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I ness. mc.. vusumsrou, D, c.IQ 9QlIU6Illf4D4I3fRAIIDHS , , asioiumiuie imitate f Edited by the Students of ff ALICE DEAL IUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL VOLUME Tiff JANUARY, 1937 NUMBER 1 A Letter to the Graduates Dear Girls and Boys of the Graduating Class: The Square Deal, commemorating as it does the achievements of the graduating class, has come to be one of the landmarks of Alice Deal Junior High School. I look forward with pleasure each semester to its publication. I appreciate the honor and the privilege which the editors extend to me of saying one last personal word to all of you before you leave Alice Deal to become a part of the senior high schools of Washing- ton. I am especially grateful this semester for the opportunity to thus address you. While I do not know as many of you personally as I wish I did, I am interested in you. I have studied your record at Alice Deal and I am proud of that record. I shall watch with even greater interest the record which each of you makes in senior high school. You are, indeed, fortunate to have the Woodrow Wilson right here in the com- munity ready to receive you and ready to help you realize the dreams which Alice Deal has sought to inspire. May all of your dreams come true! Two things we have tried to do for each of you: to give you the skills and tools of learning with which to educate yourselvesg to help you to achieve that self- direction and self-control which will enable you to use those tools wisely. We have succeeded very well with the first. Your test records show that most of you are unusually well prepared for the tasks ahead of you. As to your powers of self-direction and self- control, time alone will show the measure of our success. To every man there openeth A way and ways and a way. And the high soul climbs the high way . And the low soul gropes the low, And in between on the misty flats The rest drift too and fro. To every man there openeth A high way and a low And every man decideth The way his soul shall go. I confidently expect to watch the members of this graduating class climb the high way of life. Very sincerely, Bertie Backus lgl Vcrledictory Today we realize that we have reached another port on our voyage through life. Now we may pause for a moment and reflect on some of the experiences that we have encountered on our passage to this im- portant destination. All has not been smooth sailing. If it had been, our success would not seem so satisfying an accomplishment. We feel a justiiable sense of pride in having completed this part of our journey, yet we are not unconscious of the aid which we have received from our principal, our teachers, and our own student- 2 ALICE DEAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL il SQUARE DEAL ofiicers who have played the part of officers and crew for our ship. Having left behind the safe haven of elementary school, we sailed with high hopes upon the untraveled seas which were to lead us through junior high school to the distant shore of senior high. Our ship seemed small and insignificant as it steamed its way slowly but surely through the first year with its many changes and readjustments. Many times our staunch little craft wavered as it struggled to maintain its course through the shallows, sometimes coming dangerously close to the reefs of failure, but with ready guidance ever at hand we managed to plow onward. Pausing at the close of the seventh grade to refuel, we had time to reflect on our achievements. We felt a little more assured now that our ship seemed to loom larger and more important in the life of the school. We continued our journey conscious of the awe of the new seventh graders, and aware that we were meriting a little recognition from the seniors. Some of us even began to be recognized as leaders in various activities, and had opportunities to develop our talents in various ways. Careful to avoid shipwreck, we buckled down to work in order that no disaster might befall us. At length we reached our second coaling base and discovered that, almost before we had realized it, we must prepare ourselves for graduation. Filled with enthusiasm we put to sea for the third time. Neverthe- less, experienced sailors that we were, we occasionally went off the course, but inspired by the beacon light from the port so close at hand, we regained the channel and entertained high hopes of completing our voyage creditably. Today we are ready to debark from the friendly craft which has brought us safely thus far. In a few moments we shall receive our diplomas-passports which certify that we have earned the right to take passage on a larger and more complicated vessel for a journey through more difficult seas. XVe find it harder than we realized to say farewell to our faithful ship and devoted crew. It is hard to part from those of our class whose paths must separate at this point. We trust, however, that the friendships we have formed here may endure throughout the years, and we depart knowing that Alice Deal does not forget fh0Se Wh0 have sailed with her. As the radiance of the new wtofld made Clear the pathway of Columbus, so may the m0U30 of 0'-11' School, Light and Life, kindle our vision 25 WC, 500, Sail on and on. ht Katie if utlaerford -L xx XX Salutation ' , It gives me great pleasure to act as spokesman for my class to welcome you and to express our apprecia- tion for your presence on this important occasion. We are extremely happy to be graduating, and we are thoroughly enjoying our brief moment of glory. Even if we were not confident that you rejoice with us, your beaming smiles would betray you. Arenlt your hearts, in tune with ours, beating a little faster with pride and pleasure in our achievement? This is an appropriate moment to acknowledge with sincere gratitude the debt we owe for the devoted interest of parents, friends, and teachers. Without your help We should not find ourselves ready and waiting to receive the diplomas which are ofiicial evidence of our accom- plishments. Nor do we wish this occasion to pass with- out a word of appreciation for the friendly associations our school has afforded us with teachers and fellow- students. We sever this association with regret, but with the satisfaction of knowing that we have obtained here a foundation in character-training through a pro- gram of studies, activities, and Wholesome contacts which should find us equipped to meet the problems which will inevitably face us as we enter a new field of learning. We believe that we have here learned to think and to understand and to appreciate the value of an educa- tion. As we bask in the spotlight of this thrilling moment we feel inspired to entertain high hopes of justifying your pride and loyalty, and we pledge our best efforts to realizing some of the ambitions you cherish for us. for IVPIIS 'Nu SQUARE DEAL ALICE DEAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 3 The Tree That Saved My Life I was driving down Macomb Street on my chum's bicycle. I was clipping along about twenty miles an hour. Just as I started pumping faster, the handle bar broke and came off in my hands. I dropped it on the pavement and the bicycle Went out of my control. I was careening along dizzily, when I saw a car coming up the street. I couldn't put on the brakes. Was I going into the street and get run over or hit by the car? Fate only knew. That is what flashed through my mind, although afterwards I thought I had been dreaming. Bewildered and too scared to shout, I finally saw I was heading toward a tree. After going about twenty- five feet farther, I ran off the pavement into the tree. This also happened in a few minutes. Luckily, I had only a few cuts which had to be sewed up. I am thank- ful I was not run over. That tree saved my life. Lawrence Siggers, 7A7. A Meal for a King What tastes better than a meal cooked in the open over an open fire, with a bunch of congenial fellows sitting in a circle around it? It is great fun to broil the sizzling steaks over the hot coals and occasionally stir the Irish potatoes so that they will bake evenly while buried in the embers. Crisp October evenings are just the thing to whet a chapis appetite, and a brisk hike over the hills to a favorite spot gathering together some fire wood puts the right edge on his appetite. One can hardly wait to put his piece of steak on a long handled fork or a stick with a prong on the end to hold it over the coals. As the juices ooze out and the fat sizzles to a nice brown, the aroma fairly makes one's mouth water. Then a dash of salt and a little pepper sprinkled over it, with a hunk of butter to melt in the center, finishes it to perfection. This, with the potatoes baked to a flaky white, seasoned and buttered, and hot Parker House rolls hit the right spot. To top off, one needs a cool drink- of sweet cider and some pumpkin pie with perhaps a piece of snappy cheese on the side, and a fellow has a meal lit for a king. Neil Wheeler, 9B3. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D. C., December 15, 1936. Dear Mother, Things are dull in Washington. Our house is bitterly cold. When I go out I have to be carried because the mud is so thick it soils my shoes. XVe have poor trans- portation and none of the streets is lighted, so we usually stay home at night and have card playing and dancing to pass time. John went duck hunting this morning. Tomorrow evening I have levees which start at eight and end at ten. I serve tea, coffee, wine and small cakes. Congress is in session from eleven in the morning until four in the evening. Sunday afternoon services are held. Many people crowd into the House of Representatives. I am expecting you to visit me Christmas and am counting on you. Write soon and let me know. With love, JANE ADAMS Betty Konigsberg, 7B3. An Exciting Adventure With a Famous Explorer It was nearly October twelfth when we first saw any land. The food was very scarce and we had prac- tically no water. I was cabin boy on the Santa Maria, the flagship of the fleet. The crew was mutinous and afraid. Despair was written on all faces, but nothing could turn back our leader, Columbus. Early the next morning Columbus, who had stayed at the bridge all night, came running into the cabin shouting, I see land! Land I tell you!,' Everyone was up in an instant, and out on deck. The cook was there with knife in hand, and some of the crew had not even taken time to dress. Later we rowed out to this new land and Columbus claimed it for Spain. This, I think, is my most exciting adventure. jack Pierce, 8AS. 4 ALICE DEAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL SQUARE DEAL THE SQUARE DEAL THE STAFF: JANUARY, 1937 EDITORS: Virginia Burgess, Katherine Fuller, William Gott- shall, Lillian Kilburn, Cathryn Ann Riggleman, Joe Wells. SUBSCRIPTIONS: Edna Braithwaite, Phyllis Cook, Margaret Drury, Dorothy I-Ioltman, Betty Noack, Richard Pollock, Jean Sanford, Charles Stockcll, John Vandergrift, Mary Adelaide Everett. ADVERTISING! Merrill Birdsong, Edna Braithwaite, Mary Adelaide Everett, Jerry Grosner, Zerelda I-Iankins, Bever- ley Leder, Jerry Lee, Jimmie Marsh, Joe Mitchell, Dorothy Moye, Marjorie McMair, NVilliam Notz, Barbara Snow. TYPISTS: Mary Adelaide Everett, Mary Fletcher, Dorothy Hayes, Katherine Jones. FACULTY ADvIsERs: EDITORS! Miss Chobotg SUBSCRIPTIONS! Miss Milburn: ADVERTISING: Mrs. Higbie. 1i..G.1 Moving Day Moving day has its trials. To begin with, the mov- ing van will never arrive on time. Then little Junior insists on bringing everything from his pet toad to his dog house, the poor occupant of which died long ago. Getting the furniture out of the house is another trial. Musty trunk-s must be brought down from the attic and old baby carriages must be dragged up from the cellar. Beds must be torn apart never to be replaced correctly again. Glassware, chinaware, and silver must be packed in tons of excelsior. Clothes must be packed in suitcases. Mother vows she'll never move again! At last we are on our way when Junior discovers he has left his tricycle, the one without the handlebars. So--off we go back home because little Junior will not stop howling. Then comes the grand hunt for the trouble- causing toy. When it is found, we can't find a place to put it, but Junior will absolutely not leave it home. Gracious, he has started howling again! Mother settles it this time. In the wink of an eye she yanks him into the car and we are on our way again to our new resi- dence. Playllis Rathburn, 9A7. Mutiny in the Basement As long as I live I shall retain the memories and scars of my last minute Christmas shopping. I started with high hopes of conquest but to my dismay it was not conquest, but contest-to see who could get to the counter. At first, with much faith in the courtesy of my fellow men, I resigned myself to being pushed along with the crowd. It was not so simple as this, how- ever, as I was soon to discover, so setting myself in much the same position as an attack-ing football player, I lunged at the counter. My first attack was repelled by a huge specimen of feminine humanity who nearly cracked my rib with a well-placed elbow. Seeing that further attempt to gain a place through this veritable Rock of Gibraltar was hopeless, I tried the yard goods counter. Again I charged at the line, this time gaining two yards-of cloth-which was promptly ripped in two by an overzealous contender. I finally decided that in union there is strength, so with several of my com- panions, whom I failed to mention, I went into punt formation. Our opponents promptly formed a six-two- two-one defense. Someone kicked a goal on my shin and in my stumbling attempt to regain my center of equilibrium, I found myself actually face to face with the sales girl. My success must have gone to my head. At least someone's umbrella did. Sufficiently recovered to battle my way out, I vowed never to wait until the last minute to do my Christmas shopping. i Eleanor Mellicbampe, 9A3 . Row Houses One day I went to visit my aunt who had just moved into a new row house. After dinner I went for a walk by myself. Upon returning to the house, I found a note in the dining room which directed me to retire. Thinking my aunt was probably at the movies, I went up to bed. Just before dozing off, I heard the folks return. Imagine my feelings when I saw, not my uncle and aunt, but strangers peering at me! Amm Hudrllesofz, 7A1. f l SQUARE DEAL ALICE DEAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL S A Bus Ride A keen observer can spend a very fruitful period of observation of human character on a bus. Easily recog- nized is the successful business man, slightly rotund at the waist, quite gray, in conservative dark serge suit, with the accompanying tie and shining shoes befitting his calling. Always interesting is the shopper with bundles of varied shapes and sizes. What could possibly be in that long, thin bundle balanced so periously on top of the package with the sides bulging? Over in a corner sits a young fellow peering into a book. The Whole world, as far as he is concerned, is contained within the book. Maybe he is studying for a special examination, or maybe he is just another fellow who thinks reading is life's only excuse for being. While the bus waits, its powerful motor idling, thirty passengers being delayed, a young lady of ive insists on her kiss from daddy. And not one of the group begrudges these few moments. Even the motor roars its satisfaction as it pulls away! . Douglas Burton, 9A1. Calamity It happened last Thanksgiving. One had to be care- ful as the passing was treacherous. The curved sides were as smooth as glass, as slippery as ice. The distance, which was really quite short, seemed endless. I knew that I was silly to be so apprehensive as many ahead of me had succeeded without hesitating, but for some reason my courage failed when it came my turn. My hands were perspiring. Then the journey started. I was slow and deliberate. I had covered a quarter of the distance, now a half, now three-quarters. I had nearly finished. Then, for apparently no reason what-so-ever, it happened. The catastrophe I had been dreading happened. There was quite a commotion. Up in the air! Down in my lap! Yes, after all my trouble and worry, I had done it. I had dropped the dish with the preserves in it. Lucille Stringer, 7A7. The World's Funniest Game Chess is unique of all games. Why people play it I don't know. Other games have elements of physical skill, excitement, and chance, but chess has none of them. Most outdoor games have all of these elements, indoor games most of them. Even checkers has excitement. To see players at a board waiting anywhere from five min- utes to an hour for the opponent to move, exchanging puzzled looks as pieces are taken, often makes me wonder why the game was ever invented. As the game proceeds, the faces of the players alternately show triumph and despair as knights, bishops, rooks, and pawns maneuver in attempts to corner the opponent's king or queen. When the game has finally been completed, both participants solemnly declare that they will never again indulge in this idiotic pastime, but after an hour or so they are at it again. In my opinion, all sensible people should stick to sensible games such as football, basketball, baseball, and tennis. If they must have indoor games, why not bridge or poker? But they won't stick to sensible games. They insist on this crazy, nerve-wracking, thought-provoking game called chess. Or at any rate I do. Henry Silsbee, 9A6. Qlto-,1 Forming Character Character is the result of training. A fine character is formed by constant good habits. There is no greater achievement than the development of good character. Character is formed not by indulgence, but by consistent sacrince. Character is not doing anything for a reward or for any selfish purpose. It is satisfied knowing that it is doing the right thing. When one lies, or cheats, he is not forming good character, and is cheating him- self of a very valuable possession. Building good character is not an easy task. It is a very difficult one. A person must be on his guard continuously if he wants to build good character. Fair play and, in some cases, self-denial, are the bases for forming good character. A good character is worth more than all the riches in the world. Allen Sondbeimer, 7A4. 6 ALICE DEAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL SQUARE DEAL An Embarrassing Experience A few summers ago my family Went to New Hampshire for a week. We stayed at a place called Bow Lake because it is in the shape of a bow. There were many islands which We liked to visit by canoe, and I had my first canoe ride to one of the islands. XVe started one afternoon about one o'clock. My friend and I paddled. In this part of New Hampshire there are many blueberries. The island where we landed was covered with big juicy ones. We found some cans and began picking berries. After we had grown tired, we returned to the canoe and pushed off, tak-ing the blueberries back to the cottage. Drawing along side of an old canoe landing, I was elected to get out first. I was just about on shore when I slipped, and one foot slid into the water. Next, I found myself standing in water about up to my waist. My first canoe ride was a funny experience, but I enjoyed it very much. Mary Anna Sandmeyer, 8B2. The New Ark My great, great, great grandmother came with a group of emigrants to America from England in 1640. The settlers landed at the place which is now Newark, New Jersey, and started to build a small stockade. When it was about finished, winter overtook the settlers and they were forced to live on the ship. The next spring they finished the stockade and moved in. When they were established in their new homes, the leader called a meeting to decide a name for the settlement. My great, great, great grandmother suggested The'New Ark. All of the names men- tioned were voted upon, but the one my great, great, great grandmother selected received the most votes so the new settlement was called The New Ark. That name today has become Newark-. Bryan Ogden, 9A2. 7530 96th Street, Brooklyn, N. Y., April 10, 1856. Dear William, I believe you know that I accompanied Henry M. Stanley on his trip to Africa in search of David Living- stone. We were five years in the jungles of Africa and endured many hardships. Only about half of the party survived. We saw many strange sights in the years of jungle life. Several times I came near to losing my life. One time we were captured by natives that dis- liked white men very much because a party had taken many of them slaves years before. They were about to kill us, but one night when they were having a celebration, we escaped with the aid of one friendly native. The meeting of Stanley and Livingstone was a scene never to be forgotten. As we approached his party, Stanley casually said, David Livingstone, I presume. Livingstone was ill with fever but was continuing his work among the natives. XVe tried to persuade him to return to civilization, but he would not leave the natives. Later he died, and, as you know, the natives buried his heart in Africa. His body is being tak-en back to England to be buried in Westminster Abbey. My experiences in Africa were very thrilling, and I shall never regret going, but I believe my place is in New York. Sincerely yours, JOHN BLACK Alice Nix, 7A2. - Hunting When the cold comes in the fall, That's the time I like the best, 'Cause Dad and I go hunting Far away from all the rest. We leave the cities far behind, Taking only guns and dogs. We have fun chasing rabbits From their homes in old dry logs. Catherine Dodd, 7B1. SQUARE DEAL ALICE DEAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 7 WHO'S WHO IN 9B JACK ABBOTT-Glee club, 7A, first teams, 7A, 7B, SA, perfect attendance, 7B, SA, public performance, SA, first letter, SA, assistant host, SA, traffic officer, 9A, 9B, book- room assistant, 9A. ROBERT ARNOLD--Host, 7A, harmonica club, 9A, laboratory assistant, SB, 9A, 9B, stage crew, 9B. CLARK ASHBY-Entered Deal from Paul, 9B, traffic force, 9B, perfect attendance, 9B, second team football, 9B. GLENN ATKYNS-First teams in baseball, soccer, foot- ball, and volley-ball, champion volley ball team, public per- formance, Six Who Pass While the Lentils Boil, SA, squad leader 7B, SA, shop foreman, 7B, SA, first letter, SB, scrap book, SA. LOIS BAER QCUBSIEJ-Glee club, 7A, 7B, stamp club, 7B, hostess, 7B, first athletic award, SA, second athletic award, 9A, operetta, Tea House of Sing Lo, 9A, first letter, 9A, second letter, 9B, stage crew, 9B, art monitor, 9B, squad leader, SB, badminton club, 9B. ROBERTA BARBEE QBERTAJ-All first teams, squad leader, 7A, tumbling club, 7B, glee club, 7B, first athletic pin, SB, champion soccer team, SB, played -Powell, SB, tap dance club, 9A, second athletic pin, 9A, basket ball club, 9A, first letter, 9B. ARNOLD BARDEN-Baseball team, 7A, SA, 9A, foot- ball team, 7B, SB, 9B, soccer team, 9B, aeroplane club, SA, host, 9B, traffic force, 9A, 9B, social committee, 9B. DAVID BEBERMEYER fB.B.J-Host, SB, traffic officer, SB, 9A, art monitor, 9A, 9B, first team football, 9B, first team baseball, 9A, lock and locker assistant, 9B, Red Cross representative, 9A. BRUCE BECKINGTON QBESSIEJ-Traffic force, SB, 9A, 9B, perfect attendance, 9B, first team, SA, first letter, 9B, host, 7B, SA. MERRILL BIRDSONG QBIRDIEJ-Host, SA, first team baseball, 9A, art monitor, 9A, 9B, first team football, 9B, traffic officer, 9B, lock and locker assistant, 9B. EVELYN BODENSTEIN QEBBIEJ-Squad leader, 7A, 7B, glee club, 7A, 7B, 9B, stage performance, 7B. RALPH BOGART-Spelling assembly, 7A, squad leader, 9A, host, 9A, school football team, 9B, athletic assembly, 9B, traffic officer, 9B, all first teams. HENRY BOUCHER-Entered, 9A, all first teams, 9A, section vice-president, 9B, athletic representative, 9B, cap- tain of football team, 9B. EDNA BRAITHWAITE QCHICKJ--Glee club, all semesters, operetta, 9A, public performance, SB, 9A, 9B, Square Deal committee, 9B, dramatic club, 9A, first letter, 9B, art monitor, 7B, 9A, domestic art monitor, 9B, French assembly, 9B, advertising committee, 9B, compositions in Square Deal, SA, SB. JANET BROXVN CJAMJ-Glee club, 7A, volley ball team, SA, play, White Phantomf, 9A, athletic award, 9A, ping pong tournament, 9A, 9B, hostess, 9B. JAMES BURCH, JR. CJIMJ-Entered during SA, second team baseball championship, SA, host, 9A, 9B, Square Deal advertising committee, 9B. VIRGINIA LESLIE BURGESS QBURGIEJ-First team soccer and baseball, all semesters, first and second letters, 9A, honor roll, 9A, Square Deal committee, 9B, Gift committee, 9B, soccer championship, 9B, baseball championship, SB. BRUCE BURNSIDE-Entered Deal in 7B, second team baseball championship, SA, graduation class picture com- mittee, 9B. NORVELL BURR--Laboratory assistant, SB, 9A, 9B, second team, 9A, 9B. WILLIAM BUSH QBILLJ-Host, 7A, vice-president, 7B, trafiic force, SB, 9A, 9B, first team, all semesters, first letter, 9A, athletic council, SA, social committee of graduating class, 9B, school baseball team, SA, 9A, sub-captain of traffic force, 9B. ARCHIE BUYERS-Operetta, glee club, 7B, SA, 9A, 9B, honor roll, 9A, traffic force, 9A, 9B, riding club, 7B, first team baseball and football, 7B, SA, SB, 9A, second team foot- ball and basketball, 9B, first and second letter, 9A, third letter, 9B, public performances, 7B, SA, 9A, 9B, soccer championship, 9B, host, SB. DEAN CARTER-Entered Deal in 9B, host, 9B. CATHERINE CAVE QCATYJ-All first teams, per- fect attendance, 7B, SA, SB, 9A, three athletic awards, 7A, SA, 9A, first letter, SB, second letter, 9A, articles in Square Deal, 7B, SA, public performance, 9A, tumbling club, 9A. 8 ALICE DEAL IUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL SQUARE DEAL VIRGINIA CLARK QCLARKJ-Glee Club, 7A, SA, SB, 9A, 9B, second team, all semesters, stamp club, SA, glee club assemblies, tumbling team, SA, SB, library committee, SB, 9A, perfect attendance, SA, SB, 9B, first letter, SB, second letter, 9A, third letter, 9B, laboratory assistant, SB, 9A, operetta, 9A, athletic award, 9A, Red Cross assistant, 9A, Red Cross representative, 9B, Red Cross assembly, 9B. HOWARD CLARKE QBUDDYQ-Ivlember of traffic force, SB, 9A, 9B. KATHERINE CLAUDE QKITTYJ-Glee club, 7A, honor roll, 7A, 7B, SA, class president, SA, 9B, first letter, SA, second letter, 9A, class secretary, SB, 9A, squad leader, 7A, SB, first teams, 9A, 9B, first athletic award, 7B, second athletic award, 9A, chairman of picture committee, 9B, advertising committee, 9B. JANE HOXVELL COBB-Entered Deal, SB, dramatic club, SB, 9A, honor roll, SB. VIVIAN COFFEY-Honor roll, SA, SB, 9A, 9B, hostess, 9A, 9B, first letter, SB, second letter, 9A, glee club, 7A, first athletic award, SA, second athletic award, 9A, perfect attendance, SB. JULIAN COLUMBUS QJULIEJ-All first teams, all semesters, school baseball team, SA, 9A, first letter, SB, sec- ond letter, 9A, host, 7A, SB, president of class, 9B. Pl-IYLLIS COOK-Glee club, 7A, 7B, public perform- ance, 7B, second team, all semesters, first athletic award, 9A. VVILLIAM COUGHLIN QBILLYQ-Chairman Social committee, 7B, SA, SB, 9A, library committee, 9A, first letter, 7B, dramatic club, SB, 9A, public performance, 9A, associate editor, 9B, newspaper reporter, 9B, in play, White Phantom, 9A. CAROL CROMELIN QCRUMYJ-Glee club, 7A, 7B, SA, SB, 9A, glee club secretary, 9A, operetta lead, 9A, public performance, all semesters, squad leader, SA, 9A, first letter, SA, second letter, SB, third letter, 9A, badminton club secretary, 9B, first teams, 7A, 7B, SB, 9A, stage crew, 9B, dramatic club, SB, 9A, athletic award, SB, diploma com- mittee, 9B. DOROTHY CUMMINGS QDOTJ-Honor roll, 7A, SA, SB, 9A, 9B, glee club, 7A, scrap book committee, 7A, 9A, all first teams, public performance, 7A, tumbling club, SA, SB, 9A, vice-president athletic council, 9A, athletic council, SB, 9A, section vice president, 9A, diploma committee, 9B, trafiic force, 9B: first letter, SA, second letter, SB, third letter, 9A, first athletic award, 7A, second athletic award, SA, third athletic award, 9A, perfect attendance, 7B. HELEN CUNNINGHAM-Red Cross, 7A, glee club, 7A, senior tumbling club, SA, SB, 9A, section secretary, 9B, all first teams, first athletic award, SA, second athletic award, 9A, first letter, SB, second letter, 9B, athletic representative, 9A, perfect attendance, SA, assembly committee, 9B. MARGARET DELLETT QDELLETTJ-Social com- mittee, 7A, 7B, SA, SB, all first teams, squad leader, 9B, badminton club, 9B, glee club, 9B, scrap book committee, SA, traffic force, 9A, newspaper editor for sports, 9A, reporter, 9A, first athletic award, 9A, entered tennis tourna- ment, 9A, 9B. EUGENE DERRICKSON-Glee club, 7A, first teams, SB, 9A, 9B, traffic officer, 9A, 9B. ' MARGARET DRURY QMARGOJ-Glee club, 7A, first volley ball team, 8A, 9A, 9B, Red Cross representative, SA, first letter, 9A, athletic pin, 9A. MERLE DUCK QDUCKIEJ-All first teams, squad lead- er, 8A, athletic council, SB, 9A, 9B, first letter, 9A, per- fect attendance, SB, captain baseball team, SB, vice-president of athletic council, 9B. DON DUNCAN QDUKE, REDJ-Entered school, 9B, played on first basket ball team of Irish. MARGARET DUNCAN qBETTYy-Entered Deal in 9B. JAY EATON-Entered Alice Deal in 9B. CHURCHILL ELMORE CCI-IURCHJ-Traffic force, 9B, perfect attendance, 7B, first team, 7A, 7B, SA, SB, 9A. MARY ADELAIDE EVERETT QSCRATCHYQ-Squad leader, 7A, 9B, all Hrst teams, first letter, SA, second letter, 8B, third letter, 9A, baseball team played Powell, SA, soccer team played Powell, SB, vice-president, SB, president, 9A, 9B, chairman lost and found committee, 9A, chairman bulletin board committee, 9A, typist for school paper, 9B, honor roll, SB, 9A, public performance, 7B. MARCIA FEATHERSTONHAUGH-Glce club, all semesters, Red Cross, 9A, squad leader, 9B, first team, all semesters, won two poem contests, perfect attendance, SA, Square Deal subscription committee, 9B, class day committee, first letter, SA, second letter, 9A, operetta, 9A, first athletic pin, SA, second athletic pin, 9A. BILLY FLEMING-Traffic force, 9B, first team, 9B, perfect attendance, SA, glee club, 7A. MARY FLETCHER QSHORTYJ-All first teams, cham- pion hit pin, 7A, winner in Powell game, SB, squad leader, SB, 9B, hostess, 9B, vice-president, 9B, typist for Square Deal and On Reno Hill, 9B. SQUARE DEAL ALICE DEAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 9 WILLIAM FOUST QSPENCERJ-Host, 7A, lieutenant of trafiic force, 9B. KATHERINE FULLER CKATYJ-Hostess, 7A, SB, 9A, perfect attendance, 7B, SB, 9A, 9B, honor roll, 9A, first letter, SB, second letter, 9A, first team, SA, SB, 9A, first athletic award, 9A. DAL GARRISON QFUZZYQ-Host, 7B, SA, section secretary, SB. RICHARD GIBSON QGIBBYJ-First teams in all grades, champion of soccer, SA, SB, champion basketball, SA, SB, class president, 9A, stage crew, 9B, trafiic force, 9A, 9B, lieutenant of second floor traiiic, first letter, 9A, second letter, 9B, championship volley ball team, SA, SB, captain of soccer team, SA, SB. JEAN GIFFEN-Newspaper editor, 9B, scrap book com- mittee, SA, glee club, 7A, badminton club, 9B, soccer team, 7B, SB, 9B, hit pin team, 7A, SA, 9A, basketball, SB. ROBERT GOODLOE QBEANOJ-All first teams, 7A, 9B, host, 7A, 7B, school basketball team, 9A. WILLIAM HOLT GOTTSHALL QGUTZJ-TrafHc force, 9A, 9B, host, SB, first teams, 7A, 7B, SB, 9A, 9B, second team, SA. ELLEN GRAY-Honor roll, SB, 9A, perfect attendance, 7A, SB, athletic awards, 7A, SA, 9A, squad leader, SB, all first teams, championship hit pin team, SA, soccer team, 9A, 9B, first letter, SA, second letter, 9A, third letter, 9B, tennis club, 9A, tumbling club, SA, 8B, 9A, public per- formance, 9A, chairman of social committee, SA. ELEANOR GREET-Captain second volley ball team, SB, squad leader, 9A, art monitor, 9A, 9B, received first letter, housekeeper, 9A, 9B. GERALDINE GROSNER QGERRYJ-Glee club, 7A, SA, SB, 9A, president of glee club, 9A, social committee, 7A, 7B, SA, SB, 9A, hit pin, 7A, SA, soccer, 7B, SB, secre- tary of class, SA, SB, 9A, hostess, SA, squad leader, SB, operetta lead, 9A, first and second letters, 9A, first athletic award, 9A, newspaper reporter, SB, 9A, athletic representa- tive, 9B, stage crew, 9B, decorating committee, 9B, adver- tising committee for Square Deal, 9B, public performance, 7A, winning baseball team, 9A, winning soccer team, 9B. ZERELDA I-IANKINS QZERELQ-Glee Club, 7A, 7B, SA, SB, 9A, 9B, operetta, 9A, public performances, SA, SB, 9A, 9B, first letter, 9B, on all section teams, on adver- tising committee for Square Deal, 9B, art monitor, 7B, 9A, domestic art monitor, 9B, French assembly, 9B, riding club, 9B, English poem on exhibition, 9A, French poster on exhi- bition, 9A. NANCYLEE HARDING CNANCEJ-First teams all semesters, Red Cross representative, 7A, 7B, SB, Red Cross assistant, SA, dramatic club, SB, 9A, operetta, 9A, squad leader, SA, first letter, SB, second and third letters, 9A, first athletic award, SA, second athletic award, 9A, glee club, SB, 9A, 9B. VIRGINIA HATFIELD CHATYJ-Athletic award, 7A, poem contest, SA. DOROTHY HAYES QHAYESEEQ-On all first teams, perfect attendance, 7A, SB, squad leader, 7A, 7B, SB, 9A, captain of volley ball, 7A, first athletic award, 7B, second award, SB, third award, 9A, in talent assembly, 9B, typist of school paper and Square Deal, 9B. CARL HELLMAN-Trafiic force, 7A, 7B, stamp club, 7B, SA, SB, tropical fish club, 7B, SA, SB, 9A, baseball team, 7A, 7B, aeroplane club, SA, football team, 7A, 7B, SA, 9B, Red Cross representative, SA, 9A, host, SA, SB, 9A. LYLE HENRY-Entered Deal, SB, host, 9A, baseball team, 9A, Red Cross, 9B. NELSON HILLOCK-Host, SB, perfect attendance, SA, SB, 9A, first team, 7B, SB, 9B, second team, SA, 9A. MARTI-IE HOFFMAN--Honor roll, 7A, SB, 9A, 9B, first letter, 9A, second letter, 9A, glee club, 9B, editor school paper, 9B. ' CAROL HOLLINGSWORTH fHOLLYj -Entered Deal in SA, first team, SB, 9A, tumbling club, SB, 9A, basketball club, 9A, 9B. DOROTHY HOLTMAN QHOLTIEQ-Perfect attend- ance, 7A, 7B, SA, 9A, 9B, athletic pin, squad leader, library committee chairman, SB, 9A, 9B, first letter, 9A, The White Phantom, 9A, art editor for On Reno Hill, 9B, program and invitation committee chairman, 9B, secretary of student council, 9B. JANE HUBBARD--Entered Deal in 9A. CALVERT B. HURDLE QCALJ-All first teams, presi- dent, 7A, 7B, art monitor, 7B, 9B. RONALD HURLEY QCURLYJ-Host, SB, second team championship, SA, first team, 7B, SB, 9A, second team, 9B, first letter, 9B. KATHERINE JONES QKITTYJ-Entered Deal, SA, all first teams, perfect attendance, SA, squad leader, 8B, art monitor, SB, typist for Square Deal and On Reno Hill, 9B. FRANCIS KENNELLY-First team, 7A, 7B, SA, SB, perfect attendance, 7A, second team, 9A, library chairman, SA, SB, traffic force, 9B. I o 1 1 J 10 ALICE DEAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL SQUARE DEAL LILLIAN KILBURN QLILJ-Entered Deal in 9B, Square Deal committee, 9B. LOUISE LAW-Perfect attendance and punctuality, 8A, 8B, 9A, 9B, first letter, 8B, second letter, 9B, first teams, 8A, 8B, 9A, 9B, first athletic award, 8A, second athletic award, 9A, senior tumbling club, 9A. BEVERLY LEDER CBEVJ-Stamp club, 7B, glee club, 7A, SA, SB, 9A, first athletic award, SA, public performance, 9A, winning squad of section in basketball, 9A, Red Cross, 9A, opcretta, The Tea House of Sing Lo, 9A, first letter award, 9A, stage crew, 9B, art monitor, 9B, Square Deal advertising committee, 9B, scrap book committee, 9B. c-ALICE DEAL jUNIOR HIGI- JERRY LEE-All first teams, championship football team, 7A, Red Cross club, SB, squad leader, 8B, Red Cross club, 9A, traffic officer, 9A, host, 9B, chairman special assembly committee, 9B. MARION LENOX-Entered Deal in 9B, glee club, 9B, school song committee, 9B. JANE LEWIS UANIEQ-Assistant Red Cross represen- tative, 7B, Red Cross representative, SB, 9A, secretary of Red Cross, 9B, first letter, 8Bg second letter, 9A, third letter, 9B, glee club, 9B, operetta, all three athletic awards, champion basketball and soccer teams, squad leader, SB, first team all semesters, poem contest, 9A, public performance, 8A. JANI R SQUARE DEAL - ALICE DEAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 11 HOOL GRADUATING CLASS JOHN BRONSON LOGAN QBUNSEN BURNER R. B. GJ-Traffic force, 9A, 9B5 host, 8Ag first teams, 7A, 7B, SB, 9A, 9Bg second team, SA, glee club, 7A. PAULINE MANNING--First soccer team, SB, 9A, 9Bg first letter, SB, second letter, 9A, honor roll, 9A, first and second athletic awards, 9Ag squad leader, 9A, first hit pin team, 9A, tumbling club, SA, 8B, 9A, champion of soccer tournament, 9Bg perfect attendance, 8B, 9A. JIMMIE MARSH--Host, 7Ag public performance, 7B, class president, 8Ag honor roll, SB, class vice-president, 9Bg glee club, 9Bg first letter, 8Ag second letter, 9Bg squad leader, SA, 9A, 9B. KATHLEEN MARTIN QMARTINIJ-Hostess, 7B, SA 8Bg article in Square Deal, SB, 9A, letter, 9B. PAULINE MARTIN QBLONDIEQ-Entered Deal, 8Bg treasurer of class, 9Bg dramatic club, 9Ag secretary of class, 9Bg public performance, SB, pin committee, 9B. ROBERT MCGOXVAN QMACJ-Entered Deal in 9Bg championship basketball team, trafic officer, 9Bg Red Cross representative, 9Bg all first teams, class day committee, 9B. MARJORIE MCNAIR QMARGIEJ-Entered Deal in 9A, glee club, 9A, 9Bg Operettrl, 9Bg social committee for gradua- tion, public performance, 9A, 9Bg advertising committee for Square Deal, 9Bg class ofiicer, 9A, 9Bg domestic art moni- tor, 9Bg French assembly, 9B. 3 12 ALICE DEAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL SQUARE DEAL PATRICA MacWILLIAMS fTREKEJ-Glee club, 7A, 7B, 9B, assistant hostess, 7B, first teams, SA, SB, 9A, winning team in basketball, 9A, decoration committee, 9B, first athletic award, 8A, second award, 9A. HARRY MEAD-All Hrst teams, all semesters, perfect attendance, 7B, SA. BETTY B. MIDDLETON QBETTY BRITTJ-Glee club, 7A, 7B, SA, SB, vice-president of class, 7B, president of class, SA, SB, squad leader, 7A, 7B, SA, SB, 9A, all first teams, chairman social committee, 9B, public performance, SB, first athletic award, SB, second athletic award, 9A, treasurer of graduating class. JOE MITCHELL QMICKELLJ-Host in 7B, SA, secre- tary, SB, 9A, traffic force, 9A, 9B, first letter, 9A, in play, Six XVho Pass While the Lentils Boil , Square Deal advertis- ing committee, 9B, first football team, 9A, 9B. ELIZABETH YVONNE MOSES QBETSYJ-Glee club, SA, SB, 9A, public performance, SA, SB, assistant hostess, SB, first athletic award, 8B, squad leader, 9B, championship soccer team, 9B, vice-president graduating class, 9B, social committee, 9A, badminton club, 9B. DOROTHY MOYE QDOTJ-Entered Deal, 9A, secre- tary, 9A, 9B, first athletic pin, 9A, traffic oflicer, 9B, presi- dent of graduating class, 9B. FENIWICK NEALE-Entered Deal, SA, librarian, SA, 8B, orchestra manager, 9A, 9B, traflic officer, 9B. WILBUR NEALE QWILLIEJ-Host, 7A, second teams, 7A, 7B, SA, SB, assistant squad leader, SA, SB, first team, 9A, 9B, referee, 9B, traflic officer, 9B. BETTY NOACK--Honor roll, SB, 9A, on all first teams, champion corner ball team, SA, squad leader, SB, perfect attendance all semesters, Square Deal subscription committee, 9B, glee club all semesters, first letter, SA, second letter, SB, third letter, 9A, operetta, 9A, first athletic pin, SA, second athletic pin, 9A, public performances all semesters, tumbling club, 7B, SA, girls' basketball team, SA. WILLIAM NOTZ QWILLIEJ-All first teams, public performance, Six Who Pass While the Lentils Boil , athletic representative, 9B, captain of most first teams, traffic force, SB, social committee chairman, SA. ROBERT NYE QPJ--Red Cross, SA, SB, traflic force, SB, 9A, 9B, first teams all semesters, first letter, 9A, glee club, 7A, 7B, SA. JOHN OLDEN-Athletic representative, SA, host, 8B, perfect attendance, 7A, 7B, SA, 9A, 9B, first team, 9A, 9B, first letter, 9A, traffic force, 9A, 9B. HENRY OSBORNE-First team, SA, library committee, 9A, traffic force, 9B, host, 9B. ROBERT PARSONS QPOSSUMJ-Soccer and football teams, SA, 9A, 9B, stage crew, 9B. RICHARD POLLOCK QRICHYJ-First teams all semes- ters, glee club all semesters, class secretary, 7A, 7B, Christo- pher's Orphans, 7B, operetta, 9A, dramatic club, SA, SB, first and second letters, 9A, honor roll, 9A, class treasurer, 9B, three public performances, class host, SB, 9A, champion volley ball team, SA, champion soccer team, 9B, perfect attendance, 7B, SA, class representative in school spelling match, 7B, traffic force, 9A, 9B. RALPH REID QDUSTYJ-Glee club, 7A, host, SB, traffic officer, SB, 9A, 9B. CATHRYN ANN RIGGLEMAN-Hostess, 7A, 7B, SA, glee club, 7A, SB, 9A, 9B, perfect attendance, all semesters, stamp club, 7B, tumbling club, 7B, public performance, all semesters, junior girls' baseball team, SA, first letter, SA, squad leader, 8B, class president, SB, first athletic pin, SA, second letter, SB, second athletic pin, 9A, operetta, 9A, honor roll, 9A, dramatic club, 9A, play, Patchwork Quilt, 9A, third letter, 9A, spelling match, 7A, newspaper reporter, 7A, 9B, championship baseball team, 9A, championship soccer team, 9B, Square Deal committee, 9B, first teams, all semesters, class day committee, 9B. XVINIFRED ROGERS QWINNIEJ-Entered Deal, SB, operetta, 9A, glee club, SB, 9A, first athletic award, 9A, first letter, 9B. JEAN A. ROUNTREE QJARJ-Glee club, 7A, 7B, SA, SB, 9A, squad leader, 7B, chairman social committee, SA, stamp club, SA, SB, public performance, SB, 9A, reporter, SB, operetta, 9A, newspaper editor, 9B, treasurer of athletic council, 9B, president badminton club, 9B, athletic award, 9A, stage crew, 9B. CONSTANCE RUBEL QCONNIEJ-Entered Deal Jan- uary 4, 1937, 9B. KATIE RUTHERFORD-Honor roll, 7A, 7B, SA, SB, 9A, 9B, glee club, 7A, 7B, SA, SB, 9A, 9B, operetta lead, 9A, public performances, all semesters, class president, 7A, 7B, first teams, all semesters, first athletic award, 7B, second and third athletic awards, SB, first and second letter, 7B, third SQUARE DEAL ALICE DEAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 13 letter, SA, squad leader, 7A, 7B, SA, SB, 9B, perfect attend- ance, SB, 9A, chairman gift committee, 9B, president athletic council, 9B, tumbling club, SA, SB, baseball championship, SB, soccer championship, 9B, Red Cross representative, 7A, secretary dramatic club, 9A, ping pong junior championship, SB, scrap book committee, 7B, 8A. HERBERT RUTLAND-Entered Deal, SA, traffic- oiiicer, school newspaper reporter, first teams, SB, 9A, 9B, airplane club. JEAN SANFORD-First letter, SA, second letter, 9A, glee club, all semesters, perfect attendance, 7B, SA, SB, 9A, first teams, 7A, 7B, SA, 9B, operetta, Tea House of Sing Lo, 9A, first athletic pin, SA, second athletic pin, 9A, Square Deal subscription committee, 9B, public performance, all semesters, tumbling club, 7B, SA. BARNEY SCHNECKLOTH QSHINKJ-Vice-president, SA, second team baseball championship, sa, president of class, SB, 9A, secretary of graduating class, 9B. ' HENRIETTA SEITZ QHENNYJ--Secretary, 7A, 7B, SA, SB, glee club, 7A, social committee, 7A, 7B, SA, 9A, 9B, soccer team, 7B, SB, 9B, hit pin baseball team, 7A, SA, 9A, basketball, SB, leading squad, first and second letter, squad leader, 7A, SA, 9A, first and second athletic awards, scrap book, 7A, SA, 9A, honor roll, 7B, SA, social committee chairman for graduation, 9B. JEAN SENGE-Red Cross, 7A, vice-president, SA, athletic council, SB, 9A, 9B, all first teams, all athletic rewards, first letter, SB, second letter, 9B, perfect attend- ance, SB. GEORGIE SHEPHERD-Baseball teams every semester, basketball team, 9A, squad leader, SB, 9A, hostess, SA, SB, 9A, glee club, SB, 9A, 9B, public performance, operetta, 9A, play White Phantom, 9A, first letter, SB, second letter, 9A, third letter, 9B, library committee, 9A, 9B, second team, soccer, 9B, Red Cross assembly, 9B. ADELE SHERMAN QODELJ-Squad leader, SA, lunch room, 9B. DOROTHY SHOTZBERGER-All Hrst teams, captain of teams, 7B, SA, 9A, squad leader, 7B, SA, SB, first and second letters, 9A, honor roll, 9A, perfect attendance, SB, 9B. LOIS SHOTZBERGER fLOKIEj-All first teams, squad leader, 7B, art monitor, SA, SB, hostess, SB, 9A, captain basketball team, SB, traffic officer, 9B, first letter, SB, second letter, 9A, champion volley ball team, 7A, perfect attend- ance, 7B. ALICE MARIE SMITH QBICKEYJ-Perfect attendance, 7A, assistant Red Cross representative, 8B, art monitor, 9B. JEAN SMITH--Entered Deal in SA, poetry contest, SA, perfect attendance, SA, operetta, 9A, glee club, 9A, all first teams since SA, first athletic award, SA, second athletic award, 9A, first letter, 9B. LOUISE SMITH QLOUIEJ-Hostess, 7B, SA, SB, squad leader, 9B, first letter, 9B. BARBARA SNOW QBARBQ-Glee club, 7A, 7B, first team, SA, Red Cross, SB, 9B, first letter, SB, advertising committee, 9B, first athletic award, SA, second athletic award, 9A, art monitor, 9A. DOROTHY SNYDER QDOTJ -First teams all semesters, squad leader, 7B, SA, dramatic club, SA, SB, 9A, Christo- pher's Orphansf, 7B, Six Who Pass While the Lentils Boil, The'White Phantom, 9A, first athletic award, 7B, second award, SA, third award, 9A, first letter, SA, second letter, 9A, honor roll, 9A, library committee, SB, 9A, 9B. HELEN SPANN-Entered Deal in 9B, basketball club, 9B. CHARLES STOCKELL QSTOCKY AIDJ-All first teams, social chairman, 7B, perfect attendance, SB, 9A, traffic oiiicer, 9A, lieutenant, 9B, editor-in-chief of news- paper, 9B, squad leader, 9B, chairman of the Square Deal committee, 9B, play, 9A, 9B, scrap book, 9A, associate editor in 9A. BETTY ANNE SWAGART QBASEYJ-Glee club, 7A, 7B, public performance, 7A, stamp club, SA, SB, athletic council, SB, 9A, secretary of athletic club, 9A, first team hit pin, 7B, SA, 9A, first team soccer SB, 9B, first team baseball, SB, 9A, school basketball team, SB, badminton club, 9B, secretary of section, 9B, scrap book committee, SB, athletic award, SB. ANN SWANSON QSWANEEQ-Glee club, 7A, Red Cross, 7B, first team all semesters, first athletic award, SA, vice-president, SB, first letter, 9A, second and third athletic award, 9A, winner of ping pong tournament, 9A, bad- minton club, 9B. RICHARD TOUSSONIAN-Entered Deal, SB, all first teams. DICK TURNER-All first teams, captain of several first teams, squad leader, SA, SB, first letter, perfect attend- ance, 7B, SA, class president, 7B, SA, SB, 9A, perfect attend- ance, 7B, SA, gift committee for graduation, 9B, president of student council, 9B. 14 ALICE DEAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL SQUARE DEAL JOHN VANDERGRIFT QVANJ-Glee club, 7A, 7B, SA, SB, 9A, Red Cross representative, 7A, 7B, second team captain, 9B, in play, White Phantom , first and second letter, honor roll, SB, 9A, operetta, 3 public perform- ances, first baseball team, 7A, SA, 9A, first football team, 7B, SB, Square Deal subscription committee, 9B. IRVINE WALDECKER QFLASHJ-Traflic officer, 9A, 9B. ' RUTH XVALSH QRUTHIEQ-Glee club, 7A, 7B, SA, help in lunch room, 9A, 9B. JOSEPH NVELLS QJOEJ-Honor roll, SB, traiiic force, SB, 9A, 9B, lieutenant, school baseball team, 9A, perfect attendance, 7B, SB, 9A, 9B, all first teams, 7A, 9B, first letter, SB, second letter, 9B, glee club, 7A, vice-president of class, 9A, salutatorian, 9B graduation, editorial committee of Square Deal. NEIL WHEELER-Athletic representative, SA, SB, 9A, honor roll, SA, 9B, 9A, all first teams, 7B, SA, SB, 9A, 9B, school baseball team, SA, 9A, trafic force, SB, 9A, 9B, cap- tain of the traffic force, 9B, business manager of the school paper, 9B, manager of the stage crew, 9B, first letter, SA, second letter, SB, third letter, 9A, champion soccer team, 9B, captain of basketball team, 9B, champion volley ball team, SA. THOMAS WHITEMAN QT-BONEJ-All first teams, traffic officer, SB, 9A, 9B, vice-president, 7A, 7B, SA, SB, 9A, secretary, 9B, first letter, 9A, school orchestra, 7A, 7B, chair- man graduation pin committee, 9B, captain football team, 9B, wood shop foreman, SA. BETTY JANE WILSON QB. J.,-Hostess, 7A, Red Cross representative, 7B, SA, SB, 9A, squad leader, reporter for school paper, chairman of graduating scrapbook com- mittee, 9B. JANE WOODING-Squad leader, SB, first teams, SB, 9A, riding club, 7B, SA, SB, 9B, athletic reward, 9A, second team, 9B. ALMA YOUNG QALMICYJ-Entered, SB, glee club, SB, 9A, 9B, public performance, 9A, first and second athletic awards, 9A, first team, SB, 9A, first letter, 9A, honor roll, 9A, operetta, 9A, vice-president of section, 9B. BARBARA YOUNG-Entered Deal in 9B. Around the World in the Twenty-third Century I have just returned from an all-day visit around the world. We left in my fly-moible at eight in the morning and reached London at nine. It would have been foggy except that the fog clearer kept the day lovely. We stopped and saw a few things of interest, such as the tomb of King Edward VII and the Windsor Castle. Wie got into such heavy traflic flying over London that we went on to Paris. We reached it in Hfteen minutes. Not stopping because we had planned to have lunch in Japan, we started on. We flew over some very old cities: Cairo, Constantinople, Bombay, and Hong-Kong. We reached Peking at eleven-thirty. After having lunch there, we started home. After about five minutes of traveling, we looked down on what was once Japan. There had been a great explosion and the islands went under water. We continued the trip, in due time reaching San Francisco in two and a half hours, and home by five o'clock. Marion Peoples, SB2. Hulda She was an odd mixture of comfortable homeliness and the strictest etiquette. She came to us from the service of Lady Humphries and we strongly suspected that the latter part of her character was acquired in serving that English noblewoman. She was a perfect housekeeper, vigorously polishing and scrubbing until the whole house shone. No longer was our father allowed to smoke in front of the fire in a dressing robe but was found to squeeze into an old and long forgotten smoking jacket. We were virtually Hulda's slaves and we liked it. Tea must be served every after- noon at four whether there was anyone there to drink it or not. Wine was served with dinner and liqueur after. My elders drank or suffered the looks of utter disapproval and disdain on Hulda,s broad face. One day, Lady Humphries returned. Our household once more slumped to a lowly level. Mary Goddard, 9AS. SQUARE DEAL ALICE DEAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 15 Mysterious Island My father and I were once on a Hshing trip in north- western Maine at a large lake about twenty miles long. It has a great many islands. While on our ishing trip we stopped on one of them to eat lunch. As the guide was cooking lunch, my father and I decided to explore. At one time an old man had lived on the island. We found an old car with brass trimmings. There were seven laboratories, three houses, two boat sheds, an ice house, two underground passage ways, and an old sea wall. Every winter the old man would drive across the lake for supplies for winter and summer. The tunnels led from his houses to the laboratories which he used for experiments. He had one house in which he lived in winter, one in which he lived in summer, and another in which he kept his instruments. Lying around were broken bottles and flasks. One day, while coming across the ice he hit a thin spot, and, lucky for him, a sand bar, for otherwise he would have lost his car and drowned. He lived alone on the island and finally died in happiness because some kin had left him some money. We then came back to where the guide had just finished cooking the lunch which consisted of French- fried potatoes, steak, and cocoa. On our way home the man we were with caught a land lock salmon, and I caught two red speckled trout which we had the next day. Bill Hollenbeck, SA3. Mosquitoes The mosquito is a pesk-y thing- He goes around as though he's king, Buzzing here and buzzing there Until he makes us mildly swear. First we clap And then we slap But all we do Is not a clue On how to catch mosquitoes. Robert Hendon, 8A6. Indians Some of my Irish-Scotch ancestors settled in Penn- sylvania while it was wild Indian country. During that time they lived in a state of constant preparedness. One day while the men were away from the house clearing a piece of land for a farm, my great, great, great grandmother heard a sound like that made by a turkey gobbler. She ran quickly to the rack of muskets over the large open Hreplace and cautiously peered out the open window, musket in hand. In a few moments the Indian who was making the sound appeared at one side of the house. She shot him through the neck and quickly reloaded the gun. The men, hearing the shot, hurried home from the field. ,When the Indians found themselves discovered, they retreated and did not return. james S-utzfon Hardigg, 9A4. - Understanding the Poor Mr. Lincoln came from a very poor family so he could easily understand the poor. One day he was visiting a little country school. Most of the children were well off, but there was one little boy whose mother was so poor that she had to work as a scrub woman. One day the school teacher told the children to be sure to black their boots because they were going to have a very distinguished visitor. John, the little boy, could not afford to buy the polish to shine his boots. He had to use soot from the stove in his home. XVhen he went to school the next day, all the little boys ridiculed him to the point where he started crying, but tried to hide his tears. Mr. Lincoln, the distinguished visitor, noticed the little boy's predicament but did not say anything. After he went away, Mr. Lincoln was not heard of for a long time, but the next time John saw him, Mr. Lincoln asked him if he would like to go shopping with him. Of course John was very glad to go, so he and Mr. Lincoln went shopping. The next time ,Iohn went to school he was the best dressed boy there because of the kindness of Abraham Lincoln. Mable Robinson, 9A1. 16 ALICE DEAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL SQUARE DEAL Pcxddlin' Up a Dry Crick Sure an' can ya believe it boys, that I, Sergeant Mike O'Hara, be leadin' ya to capture a second Dil- linger?', Why, we'll be famous, have our names in the paper. But ya all know what to do? dubiously ques- tioned Sergeant O'I-Iara. Sure an' that we do, Mike, came a chorus of voices, suppressing mingled fear and excitement. Eleven-fifty o'clock found them in a middle-class neighborhood. Pausing before a large four-story struc- ture, they finally made their way to the door and gained entrance by a small device, a skeleton key. The striking of midnight broke the prevailing silence, and Mike O'Hara, beckoning to his men, silently ascended to the second floor. A tense moment it was when the party reached their destination. Excited whispers running up and down the line and Sergeant O'Hara's questions were greeted merely by nods of assent. Arriving before a large door, Mike gently rapped three times. It was answered by a very young man in a dressing robe, who found himself pushed rudely into his quarters. But, but, gentlemen, he began only to be interrupted. Tickle the clouds, brother. We got'cha now and you're comin, to the station with us. Thus midst the confusion of fellow boarders, who were casting grateful glances toward the sergeant, he, the criminal, Was ushered out by two armed guards, all protests in vain. At one oiclock an exhausted chief of police was listening to the last Words of Mike's tale describing the daring capture of the state's most dangerous desperado, with hundreds of dangerous weapons in his possession, with an equally surprising number of notches on them. An uncertain eye was turned upon the young man. And what do you have to say for yourself, young fellow?,' questioned the chief. XVhy, truly sir, I'm in a daze. These gentlemen rushed in upon me and took me totally unawares, with- out any explanation for their actions. The guns, well, I'm just an amateur gun collector and as for the notches, well, they're iust a pastime. There is a certain old man, now robust and old, who lives at MacFadden's Flats, who still claims that he was given the wrong address and that it was the chief's idea, anyway. june Cobb, 9B2. A Good Act Qmz anecdote retold J David Belasco was a great playwright and actor at all times. His company of actors were once rehearsing a play and they were not doing as well as he had hoped they would. As he had a very quick temper, he quickly drew out his watch, threw it on the floor, and stamped on it until it was shattered into a thousand pieces. The actors exchanged frightened glances. Then he stepped back, viewed the ruin, muttered, Good Lord-my mother's-my dear dead--mother's last gift to me. Children, I'm an old and tired man. Please Work harder. The actors realized they had not been doing very well. From then on they worked amazingly Well. Belasco turned to me and said, That was a good act I staged. Please remind me to buy another dollar watch tomorrow. Agnes Proffitt, 8B1. The Mysterious Burglar It was one o'clock and We heard someone coming up the stairs. Thump, thump, thump, went the noise. Betty and I ran into our mother's room. She said she had heard the sound, too. We Woke Dad and Larry, my brother, and went out into the hall. Mother had a broom so when the noise came closer, mother hit some- thing hard but said, I must have missed him, but I think I hit his foot, cause I heard him squeak-sort of. Dad suggested turning on the lights. Then I burst out laughing. Mother had killed a mouse that was trying to bring a potato upstairs. jean Terrett, 7A2. SQUARE DEAL ALICE DEAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 17 A Mexican Donkey Boy One hot summer day a Mexican boy was to be seen slowly jogging along on the bare back of a gray and white donkey. His face was bright red with the heat, and his broad sombrero wasipushed far back on his head. He had dropped the reins and was so slumped on the back of the donkey that, at a first glance, anybody would have thought him asleep. Finally, Pedro raised his head and gazed sleepily in front of him. He saw a clump of trees, and slowly pick-ing up his reins, he clucked to his donkey. The animal, whose name was Tortilla, started into a trot and they soon reached the shade. Pedro dismounted and took, his lunch out of his hat. He promptly gobbled his tamales. He was so tired from having slept all day, he slept again. When at last he reached his hut, he promptly slept again. Susan Lazo, 7B1. An Unexpected Visitor One summer while up at Mt. Rainier National Park, I was lying on my cot thinking of the numerous bears that prowl in that vicinity at night. The head of my cot was at the back of the tent so I had a fairly good view of the opening. My mother and father were sleeping on the ground with their heads at the front of the tent. When I had thoroughly frightened myself at the thought of a bear entering the tent, I heard a slight rustle of some twigs. A moment passed and I saw four huge brown paws under the flap. Another moment passed and I saw the large brown head of a bear in the flap of the tent. If my mother had awakened just then, she would have been unable to see beyond a paw which was poised directly above her head. just as I screamed, my father awoke to see a mother bear and two cubs running as fast as possible from the camp. jean McKinley, 8B3 . Phone Dlstrict 7863 CARLETON VAUGHAN. D.D.S. Metropolitan Theatre Building, 932-34 F Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. MILLERS BARBER SHOP ARCADE BUILDING CHILDRENAS HAIR CUT Saturdays, SOC Week Days, 35c LEARN TO SWIM DUDLEY GORDON Swimming Instructor Shoreham Hotel ADams 0700 Compli1nc11ts of A Friend Telephone NOrth 7148 H. B. HALLEY - I. S. EVERETT Dlstrict 3190 BROOKE AND HARRY. INC. FLORISTS PREMIER GROCERY AND MARKET Floral Designs - Corsages and Decoration Wholesale - Retail ' 1745 North Capitol St. Washington, D. C. 719 Twentieth St., N. W. Washington, D. C. 18 ALICE DEAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL SQUARE DEAL A Locker Talks On the top steps as twilight softened the halls of Deal, locker 257 sat waiting for friends. All lockers on the second floor were to meet in the gymnasium to talk about their pleasures and sorrows. One locker said to some others, I am kept nicely and I am not kicked by my owner. He throws no trash in me, he breaks none of my structure, and I hope he still will keep his temper and keep the floor around me clean and tidy. I hear there is to be a war, and the lockers are going to war on the pupils who kick and hit them. I hope they will stop it because they will have no place to keep their books. The boys and girls will have to keep their books by themselves and will have to carry them to all classes. Then they will be so tired of doing that they will be sorry that they kicked us. Bell Allison, 8A1. Adventures at Alice Deal I was not at school the first semester because of illness. When I did come back I went with another girl who by that time had learned her way around the building. One time when that girl was not at school, I went by myself and got all mixed up because I couldn't Rnd the lunch room. I went down the wrong stairs. At last, however, after ten minutes of running around to wrong stairways, I found the right one. The first day I 'did not like the school as I was homesick for my old school. The week following, I learned my way around and got to know all my teachers. Then I liked the school much better. Zona A p pelbaum, 7A3. PIERRE R. HARRIS 6. CO. HAmDRr-zsssn IEWELERS Inc. F STREET AT ELEVENTH 3407 Conn. Ave- Clgeveland 3336 Class Rings, Pins, Troplaies, ann' Favors Diamonds - Iewelry - Silverware 10572 discount to Ibe pupils of your school with this ad BOB'S BARBER SHOP 6415 Brookville Road Chevy Chase, Md. R. A. EWING, Prop. HAIR CUTS-Adults, 40cg Children, 35C Sunze Price on Saturdays SKINKER BROS. MASTER SERVICE STATION 4444 Connecticut Avenue, N. W. Gus - Oil - Grease - WGSbi11g - Batteries Quick Start Service Phone CLeveland 1114 - 1115 CLeveland 3600 We Call and Deliver Tbiriy Years' Experience in Back of Every 1012 PARKWAY CLEANERS AND DYERS LAUNDERERS ' Everything in Our Care Is Insured 5010 Connecticut Avenue Chevy Chase, D. C. Compliments of GROSNER of 1325 F STREET The Man's Sfore Tbal Makes No Compromise Quality SQUARE DEAL ALICE DEAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 19 The Snowman's Smile I. Snowman, you,re so round and fat With your crushed and tattered hat Smiling through the rushing snow What's the merry joke you know? XVith your broom you stand so straight- A snowy sentry at our gate. II. Smiling at the people passing With a smile that's everlasting When the birds come back to sing, They bring a warm and flowing spring. Snowmen can not stand such weather, So you and winter flee together. Marion Nierlermair, 7A5. A Wet Experience One cold fall day I decided to take my dog, Puddy, for a walk in the park. We were following a trail that led along Rock Creek, which I noticed was frozen, when my dog's nostrils began to quiver and he started to run toward the creek. When I turned to see what caused his excitement, I noticed a dark shape on the ice about ten feet from che shore. When I drew closer to the scene, I saw that the dark object was a duck-, frozen and quite dead. Puddy ran along the bank whining. Finally he tried to crawl out on the ice. He crawled about five feet when the ice broke, and he went down only to come up again wet and shivering. Quickly he swam ashore. Then we hurried home at the end of a wet experience. Clifford Dicr, SA4. CLeveland 0464 CHEVY CHASE SUPPLY COMPANY Choice Meafs, Fnnry Grorrries, Selerf Fruifx and Vegetables Fresh Killed POIlIfI':j dIl!1, Sea F0011 Columbia 6220 NVe Call and Deliver CATHEDRAL GARAGE 24-Hour Service 27th and Cathedral Ave., N. W. J. A. Schubert, Mgr. Phone CLeveland 1045 - 1046 The Chevy Chase Paint and Hardware Co. Lockxm ifhs Pai nfs Hardware S608 Connecticut Ave. Chevy Chase, D. C. THE W. A. LOCKWOOD DENTAL CO. 1218 H STREET, N. W. Washington, D. C. Telephone XVIsconsin 3271 M. B. SWANSON CONSTRUCTION CO. Office: 6904 Glendale Road EDW. B. TOOLE, Sales Chevy Chase, Md. Merchant Candy and Tobacco Company Two Stores fo Ser-ve You Beffer 426 12th St., S. W. MEtropolitan 6139 4th and Morse Sts., N. E. LIncoln 9010 20 ALICE DEAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL SQUARE DEAL Where? I am going on a journey, not very far away, And if I stay there over night, I'll come back sure next day. I'll see some very funny things, both birds and beasts and bears. I know I'11 giggle when I See the elephant climb up- stairs. I want some roasted peanuts, some lemonade thatis pink, Of ice cream cones a dozen, and cider, sweet, to drink. I'l1 see the monkey-doodle, and hear the big band play- Do you know where I am going, to have some fun today? Catlaerine Cave, 9B1. The Dragon The fierce gigantic dragon With his fiery eyes of red Was creeping softly on the wall When I was snug in bed. His tongue, bright fire was spouting, And he held his head quite tall, But when I went to catch him, He was not there at all. Lore Koppel, 7A6. Conzjzlimcwfs of STARRETT AND THOMAS SHOES AND HABERDASHERY 5512 Connecticut Ave., N. XV. CLeveland 8022 Compliments of SAI.EY'S COFFEE SHOP WOODWARD 6 LOTHROP 10th. 11th. F and G Streets 1- Visit Our Specialized Apparel Section Catering Exclusively to Boys and Girls Fourth Floor Here you will find clothes that fit your idea of style and the family's idea of economy. Saturday is a good day to do your shopping. GIVING A PARTY OR DANCE ? Please Everyone by Serving Southern Dairies ICE CREAM Call ME tropolitan 4800

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