Alice Deal Middle School - Square Deal Yearbook (Washington, DC)

 - Class of 1935

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Alice Deal Middle School - Square Deal Yearbook (Washington, DC) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 14 of 24
Page 14 of 24

Alice Deal Middle School - Square Deal Yearbook (Washington, DC) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 13
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Page 14 text:

12 ALICE DEAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL teams, all semesters, dramatic club, SB, SIA, graduation party committee. LLOYD HARRISON-V ice president, TA, SB, spell- ing bee, SA, first letter, SB, traffic force, glee club, 9A, traffic force, glee club, stage crew, host, Square Deal com- mittee, second letter, third letter, SIB. LAURA HASTINGS-All first teams, captain hit-pin baseball, SB, SIB, captain of soccer, SA, squad leader, SB, EIA, girls' baseball team, SB, SIB, secretary, SIA-B, first, second, third athletic pins, dramatic club, SB , secretary of graduating class, 9B , first lette1'. VVILMER HAXVTHORNE CWILLIED-All first teams, first lette1', SB, host, SB, athletic representative, SIB, school baseball team, EIB, traffic force, SA, red cross, SA, referee, EIA-B, perfect attendance, SA-B. WILLIAM HAYES QHAYESJ-Championship bas- ketball team, host, TA, host, TB, championship basketball team, vice president, SA-B, vice president, SIA-B. MARIANNE HECRMAN-First athletic award, TB, secretary of red cross club, SB , treasurer of 1'ed cross club, DA , dramatic club, SIB , first letter, SIB , copied school creed for library, SIB. ,,- CATHERINE HICKEY QCATT YJ-V ice president, TA, president, TB, all first teams, squad leader, TA, SIA, A SA' perfect' attend'tnce 9 X ' spcretary fiB ' -9 . -nt ' ui cil 'EIA' let 1' sepconu teams, S 9: ' ' nnis e ,X mb r pin base ' uns, n ' tra c -- ' - 5 ' s committee SB' in .llv Cousin From. 'widen ' a letic pin, TB, second, xB, third, SA , t d letter, . . TOM ED HICR5-Traffic force, A, captain tr flic force, EIB , stage crew, public performance, dramatic club, Shakesperean play, As You Like I I, SIB , first and second letter, SIB. ROBERT HILL-In plays, The Shoes That Dalufed, and The Lordlr Prayer. DUDLEY HILL-Model airplane club, The Shoes That Danced, SIA, vice president and secretary of model airplane club, SIB. VICTOR I-IOBBS-No traffic tickets, all semesters DICK HOORN-Honor Roll, SA-B, EIA, first letter, SB, second letter, SIA. JACK HOSKINSON-Play, As You Like If, SIB, school baseball team, 9B, first teams, SIA-B. VIRGINIA HOXVARD-Glee club. TA. SA, hostess, TB, squad leader, first letter, SA: perfect attendance, art monitor, red cross representative, SB: style show. vice president, SIA, play, My Cousin From- Sreeden, graduation party committee, president, SIB. SI-IERLEY I-IUDDLE-Traffic force, SIA-B, on all first teams. ll 7' , if , 9 y I s J iv . , u , A , Ll Ct' 'liifl n s, T I capt ni school volley all cam, .1-1"-. l baseball ai f - ap in soccer , . .' , fii t 4' 5 s are f l 1 , , I Y 1 ' t 1- "' 'I' t iv 3 QALMTW JAMES HUDDLESTON-Blotter corners, SB, red cross representative, SIA, assistant red cross representa- tive,.9B. , EARLE HURDLE-On all first teams, athletic repre- sentative, fIB , captain of teams, TB, SB, SIB, glee club, EIA , championship in baseball, TB , basketball, SB , football, EIB ' basketball, EIB. HONVARD HUTTILR-Plays, John S111-itll and Poca- lzoufas, Dust of the Road, play, As You. Like lt, on cham- pionship basketball team, SB, glee club, SIB, public per- formance, SIB. ' . CARL H. IMLAY QSNAKIEJ-I-listory play, TB, assistant host, SIB, host, UB. A RliGlNA jAVVlSl-I UEANNEJ -First athletic award, TB, second athletic award, SB, winner of spelling match, SB , squad leader, EIB, art monitor, SIA, baseball club, UB, public pe1'formance, SB, story in .Square Deal, SIA, treasurer, SIB, perfect attendance, SIB. CARL ,lOl-INSON-.Perfect attendance, all semesters, first letter, SB, special metal work, SB, red cross, SB, SIB, vice president of 1'ed cross, SIA, public performance, play, :ls You Like lt, stage crew, second letter, Square Doa! committee, SIB. XVILLIAM C. -IONES QBILLQ-Red Cross represen- tative, TB, host, TB, president, SA, UA, first letter, SB, second letter, SIB , section team captain, UA, referee, UB, all first teams. jLILlUS RAISER fKAISlZRj--Student council, SB, SIB, stage crew, SB, SIB, traffic force, SB, SIB, president graduating class: perfect attendance, SB, SIB, champion- ship baseball team, SB, championship soccer team, SIA. XVILLIAM lililXflPlfIR tNVILLIlij-Championship basketball team, TA: championship baseball team, TB, championship basketball team, SA, captain of champion- ship basketball team, SB, school championship soccer v team, SIA , squad leader, EIA-B , referee, EIA-B , first letter. RA CHEL LARGE. ERVIN LIZIZTH LLEEQ-Red cross representative, SA, glee club, SB , public performance, SB, president of tropical fish club, SIB, MARGARET LINZEL QPISGGYB-Hostess. TA , per- fect attendan TB, SA,,elieclce1i for Mrs. Forsythe, SIB: first letter, 9 , . ' Efvithxlbst-ancl found. CARYL LOGGINS-Hostess, TA, glee club, TB SA, red cross, SA , secretary of red cross, EIA, first letter SIA : play, The Slmes Tlzaf Danccd. JULIAN LORENZ-Honor roll, all semesters, first letter, TB, second letter. third letter, SB, no trafiic tickets. allsemesters, public performance, SIB: play, As You Like If, traffic certificate, SIB, perfect attendance and punctu- ality, SA, SIB, play Dust of the Road, Square Deal com- mittee, play, Raggle Toggle Gypsies.

Page 13 text:

ulgfmft,-Qftf A C gm CZ 55 2 mi.-tl .- get time l A554432 l sf 1 5 Qs l it is JUNE, 1935 MARY GRAVES-Second place in poem contest, SAQ captain of hit-pin baseball, SA, in Sfwradillg flu' Nmtfr, three athletic pins, SB, dramatic club, SB. SIB, squad leader, SH, SIA: captain of soccer team. in Billie Crc'dif.v, EPA, president. Square Deal committee, lirst letter, SVBQ on all first teams. ff' ANNE GRIESBAUER-Squad leader, vice president. SAX, vice p xfsident, dramat' nb, -in 5if7l'UIllfiIlg flu' Never. three ath e " ins, squat e' .B gfinresident. squad leader, le t in ss ' contest. in ' 'ts'H155l Bill: public performance, QA, president of dramatic club, stage crew. captain of hit-pin baseball, Sqzmrc Deal committee. first and second letter, baseball club, QB. i ' FAYE GRIFFITH-First teams all semesters: first let- ter, SIB. ROSAMOND GRIGGS-Honor Roll all semestcrsg on -Q . f f . all section teamsg squad leader, SB, SIA, iirst letter, 7133 second letter, SA 3 third letter, SB, glee club, all semesters except TB: orchestra, 7133 sec1'etary, TB, SAg in play The Tt'IIlfl!'.Yf-,' lirst athfetie pin, TB: second athletic pin, SB, perfect attendance. SB. GRANTI- :X 'l,fGli:'Xlir-XM-Iliclex plates, book ends, lil zejQt' in is lub. RICHARD HALSTEAD--ln Rea' Jark Smith, dra- matic club, SA-B5 on stage crew, 913. ,ff PATRICIA Hi-XNSON QPIXVFB-iEl1lICl'Cf1 Deal, UA, I L red crm' -rcimrewiktgiyg, BB: Q11 winning league of corner ball, '. -1 Qrattehdm, Sllfg public pefformaiipe. EIB. -' BOB l-l.'XRL.+XN QSYI P 'ij "first letter, TBQ president, xB ' 1 Hi' toice QB eiptam TAN? :vi I A51 '.'T N' ' iff," ,Q I1 1' of traffic t ' , VA, b , 'et it , mseliallifioothall first

Page 15 text:

N SQUARE DEAL 13 FRANCES LUX-Red cross representative, SB g assist- ant bookkeeper, UB. V TED LYNCH-Host, EIB : captain second team base- ball, 8B. I LOUIS NIATTINGLY QLOUIEJ-Secretary, all se- mesters: secretary of glee club, TA, SA. MARGARET McCALLUM QPEGJ-Captain of team, SA: first athletic award. C. CALDXYELL MCCORMICK-President, 'TA : vice p1'esident, 713 g winning baskethallteam, ,SB 5 assistant host, SIB: traffic ofiicer. - KLAHRE MCCUTCHEN-F i1'st spelling contest, SA: perfect attendance, SB: trafiic force, SB, 9A 3 usher, pub- lic performance, SIA: usher of February graduation, SIA: lieutenant of traffic force, UB: usher at home and school association performance, DB, first letter, EIB. MARY LOUISE McDONALD QMULLYQ-On all first teams: first athletic award, 7 B: perfect attendance, all semesters: first letter, SB: squad leader, SIB. RAFFE MESROBIAN QMESYJ-On all first teams: school baseball teams, SB, SIB: in book-cover contest: championship teams: football, UB: basketball, UB: glee club, TB: host, SB. MARTHA MILBURN QLECK EJ--Honor Roll, all semesters : first letter, gl second l t 's8A'TTliird letter, SB: glee-club. all sen estefi' 't 1, rew, SJB: public per- formarfces, QA-B, SDA-B: qi . leader, TB: red cross rep- resentatiife, lF'Ag perfect attendance, 9A-B: first athletic pin, 7B. ' HELEN MILLER-Tennis champion, SA, honor roll, SA, orchestra, 8A : first letter, SA: captain of soccer team, SA, first athletic pin, SB: substitute on school baseball team, 8B: championship tennis tournament, EIA-B, second letter, SDA, third letter, EDB, art monitor, QB. HENRY MOSES-1-Ionor roll, 8A, UA: third prize, poetry contest. SA: vice president, SB: first letter, SB: vice president of class, SIA-B: of graduating class. ELIZABETH LOLA MOYNELO QI-IILOJ-Tap dancing club, 'TB 2 tumbling club, SB. JOSEPH E. IYIULLEN-Glee Club, TA, SA: boys rid- ing club, SB, 915: craft club, QA. CECIL MYERS-Diploma committee, EJB, first soccer team, SB, OA, BETTY ANN NAMMINGA. CONLEY NANCY CNANCED-Glee club, TA-SB, perfect attendance and punctuality, TA-B 3 article in Square Deaf. 713, SA: spelling match. TB, SB: poetry contest, TB: first letter. SA: referee, QA: secretary, SIA: vice presi- dent, SIB: second letter, SIB: on class day committee. I2O U 'II' NEFF CBOBJ-Championship soccer , . A. VIRGINIA N f'lYLE fGlMMIEj-Spelling bee. UB: hospital assistant. squad leader, pin committee, red cross representative, poem contest, 913, article in Square Deal. DOROTHY PACE LBINXJ-Gossiping Alia: staff, SB, first athletic award, SB: scrap book committee, SA, UB: all first teams, SA, 913 : glee club, DA-B, public per- formances given for Powell, Gordon, Vffestern, 9A-B: tennis and ping pong clubs, QA-B 3 music committee, EJB. LOUIS E. PARKER-Play, Por lzonfas. l3? IJEllLR'I12NkCfBL QCgYj?ffIost, '7Ag bas- ketb. , 'anfentT4vF I ' K 'ii' "ffl 'A' N J KATHLEEN PHILLIPS QKAYJ-Vice president, UA: squad leader, first athletic pin, 9A. GLADYS POVVELL LPALQ-Reporter for paper, SA-B: hostess, SB: red cross representative. SDA. DONALD I'OW'ERS-Entered Deal in UB: trahic force, DB. FLORENCE PRIMM--All first tcamsg first athletic award, TB: perfect attendance, SA, UB 3 public perform- ance, second athletic award, SB, tumbling club, SB: third athletic award, first letter, EJB. CHARLES RAYMOND CCURLEYJ-Class host, SIB: librarian, SIA-B: stamp club, SIA. DORIS MAUD RANDALL QSTARRYQ-First let- ter, SA: second letter, SB: third letter, EIA, poetry con- test, 7A: ring newcomb demonstration at Tech, TB: glee club, TA-B, QA: inter-junior high orchestra, TB, 9A: or- chestra, TB. SB, fJAg perfect attendance, TB. QA: two athletic awards: spelling match, SB: riding and swimming clubs, honor roll, SIA: squad leader, SA, EJB, all first teams: soloist at silvertea, 9B. 'FLETCHER H. RAXVLS-Red cross representative, SB. MARGARETXREID QMEGJ-Squad leader, 9A: red cross assistant, secretary of red cross, class day commit- tee, UB: perfect attendance, 9A-B. JOHN REINHARD QACKJ-Play, Ghvfisy Man, TB: winning basketball team. SB: all first teams: traffic force, UA-B: play, As You Like It ,' first letter, SIB. CLARA REYNOLDS-Hostess, SA. GEORGE REYNOLDS-Stage crew, 913: public per- formance. wiring of miniature stage. LE ROY FIOH N Rl NALDI KLEEJ-Captain of these teams: baseball, TA, SB: basketball, 8A. UB: football, SA, EJB: on school baseball team, 9Ag glee club, SIA: traffic force, DA: first place in basketball, SIA: winning baseball team, SIA: second place in football, SIA. FRED RITA--Entered Deal, 9A : play As You Like If, SIB 3 class and school baseball squad. BETTY ROMAN-Honor roll, 'YA-B, SB. SIA: squad leader, SJA: glee club, SB, SIB: first letter, TB: second let- ter, 9Ag third letter, EPB: first and second athletic pins: school baseball team, EJB.

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