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Q -.- of - -vw iable of confenfs fheme 2-9 acfivifies 1 0-35 off-campus 36-65 clubs 1 66-91 creafors 92- 105 boys ' sporfs 1 06- 143 girls' sporfs 144- 15 1 candids 6 1 52- 154 class officers 155 close-up 156- 185 in conclusion 188- 193 porfraifs freshman even pages 10-48 sophomore even pages 50-80 junior even pages 82- 108 senior even pages 1 10- 180 faculfy even pages 182- 192 dedicafion 1 1 94- 1 95 in memory 196- 197 index 198-200 ad verfisemen fs 20 1-224 I 2. :ju gtg' m If , :,,,,f11: , ' W'-' 1 M'-aaa . 'I , nn, ,. Y V ,T 4' 1 1 4 f 1 , X 1 W , f L f 1 A WLM 1 A r H A 1, VU- M jQ25,w,,fM f ' 5 ff 4 - w ' A ., - . , 1 .1 .R ,, A , A S4 9 ' Q 'U 3, r 'mx Y, . ,N x7J v Q l 's ' 'f --Q' ' 1 NWN: T34 14 -n.. .V . . , , f-1-2 ' " -,gy 1 5 1 , Q4-.f,. ' QQZS5 Q fr , if-T, f ,Q Z gl. don4+.....- ,, 11- -. - 1 1 -- , 1 -'awww .xwfn -H K ' 0' N fm Q, V .mm ' . 'Mg N", 7 , u I I I I "we fwo forma 0 ll mulhfude I gi N' .44 X .p ' A4, TV. ,GRM A 'Ti' 'x ' -iifa. my x 'QM-4 V x N T . NR.. 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X "R 'N IQ ,.-f ,L .xx , , X ix ZS A .1 .X . x fxfhmk Mak A , , 5 N 52 Ni 1" "W X X X. ,u X, X . 1 ' f i . ,JW xl .ww i - xp ' H wif- X uf . w a! ,, 1 W 'V ' 'rs Wu VA XX 52 1 Y , f-42:1 'F M xx ,11,,:,p1s': X gp wi vm . , 1 X Z M X QV .. X, 'N 5? M , ,gt ., XX X gpg 's ya X K .Q X' ,. s, .Qu--. i ' fn ,,:?P ' . ... , 1..,, .,.,... ,.. ' i ViCkY Addif Carlos Aguilar Cynthia Aiello I-Ofie Aiello Mark Aiello Darlene Aires Manuel AifeS Vincent Albanese Kelly Albertsen Acfivifies Toby Ashby Anifa Asher Teffi AllIinSOr1 Larry Bairo Ar! Baker Margaret Balderslon Corhleen Balesfrieri Janet Barron DBHYUS BGFTIGN lO Freshman!Homecoming 4 homecoming rallies . . spirif. . ,QU ERE X . v, ,UM fi 4 ty, f Gu P QP . ii I f 'I' A 0 ' A ' 0 M' we S 5 - f 'E 2-. 5 Q' 1' M' Why did they do that? varsity cheerleaders create oufsfandin alhambra hi h spirit This year's varsity cheerleaders are composed of some of the most spirited girls at Alhambra. Each and every game you can find them out on the side- lines cheerng as loud as they can, in spite of how hoarse they are. They do an outstanding iob of getting the Bulldog rooters to support the team loudly and clearly. This year's varsity cheerleaders include: Marita Schmitz lheadl, Jackie Rippee, Tammy Gerhart, Kim Karsten, and lrma Zwemmer. These cheerleaders really know what spirit is and offer a fine example at rallies and games. They are proud to represent Alhambra - Alhambra's proud to have them represent the Bull- dogs!! Tammy, Gina - Varsity and J.V. share a smile. Varsity Cheerleaders I3 Terry Carrol Sandy Casfelline PONY Cellini Lynn Chamberlain Evelyn Channel Chris Charrette Tim Chalman Les Christian Ernie Collins Pam - Yeah teaml Kellie Collins Nancy Collins Chris Conradsen Sleve Contreras Lil Cook Terree Cordova Jill Corley Brenda Cossel Ella Cox 14 Freshman!PepeHes Krisla Stedman - a Iihle helper - Come on you guys. pepettes do a lof more than perform af alhambra games Being an Alhambra Pepette means many things. lt means going places, doing things, hard work, dedication and practice, The pepettes performed half-time for Los Mondoanas College. They also participated in Band-day at Cal State. Competition is another important event for them. Prac- tice three days a week, both in the morning with the band and after school, help the pepettes learn new routines. Hard work and dedication is what makes the pepettes worth watching at half time. This year's pepettes are as fol- lows: Lisa Aiello lheadj, Pam Jensen, Barbara Gehrig, Deb- bie Rippee, Cathy Cabral, and Nancy Knisley. ara - Hold my hair back, Nancyl Pepettes l5 45 ,Q f nf s 'fx fi "' 1 if W i T f .Q 4 551112, 3 1 W Y Q , ' ' , 8 ,Q .-:gg . I2 A in , 5, , 5 .Q w ith '.,. Q ' ., bara, Cathy and Krista - a small confrontation. dedication, work, and deferminafion help make a pepef-fe The pepettes this year did not go to spirit camp because they needed the money for uni- forms, but this did not stop them from learning new cheers. They were determined to be the best. During the summer they practiced five days a week. They did cheers over and over until they were sure they were perfect. To be a pepette a girl must work as a part of a group and not as an individual. She must be organized or else she would be doing one thing and someone else something else. She must be willing to try something new, and do her best at it. This and a lot more makes a pepette - and our pepettes have it all. Pepettes i7 5 . vm. Q.- Tug-of War Juniors are vldoruous' .QE 1 5 f 1 Q 34 w Pie making contest Vlchms awalt the kllll s s s 5 leads the seniors to victory! J., juniors win homecomin T competition: seniors next , mi xi, H zllq Y 1' The l 974-75 Homecoming Week was very successful. i f'gvs-sw "K 4-1-j' . J: 12 f A.1. The iunior class was victorious, taking first place in the rally, the tug-of-war, and the eating relay. The seniors came in second, taking first place in the tricycle race, the decorated car and the class decorating competition. The freshmen placed third, taking first place in the pie mak- ing contest. During the week each day was set aside for something dif- ferent: Monday was Western Day, Tuesday was 'Jock' Day ldress as your favorite athletel, Wednesday was Teachers' Day ldress as your favorite teacherl, Thursday was 50's Day, and Friday was Colors Day ffreshmen and iuniors wore gold, sopho- mores and seniors wore blue.l All together there was a very good turnout for Homecom- ing Week. Juniors prove they have outstanding spiritl! Homecoming Activities I 9 ix Karen Goddqrd Dorothy Gore Steve Granada Margaret Gray BOYBGYO Green Gary Gressett Ken Gruessing Gl0I'iCI Gvihh Sharon Guthrie Mark Haefke Mike Hdhn Judy Haisley Princess Maria Carrillo smiles to the crowd. Kim Ham Brent Hammond Chris Hammond Tom Hansen Holly Hanson Marsha Hanson Valerie Hanson Larry Heath Russ Heath 20 Freshman!Homecaming Queen and King King Gonzales and Queen Lynda take their 'first walk lgnda, gonzales crowned homecomin queen and kin On Friday, October 25, Lynda Renshaw and Gonzales Silva were crowned Alhambra's Fall Homecoming Queen and King. The other ten canidates were: Lisa Aielo, Karen Brenchley, Maria Carrillo and Debbie Rippee. The five king candidates were: Matt Holden, Clifford Norman, John Rangel, Joe Tiscoreno and Tom Viglienzone. Last year's fall queen and king, Vicki Hogan and Robert Hub- bard, were on hand to resign the crown. Following the rally, the new queen and king rode on the float with their court in the Homecoming Parade. Later that night they paraded at halftime for the benefit of the Alhambra Rooters. This was a good end to the Homecoming Week. en Lynda and King Gonzales smile from the float. Qt Princesses Debbie Rippee and Karen Brenchley. Princess Pam Jensen flashes a smile. Homecoming Queen and King 21 Pdm Heim Chrysfcl Helling Liso Herndon Armando Herrera Mike Herzel Jill Hickman Lisa Hodgman Morris Hoffman Mcm Hogan ' -,,- W I we I ff ii Ar Angriuuww 4 Q f if 1' WMM.. .3 , 5, 9' 'X aiu, nnrdkdnn-19193141 i, ai' " MA .V M W M,,,M,, K , ,, I V' gh " ' iii? 7 V if Gina, Rochelle, Saro - "go, go, go, go . I, - -,Q 'vw . Jane? Holt Tomi Hoppe Kevin Hopkins Becky Howen Liz Hughes Lorrie Hutchens Kathy Jackclone Mike Jackson Annehe Jorcmillo 'i- 22 FreshmcnfJV Cheerleaders Rhonda, Chris --"ancl1hen he said. . ." as-:H s em jv cheerleaders appear where bulldogs need spirit egg '41 :ull JV Cheerleaders were a major factor in promoting school spirit this year. tion. Everyday during the summer they practiced, and right before school they went into double-sessions. They bought their uniforms with the money raised in bottle drives, candy sales, bake sales, and car washes. This years JV cheerleaders were Rhonda Lomeli, Gina Marti- nez, Rachelle Neilson lheadl, Chris Jordon, and Sara Canciamilla. They helped raise spirit for the JV football and basketball teams at every game. They prove that many hours of practice, determination, and spirit go a long ways. ...L Rachelle, Gina - "I want to do my cheerlI" JV Cheerleaders 23 Not only did they contribute enthusiasum, but also determina- WT' 'T nf? Tami Jared Paul Jensen Doug Johnson Brad Jones Sfacy Jordan Todd Jorgensen Mike Kale Jeff Kean Kim Johns Dave Jones Cherie Juarez Cameron Keep Karhy Kennedy R05 Kem Marcella Kirzmiller Darlyene Knight Mark Koci Lou,-0 Koe,-ber Kriste Krall Lynne Kramer paula Krisqick 24 Freshman!Maiorehes 1 Kim, Marieha - "Keep cool Mariehaf' Pam -- Whaf's so funny? kim Ioney leads corps of alhambra's majorei-les There were three maiorettes this year with an old "pro", Kim Loney, back again. In addition to her talent, she is a natural leader followed by Marietta Cox and Pam Dutcher. To improve themselves, they went to Santa Cruz Twirling Camp during the summer, where they learned how to twirl fire and refined their skills. To earn money to pay for uniforms, they had bake sales, a car wash, and a rummage sale. Besides twirling at the home games, they have twirled at Cal Band Day, Los Medonas football game and at the Turkey Bowl. They had planned to twirl at the basketball games and compete against other high school maiorette teams. orettes "light their fire." Majorettes 25 ' Julie Krummen Rondel Lone Paul Lover ROSSCIHC LGUFO Gary Lovey Tony Lavino Cindy Lawrence S1eveLecl Jerri Leomeo Diane - This time l'm going to do it right! Lindo Lewis Rick l-iefly Josile Ligmun Paul Linderman KGFCH Undgfen Bob Linville Bill Long TCImmY lucas Anna Luce 26 Freshmcn!Varsi1y Flag Cindy - How does this look? y - Who me?? varsity flag twirlers win santa cruz competition The varsity flag team consists of the same members as last year, which is Nancy Chambers lheadl, Diane Wilford, Alicia Vil- lalva and Cindy Cordova. Again for the second year these girls brought home from sum mer camp in Santa Cruz, a first place trophy in competition. They also brought a superior trophy for a high average in team and per- sonal evaluation. They twirl at the football games and many basketball games, as well as the concerts given by the Alhambra Band. Their uniforms were bought with money earned from fund raising and also at their own expence. All together they form a great team, and help represent our school. l Alicia - We're looking good! Varsity Flag 27 Franci Lucido Rosemary Lucido Ray Luiun Allen Lumsden Debbie Lupori Kurt Luselle Valerie Lyles Corrie Lynde Patrice Mocaluso Chris Mackey Barbara Magoon Lori Marquissee Jack Mayberry Dove Mayeux Sue McCormick Pal McCoy Jeannie McGie Brian McLain Brenda Mcleskey Jill McNeeley Aureliq Mendoza 28 Freshmon!Yearbook Queens .. ,1 mrewefegyyvgy Freshman Terri Peterson is L Sophomore Kim Karsten .Pi sl' we ,I l K l we ,A 5 l .lg ,M M ,, .. p Em 52 .ie we 5 ' X eeerr r re ff? is , r, 4 il . , K' Q e Q l Junior Pam Olstad Yearbook Queen - Senior Cathy Heath senior candy heath chosen first alhambra torch queen The has introduced something new this year - the selection ofa yearbook queen. The class which purchased the larg- est percentage of yearbooks had their candidate named the l 974- 75 IQQ Yearbook Queen. In addition to naming the winning class candidate as queen, the class is awarded a free page dedicated to them in the lP9. 1531. The classes voted for their queen candidate, the seniors chose Candy Heath, iuniors, Pam Olstad, sophomores, Kim Karsten, and freshmen, Terri Peterson. The yearbook percentages were determined, and the seniors headed the competition: Candy Heath was named yearbook queen and the senior class was awarded one free page. The other classes placed as follows: second place, iuniors, third place, freshmen, and fourth place, sophomores. Yearbook Queens 29 -QFZZS 42224 A 1973 E f Q51 size? 2 bf x N A wwxg Q fa. 14 X HX wma. 'V K 2 3 x . , K, X .K-.M - . 6 1 is ,elrfw gx . i- W- R -- -A 'X fx ,J -df , ,. . Q: Them are my kind of Bulldogs! the freshman cheerleaders show sgns of having real enfh usiasm and great spirit One thing a team has to have to be great is enthusiasm. ln order to get a crowd enthusiastic there must be great cheerleaders. That's what the freshman teams had. The freshman cheerleaders - Sue McCormick, Jackie Foshaug, and Liz Tiscareno - really did a great iob of getting the crowd excited. The three held bake sales to help with money for their uniforms. They all went shopping together to make sure they would be able to get the same outfits. The freshman cheerleaders did not have competition against other schools, but they would have enjoyed it. All together they have had a good year-full of laughter and new experiences. ' -'F' , . .. 2 n- 4m6?5Sv9Z1'F41"W Freshmen in good form. Freshman Cheerleaders 3l I 'QQ f Y. r 'Wi "Uh Janice Nolen Carol Olson Clayton Olstad Mike Orliz GUYY Nielsen Jackie Nieters Nancy Oukley Linda Ohling Chris Olson Paul Olson Don Oram Janna Ortiz Tim O'Shea Dave Padilla Jose Padilla Sam Padilla Sharon Paislev Valerie Paisley Mike Parkinen Don Pelol Rachele Pereira 32 Freshman!J.V. Flag X I QA- ,ng if gm A R, Y I 'g 1, Q n rp, ' Q ' 'X 5.5 Q-wif . ' Q friggin: A g 1 4 , A ,gy yi VA is . - , fl ,S fix .. K 1' fu K ' 4, ,L Q ' ' ' 1, , J ia, K -4 N .P O if if 'if 1 163 i,e a .aia , K i Kathy - . . . five, six, seven, eight . . . Diba - If I have to keep my arms up any more . . . Almost ready for half-time. two flag squads is a first for alhambra hi h school For the first time in Alhambra's history there are two squads of flag girls -- both varsity and J.V. The J.V. team consists of Diba Brooks, Cathy "Tink" Jacka- lone, Tracy Pilgrim and Rene Reed. During the summer the girls went to camp to learn new rou- tines and practice old ones. They brought home both first and sec- ond place ribbons in competition and individual analysis. They also participated in Cal-Band Day and twirled against other schools. They earned the money needed for uniforms through bake sales and other such fund raisers. They really do a great iob with the flags. They all are very spirited and are outstanding representa- tives of Alhambra. A O- ' V V wiv 4 Q., it w if , . , K ii'si 1" z , J.V. Flag - Tracy, Dibo, Rene and Kathy J.V. Flag 33 -Q 2' Celeste Perez Donna Permar Nodme Pemn Cathy Peterson Terl Peterson Tern Peterson Karen Phllllps Tony Plazza Kelly Plghm Princess Pom Jensen ,svn-mucus '65 to -wi K-Q 'w Jum Plotts Julie Popp: Jeff Porter Ron Proell Kyle Pruett Carol Pugh Dole Quadros Dave Qumtero Mnke Quontomotteo 34 Freshmon!Spring Homecoming King Steve Cordenas and Queen Nancy Bunyord C competin , rallies, queens: all a part of homecomin The 1974-75 Basketball Homecoming Week was handled differently this year. Instead of iust having queen and king elec- tions, each day, as during Fall Homecoming Week, a special event was scheduled. Monday was Hat Day, Tuesday was 60's Dress-up Day, Wednesday was Hair-do Day, Thursday was the Eating Contest, in which the iuniors took first place, and Friday was Colors' Day. Also a rally and tug-a-war were held. The rally was awarded to the sophomore class and the iuniors remained undefeated in the tug-of-war. Also at the rally were Queen and King announcements. The Queen candidates were as follows: Lisa Aiello, Nancy Bun- yard, Nancy Chambers, Carol Luschan and Pam Jensen. The King nominations were Steve Cardenas, Brian DaCorte, Clifford Norman, Kirk Rippee and Joe Tiscareno. Nancy Bunyard and Steve Cardenas were crowned the 1974-75 Spring Homecom- ing Queen and King. The mighty sophomore armyl?I and Queen Candidates lleft to rightl Clifford Norman, Carol Luschen, Steve Cardenas, Nancy Chambers, Joe Tiscareno, Nancy Bunyard, Brian DaCorte, Lisa Aiello and Kirk ee. Spring Homecoming 35 i 1 Lupe Rangel Rene Reed Sharon Renkert ROY Rhflmy Kim Richards Carrie Roddy Denise Rogers Randy Roman Lenny Roque Mark Rose Morisso Ross Mike Ross Rikki Sqkqzqki Donna Saling Brion Santa Maria Suzanne Saunders Jenehe Savage Debbie Schmitz Brenda Schulte Mike Schultz Diana Schultze 36 Freshmon!Boys' Club off campus TGI , ,,,A, E,,. ffzf , ,g! .Q 1 h,s J , ,, wvfkf- - - M VS 'mi id MD Twe- gf' Z gy m y fi 4 gif: i f ,LLV f ,fl ""L - 7 ,. ,,.. , ,.,, Vk,k. i i 3 'A - " ' ' M Boys' Club 37 U Mike Schwartz Ricky Seib Jane Sergent Kelly Shaver Terri 5l1eP0l'dSOl" Tony Silva Moses Silva Kathy Simel Mary Sims 74 F A 4 , 1, ,gi 2,7 ., 'P Mel' ,,,, A '1" 'V - I Kelle poinis oui cl spelling error. 4 'QS .,.,v 'Y' Ernie Sloney Dorinda Smiih Milzi Smith Mike Smilh Ray Smifh Kelly Snyder Kim Snyder Ricky Sommers Tim Sorahan 38 Freshman!T.A.'s It I 5 1 Wu-.WQQ-. kii, W Pam Gammage puts her red pencil fo work. Yes, I do consider myself one of the best. teachers' assistants are being educated in a very unique way - aidin others Martinez Junior High School is very fortunate to have obtained a few students from Alhambra to assist their teachers. These students are interested in the education of the younger gen- eration, and therefore, they decided to ask Martinez Junior High if they could participate in the teachers' assistance program. Once the Junior High agreed, the AHS students went into action. The teachers at the Junior High have had the help of these ambitious students since the beginning of the year. The work of these assistants includes the directions of students in fields of math, English, History, and other subiects which the stu- dents may be interested in. D W 1. ,407 Z1 I K ,,, ab You've got to be kidding. 2 + 2 is not 5! T.A.'s 39 i "N-N... v. As Dave SOFSDSBH Bruce Spowart Rob Stanley Joyce Stantlon Laurie Stanz Mettc Stephenson Donna St9V0flS John Stone Tim Stone Tom Strain Pat Sullivan Vicki Sullivan Z 3 ' Wm- y """A 3' , yi? - a 23 ,7 , 3' 2 ff r ,sv I ., 'Est 4:1 rf 015213 ' xs- Steve has his hands in the chicken. Liga Summif Steve Suydam Rob Swanson Randy Swine, Leroy Tavares Dene Taylor Ggry Taylaf Joe Taylor Julia Terry I 40 Fre shemcn !Cooks r 75 I, 'S ' - I Na' . l do W gh 1. A E1 A e , 5-. Sy, like I 1,95 A , mm. ' K . N . . I am., xiv, A All work and no ploy? . . . No way! alhambra hi h - school students cook, wait, and associate with people Jobs held by many students at AHS provide security and responsibility. Many of our students are employed by various restaurants in the area. The students may be cooks, waitresses, bus-persons or whatever iob they can obtain. Jobs of this type can be obtained through the O.W.E. office, from Mr. Hestdalen. Mr. Hestdalen has devoted much of his time to help AHS students find the kind of iob that suits each individual. Mr. Hest- dalen not only does this, he also checks up on each student to make sure that he or she is at their job. Should they not be pres ent, Hestdalen will investigate the reasons. And the reason bet- ter be good! Cooks 41 .4 . - Q, + ,, - ' WH, ,,.. , Bill Thomas Tom Threlkeld Liz Tiscareno I ii Rick Tonfi Alexandria Toumazos Don Toumbs .T Kim Traner Joel Travis Steve Travis Now how cm I supposed to tie this? kjlf' i l E r si 2 5 Q 3 Liz Treas Rena Trebino Andy Truiillo Tony Truiillo Greg Turk Bill Ulmer Lori Valdez Dana Vandersfar Frank Van Leemput Oh no, another leak 42 Freshmanfsailing Saffih - mf. efflfh 'S Way of seekin relaxation with just a liHle work When students talk about how their teachers pass their weekends, the conversation tends to become uninteresting. ,MM-M'i 'fii As far as Mr. Walter Ettlin is concerned, this is not true. 'WW Ettlin spends his time off in a very interesting manner. For the past several years, Walter Ettlin has been one of many peo- ple endeavoring to win some sailing races. Although Ettlin has won no maior racing awards, he enioys participating in the various races held in and around the Bay Area. When Mr. Ettlin goes into a race, he is not obsessed with winning, but he is in there to enioy the sport. Should he -XM win though, the prize would be accepted with gratification. sk, In the summer, Ettlin teaches a sailing class in the reser- voir at Palo Alto. Here students can learn the art of sailing. ' 5 my At the end of the lessons, a student can rent a sailboat at any l lllll it A beach or lake with a completion card obtainable after the student completes the course. uow-'-- M ., ,,,. ,z,,Qz,:i:: ' ttlin lines up for a race Taking it easy between races. Sailing 43 'A .. l Susie Varela Ken Vowell Shery Walker Suzanne Walker Pat Walsh Carol Walton John Waltz Teri Warford Frank Watanabe Lynn Watanabe Marty Watson Sharon Webb Steve Webb Jay Weston Bryce White Robin White Sondra Williams Becky Williamson Rene Winie Laurie Wittmeier Craig Womack 44 FreshmanfMuirs The statistics keepers ready for another game , ' 3 i Sw me r or ,,,. A is After half-time the enthusiasm is gone. the marfinez muirs play: high school students work: and the people enjoy When the Muir basketball team participates in a home game at the Alhambra courts, the fans are likely to see score keepers such as Joe Varela, Victor Jordan and a host of other Alhambra High School attenders. While the game is being played, these men really have no time to enioy the game. Their iob is to take care of the scoring of the game. They not only keep scores, but they also write down the statistics on the players of the Muir team. This is enough to keep anyone busy for a game's full length. Fans often keep their minds onthe game and do not think about the people who are working throughout the four quarters. It seems as though the workers do not mind though, because almost all the while they have a smile on their faces. The reason for this is probably the satisfaction of knowing that a pay check is onthe way. don't like the way that guy plays," Muirs 45 471 gl "l"" Jim Woods Sandy Wright Tami Zieminski Lisa Zocher Frank Biliecci Burt Brown Mark Bruno Jim Costanza Greg Doney Jeff Doney Toni Esparza Kevin Gaines Woody Gonsalvas Lisa Herndon Cliff Hofferber Janet Holi Kurt King Jeff Lomeli 46 Freshmanf50kUliCh if if Q ki I , 5545? K ' N355 QA 59' .us 1. Luka sprint: up "Hall" hill. 'Wm -4-. 1r"qf'f"x:' 1 A. b ekulich, "Whew, that hill gets longer every day." runnin , training: all are parts of being one of those few in good shape Mr. Luka Sekulich is known around the Alhambra High School campus as a runner, teacher, and a good friend. When teaching, Mr. Sekulich is very meticulous about how things are done in his classroom. It is also the same with his run- ning in cross country races. Throughout the past several years, Luka Sekulich has raced in various meets in the Bay Area. His latest meet being a twenty- five mile race at Sacramento. ln this race, Sekulich started out very strong, and would have finished strong had he not stopped to get a drink of water. At the end of the twelve mile mark, Sekulich paused to refresh himself, but a few miles later, the ill affects of the liquid took hold. The nausea caused him to slow his pace considerably, ond, therefore, he fell well off the pace. Mr. Sekulich still enioys the competitive sport as do many individuals. "At twelve miles the pace slows down some." Sekulich 47 - Mark Searles Lisa Silva Richard Silva George Starring Keith Todd Estrella Vellos Steve Welch Denise Stevens 1 i Keifh McDaniel Tony Oerfel Brad Pighin i 48 Freshman!Camofire Jennifer has a few "Hang-ups." Margot Bray readies fhe ladder dances and dinners for many purposes ing, Christmas caroling, and visiting other campfire grou chance to meet at least two times a month. At these mee plans are made for the near future. The campfire girls ioin an older group of young wo once they are of age. The name of this group is Horizen The job of this group is a little more extensive in that this prepares dances for Alhambra and dinners also. become involved in community activities. Vhat goes up, must come down. Even decorations. campfire girls prepare the The campfire girls of Martinez are invovled in many differ- ent and exciting activities. Some of these activites include camp- ps. The young girls involved in this program are given a tings, men Club. club These clubs offer an opportunity for young people to FIRST ROW: lleft to rightl Nancy Chambers, Nancy Cabral, Jeanne Howe, Maryanne Urner, Debbie Reed, Tami Anselmo. SECO ROW: Sid Simpson, Carol Emanuel, Margot Bray, Cathy Bockhold, Lynn Hewitsan. I ND Camp-fire 49 r y, Jeff Adams Kelly Adams Kelli Affoller Mflfk Af1def50f1 Sieve Anderson Sue Anderson MUYY Anselmo Linda Anlunez Dave Arnason Tim Asher Jesse Avila Dick Awenius Ray 50900 Mark Bailey Linda Baird Mary Baleslrieri Tim Banuelos Robin Barker RUSS Bdrncfd John Barron Monica Beising 50 Sophomore! Karate Amazing how some people get kicks. W .. . ze, Q ,, l Y 0 , use " ,,.. , , e , we 0 . My QRS: Master Yu watches Paul display his form. i Q ff .. I 13 , , , .,gi, l -1'-' 5, ., ff ?" ' . , lg in , . T is 'at 'i f ' " W I fl O ,sl ' ' i f wi f- iff 'Ti f'7f:49LLWItS45?f,.i.v4 J - .Hi ,wuj ,,, V N Louise punches her imaginary foe. The safest way to fight. discipline is necessary - desire is important: skill comes with work Alhambra has many students helping themselves in a very special way. This is one of the most interesting classes a person could take - Karate. Here, youngsters and adults can learn the art of self defense. The many different types of punches and kicks that are taught here can be combined to disable an assailant in a short period of time. Although this is being taught, it is being shown not as an aggressive force, but more as a defense mechanism. The students in this class learn how to respect the people worthy of respect, yet how to defend themselves if they should be attacked by an assialant. They do not learn how to attack, but how to react under an attack ofa man or woman. Karate is a skill that everybody can learn to use with a lot of grace, yet with much power. The wrong attitude in a class is a most serious matter, because learning Karate to attack is wrong, but the use of it in one's own defense is the correct choice. Being loose before practice is a necessity. Karate 51 4 'I 1 3 l 5 E ' B ' .4uP""""--. ff 11 'l'- Stephanie Bellalo Chris Benner Dqfrqn Bennett I Dan and K9l'h Weigh 50019 beef- Bob Bentley Lindo Bidowski Joy Bellecci Dove Bishop Bill 50009 Dale Borgeson ,ow ww .Www Brian Boyd Lindo Boyd Dove Boyer Mali Boyer Roy Breedlove John Bridge Janet Brill Laura Brockway Lloyd Brockway 52 Sophomore! Butchers No, fhis is not for sale. Bi xx i n L. 1: l knowin their way around beef and being capable of euhtin them makes butchers If anyone should want to meet a couple of real "cut-ups," the place to go is the meat locker in Martinez. Some of Alhambra High School students are involved in the butcher business there, and they are being trained to cut apart a cow. When their training is finished, they will be able to prepare any beef for the front counters of any store. Not only do these young men cut meat, but they may also be sighted outside, cleaning or scrubbing down some equip- ment. Meeting the health code is very important, so part of the iob requires that every worker is clean while cutting their beef. With meat prices the way they are, who can complain about being a butcher. , as 3 - -inm,.,,.,, 'Q Dave looks over his side of beef. l Butchers 53 Y Steve Brown Steve Bulger Linda Burk Sharon Burkhart Denise Burns Debbie Burton Kathy Butler Valarie Caldwell Nucchi Calicura Sora Canciamilla Jerrcld Curr Dove Carrillo Vicky Carrillo Tim Carroll Alison Case Dave Castro Colleen Caywood Jqmeg Chi.-Q Gina Christian Russ Churchill Kim Ciaramitaro 54 Sophomore!Nursing Rose exhibits one of the new machines Kathy Ferrill enioying her work. and Rose and Kathy must like the machine. learning and workin nursing is observed by students in a hospital For young women who are interested in becoming a nurse, programs are available for them to participate in while awaiting a future career. In this program students are permitted to observe the nurses at their iobs. Sometimes, being surrounded by sick people may trouble some of the workers, but they still return to the hospital day after day. These young volunteers feel that the nursing profession is an important iob. Correctly so, because without nurses, more and more people would be sick. Learning is a very important part of life, in fact, life is learn- ing. The learning process can not only take place in the class- room, but it must also take place out of the classroom. The opportunity presented to these young girls will be a helpful experience to them in future years. A smile eases a scared patient. Nursing 55 4 Mike Coday Nancy Conrady Mike Cook Louis Cooper Audry Cossel Kevin Cota Marie Cottane Karl Cottrell Scott Crabtree 4, .ar Kulhy CYeSCi Glenda Crider Denise Crow Pom Ddmflnfi Pat Daniel Janet Danielson Jean Dorrah Dallas Davis Tim DeGroef 56 Sophomore!Miller Miller, wishing he had four handsl? Mr. Miller takes o small break. W r , , ,ww , 4 4 517 i -if-sw , .- if K how can I nail this up? mr. miller is discovered as a hard working father and a capable carpenter Mr. Larry Miller has directed the Alhambra High School Band for the past five years. During this time, many of the stu- dents at the high school have recognized him as a great individ- ual. Miller has not only been band director, but he also teaches music classes. However, this is not about Miller's academic life. In the past several years, Miller has devoted himself to some very special children. Miller has adopted two children and has given them a roof over their heads. This I mean literally. Mr. Miller has had to add an extension to his house for his two children. Some weeks ago Miller promised his sons, Kevin and Darin, that a room would be added for them. Now the sons of Mr. Miller have their room, and Mrs. Miller has two more rooms to clean! .rv--r 'tW""-'--- - . 1 pr., ls Mr. Miller hanging, reaching, or lying? Miller 57 NUHCY Delehanly Joy Delgado Donna Dia' Carole Anne becomes involved with a news story. Laura Dodson Leo Domingo Dave Duarte Pam Dutcher Leona Edeiar Diane Eger Scott Ellingson Evio Espinoza Sean Farley Doug Fayne Bill Fernandez Kathy Ferroo Todd Fierner Steve Filice Janet Filomeo Cheryl Fischer Darryl Fleming Yolanda Flores 1 Mrs. Lou Anne Kary offers facts about printing. l 58 Sophomore! CCT7 il!! Q fr- ,, a newspaper is ink, paper, headlines, and articles combined fo inform pggple The people of Contra Costa County are accustomed to having their newspaper on their front porch in the early hours of the morning. What they do not realize is the work that is put behind the production ofa paper. A few of Alhambra High School students are working at the Contra Costa Times, and they find it a most fulfilling iob, in that they are able to communicate in their own way to the people of the county. These young proletariats are being taught the basic techniques of putting together a newspa- per. This includes the printing ofthe paper and the different writing styles used by many different columnists. This type of work is helpful to the whole community because it keeps the people aware of what is going on in the county that they belong to. Cathy puts her writing techniques to good uu, Y -di- CCT2 59 Karen Ford Sue Fowler Sfuar? Frazer Muke Foreman Gary Fox Ruck Frlsby Bnan Fourmer Brenda Franz Bonme Gallagher L 0' S Ken Gorman Sally 60705 Cindy Geddes Mrke Gentry V"9'n'0 GCOVQB Angelo Guorgenm Leon Gomez Cdl G0'1l0leZ Julue Gore 60 Sophomore!Off-C Campus sq, K sf Scott reads ihe agenda. K ,.,1 file TEAM Club poses for the group shot. We ead Nancy Chambers and TEAM fil--... team helps the community by cleanin and polishin the city ular that does more than its share of "good deeds." the Park, and other activities. nez. There are many clubs in Martinez, but there is one in partic- This club is known as TEAM. These letters stand for Teens Energetic Activities for Martinez. The Club participates in Art in Once a year the Club gathers about 20-50 children and young adults to help clean up various areas in the city of Marti- The Club is made up of people from A.H.S. and also Col- lege poeple from different Colleges in the area. The Club does not do things iust for themselves, but for the community of Martinez. Nancy and Jeanne discuss activities. TEAM 61 ff' uw ,Ill ., x Maureen Gptl Mara Granshaw Cheryl Grisham Lonnie Gunter Cheryl Hagerthy Tommie Haisley Donna Hamersley Kory Hammock 'ox am N, Luther Green Dove Hagelberg Jody Ham Mitchell Hanson ,v- ump- Lisa Harfoush Gay Heaps Teresa Hidalgo Cindy Higby Betty Hoffman Robin Hofmann Bob Henderson Joy Hill Lisa Hogan 62 Sophomorefl-H Karen Mellerup takes notes. Doreen and Michelle discuss future plans -Q7 1 nie Waltz listens to the minutes. l l pqovnflw .aquac-v4"" fairs, auctions, and raising animals are paris ofthe 4-H program The 4-H club of Martinez has a great many students from Alhambra High School. These young people devote most of their time raising various kinds of animals. lt takes time and money, but it's worth it. Although much work and care goes into these animals, there is much satisfaction in seeing an animal you have raised win a prize. The animals are taken by their owners to various fairs in and about the county. There the cows, sheep, or whatever go through a rigorous inspection by several iudges. The animals are judged by weight, grooming, and teeth condition. Should the animal be satisfactory to the iudges, the owner of the animal is awared a ribbon. This is a symbol of a lot of labor on the part of the owner. ga T Q9 .0-, T, cy,cy,, Karen gets in a little snack between discussions E 4-H 63 Mr. Ettlin examines his boat. Larry Hun! Jim Jackson Kari Johnson Kafhy Johns Chris Jordan Brian Jorgensen Kim Kurifefl Gretchen Keary Dennis Kelly Mike Kemper Ron Kenneally Keith Kennedy Debbie King Joyce Kitabayashi JanetKnigh1 Doug Kowalski Joel Krall Shirley Kutner 64 Sophomore!Off-Campus Mr. Miller aims for his thumb? ii I 5 5 ? 1' fs ne of Alhambra High's cooks. ,QZV Laughing makes the iob easier. 2 f a a te Q rl a1., i.g a'11 yearbooks are material memories of events, on oe known school enioy while not in school. friends and teachers, The purpose of this section of the yearbook was to show thestudent body of Alhambra some of the interesting and excit- ing iobs and hobbies that various students and teachers at our I hope that l have done a sufficient iob in bringing some of the outside happenings which nobody is aware of into this year's issue of the Alhambra Torch. ln the near future, all the f students that are here now will be qone, and the things we all once did in high school will be forgotten. They are things that someday will want to be remembered. l have covered almost all that was possible in such a little section, in an effort to make the memories of the home of the Bulldogs a memorable and happy experience. 1 . ' 4t" ' . 414 .. Hey man I'm hip to your camera. Off-Campus 65 4 Leanne Kuzman Jesse Lamb Diane Lambert Jack Lorman Chuck Loffing Danelle Leeds Janet Lewis Paul Ligmon Kim Linam Terry Lipori Sfello Logsdon Kim Loney Marc Lopez Lori Lorenzo Joan Love Scot? Lucido lofi l-U""5dFn Shelley Lund Mike Luperi M30 Mfldfld Myron Mahoney 66 Sophomore!CIubs clubs - w fiiffiiv 'gf e psgvmfw- 3 , S belonging . . friends . . . experience .S ,,...Mw-'WW' umm- ff ,, 'VHP' 'HI Getting ready to mail - Koreen Kelly, co-exchange edi- to. David Mahoney Ray Martin Vincent Martin Gina Martinez Pat McAndrews Sue McCarthy Brion McDonald Wendi McDonald Curl MgGie ...f Did you get it? - Stan Vangundy, reporter, Ann Waltz, Joe Varela both co-sports editor Charlene McKenzie Karen McNamer Kevin Mercure Chuck Meyer Teresa Meyer Steve Mohammed Bruce Monroe Stoney Mouton Volarie Mullins 68 Sophomorefnmes ritfglore you doing nowl -- Mr. Lawler, advisor, Brenda , , 4.ll Iome fly with me - Lynn Derrick, editoral page . Vhat next -- Mark Ruiz, editor in chief, times faces problems of inflation, slashed budget So far this year the Times have been lucky enough to put out a paper every week for three months in a row, which is almost impossible due to all the problems they have faced. The Martinez School District has cut 45'!-, from the Times' budget. Not only has the budget been slashed but the Times also has had to pay for their own paper. The price was 53.00 a ream last year, and has shot up 53.50 more this year. As it stood Nov. 22 they could not afford to put out any newspapers after Christmas. One of the suggested ways to solve their problems was to sell ads. You will know what happened by the time this book is pub- lished. We only hope the Times can continue as a weekly paper. My lips are sealed - Joyce Rubino, feature page. What did I forget? - Mark Ross, news editor , Times 69 Sandy Nelson Tim Odle Camela Olson Stephanie Orosco V00 059090 Becky Padilla Art Pagnini DION10 Pefelfd Laurie Pereira Randy Peres Sdfldy Pllllnl Jean Polewaczyk Linda Pollick fencers may be competitors printers make publications Marcia Justice has been teaching fencing at Alhambra for four years in a row. All together she has been fencing for four- teen years. She started at Hawthorne High. Mrs. Justice describes fencing as a sport. Now in the Bay Area there is a fencing league that is possible for Alhambra to compete in. This year's Printing Staff consisted of two students and a teacher: Jeff Barsotti, Gene Williams, and Mr. Bill McNeil. They have spent many hours of their time to put out school newspa- pers, progress reports, Western Eclectic, and the Alhambra handbook. One of their main problems this year was the rising price of paper, iust like everyone else, they were hit by inflation. you understand? f... You caught mel - Gene Williams. Jeff Barsotti - I got it now! Busy, Busy, Busy - Mr. Bill McNeil. Printing 71 Dave Pool Pat Powell Teresa Press Eric Price Jon Price Eric Procter Geri Quintero Paula Quintero Sherrie Radder l don't believe it. , wt M. ., Q Q ve S 2 Anne Rangel Keith Ray Rosaura Raya Veronica Raya Kalvin Rea Geoffrey Reed Kathy Reeves Tom Rehme Joh ReiCl'll10ld 72 Sophomore! Student Council You tell him. Don't you understand . , sitt'in and listenin, Jr Your turn - Gonzales Silva, president, student counorI's goal is fo improve alhambra hgh The Student Council this year is made up of about twenty-six hardworking students. Each is responsible for repre- senting their class in making maior decisions, such as passing bills, preparing rallies and assemblies, selling football tickets and improving our school as a whole. Student Council's purpose is to try to improve the school's landscape, students, and teachers. They are trying to make school interesting, and fun to go to, but they can not do it by themselves. "Powerful, willing to work, saying it and doing it" are words that are used to describe Student Council. 1 What did she say? Student Council 73 ww' Lance Renghaw Teresa Rippee Pahy Rooney Mah Rossoni .p-bn. Kevin Sanchez Melinda Scot? Kelly Sharer C' Janet Riegelsberger Debbie Roddy Debbie Rose Max Ruiz Jackie Rippee Tisha Romeo Dorie Rosselli Gene Salva AC T wa-Q. lg Debbie Santa Maria Helen Schweinfurler Mike Scot? Glen Shannon Tim Sharman Brad Shumaie 74 Sophomore!Pholograpl1y l give up! - Michelle Curtis, Mr. Parm Martin and Lynehe Morris Brien Seay - I jus! don't believe il. ,,..-- is 1 Now where did l put tha1?? - Debbie DaCorfe. 1 anatomy ofphofography: film, print, wash, dry Without the advanced photographers of Photo-Journalism, there would be no weekly newspaper or yearbook that would com pare with these two AHS publications nor would there be publicity pictures for local papers. Being an advanced photographer means working hours that extend beyond the regular school day as well as hours spent in the photo lab on Saturdays and Sundays. lt means handling the pres- sure of rush assignments when picutres have to be delivered, printed to size, hours after the picture is taken. ln short being an advanced photographer requires skill, dedi- cation, pride in accomplishment and limitless patience. ug a time bomb - Grant Pollard. Richard Davis - "Just kickin' back and relaxing." What?? - Jim Anthony. 1' , Franci Collins- "Look at that film." Asllgls leixhxhg men 1 Mama Schmitz and r. arm a ln. Photography 75 v Juanita Silva Wes Smaker Michelle Southwick Gail Sawers Doris Stephenson Judy Stone Tim Sullivan Linda Taliaferro 1 Denise Smith Patty Sperl Randy Strain Scott Tara 4- K sw' 'Nd' 1' Teresa Tavares Casy Taylor Rene Taylor Frances Terry Gigi Thompson Mike Tiscareno Stan Toumazog Cindy Troike Maryann Tueck 76 Sophomore!Torch ,ff .fff Show me how -- Cathy Pagliero, activities, Eva Edeier, clubs. X Did you hear that - Paul Sharman, Phil Harrington, girls sports Your kidding - Pam Clark, Annette Charrette, Ads , 1, X tas- 'i is my deadline - Louise Amunden, creators. time, work, and patience makes a better yearbook This is the first time in four yearsllTorcl'llhas not been apart of iournalism Technology, because of this misfortune thelTorchl'Staff was forced to move to another room. Despite all problems, we were able to put out football programs, sell ads, and mainly put out the I974-75 ll'orch,la bigger and better book than years before. Because of this change it took up school hours, after school time and weekends. Along with this change we were faced with more deadlines and problems. Such as gymastics pictures before the season had started.This is only one exam- ple. Even though we have decreased as a student body, we still have their support. lr. Lawler, Louire Perry, Liz Corr, Rhonda Lomeli. What did you say? - John Nardi, Sports. Thats the way it goes -- Damien Sandoval, off campus, Carole McCormick, editor, Filling out a form -- Victor Jordan, sports. Tor ch 77 Now how do you do this? linda Renshaw Cindy Vonderstar Becky Vasquez Pam Waller Kim Walton i Stan Vangundy Cindy Vermette Jim Walsh Larry Washam Pat Varela Wendy Veverko Dave Walters Doug Watson Rhea Watson Mark Webb Gwenda Webster Diane Whitfield Chris Willingham Debbie Wilson Charlynn Woffinden Linda Woinoski Gary Woodall i. I found itl - Gail Rouse 78 Sophomore! Band He thinks he's so smart - Alison DiPace ahs marchin band i I FIRST ROW: Ueft to rightl Paul Smith, Karl Cottrell, Rich Soloman, Troy Nelon, Stacy Olthoff, Randie Lane, Joe Enke, John Fink, Matt Boyer, Charles Coday, John Thompson. SECOND ROW: John Kuzman, John Nenni, Burt Ochoa, Ben Shaver, Mike Peterson, Wes Smaker, Russell Heath, Kevin Cota, Stephen Francis, Matt Holden, Gail Rouse, Keith Ray. THIRD ROW: Ken Daggs, Charlyne Woffinden, Morrissa Ross, Cathy Dehnert, Cynthia Franz, Tim Banuelos, Leslie Macaluso, Mike Fullmer, Molly Baier, John Sonnikson, Art Baker, Randy Roman. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Woffinden, Bob Nelson, Mark Aiello, Charles Houdashell, David Sorenson, Leo Domingo, Mike Luperi, David Walters, Mike Padilla, Ben- ito Rodriquez, Mike Scott. FIRST ROW: ileft to rightl Elinor Nichols, Candy Heath, Dana Heath, Linda Viglienzone, Cynthia Ahlmaryl Mary Baier, Brenda Franz, Shirely Kutner, Lori Lumsden, Jenette Horrieth, Janice Nolen, Kathy Kennedy. SECOND ROW: Rebecca Howen, Coral Brummet, Rosemary Borem, Yvette Deasy, Terry Peterson, Ruth Francis, Hedi Bishop, Mary Anselmo, Karen Philips, Kelly Shaver, Ben Gates. THIRD ROW: Celest Perez, Olivia Bento, Debbie Burton, Sue Bishop, Jeannie Howe, Kelly Snyder, Robin White, Donna Hamersley, Patrice Macaluso, Denise Rogers, Louise Amundsen, Larry Heath, Mike Marquisse. FOURTH ROW: Scott Amspoker, Tami Anselmo, Dave George, Theresa Ray, Donna Watanabe, Lorine Dye, Chris Young, Virginia George, Margie Frisbie, Jean McKinnie, Tom Strain. FIFTH ROW: David Prown, Steve Suy- dam, Kerri Jackson, Kim Trainer, Dave Annis, Valerie Foncesa, Alison DiPoce, Laura Perry, Lynda Renshaw, Dave Zochetti, Joey Rea. Band 79 . 'av x it ii WL r 6. C Barry Woods Mark Woods Dave Wooley Linda Wooten Vicky Wright Cqrhy Young Kris Young Don Zbauitel Joe Balderston Pearl Bryant Heidi Faulkner Deanne Fredericks L' , ii , 2 W F . -- 'Dev Bob Helling Jim Jackson Joe Lucero Mike Miller Teresa Rodriguez Theresa Silva 80 SophomorefJau Band ,, Jol-r, Lucas Barry Reidt Russel Bruno FIRST ROW: lleft to rightl Eli- SECOND ROW, Karl Comelll HOV Nichols, Lynda Renihdw, ,John Thqmpggnl Stqgy MUVY Annlmoi DUVU Z0Che'Yi, Olthoff, Paul Smith, Charles Cathy Ray, Debbie Burton. Codoy, Mike Marquisse. 1 , e......:e.x-ra. THIRD ROW: David Molly Baier, Mike Ben Shaver, Bart Smoker, Virginia Walt Pelot. FIRST ROW: ilelt to rightl Kerri Jackson, Kim Loney, Kim Trainer, Ben Gates, Rebecca Howen. SECOND ROW: Mike Luperi, Mike Padill, Charles Houdashell, David Annis, Joey Rea, Brenda Franz, Steve Suydam. THIRD ROW: Director Larry Miller, Morrissa Ross, David Sorenson, Leo Domingo, Joe Enke, Randy Lane, Troy Nelson. FOURTH ROW: Keith Ray, Cindy F Tim Banuelos, Kevin Russell Heath, John David Brown. l wonder who's getting the solo? an active ahs band and gieat sounding jazz bands Alhambra's band began the school year with their marching season. The AHS Marching Band played at home football games and presented interesting half-time shows. They also par- ticipated in "Band Days" at Cal. Berkeley and many other places. Second semester was concert music where they played a vari- ety of music and had several concerts for the public. I The Blue and the Gold Jazz Bands have led busy and exciting lives during the past year. Both Jazz Bands have held fund-rais- ing dances for their trips to Reno, and for the Blue Jazz Band only, Hawaii. Under the direction of Larry Miller, these Jazz Bands have been highly successful and were able to go to the competition trip to Hawaii and Reno. We are happy at AHS to have such fine musicians. Sharing laughs during a break. Think I'll leave while l've got the chance! Jazz Band 81 ,-1 iv--.yr Cathy Aamodt Chris Adams Tom Almond Rick Anderson Jim Andrews rDave Annis Patty Adkins Renee Andre Jim Anthony Tv George Antunez Ron Arnull Sal Artcaga Bob August Molly Baier Ray Baker Doreen Balestri Jeff Barsotti Greg Bartlett 82 Junior!Pottery Putting on the finishing touches. A ri- Creating a masterpiece - Peter Billecci is. Y 5 aft to rightl: Linda Woinoski, Pom Brousseau, Mary Anselmo, Virginia George, Lynda mshow, Jenette Harrieth. arf comes in many forms: pottery, dance and drama Patience, ambitious, and creative are words to describe this year's Pottery Club members. With the supervision of Mrs. Freda Soule, they have created such proiects as hanging pots, ashtrays, cups and ceramic figures. They have been widely dis- played throughout the community. Modern Dance is a club where I5-20 girls create a dance to show during the National Preforming Arts Week at local ele- mentary and Jr. High Schools. They have been successful for many years and are always welcomed back. Rainmaker and The Sound Of Music are on the list for this year's Drama Club, with the help of Mrs. Trudy Leachman. They have spent many hours of their time to put together these plays, and they have always had a good response. iracefulness is the art of dancing - Virginia and Lynda. . cppiness is two friendly smiles" - Debbie and Lynette. 8 my Victor Salva and Debbie DaCorte - "discussing the final details." Drama!Dance 83 vanw- 'ka-ai Don Bartolini Nancy Belleccl Andy Barton Gina Benson V'CkY BHS? Pete Billecci Vivian Borem Vern Bowman Dave Baum Bill Berry Sue Bishop Dove Brown ,,.... TCVVY BNC' Chris Bryant Sharon Buckalew Sheff Y Bufk Steve Burke Leslie Butler Cofhy Cobra' Ron comm vwky cqpmo B4 Junior! Nursing Observation, Marginal Minds Kathy - This is the last one to read. 3, or , V ,Lf Q ...QWVWM 'ri Rose - Learning through Nursing Observa tion. Leslie, Kate, Regina - Marginal Minds. f ? Mary Jane - Kicking back! 131 students observe nursing, mm dies, model un speaks For the post few years, Nursing Observation at Alhambra hos given many girls the opportunity to explore and learn in the field of nursing. Advised by Mrs. Myra Vickery, school nurse, the girls spend two hours every school day at County Hosp. or at V.A. Hosp. They observe what nurses do and also help make the rounds with doctors. Some assist in intensive core while oth- ers help with other patients. This year, Marginal Minds had very few people who were interested in it. Soon that interest was lost, and as a result, there was no Marginal Minds. A very interesting club that has been at Alhambra for several years is Model U.N., which is led by Mr. Laurie Capitelli. Each year, the club picks a notion to study. They meet regularly, and participated in a trip to Berkeley for a discussion. - K K 1-ml M-.OP4 Model UN gets together for a discussion. - Should I or shouldn't l? Model UN 85 Debbie Capri Leslie Carone Joelle Celline Audrey Channel Diana Charrette Janet Christian Charles Coday Don Coffman Franci Collins Keith Cometta Cindy Cordova Liz Corr Dan COI'f0l Diane Curtis Debbie DaCorte Judnllfl Dflde Glenn Daggs Dave Dahlquist 86 Junior!FHA I' Taste this punch -Judy Rea and Patty Muller. . N, .. ,..., .. ,em l Party Time With - Wendi McDonald, Margot Bray, Vicky Roman, Judy Rea, Debra Rose, and Patty Muller. 793' H1 . Building a house with a big cookie. fha, afs AFS is one of the most interesting clubs that has ever been offered at Alhambra. It is open to any student and is where stu- curfr have Q bite! - Tim Forgey and Elisa Nordaby, ent nation and to experience the way in which they live. In return a student from another nation comes to Alhambra where he or she is able to experience our society. . -. Future Homemakers of America is where students lmainly is girlsl are taught the basics of maintaining a home. In the club, , J conducted by Mrs. Eleanora Lister, the girls are mainly taught Q-35 cooking and sewing, but it is where they are free to discuss and fl N I 'J' ask questions concerning home life which will help them in later w 5 - years. B Hdi 'in Mine all mine - Jean McKinnie. X ,- FIRST ROW: Linda Viglienzone, Shirley Kamberg, Elisa Giorgerini, Elisa Nordaby, Jennifer DeGraaf, Nikki McGowan, Jean McKinnie. BELOW: Tim Forgey. 2nd ROW: Debra Youell, Marie Oertel, Sue Bishop, Teri Nelson, Sue Gamba, Regina Benson, Dona Heath, Leslie Macaluso, Jeff Porter, Alicia Villalva, Gretchen Garretty, Mike Marqiussee, Sheri Clark, Laura Jones, George Bourboulis, Kim Walton. dents of Alhambra are given an opportunity to travel to a differ- learning at home and abroad AFS 87 I' mt' 073 Larry Davis Janis Dodge Gordon Dunn Ross Edwards Harry Diaz louis Dumont Judy Edeier Keith Eger KX ,....., Alison DiPace Marian Duncan Rhonda Edwards Debbie Erickson Steve Farmer Kathy Ferrill Theresa Fitzhugh Terry Foreman Jeanette Francis Rick Fredericks Randy Fry Mike Fullmer Vicky Gabriel 88 Junior!RaIly!Chorus a Just thinkin' - Lisa Harfoush. sta f f 2 Cathy Balestrieri AT PIANO Deborah Burton. ileft to rightl: Marica Kitzmiller, Teresa Rooney, Pa Daniel, Toni Williams, Julie Seales, Heidi Shcrpsteen, Cynthia Ahlman. A spirit, song, and achievement make a successful student Rally Club is one of the more interesting clubs at AHS. With the help of this year's advisor, Mrs. Martha Gilmore, they have sold school buttons, put out skits for rallys and toilet papered the football players homes before the annual homecoming game. The purpose of this club is to bring the school spirit up. Directed by Mrs. Trudi Leachman, this year's chorus, containing about 25 students, have been very successful. They have performed at such places as Sun Valley, Rotary Club, and, of course, at AHS. CSF is a club that is based on grades. You must have a high average before entering, CSF offers three scholarships a year. This club isn't all work and no play. They also go on a trip somewhere in the Bay Area once every semester. ROW: Donna Watanabe, Elinor Nichols, Dana Heath, Julie Searles. SECOND ROW: lelson, Shirley Kamberg, Mrs. Spode, Linda Viglienzone. THIRD ROW: Elisa Giorge- Brenda Franz, Sherri Clark, Alicia Villalva. FOURTH ROW: Suzy Heinrichson, Pearl a, Karen Meyer. FIFTH ROW: Elisa Nordaby, Marie Oertal, Robin Hoffman, Debra I. W se, 'via New ldeas?? - Linda Viglienzone, Elisa Giorgerine, Mike Marquissee, Benito Rodri- quez. President - Donna Watanabe, club member Dana Heath. l CSF 89 Sue Gamba Barbara Barbara Gehng Dave George Gorbaruno Danny Gray Jeff Gray Lorne Gore Sheri Grill: Ron Green Y-4' -we s. Curl Haisley Ken Homersley Steve Hamilton Lisa Hammond Vanessa Harper Jenetle Horrieth Suzy Heinrichson Roxanne Higby Harold Hill 90 Junior! Language Club Don Will you repeat thai slower pleasel ffmldiill ew ilk' .mx ?'WsMm elk 'nigga Lori - Reading a language to know if better. 'lov attacks with a side kick. , U ,ar-. foregn language proves fun karate club shows defense The Language Club at Alhambra is a very respected club led by Mrs. Claire Guichard. lt requires time and studying to learn a foreign language, and in this club, the students speak in a language that they know. This club provides new opportunities for students to participate together with another language. The Karate Club, instructed by Mr. Jim Hall, consists of many hard practicing young men. The club, lasting several hours long ata time, meets twice a week. They begin the club by doing warm-up exercises and work up into more strenuous activ- ities. They are taught punches, blocks, and different types of kicks. When the group can perform these defenses, they pair off and free-fight with each other. Besides getting in shape, these guys will have more knowledge in what is needed to be able to defend themselves in rough situations. E. I . . D I w in nf .W . 2, . - . alia y .,., - ..,,,, -, aww. acticing front kicks can be quite a workout! "-au.. Jim Mallman attacks opponent. Karate Club 91 YI, f VI. Hg. L U' A-"fi ,""'K: Jennifer Hodneft Sue Holden Gary Hosier Gary Jackson George Hoffman Robin Holmoe Brenda Howell Ken Jackson Mike Hogan Russ Holt Jackie Huffman Paul Jester Rick Jefton Karen Johns Cindy Johnson Ken Johnson Earl Jones Rhonda Jones Twila Jones Vic Jordan Janet Karsten 92 Junior!Design!Adv. Ari .-. creafors , . mf ff arfisfrg f originalify . . . imaginafion W0 QW E Q 2-Q3 6 ,f"" fian- Adv. A , , ..4n Michele Keqry Lori Kellogg Koreen Kelly Lim Kelly John Kennedy Jennie King Nancy Knigley Patty Knudsen Kris K0llel' E ! r l ii y K. Time, palience, and determination make a creation L- John Lauer Chris Lavino Tom Lawson Mike Lee Gayle Levy Diana Lighlsey Gary Ligmon Merrilee Lockharl John Lucido 94 Junior!Design!Adv. Art l'd really like to help you, but l'm all tied up! Walt Pelot and his "Bela Lugosi." alhambra students express themselves in creative work School used to consist mainly of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Now, there are many classes in which students can take a break from their academic courses and feel free to express themselves. Art is one of these classes that has become popular over a number of years and is still going strong. The students appreci- ate the way that they are set free to express their own thoughts into works of art instead of having a planned course set by the instructor. Thus, when a proiect is created in an art class, it is the creation ofthe student alone. The students in Mr. Darrell Lloyd's art classes create sculp- tures, oil paintings, sketches, macrame designs, and many other art forms. Leona Edeier displays her embroidery. Design!Adv. Art 95 1 Jlliie I-U5'0W Linda Mailman Shellie Martinez Mmy McAnd,-ew Jack MCC0'7hY Jane McComic Marsha McDowell Kevin Mdqeown Bret Mapson Beth McBrien Karen McDonald Rick Meadows it-1 Karen Mellerup Ricky Minton Tim Morley Lynette Morris Chcries Muller ' Gary Myers Kevin Myers Carol Nelson Holly Netson 96 Junior !Pottery , Y Y ,J Stan - Don't try 'to copy this, hear? shapin pottery promotes creativity as well as skill Art classes at Alhmabra are becoming more popular each year and this year, is no exception. These classes are so full that it is hard for an A.H.S. student to enroll in the middle of the year. The art classes taught by Mrs. Freda Soule has been extremely popular for many years. In this class, the students are given the supplies to create many different forms of art. Many work with clay by throwing it on the wheel, and spinning it into bowls, vases, and other pots. Others roll the clay out and make smaller objects such as coffee mugs, and ceramic crafts. Available in the classroom is a kiln for the students to use to fire their clay pieces. This course proves to be enioyable by letting the students plan and make their own creations. Julie -- Now I'm sure this will turn outl is Pottery 97 i e Bob Nelson Ted Nenni Keith Nolte A ' Elisa Nordaby Ken Nowland John Nunes 7 'H LIA e , ffl Q Sharon Olsson Pam Olsfad Amanda Orosco V -,L, Q 1 ' . 1 '... in 4'-- K k'k- Ai, ' . Wendi - lt takes patience fo sew. 3. Q f Ca7hY o5'e"h-'nd Cafhie Pognefo Corrine Paisley Greg Pariain Jane Peccianti Dawn Pelof Laura Perry Mike Peterson Tracy Pilgrim 98 Junior!Homemoking Char - ll's lust the beginningl thought. . .acreation. . . sewing skills show creativity lt takes time and patience to sew and create an article to wear, and that is what the homemaking classes at Alhambra are all about. The students are free to select their own patterns and material for whatever they wish to sew. All the necessary equip- ment is provided for sewing, such as sewing machines, work tables, and storage drawers. But there are some people who can take material and turn it into a work of art, and others who cannot. These talented peo- ple were chosen to represent the creativity of sewing. An excep- tional garment made in Mrs. Moore's class, was a long, spar- kling, blue satin tormal, which was very hard to sew on, made by Wendi McDonald. By sewing, the girls will continue to improve the qualities of their garments, their own personal skills, and to build a strong confidence. -K fgigyx .V qui- y Pam - absorbed in her sewing. Homemaking 99 li... 5f0CY WHO Susan Flatts Linda Polewaczyk Peggy Pollock Ron P0PPi Mike Powell D0'Yl R0m9Y Gary Rangel Chuck Plav Grant Pollard Gary Proell Cathy Ray 1' no I' Q.. ' Theresa Roy Jim Raymond Joey Rea Judy Rea Kathy Rehme Ted Rehme Dean Rippee Darla Rizzo Benito Rodriguez I 00 Junior! Woodworkers hmmm .... .. Mike - l've been framed! :Timur-5s-uu,..-,M-.oar KW k ,iw - . V 4 I m Dave - Gary, your house is for the birdsl Dne more board and it's finished! Woodworkers work hard fo build crafts This is one of the few courses at Alhambra in which every- one has on equal chance to improve and excell in a class. There are no barriers to cross to do well in this class. A person only has to have an imagination and the most rudimentary moth abil- ity, plus the desire to work. In beginning woodshop, fhe student learns the different kinds of woods used. He also learns names and uses of various wood tools. After becoming acquainted with these tools, the stu- dents are given a chance to use them. The students also take a test once a week to prove their knowledge. Advanced woodshop lets the students build more interest- ing proiects in a more specialized atmosphere. The student must choose a proiect which will increase his talent in woodshop pro- cedures. While building a proiect, Mr. Luka Sekulich offers supervision and advice to these woodworkers. John - I hope Barbie will like this. Woodworkers lOl , .l...4 Y? Candy Rogers Vicki Roman Gqil Rouse Joyce Rubino Viclor Salva Mike Schleich Marita Schmitz Danny Schwab Rory Schweinfurler Heidi Sharpsfeen Nelson Sharrock Larry Shepardson Denise Silva Jennifer Silva Sylvia Silva Jim Sims Mark Sincich Tim Skinner 102 Junior!Poems A Our The Are T 777 i students are expressing their feelings and images through wriHen poetry For the first time this year, the is using a new approach in a section. lt is usually Western Eclectic that pub- Iishes the poems which students have written. We feel that poetry expresses one's creativeness and imaginative ability to show feelings about people, nature, and that which makes up the environment of our lives. Poems can be serious, gay, meaningful, or silly, depending on the mood in which the poet is. The poems written on these pages were written by Regina Benson, except for the one on the bottom of this page, the poem was written by Mark Ruiz. The poems were printed on pictures which attempt to catch the mood of the poem. We are glad to have been able to find people who have the gift of creating poetry. Poems l O3 hw' Katharine Smith Paul Smith Lisa Sebrero X Rick Solomon Bill Stamos Pat Stanley Brian Stedman Mike Steele .nvvs Sandi Smith Doug Sewers Leslie Stansbury Joe Stella Tommy Stevens Billy Stockdale Mike Strand Cheryle Struef Leeann Stuscovoge Herb Sullivan Neil Sullivan Tammy Summers Cindy Summit 104 Junior!Cova Productions Victor, Mike, Charles - "Cova" Producers. Victor - Boy, what an actor has to go through. e for the camera, Dino. V , is ,,,, ., oova productions goes hollywood! Everyone enioys watching a movie. At Alhambra there are som very talented young movie makers: Charles Coday, Mike Coday, and Victor Salva make up the producers and actors in "COVA" Productions. This group has been making movies for three years as a result ofa suggestion of Mr. Jack Holder to do a film of Dracula. It started out seriously, but ended up as a comedy. The movie was popular, so they began filming more. They have done satires on popular movies such as the Exorcist, Frankenstein, and The Nigm Qflhgyliving Dead. They have decided to begin filming more seri- ous and mature movies, such as Man Of The Apolalypse, from the Bible. Looking ahead, "COVA" Productions plan to make a movie in Santa Cruz this summer about werewolves. "COVA" has reached a high popularity with students at Alhambra and is very grateful for the acceptance that they have been shown. l've got my eye on you. Cova Productions 105 Sporfs Tam Sumner Kenth Talamantez Rggemgyy Tavares Candy Thlessen Jeff Tuttle Char. Trapper Theresa Travers Rich Trebmo Kevm Trupllo Z ,r'P 4' Henry Uyeno Rick Valdez Blllle Vanfossen John Vaughn Lisa Vlllasenor Ann Waltz Dorothy Warner Monica Welch Tuna Weston IO6 Junior!Sports compliance . Fafigue . . . rogefherness QU Q, i i iff Q H, si ... " X- .5 499 ' , si .. :I X X- sf'l5fEf'f Q -v .ah :N A .,...Tfsw S 28 4. undefeated fal champs first ahs turkey bowl team, nine all-fal players This year's Alhambra Varsity Team took the FAL flag with a perfect nine wins, no losses season. The league championship entitled the Bulldogs to the honor of playing in the annual Tur- key Bowl at Diablo Valley College. The team came off ofa pre-season loss to Pleasant Hill and went on to win nine straight games to capture the title. During these games, the Bulldog's strength seemed to come from the unity among the players. The Turkey Bowl was a very close game, won by our oppo- nent, Clayton Valley, in a tight defensive struggle. The game could have gone either way, but after shutting off Alhambra's offense, Clayton Valley scored two consecutive touchdowns to win the Turkey Bowl. Another honor placed upon the AHS players was the selec- tion of the All-FAL League Team: AHS placed nine players on the first team roster with three players on both offense and defense. it ilTY FOOTBALL lleft to rlghtl First Row Asst Manager Jay Weston Mark Ruiz John Lucldo Clifford Norman' +, Joe Varela, Tom Cunningham. Second Row: Manager Jim on Asst Manager Russell Bruno Jeff Barsottl Victor Jordan Damien Sandoval Dave Annls, Greg Partain, John Gill, Tom Spelce. Third Row: Richard Davis lbent overl, Scott on + Gordon Shelton Joe Tlscareno Max Ruiz Gary Bennett Steve Hamilton Neil Sullivan John Nardi'. Fourth Row: John Schulte, Dave Baum, Kris Koller, Randy Fry, Kirk Varsity Football l09 Q' il Yell 1' Gin all eww! ,fix A liir J , , n Cindy Ahlman Lisa Aiello 'Q Q Scot? Amspoker Louise Amundsen I I I H , , , 'Bewlldered Bill Harbin soberly awolls another noon movie. Virginia Anayo Tomi Ar1SelmO Bertha Arfecgc Wally Ashby 1 IO Senior!Vcrsity Football -Q . . r bends over the powerful Alhambra offensive line. noon chalk talks, bride time' and injuries: all were part of winnin combination The attitudes of the players were ones to be respected. Each day these guys would gather along with the coaches and their lunches in A-22 and absorb football. Mostly, films would be shown and then a discussion about the opponents would fol- low. These chalk talks proved to be a big part of the Bulldogs' success. The "pride time" method also contributed a winning atti- tude. This method consists of the first, second, and third offen- sive teams who huddle, line up and sprint ten yards. This was repeated over and over everyday at the end of practice. Injuries were the one thing that hurt as well as helped. When the starting backfield was out in the form of Tom Viglien- zone, Cliff Norman and Devallon Harper, the team then had to iel together and work more closely as a unit while their substi- tutes did an excellent iob. "Vi ,wg I Q g.. Varsity Football 1 I l Daniel Avila Fred Bagno Susan Ballew Mary Baier Raenette Baker Jean Barron Mary Bellecci Olivia Benfo l I2 Senior!JV Football Terry Foreman breaks outside while leaving his man in a cloud of dusi. another 1,000 yard rusher: 9-0 fal league record: I0-0 overall season record The Alhambra JV's have again claimed the JV FAL flag under the guidance of coaches Bob Heaston and Floyd Terry. Undefeated in the last two years, the Bulldogs have ended the season by capturing the JV crown. This indicates the endless dedication that the coaches as well as the players possess. The JV's produced another I,000 yard rusher in the form of Keith Talamantez. Keith gained l,06l yards in IO games to become the second 1,000 yard tailback in two years. The offense worked like a machine all year by running over their opponents in the traditional Heaston-Terry style. Never enough can be said about the defense,who allowed only 55 points scored against them, an average of 5.5 points per game forthe opposing teams. IR VARSITY lleft to rightl FIRST ROW: Karl Cottrell, Doug Kowalski, Brad Shumate, Keith Talamantez, Kevin Mercure, Kal Rea, Evio Espinoza, Steve Brown, Dale Borgeson, Chris gham. SECOND ROW: Vito Osenga, Brian Jorgensen, Jeff Adams, Chuck Latting, Ray Bagno, Dave Carrillo, Rich Trebino, Jerry Carr, Tod Fierner. THIRD ROW: Mike Cook, Scott ee, Louis Cooper, Terry Foreman, John Nunes, Dave Bishop, Phil Mercure, John Delevati, Bob August. FOURTH ROW: Darran Bennett, Mike Strand, Dean Rippee, Randy Peres, arely, Grant Pollard, Brian Boyd. JV Football I I3 l Tresa Benton John Best Beth Bise Cathy Bockhold Acalanes player finds there is no where lo go Debbie Bonanno Cyndy Borgeson Kenny Boyd Q Margo Bray I 141 Senior!Sports Solid Frosh defense shows no holes. experience gained, overabundence of injuries, pups finish season sfron In a fine season, head coach Hiro Okawachi and new assistant coach Gary Azevedo led a solid, strong, impressive M' freshman football squad to a record of five wins and three losses. Although the Bullpups suffered many iniuries this year, they still managed to win their last three games of the year with M-V4 their strong defense, team unity, and positive spirit. Defense was one ofthe key factors throughout all the Bullpups games. Even though the freshmen came out on the short end on three scores, they still played together as one spir- ited unit. These freshman players should help the J.V. team very much. Coach Okawachi discusses strategy. pn NX .- fi lata tl 11 H FOOTBALL fleft to rightl FIRST ROW: Mike Morley, Joe Enke, Dave Busby, Ken Fahr, Woody Gonsalves, Bill Thomas, Chris Charrette, Jeff Lomeli. SECOND ROW: Steve I, Jose Padilla, Brad Pighn, Chris Mackey, .lim Costanza, Kevin Hopkins, Don Oram. THIRD ROW: Dave Estrada, Allen Lumsdon, Kurt Lusetti, Mike Quontamatteo, Dave ero, Scott Cunning, Clayton Olstad. FOURTH ROW: Kevin Gaines, Mark Mitchell, Steve Contreras, Pat Sullivan, Mark Fullmer, Frank VanLeemput. Frosh Football I 15 Karen Brenchley Terry Brewer Sabrina Brooks Pamela Brousseau Jim Brown Bill Buccellato Debbie Buckalew Nancy Bunyard l lb Senior!Sports ----.,, , jwz, Lance Renshcw sighs in relief as Dave Walters brings up a close second. ga, , , FROSH-SOPH CROSS COUNTRY lleft lo righll FRONT RO Todd Jorgenson, Steve Mohammed, Dave Walters. BACK RO Stanley Toumczos, Kelly Alberlsen, Robert Slanley, Paul Ligm soft' . s . .W ,S OCLYOG, Ken Gruessing, Luka Sekulich, Renshaw. CROSS COUNTRY lleft to rightl FRONT ROW: Mike Peterson, Mark Ross. ROW: Coach Luka Sekulich, James Cole, Benito Rodriguez, Don Will. ross leads varsity: renshaw paces frosh-soph: runners for the future The Frosh-Soph and Varsity Cross Country teams pos- sessed both the strenghth and determination needed to ensure them of good seasons. The Frosh-Soph group was led by Sophomore Lance Ren- shaw who along with Dave Walters succeeded in bringing many victories back to Alhambra. Alhambra's Varsity team was led by Mark Ross. Mark took the most victories on the team and had a lot of good showings in the non-league meets in the area. A team is nothing without a good coach and Luka Sekulich was always there to spur his men on. If coach Sekulich was not shouting through his megaphone, then he was running along- side the runners shouting encouragement. Ross breezes past finish line. Cross Country I I7 George Bourboulis Marie Cable i Nancy Cabral George Cabriales Angela Canciamilla MariaACarrill0 55,5 ' Brooks shoots as Lawson scoots. VARSITY BASKETBALL: Ueft to Hall, Jim Lawson, Dave Baum Nancy Chambers Denise Channel l I8 Senior!Varsity Basketball ,. tg ' , 1 .ggpgn-asv'-HV" Granada Forward tickles K fancy. I 7, ehs cagers have e less than fruitful season, climactic moments - few The word that could best describe this year's basketball team at Alhambra is disappointing. The reason being that six- teen losses were handed to the team. A Although the coach of the squad exhausted his talents by instructing them with all his "know-how" of the game, the bewil- dered cagers could only find the path to victory twice. Maybe practice was not taken seriously. Throughout the season, the fans found it difficult to give spirit to the team. Yet, the spirit of the team did not decrease. The exciting offense of the Bulldogs kept their opponents attentive, but the defensive of their adversaries was too much to handle. ' Maybe next year will be the year for the Bulldogs to make a run for the championship which, at least for this year, was far out of reach. ' J Gene Porche, Jeff Graden, Kirk Rippee, Joe Balderston, Andy Woods. KNEELING: Stan Van Gundy, Jim Flores. 'lllhuv in Varsity Basketball l l9 V , Y, Jesse Chapot Annette Charrette r Rick Chrismer Celeste Christian l Pam Clark Sheri Clark Michelle Coccimiglio Jim Cole I 20 Senlor!JV Basketball JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL: lleft to rightj FIRST ROW: Todd Fierner, Tim Morely, Kevin Kil John Lucido. SECOND ROW: Randy Fry, Vince Wright, Scot Ellingson, Louis Cooper. THIRD Dave Bishop, Chuck Lotting, Rob Barker, Deon Rippee. JV Coach Mark Watson in rear. ' . fl-f C ri, Rob Barker dribbles down court with his tongue hanging out. practice was the keg fo the junior varsity 's success: hardwork This was the season for the Junior Varsity Basketball Team. They worked very hard to compile a record of l 'l-7. Even though the prospects weren't the best, Coach Watson instructed his team so very well that all the hidden talents of his players surfaced. Practice was more than something to do after school. Practice was a time to work and it was the games that ended up to be most fun. Seriousness was a must in practice, although there were times when even the coach ioined in some of the team's horsing around. Mark Watson, for a first year Junior Varsity coach, knows what he wants in his practices and gets it. Pratice is the only way to success and it was proven this year by Alhambra's JV Basketball Team. Todd Fierner looks for help. JV Basketball 2 Charlene Cordova Teresa Crosby in A , . Dave Quinfero, foul shoofing. ef The Bullpup defense Tom Cunningham Michele Curtis Phil Dahlquisf Judy Damanfi l John Davis Richard Davis 122 Senior!Frosh Basketball Speechlessl mmm L. jim mcneely leads fresh fo I 3-5 record in fel: best record in years The Freshman Basketball Team enioyed their best season in years under the guidance of Coach Jim McNeely. While closing the season with a thirteen win and five loss season, the Bullpups placed high in the Frosh FAL League standing. The team was surprisingly mature in most situations and also adapted very well to Coach McNeely's basketball strategy. In fact, the team looked up to their coach and learned from him. This basketball knowledge was accounted for onthe court where the freshman posted the best win loss record at Alhambra High this year. Most frosh teams are inexperienced, although this cannot be said about this team. Jim McNeely knew how to form these guys into basketball players and also knew howto help them become more mature in life. ROSH BASKETBALL: lleft to rightl Mark Bruno, Vince Albanese, Dave Quintero, Scott Cunning, Don Oram, Coach Jim McNeely, Missing om picture: Leroy Tavares, John Waltz, Jeff Kean, Kevin Hopkins, Ken Fahr, Jim Costanza. Frosh Basketball 123 i Jennifer DeGraaf Tim Delehanty ' or vt I T ' Lori Della Rosa Sql DiMaggio ,,.. Q. , Q X Jim Doss Bonnie Durden Q95 Peggy Dye Eva Edejer I 24 Senior!Varsity Wrestling , tfk. tliggggig' wzswei ' in - ' ' -- Q- , bs- -' -1 w H e m j -Q 5 ' - . i 4 I fl , . V - - . . fl eee, T' K u gh Q. i' M' - Half-steppin' with Jim Cvilley. VARSITY WRESTLERS: lleft to rightl FIRST ROW: Brent Hammond, John Buccellato, Kevin Mer Dale Borgeson. SECOND ROW: Mike Miller, Tom Viglienzone, Doug Sowers, Jim Gilley, Phil cure. THIRD ROW: Bill Buccellato, Steve Contreras, Steve Hamilton, John Nunes, Scott Weston 'Mongo" Mark, and Bill wait for their matches. four wrestlers go to north coast section I: AHS hosts league tournament This year was a season of great hopes and aspirations for the wrestling team. However, the season was not as victorious as the coaches and team would have wanted. Although the coaching staff was one to be respected and praised for their efforts, the team was hampered by injuries and as a result the size of the team was diminished. Still, the quality remained within the team. Four of the wrestlers, Kevin Mercure, Steve Hamilton, Doug Sowers, and Tom Viglienzone proceeded past the league meet and went on to the North Coast Section l Meet. another wrestler who was heavily favored to do well in the post-season matches was sidelined due to a pinched nerve in the neck. One of the biggest events of the year was the FAL League Championships held here at AHS. This is where all wrestlers competed for berths in the North Coast Meets. The season was long and the league was filled with talent distributed throughout the different schools. Skill was improved upon in every wrestler as the season went on. Next year Alhambra should be a contender for the league championship due to the fact that there are so many freshmen and sophomores on the team. The AHS wrestling team watches the referee pull "Dude" off of his opponent. .. ..,. .i '.-. . Varsity Wrestling 125 - -2 ---- Janet Edmonds Becky Edwards 6 Roberf Ellis Carol Emanuel Mark Escalante Kathy Farlzell Mary Ann Ferrante Anneffe Ferreira Jffiiwnw "Q" Max Ruiz always on top of ihmgsl JV WRESTLING: Heh to righii FRONT ROW: Don Nenni Don Toumbs. REAR ROW: Rick Summers, John Lucas, 126 Senior!JV Wrestling skills benefit team seasons in comparison to previous years. being is the one on one competition of the sport. inexperience is overcome: Junior Varsity Wrestling, in the past years, has never been one of the most talked about sports in the AHS program. How- ever, this year will be remembered as one of the more exciting This sport is rapidly growing among spectators. The reason The new talent on the JV squad provided a more exciting season so as to keep the fans aware of the team. The coaching of Mr. Kahn aided the team in every respect. He built up a sense of responsibility and respect among the players. Mr. Kahn brought out the best of everything in all of the players. The record of the season proved that the grapplers were capable of Ernie Collins waits for the ref's whistle, holdlng their own against any of the compellllon- The spirit of the team was undying, and this kept them working to be the best. anuelos, Tim Sharman, Ernie Collins, Willingham, Kurt Lusetti, Max Ruiz. New assistant coach, Art Kahn, prays for help. JV Wrestling l 27 Lisa Ferro Terry Filomeo Wes Fisher Tim Forgey 4 VARSITY BASEBALL: llef? lo righll FRONT ROW: Dick Williams, Rusty Kanellis, Jeff Barsoffi, John Lucido, Keilh Talamanlez, Jim Kenneally, Kirk Rippee, Gordon Shellon, Devallon Harper, Joe Glen Gierke. Francine Frazer Jim Fredencks l-GUY FOX Steve Francis 128 Senior!Varsify Basketball 1 4 ' A., i , -5:-R. 'M Y A coiled Jed Konellis, ready to slrike. Y f4ix.,. Mlm, ., ,,x. kr? Lucero, Phil Harrington, Jed ,. REAR ROW: Paul Jensen, Bob rson, Steve Lopez, Dave Baum, Coach bulldogs hi hly-rated: seek post-season tournament bid This year's Alhambra High School Baseball Team under the direction of Coach Glen Gierke is already picked to be one of the league's top contenders this year. With nine returning letter- men coming back to the team, the squad should be solid in all departments this year. At present, the team is ranked in the no. 7 position in the East Bay ratings. This is based upon the voting of sports writers in the East Bay Area. A new dimension-is added to this year's post season play. For the first time ever there will be a North Coast Tournament this year with the best teams in the East Bay attending. This will be the first time that the East Bay ratings will be decided by a tournament instead of a vote. NmNawm farms up. Photo by Franci Collins. Varsity Baseball 129 Ray Free Sue Free If YI"zew K m 4-v K5 at eg, N , ,E 4q,: eee-e A n i ,e,,,e 3 Q G N RQ . "ew" Q me I , Q'I, , , 1-f we Q V , N'ee , . 31 'Nw . , .ng 6 ,.g,., Mariorie Frisbie Annette Gallegos l Pete Gamba Pam Gammage ,. W , 2 'Q 5 QS: ggggj .L 1 V!N-7 is Q, Sig, 152-gfff if Greg - Throwing the big curve. 4 if U? sr Robert Garbarino Gretchen Garretty 130 Senior!JV Baseball Ron Poppi - Looking for gophers. sw ws tg ,gg 'xi is 'X gs .5 l jv baseball squad: 4 1 'fy' ' r 5 - ' ' .fain A stron in some departments ur' 9' .v A I an ,Nm , " ' ff. 'Leaf' '31, 'wfxsw 'fi' F.. ' .Q " Yhere did the ball go? Mr. Nick. . . 3 Q I 1':f'q.:2?'g f '.f " QU' 1. A 1 ?'zr2?Z' 'ff asa. Z., 5..-,qw e .,. V ,,.1 , igg , . .u . ,.. needs workin others Coach Jim Nichols is looking forward to another champi- onship team with a good strong squad this year. Coach Nichols has had in the past many championship teams and believes very strongly in this year's team. It is very strong in the fielding department and should pro- duce a few players in the top hitting department of the league. The only problem that Coach Nichols will face this year will be in his pitching department. With no returning pitchers coming back and no pitcher coming up, Mr. Nichols might end up going down to the freshman squad which has a very strong pitching department. The first pre-season game for the iunior varsity squad was called off because ofa small skirmish that broke out. JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL: lleft to rightl FRONT ROW: John Kennedy, Victor Jordan, Dave Carrillo, Joe Lucero, Scot Ellingson, Dave Dutra, Rob Barker. REAR ROW: Bill Stockdale, Tim Sullivan, Kris Koller, Ron Poppi, coach Jim Nichols, John Nunes, Jim Walsh, Kevin Meyers, Kevin Kingsley, Doug Kowalski. JV Baseball 131 Q v ,451 X 6 if -ma 'SZ ' n i ffwliw yfm IQSXL 9 V ,VV 575427 1 Q 2 K ' ?' ,QQ ' K ,, nf 'Eff' 3, ,J , mira: 5 VL ,.,, , ,. , , , vopsl ' ' it ,kia -gvjge: :L Steve Floyd, Jose Padilla, Chris Charrette, Vince Albanesse. ilk lf, l K , 1 ' Nw. a coach who learns alon with his players: coaches devotion earns respect Floyd Terry is again leading the Frosh Baseball Team for his second year as coach. Coach Terry, who is generally known for his knowledge pertaining to the JV Football gridiron, is now applying new skills towards the baseball season. Coach Terry does know some baseball, but as he says, "l learn right along with the boys." Learning is a very big part of athletics as well as in most other, fields. This is what creates winners in every walk of life.he The devotion of Floyd Terry to his team is what helps them play to the best of their ability. Winning seasons are made up of devotion and hard work, and this is what the frosh team is constructed of. Terry demands this kind of person his team. MMVI .341 ,li 5 BASEBALL: lleft to rlghtl FIRST ROW: Dean Wix, Rick Tonti, Don Oram, Jerry Busby, Bruce Spowart, Anthony Piazza, Erine Collins, Steve Contr- Joel Travis, Brian McLain, Jeff Porter, mgr. BACK ROW: Randy Roman, Tony Silva, .lim Costanza, Brad Fighin, Mark Mitchell, Dave Quintero, Bill Frosh Baseball l33 ,, ...d. 7 K .1 flee 2 , C , ,J 5 0 s -Q Q I' . A T -f X gt f W .- A, , - I 1 f x R Sl : -, -- R 3:45 f A I A ' 1 f Q X 1 ' L Becky Gonzales Cindy Gore Jeff Graden Steve Green .. P K .. g -ii' Lf""f: x1.5v'fm, A VARSITY GOLF: lleft to rightj FRONT ROW: Terry Foreman, Cliff Norman, John Rangel, Coac Roberts. REAR ROW: Mike Ligon, Joe "Mac" McCullough, Dick Awenius, Ron Kenneally, Olson. Ruben Gressett Dan Griffiths Brenda Griffiths Pat Grove Senior!GoIf-Tennis Coach Roberts on the driving range. golf and tennis gain tremendous popularity Golf and tennis have been very popular around the Alham- bra campus this year. A possible reason for this brilliant surge of racquet and club athletics may be due to the fact that our golf and tennis teams have been very successful this year. With two good coaches such as Don Roberts lgolfj and Tony Fisher lten- nisl, nothing less than this is expected. Both coaches agree that it is about time that each of their sports is finally given due rec- ognition. The tennis team is having a very good year with a variety of competitive skilled athletes. The team is expected to go places because the coach and players participating in this years' team are all dilligent in their practices. The golf team is composed ofmostly seniors, but the upcoming classmen are aiding the quality of the golfers. Terry Foreman, a iunior, is considered the most talented of the group. The seasons of both teams should be very successful. wot K, VARSITY TENNIS lleft to nghti FIRST ROW Dave George, Andy Pascue, Jeff Reed, Tim DeGraff, Tom Strain. SECOND ROW: Walt Pelot, Rick Mapson, Steve Francis Bull Boone Brad Jones Eddie Wix, Pat Sullivan, Kelly Steck. THIRD ROW: Bill Lerly, Larry Heath, Bret Mapson, Dennis Woffinden, Jim Lawson, Harold Hill Bob Nelson Bull Fernandez Frank Watanabe. NOT PICTURED: Teresa Meyer, John Sonnikson, Rick Kowalski. Golf-Tennis 135 Rick Haisley Andy Hail i 4 , . .,,. 1 .,..: .Eg .,,, :E .M , ,.... .,:. ,Ks , N U , .,,X. if ' W - g m? 5 . . .. .,.. , ig M 1- Q ERiffH3255Ei2EQE5:fZii:!.,'W.c...c - .. .:::., . -' , .. "I rE1,,.v:i?2Ez:::,,1,11:33g.:g::'-92E17Ziif32,321x1Qi27gg'gi9Z'5Qi15i'TESiswil: ' ' -' cs.. 1 , ,-- ,L.. . . , A 'L-"L - s it 2 ' 1 xz- Randall Hammock Phil Harringfan Candy Heath Dana Heath Joseph Hernandez Lynn Hewifs on i SeniorfSwimming The swim wolf attacks fwo girl swimmers. 1, .L MN. , Q. .M -sf . ,Q --f A I as Q Rf We .. .1 ' ,, .,,, . 2- , A. 'fmezw M Q .. - M N . iwiii., x 4 m li Dedication. S i xiii Q. W N..,..W'r -sw " v 1 early fo bed and early fo rise makes fired winners Bob Heaston has again whipped a fine group of young men and women into a first class swimming organization bear- ing the name of the Alhambra High School Swim Team. These swimmers meet coach Heaston on the deck of the AHS pool at approximately 6:45 every morning to start prac- tice. When they are done with the morning practicing at 8:00, 3 they then go to their classes. Immediately after school, the pool is filled once again by these same tireless swimmers. They end I these days by going home at 4:30 where they retire to get some sleep so they can get up the next morning. Dedication easily becomes visible through the splashing of the water and the bloodshot eyes caused by the chlorine. Dedication, as in any other Heaston-coached team, is the name of the game. I, Jeff how about another lap? e-ef Q'f'fg1,4ff"g,e:f 5 ,fn e 1 .'.1 1 W: ki ' -5 I .,. 4: . R is K K , , .2 A A K 44, I, T, ,513 Mzfflb V-gf ' " I 'P cgi .' Q! I .7 gr K cl gs 35 , 4. I I Q I E,t,'."t..'T 1 f 1 VARSITY SWIMMERS AND DIVERS: lleft to rightl FIRST ROW: James Brown, Jeff Tittle, Burt Brown, Chris Bennett, Dove Tittle, Coach Scott Dun- can. SECOND ROW: Tim Carroll, Elinor Nichols, Heidi Faulkner, Tish Romeo, Jim DeCosta, Eric Proctor, Gary Jackson. THIRD ROW: Wes Smaker, Valerie Hansen, Michele Keary, Marita Schmitz, Scott Cunning, Stanley Toumazos, Randy Lane. FOURTH ROW: Mike Scott, Andy Bar- ton, Chris Butler, Craig Womack, Robbie Korn, John Lauer, Steve Welch. Swimming I 37 I Z 1 7 lw V 1 2 ? 2 2 5 David Higby Mark Hines M' i r L'mi"v i i ,U wb, . MQW! L eye H Qxwwxiahg 2 ,-Q nf' DIP" K mia!!! N , l Superman looks for the pool. Debbie Hoffman Sieve Hofmann K. Aw. . , .,,,, J. ., .. - J- Ari- 1 atcha .ull-ff -- -- fl' + ff Y 1' Q A if - Matt Holden Jeanne Howe Chris Butler executes a right turn. 1 Vicki Huffmdn Linda Hufieball I 38 Senior!Diving Q Q 'W -1. f K. . ' .,..., Wir Q V. . I K. ' ,,,, --ff M- V My W. . an A ,,KkW s -,mmf fr gsm fif- .wmg K... ,.,..,5,,.. gsm ... I klhambra's record breaker Dave Tittle. 4 ,navy-ami 5 --N. i . . Q I l -Q fi AQ 3 ioning for the dive. . .,,f fi I A,,qp.,..,1. f J diving: a sport of perfected flips and turns: swim records smashed Alhambra's diving team is quickly becoming a worthy com- petitor in the FAL. A diver, besides being able to swim, must also be a pretty good athlete on the trampoline. The trampoline is where all the new divers learn basic flips and where all the experienced divers refine their flips. The AHS divers have learned and refined their dives. Diving as well as swimming is an individual sport where one per- son must excel. A perfect example of this is senior Dave Tittle who in iust eight meets thus far this year has already broken or tied 7 school records. V With swimmers like Dave Tittle and the rest of the swim team, a coach has little need to worry. :W B N . W, . -L A x . mg. g 1 g g .W , The dive's completion. Diving l39 . -Y .,. . Pam Jackson Gary Jaksoniak Pam Jensen Stuart Johnson 7? LC'-W0 Jones Shirley Kamberg Jed Kanellis Denise Karsten 140 Senior!Track I 'W W' 'M' S' . 'A 'A I x , ,XM K it nf 1- . fi", 4-in M 1',- ,,,g Y fx Ns.. fsiifsfz s if .ig fi? A a wir? v e g f ,541 Grant hooves the disc. A x- H ' 1 Q' ITT QP .I .. r 3. ., ., f, A ' 3 1 , 4. ab . .L - f -N ...fa-, J 5 ' N g, 1-A 2 ,A Q .f Q Q A 1 ' f - x . 'i . , I J -4' N5 ,E xx is Af b J . . 'E ff SR 1 .- ,Q it K X ii V 5 rr - - Q, r ss- - ' - . ' N "B f +6 ,. -if 5 K S ' 5 - 1 , , - , . 'YR . 4 f .-1 ' Q.. g M 1' , 5 4, 4 -- .y A Q Q f sf 4 u x i I-li. srse is -is S. 1 fi ..'f3.,A X' -frfijfvjg - - , . Q - ,,.Jfxf J- 31 - -L A in .fr 5- r,., 5 J ,i 'QW Ji 1 . - S J , A X xt' elif , ' K . . A ', 'I J ' K ,,',- ei . syiil gg -A I Nr q- giggiftlrjhh ,if b .. K ' -Q,4,gg.LAL' . .. V . N5 '-', 42? i'i' 'TTSPY -.Qf ,. ' . sy ' f S 'J 4" N N , " ,.. 'Q ' , 2 nf, I ., ff' twitxgmkg .. K A YQ: fr' , ww- .M -vw 2 M ' - ' W J" I i ' Sk . if J ,fw3'e W ' M , .an - Q i M- K K is xs,f,++fwne A part ofthe AHS Thinclads: long distance runners, sprinters and hurdlers other aspects of track besides running events: conditioning is for all Working into condition, driving for perfection, and devel- oping good spirit is what track is all about. Most people think of track as a running sport, but let it be known that there is much more to track than that. Shot-put, pole-vault, long iump are all iust a few of the other competitions involved in track. lt takes more than iust nat- ural talent to participate in this sport. Hard work concentration, strength,coordination is a must in order to be competitive. This year AHS track will be lucky to have a "road runner, like record setting John Gill to aid the team to race victories. In the high iump field, Gene Porche who set an AHS iump record will be Alhambra's mainstay. Other competitors such as Tom Viglienzonoe and Joe Varela will also aid the Bulldogs in their M bid for victories. AHS weightmen strain to release their shots. QQ 4 TEAM: lleft to rightl FRONT ROW: Dennis Bartlett, Jeff Graden, Dave Walters, John Lucas, Dave Estrada, Letting, John Gill, Bob August. REAR ROW: Don Will, Louis Cooper, Karl Cottrell, Mike Gallow, Mike Quon- teo, Grant Pollard, Tim Morely, Brian Boyd, Mike Miller, Mark Ross. ,mi OUCl'lll Track l4l 3 i Q id" VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY AHS Del Valle 42 Miramonte I8 Piedmont 34 Acalanes IS Campolindo 46 Las Lomas 36 Albany 32 Pacifica forfeit Liberty 21 VARSITY FOOTBALL AHS OF ' Pleasant Hill 7 2 Del Valle 7 l Albany 0 2 Piedmont 6 l Pacifica ' 22 2 Miramonte 0 2 Acalanes l 7 2 Las Lomas 18 2 Liberty 6 3 Campolindo 8 2 Clayton Valley 14 Denotes non-conference game OPP I6 45 23 48 2l l9 24 forfeit 34 - VARSITY BASKETBALL , AHS Miramonte 44 Liberty 63 Acalanes 57 Albany 56 Las Lomas 59 Pacifica 7 I Del Valle 51 Piedmont 65 Campolindo bl Miramonte 59 Libeffy 61 Acalanes 67 Albany 62 Los Lomas 50 Pacifica 50 Del Valle 35 Piedmont 50 Campolindo 5l GIRLS' BASKETBALL AHS Las Lomas 29 Del Valle 21 Campolindo 32 Berkeley 40 Miramonte 35 Las Lomas 30 Del Valle 29 Acalanes 29 Campolindo 47 Berkeley 42 Miramonte 21 Las Lomas 33 WSI'-9' OPP 5 v 77 oo O87 74 83 52 1 75 86 75 71 Bl 98 49 63 64 58 84 OPP 39 38 38 49 27 42 55 56 38 3l l4 48 FROSH-SOPH CROSS COUNTRY Del Valle Miramonte AHS 29 OPP 28 Peidmont Acalanes Campolindo Las Lomas Albany Pacifica 25 23 26 32 36 40 27 30 33 3l 25 2l I7 30 SIRLS' JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL us Lomas 'el Valle lampolindo erkeley Iiramonte as Lomas lel Valle icalanes Iampolindo erkeley Airamonte as Lomas AHS I8 25 I9 27 I6 30 26 24 I9 38 30 23 OPP 20 I4 28 26 I0 I7 I5 28 25 22 I0 I3 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL ' Pleasant Hill Del Valle Albany Piedmont Pacifica Miramonte Acalanes Las Lomas Liberty Campolindo AHS 26 3l I6 22 24 I2 I4 I9 26 9 OPP I2 0 0 0 0 0 6 I0 I2 20 -6f4,.j:Sg JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL AHS OPP Miromonte 42 49 Liberty 45 40 Acalanes 38 4I Albany Sl 58 Las Lomas 54 45 Pacifica 57 53 Del Valle 43 4I Piedmont 52 42 Campolindo 40 70 Miramonte 54 36 Liberty 62 55 Acalanes 45 35 Albany 45 53 Las Lomas SI 37 Pacifica 43 35 Del Valle 47 59 Piedmont 50 54 Campolindo 6I 56 FROSH FOOTBALL AHS OPP Albany 8 6 Piedmont 22 0 Pacifica 0 I4 Miramonte 8 I 2 Acalanes 0 3 Las Lomas 32 I4 Liberty 6 0 Campolindo 34 0 JUNIOR WRESTLING VARSITY WRESTLING AHS OPP Pacifica 32 30 AHS OP' compolanao 48 28 De Anza 39 21 Albany 24 30 Monte Vista 9 49 Acakmes 36 24 Dublin I4 47 Mimmome 25 29 Northgate 37 I3 oe: vane 32 27 Pacifica I 5 58 libeny 42 1 3 Albany 22 3' . mm Lomas 40 is Acalanes 29 25 FROSH BASKETBALL AHS OPP Acalanes 3I 39 Piedmont 53 31 Liberty , 5I 49 Pacifica 40 27 campolanao 62 44 Miromonte 43 45 Liberty 45 44 Albany 43 37 Las Lomas 35 30 Del Valle 4I 35 Miramonte 35 33 Campolindo 4 I 48 Acalanes 44 36 Pacifica forfeit fliffeif Albany 4I 35 Las Lomas 49 31 Piedmont 27 32 Acalanes Las Lomas Berkeley Miramonte GYMNASTICS AHS I79 2I2.6 228.4 225 OPP 238.66 234.2 239.6 I72 Del Valle 35 37 Shannon Lee Robin Lewis Charliss Liebscher Michael Ligon Q, Ao' .K 5321 ' Eff , jf is 1 ,ff A ' ,ff M sf Ms. Anderson checks the score. Cheryl Lindgren Kathy Lindley Dennis Lino Rhonda Lomeli 144 Senior!GirIs' Basketball ig Moriie Frisbie moves for a shot. 'wwe Debbie Rippie jumps for control of the bull alhambra 's girls' basketball team was a very youthful squad Bouncing the ball, hitting the hoop, dribbling with finesse, teamwork and intellectual reasoning are all a part of this year's girls' basketball team. Coached by Ms. Dorna Anderson, the young team had a promising season with a good deal of hard work along with a great deal of team work. The team consisted of only 3 seniors, while 7 juniors and 2 sophomores rounded out the squad. Ms. Anderson is f- looking toward the future with such a young team. With a little luck l and hard work the Girls' basketball team may be one ofthe f is leagues leading contenders next year. This year's season got under way right after Christmas vaca- L tion and at this present time their record stands at 5 wins and 5 losses with their victories coming over Miramonte and Las Lomas and Berkeley. Coach Anderson gives instruction. Q . + zo io . an 'f we vm nf.""""' - .MM l 1 .4 -lb' GIRLS' BASKETBALL: lleft to rightl FRONT ROW: Barbara Garbarino, Donna Hamersley, Margie Frisbie, Cindy Thiessen, Sheri Grilli. SECOND ROW: Theresa Ray, Karen, Myers, Tony Williams, Debbie Ripple, Karen McNamer, Laura Perry. Girls' Basketball 145 I Janet Lopez Art Lucero Tammy Lumsden Carol Luschen Leslie Macaluso Kamber MaCaIvey Sue Mackey Irene Madrid 146 Senior Girls Basketball ww . 8 ma X' Jo- M- . A 1--N., ,.-- - H xx 'Q -.., xl :li V-.......,,.,. . ,. I J I ,....,m....s.c.,,W.r , I -.L ' Alhambra scrambles for the lost ball. if L Q Stacy: Lays ii up. 9 W f ...- '? , rmff M' K z Ladies, are you readyl 1: i- ns .iw 1: fi'-f ' .. N.,.,, ,MN A it 4, 5 . Sit ,M i L.T Alhambra displays a zone defense. girls' baske team, top: in the Ieagi This year's Alhambra a very impressive season. ' Their record was very promising with 7 wins and only 3 defeats. Next year the team hopes to better the standings. How- ever all their hopes of capturing first place from Acalanes shat- tered when they lost their last two games. The team had a new coach this year - Diane Bonanno, a student from Hayward State. Ms. Bonanno traveled to Martinez every evening for the practices and she gave up much of her free time for the success for the team. With a great deal of practice, patience and time the team put together a respectable season in the FAL League. GIRLS' BASKETBALL 'B' TEAM: lleft to rightl FRONT ROW: Rita Jordan, Debbie Santa Maria, Cindy Capri, Shirley Kutner, Roxanne Higby, Stephanie Bellato. BACK ROW: Linda Woinoski, Tami Zieminski, Renee Winii, Stacy Olthoff, Liz Hughes, Gwenda Webster. Girls' Basketball l 47 J f" Mike Madrid Jim Mallman Leslie Monk Rick Mapson Bill Milflln Mike Marquissee 'fi Julie Poppi-perfecling her routine. "Q" 1.419 3 9? 4 4 Carole McCormick Scott McCormick I 148 Senior!Girls' Gymnastics f Franci Collins-demonstrates her skill on the balance beam. .M---n'f " I Holmoe eyes victory 'X An -dj' girls Qggmnasfics: stronger fhan ever The Girls' Gymnastic Team is now stronger than ever before. Not only do they have a consistently winning novice and beginners division lwith novice members defeating Berkeley, Mir- amonte, and Libertyl, but the beginners have recorded victories over Acalanes and Las Lomas with only one loss to Del Valle. Under the guidance of Mrs. Linda Rubio, the girls undergo many hours of practice which involves not only practicing after school, but during the day as well. When in need of money, the girls sponsored a gymathon in which the girls performed various types of acrobatics such as walkovers, aerials, stemrises and forward rolls by the thousands. Most importantly, the girls have experienced winning and losing as well as competing in a friendly atmosphere. H., M. Nu. ,A si. NASTICS lleft to rightl FRONT ROW: Virginia Anaya, Jan Riegelsberger, Ruth Francis, Cathy Osterlund, Theresa Fitzhugh, Jeanette Francis, Patrice Macaluso, Julie Poppi, VND ROW: Sandy Nelson, Shelley Lund, Robin Hoffmann, Franci Collins, Betty Hoffmann, Leona Edeier, Hedy Bishop. THIRD ROW: Lisa Taliaferro, Janis Dodge, Gail Sowers, Holmoe, Val Hanson, Rosemary Borem, Jennifer Hodnett, Team Manager: Michelle Southwick. Girls' Gymnastics 149 Joe McCullough Paula McDonald ,. .. . . A E E s s S : 6 .t...., we we X fx Becky McGee Nikke McGowan 'QL 5' V33::.2liQEE11- any-L. . L M V V - 'wt ' c 'WS S Q -mf 3: Margie -- Ready for action! Kelle McGuire Jean McKinnie Cheri - Oh no, I think I blew it! Kate MCKOwen Martha Mechling l Senior !Girls' Tennis Sheri- Please. , . girls' tennis improves in second league season This year marked the second season of the AHS Girls' Ten- nis Team inthe Foothill Athletic League. The girls finished the season with a three and five record. Their season was high- lighted by sweeping victories over two tennis teams with 5-O matches, and a 4-l match as well. The team was led this year by the number one singles player, Jane Peccianti. Jane's competitive spirit helped her end the season with her own per- sonal record of 7-1 . Jane was also awarded "Most Valuable Player" by her team mates. ' This year also marked the first year that Varsity Block 'A' letters were given to the Girls' Tennis Team. Jane Peccianti, Annie Waltz, Louise Amundsen, Sheri Grilli, Margie Frisbie, an Cheri Trapier all earned their Varsity letters. d . mbra's Lettering Girls Tennis Players. ROW: flef-t to rightl Margie Frisbie, Stephanie Bellato. SECOND ROW: Sheri Grilli, Annie Waltz, Kathy But- eresa Travares. THIRD ROW: Louise Amundsen, Heidi Sharpsteen, Helen Schweinfurter, Karen McNamer, Trapier. Not pictured Jane Peccianti. Annie Waltzes toward the ball. Girls' Tennis l5l Rene Mercure Steve Merkel Karen Meyer Marianne Miller l Tom Mullins Sue Myers John Nardi Teri Nelson 152 Senior!Candids :fi W N fgggng X.-is-40 Oh, Pat, you shouldn'l havel Mark Ruiz - I get by wifh a lihle help from my friends. ks like one of those days . . . swf... Debbie - What do you mean my dress is too short?! fop torch purchasers win free page, choose queen ln the school year of 1974-1975, the seniors of Alhambra participated in many of the Homecoming Week activities. Among the Seniors who participated were Tom Viglienzone in the Pie Eating Contest, and Debbie Wooley, who was dressed appropriately for 'Fifties Day.' During the Homecoming Rally six Senior girls became the Bullbroads: Busty Bullbroad Kelly, Leggy Bullbroad Annette, Perfect Bullbroad Tami, Bertha Butt Bullbroad Dawn, Porky Bull- broad Francine, and Stylin' Bullbroad Pam. The Seniors proved to make Homecoming week very interesting. This is the free page that the Seniors won for buying the most yearbooks percentage wise. In addition to the free page, the Seniors' queen candidate, Candy Heath, became the l974- 75 TORCH Queen. NO. 'P ,w , X Bullbroad sextuplets Candids 153 I- 1 Elinor Nichols Rachell Nielsen Cliff Norman Marie Oertel Grandma Kelly Laurie Ohling Dean Olson l Wanda Olson Sharon Osenga 154 Senior!Candids I M xxx Sheri - Anlicipaiion a I F 'an ,MLP , 4, . , . . .4 is I I w . gyda, br. ,,..n . " "wmv .fe 4 L .. L L . Aint L .. . , Kg: f. A if i ' . -if L 5 .. , 1 If : . J, ' Y " ,gg .1'1' , , l ll g 1 -'K , , .v M will Tif f ? b X ,m wi F I - X ,yy l ' r F W' Jiiiflfi l' A f S . ,.:, gg f H x XX" yy . L is N. Q 6 H , ., M, , .W A is f' ' x 'Y , 'M . .-If rv -i J , , xl ' ji N5 A x INIORS: lleff lo rightl TOP ROW: Tracy Pilgrim, Fall Sec.-Treas.: Jennifer Hodneff, ll Rep.: Roberta Williamson, Fall Pres. and Spring Rep.: Leslie Sfansbury, Spring ec.-Trecs. BOTTOM ROW: Jeff Barsoffi, Spring Pres.: John Nunes, Fall and Spring ce-Pres. V. .V Q ig ,,,, V , .L isp ' iz . - yn . g Q Q A i L 2 -a 4 e Y IESHMEN: lleft fo righfl TOP ROW: Cathy Baliestreri, Spring Sec.-Treas.: Chris Jmmond, Fall Sec.-Treas.: Marrissa Ross, Spring Rep. BOTTOM ROW: Danny snni, Fall and Spring Pres.: Sue McCormick, Spring Vice-Pres.: Coral Brummeffy ill Vice-Pres. . K , i Qi' 1974- 75 class officers SENIORS: lleff fo righfl TOP ROW: Larry Fox, Spring Pres.: Karen Keary, Spring Vice-Pres.: Tom Viglienzone, Spring Rep.: Rhonda Lomeli, Spring Sec.-Treos. BOT- TOM ROW: Leslie Mank, Fall Vice-Pres.: Jeanne Howe, Nancy Chambers, Fall Sec.- Treas.p Virginia Anaya, Spring Sec.-Treas. SOPHOMORES: lleft fo righfl TOP ROW: Sieve Filice, Fall Pres.: Michelle South- wick, Spring Pres. BOTTOM ROW: Gretchen Keary, Fall Vice-Pres.: Gary Fox, Spring Vice-Pres.: Lori Lorenzo, Fall and Spring Sec.-Tres.: Pal Varela, Spring Rep. J X YQ x ' A xl T l - i Q' v AN ' " Q K . ua -nf l , Class Officers l 55 Gloria Padilla Pom Pairick close-up Cindi Pearson Malinda Pelot Walt Pelof Pearl Pereira Cheryl Perrin Mike Perrin 6 Senior!Walk-Thru Scheduling excifemenf . . anfioipafion . confusion Moryione Perrymon Valerie Piczzo Down Pool Sciiy Preuss Ruby Pruitt Karen Quinford Mike Rails John Rangel 158 Senior fPsychology W wx F" .1 psychology course is popular amon AHS students The psychology classes have proved to be one of the most sought-after courses at AHS. Mr. Jim Nichols is the psychology teacher at Alhambra, and he seems to really enioy his association with students. The psychology class is a very interesting class in that it studies the behavior of animals, making the students take a bet- ter look at themselves. The class also does a study on hypnotism that involves a few of the students from the class. Psychology has been a class at Alhambra for eleven years, but the interest seems to grow each year. This year Mr. Nichols hopes to be able to take afield trip to the county hospital so the students can observe first hand the mental problems that face many people. Psychology l 59 Lucia Raya Debbie Reed Lynda Renshaw Tom Richards Debbie Rippee Kirk Rippee Greg Robbins Richard Zbavifel 160 Senior !Dromc was 0' drama teaches discipline, self confidence, despite lack of funds this gear The drama department is a fast expanding department with many students enrolled. Dramatic experience that the students receive will be with them and help them in their future. They learn such things as how to talk to a group of peo- ple without being scared, how to project their voices, and howto gain self-confidence. This year the drama department had to make cuts in their budget due to the fact that the school tax increase didn't pass. The drama department had to cut classes from five per day to two classes a day. Students were also forced to buy their own make-up. With these unfortunate circum- stances, there is the possibility that there won't be a featured play. T Wg Drama l6l 1 Steve Robinson Teresa Rooney ""'w-v MarieXRose Melody Rose 91 I Mdrk Ross Terri Rounseville - Mark Ruiz Nada Russo I I 62 Senior!Aufo Shop X aufo shop courses: basic car maintenance fo advanced aufc skills There ore three auto shop courses available at Alhambra. The first, for beginners, is Beginning Auto, where students are instructed in maintaining an automobile. This includes such items as the knowledge os well as the usage of the proper tools, which will revolve around keeping a car in tune, as well as a few minor repair jobs. The next class is for students who have completed Beginning Auto and the Shell Program. In these two courses the students are usually free to learn by experimenting on all car engines and making repairs on their own cars if they wish. The only dif- ference between the Shell Program and Advanced Auto is that the Shell Program is sponsored by Shell andiis only one hour iam' long, while Advanced Auto is sponsored by the district and is two hours long. , ,, ,. , 1 i gwwmm , Autoshop 163 4 Sheryl Salvo Camron Samii Damien Sandoval Ken Santos Brenda Schmitz Julie Searles S Brien Seay Mary Seib 164 H Senior!Art "Nl --V x, nga, 'ka' N. l ... I -1-Jay.. A4 "WL XE X. nj h 5 . alhambra's arf students develop their imagination, creativity, end patience The art department at AHS is headed by Mrs. Freda Soule. Mr. Darrel Lloyd also teaches some of the Art courses, which include drawing, painting, design advanced art, ceramics, and sculpture. These classes are popular among Alhambra students because it gives them a chance to express their own ideas. The teachers may assign a certain kind of drawing or certain kinds of materials to be used, but, they are entirely individualiied pro- iects. ' Many of these students find that they possess a greater creative ability than they thought, and during the course they learn to develop it and use it to the best of their ability. By the end of the year, many of them show marked prog- ress and are able to turn out really beautiful proiects. Art I 65 ' Q- I . Rusty Self Chris Sergent l + Peggy Servcntes John Shafer Paul Sherman Ben Shaver Heaiher Shaw Gordon Shelton 166 Senior!CIose-up Nw! W Q ss S mq .ygg 2, sg, . .srsrrr ,r iiEiL .rs ,, metal shop offers basic instruction in the use of metal and machinery Metal shop is one of the many trade courses offered at Alhambra. The students in metal shop are involved in using differ- ent types of metals. This class offers a little instruction in both arc welding and brazing. There are three maior machines used: the mill, the shaper, and the lathe. The students are given instructions and pass a safety test before they are allowed to operate any machinery. Some of the basic proiects that have been made include mak- ing a hammer, a wrench, vice grips, and one project from a carting mold. All of these are made from scratch. From this point on, the students are free to make something that is either wanted for their personal use, or something that is needed. One ofthe most popu- lar is a fire place grill. Metal Shop 167 Q. 5 My Q' 'N 4:2 1 1 f fl-e ,V A 575 at ' '91 3, , 11 ,fl ' 1 53 M M 6 biology has many practical application in daily life One of the many science courses offered at Alhambra is biology. Biology is a course in which students study all forms of life, from zooplankton to human life to plant life. These studies are usually made in laboratory work. Stu- dents enrolled in this course usually spend two to three days a week doing laboratory research and collecting data from their observations. The other days are spent discussing and going over their research data. There are three courses offered in the field of biology at AHS: the first is general biology for students who want iust the basics of biology, the next is biology, which goes into more detail, and the last is advanced biology for students who wish to go on further into a scientific field. Biology 169 Tom Spelce Gall Spence Judy St. Louis Russ Stevens John Stone Margaret Stone K0fhY Swdffbfd Lisa Taliaferro 5enior!JournaIism Tech I ff' WW "' jo urn. tech. students learn the ins and outs of times, photography, prinfin Journalism Technology was developed to introduce stu- dents to the Journalism field. The students in this course learn how to put together a newspaper, use the printing equipment, and use a camera. ln printing, the students learn how to use a printing press and related instruments used in printing the newspaper, order forms, football programs, and the supplement. ln photography, the "Rookies" learn how to take good pic- l tures, and develop and print film. l The newspaper students, or "Cubs," learn how to interview people and write a good story. Each quarter, they put out a Cub edition on their own. They may decide which section they wish to specialize in, and repeat it for the fourth quarter. 2? N . 'e "Ev Journalism Tech. 171 Rick Taylor John Thompson ,A Cindy Threlkeld Don Thropp Joe Tiscoreno Dove Tittle Sherri Toumbs Cynthia Treios 172 Senior !Homemoking " 1 'W-9 Af? . , A Q 'Q . homemaking develops many types of useful skills The Homemaking Department at AHS is very efficient in preparing both men and women for their future as homemakers. They learn many new and exciting dishes, budgeting, color schemes, sewing and child care. Mrs. Elinora Lister and Mrs. Cynthia Moore are the teach- ers in the homemaking department. They are both truly interested in students as individuals and they do their best to relate to students and to help them in anyway they can. During the first semester the students are busy sewing gar- ments that they will be proud to wear. Each fall there is a fash- ion show that is put an by the students in the homemaking classes. They model the clothes they have made, thus obtaining modeling experience along with the satisfaction they derive from the making of their garments. Homemaking T73 Sam Trueblood Chris Ulmer f W , r r - r - A Q i. r X i f N 5 'L .. . .zq q A g L A X . 5 " sf i, Karen Urbancic Mary Urner I ' 42 Teresa Utley Scoft Uyeno I E Rhonda Van Arsdale Jeff Vander Meulen 174 Senior XSOS survival of singles again proves to be successful The SCS program is a very successful class at Alhambra. This class is for both boys and girls and it teaches them how to prepare for the future as singles. The program includes such things as learning new ways of preparing meals, personal health, nutrition, and having an eye for good vegetables. The students in SOS seem to have a good time. lt is encour aging to see both girls and boys being able to work together in a classroom situation that requires self-control and the desire to try new ideas. Mrs. Elinora Lister is the SOS teacher. She seems to really enioy the change from the routine of the general homemaklng classes. SOS l 75 Terri Van Hull Joe Vcrelc Down Vecchi Lindo Viglienzone Tom Viglienzone Alicia Villclva Vicky Von Woldegg Donna Wofcnobe I 76 Senior!SOS 3 N i an sos prepares students for their future as singles The S.O.S. program may be more beneficial to the students than they realize. Besides being fun, they gain knowledge along the way that will prove to be very valuable to them in the future. From their study of nutrition, they acquire better eating habits. They learn how to plan and cook well-balanced meals, from a sim- ple casserole to a Thanksgiving turkey. For many ofthe boys, it is their first attempt at cooking. They often find to their surprise, that they enioy eating the things they cook. Boys as well as girls can be successful in the kitchen. z if .1 ' ,. Q El 3, -nv' SOS l 77 Valerie Webber Scott Weston I I Denise Wheaton Doug Whitfield I Chris Wilkinson Jamie Wilkinson l Antoinette Williams Linda Wilson I 78 Senior!P.E. . , --" , WA-1-sw K ' ' fig: " . iff 4 p.e. offers a good seleofion of classes: new dress code Physical Education is a required course for all students at Alhambra High School, however, the students have many activi- ties to choose from. At the beginning of they year, the students have outdoor sports, such as: tennis, gymnastics, and football for girls. Meanwhile, for the boys, there is soccer, basketball, and football. Later on in the year there is archery, baseball, ten- nis, swimming, volleyball, and badmitton for both boys and girls. Some of these classes are coed. The P.E. teachers try in every way they can to give special help and encourage each student to do their best. 4 For the first time in Alhambra history, the girls are allowed to wear almost anything they wish to, instead of the gym suits that they had to wear in the past. mush' P.E. Page 179 ,, ... I, Ron Winkler Diana Woods Debbie Woolley Steve Yeager Debbie Youell Brian Dc Corte Nadeoh Daiani 180 Seniorfliond jazz band prepares to go to hawaii during easter The people in the AHS Bands not only work well together, but they also seem to have fun. This enthusiasm is evident every year when the Jazz Band goes to Reno. This annual trip is looked forward to with great anticipation, and it is something that no Jazz Band member is likely to forget. This year the Blue Jazz Band is planning to goto Hawaii during Easter vacation. 57,500 was needed for this trip and the band has been working hard to raise it. In November, both Jazz Bands played at a benefit dance that was attended by many member of the community. This was the first of several dances that they played for. This group of talented young people is sure to go a long way with their ability and determination. Mr. Miller directs the band during practice Band l 81 Carol Albright: Fred Albright: Business Ed. Industrial Arts. ' l . . ' , X Dornale Gerald Anderson: Anderson: Mathematics. Physical Ed. , 4 q w as g Q Warren Bedell: Audrey Berger: Physical Ed. English. 9'7" Bill Ames: Social Studies. it ' . .ig . Bill Baum: Science Chairman. q A if li ' Y Laurie Capitelli: Social Studies. -L, . ' Wilma Connor: Yousif Daiani: Steve Edwaras: English. Mathematics. Mathematics. 11721 -- Lf .A V ."l f . iw' X Y 2 1 L +- ' fit ii' L.,V Sheffy Endicon, Walt Ettlin: Tony Fisher: Physical Ed, Mathematics. Physical Ed., Science. l82 Faculty!Band A fx ahs marching band shows how practice makes perfect The AHS Marching Band is one that the school and commu- nity can really be proud of. All the hard work and dedication of it's 135 members has produced one of the finest bands in the area. Almost every morning the band, led by Mr. Larry Miller, can be seen marching on the football field with their pant legs rolled up to avoid the wet grass. When cold weather keeps them off the field, they practice formations in the multi-purpose room. The marching band leads the spirit at football, basketball games, and rallies. This year the band participated at Cal State Band Day. Out of many bands, they placed very well. From the success of the band, it is obvious that they work not as individuals, but with a team effort. Band l83 l if . X Jean Gcmbrill: Industrial Arts. :Ili ' s, K . ,J, r .J 1 , . r- Jim Hall: Social Studies. Cliff Hestdalen: Occupatjgn Center. 4 4, ' ' 5 t if YN F re -. 4 4 Marsha Justice: Italian and Social Studies. Trudi Leachrnan: Drama. Glen Gierke: Science. Darlene Harris: Business Chairman. Q-9 Sharon Hestdalen: English 11 ' Joe Kokaisl: Social Studies. l . f X X Claire Guichard: French and English .. J ' ' 1 , , J.. Q Q L '!' X i X 1 X 2 Bob Heaston: Athletic Director Al Jamieson: Social Studies Chairman. Scott Lawler: English. Gudrun Lingelser: Social Studies. Eleanora Lister: Homemaking. 1 l84 Faculty!Modern Materials i N-w..t.,wA modern materials class requires skill, patience People working with plastics, aluminum, involved in wood carvings and drawing are most likely to be found in Alhambra's Modern Materials Class. This is a class in which students are expected to create works of art using very limited materials. Who would believe you if you told them that you made a candy dish out of a block of wood or salt and pepper shakers out of plastics? Students who participate in this course are very pleased with what they learn to do and with the freedom they have to create most any- thing they wish. Sometimes creatiohs turn out to be ordinary and sometimes they reach toward the very limits of their imagination, but whether they are ordinary or unusual, all of their creations are made from modern materials. Modern Materials l 85 li ! 5 , iii .5 :Q 0 59. "IK" -i ef . I . ' Xn..::I':s, -' 'Qi ti.. Z I' is H g Darrell Lloyd: Jim McNeely: Art English Parm Martin: Al Martin: Science Photo., Business Ed Leroy Merchant: Mathemotics Music Larry Millel: .lim Nichols: Social Studies and Psychology Stan Netherlain: English 8- Social I Studies qu' 'WM " iii , S 5 6 .L .K 5 EIVV A . f r"' Y 5 s Kermit Perrins: Tom Pickett: Mathematics English l. Bill McNeill: Business Ed. it Sami N . ,f K V : Helen Menoudar: 1 . s Social Studies Cynthia Moore: Homemaking Hiro Okawochi: Science and Mathematics t l .loe Reynolds: Driver Education 186 FacuIty!Close-up K tt :, ,'te l iirt :ie L : user i L VLJIC D ., '. In ,. "3 "Sify, , .2f""" NT' XB ff y, .rf , ' -2 ,: - ,f-f:f',',gf,-Ni., ygfgs , 4 E J im - Us 5 ,. tii: E e J r L' A Q E f l ' V ii A ., xi! -..,,, r , , M , CAFETERIA WORKERS Ueft to rightl FIRST ROW: Maxine lngersol, Irma Proell, Vina Jones Marian Persons. SECOND ROW: Bette Madeiros, Milly Billings, Francis Eggers, Kathy Stew art. ,373 -'-s V - e BOARD OF EDUCATION ileft to rightl: Mrs. Muriel King, Mr. Richcl Benedict, Mr. Eugene Barton, Mr. Maurice Huguet, Jr., Dr. Norm McDonald, Mr. Mark Ross. BUS DRIVERS ileft to rightl: Bobbye Hickey, Jeanne Dow, Emily Prime, Isabelle Sears, Eula Sturgill, Ruth Weaver, Rose sylva, Nancy Wilburn, Edith Owings. -.M , www!! ra"-Q 'Wi T-QUE, IUSTODIANS lleft to rightl FIRST ROW: Ervin Rigins, Rudy Stimoc lheadl, Norman tain. SECOND ROW: Don Yarborg, Richard Draper, John Alison. school board, administrators non-certificated aid alhambra Alhambra has many behind-the-scene people who have an important hand in running the school. The first special group is the cafeteria workers. They pre- pare and serve not only lunch, but a brunch as well. The second is the all and mighty bus drivers, who have the responsibility of picking up and transporting students both to and from school. Not all people are cut out to be bus driversf it takes a great deal of time and patience to handle students from grade school to high school. The third are the custodians who have been reliable all through the school year. They are in charge of all the mainte- nance and cleaning iobs. The last and most important are the members of the Board of Education. Once a year they make an inspection of all the 1-I-A iffsf .9 Eula, the teams choice, rides again! classes at Alhambra. They are responsible for seeing that the school operates properly. Dr. John Searles is the new superintendent of schools. Mr. Tom Long is retiring after 35 years of service to the district. The Torch Staff realizes the great importance of these essential workers and wishes to extend the school's gratitude. Dr. John Searles Mr. Tom Long .V 4' A , Close-up l87 Myrtle Rhoodes: Business Ed. Don Roberts: Maihemolics ' . i: .ir ,- Les Schroeder: Indusfrial ArYs .W , .wwf ...M qi ,WM Freda Soulez Arl rx X NF A'Q l ll l i W Floyd Terry: Physical Ed. 188 Facultyfln Conclusion the earth The following poem is one student's view of togetherness. Muir Woods redwood trees, Green fields and sheep dogs, Red poppies seen from train windows. Most of our little earth lthe one we made togetherl about to make its way into the world without defense, populated only with each other's thoughts ond smiles. You wouldn't like the beach today: the flags are all so tattered, the kites are all to few. But the people who munipulate the strings are one and at the end only one will survive. Mark Ruiz In Conclusion 189 Q E t. 't. .. I A.--'uf 3 G 'E 1 . ir-. he-.iz . K. iii - ff .itil 2 Mark Watson: English and Social Studies Mary Birch: Counselor lHeadl Norma Della Rosa: Clerical Staff Q as xi Robert Harrison: Counselor Merle Wilson: Special Ed. N ' M I 3 l ix ,far if xg, E Virginia Best: Clerical Staff fig C. A as 3.23. ' .. , .Q K ,R . Giles Boucher: Mary Clement: Counselor Home Teacher fm? ' :ws Martha Gilmore: Bill Harbin: Gifli' ViC9- Counselor Principal 1 K 5 X ' K l Ralph Jackson: Jock Long: Boys' Vice- AV Department Principal Kay McGrath: Arline Mickelson: Lee Parr: Clerical Staff Cleriggl sfcff Clgricgl Sfqff l9O In Conclusion 5,94 In fogefherness - ' what does it mean to you? E K Togetherness, what does it mean? To a freshman it might ' mean a new change, new friends. To Sophomores it could be growing with ideas and the holding on to close friends. For Jun- KVI! 'xx l J iors it might be a time of soul searching, finding out where they're headed. Seniors find this word to mean the start of something new, and the ending ofa very important part in their lives. Whatever the word means to you, we have tried to display all the ideas we had into pictures, poems and copy blocks. Each one of us will find our own definition of the word togetherness, we think our book has given you the chance to explore your own minds and come up with your own meaning of a very complex word with an infinite amount of definitions. In Conclusion l9'l Roberta Saunders: Pat Schmidt: Gypsy Clerical Staff Librarian Staffelbach: Health Services Typist Virginia Sullivan: Myra Vickery: Claudia Walling: Clerical Staff Nurse Clerical Staff Frank Walsh: Jean Wirick: Principal Counselor 192 Faculty!Torch Staff J? ig, ,Q V nf' za-yi vw sw 'if 'C+ as 4 gui." if xW ., W 1- J , Q . U P - r . K Q . , fi e ,VH 'fx Wai .34 .-A ,kfwyg fa, 0 -' Sv- at 'S A sf-sq l"'l"' rn.. 21. Y' Mm, -H i .ntfs l 6 v O if ft-Q v O This past year has been a year full of different experiences for me. Each one of you have played an important part in forming those experiences. I would like to congratulate each of you on being able to experiment and try new ideas. This book is certainly different, and you should always feel proud to have been a part of change. Our staff has really felt the true meaning of togetherness. We have had our hard times, but, because of the special characteristics of each of you, we stuck together and put out a book full of new and exciting ideas. Thank you for letting me share a small part of your life with you, and thank you also for your understanding that you have given to me. Love, Carole Torch Staff 193 ff fjlrfff 'flrrll I 194 Dedicaiion ,..-- ,,.,, .. -Q0 we cf' ii in If ,f 1. A. 7 if .ft 7 ' xx I , I 1 x r 4 1 ,vrlf,Kl mr. paul howard - a man ofgreaf pride This year's TORCH Staff wanted to dedicate this book to a man who many may not know personally, but everyone has surely seen. His name is Mr. Paul Howard, he is a man of great pride, who helps out his fellow mon with no reward other than self-satisfac- tion. For the last ten years Mr. Howard has painted the signs at the lower tennis courts, this year he remade the Bulldog head that Spike wears. Mr. Howard does all his "charity" work with his own moneyl The last time he bought the canvas to paint on, it cost him 575. For the unselfishness that Mr. Paul Howard has shown, we dedicate the 1975 Alhambra High School TORCH to him with the wish that everyone may learn from him the importance of giving and not receiving. Q 2 Q y, z s 3 mo. V Dedication 195 l4 Mr. Lawrence Miller Description ofa great man: "When l met him, I was looking down." "When I left him, I was looking up." unknown Mr. Lawrence Miller is known in Mar- tinez as a coach and is an admired individ- ual. While going to Alhambra, Mr. Miller compiled a great athletic record. On the gridiron Miller was named All-League on both offense and defense in the guard position. On the wrestling team, Miller became the state champion in the heavy- weight class. Miller then proceeded to Gray's Har- bor Junior college, where he received All- American Honors. After two years, Miller 196 ln Memory went on to the University of Montana, where he was elected All-American once more. The athletic career of Miller continued on the coaching staff when he became a coach at the Martinez Junior High and assistant coach at Alhambra. When people remember Lawrence Miller, their thoughts will not be iust of an outstanding athlete or coach. Many will remember him as an individual who showed more devotion and care to their children then could ever be expected. Lawrence MilIer's death was an abrul ending and therefore it was difficult for tl' community to comprehend. Yet Mr. Milli left us with something very important. lJ left us with memories of an admirable pe son, in every sense of the word. Mr. Milli was a one-of-a-kind man, and every pe son in Martinez who knew him admire and cherishes his memory. mr. john nenni Description of a great friend: A Divine person is the prophecy of the mind, A Friend is the hope of the heart Emerson The memory of o man is always differ- ent to each individual who knew him. How- ever, Mr. John Nenni will be remembered ry all as a person who dedicated much of :is time to the people of Martinez. Mr. Jenni also aided the community in many vays. Mr. Nenni went to the Brooks Institute of 'hotography, but his involvement in pho- ography began much earlier in his life. tVhen John Nenni was 13, he became interested in the photography field. From this Beginning Nenni became an outstand- ing photographer. Mr. Nenni came to our community in 1958. In November, Nenni purchased Hammonds' Studio on Alhambra and changed the name to Photography by Nenni. ln 1961, Mr. Nenni became the school photographer for Alhambra, a iob he held until the time of his death. In 1971 a photography lab at Alhambra was under construction and Nenni instructed the first pilot class of photography. The community of Martinez is greatly indebted to Mr. Nenni. He gave the school much more than he even asked in return, He will always be in our memories as a man who was involved with the people around him. His memory will be respected by everyone who knew him. In Memory 197 Student Index Aomodt. C. 82 Adair, V. Adams, C Adams, J. Adams, K Adkins, P. 10 .82 112,113,50 .50 B2 AH511.r,x. so, 79, 181 Aguilar, C. 10 Aguilar, D. Ahlman, C. 110, 79, 88 Aiello, C. 10 Aiello, L. 16, 110, 35 Aiello, L. 10 Aiello, M. 10, 79 Aires, D. 10 Albanese,V. 10, 123, 132 Albertsen, K. 10, 116 Almond, T. 82 Amspoker, S. 110, 79 Amundsen, L. 110, 77, 15 Anaya,V.110,149,155 ' ' Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Andre, R. Andrews, Annis, D. Anselmo, Anselmo, Anthony, Antunez, Antunez, Arnoll, R. Arnoson. Arteaga, ,M. 5o ,11. sz ,s. so ,s. so 82 1.112 1o9, az, 79, ao, 81 M. so, 79,83,66, 80,81 r. 110, 49, 79, 153 1. 82,75 c-. az, 175 L. 50 82 D.50 8.110 0 51 192-193,79 Ashby, J. 1 10 Ashby, T. 10 Asher, A. 10 Asher, T. 50 Atkinson, T. Atkinson, T. 10 Arteaga, S. 82 August, R. 113, 82,107,141 Avila, D. 1 12 Avila, J. 50 Awenius, D. 50 134 Bagno, F. 112,163 Bagno, R. 1 13, 50 Baier, M. 112, 79 Baier, M. 82, 79, 80 Bailey, M. 50 Baird, L. 10 Baird, L. 50 Baker, A. 10, 79 Baker, R. 1 12 Baker, R. 82 Balderston, J. 119, 80, 128 - 29 Balderstan, M. 10 Balestri, D. 82, 62 Balestrieri, C. 3, 11, 10, 88, 155 Bolestrieri, M. 50 Ballow, S. 12 Banuelos, T. 4, 50, 79, 127, 80 Barker, R. 50. 120- 121, 131 Barnard, R. 50 Barron, J. 10 Barron, J. 1 12 Barron, J. 50, 101 . 165 Barsotti, J. 109, 45, B2,170, 71, 155, 129 Bartlett, D. 10, 141 Bartlett, G. 82, 79 Bartlett, 11. 10 Bartolini, D. 84 Bartolomei, A. Barton, A. 84, 137 Batt, R. Baum, D.109, 119, 84,128 - 29 Beeman, L. 10 Beising, M. 50 Bellato, 5. 150, 52, 146, 147 Bellecci, M. 112, 73 Bellecci, N. 84 Bellecci, P. 82 Benenati, J. Bennett, C. 52, 137 Bennett, D. 113, 52 Bennett, G. 109 Benson, R. 87, 84 Bentley, J. Bentley, 11. 52 Bento, O. 112, 79 Benton, T. 114 Berger, B. Berry, W. 84 Best, J. 1 14 Best, V. 84 nada-uk1,1..52, 171 Billecci, F. 46 Billecci, J. 52 Billecci, J. Billecci, P. B4 Billman, L. 3, 12 Bise, B. 1 14 Bishop, D. 113, 52, 120 Bishop, H. 12, 149, 79 Bishop, S. 79, 182, 67, 87, B4 Bivins, T. Bockhold, C. 114, 49 Bonanno, D. 12 Bononno, D. 1 14 Bonner, M. Boone, W. 52, 135 198 . Borem, R. 12, 149, 79 Borem, V. 84 Borgeson, D. 1 13, 52, 124 Bottrell, D. 12 Bourbaulis, G. 118, 87 Bowman, V. 84 Boyd, B. 113, 52,141 Boyd, K. 1 14 Boyd, L. 52 Boyer, D. 52 Boyer, M. 52, 79 Bray, M. 114, 48, 49, 89 Breedlove, R. 52 Brenchley, K. 116, 21, 73 Brewer, T. 1 16 Bridge, J. 52 Brill, J. 52 Brill, L. Brockway, L. 52 Brockway, L. 52 Brooks, D. 12, 33, 32 Brooks, J. 118 Brooks, S. 116 Brousseau, P. 1 16, 83, 67 Brousseau, P. 12 Brown, 8. 46, 137 Brown, C. 12 Brown, D. 183, 80, 84, 81 Brown, J. 116, 137 Brown, J. 12 Brown, S. 113, 54 Bruce, T. 84 Brueheim, A. 12 Brueland, C. Brummett, C. 12, 79, 155 Brummett, R. Bruno, M. 46, 123 Bruno, R. 109, 80 Brunton, F. Bryant, C. 80 Bryant, C. 84 Bryson, K. Bryson, P. 12 Buccellato, J. 12 Buccellato, W. 116, 124 - 125 Buckalew, D. 116 Buckalew, S. 84 Bulger, S. 54 Bunyard, N. 1 16, 35 'B1lrk, L. 54 Burk, S. 84 Burke, S. 84 Burkhart, 5. 54 Burns, D. 54 Burton, D. 54, 79, 88, 80 Busby, D. 12,115 Busby, J. Busby, J. 12,133 Butler, C. 137, 138 Butler, K. 150, 54 Butler, L. 84 Butler, M. 12 C Cable, M. 1 18 Cabral, C.15,17,11, 84 Cabral, L. 18 Cabral, N. 118, 49 Cabriales, G. 1 18, 174 Cobriales, L. 12, 70 Caldwell, V. 54 Calicura, N. 54 Cambra, R. 79, 84 Canciamilla, A. 1 18 Canciamilla, S. 7, 22, 54, 152 Capilla, V. 84 Capri, C. 12,147 Capri, D. 86 Cardenas, S.. 35 Carlson, C. 12 Carone, L. 86 Carr, J. 113, 54 Carr, M. Carrillo, D. 113, 54, 100, 131 Carrillo, M. 118, 20 Carrillo, V. 54 Carroll, K. 86 Carroll, 1. 14 Carroll, T. 93, 92, 54 Case, A. 54 Castelline, C. 14 Castro, D. 54 Castro, M. Caywood, C. 54 Cellini, J. 86 Cellini, P. 14 Chamberlain, L. 14 Chambers, N. 27, 118, 49, 72, 155, 35 Channel, A. 86 Channel, D. 1 18 Channel, E. 14 Chapot, J. 120 Chorrette, A. 76, 120, 192 - 193 Charrette, C. 14, 115, 133 Charrette, D. 86 Chatman, T. 14 Chiro, J. 54 Chrismer, R. 120 Christian, C. 120, 177 Christian, J. 86 Christian, L. 14 Christian, R. 54 Churchill, R. 54 Ciaramitaro, K. Clark, P. 76, 120, 192 - 193 Clark, S. 120, 89, 87 Coccimiglio, M. 120 cQ4oy,c. 104,79, 161,83,67,86, 80,81 Coday, M. 56, 104, 105, 79, 161 Coffman, D. 86 Cole,J. 117,120 Collins, E. 14,127,133 Collins, F. 148,149, 75, 86 Collins, K. 14 Collins, N. 14 Cornetta, K. 86 Compton, T. Conradsen, C. 14 Conrady, N. 56 Contreras, S. 14,115, 124 -125,133 Cook, E. 14 Cook, M. 113, 56 Cooper, L. 1 13, 56,120, 141 Corbett, M. Cordova, C. 122, 98 Cordova, C. 26, 86 Cordova, T. 14 Corley, J. 14 Corr, E. 77,192 - 193, 86 Corral, D. 86 Cossel, A. 56 Cossel, B. 14 Cost, K. Castanza, J. 46,115,133 Cata, K. 4, 56, 79, 80, 81 Cottone, M. 56 Cottrell, K. 113, 56, 79, 80, 141, 81 Cox, M. 14, 24, 79, 25 Cozart, R. 16 Crabtree, S. 113, 156 Crandell, G. Cresci, Cresci, Crider, Crider, F. 16 K.56 G. 56 J. 16 Crosby, T. 122 Crow, D. 56 Crouch, R. 54, 55, 84 Culliso n, 8. Cumings, M. Cunnin Cunnin g,o. 16,115,123 quam, 1. 3, 109, 122 Curl, W. Curtis, Curtis, Curtis, D. 86 K. 16 M. 122, 74 Cushman, F. D Dacorte, 8. 180, 35 Dacorte, D. 74, 83, 86 Dade. J. 86 Daggs, G. 175, 86 Doggs, K. 16, 79 Dahlquist, A. 16 Dahlquist, D. 52, 53, 86 Dahlquist, P. 122 Dallas, K. 16 Daly, M. 16 Damonti, J. 122 Damonti, P. 56 Daniel, P. 56, 88 Danielson, J. 56 Darrah, J. 56 Davis, D. 56 Davis, J. 122 Davis, L. 88 Davis, 11. 109, 122, 75 Davis, R. Dearden, D. Deasy, V. 16, 79 Decosta, J. Degraat, J. 124, 48, 49, 87 Degraef, T. 56, 135 Dehnert, C. 16, 79 Delehanty, N. 58 Delehanty, T. 124 Delevati, J. 1 13 Delevati, K. Delgado, J. 58 Della Rosa, L. 124 Demar s,E.16 Denisoff, D. Dennler, G. Derrick, L. 69 Dial, D. 58 Diaz, H. 88 Dillard, M, J. 16 Dimaggio, S. 124 Dipace, A. 88, 78, 79 Dix, C. 16 Dodge, J. 149, 88 Dodson, L. 58 Domingo, L. 58, 79, 80 Doney, G. 46 Doney, J. 46 Doss, J. 124 Dragavon, P. 16 Draper, J. Draper, J. Drew, J. 16 Drew, J. Duarte, D. 58 Dumont, L. 88 Duncan, M. 88, 164 Duncan, R. Dunn, G. 88 burden, B. 124 Durham, L. 16 Dutcher, P. 24, 58, 99, 25 Dutra, D.131 Dye, 1. le, 79 Dye, P. 124 Ecenbarger, D. Ecenbarger, M. 16 Edeier, E. 76, 192 - 193 Edeier, J. 88 Edeier, L. 94, 95, 149, 58 Edmonds, J. 126 Edwards, R. 126, 65 Edwards, R. 88 Edwards, W. 88 Eger, D. 58 Eger, K. 88 Ellingson, S. 58, 120, 131 Ellis, R. 126 Emanuel, C. 126, 49 Enke, J. 16, 115, 79, 80 Erickson, D. 88 Escalante, M. 126 Esparza, T. 46 Espinoza, E. 113, 58 Estrada, D. 16,115, 141 F Fahr, K. 18, 115 Farizell, K. 126 Farley, S. 18. 58 Farmer, S. 88 Farris, E. Faulkner, H. 80 Fayne, D. 58 Ferguson, M. 18 Fernandez, W. 58, 135 Ferrante, F. 18 Ferrante, M. 126 Ferroo, K. 58 Ferreira, A. 126 Ferrill, K. 54, 55, 88, 84 Ferro, L. 128 Fierner, T. 113, 58, 120, 121 Filice, S. 58, 171, 155 Filomeo, J. 58 Filomeo, M. Filomeo, T. 128 Fink, J. 79, 80 Fischer, C. 58 Fisher, W. 128 Fitzhugh, G. 18 Fitzhugh, T. 149, 88 Fleming, D. 58 Fleming, D. 18 Flores, C. Flores, J. 119 Flores, Y. 58 Floyd, K. Floyd, S. 18,133 Foglia, R. Fonceca, V. 18, 79 . Ford, K. 60 Foreman, M. 50 Foreman, T. 113, 88, 134 Forgey, T. 128, 87 Foshaug, J. 18, 30, 31 Fournier, B. 60 Fowler, 5.60 Fox, G. 60, 155 Fo., L. 109,128,155 Francis, J. 149, 88, 157 Francis, R. 18, 149, 79 Francis, S. 128, 79, 135 Franklin, P. Franz, 8.60, 79, 181, 89 Franz, C. 18, 79, ao Frazer, F. 128, 153 Frazer, 5.60 Fredericks, D. 80 Fredericks, J. 128 Fredericks, R. 88 Free, R. 130 Free, S, 130 Frisbie, M. 150,151, 79,130,144,145 Frisby, R. 60 Fry, W. 109. 88,120 Fullmer, M. 1 15 Fullmer, M. 88, 79 G Gabriel, R. 18 Gabriel, V. 88 Gaines, C. Gaines, K. 46, 115 Gallagher, B. 60 Gallegos, A. 3, 153, 130 Gallow, M. 141,140 Galvin, G. Galvin, V. Gamba, P. 130 Gamba, 5.87, 90 Gammage, P. 190, 153, 39, Garbarino, B. 179, 90, 145 Garbarino, D. 18 Garbarino, R. 130 Garman, K. 60 Garretty, G. 130 Garretty, S. 18 Goss, S. Gates, B. 18 Gates, S. 60 Geddes, C. 60 Gehrag, 11. 15, 17, 11,90 Gentry, M. 60 George, D. 29, 80, 90, 135, 81 George, V. 60, 79, 83, 67, 81 Gerhart,J. 132 Gerhart, T. 13, 132 Gerhart, T. 18 Gideon, R. GiIl,J. 109, 132, 141, 140 Gill, L. 132 Gillaspy, C. 18 Gilley, G. Gilley, J. 124 Gilman, J. 132 Gilley, R. 18 Giagerini, A. 60 Giorgerini, E. 19, 132, 67, 89, 81 Goddard, K. 20 Godfrey, D. 132 Gomez, L. 60 Gomez, R. ' Gonsalves, C. 60 Gonsalves, C. 132, 176 Gonsalves, W. 46, 115 Gonzales, R. 134 Gore, C. 134 Gare, D. 20 Gore, J. 60 Gore, L. 90 Gotz, M. 62 Gm.-1en,J. 134, 118, 141 Granada, S. 20 Granshaw, M. 62 Gray, D. 156, 90 Gray, J. 90 Gray, M. 20 Green, 8. 20 Green, L. 62 Green, R. 90 Green, 5. 134 Gressett, G. 20 Gressett, R. 134 Griffith, D. 134 Gfaffiihs, a. 134 Grilli, S. 150,151, 154, 90,14 Grisham, C. 62 Grave, P. 134 Gruessing, K. 20, 116 Guinn, G. 20 Gunter, L. 62 Gunter, M. Guthrie, S. 20 H Naefke, G. Haefke, M. 20 Hagelberg, D. 62 Hagerthy, C. 62 Hahn, M. 20 Hahn, R. Haines, D. Haisley, C. 90 Haisley, J. 20 Haisley, R. 136 Haisley, T. 62 Hall, A.44, 136,119 Hall, D. Hall, J. Halling, C. 20 Ham, J. 62 Hamersley, D. 62, 79, 145 Hamersley, K. 90 Hamilton, S. 109, 124, 90 Hammock, K. 62 Hammock, R. 136 Hammond, 11. 20, 124 Hammond, C. 20, 155 Hammond, L. 158, 90 Hampton, L. Hansen, T. 20 Hanson, H. 20 Hanson, M. 20 Hanson, M. 62 Hanson, V. 20,149 Hortoush, L. 62, 88 Harper,D,111, 109,129 Harper, V. 90 Harrieth, J. 79, 83, 90 51 Harrington, P. 6, 76, 136, 192 - 1 Heaps, G. 62 Heath, C. 136, 29, 79 Heath, D. 136, 79, 181, 89, 87 Heath, L. 20, 79, 135 Heath, R. 20, 79, 80 Heim, P. 22 Heinrichson, S. 89, 90 Helling, C. 22 Helling, 11. so Henderson, R. 62 Hernandez, J. 136 Herndon, L. 22, 46, 70 Herrera, A. 22 Hetzel, M. 22 Plewitson, L. 136, 149 Hickman, J. 22 Hidalgo, T. 62 Higby, C. 62 Higby, D. 138, 156 Higby, R. 90, 147 Hill, H.90,135 Hill, J. 62 Hines, M. 138 Hodgman, L. 22 Hodnett, J. 92, 149, 72, 73, 15 Hofferber, C. 46 Hoffman, D. 138 5 Mercure, C. 30 Miller, Sakazaki, R. 36 N61da,1. 77, 109. 152. 192 - '93 mn, 8. 149, 62 in, G. 92 in, M. 22 11,n..149,62,s9 lin, S. 40, 138 ,L. 62 ,M. 22 ,M. 92 1,M. 1o9, 138, 79 1, S. 92 -, n. 92, 148 22, 46 .92 ,, K. 22, 115 .T. 22 G. 92 -11.11, c. 188, 79, so J. 18.138, 149, 79,155 , B. 92, 68 ,n. 22. 79 ln, J. 92 ln, V. 138 1, E. 22, 147 . 64 .R. Es, L. 22 ll, L. 138 , D. I 11, H. 36 J 11.,1c. 22,:12, 33 ,o. 174 ,c. 92 ,i. 109,64 , J. n, K. 64, 80 n, K. 92 n, M. 22, 80 n, P. 140 iak, G. 140 Ilo, A. 22 T. 24 ,P. 14,16,6,8,21, 140,34 , P. 24, 129 P. 92 R. 92 K. 92 K. 64 K. 24 in rn in, K. 92 in, M. 140 8. 24, 135 D. 24 ,c. 92 ,13, 24 J. 92 L. 140,161,87 R. 92 T. 92 1, c. 7, 22, 64 1, R. 147 1, S. 24 1, v. 92, 77, 109, 45, 192 1sen, B. 113, 64 isen, 1- 74, 116 , C. 24 K NA. 24 irg, S. 140, 67, 89, 87 is,J. 140,128 n, D. 140 , J. 92 ,x. 13, 28,64 . 24 G. 64, 155 K. 142, 155 M. 12, 94, 136 C. 24 g, L. 94 .64 . 94, 68 .94 11, a. 142 ir, M. 64 ir, T. lly, R. lly,R.64, 134 y, 1. 94, 1:11 y, K. 24 Y, ic. 64 . 24 .64 1. 94 K. 142 1. 46 y, D. 142 fy, K. 120, 131 yoshi, J. 64 n, P. 1ler, M. 24, 88 er, D. , D. 24 , J. 64 , S. ,, N. 16, 11,8, 94 11, P. 94 . 24 r. L. 24 -193,131 ' Koller, K. 94, 109, 131 Kowalski, D. 113, 64,131 Kowalski, R. 142, 135 Krall, J. 64 Krall, K. 24 Kramer, L. 24 Kristick, P. 24 Krummen, J. 26 Krummen, R. 142 Kutner, S. 64,178,181,146 -147 Kuzman, J. 79 Kuzrnan, L. 66 Kyle, A. 142 L Lamb, J. 184, 50, 51, 66 Lambert, D. 66 Lambert, M. 142 Lane, R. 26, 79, 80 Larman, J. 66 Lar1ing,C. 113,66,120,141 Lauer, J. 94 Lauer, P. 26 Lauro, R. 26 Lavey, G. 26 Lavino, A. 26 Lavino, C. 94 Lavino, M. Lawrence, C. 26 Lawson, J.118,119,135 Lawson, T. 94 Leal, S. 26 Learned, J. 26 Leboeut, J. Lee, M. 94 Lee, S. 144 Leeds, D. 66 Levy, G. 94 Lewis. J. 66 Lewis, L. 26 Lewis, R. 144 Liebscher, C. 144 Lierly, R. Jr. 26, 135 Lieske, C. 82, 185 Lightsey, D. 94 Ligmon, G. 94 Ligman, J. 26 Ligman, P. 1 16, 66 Ligon, M. 144, 135 Linam, K. 66 Linderman, P. 26, 50 Lindgren, C. 144 Lindgren, D. Lindgren, K. 26 Lindley, K. 144 Lind, D. 144 Linville, R. 26 Lipari, T. 66 Lockhart, M. 94 Logsdon, S. 66 Lorneli, J. 115, 46 Lomeli, R. 7, 22, 77, 144, 19 Loney, K. 24, 66, 79, 25, 80 Long, W. 26 Lopez, J. 146 Lapel, M. 66 Lopez, S. 128 -129 Lorenzo, L. 66, 155 Love, J. 66 Lucas, J. 126,141,140 Lucas, T. 26 Lule, A. 26 Lucero, A. 146, 128 Lucero, J. 131 Lucido, F. 28 Lucido, J. 94, 109, 120,129 Lucido, R. 28 Lucido, S. 66 Luian, R. 28 Lurnsden, A. 28, 12, 115 Lumsden, L. 66, 79 Lumsden, T. 146 Lund, S. 149, 66 Luperi, M. 66, 79, 80 Lupori, D. 28 Luschen, C. 146, 35 Lusetti, K. 28, 1 15, 127 Lustaw, J. 96 Lyles, V. 28 Lyndl, C. 28 Lyons, R. M Macaluso, L. 146, 79, 87, 84 Mocaluso, P. 28, 149, 79 Macolvey, J. Mocalvey, K. 146 Machado, J. Machado, K. 52, 53 Mackey, C. 28, 115 Mackey, S. 146 Maddock, R. Madrid, I. 146 Madrid, M. 148 Madrid, R. 66 Magoan, 8. 28 Mahoney, G. Mahoney, M. 66 Mahoney, D. 68 Mallman, J. 148, 91 Mallman, L. 96 M61111,1. 148,175,155 Manry, J. Mapson, B. 96, 135 2- 193, 155 Student lndex Mapson, R. 148, 135 Marangon Martin, 8. i, J. 148 Marquissee, L. 28, 79, 181, 90 Marquissee, M. 148, 79, 89, 87, 80 Martin, L. 68 Martin, V. 68 Martinez, R. 7, 22, 23, 68 Martinez, S. 96, 179 Mayberry, J. 28 Mayeux, D. 28 McAllister, R. McAndrew, M. 96 McAndrews, P. 68 McArdle, J. Mc8rien, 8. 96 McCarthy, J. 96 McCarthy, S. 68 McComic, J. 96 McCormick, C. 148, 192 - 193, 58 McCormick, L. 148 McCormick, S. 28, 30, 31, 155 McCoy, P. 28 McCullough, J. 150, 109, 159, 134 McDaniel, K. McDonald, 8. 68 McDonald, K. 96, 170 McDonald, P. 150 McDonald, W. 68, 98, 99, 172, 173, 86 McDowell, M. 96 McGee, R. 150 McGie, C. 68 McGie, J. 28 McGowan, N. 150, 87, 85 McGuire, K. 38, 150, 153 McKenzie, C. 68 McKeown, K. 96 McKinnie, J. 150, 79, 87 McKowen, K. 150, 84 McLain, 8. 28, 133 Mcleskey, 8. 28 O Oakley, N. 32 Ochoa, B. 70, 79, 181, 80 Odle, T. 70 Odonal, T. 70 Oertel, A. Oertel, J. 70 Oertel, M. 154, 89, 87 Ohling, L. 154 Ohling, L. 32 Olson, C. 70 Olson, C. 32 Olson, C. 32, 134 Olson, D. 154 Olson, P. 32 Olson, W. 154 Olsson, 5.98, 170 Olstad, C. 32, 115 Olstad, P. 98, 29 Olthoft, 5.70, 79, 89, 80, 146, 147 Onnios, E. Ororn, D. 70 Oram, D.32,115,123,133 Orosco, A. 98, 170 Orosco, S. 70 Ortiz, J. 32 Ortiz, M. 32 Ortiz, T. 70 Osenga, S. 154 Osenga, W. 113, 70 Oshea, T. 32 Osterlund, C. 149, 98 P Padilla, D. 32 Padilla, G. 156 Padilla, J. 32, 133 Padilla, M. 19, 79, 80 Padilla, R. 70 Mmomef, x. 6e, 150, 178, 145 McNeely, J. 28 Meadows, R. 96 Mechling, Mechlinq. Mellerup, Mendoza. J. M. 150 K. 96, 62, 63 A. 28 Mendoza, J. Mendoza, R. 30 Mercure, K. 113, 68, 124 - 125 Mercure, P. 113, 124 Mercure, R. 152 Mercurio, R. Merke Meyer Meyer 1, s. 152 ,c. 68 ,x. 152,a9, 144,145 Meyer, K. 30 M.,.1,r.6a, 183, 135 Mickelson, I. M. 152 Padilla, 5. 32. 115 Pagliero, C. 76, 98,192 - 193, 59 Pagnini, A. 70 Paisley, C. 98 Paisley, S. 32 Paisley, V. 32 Parkinen, M. 32 Portain, G. 18, 109, 98,177,130 Pascoe, A. 135 Patrick, P. 156 Pearson, C. 156 Peccionti, J. 98 Pelot, D. 98, 100, 173 Pelot, D. 32 Pelot, M. 156 Pelot, W. 94, 95, 156, 80, 135 Pereira, D. Pereira, D. 70 Pereira, L1 70 Pereira, P. 156, 89 Manu, M. 124, 141 Minnich, K. 30 Minton, D. 30 Minton, R. 96 Mitcham, S. 30 Mitchell, D. Mitchell, M. 30, 115, 133 Moan, J. Mohammed, I.. 30 Mohammed, S. 1 16, 68 Monroe, 8. 68 Pereira, R. 32 Peres, Perez, R. 113.70 C. 34 Permar, D. 34 Permar, G. Perrin, C. 156 Perrin, M. 156 Perrin, N. 34 Perrin, Perry, L. 3, 77, T. Perryman, M. 158 Moore, K. 30 Morales, M. 30 Morley, Morley, M.30,115, 107,141 T. 113,96, 120, 107 Morris, L. 96, 74, 83 Mouton, 5.68, 65 Muller, C. 96 Muller, P. 86 Mullins, T. 152 Mullins, V. 68 Munoz, L. Murch, V. 30, 70 Murray, S. 30 Myers, G. 96 Myers, K. 96, 131 Myers, S. 152 N Nelson, C. 96 Nelson, H. 96 Nelson, Nelson, . 149,70 L. 70 Nelson, R. 98, 79 S T Nelson, . 152, 89. 87 Nelson, T. 30, 79, 80, 81 Nenni, D. 30, 126,155 Nenni, J. 98, 79 L . Newell Newga Nichols Nielsen x 30 6,o. ,e. 154, a9, eo, 136 ,c. so Nielsen, G. 32 Nielsen, R. 7, 22, 23,154 Nieters, J. 32 Nolen, J. 32, 79 Nolte, K. 98 Nordaby, E. 98, 89, 87 Norman, C. 109, 154, 35, 134 Nowland, K. 98 Nunes, Nunes, A. 113,70 J.98,170,124,155,135 Petersen, M. Peterson, C. 34 Peterson, H. 117, 98, 79, 181, 80 Peterson, T. 34, 79 Peterson, T. 34, 28 Phillips, K. 34 Piazza, A. 34, 133 Piazza, V. 158 Pag11111,s. 115,133 Pighin, K. 34 Pilgrim, T. 3, 98, 32, 33,155 Pino, S. 100 Pizzini, S. 70 Flatts, J. 34 Platts, S. lw Plav, C. lm Plav, R. 97 Palewaczyk, J. 70 Polewoczyk, L. 100 Pollack, P. 100 Pollard, G. 113, 100, 75,176, 107, Pollick, L, 70 Pool, D. 72 Pool, D. 158 P6pp1,1. 34, 148,149 Poppi, R. 100, 130,131 Porche, G. 118 Porter, J. 34, 87, 133 PDWE11, M. 100 Powell, P. 72 Press, T. 72 Preuss, S. 158 Price, E. 72 Price, J. 72 Price, K. Procter, H. 72 Praoll, G. 100 Proell, R. 34 Pruett, K. 3, 34 Pruitt, R. 158 Pugh, C. 34 98,192 -193, 79,145 141,140 Quadros, D. 34 Quintard, K. 158 Quintero, D. 34, 115, 122, 123, 133 Quintero, G. 72 Quintero, P. 72 Quontamatteo, M. 34, 115, 141 R Radder, S. 72 Ralls, D. 152 116111, M. 158 Ramey, D. 100 Ramey, D. Rangel, A. 72 Rangel, G. 100, 176 Rangel, J. 158, 134 Rangel, L. 36 Rongel, R. Ray, C. 100, 79, 67, 80 Roy, K. 72, 79, 80 R6y,t.1a,1oo,79,145 Raya, L. 160 Raya, R. 72 Raya, V. 72 R6,m611d,J. 100. 65 Rea, J. 4, 100, 79, 80 Rea, J. 100, 86 Rea, K. 113, 72 Reed, D. 160, 49 Reed, G. 72, 135 Reed, R. 36, 33 Reeves, J. Reeves, K. 72 Rehme, K. 100 Rehme, T. 100 Rehme, T. 72 Reichhold, J. 72 Reidt, B. 80 Renkert, S. 36 Renshaw, L. 116, 74 Renshaw, L. 21 , 160, 78, 79, 83, 80, 81 nhqmy, F. 36 Richards, K. 36 Richards, T. 160 Riegelsberger. J. 149, 74 Rippee, D. 113, 100, 120 kappa, 15.16, 21, 160,144 145 Rippee, J. 12, 74 Rippee, R.160,109, 118, 35,129 11166661 1,74 Ritter, D. Rizzo, D. 100 Robbins, G. 160 Robinson, S. 162 Rabledo, M. Robleda, P. 79 Roddy, C. 36 Roddy, D. 74 Rodriguez, A. Rodriguez, 8. 1 17, 100, 79, 89 Rodriguez, T. 80 Rogers, C. 102 Rogers, D. 36 Roman, 11.36, 79,133 Roman, V. 102, 86 Romeo, J. Romeo, T. 74 Rooney, P. 74 Rooney, T. 162, 88 Roque, F. Roque, L. 36 Rose, D. 74, 89 Rose Marie, A. 162 Rose, M. 36 Rose, M. 162 Ross, M. 36, 79, 73, 155, 80 Rass,M.117, 69,162,187,141 Ross, M. 36 Rosselli, D. 74 Rossoni, M. 74 Rounseville, T. 162 Rouse, G. 102, 78, 79 Rubino, J. 69, 102 Rubino, S. R1,1i1,J,69,109,162,152,124- 125 Ruiz, M.109, 74,126,127 Russo, N. 162 S Scling, D. 36 Saling, R. Salva, R. 74 Salvo, S. 164 Salvo, V. 102,104, 105,16, 83 Samii, C. 41,164 Sanchez, K. 74 Sandoval, D.77, 109,164,192 - 193 Santa Maria, B. 36 Santa, Maria, D. 74, 147 Santos, K. 164 Saraivo, A. Saunders, S. 36 Savage, J. 36 Schaffer, R. Schleich, M. 102 Schleich, R. sc11m111,e. 164 Schmitz, D. 36 Schmitz, M. 12,102, 74, 72 Schulte, B. 36 SchuIte,J. 109 Schultz, D. Schultz, M. 36 199 Student lndex Schultze, D. 36 Schwab, D. 102 Schwartz, M. 38 . Schweinfurter, H. 150, 74 Schweinfurter, R. 102 Scott, C. Scott, M. 74 Scott, M. 188, 74, 79 Seorles, J. 97, 164, 88, 89 Searles, M. Seay, 8.164,170, 74 Seib, M. E. 164 Seib, W. Sergent,C 166 Serpent, J. 38 Servante , P. 166 Shafer, J. 166 Shannon, G. 74 Sharer, K. 74 Shorrnan, P. 76, 166, 192 - 193 Sharman, T. 74, 127 Sharpsteen, H. 150, 102, 88 Sharrock, N. 102 Shaver, 8. 166, 79,80 Shover,K. 38,79 Shaw, H. 166 Shelton, G. 1,109,166,128 Shepardsan, L. 102 Shepardson, T. 38 Shumate. 8. 1 13, 74 38 Self, R.166.128 s Silva, A. Silva, A. 38, 133 Silva, D. 102 Silva, G. 21, 73, 168 Silva, J. 102 76 Silva, J. Silva. L. Silva, M. 38 Silva, R. Silva, R. Silva, S. 102 Silva, T. 80 Silveria, J. Simel, K. 38 Simpson, S. 168, 49 S1ms,J. 102 Sims, M. 38 Sincich, M. 102 Skinner, T. 102 SlaneY, E. 38 Slaney, R. Smoker, W. 76, 79, 80 Smith, D. Smith, D. Smith, D. 76 Smith, D. 38 Smith, K. 104 Smith, M. 168 Smith, M. 38 Smith, M. 38 Smith, P. 104, 79. 80 Smith, R. 38 Smith, s. 104 Snyder, K. 38 Snyder, K. 38 Sobrero, L. 104 Solomon, R. 104, 79 Solomon, T. 168 Sammers, R. 38 Sonnikson, J. 168, 79, 135 Sorahan, T. 38 Sorensen, D. 40, 80 Soule, M. 168 Southwick, M. 76, 149, 155 Sowers, G. 76, 149 Sowers, J. 104, 124 Sparactno, L. 168 Spelce, T. 109, 170 Spence, G. 170 Sperl, R. 76 Spawart, 8. 40, 133 St. Louis, J. 170 Stomos, W. 104 Stanley, r. 104 Stanley, R. 40, 116 Stansbury, L. 104, 155 Stantlon, J. 40 Stanx, L. 40 Stanx, P. Starring, G. Steclr, K. 135 Stedman, 8. 41, 104, 165 Steele, M. 104 Stella, J. 104 Stephenson, D. 76 Stephenson, M. 40 Stevens, C. Stevens, D. Stevens, D. 40 Stevens, R. 170 Stevens, T. 104 Stockdale, 8. 104, 131 Stone, J. 170 Stone, J. 40 Stone, J. 76 Stone, M. 170 Stone, T. 40 Strain, R. 76, 79 Strom, T. 40, 79, 135 Strand, M. 113, 104 Struer, C. 104, 172 Stuscavage, L. 104 Sullivan, H. 104 Sullivan, N. 18,109, 104 st1111tqtt,r. 40, 115, 135 200 Sullivan, T. 76, 131 Sullivan, V. 40 Summers, C. Summers, R. 126 Summers, T. 104 Summit, C. 104 Summit, L. 40 Sumner, M. 106 Suydam, S. 40 Swafford, K. 170 Swanson, R. 40 Switzer, R. 40 T Talamantex, K. 113, 106, 128 Tolialerro, L. 76, 171 Taliaferro, L. 149, 170 Tallman, S. Tara, S. 76 Tavares, L. 40 Tovares, R. 106 Tavares, T. 76 Taylor, C. 76 Taylor, D. 40 Taylor, G. 40 Taylor, J. 40 Taylor, R. 76 Taylor, R. 172 Tennis, M. Terry, F. 76 Terry, J. 40 Thiessen, C. 106, 145 Thomas, W.42, 115,133 Thompson, G. 76 Thompson, J. 172, 79, 80 Threlkeld, C. 172 Threlkeld, T. 42 Throop, D. 172 Tiscareno, E. 42, 31 Tiscareno, J. 172, 109, 35 Tiscareno, M. 76 Tittle, D. 172, 139 Tittle, J. 106, 137 Todd, K. Tonti, R. 42, 33 Topliff, W. Toumazos, A. 42 Toumozos, S. 1 16, 76, 96 Toumbs, D. 42, 126 Toumbs, S. 172 Traner, K. 42, 79, 80 Trapier, C.l50,151,106 Travers, T. 150, 106, 72 Travis, J. 42, 133 Travis, S. 42 Treas, E. 42 Trebino, R. 42 Trebino, R. 113,106 Treios, C. 172 Treios, J. Troike. C. 76 Trast, 8. Trueblood, E. Trveblood, S. 174, 79 Trujillo, A. 42 Trujillo, A. 42 11.1.1116 K. 106 Tueck, D. Tueck, M. 76 Ulmer, C. 174 Ulmer, W. 42, 170 Urboncic, K. 174 Urner, M. 174, 49 ut1.y,r. 174 Uyeno, H. 106 Uyeno, S. 174 V Valdez, L. 42 Valdez, R. 106 Vanoman, S. Vonarsdale, R. 174 Vandermeulen, J. 174 Vanderstor, C. 78 Vanderstar, D. 42 Vanfossen, 8. 106 Vongundy, S. 68, 78, 1 19 Vanhull, T. 176 Vanleemput, F. 42, 1 15 Vorelu, A. Varela, J. 68, 176, 109, 45 Varela, P. 170, 78, 155 Varela, S. 44 Vosquel, R. 78 Vaughn, J. 106 Vecchi, D. 176, 153 Vellos, E. Verheyen, E. Vermette, C. 78 Veverka, W. 78 Viglienlone, L. 176, 79, 89, 86 Vig1ienxone,T. 111, mt, 153, Villalva, A. 27, 176, 79, 89, 87 Villasenor, L. Villasenor, L. 106 Vonwaldegg, V. 176, 173 Vawell, K. 44 124, 155,140 W Walker, S. 44 Walker, S. 44 Waller, P. 78 Walsh, J. 78, 131 Walsh, P. 44 Walters, D. 116, 188, 78, 141 Walters, T. Walton, C. 44 Walton, K. 170 A 171, 78, 87 Waltx, A. 68, 150, 106, 63,154 want, J. 44 Wofford, T. 44 Warner, D. 106, 86 Washarn, L. 78 Watanabe, D. 172, 79, 89 Watanabe, F. 44, 135 Watanabe, L. 44 Watson, D. 78 Watson, M. 44 Watson, R. 78 Weatherford, R. Weaver, T. Weaver, W. Webb, M. 78 Webb, R. Webb, S. 44 Webb, S. 44 Webb, T. 78, 157 Webber, V. 178 Webster, G. 78, 147 Welch, M. 106 Welch, S. 115, 137 Weston, C. 106 Weston. J. 44, 109 Weston, S. 109,17B, 124 Wheaton, D. 178 White, 8. 44 White, R. 44 Whitfield, D. 78 Whitfield, D. 178 Wilford, D. 26, 108 Wilkinson, C. 108 Wilkinson, C. 178 Wilkinson,J. 178, 73 Will, D. 117, 108, 141,90 Williams, A. 178, aa, 145 Williams, G. 108, 45, 170, 71 Williams, D. 108, 129 Williams, S. 44 Williamson, 8. 44 Williamson, R. 108, 158, 67, 155 Willingham, H. 113, 78, 127 Wilson, 8. 108 Wilson, D. 78 Wilson, L. 178 Winle, R. 44, 147 Winkler, R. 180 Wiseman, T. Wittmeier, L. 44 Wil, D. 133 Win, E. 135 Wil, R. 108 Wotfinder, C. 78, 79 Woffinden, D. 4, 108, 188, 79, 135 Woinoski, L. 78, 83, 67,147 Womack, C. 44 Wood, J. 46 Woodall, G. 78 Woods, 8. 119, 80 Woods, O. 180 Woods, M. 80 Woolley, D. 80 Woolley, D. 180, 133 Wooten, L. 80 Wright, S. 46 wtaght, v. so Wright, V. 108, 37, 120 Y Yeager, S. 180 Yob, M. Youell, D. 180, 89, 87 Young, C. 80 Young, K. 80, 79 Z Zbavttel, D. 80 Zbovitel, R. 160 lieminski, T. 46, 147 Zocchetti, D. 168, 79,80 Zocher, L. 46 Zwemmer, 1. 16, 12, 8, 108 Faculty A Albright, Carol 182 Albright, me 182 Ames, Bill 182 Anderson, Darna-Le 3, 182, 144, 145 Anderson, Gerald 182 Capitelli, Laurie 182, 85 Clement, Mary 190 Connor, Wilma 182 D Daiani, Yausif 182 Della Rosa, Norma 190 E Edwards, Steve 182 Endicott, Sherry 182 Ettlin, Walt 43, 182, 64, 42 F Fisher, Tony 182 Gambrill, Jean 184 Gierke, Glen 184, 128 Gilmore, Martha 190 Guichard, Claire 184 H Hall, Jim 2, 184 Harbin, William 2, 1 10, 108, Harris, Darlene 184 Harrison, Robert 190 Heastan, Bob 184, 112 Hestdelen, Cliff 184 Hestdelen, Sharon 184 Jackson, Ralph 190 Jamieson, Al 184 Justice, Marsha 184 K Koka1sl,Joe 184 Lawler, Scott 68, 77, 184,192 - 193 Leachman, Trudy 184, 66 Lingelser, Gudrun 184 Lister, Eleonora 184 uoyq, outtsii 186 Lang, Jack 190 E M McGraph, Kay 190 McNeely, Jlm 186, 122 - 123 McNeill, 8111 186, 71 Martin, Al 186, 168 Martin, Parm186,170, 74 - 75 Mehoudar, Helen 186 Merchant, Leroy 186 Mickelson, Arline 190 Mtller, Larry 56, 57, 186, 64 Moore, Cynthia 186 Netherlain, Stan 186 Nichols, Jim iso Okawachi, H1ro186 Parr, Lee 190 Perrins, Kermit 186 Pickett, Tom 186, 190 Reynolds, Joe 186 Rhoades, Myrtle 188 Rich, Kathy 188 Ritchie, Lucy 188 Roberts, Don 188, 134 Rau, Doug 188 flubio, Linda 188 S Schroeder, Les 188 Sckultch, Luka 188, 46 - 47 Sheppard, Floyd 188 B Soule, Freda 188 Spade, Ruth 188, 89 , Sperber, Margie 188 8aum, Btll 182 ledell, Warren 182 Smnley' Lmda Berger, Audery 182 T Iest, Virginra 190 8 h, M 190 Bggcheriagiles 190 Ywv. Flow 190. 32 Tourvtlle, Charlie 108, 188 C V Vitelm, Dorris 188 W Watson, Mark 108, 190 Wilson, Merle 190 Wirick, Jean ' E -1 4 ADAM'S MARKET 4 '- l622 Pacheco Blvd. 228- I 370 MEL 4 Sf? 'fi 'S 1 CAMPUS BARBER SHOP if if gi J 2841 Alhambra Ave. 228-9790 TERESA'S BEAUTY SHOP QI 3808 Pacheco Blvd. 229- I 766 E D AL'S PAINTS EL - SH 625 Main S+. 22B.I755 ..I,3f,,gi?B - 3 BuD'S PORK CHOP SANDWICH BIS Main S+. 228-9807 ALH A M B RA VINE HILL MARKET 33 I4 Alhambra Ave. 228-3857 4300 AMW' Road m'9990 MARTINEZ CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL DELLA RCDSA TRUCKING 228-0550 3555 Pacheco Blvd. P.O. B Success +o 'Hwe Graduafes of I975! ox '50 DELLA ROSA BROTHERS TRUCKING, IN CELLINI CGNSTRUCTION. INC. Ro. sox 787 228-7525 2 I 0 FosI'er S+. n..- 1 INDUSTRIAL LUMBER I8l Howe Road 228 2486 74I Gr Unleaded Regular 4, Sane Toms UN ON SERVICE S+- STATIQN 22829967 SIDNEY S. -IPPOW CO., 6II Las Junfas MH f REALTORS 22826040 2011 5 .. . b 3 E Q V-,XI ...'- MARTI NEZ MANUFACTURING COMPLEJ Ad k , X 5 X f ' Us E RACHELLE'S "OTHER ACE HARDWARE I I R E 3503 Pacheco Blvd. 228 bl 35 9I I Main S+. 229 2OI0 enter FRONTIER FLOORS 81 INTERIORS X B5 ff BANK OF AMERICA ln Marlinez 626 Main Sfreel 934- I OI I "Bes+ Wishes +o fhe Class of I975' N a 4:3 AVILA INSURANCE AGENCY DUARTE 81 WITTING INC. I620 Pacheco Blvd. , For all your insurance needs, call Imperlal " Chrysler - Plymoulh 228- I 278 BOB AVILA 825 Ferry S+. 228-0750 206 Ad .........................,,,A g.q........-.......,,, BANK OF CALIFORNIA A 634 Main SI'reeI' 228-I I I I CongraI'uIa+ions, Class of I975 ll I 52I Main S+. FISH-N-CH I RPS PeI's and Pei' Supplies rig l'.L'!"i 228-IIIO I HILSON S FAMILY APPAREL 6I0 Main S+. 228-6280 , SNOOICS 836 Main S+. 228- I 973 Ads 20 7 95.s'ter.s' FREEZE wf' fi "F'E.'--7--NR E 4 f :E 3, Q 1 H Q m i GEORGE FRESCHI INSURANCE . 3 I 2I Alhambra Avenue 228-0920 V REPAI S 8: J ELECTRONICS MARTINI'S LIQUORS 2845 Alhambra Avenue 2505 Pacheco Blvd. 228-254I 228-509I BOB and MARYANN MARTINI MILLER TRAVEL AGENCY 7I3 Main S+. 228-509I MCGOWAN 8: ASSOCIATES 724 Ferry S+. 228-I928 GOLDEN WEST PANCAKE MARTI5IE6a?Q+NITARY 3925 Aghia8rr1ga7r8oAvenue 228-4363 Sl'lAM'S PIZZA PARLOR 540 Con+ra Cosfa Boulevard 682-5764 Lg! 'l YOUR MARTINEZ VALCO H5 S' A A DRUG STORES fff,,,,a f' K 8g D DRUG M M A 6fggg4fgg,g+- 2 AUTO PARTS SALES 639 Wagosrl. rafulafions +o The Class of 7328-6050 g GENE SHIMMEL CONTRA COSTA DRUG 38l5 Alhambra Ave. 228-3460 qw-any ll .412 MARTINEZ DRUG MH 8223733 GRAQIOQELQ QHOES 228-2360 ' H, I , CHARRETTE'S BAKERY 70I Main S+. 228-7934 lf" ?T M , if ' K ' "H QQ . - -. if I ' ,, N 1' u k 'K SEEZURITY SAVINGS at LOAN WELLSQEQMESSQ BANK ASSOCIATION 228-'500 8-45 I 0 Main Officel San Francisco 9 I O Main S+' ! J , M LTD F fix "9 GRANSHAW'S FLORIST FRANCES and WILBERT HALL 228-I IOO 827Main S+. "Bes+ Wishes +o +he Class of '75" , MARTINEZ MARINE CENTER I I Norfh Courf P.O. Box 447 Loca'I'ed a+ 'Ihe Mariinez Marina 228M4I88 DON CLITES - O GLENN'S HOUSE OF MU ' R3fIsf?2.'+2EiEAIiIOTEL Q HAI RSTYLES 228-3308 l224 Pune SI. 228-2775 ki:5i EE I I N EI I STEVE'S EXXON 4I4I Alhambra Ave. 228-2278 MARTINEZ FURNITURE 5E'E5i.55E3I' F I ' ' 3 Hr sr 1 ,Q N. 5 ly X I . Q F P .J 6 if N1 JIM'S T.V. SERVICE AL NORVILLE GLASS CO 1 514 Main S+. 8 I8 Green S+. 228-8 I8 I 228-0777 TOMPKINS MT. VIEW AUTO REED'S STATIONARY SU 724 Main S+. 2508 Pacheco Blvd. 228'2I I9 228-2I00 HSTAUFFER CHEMICAL PAYLESS CLEANERS com PANYH 752345a1S" 00 Mococo Rd. 228-5530 I SPORTSMAN BARBER SHOP M'1Sf2,!j1,Q,fg022v5UB 602 Ferry S+. 228-59l2 Your hosfs ANN and MITCH COSTANZA Bic' 1 E M QTIfr'!h'S POP'S LIQUORS 623 Main Sfreef 228-5I5I turn on omeone you Io r ' r f ll-ral , '9v.., , ' if gel!!! ' r 'Q' T E LEV E N T S your room with a View Congrafulafions fo fhe Graduafing Class of '75 lf is inferesfing fo nofe fhaf Televenfs began serving Marfinez families fhe year fhaf you enfered school, I962. We feel fhaf we have confribufed fo your educafion and enferfainmenf by providing you and your family fhe besf in felevision recepfion. During fhe fwelve years you have been receiving your educafion, Televenfs has been insfrumenfal in bringing picfures of many momenfous and hisfory-making evenfs info your home - happenings from all over fhe world, and even explorafion of ofher planefs. Televenfs plans fo confinue fo serve you and your children. We hope fhaf fhe fufure holds only happiness and success for you and all fhe Alhambra High sfudenfs who follow you. Sincerely, 5497464 GAIL E. OLDFATHER, Presidenf 214 Ads l X gxxa I ' HADNIIIA- Q .- ll L A f Q 22 J A 23' '7 A V ' ,-. . . -1 X' W ' 'MCI ....... , , , A ,, 4, . 1, "' ' jW"-'-4,:Q,4- wfQM.4 f ,f - iv" -'W' ' we , N' , ,mf LASELL'S HARDWARE LAlRD'S MARKET 9l I Alhambra Ave. 94I Alhambra Ave. 228-0l20 228-O53I FRANCO'S FLORIST CONNOLLY 8: TAYLOR 736 Main S+. 4000 Alhambra Ave. 228- l 525 228-4700 l HERUTH 3. MQNEELY, CPA HOEY 81 HOEY P.o. Box 390 63Q2f'g'g'l0S+' 2283535 "Bes'I' washes" IERANCIS HOEY DIAMOND RETREAD SERVICE l-A Vll-l-A BEAUTY SALON Comple+e Au+o Par+s, Tires, and Refreacls 3755 Alhambra Ave' lOl Green S+. 228-64I 3 228-2566 CASES SUNDRIES MARTINEZ PETROLEUM Mar+inez Ave and Pacheco Blvd 3575 Pacheco Blvd. 228-4264 228-2222 xi 2 l S 3 SS 2 gi E I El: 4 3 S. S 5 z Q: 5, I . ' ? 2 ef Q I 5 I E? ii X if :E 3 1? si 3 33 . 3 ,J ' 95 F2 S N ex 2 3 E? 5 ik A 2 Z Q To +he Gradualing Class of '75 May 'rhe music of life Ever be a pleasan+ +une, Olhers will sing along While some wrile symphonies All will malre 'lheir Own lrind of music. Pholography by NENNI ancl Company 3755 Alhambra Ave. Marlinez, Calif. Telephone 228- I 909 Ads 217 'vi X RAY KEAN CHEVRON SERVICE 3725 Alhambra Ave. 228-5224 N EW YCRK FABRICS ZACHERAND HUGUEI I Insurance - Bonds Box 550 I N C, 925 Main SI. Mar+inez, CA 9455 A.F. BRAY, JR. 535 Confra Cosfa Blvd. Concord 687 6500 CLIFFORD A, EGAN RICHARD J. BREITWIESER JOHN M. STARR OU TRYST RE BER6ER'S EQUIPMENT 3840PacgB.v.,. N O mio.. Beer, Wine, Deli 400 F9""Y S+' 2285848 Besf homemade sandwiches in Iownl 218 Ads I I I I E ummm aa -zww N 4 we 1 , , 4 e V . JJ' ' L 4 . " wiv ' K N13 if 4040 Alhambra Ave. - 228-4935 Pizzas and Ifalian 'Food +o go. Try our speciaH'y - Empanadas -- Deep fried Mexican meai' pies. Kids are welcome! See and hear our migh+y fheafrical pipe organ. Ads 219 w,'!,,... MW n 8: B BILLARDS and B 8: B CARD ROOM Congra+ula+ions from TRINO and BEN A V b -H m C gl , 4 - ' JOSEPH W. PEREIRA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY General Building Confracior one f4I 5, 228-0546 737 Carquinez Way, fi- . 8 SNACK BAR DIGARDI'S WINERY 729 Fe"Y S+' 2294927 3785 Pacheco Blvd. 228-2638 cu RT CARTER FORD 3655 Alhambra Ave. 228-6666 ANGELO'S RESTAURANT 436 Ferry S+. 223-9947 MlCCO'S OFFICE EQUIPMENT 2340 Pacheco Blvd. 228-7700 MACALVEY'S NURSERY Alhambra Ave. 228-66 I 0 qui' Ati PAUL'S OF MARTINEZ 228-3595 ' l52I Alhambra Ave. Ads 221 4:1 '." ' 0 RON'S SHELL SERVICE MARINA LOUNGE Alhambra Ave. 8: H S+. 228-7I I5 Main S+- 228-2 DR. R. K. FUJIMOTO, Iv1.D. And DR. KENT HOBERT, M.D., INC. d GILBERT TRYERS BAIL BOND 81 INS. 832 Escobar S+. 228-3060 HOFFMANS LIQUORS 80I Main SI. 228-2695 CHAPOT APPRAISER MARTINEZ AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 832 Escobar SI. 228-2822 609 Main SI. 228-2345 Phillips which believes in America's fufure because if believes in America's youfh - Congra'IuIa+es Alhambra seniors for compIe'I'ing a significanf miIes+one in Iheir lives. The Performance Company PII I Ill PS DR. F. E. BUSCHKE, D.D.S. 7l I Casfro S+. 228-283I N DR. B. M. WHISENAND, DR. G. L. COATS, M.D. I2 I0 Alhambra Ave. 228-6200 I IOI Thompson S+. 228-0520 DR. R. L. VOELKER, M.D. DR. S. P. BRADSHAW, M.D. IOOO Pine Sf. 228-5500 I2 I0 Alhambra Ave. 228-285I DR. A. L. LOYOLA, M.D. DR. E. H. MORKEN, M.D. 606 Ward S+. 228-39I I I2I0 Alhambra Ave. 228-5I2I DR. W. J. FAHDEN, D.D.S. DR. J. R. KRAMER, D.D.D. 700 Alhambra Ave. 228- I 838 822 Alhambra Ave. 228-5226 DR. W. A. FITZPATRICK, M.D. DR. J. R. HAYWARD, D.D.S. 380I Alhambra Ave. 228-3440 706 Ferry S+. 228-6734 DR. S. P. WILLIAMS DR. pn 5- VISENDI DR. N. W. MCDONALD, D.D.S. 730 Main S+- , 228-2646 647 Green S+. 228-0436 Op'I'ome+rls+s Ad co GOODYEAR TIRE Ave. GREGSON'S MARKET - w W Y ..', fable of confenfs fheme 2-9 acfivifies 10-35 off-campus 36-65 clubs 66-91 creafors 92- 105 boys ' sporfs 106- 143 girls' sporfs 144- 15 1 candids 1 52- 154 class officers 155 close-up 156- 185 in conclusion 188- 193 porfraifs freshman even pages 10-48 sophomore even pages 50-80 junior even pages 82- 108 senior even pages 1 10- 180 faculfy even pages 182-192 dedicafion 194-195 in memory 196- 197 index 1 98-200 ad verfisemenfs 20 1 -224

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