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1960 URCH ALHAMBRA UNION HIGH SCHOOL MARTINEZ CALIFORNIA VO LII JUNE6 1960 Nancy Boyd Edztor Carol Stuck, Bus Mgr PUBLISHED BY TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO DALLAS TEXAS Semor portrans by Hal Matson Studuos Cover deslgn by Karen Shmac L. , 1 AH: F9 J n . vc I !..I.. 145 4 , - I ' I I ,, . -A 14 P 9 O ur Golden, Year fl n gf.-, a x f ,I v I Y 's, ' . J' U kx,,J ! ,A .' mei, l K-Q. . Riff? A f'."T'x'g??4' U ' Y F . ' P -. h , 55, 1 Y ,fab edgy, ,, ff-,fx 5? E 1 ifligfsw .1 I ni gf., -S. Q I . r 'i rf-' , 'F v0 .-1 . f b gg s . t .Vigil- . X J' 55115, A . I ' A - gui . , . . , 1 , iz?" 'SU ' st ' . . an-, ggfffw' 4 H , . .,.. 9- !, , gf? . . 1,, Nat' Q Qtr? .sa . Y , 185' 14 and -u.,.X , .l.f' ma 'E- -'Q .,, r , 4. 5 UQ-v F Zrgnv., U. M T ..."Pf2 if ' - 'Ai -4 1 ', 1 "fix .L 9 : ' K 2 'K is lv J if sf 1 S uk' 4'A 'Aix AVA- ' F KTMSBLW 1, -- ' s 5 uf My 13' M l .L '4 th 'i 5 1 . , V - 5 Q , ,z A 5. v- . af' '- ' . ' ., ,gg-J-.w f .W -fa , Q5 BG: 55" ,. 4+ " .A J . . - ' - ,V 1' ' , -'- 3 . . ,..k 4 al aff'-Lf H , M 4 'txytjmi u Q0 ' l ...' ' . 'LV' 43 52: N 'H , . 11. a ' swgwazr 1 1 W " l v 51:-F. K' 1 '4 -c A i1 I ,z.1'...,' " 1 Q' Q ai N. I X Ugg V' ' I F I V ,,,,L " 1:4 wg. .A , ,QLD 33,5 ,V V 'V nk I Y , V , V . '4 L. iv A,.. 1. l '. 'ff' 'K X K R J' my , VJ 6 ,ly 3 5 an A LL I' Q ffximz i 5' 6 K .x 1 Q 1 - Nw . 1 -Xi n :' v x I "ffm- -Q I 541. 4,33 11 .EIL 13 if ., it I , MQ ,, , wh , OPENING SECTION Tut e Contents Dedlcahon School Government CLASSROOMS FOOTBALL QUEENS BASKETBALL CLUBS AND SPRING SPORTS CLASSES ' I C QUEENS o,,,o ADVERTISING Dedication T T Wi MR ALBERT MORTON The T960 Torch IS dedrcaTed To a man who belneves rn The drgnrTy of work who belueves rn The drgnrTy of man and who belreves ThaT The fuTure of The world Iles In The youTh of Today He has devoTed a mayor porTron of has lrfe To The rob of rnsTrucTrng young people He symboluzes The well educaTed man as hrs Treld of knowledge ranges from The rndusTnal world To ancuenT hlsTory IT rs wuTh all srncerny ThaT The T960 Torch sTaTT dedlcaTes Thus book To MorT Mr AlberT MorTon I I . . . . . . ,, H . . . . - 11 I1 GRENVILLE C. JONES Principal CN ,. ' .fl t .l, Principal? Message This l96O Torch tells the story of a year of activity at Alhambra. Your principal and faculty hope that the year has been re- warding to each one of you, that you have profited by your studies, that you have enioyed your sports and club activities, that you have formed lasting friendships. To you seniors go our best wishes for the future and the earnest hope that you will continue to read, to think, to learn. Some of you will continue your education at higher instiutions of learning, some of you will go to work, some of you will marry, some of you will join the armed services. But regardless of where you go or what you do, remember that your real education is just beginning! If education is experience, life has plenty to offer you! Take advantage of it! Keep your mind open and alert! There are exciting times ahead! America needs citizens who are thoughtful, informed, and critical. l hope you are one of those for whom education is iust beginning, not ending. GRENVILLE C. JONES Principal OFFICE SECRETARIES: Kathryn Nierhake, Mardell Bickel, Kay McGrath and Ann Head. Superintendentas Message To the members of the Graduating Class of 1960. Greetings and best wishes! You have completed twelve years of education and can now look forward to the biggest change you have had in your lives thus tar. You have received an education financed by your parents and the people of the community. Now you will be called upon to assume your share of that responsibility. May you meet the challenge with enthusiasm and spirit. Each one of you has my best wishes for a lifetime of success and happiness. WILLARD B. KNOWLES Superintendent WILLARD B. KNOWLES Superintendent GOVERNING BOARD: Henry Hartz, Fred W. Ernest, Phyllis B. Wainwright, Charles Laird, Dr. Otis B. Cobb, and L. B. Small. lst Semester PRESIDENT Tom Hoffmann COMMISSIONER OF ASSEMBLIES BiII Wainwright COMMISSIONER OF Karen Nerhake COMMISSIONER OF FINANCE Pam Talso COMMISSIONER OF BUILDINGS and GROUNDS Buddy Parret COMMISSIONER OF SOCIAL AFFAIRS Carole Barnette COMMISSIONER OF PUBLICITY Joanne Spina COMMISSIONER OF GIRLS' AFFAIRS Carol Stuck COMMISSIONER OF BOYS' AFFAIRS Gary Clayton ,lu I I sl f TOM HOFFMANN, President Executive Committee tttclent ROW I: Jerri BiIIecci, Cathy Fountain, Peg Hartz, Tom Hoffmann, Pam Talso, Loretta Johnson, Jackie Silva. ROW 2: Joanne Spina, Beverly Thomas, Jeanne Duarte, Nancy Boyd, Carol Stuck, EIIen SeIIar, Elsie Hays. ROW 3: Buddy Parret, Phil Ciaramitaro, Janet Pistochini, Ron Cortese, BiII Wainwright, Gary Clayton, D tamatteo. an Nierhake, Lois Quon- 0'U8T'l'L77l6l7I 2nd Semester PRESIDENT Tom Hoffmann COMMISSIONER OF ASSEMBLIES Emile Pallotta SECRETARY Karen Nierhake COMMISSIONER OF FINANCE Pam Talso COMMISSIONER OF BUILDINGS and GROUNDS Buddy Parret COMMISSIONER OF SOCIAL AFFAIRS Carole Barnette COMMISSIONER OF PUBLICITY Tim MacGregor COMMISSIONER OF GIRLS' AFFAIRS Carol Stuck STUDENT COURT JUDGES COMMISSIONER OF BOYS' AFFAIRS Gary Clayton Ron Cortese, Chief Justice, Larry Knapp, and Dick Seibert Executive Committee ROW I: Karen Nierhake, Cathy Fountain, Peg Hartz, Tom Hoffmann, Pam Talso, Loretta Johnson, Jackie Silva, Carole Barnette, ROW 2: EIIen Sellar, Janet Pistochini, Beverly Thomas, Jeanne Duarte, Nancy Boyd, Carol Stuck, Sharon CIifton, Elsie Hays. ROW 3: Ron Cortese, Buddy Parret, Richard Barney, Dave WooIdridge, Dennis Watson, Gary Clayton, Tim MacGregor, Emile Pallotta. .wp-A" fi ,ll 9- ,. .J Eg g,,,A,...f-f" 1L 1' iw .. fi, f 4 gf, 'fu ffgigf q A :xii 15 77, . f 11 '-.' 5 :Q as L' FM, ...if . g, if gf'-hifi -f .Zw93'1- 4 s I i 2 4, Q .4 K ,- r-- i 1 2 'i , ,4-1 'f .Wi n i 3 -L .iw .-.w'.,,,m ww MQ. wana. .fx 1 .,,,-Q N-4--.,, ., ,. ' 4 . -5. . A 1 u Guidance TESTING, PROGRAMMING CAREER PLANNING, AND COUNSELING help us to find our places in society. The counselors 'ob IS to help each student when he needs help Thus could be any of the more than 250 sophomores who depend upon Mr Ramey for advice but It happens to be Lynda Atkin- X 1 Mr les Boucher Mr Sam Ramey Mr Alex McBrIde Mrs. Mary Birch QCWSHW COUNSELOR COUNSELOR COUNSELOR I vlfbc My I Z- Wi .f . . : 1 . ' ' 1 lb! tba First year artists grope for inspiration as they make rough drawings of their picture ideas. TEXTURE - COLOR - HUES - THE BEAUTIES OF LIFE - These are ours through the world of art. Ash trays and bowls are the final products of this group of art students. They are Wayne Gailey, Sharon Tames, Luberta Peters, and Dorla Roberson. ,MVW ,,,. Ali' 4 s Q-1 Mrs. Anita Lyser TE .s Omaira Turner, Francine Stevens, and Vince Ciaramitaro are in the advanced art class. Here they are trying their hand t charcoal drawing. I3 km Miss Elizabeth Miss Mary O'DonneII Mrs. Betty Dunning Mrs. Margaret Sf-BCIQIIOUSG ENGLISH READING and ENGLISH Thompson ENGLISH ENGLISH I I Ir' Steve Morlain is too big to play with dolls-we know this-so it must be something to do with "The Merchant of Venice." Virginia Shepherd, Joy McCart, and Marg Coilins add beauty and brains to the scene. En lish We can spell it-but we wouIdn't know what to do with it if we had one. Angie Romeo plays teacher-The students are Scott Harbaugh, Wayne GaiIey, and Margie Rourke. E55 'I 'Q iQ I -n---..- 4 .L -e 'ag' 1 ' 5" "' x ,J . is ., -. , .-4, lx: ,M A3 W N ye se a-.g,i-- ' , ' W fren J' ' W , ,yy , ,. f , , 596 " eQgEig,:A . 2 . Q , yi my x, 1 4 f' 1: 4 , , Q H . mr ZA ' 1 , nwuwv- .L , ,m"' U - V -if. fm X1 4- , .gwerva-. 'Q 2223 , , VR Nl' Cf nm xx """" ,. if-N , f -W ' Q M , f'i1? h'3'?'59 3, 1 . f , 'dff,'f1i f fg Lf gb W ,sWaA,,M,,' 'Y ' ' ', 1' wif. 41, 'M ,f ,V , M ,,,A,?.-F if ,F-.. 1, V , , V .,,,f, A In , 3 jp. , ',,,tj.,,u- gg ,t 4. , - Mfmfggw., mis' " A f p Ezgum. 35 ,P 4, wa AL .ig-3, flwrvf' ,cg , V , Mr. Bill Smith Mr. Jack Holder PUBLICATIONS ENGUSH-DRAMATICS Publications - Speech First year iournalists learn about deadlines and headlines when they put out their first Cub Edition. Staff members are Mary Smith, Sue Facer, Kathy Bulger, Joanne Marin, and Steve Nye. t Delcie Wheeler addresses the public speaking tow and Horner Dawson await their turns. class. Susan Welch, Pat Hodgson, Walter Lus- Foreign Languages Mr. Gerard Poirier Mr. Richard Tomlinson FRENCH SPANISH 1 COMPRAR-COMPRENDRE-To know, to understand the peoples of the world, our neighbors. Oral reports are given in French when you are a member of the French lll class. Nancy W ells is doing the reporting. Emile, amigo, you look more like a tour- ista than an Espanol in that wild hat. Ray Hudleson, Ruth Rangel, and Sue Lawrence check the travel posters for a mythical trip south of the border. Social Miss Melba Miss Elsbeth Benson Mr. Dale Collins Fitzpatrick HISTORY HISTORY HISTORY We are prepared to meet the complex world through our study of PEOPLE, PLACES and INSTITUTIONS - GOVERNMENT, FAMILY, and OURSELVES - PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. A few of the gang gathered around to get the word on how to write their history term paper. With Miss Fitzpatrick are Donna Funk, Bob Fraga, Jim Coulter, and Laurel Peters. Ilya Franklin Y! 4-4 'vs' ilhifzas June Williams, Mike Lazzarini, and Louie Seder check to see what is happening in the world. tudies Mr. Al Cassell Mr. Phil Miyamoto Mr. Deane TUTY AMERICAN SOCIAL PROBLEMS SOCIAL PROBLEMS PROBLEMS BUSINESS "The old world is as round as a softball," Bob Ball might be savincz to Jim Lujan, Carla Under- wood, and Margaret Strand in social problems class. SOCIAL PROBLEMS, WORLD HIS- TORY, U. S. HISTORY, AMER- ICAN PROBLEMS, and PSYCHO- LOGY are offered by the A.U.H.S. social studies department. Mr. Miyamoto has his fresh- men hard at work. le Mr. Bill Baum Mr. Darrel Littlefield Mr, Bob Harrison K "if" iii f ':-73 J. I ' .qi CHEMISTRY PHYSICS GENERAL SCIENCE TEST TUBES - FORMULI - OB SERVATION - DEDUCTION - in troduce us to the world of mis- siles, medicine, and better living Physicists are a serious lot. They are erudite, inquisitive, and analytical. Unfortunately- These chemists may change the course of the world! Gary Swedberg CChief Reader of Directionsl, Peggy Hartz CChief pourer of Solutionsl, Bob Zufall iChief Holder of Bottlesj, and Patti Porter iChief Taker of Temperaturesl cook up a wild experi- ment. cience E141 Mr. Dick Angel Mr. Alfred Martin Mrs. Merle Wilson BIOLOGY BIOLOGY SPECIAL EDUCATION WWW M B ft! 1 ml lil Mr. Angel's guinea pigs provided fun and education for biology students this year, Playing with the pigs are Dewey Underwood, Nevada Helling, AI Jones, and Jackie Silva. "A plant has to have sunshine to live," Rose Marie Wood tells William Sherrill and Leroy Garcia. rl N gsmlx .I s 1' ' - u U ' I -.mjff yllla 'I -I i.,Q C I 1 'Y Mr. Gerald Andersen Mrs, Leona ALGEBRA Honnegger MECHANICAL DRAWING ARITHMETIC - COMPUTER PROGRAMMING - ALGEBRA, TRIGONOMETRY - GEOMETRY - all serve as stepping stones into the advanced world of mathematics. Geometric designs capture the fancy of Ed Martin, Marlise Kals- beck, and Bob Nelson. up X X "-W.. , Mathematics Mr. Verne Keenan GEOMETRY -tl R gounn UWII5. uuu Mechanical Drawing students prepare a plates for their latest assignment. lk' Mathematics Mr. Leroy Merchant Mr. Yousef Daiani MATHEMATICS ' MATHEMATICS Latitude lines run across and longitude lines run up and down, and one degree equals 72 miles, O Trig can be pretty rough. Jon Wallin, George Toriyama and Roger Greene are looking for the right answer. bul Greenwich is not a village in New York in This case. 4 4,fNo-me nf fqxf 2.5-v Mr. Jim Coulter Mr. Ralph Jackson Physical Mr. Bob Albrecht Z Andy Million proves the old saying that whatever goes up has to come down. Murph executes a handstand. If Jon and Dave let go-a handstand might execute Murph. 24 PHYSICAL SKILLS - COORDINATION - SPORTS- MANSHIP - TEAMWORK - all train us for a world of competition. ducation Miss Virglnia Paren. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Bev Shelby makes Those free Ihrows count. The rest of The team stands by for The rebound lust in case she misses ir, Though. .ff"'f! Miss LIIIIan CoIIins MVS- Vefa VeVdI PHYSICAL EDUCATION PHYSICAL EDUCATION s .5 - Sirk , .J it L, E5 m W, N 4 X 2 X f- ff x 'bw-X, Y 2 Z 5 2 H 3 A , . 5 ' i sf ,LQ 4 2 A fre ll 4 5' ,, as, A as Z 4 - ..,-4.Q..,,,,,..,M4' E 2 Yao 'Q su 5 2 fig ,f ff di 'za-s...anll . - . .wars-" uf' A-,,,.n--w iwwM,w,-uw-1 ali' W" ,nd ,,..WM-M A ,K .iw, ,,,, 'dh 'K ,,...,.w-' V..v ,gn Q05 w QM ,Ww,,,,.,,.,-a-"N R . wud!-kiwi . G .f Z' in 4. in Q wg- gi ff a W , 5352 " 5 1 . -, npgiff ' .M . . Q Y N. ,A .ua . - M-rv,-W .r . if , Hr- , Y. .1 .2 i Sai P .S .H-W 1-17 yay,-wawwffw Qfizrxzp , 3 'E 5 hops lv' , if reAo1o.eLs:rRoNics lx wefbi 7 E 'ln f r ,l , l its Q-.AJC A l I 3 l f WE LEARN OF THE WORLD OF WORK as we learn to weld, construct furniture and build houses, re- pair automobiles and radios, and turn out a new tool on the lathe in the machine shop. Ulas Kirby, Dewey Underwood, Wayne Brasher, Gary Valdi, and David Sutton are learning the fine points of motor tuning. Jim Maltbie, Russ Salva, and Gini Martini are sanding what will eventually be a lovely tabletop. V- X- gg-azz: Mrs, Maxine Barber Mrs. Hortense Carpenter HOMEMAKING HOMEMAKING RECIPES, BAKING, COOKING, SEWING, DECO- RATING, and HOME PLANNING - These are the things we learn which will prepare Us to be good American mothers and homemakers. We H omemaking Cooking class gives a girl a chance to try some plain and fancy dishes. There is one small problem- you have to be willing to eat anything you cook. Seniors Lois Quontamatteo, Ellen Sellar, Carole Bar- nette, Kathleen Lombardi, and Kathy Rice planned and sewed their college wardrobe as a part of their work in Senior Homemaking. Music and Librar Mr. Reber? Mott Miss Harrier Cushman MUSIC LIBRARY LIFE'S PLEASURES, MOODS, OPPORTUNITIES - The joys of creativity are ours Through The worlds of books and music. A little music can liven up anyone's day! A quiet corner in The AUHS library is a refuge for one who needs to study for a literature Tesi. :-pznn----- -- is ii l Business Mrs. Darlene Harris Mrs. Phyllis Johnson Mrs. Alma Browne TYPING My V SECRETARIAL TYPING I PRACTICE TYPING, SHORTHAND, DICTATION, BUSINESS MACHINES, AND BOOKKEEPING . . . These are the tools that will help us attain success in the world of business. Business training includes practice on the various business machines. Alma Henry, Dalene Frame, Hilda McAlpin, and Rayola Griffin try to balance the ledger in bookkeeping class. 1 First year typing students are all thumbs at the beginning of the year, and then they develop skills that enable them to type more BUSINESS BUSINESS than 60 words per minute. Mrs. Lucille Strecker Mrs. Mona Smith 1 4 wa! VARSITY FOOTBALL: ROW I: John Dye, Dave Schelhorn, Al Compaglia, Ray Hudleson, Dean Hall, Norman Rakstad, Steve Nye, Don Bohannon. ROW 2: Bob Baer, George Toriyama, Steve Kinoshita, Ed Murphy, Walt Viglienzone, Sherman Dennis, Bob Cerri, Emile Pallotta, Mel Carone, Ken Hall, Larry McClure, Mgr. ROW 31 Dick Miller, Mgr., Fred Harrington, Ed Martin, Bill Hitt, Jerry Robbennolt, Bob Curl, Jim Coulter, Dennis Watson, Wayne Brasher, Van Boschetti, Jerry Greene, John Burke, George Plumos, Mgr. ROW 4: Ed Johnson, Gene Peyrucain, Keith Thomas, Mark Gilbert, Bill Wainwright, Roger Greene, Bob Greene, Geoff Griffin, Will Newman, Dave Wooldridge, Terral Anderson. E.B.D. - .Villa Football Coach Jim Coulter and Coach Ralph Jackson Scoreboard Alhambra .7..,, U 6 Acalanes ee,. 39 Alhambra aaa,,, 0 Castro Valley Alhambra, ,aea 0 Las Lomas Alhambra .ee, .- 0 Piedmont as "Alhambra 7,,, be 7 Albany 'Alhambra .7.. D- 14 Liberty 'Alhambra , ,, U 0 John Swett do 'Alhambra M 19 Amador . 'Alhambra .,,,ea O Livermore -, 'Denotes Conference Games. if'9l3 "fi-'-. "5 'A Q-,401 33 F ight Team Teamwork is an important aspect of football. Here, John Dye, Keith Thomas and Sherm Dennis g'ang up on Las Lomas's num- ber l5. cv' 'lisa 0.. K' 56 I J 0 'G f at a t-X Two Knights gang up to stop Bulldog back Bob Greene after a short gain George Toriyama looks for a way to escape two Amador Done. Will , Newman attempts to aid him. We won, l9-14. 1 f id? f A Q5 F Q Q53 91, 'Q x ,G . MV 1 3 F' 1 N! K 3, :HL i 7 S ' 1 me ' U if 4' m, xf' . if W - gg,- v . ,4, ff' E. W g "FUEL .A ff :pf , V. M .4-1 -' . ly I VL li 1 f , I 'greg 75" 7? 43 i 31 'f H' gg " di! Y!-' J 1 N V 1 I Y M' 9 1 9 3 3, Q' A K l 'dl ' Q if J U ' , V Ill I Q , f 1 V - ' A, X 5 5,5 N kg K 5 an W , - , ds Af LN, 3 .V 3 ? L 1 3, S X 3, . 3' its Q f 9 "7ifmz?'h 3, V f , X , N I Q , -, Q' 51555 ' ' V M AQ 4 ,Y p I ,gy Af ,, u gg - ig A - W - 4 v Sli N1 X J 14 RX ' , q D Q J. A Y ,Q ,I i . . Z ' .gf X Ry ' wb R I H ' I 1 x. Y' 44 6' K5-N an 4454 Q f 4 ,1.,,, , 1 4.1, -X11 F 4' l v V I , 1 11 gg ' 1 .1 A K K A I S -V 1. W f ls' , xl EJ' lv-SAV ffivi - V - cg A .0 I limar, H -4 L Z l I r , , 5 ,,,,N,,,.w- , V - -W- , .,, Q I Y 1-1 o. ., , 3. . 'ng f NV 4, V 'L ' ? 5: . f g X7 , M, Q -L, v 'K 5 3' I . 'if . f :gl Il tr, W4 LVA 1 1 if . f ' fig I rt, egip ,gf big, i Q 4 Q ' J - A i ta .V 1 if' ' L5 ' 513,13 Q 5. +3 Q, 'wx B! ,W 4 1 4 'A Q xg., . A :yt L ,J Q 3, I 2 ,,. !. ,A Q , 4 .554 Q- PHAT! if 5 9? E :if "', it , , Mfg 1- 3 Q s ul5 ' . E ai 'Sp A " -' X -,'Z7Q4.1Ffi' !f.'f,2?--5,3 Zlqixkg I Y j ,-1 ,,g4,: ,10W1A, ,l3i5 ilx2 f fa- sf H-w A. . v i f - - 'kk . ,WV .-fa, Q., ' , 1 ' :if . Qi if -Qc W 3.3 FOOTBALL QUEEN Jame1PnsTochum 'il- f ff! PRINCESS Jackfe Swlva Carol Pisfochim PRINCESS PRINCESS rlarw 5 wfil np A Wa-1, ,. Jackie Cecil PRINCESS , -.1 sm- W ,, .... L 1 5.5 M, 3 .5 M, .,,. vi 'mn' vt, J --0 '13 , v 'Q f 3 ' T' f Q .X 1 lx M ' K1 . ..- " " 91 "' l E M, W' X 4. qaweszfssi Qsxrwfl-1 3119979 " 51 . v U af S ,,, ' ' v I f - + Q: - ' ' ' .5 . I , 5 2 ' v . gi ,.,. , 'V 3 -' N ,ra , 1 Q 1 - . 51- f . 3, , ' . 2 W 2 ... , Lf vt - Q , . 1 ' ., ns 5, 'T if L 9 E! ff gf .1 A W .K a..1,,q,,e QfW- if h?f'i4 L'f Q - X iff- S' 1 A wif ,Mi , g5, x - y.,mQgg,m'Lffaf1?!m?ff- f x , A 5 ' Nw ,-1. A 40 '-XMI: A V' ' ' wk me W fwf H , Q ,fi ar? ' 3 bv 1 wfwwfg F 'V' -S Y il ' Q ' Y I Mi 5 5 . Q j 1 7, W 9-,. .4 , - E131 SE 314- V., - 5 '- ' .W V -1 ' ' ' jg 4 . 9 , v A f 4. A ' 'lr A E V ii V 3' . 3 . L 35511232 f i .spg ggi, 241 'N ,.. 1 1. .A ',--... .- 3 ig " A' Q AA? ' 'M A, ' :sag mf-L , A ,21 Mi fl' Q , 3 - A if 'A 'Q , is 'fs 4 i Y -we 'ill 1 1, YW fi., QM ' Hkgf BASKETBALL SVVEETHEART Elsne Hays 'Q r PRINCESS Nancy Boyd PRNNCESS Ja -41 + if '4,.,, Q PRINCESS Z-FFRINCESS Sally Snook Joanne Spma EB . ii ! f A 5157, 0 wt A A A J F Q V' J 3 X X I Q D.v.A.L. 'ilu ag. ff? EB-uHAMPxuN5'575v C EAST BAY ' z I g g O rn A,-. gi .I n." 'F , i l """"'-lQ.,.,,,...,,,,,,,'-'W' xuyk Q 1 Y, --..1,M, nv 111 1 4 L25 of "iff is M932 1971 -Q 1 rr 4' 5' if 14.--1 , , - f ,. z- -' .W-' ' wr it Miwugu 5, ffl R f K I view. I ,, . YA' W 1 X W, 4 V, H, A f f ' .1 'A x i' 4 ' W2 ,sc 'f X ,, , Q, ' fagimsffqt -' .wr cn: 1 Dv M95 .Wg 5 .l"5:-5, is a hysterical crowd . . . a'harclwood .51 A ' mi' W1-235 A '97Z:?Qf ', tziir. ' ' if ,Q f 2 flogrl. . . a basketball sweetheart . . . thats last minute time out . . . a big golcl "A" .QQ ' . . . screaming cheerlehgiegjsw, .' . 9 fulllcourt W' ' .are,tl'le.tbings wltichlmakeup Basketgv , ,.f A , rt offAlhmttbra's Yzafg press . bus rides to stNBff .' . i. tltese fem b...,a..impon,mi A Q: ,Lp ffffgfz' A 1 mu f ' 2 -1 3x 1 N 6--' ' w f 'W fl i f t "l , , 'W .v L246-"?f5,A'-ffl 4, 'ffm We 'W 1. ,V , C6 99 ROW l: Larry Knapp, Henry Barletfani, Dennis Watson, Vic Hepokoski, John Jones. ROW 2: Jerry Greene, Melvin Wylie, Terra! Anderson, Ai Jones, Larry Schonberg, Morgan Groth, Harry Miller. Nor pictured: Tom Hoffmann. A's Fourth in Leagueg B's Champs ROW I: M. Wylie, Manager, R. Ball, B. Nelson, E. Griffanti, T. Quanfamarfeo, A. Lakeman, R. Nelson, D. Wolfer, D. Miller, Manager ROW 2: B. Dorris, J. Laird, B. Stedman, B. Gilbert, P. Ciaramiataro, R.GIiaYto, D. Frese, D. Prosser. C6 99 46 E.B.D.-All-League Senior Larry Knapp was elected as the most val- uable player by the team for two straight years. 'SAN Scoreboard AUHS Opponents 47 Pleasant Hill 38 40 DeAnza 35 53 Pacifica 38 38 Amador 28 34 John Swett 59 48 Liberty 30 34 Albany 48 48 -Livermore 67 44 Amador 38 35 John Swett 51 65 Liberty 41 41 Albany 50 46 Livermore 53 "B" Scoreboard 47 San Ramon 31 32 DeAnza 25 48 Pacifica 47 23 Miramonte 19 38 Amador 30 25 John Swett 37 33 Liberty 19 40 Albany 36 41 Livermore 27 41 Amador 26 42 John Swett 40 39 Liberty 34 37 Albany 24 39 Livermore 26 COACH BOB HARRISON 7 H 4 10:84 Y 5 4521122 if ff' in Q -. Varsity Yell-Leaders ff? ! .152 .Q ROW I: Carol Pisiochini, Jackie Cecil, Joanne Spina, Karen Nierhake, Irene Romera, ROW 2: Serena Edgar, Diana Sparacino, Nancy Wells, Sally Snook, Joan Adams, Joanne Russo, Grefchen Miller. A HS Song Leaders f" ilqx A I JJ -p, , v , F V1 rr . ' a Wan or lose the Bulldogs lake Mme ou! Yo sung thexr School Hyr'-n IV. Yell-Leaders fx Head LORETTA JOHNSON J. V. YELL LEADERS: Beverly Thomas, Peg Hartz, Loretta Johnson, Cathy Fountain, and Jeanne Duarte. 'f'X lf' s-noi' Head SHARON CLIFTON 52 Fresh Yell Leaders 'mr tw FRosH YELL LEADERS: sharon Clifton, Linda Quontamatteo, Alaine Carter, and Marg Collins. Rally Club 6 GQ . .i,l,,,,, , X, l a , as A J xx X T S f FIRST ROW: Janet Pistochini, Ellen Sellar, Nancy Boyd, Jackie Silva, Elsie Hays. SECOND ROW: Rosalyn Miller, Marylee Taylor, Linda Atkinson, Juanita Morris, Karen Stimac, Alma Henry, Penny Silva, Pat Kelly, Diane Chiartano, Carol Wheeler. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Doss, Sara Sutton, Paula Chantri, Penny Newman, Joan Adams, Michele Kennedy, Eunicia Swanson, Chris Sullenger, Lynda Donelson, Pam Talso, Sharon Schneider, Beatrice Hernandez. FOURTH ROW: Gail Winge, Jeannie Rector, Bev Thomas, Peg Hartz, Jeannie Duarte, Loretta Johnson, Kathy Fountain, Buddy Parret, Bill Wainwright, Donna Vario, Dorris Deadman, Sandra Duca, Francis Aiello, Linda Strauss. ln-P"',. Airy X Paint, crepe paper and porn poms reflect Rally Club's hard work Ma jorettes JEANNIE DUARTE SANDRA MARIN JUDY JAMES tudent Connell, F Lrst Semester ROW I Janet Pnstochtnn Elsne Hays Ellen Sellar Lots Quontamatteo Loretta Johnson Pam Talso Vnrgmua Janeway Krus Valno ROW 2 Mary Taylor Peg Hartz Cathy Fountann Bev Thomas Jeanme Duarte Betty Holley Jeannne Rector Tom Cortese ROW 3 Louls Mann Al Lopez Bull Walnwrnght Jon Wallnn Bud Nelson Archne Reed Ron Cortese Txm MacGregor ROW l Phul Cnaramltaro Nancy Boyd Jerrn Bmlleccv Joanne Spina Fran Stevens Jackne Silva Carole Barnette Carol Stuck Carla Underwood Bull Dorrts ROW 2 Sharon Saccht Jane Hornbeck Marg Colllns Mlke Collms Tom Hoffman Sharon Clifton Anna Harlabakus Kathy Morrts Sandy Harrnson Terry Donelson ROW 3 Bud Parrett Ed Murphy George Torxyama Bob Baer Bill Taylor, Gary Clayton, Larry Knapp, Den Watson, Tom Smith, Gene Koch, Dan Nierhake. tudent Councrl, econd emester 41.-gf ROWI Sally Snook Janet Pustochnm Elsre Hays Nancy Boyd Jackue Srlva Carole Barnette Ellen Sellar Nada Lrttle ROW 2 Loretta Johnson Karen Nlerhake Cathy Fountain Peggy Hartz Tom Hoffman Sharon Cllfton Jon Wallln Loss Quontamatteo Pam Porter Ron Sparacmo ROW 3 Phnl Caaramt B d laro u Parret Bob Baer Bull Taylor Gary Clayton Larry Knapp Tom Quon tamaiteo Dennrs Watson Gene Koch Tom Smrth it 3 ROW l Jeannette Cantrell Carol Stuck Nancy Wrllnams Pam Talso Mary Bucknam Dnedree Freeman Nancy Perry Peg Kelleher ROW 2 Joan Adams Kenny Holleman Bev Thomas Jeanne Duarte Betty Holley Marg Collins Gay Lynn Nye Marguerite Treat Carolyn Elzy Suzanne Chapot ROW 3 Roger Greene LeRoy Garcna Emile Pallotta Gary McCart Jvm Callcura Tum MacGregor Jay Nelson George Muller Ron Cortese Al Pacheco Jam Laird O V 4 Lgx. " f 'x 1 . 1 1 111 ' ,J 1 I 1 g 1 ff - ' I U 4 l My-1 M I I I I 1 I I I ' : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ' 1 I I I I I I . 1 , , . '-1 2 - 11.1. wp "?'?z,7gE 'af 4 1 , . - 2 ' 79 Q , 1 , 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' : I I I I I I I 1 1 V - 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 'I f'lWi is X Edutor Joanne Spnna gnves the Alhambra Times one last proofing before taking xt to the prnnter Tnmes Staff Joanne Spnna Carole Roberson Barbara Morrow Donna Funk Ron Cortese John Jones Jum Rutherford Carol Pnstochnnu Mlckey Coveney Gem Nye Lmda Brooks Jan Marshall Editor ln Chief Busmess Manager Make up Feature Edltor Sports Reporters Headlrnes 0 . , Loretta Johnson 'see K. f . ' W. 'LJ' K, "' '?!?"'EEg, l ' Y Classrooms Torch sin' 'ik 1' Torch Staff Nancy Boyd Sue Lawrence Carol Stuck Carol Pistochnni Marylee Taylor Sharron Hill Karen Stimac Sue Taylor Nancy Frlsble Lynn Swanson JA Editor rn Chief Junior Editor Business Manager Copy Editor Picture Editor Index Editor Artist Student Sales Sports Editor Juanita Morris Barbara Morrow Judy James Activities: Elsie Hays as ssssssssssssssssss sssssss E ditor Joanne Spina - K Sally Snook Jan Marshall Editor Nancy Boyd has the big iob of checking over several Advertisements: Caryl Weinburg Bill Lovi Jerri Billecci Gene Koch thousand pictures for the Torch. ffwe Asszstants Linda Phlllnps Vlckl Bodeman Pat Hodgson Linda Crow Pat Smufh Pam Talso Delcle Wheeler Darleen Paulson Kathy Whlllow Lorelle Mac SEATED Lynn Swanson Vnrguma Janeway Jackne Sfamate Mary Burke STANDING left to nght Jamce Karch Rosemary Schardt Loretta Pacheco Lynn Van Arsdale Sue Cowell Ruth Harrnson Dlana Wheeler Phyllis Parfney Joanne Garcia Lee Heskett Mona Solomon Carolyn Perry Beatrlce Hernandez STANDING IN BACK Myron Shafer 60 C U 6 hado, Cafherine Duke, Shirley Whitley, Lynda Donelson, Jerri Billeccli, Ann Myera, Wendy Aulthodse, Barbara McCoy. , U C tr 1, n . ., .,- V -3' " 2 -4 " .A .-3, Q .an - . , 7 n , ' . n ,. x . Q A I -wi, -' 'J A -' .yjf .X 9 " 'nf' Q :mf f Q .wif V I 1 K, WA f' 7 - l ,, ,V 3 ' ' V J W , - 1' ,wg 5 :gb , QL 'muh 7 3 -P' Q f 645' 4 if f M U 1 X 1 3 QV , ffm: QQ im fx Za Q' 5 Wh fehe d, Mr. A Ms an M - !gx.?E fi? , 5 f, a "9 2 5 , tum 4 W 4 A rs, .A :qi X W Q '-A ' ' . Q 1 ....... V., . GAA. Ujficers SHARON SACCHI LAUREL PETERS President Vice-President Q6 ,Q ,Ev Sweaterettes ROW 1. Kathy Fountain, Delberta Carter, Janice Marshall, Juanita Mor- ris, Janet Pistochini, Kenny Holleman, Nancy Wells. ROW 2. Peggy Hartz, Karen Stimac, Gerri Nye, Pat Kelly, Marylee Taylor, Ruth Rangel, Rita Kraintz. PRUDY LUCIDO ELSIE HAYS Secretary Treasurer ' dt! 1' 2 Girls Block A FRONT ROW, Pat Smith, Catherine Duke, Sharon Sacchi, Elsie Hays, Bobbie 'B 'Q Q WY ' 45 99 J 1 N 6 s QD, Freeman, Lillie Skinner. BACK ROW. Kathy Rice, Prudy Lucido, Laurel Peters, Ellen Sellar, Karen Uli- barri. P GAA. Activities The G.A.A. offers Alhambra girls a variety of activities. Through this program the girls develop concepts of sportsmanship, leadership, and friendship. Some learn about the "rackets," Ctennis rackets that isl. Some learn to interpret the feelings of cats, some clown around, some practice physical sk-ills, and some get awards. The G.A.A. Pot-luck found Prudy Lucido, Bobbie Freeman, Sharon Sac- chi, Catherine Duke, Elsie Hays and Lillie Skinner receiving awards, enior G A A Fa-'Ts YD 'Nw ROW 1: Francine Stevens, Talli Zanussi, Karen Nierhake, Juanita Morris, Nancy Boyd, Karen Stimac, Irene Romera Lois Quontamatteo. ROW 2: Chris Valio, Janet Pistochini, Jackie Silva, Pat Hodgson, Kathy Rice, Barbara Morrow Marylee Taylor, Joanne Frese. ROW 3: Janice Marshall, Catherine Duke, Lillie Skinner, Sharon Isabell, Vickie Bode man, Sandra Marin, Geneva Boles, Kathy Whitlow. if 1 ROW l: Sharon Sacchi, Prudy Lucido, Bobbie Freeman, Pat Smith, Elsie Hays. ROW 2: Barbara McCoy, Johlene MacFarlane, Carolyn Elzy, Ann Myers, Alma Henry, ROW 3: Diana Wheeler, Terry NBCG, Karen Ulibarri, Rosemary Schardt, Pat Kelly. 64 ROW l: Nancy Wells, Sue Pick, Laurel Peters, Kenny Holleman, Joan Adams, Peggy Hartz, Kathy Fountain. ROW 2: LaDean Dalke, Delberta Carter, Robin Claeys, Betty Holley, Lea Heskett, Candy Lightcap, Beverly Thomas. ROW 3: Sharon Brown, Sharon Brewer, Gerri Nye, Judy Wainwright, Jean Duarte, Sandra Clifton, Judy Da Corte, Rita Kraintz. ROW l: Grace White, Linda Phillips, Wanda Morris, Sharon Saunders, Janet Sidorsky, Sue Lawrence. ROW 2: Marilyn Taiken, Sandra Duca Ruth Rangel, Kathy Martin, Bobbie Lewis, Gayle Higgins, Linda Brooks, ROW 3: Rosalyn Miller, Sharon Swedburg, Sharon Smith, Eliza beth Maderos, Gerri Bobrosky, Diane Machado, Lola Lawson. 65 ROW l: Margie Lamb, Vickie Boyer, Judy Wells, Dorothy Gaspard, Toni Cortese, Ann Wilson, Mary Carns, Phyllis Reeg. ROW 2: Donna Rey, Mary Davi, Maria Gianno, Sara Sutton, Joanne Marin, Karen Knieriem, Nancy Lytle, Linda Jones. ROW 3: Tobias Sut- terfield, Margaret Zanetta, Louise Koller, Susan Welch, Jeanette Cantrell, Marilyn Elder, Alma Farmer, Emilie Ventimiglia. xv 1491 Q vw if ROW l: Sandy Alexander, Mary Ann Mackie, Serena Edgar, Nancy Farley, Angie Romeo, Agnes Gutierrez, Penny Silva, Michelle Kennedy. ROW 2: Judy Batchelor, Karen Foster, Diane Hartsfield, Jeanne Toriyanna, Eunicia Swansen, Linda Strauch, Marilyn Doss, Linda Worford. ROW 3: Kathy Harrington, Linda Robrecht, Gail Winge, Jeanne Rector, Jane Williamson, Madelyn Trebino, Adrianne Duncan, Sandra Ferris. 66 Freshman G.A.A. ROW 'l: Joy McCart, Dyanne Butler, Carol Peccianti, Chris Sullenger, Mary Taylor, Sylvia Vasquez, Alaine Carter, Sharon Clifton. ROW 2: Roxanne Gray, Virginia Shepherd, Dolores Cunha, Patty Heckert, Candy Galloway, Ruth Alexander, Rita Busnardo, Sharon Campbell. ROW 3: Carolyn Smith, Sue Cabral, Mary Santos, Linda Lucido, Kathy Hunt, Gwen Pratt, Sherrill Schot, Jean Cochran. ROW l: Carol Trawick, Deidree Freeman, Sharon Lewis, Pat Malone, Marguerite Treat, Rachelle Goodman, Jennifer Madison, ROW 2: Melody Fidler, Nancy Perry, Linda Spence, Terry Wright, Celia Borba, Nancy Barletani, Anna Harlabakis, Leslie Hoegh. ROW 3: Char- lene Frame, Carol Solmi, Beverly Shelby, Karen Miller, Phyllis Trowbridge, Penny Newman, Linda Lapham, Sandra Hatch. ROW 4: Linda Quontamatteo, Linda Murray, Margaret Francis, Diane Locke, Jane Hornbeck, Marg Collins, Kathryn Urner, Cynthia Caccavo. 67 Block NAU Officers WILL NEWMAN DAVE WOOLDREDGE GEORGE TORIYAMA President Vice-Presidenr Secretary JAY NELSON Treasurer MIKE COLLINS Sergeant-at-Arms 1 K 5' 51 'G' r of 'r QQ' gf ,wk 1 5" 4- ff' 7 M 1 1 6,31 0-Kg' In 461 , - Q' B ea ,,, 4, , - 'Q ., ' at ' 'I 1' hh ,SJW '95 1- 1- Y I f Q V Q 4 3 Q 6 "-x , . , ..X"'N - .-. . ,, A -- ?" no" I ' I M- , . ni h i 1 . 1 xfl Li' 5: sg, XQ, Q Eg" Q if M? f -"A l ,A fp 'A ' N. xg'-I fl 5,1 35 X5 , 1' 9, ' il? Bin X 'lx ' 3 4 6 fi f- . --' ,M punish Club FIRST ROW Joann Bnshop Tammy Thole Sandra Mann Ruth Rangel Grace Whxte Terry Barber Prudy Lucudo Candace Llghtcap SECOND ROW Bull Dorrls Rosalyn Muller Kathleen Mathenle Lmda Warford Sandra Ferns Alma Farmer Pam Wood Lmda Spence Karen Ulnbarru Patty Heckerf Tom Costanza Bull Dnllard THIRD ROW Ray Huddleson Terry Wlttnng Sal Arcado Terry Donelson Stewart Wullus Ted Wnttnng Marvnn Larson John Gnles Pete Molm Roger Felton Rnchard Barney Alma Farmer takes a hearty swung at the Pnnata Spanlsh Club celebrated Chrustmas wlth a party and dance Terrylane Barber IS pretty talented She can play the plano whsle blownng la bubble grande 1 Z I I 1 I I I I : I I I I I I I 1 I , - - I I 1 1 1 1 f 1 I - . . - - H 11 Future Homemukers of Amerzca SEATED Janet Trousdale Karen Ullbarru Prudy Lucldo Terrylane Barber Sandra Duca Francls Alello SECOND ROW Jeannie Duarte Lmda Lucldo Llnda Phllllps Wanda Moms Marllyn Doss Mary Davu Lrnda Spence Donna Dey THIRD ROVN Karen Foster Ann Wulson Nancy Farley Sandy Alexander Penny Sllva Alma Farmer FOURTH ROW Marque Lamb Nancv Wood Sharon Saunders Judv Kemp Rosemary Schardr Jeanette Cantrell Carol Stuck Ellen Sellar Dons Deadman tage Crew ww WNV T' ArfCl1avez, Ted Long, Dlck Muller, Ron Savlonu, Bull Palmer l E 5 ri ...-. ..... .V , ' T xx 3 ,. . J, I g ' 9 N all Z 1 K J 5 N X91 we 3 1 4 If V I 1 f l l A 5 I f , , , , , 1 A - , , , , , , - I 5 M. g X I X 1 ' H' ,Q 4 l , e 'H : - fl ' Q 41 g , ,E 2 -x , x Z W- x ' l Quill and croll -. . A ROW l: Karen Srimac, Loretta Johnson, Juanita Morris, Carol Stuck, Carol Pisfochini, Joanne Spina. ROW II: Bill Lovi, Sue Taylor, Nancy Frisbie, Mickey Coveny, Jim Ruiherford, Marylee Taylor, Barbara Morrow, Sue Lawrence, Elsie Hays, Ron Coriese, Gerri Nye, Nancy Boyd, Carol Roberson. cience Club S-5 ROW 1: Prudy Lucido, Jeanette Cantrell, Maureen Johnson, Lynda Donelson, Diane Chiartano. ROW 2: Peggy Sunday, Marvin Larson Walter Lustow, Jim Hill, Ted Willing, David Spade, Jim Tim, Janet Trousadle., 72 5 'nf 'ali-,f XX . y 2, ,if -o YLN an ww' y A . 'a 1 TP if ff 51 'T 'fx in M.. A Y1 H, ii jg! Q Q Wa 55 ' 9 Q 3' ,, S X 8 X a Q x N .34 . 5-'k x , . . n V , . Z. Q Q z f " 'V X3 5' x , ff" ,Q A . . ' 2215? yy fi M Qlj - W 73 W X . , Ai' " . M " I' " Q. rv. gg X R vat", 'X r,uuf..nu1'Q'I , Z,.afl" Q Af. ,.. P 9' i ' Y 'X MN 'X f r ,,,..-4" we 'n-- - .. Lw.. s , I 4' f? V Q ' Q g, -A wif g V1 F 1 if A n 'f A ls - .- f ics-1 f-ff ga' A -. I-3, , 1 ' f f XI, s V s ' ' V-'E ,A ' I - 5,1 I , I ff 2 5.1. i , 13. ' Y V51 JW fl X ' , Lv Q! 'arf' W Zyl' WEE . , , . . V V x '3 -I . ' M , .f I 7' ix 4x V . , -A . ' L - .ii , v g tmxv I In A , L' A ' . jf I -1 I. .1 c, J. Q . I V , ian -Z' game S 0 .QQB Qsxrg1f,,, 55x A , QV M A !-f-- , -7 Q-. Q ' my ,A 1,3 , ,QQ ,A A ll "" ' I - , k u I -A ! 532 ' fa 1 KF ' mi RWM, Y W f.?ge' Xxx' X L 9 'vs- French Club -as FIRST ROW: Beverly Thomas, Anita Cortese, La Dean Dalke, Nancy Wells, Judy Wainwright, Joan Adams, Peggy Hartz, Sandra Davidson. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Talken, Maurine Johnson, Donna Funk, Sue Fick, Kathryn Urner, Laurel Peters, Linda Murray, Penny Newman, Mr. Poirier, advisor. THIRD ROW: Kevin Brady, Tuck Brady, Mike Collins, Larry Dodge, Bill Wainwright, George Toriyama, Earl Bradford, David Spade. This is charades? We always thought it a quiet, sedate game, but that's not the way it was played at the Soiree. 76 s First semester French Club President Vicki Bodleman and second semester French Club President Tuck Brady. 4 1 1 I ROW l: Marylee Taylor, Barbara Morrow, Vickie Bodeman, Linda Lucido, Madeline Trebino, Mary Carns, Judy Wells, Michele Kennedy, ROW 2: Jeanne Rector, Frances Aiello, Vickie Boyer, Carole Wheeler, Susan Littlefield, Carolyn Long, Chris Sullenger, Penny Silva, Susan Welch, Mrs. Birch, advisor. ROW 3: Chris Evenson, Bud Oltman, Bill Gray, Homer Dawson, Bruce Fraser, Tom Taylor, Don De Fraga, Clifton White, Peter Griffin. 4 Q 1 ROW iz Pam Talso, Pat Kelly, Candy Galloway, Judy Kemp, Nancy Dodge, Linda Brooks. ROW 2: Ruth Alexander, Phyllis Trowbridge, Terry Nace, Marilyn Doss, Lynda Strauch, Nidra Rosenthal. ROW 3: Diane Chiartano, Louise Kohler, Kathy Farley, Cathy Long. 77 California cholarship Federation wha-w' 7 ROW 1: Carolyn Long, Sandy Davidson, Kathy Long, Dawn Grieve, Nidra Rosenthal. ROW 2: La Dean Dalke, Darragh Flynn, Sue Fick, Miss Blanche Wehe, advisor, Kathryn Urner, Carroll Urner. ROW 3: Tom Hunt, Tom Taylor, Norris Pope, Clifton White, Richard Barney, John Giles, Homer Dawson. ROW l: Terry Barber, Marylee Taylor, Linda Strauch, Marilyn Doss, Judy Wells, Linda Warfield. ROW 2: Prudy Lucido, Grace White, Anita Cortese, Joan Adams, Marilyn Talken, Candy Lightcap, Adrian Duncan. ROW 3: Bill Dorris, Dave Spade, ,Dick Seibert, Chris Freitas, Mike Collins, Walt Viglienzone. 78 Glrls League Offzcers Left to rughf Jackre Barney V1cePres1dent Jackle Cecul Reporter Carol Stuck President Terrylane Barber Usherung Chair man Terry Nace Treasurer Prudy Lucndo Secrerary Boys F ederatwn Offwers ii Wayne Brasher, Secretary, Gary Clayton, Presldenr, Bob Greene, Vnce Presndenf C 9 I 3 fr ? B ' .1 B 5 I F if ' B r 9 l 0 19 . 45- V 4 , J W ervice American Field Service students, Kirsti Valio and Will Newman, have contributed to another suc- cessful year of the Exchange Student Program. Kirsti, a native of Finland, has spent an eventful year at Alhambra, while Will spent a fascinating summer in Sweden. Candidates for this year's ex- change student from Alhambra are Walt Vig- lienzone, Sue Fick, Candance Lightcap and La Deane Dalke. 5 1 'wwf T w Honor eminar The Honor Seminar pro- vides a means for top rank- ing seniors to gain addi- tional educational exper- iences at Alhambra. The course is aimed at provid- ing experiences with the more advanced Thinking of ourtimes. -l IQ TERRYLANE BARBER D.A.R. Good Citizen W 'xl , .gl i 633. , M A ag 7" 1, I 9,36 , ROW l: Carol Stuck, Pat Kelly, Karen Stimac, Judy James, Juanita Morris. ROW ll Mike Collins, Marylee Taylor, Prudy Lucido, Katherine Sasek, Roger Greene. ROW Ill Larry Sanburg, Brett Foster, Don Schreuder, Chris Freitas, Bob Duarte, Jim McBride. Bank of America Awards Karen Etimac, Sally Snook, Bob Duarte, Marylee Taylor, Carol Stuck. ur Golden Year Around Campus ns fx J 5 Between fnfth and snxth periods to theur next classes At bottom Gulbert and Jnm Rutherford show talent It took for the Sensors to some stare others hurry rnght Ron Cortese Mark what sort of beauty and capture flrst place an e annual hornecommg float contest Spike, the Bulldog mascot, was seen at most games and rallies. He was aptly portrayed by Karen Stirnac, Juanita Morris, Marylee Taye lor, Pat Kelly, and Alma Henry. Others were Terry Nace, .lan Marshall, Joanne Frese, Caryl Weinberg, Sally Sullenger, and Carole Bar- nette. AGE BEFORE BEAUTY, we always say!!! Maybe that's why the faculty defeated the Senior Block "A." -if RWM in L+ , 4 f ix, 449 3- .-vi' Y 'QA ' 1. ,L ,iffy rfxniq N4 I ,X x 1 -!, 57,-Z 4-2 ABA -in I rc! D 1 . - I' , .IJ- .F -,,Z"' The Spring Play was a big success this year with the Seniors winning the ticket sales. Here we see Jean McMorrow, "Aunt Emily shows her true colors as she confesses Emily," dominating her weak nephew, Wal- ter Hodge, played by Will Newman. Aunt to the murder of her husband and tries to strangle Walter's girl friend, Judith Ware lVicki Bodemanj. The cast of both plays receives last minute instructions from As- sistant Director, Romona Solomon. Aunt Emily s.,, Walter Hodge Judith Ware 7 Linda Norton Judge Craig 7 Ccfligh Windoww and CCNOIE Fit for Man or Beast" CAST Jean McMorrow Will Newman Nancy Woods Vickie Bodeman S John Giles ....x,, .'...i MH fs, s JL, My x 5 1 1 - N J I 5 E X iA 2? 1 1 1 , 2 9 s S ! fs vu. Va, W: QI X' 1-4 W -, A,,. 04- g. ,Q ,QQ ms,-'x New 1 86 it . ws C-.Q ,l q.W rf '. K4 H 'I Ai "wig ,mf ,M V 9 'N fvyf 5 f ia I 9 1' ag 1. as -cf rn 5' Jw Q .W .- A5 gg xl as , ! 1 iK'7.,'?' K ,vwi 5 fm.-.y fi, ,I-1' -fi X ,Fw 039515135 I .. .1 1' Sl' MN H, , 4 'hun ,IM X1 ! Aff 4 in M, ' .54-, 1 :Q N ' wx,-V , ff K, ,,L 7 ' n 1 ' I-1.1: .ww -"' if 'W' f' V- 7 ,es .-if Y 11 "- 3 48 ui P 1 3 HH 'Y Qi, Q NM? 7 A 11:3-as Nts?" if fum 1- ' sg, , gil 4' 1, , it M.. mm 16' - Qkgx my E X XV MN LW X' 'ia L' ,fn K 'M f X Q , f A , 1' Xa x A t A V 4 ' 9 , 1 5. -- ,,.,.,.....-.... N., Qau. ' X ,L lf y . ""Wl'f"?"'+-fb -112 f -J -1' ,"1,'f . ?f"'ens- wifi: ,saga slit.: ltfg-g tiagfg Tait A +5 gf ,L X fix Q, "ff, ' X25 Fr' H X, gl f jj I Y- ,- v , J' - Q , N I , if 4 W 1 K. I 4 D ,fl Q 0-if aff? "1 V Hg,-D. 1, ' I ',' , Y A fl. ,. 5 fn 9 'iq 5 xfif, VM 8 n 9 Anything for the success of the parade," Toni said. She didn'f know if, but Coach Though? about using her at right Tackle. The excitement of The campaign, decorations for The parade, cramming The halls during brunch per- iod, putting The senior float Together in a well-hicl- den garage, these help To make life at Alhambra exciting. A Cafeteria taff and Custodians If K+, 5 ROW I-Beniamin Portelli, Lynn Robinson, James McEIreafh. ROW 2-Charlie Farr, Robert E. Lee, Victor Hammond, lvan Carmichael. ' . ," f 2 A g .S if Left to right-Ruth Machado, Carmen Perry, Jane Frazer, Loyce Carlson. ll Left fo right-Loyce Carlson, Carmen Perry, Betty Maderos, Deiah Cabral, Jane Frazer. if v is 5-Q . ff mf if 15 'Q , fi si 35 .Ugg in 55255, iw . i, A ifsi' ', ,Ti .55 , 'Y -3 , f SQ, . w 1 , 1 ,. ,J :V W, ,,. F ,,,,..p ,, W N Q , ,M i Q ,,..M.-....N- K 1 :GRM .fl Q 1 gwffqla eftf' f' A-.. k ,., A., 9- 1 x A Q ' s iv.. T Y 551- ? 1 ...,,-,Q I ' 2 ax: ,A .. ni' vr 'Q i 2: YWQQ'-., '. '-3 ' rafff' 2 E if iw r,,.A..-.r--ry-eni"'fl-A ,V ,' A x ,,n..fkzw . X ,xg ,V I W. xy. A , 1: ax' ,f V V, 47 aw 414, . W 1,41-hr , 74:8 X, Mgmwtamehum Bob Jeans and John Dye. That third strike . . .a record breaking swim . . .a close tennis match . . , the thrill of the pole vault.. . . . .stolen bases . . . ...and the climax of the season, the annual Martinez Relays... all these give added excitement to our Spring Term. Tennis ROW l: Coach Richard Angel, Larry Bordoni, Bill Dorris, Dean Hall, Jiri Tutt. ROW 2: Walt Lustow, Ron Martin, Jin' Welle, Ted Huss. ROW 3: John Sedar, Gene Weinburg, Paul Nadeie, Ralph Swanson, Dave Strand, Bill Ernest, Pete Molin, Claude Fuller, Bob Burk, Sal Arcado. Not pic- tured: Dan Harbrecht. ln order to be a winning team, hard work and plenty of practice are necessary. U ' f" l 3 we Coach Richard Angel instructs new members of the tennis team on the backhand stroke. if-f Q-fr' ' wimming "A" TEAM-ROW l: Dwight Russell, Ed Johnson, Ron Sparacino, Jim McBride, Dave Lapham, Tuck Brady, Rog Greene, Mike Collins, Tim Mac- Gregor, ROW 2: Ed Whitehead, Larry Baird, Bill Katzrneyer, Bruce Fraser, Bolo Zufall, Earl Bradford, Bob Jeans, John Dye, Dave Corazza, Pa? Jordan, Kevin Brady, Tom Willis, Dick Miller, Manager. "B" TEAM--ROW l: Ron Miller, Bruce Wygal, Don 96 as ibn. Peferson, Homer Dawson, Bob Whisenhunt, Rich O'Connor, Ray Abel. ROW 2: John Davis, Gary Valdi, Young, Mark Miller, Dick Molin, Dick Miller, Manager. an George wad.. mwqggip, YA ,N , ,.-4ainn- "'4'-- 1-mn my W.,- v. ku W.-., nn. 'Tm '95 Basis' " 1' f,1,f,1 - ' 'g ',' 57' V f 3 . , , F , In , .V A. 'lg ' jj, - . , -:law-.W -'43-1-. W ' ff' Vg, G ,.Ja5?5"""-r ' -f , V ,. , - -AQ ',.,,4f31.?Z:,4Zx: ,ff V f.r"' uf "f!',.:46M,,,,' ,, ' f ,.. -5 Ahwuwfif' , 4 V Q 3-Q-bl f - ' I 7 ,,4. ,Ai Zyl' ' :X gy :wuz N V In W 4 4 ' gui? , . -W f M A- ,mm .,"',,1..f1- 2:1- sm, W Q 3 fm . ,,,f,,2:f,, Ni :W 'frm wl N.. Azz ' """'--- gs KIVA K 1' f' Y ' .. Wim-j 'W ...L 7,0 N , A 554 r P '- A aw' , vs Y M, . , 1 ,H K. .4 ' , ., W , ,MW mf V A fra. frat! Mena 1: V K , ., p, ....-.-- W .-.. , 'A I .1 Q' --L.,,w-Q M ,Z - W, I ps, .JK Z 'W 1 " vu Q-" I 3' 1 I I ' ' , f ' f 4 1 W 4 'fm A Avlv , f . I , ,vw 4 '. . - I ,. . . 5 f ,WT '-flFQ'iW?' ",'fv'a1sf:aa:fw QM ' 11 ' ,, 4 1 Ly," 'mf' P '.' L:-M 'VV' J ' ' ' 5 A "'f f 'fuk ,Qv 'ff ,Up , f 'Q - ' . ' 'PY mf wr M' ' 15" 'vwf-"fa L ' v '71 M ,. M Q f ' L , - KH, L, ' A , film" ' 1 4?L?,:LfVf"-'gin.'feI9CJfg37v5"T'If31', 5, V, -,. r .zfggwmf-. I J. . if WV.: , .fp V Q f 5 ,J 5.13, .y',,,g'g5vm,w:52 ' - ,I . , Q - - ' - I , ,V My inxutzy, 1 R' f , V A ,. f f v ' f 54? A 'mf '-'Frm' V ff'+3Q,f?'f fi5i Ik , , I , N Am ..,,,,..,,:-T' . 1. W ,N W ti, X 'M a - ' . fwffgwf' M , if a .4:Qg,Qgq,,4': . .avfuf t I M, U W. 3 W f 3 ,..N , ,, 1, 1? ' W 323 ' W A '- . '!',xf. ' ' 14,7 . V -Q1 i, 1' .f " 2 A ' W if A V 3, . x ..f af qw M ,H K ' 5 'NM V-fE"f"9'k:21-' I A Q 5' 'q - Aff W'-gf., -l?ff'?i?fn'g2vf' ' Y -?"?'4'fZ ' ' ' 44-5 - new-'Q 1 ,df ' , ,5,11"1 - 4 ' Q9 ' ., f iv W g. "ICQ ,lift 5 my 97 Q, 5,15 ia 4 -cv vw, Mg' 'F Y wi' WLS Q,wia . x if E Q fe 3 wx We ' ' X V '31, 4. A W " W' we SEQ ? 1 W ' S. A7 ' N h vm' 5' Q' WSW fd Wide ' WN wwf, W Q ag E 'REA E F 1.3 'bxwa if 3 Xkmff 9 8 459 . 4 ' x s ' ' V .'A cfm if if 'SHS E 54 x ' 92-544 JW 9-EMM as fx? SP r 91' W M W --45 E Q an aim! 'V , L , ' A.. '-Off. 6 W? 'Y .N,,.,,,M 'WW My K- A Z .'.'Wt..',J,,,.,.4g.v ZZ" fr-f' 7-Nr J. ' -42 s 'ffelf 'A I "",s.0L,f,1x,, kb' g A-,gwwr Q 5.4 f.. aa. - f 'Q are t vu., mm, . ' L, . , 4 ' '-if W 1' Efthq , Jim Hanna and Wayne Brasher hand off to Jay Nelson and Tim Hogan as Coach Coulter looks on during practize for the 440 relay Ken Hall shows how he won the broad jump in the l959 league meer. 1 ? 5 Jerry Greene practices looks on, The pole vauli in preparalion 'fo' a meer. Terrel Anderson N nl I S 4 1 1 1 41" qv' 15" .,.l Tim Hogan and George Toriyama vie for first place in this low hurdle race during track practice. Jim Rutherford watches Mark Gilbert fore a meet. U practice his shot put be- X 1, Bulldog pitchers Mike Rooney and Bud N from Coach Albrecht. 1 2 elson receive a few pointers Baseball il VARSlTY-ROW l: Ed Martin, Tom Quontamatteo, Keith Thomas, Coach Bob Albrecht, Ron Cortese, Bud Nelson. ROW 2: Bob Cerri, Mike Rooney, Steve Nye, Ernie Griffanti, Al Compaglia, Bill Hitt. ROW 3: George Plumos, Henry Barlettani, Bob Curl, John Burke, Al Lakeman, Tom Jory, Man- ager, Not pictured: Bob Nelson. fx 'fri I AK' -I A r A iq Ll: .l.V. TEAM-ROW lx Prentice Miller, Bill Stedman, Bob Ball, Mac Thomas, Gary Swedberg. ROW 2: Dave Frese, Tc'n Stirnac, Paul Burke, Mike Saunders, Wayne Galley. ROW 3: Melvin Wylie, Manager, Henry Barlettani, Gary Gibson, Doug Wolter, Coach Ed Ball. lOl r 5' '15 TERRAL ANDERSON t'.'El. CARONE Football Football Basketball Baseball TLJCK BRADY GARY CLAYTON S.-.lmrttmcl Smimmlmg CP asv' gg..-ne' tt -v-- ga W-.1 YS 1- BOB CERRI Football Baseball MIKE COLLINS Swlmmlng .1 SHERM DENNIS Football Baseball RON CORTESE Baseball U Senlor ROG GREENE Football Basketball Svvlmming JIM I-IANNA Track TOM HOFFMANN Basketball MARK GILBERT Football Track JERRY GREENE Football Basketball DEAN HALL Tennis RAY HUDLESON Football AL JONES Basketball LARRY KNAPP Basketball DAVE LAPHAM Sw 'vm ng TIM MCEQGREGOR Sf. FJ Block CC 'Q EMILE PALLOTTA Fooibe!! NOR!! RAKSTAD Footba!! JERRY ROBBENNOLT Fooma!! M!KE ROONEY Egseba! JIM RUTHERFORD Track LARRY SCHONBERG Baehtbe!! GEORGE TOR!Y!1'ff4 Foofba ! Track B!LL V.f?!NhRlGHT Foofba!I Tenris DAVE JJOOLDRIDGE Foo1ba!! Track Freshmen -uname ww 4- "" CLASS OFFICERS Mag Collms Ye!1 Leader Nancy B Werfam Sec Wary Sharon Clrffon Presldenf Anna Haralabakus Vnce pl'ESId8Y'IY Lmda Lapham Treasurer The freshmen were welcomed The frrst da of school wnh The fnrst edmon of the Alhambra Times --. iff' .U ii E J 3 I S g . , A .1 'E A , 2 ' I :rf ': , 2" - ': 'S , ' : ' , ': ' ' ,' 1 - N Class of 1963 ROW I Rachelle Goodman, Martha Donnahue, Carla Underwood, Marvis Brandy, Linda McCowan, Winona St. Clair, Cathy Hartneck. ROW II: Mark Miller, Rita Busnardo, Nada Little, Dolores Rodriguez, Deanna Gordon, Karen McCoy, Dick Nolan. ROW Ill: Tom Stimac, Mike Saunders, Doug Wolter, George Miller, Norris Pope, Bill Stedman, Wayne Laccoarce. ROW I: Kathleen Tierney, Sandra Watkins, Paula Sturgill, Kathy Farnon, Sharon Keat, Virginia Soto, Dolores Dollar. ROW ll: Linford Coulfas, Joseph Censoplano, Bob Wyhe, Paul Nadie, Barbara Cornell, Vickie DaCorte, Nancy Swearengin. ROW III: Bill Albers, Doug Maxwell, Dan Kelley, Bob Ball, Gary Higby, Willard Whittenburg, Andy Million. ROW I: Klaren Foster, Sandra Nicholson, Gerri Rich- ardson, Quintella Wilburn, Kathy Hunt, Carol Peter- son, Marlene Coomer. ROW II: EdRena Cumings, Sandra Eller, Maria Lak- kala, Bob Alford, Frank Gorsche, Tim Griffin, Gordon Trembor. ROW III: Richard Simmons, Dave Prosser, Gary Price, Eddie Day, Bill Gray, Tom McMorrow, Darrell Cook. l OI ROW I: Marna Jeffers, Sharon Boyle, Susie Drago, Peggy Covey, Sue Cabral, Charlotte Russell, Darlene Poppleton. ROW ll: Bonnie Muir, Kathryn Hartz, Richard Wheai, Bob Oliver, Mike DiMaggio. ROW Ill: Jerry Beary, Thad Baker, Tony Fazzini, Jim Luian, Mel McCown, Mike Crosby, Bob Wein- stock. Freshmen ROW I: Candle Galloway, Patti Heckert, Linda Lucido, Lynda Spence, Mary Taylor, Sally Cogdill, Doroihy Cogdill. ROW ll: Dolores Pierson, Cathy Long, Lenore Marchi, David McClain, Dave Montonari, Dave Howard, Rich- ard Bonner. ROW Ill: Bill Reed, Al Beers, Rene Lomeli, Rich O'Conner, Wes Laccoarce, Lance Larkin, Bennie Russo. ROW l: Tammy Thole, Judy Allen, Carol Trawick, Roxanne Gray, Caroline Smiih, Ann Smy1h, Charlene Hamm. ROW ll: Virginia Shepherd, Kathryn Urner, Jennifer, Don De Fraga. ROW III: Jim Russell, Ralph Gliatto, Earl Gray, Ed Calderon, Tom Borman, John Walls, Tim Rooney. lass of 1963 ROW I: Sylvia Vasquez, Margaret Park, Linda Quon- tamatteo, Alaine Carter, Vicki Carden, Cynthia Cac- cavo, Sharyn Clifton. ROW II: Margie Collins, Sandra Hatch, Gay Nye, Linda Lapham, Jane Hornbeck, Sharon Lewis, Martha DeSoto. ROW Ill: Roger Springsteen, Cliff White, George Zehrung, Carroll Davis, Dave.Frese, Larry DeBerry. W ROW I: Louise Lynde, Brenda Young, Lauretta Petit- demange, Dolores Cunha, Mary Santos, Marsha Duarte, Sandra Shafer. ROW ll: Sandra Lazzarini, Dalla Loveless, Betty Col- lins, Louis Main, Pat Phelps, Richard Gerow, Dave Turner. ROW lll: Joe Roberts, Albert Pacheco, Don Spara- cino, Leroy Miller, Dan Nierhake, Dave Waldon, John Struer. 2" 1 l 'la-L ROW l: Pat Bowlin, Janet McGuire, Nancy Perry Elaine Thompson, Deidree Freeman, Mary Lee Buck nam. ROW Il: Joe Allen, Tom Taylor, Melodye Fiddler Mary Breshears, Barbara Wheaton, Terry Montagne Barbara Freschi. ROW I: Joyce LaBerz, Carol Carson, Linda Parish, Marlene Strand, Judy Hudson, Betty Loney. ROW ll: Bonnie Howington, Cheryl Scott, Ruth Alex ander, Gwen Pratt, Kathy Farley, Rose Marie Woods. ROW lll: Albert Scott, Tommy Thomas, Tony Verno, Jim Laird, Gene Weinberg, Henry Melson. Freshmen ROW I: Carol Peccianti, Joy McCart, Celia Borba, Charlene Frame, Anna Haralabakis, Susan Nicholson, Jean Cochran. ROW ll: Joanne Delulio, Carole Solmi, Karen Miller, Beverly Shelby, Marguerite Treat, Bill Hendrix, Terry Lewis. ROW Ill: Phyllis Trowbridge, Bill Morris, Dennis McAtee, Rich Aclanson, Fred Koeppel, Ray Martin, Terry Wright. .PK fs sk vc" ROW l: Pamela Carter, Lynn DaCorte, Rebecca Bowen, Betty Cambron, Lynda Andrews, Susie Sim- mons, Chris Sullenger. ROW ll: Penny Newman, Linda Murray, Margaret Francis, Dyane Butler, Larry Odom, Fred Christman, Adron Hinton. ROW Ill: William Sherrill, Karl Hemmings, Mike Mc- Cullough, Richard Schafer, Charles Nienburg, Charles Stevens, Nick Gallamore. Class of 1963 I ROW l: Sharon Campbell, Nancy Barlettani, JoAnne Van Hagen, Sharon Colis, Jennifer Young, Colleen McCormick, Joyce Quinlinen. ROW 2: Ray Abel, Barry Vreyens, Jeffrie Williams, Jerry Pasmore, Don Young, Jonathan Malcolm, Charles Stevens ROW 3: David Agostino, Andrew Mol, Tom King, Daniel Souza, Junior Smith, Paul Burke. ,I Friendl Frolic Fetecl A HS F roslz pm! j Everyone came out to welcome the 1959-60 freshmen to AUHS at the school's first dance of the year, the Frosh Frolic. ophomores 5 of-'s i K me 'm"'N"sQsf mm. E, f - f ROW l: Susanne Trezza, yell leader, Donna Ray, secretary 2, Ton: Correse, secretary l, Galle Locke, yell leader, Barbara Carnes, vice-president l, ROW 2: Philip Ciaramilaro, presiden? ' Tom Quonlamalleo, vice-president 2, Richard Barney, presi- dent 2, Bill Dorrls, yell leader. "Harvesf Festival," the theme of This year s Sophomore Hop, was provided by committee members Bud Olfman, James McElvy, Richard Barney, Lynda Atkinson, and Bertha Fuller. In The second row are Phil Ciaramifaro and John Billecci. ROW l- Wilma Shaw Margie Rourke Mar aret Zen - , 1 9 ' etta, Toby Sutterfield, Nita Boucher, Kathleen Bul- ger, Charlette Ferber. ROW Il: Bill Doris, Mike Alford, Brent Gilbert, Patty Crandell, Ann Burke, Mary Smith, Mary Ann Aiello. ROW lll: Bill Senuty, Jullian Silva, Richard Burn, Bruce Frazer, Dennis Mickle, John Dye, John Giles. ophomores ROW I, Jeannie Toriyama, Donna Ray, Gail Lock, Jes- sie May, Barbara Carns, Vickie Coday. ROW Il: Patsy Paoli, Marlise Kalsbeck, Suzanne Chapot, Gretchen Miller, Yvonne Saunders. ROW Ill: Peggy Kelly, Peggy Kelleher, Joy Cardin, Carolyn Peale, Kathy Morris. 4U2"tEl ROW I: Carl Myers, Joseph Brock, Bill Griffin, Gary Vurless, Richard Kinion, Don Mikesell, Terry Maciel. ROW II: Don Barly, Jack Kanesey, Larry Beaty, Gor- don Prine, Steve Gardner, Chuck Ferber. ROW III: George Plumos, Larry Tibbett, Lary Stilley, David Stand, Sal Perez, Bill Oliver. ROW I: Madelyn Walters, Barbara Graves, Omira Turner, Suzzane Rolin, Nancy Lytle, JoAnne Marin, Toni Cortese. ROW II: Wayne Gailey, Don Ecklund, Pamela Mc- Glade, Louella Parsons, Karen Knieriem, Beatrice Hernandez, Rick Rodgers. ROW III: Sal Arcado, Ted Huss, Terry Donelson, Don Roche, Tom Jory, Bud Oltman, James McElreath. ROW I: Donna Dey, Karen Foster, Margie Lamb, Ann Wilson, Carol Bergstom, Joyce LaFlech, Louise Bryant. ROW II: John Schaefer, Jim Blair, John Marino, Bar- bara Nelson, Betty Chapman, Barbara Rashach, Nevada Helling. ROW III: Tony Wilcockson, Jim Fisher, Marshall Monte, Gary Yaldi, Victor Kaufenberg, Joe Costanza, Steve Claeys. ROW I: Dorothy Gaspard, Susanne Trezza, Bobbie Denning, Emile Ventirniglia, Kathy Karch, Elaine Self, Carolyn Long. ROW ll: Don Brown, Terry Witting, Don Williams, Betty Rubich, Marilyn Elder, Betty Cowell. ROW III: Don Stonebarger, Leon Sullivan, Douglas Puttman, Larry McClure, Don Cortes, Dennis Wheat, Paul Martino. ROW l: Sandra Ferris, Marilyn Doss, Debbie Blenhcrn, Adrian Duncan, Linda Strauch, Nidra Rosenthal, Linda Warfield. ROW Il: Carolyn Lucido, Ron Martin, Gene Shimmel, Bob Hatch, Ted Gilreath, Robert Burk, Pamela Wood. ROW Ill, Jerry Martinez, Dennis Maricle, Homer Daw- son, Harry Morgan, John Wilson, Justin Morgan, Tom Quontamatteo. 54 -.f Sophomores ROW l: Phyllis Parfney, Judy Collins, Mary Ann Mackie, Linda Robrecht, Linda Atkinson, Barbara Ingram, Sandy Harrison. ROW ll: Susan Littlefield, Kathy Harrington, Judy Batchelor, Alma Farmer, Philip Ciaramitaro, Jesse Calderon, Bob Jordon. ROW Ill: John Huff, Torn Freitas, Scott Harbough, Gary Sharrock, Jon Foster, Richard McCowen, Al Lopez. Ia' ROW l: Bertha Fuller, Kathleen Matheny, Pat Baum, JoAnn Bishop, Norma Coonce, Rossi Settenbrino, Christine Blevins. ROW ll: Robert Almeida, Bill Dillard, Gerre Mahan, Agnes Gutierrez, Angie Romeo, Joann McCormick, Mary Davi. ROW Ill: Jim Baer, Vic Hipoposki, Jim Calicura, Pat Edwards, Bob Silvie, John Billecci, Jim Townzen. lass of 1962 ROW I: Nancy Farley, Serena Edgar, Sandy Alex- ander, Gaile Winge, Louise Koller, Diane Hartsfield, Michele Kennedy. ROW ll: Jeannie Rector, Eunicia Swanson, Linda Jones, Jim Wille, Richard Shaffer, Claude Fuller, Gary Gibson. ROW Ill: Danny Harbrecht, John Sedar, George Smith, Ralph Swanson, Tom Ramey, Dennis Robin- son, Ken Salvi. ROW I: Penny Silva, Harriet Bradler, Linda Marin, Sarah Sutton, Kathy Gollarda, Susan Welsh, Vickie Boyer. ROW Il: John Douglas, Tom Willis, Paul Freeman, Judy Wells, Maria Gianno, Phyllis Reeg, Mary Carns. ROW Ill: Bob Whisenhunt, Randy Martin, Sal Drago, Lee Jones, Bill Brush, Prentice Miller, Richard James. II4 ROW I: Jane Williamson, Darragh Flynn, Madeline Trebino, Henrietta Cantrell, Peggy Sunday, Sue Facer. ROW Il: La Verne Perry, Carol Pacheco, Sandra Costanza, Diane Calhoun, Rita Coomer, Karen Russo. ROW III: Dennis Parder, Leroy Garcia, George Pop- pleton, Manuel Zuniga, Wilma Prine, Markita Richard- SOY1. In Memoriam GLEN COOK Friends, cars, and laughfere These made up GIen's world- The world of a Typical American boy- They remind us of him For This we are grafefui. ,qw 'ailing if slit-.,,,4W" STEPHEN KINOSHITA His world was a world of sports His friends were many Our memory of Steve is preserved an treasured SEATED Bev Thomas YELL LEADER Donna Funk SECRETARY II UQ Fuck SECRETARY I Peg Hartz VICE PRESIDENT Loretta Johnson YELL LEADER STANDING Bob Jeans VICE PRESIDENT Kevin Brady TREASURER I Den Watson PRESIDENT II Q. 2 4 3 I qw PSHE 3 W D . A I . X Vi , ' , Juniors 'xx 4 3 June Williams. wood, Mike Fontana. -Q25 ROW l: Lynda Polk, Donna Gentry, Carolyn Keller ROW ll: Frank Brock, Andy Stark, Dewey Under ROW l: Bev Thomas, Peg Hartz, Edna Stallcup, Lynn Van Arsdale, Anita Cortese, LeDean Dalke, Sandy Davidson. ROW Il: Sue Fick, Earl Bradford, Louis Sedar, Lance Hannon, Steve Kinoshita, John Jones, Nancy Dodge. ROW lll: Tim Hogan, Bob Jeans, Jim Coulter, Keith Thomas, Bob Curl, Frank Canepa, Bob Zufall. L 9 Diane Cleven, Joan Ariasi, Nancy Harvey, Delcie Wheeler, Tony Herndon, Gene Austin, Dan Van Meter, Gary Speetzen. ...U 1.- ROW I: Wendy Aulthouse, Jan Sutton, Ann West- brook, Nancy Frisbie. ROW II: Larry Clark, Ben Wood, Richard Zerbini, John Smith. Juniors ROW I: Linda Hernandez, Lea Heskett, Judy Wain- wright, Joan Adams, Gerri Nye, Mickey Coveney, Rita Kraintz. ROW ll: Betty Holley, Kathy Gardner, Cathy Foun- tain, Nancy Wells, Jeanne Duarte, Sonny Baum. ROW III: Chris Evenson, Jim Tutt, John Pereira, Bill Katzemeyer, Jim Hill, Larry Bordoni, Joe Dillard. ROW I: Steve Morlain, Mac Thomason, Jim Platt, Jim Blalock. ROW II: Bob Nelson, Dolores Viano, Carolyn Jones. Elizabeth Maderos, Donna Gailey, Betty Pruett, Joyce Peterson, Ed Johnson. Class of 1961 ROW I: Yvette Pallotta, Judy Robbennolt, Delberta Carter, Hilda Jackson, Loretta Pacheco, Sarah Buck- nam, Sue Cowell. ROW ll: Judy DaCorte, Shearon Brewer, Gerri Bob- roski, Kenny Holleman, Ron Bowen, Gary Graves, Robert Whitney. ROW III: Lewis Bodiford, Bill Shonley, Don Spietzen, Anthony Compagno, Van Boschetti, Michael Batt, Tom Hunt. 5: ROW I: Mike Bach, Brian White, Roger Woodson. Ron Peterson, Dick McPeak, Pete Hemmings. ROW ll: Jerlene Townsend, Janet Sidorsky, Katy McNamara, Karen McNamer, Joanne Peterson, Gayle Higgins. ROW I: Sandra Duca, Nancy Wood, Frances Aiello, Doris Dedman, Tanya Hatch, Carole Wheeler. ROW ll: Bob Densmore, Dwight Russell, Berl Mahan, LeRoy Scheff, Gerald Pike, Pete Molin. Juniors ROW I: Rena Busnardo, Dawn Grieve, Robin Claeys, Joanne Russo, Phyllis Weinstock, Judy Delulio, June Fortier. ROW ll: Sheila Hunt, Lorre Delchini, Dave Schelhorn, Wayne Brasher, Bob Fraga, Gene Koch, Gary McCart. ROW Ill: Allen Perry, Jim Casey, Robert Godfrey, Steve Parsons, Bill Hitt, Dennis Watson, Dave Nier- hake. . QV' ' ,o J' Bonnie Middleton, Sharon Saunders, Barbara Kennedy, Wanda Morris, Linda Phillips, Andrea Marchi, Robert Reed, Melvin Wylie, Bob Breshears, Eugene Peyru- cain, Jim Heclerick, Will Palmer. Class of 1961 ROW I: Linda Brooks, Carol Dotson, Donna Funk, Donna Herndon, Donna Loyd, Mary Chantri, Andrea DiMaggio. ROW II: Grant Bodwell, Barry Bradley, Don Funk, O'Claire Enstad, Ted Long, Laurel Peters, Sharon Swedberg. ROW III: AI Lakeman, Dave Menesini, Ed Martin, John Gabellini, Ernie Griffanti, Gary Swedberg, Pat Jordan. 'ima gp-an vmyn. f " z ROW I: Maureen Johnson, Candy Lightcap, Marilyn Talken, Grace White, Sharon Smith, Roxanne Nelson, Mary Reinhart. ROW JI: Kathleen Lee, Sandra Lucido, Tom Smith, Walter Lustow, Manuel Cunha, Jeanne Vario, Loretta Johnson. ROW III: Leonard Atkinson, Bill Lovi, Tom Fluke, Tim Campbell, Ed Kirby, George McAtee, Larry Jor- dan. . ,H ,i re.-g.-v,v f Lola Lawson, Bill King, Marcia MacCaskie, Gary Roberts, Hilda McAlpin, Mike Lazzarini, Betty Kelly, Bud Nelson, Diane Machado, Jim Whalen, Luberta Peters, Sal Di Maggio. ROW I: David Spade, Dorla Roberson, David Cor- azza, Carolyn Tibbet, Phyllis Horton. ROW ll: Morgan Groth, Drew Holland, Sandra Clif- ton, Robert Dey, Melody Roush, Kevin Brady, Pat Kittle. Juniors ROW I: Roger Wrickle, Darell Paris, Lupe Vasques, Ralph Wheat, Tom Van Brunt, Ulas Kirby, Bob Fergu- son. ROW ll: Dan Paris, Gary Robinson, Douglas Bosen. Jim Lucas, Dewey Underwood, Carl Hole, Larry Baird. ROW lll: Allan Perry, Howard Ray, lra Thurston, Jerry Osage, Leon Kirby, Ed Whitehead, John Frese. ROW I: Bobbie Griffin, Josephine Soto, Kay Siler, Billie Cambron, Pat Guzman, Pat Hedrick, Beverly Edwards. ROW ll: Hank Barlettani, Sherril Seaman, Carolyn Williams, Verlene Tecor, Darlene Paulson, Stella Dollar, Ken Hall. ROW Ill: Tom Dorris, Walt Viglienzone,,Stuart Willis, Audie Vanderkous, John Burke, Dale Skrehot. The Class of 1961 presented its Jun- ior Prom on April 8. The auditorium was transformed into an Enchanted Isle via flowers, birds, and trees. Mu- sic was provided by Willard Ballenger. The high point of the evening occurred with the crowning of Queen Cathy Fountain and King Walt Viglienzone. E IOR HS 1 U-4 y f Q 1 L l A5027 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Marylee Taylor, Sec. lg Joanne Spina, Sec. 25 Jane! Pistochini, Treas, 'lg ROW 2: Ron Cortese, Pres. lg Jim Rutherford, Pres. 25 Dave Wooldridge, Pres. 27 Dave Lapham, Trees. 2. X QV' xxx: Jackie Silva fries on the mortar board for her senior portrait. Mr. Edwards assists. Brett Foster, Carroll Urner, Lois Quonfamatieo, Ellen Seller and Lynn Swanson were members of the cast of the super colossal Senior Assembly. And S0 We Leave Our High School Careers . . Q S If I X 4" . MARSHA ALEORD MIKE AHLSTROM RUTH ALLEN TERRAL ANDERSON fe bf, . R f, V' , j I L . if I 'I Mi. TERRY LANE BARBER ROBERT E. BAER ANTOINETTE BALESTRIERI RAY BAIRD CAROLE BARNETTE BURTON L. BARHAM JACQUELYN BARNEY BRITON BERGLUND JOAN BERNARD LORENA BEVERLY JOHN BLAIR VICTORIA BODEMAN a Happy, Yet Sad, at the Prospect of Leaving . JERRI BILLECCI LEROY BORBA GENEVA BOLES TUCK BRADY NANCY BOYD PAUL D. BRUSATORY S PATRICIA BOHANNON F. M. BRADLER G- KATHRYN BORGHESANI JIM BURKE FRANCES BOYCE BONNIE BRUNING ANTONIO CALDERON PAT CHANTRI CLIFFORD CARTER JACKIE CECIL SQ F' Q. CARMELO CARONE PAULA CHANTRI BOB CERRI DIANE CHIARTANO an fd' 4. T RON CORTESE PAT CLIFTON ART CHAVEZ VINCENT CIARAMITARO 'fir I' 11 PATRICIA K. COGSWELL GARY W. CLAYTON RAY CORDOVA CONNIE COOPER MICHAEL COLLINS LINDA CROW ALBERT R. COMPAGLIA ROBERT C. COSTA Approaching a 9' New F orlc in the Road of Life . EUGENE DAVILLA SUE DI BETTA JOHN DAVIS CATHERINE DUKE 'lv' . s w A We 'Q jf? BILL DUTCHER SHERMAN DENNIS ROXANNA DUNNING ROBERT DUARTE JOHN DUARTE LYNDA ANN DONELSON LARRY DODGE GEORGE DUKE 4:1253 Qilisu vf qmq If-5 I 'L.V' , wif H! is DEANNA ELLIS I28 Sqn!! My' "Q, wi- EMMET ECKLER CAROLYN ELZY RICHARD EMERY Q! JOYCE ELAINE ERLIIIG BILL ERNEST DONALEEN ESANI RICHARD PARIS lk f 5- fv- iv RICHARD FRANCIS JOANNE FRESE DON FREMMING PETE FARNON Q0 "Dv 11 BOBBIE JANE FREEMAN BRETT FOSTER CHRISTOPHER FREITAS DONNA GILES JOHN A. GAFFNEY VONYA GANNON MARK GILBERT JOANN GARCIA Preparing to Lead Our Ulm. Independent Lives . fb- ms Mt' 5- La is ii V.K, GEOFF GRIFFIN STELLA GOODSON DENNIS RICHARD GRAY ROBERT GREENE Q 1 M 2' 54 X CAROLYN ANN GREER JERRY GREENE ROGER F, GREENE ROSA LEE HAMMIT , ,NLM 91, , fl DEAN HALL ELSIE JO HAYS JAMES S. HANNA ALMA HENRY .Rf I, FRED HARRINGTON GEORGIA MAE HARVEY RICHARD HESS SHARRON BRESHEARS HILL l30 7 Q R at, xg I 'TM gg ggi -Sggifg. QSQJQ1 f w I 4 fm' H .' THOMAS H. HOFFMANN PAT HODGSON BARNEY HUDDLESON RAY HUDELSON fywws. Y' SHARON ISABELL STEVE JACKSON JUDY JAMES ALBERT Q. JONES 'R er XI nn VIRGINIA JANEWAY MARILYN JEPPSEN JERRY KIRBY PATRICIA KELLY J Y JUDY LEE KEMP LARRY KNAPP SHARON LEE KILGORE SUSAN LA FLESH I l3I acing u Future Based on the Past . If-w, was ., E, ., , ,, Z A gc. R m g It , I 1: . , Y mix "0 'A T 'j' ' 1, nn im .. ', I f 'Ui . IE ' ' I 5 k5ic" 'ff 1 ,Q 1425-,lf-Q'a".' Yu 1 sw SIDNEY DAVID LAPHAM RITA LAURO MARVIN LARSEN CONNIE LEMOS KATHLEEN LOMBARDI GEORGE LYNDE R. PRUDENCE LUCIDO TIM MACGREGOR LOURETTE MACHADO LA VERNE LINO LYDIA ELAINE LOPEZ 'C 1 U 1' I GARY MARCOS SANDRA MARIN JIMMIE DEAN MALTBIE .IANICE MARSHALL DENNISE MARKWITI-I PRICE I32 GINI MARTINI MARLENE MILLER ' I 3-' I sf ,Ds RICHARD D, MILLER TED MILLIMAKI JUANITA MORRIS ED MURPHY K XX LOUISE ELIZABETH MOORE BARBARA MORROW ROGER MURRAY ANN MARIE MYERS HERMAN DALE MURRIE JOYCE MYERS I ,f 9' rx U JOHLENE MCFARLANE JIM MCBRIDE CAROLE MCGEE VFLERIE NICCOWN Renlenzbering the Fun, the Competition . BARBARA MCCOY JEAN MCMORROVV JAY ALVIN NELSON THERESA NACE as , KATHY NILSEN WILL NEWMAN HELEN LOUISE NEWTON STEVE NYE 'QT' E KAREN NIERHAKE WAYNE NORMILE SONJA NAPPER RAYMOND NESBITT ,,, 4: ,- BEVERLY oseomv EMILE R. PALLOTTA JOY PARK BERNARD QA PARRET I34 O- DOROTHY PED CAROL PISTO AL PEREZ 19 KATHLEEN 1 ROTTI JERRY L. PENSE CAROLYN PERRY EDWARD PEREIRA CHINI JANET PISTOCHINI RICHARD A. PARSONS PATRICIA PORTER SANDRA PRINE LOIS OUONTAMATTEO NORM RAKSTAD af! RICE ARCHIE REED CAROLE ROBERSON JERRY ROBBENNOLT 'Y' I " fi? A, ,, I' f' 2 I f I X ifM'5'LY.f ' K L tru JACKIE STAMATE DICK selasru CAROL STUCK TERESA SHUBERT in JACOUELYN SILVA LILLIE SKINNER BOB SMITH TERRY SMITH 1 Ki- SALLY SNOOK ART R SOARES JOANNE SPINA RAMONA SOLOMON PN ik PATRICIA SMITH FRANCINE STEVENS MYRON SI-IAFER KAREN STIMAC Hoping Our Training Will Prove to Be of Vuluv . , I RON SPARACINO LYNN SWANSON PATRICK SHEA SALLY SULLENGER H -.1 fe: " Vis! fx III II JUANITA SMITH JOHN D, TIERNEY MARYLEE TAYLOR WILLIAM TAYLOR 'I X32 JESSE V, TERAN PAMELA TALSO GARY TIBBETT SHARON TAMES 'Q JANET TROUSDALE GEORGE TORIYAMI ALICE THAYER KAREN ANITA ULIBARRI I38 6--K CARROLL URNER LANNY VAUGHN KIRSTI VALIO ROBERT H. VICKROY WILLIAM H. WAINWRIGHT CARYL WEINBERG JON WALLIN MARILYN WEYHE , ,I mfgg, . ITA ff Y I 4 X TIM WALTERS KATHY WHITLOW ELVIN WATKINS SHIRLEY WHITLEY Az, L DIANA J. WHEELER STEVE WEYRAUCH JEAN WICKMAN LELAND WILSON RALPH YOUNG RICHARD R. YOUNGMAN TALMA J. ZANUSSI LAWRENCE RISNER Senior Ball 6 Sn Lois The senior class of l96O climaxed All'1ambra's social year with its Senior Ball-"Carousel," Lois Quontamatteo was elected Queen of the ball, and Dave Woold- ridge was picked to reign as King. Pro essional Page DN' . if MARTINEZ COMMUNITY HOSPITAL Den+is'rs ROBERT D. KASSELS. DDS CI1iIdren's and General Denfisfry FRED E. BUSHKE, DDS CHARLES A. DODGE, DDS WILBUR J. FAHDEN, DDS JAMES R. HAYWARD, DDS OLIVER L. SILVEIRA, DDS M. N. WALLIN, DDS l42 Doc+ors S. P. BRADSHAW, MD A. G. CARROLL, MD G. L. COATES, MD W. S. EDMEADES, MD W. A. FITZPATRICK. MD E. H. MORKEN, MD H. D. RAMPOLDI, MD B. M. WHISENAND. MD AH'orneys BRAY, BALDWIN, 8: OGDEN CARLSON, COLLINS, GORDON 81 BOLD HOEY, HOEY, 8: HALL TINNING 8: DE LAP OpI'ome+risIs VERNON V. EDWARDS F. OLIVER HATCH S. P. WILLIAMS MARTINEZ BOAT 8: MARINE 635 Escobar Sf. Home of Envy Boafs Besl' Wishes From E. MORGAN HARDWARE 535 Ferry Sfreel MARTINEZ AUTO SHOP 4I2 Ward S'l'ree'l' AC8-3689 CompIimen+s of RALPH'S BARBER SHOP 63I Ferry S+. A Happy Fulure lo The Class of "60" COURT'S JEWELRY Besl' Wishes From J. E. DIGARDI WINERY 3785 Pacheco Blvd. LOU 81 LEE'S FLYING "A" SERVICE Pine and Escobar Congraiulafions +o 'l'he Class of '60 DELEVATI'S GARAGE JOHN P. SERPA Buiclc 8: Pon'l'iac 300 Alhambra Ave. WESTERN AUTO STORE 530 Main S+ree+ FLORENCE SHOP HOUSE OF FASHION 736 Main Sf. 653 MAIN ACADEMY 9-2446 J. C. PENNEY CO. DAN 8: RON'S "Always Firsl Qualify" SHELL SERVICE 535 Main S+. AC8-2I0O 3530 Alhambra Ave. Banlr of CALIFORNIA Nafional Trusl' and A Savings Associarion MARTINEZ .V LAI RD'S FOR THE FINEST IN FOODS Canned Goods Frozen Foods Meals Produce Congrafulalions 'ro +he Class of '60 REED'S STATIONERY School and Office Supplies 724 MAIN ST. AC8-2I I9 SPARACINO'S MEN'S WEAR NUNCIO '32 JOHN '43 ROBERT '57 RON '60 727 Main S+. AC8-583 I M. A. SABRAL Plumbing Con'I'racIor HOWARD'S Men's and Boys' Wear- Work and Dress "We can and do save you money" Besf Wishes fo +he Class of '60 HARVEY'S GROCERY COUNTRY STORE 3840 Alhambra Ave. AC8-0I I7 Congra+uIa+ions +o 'Ihe Class of '60 PAYLESS DRUG STORE MARTINEZ RADIO SERVICE 50l Escobar SI. Congrafulaiions +o +he Class of I960 MICCO OFFICE EQUIPMENT 5I8 Main Sf. Bes'I of Luck MARTINEZ STATIONERS FRANKS PASTRY SHOP Our Specially Wedding and BirI'hday Cakes DALE'S SHELL SERVICE 900 Escobar SI. LEO SCHREUDER Real EsI'a'I'e and Insurance 33I Main Sl. ACB-426I ALHAMBRA REALTY MARGARET KALSBEEK Realror 3534 Alhambra Ave. Congralulalions Class of '60 CASE'S Ca rds-Gifls-Sundrie Besl' of Luclc io 'lhe Senior Class from MARTINEZ ROOFING JAMESON'S AC8-35I8 837 Main S+. HICKEY FREEMAN CLOTHES DOBB HATS Goocl Luclr BARNETT'S l6I 6 Alhambra Ave. Besf Wishes fo 'Ihe Class of '60 MOUNT VIEW BARBER SHOP K8fD DRUGRY 600 Main Slreel' Mar+inez Besl Wishes from IRWIN FLORIST- Lucille Kassilr Rachel Lomeli Congraflzlalions Class of '60 UNDERHOLT PAINT 81 HOBBY SHOP MODERN Our Besi' +o +he Class of I960 ,Q 653 Main S+. AC8-2446 Congra+uIa+ions +o +he Class of I960 GENERAL PLANT PROTECTION CO Alhambra S+. MARTINEZ. CALIFORNIA C 81 R TIRE CO. FOR SAFE HUMAN MILEAGE I05 Alhambra GRANDE'S SHOE STORE Joyce-Air Sfep Pedwin-Spalding Busfer Brown Robles Qualify Foofwear for +he Whole Family MARTINEZ Where in 'Ihe World Are You Going? We Handle Every Transporfalion Line RAI L-SHIP-AI R-BUS JOHNNY MILLER TRAVEL BUREAU 925 Main SI. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '60 FELIX CLEANERS 6I2 Es+udiIIo S+. Marfinez Congra+uIa+ions BANK OF AMERICA 626 Main S+. BEARDS Jewelry Gills 836 Main SPlKE'S MARKET BALESTRIERI BROS. Wholesale-Refail 707 Main SI. CONGRATULATIONS Class of '60 MARTINEZ SURPLUS KEAN CHEVRON 3725 Alhambra Ave. Besf Wishes Io Ihe Class of '60 OIL CITY Alhambra and Berrillessa MOUNTAIN VIEW MARKET "Where Good Food Cos+ Less" 2398 Mariinez Ave. AC8-5534 Congra+uIa+ions SPORTSMEN'S BARBERSHOP 602 Ferry S+. FRED and REO AABCO PRINTING CO. Commercial Prinfing ACB-3600 I032 Pine Bes+ Wishes GRANSHAWS an Msn. S+. Bes+ Wishes WELL'S MARKET 2340 Pacheco AC8-2585 Besf Wishes +o fhe Class of '60 TRAVELERS HOTEL PACIFIC FURNITURE 4I3 Ferry Sfreei' KELLER FORD SALES You're ahead in a Ford all fhe way. Congrafulalions Class of '60 800 M ' S . JAY VEE 'a aalsneed Sincere Besl' Wishes +o +he Class of '60 SPARACINO'S FOODS Concra+guIa+ions G d W. h +o +he oo is es Class of '60 CONTRA COSTA GAZETTE Marfinez, Calif. ALHAMBRA DELICATESSEN 33 I4 Alhambra COGLIZER'S 623 Main Sfreef ACB-85l5 Congra+uIa+ions MARTINEZ LUMBER CO. Lumber and Building Maferials 625 Howard S+. WILLIAM'S Shoes for +he Family 70I Main S+. SA BA'S "Where +he Fashionable Slum" MARTINEZ DRUGS Main Sfreef ALHAMBRA ELECTRIC MARTINEZ. CALIFORNIA "Always 'rhe Besf Elec+ricaIly" 5 Complimenfs of SECURITY SAVINGS 8: LOAN 659 Main Sf. MARTINEZ CALIFORNIA ,W f r ' ' PY' WW: DONLEY CHEVROLET CADILLAC 3655 Alhambra Avenue AC8-2626 fyxw 'Winn "Thanks Gang" New Owners, E. GERMANN and E. GRIFFIN ALEX BERG-ERS P. E. MacALVEY Painfing Con+rac+or MARTINEZ FOOD CENTER We Carry a FuII Line of Fine Foods. Meafs. and PouI+ry MARSHALL, WILLIAMS 8: McGOWAN NU WAY CLEANERS For fhe Besi' in Service 6I8 Las Jun'Ias AC8-3209 GSE MARKET 2820 PACHECO BLVD. Fruifs-Vege'I'abIes-Groceries GIBERTI BROS. Gale Sales and Service 905 ESCOBAR LESLIE W. HARPER Insurance LIFE-FIRE-AUTO-CASUALTY See You Lafer? FRANK RICKS Realfor 3355 ALHAMBRA AVE.-ACB-I 262 VINE HILL BARBER SHOP "Clip Join'I"' BILL JOHNSON DUARTE 8: WITTING, INC. 825 Ferry Sf. AC8 0750 PI1o+ograpI1y N EN N I Por+rai+ 0 Commercial Wedding 0 Oils ACademy 8-l909 728 MAIN STREET MARTINEZ. CALIF. Bun A. CLAEYS AL BARLETTANI BuiIcIing Maferials FIYIH9 "A" Service Berrellessa and Buckley S+. I333 PINE STREET WOLFF'S IR 7 I 6 Main S+. MARTINEZ 1 CALIFORNIA SALEM SHOE SERVICE 7I5 Ferry S+. MARTINEZ FURNITURE CO. 5 I 6 Ferry SI. AC8-5200 Good Luck MARTINEZ SERVICE STATION 835 Alhambra Ave. Congraiulafions RAY S. TAYLOR Real EsI'a+e-Insurance MARTINEZ'and coNcoRD CompIimen'I's of BAILEY PLUMBING 8: HEATING FOSTER FREEZE Pacheco Blvd. PAUL'S I 52 I Alhambra Ave. MIDDLETON 81 MARCHI Young Men's Clofhes WILSON SPORTING GOODS CongraI'uIaIIons 'Io +he CIass of '60 RUDY STIMAC Wholesale DisI'ribu+or, Sfandard Oil Produc+s P.O. Box 270 MARTINEZ, CALIFORNIA AC8-3846 CONTRA COSTA DRUG 38 I 5 Alhambra AC 8-3460 HILSON'S Bes+ of Luck 6I0 Main S+. MARTINEZ Welcome 'Io KIRBY'S A8mW ROOT BEER 3500 Alhambra Ave. Sincere Wishes and Bes+ Regards Io +he Class of '60 MARTINEZ LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANERS 'WHERE THE BEST COME WITH THEIR WORST Escobar and Ferry S+ree+s Mar+inez, California SHELL CHEMICAL COMPANY Chemieal Parfner of Indusiry and Agriculiure MARTINEZ PITTSBURG AMERICAN TRUST CO. Since I854 900 Main S+. HAL MATSON, Phoiographer Official Yearbook Plnofographer 426-I7 S+ree'I' OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA To conceive and to produce a new book is an exciting experience, but we wouldn'T want to do it again-at least not until next year! We hope you enioy your 1960 Torch as much as we enioyed creating it. It was ours for nearly a yearg now it is yours. fig-9414 L! 1 ,ydzgk-tty W JLKY' "' Lind! if ,,.- " ,K Ixbl Jgcgfc ' ,vi V. .7 N ,geese wg cornea . V ' y -' c Z 7' . M YN Lv " 3- 42-ea 71:55 7 , it ,rrr f if ik nd 7 l 'pg fb I 1' JKYJ , ,' ,LL , --'- " Y G Y! fp zqqjigfjyvo , ii Ut' U Ki ft LD i KX -ff , M ' ' A7Ek,LL3,k-QXY-X. W Avail, 6-LU, yi f Wf ' ,J J Li i 1 5 Q Q f f ,r rrlrcf Tx 5' ,,.C.6G,fL, f A ' 9 1 ,g?Q,gLc ff' I X ' V xi 1 H +4 mg, 1 I J A A - -" y V. .J -- ' , . fhi , A R 5 ,, vm, ,g,Mg-AUt0gfaPhS 4 A ' 7 ' ,NN H ,' X H 1 .. X .X X XY. 'Q . -FQ ff L VLLQCXMJ ,W j KJV ,004 J 1 WQNLL wh WUMA7 yea ig, '-L "'vc,44-LDLMAILLANA QM 5c,4f4,LLw0 C55JQg?4L6A! x0J4rOH' 05 FCMJOWJ af cjywbdxw x, 4 51 JJ V fxlffgw VW-'N Soup MQLQUAPXXL Q kmJNVN-L"viQ.x y5fJCLx,N, C3JOfKiXJwxbm,gx A ggv.Nfvw0v?R"" 'W L4 f .1 I Y 1' fr X X4 xb ba J Ax X X N Nj 1 M X N I If V P , xlq pu X 'ly I I 1 K 1 NN X Fur X 1 'sm ,V 'JJ' ,Q J M' . ' 4. ' xl' h x X -y 11' 1 X Q A ' ,fi .Ib - vi L l- A .5 " V c N 1 I .1 1 -X kr ' h Q57 , 1 f . . A LQ if "V' df 4 I . A X ' xc , W C12 pw f ' A ' ' " UAV X I, w. f 1 " vxw Q V A-NX kjvff-xi ff' C K . yi K X , ' Ji ! 'X ffjx ' 'ff Q9 KX X 'uk C N wx: Wri' V 'N -J " X ' I d D" Q X ' I cf' Uffx V bu R C ,X -L , ,fx Qf 'HQ ,U '. xcvf, Nix, VI, , x W XY fx U V, I, ,, .h Ai ,XXX j A X A - . , Q , My N 4 Cn. . fW I . +0 mf " . , f 3 J X V r ' , ffl' ' I ,, I I C ' ' ' ' fo ,f "'l ' '. 1 ful f,f4!. E! ,fllvfj I I fy I, , if-' I' . I I Q If fx . U I fl , K' Lk' kg LL 'Af if L' , . '70-'lr' 'X ' ' f vi 7 1 , -' C ff fm 'FW M mr ?"'.q .ff U! yn X J' JXP fy Tm, rl' 'X ' A f .1 ' X f , F " NW 1-' Hx 9 f 3 'y " Vw ,ff ' ,uf-. I 4 ' I ANT ,fly ffh""yq11n,'-,,- 1, fr, ' f1' N :f- f A l53 if MWA Autographs 'Q 39 JWMWJ Y iw gmjiv by R J XM, Afdjwfcj Q! Jwi L yy gf 5 W ggi? is Vygjfpgfilfi A P3 Q QQ yfilviif wi? 'Z 2 chip 4 Q f? 1 , I K . f fw .ff '33 ggi A AM' V 'f' 51N 7 O J J 6 ,b Til LM . J D , be Af k is X , 07? ' 46 U E5 A pf 'JV fx 2' 19 A N f f r x D X I ' 3 XV XA rfrwg , 'fx 'qv 'fx mv ,J XM MQ jp N If - F 'Q X .V Mak, YK XX 'YM fy ma A f p-5 x X ' roi A ,ff Of yr A: qw Y Xgm 25 f X5 FX V n I my , KJ vp-P Y! ff . R Q5 x X N XJ wav G Sli ,F , -Q S I IAN! -f ' ,TMMV ,M Q M nf W' , by -'W ' , ,, if Lgj,f ',,fVyfjfdgatographs 1' b ,,,4f' Wu W1 ' ' Af" X f lr '4' K 7',,y1"f"A! 1,1 ,ff 1, ' T ' ' ffh' V ' gl, ' b ' ff ff 1 1 1 - M' KAW' W, f H ' 4 , ' l , L 1 I A s 11 X Q17 xx x W - J " I' ,E ,f -f I , 'wh 45 - I y ' V,- iq 4 A KX ' A Wifi ' A A Auto ra hs ami If Kff gl P 21,5 Jax? fx CX te if., kv Kcfjw Q ' -5, 1 X ,QQ Q 6 C an 1' Xffke 'Q 31, i lc LI'l CX: ALK ft? C f I 4 Kftq In tyl' .xAtL'Xe.f' C44 4 K- A 0 Y! ' X71 Y. A 5 7 Y J ' 4 MEQg,LfS "'1mQ 1 L fkx'-'x A hy !'i,1, i 4- 'KCVJ if L Q A14 L W 'C 'L ". X "7'f"A4J '4 1-1' 1 " f gli ' ' ld HL ' ' '-'ffl .1443 t f U LL C . . v.4x 1 4 QV ww J ,uf 'f 'C 11 -ff ' fl Fu! 'L X AU'-J f 1 A f , X 'J 1 'J-Qztfjx n ,H ' I M 4 ' 1 ' , -L - U ' l ll'-LU, V1 'L ' " ' .' Lf, , Y f III" UN, ' 7" ' Q Q L A 1 J .MAD --1457, ,. X I - fx 1 I ' L .ff X6 g V' X I . ' ' . 'J' ' Xl' J N 4, .4 1" f x . 'nf' 1' fl .L f f .VUL 1 f L, f 4 O .Q 6 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 6 wwf ,xp 1 f-N' -X M ,- CIS X7 ZQWQW 1 X7XA 9' 7

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