Alice Deal Middle School - Square Deal Yearbook (Washington, DC)

 - Class of 1935

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Alice Deal Middle School - Square Deal Yearbook (Washington, DC) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 17 of 24
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Alice Deal Middle School - Square Deal Yearbook (Washington, DC) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 16
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Alice Deal Middle School - Square Deal Yearbook (Washington, DC) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 18
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Page 17 text:

3 SQUARE DEAL ' 15 EJB, public performance, TB, SIA-B. MAIUORIE VVILEY QVVILEIQQ-. N attending Il Alice Deal, TB-9' : ass 'tr 'st, history atin. I ,I CLIFTON V -I l N--Cl t THE BEST OPPORTUNITY glcIigRlE3BiV1LL RD-E OS S AHQA- public Per- n id.y afternoon when we were having English form ,SB - .rr u tio, 'C u C Oi ,ht . 'I 3 ' t and our teacher was telling us about a book called "Emeline." second at 'clan J, . . She was telling us some very exciting things about it BILL WELLO- allic force, 9A-B3 play, Lords Prafyvr. MAX VVORTI-IINGTON-Public performance, 9Bg design for desk set, SB g wired miniature stage, 9Bg host, 'IB l IIIARY ELLEN XYYNNE QMA IAQ-Squad leader. DB3 21 ' 1 ho-te ' i l ' 'mance, 7A: win- ning co ei 1 tea n, Sl 5 irst ath n , IRVI G . ZIPPERSTEIN CZIPJ-Entered Deal. SIA: play, The Lord"s Prayer, traffic force, 19-34, squad leader, 9B , coached school baseball teamg all section teams, dramatic club g host. ' ANY DAY IN ANY CLASS Young Irene, she was a scholar Alas a good scholar was not she For when called upon to recite her lesson "Oh, teacher, I know it not. NVoe is 1ne !" Then up spoke young Ifercival 'tOh, teacher, call on me! F or I havelprepared my lesson And l,l11 not as wicked as shef' -Il'l'Ilt' Dulin, UBI. ENGLISH STUDENTS ln the morning when I choose my clothes to wear to school, I am glad l don't have to wear uniforms as the English children do. On our trip to London I was in- terested in the uniforms of the student at the private schools. At one boys' school, Eton, the boys wear high silk hats and swallow tail coats. At another school, the boys wear straw hats and brown and white striped flan- nel coats. At a girls' school in Brighton we noticed a simple uniform of a dark blue or black dress and a simple felt hat. I am glad that I don't have to wear uniforms to school as the English children do.-Edith Davis, '2'B5. when all of a sudden she decided that she wanted some- one to get the book from the library. She had to have someone very interesting to tell about the book so she chose Frances. The subject was then dropped until the following Thursday. On that day the teacher called on Frances to give the report. She told about the book and when she had finished the teacher said, "Frances, that was excellent." Frances said, hlllll glad it turned out all right, but let me tell you about the foolish thing I did. On Saturday I went down to the library and spent half of the morning looking for the book but it was out. Monday when I came back to school I was passing by our library upstairs and I decided it might be in there. I went in and sure enough it was on the shelf." The teacher answered, "NVell, you certainly did have a hard time." Frances replied, "You know, Mrs. Myers, I think your best opportunities are always at hoinef'--Lillian IfI"-iIkc1'- Jon, SBI. THE STORY Oli ALI HOFED Ali I-Iofed was an ancient Persian farmer who lived near the Indus River. Ile was a very happy rich man who was rich because he was contented and contented because he was rich. He ow11ed a big farm with orchards, grain fields, and beautiful gardens. One day a Buddhist priest came to see Ali Hofed and told strange stories of beautiful diamonds which made Ali very discontented. VVhen he went to bed that night he did not sleep because of wondering where he could find those precious jewels. The next morning he asked the old priest where to get the information. The priest told him to look for water that ran over white sand which was between two mountains, so Ali Hofed sold his farm and left his family with his neighbors. He started his long journey by going to Palestine, then

Page 16 text:

14 ALICE DEAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL DOROTHY FRANCES ROSASCO QDOTYJ -- Hostess, all semesters5 vice president of host and hostess club, 9135 president of craft club, SJB5 first letter, UA5 wrote school song, "On Deal Students"5 first athletic award, SB. XVILLIAM ROXVLAND QBILLJ-Red Cross repre- sentative, SB5 squad leader, SJB5 perfect attendance, SA, SJB5 craft clubg class day committee5 winning lst team baseball, SB. JANE F. SAUNDERS-Glee club, all semesters, vice president of glee club, 9135 class day committee, OB, dra- matic club, SIA-B5 play, "As You Like It", lst letter, 713, second letter, DB5 in all public performances5 assistant hostess, TB. ROBERT SAUNDERS-Perfect attendance, SB 5 play, Reggie Toggle Gyp.ric.r,- traffic force, UB. KENNETH SCI-IREINER-Honor roll, SA, SB, first letter, S-B5 second letter, QB: Athletic Council representa- tive, SJA5 baseball umpire, 9135 all first teams. REEUA SCHULTZ- Spelling bees, SB, UB, first athletic pin. SBA 5 squad leader, DB. DOTTIE 'E BY-1Secretary, S' 5 Re Cross repre- sentative, S ' if ' 1 'B' 1 ' ' ' iewspaper, SA, SB. f, ANNETTE S1-IAPIRO-Squad leadQ,'7B, SB, 913: hostess, SA, 9A5 secretary of host and hostess, 9B5 first athletic pin, SB5 second in DA5 third, 9135 honor roll, SB5 class day committee. UB. DOROTHY SHELTON CDOTJ-Honor roll. 7A. SA, SJA5 squad leader, 7A, A, S ' glie3c?r 9135 secretary of glee club, 7 5 1 'den 1 , SB5 first and second letters. SA5 third letter, 9A5 play, As You Like If-,' secretary, TA, vice president, SA-SIA5 president, UB. X VQVIRGINIA SMI H -IN YQ - Secretary, 'FB5 fb 1o'e's " " i prei ' ' d Cross representative, SQUARE DEAL committee, EJB. ' I ILDRED SMITH QMILLYJ-Perfect attendance, SPA: perfect attendance, squad leader, assistant Red Cross representative, EJB. CLIFFORD SPARROVV CCLIFFJ -Perfect at- tendance, 'TA-Bg winning basketball team, SB5 winning soccer team, 9B. DOUGLAS SPENCER-Perfect attendance, honor roll. TA5 honor roll, first letter, host, captain of a league leading third team basketball, 'FB5 second letter, story in SQUARE DEAL, SA5 perfect attendance, SB5 honor roll, third letter, traffic force, lunch room checker, usher at February Graduation, SIA5 lieutenant of traffic force, chair- man of lunch room checkers, play. As You Like' I I, spell- ing contest, home and school association performance, chairman of class pin committee. 9B. LOUISE SPILMAN-Glec club, 'YA-SA, first athletic pin 5 first, second, third letters5 perfect attendance, 8B-DB3 honor roll, SA-QA. LYNN ADAIR STACY LA ' ' J ec Cross representative. 'L , re Jorter f as- sistanthostess, r iatfifgiicpii, SB, e C JOHN STEV S CJOHNNYJ - Pre" nt, TA, SIA5 all first teams5 school first team, 1935-55 aptain on room team, 713, SA. '. 5, School first team 19' , e o " 1 , li a tain o Qect no oo ,ll team, UA e is in sectio J'-' JOSEPH SULLIVAI QJOEJ -VVinning basketball team, SB5 secretary. SB5 president, SJA: play, D-usf of the Road5 perfect attendance, SJA5 traffic force, 9A-B5 play, ,els You Like lt: vice president of student council, 'UB 5 class day committee, 913. DOROTHY SXVINGLE QDOTJ -First letter, DB5 orchestra, 9A-B5 class day committee, 9B5 perfect attend- ance, UA. MARCIA SXVOPE-Glee club, SDA: first letter, 'TB5 second letter, SDA 5 squad leader, SJA5 honor roll, 'YA-B 5 first and second athletic pinsg play, Thr' L0rd'.r Prcrycr. MARGARET SYKES QPEGJ - Red Cross repre- sentative, SA5 honor roll, SA: glee club, SDA-B5 public performance, QA-B1 first letter, QA. RICHARD TIBBETS LDICKJ - Perfect attendance, SDA-B5 traffic force. SIB. I Jl' AN C. T M S OIVQDIIEJ-Play, oc'al1onfa,r,' let ' rev ' i JL' ' . at Ati J 1 , 'TB 5 sc nad lea , 6 5 gle , SIA. 'W' ' -i' . 1 ' TILIX' ,TILLIEJ,'-7! lee ' Q IIB-UG: fir let , 'A5 secoi l ld- B ter 9135 secre- tai, 'A ' ' iff ' ndance, igeefs e' s ' - letic in, 3 public performances: sqnil eader, SA. IYV 7 YN TORRILL Secretarn, A ca Jtain hit- wi bf t-7-B5 sitiiglvleaefergk-ig-8q3'QiFesicleiit, I A5 first and se nd athletic pins, 8B5 spelling bee. 8B. GLADYS VOIGHT QDUCKJ-Hostess, 'YA5 Red Cross. 'YB5 hostess, SA, EDB: first athletic pin, SB5 squad leader. SJB5 all first teams. 5 . VIRGINIA XVAGNER-. o' I ' . , A- . ROBERT YVALES-Orch stra, -SIA: inter-juni ' high orchestra, 713-SDA: first letter, SB5 second letter, EDA5 school librarian, QA-B. DORETTA XYHITCRAFT QDADAJ-Reporter for paper, SA-B: Red Cross, SIA. MARTHA ff TE ANIEY' G e" 11. TA-SA. SIA5 Erst anc s, .' rrmances, 7A-SA, SIA. ,GEORGE VVHITTET QBLIVETJ -Red Cross, UA-B5 all first teamsg referee, SIA-B3 squad leader, SIB. RICHARD XVIGGINTON QDICKJ-Glee club, 7B- DB5 perfect attendance. SIA: first letter, 9A5 traffic force, l 1' W

Page 18 text:

16 ALICE DEAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL to Europe and Spain, and still he had not found any dia- monds. One day Ali I-Iofed was standing on the Bay of Barcelona. He was very disgusted and decided that the sea would end his troubles very quickly. A short time later the farmer who had bought Ali Hofed's farm was watering his camel. He noticed some- thing shining in the water. He picked it up, thinking that it was just a pretty stone, took it into the house and put it on the mantel. XV hen the old priest was passing one day, he decided to stop. As he reached the door, the lirst thing he noticed was the stone shining on the mantel, and he asked if Ali llofed had returned. The farmer replied, "No," The priest said, "W'eIl, there is a real diamond on the mantelf' But the farmer laughed and said it was just a pretty stone. The priest took the farmer out in the yard and they dug up many more precious stones. If Ali Hofed had looked in his own back yard instead of going so far away, he would have found "acres of dia- 1'l1O1lClSn.-JFIIIIIIIC E'UlIIIJ". SB5. THE SENTINEL No one ever thinks of me, Or all the dilterent things I see, People wreathed in happy smilesg Or people low in sorrow's wilds. To honest ones l give help. Dishonest ones my powers felt. The latter fear with great dread, My ease to guard the streets, 'tis said. VV hen the sun has gone to rest, The insects play about my crest, Till morn comes and drives them back, To every tiny hole and crack. Then I go to sleep till when, The night shall come and go again Then I'Il make the darkness, brightg I'm just a lonely old street light. -Howard Hatter, 9133. THE ROAD TO HEALTH AND SUCCESS "Early fo bed and early to rise nzakes a lllllll llftllflly, 'IL'CU1f,Iy, and 'wisv."-P001' 1f1'C1lt1l'd',S AUIIIIIIICIC. Tom Brown was a small boy about ten years of age, who had very strict parents. His mother and father were always careful to see that he had plenty of sleep. In the evenings, when he was told to go to bed, he would sit in his room and gaze out of his window, wishing he could be out doors playing. Tom was very ambitious, and best of all he loved the outdoor life. Some of his friends had started to sell newspapers. Isle asked his mother if he might do so too. After a lot of urging she linally consented. Tom's paper had to be delivered at six in the morning. Having to get up at six, he was glad to go to bed early. Tom delivered newspapers until he was eighteen, then the company gave him a job in its ollice. He had such line health and ambition that he was soon promoted to a better position. At the age of thirty he owned a newspaper of his own. He retired at the age of forty-live. His friends always spoke of him as the wealthy, wise inan.-Jllury Slzirw, SB6. R. HARRIS 8: CO. Class Rings-Class Pins-Trophies-Rings-Favors XVATCHIES DIA MONDS JEWELRY SI LVERXIVARIE F S'1'1n:1a'1' AT lfl.liVEN'1'I-I EDW. ZUPNICK 81 SONS, INC. CGIIIIIIICS C'0lIfl7l'fl0lIl3I'jI 1307 Fourth Street, N. E. Lincoln 6538 Prime M cats Fancy Vegetables GORMAN'S D. G. S. MARKET Established 1914 BRANDYWINE ST. K NEBRASKA AVE., N. XV. Cleveland 0883-0884 Free Delivery ' CHEVY CHASE BICYCLE SHOP 3808 Northampton St. CLeveland 2705 Repairing MODEL AIRPLANES Painting

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