Alice Deal Middle School - Square Deal Yearbook (Washington, DC)

 - Class of 1935

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Alice Deal Middle School - Square Deal Yearbook (Washington, DC) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 11 of 24
Page 11 of 24

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Page 11 text:

SQUARE DEAL 9 captain first team baseball, SJB, school soccer team, UA , school baseball team, SIB. MARY VIRGINIA CARTER-Glee club, all semes- ters, tale11t assembly, SB: dramatic club, public perform- ance, first letter, two athletic awards, perfect attendance and punctuality, SIA, dramatic club, public performance, second letter, perfect attendance and punctuality, SIB. JANET CLARK-Hostess, TA, first team all semest- ers, athletic pin, TB, Christmas assembly, SA, tumbling club, SB, dramatic club, 9A-B, Dish of China, Ten, SIB, trafiic certificate, SIB, perfect attendance, SIB. JOHN CLARK-Orchestra, all semesters, dramatic club, UA-B , airplane club, SIA. DONALD CO1-IEN-VVinning soccer team, SA, per- fect attendance and punctuality, SB, SIB, honor 1'oll, SIA, traffic fo1'ce, first letter, honor roll, SIB. SHIRLEY CONNOR-Glee club, TB, SA, first letter, play Slices Tha! DlI7It7t'd, SIA, corner ball team, SIB. CAROLINE COOK LCOOKIEJ-Hostess, all semes- ters, on all first teams, squad leader, SB, glee club, SB, first athletic pin, SB, first letter, SIA. MARGARET COPELAND QCOPIEJ-Glee club, TB, jyjffi'-st athletic pin, TB,,Qhristmas assembly, SA, poetr -oyffe , Alpll 'c peijgrniance, SA, first letter, UA, 5i?1'CfflF 'lub Geo 'g ' Vashington . s- sembly, public perfi r111 sTgX. YQQWU If, second letter, squad ' der of ion F squad, . B, 1 , fect attendance, SA, UB, dramatic club, SB, SIB. ALFRED CROV ATO CALJ-Athletic representative, SDA-B, play Sliver Tllaf ljflllff, SIA, traffic force, SIB, first teams all semesters. DONALD DAR R QBUDDYQ---l'rcsident of class, TA, TB, SA, stage boxing match. ALICE DAVENPORT-Athletic awards, honor roll. T A, squad leader, captain volley ball team. TB, athletic awards, SA, squad leader, SB , honor roll, SIA, dramatic club, secretary of class, SJB, play Du-st of the Road. DOROTHY DERR QDOTTYj-Honor roll, dramatic club, P. T. award, public performance, perfect attendance and punctuality, SB, dramatic club, 9A-B, play Dish of Clrinn Tea, SIB, first letter, 9B. BARBARA DIEBERT-Squad leader, TA, SB, SIA, captain of volley hall and second hit-pin baseball team, TB, SA, captain of first hit-pin baseball team, captain of soccer team, SA-B , red cross representative, SA , president, SB, first athletic pin, SJA, no traffic tickets, all semesters, 9B. PHILIP DONALDSON-Vice president, TB: play. Coifrfsliifw of Milcxr Sfc1ndi.rl1,' vice president, SA, cham- pionship basketball team, SB, baseball championship, SB, secretary, SB, president. trafHc force, plays Sprmd-illg Ihr' N mes, C rcdits for Bill, SB , vice president, of dramatic club, X traffic force, firstletter play, As Your Like If, school base- ball squad, SIB. J FRANCIS DONALDSON QFRANNIEJ-Captain championship basketball team, TA, baseball championship team, TB, basketball championship team, SA, school championship team, .s ball, baseball chapipionship team, a league, and sch geball squad, ' base si 'squad, UB, perfect atten . ,. -ulgyyyf- eree, SA, EJB, ' ' letter, S . , secretary, SJA, traffic squad, SIA-B, soccer championship team, 9A. ELIZABETH DRISCOLL-Red cross representative, SIB, perfect attendance, SIB, first letter, SIB, first athletic award, SIB. IRENE DULIN LSPEEJ-Hostess, TA, SA, first girl's school baseball team, SIA, first and second athletic awards, TB, all first teams, girls' baseball club, SIB , senior tumbling club, SB, SIA. MILTON DUNN QUNCLE PATJ-All section teams, host, SA, QA, winning football team, SIA. ' HAROLD EAR P QBURPJ-First team, football, SIA, first team, baseball. SIB, stamp club, SB. CHARLES EDMONDS QSONNYQ-In orchestra, host, perfect attendance, SA, orchestra, red cross repre- sentative, perfect attendance, SB, host, UA, no traffic tick- cts, craft club, SIB. CHARLOTTE EDXVARDS QBETTYJ-vice presi- dent, TA, vice president of red cross, SA, all first teams, squad leader, Ist letter, SB, dramatic club, QA, play Dish of China Tea, second letter, SIB. ROGER VV. EISINGE R, ,lR.-Perfect attendance, SA I all first teams, stamp club, SB, SIA, traffic force, SJA-B, first letter, SIB., ' . ,ot Q gi, f Q , KARIN EI5BlRixlJlG'Ef'if-BI.iLX,f3fIi1ET3i-aj 42 U .IENNIE FALCONE-Squad leader, SA,LS'lA, captain of soccer team, first and second athletic pin, winning vol- ley ball team, SA , captain of hit-pin baseball, third athletic pin, school baseball team, SB , captain of baseball team, SIB , tumbling club, 9B. RUTH FARLEY-Glee club, TA, SB, public perform- ance, SA , diploma committee, SIB. MORRIS FITZGERALD tFRITZj-President, SA. SlB, vice president, SB: spelling bee, SIA, managing editor, Goxsipifig Alive, SA, glee club, dramatic club, SIA, traffic force, stage crew, square deal, SIB, honor roll, SB, perfect punctuality, TA, 9B. JOCELYN FLEMING-Honor roll, SB, SIB, winning corner ball team, SIA , plays, The Lord's Prayer, Clzrisfofrlz- 1-r".r Ol'f7,Idl1.V, T116 P1'in1'css,' dramatic club, first and sec- ond letter, SDA, dramatic club, glee club, SIB, perfect at- tendance. SIA-B: tumbling club, SB, SIA. DOROTHEA E. FOCHT-Glee club, TA-B, public performance, tumbling club, TB, tumbling club, SA, SIA, .,-u,..A- --- - Y-L 4...i,,A- c.

Page 10 text:

8 ALICE DEAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL WHO'S WHO IN .98 JEAN ALDRICH-First athletic award, 7135 first let- ter, hostess, SB, hostess a11d glee club, UA5 glee club, lunchrooin checker, second letter, EJB. LILLIAN ALLEN-First athletic pin 5 tennis tourna- 1ne11t, 1934. ,f CHARLOTTE ANDERSON-First letter, squad leader. hostess, TA5 accompanist for glee club, TA, 9B5 first athletic award, SB, second letter, SOIIg contest, 9Ag hostess, president of glee club, glee club performances since, TA. JANE PATRICIA ANDERSON QANDYQ-Vice Vpresident, TA, secretary, TB, DB5 squad leader, TA, SA, SIB 5 captain of teamsg dramatic club, SB, SIB, in plays The Pol b'oiIr1', Zlllll The Painted Slippvlg' glee club, TA, 9B5 second letter5 third athletic pi11, hostess i11 lunchroom, 'T A, SA. MARIANNA ANDERSON QANDYJ -- Spelling match, 7B 5 honor roll, SA5 squad leader, SJA5 champion corner ball team, baseball club, 9B. MARGARET A PPLEMAN ,QPEGGYJ-Sec1'etary of clas 'A5 squad leader, Ek' X5 hostess, SB, 9B5dvice JYCSI 1LLJ,f!l1Sm,l'lgl goyte 1 c iw' 'Shea d presi ent, flB 5 ill y cousin. l-.57t't'tfT11,' i11 Tiiper orm 5 all three P. T. pins, SB 5 third 11ionito1'j'SBX first letter, DB 5 da11ce committee, 9B. BARBARA BANGHAM---Entered Deal i11 SA, honor roll, SA: fashion show, SB5 dramatic club, DA, EJB, tum- bling club. V"ALICE BEARY QABIBI -Entered Deal i1 SA, vice presiden 5 a itat 1, f r , A-B5 i11 craft cl11b, , - . JACQUELI f,BI2CIg-Glegtggblfgi, sA 1a1i,L13:1-- foi'mances, 7 ,Sf 1 liostgs,cflc13. ANN BERRYMA I-Perfect attendance and punctu- ali , ' , 1 ' , ' ' ' representative, 9B. A ANSON BIGGS-Vice presic 11t, TA: glee club, public perforinance. TBQ glee club, SA, SIB5 red cross representa- tive, SB 5 perfect attendance and punctuality, SB. UB 5 public performance, SJA5 president of red cross, SJA5 public per- formance, SIB QPTAJ5 president of glee club, SDB5 presi- dent, red cross. MILDRED BLADEN QSNUCKSJ-Glee club. all semesters gntumbling' club, all semestersg i11 plays O11 Clirisf- llms Eve, My Cousin from S'zt'vl1'c11, and T0'rt'an'or,' squad leader, 7B5 president Zlllll manager corner ball, all SEIIICS- ters 5 first Zlllil second letterg two public performances: red cross representative. SA5 coach of junior tumbling, SJB5 school baseball team, first a11d second athletic pin. JOHN BOEHNE CJOHNNYJ-In Deal only during 'TA-B and 9A-B5 70 points5 third fioor sub-lieutenant, UA-B 5 wrote and gave essay on George VVashington. ,,,'RA GLE, JR. BOGEYQ-Glee eh1b, 'TA-B, UA- 1 1 ' t ynittee5 two public perform- a11c ' ' 1' . RO 'QT ' LLIN ER QBOBJ-I-Ionor roll, first letter, host, SB5 traffic squad, glee club, 9Ag traffic squad, stage crew, UB. RICHARD BORDEN QDICKJ-Glee club, SA-B5 poetry contest, SA. TED BOW IQR'1Chan pionshi basketball team. SB: trafiie force, UA5-lieluena f 'if-Dr1c5t,af,kthvUE ad A 5 i11 public perfor -miff play, ' "dxf Like If, 9 5 first letter, EJB. FRANCIS BOWIE . QHEINIEJ-Glee club, TA-B5 squad lea r, 'B 5 1 il li ' ormance. 'YB 5 winning hit-pin basebz , Sf1l1HC L l1 all first teams, art mo itor, SA5 atl1let1 , , c. tain of corner ball team, UB, stage c1'ew, SJB5 first letter, 9B 5 diploma com- 111ittee, EJB. FOSTER BOYD-Entered Deal, SDA: stage crew, UB5 trafiic force, UB. MERCEDES BOYLE QSCRUBBYJ-Hostess. first athletic pin, SA5 play, My C UHSI-H F rom Szt'cdc11,' member of pin committee, SPB5 second athletic Pill, no traffic tick- ets, all semesters, SIB. MARTHA B '. A RX ' ss, 'TA S B 5 red cro s, TB: ' all e, :A-B5 st a e c pm, f 5 se - ond athletic pin, SB. Q MARJORIE BRUMBAUGH MARGYJ - Publi performance, ' ' ' ' ' ra p' v . ' l f'lY - .3 contest. DB5 winning corn ' l l team, SIA-B5 first P. T. athletic pin, SB. LOYA BRYANT-Glee club. all semestersg first letter, SJA5 second letter, SIB, spelling match, SBg squad leader, TB 5 first athletic pin. TB5 second athletic pill, SB5 tum- bling club, SPA: perfect attendance, UA, SIB5 glee club for school songs, SPA. MARION BULLOCK QDAISYJ -First athletic award, perfect ZIHCIICIZIIICC and punctuality. TB: Christmas assembly, SA-B 5 SCC0llCl athletic award dramatic club, UA5 first letter. dramatic club, play A Cup of China Tm, SIB. MARY JEAN BURDICK fMEEJj--P1blic perform- ance, S: ' squad leader! TA, spelling ee: 'Z' 5 first athletic awa . " '. lette f ' c 'A , SIB5 perfect atten a11ce and 1 nctua ty, al semesters. GREGG C. BURNS, JR.-Host, 7A. SIA: first letter. SB : head art monitor, 9A 5 second letter, SB. v HAL CALVERT-Glee club, IA, TB, SB, SJB5 three public performances: scrap-book committee, SB. L, THOMAS CAMMACK-Baseball tea111 which YVOII first place, SB, soccer team captain, won first place, 9A5

Page 12 text:

public performance. SA. 9A5 orchestra, SA, 9155 inter -I. lfl. S. orchestra, SB 5 perfect attendance, first letter, 9.-X5 second letter. EJB. JEROME FOOTER ll .1 ERRYJ-Host, TA, 9A5 lunch room clylecker, 9135 6li5Hii6iTl'iaSlCeth H'team, SB: traflie force, 5lBcf.lJQy's,aQl letia outixcil, 0B5Qrft.,lqtte1', SBQ sec- ond letter, 9A: tliirdtletter. 9B5 gypsy play, TB. Xl'lL'l'ON FRASER-First president of stamp club: student council, 9A-B5 trafliie force. 9,-X5 sub captain. 913 5 lirst letter, SB: second letter. EJB. ROBERT FREDLUND t'FR1fDl.,YD-Glcc club, TA, 9A 5 public performance, TB, 9A 5 lirst letter, 9A5 host, 913 1 traHic force, QA-B5 play. .I-lx You Like lf, 9B. Lll,1,lAN GERMA N-Squad leader, 9155 bookkeeper. 9B5 party committee, 913. DAVID GALLIHER QC-ALLIl'lOGjf-Traffic force, GRADIJ NTIINK L 9135 president, 9A-B5 host, 'FA5 captain, second team base- ball, 9Bg captain first football team, SB5 perfect attend- ance, SA, 9135 championship football team, SB. CHARLES GAMAGE QDOCJ-President. SA5 all iirst teams5 traffic force, 9,-X: stage crew, 913 5 school soc- cer team5 spelling contest, 9A. RICHARD GAY CDICKQ-Host, SA. FLORENCE GILLETTE. LEON S. GO Miniature stage trew, 9A stage crew, 9B 3 traffic f 'fx' 1 MURIEL GO DO - lee-club, 7 , SB5 dramatic club. 9A-B: first letter, 9A5 plays The L0rd's Prayer. and C'l1ri.rf0fvl1z'r's C9I'f71IfIlI.Y. 'JOHN GROLIG IUNCLE PIED - Glee club, 'TA-B: Gossiping Alice staff, SA-B 5 winning first basketball team. football, baseball, 9A-B5 traliic force, 913. L l

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