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:qw " Az: 1 an 4,25 2211 :iff '73 ,zz 114 A Va? 4 ffm Q12 me 122 4:71 522 27 1 4 Ztvzi f W2 2 ik? fa: 'T ,Wi 676 J Q22 fizfvg 24? 253 ,,., , gi A-an-nr-, DA? ,V "w,.'1L.... +-. ,31 X Riff ,Q ,gl ,. J -f 1 K. ' tw , i"'n . ' Qi' Jn-Q , ,. is ' f l 'Lf' Cf' lf' fgw. K 1 ""',..,-AN.: e '99 'I 5 ' Y' , as O 'SN-.. 401 N W 5 ff-11 gqfk U2 Qgwvifyn AW gif" aww ,.,,.....,.,'J"' f0LQQ?ffe Qi?W5??WQ'i.Q?Jfp'5Sg' www JJ lo-. QFliiP0j2Q1EiE53PZ+k ,QA , Q1 cf A 'O 'Q ay QW, Wen an fp? 629 +90 u X M Cbogbv 9505 Obi! ' Q6 W, OO '- my Qf 49.49 Ds N 659 ., ,., "1 L 1 WWW " ' ' u,W,,W ,,, ,,., ,W - i a i W! 'x 4 ,,g,.fgxg?f,u..f1j1 f- . annul!!!- kgd wfagagf, I Jw .Q , ,,,,, ,,,,N,,,, ,., wb' 'M Y -- --W4fW-- N wt: mn W Am -if-k '1-flzsssfgg.. r , W 'ni NK - Z ,,V pb? Yii, G5 .V w , , W M .ip C ' M , f Q , u W f J 4 . Q ,neg Z " ' i ' S ' 1? o 'gf' I O "" s "2 I ' . 4 1 'E Q f f s 3 - - --H ' ...L Q n Q 4 Q1 In .sk cn t .. , I .-...1 Q3 , ,M,we!l ' - , ! 9 '. ' fum ...un-'M 'U' " ' ', v,. fl J W ' M' 5- , vw ' 1 ' 'V' ' 5 0 , , 4 i ' r I . A ' , K I ' , . 6' Q 'ELK if 1- -- ? ' ' .1 "hu - A ""' . rw f 1 f M 4 - MLA A U 25 1 1 v 2',1QfM. V :egg , Z - - , Theme. . . .1-7, 220-224 s' 4 x X ' ff' 1 eras You 7' Efliii Vw . 4 Nil V- . Faculty ...... 1,,f.Q'X'w.'- T," ' - O 6 Q53 46' Q L 1, A 1 ' I fgli?-W 5 ,. is ,,,., , lag-,. Classes. . . . .26-99 w . 1 0-25 A 2 me . 'S' A 4' ki ssse- an ' 'ab-152' wx, ,ln 1 I -. : ' . 'mam I -M if 2. 'whr w W fkf" - ' an ww-X W , ' .. 23,-. ' Q 'ef Y, ,V M fxig 2 A Q 9753 .Ym k . N m xv ' ' Q' L ', '."' .fl ali' 1: .QZM I V.. .. 5 was Ys'v,',, I 5 , K fi ,xqk- .,g ,L I 4 6, v., , 'shi' 4.311 1 ff ," i'KS'W' A sf ' , g Ji, . M 1 .,, f x 1 V l T S. K Q,3,- , ., ,g 4.1,W . -, 'U , V'5'a 723. 4 4 I Q Sports . 4 Table of Contents X Activities ............ . .. .122-141 Q I r . .142-18 N V 1 5 bs... .. ..102-121 S Ads .............. 184-215 Dedication .... 218-219 , Q ' 3 N5 yr' 'JW -1 fx J RQ 5 ,gvtux me Cf Hx , NJ 1, .f Xi' fu 1 X53 9 xx. X vapi, D ix if 3 YU SX Msg l'2?'C"'J'h' '5 'K' z-h'W"1f'rf" ' W' Running, Rushing, Churning, 0 Twisting, Surging, Buhhling, Splashing, Spraying, Pulsing The movement ofa river It moves with power, glory, and determination. Never 6 conquered - always searching. Its course like a lhtime. Its quest like a childs dream. Dani and Vichi U' J' -fn if . 3 .fa ya fm 'IX xi How a'0es a elaila' rnezfe? He frolics to andfro Back ancljkrlh Up and down, Spinning, Wlairlinghlnmping, Turning, Never stopping - always going. Free as a birch Noi a care in the worlaf He is the .gbring oflk. The trigger of reality. Tbepnlse oflanrnanity. He is - the energy of flee universe. Dani WZ? 8 A 1'N'?'lf'7 4 , 5 W-....,.,,1 z QW , , ,Q AL'1KW" ,M 1 Superintendent Torn Turner Retires After Serving 13 Years Mr. Thomas Turner submitted his resig- nation as superintendent of the Martinez Unfed School District this year. When Mr. Turner came to Martinez 13 years ago as superintendent of the Martinez Elementary School District, what is now the Martinez Unifed School District, consisted of three school districts - Mar- tinez Elementary, Vine Hill Elementary and Alhamhra Union High School In 1963 there was an election which resulted in the joining of the three dis- tricts into the present Martinez Uni- fed District with one rather than three Boards of Education. Mr. Turner was selected Superintendent hy 5 Mr. Thomas Turner: Superintendent. Mr. Frank Walsh: Principal. This year my son will graduate from high school . . . I am very proud of him. His Father 1 0 Faculty X People the new hoard reached 5,640 students in 1966. 5,052. During Mr. Turner's tenure as super- intendent, the maximum enrollment The 1973 enrollment in the district is Mr. Turner's philosophy of education has made itsehffelt throughout the dis- trict. He has stated his philosophy as follows: I helieve in the worth, dignity and humanity of each individual and that a school district should provide th opportunity to everyone to develop to hi fullest potential The education environment should he l positive one that stimulates thought discovery, creativity, and a wire t continue learning throughout lk. We of the staff wish Mr Turnei many happy years of retirement and thanr him hr his many contributions to Alham bra High School Board of Education fley? to rightjs Richard W Benedict, Mr: Eugene Barton, Mrs. Muriel King, Mr. Maurice E. Huguet, Dr Norman McDonald Mr. Paul Radose- vich. Mrs. Martha Gilmore: Girls' Vice Principal. "Our true nationality is man- kind" H. G. Wells 1. .......-.--- Mr. Ralph jackson: Boys' Vice Princi- pal. The hest guarantee against poor disci- pline is good teaching . . . H the teaching is good enough, the students will he atten- Q tive and responsive. When students are hored and unrubr, the hest solution is not harsher rules hut better teaching. Bruce B. Clark Mrs. Mary Birch: Guidance Director. There is nothing so strong as gentleness, and there is nothing so gentle as real strength. St. Francis de Sales. Mr. joe Reynolds: Student Advisor. D' I were standing to be judged I'd want no better advocate to make my f9nal plea, than just some student who'd say "Gee he did a lot for me. " Mrs. Nancy Menken: Librarian. Wis- dom begins when a man finds out that he does not know what he thinks he knows. Socrates Mrs. Myra Vickery: Nurse. Be Happy Mrs. Myrthe Rhoades: Business Ed. He who hesitates is lost,' but look bebre you leap. Mrs. Darlene Harris: Business. CChair- many I like you - I respect you - I enjoy 1011 - Dan Harris Mr. William McNeill: Business Ed. Received degrees from Chico State Univer- sity. Fishing, camping, hiking, and skiing are his current interests. Enjoys studying the Bible and has claimed jesus Christ hr his lik. Mrs. Carol Albright: Business Ed. Learning and living are comparable to building a house. The jnundation and planning are the important parts. A strong hundation will never fall Love is the concrete that holds it all together. Teachers Contribute Thoughts for Alhambra Students Love, famibz, philosophy, Alhambra High School and mankind are among the many subjects considered by Alhambra teachers when they were asked to contribute a quotation to accompany their pictures in the 1974 'Il This is the first time the ,DM has published quotations with faculty pictures. Mrs. Mary Clement: English. "Man is a reed the weakest of all K creation j, but he is a thinking reed " Pascal Mr. Scott Lawler: English and journal- ism. The willingness of students to con- tribute to the excellence of Alhambrak many programs - athletic, academic, vocational, and social-supported by the teachers and the communigf, make this school great. 12 Faculty X People Mrs. Lucy Ritchie: Business Ed. lf I keep a green bough in my heart, a singing bird will come. Mrs. Wilma Connor: English and journalism. "God gave you youth, and God gave you love, and even God can do no more jhr you than that." Speivin - On a Beautiful Morning Mrs. Audrey Berger: English Thh most important people in my LW are Liv, my daughter: DanieL my son,' and Fred my husband I love them. l Mrs. Linda Stanley: English. Together we will talk, laugh, shout, reasonl and dream. But, most important we all l will from one another. That's whatledu- cation? all about. Mr. james McNee1y: English .fChair- manj. No freedom without ismarts'. sq?" Mrs. Kathy Rich: English. Writers, like teeth, are divided into incisors and grin- ders. William Bagehot Mrs. Patricia Schmidt: English.The essential part of learning comes from within. Have a good "summer" from within and without. Mrs. Freda Soulf: Art. I would like to thank my students for giving me ten of the happiest, most gratnjfing years I have ever eajperienced Each year gets better! Mr. Darrell Lloyd: Art. Sometimes there's a thought that goes racing across the hack of my mind and scrihhles a lot of hlack marks that come to rest on paper or canvas. Mr. Larry Miller: Music. "Music hath charms to soothe the savage heast, to swen rocks, or hend a knotted oak. " William Congrevc Mr. Parm Martin: Photo. Photography is something that you will use the rest of your lift whether it he jhr a hohhy or a vocation. Many high schools do not have the means or ine facilities we at Alham- hra are hrtunate to have. Mrs. Doris Vitek: English. I consider each day to he a special gw. I cram some gifts with the enjoyment of students, teach- ing and my husband Other gWs I pack with riding, hiking, swimming, dancing, moments of poetry, and my hushand son, daughter, friends. Mr. Stan Ncthcrlain: English and Social Studies. Be it ever so humhle there is no place like home. I have visited many schools in Europe. I constantbf associate professionally with other California teach- ers. I have come to the heliey' that Alhamhra is the best. It's home. Faculty! People 13 New Faculty Members, Loss of Old, Maraage, Promotion Three new teachers joined the faculty in the jqrst part of the 1973-74 school year: Mrs. Linda Stanley, English: Mr. Mike Zochetti, social studiesy and Mrs. Trudy Leachman, vocal music. Mn jack Hodg- man who has been drahing teacher for many years was jhrced to retire because of ill health. Miss Marcia Bennett, Italian and social studies teacher, became Mrs. justice. Dr Hu Stafwlbach adult school przncz Q Q ft i .,,. 3, w, , x tt -K ,U ,. 3 . s. 3 e: Drama. Lip is too . . 0 . s , it pal and Alhambra social studies teacher, J yy . 1 C1 died shortly before school opened this year. Mr. joe Kohazsl has taken his position as adult school p rinchbal. lufflwl Mr. William Harbin: Counselor. Suc- cess or failure in LW is caused more by mental attitude than by mental capacities. 14 Faculty X People Mr. Robert Harrison: Counselor. Into the closed mouth the jfly does not get. Philippine Proverb Mr. Giles a ball' It just keeps rolling along. Mrs. Elizabeth Dunning: Counseloi There is more to LW than inereasing it speed Mahatma Gandh Mr. Cliff Hestdalen: Occupation Cen ter. Today is the tomorrow you worriei about yesterday. 'r-vw, ' X22 I it L Mrs. jean Wirick: Counselor. "He who hesitates if lost!" Helo! Help! Mrs. Maxine Barber: Homemaking. Barher is my name and sewing is my game. Its rewarding to work with such great students. At Alhamhra - It's a fun place to he. Mrs. Eleanora Lister: Homemaking. ly' in one jhrm or another is the ohject of lw. ofa nation are the hulwarks of personal and national sajirty. lg is where the heart zs. Gold-Foil. Holland. Mrs. Cynthia Moore: Homemaking. Discover your own heliqff. Live each day daib, and your LW will he a peaceful reward Mr. jack Hodgman: Industiral Arts. I shall return. Mr. Floyd Sheppard: Industrial Arts. Auto Shop is where the students dreams come true with a lot of hard work. Mr. Douglas Roix: Industrial Arts. The work that one does is neither dignfed or indignfed It zs the manner in which this work is carried out that gives it dig- nity. Mr. Fred Albright: Industrial Arts. I have hand in LW man must become frus- trated to learn. Frustration lets a person ekvelop emotion, love, har, hate, conf?- dence, pride, and most of all into a think- ing person. Students must he hungry to learn - and a teacher ready to give. That? what makes lw worth living. sy. Faculty X People 1 5 Students, Faculty, Administrations Hehn in Accreditation Throughout most of this school year, Alhamhra 's teachers, students, and administrators have had the extra assignment of getting Alhamhra accredited hy the Western Association of Secondary Schools K WAS C j. Accreditation is granted to puhlic high schools that offer "good" programs. Five visiting educators mahe the final evaluation. Mr. jack Holder: English and Spanish. "To thine own sehf he true. And it shall hllow as the night the day, than canst not then he false to any man. " Polonius advice - Hamlet Mrs. Marcia justice: Italian and Social Studies. My hest wishes to all 16 Faculty X People Mr. Leslie Schroeder: Industrial Arts. To quote Shakespeare: "Best year yet!" Mrs. Ruth Spade: Spanish and English. "Know thyseho' Plutarch, "A letter to Apollonius, Ch. 28 "This ahove all, to thineownsey he true. . ." Shakespeare, Hamletf Act I, sc iii, 1. 78 j Mr. Luka Sekulich: Industrial Arts. Many students will mahe it in lk despite the way some of us teach. Mrs. Claire Guichard: French and English. "Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaitpoint. " Pascal Mr. Yousif Dajani: Mathematics. He who is not ready today will he less .so tomorrow. . -' ...., -'x' 2 - . ' ' P " " ' ' ' ff: ' l B v:.:f 'diff-iliffii' - 1 K " , . fx, ge I ,. . A Mr. Gerald Anderson: Mathematics. "Roller Derby Uber Alles. " Mr. Stephen Edwards: Mathematics. "Teaching to me is without a doubt the pre-eminentprofession. Teaching consists of causing people to go into situations from which they cannot escape except by think- ing. " Mr. Walter Ettlin: Mathematics. "Lf a rnan'.s education is finished, he is finished" Mr. Leroy Merchant: Mathematics. ' "Realbf, 'X' zQsn't all that matters -" Mr. Kermit Perrins: Mathematics. "Let me be a part ofthe answer and not a reason for the problem. " Mr. Donald Roberts: Mathematics CChairman.j "U pi R square, why aren't bread round?" Miss Doma-Le Anderson: Physical Ed. Play hr more than you can ajord to lose, and you shall learn the game! Winston Churchill Mrs. Linda Rubio: Physical Ed. fChairman.j "My years here have been most rewarding and joyous. Your support on projects we'oe begun have been fun, exciting, and challenging. " l Faculty !People 1 7 l T A Vyiy . l Mr. Floyd Terry: Physical Ed. "Be a winnerg if you win, you live a little,' U' you lose, you die a little! The normal effort doesn't win a championshnr. Itis the abnor- mal efforts, the uncommon thing!" 1 8 Faculty f People Mrs. Vera Verdi: Physical Ed. "May I leave a parting wish for the appreciation of daily, vigorous activity as part of a joyous AW style for alll" 'XX' ' "2 ' ,. 4 " 1, us, t H V . Ad 5 3- 'K' ' .1, V tl ' fiusifffrff --i!:.J:. iff' ' 7,51-,if " ', ,, ,V ,5 '57 ,wx v .M iii: sc il t t it sesy ' i ' Q .xxx Mr. Charles Tourville: Physical Ed. Chairman. "The harder one works, the luchier one becomes. " 'W-gs-1 Mrs. Sherry Endicott: Physical Ed. "Those who criticize others and who always complain, should evaluate them- selves. SeMtranquilty is difficult to achieve, so finding fault in others is the easy way out." Mr. Robert Heaston: Physical Ed., Athletic Director. Good guys f?nish last. Leo. Durocher Mr. Vlarren Bedell: Physical Ed. "My philosphy of education revolves around the 'isound minai in a sound body" theory. In other words, the education of the total being." Mr. Bill Baum: Science airmanj "Do you see that man who nhs hi bf so wise?,T h e ore ho or a jhol th for him. " I vo' Ng., Mr. Anthony Fisher: Physical Ed. Sci- ence. "Children, like canoes, are more eas- ib' controlled M paeblled from the rear: " Mr. Alfred Martin: Science. "I giue my pledge as an American to saue and faith- fulh to defend from waste the natural resources of my country - its soil and minerals, its forests, waters, and wildlW." Mr. Hiro Okawachi: Science. "Con- stant practice is one of the best of all instructors." Mr. Glen Gierke: Science. "There is great satisfaction in knowing Truth more fulbf, and in addition, it's a must hr peo- ple who make decisions in a free society. In science, we explore Truth." Mr. joseph Kokaisl: Social Studies. The frst great gif' we can bestow on others is a good example. Sir Charles Morell Mr. Lawrence Capitelli: Social Studies "Gee, what a great year getting to know you.' Have a greeeeaat summen Hope to get to know you better next year. Bow ww!! Mr. Alfred Jamieson: Social Studies fChairman.J "I don't believe in teaching, except by example. I believe in learning. A teacher's main function should be to hehr students become aunomous learners, radi- calbr altering their role and ultimateb, society itseM " Mr. Bill Ames: Social Studies. LW is A. Metaphysical Reality B. Pain C. Fun D. E. Metaphysical Reality R You don 't haue a pencil G. I don't under- stand the question H. You don't under- stand the question I. You don't haue your book. K n I 4 ff' as - .V ,, ifi ii I ee i ii :: . 22 5' 7 Q x V Li , ' x X fs ,J J I'- v 3 x r E 3 Q-uf' if , ,- tri I 'gy-. I ez, L1 , sg X 'tt ,..,,. . .. 1 s.. f - 1 ' .fain ' ig: ...wi . t is . ,gg . V ni ' M A hvht ms... Faaoyfeeqfu 19 Saga of Motorcycle - Riding Dog and His Devoted Remember the ballad of Blitzkrieg? Remember how Blitz was lost for about yhur days, and everyone in Martinez hewed in the search? Then Mr. Hall received a cowardly, anonymous phone call from the people who found Blitz and claimed ownership. Mr Hall then had to play detective hr days jhllowing the onbf lead unwittingb mentioned by kv' i. ii if sk!! f' .hrs S Mrs. Gudrun Lingelserz Social Studies. "Forced learning cannot remain in the soul" Mr. jim Hall: Social Studies. Pity this busy monster mankind not Who with one twitch from a tnplex of phalanges can cause colossal pachyderms to swoon unto Billiard Balls! E. E. Cummings CPervertedJ, et al? 20 Faculty! People Master the "dog-nappers". The search did not end with the finding of the people who held the dog captive. Mr. Hall had to get his laugzer and a judge to impound Blitz, and make him "ward of the court" until Mr. Hall could take the captors to trial. After a threat ofa law suit those people had no guts to go to court. It was admitted that Blitz was Mr. jim Nichols: Social Studies. "Per- sons who talk about inferion' have none. " Mrs. Barbara Littlefield: Special Ed. "My famibf number 5: husband daugh- ter and 3 sons. We transferred to the Bay Area from New York 13 yrs. ago due to my husbands work with General Foods Corporation. " M r. Hallis dog to avoid having to pay damages. After almost a month and 3935.63 in legal fbei, Blitz was at last returned to Mr Hall by the court Marshalls. looking back . . . was it worth it, Mr. Hall? "Your dog-gone rights!" because how often do you see a dog ride on the back ofa motorcycle? Mr. Michael Zocchette: Social Studies. "Still thinking. . ." 4 Mrs. Merle Wilsonf Special Ed. "Tis a joy to share each daily esqnerience with the students in my classroom. Special educa- tion is a most fascinating area in which to teach. Theres never a dull moment in any day!" MA vm 4? ig 'X 'XM 5, Tam fx CLERICAL STAFF Cleft to rightj Front row: Mn. Virginia Sullivan, Mn. Virginia Best, Mrs. Lee Parr, Mrs. Arlene Mickel- son, Mrs. Claudia Walling. Back row: Mm. Roberla Saunderx, Mrs. Norma Della Roxay Mm. Kay McGrath, Mr. jack Long, AV Department. Faralty I People 21 Certqfieated Personnel Rest from Their Essential Labors Bus Drivers, Cnstodians Rest from Their Labors Ain., if ,,l ....' , 'Li1- if , BUS DRIVERS Cleft to rightj jeanne Dow, Edith Owings, Lrahelle Sean, Dena Oliver, Rose Sylva, Emebf Prime, Carol Olthoj Lonni Shelton, Nadine Gallanzore, Eula Sturgill, Bohhye Hickey, Opal L1J6'id0,J6'J.fi6 Cozy, Nancy Logsdon, Nancy Wilhum, Irnajean Wheaton. 4 mi CUSTODIANS Cleft to rightj Warren Williams, Norman Main, joe Nelson, Richard Draper, Rudy Stinzac fheadj, Charles fNot Shown Ervin Riginsj. , 22 Faculty!People - ! g f Q sf' . i ' 1 Q Q 5 L if 0' R 1 K 5 , 3. fl t V - ,, T 4. uf. -f V - - K fmt . , in Y 7 N '- , ' .M gf AA'L Y S 52 415: 2 Ha ,l:., ..V,, K K I In m. t r . g, g V H? , t My M' inf CAFETERIA WORKERS C left to rightj First row: Franczlv Eggers, Cormon Perry, Loyee Carlson. Second row: Verna Holm, Vinajones, Marian Penom. Third row: Bette Medeiros, Freda Keari of gr' if t e ,.,. , wg up gt av een 2 ' at N7 A I4 E . 2- ' ' I vw V' ve- 'W k "tn 1 id I , 'Q'-we F 5 G 1 V --' k " W tm. xiflw Q- .' D ,Y ,.k,,,,w, JA qigflw. 'il vevgnv 'W get-rt e it kiwi CAMPUS SUPERVISORS flcft to rightj Margaret Holland Ester Doolin, "Tirzkeroelle.- ..,., rfrb Faculty X People 23 I Teachers Can Be H 6Q7fUl, Sly, Tense, or Relaxed be 2 ,: I , V N ,.h-,,,W.,,.,4.W,1.-5 was :E if J e '.. e 24 Faculty!People i""""00nvuun,.k,,,,, M X . '. Khu- XQ1 X Qtr: Mr ,JPL 19' 54 mr I :W I . ,X 5 45 Faculty f People 25 Senior Class Ufficers Sue Trebino: fall rqnrexenloiioe and .pringpresideni Vicki Loney.'fa!!secre!a1jz jeanne Pedro: goring rqoresenmtioe Dani Gray: fall oicepresident Ted Linafstrom.' fall president Knot sbownj 26 Seniors X People Sexy Seniors! Sbaron Abbott Rirlf Ad-WU "Briana" Lee, "Michelle" Bryant and "Danna" Damzh ebeerin' at the rally. Kevin Albeff-fm M4127 Allen Connie Andenon Lee Anderson Clmk Andre D011 Anmy jolm Anselmo Mike Anselmo Senion'fPeople 27 Jw Aww Framir Avila Manuel Avila Richard Avila Gaibm Aweniux Dave Barsatli Zandra Ball Cindy Beatty Tim Bfdily Nancy - .vbows ofber latestfasbion. Wanda B611 28 Senion! People Karon Benedic! Cathy Benenati Barhara Berry jeWBieker jzll Bladen john Boone Mike Briant Kelley Brooks jerri - This ferlainly zQfn't my idea of fun. Ron Bryce Laurel Bryxon Seniorx !PeqDle 29 jack Burrers Demlfe Camp Cynthia Carr 30 Senion!People Dave Butler Carmella Canriamilla Stan Burton 34' ' Vince Capilla Carla Castrurci Laurie Butler Kevin Carman Vicki Castruai Bob Cellini Amazement and Curiosity Are the Basis 0 Growth if' :fl ' Nancy Cbarleswortb jon Christensen Suzy Coffman jeanean Cole ' 1 ,si Vi- Connie Collins Rickie Calwell Gary Cooper Gregg Cottrell MMM' ln, C 15- is K www: ' ' ' ' o C 2 ii. s.aa a Dale Crosby " " 'W I '- Seniors! People 31 Don Darmb Kim Davis Carla Degnan Dana DeGmat u-J ,,,.4lr-v w',,-fy jocebn Deguzman Ann Delmert Y. ,.,,po Dmiw Delwdff D A .smile Ili' worth a million words. Stephanie Derrick ff Hwy, , m iff! A , q A . x Q. A Marti Dvdge Mmy Dumont Smit Duncan Dean Dunivan 32 Senion! People Peggy Dutra julia Espinoza Kim Fitzbugb Mike Fluke Paula Dye Tina Edmonds Linton Emerson Dave Filomeo An expression of determination and strength. Dennzk Fioella janet Folk Debra Fowler janet Frink Seniors f People 33 Expressions Create Minds I Roberta Fmbze Chen Frogger .HM-ANN' Laurie - Now 11213 is the way a model Jbouldpose! john Fry Caludine Gallegos 110 Candero Martha Garcia Debbie Garman Kazby Garms jan Gebrig Catby Gilberl .lark Gillqy Carol Gotz 34 Senion!People v Y Dani Gray Nancy Graziano Sue Gutierrez Ned Habn james Hammel JW Hamm w .l0"iU'1 Hdmwl Suzette Hardin janet Grzklmm Diane Gfizzle 43. X 'vs E Q Q, Charles Haines Corine Hamilton Connie - Windex let? tlye sun shine in. 35 Senim!People jizz Heatli Everett Hamer: Cheryl Heznmbson Hillard Han Cheryl Hemdon Cbarlie Hepburn Lynette Hodges Linda Hex Vickie Hogan G40 Hgpkjm 36 Seniors! People Brenda Hem Rita Hojfman Holb Hoyer 130500 Hllbhlfd Kevin and Carrie - Evefyone enjoyf a good laugh now and then. Donna Hurkzns Larry Huddleson jeyfHuyj' Jeanne Hum Robert Hunt Gary Hutcbenx Cynthia jarkron sl?IlE.IdL'kj'07Z Senio1s!People 37 Tom jackmn Dianejardine Davidjonar Vickie jones 38 Senion!Peop!e K 4 Tiofilojaimax Lamjdmg Debbiejardine 6 f" Quarlenejamzlt Jeanne - Oh my garb! Lynettejonex Robin Kale Km Kean, Cheryl Keena Cindy Keep Keith Kalb Audrgf Kessler Lmdsefy Kzmball , .J 1 ff? I by W Bill Knwald W-Mil Q., . .2 B05 K1701 Dan Overlookmg the crawd julze Kraznzz Kathy Kutner Pat bzccoane Donn Lamb Damn Lamb Kerrie lauderulager Brian Lee Steve Lekre Nancy Lewis -it 4 fo k,,, , David Ligmdn jim Lindley Ted Linafrtmm james Lino 40 Senio1:r!People UW LIPPWJ jane! Livingston Paul- M y bex! ea'itoriaL' Barbara Logsdon Vicki Laney W , . KU . Carrie Long Bob Lufero David Lumsden Karen Mac bade joe Marcbi Rock Marlar Debra Martin Dwgm Martin 3l!"'5i Linda Mdffffl Richard Martin 1 1 -qi 1 we ,Q ex?-Y.. 7 '- 5 W if i i f x j0Ann - Smilirfpretty. Pam Martinez Bob Masxayko Senim! People 41 Joe McAfee Mzke McAfee ,4gJ9' Jocelyn - He mid WHA '17 Bill McDaniel jqypg MpGgg N M V f 1 Kdlby McLain Gary Meadows Mike Mercure S410 Mmurip Rifhdfd Mille' Dara Minnicb Joyce Minton Keith Monckton 42 Senio1s!People Mike Moore Annette Morrison Keith Muncy Barham Nabon Many Nebon Ron Newgard Clmntale Noel Frank Num 1 1 M Marty Ocboa Lorie Odell Boo Odell Pam Odle Denise Oliver Sue Olsxon john Oshea Tracy Osterlund S enion! People 43 TWU' Pddilld Mirbelle Pante Debbie Parker f f' jeanne Pedro Debbie Pereira Robert Perez 44 Ser1ion!People Jody Piek 2 Cdndy Pim Bob - One of these days . . . Mark Pealg Donna Perry Richard Pierce Cathy Plav Fit' is , Y xx J, 1 ' -. . 431, P 4 5 . ,X Bruce Pbmpton jan Polewaezyk Marie Pollack Debbie Pool u-.Q we ..-ff' Tina - No I 'm not tbe girl ai PMN: Plan! 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' i i t W fi w ill B Bertha A fteaga Wally Axhhy Dan Avila Fred Bagno Mary Baier joe Bailey Raenette Baker Sue Ballew jean Barron Margaret Barton Rayrna Batt Mary Belleeei Gary Bennett Leroy Bennett Olivia Bento Tma Benton john Bert Monica Bise Ken Bitzer David Black Charles Blake Cathy Bockhola' Dehhie Bonanno Gail Boyd junior!People 59 .4 'q t ' ffl . sz in B93 X 3 . z 3 f .PQ Laurajonex - watcbing tbehod being devoured Fred Brunton Debbie Buckalew Nancy Bunyard Scott Busby Cbrir Butler M icbele .Butler Marie Cable Nancy Cabral 60 junior!People , A t V e , 3 e X , ,. ,,, - A-Mx fb in nf" P .. 15 4 vw it wg, I -it 5 ix ,mg iq Q1 ,, ,235 cccc it 1 5 N b . N 'T 1 y Margot Bray V bg Karen Brencbley ' , tj, - v Q , . 4,55 f , wggk t Terry Brewer V U April Briant I f ,sift . , A cp, fm 5 A69 9 B f We by to ter A , 1 ' - Q i Pam Brousseau jarneJ Brown ' ' if 'ff' B 9 in cc Y fit ...gc fc, ' Fifi: ... ,gi W , X 2115 wfzffs ffm ! Z I 4 A if if 9, , ,-3? ,, it 1'- 1 F X PX it cc t ' "' F Q i,, 3 E, Y N 1 np' Mary Ann U rner -particijtating in the 5 0's dren-up day juniors struggle fbr second place it J is 5:1 ,- fumors Capture Rall and Homecoming Week 4:1 Y t C -Q - Q tt- -J 'im-" ,ei "-- n l , 0 . 1 S ,V 'eee , K Reee Q 1.?5S1?i:1' TZ. f K 2' K' -s . 1 N , ff 1 fifs -.r-fl" . " - , .bf 43 s ! ! 5 xg , S' :mb L H 3 f -v 4 K 1 , i V, V 5 gl u K V ,, 4- K wx ,W I g - A - ' "'- ' ' J, -'P H51 I I W fl 2 i , th ,VX 5 , .L,.e 4 AALA Ns ,Lt A ...- Angela Canciarnilla Steve Cardenas Terri Cargill Maria Carrillo Vicki Castrucci Nancy Chambers Denzse Channel jess Chapot Annette Charrette Rick Chrismer Celeste Christian Pam Clark Sheri Clark Michelle Coccimzglio james Cole Pattiann Cooke Roberto Corona Teresa C roshy Tim Croshy Torn Cunningham Michele Curtis Frances Cushrnan Brian DaCorte Phil Dahlquzst junior! People 61 Nadeah Dajani Mark Davidson john Dawlr Richard Davif jennfer DeGraaf Tim Delehanty Lori Della Rosa Sal DiMaggio jim Dodge Sherry Dorothy jim Don Sharon Dutra Peggy Dye Dale Eeenharger Eva Edejer jane! Edmonds Robert Ellir Carol Emanuel Mark Erealante Kathy Farizell jackie Farmer Mary Ferrante 62 junior!People ,A t W"k u gy, , . ,. 1 M KMHT, W ,gr ' 3 I .. ' 77 v. , V X 5 Ou, ' . 2 - I ,, L R' ' . ., 'if , . ' ' X ,, i ,,, 2' 'A 43 M fr , ,,L. 3 if ' ' I 3444, , :M . if 'W aa e 'J I M 5: A.. -, -1 ' ' " K 9 r en,5 f'?gg f W WM 6,5grg?g1,3gafi,,, 'Cf Uamf' -1 I fa N, - . xv' 'U R, H xv 'M , T f -Q.. ef . . Q f V7 . 1. x X! f ' mee 1 f Q., l xi ,Sy W Q? 'Engl .L is f 4 s gn. 'N I' ,' mg 14" 'qw N v an .W 1 f S -v if :Wei Sr -,,,,,, . : V . D 5 15 H. ' M fi Q V h. if ffl 1' 'Q ,ea Q awk Nancy Bunyara' - Hi there! ' Terry - munchin' Sharon -just looking . w W. f h . so . .I Q X Y 4 , F e bf - k . K:,1 E A 5 Agg 'N , ,X .1 .5 M ia, 4 3 nf , X1 Q X , ggi? it S . gg G.-ff: -i x fu ' Q is ch K . , Q im X QR Q -. ,- 5a f,f:.1g b .ww v.. A .h 5. in fu K f' is , 5 K A 1 . 2-fi: , , ' , -, ' 1-Qu - K. I .. - ' ,:. ' ' 1' - x ' Y K A . . ' K WA AH ' Q2 " 6 2 G A is Y ., ' .nr T Na R 5 1 i. 1 N H I Sk Dave Tittle - Where are you, Debbie? 'QQ' 1 ' 4 Annelle Ferreira Llzfd Ferro Terri Filorneo War Fifber Carl Flore: Tim Forgey Larry Fox Steve Francis Francine Frazer james Frederiekr Ray Free Sue Free Margie Frzlfbie George Gabrialex Annette Gallegos Peter Gamba Pam Garnrnage Roberl Garbarirzo Greteben Garrelty Mike Geelr jobn Gerbart Tammy Gerbart jobn Gill jim Gilley jenny Gilman Elira Giorgerini Debbie Goafrey junior! People 63 One Day Uut of One Hundred and Ezght Chnlv Gonsalves Becky Gonzales Cindy Gore jqfery Gmden Steven Green Paul Greenwood Ruben Gmsett Dan Gnfflb Brenda Grzyfiths Patly Grove Mike Gunler Rick Hazlflcgf 64 junior!Peop!e Struttin' down the stain fm ,Q . We ,, ,pi ' NH- ' ,tk ""lfifl11:,l K' Ev. 'Niko ' I 151: 1' Lf ' ta' ' ! :sk Nadeala Dajani - Hyou my Jo. ,kkz Andy Hall Phil Harrington Candy Heath Dana Heath 'F K 3 jennifer, Alicia, Lnuzke -lunch time Yjgm K ,lih gin, , Zi ' .:' it IZQ x Vs Jw ti ' 4' -1, 1 R cm jamie Wilkinson - . . . and that? the way it went. Dania' Hzgby Mark Hines Debbie Hofnzan Steve Hofinann Matt Holden Charlet Haudafhell jeanne Howe Ray Huekinr Vickie Huffman Kelly Hunter Linda Hutteball Pam jarkmn junior!PeQ1Jle 65 Nina jairnes Garyjakfoniak Darlene jarratt Pam jemen Stuart jolmfon laura jones Shirley Karnberg jed Kanellzk Denise Kamen Karen Kean Karen King Bob Kleinfelter Ken Knudsen Rielaa rd Kowalski Kevin Krzktick Robert Krurnmen Sandy Kyle Marie Lambert jim Lawson Robin Lfwlzf Brad ljebsrber Cbarlzlr Liebscber Mike Ligon Cheryl Lindgren Kathy Lindley 66 junior! People . Q ,,.. ' ' mv-Hi. ,wi it - 15' - ,- tiff? .. W., . .it ,Q N. . .Q -. 'lv' 'r Kamber Maefllvey - A little sun in the eyes. X Sinn. , ' .ii. iete 1: X . " .QQ iii. W Qiea -fill! 5 E Q ,.., N E ig. . if 'fx ' .f :.. ,, ., .X f Ugg? Q A 1 51, .::, Q 'VZI Ai Q i s .np Q- . .F if QW Q. L ' K 5 . N' , Q-it . Q f.1,,f H 553 1 E P e..,. H, 56, " . Tbe"wethead"1.fdeaaQ Gary! 1 3 'Qi K V - . ,Fi 5 .,,., f ' 1 'Q lm 2 ni 1? 1' my Hinor Nichols - happy lhoughtx Chris Gonyalves - That realb looks gooaif Dennzk Lino Rhonda Lomeli julie Long jane! Lopez Dawn Lovelace Tammy Lunuden Leslie Maealwo john Maefiloey Kamher Maefiloey Xfx Sue Mafhejf Irene Madrid Mike Madrid jim Mallrnan Riehy Mapson Bill Martin Barbara McCarkill Carole McCormick Larry McCormick joe MeCullough Loretta MeDonald Paula McDonald junior! People 67 Becky McGee Kelle McGuire jean McKinnie Kale McK0wen Marlha Mechling Rene Mercure Steve Merkel Karen Meyer Marianne Miller Becky Myer Susan Myers john Nardi Teri Nelson Elinor Nichols Rachel! Nielsen Clwral Norman Ellen Nowland Marie Oertel Laurie Ohling Dean Olsen Wanda Olson Shaman Osenga Gloria Padilla 68 junior!People 4. , ,ef 4, E A '34 Ji an "W . , U-...U 4 A N' -we Y ., 1 s jeff we W 4 4 L LIN, Great Times of Things W e Wanted to D0 , . .,m.,,l ,:,Q,5,,,. ,. ,... is V A, 1' me , . ..,.,,,.,,., . ,. Q Q., k ,,,., a Q jdgewene - 9 Q f QW uf. ,W " ' 4 , e if ff? 15 px l ' we W1 4 'N K . 1' sg xi s s ,QV-L ,.. , V Ui, .i , ,'.f11,,s.,,,:.,, W, sss. ,I ,,: , ww. ,V mngf f 'xzlffsfssw-f ww Y 3 U1 5 bi? Pam and Rachel! -holhall idols Q XX Sheryl Saloa - thinking of an excnxehr rnath 11,2 'fs jenny Gilman - working on the TIMES Parn Patriek Cindi Pearson Mehnda Pelot Walt Pelot Debbie Pereira Pearl Pereira Chrzkty Perex Cheryl Perrin Marzjane Perryrnan Craig Peter! Richard Plao Dawn Pool Salb Prem: Ruby Pruitt Karen Quintard Mike Ralli john Range! Debbie Reed Iz1nior!People 69 Lynda Rensbaw Vicki Ricobuorzo Debbie Ribpee Kirk Rzlopee Steve Robinson Connie Rodriquez Teresa Rooney Marie Rose Melody Rose Mark Ron Terri Rounreville Mark Ruiz Nada Rum Sheryl Salva Carnron Sarnii Damien Sandoval Ken Santo: Bob Schaffer Brenda Schmitz Mary Seib Ruxty Sebf Cbrzlr Sergent Peggy Servanlex john Sbakr l ia i ' J - x 5 ' I M. I b"' 'T . E 5 :2'::'fS Q 5 ec ,E ,. 1 fairs? 4 . i . 4- W X A Typical Day ofa Typical Week of a Typical Ycarf If: a bird ilff a plane, N0 iff Mark Escalante! 70 junior!People W ,X Q T To Meicil A Kirk Rzppee - Trying to beat the crowd to brunch 1 v-:ri W was "7-15. 4 . - - and then I . . . are you liftening, Devallon? Paul Sharman Ben Shaver Heather Shaw Gordon Shelton jack Shepard Ace Shetrawski Gonzlaes Silva Sid Simpson Katharine Smith Mark Smith Tod Solomon john Sonnikxon Larry Sparaeino Tom Spelee Gail Spence David S teeves Judy St. Louix Rune!! Steven.: john Stone Cheryl Stone Kathy Swafjord Lila Taliakrro Rivh Taylor Mark Tennzk Cindy Threlkeld Don Throop joe Tzlvrareno Sherri Toumhs Bruce Troft Sam Truehlood junior!People 71 Mary Anne Urner Teresa Utley Scott Uyeno Rhonda Vanflndale jew' Vanderrneulen Viclofy Vandentar Terri VanHull Alberto Varela joe Varela Dawn Vecrhi Linda Vzglienzone Tom Viglienzone Une More Aliria Villalva Vicky Vonwaldegg Donna Watanabe Billy Weaver 72 junior!Pe0ple QE I3 Jr li K -f jx Q Q gr .A Y. Il 3 ea N 3 B gi Y ff as 'rf ' X 3 X O Year 0 Rallies, Gaines, Dances, Lunches, Base 'Y' . ,E w fi .. , S, a - . V -,ae - . - ' f ' ' ex Q , 5 Q., v v fi 1' idx giii'f'l':"-Qln., K ax Peggy Dye - This "A " paper will be-filed in the front of my book. J V5 5 .,, ' ' Kliifft ', "1 2. , .,, ,r v i' H e . wi' ,:1.,,:i IW' , 11 Qooks, Teachers, Tests, Classes, Lockers, Finals W jim Mallrnan andjed Kanellzk - Helping a friend in need Robert Webb Valerie Webber Scott Weston Denzke Wbeaton Doug Wbiyield Cbrzk Wilkinson jamie Wilkinson Debra Williams Karen William.: Toni Williams Ron Winkler Steve Yeager Debra Youell Ricb Zbavitel Steve Zeeb David Zorrbetli junior! People 73 Sophomore Class Ufficers xnf' Lzka Hammonaf' fall secretary and :ping viceqoresidem' Nancy Knzklqy: spring representative ,IW Barsolti: .pringpresiaimt Ted Nmni: fall president joelle Cellinix fall rejprexentative 74 S0pbomom!People N gi' : fe 2:1 "fu H N. , v . .,Q , ? I V 'H' f 5 ,J 'K ! 1 e e e - AI.. W .U ,, ,Z "Arie 1523, Tig g: A A., ,,".Xg"'1f , ef fS,,s,., t 5 . A ' ':, ':. 3 www , 3 A. K X 6. vt H 4 u S as ibm , w xi, 'R ,nv V ,pow--- 1 ,l .5 'uw 3 ' f 1 ,B 1 . ' , .M 1., -,1 if-p, 8 Ox 5 fs .f-N.. Cathy Aamodt Cris: Adams Tom Almond Renee Andre james Andrew: David Annir George Antunez Ron A mall Tami Atkinson Bob Auguxt Molb' Baier Raymond Baker Doreen Balextri jqff Barxolti gow 'V Tl I ,Hg YZ Alia. ,- .. Aki N' w K'-fs! R: Q 65-5 K .5 2,15 X , . Mike - I want my unwrmf Lira - wbzkzling Dixie Ken Hammley - Hey you! ie .. ,. , A' ,Q A . A 'Q B A"w"W ' Greg Barrier: ,. , 4 A , , - 1 'X ' Don Bartolini 1-V L g f' ,, " X Andy Barton x ' 1 , ' f ' ,AAV Dave Baum ' , to K 4 .XS Q., A EA Nancy Bellecoi 5 I A ' A if A Charles Benson 2 J 'K Y? Regina Benson m e e Z .::. 'A , me m e if ' Q Mmffe ' A on A x BA- . f f ' ' , Bill Berry B' y A' a '1,. ., VickyBest v J? , Ae W' ,B ,A A Q Peter Billecri - f i gg , I . A Vivian Borem ,, , l KVVI .Wi ' Vem Bawman A .e -1.e ' Dave Brown S qbbomore! People 75 Chrir Bryan! Sharon Buckalew Sherry Burk Steve Burke Lgrlie Buller Cathy Cahral Delinda Cahral Vicki Capilla Debi Capri Lexlie Carone Karen Carroll joelle Cellini Audrey Channel Diana Charretle Vicky Clark Charles Coday Don Coffman Franoi Collin: Keith Cornetta Cindy Cordova jennifer Cordray Lzz Corr Dan Corral Bev Coursey 76 Sophornore!People x .5 1 3 r+ ' if fi' 1? lm, H , . E if f ,f , Mis. HH , my Q v 17 " ,mf Q if , fl 'lv 1 WZ " 54 'lf ,J W' , , 'Nw 5 , f My on N M , ,z' L, iw, . 1 . , .M f' 2 if ffwkfgy, 5 in ,., ,ml ' 4 1 1, ,X .Vjx Clapping, Yelling, Cheerm 'Z 3. ,Ax C 6? W ...wat W , F . Nz 'Y Ji Sparta the '76' Spirit Q . , nv, K I" 5 -4 . 441 . , ,M 44' . VX Y 5 ,YI :Haig " A ,. ,, . A n Q ji 4' 4 gs i 53515 it , ff' Eiga. "k?E ? xf W V A Z 1. 4 K R- -ss' 153,29 5 ,ff 1 -.R FB e me , Q 1 .., e F.: Nui W G Q.. , V,:l F e KN 2.5 xr D f .K ,W D ' if ,,4A 'Ax -. f 1 'sf , V QP? X1 I ,,- -. Q 5, . 1, 1 0 Roxe Croueb Diane Curtir Debbie DaCor1e Juanita Dade Glenn Daggs Dave Dablquirt larry Dawlf Debbie Dearden john Delevali Lynn Derrick Harry Diaz Aliron DiPare janzlr Dodge Louis Dumont Marian Duncan Judy Elejer Keith Eger Debbie Erickson Carolina Errazuriz Steve Farmer Kathy Fenill Tberera Fitzbugb jim Flores Terry Foreman SWbornore!Peq12le 77 jeanette Franeir Antbony Franklin Rick Franklin Randy Fry Vicki Gabriel Gill Galoan Sue Gamba Barbara Garbarino Barbara Gebng Dave George Georgina Gilley Becky Goddard Karen Goldy Lori Gore we .!, 'rx a ,Q sk f gee., jg ii W e Proved Uur Strength to the Seniors, jim Hall Ken Hamersley Steve Hamilton Lira Hammond Lori Hanqoton Vanessa Harper jenette Harrietb Robert Heezber Suzy Heinriebxon Allen Herndon Roxanne Higby Harold Hill jennbfer Hodnett George Hoffman 78 .S'WbomorefPeople 31 R, ,-"-. F 'A .. 1. J. Q 1 ' ,MQ:,.- . ge 4. fy . ur .X ,fgg - . 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R l 'Q , Y 2 ef' ' fir ' ii 2 F f ' f Y 1, f reri y .4 1 nd Then W e Proved Our Strength to the Sc 0 l VLQ, Mike Hogan Sue Holden Robin Holmoe Russ Holt Brenda Howell jarkie Hujfman Lynnett Hunt Gafyjaclason Ken jackson Duunejardine jim-Ienne Paul Jester Riekjetton Karenjolmr Ken johnson Earl janet Twilajones Victor jordan Michele Kearjy Lori Kellogg QU QLQWU L4 pw C94 UQ C9001 DQQJQ OLQ VVLCLQ CJVYNCLNW L QQWQML WOYVQD EWU ,GLHUQ pm Q lg lrwhnle MIMDQJCQ QQQ SCL Y'XQ,gjJfg5 Q F190 X Nw K mmm WUQB Sophomore! People 79 Koreen Kelbr Lira Kelb john Kennedy Jennie King Sharon Knight Namy Kmlfley Pal Knudsen Kris Koller Kelbf lake ,nn, r be W e ' :W if 'gf' f ff? Jon. ' 4 Q ei ,U Q, 'W' ' ' - 'Lf" 41' - M54 ,.'1 ' 3 2' 9' gk r if , l M lie ik -, f if I ag of if F A, he 1. f f' en- E g in L ff i me W I. f. - 1. "'-'ffdiiumvfi am, .. AN, V ' f, 'mx fm: XXI, ! ' Q Kia h fo X 1 1 A 3' 'mf' . 'Ns' , ,..,, ':f91J'k,fAs2mf' r Aki M ix, ,,, N . six A'L N X 5 N: 'ww -,,LWa,:,,w Shelb and Virky - Thif is ginehey! 80 5' ophornore! People john Lauer Chrir Larzino Tom Lawson Casxy Lazaro Gayle Levy Gary Ligrnan Merrilee Lockhart Maria Lopez john Lueido julie Lwtow Shirley Mahoney Linda Mallman Bret Mapson Mike Marquzksee Shellgv Martinez Mildred MeA ndrew lm MMR , 6 .V Boh Nelfon - eating hir way to victory Memories Are Mad ,av- Wil all ii fy ti-1.-f is. , fi: Qi 1, K S Q Q . N as 1 -:J ww. , ., ZZ. h ,K l . f g 1 Beth Mfanm K Ma N ' . R ,, X if 5 Victor jordan - Mmmm, .gbaghetti . : xr N .,, jack McCarthy jane M :Connie Karen McDonald Marsha McDowell Rick Meadows ww f xx r ' ing ,Z '- ur Good Times is . Zi' .. M m , QV f ft 5- v -- . 'Z' " yAU'l .ig Qi' e M 3 h"x 0 - Tim Morley xx ' I . , 55125 Lynette Moms 5' X f, Charles Muller Z W L Patti Muller .. 1: s gd 4 ,y . 1 I e.. -fwfr. V xx N Q X XX? 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A L, QC., Wu 3 ff 2- 3' g L 'I" I li it Peggy Pollaek Grant Pollard Ron Poppi Mike Powell Ernie Price Rhonda Prire Gary Proell Gary Range! Roxie Range! Calhy Ray Therefa Ray jim Raymond sf.-S . i . . ., , -, if 4, 5 ,A if K Sys ef . ,, Q r' Q 'K n Q , R K . f vu? 3 . -' -. 3 ,3g.y'v.-f- guy: XM i K S 1 1 It IU J'-'F'-5' I .ef , ",, 1- QELSV 'gifs . ' ' . - ---' P , , . X 'G t " 5 T :,-. K Y N?" 1 7 1' A ,, 1 3 sf ' in ' ' 1- " S e Q , N S V X: 4' x.. kc - Q 1 -f l 13 F , sccs W .rg QQ' ., ' s ' 'f 1, 21 .S ' ed' do Ross Edwards - heading jhr brunch joey Rea judy Rea jay Reeves Dean Rilopee Darla Rizzio Colleen Robinson Benito Rodriguez Candy Rogers Vicki Roman Gail Rouse joyce Rubino Ricky Saling Victor Salva Mike Schleich Marita Schmitz john Schulte Dan Schwab Rory Schweinfurfer Heidi Sharjbsieen Nelson Sharrock Larry Shejnardson Abraham Silva Denise Silva jennifer Silva Sylvia Silva jim Sims Mark Sincich Tim Skinner Barbara Garbarino - just .sifting and wailing , W ifi! People! 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Rafael - Shows the proper ufefor a typing book L Vita Benenati Chrzlv Bennett Darran Bennett julie Bentley Brett Berger Linda Bidowshi jay Billetei Dave Biyhop Robin Bitzer Kevin Bookout Bill Boone Dale Borgefon Brian Boyd Dave Boyer Matt Boyer Roy Breedlove john Bridge janet Brill Laura Brockway Uoyd Brotkway Steve Brown Robert Brurnmett Runell Bruno Brute Brunton Carola Bryant Steve Bulger Linda Burk Sharon Burkhart Denise Burns Deborah Burton Kathy Butler Valarie Caldwell Sara Canciamilla Melina Cardinet jerry Carr Dave Carrillo 3 H ? b',Y 51 ,I "1f 2, ' f -,3 xl. t V t,tt e . Xttta V MA V .,.. A 1 'P ' 1 Y Q-My fv- wif X-.1,N9'.,J ""'. ZMWWWIJQ K .F ,qui ,,, , rf t gg ' -r K 'tll.l p ...1 H I .X I H Larry Hunt and Kathy johns And t 5 WG' were MW Q t' "sv-.,, no A sl M 54- ' 5 ik ,Q Aw 'utwe 're too young to understanaif .K V If' -,., . L ,.i,,k in . Y W ,1. l ..', xl 4 as xg, Q v my lg " X Y ,E .Q Q Q . f E vga., , ,, J' Q . 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' 1 , 'Q ' ' " ah- ni Q. Ek. ra l 1 .9 sg . N .57 g ow 3 5 n Q Ohhl, My Hero! K E QE 5 1 ' I 5 tv: 1' 'X 'F 3 ,...x M 5, s ,L,11: .L 5 ,W ' s is f ls Q ,QL L sa N- ' Ff F ill Terry Kirwald joyce Kilahayashi Leanne Kitchens janet Knzlghi Doug Kowalski joel Krall Shir Kutner nne z jesse Lanzh Diane Lanzhert jack Larman Charles Latling Mike Lauino Danelle Leeds jane! Lewis Paul Lzgman Kim Linarn Paul Ljnderman Terry Lzpari Alice Lockhart Stella Logsdon Kim Lonejf Marc Lopez Lori Lorenzo joan Looe john Lucas joe Lucero Scot! Lucido Lori Lumsden Shelley Lund Mike Luperi Ramiro Madrid 94 Freshrnan!People Torn Magann Dave Mahoney Torn Marzfhall Bryan Martin Luther Martin Vince Martin Gina Martinez Pat MtA ndrews Susan McCarthy Rohin McCloud Brian McDonald Wendi MeDanald Carl McGie Charlene McKenzie Karen MeNarner Judy Mechling Mike Mendivil Kevin Mercure Charlet Meyer Terera Meyer Barbara Mickelson Mike Miller Dennzlr Mitrhell Jeannette M aan , rv . 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'M it HQ is 9' Q i N iv- n'.1.,.5?4ffu' L A . f "' , 2 an if P me f W ,I I t . , J' l ,V f 1 A 31 5 I IIII I fx ii? ,Q ON S , K -K' 'Y' f i Steve Mohammed Carrie Moore Stoney Mouton Valarie Mullins Larraine Nelfon Sandra Nelson Tony Nunex Pat 0'Brien Bart Ochoa Terexa 0'donal jim Ohling Camela Olfon Stacy Olthoyf Dixie Oram Stephanie Oroseo Theresa Ortiz Vito Oxenga Mike Padilla Becky Padilla A rt Pagnini Randy Perez Glenn Permar Leanne Perrin Tracy Perrin Sandra Pizzini Robin Plav Kim Pluimer jean Polewaezyh Freshman X People 95 Dreams, Hopes, Beliefs, - Are All cz Part of Linda Pollieh Dave Pool Pat Powell jon Price Geri Quintero Paula Quintero Sherrie Rudder Don Ralls Dave Rainey Anne Range! Keith Ray Rosaura Raya Veronica Raya Kal Rea Gem' Reed Kathleen Reeves jon ReichhoM lance Renshaw jane! Riegelsherger jackie Rzlbpee Teresa Rzlbpee Audrey Robison Palricia Rohledo Dehorah Roddy ' .- ' f" ' f ff:-af 1 qu g , 1 , ,,', I ' 'MLW' M, wf A 2 e 4? , . ,, W . on A 5 YN 1 -e ff 4 , , R fs of 2 Lx Q X N L 1 I fi ' v ggi Wm, 1 1 , if x X 4 ' 4- . v s A ,, A , .1 ,. . 34 ,yi , M ,or K 3 f- gif ,I A 1, 1 1' ' ,mn g ,, . V r , - 1 " 52 ' - , ref.. - H , A - 1 he 9 W' 'R .J G' ,. Q gy W, fi 'Q df -1 1'r,,,, ' W'-M, 1 J J ,f.Jm,,, ,,, 1 , I Q ll ,C r we 5 Y ' "L ' 3' f R ,ese R R ss yA.,,, 7 V. s , ee 9 , s , yffff L b q ' ,,, H eff, H : - ,Ar le, " I 1 .4 1 , ' Y A ,M R e del f R - Q s R 1 'oles 4 ! f ng l I ' 4 , ,' ff:v,,' rg lx ge gf , , s e I: 'sig ls el ,R R , - api R, R R I 3 5 W KV -Q 1? s Wh as QQ 'lv' Hia M858 :Va - 'N L , -,ks SX 1. , I . -A 3 WPA M I dreamed she was . . . Well, do you think I should do it or not? Fmhman f People 96 'N Wx ve? i 5 1 ' ...-.!. 2 Stephanie - Don 't look now hut here he comes. Mother always told me too . . . Jmile. . 1 T? " in 'rl Q: ' ' if -H. ' ' ,egg . I . . ,J 1 in ,E ' ,511 5 V 5 . , A L . f K ft A-N ' A 5 L . A. 4 . W - f . - W' I ., . f' .1 ' -figfb .f . iz-A , 3 Q1 z L J ' St .s b 'T ' si f 'W " i , NX T 2 P wi. ' S t I. . 'V i n i s Q. ,f y ,ff S .gf .g , J M ., . ,,1..L., 5 X z -Y is .- u A 4, ijgw-the , , ' Aye. lf' In .L .,,:k xt Wy , 'Q fs SY .: w , G 1 X 1' A 3 S t ., ,,E,,,,gf" I - f ly, . 0 061. - A f 1 .S V A . rv ,. . , Agni ' .xi 4 A , ff ' ff f ,T ' , Q., ,P .ing . gi - 1 ' 'f' 5 W .. K ' ' w Qfigi' .,' . 21- K it .Q - QI 1 i - t . an T ,W - .. .1 r 1 - " K 'f f 'f' x' : . 4 V ' .9 -Q 'Q r ' e M 3 T " 1 6 N X V N cg? Qffflikiitfuf X 'Gif - at z a ggissknk. -1 ,... gf5.,L: m 5 I EN K A . . ., 7, , 'L S , 1 1 ., An 'gg 5"'N- wg! , 5 L' I 4 2 - in i - . 5 Q if-F v t ' 2-M - f LX"'1"f- e 1 -,gin , 5. 4 5.5, ga Q4 , veg V KXIIXIIX-m:u:mm,QN,5f.., . ' A s.f:' fw,t- QW wi '- '1Q................,, . 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I 4 t www: Dehra Wilson - I wonder A ristotle Jlarled this way? if 5' ' Q ' ,Q ,ge V Q S fe Lf rw "' 2 1 , N v- , lk ' . 2- T- " A Q' 'Tiny r 5-V N 4 Y ,QA 3 4 gk' V .. V .,,, , l -V ,--' fy, 5, a n f ': - .9 f gms Tn 'x 'F -On . 4 ,. ff 1 I ,, f- W A Jil? , A' m '?T S 9 ' A - 1 - 1, w ,, rl jf H5 x e ' 'U - - :ff .f f fm., f ,lf , -" Q w V, ' QQ' 5 4? MQ fqggp, . , A 5... iw y... we ,, 2 2:2 " AN .ui S me or T :fl , S if V 1 Q QW no ,,, S, 5 I ,. Q ee , 121 .5 My 1 . rash Prepare for Future Goals -M .f . , ' A his f J, Nucfhi Calitura For Jome reason thixjast isn't working out! Freshman X People 99 W re W' 35 hllh i ' W W . Z,, ,, X ,. 'E . A Wendy Veverka W L' M H I W ii A' Keith Waggle L 57 5 ' ff' ' it' 4 ' e, .Z , Q Pam Walter Kg ifi X N- Q55 W A P ly jim Walxh if.. A fi 9 A L Q V h f"1?ggQ 1 ' Dave Walterf ig 1 K,,, - W 1 ' Tara Walters . A -, .. R K V E83 I A " 5- 'Qke Vj gm ,A Klm Walton -N f " W i lam' Wfvbam ' f 5 1 L X . Doug Watson , , Rhea Watson ' 5 ' Tim Weaver fi - u. 'Rr ' l Mark Wehh W , eee,. eeee 1 " A' L ' , A we I M A Mike Webb all F' ' g ,. Tom Wehh ' e ' xmhr K 'I ' ' Gwenda Wehfter X , e W WW We ifekw L I lr'r' Diane WhzMeld 5 Ei if fini f-xy A J Chrir Willingham - 1 e e e ot r erer ' . e.o K .IQ A17 V f y , A' r i ,il Q ' E . K' fern'-, W -. X Debra Wzlfon arf e ' at C or Ceffw Wee - , g f' l P Y . ,el ' Linda Woznoykz . -G2 i J th is t' : .. Gary Woodall AS, A I J NIV ,nv In xx 15002 .1 , , I Q, -, 5. A . A dy 00 eaee he ' 'Wlh WoWo'W W 2 leoe te L K ,,o... 41 v - ff, A , R lj.: Tx a be ,,, ,N x JA r Da1:5dWooley fr ' T" M 1 . ' Q f- - Lin Wooten 35- . L 5 Q1 ii ae- , .,. . - V. T A B Q- . . 5 r'e' . 5134 .gee ,:,A " W 2 ' , he ,eh e fe Vlfkfy Wrrghf , , . ,. 3, ,..e ,Ag . ,,. A E . N. , . V , fb ' Y ' ef, if ' N" ' . 3 N Krzlvtine Young ' l wQLf'5: 2' 0' ,lffxl 'f 'ik ' 1 A Y Q Don Zhaoitel 3 7 fl , gil fl . ' RohertDa11z.f ii- W ' -ei" ':1Sfzxl2i21"x ' 51 h - '- Q v if 'X Q i amwafg 1 1 zoo Q. -vi ,WU W, ww, if 4 a 4 f , xg N15 5"'ff'g,.j ,, I, , , 1 Q ,: I American Field Service i ,,, -eh I 'U , 12, -. I , AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE, Front row Cleft to rightj: Roberta Fnlfbie, Chnlr Willingham, Chantale Noel, Rhonda Lon Linda Viglienzone, Allzkon Care, Leslie Macalouse, Dana Heath, Denzlfe Channel, Debbie Burton, Joyce Kitabayafhi. Back row Q to rightjz Cheryl Heinriehxon, Susan Gamba, Karen Meyers, Debbie Youell, jenn0'er De Graaf jill Heath, Gailyn Awenius, j Mekinnie. w I - - ,ee ig 1 ex, L i.- X Chantale Noel, Alhambraiv exchange student 102 Club5!P1muitJ J ' .4 1 N 11 ,- .. I ,.. .,,, 1 -I x , I , - 1,,, gg Y Q, , E I be ,, ,,,, h , , f '71 4 "WE: 'xiii ' 'Q I 2 Preridentjill Heath ? Ecology Club t.q, Ez. -ff.. OLOGY CLUB, Front row Cleft to rightj : june Cummings, Katie MrKowen, Nancy Charlesworth. Back row Cleft to rightj: an Gamba, Sue Hodnett, john Quintero, Tim Forgey, Annette Charretle. Cahfomia Scholarship Federation 45, E-1 .4-fp li LLIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION, Front row Cleft to rightj: Suzy Heinrichson, jennfer De Graaf Denise Chan- , Mrs. Ruth Spade, advisor, Marie Lamhert, Linal Vzglienzone, Elinor Nichols, Dehhie Youell, Teri Nelson. Back row Cleft to ghtj: Dana Heath, Karen Meyers, Margie Frzshie, Sheri Clark, Donna Watanohe, Elisa Nordahy, Elisa Giorgini. 103 Cluhs!Pursuils Language Club Q X' s ig . Q, E, ' 'li , 3 ,P . b X 1' LANGUAGE CLUB flcft to rightj: Margie Frirbie, Gaibn Aweniw, Cbris Andre, Linton Emerson, Elisa Giorgini, Annettl Cbarrette, Dana Heath, Elaine Srbaekr. Future H omemakers of America FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA, Front row fleft to rightj: Marcy Roberts, Roberta Fnlfbie. Back row fleft A rightj: Cindy Beatty, Betty Hojfman. A 104 C!ub.f!Pun'uit5 V s , Torch Staff K TORCH STAFF, fleft to rightjz Michelle Pante, elub.s,' Karen Maehado, activities and copy edilorg Karen Stranaa sophomores, m, and girls .sportsg Dani Gray, freshmen ana' editor-in-chief' Parn Clark, faeullyf Paul Shaman, .sportsg Carole McCormick, busi- edilorg john Nardi, sborts. 9"' Dam ana' john Don I let anyone .see Carole flashes a srnile. 105 Cluhs!P1muits g Q, it .xx -f' .1 1 4 if o 'T yt ' , t 8 t . lf'-ffm H- .. e HRM ' is gan- ' K, S ' ' M, - 1- . sf mg if -at ,L ' X- :XFN I F 1 Wfizhag yi? -X . , gvtiwix K S gli N321 lx E4 1 wk N was -355 im Q 'Q xii i f M K x -- gpg, 5, -qs , 'gi afggl,-...gsrfr?s1ff9fs.fs . uni: ! x Karen - I wonder all time words willfit in that Ware? Stott - Now wait a minute . . 'S uw Pam - Hey you guys, I'm not ready! J . 9- 4 1 4 L gr ' 1 12" Y if X vm ' If V1 ' t 1 J 9' if E, ,,,,,.,:.Q A - 4 - my i fig me ....:,"' zf ws Karen - I'm almoxt done. Paul - What do you mean? I turned in my pages. 106 Club:!Punuit: Student Council s COUNCIL Cleft to rightj: Mark Ross, jill Heath, john Quintero, Connie Anderson, Gonzales Silva, Gregg Cottrell, Lineistrom, Paul Radosovieh, Diane Jardine, Chantale Noel, Sue Trehino, Chris Smith, Dehhiejardine, Chris Ulmer, Dave Filo- john Quintero - When? the meeting coming to order? Chris Smith - IVhat'a' you .say Mn Reynolds? 107 Cluh.sfPzmuits Times Staff ff TIMES STAFF Cleft to righrjz jenny Gilman, Hillard Hart, Dan Tgbton, Dave Filorneo, Shannon Remus, Charlie Villalva, R Radosovich. C I 1 Laurie Sloper and Shannon Remus ljping up their storiaf. 108 Clubs !Punuit.f I K I Nw-Wnwesfgzy: fw"""f ...-vW'w""'vN ,MSW ,,. .,v- .1-'f "M f Kiki P1301 Mn, Wilma Cammy 455515 4 jim' year ,gludenl Charlie Villahza winlar apprmxingb at this weekivpaper. B his story. r , , A, M f 4 V: . If.: , News editor Hillard Hart always on the lookoutfbr newx. ' Paul Radosovich, the lbinken Clubs !P1muits 109 Campus Improvement Committee I1 s CAMPUS IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE front row Cleft to rightj: Lynn Derrick, Beth Bite, Pam Olftad Liz Carr, Lomeli, Chrirty jordan, Annette Charette, Chrzlv Butler, judy Edejer, Rita Hoffman. Back row Cleft to rightjz Suzy Coffman, P Sexton, Zandra Ball, Barhara Logydon, Cynthia Williams, Stephanie Derrick, Stella Logsdon, Vanessa Harper, Nadeah Daj Brenda Hem, Pam Martinez. Rally Club 1 RALLY CLUB Front row Cleft to rightj: Lexlie Manh, Nancy Knzlreb, Roherta Williamson, Candy Heath, Chrir Sergent, Rac Nielfon, Nada Rufso, Annette Gallegos, Claudine Gallegox, Cathy Bochhold Brenda Gnjfiths. Back row Cleft to rightj: Karen lerup, Michele Keary, Marita Schmitz, Candy Rogen, Kathy Lindley, Cathy Cahral, Denive Kamen, Rhonda Van Andale. 1 10 Cluhs!Punuits Printing Staff g g g g h PRINTING STAFF Cleft to rightj: Dawn Pool, joAnn Thomas, Mn Bill McNeil, Leslie Mank. i T wg . "+-.......--f V Ye Mank - That'J the way it goes! Dawn Pool - Stuck with the paperwork again. joAnn Thomas - What? my name doing here? Cluh.ffPur5uitJ 1 1 1 Block "A" 4' Kevin Albertson Dave Butler jan Chnl-tgmgn s Cfeff C0'mfU, Truth Swimming Football, Basketball If Gregg Cottrell Dean Dunivan Anthony Green Football, Track Football Football, Basketball Bob Hubbard Larry Lzppow Mzke Merrure Football Football, Basketball, Football, Wrestling Baseball 112 Clubs fPu1suit: Frank Nunef Football Env , 'L f Kevin Rea Football, Track ,ew Ray Viglienzone Football, Wrestling, Track Marty Ochoa Mike Ray Mgr. Trainer Swimming, Wrestling JUNIOR BLOCK 'A': left to right ffront rowjz Scott Wexton, Kevin Krzktick, Clf fora' Norman. Second row: Paul Sharman, Mark Rosy, joekMcCullough, john Nardi, Tom Cunningham, john Sonnikron. BLOCK ,A': left to right ffront rowj: Anthony Green, Bob Hubbard, Mike Mercure, Kevin Rea, Marty Ochoa, jack Gilley, Ray Viglienzone, Second row: Kevin Albertxon. Dave Butler, Mike Ray, Larry Lqzpow, Frank NuneJ,jon Chriftemen, Dean Dunivan, Gregg Cottrell Club5fPur:vuitJ 113 Alhambra 's Band k BAND C lef t to rightj front row: Kathy Reeves, louise Amundsen, Mike Marquissee, Ricky Avila, joyte Kitahayashi, Chris You Margie Frishie, jean McKinnie, Sharon Kitahayashi, Elinor Nichols, janet Livingston. Second row: Gregg Bartlett, Devora Mar Lynnette jones, Ann Dehnert, Shirley Kutner, Mary Anselmo, Brenda Franz, Linda Vzglienzone, Lori Lumdsden, jeannette Harris Vicki Loney, Pat Rohledo. Third row: Elaine Schaefer, Kelb' Afjhlter, Cindy Ahlman, Dana Heath, Candy Heath, Shannon Ren- Mary Baier, Dehhie Roddy, Theresa Ray, Kari jackson, Dehhie Burton. Fourth row: jill Heath, Scott Amspoker, Keith Monck Tami Anselmo, Dave George, Jeannie Howe, Cheryl Heinrichson, Donna Watanohe, Olivia Bento, Alicia Villalva, linda Sch Dehhie Radder. Fifth row: Dave Brown, Dave Zochetti, Alison DiPace, Kim Loney, Dave Annis, joey Rea, Linda Renshaw, SU Burton, Laura Perry, Tom McGan. , ,,,,, . , , - f ' ' ' ' '- 1 " ' ' BAND Cleft to rightj front row: Gregg Cottrell, Chris Smith, Ted Lindstrom, Paul Smith, Stacey Olthojf Karl Cottrell, Rick man, Bradley jaycox, Carlos Villalva, Gail Rouse, Gayle Levy, joy Delgado. Second row: Mike Tzscareno, Benito Rodriguez, Nenni, john Cuzman, Leo Domingo, Mike Luperi, Bart Ochoa, Kathy Benanati, Keith Ray, Cathy Ray, Tim Banuelos. Third Mike Padilla, Steven Francis, Don Annzs, Sam Truehlood Boh Nelson, Mike Peterson, Roh Strain, Walt Pelot, Molb Baier, Ray, Boh Cellini, Ron Camhra. Fourth row: Mike Anselmo, Ben Shaver, Wes Smaker, jay Reeves, Matt Holden, Marty Ochoa, Macalouse. Fifth row: john Sonnikson, Charlie Coday, Matt Boyer, john Thompson, Danny Williams, Kevin Albertson, David ters, Mark Hines, Charles Houdashell, Dennis Wojfnden. 1 14 Clubs! Pursuits i Jazz Bands 1 I ,JAZZ BAN left to right if front rowj: Charlie Villaloa, Candy Heath, Elinor Nichols, Stacy Olthojjf Lynda Remhaw, Vir- ia George, Tami Amelmo, Cathy Ray, Stan Burton. Second row: Wei Smaker, Dave George. Third row:Da1Je Zochetti, Gregg trell, Roh Strain, Mike Petenon, Paul Smith, Don Annis, Walt Pelot. Fourth row:Chrik Smith, Boh Cellini, jay Reeves, Ben Shaver, ike Anselmo, Mike Ray. ? f t t- , ,, ,L . t , , Syiszz BAISID left to right ffront rowj: Mary Anselmo, Kari jaekfon, Dave Annzlv, Dave Zoohetti, Dehhie Burton, Dane own, Karl Cottrell, Bradley jaycox, Charles Coday, Rick Soloman, john Thompson. Second row: Brenda Franz, Charlex I-Iondafhell, ke Wehh, Don Annis, Mike Padilla, Benito Rodriguez, Rohert Nelfon, Wes Smaker, Bart Oehoa, Tim Banuelof, Molbf Baier, Stacy hoff Cluh:fP12r5uit.f 115 Marginal Minds MARGINAL MIN DS lett to right ffront rowj: Leslie Stanshury, Laura jones, Victor Salva, Elise Thomas, Diane Jardine, Al Villaloa. Second row: Karen Meyers, Dave Filomeo, Dana Heath, Mary Ferrante, Linton Emerson, Marie Lamhert, Mary Bello john Quintero. Back row: Pam Brousseau, Marcy Nelson, Elisa Giorgini, Theresa Rooney. Model U N . .W ' fififf x -:., Q' W mfi Rf 'W wie 5 Q 4 i A L AQ x Q F--, MODEL U. N. left to right ffront rowj: Nadeah Dajani, Mitzi Cummings, Hire Thomas, june Cummings, Charlie Villal Second row: Katie McKowen, Iazurie Bryson, Dehhie Jardine, Diane Jardine, Mr: Laurie Capitelli. Last row: Paul Radosovh Nancy Charlesworth, Margie Woodall 1 1 6 Clubs !Pursuils I Potters Club 'F I ' I , 1 iq' N' 'A , ,Q jr W, I , ,, , ,,L. , ..,,, . 7 is 3 p fr X ' ge 'ERS CLUB left to right Cfront towj: Mary Bellecci, Marcy Rooertx, Tammy Summers. Second row: Shirley Sims, Laurie Sandy Kyle, Lori Odell, Linda Mallman. Drama Play Cast NUS PLAY CAST left to right Cfront rowj: Charles Coday, Karen Keafy, Marcy Roberts, Raenette Baker, Dane Barfotti, Hunt, joe Hernandez. Second row: Linda Hear, jon 0'Sbea, Barbara Mickleson, Dale Borgeson, Kevin Bookout, Mike Tzlfear- on Cojfman. Third row: Patty Grover, Alzlvon Cafe, Margo Bray, Roger Cline, jim Manry, Cindy Beatty, Melinda Pelot, Peggy tes, john lauen Fourth row: Sandi Stedman, Neal jaelafon, Annette Gallegox,je19"Ba1sotti,jW'jenningJ. Clubs!Pum1it5 11 7 .Bi f i - 45 I .KK: Z 41 fw- K I 'L',1x I -z-" - ei I B3 .f'-QI,-1 I .I e- I -....i..,,,, D - v K 2? r Chamber Singers . .I ,.. V I I -I. Kr KI' A X Z: , . 4' 1,53 X I r ff f , ff v r 4 x J CHAMBER SINGERS1eft to fight ftop IOWJI cindy Airman, Malia Waker, Mon cow, Drew William, Toni Willie Elaine Schaefer, joyee McGee. Front row: Salbf Mercurio, Cheryl Lindgren, Roy Breedlove, Brad jayeox, Marie Pollack, Terri R K -I.,-'Ir .MII -SIIW my .,-- II, H I Kg., S K I Swing Choir I ' -iz' ggIfg2IsziI1:-I ' If-, "" " 'K " , 1 -s?I1EIsI:ggf4jiII1ig Mis?IwgqaliifWMSTGESvfiiiiiiiivwif?fieiifesiifigisfzx ' .fxii,savgK.,s9g3.W4gggIg,,,fmW5W,,3,5555.,K,I , I ,, , i eiaemjlxbg,5iff'ii,fR,,5w,3z1a,Jif Slifrilfi-W 3226 4 , 3 z K ElS1iEf:"Ei55lz' :wiv 'KW . " 15'tf'6aI?1gi,EI'2e5E'ElvS IE7l5m?j:i1fW 11223 'T HI1f.,V!iQ33111Qiiziili--f!i.gii2gflii . I. ,..,, I. H , "km, 'I-S .Q f 'A AI 1 " II 'Gif 1 1 ,, ,Ju:ss4xf,gggg3g'e-f In 'Imkf I ,ff I5'g,,fv :Is'Iff'-- -wfzfrsifz-sf .W ef ,IX ,. I I I, I, ,K ,-'I ' IlWs'3, eaQgg:zTIzsm3eg9L zK, L J we tex esEiv5i436f" , ' if I1 ' B K 1 5 fi I --M ' IL " fi- :',II II f ,, 3 f-V II ,:gKgwfK' ,-:ev , K, IK IIzIII , LI., ,V Q ,V W -f -My 2- ,II -I I- W Vg .,-3. S' I A. -- K H T5 I I I v I I - ' " I 'mr A' 'K "1 i" ' ' K, ' I ""yF'K ' , ai 'K .e ' W - I of ' ' , 13" T ' ,If -hi- K, ' K .. Iii, "' F: ' 5' ',:, I, I I ' fa K ,I'2"Is7IWI., JI, . I ,u., . .,f,. M . , .-I KK., In I , I IW. I 2,5"'2:1:'f W e We ' ' P I' 1- 'fl .I I Y J I L A fsifwg gf,,2g,,,iIgf. ,H I .. 'Ma . 5 ,if ' 1 1' ' 1: a'7.',p . K K, , 432 I - K 1 1 ' ,if aegg A IQ K I- M , :Kg 1 A 4 , ,,-, um Pj' g-wi I- , 'M AA, . 3 ,etgg g - 4 - I. 1 if K X K ,I If ' ' I fu' .I Ir12Ii?5Ii25il1I 4"!""'r -" I W' I -M 'f I. Ii' ,.., A I , Io '93 1 II' f wif Vggjgg-Ig fgwiiz ,Q,Iiesagwgiziiefiiis-5' bs ,fair -weIf,2uk2f,2,2N,1z5wfgg , g,,g,z-IQQIQIQ , ' , ,IRR K rf -5 53: 4 , -e,,3g,gi'fEaQifi,2 g,eI 1, 34 gif fl- 2-f'Vf" I is?Kf'f1zg3s,2I3IK11g- K-'1.Ki, I:IgK gg I-g1I:Imi2x! ,I 1: I ,LK 5, - -'y y I, , EI, A I K, EEN, I I -,KI I xII,,K,55Ib ,5, iZ""1'. 'i?.laS1fTfif11MI 'n-fr':Ig:z'ff IIa" I f ,, ,,gfI g f-f w W K he rt, ,t .vii " I 'Y K ,I . 51735 W 535' " ' ' I 't'5y'75I-'ELf'5"i h af Q ' " '- if '. 2 'Iwi' -is K,S,ffu5I?.' "H K - SI I I ' - f9ff5?fI?3f 4331 -' 1e?lf'gfge"Ji' I- E? l -If K' 'PI Z' if I' :MVK W- 'L gl' IK- f G H I x N I' KS Iwi ,I 5.1 K K f ,- K K I -1- I - of I .M ' -z:K:wIIK-M ' ,Q 113 K I I2 II , K I ' 1 1 - ' '- j ,I t gif My 5 - f I 1 I F X .2 g is , K ' D 'ff 1- 1 1 ,I I ii V Il QQ- 'rn fa iq, Q 21 , , I, Z9 Q If A X - v fi: QI 1. QI , fi' I i , r II" e Q K -1' -IS fkg isa 'Exif I, ,sq I , '53 ig' If . X 5 1' - fl I -- -E' 7 I - I .I 'M' HI.K1tff?g We f I: Tiff.-12 I . ,, Igg, Ie 1 - -s -Z 112 1-1:ggI 2, ni fi, TIKKL 1fIs1fhIf, ,my :fin agp, I I gf II-- Kf , Wffff -T , ' si Xe 5iII mufyggzaiziggz sexIfs,g5gf3 If? "la, .4 f mzg5a2iY - ,kv M L: if 0t21:f.f I ,KY '-I g I We-I IIQ 1235 ,- fe? gs , jim 9,Ig,K, L4Sfif2'E21ifi1'. 5554152 " I iii: fglj If-GiQ2 ,I112gI H ,IIIW gI ,K Ki' 2, gfji, -15:5 'H' Q I ' I ' 'fl ' f v . if ' 1 ' ', ' , 1 lit K5 ff- -' ii . f ' ' " i of 'L f I K I 7' I l If W- 'F SWING CHOIR left to right fro Second row: Pat DanieL Mary Ann rowb: Ken Garvnan, john Barrow, Ruxsell Bruno, Larry Wasbam, Matt Curtzlf, Keith Tueek, Debra Pereira, Olivia Bento, Patricia Mullen Bottom row: Becky Vasquez, De Burton, Colleen Caywooel Kelbf Hunter STAFF left to right: Terry Weatbewrd Kevin Rea, Richard Debbie Walker Franri Collins Holbz Hoyer Ted Nenni Clul1.r!PurJuit,r 119 PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF top to bottom: Ted Nenni, Holb Hoyer, Debbie Walker, Fmnci Collim. Photography Staff 1 1? M n Parmbf Martin, advifor f 7 Y Kevin Rea Dance Workshop iii ANCE WORKSHOP Front Row fleft to rightj: Betty Hoffman, Cindy Beatty, Becky Vasquez, Leslie Maealouso, Sue Hodnett. fond Row: Franei Collins, Patty Daniels, Veronita Raya, Jeannette Harrieth, Mary Anselmo. Third Row: Kelley Brooks, Namy vamhm, Mary Belleeri, Sue Anderson, Liz Corr, Chris Andre, Amanda Orosco. Nursing Observation Q, 'O QWGSI Us . Ei l he KLM to rightj: Miss Inez Lilloran, Mrzs. Myra Vichery, and Carole McCormick - Don't you have a heart, M11 Heaston? mmjng gb,-mjapjgn gfydgnf Marie Pollack, 1 , Cluh.s!Punuits 121 New we got the codcb on our side - He? G-R-E-A-T. . . GREA T7 Alhambra . . Youpre Am! we'11e got the team on our .vide G-R -E-A - T . 2Q + . .wQ Vh 1 3 . 122 Ralbf fPzmuit.v I gffec-R-E-A-T. . .GREAT! KREAT. . .G-R-E-A-T. ., .GREATI Ana' we'1ze got the grim' that a great 5:19001 needs - IVe're G-R-E-A-T. . . GREA Tf ' RalbfPursuit5 123 p ..A... A-V The race Ill' an! Eat! Eat! Eat! , Suzette Hardin - Stuffn' in tbe crackers. L , , ,,., Mngcq A burlap drag race was an exciting event during homecoming week. Cbrif Costello devoutf a pie. 124 Fall H0meco1ning!Pu1:fuits Chns Smith and Dave Filomeo get pie in their face to show their Wirit. Peggy Smith takes Spike fir a walk. oirit Was High as W e Made Fall Homecoming Memones 1 H s ,,.W..s R Ji Sophomores show why they triumphed over all to win the tug-ofiwar. ss ,Q Q Boh Huhhard and Vickie Hogan reigned as King and Queen for Fall Homecoming 1973. The theme for homecoming was "Memories Are Made of Thisff and Sen- iors, juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen decorated the stairwells and cafeteria under that theme. Homecoming week saw all the classes com- peting in such events as pie eating, hurlap races, spaghetti eating, and coke guzzling. Each day was a dmfrent type of dress up day. They included a 50's day, a clash day, and a nice dress day. At the end ofthe week the ralhf was held The spirit was great as each class hoped to win the ralhf and homecoming week. In the end the juniors emerged uictorious. Hardwork and a good time was had hy all, as the 1973 Fall Homecoming was a homecoming to rememher. Fall Homecoming!Pursuzts 125 nik Vickie aff Bob-Fall Hom. fm an C Princess Vicki Laney and King Candidate Mike Anselmo. Princess Connie Anderson and King Candidate Howard White. 126 Fall Homeeoming!Punuits ' 4' 3 .X 'L .IQ is Mn. 3 E 13 w 1 A 1. 1. Q K zz Q ' 8 Ii 5 gy Q A X X if a ' ' , ' iw: ' in f 1 .. in s I A very deserving Queen smiles bappibf. ming ueen, and King -een Vickie Hogan rereivef a kin from King Bob Hubbard ,R fl 4' Prineesx Lynn Willianuon and King Candidate Ron Bennett. . .N ,..e 1.l""'-v' E ff Princess Nancy Graziano and King Candidate Dan Tipton. Fall H07IZ6C07IZi7ZgfPH1Iuil5 127 Energy, Dedication, Hardwork -1 Alhambra Spirit Leader Alhamhra High School 's spirit leaders are a hardworking, dedicated group of people. They consist of Varsity Cheerleaders - Karen Brenchley, Maria Carrillo, Lisa Ferro, Francine Frazer, and Terry Van Hull. Pepettes - Vickie Hogan, Kelle McGuire, Shannon Remus, Sharon Scott, Karen Strand, Lisa Taliaferro, Mary Ann Urner, and Rhonda Van Arsdale. jV Cheerleaders - Angela Canciamilla, Denise Karsten, Karen Mellerap, Candy Rogers, and Marita Schmitz. Frosh Cheerleaders - Sara Canciamilla, Kim Karsten, and Gina Martinez. Majorettes - Kim Loney and Vicki Loney. Flag Twirlers - Nancy Chamhers, Cindy Cordova, Alicia Villaloa, and Diane Wihford They perform at many school sgborts events cheering, pepetting, and twirling. Their spirit is ever present and greathf appreciated 128 Activities! Pursuits F 1 S Y as ,,gA bg T ' f , ,t g " e ,, T , V ,,c.,,, ., ,,.,..,,,,...,, mm iivb A -TT M., S, ,Q3 M 'D1.wrkv ' 1,1-ws Sara Gina Kim, Qual Kim Kamen - Do we have the ball? ra Canciamilla - Wait! Let mefix my hair. Gifld Martinez - IVe'w gonna win! Frosb Cbeerleade1:f!Punuits 129 Bu,-Z-Z-cl-0-g-sg New Thatys the Way W e Spell Success .mwki Denue Karsten fbeadj - Get that ball back Candy Rogers - Ola no! Wefumbled' N0 Denise, go down an this cheer. Karen Mellemp - They did it! 130 ,IV Cbeerleader:!P1muit.v . ,EQ 73' ' . ,W fl 3 -mi., Li. ff' .,f' K K 1 Angela Canciamilla - New bow does that cheer go? Angela Candy .Marita Denise Karen, Marita Schmitz - Come on evwjybody yell! JV Cbeerleadef:r!Pu1:ruitJ 131 Terry Karen, Lisa Francine Maria 1 32 Va rfily Cheerleadm X Pu rsu Karen Brencbley fbeadj - Did .fomeonelmake a basket. Varsity We - Cheerleaders Rah - Varsity Cheerleaders Who-Rah! r-Nw, ,,,.,.,, ., , Francine Frazer - Ola be missea' it! az wA'.f 1" 3 V gs ff . . ri i sss, .Ur Maria Carrillo - O. K letis go. Lisa Ferro - We're ahead' Terry Van Hu!! - Giving Spike a band Varsity Cl1eer!eaders!Pursuzts 133 .fo ob QF , . cy' 'feb sb T593 ,L V-J.0"9 XO 062 warn! T qufl 65 53,2 Xuwbk QM G A 'U '0'1o'YN'N cm U -Lvcolfy CJWJO Nyuolncj xfo-,uxxhbhc QQ' mi Clos-S 'YMGS Vern ww-N wcaolaincj wlih Vow, lwlsh you Nocfre Cjomrg -fo STQMO WWW WJ. we Q15 W-.14 wniss You IU-24-1' YQLWL STQV -Wea Wm, VC-'Dk-X Owl QWHW Cxncxh! Q L9 ' Karen Strand fheadj And the .score goes up two notches more Xfgpuy-Lkuss VWQTQ. Qwogg Q1-sack Vickie Shannon M arfyfl nne Karen Sharon Lisa Rhonda 134 PqDettaf!Punuil: .... A '- 'ljipa' wiv' :mv 5 W Q Q f 252i 3. ang Bang Choo Choo Train, Varsity Pepettes D0 Their Thing Q . i Q i Sharon Scott - Boogie! Shannon Remus - I 'nz gonna do it right. G. cf' sl Vickie Hogan - Wejuyt may win. Pepettar fPunuit.f 135 Kelle McGuire - Our boyx are red bot! Lisa Taliakrro - Cbarleytonilzqbette Jtyle. -PM QP Rhonda Van!! riddle - We have to win. ' 111 2 1 Q.,. A Mmyflnne Urner - We made a touchdown. 136 Pepette.f!Pu1:ruit5 Vicki if " Kim lajorettes Light the Fire at Football Hawimes Kim Laney - Twirls to the music. Vicki Laney flfeadj - Twirls with tl9ej?re baton. MajoreltasfP1muitJ 13 7 Cindy Cordova - Scoot back Aliria! yd! tiff y t tt 5 W ttty 5, 138 Flag Twirlen X Pursuits ,Lg..,g,,,,w k,'. Diane Wiwrd - Watch your :tcp Y N t : Jr Syqp-f Alicia Villahza - Smilin' pretty. 41 td y 41 Hag Twirlers - Twirlinp to the Music of the Band Nancy Chamber: fbeadj - Tlaeflagf look great. Alicia Nancy Diane Cindy Twirlm!Pun t 1 Lynn and Charlie Reign as ueen and King Queen Lynn smiles hr the camera. King Charlie Hepburn orownx Queen Lynn Williamson for Win- ter Spam Homecoming 1974. 140 Winter Sportx HomeeorningfPum1it5 rincerx Suzy Coffman and King Candidate Ron Bennett. if Printers Nancy Graziano and King Candidate Dan Tijbton. If ,- K W . f . ,f King Candidate Anthony Green and Princess Kathy Sacchi. 'N SS- ygg, 2 . .' , King Candidate Sergio Raya and Prinresx Vieki Laney. Winter Sports Hornemrning!Pur5uit5 141 WWW ' FROSH FOOTBALL Cleft to rightj First row: Dave Arnason, Steve Andenson,jM'Adam.s, Kevin Mercure, Terry Kirwald Lu Green, Scott Lucido, Randy Peres, Tod Fiemer, Dave Carrillo. Second row: Dave Bishop, jon Reichholci Vito Osengo, Scott Crab Kal Rea, jim jackson, Dean Farley, Steve Brown, Randy Strain, Dale Borgeson, Mike Webb. Third row: joe Lucero, Doug Kow Louis Cooper, jerry Carr, Tim Sharman, Brian jorgesen, Mike Cook, Dave Walters, Karl Cottrell, Chris Willingham. Fourth r Rob Barker, Dennis Kelb, Gene Saloa, Mike Padilla, Lance Renshaw, Bart Ocboa, Chuck Latting, Mike Tiscareno, Mike Lao Glen Shannon. Fifth row: Mike Miller, Clint Elquzlst, Evio Espinoza, Brian Boyd Tony Nunes. f Not pictured' Max Ruiz. j Piedmont Pacifica AHS OPP 8 0 8 0 Mzramonte 0 24 Acalanes 6 26 las Lomas 22 24 Campolzndo 0 7 Del Valle 0 26 Frosh coaches Hiro Okawachi and larry Miller. 142 Sports !Pu1:suit.s x, 'ig . - 'Y avi A Q. . .sit 1-ff g Y. 1 P A X . ..,,.,,, ..,. ' " ' ' ,J L .,.. .W , N , v . K 1 lk A 2 ' . f 2 i B 1 1 W Q 2 F Q , P , Q 5 2 s . Q - I 3: V , , Y , ., T., , A - : x , . , Q z 'I I if " j is I if , FRESHMAN SCOREBOARD Bulhnup Efforts End in Frustration Frosh Ddense showing good pursuit. Max Ruiz and Mike Cook execute aggressive defense This year's Frosh Foothall Team under new head coach Hiro Ohawachi and new assistant coach A' iee l i s e s A ,,., Larry Miller had a disappointing season, compared s s at ss 'N '1 '1-ss, .-.N-we :1:.N s, - f s. 1' tux - -- l , , , , , X ll N We if 2 1 g, i wx with last year's FAL Champions, jnnzshzng with a 2- , T - if fl fx! f K i i f 7 season record Eoen though the Bulhiups had a ' I .s 5 5 gr -1 1 A, g f -' x- 5 . tough season, they still showed a lot of poise, spirit, 'P X s 8 Xxx' R and willingness to playljhothall throughout the season, r 5 I s despite rnany hey injuries. l -'P 2 xr ,N X A Lie " ' y ' - un.. - ' f s M, N. es' 'f r .s 3 - ' r - ' 'N 4---fx -A -X .f ,, V ' H .u4f7S"'r'-lyiei' Irhwav-' ' , 3. "'-":'-fi-0+-V-Alfa? L g "" g, w - V ' ' ,. ,, , .- '1 f. A .1 -ww if A"-'dvi ,. gg f X g - 4 i' L, 1 wal fl ' 'V 5 A' fMhm.r"' 4 ,, 1 "' 'f m mai r e -as 'Q A f 2-2 . ff f ' Gi -iff" 'Viwa -'M A , ' M A' , ' , T5Zf'.l. C '. I gl fefshl we M' ff i ff f- ,..-Q, . " :ts V , Q :sf in . K W ,Wg ,X 1 is , . V I I , I fy W? L. ' S " ' X IQ - f , fe f' ', , Y ul Y ' "-H132 favs, .4 'Wy e fs ' 'ff , X 1' -,:-- , I ,.t,s. ss M i f. .f'1 :yt , ts ,g :f .- g,. QW, AMX s .. 1 pw - 4. Q V. 1, A fd ef N .., vsiTs'Q,?.,,,E A,1 Q W pg WM .fit K Q, Y, gf ,i 4' K My s,5..w W ,W We Q ,. , We , ,, sfsef , '- Lgisfx -if rgQfwgi. 'f :'- . W e , 'W' .Ms,"' , .3 ,- Yliw as- . u.f1ffff':- ' 1 4 one ' f. .Q ., if c " ' A-' sr' xv-Y ., s- Nas a wx " X X - L leafs ,, aw F K s , ff'-Qf L49 .y ,e,H2Pgb,'E My .3 tri. ,ig QR si ?,.a,,1Ej if-,,m:..,1, , wsyk, if 'Q eV!-'ef Aw? gg x Mig qfbffqggi Q' fm? ffgfw sig? QJWN . . Y . , . X, , We.. X, Q , niig i-?' siigji VW15- W ' sf Qi-weffg, Us 22339 'fam ,---,ss WS'-we ' H .Q My w..:ee1?-aw-eaw,m,gLv'K' v . Mig wh . V s-. '. fe 4 -fa ,V 2 f x . e.. : wwf. - -, N qs' 'Lf fa, :V V' .rv ' , ff -. I f- .hi ng- fi 1' ,. gg-1 f W 1' '- ':,,-kj ' 513 .1 H' 513- - fjL,Qa aan, ,M ,Qin , .1 7 1 Swarrning Bulhnup defense .stop Mirarnonte hah'hach. Frosh defense fre-of the line to contain Pacifica. SportsfPunuits 143 1 vi' 1 1 r . f. 5 l 4 A it 7 r 'W . 'Q'-s T ,l ' ' . K , s - ' 'f -' L i . ' 5 fi Q f I I s K E gif X 8 . X r . K H . K . ., r Q 2 5 - i K 2 1 . - :U A 5 ' 5. 4 "T-,-- 's 5 5 ' N 4 A z A f 7 7 3355 N a"Qlt'N'da-"1-daL'L"A"dl'2"QY2"i'1 iii'1'fE'i'1'L'Q'1'i'lfi51NI'1fIf1f1fI1i29.33 SWQWQWAW467.w.W'.5WLQiB'2fWF.:L29.g'sSE3fA?8V.JQfiriL: JUNIOR VARSITY fleft to rightj First row: john lucido, john Gill, Tom Viglienzone, Victor jordan, Tom Splece, Mark Ruiz, Richard Davis, Keith T1 mantez, Ron Poppi, Duane Jardin. Second row: Greg Partain, john Thompson, john Nunes, Phil Harrington, Dave Annis, Tim Moreb, George Hqfman, Stella, Boh O'DelL Third row: Andy HalL Steve Hamilton, Gene Porche, Tim Delehanty, Tom Cunningham, Charles HoudashelL Dean R127-bee, john Deles Mike Peterson, Charles Benson. Fourth row: Gary jackson, joe Tiscareno, Rich Trehino, john Schulte, Dane Baum, Bob August, Mike Moore, jqYBa1:sotti, D Williams. Fifth row: Gordon Shelton, Gary Bennett, Art Lucero, Grant Pollard Randy Fry, Mike Strand Kris Kollen Neil Sullivan, Phil Merture. JUNIOR VARSITY SCOREBOARD T AHS OPP 'Pleasant Hill 25 0 Alhany 52 O Piedmont 68 0 Pacfca 35 O Miramonte 44 12 Acalanes 41 0 Las Lomas 38 7 s':Salesian 3 7 0 Campolindo 15 0 Del Valle 27 12 "Denotes Non-Conference Games Back and assistant coach Floyd Terry. Line and head coach Boh Heaston. I 144 Sports !Pu1suits JUNIOR VARSITY? with pride, with poise, with perfection .X ' junior Varsity team again had an out- We, tii 3, ,I pding season. Perfection sums it up. 8-0 in the tit.. , 'A fi s e Q ' c . . L and 10-Ofor an overallseason. There are "Yf'Y s . if .6 S5 if if 'two people who are not surprised about this A W ff? is 0 A ivyvx , f ,: ' -1 Q5 1? Q! , lemrlshed record Head coach Bob Heaston T he oeiai up 'S o e 10 i o 1 ii' ' ', - iiit 1' 'assistant coach Floyd Terry, who expect per- is is V' 3? 'J v"K s f so Q V- ,QQ 'E " 4 on out of every person who puts afhotball xg U p f f 4 if ' 'fa' ' wrm on. These two coaches produce the -best 'L A' - ' i'LV " t'k' tt 'i S ' N""' 'i"""""""' , Vmost consistent teams in high school football e return they receive respect and admiration n players, coaches and fans. Keith ,Talamantez cuts back hr more yards with great blocking. The junior Varsity defense puts the pressure on the Pacifica quarterback. The j V. offense was led by the hrst AHS player ever to rush' for 1,000 or more yards. Tom Viglienzone ate up the turf with a gbectacular 1,042 yards. Keith Talamantez and Gordon Shelton each turned in a very respectable showing, aiding the ojjfense very much. The offensive line did a great job by blowing the defense out, allow- ing the backs to break free, Alhambra's defense was one of the best in Alhambra history. They would let no one throw against them while at the same time they would not let anyone run against them. The jIZ's deserve much credit. P , R Tom Viglienzone leads j V FAL rushing. Gordon Shelton, Mark Ruiz, and Kris Koller, crush Aealanes player: Sports f Pursuits 145 rnan, Ron Taylor fCapt.j, Dan Tjbton, Mike Mecure, Ron Bennett, larry C0455 Bill H41-bin fling!! A5-gf, cmd, Mdfk Dean Dunwan, Jed Kanellzlf, jolm Nardz. Second row: joe Varela, Ro Wat-mn fbdcbj' bard Kevin Knktick, Frank Nunaf, Greg Cottrell, Damien Sandoval, Scott VARSITY FOOTBALL Cleft to fighry First row: Devullon Hfifpefg ll . . bm - . : f x 'C ,L ,N t Q ' ' . ,ai'x?WW,, . john Fry prqzares to band ojj' to running bark Larry Lzjzpow while the 0ff?71Ji1l0 line forces bark the Campolindo defense. 146 Spam fP1m'uit.r Q g y 2 arry Fox, john Fry, Boh Lucero. Third row: Kirk Riopee, Charles Hephurn, jon hristensen, Ray Viglienzone, Kevin Rea, Matt Holden, joe McCullough, Richard W Martin, Anthony Green, joe McAtee, Trainer-Manager Marty Ochoa. Head mad? Cjmrjie Touwjlle' - Plagued Bulldogs Achieve Respectahle Season VARSITY SCOREBOARD AHS 'Pleasant Hill 7 Alhany 14 Piedmont 19 Pacifica 35 Miramonte 7 Acalanes 7 g las Lomas 35 'Salesian 57 Campolindo 14 Del Valle 12 'Denotes non-conference game OPP 24 7 6 7 14 14 8 6 6 14 The Alhamhra Varsity ended the year with a 5-3- FAL record, and a 6-4 overall season record. Head coach Charlie Tourville's Bulldogs were led hy an out- standing defense and offense which was excellently coached hy Bill Harhin flinemenj and Mark Watson Khackfieldj. These men contrihuted to the team very much. Senior running hack Anthony Green led the ofjense throughout the year, placed 2nd in scoring and also placed 3rd in rushing in the FAL. Due credit goes to Larry Lippow and Dan Tnbton for their hlocking and running ahility which helped Anthony achieve his yardage. Credit is also to he given to the offensive line for an excellent hlockingjoh. The defense proved to he Alham- hra's main threat even though there were many injuries plagu- ing it throughout the year. The defensive linemen and linehackers always seemed to have the power to force a fumhle or sack the quarterhack on those crucial downs. The defensive secondary also had a manner all their own as they picked off interceptions and hatted away halls to hayfle the opponent's ofjensive. The Bulldogs ojjense ended the season with 207 total points gained in league and non-league games. This ojfense averages out to more than 20 points per game. The defense allowed slightly more than 10 points per game and 106 points overall. This is defnitely not an acurate evaluation of the defense hecause they were much tougher than statistics point out. Sports!Pur:suits 147 4 I' W" Q iv,- .K Ax, 'x as Q rl 0 44-" 'ff The Alhambra offeme watehex the referee ina'ieatef9r:ft down in a muddy, messy jhothal! game. Larry Lnhpow hootf a ronverfion whilejohn Fry holeif. joe Varela trudgef thru linefhr large gain. One M the great specialty yquaaff - the hiehojftearn - rum down and dernoliyhes an opponent. Sport! fPursuit.r 149 Harriers H ave Strong Individual Showings, but Poor Season ' .al CROSS COUNTRY FROSH-SOPH TEAM Cleft to rightj Front row: Paul Ligman, jqj' Reed Back row: Mike Powell, Phil Stanz, Gary Ligman, Pat Powell, Benito Rodriquez, and Coach Luka Sekulich. This yeark Alhamhra Vel- sity, junior Varsity, az Frosh-Soph Cross Count teams jinishecl seventh, thir and eighth respectively . FAL competition. The standings onlylshow what t runners dia' against oth schools, not the time, Won and practice that they put aj9'er school to improve thl running. Even though the cross count teams haa' an unsuccessful se son, there were some runne that had a strong year, rug ners like Mark Ross an Kevin Alhertson on the ua sity, who were among the ti harriers in the league. Bc Kleinfelter turnea' in ou standing perybrmances all se son. s Frosh-Soph's Gary Ligma showea' a lot of ahili. through out the season, pta ing first in the Acalanes ar Alhany meets. A is I C Min ,.., -f I K .2 f K K .QSC A .al CROSS COUNTRY JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM flcft to rightj Front row: Steve Mohammed Stan Toumazos. Back row: Ken Santos, john Best, james Cole, Bah Klein-klter, and Coach Luka Sekulich. 150 SportsfPunuits .f ,K a K an W 5- Q ik, is i K .519 , - ' QQ ' '51 V' CA -153 - . - fa ii an Tit? ..,- 1 S f RL!" N . SF W sl-' . it F ' Q x- ., , Benito .gtzrints to ,Hnish line. CROSS COUNTRY VARSITY TEAM Cleft to rightj Front row: Keith Monrkton, Duane Wright, Paul Shaman. Back row: Walbr Axhhy, Dave Lumsden, Dave Ligman, Mark Ross, Kevin Albertson, Coach Luka Sekulich. ,f""" ' A A ' S 1, f ' --,- "- wh-Mw+s.,..4,N1 ,..... ,M ,,... in V- - .,.-v , .... .K .K -- -. 41, 9 ' .,,K,,, ' .h f 'mmfw Q R hi kg .. . ,L wr 'fm 1 1 1 2 whim-, it - I .N in, I . ... if-N"l S . 'V 'R K Wally Axhhy ana' Dave Lunzfden run against time. Mark R015 eyesjifnzfh line. Fast :tart of another Vanity race. Sports !Pumiit: 151 Soccer: Newest Sport at Alhambra This year was the hrst year that Alhamhra has ever had a soccer team. They played such schools as Skyline, Acalanes, Del Valle and also the DVC frosh team. The team was coached hy Hans de Graef Looking toward next year Coach de Graef and his soccer team will he competing in a regular schedule in the R A. L. soccer league. . .,. - f" .Q ,5 'K-.:' I -1 ci...-'T ' ' , H5 i . .- -'F' guy .. i , ' QQ- aff HFQWM A- ' . ii ' X4 ""'. . .cr H, H. V.k, .. .. JJ , KM, k.Vk by Satish -r ,v?Ni, .Qeivifark ,ight T' 'chu -A 'jgli f, . ' , . 'fifif ...Jig ' N hz Y-'T' s . , .S Wg, . 4, 5.3, VW,,? .2 T ' ' ff "5 J 'YW ff' ' . 5' , I-'Im ' :sf 'K A ,jx '-Xfgjg. ' klsljsrj X' 4. .Gly , , Ziff A '5' f"ii fu . u v ., f L A Q ' " T, .fir . fs'- . ar i 5 i J it W awrsx- f , jiri ff' ,. ,, K. ,Ls . g,.f,,f M , yew.-S... wglflslf W 'isyfgs' ' fix'-." , -agus 4 'A . s ff .inirfi . . was 1:f,i,:iss,s:i,fy ffkviay 5 V K ,pf vjen,rf,,.kg.gRr 'f R .ff T' .iss .ses . A 7, ' f - . 'f is f - 'fish .n ff, . ss P? -ffs',,?v.' ' ff f . gffflfyefv-1' 'ff V , eets J ,.e..,.k3 W. . .www--1 .... , L . ffzggi-,gggf f-4 .1331 if . "LQ'Q fN d':fT ,Gif-:" 'k - is . 2. .4 Tim Sullivan manuerving the ball l I Bob Cellini playing defensive soccer 152 Sports!Pu1:suits Q 4? A ,Q mf -we Ee. , isffgf' L 21 5.23 1 T i - .g v i , W Q A Q., ., ,fe rs Y ' 1.1-ss . - " si wi e Q fl Q J 7 X N Ll asia . E W ' .. A. 1' 7 t . r 4 J -v fr '51 k HV .lt T MP- x , , . 5' L 3 ' s f jim is E I' ' i i I 5 ' ' "Lf ' lk Fa . 'f a K '32, ' , li iv ! if L 3' 5 R ,fig 'll ff ,, - A 1:1 . L ,V V. V . A H VW rg.. , i- s ' A s . . . , ss . s . rese f . ,.,. . .. X .. D i i J I ' ' f-Wf f ,. ' f A -6 ., I, Q, , ' LV ' A - T LH- ' - - . N ' ,- 1 " "EJ A . , r X3-V i 1. A r . .N .g tg-55, 2 - Tiujiki t,:ygt,V.Y? tsgviyi. .lilqfi YK. fig ik 5 Q, , A kk, ., 3- ,. g., . . rm Ge wfkas m,-Y.zm1 I SOCCER TEAMQ1cft to righrj Front Row: jim Walsh, Stuart Frazer, T7 Manshall, Tim Sullivan, Tim de Graef, Ted Nenni. Back row: john Kenn john Sonnikson, Linton Emerson, Terry Weatherford, Barry Woods, Arnall, Dan Avila, Bah Cellini. . s Y 2 . . . I 5 i 3 E E r 2 ? 1 f Ron Arnall and john Sonnikson watch Barry Woods kick away. FR OSH: Shades ofthe Future 232.511 xl FROSH BASKETBALL fley9 to right j Front Row: Randy Peres, Scott Ellingson, Stan Van 'undy, Rob Barker, john Lucas. Back Row: Coach Mark Watson, Dave Bzlshop, Vito Osenga, joe Balderson, Chuck Latting, Barry Woods, Todd Fierner. Missing: Dave Carrillo. Freshman Scoreboard Campolindo Albany Acalanes Del Valle Las Lomas Pactfca Miramonte Albany Acalanes Campolindo Piedmont Del Valle Las Lomas Pacwca Miramonte AHS OPP 38 44 51 44 36 47 36 56 37 33 43 24 44 43 35 47 41 39 29 21 50 39 38 48 26 24 53 34 44 40 The 73-74 Freshman Basketball team j?nished league play with a winning season. The performance of the team through the season was up to par with bright play from Stan Van Gundy. This year was also Coach Mark Wat- son's j9rst year as the Frosh Bas- ketball coach. In all, the Frosh season proved to be strong and a good team to start building for the future. Frosh fast break down court. Frosh team move in for shot. Sports!Pursuits 153 The j V Basketball team enjoyed one of their best sea- sons in years as they posted a 9 wins and 7 losses season. Excellent coaching by Bill Ames and great teamwork by the players helped to make this year rewarding to all partici- pating. This years team showed great enthusiasm and desire to win, but unfortunately someone has to lose at times. Five ofthe eleven players on the team were sophomores, which will strengthen the team for next year most of them do not make Varsity. Coach Ames has a 'rare patience that enables him to improve his teams yearb. Coach, Ames XM .IV BASKETBALL fleh to right j Front Row: Randy Fry, Terry Foreman, Sal Dimaggio, jf Flores. Back Row: Coach Bill Ames, Mike Strand Gene Porche, Mike Madrid Kevin Kristin Dave Baum, joe Brooks. Missing: Carl Flores. Qi, A iebi A .,,...-- Mike Madrid tips if fn. 154 Sports! Pursuits x . X .g lf. MJ , Terry Foreman. . . concentrat-, A long jumper by Kevin Kristick. ing. lharnbra I Vi 95 to a winning season JUNIOR VARSITY S C OR EB UA R D 5 AHS OPP Piedmont 69 45 Del Valle 49 51 Lax Lomas 54 61 Paafca 62 49 Miramonte 49 4 3 Albany 75 60 Acalanes 39 50 Canzpolinal 59 53 Piedmont 71 54 Del Valle 69 70 Las Lomas 65 54 Parfca 72 66 Miramonle 50 59 Albany 57 5 3 Aealanes 41 54 L fdmpgljndg 39 63 Florey and Madridg an isolalion of three Bulldogx. ,Q-r"", , My ,.,..w,,,,,,...f--- T Carl Flamputs the icing on. Randy Ffy and Sal Dimaggio walela as Mike Madrid puts up an invzkible ball Sport5fPunuil5 155 Bullclogs Fall Short, but Green Takes Top Honors VARSITY BASKETBALL fleft to rzghtj Front Row: jon Gehrig, Deoallon Harper, jon Christensen, jim Iazwson, Kirk Rio john Fry, Charlie Hepburn, Anthony Green. In Rear: Coach Bedell Mi1ssing:jWGraden and Bob Kleinklter: The Bulldogs although not being a major threat to most FAL teams did dominate many games. There were three returning lettermen on the team composed of five seniors and five juniors. The score- board shows the outcome of the games, but fails to indi- cate the trouble many teanzs had with the Bulldogs, espe- cialbr in the frst halves. Again the team was led by last year's leading scorer Anthony Green. This year Anthony again tooh the lead- ing scorer title hr the second consecutive year. Anthony also set an Alhambra High School record for most points in a game with an incredible 41 point performance. Anthony aided the team greatly. With the additions of Gehrzg and Fry the team was balanced and determined 156 Sports!PursuiLs VARSITY SCOREBOARD AHS OPP Piedmont 69 57 Del Valle 55 72 Las Lorllas 5 7 70 Pacfca 66 68 Miramonte 66 56 Albany 72 82 Acalanes 45 60 Campolindo 60 70 Piedmont 82 76 Del Valle 67 73 Las Lomas 61 64 Parfca 60 78 Miramonte 73 61 Albany 73 72 Campolindo 60 70 if -f 1 Devallon Harper looking for an assist- ion Gehrig sets for a hardhught rebound . --NNN-V My fb ,,..--"' ..1- A. A ,Fw Nw ..- Q3 1" a, V an m.x,., h VV L. " ""'H Www. ..... ,mf N""""'."M ,.,,,,.,.....--' ' ---Y - ,,,.W..wk...w-e ,.,f-"""Awf jim Lawfon ouzjumps, out-muscles, and out-reaches his opponent. if-f' 'ul ',,-W 12 o , qs S. we fn- n1, M.. i noo nnn ooo Q,- 7, I , .,l. WMV. H. WWW jiww Charles Hegbhum grabs rebound john Fry driver hard against hzk man while Deoallon Hafper hacks him up. SpomfPzmuit.r 15 7 vm, . w A K MX-Q.. f .J V N, f -Mxhgw 4 Khin .lf . MF ,,,kfWJv,.w 'E . ' A jim Lawson towen above all hr an easy basket. Anlhony Green Jcoref an easy field goal against Piedmont. M W a 3. i..W .A-1 S. , sd hi K 'IVV Q- sei ff ," N' Y.. io....,... f .4 if gl ,,,.., ,,,, ,..,...,, I xg . ,,,..X:. , ,, . NR K ,,,, . Hg ' vu I, 3 ae an .5 g 'F XR A 1' X ' NIJ: A Bulldog Anthony Green Joorer again . . john Fryg all alone . . . And again. 158 Sport.rfPu1:ruilJ Qi Wrestlers Start Slow, but Finish Strong Coach Tourvzlle Assistant Coach Miller VARSITY SCOREBOARD VARSITY WRESTLING fleft to rightj Front Row: Kevin Mercure, Bob Kiyoi, jim Zuppan, Tom Vzglienzone, jack Gillcy, Tom Cunningham. Back Row: Arthuro Morales, joe McAfee, Mike Mercure, Ray Viglienzone, Steve Hamilton, john Thompson. This year's Alhambra Varsity Wres- Ray, jack, and Mike placed second and fourth resoectivebf, at North Coast I, which earned them the nght to move up to North Coast Section II, which was held here in the Alhambra Gym. Only Mike Mercure placed well at North Coast II. Mike then went on to the State tlers finished up the season, fourth in the FAL with a 4-3 record There were six returning lettermen from last year The wrestlers started out the season slowb, but came alive the latter part M the season with individual wrestlers bettering themselves at each meet. AHS pafbqm 22 055 ' l Meet to challenge other grapplers Del Valle 23 35 The season proved to be a winning sea- from all over the state. Awww 34 25 son with hve members- of the team u . Mimmome 20 going to North Coast Division I. These Charlie Tourv1lle's evaluation of lm 33 five were Ray Viglienzone, Steve Ham- the season was, "We were one wres- Ulm' 48 11 ilton, jack Gilley, Mike Mercure, and tler away from having a very good Cam-1'0!"'d0 42 15 Arthuro Morales. team, and we lacked dqbth, but in Albany 47 1 7 all, we had a good year with a good team and many individuals who placed well at tournaments and at North Coast." Sports!Pu1:suiLs 159 .. 1 I, DJ i ,SSR 9 Q Wiigi K-. P P XJ A rs -N . n C. , -I li SQEESQ QE ii if it leiiei r X .. gfieg' G?g.1? gk A fx, t- K A x fl Y TEE, E Ray Viglienzone difplaysagreat wrestling technique. f -vwilnkl - , . - -f m K-,, ff'-E'1 - fmizg j iivfw ' fi , k ' ii,-. Lei' V 1 ,Q Da11eZ0rl2etti. . .involved Steve Hamilton trier to out-stare his he. A pin for Bob Kzyoi. 1 60 Sports fPursuit.f Wrestler Season Finishes Well jack Gilley shows tbehrm that sent him to Nortb Coast. Tom Viglienzone working on his man. 1 Y Mike Mercure putting pressure on his man. V. . :gif I W I .,,K ,,:. f .- 'A - A rgxjgr W . , Art Morales drive: a wrestler down on the mat. Kfffin MWCWF W0fkf7lgf0" 41791- Sports!Purxuits 161 f Vi Wrestling Strong Team, Strong Season Under the guidance of Coach Tourville and Coach Miller, the j V. and . Novice wrestling team finished a winning season with a buf and three record Strong performances from Dale Borgeson, Gary jackson, Mark Ruiz and others hehe put together a strong, contending j Ii team. As expected this year's j. V. Wrestling team were huilding blocks hr the future. Tim Moreb dominates his fV opponent. JV AND N0 VICE WRESTLING rep to aging Front Row: Mike Miller, Jef Reed T1 Banuelos, john Kuzman, Euio Espinoza, Chris Willingham, james Cole, Dennis Mitche Second Row: Stanley Toumazos, Duane Wright, Dale Borgeson, Phil Mercure, Art Lucer Dave Zochetti, Tim Morley, john Nunes, Gary jackson. Not present, Tim Sharman, Ma JUNIOR VARSITY SCOREBOARD AHS OPP Pacifica 36 30 Del Valle 12 51 Acalanes 21 36 Miramonte 33 27 Las Lomas 68 5 Campolindo 48 23 Albany 33 36 Big Turnout for Froslz Baseball .. ' KT' .. T' A ,H . -'- - at he T FRESHMEN BASEBALL flew to rightj First Row: Marc Lopez, Luther Green, Randy Peres, Lonnie Gunter, Evio Espinoza, Scott Ellingson, Steve Bulger, Ken Floyd Kal Rea, Louie Cooper. Second Row: Mike Tzkrareno, Dave Carrillo, joe Lueero, Ray Bagno, Doug Kowalski, Vito Osenga, jirn Walsh, Paul Lignzan, jerry Carr, Steve Ander- son. Third Row.' Coach Terry, Steve Mohammed Terry Kirwald Dave Dutra, Dave Poll, jay? Adarns, Dave Bishop, Pat Powell, Larry Hunt, Steve Brown, Russell Bruno. Frosh heneh shows frustration Evio Espinoza srampers into seeond hase. I V 's Looking Forward to ci Promising Season JUNIOR VARSITY flej? to rzgbtj Front Row: Ron Winkler, Curtis Haisley, Wally Ashby, Dean Rzppee, Richard Daw, Greg Partazn, Coacbjzrn Nztbols. Back Row. Tod Solomon, Ron Poppz, M1 jeyfBar1sotti, joe McCullough, Scott Weston, jobn Nunes. 5 if fi Victor jordan sbu-Hles towards the ball S joe :bows offbis determination. 1 64 Sports !P1muit.s lm e Moore, Steve jor Lopez speeds around the bases. Escalfinte, llhamtbra Rated Eighth in East Ba at Start of Season pr-f .--, 'A RSI TY BASEBALL fleft to nghtj First Row: Dave Richardson, Gordon Shelton, Kirk Muse, Kirk R1ppee,jwfBieker, larry tzzpow, Dick Williams, Keith Talamantez. Second Row: Coach Glen Gierke, Dave Baum, john Lucido, Bill McDanieLf, Art ucero, Phil Harrington, Tom Spelce, jed Kanellif, Marty Ochoa fmanagerj. Rear: Richard Martin fassiftant managerj. 1. 5 ,, ,BT I'?'2'.f. M65 - vw! , 9 , A f - NANW. ' T 5 g A. aiwffi 1 Y ,f f Q. VQIQ as Qjfftlaxxgzy 114 L ,,, This year's Vanity team was affigned the 8th spot in the Fart Bay Prep Poll at the start of the year. The team was composed of senion, juniors, as well as some Jopho- moref which proves the great depth thzk team has. This yeark highlight may he the Alham- hra Tournament, organized hy coach Gierke. I w r n at W 'X:hAThh'h L a t me W -vc i Y iifsfza " a'a w "Sw -' -'iff ,4 WEA afgfyx, ' - sw' 'i'4 . YF 's Iwi? 'E Y 'B . wiv , ogy , e K t I 'w 5 W BSWIY I A 'ER " ' W L Y'-X X - . , ,.., r . J. ,Q A ' TLS of 3 , lf. Wvqgm K . i YYY H' my jf Ni sc W wiw -: 'ns'- ,. - .... 7' 5 3' W V Q- ,tl 5 ,M V if S s v w w y a'xF's:sQftf S 5533 'S WMWW 5 3 X f .a X 5 X Y , P A ' 84315, H S Q Fw , GQ g Q5-sf 1 ,Q xv 1 xi-54 ,y X if ,B A f 9 Q ' f few 13? H fy gy E X233 1, 2 1 ar Y 8 an N w w ' 9 B Hlfbllx 5 i 59 az 4 g :gy 1 gf v 3 - 5 vu' M Y 4 3 i, R7 59 , ff . ., fJ1f':q QS . -A 7,17 YY 5 4. v j I W 5 Q '33 9 A1 if 1 f 5' "5e fff?"1 ' ' "A" fri . aat iei 1 A 'G Y , .. . Tl -, , - ' afar' '.xl'x'IV1 , . , ' il ,,. A2'vQf y kL,.m1,, 41 f www ,,,,,,.-.www W. ,.,c -, ,aw-M' , V e , f-, ag 1, J' ,,. t Bunting with john Fry. Sport: !P1muitx 165 Gordon Shelton watching the houncing hall Bilb M cDa3ieLs at halting practice. An imm, Daw Baum, Keith Talamantezpulh the hall out ofthe dirt. Dick, hoppin to it. 166 Sport.f!Pursuit.f ' IW N Art finalbf prove: to Phil, Larry and Kirk that be really lzf varsity material. Varsity Baseballgs Fun, and Games Page X 1 'x 'K L 1 -L. 1 ' .i.' QQ E511 K :kk 1 A ' ' .Q HQ' bud, Wlfdldf 50 funny? jobn Fry always throwing the "bull," I mean ball. SportJfPursuit: 167 Strong Team Plus Renaming Letterrnen : Good Season GOLF TEAM flefi to rzghtj: Coarb Don Roberts, jolm Rangel, Dean Dunnivan, Terry Foreman, Bob Nebon, jejff Huff Dick o o M - H 1 4 , o oo . o ol ' W 'o Awemux. W... f .. xx 2.1 " ,K W4 If 4 ff 1 5 1, 1 M , ' W , , , 1 I at 16,1 ' J N 4.23 i f 5 W ,af , Q M 3, f' 4 2 1 ' " ' ' ' , 3 K 'X,'Q, tiI4g"?-4319.53 L 14 : 'fy'-ga-Loi-'C Kg-kn.j .1 A K iQ'i"',qi"' " ' ,,', , ' , ,+I-ff "f ' QW 1 aj ' WW ., 9531-if 12 , ' L " QW' L y Z I ' ' . ' ' ff K , z- ,L ' ' f - -- 'wflfqgwf-g,g2'f':f '- f,:,,fm ,, fff,lfa,f4mxs I U W f IW,,siif'f-gsfffliiefiz ' , 55, sf,-544 f'vf.Vk"'l2faFw1 5' , L ' z'f"'fk5Z,:3VE'-IM: I. .. fl. ,, - ,o fo A e' 1.453 ,vqpp g I 5, " ., A , ,fr wg' ,, ,M ,, 45, M., ,, , ,,. , ,,' H , " H a ww , ' , W,,,l,.,.f sf' JMJW' Wf ' 2:1- -llfh gy , fs' J" .,Sgf-'ze51-?:'9?5El.:gf1 1 Vgkiif-Qfrif1Y3f'f 7 ,, 'l.,i:751" - " W I-7, mi 'F .1 A ew, k r 3 5 1,9 ' N ,fafifilf W ' ' f K' A ,iff-fofzeff i ' . vm" 4, , g V 4 ,-,UTY , H wk ww, F3325 4 4-,w x .vhsf ,, A f-gf! Y . wg 5 T :H g, , k ,. M ' ,,,jfQqfy,Q?2Z1"" , A H 2 ? "Vg ,, sw-Wx! ' :"'?v -,, 127 , win 141 11 , oooo , 1. wgwm:am - ,. o , as Dw1Dufmivdn. . .1le'ppin'. Returning lezzemmnjobn Rangel. . . puzzint Dick Aweniw. . Nemnin' 168 Sports!P1muit.r ,,a,3,,,L,affN4f,,,.V, , Q . W Tennis Looks toward Good Season for '74' ZNNIS TEAM fldt to rightj Front Row: Tim Sharman, Tim Degrajf foe George, Bill Boone, Ann Waltz, jane Peccanti, Martha Garcia. Second w: Stephen Francis, Walt Pelot, Doug Sowens, Vic Remorini, Kathy Lindley, yn Sonnikson, Rich Mapson, Randy Strain. Back Row: Coach Fisher, Pat Mndrews, Rick Kowalski, VictorSa!oa, Matt Curtzls, Ken Hamerslqf, jim wson, Charles Coday. s - john Sonnikson moves up for a hack-hand shot. Q ss, sa,- Rick Mapson shows ojfhis serve- Tom Lawson returns a serve. Rob Scott demonstrating his hrehand Sports X Pursuits 169 Varsity Swimmers Plunge into FAL Swimming Race W V? Xsg. 1 Wm ,Z ,,., W-.. mi--.1 1 , , S e e S, +1 :hifi-Q:,, JMV- Lf.' iw -.vA W A H ' ,k 44, K ., " we :fir H' - ,, 'AW' M , 5 e,,k,, 1 3- " Aww . S, X M., ,, ,ll W: .eee,,e g,e eee,, eelee eeeee l ' '1-' k JUNIOR AND SENIOR SWIMMERS fleft to rzghtj Front Row: . r eeee . Mike McAtee,James Brown, John Boone, Elinor Nichols. Back Row: Nwii 1 ooeo oeloo oooo Scott Duncan, Steve Yeager, Chris Smith, Dane Tittle. Chi' Smith in an WW' ofwam' i n 2" ' Q,-ff, -if? A kv Q ,eoe f oeeee , - .,,, I X Mike Mefltee gets of to a fast start. sf 3 so Boh Heaston fnishes up A ,, so yeafs coachzng season ws t ' ' zs,-hi.. :if V511 M--5,9 Y--': 4--Xt AWN- 4-H A--' g ':: 1 Aw S so Scott Duncan in the hasic T-Formation 1 70 Sports!Punuits Frosh-Soph and Girls Swim Teams, Very Promising FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE SWIMMERS Hey? to rightj First Row: Wes Smaker, Marita Schmitz, Michele Keary, Stan Tournazos. Second Row: jesse Lamb, Sean Farley, Doug Fayne, jew' Bently. Third Row: Andy Barton, Bob Heether, Chris Bennett, Paul Smith, jew' Tittle. Missing: Dennis Wojfnden. Bi SWIMMERS fleyt to right j Front Row: Pam Brousseau, Barhara Garharino, ,sm Holrnoe, Rhonda Lorneli. Rear: Louise Adrnundven, Laura jones, Cathy Cahral, M 'fziiw Ddjanj, A very tired Barbara Garharino. Sports! Pursuits 171 I Divers Yield Personal Triumplig Mike Ray Sets New l i 5 AHS Seo Mark at 202 Points A twist into the water as performed by Chris Butler. K... i K K 45, wwf., ,Mm ., ,,,,,.i 3 E s s r, A Mike Ray . . . swarming. Mike Ray either upside down or right .side up. s YH as xii gi sm 3 +6 be K gd' A "' 3 ns- F1 DIVERS fleh to right j Front R0w.' Kelb lake, Chris Butler, Leslie Starzshurjy. M hi N Rear' Mihe Ruy, Dave Butler, Chuck Meyer. Kelbr Lake going in head first. 1 72 Sport.s!Pun'uit.s X XXI pw- -ff-.M X, X TRACK 74 , '- ff, K mwdw 'f' " 'S 'J "'iLE5ffiF'5rI.fi1f :N 6' Eg, fvf' I K ' P22537 ff, V . N, , , ,N-wmmf. f 4 .F .nn-y .4 i if ' ".' u lii' .J ..,. V . W 'M , ,k,, . 1, VV any , ' .-'L K . VV 'wwm ,L,- wH,wNfwwW, ,fgf MWfg y mjg?5f to 'fijiif t V rg f , ij.. A ' ' -W" 4152. 'M-f W 1 Q ,, fmfi N-fajpzh v 'I ...M M L,Qx1 W ,..-4. wmlv www Varsity Track Sparrecl by Individual Efforts I Q f E 5 I r I in VARSITY TRACK TEAM I left to nghtj Fint Row: john Gill, joe Varela, Clif Norman, john Best, Paul Sharman, Roh Hubbard Tom Viglienzone. Seeond Row: JW Graden, Charlie Hqbhurn, Mark Ron, Stanley Burton, james Cole, Ray Vfzgli zone, Manuel Avila. Third Row: Tim Delehanty, larry Fox, Greg Cottrel, Kevin Rea, john Nardi, Gene Porehe. "-'M C W' 49205 'Til' POLE VAULT fley? to rightj First Row: Tom Vzglienzone, Bart Oehoa. Second Row: Manuel Avila, Karl Cottrell Back Row: Ray Viglienzone. 1 74 Sporty !Pun'uit.f DISTANCE fleft to rightj Front Row: Karl Cottrel, Pa Sharrnan, john Best. Back Row: Coach Sekulich, Mark Ra jim Cole, Greg Cottrell. uickness Drives F rosh,-Soph Track Team, -1-,049 orvwa -v no ata-'auf ROSH-SOPH TEAM flejt to nghtj First Row: David Annif, Karl Cottrell, Bart Ochoa, David Arnason. Second Row: Tim fioreb, Mike Peterson, Dave Carrillo, Brian Boyd Third Row: Kris Koller, Grant Pollard john Schulte, Steve Hamilton. Track Coach Warren Bedell Track Coach Luka Sekulich. Girls Experience Track .l GIRLS TRACK TEAM flef to rightj: Michele Curtzk, Karen Mellemp, Doreen Balartri, jeanette Francis. SportJ!Pumzits 175 Mrs. Endicott Starts ci Girls? Tennis Team and, 41. V f.. A rg W 'L 15 ,ed 3' if TENNIS TEAM flcft to rightj First row: jocebin de Guzman, Teresa MQ1er,jane Peccianti, Sheri Grilli, Martha Garcia. Second row: Irene Madrid Teresa Travares, Louise Amunsden, Sheri Clark, Ann Dehnert. Back row: Robin Lewis, Valerie Webber, Dani Gray, Karen Machado, Elaine Shaffer, Sharon Osenga. Not pictured' Rosemary Tavares. Mrs. Sherry Endicott, teaching what she knows best, started the 1973-74 Girls' Tennis Team. In their first year of competition, the team won three games and lost we Senior Jocelyn de Guzman played -731 the entire season. jocelyn did a fue job against some very strong players. She won over 5096 of her matches. Also contributing to the team were Ann Dehnert, Dani Gray, and Elaine Shafer. Sheri Clark and Sheri Grilli were the 41 doubles team, and they were constantb improving through the season. jane Peccianti and Teresa Meyer did a great job playing -71' 2 and -7753 singles, respectivebf. Between them, they won over 8096 of their matches. Next year' Coach Endicott will also be depending heavily on Louise Amundsen, Robin Lewis, Irene Madrid Sharon Osenga, Rosemary Tavares, and Teresa Tavares. Girls' Sports !Pur:suits 1 76 . 5. 5, , xv: "v e ' I gig!! .. v. sis-fa'f.'--, MM ' f .6 .gA'fs,q'gl,fx?gA. is I I . lg! ,k,gn,. 2 ...K K , A A-4 - 1. - we. ", gn tw W- .f-1-ms? -, If fries' W-HS" -,LF G cfie."?4 Wi- 43 I ,' g f sn:uir'5".fs I e l , I W I mst gLx:h,,'.,W .4 QQ, e :sp " .- ff. . A A JW' 1' 2' ' if 1 1 311,142 me . f .Agp . ,K . - . 3' ."-m Irene - Howis that? jane - That ba jocebn -practicing her serve s r I raves to be a Big Success Q p' . - get f Q 'El Cerrito "'De Anza Las Lomas Del Valle Campolindo Berkeley Piedmont Acalanes Miramonte - g an sihlity of 5 points j getting hy me thzs tzme! TENNIS SCOREBOARD AHS OPP 2 3 cancelled "'non-league game 3 2 2 3 4 1 2 3 1 4 0 5 3 2 K 3 single matches plus 2 double matches zs a pos- fore Students Join Coed Fencing - x ED FENCING Cleft to rightj First row: Coach Marcia justzse, Barhara Nahorzv, Vicki illa, Tammy Summers. Back row: jim Ohling, Eric Procter, Cathy Lindley, Nancy Bellecci, resa Travers. Barhara - Salute to her opponent Girls' SportsfPumcits 1 77 i janet Folk - the grace of gyrnnastiasl? Claris Butler - ber routine on the mats. I Physical Exercise With Coordination cmd Style- mnastio 1' Ct GYMNASTICS TEAM Cleft to rightj Middle row: Virginia Anaya, Chris Butler, Betty Hoffinann. Splitting: Lisa Taliaferro, Elinor Nichols, Franei Collins, Theresa Pitzbugb, Kelley Brooks, janet Folk. Kneeling: Catby Osterlunel janis Dodge, Raenette Baker, Lynette jones, Lynnett Hunt, Candy Pino, Connie Collins. Standing: jeanette Francis, Stephanie Bellanto, Marcqf Nelson, Teresa Pil- grim, Robin Hojjinan, lisa Ferro, Kelbf Lake, Sue Ballew. K Not pictured' jennifer Hodnettj 1 78 Girls' SportsfPur:suits ' jeanette - a long ways down 2 1973-74 Gymnastics team proved to a success. The girls practiced several es a week, while Coach Linda Rabio put her time and wrt to make each 'peryhrm to the best of their ability. e girls practice to peryifct their routines 1' moves on the unevens, mats, balance m and vaulting. ey have been classzfed into three gps: novice, beginners, and low inter- iate. Ie novice girls are Sue Ballew, Stephanie -lato, Kelley Brooks, Franci Collins, sis Dodge, Robin HM'man, Lynnett 'nt, Cathy Osterlund and Teresa Pil- 71. beginners are Virginia Anaya, Rae- e Baker, Chris Butler, Connie Collins, sd Ferro, Theresa Fitzhugh, janet ' , Jeanette Francis, jennwr Hodnett, rcey Nelson, Elinor Nichols, Candy o, and Lisa Taliaferro. le low intermediates are Betty Hof nn, Lynette jones, and Kelb Lake. Franci Collins - demonstrating her style on the balance beam. Lynette jones -perfecting her moves on the balance beam Girls' Sports!Pun'uits 1 79 "B" Team Takes Second Place GIRLS' BASKETBALL Butler, Donna Hammley, Therera Ray, Sharon Olrxon. Bach Row: Sheri Clark, Linda Woinofhi, Barham Gehrig, Lori Perry. Not Pictufeel' Dehhie Santa Maria, Gwenda Webster TEAM Hey? to rzghtj First Row: Cathy hifi Dehhie ana' Gwenda - working as a team 180 Girls' Sports!Punuits L - Aim. Shoot. Basketball Seo "B" Team AHS OPR 'Campolindo 1 7 35 'Clayton Valley 22 21 Tpddffd 28 7 A 'Concord 21 1 1 'College Park 36 1 0 - Campolindo 20 21 Berkeley 41 40 Miramonte 26 9 Del Valle 31 1 7 F Acalaner 1 7 22 'non-league .:t,, -fi-z--3 17" ' W" si.9V'V'f' '11 - ' ' 'z 0 ' ma-.J -1,1 '11 Lori - I wonder J I can shoot that far. J0Ceb,,,,ge,,Up,f The 1973-74 "A" Girls' Bashethall Team improved their record over last year with 4 wins, 6 losses. This year Coach Dorna Andersen was able to devote all her time to the "A" Team while Coach Sherry Endicott took the "B" Team. Sheri Grilli was the high scorer of the season with 82 points followed hy Lori Ren- shaw with 66 points. The team was invited to the Cloverdale and Del Valle GAA Invitational Tourna- ment. They received a second place trophy at Cloverdale and came in sixth place at Del Valle. 'Aw Team Brings Home cz Second Place Trophy 'ard "A" Team AHS OPR gs 20 23 44 31 23 20 46 40 28 30 19 h28 39 27 32 Q9 48 21 40 GIKT5' BASKETBALL "A" TEAM HW to right js Sheri Grilli, jocebm DeGuzman,' captain, Margie Fnshze, Karen McNamer, Karen Stranaf Dehhie Rzppee, Sue Olsson, Cindy Thiersen, Lori Renshaw. Not Pictured' Karen Machado, Karen Meyer. Girls' Sports !Pu1:suits 1 81 W J ! ! 3 3 w 5 5? be E! GIRLS ' BADMINTON TEAM fleft to rigbtj Fin! Row.' linda Schulte, Nadeab Dajani, Angela Wilson, Debbie Pereira. Second Row: Linda Lovelace, Pearl Pereira, Debbie Yo11elL Malia Walker, Sue Trebino. Back Row: Katby Farizell, Brenda Howell, Coaeb Vera Verdi, Marie Lambert, Karen Meyer Arms Waving, Rackets Swinging, Birds Flying Kb i Malia - Hey, it went over the net! 182 Girls' Sport: fPur:ruil.r .,.... 1-. G N w A Angela - I think I 'll dink it over: .T r N Nadeah - Dorff worry, I 'll get it. 's The Badminton Business Linda - Smash with grace linda - Returned with a side pedal M s' ' ssss ss,ws2s s Dehhie - Up and Over Girls' Sport.r!Pursuiis 183 184 Adr!P1muit.f hm: -2 ' 9, i'4f.wn.,ex----gt 7 --'Mf,5'g?14f 4Qw 5" -:.ew'm,?0z" .4 Q . -. I Mu wgqe.-O 3 ..i:...' M . H --1 . 1- J- ,fix ..--,K me :jul .' '30-1 ' W ., gf: 1 mln' ,nv 'A A . ,.,mfs1E.,1 f 'w ai ,mwzzq - ,ww ' 'N' ' -5531-533' -' Q Vf"5fi7?1i-'ff " '?1 V 'A" I "r1'79-'WW-b?vfeegJ-YA . L13 "'U9.em4.:f-' l'.iA'f3'Z3'3-w J ,N A 'ima-1?g'r':"gg1Qi.5a " g5,,wg.,,: 3, ..jQj5r1c-f-'3Qf,. .. 4 "vw ,. .f H" ' H '?':C.'tf ,nj-V322 . ., ,.-'P-V 4 O flgofogmflfy fm N1-:NNI I, .N 2 M..-,L , .A 3 ,,--',., 1. -5, ,nn .. . .fy- f+- 4 . p, V . v -fe ,aMfw+'.'W- - -1 'W' UMM Q J Scans! g W p 3133 -T ' HTEQGM 1 ,. ' MmFb,i .f. M- ,- ..- ' F. .114 W-, -' 5.-, - -. .-' .waz-. ' - u 1554 IA ' 'mu :- 'i T ., .,- .4-, . ,-g2iaJ,'P' ' in , A - - 44fvma.:'fvF1vWwn ?f392gL H"' gm -W 755 ALHAM PLEASE A "Q USTOM SENIOR GRADUATION IN NATURAL COLOR 'Gas 'W1.' .,Q1iN ? In .4 V , -, 'Q ', . .. vp . 1., v ,.r., LL ,t WL.: 2. '- -Ith- . . mnnufz, cALlCiEl'frHoNf 22s-19o94 ' LOT M ENTRANCE CLOSED SUNDAY 81 MONDAY , fi., 4Ql"' 'Q 15 9 GN if is P +A' G 'ff 5 J 081 I A' 0 QF , ,Ts W' a'. Fr . - ff 1' J' 1- " 'L QT. 1? 'cv 'S 1- rx s .C Q .1 'N Aafr!Pu1Suits 185 CABLEVISION by TELEVENTS of CALIFORNIA, INC. Cabled Television af iI"s Finesf 700 D Sfreef Marfinez, California 94553 Phone 228-0600 Congrafulafions fo fhe Graduafing Class of '74! If is inferesfing fo nofe fhaf Televenfs began serving Marfinez families fhe year fhaf you enfered school, l962. We feel fhaf we have confribufed fo your educafion and en+er+ainmen+ by providing you and your family fhe besf in felevision recepfion. During 'I'he fwelve years you have been receiving your educafion, Televenfs has been insfrumenfal in bringing picfures of many momenfous and hisfory-making evenfs info your home - happenings from all over fhe world, and even explorafion of ofher planefs. Televenfs plans fo confinue fo serve you and your children. We hope fhaf fhe fufure holds only happiness and success for you and all fhe Alhambra High sfudenfs who 'Follow YOU. Cable TV af i'I"s finesf! ygggcgygg3mfnfl?,4.'?f2?' f 2fiw"fi f--I In Sihlrfv MUN if? ikif 5 f 'Neat' I H k ., . ,.l. ..,A., - ,,,. R ,,., M, - -,., I .. - I I ' wL.k. Q ...,,. Q Q J' , ' '- I f 'K 'W" Q - - '- . I h vsly ii i : v,,. 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FITZPATRICK, MD PHILLIPS PETROLEUM COMPANY ARTLESVILLE OKLAHOMA 74004 ALHAM BRA DELICATESSEN 1. 33 I4 Alhambra Ave. 228-3857 MlLT'S APPLIANCE I I636 Pacheco Blvd. 228- I 543 Adf!P CONNOLLY 84 TAYLOR I GOLDEN WEST P 4000 Alhambra Ave. 3925 Alhambra Ave. 228-4700 228-8700 ANGELO'S RESTAURANT REED'S STATIONARY 436 Ferry S+- 724 Main S+. 228-9947 228-2I I9 NORMAN W. MCDONALD D. HAYWARD D. D. S. D. S. 706 Ferry 647 Green Sf. 228-6734 228-0436 STEVE'S EXXON 4l4l Alhambra Ave. V 228-2278 I DIAMOND RETREAD SERVICE Re+reads 40I Green S+. 228-64I1 sNooK's I 836 Main S+. 228-I973 I PAYLESS CLEANERS L 7I2 Main S+. 228-3565 DR. B. M. WHISENAND BERGER'S EQUIPMENT HOFFMAN'S LIOUORS 400 Ferry S'I'. Premium Wines- 80I Main S'I'. Money orders 228-5848 B r- 228-2695 Liquors- 9 AdrfP McGOWAN AND ASSOCIATES Insurance Brokers 2284928 BUD'S PORK CHOP 8 I 5 Main S+. 228-9807 AL'S PAINTS 625 Main S+. .nM's T. v. SERVICE mms 5ggg4gjgf+' ALLEN'S UPHOLSTERY ' 4495 Pacheco Blvd. 229-I457 ADAM'S MARKET I622 Pacheco Blvd. 228-I370 SPARACINO'S MEN WEAR 732 Main S+. 228-583I LOYOLA M. D. 606 Ward S+. 4300 Ar+hur Road 228-39I I Q 228-9990 2 JERRY R. KRAMER, D. M. D. MACAZIfp:fEgIa'?AIvliRSERY 822 Alhambra Ave. 228-66l0 228-5226 HERUTH 8: MCNEELY, CPA BRAY, BALDWIN, EGAN, ZACHI'i'm'jEB:'jfGUET AND BREITWIESER Box 332352, Ca. 94553 Wa5g8T2g5TrrY BUSCHKE F. E. D. D. S. Adr!P GRANSHAW'S FLORIST FRANCES AND WILBERT HALL 228-I I00 827 Main S+ "Bes+ Wishes fo +I1e Class of "74" MARTINEZ PLUMBING CO. 700 Min S+. Marfinez, Calif. 94553 S+. Con. Lic. No. 284477 228- I 962 MARTINEZ SANITARY SERVICE 7000 Main S+. 228-9363 "STAUFFER CHEMICAL COMPANY" I00 Mococo Rd. 228-5530 EVERETT F. JOHNSGN 110 one! l. 228-01 96 State Farm Insurance m eria -C r ser- mou 825 Ferry S+. 228-075I 9 AdsfP sALEM's SHOE REPAIR LESZHTQESH' 7I I Ferry S+. Mamnez 228-6232 Phone: 228-5083 MARTINEZ PETROLEUM MD. 3575 Pacheco Blvd. 700 Alhambra Ave. 228-2222 CAMPUS BARBER SHOP DR- 284I Alhambra Ave. I000 Pine S+. 223-9790 228-5500 - We never ge+ Ios+, everyone +eIIs us where +o go . . . DR- S- P- BRADSHAW JOHNNY MILLER TRAVEL I2l0 Alhambra Ave. METROPOLITAN VAN 8: STORAGE INC. 635 Escobar S+. 228-23I8 COATS MD. IgZ0Cfl,A,lI?5Ll I IOI Thompson S+. 228-0520 CCZB4Tp.E5l33II:,?RE MUIR LODGE MOTEL 228,0l I7 I 3930 Alhambra Ave. A 228-3308 24 Hou: - -Alhambra and H S+. Towing Mar+inez, Ca. 228-7H5 228-45l0 ASSOCIATION San Francisco Main Office: 9I0 Main Ads! Pu ACE HARDWARE MARINA LOUNGE I 3503 Pacheco Blvd. I 50l Main S+. 228 6l35 'I' 1' 228 2936 MARTINEZ MARINE CENTER I I Nor+h C+. P. O. Box 447 228-4188 DON CLITES - 0 94 Adr!P ' 4? GRANDE'S SHOES MARTINEZ FURNITURE 605 Main S+, 5l6 Ferry S+. 228-2360 228-5200 TV REPAIR LM! S 81 J ELECTRONICS RAY KEAN 2845 Alhambra Ave. TV and Radio 228-254 I Repairs 3725 Alhambra Ave 228-5226 SNACK BAR PACIFIC FURNITURE 729 Ferry S+, I 4I 3 Ferry S'I'. 228-6 I 27 228-4435 AdsfPu1:vuit.f 195 film' LAlRD'S MARKET FISH-N-CHIRPS 94I A hambra Ave. Pe+s and Pe'I' Supplies 228-0531 530 Main S+. 220-I I ll FRANCO'S FLORIST 736 Main S+. 228- I 525 7 , 7,,,,J GLENN'S HOUSE OF 7 HAIRSTYLES l l224 Pine S+. A228-2775 Waco 2,,, 22,,p FFICE 7 EQUIPMENT A IP R 81 J LIQUORS OFFICE 2505 Pacheco Blvd. 2340 Pacheco Blvd. 228-509 I 228-7700 - 96 Adr!Pum4 I H Q I 335.35 POP'S LIQUORS 623 Main S'I'ree'I' 228-5 I 5 I IWWWQW5' ,WWI 'ff I ' ' Q A 81 W ROOT BEER DRIVE IN B500 AII1a mbra Ave. 228-3373 Congra+uIa+ions +o Ihe Class of "74" Adf!Pzmuit.r 197 G R E G 0 FARMER'S INSURANCE GREGSON'S MARKET l620 Pacheco Blvd. For all your insurance needs, call 36l0 Pacheco Blvd. 228- I 278 Bob Avila 223-5532 U Ell'3"'4'l5 DR. KENT HOBERT AND DR. R.K. FUJIMOTO I2 I 0 Alhambra Ave. 228-657I Congralulalions +o l'he class of I974 WELLS FARGO BANK 902 Main Sl. 2 228-.l500 .- 9 Ads!P S NS WINES DlGARDI'S WINERY DAI 3785 Pacheco Blvd. Rl- NO- 2 BOX 391 We Make Punches for Parlies. 228-2638 228-83 l l DR. S.?i AMS SPORTSMEN BARBER sl-IOP 730 Main 228-2640 602 Fwy Sheel E. H. MCRKENI M. D. DR. S. P. SILVEIRA I2l0 Alhambra Ave. I407 Pine S+. 228-I l24 ? GEORGE FRESCHI l 3 I 2I Alhambra Avenue I NSU RANCE 228-0920 Adr!Pu MARTINEZ CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL 4l I0 Alhambra Way 228-4260 BANK OF CALIFORNIA 634 Main S+ree+ 228-l I I I Congre'IuIa'l'ions, Class of I974 AdsfPunu 3' W 4 sv., www: ,W , 5 , we 1 Y NWN ,M - i ' M iL . an 2 4 1 Wwgfxoirv l N Z . W' 5 ,, . S 5 . MD' R 4 ' ' ixi 'Q' ' Q Q 'Miz f, -Q. , .1,k 0' 1 . 'Q' ' 52 Q 1 I RU, ., Q jr ,flaw wwf, WB, Nw? '94 A 5' NHC' If In aa Q sn. . i Q Q . 7 5- AA., K 1- an TINEZREFINERY W Mi? 5 XM , DELLA ROSA TRUCKING 228-0550 2385 Pacheco Boulevard A Success +o +he Graduaies of I974! p . L ,.,,,. . . '- , X' -'-- ,.., V. -L it , Qi, ,jig .,,-1 .V,.ei'5:fS'x:k f',E3?.1- an 1,1 5PgY"55g,, A ' ' Hee- . R' 1 .K .1 , ,,.. .. K A V A .. 2 7 ,F K fm. . Lf.-.f lf- -N-i-www f ff- - - . ,, .,.. .L-m,1.s,., , .x,.f,..5k-,K , ,,-1i,u,: , 1:,M,gff,M.,g:f, .N .,R:,,,W .,.:. - ,. f . ,,, A K-,E f----kf .- ,... M,,.., - , f ., , k,., A. :V i f- Q -QW. , .W f, -ul: mi.. . .L.., . ,,,... ,.., I , I ,,...,,.. ., X N DELLA ROSA BROTHERS TRUOKINGJNC. P. O. Box 470 Phone f4I5l 228-9452 Adf!Pumzit.v 203 ,. ggi? , i . . A.. L 3 E , DIABLO TRANSPORTATION 55I Buchanan Circle 685-3933 T Pacheco, Ca. PAUL'S OF MARTINEZ 52l Alhambra Ave. 3595 Good Luck on your fufure endeavors. AdrfP1muit: 205 ' A - 5 ,I W in M W... ,WX M, . 5' ,., . . " - 'i . f A S. 5, Q JA" I 2-W. if A r ' I Q- - A - .1 A . T1W"'-fri WL.. . A- Lx,, p .fx -1 S' 2' i3'4"" V-fi" ., ...wifi-fififirif' A ,LW ,QA I - . , ET If - -A '13 - A W: - A S ,gk 6, , 4 fi If ,EJ M.. ., , ,... ..f......7,. 4, , f f . ,Q 'T -a Awww. ,gx x X. , 111- , ,. g.:,.., .. 1-' A 5 X- ., .. I ' 1 ,I . -vi. x . ' . - - . ,Q ., X wrt.. J. --. 3 Q. T ' ii!-, . ' . . ...g,gag,,mgg4.. ..,. ht If -I p l. I I1 ,... .. -- 1 1 - 5. 1 fin. S 4 s Q1 s S' 2145 " f - I' 3-if , Q 12 u f xaaxsis T Q ,5 A Ai -A :zg.:,z2f'z:22'1 -I A 'S A A SSTT or - CHARRETTE'S BAKERY 70 I Main Sfreef 228-7934 CLUB D.R.A. OF MARTINEZ, Boa rd of Direcforsz Ifar Ief'I'I: Royce W. Heckendorn I I I - Vice Pres., Herberi A. Williams Jr. - Treasurer, Evereff W. Harness - Superinfendenf of Affairs, David H. Wills. - Sec., Ifar rigI1+I: David A. Rich - Presidenfl Founder. "D.R.A. Easfbay aII 'I'he way since I967." "BeIieving in educafion fhrough Civic Affairs and Ac'I'ivi+ies." AUTO PARTS SALES 639 Ward Sfreef 228-6060 Congrafulafions fo fhe class of '74 Gene Shimmel Keifh Heiser 228-0777 Ga ry Heiser 24 Hour Emergency Service AL NORVILLE GLASS CO. Glass for Everyfhing Aufo, Home, Sfore Picfure Framing Insurance Work Free Esfimafes 8 I 8 Green Sf. Ma rfinez, California ' .:,.4-.... INDUSTRIAL LUMBER I8I Howe Road 228-2486 206 Adr!Pum1itJ Dear Adver+isers, 'klghe I! 974 Torch Sfaff would like +o +hank you for your suppor+ in helping finance our oo . Our budgel' for +his year was an es+ima+ed S9,000g 307, of which was accoun+ed 'For fhrough your purchase of ads. The purchase of your ads enabled us +o lower +he price of +he yearbook 'From 58.00 'ro 56.00, which is wha+ we would have 'ro sell 'I'he Torch for wi+hou+ Adver+ising. The amouni' of supporl' given +o us by +he Mar+inez merchan+s is grea+er +han +ha+ of any o+her Confra Cosfa communi+y. We apprecia+e your pa+ronage and hope +ha+ you con+inue i+ in 'rhe years +o come. SQSSTX 'X'lDDT" Thank You, . Q ,ww wx T ' wil' yQ5r,k xlib J THE ALHAMBRA TORCH S+aH 3 i i RN RACHELLE'S "OTHER i STORE" Rachelle Dorris, Owner Karen Behrens, Mgr. 228-20l0 RICHARD'S TEXACO SERVICE INC. Afrer we sell, We serve. Comple+e service and repairs fron? end alignmenf - all makes 3850 Alhambra Ave. 228-9777 CHAPOT APPRAISER 832 Escobar 228-2822 We would like +o give a special 'lhanks +o Nenni Pho+ography 8: Co. for all 'rheir help lhroughoul' +his pasl' year. Thank You, THE ALHAMBRA TORCH STAFF AdrfPur.fuil5 207 L' Y-w PD. Box 787 CELLINI INC. 2 I 0 Fos+er S+. 228-7525 606 Ferry S+- B 8: B BILLIARDS Maffinel. Ca- The class of '54 congra+ula1'es 'I'he class of '74. 208 Ads !Pumzil5 Energy Crisis 1974 K sAs 1974 rounded the corner, another year bounded in to our midst. With it came another product of American Society t- the great "Energy Crisis." As a result, people have been forced to wait in long gas lines, cut travel, turn down their heaters, august to a time change, and cut electricity use. The Energy Crisis, while taking its course, has also ey-Wcted Alhambra High School. Like everyone else, we have been subject to an unwelcome aayustment. Students have euperif enced what it is like to go to school in the dark, work in thaMheated classrooms, and adopt to a suppbf shortage. All of us have had to sacrfce something in order to survive this "monster" of society. just as nature takes its course, however, so does societyf and las the Energy Crisis is our main problem this year -it will in return - die to something greater in the future. Again we will be expected to become accustomed to the change and gagain we must sacrzfce our luxuries for what is most needed Such is the cost of living in this society and being a l part of the present. ii 5 I'l-JA BG' R 2917. 5- Drop in Enrollment Affects M artinez School District A rapid ckcline in enrollment has affected the Martinez School District. With several schools reporting low levels of attendance, and classes growing smaller each year, the situation has turned into a major dilemma. Notices have been given to ten jirst year teachers throughout the District that they will not be reemployed for the 1974-75 school year because of declining enrollment. An acbiitional 10 teacherzs will not return next year due to retirements and reszgnations. This dilemma is not expected to change in the foreseeable future, however. With Alhambra recording its lowest number of students in 10 yearzs, attendance it expected to drop below 1300 next year. The Martinez junior High and Elementary Schools, as well as other schools throughout the area, have reported similar declines in enrollment. How will this decline affect the stucurnts throughout the District? Hthzs decrease continues, it will be necessary to cut sports programs, school activities, and other extracurricular activities due to lack J funds. Students will find fewer teachers, larger classes, and a limited suppb of materials with which to work. Many elective courzses will be eliminated and required classes will be given frost consideration. We will all definitehr be involved in this situation and should look upon the matter with great concern. W W ifrA"fs5 5 ,gf "' . ss - -- A V f ' "51H?fs-Hs: . '-" ew, '- .5qgfg:-g'-- 1 f ' - " 1:7 :gfsfg s , "" , ' 'xg T c, 5U I' 211 X 1 Teachers Leave After Years of Service 'eye s. hue! Mr. Leyland 'fIack" Holder - English and Spanish teacher has also decided to retire from his teaching career after this year: Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of meeting, or being taught by this man, is well aware ofthe great char- acter he has been blessed with. Known kr his many jokes and stories - a student cannot escape the year without hearing of his being in R1pley's BELIEVE IT OR NOT and his many traveling experiences. His roses are items which he takes great pride in, and are the topic of many a conversation. But it is the man him- seh' which everyone knows. A person who loves lw and all its treasures - he will be greatb missed by all. Very sel- dom do pewle have the pleasure of meeting someone who has so great a quality about them, and Mr. Holder is such a person. May he have happiness and many beauti- ful times in the future. We wish him well 212 is A woman of style and exceptional character, Mrs.Q Vera Verdi is retiring this year after 21 years of serv- ice. ' Mrs. Verdi came to Alhambra in 1943. For 21 years she has been a Girls' Physical Education Teacher, spe-E cializing in such subjects as badminton, first aiaC and various types of excercising courses, she has won the hearts of many students. She is the type of person whom you can never forgetf Constantb trying to give everything she can, she can always be depended on to be there when help is needed Her personality, charm, and concern will be missed by everyone who has grown to know her during the past J years. We hope that her years to come are happy ones, and that she Ends all the things in lW she is searching for. 1 Mrs. Maxine Barber leaves her 18 year teaching career this year. She has taught in Oregon, Washing- ton, and here at Alhambra. A homemaking teacher, she puts everything she has learned through the years into her work. A woman of considerable individuality, she tries to take advantage of her knowledge. Mrs. Barber is constantbf trying to be friends with her pupils. Sharing with them all she can about the proper techniques in home-economies. Mrs. Barber is a lady with great pride. Feeling con- siderable love for her job, there is seldom a day that she does not give her all. Expecting the best from herseh' and others, she tries to make her students appreciate the work they are doing. Her many years of teaching have been greatb apprecif, ated and her presence will be missed Though she is retiring, her teaching will be remembered hr years to come. We wish her well Mrs. Elizabeth Dunning: Counselor at Alhambra High School, will be leaving her pos- ition aber many years of service. Mrs. Dunning is a woman who puts all the Mrt she has into her work. Her job being to hehn students, she tries to become acquainted with all the individuals she meets. Interest and concern for others, makes her the rare person she is. Caring about others weh'are, Mrs. Dunning is always willing to listen when a person turns to her. This quality with which she works, and lives enables her to appreciate everyone hr what they are. Onb giving her best, she will be a great loss to all. Quality is a rare item, but hers is some- thing which will be hard to replace. We hope that the rest of her LW is happy and filled with great joy. 213 A Teacher of Rare Abilities, Mr. ,lack Hodgman Retires jack Hodgman retired at the beginning of this year after 18 years at Alhambra. He was advised by his doctor that his legs, crippled by polio in his early childhooaj could no longer endure the rigors QI classroom teaching without permanentbf afkcting his ability to walk. Mr. Hodgman started the Auto Shop program with little or no equipment 18 years ago as well as being the first teacher Qt craj? classes here. He is best known by students and teachers, however, as the drahing instructor, a position he held hr eight years prior to his retirement. During his eight years as a drafting teacher, his students won more than 200 firstplace awards at the Contra Costa Fair - a record by any standard Despite his physical handicap, Mr. Hodgman built a two-story house with the aid Q' his teen-age daughter and his wk. Several years ago he built a sailboat from an old IW boat hull Those who came in daibf contact with Mr. Hodgman have never stopped marveling at his many skills, which include flying an airplane, as well as facing any type of machinery. We will soreb miss Mr. Hodgman, and we wish this unusualbf talented man many happy years pursuing his broad and varied interests. 214 5 Mr. ,lean Gambrill Fights to Resume His Teaching Career f 4 4 W4 r. jean Gambrill, machine shop teacher at Alhambra jhrjhur yeans prior to this year, was hosbitalized with a severe circula- on problem in Jubl, 1973. He came by school this .gvring aber having a leg amputated his spirit and determination to return is the classroom undaunted r. Gambrill's sense of humor and his dedication have been sorebf missed this year. His class prmects, including cans made m cast-of lawn mower parts, have been observed more than once going around the track on Knowles Field vi r. Gambrill served as a pilot in the U. S . Air Force bwre he started his teaching career here. Ve .sincerebf hope to see Mr. Gambrill with us at Alhambra next year. 215 'P' +5 I U A-L.. 'WH-Q.. I hav hun tha people are w at o needs never he without. With help an indioidual can learn the meaning of friendship, concem, understanding, love, responsibility and happiness. Without people to teach you, one would he unahle to enjoy lk. By hirnsem a person can onbl experience loneliness, indeczsion, and kan' joined hy a friend he can learn what "helonging" and "heing" realhz is. Alone a person cannot function, assisted he can conquer the world Thank you hr letting ine helong and jhr being part of your LW. Dani 1 A Y 217 W ev 70-44 s r Mr. Lawler - Someone All His Uwn. William David Scott Lawler: Alias "Scott", "Dad", "Bud", "Coach", "Sport", and of course, "M r. Lawler". Who is he? English teacher, journalism teacher, Torch advisor, father and friend He is a man of many faces, none of which can he forgotten. Physicalbr he is a gray haired - hearded man. Never with- out his hriqf case, pipe, and seldom not wearing his red sweater. Mentalbr he is a man of great character. Sometimes over- eager, pushy, nerve-racking, ahsent minded, and unhearahle. He can also he sweet, cheerful, easy to get along with, and a realbf special individual 218 M rx Lawler is a man of determination and goals. -He strives hr the hest and puts all hzs ,wrt into getting it. He can oben he found working on the lr most every Sat- urday and Sunday. Not hecause he zs heing paid hut hecause he enjoys it and cares ahout helping create something as .goe- 'cial to all as a yearhook. Being himsel Setting goals and achieving them, helping others accomplish tasks. Living and Loving lk hr every- thing it contains. Never giving up when the outlook is had Thzs is the man that leaves such a mark in everyones lives. In his own special way, he shows the meaning of love, happi- ness, and joy and it is hecause of this that we feel he zs a GREA T MA N. Scott You re ct Man, 0 Great Yitlent. M, HK ... , i Q, fc.. Scott: We would like to thank you hr Satur- day lunches, music, portahle heaters, car rides, and phone calls at 9:00 in the morning. Without you we would never haue learned the skills hehind making layouts, cropping pictures, writing copy-headlines-copy, selling ads, and fguring the nurnher of picas per line. We appreciate you hehbing us learn the faces of frustration, discour- agernent, anger, aggraoation, joy, faith, concern and appreciation. Thank you for hehfning us grow and learning to accept resoonsihility. But most of all we would like to thank you hr heing part of our lives. Looe, The Gang 219 In Mem0riam!Shirlegf Mahoney You silent tents of green We deck with fragrant flowery Yozm has the suffering been, The memory shall he ozm. DECORATION DAYQ ST 6 h N 220 1 wx pl., , In Memoriam!Huhert WY Stajyelhach A Psalm of LM' fExee1ptsj Tell me not, in mournful numbers, "LW is hut an empty dream!" For the soul is dead that slumhers, And things are not what they seem. Not enjoyment, and not sorrow, ls our destined end or way, But to act, that each to-morrow Find us farther than to-day. Let us, then, he up and doing, With a heart jhr any fate, Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to lahor and to wait. - Longkllow . . . How pleasant the lk ofa bird must be, Skirnrning about on the breezy sea, What a joy it must be to .wail upborne . . . To meet the young sun, face to face. . . And .qnead out the wings hr a wilal free flight. 1 How pleasant the lf' ofa bird must be, . . . To go when a joyful fancy calls. . . . Whatjoy it must be, like a living breeze, To flutter about 'mid the flowering trees, Lightly to .roar and to see beneath The wa.fte.f J the blouomingpurjnle heath, And the yellow furze, likefieldr of gold That gladden sornefairy region old' On ntountaintops, on the billougy sea, On the leafj' stems of the hrext trees, How pleararlbeiw ofa bird must be! - Many Howitt Ox ' Ju .foie P21 222 wrjjw Qigq- 'D"""""f,:,L,., . Xocfv 67 ,f 005 Xlwq x5 Xwq, V , ,xv -XOQA' :KO K' QX " 1'1" wifi? CN 0 Ve'A3QuwNlg7 50 iijlff u xx CLIP-CLOP, CLIP-CLOR Q T be bone moves with grace and beauty. I Trotting, Galloping, Marching, Dancing, my Running, Bucking, Cantering, jumping. Q 9 Always skilb'uL Never doubtfub V . B aoe ana' courageous, sure andproud ou Neoerhrgotten is . ' Never unseen. 1 He is tbe backbone of progress. HJ G09 eu Tbe spirit of Indqtendence. I Tb b I f ry le lab nd le' esyrn o o uto , asu , or, a zsure. d ' - ,u Heir. . .LIFEJ WJ M ' ' - Dani . mn.. , L 224 A X42 F 'ff' gf! 0' 3-'X 4 D555 5 x ol" Q4 Qc? 'CCQ71 QQ W x5"lv"' L A gif? A 134, 5' 5:5 Li 5? X -yfld '-955 !:.L4'y'i ? -'Bus 124.5542 Mllnvw "np '-arm' ,mm B 1. ff"""f . -M W 'W' 4' H iicfnfxffxxqiifu +W- fi NO ta ww 'M W Q Mmafww wifiwfgffiiw QQ Jw yu M WO, 7 My 59559 U 'K.:., xgS Egan? "' QV 3 5259 ,1- QML: ' YA 013.03 193 'lean Qi' vi' .P ' a 2.0" vs J 5 9" 9 Cl MX JV qw . ' fv ,Q , A ,gin W W is hkky, 1 N ,Vgg . M V' , m 1 ' wi 1 7... 'S WNW Nxtw, J , ., .., ,...., "X"-"Vh' , W ., QV" Y" ff' ' 4, new Q. xxx .1 annex?- .ua r ' 0 v . x". V-.uv . H, i ,NA.,., 7 X ,Q fx M: 'Y I-, MQ' 1' Q... ,S-,W , , . A J o 4 I -Ut ,,. 1 4' L il ':v"1y,g ii 'y AVN lb lx! -7 is Ig A Q 15, ,, .wf if .N rf ff gf' yfk , In l N .,1 A+.J ww W viffyfjf '5' C7 f G I ' Q 7 ' '?JL'kt f' 7 Q f f N .,,iQ-'N'

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