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fr '..Jp.. ,535 ',+w7-.QQ-.:-if,- A' . w jfge. . -M. , . 7 !W.,f, X xcrggir ,. . 'Tiara aw- .Q mf gl. 'egg - J' . ' '33 'E-1 . .31 . . I, , ',l-"il-'Q ' -'igg-. Q "TW II" '- . 2' ,FM N Z ' , . ' A . ,nr qu. . 1: , A I ,. .Il . S' V J.: 2-'pxfil G ' I, ,r. .I ,, - f.: Q-w.?Fv.:,5i .- - . xv x., V 2 441 L I ' Qi L w . .na -A V' 11 -S ' ,li ix 1. ,af . in - 'wx-,nz ,V in ,xr . 5: ""-.iff , - I . .. ...I u ,,' aus-1, , , .. ,- ' ,yr-',"'-4+ - 1::.v'v ,I , w-' .11 211' , 1 ,L TL, Nv- X ., ' f Qc- , -v . .1 , .V .r, J.. , yx,1'+. .-" ,qfn.w,.,' .1 'ff ' 5' ,-. T' r ' 5.5! 2.1,--an .' - J... ,,.. . , I l'l , , , 5.7 ' Q , V 11, 1 e ' if :H ' , ,M V W , -1: XV' ,, Xu., . - r -3, ' ,L "M I' 2 " ' x. .7-'VY .Y . - W.,-X I. "qv ' .:.,,sf-,.-q I Uri I' -dxf 'Q .- . ,, , ., , - fy, Q ' .fsqiw ff--.. -g - . 9' .glj ,F 1.1, ' fi- Aw. V V - , .Lg M. if .,.1w.':, 1-1 - 'Q 'f'f,.-.f ,N Q1 . f, ,Q v.-, 1 flzv.. .' '41 . ,.. 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X , . - x L", : 1 . Q . - 4 ' l 'iv-.. -7- ' A 'i ' ' J ' . Q .j'v,...n 1- -..,. - V . H ., . . , w 1 -. 7 ,. l x , 1 . X I ,, -5 4,.. , : x w x X .gx'.1:Q?'.f ..' ' .jig 3745- L -' 131-vga, 3345.31-'r , r ,f ,, .. q lm.. 'J' 4,5 - 2 F.":Q!f'f '1."I,'J 5 ' .1 2.55.6 .v ', , f 1"9gfi.7. ' k . ' 'f 2' 1' ' . E iii'-1 Jul - A, ,. 1 X . ' 4 N 'x s., ,- n x v 1 va A 41 -v.i:::yg- f "1 ., , . -1.9 k . V1 . ..-Y .,' '.u vii 'vw " -ep ,-aff ,Q ,I I F 1 t , . pifm-A 41194 ,iw "- M 51 ' I .' -M ,hs K7 ,a A difsglygpf - I s Q' ' ,. I . J .3 -gf" I ' . , r VA.. J .V Q I -Y' ' V mg iw- V f, - ' , Q ,I QI. ,J gr, 5' L' I. . 8 -hm ,H gg .+A 1 1 'M' i -j.' :.q...Lx gqfpfh. ,Lg - V V - . , V , f ,...-VV 1 'Q V- V . gs Q, 'lv7'V v Li: A Vff4.:1.: ,'.g' q6'5'1,:" f-gwfu, , T2 Anti' Y - . g. ,-,f :iff 0' ' 4 ' 1 1 8 TX '-,-Z? , V 1 - 5 k A - y P iuzimlkil - um ,Y "" 'l F355 Q JC, ,,,!,' Sig-m'fQL, 5 - " " ' ' . 4 59- 'V .. . .x I U .U 3 .1 - . .Y "mf: U' 5 eh cf- I ., .,- . . ,. V ' ., . 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Q . .4-VVVf:.,-g, W- 1 , - gf-Q-,gL,1:.aQ-+-'V-RSQYVgs- - - - . fxxf ,, . , .. :V 4- V . 1. 1' ' .Q f " + 1'5" 'A 1' ' ' ,Q -Vs '1 P135 ua ,gwli A,f"fy-'fp w" . V -V .,,-L. A nf. 4 3' V .V 1' 149' Q ' X?r?3'3fM ' .:1'27f"f' V -'i 1 Srl. - VIS, 'I' .In A 41. ' of V e ly- U 'Q ., my Y- - Q 1.1-P' ' 1-..V - SP nr V A rf-ici-wif K 'l ' , 2' 'V .fr if 1U -, fs I- ' " ' V+?-.X-'1rfVa.Jfi'+ . 'FA 'V 4' ' "N v ' , Y FQ.: VV, -Ji' ,- A xt ' ' ' f itzg-'tl an-,1-5 -,N-Xl,,'iA :Ji 1 .' 'V , ' , . . X ' T Q1 , . 'g.l7,'9f'fx'L A -"'2"' 'M'-.f 1 '. ky , ' l A n. I 1.-, ,n.,- -f A ' 5 ,vc-'E,.,5.ZQF: Qi-"y,:V.f'k1f QLAQ ,x V. X 1,1 VV . Q-01 1 ' " fr- : - -.ww-V ' ,1V.,Vf:'V:3f'f ' .ph A A W Fi' 'ff I-Vs! -V . ' "' ' ' 'i ' --:vigil K ' . -, " f t k.V'ff9gM5Qgy'lif,'V'1f,5'g,Y1. uf-5' M 'A I x' 'F . , I I V. 'Y - r-,V - I . 'A, ',-2"1lf'Qfial6i5I pvi g Qglf f 1 Q, h 3.4. L ' ,, ,, ' . -.'-f - K' -1:V:',5f -- - V. ' - -v v , Tw! ,im,f--'- " yy My A , '1 V '-if-my Vq'gh8,6f3,g."1' QQ'-g La, f, ,V A, V, 4m.xX,.g, --, ,,f .11 Q -,.,3,n,1Y , V 1 ,4 - ,, ' V--' - . mf- Mm'-,. qv S, 541. . 4 , V " 'N' A '. - .JG ' M, -"'-wifflkifs 'f ' ' -V V A f ,Q M WZ.sf" " r If ' ,Y-V-I 17.113 " M "Q " ' '5 ' ' 4a,I,.Q.ffL41.,1.'L '7-v-- ' ' I - I " n- , "1" ' 'Q fx ,bL4w"k"-3' , ' ' -A . :O Q fl-MV.1h'f7 '. 1 ff - V Y V . V z 1 aw ' - 4- me 1-,Q-Nl 1 , gi X 'iff V-su a, ,l , ,.- .Q l .-, 1- f i tri .ff I. .L Q ' --'l.,"rf- V ' ' Q' - ,Puig-4.1: HSV! ' I ..., L ' g A . " J h 1 ' , - 4 sr'-'K A ' gxfr .,-j'c,YXg, ' TAM, ,,: Yr.-1 a .:"'3J:VfV:'PfdFf W ' - ' ' ., .any ,yds .5- p sr 'V-XL ,ir .V ,, Q. I 'L 2'-f"3Lg5eg f7f'1"'f X M' ' .Q XL1Y".?.Q1 '1- .NJ'7H,1EJ,. .1-,Fx-151.5 s 5 . Vilw'f'-lag'-fV't5'Q,. ,ffl-dl 4" lfkfif' - ffm' -. I h -'c-7 -'.-I' - 5.3 EFX-lr RJ' :ft 5 ',,.-?77.!g"su-, P' .1 f' -' In , . 34' " ff' T' F 4 V ,ya rytf 'j, 94 f , ,-. V 2,-7-. 1 V. FQ' ', . 'Q -' 13'-'5-2, V' 5 ' 5 Q-ali f'-r 1 ' 'HV '- 'T u . 1 .'.""--- f' ' -. V , ' V' 1 ,7 X - Ax , ,-fQ,.,.cq,' V' -,g F f A -V FUR 5 W Ulm fp' A! f U This Kssxxe oi xhe Torch marks xhe hegirrrrkog oi xhe secorro haM owry oi orxhkcaxkorr. The ikrsx or h came om ro T909 soo even xhoogh oox ro oouooos 9 r hoo smce that um xhe Torch has owo xhroogh xhe wears Kr rs x e Terverxx hope oi thxs wear sta Torch WAX corxurm x haXi ce rha xhrw oormg x mrs' as rx h-as smce r s Yrrs f ce T c ' , ' c ' ohhca- . . . es gr F . ' h ' v 's , ii x rho ' ' e ro ' e ' he rrevn rw- ' ' , 'x ' x vear . T0 CONTENTS TITLE FOREWORD STAFF IN MEMORIAM DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION STUDENT GOVERNMENT CLASS ROOM ALBUM CLUBS and ACTIVITIES SPORTS ADVERTISING COVER DESIGN BY SUE WINDHAM STAFF PAT ROONEY Editor MELODIE BOUCHER Business Manager CAROL STUCK Classrooms PRUDY LUCIDO G.A.A. NANCY BOYD Student Sales SHARON HARVEY Headlines JUANITA MORRIS Sports GERALD CABRAL Sports JUDY JAMES Clubs JUDY KEMP Classes CAROL PISTOCHINI I.B.M. Typist BILL SMITH Advisor PHOTOGRAPHY BY HAL MATSON, Photographer PRINTED by AABCO PRINTING CO. Martinez, California P MBC 0 Rlyrllvc 9 Qw2"4'ee uonvlfoas -1+ fwfui Xu- 'gi ' 3 1:- ' , , , -. ' I ?fy'i".'r -ig. rl, Q , .' , - V. .1--.s -Y' K - .SIN 'fist k WL fav, .fmwslf iffy N It t1':r,--'- N I IS, xx og'-. I 4j!,,Jg'- , I x kms. Q.- x, 55571 51.6-Q ah T, 'I lf 3' XX 1 . 'N sv' IN MEMURIAM z .." f iff" Q w ' 'Qi IP: X- T4 I count my garden by the flowers, Never by the leaves that fall. I count my days by golden hours Not remembering clouds at all. I count my night by stars Not shadowsg I count my life by smiles, Not tearsg and with joy, . . . I count my age by friends, Not years. CAROL GREEN WILSON - if . n lj' DEDICA TIUN Many people have a part in shaping our es. Our parents, our friends, and our lchers all have a part, and occasionally e person stands out. Those of us who in to goto college, as well as those of who plan to enter the world of work af- M graduation from high school, appreciate i teacher who keeps her standards high rl makes her students learn so that they n cope with their economic, political, d social world. With this thought in mind, the staff of e 'l959 Torch sincerely dedicates it to r teacher and good friend ------ Miss Melba Fitzpatrick. The 1959 Torch marks the beginning ol the second half century of the Alhambra: Union High School yearbook. That first staff, fifty years ago, had no traditions on precedents to follow, and little did they know that their creation would become the official chronicle of more than a thousand students each year. The l959 Torch staff would like to pay homage to the first editor of the Torch, - - Mrs. A.F..Bray,Sr., who makes her home ir Martinez, and who shows her continued in terest in the book by attending the annual Torch assembly . ADMINISTRATIUN GRENVILLE C. JONES WILLARD B. KNOWLES Principal Supl. of Schools L.B. SMALL MRS. PHYLLIS B. WAINWRIGHT HENRY HART? FRED W- ERNEST CHARLES LAIRD MISS NANCY ALBRIGHT JOHN SPADE Dean of Girls Dean of Boys OFFICE PERSONNEL: Mrs. Nierhake, Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. McGrath, Mrs. Bickel. ' 11.1 I ' " -1a 2-:SQ 'Bif- xx CUSTODIANS: James McE1reath, Ivan Carmichael, Lynn Robinson Ed Hamel, Robert E. Lee, A.N. Nelson. SAFETERIA WORKERS: Ruth Machado, Jane Frazer, Freda Keat, Carmen Perry, Loyce Carlson, Carmen Perry and Freta Kea busily prepare fruit salad for the fourth and fifth lunch periods. YELI. LEADERS Louise Gliatto Yell Leader Bill Wainwright Yell Leader Linda Harrison Mike Collins Yell Leader Yell Leader Congratulations to the Varsity Yell Leaders joyce Katzemayer Yell Leader I.V. Yell Leaders are jackie Silva, Elsie Hays, janet Pis- tocliini, Kathy Rice, and Nancy Boyd. Harry Tllra Richard MacLau.gh1in President 2 President 1 Row 1. Juanita Morris, Barbara Park, Gail Locke, Barbara Cams, Beffy Holley, Peggy Paoli, Marrianne Giberfi, Melodie Boucher, Bill Dorrs. Row 2. Ron DeMonner, Mike Collins, Bob Curl, Woody Smith, Bill Wainwright, Ron Aug: Hal Shepherd, Harry Tura, Len Gianno, John Giberfi. Row 3. Gerald Cabral, Bob Gianinni, Andy Durkee, Archie Kinney, Archie Reed, Ron Cf fese, glen Cook, George Norton, Larry Knapp, Don Brown. 'on Cadenasso Sue Windham Buddy Parfef m, of Social Affairs Comm, of Buildings 8: Grounds STUDENT BUDY GUVERNMENT Your student government serves you in the degree to which you support it. This has been a good year with memorable events and good competition for most offices and fine student support. Remember these are your leaders, but Alhambra is YOU. Their fail- ure is your failureg their success is your success. Mr. Spade JG w 1. Carole Barneffe, Betty McCarney, Loretta Johnson, Prudy Lucldo, Vesemoy fne, Pat Rooney, Sandra Hart, Sheila Cahill, Sue Flck, Kafhy Lynch, Joyce Kane-- 'yer, Louise Gllaffo. rw 2. Don Brown, Jackie Cecil, Phoebe Evans, John Glberfi, Gall MacAlvey, Wayne usher, Dennlse Markwlfh, Linda Harrlson, Sandy Harrison, Linda Ehler, John Wyffels iw 3. Richard Barney, Tom Quonfamcffeo, Frank Trola, Ron Sparc clno, Chris Freifas, crge Torlyama, Jon Wallin, Jim Hanna, Bob Jeans. Melodie Boucher Loretta Johnson Comm. Finance Comm. of Social Affairs 2 V534 -Q . 1- 5 . . w I K , 'Z' fi J Marrianne Giberti Comm. of Assemblies 2 Linda Ehler Secretary Z Larry Dodge Comm. of Publicity Z Pat Rooney Comm. of Girls' Affail 9 x95 109 IN THIS SECTION THE ACTIVITIES OF A FEW OF MORE THAN TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY CLASSES TAUGHT EACH DAY AT ALHAMBRA HIGH SCHOOL ARE SHOWN . - IT TAKES THE COMBINED TALENTS OF FIFTY'THREE TEA' CHERS TO PROVIDE EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY FOR THE NEARLY ELEVEN HUNDRED STUDENTS WHO ATTEND ALHAMBRA HIGH SCHOOL . FIVE OF THESE ARE COUN' SELORS WHO HELP ALHAMBRA'S STUDENTS WITH THEIR EDUCATIONAL AND VOCATIONAL PROBLEMS. IN ADD ' ITION TO THE TEACHING STAFF, A PRINCIPAL, A DEAN OF BOYS, A DEAN OF GIRLS, FIVE CAFETERIA WORKERS, FOUR SECRETARIES, ONE SUPPLY CLERK, A FIVE MAN CUSTODIAL STAFF, AND A GARDENER PROVIDE OTHER VITAL SERVICES THAT ARE NECESSARY TO MAKE UP A MODERN HIGH SCHOOL vi ' Modern equipment makes learning easier and a lot more fun. The French III class uses a tape recorder to help them iron out pronunciation faults. 'Q LLTJ jp H 'S MELBA FITZPATRICK ALFRED CASSELL tory 1 SUUIIIL .YIUUIEJ Social Sfudles This little gadget was constructed by class members to check the effects of coffee on one's nerves, It works, too! ! Hal Shepherd is the victim, and Melodie Waite, Ron August, Frank Billecci, and Cara Berry watch "Old Shaky" perform, History of this old world is what these Linda Cook found out here that you students study in Mr. Collins' third need to see what you are doing to period class. perfect your handwriting, Newsweek, mm .wg I This is one of the brighter moments of C.P. History. Otherwise Miss Fitz.patrick's motto is WORK, WORK, WORK!! ! ! Karen Nierhake and Nancy Boyd are reading American Observers as Alma Henry and Gary Clayton seem interested in the 86th Congress. SUCIAL STUDIES it i I Seems as if these students are interested in the workings of their city's government. They even have the help of the brainy students in class. ISS ELSBETH BENSON rclal Siudles , a WILLIAM GOETHE DALE COLLINS Social ProbIems SociaI Sfudfes . A.. .44 PH YSIUAL JIM COULTER RALPH JACKSON BOB AL Physical Education Physical Education Phy5lCaFg5,Eg,-Ln Mr. Albrecht spent a great deal of time teaching the boys the art of Tumbling in the Boy's Physical Education this year. Looks as if these boys are Who knows where the ball went, but having a rough and tough he sure hit it hard. These boys have game of basketball. a ball in 7th period P,E, gf. f WM. 1.-. u., 11 ' 3' fl' 'J 1 47' MV" s' ' A 'v' ' wfv 1 3 2 y K . ntgjq, -r '-. -.. - 3, 4' 'ff 5 'V u JH ' 1' 11,Qf,v'.jf M-1' 1 lg . "Nl -W SHUPS ALBERT MORTON LUKA SEKUL-ICH NED JACKSON Machine Shop WO'-'id Sh0P Welding iigrie N 2 4' 1349 W C'-F2 C' ere- mmf Jerry Janeway is checking a radio tube to find out what the trouble is. Don Compton and John Giberti are looking towards greater horizons. Q Front wheel bearings need some occasional lubrication, so Jerry Greene gets the word on how it is done from Mr. Rouse. LESLIE SCHROEDER EDWARD ROUSE Radio- Electric Aufo gl-,op HUME EBUNUMICS - we QS? g 1 , T 8 U , 'LH 1 , 51111 A 1 i 1 a l A i 1' , A EV:-7 7? 3 . f"'5i:'LiAl ' '31,-'Ext . xxx .., 'fH'1PW,r:vA5gj-,g4g,,L 1 Eh Sandra Hart, Marilyn Jeppson, and Joyce Jones filled the gaps in their wardrobes by making these garmets in Homemaking III: . Clara Ventigmilia and Sandra Hart are learning about the ways to get the best buys in material from Mrs. Barber. as. HORTENSE CARPENTER MRS, MAXINE BARBE1 """"'kl"9 Homomaklng f , 1 ...ii -...uv-mm.-...1....u.-ws-1-1 CUMMERCIAL ARS. ALMA BROWNE MRS. PHYLLIS JOHNSON MISS DARLENE FORZLEY ff9f'09"UP'1Y Business Business These students, busily typing, are learning the basic fundamentals needed for good typists. Mrs. Strecker, shown here helping Lillie Skinner Works a business probler Sharon Shultz with a problem, teaches in Bookkeeping I as her classmates Vocational Training. figure the problem for themselves. 1y.....,.v 's NN cuMMfnc1AL 1 it 1 E.: ' ANC! - P55413 Jouvmaulzw Rosa Lee I-Iammit and Pat Hodgson, students of Bookkeeping II, ire shown here discussing a sample page of business ledgers. MRS. MONA SMITH MRS. LUCILLE STRECKER Business Business O Q Office practice girls get practical office experience by work- ing in the school office Credit is given by the commercial depart- ment for this work. 1 i L HSS BLANCHE WEHE JAMES HELMERS MISS ELIZABETH STACKHOUSE English English g English , -s u ENGLISH -- ff- 5' -- Judy Nicholson tells her side in a panel discussion featuring Charlie Harper and Leon Marlar, This is a part of the work in public speaking. English III classes make Q a thorough study of the literature of America. This is the fifth period class in room 14. MRS. MERLE WILSON LEYLAND HOLDER English Dramuflcs Q z . 5 ei K Q L A . 5 H ENGLISH if MRS. ELIZABETH DUNNING Reading LOSSY English II students Grant Bodwell, Dwight Russell, Dick McPeak, and Peter Hemmings get the feel- ing of Julius Caesar by reading througmpg? BILL SMITH MRS. MARGARET THOMPSON Publications Y Engl Ish Mr. Helmers stops by Carleen Wannicke's desk to help her with a problem in American lit 1 Q MRS. ANGEL MARKA KIS Erlgfllh MSS FRANCIS BA UCH -lbrarlan LIBRARY The reference section helps a guy out when he needs quick information for a term paper, Jim Sparks, Jean ette Cantrell, and Carr Kunze check into the merits of a good history reference, Ed Johnson, Lance Hannon, and Midge Bradshaw check in Americana 31, when in doubt. Laurel Peters and Lee Adams found The 1ib1'31'Y P1'0VidCS 8 QUIET place the science library interesting. f01' CONCENTRATION! ! .WJ as 5 s? he gimi Nfl -!'-ix. Dennis Watson reads from a Spanish Sometimes Yeh haVe te di5P1aY Your magazine, and Mac Thomas, Karen French ahi1itY bY giving 1'eP01't5- Ulibarri, and Dawn Grieve wait to O'-11' Photographer CaughfSa11Y Shook see if they can understand the play- ih MT- P0i1'ie1"S C1355- back. 5" . , - s, 91' , , FUREIGN LANGUAGES x 'ig 1 Q 8 el? -If That's Joanne Russo with the hat QICHARD ToMl.lNsoN GERARD POIRIER and the crazy market basket. These :panish Fmnch are props we used to show that this was taken in Spanish class. Other Spanish linguists are John Periera, F' Walt Viglienzone, Robin Claeys, i and Tom Hunt. , W W Ia, ., ' My x ' XLS? ., ,fgxssff I ' iff?" ---' Us , H f A329- , ,wwf fjif'-JI 5 Q ' 1 I ,Q ?Qw,,,g L pfgwgikg-H' -- Xzmffgg ,gi A rj :W f if 1 -5 37 .L 4. , f . S wiv Q iffy-3 ' 1 17' ,X mms Q his aw ,Mg T , X QW -9425 25. A-iq, iii . x sw .. ., ai? Af if wwf ,. ,, Q.-1 1932 ,A V , ,W M .f1m,, 1 K K MMM. ,.,,, . K , , .W mf . I fiwf aff mai.: fi- -.,z-. f V GK 'f , MM., N . by If X 6 . U, 4- 'Q ,Q If' . 'W ' TL 'Ezg:,:?7f 2 Z 'lglllli' if Mg ff.-1 , 4 " 1 5 Q Q . . , 4 ' 4 W 4 ALFRED MARTIN B"-L BAUM sos HARRISON I Science ChCmflfYY Sclgncq MATH 8 SCIENCE John Zerbini, Kathy Lynch, and Leroy Garcia learn all about fish in Mrs. Wilson's class. "The experiment won't work if the cork isn't tight," Mr, Baum tells chemistry students Mark Gilbert, Steve Nye, Sonja Napper, Ted Mil- limaki, and Linda Harrison. RICHARD ANGEL PHIL MIYAMOTO Social Problems Science f,...:, .1 .-.- me ww- smf w355"'t1lJ 'X B 4 '. . 'f' 'Y' .i gy-I1 l ,. ' ' A is P' if -3 . -1 . ' t v 4 . 1 X1 .,'y"x,f , .W v x -K e SK! --KH ' iv , aan, ' X . " '- ' 1 E' '. ' N JERRY ANDERSON LEROY MERCHANT MRS, LEONA HONNEGER Mathematics Mafhemafics Mechanical Drawing Emmet Eckler works on a plate in Mechanical Drawing, as Wayne Gailey and Dave Carazza watch with interest. Rich McLaughlin and Ed Keller seem more interested in the camera than in their Trig. problem. MA THEMA TICS Don Brown works the slide rule with able assistance from fellow seniors Andy Durkee and Donna Hageman. 5 my M 1 l Z 6 SAM RAMEY CARMEN DOUGAN GILES BOUCHER Counseling Counseling Counseling "You see, Mr. Spade, Ireallg was sick. " Susan Minor clear yesterday's absence with Mr. Spade, who must check on the reasons for hundreds of ab- sences each year, -q., It looks as if Frank Brock, Vince Ciara mitaro, Sue Lacaracce, and Len Ciara- mitaro are enjoying Arts and Crafts. MRS. ANITA LYSEI An Doing figure painting in 7th period advanced art class, are Gail Beane, Rosalyn Miller, and Sue Windham. Karen Stimac, Susan Minor and Anita Shrader work at the silkscreen, making spring play posters. DEANE TUTT Muslc These four girls are members of the beginning music class. This class will prepare students for advance band. MUSIC x"f '11, r .. 5 nw. s '., -,Y 1' l 4 'L ii' , x One of the many divisions of the Music Department at AUHS, which has played many times for school affairs and outside functions, is the Alhambra Hi-Notes conducted by Mr. Deane Tutt. Drums are an important part of any band and it looks as if Ben Wood, Bud Mathews, and Tony Herndon are learning the fundamentals. O9 IT IS JUST PAST 3:12 IN THE AFTERNOON, AND THE FINAL BELL HAS SIGNALED THE END OF THE SCHOOL DAY FOR ALHAMBRA'S 1100 STUDENTS. THE RESULT IS THE ORGANIZED CONFUSION THAT YOU SEE ON THE NEXT PAGE AS STUDENTS MAKE A MAD DASH FOR THEIR CARS AND FOR BUS LOADING STATIONS. THE ALHAMBRA STUDENT BODY CONSISTS OF 293 FRESHMEN, 333 SOPHOMORES, 264 IUNIORS, AND 215 SENIORS. UNFORTUNATELY FOR SOME. THE BOYS OUTNUMBER THE GIRLS SLIGHTLY, 566 TO 538. MOST OF THESE STUDENTS COME TO ALHAMBRA FROM THE MARTINEZ JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL AND FROM ST. CATH' ERINE'S PAROCHIALSCHOOL . THE STAFF HAS TRIED TO INCLUDE EACH OF AL ' HAMBRA'S STUDENTS IN THE NEXT FEW PAGES OF THE 1959 TORCH . ' ""x!".! 2434 34 ff r ,""f .9'C"! - vi 1 1 S -if gn: any - 1? , mfffl 1 1 w '-xg. Bob Giannini President l -----I Y Y, V, P, 1, President 2 Diane Franchini Sec retary 1 Robe rta Parkison Secretary Z Diane Brusatory Treasurer l Alan LaFleur Linda Cook Lee Struer Publicity 1 Publicity l Publicity Z SENIUR CLASS UFFICERS 1,3 1 ,ff x ' I Dick Taylor V, P, 2 E 5 Laurette Laccoan Treasurer 2 Anita Shrade Publicity Z After that last Walk down the aisle, after the tension is relieved, after the all-night party, then Seniors become alumni. h. Q -3 as 3 ..-nnnrmf I Ron DeMonner and "the boys" discuss last night's Happy Wanderers' meeting. The only difficult thing concerning the senior party is obtaining the money for it. Here Dave Sutherland, Bob Collins, Ed Keller, and Hal Shepherd are shown working at the car wash which helped the finance department. SENIUI LEE ADAMS MIKE AIELLO CHARLES ALLEY DEAN ALT MARY ANDERSON RONALD AUGUST CHARLES AUSTIN JEANETTE BAMESBERGER MARDELL BARHA M DOROTHY BARROW GALE BEANE CARRA BERRY KAY BLACKBURN JERRY BATCHLOR JUDITH BEATTY FRANK BILLECCI RICH BOBROSKY LASS 0F 1959 MELODIE BOUCHER WANDA BRIANT DONALD BROWN TOM BOHANNON DIA NE BR USA TOR Y 1-OM BRUSH MARGARET BUCHANAN vf-if-'J' STAN Buff LARRY BUTLER GERALD CABRAL SHEILA CA,-HLL A1.vA CAROEN SHARON Jo CARSON DON CAOENASSO ROSE MARIE CALHOUN CHERI CARMICHAE1. VALFREDO CASTELLANI 'FD- H2 354 wi as - , ,, qysgifggg YI' 1' 'fm , E555 . ' " JFXYEQZVQ, I5 - -if N ' f. - .,+- - I mg- ,L Q5 W A ,- ,. '- 'A' 'X' Q Sfffffeff .- , . iffewii - sa , . I ' ' fif- ' if 3 if 65' ifig I GEORGIA CERVENKA ROBERT COLLINS LEONARD CIARAMITARO DONALD COMPTON MIKE CLAEYS SUE CO'-MY I-'NDA COOK FRANK cosTANzA CLASS UF 1959 KERRY COWELL ROBERT CUMINGS BILL DAVIS BRIAN DAVIS JERRY DAY SUSAN DECKER RON DeMONNER RON DUHAME ANDREW DURKEE 1' RICHARD EASTMAN STEVEN ELLIS JOYCE FELTON LGVONNE FLOYD LINDA EHLER BILL EVENSON RAYMOND FERRARINI LEROY FONCEA SENIURS PEGGY PARRET FOSTER DIANE FRANCHINI DEXTER FREEMAN GARY FREITAS DAVE GALLARDA ' JACK GASAWAY BOB GIANNINI R A YMOND GIANNINI LEONARD GIANNO I MARIANNE GIBERTI GARY GORDON LOUISE GLIATTO DONNA RAE HAGEMANN JOHN GIBERTI SANDRA GILREATH LOUISE GRAY DOROTHY HARALABAKIS CLASS UF I959 CHARLIE HARPER JERRY HARRIS LINDA SUE HARRISON SANDRA HART ROBERT HARTZ SHARON HARVEY JUDITH ANN HILL PATRICIA HINDS LARRY HOGAN "Helen aff! BRENDA HOUSE SAMMIE JACKSON JERRY JANEWAY RICHARD JENSEN SENIURS DUNCAN JOHNSTON JOYCE JONES BARBARA JONES GARY KALSBECK JOYCE KATZEMAYER BILL KELLEHER ED KELLER ARCHIE KENNEY KEITH KINGSLEY EDWARD JAMES JEFFREY JENNINGS JERILYN JOHNS 'R 18-an-N' 'Q 31- il an , JIM KITTLE CARR KUNZE LAURETTE LACCOARCE ALAN LGFLEUR GLEN KINION RICHARD LQBRYER SUE LACCOARCE BARRY LAKEMAN CLASS UF 1959 TIM LAMB STEVE LAZZARINI MARY LEWIS STEVE LIVELY LYNN LEKSE KATHLEEN LYONS LOUISE LYONS LEON MARLER MARLIS MASON BUD MA THEWS LAURA MILLER SENIURS RICHARD MCLAUGHLIN PAULA NEGHERBON JUDY NICHELSON KAAREN OLSSON NANCY ODLE JEANIE O'RIELLY PEGGY PAOLI BARBA RA PARK ROBERTA PARKISON sl.. r Qs. 4 , 'Q ,, .T f V11 A 1 . y ,JL ,I Io N I. , . BARBARA MINEAR GAH. MocALVEY Ron MclNTIRE SUSAN MINOR ELIZABETH MCCARNEY WANDA MCKINNEY Mrk QW L 3 OREN RAY PATSY REINHARDT CAROL REDD REX REYNOLDS BARBARA RICE THEDA RICHARDSON Q, CLASS UF 1959 GEORGE PARSONS BARBARA PATTERSON DAVID PEAL CATHERINE PELOT CHARLES PERRY ROD PERSONS BARBARA PRICE KAY RAKSTAD TOM RANGEL JERRY ROBBINS JOYCE ROBERTS W? M J ,Avi if!! Ji, T L l LOIS STRICKLAND DAVID SUTHERLAND Boa TAYLOR RICHARD TAYLOR '-EE STRUER ROGER SUTTERFIEI-D DOUGLAS TAYLOR SHERMAN TAYLOR SENIURS JAN THOMAS DARLENE THORNTON BILL TOWNSEND FRANK TROIA HARRY TURA GAYLA VALENTINE BILL VAN DRUNT VESLEMUY VATNE CLARA VENTIMIGLIA l.......m,,E V RICHARD VIERA BETTE WALLS MARGARET WARREN LARRY WILKINS MELODY WAITE JANICE WALTERS SANDRA WILLIAMS RON WILSON CLASS UF 1959 SUE WINDHAM JERR Y WOLTER JOHN WYFFLES RAY ZEEB FRED ZIEM JOE ZEHRUNG JACKIE BROWN BONNIE CURLESS 1 L. I I K Tally Zanussi Chris Freitas 1gresi'dent2 ' V.P. 1 President 1 IUNIUR CLASS UI-'FIUERS Ron Sparacino V.P. 2 M Carroll Urner Secretary l Juanita Morris Lois Quantarnatteo Nancy Boyd Secretary 2. Treasurer 1 Treasurer Z lllNl0RS ow 1: Alice Cruise, Joyce Epllng, lchard Faris, John Duarte, John Ed- ards, Vlnce Claramltaro, Dick Emery. ow 2: Carolyn Elzy, Dorothy Pedrottl, osalle Hammlf, Ron Cortese, Sherman ennis, Eugene Davilla, Paul Brusa tory. ow 3: Emmet Eckler, Brett Foster, urton Barham, Chris Freltas, Blll rnest, Briton Berglund, Larry Dodge. V u w 1: Joanne Frese, Pat Hodgson, :le Hays, Susan LaFlesh, Georgia rvey, Judy Kemp, Marilyn Jeppson. w 2: Prudy Lucido, Lynda Donelson, no Henry, Pat Kelly, Ben Huie, Joe mnini, Connie Lemos, Sharon Kilgore. N 3: Dean Hull, Ray Huddleson, Fred 'rington, Robert Greene, Tom Hoffman, :urge Lynde, Marvin Larsen. r- ,. N' N J ,X '-JY Row 1: Frances Boyce, Kathryn Borghe- sanl, Antoinette Balestrieri, Pat Bohan- an, Bonnie Bruning, Lorena Beverly, Geneva Boles . Row 2: Marsha Alford, Ruth Allen, Jerri Billecci, Jane Baldwin, Nancy Boyd, Carole Barnette, Joan Bernard. Row 3: Terry Lane Barber, Jim Burke, Mike Ahlstrom, Terral Anderson, Ray Baird, Pat Boyd. 4 W CLASS 0F 1961 Row 7: Judy James, Juanita Morris, L reffe Machado, Barbara Morrow, Johler McFarlane, Richard Hess, Rita Lauro, Row 2: Marsha Flanagan, Gary Marco Norma Leon, Kathleen, Lombardi, La Verne Lino, Virginia Janeway. Row 3: Ed Murphy, Davld Lapham, Roger Murray, will Newman, Gini Mari Jim McBride, Jay Nelson. A B ' Row 1: Carolyn Greer, Vonya Gannon, Sharon Isabell, Bobbie, Freeman, Joann Barcia, Jerry Kaufenburg, Sfella Goodson, Donna Giles . Row 2: Harry Kelleff, Alberf Jones, Jerry Greene, Larry Knapp, Jim Hanna, John Gaffney. Row 3: Dennis Gray, Roger Greene, Geo- ffrey Griffin, Mark Gilberi, Steve Jackson, HUf0ld Holloway. J X S l . Ill .MA ' Row 1: Barbara McCoy, Drucilla Nil enson, Jane! Pisfochini, Carol Pisfo ini, Karen Nierhake, Paffi Porfer, M1 Miller. Row 2: Nennise Markwifh, Carole N Sonia Napper, Beverly Osborn, Dorri Pefersdorf, Janice Marshall, Helen l ton, Joy Park. Row 3: Bob Moreland, Jim Malfbie, MacGregor, Joan McMorrow, Wayne P mile, Carl Milllmakl. S 0PHOMORE S Zow 1: Pat Jordan, Gary Koning, Allen -akeman, Pat Klttle, Adrean Marchi, Hm Platt, Joyce Peterson. Bow 2: Laurel Peters, Loretta Pacheco, fat McNamara Bud Nelson Bonnie Y 1 Alddleton, Gerri Nye, Elizalleth Maderos. Zow 3: Jerald Kelly, Bob Jeans, John 'erelra, Bob Fraga, Bob Nelson, Ron 'eterson, James Petersdorf. ..Ll ......,...,.... . low 1: Dlona Sparaclno, Janet Sutton, fherrlel Seaman, Carolyn Williams, Vosephlne Soto, Kay Siler, Anita Wagar. Bow 2: Walt Vlgllenzone, Jlm Whalen, Danny Van Meter, Carole Wheeler, Jan Vygal, Davld Shelhorn, Tommy Van irunt. low 3: Mlchael Raam, Jerry Osage, len Wood, Dolores Vlano, June Wll- lams, Judy Walnwrlght, John Zer- ilnl. 'uv ' X Tim Row 1: Robert Reed, Kathleen Lee, Joanne Peterson, Sandra Lawrence, Lynda Polk, Linda Phillips, Allen Perry . Row 2: Jim Lucas, Gerald Pike, Daniel Paris, Ruth Rangel, Pat Odum, Pot Hed- rick. Row 3: Bill Lovi, David Nierhake, Peter Molin, Howard Ray, George Mc- Atee, Roger Rickle, Louis Baird. IIINIURS Row 7: Donaleen Esani, Terry Nace, Sandro Marin, Sandra Prine, Carolyn Perry, Buddy Parret, Emile Pallotta. Row 2: Bob Smith, Edward Pereira, Jerry Pense, Dick Miller, Art Soares, Norman Rakstad. Row 3: Lowell Parker, Dick Seibert, Jerry Robbennolt, Jim Rutherford, Mlke Rooney, James Rushton, Jim Robbennolt. Jog. V ,f-5' - 1 :U-vmmuflil Row 1: Talli Zanussi, Jean Wickman, Kathy Whitlow, Alice Mayer, Sharon Sacchi. Row 2: John Tierney, Diana Wheeler Carroll Urner, Joanne Spina, Sally Snook. Row 3: Ron Sparacino, Jackie Silva, Lynn Swanson, Marylee Taylor, Irene Romero. 4 -353 , RAN fmii s fx :L Row iz Juanita Smith, Teresa Shubert Pot Smith, Peter Farnon, Anthony Sinc Russell Salva, Piet Van de Velde. Row 2: Neil Ross, Richard Parsons, A Schreuder, Archie Reed, Jim Rankin, i Shea. Row 35 Cliff Wheat, Francis Rourk, C Tlbbett, Larry Schonberg, Ronald Savl Lonnie Gallard, Larry Sanburg . Aizfkigv -2 if 3 L3 .aurel Peters 'resident 2 Bill Hitt V. P. 1 ?at Jordon V. P. 2 SOPHOMORE CLASS 0I-'FICERS f 1, Q' T' I 52 ai, afi 1 3 pr , - 'fn'-1 - ,,', , yr.-v Bob Jeans President 1 Q' I: .nne Russo Jgan Adams e 1'eta1'Y1 Secretary 2 Tr asurer 2 Row 1: Ron Bowen, Louis Bodiford, Barry Bradley, Billie Cambron, Sue Cowell, Sarah Bucknam, Francis Alello. Row 2: Linda Brooks, Connie Adams, Mary Burke, Nancy Dodge, Doug Brown, Charley Collins, Jim Casey. Row 37 Anfh0"'Y Compqgno, Tom Smith, DUVFJ Corazzo, Bob Densmore, Cliff' Cuff, John Cross, Manuel Cunha. ref' CLASS 0F 1961 Row 1: Rena Busnardo, Joan Adams, Shearon Brewer, Sharon Brown, Bonnle Adair, Grant Bodwell, Thomas Baum. Row 2: James Blalock, Earl Bradford, Leonard Atkinson, Mary Blair, Geral- dine Bobrosky, Mike Bach, Jimmy Anderson. Row 3: Van Boschettl, Wayne Brasher, Larry Bordonl, Betty Baldwin, Eugene Peyrucaln, Gene Austin, Mike Batt. 'W' sn... .Q ,m,',N Row 1: LaDean Dalke, Robert Dey, Jun DaCorte, Judy Delulio, Sandra Duca Andrea DiMaggio. Row 2: Joe Dillard, Donald Funk, Doris Dedmon, Larre Delchiml, Jean Duarte, Sandra Davidson, Carol Dotson, Mary Jo Chantri . Row 3: Ernest Griffanti, Robert Godfrey Jim Coulter, Gary Graves, Robert Curl, O'Clair Enstad, Tom Fluke. S 0PHOM0liE S Row 1: Sue Bradshaw, Ginger Burg, Robin Claeys, Sandra Clifton, Delberta Carter, Carolyn Carter, Donna Brown. evln rad Bobb Bershears ROW 2? K B YI Y I Phll Bach, Frank Canepa, Henry Barlet' tani, Frank Brock, Wendy Aulthouse. Row 3: Beverly Edwards, Sue Lawrence, Glenn Cook, Junior Corsi, Tlm Campbell, Laurence Clark, Mickey Coveney. ROW 71 Gdry Roberts, Bett P David SP0de, M'-'fda OsbornrJo:.-:Jr-Trlg Russo' M'lodY RU'-Bl", Dorla Roberson. Row 2: Jim LUCUS, JUNE! Sidorsky Shown Smlfh, Sharon Schulz, Ellen pu, ddl' Shown Saundeft Barbara Parret. Row 3: C-'fl Sheff, Steve Parsons, Gan SP"f19"'f Louis Sedar, Bill Shonley I Donafd 599072051 Ddve Menesini. I , .,. 4 -wr, - ., 0 -+-..-- ,Q Row 1: Kathy Gardner, Donna Funk, Cookie Ezell, Dalene Frame, Gale Ep- llng, Darlene Fredrlcks, Gayle Hig- glns. Row 2: Carl Hale, Kully Kllne, Tom Evans, Nancy Frlsbie, Cathy Fountain, Phoebe Evans, Sue Flck. Row 3: Tony Herndon, Stanley Gardner, Jlm Hedrick ,John Frese, Lance Hannon, Pete Hemmings, John Gqbelllnl, Row 7: Marba Killough, Rita Kraintz, Barbara Kennedy, Linda Hernandez, Maurine Johnson, Diane Machado, Marcia MacCaskie. Row 2: Lana Avilla, Bobbie Griffin, Sal DiMaggio, Mike Fontana, Robert Lee, Hilda McAlpin, Walter Lustow. Row 3: Mike Lazzanini, Ed Martin, Eugene Koch, Morgan Groth, Bill Katzemeyer, Fred Frese. CLASS 0F 196' I Row 1: Drew Holland, Ken Hall, Pat Jordan, Chris Evenson, Sheila Hunt, Betty Holley, Dawn Grieve. Row 2: Eddie Johnson, Peggy Hartz, Kenlyn Holleman, Donna Gentry, Tanya Hatch, Donna Gailey, Nancy Harvey. Row 3: Tim Hogan, Rayola Griffin, Ulas Kirby, Leon KirbY1 Bill Hitt, John Jorgensen, Loretta Johnson. -45' M I, Row 1: Pat Martin, Hllda Jackson, Robert Ferguson, Kathy Martin, Bob- ble Lewls, Candace Llghtcap, Rosa- lyn Miller. Row2: Dlane Naramore, Nancy Mc- Caskie, Sue Lawrence, Carolyn Jones, Wanda Morris, Sandra Lucido, Bill Klng. Row 3: Steve Klnoshlta, Tom Col- lins, John Jones, George Norton, Ted Long, Carolyn Keller, Dlck McPeak. v 7: Karen Stimac, Nancy Smith, Carol ck, Janet Trousdale, Katherine Sasek, y Womble . v 2: Donna Rlppee, Lillie Skinner, 'y Sullenger, Karen Ullbarrl, Nancy ids, Robert Vlckroy. v 3: Ramona Solomon, Sharon Tames, bara Thompson, Lanny Vaughn, Fran- : Stevens, Kathy Rice, Sharon Schnei- 'F CLASS 0F 1960 Row 7: Ellen Sellar, Pam Talso, Shirley Whitley, JoAnne VonRonne, Marilyn Weyhu Row 2: Elvin Watkins, George Torlyama, Carleen Wannlcke, Lois Quontamatteo, Jon Wallin . Row 3: Bill Walnwrlght, Jlm Sorahan, Blll Taylor, David Woolridqe, Richard Youngman. ll- ll K Three of our J. V. Yell Leaders, ,, Janet Pistochini, Nancy Boyd, and 4 Elsie Hays helped lead yells at the football Homecoming, Row l: Linda Swearengin, Roxanne Nelson, Marilyn Talken, Beverly Thomas, Carolyn Tibbett, Joyce Ray- mond, Sue Taylor. Row 2: Berle Mahan, Dwight Russell Larry Jordon, Jim Tutt, Robert Nichlo- son, Edna Stallcup, Mary Reinhardt. Row 3: Tom Tompkins, Carl Sheff, Ira Thurston, Keith Thomas, Henry Rob- lnson, Clifford Shea. SOPHOMORES Row l: Melvin Wylie, Roger Woodson Brian White, Audie Vanderkous, Ed Whitehea d. Row 2: Lynn Van Arsdale, Grace White, Nanc Wells, Ann Westbrook, Frankie Wilfiams, Nancy Williams, Jeannie Varrio. Row 3: Angelina Verno, Grant War- ren, Dennis Watson, Bob Zufall, Pete Molin, Bob Zulim, Barbara Wilson. Row 4: Tony Gray, Stuart Wlllls, Gor- dan Wells, Bob Walters, Richard Wells, Bob Whitney, Norm Thomason. sw' Pete Molin may be studyil Spanish I along with John Wilson, Sue Cowell, and Carolyn Jones, but he is pointing at Africa. Don't they speak French in Africa Pete? 'hilip Ciaramitag-0 Donna Ray Tom Quontamatteo . P. Z V.P. 1 WVQNU? , . Q 9 fi Q ,E FRESHMAN CLASS UFFIBER Suzanne Chapot SeC.fTreas. 1 r--1 Gail Locke Sec.fTreas. 2 !-f Freshmen always want their faces showing. Next year, pay attention to the teacher and not the camera. S. Gretchen Miller Yell Leader 1, Qi sv' Qow 1: Harriett Bradler, Mary Beckmann, farol Bergstrom, Patricia Baum, Nita Boucher. ?ow 2: Sandy Alexander, Robert Almeida, Donald Brown, Pat Alley, Jimmy Blair, Io Ann Bishop, Kathleen Bulger. Bow 3: Richard Barney, Bill Brush, Don iohannon, Wynne Botsford, John Belleccl Yoseph Brock, Robert Burk. CLASS UF 1962 Row 1: Rita Coomer, MaryAnne Aiello, Terry Donelson, Vickey Coday, Bill Dilla Joy Carden, Steven Claeys. Row 2: Don Baily, Judy Collins, Sandra Costanza, Diane Calhoun, Christine Blev- ins, Anita Dutcher, Gloria Countz. Row 3: Frank Calicura, Don Eklund, Bari ara Chandler, Donna Dey, Caryn Campbell Gary Curless, Joe Costanza. fl . ,gun 5...-.4 Row 7: Mike Alford, Suzanne Chapot, Jeanette Caudel l, Barbara Carns, Midge Bradshaw, Louise Briant, Judy Batchelor. Row 2: Phillip Ciaramitaro, Gene Cabral Bill Cooper, Vicki Boyer, Tom Cortes, Stella Cordova, Lynda Atkinson. I Row 3: Betty Cowell, Mary Carns, Patty Crandell, Robin Boeger, Andrew Chantri, Jesse Calderon, Don Cortes. FRESHMEN Row 1: Marilyn Doss, Nancy Farley, Linda Fer uson, Charles Ferber, Bill Dorris, Bifly Griffin, Paul Freeman. Row 2: Johnny Dye, John Douglas, Sandra Ferrls Karen Foster Mar Davi, I ' y Charlotte Ferber . Row 3: Jon Foster, Pat Edwards, Tom Freltas, Homer Dawson, Bruce Fraser, Paul Farmer, Marllyn Elder. sw l: Jlm Fischer, Richard Kinion, Jim 'umen, Bob Jordon, Paul Marino, Leroy lrcla, Jim Johnson. nw 2: Brent Gilbert, Bob Hatch, Steve lrdner, Prentice Miller, Carl Myers, Way- Gailey, Richard James, Nevada Hellings. ow 3: Dennis Mlckle, Tom Jory, Richard lrney, Jim Tipton, Larry Johnson, Tony tzzini, Larry McClure. . gy . 4,117- Row 'l: Jo Ann Godwin, Joyce LaFlesh, Dorothy Gaspard, Donna Higgins, Gary Gibson, Ted Huss, Danny Harbrecht. Row 2: Sam Guercio, Allen Hyzer, Maria Gianno, Sandy Harrison, Agnes Gutierrez Beatrice Hernandez, Barbara Ingram. Row 3: Ted Gilreath, John Huff, Bill Harsh, Scott Harbaugh, Darrogh Flynn, Kathy Harrington, Victor Hepokoski . , E A wax Tow 1: John Marino, Pamela McGla ue, lary Ann Mackie, Don Mikesel, Randy iartin, Sylvia Minor, Sal Perez. Tow 2: Jo Anna McCormick, Stella Mer- ure, Kathleen Matheny, Gerre Mahan, ,lnda Marin, Bill Oliver, Joanne Marin. 'ow 3: James McElreath, Randy Martin, 'ennis Maricle, Jerry Martinez, Kathy Mor' is, Bud Oltman, Terry Maciei. JE' 3155 Mm CUISS 0F 196 Row 1: Michele Kennedy, Peggy Kellei Gail Locke, Plggy Kelly, Carolvn Long Nancy Lytle, Mary King. Row 2: Susan Littlefield, Marlise Kals beck, Linda Jones, Margy Lamb, Sharon Keary, Karen Knieriem, Kathy Karch. Row 3: John Giles, Tom Gunsel, Victo Kaufenberg, Carolyn Isabell, Louise Koller, Janice Karch, Dianna Hartsfielc fl ll 'W ii!! ' 0 ,Rf s oi ,Q Row i: Jane Silva, Phyllis Partney, Nidra Rosenthal, Donna Ray, Patsy Paoli, Dennis Robinson, Robert Ritchie. Row 3: Rolland Seaman, Larry Stilley, Alfred Rhodes, Rickey Rodgers, George Smith, Gudrun Beek, Sharon Sylva. Row 3: Don Roche, Tom Quontamatteo, Tom Shepard, Betty Rublck, Barbara Ras- bach, Darrell Shubert, Don Stonebarger. FRESHMEN nw 7: Angie Romeo, Margie Roark, annie Rlctor, Jessie May, Wilma Prine, lrolyn Peal, Karen Russo. nw 2: Georae Plumos. Stella Atfencio, rrkifa Richardson, Louella Parsons, efchen Miller, Carol Pacheco, rverne Perry. nw 3: Sharon Peace, Tom Kaney, rrshall Monte, Mike Rudock, Preston rlson, Linda Robrechf, Gordon Prine. ,li ,- Q4 Q , , ... 1 1: Tony Wllcockson, Bob Whisenhunf, Is Wheat, Margaref Zaneffa, Linda ch, Rise Marie Woods. Z: Gaile Winge, Pamella Wood, Don rms, Madelyn Walters, Larry Tibbeff. 3: Tommy Willis, Antonio Woods, Bob rees , Larry Beaty, Ann Wilson. NW I H III . , 0 - 'j QQ' - .,,., l Row I: Tobia Sufferfield, Wilma Shaw, Susle Simmons, Terry Wifting, Emilie Venfimiglia, Lindo Warfield. Row 2: Manuel Zeiniga, Jim Welle, Jim Townsen, Judy Wells, Jon Schaefer Ken Salvi . Row 3: Jim Valdi, Jane Williamson, John Wilson, Susan Welch, Bruce wygal Peggy Sunday. 1-11, Lb 095 . . . . A HOMECOMING QUEEN . . . . A BASKETBALL SWEET' HEART .... THE UGLIEST MAN .... DINNER IN SAN FRAN' CISCO .... A TRIP TO THE CITY TO SEE A SHAKESPEARE PRODUCTION .... A TRIP TO JOHN SWETT TO TAKE PART IN A CASC MEETING .... LEADING CHEERS .... SELLING PROGRAMS TO PROVIDE A BLOCK A SCHOLARSHIP ..... THE SENIOR SPAGHETTI FEED . ,. ,. . SELLING TICKETS TO THE SPRING PLAY .... PLAY PRACTICE .... BAND PRAC' TICE .... RIDING A BUS TO THE LIVERMORE GAME .... BUYING TORCHES . I. .. V. TURNING IN BABY PICTURES FOR THE SENIOR EDITION .... SELLING I.D. PICTURES ..... GETTING SENIOR PORTRAITS TAKEN . , .. . THE SPRING TEA AND FASHION SHOW .... THE G.A.A. SNOWTRIP . . . THESE, AND MANY MORE, ARE THE ACTIVITIES OF OUR MANY CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS. THEY MAKE IT FUN TO GO TO OUR SCHOOL . ,S--.s Tian.. Tr: A P VM' 'l ff, - an November 7, 1958, will long be remembered by Queen Roberta Parkison and her attendents, Linda Harrison, Linda Cook, Joyce Katzemayer, Sheila Cahill, and Louise Gliatto. Alhambra students will remember this season as the "championship year:" The freshman dance was the best one this year, as far as attendance was concerned. Spike has had a busy year with rallies and games. We all think he deserves a rest, -M Q, s ' ' 'K v I , MAJORETTES Left to Right: Sandro Marin, Gale Mac - Alvey, Marrlanne Giberfi, Jeannie Duarte, Judy Beafy. Majorettes from Alhambra and Liberty sal ute while the Alhambra Cadets present the colors for the Star Spangled Banner Lg 10-55. .H l .. QQ 1- fwaffzffils A 1 N x 'IQ .Jain DRUM MAJOR: CARR KUNZE l f.:, A I 9. 1 0 'Q 9 4 of ff ,-fi . 'SWT . . . 'f' - , S 'ow 7. Donna Hageman, LaDean Dalke, Karen Ullbarrl, Rlta Nesbltt, John Glles, Blll Evanson, Karen McNamer, ieverly Thomas, Terry Barber. 'ow 2. lngrld Ezell, Janet Trousdalo, Gayla Valentlne, Joanne Duarte, Sarah Buckman, Larry Jordan, Jlm Tutt, 'arr Kunze, George Norton, Judy Walnwrlght, Melodle Boucher, Sandy Harrlson, Cherle Carmichael. ow 3. Larry Bardonl, Barbara Jones, Judy Shelby, Carolyn Tlbblt, Jean Varrlo, Lynn VanArsdale, James Pet- rsdorf, Cllff Carter, Bud Oltman, Don Schreuder, Morvln Larsen, Brett Foster, Jlm Sparks, Jlm Klttle, Tom Fluke, ranclne Stevens, O'Clalre Enstead. ow 4. Mr. Tutt, Candace Llghtcap, Joe Zehrung, Carolyn Greer, Sal Drago, Grant Bodewell, Blll Wainwright, d Kirby, Tom Smith, Glnl Martlnl, Archie Kinney, Barbara Minear, Joanne Frese, Al Jones, Dave Spade, Bob aylor, Will Newman. AIIHS BAND wait the signal of Drum Major Carr Kunze, to ter playing at pre-game activities. : ' These band members a- retu-rn to their seats af- ALL CHORUS rw 1. Mr. Tutt, Jackle Barney, Angie rno, Judy Kemp, Llnda Warfield, Karen, Ibarrl, Vlckle Boyer, Joy Park, Sandra rrls, Winnie Botsford, Bertha Fuller, :ron Kilgore, Norman Vaughn, Jean Morrow, Kathy Sasek. w 2. Dorothy Barrow, Joanne Frese, yce Jones, Carole Stuck, Marylee Tay- ', Joyce Katzemayer, Carroll Urnor , udy Lucldo, Lols Strickland, Juanita ith, Peggy Paoli, Linda Harrisoh , nnle Brunnlng, Barham Park, Carolyn Bef: URGANIZA TIUNI DANCE BAND Row 1. Jlm Sparks, Cheri Carmichael, gonna Hagemann, O'Clalr Enstead, Ca1 e ot, Row 2. Lfnn Lekse, Brett Foster, Gee Norton, C lfforcl Carter, Barbara Potter: Row 3. Mr. Tutt, Tom Smlth, Sherman Taylor. STRING ORCHESTRA Row 1. Serena Edgar, Linda Warflel Susan Minor, Mary June Haslem, Cal lyn Long. Row 2. Mr. Tutt, Alma Farmer, Susm Llttlefleld, Tony Cortele, James Mc Elreath. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSUBIA TIUN ,fit if-an V37 .4 I I4 ' v 1 ft: LINDA COOK, SHARON SAC-CHI, SANDRA HART, BETTY MCCARNEY, President Vice President SecretarY T"ea5U"e" U-U 6 -.. BLOCK "A" 8 SWEATERETTES: Row I. Diane Brusafary, Sandra Hart, Joyce Katzemayer, Linda Cook, Betty McCarney, Laurette Laccoarce, Karen Ulibarri, Kay Blackburn. Row 2. Linda Harrison, Prudy Luc- ido, EIIen SeIIar, Vonyo Gannon, Laurel Peters, Catherine Duke, Bob- bie Freeman, Pat Smith, Betty Bold- wm. Row 3. Sharon Sacchi, Peggy Paoli, Wanda Briant. BASKETBALL 8 VOLLEYBALL OFFICIALS: Row I. Sandy Aiexander, Betty Baid- win, Sharon Sacchi, Prudy Lucido, Linda Cook, Karen Ulibarri, Rosa Lee Homir, Alice Cruise. ROW 2- Gail Locke, Linda Strauch, Phoebe Evans . wir' 4 4. Q 3? f 3 gg 1 4 gg , 1 if Q- 1 fy .55 ' 1 -1-:L These female Robin Hoods take careful aim and try for a bull s eye in GAA ar- chery. A J- U . f ' -' ,I If fiylfk Wanda Briant and Karen Ulibarri watch anxiously as Prudy Lucido and Kay Blackburn battle over the ball, Two graceful Modern Dancers, Mary lee Taylor and Carolyn Greer, are practicing their dance for the annual Christmas program. "Fore!" yell these GAA golfers as 'I ll they practice the fundamentals of golfing. SOPHOMORE G.A.A. Row 1. Delberta Carter, Donna Funk, Candace Llghtcap, Marilyn Talken, Janet Wygal, June Fortier, Barbara Kennedy, Kathy Martin , Joanne Russo. Row 2. Rena Busnardo, Sharon Saunders, Linda Brooks, Anita Cor- tese, Sharon Brewer, Sue Fick, Jo- anne Peterson, lla Dean Dalke, Wan- da Morris, Nancy Williams, Row 3. Bobby Lewis, Sandra Cliftf on, Sheila Hunt, Janet Sidorsky, Mar- da Osborn, Diane Machado, Lola Law- son, Sharon Brown, Wendy Aulthouse, Ruth Rangel, Robin Claeys. FRESHMAN G.A.A. Row 7- Emily Ventimiglia Pat Paollr Pe99Y Kelly, Susan'Welc71r Linda Atkinson, Linda Warfield, I-Indo SW"-Wchi Bertha Fuller. Row 2. Diane Hartsfield, Wynn Bot- sford, Vicki Boyer, Judy Wells, Jane Williamson, Eunlcia Swanson, Darr - augh Flynn, Michele Kennedy. Row 3. Peggy Kelleher, Carol Berg- strom, Gall Locke, 'Jean Toriyama, Suzanne Chapot, Mary Carns, Sandra Ferris, Gretchen Mlller. JUNIOR G.A.A. Row i. Vicki Bodeman, June Bald- win, Helen Newton, Allce Cruise, Rosa Lee Hammlt, Diana Wheeler, Row 2. Bobbie Freeman, Francine Stevens, Kathy Rice, Marsha Alford, Sharon Isabel, Carol Roberson, Prudy Lucido. Row 3. Johlene MCFarlene, Pat Ch- antri, Pat Smith, Betty Townsen, Jan- ice Marshall, Karen Ulibarri, Jackie Cecil. Q FRESHMAN G.A.A. Rowl Wllma Shaw Ma I . , de lne Tre- blno, Marllyn Doss, Nevada Helllng, Kathleen Matheny, Penny Sllva, Ger- rl Mahan, Gall Wlnge. Row 2. Sana Sutton, Serena Edgar, Midge Bradshaw, Mary Davl, Jean Rector, Llnda Jones, Sue Facer, Marllyn Elder, Karen Foster. Row 3. Llnda Robrecht, Sandy Al - exander, Aynes Gulterrex, Margie I Lamb, Phy Ile Reeg, Marla Glanno Judy Batchelor, Karen Knlerlem, I Donna Dey . JUNIOR G.A.A. Row I. Karen Stlmac, Juanlta Morris, Pat Kelly, Juflf James, Janet Pisto- chlnl, Marylee Taylor, Elsle Hays, Sharon Sacchl. Row 2. Dorothy Pedrottl, Donaleen Esanl, Lynda Donelson, Vonya Gan- non, Barbara Morrow, Sally Sullenger, Dorrlne Petersdorf, Beverly Osborn, Janet Trousdale, Ruth Allen. Qow 3. Llllle Sklnner, Catherine Juke Kathy Nllson, Carolyn Greer, :oral Urner, Lois Quontamatteo, Fallle Zunussl, Irene Romera, Carol alstochinl, Jane Baldwin, Geneva ioles. SOPHOMORE G.A.A Row I. Sue Cowell, Grace Whlte, Roslyn Mlller, Betty Baldwln, Ph- Oebe Evans, Laurel Peters, Sue Bradshaw, Row 2. Nancy Harvey, Betty Pru -- ett, Dorla Roberson, Judy DaCorte, Kenny Holleman, Micky Coveney, Gerrlanne NYG, Nancy Wells, Rlta Kralntz. Row 3. Beverly Thomas, Joan Ad- ams, Judy Walnwrlght, Cathy Foun- taln, Peggy Hartz, Loretta Johnson Hllda Jackson, Jeanne Duarte. I Included in the list of sports activities for the G, A, A, are volleyball, archery, swimmin tennis, golf, basketball, mod- ern dance, appartus, tramp- oline, softball, and badmiton. SENIOR G.A.A. Row 'I. Joyce Katzemayer, Llnda Cook, Beffy McCarney, Diane Brusa- foI'Y, Sandra Hari, Kay Blackburn, Loureffo Laccoarce, Paf Rooney. Row 2. Barbara Pafferson, Jerrllyn Johns, Marianne Glberfl, Sheila Ca- I1III, Bobble Porkison, Bonnle Cur - less, Sue Laccoarce, Paf ReInI1ard1. Row 3. Pat Hinds, Llndo Harrison , Peggy Pa oll, Gall MacAIvey, Mordef Barham, Wanda Briant. G.A.A. SPURTS ACTIVITIES A new activity for the G, A, A, this year is synchronized swimming g, Miss Parent is the instructor, and three different groups of girls took part. - r fw' my Volleyball is a major sport activity of the G, A, A, This is an infer--snnarl aame between I P ia ,Lf I.. Wi CLUBS AN OFFICE ASSISTANTS Left to Right: Melodie Boucher, Sandra Marin, Dorothy Pedrotti, Terry Nace, Bobbie Parkison, Alice Cruise, Rosa Le Hammit, Barbara Minear, Mary Lewis, Judy Shelby, Wanda Bryant, Tallie Zan- ussi, Victoria Bodeman. J.S.A. Row 'l. Janice Marshall, Barbara Kennet Kay Blackburn, Marrianne Giberti, Ruth Rangel, Sandra Clifton, Pat Rooney. Row 2. Earl Bradford, Sharon Isabel, Angie Verno, Larry Dodge. STAGE CREW Left to Right: Andy Durkee, Gerald Cab ral, Tom Brush, Ray Ferrarini, Russell Salvo. CTIVITIES .H.A. aw I. Rose Marie Calhoun, Patsy Rein. Jrdt, Karen Ulibarri, Dorothy Haralaba- s, Janice Karch, Donna Gentry. Jw 2. Lif1ClG Crow, Laurel Peters eri I J ' n -l0l"'1S, V0r1ya Gannon, Janet Trousdale, 'udy Lucido, Wlnne Botsford. aw 3. vlckle Boyer, Jolene MacFarlane, Iella Hunt, Marilyn Doss, Marilyn Jgpp. fn, Dorla Roberson, Terry Nace. 'RLS LEAGUE OFFICERS 'cretaryg Kay Blackburn, President, 1tRooneyi Uslvering Chairman, Sandra xrtj Vice-President, Wanda Bryant. JYS FEDERATION OFFICERS nw 1. Roger Greene, Gary Clayton. an Cadenasso, Harry Tura, John Wy- ills . nw 2. Don Brown, Bill Kelleher, Ran nMonner, Rich McLaughlin, Len Gian- , Alun LeFleur. ,....u..., mowb- V si' . '?""'!! Carol Pistochini and Juanita Morris offer advice as Gerald Cabral tries to decide how to arrange the sports section of the Torch. TURCH STAFF Nearly a thousand pictures are in the Torch, but the staff must choose from many more than that to get good pictorial cover- age. Editor Pat Rooney checks with Prudy Lucido, Carol Stuck, and Melodie Boucher to get the right picture layout. Page lay-out was a big job, and Judy Kemp, Melodie Boucher, Judy James, and Sharon Harvey spent many hours making the pages look right. TIMES STAFF This year's Alhambra Times staff published the first weekly newspaper in the school's his- tory. Pat Hinds, Sandra Gil- reath, Carole Roberson, and Laurette Laccoarce work on this week's feature section. Anita Shrader and Joanne Spina did most of the typing for the Times, Pat Hinds is bringing more copy for Joanne to type. Gloria Ambrose and Gerald Cabral work on copy for the sports page. I HONOR SEMINAR wwf i c 7i531Qi:52wg 2 Q Students in the Honor Seminar gave up their lunch period twice each week in order to take part. 'Those in the Seminar were: Brown, Don Brown, Sheila Cahill, Andy Durkee Gibe rti, Donna Hagemann, Linda Harrison, Carr Rooney, Lee Struer, Dick Taylor, Bob Taylor Stelwagon. Melodie Boucher, Betty Bill Evenson, Marianne Kunze, Peggy Foster, Pat Sue Windham, and Frank ,.,,...,- Q 1 QA A? Y W1 ,. I, , . as as 5' 4-E Y- ' VY? . H a M '- .1 Ax.. 1. , , I I if: F, - .T Quai - , ,, ,, s+an1ff-,IQ " auf hill-intl-I 25- ,, r. lj' F +37 Bl UCK A Row 1. Emile Pallorra, Alan LaFleur, Don Cadenaxso, Jerry Wolfer, Jock Gassaway, Hal Shepherd els. Glen Klnlon, John Wyff ' Row 2. Mlke Alello, Tom Rangel, Jlm Hanna, Jay Nelson, Mllce Rooney, Ron DeMonner, Gary Clay- ton, Bob Taylor . Row 3. Tlm MacGregor, Davld Lapham, Carr Kunze, Andy Durkee, Don Brown, Wlll Newman, Rlch McLaughlin, Harry Tura, Roger Greene. "ls '92-Tl' BLOCK A OFFICERS President: JACK GASAWAY, Vice Presldenf: JERRY WOLTER, Sec - Tres: HAL SHEPHERD URGANIZA Tl0N ill ...J QMI' SPANISH CLUB Row 1. Officers: Dawn Grieve, Judy James, Ruth Rangel, Dorrine Petersdortl Row 2. An le Verna, Grace Whlte, Prudy Lucldo, Karen Stlmac, Joanne Russo, Robin Claeys, Janet Wygai Candice Llghtcap, Sandra Ferrls, Rena Busnardo, Frances Boyce, Geneva Boles. Row 3. Ed James, Terry Wittlng, Kenny Holleman, June Fortler, Larre Delchlnl, Sue Lawrence, Frankie Wllllams, Linda Warfield, Joy Park, Kathy Sasek. Row 4. Tam Hunt, Ted Wlttln , Marvin Larsen, Walt Vlgllenzone, Tom Rangel, Barry Bradley, Joe Dillard, John Perlera, BII7 King. U 1 ,:?', .1 9 RALLY CLUB Row 7: Pat Kelly, Joyce Katzemayer, Janet Plstochlnl, Marianne Giberti, Nancy Wells, Betty Prultt, Janice Karch, Row 2: Gerrl Bobrasky, Shearon Brewer, Llnda Strauch, Judy Wells, Vickie Boyer, Juqnlyq Mo. rrls, Joan Adams, Donna Gentry. Row 3: Beatrice Hernandes, Alma Henry, Buddy Parret, Wynn Botsford, Bertha Fuller, Karen Stlmac, Sue Flck, Carole Plstochlnl. C.S. F. C Row 'l. Judy Kemp, Karen Ullbarrl, Melody Boucher, Terrylane Barber, Carol Stuck, Juanlfa Smith, LaDeonne Dalke. Row 2. Nancy Wells, Cherie Carmichael, Donna Hagemann, Llndu Crow, Maureen Johnson, Candy Lighrcqa. Row 3. Ken Hall, Carr Kunze, Roger Greene, Will Newman, Mike Collins, D1-'wld Spade. E w ? r Row I. Marylee Taylor, Marianne Glberfl, Llnda Harrlson, Mary.Lewls, Cookie Exell, Dorothy Hvralabakls. Row 2. Prudy Lucido, Janet Wygol, Marilyn Doss, Linda Sfrauch, Linda Warfield, Judy Wells, Pav Rooney. Row 3. Darro Flynn, Bill Evenson, Joe Zehrung, Marvin Larson, Jim Tuff, Wynne Boffsford. WLNUH UL UU +ro Row 1, Ingrid Ezell, Juanlta Morris, Phyllis Welnstock, Gall McAlvey, Marianne Gibertl, Kay Black' burn, Bertha Fuller, Veslemoy Vatne, Vickie Bodeman, Barbara Morrow, David Spade. Row 2. Mr. Poirier, Kathy Fountain, Peggy Hartz, Pat Kelly, Karen Stimac, Linda Donelson, Mary - lee Taylor, Pam Talso, Anita Cortese, Nancy Dodge, Homer Dawson, Jlm Tutt, Kevin Brady. Row 3. Bill Wainwright, George Toriyama, Ron Sparaclno, Will Newman, Jlm McBride, Mike Alhstrom Larry Dodge, Carl Bradford, John Jones. Row I. Vickie Boyer, Mickey Coveny, Gerrl Nye, Phoebe Evans, Laurel Peters, Nancy Wells, Diana Sparaclno, Beverly Thomas, Marilyn Dawes, Linda Strauch. Row 2. Mrs. Birch, advlsor, Sue Flck, La Deane Dalke, Sharon Brewer, Linda Brooks, Donna Funk, Linda Robrecht, Susan Llttlefleld, Nidra Rosenthral, Sue Welch, Wynn Botsford, Marilyn Talken, Sandy Harrison . Row 3.halane Williamson, Suzanne Chapot, Judy Wainwright, Joan Adams, Judy Wells, Diane Chiar- t S uno, ron Saunders, Barbara Ingram, Sylvia Minor, Carol Stuck, Barbara Patterson, Judy Kemp. I 1958 HUMECUMING UIIEEN QUEEN BOBBIE PARKISON Queen Bobbie and her attendants at the Homecoming game. hdifu ' we SI-IEILA CAHILL First prize winning senior class float. LINDA COOK JOYCE KAT ZEMEYER LOUISE GLIATTO LINDA HARRIS' 3,6 'ff ' I ff' 1' BASKETBALL S WEE THEART Ron DeMonner crowns Queen tx JOYCE KATZEMEYER Joyce at the basketball rally: the last one of the year and the last one for the seniors. NO EXPLANATION NEEDED!!! PAT ROONEY LINDA .1-:1-11,1-:R SANDRA HART LINDA COOK E 1 PEPETTE. Lift fo Rigllf: Sandra Hdrf, JOOMIG SPN10, Jackie Cecil, Nancy Wells, Irene Romero, Lorem: Laccoarse, Anita Schrader, Joan Adams, Carol Plsfochini, Karen Nierhake, Sally Snook. J' fa 4' . . It's a good thing that that's a paper cup and not a bottle. x I -h .1 f f r The new pepettes discuss problems that they encounter- ed at their first rally, Thank you Martinez Horseman's Association for your splendid dis- play of our American flag. IUNIUH FINIM .'-.. Alhambra's couples dance under the lanterns of the Oriental Evening at the Junior Prom. Mrs. Birch and Miss Benson During intermission, Kathy Rice, Sunni Westbrook, Prudy Lucido, and Jackie Cecil pause to chat with their dates. fis- fi! ' f ' -. i Q43 ff A ' 9 f 1 V . w x x X . t if '- ,jx sell tickets to Francine Stevens and Tim MacGregor as they ar- rive at the Junior Prom. DRAMA TICS Mass confusion was a contributing factor of the spring play, "Nuts In May". Here Vicky Bodeman, under- study Laura Miller, and the rest of the cast rehearse the television scene. - -:,.N , Stage manager Don Brown, the cast and crew discuss set problems for the spring play. Nuts In May CAST Alma Henry. o 0 u o Q 1 Lee Struer- - . . . . Jim Sparks Marianne Giberti. . Suzanne Chapot .... Wanda Briant ..... Laura Miller ..... Melodie Boucher. .. Vickie Bodeman. . Nancy Wells. ..... Dawn Grieve ..... Sherman Taylor. . . Bob Taylor ....... Buddy Parrett .... Mike Bradler. . . . . , Jack Holder. . . . . . Cornelia Alden Michael Janice Victoria Myrtle Isobell Mrs. Sha' Maggie D1 .Nancy J Maryann Watson Ol TV Repaii .TV Repaii Phelps .Director 45 SVU? ALHAMBRA'S SPORTS PROGRAM CONSISTS OF FOOT ' BALL, BASKETBALL, BASEBALL, SWIMMING, TRACK, AND TENNIS. THE SCHOOL IS AFFILIATED WITH THE EAST BAY DIVISION OF THE DIABLO VALLEY LEAGUE AT THE PRESENT, BUT A CHANGE IN THE ALIGNMENT OF THE LEAGUE TEAMS IS IN THE MAKING. 1958-59 WAS A GOOD YEAR FOR ALHAMBRA TEAMS. THE FOOTBALL TEAM WON ALL BUT TWO GAMES, AND WAS UNDEFEATED IN LEAGUE PLAY. THE BASKETBALL TEAM, AFTER A SLOW START, WOUND UP IN THIRD PLACE BUT THE SPARKLING PERFORMANCE OF THE CHAMPION ' SHIP " B " TEAM GAVE THE SEASON ADDED INTEREST. DEADLINES KEEP THE TORCH STAFF FROM REPORT' ING THE OUTCOME OF THE SPRING SPORTS SEASON, BUT EARLY INDICATIONS ARE THAT THE BASEBALL, TRACK, AND SWIMMING TEAMS WILL ALL BE RATHER STRONG. 5""C irpxk 7 , L Y . . ,IN 4-as-skqf, 4 K N I nf- ' ' . J K 4 I X 'ii igwawf, 4' 'v .1 w 3 .f a A s if A I Y-. ' U V1 " , 0 ..-W W," FL WG .ff if . W fd' Y 'Q on M534 E' af if 1-fe? BllllD06S W N 1.958 EAS McLaughl1n found a b1g hole 1n the John Swett l1ne as the Bulldogs clmnched the conference if -1 ' X 1 Mw:ge,:ff1,. 55534518294 Rn Jackson Coach lph . -unz- Hal W DIV SIUM' D.KA.L 6'l?0WN George Toriyama picks up some important yardage against the Livermore Cowboys. Rich Bobrosky, 89, and Ron August, 28, clear the way for George. Rxch Bobrosky --.. John W ,xg . - A ,axe Don Ca lm nn.-1 0 all Jerry Greene 1054 W lui'- f ef, ef -": 5 ' A -1 M RM . 5 ,.,,, V . sn.-..,,g a.-A l Q i Q , Q, 'nv , X 5' .un mm 4 ' O Q." X M, 1 K ft?" U , ' A 5 :- lt m 'A .Q ' 5' "miie gg .12 " .q,, .: ik L.a'i5Hrr-uuwa- ...W ' ' 'I w ' Ei?-A WAN M, ,,J,ffw ew- ,.,,,,,-,am ,M ,. Q1 X.-If f. , Q1 fl J, fy? , j Y , '-' 1 r QL 'Z 5 1' X 'Q l T1 . X1 , I . . U ' Y fiiglil V Lil.. J-" 3,0 'V . 'f ' ' """' Nays' , . -in kg. if Walt. Viglicazonc 6 YE 3? -F Y N3 +1 W-If 3 WllN in Swett's 85 never got to see this as as Hal Shepherd pulled it down. e final score was 39-0, as the lldogs completed their most suc- ssful grid season. . 1 V- . 4-. ' ' . -J '. '. vs nil."'. .n Glen Kinion stopped this Amador Dow as he tried to go around the Bulldog line. It was a bad night for the undermanned Dons as Alhambra rolled to a 53-0 win. RICH MCLAUGHLIN JERRY WOLTER JOHN WYFFLES All- League 2 years All- League 2 years All- League l year All- Metropolitian All- Metropolitian All- Metropolitian Second Team Two Years Second Team Most Valuable Back All- Northern Cal Most Valuable Line- Team Captain man Picked as members ofthe All-League All-League second team honor: went to Rich Bobrosky, George Toriyama, Ron August, Brian Davis, Don Cadenasso, Bill Ke her, and Dave Woolridge. Learn were Rich McLaughlin, Ron De- y Vlonner, Hal Shepherd, Harry Tura, Terry Wolter, John Wyffels, and Jack Sasaway. 'eshmen sam 1-.. '.. .- ...ff . ,.- I F . ' .ff Row 1 IF:-and BILL OLIVER, RICH KINIDN JOE COSTANZA, sos BURKE, CLAUDE TULLER, GARY GIBSON, PHIL CIARAMITARD, Boa HATCH, JOHN MARIONO, CARL MEYERS, BILL COOPI Raw 2 BILL GRIFFIN LARRY MCCLURE, TOM WILLIS, JOHN DOUGLAS GEORGE SMITH, JESSE SAEADSRDM GQNE SI-IIMMELL, DoN BROWN, BRENT GILBERT, TED HLISS JIM WELLS, GEORGE 1 97' RW 3 PAUL MARTINO. JUNIOR NELSON. mor- I. BILL HORSH DON DDHANNDN TOM QUONTA MA TTEO, JOHN DYE, TED GILREA TH, MARSHALL MONTE, SAM GUERCIO, RALPH SWANSON, DON CORTESE, LARRY STILLEY, JoHN aILLEccI, JIM KRUMMEN, COACH sos ALBRECHT. Row 4 JoN FOSTER, sos SYLVIE, GARY SHARROCK, PAT EDWARDS, DENNIS MARICLE, JERR MARTINEZ, JUSTIN MORGAN, JIM CALICURA, TOM GUNSEL, Boa VORHEES. ' I. DAVE SCHELHORN, RON CORTESE, BOB CERRI, EARL BRADFORD, DAVE NIERHAKE, :KY COMPAGLIA, TOM COLLINS. ' 2. LARRY BARDONI, TIM MCGREGOR, JERRY PENSE, ED JOHNSON, JIM COULTER, NORM ISTAD, RAYNELL HUDDLESON, BURL MAHAN, BOB JEANS, BOB ZUFALL, SONNY BAUM, I ATKINSON. 3. KEN HALL, STEVE NYE, MANUEL ZUNIGA, DEAN HALL, KEITH THOMAS, BOB BAER, L HITT, FRED HARRINGTON, RoN WALLEN, ED MURPHY, coAcH RAMEY. I4. voN BOSCHETTI, STUART WILLIS, Boa FRAGA, BILL WAINWRIGHT, EUGENE PEYRU- N, JERRY ROBDENNHDLT, MARK GILBERT, BURTON BARHOM, FAY BAIRD, GARY GRAVES. JU" .fa Q ,, J, , SEQ? , I PQ, F3 TeaI I on DeMonner gets two points gainst the Amador Dons. vv. K 1 ff: . a BULLDUGS TAKE THIRA .4 E McLaughlin has the ball, ant seems that everyone wants il Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Bulldog 38 48 44 56 48 35 34 55 57 64 f 4.. H f n v Qi i 'I W4 1 'MI' ' 44 pg, N Q. X: A I We 5 'sf ku 'S' H. e A 2 .1 ,lm x 5 d JJ s ,di -Q J ' mt: X in 4..- .ai"'C 4 N. vi v ,331 f P ,yn- B's Row Erni Row mon, BASKETBALL 1. Bill Dorrls, BIllSl1onley, Henry Borleffanl, AI Lakeman, e Grlffonfi, Rich Barney. 2. Tom Quonfomaffeo, John Jones, Buddie Nelson, Tom Hoff- Gory Sharrock, Morgan Grofh, Bob Nelson, Art Soares. B'S '59 CHAMPS Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Scar 45 48 Z7 20 19 42 38 30 32 54 organ Groth. who tied the league It makes a guy feel pretty goo to win the championship! Thn "B" team heads for the showe after the final game with Swet oring record this year, goes up r a two-poinler in the game with naclor. FRUSH TEAM aard Liberty Albany Livermore Amador John Swett Liberty Albany Livermore Amador John Swett FROSH BASKETBALL Rich Barne , Tom Quonfamaifeo, Gary Sharrock, John Dye, Brent Filbert, Bin Dorris .Qs I Q 15 'R B Morgan Groth and Gary Sharrock tie this rebound up in the Amador game. TRACK -af ' Row 1. Morgan Groth, Wayne Brasher, Fred Harrington, George Torlyama, Jim Hanna, Eddie Murphy, Chris Evenson Row 2. Jerry Janeway, Van Boschetti, Don Cadenasso, val Castellani, John Wyffels, Jay Nelson, Steve Ellis Richard Persons Row 3. Mr. Coulter, Jerry Green, Larry Knapp, will Newman, Dave Woolridge, Mark Gilbert, Bob Cumings, Curr Kunze TRACK B Row 1. Al Lopez, Sal Russo, Ken Hall, Tim Hogfln, DUVe SPG'-le Row 2. Tom Fluke, Brent Gilbert, Steve Kinoshita, Allan Hyzer, Jim Burke, Phil CFUNTIUYUVOI Jon Mafino' Row 3. Mr. Coulter, Rlch Barney, Raynell Huddleson, Pat Edwards, Eugene Koch, Dave Nierhake. 3 SWIMMING " I i , N I s Nc vw A .K E31 ff NIMMING A ow 'I. Ira Thurston, Ulas Kirby Eddie Johnson, Earl Bradford, Dwight Russell, Dave Corrozza, Bob Jeans. ow 2. Jerry Wolter, Tuck Brady, Jim McBride, Tim McGregor, Dave Lapham, Roger Green, Mike Collins, Ron August. ow 3. John Gilberfi, Ed Keller, Frank Cosfanza, Fred Ziem, Gary Kalsbeck, Alan LaFIeur, Jack Gasaway, Don Brown. SWIMMING B Row I. Gary Valdie, Homer Dawson, Tom WiIIis, Bob Whisenhuni, Bruce Frazer, Johnny Dye. .Row 2. Leonard Atkinson, Frank Canopa, Bob Zufall, Kevin Brady, Pot Jordan, Michael Bart. . N N- . ' ,. Z: x""""' Q4ig""V-X515-' M, .. gi 'I Q. E . K BASEBALL Row 1. Sherman Dennis, Ray Ferrarinl, Andy Durkee, Glen Kinion, Coach Albrecht, Len Gianno, Hal Shepherd, Harry Turn, Ron DeMonner, Richard McLaughlin. Row 2. Leroy Fonceca, Bill Kelleher, Ed Rouse, Bob Giannini, Frank Troia, Mike Rooney, Bob Curl, Tom Bill- ecci, Roger Woodson, Ted Long. Row 3. Drew Holland, Tom Hoffman, Bob Cerri, Bill Hitt, Ray Baird, Bob Nelson, Keith Thomas, Tom Quonta - matteo, Ron Corfese, Bud Nelson, Victor Hiposl-ci, George Plumas. V 4' I , x -- Q' N , J K i V 9 a. 1 k " SN 5 ' ' if ,-rv:-62 . 1 8 'f ............,,,,f , i i Q-ggqessn, - .,.. - ..,, -.----,,,,,. f.'i'n'fiiii5if.1 fx . ...,, was 45' ziffwfffffzzx ,Sv Row 1. Albert jones, Gary Jones, Burl Mahon, Jlm Tutt, Bill Wainwright. Row 2. John Wilson, Dean Hall, Bob Hartz, Bill Dorris. 1,32 .YB .....v- mm, i if-iw-nf ipaq 5 A .J ' Q 4 t I, 1- 'U U .:, ' K' 6- Y , A :Eg ,TU ai g li: . .Q f Adi up-1"'1n - '- '. ,', r. ' I - Q , .' In ,A,,. ..f:..-,. - "s " bn- ,, .. . ,li ALM?-L 4 Ax, 3 ,, '- I 0.3. xx Q mg '. i d l 4 1 I " ' I Q f s A I 'fu' EIL' 'II-if a n sn I 7 5 he . ""' " ::: .e ' slss m y l ,L . .M A --- R ,,""""""""" '- iv?,g-??fliiL,gT4'w wi JM- . L x. - 1.-J 5 W r 'i?." 11-keg says, "Safe!", as happy Tura prepares to tag out Shepherd, laware that Gianno is about to knock his head off. .qu as - f A .- s -Q--. .. i Q:'!!'4W.,,gx?A. 1. :six BASEBALL iother inning finished, and the boys head r the dugout where Coach Bob Albrecht res Frank Troia advice. Nelson and Monner are also pictured. l Mil, Bob Nelson strikes for the third time as the catcher drops the ball in the Clayton Valley game. Bob was thrown out at first, but another run came in We won this one, 7-1 .sf , is if 1 SWIMMING AND TRACK I'he high jump takes lots of practice and skill., Larry Knapp attempts it in the meet with Livermore. 9 Q ' : k.', L,--- - f ww iq .Q.w.a.i One of our leading "A" track men th this year was George Toriyama. Here he broad jumps in the Liver- more-Alhambra meet. pu . ' s "www M We xx, . , , .gf A 5 - -' Q s ,- . ,. .fu ., i , , ., ., A ., , 1 my X . a 5 - xiii- .- a+' wr 1 Ps- L, t .,, f, . , A fi L.. 5 V ., f 'VL' - , ',ti - srr'- ' - q - - " 'f,',. s i il was This year's suc- cesful swimming team was high lighted by the skillful diving of both Jerry Wolter and Ron August. N "' ' - . - 1, fu ., V 3' -f 5 ,1e-l'?f.,?- - .ff """""T'-.J-.V- . w.,- ,. - ' - V A b U - M' ' vm' -:an-M.-M-1mL...1,: ei A ML ...M ., vhn Giberti, Gary Kalsbeek, Alan La Fleur Fred Ziem Ja k G .d Mike Collins practice their racing dives. , , c asaway, nb Cumings won this low hurdles .ce against Livermore but, he was o fast for the cameraman. 3-.4 I? W l 9 Steven Kinoshita goes over at eleven feet in the Livermore-Alhambra track meet. . -I Y ., L 1 . , k.,, - V. X,,-fx, I -gy, f- ,,k. nf ,fwk-g . ..-fu, A . A l . f 4 A gf Martinez Uommunlty Hospital ATTORNEYS BRAY, BALDWIN 8: OGDI CONDON, DOLGIN 8: PAC HOEY, HOEY 8: HALL CHIROPRAC TOR W. M. PAR GA OPTOMETRISTS VERNON V. EDWARDS F. OLIVER HATCH S. P. WILLIAMS il III powmc v-I JOHN P. SERPA Buicl: Ponfiac 300 Alhambra Ave. Mariinez ill YUUCKI 0 IL vrlilmil I 3534 Am 1. Av. .w in :..f. Ml C Iforn Compliment of BAILEY .UMBING AND HEATING LESLIE W. HARPER lnsura nce Life-Fire-Aufo-Casualfy RICHARD R. WELLS. REALTOR J Casiro Sfreef AC8-2171 NU WAY CLEANERS For Ihe Besf in Service 6l8 Las Junfas AC8-3209 AL BARLETTANI Flying "A" Service I333 Pine Si. AC8-3487 FRANKLIN CANYON INN Franklin Canyon Road Marfinez AC8-3269 rarocino's Delicatessen 601 MAIN ST. ACADEMY 8-3094 l MODEN EVE SHOP of MARTINEZ Our Best Wishes to the Class of '59 653 MAIN STREET ACADEMY 8-2446 Complimenis of "Good Luclr, Seniors" Leis Ge? Associafed RUPE'S -' " ssnvlce SAVING' FLYING A I Class of '45 3700 Alhambra Avenue AC8-3393 Mariinez, California 659 Main Sfreei' ACB-4510 KELLER FORD SALES 8. SERVICE 800 ALHAMBRA AVENUE MARTINEZ,CALlFORNlA ACADEMY 8-666 JAY VEE STORES ALHAMBRA DEIJCATESSEN 3314 ALHAMBRA AVE. MARTINEZ, CALIF- SHELL CHEMICAL Women's Apparel CORPORATION MARTINEZ AUTO BODY SHOI 4I2 Ward Sfreei ACS -3689 Marlinez California Junior Sizes Through I5 . u Chemical Parfner Ladies I0 Through 20 of K AND D DRUGRY 60I Main Sfreel' MdI"l'll16'l 8I0 Main Sireei lnduslry and Agriculiure ACademy 8-4340 G 8: E MARKET MAR TINEZ MARTINEZ pmsaugg 425 Main S+. ACademy 8-9898 l'llLSON'S 6l0- I 8 Main Sireel' Mafilnel GARDEN GATE NURSERY 1620 PACHECO BLVD. MARTINEZ. CALIFORNIA Complimenfs of VINE l"lll.l.. HARDWARE 3503 Pacheco Blvd. AC8-6135 BANK OF CALIFORNIA REED'S STATIONERY School and Office Supplies Cards I Gifis 724 Main Sfreel' AC8-211c Naiional Trusl' and Besf Wishes fo Class of '58 J 8: P MARKET 2820 Pacheco Ave. AC8-.9870 Savings Associafion BARNETT'S MARKET f Groceries . Fruifs . Vegefables . Meal Iblb Alhambra Avenue AC8,997l J. C. PENNEY CO. Modem Barber Shop 3755 ALHAMBFYA AVE. MARTINEZ. CALIF- "Always Firsi' Qualify" 395+ Wishes 1 Za SP .si fo Class of '58 um a ,lil PPQ Our Specialfy 535 MAIN ST' AC8'2-100 Wedding and Birfhday Calres JAMESON'S Fine Apparel for Men 823 Main Sf. ACS-3518 Balesirieri Bros. Wholesale. Reiail Fresh Fruiis and Vegeiables 707 Main Sireei AC8-2674 Reservaiions-Banquefs Y CLUB ACademy 8-3095 DURT BARBER SHOP B Las Jun+as Martinez SABA'S Nhere 'Ihe Fashionable Shop" Main S'I'reeI' ACS-0434 alifornia fashions ouioonv IARTINEZ SERVICE STATION I5 ALHAMBRA AC 8-1484 Martinez, California MARTINEZ FURNITURE COMPANY sub Ferry s+. AC8-5200 McHUGH SHELL SERVICE Pacheco and Arreba Mariinez, California ,570 zz fk 1521 ALHAMBRA Ava., MAR'l'lNEZ,! ACademy 8-3595 ISHALL. WILLIAMS 8: McGOWAN INSURANCE 9 Las Juntas AC8-1928 'ngratulations tothe Class of'59 IEORGE G ANDY'S LOU!-LEE'S LYING"A" SERVICE PINE a. EscoaAR I Congrafulafions. Class of 1959 ii SPARACINOTS MEN'S WEAR Nunzio, Class of '32 John. Clan of '43 Roberi, Class of '57 Ron' Class of '50 727 MAIN STREET AC8-5831 xkhilillllbgf Ist I ' , fu, k 9 .ff1Y4L'f!A ,nl JIHILIY W Glfff ll sqm All Work Guaranieecl DIAMONDS JEWELRY WATCHES STERLING SILVER A. CLAEYS Building Maferials Feed, Fuel, Garden Supplies Cersifged Wafchmakerg Corner Ber::E3a3a3sI76BuckIey Sis. Olive, J. panielson M-..00"" 1 Canned Goods LAIRD'S FOOD MARKETS Produc! Frozen Foods For Ihe Finesi' in Foods Mem , ED'S W MELODV SHOD RECORDS e HI-FI e STEREO e TV AND ACCESSORIES ,- WOLFF'S 7I6 Main Sfreef MARTINEZ, CALIFORNIA .i-.I I AIILIANC I MlLT'S APPLIANCE Mayfag "' Servel "' Philco Sales Service AC 8 -1543 COUNTRY STORE AC 8 - 0117 3840 Pacheco Blvd TOM LIBERTY'S UNION SERVICE 74I Green SI. AC8-3494 Besi' Wishes WELL'S MARKET 2340 Pacheco Blvd. AC 8 - Z5 8! Complefe Home Furnishings PACIFIC FURNITURE 4I3 Ferry Sireei' AC8-4435 MARTINEZ FOOD CENTER We Carry a FuII Line of Fine Foods, Meafs, and Poulfry Besi' Wishes From IRWIN FLORIST Lucille Kassilr Rachel Lomeli CO NTRA COSTA DRU1 38I5 Alhambra Ave. MARTINEZ AC 8 - 3460 MARTINEZ DRUG CO 802 Main Si-reei' ACademy 8-3220 Besf Wishes From MARTINEZ SURPLUS CO. 625 Main Sf. AC3-3566 Besf Wishes From E. MORGAN HARDWARE 535 Fe Sireel' 3805 Alhennihra Avenue Marfinez California SALEM SHOE STORE 7II Ferry S'I'reeI Mariinez California MARTINEZ LUMBER CO. Lumber and Building Supplies I626 PACHECO BOULEVARD 625 Howard Sireei AC 8 - 6800 CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE CLASS OF '59 RAY S. TAYLOR WILLIAM'S SHOES FOR THE FAMILY 701 MAIN STREET ongrcfulaflons to the Class of '59 Micco Office Equipment Company sis MAIN STREET GIBERTI BROS. lormson ouraomo morons sues AND ssnvlcs 905 Escobar St. La Villa Beauty Salon 3755 ALHAMBRA Ave Tompliments of ART PRETTYMAN Shell dealer 900 EscosAR ST. '.E. MacALVEY AINTING coNTRAcToR 324 Berrellessa St. 3 O O D L U C K Zujall's Moving G Storage Co. uarte G Witting,ln'c HRYSLER G PLYMOUTH 25 FERRY srneer BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '59 HARVEY 'S GRUCERY 1622 PACHECO BLVD. MARTINEZ BEST wlsHEs PAUL GIACOSA cLAss or "4s" Miclclleian Mucha Young Men's Clothes Wilson Sporting Goods ACADEMY 8-5083 MARTINEZ CALIFORNIA MARTINEZ LAUNDRY DRY CLEANE ESCOBAR 8- FERRY STREE ACADEMY 8-1950 Martinez C ifornia GRANDR'S SHOE S T 0 R E Featuring 1 Quality Footwear for the Whole Family JOYCE - - LIFE STRIDE - - ROBLEE - - BUSTER BROWN SPALDING - - AIR STEP - - PEDWIN Martinez, California Where in 'lhe World Are You Going? We Handle Every Transporfalion Line Rail-Ship-Air-Bus JOHNNY MILLER TRAVEL BUREAU 925 MAIN MARHNEZ Best Wishes to the Class of '59 Welcome 'O ROSE'S UNION SERVICE KIRBY'S A 81 W ROOT BEER " Gorman " Alhambra 8 J Sfs. Mcrflnez 3500 ALHAMBRA AVENUE C C Good Wmhes WESTERN AUTO Glnutramnztabazette The Family Store 630 Main sr. AC 8-2244 Mariinez. California Congraiulaiions io +he Class of 'S' C AND R TIRE l COMPANY RAY C,KEAN CHEVRON STATION l05 Alhambra Avenu PHONE 260 OR 70 l For Safe Human Miles 3725 ALHAMBRA MARTINEZ CHEMICAL ,,,,,,,,,,, MPANY CO Official Yearbook Avo 1 n P ant Pholographer Organic Chemical Division 426-I 7+h Siree l OAKLAND, CALI Best Wishes fbr the Class of '59 ALHAMBRA ELECTRIC A.J. Plsrocr-HN: NINININININI 836 ALHAMBRA AVENUE MARTINEZ, CALIFORNIA ACUJQMY 8-2050 Dayless Drug Store 816 MAIN ST. IARTINEZ ACADEMY 8-3146 Yacht Club Restaurant 500 FERRY St. MARTINEZ IMPERIAL FURNITURE CO. 524 Main Street Martinez, California CONNOLLY 8: TAYLOR. INC. Funeral Directors I I 24 Ferry Street Martinez. California ACademy 8-0310 PHOTOGRAPHY BY N E N N I Portrait 'I' Commercial 'I' Wedding 'I' Illustrative 'I' 8II MAIN STREET MARTINEZ ACADEMY 8-1909 AAHEU Q tllflfilllj 03 Roland C. Harrison, Owner ' WEDDING INVITATIONS fA SPECIALTY or OURSJ I032 PINE STREET MARTINEZ ACADEMY 8-3600 6I2 Estudillo S+. LEANERS Martinez. Calif. MAGUIRE'S PHARMACY "Gene Brady" 7I3 Main Street 1358-0300 KAL-IVAIII HE STORE THAT HAS EVERYTHING I9 MA IN ST. ACADEMY 8-5614 3EST WISHES, SENIORS From TOOT'S S00 CLUB CONGRATULATIONS BANK OF AMERICA NATIONAL TRUST AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION . 626 MAIN ST. MARTINEZ, CALIF. ACADEMY 8 - 6300 Auto Parts Sales Company 536 WARD STREET MARTINEZ ACADEMY 8-6060 OOD LUCK, SENIORS Compliments of DAN G RON'S SHELL SERVICE 3630 ALHAMBRA AVE. MARTINEZ G L E N N' S House OF HAIR STYLES xfslsrxfsfv 1224 PINE STREET MARTINEZ- CALIF. ACudemy 8-2775 Compliments of JACK COGLIZER Congratulations fromg DIABLO TELEVISION AND MUSIC CENTER " THE HOME OF BETTER TV " 608 FERRY STREET ACADEMY 8-5761 Underholt Paint G Hobby Shop 739 FERRY ST. ACADEMY 8-I75 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS G A M ' S HOGAN'S MEAT MAR KE " WHERE GOOD MEATS COST LESS 2398 MARTINEZ AVE. ACADEMY 8-5 COURT'S JEWELR' DIAMONDS, WATCHES, GIFTS 809 MAIN ST. MARTINEL AC. 8- I1 I I , GOOD LUCK T0 THE CLASS OF '59 HOUSE OF FASHION 756 Main Sfmt Madinez, Celifomia AMERICAN TRUST COMPAN sPoNsoR - TELEVISION PROGRAM " Science In Action " 902 MAIN ST. MARTINEZ, CALIF. ACADEMY 8-1500 :fi PJZ1 M4 2 . " ',. - ' 'N A 5 'bws '- W -+ 'i ' ' 1 W Vx Akx J. I I gtg! 1 ' . , . y X I M f My irnpfi I S d ...Miva M I In I '. ,I .94 1 I 4 9 1 74 v Ii" ' .I A, . ,, ,J -"' :,: . I - 4 . , -Q.: .:. m x ,, . V h .f A A vlffhanks, LEX BeRGER' :: E f,is , Q q ' ' .!'., X k 'S . 5 :ii , I-N 5 1 9 haw- 4 , x . , ---- , ,ga-I in , ,,. ,-,-,,-.on 'r .,4-n3- , -diff ' ' l"N DON LEY Chevrolef-Cadillac 'kifokfk 39051 1909! 3655 Alhambra Avenue AC ade .ny 8- 3636 MARTINEZ, CALIFORNI1 IHAVS 30 for '59 v 7' h 5 .9 fr ' ,' A ,1,w,- 1 1 ' ' ln-" 1 '-1 ,, l , , . Auf' !,P: fi . ul-.uf .1 fe-,iw M f -1: I Lf' , .3 ,. J, ig, ,A , ,. 4 J-K .1 ,' , .-a- ' fr s 4:7 fy .ff 21.-'F A- X 'kin . -M .,.' 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' ,, . 1 ' ' :- -- ,- ' 1 ' -. 1 EELS , - , fax ' - .. , . , f A ' .- ,,J.m- ' -: A 13" , '- . - g,,,4I'-V.: - A X -- Y ' s-. ' , - .F 4 n X 1 :.f,. ... , gm , V ,f . -.. ,. . - l R 1 2 A . .1 , - ,.L'x, I .4,.. LI 3 , 13. 2 g.. gil., . - 'F i ' 7-'V ' 1--Y :-411-H 2 A ' 'z X w 5 m .mini A '

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