Alhambra High School - Torch Yearbook (Martinez, CA)

 - Class of 1973

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Alhambra High School - Torch Yearbook (Martinez, CA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 256 of the 1973 volume:

ug. . N f WNUM599 Qaiww Z? gig WW LLJKZU' fl GMM-f ,awww if Qwffw ,fifzof , 4 Torch 1973i"' lh bro High School Martinez, Colifornio x x V ' V vial, 4,611 '. , ,- 5' ., Xl ,, One generation passeth away and another generation Cometh. . . Ecclesiastes if n L gs 04- . -s AU.: X Q A ,iff 83. 43? ,X . 5 - ,,f- ' 1 1. P ,A 9 , .fd as his 1. Y xy T ,-.1 N f-' : A af . vw 9! p J. 1 .' ' s rr 1 -...N -1? 'V 1 . ...L -.5 v ' 2-4 -51" tv' 4 Q. ll n .ug J? ' -A 1 ,M-'f' 45,1 + 'gl-S , J' l x V s,g' ,.,,Vn .1 .a ' ' ' 1 H, r . l ' ' A f'.f Q 5' 'Q' JW QM. 6 QV, fs 1 '- nv." fi .ga 1 .4 F ,viuiw .e A nm I I 9' .r, .. . F , 0 . tx in f of ll " 'W' J' F' r m,- . 4 J 43' I ,.. ff v x I. n - :avi WIA..- V' ,Ek ,.,, . L- , 1. , .suv ...- r 5' L -K lv ,. F. ii 2' 'F' 1' 1 '..' 54: -K .S-'fd 5 34 Y -.. f . F 1 .4 fv-'1lV.,,5 A - 'P' I Q '9?0y ,X . .,p . ' 1-'e I sq Lf 'E X A. B- F. V v - A h .M K'- -N. V 41 l Q is ' x ,xl l -3 D Nj YQ' ll." . ' , -ik. 'l x N ' xi Q - .. wa' V 5 xi! XTQ 1 Q 1 4 ' l ' ' ' 'gm Table of dents M ' . 'ff' , Q, ' : Aw' sz1..,,s fu, u-.4-"thy . xv K - 5' , ll A 4. e Classes... ...l6 N , '.m,x , ' 5 Sports .. ...98 . 1. lf 'fl IX .Activities .. .... l42 ' V 'i L xv. , ,Q"!fQ , A ' 'Clubs... ....... .,'...l6 -- -A A q rg' ' x I Faculty .... ' .-fr. .nf Sf. . si 1, . ln Memoriam ,208 ""l 5 f u -N . e . . s ' '-J . Q ' . Dedication . g 1--E xl in s AClS.'...l .... ...2l4 ' f o if. I L 4 4 A' 5 X , , w - gs'sg--1111..2sea.f..l-ww f 44- . Hhs. 4 x l ,. x 'ga .,g -gf: ' 5 'F ,fa ZW x Us ex I 'ef' ' ,V 1,5 Q-. 8 ua Y fggfifs NX 4,5 'QI ri' 'js Vw -gytayt 1 . Q5 W ,ff 'Quai A A Q3-if swgail .-f-""""' iL,g,.,-qmalF""' ., , A 5 5 E 3 E , , .Wg Q: QV ,f ' .- 95:7 w vu' Y, .pi?,i 1. ' if if- 4-,Sz 97151. A- ,ff ff Y x my 9 1, ,, 1 ,, Q1 52? W 2? '25 Tv? if 'Y' S, E Tx: if RA T' W""g'?wwseas1P Ew'f"" We 155 'Husain' gf! uefiw 5619 Q 5 Pia 1, And he taught them,' they tried. And he told them,' they listened. And he explained to themg they understood. And he questioned them . they responded. 2?-?uf1"" 'x , .f,., .- ya'-, f I-'V ' QQ, B ,mf , Q I ' ' 'vw ' - . N., . 5 Y ' , - V-A ' ' ,, , Z h nt-I-A 11- -Q -' we . ,K ,1i5,E55:1:f1-:":i A :IA -.,,,9Lvwfp-0-" A W ' . " gi". .n .. 1 - ' . nf-'L ff . . f- ii - ,, ' Q 1 ff "" ' - rn - 5 :mf Ma- 4 ! AA- EW!-, ' 1- H 1' M. ?b. ' :.liZ,..:--,Ly ,., J g I ' Q - . ...,.-- ,, .. . - - 5" ' - -1:1 ,I-' Ga 'l - sr . ... ', f LIQAV-f" " 9 - .wijfif ,fy f 'A' .va " r, - ' YE , , .f V X .. W lg, 1 . v ' . X . X - g fi, -fl whv-fu w 0 Li. , ff l S . my it - , " .- 'N "5 'tzf-Q-H-su - -- , K W lifes- +R 'M f gil:-'fb-f+gQg'j3:l'T"n-'ff ' 'M -- - " V X " .7747 M - ' mv: -f - . , V ' '?"" -X N' .X - . it ' 1 J L, L- Q ,. A 'X , , wigs -r r-r - Q " Av- M, u V J xy -V1 -. ,I ' . ' f " - ' -' . 1 sm- ' ' ifiifx ,. ., ' -I-waH ' i "f J 'L '5'7:f2ri'f "Yz5a?'Ji1'ki1 ' '- 5 5 ff Q. .,......,W V, . .,.,,..-,Him A , Mlm 51. E M I 1:F.'Jm 'F 5, 4 in V , ls- L 4-'4 , gf. 1 qr-ng ,. ., ... Gradua!iol7. . . A grows maturity. ' . ,.:,R' .KP .. , " "1of'1'Ff" "' , , Nqr - . ,K , ,, - ..w.,v-,, 5' ' mn- . ,,,. ,, , a-pf: . ,W-sw' -- . , ' . 1 ,mf + ...H ' W.-1. 1 ' S ' 1214? ' .px-Y' .. . s'?3f."t, 3. . ., .kiw 1 .1 F.if:1.'3V F 2 A Q '84 - 9 Ng.-,.,. + - f ' A' ,kwazr "WN .' 3, , , L-:,:1-W'-i V ' ities-r , . , 1 Lwjfxgb -. R .. :M . vp .gm - ',,,....,..,1:fY Q , f . JV "'7'F"' ' W' ' , .M .. "' Q V "i"'f"'f"'.1FL ' . HM, .mx ., W- , . I x 'L-,Tf".?3:kh Q ,W A vb. . " is 6-W ' . .a.feff'f f ' ., . vi' x. , f x 1-2.4-ig.. 44,1 . I . ,,g.vf.-v- warming- -fx ' ef 'A -1...1' Wi - ' -- 4 ' 'A l 1 - -ld., 1' - A , ' inn nf . V ,wiv -up t .. .hx ,,. . - - 1 F 1 K. 5, .V " V, K' .. 3 .- ? -J-Q . IV Y Y ' -4- , "' 'N n-. I 'f . F , - '-'e-w- f-... W-, 4... : - 1:5-xg vvgifi.-g.,, I , S H 'Q -S , A 1 .Q . -S' A 193: . 55" 'big' ia ' W UV- N M 7" 4. ' 'vf 1i - .nf ' F I 1 ' yu , , , .mx 1 ' i . , 3 f . nf . :nw ,mv . ,, W? sk , 1 A ,, 1 i, ,, 1 3 A , 'A . ,Q ., .... , , t ' gs? i yuh, - l ' " 921' 'RW N f ' N- " ' ,, . ' X- ' -. ,A -x h . .n .lr . -- an :-an F' 'Q A ,ji -" ' ' .xx .. . - "- V 1' .. ...Q - fi , ' ' ' . ,.4"' mmf" N wk L I . ,, . v :pi I V Il . ' 1- L 1 fn- - 'A ' 2,'' Q 3 A ' ' - ,..,...-.2........- ' ' A- f if ' ' l L - ng, . , S hihjik z m y I! A ml: Z a- lv .,g-.:,-3: . i i f ,Lg g :N J . , '-- -.1. ,Q -pi d yin . . I ' "s n, ,M Arwxm i, , e ,, ' V rs : . . 5 1, V' 1 4. 3' --sus Q ' H"-'Q 1 1 X bf 1' --f -. .. . W .V , - A , f . '---- , , " ' ' , 'YZF' Q- . . 5 1 . -. Q12 1:51-1 M..-' f" -' , , ' ,.. ' ' - W, ,, ' ' ' ' '-Amin. Q. P . N, 554 l, r 1 H, I, l 1, I A-5 ' " ' , , V - Q . . . "S-,H 4 . , I . K1 J fl f 3 1- 'y , 4, ,fs 1' ' -A., ' A' A .il ,i N ..., , , A J.l .4 ,H . -.,aq 9. .Rf ,f " 1' ,- 4' V 1. K t,, .6 -- .. v 1 , P! y -P V4 -xfp -'L Q' . 4 EJ I - - t ' . - 53- .1- - ' . 4 Y 4 4 ' df- r . ' f -ik' V , a-,A I I ,-. 'W 4 , J , vw, - u 5 Q. 5 r I' , 'NEFF' ' ff - .- fe- : -4 I f 9 Y Q It is the child in being human that will us, the sense of guide us on our way and wonder, the Compassion, will insure that we that we are striving know where we are for. This is part of going. On The Loose is 7 , A. -4 357-4:33 14 - . 11' :. , 2' -, ,, Mk. , .155 ,' 2, . ..-5" In his total being - in mind, body, and spirit, all three - man shall find his final strength. Living Water Man is only one form of life among many others which have already claimed the wilderness. Living Water is ef Y? ff ,jk U f 7+ 3 , + -' C' W' 1:55 77 WX' q A f qi fyx ' few f "ff: fgfx ff' I M , ' V .Lg 2, 6 , X , . fi ,. ,Ev - V. pw, W.. v L- 1 1 A ,'fE"Kf H' Tm, 5 4 'x -4 I. A 1 w x ' I 1, k 1. .21 .. wi ' qv-a ff 1 L.-. , A . 3 I i 'P N-5 ' :uv-"-"A" 'l , .,,..--. v.. ,as qi f . ,, K' -EM! Miflfik pr-'1 ' 1 ' 2 ' i ,. V A M 1 , . If F- 5 . I P . Q Q S. .. if i -P x ,M X 3. 1 4 :C 4 . tm' V , ,vi-" y 'H' E! . 1 . L A, - 4, E t s 's ' " '- . ,Nl , ,-3' 90 , ' 'I 'I ' . 0 11:9-?l"'4'7 'k Q. ' I I ' 'I U. S ok ."..v xii ...v h ,. ,Q' 'ca 2 5. 0 0 ,L.Lz-" 5-' ,z" .J',. v 1 . , ' . . -. ' .- N . , v :':'p',:f : .! 19" da'-Q . . . : ."x.' o U In '.' O T. ' N ,. ss.. -,, ...3...'of 0 :Q Q.. 1 , . . ' ' . l ' 5 U 0 0 . T in -' ' Q. l ' A , . Qa - 0 - . 0 , - 1 , . 4 O 5 nl. .ll ' AEI' ll-' K 'J-J." x."1'- -1' - 4, . t . Q ff 5 ' -db ' D 'I I V ' . Q '. ' I. I . . , 1' ' .. 'Hip 'M lan NN -- f 4 'il' T I :L -,Q Ma Dave Baum: Frosh Spring Representative Freshmen of '76 l l if 5 X. 1 K I eww ' Cathy Aamodt Criss Adams Tom Aguilar Tom Almond Tim Alomar Renee Andre james Andrews Dave Annis George Antunez Ron Arnall Tami Atkinson Bob August Molly Baier Ray Baker Doreen Balestri jeff Barsotti Greg Bartlett Don Bartolini Andy Barton Dave 'Baum Nancy Bellecci Charles Benson Regina Benson jeff Bentley Billy Berry Vicky Best Peter Billecci Linda Billie Vivian Borem Vern Bowman Dave Brown Terry Bruce Chris Bryant Sharon Buckalew Patti Burger Sherry Burk A serious expression hides a happy heart XBQ C' Srowing Up Together . . . Forever Steve Burke Vandetta Butler Cathy Cabral Delinda Cabral Lisa Cabral Ron Cambra Vicki Capilla Debi Capri Leslie Carone Karen Carroll Mike Castro loelle Cellini Audrey Channel Diana Charrette lanet Christian Charles Coday Franci Collins Keith Cometta Colleen Cooke Cindy Cordova jennifer Cordray Elizabeth Corr Dan Corral Beverly Coursey Del Craven Rose Crouch Diane Curtis Debbi DaCorte lose Luis Reynoso - Now where do I go? Sheri Grilli - cruising the stairs. ' , r, X x 1 5 X Qui, i , A Q - L s, ' V? K L I gg , .- F y V A A X 5 ,, 0, - 1,. -J. an-K f..,., ,r'f"""4-'--A,-1.- Y V - 'ALMW """L- J-I 'sf , 'if R WV if Brad Hickey Roxanne Higby Harold Hill jennifer Hodnett George Hoffman Mike Hogan Sue Holden Robin Holmoe Russ Holt Brenda Howell john Huffaker jacki Huffman Lynnett Hunt Irma lniguez Doug jackson R Robert Gomez Lori Gore Danny Gray jeff Gray Ron Green Sheri Grilli Robert Hahn Curt Haisley jim Hall Ken Hamersley Steve Hamilton Lisa Hammond john Hampton Lori Hampton Vanessa Harper jenette Harrieth Verna Hazlett Robert Heether Suzy Heinrichson Kathy Hendrix Allen Herndon There goes your diet. O Frosh Hove The Spirit of 76 Gary jackson Ken jackson Duane jardine jim jenne Paul jester Ricky jetton Karen johns Cindy johnson Kenny johnson Mary johnson Earl jones Twila jones Victor jordan Michele Keary Lori Kellogg Koreen Kelly Lisa Kelly Bob Kenneally john Kennedy jennie King Sharon Knight Nancy Knisley Patty Knudsen Kris Koller Karen Koptke Kelly Lake john Lauer Chris Lavino Tom Lawson Gayle Levy Diana Lightsey Gary Ligman Randy Lino Merrilee Lockhart Maria Lopez john Lucido julie Lustow Q . Grant and Beverly in Teepee Rolling Contest. n their first rally. ' A Steve Macey Keith Machado Linda Mailman Tom Mallory Bret Mapson jim Marangoni Mike Marquissee Pam Martin Shellie Martinez Mildred McAndrew Beth McBrien lack McCarthy lane McCormic Karen McDonald Marsha McDowell Kevin McKeown Rick Meadows Karen Mellerup Philip Mercure Mike Mignani Ricky Minton Calvin Monson Tim Morley Charles Muller 25 Patty Muller Gary Myers Kevin Myers Bob Nelson Carol Nelson Holly Nelson lohn Nenni David Newgard Keith Nolte Elisa Nordaby Particia Norman Ken Nowland john Nunes Sharon Olsson Pam Olstad Lisa Onnias Amanda Orosco Cathy Osterlund Debi Page jim Page Catherine Pagliero Corrine Paisley Greg Partain lane Peccianti Dawn Pelot Laura Perry Michael Peters Mike Peterson Richard Pickard Teresa Pilgrim Stacey Pino Chuck Plav Linda Polewaczyk Grant Pollard Peggy Pollack Ron Poppi 41" l,,- l ,sf .-ff ,Zi . lA ff 1 4 Tom Aguilar - I thought my combination was 38-24-36 eoeseceeeseeesse sees sg I if verydoy Happenings for f ii o Freshmon 1: Mike Powell Gary Proell Cary Rangel osie Rangel Cathy Ray Terri Ray Theresa Ray 5 jim Raymond joey Rea Judy Rea lay Reeves Theresa Richwine Dean Rippee Darla Rizzio Colleen Robinson Benito Rodriguez Candy Rogers Vicki Roman Gail Rouse Don Rowley Joyce Rubino Ricky Saling Victor Salva Marita Schmitz john Schulte Ruth Schultze Dan Schwab Rory Schweinfurther M W ..-' ff Don Bartolini - sour milk, again. Karen Mellerup and Gayle Levy -- Who is behind us? Heidi Sharpsteep Nelson Sharrock Larry Shepardson Abraham Silva Denise Silva jennifer Silva janet Silveria lim Sims Mark Sincich Tim Skinner Ray Slaney Darrell Smith Paul Smith Sandi Smith Lisa Sobrero Rick Solomon Rauna Sorensen Doug Sowers Mark Sparacino Rhonda Sparling Pat Stanley Leslie Stansbury Brian Stedman loe Stella Tammy Stevens LeeAnn Stiebler Billy Stockdale Mike Strand Yvonne Streeter LeeAnn Stuscavage Herb Sullivan Neil Sullivan Tammy Summers Cindy Summit Keith Talamantez Rosemary Tavares 1, F ., Q Mike of? 5 aw. - When will they give credit where credit is due Stuart Tawney Gene Taylor Cindy Thiessen Greg Thompson jeff Tittle Cheri Trapier Theresa Travers Rick Trebino lim Trejos Edward Trueblood Kevin Trujillo Dorene Tueck Henry Uyeno Rick Valdez goo' 7Q,9.v'1 Solisfoclion Comes in Mciny Ways ,ig Be cool! Here comes Mrs. Menken! Terry Foreman rippin' at 15 words per minute. Sue Vanaman Billie lean VanFossen john Vaughn Lisa Villasenor Becky Wale Debbie Walters Dorothy Warner Debbie Warren Robert Weatherford Christine Weston Diane Wilford ' Cheryl Wilkinson Dick Williams Gene Williams Roberta Williamson Betty Wilson Dennis Woffinden Vincent Wright Michael Yob james Zuppan Irma Zwemmer One Yeor Behind Us With Three 'ro Go if, What's happening over there? 4411 M-J Enjoying nature. if ff' or vs. 1 Mike - Million dollar smile. Victor - Look at her! 8.51.3 Kelle Sophomores fr :Q .1 1 M 19 of ,Q lagq f '75 l f E 5 1 i ,, :,,,.:. f. -N 3 4 J Mx K , , 1-r , ,. 1 ITF ,V , M H5 zefldu 4,453 s 1 I never told you that! Cynthia Ahlman Lisa Aiello Scott Amspoker Louise Amunsden Virginia Anaya Tami Anselmo Wally Ashby Ron August Danny Avila Fred Bagno Mary Baier loe Bailey Raenette Baker Susan Ballew lean Barron Iody Bell Mary Bellecci Gary Bennett Leroy Bennett Olivia Bento Teresa Benton john Best Beth Bise Charles Blake Scott's futile tug. -ur'-1 Nance Bunyard Scott Busby Chris Butler Michele Butler Nancy Cabral Angela Canciamilla Terri Cargill Maria Carrillo Vicki Castrucci Cathy Bockhold Debbie Bonanno Frank Borem Cyndy Borgeson Bill Bowman Gail Boyd Margo Bray Karen Brenchley Terry Brewer joe Brooks Sabrina Brooks Dennis Brooner Pam Brousseau Fred Brunton Debbie Buckalew Great minds are often hidden by clever dis, guises. l Nancy Chambers Denise Channel jesse Chapot Annette Charrette Rick Chrismer Celeste Christian Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away. Pam Clark Sheri Clark Wallace Clark Michelle Coccimiglio james Cole Dawn Combs Pattiann Cooke Teresa Crosby Derrel Cullison Tom Cunningham Matt Curtis Michele Curtis Frances Cushman Brian DaCorte Phil Dahlquist Nadeah Dajani ludy Damanti Mark Davidson john Davis Richard Davis Debra DeCorteau jennifer deGraaf Tim Delehanty Lori Della Rosa Sal DiMaggio lim Dodge lanis Dorothy jim Doss Sharon Dutra Clifford - take my picture, take my picture. lQ,,.-f""""' Peggy Dye Dale Ecenbarger Eva Edejer janet Edmonds Carol Emanuel Mark Escalante Kathy Farizell jackie Farmer Mary Ann Ferrante Annette Ferreira Lisa Ferro Terry Filomeo Wes Fisher Carl Flores Tim Forgey Larry Fox Stephen Francis Francine Frazer james Fredericks Ray Free Susan Free Margie Frisbie Annette Gallegos Pete Gamba Pam Gammage Well, look at THAT! 2 ill Qi v' l H K v. -s --si G .-i s-... ,- --G, If I have to do this one more time. . . Nts? Robert Garbarino Gretchen Garretty Mike Geels john Gerhart Tammy Gerhart john Gill james Gilley jenny Gilman Elisa Giorgerini Debra Godfrev Chris Gonsales Becky Gonzales Cindy Gore Nikki Goyak jeffery Graden Steven Green Ruben Gresselt Dan Griffith Brenda Griffiths Patty Grove Mike Gunter Donald Haines Rick Haisley Andy Hall Rich Hambton DeVallon Harper Phil Harrington Tanji Hayes Dana Heath joe Harnandez Lynn Hewitson David Higby Mark Hines Debbie Hoffman Matt Holden Charles Houdashell 35 leanne Howe Ray Huckins Vickie Huffman Linda Hutteball David Hyman Neal jackson L41-...GA ... I'Il give her five more minutes then . . . eww 5- cr gl I Pam jackson Nina jaimes Gary jaksoniak Darlene larratt Pam jensen Milton johnson Stuart johnson Laura jones Shirley Kamberg led Kanellis Denise Karsten Karen Keary Glen Kinde Karen King David Kingsley Bob Kleinfelter Tony Knight Rick Kowalski Kevin Kristick Robert Krummen Sandy Kyle Marie Lambert jim Lawson jon LeBoeuf Sheri and Nada - lending a helping hand. Who de baddest? We de baddest!!! Robin Lewis Brad Liebscher Mike Ligon Cheryl Lindgren Kathy Lindley Rhonda Lomeli janet Lopez Steve Lopez Dawn Lovelace Art Lucero Tammy Lumsden john MacAlvey Kamber MacAIvey,, Leslie Macaluso Sue Mackey Irene Madrid Mike Madrid jim Mailman Leslie Mank lim Manry Ricky Mapson john Maricle Nancy Marshall Bill Martin Barbara McCaskill Roger McCaskill Carole McCormick Scott McCormick Loretta McDonald Rebecca McGee Sometimes we win netimes we lose. Kelle McGuire lean McKinnie Kate McKowen Sheryl Mead Martha Mechling Rene Mercure Steve Merkel Karen Meyer Marianne Miller Tony Mullins Becky Myer Susan Myers Teree Napier john Nardi Teriann Nelson Elinor Nichols Rachell Nielsen Cliff Norman Ellen Nowland Trudy O'Donal Marie Oertel Laurie Ohling Dean Olson Wanda Olson Sharon Osenga Gloria Padilla Dave Page Pam Patrick Cindy Pearson Melinda Pelot Walt Pelot Debbie Pereira Pearl Pereira Christy Peres Cheryl Perrin Mike Perrin Robin Perry Marijane Perryman Val Piazza Dawn Pool Sally Preuss Gary Price Ruby Pruitt Karen Quintard Mike Ralls john Rangel Lucia Raya Debbie Reed K l . 50 X joe - You say somethin', boy? Annelle - G99 l WON der what that is! Steve Robinson Mike Robledo Teresa Rooney Marie Rose Melody Rose Mark Ross Terri Rounseville Mark Ruiz Nada Russo Frank Saige Sheryl Salva Camron Samii Kenn Santos Bob Schaffer Brenda Schmitz Brlen Seay Mary Serb Rusty Self Gene and loe - Interest develops the mrnd Enthusiosm - Cne ot the Sophomores' Best Features! Chris Sergent Peggy Servantes Paul Sharman Ben Shaver Heather Shaw Gordon Shelton lack Shepard 'Q-J" -Nm john Shetrawski Sid Simpson Mark Smith Tod Solomon john Sonnikson Larry Sparacino Tom Spelce Gail Spence Dennis Stephens Russ Stevens Dave Steeves ludy St. Louis Cheryl Stone lohn Stone Kathy Swafford Lisa Taliaferro Rick Taylor Mark Tennis john Thompson Cindy Threlkeld ,v-'J ' X........f 1' Don Throop joe Tiscareno Dave Tuttle N ' - A Dawn - Well l'II be darn!! 44 l Mk y . r ,z E V" fl? 'ff fir s 1 . 5.75 1, QW 177 . M , S x . ' Q iflz' erri - I wonder if he really likes me? at gums-v , . l -v ad - Oh, come on you don't really think l'm that umb do you? Sherri Toumbs Cindy Trejos Bruce Trost Betsy Trucks Samuel Trueblood Chris Ulmer Karen Urbanic Mary Anne Urner Teresa Utley Scott Uyeno Rhonda VanArsdale jeff VanderMeulen Victor VanderStar Terri VanHull Albert Varela Dawn Vecchi Angela Velez Linda Viglienzone Alicia Villalva Larry Villasenor Vicky VanWaldegg Sophomore lnclivioluolity Reigns Cn . . . .,..4-L,,a.-my-A--M 5 ' 1 4? 1 ,Q 4 ---A--. Nu.. -L... Food - power for the brain. Sal - SFHCG at NS height. If-b"X ,K L Kim Waggle Sally Walton Sheryl Warner Donna Watonabe Bill Weaver Robert Webb Roseanne West Scott Weston Denise Wheaton Doug Whitfield Chris Wilkinson lamie Wilkinson Debbie Williams Toni Williams Bob Wilson Ron Winkler jeff Woltz Debra Woolley Steve Yeager Debbie Yovell Rick Zbavitel Steve Zeeb David Zocchetti james Brown l ,... ,e 'K ...Q-f" i..-..-v -fu- ,,.pc-"' .,-f" Juniors of '74 al 'an' 1F""7 A4- Lee Anderson Sharon Abbott Rick Adams Cindy Akins Kevin Albertsen Mary Allen Connie Anderson 'iv' Q--ff Chris Andre john Anselmo The mind - an instrument of intelligence. A If Mike Anselmo Francis Avila Manuel Avila Ricky Avila Gailyn Awenius Zandra Ball Cindy Beatty Tim Beatty Wanda Bell Karon Benedict Cathy Benenati jack Benenati 49 Barbara Berry jeff Bieker Bill Bockhold John Boone Mike Briant Kelley Brooks Shelly Brousseau Peggy Brunton Ron Bryce Laurie Bryson Mark Burke lack Burress Stan Burton Nick Bustamante Dave Butler Denise Camp Carmella Canciamilla Vince Capilla "Plc: , -., -R-az. ,J JW eil Enthusiasm at its peak! Kevin Carman Carla Castrucci Bob Cellini Nancy Charlesworth Denise Chiri lon Christensen -ts.. Q! Sergio and Rick - This should wrap it up. img L. 37 x Q. . Ali: Harold Cline Richard Cline Suzy Coffman Debbie Cole jeanean Cole Connie Collins Rick Colwell Mike Connolly Gary Cooper Gregg Cottrell jamie Cox Dale Crosby Gail Cushman Don Darrah Philip Davenport Kim Davis Carla Degnan Dana DeGroat Jocelyn de Guzman Ann Dehnert Denice Delevati Paul Delevati Stephanie Derrick Marti Dodge I P Paul and Carlos speaking their minds Dawd Fllomeo Dennis Fivella Mike Fluke janet Folk Steve Ford Debbie Fowler lanel Frink Roberta Frisbie Cheri Frogget john Fry Claudine Gallegos Martha Garcia Tom Gardner -uf-gn N22 iN L' h N 1' j C' I j '1 Q 'K Mystical minds create. Debbie Garman Kathy Garms jon Gehrig Roy George jack Gilley Carla Godfiard Aaron Gorham Dani Gray Nancy Graziano janet Grisham Diane Grizzle Sue Gutierrez Ned Hahn Charles Haines james Hammel Iieen Hand jeff Hanson jeri Hanson Suzette Hardin Everett Harness Cheri Hart Hillard Hart Cheryl Heinrichson Charles Hepburn Effort Brings Homecoming Victory for Junior Closs Heck! What do you mean there's something wrong with it Mark Holmoe C-ary Hopkins Holly Hoyer Robert Hubbard Donna Huckins Larry Huddleson jeff Huff leanne Hunt Robert Hunt Gary Hutchens Cindy jackson Steve Jackson Brenda Hem Cheryl Herndon Linda Hess Mitch Hickey Debra Hix Lynnette Hodges g Rita Hoffman Vickie Hogan Q.-.ol Tiofilo jaimes Larry james Deborah jardine Diane jardine Quarlene jarratt jeff jennings Dan johnson David jones Gary jones Lynette jones Vickie jones Robin Kale Mar 1 Ken Keary Cheryl Keena Cindy Keep Steven Keith Matt Kellner Keith Kelly SJ Audrey Kessler ,A Lindsay Kimball Sharon Kitabayashi V..-, Bob Kiyoi 5 jess Knight Stormey Knight if - it -4 julie Krarntz Kathy Kutner Pat Laccoarce Vickie - it's like this, janet , . . 55 l Donn Lamb Doran Lamb Dawn Lambert Kerri Laudenslager Ron Leckbee Brian Lee Nancy Lewis David Ligman Scott Linderman jim Lindley Ted Lindstrom jim Lino Larry Lippow janet Livingston Barbara Logsdon Vicki Loney Corine Lopez Bob Lucero David Lumsden Mike Lynch Karen Machado jill Maguire Kim Manry joe Marchi Rock Marlar Debra Martin Devora Martin 56 Rich Martin Pam Martinez Bob Masayko Joe McAtee Mike McAtee Ricky McCaskiII Bill McDaniel jo McGee Kathy McLain Gary Meadows Sondra Medeiros Mike Mercure Kate Miller Richard Miller Dara Minnich Joyce Minton Keith Monckton Mike Moore Tosha Moore Arturo Morales Annette Morrison Keith Muncy Kirk Muse Barbara Nabors 57 Marcy Nelson Ron Newgard Frank Nunes Marty Ochoa Bob O'Dell Lorie Odell Pam Odle Sue Olsson lon O'Shea Tracy Osterlund Anthony Padilla Michelle Pante Debbie Parker Eugene Peacock Mark Peal leanne Pedro Robert Perez Donna Perry Rich Martin - doing what comes naturally. Kathy Peters lody Pick Rich Pierce Candy Pino Cathi Plav Bruce Plympton lan Polewaczyk Marie Pollack Debbie Pool Roy Poppleton 1.235 Maria Powell jerry Price Paula Price Linda Pruitt Bill Pugh QT .V Ci QI ..,,' 'jv""f---Qui A.,,, Arr. ,Q - e YR,-.Gi-ai ,,, ,, K..-Q, , ,,,.,1,,, , Ji. JL' . N N :arg I Nancy - ma' name is Edith Ann, an' this is Teddy. lohn Quintero Debbye RadderQ Paul Radosevich jim Ralls Mike Ray Sergio Raya Kevin Rea Vicki Rea Kevin Reed Kim Reese Randy Reeves Vic Remorini Shannon Remus Lori Renshaw Mike Retta Dave Richardson Marcy Roberts Carol Robinson 59 "Youth ls the Time tor Cultivotion ot The Mind ond Adventures ot the Body." 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Norma Adame 1 ' , Anthony Aiello joseph Akin james Alldredge Diana Alomar I Carla Anderson Gary Arnason Rene Avalos Herb Ayala julie Bailey Loretta Ball Linda Ballew Tim Bartolomei Terry Baughn -.uni Lance Beeson Frank Beilecci judy Beninger A-s Gary Bennett Toni Berry Debbie Berry i 0 A , . u K I l Q 1. Tuck - Tunin' in on the tunes. Bruce Bettencourl Ride Bob Billings Donna Bonanno Denise Bookout Glen Borgeson Steve Borrnan Gary Bowman Dave BOYU Lauren BFHDSVIHW Diane -- "This homework is due next period." Brian Bray Sandy Brenchley Vicki Breshears loanne Broadbent Rick Bruno Mike Bunyard Gary Burke Uh-oh Brian, they caught us. Darlene Busnardo NRSV' ,., -A-r Michele Butler Linda Cabral Steve Cabral Mike Breedlove Dave Cardin sf my ,Q -. :tw f 1 9P""!5. Y 2 Q ,Aw , ., Jah ,N ig U wf.gv2 , -2 04,3 f X! W9 h,kf ? ar! 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Fernando -I got dibs on number four ebbie Whitfield - "Now, girls, how many times do I have to tell youll" yllis and Faythe An - Hey Phil, did you read this? Russ Pacheco - l use "No more Tangles." IIS L q:g1j."'5 'f-if X I. A qx -95-5 sg -RQ"-x Q, xii ,Q saw tl .49- 91 5. v K " .A V .. , 5 'I' A . JN J' Q- fy ,jg , A D .wg .,, 1 V - l . .A.i,g, J ,Y L-. ' ' -,.- , .v-- ' , ' ' Q X . ' ,,, . ' , 1. , K X n 4. :1 ' - -3' 1.- - ' "w,..' - ' V 9 - , . Y f- B gf.. " k:f.1.V2. A ug.. 5,4 ,. - Y - f ' , 4-15, . A Q 1, ., , 1,-1 -, 4 Q , 1 if W - , L. 5 -V'-. f VI -I Su- ' ' ' - . -L ' ,. " ' fkf. 'I ' fu ' f it 1 lx Ai,x.Ax , f , . a .- -A. - . , ' Q ... LL Q 'fr ' is-:SFT , . -..- .- '14i'!'1Y73.1!n . , .g. SF:-me ,..-I 1 Q 1, j- ,qmifi-"fl"' -5 .ifa -"s..f' 0 e e A N,,,,,. a-W---fl 'Q 'X' 4 -2- . a i :. , 2.4, I V , 'J 'ff ' . 40 K 5 4 1 e',f-' f . " ' r i SA Y , .a if 3? W 1. 1. 380 brings the crowd to their feet with this catch. 2. lim Flores runs for a big gain. 3. Coach Hiro Okawachi. 4. Coach Rich McLaughlin gives some advice. Frosh Champion Scoreboard Pacifica Miramonte Acalanes Las Lomas Campolindo Del Valle Albany AHS oPP 26 0 za 14 r 26 0 30 14 8 8 i 16 0 I 26 0 Freshmen Cop '72 Chompionship ln their best season since their undefeated season in 1965, the 1972-73 Alhambra Freshmen had the H pleasure of being the undefeated T champions of the FAL. The Bullpups roared through the league with six wins, zero losses and one tie. The tie came when the Pups clashed with the Cougars of Campolindo. The explosive Pup offense averaged twenty-two points per game. The Pup defense shutout four of their opponents. Their powerful defense allowed opponents a mere five points per game. The Bullpups were coached by Rich McLaughlin and by Hiro Okawachi. In Coach McLaughlin's last year as freshman coach, he should be very proud to finish his career by having this championship team. RESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM fleft to rightj Front row: Ray Baker, Dave George, john Saling, Mark Sparacino, arry Foreman, Tom Aquilar, Glenn Daggs, joe Stella, Second row: Kevin Myers, Grant Pollard, Chuck Muller, john elavati, Dave Baum, Mike Hogan, john Schultze, Third row: john Nunes, Keith Cometa, Vic jordan, Stewart awney, Dick Williams, jeff Barsotti, Randy Lino, Back row: Greg Partain, Mike Peterson, Dean Rippee, Dave nnis, Gary jackson, Kris Koller, Neil Sullivan, Coach Rich McLaughlin, Not pictured: jim Flores, Steve Hamilton. JV's Hit "2O in o Row" Mcirk This year's IV football team came through with another fine season. The Bulldogs finally made the twenty games in a row without a defeat. They missed the championship by only half of a game, and they ended the season with an 8 win and 1 loss mark for this year. The IV defense gave up only 47 pointsg this along with the 210 points that the offense got made the Alhambra junior Varsity football team one of the finest in the league. Even the players that were not standouts according to the papers always gave an outstanding performance. So in a sense, the whole football team was a standout. A Q . . - , -5 . iii - - J F 7 ' Q1 efaffz : f l 1 a , s 1 g T . . ' t . 'f A e,,, A , . , N. ,. fiffitffifz ' - 1 : 3 -1 2 351 T- Llfx-il? ff 2' 5 2 1 'QQ 'ia Y sgf A 3 Q Q H 1 +A wa ,, . ... f- 31 ,fa 4- -3, ' 1 S - - L' .. z! f -- 2 1: 5 2 Evil! -. , 1, - , . 5. -,gil Q " v Y: 5 Q : ,, rr M ,V x Q , .. N ,, I .X V . 1 N . ' . 4 1. s -1 . N - Q L' H a w- . -' .. -.. ff ., H - - , -Q ' -1 1 ' ,, . ,Q at Aa ,- - R , lt ,,. .. .. - R ,F .L 'H na . , -1 n Above left: Head Coach Bob Heaston. Above right: Coach Floyd Terry. Below. defense in action. F I f F F F F F F F F F I P 5 r E E JNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Ileft to rightl First row: Grant Fothergill, Dean Dunivan, joe McAtee, Cliff Norman, Richard Davis, Mark Ruiz thn Gill, Devalon Harper. Second row: Gordon Shelton, Richard Martin, Keith Kelly, Chris Gonsalves, Kevin Rea, Tom Spelce, Derrel Cullison rt Lucero. Third row: Paul Hampton, Ray Viglienzone, David Richardson, Tom Cunningham, joe Tiscarono, Larry Fox, Damian Sandoval, johr ardi. Fourth row: Gary Bennett, led Kanellis, Scott Weston, Frank Nunes, Charles Hepburn, Dave Barsotti, Tom Viglienzone, Mathew Holden lfth row: Keven Kristick, john Thompson, Greg Cottrell, Kirk Rippee, Tim Delehanty, joe McCullough. Back row: Coach Floyd Terry, Bok Jcero, joe Varela, Dale Ecenberger, Coach Bob Heaston. C, L Co JUNIOR VARSITY SCOREBOARD AHS Opp, Pleasant Hill 13 8 Piedmont 34 0 Pacifica 35 12 Miramonte 13 8 Acalanes 14 0 Las Lomas 19 0 Campolindo 31 0 Del Valle 6 13 - Albany 58 0 Devalon Harper Iaterals to Gordon Shelton for an end around. 103 Bulldogs Post 6-2-l Seoson in '72 The Alhambra Bulldogs finished their 1972 campaign with an overall record of 6-2-1, which put the Bulldogs in fourth place. Pride, Execution, and Pursuit were the characteristics of the Bulldogs. The strong defense gave up only eight points per game while the potent offense averaged twenty points per game. Some of the highlights for the Alhambrans were their decisive victories over the two newcomers to the FAL - Pacifica and Albany. Ten Bulldogs received All League Honors. Four players, George Raya, Ken Mercure, Ron Bennett and Larry Lippow were all on the first team. Dave Contreras, jimmy Boyd and Anthony Green received second team honors. Steve Cabral, Ray Ganzalves, joey Silva, and Ron Taylor all received Honorable Mention. 1. Coaches Charlie Tourville and Bill Harbin. 2. A strong Bulldog defense was always on top of things. 3. FAL scoring king jimmy Boyd adds six to his total. 4. A word from the wise. 104 l 'SITY FOOTBALL TEAM fleft to rightj Front row: Marty Ochoa Mgr., Dennis Negherbon, Larry Lippow, Mike Mercure, Frank Hepburn Spengler, Nick Wright. Second row: Anthony Green, john Malmassari, Gary Arnason, Bob Odiorne, Dennis Cola, joey Silva Steve nan, jimmy Boyd. Third row: Steve Cabral, David Contreras, Gene Spence, Rick Paulson, john Fry, Ron Taylor, Ken Mercure Back 3 Dan Tipton, jon Christensen, Steve Lekse, Ron Bennett, Ron Newgard, Ray Gonsalves, George Raya. fnot pictured: Rich Karstenj Pleasant Hill Piedmont Pacifica Miramonte Acalanes Las Lomas Campolindo Del Valle Albany VARSITY SCOREBOARD AHS 14 6 48 6 14 O 14 22 50 Opp. 8 16 6 20 8 0 7 0 6 "There Is No 'I' in Team" sig? 'f5x ? j v I we ' I - X1 O6 Q. H---mm-sr 1 a '55 v Hn' . f- .-f f s' .J 'ff' - ir A . ,Q it Je. tn l l Q f' 19 1--.V-Aff' fl'-Af-"sy, W' -am , 1 f,g.',. . 1.,,,,,4 YQ " if Y su... , ,, , . 4. : VT' 1 ee.. 2 1. joey Silva attemps a block as jimmy Boyd breaks tackles. 2. George Raya and Dave Contreras, "What did they do?" 3. jimmy Boyd takes another handoff with blocking from Steve Grilli and pulling guard Dennis Cola. 4. AIhambra's offense preparing to explode for a touch- down. 5. Gene Spence outruns everybody for a touchdown. 6. lohn Fry the "Dying Quail King." 7. Quarterback Dan Tipton displaying his form. 107 Frosh-Soph Bring Home Chompionsh "'f - . FROSH-5OPH CROSS COUNTRY fleft to rightj Front row: Wally Ashby, Ken Santos, Paul Sharman. Back row: Coach Luka Sekulich, Phil Harrington, Steve Yeager, john Rangel, Mark Ross. Above: Tod Soloman shows good form. Right: Wally Ashby crossing the finish line to help the Frosh-Soph win. 108 This year's Frosh-Soph cross count: team is one of the finest this schoc has ever had. They gave an outstanding performance by taking first at the league meet and going undefeated in dual meets. Their record was 8 wins and O losses. Their record and their high spirit helped give the rest of the cross country teams a strong determination to win. This accoun for the fact that, as a whole this year's teams were some of the better teams in the league. s .ma e 5'- K ., f - -f L e e eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee l ASQ-3'6" is Ls, hcimbrds "Never iThe junior Varsity team did not do las well as the Frosh-soph team, but they proved that the Alhambra Cross Country team has a lot of depth in its ranks. Despite their record, they were no pushover. Almost all of their meets were decided by just a few points. This year's junior Varsity had only one junior on the teamg the rest were freshmen and sophomores. They were a reliable bunch, always plugging away, running hard, and I constant, always showing a , tremendous effort in their races. They rarely missed practice, and their persistence resulted in an mproved jV team at the end of the season. -,,-val iv-'Ste' 1? -5 1 jose Above: Varsity starts off against Piedmont. Left: james Cole shows why j.V.'s were a strong team. 5. L I 'f Q, ' .s -' ' 3 47 rrt .fa , Y i ' . N wing- A , wwpi- t ,f - fewfeee -Qi . Q ,wa - M. A ' x L - M 11-ga,-f tb ,Q gfnggymjfsdbgggt H . H V F1 Soy Die" JV's ,H 5, JUNIOR VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY fleft to rightj Front row: john Best, Tod Solomon. Back row: Coach Luka Sekulich, Mike Power, Mike Lynch, james Cole, Gary Ligman. IO9 i Juniors Prove They Con Do It The Varsity Cross Country started out as a small group of juniors who had never run varsity before. They were not inexperienced, but they lacked the depth of a championship team. But try hard they did. They showed a determination that woulc have equaled that of any championship team. The team functioned as a team and one person's ability was not compared C it with that of others. M 'Q The attitudes toward Cross Country i are different than those of other sports. People are judged by their T effort rather than ability. ln this the J C varsity excelled. Their effort, in all probability, was one of the best in the league. Dave Butler, Mike Lynch, Duane Wright getting ready. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY fleft to rightj Front row: Don Annis, Duane Wright, Kieth Monckton. row: Coach Luka Sekulich, Kevin Albertson, Dave Lumsden, Dave Butler, Dave Ligman. Frosh' Building Blocks for the Future 'he Alhambra High School Fresh- nan basketball team finished the 972-73 season with a record of 3 vins-13 losses. This record some- vhat shadows their fine perform- nces in many a game. Many ames were lost by only one bas- et. With another year or two of xperience, Coach joe Reynolds lated they will make a fine var- ity team. he frosh team was plagued by wexperience with the exception if fine shooting from jim Flores nd Terry Foreman. Flores led the aague in scoring with Foreman ight behind. This year's Alham- ira High School Freshman bas- etball team may not have had we best standings, but they are we definite building blocks of a ne future varsity team. L FRESHMAN BASKETBALL fleft to rightj First row: Dave Baum, Vincent Wright, james Flores, jeff Barsotti, Terry Foreman, Dick Williams, Bill Stockdale. Back row: Mike Marquissee, Stuart Tawney, Randy Fry, jack McCarthy, Clavin Monson, Michael Strand, Louis Dumont, Dave Brown. i 2 1. jeff Barsotti goes up for the rebound. 2. Coach joe Reynolds. 3. Terry Foreman adds two points. JV's End Seoson With Eight-Twelve Recorf LUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL fleft to rightj Front row: Mark Burke, lon Gehrig, joe Brooks, Carl Flores, Sal Dimaggio, Andy Hall. Back row: Coach Bill Ames, leff Graden, lim Lawson, Mike Madrid, Kevin Kristick, Bob Kleinfelter, Kirk Rippee. The Alhambra High School lunic Varsity Basketball Team finishe the 1972-73 season with its be record in several years, 8 wins-1 losses. The main improvement seen o the IV team was the acquiring c a new coach, Mr. Bill Ame Coach Ames is in his first year a Alhambra as a teacher-coacl When he took over the job froi Coach Warren Bedell, he ha high hopes for the championship but it wasn't to be. l Coach Bill Ames and compar met a tough schedule with leagu champs Acalanes leading th way. l The team was plagued by injuril and the "London Flu" all yea Nevertheless, Alhabra was sti one of the most respected tea on the lV schedule. L W l vang 5- , ,,,, LF ig . Q l Vgllg Above: Mike Madrid drives for a basket. 'li'VVi L V , Left: lim Lawson brings the ball down court. ,Q . YZ' ,f 1. lon Christensen reaches for the jump ball. 2. lon Gehrig goes up for the rebound. 3. Sal Dimaggio beats Miramonte for two points. Bulldogs Hove Finest Seoson in Yeors This year the Bulldogs enjoyed one of their finest seasons, boasting a record of 5-13. In the past, wins were few and far between, but these bulldogs had determination and it showed as they pulled some suprising victories over high-rated opponents. Alhambra not only came up with a surprising team but also added a new Varsity coach, Mr. Warren Bedell. Coach Bedell brought to the team a new dimension, that being one of togetherness, a quality nec- essary for a winning team. The team was composed of four seniors and four juniors. With such a small squad out this year, every- body saw action and each game was an interesting event. Anthony Green, a junior, tied for honors as the FAL leading scorer and was our only player elected to All-League. Congratulations Anthony and con- gratulations Bulldogs on a job well done. - Q k.,, ',Q,, i'i my in L 2 114 it 1 is 1 if VARSITY SCOREBOARD Acalanes Piedmont Miramonte Las Lomas Del Valle Campolindo Pacifica Albany Acalanes Piedmont Miramonte Las Lomas Del Valle Campolindo Pacifica Albany AHS 66 57 48 57 62 48 72 71 55 51 58 68 50 71 72 61 OPI 8 6 4 6 5 7 6 8 E 8 6 6 5 1C 5 8 sl E if E19 ry , is fx 6 Que WSH 1? , E , AMW.- , . Q, if X- Q 2 A .HW 55 ir I - Q 'V g 3 1: 5 5, - 5. r-as I' yn W' 1 A 6 4 Y 1. ff HW WU Q I J if -,is 4- 1 ... F5 MQA1 ' if L.- ,. N- 'Q X -s i. ig. N-.W 1. Anthony Green out jumps everybody for 2 points. 2. john Fry with anticipation. 3. The Alhambra defense comes alive to keep ahead. 4. jimmy Boyd, "I never touched him, ref." 5. Frank Bellecci out jumps Miramonte to help ' AHS win. 6. Charlie Hepburn adds two more. --. ,....., -- ..........L4, , Vi g Q.: 16., ,T I' W5 M nllfw ,QU Q I mf! N i we I ulliaogs Send Four Wrestlers lo Division JD mwlwii it, XJ . Ydwl W Xl tif . K Y in if .. 3 V ,Y if jf JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING fleft to rightj: lim Zuppan, Mike Ray, james Cole, Dave Zocchetti, Dan Finocchi, Greg Partain, Bob Lucero, lohn Malmassari, Steve Hamilton, Steve Ford, john Anselmo, Kavin Myers, Bob Kiyoi, lim Andrews. Ibackl: Coach Howard Yank. This year's wrestling team begs slowly but finished strong. The placed fifth in league standing At the beginning of the seaso some weights had not yet bee filled, so Mr. Tourville created so-called "draft," He casual lifted Nick Wright from the ba ketball team. The wrestling squad had only fix seniors so the other weights wel filled with lower classmen. Mar times the juniors were calle upon to do a job and they can through with fine performances. r wrestlers placed at tl league meet: Mike Mercure, Ra Viglienzone, Ken Mercure, ar Dave Contreras. They placed fir: second, second and third respet tively. Later Ken and Mike move on to place third and first at div sion I and fifth and sixth at div sion ll. Congratulations, team. NOVICE WRESTLING Ileft to rightj: Benito Rodriquez, Paul Smith, Henry Uyeno, Doug Sowers, Kavin Myers, Philip Mercure, jim lenne, Dave Thompson. KARSITY WRESTLING fleft to rightj: lim Gilley, Manuel Aviola, Arlhuro orales, Mike Mercure, Ken Mercure, Dave Contreras, Duane Wright, lack illey, Nick Wright, Tom Cummingham, Ray Viglienzone, Dennis egherbon. fbackj Coach Charles Tourville. VARSITY SCOREBOARD AHS Del Valle 9 Acalanes 25 Miramonte 10 Las Lomas 52 Albany 39 Pacifica 32 . Campolindo 52 OPP 43 29 49 13 21 33 1 6 nv ' .I ' calm: A f . - .. s ' H 1. lames Cole goes behind for control. 2. Ken Mercure holding an advantage. 3. Dave Contreras goes for a pin. 4. Manuel Avila puts the pressure on. 3 ,Q,,,,,.w 'I A F if-we Arturo Morales controlling his opponent. Bob Kiyoi putting the moves on. Mike Mercure preparing to pin his opponent Ray Viglienzone turns his man over for a pin. Duane Wright puts pressure on his man. is Trcick Teom Hos 0 New Cooc A-U--A-A . ef . if This year's Alhambra Track Team is coached by Coach Warren Bedell and Coach Luka Sekulich. This is Coach BedeIl's first year as an Alhambra Track Coach. This ensemble of athletes forms a well-rounded track team, with mus- cle power in the field events and quickness and endurance in the track events. 1. Frank Nunes - Up, up, and away. 2. Coaches Warren Bedell and Luka Sekulich. 3. Mike Peterson strains for distance. 122 . T I . T FROSH-SOPH TRACK TEAM fleft to rightj Front row: Ron Cambra, lim Flores, Morley, joe Varela, Cliff Norman, Benito Rodriquez, George Cabriales, T Viglienzone. Second row: Vic jordan, Paul Sharman, lohn Gill, Mike Peterson, H Diaz, john Best, Gary Ligman, Wally Ashby, lOhn Nunes. Back row: Stewart Taw Mark Ross, Tim Delehanty, lim Cole, Bruce Trost, Grant Pollard, Steve Hamil Allen Herndon, Gary Bennett, Gene Porche. VARSITY TRACK TEAM lleft to rightl Front row: Bob Cellini, Dave Ligman, Dave Lumsden, Marcelous Agers, Vali Cooper, Manuel Avila, joe MacAtee, john Malmassari. Second row: Frank Hepburn, Greg Cottrel, Keith Mockton, Ray Viglienzone, Frank Nurses, Don Annis, Dennis Cola. Back row: Steve Cabral, Ron Bennett, Kevin Albertson, Kevin Rea, Charlie Hepburn, Dennis Negherbon. 4 T' ' I '-ac: -E . ' r,f "V" , - Q. .jf r, 4 W -, . .,. A ' V . t 7' .. . ' , . 1 3 - Ji" ir,-Jfvf , 1. Steve Cabral puts the shot. 2. joe Varela wins easily in the 180 lows. 3. Ray Gonzales about to clear the high hurdle. 123 we ,L 'Zig F' 5 'if -- 4 Q .h J M , , EV I . - A , V 1 - , . A. . . -VIV 'Y 5' , C F f i . '14 -1 fffftfrw ' ' i ' 3 .-- - 9' " V K ,.,..,: an ,Ls g-:gr I A, 14. ,:,.51,7i V if . iii? ' ' E A Vilfff A agile' 5"""' ' W 1 - . A ' 1' ..w3....+ b . ' , M ,HN . an Vx wt-an QL ' if tl if ' +12-" "' ff. 1 . " , . K , 5-'i"f..-V '39 . ., ' ..-fr ' . . fax ' ' - . f 24 'i i--uf' ' ' M1 15 1-k W- ,, W 'fx-.s iw A M afia Q ef- - ter... - ' 1" 'Q ' 1 T. fe g. .A :M V V -,Jie .tml-. -H4. 2-1, V ' 1- I e W-Kf.1.Jl: J V ,VJ . . 'V ' I " ' 35 I h . "+"" :rex- ' .V -f' 3, , I ' gal if A -, , " f' ' F '4 J' , V M ff" 4 Y- 4f"el.'4r i . -.Ll ' ' 'fern' ,i .g.,, ' -:ra-ef' f -Y .z' , gfvggtph ff J' N ':'Y, '7S .Mg v "AL, i fl,,,F:?"1i"3' j , A " '..l:'f'.9'2?'." ' ,Ai Q In 1. mf. 1+ I -- .V :. -5' , N wg i ,, .. - -2372, - lf Lf. , ,gl xx I . in 'flag .... :Q ' .H-fl 1' ,K q . ig V U , V W. 'ungx' xv, , -I -1, jQf,.aAyg. ,k - jf.. Q Y K.,-:ff -f - . .,g. f - fr' . 'af' '.1f-W-Q.. tv- r 1. K " 1 . , , fiii , j .,.'-- ,, ga -an va. A" - .. - a -K ...NL- -uw' , -1 iv-' ff' ' ,af .ir 4 ., 'PM' -QE '1 'r - his K K . if , -s . , ' 4 1. Steve Cabral starts off the weight - man's relay. . 2. Manuel Avila riding high. 3. jeff Barsotti makes his bid in the 220. 4. Charlie Hepburn leading the way. 5. Gene Porche competes in the high-jumpf :rosh Boseboll - '73, Shows Promising Outlook ZESHMAN BASEBALL TEAM lleft to rightl Front row: jeff Barsotti, Dick Williams, Kevin Myers, Doug Sowers, Peter Billecci, john ennedy. Back row: Coach Rich Mclaughlin, Kris Koller, Curtis Haisley, Keith Talamantez, lohn Schulte, Robert Kenneally, Dean Gregory Partain. .V. Boselooll is o Teom of Pride NIOR VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM Ileft to rightj Front row: lack Benenati, led Kanellis, Phil Harrington, Gordon Shelton, Coach lim hols. Second row: Anthony Green, Arthur Lucero, Brian Lee, William McDaniel, Mark Burke. Third row: Larry lames, Rusty Self, ven Lopez, Tom Spelce, Ron Winkler. Back row: Dean Dunivan, Richard Davis. Inspired Varsity Ployers : Better Teon -5 P in VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM fleft to righlj Front row: Don Sanders, john Fry, Larry Lippow, joey Silva, Steve Gri Devallon Harper. Second row: Mark Davis, Rick Cassidy, john Scully, Rich Karsten, Herb Ayala. Third row: Fra Bellecci, jeff Bieker, Craig Hambleton, jeff McLain. Fourth row: Tim McKeown, Dave Richardson, Kirk Rippee. B. row: Kirk Muse, Coach Glen Gierke. U-X T ! S r .. E z 1. Steve Grilli tosses the ball in. i 'G 2. Kirk Muse swings away at the ball. E 1 VN 3' W' he 1973 Varsity Baseball Team, N oached by 'Glen Gierke, is proud to oast one of the strongest baseball aams to Come along in a while here t Alhambra. t D..-QN, he team has to its name, five ' ' Q A-.ff .L eturning lettermen, plus most of " l C he players who were on last year's f- i nior Varsity Championship team. . 1 fffyj ' - be I ' is .Q 9- "4'egZ'f'.af fm ' ' W I 41 .f ,xg i-ff' "4'Q, 'H 7 .fha . K' - . iv "' sa 1, g - ian'-ai 1-iifffg. W . 5 'gf' 77' 221. , J QQ ' ' X B ' 'AF' . ... . ...:':-- '-:+:1' "Kx'?"t Nfl' , " +- 'us t"J5-he '- . :sf' ' 'Val 4.""' 'Ig f 2 YY . -' . T 'Q V- -.4-4 un , ' - A' - .I 1. A , V.. Q 19" I 6 we . rl 1 .,,.bH 1 l , .. '1 t.""f"r.. 1. Herb Ayala waits for some action to come L 1, , his way. 2. Rich Cassidy stretches his lead. L 3. Catcher Kirk Rippee in action. -Qt as RETURNING LETTERMEN lleft to rightj: Steve Grilli, Larry Lippow, joey Silva, john Fry, Don Sanders. - .. ,,,f,.!- jggg ii.: I' is at s , 128 1. Larry Lippow: "Hurry-up l want to bat." 2. joey Silva trots off the field. 3. "Heckle" Scully shows his form at the plate. l vers Go Hecid Gver Heels To Win K l This year's swimming squad ls one of the largest in years. There were four returning let- ' -is termen on the team. But not I 3 all of the other swimmers were lacking varsity expeirence. This along with the return of Coach Bob Heaston gave a new form x of pride and poise to the team. L There were only two seniors on the team. So a lot of the pressure fell on the juniors. But this was no problem with the depth that the team had. The return of Coach Heaston and the new-found pride made this year's team one of the best in the league. TOSH-SOPH DIVERS Ileft to rightj: Larry Sparacino, Keith Eger, john Lauer, Ricky Saling, ed Nenni. -1--. , -I ' .Q 4. ' 4 .F F1 ,, 5 "gil : ' . g-13 i 1 bove: Varsity Divers Dave Butler and Mike Ray. 'ft: Rick Paulson shows perfect form. 5- ' ' tw - 2-fx , fr-it-4 N are My L. -1537 w , f. Hedston Returns lo Swimminq J... . haf- FROSH-SOPH SWIMMING fleft to rightj: Robert Heether, Gene Williams, Paul Smith, jeff Tittle, jim Brown, Andy Barton, Ga jackson, Richard Miller, Steve Yeager, james Andrews, Neil Sullivan, sie ,lm Q lf.- E 5 1. Frosh-Soph and Diving coach Floyd Terry. 2. Scott Duncan pulls ahead in the Breast-Stroke. 3. Varsity Swimming Coach Bob Heaston. 4. Dave Tittle gaining the lead. 5. Robert Heether getting the jump. i . -1--'IJ TF 'K 1 GIRLS SWIMMING fleft to rightj: Louise Amundsen, Marian Duncan, 1 Karen Meiierup, Marita Schmitz, Michele Kearny. As ' W tt M , , ,. , J., -, fARSITY SWIMMING fleft to rightj: Don Lamb, Gary Arnason, Pat Welch, Mike Ray, Dave Tittle, Ted Lindstrom, Chris Smith, Scott Duncan, Rick Sharkey, john Boone, Mike Mcatee. Y.: ' f f ii' M I fi if i -ra W 15 K' n H- A fi 1" -4- iiym li T' 7 rw ' . W f I, h S .V . ,V ,i , ,Vinh V.. -, .leafy I LR , , f A L 25,57 ,VM I? , ' W ,W Mggvii, , ,V -I J. .N ..g,u.?',f-1 , , , V, . e ,,,,,I lte I I KU' 'J ' ' .ww.,,rf-- , "V ' f K ' it ' .. ' , ' wr- EW' ,-1 - ,V -wa.:-fo-s , , W . . , T .ew , ,,,,, i. -,pw I ff f Q., ,,,Ye, Alhambra Boasls a Stronger Tennis Team in '71 i' i it If E 5 Z Z LAHAMBRA TENNIS TEAM lleft to rightj Front row: Rob Scott, Masato Murakami, Harold Hill, john Sonnikson, Vic Remorii Ron Solomon, Matt Curtis, Walt Pelot, Steve Francis, Rick Mapson. Back row: Paul Radosevich, jeff Van der Meulen, Stews johnson, Mike Matsler, Sam Hodnett, Lauren Branshaw, Bill King, Robbie Strain, Calvin Monson, jack McCarthy, lol Thompson, Rich Kowalski. Under the guidance of Mr. Tony Fisher, Alhambra has one of the most powerful tennis teams that it has ever had with eight returning lettermen. Seniors Mike Matsler, Lauren Branshaw, Frank Hepburn, and Bill King, plus juniors Vic Remorini, Rob Scott, Sam Hod- nett, and Robbie Strain, are the returnees for 1973. ' 1. Masato returns a serve with style. I 2. Coach Tony Fisher teaches Rob Scott the art of the backhand. 3. Lauren Branshaw makes it look easy. W , .i 1 ,f f ff' f . 92 ,, ,, 3' gnu 'EQ-ill-1.14 4 1 ' 13 all in my-X .K ,1" 1',us" if 'J-: ' E' X X. H fx .923 A X A wc N, N ,Y .1 -A 3, x l 5 Q ws x ws .Jw Q .. S -,, J 3 I 4 , ff W W i wvvpf. fi 17. - gf. ff-fi: A, 29 Coed Fencing Joins Girls' Athletic Association is one of the largest organizations at Alhambra with between 60 and 80 girls participating in over eight activities and sports this year. Competing with other schools this year were the volleyball, gymnastics, badminton and softball teams. Recreational sports included fencing, modern dance and life saving. The club's money-making project each year is their magazine sale. They also sponsor the "freshman welcome" and help out in the "faculty tea." GAA GAA OFFICERS Ileft to rightj Denise Hepburn, vice president, Donna Bonanno, president, fsittingj Sue Olsson, secretary, Jeanne Pedro, trea- surer. s x s x . -N -.Er , 5139 3- lag 1' ji: , Y x N 1. N Sitiifz-5 'it J " ,e ' Y' 53221: '-'fw q lt, 2 :1!f"eL ' Iq2"ii'i-3 ' " ' ff?-3.','. 1 .-an . :- 't I 'lv Q 5 e . -2 tt 4, - , t f' is 5 w ir is E I i COED FENCING lleft to rightl FaytheAnn White, Vicki Capilla, Nancy Bellecci, Tom Lawson, Miss Marcia Bennett icoachl. 134 r y ,elf 3' ' 1 wigs, ..-M ,Wg Above: Linda Schulte executing her powerful serve. Left: Donna Bonanno and loanne Broadbent practice digs. slew Teacher Cooches New Sport Mrs. Sherry Endicott, new Physical Education 5 teacher and new head of GAA, coached the l girls' volleyball team in competition with ten other schools. The team did fairly well, considering it was their first year in competition, coming in sixth place. Their record stood at three wins, six losses and one tie. DLLEYBALL TEAM deft to rightl Front row: Donna Bonanno, Linda hulte, Patti Cook, Denise Hepburn, Debbie Bonanno. Back row: Carla egnan, Phyllis Osenga, Marcy Nelson, Michele Ligman, loanne Broadbent. 135 l" Cvymnostics - Strength, Flexibility, Determincition The 1972-73 Gymnastics team participated in five different meets and demonstrations. The team captured 5th place at the Contra Costa Qualifying Meet. Seven girls went on to the Northern California Regional meet. Competing against twenty-two other schools, Alhambra took 9th place. A "Night of Gymnastics" demon- stration was given by the team for friends and parents. This year the whole team was clad in new leotards provided by G.A.A. With money earned by selling stationary, each member purchased warm-ups. This year was challenging and exciting. Each member of the ,-,y f .ttfycs ,.t,t , T team feels that it was a suc- ' cessful and rewarding year. . W . .rlif s . if' .. c,cs Virginia - A little off balance on the beam. ' Q- ' s . . ' ii. f i f. 7 - . ' i " .' f.-'... i CYMANSTICS TEAM fleft to rightj Front row: Jeanette Francis, Theresa Fitzhugh, Bev Coursey, Lynette jones, Connie Collins, Pam Brousseau, Virginia Anaya, Donna Roberts. Back row: Kelly Lake, loni Daly, jennifer Hodnett, Marcey Nelson, Raenette Baker, Lisa Taliaferro, Robin Holmoe, Gretchen Garretty, Lisa Ferro, Chris Butler. KNO! picturedlr Candy Pino, Elinor Nichols, Margie Woodall. Candy - Demonstrating a stag lea S a 5 54 i l l Marg Coach Linda Rublo assisting leanette Francis on the unevens. Elinor - "What comes next?" MODERN DANCE fleft to rightj Front row: Dawn Lambert, Denise Wilford, Nancy Chambers, Pam Brousseau, Virginia Anaya, Chris Andre, Terri Ray, Peggy Pollack, Bev Coursey. Second row: Mary Bellecci, Barbara Chambers, Kathy Lindley, Marcey Nelson, Marie Pollack, Margot Bray. Back row: Rhonda Dickerson, Sue Holden, Marita Schmitz, Kelly Lake. l37 Foke cmd Drive, Violcilions, Loy-ups, Poss ond Cul The 1972-73 Girls' Basketball "A and "B" teams competed agains four different schools in eigh league games this year. Thesi included Miramonte, Del Valle Acalanes and Berkeley. They alsi played four non-league games. The "B" team sported a recc'cl c 2 wins, 6 losses. The "A" team' record was 0 wins, 8 losses. Cindy - Waiting for the rebound. Lori out jumps Acalanes. EE GIRLS' BASKETBALL "B" TEAM fleft to rightl Front row: Debbei Bonanno, Margie Cindy Thiessen. Back row: Sue Free, Toni Williams, Lori Perry, Sherry Clark, Debbie Mwst 2:55 Sherry - Driving for two points. agdg , Q- divan-ng N AV' M"- . NV an lfprmv 4 in H K I stvirbjrk K - A ' ' gel., - : Practicing lay-ups before the game. Fritzi - What goes up must come Laura - Driving in the key. down. mls, Fouls, Rebounds - They're All Port of the Game LT' Q ev . K: 1 W Y Coach Dorna Andersen LS' BASKETBALL "A" TEAM fleft to rightl Front row: Loir Renshaw, Karen msmoe, Denise Hepburn. Back row: Theresa Ray, Donna Bonanno, Karen Strand, 139 'a Scott, Karen Meyer, Sue Olsson. Dink, Smash, Cleor, Drive, Ping-What? Badminton is a smash at Alhambra! This year's team consists of twenty-three girls and one boy, Ray Gonzales, representing co-ed side fgood going, Rayl. The boys' team is chosen later in the season. The team competes in five tournaments throughout the ' , A year, those with Berkeley, San Leandro, Antioch, Fairfield and A i Q with 32 schools from Northern s California. L 1 Former cup winners returning this year are janet Dutra, Peggy Radke, Pat Marshall, Denise A Hepburn and Laura Scott. Coach Vera Verdi boasts a gs 1 strong team again this year. C Good luck at the tournaments and we hope Alhambra turns up many singles, doubles, and , co-ed winners. I l janet - Quick with the wrist. Ray - Keeping his eye on the bird. BADMINTON TEAM fleft to rightj Front row: Nadeah Dajani, Mary Allen, Denise Hepburn, janet Dutra, Ray Gonzal Donna lennings, Nora Sullivan. Back row: Debbie Whitfield, Donna Bonanno, Linda Mckenzie, Marcey Nelson, Coach Vi Verdi, Linda Schultz, loanne Broadbent, Laura Scott, Malia Walker, Carla Anderson. , I V'4!wf.ff f ' 51 af? L' i ,, Q Em 70 S- .S"R!Fi- 4s 2 11, .Y ,.--, .A ,. - A sw . i"'Q?x.3i M . . l ,L ,gg-35.93, Y x. Av,,,: , I 1 I wr 5, x Neff! -Q . fi b -.v if 2 i It 6? Q Ny, 1, mia, Ark 1 e Aw 1 A l A ' " '35 S 1 5 H9 C-T'-""'.-3.2! .fl 1, Yi. 5 S. - :A 3231 if ..x'4 '1 g-tv n if KN " A gi He X. , X0 4 X, 5 .Q u eww 5 f Er. 1. rf, E, Ui 3 ,K 7. ff-V ' ff Z X 1 s ff: 5 Donno Roberts is Crowned Foll Homecoming Queen all Homecoming brought the excite- ment of nominating princesses and lecting for the first year, Mr. Alham- ra. The student body participated by oting for both the Queen and Mr. ,Ihambra. After the big election, ieorge Raya and Donna Roberts merged victorious. Congratulations - Vhat a pair! W. i at er ' i E? Q 'K l fa ' , vi ' :izf 6 V .m. I af: '3- 4- 1 il, ' 'E Ei in A i 1, , f f ' 3? ,- f , av, Q ' 13,1 Toni Conradsen and escort Sergio Raya. Queen' Donna Roberts and Mr. Alhambra, George Raya. MR. ALHAMBRA CANDIDATES: fleft to rightj Dave Boyd, john Scully, Dennis Cola, Steve Grilli, George Raya, loey Silva. The Doys of Wine cmd Roses Seniors chose "The Days of Wine and Roses" to be the theme for Fall Homecoming. They worked hard preparing the float that carried our chosen Queen and Prin- cesses. Topping off Home- coming Week was the parade down Main Street with many students joining in on the fun. The parade was also followed by many of the townspeople. It was an exciting day for all, and what a way to end a thrill- ing week. 1492 5 fi! N . x N at-, if A riff., .wg s. Cum 'll 'i-. X is ' x i Bid'- --W... Cruising the Main! -as. P? Dave lvner doing his thing. 'Q . u , ,L P . X Everyone enjoyed the parade. Oh! Look who just came in! ELASTI-C The band played on. Peggy - And then I gave him the old one-two Dancing 'ro The Beat of The Music 52 ' Peggy Dutra -- Having a time. ., X Sitting th jill-I 1 ri g H, .,.mff' - 1. Alhambra's 1973 spirit leaders work together toward a common goal of entertaining and building school spirit. They can be described as enthusiastic, hardworking, and determined. Their efforts throughout the year are highly appreciated by all who see them and the spirit they arouse is ever present. Ax Alhombrds Spirit Storts With: . t ,ttt .J ii Y'i'7'f35if'T ,,..,mi. . 1 rrisitfifffiiffiriifrrt 1 52 Ne ore The Beginning of The Bullpup Spirit Si 1. f I Al if . 1 z N 'E Q is 4 5 ...i Nancy - We've got SPIRIT! Robin - I can'l remember that cheer! wk '- ips! Nancy Knisiey, Robin Holmoe Marita Schmitz - Watching the boys in action ' NXT 1 - 1" mf ,. M5 . L 'f' 1-REQ? Q get , 5 fa .1 A Q1 I W 1 6 "unu- 'lsr Q 4-at rl if FW., 5, .AQ 1 g- cv,- Q2 , qjwvg- if ,ig L ya," 9' -., 'Q -:Fifi CLA -'H ' I . 'figs' " 3 1' ,," infu- S. K 6? 3 f, ff '4 X, . -wi gg axis Q 'i , " Q 5 H., W'Sff2?W' Vorsily Cheerleaders - Qualify and Delerminolif Q 5 e loann Thomas - Hustle! Hustle! Ieanie Cardinelli - They're yelling. Lynn Williamson lh dj - S' ' I g I and calm. lanelle Roush - I can't hear you! Carmella Cancimella - just taking it easy 1 G0 Go Go Fight Fight Fight WIN! 5 ? A v, .3 big , W 5, QPU- 4 A-.ik-9 ,i ,gf --fgfids, 1--Q, , z 'E .JS Wh W ix gs s Us 'L' Debbie - Flags in motion Nancy - Twirling to the beat i 'Q Qa3W"""' w-f . - ie Kerrie - Marching with the music Diane - l'm ready! Trudy - How's this? 160 3 K, I E iane Wilford, Trudy Odonal, Debbie Reed, Nancy Chambers, Denise Wilford, Carla Anderson fheadl. Smiles of 0 Flag Twlrler A . Carla - What happened to the music? Denise .. Tweeqie the Twirler -' its F 153 3 45 1 ,E 5 'Q 'sf 5 Y' 'Q N s I Xxx' I aw f S T r M X ,-.. Lx EEK ff? , R , fx 1 I. 2 1- A 1 Ln ,Q . Lvxyfii J N ,. Q X . r. , fs' f f 5 K 5 4- 3, f 5 f 1 1 5 'gg ,., 'Lai i Z: - Q 2 ,F K? The Varsity Line-up Nl Ng, K , jill Heath, Commissioner of Rallies niors Dominate Winter Sports Homecoming Rcilly lod, Claud, Lyd - "Oh Boyd, I want to be Frank" juniors dominated the rally by winning the 1972-73 Winter Sports Homecoming Rally. It was the second homecoming rally the class of '74 won this year. The Rally Club imper- sonated the Varsity Basketball team, and the Varsity statisticians sang a song about the team. Coach Bedell and Coach Heaston awarded certificates to outstanding athletes. Kelly and Connie devouring the orange 'far-4 25191 '52 9151 King Candidate Steve Grilii and Princess Cathey Ulmer King Candidate Dave Contreras and Princess julie Silvera King Candidate jimmy Boyd and Princess Chris Gehri P King Candidate Ken Mercure and Princess Mary V limmy ond Cothey Crowned King ond Queen Queen Cathy and her Teddy Bear Candidate Russ Pacheco and Princess leani e Cardinelli leanie Cardinelli, julie Silvera, Chris Gehrig, Cathy Ulmer, and Mary jordan were nominated for Winter Sports Homecoming Queen. King Candidates were Russ Pacheco, Dave Contreras, jimmy Boyd, Steve Grilli, and Ken Mer- cure. limmy Boyd and Cathy Ulmer were chosen as King and Queen. Winter Homecoming Queen Cathy Ulmer and King jimmy Boyd 'Y ,A Pai 'b- 165 X. as iv 1 nn", 1 ,-14 Y A .-1. ., 5 -., QQ, "S-. 1-QL W. 41 .-.:. 1 .H-G' ' A I V . .Q , . . "Ax 4 .f ,, Q -,,, A N. 3 L., K.. 1 . ,"'-A - ki E9 x ...x Alhombrds Bond 2 Lots of Spirit When you hear the distant drumbeats in the background, you know it's the Alhambra Marching Band on the way to provide entertainment of all kinds. At the football games, the 120 members put on great half-time performances, and while the game is being played, they also put in their part of the spirit by playing a few songs during the game. A pep band also plays at the basketball games. At Christ- mas time and in the spring, they give concerts and enter in festivals. And in Nov., they travel to Palo Alto to play in the Stanford Band Day. Alhambra's Band has lots of spirit for Alhambra. Ted Lindstrom: Ya know, I play this thing pretty good, BAND Ileft to righlj Front row: jody Lindstrom, Elinor Nichols, janet Livingston, Denise Hepburn, Debbie Gladstone, Elise Thomas, Ann Denhert, Margie Frisbie, jean McKinnie, Sharon Kitabayashi, Second row: jenette Harrieth, Elaine Heath, Linda Viglienzone, Cindy Almond, Denise Wilford, Vicki Loney, Mary Baier, Diane jardine, Louise Amundsen, David Third row: Shannon Remus, Michael Marquissee, jim Andrews, Theresay Ray, Olivia Bento, Alicia Vilalva, jeanne Howe, Fourth Tiofilo jaimes, Lynda Renshaw, Alison DiPace, Laura Perry, Stan Burton, Dan Avila, David Zochetti, David-Annis, joey Rea, Bob Fifth row: Maria Powell, jill Heath, Keith Monckton, Scott Amspoker, Phyllis Osenga, Tami Anselmo, David George, Debbie l Donna Watanabe, Linda Schulte. 168 Radder. A Mr. Larry Miller: Alhambra High School's Band Leader. Ileft to rightj Front row: Ted Lindstrom, Gregg Cottrell, Chris Smith, Bruce Bettencourt, Paul Smith, Calvin Monson, john Charles Coday, Carlos Villalva, Cathey Ulmer, Charles Hepburn, Second row: john Sonnikson, Karen Stromsmoe, Mike Mike Peterson, Marty Ochoa, Lauren Branshaw, David lvner, Glen Borgenson, Steve Borman, Matt Holden, Robert Strain, Schleich, Third row: Robert Schaffer, Gail Rouse, Gayle Levy, Frank Hepburn, Bill King, Steve Francis, Leslie Macaluso, Molly , lay Reeves, Francis Avila, Ron Cambra, Fourth row: Benito Rodriguez, Sam Trueblood, Walt Pelot, Cathy Benanati, Don Annis, Ray, David Latchaw, Kevin Albertsen, Dennis Woffinden, Charles Houdeshell. Those absent when the picture was taken were: Bartlett, Dave Boyd, Rhonda Dickerson, Cheryl Heindrichson, Devora Martin, Mary Muller, Colleen Robinson, Laura Scott, Deb- David Annis, Tami Anselmo, Laurie Perry: It sounds better our way. , an ,i ll -fer 169 ,--s....nn-. gl Aff, Af- - 1--'-,R ,- i . A-BAND fleft to righlj Front row: jody Lindstrom, Elinor Nichols, Tami Anselmo, Alison DiPace, Lynda Renshaw, Tifilo jaimees, Bo Cellini, Stan Burton, Carlos Villalva, Gregg Cottrell, Paul Smith, Bruce Bettencourt, Ted Lindstrom, Chris Smith, Back row: Mike Ra' Scott Gordon, Don Annis, Dave Latchaw, Mike Peterson, jay Reeves, Ben Slraver, Bill King, David lvner, Mike Anselmo. tr Alhambra has two jazz Bands. The Blue tAj jazz Band, made up of mostly upper- classmen and, the Gold CBJ jazz Band 25 with Frosh and Soph members. Both ,I bands practice before school and on Thursday evenings, on their own time. ,Z 3 They give dances and concerts to raise 1 a money for their trip to the Reno jazz Fes- tival in Reno, Nevada. They also play at local festivals, such as San Ramon. The X ,. jazz Bands play for competition at all of 3 these festivals, the Blue Band has won 3 various awards. A Mel Shepardson: Heck man, why don't they put legs on r dumb things so they can stand up themselves? 170 5 .,- ilia- Apifa gf ffilis 5, lfgix, f ,,a,Q I: A fill 5" 1 l'i it 4-dmv? l Ileft to rightj Front row: Dave Zegette, Dave Annis, Tami Anselmo, Laura Perry, Catherine Ray, Theresa Ray loe Rea Dave Paul Smith, Charles Coday, john Thompson, Calvan Monson, Back row: lennette Harrith, Mike Marquissee, Doug Sowers Don Gayle Levy, Gail Rouse, john Sonnikson, Mike Peterson, lay Reeves. lody Lindstrom: That key used to be an F Bettencoutt, Gregg Cottrell: Listen I arranged this 5 and malls the Way it Wm be played' Come on Mr. Miller, Mary Had a Little Lamb can only be played to one tune. c.s.r. WW , ,gs CSF fleft lo rightj Front row: Vicki Breshears, Pearl Pereira, Sue Trebino, Connie Anderson. Second row: Karen Stromsmoe, Cathe Ulmer, Elise Thomas, Margie Frisbie, Anne Hyman, Linda Vilglienzone, Denise Channel, Debbie Youell, Karen Meyer, Elisa Giorgerir Third row: Debbie Jardine, Chris Andre, Erin Seay, Elinor Nichols, Bob Kiyoi, Leonard Sabatini, Sue Hughey, Wendy Myer, Dom Jennings. Fourth row: Ann Denhert, Bill King, David Latchaw, Scott Gordon, Paul Radosevich, Nancy Cabral, Sheri Clark, Marcy Ne son, Mike Matsler. Fifth row: Joanne Viglienzone, Sharon Kitabayashi, Chris Smith, Carlos Viallava, Mary Bellecci. Back row: Margar Carter, Jody Lindstrom, Dana Heath, Frank Bellecci, Ted Lindstrom. The three boys on the left do not belong in the club. They ar Tom Spelce, Steve Robinson, and Jim Doss. Bon Jour, Hold, Chow l ini ii I A '- i Q A .. .. . , . W - 3 Q-xi if J if f LANGUAGE CLUB deft to rightj Front row: Chris Andre, Phyllis Osenga, Vicki Breshears, Karen Stromsmoe, Dave Latchaw. Seco row: Mike Matsler, Marcy Nelson, Nora Sullivan, jennifer Gorshe, Donna Jennings. Third row: Diane Jardine, Jody Lindstrom, Sci Gordon, Margaret Carter, Linton Emerson Ill, Ricky Avila, Carol Ann Lasell, Jody Jackson. Rolly Club '72-73 Sounds Cf Spirit ...J Morginol Minds GINAL MINDS lleft to right! Vali Cooper, Paul, Radosevich, David Latchaw, Carlos Vialva, Elise Thomas, jody Lindstrom, Anne an, Ann McClure, Chris Andre, Elaine Schaffer, Ricky Avila. 711 Wotch the Birdie ga it if PHOTOGRAPHERS: fleft to rightj Front row: Dave Filomeo, Debbie Simel, Dave Butler. Second row: Richard Martin, Terry Weatl ford, Gary Bennett, Holly Hoyer, Scott Weston, ludy Keary. N Without photography the 1973 Torch l wouldn't be. B Alhambra photographers have given up weekends and after school hours to help in the creation of our book. These photographers are dedicated, hard-working, and successful. Hey! look you guys, I took this picture! Advisor: Mr. Parmly Martin 4.i.'L':L:., ., .... 11 .. , Af-R f 'wh S ff A Q3 5 .J . , Ai mxs iq , 1 1- tha 1 r il: 1 ' . Q- ...74:.f,2.Q? .LQ ' " - g- J .+.f- ':-5:31, A mr' Q ' , ff 'T ',,-'-:H . ' -sr gg S-. ' " N fi., I-2'-j ii si 4 . ' b . ,ff M QQ -7 V'nf' :,3 Qififx J if ', .H ?,s , ,Q .1 'v1'f N1- 1 A Q , AT 35 . , 5 fl ' Li . mxs sax - ' s . 1z" 0,,gh,, 5HA l , .gi I J. 1 ' A . f ?!"-2.1 K, i Q ' ' , in V 92.4 - , , ' Q .,1 x : - :gf - I if 'Q , -1 ' ', V ' X " D, IQ 5 5 Q G P Qf, 1 eff X ' 30 ' it if Q wi 1 H A ix, ed? L ' f 1. -5 r ' J. x ' A, Ji K w Xi ' k in 1- . . ., f ,kg 1 , K ,. X Ky fi E ' gait- ',i, . yn, V 5 ig Ea ., - . vb. ' K," qx I .lf J 53: Af , ,F l 1' f v,:,q f J. - ' : , 1 Z' .WZ V NX' g"'f ,1 K .s . l., K 1. , yy , , 1 r. ' -V - yin' 1' 1 N x Y 4 " K an , 'vvX,.- N 1 ' I- S'- ltt 5.7 . A - Y.. f , v. u vs . ff-. V - .lf Q L 1 35 f sf if ,Vi 'H TIMES - WRITE ON! B I 4 f , , TIMES STAFF fleft to rightl First row: Karen Machado, Cathey Ulmer, Debbie Jardine, Anne Hyman. Second row: Lance Beesd Bruce Bettencourt, Sue Olsson, Mark Burke. I The-function of the Times is twofold: first, to function as a newspaper and have the student body as our publicg and second, to enable us to acquire skills to be used in a journalist career. As Editor I try to make the Times informative, interesting, and relevent. As this is being written in December the quality of the paper is improving with each edition and by june it will become a positive aspect of campus life. Sue Olsson - Now . . . how do you spell sports? :gif-. ... 1 Anne Hyman: "lf I had a hammer. . . Lance Beeson. As editor I find myself in the position of . . . L.fxl-rifle my N :K Q? Cathey Ulmer, Lance Beeson, Debbie lardine, Mrsi Wilma Connor lAdvisorJ, Karen Machado, Sue Olson, Mark Burke, Bruce , --'iiiai j f 7 , ,, ,,,,,,,, Y, W , f, 7, Y , fn, i EDITOR r IEF Fuiure U.N. Delegates 'Q L4.i??iij1iil 1'. MEQQW -1fi- Tfggi L ,J 4 gee 5 :W D JFS e,-,f-f-,,11,-fi KL H s :--'-'-- ... , i - ' ' 1 n i H4 -Q s i X ,- r , 2 l I 1 A l - 1 Q ,A , 3 , - l ' i- .L 4 .sf-Q s.--f--.-.-Q----i Q . it 3 4 , l - I D 2 w I tk . 1 : , . L. , i i l l : 1 S Y 9 u g : 35 9 "1 :Qc -.- l s MODEL U.N. fleft to rightj Front row: Ann McClure, Margaret Carter, Mr. Laurie Capitelli, Second row: Mary jordan, Anne Hym Paul Radosevich, Erin Seay. Ecology Club ft, .'rr f AI 5 1 ECOLOGY CLUB fleft to rightj Front row: Katie McKowen, Mary jordan, Margaret Carter, Erin Seay, Second row: Nadeah Holden, jody Lindstrom. Ken Mercure, john Quintero, Herbie Ayala, and Scott Gordon are not in the club. 78 .Bu - .2. ..- Americcin Field Service . - , , !,,x..T' 51g'.'1"f ' fb IJ a my L vii -.five-'H ,QQ e gn FS fleft to rightj Front row: Masato Murakami, Ann McClure, Lance Beeson, Second row: Gailyn Awenius, Linda Viglienzone, jenni- :r DeGraef, Dana Heath, Leslie Macaluso, Susan Gamba, Lisa Nordaby, Connie Andersen, Rhonda Lomeli, Third row: Margaret Carter, arol Ann Lasell, Back row: Karen Stromsmoe, Roberta Frisbie, june Cummings, Liz Holden, lody Lindstrom, jill Heath, loanne Viglien- lane. i fb- 33 42 Masato Murakami: From Morioka, Japan. n McClure: Spent the summer in Lance Beeson: Spent the summer in India. hanislan. Temperolures Rising NURSING OBSERVATION fleft to rightj Front row: Lynn Gregory, Mary Allen, Sandra Zwemmer, Chewl Heindrichson, Vicki Lon Back row: Chris Gehrig, Carla Degnan, Mary jordan, lanet Dutra. limi 951 if 1 l i l i .-I Bb Sandra Zwemmer - A smile always makes everybody happy. ' ' ik ' W i Mrs. Myra Vickery, Nurse at Alhambra High School. X X Chris Gehrig - Cine ring-e-ding-e, two ring-e-ding-es ' 4 180 Dromci Club Develops Acting Skills fleft to rightj Front row: lim Cilley, Alicia Vilalva, julie Cozart, Dave Cardin, Mike Matsler, Marcy Nelson Second row: Steve ecky Myer, Susette Hardin, lim Manry, Dave Barsolti, Yvonne Morris, lon O'Shea, Bob Cox, Linton Emerson, Larry Fox, Bob ludy Beninger, Art Bickford. Fulure Homemokers of Americci Ileft to rightj Front row: Cindi Beatty, Roberta Frisbie, Karen Stromsmoe, Linda Cabral, Second row: Pat Muller, Vicki Rea, Pearl eira, Leslie Erickson, Third row: Twila jones, Cindy johnson, julie Lustow, loanne Viglienzone. ,fl Compus Improvement Committee I , CIC lleft to rightj Front row: Marcia Gore, Rochelle Stangellini, Sandy Brenchley, lulie Silvera, loann DeGraef, Second row: Zand Ball, Terry Knalls, Stephanie Derrick, lanis Dorthy, Beth Bise, Denise Camp, Chris Gehrig, Holly Hoyer, Cynthia Williams, Third roi Debbie Arias, Peggy Servantes, Linda Lasiter, Mieke Degger, Patti Sexton, Marian Collins, Denise Bookout, Debbie Vaughn. Ski Club SKI CLUB flefr to right! Front row: Neal Sullivan, Cindi Beatty, Rhonda Lomeli, Lori Perw, Lisa Aiello, john Fry, Earl jones, Cottrell, Second row: Mike Peterson, Donna lennings, Third row: Pat Welch, Larry Lippow, Mr. Howard Yank, Nora Sullivan, Ross, Jeanne Pedro, Dale Ecenbarger. 182 Siudenl Council i Student Council Advisor: Mr. joe Reynolds Student Body President: Pam Robbins SY: COUNCIL fleft to rightl Front row: Bob Kiyoi, Chris Smith, Barbara Nabors, Kelle McGuire, Second row: Chris Gehrig, Bob leanie Cardinelli, Cathey Ulmer, Elinor Nichols, Third row: jill Heath, Connie Anderson, Lynn Williamson, Paul Radosevich, Williamson, joelle Geilini. -Torch Sioff oi lis Besi KR 'S N. ' -,S X an il 'Q . ,1 K .V - I- V- :hx 5... . 1973 TORCH STAFF fleft to rightj Front row: Linda Lasiter - Faculty, Sheila Viera - lunior class editor, Dani Gray - Sophomore class editor, Claudia Thiessen - Editor-in- chief, Karen Strand - Freshman class editor, Back row: Dennis Negherbon - Sports editor, lody lackson - Business manager, Dennis Cola - Sports editor, Lydia Walsh - Clubs. lod and Claude - lod you've had it. 4 S of is .t , fs k 0 fi Dani - Nobody wants to play with me 12. Scott - I always wanted to be an eng neer. if J' W I, 5 X , gvzfef M X QW? 'i . F' ,-f"'F"UEi' N ,,a ....1.muB.. me gr" ak Margie - Copy Editor, "So what if I can't spell." 1- s Sheila - ow: Dennis - rking. . x "Wa r x "Don't just stand C help me find it." Hey, you guys, it's '-. -nag ...,,,,.. .av Karen - -if lt- w t 1 f x Af,-.. A-N 5 just try and take my picture. 4 ? - Afr' K Dennis - Look, Ma, no hands. we 5 'Nuys' ,, ,. va .A .,, 1. '35 -, Above: Lots o' laughs - Linda. Below: Lydia - Bug off, Dennis. Q. ' -e Frank Bellecci Basketball, Baseball Dennis Cola Football, Track Ken Mercure Football, Wrestling Block "A" gg,9Q'1 ,gf - " Bruce Bettencourt Steve Cabral Mgr. Football, Basketball Football, Track Dave Contreras Rich Karsten Football, Wrestling Football QS- Dennis Negherbon George Raya Football, Wrestling, Track Football . joey Silva Gene Spence Football, Baseball Football, Track dm t, ,Amen-ew L BLOCK 'A' Ileft to rightl Front row: Mike Ray, Marty Ochoa. row: john Fry, Mike Mercure, Larry Lippow. Eleven members of Alham- bra's athletic program have competed and earned the honor of "Block A." They then received the famous Block 'A.' Some of the projects the members participate in are playing in the Block 'A' vs. Faculty basketball game, selling tickets for the Har- lem's game and 'helping' clean football equipment. They also give a "Mike Col- lins Scholarship" worth three hundred dollars. Their big reward in the end is a fantastic camping trip to the mountains for fishing, food, and foolin' around. L BLOCK 'A' OFFICERS Ileft to rightj: Dave Contreras, Sergeant-at-arms, George Raya, Vice President, Ken Mercure, President. SENIOR BLOCK 'A' fleft to rightl Front row: Dave Contreras, Steve Cabral, Ken Mercure, joey Silva. Second row: Dennis Negherbon, Goerge Raya, Frank Bellecci, Rich Karsten, Gene Spence, Bruce Bettencourt. 7 Hot Off the Press The Alhambra High School Printing Department, composed of Olivia Ten- coni, Les Weeks, Sue Olson, Cathey Ulmer and Mr. Bill McNeil spend their class time printing school matter such as the Times, football programs, CRW Magazine and other necessary materi- als, They are the only department within the school, aside from the Work Experience program that directly performa a school duty that would otherwise have to be done by a com- mercial printing agency. 'QQQ ti or me g Olivia Tenconi and Les Weeks. PRINTING Kieft to rightj Front row: Les Weeks and Cathey Ulmer and Sue Olggnh Ulmer. Back row: Olivia Tenconi, Mr. Bill McNeil, Sue Chamber Singers CHAMBER SINGERS fleft to rightj Front row: Patti Doolin, Linda Shulte, Faythe Ann White, Kathy O'Shea. Back row: jeff Woltz, Lance Beeson, Dave Boyd, Elaine Schaefer, Lilia Perales. Swing Choir CHOIR Ileft to rightl Front row: Marie Pollack, Denise Keary, Sally Mercurio, Cathy Benenati, Teresa Roony, Beth Bise. Second Debbie Godfrey, Barbara McCaskill, Cheryl Lindgren, Cindy Trejos, Becky Myer, Debbie Pereira, Elaine Schaefer, Toni Williams, Walker. Third row: jeff Woltz, Keith Eger, Drew Williams, Dave Boyd, Malt Curtis, Terry O'Malley. 90 Inherit the Wind Inherit the Wind cast and company. This year the drama class and Mrs. Sharon Rowe are to be complimented on doing a fine job with lerome Law- rence's Inherit the Wind. Each character was cast to per- fection with main characters being Steve Grilli as Bert Cates, Bob Hallman as Matthew Brady, Bob Cox as Henry Drummond, Marcy Nelson as Rachel Brown and Mike Matsler as E. K. Hornbeck. Each member performed to their best ability whether the part they held was small or large. And one should not forget the needed help given by the stage crew and all those who helped to make the play a big success. The play ran three nights and each performance was held before a large audience. "Never knew Alhambra had such a great bunch of performers." Congratulations for a job well done! A., The jury - a somewhat different one - was made up of twelve male members from the audience. - ff ill 2221. .4 The omnipotent Matthew H. Brady played by Bc Hallman and his wife, Judy Benninger. The "ladies" of the town. l l fl V e i X I . !p, Brady and Drummond have it out in the court room as Steve Grilli waits for decision. 5 Brown lLinton Emersonj over powers congregation with "The seven days." 3. an E' 'W . . Art Bickford - condemning "evil thinkers such as E. K. Hornbeck. Howard fDoug Sowersj "weIl my teacher said we all evolved from big blobs." E. K. Hornbeck lMike Matslerl - speakin' his mind. if P 4 - . Jk'.g,v-' Ln ,,.f f Mr. Walsh Evciluciles Firsl Year t 4'-- ,- -. BOARD OF EDUCATION Ileft to rightj Front row: Mr. Maurice E. Huguet jr., Mrs. Muriel King, Dr. Norman W. McDonald, D.D Back row: Mr. O. Eugene Barton, Mr. Richard W. Benedict, Paul Radosevich. 3 435! .Q , t .I 'f ' , ,taxi f x ' ji ,J 5 A F' rr' 1 1 ig fig f W A g , J A Q AH? . 5 F '1 if , , of .L" X , Q ri .1 rrrr O F F - -1 , ., .O A YK A Y sa ju Z A Mr. Ralph jackson: Boys' Vice Principal Mr. Frank Walsh: Principal Mr. Thomas Turner: Superintendent Mrs. Nancy Menken: Librarian I94 a fi As I predicted, this has been an xciting year for me at Alhambra Iigh School. lt has been a 'get- J-know-you' year and I feel I ave accomplished this goal. I am ery proud of being a part of the gudents and faculty that make up iis campus. has also been a year of devel- ping a community of interest entered around the school activ- ies and program. would like to extend my sincere est wishes to the class of 1973 as wey move from the school com- munity to their places in the dult society." - Principal Frank Valsh QE k"! . . A-., . 2: rs. Martha Gilmore: Girls' Vice Principal s. Parmly Martin: journalism, Occupa- n Center, Photography Mrs. Kathy Rich: English i Mrs. Myra Vickery: Nurse Mr. Cliff Hestdalen: Occupation Center z 4 "' 'rf . I 49,3 Q. Mr. Ioe Reynolds: Student Advisor Mrs. Myrtle Rhoades: Business Ed. 1f,,,,a 4 ,ji mmm Mrs. Mary Clement: English Mrs. Carol Albright: Business Ed. Mrs. Lucy Richie: Business Ed. 31.33 i 99 Mrs. Darlene Harris: Business Ed. fChairmanj Mr. Herman Baum: Science fChairmanj i Mrs. Wilma Connor:EngIish, journalism Mr. Glen Gierke: Science New Tedchers, More Courses Added SOS, a coed cooking class, Photography I, College Orientation, Psychology 'C', a course to motivate students to come to school, Child Development, and Arts and Man are some of the new courses being offered at Alhambra this year. Three new teachers have joined our faculty: Mrs. Sherry Endicott, Girls' PE, Mr. William Vkmes, Social Studies, and Mrs. . julie Rowell, Chorus. l Alhambra lost five teachers l from the last year's staff: Mrs. Edith Summers, who moved to anta Barbara, Mr. Tom Pickett, who has become a reading specialist for the Elementary School, Mrs. Virginia Kenney, has moved East to be with her new husband, Mrs. Lillian nnon, who has retired, and Mr. Ray Reynolds, whose unexpected death came just school started this year. ,, '5 1 - ' l I Mrs. Sharon Rowe: English ,..,x .Y Mr. Robert Laird: English sa H? ,,s.,-4, 4 G ul-J ' 4' ,,"f t,, Ci A Mrs. julie Liable: English Mr. james McNeely: English Mrs. Dorris Vitek: English IChairmanj The Stull Bill, passed this year by the California Legislature, requires all teachers to write descriptions of their jobs. The underlying basis of all teaching, according to the Alhambra English Department is as follows: "Students vary widely in many ways - in native abilities, in cultural backgrounds, in desire for learning, and in vocational objections. Therefore, teachers in the English Department will encourage all students to improve their command of the English language in units of reading, writing, listening, thinking, both analytically and critically, speaking and discussing. . ." ' f ' 5: mf., fffisfm T Lg Ti g I J , ,, ,gg V .,:Zf7 fir jj- Tift V TT ,,-- i , , L is I i f ' , , f, Vi2i'.5'1 5' Hi? f ' jf' V' 1 W--225.9515 , -fi iT ,i ,T .f -. ww: we f- 2' -f-if-si, T T it- T we T X w Mrs. Audrey Berger: English Mr. William Ames: Social Studies 198 Teochers Describe Their Jobs isrbg TT., - A ,,,,,,,f lt Mr. Scott Lawler: English, journalism 4? Mr. Stan English Mrs. Pat Schmidt: English Mr. Laurie Capitelliz Social Studies Mr. Anthony Fisher: Science Richard McLaughlin: Social Studies mir raewaamzfeia aux Mr. Bill McNeill: Business Ed. Mrs. Merle Wilson: Special Ed. Mr. james Nichols: Social Studies Mrs. Gudrun Lingelser: Social Studies Em5 iiw Eslnot Aa Mrs. Helen Mehoudar: Social Studies Mr. Al Jamieson: Social Studies Mr. Al Martin: Science fChairmanj 200 .rv-n... COUNSELORS lleft to rightj Front row: Mrs. Mary Birch, Mrs. jean Wirick, Mrs. Elizabeth Dun- Mr. joseph Kokaisl: Social Studies ning. Back row: Mr. Giles Boucher, Mr. Bob Harrison, Mr, William Harbin Dr. Hu Stafflebachc Social Studies CLERICAL STAFF Ile-ft to rightj Front row: Mrs. Roberta Saunders, Mrs. loyce Gilson, Virginia Sullivan. Back row: Mrs. Virginia Best, Mrs. Kay McGrath, Mrs. Norma Mrs. Arlene Mickelson. lmissing is Mr. Clifford Shaw, AV Departmentj if .. 1, l lond ls Now Fully Uniformed 1973 marks the year that all the members of Alhambra's band have U l' L T l N S uniforms. Part of the money came from holding dances for adults and the rest from an anonymous gift. for the second year the jazz band is x :heduled to go to Reno, Nevada, to - ' l fr ompete with jazz groups from high M 4-3, y schools all over the West. ' ' X J fl . U - L Q, 5:3 .. L il Mr. Howard Yank: Social Studies Mr. Leslie Shroeder: Industrial Arts Mr. Larry Miller: Fine Arts .asus Mr. Paul Albright: lndustrialArrs Mrs. Eleanora Lister: Homemaking fChairmanj O M t Mr. Luka Sekulichz Industrial Arts Mrs. Cynthia Moore: Homemaking 'Nl M4 P Mrs. Maxine Barber: Mrs. Barbara Littlefield: Special Ed. Homemaking 22 T f i MW - a ifmssw- . W aiflrf 1, ,. ' ., ' Q ' 4 Mr. Floyd Sheppard: Industrial Arts j O Mr. lack Hodgman: industrial Arts Barriers Between Sexes Disappear Teachers pictured on these two pages teach a variety of the subjects being taught at Alhambra this year. p No longer does Mr. Sheppard teach auto shop to boys only. This year two girls are learning the skills of auto mechanics. The same breakdown of barriers between the sexes is occurring in homemaking. Boys are taking cooking, once offered only to girls. i -X N filed, N i 4,, . ' R ,P ., , Mr. jean Gambrill: Industrial Arts Mr. Darrell Lloyd: Fine Arts L Mrs. Freda Soule: Art r li, ROiX: lf1duS!rial Arts fChairman1 Mrs. lulia Rowell: Chorus Miss Marcia Bennett: Italian, Social Studies 20 5 awk, s ,J . my 1 -. , , Mr. Leroy Merchant: Mathematics 'i ml. 'K' -.. in I .,. ., , ffP'f"':-:sa :J":.L- I - . - ., ' .ia t I 4 Mr. Donald Roberts: Mathematics Mr. Kermit Perrins: Mathematics Mr. Gerald Anderson: Mathematics is f::i l it its it 5 i i t ' dark J k eeaa t M ea 5 i -. ' - - , 9552: , , f- 2. 'T'g?ff'g"5! Mr. Walter Ettlin: Mathematics Mr. Stephen Edwards: Mathematics fChairmanj X Rlhcimbro Grciduotes .ludged Superior Alhambra graduates attending branches of the University of California are doing better than average work in university mathematic courses, according to a report received this year. For the first time this year, Seniors who failed a state mathematics test were required to take a special mathematics course in their senior i year. i . ,,,, Mrs. Ruth Spade: Spanish, English 'wf"h.,f Mr. Yousif Dajani: Mathematics A fi Mr. Hiro Okawaci: Science Mr. Leyland Holder: English, Spanish 459' ox Mrs. Claire Guichard: French, English Foreign Language lChairmanj Miss Dorna Anderson: PE 205 New Aclivilies Added to PE Progrom There are three new, exciting activities in the girls' PE department. They include a weight control class which includes a study of caloric intake and proper diet along with body mechanics, Aerobics, a course in which each girl must do a regular schedule of exercise to insure physical fitness, and folk dancing, a course to teach girls this traditional American activity. baseball for the spring, and an eight- week weight lifting and running program ,A for all freshmen. 1-,Essex Mr. Floyd Terry: Physical Ed. Mr. Warren Bedellz Physical Ed. M V.-. 'Fil A ,Z Mr, Charlie Tourville: Physical Ed. lChairmanj Mrs, Vera Verdi: Physical Ed. Mrs. Linda Rubio: Physical Ec IChairman1 , . Z if E cfm 'A -1 . " 'fg-'fav 4:32 P af Sir' j it Y' pg, QW: jisgjgj, 'hlvfsj 'ri fi Mr. Bob Heaston: Physical Ed. fAthletic Director! Mrs. Sherry Endicott: Physical Ed. 206 P The Boys' PE department has added coed - E 1f,, l l '--,-,.,..-- gf. 0 Q5 135 S33 . Q 'tg Lu -Gb' 54 -TQ- 'Y' S DRIVERS deft to rightj First row: Ruth Coy, Imajean Wheaton, Bobbye Hickey, Eula Sturgill, Nadine Gallamore, Isabelle Sears. k row: Nancy Wilburn, Carol Olthoff, Lonnie Shelton, leanne Dow, Rose Sylva, Opal Lucido, Emily Prime, Edith Owings. 'X-cs gl ' rand, im. as M E ,xiii M 4, he iie N L iq, 416 , x K as ' ,, 4' f ., , . ,s i -H-nun TERIA WORKERS Ileft to rightl Front row: Vina jones fheadl, Irene McDonald, Shila Brown, Freda Keat, Louise Barker.Middle row: n Persons, Verna Homes, Carmen Perry, Maxine Engersal. Back row: Frances Eggers, Bette Medeiros, loyce Carlson. 'TODIANS Ileft to rightl Charles Fluker, Glen Mikesell, Rudy Slimac fheadl, Richard Draper, Charlie Young, Ervin Riggins, Norman 1. 20 7 Y I Q, , , F- i , ,fA- K, 2 :Q M. -was ' Mrs. Vitek paintin' the town. fl Ea Horseback-riding, one of her many hobbies .f ,wi Q , , ,fn Sunshine on a cloudy day. K 2 -.,,ir.4. Gpen Up Your Heort, ond Let the Sun Shine ii ae is , . ' t ' 514. ' - 4' ' .-. .., 'Q'x'i..." . 1,-t Q-Q . 'M,:, . n . ., ..' 4.1 "" A Q 'U r 1. . . ,, . I' .v,A.4, 2,.".,, "'Z.. 4-I ,W A., --. . ,s - ,,.. I' Snow in Martinez? Wou you belive it? Well it hai pened. On Dec. 12, 197 snow hit Martinez. Alhar bra students were su they'd get the day o because of the "BIizzard Well, it didn't work, scho remained in session, ar the next day only a fe traces were left. Oh, we maybe we'll get a day off fl hmm,aflood. A flood! Well Martinez was hit by one of those too. Oh lan. 11, just 42 days after the big blizzard, rain fell continuously on Martinez. Everyone kept an eye out for Noah, and many ripped out their inner tubes for the big races. By the way, we got the day off! will , ,Q-was-1 If-2' N-.,' , Memoriom Mr. Roy Reynolds Mr. Ray Reynolds, affectionately known as Commander Ray, is gone from our ranks. Death is an impossibility until it suddenly becomes a reality. This stark reality was brought home to Alhambra High last September. The ominous feeling in our school and community was like the hushed silence in the forest when a giant tree had fallen, leaving a great void where that giant once stood. People do not understand their winnings until they realize their loss. Nor does one know what a friend is until he is lonely. But out of our loneliness we are heartened because we knew Mr. Reynolds as a true winner in everything he did. He was an eminently outstanding husband, father, educator, and indeed a true friend. Alhambra High shall be forever grateful to him for the quiet dignity he displayed in bringing that touch of greatness" to all who knew and loved him. ll 211 x When he said he loved us, he meant it with all his heart, and because he truly meant it, death hasn't made us part. Until Then 'Q 6? if -SAK we gf 1 -ff Q2 5 fu ne 'S -,,' Q Y ., A at 9 V Q -F f i, film HE 'if as WH' 1 ri' 1? as f' -as ...Jw Qi-+1--i m :QQ .. ww A -i. fr 'if K , f-D is ' .ie K if In Memoriamfivlike Felice There is a sky 4 of mountains ,ik 'mt above me and a sea of infinite beauty below me. Af , wr. The vast spaces of this world surround me and care for me while I dip into a consciousness of time. It's not what's behind but what is now. Nina Duhl 40 U f' if "H W.. gif' in - Q 5 . 'E' 1 if f 3 - xg ,, ,S 3 ' x " 'Q 'WL 4. - x p Q-, I S. 'hand-N -. 7,:T1'.?""- ' A- ' :T M., 'sh' sQQ,k1f,. Q- .n4,.,., , W A ff... I ev- -, -. wa 4-Q " 4i,,, if 'He ,Q .4-,St il-age w-nw QC ' af.. , -Q lin .. -...f - 11, gn M4 ,-Y 1,7 . il 11 ,A - 11 " - -x - " , Q ,355 Gif' " '1 :ec 'F . --2 , - :K - "fag yew" ' f m , fh 5 'lim-1 1 ., Valk'- ..g,.,,L NKLQN3 ,kr 5n"':5 K 4- sf H fig ge. 6. fa. wa. Q F A., 'ge ,. Yxw V' . -L I 'Uqgp N .- ,x , 1 41 71 F .- s I X I n GREGSON'S MARKET 36lO Pacheco Boulevard 228-6682 609 Main Shea MARTINEZ AREA CHAMBER OF commence Ron Solomon - 228-2345 Juclillw Rooney - Treasurer Allan De Fraga - Vice 6 Q- S. P. BRADSHAW I2lO Alham 228-285I bra Avenue BUD'S PORK CHOP 8I5 Main Sfreef 228-9807 BUSCHKE F. E. D.D.S. 7I I Casfro Sfreef 228-283l ' FRANK'S PHILLIPS 66 3600 Pacheco Blvd. 228-9983 Hoey 8: Hoey AHys. 630 Couri' Sfreef 228-5840 RACHEL'-FS HOFFMA 's Ll R 653 Main Sfreef, P.O. Box 887 30' Mgr, 9,3620 228-9333 228-2695 CHRIS'S CAROUSEL 3808 Pacheco Boulevard 228-5497 217 2 MICCO INC. K MICCO OFFICE EQUIPMENT CHARRETTE'S BAKERY 2340 Pacheco Boulevard 7OI Main Slreef 228-7700 228-7934 ROBERT E5K,QX5f'8E'-5 DDS- MARTINEZ SANITARY SERVICE 825 Main S+ree+ 7000 Main S'l'r'eeI 228-54:6 228-9363 LA VILLA BEAUTY SALON NORMAN W. MCDONALD D.D.S 3755 Alhambra Avenue 647 Green Sh-eef 228-2566 228-0436 I if CELLINI, INC. General Conlracfors P.O. Box 787 2IO Fos+er S+ree+ 228-7525 STEVE'S EXXON 4I4I Alhambra Ave. 228-2278 Congrafulafions +0 fhe class of '73 MCGOWAN T. INSURANCE 724 Ferry Sfreef 228-I928 MILTS APPLIANCE I636 Pacheco Blvd. 228-I543 DACIFIC FURNITURE 4I3 Ferry Sfreef 228-4435 NORA'S COFFEE SHOP 92I Casfro Sfreef Congra+uIa+ions Mary REEDS STATIONARY 724 Main Sfreef 228-2I I9 SALEM SHOE REPAIR 7I I Ferry Sfreef 228-6232 SPORTSMEN BARBER SHOP 602 Ferry Sfreef TOMPKINS MT. VIEW AUTO SUPPLY 2508 Pacheco Blvd. 228-2I00 2 . F 'lil -5 ,Y4j Q Norlh C+. P.O. Box 447 MARTINEZZMATQZE CENTER Don Cliles-Owne 8-4 50 SUXTES At Phillips 66 it's performance that counts Phillips which believes in Americas fulure because if believes in Americas youlh - Congralulales Alhambra seniors for comple+ing a siqnilicanl mileslone in 'rheir lives 0 El fy 'N' 1 DlGARDl'S WINERY 3785 Pacheco Blvd. We malls punches for parlies. 228-2638 GLENN'S HOUSE OF HAIRSTYLES I224 Pine Sfreef 228-2775 MUIR LODGE MOTEL 3930 Alhambra Ave. 228-3308 ADAM'S MARKET l622 Pacheco Blvd. AUTO PARTS SALES 639 Ward Sfreef 228-6060 BRAY. BALDWIN, EGAN. and BREITWEISSER Ward and Ferry 228-l37O Congralulafions fo fhe class of '73. Gene Shimmel 228-2550 ALHAMBRA DELICATESSEN nfgw fafgs CAMPUS BARBER sHoP 3314 Alhambra Avenue I IO W'i 1, + ,id 284l Alhambra Avenue 228-3857 238ff3E'g ' 228-9790 5 'N " -1 1 ...... E I L!! 'A . Pl -, wel - 4 'ar - ' ' fair- I I R xx --T' F22 In RAY KEAN FAf6lQcf'f,f,g1i'j'f3fQZ'CE VINE Hlu. MARKET 3725 Alhambra Avenue 2284278 For all your insumrlce needs Hank and Blanche Homolka 228-5226 can ' Open 7 days a week. Bob Avila. 228-9990 4300 Arfhur Road f A I I If 'I' I YII Vff X I I , I 1 'C' ' " ' ,A I X I III Cf I I I I , If 1 , J' . ,1,i . ' SIDNEY S. LIPPOW KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN 6IOI Las Juanfas Sfreef 4025 Nhambra Ave. 228-6040 229-2244 inf! ,, JOSEPH W. PEREIRA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY General Building Contractor Phone I4-I5I 228-0546 737 Carquinez Way Marfinez, Cal. 94553 .,-...,..,,...qv-9 in .IE FRONTIER FLOORS AND INTERIOR 228-4000 I Las Junfas Sfreef Bob and Sheila Grilli SCHUL'IZ'S BARBER SHOP 3594 Pacheco Blvd. 228-I6I3 Razor curling, hair sfyling and appoinfmenfs are available. CASE SUNDRIES COATS M.D. 23000 Marfinez Ave. I IOI Thompson Sf. 228-4264 228-0520 COUNTRY STORE 3840 Pacheco Blvd. 228-OI I7 CURT CARTER FORD 3655 Alhambra Avenue 228-6666 Good Luck fo Ihe class of '73 FRANCO'S FLORIST 736 Main Sfreef 228-I525 Congrofulafions fo The class of '73. GOLDEN WEST - Open 24 hrs. 3925 Alhambra Ave. 228-8700 Serves breakfasf any fime. HAYWARD D.D.S. 706 Ferry Sfreef 228-6734 Success +o The Graduaies of I973! 2385 Pacheco Boulevard 228-0550 228-0550 ,,.,.a: gp ze DELLA ROSA BROTHERS TRUCKING, INC. P.O. Box 470 Phone l4l5j 228-9452 224 J 81 L AUTOSHOP 280 S. L. Lubricafion Lane Open 23 hrs. and 59 mins. daily Mgr. Randy Reeves Congrafulafions fo fhe "foe cools" of '73 2 We WINKS DRIVE IN 3835 Alhambra Avenue 228-4566 Congrafulafions fo 'fhe class of '73 .- f-I. 'x mp.. 5 A 8: W 3500 Alhambra Avenue 228-3373 Congrafulafions fo fhe class of '73 " 'P' ?AI'l!f' 228 -SIS! 'S . fx'-1 6,113- TOM'S UNION SERVICE Frank Quinfero, Dlr. CANYON DAIRY JlM'S T.V. SERVICE 741 Green SI. Marfinez R+. 412 Box 39I 514 Main Sires? 228-9967 228-83I I 228-8 I BI Spanish Spoken X H4 - 'ku rw. -.- I E E . Q , , Y s , l so ssoo E os E ? ? j 1 A E FOSTER'S FREEZE 228-9970 500 Pacheco Boulevard Thanks for all our good cusfomers - Louise Wyse and Bobby Carson 227 FISH AND CHIRPS sPARAclNos MEN's WEAR PSI and P?'f SUPPHGS 732 Main S+ree+ 228-583: 53CQga:': 'Screw Besf wishes fo fha class of '73 KAL FAIR VARIETY 6"5MaI"SI' Aslavsaiun 228-56.3 Iqkavinszis Ing, TELEVENTS 700 'D' Sfreef 228-0600 CONTRA COSTA DRUG K AND D DRUG boo Main 228-1303 lm: CONTRA COSTA DRUG 38I5 Alhambra 228-3460 4 MARTINEZ DRUG S 8: J ELECTRONICS 328 Main 2233220 2845 Alhambra Ave. 228-254I TV and radio repair 228 I 2. ur,L,,:1! N' ,, SS C' . L V QP Q fl . " V 7 ff -F6 -- 5 x4g Wi' 1 1 ,if ,f , ' IDMUNDIOWE H.. D Ti' QMEMS Ex illillfl UGFHS A NMIGU NZUIR Cin!!! 'E " " me " were sour 53 nmmmn aura .-u-.s mgmaumm " nd .- . . 4,5-.. ,,,,, M yes. -4 1 ,, 9' 'T' BELLA ROMA PIHA 4040 Alhambra Ave. - 228-4935 Pizzas and Ifalian food +0 go. Try our specialfy - Empanadas - Deep fried Mexican meaf pies Kids are welcome! See and hear our mighfy Hweafrical pipe organ. X, T.. F...- CAFE CEASAR 7I9 Mein S+ree+ Lef's worlr for a beH'er world fo live in Sfay on fop class of '73 SNOOK'S 836 Main Sfreef 2284937 Good luclr fo fhe class of I973 0 LEO MARCH: GRANDE s sr-foes Alhambra and H s+feB+ Merugfgigjre 605 Mann Sfreef Marhnez Caluf Phone 228 soaa 228 2360 24 ffg""9 CONNOLLY 8: TAYLOR 4000 Alha m bra Ave. 228-4700 nn it ww AC E H ':.1-l Q:- -FP gofo 'za 6 Li P HPHHQH -Z' O . .R I, W, aww A- SM -Q if fl : . Y -... r .- r'r'. K F' ' ' 'NEW' , -.- "1 ad, .Q .- 5 Q .h . .- Q.. ' . . 'ESQQ ga 1 lv- Q' 55 ALHI PLE, IMRTINEZ, CALIF. 0 TELEPHONE 228-1909 LOT ENTRANCE - CLOSED SUNDAY 81 MONDAY -'E' 1 2- .ff Q - 1 .J I 7,11 - , .LA . .Q . 1 f 1 . My fd Na: ,I 2 hz: . cs , sw: J Q 4 3 21: Q, ,ig off ' V - 4:-Hr .Mi vi ' wwf 47 5 f I ' -, f fx ww s'qiff52k'2ed A, -' P'-Sf . "1 EW .I .I . f Q25 F .gZ5i',, ,' ,:J"-' " XY iii? if QQ1,L g. f. , ...M " ' 35 an 4- ' I I Ix'?5'I ,Q-aw," f . xx 954139 5 A-' f 'f . , , '1-1 ' Q I CHERP? Y gfii' ., 'ii , o ff? -I ff-, ' , ' 55 REGENTS OFFICE OF TROTSKY COLLEGE Members: Chico, Earfh, Loofs, Bu'rcI1, Hawkeye. AI. Foods. 234 XX NEW YORK FABRICS, INC. 535 Confra Costa Blvd. Concord R bPh. 4387-6203, d 5OI Main Sfreef emem eri if's y e yar , New York Fabrics has if. 228-2936 If -I MARTINEZ REFINERY 6 f Swv BANK OF AMERICA in Marfinez 626 Main Sfreef 934-IOI I Besf Wishes fo fha class of I 973 GRANSHAW'S FLOWER'S Frances and Wilberf Hall 827 Main S+ree+ 228-I IOO I BNUSLI. MISUIUM BIG N ww my ar .Q I K.. sHAM's PlzzA PARLOR 540 Confra Cosfa Boulevard 682-5764 nJuE+1:nI n. 1 1 LASELL'S HARDWARE Since I885 INDUSTRIAL LUMBER QI I AII1ambra Avenue. Marfinez I8l Howe Road 228-2486 228-OI2O 7 If f-fm vw MARTINH CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL 4I IO Alhambra Way 228-4260 hr! BANK OF CALIFORNIA 634 Main Sfreef 228-I I Congrafulafions, Class of I 973 238 I I . ' 'S ' ,L,A ' .-'W . :K 1 K.-pg ' I X .3 is k N as ' .2 , -Q. "' J " , f i ,,11 ' , . His' , . xr, 2 , A Q , H : , -f ' wfgfs-HQ, xy A' Q5 l f Q .AV N 'fij - 1 , I gag, V g. ' 'fn In q ,.:1 Q f POP'S LIQUORS 623 Main Sfreef 228-5I5I PAT'S BARBER SHOP 2302 Marfinez Avenue 228-9903 Congrafulaffons fo fhe class of '73 . 3 , Y L HlLSON'S FAMILY APPAREL 630 Main S+reef SEcURi1ZSi9gILr:-Egg LOAN 228-6280 90: Main s+fee+ 2284510 Main Office: San Francisco WELLS FARGO BANK 902 Main Sf. 2284500 1,- JOHN MILLER TRAVEL AGENCY LAlRD'S MARKET 7I3 Main Sfreef 228-36l6 94l Alhambra Where in fhe world are you going? 228-O53 240 ll 401 Gran se. Q Q I mmmnez, CA. nm. 228-6413 ...'lC.'I2.' nmmunww, In I m . hh nnnurux ro: I. ' IUTOKOTIVE PARIS AND SUPPLIES Q D .- ' . IM NN 0 nwd ymun .I uh. Ammuln npmm-an Our Bushman N We Pu: ?-1 Wan' ' - - 1' W-f W I - INIIPIIP Ow1ie,,s:f.:, mu- THE HEART arms I ' AUTIJMUTIVE nsmnmsnr rms mnusm DUARTE 81 WITTING INC. DIAMOND RETREAD Imperial - Chrysler - Plyfmoullw 40' Q,-een Sf,-99+ 825 F Sf I 228-0750 el-ry reDrive a liffle - Save alol' 228-MIB EVERETT JOHNSON OPTOMETRIST Pine and Jones Sfale Iarms Dr, P, Willfamg 228-0196 Insurance 730 Mein 228.2646 I ., , .T I i. .1 1 Vi " 11 I. if ..., . .- I , ' .J I - .,,V , f, . ., ,, ..- ACTIVE ALUMNI AT SHELL CHEMICAL COMPNAY 2. Duhame I959: G. Aiflcenhead I953: H. Borghesani l950: C. Farber l9591 D. French I9487 G. Ralls I949: D. Silva l94I: I. Della Rosa I944: E. Borgeson I947: J. Sowers l95O: P. Hun? l95l: W. Larson l95I: D. Peferson I957 lrefiredl: W. Barlelfani l937g N. L. Byars: Harry Thomas. 4 VV Q 35 X A 1 1 9 4,5 ,,. ,op .Q - GEORGE FRESCHI INSURANCE 3l2l Alhambra Avenue 228-0920 K "--4:5 Siu- 14, ,,,8Yw .. -J as V1 NVQ. BERGER'S EQUIPMENT MARTINEZ FURNITURE 400 Ferry Sfreef 5'6 FGVVY S+"ee'f 228-5848 2225200 DR. W. A. F TZPATRICK 2 W JWHW I .5 J 3, . if ,P 1 X . ,N fs' r Jwwyle r 01 M7 M1 0542! iff? 'fr W W My we M Mfr M ff GWB' MW " ' Qifyjgjyf' e. QW, Complimenfs fy if W "W V of ew .r nn WT very good Jfiwlowv X y ,k f1J' friend K m +3 K 'G I' -.nn C3 Y, 33 N5 N 'N Success 'r H1 Seniors of 73 WN? QL' MM WM' CMM MM . wwf 5? EDM WKLQJVN7 Lf D X520 'R h ds ,QM Wm E351 WWQZEHTD iiflfs? iw PM il puff 51 M by if 5 w5 V uxxgf rd I ,U QP ghgm J . , J Q T L ,OW W7 was VW gp Ji i ,Q AE W Nj! f . DWG ak im , 5 JZ L G0w NCQ Olgcl gli' W 6 f Za: . r. .P if 'G so 'gf " 0 fi C C 1, al W ly If YQF xml kj if ,-- ,lx r 1 JN JXV Q, S NW Q YM ,-N' 49-as O ox J?"'2'G ,4 bl 5 ,dl 1 Lx LZ' S C? 4 Q 4 Q Q25 ' X asgffl Q. , 'Fix' X X53 A 9' Q33 ,QW XJ, x , ,xv- .. Av' g 1 Q wx tiff ff' N A 5 ' K X H gi zN.?t5..E7 NX Pg' -, " ' Q" X 135 QR- as . ' K., .1 N ' - ,fi . K- gms - v 1 QI ' 1 ' , 1. .. ' Rx .a Ex-D , N N' , ."z 'keg , - X mi? qfifxb Q' W Wyk N N M M Q qw Q I gi N M WSW qw5fj'6WffMfL TW W3

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