary EQ J CLA SS GOLDSMITH H LEN SlSBY lou favors an mu sew ng und slr d rgm rq pet1te 5 sucnt ol thc Tn 1Y Y'l'con member ch1cf lIlli3'IPSl lverlo wrll attend Pltt GWECO LAUPETTA ldllllf Drarnrtrr 1 t Nutronal Honor Sm ety CP cr r Cros 1 leasmt o GROWALL QARA ANN Sally H, D15 Beta Ka,pa Grls chorus drrma rcs a or-eat lover or the Grrl Scouts proves the theory of L10 Cin lo 'eaut ful HALUGA NICK plllllp musrc stam,s ol c uve tu es tall xncl quet rntramural laske ball hope to at end trade school HARCHER HELEN COOk1O rnterests are mus1c dancmg and Vlnce collects prctures and shoes l1kes Engl h a future Kaufmann s clerk HARRIS OLGA O 1 ,lC lun or Boosters Trr H1 Y rn ramaral l aslcotluall dancmg oys always has somothmg pleasant to say Bu mess Trarnmg Colle o HOOVER ELAINE sentatrve Tr1lsl1Y roller and lce slcatmg always ready for a good Journalxsm Bunny class rc :re Y Teens dmclng yton and Howdy olce coll cts pennants HELTERBRAN DOROTHY Do e1Jo s danung and sports co le ts records plans to be a stenographer coes for a guy named Bob 211, W .l A Glovxer Gomnck Gnvp Hages Hamnlton Harns, J Harvan Hatfxeld Goldsmrth Greco Growall Haluga Harcher Harms, 0 Hoover Helterbran Horak Houck Hurm lrwm Kamxker Katcher Kaufman Kelley F Hornstem Hramnka Hyre Jones Kamlker L Katz Kazma Kenna FORTY-SEVEN HORAK DOROTHY em ys Good books movres and drnrrnq rn kos her own clothes qutet rdrn fc x nursrn rcer HOUCK DAVID Drcldy H1 Y vrce presrclent Jun cr B cs ers presrdent Nattonrl Honor Socr y Drxrratl s Club mterested rn autofnobtlcs ol cmen a future enqrneer HURNI ROBERT Bos rn rn er of track squad Industrial Club Colle ts st mps sports rn general undectded al out hrs future IRWIN LEOLA Grrls Chorus rccorvod lot ter A rn musrc very qulot and pretty Com rneroral stenoqraphrc student KAMIKER FRANK Club electrrcal shop Shorty lnclotstrral favors re ated drawmg plans to Work at lones and Lauqhlm KATCHER FRANCES Trl H1 Y dancrnq Blondre basket all lrkes cornrnercral x ora plans a comrnerclal future KAUFMAN GEORGE c lanrc funded trnkers wrth electrlc trarns radrc and old cars usually seen rn hrs o d Ford Ianror Boosters a future el ctrtr rl engrn c KELLY RUTH be Nrtchrng bro vn eyes lrkes danclnq and drrvmq the new Ford tend the Stenotype lnstrtute of Plttsbu gh HORNSTEIN PATRICIA a Natronal Honor Soctety prestdent Leaders Club Teens vrce presrdent Qurppran commrttee work Grrl Scouts lrkes baseball and musrc plans to be a physlcal educatron d1rector HRAMIKA MARGARET Maqqle a con stant talker has many mterests rncludlnq sports dancrnq and men Tr1H1Y and Pep Club undecrded about future HYRE FREDA Fredd e ardent secretary of the Cvrc Youth Iumor Boosters enyoys dancmq wrth lack a future assrstant manager of L G M Datry IONES BARBARA Barby qulet Joys rnuslc and readrnq llkes French decided about futuse KAMIKER LOU lndustrral Club returned from Navy rn 1946 expert carpenter plans on entermq college rn September KATZ MANUEL Man football and fxsh rnq among hrs rnterests buflds model axrplanes hopes to enter Geneva thrs fall KAZINA ANNE Grrls Chorus Bach Choxr mterested 1n rnterror decoratmq and fashron de srqmnq sews her own clothes a future ln IGTIOI decorator KENNA DOROTHY DoDo a former heerleader Yako IS her favorrte mterest lrkes to dance keeps a scrapbook Wlll at tend a busmess school Kefm Kocher Kolrch Kontelrs Kosanovxch Kosto Kramench Krerger Krxrkxch Krxss Kunzmann La Gattl Lasky Lamus Lsngus Leeper SENIOR CLASS KIRIN MATTHEW Mutt one of the car ponter gang mdulqes rn huntrnq and sports future servlre to hrs Country KOLICH GEORGE onroys football and brsl et 1 stud1ous plan to study enqrneerrnq wxll Jorn the army after qraduatron KOSANOVICH MILO Natronal Honor So rrety one of our husky football players Varslty Club hopes to qo to Penn State next year KRAMERICH LILLIAN athletxc fan Leaders Club treasurer G A A favorlte rnterest IS Toots lrkes dancmq a future stenotyprst plays pool says he rs bashful tavonte clwss 1S frfth perrod study hall ambrtron IS to see the world KUNZMANN RAYMOND Hoke somet mes called the Dutchman Vaughn Mon roe husky football player l-I1Y Ch6m1S try Club presrclent LASKY HELEN plays the clarrnet rn the Alrqurppa Hrqh School Band Iumors Boosters Club likes dancmq and btcyclrnq qoa Journalrsm LANGAS IOHN Bella sport lover football fan lndustrral Club career phystcal educatlon teacher rp KOCHER DOROTHY 0 a wonder wrth a needle secretary of the YTeens Year book staff Leaders Club lrkes swrmmrnq danbmq and basketball future undecrded KON TELIS FRANCES Franny ke arr travelmq hopes to be an arr hostess or a med cal secretary past mes tennrs and dang rn: hobby photography KOSTO TERESA Terry hkes sports e pe tally me skatmq has a bolle ton of popular soncs future unueg ded KREIGER DONALD Trrqqer a a demrc student quret sport W1 jorn the army upon qraduatron semor class dramatrcs Natronal Honor Socrety vce presrdent of the Chemistry Club a scrence whrz hopes to study en qmeermq LA GATTB HUDY Toots member of our Qhampron baseball team 46 lzkes baseball natch Natronal Honor Socxety and Industrral Club an all around fellow LAINUS PETER Pete lrkes sports and movres mathematrcs IS hrs favorrte subyect atter qraduatron the servrce LEEPER RAMONA Ethelburt ardent worker Natronal Honor Socrety drcl much rn lurthermq the CIVIC Youth agam serves as pres rdent emoys readmq poetry and mechamcs a future socxal scxence teacher ' f-1' . "...l.5 ball , . . ' . . . 3 ' ' ' ' U . I , ' 1 . . . Hl.llH . . . I 1 . . . H I H . . . an C ' , . . ' , , . . .... ' ' . . . ' . . . 1 . . . 'll ' ' KRICKICH' IQSEPH . I D "K,-icketg' A I . lazy A . I KRISS, IACK . . . voted the most studious of I A Q I H H Q I . I . . . H H . . . 9 Q ff "" FORTY LESKO BETTY Slugger mterested m athletrc member of Leaders Club and G A A favorite pastimes bowling and dancing LUCAS CHARLES WILLIAM Lukre popular manager of our crosscountry championship team Nat onal Honor Society Hr Y Iunior Boosters Bach Choir Ouippran sports editor emoys dancing Abe Lmcoln rn Illmors a future minister M ILVAIN REBINA Rebbie always ready for a good ttme lover of dancing and sw mmmg Y Teens Tri H1 Y Alpha Beta Kappa plans a business career MAFOOD DOLORES Dolly dark wavy harr Tr1H1Y treasurer usually seen at the teen age socials a future secretary worker senior vxce president Industrial Club w1ll enter the electrical trade MARCHIONE MARIE Freckles com mercral course likes to play the piano and to dance emoys sports will go to the Business Trarnmg School MARMADUKE WILLIAM Archy well known wolf of the semor class claims he hke brunettes best has a yen for old Jaloples will follow his dads footsteps as a building con tractor MASCIAN MARY IANE Shortle short and sweet future telephone operator ltkes swimming dancing and sports SEVEN LOLLY IOSEPH ce e't1oys loafmg and basketball IBVOTIIS sub ect algebra wants to Join the army MCCONNEL DOLORES DeDe emoys dancmg and roller skating also hkes Blll pretty we l future undecided MCNIE GILBERT Glbbie emoys teas mg the glrls a practical Joker an all sports GD MAIDEN WILLIAM 1 likes basket ball hunting fi hmg and women collects stamps and feminine Jewelry intends to take up gmeermg and scholarly tnkers around with radios lkes dancing plans to attend College MARKESICH STEVE Mesh qulet bash u fellow favorite sport basketball will don a my un form after graduation MARTIN BEULAH cheerfil disposition sen or songbird dr mat cs Club National or ociety Grls Chorus MASCIAN RICHARD Roh motto eat drink and be merry emoys football and baseball lkes dancing a future me hanrc K Lesko Lucas Mcllvam Mafood Manglarellr Marchrone Marmaduke Mascran M Lolly McConnell MCN e Marden Man skas Markesrch Martin Masc an R - ' . . . . ' ' ' . . . ' en- MANGIARELLI, FELIX . . . faithful senior class MANISKAS. IAMES . . . "limmie" . . . likeable ... ' ... ' ' an 1 j ' . I - - - 4 ' S oz 1' l ' . a i ... ' - f - I l - - - llo.1 S ' ,. . . ' , 3. SENUOR MATTHEWS VINCENT Vrnce most bashtul boy of the semor class rntramural bas ketball no defrnrte plans MAYCONICH MICHAEL Marsy smr Inq face enroys all sports and dartcrnq wants to be a draftsman MAVRICH OLGA Shorty future house N1 e lrkes danmnq and brke rrdrnq tavorrte sumect horthand MEI-IOS ANTOINETTE Tonr short dark harred en oys her cornmercral work lrkes dancmq sports and travelrnq wants to become a pnvate stenoqrapher MERRIMAN BETTY Blond1e hopes t be a secretary favors movxes and l3OWl1I'lL1 favorrte subrect shorthand MIHALIK IANET Proxy a gay cheer Leaders Club Trtl-l1Y wants to be COIT19 6 WOITIGH SGIIOI MONTINI MARY tuture lrkes the IHIIIGIS I D Leaders Club IS yet undecrded about her lumor Red Cross Conscrentrous worker mtramural sports easy to oet along wrth MOONEY ROSE MARIE Red outstand mg student and leader came here for her senror year from Mt Gallatzrn Alrqurppa Hrqhs most hkely to succeed Natronal Honor Socrety Leaders Club mtramural sports hopes to qo to Duquesne Unlversrty Matthews Maycomch Mavnc Mehos Mernman Mrhalrk Montlnx Muonc y M R Mattxa Mayhue Meeks encanx Mxhalxk Montrm Montxm Morocco CLASS MATTIA MARY ANN M mtty onq wavy black h nr Trl l-lx Y enroy sports and dancrnq next looker MAYHUE ROWENA blue eyed blond outdoor q1rl dancrnq and sports Y'I'eens undecrded future MEEKS NORRIS band rnernber Natronal Honor Socrety Frenrhlknrerrcan Relatrons Club qurer but always dependable always ready wrth the answers plans to tak: up draftrnq MENCANNIN MITCHELL Much hkes all sports favorrte subtect qyrn second chorce study hall w1ll rom the army MIHALIK HELEN always rot rl xr Lead ers Club tntrxmural sports rs yet undectded about her future MONTINI AUGUSTINA Trn 1 tall and rnrnq collebts popular records wrshes to travel after qraduatron MONTINI PAULINE Paul the semor class has good form rn all sports pres1dent rntramural sports Leaders Club deserves a hand for all of her accomphshmcnts MOROCCO GLORIA Gee wrtty all around sport fan Leaders Club rntra mural sports most hurno ous and lazy qrrl of the senror class amb1t1on a travehnq stenoqra pher F3 Il IE H4311 vi M ... , Q L I ... I lv I I 1 . . . C F Al . ' ' ' I I I ' ' ' ' . . .I c . . .I e l 1 . Q - H H v - - ' 1 . . . H 4 Cl, . . 1 leader . . . where she is, there is sure to be a lauqh quiet ' ' I Tri,Hi,Y A D A dam-ing, SPX-,Tis and Swim. ."... ' of ' ' ' 1 1 . I 13 I ' ' I ' I l I . '. ,, X, X I I, l. ..:. ly Rx ' ll ew ,J l y . ' tw h , M ' . . , J' . ,,,,,,,,r FORTY- MORRIS MARVIN lavorrte sublect study hall seen at ll sy orts events plan to lom the Navy and ther oo to Prtt MUNN MAPY GRACE assrstnnt bu mess rr r tan er ot Qu p, tan Nxtronal Honor Soc e y Alpha Bch Kappx Crwrc Youth Iunror HIS torrans entoys reachnq and photography colle ts old salt and pepper shakers hopes to study psychology NELSON DONALD Don track and coss country runrer for tour years bes des po t and caoc ro he rates qrrls hrqh as an m e e t studrou hrqh scholastc record wr s Jdy engrneerrnq OLESKA ANNE Veronrca dancrnq swlmm nog bowhnq ler sr are trne read nq rn ends to oo rrore alter qraduatou PALOMBINI PETE Musclehead women ard hstory club that they don Popes to co to colleqe PAPPAS CATHERINE lsatrene emoys spends to Baltr one seem to utstandmq student and leader feature edrtor cl 'tne Qulp Scrrpt Nat onal I-lonor Soc ety Alpha Bea Kappa Y'l'eens member of Ycar Book staff readrnq and travelrnq W nt to at end Columlta Un ve stty PETRISKO IRENE Duda very talka ttve dmcrnq boys from Ambrrdqe Trll 1Y rv S r y l ture rnarrraqe PETTIS INEZ el no sports future secretary rfb Af 'qv Q Eta sinks.. tk r 'itat N nda readmq trav favorrte sumect hrstory Morns Munn Nelson Oleska Palombmx Pappas Petnsko Pettxs Mountam Myers Oddns Pa jak Palumbo Pesut Petromo Pxtzet' SEVEN MOUNTAIN BETTY Chxck neat and trrm rn appearance mam mterest Dale danc mg and music rate second collects prctures of Vaughn Monroe and hrs orchestra stenoqraphy MYERS VIOLET red harr but no temper clarmet player ln the band emoys all types of musrc chosen professton pharmacy w1ll study at Prtt ODDIS ANGELINE Anqe attractrve brunette emoys dancmq movres bowllnq lavorrte subject ofhce practrce a future typrst PAIAK IOSEPH oe enthusrastzc about automoblles sports huntmq frshmq plans to qo mto auto mechamc Work PALOMBO NATALINO Nahe one of the lavonte machmlsts lndustrral Club good naturecl emoys shootmq pool sports qrrls headed for the Navy as a machmxsts mate PESUT SOPHIE Soka Leaders Club mtramural sports sports and dancmq collects portrarts sports tan a busmess career rn the future PETRONIO MARIO Prxm a wrtty elec trrcran presrdent of lndustrral Club VQTSIIY Club football manager for two years sports wants to contmue rn the electrrcal trade PITZER CRYSTAL Cr1s a future otlzce worker seems to go for a guy named Ioe lrkes sports and qym classes Z - 7 1: - ll .. C 2 5 " tl " " , - 4 ' 6 rr-lr 1 . . 3 "' . V1 , .411 :W 4' -il... ' ' ' ' fc c... "1 l l- l, cl YF 1 J . . .,Yn l A , ' I ... .,.s. .rt4, , ..s A i 'll ' tt ' ', l if of the football squad . . . Varsity Club. . .likes A ' ' ' , 11 i N I ,t I mtyJ,..,t J . I ,,'.'an I . I as I 2' Lr'A. l LJ I ... .ll -It ...Oug "'l'vt...L1' . ' - I . . . l A ll ,I ...G , U.. ,Fi xt 123 pl Amuv . --0 rr 'UQ -1 t Wi. :4 N BX' 0 ln ,,,........,..... .-... 'n Q lv l I ,. . , "L .. SENIOR CLASS POMPEANI FMILIO Meo terest rs grrls rates football as member of our carpenters shop tractor PORTER LOIS leame for a good trme lumor Boosters mg at endmg mov1es and sports hand w1ll become a secretary S favonte ID 1del1ne a future con always ready enjoys danc favors short PRATCHENKO DANIEL re another arpenter a football manager all through h1gh school lrkes huntmg sports headed for the servrce PROSPER ANTHONY Pooch one of our lndustrral boys served m the Navy turned for hrs d1ploma RECHT ARTHUR Ar most talkatrve boy Wllly member of the l-l1Y and Boosters clubs dancmg hlstory chosen profession 1S law RESANOVICH MILDRED Mrlhe swell person Leaders Club Iumor Red Cross sports plans to go to lnstrtute of Stenotype rn Pittsburgh RICCI FRANCES Butch lakes sports partral to one sailor ays gym IS her favorrte undecrded about her future ROBERTSON MERLE Myrt soda lerker at Youngs Drug Store I-l1Y hkes bowlmg and dancmg wxth Helen plans to study phar macy f V? POPPS ANNA MAE good natured Leadcr Club A loves dancmg mushball en oy readmg worth whlle books now clerk at F ankltn lun1or l-hgh POWELL WILLIAM Wrll e romantrc smger n Mananne wtty pleasrng per Sonalltj ke t dancer of class of 47 lndus tr1al Club chorus sports dancmg and wom collects stamps and odd bus checks PRISUTA MILDRED 1 a good Sport marvelou dancer lover of movres future ecretary RADANOVICH NANCY an outstand1ng stu dent and leader secretary of the Natronal Honor Soclety presrdent of the Leaders Club pha Beta Kappa Qu1pp1an Class edltor mtramural sports bowlrng Nancy w1th the slnlltnd face REFT ANNE tall dark harcd secretary f the Leaders Club mtramural sports shows her athlettc abthty by her actlve rnterest ln bowl lng and dancmg RICHARDS THOMAS Buh a quret popular fellow H1Y favors baseball enthusrastlc about chem1stry plans to be a pbar rnac1st RITCHIE ANNABELLE Ann attracttve brune te one of our h1gh stepplng malorettes 1t.e and roller skatmg bowltng lumor Red Lross plans to be a te e uhonc operator or beau t1c1an ROSS FRED Mole treasurer of the senxor class lke football and baseball one of our 1ndustr1al boys w ll be au a slstant man ager at lsalys fx M, W A ,H 4 'f Pomp am Porter Pratt nenko Prosper Recht Resanovxch Rnccx Robertson Popps Powell Pnsuta Radanovlch Ref t R chards Rrtchre Ross . ...H ' '- . ,,."Bcff'ky" , ,, e " a' ' ,..a 'es ...Cl ' . 14 V " ' , . 4 1 34' ' ', ',t' ' - "... T , ""... - en... A . c ' s ' ...a . . Ci I ...H H... I ... I ' ' ' ' " . ' ' ' ...Al- ..t,, . I . I Vc,- O ... ... ... 14 4' Y ' I , I ... 'H.'. 1f.1rr . rs ' ...s I I A class... ' . li A - 1 ...H H... 'I g ,,,H H,,, wi. ,-, xx G! X l , , l v 4 4 Ross J Rubens Rudxch Rus nko Salaya Santolla Serecm Shane Roth Ruby FORTY ROSS IOSEPH oe curly haired blond jovial fellow Industrial Club senior representative a future machinist RUBEIS ARTHUR Drake popular rna h1n1st likes science mathematics and related drawing shoots pool and bowls a future sailor RUDICH MARY ANN Kitty emoys dancing hiking sports likes to read aspiration a secretary RUSINKO GEORGE Russian iavor ite sports fan excellent student hopes to go to Carnegie Tech SALAYA IULIA u e Leaders Club on music and dancing likes basketball best SANTOLLA FRANK Sonny baseball manager Industrial Club likes baseball and snazzy lookmg cars wants to go to California State teachers College SERECIN FRANK interested in machines likes baseball and basketball wants to go to trade school SHANE MARY LOU LuLu a swell friend to everyone cafeteria girl YTeer1s and Dramatics Club National Honor Socrety likes dancing movies Herby and hamburgs and cokes a future secretary du Rushman Q0 Sala ja Santlllx Senchak Shahen Sharps J SEVEN ROTH SHIRLEY Shere easy going en oys reading and danclng a future secretary Iumor Boosters Girls Chorus RUBY MATILDA Tillie likes dancing and bike riding has a gift of ga Iumor Red Cr ss a future number please RUSHMAN BETTY Dibby blue eyed blond likes to go to the movies especially wtth George has a collection of phonograph r cords future undecided SALAYA MILDRED Millie member of Dramatics Club dancing swirnmmg bo fvhng arnb1t1on to own a teen age dress shop SANTILLI FRANK Frogs Aliquippa Ilying makes airplane models collects 1 fe ent insects crosen profe sion medicine SENCHAK GEORGE Doc an ardent talker Chemistry Club like sports in general rates bowling first collects stamps and loud neclcties hopes to be a pharmacist SHAHEN IAMES 1m likeable person lndustr1al Club secretary of senior Class sports will rlde the hgihways of America as a truck drrver SHARPS ROBERT outstanding stu dent and leader lots of fun H1Y Iumor Boosters president National Honor Society Alpha Beta Kappa 1nterested in the ministry ' t ! l 1 ...H 'H...5 ' . ...HA'H... I . lb 'I , - . takes active part in G. A. A .... Tri-Hi-Y . . . sweet High School Band . . . goes for sports, hunting and r ' X s', , , ..."Bo"... ' - W .V- tfvt e. ,,f I "t . - Y. ,K 2 ' mcg Skoog Smxth Sperdutx tepanov Sundy Sussman Swan, R Symons rch Small Specht tamm Sturle Susan Swan, P Swenngen Syrko SENIOR CLASS SKOOG BARBARA Babs a wmnmq SMALL MARY member of band beautr smtle enjoys dancmg and sports Alpha Beta ful soprano volce wrrtes poetry wrll enter Kappa a future secretary college 1n September SMITH IOHN Smrtty always seen wrth SPECHT ARLEEN known for her musxcal B1ll Malden sports and huntmg wrll wear a talent loves to smg emoys playmg the Umted States Army umlorm alter graduarton pxano bowlmg dancmg Bach Chorr Tr1H1Y hopes to be a beautxman SPERDUTI ELEANOR emoys readmq sports 51-AMM MARIE hkes to Smq Trl H1 Y and d51'1C1UQ Cl"em1SlfY Club Ffef1ChAm9Y lumor Red Cross a future stenographer rcan Relatrons Club Natxonal Honor Soclety attends West Penn School of Nursmg STEPANOVICH MARY Step man S u QTL RI F It DLL XRD Etlllle dxous Natronal Honor Society Bach Chorr makes airplane models QDJOX ClHIlC1IlU Guls Chorus pastrmes are dancmg and basketball games a futute F1 enCh sports collects photographs as a hobby arm IDIBYPIQLGI' a medrcal secretary SUNDY ALBERTA Berta mushball SUSAN THOMAS Tom spends hrs sports collects postcards hopes to be a spare trme roller skatmg and studymg iavorxte I ... Q.. -I 1 w.. .., I' ' "' ' ' I ...A I... .'l' ... . ...H - H...l- n L 11,1 'A ...M .N... '.' - ' f- . 1 ... , 4 . ' ... ' ' , .. ... ' ' ' ...en- 1 ... , ...a SA - '...- ' 1 ...U H... " " , .. . I A a 3. . 21.1- O , I 4 ' S S . I beautxcran has a beautriul vorce SUSSMAN SHIRLEY dCl1V9 rn all school ac trvrtres most studtous member of the semor class Y Teens Strmg Ensemble Alpha Beta Kappa presrdent of the Iumor Hrstonans Chemrstry Club Natronal Honor Soclety roys travelmg mtends to study psychlatry at Ohlo State SWAN RUTH desrgns her own clothes l lccs bowl ng dancmg Trl H1 Y a future tenographer SYMONS MARY Mes returned from Mclieesport to the good ol Ahqulppa Hrgh School a fan ot the cross country team dancmg swrmmmg Y Teens lunror Boosters plans to enter nursmg school perxod IS study hall mtends on Jommg the army upon graduatron SWAN PATRICIA Swanle shy and quret Tr1H1Y lxkes square dancmg swtmmmg skatmq collects souvenrrs hopes to take up nursmq SWERINGEN MARIANNE Manan rhythmrc bell player rn the band hkes clancmg and musrc YTeens always handxng someone a lme w1ll attend busmess school SYRKO IRENE Faye sports danc mg bowllng collects popular records secretarral career K A FORTY TAPOLSKI HELEN Tadpole Art Club presrdent spends her extra trme drawmq Qurpptan Art edrtor movre fan sports future undecrded TARQUINIO ZENITH Natrortal Honor Soclety treasurer Qulp Scrrpt co edrtor Qulppran Feature edrtor French Arrerrcan Relatlons Club lunror Hrstonans readrnq dancrnq Journalrsm TIMKO STEVE PeeWee lrkes related drawmq a stamp collector wrll IOIH the servtce upon qraduatron TOMEI IOHN Tomato French Amerxcan Relatrons Club sports fan baseball as ketball after the servrce he hopes to go to col eqe SEVEN TARQUINIO ELVIRA Vera our hard workrnq Qurppran edrtor rn chref French Amer rcan Relatrons Club Iunror l-lrstorrans secretary Natronal Honor Society won a medal rn a French contest at P C W movres a baseball an plans to attend Geneva this September THEODOROU ANNETTE Teddy short and sweet Trrl-l1Y Grrls Chorus Qurp Scrrpt Qurppran commrttee dancmq and musrc a secretarral career Natronal I-lonor Socrety TILLY VIRGINIA Gmra Qurppran com mrttee lxkes to dance quret wrll be a telephone operator TOMEI VICTORIA Vrckre dancmq movres bowlmq favorrte subyect shorthand a future secretary at the Tlrnes offrce '54 TOMEO ROSE Rosre sports clanc mg a collector of photographs ste-noqraphy TOMKO ANNE Fuzzy Leaders Club Trtl-l1Y smooth dancer Datsy Mae of l946 sports fan mtrarnural sports ambrtton a1r hostess TROMBETTA Qu1pp1an staff Cross lrkes seen w1th Lmda TROMBULAK French Amerrcan Socrety Che desrqn clothes socral worker CARMELLA Carmre Gtrls Chorus Iunror Red to travel bowlmq always stenoqraphy MARGARET Peqqy Relatrons Club Nattonal Honor mrstry Club presrdent lrkes to collects postcards a future Kappa secretary YTeens Bach Chorr musrc and dancrnq lrkes to smq wrll study at lndrana State Teachers Colleqe to become a com mercral teacher TRKULIA MILDRED Turk an acrobatrc qeruus a star IH qxrls basketball sports fan future undecrded TROMBINI RUDY zzy black wavy ha1r sports fan tavorrte subrect gym collects stamps undecrded future TSELEPI5 STEVE Lmdy Vars1ty Club football squad sports rn general hrkrnq flshrnq headed for the army lm, Tapolsk1 TRFGUIHIO Trmko Tomex, J Tomeo Tomko Trombetta Trombulak Tarqumxo E Z Theodorov Txlly Tomer, V Tomrch Trkulja Trombmx Tselepsns I l C ... I -1. .an A V a.. ' I ' , F. ' . ' . .1 f ' . A an 'W sve. Qi 1 ' . I - -- H "I - - - ' TOMICH, BETTY . . . HB. T." . . . Alpha Beta . M .ug .Qi W .r in F - ul 1 Xa. I , ,,--.g.., Valle Vxgnovnch Vukmamc Wexmer Wilson Young Z nvkovxch Verdom Vxtale Wexgle West Wmterbauer Zermch Zon SENIOR VALLE DOLORES hal-UDY Q0 lt-1CkY Leaders Club Gnrls Chorus Bach Cholr sharp dancer ,orts hkes to read a clerrcal typlst VIGNOVICH ROBERT V113 track and ross country teams l-l1Y pre rdent Iumor Eooste s assrstant sports edrtor of the Quxppran 'ways seen drwmq around rn hrs Whlle Dodge mtv-re t cars a future Penn State student VUKMANIC RUTH Toots 1ntramural sy orts lat nq bowlmq plans secretanal l 5 H1110 dancer sports women H1 Y emoys rmtratmo new l-lrY members after qraduauon 'lavv WILSON IEAN leame IUDIOY Boosters Artom C Club a Wh1Z at poetry has won CLASS VETDONI ANG LINE Anqre always see- w h Nfl: Leaders Club emoys danc mg tr n els busme s school m the future VI"II. PNG LINE vrce presrdent of the Nat o al Honor Soc ety Qu1p Sfr pt Edrtor rn L, 1 e Iun or Hrstorlans Qulppran commrt musxc hobby photography Jour plans to attend Penn Ctate WEIGLE IOHN Farmer Auto Shop Club lun or I-hstor an seen at all sen1or repro ewtatwe meetmqs has qrrls as a hobby future undecrded wo ker makes her own clothes roller skat a future housewtfe WINTERBAUER LEONA LEE Trr H1 Y bowlm dancmg a future housewxfe several awards rnusrc fan hopes to be a com rr rrzal flyer YOUNG SARA FRANCES Frank mam mterest taxlormq dress desugnnrq Wlll take uv larlormq ZIVKOVICH GEORGE sport oaseball football a future prlot ZERNICH VIOLET S ug qhnq bowlmq dancmg skatmq always qrq Goes for blond haxred men a Iohn Garheld and t Eant ne ax a future receptromst ZON ANNA MA' Anme readmq sw mmmq roller katmq Edd1e ollects an plctures 1 ure secretary -L sniff' 1 I I ,1.i...1- yb es- . ..."Dee"... 1 , " ..,S': v...Cil1OCL3 lk 's. ' -may " " ' ice... , - , .s, . 1,1..s:n... ., . WEIMER- HARRY - - - QOOd-100kiT1Q - - - G Sm0OTh WEST, BESSIE IANE . . . "Becky" . . . cafeteria ""4, '- 'V mg... '. ' ' l5-l1.,u,., fr... l . ..,"Z1t"... sf 1 4' V li- vl - , Sings . . V , E 4 Q: Hip 4177771 9 f 'WH VETS I N A H S THEIR scHoo1.1NG was INTERRUPTED Name Rate Years ln MITCHELL ANGELOS ROBERT CASOLI FRED CERCONE FRANCIS DASCANIO ALBERT DeEERRARI BERNARD DEMMA ROBERT BURGESS IRWIN ERENSTEIN POBERT LEEPER IACK MCHAFFIE IAMES MCNIE IOSEPH MIHALIK MICHAEL MIHA HUGH POMPEANI Corpor I m Army GM 3'C m Navy rporaI I,c T1 Ifc 1r1 Ifc m 1'1 Army Navy Navy Navy Navy St If Sergeant rn Army EM 2 c m Navy S 2fc m Navy GM 3 c m Navy c Navy X C Navy Servlce 2 years 3 ye rs 3 ye rs 2 years I year I V2 years 3 ye rs 3 years 2 years 2 years ye rs 12 ye rs 12 ye rs Overseas I X2 ye rs 2 years I X2 ye rs I V2 years I year 2 ye rs 2 years 2 ye rs 14 years 12 years year C erved ETO AUTO ETO PDTO APTO APTO APTO ETO APTO APTO APTO APTO ETO Graduahon Class of Iarruary I947 Iun I947 Iune I947 Tartu ry I947 I94a CPost Grad? Iune I947 Iune I947 Iune I947 Post Grad Work une I947 une I947 Gr duated m 945 Gr duated m I943 a' I a I 'I a 1 a E... I ., . I,"cir1 A ,, ,,- a fi . ' . I .. ...,., " IV a . . ....... SIX in .r,..., If I I .. . a f 'I 'HLIK ....,. SI in r...,. Z! 3 I , a ' .......,CorporaI in Army.....ZV2years IV2years E.T.O. I Iur1eI947 T ...... S ' .,,r... IV a 3 a 'I S .... S ' ., ...If .. .. UI ., ,.S! Y ' IV 3 a A . , , I I E' ...,....... 'Q .,.., 3 I I ., .,I .. ' 3 ra Ju ' .. ..,. .,.,,....,.,,.. 3 - al er E ..r.r...4 , ' ...... If V .. .. ., .. a ., r ' Z IV ' . ' ,....... If . , ' .If I a .,...., ,,r. . ' R.' F. P. F. A. R. R. H. I.. P. IOSEPH POTOCZNY LOUIS RIVETTI BRUCE SCHALLER PAUL SHAHLIN WILLIAM SMALLWOOD ALBERT SMITH ERNEST SYMONS WIILIAM HOOK MICHAEL YAGERCIK ANTHONY PIOCOUIDIO IOSEPH TURKOVICH RICHARD FRANTZ STANLEY MANOILOVICH ISURGESS CERCONE DOYLE DASCANIO LANTZ LEEPER PINTI POMPEANI RIVETTI SHAHEN A SUSHKO H. SYMONS Ifc m Navy Ifc m Navy Ifc Navy A1r Corps C rpor I CorporaI Staff Sgt Navy E Ifc m Se geant S Ifc 1I'1 m Army m Marmes A Arr Corps Navy m Army Navy PIC ln Army S Zfc rr Navy Staff Sergeant m Army 3 ye rs la years 2 ye rs years years years years 12 years years 1 2 years 12 years 2 months I V1 ye r 2 years 3 years I year I V2 years 2 year 2 years I year 2 years Va ye rs APTO ATO APTO ETO APTO ETO APTO ATO APTO APTO ATO ATO APTO Gr du ted m 945 une I947 une 947 une I947 Ianuary I947 G duated H37 South Carolma Post Grad T Iqmg retr strer course Gr duated 1945 Iarruary I947 Iune I947 Graduatmg m I943 Graduatmg 11 I943 Iune I947 t WHOS WHO January Class June Class y to st Nrck Hao s 'vtt tx B tDanC Margaret Tromhulak Steve Skortch Barham Slcooq Vtfalter Thornton Frank Unrs Ruth Kelly Erances Bandula Steve Skortch Paulrne Rogan Art Re ht Martha Clrpper Eleanor Sperdutr Eranlc Ums Soph1e Pesut Steve Slqortch MGYIHII H tttteld L rzt st Gust Athanassran MtoL1q ol Y Anna Mae Popps Rrcardo Prntr Eleanor Sperdutr Vlfalter Thornton Antornette Mehos lack Krrss Mary Grlce Munn Most lcleal Most Most Glamorous Senror versattle personahty Tlllcattve Shyr st B s Dan ers Best Looktnq Set Wolf and Wolfess Most Humorous L Most Home Lovrnq 7 Mcet ltkol . tcceeo he L I' I ' Mwst Cl ttz1otvA:tri1 A C ' V f ' A literal Sent:-r A s ' ' ' Mt :lt versatile t'fftYFOIlfilll'y' I I 'I ' Q ' A ,' ' t mr tfrlls. ti fe? c I 'L V I Sluyefet Lamar Cummings e-t c A A A Bill Powell es f vers A 1 ' ,. ' A ' I Bt st l. utr r. 4 ' lf e nest A L 5 I A I os ll tnef cv'n ' ' ' L . r I l I M 'ss fltntlizrus L ' ' Lani lst A , A A ' I'A lvlt-pst ltlie-l" to surrceef 'C 1 E l ' V Carol Alrslcovrtz Lou lanrnnr Lloyd Cahle Rosemary Mooney Rudy La Gatta Helen Golclsnnth Pete Palombnn Mary Berhel Margaret Baker Vrncent Matthews Dorothy Duhrowa Edward Evanlco Mary Ann Mattla lohn Barr Dorothy Kenna Anthony Eusco Mary Berbel Pete Palomhrnt Glorta Morocco Ice Krrlcrch Brll Matden Glona Morocco lack l-larns Nancy Lee Evans WHEN IT HAPPENED SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER IANUARY 6 Football Dubo1s Home FEBRUARY Central Cathol1c Home Butler Away Schenley Home Rochester Away Arnbndqe Away Bob Ford Lecturer B1rcl'1 MGQICIGH Ellwood C1ty Away Sara Hardmq Hunter Beaver Falls Home New Castle Home Cross Country State Champ1onsh1D Our Town Hubbard Clno Home Chorus Assembly Evenmq V1S1ldl1OU School Basketball Mldland Home Monaca Home N H S Induct1on New Bnqhton Away Washmqton Home Duquesne Home Donora Away Beaver Falls Home New Castle Away M1d West Chorus Sharon Home Farrell Away EllwoodC1ty Horne Ambndge Away MARCH APRIL MAY IUNE New Castle Home Abe Llncoln 1n lll1no1s Sharon Avvay M1d West Band Farrell Home Ellwood C1ty Away Iumor Prom All State Band Lebanon Pa W P l A L Basketball F1nal C1v1c Youth Fash1on Show Army Assembly N H S Induct1on F1ttsburqh MUSIC Educators Con cert Band Concert Bed Cross Movre Play You Cant Take lt W1th You Beaver County Band Con ert Carl Reserve Formal Spr1nq Vocal Concert Fest1val tawardl Baccalaureate SQTVICG Graduauon Mernonal Day The End ,fr lt H- -- ' -5- ' ll--f ee 13- ' 5- 124' ' ' ' 20- A- -A 1455A ' 27-- - l4- ' - 18- 21- ' - 28- ' 4M A ll- ' - 16- - 17- ' - ' ' l3- -- , . 18- ' - 22- . . . . . 1 234 ' 24- ' ' ' . f 25- - gud 1- Y ll- . . . ' 2g - -I 12- ' ' - 6i,, ., IIE I I - 17-- 13- 23M I 16A I I I I 25-Senior A Prom 30- I-" ' ' 5? 2, - , 10- W' 1- c ll- . . . ' 24 ' l3f ' - 7,,, ' 17M ' are 14-- ' 20555 AA 25 A- 1 30' H 28- ' 30- ' 3E - 10- - 5- . ll- ' - 14- - 17- - L J 24- ' - 30- I E um 5 1 . Z' Wx 'dt i Junior MRS. EDWARDS 1st Row-Left to Riqht-Braun, Mrs. Edwards, Krosney. 2nd Row-Left to Right-Wickham, Rowley, McKnight, Geresimon, DeMariines, D'Oltavio. 3rd Row-Left to Right-Faber, McNie, Demidovich, Lecce, Petty, Kusic, Wadding, Kronk. 4th Row-Left to Right-Kaldon, Grable, Simko, Brown, Tomeo. Davis, Baldwin, Walker, Gehrinq. MRS. CIRIACY lst Row-Left to Right-Gaitenares, Campbell. Hendricks. Moniini. 2nd Row-Left to Riqhl-Mrs. Ciriacy, Tzagdis, Stoken. Refice, Unis, Klarich. 3rd Row-Left to Right-Hunt, Lechman, Ball, Ayers, Bar- iosh, Crnkovich. 4th Row-Left to Right-Brown, Radovich, Ayoob, McCar. uel, Siamaieris, Lewis. Haluga, Gourley, Keriolis. MRS. RICHARDS lst Row-Lei! to Right-Marshall, Parker, Costanza, LeHocy. Arbulin, Belan, Del Greco. Beliak. Mrs. Richards. Znd Row-Left lo Right-Morehead. Meade, Opsalnik. Adams, Freeman, Billinqslea. MISS MORAN lst Row-Left to Right-Buchanan, Harlow, Rusinko, Tar- quinio, D'Antonio, Miss Moran. 2nd Row-Left to Right-Marmura. Myers. Kimak, Ferry. Kunzman, Kanfush, Spaziani. 3rd Row-Left io Right-Kaminiski, Parrish, Leqqe, Beniel Ceravolo, Morris. MRS. MCWILLIAMS lst Row-Left to Right-Davies, D'Amico, Colonna. Carter Di Pietro, Leech, Girata, Oster, Villa. Brdar, MacLane 2nd Row-Left to Right-Laskrides, Lukacln, Maroll. Iohn son, Harvey. Hobbs, Velonis, Parnes, McCafferty, Koza 3rd Row-Left lo Right-Ball, Lang, Piotrowski, Long. Ba rone, Mrs. McWilliams, McHenry, Fisher, Garnin, Ross 4th Row-Left to Rlqht-Stanichad, Yarosh, DeVore, Kin kead. Wallace. Class MISS BONOMI Ist Row-Lett to Riqht-Meli. Lewis, Meehan, Colonna Martin, Demrna, Oddis, Paley, Lisi, Brbutin, Ruscitti Skeriotis. 2nd Row-Left to Right--Parhan, Forbes. Wilson, Slriba Vincic, Bradford, Bolinger. Davis, Focht. Kotlarz, Rada wanski, Sharatz. Peters. 3rd Row-Left to Right--Miss Bonomi, De Vecchio. Cercone Bright, Babich. Brown, Howard, Drosites, Milinlrovich Zobrak. MR. GARING lst Row-Left to Right-Dupkanich, Levin. Hornella, Keller Marlro, Leqge, Wazmer. Thomas, Pinkoslzy, Parascenzo 2nd Row-Left to Right-Pinti. Smith, Vogel, Cvetichan Britza, Hooper. Belich. Biega. Iackman. Bailey. Thornton 3rd Row-Left to Right-Fox, McLaughlin, Iesche. Myers Moore, Yanich. Cavett. 4th Row-Left to Right-Musante, Fontana. Gold. Stamos Karaqinis. Mr. Garinq. MISS BATTLES lst Row-Left to Right-Flick. Iacob. Harman, Morolinl Tierney. Salvati, Chismar, Antonini, Honatlre, Battalinl Znd Row-Lelt to Right-Tyson, Robinson, Trobalr. Clipper Kwolek. Milretic. Mooney. Myers. Ceccarelli. Kohar. 3rd Row-Lett to Right-Miss Battles, Porter, Ptieler. Neinh Hradil. DeSalle. Domitrovich, MacKenzie. MRS. WEITZEL lst Row-Left to Right-Sliqh, Davis. Di Nardo. Belas. Mrs. Weitzel. Winterbauer. Vukmaravich. Garafola. 2nd Row-Left to Right-Hoover. Zinarch, Guzma, Barito- vich. Waszyn. Grossi. Lincoln. 3rd Row-Lelt to Right-Bruce. Merulli, Cirelll, Iebelrls, Belski. Zuqay, Ross. 4th Row-Left to Right-De Ferrari, Pope. MR. KUVINKA lst Row-Lelt to Right-Eaton. Dutlrovich, Davenport. Pel- legrini. Popovich, Koulepis, Love. 2nd Row-Left to Right-Phillips, Lichman, Fricano, Belas. Rubino. Zvonar, Mr. Kuvinlca. 3rd Row-Lelt to Right-Maravich, Holsinqer, Barnett. 'l'illY. Meeks, Risher, Kendriclcs. f Q C5 Sophomore MISS IACK lst Row-Lett to Right-Scabavea, Twaddle. Iohns, Dudley, Radulovich. Cariagna, Dimitrion, Miller, Salvati. 2nd Row-Lett to Right-Meade. Koulepis, Davis, Chiec, Harcher. Maneloveq, Lewis, Bruni, Haqes. 3rd Row-Lett to Right-Miss lack, Getic, Saxon. Maravich, Capella, David, Christini, Pantelakis. MRS. HOOVER lst Row-Left to Right--Postal, Koda, Solomon, DeVore. Brocon, Shaflalo, Holp. 2nd Row-Left to Right--Perich, Phinizy, Como. Milanovich, Mrs. Hoover, Zuqay, Mihalik. Hages, Bonomi. 3rd Row-Left to Right-Neit, Gerasimon, Hudson, Dettor, Williams. 4th Row-Lett to Right-Barna, Murphy, Frank. MR. POLOVINA ' lst Row-Lett to Right-Grubyesich. Gianodis, Betha, Kazas. Passodelis, Miracle. Burkus, Salmento, Fattore, Ermi. 2nd Row-Left to Right-Zebic, Wilson, Wilhelm, Sambol, Yuhasz, Scott. Cavick, Smith. 3rd Row-Lett to Right-Mudry, Mr. Polovina, Battalini. MR. WEBB lst Row-Lett to Right-Ferry, Rager, Gratson, Kostelich, Vitale, Kontelis, Ierish. Keriotis. 2nd Row-Left to Right-Longo, Vincent, Bologna, Bur- chardt, Allen, Hall, Puskarich, Mr. Webb. 3rd Row-Left to Right-Vidonic, Pukach, Kasonovich, Vereen, Trombetta. A MRS. GREER lst Row-Lett to Right-Tarquinio, Yardic, Tatalovich, Horak, Bakewell, Tonachella, Blackson, Evans. 2nd Row-Left to Right-Horton, Goss, Reed, Abercrombie, Scarsellone, Mrs. Greer. MR. MCCORMICK lst Row-Left to Riqht-Chrissis, Graboski, Short, Can- ninq, D'Ant0lliO. Piekielek, Ross, Wisniewski, Kakoulas Tsounis. nd Row Lett to Right Kabay Kamenski Montmi Vreen Washington Cnvellx Belan Bulat Syremls Richards r Row Left to Right Leqge Santra Kozlowski Loy Athannasron Cole Miller Dougherty th Row Left to Right Rabbit Marenkovrch Sambol Macroglou, Metropoulas Vukovich Mr McConn1cl: Class MISS SHAWKEY lst Row-Lett to Right--Vurdelia, Makris, Crisi, Carter. HBYVSYI Pukach, Iones, McDaniels, Somerlade, Cartmel. 2nd Row-Left to Right-Stepanovich, Sims, D'Antonio, Elliot, Powell, Darby, Miller, Seech, Biscan, Avolig, Rubino. 3rd Row-Left to Right-Miss Shawkey, Ciccone, Williams, Woolaway, Hurley, Morris, Fetkovich, Vukmaravich. Genarra. 4th Row-Left to Right-Cino, Curran, Quay, Montini, Bur- chett, Baker, D'I-lntonio. 5th Row-Lett to Right-Lalama, Yarosh, Andres, MISS BONTEMPO lst Row-Lett to Right-Lalama, Hrelac, Evans, Hartman, Bracci, Polumbo. Santilli, Petric. 2nd Row-Lett to Right-De Santis, Zivkovich, Barber, Hevanchak. Pow, I-Ialuga, Graqo, Vincic, Babiak, Kirk. Busak. 3rd Row-Lett to Right-Cable, Bemardi, Devaney, Frey, Perlrey, Seery, Leo, Sweringen, Poland. 4th Row-Lett to Right-Fielding, Zemich, Miss Bontempo, McBride, Slrilar. MR. WHITE lst Row-Left to Right-Sonsino, D'Amico, Gratson, Lux, Parascenza, Patterson, Nicastor, Maruhnick, Vogel. Davis, Keller. 2nd Row-Lett to Right-Lake, Bazmore, Dowdell, Pappas. Huqes, Goldsmith, Mazone, Laney, Morris, Vula, Frey. 3rd Row-Lett to Right-Giuiire, Kushnereit, Marlratos. Gilberti, Murphy, Passeri, Ginand, Leheny. 4th Row-Lett to Right-Frey, Levin, Beers, Mr. White, Sallie, Sunday. MISS ADAMS First Row-Left to Right-Fadool, Yezzi, La Rocco, Phillips. Thitko, lslrovitz, Mehos, Symons, Rovnak. Second Row-Lett to Right-Montini, Noveselac, Iasek. Iaclrson, Abercrombie, Galixer, Huttini, Maravich, Syrko. Miss Adams. Third Row-Lett to Right-Vitale, Bakewell, McCandless, Wilson, Zugay, Warryck, Brown, Ioseph, Shott, Barbaur. Fourth Row-Lett to Right-Gourley, Mowad, Palladini. Montini, Ciamacca, Costanza, Colonna. MR. BLANEY First Row-Left to Right-Boro, Leo, Oddis. Yolrley, Bryant. Mecaro, Collins, Daniels. Second Row-Lett to Right-Dunn, Marshall, Marlresich. Osmalr, Crai1Ck. Costanza, Tkach. Wilbou, Greene. Third Row-Lett to Riqht-Mr. Blaney, Fox, Pixler, Bull. Caravacci, George, Nilson. Fourth Row-Lett to Right-Reed, Lanq. Piekielik, Tisza Devish. MRS. FLEMING lst Row-Lett to Right-Radut, Doyle. Iaclrman, Grafton Ienlrins, Garner, Montini, Kimbrough. 2nd Row-Lett to Right-McFarland, Musulin, Fattore, Ko vac, Bosnic, Drovich, Santilli, Kosto. Dyke, Mrs. Flem inq. 3rd Row-Lett to Right-Slezalr, Poskosky, Ihnat. Kania Zakrztvski, Rudich, Condelmo, Kirkwood, McKenna. 4th Row-Lett to Right-Zunich, Domlodovac, Curley, Nero Konstantinot, Iolu-mon. Freshman MRS. LONG lst Row-Lett to Right-Carano, Maroll, Marovich, Volpe. Forbes, Myers. Ball, Lucas. 2nd Row-Leit to Right-Mrs. Long, Pr.suta. Yurko, Revell. Burket. Dimitrivich, Shomsky, Ripple, Slmmons, Wal- lace. Butfalini. 3rd Row-Left to Right--Kriso, Clark, Wagner, Gray. Dera- mo. Roscoe, Barone, Zbihley, Amorosa, 4th Row-Lett to Right-Rossi. Cowart, Kastler, Vincich, Beqqs. Burris. Recht. Boror. 5th Row-Left to Right-Weisenmiller, Orsaf-J. Iones. Veltry, Makris. MR. HARTMAN lst Row-Lett to Right-Yelland, Revis. Myers, Deter, Mc- Kee. Vasko, Strode. Esley. 2nd Row-Left to Right-W.lkins. TatalovIch. Young. Mili- tich. Vuckovich. Verona. Sundy. Volrtich. Besch. 3rd Row-Left to Right-Seely, Burns, Ralich, Ayoob. Vlado- vich. Russell. Markovich, Higgins. 4th Row-Lett to Right-Mr. Hartman, Tyson, Palombo. Walker. Scott. Kramer. MR. CRAWFORD lst Row-Left to Right-Marshall, Nolii, Scabavea, Pavlo- vich. Radovich. Hardrlck. 2nd Row-Leit to Right-Mecaro, Proakls. Resonovich. Pasaris, Gintner. Ionakls, Shahe". 3rd Row-Lett to Right-Pitts, Palomho, Moskola, Shannon. Skorich. Smith. Iackson. Mr. Crawford. MISS WEBER lst Row-Leit to Right-Vince, Frank, Pajak, Parham. Bish. Kotlarz. Cmkovich. Cuch. 2nd Row--Lett to Right-Hawell, Hayes, Catley, McCarthy. Kleist. Mandity. Skorich. Cindrlch. Sturle, Guzie. Evans. 3rd Row-Left to Right-Dupkanich. Orsag. Del Guzzo. Cin- drich. Lapcevich. McConnell. Kakiou, Ciamacca. George. 4th Row-Left to Right-French. Beckom. Tate, Sutton. Sargeson. MRS. COULTER First Row-Left to Right-Fouse, Davis, Morrow, M,lano- vich. Garner, Ristac, Turkovlch, Levien, Stamboal, Maiden. Grasha. Second Row-Lett to Right-Porter, D'Ambroqi, Barnes. Hamilton, Leprevich, Davies, Mansuetti, Tilly. Patterson, Lucci, Crotti, Pappas. Third Row-Lett to Right-Mancini, Duncan, Marmaduke. Loncar. Morroco. Swogger, Felqar. Simoni, Potoczny. Fourth Row-Left to Right-Sperduti, Tomer, Bama. MR. SWARTS lst Row-Lett to Right-MihaLk. Tomei, Senchak, Farland. Anderson. Baldwin, Piocquid.o, Huii, Iacob, Kemp. 2:Ad Row-Left to Right-Dicton, Pinks. Hobson, Holiday. McNeil. Maiors. Salaya, Houston. Munro, Homyk, Skeriotis, Glenn. Cavender. 3rd Row-Lett to Right-Mr. Swarts, Chester. Mahon. Casoli. Fesevxkemn, Davis. Ringle, Palombo, Nelson. McNeill. Chizmar. Aqostine, Mihal.l:. Class MR. URAM lst Row-Left to Right-Del Guzzo. Nay. Giura. Del Turco. Gray. Pleiler. Shannon, Oldham, Poloiac, Kollch. 2nd Row-Lett to Right-Powell, Stamn, Recker. Turney. Trkulfa, Hyre, Lantz, Kolher. Mcl-Iatlie. Boday, Kula. 3rd Row-Left to Right-Boiack. Suzich. Ball, Rodlch, Hino- vich. Wyland. Mencanln, Radovich, Padgett, Radut, Queener. Donaldson. Vincent, Mr. Cram. MR. ROBINSON lst Row-Left to Right-Barbato, Lasky, Prisuta, Suhan. Tselepis. Kozlina. Dicton, Elliott, Freeman. Hreda. 2nd Row-Lelt to Right-Kovac. Kozel. Carl. Marocco, David. Gray. Shumate. Gilbert. Bazmore, Murphy. 3rd Row-Leit to Right-Shaw. Kovacevich. Mastellino. Facaris. Robison, Pontis. Brown. Myers, Mr. Robinson. MR. REINISH lst Row-Left to Right-Myers, Hobson. Rice, Misc, Bran- don. Mozens. Gaitenaris. Taylor. Halich. 2nd Row-Lelt to Right-Ienkins. Kramer, Tibolet, Testa. Strothers, Devaney, Shaifer. McCaliergty. 3rd Row-Left to Right-Farber. Pratchenko. Del Greco. Krivan. Sissno, Walker, Walker. 4th Row-Left to Right-Mr. Reinish. Moore, Legge, Cory. Mike. Brocklebank. Hussey. MR. ZAHORCHAK lst Row-Left to Right-Cheuvront. Todd. Walker, Bridges. Dugos. Evans. Brown. Ross, Pellegrini, Persi. 2nd Row-Left to Right-Harr. Seech. Eaton. Iohnson, Bar- beaux. Frangkos. Suttelle, Mosley, Woods. 3rd Row-Leit to Right-Mr. Zahorchak, Nogish. Bass, Tucker. Ingram. Shatter. Moore. MR. HARTLEY lst Row-Left to Right-Lewis, Marzovoc, Timcisko, Ric- cone. Rivetti. Montini, Gastfriend, McGarvey, Keyser. Montlni. Sandy. Mr. Hartley. 2nd Row-Lelt to Right-Allison, Toney, Rinker, Marshall. Ross. Smith. Maskes. Del Guzzo, Shannon, Iezzi. 35d Row-Left to Right-Reback. Steals. Bartoles, Morrisette, Roma. Moore. Evans. Cox. Petrie. Greco. Bowden. MR. ROSS First Row-Left to Right-Bologna. Stuchlok. Lewis. Montini. George. Green. Smega. Second Row-Left to Right-Nichols. M. Thomas, Yanko. Dashynetz. Mitchell, Ferri. I. Thomas, Fayod. Third Row-Lett to Right-Mr. Ross. Webb, Tucker. Piroli. Morris. Fowler. Cobb. Petitta. Eicher. MR. NICKLAS lst Row-Lelt to Right-Mascian, Skiba, Martinka. Law- rence. Alam, Mulgrew. Campbell. Colangelo, Collins. 2nd How--Left to Right-Michaels, Robson, Ronghi, Luke- tich. Voyvodich. Rice, Haboush, Duganich, Iones. 3rd Row-Lett to Right-Mr. Nicklas, Canning. Miltlls Pontis. Tierney. Laughlin. Buckett. Wisniewski. Haluga Marcocci. Elias, Borov. UPPER ELECTRICIANS Taddeo. Oros. Demich, Valiqa. Evanko. La Gatta. Ross, A. D. Giovine, Slezak. Smith, Hamilton. lannini, Ribar, Manqiarelli. Kamicker. Powell, Mr. Petty, D. Di Giovine, Petronio. LOWER ELECTRICIANS Oqrodski. Scoumus. Calalactor. Mavrich. Mansuetti, Mellovich, Frank. Melobabich, Stoken, Chabala. Short, Smith, Rogan, Ciccone, Trombetta, Mr. Perry, UPPER MACHINISTS Batchelor. Maskalenko, I. Ross. Milaniovich, Chilli, F. Serecin, V. Serecin, Yager, Di Giovine, A. Ross. De Luca, Iacobucci. Mr. Brobeck, Concelli, Iapic, Estok. Colonna. LOWER MACHINISTS Glovier. De Lisio. Turkovich, Palumbo, Beck. Gregor. Rubeis, Mazzocca, Yaqer, Maskalenko, A. Ross, Cancelli, Dubic, Wright, Mr. Brobeck, Krnyevich. Kantoush Sudak. Colonna. UPPER AUTO MECHANICS La Sala, McConnell, Vurdelia, Prosper, Reno, Weiqle. Busak, De Martine, Paiac, Henry, Gornick, Myers. Resanovich, Biancucci, Mihalik, Sudar, Grossi, Herni, Kazas, Cassuccio, Luketich. LOWER AUTO MECHANICS McCrory, De Martines, Hramika, Cangiano, Reno. Del Turco, Baghetti. Giofre, Unis, Vurdelia, Grubich. Mr. Beichler. Glanetti, Crnkovich. Grassbski. Mihalik. McConnell, Luketich. UPPER CARPENTERS Babich, Brandon. Pompeani, Costanza. Todd. Pettibon. Fouse, Saxon. Santolla, Thomas. Smallwood. Beder, Lainas. Susan. Merriman, Lanqas, Mr. Britton. Trombini. Wadzita. LOWER CARPENTERS Petric, Stewart, Sullivan, Lovra, Trkulia, Dzuqan, Yardic. Glenn. Mr. Britton, Rivetti, Mrovash. Sutherland. Glad. Iuth, Verdoni. Barbour. Thomas. Todd. INDUSTRIAL DEPARTMENT Qne of the most popular sections of our school is the Industrial Department. A preparatory training course for various trades, electrical construction, auto mechanics, carpentry, and machin- ists, the course also provides academic study. Their schedules include English, history, related mathematics, related science, and related drawing. The boys are a highly loyal group to their school, community, and country as was evident dur- ing the wir when the shop maintained their one hundred percent in sales of stamps and bonds. The lndustriil Club, composed of boys from the shops, has a splendid record. They send a copy of each issue of the school newspaper, "Quito Script," plus their own little newspaper, "The Mechanic," ex- clusive shop news which was published monthly, to their fornier members in the armed forces. This project has been carried over from war time and is being faithfully adhered to, while school is in session. The boys are proud of their sports standing in the school. A fair proportion of the sports teams consists cf shop students who usually are star performers on the football, basketball, and base- ball teams. E At present, the shop has received a plane, army surplus, which the auto mechanics have dis- mantled to enable a more minute study of the various parts. They hope to receive other machinery which will be of use to their training in the near future-a future which We hope is full of promise for these talented young men. Montini, Midock, Yasick. Hamilton. Baker Smrth Demma Dascamo Cercone Casolr H Symo IS Mernman Leeper Kamrcker Lantz Shahen Burgess I Mlhahk Pmtr E Symons Drocquxdxo Schaller Doyle Pamter Frantz Pompeam McNre Rxvettr M Mrhalrk McIntosh Yagercnk Turkovxch Wadzria Sushko Smallwood Sambol Elgh th Grade MRS IOHNSTON lst Row Lett to Rrqht Brown Restano Graqo Alford Bllbert Prrest Vlldle Barson Znd Row Lett to Rught Bodnar Salonus Fontana W1ll1BmS Lloyd Mandrsh P1rol1 Sperdutt Mrs Iohnston lones Canqrarxo Walker MRS BIECHLER lst Row Left to R1qht Adams Shave Oster Kosonovrch Mc Cafferty jozsa Martm Braclrr: D1 Cosmo nd How Left to Rnght Rauqhi Scabavea Akms Tselep1s Del Turco Fayad Bernola Gula Koza r Row Left to Rnght G oert Mrs Brechler Zublay Shoe macher Mrhahcm Sambol l-hber Perdr MRS SCOTT lst Row Left to Rrqht Lalamo Byrd Sperdutr Grossr Dawlcms R1z7o Harvey McNerll Meade Cardrnan Znd Row Left to Rlqht Kennedy Dukovrch Honchak loseph Baras Avdellas Toney Scarazzo Stern Srmth Buccl DOttav1o lones Powell MRS PALAZZI Frrst Row Lett to Rught Grles M1lls Kohler Krrvan Ross Perqhtal G1lbert M1ked1s Znd Row Left to Rlqht Fmk Strather Byers Beck Karas Prcone San rs McNe1ll Raycevrch Mrs Palazzr 3rd Row Left to Rrqht Gulley Maravrch Getxc Dulnach Mascla Carlmalls Harlow Zambory Manasterslcr l 3rd Row-Left to Riqht-Polombo, Green, Stewart, Venarxzi, Miller, 3rd Row--Lett to Right-Santilli, Smith, Palmer, Voletich, Petrie, , , , , , t' , ' , ' , . '. 3 C1 - ' - il' , A ' , , - f ' Y , ' , ' . ' . ' gy X ps he following section of our yearbook is set e tor the different organizations of our school o the extra curricular activities carried cn by bers of the student body 0 H ed to bring to light some oi their hidden talents They also have an opportunity to do the things they have always wanted to do Many of these activities are the sires for the development ot new 11'1t91'SSlS and also have served as the foundation for the hte work ot sorne these pupils long after they have left school A certain time each day is reserved tor these activities During tl'1s tune the clubs are permitted to hold meetings perlorrn some of their duties and talk to other students with the same inte ests In spite of the heavy schedules some of these students are carrying they still find time to pour their work 1nto other things This is ot great value to the student for in this way he learns to budget his time One 1S surprised at the extent to wh1cl' some of these activites and organizations are car ried This section will give you an idea ot the thlngs accomplished by some of these groups ft f '79 .5 - Q ' If Y- ii Q. y J' X . . . . U 'N I' V . . 1' I In I . ' ' . is . ' . I K .l Q these various activities the pupils are al- Orga111zc1t1o11s Q si gi - 1' , E BX . E E ' if ' E gn Xu Q , WAVE RED ANIS BLACK, FOREVER WAVE- . I - I . HN Student NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY l SPONSOR .... MISS FRANK OFFICERS First Semester President ..... Ann Costanza Vice President Mary Stepanovich Secretary . . Angeline Vitale Treasurer . . . . Zenith Tarquinio Second Semester President . . . . Patricia Hornstein Vice President . . Angeline Vitale Secretary . . Nancy Radanovich Treasurer ..... Zenith Tarquinio UNDP Ut.. The National Honor Society has long been an inspiration and a goal for the students of Aliquippa High School. Twice a year new members are inducted into full membership. The ceremony is extremely impres- sive and causes much anticipation among the student body. To be eligible for membership in the society one must fulfill the qualifications in character, scholar- ship, leadership, and service. Both active and graduate members of the so- ciety are engaged in raising ten thousand dollars for a scholarship fund. The scholarship will be awarded once a year to a student who has completed at least one year in an institution of higher learning. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row-Braun, Rowley, Martin, Constanza, Pappas, Z. Tarquinio, Krosney, Aqresti. Second Row-Trombulak, Radanovich, Mooney, Stepanovich, Hornstein, Munn, Leeper, Vitale, Sperduti, E. Tarquinio. Third Row-Miss Frank, Meeks, Sharps, Lucas, Skorich, Faber, Iapic, La Gatta. GIRLS' ATHLETIC LEADERS CLUB SPONSOR . . MRS. CARVER CO-SPONSOR . MISS CUNNINGHAM OFFICERS President . . . Nancy Radanovich Vice President Patricia Hornstein Secretary . . . . Anne Reft Corresponding Secretary . Betty Lesko Treasurer . . . Lillian Kramerich Sergeant-at-Arms . . . Barbara Dukovich About forty girls make up Aliquippa High's Girls' Athletics Leaders' Club-more farniliarly known as just Leaders' Club. Its program consists of sports and activities of all kinds. LEADERS CLUB FirstFirst Row-Koza, Morocco, Dubrowa, Koda Unis. Early in the fall, the members of the club cimbed aboard a wagon filled with hay and went for a won- derful hay ride. Next on the agenda was the Lead- ers' Club Formal. Here was an opportunity for the girls to invite the fellows out for an evening. The club's formal initiation was extremely impressive. Wearing spotlessly white gym suits, the new initiates solemnly took the Leaders' Club pledge. In january the girls dug out their bathing suits and Went to the Sewickley "Y" where they spent an enjoyable eve- ning. Annually, early in May ten girls from each school in the valley are invited to come and play with our Leaders' Club. The idea is to play with, rather than against, girls from other towns. This is the project the girls are busily working on as we go to press. All in all, we have a well-rounded girls' sports program in our high school. Our gym teachers work hard, and the girls do appreciate them and their work. ...Y .. .,. ,. M... M ...... ,. .. , ...,,,,,,. , - T Second Row-Atkinson, Baljak, M. Montini, David, Lesko, P. Montini, I-lonatke, Chabala. Q A Third Row-Di Pietro, I. Mihalik, Arbutin, Tomko, 5 3 , ,W H. Mihalik, Salaya, Kocher, Radanovich, , Q Q ,Q Ceccarelli. 5- ,N f " Y N ' Fourth Row-Resanovich, Kramerich, Dutkovich, , - ,, 'V , L' y L Q Stepanovich, Reft, Stasko, Carl, Hornstein. ' T ' ' t - X, Y. Y ' 1,1 Organize tions DRAMATICS CLUB First Row-Twaddle, Skeriotis, Krosney, Biechler Popovich, Iohnston, A. Harvey, I. Harvey Phillips, Rowley, Buchanan, jones. Second Row-Scabavea, Baker, Pinti, Y. Vincic, Martin, E. Vincic, Parnes, Velonis, Aliskovitz, Getic, Growall, Brown, D'Ottavio. Third Row-Mr. Swarts, Kirk, Poland, Risher, Kusic, Gerasimon, Munn, Long, Hurley, Adams. Fourth Row-Lewis, DeVore, Quay, Cummings, DRAMATICS Owens. Not Pictured-Davey, Houck, Curley, Ball. SPONSOR . . DONALD E. SWARTS OFFICERS President . Bill Lewis Vice President . Don Poland Secretary . Martha Braun Treasurer Naomi Ayers x . CLUB Entertainment for the student body is the main objective of the ninety members of the Dramatics Club. Each member has some connection with the production of the plays whether acting or helpinq with costumes, stage, or direction. lt is known that the unseen helpers are just as important as the stars. Elevn one-act plays were produced and three Pulitz- er Prize plays, "Our Town," "Abe Lincoln in lllinois," and the comedy, "You Can't Take It With You." In order to gain experience and witness professional acting, small groups attended plays at the Nixon Theater. Y-TEENS SPONSOR . . . MISS WEBER OFFICERS President . . . Patricia Hornstein Vice President . Carol Aliskovitz Secretary . . . Dorothy Kocher Treasurer Pl'1ylliS BuChar1ar1 Y-TEENS First Row-Pappas, Berbel, Tierney, Hendricks S. Campbell, Buchanan, Braun, Biechler Lervis, Davenport, Laskarides, Sussman. Second Row-Mrs. Kirk, Bradford, Hodges, Row ley, Krosney, Gerasimon, Harris, Kocher Velonis, Colonna, Smith, Ball, Miss Weber Third Row-Mcllvain, Burns, Simmons, Koefler, Cleveland, Chabala, D. Campbell, Carl, Alis kovitz, Petty, Lukacin. Fourth Row-Hall, Vogel, Growall, Bentel, Brtney, Meehan, Hornstein, Peters, Fisher, Tomich. Student HI-Y First Row-Richards, Brown, Poland, Kirk, Baker Ross, Recht, Burchett. Second Row-Robertson, Gourley, Cercone, Vig novich, Lucas, Lewis, I. Brown, Davey, Lang Frey. Third Row-Hamilton, Kriss, Weimer, Carey, Harris, Curley, Owens, Kaufman, Anderson Fourth Row-Mr. Nicklas, Marmaduke, Sharps Zebic, Smith, DeVore, Curran, Ceccerelli Kunzman, Mr. Adams. Fifth Row-McCanuel, Horick, Nelson, Thornton The Y-Teens, who have about ninety members, have been quite busy geuigig acquiinted. They en- tertained their parents by holding their annual Ma, Pa, Me Banquet. They also held an education meet- ing which proved to be interesting, and the meme bers learned about dolls from other countries. To highlight and conclude the ye'r, they presented their annual formal, "The Larnplighters Ball." ALIQUIPPA SENIOR HI-Y SPONSOR . . MR, ADAMS CO-SPONSOR .... MR. NICKLAS OFFICERS . First Semester President ..... Bob Vignovich Vice President . Dave Gourley SeCf9ffil'Y - . Bill Lewis Treasurer . . lim Andefsgn Sergeant-at-Arms Sam Carey Chaplain ..... Charles Lucas Second Semester President ..... Dave Gourley Vice President , Dave Houck SGCFGTGYY - . Torn Richards Treasurer . . George Kaufman Sergeant-at-Arms . ' Alphonse Lang Chaplain . . Bill Marmaduke The Hi-Y boys are known for the splendid job of ushering at all the stidium events, games, and social activities. These boys are aclive in sports and have their own basketball and btseball teams. Two events which they look forward to are the Member and Girlfriend Banquet and annual Father and Son Din- ner. The Hi-Y deserves sneci l commendation for its decoration throughout the sclzool at Christmas tirne. SPONSOR . CO-SPONSOR President . Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer . Corresponding Sc: Sergeant-at-Arms . President . Vice President . Secretary . . Treasurer . Corresponding Secretary Sergeant-at-Arms OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester TRI-HI-Y MISS BONOMI MRS. GELFO Helen Goldsmith . Ianet Mihalik . Mildred Crevar .homasine Atkinson . Mary Berbel . Ann Baljak Antoinette Di Nardo . Gladys Klisic . Anne Tomko Dolores Mahfood . Irene Petrisko Tomasine Atkinson The Tri-Hi-Y Club is the companion organization to the Hi-Y Club. The "Tri" in the name is significant of tries of important factors, around which the club is built. The club stands for the all around development of its members: "Spirit, Mind and Body" and serves the three main Training Agencies: "Home, Church and School." It has for its statement of principles: Objective: "To Seek, To Find, To Share." Slogan: "Pure Thoughts, Pure Words, Pure Ac- tions." Platform: "Self-Improvement, Christian Fellow- ship, United Service." The Club Colors of Red, White and Blue express "Sacrifice, Purity and Loyalty" and are exemplified in the Triangle, Torch and Circle. ' TRI-HI-Y I First Row-D'Ottavio, Dinardo, Petrisko, Theodo- rou, Hendricks, Pukach, Berbel, D'Ambrogi, Atkinson, Baljak. Second Row-Miss Bontempo, Honatke, Mcllvain, Stamm, Swan, Harris, Farber, Stepanovich, Seech, H. Goldsmith, Crevar, Mihalik, Miss Bonomi. Third Row-Zinaich, Ruscitti, Winterbaner, Specht, Swan, Tomko, Kofler, Salaja, Belan, Christini, - Dinardo, Markesich. Fourth Row-Costanza, Gerasimon, Mattia, Marko, Kovac, Crnkovich, Hughes, Hunt, Kusic, P. Goldsmith, Miller, Mahiood. Fifth Row-Montini, Hramika, Katchur, Leechman, Babiak. Organjza ti ons M. A. TRI-HI-Y First Row-Marshall, Miller, Kimbrough, Tyson. Meyers, Evans, Forbes, Meade. Second Row--Love, Wilson, Butler, Bouknight, Darby, Lincoln, Powell, Miss Bonomi. MARION ANDERSON TRI-HI-Y SPONSOR . . ' . MISS BONOMI OFFICERS First Semester President . . . Ioyce Butler Vice President . . . . Marie Miller Secretary . Mary Lou Evans Financial Secretary Martha Blackson Sergeant-at-Arms Mildred Thornton Chaplain . . . . Edith Kimbrough Treasurer . . . . . Ioan Bonknight ie:o.:d President . . . , . . Marie Miller Vice President Edith Kimbrough Secretary . . Martha Blackson Financial Secretary . . Dolores Forbes Treasurer . . . Mildred Thornton Sergeant-at-Arms . Wilhelmenia Vreen Chaplain . , , . Bernice Meade The twenty-two members of the Marion Anderson Tri-Hi-Y spread their greetings to the school by deco- rating the bulletin board in room 29. They sent out scrap books to the crippled children. On their social calender was a spaghetti dinner, a Christmas Party, and a, social for the initiation of new members. Band DIRECTOR . Band is a curricular subject in which a grade and credit are given. Awards are given for work done by the band outside of school. It consists of seventy members who play tor all football and home league basketball games. They participate in community and MR. SPORNY county programs. Everyone looks forward to the band concert which varies its program in music, featuring classics, marches and popular music. Several mem- bers were selected from the band to take part in con- certs and festivals in other towns in Beaver Valley. BAND PERSONNEL D-Flat Piccolo B-I-'lat Cornet: STRING ENSEMBLE First row-Sussman, Feraccio, Rowley, Hussey, Facaris. Second row-Caravacci, Marbich, Celich, Laskarides, Mr. Bennett, String Ensemble DIRECTOR ....... MR. BENNETT The String Ensemble, a group of students outstanding in musical ability, is under the direction ot Mr. Bennett. They have furnished the background for many school activities. In the past year they have played for the National Honor Induction and have appeared on many community programs. Laskarides, Iohn C Flutes ltskovits, Claire Thomas, Iohn Voyvodich, Elinor E-Flat Clarinet Vallecorsa, Herman Oboe ltskovits, Stuart E-Flat Alto Clarinet Wallace, Iohn B-Flat Clarinets Andres, Alex Bertoli, Dolores D'Ambrogi, Bruno Di Vecchio, Dominic Felgar, Ronald Frohm, Mary Ann Gourley, Iim King, Robert Mancini, Patsy McGarvey, Blair Musante, Frank Pellegrini, Dominic Sweringen, Robert Tomer, Gene Walker, Iohn Baritone Hom: Mazzocca, Edward Salvati, Lou Student Busak, Iohn Ciotti, Dominic Davies, Shirley Mae Giutfre, Mike Lasky, Helen Myers, Violet Patton, Iames Persi, Robert Small, Mary Somerlade, Eleanor Tomeo, Anthony Trombetta, Ioe Verdoni, Raymond Woods, Joe E-I-'lat Saxophones Legge, Elio Meeks, Norris Ozimok, Agnes Tilly, Bette McGar'vey, Laura Tenor Saxophone: Bass Horns De Ferrari, Ioseph Iacobucci, Walter Marbich, Steve Rivetti, Louis Bells-Parade Biscan, Anna Lloyd, Sarah lane Mansuetti, Geneviev Marshall, Nancy Bells-Concert Parker, Donna lean 9 Swerinqen, Marianne Drums Meeks, Donald Passeri, Tony Ronghi, Rosemarie Scarazzo, Marcello Simmons, Fred Busak, Bernard Tympant Hudson, Matthew Lalama, Tony E-Flat Baritone Saxophone Opsatnik, Richard Baum Twmn' E'Flat Alto Horns Avderlass, George Costanza, Charles Montini, Ierry Bilogna, Evelyn McKnight, Louise Miracle, Lois Ochalek, Estelle Ritchie, Anna Belle -1-mmbone, Tarquinio, Lena Coblel Lee Wickham, Betty Colonna, Vincent Band Minas., Fowler' Kennelh Delissio, Charles Kwolek, lane Montini, Ieldo Student Director Sperduti, Iohn Iacobucci, Walter Bach Choir SPONSOR . . The Bach Choir has rendered its services for many important occasions. Among these are the Christmas program, the operetta, and the Spring Concert. They are not to be forgotten for their participation in the Ianuary Commencement program and the May Bac- calaureate. Members are selected from the group to EACH CHOIR First Row-Fouse, Oldham, Recker, Krosney, Os- ter, Velonis, Setters, I. Harvey, Davenport, Sussman, Marshall. Second Row-Focht, Burkett, Popovich, Pinti, A Harvey, Parnes, McKee, Bentel, Dudley, Row- ley, Miss Weber. Third Row-Cox, Buclous, Bowden, Specht, Tom ich, Biega, Hornstein, Martin, Meade, Poland Biesenkamp. Fourth Row-McKenna, Davey, Lewis, Nelson Ringle, Mahon, Lucas, Walker, Gilbert. Fifth Row-Davis, Smith, Gold, Myers. Organiza tj ons GIRLS' CHORUS First Row-Keyser, Laski, Prisuta, Dmitrion, lohns, Marchionda, Piroli, Theodorau, Fer- racio, Witko, Mrs. McWilliams, Meade, Glo- vier, McGarvey, Ralich, Iones, Biechler, Tar- quinio, Meade, Yezzi, Anderson, Hurda. Second Row-Oehler, Ashton, Iacob, King, Bat- talini, Iohnson, Montini, Baghetti, Harmon, Laskarides, Villa, Campbell, Kovac, Dupkan- ich, Levin, Thomas, Deeder, Seech, Myle, Solomon, Shannon. Third Row-Davies, Baldwin, Boos, Miller, Roth, Christini, Tsounis, Byrd, Nolfi, Shaffalo, Cas oli, Bruni, Bulat, Santilli, Como, Kramer, Rice Scabavea, Mitchel. Fourth Row-Lukacin, Vukovich, Vogel, Hodges Bradford, Markesich, Buchanan, Maiden Schiedel, Irvin, DeSalle, Sundy, Turney Recker, Garner, Chabala, Ondovchik, Holp Myers, Growall, Fisher. Fifth Row-Thornton, Kimbrough, Pearson, Dora zio, Wisneiski, Morall, Abercrombie, Black son, Kontelis, Bryant, Myers, Kakoulas, Mc- Pherson. I I MISS MARY WEBER represent the school in the Mid-Western Pennsyl- vania State Musical Association Chorus and the ln- and-About Chorus of Pittsburgh. The choir is a mixed group with a letter award after a membership of two years. Girls' Chorus SPONSOR . ACCOMPANIST . Although the chorus held its own musical broad- cast program to entertain the students, their services are often given in the participation of school programs and activities. At Christmas time the girls took part in broadcasting Christmas carols from a downtown MRS. MCWILLIAMS . MARIE MILLER store. They also sang for the New Sheffield Fathers' Night and at a program for the Beaver County Blind Association. Their willingness to work and practice proves their interest in music. SPONSOR OFFICERS President . Vice President . . Secretary . Treasurer . Athe nan cnoss First Row-Mikadis, M. Montini, Stamm, Iozsa Geresimon, Krosney, Sussman, Greco, Grat- son, Ruby, Franqkos. Second Row--Resonavich, Moskes, Mitchell, Parnes, Petty, Fisher, Smith, Leeper, Mrs. Smith. Third Row-Laskarides. Student IUNIOR BOOSTERS First Row--Kwolek, Greco, Mascian, Eaton, Camp bell, Fricano, Honatke, Porter, Sussman, Flick Harmon, Sharatz, Sambol. Second Row--Greco, V. Babiak, Harris, Dudley, Goldsmith, 'McI1vain, Farber, Wilson, Camp bell, Hyre, Colonno, Belas, Pazey. Third Row-Davies, Carey, Anderson, Lasky, Twaddle, Bentel, Symons, Roth, McCafferty, Babiak, Barnes, Dally. - Fourth Row-Faber, K a u f m a n, Marmaduke, Brown, Hamilton, Lucas, Hecht, Sharps Thornton, Nelson, Morris. Top-Houck, Mr. Tatalovich, Miss Battles, Gehr- ing, Vignovich. . SPONSOR. . ' . . . M CO-SPONSOR OFFICERS First Semester President P .- . ' . . Vice President . ' Secretary . Q . Assistant 'Secretary . Treasurer . . Sergeant-at-Arms . - Second Semester President . Vice President . Secretary . . . Assistant Secretary . Treasurer . . . Assistant Treasurer . Sergeant-at-Arms . . JUNIOR RED MRS. SMITH Lauretta Greco Mary Fisher Shirley Sussman na Laskarides CROSS The main purpose of the Iunior Red Cross is to help the needy. The club carried its responsibility very well by filling boxes of educational and health supplies for shipment overseas to countries in need of them. Besides doing this, they sent boxes filled with goodies, decks of cards, and ashtrays to the two vet- erans' hospitals at Butler and Aspinwall. Throughout the year during the holidays various tray favors were mide. Anne Barone, who was head of this Work, did a very good job. The Bed Cross is sending two correspondence albums to Australia and South Africa. Illustrations for these books were taken care of by Teddy Zajac. These committee members were at all times sufficiently aid- ed in their duties by all the other various clubs of Aliguippa High. JUNIOR BOOSTERS ' ISS BATTLES . . MR. TATOLOVICH . Ioe Faber Grace Fricano Mary Farber Helen Belas Bob Vignovich Olga Harria Bob Sharps David Houck Mary Farber Iames Anderson Charles Dally Dave MacKenzie .Jack Babiak The Iunior Boosters gave their service by helping the lunior Bed Cross fill overseas boxes and valen- tines tor hcspitals. They were rewarded with a minia- ture majorette from the band for selling concert tickets and soliciting the most band' pledges. A Me- morial Assembly was sponsored and the main event of the yearwas the presentation of the picture of Alex Venable to the school to be hung next to the honor roll in the main hall. Along With all their Work and ser- vice the social event which highlighted the year was the annual Christmas Party at Bailey's Chicken House with the cross-country boys as honored guests. QUIPPIAN COMMITTEE y SPONSOR . MR. HARTMAN During the second semester of last year home- room representatives got together to start working on the yearbook ot "47". Having once met they chose the editors tor the various positions toward the end of the year. During the summer, monthly meetings were held at the B. F. lones Memorial Library to plan the yearbook. After the plans were made the job of Qulp CO-SPON SOR MRS. MARSDEN carrying them out was to be done. This was begun as soon as school resumed in the tall. This was a great task since everything had to be done accurately and all copy had to be checked and rechecked until per- fect. Thus the Quippian Committee did their service to the school and senior class. First Row-Athanassion, Munn, Leeper, Faber, Costanza, E. Tarquinio, Stepanovich, Rada- novich, Z. Tarquinio, Dukovich, Lucas. Second Row-Sussman, Kocher, Petty, Di Nello, Trombetta, Vitale, Pappas, Theodorou, Tilly, Mr. Hartman. ' 6 Third Row-Mrs, Marsden, Richards, Wilson, Cummings, Robertson, Thornton, Houck, Vig- novich, Mr. Zahorchak. Organizations t QUIP scmvr 4 ' First Row-Meade, Petrisko, Theodorou, Koulepis, Q Skeriotis, Campbell, Pellegrini, I. Tarquinio, Girata. Second Row-Butler, D'Ottavio, Braun, Phillips. Como, Morris, Z. Tarquinio, Ayoob, Miss Bonomi. I o Third Row-Miss Adams, Pappas, De Martines, Lecce, Cerelli, Dragovich, Costanza, Focht, Kusic, Saxon, Biega. Fourth Row-Maneloveg, Vitale, Peters. SCRIPT OFFICERS Club Editor . . . . Gilda Como Business Manager . Walter Kaminski . Boys' Sports Editor . . Robert Wallace News Editor . . Louise De Martines FIRST SEMESTER Girls' Sports Editor . . Sharlene Morris Feature Editor . . Catherine Pappas Editor-in-Chief . . . Angeline Vitale Art. Editor . . . . . Gladys Kusic Club Editor . . . . Joyce Peters Co-Editor .... Zenith Tarquinio Assistant Art Editor . . . Louis Rivetti Boys' Sports Editor . Robert Wallace Business Manager . . . Ann Costanza SECOND SEMESTER . Girls' Sports Editor , Shar-lene Morris News Editor . . . Louise DeMartines Editor-in-Chief . . Angeline Vitale Art Editor . . . Gladys Kusic Feature Editor . . Catherine Pappas Co-Editor .... Zenith Tarquinio Assistant Art Editor . . . Louis Rivetti SPONSOR MISS BONOMI First Place AwardeQuill and Scroll Association- ' September, 1946. CO-SPONSOR I . H MISS ADAMS 1 First Place Award - First Semester - National A The Quip Script, which has about forty members on its staff, is the keyhole ot the high school. Being published every two weeks, it furnishes the school news and gossip. However, our paper is not without recognition. It has won the following awards in competitive contests: Scholastic Press Associationelanuary, 1947. Second Place Award-Pennsylvania School Press Association-October, 1946. . Second Class Award-National Scholastic Press Association-lune, 1946. - Second Place Award-Columbia Scholastic Press Association-March, 1947. Banner Award-Westminster Press Award-May, 1947. CHEMISTRY SPONSQH . , MB. HARTMAN First Semester President . . Margaret Trombulak Vice President Shirley Sussman Secretary-Treasurer Mary Grace Munn Second Semester President . . . . Ray Kunzman Vice President . lack Kriss Secretary'Treasurer Melvin Meade F. B. I. SPONSOR . MISS MOBAN OFFICERS President . . . Dorothy Maravich Vice President . Patty Hughes Secretary . Elaine lackson CLUB The members meet after school once a week in the chemistry laboratory. The main object of the club is to perform experiments or laboratory exercises which are done by the members or certain individ- uals. Some ot the more outstanding experiments were the "glass blowing and bending" demonstration, the "cold light" demonstration and the Thermit reaction as used in welding and incendiary bombs. The highlight ot the year was the field trip to the I. cSt L. Aliquippa Works in early December. This in- cluded visiting and touring the north end of the mill, the welded tube mill and the physical testing labora- tory. lt was an interesting trip and was enjoyed by all, especially the girls who had never been in a steel mill. CHEMISTRY CLUB First Row-B. Meade, Farelli, Biechler, Harvey, Pappas, Velonis, Sussman. Second Row-Trombulak, Sperduti, Parnes, Bar- rone, Petty, Munn, Leeper, Laskarides. Third Row--Mr. Hartman, M. Meade, Kunzman, Kriss, Richards. Student F. B. I. First Row-Maravich, Yelland, Meyers, Volpe, Ball, Ienkins. Second Bow-Domitrovich, Prisuta, Iackson, , Maravich, Yurko, Miss Moran. The F. B. I. Club was organized last year at the request of the ninth grade students who were not eli- gible to join high school clubs. The club provided a means tor the freshmen to have group activities among themselves. The activities, which were planned by the members, included a roller skating party, a buttet luncheon and a hike. The letters F. B. I. mean-For Better Interests. JUNIOR SPONSOR MR. SMITH OFFICERS First Semester President . . . . Shirley Sussman Vice President . Ramona Leeper Secretary-Treasurer Zenith Tarquinio Second Semester President . . . . Shirley Sussman Vice President . William Gornick Secretary-Treasurer Elvira Tarquinio IUNIOR HISTORIANS First Row-Weigle, Gornick, La Sala. Second Row-Mr. Smith, Sussman, E. Tarquinio, Vitale, Munn, Leeper, Petty, Z. Tarquimo. Organizations ALPHA BETA KAPPA First Row-Pappas, Maravich, Evans, Harman, Berbel, Farelli, Sussman, Prosser, Campbell, Harvey. Second Row-Mrs. Kirk, Mcllvain, Burns, Chabala, Cleveland, Kangja, Beland, Laskarides, Velo- nis, Lewis, Babiak. Third Row-Demitrovich, Prisuta, Barber, Revell, Greco, Thomas, Radanovich, Parnes, Tomich. Fourth Row-E. Vincic, Skoog, Growall, Briney. Lewis, Maneloveg, Aliskovitz. Fifth Row-Munn, Chiec, Sharps, Peters, Y. Vin- HISTORIANS We find that the Iunior Historians are still com- piling information on men and women who gave their lives in the service of their country. Szme of the members are looking forward to par- ticipating in the annual spring conference held in Pittsburgh which is attended by delegates from the Pennsylvania Federation of Iunior Historians in West- ern Pennsylvania. The club was granted its charter in 1943 and was first known as the War History Club, but since the war the name was changed to the Aliguippa Iunior Historians. ALPHA BETA CLUB cic. SPONSOR . . . MRS. MARSDEN CO-SPONSOR .... MRS. LONG OFFICERS First Semester President . .... Catherine Pappas Vice President . Nancy Radanovich Secretary . . . Betty Tomich Treasurer . . Elaine Vincic Program Chairman .... Mary Berbel Social Chairman .... Pauline Montini Second Semester President . .... Mildred Briney Vice President .... Shirley Sussman Secretary . Rebina Mcllvain Treasurer . . I oyce Peters The main objective of the club is to help students and teachers in finding books and reference informa- tion. This year, to celebrate the annual Book Week, the junior librarians had a tea for the teachers, Several socials were held to help raise money to donate sub- scriptions of popular magazines to our library. INDUSTRIAL CLUB SPONSORS MRS. FLEMING, MR. LADISH, MR. GLASS, MB. NELSON- The boys on the hill got together to acquaint them- President . Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer . Sergeant-at-Arms Historian . President . Vice President Secretary . Treasurer . Sergeant-at-Arms Historian . OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester Mario Petronio Byron Giovier Pete Shahen Francis La Sala . Lou lannini Bill Powell Mario Petronio Bobert Casoli Pete Shahen Francis La Sala Lou lannini Bill Powell selves with the trades ot the others and formed. the Industrial Club. Along with their special events of visiting the Westinghouse Electric Company, a swim- ming party, several socials, they also send the Ouip Script regularly to all the industrial boys in the ser- vice. Every month they send out a list of military addresses to all the industrial HG. l.'s." INDUSTRIAL CLUB First Bow-F, Palombo, D. Glovier, N. Palombo, B. G-lovier, P. Shahen, Demich, Marrich, De Luca, La Gatta, Wieqle. Second RoWfCasoli, lacobucci, I. Shahen, lapic, Santolla, I. Boss, La Sala, Turkovich, Oros, Rogan. Third Row--Batchelor, Valiga, Kazas, A. Boss, Metropoulas, Kantoush, Iackman, Mazocca, Costanza. Fourth Row-Powell, Evanko, Hurni, A. Di Gio- vine, Gornik, Midcck, Mangiarelli, Petronio. Fifth Bow-Mr. Ladish, Mr, Glass, Kostantinos, Montini, Yager, Ianinni, D. Di Giovine, Ka- micker, Mrs. Fleming, Mr. Nelson. Student Organize tions V. C. A. C. First Row-D. Glovier, Ciccone, Serecin, La Sala, B. Glovier, N. Palombo, Chilli, Beck. Second Row-T. Polombo, Di Giovine, Cancelli, Gornik, Kazas, lapic, Sudak, Mr. Brobeck. Third Row-Metropoulas, Yager, Hurni. V. C. A. C. SPONSOR . -MR. BROBECK President Ed Yagar The V. C. A. C. is a worthy service club of the vocational boys. The object ot the club is to raise money to help any vocational boy who goes to col- lege. The means by which the money is raised is by selling pins, candy, and other refreshments at the hcme basketball games. ARTOMIC CLUB First Br.. sinkc, Ternh, Brewn, Carngrliell S" rin . -lgaels, Mascian. Seccnd R32-J-Bruce, De Vere, Sandy, H. Tapcl sxi, Carl, Tapelzki, McGarvey. Third -Drcsiis, Terrier, Vtfalker, Mr. Davis. ARTOMIC CLU SPONSOR MB. DAVIS The rnernbers OFFICERS year they President . Helen Tepelski make the Vice President Ramona Sandy enhanced Secretary-Treasurer . Marian Carl Artemic Club is ccmp sed et int rested trern Mr. Davis 'rt classes Threuqheut the have been called teen very t equently te celertul posters and pr qrarns that have th v rieus S heel activities presented Q UIPPIAN STAFF Gust Athanassian, Pheteqraphyp Ann Cestanza, Assistant Dukevich, COpY: Gertrude Faber, Girls' Sports: Ramona Leeper Lucas, Boys' Spertsg Felix Manqiarelli, Arty Mary Grace Munn ness Manager: Nancy Radanevich, Classesg Mary Stepanevich aqery Zenith Tarquinie, Featuresg Elvira Tarquinie, EditcrfinfChi Editor Barb ra Clubs Charles Assistant Busi Business M n et. If 1 if X Allqulppa Hrgh School makes a COHSCIOUS ef Q' l fort towards tl'e betterment of 1ts puprl s health In keepmg w1th th1s pohcy the students are actlve rt1c1pants 1n all sports hrghly advocated by the fQ tructors Boys and grrls are urged to enter 1nto mpet1t1ve games where they not only IGCGIVG the much needed exerctse necessary for growmg youth but learn good sportsmansh1p as well In the requued gym classes they are taught the fundamentals of d1fferent games tl'-en rf they are 1n terested they can 1o1n teams whmclr meet and prac t1ce after school untll they are ready to make thexr appearance 1n 1I'1lGISCl'1OldSl1C games before the publlc Our school teams have rece1ved much recog n1t1on 1n the Valley and the 1nstructors are proud to have turned out champmons 1n every fleld of sports You W1ll read accounts of the preceedmg sea son s games m the followmg sect1ons S f .Q 4 I gf, -335 - .ft- sp tt off, l vu Qi' O "A 1,111 lt -- - 7 Y.,- IANNINI CARRIES BALL FOR GAIN AGAINST SCHENLEY Athletics kgs ASCHMANI FOOTBALL Dubols Central Cathohc Butler Schenley Rochester Ambndge Ellwood Clty Beaver Falls New Castle 18 Hubbard The Stddlum on the h1ll saw no defeats th1s past season Al1qu1ppa wcn f1VS and t1ed one at the local arena In the away games the QU1pS had a 500 aver age w1nn11'1g two and lcsmg two Th1s was an excel lent record Coach As hrnan molded a husthng team Wlfh a staff of backf1eld st rs such as lann1n1 Dercole xi URAM WEBB BLA NEY BROBECK Cable Halhsey Thornton Lovra and Brown On the l1ne were Kunzman Skonch Costanza Fontana Klo The Qmps started off the season Wlfh a vlctory over Dubo1s 26 0 Ex vet Halhsey led the team to v1c tory w1th two touchdowns Dercole ran Wlfd aga1nst Central Cathohc and scored three touchdowns as the QUIDS won 21 0 Butler was another vlctory for the Qmps lann1n1 Dercole and Halhsey all scored for the local gr1dders 1n the 21 6 w1n Schenley was the last warm up game and A11QU1pp1S fourth W1n 1ann1n1 smashed tlae Schenley l1ne 1nto subm1ss1on scormg three touchdowns rrght through center The f1na1 score 330 Rochester handed the Quxps thelr f1rst defeat 21 7 Kosanov1ch scored the QUIDS lone tallv by stealmg the ball Ambudge handed the QUIDS the1r second defeat 1n the year s annual down pour Cerelh and Iann1n1 scored two safet1es by get t1ng Bezuk 1n back of the goal l1ne The flnal score was 18 4 Dercole raced 76 yards for the fmal touch ,x ' 1 - at , ' A ' 1 C 1' 1 4 7 1 - dnb Q ' at 9 .fi 1 1 . . 1 Alicl'-1iPP3 OPPOHSNS povich, Cerelli, and Ptocquidio. 26 ' ,....... 6 . 4 21 I ' U ' ' ' 21 A t,..,,.l. 6 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 33 .,.... 0 ' I ' I Q 7 ..... 21 I , ' 4 ' .,,4. 18 A . '. .1 ' - . 13 ' 7 ' 1 - I - f - - ' 12 , . . 6 ' ' ' " ' U 7 .1 . 7 - ' ' 1 1 ' ' ' ' V , . .... 6 I ' ' FOOTBALL SENIORS Dercole Kunzman Cable Hallisey Skorich lannini Cerelli Kosanovxch Ferezan Fontana Babiak Thornton Piocquidio Palombini Costanza Barr SHO W GRIDIR ON MIGHT! down against Ellwood City in the 13-7 victory for the Quips. Cable to Dercole scored the first touchdown against the Tigers from Beaver Falls in the 12-6 win for Aliquippa. The score between the Quips and New Castle was tied, 7-7. Cerelli and Gribble scored touch- downs in the only tie game of the season for the Quips. This ended the league play for the Quips. ELWOOD CITY-Iannini off tackle. SCHENLEY-Iannini through center of line. The Hubbard team was the Quips' final game and the victory was an excellent way to finish the season. The game ended 18-6. The final statistics showed that the Quips scored 162 points to 71 for the opponents. lannini and Der- cole were the Quips' high scorers with 60 and 54 points, respectively. AMBRIDGE-Bombiani around end. ELWOOD CITY-Thornton carries ball. Nick Karas "Clown" Neish Ioe Ceravolo Rudy Kosanovich "Sti1ts" Cable I O O Aliquippa Opponenis 14 Leetsdale , 11 Arnbridqe , 4 3 Beaver 4 . . 4 Midland . . . 12 Monaca . . . 4 Rochester . , 24 Arnbridqe .. 5 Beaver .,,. BASEBALL ACTION "It'l a hh!" . . . Coravolo qeu another bale hit. Monaca . . . Rochester . , . Midland ,r,.,.......,.,.. Championship Playoffs Ellwocd City ,........... Tarenturn A . . Mt. Lebanon ,.... Charleroi fFina1l . . , "Dark" lcon: aqai mt Charloroi. Mike Simko 1 2 3 5 0 8 2 Lou Ianmm Whxtey MIBZQOWIZ Yako Zuqay Steve Cehch Derk Dercole Lou Vrlla Coach L1ppe brlnqs home another W P I A L baseball champ1:nnsh1p The team went undefeated for hfteen stra1qht games The tlrst strmq 1I'1119ld pos1t1ons Went to D rcole of th1rd Ne1sh at se ond Ceravolo at shortstop and I nn1n1 at hrst The outtrelders cons1sted of Karas Cable Zuqay and V11la Zuqay also starred on the p1t her s mound w1th Kosanomch Cable and Stamos Mrazq W1CZ and Cel1ch started behmd the plate w1th Ianmm cominq in from first to catch also Ceravolo scores next against Charleroi. Kosanov1ch won the frrst game aqamst Leetsdale 14 1 and next Ambndqe was treated to an ll 1 de feat K ras Kosanovlch and Ianmm slammed out a home run ap1ece Beaver furmshed the Red and Black 1lS f1rst tough oppos1t1on but the QUIDS chalked up a 3 2 V1ClOI'Y M1dland was no pushover The Qutps had to Work hard for the1r 4 3 w1n Monaca Went down eas1ly under the bats of the QUIDS 121 The hrst shutout went to Kosanovlch 1n the vlctory over Ro chester, 4-0. The second half of the league race start- Zuqay scores in W. P I A L Final BASEBALL SQUAD F1rstRow Mtazgowlcz Kosanowch Dercole lanmm Cable Nexsh Ceravolo Zugay Karas Second Row Coach Lxppe Palombo Maly Slmko Evanko Stamos Celtch Vxlla La Gatta Wallace Th1rd Row Mgrs Morrxs Sudar McConnell Rabb1t ed wrth the QUIDS defeatmg Ambrldge 24 4 Cable Won over Beaver 5 2 and then came a close dec1s1on over Monaca 2 l Lombardo gave up flfteen runs to the QUIDS the game ended 1n a 152 v1ctory over Rochester Dercole slammed out a home run 1n the ll 3 vlctory over Mldland Thls clmched the sectlon champlonshlp and made Al1qu1ppa ellglble for the W P I A L playoffs The f1rst playoff game was the seventh mntng 6 5 Zugay was accred1ted w1th the Wm Tarentum was next to fall under the heel of the Qulps 3 0 The th1rd playoff v1ctory was over the Blue Devlls of Mt Lebanon lt was tough to w1n but the QUIQS came out on top 9 8 Charlero1 was the t fmal playoff game and the 4 2 vlctory gave Alxqutppa the champ1onsh1p Ftnal statlstlcs show that Zugay Won seven out of the flfteen games to turn ln the b st average of the pxtchers Dercole and Netsh lead the te m sluggers wlth twenty h1ts ap1ece and Cable was next W1th e1ghteen hllq Ameucan Leglon went to the State Fmals where they lost to Coplay They had a very successful year Wm mng the western t1tle Ioe Zugay won the honor of bemg named on the AllUn1ted States School Boy Team , l l l with Ellwood City. Aliquippa won it with two runs in During the summer this same team, under the I C- All ftfh luutl -- 1 ftfy W' i X 'M Y .vi V BASKETBALL Mr Llppe s buslceteers had a very successful sea son thrs last year They won twenty one and lost only four game two of thern to Sharon one to the Alumnr and last to Duquesne rn the W P l A L olay off Ioe Ceravolo and Lloyd Strlts Cable were co captarns and therr exoellent offense and defense work brought many laurels to the Qulps Supported by the stellar guards Zugay and Dobo and the able Iohn Sudar at center the team went to town ak mg Sectron Ill and Beaver County champ1onsh1ps BASKETBALL SQUAD F1rstFtow Zugay Cabe Cerwolo Dolo econd Bow Woods Zermth Tomeo Kfndrruc Fusco Thlrd Bow Mgrs Babbn Sull1van Mr xlsbn Mr Crawford Coach Lrppe Srmko Head Man aoer Horns Manager Fourth Row Mgrs McConnell Moskola CO ACH LIPPE Ahquxppa Opponents i Pre Season Games Alumnr Mrdland Monaca New Brrghton Washmgton Duquesne Donora Sechon III Le Beaver Falls New Castle Sharon Farrell Ellwood Clty Ambrldge Beaver Falls Mldland New Castle Sharon Farrell Ellwood Ctty Amortdoe n league aque Games W P I A L Playoffs S r n Arnold Ford C1 y Duquesne 36 ' ..,, ,... , 51 ' . .. .. .. 44 .. 44 ' , .,.. .. ' - , l, C , 7. 71 ' A' I- -I' ' lv". J' ' ' I ' V ' A 49 Freedom - I I I 57 ,..., ........ . ,. 49 .. 39 ,.., . 39 . ,. . 48 ,,.. 59 ' ,. 36 ' .. 67 ,56 . 50 ' 38 . . .. 37 . ,. E3 ' 66 .' ' J ,. iNo- ' 29 Eiao 53 33 1 4 34 SECTICDN THREE AND BASKETBALL THRILLS Ceravolo scores against Arnold. Ford City boy fouls Cable. All eyes on the ball . . . Fusco gets free toss. Dobo nets one against the "Dukes" Zernich is fouled in mid-air by New Castle. Zugay makes it 28-19 against the "Tigers" of B. F. H. S. Chow time after a victory. Everyone's happy. The team successfully downed seven straight high schools in preseason exhibition games. Includ- ed was the winner of the W. P. I. A. L., Duquesne, which fell by a score of 51-30. The first league game was a tough contest with Beaver Falls. Cable was high scorer with fifteen points and the Quips won, 49-46. Overcoming a 16-16 deadlock at the half, Aliquippa defeated New Castle, 39-21, with Ceravolo scoring seventeen points. Dobo sank 14 points in the first game against Sharon, but that was not sufficient for the victory. The "Bengals" won, 44-39, placing the Quips in second place. The Quips had no trouble with Farrell. Ceravolo racked up sixteen points and the Quips won another, 48-21. Ellwood City was defeated 59-37. Scoring honors went to Sudar and Cable with five baskets each. Ali- guippi 36, Ambridge 3, that's it. The Quips downed their rivals, and center Iohn Sudar hit the hoops for 15 markers. The Quips opened the second half with an easy 67-37 victory over the "Tigers." Cable was on, and he scored 20 points. Midland was a breather between league games--the Quips walked away with a 56-31 victory. Ceravolo took the honors of the evening with twenty points. New Castle got off to a fast start to take the lead in the first quarter, but the Quips came back to win, 50-40. Sharon lost to Ambridge and Beaver Falls, and the Quips moved into first place. Sharon was not to be held down as they bounced back and defeated the Quips by the short margin of 40-38. The CCDUNTY CHAMPICNS QUIPS tcolc an easy one from Ellwood C1ty 53 31 The last home game was wxth Ambrldge The gym was packed thousands watched mtently as Ambrldge bowed to the Qulps 66 33 Ceravolo and Cable played thexr last league game scorxng twenty and nmeteen po1nts respectlvely In the hlgh score stand 1ngs of SGCIIOH III Ioe Ceravolo placed flrst Wlth 144 pcmts and Cable second Wllh 143 po1nts In the play offs the QUIDS downed Sharon eas11y 39 32 Thus the QUIDS were quallfled to enter the quarter fmals In the frrst play off game they defeated Arnold 53 32 w1th Ceravolo scorlng twenty IIVS po1nts for 1nd1v1dual honors In the semlfmals the Qups met the tall team from Ford C1ty Sophomore Zerm h saved the QUIDS hrde wxth a fmal b sket wx h f1ve seconds to play to glve the Qu1ps a 39 37 vrctory A f1ne Duquesne team was too much for the QUIDS as they were downed 4134 Thls ended a very successful season for the QUIDS Frnal SIBIISIICS showed Ceravolo as the Qu1ps h1gh scorer wrth 334 po1nts and Cable second wlth 300 po1nts BASKETBALL LETTERMEN Fnrst Row Zuqay Cable Ceravolo Zemlch Second Row Dobo Fusco Sudar Woods Tomeo N Y Cf, A 'S .az Q57 , y , - . . - , . . , . 1 ' 1 - . . . - . . . . . , . . . . , ' . . . . .R- . 1 . - . 3 , V .4 . . . . ., . . . , . ' L. . . . . . , . I - I . . - - . . . 1 . - ' 1 n . u . - . . . 1 1 I 1 -' 1 . 4 , . Aliquippa Opponent 19 Ambridge ...,. . 36 15 Penn of Verona .. . 40 17 Kittanning ..... , 38 15 Brentwood . . . . 40 15 Connellsville .,..,.,., , 40 15 Central Catholic ....,,... . 40 16 University of Pittsburgh .... . 39 33 Mt. Lebanon .,...,..,,. . 22 15 Langley .... . . . 40 Won 8-Lost 1. CHAMPIONSHIP RACES Race Aliquippa's Position Score W. P. 1. A. L.. .....,.... Znd .... 47 P.I.A.A... ,,,, ,, ,,.,,... lst.. 33 Sr. A. M. A. of A. A. U. ........ lst .... 37 '!'hey're oft! . . . STATE caoss Mentor Roger Iones' seasoned veterans of two and three years set out for a perfect season of wins. Working with hold-overs from the "45" squad such as Barnes, Nelson, Meade, Dally, Davies, Sargeson and Iohn Henry, Mr. lones developed a State Cham- pionship Team. Aliquippa's list of dual meets was the largest and the most difficult in the W. P. I. A. L. Captain Barnes led the Quip harriers to a long line of victories. The first team to suffer defeat on home grounds was Am- bridge. Bytel led the "Bridgers" and he was sur- passed only by Barnes. The final score, 19-36. Ali- quippa chalked up their first perfect score over Penn. Kittanning went down under the speed of the Quips, 17-38. The dark horse of the W. P. 1. A. L., Brent- wood, was supposed to give the Quips their first hard race. The team put a damper on this rumor by defeating them, 15-40. Connellsville and Central Catholic both lost to Aliguippa by a perfect score on the Schenley Park Course. The University of Pitts- burgh suffered its first defeat by a high school when they lost to Aliquippa, 16-39. Always in a good sea- son you have to run up against a so-called better team. Mt. Lebanon was that team. They defeated the Quips by a score of 22-33 in their first meeting. The following week Don Nelson led the team to a perfect score victory over Langley to complete the dual meet season. Barnes leads at halt-way mark: Sullivan. second. CHAMPS CGUNTRY In ,,.v.,..... . ... . .. . ..,,....,.,.. , X X . Massa-issue, ...M-...W 4'--"WM li I - -as-.0 CROSS-COUNTRY SQUAD First Row-Sarge-son, Vignovich, Nelson, Dally, Henry, Meade. Second Row-Sallie, Barnes, Davies, Sullivan. Third Row-Mgr. Lucas, Coach lones, Mgr. Ginand. The championship races started With the W. P. l. A. L. on the Schenley Park Course. Sullivan was nosed out by Plummer as Mt. Lebanon took the race by a score of 34-47. Since Aliguippa took second, they qualified for the State Championship Race at Penn State College. lt was here that the team showed its true form. Barnes took an early lead and kept it till the end. Sullivan followed him and took a close second. This was enough to defeat the "Blue Devils" of Mt. Lebanon by a close score of 33-34. With the consent of the boys, Coach Iones entered the five- mile Senior Allegheny Mountain Association of American Athletic Union on the Flagstaff Hill Course. Entered also were the University of Pittsburgh, Car- negie Tech, Geneva College, Central Catholic, and the Ieannette Harriers. Aliquippa proved again that a high school could turn out a good cross-country team by winning the meet with a good score of 37. Pitt was second with a score of 4l. Aliquippa wins State Championship, with Barnes breaking tape. Nelson rounds off scoring team in victory. , 'YQ .... i , 4, 1 3 A J W iv . i 5'1" 12 . A V W if-1 R , 1 TRACK First Row-Sargeson, Sallie, Brown, Vignovich, Head Manager Lucas, Tipper, Barone, Meade, Barnes, Simmons. Second Row-Canning, Eicher, Porter, Athae nasion, Gennaro, Meeks, Manager Ginand, Carnes, Yarosh, Legge, D'Antonio. Third Row-Tselpis, Vula, McBride, Pitts. Akins, Powell, Meeks, Zivkovich, Wool- away, Suzich. Fourth Row-Rodich, Waryck, Lang, Kirk- wood, Metropoulas, Macrouglou, Tucker, Yarosh, Walker, Marcocci. Fifth Row-Manager Sandy, Karas, Murphy, Coach lones, Mihalcin, Cox, Reback, lones, Scabavea, Winowich. RESERVE BASKETBALL First Row-Danovich, Klopovich, Walker, Mudry, Frank. Second Row-Montini, Cable, Bright, Legge, Richards. Third Row-Mgrs. Rabbit, McConnell, Coach Lippe, Head Manager Sirnko, Manager Sullivan. IUNIOB HIGH BASKETBALL First Row-Greco, Laughlin, Rorno, Ball, Tip- per. Second Row-Manager Murphy, Barnes, Carnes, Moore, Cox, Suzich, Sargeson. Third Row-Manager Ginand, Manager Kirk Marmaduke, Barna, Sambol, Manager Pas- seri, Coach Jones. IUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL Mgrs.-Ross, Sandy, Matavich, Pratchenko. First Row-Vincich, Boro, Laughlin, Robison, Simoni, Powell, Temple. Second Row-Vladovich, Carnes, Palombo, Cindrich, Simmons, Greco, Mihalcin, Ball, Mahon, Zimmer. Third Row-Assistant Coach Blaney, Legge, Barrone, Maravich, Romo, Smith, Shaw, Walker, Shannon, Maravich, Tipper, Iohn Sudar, Head Mgr., Coach Webb. TBA CK After six weeks of intensive training, Coach Roger Iones track team of l946 competed in its first meet the Tn State Coaches Race at Trees Gym on the cam pus of the Universr y of Pittsburgh lt was here that the Distance Medley Team consisting of Barnes Daily Nelson and Vignovich took third in a tough race with Mt Lebanon and Connellsville ln the fifty yard dasla Lamar Cummings star dashman dis played excellent form in his tie for first place with Kountz of Mt Lebanon The W P l A L Relay was held in W'ash1ngton Pennsylvania lt was here that the M1le Team com posed of Barnes Dally Vignovich and McEvoy took second for the Red and Black of Altquippa High School The rest of the year pass d slowly for the wing footed Quips They lost a close decision to Ambridge by four points They took fifth in the Tri County Race This orew the curtain on Track until the 47 season rolls around BESEB VL' BASKETBALL Coach Vvebb s reserves our future varsity team oncluded a well played schedule with a record of first g me to Sharon by one point and the second game by nine points to that same Sharon team JUNIOR HIGH lunior High basketball coached by Mr Roger Iones is another link in the complete system now in effe t in Aliquropa which aims to provide an oppor tunity for basketb ll competition from the elementary schools up through the high school The Iunior High squ d practices daily throughout the regular basket JUNIOR HIGH The future varstty teams are developed in the grade school and Junior high The high school has its own farm teams in this respect Former Naval Of ficer Kenneth Webb was in charge of developmg the l1ISl Junior hrgn football team since the b grnnrng of Mudry w s the reserves high s orer during the sea son The competitton among the res rve teams of the were well played We hope to see a great varsity next year BASKETBALL ball season with frequent scrimmage sessions with the other squads at the high s hool Although they participate in a rather short series of inters holastic games the experience they gain in these games and in their practice sessions brings them on for reserve and varsity duty in later years FOOTBALL the war The team played three games and won two of the three They defeated Burgettstown twice 21 O and l4 O The Ambrrdge lunior grldders handed them their one defeat 70 Shaw a star fullback led the scormg for the Iunior Quips with 20 points I ' I - T ' I T I I I I I I , ., , . . . H I r 1 I ' I . f f I' - f i . A , , F . - f 1 L- v c i ' . ' ' e eight wins and two defeats. lt was hard to lose the valley was strong, and all the preliminary games I ' l l I K' C I A 'A I I I - l I l I I Ci ' A . . - . . . . , ' I l l I 1 ' - 1 i . . . . 1 . Q . . . . . . . GIRLS' ATHLETIC The girls' physical education program started last April with dancing and ended this April with tum- bling. All girls looked forward to going to the gym because the class work was varied enough so that every girl enjoyed it. To add to the entertainment of May Day, each class put on a gay folk dance. About forty seniors! girls-donned their loveliest evening gowns of pastel shades and waltzed gaily around the May poles. The iunior girls, barefooted and adorned in flowing white gowns, did a very graceful Grecian daisy-chain dance. Decked in colorful native costumes, the sopho- mcres danced spritely to a Czecho-Slovakian tune. Leaders' Club Swimming Party. Last, but by no means least, were the freshmen. Ap- proximately forty scarecrows ran onto the field and started their dance. They really played the part of scarecrows very well. The dances were a big success and enjoyed by all. During the summer months when some girls take a vacation from school, there were nine mushball teams hard at work. lt took quite a bit of energy to get out in the hot sun and play ball, but the league was extremely successful. First place was taken by the Quips, who were followed by the Slick Chicks. When the weather changed from the warm fall days to the cold, damp wintry days, the gym classes Girls' basketball game. Girls' gym class ASSOCIA TIGN stopped going outdoors and started trying to make the ball go through the hcop. After much practice fifteen teams enrolled for intramurals. Again the Quips "took home the bacon" by winning first place. They nosed out the C. D.'s by one point. The game was a close, hot one in which both teams were evenly matched. As the book goes to press, the girls are starting to tumble. lt has been two years since Aliquippa High girls have done any tumbling. Many are suffering from sore muscles. lt is nothing to hear "I'm so happy. I learned to stand on my head today." These sore muscles are building a foundation for some type of exhibition next year. Freshmen irolic as scarecrows. Sophomores dance to a Czecho-Slovakian folk tune rf? ff xf' XX 'WWW' if i M83 Iwvviili' O f Seniors waltz around the Maypole. Juniors present Grecian Daisy Chain. El 'f- x g if! 86" i lg .ll IN THE' gf' lt' A 11. "Abe Linfcln in Illinois"--The most serious nicrnent in the Bc-liind tim sur,-riws Lil "Our Townm: Cutie out from behind the play-5 ioufhiriq scene in wliirh liarry Gold is at his isosi. With gsiint, kidsp ww l-Qiirnn' you anyway. him are Dean Rislicr and ,lack DQVOIQ. Hold cn xc your 1uLas-it's ilzff l.i-gli sviiocvl Land and the 0 twirlors flying liizii in tlioir 6-xcnllniit airplane fcrrnaticri. Mare sngcgmg nn the "Ou: Tc'.'.'n" 'fisivtlic las! minute scrarnkple Lefcze :urfaiin time. xii liirxli swg g ing nifxjornl-Tins E','X1:"llflI1'5 rzric Oi ilif,-ii' difficult 'mitineis iii an niif :min football ,gfiriic-. Farr tiller the light sfrikc.-?J PUBLIC EYE' The hard workers who made the brilliari' gircdurfien, 'flari- anriew pessxbie. Front Row-Mr. Yahres, Mr. Spomey. Bark Rex-J-Mr, Swarfs, Mrs. f.f:'.'fiiiiems Hrs, Carver, Miss N. e:,er. Get down rrff those ladders-dzdiit you ever hour ct safety first? Thats ri svene from "Our Towrif' Wblflflft Viil4-"- ffzr yi: uriforturiefe SfLi'jff1'1fS who dOl'llI :rider- siazifi Frf-rt'r1 TE1aif's Cs: 'fe'.w'n." See . . . they "middle aiSfe" it tus' hkf' iri your town. Quiet, everybody. Remember the forum for quiet hails? Our eids cur Je:ti5ns'retirig the orderly procedure that we should use iri walking through the halls. Time oxgt-- Gcshi its hot under these hats!" tBy the editor- 's your muszz f K ..T.S,-- 'X 'Au X S l U 4 me i FX :QS J ings. , 1 J:-, wj! X X ff hy. 7 nh 4.1- if 'L S x 1 -1 . af, x Q KY ii! "9m'iI3w- , af- .. X N W 5, ,-4 3 .. .. . Q W X ,T-KW, , -V A' as WAFER 3 A . ELS -ffsgkfii f f Y 4' Q: 1 vkaylrrk Q-'E TY .- 'ff 1-rw' -16 7 . ls! 8 YY GLASS OF WHAT? TRY OUR SPECIALTY DRINK A GLASS OF SOC'S ROOT BEER ON DRAFT ALSO CANDIES AND CONFECTIONS I3O FRANKLIN AVE, PHONE 9427 EQUIPMENT FOR EVERY SPORT AUTO ACCESSORIES RADIOS TOYS SOL'S STORE HARRIS FURNITURE COMPANY 345-347 FRANKLIN AVENUE ALIQUIPPA, PA, BETTER FURNITURE FOR BETTER HOMES The 'Y' Shoe Shine Parlor CIGARS-TOBACCO-CANDY SHOE SHINES OUR SPECIALTY HATS CLEANED AND BLOCKED 135 FRANKLIN AVENUE THEO J. TSELEPIS, Prop. WOODLAWN WATER CO - - '1 1 I , . ' L ' ! ff - JI' 4 'T . ' , g 1 - W- . .,-- W j - - . . 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PHONE 1988 164 FRANKLIN AVENUE SUTHERLAND DAIRY PLODINEC FURNITURE COMPANY 362 FRANKLIN AVENUE PHONE 48OJ FURNITURE TO BE PROUD OF --TQ FINE FURNITURE IN AMERICA'S HOMES FOR OVER 31 YEARS 0:0 0:0 DAVIDSON S AMBRIDGE Smort Thnngs to Weor For Men Women ond Children Catering to the Hlgh School Crowd Checkf Baron sf First BARON HARDWARE COMPANY 356 FRANKLIN AVE ALIQUIPPA PA HARDWARE TOOLS PLUMBING SUPPLIES HOUSE WARES C 6' L CASH MARKET THE COMPLETE FOOD STORE FREE DELIVERIES 18 FRANKLIY AX ENUIL PHONES 765 81 2480 9 I p o Complete Lines Of 3 A N I 'J 1 BEST WISH ES GPADLJATES And as you leave school to enter the larger experiences of life business lndustry or homemaknng our best washes accompany you May you put your best effort thought and character Into your every act In the future And nf you continue your educatlon further please return to our communrty and give us the b nefut of your speclallzed trannlng your broadened vnewpount and your expanded personallty Godspeed' W6 an LEADIIZISES JEWELAER BUILDERS suppucs P M LUMBER 'WLLWORK' READY MIXED coNcRETE ROOFWG-'NSU'-AT'0'X coAL AND coKE ALIQUIPPA PA HARDWQEESS PANTS PHONE l73 H2 STATION STREET l69 STATION STREET , X l I I ' I , I I e 1 , . . iF'i""'LlN vl Q . 5 I .T . . 1 , . YOU CAN CET IT AT MCWILLIAMS Music GAMES RECORDS SPORTS GOODS PERIODICALS STATIONERY SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS TOBACCO AND PIPES MCWILLIAMS NEWS STAND Vnsnt our Drapery Department for new Ideas In decorat Ing We ve a complete stock of curtains and fabrics and will be pleased to help you make plans for your home PITTSBURGH IVIERCANTI LE COMPANY ll - - fv- ll ' I A I, I ' I ' 1 - 1 . . ' 1 ' l X -bl , Z l. X Z , Q l X, K, X X. ,f 21 l ' X' f' . . x 2X f" FINE TGOL STEELS FOR EVERY PURPOSE Vulcan Crucible Steel Company THE SOCIAL RELATIONS OFFICE PERSONAL PROBLEMS APTITUDE TESTS MARSHALL GRECO M A PsYc:HoLoGlsT 315 FRANKLIN AVENUE ALIQUIPPA PA PHONE 2552 'ew i - ""+--.. OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 47 The L C7 M Danry Store of Allquuppa offers :ts best washes to the graduating class of I947 May your hopes and washes for the future come true L C7 IVI DAIRY CO 3II FRANKLIN AVENUE ALIQUIPPA PA I ' 'I I . I .MV , ,HMA ..,. - I t v . .f, fl 4 Maw h ia. A. I . I S .L ' ii - I , I , . SHIFLET PORTRAIT STUDIO COMPUMENTS OF 454 FRAN KLI N AVENUE DRINKMORE DAIRY PRODUCTS THE BEST PASTEURIZED MILK IN TOWN TRY OUR HOMOGENIZED VITAMIN D MILK 740 SHEFFIELD AVE ALIQUIPPA PHONE 462 Vx COMPLIMENTS OF UniI:ecI Steel Workers of America LOCAL UNION I2II s , I I QUIPPIAN PATRoNs Dr and Mrs. L. N. Golonna Mr 6'Mrs. JarnesA Darroch Dr and Mrs H S. Gilliland The Hub, Mens' Wear Store Dr and Mrs Everltt H Lalrd Rev and Mrs EdwardG Lunn Dr S H Mallnnger Pearce and Malden Funeral Home Mr. and Mrs. Malo G Prosser Ragona's Market Dr. and Mrs George B Rush Sloan s Hardware William B Srnltn Justice of the Peace Dr and Mrs H I Snyder Taschler Loan Company Villa s Inn CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Times Publishing Company PRINTING 81 PUBLISHING 384R FRANKLIN AVE ALIQUIPPA PA Uhr iinvnmg Zihmvz Mrnurr Hallrg Elrmw ALlQUgppA PA BEAVER PENNA ROCHESTER PENNA MONACA PENNA I . . , DrJohn L.MiIIer I I I I ' I 0 0 0 Pbllh -Of Qyhauyiauf X142 Wm MARKS CF QU?-XLITY ON THE CANT ENcsnAvlNGa E! ELECTROTYPE COMPANY oo o hird sf.,s. E .E cqnmn, Oh 0 I O O My Ef'Tj,5g Q if if W EQEYPPEE mu ' jf nm j. 5 .F ' 0 For Merltorlous Stott Work on the Qulpplon L1 'Qt ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Nl' uk' S NANCY RADANOVlCH who doubled on Clubs ofter tnnushnng her closses Section DOROTHY KOCHER who obly osslsted Noncy Rodonovlch wnth closses HELEN TOPOLSKI who mode the drowlngs for the Qunpplon PATRICIA HORNSTEIN who dad the Gnrls Athletncs wrute up ARLENE SPECHT KAY MEEHAN ond GLORIA RUSCITTI for mvoluoble ond ln typnng copy GUST ATHANASSION who did on excellent lob In photogrophy for thc Quupplon GEORGE SENCHAK for solncltlng potron nornes ELVIRA and ZENITH TARQUINIO the cousin teorn who worked tirelessly on the routlne jobs of picture posting copy hondllng oncl other teduous work For Volunteer Work by Lower Clossmen MARY ANN PETTY for her copoble ossnstonce on the business cornmlttee ROBERT WILSON for solncutnng ods ond potrons TO ALL WHO HELPED un ony copocuty we soy Thonk You Business Fnrms Cooperotnng an Publnshnng the Qulpplon PHOTOGRAPHY Shnflet Portront Studno Aluquuppo P ENGRAVING-Conton Engrovang ond Electrotype Co Conton O COVERS Mueller Art Cover 81 Bundang Co Clevelond Ohuo PRINTING AND BINDING-Tlmes Publlshung Co Alnquuppo Pc 3 I I ll-ll ll ZW' 'X ts 1 l l l ,A., O. s' g iiifll ' . f 4 '4 5 ll Q be , M ,vfm lf i - ll lf M AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS

Suggestions in the Aliquippa High School - Quippian Yearbook (Aliquippa, PA) collection:

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