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‘vh ncn 8%0-££fr7i(rr)-niioo mw lT° (?vurmty' fty onxrrrj }TTrt) W f VOU (p' TPT 5 7? jwv tj 7l,rron 1 vh- ro ;%l£ji OfP d (T Otin y rrn rrrp {yvjr rQj srrrr rff' ry f c m rrfYj-fa prrnm f ' i vprf ' sr¥(yrtf J-yuAj Qrt yytffl jx r pr m (} " C y rrvp Frrrp (T?jnT jvry r rrsp fvrrm yrptf n rpCn. 'er1 rams on ihe moveUTO (jUKjuul, cUSL. LjQUUL UJJJL OiU. n' u tUAJL ? jb2u Ol. kLujndU lU-dLL Jr guxoo J COTff ptandb pouyurg vJjO Oru- Ql J Kx. s UJ=bxt Qj| I u-A q OjiUjOum COumu:1 ujuui . vJ-puu - UJul J cxjlul biju cthiKjug'h Pto rrujucJ Cj=pjJuJJo 0OxL. tl rnxo $ JoodL, -bjmjio t J) uDt J ojaJL -J ox. CLOjr wcm jL aJJL (]) -VlnjL held- JdtnruLO K Jtcp J3u (JOCCL ijLrmju lrr CLuj prpu a ulx-o 4) hcte GUUuxm£ opening 1inside the opening......................1 the activities..................12 the achievers...................58 the organizations...............74 the athletes...................128 the leaders....................232 the people.....................280 the teachers...................314 the advertisers................324opening 3 winning, opening 56 openingthe ram pride shows through. the band keeps the beat for the rams. they were ram fans through thick and thin. two of the many disco rams. our faithful faculty. 10 dedicationwe held our spirit up through it all... with their help. they were tough but the rams loved them. the hoopsters — a bunch of rowdy rams. elsik participation has always been excel- lent. the excellence has not come from the majority of the school, but from the dedi- cated supporters of the rams, the true ram fans are outnumbered but they compensate for this by working twice as hard, yelling and cheering twice as loud and, smiling smiles that shine with elsik pride. it is all part of the rams dedication. dedication 11the 12 activitiesactivities activities 13anyihing goes for a good cause "don’t ask questions, just stick them together." — valerie summers shoes only a penny a pair, bluelight special attracts many. "this is almost anything goes, not a slumber party!" 14 almost anything goes demonstrating this obstacle course really excites valerie summers. "i learned how to do this in the second grade." — theresa swift"i don't know what the problem is, my trike at "if we’re lucky the cans will get crushed and we won't have to use them anymore." — home takes the curves just fine." — karen kane lora parker, d'lynne harwell, debra sherrod, and lynn adkins "come on red, you have to be the anchor on the tug of war team.” — gary gibbs and jeff phillips anything from your average clothes, changing relay to an under-the-blanket swim went this year at elsik’s second annual almost anything goes, all pro- cedes collected were donated to jerry's kids with muscular dystrophy, although the pep rally scheduled for the event was cancelled because of apathy, the partici- pation was high and the project was a big success, when asked how he felt about the project and the enthusiasm towards it, jimmy sumruld said, “everyone should give their support because if our money only buys one new wheel chair it will be worth all the effort." almos t anything goes 15juniors do fhe fwisf three hundred seventy-five dollars, you've got to be kid- ding! — samdoolittle i can't believe he cut in front of us! — cory andrews and parris watson i wonder what number i am? — kenneth franks and debby pierce you're supposed to turn my ring not my whole finger! — jervaise bauer 16 senior rings why did you put a picture of yourself on your ring asks phyllis watkins to todd kirkendall.pointing to where it's at, monica gildone and kelly northcutt show off their rings. juniors wait patiently in line. 1981 senior class rings. the twist turn tradition came to life again on december 10 as anxious juniors received their rings, along with the excitement of “showing off” their prized possession, the juniors felt one step closer to becoming seniors. oh, no! i forgot what number i was on says cathy me dowell. senior rings 17we are from elsik and proud of if! the theme from popeye is played by the band, as the team captain approaches the mic. — ram band e l s i k, the ram band spells it out in their own special way! "performance at its best." — varsity cheerleaders shouting their class yell, the sophomores go for the spirit stick. "if you got it, flaunt it!" — shawn smith, kevin brown, and gus aljure 18 pep rallies the crowd’s attention is drawn towards the var- sity cheerleaders as they stack up with spirit.shaking their groove thing — scon Schumacher, robert alvarez, curtis hall, denis gav- lik, and mark bias “i can't believe the battalion copied our routine.” — revies clapping to the beat, seniors show their super spirit. pep rallies 19as the result of much hard work, j.v. cheerleaders do a superior job. the "untouchables" leave the scene of the crime. — lisa ford, thyra bergenheim, and dorrie morris full figured guys find balancing a big challenge — junior powder puff cheerlead- ers. hang it up hastings — rocky ram (shelly zwick) fo’u c hdown, touchdown! — sherri suhrand laura wright "who spread it around that there was a pep rally this morning?" — freshmen "we just have to win the spirit stick this week." — faculty class members 20 pep rallies.. and a special thanks to my mom and dad who made it all possible.” — tim dark, junior the bandaged bear expresses the battalion’s feelings about the big game. the three musketeers — in concert, juniors bubba ray, tim mor- ris, and marc hayden. waiting patiently for the next cheer. — freshmen class the pride of alief makes a grand entrance. the pride and enthusiasm shared by everyone throughout the year made our pep rallies a big success, on the morning of a game, the gym would quickly fill with students and teachers, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the cheerleaders and the football team, with the start of the fight song the cheerleaders would run into the gym as a roar of chants soon filled the air. although the season was an endless struggle for the rams, the support and loyalty of their fans and friends never ceased. “we’re from elsik and proud of it!" — varsity football team pep rallies 21homecoming 1979-1980 homecoming queen — phyllis kiser 22 homecoming1979 senior nominee court — robin pavese, susan landry, phyllis kiser, robin bragg. underclassmen court — freshman, mindy Campbell; sophomore, karen kane; jun lor, tammy james. presenting crown to phyllis kiser is last year's queen debbie king. 1979-1980 band sweetheart — jeane rummel. date: november 2, 1979 place: a lief stadium time: 7:30 p.m. teams: elsik vs memorial score: 27-0 memorial court: phyllis kiser, mindy Campbell, karen kane, tammy james band sweetheart — jeane rummel homecoming 23dancing to the music at the homecoming dance is michele ste- elsik fans watch the homecoming half time events, vens and johnny cabera. tension is released as phyllis kiser is announced homecoming queen. r L 1 A 24 homecominglast year's band sweetheart. stacie laycock, presents roses to jeane rummel — band sweetheart. strutting their stuff at dance is larry aikins and kaihy brown. homecoming 25 awaiting the moment to crown the new queen is robert alvarez and debbie king.seniors buff the juniors half time boogie — blue bombers. line to line, both seniors and juniors are to play. watching their teammates with victory in the air — seniors. loss of yardage and a struggle to keep balance— sherri luehr. derrick dolls they are not — robert alvarez, cur- tis hall, scott schumacher and mark bias. 26 powder puff the super seniors.BURS name that tune? — ram band. showing off their figures and outlandish measurements the blue bombers pose for photo. the junior jockettes. showing grace, the junior cheerleaders stack up in stunt. on november 30 the third annual powder puff game took place, as the night grew dim and the locker rooms were filled with chants of "let's kill 'em” from both teams, the players came running out on to the field ready for action, during the first quarter, sherri luehr passed to dana mattox to put the seniors on the scoreboard, second quarter was scoreless and the teams went into their locker rooms with the score seniors 8 and juniors 0. the wacky band and the blue bombers pro- vided the half time entertainment, the teams came back on the field with one thing on their minds — it was time to score and win the game, as third quarter time ticked away, laura wright scored to put the juniors on the scoreboard, in the fourth quarter, the seniors felt the clinch that the lumors had once felt earlier in the game, with one minute left in the game, vicki kite broke through the junior defense and the seniors won the game with a score of 14-8. all in all the game was a lot of fun, even though it got a little rough. charging through the spirit poster, the junior team gets rowdy for the game. powder puff 27 nOME IMO1 1 GCWl 10 TIM r. .“,i i VISITOR. 024 03! aumt M “■«1-00 1 final score bclorc the half, sponsor ms. lowery and coach denms kuithe watch seniors move on down the field we're 1 — you know that's true — donna coston and cindy stokes. doing high kicks to keep warm? — powder puff cheerleaders. yelling at the top of their lungs for the juniors to score are linda price, sponsor ms. mcclure and jennifer defrance. watching the juniors as they start to run their offense — cheryl clep- per and leslie bowland. 28 powder puff poor marky haskett feels left out as dennis gavlik keeps treonne blair and jill wagner warm.look how can we get a first down with field position? — sherri luehr, frank teers, kerry dale and vicki kite. holding the ball tightly and surrounded by seniors, laura wright gains yardage. wacky band performs at half time. top speed and an open field is the key as vicki kite runs to score. prayers and promises made as second half soon begins — seniors. little legs but fast — zoryena cadungog. not too happy with the penalties called — robin trosclair and lori weaver. powder puff 2979-80 Christmas royalty sophomores: top (lr) brett kasuls, griff thomas. bottom (l r) sherri hankins, kath- juniors: top todd kirkendall, kelly bean, bottom (l r) d’lynne harwell, maureen molloy, lynn adkins. 30 Christmas dancesenior king and queen — frank leers and georgina peraza junior prince and princess — grant smith and maureen molloy sophomore duke and duchess — griff thomas and fill lassiter leen bowley, jill lassiter, Suzanne larson. seniors: top (l r) tom vossman, frank teers, george ortiz, robert neal bottom (l-r) vonn kessler georgina peraza, jill harrmgton, blair thomas. Christmas dance 31tonight yes tonight! listening intently to the discussion — twila weaver, leslie bowland, laura giese, susan landry, and kerry dale. "praise ye the lord" — denise cox, vicki rummell, todd kirkendall sing out loud. participating in the skit — frank teers and twila weaver as he sews a patch on her pocket. 32 young lifeleading the group in song — leader ron cadit, leslie bowland and laura giese. showing off at the skating party — tim gandy and john wagner. a pie in the face is worth a thousand words — jimmy sumeruld. relaxing after skating — jill lassiter and patty johnson. alief high school students are given the chance to meet new people, learn more about them- selves and Christianity, by partic- ipating in young life, in the words of leader ron cradit, ‘‘young life is a place where high school lives meet and share sin- cere, open, honest love." singing before they skate the young life group gathers for meeting. young life 33pocahontas piper pipes for her pals. — dana rodgers godspell, an ouisianding debui the drama club didn’t need any signs, they were heard loud and clear. 34 godspellwatch a pro do it the right way — tracy ray. superman takes a time out to help the little lady. — mark bias and lisa loomis this is as easy as a song and a dance says mark bias to sam doolittle. listen mark if you don't get your lines straight! — sam doolittle to mark bias i wonder what would happen if i turned on the blue light instead of the red one. — neil starks godspell, elsik’s first musical, was truly the drama depart- ment's "Christmas gift to alief.” combining the talents of the band, choir, and the art depart- ments the december 7 presenta- tion delighted the student body. the play, based on the gospel of matthew, was built by hours and hours of practices, the days and days of hard practices payed off as their stage calls turned into standing ovations, elsik’s first musical was no doubt a huge success. godspell 35twirp dance • twirp dance • t wirp dance • twirp dance • twirp dance • twirp dance • twirp dan tmas dance • Christmas dance • Christmas dance • Christmas dance • Christmas aouep seuiisuqo aqi Aolua siuapnis t|S|a Sdouep 9£ . aouepseunsuqo.aouepseunsuqo. aouep seunsuqo. aouepseunsuqo.aouep seunsuqo. aouepseunsuqo.aouepseunsuqo dance • ch ristmas dance • Christmas dance • Christmas dance • Christmas dance • Christmas dance • Christmas dance • Christmas dance uos|im aapaap pue uaAjeo qjeui j£joo|} aqt jjo ia6 ueaiu noA op leqM ce • twirp dance • twirp dance • twirp dance • twirp dance • twirp dance • tw djiMj. aouep dJiMj. aouep dj(Mj. aouep dj . aouep dj(Mi. aouep dj|Mi « s jaauj suqo pue aujoqso Ajsnj sauiqoeiu aouep o oming dance • homecoming dance • homec oq • aouep 6u(ujooaiuoq . aouep duiuiooaiuoq spuyiiejo saouep Christmas dance • Christmas dance • Christmas dance • Christmas dance • ch homecoming dance homecoming dance • homecoming dancehomecoming dance • homecoming dance • homecoming danc to p oujiuooaujog . aouep 6uiux odiuog. aouep 6uiiuooawoq . ao flirting with the photographer beatrice garcia ignores her date. homecoming dance • homecoming dance • homecoming dan 9- twirpdance«twirpdance twirp dance «twirp dance twirp mi . aouep djim) . aouep dj|Mi. aouep djjMi . aouep djjMi. aouea. handing out kisses carey faires asks who is next? ha ha ha i told you he liked me better — marky haskett and duane chick. during the year, elsik had many dances for the enter- tainment of the students, many alumni returned for the homecoming dance which was held after the memorial game on nov. 2. the next dance was the twirp dance where the girls paid for their dates, this annual event is a fund raiser for the junior class, last was the winter won- derland dance sponsored by the revelliers. the attire for the dances ranged from sweatshirts and jeans to semi- formal attire. showing off his date curtis hall thinks of getting in the dark room. dances 37fads and a three piece suit is everyday attire for gershon suan, senior. modeling her new spring dress, senior marisa gibson sets the style for many. 38 fads and fashions baggie jeans gained popularity fast. — sophomore robin wood and juniors joy degruy, jennifer de france, and Silvia hernandez versatile blazers proved to be a big favorite this year. — juniors debbie johnson and laura robertsonfashions designer jeans create a casual, but classy look. — juniors lori visser and dorrie morris no wardrobe is complete without a comfortable pair of over alls. — senior leslie bowland and junior robyn scott - d ■ ;■ slit and flair bottom skirts were a stylish favorite again this year. — sophomores kim theriot, cathy ramsey, shelly carr, leslie me afee, and jun- iors kelly me donald, shauna marquardt „ , ,, ... fads and fashions 39people's pick of the flicks 1. the jerk •j’M 2. muppet movie 3. electric horseman 4. kramer vs. kramer 5. going in style " %■ ; ’ 6. " 0" 7. monty python and the holy grail 8. life of brian 9. rocky two 10. the american gigolo w long plays 1. long run — eagles 2. the wall — pink floyd 3. cornerstone — styx 4. the gambler — kenny rogers 5. off the wall — micheal jackson 6. the best — barbara mandrell 7. on the radio — donna summer 8. double livegonzo — ted nugent choice ....... “■ T.T = "" — on the radio . styx 2. bee gees 3. led zeppelin 4. pink floyd 5. commodores 6. earth. wind, and fire 7. heart 8. supertramp 9. little river band 7 0. charlie daniels band grabbin a bite 1. sonic 2. mcdonald's 3. mrgattis pizza 4. del taco 5. pizza hut 6. jack in the box 7. taco bell sex symbols 7. dint eastwood 2. bo derek 3. burt reynolds 4. cheryl ladd 5. robert red ford 6. suzanne somers 7. nick nolte 8. jane fonda 9. john belushi 10. gilda radner on the tube 1. white shadow 2. m.a.s.h. 3. mork and mindy 4. love boat 5. ten speed and brown shoe 6. Saturday nite live 7. monty python's flying circus 8. the bennie hill show 9. soap 10. real people people's choice 4 i'm sorry this is k-mart not crisis hotline, paul kelly — k-mart 42 no we don’t serve sharks here, sue yi — long john silvers jobs key chains, casual corner, or me says diana cernosek — starship want a cash refund for all this laughs Kim head — susie’s i got click click spsss steam heat! says mark stewart — stelzigs casuals no i'm sorry but we don't sell army boots here says joy degruy — j. harris our special says limit 1 not 10 says lisa shumate jobs 43i don't know where tinkerbell is right now. john dufour — long john silvers they are behind the counter, just ask the pharmacist. — teresa loftin — trademark pharmacy i wonder if he is a big tipper says donald taylor — minimax 44 jobs milton bradley's in this box says neil starks — circus worldsome elsik students use their spare time by working part-time jobs, the places where most students work are westwood mall, grocery stores, drug stores, and k- mart. most students like their jobs and love making the money, with the high prices of gas and clothes, students really feel like they’re helping out their families. lobs 45hobbies practicing the guitar takes up much of tommy beat’s spare time. body surfing is a favorite pastime for mike nadolski and george ortiz illRVER i ft MBiB mbhbi talented senior, gib gibson, plays and sings for a small crowd. 46 hobbiessmiling proudly, kassie calgrove poses with her prize-winning horse. visiting the stable, Christine corn shows cindy kelly her horse, blue. hobbies 47 Odifferenf sfrokes for differenf folks 48 hobbies va roomm grant smith flies through the air."you mean to tell me that zz topp started this way?” — larry harvey, billy lowery, and iohnny swift displaying his drawing of mrs. chapman, luong tuan minh shows his artistic ability. many students who attend school devote much of their spare time developing talents and pursuing interests, this year the staff felt that a special sec- tion should be used to recognize some of these people for their achievements, although every- one could not be featured, a col- lection of students’ various pas- times are shown. hobbies 49underclass auciion "if i eat slow enough, i won't have to do anything stu- pid.” — tony mathiason "okay, who's the wise guy that keeps grabbing my pad?" — julie manfre 50 slave sale "you want us to what!?" — kippy swan and missy terry consuming mass quantities of cookies is terry’s secret to having a healthy cone. — terry johnson and star sauersmile, you look ridiculous! — mike johnson being an elsik cheerleader has always been their dream. — mark schiendler and bobby givens these freshmen seem to be enjoying themselves. — jimmy sumeruld, derek dunaway, nick dela penna, and twila weaver elsik's very own punk rock star. — ed lofton this group may be good enough for the gong show. — nina sinha, terri brockman, and kirn harper stove sale 51"they want us to do another number." — jackie snow and shonda obrien "with a quack-quack here and a quack there...” — jose mata and bobby wilhite "okay sweetheart, give me your sexy smile." — fred petersen and coach capchinski struggling on the floor during an air raid. — Steve bivens the new kkk president for 1979-80. — dexter webb 52 slave salemy mom still doesn't understand this," — thinks Christy ferguson. you sing worse than i do." — lisa la blanc and lori loomis table dancing is elsik's favorite lunchtime entertain- ment. — tony mathiason and bobby wilhite "pardon me sendr, have you seen my burro?" — derek dunaway each year as we enter the last months of school, stu- dents anticipate many upcoming activities, probably the one most looked forward to is the freshman sale, the gym is crammed to full capacity with anxious upperclassmen, eager to begin their bidding, nervous groups line up as they prepare to enter the center of the gym. ms. contine, our auctioneer for the past two years, starts off the event as she opens bidding on the first group, the following day freshmen are corralled by their masters doing a variety of tasks, such as; carry- ing books, kissing feet, escaping air raids, giving punk rock concerts, and more, although this event can be a little embarassing, the freshmen class members have lots of fun and add more money to their prom fund. slave sale 53midnighi cowboys "look billy, there is a camera in that bundle of hay.” — george ortiz and billy jaynes in JL- i performing after the rodeo, singer johnny duncan, smiles for the camera. 54 kikkers "if everyone smiles real big no one will notice that bubba has a dip." — oscar garza, Christy ferguson, and angie salvato "will it help if i count the steps aloud? eileen llorente"hey, i think i know that girl over there." — Steve harris and kim shuffling to the two step, elsik’s kikkers move with the crowd at a simon- head ton dance. waiting for the chute to be opened, bubba patterson watches the angry bull. students always seem to divide themselves into groups, and one of the bigger cliques is the kikkers. many of elsik’s kikkers spend their Saturday nights at simonton, where they watch an exciting, dangerous rodeo and stay for the dance after- wards. the guys frequently partici- pate in “hard money” and other rodeo contests, while the girls cheer them on. many practice rid- ing skills at circle 8 on tuesday and thursday afternoons, one can easily spot them because of their western attire, the kikkers make up a large portion of our school, and each one will tell you — "i’m proud to be a kikker!” kikkers 55four de trance rides again getting ready for the race, linh tran and chan phan make minor adjust- ments. the french consulate to houston, leon simon, adds to the festivities. waiting for the race to start. — joe sellers riding on is yong choi. pot holes will do it to you every time... joe schmidt. 56 tour de trancegetting his starting time. — dorian duplain students cheer for their country members gliding to the finish, scott mckinsey, shifts to 10. eating an orange. — bobby elley tour de trance is a bicycle race that is run yearly in trance, this is the toreign language department’s second year to sponsor the race in aliet. many students sign up and ride through the streets of aliet on a predetermined course in hope of reaching the finish line first, this year the winners were, first place — dorian duplain, second place — mike ingels, and third place — kevin yeoman. tourdefrance 57• the 58 achievers achievers 59 achieversanil sinha — valedictorian accomplishin' donna barr — valedictorian shawn smith — valedictorian after four years of studying and hard work, the 1980 senior class, composed of 357 students, grad- uated. the class ranks, which were based on the grade point averages accumulated from ninth grade through the second quarter of the senior year, were given out in late march, one person with a perfect 4.0 average is usually chosen as valedictorian; how- ever, this year the senior class had four valedictori- ans: donna barr, anil sinha, shawn smith, and david tsen — all with perfect averages, the other six pero- pie that ranked in the top ten were (in the order of their rank) peter ku, robert alvarez, valerie sum- mers, Charles lundquist, Steve shrout, and donn friedman. 60 academics5. peter ku 6. robert alvarez seniors ranking in the top 15% of 1979-80 class: robert alvarez, donna barr, bennett benoit, john bolmanski, susan brown, lisa cam- eron, marc calvert, michel chang. christa coleman, gayla connaugh- ton, sara dailey, dewana dorsey, mike ernest, donn friedman, laura giese, ginger hall, carla howell, jen- ise jensen, peter ku, david law- rence, wei-ann lin, Charles lund- quist, greg maynard, kathy molloy, chris moore, teryl morse, Stephanie nelson, carmen osorio, bill papado- poulos, robin pavese, shannon payne, jenny peloquen, jeff phillips, donna powell, regina ransom, diana saiz, judy shafer, steve shrout, kelly shumate, cathy simms, anil sinha, shawn smith. 7. valerie summers 8. Charles lundquist 9. steve shrout 10. donn friedman scott smitherman, kirn spragins, michelle Stephens, valerie sum- mers, david tsen, tom vossman, david wall, mark wilkinson, karen williams, lisa wills, jodi wood, ken yawn, and insukyi. academics 61proud of their awards, national council of teachers, shawn smit and teryl morse "try this, it's good for you." says tami littletown a typical smart class... writin' "when i read some of the rules for speaking and writing the english language correctly... i think any fool can make a rule and every fool will mind it.” henry d. thoreau even though this quote is realistic to many students while they are struggling to remember grammatical do’s and don’ts, the final results are beneficial not only in college but later on in one’s career, the elsik english department offers several courses focused on building better writing skills and a stronger vocabulary; however, there are also several courses designed to expand the uses of writing, such as creative writing, the more advanced literature classes are great for college bound students. 62 academics ... a typical rowdy class"i wonder if she'll notice, if i catch some winks." says missy mitchell. "the history of the world is the record of a man in quest of his daily bread and butter.” h. w. van loom the history department at elsik is one of the more active depart- ments. students learn about life styles of countries and nations as well as their politics, in american and world history there are many opportunities to taste foreign and early american foods, the classes also keep up to date on the current events to make students aware of the future, elsik seniors take government and economics to learn more about our government, also the stu- dents learn about the stock exchange and how to keep accurate records of their earnings. "what did he say?" asked amy bean. academics 63"it's alive!!!" herald fisher and friends. "look! there’s more letters than numbers." says robin scott and rick rawls figurin' “he's so cute” ... thinks roxanne durman mathematics — “a wonderful science, but it hasn’t yet come up with a way to divide one tricycle between three small boys.” "she's still not catching on" ... gwen hopkins and coach ihrer earl wilson this is an example of a problem that math doesn’t solve; however, in the math department students of all ages work diligently at trying to solve these types of prob- lems. one of the most frequently asked questions of the math students is "why?” 64 academics "how do you make this thing play games?” asks guy mclarenit’s shake n bake and weee helped." polly reynolds, jemse jensen but I didn’t have breakfast this morning,” says Chris haigh "the fin bones connected to the gill bone, the..." sings kerry dale "this beats reading a story in eng lish," david jackson no amount of experimentation can experimeniin "mmm this formaldehyde left over from the sharks tastes good." prove me right; a single experiment can shelle strobel, glen forad, snehal patal prove me wrong." albert einstein the science department has many differ- ent subjects, elsik students study physical science, biology, and chemistry, in first year biology, they dissect earthworms and fetal pigs, this year in biology II, they observed the lives and mating habits of fruit flies, then they went on to dissect dogwood sharks and alley cats, in intro- duction to chemistry and chemistry stu- dents learn all about the labs and how to work with the chemicals in them, environ- mental science students learn about plants and how to care for them, with all the science courses elsik offers its stu- dents, another einstein may pass through elsik's doors. "if you turn it upside down it resembles Cheryl Tiegs,” bubba ray, glenn mclaren, torri morris academics 65"if you can’t talk in Spanish, then i’m not talking to you!" kelly macdonald to roy schneider "quiero ir a mi casa (i want to go home!)" chasie hawk and "have you ever felt left out?” missy terry jane martz spea kin' " there is no one able to speak who cannot learn some por- tion ... of another language, and... put it to use.” mario pei apparently both the students and teachers involved in the elsik hastings foreign language department agree with the above statement, foreign languages are the most chosen elective courses offered here. Spanish, french, and german are all very popular and offer fun classes as well as useful tools for later use among the activities participated in are spe- cial holidays particular to each country, such as oktoberfest for the germans and dia de los reyes magos for the Spanish, dialogues are performed and discussed to orientate the stu- dent with conversational abilities, the culture and history of each of the languages' mother countries is also studied, but the main result these courses are trying to achieve is being able to understand and use the language when needed, since in our modern world it is becoming increasingly important to « have a second language. 66 academics i m trying to hatch it! says eddie monn "acting is not being emotional, but being able to express emo- tion." kate reid the drama department, led by mrs. leathers, helps aspiring actors and actresses to learn the necessary tricks of the trade, such as controlling stage fright, improvisation, and use of the imagination, drama la introduces students to all phases of the theater — stage makeup, costume, stage lighting, and set design, specialization comes in the following classes: 1b teaches character acting; 2a develops the stage voice; 2b centers in on the technical aspect of the theater; 3a teaches directing; and 3b helps students with putting together a portfolio and auditioning. speech classes, taught by mrs. starnes, involve many interest- ing as well as practical lessons for the student interested in speech making, speech 1 involves group discussions and public speaking, the groups research and try to find solutions to such major problems as abortion and the laws regulating it. other speech classes, which go through 4a, include lessons in parlia- mentary procedure, and interpretive reading (prose and poetry), and, of course, every student learns from experience, because everyone has to perform. performin' it's the mad hatter's tea party, allison nagel, noel price, and sherri smith "play it again, jenme." speech 1 class "to get your teeth the whitest, the bright- est, use ultra-brite." neena sinha "i wish i was an elsik revellier; that is what i truly want to be e e." tammy pitts, olga aljure and mindy Campbell academics 67ha! ha! he’s shooting at the wrong basket! "if you watch a game, it’s fun. if you play a game, it's recreation.” bob hope physical education classes, an important part of the required curriculum, offered recreation in many ways for elsik students during the 1979- 1980 school year. the regular p.e. classes participated in many sports, among these were archery, badmitton, gymnastics, bowling, softball, basketball, track and field events, tennis and others, individual sports classes were elective courses in which students participated in off-campus sports, also, athletic p.e. classes were held during off-seasons for elsik ath- letes. these were used to keep the players in top physical and mental condition, while teaching them new skills. health, another required course at elsik, is only one quarter long and can be taken any grade level, concentration was placed on familiarization with drugs, alcohol, tobacco, diseases and disorders, sex education, personality development, according to mrs. contine, a teacher here since the opening of elsik, the purpose of the course is "to teach stu- dents about physical, as well as mental problems that may occur to them throughout their lifetime.” so, as you can see, physical education and health are necessary parts of our curriculum. 68 academics to coach corb teaching also involves participation. pop goes his head, pat cherry and david leethis caricature was debbie watts’ impression "didn't you know my middle name is rembrandt?” asks laura robin- of coach kopetsky. son as lynda coats looks on. "there is nothing new in art except tal- ent." anton chekhov art classes, located between elsik and hastings, are always popular elective courses for many students, besides being fun, art also proyides a future career for some young hopefuls, classes cover everything from a very general sur- vey of all aspects of art to specializing in different sections, art la-lb is a basic cov- the best part of this class is making paper dolls, david petersen and john leonard. erage of major topics, including drawing to painting, lettering to paper mach6, ceramics to textile drawing, with the sec- ond quarter geared more toward paint- ing and color theory, this course of study continues on through lla and lib. then with the promotion to art III, a variety of unique course selections is offered, included in these individualized classes are understanding and working with ceramics; textile design and techniques; drawing and painting with an assortment of materials; commercial artistry such as lettering, illustration, and cartoons; and finally, jewelry, but art isn’t just all learn- ing, it also involves competition in such events as the houston livestock show and rodeo art contest, the scholastic art awards contest, and the finger’s interior design contest. mighty mouse (sigh) — my hero, kathy molloy. academics 69workin' a continual dealing with the future... a continual calculation, an instinctive exercise in foresight. henry r. luce while walking down the hall one hears the noises of tapping typewriters and clicking calculators, it’s the business depart- ment working hard on their assignments, some students take courses like introduction to business to help in financial matters and in the economic society, for their future, basic typing and notehand classes are taken by almost everybody to help out in college, for students looking more towards a secretarial career they take more typing, shorthand and office procedures, classes are available, recordkeeping and accounting deals with financial management, data keeping, payroll, and taxes. if i have to start this over, i’ll really punch it. david flores mm aaa space bbb space... todd black i seeee you. justin rodriguez only 17 mistakes in 2 pages, we’re getting better, teresa barr and chris meeks 70 academicson the count of three ... paula black reporfin' a news sense is really a sense of what is important, what is vital, what has color and life — what people are interested inG that's journalism. bruton rascoe journalism and mass media are active courses to take in high school, the journalism classes are fun learning classes, stu- dents write news and feature stories and learn the mechanical aspects of the school paper, the rampage, journalism also includes the production of the yearbook, ramblings. students sell ads, draw layouts, and meet deadlines, students also learn to use cameras and to develop pictures. in mass media students learn about public relations, they also learn all about the television industries, the news, movies and advertising, they learn how to draw animated cartoons, elsik students enjoy working in these classes and might even con- sider the media as a career. did you ever hear about the civil war soldier. .. peter urbanowiCznhs sponsor, mrs. malone, praises the graduat- candlelight illuminates the solemn faces of new member initiates, ing senior members. "render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour." romans, 13:7 — 13:8 on may 12, 1980, the annual awards asembly and national honor society (nhs) new member installation was held, it began with a candlelight ceremony to induct the new nhs officers and members, next, mrs. o’donnell presented honor collars to seniors who had kept their academic records up to the nhs standards, each depart- ment from elsik then gave awards (such as medals, certificates, and scholarships) to the students they considered outstanding, the teachers of the year were then announced: ninth grade — mrs. contine and mr. kapchin- ski; tenth grade — coach pless and coach cop- ley; eleventh grade — mrs. gattis and mrs. k. Stephenson; twelfth grade — mr. engel, mrs. graessle, and mrs. lowery. the ceremony was then concluded and a short receptipn followed. next year nhs officers are debbie foote, jeff pike, gretcher pfalzgraf, robyn scott, and scott cummings.•teacher of the year," mr. engel, rises to all smiles, mike skinner, the sound of cheers. accepts his award. "so where's the beer?" debbie ladin, sherri luehr, lavonna mckinzie, and kathy molloy. the reception of honor collars was a moving event for most of the senior nhs members, doug behseresht and mrs. o'donnelL smiles and laughter were also part of the ceremony, michel chang, gayla con- naughton, and dewana dorsey "but nobody told me to wear a dinner jacket." donn friedman awards 73organizations“who said i wa$ too bossy?" wonders val- erie summers “when do the lights go out?” — shelle stroble, shawn smith, and tammi littleton. a human Christmas tree — fred peterser and shessy thomas the congressmen the perfect example of a student congress president? — robert alvarez “we can get paid for this at paramount pictures! — lita pizzitola and vickie franks. 76 the congressmen the elves of the student congress — vicki rummel, jill douglas, shawr smith, and shelle stobel. officers of the student congress hard at row I to r — mrs. graessle, sponsor, lora parker, valerie summers, robert alvarez, darlene douglas, d’lynne harwell, mrs. arp, sponsor. 2nd ow — karen williams, nina sinha, jennie salazar, sherly thomas, jennifer bray, fred petersen, cheryl cornett, susan shimatis. 3rd row — larry iuntz, kerry dale, lita pizzitola, jill douglas. shawn smith, phyllis kiser, anil sinha, stepanie johnson. mike baker, linda salazar. 4th row — laurie iaigh, tonja morris, kathy mock, lynn adkins, phyllis wernette, vicki rummel, jeanne gendron, debbie Sherrod, and kim cook. 'there must be some mix up because my legs are sexier than yours!" explains :oach copley. jreaming of their weekend — jill douglas, lynn adkins, phyllis wernette, and deb- )ie Sherrod. "who said life was a bowl of cherries?" — mike baker through out the year the student con- gress organized a variety of different events for the students to get involved in. among these events were the dance after the first home game, student directories, and almost anything goes. in addition to these activities, the student congress went to elementary schools dur- ing halloween teaching a lesson in safety, they also went to m.d. anderson for Christ- mas and held a teacher appreciation day. the congressmen 77the Christians true grit! — greg wardlow 1st row I to r: kerry dale, david petersen, gus walsh, sponsor coach corb. 2nd row: mark schindler, carey faires, todd black, kippy fletcher, paul follis. 3rd row: sponsor coach kapchmski, jeff pike, |eff phillips, rogers mccarthy, keith schindler. "my what big muscles you have dexter webb,” says greg wardlow. 78 the Christians the athletes of fcato r 1st row: mary lee, beth tierney, dianna fulsom, christi carter. 2nd row: tommy jones, kelly :aldwell, pam bilyue. brena bauman, lizetta braunschwcig, ron brown. 3rd row: delia fulsom, ;hari chometa, dallas hutton, charlotte marshall, jim tumblinson, and dcnms perry, sponsor. it's too early in the morning to smile. — brena bauman the first year for the fellowship of Christian athletes was a big success, the athletes sponsored many differ- ent activities including the arm wrestling tournament and films about Christian athletes. Christian life on campus is a club centered around Christian life, the club invited many different speakers for the students to enjoy, besides the meetings, clc went on picnics and skating on the beach. which one was swallowed by the whale? — charlotte marshall. the Christians 79I to r Karen yust, eva poltorak, peter urba- nowitz, valarie ingles, chris cooper, mike synder, ieanegendron, mrs. thomas the writers the spectators mrs. thomas explaining the writing competition rules. "please no spelling errors." mrs. thomas "all i ask is to do your best." mrs. thomas and eva poltorak, chris cooper 80 the writers what's that you say?" jeane gendronI to r paula black, kathy mclain, leslie axel, laura robertson, allan deluke, |eane gendron, lisa deluke, mrs. parker do you want some m m's? kathy mclain and susan scakamp asked gary wiener. well i thought i had them. mrs. parker the main events club is always on the go. the students meet in the morning to decide what they want to go see. the stu- dents have seen annie, cherry orchard„ and other exciting plays and musicals, the club has a good time venturing in the thea- ters. the literary club is a writing club that learns how to write under pressure, the club meets once a week in the morning to write essays and to get ready for uil com- petition. they will attend a workshop at the university of houston to learn different styles of writing. the spectators 81the staffers rub-a-dub-dub, 3 girls in a tub. student life — dorrie morris, lori visser, and leslie bowland how many times do i have to tell you? you can't put that in a yearbook, mrs. lowers exclaims. just hangm' around! sports — scott schumacher, jeff pike, donn friedmann, and dewana dorsey how's it goin'? don't ask! ads and index — glenn luke and vonn kessler 82 the staffers reading is fun! academics — laura robertson and darlene douglas ..............- if you lake that picture, we'll jump! clubs — momca gildone. thyra bergenheim, putting their evil minds together, dewana dorsey and and donna morris donn friedmann think of captions. our wonderful leaders trying to look important, robin pavese — editor, ann lowers — sponsor, lora parker — assistant editor our favorite pastime is playing concentration, classes — robin harrell. sheila ball, vanessa odom creatures that lurk in the dark, photographers — curt hall, michel chang, and paula black neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of third period keeps these dedicated staffers from the swift completion of their appointed deadlines, with the help of liquid paper, pica rulers, croppers, and plenty of film, the elsik ramblings staff worked hard to produce a yearbook to please the student body. the staffers 83the mathematicians the scientists "h e e e e rs mrs. pohla!" — michel chang I to r 1st row — lony tsen. johnny shieh, vairavan viswanathan, oscar nandez. vvong pham. Iinh nguyen, bao nguyen, mathew daniel 2nd rov mrs. pohla, ui choe, anhguyen le, jenny Ian, nma sinha, rosana lm, d keeney, miss montgomery 3rd row — david tsen, nick lyer, bobby elley, sinha, gary wiener, jeff pike, michel chang. "this is my fourth sheet of paper trying to ngure out pi. — rosanalm "forget the ribbons; where's my trophy!" wonders anil sinha, david tsen, and tony tsen 84 the mathematiciansscience club at nasa. "is that dinosaur alive?” — david wall and Charles lundquist left to right front row: david keeney, linh nguyen, ravi aswal. sujata desai, rosana lin. sponsor mrs. powers. 2nd row: michel chang, david tsen, nick iyer, snehal patel, alex varela, david wall, valerie mgels. the alief elsik math club partici- pated in many math tournaments this year, the major tournaments were sharpstown, pasadena, san jacinto, and university of houston. besides tournaments, the club sold ram book covers. the alief elsik science club started off the year with a bake sale to earn extra money for their activities, among their activities were field trips to nasa, the environmental science center, and baylor college of medi- cine. also, various club members served as science tutors. first women astronauts — valerie mgels and rosana lin the scientists 85"what? rolling stone wants us?!" — kelly north- cult and linda gower. "you should see the centerfold this month!" exclaims barry hill. "i'm a graduate of evelyn wood's speed reading course." says diana cernosek. "are we ever going to meet the deadline?" wonders rampage reporters "building” stories — ted o'donnell and sheri davis. donna coston and laura giese. future writers for newsweek magazine — lisa richau. editor, and kelly northcutt, assistant editor. 86 the reporters n mp (y "mmm ... mmm ... mmm ... good," slurps pat inderwish.dynamic duo — andy sacco and sheri davis. the reporters 87los espanol ••don’t take my picture! my dentures aren't in." — matt welch I to r 1st row — levonna mckinzie, leslie axel, ileana fernandez, lisa deluke, scharlott seyffert, 2nd row — sponsor, mrs. mendel, kelly macdonald, larry pickens, david flores, alien deluke, melanie choe, 3rd row — laura robertson, susan cofer, eric stamm, alex varela, robyn scott, roy Schneider, and ms. foard, sponsor. RatK' SPEA' SFAW mm i'd rather speak spainish!" — the Spanish club 88 los espafiol"are you suppose to kick the ball?" scharlott seyffert asks teammate. aren't you finished with my homework yet? — larry pickens and eric stamm you mean that's legal in spam? — laura robertson, roy schneider, and kelly macdonald the Spanish club, headed by presi- dent matt welch, is geared to the stu- dents. this year the club participated in the soccer game between’the three languages, also, they were involved in tour de france. "working with the other clubs, we met a lot of people and had a great time!" explains laura rob- ertson, vice president. los espar’iol 89ihe honored ”i swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” — mrs. malone a dutiful blood donor during n.h.s. blood drive. — matt welch secretary and treasurer converse during the blood drive. — karen williams and robert alvarez n.h.s. ing. members listen intensely during a Wednesday meet- "it says right here, you have to vote first." "vonn, we don’t need blood that bad.? — jeff phillips 90 the honored1 1st left to r ght — Christine corn, kassie colegrove, mrs. maione — sponsor, valcne summers— pari., robm pavese — vice pres., shawn smith — pres., karen williams — sec., roOcrt alvarcz — treas., dcbby ladm, zcwyena cadungog. 2nd — scott Cummings, judi Shafer, lavonna mckinze, debbie pierce, lori fisher, susan presley. diana saiz. avonna kessler, regma ransom, laura parker, connie fullick, sherri davis, anna- belle forgay. Stephanie nelson, illiana castillo, debbie foote, 3rd — lisa ford, donna barr, eiileen llorente. lisa richau, ginger hall, laura wright, scott kelly, icnise iensen, sherri luehr, shannon payne, phylhs wernette, thyra bergenheim, mike russell, gretchen pfalzgraf, matt welch, dafna giveon, 4th — michel Chang, kerry dale, valerie ingles, kelly shumate, robyn scott, doug behseresht. maureen molloy, mike snyder, karen yust, laura giese, david tsen, laura robertson. snehai patel, dorothy bertelson. sieve d'amico. teryi morns, colleen conroy. 5th — mark wilkinson, jeff hartsell, carol shiller, david wall, david lawrence, dewana dorsey. jeff pike, Steve shrout, bill papadopoulos, todd wise, jeff Phil- lips. kathi molloy, peter urbanowicz, mike ernest, mark bias, scott smitherman, tom vossman. an n.h.s. meeting brings out the best of everyone in the morning. "are they still alive?" ? epyt ym uoy era — lavonna mckmze the national honor society was extremely busy during the 1979 1980 school year, not to mention the effort by each member to keep his or her average up to par, they also par- ticipated and sponsored after school and holiday activities, during the foot- ball season, n.h.s. members sold homecoming mums and in October they held a halloween party for pres- choolers. bake sales, tutoring, and installation were also a part of the busy school year, the most significant achievements made by the n.h.s. were seen in the first sale of candy and puzzles during valentine's week, and the blood drive which was a com- plete success. the honored 91die deuischen dreaming about her german prince, shari chometa gazes into space. "who stole the soccer ball?” 92 die deutschen "who says germans aren't sexy?” — filiz keyderrOW i | to r. ms. huffman, sponsor; tammy watson, terri opperman. donna morris, treasurer; filiz keyder, second row — valerie ingels, secretary; mike ingels, vice president; tracy ratos, alex fuentes, tags representative; jerry von Sternberg, pres- ident. during halftime, frank vargas and ierry von Sternberg do the hustle. tales of germany entertain tracy ratos and donna mor- ris. being a member of the german club takes dedication and a great interest in the ger- man culture, the students participated in quite a few activities in the 1979-80 school year, the germans won second place play- ing soccer against the french and Spanish clubs, they went ice skating at the galleria and ate dinner at the brauhaus. six of the students participated in the aatg standard- ized test, in march the tags convention in san antonio was attended by eight students. die deutschen 93le francais the officers of the french club — lisa richau, thui nguyen, susan schra- kamp. the honors for the tour de france are hand made with great atten- tion geetha chandrahasan special artwork for advertisement of the tour defrance is displayed by kirn pham and david keeney. do you think that everyone will come?" david keeney, rosanna lin, kyle Spivey. "francesco, stop clowning around, everyone knows you won." — mrs. hogshead 94 le francais"if you don't be quiet, we'll never get to start." mrs. hogshead. the 1979-1980 school year proved to be fun-filled accord- ing to the busy members of the french club, along with the weekly meetings filled with planning exciting events, the french club also had monthly activities, a picnic and soccer game in October, movies in january, a crepe sale in february, and the main event of the year, the tour defrance, were all on the agenda. f . .. le francais 95 "what can i say, i do great artwork.” andrea lamphier the french club wins, despite the hard efforts of the Spanish club.ihe rookies Ihe 19791980 blue battalion sponsor — ms. sembera officers front diane gehring, captam, iohnna thomas, 1st It., standing left tc right julie manfre, ruthie garcia, alisa wise, Christy mata ruthie garcia puts on her own halt-time performance dur- ing the 4th quarter. "we've got spirit, how about you?" 96 the rookies the blue battalion does their stuff at the alief autumn festival "thank goodness that's over with!"front seated diane gehring, captain, officers left to right, julie manfre, ruthie garcia, alisa wise, johnna thomas, Christy mata, 2nd row debbie strube, gloria longoria, Sherrie zaragoza, mary chavez, kathy ball, sandy dark, chris burt, ui choe, mindy Campbell, kim blanken- ship, dena bell, terri swift, Christy somner, sara pickeral, karen pollard, olga aljure 3rd row nina sinha, lisa engel, carol bongers, karen anderson, pam morille, terri morgan, andrea rothbauer, marcia konrad, lisa cernosek, lisa howell, jerry taylor, Catherine taylor, shonda o'brien, colleen baker, holly holland, laurie boydstun, dee ann smith, cheryl osborne, Stephanie johnson, kim garper, debbie endicoti, Stephanie kubecka the 1979-1980 blue battalion proved itself to be an organization compelled by spirit, throughout the school year the blue battalion was kept busy with practice; performing at pep rallies and various games; and of course, their biggest event of the season, marching in the alief autumn festival parade on oct. 6, 1979. their next big achievement will be making it into the revelliers. showing enthusiasm in the pep rallies is a generous talent of the blue battalion. giving their helping hands to the football team is one of the battalion's greatest goals. executing their kung fu skills, Stephanie, cheryl, deeann and deb- bie practice for this week's dance. the rookies 97the entertainers 1979-1980 ram 98 revel hers V ELSIK HIGH SCHOOL LICF TEIIS =— squad 1 back left to right, shari chometa, suzanne schroeder, tammy james, karen keeney, cindy reynolds, denise barrios, ft. lori fisher. It., sherilyn youngblood, deedee wilson, lora parker, sgt. 1 squad 4 left to right jane morrison, vonn kessler, sgt., robin wood, sheila ball, lynn adkms. It., lauree franke, jill lassiter, kathleen bowley, diana barrios WO the entertainers squad 2 back left to right debbie sherrod, katty mcclain, cyndi kelly, middle patricia purcell, jenist jensen, suzanne larson, ft., phyliss wernette, blan thomas, sgt. top 3 officers, tracey oesch. It. col., georgina per aza, col., kathi molloy, majora maior part of elsik's pep rallies is contributed by the revies. the only alief drill team represented at the united way banquet. — military officers with ron stone squad 3 back left to right ginger hall, alane rothbauer, jill harrington, julie miller, lynda prather, darlene douglas, ft., danna smith, sgt., demse duncan, susan schrakamp, share hankms, maureen molloy, It. during the hectic schedule of the 1979-1980 school year, the revelliers were able to show off our school in differ- ent area events and in competition, in October the ram revelliers marched in the alief autumn festival parade and were invited to the united fund organization meeting with ron stone, in november they cheerfully marched in the foley's thanksgiving day parade, in which they won honor drill team, the annual winter wonderland dance was also a success, in march they put on the spring show, not to mention all their extra time in the sum- mer and after school to brighten up the sporting season. the ram revelliers, 1979 1980 sponsor. — mrs. Stephenson the entertainers 101the actors and speakers who says beauty is only skin deep? ginger burkholder 102 the actors and speakers •‘but i don't want to have another rehearsal." colleen conroy and john shieh "so this is a speech tournament!!" kim harper and frienda family portrait, left to right — ginger burkholder, april youngblood, tracy ray, and angie armstrong. "and my show-and-tell project for today is ..." debbie pierce a new ad for the armed forces?? it must be her perfume. getting help from mrs. starnes, brett shine prepares his speech. “the final reward.. . together, we did this" ginni leathers the actors and speakers 103"forget the show on stage, we have our own show up here!" — ginger burkholder and neil starks practicing her speech, jennifer bray addresses her hand and ignores mike snyder "oops, that's not my cue!" — exclaims tracy ray to angie armstrong “believe it or not, finger exercises improve our acting." susan shieh and debbie pierce 1 04 the actors and speakers "have i got a girl for you!" dale peterson and mike robinson1st row I to r: Jennifer bray, pari.; ginger burkholder, v. pres.; colleen conroy, pres.; neil starks, sec.; pat cherry, treas.; paula black, publ. relations. 2nd row: frank futrel. laura wilson, heather chunn, kathleen brewer, judy Shaffer, lujean kreisner, donita holt, lisa lyon, april youngblood, renee bates, 3rd row: ms. leathers, sponsor; jeanne gendron, nina sinha, Shirley dipasupil, michele engelman. helen chang, shessy thomas, brena bowman, wilda stuart, sherry follis. 4th row: mike peat, tracy ray. sally dipasupil, ui choe, debbie pierce, angie armstrong, cathy simms, rosana lin, sandra mcgarry. 5th row: leah mccoy, gib gibson, leesa moreland, dana rogers, debbie wiener, mark bias, brett shine, glen brewer, wayne longoria, mike snyder, susan shieh, john shieh. chad ladner, sam doolittle eyes gleaming with dreams of stardom, mark bias relaxes with fellow thespians tina leicht, ms. mcclure, debbie wiener, mike peat, and debbie pierce. "no, tracy, that's not how you make hot tea!" — ginger burkholder and tracy ray "no, you may not pick my teeth with that backscratcher!” — angie armstrong and april youngblood this was the first year for the combined elsik speech and drama club, the purpose of uniting the two clubs was to encourage the advancement of the performing arts at elsik. this was first achieved by the produc- tion of the musical “godspell.'’ it brought together the dramatic and musical depart- ments of elsik in a very successful perform- ance. many speech tournaments were attended in the 79-80 school year, awards were won at most of the competitions, the u.i.l. one-act play, "the effect of gamma rays paul zindel was also very suc- cessful. by the beginning of april, the play had won district and was on its way to area, previously at zone the cast received "all- star" cast and tracy ray won "best actress.” it proved to be a very successful year for the elsik’s speech and drama club. the actors and speakers 105 . .• -rr.f- h ’•‘HyfcMK ’y " ihe musicians twirlers I to r vickie (ranks, jeane rummel, valerie summers, deb- bie borchardt 1st 1 to r tonja morris, julic price, jill douglas, valerie summers, shelley hudsmith, scott smitherman. 2nd I to r david baker, fay bagarinao. jen me salazar. cindy bems. sherilan youngblood, maree mulford. beth toman, dma espinosa, vickie rummel 3rd I to r andrew jensen, tracey garner, karen davis. roxanne durham, amy meyer, vickie farrar, diana adams 1st I to r eugenia algaze, linda williams, debbie simmons, marcie oursler, debbie oshaughnessy, susan presley 2nd I to r vickie franks, susan van gilder, robin romero, gaye larose, gretchen phalzgraf. scott kilgore 1st I to r becky mccoy, tma leicht, carolyn nelsen, dana rogers, demse kuithe, debbie foote 2nd I to r lisa ford, sheri davis. linda salazar, sandy mskeep, gim felton. kathy mskeep. cathy stump, |oy kennedy, shanna poole • m action ... the mighty ram band. drum majors I to r scott cummings, mark wilkmson 108 the musicianslook what wmdex did for me ... cliff lee. 1st I to r mike mulford. shern ribble. paul russell, ieane rummel. tom bono. ken martmez 2nd I to r jeff owens. mike ernest, kim terry, don lewis, scott goelzer, 3rd I to r andy sacco, todd wise, robert black, craig banning, mike robmson 1st I to r mike mulford. cathy leicht, brenda davis, mike russell, gena stuchbery, 2nd I to r mark nelson, jim placette, brain meyer, tony rocha. fred petersen. cale weaver, karla sorley, debbie bor chardt. 3rd I to r david forfia, david van gilder, scott kelly, roland romero, rick burns, phil roberts, oscar hernandez, shawn smith, manuel martmez, kurt kuyendall let me tell you about my great band ... mr. stuchbery 1st I to r eddie kelly, danny flores, arnold pavlicek, henry bransford. becky turner, scott cummmgs. 2nd I to r mark wilkmson, gary ellison, steve shrout, Steve d amico, jerry vonsternberg, fred Campbell, jeff leone, atul shah 3rd I to r kelly mccoplm, cliff lee, ross paul, chuck Campbell, richard edmgton, ken robmson, david brennan 1st I to r billy lowery, kurt meister, mark jarrard, iohnny swift, matt welch, 2nd I to r michael espmosa, doug Campbell, ken bitz, chris goen the alief elsik ram band is a group of dedicated stu- dents who work very hard to show a great halft-ime per- formance during football season, the band practices every day after school and begins marching drills early in the summer, this year the band marched in the alief autumn festival, and in the foley's thanksgiving day parade, under the direction of tom stutchberry, this group had a very successful year. the musicians 109-weren't we supposed to stop at mcdonald's?" asks debbie bor chardt the ram band supporting 100% during the pep rally. the ever famous boog-a lou showing their true talent m the Christmas concert. 110 the instrumentalists1st I to r dana rogers. todd wise, paul russell, mike mulford. jeane rummel, david baker 2nd I to r mark Wilkinson, jerry vonsternberg. kelly mccoplin, gary ellison 3rd I to r sherri russell. Steve shrout, mark jarrard, matt welch, scott cummings, alan lloveras, mike rus- sell, scott kelly, shawn smith, roland romero, karla sorley, mark nelson, fred petersen, david forfia "i’ve got the beat!" kurt meister the stage band playing for the united way. “see how strong i am!" says david forfia i wonder if anybody is watching my hands?" asked mr. stuchbery a group of students who give concerts for parents, students, and other schools is our stage band, between the required practices for marching band, these stu- dents have to find time to practice and perform at numerous other functions such as the chili supper, college night, eighth grade orientation, and open house, this year the stage band gave a concert at the marriot for united way. the members of the stage band devotes many hours of practice for their encore performances. the instrumentalis' 111everyone open wide and say at ‘•come on denise, put a little ‘umph’ into it." — cyndy kelly and denise king 112 the singers a round of applause was given for their great perfori ance.1st row left to right — ginger burkhokJer, angie Armstrong, cathy mcclure — director. 2nd row — chcryt turcotte. diana barrios, demse barrtos, michelle engelman. debtor pierce, demse king, cathy simms. dana beckman. darla cottier, stacy !a plante, wayne longoria, gib gibson. andy Stoner, todd Schumacher. 3rd row — eva poltocak, donita holt, debi gehm, shcllic Phillips, dana rogers. crin bergenheim. cyndi kelly, lisa loomis, debbie bayles. lynda calven. buddy celman. monte nealon. pat losack, kelly Shumate, top row — karen yust, kira cutler, kirn long, helen chang. Ion davis. joamc knott. jiU lassiter. both bennett. andrea lamphier. colleen conroy, frank futral, fred landers, larry harvey. dale peterson, mike robin son hard work and practice everyday makes elsik's choir the greatest. alief elsik high school is proudly represented by the choir in the Christmas program. all concentration is directed toward the diaphragm and ms. mcclure. because of much hard work during class, the elsik choir of 1979-1980 was able to attend various uil concert, solo, and ensemble competitions, they also performed at the elsik Christmas show, spring show, graduation, and the play, godspell. several members advanced to district competi- tion and proved themselves to be successful vocalists. the singers 113ihe ariisis ”i believe in equal rights" — esmael khansari 1st row I to r: marme martmez, suzanne edmundson, ted o donnell, mrs. hook, ms. sembei neil stark, 2nd row: annabel forgay, ileana fernandez. "maybe we should take the lean out of the tower of pisa." — ted o'don nell and neil stark Oct.n,2o,25 Tickets 8:00 pm. and r ,± 9L Stixlents 2.00 ■Hasting Ut».te1Vater ted o’donnell displays a poster designed for the mime company. JM the artists the art show attracts many masterpiece hunters.”we lake master charge, visa, and american express.” — in action ms. chapman displays her ability of perfection, julie robinson art galleries never had such good stuff •which one of my ladies should I send this valentine to?" — ted odonnell the art service club, directed by mrs. sara chapman, was set up to teach students how to develop and improve their artistic ability, it teaches them new techniques of art and how to put them to use. one of the main pro- jects for the art service club is designing posters and banners for the various clubs, the art service club has contributed a great amount of talent and time to both schools. "i hope they don't catch me shop lifting." — robin bragg the artists 115nhofo "there’s nothing like coffee breaks." — rachel 1st row I to r: mrs. bodduker, susan walz, lisa wernette, mrs. aired, victor velez. 2nd row: ernest mon- esparza, and melinda moore. tiel, barney patranella, jesse bannister, bill buckingham, dwayne caves, gregory didonato. "could you put a little lemon in my tea?’ ms. falvey, and earnest montiel. coke adds life!" — dwayne caves. ms. fieldcamp. "there’s nothing like a vase of flowers to brighten up a table." — Stephen meyer "tea for the lady." — earnest montiel and mr. benner 116 the chefs1st row I to r: rachel esparza, kim faulk, melinda moore. 2nd row: trey delay, dwayne caves, Stephen meyer, oliver hilliard. rs "a pinch of chili powder will be enough!” — mrs. boddeker and bill buckingham “a cart always saves on broken dishes." — barney patranella and mrs. aired fha-hero provides the students in the food service class the opportunity to plan and execute activities related to the food service industry, the food service class runs a short order business at the burger shack and also prepares and serves special weekly luncheons for the teachers at gourmet’s delight, hero baked cookies for the big brothers organization at Christmas and also provided party refreshments for a nursing home. the chefs 117the teen-aiders "let me help you. reach out and touch you." — debby pierce. learning about oneself through teaching, that’s what tars is all about. caring about others helps one care about oneself — marilyn gilchrist, patti shreiner, debby pierce. 118 the teen aidersa special love is shared between members of tars and kids like tammy pierce. the special Olympics is one event vicki sullivan and debby pierce discuss at a meeting. tars, teens aiding retarded students, is composed of caring teens aiming to help retarded students, in the past year they held parties and supported the students’ participation in the special Olympics. the teen-aiders 119"you just want me for my body.” — debbie isaacs “all eyes to the front, you too recessor annie” "i need my beauty rest.” — ardys fetter- hoff! granville wright speaks about the veteri- narian career. 120 thepremedsbottom row l«ff to right — cathy thornburi, mansa rodnguez. bobbi Sheffield, rachel rennisoo. colleen furbacher. Christine voss, mrs. card scott — spon. 2nd row — lisa clauoch. rep., fynne payne, rep., bilfy ford, hist., debbic glacser, treas., diana saiz, sec., robert afvarez. v. pres., illiana castillo, part,, mike baker, sgt, at arms, 3rd row — kassie ca(grove, debbie powefl. anabeth mad lock, kelli cakVetl, regna ransom, pres., iudy mund, debb e isaacks, paula harris, melissa free, 4th row — glen Stratton. Wair booghton, rnahana white, orxfy ping, diana goga, cheryl taylor, serene stein burg, vivian wheeler, ardys fettcrhoff. tre gdding, jeff palmentair hosa members taking elsik student's blood pressure as a project. and on today’s menu glen Stratton "whoever said i was a child abuser?" — robert alverez hosa, health occupation students of america, enlarged their outlook in the health field in the 1979 1980 school year, the members were active in al events such as the annual haunted house, blood pres sure screening and a candy apple sale, several mem bers won area and state conference contest and trav eled to nationals, members also held an employer ban quet in april and an initiation installation in november. thepremeds 121fhe businessmen I to r 1st row: tama long, tern ©sina. anna henderson. taurie palmer, thercsa landrum, Karen williams, cathy mcdawcn, mrs. mcclurg. sponsor. 2nd row: tommy follis, ed winston, Kim connaughton, joel slay, Charlie starK, miKc mcentee. scott mcKee, miKe t»llenbacher, and alien roe. forget the sale — we like to eat! — mike bollenbacher and tawnya morgan having a sweet-tooth attack, monica gildone buys out the m m's. we really work hard don't we! — ed winston and mark fertitta what do you mean what are they for? — they are notebooks! — tama 122 the businessmen lon9 and slaYI to r — 1st row. kay rousseau, sosie brown, terry pucketl. |oann boynton, tammie coolidge, esther contreras. 2nd row: sherri russell, dianna fulsom. robin bertin, mtchelle walker, myrna valverde, tammy mann, juanita yancey, terri sumler. 3rd row: tricia krzemmski, miriam valverde. jodi wood, ruth espinosa. darla dilloo. beth bennett. danelia moreno, char- lotte marshall, susan landry. mrs. hipQinbothan. sponsor. "i confess! i'm a user of nytol,” yawns jodi wood. smile you're on candid camera! — beth bennett "i can hold my arm up longer than you can!” susan landry says to charlotte marshall. distributive education clubs of america is a program designed for students who are interested in training in retailing, wholesaling, and service selling, deca spon- sors social activities, trips, and the deca school store. vocational office education is a course that provides on-the-job training in the office occupational areas for students who show an aptitude for business skills, voe trains students to operate office equipment and after graduation they have the opportunity to go directly into an office career. "if you don't have this done by tomorrow we'll chain you to the type- writers!” — danelia moreno the businessmen 123the opportunists cutting paper at a.c. graphics. — robert sepulveda “don’t you be a bad influence on my class." — libby johnson our "unsung hero” terri glaeser, is responsible for the type setting of the super rampage. little girls at national childcare really admire crosley’s talent for putting on shoes. busily working on their projects. — jan bernelle and mike rice 124 the opportunists “sit down, we're almost finished." — selina lenart and jirr lenart1st row I to r: jan bernelle, craig seimens, terri glaeser, crosley mathews, selina lenart. 2nd row: mrs. mays — advisor, therese lopez, martha macdonald, libby johnson, lori williams, dusty miller, mike rice. 3rd row: bruce cosse, bruce achterhof. gwen hopkins, pat crossin, bruce smith, jim lenart.ihe indusirious 1st row, I to r rene rameriz, ruben cspinosa. derck barren, eugene ping, barry titus, jose gutierrez. 2nd row; monika haderlein, eileen llorente, susan shieb, anita perry, jill wagner. gloria osorio, mr. bill martin, sponsor. 3rd row; rick pierce, kenny franks, tom vossman, bill rios. johnny cabrera, jeH jaffurs. 4 th row: dwayne anderson, tony goodspeed, ulises larram- cndi. pat patin, neil starks. ict, I to r: kim weaver, jim lucker, jon crumpler, thomas mcgee, kenny verastegui, david myers, leo bnggs, mr. thomas, sponsor. 1st row, I to r: ron coredro, brian walker, sandra foster, johnnie norman, Charles rinaldo, james fleming. 2nd row: james carter, roy bowden, tommy beal, Steve english, billy lawrence, lloyd green, mr. thomas, sponsor. are you sure that if i turn this on it won't cut my leg off? — daryl berger, building trades. working diligently, susan shieh completes a masterpiece in the art of drafting. greased lightnin', go greaed lightnin'! — geoff cane and jon lee. 126 the industriousauto mechanics, I to r: kent porter, chris martz. prant smith, lerov williams. building trades, 1st row, I to R: john du four, brian law, larry patterson, bubba patterson. 2nd row: danny russell. daryl berger, chris zgabay, andy abbott. 3rd row: keith whipple, kreg sorsoleil, wait thevenin, ken seagraves, cliff chandler. and the ugly, where's the good? — kenny verastegui and jon crumpler. fa i'm all for female draftsmen! — eugene ping. vocational drafting, building trades, auto- motive mechanics, and industrial coopera- tive training are all part of vica, vocational industrial clubs of america. they are designed to train the student and prepare him for employment in his or her chosen field, in the ’79-’80 school year the clubs participated in vica district and state com- petitions. many outstanding projects were entered in competition and received excel- lent comments and many awards. the industrious 127the621 suods S8 8 £super support — varsity cheerleaders ram supporters constant endurance — varsity football pride of alief, ram revelliers!!! loyal fans covering third — mike ernest leading the rams 130 sportsalief elsik hoopsters!! reading the green — david petersen discus perfection — jeff pike anticipating victory — stacy heil sports 131willow ridge st. agnes i clear lake - spring wood spring bran westchester hastings northbrook memoi westche pr hastings S finals A , c Cw astrobellecc meet conroe university of houston (u of h) university of houston (alien parkway) baytown sterling spring branch clear lake la marque district • • sn willow ridge si. agnes clear lake sp sp westchester hastings northbrook .memorial Stratford spring woods spring branch westchester hastings northbrook memorial Stratford denotes district games couniry volleyball134 sports pre-game ceremonies and the rams are on the move!!ram fury; at the state meet. underclassmen ramble onto the turf. raising the roof!!! ramrunners have endurance. mm defense attack ...hastings district qualifiers lisa harr (ora parker mgrid daaboul karen gremminger robyn scon marydeckard missy mi) staci hail anthony wood regional qualifiers guy mclaren iodd hill andy forgay , mark baker kevnn chcma memorial sharpstown ircons. enms samr; spring katy a Ivin cy-fair mccuilough jersey village spring branch spring woods memorial wesichester hastmgs Stratford northbrook spring branch spring woods ’memorial Westchester hastmgs 42 61 41 50 44 69 52 34 50 53 42 53 56 40 60 68 52 50 42 49 53 45 50 54 45 46 51 54 51 41 39 44 33 59 58 41 76 44 66 40 boys basketball sophomores strake jesuit spring cycreek humble alvin brazoswood lamar cons, mccuilough jersey village spring lamar cons, deer park clear lake pasadena deer park alvin cy-fair dulles katy-taylor hastings memorial lamar cons. Stratford katy katy-taylor memorial katy Stratford hastings winter swimming 63 53 66 70 64 60 67 76 72 78 5850 55 31 66 44 7032 6553 53 54 pearland humble channelvicw cycreek humble lamar cons. sharpstown mccuilough spring cycreek 56 40 57 49 76 52 5035 57 53 43 45 62 65 5762 56-71 6668 45 41 5462 7334 6,« 63-61 63 72 48 36 54 42 48-34 24 52 5253 6353 5562 3568 41 44 34 55 56 54 53 48 64 54 4039 5056 38 41 45 52 54 59 57 36 54 43 4968 66 65 46 47 52 56 6652 69 44 89 42 5668 66 42 4853 6537 77 62wins vars j.v. hing :armel ie iy village a (e i forest i forest idena rayburn h houston w ridge osport own V h houston rayburn osport s nson irte ess creek y village ngs v forest eton 3348 2632 31-33 53 30 52-23 51-30 44 41 42 48 19 16 1842 3042 2934 2942 14-36 18 41 22 32 lane! 54 65 39 44- 57 38 62 61 39-51 6667 nson ngs Jton land enotes district games diving hastings boys 84-65 girls 72 67 district qualifiers curtis hall corbyjanssen tammy aldridge regional qualifiers Stephanie nelson jane stavinoha -tS . spring cy-creek spring pershing deer park lamar cons, willow ridge 38-41 59-49 65-69 53-46 - ------ 53-49 47 royal spring branch spring woods memorial westchester hastings Stratford northbrook spring branch spring woods memorial westchester hastings Stratford northbrook 36-39 56-44 42-53 69-60 45-65 55-49 68-71 41-38rambling on watch out below! — diver mike wright keeping the spirit up! lunging forward, regional quai.fier, guy mcciaren. 138 sports rams on the move, magic marc calvert blisters by his opponent. awaiting the race, lora parker. halftime is rolling with the revelhers. muscle lean — betsy brady. all around ram stud — dennis kuithe. sports 139 baseball cy-fair aldineeisenhower madison jersey village cy-fair aldineeisenhower friendswood northbrook dickenson willow ridge memorial norlhbrook spring branch Stratford spring woods westchester bastings memorial northbrook spring branch Stratford spring woods westchester hastings cy-fair eisenhower santa fe bellaire hastings ' cyfair eisenhower katy katy-taylor hitchcock memorial willowridge norlhbrook northbrook spring branch spring woods Stratford westchester hastings hastings memorial Stratford spring branch spring wood westchester memorial katy var., jv a lief jv, frosh alief var memorial jv, frosh a m memorial jv, frosh klein alief jv, frosh aldine freeport vars memorial jv spring katy taylor frosh district prelims memorial vars, jv finals memorial vars, jv duties alvin dulles n. shore bellaire laport strake jesuit n. shore houston furr houston furr strake jesuitstafs '’denotes tournaments 7J. boys golf lake houston greenmeadows WllllS bear creek westwood shores chigger creek newport bear creek huffman alief willis westchester al leady (oshm alvin channelview district brooks invitational mustang relays eagle relays memorial jv, frosh bayshore Olympics macaruthur jv, frosh waltrip relays alief jv, frosh tsu relays clear lake jv, frosh alief relays hamilton relays jv, frosh district regional state golf tennis ---------- tennis ■’aldine (frosh. and soph.) hastings spring mccullough katy spring branch sam rayburn °hastings northbrook 0spring branch oleander (galveston °conroe °la porte °district "high jump barr — teresa tough defense — mike skinner volleying — ken yawn making the play — mike ernest smooth swing — justin rodriguez M2 sportsleading off — dan zepeda quick start — Steve harrison swatting — elizabeth cnstadora moving on 100 yard dasher — laura wright and to the tape — Chris meeks birdie — glenn mcclaren sports 143touchdown, the media arrived just in time to see parris watson score elsik’s first points of the season. lined up on the ball, the ram defense is set to go. smile, you're on eyewitness news, brent kirkei dall and trainer kapchinski. looking into the sky, 86, mike skinner, awai1 parris watson’s spiral. •‘do i really have to risk my life again???" "heads or tails," jeff phillips and ralph flores, asks punter kerry dale. 144 footballleaping into the air, cornerback bobby flores prepares to introduce the brazos- wood player to the ground. struggling for his life ralph flores stretches forward, never giving in. brent, rick, and chuck watch the ram offensive machine come to a screeching halt. interpreting the signals the ram defense readies them- selves for the next play. preparing the defense, coach sciba signals. football 145courage on ihe field after recovering a fumble against Stratford, the ram defense heads for the sidelines. gazing at the field gary gibbs, Charles dickey, kerry dale, and don spearing is called on chuck murphy, taylor watch as...cutting upheld, tom vossman, avoids the protected by the mighty ram offensive line, parris watson lets go of a perfect spiral aimed defense. at 86. as individuals we were accused of having no class, as a football team we fought endless odds, but as a school we held together. through the first nine games of the 1979- 80 football season, our varsity football team could not manage to put a single point on the scoreboard. on friday, november 16, 1979, the date of game ten against our arch rivals from the school next door, alief hastings; the rams were ready, starting from their own 45 yard line, they began to move, five plays later, jr. quarterback, parris watson sprinted 29 yards wide right and out of the history books, ecstacy resulted! fans poured out of the stands, for one moment the eyes of the entire state were on the alief scoreboard, which flashed: elsik 7 — hastings 0. eventually hastings scored and took the lead, ending elsik’s fantasy of victory. dennis kuithe's 86 yard touchdown run was elsik’s final flash of glory, this game marked the end of a winless season, the mighty rams had gained a reputation as competitors, well coached but outmanned. as coach bryant said, "we impress winning, i don’t enjoy get- ting beat, but we've tried to impress upon the kids that if they go out and do their best, then they're winners." the student body was behind the rams up to the final tick of the clock, the rams, the band, the revelliers, the parents, and the booster clubs never gave up hope, the mighty rams never quit; for even though the scoreboard could never show it, the mighty rams were winners. mike zwick and mike blodgett are overwhelmed by the referee’s ineptitude. football 147 ram pride is shown by the fans... ... and the players!!! 148 football"hit the showers," mike blodgett is thrown out of the game. "die mccullough," says rick rawls to his opponent. left to right: front row: steve nelson, chuck murphy, bill wagner, kerry dale, billy baker, pat mderwish, rick rawls, parris watson, greg smith, mike lee middle row: scott carleton, bobby flores, bill gelsthorpe, frank teers, blake carpenter, jorge ortiz, don taylor, ralph flores, tom vossman, orlando alvarez, clif wall top row: Charles dickey, gary gibbs, greg pratt, brent kirkendall, jeff phillips, steve harrison. chris haigh, todd kirkendall, mike blodgett, frank chismody, dennis kuithe, mike skinner, kelly bean football 149j.v. fooiball coaches, pless and ihrer, observe j.v. defense. trying to find an open receiver — glenn mclaren "no wonder i can't see, coach pless is standing in front of me." — marc hay- the referee moves the ball while bubba ray isn't watching, den 150 footballwhere are my blockers? — james munoz "oh-omaha. oh-omaha.” the mighty ram defense breaks. block that pass! — greg wardlow the offensive line watches as joey Speer fights for the goal line. despite constant effort by the coaches and players, the junior varsity football team came up on the short end of the stick in eight consecutive games, even though the offensive and defensive teams gave 110%, as their coaches demanded, it seemed as though the jr. varsity rams were not meant to score, much less win. but about halfway through their tough season, they scored, not one, but two touchdowns, the team went wild with emotional excitement, after that game the rams continued to score but they had no wins to tuck under their belt, their last game of the season, against kaly, the ram defense allowed no drives by the katy mustangs, the mus- tangs scored after recovering an elsik fumble and on a kickoff return, the rams' first win kept the fans on their feet, there was an emotional celebration in the locker room after they finally earned what they had deserved all year, after seeing their ability when they beat katy, it’s obvious that they have potential for next year on varsity level. "they took me out to tell me how good i was.” jeff pike football 151team picture; left to right: front row: glenn mclaren, Steve mathiason, james munoz, todd black, kippy fletcher, marc hayden, joey Speer, tim dark, second row: eddie howell, dwayne heard, louis montegue, david petersen, bert moore, don bock, tim morris, mark stewart. third row: tony goodspeed, jeff pike, greg wardlow, brett tucker, eric wollf, bubba ray, del landrum, steve taylor, pat wilson, chad dela penna, gus walsh. driving through the defensive opponent, mark stewart sets up another touchdown. 152 football celebrating another touchdown — joey speer, david petersen, dwayne heard and steve taylor.ieff pike amazes opponents with his double neck roll. the referee spies on defensive calls to tell the opponent. stick it to 'urn defense! "oh no. i missed my block!" — del landrum football 153sophomores "-$@£ %! !, you kicked my finger," yells eddie james to kicker mike migues. 154 football before getting mauled by defenders, eddie sets loose another pass. with a sheepish grin, mike migues fights for the picture; left to right: front row: Charles wolfe, guy duong, mike speanburg, larry walsh, Stanley rothman, brett kasuls, robert goemmer, Chris willman, dan zepeda, jeff williams, griff thomas second row: lee motley, roger mccarthy, roy schneider, john rook, danny avery, doug hearndon, mike migues, justin rodriguez, billy johnson, gene griffin, sammy reese third row: brad schoonmaker, anthony flores, mike cone, keith schindler, mike miller, jim romano, eddie ball, Chris wilson, eddie james, john sacco, tommy scheffer, brian callahan for no obvious reason, jim romano makes a frantic dive for the sideline. as mike cone looks to the sideline, the defense concentrates on the upcoming play. the sophomores were the only elsik football team to end the season with a winning record, going into game ten, the sopho- more team was still in the race for their district crown, unfortu- nately, they lost, finishing 5-4-1. the athletes are looking forward to proving their capabilities in spring training and the following season. football 155frosh a we love to protect our quarterback — ed loftin and david walker. setting up for the pass Chris tucker drops back into the pocket. after getting the ball, jeff bryant finds a hole. . 156 football team picture: left to right: front row: dexter webb, jim milam, david lawerence, mike garrett, david walker, larry haney, tony savely, andy cashiola, brett carleton second row: byron barber, iohn vossman, ed loftin, jeff bryant, mike johnson, jose mata, chris tucker, wayne laplante back row: tony rocha, derek dunaway, dwayne sparks, mark schindler, nick della penna, brian meier, trey rutherfordcoming back for the pass, paul folse hears footsteps. ftosh b freshman defensive line concentrates on upcoming play bryant and david walker. — brett carleton, jeff ream picture: left to right: front row: viem pham, brian shiller, mark carruba, armando ojeda, chau phan, mike fort, rodney hradil, alex ziegler. second row: Oliver hilliard, greg avery, troy lovetro, mandy pulido, Steve ward, bobby givens, pat losack. back row: david hodge, Steve becker, paul folse, trey reed, john young, billy lowery, brian hood. i with outstretched hands, brett carleton makes an awesome catch for a touchdown. football 157a break in the action gsl representatives shawn smith, susan landry, david sloma, and thyra bergen heim. homecoming spectators watch the special halftime high lights. elsik ram fans never let their hopes die. 58 half time highlightsthe blue battalion sets gym ablaze with spirit. ooo! was that a bad call!! "anyone for craps?" — revelliers wait to enter field. each passing year brings on another thrilling season of half time performances by the ram band, revelliers, and blue battal- ion. likewise each year, the groups have added to their repu- tations as excellent entertainers, while the awards stacked up from previous years, the groups pushed on through the fall sea- son with new routines and styles, the groups have successfully carried on an elsik tradition by being the best in blue, and the true pride of alief. half time highlights 159cheers and fears at the games... and at camp... and sad times ... soaring spirits!! 160 cheerleadersram power... varsity cheerleaders: top to bottom; left to right; marky haskett, laura wright, thrya bergenheim, nancy falleroni, dorrie morris, tammy luark, lisa ford old coach bryant had a team ... eeei eeei ooo the cheerleaders season began at the end of last year, during the summer they spent many long hours of hard work at camp, they suffered through a 0- 10 football season, but the best varsity basketball record in elsik history helped raise their spirits, their support was appreciated by all of elsik's athletic programs, they are truly the voice of elsik’s rams on the move. stacking up spirit taking a break, the ram cheerleaders force feed rocky ram cheerleaders 161praefice makes perfeci ••practice makes perfect!” says kim theriot.building up ram spirit f i g h t, fight rams fight, leading a chant the j.v. cheerleaders: top; shanna sayre, denise king, terri haskett, kirn theriot, twila weaver looking up to their varsity counterparts — denise, twila, kimand terri the members of the j.v. cheer- leaders squad moved one step closer to being on the varsity level, after spending many hours of their leisure time at summer day camp, they proved that prac- tice is the only way to improve. as the j.v. cheerleaders pre- pare themselves for varsity try- outs they will all agree that prac- tice makes perfect. togetherness: rocky ram and co. lead the cheers. cheerleaders 163v.b. — vi dory bound concentrating intently, linda ryall assumes her court position. watching the rest of the varsity team is surely amazing. taking a time out, dana mattox poses for a picture. "on the count of three, melissa. i’ll lift you up so you can bump the ball ' says linda ryall. cheering for the j.v. team, the ram varsity team members mentally pre- pare themselves. X .. better brannan explains the new strategy against the hopeless opponents. the varsity team consisting of two seniors, six juniors, and one sophomore gained vast experi- ence as they closed their season with seven wins, they also took consolation at the dulles tourna- ment. with the nine possible returning players, next season should prove to be a bright one for the ram volleyball team. left to right, front row: judi shafer, melanie leach, melissa mozisek, linda ryall, dana mat- tox back row: paula phillips, mgr., tresha robinette, shannon payne, leah bennett, carol shiller, dee dee jones, coach ms. brannan. volleyball 165set, spike, score following the ball, melissa mozisek moves with grace. layne's favorite exer- arm wrestling for the starting line up, dana mattox and dee dee jones battle it out. • .Sr. putting everything behind her serves, shannon payne starts another rally.trying to be serious is very hard, as shown by melanie leach, tre- the revolving arms of melissa mozisek never misses a spike, sha robinette and judi shafer. volleyball 167nei pay off "coffee, tea. or me!" says darlene gibson to mike skinner. taking off like a rocket, lennie ray dinks the ball. planning a new strategy, the j.v. team confers in private. 168 volleyball getting up off the floor, darlene gibson blocks a spike.left to right, front row: julie mattox, joy degruy, lori weaver, shari black, zoryena cadungog back row: jayna brandes, lennie ray, coach: ms. toulmin, darlene gibson, michelle benoit concentrating on her serves, jayna brandes scores again. i awaiting the ball, shari black prepares to set up a play. showing her cheerleading abilities, lennie ray plays volleyball. playing pattie cake with extreme enthusiasm, joy degruy and michelle benoit perform on the court. the girls j.v. volleyball team was off to a busy start in their 1979 season, victorious over st. agnes in their first preseason game, the team placed in tour- naments the following two week- ends. they placed third at the clear lake tournament and con- solation at the santa fe tourna- ment where zoryena cadungog was awarded all-tourney. volleyball 169we've only just begun V 1U J "hey you can really see yourself in this concentrating heavily on the ball, lynice law- thing,” says tamiko dunn. less sets up the winning point. left to right: front row: kristi skinner, felicia seales, marlene nunez de villa, kim head, rhonda miller second row: emma ledezma, theresa drummond, susan o'donnell, karen meeks, tam- iko dunn third row: lynice lawless, lisa kite, michelle craig, lorie davis, karen gray, melissa terry, coach: ms. brannan. 70 volleyball "well... 3 heads are better than 1,” explains mic- helle craig, marlene nunez and lorie davis. bonded together at the knees, kristi skinner uses her toe as a backstop.threatening the opponents with a knuckle sandwich, karen gray shows her stuff. bumping the ball through the basketball qpal, kim head scores 2 points. hard work and long hours of practice paid off for the girls freshman volleyball team with a season record of twelve wins and five losses, taking first place in the texas city tournament and consolation at the katy tourna- ment, also kept the sixteen member team in high spirits. freshman volleyball team shouts loudly as the male strippers walk onto the court. volleyball 171ouch! rusty osborne gets an electric shock from the backboard. starling from scratch with only one returning varsity letterman, the aliel elsik rams surprised everyone but themselves finishing this season with 16 wins, one high point of the season was winning a trophy m college station at the a m cons, tourney. starting the second half of district with wins over branch, woods, and memorial catapulted the rams into first place, they maintained this position for three weeks until a six point loss to westchester brought them back to earth, still contending for the second half title, alief pride received a blow as the rams lost to the bears of hastmgs by three points, in this game the rams led until the final quarter when the bears attempted 11 free throws to the rams two. thus all the dreams, hard work, and pain the basket- ball rams had gone through; all the dedication and love went for zilch, the district crown slip- ped out from between the rams hoofs by the reach of a zebra's whistle, yet life went on; the rams were winners, as the season ended, it was said, "we were teammates because we were friends, not friends because we were teammates, and this kinship will live on.” "face, white boy” — the mean Philippine gershon suan. r -heavenly father ..." marc calvert relies on his faith as the ball heads upward. 172 basketballover the top, scott Schumacher goes in for two. retching out tall, sweet nell, (chris nelson) ugh with his opponent. putting on the brakes, greg maynard starts the play. "come on conehead, play team ball... ... or i'll smash your face," screams bobby flores.basketttan ; 73hoishots "stop yelling at me. and get open!" screams donn friedman. displaying his muscular physique, larry harris screams... "foul!" jumpshot. scoring on the court is easier than off the court rusty osborne. showing his soft kuithe)goes up high. 174 basketballvictory, scott Schumacher leads the rams to a 40-39 upset of 4th ranked memorial. offensive scoring machine marc and his Siamese from Stratford charge toward the bucket. the team: left to right, carey faires, jeff hartsell, scott Schumacher, donn friedman, dennis kuithe, Chris nelson, jeff cruce, coach bob kopetsky, rusty osborne, jeff davis, larry harris, bobby flores, marc calvert, kevin brown, gershon suan, greg maynard.holmquisf's hoopsters shuffling up the ball, alex harris lays in two. passing off, jim sumruld grits his teeth. 176 basketball foul, Steve davis goes up strong. soaring through the air, jim sumruld and alex varela fight for the rebound. launching a bomb, scott williams looks towards the hoop. team picture; left to right: front row: oscar peraza, jim sumruld, scott williams, alex harris. jerry hernandez; back row: richard burt, alex varela, ulises larramendi, Steve davis, coach holmquist for the second year in a row the j.v. rams finished their season with the best record in alief at 24-10. coming into the year, eight boys without a cause were molded into win- ners by coach dave holmquist. with the aid of two returning varsity lettermen, these young men form the nucleus of elsik basketball for the future, their gut determination, pride, and desire to win will cause them to push themselves harder than any other team in the area, this hard work will hope- fully pay off with victories in their varsity futures. basketball 177fun and games finishing their second year of high school basketball was a relief for both the coaches and players of the sopho- more team, they ended the season with a 3 and 3 district record, and a 16-14 record overall, not only did they learn from their experiences, but they had a winning season, as one of the players jokingly said, “we may not have won district or anything, but we had a lot of fun making coach curlic upset.” amazed at his own ability, eddie james dribbles. 78 basketball dream team member, kelly payne throws the ball towards the basket. fighting for position, tommy garrett gets the rebound.are you going to blame this one on your knee, mike? as a handicapped memorial opponent dives into him, Charles tic, tac, toe ... coach curlic wins again, oesch hits the board. team picture; left to right: front row: bill spicer, leo hernandez, don kriesel, mike migues, eddie james, rob becker. steve shumate, Stanley rothman, back row: coach curlic, Steve fales, Charles oesch, doug herndon, kelly payne, tommy garrett, edward ojeda, steve kendall, orlando alvarez, todd schumacher •‘the scoring machine,” orlando alvarez. basketball 179con... cen ... tration — robert molloy goes for the gold. aren't field goals worth 3 points? — jeff bryant a-team: front row: left to right: ed loftin, chris tucker, nick della penna, mike chow, derek duna way, back row: mike garrett, david shrout, trey reed, robert molloy, jeff bryant, coach noyola. technical foul; derek dunaway shoots as ed loftin and trey reed look on. 180 basketballb-team; front row: left to right: ronme roda, karl yust, al fernandez, tony mills, tim luce, darrin watts, maurice brown, coach noyola. back row: david watts, john neuman, todd nicklas, tony savely, robert middaugh, david lawrence, mike johnson, joe primo ‘‘who said basketball isn’t a contact sport?" — karl yust defenders watch helplessly as mike johnson scores again. with high hopes, david watts jacks it up. basketball 181ewes hoop if up "w h a t! we don’t know that play!" bingo, the injured ram, shannon payne, scores. balancing the ball with one hand, betsy brady lays it up. defensive demon, dewana dorsey is aided by leah ben- nett.playing touch defense the elsik zone keeps dickinson away from the bucket. slam-dunk, linda ryall goes up strong. showing her shotput form, carol shiller aims for the hoop. "that's another one in your face,” says junior, connie ,uH,ck' basketball 183ramettesgo 14-15 s-t-r e-t c-h, leah bennett goes up for the shot. you have to get down low to play defense, demonstrates ms. spiller. mozisek goes up for the shot. finding a hole in the defense, melissasoft stepping through the air, shannon payne lays up the ball. front row, left to right: connie fullick, linda ryall, shannon payne, jayna brandes, melissa moz- isek back row: betsy brady, phyllis kiser, leah bennett, carol shiller, coach ms. spiller. rirE looking for the open player, jayna brandes. some tough breaks and a lot of bad luck are all that stood between the varsity and a win- ning season, the varsity team played well throughout the sea- son but ended with a record of 14 wins and 15 losses, everyone involved felt this season was a vast improvement over last year. basketball 185up ihe ladder turning on her speed, tamiko dunn outruns the opposition. 186 basketball pointing out their end of the court, ms. brannon lectures to the team.finding her opponents flat footed, elizabeth hay goes up for the shot dribbling by her opponent, michele craig prepares for the lay up. playing follow the leader the ram team sets up the inbounds play. left to right, front row: jan thompson, tamikodunn, connie kolodziejski, tresha robinett, michelle craig, back row: elizabeth hay, kelly jones, lennie ray, kristi helton running, jumping, and soar- ing, the girls j.v. basketball team ended their season with a record of 21 wins and 9 losses, remain- ing in contention for the district championship for the second consecutive year, they have set a goal for j.v. players of the future to achieve, many of these girls will move up to varsity level next year and hopefully will retain their winning ways. basketball 187fish fry during a time out, mrs. smith explains the next play. "this is a sure two points," says kristy skinner. 188 basketball up, up, and away, marlene nunez soars towards the goal. zeroing in on the goal, emma ledezma prepares for the rebound.left to right, back row: mrs. smith, marlene nunez, emma ledezma, lorie reed, lynice lawless, missy terry, front row: rene bates, dawn sine, cindy benis, felicia seales, gwen puckett, lisa mireles. "i hate to inbound the ball," says lynice lawless. "come on baby, get in there," says lorie reed. s f thinking of her boyfriend, missy terry tries to act ready for the rebound. basketball 189each agonizing stroke pulls this elsik swimmer closer to a first place. apparently other school 'frave troubles with their heat- ing, too. robyn scott, ingrid daaboul, and lisa harr' 190 water spons "hey, do you think i could use your comb?" andy forgayfemonstrating one of the more difficult dives, tammy aldridge performs i cannonball. [he winner of the telly savalas look-alike contest, mike nadolski approaches the block to receive his award. springboarders mike wright, tammy aldridge, and billy grabowski take sun break. "but i can't afford pilot’s lessons." ingrid daaboul "concentration is the secret to a successful dive." curt hall water sports 191aqua squad on September 1, 1979, the a.i.s.d. natato- rium was expected to open its doors, but plagued by problems, it was delayed until after the new year, even then, the first elsik swim team was unable to use the pool because of the lack of heat, but these difficulties did not daunt most of our swimmers, "we lost over half of the kids that first tried out for the pleas- ure to work with,” said coach fick. they were limited to training with weights and working on "dryland drills” throughout the winter, "it payed off, but at the time it seemed worthless — we wanted to be in the water,” said lora parker. and apparently it did pay off, because at their first meet, the elsik swimmers splashed to a victory over their arch rival — hastings. the next week the district meet was held and again the rams shone with guy mcclaren, boys’ team captain, qualifying for regionals in two events, this year, of course, was only a beginning — just wait until next year. "look! he lost his bathing suit again!” says blair thomas to jenise jensen. team pictures: left to right: front row: karen gremminger, mike nadolski, greg kelly, anthony wood, andy forgay, mike arrington, billy grabowski, lora parker. middle row: tracey bush, missy mitchell, staci hail, ingrid daaboul, lisa harr, mary deckard, crystal duncan. back row: shauna mar- quardt, mark baker, guy mcclaren, jeff phillips, barry hill, brian ward, todd hill, robyn scott, coach fick. 192 water sportsflexing his muscles, guy mcclaren lets everyone know he’s a stud. missy mitchell goes for the gold. 'what do you mean you don’t like the water?” lays coach tick to jeff phillips. “away we go." brian ward and mike nadolski waiting for the bathing suit competition to end, greg kelly looks forward to the talent por- tion of the pageant. , , a water sports 193swan divers the elsik diving team, affected by the a.i.s.d. natatorium’s delay, did well on the whole during the season, the team, which was approximately fifty percent smaller than it was when first formed, was forced to use dry- land drills and trampoline exercising to train during the fall months, then, the trampoline privileges were taken away because of insurance difficul- ties, “the divers had only two and a half weeks to learn dives and to develop the timing and form needed to be competitive,” claimed coach lie- berFb'ut even witlv extremely lowered morale and little experience, tn|Jram divers competed against hastings — and word the team is not expected to grow much larger next year, but less difficulties will surely result in a much improved diving squad. i mam "i’ll give her a 10," says coach lieber... 194 water sports A W , "for originality!" — corby jansenteam picture: left to right: top row: robin pavese, Stephanie nelson, corby janssen, jane "yes, i hit my head on the board,” says robin stavinoha, cathy bell, bottom row: coach lieber, mike wright, momca gildone, tammy pavese. aldridge, lisa poe, theresa palumbo, curt hall. • what do you mean back-busters aren’t regulation dives?” curt hall take the nestea plunge, jane stavinoha "am i supposed to have my arms down?" Ste- phanie nelson water sports 195boys' cross counfry the boys cross country team had a very long season with few high points, the highlight of the season took place at the alien parkway meet, hosted by the uni- versity of houston. the flash of the team, john bolmanski, took sixteenth place and received a medal, this was the first medal received in cross country history, a few weeks later, john set another elsik record by running a 10:04 two-mile run at Strat- ford. hard work and pride helped the cross country team members complete this cold and grueling season. "my black rimmed glasses help me find the finish line,” john bolmanski. 196 crosscountry out in the lead, joe sellers, accelerates. modesty is not one of the boys c c teams’ greatest traits. one of the team studs, kyu choi.bending his neck to best emphasize the airflow through his nose, mark williams heads to the tape. battling for position, the elsik runner emerges victorious. pushing himself, doug behserehst starts the grueling second mile. front row: left to right: roger falvey, darren watts, doug behseresht, joe sellers, john bolmanski back row: coach pless, jeff davis, rusty osborne, robert neal, mark williams, david cox. cross country 197girls cross counfry i . T•, • ‘ aiming for the finish line, laura wright and donna morgan begin to pass their opponent. after playing in the mud like a pig, theresa barr continues the race. concentrating down deep 198 crosscountry team picture; left to right, front row: missi steele, Christine meeks, mary lenart, donna morgan, zorlina cadungog, second row: theresa barr, donna barr, coach toulmin, betty jo wessmger, lori adamson the edge of eternity donna barr and missi sieele give it their all. pacing herself, mary lenart has every- thing under control. m not a quitter," says donna morgan strutting her stuff, state qualifier, Christine meeks wins another. the girls cross country team had six pre district meets and they took first place in all of them, when district rolled around, injuries hit team members missi steele and donna morgan. chris meeks took first in region and fifth in state, while donna barr took fourth in region and ended up twenty-second in state, the girls hope their hard work will pay off in the coming track season. crosscountry 199varsity star trackster's... "yes, sometimes we high jump," exclaims sunbather jeff cruce as lee motley catches rays. know you have a crush on me," dennis kuithe see kerry run; kerry dale explodes out of the blocks in the 400 meter dash. finish line — doug beseresht breaks the tape. 200 trackone heck of a handoff — kerry dale, and james munoz "!@ ?! my leg hurts — “what devotion," mike migues gus walsh prepares himself mentally as well as physically. i shall put the shot” — clif "mike carter” wall. fighting the g-force dennis kuithe hits the pits. the varsity track team competed in nine meets and finished the sea- son fifth in district, members of the team worked overtime and proved their ability to themselves, their coaches, and the track fans of the 17-4a district. track 201... one year mission finishing the 100 meter dash dennis kuithe takes first with room to spare. ed purdy starts his kick front row: left to right coach gary ptess, kerry dale, james munoz, trainer carey faires, clif wall back row: john blomanski, ed purdy, Steve harr son, frank chismody, dennis kuithe, lee motley, jeff cruce, mike migues, mark williams, joe furman, robert neal, doug behseresht, anthony flc rew, jeff pike 202 trackup and over — mike migues. although he’s in lane 9, james munoz, takes the lead. track 203discussing strategy, the ram team takes a break between races. displaying perfect form, keith schindler eases over the hurdles. rounding the final turn, eddie james claims victory for the hold your breath — roger pandya skims over the bar. rams. 204 trackront row: left to right: keith schindler, parris watson, louis montague, carlos vidal; back ow: brett shine, roger pandya, gus walsh, eddie james, paul calandera, john sacco, bill vagner, roger mccarthy, mike cone. relay member, gus walsh, rounds the curve. gritting his teeth parris watson hits the tape athletic supporters — kelly bean, kyle spivey, john sanders, john wagner. most of the athletes on the junior varsity track team have spent two to three years compet- ing while wearing the elsik emblem, the team has showed its pride by doing their very best each year, most of the members will be moving up to varsity level next year and will be great once more. shifting into high gear, roger mccarthy, heads for the finish. track 205v— frosh boys show potential “what am i supposed to do with this thing?” — mike johnson. a quick start is crucial to the outcome ol the race. — jeff bryant. visions of victory are reflected in jeff bryant’s eyes. david walker prepares to have a cheap fling.Ir: mike johnson, karl yust, larry harvey, jeff bryant, rodney hradil, byron barber, david walker, bobby givens, darryl townsend, dexter webb. moving up... ... bobby givens passes another oppo- nent. for their first year in high school competition, the members of the freshman track team did well, the young athletes impressed their coaches with their potential for the years to come, coaches and ath- letes agreed that the abilities of the team will continue to be exposed. "don't look, some jerk is taking our picture.” — david walker, eddie james. track 207ramrunnersi ramrunners small picture left to right: missi Steele, diana adams, teresa barr, capt. laura wright, lori weaver, brenda bragg, leah bennett, carol shiller, vie ita, michelle craig, capt. donna barr, kristi skinner, tamiko dunn, Christine meeks back row: shari black, angie lewis, coach toulmin, betty jo wessinge ma morgan showing their trophy, baton, and teeth, the sprint relay celebrates! "you are a champion" couach toumin tells chris meeks. i. ••«I!!!! ', screams captain donna barr. track 209getting a fast start, tamiko dunn, runs for the relay team. 210 track leaping with all her might, diana adams, soars through the pit.a quick hand off from lisa kite to vicki mata. running the final lap kristi skinner sprints her way to the finish line. a mr. pibb and a smile. — karen kane, vicki mata, and brenda bragg district champions: a phrase muttered by player and coaches alike as a goal, each time a sports sea- son begins. 1980 marked the first time an elsik var- sity team from a major sport could be labeled by this term when their season came to a close, coach marti toulmin’s ramrunners sacrificed, "strained, and pained" through a tough season which included meets at the astrodome and texas south- ern university, the underdog ramrunners captured the district crown from the grasps of the odds-on favorites spring branch by two points (99-97) to bring pride to all of ram country: all of alief. keeping the pace donna barr takes it easy. track 211watching the ramrunners move: kara cudler, missi Steele, coach toulmin, donna morgan, mary lenart, diana adams, laurie boydstun. spinning to victory: leah bennet sprinting to the tape: laura wright anticipating the start of the 800 meter run: kristi skinner using all her strength; carol shiller sends the discus into taking the hand-off from michele craig; brenda bragg sprints away. oblivion. 212 trackgo for the gold: chris meeks qualified for state in the 1600 meter run. the bionic woman: missi Steele. track 213shadows of champions soaring into the pit — long jumper laurie boydston. pushing on: julie helms front row left to right: zorlina cadungog, lisa sperling, lisa townsend, laurie boydstun, middle row: lisa kite, sharia cruce, karen meeks, michelle engelman, tammy pitts, back row: julie helms, mary lenart, lori adams, bonnie kolb, kira cutler. 214 track "young ladies, i wish would get tough mrs. smith," and run when you are hurt.track 215play ball; victorious ai Iasi • - . WlS ‘look towards third base to get your signals." says coach ihrer to oscar peraza preparing to swing, cliff goecke strides into the pitch. concentrating on the mitt, tony harmon follows through. 216 baseballthrowing to the catcher, david kuffel cocks his arm. looking over at the coach, mike skinner waits at first. swinging down through the ball, danny zepeda fouls it off. "winning is not everything, it is the only thing.” vince lombardi baseball 217hii and run taking a lead off second, mike ernest makes his move towards third. getting his signals from the bench — first base coach royce goodwine. front row: left to right; paul follis, danny zepeda, billy baker, marly ogg, david kuffel, line meguire second row cliff goecke, marc calvert, ronnie goodwine, tony harmon, john lakatos, buddy celman, oscar peraza back row coach copley. mike skinner, greg wardlow, larry gremmger, rey hernandez, mike ernest, coach ihrer 218 baseballgetting a good lead — marc calvert after two 1-27 seasons, the varsity baseball team rebounded this year with an amazing 7-17 record, hard work paid off to overcome the apathetic environ- ment from which they emerged, according to coach ihrer, “these young men overcame adversity to become the first alief elsik var- sity baseball team to win a dis- trict game.” baseball 219piich, hif and tun coaching from the dugout, the j.v. players get involved in the game. preparing to nail the runner at second, orlando alvarez. the scoring machine, cocks his arm. 220 baseball getting a piece of the ball, bubba ray swings away.front row; left to right brett kasuls, john peraza, mike neal, lawrence hernandez, jeremey winston, stanly rothan, paul delarosa middle row: left to right: eddie james, orlando alvez, john rook, steve mathiason, david scott, chris tucker, keith schindler, roger mccarthy back row: left to right: coach coply, dennis williamson, bubba ray, david shrout, trey reed, mike garrett, eric wolff, donald Sheridan, any cashioln expressing disgust, david kuffel uses a hand crouching in the infield, mike garrett watches the batter. the junior varsity baseball team played well for another sea- son. the players and coaches gave up many hours of their lei- sure time to prepare for their twenty four game schedule, fin- ishing with a 7-17 record, they are the hope for the future of ramkind. breaking towards second, paul delarosa gets a good jump. baseball 221sophball getting a good lead, tony mathiason prepares to steal another base. front row — left to right — john furbacher, atul shah, albert oblepias, lawrence cruz, bob becker, ronald roda, back row — larry walsh, doug herndon, todd Schumacher, robert molloy, scott karel, tony mathiason stepping off the rubber, robert malloy checl the runner at first. 222 baseball awaiting the throw scott karel makes a target"what do you mean that is only two outs?" — ronnie roda. "hit the showers coach." says the umpire. the formation of a sophomore baseball team this season allowed many young men to compete in spring sports, who normally would not have been able to. even though the sopho- more team played only 11 games, they gained valuable experience, which should help the ram varsity teams of the future. watching the pitcher, todd Schumacher awaits a good pitch. strutting into home doug herndon scores. baseball 223feed off demonstrating a perfect swing is greg maynard. over the bridge and through the woods... into the hole it goes — david kovarik. concentrating on the ball, mike camp. eyeing the ball michelle benoit concentrates. 224 golf gosh, i'm a great golfer... says rick rawls.watching intently rick rawls' caddie anticipates a good shot. praying for a good shot, david lawrence squats. the gold team was split into two competing squads according to sexes, the boys team participated in eight tournaments finishing third in district, meanwhile, the girls team competed only in the district tournament where they finished fourth, both golf teams represented elsik well throughout the season and someday alief may become golf high school u.s.a. ending the ball to russia, david kovorik swings lard. shooting for a first place finish david peterson. golf 225swingers demonstrating her form, zorina cadun- gog cocks her golf club. glenn mclaren drives the ball to the fair- way. 226 golf out of the sand trap, rick rawls has a chip shot. back row: david lawrence, david kovarik, david petersen, rick camp, rick rawls, glenn mclaren,back row: lisa behseresht, patti burgess, becky ener, lori davis, front row: zorina cadungog, mic- helle benoit, rhonda miller perfect... mike camp .. putting ... david lawrence .. trio greg maynard golf 227love on the courts working hard at practice, tracey ratos prepares for an upcoming match. diving for the shot, chris wilson gets ready to lob the ball over. e ■ mc?, peter ku contemplates the theory of relativity. "i find that closing my eyes is an asset to my game." charlotte schafer. 228 tennis «i, overhand smash — kelly shumateleering at her opponent, iracey ratos slams over the return. "i hit just like jimmy connors” david sloma. david cotes congratulates an imaginary opponent. tennis 229 deedee jones launches the ball over the net. keeping his eye on the ball, ken yawn shows off his backhand.spring fever “what’s for breakfast," anil sinha plays an early morn- ing match. displaying acute concentration, dede jones saves the shot. the incredible hulk, chris wilson, attempts to swallow the ball. 230 tennisback 1-r mr. quail, charolette schafer, chris wilson, david sloma, kelly Shumate, randy cotes, elizabeth cristadora, front — john pang, dede jones, kim baccus, ken yawn, david dawson, tracey ratos. "just another victory..john pang. elizabeth cristadora rallies to save the shot. david dawson smashes a forehand over the net. hitting a forehand on the run — amy reynolds. every year elsik faces several teams in the hope of winning the district crown, elsik high school, not to be out- done, compiled a team of enthusiastic and dedicated players, with the rising popularity of the game, many new faces, as well as old, were seen on the courts, luckily, the winter of 79 per- mitted the team to practice and play often, everyday at 2:30, one could find the team practicing everything from basic shots to complex strategy, the year as a whole was very successful, and provided excellent competitive experiences. tennis 231leaders leaders 233bruce achterhof: football 1,2; v.i.c.a. 4. tamara aldridge: basketball 2; p. puff 2,3. 4; diving 4. robert alvarez: band 1,2. sec. leader 1, 2. squad leader 2; span, club 1, 2.3, treas. 3; basketball 1. mgr. 4; n.h.s. 2.3,4, treas. 4; stud. cong. 1,2.3.4. pres. 4; lit. club 3, pres. 3; best all- round eng. stud. 3; h.o.s.a. 4, v.- pres. 4; p. puff cheerleader 4. lose bagarinao: h.e.c.e. 4, publicity 4. william baker: baseball 2.3.4; football 3,4. louis ball: v.o.c.t. 4. shiela ball: battalion 1; w. wonderland court 2. 3; revelliers 2. 3. 4. rep. hist. 4; p. puff 2, 3, 4; choir 3,1 st solo and ens. 3; ramblings 4. donna barr: track 1,2,3, 4; c.c. 2.3. 4; n.h.s. 2. 3.4. bonme beck: choir 1; math dub 1; h.e.c.e. 3,4, historian. Charles bengc: c.c. t; football 1,2; track 1,2,3; v.i.c.a. 3, pari. 3, bruce achterhof tamara aldridge robert alvarez jose bagarinao william baker sheila ball duybao donna barr scott bayne bonnie beck jana basden anita beckman cyrus behseresht debra bayles 234 seniorssgt. alarms 3. doug behseresht: track 1.2,3. 4;c.c. 3,4; n.h.s. 4. mark bias: choir 1,2.3. v.- pres. 3; m. events 2; drama club 1,2. 3.4, v.- pres. 2. pres. 3; speech club 4; p. puff cheerleader 4. treonne blair: cheerleader 2; basketball 1,2,3; p. puff 2,4. jim blanks: tennis 2; v.i.c.a. 2.3; v.o.c.t. 4. K hn bolmanski: track 1,2.3.4; c.c. 3. 4; science club 3,4. leslie bowland: battalion 1; revelliers 2; rampage 2. 3. editor 3, roundtable 3; ramblings 2. 3.4. sec. editor 4; p. puff 2. 3. 4, t. captain 3; cheerleader mgr. 3.4; prom comm. 4. carol bradley: battalion 1; revelliers mgr. 2; cheerleader mgr. 4. robin bragg: basketball 1; art serv. club 1.2.3; tennis 2; stud. cong. 2. sec. 2; n.h.s. 3. 4; homecoming court 4. leo briggs: i.c.t. 3.4. ron brown: speech 1,2.3; c.I.c. 3.4. coordinating chairman. gerrit bel Charles benge beth bennett bennett benoit donna berger mark bias treonne blair sherry blodgett david bogard debra bolmanski john bolmanski leslie bowland carol bradley robin bragg seniors 235 susan brown: track 1; band 1,2; tennis 1,2,3; n.h.s. 3,4; speech 3; drama 3; v.o.e. 4; p. puff 4. ginger burkholder: drama 1,2, 3,4. historian 3, v. pres. 4; intern, thespian soc.. 1st honor thespian for a.e.h.s.; speech 2; choir 4; p. puff 4. johnny cabrera: basketball 1,2;c.c. 1,2; football 1.2,3. marc calvert: football 1; baseball 1,2.3,4; basketball 1,2,3.4; science club 3. sec. 3. lisa cameron: lib. club 1. 2; span, club 1, 2, 3,4; n.e.d.t. letter of accommodation 2; tennis 2,3; best writer in eng. 3; n.h.s. 3,4; lit. mag. 3, ed. 3. elischa Campbell: art serv. 1; drama 1, v.- pres. 1; lib. club 1, sec. 1; span, club 1,2.4, sec. 2; stud. cong. 1,2,3,4, sec. 3; t.a.r.s. 2; j.a. 1.2, sec. 2; track 2,3; c.c. 3. scott carleton: football 4. leo briggs juan cabrera elischa Campbell duane chick ronald brown susan brown marc calvert lisa cameron douglas Campbell brenda cernosek michel chang frank chismody kevin brown scott carleton 236 seniorsbrenda cernosek: basketball mgr. 1; volleyball 1; f.h.a. 1; m. events 2; v.- pres. 2; prom comm. 4. michel chang: basketball 1; math club 1,2,3.4, pres. 4; v.o.c.t. 2, sec. 2; ramblings 3.4, photo. 3,4; n.h.s. 3. 4; science 4. (rank chismody: track 1,2, 3,4; football 1. 4. Cheryl clepper: band 1.2; basketball 1. 2. 3; p. puff 2. 4; track 3; c.c. 3. colleen conroy: drama 1, 2,3,4. v.- pres. 1. 3, pres. 4; speech; m. events 2. pres. 2; choir 4. donna coston: battalion 1; f.h.a. 1;p. puff 2.3. 4; span, club 2; track 2; rampage 4. mgr. ed. 4. duane cramer: annual 1; comm. 1; stud. cong. 1.2, v.- pres. 1; jr. hist. 3. v.- pres. 3. sara dailey: battalion 1; p. puff 2.3,4; revelliers 2; alt. ram mascot 4. arlene dark charyl clepper Catherine coleman mendy coleman colleen conroy tammie coolidge carolyn cooper gayla connaughton bruce cosse donna coston richard crittendon david cox pat crossin duane cramer seniors 237kerry dale: track; football 1.2, 3.4; stud. cong. 2,3,4; tlass pres. 2, 3,4; class fav. 3; f.c.a. 4, v.- pres. 4. sheri davis: band 1,2, 3, 4, lib. 2,3.4; p. puff 2, 3; rampage 4, Charles dickey: football 3,4. dewana dorsey: battalion 1; span, club 1,2; basketball 1,2.3.4; stud. cong. 2; revelliers 2; p. puff 2; n.h.s. 2. 3, 4; rampage 2. 3; cheerleader mgr. 3; ramblings 4. richard downing: football 1,2; track 2; baseball 3; swimming 4; blue bombers 4; v.i.c.a. 4. becky ener: basketball 1; volleyball 1; m. events 2; golf 2.3.4; p. puff 4. mikeernest: band 1, 2,3. 4; baseball 1,2. 3.4. ruth espinosa: p. puff 4; span, club 4; v.o.e. 4. lawrence ewing: football 1; b. bombers 3. jeffcruce saradailey kerry dale marjoriedavidson jeff davis sheri davis linda dawson Charles dickey shirley dipasupil dewana dorsey richard downing david draper cheri ducharme gary ellison 238 seniorsralph floris: class lav. 1,2; p. puff 1.2; tennis 1,2.3; football 1,2. 4; most friendly 4. lisa ford: drama 1; span, club 1; band 1.2,3.4, sec. leader 1.2.3, 4. squad leader 2,3. reg. band 3, dist. band 3.4; p. puff 3.4; cheerleader 4. vickie franks: band 1.2. 3. 4, twirler 2. 4. treas. 4; p. puff 2. 3,4; stud. cong. 3.4. brenda fullick: j.h.a. 1; f.b.I.a. 1; lib. coun. 1.2.3; y-teens 1.2,3; pep club 2; homecoming comm. 2: w club 2. 3; prom comm. 4. colleen furbacher: french club 1; h.e.c.e. 2; h.o.s.a. 4. gary gibbs: football 1. 2. 3.4; track 2, 3; f.c.a. 4. fredenck gibson: drama01. 2.4; choir 2. 3.4, most improved 2, bass sec. leader 4. rebecca ener steven enright ruth espinosa michael ernest bobby flores harold fisher jr. vickie franks Stephen fort donn friedman brenda fullick lawrence ewing mark fertitta ralph floris lisa ford seniors 239marisa gibson: track mgr. 1; basketball mgr. 1, 2; volleyball mgr. 2; p. puff 4. laura giese: battalion 1; stud. cong. 2; art serv. 2; choir 2,3, sec. leader 3; revelliers 2,3; commun. comm. 2, exec. comm. 3; n.h.s. 2, 3,4; p. puff 2. 4; rampage 4, ad. ed. 4; drama 4; cheerleader mgr. 4. dafna giveon: am. field serv. 1; math club 1, 2; french club 1, 2; n.h.s. 2.3.4. debbie glacser: band 1,2; h.o.s.a. 3.4, treas. 4. jackie glagow: h.e.c.e. 3; d.e.c.a. 4. royce goodwine: basketball 1; football 1,2; baseball 1,2,3,4; science club 3, treas. 3; rodeo club 3. Chris haigh: golf 1, 2,3; football 1,2,3,4; stud. cong. 2; rodeo club 3. laura giese marisa gibson frederick gibson gary gibbs jacquelin glagow debora glaeser dafna giveon gregory gilbert Christopher haigh joni grimland royce goodwine joegoggan ginger hall curtis hall 240 seniorscurtis hall: football 1.2; p. puff cheerleader 3. 4; ramblings 3,4, phot. 3. head phot. 4; rampage 3,4, phot. 3,4; diving 4; f.c.a. 4; prom comm. 4. tony harmon: baseball 1. 2. 3,4. robin harrell: cheerleader 1,2; ramblings 4, sec. ed. 4. (ill harrmgton: p. puff 3. 4; revelliers 3, 4, rep. hist. 3. v. pres. 4. leffrey hartsell: basketball 1.2. 3.4. marky haskett: volleyball 1; basketball 1.2;c.c. 1. 2; rampage 2; cheerleader 2,3,4, head 4; p. puff 1.4; class fav. 3. tom heath: football 1; golf 2.3, 4. shelley hudsmith: band 1.2.3,4. sec. leader 4; solo ensemble, karen keeney: battalion 1, 2; revelliers 3, 4; p. puff 4. avonna kessler. revelliers 1,2.3.4, sgt. 2,4; battalion 1; tennis 1; p. puff 2.3, 4; class sec. 2, 3; n.h.s. 3. 4; ramblings 3,4, ads brent harris jill harrmgton marky haskett thomas heath kenneth hoffman carla howell shelley hudsmith kayla hughes Steve harrison jeffrey hartsell debra hebert barrett hill tony harmon robin harrell senior s ?4)and index ed. 3, 4; w. wonderland court 3, 4. pat mderwish: football 2. 3. 4. kathy inskeep: band 1. 2, 3. 4. jcmse jensen: battalion 1; math club 4; span, club 1, 2, 3; revelliers 2, 3.4; drama club 2,3; discoveries 3; who's who in am. high school 3; n.h.s. 3, 4; p. puff 4. lohn iohnston: m. events 2; french club 2, 3. brent kirkendall: football 2. 3.4. phyllis kiser: track 1; basketball 1,2.3. 4, most val. player 2, capt. 2; stud. cong. 1, 2. 3,4; cheerleader 1,2. 3, head 2; p. puff 2: class lav. 2; homecoming queen 4. vicki kite: volleyball 1.2, 3; basketball 2. 3; p. puff 2, 4. debbic kolojaCo: h.o.s.a. 3. scott krakow: rampage 2. 3. news ed. 2. bus. mgr. 3; science club dawn humes pat inderwish kathleen inskeep david jackson mark jarrard billy jaynes jenise jensen judy jerng lohn johnston karen keeney avonna kessler brent kirkendall phyllis kiser vicki kite 242 seniors2. 3. peter ku: photographer 1, 2; tennis 1. 2. 3.4; math club 4; n.h.s. 4. . denise kuithe: volleyball 1, 2, 3; band 1, 2,3, 4; p. puff 3, 4. dennis kuithe: fresh, v. pres. 1; stud. cong. 1; t.a.r.s. 1; basketball 1.2, 3. 4; track 1.2.3,4; football 1,2.3.4; baseball 3; p. puff 4. kurt kuykendall: art serv. club 1.2; band 1. 2, 3.4. debra ladin: span, club 1,2; n.h.s. 4. andrea lamphier: volleyball 1; science club 1; track 1,2; choir 1, 2. 3.4; french club 1. 2,3. 4, treas. 3, pres. 4; drama 1,4; lib. club 2; n.h.s. 2. 3. theresa landrum: drama club 1,2; lib. club 1,2; band 1,2.3; d.e.c.a. 4. susan knight sherry knouse debbie kolojaco alfred krakow peter ku denise kuithe dennis kuithe kurt kuykendall debra ladin andrea lamphier bruce law daphne lawlis theresa landrum susan landry seniors 243susan landry: cheerleader 1,2; stud. cong. 1; p putt 2, 3,4; l.h.a. 2; v.o.e. 3. 4, pres. 4; class treas. 3, 4; g.s.l. 4, homecoming court 4. daphne lawlis: span, club 1; choir 1,2, 3, 4, alto sec. leader 3, pres. 4; drama club 1, 2. 3. 4; p. putt 4. david lawrence: basketball 1, 2; band 1.2; golt 1,2, 3. 4. Clifford lee: band 1, 2, 3, 4, squad leader Christina leicht: drama club 1, 2; lib. club 1, 2; band 1, 2, 3,4; track 2. tamara littleton: volleyball l. d.e.c.a. 2; p pull 3, 4 eileen llorente: battalion 1. It. 1; span, club 1, 2. 3; revelhers 2; f.h.a. 2; p. putt 2, 3,4; v.i.c.a. 3,4, treas. 3, pres. 4. lisa loomis: f.h.a. 1; safari spotlight 1; f.c.a. 1, 2; track 1, 2; volleyball 1. 2. 3; sprmgwoods beauty banquet 2; choir 3, 4; david lawrence Clifford lee Christina leicht darren lesage angela lewis susan lins tamara littleton earl longoria lisa loomis therese lopez tamara luark selina lenart eneen llorente robert llorente 244 seniorsdrama 3.4. lamara luark: band 1. 2. 3; p. puff 2, 3; cheerleader 4. Sherri luehr: class fav. 1. 2; basketball 1. 2. 3. capt. 1; volleyball 1. 2. 3. capt. 1; stud. cong. 2. 3.4; p. puff 2. 3,4; n.h.s. 3,4. sharon manfre: p. puff 3,4; rampage 3,4; d.e.c.a. 4. charlotte marshall: band 1; p. puff 3; v.o.e. 3» 4. vicky mata: track 1. 2, 3. 4; p. puff 3, 4, 5; stud. cong. 4. dana mattox: stud. cong. 1; j.a. 1; basketball 1, 2. 3; volleyball 1, 2. 3. 4, capt. 2,4, most val. off. player 4. greg maynard: basketball 1.2. 3,4; golf 4. rebecca mccoy: band 1. 2, 3.4. sec. leader 2. 3.4, squad leader 2. lib. 2. 3. 4; lib. club 2. sec. 2; p. puff 4. lavonna mckmzie: band 1. 2; music club 1. 2; soccer 2; span, club lavonna mckinzie guymclaren sherri luehr sandra mac donald sharon manfre leif marquardt charlotte marshall thomas masterson victoria mata letitica mathews dana mattox gregory maynard rebecca mccoy elizabeth mcdowell seniors 2453.4; n.h.s. 4; p. putt 4; ach. award, kurt meister: band 1,2.3.4. nancy merrel: stud. cong. 1; j.a. 1; math club 1, 2; p. putt 4. kathleen molloy: math club 1; span, club 1; battalion 1, It. 1;ac. ach. in eng. 1; n.h.s. 2,3.4; revelliers 2.3.4, maj. 4. Chris moore: span, club 1.2; math club 2; science club 3. 4. danelia moreno: golf 4; v.o.e. 4; span, club 4. james jorrison: golf 1. 2. 3. teryl morse: volleyball 1; choir 1; ex. in am. hist. 1; n.h.s. 2. 3,4; most outstanding writer 1,2; tennis 1. 2, 3; speech 2. 3.4. outstanding ach. in speech 2; n.e.d.t. superior performance 2; lit. mag. 3,4; ex. in bus. law 3; who’s who in am. high school stud. 4; n.c.t.e. writing award, chuck murphy: basketball 1; track 1, 2; football 1. 2, 3, 4. kandria mcmillen nancy merrel bradley moore william moore danelia moreno Charles murphy robertneal Christopher nelson Stephanie nelson kurt meister paulla mohundro kathleen molloy teryl morse james morrison 246 seniorsrobert neal: track; c.c. 3.4; w. wonderland court 3. Christopher nelson: j.a. 1. pres. 1; track 1. 2; basketball 1,2. 3, 4. Stephanie nelson: n.h.s. 1. 2,3.4; diving 1. 2, 4; j.a. 2, 3, asst, treas. 2. treas. 3; who’s who in am. high school stud.; society for distinguished high school stud, pik chum ng: outstanding ach. alg. 3; science club 4; math club 4. ted o’donnell: ac. ach. 2; art serv. club 2.3.4, hist. 3; ramblings 4, cir. ed. 4. tracy oesch: battalion 1, It. 1; revelliers 2,3.4. sgt. 2. It. 3. It. col. 4. teresa osma: lit. club 1; band 1.2,3, lib. 2. 3; stud. cong. 1. 2.3. rep. 1.2; phys. science award 3; d.e.c.a. 4. robin pavcse: track 1.2; cheerleader 1, 2; rampage 2; class v. • chinh nguyen Stephen nelson pik chun ng scott newmyer russel norris paul nortin ted o’donnell tracy oesch jorge ortiz jerri osborne teresa osina stacy pace carmen osorio terri pace seniors 247pres. 2, 3; n.h.s. 2, 3.4; p. puff 2,3, 4; who's who in am. high school students 3; homecoming court 3,4; ramblmgs 3, 4. ed. 4; diving 4; quill and scroll 4. shannon payne: track 1; stud. cong. 1.2, sec. 1, treas. 2. basketball 1. 2. 3.4; volleyball 1. 2,3. 4; p. puff 2; n.h.s. 2. 3. 4; most athletic 4. michael peat: drama 2,3,4; discoveries, co ed 4. georgma peraza: stud. cong. 1; battalion 1; w. wonderland court 1. 2, 3. 4, princess 3. queen 4; rcvelliers 2, 3. 4, high pt. revelher of the year 2, It. 2, col. 4; p. puff 3. Jeffrey phillips: track 1; basketball 1, 2, 3; football 1. 2. 3,4; math club 2; p. puff 2.3, 4; n.h.s. 3.4; swim team 4; f.c.a. 4 michelle pitts: battalion 1; revellicrs 2; p. puff 2. 3. Iita pizzitola: stud. cong. 1, 2; p. puff 3, 4; prom comm. 4 viet pham vuong pham william papadopoulos jenny peloquen georgina peraza shannon payne james peat judith person elizabeth peterson jeffrey phillips shellie phillips robin pavese loan pham hung pham S48 senior slisa poe: art serv. club 1. 2; math club 1. 2; lit. club 1,2; t.f.a. 1.2; french club 4; diving mgr. 4. donna powell: creative writing 1; var. field hockey 1; band 1; cheerleader 1; ac. excel, award in w. hist. 3; cc award, susan presley: f.h.a. 1; span, club 1; band 1,2,3, 4, sok and ens. 1st div. 2; stud. cong. 3, 4. kim pnmo: battalion 1; w. wonderland court 1; revelliers 2; class v.-pres. 3; stud. cong. 3, 4; p. puff 3. 4; class fav. 4, misse.h.s. 4, most friendly 4. Sharon propes: battalion 1; terfms 1,2; p. puff 2, 3, 4. tracey pugh: battalion 1. It. 1; rampage 1; t.a.r.s. 2, sec. 2; w. wonderland court 2; revelliers 2, 3; p. puff 2. 3,4. Silvia pulido: span, club 2. regma ransom: volleyball 1; outstanding eng. stud, award 1; span. frank pierce eugene ping michelle pitts lita pizzitola Steven potenza donna powell susan presley kim primo sharon propes tracey pugh leslie raney regina ransom silvia pulido maria quintero seniors 249club 1.2, outstanding span. stud, award 1,2; science club 2, sec. 2; outstanding p.e. stud, award 2; h.o.s.a. 3.4, outstanding member award 3, treas. 3. pres. 4; n.h.s. 3,4. richard rawls: golf 1,2; football 1,2.3, 4. tina roach: track 2; ski club 3, treas. 3; gym club 3. jeane rummel: band 1,2.3,4, twirler 4. band sweetheart 4. timothy rush: football 1, 2. 3. michael russell: band 1,2. 3,4. squad leader 2. 3.4, v.-pres. 3. Stephanie russell: battalion 1; m. events 2; p. puff 3; prom comm. 4. diana saiz: cheerleader 1; span, club 3; lit. club 3. treas. 3; t.a.r.s. 3.4; h.o.s.a. 4, sec. 4; n.h.s. 4. al sanchez: football 1; p. puff 4. theresa schriewer: math club 2; basketball 2.3; p. puff 2.4. richard rawls tracy ray albert reese polly reynolds raymond rivera tina roach scott roberts lisa robertson dana rogers jeane rummel tim rush john russell mike russell Stephanie russell 250 seniorsscott Schumacher: football 1; w. wonderland court 1; baseball 1, 2. 3, 4; basketball 1. 2,3,4; p. puff 2,4. king 2; ramblings 4; mr. a.e.h.s. 4. Steve shrout: band 1,2.3, 4, squad leader 2.3, 4; n.h.s. 2.3,4. kelly Shumate: choir 1,2, 4; tennis 2. 3. 4; n.h.s. 3,4. anil smha: german club 1. 2. outstanding german stud. 1; math club 1.2. 3, 4. pres. 2. v.-pres. 3,3rd place math tourn. 1, outstanding alg. 3 and 4 stud. 2.8th place math tourn. 4; science club 2.3; stud. cong. 2.3,4. treas. 3; n.h.s. 2, 3,4; tennis 3, 4. shawn smith: band 1. 2. 3, 4. v. pres. 1, pres. 2; stud. cong. 1, 2, 3. 4, v.-pres. 2; baseball 1» 2. 3; n.h.s. 2. 3,4, pres. 4; g.s.l. 2. 3, 4; p. puff 3, 4. scott smitherman: band 1. 2. 3,4. squad leader 3,4; n.h.s. 3.4. scott schumacher judith shafer Stephen shrout kelly shumate diana saiz al sanchez theresa schriewer Catherine simms anil sinha kim sledge greg smith kristi schmidt mike skinner joel slay seniors 251shawn smith scott smitherman yamila solana kim spragins michelle Stephens elizabeth stinneford cindy stokes shelle strobel alexander stroplos gershonsuan valerie summers donald taylor kim spragins: battalion 1. carla spink: f.h.a. 1, 2; tennis 2; class lav. 2; baseball sweetheart 2; p. puff 4. shelle strobel: track 1; drill team l.capt. 1; span, club 1; stud, cong. 1,4; science ach. award 2; volleyball trn. 2, 3; basketball 3, trn. 2; p. puff 2,4; home and family award 3. cynthia stokes: math club 1,2. 3, sec. 1; track 2; p. puff 2,3,4. valerie summers: band 1,2,3,4, reb- 1, dist. band 1,2,3,4, sec. 2.3, area band 3, v. pres. 4; stud. cong. 1.2,3,4, pari. 2, 3, v.- pres. 4; c.c. 2; p. puff 2, 3.4; n.h.s. 2, 3, 4, pari. 4. frank teers: basketball 1; football 1.2.3,4; p. puff 2.3,4; baseball 3; span, club 3; w. wonderland court 3; n.h.s. 3, 4; golf 4; class lav. 4. blairthomas: stud. cong. 1; battalion 1; f.h.a. 2, v.-pres. 2. pres. 3, frank teers jerithatcher 252 seniors4; revelliers 2. 3,4, sgt. 4; p. puff 4. roberl thornton: football 1. lesa ihrockmorton: math club 1; girls serv. club 1. 2. david tsen: baseball 1; german club 1. 2. 3, treas. 2, v.-pres. 3; math club 1. 2. 3,4, v.-pres.. Island 6th place math tourn. 2, 5th and 11th place math tourn. 3.6th. 8th. and 10th place math tourn. 4; science club 2. 3,4, pres. 3.4. ex. in math and science award 4; writing club 3, 4. irene urbanowicz: baseball 1; tennis 1; choir 1; lit. paper 1; f.h.a. 1.2.3; p. puff 3.4. tom vossman: football 3. 4; v.i.c.a. 3,4. sgt. at arms 4, district v.- pres. 4; n.h.s. 4. |ill wagner: choir 1.2; span, club 1. 2; p. puff 2, 3.4; v.i.c.a. 3.4. sec. 4. trina theriot blair thomas robert thornton lesa throckmorton randy tincha greg toole baotran due tran ai truong david tsen chuck turberville irene urbanowicz rosalinda velasquez david van gilder seniors 253penny wagner: f.h.a., sec. 3. david wall: span, club 1. 2; n.h.s. 2, 3. 4; science club 2. 3, 4, v.- pres. debbie wans: span, club 1; p. puff 2. 4. donna wans: banalion 1; span, club 1. 2. sec. 2; f.h.a. 2; revelliers 2; p. puff 2. 3.4. man welch: baseball 1. 2. 3.4; band 1. 2, 3. 4, squad leader 3. 4; n.h.s. 3, 4; p. puff 3.4; span, club 3,4, pres. 4. Cheryl west: basketball 1, 2. 3; stud. cong. 2; p. puft 2. 4; golf 4. mark wilkinson: band 1, 2. 3, 4, rep. 1, pres. 4, drum major 4; n.h.s. 2.3.4. karen williams: span, club 1.2; basketball 2; volleyball 2. 3; p. puff donna velek kenneth verastegui jill wagner penny wagner david wall cheryl west deane whitehead mark wilkinson tam vo Christine voss tom vossman debbie watts donna watts matt welch 254 seniorskaren williams lori williams leroy williams preston williams lisa wills kelly wilson lucy wilson jodi wood ken yawn sherilan youngblood maryam zahedani mike zwick 2, 3. 4; stud. cong. 2. 3,4; n.h.s. 2.3. 4. sec. 4; class sec. 4. Ion williams: c.v.a.e. 4. lisa wills: basketball 2. 3; p. puff 2. 4; track 3. iodi wood: battalion 1; revelliers 2.3. sec. 3. mgr. 4; v.o.e. 3,4, sec. 3.4. ken yawn: tennis 1.2. 3,4; math club 3. msukyi: choir 1, 2. sherilan youngblood: drama 1,2.3.4; speech 1.2,3.4, treas. 3, rep. hist. 4; revelliers 3. 4. mike zwick: baseball 1. 2. 3; football 1. 2. 3,4; p. puff 2. class motto — life is fo live, to share, and to remember, class flower — the red rose class colors — burgundy and silver class yell — we are great we don't mean maybe, senior class '80. I seniors 255seniors... fhe Iasi sireich seniors are crazy. — tim rush, jeri thatcher, treonne blair, marisa gibson, cindy stokes discussing sneaky plans for the last powderpuff. — theresa schriewer, cheryl west, leslie bowland, laura giese, sherriluehr 256 seniors cheese! — polly reynolds what do you mean i am not going to graduate. — dennis kuithesenior class officers trudy lowery — senior class sponsor, the senior class would never had made it without her. president — kerry dale vice president — robin pavese secretary — karen williams treasurer — susan landry senior class officers 25 7bear creek birthday bash gathering 258 senior classhow do you like my shades? guy mclaren. hey, here i am — |oe furman. straightening his collar for a neat look, billy baker watches the girls. senior class 259260 senior favorites mr. and ms. aehs scott schumacher — kim primomost athletic dermis kuithe — shannon payne senior favorites 261 most friendly ralph floris — kim primo most likely to succeed valerie summers — robert alvarezmost talented mark bias — tracy ray most admired frank teers — kim primo 262 senior favoritesmost attractive robin bragg — george ortiz most humorous sherri webr — denis gavlik senior favorites 263in all places gayla connaughton, laura giese, carol bradley and leslie bowland recite the mickey mouse song. 264 senior candids who needs the shortcake? colleen conroy goes for the topping.M daydreaming about nighttimes is david jackson. "but this my sexy look" says lita pizzatola. a true ram fan from head to toe — dewana dorsey. senior candids 265ihe Iasi waliz "what's our table number', leroy williams and Sylvia flores. looking seductive, tammy luark holds frank teers close. dancing the night away — michel chang and darlenedouglas. 266 prom the beginning of a beautiful evening — phyltis werenette, guy mclaren, tracy oesch and brent kirkendall sit to eat appetizer. "who said three is a crowd?" denis gavlick and dates donna coston and eileen llorente. watching the farewell presentation to senior sponsor — sherri luehr, theresa schreiwer and marky haskett.the three stooges — land. lisa loomis, shern luehr and leslie Dow- patiently waiting in line — ann tran. the love birds — ralph floris and robin harrell. "billy want a cracker?” — billy baker and alexis biklin. table 4 — Stephanie russell, michel chang, diana saiz, tom heath, jeanne rummell and david wall. table 45 — mark jarrad, kurt miester, sandy mcdonald and denise kuithe. hopelessly devoted — marc calvert and suzanne larsen. "i'm a high roller” — gershon suan. prom 267offering a gift of remembrance to ms. lowery is cindy stokes. modeling with their limo is curt hall and dorr morris. "we are having a blast" susan landry anc date. take my hand and i'll show you the way - robert llorente. what a love|y couP|e ka,h''simms and wa'"'e lon9aria 268 promshowing their disco dancing abilities is daniela moreno and date. kicking up her heels kikker style in her formal is denise juithe. “hold me in your arms forever" — scott carle- ton. butler dennis kuithe serves the tea to table 13. class: 1980 event: senior prom date: may 10, 1980 time: 8:00-12:45 place: astro village ballroom flower: red rose band: j. r. brass prom 269a radiant teryl morse receives her army r.o.t.c. scholarship. amazed that it is all over tim rush and vamilla salona stare intc the stands. receiving the jewell elsik award is robin pavese. “it's finally over” — bill papadopoulos and Steve potenza. f. "over to the right” — kirn sledge 272 graduationlast but not least — mike zwick. smiles, tears and a sigh of relief — Stephanie russle and shelle strobel. commencement program processional — “pomp and circumstance"..............edgar alief elsik high school band invocation f..........................1......robin pavese class vice president welcome address................................ kerrydale "do you know where you are going to?" class president masser goffin alief elsik high school choir "fiddler on the roof" .. . .......................bock burden alief elsik high school band introduction to valedictorians...............karen williams class secretary valedictory address........................donna marie barr anil kumar sinha michael shawn smith david wei-chung tsen presentation of jewell g. elsik scholarship........jewell g. elsik presentation of michael kennedy scholarship........marceil kennedy introduction..................................robert v. burch superintendent presentation of graduates.................................ann o’donnell principal presentation of diplomas ..........a.i.s.d. board members benediction......................................susan landry class treasurer recessional — grand march from "aida"..................... verdi eymann alief elsik high school band girnning from ear to ear chuck murphy walks off the field. graduation 273ihe way we were blair thomas o vicki kite shelle stobel susan landry colleen conroy 274 baby pictures tedo'donnell Cheryl west avonna kessler vicki franks elischa Campbell yamila solana Chris haigh kerry dalecarol bradley debra bolmansky leslie bowland marky haskett lisa loomis jeane rummel shannon payne ruth espinosa george ortiz eugene ping Cindy stokes scott schumacher Stephanie nelson kathy inskeep denise and dennis kuithe kevin brown frank teers brenda fullick judi shafer baby pictures 275lisa wills phyllis kiser ralph (loris goergina peraza robin harrell Steve nelson dana mattox kim primo michel chang cliff lee ai trong debbie ladin regina ransom 276 baby pictures susan presley dawn humes tracy oesch rodney mathers cathrine coleman C barry hill tammy littleton jeri jo hartung kathi molloy doug behseresht I V 7 dewana dorsey karen williams sheila ball shelly hudsmith sherilan youngblood laura giese matt welch lita pizzitola royce goodwine . , debbie glaeser baby pictures 277jeri thatcher scott smitherman cherly clepper mike skinner robert llorente karen keeney kim spragins robin pavese marisa gibson sharon propes lisa robertson 278 baby picturesdonna barr donna coston jill harrington rick rawls al sanchez joni grimland donna watts ginger hall jodi wood curt hall colly ewing rick downing sherry krouse shawn smith valerie summers tammy luark michele Stephens dafna giveon baby pictures 279the 280 peoplepeople 28 leslie axel david baker jeffery baker michael baker Christopher barker lervaise bauer brent baumann thomas beal andrea adkins larry aikins gustavo aljure patricia alien dani allison barbara anderson cory andrews monoel athayde james lisa leah michelle thyra alexis todd donald bean behseresht bennett benoit bergenheim biklen black bock michael margaret lizetta david dee dee michael richard james bollenbacher branch braunschweig brennan briggs burns burt butschek shelby zoryena lynda michael donald illiana buddy diana cade cadungog calvert camp carpenter castillo celman cernosek 282 tumorscheyling lisa Cheryl timothy carolyn lynda kassie randall cheng cherry Clark dark clauson coats colgrove collins michael Christine brenda imelda Charles hope scott anton cook corn counts cramer chrisman cristadoro cummings daaboul Stephen karen karie Steven jennifer danial joy james damico davis davis davis de trance dean degruy dehay Paul Charles lisa angela charlane anthony teresa darlene delarose della penna deluke depaul dilgen doria doughuit douglas jill steven lohn denise victoria yvonne michelle Stephen douglas drake dufour duncan durham elizondo engelman english juniors 283"yes i did buy this shirt at k-mart for $4.49." — lora parker jessie carey nancy diana vickie bradley Virginia ileana esquivel faires falleroni faro farrar federwisch felton fermamdez lori michael seldon david linda deborah annabelle kenneth fisher fleer fletcher flores folse foote forgay franks connie tammie michele william linda darlene monica terri fullick galloway garris gelsthorpe gerver gibson gildone glaeser Clifton diana authur irma tony ronnie william douglas goecke goga gomez gomez goodspeed goodwine green green larry kevin susan michael david dennise alan scott gremminger griffin grzesik guthrie haley hall haney harris "after his first day of cub scouts, carey faires displays his techni- ques of tying knots." — tim dark 284 juniors"singing out the blues." — phyllis wernette "who said humor was serious.” — laura robertson and darlene douglas james michael kwang susan valerie tammy corby andrew hulson hurlbert hwang imboden ingels james jenssen jensen debbie elizabeth Olivia keith dee dee james moses david johnson johnson johnson johnston jones jorren keeling keeney scott jeainne scott chris todd pamela debbie linda kelly kerr kelgore king kirkendall knouse kolojaco laiche sandra harwell darren hassin eric haug marc hayden dwyane heard jeftrey heard Charles herber reymundo hernandez william howell Silvia louis kelly michael gwen Stacey lisa herandez hill hoffman hollis hopkins hosier houston juniors 285"the guiding light.” — lori visser and michel chang "it’s just as good as xerox.” — greg lainhart teri william john jeanne stacey ulises david billy lainhart lainhart lakatos lambropoulos laplante larramendi larson lawrence melanie jon Catherine selina charlotte alan tama ileana leach lee leicht lenart lentz Noveras long lorenzo Christina glenn robert kelly arthur tammy shauna Chris lovett luck lucker macdonald mallernee mann marquardt martz michael Catherine kriston michael . robert scott glenn mona mathews mcdowell mcgowen mcqrath mcguire mckee mclaren mclennan Christine paula amy maureen carlos robert dorrie timothy meeks mendoza meyer molloy montoya moore morris morris 286 juniors"grin and bear is the lunchroom philosophy.” — lori nelms ”i wonder if college is going to be like this.” — michelle benoit marc prilliman michael nadolski gloria osorio david petersen john porter felicia restivo halmude naumann rasiv pandya gretchen pfalzgraf robert pratt sherri ribble Carolyn nelson lora parker paula Phillips gina price lisa richau melissa mozisek kelly northcutt joseph patin alien pierpont judy mund tammy orr marga ret payne cynthia ping mitchell reid jaime munoz george osborne oscar peraza brent poole rachel rennison bao nguyen snehal patel debby pierce julie price Cheryl rizzi michael mulford vanessa odom russell patterson james ray juniors 287"how will we ever get through this." — peggy turpin, susan schra- kamp "our teacher must be joking if she thinks we can pass this test." — bubba ray and greg wardlow laura laura eddie laura marisa cristen karen roland roberts robertson robinson robinson rodriquez roessler rogers romero karen rudder joe sellers danna smith daniel russell lanett shaw grant smith sherri russell kelly sherbit michael snyder andrew sacco debora h sherrod antonio solana john sanders susan shieh david starks suzanne schroeder carol shiller robyn scott lisa shumate leslie mark steele Stewart alane rothbauer ana seiglie donn sloan 288 juniorsrobin brett bobby peggy eugene mary allison alejandro trosclair tucker turner turpin urbanowicz urbanowicz vagel varela gregory carol elizabeth lori bill brian clifton michael varley veazey vidal visser wagner walker wall walling augustine brian gregory Catherine phyllis parris lori donald walsh ward wardlow warren watkins watson weaver webb phyllis be tty-jo glenn sheri gary trisha lacie mark wernette wessinger wipple white wiener wilhelm williams williams deborah laura lori Patrick edward todd helmuth elaine wilson wilson wilson wilson winston wise wolff wood juniors 289favoriies laura wright nicholas juanita insuk karen wright yancey yi yust maryann zohedane martha zepeda paul zermeno eduardo zubizarreta lori fisher — favorite tray naumann — favorite 290 juniorsofficers vice president david peterson — treasurer cathy mcclure — sponsor glenn mclaren — president cairey faires — secretary juniors 291kristen auringer diane barrios danny avery rodger bates kim baccus rosario bautista Steve baker lisa baldwin edward ball teresa barr denise barrios douglas allison orlando karen todd michael alvarez anderson anderson arrington robert dana erin daryl thomas tina paula robert becker beckman bergenheim berger bins biondolillo black black shari deidre julie jane debra kathleen robert betsy black blair blasingame board borchardt bowley boyne brady brenda jayna jennifer william bernard debra james kathleen bragg brandes bray brogan brown brown brown brown sophomores pray for the spirit stick. "i didn't know playgirl came in hard cover!” — donna morris and paula black 292 sophomoresjohn patti jeffory zorlina mary Charles laura shelley bruce burgess burnett cadungog camacho Campbell carlson carr laura lisa angela mary patrick shari shari richard carter cernosek chatman chavez cherry chometa chometa Cleveland susan darla lorri michael patricia gregory cheryl marian cofer collier collins cone connor coomes cornett cox cynthia sharia lawrence lacklme daher brenda davis david dawson cramer cruce cruz sujata desai connie downman dawn dunaway Pamela durham david dwyer robert ed wards danny dell Sylvia eichert todd denson robert elley "do you think i have a chance at mr. universe?" — lawrence cruz a demonstration of the only way to pass biology. — sandra mcgarry, dawn whitehead, and Steve hayden sophomores 293Clinton debra james paula michael david eugene Steven ellison endicott ener english espinosa ethridge faircloth tales roger aida kenneth anthony cynthia paul edward jesse falvey fernandez fletcher flores flores follis folse font susan david larry lauree carol michael alma delia foote forfia foster franke frazier fredrickson fronek fulsom johnny angela frank jonathan timothy lewis diane tammy furbacher furman futral gallahar gandy garrett gehring geise jeanne jerri lisa scott robert william jorge gregory gendron gerhardt gerl goelzer goemmer golden gonzalez goodman kim theriot studies the sleeping habits of homo sapiens. 294 sophomores “i want to know who said i was a two-timer.” — kathleen bowley, brett kasuls, and sheri hankinsa If red griffin daniela guarches monika haderlein laurie haigh Sheri hankins william harbour kennedy harris vicki harris keven harrover terri haskett mary hay jeff heath kristi helton mehrdad hematian david henson lawrence hernandez linda hernandez oscar hernandez douglas herndon Catherine herrmann montie hicks kimberly hodge eric hollander donita holt scon holt joni houston nathan hoyt chris huber andrew hulse sherry hurley michael engels michael ingram sandra victor david billy patricia richard keli Christopher inskeep james |ennings johnson johnson johnson jones journigan “what's wrong with wearing shorts to school?" — susan schra- kamp, rosana lin, and mrs. hogshead “i'm really a cowgirl, but i lost my hat.” — shelli lawrence sophomores 295janet kandace karen robert jung kahl kane karel brett kasuls sherri kinser chad ladner david lee cheryl lyngaas mark kelley sophie kiskinis lisa landau donald lee monti manis cynthia kelly Charles knox debora landrum michael lee joseph marino suzanne larsen i'll lassiter brian law shelli lawrence john leonard teresa loftin tuan minh luong connie kolodziejski tracey lang james lenart manuel martinez Steven kendall david kovarik joy kennedy ■a donald kriesel rhonda kime a Christine kubes denise king rosana lin david kuffel while falling asleep, lauree franke pretends to be working. 296 sophomores "you think i am going to dissect a fetal pig? you must be joking." — vicki rummel and rochelle webergail julie leslie roger kathryn kelly martha sandra mashburn mattox mcafee mccarthy mcclain mccolpin mcdonald mcgarry anne scott jon sandy michael julie kimberly amos mcgaughy mckinzie meyer meyer migues miller miller mills edward melissa bertran michael leesa donna tonja jane minter mitchell moore moore moreland morris morris morrison diane mark juanita theresa earl myhoang yvonne melissa morse nelson neptune nestor newcomer nguyenba nichols nortin alberi Charles martin edwardo terri cheryl kathleen theresa oblepias oesch ogg ojeda opperman osborne oshaughnessy palumbo getting involved with the pep rally, Shelley carr and julie mattox show their spirit. "how did you know about last Saturday night?” — lisa gerl sophomores 297chun-john shilpesh supen william kelly pang patel patel paul payne staci pelham juan elizabeth peraza petley ■ marc lien kirk tammy alien belinda mark pfalzgraf pham pierce pierce placette plazinich poling lynda prather haven patricia Catherine timothy dedra Christine tracy alena pucek purcell ramsey ramsey randel ransom ratos ray robert robin sammy william monica callie rayburn reese reese reichardt reid rennison amy cindy reynolds reynolds dana john rebecca phil tresha kenneth michael justin rhodes ritchel roach roberts robinett robinson robinson rodriguez sophomores show their spirit during the pep rally. — karen kane and sharia cruce 298 sophomores cafeteria rule: see no food, taste no food, and smell no food. — larry walsh, chris willman, and billy johnsonjames Stanley andrea victoria paul john linda angela romano rothman rudder rummel russell sacco salazar salvato shanna jeannette keith roy susan Christopher scharlott monoj sayre schied schindler schneider schrakamp schumacher seyffert shahi donal robin johnny susan david torri Steven deborah sheridan sherrod shieh shimaitis shine short shumate simmons michael joseph dana Stephanie david bruce Sherri tammy simms simone sloan sloan sloma smith smith smith brenda smitherman dayna snyder Christy somner Patrick spanel michael speanburg william spicer kyle stuart spivey spunt "i'm just an evil woman." — leslie mcafee making goo-goo eyes at his teacher, albert oblepias tries to get an "a" in the class. sophomores 299stacy greg Caroline gena anjanette theresa kim kimberly Stanford Stephens stuart stuchbery Sutherland swift ta terry lori dena kim betty griffith johnna evelyn janice thatcher theriot theriot thevenin thomas thomas thompson thompson robin thompson kevin throckmorton jean thyrring beth toman linh tran hoa truong tony tsen teresia turanyi robert kevin Sylvia louise vairavan john lawrence mary turner vangilder velasquez vessichelli viswanathan wagner walsh watts bretl kasuls — treasurer and favorite class favorites karen kane — president and favorite 300 sophomorestwila rochelle laura kelly marlin jeff jimmy john weaver weber wells white white williams williams williams melanie dennis Christopher chris david pamela jeffery patrick williams Williamson willman wilson wilson wilson winfield witzelberger robin brant jimmy michael april tara kevin kathleen wood worth wright wright yeager yeilding yeoman youngblood sponsor — susan contine r •: shelley zwick officers Ihomas zamudio anthony zaragoza tiffeney zeagler daniel zepeda dana beckman — secretary tonja morris — vice president sponsor — len smith sophomores 301‘‘you take the blonde and i'll take the brunette." — pat losack and mark varley "i told you it wasn't miller time." — jerri hartung, mindy camp- bell, ruthiegarcia diana adams lori adams teresa arnold milton baker brena baumann jennifer berendt olga aljure scott alien brett anderson carne anderson karen anderson glenn angel jeffrey baker dora bates robert bennett eugenia algaze kathy ball deborah baxter cathy berney sylvio athayde gregory avery fay bagarinao craig banning dara atchison rayon austin colleen baker Ian bao bryon barber wayde barksdale angela barrett amy Stephen Catherine bean becker bell lacinda benis john beury vernon beyer mary bins Stephen kimberly bivens blankenship 302 freshmen"look mom, no cavities!" — fred peterson "pep rallies just make our day." — the fantastic frosh carol toni bonnie laurie henry kathleen steven terri bongers bono bowdren boydstun bransford brewer brezik brockman james robert larry melina rick jeffrey kenneth jay brooks broussard brown brown brown bryant bryson burgess Cheryl Christina burnett burt sheryl tracey bush bush anthony shelly butler cade frederick mary caldwell Campbell I gina Christopher campos cannon regma cantu helen chang hector cardoza edward charlez brett carleton gloria Chavez mark carruba kevin chema andy cashiola hwi cho carol castillo yun choe mike cernosek troy cernosek freshmen 303”what the teacher doesn't know is that i brought my own personal "and they said high school was going to be hard." — terry cole, tape." — joe primo and alex zieglar jennifer berendt, and mindi Campbell michael heather sandra terry barbara kathleen Christopher karen chow chunn dark cole coley conley cox cox carol ingrid mathew cherly lorie Stephen marcelo nick craig daaboul daniel davis davis davis de souza della penna alien nicole kammy felicia sally sean tammy theresa deluke diaz diedrich dimitroff dipasupil doherty donald drummond terise lisa derek tamiko ly richard lesa rachel duckworth dugan dunaway dunn duong edington engel escobedo dina pauline anthony yolanda ernest Christy harold alberto espinosa esquivel faro farrington fendt ferguson ferguson fernandez 304 freshmen"can you find the missing glove?" — alisa wise and lisa howell battalion members strive for perfection. kimberly dereick julie leslie michelle diane michael nghiem head heard helms hemstreet hicks hill hill ho ruthie garcia tracey garner michael garrett bobby givens wing 90 jessica gonzales neisy gonzales john grantham karen gray deidre greene shana greer staci hail robert hanks julius haro kimberly harper lisa harr linda harrover conme hartman larry harvey jerry haskett ashraf hassoun eric hatch cynthia hawkins tandi hazlewood M daniel flores sherry follis paul folse luis font andy fargay michael fort ann french arun gaalla freshmen 305"are you sure this part is right for me?” — neal wiseman and jenni- fer bray "would you believe neighbors would do this to each other?" — lisa lyon david lisa bonnie marcia lujean Stephanie reginald peter kerr kite kolb konrad kreisner kubecka kubes kuffel carrie jasek james jones tammi kim jordan kao gregory billy kelly kelsoe hung hoang thuy hoang david troy hodge hoffman jewel hoffpauir johnny holden holly holland sheila holly m william hood lisa hoxwell rodney hradil stace hunt mary hunter launa hurst barry hydo michael Johnson Stephanie johnson therese johnson teresa stephenie lisa jacquelin jenny robert colen joseph lacount laflamme lainhart lambert Ian lane laplante laratta 306 freshmen••is that really me in that picture?" — debbie weiner and sally dis- pasupil • i warned you to leave me alone!" — sherri smith, allison nagel, theresa palumbo, neol price, and tony powell gaye shahed lynice david dona emma karen donald larose lateef lawless lawrence lear ledezma lee lewis joel kimberly gloria lori annette robin dulce patrick loftin long longoria loomis loper lorino lorita losack troy billy anthony john lisa bridget julie anthony lovetro lowery loyal lumley lyon mahoney manfre margiotta julie timothy Carolina kennelh marnie jane Christina anthony martin martin martinez martinez martinez martz mata mathiason crosley kimberly marty susan lee michael janis jerry matthews matthews matthews matthews mccoy mcfarland mcgaughy mchazlett freshmen 307"i bet my blood pressure was normal until you came.” — billy kelsoe and gary peat mike miller rhonda miller scott miller dona Id mills james minkel jane minnick lisa mireles robert mitchell katherine robert ernest kimberly terri pam marian maree mock molloy montiel moore morgan morille mosley mulford "what do you mean i'm talking, no one is sitting around me." — gloria shaffner james james mikulencak milam vivian montgome maryjo john gregory chingshan kitchun todd musil nealon nelison neuman newmyer ng ng nicklas john mcmahan kelley mcvay karen meeks angela meinecke denise robert meyer middaugh marlene nunez de villa susan o'donnell shonda obrien tina odom armando ojeda tina olivier deborah marcie oshaughnessy oursler 308 freshmen"if we look like we’re working, the teacher can't complain." — robin romero and troy lovetro "when in doubt, use the buddy system.” — mandy polido and study buddy fred petersen barney patranella lisa patranella arnold pavlicek mark paddon ronald parks karen shanna antonia neal noel joseph john Oliver pollard poole powell price price primo propes protomartir lynette gwendolyn armando jorge kirn alicia laura luke provenzano puckett pulido quirch rainey randall reed reed Christine dora jacqueline lisa michael victor clint cheryl rice richards richardson richardson rickard rigutto roach robinson freshmen 309nickie jose ronald kathryn michael robin randolph andrea robinson rocha roda rogers rollins romero roten rothbauer richard darryl lorraine trey juanita sana michael star royster royston rudder rutherford salazar saoud sargent sauer anthony savely jon sharp renee sherengo brian shiller james sierzega mairim Simon Stephen sinders renay scheffer mark Schindler patti Schreiner andrew scott felicia seales kimberly seeley gloria shaffner neena kristi carrie Christopher dee paul scott jacque sinha skinner smith smith smith smith smith snow 310 freshmen"another friday night wasted." — tammi jordan. lori williams, ies- sica gonzales, and lisa harr "it can’t be that bad." — barney brown and david hodge dwayne sparks kipperly swan sherly thomas kirk trascher teena twitty bruce speer johnny swift alex thornton binh truong lisa vaba eric stamm Catherine taylor teresa tolibas Chris tucker michael van hoy jane stavinona jerry taylor a my toole cynthia turberville susan vangilder kimberly susan taylor taylor darryl lisa townsend townsend paul sowa debborah strube melissa terry nancy tranum donna twitty melissa steele Catherine stokes karla sorley henry strong kelly turner mark varley thalia vergara john tepolt linda tranum elena tussy lodie turnell freshmen 311favorifes ngoc john david Steven lee vo vossman walker ward warren darrin watts dexter webb david watts Sylvia weaver trances webster lori williams linda williams denise wilson louis nikita wilson wilson robert molloy — favorite kristi skinner — favorite 312 freshmenclass officers diana adams — treasurer missy terry — secretary tracy april sherri young youngblood zaragoza richard wilson jeffrey wilton jeremy alisa wmston wise howard wiseman mark womack anthony wood rene woodring judith woody anna yee maria yeyille john young jane stavinaha — vice president melaniechoe — president freshmen 313 teachers teachers 315faculiy kathleen aired kayarmstrong carol arp charlene baker food service business english counselor jackie basham sayeed beg dorothy boddeker theresa brandt janis brannan library science voc. food serv. social studies p.e. wesbryant Stephen capporricio sara chapman carolyn dark sandy click p.e. social studies art counselor english ,san contine nealth linda copley asst. reg. robert copley dr. ed. chuck corb p.e. martha cranor math marilyn crump margaret davis francesde paolo debbiedix patelley attendance registrar spec. ed. math workroom 316 teachersdirk engel social studies regina evoritt business lorena foard german faye fontenot marita foreman health english janegattis social studies deborah gervasi attendance johnny glaze g.m.r. pamgoddard reading linda graesle social studies 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members of school board — granville wright. j.c. wright, bob cummings, blanch wilk- erson, david hansen. bill mcclainassistant principal — elsie keeling assistant principal — bobby porter teachers 323 superintendent — robert burch324 advertisersadvertisers advertisers 325 rm 493-1500 see us for a special Honey of a Deal on a new Pontiac, Venture Van or computer-checked used car WHERE YOU OET SERVICE HOURS: 7-00 AM. - 6:00 P.M. 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ener, james m. 294 ener, rebecca a. 227, 239 engel, lisa m. 304 engelhaupt, shelley engelman, michelle m. 105, 113, 214, 283 english, linda d. english, paula 294 english, stephen t. 126, 283 enright, sallle m. enright, steven j. 239 erath, wayne a. ernest, michael d. 91, 109, 130, 218, 239 escobedo, juan escobedo, rachel 304 espinosa, dlna e. 108, 304 esplnosa, michael d. 109, 294 espinosa, ruben j. 126 espinsoa, ruth j. 123, 239, 275 esquivel, jessie m. 284 esquivel, johnny I. esquivel, paullne m. 304 ethridge, david e. 294 evans, brent w. ewing, gregory h. ewing, lawrence c. 239, 279 faircloth, eugene o. 294 faires, carey w. 37, 78, 175, 202 204, 284, 291 fales, steven b. 179, 294 falleroni, nancyj. 135, 160, 161, 284 falvey, roger n. 197, 294 fann, tracey e. faro, anthony a. 304 faro, diana m. 284 farrar, vickie a. 108, 284 farrington, yolanda I. 304 fattig, stephen index 353 faulk, daphne faulk, kimberly k. federwisch, bradley g. 284 felton, virginia 108, 284 fendt, ernest e. 304 ferguson, christy 53, 304 ferguson, darryl j. ferguson, harold d. 304 fernandez, aida o. 294 fernandez, alberto 181, 304 fernandez, ileana 88, 114, 284 fertitta, mark j. 123, 239 fetterhoff, rebeca j. fincher, lee a. fisher, Iori c. 91, 100, 158, 284, 290 fisher, harold s. 64, 239 flszer, abraham s. fleer, michael a. 284 fleming, james w. 126 fletcher, kenneth w. 294 fletcher, seldon c. 78, 152, 284 flores, anthony 155, 202, 294 flores, daniel 109, 305 flores, david r. 70, 88, 89, 284 flores, roberto l. 145, 149, 173, 175, 239 flores, sylvia 266 floris, ralph c.134,144,145, 146, 149, 239, 261, 267, 276 floris, floyd, foard, follis, follls, robert m. 127 thomas w. glen 65 paul g. 78, 130, 218, 294 sherry 105, 304 folse, edward a. 294 folse, folse, font, j font, I foote, foote, linda a. 284 paul j. 157, 304 esse m. 294 uis a. 305 deborah a. 91 , 108, 284 susan I. 294 ford, lisa j. 20, 91, 108, 130, 135,160, 161, 239 forfia, david p. 109, 111, 294 forgay, andy c. 190, 192, 305 forgay, annabelle 91, 114, 284 forsythe, herbert t. fort, michael g. 157, 305 gaalla, arun k. 305 gallahar, jonathan t. 294 galloway, tammie I. 284 gandy, timothy l. 33, 294 garcia, anna I. garcia, ruth r. 96, 97, 302, 305 garcia, sara f. garner, tracey e. 108, 305 garrett, lewis t. 178, 179, 294 garrett, michael p. 156, 180, 220, 221, 305 garris, michele l. 284 garza, merecilda garza, rebecca gates, callie s. gavlik, denis j. 19, 28, 263, 266 geary, alice I. gehm, deborah d. 113 gehring, diane I. 96, 97, 294 geise, tammy r. 294 gelsthorpe, william 134, 149, 284 gendron, jeanne m. 77, 80, 105, 294 gerhardt, jerri a. 294 gerl, lisa d. 294 ghanayem, dianne e. gibbs, gary w. 15, 149, 240, 258 gibson, darlene m. 134, 168, 284 1 69, gibson, frederick m. 34, 46, 105, 113, 240 glbson, marisa y. 38, 45, 240, 278 256, giese, laura m. 32, 33, 86, 87, 91, 240, 256, 264, 277 gilbert, gregory r. 240 gildone, monica I. 17, 83, 122, 195, 284 givens, bobby s. 51, 157, 207, 305 giveon, dafna 240, 279 glaeser, debora I. 121, 240, 277 glaeser, terri e. 124, 125, 284 glagow, glagow, deborah jacquelin 240 go, wing h. 305 green, william l. 126, 284 green, douglas e. 284 greene, deidre j. 305 greer, shana l. 305 gremminger, karen 192 gremminger, larry j. 218, 284 griep, michele k. griffin, ashley k. griffin, karen k. griffin, kevin b. 284 griffin, alfred e. 155, 295 grimland, joni j. 240, 279 grundemeier, tybe l. grzesik, susan 284 guarches, daniela 295 guerrero, robert guthrie, michael h. 284 guzman, john p. haderlein, monika f. 126, 295 haigh, john c. 65, 149, 240, 274 haigh, Iaurie j. 77, 295 hail, staci y. 13, 131, 192, 305 haley, david m. 284 hall, curtis j. 19, 26, 37, 83, 191 195, 240, 268, 279 hall, dennise r. 284 hall, ginger g. 91, 101, 240, 279 hall, kevin g. han, esther hancock, douglas m. hand, donna m. haney, alan r. 284 hanklns, sheri d. 30, 55, 101, 295 hanks, robert g. 305 hansen, david e. happ, gail m. harbour, william 295 harmon, tony e. 216, 218, 241 haro, julius n. 305 harper, kimberly k. 51, 102, 305 harr, lisa e. 190, 192, 305, 311 hassin, darren s. 285 hassoun, ashraf t. 305 hatch, eric s. 305 hatfield, veronica j. haug, eric c. 285 haug, gregory a. hawk, chasie m. 66 hawkins, cynthia e. 305 hay, mary 187, 295 hayden, marc d. 21, 150, 152, 285 hayden, steven t. hayes, kim a. haynes, angelia m. hazlewood, cheri r. hazlewood, tandi d. 305 head, kimberly k. 55, 170, 305 heard , darrellyn r. heard, heard, heard, , jeff s. 295 heath heath heath dereick I. 305 dwyane a. 152, 285 jeffrey 285 kevin ,thomas w. 241, 267 hebert, debra e. 241 heil, michele heine, karl a. hellrung, tracey e. helmke, harold t. fort, steven j. 239 foster, larry d. 294 foster, lawrence o. franke, lauree 100, 294, 296 franklin, bobby w. franks, kenneth I. 16, 126, 284 franks, vickie I. 45, 76, 10' 274 frazier, carol j. 294 frazier, nancy fredrickson, michael d. 294 freeman, michalene french, ann y. 305 friedman, donn m. 61, 82, 83, 131.174,175, 239 frizzell, selena g. fronek, alma 294 fuhrman, rodney fullick, brenda I. 239, 275 fullick, connie d. 91, 129, 183, 185, 284 fulsom, delia r. 79, 294 fulson, dianna m. 79, 123 furbacher, colleen m. 121 furbacher, johnny e. 222, 294 furman, angela m. 294 furman, joseph h. 202, 203, 259 futral, frank h.102, 105, 113, 294 index goan, christopher 109 goecke, clifton j. 216, 218, 284 goelzer, scott 109, 294 goemmer, robert a. 155, 294 goga, diana 121, 284 goggan, joe d. 240 goggan, wesley p. golden, karen I. golden, rhonda g. golden, william l. 294 gomez, arthur a. 284 gomez, irma a. 284 gonzales, jessica m. 305, 211 gonzales, patrick a. gonzalez, fernando v. gonzalez, jorge i. 294 gonzalez, neisy 305 goodman, gregory d. 294 goodspeed, tony I. 126, 152, 284 goodwine, ronnie 218, 284 goodwine, royce 240, 277 gordon, kimberly a. gordon, patricia I. gower, linda l. 86, 87 grabowski, billy a. 192 grantham, john a. 305 gray, karen m. 305 harrell, robin a. 83, 241, 267, 276 harrington, jill a. 31, 101, 241, 265, 269, 279 harris, brent e. 241 harris, james a. 176, 177 harris, kennedy I. 295 harris, larry d.131,174,175 harris, scott s. 284 harris, vicki I. 295 harrison, harrison, 241 harrover hartman michael m. steve I. 55, 149, 202, , keven t. 295 linda s. 305 harrover, , connie s. 305 hartsell, jeffrey c. 91 , 130, 175, 241 hartung, jerri jo. 277, 302 harvey, larry d. 49, 113, 207, 305 harwell, saundra d. 15, 30, 77, 285 haskett, jerry c. 305 haskett, terri I. 55, 162, 163, 295 haskett, yolonda y. 28, 37, 135, 161, 241, 266, 275 haskin, kimberly a. helms, julie a. 214, 305 helton, kristi I. 187, 295 hematian, mehrdad b. 295 hemstreet, jeffrey h. hemstreet, Ieslie 305 henderson, annamarie 122 henry, greg hensley, murray d. henson, david 295 herber, charles 285 herber, john d. hernandez, gerardo 176, 177 hernandez, lawrence g. 221, 295 hernandez, leo 179 hernandez, linda 295 hernandez, oscar 84, 109, 295 hernandez, raymundo hernandez, reymundo 218, 285 hernandez, silvia a. 38, 285 herndon, douglas w. 155, 179, 222, 223, 295 herring, sharon r. herrmann, catherine m. 295 hicks, michelle y. 305 hicks, montie 295 hill, barrett 1.86, 87, 162, 241, 265, 277 hill, diane 305 hill, louis c. 285 hill, michael 192, 305 hilliard, oliver 157 ho, nghiem u. 305 hoang, bich nga hoang, hung n. 306 hoang, thuy t. 306 hobbie, stephen m. hodge, david e. 157, 306, 311 hodge, kimberly 43, 295 hoffman, eric h. 45 hoffman, kelly I. 285 hoffman, kenneth s. 241 hoffman, lisa hoffman, troy 306 hoffmann, christine r. hoffmann, connie I. 281 hoffpauir, jewel d. 306 holden, johnny e. 306 holland, holly a. 97, 306 hollander, eric p. 295 holley, sheila p. 306 hollis, michael d. 285 holt, donita j. 105, 113, 295 holt, scott a. 295 hood, william b. 157, 306 hopkins, debra k. hopkins, gwen I. 64, 125, 285 hosler, stacey a. 285 houston, joni I. 295 houston, lisa 285 howell, carla g. 241 howell, james g. howell, lisa r. 97, 305, 306 howell, william e. 152, 285 hoyt, nathan d. 295 hoyt, roshella m. hradil, rodney h. 157, 207, 306 huber, chris h. 295 hudsmith, shelley I. 108, 241, 277 hughes, kayla 241 hulse, andrew w. 295 hulse, james t. 285 humes, dawn r. 242, 276 hunt, stace s. 306 hunter, mary 307 hurlbert, michael 42, 285 hurley, sherry d. 295 hurst, Iauna y. 306 huynh, loc p. hwang, kwang j. 285 hydo, barry j. 306 i imboden, susan 285 inderwish, pat w. 86, 87, 146, 149, 242 ingels, michael d. 93, 295 ingels, valerie a. 80, 85, 91, 93, 285 ingram, michael I. 295 inskeep, kathleen s. 108, 242, 275 inskeep, sandra l. 108, 295 ivey, donna iyer, niranjan g. 85, 324 jackson, charlotte d. jackson, david a. 65, 242, 265, 278 jackson, dana james, tammy r. 23, 100, 285 james, victor e. 154, 155, 178, 179, 204, 205, 207, 221, 295 janssen, corby l. 194, 195, 285 jaramillo, james r. jarrard, mark a. 109, 111, 242, 267 jasek, carrie 306 jaynes, billy j. 54, 242 jennings, david l. 205 jensen, andrew k. 108, 285 jensen, jenise l. 65, 91, 100, 192, 242, 277 jerng, judy 242 jerng, linda jett, sammy j. jilla, behram jobe, lorelei e. johle, lisa c. johnson, billy g. 155, 295 johnson, curtis johnson, debbie 38, 285 johnson, elizabeth a. 285 johnson, marion johnson, micheal 51, 156,181, 206, 207, 306 johnson, olivia m. 124, 125, 285 johnson, patricia 33, 55, 295 johnson, richard a. johnson, stephani 77, 97, 306 johnson, therese m. 50, 306 johnston, john b. 242 johnston, robin k, 285 jones, jones, christopher I. clifford w. jones, james b. 306 jones, julie k. jones, keli d. 186, 187, 295 jones, mary a. jones, randy j. jones deedee 164 165 166 167, 229, 230, 231, 285 ' jordan, tammi j. 306, 311 jorren, james l. 285 journigan, christoph 295 jung, janet c. 296 juson, francisco e. kadwell, elisha kadwell, michelle kahl, kandace b. 296 kaiser, douglas e. kane, karn m. 15, 23, 211, 296 kao, kim l. karel, robert s. 222, 296 karimi, rafiq karr, kathleen a. kasuls, brett 30, 155, 221 , 296 keeling, moses 285 keeney, david v. 84, 85, 94, 285 keeney, karen k. 100, 242, 278 kellermayer, miklos kelley, kim r. kelley, mark b. 296 kelly, cynthia 47, 100, 113, 296 kelly, greg t. 192, 193, 306 kelly, eddie 42, 108 kelly, scott a. 75, 91,109,111, 285 kelsoe, billy h. 306, 308 kendall, steven m. 179, 296 kennedy, joy e. 108, 296 kerr, david 306 kerr, jeainne 285 kessler, avonna d. 31, 75, 82, 91, 100, 233, 242, 274 keyder, filiz 92, 93 khan, ahmad z. 108 khansari, esmael g. 114 kilgore, scott k. 285 kime, rhonda s. 296 king, chris a. 285 king, denise c. 12, 113, 162, 163, 296 kinser, sherri I. 296 kirby, richard c. kirkendall, brent s. 144, 145, 149, 242, 266 kirkendall, todd 16, 30, 32, 149, 285 kirkpatrick, mike f. kirshy, john w. kiser, phyllis a. 22, 23, 24, 77, 185, 242, 276 kiskinis, sophie 100, 296 kite, lisa l.211, 214, 306 kite, vicki l. 29, 242, 274 kitzmiller, shirley knight, franky m. knihgt, susan d. 243 knott, joan m. 113 knouse, pamela 285 knouse, sherry a. 243, 279 knox, charles h. 296 kolb, bonnie 214, 306 kolodziejski, connie I. 187, 296 kolojaco, debbie I. 243, 285 konrad, marcia a. 97, 306 kovarik, david 224, 225, 296 krakow, alfred s. 243 kreisner, Iujean I. 105, 306 kriesel, donald w. 179, 296 kroneman, ana ku, peter 228, 243 kubecka, stephanie a. 97, 306 kubes, christine a. 296 kubes, reginald 306 kuczynski, henry I. Iaplante, stacy r. 113, 286 laratta, joseph d. 306 larose, gaye a. 108, 307 Iarramendi, ulises a. 131, 177, 286 larrea, maurice larsen, suzanne k. 30, 100, 267, 296 larson, david a. 286 larson, kent m. lassite 296 r, jill 30, 33,100,113, Iateef, shahed 307 latte, william c. law, brian k. 296 law, bruce a. 243 lawless, lynice 170, 188, 189, 307 Iawlis, daphne a. 243 lawrence, billy j. lawrence, david r. 156, 181 , 227, 307 lawrence, david s. 59, 91 , 225, 227, 244 lawrence, shelli d. 296 Ie, anhquyen 84, 95 le, quoc le, thuy leach, melanie d. 164, 165, 167, 286 lear, dana l. 307 Iedezma, emma 170, 188, 189, 307 lee, clifford e. 109, 244, 276 leblanc, lisa lee, david m. 296 kuffel, kuflel, kuithe, 275 kuithe 149 243: kuntz, 1 david 217, 218, 296 peter 306 denise l. 108, 243, 267, dennis r. 28, 139, 146, 174,175, 200, 201, 202 256, 261, 267, 269, 275' lawrence h. 77 kuo, yi-shio kuykendall, kurt 109, 243 lacou nt, teresa I. 306 Iadin, debra n. 91, 243, 276 ladner, chad j. 105, 296 laflamme, stephenie g. 306 laiche, linda a. 285 Iainhart, lisa m. 306 lainhart, teri 286 lainhart, william 55, 286 Iakatos, john a. 218, 286 lambert, jacqueline 306 Iambright, lisa a. lambropoulos, jeanne 286 lamphier, andrea g. 1 13, 243 lampkin, lisa l. lan, jenny 84, 306 landau, lisa l. 296 landers, frederick 1 13 landrum, debora I. 296 landrum, james I. 152, 153 Iandrum,tl1eresa l. 122, 243 Iandry, susan m. 13, 23, 32, 123, 158, 243, 257, 268, 274 lane, robert r. 306 lang, tracey 296 laplante, colen w. 156, 306 lee, donald w. 296 lee, jon s. 126, 286 lee, karen r. 307 lee, michael a. 149, 296 leicht, catherine m. 109, 286 leicht, christina s. 108, 244 Ienart, james c. 124, 125, 296 Ienart, mary e. 198, 199, 212, 214 Ienart, selina 124, 125, 244, 286 Ientz, charlotte 286 leonard, john m. 296 ' leone, jeffry g. 108 lesage, darren 244 lewis, angela m. 209, 244, 277 lewis, debra lewis, donald d. 109, 307 lin, rosana 84, 85, 94, 95, 105, 296 lin, wei-ann lin, wei-jun Iinares, carlos Iinares, oscar a. lindsley, guy w. lins, susan 244 little, kenneth r. littleton, tamara r. 62, 76, 244. 277 llanes, maria c. llorente, eileen 54, 91 , 126, 244. 266 llorente, robert j. 244, 268, 278 lloveras, alan g. 75, 111, 286 loftin, joel e. 51, 156, 180, 307 loftin, teresa l. 44, 296 long, kimberly a. 113, 281, 307 long, kimberly l. long, tama s. 122, 286 longoria, earl 59, 103, 105, 244, 268 longoria, gloria 97, 307 loomis, lisa k. 15, 35, 113, 244, 266, 275 index 355 m00I'9, f0l'l'lmY martin Ioomis, lori I. 307 Ioper, annette s. 307 lopez, kurt lopez, therese a. lorenzo, ileana 286 lorino, robin m. 307 Iorita, dulce m. 307 Iosack, patrick d. 113, 157, 307 Iovetro, troy v. 157, 307, 309 Iovett, christina m. 286 lowenthal, charles d. lowery, billy s. 49, 109, 157, 307 loyal, anthony p. 307 Iuark, tamara I. 130, 135, 160, 161, 244, 279, 266 Iucich, Iucker, donna m. heiko r. Iucker, james r. Iucker, robert 286 luehr, sherri I. 26, 29, 91, 245, 256, 263, 266, 267, 278 luke, glenn k. 75, 82, 286 Iumley, john m. 307 lundquist, amanda l. Iundquist, charles 61, 85 Iunsford, mark k. Iunsford, todd k. Iuong, tuan minh 49, 296 ly, dung a. lyngaas, cheryl a. 296 lyon, lisa a. 105, 306, 307 ma, uo n. macdonald, sandra j. 245, 267 macdonald, kelly 39, 59, 66, 88, 89, 286 macdougall, jeffrey d. mahoney, bridget n. 307 maler, jud r. mallernee, arthur w. 286 malone, james c. manfre, julie d. 50, 96, 97, 307 manfre, sharon e. 245 manis, monty 296 mann, tammy g. 123, 286 manno, peter s. manual, janice e. margiotta, anthony I. 307 marino, joseph 296 marquardt, leif 245 marquardt, shauna 39, 192, 286 marroquin, jose r. marshall, charlotte m. 79, 123, 245, 279 martin, edwin s. martin martin , julie a. 307 , michael Y martin, sheri a. , timothy a. 307 martines, daniel m. martinez, carolina 307 martinez, kenneth j. 109, 307 martinez, manuel 109, 296 martinez, marnie 114, 307 martinez, mary e. martz, chris a. 127, 286 martz, jane a. 66, 307 martz, jeff a. mashburn, gail I. master, walter c. masterson, thomas f. 245 index mata, christina I. 96, 97, 307 mata, jose e. 53, 156 mata, victoria r. 209, 21 1, 245 mathers, rodney 276 mathews, letitica n. 245 mathews, michael 286 mathiason, anthony w. 50, 53, 222, 307 mathiason, stephen I. 78, 152, 221 matthews, crosley r. 124, 125, 307 matthews, kimberly l. 307 matthews, marty 307 matthews, susan l. 307 mattox, dana k. 164, 165, 166, 245, 276 mattox, julie m. 168 maturan, johan c. maynard, gregory k. 128, 139, 173, 175, 224, 227, 245 mc gee, thomas p. mc afee, charles t. mc afee, Ieslie 39 mc cain, scott mc carthy, roger a. 78, 155, 205 220, 221 mc clain, kathryn j. 81, 100 mc colpin, kelly s. 109, 111 mc coy, lee a. 105, 307 mc coy, rebecca I. 108, 245 mc coy, robert mc daniel, james mc donald, martha mc dougal, john r. mc dowell, catherine l. 17, 122, 186 mc dowell, elizabeth a. 245 mc farland, michael g. 307 mc garrh, mitchell w. mcgarrh, timothy a. mc garry, sandra 45, 105 mc gaughy, anne m. mc gaughy, janis a. 307 mc ginnis, kenneth w. mc gowan, tracy l. mc gowen, kjiston 286 mc grath, michael w. 286 mc graw, patrick m. mc graw, scott b. mc guire, robert l. 218, 286 mc hazlett, jerry 307 mc kee, scott b. 122, 286 mc kee, stuart b. mc kinzie, Iavonna I. 88, 91, 245 274 mc kinzie, scott h. 57 mc laren, glenn a. 17, 65, 150, 152, 286, 291 mc laren, guy e. 64, 138, 192, 193, 245, 259, 264, 266 mc Iennan, mona 286 mc mahan, james d. mc mahan, john t. 308 mc millen, kandria k. 246 mc minn, tamera mc vay, kelley m. 308 meador, teri d. meeks, christine m. 36, 70, 129, 135, 198, 199, 209, 213, 286 meeks, karen r. 170, 214, 215, 308 meier, bryan meinecke, angela g. 308 meister, kurt l. 109, 246, 267 meister, lisa mendoza, able mendoza, mike mendoza, paula 286 merrel, nancy r. 246, 276 mesrah i, alireza meux, marian meyer, meyer, meyer, meyer, amy j. 108, 286 denise I. 308 jon p. sandy d. meyer, stephen j. michalak, cindi middaugh, robert e. 181, 308 migues, michael 154, 155, 179, 201, 202, 203 mikulencak, james e. 308 milam, james c. 156, 308 milan, kenneth w. miller, christy miller, elizabeth a. miller, j ulie k. 101 miller, kimberly j. miller, mike 308 miller, rhonda s. 170, 227, 308 morris, tonja m. 77, 108, 301 morrison, james e. 246 morrison, jane a. 100 morse, diane I. morse, reuben morse, teryl l. 62, 91, 246 mosley, marian 308 motley, wilbur I. jr. 155, 200, 202 mount, lisa mozisek, melissa m. 139, 164, 165, 166, 167, 184, 185, 287, 289 mraz, freddie j. mueller, william g. mulford, maree a. 108, 308 mulford, michael f. 109, 111, 287 mullally, rebecca mund, judy a. 287 munoz, isabel m. munoz, jaime a.151,152, 201, 202, 203, 287 r miller, ross miller, scott f. 308 miller, stacey miller, susan I. miller, travis w. 125 mills, amos r. mills, angela l. mills, donald t. 181, 308 minkel, james d. 308 minkel, patricia a. minnick, jane e. 308 minter, edward t. mintz, alejandro r. mireles, lisa a. 189, 308 mitchell, douglass mitchell, melissa a. 192, 193 mitchell, robert e. 308 mitsakos, theodore mock, katherine e. 77, 308 mohundro, paulla a. 246 molloy, kathleen m. 68, 246, 277 molloy, maureen j. 30, 91 , 98, 101, 286 molloy, robert j. 180, 222, 308, 312 monico, leigh a. montague, william I. 152, 204, 205 montiel, ernest 308 montoya, carlos a. 286 1 ITIOOYS, m00f8, ITIOOYB, I'I100Y8, m0OI'B, bertran 152 bradley c. kimberly a. 308 michael r. 127 robert m. 286 moore, william c. 246 H1073 fl, robin a. moreland, leesa 105 moreno, carolyn m. moreno, danelia 123, 246, 269 moreno, michael a. morgan, donna j. 198, 199, 209, 212 morgan, ruthie r. morgan, tawnya 122 morgan, terri m. 97, 308 morille, pam 97, 308 morin, edward morris, morris, donna k. 83, 93 dorrie I. 17, 20, 39, 82, 130, 135, 160, 161, 268, 282, 286 morris, penny g. murphy, charles a. 145, 146, 149, 246 murphy, lucrecia murray, steven musil, vivian l. 308 musslewhite, scott a. nadolski, michael t. 46, 191, 192, 193, 287 nagel, allison k. 67, 289, 307, 10 nash, phaedra nauman neal, ml n, halmude 287, 290 chael neal, robert I. 31, 135, 197, 202, 203, 246, 278 nealon, nelms, I montgome a. 113, 308 ori e. 287 nelson, carolyn k. 108, 287 nelson, christopher c. 63, 131, 173, 175, 246 nelson, mark a. 109, 111 nelson, stephanie l. 91, 195, 246, 275 K nelson, stephen e. 149, 246, 276 neptune, juanita b. nestor, theresa m. neuman, john 181, 308 newcomer, earl k. newman, aaron m. newmyer, gregory d. 308 newmyer, scott r. 247 newton, arthur ng, chingsnan 308 ng, kit-chun 308 ng, pik chun 247 ngo, long d. ngo, to loan t. morris, timothy w. 21, 152, 286 nguyen, bao h. 84, 287 nguyen, canh q. nguyen, chinh t. 247 nguyen ng uyen , dung q. , dzung-quo b. nguyen, huong-lan 95 nguyen, Ian nguyen nguyen nguyen , Ilnh b. 84, 85 , nam son , nguyen p. nguyen, phuongui nguyen , tai h. nguyen, tuan nguyenba, myhoang nichols, yvonne nicklas, todd p. 181, 308 norris, russel w. 247 norris, shelly north, brant d. northcutt, kelly I. 17, 86, 87, 287 nortin, marit e. nortin, melissa m. nortin, paul c. 247 nowamooz, ashkan nunez de villa, marlene oblepias, albert e. 222 obrien, shonda I. 52, 97, 308 ochoa, alfredo odom, tina 308 odom, vanessa k. 83, 287 odonneII,j. 1.86, 87,114,115, 247, 274 o'donneII, suan m. 170, 308 oeffner, richard e. oehrle, deane I. oesch, charles I. 178, 179 oesch, tracy I. 247, 266, 276 ogg, martin a. 218 ohm, mee ojeda, armando n. 157, 308 ojeda, edwardo 179 okeefe, timothy p. olivier, tina r. 308 o'malley, michaela m. 87 opperman, terri I. 93 orr, tammy l. 287 ortiz, jorge I. 31, 46, 54, 146, 149, 247, 263, 275 osborne, cheryl k. 87 osborne, george r. 36, 129, 135, 172,174, 175,197, 287 osborne, jerri I. 247 oshaughnessy, deborah c. 108, 308 oshaughnessy, kathleen a. osina, teresa l. 122, 247 osorio, carmen 247 osorio, gloria 126, 287 osorio, romulo e. osorio, sandra oursler, marcie a. 108, 308 owen, jeff b. 109 ozio, angela k. ozio, daniel r. pace, stacy n. 247 pace, steve k. pace, terri I. 247 paddon, mark 309 padora, abner palumbo, theresa m. 195, 307 pandya, rajiv g. 204, 287 pang, chun-john m. 231 papadopoulos, william g. 91, 248 parker, Iora a. 15, 59, 77, 83, 91, 99,100,158,181, 192, 284, 287 parker, michael d. parker, ted parks, ronald w. 309 parsons, ronald g. partai patel, patel, patel, patel, patel, patel, patel, patel, patin, n, roger a. jr. dilip hiten r. 309 sanjiv sheila shilpesh s. snehal s. 85, 287 supen r. virenkuma joseph p. 287 patranella, barney I. 309 patranella, lisa k. 309 patterson, james I. 55, 127 patterson, russell 287 paul, william r. pavese, robin r. 23, 83, 91, 195, 248, 278 pavlicek, arnold j. 108, 309 payne, kelly l. 178, 179 payne, margaret I. 121 , 287 payne, shannon l. 68, 91, 135, 165, 166, 182,185, 248, 275 peat, gary a. 308, 309 peat, james m. 105, 248 peck, michael s. pelham, robin g. pelham, staci j. peloquen, jenny I. 247 pena, janet peraza, georgina 31 , 247, 276 peraza, juan c. peraza, oscarj. 130,131, 139, 177, 216, 218, 287 perez, phillip perry, ronald person, judith f. 247 petersen, david 78, 131, 152, 225, 287, 291 petersen, fred I. 52, 76, 76, 109, 111, 303, 309, 310 peterson, dale r. 104, 113 peterson, elizabeth 247 peterson, leon p. 309 petley, elizabeth a. pfalzgraf, gretchen k. 108, 287 pfalzgraf, marc e. pham, hung 247 pham, lien pham, Ioan 247 pham, nhung k. 94 pham, thuy pham, vlem t. 157 pham, viet 247 pham, vuong 84, 248 phan, chau n. 57, 157, 309 phillips, jeffery a. 15, 78, 90, 91, 134, 144,149, 192, 193, 248 274 phillips, paula j. 165, 287 phillips, shellie l. 113, 248, 274 r piccolo, guy ' pickens, larry 88, 89, 309 pickeral, sara w. 97, 309 pieper, don c. 309 pierce, debby 13, 16, 75, 91, 102,103,104,105,113,118, 119 , 287 pierce, jeffery d. pierce, kirk t. pierce, rodger d. pierce, tammy 119 pierce, frank r. 126, 249 pierpo nt, allen I. 287 pike, jeffery a. 78, 82, 91, 131, 151, 152, 153, 202, 287 ping, cynthia s. 221, 287 ping, eugene c. 126, 127, 249, 275 pittman, james l. pittock, robert b. pitts, michelle I. 249 pitts, tamara r. 67, 214, 215, 309 pizzitola, lita r. 76, 77, 247, 249, 265, 277 placette, allen w. placette, james e. 109, 309 plazinich, belinda poe, lisa r. 195 poling, mark e. 309 polk, mia pollard, karen a. 97, 309 poltorak, eva 80, 1 13 poole, brent a. 287 poole, shanna c. 108, 309 pope, jack f. porter, john k. 287 porter, joseph f. porter, kent 127 posey, travis b. potenza, steven n. 249 pourshahbazi, sankhoo powell, antonia e. 307, 309, 310 powell, barry r. powell, donna I. 249, 277 prather, Iynda b. 101 pratt, michael pratt, robert g. 149, 287 presley, susan I. 91, 108, 249, 276 price, cindy d. price, gina 7. 287 price, julie m. 108, 287 price, neal c. 309 price, noel c. 67, 307, 309, 310 prilliman, marc a. 287 primo, joseph w. 181 , 304, 309 primo, kim a. 233, 249, 260, 261, 262, 276 primo, robert w. propes, john d. 309 protomartir, oliver f. 309 propes, sharon r. 249, 278 provenzano, Iynette m. 309 pucek, haven v. puckett, gwendolyn m. 189, 309 pugh, tracey I. 249, 278 pulido, armando I. 157, 309 pulido, silvia m. 249, 274 purcell, patricia I. 100 purdy, dane purdy, ed 202 quintero, maria c. 249 quirch, jorge 309 rainey, kim a. 309 ramirez, zeke ramkumar, rajendra ramone, patrick ramsey, catherine j. 39 ramsey, timothy randall, alicia d. 309 randall, kris r. randel, dedra e. raney, leslie 249 raney, robert rangel, anna m. ransom, christine r. ransom, regina m. 91 , 249, 276 ratos, tracy g. 93, 229, 231 rawls, richard i. jr. 64, 126, 145, 147, 149, 224, 225, 250, 264 279 ray, alena m. 168, 169, 187 ray, james a. 21, 65, 71,15O, 152, 220, 221, 287, 288 ray, tracy f. 35, 103, 104, 105, 250, 262 rayburn, robert j. 95 reagan, joseph a. reed, laura 189, 309 reed, luke I. 157, 180, 309 reese, albert f. 250 reese, robin a. reese, sammy h. 155 reichardt, william d. reid, mitchell s. 287 reid, monica f. rennison, callie rennison, rachel 121, 287 restivo, felicia j. 287 reynolds, amy reynolds, cindy s. 100 reynolds, polly 59, 65, 250, 256 reznicek, larry d. rhodes, dana I. ribble, michael a. ribble, sherri a. 109, 287 rice, christine r. 309 rice, michael I. 124, 125 richards, dora I. 309 richardson, jacquelin r. 309 richardson, lisa r. 309 richardson, stephen g. 45 richau, lisa a. 74, 86, 87, 91, 94, 95, 287 rickard, michael c. 309 rigutto, victor v. 309 rios, reynaldo ritchel, john w. rivera, david j. rivera, raymond m. 250 rizzi, cheryl a. 287 roach, clint d. 309 roach, rebecca s. roach, tina r. 250 robards, roberts, roberts, roberts, roberts, roberts, marietta m. kandace b. laura a. 288 phil r. 109 scott t. 250 valerie robertson, laura e. 38, 81, 82, 88, 89, 91, 285, 288 robertson, lisa I. 250, 278 robinett, tresha I. 164, 165, 167 186, 187 robinson, cheryl s. 309 robinson, eddie m. 109, 288 robinson, kenneth w. 34, 109, 159 robinson, laura I. 68, 63, 288 robinson, michael e. 103, 104, 1 13 robinson, nicke robinson, nickie 310 rocha, jose a. 156, 310 index 357 roda, ronald a. 181, 223, 310 rodriguez, justin c. 70, 155, 227 rodriguez, marisa 121, 288 roessler, christen 288 rutherford, trey 310 rogan, rogers, rogers, 1 08, rogers, rogers, rogers, rollins, karen e. angela d. dana I. 34, 103, 105, 111, 113, 250 karen s. 288 kathryn a. 310 richard r. michael t. 310 romano, james p. 155, 325 romero, mario d. romero, robin e. 108, 309, 310 romero, roland a. 109, 111, 288 rook, john 155, 221 roten, randolph s. 310 rothbauer, alane 101, 134, 288 rothbauer, andrea 97, 310 rothma 221 n, stanley a. 155, 179, royster, ricky r. 310 royston, darryl w. 310 rucker, rudder, rudder, rudder, rumme 109, rumme 108, clayton k. andrea karen m. 288 lorraine 310 I, jeane m. 23, 25, 108, 111, 250, 267, 275 I, victoria 32, 76, 77, 296 rush, timothy s. 250, 256 russell, russell, russell, 91 russell, russell, russell, daniel a. 127, 288 john r. 250 michael 109, 111, 250, paul f. 109, 111 sherri I. 111, 123, 288 stephanie I. 250, 266 rya11,1inua b. 135,164,165, 183, 185, 289 sacco, andrew t. 87, 109, 283, 288 sacco, j ohn j. 155, 205 saiz, diana 91,121, 251, 267 salazar, jennie 108 salazar salazar ,juanita I. 77, 310 ,linda m.77,108 salinas, michael j. salvato, angela f. 54 sanborn, cynthia s. sanchez, alfonso 251 sanders, john h. 205, 288 santiago, alina m. saoud, sana 310 sargent, john a. sargent, michael n. 310 sauer, star c. 50, 310 savely, anthony g. 156, 181, 310 sayre, shanna r. 162, 163 schafstall, roxanne schattel, kenneth w. scheffer, renay 310 scheffer, tommy f. 155 schied, jeannette r. Schindler, keith d. 78, 155, 204, 205, 221 358 Index schindler, mark a. 51, 78, 156, 310 schmidt, joseph c. 56 schmidt, kristi I. 251 schneider, roy 66, 88, 89, 155 schoonmaker, bradley t. 155 schopp, lorie a. schrakamp, susan I. 71, 94,101, 288 schreiner, patti s. 118, 119, 310 schriewer, theresa a. 251, 256, 266, 278 schroeder, suzanne b. 100, 158, 288 schumacher, christopher t. 12, 113, 179, 223 schumacher, scott d. 19, 26, 82, 131,173,175, 222, 251, 260, 269, 275 schumate, kelly 228, 231 schumpert, kathryn j. scott, andrew 310 scott, deborah a. scott, robyn g. 39, 64, 88, 91 , 190, 192, 288 scrivner, jeffery s. seales, felicia a. 170, 189, 310 seeley, kimberly 310 seepersaud, rohan sego, annette m. segura, rudy seiglie, ana s. 95, 288 seimons, craig 125 seitz, michael a. sellers, joe 56, 196, 197, 288 sepulveda, roberto 124 settle, james a. seyffert, scharlott 88, 89 shafer, judith m. 91, 105, 164, 165,167, 251, 275 shaffner, gloria 308, 310 shah, atul 109, 222, 310 shahi, monoj sharifi, haleh sharp, jon m. shaw, Ianett 288 sherbit, kelly 288 sherengo, renee 310 sheridan, donal r. 221 sherrod, deborah k. 15, 77, 100, 134, 288 sherrod, robin shieh, johnny 84, 102, 105 shieh, susan 104, 105, 126, 288 shiller, brian d. 157, 310 shiller, carol d. 63, 91, 135, 164, 165,167,183,185, 212, 288 shimaitis, susan p. 77 shine, david b. 103, 105, 205 short, torri s. shrout, david p. 180, 221, 310 shrout, stephen m. 61, 91, 109, 111, 251 shumate, kelly g. 91, 113, 251 shumate, lisa a. 43, 288 shumate, steven b. 131, 179 siemens, craig a. sierzega, james 310 simmons, deborah 108 simms, catherine m. 105, 113, 251, 268 simms, michael g. 69 simon, mairim e. 310 simone, joseph sinders, stephen r. 310 sine, dawnann 189 sine, eric j. sinha, anil k. 60, 77, 84. 230, 251 sinha, neena k. 51, 67, 77, 84, 97, 105, 310 skinner, kristi I. 170, 188, 211, 212, 310, 312 skinner, thomas 164, 149, 217, 218, 251, 278 slay, joel 122, 251 sledge, kimberly a. 251, 278 sloan, dana c. sloan, donn c. 288 sloan, stephanie g. sloan, steven sloma, david b. 158, 229, 231 smith, bruce w. 125 smith, bryan g. 149, 251 smith, smith, smith, 288 smith, carrie I. 310 christopher f. 310 danna m. 98, 99,101, dee a. 96, 97, 310 smith, glenn b. smith, glenn b. smith, grant 1. so, 48, 127, 2a3, zaa smith, smith, hollis d. michael s. 18, 16, 62, 75, 76, 77, 91,109,111,158, 252 smith, smith, smith, smith, smith, paul 310 rebecca I. roger a. scott f. 310 sherri I. 67, 307 smith, tammy d. smitherman, brenda k. smitherman, thomas s. 91, 108, 252, 278 snedecor, tina snow, jacque a. 52, 310 snyder, dayna e. snyder, michael v. 80, 91 , 104, 105, 288 solana, antonio 288 solana, yamila 252, 274 268, 275 stoner, joseph a. straubinger, robe?t straughan, floyd j. 288, 95 strobel, shelle m. 65, 76, 252, 256, 274 stroer, eric I. strong, henry 31 1 stroplos, alexander 127, 252 stroud, candace d. strube, deborah k. 97, 311 stuart, alwilda 105 stuart, caroline e. stuchbery, gena r. 109 stump, kathy 108 suan, gershon g. 38, 172, 175, 252, 267 suh, june j. 288 suhr, sherri r. 20, 135, 160, 161 sumler, terri d. 123, 288 summers, valerie f. 4, 61, 76, 77 91,108, 252, 256, 261, 279 somner, christy 97 somner, richard sorley, karIaj.109, 111, 311 soucy, mona I. sowa, paul t. 311 spanel, patrick j. sparks, dwayne I. 156, 31 1 speanburg, michael j. 155 speer, bruce 31 1 speer, joey s.78, 151,152 sperling, lisa 214 spicer, william s. 179 spiller, troy s. spink, carla I. spivey, kyle 94, 205 spragins, kim I. 252, 278 spunt, stuart d. st. romain, lee e. stager, mark a. stamm, eric m. 88, 89, 311 stanford, stacy I. starks, david n. 35, 44, 102, 104,105,114,126, 288 sumruld, james e. 33, 51, 176, 177, 288 sutherland, anjanette swan, kipperly j. 50, 311 swetlik, elizabeth j. swift, johnny c. 49, 109, 311 swift, theresa 96, 97 ta, cuong g. ta, kim t. taghavi-bayat, masood taylor, taylor, 252, taylor, taylor, catherine 97, 31 1 donald j. 44, 146, 149, 269 jerry I. 97, 311 kent a. taylor, kimberly m. 311 taylor, steven r. 152, 288 taylor, susan 311 teers, frank j. 29, 31, 32, 149, 252, 262, 275, 266 tepolt, john s. 311 terry, kimberly a. 109 terry, melissa b. 50, 66, 189, 311, 313 thatcher, jeri 252, 278, 256 thatcher, lori a. theriot, dena I. theriot, kim I. 39, 162, 163 theriot, trina k. 253 thevenin, betty I. thevenin, walter m. 127, 288 thomas, blair a. 31 , 100, 192, 253, 274 thomas, griffith j. 30, 155 thomas, johnna j. 96, 97 thomas, sherly a. 76, 77, 311 thomas, shessy 105 thompson, evelyn a. stavinoha, jane e. 195, 311, 313 steele, steele, Ieslie r. 288 melissa m. 135, 198, 199, 209, 210, 212, 213, 311 stephens, greg a. stephens, michelle a. 24, 252, 279 stewart, mark r. 43, 152, 288 stinneford, charles I. stinneford, elizabeth j. 252 stokes, catherine 31 1 stokes, cynthia 28, 252, 256, thompson, janice I. 187 thompson, jerry r. thompson, robin c. thornton, alex g. 31 1 thornton, robert k. 253 throckmorton, kevin d. throckmorton, Iesa a. 253 thyrring, jean m. tidwell, gary I. tincha, randy 253 tolibas, teresa 31 1 zahedani, maryam 255 toman, beth e. 108 toman, richard j. 288 toole, amy e. 311 toole, gregory t. 253 townsend, darryl 207, 31 1 townsend, leslie e. townsend, lisa I. 214, 215, 311 towsley, tracey trabulsi, fuad v. tran, bao n. 253 tran, anna 267 tran, duc I. 253 tran, Iinh g. tranum, linda a. 311 tranum, nancy I. 311 trascher, kirk I. 31 1 tripicchio, joseph i. trosclair, robin m. 29, 289 truong, ai p. 253, 276 truong, bingh t. 31 1 truong, hoa t. tsen, david 60, 84, 85, 253 tsen, tony 84 tucker, brett 152, 289 'tucker, chris w. 156, 180, 221, 31 1 turanyi, teresa turberville, charles a. 253 turberville, cynthia l. 311 turcotte, cheryl k. 113 turnell, jodie I. 311 turner, bobby 289 turner, kelley I. 311 turner, ray j. turner, rebecca r. 109 tumer, robert w. tumer, roy d. turpin, peggy 288, 289 tussy, elena r. 311 twitty, donna l. 311 twitty, teena j. 311 urbanowicz, eugene 71, 80, 91, 289 urbanowicz, irene s. 253 urbanowicz, mary j. 289 van, manh h. van, vu h. van gilder, david 253 van hoy, michael n. 311 vance, sheryl l. vangilder, kevin vangilder, susan e. 108, 311 varela, alejandro 85, 88, 131, 177, 289 varley, gregory 289 varley, mark a. 31 1, 302 veazey, carol l. 289 velasquez, rosalinda 253 velasquez, rudolpho r. velasquez, sylvia velek, donna m. 254 velek, jerry d. velez, ruben veomett, sally I. vera, juan g. verastegui, kenneth 126, 127, 254 vergara, thalia 311 vidal, carlos 205 vidal, elisabet villarreal, beth villarreal, beverly visser, Iori e. 39, 82, 134, 286, 289 viswanathan, vairavan 84 vo, loan t. vo, ngoc b. 312 vo, tam b. 254 vorllstfrnberg, jerry c. 93, 109, voss, christine i. 121, 254, 233 vossman, john w. 156, 312 vossman, thomas e. 31, 91, 126, 147, 149, 254 wagner, bill m. 149, 205, 289 wagner, jill a. 28, 126, 254 wagner, john a. 33, 205 wagner, penny 28, 254 wakeland, lynn m. walker, brian n. 128, 289 walker, david d. 156, 157, 206, 207, 280, 312 wall, clifton 149, 201, 202, 289 wall, david a. 85, 91, 254, 267 walling, michael j. 289 wallman, glenn m. wallman, mark walsh, augustine w. 78, 152, 205, 289 walsh, lawrence g. 155, 201, 222 ward, brian e. 192, 193, 289 ward, steven l. 157, 312 wardlow, gregory d. 78, 151, 152, 218, 288, 289 warren, catherine 289 warren, lee w. 312 warren, susan f. watkins, phyllis a. 13, 16, 289 watson, parris v. 16, 130, 144, 147, 149, 205, 289 watts, darrin181, 197, 310, 312 watts, david w. 181, 312 watts, deborah a. 68 watts, donna j. 254, 279 watts, mary e. weaver, Iori a. 29, 164, 169, 289 weaver, sylvia c. 109, 312 weaver, twila g. 32, 51, 162, 163, 301 webb, dexter d. 52, 78, 156, 207, 281 , 312 webb, donald e. 289 webb, wrandall h. weber, rochelle s. 296, 301 webster, frances m. 312 welch, matthew w. 43, 88, 90, 91,109,111, 254, 277 wells, anthony b. 312 wells, laura b. 301 wentz, eugene m. 312 wernette, lisa g. wernette, phyllis 77, 91, 100, 285, 289, 325, 266 wessinger, betty jo 98, 209, 289 west, cheryl 254, 256, 274 wheeler, mihael r. wheeler, tina u. whippl white, e, glenn k. 127, 289 barbara 312 white, kelly white, white, white, white, martin 301 sean d. sheri r. 289 tammie whitehead, dawn m. whitehead, deane 254 wiener, debra 102, 105, 307, 312 wiener, gary a. 102, 103, 289 wilhelm, trisha I. 289 wilhite, bobby 52, 53, 288 wilkinson, james m. 91 , 109, 111, 254 willert, david m. 312 williams, arter p. 255 williams, frances I. 108, 312 williams, jeff w. 155, 301 williams, jimmy 301 williams, john s. 177, 301 williams, karen m. 77, 90, 91, 122, 255, 257, 277 williams, lacie d. 289 williams, Ieroy e. jr. 127, 255, 266 williams, linda k. 108, 312 williams, Iori e. 125, 255 williams, mark I. 197, 202, 289 williams, melanie I. 311, 301 williams, ronald d. williams, sharon d. williamson, dennis c. 221, 301 willman, christopher d. 155, 301 wills, lisa j. 255, 276 wills, michael h. wilson, brent t. wilson, chris 155, 228, 230, 231 301 1 wilson, david b. 301 wilson, deborah d. 36, 100, 289 wilson, denise e. 312 wilson, kelly s. 255 wilson , laura l. 105, 289 wilson, Iori I. 289 wilson wilson , louis p. 312 , lucy l. 255 wilson, nikita d. 312 wilson wilson wilson , pamela 301 , patrick 152, 289 , richard d. 313 wilton, jeffrey s. 313 winfield, jeflery 301 winston, edward j. 122, 289 winston, jeremy d. 221, 313 wise, alisa m. 96, 97, 305, 313 wise, todd k. 91,109,111, 289 wiseman, howard 306, 313 wiser, robert d. witzelberger, patrick 301 wolfe, charles w. 155 wolff, helmuth e. 152, 221, 289 womack, mark w. 313 wood, anthony j. 192, 313 wood, elaine c. 289 wood, jodi l. 123, 255, 279 wood, robin d. 38, 71,100, 301 woodring, renee r. 313 woody, iudith g. 313 worth, paula j. wright, laura j. 20, 29, 91, 130, 135,160, 161, 209, 212, 290 wright, michael 138, 191 , 195, 301 wright, nicholas e. 290 wynhoff, robert m. yale, marilyn a. yancey, juanita d. 123, 290 yameau, herman g. yawn, kenneth 229, 231, 255 yeager, april m. 301 yee, anna d. 313 yeilding, tara l. 301 yeoman, kevin r. 301 yeyille, elizabeth 59 yeyille, maria e. 313 yi, byung t. yi, lnsuk s. 42, 290 young, jelisa young, john 157, 313 young, scott e. young, tracy l. 313 youngblood, april 102, 103, 105, 313 youngblood, kathyleen 301 youngblood, sherilan 100, 108, 255, 277 yust, karen 80, 91, 1 13, 290 yust, karl f. 181, 207 zamudio, thomas c. 301 zaragoza, anthony r. 301 zaragoza, sherri 97, 313 zdobylak, christoph r. zeagler, tiffeney c. 301 1 a, daniel m. 155,'217, 218 501 zepeda, martha g. 290 10fll10l'l0, paul 1. 290 ziegler, alex zubizarita, eduardo 290 zuhlke, richard a. ' zuhlke, ronjld c. zwick, michael l. 147, 255 zwick, shelley l. 20, 301 index 359 ihe ram power... 360 closingafter a year filled with dis- appointments, the rams per- formed with determination making everyone see the value in unity and belief in self, together the rams over- came obstacles and gave elsik high school a reputation, one described as a never yielding effort that has gained the rams respect throughout the district, reflecting on the year, it is clear that you, rams, were on the move. closing 361colo body style — news gothic - 23 paper — matte 80 lb. binding — smyth rounded and backed headline style — impact italic -60 theme — rams on the move 362 closing phon I cover — blind embossed (ordered — 'c ?00 cop%4s52 W',h 3 90,d s,lkscreen delivery — summer book the end closing 363autographs 364 autograph ■n autograph 365 QaaAautograph 367368 autographI L-

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Alief Elsik High School - Ramblings Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


Alief Elsik High School - Ramblings Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


Alief Elsik High School - Ramblings Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 9

1980, pg 9

Alief Elsik High School - Ramblings Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 254

1980, pg 254

Alief Elsik High School - Ramblings Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 35

1980, pg 35

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