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Alhambra High School - Torch Yearbook (Martinez, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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X 'S 3 2 Q is E 3' 2 "Hi! We're John and Judy, and we are here to help you look back over the 1957- 58 school year at Alhambra. It is all here for you to see and remember in the 1958 Torch. The staff has tried to make this a real memory bookg one that will grow more valuable to you each year. Come along with us and we will remind you of things that you have probably forgotten." K . E TORCH -- 19 8 ALHAMBRA UNION HIGH SCHOOL Martinez, California .lllne 5, 1958 Volume 50 STAFF MARILYNN SANTOS ........ ,,...........,.,7.,..,7,,.. E ditor MARGE FRYER ,7,,,,77,777,, 7 ., Business Manager PAT ROONEY ,,,,,,7,,,,,, ,,,,,, A ssistant Editor LUELLA LUCIDO ,,,.7.,.,.. 77.,.. Business Staff MELODIE BOUCHER .,,., 7 , i,,,,,, Student Sales MARVIN BROOKS ,i.,, i,,, B Photography SERENA UPSHAW ,B 7.777. .,.ii,,, , I ,,i,, i Art DAVE DeFIELDS 1 .....,., ,.... . Sports Editor ALBERT GREENE ,,,.,,. .i,.i,. S ports Staff BOB FLACKUS ,,,,,,7,,777,,,,, .,,7,,,.,,.,,,A C lub Edilor JUDY CADENASSO 7,ii,i ,W ..i.7,,,,7i,,... Girls, Activities BILL SMITH ,7,,,,,.,, H ,,,, , ,,,,. , . .,.,,. I,,.,i..I,,,,,,, A dvisor Cover Design, Linda Harrison: Photography, Hal Matson Studios. .4 .. 1: KAQAFWQF 4 ,4 , gkasgigxjyflgf, X .7 S - , - , -vafii . , gr, l V, A W, W5 EMF' wi: W .5 ,L . L35 ,- gi. N my fe' -1-f ' "-5:i:2QE"121. aw Vi, JE ,,,w M5155 f fi LW 3, L. 5 iff? , V :L.:f5-5124? 'Rug . wr x U gig, fl Jiiffii ' Cm 44, , 55, f ,M.,z5g,y J- 14 KQUQW WW95' 11313 3 N I g in ,gwlnsi- '-::fQ ,k KA R11 . e ,. 4,12 3 Qi . f K 'ii L y,,,1m1.s4i219f?5 . ADMINISTRATIUN GRENVILLE C. JONES WILLARII B. KNOWLES Principal Superintendent WH K: 2? is fi ii E? IE 5, E xvuq X A RX N-N l . Wai BOARD UI" 'I'RL'S'l'EES: Ke-rmil W. Cllllll, L. li. Small. Hrs. Phxllis B. Wainwright, 4 Cll2ll'll'S IJ.lil'il. I':I114bI'f 'l'2lyl0I'. , DEANS . . ---...N MISS NANCY ALBRIGHT JOHN A. SPADE Dean of Girls Dean of Boys i' OFFICE STAFF: Mrs. Ann Head. Mrs. Neva IIHIIF-PII. Milo Deluhery, Mrs. Kay McGrath. Mrs. Catherine Nierhake. CLYDE LAIRD Stzulent Body President TUDE T GOVERNMENT Clyde Laird ,,,7 Judy Cadenasso Judy Viland . Jeanette Coccim Marie Durlcee , Gerald Annis Donna Delchini Bob Jensen . ., ,,,7 Clyde Laird 7 . FIRST SEMESTER Y, 7 , President Committee, of Assemblies Committee of Social Affairs Committee of Publicity Committee of Finance t. Committee of Grounds ,,,,, Committee of Girls, Affairs Committee of Boys' Affairs SEMESTER f President Sharon Wolter .,,,,, ,,,,,,,, C ommittee of Assemblies Sue Windham , Ann Hulten ,,,, lVlarie Durkee ,,,,,,t Committee of Social Affairs , .,t,,,,,tt Committee of Publicity Committee of Finance Gerald AIITIIS ,,,tt,tt,,t. Committee of Grounds Barbara Cecil ,,t,t Bob Jensen ,,,t,t Committee of Girls, Affairs - ,,... Committee of Boys, Affairs 4 EXEClUTIVE CONlfNllT'l'lCl'f -First row: Mario ljllTlU't', Sliaron Wolta-r. Judy Cadr-nasso. Loryn Harbaugh, Jeanette Com-vimiglio. Clyde Laird. Nliko Slalom-. Linda llarrieon, Linda Cook. Louise Gliatto. Secona"roa': Dennis Watson, Walt Viglie-nzone. Bob Jensen, Sui- Windham. Gerald Annis, Barbara Cecil. Cliris Newman. Dave De Fields. Judy Yiland. Jerry Wolte-r. Bill Wainwright. Jerald Cvrri. Claudia Laird. Mike Collins. Q W. mt., , -V TUDE T COU CIL J Af , vf First row: Kathy Hatch, Claudia Laird, Judy Viland, Marie Durkvv, Enlagene Brigden, Jeanettf- Coccimiglio, Sandra Hart. Second row: Dennis Watson, Judy Cudenasso, Jerald Cerri, Linda Harrison, Linda Cook, Louise Gliatto. Third row: Chris Newman, Bob Jonson, Clyde Laird, Harry Tura, Frank Costanza, Rudy Negherbon, Mike Collins. ' First row: Janice- Marshall. Sharon Sacchi, Sandra Nic-rliakc-. Luryn Harhaugh. Sharon Woltvr, Marles Burk, Joycs- June-S, Joanne Spina. Karen Nierhake. Shivla Cahill, Joyvv Katzemayer, Vickie- Bodeman. Second rout Lois Quontaniattvo, Barbara Cf-ril. Sue- Windham, Jane-t Pistochini, Joan Compagno, Bc-vt-rly Tlioinus. lflainc- Marshall. Pat Room-y, Nlarda Osborn, Frankie Williams. Jvri Christian, Sharon Kilgorv. Joan Uuartru Third row: Walt Yiglivnzone. liill Katzomayor, Don Cooper, Jerry Annis. Al Cr:-one, Allan DeFraga. Mike' Slalom-, Jr-rry Woltvr, Bill Wainwright. George Toriyama, Su-vv Nyv, Dave' DeFields, Dave Mackiv. Cvorgge Parson, Kon Nagel. STUDE T COVER E T Student Body Government is considerably bigger than most people realize. For instance, the student government takes over considerable responsibility in providing the funds for our American Field Service Exchange student each year. It administers a 39000 budget which is spent exclusively on stu- dent affairs, and it carries out other services such as sponsoring dances, selling the individual pic- tures, and holding assemblies and elections. Our Exchange student this year is Klaus Wendler, who comes to us from Germany. Picture sales are handled here by Rosalie Fazzini and Edna Ed- wards, representing the student council. The council does this work mostly as a service to the students. A small profit is realized, and this goes into the general student body fund. A big step towards student con- trol was taken this year when the Senior Court made its first major decision. Members of the court were Bob Jensen, Allen DeFraga, and john Talt. FACULTY RICHARD ANGEL Oregon State College Social Problems MRS. MAXINE BARBER University of Montana Homemaking MISS FRANCIS BAUCH University of California Librarian BILL 'BAUM University of Oregon Chemistry MISS ELSRETH BENSON University of California Commercial MRS. MARY BIRCH University of London English-Counselor GILES BOUCHER University of Houston Psychology-Counselor MRS. ALMA BROWNE University of California Stenography ALFRED CASSELL Indiana Social Studies BERDETTE COFER Chico State College Social Studies JIM COULTER Ursinus College Physical Education CARMEN DOUCAN University of California Senior Problemsm-Counselor MRS. ELIZABETH DUNNING University of California Reading MRS. MARY LOU FARMER University of California Mathematics MISS MELBA FITZPATRICK University of California History tif .wa of MISS DARLENE FORZLEY Montana State University Typing ALBERT GRAHAM U. C. at Davis Biology BOB HARRISON Linfield Driver Training LEYLAND HOLDER University of California Dramatics MRS. LEONA HONNEGER University of California Mechanical Drawing ARTHUR HOUSE University of Idaho Ce ral Scienbe ' 44 til' NED JACKSON Utah State Welding RALPH JACKSON Texas Weslyn Physical Education GEORGE .IAVOR University of Budapest English MRS. JUNE KAMPA University of Minnesota Homemaking VERNE KEENAN University of Washington Plane Geometry MRS. ANITA LYSER University of California Art ALEX MCBRIDE Montana State University Algebra-Counselor MRS. ANGEL MARKAKIS University of California English ALBERT MARTIN San Jose State Science LEROY MERCHANT Linfield Trigonometry MISS ESTELLE MILLER University of Wisconsin English ALBERT MORTON University of California Machine Shop MISS VIRGINIA PARENT University of California Physical Education GERARD POIRIER University of California French SAM RAMEY Oregon State Physical Education EDWARD ROUSE University of California Auto Shop MRS. BETTY RUNION College of the Pacific English WESLEY SCIIROEDER Oregon State Radio-Electric LUKA SEKULICH University of California Wood Shop MRS. IVIONA SMITH East Central State tOkla.l Clerking BILL SMITH Oregon State College Publications MEL STRAND University of Minnesota English GENE THOMAS Colorado State Social Studies RICHARD ToML1NsoN University of California Spanish DEANE TUTT San Francisco State Music MRS. VERA VERDI University of California Physical Education MISS BLANCHE WEHE University of Wisconsin English JOHN WILLCOX San Francisco State Commercial MRS. MERLE WILSON San Francisco State Special Education CUSTODIANS: Allen Coulson, Bill Stringert, Ivan Carmichael, Ed Hamel, Robert E. Lee, James McElrath. I2 CAFETERIA STAFF: Loyce Carlson, Freda Keat, Carmen Perry, Ruth Machado, Jane Frazer, Bette Medeiros. is 'Q '52 5 V Y "When you stop to think about it, the only reason we have high schools is to provide us with an oppor- tunity to learn. This makes the really important things those which happen in the classroom. Come to think about it, even though we might not see it this way now, twenty years from now we will prob- ably rememberwour work here more vividly than we will remember our play." A if 131, is ' .D 1 3 V-Q63 1 gi 5 3? . ., -1'- 's s - "v., .- was . ' ffK7'5Q?'zlas, K 'ifiiw' 5 " w. . 2" -- K is Wk X s Dfiatsv French III students Allen De Fraga, Millicent Bonner, Jeri Christian and Judy Viland take an imaginary trip through France. . , ...A . -. ...ta . ...wg """'1 X ...., I t .M III if lg Loryn Harhaugh, Einagvm- lirigclen. Marlt-s Burke. Marge Fryer. and Lum-lla Lucido art out a Spanish skit. English Ill students use a pronunciation chart to he-lp them with vocabulary. Katy Lyon and Richard Viera demonstrate. EGLIHAD 'gWe recognize that knowing how to use our language is pretty important. A full English program, journalism, speech, dramatics, and two foreign languages, French and Spanish, help us to achieve the kind of language proficiency necessaryf' Left: Busy with vocabulary-Allen Brown, Linda Alford, Jeri Christian and Mike Aielo. Anita Shrader argues the affirmative in a debate. OREIG ANGUAGE "The English program consists of four years each of college preparatory, gen- eral, and basic classes. There are also classes in remedial reading. We can also take three years of French and three years of Spanish in preparation for living in our cosmopolitan world." Iiaaren Olssen writes as Harry Tura dictates in English c ass. ...,.t..ut,w 1 rm vmxnnt., ,.,,.,h "This new literature book has prettier pictures, but it is the same old literature," says Linda Ehler to Bill Evenson and Bobbie Parkinson. 1 Q i 'Y if f A G Y .PZ 1 f ' J Q. , g , ., , ' ' ' , : V, :Q , aw 155165 aw Z I KQN: 1,1 W -AYYYW' Q f if OCIAL TUDIE "Social studies is a big field. It ranges from learning to get along with each other to learning about our countryis wonderful history and its place in our world. The social studies classes offered to us at Alhambra include social problems, senior problems, U.S. history, world history, psychology, and driver train- mg., Lee Slruer reports on the day's news in U9 hlsmry Class The Tn 1 one test that you cant flunk' The freshmen are taking a class keeps up with current events as well as learmn, about the past Kuder lre ference Test to find out their interest areas M' fi Q it , V Yagi... ...jun 1 . m X5 WP 5, 3 Q- V Q 'L all 'N CIE CE A D MATHEMATIC "This was the year of the Sputnik, and people all over America looked critically at the high school science programs. They found us here at Alhambra in pretty good shape with good labs, good teachers, and serious students. The top attraction of the science department this year was the visit to our school by Mr. Ernest Spaf- ford, one of the ten traveling science teachers in the country. Alhambra was one of 300 high schools to take part in this pro- gram, and the week was a profit- able one for all who took part." , ' wt 3. ff, 1 "-'va gr xy W 1.4 'The music goes 'round and 'round and comes out here," explains John Talt. Below: The EXPLORER'S orbit is being plotted by math students Rich McLaughlin, Donna Hagemann, and Ed Keller. new ,ff-.... A human model is studied by Sharon Sacchi, Jim Sorahan, Jim Rutherford, Pat Kelly and Janet Pistochini. We'll catch up with Russia, yet!" says Elaine Marshall. X ,qv -4 . M fl tr'-'www e K infill at "Hi tt -+ The dance band meets during second period each day. Members are ,lim Kittle, Cherie Carmichael, Cathy ,Pel0t, Donna Hagcmann, Sherman Taylor, Ray Cress, Jim Moses, Dale Murrie, Jerald Cerri, Gerald Annis. and Brett Foster. MU IC iiAlh3IUlJI'3iS music program includes the band, a girls' chorus, and the improved and popular Alhambra Hi Notes. This group pleasantly surprised the student body early in the season, and has been in demand through the year for dances. Beginners get music training here, and the hand is constantly building for the futuref' Donna Varriu, Carolyn Tibbit. and Fliaron lsulwl practice during third period. This is the fifth period chorus class. This is the first ycar that chorus has been a credit class here. 20 HOME ECO OMIC The right pattern and the right material are of prime importance in sewing. Pat Hogan, Paula Negherbon, Linda Shepherd, and Alice Stephens make their choice. "Four ears of homemakin are available to irls at Alhambra Hi h School. Three Y g g g ears are offered in succession, and then Senior Homemakin is offered to senior Y g frirls who have had one ear reviousl . Cookinff, sewinff, interior dcoratin , and o Y P Y U 1: g home management are some of the skills learned by these future homemakersf' The freshman and sophomore girls made Christmas cookies, and Loryn Harbaugh, Marles Burk, Barbara Seihert, and Judy Arendt- then they gift wrapped them. son work on new wardrobes in Senior Homemaking. V Ixos, XA... HOP CLASS S eg? E? in . S Marvin Marcus and Don Stilly master the art of welding. Below: Richard Bailey and Gini Martini work on their boat. "Radio and Electricity Shop was added to Alhambrais shop program this year. A complete shop program is available to students who arc in- terested in the vocational fields. This includes general shop, woodshop, car- pentry, machine shop, industrial drawing, welding and sheet metal, and auto shopfl ,Z Below: Don Barlsch explains a new machine in one of the metal shop classes. Piston setting and boring engine cylinders are a re-gulai part of the auto shop classes. 1 ,gf g. J ii it ,W ik , i t -F -T5 4 ,E 1 4 xl 5 E " W .. . - 1 323-Tit, an 141415: 1-F A4 I, ,M I 1 4 f Barbara Minear, Sue Davidson and Edna Stanley practice Accoung Barbara Linam explaining techniques of the mimeograph to Susan Writing. Decker and Joanne Spina. COMMERCIAL "The business world takes a large number of our graduates, so it is only natural that the modern high school has many courses to help these people in this kind of employ- ment. At AUHS, it is possible to get junior business training, clerking, bookkeeping, typing, stenography. business communications, and secre- tarial practice." XX Typing H students work for speed and accuracy. fl A H---M"-"""" Zoe Boyer dictates to stenography students. COUNSELI G A D GUIDA CE WW ,A A freshman with problems can usually find help in solving them by seeing his counselor, Mr. McBride. Sue Cowell and Laurel Peters are trying to figure out a good schedule for next year. 4'When a fellow needs a friend- well, he usually heads for his counselor around a high school. The guidance department is staffed with people who know a lot about you, and who really try to keep you on the right track in your school work. They do a lot of other things, too. For in- stance, they take charge of the testing program, they arrange for vocational talks, and they are the ones responsible for class place- ment and scheduling. They even keep track of you after you leave schoollf' "How do you go to college?" "One way is with a scholarship," Richard Youngman is discussing a student body problem with says Marilynn Santos to Dave DeFields. Mr. Spade. ? i "This was Alhambrais year in sports! Our teams played well, and our students supported them, win or lose. The football team nailed down second place in the league, and the basketball team did almost as well. Student interest was high, and both the team' and the students displayed a high level of sportsmanshiplall year long." ' ' s 2 -i 2 xy . R A t . .., A Q.,- - Hz: v 'ur 1' Nf "!""f" ff- -N, , 1 f7f.'1"2s"' fzmw vwfsbilg W. ' 1- f 3, , A , R 1 Q 'Wah' -L . . .. m ' QQJ Zm.L L b me ' mx ggi: 'L,' - K I -.. QL L ? A R ,W GARY HOWES ww, A51-we M-b x g t 5 A ,V i CLYDE LAIRD m DARWIN MICKLE 'X N QS M'flQ 4 '-'24, 1. ...X . af S2139 Nm.. , K v. Q' . i, 37x BL X s S N ' ALLEN DeFRAGA ,Gai 3 Mx Don Greene, Don Cadenasso RlCh McLaughl1n John Wyffels Casaway, Ron DeMonner Ron August SCOREBOARD 'John Swett .. 'San Ramon .. 'Albany ......... St. Mary's .. 'Amador ....,. Acalanes ...... Castro Valley 'Libert y ...,...,., 'Livermore ,... CO F ERE CE Tony Hagemann Mlke Malone Thzrd row Jerry Wol sl- , A K , Ei' ws., 4 R34 ' iw, X Wx df"-' 7 g 4 1 , , K ,M , ,gr X , g ' - - , iff? 5 , 3 n 'N fi .4-'K' Q Q -:Q ff! 01-f' W :R mf? . ,A 4. 2 i,,x . K .ee 9.9 55 J .Vfs it J ' White 65525 :R J.V.s-First row: B. Taylor, D. Seibert, S. Dennis, M. Nye, J. Pense, D. Duncan, C. Atkinson, C. Parsons. Second row: W. Palmer, G. Toriyama, R. Greene, G. Cordon, A, Perez, F. Troia, E. Pallotta, J. Hanna, L. Wilkins, A. Chavex, J. Green, F. Billecci. Third row: R. Bobrosky, W. Newman, D. Sutherland, J. Wallin, J. McBride, J. Blair, L. Marlar, T. Anderson, T. Rangel, B. Cumings. J.V. SCORES FROSH SCORES AUHS AUHS John Swett ...,, ,,,. 0 13 San Ramon ..... ,,.,,. 0 7 Amador .A,,,,,, 0 20 0 Pacifica .,,., 7 Albany ,.,..... ......., 1 3 21 Pacifica . .. 9 0 Livermore ...... .....,, 1 3 6 Benicia ,, .... . 7 0 San Ramon .,,,,,,, 20 0 ' 0 Acalanes H A.., , . W 18 0 Diablo H , .l.,, .20 P. H111 .e,, .,.... 7 M, COACH RAMEY COACH HOUSE X FROSH-First row: B. Densmore, E. Martin, B. Lovi, J. Coulter, F. Canepa, B. Hitt, D. Schelhorn, J. Orage. Second row: T. Hogan, T. Baum, E. Johnson, J. Glalock, B. Zufall, R. Peterson, E. Ealum, S. Willis. Third row: I. Thurston. B. Curl, B. Nelson, S. Kinoshita, B. Jeans. K. Thomas, B. Nelson, W. Brasher, W. Xiglienzonv. B. Katzemayvr. L K ' -- FRESHMEN First row: YVill Newman, Rich Bolirosky, ,lorry Wloltrr. Lvn Gianno, Ron De Monner, Rich Mcl..augl1 lin. Second row: Dick Millvr, Bunny Balvstrieri, Garry Howes, Clyde Laird, Bob Jensen, ,lohn Talt Allan Brown, John Wilson, Darwin Micklv, Rich Sacchi. WBASKETBALL -9' First row: Ernie Criffanti, Art Soares, Bob Duarte, Morgan Croth, Tom Hoffman, George Toriyama, Larry Schonberg, Dennis Watson, Walt Viglienzonv, Tony Calderon, Henry Barlottani. 9 S 'qw-4' wg, , fn , fi , is l f l 5 9, Ji sf. .IX 1 M 'I 4 1 ' lx, NN Ig A S1 1, 'T .313 ' 7 N1 , K ,, ,3 fk.-, K ' A- V Q., . up A M 'W Vi 'al 15 Q" LeRoy Fonceca drove under and made this shot. Tom Hoffman is the man coming in for a possible rebound. This was one of the best games of the season as the Alhambra NB" team came from behind and beat the Livermore Cowboys in an over-time period. Pehnis Watson looked good this year as a member of the freshman and B teams. Here he hits against Pittsburg. B95 LeRoy Fronceca, Rich Viera, and Hal Shephard mix it up for the rebound in the game with San Ramon. COACH HARRISON VARSITY SCORES lst Game 2nd Game We-They We-They - . - 31-35 DeAnza 38-40 Vallejo 38-29 Pleasant Hill 37-50 Pittsburg 26-37 Antioch 35-62 El Cerrito 41-31 Liberty H ,Y,. .-Vf-fAA 4 6-45 35-33 John Swett . .. .W-52-39 33--13 Albany .,,,7,77 33-47 38--16 Amador t,,,,, Vfrrrrrr 4 0-52 46-60 Livermore rro,,.....,YV77.77....-...V ........ 4 9-44 39-27 San Ramon Y, .wV77V, VV..-VVV- V. -.---33-36 FRE ME COACH JACKSON N , , . First row: Ernie Criffanti, Walt Viglienzoni, Dennis Watson, Morgan Croth, Henry Barlettani. Second row: Jim Coulter, Eddie Johnson. Bill Shonley. John Jones, Wayne Brasher, Dave Coraua. Van Boschetti, Berle Mahan, Dan Paris, Ken Hall. HB's,' SCORES 1st Game 2nd Game We-They We-They 36-30 DeAnza 29-30 Vallejo 33-34 Pleasant Hill 27--1-3 Pittsburg 41-33 Antioch 32-49 El Cerrito 40-27 Liberty YY,7,, , ,V,VVV,, 41-25 43-41 John Swett ,,,,. ,7777,,, 4 3-34 23--'1-0 Albany . .,..i ,,,, , 30-35 37-33 Amador ,,,,,, .. 2.233-31 46--l-9 Livermore . .,,, , 43-40 49--l-0 San Ramon ,,ttt ,. ,, ,.,,. 40-33 FROSH SCORES 1st Game 2nd Game We-They We-They 15-24 Pacifica o,,,. .,,Y,7,, 2 7-28 36-29 Harry Ells , W .,,,,,,,, 25-35 16-30 Las Lomas Y777 Vffrrrfrr 2 2-33 35-20 Miramonte ,,,, 29-20 26-79 Pittsburg ,,7,7, .,...V . 4-1-42 20-15 Pleasant Hill 18-33 Acalanes First row: Jim Robbennolt, Sherman Dennis, Ron Cortese, Joe Cotz, Buck Cmnpaglia, Frank Troia, Andy Durkee. Second row: Le Roy Fonceca, Rod Persons, Mike Rooney, Hal Shepherd, Emile Pallotta, Jeff Woodson, Ray Ferrarini. Third row: Clen Kinion, Ed Rouse, Holm Giannini, Roger Murray, Rich Saechi, Jerry Rolibennolt. Len Cianno, Bunny Balestrieri, Cary Robason. BA EBALL Rich Sacchi swings for ilu- fences ill ai Ihl'Lll'lll't' scssivuf. 'lille c'ziIs'lu'i' is Jeff XYUOClSOIl 1 'UK Na Z I . A ' I' 55254 ,I as 5 'L V i ' 3 X 4 ' 2 P' i, N 'Q 9 I I ' ' 'Q E if 3 Q 4g W , Alix ' " , - aim' J Riff 1 3 s 1 v 'Q 5 1 1 A sl'- 'Z, , ff 0 i x r -1 D- 5 x., v S f . 1 V 4 In 7? ff? 'Q' vm. 2, fy N 1 an ' ii: iw! Bk ,V , ..,, RHF: Q' 'ff . , .ky Aim, x 31 1' 1 1 4 I A , FQ V, fy, Q, 5. 4 mr, Q 1. ff :E ,A .- .Q DEQ? Q 'fx' 5 A 21.5 :gl , ii- 5 V, in H 5 Q H' 4 , X A First row: Mike Bach. 'fini Jordan, Clyde- Laird. Rich McLaughlin. Val Castf-llani, ,lan Thomas, Bill Kelleher, Manager. Serond row: ,lorry Crm-vm-. Tcrral Anderson. Mary Brooks, Ted Sutton, J. D. Beverly, George- Toriyaxna. ,lim Hanna. llzlw Wooldridge. Thin! r0u': Carr Kunzv, Boll Cumings, Jerry Janeway, Don Morris. jack Stotlflr. ,lay Nelson, Jolin Wyffvls, Don Cadonasso, Walt Lindley. TRACK First row: Kvn Hall, Kietli Thomas, Tim llogran, Bob Fraga, Walt Viglionzone, Bob Zulall, Dave Nicrhake. Seronrl row: Jim Hedrick. Harlvy lfostr-'r, Rl-x Rr-ynolds. David Sutlicrland. Wayne llrashor, Van Bosvlfiotti. 'QQ' S jim, r-RW . Q . 5 Ala, .,,f 1 ,pu 131' TRACK Some of Alhambra's leading track men this year are Bob Cumings, Sal Russo, Rich McLaughlin, and J. D. Beverly. They are shown here in a sprint start. Below, Rich McLaughlin goes for distance in the broad jump. The cameraman caught these Alhambra swimmers as they started the 100-yard free-style dash. They are George Edgar, Mike Collins, Allen LaFleur, and David Lapham. SWIMMING Ron August and Jerry Wolter exhibit good form as they practice for diving competition. NN-1 First row: Alan La Fleur, Mike Collins, Tim McGregor, Rudy Negherbon, Gary Kalsbeck, Jack Gasaway, Ron Duhame. Second row: Fred Ziem, George Edgar, Rich Bobrosky, Roger Greene, Ron August, Ralph Simmons, Jerry Wolter, John Giberti, David Lapham. WIMMI G First row: Bob Jeans, .lim Coulter, Eddie Johnson, Ulas Kirby, .lim McBride, Dwight Russell. Second row: Geof Griffin, Bill Katzemayer, Len Atkinson, Dave Corrazza, lra Thruston, Dan! Paris, Don Schreuder, Berle Mahan. --.-- mfs-Q '39 i' 1 First row: Mike Aiello, Klaus Wendler, Rich Harbrecht, Allan Brown, Mr. Tomlinson. Second row: Albert Jones, Lee Adams, Norman Orloff, Tom Rangel, Don Brown, Bob Jensen. Deciding who will serve first are Norman Orloff, Rich Har- brecht, Klaus Wendler, Bob Jen- sen, and Allan Brown. Richard Harbrect and Allan Brown compete against Mike Aiello and Klaus Wendler. TENN S GIRL 9 ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO SWEATERETTES First row: Barbara Rice, Dianc Brusa- tory. Betty Mcifamey, Linda Cook, Sandra Hart. Second row: Sharon Woltvr, Linda Harrison, Kay Black- lmurn, Loretta Dunivan, Laurclte- Lac- coarce, Joyce- Kalzvmaycr. sf fi. W3 F! G.A.A. OFFICERS Linda Cook, Vice Presidvntg Judy Cadenasso, President, Loryn Har- baugh, Se-cretary, and Marie Durkee, Treasurer. 'ls Q ff 'I X 5 ., ,X I xxx' ' I I I H 2 lk Q Q X 5 2 I BLOCK "A" First row: Joyce Jones. Linda Shep- herd, Marie Durkee, Loryn Harbaugh, Judy Cadvnasso. Second row: Arlcnc Grilli, Lufflla Lucido, Marles Burk, Zoe Boycr, Margo Frycr, Elainf- Marshall, June McKay, Maureen Collins, Barbara Seilwrt, and Judy Viland. 4. C3 X - E' -Ol ,- fr 4:3 nv f P 'ip 0 O 1 l l l A l " 4 4 'ir - , L L, it A Sk f x 'X .: Q mf my N EMM. SENIOR BASKETBALL First row: Ruth ilunnplu-ll. I.lDI'l'll1l lJunix'zm. Xlarlm-A Burk. ,lumly Caclvrlassu. Elainv Marshall, Lnryn Harhaugh, Swami row: Dianna Hughvs. Barbara Seilu-rr. 'Nlaurc-vn Collins. Jc-anfftte' Coccimiglio. Suv Davimlfuil. Marie llurkev. l.inzla She-phi-nl. Thin! row: Sharon Woltvr. June- XIr'Kay. Marge Frye-r. Luvllu liuviiln. llvlty Nam: Hrvln-rtu Ymingf. Alilliw-nl llunnc-r. JUNIOR BASKETBALL Irs! row: llvlty Nlcfluiwlw-y. l,in4Iu Clouk. Sin-ilu lfullill. Sandra llurl, lliam- Franfhini, xvilllllil rianl, Slfftllllf row: jualy NlL'll1'lS4PIl. Pat Hinds. Put RUOIICQQ ljvgggy llamli. Nlelmliv ll0uL'lu'l', .llltly vally. Third row: Sllvilu JUIISVII, Holy-rla Harsh. l,aur4'ttv I,Lll'l'0E,ll'1'l'. liarhara Rim-, jnyu' Katzvnulyvr. Sharon Shelby. l,inclzl llurrifon. l.uiN Slrivklzmcl. Q 'in' Q FBESHMAN BASKETBALL L, Van Arsdalv. D. Sparacino, J. Sutton, D. Cartclr. J. Russo, J. Adams, N. Wells, l'. lfvans. N. Nlr'Caskif'. B. Kennendy S. 5aundPrs. D. Grieve. Seromz' row: D. Framo. D. Rolwrson. S. Hunt, L. Brooks, C. Nyv, B. Lvwis. H, Jackson, S. Ficli L. Dalke. L. Hvskl-'II. R. Clavys, J. DC lulio. J. Wainwright, R. Rangvl, W .'xlIllU'lJSf'. S. liucknam. Third row: C Wvlwr-lvr. N. Willianis. S. Cowell, B Prllvtt. L. Juluisun. J. DaCm'tv. B. Hol le-y. J. Duartv. l., Pvters. G. Wvliite, B llalzlwin. A. Curt:-sv. M. Cove-ncy. S Dura. F. Aim-llo. R. Busnarrlu, A. Verno 5:3 1 lx r V i A kg ' ' 2 . X x j J .aa ff?" I J 9 SOPHOMOBE BASKETBALL First row: J. Wickman. F. Stephens, K Nicrlialu-. P. Porter. E. Hayes, J. Silva J. Spina. P. Talso. J. Morris, K Slimav. J. Cecil. C. Wannickc. 'l'. Nate Sewmf row: C. Harvey. S,'Sacc'l1i, B Bruningx. J. Park. B. Frvvnian. L. Crow B. Morrow. V. Gannon. P. Kvlley, C Urn:-r, K. Uliliarri. J. Marshall, T Zanussi. Third row: C. Rolicrsfrn, A Cruisv. R. Hammit, E. Sellar. S. Sul lengvr. J. Trousclalv. P. Smith. C. Duke L. Skinner. D. P4-ti-rsflbrf. J. Baldwin K. Ricci, P. Lucidn, 9. Isabell. . . T " I 'ink 0l:Flfjl,u,5: ljiam- IH,-uqmmry, l.lIlllLl Slu-pln-rml. lillvn Se-llar. NIM-,XXINlCSXI,I-15 XXINNFR5: Jluly l.llll4'Il3sSH, l.y'Il4lLl Doncl Pal Rmnnw Nlarif- Durkmz llarlmarn Rin-v. Rulwrla llarsli. Limlal son. Yam-5 llmlgxexarlal,l1nlyYilan1l, 44 Cook. lit-ttf .Nlm'Carri:'y. v SENIOR VOLLEYBALL First row: B. Nace, M. Durkee, S. Wolter, J. McKay, E. Brigden, Z. Boyer. Second row: M. Burk, L. Shepherd, D. Delchini, J. Jones, J. Coccmigilio, E. Marshall. Second row: M. Caccavo, S. Davidson, E. Edwards, M. Fryer, L. Lucido, M. Collins, J. Viland, J. Cade- nasso, M. Santos. SOPHOMOBE VOLLEYBALL First row: J. Baldwin, E. Sellar, J Cecil, T. Zanussi, L. Swanson, L. Crow. Second row: J. Baldwin, C. Greer, V. Bodeman, P. Burgess, K. Rice. L. Lino, C. Elzy. Third row: J. Spina, H. New- ton, J. Marshall, V. Cannon, G. Harvey, K. Borghesani, S. Isabell. JUNIOR VOLLEYBALL First row: L. Cook, L. Harrison S, Hart. P. Paoli. D. Barrow. Ser ond row: S. Shi-lby, S. Cahill, S Cilreath, J. Beatty, L. Cray. P Hinds. Third row: J. Jones. L Ehler. J. Nichelson, D. Franehini B. Rice, J. Katzemayer, P. Negher hon. K. Blackburn. D. Harlabakis. ,,.u,,..- W... ,,.i...,,J.,. I FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL First row: D. Grieve, NI. Johnson, J. DaCortu, J. Russo, D. Carts-r, C. Hoffman, R. Kraintz, J. Wygal. J. Peterson. Second row: S. Duca, L. Johnson, S. Dollar. A. DiMaggio, D. Cleven, NI. McCaskie, D. Machado, D. Narraniore, M, Chantri, C. White. L. Heskett, C. Wheeler. Third row: R. Claeys. P. Weinstock, L. Brooks, D. Funk, M. Coveny, J. Wainwright, P, Hartz, K. Fountain. J. Delulio, M. Haslam, S. Smith, H. Jackson, N. Williams, B. Kennedy, A. Verno. TENNIS First row: B. Hartsfilecl, L. Alforil, P. Wheeler, L. Dunivan, S. Marchi. Serond row: F. Boyce, P. Rooney, R. Harsh. D. Fsani, J. Sutton. Cook. Third row: B. Cecil, D. Hughes, C. Boles. Miss Parent. W. Althouse, L. Skinner. C. Duke. UQ MANAGERS fygk. Lillie Skinner, Catherine Duke, Sue LaFlesh Janet Sidorsky, Sarah Bucknam, Betty Nace it OUTDOOR EDUCATION First raw: S. LaFlesh, L. Alford, B. Parret, D. Cleven, W. Briant. Second row: J. Beatty, D. Sher- man, B. Pruett, S. Hart. Third row: J. McAlpin, E. Edwards, B. Rice, S. Cahill, D. Franchini, B. Hartsfield, Miss Parent, L. Heskett, P. Negherbon, S. Gilbreath, J. Sidorsky, S. Bucknam, P. Smith. TRAMPOLINE First row: A. Picconi, L. Harbaugh, J. McKay,x L. Shepherd, E. Laccoarce, S. Wolter, J. Cadenasso, M. Fryer, B. Cecil, L. Alford. F . ' -2. 1 f ARCHERY First row: B. Nace, P. Wheeler S. Wolter, G. Cervenka, W Briant. Second row: S. Hunt, J Perry, S. Whitley, J. Fortier, D Sherman, E. Maderos. Third row: M. Soloman, J. Park, D. Gentry, Mrs. Runion, J. Sidorsky, S. Bucknam, L. Peters, J. McFar- land. N: .. MODERN DANCE First row: A. Crilli, K. Blackburn, S. Hart, L. Dunivan, B. Hartsfield, V. Bodeman, .l. Silva, J. Spina. Second row: E. Scllar, J. Baldwin, T. Zanussi, L. Swanson, J. Billecci, F. Stevens, D. Bmsatory, J. Viland, N. Boyd, C. Barnette, C. Urner, C. Wannicke. Third row: S. Sacchi, M. Ciberti, J. Katzemayer, P. Hartz, C. Fountain, N. Wells, S, Orloff. E. Hayes, S. Windham, P. Porter, S. Snook, W. Briant, L. Cliatto, J. Pistochini. Fourth row: M. Taylor, S. Kilgore, D. Franohini, J. Beatty, G. lVIacAlvey, P. Paoli, K. Rice, l. Romero, C. Pistochini, L. Harrison, S. Cahill, L. Quontamatteo, D. Chiartano, C. Greer. """'m4w Slielia flaliill lllllllt' a lmeautiful Nlaclunna as ilu' Nloclern llamw flruup press-iitwl Ilie Arr' .llnrlirl 48 at tlu- Clirislmzis ass:-mllly. ., M S x J gp Xl 93 Q2 o at Ti Q . . h S 3 M. ,,:- wal, k - X 5 ' . .., gf i ,aw -,, . -W . - i ii 1, V X E ig n ,.A, "Sometimes it seems as if it is just one club meet- ing after another. Alhambra High School does have its share of clubs and out of school activities, and each of them exists for an educational reason. Of course we forget about that, but taking an active part in these activities does help us to be better students." ' n g 3, i i 1 4 g i .. . ,., Q ' 1957 HO ECOMING "XlQVf'f'?" sCl'c'anu-cl Sharon Wnllm-r u- flu- lat-value await' that the- vmwn was living plum-tl un lu-r In-all, l'ritn'e--ws lqlllillf' Nlilfillllll. .ltttly Yilaml, annl ,latin Strivkluntl llvlpvml make- it tt ln-uulifnl llfllIlf1l'lDlIllllQ,. Y llurwin Nlickle. lvtnn vuptain. officially tlwlare-s Sharon llmnm 1-nnlillgl Que-on. 'lllw lwaulies and lllm- lwas--uh. foutlnull te-ann linv up for ilu' traditional "A," lly the way, wt- won the galne, tool 50 ASKETB LL SWEETHE RT 1 1' 1 5 'Q-M nff' 'Ng if WI? M Mijn. . M -an a ., K V , , .Ag ' ' , SWl'4'llll'l1Ff candidates vw-rv lfluim- Marshall, Judy Vilancl, Margq- ,Iluly Yiluml Iukw ilu' mikv from Daw IM-lfi.-lds to thank Illuso FVYVT. A1111 Hl1l1l'H. and I.m'v11 Harlmaugrh. whu Cflfvw lll'I' "l5aNlu-Ilralll Sw-:'ll1rfzl1't." SI 52 PEP TEA VARSITY YELL-LEADERS: ,Ie-rald Ce-rri. Daw- Dv Fields. Kaur:-n Qlssun. Lnuiac- Gliatto. Linda Harrison. JUNIOR VARSITY YELL-LEADERS: Sheila Cahill, Sandra Hart, Linda Cook. 'aa iv Q . Six, I ibn. . -M 3 M ff 2 if Q ff as 5 Q 'sz- gf- N , Q? xkgs 'E 'O if W' .,Qwg'+f fig? 5 5 if T-gy V9 5 'ilu 5, - m. 'Q x 4 gli, Hs sl ' 5 v I 'mix ' 53 ' A.U.H. . BA D First row: Donna Hagemann, Judy Viland, Jim Sparks, Bill Evenson, Carolyn Baldwin, Elaine Marshall, Marilynn Santos, Terry Barber, Claudia Laird. Second row.' Joyce Jones, Sherman Taylor, Roger Greene, Steve Jackson, Karen Ulibarri, Zoe Boyer, Gayla Valentine, Mark Gilbert, Bill Zufall, Bill Ernest, Bob Hartz, Jim Tutt, Allan Brown, Judy Wainwright, Chris Newman, Melodic Boucher. Third row: La Dean Dalke, Cookie lfzell, Janet Trousdale, Jeannie Duarte, Sarah Bucknam, Linda Cook, Barbara Jones, Judy Shelby, Don Schrcudcr, Marvin Larsen, Brett Foster, Carr Kunze, John The AUHS band is a familiar sight as it takes an active part in school and community affairs. The band is on hand for all home football games, and for other school activities as requested. It takes an active part in special school and community programs each year, and holds a special music concert each Spring. MAJORETTES 54 Jane Baldwin, Judy Beatty, Carolyn Baldwin, Melodie Boucher, and Marianne Giberti. .- x A . 1 . X x .LV V 1 '5 I , L A . . Vg ., ..., , , V UQ 1 F 1 xv W f., fL.,f. rr. . 5. . :Qi 0 817 gf Xl ' I R N I 16 Vx' Vw ' 'P "fn ' A . ,, fb 4 X fi ' V if ff ' I 1 'L-' I . gs ' inf i Q A AA U" T- ' 4 if F . if at V A 'tl' ' A K. New I A gi zif I tx X h . I .1 . I '40 gk xv, KA Q Q F ' " L ' ' A J Q A . gi m 'I x' . fi, K V ,Vg ' js' ' t V .fm 'I . W Y, I 'IL' , 'gl' V K A. 1 ,E t QT- N l O f yi" , L.Lv, 4 Elk- . , . ' g h . Qiv- ?f 352 in 1 . A J.A' , L?-ix-., 'M- K 'Wi N I , if Jia' 5 1: ,,,.-3, W 1 f , si W" 3718. 3 J Q 'Q 1' M 3 Inf 5 fix Z J ! NSN 5 '- U-E 'if P . . 1? 5 f Fx X 3 in A SE f' ff' ,-Q 2 A 52 Ts 'if 11 X RI 'F' . fl A,, 5 Q Q-wg 3, M Q Q E E U 3 ' 51431 l ' se- , ff Es V 5 4' " 2 f if K G K 56 gi 1:1 K Q an ,Q rn 'KW l 2 Rh 5 W CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION First row: Terry Barber, Carol Stuck, Terry Nace, Betty McCarney, Sheila Cahill, Sandra Hart, Dorothy Haralabackis, Linda Alford, Barbara Patterson. Second row: Judy Kemp, Neil Ross, Jerald Cerri, Bill Wainwright, Cecelia Tutt, Donna Hagemann, Melodie Boucher, Wilene Wearne, Linda Harrison. Third row: Linda Crow, Karen Ulibarri, Prudy Lucido, Marylee Taylor, Joanne Spina, Peggy Paoli, Nancy Boyd, Sally Snook, Jeri Christian, Milli Bonner. First row: Chris Newman, Marilyn Santos, Judy Viland, Rosa Lee Hammit, Judy James, Marianne Ciberti, Mary Lewis, Betty Brown, Pam Talso. Second row: Marvin Larsen, Dwayne Chase, Tim Jordan, Barbara Cecil, Jackie Cecil, Sue Windham, Carr Kunze, Zoe Boyer, Allen DeFraga. Third row: Klaus Wenrller, Bill Evenson, Larry Dodge, Roger Greene, Will Newman, Luella Lucido, Marie Durkee, Loryn Harbaugli, Marles Burk. f H .5 1 , , FRENCH CLUB First row: DuWayne Smith, Arlene Crilli, Phyllis Weinstock, Sharon Saunders. Gail MacAlvey, Marianne Giberti, Richard Harbrevllt, Sheryl Orloff, Cerri Nye, Maureen Johnson, Marilyn 'l'alkt-n, lfahada Heskett. Seronfi row: Millie Bonner, Joanne Bowlin, Jeri Christian, Allan Delflraga, Zoe Boyer, Phoebe Evans, Sharon Brewer, Jean Morrow, Vickie Bodeman, Carleen Wannicke, Janet Waitkunas, Ron lJuHame, Alice Thayer. Third row: Bill Evenson, Maureen Collins, Judy Vilanrl, Norman Orloff, Klaus Wendler, Boh Jensen. Tony Hagemann, John Talt, Andy Uurkee. Tommy Bohannon, Janet Trousdale, Barhara Patterson. Stephen Kinoshita. "x,,,1,.x' First row: Micky Coveney. Judy Kemp. Carol Stuck. Nanny Welle. Nlarylvt- Taylor. Kathy Nlartin. Peggy Hartz. Ellen Sellar, Karen Nierhake. Juanita Morris. Karen Ftimac. Pamela Talso, Sewoml mtv: llayiel Spade, l'nt Jordan. John Calilwlini. Anita Cort:-fe. Kathy Fountain. Judy Wainwright. Joan Adams. Sandy Dayidgon. Nancy Dodge. LaDvan Dalke, Sue Fick. Third row: Nlilgs- Collins. Bill Ernest. Larry Dodge, Larry Schonlmt-rg. Steve Kinoshita. Bill Wainwright, George Toriyama. R011 Sparaeino, Jim Hanna, Jon Wlallin. Diane fihiartano. 58 SPANISH CLUB First row: Roger Greene, Judy James, Claudia Laird, Elaine Marshall, Duane Chase. Seeond row: Karen Ulibarri, Prudy Lucido, Betty lNlcCarney, Ruth Rangel, Jeanne Mclilorrow, Dorrine Petersdorf, Kathy Sasek, Sonja Napper, Janet Wygal, Robin Claeys, Joann Russo, Rena Busnardo. Third row: Frances Boyce, Janet Waitkunas, Richard Knapp, Jim Blalock, James Petersdorf, Ernie Criffanti, Toni Hunt, Joe Dillard, Rita Kraintz, Susan La Flesh, Sandra Marin, Mari- lynn Santos. Fourth row: Dennis Watson, Walt Viglienzone, 'llotn Rangrel, Steve Jackson, Jon Wallin, Jim Hanna, Mr. Totnlinstvn, advisor, John Pereira, Marvin Larsen, Larry Sanhurg, Ted Witting, Crace White, Dawn Grieve. S .W RALLY CLUB Firsl rote: Joan Adams, Nancy Wells, Anita Shrader. "5pike." Loretta Dunivan. Georgia Cervenka, Joanne Spina. Second row: Marilyn Santos. Sandra Hartz, Diane Franehini, Jaekie-Cecil. Barbara Ct-eil, Dorrine Petersdorf, Linda Harrison, Louisf' Cliattn, linda Alford. Lavern Lino. Tlzirtl muy' l.aurette Laeeoarce, Barham Linam, Shirley Edwards, Cary McCart, Buddy Parrel. fleet-lia 'l'utt. Nlarylee Taylor. Juanita Morris. Pat Kelley. Jeri Christian. Fvurtlt row: Sheila Jensen, Joyce Katze- ntayer, Jerald Cerri. Dianna Hughes, Judy Vilztnd, Tom Hunt, Dave lim-Fields, Anita Cortese. 59 CADET The Alllillllllfil High School California Cadet Corps is one of the oldest in the state. The Cadets. under the direction of Major Rahen- stein. are most noticeable as they perform their duties as the Color Guard before each of the football games. Other school service in- cludes ushering and patrol duties at games and school functions. lNIt'IlllH'IAS of thc Color Guard are Walt Lindley, Don Slilley, Aaron Tholnpson, Rayncll Huddlcson, Dean Hall, and N1-ul Ross. Below: Richard Youngman, Manual Quiroz, Cary Spa-4-tlvrl. X. li. llnvis. Burton llllflllllll. Larry Nlayllew, and lluddy l'urr1-t on tlnc firing linv. Kneeling are: Rl4'll1lI'll l'e-rsons, Stanley Davis, Hayncll Huddlcson, lion Still:-y. Str-vc Ellis, Nr-ul Ross, and ,lack Wlebb. Slrzmling: Auron Tlioinpson, 'l'onnny Tompkins, Wvalt ljmllcy. Ralph Young. and Dean Hall. O Q ' l . l nv- . A ,....s,,.,m,,l, ,V M i i i r 5 'ff i i 'X it 'A . . F x I K CJK. vjgitx ,., of mi fsg' . . 3 ' xy X -uf, X ,f 5 mf" 5 s STAGE CREW First row: Gini Martini. Richard Bailey. Russell Salva, Stan Buie, Al Greene. Secnna' row: Gerald Annie, Will Palmer, Hay l"errarini. liay Salva. Harnlrl King. Art llllavez. SCIENCE CLUB First row: Pat Rooney, Emagene Brigilen, Marge Fryer, Kay Blackburn, Sharon Wolter, Joyce Katzemayer. Second row: Dave Caudel. Kathy Hatch. Sandra Williams, Marianne Gibcrti, Brenda Hartsfield, Judy Cadenasso, Alan La Fleur. Third row: Dexter Freeman, Bob Taylor, Rich McLaugh- lin, David Sutherland, Jan Thomas, joe Gull. Frank Costanza. Al Greene, Don Cooper. N..,Q,,f fa: . 9, 5 " BEE .S lk 0, ian m"'-Nxf ' 4 l. ,ff dn' ,un fa- iff A ...J i 2 GIRLS' LE,-XUUIC OFFICERS: liarlruru Rim: ,If'HIN'II4' f:4H'I'illli,!li0, Barbara 41+-1-il, Juvkie' Cecil. Pal Hinds, Pat Hnmuvy. CJ no I 1 tin Q' FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Firxl 1010: Fumlra Nlurin. Hurlmura Nlmlmv. 'll-rry Name, ljillljllly llauulubakis. Kurs-n Ulilmrri, Prufly Lucido, janet TI'0llSllL1lf'. 50601111 1010: ,Ivan xIf'NIOTI'KlW, Uvlly l,l'Llt'H. Sllvliu Hlllll, llurlu Rnlncrson, Vunyu Cannon, Linda Crow, ,land VVuitk11r1as,Joyc:e- Pvle-rsml. Tlzirrl' row: Nancy Woods. Palsy lim-irlllulwll. Gayle Higgins, Drucilla Nickerson, Rosa Lee IILIIHIII -' V ' -' -N - 'x ' "1 N 62 nt. June Forum. Sanrim Duma. lmnu lold. fsrry Iylrlnx. BLOCK MAB First row: ,Ie-rry Wfrlt:-r, David Wofulmlrirlge, Sal Russo, Don Stallcup, Don Bartscli, Richard Sacclii, Clyde Laird. Bob ,Ie-nscn, Don Morris, David Johnston, Second row: Darwin Nlickle, Bunny llalvslrim-ri, Joe Goin. Andy Durlu-1-, Bob CI'1'l'Ill', Toni Hangul, Rudy Nc-gherbon, Allen Delfraga, Allan Brown. Richard Harlureclit, Ula-n Kinion. Third row: J. D. Beverly, Ron Delllonner, Norman Orloff, Don Cade-nasso, Jack Casaway, Hike Collins, LeRoy Fonceca, John Tall, Bill Kelleher, Hal Shepherd. Teddy Sutton, Leonard Gianno, Bob Ciannini. JUNIOR STATESMEN OF AMERICA Karen llibarri. Prudy l.ucido, liill Eu-nson. Wm-ndy Althouse, Jan Sutton, Ray Baird. Standing Sharon lfalwl. Barlnara Kennedy. mm..,..,M.M OFFICE ASSISTANTS: I.in1Iu Sh:-ph:-rd. Loryn Hurlruugh, Judy Are-ndtson, Sandra Nivrhako, Marie llurkcv. Vvilvnr- Wvarnv, Linda Alfeml. Marie- fiavcavn. -S.. iq? lfUl'NSf'fI.lNll OI"l"HQI'1 XS5IF'I'XN'l'Sg Xlmu Yam llruul. Kathi Hnrrik. ,IOJXIIII DL'NlZlI4li!li. Ruth f:LlllIlllH'Il. Nliff gXlIn'igl1tA Xlrm II:-ml, Shirley Iitlhlllklls, Sm- lluvielwm. lliunnu llllghvf. 64 r 1' ADULT EDUCATION OFFICE ASSISTANTS John Compagno, Barbara Rossi, ,loycv Jones. LIBRARY ASSISTA NTS First raw: Marilyn Talkvn, Ywlte- Pallotta. Sandra Clifton, ,loan Cmnpaglno. Roberta Da Silva. Second row: Betty Hnllf-y, ,Ioh-nv Vivant. Suv Taylor. Third row: Philip Slihowski, Lee Heskvtt, Richard Knapp, Prudy Lucidu, Vivkiv Ii1Nlt'lU3Il. Xlargf- Fryvr. .Iwhn lr:-hinu. Jvunnr-ttf' Coccimiglio, Kathy Rice. Melmliv Houvher. Lura-Ita Pacln-Co. H0551 Lee Hammit. 65 Editor Shirley Edwards beats out a story as bara Linam look on. s- .K airs? Pat Hinds and Bar 5 Joan Campagno and Brenda Hartsfield check copy for the feature page with typists Barbara Rossi and Carol Shelby. ALHAMBRA TIMES 'fThe Alhambra Times had a new look this year as it switched to a four-column format. The Times was pub- lished every third week. and was printed by photo-offset. A special edition for llomveoming and an open-house edition were printed and the Journalism l students put out two cub editions. Also a project of the Times staff was the Senior Editionfl The sports staff wus Miki- Hickey. Ce-raltl Cabral and Albert lfuelt Times was made up this way to be sent to the printer. Greene, lonnit' lie-vi-rly. typist. and Serena llpshaw. artist, work Donna Delcllini. Bob Flackus. and Gary Russell work On laysout. below. i Tlw fivv AHlZ1lllIH'il slmlvnlk who n-pn-f1'11I1-d us at thv lima-rz1rn-I fIonfz-re1u'c- in Sacramento are, IPI! to 7'1'i,Q,Il.' Xlurie- llurkw-. fm' liuyvr, Harry lirarlln-y. lllumliu I1iliI'lIA uml ,Indy Vilanxl. wy- Wi s ri :. s ' 1 ,Lf 2, x M ,e,:+W M. x Xlhillllllfdlx firxt alttvmpt lr- 1--lulslixll Ll "'l'e-cn ffmivu wa- mivuu' ln tlxvw Nlll1if'Ill-. 'I'I1c-Y arv: Cllllllliii I.air1l. I3nln'fliulxi11i. .lwlm 'I'gnil. limlu f.4HIl'i.,lUL1Il Xiiiilllx fklyrlm' lmul, Fur- l"ivkA Nlikv Collins. and Jackiv Cwil. -wg! ,wwf I X . JM, TORCH ST FF ff? Nlarilynn Santos. vclitnr of the- 'l'Ul'C'll. X14-Indiv Boucher. anfl Daw Ue'Fi4'lds discuss whvrc a piclurv sluvuld Inc n1'I'HIlIlQ1d.,. gf , U, mfmffw f Left: Ally:-rl Cl't'1'Il4' unml 1.111-lla Lucidu tm-ll Busirwss Manager Margv Frye-r how tn write- ilu- cnpy for an adv:-rtiss'1uvnt. Helozv: Holm l'1li1l'kllS anrl Judy Cadvna5sn work nut a Vlllll pagv lay-nut as Nlarvin Brooks wurks un his assignnlent. Staff llN'I'Ilbl'I'S alms:-nl. Pat Rooney and Serena UpSl1aw. i wilt -.--Q 1---Q ..z I 1 'N-Q.. N..- LX 'Vlw Tun-h ,'xNHl'IIlllly fl'lllllI'l'Il Qlar IH'TfllTIllQ'Y'4 Irs- Slruvr. Bill Douglas, Frnagvnv Iirirlgn-11, Don Barrier. Mike Nahum-, Luella I.llf'i110, Margv Fryer, and Judy ":Xin't Cut N0 Hnmv" Cach-nasw. . . :Xml "'I'hf- FUZZN km-'pt things umh-r control. Xlr. Hold:-r mul Sarah Xlalhvwf pravtim' hurhvring on Junior Corsi . . . . . M111 Mr. 'I'humas chu-s u liltla- "muinhull', vounsvling with R011 Curlvse-. 'vs .inmate 5 MV M C1 T H INE9' 1111 X11l'll 111111115 111111 1'11111111111y 111 1111N 51-1111 511I'1Ily 1'111y 1111. 1111111 ff!! 111 IILUIII, N111111111111' M1111-111. ifhrie N'xx1111111. C1111111111 1,11i1'11. 11111111 11111 111 11 11'l'l'1I1 1111 1 - N 1" 11 . . 11' 1 ". I1 1111111'11. 4111111 x1111II+1. 1111 1 X11 .l1'I'l l.111'1x11:111. 13111111111 ll1:y111fN. 11111-. '1'ult11- -1111115 N113 X111'Il 1111- 1911111 I11'yLl11H' 1111 started things happening. 11-11 110151 ,XIII 14101'iN 41 DR1UI11'l'ICf 1 11'.111- k.111'Nl1'1Y 1111l1' 111 1111- 111111111 .1X 1111111 11111 The Allen Family demonstrates its 'Lge-tting up" routine- for magarme writer NY' l l fllaf lww Q 'IN' llf N Lynn Kirk. Mrs. Allen. ,s,s,s, Myrtle Davy ,,,.,, Chester M, 7 lane Clark ss,,,, Betsy Ann ,,,, Lynn Kirk Mr. Allen , Doctor Tuttle ,,7,,,,, Hilda Filzmauriee Mrs. Clark ,,,,l,,ll,,l,ll Honeychile , , CAST Claudia Laird Marilynn Santos David Underholt Jeri Christian Marianne Ciberti Ann Hulten ,C Chris Newman Lee Struer Cecelia Tult . Dianna Hughes Judy Viland Myrtle uses the butterfly net to capture Cl1ester's lost Blacktail. Below flu ur 1 sniooeliecl by Honsyehile ex , .A Q' U 5' H . ....--. M 7 ,Y " E' ff, 11 T4 fe e 1 5 ff X Q. Q . r -"yn , If Qkgzz ' ar. , f . 'Z vii Qiifrziii, V ,V I 2 fi 7. Lf- -C -i F53 sit I ' Y 'P'-'YE Q NI 'NH ' f . ff,L"Q?jK. , 5 ' Brig' -ff' wwe , 12 . if 4, 7 aa I 9. '14 Q fcfxifk. , I fi: rw Q ,!..,f, :Q- ' ag 2 . -.. - W fwfr A. Wi , VXQKAEKJ A 5 3645, ' vw-lii 2, , , 4. 'A Vi 343: 'QF' 1'-nv , gy y L, ug, 'V ,g,?hw'f' " 2 W, .f .v":Jw. - v ff. , Q94 ,2 'fp-.' . ig f M,-'f'nf,, ?,:f"'1" 1 . ' f . A fggfyaiff-39331 212' ,f A tr3,gfLf?s-- . 7 A my y A' K MIM 5 L: XM W,gf14gg',w 1,5sf..,g f-nm, M K- ' ,ff , fy, fjyb?-f"iL', f wmv , mgffkfg' 1,,Q.kgQd3"'0'5t?:'jZr,.:y-ff"g5Z' ,, K ff,-fw, KA . f W iwa. , , NX Qi : W X 1. ,J . ,, X M., "y,,....f - ...4. S ings," L -tizf f K. K I ,, J A YA 3.1 W I 2. x.'..-- rv 5 2 l ja ,ef A Lk-- 1. 1-L 4 2 "'...-T5 an i 5 '!Nl,'vhg.. g g--... 0 2 13 ' N ' S 2 QA 4+ ,. , 9 7 ' 1? V 5. , -5, gm. .L Y M, 5 ,,f'i-:FX .c' if fa J ff! lx if 1 1 ,Q 5 i l s Q- , 'Sl 5 ,fi "We talk about buildings, and playing fields, and swimming pools, but it is really the PEOPLE who make the school. Our classmates, our teachers, our administrators, and our parents make our school what it is." X 2 f. sw - .s 75 First row: Barbara Adams. Clon- nit- Adams. joan Ariasi. Franc:-5 Aivllo. joan Adams. Sue Brad- shaw. Second row: Grant Bod- wvll. Mike Baoh. liohhy Bre- shvars, Louis Bodiford. Larry Baird, Thomas Baum. Larry Hradlvy. Third row: Larry Hor- doni, Michael Balt, Phillip Bach. Leonard Atkinson. Com- Auston. Henry Barlettani. WF' 'J F RESHMEN FRESHMAN CLASS UFFIQIEHS- First row: Plior-he Evans. Walt Vig- lienzom-. Dt-nnis Watson, Nancy Wm-lls. Second row: Re-na Busnardo. Ruth Ranged. ,Ioan Adams. Jvanir' lluartcz Third rout Iii-tty Baldwin. Joanne' Russo. Roluin Clavys, First funk: Farah Buvknani. linda Brooks. Sharon Brown. Sharon Hrm'w'e'r. C4-rry Holvrosky. Nlary Burke-, Ht-tty Baldwin. S1-fond row: Rolwrl Hay. Bonnie- Adair. Jim Cast-y. Donna Brown. Frank Cane-pa. .lunior Corsi. lion lions- niorv. Third row: Tom Collins. Anthony fjompagno. Mary lllair. Cingn-r Burg. Clifford Carr, Man- ur-l Cunha, Don Cooper. First row: Doris Dedmon, Diane Cleven, Andrea DiMaggio, Mary Jo Chantri, Delberta Carter, Mickey Coveney, Carolyn Carter. Second row: Anita Cortese, Sue Cowell, Sandra Clifton, Gracie Ellison, Phoebe Evans, Cookie Ezell, Bererlea Edwards. Third row: Mary Cochran, Robin Claeys, Jack Dumas, Jim Coulter, Tom Evans, O'Clair Enstad, Al- len Ealum. X ij, I Firxl row: Bobbie Griffin, Gayle Higgins. Pat Hedrick. Donna Gentry. Kenlyn Holle-man, Sheila Hunt. Naney Harvey. Second row: Peggy Hartz. Cathy Fountain, Naney Frislrie, June Forlier, Donna Funk. Leahada Heskett, Linda Hernandez. Third row: Bill Hitt. Ton Hogan, Robert Godfrey. Carl Hale, Gary Graves.. Tom Hunt, Drew Holland. First row: Donnie Funk, Chris Evenson, Judy Da Corte, Judy Delulio, Stella Dollar, Allen Lakeman, Ernie Griffanti. Second row: Sandra Davidson, Sandra Duca, l.aDean Dalke, Peter Hem- mings, Larre Delchini, Sue Fink, Dawn Grieve. Third row: John Galiellini, John Frese, Lance Hannon, Nancy Dodge, Robert Nelson, George Hengst, Fred Frese. 'x Second row: Sal DiMaggio, Betty Holley, Ricky Carabiles, LeRoy Garcia, Darlene Fredericks, Linda Phillips, Dalene Frame. Second row: Betty Goodman, Rayola Griffin, Judy Toby, Pat Hedrick, Billie Cambron, Sue Lawrence. Third row: Bob Curl, Ken Hall, Jim Tutt, Louis Sedar, John Pereira. Van Boschetti, Jerry Kelly. FRE HME First row: Carolyn Jones, Nancy MacCaskie, Kathy Gardner, Hilda Jackson, Marcia MacCaskie, Hil- da McAlpin, Donna Loyd. Second row: Pat Kittle, Elizabeth Ma- deros, Kathleen McNamara, Lacy Evans, Bill King, Joe Dillard, Ted Long. Third row: Robert Curl, Bob Jeans, Wayne Brasher, Rob- ert Webb, Leon Kirby, James Mc- Atee, Tim Campbell. First row: Pete Molin, Adriann Marchi, Gerrianne Nye, Loretta Johnson, Maurine Johnson, Kath- leen Lee, Berle Mahan. Second row: Marge Haslam, Mary Has- lam, Tanya Hatch, Rita Kraintz, Kathy Lynch, Sandra Lucido. Third row: Dick Mcljeak, David Menesini, Eddie Johnson, Robert Lee, Eugene Koch. Stephen Kino- shita, John Jones. First row: Bonnie Middleton, jo- anne Peterson, Laurel Peters, Yvette Pallotta. Lola Lawson, Diane Machado, Melody Roush. Second row: Cary MeCart, Marda Osborn, Bobbie Lewis, Dorla Roberson, Joanne Russo, Barbara Kennedy, Pat Jordan. Third row: Robert Nelson, Mike l.azZarini, Mary Parker, James Petersdorf, Warlda Morris, Marba Mitchell, Mary Reinhardt. ,. 5 7 'TT' :ffl-r ff4?"'r'Ltff,t fre t at E. HE., R.. XX i 51 fqjr'lfI'91--ix i , 5 s First row: Sherrill Seaman. Bev- erly Thomas. Sharon Saunders, janet Sidorsky. .lanet Yvygal, Phyllis Wveinstock, Emma ,lean Simmons. Scrofzd row: Bob Zu- lim, Keith Thomas. Norman Thomason, Clifford Shea, ,Iohn Zerbini. ,lon Smith. Third row: Rich Wells, Gordon Wells. Eddie Whitehead, Tommy Tompkins, Tommy Smith, Ronnie Stout, jim Hedrick. First row: Robert Reed, Joyce Peterson, ,loyce Raymond, Loretta Pacheco, Lynn Roberts, Sheryl Orloff, ,lim Lucas. Second row: Betty Pruett, Barbara Parret, Howard Ray, Sharon Schulz, Roger Rickel, Gerald Pike, Cary Roberts. Third row: Ulas Kirby, Bill Katzemayer, Walter Lustow, Cary Roberts, Eddie Martin, Steve Parsons, Ronnie Peterson. First row: Carolyn Williams, Judy Wainwright, Linda Swear- ingin, Judy Toby, Kay Siler, Josephine Solo, Edna Stallcup. Second row: Ben Wood, Richard Zcrlmini, Don Speetzen, Angie Verno, Barbara Wlison. Jim Whalen. Third row: Frankie Williams, Carole Wheeler. Don- nalea Sherman. Ralph Wheat. lra Thurston, Bob Walters. FRE HME First row: Lynn Van Arsdale, Janet Sutton, Diana Sparacino, Nancy Williams, Carolyn Tibbett, Sue Taylor, Sharon Smith. Sec- ond row: Melvin Wylie, Audie Vanderkous, Brian White, Bob Zufall, Roger Woodson, David Spade, Bill Shonley. Third row: Le Roy Sheff, Dennis Watson, Walt Viglienzone, Dana Young, Eli Walls, Stuart Willis, Cary Speetzen. A Au. First row: Rosalyn Miller, Caro- lyn Keller, Nancy Wells, Alan Perry, Wendy Aulthouse, Diane Narrarnore, Grace White. Second row: Jolene Vivant, Tommye Neal, Daniel Paris, Danny Van Meter, Bob Whitney, Dolores Viano, Clenette Younce. Third row: Bill Lovi, David Schelhorn, Will Palmer, Eugene Peyrucain, John Jorgensen, Darell Paris, .lerry Osage. lim! rung' Allllly Xrlams. Kathryn lNll'Q1lll'SLllll, Xlikv Alllilffilll. .loan ll4'I'Ilill'll. .lwvlm llluir. l.orvna Bfw- frly, lll'Il4'Nil llulva. Seronzl f01L'f Iam- llulelwin. Cla-rri l3illz'm'c'i, Paul llrllszllury. Yic-tnria llmlvman. l I'z1Il4'4'N lluxu-, javkif- Cm-4-il, lhirrl muy' llurul .'X4li'1IllS. Ruth Xllvn. Nlznr-lm .-Xlforml. Judy dhlwin. 'IR-rry llarlwr. Ray llllfll. lfnrl llrmsn. OPHOMORES SUIJHOMURIQ CQIASS Ul"Fl1Qlfli5 First l'llll.'.' Bill Wuinwrigglll. Kam-n Nlf'l'll3k!'. Xlilu- Collins. SLHUI11! nm-5 ,lavkiv 111-vil. lim llimnu, Will X1-wman. Run Sparzlvilw . - . 11nmm fww1l,g,ff1,v,,1z:m1n1'n. my L ,.. First row: Karen Nierhakv, Nancy Boyd. Paula Cliantri, Norma Leon, Pal Buhannan.Sec011rI row: Jackiv Da Corfu, Tom Huffman. Larry Sanburg. Holm CQ-rri, Tuny Calrlvron. Virginia janvwuy. OPHOMORE First row: Suv Dilim-lla. Pat Boyd. Nnrma lluopvr. flullu-rinv Dulu- Uwight Duncan. Clifford Curt.-r Larry llmlgv. Svrrzml mug' l'al Chantri, Donna Curlvsx. llnlw Cnsta. llill llutm-ln-r, John Young Slivrman Dm-nnis. John Duarte- Thinl row: llianv Clll2lI'IH'iP Linda Crow. Nlilu- Collins. :Xl Compaglia. Julin Wm--I. Xrl Cllawz, Jolln lluxif, 241 .wr A. K MR? .gf J 1 M, ,," A K a l'i1-l'.Nl ffllll' lluinili-vii lfsuni llun- nu Lili-N. Slvllil t,uml..m lllillll' lrLlI'l'lil. f.ur1vlxn flu-x'l'. Klum llrnry. llvmgiu lluru-5. 1 .NUVUHII rmri lu-rl lfilllllll. Yunyu flunnwn. l.yn1lu llum-lwn. f.urr:lyn lflxx. I lwxzi lui llzmimil. .Xliw fil'l1ls1'. llulvlniw l"n-mmiii. Tlzfrfl r mit ltvkln-r. llurnvv llu in-nl'gv llulu-. Ilill f'.I'll!'N mr: ltml f l4lll'5llll. I. liwwvl' fm-1-111-. f.llI'l- l'r:-ilu-. ,lim llainnu First row: Dennis Gray, Roy Goodman, Fred Harrington. David Ellis. John Edwards. Gary Marcos. liill Everhart. Second row: Elsie Hayes. Sharon Kilgore, Pat Hodgson. Sharon Isabel, La- Verne Lino., Nlarsha Flanagan, Sandra Marin. Third row: Jerry Greene, Terral Anderson. Alphon- so Perez, Mark Gilhert. Dick Ein:-ry. Lonnie Gallarda. Joe Giannini. Ihr- Nvpllolnors- llop was a real "Tropical l'aradiw" and sopho- inorw- jackie fiwil. Alan La Fleur. Will Newman. Lois Quim- tamatteo, Lynn Swanson. and Xlllu' Hollins N1't'lll to he enjoy- inu llll'IIl5l'lU'f. First row: Connie Lemos, Rita Lauro, Ed Pereira, Janice Mar- shall. Vallerie Marcos, Lourette Machado, Drucilla Nickerson. Sec- mizl row: Gini Martini. Emile Pal- lotta, Mike Rooney, Denise Mark- with. Judy Kemp, Richard Faris, Kathleen Lombardi. Third row: Dale Murrie, Jeff Griffin, Brett Foster. Marv Larsen, George Lynde, Jim McBride, Larry Knapp. First row: Lois Quontamatteo, Carol Pistochini, lrene Romero, Terri Leibscher, Judy James, .loy Park, Prudy Lucido. Second row:- Kathy Rice, .lanet Pistochini, Johlene MacFarlane, Pat Kelly, ,loan McAlpin, Dorrine Peters- clorf. Juanita Morris. Third row: Steve Nye, David Lapham, Lee Roy Lewis, Will Newman, Albert Jones. ,lay Nelson, Pete Farnon. OPI-IO ORE First row: Donna Rippee, Carole McGee, Jerry Kaufenberg, Mari- lyH leppson, Carole Roberson, Dorothy Pedrotti, Carolyn Perry. Second row: Sue LaFlesh, Sharon Prine, Jean McMorrow, Helen Newton, Barbara McCoy, Kathy Nilsen, Sonja Napper. Third row: Leroy Borba, Roger Murray, ,lim Rushton, Lowell Parker, Archie Reed, Richard Persons, Tim Mac- Gregor. Everyone turned out for the Sophomore Hop this year. The Sophomores brought in a nine- teen-piece dance band. and they sold baby orchids to get the dancers into a "Tropical Para- dise" mood. First row: Juanita Smith, Sharon Tames, Shirley Thomas, Nancy Smith, Betty Townzen, Virginia Janeway, Jackie Stamate. Second row: Barbara Thompson, Lana Tucker, Lillie Skinner, Pat Smith, Kathy Whitlow, Bob Moreland. Third row: Richard Seihert. Lanny Vaughan, Ted Witting, James Sorahan, Russell Salva, Karen Stimac, Shirley Whitley. First row: Carroll Urner, JoAnne Spina, Jackie Silva, Ellen Sellar. Lynn Swanson, Tallie Zanussi. Seronrl row: Don Schreuder, Jon Wallin, Ted Millimake, Bill Wain- wright. Third row: Sharon Schneider. Sally Snook, Karen Uliharri. Ramona Solomon. Sally Sullenger. Mary Lee Taylor. First row: Pamela Talso, Jean Wickham, Francine Stevens. Sharon Sacchi. Second row: Carol Stuck, Diana Wheeler, Janet Trousdale, Kathleen Sasek. Alice Thayer. Third row: Chris Atkinson, JoAnne Von Ronne. Nancy Woods, Eugene Davilla. sl .lun , af? .f .ff- .4 ,wr If 3' K . ,avi GPH CA DID . St Q ' N - 235,541 Q ff' +M1Q' . s 5 ,- Sai s ' ,- 3 V- w g K I he Q " 'Z ' i as - Sophomore boys Roger Greene, Bill Wainwright, and Will Newman forget about the superiority that comes with age and share a box lunch with ,Iudy Delulio, freshman. Of course it was ,Iudy's lunch. Proceeds from the box lunch social were used in the American Field Service program. Il' t takes a ot of paint to create a 'lropical laradise. Lois Quontamatteo and Carol Pistochini spread it around a bit, Hype f sv' ' QA 91. ik-2 K x.: The big goodness them out surprise at tht- Sophomore Hop was honest to orchids. Marylee Taylor and Larry Dodge hand here. JU IOR 7a JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS-First muy' ,Ivrry Walter, Sandra Hurt, llurry Tura. Seronrl row: Linda Harrison. Laurvtte Laccoarcv, Marianne Cilwerti. Linda Cook. Frank 'I'mia,. Douglas 'l'uyI4ir. Alvrry Wull:-r, I'vl'ilIll'i Sll'lN'ilyUIl, Hull vlxilylllf. Wumly Smith, R034-r Sutlc-rficld. First row: Cherie Carmichael, Betty Brown, Margie Buchanan, Diane Brusatory, Linda Ehler, Diane Franchini, Lorna Farnoc- chi. Second row: Brian Davis, Andy Durkee, Kerry Cowell, Ray Ferrarini, Dick Eastman, Troy Evans, Harley Foster. Third row: Cerald Cabral, Bill Cabral, Stan Buie, Don Brown, Don Cadenasso, Ron DuHame, Frank Costanza. JU IDR First row: Wanda Briant, Melodie Boucher, Sheila Cahill, Georgia Cervenka, Linda Cook, Sue Co- day, Alva Carden. Second row: Larry Butler, Tom Brush, Mike Claeys, Cary Clayton, Val Cas- tellani, Bob Cumings, Frank Billecci. Third row: Lee Adams, Gerald Annis, Mike Aiello, Charley Alley, Ron August, Rich- ard Bobrosky, Tom Bohannon. :db 5, s 2 ,-.V ff Bae ,te ,, First row: Melba Higgins, Rachel Goodson, Judy Beatty. Susan Decker, Joyce Felton, LaVonne Floyd, Marsha Forbes. Second row: Elsie Dennings, Linda Har- rison, Louise Gliatto, Pat Hinds, Sondra Hart, Donna Hagemann, Sharon Harvey. Third row: George Edgar, Leroy Fonceca, Ron DeMonner, .lerry Harris, David Callarda, Bob Dent, .lerry Day. First row: Sandra Gilreath, Kay Blackburn, Joyce Katzemayer, Dorothy Barrow, Sue Laccoarce, Peggy Paoli, Kaaren Olsson. Second row: Brenda House, Lou- ise Gray, Dorothy Haralabakis, Roberta Harsh, Sharon Carson, Peggy Parret, Mary Lewis. Third row: Emmitt Hinton, John Gi- berti, Jack Gasaway, Ray Gian- nini, Bob Giannini, Larry Hogan, Leonard Gianno. 45 First row: Joyce Jones, Wanda Kinney, Paula Negherbon, Theda Richardson, Louise Lyons, Gale Beane, Linda Herndon. Second row: Gary Gordon, George Par- sons, Richard LaBryer, Larry Wilkins, Rodney Persons, .lim Kittle, Larry Butler. Third row: Bob Terrill, Fred Zeim, Tom Rangel, John Wyffels, Edward James, Clifford Ferber, Ron Wil- son. i 4 E ,,,,,,,, ,Mg First row: Barry Lakeman, Lois Strickland, Darline Thornton, Clara Ventimiglia, Nancy Odle, Barbara Jones, Judy Nichelson. Second'raw: Katy Lyons, Bar- bara Rice, Barbara Patterson, Carr Kunze, Gary Kalsbeck, Bar- bara Park, Gail Macfllvey. Third row: Jimmy Sparks, Glen Kinion, Henry Perez, Oren Ray, Leon Marlar, Duncan Johnston, Ron Mclntire. We-an First row: Barbara Silveria, Kay Smith, Janice Walters, Sharon Shelby, Judy Shelby, J0an Wim- herly, Carol Redd. Second row: Patsy Reinhardt, Keith Kingsley. jerry Janeway, Marcella Baca, Nancy Seggerman, Sherman Tay- lor. Third row: Billy Van Brunt. Jeff Jennings, Richard JGHSHI, Ray Zeeb, Michael Tully, Terry Jordan, Philip Slihowski. Firsl row: Kay Rakstad. Nanry Stockton, Beverly Grealltouse. Sue Windham. Anita Fhrader, Marianne Cilwrti. Roberta Parki- Son. Serorzrl f0lL'f Dean Alt, Rex Reynolds. Bill Evenson, Belly Nleifarney. Harry Tura. Jan Tll4YIIl3S. W..-ov' We Nb' H335 First row: Sammie Jackson, Mari- lyn Nicknlson. Joyce Roberts, Janet Washaliaugh. Pat Rooney, Sandy Williams, Meildie Waite. Second row: Lee Struer, Steve Lazzarini, David Sutherland, Bar- bara Minear, Kathy Pelot. Bill Kelleher, Bud Mathews. Third row: Allen LaFleur, Ed Keller, Cary Robason, Rich Viera. Hal Shepard, Rich McLaughlin. Charles Perry. Ihr- vmmnutc Linrla Harrison and lfrancinra Ftvvvns lnuiu-rl tlu-ir lmx lllIll'll witll frivcl C'lllC'l'il'Il. It lraml the' rlvsirml vffc-vt: tllal is. to al- tract a vovvy of mall' admir- vrs, and to raise- more money for tlw A.F.S. prngram. 'Going urwv. going twin-. and Q.,1.1!" Nlr. llmrgun ww Ille- dllt'fl1YIU'1'I'. uml ilu' hungry my lmuglrl lnmw likv Nlurl! -pw we A 11 X -ru. wllilingg :muy ilu- timv on u rainy ill-ll'l'Il0Ull. 'l'lu-sv are nur Sl'Ill4ll'N mlignifiwl aw lllvy van lw. ulrvarly, rw mv- 5 :RW A-Mfr:-l"'Wx aw 5 A -I -V TSX- -. , fy.. Z. , , is 'X x may ll if ':" A Q fQ - a Seniors haw the num fun! ,Iulm Taft f'OI1lt'IllIllZ1l1'Ll buying fm- Huy:-r's lmx lllIlK'llfllPi'llll'tl to takx' a l'llClIN'l' in spilv of lu-r rl-putatiun aa a vmvk. Spvaking of cooks, the HS0IIlQ'llllIlgI nr-w has lwvn amlrlmlu flavor uf ilu- vlluw at ilu- Svnior SIJElgIllf'lll F4---ll was pruvinlrwl lry llavm- LvIllll'fllUll, Thf- lmys and gals made- mon:-y for Ihr class by swalvhing vars at Z1 Car wash. and Darwin Micklv. ffm! suit aml nll, '-lmwvfl Nlr. ,lavkxmm llml Yiilllll will fl'llll11'ill in Yllis -,vm-lfl after all. livluw? Wvll. UE always S1lI'lIlgllIll4' in llalifuruia. 4,--V .9 Ni ad' 4' .a E IOR mfr' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS-First row: Nlarles llurk, Jeanette Coccimiglio. Marge Fryer, Emagene Brigclen. Mike Malone. Second row: Dave Johnston, Shirley Edwards. Judy Viland, Joyce Jones. Jerald Cerri. Dave DeFieldS. Chris Newman. Senior Ball planners are Marge Fryer, lloh Flaekus, Albert Greene, Mike Malone, Luclla Lucido. Sefonrl row: Carol Shaw, Elaine Marshall, Jeanette Coceimiglio, Joyce Jones. Barbara Seihert, Serena Upshaw. WC, if is " if E? uri f .ani ' INM-.. SE IOI-L -19 8 , 1,1 MIKE AIELLO K.-KTILI AIJRERS LINDA ALFO TONE A LM EIIM RODNICY ,NNIJICRSUN .IIWIDN XRICNIWSUN UUFVHX NNN UID lil11ll'KRI1li.Xll.l1 KLXRUIXN lHI.IJXX'!N lil UKXIC IMI,ICS'l'RIliRl DON IMRIUICR IIUN lHR'l'SiIll .XXX HU Nl lzl.IKXIIlalH IIN Nl J. IJ, IiE'YKRl.X IUNNIIQ IZICYIQ 94 RIN K liIl.l.lIi ISI-.-UR W,-UNE ISO!-XLER NIILLICENT BONNER KENNETH BORBA 'wi .10 ,xml-1 nuxunx xml HUNER LARRY BRADLEY BILL W. BREWSTER IQNIMLICXI-I IXRIQLUEN DUNN.-X liRl'l"l' NI.-XRVIN BROOKS ALLAN BROWN IMRIZ.-XRA liRl'N'l'UN NIARLHS lil RK XI.-XRIF MMIII XYU g 1 L .IIRIH IIXIJENA-X550 E IOR -19 8 mf- ,, RUTH IIANIPBELL DAVE CAIIIJEI. BARBARA CECII. JERALD CERRI ,Q S ff? F if JICRI IIHRISTIAN JEANF'l"l'li llOlIf1INlIilI.I0 NIAI Rl-IICN fIUl,l.INF Xl IJRFIC lQUI.0NIHU ' . -.wi 'A QM .HHN ffUNlI'XCXU IIXRI. ll. IQUUK SHIRHCN LUHK NIURRIS UPON R XX KRICSS RUlHfR'l'A Il XSIIAA Sl li IJ XYIIJSIJN llli IDF .l. IJICIJXIUN 96 ivgsiilfik A ' vw- x 12 Q? .mg - , H fm, ,M DAVID D. DEV.-XNEY ,uk K if UQ 14, 3 . Ha, . qv ,L i Q 'E D - ,-'11 fi V 'V VS W 5 +1 Q Aki my fi .4 E IOR -19 8 ,Mr Nw BOB I-'LACKUS MJXRJORIE FRYER GENE I-'URNIAN RICHARD CAISELLINI MARX lCl,I,IiN ll-XRKIIA DON,-XLIJ C.-XRIJNICR I'X'l'RllII-X ILOMICZ JOE IQOTZ 1 M.lllfR'l' I.. QLRICFNIC P.'X'l'RlfIIfX GREENE .XRIJCXI-f l2Rll.I.I TONY PIUZFNINNN CARI. H.-XXIIIITON LORYN HARB.vXl'IQH RIIQHARIJ HNRBRECI-1'l' KATHERINE HARRIS BRENDA HARTSFIELIJ KATHERINE HATCH MICHAEL IJ. HIIIKEY U-'NRIMRA HOBBS ww. wiliw l'Al H0c,M. CARRX HOWES IJIANNA HUGHES ANN HITIATEIN Q If-. . 33?i4j1,5 T R2 JERRY J.-XRANlIl.l,O P1X'l'RIlII.-X JXRVIS XIICHAEL R. ,IICNNINUS IBOIS JENSEN IJAVIIJ JOHNSTON .IONIIC JONES TINI JORIJXN RICH XRD KN XP! SE IOR -19 8 ENIILX IACILIIMIRIIF IIA-XRUI. LMIY CL.-XIFDIA LAIRD CLYDE LAIRD THONIAS l..'Xl"l.ICSH IHHIMIQPX I.-XWRIQNIQIC IZAIHS,-XICJX S. LINANI JACK LINANI 'S' W.-XI.'I'UN I.lNlJI.lEX l.FS'l'liR HJIC LVEIJI..-X LIKIIIJO XIXRCQIF UNH IJAYIIJ R. 'XIXKIKIIC XIIKIHXICI. P. NINIONF RICH,-XRIJ Nl.-XNIPN SNNIFKX XIVXIU HI I00 Hlx is I I F MARVIN L. MARCOS SARAH MATTHEWS ELAINE MARSHALL DARWIN BIICKLE K' I i Fflsfh MARION MIKESELL DONALD E. MORRIS JIM MOSES ,IANICE MCATEE JUNE McKAY ELIZABETH NACE KENNETH A. NACLE TONIIKO NAKATANI JOE A. NAVARRETTE RUDOLPH NEGHERBON BARBARA NEWSOXI CHRIS NEWNIAN E IDR -19, 8 ri SANDRA NIERHAKI-I NORMAN I,. 0RI.OFI" JAMES S. PEDROTTI SIIARUN l'ICI.O'I' JUDY PERRY RICHARD PICRRN ANN MARIE PIIIIQUNI MARILIC l'UMI'IiI VON I'RPI'I"I'YMAN LINDA ROMAN IIARISARN RUSS! IARH RI 'NI'II ..- 5, '. . . S'XI.V.'K'I'0RF RIVSSO RICHARD SAIXQIII RAY SAI.V.X MARIIHNN SXNIUS I02 III If AIX ,MJ as BARBARA SEIBIRT l'E.-Xlil. O. KEYS CAROI. SIlEI.l5Y LINDA SIlIil'HliHlJ 1-x WILEY SKINNER I3IC'l'll SXIITII ICIJXX S'I'ANlll.lClf Al.liIl-1 S'I'HPllliNS JACK S'l'Ii'l'I.liR RUX DON S'l'Il,l.l-1X 'l'l'fIllJN Sl"I"I'OIX ,I KN CT SN IX,-X I ,IUHN 'l'XI.'l' :YXRUN 'l'llUXll'SUX III.-XNIC 'I'UN'l'I JOHN 'IHICISINU IO3 "It takes a lot of money to make up' a book like this one. The students pay a great share of this, of course, by paying their sub- scription, but it still isn't enough. Advertising pays the rest of the bill. We are fortunate at Alhambra to have so many business and professional people who are willing to help us out on this project each year, and we would like to express our thanks to them." 1 Ci X li r L lx fi' t 9, 'li ,p Q X i 1 xi ,s A 35' we OUR PROFESSIONAL FRIENDS FRED E. BUSCHKE D.D.S. R. C. FEHLIMAN, D.D.S. A. F. BRAY. JR. JOHN F. BALDWIN JOHN B. OGDEN AH'orneys-af-Law DR. M. N. WALLIN w. L. TAYLOR, M.D. J. F. McMATH, JR. D.D.S. F.A.C.S. D.D.S. HOEY, HOEY, HALL DR- WILLEAM M- PARGA AND com: ROBERT L. VOELKER Chlropracfor M D AH'orneys-ai'-Law ' ' F. OLIVER HATCH Opfomefrisf Congra+ula+ions VERNON V. EDWARDS Op+ome+ris+ JAMES R. HAYWARD, D.D.S CHARLES A. DODGE, D.D.S. A. D. CARROL, M.D. G. L. COATES, M.D. B. M. WHISENAND M.D. S. P. BRADSHAW, M.D. DR. O. L. SILVEIRA Den+is+ WILBUR J. FAHDEN, D.D.S. A. c. PEDLEY, M.D. W. S. EDMEADES, M.D. DON LEY Chevrolef-Cadillac Telephone 703-704-733 3655 Alhambra Avenue MARTINEZ, CALIFORNIA . if ! ,f"w iff 99? 'ffvlfl ef "Thanks, gang." ALEX BERGER Mariinez l8l4 '-iNXfd-'N-.M Sales Service Phone 5 I 7-W MlLT'S APPLIANCE Mayfag "' Servel 'I' Philco I626 PACHECO BOULEVARD Besf Wishes 'Io +he Class of '58 THE FLORENCE SHOPPE Main and Las Junfas Srreef Marfinez 9II HOLBROOK'S BOAT AND MARINE SALES 40I Green Sfreei' Martinez I879-W Besf Wishes WELL'S MARKET 2340 Pacheco Blvd. Marfinez 800 Complefe Home Furnishings PACIFIC FURNITURE 4I3 Ferry S+ree+ Mar+inez I772 FELIX 6I2 Esfuclillo S+. CLEBIIERS Marfinez, Calif. Bes'I' Wishes From MARTINEZ SURPLUS CO. 625 Main S+. Mminez l72a-J AUTO PARTS SALES 536 Ward Sfreei' Marfinez 80 MAGUIRE'S PHARMACY "Gene Brady" 7I3 Main S'Iree+ Marfinez 53 MARTINEZ DRUG CO. 802 Main Sfreel' Marrinez 22 AABCO PRINTING COMPANY I032 Pine SI. Marfinez Phone 5I MARTINEZ FOOD CENTER We Carry a Full Line of Fine Foods, Meals, and PouII'ry .-A Besf Wishes From IRWIN FLORIST Lucille Kassik Rachel Lomeli CONTRA COSTA DRUG 38I5 Alhambra Ave. MARTINEZ PH. 30 DUARTE AND WITTING Chrysler ancl Plymoufh 825 Ferry S+ree+ Phone I835 Congrafulafions fo fhe Class of '58 C AND R TIRE COMPANY I05 Alhambra Avenue PHONE 260 OR 707 For Safe Human Mileag, BANK OF AMERICA LOU'S AND LEE'S NATIONAL TRUST 8: FLYING "A" SERVICE SAVINGS ASSOCIATION Marfinez Branch 626 MAIN STREET Pine and Escobar Ph 2700 one PHONE 3092 "Lube Wifh Lou and Lee" MARTINEZ AUTO BODY SHOP 4I2 Ward Sfreef Telephone II09 Marfinez California VINE HILL HARDWARE 3503 Pacheco Blvd. Marfinez 3I29 SALEM SHOE STORE 7II Ferry Sfreef Marfinez California Good Luck ZUFALL'S FURNITURE COMPANY 3755 AIhambra Avenue Marfinez fizanga gPuIsfII1U SIIQPPQ Our Specialfy Wedding and Birfhday Cakes K AND .D DRUGRY 60I Main Sfreef Marfinez Besf Wishes From E. MORGAN HARDWARE 535 Ferry Sfreef 3805 Alhambra Avenue Marfinez California MARTINEZ LUMBER CO. Lumber and Building Supplies 625 Howard Sfreef Marfinez 43 T Complimenfs of BANK OF CALIFORNIA Nafional Trusf and Savings Associafion Congrafulafions fo Class of '58 MICCO OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY 5I8 Main Sfreef Marfinez I568 IMPERIAL FURNITURE CO. 524 Main Sfreef Marfinez. California NU WAY CLEANERS For fhe Besf in Service 6I8 Las Junfas Mfz. 922 MARSHALL, WILLIAMS 81 McGOWAN INSURANCE Phone 342 Marfinez MARTINEZ COMMUNITY HOSPITAL Allen S'I'reef MARTINEZ, CALIFORNIA GLENN'S House of Hair Slyles I224 Pine Sf. Phone: I59 Besf Wishes 'lo Class of '58 J 8: P MARKET 2820 Pacheco Ave. Mh. I07I McHUGH SHELL SEFRVICE Pacheco and Arreba Marlinez Congraiulafions 'Io ihe Class of '58 HAMMOND STUDIO 8Il Main Slreel Marlinez Besi Wishes MARTINEZ BLUE PRINT CO. 92I Courl' Sfreef Phone i560 Congrafulaiions, Class of I958 SPARACINO'S MEN'S WEAR John, Class of '43 Ron, Class of '60 PHONE 2970 Nunzio, Class of '32 Roberi, Class of '57 727 MAIN STREET xwxlnlzlfljf fsfnfv.. 101' 4' V2 3' Amwiua. - Jwnav 0 cnrrf :IN z :yu JAY VEE STORES Women's Apparel All Worlc Guaranleecl Junior Sizes Through I5 DIAMONDS Ladies I0 Through 20 JEWELRY WATCHES STERLING SILVER 8I0 Main Slreel' MARTINEZ 2200-W Cerlified Wafchmalcers Oliver J. Danielson I... . ....... MARTINEZ FURNITURE COMPANY 5I6 Ferry Slreel' Mariinez 48 Home Furnishings Since I9I5 J. C. PENNEY CO. "AIways Firsl Qualify" Besi Wishes Io Class of '58 535 MAIN ST. Marlinez 644 Cannecl Goods Pr0ClUCe Frozen Foods For fhe Fines? in Foods Mem "Good Luck, Seniors" SHELL Congraiulafions Io Ihe CHEMICAL Leis Ge? Associafed Class of -58 CORPORATION RUPE'S ALHAMBRA ELECTRIC Chemical Parfner FLYING "A" SERVICE A. J. Pisfochini of 3700 Alhambra Avenue 836 Alhambra PHONE 939 Mar+inez 3l9-W IndusI'ry and AgricuII'ure Madinezi California MARTINEZ PITTSBURG GRANDE'S SHOES C0mPIime'1+S shoes for fhe whole Family JACK FRISHHQLZ of eos Main s+ree+ Men's Apparel "BoI'any 500" Suifs SECURITY SAVINGS S '3"".T"P""a"S AND amsonlfe Luggage LOAN ASSOCIATION 659 Main S'Iree+ MARTINEZ 2730 Bosionian Shoes Inierwoven Sfockings ManhaH'an Shiris Knox Ha'I's 728 Main Sfreef Phone 60 LESLIE W. HARPER Insurance Life-Fire-Aufo-Casualfy COURT BARBER SHOP 608 Las Junfas Mariinez 922 REED'S STATIONERY School and Office Supplies Cards O Gifis 724 Main S'I'ree'I Marfinez 305 MONSANTO CHEMICAL COMPANY Organic Chemical Division ComplimenI's of BAILEY PLUMBING AND HEATING SABA'S "Where Ihe Fashionable Shop" 7l8 Main Sfreei' Marfinez I453 KALSBECK REALTY II08 Alhambra Avenue Phone 2588-W SPIKE'S MARKET Baleslrieri Bros. Wholesale, Relail Fresh Fruils and Vegelables 707 Main Slreel' Marlinez I75 CONNOLLY 8: TAYLOR, INC. Funeral Direclors II24 Ferry Slreel' Marlinez, California Telephone I7 Good Wishes CONTRA COSTA GAZETTE Marlinez, California AL BARLETTANI Flying "A" Service I333 Pine S+. Marlinez 996 TOM LIBERTY'S UNION SERVICE 74I Green Sl. Marlinez 726W BARNETT'S MARKET Groceries . Fruils . Vegelables . Meals I6I6 Alhambra Avenue Marlinez 9I5 JAMESON'S Fine Apparel for Men 823 Main Sl. Marlinez I040 RICHARD R. WELLS. REALTOR 720 Caslro Slreel' Marlinez 298-W I uw E2 WLM .1 S. ,, SAMS' KELLER FORD SALES 800 Alhambra Avenue Marlinez 666 COURT'S JEWELRY Marlinez Diamonds O Walches Jewelry Gills 809 Main Slreel TELEPHONE 340 MARCUS THE TAILOR Fine Tailoring Men's and Women's Suils Made lo Measure COUNTRY STORE Phone 320-W 3840 Pacheco Blvd. DAN AND RON'S SHELL SERVICE 2703 Alhambra Avenue Marlinez 442 JOHN P. SERPA Buick Ponliac 300 Alhambra Ave. Marlinez MABEUS ROSES BEAUTY SHCP UNION SERVICE Elizabelh Hazellon Reynolds Heormanu Rl. I, Box 250A, Blum Road Alhambra Ave' and NJN Sl Marlinez 32I MARTINEZ. CALIF. Our Heariiesl' Congralulalions +o Class of '58 MODERN EVE SHOP OF MARTINEZ MIDDLETON-MARCHI O B W.h Disfinclive Men's +0 me gigs if Q28 Apparel Wilson Sporllng Goods 653 Main Slreel' Phone 236 MARTINEZ CALIFORNIA Congralulalions, Class of I958-and' Welcome! ALHAMBRA ALUMNI UNDERHOLT PAINT AND HOBBY SHOP 739 Ferry Slreely MARTINEZ, CALIF. Phone 428 Congrafulalions From DIABLO TELEVISION and MUSIC CENTER "The Home of BeHer TV" 608 Ferry S+. M'l'z.-2929 MARTINEZ FURNITURE COMPANY 5I6 Ferry S'I'. Ph. 48 Sfudenfsz Wiihoui' ads, your TORCH would cosi' 54.75. Tell our adverfisers "ThanIcs." "Good Luck" - I I ZUFALL'S FURNITURE co. ' 3755 Alhambra Ave. Phonographs-Records-Hi-Fi MCHUGH SHELL SERVICE MELODY SHOP 6I0-I8 Main S'rree'I' Marfinez Pacheco and Arreba 837 Las Jun+as S+., Mar+inez AMERICAN TRUST COMPANY 902 Main Sfreef Mar+inez I500 WOLFF'S 7I6 Main S+reeI' MARTINEZ, CALIFORNIA x K - Marfinez, California VT! MARTINEZ LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANERS Mar+inez California Where in I'he World Are You Going? We Handle Every Transpor'I'a+ion Line Rail-Ship-Air-Bus Xi ,A . M. JOHNNY MILLER TRAVEL BUREAU 925 MAIN MARTINEZ Reservafions-Banquefs Y CLUB Phone Mariinez 802 CRANER 8: SILVER DODGE 905 Escobar S+. MARTINEZ, CALIF. OUR ADVERTISERS DESERVE YOUR SUPPORT. A. CLAEYS Building Ma'IeriaIs Feed, Fuel, Garden Supplies Corner Berrellessa and Buckley Sis. Phone 95 G 8: E MARKET FRANK HCAPPY.. RICKS FOSTER'S FREEZE 425 Main Sf. Las Junias S+. ' l5O0 Pacheco Blvd. Mh. ll2I M+z. 404 Ma,-fine, 944 Congraiulaiions, Bob FRANKLIN CANYON INN Congrafulaiions, Alberi' ALBERT GREENE F'a"f""' Canyon Road Boa ELACKUS Marhnez Ph. 92l HAL MATSON Phoiographer 426-I 7'I'h S+ree'I' OAKLAND, CALIF. IIUIIIHI Official Yearbook Phofographer YUUlDONU'HAVE T0 BE CRAZY- BUT'PT HELPS!H This concludes our joln on your 1958 Torch. Wfe have tried to keep two ideas in mind: the hook that you want to see today, and the hook that you want to look at twenty years from now. VUE: have spent your money, we,ve dragged you from Class fagainst your will. of course! for picture appointments, and we have hounded you to buy our productgsight unseen. IFS been a MREAI, BLAST"-We hope you like your TORCH. i if W r qgv e WMe mf? 1 Q! A V JM UV MW , Lum ff' L W tx SEl4UL1Qf4 W7 Q5 fy! W TEHQHEQ 1.1, ' ,cf ! f' ' f f WU ff . I M W7 wf f' J, 25 jfyc MMM ,, 1 V1 Y I , v 1' x x mf - U A . v Q v M239 My jf gf JJ' ff K . . 'fu '01 If W AW lbw WM 1 I ,jing X KJ yy W gfww fl MW Lf W! if f My fan 1f. 1, 4-Q . , CQL,,zf4 ff MQ Y' Q,-4- 7"'q7- VN k- X, xkf, QQ NN G- , f , if new 1

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