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DUFHN DUPHN Wil Y if W' if J. Ili. I E' HJOPJN boa? Ek Xasx- -anna 9040-Q +ve LICOWF Q-XNQQS-w Qcr TW Xfxooq- EVN-N, N 3 5,23 'Pecxux QQ,-Q,2,, hrwrs Fr-eedw'-em feqkkw ' F9 ' ' ' , , . DQCQN x'5xQOFxnQ, 'Il MV12, 'vmrmiwvb yxQQxn1Y7-rk 30 q YWOVV' EQCQOBQ Lxopv PQQWN Cool 'Same one-so N-f9lYx Nmcngi- Dgv-waxy J S-V00 AHOUO Sorm A UQ .f-'L' H NAME.Qlei3'5s0x ggdilxggs 5095 33 I 'Q X FXY1 Hg ,Sm-mom' I NKQIQX QSQV- - '53 Cfs-'USB you NX'-.Q has-E 0-C I OCR, . QYH. F3 BXLXQQSS Sonxrne X rn nn ' mmm -2 ' QWQ CJ DS VQIVJ VYTCQSX xyehq. III- MCYPQ, "l"YNC..x QQQODXA YDQCSTCQ4 . X-Xyqg gap-lqiooi . X ' REX X .. fy. M 5 Q 12 gx, ' 6 I 4 sm 3 Q Sw 3 'Elf ' Q3 N VR my fp X NX ,, S X 41 A ' J, Q 3 ' Q A X . w ' X N wx Q N ., My 'Q , X XX H A- 'ifQf.5'53XQN5W'g?.7,L- ' U N 0 ww X N T "' 1 L' m Rf 5 Q M 4 V ,Xu S ,QN4 New x I C V' 5 KJ X Q13 f, kk' ,I , , ?5"4 ef p 5 VUIN 66-bf, Egqggggggfgw T Q Aix - f7ZHQ'4 ta H rw 1 5 i A-- N LL016,Q-md ,ggpggd i'ZJL9l1.76fa.n' xg ' QSfi, ,Hb .gud UNI 'OHJQQY 051411415 Lfwka 0-i,L,M 06.24414 605064125 www? ,fmgzff all X z Fe 1514, wc oumkw ,Mn . X R X- ' if-, mA L, xl YWL wLe.z,M,Q,' I ' ' N rw MML'f?'f7W' X Q 23 M M W S M 0407- ,fam ffm www 'Cf ww QQ 'Q dljgxwjfagfi Lo'-UCLf4 ,kCUQfU!fJ. - N X . fXi I L 15414 in 04,12-, LM 4 X. RN QQ MWQ, My Xs 5 Gi'yfLfVQ'fn,Q cz OWU Ubrwuijwgtf -Wu? if E gi Q QQ QLJQVQQQQ, JO, UQ' ,Wm Mug-Ziniw X it w Q 3 wo mMMF.wMM0mw QXXA Rui WVM CM,w?50,KQ1oQ,,L071,L,w47 NJN S , CQ., 13,0 Lk., ur - AXJH, VVULLQ! Wm 6 x , ,0,4',L t 4 , 'V X. 'xx ,,Lw M M as X l is VA fy fuL dLi6f0'1 mm' Awww QZMMJC7 5 , Qty' , 7 . f if tim! A9wwvm 5- Q- 636Q- new fX,2,llLQfYLU'Lf X ex-L4 cw Wm' .f I Jw - N- A 1 ,Law 0UL0L..-ff- -W", 7 f 51,1119 05 eww, mwfuw N Sl 5: UUVIQZLQLLLWW! 70 in 'Q yy1,f,L4f1.cl7 2, 0' " LJ wfwbm 1 UMM SM 33 psf W 0 ff X MM ww N N X , X5 Ubi Mm? 1 V3 IQ pk , . ,n 4 6i?36WW i Q3 Q my 3 0 SX ik wif, 5 Q 5 - X Em533g35SSif: X ggwg DRFKQQ 33QXQx, QVQFSQ QQEwQg3if'vv Q QPXQW sw wQQX xv EQQEITJXJI QJXW ASW yi s Q 5 wk ul Donna Szczepaniak - Editor-in-Chief Rhonda Hansen - Assistant Editor Lisa Rogers - Photo Editor Mr. Larry R. Cunningham - Advisor FORTRES5 Alhambra High School Volume XXII 3839 W. Camelback Rd. l984 Phoenix, Arizona 85019 Darin Myler. Dean Walker, Richard Roberts, and Ted Nicholas participate together in one of the many activities in the quad. We stand together in friendship . . . Standing together to share our tri- umphs and disappointments . . . Stand- ing together with friends who keep the day far from dull. We stand together in participation . . . Standing together in school plays, such as, "No Sex Please, We're British" . . . Standing together in clubs and sports . . . Standing to- gether in class discussions . . . Stand- ing together in line waiting to vote for our class officers. We stand together in creation Standing together in fine arts and practical arts . . . Stand- ing together creating new winning plays or new Cheer and Pom routines . . . Standing together in doing a math- ematical or scientific problem. We stand together in excitement , . . Standing together listening to an ex- citing cheer or watching a suspenseful game . . . Standing together aware of the surrounding about us. Abrahan Esqueda gets to class fast to learn together with other classmates, Steve Ziegler and Cheryl Henderson work intently together on the Key Club float during Homecoming week. 2 THEME I i x, -jf " 1 X . 35,2- , gf . Si 4 ?7f5"x., 'iff T Rf . 'Z mf -' 'li' Q ,W . .W .1 ,J gf? f Tracy Faraci and Mr. Goss dance together during float building, Homecoming week, to relieve tension. Janice Tang and Janet Quan get the next activity ready together. We stand together in pride Standing together being proud of our- selves and our accomplishments Standing together with our friends and especially our country. We stand to- gether in school spirit . . . Standing to- gether in activities, such as, assem- blies and pep rallies . , . Standing to- gether in class writing compositions and listening to our teachers . . . Standing together everywhere on campus. We stand together to share the laughter, the disappointments, and the excitement. We stand together un- derstanding each others problems and faults. We stand together in leader- ship, glory, and dignity. We stand to- gether in cooperation and in sharing. We stand together in enthusiasm and spirit. We stand together in Honors, Academics, Clubs and Activities, Sports, and Classes. We are the students and teachers of Alhambra who truly love to "STAND TOGE THERIII " Two J. V. football members work together to tackle the opponent. THEME 3 Becky Cordova and Lisa Gaona participate in the wheelbarrow race together while Judy Estes watches, Barbie Barnes and Kelly Barraza wear their togas together on Toga Day so everyone. especially Darin Myler can admire them. 4 INTRODUCTION Hoffland's Honeys jump together to show their spirit Homecoming assembly. lb wt f Qw N 9l:ii1'fE'b , ff if , tk 3 My f V Q vw .L.l-cu!""" Four of the foreign exchange students, Monika Nevermann, Katrina Larsen, Adria sen, and Marcos Godoy, sit together during lunch to talk about their countries. during the 1 Q Q' 'Q 4 na Jacob , ,f -V W7-. X I v---We 'x ix ' 4 9 r- we IAN A fag R if ,4 A -' rj Nh ,NK ,U-'X f . 3 A yr 02 "J nfs.. S,-W ,- I Q Dan Masters, Jeff Young, Scott Shepard, and Abrahan Esqueda are dunked together at one of the many Homecoming week activities. II' A ' A A., "'5 Together with other students, Colleen Phillips gets whipped cream in her hair during a quad lined Akri sits watching classmates goof- activity. off together. INTRODUCTION 5 r"""Q , "'-N..,mX jiql 2- sri? t, iw Monica Soto, Yvette Peiri, Valorie Guidice, and Julie Tang take I l 'Y F, . a n N9 Miki , RQ: X 'Wifi omve IN i Us .I"d"5 -fx r .L WX, .,....-b 'gg . ,J-n ,...3--' Some Alhambra students ha ve fun together trying to persuade some ' passing drivers to have their cars washed, 6 INTRODUCTION a break from float building to pose together for a picture. Niuafe Tuihalamaka throws the softball at the dunk tank while the crowd watches together intently. Gary Howes and John Gibson take time out from their float building together to pose for a picture. Mike Garcia and Christine Schallmann work together on float building. The Alhambra mascot watches the assem- bly together with the whole student body. fs Beth Daniels, Pam Reilly, and Judy Estes make part of the Senior float together. """ ATS Y X 'Q A- t sk A N . ,Q X yy-:nausea WS' mn if - . W' wg W, V 5 'DNN W as SA SQsssg3f49 AJ Jeff Young and Dan Masters sit together waiting and wanting to be dunked. Billy Runnings. runsg with the ball as the other team struggles together to tackle him. .A sf-J 1 Some students relax together after finish- ing their float. INTRODUCTION 7 ,, -' "www , Some freshmen and sophomores ride together on the Freshman Pom and Cheer show their spirit by cheering together. Sophomore float entitled "Greece." V .. The i984 Homecoming King and Queen nominees are excited together after being chosen as nominees. I--...M Pom line dances together during half time at one of the home Varsity football pushes Pom and Cheer to the finish together games. 8 INTRODUCTION Greg Bunting sits together with other varsity team members very disappointed with how the game is turning out. W.. ff , A J, -A - xg fig 1 . A, ,fx Af f U, Q an ,M V., A . .bv-XS AX! sf . i - r X at t fb 1 Kg iv A N4 .. Xen W5 Kg x , A gh, f xksgxx ,Af z I- v, , i x ft, max A1Xf3.b.6.6, AGM , ' Terri Gaillard. Lisa Hempen, and Carla Gleizer stand together show- Jeff Young and Dan Masters show their spirit together for a FOR- ing that Alhambra is iii. TRE55 Ph0f0gI'3Ph9f- INTRODUCTION 9 HO GRS 'i The newly crowned Homecoming King, Jeff Young, and Queen, Monica Rangal. walk under the swords of the ROTC Honor Guard, on their way to the awaiting Royalty Float. Standing together with Honors . .. Standing together as a member of the National Honor Society . . . Standing together waiting for the announce- ment of Homecoming Royalty . .. Standing together at the top of your class Standing together with the Foreign Exchange students . . . Stand- ing together as you represent your school in Boys and Girls state Standing together with class and club sweethearts . . . Standing together with the interests of Parnassus and Quill and Scroll . . . These are the people we stand to- gether with and who deserve HON' ORS. I Freshman, James Gib- son. attempts to win votes with his speech. si if' H' ot' if The joining of the freshman and sophomore float results in an award-winning Homecoming Float on Greece. 'UC ' iv-nl-' 5 ."7t FIRST A TTENDANTSf Jerry Kneipp and Robyn Epperson. THIRD A TTENDANT5: Tim Roberts and Beth Daniels. SECOND ATTENDANT53 Bryan Kuban and Julie Pettett. K 5 Wg 'X Wfiwiiizuqmm Q 1 1. -vw---X.-,qmn FOURTH ATTENDANTS: Dan Masters and Julie Tang. HOMECOMING ATTENDANTS I3 The best of the best This year's best of the best seniors of National Honor Society CN.H.S.j were led by Nathan Lewis, president, Shannon Browning, vice-president, Kim Brooks, secretary, and Marcy Woodruff, treasurer. Members of N.H.S. learned seIf-reli- ance, time and money management, and interpersonal relations improve- ment. One of the many activities done this year was selling posters and can- dy. Money from these went towards their scholarship program. Another service rendered by N.H.S. was their daily tutoring service. N.H.S. tutored students at Alhambra in any subject they needed help. This service was given to the students at no charge. From selling the candy and posters and tutoring students, N.H.S. members learned how to make money and heb others. Qualifications met by each member were scholarship, leadership, and character abilities. They also had to have at least a 4.3 grade point average and be in the top IOZ of their senior class. They were chosen by the Honors and Awards Committee. N.H.S. met once a month with their sponsors, who were, Mrs. Beeson, Mr. D. Tillotson. and Mrs. McGaffic. Q -Q ',..., if as ,QB x...N.i, :Qld iff' . .Q Q . Z NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: FRONT RO W-M. Lazovich, unknown, A, Lohr, L. Carter. D. Chung, and A. Byrne. SECOND ROW- D, Dowell, S. White, T. Meeks, J. Roan, T. Claridge, and Mrs. McGaffic. THIRD RO W-S, Castellano, unknown, K. Ong, and .l. Young. FOURTH RO W-H. Lowen. C. Greenmyer,D. Szczepaniak, and K. Hedgpeth. FIFTH RO W-C. Kelly, J, O'Da y, D. Fiacker, K. Brooks, I. Esqueda, N. Lewis, D. Franke, unknown. D. Masters, and C. Dawson. 'QA IIC 41g i -. 1 4 " Sy I t i i 1 L. R .Q NA TIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: FRONT RO W-R. Ramirez. D. Long, T. Tang, M. Kelly, H. Tse. L. Leung. and A. Banks. SECOND RO W-J. Pettett, B. Daniels. K. Robison, B. Yee, C. Lawrence, and .l. Tang. THIRD RO W-M. Soto, S, Browning, unknown, unknown. V. Miller, C. Stanley, and D. Laux. FOUR TH RO W-A. Morales, F. Valenzuela. M, Woodruff, E. Murphy, unknown, C . McGuire, and D. Ouan. FIFTH RO W-M. Rodarte, S. Gregory, K. Krout. A. Erb, C. Garcia, V. Fosmore, R. Epperson, K. Laramore. W. James, and Mrs. Beeson. I4 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 'Y . Boys!GirIs State learning Americanism Boys and Girls State was a program of education for citizenship. It was sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary and was open to junior girls and boys. Its purpose was to educate students in the duties, privileges. rights, and responsibilites of American citizenship, in order that they may un- derstand and participate in the func- tioning of their government, and to help them grasp the meaning of some of the responsibilities which they must assume when they become adults. Alhambra was one of the l4l high schools represented at Boys and Girls State. The entire assemblage became a mythical state which functioned ac- cording to the laws and procedures of the state of Arizona, taking the basic laws as their guide. They instituted their own city, county. and state gov- ernment by electing their own offi- cers. Qualifications met to participate in Boys and Girls State were that they did not participate in previous ses- sions. They must have been of the fin- est character, must have had out- standing qualities in leadership, and met acceptable standards of scholar- ship. Q S :E 5 2 Y ii! ,k,.,,,, X gt wswk , . f y In X 1 X x is ,Ai j I 9 l tl it 1 1 ' . Q iq 'ff ,. at ' 5 , .K x ,A . ," 'xx GIRLS STA TE: 5h8f0f1 While- Mlfhellf' l-310' BOYS STA TE: Nathan Lewis, lvero Esqueda, Dan Masters, and .leff Mancuso. vich, Susan Castellano, and Heidi Lowen. ek 'f' U Girls State participants. Sharon White and Michelle Lazovich enjoy remembering their experience at Girls State. Boys State participants, Nathan Lewis and lvero Esqueda take time out of their busy schedule to talk about Boys State. BO YSXGIRLS STA TE I5 tudents come from around the world Foreign exchange this year consisted of teens from various parts of the world. The students came from as far as Africa and Australia. There were seven ex- change students who came to Alhambra this year. The students who came were open to life and wanted to find out as much about life as they could and make theirs better. They were all remarkably nice people with many of the same hopes and dreams of teens in America. Because the exchange students were similar to American teens, they were very adaptable and extremely open with the people they met. The reason most students chose to come to the U.5.A. was to learn how people in this country lived. In becoming a foreign exchange student, they helped promote better world under- standing and peace. for A if rf A V r i . Z, J 0 .mi Adriana Jacobsen and Marcos Godoy show their school spirit and colors. I5 FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS 4'-N. FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS: Victor Manuel from Ecuador, Katrin Larsen from Hol- land, Monika Nevermann from Bolivia, Rohan Bisset from Australia. Adriana Jacobsen from Brazil. lmed Akri from Tunisia, and Marcos Godoy from Brazil, sf I 'if Q Tix .5 fa 3 , Imed Akri looks toward the camera in sur- prise. Best seniors include ewis, azovich N39 Nathan Lewis tied for num- Michelle Lazovich tied for julie Tang ranked number ber I. number l. 3, Lara Tang ranked number 4, fig Douglas Franke ranked Belinda Yee ranked number number 5. 6. X , Heidi Lowen ranked num- .leff Young ranked number ber 7. 8. 'Q' 'Q sw- -'QF Amy Erb ranked number IQ William Boat ranked num- ber ll. Marceanne Woodruff ranked number 9. TOP 25 I7 Lovers stand together Tracy Claridge chosen as Key Club sweetheart. Sandy Barry and John Culbertson chosen as Pep Club sweethearts -f"m""'.z Dorothy Long chosen as VICA sweetheart. I8 CL UB 5 WEE THEAR TS CLASS SWEETHEART NOMINEES I Seniors: .lerry Kniepp Robyn Epperson Jeff Young Colleen McGuire Tim Roberts Monica Range! Juniors: Mike Calles Julie Verrill Kent Anderson Michelle Morse Andy Sisson Diana Contreras Sophomores: Aaron LaDuke .leana Millwood John Boston Becky Crosbie Rande Lindsey Lanae Hammonds Freshmen: Greg Grittman Penny Ropp Nathan LaDuke Kellie Faraci Darrin M yler Becky Wells Cn VaIentine's Day 1' SENIOR SWEETHEARTS: Jerry Kniepp and Robyn Epperson. JUNIOR S WEE THEARTSf Mike Calles and Julie Verrill. SOPHOMORE 5 WEE THEARTS Aaron LaDuke and Jeanna Millwood, FRESHMAN S WEE THEARTS: Greg Grittman and Penny Rupp. CLASS 5 WEE THEAR TS I9 Members improve journalism To be a member of Quill 8 Scroll, a student must be either a junior or a senior having good scholastic stand- ings and have at least one year exper- ience in publications or be presently on a publication's staff. The people on Quill E Scroll learned how to improve Lisa Hendrix thinks of a topic for her copy while another Scimitar member helps. themselves in journalism by writing for the school newspaper or yearbook, to inform students what was happening. Quill 8 Scroll, the International Hon- orary Society for High School Journal- ists, was organized on April IQ l926, by a group of high school publications ad- visors. Since its organization, Quill 8 Scroll has granted charters for more than ll,3OO high schools and Alhambra had the privilege of having one of these charters. i H ,... .N .L r QUILL 8 SCROLL: FRONT RO W- David Rosene. Grace Chee, Steven Ziegler, Wendi Rankin, Donna Szczepaniak. BACK RO W- Mr. Krey, Edna Velez, Toi Howard, Keith Anetsberger, Julie Harris, Ross Thompson, Rhonda Hansen, Mr. Cunningham. wi? YQ-Q Steven Ziegler leaves enough space for his copy in yearbook. Wendi Rankin types her cutlines for the pictures. 20 QUILL S SCROLL , Scholars enjo fine arts Parnassus society recognized schol- arship and provided an organization through which students enjoyed the fine arts. Members met every second and fourth Tuesday of each month with sponsor Mrs. Moore. At each meeting, the students were informed X X Ebk 5 WZ? :N 5 . . 1. . . , kgs.. 'T .. 'PT . L ' 'i A . . 5 Q as X .. E '- -is . A 'fr-1.: s Q U ,- ' F Q, S, 'I' .:f . .' ' rf Some Parnassus members go to see "Blood Wedding" put on by Alhambra students. of the cultural opportunities current in the community. To be eligible to be in Parnassus, the student must ha ve been on the Honor Roll for at least one se- mester, and paid dues of three dollars per year. The members learned cultur- al enrichment as well as knowledge of the arts by involving themselves in events, presentations, and places such as, Lyric Opera Theater, Phoenix Little Theater, Phoenix Symphony, and Phoenix Art Museum. PARNASSUS: FRONT ROW- Kami Glazman, Alice Lohr, Lori Wilder. SECOND ROW: Belinda Yee, Wanda Satterfield, Janice Tang, Mrs. Moore. THIRD RO W: Neil Harding. Shannon Browning, Gina Wong, Linda Leung. FOURTH RO W: Amy Erb, Russ Mancuso, Julie Verrill, L isa Franke. BA CK RO W: Kim Ong, Tim Lueng, John Rudd. Big brother is watching you, as Parnassus members go to see "l984" at the Alhambra Little Theater. PARNASSUS JI STLIDE T LIFE 'x A-sauna,-.4 Kim Brooks. lvvro bsqucda, Slvannon Browning. and Barbara Villascnur posv for thc plwlograplwrs in their togas on Tug.: Day. om' of thv many activities during Honwcoming Week. Standing together in Student Life Standing together sharing inter' ests. in Business clubs: ICE, VICA. FBLA. HERO, and DECA . . . Standing together in game clubs: D .S D, Comput- er . . , Standing together in the service club: Key Club , . . Standing together. raising spirit, in school activity clubs: Mascots, Matmaids, PomfCheer, Stu- dent Government, and Pep Club Standing together in special interest clubs: Bike, Ski, Forensics. Scimitar. and Yearbook and most of all, Standing together as one at Homecom- ing and Rodeo Activities . . . We are the people who stand to- gether in STUDENT LIFE, .--'Sk -o X X Z as-.1 Lion football supporters are retuperating after gheerinb tln ir team on to vu tory Extra special and successful year Administration stood together at Al- hambra to make this year extra special and successful. Alhambra acquired a new attendance policy, did some re- modeling around the campus, had some personnel changes, and much more. The attendance policy that was new to Alhambra this year caused more dropouts than usual. But the teachers approved it and felt it was much more sufficient than the former policy. This year there was much remodel- ing and fixing up going on. The roofs were reroofed, the band room 's sound- Mr. Dye and Mrs. Billing work together to get some troubling matters cleared up. While at his desk, Mr. Dye works on reports and talks on the phone towards the beginning of the semester. 24 ADMINIS TRA TION proofing was increased, and the li- brary eliminated the ceiling-high shelves except against the walls. The main problem encountered with the personnel who retired was finding replacements for them. But, it didn't have an impact on the cirriculum. Some of the teachers who retired were Mr. Duncan fBusiness Educa- tionj, Mrs. Valentine fBusiness Educa- tionj, Mr. Geist fBusiness Educationj. Mr. Krey Cfnglishj, Mr. McCaulley C50- cial Studiesj, and Mrs. Waxman in fPhysical Educationj. The new teach- ers to Alhambra were Mr. Moffat C Ger- manj, Mr. Altemus flndustrial Artsj, Mrs, Connelly fMathj, Mr. Herrera f5o- cial Studiesj, and Mrs. Roth fScience1. who came in at semester. Some of the replacements for the retirees were Mr. Ron Scott, who replaced Mrs. Waxman fP.E. 1. Mrs. Miller, who replaced Mr. Ward Clibraryjf and Mrs. Cashwell. who replaced Mrs. Boltz in the Health Center. Standing together in all of this con- tributed to making Alhambra the best school possible. During the Blood Drive. sponsored by Key Club, Mr. Dye takes time personnel. out to give blood and set a good example for Alhambra students and dministration gets involved Mr. Keith Nixen, assistant principal activities, looks up from work- ing on a questionnaire. Ng? 'N Yet Mrs. Billing gest involved by giving blood. itiiiffxi Dr. Terry Clapp, supervisorfE5O. takes a breather to smile at the camera, ' Q '5f25lTT'f - 1 ' .S an ' , . 1, ' 1 . wr f, . ' , X ms Q ' JAQXQ Mr. Dye and Mr. Nixon get involved in pancake making at the Annual Pancake Breakfast. Mr. George Crenshaw, assistant principal, athletics, interrups his Mrs. Lucene Billing, assistant principal, registration, poses next to work. her 'kitties". ADMINIS TRA TION 25 Dr. Berra eaves counselors This year, Dr. Phil Berra left the Al- hambra counseling staff to go to Tre- vor Browne to work as an assistant principal. Ms. Nancy Kloss took Dr. Berra 's place as department chairper- son. The counselors in the Guidance De- partment helped stafti as well as, stu- dents in the Alhambra community. They helped with class schedule changes, registration, and career choices. Along with school problems, the counselors helped the students with any personal problems they may have had. 1 'Q Dr. Peters helps a student straighten out her schedule. Mr. Mitch Tillotson explains to a student how much credit he has. 26 GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT M, v e 'Y its , Mr. Dave Tillotson appears as Santa for Christmas. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines are displayed at the career center in the library. S Mr. Smith, security chief, is caught by Joe Heffley, photographer, while Loren Baker looks on. Services help students The Services Department helped students who had hearing defects, speech defects, vision defects, and mental problems. These services were available to all students and helped many of those students. The IMC, Instructional Materials Center, hebved students find resources for reports, which included films, ca- reers, magazines, tapes, records, and other school related materials. ' -.J ll The new look, lower shelves, enlarged numbers, and different paint. give the library a more open appearance. Library clerk, Jane Pollock, helps a student check out a book. IMCXSERVICE 27 Business communit get involved This year the English Department's main activity was arranging for mem- bers from the business community to visit the freshman and senior English classes. The purpose was to inform these classes of careers in the valley. New department chairperson, Mrs. Nancy Beeson, said that enrollment in English classes had increased because of the four years of English required for graduation. Elective classes also of- fered were Communications and Mass Media, Journalism, and Publications K Yearbook and Newspaperj. W Wal' ' f , , . .,,. l ,, , W., ,f ga . ,, 1, W, ,,,, ,,,, ,W , , sfwf "fWfwy'f f if S w wn m, W - , f -N 11-H. ' S ,,,..., . , ,, K - 1. wwf: 'ilL'5fflg-fvgweule 7yggj4"l3w::w ' A fl -- 1 1 'ff 3+ f.-wfL1:1'gai,,. "-T?f"iilfrsl1'ilfWh'5i'if' Q ' ., vm . f L- Yr , aw, lv On picture day students are excused from their English classes to have their mugs shot bf' Hams' is - Students read and summarize stories from their textbook in Mrs. Fred's junior English class. 28 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT 'mfs t 5 K g R+ 1 'N-N----.....,.,.,,,, Mr. Haire and the Scimitar staff are caught working hard trying to meet a newspaper deadline. ALAN ADAMS, Exce tional Students LDXEH LINDA AL VID EZX Exceptional Studen mics. NANCY BEESON E . ng LIO, Mathematics. I N "Q,':?V I N x N ,Y P 1 R - A ts LDfEHp LORETTA BA TINA, Home Econ- ' Y lish: OL GA BICE. Business: ARTHUR BOG- Nw, M X ANN BOL TZ, Nurse: CAROL YN BRANDON, English Foreign Lan- ND guage: FRANK BRA JERR Y BRIDGMA N, BELL, English. I of-Vi 5 MQ wt ON. Science, E, g at . .1 X ii Art: JEAN BRITTAN, English: JOHN CAMP- HARRIET CHOTRAS, Matht MICHAEL CHOWANLEC, Industrial Micah Phelps and fellow classmates are totally enthralled, by Mrs, Af f 51 LA VFRN COFFEY- Reading- Wharton 's literary discussion. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT 29 1 ,TQ ,,A , 1 K 'f " " ' ' I f' ! J '. , M QU :,, K . ROBERTA CONNELL Y, Mathematics: VERNON CULBERTSON, Mathematics: LARRY CUNNINGHAM, Photography, Yearbook. U ,, .. , 2 3, ,mam 8 ' - A i,,A 1 rv- V- M ,fffay 'Q' ' f My X fs MIKE DIBENEDETTO, Exceptional Students LDXEHF PAULA DICKE. Mathematics, BYRON DOMBROWSKI, Industrial Arts, jg R F is X A SSS N X X N x si K w sl N3 f, nxt ROBERT DUNCAN, Business COE: RASMA EKMANIS, Exceptional Students. LDXEHJ STEVE FELDMANN, Industrial Arts Nz: RICK FELIX, Perforn 'ing Arts, Band: AL FOEHRING, School Psy- chologist: GRACE F. FEDERICK, English. sW'?i JAN GARDNER, Englishi DOMINIC GIAMBRUNO, Mathematics: ROBERT GOODRICH. Mathematics 30 SCIENCE DEPAR+TMENT Mike Holley poses for a picture with his only friend. wt 'Nc Mr. Giambruno instructs his students on an algebra assignment 1 e 3 so as Two years of math required This year, two years of math were required for entering freshmen in or- der to graduate. Students had many classes available to them, such as, Alge- bra, Geometry, and even Computer Math and Consumer Math. For stu- dents who wanted a challenging class. Calculus was offered. Department chairman, Mr. Giam- bruno, said that with the new require- ments, enrollment in math classes had increased. Every year the Science Department. headed by Mr. Vanderschoot, planned field trips for the students in Biology classes. Mr. Vanderschoot hoped they could expand these field trips this year. New things happening in the Science Dept. this year included two years of science for graduation beginning with the freshman class. Although this re- quired more people to take science. enrollment decreased overall. Elective classes offered were Human Physiol- ogy and Biology 3-4a. Chris Dawson intently studies his biology assignment under Whawn C astner 's supervision. MA THbMA TICS DLPARTMENT 3l Nw. x.- .0 .Q I .4 .4 ' x rt enrollment ups new band uniforms X . Christy Greely takes a break from her crafts project to smile for the camera. ,Q e . T., 4 .. 0' 'Q If . P S 4:- sons ,K ' ,t 5 , - Y , ' . 0 ' , I 'a 5 Q" 0 as .S , D ,ft 0 Julie Petrytus shows her musical ability while playing the piano. 32 ART DEPARTMENT An important event in the Perform- ing Arts Department was the purchase of IO5 band uniforms to replace old, worn uniforms. Provided in this de- partment was an opportunity for group and individual development in the var- ied courses offered, Those courses were Chorus, Choir, Guitar, Piano, Concert Band, Beginning Band, Jazz Band, Speech. Drama, and Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Dance. Although enrollment in the Art De- partment dropped across the district, at Alhambra it increased. Some of the goals set for the art students were to learn an awareness of the great vari- ety of visual arts, develop skills and knowledge needed to pursue an art ca- reer as well as many other opportuni- ties. Art classes included Crafts, Art, Photography, Ceramics, Painting, Drawing, Advanced Design, Fashion Design, and Individual Studio. Bill Runnings and classmates finish their projects in crafts. Ii, xs X X X TOM GOSS, Social StudiesfStudent Governmentf CURTIS GREEN- FIELD, English: JOHN HAIRE, Readingf Scimitar, KEN HAMTPON, Exceptional Students LDXEHQ MOLLY HARRI- SON, Exceptional Students LDXEH: MARY HARTMAN, Art. Ben Lyman practices his scales during his sixth hour piano lab class. JOE HOEFFEL, Exceptional Students Directori PAUL HOFFLAND. Opportunity Hall: JOYCE HOPKINS, Home Economics, l LEONA JOHNSON. Business: NANCY KL OSS. C ounselorfESO: MARTIN KREY, English. lf' . is Q I X J is X X si 5 s Carlos Romero looks for drawing ideas in his art class. HARRY KRUEGER. Exceptional Students LDXEHQ LUCY LINDER, Foreign Language: C OLLEEN LINES, Physical EducationfHeaIth. PERFORMING ARTS DEPARTMENT 33 I 5 94 WM 'E KV V Jn ? Y, . , 4' 5 'W 3 5? .5 ' i T-ff' ,Q Q ., JOAN MACGILLIVRA Y. Art: JO LOCKHART, English: MONICA LOWE, Counseling. fsfrfif .2 -,, , I wr f S, fu I 4 4' . ff so 'I DIANE MALENFAN T, P,E.fPe-rforming Arts. SUSAN MCALLISTER, Students finish one of their projects in a beginning woods class English: JOHN MCCAULE Y, Social Studies. KITTY MCGAFFIC, English: MATTHEW MCMINN, Science: RON MCNEECE. Math. . ii: . X- " "', . ssc, N S 1 ' Q JOHN ME YER5, Science: FRANCINE MILNES, Math: JANET MOORE, EnglihfSocial Studies. 5 . ltr? V... i HUGH MORRISON, P.E.f ROBERT MULLIGAN, English: PAUL MUNGO, Social Studies, 34 INDUSTRIAL AR T5 DEPAR TMEN T tg I' FT 4 A child development student has her hands full. jj Decreasing enrollment hurts departments A problem faced this year in both the Home Economics Department and the Industrial Arts Department was a decrease in enrollment in their classes. Ms. Joyce Hopkins was the chairper- son and was joined by Mrs. Loretta Batina and Mrs. Anna Snodgrass in Home Economics. Some classes that were offered were Child Development, Human Relations, Foods and Clothing. Automotives, Drafting, Electronics, Metals, Woods and ICE were offered in Industrial Arts. This department of- fered students training for construc- tively personal careers that could help them in the future. 'F 'S-N, ax ' ,..E. Future electricians work on their labs in Mr. Dombrowski 's class. ttaiiiit-f " 1 . K i 'N A - 1 3 A ' . I yr if , I S ri Ns + Lisa Waddell and the other H.E,R, O. students work on projects. Students look on as the children in Child Development run and play. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT 35 Loss of teachersg new equipment added The Social Studies Department started this year minus a few good teachers. Among these were Mr. John- son and Miss Hurlburt. Teachers gained were Mr. Eutch and Mr. Her- rera. Besides staff changes, enrollment decreased in elective classes such as World History. Other classes such as American Government, American His- tory, Arizona Government and Free Enterprise were not affected. Total enrollment in the Business Education Department increased. All of the classes offered were electives. This year the Business Department ac- quired new equipment and textbooks. Among these were new textbooks in Accounting, Office Typing, Business Machines and Advanced Marketing, thirty - five new IBM typewriters, sev- en new Sanyo transcribers, and fifteen new calculators. Also, Room 303A was remodeled to serve as a "Microcom- puter Center." SF' Mr. Goss relaxes after a hard day in the Social Studies Department. I I won: page M -1-w,.., .,t.t a . '.g,a.- M 'fi DECA students talk about the latest Alhambra gossip. 36 SOCIAL STUDIES -DEPAR TMEN T W in wo s In DECA, Debbie Sawyer tries her hand at public speaking under the watchful eye of Edna Weaver, a member of the Toastmasters Club. k i , ., x , .v.. Q sk 5 x it Debbie Quan listens to a lecture about American government. ' if STEVE NAPIER. Business: SAM NASSIF, Exceptional Students LDfEHf JANET NELSON, Counseling. 5 Y Q as ' 'W' I , ,, . 12-, . rbi X ':,V'5?:hf.. Li ck Iliff i,ifQifi3'g MARVIN NE VINS, P.E.: WILLARD NOBLE Y, P.E.fHeaItht MIKE PAPPAS, Exceptional Students EMH. I 'SQ' o-,.,Q,., JOAN PL UM, Foreign Language: L YNNE POWERS, Business: DEBI ROMAN, Exceptional Students EMH, JOHN RUSSELL, Social Studiest WILLIAM SAL ON Y, Social Studiest JENNIFER SA VA GE Math. 5 5 . X1 K.: A ,N BARBARA SHOAF, Businesst RENEE SHORR, English: LAURENCE SLA VIN, Science. BUSINESS EDUCA TION DEPARTMENT 3 7 '- 'Tom K R . fn 2 Q13 L '85 SUSAN SLA VIN, English: DIANE SMITH, Math: LOUIS SMITH, Se- curity Chief. EN ' M ANNA SNODGRASS. Home Economics: FRED SNOW, Englishf SpeechfDrama4 RUTH SOCKET, English. ROTC 's Color Guard performs for General Wagner, CAROL STACY, P.E.f CARMEN SUMINSKI, Vision Lab: MICHELE "-or ' TABASSO, ESPXEMH. ! ASSI- , tr 3 f niiii . ' 5 DA VE TILLOTSON, Counselingf MITCH TILLOTSON, Counseling: CORNELIUS TROUP, Performing Arts. K I Ha 1-H-W.E .K ,L,,,,, KH --....,,., ,4 --.,.. vm-.....,,. Q: P -W. ., ifii A ALLAN VANDERSCHOOT. Science: ELIZABETH WALLACE, Andy Sisson attempts to impress his classmates in P.E. Speech Labg NEL WARD, Library. 38 PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT uf sf' 'fm Laux new squadron commander With a new year came a new staff and a new squadron commander. This year's was senior Dan Laux. -- Along with a new staff. enrollment in ROTC this year increased due to more recruiting activities. Among these were two cadets attending third and sixth hour study halls and presenting information about ROTC. The main objectives of ROTC were to learn leadership and responsibility. These were accomplished by teaching classes and on-the-scene experiences. Enrollment in the Physical Education Department decreased this year. The decrease was due to the loss of two full - time teachers and additional require- ments for courses such as English, math, and science. Many classes were offered, the only required one being health. The other classes included General P.E., Lifetime Sports, Weight Training, Gymnastics, Self Improvement and PEOPEI., .lon Milliken displays his masculine physique in weight training, at an A Y one XE !! A "4- 2., 5, P if 5. mg ,, ,, t..1 J V .. , A in , 5' if 3 g. ,I :wg L' -. 1 ' 4 ' t T an , 1 E 3 V' 2 Q A f? 5 2' K E R 5' 5' is ' f ,V V Q fx if W '4 , .- " , 'j e , Q , 3 5 ,. w E " , ,' 4 . Q r fl:-4-f 1 . X t S c ' A R " fs til' 3 - ,, f.. it uf fx 1 QP Squadron commander Dan Laux receives an award from Dr. Hender- RO TC members ,nan-1, in me Ven-ra,,5 Day pamda son. MILITAR Y DEPARTMENT 39 Language, learning focus of departments. Spanish, French and German were the classes offered this year in the Foreign Language Department. Ms. .loan Plum, Department chairperson. said that no big changes occurred in the department although enrollment was off slightly. Foreign languages came under Humanities of which there was a requirement of one year for graduation. The Exceptional Students Program. which hehrs high school students with learning disabilities and handicaps, re- ceived a new chairman. Mr. Joe Hoeffel was chosen to take the place of Mr. Al Horcasitas. Another special teacher lost was Mr. Wayne Anthony. Even though two teachers were lost. they picked up two teachers from Carl Hayden and one from Camelback. These teachers were Ms. Beverly Lou, Mrs. Linda Alvidrez and Mr. Harry Krueger. Enrollment in ESP increased mainly because of the large numbers of people moving into Phoenix from other parts of the country, and also parent in- volvement in their child's academia. Special students were required to take the same classes as everybody else but at a different level. Reading classes were required for students who had not passed the read- ing test. The same number of classes were offered but fewer students per class. One new teacher was Mrs. Morse. N' , wget- -,...Tx.W 'swiss' 5 Q- . tt uu. L .. .. r. L - M N - M, , in 'X I ESP I h Greg Roschewski impresses a PEOPEL student with his backgammon skill 5372? Johns and John Culbertson hep an student P ay a game at I e 1 '..' Q 1 'M Ms. Linder takes roll while her students prepare for an hour of Espanol 40 EXCEPTIONAL ,FNIDENT DEPARTMENT """"""" 8 3 S ' i . .-. .-. .. 7 'fn' .M fizmgj I , .. T . " ., M y ,, , HQ. .V- S M I A a 4 E I Q K Ii? J. . MITQQ ad aaa 0 Y I f 1 ,J . ,.,...,.... f' ,mr - J' af' E , 1 Q I "m,-I I I I nn h' ,, 31 ,,:k af' 5 NM,,, .sm-f"M' Ms. Tobasso is not as camera shy as some of her students. Q. Shannon Gallego hurries to find her place in her Spanish book. haa , A f--- I XX ' . ' a s Qi fm A f' at X ' ' 05,2 x A 5 1 A L ' N E ws . 8 it A . . 1 JEAN VEMICH, Hearing Lab: BEA WAXMAN. Coordinator. DONNA WHARTON, English. ESPXEMHX Work M . lf: 1, K 4 BETTY WHELAN Library- WILLIAM WILSON Counseling: CLAY- TON WOOTTON, English. ' JUDY WREGE, Occupational Therapist. .1-if ,441 .DVDS-i Ms. lou grades papers while her students work on English. FOREIGN LANGUAGEXREADING DEPARTMENTS 4l Security, c assified, aides secure school I L5 SEC URITY-Joanne Schiller. Loren Russell. Yvonne Carpenter Police Officer: Louis Smith Security Chief: Mary Undiano, John Porter, Leta Dew. .rg N ".,'9' ' W 5 . e Irv ,r,,,s 'wi' -355' MST' PA ULA EDROZO land AM YI, A ttendaneef JUD Y FUL TON. AidefTMH. .SS mx 'ar iv wr X 1 . Q 4' Nix 1 'L fl. 'T as VIRGINIA KOCH, Career Aidei BRUNHILDA LA- BA TE. AidefEMHfLinguistics. , xv . in ce ccc W., I X 5 4 Jr, ' ' " f f., is f L I -J A at . JANET PERKINS, Aidr.-fEMHfEngIish: MARY SKAGGS. Bookstore Manger. lst semester, 42 SEC URI TYX CLASSIFIEDXA IDES MARY JO HALE. Community Aide: LOIS HAN- KINS, AidefESP. Q i s PA TTY LAFLAM, Hookstore manager: ELNORA MILLER. AidefMath. fi c ."' S in H- CAROL YN rALL v. Library Clerk: BETTY WAG- Nffe, Af.1L-fkeatfffigfsasfc Skills. E W U Ti 4. .4 S' V4 PA T BAKER. Attendanfep CAROL CL OUD, Nfedia Clerk. K 3 silk in 'F LR ., QS - sw va 6' ' K 5 , i .V MAXINE CORBIN. SecretaryfBiIling4 ANN CUN- NINGHAM. SecretaryfCrenshaw. 2 ' K , .x 5 ,Q : f- 's 1 T T r ff 1 I x ' f .... J -EE L , ,.,! , DORIS KALE, Secretaryfnye, RITA KERSTING. AidefVMH. h:g'E:' I Y i K 5 . X S x X Na 'HTUV Q' ' in . ':.,S:vE:.'siN 'N sw- , -1 cf . f ., cr, s N- - X 1 - as -N A 4 gs r S E: we A C HARL E NE MI TC HEL L . Registrar: JEA NNE MOR- TON. Ser:retaryfESPfHoeffeI. "li" GENE VIE VE WENDORF, A rtendance X C reden- tials. Students fed, cleaned up after W CAFE TERIA PERSONNEL-FRON T RO W: Marge Gassawa y, Valerie Baltutes, Dorothy Brown, Anna Grzadzieleski, Rosalie Russell, Yvonne Reed. BACK RO W: Edriss Myers, Mary Nemmer, Roberta Oemig, April Van Meter, Rachel Johnson, Joan Reger, Sarah Kaiser, Bobbi Martinez. MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL-FRONT ROW: Jack Camp, Leadman, Jerry Hoyt, Engineer, John Rivers, Custodian, Tom Berlin, Yardmanf Bob Moskop, Campus Plant Manager, Eddie Sesina, Custodian. BACK ROW: Robert Erew, Custodian, Ralph Babel, Custodian, George Pender, Yardman, Mike Beck, Custodian: Ray Kelley, Custodian. CAFE TERIAXMAINTENA NCE 43 ACADEMICS ,v-fy . , , . 1 r v.-Mvmwmxwty X pn .- 2.- ,W.,,4rWl .Q u W t, a Mrs. K och helps Duane Moody as he center. -1 Hi -sq' ni sd' 1 Qu Q .,, ac, an"- 1 1 1 -.deg-. 'I' gets an idea 0 1' Ci' f what he wants to do in the future f rom the GIS c omputer in the careers Standing together with the teachers in Academics Standing together with Administration . . . Standing to- gether, hehving each other, in Counsel- ing , . . Standing together, writing compositions, in English . . . Standing together, testing formulas, in sciences . . . Standing together, learning about the world, in social studies . . . Stand- ing together, being creative, in art . . , Standing together, singing and acting, in performing arts Standing to- gether, building and repairing, in in- dustrial arts . , . Standing together trying to understand algebra, in math . . . Standing together, trying to learn business techniques in Business Educa- tion . . . Standing together. maintain- ing a great school. with security and maintenance . . . These are the people who are the reason why we are here. Standing to- gether in ACADEMICS. Mrs. Billings relaxes in a lounge chair as she gives blood at the Key Club Blood Drive. wigs... g ' Mr. Culbertson and Mrs. Baker are caught breaking one of the disciplinary rules by not just holding hands at one of our football games, - "Ol mpicsf' theme for Homecomin Pat Metz and Nancy Chandler open the Homecoming float parade with the tradi- tional Olympic torch run. ...JA Jeff Young instructs Key Clubbers in the fine art of making a float. 46 HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES Homecoming week was highlighted by the dunk tank with .leff Young and Dan Masters being the dunkees. Pom and Cheer sold the traditional Home- coming ribbons and Student Govern- ment conducted the Homecoming as- sembly. The game 's halftime activities consisted of Homecoming Royalty, fireworks, and the float parade. .leff Young and Monica Rangel were tendants, Bryan Kuban and Julie Pet- felt were second attendants, Tim Rob- erts and Beth Daniels were third atten- dants, and Dan Masters and Julie Tang were fourth attendants. The Homecoming football game drew a good crowd to cheer for the team, however, it was not enough to pull the Lions through with a victory. They lost a tough game to South by a crowned King and Queen. Robyn Ep- score of I4-0 person and ,lerry Kneipp were first at- Monica Rangal and .leff Young walk do wn the aisle after being crowned Homecoming Royalty at the halftime ceremonies during Homecoming Week. ,s 3 '. vfefff . wif e ' I vi Y , 2 X A Mike Braun and Jeff Young use their muscles to heh! with the Key C lub float, I - E 4 a ,. 1 ' V W Q Q . v'-nv. -3- 1 QL f a N, ,Q Wk 3 e. as 1 . lt ' '- is , u if 1 ! Ni X. 55' Gary Huwse and John Gibson, Alhambra 's own guerrilla warfare' Janice Tang and .Janet Quan prepare the Wlwatics eating vuntvsl in f'XPC'f'5' Huaffl 'lk' Sf-"NOV H0-ffl' the quad as an activity during Homecoming Week. HOMEO WMING A C TI VI TIL S 4 7 it I up Robyn Epperson and Jerry Kneipp walk proudly down the aisle after being awarded first attendants at the Homecoming assembly during halftime. ,pv- ..-1 , sf as -'--. ,My 'MJ .Num ,FIVE While sitting in the dunk tank. Jeff Young teases the ball throwers so they will miss, Becky Daggett watches Shawn Garraghan stuff her face while doing Pro Photographer Lisa Rogers is caught off guard while watching a Pom dance during one of the pep rallies. 'he lU"'0"5 work on 'heir float' 48 HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES New, old, clubs, going strong This year's newest club, Pep Club, was formed to promote school spirit, pride, loyalty, and unity among stu- dents. Their major activity was repre- senting Alhambra at sporting events. Their motto this year was "Cheer 'til you choke!" HERO was both a club and a class taught and sponsored by Mrs. Snod- grass. Students participated in intra- curricular club activities and devel- oped leadership abilities through the state organization. It was a work-study program, where students received money and school credits for their ef- forts. A club that has been established for years, HERO appeals to many stu- dents. gf? ws - A Lfstwx 5 PEP CL UB-Ialphabetical orderj: B. Baughman, 5. Berry, K. Brooks, J. Camargo, L. Cameron, J. Culbertson, K. Doolittle, M. Edwards, A. Esqueda, M. Gaerath, M. Garica, T. George, T. Giles, E. Hall, S. Hall, 5. Hall, 5. Hall, R. Hansen, Y. Keller, D. Laux, N. Lewis, 5. Lewis, H. Lowen, L. Martinez, M. Mclntosh, C. Newton, J. Petrytus, C. Phillips, T. Rogers, J. Rood, P. Schallaman, K. Seargant, C. Sharp, 5. Sheldon. 5. Skrowronski, D. . . , . . 5. Tuyon, B. Villasenor, J. Young, an . ng . K Tonstad S Turk d C You er Thompson X 47' .Q M-..,, 1 ....,,. ,A 1" L1 'UE or Tomonnow -Qt ADTUIXUA .... HERO-FRONT RO W: Lisa Waddell, Mrs. Snodgrass, sponsor, Gil Goodman. Louise Robertson. MIDDLE RO W: Da vid Joenk. Paul K yman, Barbara Walton, Mary Jo Conklin, Tracy Curtis, Trina Pippin, Brenda Buchanan, Dawn Lindsey. BA CK RO W: Becki Lutrick. Lisa Padgett, Dee Dee Renn, Eric Foster, Barbara Sopsher, Stephanie Morosoff, Marianna Dederick. PEP CL UBXHERO 49 50 KEY John Russell new Key Club sponsor ,, lip, ' 73 :af ' Q .QQQK K-:g,f .ff 1' - f-MXL, ' 5,2 1' -f . W . fr.. ' ,f .-. 44.- ,v " N 5,1 Y 1 ,I fr- Q. ' 5:23. is - -gli? 7 Q . Min.- KEY CLUB OFFICERS- FRONT RO W, Kim Brooks, recording secretary, Rebecca Mahr, treasur- er, Barbara Villasenor, correspondence secretary. BA CK RO W: Jim Camargo, president, Jeff Young, vice president. , nm 'DIP '-.,1. Gina Aguilera, Stacy Lewis, and Krissa Anderson pose for a picture at the South west District Spirit Rally, CLUB Mr. John Russell was the new sponsor of Key Club this year. The president was .lim Camargo and vice president was Jeff Young. The club requirements were to pay yearly dues. They met every Monday evening and every Saturday that a pro- ject was planned. The group planned many fundraising programs to help pay for club projects. Among these were a candy sale, Lion hats, a blood drive, and a dunk tank dur- ing homecoming week, One of the club's main projects was working at- The Beatitudes Campus of Care, a home for the elderly. They worked for The Hacienda de Los Angeles. a home for the mentally retarded and physically handicapped, and The Crisis Center, a home for physically and mental- ly abused children. The Key Club members learned how to be someone, how to work with others. and how to ha ve leadership development from their activities. I . s 1' E.. . 2 --" Jeff Young and Eric Hall display one of the many trophies that Key Club has earned. 46 KEY CLUB-SENlOR5- FRONT RO W: Mr. Russell. N. Bursott. B. Villasenor. 5. Browning. A. St. Clair, R. Mahr. L. Robertson. A. Byrn. MIDDLE RO W- I.Es eda,B.D 'I L. ' ' ' qu anle s, Carter. M. Lazovlch. Y. Kellar, P. Schuster. BACK ROW- C. Becker. N. Lewis, 71 Claridge, C. Dawson. D. Masters. 5. White. K. Anersberger, 5. Lewis, K. Wenzel s"' W H-Q KEY CL UB-JUNIORS-FRON T RO W: P. Romero. S. Turk. R. Hansen, D. Ellis. K. Anderson, T. George. A. Esqueda. R. Thompson, M. Braun. SECOND ROW: E. Kin , R. McEIrath, J. 5 h 'd. E. P I ' ' g C 61 eep es. M. Brewer, H. Goldman. THIRD RO W. D. Gibson. S. Hall, E. Hall. J. Johns, 5. Hall, L. Wilder. J. Camargo. BACK ROW. V. Mathes. C. Sharp. J. Pertytus. K. Doolittle. J. Culbertson. P. Schallmann. 5. Berry. KEY CLUB 5l Maggy, fn.. KE Y-CLUB-SOPHOMORES-FRONT RO W: Steve Ziegler, Michael Garcia, Cindy Newton, .lan- ime Carmody. MIDDLE RO W: Scott Chephard. Sheryl Henderson. BA CK RO W. Russ Mancuso, J - Dan Masters and Scott Shephard 'Do-the- Frankenstein" during a quad activity. Jonah Kirk, Craig Castleman. Kim Richards, Christi Schallmann. Key Clubbers wash cars to raise club funds for the years activities. getidflub "'f""bf'f Eff'-' Hall P0595 with MV- DY? 3' the k9Y Club HOB' UI mg. Treasurer Becky Mahr takes a break to pose for a camera shot, 52 KEY CLUB xv? E K 1 .M L.w.t,:Q S-'X' 1 K I Wx,-Ns' v s .X , KEY CLUB-FRESHMEN: FRONT RO W: L. Martin, Angie, L. Martin, R. Davis, J. Five. E. Locero. BACK ROW: D. Rasnick, E. Pully. Mat Maids show enthusiasm This year, the Mat Maids were spon- sored by Mr. Stone. They met twice a week to practice their cheers and their formations. The students attend- ed all the matches and tournaments this year for the Varsity and the .lu- nior Varsity Wrestling teams. They held car washes and bake sales to raise money to buy trophies for the wrestlers and to heh? buy their new uniforms. Through this club, students learned cheers and helped put enthusi- asm into their audience. At the begin- ning of the year, they attended the Maryvale Cheer Clinic. The Alhambra wrestlers are warming up before the match by stretching out their backs and necks in the gym. ,sv ,X M, .,.. .,,. .. Q" -f f- 731 is Qs -X S, fl 1 1 5- , 5 , ,. ' ,.. , M X . .. Y, Q C 1 mi' 0' v 'G I W - .gr 'x . Q- Q X Mig? M. L :Q 1...csL1lfk'w.,,,N,L- ?'2"r3fg X Q' lvsf.. . Q. Q iQU"'2's2. :Qty-1. Q . -f. K' ' t N sig---,., ..-.get - ' , i S F' Wrestler Jeff Zuccala is in an arm lock with a wrestler from Cactus. S This is the l983-84 Varsity and Junior Varsity Mat Maids. MA T MAIDS 53 Pom line entertains lion fans The i983-84 Varsity Pom Line was responsible for entertaining the crowd. Captain. Robyn Epperson, and co-captain, Carla Redick, led the line in a wonderful job of entertaining the crowd during halftime at all the home football and basketball games, support- ed cheer by cheering at away football games, participated in special on and off campus events as invited, attended summer camp, and went to awards banquets. They met and practiced in the morning on Tuesdays and after school on Wednesday and other times as needed. Ribbons, pins, and candy were sold as fund raisers throughout the year. The members learned responsibility, sportsmanship, leadership, and dance choreography from participating in this club. X L ,fe-' POM LINE - FRONT RO W: Carla Redick, Sharon Dawson. MIDDLE RO W: Becky Daggett, Gina Garcia, Lisa Cruz, Sarah Torrez, BACK RO W. Julie Verrill, Michelle Morse, Robyn Epperson, Shawn Garraghan, Shawn Svoboda. Lisa Cruz is concentrating on performing the fight routine during one of the pep rallies at lunch. 54 POM LINE 'uf M A , The Pom line shows its school spirit by forming an 'Z4" for the Q Q 4. yearbook photographers at a sports assembly. t 1 CHEEI?-BOTTOM ROW 5onji Webb. Karen RO W: Tina Feliz, Lisa Gaona, Beth Daniels. Browning, Rhonda Hansen, Jeff Young. ,lt X The cheer line does a twobids mount during a pep assembly. .R heer inspires Lion spirit The i983-84 Varsity Cheerleading squad, led by Captain Lisa Gaona, and co-captain, Judi Estes, and sponsored by Ms. Tabasso, raised school spirit by cheering at all of the football and bas- ketball games. They also promoted spirit at assemblies, pep rallies, and built creative mounts. The cheerleaders attended summer camp in Malibu, California. Though the ride was long, they still performed great and received a spirit stick and all superior plus ribbons for their hard work. They practiced daily in the morn- ings and made breakthrew posters after school for the football games. Fund raising activities included car washes, candy, ribbon and button sales throughout the year. This was the first year for male cheerleaders. They were Lee Cope- land. Dan Masters, and .leff Young. Hinse, Teresa George, Dory Protzman. MIDDLE BACK RO W: Dan Masters, Judi Estes, Shannon .... , ff!!!-X sfifff ss Both the pom and cheer lines hold up the breakthrough banner for varsity football at the Lions-Bruins game. CHEER 55 The Indian Club was sponsored by Monica Lowe, this year. She helped the members ha ve a better appreciation of the Indian culture. The club held such activities as cultural events and pow wows, They also had guest speakers to show them social and leadership skills. The club was active from November of '83 until May of '84, and met every Wednesday of the week. To help the Indian Community, the club had car washes and sold Indian Jewelry and homemade Indian bread. To be in FBLA, Future Business Lead- ers of America, members had to be enrolled in a business class. Ms. Bice, sponsor of FBLA, taught each student more about business. Each member was given a chance to compete in the State, Regional, and National Confer- ences. To pay for entrance and tra vel- ing fees, the club held candy sales and key chain sales. Not only did FBLA help the members, but it also helped bat- tered children and other needy people by collecting toys, food, and clothing. I . Cultural Events, collecting toys forte of clubs. INDIAN CLUB - FRONT ROW: Amy DeLaRosa, Kay K itacheyan, Gracie Delma, La Vonde Price. MIDDLE RO W: Bobby Alley, Pat Helton, sponsor. BA CK RO W: Michelle Alley, Jesse Jackson, Michelle Estenson, Laura Pifero, Martha Platero. .tw Tk l FBLA - FRONT ROW: Lisa Nadolny, Heidi Lowen, Amy Erb, Kim Doolittle, SECOND ROW: Heidi Lowen is caught off guard while Melissa Burkhart, Jennifer Honhoinewa, Linda Leung, Carol Lawrence, Unknown. THIRD working hard on FBLA filing. ROW: Ken Krout, Deanna Fincher, Sherelle Wilkins, Myra White, Cindy Castelano. BACK RO W: Kelly Sabucco, Bernice Keller, Anna Zuniga, Gina Morton, Julie Surber, Shiralee Lowe. 56 FBLA XINDIAN Strategy involved with clubs Dungeons and Dragons was a club based on a strategic game involving medieval knights, who were on the side of good, fighting the forces of evil such as witches, dragons, monsters, and warlocks. Mr. Robert Mulligan sponsored Dungeons and Dragons which HIE! every Tuesday, The only membership requirement was that the members wanted to play the game. They also had to pay SLCX7 dues per semester to pay for books, dice, and equipment. The students learned more abou Dungeons and Dragons by playing the game and talking over strategic moves. Computer Club, this year, was spon- sored by Mrs. Savage, Mr. Goodrich. and Mr. McNecce. The club met on the second and fourth Thursdays of every month. At each meeting the members sharpened their computer skills. The members learned how to write and run programs on computers and become better com- puter literate. The members wrote dif- ferent games to play on the comput- ers. DUNGEONS S DRAGONS - FRONT ROW: Scott Badger. Chris Hinderliter, Wayne Zimplcman Guy Whitman. BACK RO W: Mr. Mulligan. sponsor: James Sutton, Heron Moller. Sean Dunham Kevin Hedgpeth. John Milton. xc Sv "7'l"' .aT"'B......ri "Nt-"" .l.1-Vita COMPUTER C L UB - FRONT RO W: Scott Badger, Stephan Doncevic. MIDDLE RO W: Kevin Hcdgepath. Mickey Doncevic, Dan C orson. Mike Woods, BA CK RO W: Mr. McNeece, Mr. Goodrich. Ms. Savage. Larry Coons. Chris Becker shows us his Periodic Chart dc sign on one of the new computers. COMPUTER C l. UBXDUNGEONS tl DRA L1ONS 9 7 Band becomes peppier in new uniforms Putting its best foot forward, the Alhambra Marching Concert Band par- ticipated in many activities through- out the year. Besides being the center of attention at all home football half- time shows, the band marched through the quad for pep rallies. The group also attended Band Day at Northern Ari- zona University along with several schools from all over the state. The highlight of the year was marching in the Phoenix JC 's Rodeo Parade. During basketball season, each member was required to play at five games to make up the pep band. Mem- bers of the band put on concerts along with the other groups in the Perform- ing Arts Department. The Band, under the baton of Mr. Richard Felix, was the recipient of new uniforms to replace the old ones used for the last ten years. During the spring, the band was invited to heh: do a commercial. CONCERT BAND-FRONT ROW: S. Skowronski, D. Gorslin. J. Brooksby, J. Boston, K. Brunicon, V. Pernick, M. Moroney, 71 Padegimas, C. Cearfoss, C. Sketch, D. Celaya, D. Gellenbeck, M. Todacheene, G. Wong, T. Giles. SECOND RO W: K. Todd, R. Charlet, C. Stanley, L. Franke, K. Padegimas, M. Rodarte, S. Pykare, P. Cottrell, S. Orr, G. Stephens, A. Brooks, D. Moody, N. Bradley, D. Lockhart, K. Sarjeant, M. Mclntosh. THIRD RO W: K. Lukanc, B. Thiry, J. Smith, V. Caler, I Hampton, D. Chee, M. Braun, D. Wells, G. Galvez, M. Donovan. K. Bonham, I Driscoll, K. Givens, S. White. R. Washington, L. Roman. BACK RO W: Mr. Felix. L. Sellards, C. Bogert, K. Krout, D. Grapentine, K. Snow, K. DeVries, S. Ledford, D. Elbert, M. Conde, T. Sloan, D. Weston, S. Cote. C. Davis. S. Sellards, D. Longoria. NOT PIC TURED: L. Granillo, F. Rakosi, J. Vanderpohl, C Contes, M. Stanley, N. Shoemake, L. Miller, L. Miller, M. McMullen, J. Taylor, R. Gonsier, S. Peterson. 58 BA ND VX X v 1 1' ? The Band walks single file on to the football field during half time. The Band is in the middle of the bleachers cheering on the football im num,-fren 5. 183111. P Fe 5' 1 In if 3' 3, lv 5' 'A '-f if sf 3- 3+ P f iff 35 P 5' .iff X' , , id' I+' 1- Qu 435 BA ND 59 Jazz Lab entertains students JAZZ LAB-FRONT ROW: Karen Brunicon, Kim Padegimas, Linda Carter. Chrissy Contes, Kimbie Sarjeant, Jeni Brooksby, Cynthia Miranda. MIDDLE ROW: Mike Rodarte, Vince Pernick, Lance Miller, Mike Moroney, Mr, Felix. BACK ROW: Dan Weston, Mike Braun, Scott Orr, Jeff Lizar, David Muns, Mike Donovan. NOT PIC TUREDf Pat Cottrell, Larry Miller, Felix Rakosi. T The Jazz Lab practices for their next performance. They performed many times throughout the year including the Drum-a-than and pep assemblies. 60 JAZZ LAB LK .mx M ,.. Mr. Felix leads the Jass Lab during a daily practice in the band room. N x w N K , as J W if X S 1' Y A happy Couple is married in the quad during HERO week, Varsity volleyball players Charla Greenrneyer, Becky Cordova, and Yvette Pieri pose for the Fortress photographer before their game. - Q- 4 I Shannon Browning. Jeff Young, Chris Dawson, and Nathan Lewis all representing the class of l98-I, dress up for Punk Night. I J-Riyf is PS1 ACTION 6l .mv SSS' ww' big! s, XY N YQQN Yi xxx, 3 -..Le gitwz Adriana Jacobsen plays frisbee at Encanto Park during an outing with the PEOPEL students, Y ,,,. N Treasurer Julie Tang collects some notes during a student government meeting. 62 STUDENT GOVERNMENT Scott Shephard tortures the defenseless pink panther in student government. 'W Several students attack a birthday cake during a meeting. Student Government wins spirit award The 1983-84 student body officers consisted of president Dan Masters, vice-president, Beth Daniels: corre- sponding secretary, Pam Reilly, re- cording secretary, Julie Pettett, and treasurer, Julie Tang. Mr. Thomas J. Goss sponsored this activity. All mem- bers were selected by the student body officers through interviews. The students must maintain at least a 3.0 grade average. The student government members won the Josten's spirit award this year. They sponsored Homecoming and related activities, Rodeo Week, Fun - In - The - Sun week. the annual Phoenix Suns benefit game and many other events planned throughout the year. The classes sponsored their own fund raisers. The class funds were used for class sponsored activities and other expenditures. From being involved in this program, the students learned how to cooperate with one another, leadership, creative thinking. communication skills and re- sponsibility. The annual Phoenix Suns game benefited a selected charitable organization. They met every day during fourth hour to discuss future activities, final- ize present activities, and to make known any new ideas that a member may have had. iw-WM., " -Y ......t ,......,,,,w MV Q',,......uu-any-q.. .. ..... t,.nauumin--Q i STUDENT BODY OFFICERS: Pam Reilly, Beth Daniels, Dan Masters, Julie Tang, Julie Pettett. 'GRS -Q 5 xi m . STUDENT GOVERNMENT - FRONT RO W: Janice Tang, Janet Quan, Nancy Chandler, Linda Leung, Amy Broderick, Lisa Gaona, Tammy Meeks. SECOND RO W: Amy Cohen, Lisa Rogers, Adriana Jacobsen, Marcos Godoy, Michelle Morse. Carla Redick, Traci Faraci. THIRD RO W, Christy Lee. Colleen Phillips, Abrahan Esqueda, Victor, Monika Neverman, Julie Verrill. Bruce Barnes. FOURTH RO W: Dan Laux, Celia Garcia, Susan Castelano. Heidi Lowen, Carol Prieger, Julie Petrytus, Rohan Bisset. BACK ROW: Scott Shephard, Pat Metz. Imed Akri, Katrin Larsen, Maya Bronstin, Greg June, Pat Kearney. STUDENT GOVERNMENT' 63 Janet Quan and Bruce Barnes take part in a class discussion. Mr. TJ. Goss Student Government sponsor. is actually caught by the photographer doing some work for the Suns game. Wt 45.21 s, bi LANL Ai y X fix I if in . 3 if Student Government and the PEOPEL class pose for their picture during their Encanto Park picnic outing. 64 STUDENT GOVQRNMENT ess team enters State competition Alhambra reinstated Chess this year as an inexperienced but enthusiastic G ,tl interscholastic team sport. Larry -. Coons, as captain, shared the number one position with Derrick Moorefield. -if 25' David Vaughn, Richard Roberts, and L2,,...-s David Chee rounded out the Varsity. if Q They had two outstanding .IV teams. They defeated Moon Valley, South. Maryvale, and Brophy team two. The number one player defeated number one Moon Valley, Brophy, South, Buck- eye, West, Maryvale and Trevor Browne. David Chee prepares for an attack on his opponent during a chess match. ,say 5,3941 1 'l.e,ag1:3- ' ART CL UB-FRON T RO W: Barbara Duarte. Patti Schallmann, Terri Campbell, Mrs. MacGilli vra y, Monica K eller, BA CK RO W: Mr. Bridgman, Brent Bechtel. .lack Marvin, Ms. Hartman. -0 8 S 5 5 i 11", CHESS TEAM-FRONT ROW: Mario Cristner, Mike Woods, Larry Coons, Richard Roberts, Wayne Zimpleman, David Chee, Joe Heffley, BACK ROW: Cindy Castellano, Dan Denofsky. Derrick Moorefield, Kelly Sabucca, David Vaughn, Ed Pulley, Mrs, Stacey. coach Arlene Coulson, ART CL UBXCHESS TEAM 65 Ski Club take to the slope Ski Club this year was sponsored by Mrs. Wharton, Mr. Wharton, Mr. Ing, and Mrs. Borden. The members met with their sponsors at every board meeting to talk and plan their ski trips. The club planned three ski trips: one to Snow Bowl on December IQ one to Purgatory on .lan- uary l9, and one to Sunrise on March 3. The ski trip to Snow Bowl was cancelled due to lack of snow. On each of these trips, the members learned how to ski and also how to better their skiing skills. Even though the club held board meet- ings, they did not learn how to ski during the meetings, but learned how to at the slopes. The members paid dues of ten dollars to help pay for the cost of the trips, and they also held candy sales. gn we Ski trip students push to g :iq et their mugs in the picture to show their ski fever. 3 4 SKI CL UBVFRONT RO W: C athie Lures. Lisa Gutaw. SECOND ROW: DeDe Renn, Monica Rangel, Michelle, Janet Quan, Laura Cordero, Liz Padilla. Rohan Bisset, Beth Bowles, Jill Smith Linda C leckner. THIRD RO W: Debbie Quan, Julie Tang, Jeff Young, Theresa Border, Mandy Lindsay, Amy Fineberg, Kerry Sellards, ,lill Schirripa, Mark l.aPlante, Shane Hartzler, Heidi lowen, Eric Ouan. FOURTH RO W, Tammy Pfiefer, Kiln Shroyer, Chris Varner, Darren Felish. Man Gulaw, Dianne Dunnan, Colleen McGuire, LaDawn Taylor, Lisa Padgett, Natalie Salese Monica Soto, Pete Blansit, Bruce Barnes, Alicia Saliz, Wendi Rankin, Celia Garcia, Kim Jones, BA CK RO W-Robby Harris. C J. Brady, Geof Thompson, Pat Kearney, Don Kuhbander, Bruce 66 SKI CL UB .0 US' 40' lil gy. N 1 Yea rboo Advisor, Mr. Larry Cunningham along with Donna Szczepaniak, editor- in-chief and Rhonda Hansen, assistant editor, worked with the rest of the l983-84 Fortress staff all year to put the yearbook together. The staff met everyday from LCD-2:CDp.m. They also worked on the yearbook during their lunch hours and after school. They worked to write copy, cutlines, and headlines, to design layouts, to take pictures, and to choose just the right photographs for their sections. The staffers learned how to cooperate in a group effort, produce a publication, and meet deadlines. The staff was picked by the advisor through applica- tions and high ability. Each year the Fortress was formed around a theme. The theme this year was "Standing Together." YEARBOOK STAFF-FRONT ROW: Anna-Lisa Byrne Priscilla Romero Kelly Finn layout editor BACK ROW Wendi Rankin academics editor Bryan de Ruiter, Steve Ziegler, sports editor Julie Harris student life editor Kevin Krout classes index editor W' Rhonda Hansen and Wendi Rankin are learning how to crop Donna Szczepanlak passes out rulers for the yearbook staff 68 FORTRESS tv- YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHERS: Keith Anetsberger, Ross Thompson, .loe Heffley. E y 2. Steve Ziegler is caught off guard while working on a layout for his section, Mr, Cunningham is baffled by the amount of work that is being accomplished and the deadlines being met. Pro-photographers, Keith Anetsberger and Ross Thompson. take time to pose for their picture during yearbook. E Wendi Rankin types vigorously on some copy for the first deadline, i X w....,..,,,, v une Q Julie Harris is caught with her "trap" open while working. FOR TRESS 69 Mr. Krey rehired as advisor .i Y ' X ' xr - , 5 jx N4 K .:.XQ U :gps 953' 7 Xu v ssssww-:sf-" sss at s. ......... ' ll A staffer works unrelenting on the newspaper to get things organized, Rescuing the Scimitar from an igno- minious demise was retired, and then rehired, former advisor Mr. Martin Krey, At semester, Mr. John Haire transferred to Camelback High to take a different teaching position. Mr. Krey helped the students pro- duce a newspaper and learn good jour- nalism and publishing skills. The paper came out once a month to inform the students and teachers of Alhambra what was going on at their school. The staff of the Scimitar changed many times throughout the year. Mr. Krey wanted to have just the right staff and editor to produce the kind of school newspaper he and Alhambra wanted. The year started out with Scott Orr as editor-in-chief and ended with Lisa Hendrix. Lisa, along with the returning advisor, finished another fine year of reporting on the many dif- ferent topics of the latest events hap- pening in and around the school. SCIMI TAR-FIRS T SEMESTER: Eve Miner, Scott Orr, Grace Chee, Janna Johns, Mr, Haire, Scott .lune Da vid Rosen, L isa Hendrix, Darrell Erb y, Ace Welch. 70 SCIMITAR A scimitar worker writes copy for an upcoming deadline. Scott Orr, first editor. makes a call to try to get the facts right. 'SQTGF ' Vik X . A xx X '95-.Rf 'XX v ' N5 wax wx X X R'i'- X si Ur-'Tix gh, 3. . t .X x 'zu X ,XFQ ' LVN! ' X X-If Y '1-WW SCIMITAR-SECOND SEMESTER: Toi Howard, Gina Rosene, Shelly Davis. SCIMI TAR 7l Mascots boost Lion spirit The new mascot sponsor was Mr. John Russell. The members were picked through tryouts in April. The mascots also had to participate in 75 Z of their school activities to remain on the line. The students learned respon- siblity, how to raise spirit. and encour- age others. W' Mascots sold key chains, candy, and other spirit boosters. The money wwe Us raised was used for dry cleaning the suits, buying shirts, paying bills. and other miscellaneous items. E 2 LEFT? A Fortress photographer captures the Lion in complete confusion during the sports assembly. ABO VE: The mascots model the latest craze from the "Lions Fashion Review. " 'Hi MASC O T5-FRON T RO W: Natalie Bursott, Mascot, Rosie Johnstone. BA CK RO W: Mr. Russell, Colleen McGuire. Monica Soto. Beth Bowles. NOT PIC TURED: Debbie Ellis, Becky Mahr, Barbara Villasenor. 72 MASCO T5 W s A Bill Runnings and Greg Bunting have a conversation with the lion. Becky Hill is caught off guard in Mr. Goss' Free Enterprise class. E. 'r Kathy Zuccala shows her embarrassment while Mr. Goss is on his Dory Protzman laughs it up during a pep rally in the quad. knee. ACTION 73 " o Sex" at The Alhambra High School Thespians and Performing Arts Department per- formed the plays "No Sex Please, We 're British," "Blood Wedding," "I984", and "West Side Story." The play, "No Sex Please, We 're Brit- ish, " was written by Anthony Mariott and Ali Stairfoot and directed by Mr. Fred Snow. The play was about a newlywed wife who tried to help her husband with financial affairs. She tried to sell Tupper- ware, but instead she ends up selling por- nography, by mistake. 'Blood Wedding" was a folk tragedy that forcefully stated for innate founda- tions of the Spanish peasant character. George Orwell's "l984" depicted the horrors of man living in a society where Big Brother was always watching. ' if ' QQ 9840 "Blood Weddln In I H Two actresses have a friendly talk during one of the scenes in "Blood Wedding . The groom fHans Schackej and the mother C Chris Salamonej sit to- gether during a scene in "Blood Wedding", Susan 1 Christina Burnettj and Barbara I L orie Neeleyj are caught flaunt- ing their womanhood during "No Sex Please, We're British." 74 DRAMA Leonardo fMr. Snowl acts out a scene with Gowanj in "Blood Wedding," w :Xi 6' X f 2 I .1 the bride I Cynthia Brian Runnicles fMarty Fortneyj and Frances Hunter fPatricia Gowanj are caught in chaos during "No Sex Please. We 're Brit ish. " - l KYSQ.. Q ," 5 u Ni.. Q 5 Y s g' t ,V 1 . ,L 2 Big Brother looks out of the telescreen at the Minitruth workers as they get ready for the Hate, in "l984". Julie fkathleen Russoj and Winston Smith fMarty Fortneyj talk about Big Brother during the play "l984 Pete Hunter CHans Schackej and Frances Hunter fPatricia Gowanl discuss finances during "No Sex Please, We're British. " Winston Smith fMarty Fortneyj and Parsons I Wendy McNairj dis- cuss their reaction to "the Hate" session. X ,'5'.!P.. lx' ix W arg. Under the watchful, per vading eye of Big Brother, the citizens of Oceania partake in the three minute "Hate" session at Minitruth, where the y work, in the play H1984 DRA MA 75 Forensics, Thespians perform arts Forensics was a group of students interested in speech competitions. The students had tournaments at var- ious high schools and universities. The president was Cynthia Gowan, vice- president. Chris Salamone, and secre- tary - treasurer, Tony Padegimas. To be a Thespian, students had to work on two plays productions and have an invitation. The students learned theatre skills and appreciation for the performing arts. The officers were president, Marty Fortney, vice president, Mary .lo Conklin: and secre- tary, Chris Salamone. Mr. Snow spon- sored both Thespians and Forensics this year. FORENSICS - FRONT RO W: Candi Stahl. Kathy Todd, .lohn Johnson, Chris Salamone. BACK RO W: Wendy McNair, Marty Fortney, Mr. Snow. THESPIANS - FRONT RO W: Kirk Snow, Mary Jo Conklin, Kathy Todd. BACK RO W: Cherlyn Cearfoss. .lohn Johnson, Chris Salamone, Mr. Snow Marty Fortne y. 76 F ORENSIC 5 ATHESPIA N5 Choir performs formally, informall Concert Choir was a group for stu- dents who were interested in singing. This year's choir participated in var- ious performances both formal and in- formal including a'Christmas assem- bly. The money obtained from fund raisers went towards a banquet at the end of the year, The officers were president, Kim Driscoll, vice - presi- dent, Michelle Conde and secretary Julie Smith. Mr. Troup sponsored the choir. .. :S f P5151-PP V1-,rs ,, wsrmxstf ,,,,, JN Q-u Wi! , X iili g , , Q I lx , 4 ,, s ' y CONCERT CHOIR - FRONT ROW: A. Bardo. K. Driscoll, M. Conde, T. Dwyer, SECOND ROW: S. Jones, T. Packard, P. Clarke. K, DeVries, D. Metzendorf, S. Sorenson. THIRD RO W: L. Hughes, C , Red, C. Silva, S. Neilson, l.. Langford, S. Ledford, Julie Smith. FOURTH RO W: D. Kading, J. Benthin, D. Emfinger, E. Emfinger, F. Rakosi. D. Biggs. D. Crosier. BACK ROW: B. Barrios, R. Barrett. R. Consier. T. Driscoll. S. Gill, Mr. Troup. 6 .gh 15? ii 5 X 2 -s-....-vi'-vi. The Concert Choir sings Christmas carols for the students of Alhambra at the Christmas assembly in the auditorium. CONC ER T CHOIR 7 7 Clubs help the needy and the environment Hiking club, sponsored by Mr. Cof- fey and Miss Plum, went on one hike a month and met twice a month to talk over their plans. The members also saw films and slides to widen their knowledge of the outdoors. The club members learned to take care of them- selves in the outdoors, to prepare food, to gain safety principles, and most importantly, to protect the envi- ronment. Citizenship club planned activities such as going to Disneyland over spring break, car washes and parties in October. Members of Citizenship Club furthered their trust in GOD, respect for country, flag, and fellow man by participating in this club. Q 5 xx . . ' . -e..:.:s:: f .. A. Mr' A , Q swwg HIKING-FRONT RO W: Nancy Bradley, Debbie Shroyer, Rachelle Da vis, Maria Rodriguez, Troy t I I Larck, Marcos Godoy, Adraiana Jacobsen, Jean Hamblin, BACK RO W: Davy Davis, Mr. Momka ,NeVe'ma"" shares "'f0f""at'0" Coffey, Sonnie Halama, Scott Phillips, Debbie Shroyer, Pat Metz, Celia Garcia, Jeff Weather- f0f'fsff1'f'g her homeland of Bohwa' ford, Robin Moran, Monika Nevermann, Jeff Ivey. fn.. X C X The foreign exchange students display CITIZENSHIP-FRONT ROW: Bernice Kellar, Kim Doolittle, Deanna Fincher, Debbie Brown, maps and food from their countries, BACK ROW: Brent Todd, Mr. Hampton, Loren Russell, not pictured: Sharon Baskett. 78 HIKINGXCITIZENSHIP CL UBS Students appl business education COE - OWE stands for Cooperative Office Experience - Office Work Ex- perience. This program was designed for students to learn about business education. The club placed students in various working atmospheres through- out the community. COE - OWE met twice a month with Mr, Bob Duncan. the club 's sponsor, to find out how everyone was doing at their jobs. The only membership re- quirement was the student must be in the work programs. 2 'C' - 5. ga 11 J 4 L . - 3 . A K H' Students are learning skills necessary to possibly meet requirements to join COE - OWE. Kathy sharpens her dictaphone skills in class. wa 'USN N ne" COE - OWE - FRONT ROW: Cindy Gray, Becky Cordova, Kristina Feliz, Brenda Kidney, Laurie Foss. Carol Lawrence. SECOND RO W: Kelly Nichols, Diana Granillo. Sharon Baskett, Sabrina Helton, Monica Minster, Sherry Starr. Michelle Russell, Lauralee Watkins. THIRD RO W: Peggy Burns, Winnie Elliott, Kandi Bittner, Robin Perkins, Vicki Slayline, Danielle Seibert. BACK ROW: Sherelee Lowe. Deanna Fincher. Lauretta Ricketts. Felicia Valenzuela, Heidi Houk, Mr. Duncan, COE - OWE 79 Cadets collect money for Gompers ROTC cadets attended class daily, and the staff met every Wednesday at 7:03 am for a briefing. The member- ship requirements were wearing the .l.R. O. T. C. uniform one day a week and applying basic leadership traits. The activities that the cadets attended were Veterans Day Parade - No. ll, A.F.I. Military Ball, Fort Bliss, Awards Banquet, drill and rifle competitions, and of course, presenting the Colors at football and basketball games. These activities were held at different schools, and in different areas of Phoenix. The Squadron participated in differ- ent types of fund raisers. For example candy sales, Gompers, and the Color Guard performed at some Suns basket- ball and Phoenix Pride games. The money was used for new and updated equipment, and new uniforms for ca- dets and special units. J.R.O.T.C. taught each cadet leadership and re- spect. The cadets learned this through classes, activities, and practical work. Outside of school J.R. O. T. C. helped an organization called Gompers with fund - raising. Every year cadets de- vote one da y collecting for this organi- zation which is for handicapped indi- viduals. 2nd Platton, "A" Troop - FRONT RO W: M, Phehvs, S. Bodah, D. Sample, J. Wells, J, Weatherford, K . Titus, C , James. MIDDLE RO W: K . Timberlake, M. Roan, .L Dot y, B. Holmes, M. Doncevic, V. Knowles. J. Sullivan, K. Givens, BACK RO W: O, Irish. L. Birsdong, A. Diinple, G. Lindenmeir, D. Brunkle, P. Warner, S, Dunham, J, Bocskay. D, Richie. lst Platoon '34 " Troop - FRONT RO W: S. Campbell, S. Stevens, J. May, G. King, T. Martinez. MIDDLE ROW, E. Kuzia, H. Rouse. K. Light, R. Green. N. Bennett, L. Shelby, R. Reyes, H. Moller. BACK RO W. T. VanderVlucht, M. Byrne, G. Snead. D. Verna, S. Gill. I. Rodriguez, S. Washburn. 80 JRO TC fx. ,,.-f 41. .f"' 7 I' 6, "sr"x .Xi E?f",..z Q 3rd Platoon, '34 " Troop - FRONT RO W. A. Acosta, D. Lowy, J. Greeley, A. Hilburn, L. Ray. MIDDLE RO W: S. Skelley, T. Carrico, K. Roberts. J. Cole. M. Walker, C. Dight. BACK ROW: R. Hager, J. Sutton, B. Fields, J. Mollet, T Driscoll. as 9 . . 1 1 ,Q Ist Platoon. "B" Troop - FRONT RO W: S. Skowronski, T. Dwyer. D. Ibsgaard, L. Morales, K. Brandon, M. Barnes. MIDDLE RO W: L. Sell. J. Estes. M. Metcalf. P. Garvey, R. Wilson. R. Dee. D. Holt. BACK ROW. C. Davis. M. Amavisca. M. Smith. T. Nicholas, S. Badger. J. Steele. D. Laux. KAP ,J ,Aim 2nd Platoon. "B" Troop - FRONT RO Wf H. Snyder, W. Fulton. A. Terrien, D. Gibson. MIDDLE RO W: K. Bach, R. Gonzales. E. Winch. D. Crosier. J. Damwyk. l. Braganza. BACK ROW: A. Nicholas, P. Cusick, F. Clark, C. Shaede. J. Erwin, D. Sell. B. Brown. JRO TC 8l DECA helps MD telethon, elderl gf' -:..-.Qs-W A W V, DECA president Michelle Fizz practices her speaking techniques with the Toastmasters Distributive Education Clubs of America DECA was a work study pro- gram for high school credit. The stu- dents learned from participating in this club to develop leadership skills and to be a better consumer in the American free enterprise system The only requirements were that students had to be enrolled in a marketing class and be able to be placed at a job and work to the best of their ability. As members of DECA, they worked at the MDA Telethon, and assisted the elderly as well as the underprivileged youngsters The club sponsored civil, social leadership and vocational ac- tivities held on campus. The club met once a week and also at banquets and conferences To pay for scholarships and conferences, DECA held many fund raising programs throughout the year to learn about marketing. DECA - FRONT RO W, Lisa Woods, Michelle Fizz, Rose Gregoire, Lisa Nein. MIDDLE RO W: Laura K ing, Pam Rodrigues, Julie Tiscareno, Penny Stewart, Phyllis Wiessner, Debbie Sawyer, Janet Mar. BACK ROW: Keeli Reeder, Beth Nullman, Robyn Epperson, Tracy Conaway, Sheri Weatherford, Jennifer Honhoinewa, George Garhart, Ms. Jennas. 82 DECA Bowlers raise 59,000 for M.D. BOWLING CL UB - FRONT RO W: Tammy Barrett, Teresa Hunt, Mickey Fields, Dixie Wagner. MIDDLE RO W: Patty Brown, Sheila Moore, Carolyn Domfort, Kathleen Maglich, Jodi Smith. BACK RO W: Mr. Wootton, Steve White, .lames Ross, Robert Cannon, ,get CLUB - FRONT RO W: Mark Hutchinson, Matt Hutchinson, MIDDLE RO W: Jennifer Yocum, Amy Holtz, Dana Gibson, Deborah Frazier, Mr. Boglio. BACK RO W: Debbie Hurt, Nelson, Bill Barrios, Dennis Kading, Darrell Erby. To be a member of the Bowling Club. a student could not be a member of ABC, American Bowling Conference, or WIBC, Women 's International Bowl- ing Conference. The club met each Monday at school and once a week at Brunswick Maryvale Lanes. Mr. Boglio, Mr. Wootton, and Mrs. Ulmen were the sponsors. The members learned good sportsmanship and social graces. Not only did the students gain these things from participating in this club, but some students hehwed MDA by taking part in the MD Bowl - A - Thon. Last year, S9,CXX7 was raised at the MD Bowl - A - Thon. The members also were required to have money for games, have transpor- tation to the games, and most impor- tantly, have an interest in bowling. t Debbie Hurt shows the photographers her bowling form at Brunswick. BO WL ING LLUB 83 F.R.I.E. .D. . promote brotherhood Mr. Smith sponsored F.R.l.E.N.D.S. about other cultures and races. They had to go to Alhambra. They met twice club, which stands for Friends Reach- also learned to understand each other a month to talk about their friends and ing Into Each others Needs and Desires and themselves better. The only mem- to make plans for activities. With Sincerity. The students learned bership requirement was the student W . A if hffff' S FRIENDS: Marcos Godoy, Cindy Newton. Jim Camargo, Lavonde Price, Adriana Jacobsen. Eric Hall, Barbara Villasenor, Mr. Smith, Katrin Larsen, Lisa Gutaw, Greg Bunting, Monika Nevermann, Tim Roberts, Rohan Bisset, Lee Copeland, Sonja Webb. 05- WEE 'E'-IE Q1 xt .igpy ,1 Adriana Jacobsen is displaying artifacts from her country of Brazil in the quad. Katrin Larsen and Marcos Godoy go to Cultural Week. 84 F.R.l.E.N.D.S. Flagline, Twirlers perform at games The Flagline and the Twirlers perform dur- Flagline and Twirlers lead the Band to the field during a halftime show at a home game. ing halftime at a football game. TWIRLERS: Kim Lukane and Lynda Roman. FLAGLINE: Dawn Elbert, Michelle Corde, Kristen DeVries, and Shar Ledford. Not Pictured: Shelly Peterson. FLAGLINE AND TWIRLERS 85 V CA-ICE learns trades . M VICA, Vocational Industrial Clubs of y I ,I 5 'QQ l" America, and ICE, Industrial Cooperat- my ' I EQQQQRQ' I 3 ive Education, was a work study pro- , t,,h WX: Ylrl 'I ll fi gram that served such trades as indus- W - trial, technical, and health related Ei: WW: areas. ICE met every day and VICA iffy ,fiffl fv "O ' -.,, met once a week. The officers were H I ' 1, xx president, Skip Dominguez, Vice - ,.f' Q, T--x V W .gf president, Bill Boat, Secretary, Diane 'A' i'if 'fl XX Dunnam Treasurer, Michelle Turner: Historian, I.isa Brizzee, Reporter, Mary Kelly, and Parliamentarian, Valerie Karpouskas. The only membership requirements were that a student must be enrolled in ICE, and work a minimum of I5 hours a week. The members took a trip to Tucson for VICA State Conference, adopted a Christmas and Thansgiving family, vis- ited the Indian Hospital on Halloween I h night, and much more. Scott Passmore "freaks out" when he realizes that he has shut his leg In the car door, VICA - FRONT RO W: Gary Howes, Skip Dominguez. SECOND ROW: Diane Dunnan, Mike Allen. Mary Kelly, Amy Berg, and Cathy Kirkland. THIRD RO W: Michelle Turner, Billy Boat. Lisa Brizzee, Lynda Carter, and Dorothy Long. FOURTH RO W: Mike Krout, Alma Bocanegra, Maureen Guill, Brenda Dunn, Tish Fonteno, Troy Dunnington, and Mr. Russell, sponsor. BA CK RO W: Joe Felish, Valerie Karpouskas, Stephen Dorsey. Amy Haas, John ldeker, and Glenn Kelly, 86 VICA - ICE Key Clubbers help the environment by cleaning up a park. " "I now pronounce you husband and wife." as the happy couple kisses. cm ,,,....-Q-' iw '-,,4+.-, Dan Laux receives an award from Dr. Henderson. .leff Young takes a break after showing of his cheer experience. S .u.. ,. .11 225 I ' "' 'QQ 3. M f s :jg S .5 L ga. N. ,4 a v :ix ' u in ' 'i i ' ,sQs.f' 'Xa ' 1 m -, I 1 rg it "eff P F .-'. A student admires the wedding cake given away by H.E.R.O. Julie Scheid, .leff Young, and other Key Clubbers look for garbage at one of the nearby parks to clean up the mess. ACTION 87 0 ,V Y P -"wif , frfiggi 'E as to sf' S , ., C W 'M' ' i f Q K N Q v C A,., A C L I The Cheer and Pom show their school spirit at the football game. Rohan Bisset explains the art of making the senior float. W 88 CLUB ACTION 'W 3Qm31ll" ' , i Vf'f"i ,Q as Q-if L4 V fl T pf -1 ug trim.. . Terry Jones displays his muscular pose during a football game. 412 f A if , ' Q Dan Masters displays the latest G.Q. style. The J, V. football team inspects the water for foreign substances. J Destry Hithe models the latest fashion for a highly Students demonstrate a "Lap Sit" during one of the pep assemblies in the quad. fashionable men 's magazine, """bp M-.5 ,fl N Andy Sisson. Beth Bowles, Sharon Dawson, Eddie Cruz, Brad Williams, Bill Student body president Dan Masters issues out Phoneix Deneke, Gina Esquivel, and Cathie Lutes take time to pose for a picture while Suns tickets for a selected charity. working on the junior float for Homecoming Week. ACTION 89 'SS SPORTS wa 'L K . J W? Q" i fe fisffi 3 Q- 5 N tw, x Niaufe Tuihalamaka goes one-on-one against a Cortez defender, Cortez went on to win the game Standing together in sports . . , Standing together on the gridiron with the football team . . . Standing togeth- er, spiking balls with the volleyball team . . , Standing together smashing birdies. in badminton . . . Standing to- gether, enduring a long-distance run, in Cross Country . . . Standing togeth- er, shooting the hoop in basketball . . . Standing together, hitting homeruns, will the softball and baseball teams . . . Standing together, pinning opponents to the mats. with the wrestling team Standing together, shooting bull- seyes, in archery . . . Standing togeth- er, serving aces, in tennis . . . Standing together, in field events with the track team . . . These are the people we stand to- gether with and cheer to victory, in SPORTS. 5' v at , F5 , " ' - A gk 1 ' ' Jack Robbins pracmu is S' xl i.W his chip shot on the uf in ul if X sa wifi greens at Alhambra . ., as f. fr- ' ' ff " ' I Q N rx s ,+ve . 7 as-1.szf'. .gg " ' 2539? QR T ke Mandy lindsey takes a defensive stance while she awaits the spike from the opposition. O O O Wm over The Varsity Football record this year was 3-6 with several of the losses coming by a touchdown or less. They were fairly young, starting as many as I8 juniors and sophomores in several games. Certainly the season highlight was knocking an excellent Maryvale team out of the playoffs and playing Trevor Browne for a tough 3V2 quar- ters, Tim Roberts at defensive end and Bill Runnings were the two seniors that played the steadiest ball for this year. Bill started several games for us at quarterback and did exceptionally well ending the season with three touch- downs. Others to be recognized were Nuife Tuihalamaka playing linebacker and noseguard. Cornell Green playing cornerback, and Aaron LaDuke. who. as a sophomore, led the team in tack- les. "Next year we are looking forward to a good year. We have our first group of seniors, since we have taken over the football program. We have I6 starters back out of 22 positions and we as couches will except a great deal from our players. " stated Coach Paul Hoffland. VARSITY FOOTBALL AHS OPP Apollo 25 .Pl Brophy 2I 0 Cortez 6 I0 I Camelback 3 I6 Tre vor Browne I4 31 South Mountain 0 I4 Maryvale 20 I3 Central 0 41 Cactus 7 I3 3 WINS. 6 LOSSES. 0 TIES 92 VARSITY FOO1Ib'ALL Maryvale hl hllghts season 'K I , . Q 2 'Q if . I I ' X .4 . W " " , A Q L , ' Iv V L : y r QBL . I J I X I n 8: .M .xx 'ul ri' I .. N32 . 'Y ., Y U lg x F . " au, 'Q 1. L a. , ' ' ' I .QT , l ap ' Y - 5 Q .1 Q Y h 'Q I '. 'Q 5 Ar. -V , , - en ' H1- ., 'ff , ' '01 so :: 1 , Gil? N' . . ' x s S ' Y . t ' a ' r it l M rel! ' :wr i ,, ' . ' U Q Q .Nl In ,, 2, . 0- , 4 of W . My . v A M , -I. ,fl V A'1 f f Q4 I.. ' A W .. 4 A 4 V.-4, A , . - - I I iw. x. 1 . ' L- 5 ' 1 1 . ' , , -5 A ' , ' YJ: it :wg 1 :ts I T: - .- if 1' . I .. : -i , , - . ' 1 '. . f 1' - ' K - , ' . A -I f " . ' , R., Q 1 N . 1 1 K , 'Q X. f -,H y fl ., - . ,R -f' ' ek R., -1, 4, gnu' 5 5 ' V1 f N. N 4 4 xi I l f K - 1 A . N .Ly .. , - 'S - , - ,- - - .4 ag . . ,L . Y A -1 X, V . W .Q R VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: Destry Hithe 363, J.D. Kidd 460 Cornell Green 330 Keith deRuiter 39. Richie Le Vander itll Derek Davidson 433, Brian Papiese 440 Jim Miller IHS. and Terry Jones 364. SECOND RO W. Karen Hines, Andy Sisson 069. Niuafe Tuihalamaka 044. Brad lngle lf3I. Jay Colyar il8l. .loe McCrea if 74, Kent Anderson 022. Aaron LaDuke 9442 Robbie Harris 335, Jerry Kneipp 025, and Kelly Palmer. Third Row: David Dowell 488, Chris 5cholL Sam Nassif, Bob Pacheco. BiIIAnderson. Coach Paul Hoffland. Bob Stark, Ron Scott, Roy Gilliard, Mike DePuma if 7Q Gilbert Florez 489, and Charles Corson +350 Fourth Row: Greg Bunting 355, Todd McClain 383. Todd Motter Wil, Russ Corbin 9?6l. Brian Papiese 349, Glenn Kelly 380 Jeff Mancuso 365, Steve Guidice AU9. Erci Gerle IHC! and Nehumi Tuihalamaka If 77. FIFTH RO W: Brian Wells 9266, Tim Roberts 399. Charles ,lunker il' 76, Darren Lutes 3961 Jim Hanawalt if 86, Geoge Wells 92 78. Da vid Henderson if 75, Henry .lunker 4 67. Bill Runnings if 7. and Todd Muncy it 59. li .,,v,gV,:ia I .g,", I, x L if Russ Corbin, Charles Junker, and Aaron LaDuke converge to make the tackle against a Central running back. Cornell Green returns a punt and lea ves defen- sive opponent in the dust. Alhambra Ouarterback Bill Runnings scrambles for yardage making a Lion first down. Steve Guidice having much time sits in his pocket waiting for an open receiver. xx . Tim Roberts and Nuiafe Tuihalamaka take a break during the Cortez game. VARSITY FOOTBALL ACTION 93 ff. Greg Bunting shows much emotion in the last game, lost to Cactus. AHFOH LHDUkP allows himself f 0 be faken out of the play by a Cactus player. X ce .lay C alyar shows some of his fancy moves in order to dodge the Bryan de Ruiter makes sure he has the ball as he makes a touchdown opponents while the referee watches for penalties. catch against Cactus, Xu? if Bill Runnings drops back to buy some time Kent Anderson dodges the hands of two Cobra defensive players for a big gain in the last as he looks for open receivers. game of the season. 94 VARSITY FOOTBALL ACTION 1. . . Nuiafe Tuihalamaka keeps the opponent away from Tim Roberts while he punts. Steve Guidice scrambles to get away from the Trevor Browne opponents. Randall Lindsey walks off the field after playing defense against Trevor Browne. 'R ff Xflkffe in-v'? ,M K a V an ,Q . , Y be 3- ' 'W -' WC, ,. ak, .. i , . f fi. WI- ' -1 - , :N-': A ' - Www. - .,Q9f..1.. . - - -as-f at v. X ,t w , .. . J. ' 'V ' -s wr. s , - ' wife, .ff '- wwf' 5.4 '1s"'-W Nuiafe Tuihalamaka breaks away from Cactus defense to gain much yardage needed. VARSITY FOOTBALL ACTION 95 6 6 The J. V. Lions had a very disap- pointing season with a 3 win 5 loss record. It seemed no matter how hard they played, and how much effort they would put into the game, the Lions al- ways got the bad calls. The Freshman team had a great sea- son with a 6 win 2 loss record. Every afternoon they played, it seemed to go as planned. The coach, Tom Altemus sees a'good future for the lions in '8 7. Both the J. V. and the Frosh. teams should be awarded for their excellent playing this year. lt was felt that next year's J. V. team will produce a winning season if they have the same players that were on the frosh team this year. T ..I.V. FOOTBALL T g Q T AHS OPP Brophy 7 0 Cortez I2 I5 A south Mr. . gtg of T ,Jo T fMaryvale Q rI5 as l4ff .Trevor Browne . I2 T 33s T TWest T . . f'34g OT Central T 6 29 Camelback a A T I4, 25 g 3 WINS 5 LOSSES T A FRESHMAN .FOOTBALL g T T TT 1 TAHS' OPPT spun, . o 6 Cortez ' . 24. 6 ,Maryvale T ' T 0 T s7T A Trevor Brownefg flts ,Q I2 381 f T West T 1 sa .13 , Central T A, TllT J T39 .ST T Camelback . I . I6 A OT . sCarI Hayden f TT . g 45 0- 6 WINS 2 LOSSES T 95 J V S FRESHMAN FOOTBALL ready for next year f 1 fs. fi. ggi , 25 M I V , , , . my N A N ' ff' '25 g s, 1,T' ,,,, 1 I-'T tg, I' Ggfif g V. ggk E? A- It .ff Nli iwa. . T . f .K 435. 5 , Mr A 2 - C 2 , To 755' I 2 Bl A 4 , f h KV7 M . y. x I 'I I! N I C Ti . gn .W I ., I ,..fy.,v: 5 E. - 'bi s 'E p lg' -A ,.,., , 4, H , V - Q, A ab V :i 1 , K TVI ,,,,, I - Q'2T-., . , . ,f!,g,,g?VT I . V FL, hu g' 'V 9. 3 ,. 'x.i, - C -.M Tw: I ,K , ,- , gf, , ,7,,A1,, A .n . ' M , .,' 1. ith, .M ,K r I , f 11. fr fr' ', 1. - X . -as -at P seg, . - -S ,sf f - ,- ' T ' - 1 . W T' M T - T- , ,Q 41, I . , 5, , ,K - , . -1 Q T T . Ta if w A .pw ,J A A ,.lA:,,,' ,wry , Q . N K jrw W Ex xl f V ,1' K' Y - A ,,,' V A - 1 V. K t , .K 43' ' a f mfr.-.ff a,,TT T TT . ass T x A T 'T J V I T TQ T.,, TF1553T71f.1il:T?S55ffif3.L,i'7fYfff.lf TgSiETIii-s5lEE , ,f5i, ZS.3?ff?fE241x J. V. FOOTBALL PLA YERS fahrhabetical orderj P. Aguiler, N. Aguirre, C. Aford, C. Beard, R. Blatchford, K. Booker, J. Boston, M. Byrne, J. Cadenhead, D. Carter, T. Coleman, A. Combs, J. D71melio, J. Dawson, T. Fee, S. Florez, G. Frazier, J. Garcia, G. Hauser. J. Kerfoot, L. Effrum. J. Males, D. Mallory, T. McSorley. S. Meagan. R. Morales, D. Nash. J. Newsome, R. Ornellsa, A. Padilla, J. Parish, D. Rangel, D. Rodman, C. Rodriguez, J. Roger. D. Saban. J. Schoch, J. Smith, T. Taylor, A. Terrien, J. Trevino, D. Walker, M. Walker, R. Walker, K. Wood. Freshman produce winning season .ng-4. 1 '-r-:If "J 4. L-,Q FWD FRESHMEN FOOTBALL-Front Row: K. Waldon, P. Diaz, .I. Bulter, B. Thrasher, B. Aguirre, R. Rubio, C. Desomma. Second Row: J. Gates, D. Ramero, K. Frazier, D. Clowser, K. Moffat, R. Beard, C. Selfridge, D. Myler Third Row: R. Brown, J. Milton, G. Norton. Coach Gilleard, A. Narnone, L. Bowles, Coach Attemus. R. Alvardo, B. Coares Fourth Row: N. LaDuke, C. Figueroa, B. Sema, J. Clark. D. Halvik, M. Bartholomen, D. Dowell, S. Sutton, S. Sherrill. C. Sherrill. Top Row: R. Montgomery, T. Sioda, B. Trujillo, T. Rodriguez, J. Sullivan, R. Thrasher, N. Killingbeck, J. Magler. New coach for olleyball Varsity volleyball team had a new coach this year. Coach Frantz, led them to an excellent season, with a 9 win 3 loss record. Coach Frantz, the Alhambra High Track coach, may ha ve been the new coach, but she knew all the right moves to obtain the Lions a winning season. Coach Frantz was so enthusiasic, she even started the cheering at the games. The whole team pitched in together to do their best and played the right moves. The team hoped that Coach Frantz would be back next year to give them an- other chance at a winning season. ii- . . - u - s 1 t so Mandy Lindsey spikes the ball at her opponent while she tries to block the shot. l,kl.,.k5 ,,.. K, in VARSITY VOLLEYBALL-FRONT ROW: Mandy Lindsey, Coach Frantz, Charla Greenmyer SECOND ROW: Becky Cordova, Yvette Pieri, C. T. Flores, Kim Doolittle THIRD ROW: Anna-Lisa Byrne, Chrissy Contes, Julie Tang, Sonii Webb. VARSITY VOLLEYBALL 97 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL AHS OPP Tolleson 2 0 Arcadia 2 0 Tre vor Browne 2 0 South 2 0 Mary vale 2 0 Central I 2 Camelback 2 0 Trevor Browne 2 O South 2 0 Maryvale 2 0 Central 0 2 Camelback I 2 9 WINS 3 LOSSES A i 'is Ig? x 9-r LET! NX. F a vi 1 5, I L 'i' as ' v ,, Y .L M Y t K Sonja Webb does a jump-bump to the ball at one of the home games. BASKETBML 'E gs 'I , 1 um.. Ls 33. nu plum 4109 , Q J. V. players attempt to block the ball after being served. Kim Doolittle spikes the ball over the net to get the serve back. 98 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Getting ready for next year Beginning the season with high hopes, the JV Volleyball team started by scoring two wins over Tolleson and cross-town Arcadia. The team then lost to Browne, but volleyed hard to take a win over South. After the win over South, the team took four losses in a row succumbing to Maryvale. Central, Camelback, and a second time to Browne. JV VOLLEYBALL AHS OPP Tolleson W L Arcadia W L Tre vor Browne L W South W L Mary vale L W Central L W Camelback L W Tre vor Browne L W South W L Mary vale L W Central L W Camelback ' L W 4 WINS 8 LOSSES In the second game against South. the girls were able to spike the ball over the net hard enough to beat the Rebels. Their season ended with three losses against Maryvale. Central, and Camelback. The members showed promise un- der first year coach Ken Hampton and looked forward to playing varsity next ear. y Taking two wins over North was the highlight of the Freshman Volleyball team 's season. The team 's other wins were against Central and Maryvale. They had losses to Maryvale. Camel- back, Browne, Central. and Camelback, ending their season with four wins and five losses. JV VOLLEYBALL- FRONT ROW: J. Ouan and M. Halama SECOND ROW: C. Lee, and V. McCloud TOP ROW: A. L ynch. J. Shied, P. Smatt, Coach Hampton, S. Walker, K. Lewis. and B. Chris well. .41 L X FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL- FRONT ROW: L, Cleckner, M. Smith, P. Ropp. P. Wilson, and D, Vander SECOND ROW: P. Poorman, A. Lye, and M. McCarty THIRD RO W: C. Gollihare, N. Suftko. K. Hornback, M. Truijillo, and Coach Baker. FRESHMAN VOLLE YBALL AHS OPP North L W Mary vale W L Central L W Camelback W L Trevor Browne W L North L W Mary vale L W Central W L Camelback W L 4 WINS 5 LOSSES JV FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL 99 Excellent season for X-Countr The Boys Cross Country team had an excellent season with a record of I4 to I in dual meets, and placing third in their division. The Lion distance run- ners' only Ioss was to Casa Grande against whom they came back and al- most beat in the divisionals by a score of 70 to 74. The highlight was in the last meet of the year in a four way meet, when the girls and boys both won, by outrunning Tempe, Kofa, and Camelback. The girls were inexperienced but kept improving every week and fin- ished the season with 4 wins, 2 for- feits, and 9 loses. The boys graduate five from the squad and ha ve three sophomores and two juniors to start next year 's team. The girls graduate five also and four are returning next year. Many boys ran over 250 miles in practice not counting the extra miles they did on their own. The girls' mileage was pret- ty much the same with two runners over the 250 mile mark. Girls Cross Country team stands ready at the starting line to sprint a practice run CROSS COUNTRY Cahvhabetical orderj BO YS: R. Barrett, R. Blackford, 71 Crane, L Copeland, J. De Wald, 71 Ellsoos, S. Gregory, R. Hernandez M. Mayberry, P. Metz, P. Mulvihill, 71 Phelps, R. Ramirez, K. Scheuring, J. Weatherford, and B. Wilder. GIRLS. S. Castellano, N. Chandler S Dodson, C. Garcia, K. Glazman, V. Hernandez, C. Page, P. Rosenau, D. Shroyer, K. Todd, and C. Woods. ICX7 CROSS COUNTRY Over 250 miles run b runners BOYS CROSS COUNTRY GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY AHS OPP AHS OPP Arcadia 24 40 Arcadia 67 20 Cactus 24 63 Cactus 44 67 Casa Grande 47 2I Casa Grande 36 no Central 47 68 Central 36 I9 Maryvale I5 47 Maryvale 39 I8 Central 20 39 Central 34 2l Camelback 25 29 Camelback 28 3l Trevor Browne I9 38 Trevor Browne 38 no South 30 56 Cactus 38 20 Arcadia 30 46 South 47 no Maryvale I7 47 Arcadia 47 I5 Cactus I7 54 Maryvale 54 26 Thunderbird no scoring Cactus 54 43 Kofa 31 lOl Thunderbird no scoring Camelback 31 46 Kofa 47 63 Tempe 3I 52 Tempe 4 7 62 I4 WINS I I-O55 Camelback 47 49 Mike Mayberry pumps hard to stay ahead of the other runners during a race, . :r Pat Metz is leading the runners by many miles, but is tiring as he reaches the finish line after four miles. Rick Ramirez runs far enough in front of other runners to be one of the first ones in during a practice meet. CROSS C OUN TR Y IOI Varsity basketball has good season With a season that had its ups and downs, the Lions' Varsity Basketball season finished strong down the stretch. Throughout most of January, the Lions were without their star center, Mitch Smith, who suffered a broken finger. The team seemed doomed, but they did surprisingly well without their key player. Lions lost in double over- time to number one ranked Central High, falling short by one point 158-592. One February 3, I984, one of the best performances of any players in Alham- bra 's history took place as the Lion's Mitch Smith finished the night with a new school scoring record, an aston- ishing 42 points, as the Lion's walked all over the Bruins, 99-49. The Lion's had agreat year with I2 wins and Il losses. VARSITY BASKETBALL AHS Westwood 44 Thunderbird 53 Corona Del Sol 54 Chandler 60 ,J Arcadia 78 South 49 Maryvale 72 Casa Grande 37 Camelback 53 ' Trevor Browne 6I Cactus 79 Maryvale 57 Central 58 Camelback 63 Trevor Browne 99 South 47 """ fling, Arcadia 7I 5 I2 WINS Il Lossfs Mitch Smith jumps and begins to shoot in . the game against Westwood. OPP 46 49 59 59 60 46 59 42 58 48 75 55 59 64 49 68 59 VARSITY BASKETBALL FRONT ROW - Coach Kemp, Randall Lindsey, Tim Cole, David Sandoval, Travis Mask, Pat Kearney. Roger Wayman BACK ROW - .lim Hanawalt, Richard Gano, Mitch Smith, Gary Thomas, Troy Hardwick. IO2 VARSITY BASKETBALL 1 4 ny 9, X I v t ,:', CfQ'1"Q'9u Q gi 'N 'iw A .J wl""'i 1. N: X W 'AQQIXPHS-isgazf.-,fu-w:fd'5" 1 A is , " B a W A' Ak .... A . , .M Q I. , . 9 ,N Y tg g ag X 1, YT? ig if 95 t 5' K .gs H 'E vm sake Randall Lindsey helps shoot past Maryvale. Lion Richard Gano shoots to help win against Westwood. Varsity and junior varsity basketball teams get together to scrimmage, Basketball players gather together after a victory over Chandler. IO4 VARSITY BASKETBALL Coach Kemp and Coach Silcox discuss strategy before a basketball game. Freshmen have winning season JV BASKETBALL AHS OPP Westwood 50 53 Thunderbird 56 66 Corona del Sol 60 64 Chandler 55 60 Arcadia 52 48 South 49 56 Maryvale 61 50 Camelback 56 6 7 Trevor Browne 70 55 Mary vale 5I 49 Central 43 56 Trevor Browne 52 74 South 40 63 Central 43 77 4 WINS 7 LOSSES FRESHMAN BASKETBALL - FRONT ROW: James Milton, Mike Eckert, Mike Schoonover, Eugene Nomura, Tony Ringhoffer, manager. SECOND ROW - Coach Rossi. BACK RO W: Pat Trejo, Rob Bowsher, Ron Claborne, Ted Rodriguez, Dean Havlik, Jeff Jacobs. JUNIOR VARSITY - FRONT: Ouentin K innison, Brad Larremore, Louis Haney. John Rood. SECOND ROW Coach Silcox, Kent Anderson, Frank Bajus, Gary Hauser, Joshua Mitchell, Derek Thompson John Pruzn ak FRESHMA N BA SK E TBAL L AHS OPP South 36 58 North 43 7l Arcadia 6 7 55 Casa Grande 46 33 Maryvale 43 48 Camelback 48 38 Trevor Browne 79 29 North 5I 5 7 Maryvale 44 65 Central 63 6l Camelback 59 44 Trevor Browne 90 52 South 55 52 North 7I 52 Central 58 54 8 WINS 7 LOSSES J VXFRESHMAN BASKETBALL IO5 Wrestlers undefeated in regular season Posting an undefeated season for the first time in many years was the i984 Varsity Wrestling team. The Lions had a record of eleven wins and no losses. Also, three wrestlers qualified to participate in the State Tournament. Leading the matmen in the heavyweight class was Nehumi Tuiha- .,f. .... A Angle Flores is attempting a roll over for a possible pin against his Cactus opponent. lamaka. Others who won most of their matches in their respective weight classes were Nathan LaDuke and Tony Hammons. VARSITY WRESTLING AHS OPP Carl Hayden W L Washington W L Greenway Tournament lst Place Peoria Tournament 2nd Place 999 S35 'sul V0 S5555 F5515 EE Casa Grande L Mary vale L Camelback L Trevor Browne L ll WINS 0 LOSSES VARSITY WRESTLERS - FRONT ROW: jeff Zuccalla, Ricky Flores, Angle Flores, Tony Hammons, Sam Holland, .lohn Rogers, Nathan La Duke BACK RO W: Coach Meador, Nehumi Tuihalamaka, Charles Juncker, Ron Barrett, Bill Hodge. Guy Norton, Jesse Jackson, Coach Anderson IO6 VARSITY WRES'TL'lNG ?'?f........g,'-fm" Fr' .I V WRESTLERS - FRONT RO W: Robert Berg. ,lon Zuccala, Tom Sahhar, Jessie Griffin, Joe Butler, Dwayne Clowser. BA CK RO W: Chris Rodriguez, Terry Jones. Steve Sherrill, Kevin Frazier, .lack Sullivan, Coach Anderson. .I Wrestlin has outstanding season K In the heavyweight class, Nehumi Tuihalamaka puts a head lock hold on his opponent for a possible pin, JV WRESTLING SCHEDULE AHS OPP Carl Hayden Washington Central Glendale Cactus Casa Grande Mary vale Camelback Trevor Browne 7 WINS. 2 LOSSES. I TIE Jeff Zuccala, IOS pound class. rides his op- ponent in order to put a cross body hold for a possible pin. J. V. WRESTLING IO7 Lettermen win MVP awards The coach of the golf team, Bill Wharton felt this year's team was much stronger than last year's team. He sensed this was because of the three returning lettermen: Dennis Smith KM VP winner in l98D. C..l. Brady IM VP winner in l9822, and Eddie Cruz CM VP winner in I98.-D. Out of the nine players that tried out, all nine were chosen as members of the team. Five of the nine were re- turning from last year. The only weak- ness the golf team had was they were inconsistant in their play, which cost them some matches. ,I Kerry Horner practices a follow through on his drive, near the auditorium. .IN Jn-'M Nui GOLF TEAM- FRONT RO W: Coach Warton, J. Robbins, D. Joenk. and E. Cruz. BACK RO W: D. Smith, D. Sandvig, C..l. Brady, K. Horner, and L. Simmons. IOS GOLF Softball has impressive record of 23-3 The Mighty Lions Softball Team had an excellent season with a 23 win, 3 loss record. This year was the best playing year the team had ever had. The team, of all seniors, won the Christmas tournament. and went on to the Divisionals tournament. The girls went to the playoffs, but lost on their own errors. At State, the girls played an excel' lent ball game of I0 innings. The girls lost on an umpire 's bad call. They sold candy for their banquet, from Novem- ber until the end of the year. The team left an unbeatable record for the Lions. Some of the important players of the team were pitcher Wendy James who pitched IO shut outs, catcher Kathy Zuccala, who had a batting average of .430 and Kara Larremore who only had three errors throughout the whole sea- son. All of the players who were on the team got at least one hit. ww Q31 . xiii K 'Y K Q2 gggaywsjgy VARSITY SOFTBALL ts- 541 x 'N .MV --s..A - i 5, Pitcher Wendy James receives a signal from Coach Ziegler during a home game. AHS OPP Arcadia I2 2 Carl Hayden 6 2 Glendale I9 0 Maryvale I2 O Trevor Browne I 0 South I6 6 Central I9 0 Camelback 5 0 Trevor Browne 0 I South I0 0 Westwood 9 3 Carl Hayden 3 I Mesa 7 5 Moon Valley II I Camelback 6 0 Trevor Browne 3 I South I2 3 Maryvale 9 O Central 9 I Central I7 2 Camelback 4 0 Maryvale 5 I 2l WINS ILOSS VARSITY SOFTBALL - FRONT RO W: J. Harris, L. Williams, J. Zuccala, C. Flores, K. Zuccala, W. James, B. Cordova. BACK RO W: Coach Ziegler. Y, Pieri, K. Laramore, V. Guidice, D. Quan, D. June, J. Tang, S. Ziegler, Mgr. VARSITY SOFTBALL IOS? .IV as good yearg Frosh work hard JV SOFTBALL - FRONT ROW: K. Miller. S. Gallego, C. Lee. SECOND ROW: S. Davis, A. Cohen. S Cordova, J. Quan. J. Shew. K. Sellards. S. Powel. THIRD ROW: N. Bradley. D. Lockhart. P. Todd, L. Nelson. J. Scheid, 5. Armstrong, Coach Nevins. FRESHMAN SOFTBALL AHS Tolleson I5 Glendale 9 Trevor Browne ll Central I3 Cactus 0 Trevor Browne 4 Glendale 2 Trevor Browne IO Cactus 2 Central I0 Camelback 5 3 WINS 8 LOSSES IIO JV FROSH SOFTBALL OPP I5 8 I 7 I2 I0 6 I2 I5 6 I4 IO JV SOFTBALL Trevor Browne South Trevor Browne Accadia Carl Hayden Maryvale Central Trevor Browne South Maryvale Central Camelback AHS I3 7 7 I3 IO I6 5 3 5 I3 8 II 8 WINS 4 LOSSES OPP 3 I0 2 IO 3 2 0 6 I 9 5 I FRESHMEN SOFTBALL. CALPHABETICALL YQ D. Daugherty, A. Garrett, T, Hampton, G. Lang, M. Nunez. C. Rage, B. Smith. N, Suftko. B. Wells, Coach Hampton, A. Tye, P. Wilson, T. Collin T. Ashton. H mul. , 'I' 1, A Q as Debbie Quan runs intently to first base after hitting the ball. ,1 , 4 V.,, .... 1' g I .- H, Gi? F-'Y W' mmnqw-. - . , aff Gf"Wf'3Q"81' X Q - fig ,,,,. x . , Kara Larremore "flies" into home base to score a run, 'Q 1 Third baseman Kathy Armstrong gets ready to chuck the ball to first base for a possible out. Yvette Pieri "spazes" out at one of the home games against Trevor Browne. SOFTBALL ACTION lll GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL l983 Girls Basketball 'Q-215, O,,,, had I6- Last year the Girls Basketball team finished third in the B league, second in divisionals and advanced to the quarter-finals of the State Tourna- ment. Their overall record was I6-8, the best in Alhambra 's history. Linda Neeley scored l250 points, and Karen Michaels was the second all time leading scorer with 707 points. Karen S record also became the all time leading re- bounder with 6l9 rebounds. The strengths for this past years team were height, speed, teamwork, and experience. The seniors returning in i984 were Yvette Pieri, Kathy Zuc- cala, Celia Flores, Valerie Guidice, Ka- ren Michaels, and Lori Williams. Kathy Zuccala, Lisa Hempen, Toi Howard, and Lisa Rogers are caught during the sports assembly. Glendale Arcadia 66 33 Scottsdale 54 .29 Trevor Browne 58 44 Camelback 47 50 Marcos DeNiza 5I 37 South 61 63 Maryvale 60 49 Central 55 47 Browne 59 32 South 54 62 Maryvale 4l 39 Central 63 42 Camelback 53 30 Browne 5l 43 South 45 63 Maryvale 62 48 Central 60 5l Camelback 43 48 DIVISIONALS Tolleson 54 45 Camelback 36 44 Central 47 44 Cortez 52 49 Santa Rita 64 73 I6 WINS 8 LOSSES GIRLS VARSITY BASK E TBALL-FRON T RO W: Lori Williams, Kathy Zuccala, Celia Flores, Toi Ho ward. BA CK RO W: Davy Da vis. Lisa Hempen, Valerie Guidice, Lisa Rogers, C aoch DiBenedetto, Janna Johns, Karen Michaels, Yvette Pieri, ll2 GIRLS BASKETBALL ,NNN 'Q , 'LW 2 - A 'YY- V Nts Q Za 4 , ' H., tg' .ta Ea wwf' N.-4 we Yvette Pieri reaches for a jump ball against her Auga Fria counter JV basketball player Janet Ouan takes the ball down court to set up part, for a play. GIRLS JV BASKETBALL-FRONT RO W: Michelle Hills Joey Rymer, Janet Ouan, Lucy Martinez, Amy Cohen, Karen Looney. BACK RO W: La Vonde Price, Mickey Monaghan, Nancy Bradley, Monica Smith, Cassie Kasinak. Suzanne Cote, Pam Smart, Mandy Lindsey, Connie Page. Coach Johnson. GIRL S BA SK E TBAL L ll3 Varsity Track undefeated in I983 The boys Track Team of l982-83 fin- ished the year with a great undefeated season. They also did well in division- als. The boys had all of the elements it took to put together a great year, and they did it. The outstanding athlete on the team would ha ve to ha ve been Tra- cey Pierce. He placed in all four events he entered in the State Tournament. He placed first in the ll0 meter high hurdles and the long jump. He placed third in the 3617 intermediate hurdles and he teamed up with Erwin King. Charles James. and Robbie Anderson for a third place in the 460 meter relay. The Boys Varsity Relay Team runs the 440 during the Spring Sports Assembly. sfzag., W Q . . MM.. Shot-putter Frank Werner spins out of his wind-up to heave the shot put. ll4 BOYS TRACK Mas- W .Q Q , BOYS VARSITY TRACK A l983iSC'ORE5 AHS Central j s 87 Trevor Browne 4. 102 South T lg R 90 Maryvaie 75 Cactus 575 Camelback 86 Scottsdale 95 Casa Grande 79 Tolleson DI Trevor Browne l2l Carl Hayden ADI opp T 40 24 48 70 .15 , 43 32 R 48 45 39 a 2, , if e ta i ". 1,.m 3? i 1 M. - ' -A ' In K Lv 5.55 Tim Fee shows his aggression as he tries to break the long-jumping record. S i BOYS TRACK: llisted alphabeticallyj - C. Beard, R. Berg, R. Bisset, K. Booker, J. Bower, B. Chambers, D. Chee, W. Clowser, A. Combs C opeland, J. D34melio, J. De Wald. I Ellsoos, T. Fee, D. Fizz, 5. Gregory. T. Hardwick, R. Hernandez M. Holley, J. Ivey, I. Jackson. C. James, C . Juncker, H. Juncker, D. Karl. R. Khaler, T. Larck, R. LeDesma, M. Mayberry, J. McCrea. P. Metz, P. Mulvihill, R. Ramirez, J. Rogers, A. Ruiz Scheuring, C. Sherrill, S. Stoddard, .L Sullivan, N. Tuihalamaka, N Tuihalamaka, M. Tuipulotu, R. Washington, J. Weatherford. F. Werner Wilder, K. Wood, J. Zuccala, Coach Hugh Morrison. Mr. Addaboo, Mr. Crenshaw. .L .K. .B. rl I S XXIXXXS .,:ae!"' nun... wana ..... ...ann-"' ......-al',. 33 . During track practice, a member of the Before an important match, Scott Gregory makes a perfect hand-off to Rick Ramirez to win. boy 's team pole vaults while others watch. BOYS TRACK ll5 Missy Stanley tries her hardest to stay ahead by making a good hand-off to Laura Cordero. 3 S 3 . .X ,,2.xu. , . . . , V C .. Sandy Bodah practices her shot putting form. II6 GIRLS TRACK Sylvia White starts her run during a hand- C Aguafrra M S GIRLS VARSITY TRACK S S as C S I983 SCORES S C C gg C SAH5 ,C opp TrevorSBrowneS 67 ' s4I 5 Centralg isie 49,-S 169 South' ssie S C 74S SS ' E43 S S Maryvalee a Q e 4I 89 U Cactus sits S it SS S S I8 Camelback ' Scottsdale S SS ' 41 67 C C C 82 Casa Grande S 47S S S C C at S74 W M 7-ouesohgii .t.1. , C W 44 67 C. 5, ' f iSS S yt ' ik Janine Zuccala sprints to the lead during off from Nancy Chandler. practice. 42 S C at C36 at 72 New coach for Girls Track Judi Estes practices her form as she jumps the low hurdles. The Girls Varsity Track Team had a 6-4 winning season in l983. The girls also had a new coach, Miss Marilyn Frantz. Coach Frantz had few prob- lems adjusting to the team. The girls did real well at the Divi- sional Tournament. Some of the win- ners at the tournament were Diane Copeland who finished fourth in the 46D meter run, Anna Figueroa who fin- ished third in the 3617 hurdles, and Leann Owens who placed in the high jump. Each of the girls qualified for the State Tournament. i GIRLS TRACK - FRONT RO W: Coach Frantz, Cyndi Cook, Shodie Dawson, Christy Contes, Judi Estes, Janine Zuccala, Pam Slusser, Robin Link, Celia Garcia. Penny Ropp, George Crenshaw. MIDDLE RO W: Gina Wong, Sylvia White, Laura Cordero, Nancy Chandler. Christy Lee, Shannon Gallego, Patty Rosenau, Ann Klein, Julie Schied. BACK RO W: Barbara Criswell, Christy Adcock, Missy Stanley, Cathy Todd, Grace Chee, Tonya Taylor, Virginia Hernandez, NOT PIC TURED: Charla Greenmyer, Tammy Lynch. GIRLS TRACK II7 Baseball places third in Metro tourney Last year's Varsity Baseball team placed third in the Metro tournament. Also in the tourney was Scottsdale, Cactus, West, and South. Through the regular season, the team had a record of seven wins and twelve losses. They started the season out with two wins against Cactus and 5 2 Glendale, then lost three in a row against Scottsdale, Arcadia and Tre vor Browne. The team came back with a win against South. After playing sever- al more games. and trying their har- dest. the team ended the season with two losses. VARSITY BASEBALL - FRONT ROW: Kent Anderson, Lance Miller, Mychael Callas, .Iohn Garcia, Dennis Gillie, Brian Papiese, Derek Davidson, Greg Bunting. BA CK RO W: Inga Juern, manager, Tim Roberts, Brad lngle, James DeFine, Ki Nam Pak, Steve Guidice, Pat Kearny, Chris Jackson, Frank Bajus, Coach Marvin Nevins. VARSITY BASEBALL I983 SCORES AHS Cactus 6 Glendale 7 4 Scottsdale 2 Cactus 6 West 'I3 South Mt. II Scottsdale ' 7 Arcadia 3 71 Browne 7 South Mt. I Maryvale 6 Central I4 Camelback II 11 Browne 3 South Mt. 7 Central 2 Camelback I 11 Browne I0 South Mt. 9 Maryvale 4 Central 9 Camelback O Maryvale O OPP I 0 7 0 3 II II 5 IO 0 I0 8 I5 5 I5 I I4 9 I 8 I8 I2 I2 John Garcia practices his bunting during a batting practice session after school. ll8 VARSITY BASE8A'LL We 8 Baseball Pl-YYPFS Pfaffice bafflng- Pfffhlng- and Caffhing b9f0f'9 3 Dennis Gillie looks on as James DeFine pitches during a practice. ame. F"" . 5 Eff. was I The .IV Baseball team listens intently to Coach Hampton as he gives instructions before practice. BASEBALL ACTION ll9 Freshmen, .IV Baseballers tr hard FRESHMAN BASEBALL 1983 SCORES AHS OPP Cactus 2 I6 Glendale 3 I0 Arcadia I I4 Scottsdale I3 3 Trevor Browne 7 0 Scottsdale I0 4 Maryvale I 4 Central 8 2 Trevor Browne I4 I Central .2 2 Camelback 6 7 Maryvale I3 I West I 3 6 WINS 6 LOSSES I TIE FRESHMAN BASEBALL - FRONT ROW: Guy Norton, Ricky Tang, Greg Grittinan, Daren Myler, Bobby Sesma. SECOND RO W: David Candelaris, Bruce Turpen, Kory Moffat, .leff Gates, Bobby Thrasher, Jeff Hamlit, Becky Wells, mgr. BACK ROW: James Milton, Thomas Meagher. Pat Trejo, Scott Sutton, Teddy Rodriguez, Shane Hall, Brad Larremore, Robert Bowsher, Coach Altemus. Q .Ma-A .IV BASEBALL - FRONT RO W: K ylee Haviland, mgr., ,lim Parish, Frank Neal, Morgan McGuire. Ed Valenti, Anthony Padilla, Kevin Matthews, Jeff Zuccala, Mike Dubasik, Steve Grittman, Donna Spiney, mgr. BACK ROW: Coach Hampton, David Chavez, Dan Coburn, .loe Trevino, Robert Cannon, Paul Chambers, John James, Dan Spivey, Todd Taylor, Jay Snider, Tammy Feliz, mgr. l2O .l VXFRESHMAW BASEBALL .I V BASEBALL I983 SCORES AHS Cactus I 6 Glendale 6 Arcadia I2 Scottsdale 3 Trevor Browne 5 Maryvale 8 Central 6 Trevor Browne 8 South I0 Central 5 Camelback 2 South I9 Maryvale I0 West 4 OPP 6 7 I ll I3 6 8 8 3 7 I2 I9 ll 8 3 WINS 8 LOSSES 3 TIES in vi . ...,,r SPOR T5 PO TPOURRI l2l Girls tennis posts record of IO-4 M GIRLS JV TENNIS-FRONT ROW: Lisa Franke, Fannie Chou. Tammy Pfeifer, Coach Kersting. BACK ROW: Kerry Sellards, Missy Bruggeman, Teresa Border, Vicki Elliott. s---- GIRLS VARSITY TENNIS i983 Scores AHS Maryvale 8 Scottsdale 3 Camelback 7 Cactus 7 Mary vale 7 Tolleson 9 Glendale 9 Arcadia 3 Tre vor Browne 8 Scottsdale 4 Central 0 Agua Fria 6 Carl Hayden 9 South 9 I0 WINS4 LOSSES OPP I 6 2 2 2 0 0 6 I 5 9 3 O 0 """ Ns f.'s N -' .A s gf? KX X 1 Q ., . , , A ' :. - ..,-:ia-,.tNw.sfe. M... C Q , ,cl.ol - ,,W,.,. ,,....f----c' -1--z.Q':'Q-fill . e ff r 1 S A Varsity's number one player, Anne-Lisa GIRLS VARSITY TENNIS-FRONT RO W: Sabrina Helton, Monica Rangel, Anna-L isa Byrne. BACK Byrne, hits a forehand back to her oppo- RO W: Cindy Stanley, Julie Tang, Kami Glazman, Coach Kersting, nent. I22 GIRLS TENNIS Boys Tennis wins more ames The boys tennis coach. Bob Stewart, poses for his picture during a practice. ""f 'Q ,P+-6 . '11 BO YS VARSITY TENNIS - Chris Alcordo, Dan Masters. Da vid Tang, Brett Pennington, Nathan lewis, Ross Thompson. 5 BOYS VARSITY TENNIS 1983 SCORES AHS OPP Maryvale 7 .2 Scottsdale 6 3 Camelback 5 4 Cactus 3 6 Tolleson 0 9 Maryvale 9 0 Arcadia 2 7 Trevor Browne 9 0 Scottsdale 3 6 Central 9 O South 9 O Agua Fria 2 7 Glendale 5 4 8 WINS. 5 LOSSES BO YS .I V TENNIS - Mike Jones, .lolm Adcock, Todd Andrews. John Rood, Mike Stinson, Steve Ziegler, Joe Amavisca, Mike Byrne. BO YS TENNIS D3 9 I9S3 Archery takes fourth in State In l983, the Archery Team took The team for i984 consisted mainly fourth at the State competition where of young archers. They had four re- only thirty-five points separated sec- turning players and twelve new shoot- ond, third, and fourth places. The lead- ers. i984 was a rebuilding year for the ing shooter for If-783 was Debbie Gors- team. lin. 'mvwid M Xml-,gf Sharon Jones, Denise Lockhart, Linda Mena, Denise Gorslin, the four returning archers, show their form at a practice. F 'QV' ARCHERY TEAM-FRONT RO W: Arlene Coulson, Shawn Ziegler. MIDDLE RO W: Misty Work. Linda Mena, Tracey Collins. BACK RO W: Sarah Eagan, Denise Lockhart. Sharon Jones, Denise Gorslin, Mr. Ziegler. NOT PIC TURED: Elizabeth Terrien, Lilly Garcia, Christina Fife, Monica Nunez, Cindy Castellano. Mike Butler Manager. l24 ARCHER Y gf-ARCHERY .5 . A t ' .l.rf,r l933'5C'?f65iQP'iLa lne' 547 S 1 AH5ffg oPP A t Camelback.. inf t-1903 25031 . ,Ca3,f.gGrar14ie il.YL, . ,I829-ffly ' Temper f gtifi 22llg1g .Cfitivdlef .. ,-fi. '.n.,.i S Mag-eos oetivizaf esc.i S .I848 iMr17.29:, A MCQClf"fQC!f A +2 L l7!4L toys:-:fr L 'n. ins. 5 rseens f Azflfarfeyf P f neie ,.e. t ,:5..W'N5.2gLO55ES, . aggw ..-A 3, 'Ava . Qs at-vgrffv V"Sf"?' ff' ' WW Denise Gorslin, the top player for l983, shows the proper form that an archer needs to be number one. McNeece coaches team to win The Varsity Badminton team, the first one Alhambra had in two years, tried their hardest, but started out the season with five losses. Their first was against Camelback, then against Trevor Browne, Maryvale, Central, and Agua Fria. They bounced back to beat glendale with a score of five to four. They lost their cour- age and also their last four games to South, Carl Hayden, Central, and Camel- back, to end the season with a record of one win and nine losses. Katrin Larsen, a foreign exchange stu- dent, was an asset to the team. This year 's badminton team had all new play- ers who tried their best, but just couldn 't get the hits. Mr. Ron McNeece, the bad- minton coach, did a nice job as first year coach. The badminton team had no candy sales or any other fundraising activities this year. BADMINTON-FRONT ROW: Beth Troesh, Chris Dellecese, Arlene Coulsen. MIDDLE RO W: Melanie Pelch, Debbie Ellis, Debbie Rosenau, Ciki Cupiss. BACK ROW: Tiffany Pimental, Cindy Dastellano, Katrin Larsen. Suzanne Cote, Krystal Warner. Krystal Warner spikes the birdie over the net. Her opponent missed the hit. VARSITY BADMIN TON AHS OPP Camelback 0 9 Trevor Browne O 9 Maryvale 0 9 Central 0 9 Agua Fria 0 9 Glendale 5 4 South 0 9 Carl Hayden 0 9 Central 0 9 Camelback 0 9 I WIN 9 LOSSES VARSITY BADMIN TON I25 CLASSES 'KN 'N ur- SS 'X viz Dan Masters and .leff Young pose together after being dunked in the Dunk Tank, another one of the Homecoming week activities. Standing together with classes . . . Standing together with the Seniors: participation in the float, spending the last year together, going to the prom, and graduating . . . Standing together with Juniors: preparing the prom, sell- ing Homecoming and Heart grams. working on the USA float, and wishing they were Seniors . . . Standing to- gether with the Sophomoresf being glad they are not Freshmen anymore. working with the Freshmen and win- ning the best Homecoming float, Sell- ing seat cushions. working on service projects, and not having pennies pitched at them . . . Standing together with Freshmen: welcoming the "new kids on the block." stuffing them in trash cans, beginning a new four years of school. and learning the ropes of Alhambra . . . These are who we are. standing to- gether, in CLASSES. We .'--. Qtfxfw aw. sis lie 'X at 4237! iss ff Kelli Faraci and Kelly Barraza listen to another candidates speech while awaiting their turns to get more votes at the freshman elec- tions assembly. 'S X s . -X if t. -. Alhambra students get a little bit rowdy at one of the home football games this year. Ivero Esqueda heads c ass of '84 The class of '84 was lead by Presi- dent. Ivero Esqueda, Vice President Monica Rangel, Secretaryf Treasurer .lennifer Roan and Senators Kim Brooks, Robyn Epperson, and Amy Loeffler. Garter sales, candy sales, mistletoe sales, car washes, and spook-o-grams were just a few things that the Senior class sponsored during the year. The proceeds from these fundraisers went toward the Senior gift, graduation ac- tivities, and reunion. Sponsoring teachers who advised the Senif' were Mr. Mungo, Mr. Krey, an " Benedetto. Ivero Esqueda, Jennifer Roan, and Monica Rangel lead the class of 56I1HIOrS. Rvbyn Eppersvn. Amy Loeffler, and Kiln Brooks help the '84 senior class with fundraisers. ,4" Amy Loeffler, Shannon Browning, Barbara Villasenor, and Carl Sharp cheer on the Varsity football players during the last game. D8 SENIOR CLASS GFFICERS sd 137 Michael Allen Justin Alt Mark Amavisca Richard Anaya S John Abbott Susan Abbott Fernando Acos I3 Anthony Acuna lined Akri Chris Alcordo Karriem Allah John Allen if iii Qi N49 ,rv A A 4, oa- aux 903 -N29 Y Karen Anderson Ricky Andersen Scott Anderson Keith Anetsberger Mike Arico Steven Armstrong Robert Arroyo Jim Ashler SENIOR CLASS D9 W8 "---up.. Afw, I I ' Seniors afflicted with Senioritus Sharon Berryman Lyra Ann Bethel .lill Bilitzo Rohan Bisset Deena Aston Denise Aukes Anne Banks Lesley Barnes Ken Beach Janet Becchina Brent Bechtel Christopher Becker Q n l30 SENIOR CLASS 1"'sn .l Kandi Bittner Debbie Blackford Pete Blansit Bill Boat Alma Bocanegra Sandy Bodah Sharon Boshett Richard Birdwell TF Brenda Buchanan Susan Buck Gregg Bunting Beverly Burchett is 'YP wtf Connie Bolt Shauna Bowers Lisa Brizzee Amy Broderick Kimberly Brooks Debora Brown Shannon Browning Karen Brunicon SP' d -. wi-v ,sw-xf Q is .h I Q K- . is t SN Peggy Burns Daniel Buso Victor Butinski .lill Byers Anna-L isa Byrne Ron B yrum Tammy B yrum Kick Calhoun SENIOR CLASS l3l 'll' ,f-M '-ff' f Seniors Monica Celis Carlos Ceja Carolyn Castro Shawn Castner , Aj ,K . 5 3: ,f:,, of V , . 'Q in 3, "ww 1, 5 l32 SENIOR CLASS NO- x 1, ua Q sell garters, mistletoe for .lon Cambern Brenda Campbell Daniel Chung L isa Chrysler John Chou Su Minh Chi Heejoon Chi Chris Chase gift Sue Castellana Lynda Carter Liz Carter Linda Carter Da vid C arllon John Carlisle Ernie Cano Carrie Campbell I 'XX S X Mary Conklin Chrissy Contes Martin Contreras Larry Coons 'G NLS 'ff Ns? NQUpn+ ,X .c...w Tracy Claridge Frank Clark Scott Clark Patty Clubine Stacy Coats Viki Cohen .lay Colyar Tracy C ona wa y wif x David Cooper Lee Copeland Becky Cordova Chris Corbett Pat Cottrell Steve Cruz Mark Cunningham Tracy Curtis SENIOR CLASS I33 r. .ps-'Q-. -Quan' X Seniors, "Out-the-door-in-'84" Marie Deas James DeFine Lillian Delma Bruce Dent if Z.. we TZ. hmm I fi - S ,X ai- ' T. Mike Daer Becky Daggett Beth Daniels Adrienne Davis Paul Davis Chris Dawson Tim Dawson Teresa Day 0? f 5 134 SENIOR CLASS pm fu S f Q S X N 4? X ,P- . ,ts S. SSSS ' ff' 'S at t???Q.1f .A'f-Ln Mike DePuma Anita Derrick Keith de Ruiter Rich DiFrancesca Charles Dight Matthew Douglas David Dowell Michael Dowty 1 'Ml' jjj! fm 'qv-.,..,f' X. ff , -'P f 1 A2 wx Y A We ' ff x . Sarah Eagan Douglas Eaves Vicky Ehler Winnie Elliott Susan Drake Barbara Duarte Lori Duggins Michele Dunn Troy Dunnington Marty Durham Margaret Duran Diane Dutton All rf' Robyn Epperson Amy Erb Darryl Erby lvero Esqueda Gerald Estby .ludi Estes Jeff Eanty Eric Feeser SENIOR CLASS I35 -q-ws. .loe Felish Alma Felix Tina Feltz Tracy Ferguson Charmaine Fernandez Neil Fernandez Bruce Fields Mickey Fields Fortune cookies thrown from float Vanda Filipek Fred Fillingham Deanna Finchei Lisa Fishkind X 1 I36 SENIOR CLASS A N. Ng . S m ,Ag A F .,.. ,, .L - X FQ ""' L . F Michelle Fizz Eric Fleming Celia Flores Stephanie Fortney Virginia Fosinore Laurie Foss Diane Foster Ralph Fowler 1 if ag. Qs 'Qi John Garcia George Garhart Shawn Garraghan John Gibson 0' 'bv ,Inns vw., v ge f. J rx. X . '?:"is"vq.lis? .,,4.s.: Nw f"5f x Q ', , if 'I 1 L X ,f 'ie,XV Doug Franke Deborah Frazier Tracy Freeman Ierry Gabbitas Henry Gano Lisa Gaona Ana Garcez Celia Garcia sunny i Lorraine Gilles Kevin Gleizier Jeff Glemba Marcos Godoy Gilbert Goodman Denise Gorslin C ynlhia Gowan Diana Granillo SENIOR CLASS I37 'S K , . f' y, K f 4 V, time it A 'Q Ngfv Q""'y v-.Ji ihlu -a-Q 4-lr-WJ' Larry Granillo Cindy Gray Angela Green Marilyn Green Scott Gregory Cliarla Greenmyer Patty Groh Kathy Grove Monica and Jeff, homecoming royalty Mary Groves Valerie Guidice Lisa Gutaw Paul Guzman I38 SENIOR CLASS Www- " 1 CWFQ MM 1 A Amy Haas Tony Hammons Julia Harding Julie Harris Pamela Harris Harry Hazzard Kevin Hedgpeth Todd Heglin Sam Holland Mike Holley Keith Holmes Jennifer Honhoinewa ,I Charles Heil Sabrina Helton Shawn Henry Belinda Hernandez Doreen Hernandez Lynda Hesterman Margaret Hoffman Dawn Hoisinglon -wi.. if F wi "Num c h v-f Sheila Horner Heidi Houk Roger Hudson Wayne Huff Deborah Hurt Cedric Ignatius Brad lngle John lvenz SENIOR CLASS l39 Seniors Brenda Jensen Dave Joenk Brenda Johnson John Johnson l40 SENIOR CLASS Selena Ivey Chris Jackson Ira Jackson Adriana Jacobsen Bertie James Charles James Wendy James Pat Jefferys scare school with spook-o-grams 1 A :hi 5 X Jim Johnson Tracy Johnson Inge Juern Charles Juncker Henry Juncker Dawn June Val Karpouskas Scott Kathan "rs Laura King Scott King Cynthia Kist Jerry Kneipp ""F"x 5? X ""'S--.., 3- .Af Msg I 1 r-. I i ,r:ng,"5tiTlx'Im ,. 4-1- I , ,ff- Robert Kazmierczak Darlene Kelley Bernice Kellar Yvonne Kellar Colleen Kelly Mary Kelly Lharynn Kew Brenda Kidney Kenneth Krout Michael Krout Bryan Kuban Don Kuhbander Linda Langford Mark LaPlante Kara Larremore Katrin Larsen SENIOR CLASS l4l SAT, ACT, SAT confuse seniors Stacy Lewis Kenny Light Dawn Lindsey Ron Lindup Dan Laux Debbie Lawless Beverly Lawlor Carol Lawrence Michelle Lazovich Roland LeDesn1a Linda Leung Nathan Lewis 'VN Lucy Livensparger Jeff Lizar Sonja Lockhart Amy Loeffler Alice Lohr Dorothy Long David Longoria Kevin Looney Lisa Magruder Rebecca Mahr Jeff Mancuso Gary Manuel is Sheralee Lowe Heidi Lowen Jay Lowy Kim Lukanc Darren Lutes Rebecca Lutrick Penny Lynch Tammy Lynch Janet Mar Fred Marshall Cathie Martinez Ernie Martinez Daniel Masters Jackie May Keith May Todd McClain AP Four years of English required Brian Metzendorf Diane Metzendorf Jim Miller Lance Miller I44 SENIOR CLASS Danny McCloud Kelli McDaniel Colleen McGuire Mary McNair Tammy Meeks Alberto Mendoza Lisa Mestrovich Pat Metz Q Vicki Miller Tina Milone Kelly Miner Monica Minster Sharon Mohr Heron Moller Duane Moody Guy Moore 4.3:-jg 1 A 'tulip 1 .M v PP' as K O 5- Q .. David Muns Mike Murillo Ellis Murphy Lisa Nadolny K4 'B Q . .Q- x rg S. S f James Moore Derrick Moorefield Alphonse Morales Stephanie Morosoff Gina Morton Matt Moyer Yui Hung Mui Todd Muncy if .., F X Ng as - 3' QS' L -.f W' CUQQ if fx' LLL V! Audra Neal Lisa Nein Bruce Nelson Monika Nevermann .lim Newton Tanya Neu Bob Nicholson Roberta Norton SENIOR CLASS I45 Beth Nullman Jeff O'Day Thomas Olson Kim Ong Scott Orr Terry Overbey Samantha Pace Lisa Padgett Float building brings togetherness is . -B Joe Parisi Scott Passmore Todd Paszkowski Stephanie Peck Danny Perea Vincent Perez Robin Perkins Greg Perry N. YZ.,T7 'Yun 7 , Derrek Oualls Debbie Quan Gabriel Ouijada Rick Ramirez Kimberly Peterson Julie Penen Tom Phelps Yvetre Pieri Melissa Poole Terry Powell Carol Prieger Scott Pykare pm Craig Ramsey Lisa Ramsay Monica Rangel Wendi Rankin Kelly Ratliff Carla Redick K eeli Reeder Pam Reilly SENIOR CLASS I47 Seniors look forward to success Keith Roberts Richard Roberts Tim Roberts Louise Robertson AQ' Deanna Renn Kurt Reynolds Steve Richmond Lauretta Ricketts Jennifer Roan Michael Roan Jack Robbins Daniel Roberts Karin Robison Mike Rodarte Pam Rodriquez Debbie Rosenau Penny Ross Luke Ruiz Roger Rumble Michele Russell sqm ....-.... ,, M .ef Paul Shau Doug Settle Stacey Sellards Lisa Sell NF' ..,,, Christine Salamore Sherri Sipple .lohn Sing Valerie Simpson Lance Simmons Joseph Simmons Debbie Shroyer Mike Shirley ,wav L a S Richard Schwtndt Penny Schusta Sandy Schuler Erin Schroeder 'S-...y Martin Schiraldi Debbie Sawyer Natalie Salese Eddie Salazar SENIOR CLASS l49 Debbie Skowronski Vicki Slayline Tom Sloan Pam Slusser Holly Smith K ym Smith Lahara Smith Peggy Smith Elliott Spencer Cindy Stanley Sherry Starr Angela St, Clair Jeff Steele Rick Stocksdale Donna Szezepaniak Julie Tang K lisa Thompson Geoffrey Thompson Julie Tiscareno Paul Tomlin -1-Cb-P' Lara Tang Jamie Taylor LaDawn Taylor Elizabeth Terrien Bruce Thiffault Gary Thomas Scott Thomas Felicia Thompson i I Sara Torrez Stacy Traylor Lisa Trujillo Hung Tse Omar Turk Kerry Turley Kevin Turner Michelle Turner SENIOR CLASS l5I Tammy Turner David Vaccaro John Vanderpoel Terry Vander Vlucht David Vaughn Terry Vargason Dave Vasquez Marisa Vejar Sherri Lynn Vidal Barbara Villasenor Seniors stand together at graduation Max Viray ft Lisa Waddell 5 Linda Wakefield Dawn Waldron K E Lois Walker " ' H ' Barbara Walton Katherine Warren Laura Lee Watkins John Watson fb' 'K'?,w"'v few Roger Wa yman N , L. . , V e' -w - uf .limmy Weatherford 4223- H , Q2 ' B -si V V Sheri Weatherford L j - - W. I Cindy Webber! - ,1V' 'V 5 'A ,E,, ' X' Bryan Wells ris 11r A 'f f 'l gla V , f George Wells X L ,i illr Q to L Qi Kris Wenzel Frank Werner Sharon White Steve White Bill Whitelock 56'w I52 SENIOR CLASS lvero Esqueda. President, dresses up as Dracula for Halloween to show school spirit. -. ws-our any . .. ...- Nh Sherelle Wilkins Denise Williams Lori Williams Patricia Williams Sandra Williams Hyde Willis Brian Wilson Chu Yung Wong Kwun Wong Marcy Woodruff Lisa Woods Ruben Ybanez Belinda Yee Jennifer Yocum Jeff Young Marco Young Tim Young Albert Zamorano Cindy Zetterlof .lanine Zuccala Kathy Zuccala SENIOR CLASS I53 Turley eads C ass of 'S Candy sales, button sales, carnations. Homecoming, heart-o-grams, and the float were some of the many activities sponsored by the Junior Class. The funds from these activities went mainly toward the Juniorf5enior Prom, which was held at Heritage Square. President Tosha Turley, vice-president Eric Hall, secretaryftreasurer Kim Dris- coll, and senators Janna Johns, Michele Halama, and John Culbertson organized and led the Class of '85 to a rewarding year with some special help from spon- sors Mrs. Gardner, Mr. Haynie. and Miss Friedman. President Tosha Turley, vice-president Eric Hall and setretaryftreasurer K im Driscoll lead the class of QS l54 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS , L I ' ., 0 ' fa t t 1 giffwfr, J i s n it is ff!! Juniors have Anthony Asher Scott Badger Frank Bajus Ronnie Baldwin Dawn Balogh Guadalupe Bannister Nikki Barnes Ron Barrett Tammy Barrett Brenda Baughman Vikki Ba yman Allen Beck Wir l A -ve' .41 '44 , C' "' X 1 l X",-Af' "L--.W fain. X to r 7 A IAVVBB ,I kk!!- " sam 5 r- E -V H 9 if 1-KW N,-fx I 3 Eric Abel Michelle Adair Paul Adamo Penny Adams Lynn Ainslie Chuck Alford .lames Alford Michelle Alley K arissa Anderson Kent Anderson Lee Anderson Ana Artalejo Alhambra spirit f it Net, , ff! w., , H QI W 'ii' k x " wif L 12 '1 'Tr- JI' 41:9 Q . N Allison Bega y Tom Bejar Patricia Bennett Jay Benthin Rebecca Bernall Sandi Berry Marty Blickenstalf Cheryl Bogert Christine Boner Kevin Bonham Sharon Bonham Ken Booker Teresa Border Doug Botsford Beth Bowles Steve Bowles Frances Bowlin Lori Boyd JUNIOR CLASS I55 CJ, Brady Mike Braun Carla Brewer Mike Brewer Bob Brockman Craig Brizzee -S., 1, , v gif W B A X NN ik F Mr. Goss and Mr, Russell help make Brett, the little boy that the Blood Drive was held for, feel more at home. . av, gfiiew .lk, 4 W 5 4" I56 JUNIOR CLASS B -w 5 fm- , ,,- K -1. X--.. fend yi' 3 J uw' X 1' Im: 'A .tap A X A X Steve Brooks Patty Brown Amy Burdo Melissa Burkhart Michael Butler Trish B yrum .lon Cadenhead Greg Calderon Victoria Caler Randy Calhoun 3' HH' ,tl , ' QW H , 'W it K 1 Vx.. K gwwbt aw . 'ew A y Q A i if y no 'Fx .. Kb fl. 31' Three down, one to go Darlene Celaya Debbie Celis Bill Chambers Ronda Charlet Pete Chartrand Annette Chavez y Y Linda Cherry Minh Chi Mary Chou Marget Christoferson Pam Clarke Brian Clemmer Michael Calles Yvonne Calvert .lim Camargo Krista Cambern Mary Campbell Barry Candelaria Robert Cannan Vera Carlton Gary Carnes Sundy Carnes Joseph Casillas Alisia Castellanos Ps -1. , ye, f W A. -.f.f5 -an 2: an-I N, 4' -v--.f N "'iSYQL3im-.Xilig ..,. 3- . m W L N , 'W 3 J K.. E Q3 X 3 X Q W X S-xXx KS' X E P: Dan Coburn April Cochran Brad Cole Timothy Cole William Collins Dianna Cone Diane Contreras Robert Cook Jeff Corbin Laura Cordero Tina Crane Barbara Criswell Shirley Crossman Sheila Crumley Eddie Cruz .lohn Culbertson Laura Cupiss Chad Curtis JUNIOR CLASS I5 7 Q- Q .S xmwdwxwwni 3?-Yr Bill Deneke Michael Diamant 4 N Cathy Dimpel Pom and Cheer show school spirit by cheering during one of the many pep assemblies. , fue L - S Q' CN wrhhi 5 N . f """ i" i ' Tony Dovilla " Paul Dowty -- ' . - 2 L' Kimberly Driscoll Cathy Driver K t' N 10 vow- . .5 - Tina Duarte Annick Dunsford I58 JUNIOR CLASS Rick Dodds Shodie Dodson Carolyn Domfort Tina Dominguez Kim Doolittle Tanya Doumert 'iffy' Mike Brewer and a friend enjoy lunch in the circle drive 6. WM71 0 1, N aw av -v... YN' ml 1 "'- 1 ' P ,1.. x Yi Joe DZ4melio Jon Damwyk Derek Davidson Davy Davis Janet Davis Stephanie Davis Don Davison K im Davison Da vid Dawson Sharon Dawson Ruben Declay Kim Define A successful year for Juniors Caryn Delalama Ralph Deleon Tina Deloera Sheila Dempsey Larry Eads Buddy Earle Meghan Edwards Tina Eggert Joseph Elliott Melinda Elliott Debi Ellis Kris Ellsoos 1 V iff V, 1 gk , QQ lu Xt ' at 1.6. I it QA. 4 . Y ,M TV' 4- ,,,. eg,- V if ' . 1 f kei- 'fr- I V, fy' kgww-ms-s-..,,,m,, .' - 1 R sf' A' rv F A T ' 5 if A' g"'- if:-I . M' x ki D + . +-we ti,l 1 ilttli S' x A f . k qi fy I . fl 9 Charlie Emfinger Darren Emfinger Tracie Enterline Wayne Erickson Abrahan Esqueda Gina Esquivel Frances Ezell Traci Faraci Tim Fee Harold Fehr Jonne Femyer James Ferguson Melissa Fernandez Bill Ferraro Angel Flores Ricky Florez Robert Flusche Kristle Flynn JUNIOR CLASS l50 :WV Robert Fonteno Marty Fortney Michelle Francoeur '59 Jason Frank Michelle Franklin Marsha Gaeraths Q3 ,lk ii XV QW af g After lunch some students meet at 'llock Square," the area in front of the library. .f'NNJ . I 2 M -'xx ,,,V7 4 Juniors work on their Homecoming float, hoping to win first place. l6O JUNIOR CLASS F' 1 Si' M if Lisa Gal Joe Gallagher Terri Gallard Joe Gamez Martina Gandarilla Richard Gano Gina Garcia Lillian Garcia Dorinda Gellenbeck Teresa George Eric Gerle cg ,N rm v., K Y, ',f ,av lad: X 93 . sr 'An Juniors Veronica Glenn Howard Goldman Alice Gonzalez Manny Gonzalez Ann Gouveia Tina Grace David Grapentine Maureen Greves Debbie Griffin Jack Griffin Roxanne Grimm Steve Guidice X i h. Q S sponsored Junior fr-as. l fy, 1,8 "1 SA V D' a 1' 1 v-"W p ,H A .sl V ' x N' hi Q ,ef ,Ly 'khk ' , Na, I 1 A' i l ni- fn M X 54' was W' X Jw T 1-gf 'Wu ,"0'. -CLD, L .,..., x Martin Giacalone Judith Giannobile Susan Gibb Daneen Gibson Darrell Gibson Jeff Gibson April Gile Theresa Giles Nancy Gill Sharon Givens Kami Glazman Carla Gleizier Senior Prom fl is f Q-r A X -+o ,an ,oe 1. .-A. ,. Mr' 'wen ' n Q 52g ,Q -5 Ray Hager Kathy Halal Michelle Halama Ronda Hale Starla Hale Eric Hall Shannon Hall Sharon Hall Sheila Hall Jean Hamblen Cindy Hamen Andrea Hamilton Timothy Handy Louis Haney Rhonda Hansen Tom Harper Robert Harris Pam Haynes JUNIOR CLASS l6l Tracy Hazelett Joe Heffley Terri Helms Lisa Hempen Roinsan Henderson Lisa Hendrix h g it h ls , Q , gi is Susie Henry ' "' ""' Y Tam Hetherington 'i'6f:- 4 A 5, Mike Hilgendorf LX Q 7 ,Q 1 Anthony Hill NY , Karen Hinse Destry Hithe - L ni? CZ - , Q-Q!',,.Q U I N Jeff Hively A A as. -4- Anna Hodge William Hodge Rhonda Hansen dresses up as a Crayola Crayon for Halloween l52 JUNIOR CLASS S - Nathan Lewis gives a speech at the NHS spring inductee ceremony while Mr. Dye and others look on. K X' 5 wx "c are V yew , ' '1 5 x , - fx Tom Hodges Michelle Holland Matt Holmes Kerry Horner Jocquelyn Howard Soylia Huerta Karen Hughson Mary Hunt Teresa Hunt Tami Husky Diana llisco Valerie Intler Juniors await their last year Jesse Jackson Traci Jackson Tracie Jackson lan Jett Janna Johns Judi Johnson Rosie Johnstone Michael Jones Sharon Jones Terry Jones John Juern Pat Kearney if as on ,Q-ew x',. N N J' X .nv ug . S ,,'wi1g.,r if is 5. ,uw 1. sr .,,... -- if Z A A A I U' s, ..- ' 4 93445611 ,nag si, i 5' 1' --N... ' I Rv -v-f V" ,s iff f-. "Q: fha I v amusing, -NM- a,er,: A X i :"'a-- .-.."":3 .U N- I Shawn Keene Monika Keller Debbie Kelley Tiffany Kennell Beverly Kidd J.D. Kidd Andrea King Elaine King Susan King James Kinnamon Natalie Klein Patricia Knowles Patty Knowles Vickie Knowles Joy Knowlton Angie Koch John Koch Da vid Krueger JUNIOR CLASS I63 f.W 4 K N W , ,pgs L Rich Levinson Richard Lindsey Robyn Link Christina Lopez Mike Lucero Angela Luna I64 JUNIOR CLASS 1 -, J 1-nn. ff 'tw vp v.,, , N,-p W Dennis Kading Kerry Kading Don Karl Scott Kearns James Lavin John L a vin Shelley L a wson Thao Le Catherine Leach Richie LeVander to Qviifmmf' at At one of the varsity football games DECA sells balloons to the crowd. One of the juniors working on the float takes a break to smile. iv-rf Cathie Lutes Tammy Lutz Amy Lynch Thomas Lynch Leonard Macias Arlene Madison Gino Madrid Michael Magee Don Mallory Scott Mardick Tammi Maron Scott Marrington School isn't hard for Juniors anymore Lisa Martin Scott Martin Michelle Martz Daryl Maser Travis Mask Virgil Mathes Beverly Matsumoto Terry Maynard Shawn McCauley Vanessa McCloud Joe MCC rea Dennis McDonald As , .., 1 , s Z A A Y , V -4 3 W44 ? Qu X I I 'xv , ' z""'t 'Cf JP -. ,. 4 ,L NMI Stacy McDonald Rhonda McElrath Rene McGinnis Michelle Mclntosh John McKamey Wendy McNair Sabrina McNutt Terry McSorley Crystal Meagher Linda Mena Marie Mendoza Brietta Metcalf Carol Miles Dan Miller Kim Miller Larry Miller Sonya Miller Jon Milliken JUNIOR CLASS I65 , K ' If 3 ,A. K 'l'Q N + One of Alhambra 's 25617 students takes time out of her school work to look at the photographer. 2 08, x ,Iwi .N v--37 2 fl' sf' .fx f. ' X.. I Q . v g ,V I K fl sl 1 HQ xl ,egjgc it s-,, x, Y V K Q I L A: 2 - X N' 1 t , - ,,, g x be ww Z1 X yy, . ff V H Ng! JA 7 I h , li M g nj A f f . Junior class members work hard to get their float done before Home- coming day. l66 JUNIOR CLASS Jeff Mills Cynthia Miranda Cassandra Mitchem Shawn Monaghan Sheila Moore Melanie Morgan Mike Moroney Jeff Morse Michelle Morse Sondra Moser Brad Mullins Angela Murillo Dwight M yler Jeanie Neal Lorie Neele y Mar vin Neely Becky Nelson Tim Nelson n Q HP' L sf X fm, ' in .,k. C Sherri Newville John Newsom Michelle Ney Nguyen Nghiem Lynn Nicholls David Nichols Charles Nixon Karla Norfolk Annette Norris Jeff Northey Georage Nunez Brien O'Brien Juniors receive c ass rings Angela Ohms Paul Olea Marylfllen Olsen Julie Osborn Kris Packard Tony Padegimas Oliver Page Kelly Palmer Darlene Pardue Ellen Peeples Jerry Pelch Melanie Pelch I W, XXX " , ,mga-7 5' sw I sw J WW .I W-If QF l , "?':. 5 "' -5. ' 4. f- IJ V.-1 - IA if f x3'f" 'f, J xx as "fi , Ag " mn, fe 'snr ' -4 4 f F 5 4 39' , 'M M 4 , - 6 9 Ji' ' S R -- 51.04 if x ...L ,cl ' if Q . wg kks- ,. at y nv- - "fl If Kerry Peterson Julie Petrytus Sherri Phillips Pat Phyle Denise Pickering Margie Pierce Tammy Pierce Garin Pigg Tiffany Pimental Cindi Price Janice Prieger Teresa Propati Dawn Radcliffe Shayne Rader Kim Raduenz Bryan Ramsey Martin Rasnick Mike Ray JUNIOR CLASS I6 7 ,K ' Bruce Regier g . It q Q Q GK PH U f Christine Reyes Rl 'z jg 5.1, "5 Chris Richey , g y P A T, 1 P Jill Rinda , 5 M. gil 2 Xf' A J Steve Rios -.... 'N il gt n K R+ f Ellen Roberts X , TZ L' L Rachell Roberts 1- 1: - J v Rosella Roberts Q as . "" is Faith Robinson ' ' g '- Q Dan Rodman S. it " ,P L ' I L ' 3 . Adela Rodriguez X 2 A ' E 1. w L L., , ,- ii: 5-0 Tony Rodriguez " in ' 'P-. Q 'L Tammy Rogers ,wk Q .,,, ., L ynda Roman 5 ' " . Priscilla Romero A " Rochelle Romo L' ,B Jill Ropp Greg Roschewski . . Kyle Rose 'za S' z N55 g 1' . t Patricia Rosenau -:L g g 1 ' Sue Rosenberg ' , 1 - Gina Rosene ,txt ELK " -- 1 -D ' ' Alberto Ruiz 5: 'n A A' ffl ' f 9 Dennis Sandvig ..Y"- VQQP Kim Sargant Hans Schacke if Patricia Schallmann "Ewa Julie Scheid .C ' A. Jeff Schoch ,fu-f AF Andrea Russell Colleen Ryan Larry Sanchez Steve Salem Tina Sanderson Da vid Sandoval ? , E Q wx A : Z. Q - ii: M ff , K x l68 JUNIOR CLASS ff' Chris Scholl Mike Schultz Mary Schneider Rosalie Scott Don Sell Lisa Sellards X 21,1 Hui' ve , ww. -4 I '- -" Qld-,, 1 1 I H A X f x N x ' .37 ig? fag' W 1 'Q ,eiitgt Q V Debbie Settle Carl Sharp April Shaw Larry Shelby Linda Shields Paula Simpson Andrew Sisson Rick Skelton Chuck Sketch Susan Skowronski Rick Slankard Carleen Sliva Juniors stand together with spirit Da vid Slusser ,V h Lisa Smart . , R Q Chad Smith " A t , , X, , Dave Smith 5 , 7 Dennis Smith A , V, , 2+ Mark Smith ' Y " . . iffgffgfiii if R of , Mitch Smith A Rhonda Smith A 11' . "" ' ' Russell Smith fp' A :fr , ""' ' :Lrg Tom Snead X T ' 'M' Y A K Travis Smith .- f 1. ,,.' x , ,, ' , 'fx t , f ,gi 'V yt .- 'VV V i . ,-.x '?"' David Snow ' A f '- z ,e -4-q, QQ A' s- ng, Alicia Soliz David Sotelo Teresa Soza Karen Sprague Scott Stahl Donna Stanley Renita Steen .lim Stephenson Robert Stephenson Connie Stevens Rodney Stevens Sherene Stewart Shaun Stinson Scott Stoddard Tammy Stuntz A yman Sweiss Kim Switzer Laurel Summerville JUNIOR CLASS l69 Z3 :E Q'4z,, Julie Surber . V .. . 1 Earl Sybrant W Yvonne Tafoya f Tina Tate f,,, f wi ml . 'r . 4. A .f Joanne Tarango ' , - W ' wafer B A f ' iq 8 Tonya Taylor 'V y A V V l If A f Andrea Theder A V V " Cathy Thompson , J A 5 A, N' , Ross Thompson 3 zta VV, 1, in '-ff V 2-' A if Ken Timbelake A " ' xl W V ,, T ", ' Malinda Todacheene "' 1 .'f zy A ' , 9' Mark Trinidad C A TL'e enn soo - Q, M , X' 1 1 . X " f s- C 359 2 fb. Y, ,.. A it ' XA? El A Junior student sits in front of the library before school starts. Cheerleaders stack up during a pep assembly. I 70 JUNIOR CLASS Beth Troesh Del Trumbull Neumi Tuihalamaka Niuafe Tuihalamaka Tuakalau Tuipulotu Samira Turk 9 M Tosha Turley PM 1 Angela Turner 'TH' Kathy Turner ff .xtb K' Kirk Underwood f' ,I James Upshaw ' Tina Valcarce - 1-iii MNH at W 1 L1 ygfmrlf . ,, -es, Q Q, Y ,L Q, ., i- fm .s B J 5 is . 'vt A 15- , K :iffy i ,M Q, f R Q..-4. mu 1 'xii A. W S H Q uf K ' sr R agiili Nz J 31 i 4 af y, ,J if H ,. A ',,.:'.s... L' . Q4 4 Teresa Vandergrif Tiffany Vaughn Edna Velez Brian Venable Yvette Venable Dave Verheyen Julie Verrill Robby Vick Randy Villaponds Christy Volkman Prachanh Vong Mike Walker Juniors wait anxiously for seniorit Richard Waller David Wallwin Bill Warner Krysta Warner Ronny Washington Michael Watson Michelle Watson H A 3 , si tx It 1' VE: V-av Carina Weaver V ' . -S Sharlet Webb f V Q ""f'Uf9i L , .. il 1 Soni: Webb . ::- A 3 is ' Diana Wendling .. --if' M X Kelly West , ,v W, ' k , A Mike White J Julie Wilburn , . Brian Wilder 1 If Vi Lori Wilder S . ., ' 3 7' - V, ,A Bradley Williams W, 4 V- ,y i i K Da h e wfllia 5 2 A X P n m xr M.. "se, . ,A 1 X f If A.. wi X J , Ms .35 y gf M -... f Q..- Ae" I , ev g mv N!!! e 3' V -w .ff K? 1- E g EE, .. 5 VV R wav -e.-..1. .. N 1h-. Melissa Williams Rosalyn Williams Sharon Wilson Beth Wince Bernice Wong Howard Wong Ronda Woodward Lisa Worrell Anje Wray Crissi Younger Lila Zub David Z williick JUNIOR CLASS l7l C ass of '86 led b Newton Cindy Newton led the class of '86. The class was sponsored by Mrs. Ba- tina with the help of Ms. Chotras. Mr. Slavin, and Mr. Norenberg. The Sophomore class spent the year raising spirit while working with the student body in school and quad ac- tivities. The class also sponsored a dance and painted benches. During Homecoming. members of the class, along with the Freshman class, came in first place with the float of Greece. Besides raising spirit, the Sopho- more class held candy and stadium cushion sales and car washes to be used to pay for their .luniorfSenior Prom and senior gift. 'CJ-Y wi Q . -. ,, A 1 I SENA TE: Wanda Satterfield. K ym Shroyer. and Tammy Pfeifer re- present the class of '86. l72 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Cindy Newton. president: .leana Millwood. secretaryftreasurer: and John Road. vice-presi- dent. stand together as they lead the class of '86. 1 Cindy Newton and Abraham Esqueda follow directions marked on the trash can. John Adcock V I Albertina Aguilar .lf Todd Alexander Ali Al-Khalisi Dennis Allen Bobby Alley fi'-3-'fi A Sean Alvarez f"!f KJXY f'421.!Mf if Jeanna Millwood lets out a long sigh as it comes to the close of lunch hour. , 4 Christy Adcock poses for photographers while she prepares Kleenex for the float. Shawn Alvernaz Joey Ama visca Dan Anthony Da vid Appleby X' A , se, . ns. SOPHOMORE CLASS I73 1-'Es ' x 'ur ai f-s...,,,H , L if be - fists' 6 as . Q AE., - I I A L , xvj4 Q H 1. wa. f A Tamara Becher Kim Beeby Sherri Berner Darren Biggs Carletta Bilagody Joey Bilitzo Larry Birdsong Kris Bisted Kimberly Bittner Roy Blackford Jeff Blanchfield Janine Blazek Kathryn Armstrong Sandra Arn Cynthia Atkinson Paul Aubuchon Mark Badger John Baldaro Sherry Balogh Bruce Barnes Margie Barnes Edward Barraza Donald Barrett Tarerthea Baumgarner Another year commences ,RS 4-.1 ,. NT ,, if ' L fl 'P fs i J , gl IJ ix! I 'K wi E g, X if 40" ,,.,.1- ,532 Af 2 5' f ., , fin..-me I74 SOPHOMORE CLASS KE,-ff L ' , - 'av A , nf . 5 x A -Q 7 Ex! "" Laura Bloyed Jeffrey Bocskay Sherry Bordeau Jennifer Boston John Boston Theresa Botts Nancy Bradley Jennifer Broderick Austin Brooks Lorena Brooks Jenifer Brooksb y Allison Brown Melissa Bruggeman Laurie Bruhl Dave Brundle Debbie Brunette Nate Bryan Susan Bryant Anthony Bunten X' Melissa Burgess V Christina Burnett ' Mike Byrne Leann Byrum Frankie Cade Rhonda Hansen tries to grab a squirt gun from Scott Shephard after getting wet at one of the many quad activities. I ' ' .1 if. ug. was f S as Q ....s.. .. , ., x 'fm -Q .ee X-il . Freshmen and sophomores work hard to finish construction of their Homecoming float. Jes, . v of Melinda Callan Bart Calla way L ance Camarena Desiree Cannon Janine Carntod y Todd Caprico SOPHOMORE CLA CS' l7'5 'J rag fri T7 Two down and two to David Chavez Grace Chee Fanny Chou Brian Clark Steve Clark Stafford Clarke Amy Cohen Toby Coleman Paul Collins Alan Combs Leanna Comer Michelle Conde J fir fa, Q. ,Wa K we , lv .W 1. .Q- tri' ' Chuck Carpenter Rory Carpenter Chris Carter Gary Carter Susan Castillo Craig Castleman Cherlyn Cearfoss Marlo Cervantes Brandon Chambers Paul Chambers Nancy Chandler Bobby Chavez fb 'if i 4 fx ' 'bl ff 2, I 11 ,,...' ,- if I76 SOPHOMORE CLASS 5 Y Cyndi Cook Gayla Coombs Selma Cooper Aretha Copeland Jennifer Corbett Sylvia Cordova Tom Cortes Suzanne Cote Becky Counts Kim Craven Valorie Creamer Becky Crosbie Sherry Crossman Brian Cudmore Emmerline Cuspard Christopher Da vis Regina Davis Stacy Davis 14 Joe Da wson Q AN Cindy DeHut Rudy De La Huerta ' 4 'J , , . - Z fl -H Sophomores participate in a lap sit, one of the many activities put on by Pep Llub to ' ' AA r promote spirit for the upcoming football game. Amy Dela Rosa rv- fs 0 X , V V 5. f rf , i V Carol Dennis 13 , A , wt K W V Melissa Deplazes , A Lulu Desomma VL VVVL 'YJ rg 4 MH f - ' x 3 Dee Dee De vorce Kristin De Vries Wax Angel Dominguez Michael Donce vic Scott Shephard. president of Pep Club. directs quad activities. SOPHOMORE CLASS l7 7 -.rf , .nah L 941, 5, Sophs Donna Echols Lea Eckstein John Eddy Dawn Elbert Troy Ellsoos Doug Englert Rick Enloe .lack Erwin Donald Estby Michelle Estenson Frank Estrella Tom Fatuimoana at I x.. I78 SOPHOMORE CLASS S A I' gf Q , 1 'fu " ff A riff., 4 NA Q if Z 4 2- Mike Donovan .I z L, R 'V .1 ' ' X Z Micki Downs 3:7 A 3' ' Donna Dozier V L - Mike Dubasik A Rick y Dugan ,fr Janel Dunham Sean Dunham James Dewald Todd Dunnington Peter Duran Tom Duzy enter second year together w f r 4 , ,,,. fe. .Ma 'M r fi. it L L I-J x t ,,.i , F inll , M R 4 . , . I V N I V J N k K M l 1 Donald Fay Rhonda Ferguson Amy Fineberg Marvin Finley Ken Finn Diane Floore ,I Tim Florez Don Flynn V' Jennifer Frank Lisa Franke Gary Frazier Laura Fuente Anitta Fulbright David Fuller William Fulton Rechyl Gaffey Sharon Gallagher Antonio Gandrilla , 'Z V 4 ew vm.: ,Q ' g I" Jill - W -Q fr Stephan Doncevic x 40 Q. l 'iv 4. he -4. ,N .f N 2 Andrea Garcez Joe Garcia f ,Jh M Vicki Gates 'f Greg Gibbons W " Ltr. t W L V Ricky Gibbons 'fe M Dana Gibson , .G Vanessa Gillespie 3 ff- Dennis Gillie .fi 1? 5 ff '.',f f Q. If ,Ei , , C. 'ik is .zzglzoirrores help S nifty-fi 5 ' Alhambra students watch and discuss the quad activities during lunch. X c,cs??s with the building of the Freshman-Sophomore V - :HA Kelvin Givens if U Amy Glemba ,E , in-Y' Patricia Gowan SOPHOMORE CLASS l79 Yr' TW? wk. ak.. Xa., - Sophs reach Susan Hammond James Hanawalt Shane Hanley Tonya Harding Cornelius Hardy Gary Hardy Joyce Hart - u h Shane Hartzler W G Q -A Jimmy Hayden L P Amber Heathman ., 9, 5 h If Melody Harris ' .. x xv.. Elizabeth Heighton ,Q ff" K "'. ,, l8O SOPHOMORE CLASS .re 'I' Q vw 7-. -.- . 1 ,X goals in second ti e Philip Greeley Christy Greely Cornell Green Robert Green Kathy Greves Jesse Griffin Heather Griffith Patricia Guerrero Matt Gutaw Eddie Habecker Connie Halama Blake Hall year fr- ,Q -Q- K. :L fix 5 l ,Mkil ag, Melanie Hemining Cheryl Henderson Da vid Henderson Irene Hernandez Raul Hernandez Virginia Hernandez Tammy Hicks Christina Hill Amy Hobaica Amy Holtz Mary Holtzlander Hank Hopple Mary Huber Diana Humphrey Andy Hurst Mark Hutchinson Matt Hutchinson John James Lee Jankowski U f Q.. 1 ' Brian Jensen F J w Q.-" 'iz 42 - , AI Jerousek J, X '1, J Q - A n ., Tammy Jewson 'W Q Sophomores NW discuss among themselves ho f. Viet 'WF' , . : ' V I I N "Q E 1 wg, Freshmen and sophomores work busily on their float trying to have it ready by Homecoming morning, 'QWQX-' Q...-V: 5"'4"-.. ,.txi w their float will turn Out. Karen Johansson Donny Johns Larry Johnson Mike Johnson Wesley Johnson Thomasina Johnston SOPHOMORE CLASS l8l 1- 1 5 .dans We 5' - "Wwe ,Tye gf 'ff ,vi sw -J' 5, 4 7.0.1 ,. ' , Ai sm 3 Junior year just around the Yvonne K isner Vanla Kitacheyan Da vid Kocur Ron Konazeski Karlissa Kramer Trina Kramer Mike Kratochwil Eugene Kuzia Robert Laborin Teresa LaCrosse Aaron LaDuke Robert Lane Ov we 533, iZ:Q 5 'I 5 M I 'w w ' ' . fe . i I-W 'ff ' , Q 1 E.,,i W Q X I 21 'M f Q N fn "KWH ka. l82 SOPHOMORE CLASS , : is ou fz. fm. ."Q7," V - A ',,, ,irf "',, qv-P 'Klum F ,H .. ,V 1' Bill Jones Bob Jones Chris .lones Laura Kazmiercak Derek Keilman Tim Kelley Maurine Kelly Rick Kemp Andrea Kent Lynette King Quentin K innison Jonah Kirk COl'I1El' K x vw--v sf read' K N ' fa-aft ' X A Karl Larsen Chris Lavin Cherrie Lamarca Victor Lawless Peter LeDesn1a Shar Ledford 'QQ Q? 4 S 1 , Jyf' K V A - rev, Christy Lee Doug Lee Sabra Lee Tim Leung Kim Lewis Mandy Lindsey Randall Lindsey Denise Lockhart Eddie Loeffler Karen Looney Robert Lovelace Lynn Lowder I Q Katie Luk Russ Mancuso 1 v use X , ws... . Kassie Mann Dan Marcum it U! ii xi s X it., X S K s X .x.x. , Nw- . Q Q ' N 5 'T' tw, X E -1- QA I ,' La Donna Marshall Lucy Martinez +9 D, X is x ' N 2 X 55 as X . Q 1 ess R Raquel Martinez Tony Martinez S P R 1' V 1. if 2. .lack Marvin Kiln Mathein - ,no QO- D t K I I' - , i A ' Two students stop working on the Freshman-sophomore float to take a break and talk to some friends, 'Si Q A -- Kevin Matthews K S A fm-'nam ff 4396 Some sophomores and freshmen show their school After the bell, some students leave their P,E. class and go on to the next class of the da y. spirit at one of the home football games. SOPHOMORE CLASS l83 'L A 'rzzv ,,' alla ,L 'J I 1 y ' :W , ittt , 9 5 in 1... Dean Matzdorff Christina Maupin Keith Maville Tammy May Lisa Mays Rodney McGough Mike McGuire Morgan McGuire Mike McKissick Wes McNally Anthony Medina Shane Meegan Sophs accomplish successful Theresa Mendoza Mike Metcalf Mike Metz Cheryl Miller Karen Miller Kristen Miller Jeana Millwood James Miloneck Arthur Miner Gilbert Miranda Joshua Mitchell John Mollet l84 SOPHOMORES CLASS 1 2.49 J L JZ 1. is WH , , 2125 J 1' 5 2 5 ,V , LEQAY VJ e w Qu A M, -if it X we -'J' ta f 5 5, 1 5,5 ,, XS .-' kt 1' J' 4 if year Hill. N14 K: iiilu A ' M Ta' 'Ns ' ,'i '. I :H-V H f Mx.. ,i 3 4. W ' , 1' 'ii - A I Q wr - fi f A A Amy Mondejar Dan Moore ' Z : , IA K Heather Moore ff': Raul Morales a V Ils te Robin Moran ' V,.ii ii. ,eV,i , J Ricky Moreno Desiree Motley it f W ,l, Gene Munford Y, its Peter Murillo 4 'H Karol Murry W ,. John MYW5 N :Ll is Dim Nash lil, 333, ellinlie' "' J fm M M Frank Neal W ' , " Kenny Neal , M W V g VVAA Tabatha Neal ' A Eric Nelson Mark Nelson ,,,,,..., . ,, i ,V t 'cs 2" , 1 339' f f "V", if M Joe Neu Lamar Newmeyer K Andrew Nicholas S -- M Z Todd Nicholson ,VZ Veronica Nokes 'm1., Kenneth Norvell 5 ' ' ,-Af , ff fxr' 1 in .1nmfJ'Sf"" x s K Sophomore class members in Student Goverment sell seat cushions to cushion students butts during the football games. ,V "' '-1, f 4 8 fx. 5 , W E ,X W, . 'N 5 f " -4' 3 'fl N. Q' ZR. - .a r, C13 ll .125 as a emi ,IN !"'a Trina Noyes Clarissia Olguin Mike Oski Teresa Packard Anthony Padilla Ron Page Jim Parish Dennis Parker Ste ve Partridge Carol Patten Lori Payne Kim Pedegimas Brett Pennington Roxanne Pentz Vince Perez Vince Pernick Albert Perry Scott Peters Shelley Peterson Dave Phelps SOPHOMORE CLASS l85 ,, xii, L. L 41 di if am C ' A X M gl? ,,.., . ww 1 I , f . lvl.. 5 2,1 I 5 im Av S Q 1 - ' ilk 7 K - J - A' ff "A2f' 4 f z a Kathleen Marcella Darold Rucker Jenny Rubio Henry Rouse David Rosene 'ii .xii ' .4 Cind leads a great year Russo Ruiz John Rood .mx-. Neil Romero -V "i' if' Diana Philp Colleen Phillips Sarra Philipson Patti Piburn Michelle Popoff Gerald Powell Lavonde Price John Pruznak Scott Pugh Tami Pyles Shannon Oualls Janet Quan John Rogers Ilr Jerry Rogers f Andy Rogers Jaime Rodriquez ' ill A -ff-.M alia . , . 53, as , y I F -,,., fx 'V fm V i t J , 1 X l86 SOPHOMORE CLASS , K ar .. a ,ty ' ' R.. ,V :ii A ' my ' gf- , 1, ,jj Christina Rodriguez Mike Robello Jamie Robbins Trudy Rider K im Richards Da vid Rich Daniel Rhodes Melodie Reeves Debra Reeves Kristi Reeder Cassie Red Tina Ratliff Da vid Range! Barbara Ramirez Shannon Rainey Doug Saban Matt Saban Mike Sanchez . K s A A sf N is . fx' P is if .. xv? S SY E A 5 una.. X ,Rf rf X . as i- . - K X N - fs 1, :X ' - 'L ,uv ' 1 ' x. , . ' ,Q as X , Z. ' K Two sophomore students show their friendship in the quad. Christine Schallmann Keith Scheuring Jill Schirripa Sheila Schlederer Pat Schulte Richard Sebring Mark Settle Brad Shaw NNN! Several Pep Club members express their spirit trying to build up enthusiasm among the crowd at a football game. SOPHOMORE CLASS I87 X K ,.k.: . - 523 8 v s Q' J ' t L W :ZA f ft -vs sf' vu.. EH in iw fgss I Q a t 3 K'hk. . . if .E -fn- 4 ,K A-... v Qtr- - . .psy 0 . Pep assemblies boost school Sean Skelley Heidi Skrogstad Mike Slater Brian Smalley Pam Smart Jodi Smith Julie Smith Jay Snider Mike Sotelo Ronny Sozo Dan Spivey Brian Staggs M X R 9 !5'5 1 wt Q N saw C 1- limi' l88 SOPHOMORE CLASS 3-.Y"', Scott Shaw Shannon Shelton Scott Shephard Darrell Shepherd Scott Sherwood Steve Sherwood Jennifer Shew Valerie Shirley Kim Shroyer Alan Sing Sheila Sing Mike Sipple spirit Io Mike Stanula Doug Staten Angela States Stephanie Stevens Wayne Stidd Richard Stinnett Mike Stinson Stefanie Stokes Deanna Stromberg Da vid Stuart Wendy Sturgell Mark Suever Shawn Sweenie Emily Sweis Janice Tang Thang Tang Tom Tavison Gary Taylor Nw .2 tim... 'mf ,AML N lt., Taking a rest from float building, two float builders look towards the camera. fi N SS: P 1 ff f fir z Q mu: was . gg ' 5' s new f Some sophomores cut-up newspaper for their float during Homecoming week. if!! :.Q I , 5 -Y' A .J W , c,-f'c ,Q Pm: w S s W ,la x r X .. ' X? Shane Templeton Kevin Thomas Derek Thompson Kim Thompson Jackie Thornton Wendy Thrash Bill Tingle Karl Titus Brent Todd Kathy Todd Patricia Todd Michael Tomlin Tom Topole wski Scott Tracy SOPHOMORE CLASS l89 . Q x , I fx ., H Q fin. k 7 L lJ X E ,ix , . ffx E kai Joe Trevino Danny Trujillo Michelle Tucker Todd Tuggle Peti Tuipulotu Latonia Turner Loren Tye Patina Underwood Dixie Wagner Dean Walker Sue Walker Patrick Warner Sophs look forward to junior year Suzanne Warner Vanessa Warren Shannon Washburn Deanna Webb Michael Webb Daniel Weston Shelia Wheeler David White Glen White Kimberlee White Sylvia White Derron Wilkins fs f -Q. ..,. , -m , V I . M, vi. , In 'in Q '. 4 , Q V, Vrrk ! I t l g if ",, f 't W ' f? it gf? ,, at e,t L b, I ' I kv. .Ll 'J' ' If , A tf, ,.- VV? ,H ' A,--f . ...,a,, 3, ' H I ' K f '1.:?.3f'7 lr ' L 53 " 'r' , ws ,fra x A V T W , V iz ' y g z 4-.5 t l X' l9O SOPHOMORE CLASS nk W, , , 5- .. . 3 M ,, 4 J 5 'bfi . I ln? 3' 'S i ete mi Q ,,.. , x , Lori Williams Retta Williams Steve Wilson Gina Wong Kelly Wood Sandie Wood Mike Woods Misty Work Eddie Valenti Brian Valentine Paul Valenzuela Leticia Villasenor Alice Ybanez Elaine Young Louis Zanine Steve Ziegler Jeff Zuccala Anna Zuniga sa .loy Adams April Archer Dayle Barlow Sean Bews Cassie Blue Nancy Bond Becky Boyd Monika Brown Robert Casey Chris Dellecese Teri Dwyer Darren Felish Veronica Gall Paul Galdys Shannon Gallego Greg Galvez it, ' iv' gsnouq' ..........Q Q .1 Si? V, Linda Olvey Tammy Pfeifer Sherry Powell Donald Richardson Kimberly Robinson Chris Rodriguez Maria Rodriguez Jennifer Salazar Wanda Satterfield Don Schroeder Mike Schwindt Kerry Sellards David Smale Jennifer Smith C indi Smothers Scott Stinson Rhonda Sturgill Sandra Tuzon Nikki Tyrrell Chris Varner Jay Vickery Ellen Vosgier Dee Dee Wacker Darrill Wakely Debbie Wells -is -Q ..i... .L .- , L, ,, 2, 2 . 4. X M ex is X w fs H we 5 s ., ' to NNMN-kTQ3N,,.'Qg L i ,,, so " f -kk- 'H' Y in J I x 4. 5' x X - i I ..:L v -I "F . lie x' F2218 I S. A kg sm t X S a.s EEE. ao.. N. L 5 . A Qi. .P Xxkigbg: 3 L we .......IY r 221-253 gr 35 N.. x , Q. L I, A ,S AR N 6 f fi?-IN Xi B 359 -5' t m W' Nw ? Qi SN 7 t o , Q L tm Q SHA L wr if s L nz Qs F tv L 7 x f R X1 Michael Garcia Sharon Gates Randy Goodsell Gena Gunnerson Lanae Hammonds Gary Hauser Elizabeth Henry Bryan Holmes Douglas Holt Laurel Hopper Dawn Hulvey K im Jackson Greg .lune Lori Karrick Vicky Kelly Jack Kerfoot Benjamin Lyman Paul Maes Teresa Mahan Tammy Moore Trent Negri Lisa Nelson Cindy Newton Christine Noyes S N Noi if 1 1 X! f --.J 3 'W' 'i I s.u. at s.uu P, D Xl , l l..... ., . -e .., ,. , f N W ' L L.. . N' x y 5' W ", . 'L ' a , 'k"k . i i ' . tt ,s SX- A L - Lge A, S ,M1211E13Uifi'4iia1i111?:1151211311311QQWiii!25E51E'-iq5iE,,ii?:ifI1l3f312W3j'21b2Q5gliW' ,,,,, 11:,:i2115?5i1i'35WEWTEEQWlfll, W3Wiw1331356'kiwi'11i,33'9i,"1!1''2i:f3'E'3'I1WQi:,Wil''Elial'JN1N'if'i3t'f5EW i1f'iq5WH'5Ll?iI'l''EFEW-QI'3 fiE1'iii'E1"f"fwi sqm pmwywmi "' Q51-55f?3'5fiWlq'31313'ii33313115?39i1W'limli'1151iQ5q12.155551251535553!55535f5532T2411.W k R R ltwiiixilifllii '132il2H.i3iiifiiv3l Hit iii lk NikiN'i1'11331Ekkllliilaikfwiiil kilt 111-iMlii,ii13H li fl15i:!i'iki3F?Wt ,iii My Wilma iliilleiglfwilimillliEilixelaiilLilianQfliilii i iiui QEiW3i3igwMail!lilililai!iulwilllililQil5llliLawHlilllliiiliifliiiiAiiilialliglliElwillifliilliliiiEWG'LlqflliilliimlaF itEtfffitililiiklf WW' """"" - iGFtw51IwW1F '11""""' JW-1 La- .Mil wwwt"""' WS: "7 twf'w 1131-W' VE'-' '- 5" v wavauw 1111'11 J' f" R - N 1, ttw'u'w DWUWEU' LH' 'WV 'WMKWJW -L" H ' VW! "'w" 'W "" ' "VCU-lvh tv " 1' M Vi ' 'V W' 1 ' ' - L ':,1Quf't12,i,cfpy:.2LLQ:Q-firL1fegaliaizgzzzeamiffi..eMli Q f fiiifyiliwitl' iillwwiliiliiiii:'E,iiiiE3!ili:3if5i1flia51 1335193i155131Ei531533EHE3HSE1iii353El5Z51f1131fi12EN:2?? ' N ' N l ' w V 'liiilli?Ej4?ii5li:1H1i11511-W"iHN51'i'i'i1?1'fE!fTiN:Viwliiuiiiililtifiillililii1f3.'l'J'ii!?3i'1:'i?s2fi5-lil Wil wfilikiwililll WFNWFLW V , 131111131Wgt1EW1g14H115111'111111f1:s11:Q23,CgiL::g11.lm11aNN5N5N1N-14E:15:qe:g.:s1:211:::T:a:11:Iss:qe'Iq1f'f'w tw111f11,'11fl111'ltlmzw11'111'113W4lfWI11hlt"11i.!1hl1,':11,QGQEMVNWe1El!Q"allIlk'211'31lJ1Q!it!P3Wk?'l1Elg"P'3q'1E:1112N'i1l1'l1liil''HN511Q1IkQyEl!51l51,'S,::,12ai31S' N 4"QiHwnlP 11 F1J"J!,Mi',Fg,.'3gC!s5:ql,,il - .2 liikw5'513331'F331313353'iii:iSl!f?:11Eii3i3i'Lii!5Q433532FEE91ii!?Iif!kEEEEEFEEGEEQEQEW V ,,t. ,VttQ33E333F31?33i13232'13F131,53T33i1'iTF?1f3?iiW3EW:liek1i3ii3ii5ii,'3iii1Qliii:M1213killWillEi15'11F5W1'l1'5'5i1WN1Wiiliikiiiiiiiill'iii 1' '.N5kilf'3gA1EINei1i'1Q'?i4'1Nff"l-ffWmil ii- wl 12l2i5fiiLL5iii2ii2 iLlawmflHLLELLi'LLHLLLaLL:LL2LififufiefimnattL LafpwififJawaiw1L4iiaiQml1i1t?LiriiwfxtfiiwillisisldwllfiiiiilEll3ifllfi2willliliavi'lliilialaivwilliliiiiitiliwiL if LiliiiktkiilliiiaithMalikillwi : r H A -W mnmfzzrixazw,gmt1g!..q:q,:qf:q:::: :Mala:::g1w,1i1511s11f11! 'LNN ,:,w'Q:a.w5?11f1HfW:Fl,AQ1,,,:q':n-:,:.'11g11'11QW1f11a1:f!1Ei,'QM111:111.1'1i1E1NE4i'init1,W1N4l1,:1HlENVwNe1wmq'1!mfl1aWil''!HNMq,Hui::Wt11f11rliaF1t,gpilw4!d. fiiwlalwaihwikslwuxil, dwell!w,ei,"'1 f 1 Ls' Bliiiili' '33v!3ii:11E:1g:1fiV1l1:3!1Wil''153ea33332:S9iig33g335?:Q52:S:I1Ei'i1f'1i131T311'lfliu-r13E5sE3Eall QM'11523AEi35g35Q3mii:Jii11f12'1D1W'11111E112'1F11S11H15'11E3113N11111.:1q1ig:n:a1l1JN1S1wl5i3NiQ!,tHdw,Q,w,::1iNa:5limimiiiliisiil,mlniin!,sf11g1u:,':',:11'1JNLHM1Qmms.::tg:wmi1a.'i1a:1t'!,.lm1i1!t1:.l.1a..w..lL SOPHOMORE CLASS RE TAKES l9l Raymond uides C ass of '87 Standing in long lines in the hot Au- gust sun for books and schedules, the class of "87" was initiated into four years of high school. One of the class 's first events was the election of class officers. Elected class President was Tanya Raymond: as Vice President was Barbie Barnes, and as Secretary Treasurer was Jenifer Hallowell. The class of "87" got off to a great start when the FreshmanfSophomore float of Greece took first place at Homecoming. Other than working with Student Government, the Freshman class sold candy and baked goods to pay for their .luniorfSenior Prom and their Senior Gift. The Freshman Class officers were under the sponsorship of Mrs, Borden. . X we P. 'Q' 1657 'Nw' if 49'- gsm , x C 1 as e is Freshman senators Kellie Barraza, Bobby Thrasher, and Kelli Faraci pose in front of Debbie Rasnick, Activities Committee member. Freshman officers include fl.-r.l Jenny Hallowell lSecretary-Treasurerj. Tanya Raymond IPresidentI. and Barbi Barnes f Vice President 2. l92 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS if Q , 4, 1 f ...wx . 'Q X-, ,, Q . f"' i A 1, -s if 25, J Ly- va 'Q' - 1 I Q I I: .. ' . J . My 4 lb so N-f N. x-'ff ---3 W' 'Pf ' ss 4 161, N.. 9 K if tx Mike Abalos Esperanza Acosta Christy Adcock Charlotte Agnew Gina Aguilera Beckett Aguirre Brian Allen Jason Allen Kathy Allen Ricardo Alvarado Darnel Anderson Carlene Anderson One year down, three to go Todd Andrew Debbie Aston Said Atiyeh Tony A vila Lucia Badilla Amy Baldaro Marco Balderrama Barbie Barnes James Barnes Kelly Barraza Mark Bartholomew Shanta Batra aj' 1, fkfx X . 75 .X an 4 'T -1 I xv. , QIQIQ S I fe: i i , 5 I yt.g: xy X . res , i, .. 3 KIT? 5.-.. ' 's-N.. - J. ,Q " . Q 15 ! Ryan Beard Joann Beideman Norman Bennett Robert Berg Shannon Birdsong Scott Bittner Kathy Blake Tracey Bobola Stacie Bock Joey Bower Linda Bowles Robert Bowsher lreno Braganza David Braudrick Kiln Braun Da vid Bresaw Alice Britt Blain Brown FRESHMAN CLASS I93 F fi 4:4 'Ns at N... 5' L V ' NW 1 E ' .4...5. Eh Wendy Brown Kelly Bruhl Cynthia Brundle Greg Bryant Dana Burkhart Jennifer Bursott .X .14 'se 6 Monica Smith gives her speech for the Freshman election. Mr. Dye tries to get all the students to the field for the pep rally l94 FRESHMAN CLASS Tony Burton Joseph Butler Lori Cadenhead Eddie Calderon Angelique Calles Mike Calmese x r 4 :e wg - Elmore Clavin Sizemore Calvin Manuel Camacho Sean Campbell David Candelaria Alex Cantu David Carniglia Yvette Carter Cindy Castellano Tom Cayood Wendi Chan Pat Chavarria Freshmen get involved at Alhambra David Chee April Cherpak Dani Chicoine Ron Claiborne Johney Clark Patrick Clark Linda Cleckner Tracy Coburn Jacque Cochran Ray Codd Dorthy Cole James Cole if if 'dv if 2 I 'iQ 'NI- 4"' . f -- 4 f ,X 1 9' W .. M 4. 9 f""ee2, i t A lf 1 5 fhegk x :Hi ' I ea .ifxv F1 If if -W, f'Xf4" al V, --. WT ' a t , C X - -s Rf' ,' Paula Cole Patrick Collins Tracy Collins Michelle Connolly Anthony Contreras Jenny Cook Karen Cook Kevin Cook John Cotter Arlene Coulson Danny Courson Richard Covarrub vio Trevor Crane Mario Cristner David Crosier Robert Crosland Megan Cummings Pat Cusick FRESHMAN CLASS l95 S M 'F is of X, Rachelle Da vis Reggie Da vis Terry Da vis Toby Dean Ryan Dee Mark Demarte -.S Tony Cuspard Kristina DAl116ll0 Minh Dang Debra Davis Janet Davis Mary Davis w. , ff' ns 3 ,mi X .. .Kp Freshman Jenny Bursott joins Howard Goldman and Dan Masters in cheering on the football team. Freshman football team members talk about the strategy of the Thursday football game. l96 FRESHMAN CLASS I' , f, tm I . +G R li. Q -. Sa- is Q xx 1, I ff Kim Denman Dan Denofsk y Thamper Dent Chris De Somma Stacey Diamant Phillip Diaz Tricia Dibello Albert Dimpel Robbin Dodson Steven Dodson Susan Donaldson John Doty Freshman year comes to a close Dan Dowell Michelle Downs Thomas Driscoll Natalie Dubasik Kim Duggins Lance Dunn Donna Dutton Mike Eckert Mindy Eddy Sean Egan Wendy Ehler Kim Engen ii Z -......- ,1 'f2",Njyf,1 fs jx' it A. xds D jx s hh A 6- l . I X W . . .4 Daniel Erhardt Raquel Esqueda .lohnny Estes Kerri Faraci Ronnie Faragher Chad Ferguson Tami Feliz Melissa Feldman Jodie Ferraro Kelly Finn Dan Fizz Lonnie Foss Kevin Frazier Alton Futch Kris Gardner April Garrett Patrick Garvey Terry Garvey FRESHMAN CLASS 197 . 'Li Christi Golllhare Heather Goss Jeff Gates Bryan Gauthier Andrew Geffre Bobby Gehl Lynn Georgen Jimmy Gibbons H , Mr Culbertson s freshman class studies hard to do well in his class 2. Q Af X I 5:13.55 John Greeley Ken Griswold Greg Grittman Melissa Guerrero Rhonda Guest Margaret Guryle Renee Hacker Theresa Haire Shane Hall Sheryl Hall Jennifer Hallowell Mary Hapeman Freshmen are captured by sports Wendy Harding K Kristi Harrel fp. Jerilynn Hart Tim Hathaway l l CT. ' Holly Hause Mark Ha vell Dean Havlik Corey Hawk Rhonda Heer Darlyn Helson Adam Hilburn Tracy Hillman -is 4 A 1- F. ,av ,M . If - V x .A in ' 'serif i ! L ,Wi-I 'J el 1 L Michelle Hills Randy Hively Mike Hodge Charlotte Hodges Angie Holly Melisa Holtz Monica Honanie Jason Horan Roger Howell Louie Huerta Kameron Huffstet Da vid lbsgaard Jeffery Ivey Orlando Jackson Jeff Jacobs Michelle Jerez Jim Jolms Cathy Jolmson FRESHMAN CLASS l99 J P, Dedee Johnstone Kim Jones .. ksh Sheila Jones 5 I Darrin .Iuan pf. -41. ' K M ,V Cassandra Kasinak iv C 5 K . EE F Q A .vl 'ii E X' L Shirley Kelderhouse 2 ' g t i lJ"' 3 N Key Clubbers get together to do all the paperwork for the entire year. JLX7 FRESHMAN CLASS Charlotte Kelley Robert Kerns Sheila Kerr Heather Khaler .lin Kiln David King . . L gi X A s, L . .. X -' X rx 1 X Q? - X Q Q,,., , K X T at .' 1 A RX ,FK Frosh teams "stand together Brad Larremore Mike Larson Julie Lauletta Christy Lawson Trang Le Eric Lebeau Rami Lee Shawn Leiker Chrystin Lennon Debbie Levander Jerry Levinson Jolmny Lindley 'Uni -nn, A 'ld' if 1 v 1' .a f if tis s '..."S. r ,Xf'-'uf X il 'Wag li Lisa Kingman Ann Klein Ana Korec Kathy Kowren Bobby Kroncke Cheryl Kuban Nancy Kujawa Brandi K vetko Nathan LaDuke Suk yee Lai Gina Lang Troy Larck " to win - sf- Ag' l . f -Q1 4 ,, 1 X I , .Q ff Ron Lindly Kerri Lisowsky Michael Long Paul Lopez Rose Lopez Karla L ovell Da vid Lowy Amina Lucas Edith Lucero Jeff Lutz John Madden Maureen Maglich Jon Magness Kristine Maldonado Holly Mallow Tony Marks Dena Martin Linda Martin FRESHMAN LLASS 2Ol A young lion-backer curiously watches the volleyball players at one of their games. .,+"" 'fain 'QQ X x. X3 M Q' 5 .u,, Nw 'S qigwkwrs X gf' L isa Martin Shannon Martin Todd Martin Jerry Martinez Marlo Martinez Lara Masters iiwxiw The crowd gets rowdy when the football team makes a touchdown. ef" 202 FRESHMAN CLASS f ',-. Ss. g . rl 'Nl Sean May Doug McCabe David McCanlies Debbie McCarty Maureen McCarty Diane McClelland sd . J ft-'.':'.,w-A u 1 ex -' ..A'. 'Q nf- X... ,Y Frosh Michelle Monaghan Rick Montgomery James Mooney Sheri Moore John Morales Lisa Morales Thomas Morales Rina Moreno Jeanette Morgan Mark Moulton Robert Moynahan Leonard Muldrow .-,. v . anticipate 'K QT'-,is Q X g 'JAX I I X if Mark Mc Collum Angie Mc Gee Patty Mc Grady Shannon Mc Grady Tom Meagher Rochelle Medley Raymond Mendoza Ramona Mercado Karen Mikels Matthew Miner Kory Moffat Jason Mogler sophomore year 49 A fe! W H-fag.-f 'i J .. gl IN me ,, or ' 0. I 2 1 N 4 'Vi - I f q ., 'f ' l, -jg J L 1: '- V ,, , X A AC '.,, gg A, al' ' ff! A Q is R T Y A , gk 1 X A '- X ' 2 . if nr -' QQ? Angie Nardone Sharon Neilson Tricia Nelson Michelle Nera Carrie Neville Monica Newvilla Eugene Nomura Monica Nunez Jamie Oliver Mike O'Rourke Cassie Osborn Ray Packard Connie Page Kristin Paige Peter Pandeli Dale Parker Donna Parker Rochelle Parks FRESHMAN CLASS 203 H, Some Key Club members gather in front of the school for a service project. T Y I VE . j Looks of concern are registered on the faces of the crowd as they wait for the football team to score. 204 FRESHMAN CLASS .. Wk Jenny Parra ya... .b Susan Pate , R., -N ,Q . ,A ff ef Julie Pax ton .lan Pendle y Gina Peppers Tom Perea Kristin Peterson Micah Phelps Michael Phillips Shannon Pinney Iwi .vo x ff? A b tg? - ft -off A 4 ' -. 9. ff x lfXjX - 1 D ' If .- 8 In 'H 4, i lo-I Xu- W 6 - , S J . L f ' ia sa E, a L 4 k ' 4 fsgii s 19 1 QI-41 K so I xl' ,4-.. ,.J. , "?-aff CKY, Martha Platero Pennie Poorman Dan Prieger Elaine Preisel C indar Preisler Donna Preston Edward Pulley Rick Radcliffe Marnie Rand David Randolph Debbie Rasnick Monica Ratliff Frosh concentrate on basic skills Lori Ray Tanya Raymond Michele Reeder Monica Reyes Melissa Reynolds Donnie Richie Corina Ridder Anthony Robbins K im Robins Jeff Rodman Adrian Rodriguez lvette Rodriguez 1 Av' - I fi- 1 fn. Q ' 5 X 4 'E A f 'va YS: Kenn Roman Carlos Romero Penny Ropp Alexandra Rosenstock XJR Y v., Mg, 2 -of A 910.0 Gina Rothenberg Ramon Rubio Renee Rulon Joey Rymer Tom Sahhar Antonia Salazar Eloy Sanchez Jason Sander Lisa Santa Cruz Jenny Saunders Dean Schirripa Gary Schlaht Candy Schuster Lynnette Scott FRESHMAN CLASS 205 Gina Selby I "A' I ,L Chris Selfridge , my I 1 Robert Sesma """ , Annie Seto LA?" I chris Sherrill K f' Q 1 " W 2-W 7 Steve Sherrill A , i'X i ' Kevin Sherwood Joseph Shifflet T W. I Nancy Shoemake ,,,,j ' ,T ""' Robert Shoup N- W A i Tom Sims , M ,fuk ' Tuipulotu Sioata ' 'g ffggx W fi' 'gin 'la "0"s'f 54 'g::ll!1l:ffl:1.96:ll I J K P Ted Nicholas gets involved in the quad activities during lunch. 265 FRESHMAN CLASS af of 'H if'f4' ,o ,IV f L I ia!! X, . at ,S if it ' V KI' ' nw 'T Q "N-. Howard Goldman throws a ball at the dunk tank, while many freshmen look on. , M ik kv. wwf Mt' A A .L t L I I bv N l S K , . X 2 Frosh Donna Spivey Candi Stahl Mark Stanfield Melissa Stanley Gina Stephens Vincent Stevens Scott Stevenson Melanie Stewart Tom Stickler Jerri Stidham Dawn Stiner Vicki Stiner 1 f X 5' ff' Q "' .1 f 4 - . Nd t . i 4 ui 1 , v- J Itndvk 51 N. Karla Slattery Renell Sleen Eddie Smith John Smith Monica Smith Rebecca Smith Tony Smith Gary Snead Randy Snyder Del Spangler Gina Spencer Dan Spreer excited b Lion spirit , na Us T5 fa -Q A g sr -if . W . I it .tt ff' N ,T KJ' it L- L 2 K , .. 4 'I' X 't f S . I a f W.. S? 'X ua 5' ii ,. aihl. 2 - f- ,Ji 'v--H It fr ' '83-His. V 5.3 Heather Stinson Bill Suhy Ray Sullenberger James Sutton Kevin Sutton Scott Sutton John S vitak Richard Tang Joy Taylor Luann Teapole Mike Teel Holly Templeton Dianne Teramano Kelli Terry John Thomas Brad Thompson Cindy Thompson Paula Thompson FRESHMAN CLASS 207 T r 1- . S V V y we ,T V I , Q 2 'H ' ,ZW 4 1 l 'WF , 'f X. -Hf-. .. A..'g .. X, v A 2 ,audn f Ng? V 'Gy f I S nn ,ff ..4,, :lie in ilrr N 1. .."' , N x gi X is.. Nb- ,l if .8 f F l 208 FRESHMAN CLASS 55 fu.. '41 ff 5 . M- J! - . , , V ff Jff iw J K il iff Bobby Thrasher Shannon Todd Trevor Tracy Pat Trejo .lim Truedson Ben Trujillo Michele Trujillo Bruce Turpen Ron Turrell April Tye David Wood Michael Wong Albert Urquidez Buddy Vail Sylvia Valdez Therisa Vanover Lori Vasquez Sean Verna Joel Vick Tina Villalva Pauline Villarreal Gina Waddell Kimberly Wagner Karl Waldron .liln Walker Steve Walton Jeff Weatherford Dave Weiland Michele Weld Joetta Wells Kim West Lynn White Tyrone White Guy Whitman Kathy Willard Robert Willey Kim Williams Donnie Wills Paula Wilson Richard Wilson Kelli Wolf Selena Woodmansee Zach Woodruff Chrissy Woods Connie Woodward Darren Wright Rose Yan Chris Young Steve Young Christina Yu Shawn Ziegler Wayne Zimpleman Violet Zub Jon Zuccala Kimberly Adams Tara Ashton Donna Blochberger Robert Down Beckie Brandt William Clowser Byron Coates Tracy Couburn Claudia Cupiss Whitney Dorsett Jennifer Fife Chris Figueroa Amy Fountain Annette Garcia Deanna Garcia Michael Georgeoff Delwyn Hampton Tanya Hampton K ylee Haviland Joni Holmes Kelly Hornback Michelle Johnson Tina Jolliff Tami Jones Nathan Killingbeck George King Julie King Yvette l.eDesma Brian Maddock Michael McMullen Tonya Mills James Milton Patrick Mulvihill Darin Myler Jennifer Newsom Guy Norton Ted Rodriguez Alaine Russell Chris Ryan Mike Schoonover Melanie Schumacher Renell Steen Miles Strunk Nora Suftko Jack Sullivan Becky Wells Kim Winters Alan Wirth Jessica Yanez X ix , Q A N' S - , ' jf"5 v is no t W? , " . , WN 5 el'1 E " ' ' 1 Q 1 Xa qi g -Yi' Q Y E i'i , t 5 F "T x . if at uuut S J X to g 'Z . 4 yt ,X A ef Wi scci 2 5 .3 1 - tu 1 ... tx Xlilkli q f y , R i' f NG "7i - 1+ A .,x.r A ir ' gifs K I ' I! A A T K is V... I , -. .Q- 'W' ht' 11"-1 , me X f- N ,vw I A i Qi . WRX t f, K f NS - MQ? EEN ,vs X Q 9.4 ga ,R in .e . Y I I We tttt f 'E' iii? 15 Sis xht Nm 0' 4 z' I C--.C X A I -' ,. 5' X at S A Axll i - . 1 ' K K f X s 'W s... " gh... ,f FRESHMAN CLASS RETAKES 209 Za The crazy, the good-looking. Jerry Kneipp. CU TES T GU Y: Don Kuhbander CUTES T GIRL: Julie Pettett curfsr SMILE: GUY- Tim Roberts GIRL- Pam Reilly CUTES T COUPLE: Robyn Epperson CUTES T COUPLE: Robyn Epperson and ,lerry Kneipp. I 5 W- CUTES T E YES: GUY- Bryan Kuban - BIGGEST BRAIN: GUY- Nathan Lewis BIGGEST FLIRT: GUY.leff Young 'mul J ai Q 73,1 210 SENIOR MOST Abe GIRL- Natalie Salese ' GIRL- Michelle Lazovich GIRL- Carla Redick Charla Greenmeyer BEST DRESSED: Dan Masters. l' MOST LIKEL Y TO SUCCEED: Nathan Lewis. BIGGEST AIRHEAD: GUY- Russ Corbin Paul Davis GIRL- Amy Broderick BIGGEST MOUTH: GUY- Gary Howes GIRL- .ludi Estes BIGGEST NOSE: GUY- Brad Ingle GIRL- Janine Zuccala . R mg, -Vila-e A s These are the senior mosts BEST BOD Y: GUY- Tim Roberts GIRL- Charla Greenmeyer BEST ATHLETE: GUY- Tim Roberts GIRL- Becky Cordova Lori Williams BEST PERSONALITY: GUY- Gregg Bunting GIRL- Monica Range! BIGGEST MOUTH: Gary Howes. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: GUY- Nathan Lewis GIRL- Michelle Lazovich MOST LIKEL Y TO DEVELOP LIVER PROBLEMS: GUY- Todd McClain GIRL- Robin Perkins CLASS CLOWN: GUY- Gary Howes GIRL- Monica Rangel 4 Q .gk -LN-. - . BEST BOD Y: Tim Roberts, BEST PERSONALlTYf Gregg Bunting, BEST DRESSED: GUY- Dan Masters GIRL- Anne Banks BEST LEGS: GUY- Russ Corbin GIRL- Tina Feliz BEST TAN: GUY- Brad Ingel GIRL- Sabrina Helton BIGGEST FLIRT: Carla Redick. SENIOR MOST Ill AIhambra's Mighty Lions? FAVORITE GROUPS l. Journey 2. Quiet Riot 3. Duran Duran 4. Def Leopard 5. Air Supply FAVORITE ALBUMS l. Frontier Uourneyj 2. Thriller Uacksonj Pyromania fDef Leopardj Escape Uourneyj 5 Synchronicity CPoliceQ FAVORITE MOVIES . An Officer and a Gentleman . Flashdance . Stripes . All The Right Moves I . Risky Business 2 3 4 5 FAVORITE T.V. SHOWS I. General Hospital 2. A-Team Dallas Knots Landing Fall Guy 2l2 FA VORITES FAVORITE CARTOON STRIPS l. Garfield 2. Family Circus 3. Peanuts 4. Bugs Bunny 5. Ziggy FAVORITE BEVERAGES l . Milk 2. Pepsi 3. California Coolers 4. Orange Juice I I 5. Tequilla Sunrise I Y' FAVORITE SHOES Nike . Topsiders 4. Candies , Loafers QQ ii Favorite thin s I . 2. Pumps 3 5 FAVORITE CARS l. Porsche 2. Corvette Mustang Lamborghini Ferrari F:.:CL'JF':'-1E.:"':C'I.I--IIE FAVORITE RADIO STATIONS I l, KDKB ' 2. KUPD 3. Kzzp 4. KNIZ 5. Kicko I FAVORITE SPORTS TEAMS l. L.A. Raiders 2. San Diego Chargers 3. Washington Redskins I 4. San Francisco 49er's 5. Pittsburg Steelers FA VORITES 213 A ADAMS, MARK ANTOHNY: AHS ALC ORDO, CRISPO FUMAR: Foot- ball, Tennis, Basketball. AHS ALLEN. MICHAEL B.: Football. Wrestling, Ski Club. VICA. AMA VISCA. MARCO GARCIA: Football, Hiking Club. JRO TC. ANDERSON. KAREN CHRISTINE: AHS ANDERSEN, RICK B.: Football. Bas- ketball. ANDERSON. SCOTT DARREL: AHS ANETSBERGER. KEITH: Key club. Fortress Staff. ARMSTRONG. STE VE RA Y: AHS ARRO YO, ROBERT: Football, ASHTON. JAMES E.: Basketball. ASTON. DEENA MARIE: Ski Club, Junior Achievement. BADGER. STEPHEN EUGENE: NHS. BAKER, CORY J.: VICA, Baseball. Football. BANKS. ANNE: Art Club, Parnas- sus. NHS. Speech. BAUER, TAMMY A.: Key Club. FBLA. BEC HTEL. BRENT: Art Club. Junior Achievement. BECKER, CHRIS S. Raquetball Club, Key Club, Computer Club. BERG. ANNA L.: VICA. BERGMAN. TIM: ICE-VICA. BERRYMAN, SHARON: OWE, BE THEL. LYRA ANN: Bowling Club. BILITZO. JILL ANN: OWE, Key Club. BITTNER, KANDI L YNN: C OE. Jazz Band. Marching Band. BOA T. WILLIAM L: Football. Bas- ketball, NHS. VICA, BOCANEGRA, ALMA: VICA, Key Club. BODAH, SANDRA LEE: Track. JRO TC. BRODERICK, AMY JO: Cheer- leader, Student Gov't. BROOKS, KIMBERLY JA YNE: AFS. OWE. Student Gov't, NHS, Key Club. Ski Club. BROWN. DEBORA: Citizenship Club. Parnassus. NHS. BROWNING. SHANNON MARIE: Key Club. Student Gov't. Cheer. Track, Volleyball. NHS. Tennis, Christian Fellowship, Parnassus, BRUNICON. KAREN: Parnassus. NHS. Marching Band, Concert Band, Choir. Speech. Pep Club. Ju- nior Achievement. BUCHANAN, BRENDA R.: Flagline. Hero. BUNTING, GREGG J.: Football. Baseball. Wrestling. Ski Club. FRIENDS. BURCHETT. BE V: AHS. BURNS. MARGARET JUNE: COE. BURSOTT. NA TALIE: Key Club. Mascots. BYRNE, ANNA-LISA: Volleyball. Softball, Tennis, NHS, Quill ti Scroll. Key Club, Swimming, Junior Achievement. B YRUM. RON KENNETH: Football 2I4 SENIOR REGISTER SENIOR REGISTER C CAMPBELL, GLENDA L YNNE: Wrestlerettes. CANO, ERNIE: Football, MECHA, Bowling Club. CARLISLE. JOHN A.: Band, Junior Achievement. CARTER. LYNDA KAY: Key Club, Concert Marching Band, Jazz Band, NHS. CARTER. LIZ SANDRA: VICA-ICE. CASTELLANO, SUSAN D.: Track, Badminton, Archery, Softball, X- Country. Student Gov't. NHS. FRIENDS, Parnassus. Girls' State. Rotary Club, Bowling Club, Junior Achievement. CASTLE, JERRY ALAN: AHS CASTNER. SHA WN V.: Tennis. CASTRO, CAROL YN LEE: AHS. C EJA, CARL OS B.: Wrestling, VICA. Chess Club. CELIS. MONICA: AHS CHI. SU MINH: Swimming, Tennis. CHOU. JOHNNY: Raquetball Club. Chorus. CHRYSLER. LISA: Theatrical Arts. C HUNG. DANIEL Y.: Parnassus, NHS. CLARIDGE, TRACY DENISE: NHS. Key Club. CLUBINE, PATRICIA K,: AHS. COATES. STACY MICHELE: Key Club, Mat Maids. COA TES. SUSAN: Softball, COHEN. VIKI: Flagline, Key Club, COE. COMPTON, KIRK E.: Wrestling. C ONKL IN, MAR YJO: Speech. Thes- pians, HERO, Dance, CONA WA Y. TRACY: DECA. FBLA. CONSIER. RONALD ED: Band, Choir, C ONTES, C HRISS Y F.: Volleyball. Track. Band. Orchestra. Jazz. CONWA Y, MIKE THOMAS: AHS. COONS. LARRY: Chess Club. Com- puter Club. COOPER. DA VID MARK: Football. Tennis, Ski Club. COPELAND. LEE: X-Country. Track, FRIENDS. Cheer. C ORBE TT, CHRIS G.: Football, Hik- ing Club. C ORBIN. RUSSELL: Football. Bas- ketball. Baseball. Track. COTTRELL, PAT? Jazz Band, Con- cert Band, Basketball. D DAER. MICHAEL: Art Club, NHS, DAGGETT. BECKY ANDRA: Key Club. Mat Maids. Dance. Pom. DANIELS, BETH ANN: Cheer. Par- nassus, NHS. Student Gov't. Key Club. COE. DA VIS, ADRIENNE CHRISTINE: NHS. DA WSON. CHRISTOPHER JAMES: Junior Achievement. AFS, NHS, Boy's State. Key Club. DEAS. MARIE: Wrestleretts. Key Club, FBLA, VICA. DEDERICK. MARIANNA C OLLEEN: Track, HERO. DEFINE. JAMES: X-Country, Base- ball, NHS. Golf, Bowling Club. FCA. Science Club, Creative Writing Club. DELAROSA, C ORINA: Mat Maids. DELMA LILLIAN: Native American C lub. FBLA. DENT, BRUCE: Wrestling, Football. Basketball. DEPUMA. MICHAEL SCOTT: Foot- ball. Wrestling. DERRIC K , ANITA DIANN: Key Club. DIFRA NCESCO, RICHARD Ml- CHEAL: AHS. DIGHT Ill, CHARLES ARTHUR: JRO TC, D S D. DOWELL, DA VID MICHAEL: Foot- ball, NHS. DRAKE. SUSAN RUTH: Yearbook. Key Club. Junior Achievement. DURA TE. BARBARA E.: Mat Maids. Art Club. Key Club, Dance Club. DUNN, BRENDA: VICA-ICE. DUNN. MIC HELE L YNN: DECA. FBLA. Track. DUNNAN. DIANE SUE: Ski Club, Volleyball. VICA, Track. E EPPERSON, LESLIE ROB YN: C heer. Student Gov't. Pom Line, NHS, DECA. ERB, AMY L YNN: Parnassus, FBLA. NHS, Hiking Club, Marching Band, ESP Gifted Club. ERB Y, DARR YL SCOTT: Bowling Club. Scimitar. Junior Achieve- ment. Black Student Alliance. ESOUEDA. IVERO: FBLA, Key Club. Spanish Club, Student Gov't. Year- book, NHS. Quill and Scroll, Ra- quetball Club, Boy's State. ES TB Y, JERRY: AHS. ES TES, JUDI: Track, Cheer. F FELISH. JOSEPH T,: VICA, Ski Club, FERGUSON, TRACY DONALD: Weight Lifting. FIELDS. MICKEY LOUISE: Tennis, Bowling Club. FINCHER. DEANNA MARIE: De- bate, Youth Fellowship. NHS. FBLA, OWE. FISHKIND. LISA ANN: Dance Club. Softball, Pep Club. FIZZ. MICHELLE C.: DECA. FL YNN. BRIEN: Football, Baseball, Chess Team, Ski Club. FONTENO. TISH. ROXANNE: VICA-ICE. FORTIER. JOHN A:.Football. Base- ball. FOR TNE Y, STEPHANIE SUE: Dance, Drama, HERO. FOSS, LAURIE: Mat Maids. C OE. JOE, FRANKE. DOUGLAS. S.: Football, Key Club, NHS, Band. FREEMAN, TRACY: Raquetball, G GABBITAS, JERRY: Football, Key Club. GANO. HENRY C.: Football, Base- ball. Wrestling. Ski Club. GAONA. LISA MARIE: Tennis. Soft- ball, Cheer. Student Gov't. GARCEZ, ANA G.: Junior Acheive- ITICITL. GARCIA. CI:LlA MARIE: Hiking Club. Ski Club. NHS, Track. Cross- Country. Student Gov't. Hispanic Summer Business Program, Guitar, GARHART, GEORGE MICHAEL: Band, Dl:CA. GARRAGHAN, SHA WN C .: Dance. Pom Line, Track Manager, GILL. MAUREEN R.: VICA, FBLA. GIPSON, JOHN H.: Football, Base- ball. Track. GLEIZIER. KEVIN: AHS. GLEMBA, JEFF THOMAS: Track. X- Country. Tennis. Ski Club. GODO Y. MARC OS E.: Student Gov't. Hiking Club. Art Club, Friends Club, AFS. GORSLIN. DENISE ANNE TTE: Var- sity Archery. Marching Band. Pep Band. Concert Band. GRANILLO, DIANA MARIA: Mixed Chorus. Pep Band, FHA. Volleyball. GRANILLO, LAWRENCE: AHS. GRA Y, CYNTHIA MARIE: Track, GREGORY. SCOTT DWA YNE: Football. Track, Cheer. Diving. X- C ountry, Baseball. GRO VE. KATHLEEN R.: Chorus. Dance. GUIDICE, VALERIE: Softball, Bas- ketball. I-CA. GUTA W. LISA MAIRE: Ski Club. FRIENDS. Key Club, H HACKER. DONNA KA Y: VICA. HAMIL TON. MARK: Basketball. HAMMONS. ANTHONY M.: Wres- tling. HARDING. JULIA KA TE: AHS. HARDWICK. TROY LEE: Football. Basketball. HARRIS. JULIE. D.: Softball, Basket- ball, Mascot. Fortress. HARRIS, PAMALA ANN: Junior Achievement. Basketball, Band. HA THA WA Y, STEVEN THOMAS: Key Club. HEALIN. RODGER TODD: AHS. HEDGPETH. KEVIN DOGLAS: D S D. Parnassus, NHS. ESP Gifted Club, Computer Club, JROTC. HEL TON, SABRINA CAROL: COE. Tennis, Key Club. HENRY. SHA WN T.: AHS, HERNANDEZ. DOREEN: AHS HILL. REBECCA S.: Student Gov't. HOFFMAN, PEGGI: AHS HOISING TON. DA WN RENEE: AHS HOLLAND, SAM J.: Wrestling. Hik- ing Club. HOLLEY. MIKE: Track. HOLMES. KEITH E.: JROTC. HONHOIEWA. JENNIFER ANN: FBLA. DECA. Native American C lub. HOWES. GARY: Wrestling. HUDSIN. ROGER WA YNE: Key Club. Junior Achievement. HUFF, WA YNE SCOTT: Baseball. HUNT. MICHEAL: FRIENDS. Pep Club, Ski Club. HURT, DEBORAH ANN: Bowling Club, Citizenship Club. IGNA TIUS. CEDRIC LEONARD: Ra- quetball Club. INGLE. BRAD ALAN: Football, Bas- ketball. Baseball. IVENZ. JOHN T.: Football. Basket- ball, Baseball. J JACK, KEVIN DWIGHT: Football, Basketball, Track. JACKSON, CHRIS: Baseball JACKSON. IRA WESL Y: Track, Thespians, Black Student Union. JAMES, BERT M.: Baseball JAMES. WENDY L.: Softball, Ten- nis, Basketball. NHS. JEFFERYS, PA 73 JRO TC. JOENK, DA VE A.: Football, Ski Club. Gall NHS, HERO. JOHNSON, BRENDA ANN: Drama, Scimitar. Ski Club, Ouill E Scroll JOHNSON, JIM: AHS. JONES. ANTHONY P.: Football, Basketball JONES. JENNIFER L.: AHS JUNKER, HENRY DONALD: Track. Football, Wrestling, Band, Junior Achievement, Chess Club, Key Club. JUNE, DA WN M.: Softball, Basket- ball K KARPOUSKAS, VALERIE L YNN: Scimitar, Bowling Club, VICA, Ouill 6 Scroll Creative Writing Club. KA THAN, SCOTT C.: AVC KELLAR. YVONNE BETH: Key Club, Pep Club, Tennis. KELLEY, DARLENE RENEE: Key Club, Drama Club. KELL Y, COLLEEN ANN: Tennis. Key Club. Parnassus. NHS KELL Y, GLENN H.: X-Country. Football KELL Y. MARY E.: NHS, VICA-ICE, Parnassus. KE W, SHAR YNN LOUISE: Key Club, Computer Club. KIDNEY. BRENDA D.: Ski Club. KING, ANITA RENEE: ROTC, FRIENDS. KING, LAURA LEANN: Dance, DECA. KIST, CYNTHIA MICHELLE: Cho- rale. Orchestra. K NEIPP, GERARD JA Y: Football, Wrestling, Baseball KRAMMER, THERESA YVETTE: Art Club. KROUT, MICHAEL DA VID: X -Coun- try. Track, VICA. KUBAN. BRYAN SCOTT: Football KUHBANDER. DONALD R.: NHS, Wrestling. Ski Club, Golf. L LANGFORD. LINDA SUE: Concert Choir. Junior Achievement. LAPLANTE, MARK: Ski Club, Track. SENIOR REGISTER LARREMORE, KARA C.: Ski Club, NHS, Softball. Basektball. Vollyball. LAUX. DAN: Jko Tc. NHS. s:::d::::: Gov't. Football, Rotary Intl LA WLESS, DEBBIE J: Basketball, Mat Maids. LA WL OR. BE VERL Y T.: Mat Maids. LAZOVICH, MICHELLE: Key Club, NHS, AFS, FRIENDS. Girls State. LEDESMA, ROLAND, B.: Track, X- Country LEUNG. LINDA F.: FBLA, NHS. OWE, Student Gov't., Parnassus. LE WIS, NA THAN SCOTT: Football, Wrestling, Tennis, Key Club, NHS. Pep Club, Boys State, Racquetball, Club. LEWIS. STACY ANNETTE: Key Club, Tennis, Pep Club. LINDSEY, DA WN MARIE: HERO, Basketball. LIZAR. JEFF B.: Jazz Band. Hiking Club. LOCKHAR71 SONJA JOY: FBLA. LOEFFLER, AMY SUSAN: Mascot, Student Gov't. LOHR, ALICE KA Y: AFS. Parnassus. NHS LONG, DOROTHY J: ICE. LONGORIA, DA VID F.: Concert Band, Marching Band. LOONE Y, KEVIN EARL: Football, Computer Club. LOWE, SHERALEE: Wrestlerette, FBLA, COE, Dance. LOWEN, HEIDE: FBLA. Ski Club. NHS, German Club. Natl German Honor Soc., Girls State, Youth Fel- lowship. Student Gov't. Pep Club. LUKAND, KIMBERL YA.: Majorette. LUTES, DARREN R.: Football LUTRICK. BECKI: Hiking Club, HERO. MAHR, REBECCA: Key Club, NHS, Mascot, Tennis. MANCUSO, JEFF: Football, Wres- tling. MAR, JANET B.: DECA. NHS MARTINEZ, CA THIE M.: AHS MASTERS, DANIEL JOHN: Key Club, Tennis, Student Gov't. NHS, Cheer, Scimitar, Boy's State, Track. MCDANIEL. KELLI S.: NHS, Parnas- sus. MCGUIRE. COLLEEN MARY: FBLA, Ski Club. Mascot, NHS, Key Club. MCNAIR, MARY: AHS MEEKS. TAMMY L.: Key Club. Stu- dent Gov't. AFS, FRIENDS, NHS. MERKLE Y. STEPHEN PA TRICK: Par- nassus. Wrestling. MESTROVICH, LISA ANN: AHS METZ, PATRICK DONIVAN: NHS, X -Country, Track, Hiking Club, Student Gov't. ME TZENDORF, BRIAN A.: Football ME TZENDORF, DIANE FRANCINE: Baseball, Concert Choir. Dance. MICHAELS. KAREN L YNN: NHS, Basketball Softball, Ski Club, Vol- Ieyball MILES, MELISSA L.: FBLA. MILLER. JIM RA Y: Football. MILLER, LANCE D.: Baseball, Con- cert Band, Jazz Band. MILLER. VICKI L YNN: NHS. MINSTER, MONICA LYNM FBLA, COE. JOE. MOHR, SHARON L YNN: NHS. MOODY. DUANE: Football, NHS, Speech Team, Chess Team, Marching Band. MOORE. JAMES T: AHS MOORE WILLIAM G.: Football, D 5 D. MOOREFIELD, DERRICK: Chess. MORALES. ALPHONSO: Wrestling, X-Country. MOROSOFF, STEPHANIE L YNN: HERO. MORTON, GINA KRISTINE: FBLA, Volleyball. Track, FRIENDS, Parnas- sus. MOYER, MATTHEW M.: D 6 D. Chess. MUNS, DA VID A.: JROTC, D 5 D. MURPHY. EILIS I.: NHS. Creative Writing. Chorus, Scimitar. NEIN, LISA JEANNETTE: DECA. Majorette. NELSON. BRUCE A.: Tennis, Ski Club. NEU, TANYA ANN: Basketball. NE VERMANN, MONIKA ELIZA- BETH: FRIENDS. Art Club. Hiking Club, AFS, Student Gov't NE WTON, JAMES KEITH: Football. NICHOLS, KELL Y M.: OWE. NULLMAN, BETH MELISSA: DECA. Mascot. Volleyball. Basketball. OLSON, THOMAS B.: AHS ORR, SCOTT MICHAEL: FBLA, For- ensics, Concert Band, Jazz. NHS, Scimitar. PADILLA. ELIZABETH ANN: AFS, Ski Club. PAK. KI NAM: Baseball PALMA, HELAINE MARIE: HERO, Key Club. PA SSMORE, SCO TT: Football, Wrestling, Baseball PASZ WO WSKI. TODD: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Key Club. PECK, STEPHANIE L YNN: AHS PELLETIER, JEFFREY ALAN: AHS PERRY, LETITIA R.: Key Club. PETERSON, K IMBERLE Y: NHS. PE TTETT, JULIE: Student Gov't. Key Club, NHS, AFS. PHELPS, CHARLES THOMAS: NHS, Track. X-Country. PIANGA, ANGLE M.: Flagline. PIERI, YVETTE MARIE: Softball, Volleyball. Basketball POWELL, TERRY: AHS PRIEGER, CAROL ANN: FBLA, Stu- dent Gov't, Softball PYKARE, SCOTT A.: Football Q OUAN, DEBRA A.: Softball, Mas- cot, NHS. RAMIREZ. RICARDO: X-Country. Track, NHS. RAMSEY, CRAIG ALAM Hiking Club. RANGEL, MONICA: Tennis, Ski Club. Student Gov't. Softball. RANKIN, WENDI ANNE TTE: Dance, Fortress. Ski Club, Mat Maids. RA TLIFF. KELL Y A.: Track. RAUCH, JOHN CHRISTOPHER: Key Club. REDICK. CARLA R.: Pom. Band, Stu- dent Gov't, Ski Club, NHS, KEY Club. Pep Club. REILL Y. PAMELA L YNN: Tennis, AFS, Student Gov't. RENN, DEANNA L YNE: HERO. RE YNOL DS. K UR TIS, A.: Basketball Baseball RICHMOND, STEVE IC: Baseball RICKETTS, LAURETTA BARBARA: Football, OWE. RIZZO. KA THY M.: HERO. ROAN. MICHAEL: Tennis. ROBBINS. JACK J.: Golf. Baseball. ROBERTS, DANIEL PATRICK: AHS ROBERTS, KEITH LAWRENCE: RO TC . Junior Achie vement. Track, Wrestling, Football. ROBERTS. TIM L.: Football, Base- ball. ROBERTSON, LOUISE ROCHELLE: HERO, Pep Club, Key Club ROBISON. KARIN M.: Concert Choir, Debate, NHS. RODRIGUEZ. PAMELA MARIE: DECA. Key Club, Flagline. RODRIGUEZ, RICHARD: AHS ROSENAU. DEBORAH: Badminton. ROSS, JAMES ALLEN: AHS RUIZ, LUKE G.: Wrestling. RUNNINGS. BILL G.: Football, Base- ball. RUSSELL, MICHELE DENISE: OWE, FBLA, Key Club, Mat Maids, Ger- man Club. RYAN, JANET EILANE: VICA. Bas- ketball S SALAMORE, CHRISTINE M.: Dance. Speech Team. SALESE, NA TALIE: NHS, Student Gov't. Volleyball. Track. Basket- ball. Badminton. Ski Club. Pep Club, Bowling Club. ' SA WYER. DEBRA RHEA: Volleyball, Basketball, Track, NHS, DECA. SCHULZ. MARCELO OLIVERO: AHS SC HUS TER. PENN Y ELIZABETH: Key Club. SEIBERT, DANIELLE L YNN: JOE. COE, Choir. Cheerleader. SELL, LISA L YNN: Rifle Team. SETTLE. DOUGLAS J.: AHS SHIMEK, TODD G.: X -Country, Ski Club, Bike Club, Hiking Club. SHROYER, DEBBIE: X-Country. AFS. NHS. SELLARDS, STACEY MICHELLE: Marching Band, Concert Band SIMMONS, JOSEPH JOHM AHS SLA YLINE. VICKI R.: AHS SLOAN. THOMAS GORDON: Jazz Band, Concert Band. SENIOR REGISTER 215 SMITH, HOLL Y: AFS. SMITH, K YM: DECA. VICA, Ski Club. SMITH, RICHARD D.: Football, Bas- ketball. SOMBRIO, CARL: AHS SOPSHER. BARBARA ANN: AE, HERO. SOTO, MONICA MARIE: Key Club. Marching Band. Ski Club, Mascot, NHS, Softball. Pep Club. SPENCER, WILFORD ELLIOTT: AHS STA NLE Y, CYNTHIA: Hand, Tennis. NHS. STARR, SHERRY ANN: Applied E110- nomics. JOE, COE. ST, CLAIR, ANGELA DA WN: Key Club. STEELE, JEFFREY ALAN: Key Club. JROTC. STEWART, PENNY EILEEN: DECA. Tennis. Bowling Club. SUMMERELL, SHERRY RENEE: Key Club. SZCZEPANIAK, DONNA MARIE: Fortress, NHS. Junior Achieve- ment, Quill S Scroll. T TANG, JULIE ANN: Tennis, Soft- ball, Volleyball, Student Gov't, NHS, Ski Club. TANG, LARA LEANNE: Parnassus, NHS. TERRIEN, ELIZABETH L OUISE: C ho- rus, Marching Band. .IRO TC, Arch- ery, Key Club, Concert Band. THOMAS, GARY A.: Basketball. E IOR REGISTER THOMPSON, LISA M.: AHS TISCARENO, JULIE: Fortress, DEC A. Quill S Scroll, Scuba Diving. TORREZ. SARA L.. MECHA, Pont, FRIENDS, Track, Pep Club. TA YL OR, S TAC Y: Tennis. TRUJILLO. LISA M.: NHS. Parnas- sus. TURK, OMAR H.: Soccer. TURNER, MICHELLE D.: VICA. V VALENZUELA, FELICIA JEAN: Vol- leyball, NHS, FBLA, O WE, Junior Achievement, Parnassus. VANDERPOEL. JOHN MICHAEL: Concert Band. VA NDER VA UC H T, TERR Y SCO TT: JROTC. VARGASON. TERRY LEE: AHS VASOUEZ. DA VID J.: Jazz Band, Karate Club. VAUGHN, DA VID: Chess Club. VIDAL, SHERRI L YNN: FBLA, Ski Club, Softball. VILLASENOR, BARBARA J.: Pep Club, Key C lub, FRIENDS, Mascots. W WADDELL, LISA MICHELE: Cheer, HERO. WAKEFIELD, LINDA MARIE: AFS. WARREN, KATHERINE JEANETTE: Black American Club. WA YMAN, ROGER M.: Football. Basketball. 1 ,: is sf Jky ' ., Aeecee QQ: L' , , .km .YV WEA THERFORD, SHERI: DECA. WELLS, BRYAN C.: Football, Marching Band. WELLS. GEORGE G.: Football. Wrestling. WERNER, FRANK DENNIS: Football, Basketball. Chess Team, Seimitar. WHITE. SHARON MARIE: Key Club. Band. AFS, Student Gov't, NHS, Archery. Girl 's State, FRIENDS, FBLA. WHITE, STE VE: Basketball, Bowling Club, WHITEL OCK, BILL: Martial Arts Club. WIESSNER. PHIL YIS JANE: DECA. Debate S Speech Club, Spanish Club. Junior Achievement. WILLIAMS. CATHLEEN: Science Club, WILLIAMS, LORI: Softball, BaSk0t- ball, NHS. WILLIAMS. PATRICIA ANN: AHS WILIS, B YDE L.: Basketball. WONG, K WUN KIN: AHS WOODRUFF. MARCEANNE LEE: Band, Basketball, Mascot. NHS, AFS. WOODS, LISA LEE: Football, Key Club. DECA, Student Gov't. Y YBANEZ. ROBIN LOC O: Baseball, Basketball. YEE. BELINDA LYNN: FBLA. AFS. NHS, Parnassus. YINGER, KAREN L.: AHS YOC UM, JENNIFER PAIGE: Bowling Club, ...E . ' 'Q . .:.. A - as-... . zgxz. W- jrwigsg: gs.: - 'Wi '... A 4,55 ' fp Si . ............ ' S., YOUNG. JEFF ALAN: Key Club, Cheer, NHS. Ski Club. Z ZUCCALA. JA NINE ANN: Track, Softball. ZUKO WSKI, DA VID MUSA SHI: Martial Arts Club. 2I6 SENIOR REGISTER 53" up k..'-mm, lit Apu... . The class of 'S-I is out the door! Q!!- 'BC' A Abalos, Michael 193 Abbott, John 129 Abbott, Susan 129 Abel, Eric 155 Acosta, Arecelie 193 Acosta, Fernando 129 Acosta, Jesse Acuna, Anthony 129 Adair, Michelle 155 Adamo, Paul 155 Adams, Joy 191 Adams, Kimberly 209 Adams, Mark Adams, Penny 155 Adams, Warren Adcock, Christina 193 Adcock, John 173 Adkins, Darrin Adkison, Kendra Agnew, Charlotte 193 Aguilar, Albertina 173 Aguilera, Gina 193,50 Aguilera, Pete Aguirre, Beckett 193 Aguire, Noah Ahumada, Josie Ainslie, Lynn 155 Akri, lined 5, 16, 129 Al-Khalisi, Ali 173 Albright, Darla Alcantar, David Alcordo, Crispo 129 Almrander, Todd 173 Alford, Charles 155 GE ER LI DEX Angers, Charles Angie 52 Anthony, Daniel 173 Appleby, Da vid 173 Archer, April 191 Archuletta, Orlando Arden, Andy Arico, Michael 129 Arico, Nick Armbrecht, Jenneil Armstrong, Amy Armstrong, Gleen Armstrong, Kathryn 174 Armstrong, Steve 129 Arn, Sandra 174 Arnold, Karen Arriaga, Louie Arroyo, Robert 129 Artalejo, Ana 155 Artyinonow, Victor Asher, Anthony 155 Ashton, James Ashton, Tara 209 Aston, Deborah 193 Aston, Deena 130 Atherton, Christal Atiyeh, Said 193 Alford, James 155 Allah, Karriem 129 Allen, Brian 193 Allen, Cheryl Allen, Dennis 173 Allen, Donna Allen, George 193 Allen, John 129 Allen, Kathy 193 Allen, Michael 129 Allen, Terri Allen, Wendy Alley, Bobby 173 Alley, Michelle 155 Alt, Justin 129 Altamirano, Norma Alvarado, Ricardo 193 Alvarado, Rosemary Alvarez, Sean 173 Alvernaz, Shawn 173 Amavisca, Joey 173 Amavisca, Marco 129 Ana ya. Richard 129 Andersen, Ricky Anderson, Carlene 193 Anderson, Carol Anderson, Casey Anderson, Christopher Anderson, Constance Anderson, Janie Anderson, Karen 129 Anderson, Karissa 155, 50 51 Anderson, Kent 155, 94 Anderson, Lee 155 Anderson, Marilyn 193 Anderson, Philip Anderson, Scott 129 Anderson, Victor Andrew, Todd 193 Anetsberger, Keith 129, 51, 20 Atkinson, Cynthia 174 Aubuchon, Paul 174 Aukes, Denise 130 Aukes, Sheila Auvil, Lisa Aver, Colleen Avila, Tony 193 A yala, Eddie A yona yon, Albert Badger, Mark 174 Badger, Scott 155 Badilla, Lucia 193 Baggett, Joseph Bailey, Lloyd Bajus, Frank 155 Baker, Blaine Baker, Cory Baker, Jerry Baker, Laura Baker, Ronnie Baldaro, Amy 193 Baldaro, John 174 Balderrama, Marco 193 Baldwin, Ronald 155 Ball, Elizabeth Ballance, Douglas Ballejos, Teresa Balogh, Dawn 155 Balogh, Sherry 174 Baltutes, Valerie 43 Banks, Anne 14, 130 Banks, Dale Banner, Richard Bannister, Guadalupe 155 Barlow, Da yle 191 Barnes, Barbie 4, 192, 193 Barnes, Bruce 174 Barnes, James 193 Barnes, Lesley 130 Barnes, Margaret 174 Barnes Nikki 155 Barnes, Rhonda Barraza, Edward 174 Barraza, Kelly 4,127, 190 193 Barrett, Donald 174 Barrett, Ronald 155 Barrett, Tammy 155 Barrios, Guillermo Bartholomew, Mark 193 Baskett, Sharon Bastio, Jacqueline Bates, Loren Batra, Shanta 193 Bauer, Sarah Bauer, Tammy Baughman, Brenda 155 Baumgarner, Tarerthea 174 Bayman Vikki 155 Beach, Kenneth 130 Beach, Nona Beard, Cary Beard, Ryan 193 Beaty, Elaine Beatty, Richard Beauchamp, Chad Becchina, Charles Becchina, Janet 130 Becher, Tamara 174 Bechtel, Brent 130 Beck, Allen 155 Becker, Christopher 1341 51 Beckett Valerie Bedore, Mark Beebe, Deanna Beeby, Kimberly 174 Beeson, Mrs. 28 Begay, Allison 155 Begay, Tanabah Behn, Rhonda Beideman, Joann 193 Beideman, Kathleen Bejar, Tom 155 Beluill, Sherri Be1vi1L Gail Bemus, David Bemus, Neil Bennett, Derick Bennett, Norman 193 Bennett, Patricia 155 Bennett, Patrick Benthin, Jay 155 Berg, Robert 193 Bergman, Charles Bergman, Tim Berh, Anna Berlis, Kimberley Bernal, Rebecca 155 Berner, Sherri 174 Berry, Sandra 155,51 Berryman, Sharon 130 Bertram, Darla Berzoza, Tammy Bethel, Lyra 130 Bews, Sean 191 Biggs, Darren 174 Bilagody, Carletta 174 Bilitzo, Jill 130 Bilitzo, Joesph 174 Mrs. Billings Bingham, Michael Birdsong, Larry 174 Birdsong, Shannon 193 Birdwell, Richard 130 Bisset, Rohan 16, 130 Bisted, Kris 174 Bittner, Kandi 130 Bittner, Kimberly 174 Bittner, Scott 193 Blackford, Deborah 130 Blackford, Roy 174 Blake, Charles Blake, Kathryn 193 Blanchfield, Jeff 174 Blansit, Pete 130 Blasor, Jeffery Blatchford, Russell Blazek, Janine 174 Bledsoe, Kristi Bledsoe, Michelle Blickenstaff, Marty 155 Blochberger, Donna 209 Bloyed, Laura 174 Blue, Cassandra 191 Boat, William, 130 17 Bobola, Tracey 193 Bocanegra, Alma 130 Bock, Stacie 193 Bocskay, Jeffrey 174 Bodah, Sandra 130 Bodea, Valeriu Bogert, Cheryl 155 Bolek, Kimberly Boles, John Boling, Gregg Bolt, Connie 131 Bond, Nancy 191 Boner, Christine 155 Bonham, Kevin 155 Bonham, Sharon 155 Booker, Kenneth 155 Booth, Gerry Booth, Vicky Bordeau, Sherry 174 Border, Teresa 155 Boshett, Sharon 130 Boston, Jennifer 174 Boston, John 174 Boston, Leisha Botsford, Doug 155 Botts, Theresa 174 Bouchard, Tony Boucher, Brian Bousley, Eugenia Bowen, Tracy Bower, Joseph 193 Bowers, Shauna 131 Bowles, Beth 155 Bowles, Linda 193 Bowles, Steven 155 Bowlin, Frances 155 Bown, Robert 209 Bowsher, Robert 193 Boyd, Lori 155 Boyd, Rebecca 191 Boykin. Jamie Boyles, Jolynne Brace, Jeffrey Bradley, Nancy 174 Brady, Charles 156 Braganza, lreno 193 Brancato, Gina Brandenburg, Jill Brandon, Kirk Brandon, Matthew Brandon, Shannon Brandt, Rebbecca 209 Braudrick, Da vid 193 Braun, Kimberly 193 Braun, Michael 156, 47, 51 Brennan. Michael Bresaw, David 193 Bretall, Dionda Brewer, Le Roy Brewer, Marla 156 Brewer, Michael 156, 158, 51 Mr. Bridgman Brigham. Shelton Britt, Alice 193 Brizzee, Craig 156 Brizzee, Lisa 131 Brockman, Robert 155 Broderick, Amy 131 Broderick, Jennifer 174 Bronstin, Maya Brooks, Austin 174 Brooks, Kimberly 14, 22. 131, 128 Brooks, Lorena I74 Brooks, Nancy Brooks, Stephen 156 Brooksb y, Jenifer 174 Brown, Allison 174 Brown, Blaine 193 Brown, Dale Brown, Debora 131 Brown, Dorothy 43 Brown, Melanie Brown, Monika 191 Brown, Patty 156 Brown, Richard Brown, Victoria Brown, Wendy 194 Browning, Shannon 14, 22, 51, 55, 131 Brownlee, Cheryl Bruggeman, Melissa 174 Bruhl, Kelly 194 Bruhl, Laurie 174 Brundle, Cynthia 194 Brundle, David 174 Brunette, Debbie 174 Brunelle, Roger Brunicon, Karen 131 Bryan, Nathaniel 174 Bryant, Gregory 194 Bryand Kenneth Bryant, Susan 174 Buchanan, Brenda Buck, Susan 131 Bunten, Anthony 175 Bunting, Gregg 94, 131 Bunting, James 9 Bruchett, Bev 131 Burdo, Amy 156 Burgess, Melissa 175 Burgos, Milissa Burkhart, Dana 194 Burkhart, Melissa 56, 156 Burnett, Christina, 175 Burnette, Debbie Byrum, Tamara 131 Byrum, Trish 156 C Cade Jr., Frankie 175 Cadenhead, Jon 156 Cadenhead, Lori I94 Claderon, Eddie 194 Calderon, Gregory 156 Caler, Victoria 156 Calhoun, Kenneth Calhoun, Randell 156 Calhoun, Richard 131 Callan, Melinda 175 Callaway, Bart 175 Calles, Angeligue I94 Calles, Michael 15 7 Calmese, Gerald Calmese, Mike 194 Calvert, Yvonne 15 7 Calvin, Elmore 195 Calvin, Linda Calvin, Sizemore 195 C amacho, Joseph 195 Camacho, Leanna Camarena. Lance 175 Camargo, Jimmy 50 51, 15 7 Cambern, Jon 132 Cambern, Krista 15 7 Campbell, Brenda 132 Campbell. Carrie 132 Campbell, Glenda Campbell. Mary 157 Campbell, Sean 195 Burns, Kelly Burns, Peggy 131 Burrows, Peter Bursey, Anthony Bursott, Jennifer 194, 196 Bursott, Natalie 51 Burton, James Burton, Kellie Burton, Tony 194 Burton, Trinna Buruato, Albert Bush, Sheila Buso, Daniel 131 Butinski, Victor 131 Butler, Joseph 194 Butler, Michael 156 Byars, Dana Byers, Jill 131 Byice, Shirley Byrne, Anna-Lisa 14, 51, 131 Byrne, Michael 175 Byrum, Leann 175 Byrum, Patricia B yrum, Ronald 131 Candelaria, Barry 157 Candelaria, Da vid 195 Cannan, Robert 15 7 Cannon, Desiree 175 Cano, Ernie 130 Cantu, David Cantu, Juan Cantu Jr., Alex 195 Carey, Diana Carey, Donald Carlin, David Carlisle, John 130 Carlton, Da vid 130 Carlton, Vera 157 Carmody. Janine 52, 173, 175 Carnes, Gary 15 7 Carnes, Sundy 15 7 Carniglia, Da vid 195 Carpenter, Charles 176 Carpenter, Frank Carpenter, Luther Carpenter, Rory 176 Carrell, Andrew Carreon, Juan Carrico, Todd 175 Carter, Chris 176 Carter, Gary 176 Carter, Linda 14, 51 Carter, Liz 132 Carter, Linda 132 Carter, Lynda 132 Carter, Yvette 195 Casey, Robert 191 Casillas, Joseph 157 Cassabaum, Katrina Castaneda, Dana Castaneda, Henry Castellano, Cindy 195 Castellano, Susan 14,15 Castellanos, Alisia 15 7 Castellanos, Francisco GENERAL INDEX 217 Castellanos. Rosalba Castellanos, Silvia Castillo, Susan 176 Castillo, Susan 132 Castleman, Craig 52, 176 Castner. Shawn 31. 132 Castro, Carolyn 132 C aywood, Melvin 195 Cearloss. Cherlyn 176 Ceja. Carlos 132 Ceja, Samuel Celaya. Darlene 157 Celis, Debora 157 Cells. Monica 132 Coldstnith. Pam Cole. Brad 157 Cole, Dorothy 195 Cole. James 195 C errone. Todd Cervantes, Marcos C ervantes. Marlo 176 Cervantez. Coimie C hambers, Bill 157 Chambers, Brandon 176 Chambers, Paul 176 Chambers, William Champagne, Isabel Chan, Wendi 195 Chandler. Nam:y -16. -17,176 Charlet, Ronda 157 Charley. Suquana Charlton. Janice Chartrand, Peter 157 Chase. Christina 132 C havarria. Pat 195 C havez, Annette 157 Chavez, Bobby 176 C ole. Paula 195 Cole, Timothy 15 7 Coleman, Kevin Coleman, Ricky Coleman, Toby 176 Collier, Kelly Cohlins. Patrick 195 Collins, Patil 176 Collins, Tracy 195 Collins, William 157 Collopy, Loy Colyar. Glenn 9-1, 133 Combs, Alan 176 Comer, Leatma 176 Cotner. Phelisa Cotnon, Philip Compton, Kirk Conaway, Tracy 133 Conde, Michelle 175 Cone, Dianna 157 Conklin. Mary 133 Conkling. Vernon Connolly, Michelle 195 Consier, Ronald Contes, Chrissy 133 C ontreras, Anthony 195 C ontreras, Diana 15 7 Contreras, Martin 133 Conway. Edward Conway, Michael Cook, Cynthia 176 Chavez. David 176 C havira, Stanley Chee. David 195 Chee, Grace 20, 176 Cherpak. April 195 C herry. Linda 157 Chi, Hee Chi, Heejoon 132 Chi, Minh 15 7 Chi. Su 132 C hicoine. Dani 195 Chou, Fanny 176 Chou, Johnny 132 Chou. Mary 15 7 Cook, Dewey Cook Jenny 195 Cook Karen 195 Cook. Kevin C ook. Robert 15 7 Coombs, Gayla 176 Coombs, Tamika C oomes, Regina Coons, Larry 133 Cooper. David 133 Cooper, Irene Cooper. Kendall C ooper. Selma 176 Cooper, William Corsby, Trisha Corsier, David 195 C rosland, Robert 195 C rossman, Sherry 176 Corssman, Shirley 157 Crouse, Cheryl Cruinley. Jayne Crulnley, Sheila 157 Cruz. Eddie 157 Cruz. Lisa 5-1 Cruz, Steve 133 Cudmore. Brian 176 Culbertson, John -10, 51. 15-1, 15 7 C ummings. Megan 195 Mr. Cunningham 20, 30 C unningham. Mark 133 Cupiss. Claudia 209 C upiss. Laura 157 Curry, Denise Curry, Michelle Curtis, Chad 15 7 Curtis, Tracy 133 Cusick. Patrick 195 Cuspard, Anita-Rae Cuspard, Eininerline 176 Cuspard, Tony 196 D DAmelio. Kristina 196 D'amelio. Joseph 159 Daer, Michael 13-1 Daggett. Rebecca -18. 5-1, 13-1 Damon. Edward Dainwyk, Jack 159 Dang. Minh 196 Dangelo, Kathleen Daniels, Beth 7. 13, 1-1, -16, 51. 13-1 Daniels. Stacey Daugherty, Denise Davidson. Derek 159 Davirro, Lisa Davis. Adrenne 13-1 Davis, Audra Christof ferson, Marget 15 7 Chrysler, Lisa 132 Chung, Daniel 1-1, 132 C irocco, Curtis Claiborne, Ronald 195 Claridge. Tracy 1-1, 51. 133 Clark, Angela Clark, Brian 176 Clark, Frank 133 Clark Clark Clark Clark Clark Clark . Jolmey 195 , Patrick 195 . Scott 133 , Steven 176 e, Pamela 157 e. Stafford 176 Cleckner, Linda 195 Cleininer, Brian 15 7 Clevenger, Cindy Clowser. William 209 Clubine. Patty 133 Clugston, Steven Coates. Byron 209 Coates. Paul Coates. Stacy 133 Coates. Susan Coburn, Daniel 157 Coburn, Tracy 195 C och C och ran. April 157 ran. Jacque 195 C odd, Raymond 195 C offinan. Lily Cohen, Amy 176 Cohen, Viki 130 218 GENERAL INDEX C opeland. Aretha 176 Copeland, Lee 133 Corbett, Chris 133 Corbett. Jennifer 176 Corbin. Jeff 157 Corbin, Russ Cordero. Laura 157 Cordova. Becky -1, 133 Cordova. Sylvia 176 Corona, Teresa C orson. Charles Cortes, Thomas 176 Cote, Suzanne 176 C otter, Jolm 195 Cottrell, Pat 133 Couburn. Tracy 209 Coulson, Arlene 195 Counts, Becky 176 C ourson, Danny 195 C ovarrub vio, Richard 195 C ozad. Robert Craft, Tania Craig, Carl Crane, Tina 15 7 Crane, Trevor 195 Cranston. William Craven. Kim 176 Creamer, Joel Creamer, Valorie 176 Crinklaw, Lawrence Cristner, Mario 195 Criswell, Barbara 157 Criswell, Mary Crosbie, Becky 176 Davis, Christopher 176 Davis Cleamon Davis Davy 159 Davis Debra 196 Davis. Ela ' Davis. Janet 159 Davis, Janet 196 Davis Jennifer Davis John Davis Lisa Davis Mary 196 Davis, Michelle Da vis, Paul 13-1 Da vis, Rachelle 52, 196 Davis Regina 176 Davis, Reginald 196 Davis, Stacy 176 Davis, Stephanie 159 Davis, Terry 196 Davis Williatn Davison, Donald 159 Davison, Heidi Davison, Kim 159 Dawson. Christopher 1-1. 31. 51. 134 Dawson, David 159 Dawson, Joe 177 Dawson, Sharon 5-1, 159 Dawson, Timothy 13-1 Day. Teresa 13-1 De Clay, Ruben 159 De Fine, James 13-1 De Fine, Kimberly 159 De Hut, Cindy 177 De La Fuente, Laura De La Huerta. Rodolfo 177 De Lalaina, Caryn 159 De La Rosa, Ed De Leon, David De Leon, Josephine De Leon. Ralph 159 De Lisle, Dawn De Loera, Tina 159 De Maio. Tricia De Nlarte. Mark 196 De Puma, Michael 13-1 De Ross, Dawn De Ruiter, Keith 9-1. 13-1 De Somina, Chris 197 De Sotnnta. Jolm De Somina. Lucille 177 De Vries, Kristin 17 7 De Wald, James 173 Dean, Tina Dean, Toby 196 Deas, Julie Deas, Marie 13-1 Decker, David Dederick, Marianna Dee, Ryan 196 Deerinan. Dorothy Del Fauero, Harriet Dela Rosa. Amy 177 Dela Rosa. Christina Delalama, Caryn Delartn, Steve Delarosa, C orina Deleon. Marcella Dellecese, Christina 191 Delina, Lillian 13-1 Deloera, Tina Dempsey. Sheila 159 Dneke, Williatn 153 Denman, Kevin Denman. Kitnberlie 197 Dennis, Carol 177 Denofsk y, Daniel 197 Dent, Bruce 13-1 Dent, Thamper 197 Deplazes, Melissa 177 Deranleau, Dawn Derrick. Anita 13-1 Devorce. Delesiaha 177 Devries. Jolm Di Bello. Tricia 197 Di Francesca. Richard 13-1 Diamant. Michaelyn 158 Diamant. Stacey 197 Diaz, Phillip 197 Dight, Charles 13-1 Diinpel, Albert 197 Ditnpel. C athrine 158 Dircks. Jim Dixon, Toby Dodds, Rick 158 Dodson, Robbin 197 Dodson. SHodie 158 Dodson. Steven 197 Doinfort, Carolyn 158 Dominguez, Angel 177 Dominguez, Ernestina 158 Dominguez, Tina 158 Dominguez, Todd Donahoo. Jeffrey Donahue, Terrance Donaldson, Susan 197 Doncevic. Michael 17 7 Doncevic, Stephan 178 Dong, Owen Donovan, Michael 178 Doolittle, Kimberly 51, 56. 153 Dorsett, Whitney 209 Dorsey. Stephen Doty, Jolm 197 Douglas. Dennis Douglas, Laura Douglas, Matthew 13-1 Douglas, Randy Douinert, Tanya 158 Dovilla Anthony 158 Dovilla. Jonathon Dowell, Daniel 197 Dowell. David 1-1. 13-1 Downs, Michelle 197 Downs. Micki 178 Downs. Sherray Dowty. Michael 13-1 Dowty, Paul 153 Dozier, Donna 173 Drake, Susan 135 Elston. David Elston, Lisa Einbry Jr., George Emfinger. Charlie 159 Emfinger, Darren 159 Engen, Kitnberly 197 Englert. Douglas 178 I Enloe. Betty Enloe. Richard 178 Enriquez, Terri Enslin, Jeff Enslin, Kenneth Enterline, Tracie 159 Entler. Valerie Epperson. Leslie 13. I-1. Drake, William Driscoll, Kitnberly 15-1. 153 Driscoll, Mandy Driscoll, Thomas 197 Driver, Cathy 153 Duarte, Barbara 135 Duarte, Ernestina 158 Dubasik. Michael 178 Dubasik, Natalie 197 Dubrul, Ronda Dudley, Valerie Dugan, Ricky 178 Duggins. Kimberly 197 Duggins, Lori 135 Dukovich. Jennifer Dunhatn, Janel 178 Dunham. Sean 178 Dunlap, Jerry Dunn, Brenda Dunn. Lance 197 Dunn, Michele 135 Dunnan. Diane Dunnington. Todd 178 Dunnington, Troy 135 Dunsford, Annick 158 Dupont. Richard Duran, Margaret 135 Duran, Paul Duran, Peter 178 Durham, Marty 135 Dutton, Diane 135 Dutton. Donna 197 Duy. Timothy Duzy, Tom 178 Dwyer, Teri 191 Mr. Dye 24, 162 Eads, Larry 159 Eagan, Sarah 135 Earle. Buddy 159 Eaton, Jay Eaves. Doug 135 Ebert. Mary Echols. Donna 178 Eckert. Michael 197 Eckstein. Lea 178 Eddy. Mlllcly 197 Eddy. John 178 Edwards. Meghan 159 Edwards. Richard Egan. Sean 197 Eggert, Tina 159 Ehler, Vicky 135 Ehler, Wendy 197 Elbert, Dawn 178 Elliott, Betty Elliott. Joe 159 Elliott, Melinda 159 Elliott, Vern Elliott, Victoria Elliott. Winnie 135 Ellis, Deborah 51, 159 Ellsoos, Kristi 159 Ellsoos, Troy 178 -16, -13, 5-1, 135 Erb, Atny 1-1. 17, 21, 56, 135 Erby. Darryl 135 Erdely, Susan Erhardt. Daniel 197 Erickson, Wayne 159 Erwin, Gary Erwin. Jack 173 Escareno, Aristeo Escareno, Eddy Escobar, Joey Espinoza. Dina Esqueda, Abrahan 2, 5. 51, 159. 172 Esqueda. lvero 1-1, 15. 22, 51. 128. 135 Esqueda. Raquel 197 Esquivel. Regina 159 Estby, Donald 178 Estby, Gerald 135 Estenson, Michelle 178 Estes, Jolmny 197 Estes. Judi -1. 7. 55, 135 Estes, Leann Estrella. Frank 178 Estrella. Gallardo Evans. April Evans, Kerry Ezell, Frances 159 F Fanty, Jeff 135 Fanty. Tony Faraci. Kelli 127, 192. 197 Faraci, Traci 3, 159 Faragher. Ronnie 197 1-armer, Jay Farrar, Damon Fatuimoana, Tom 178 Fay, Donald 178 Feazel. Gregory Fee, Timothy 159 Feeser. Eric 135 Fehr, Harold 159 Feldman, Melissa 197 Felish. Darren 191 Felish, Joseph 136 Felix,,Alma 136 Felix, Maricela Feliz, Kristina Feliz. Tami 197 Feltz. Tina 55, 136 Feinyer, Jonne 159 Ferguson, Chad 197 Ferguson, James 159 Ferguson, Rhonda 178 Ferguson, Russell Ferguson. Tracy 136 Fernandez, C hartnaine 136 Fernandez. Melinda Fernandez, Melissa 159 Fernandez, Neil 136 Ferraro. Bill 159 Ferraro. Jodie 197 Fields, Bruce 136 Fields, Mickey 136 Fife, Jennifer 209 Figueroa, Chris 209 Filipek, Vanda 136 Fillingham, Fred 136 Finch, Clint Fincher. Deanna 136 Fineberg, Amy 178 Finley, Lisa Finley. Marvin 178 Finn, Kelly I97 Finn, Kenneth I78 Fishkind, Lisa 136 Five, J. 52 Fizz, Daniel I97 Fizz, Michelle 136 Fleck, Frank Fleming, Eric 136 Fleming, Kate Fletcher, Kristie Floore, Diane 178 Florence Michelle Flores. Angel 159 Florez, Timothy 178 Flory. Robert Flusche. Ricky Flusche, Robert 159 Flynn, Anthony Flynn, Brien Flynn, Donald 178 Flynn, Greg Flynn, Kristle 159 Fonteno, Letitia Fonteno, Robert 160 Ford, Sandra Ford. Walter Forney, Ivan Fortier, John Fortin, Anthony Fortney, Lynn Fortney, Marty I6O Fortney, Stephanie 136 Fosmore, Virginia I4, 136 Foss, Laurie 136 Foss, Lonnie I97 Foster, Diane 136 Foster, Eric Foster, John Fountain, Amiko 209 Fowler. Rahrh 136 Fox, Robert Fox, Wayne Fraizer, Gary Francoeur, Michelle 160 Frank, Jason 160 Frank, Jennifer 178 Franke, Douglas 14, 17, 137 Franke, Lisa 21, 178 Franklin, Michelle 160 Frazier, Deborah 137 Frazier. Gary 178 Frazier, Kevin I97 Mrs. Fred 28 Frederick, Valerie Freeman, Randy Freeman, Tracy 137 Freese, Jodean Fridley, Matthew Miss Friedman I54 Fry, Jeffrey Fuente, Laura I78 Fulbright, Anitta 178 Fulbright, James Fuller, Da vid 178 Fuller, Erick Fulton, William I78 Futch, Alton I97 G Gabbitas, Jerry 137 Gaeraths, Marsha 160 Gaff. Teresa Gaffey, Rechyl 178 Gaillard, Terri 9 Gal, Elizabeth 160 Galdys, Paul l9l Galindo, Anthony Gall, Veronica 191 Gallagher, Joseph 160 Gallagher, Sharon 178 Gallard, Terri 160 Gallego, Shannon 41, 191 Galvez, Greg 191 Gamez, Joe 160 Gandarilla, Antonio 178 Gandarilla, Martina 160 Gano. Henry I3 7 Gano, Richard I6O Gaona, Lisa 4, 55, I37 Garcez, Ana 137 Garcez, Andrea 179 Garcia, Annette 209 Garcia, Celia I4, I3 7 Garcia, Charla Garcia, Deanna 209 Garcia, Donald Garcia, Gina 54, 160 Garcia, John 137 Garcia, Joseph I79 Garcia, Lillian 160 Garcia, Manuel Garcia, Michael 7, 52, 191 Garcia, Regina Garcia, Tina Gardner, Mr. I54 Gardner, Kristian I97 Garhart. George 137 Garraghan, Shawn 31, 48, I3 7 Garrett, Garron, April I97 Richard Gill, Steven 198 Gilles. Lorraine 137 Gillespie, Vanessa I79 Gillie, Dennis I79 Gillinger, Sheila 198 Gipson, James 198 Gipson, John Givens, Kelvin I79 Givens, Sharon 161 Glazman, Kami 21, 161 Gleizier, Carla 9, 161 Gleizier, Kevin 137 Glemba, Amy I79 Glemba, Jeffrey 137 Glenn, Veronica 161 Glosser, John Glover, Lawenna Godoy, Marcos 4, 16, 137 Goldman, Howard 51, 161, 196, 2CB Gollihare, Christi 198 Gollihare, Denise Gonzales, Phillip Gonzales, Ronica Gonzales, Tina Gonzalez, Alice 161 Gonzalez, Manuel 161 Goodman, Gilbert 13 7 Goodsell, Randall 191 Goodsell, Sharon Goosic, L isa Gora, Tauni Gorslin. Denise 137 Goss. Heather 198 Mr. Goss 33, 36, 156 Gothard, Lalena Gouveia, Ann 161 Gowan, Cynthia 137 Gowan, Patricia 179 Graadzieleski, Anna 43 Grace. Tina 161 Graham, Craig Graham, Greg Granillo, Diana 137 Granillo, Druscilla Garvey, Patrick I97 Garvey, Terry 197 Garza, Ismael Gassanay, Marge 43 Gates, Jeffrey 198 Gates, Sharon l9l Gates, Vicki I79 Gatewood, William Gauthier, Bryan 198 Geffre. Andrew 198 Gehl, Robert 198 Gellenbeck, Dorinda 160 George, Teresa 51, 55, 160 Georgen. Lynette 198 Georgeoff, Michael 209 Gereke, Joanne Gerle, Eric 160 German, Maria Giacalone, Martin 161 Mr. Giambruno 3l Giannobile, Judith 161 Gibb, SUsan 161 Granillo, Lawrence 138 Grant, Shawn Grant, Timothy Crapentine, David 161 Graves, Robbie Gray Cynthia 138 Greeley, John I99 Greeley, Phillip ISO Greely, Christy 32, 180 Green, Angela 138 Green, Chan Green, Cornell 93, 180 Green, Robert 180 Green, Stephanie Mr. Greenfield 33 Greenmyer, Charla I4, 138 Greenwood. Susan Greer, Marilyn 138 Greff, Thomas Gregg, George Gregoire. Rose Gregory, Danny Gregory, Scott I4, 138 Gibbons, Gregory I79 Gibbons, James 198 Gibbons, Marie 198 Gibbons, Richard 179 Gibson, Allen 6, Il Gibson, Dana I79 Gibson, Daneen 161 Gibson, Darrell 51, 161 Gibson, Jeff Gibson, John 47, I3 7 Gile, April 161 Giles, Theresa 161 Gill. Maureen Gill. Nancy 161 Greves, Kathy 180 Greves, Maureen 161 Grieve, Carol Grieve, Robert Griffin, Darren Griffin, Deborah 161 Griffin, Jack 161 Griffin, Jesse 180 Griffin, Keith Griffin, Ronnie Griffith, Heather 180 Grimes, Antoinette Grimm, Roxanne 161 Grimm, Stacey Griswold, Ken I99 Griswold. Scott Grittman, Gregory 199 Grittman, Steve Groh, Patty 138 Grossenbacher, Barry Grove, Kathleen 138 Grover, Timothy Groves, Mary 138 Guardiola, Dora Guerrero, Melissa I99 Guerrero, Patricia 180 Guest, Rhonda I99 Guia, Deborah Guidice, Steven 23, 93, 95, 161 Guidice, Calerie 6, 138 Gunnerson, Rena 191 Guryle, Margaret I99 Guse. James Gutaw, Lisa 138 Gutaw, Matthew 180 Guzman, Paul 138 H Haag, Matthew Haas, Amy 138 Habecker, Edward 180 Hacker, Donna Hacker, Renee I99 Hager, Raymond 161 Hahlen, Shelly Haight, Michael Haire, Theresa 199 Mr. Haire 33 Halal, Kathy 161 Halama, Connie ISO Halama, Michelle 154 Hale, Ronda 161 Hale. Starla 161 Hall, Blake 180 HalL Eric 50 51, 52, I54, 161 Hall, Shane I99 Hall. Shannon 161 Hall, SHaron 51, 161 Hall, SHeiIa 51, 161 Hall, Sheryl I99 Hall, Stephen Hallock, Lani Hallowell, Jennifer 192. I99 Hamblen, Jean 161 Hamen, Cindy 151 Hamilton, Andrea 161 Hamilton, Mark' Hammond, Susan 180 Hammonds, Lanae 191 Hammons, Anthony 138 Hamp, Artelia Hampton, Delwyn 209 Mr. Hampton 33 Hampton, Tanya 209 Hanawalt, Becki Hanawalt, James 180 Handy, Timothy 161 Haney, Louis l6l Hanley, Shane 180 Hansen, Rhonda 51, 55, 161, I62, 175 Hapeman. Mary I99 Harding, Julia 138 Harding, Neil 21 Harding, Tonya 180 Harding, Wendy I99 Hardwick, Troy Hardy, Cornelius 180 Hardy, Gary 180 Harnack, Chuck Harnack, Linda Harper, Tom 161 Harrach, Dana Harrel, Kristi I99 Harrington, Marlene Harrington, Scott Harris, Antwone Harris, Julie 20 138 Harris, Melody 180 Harris, Pamela 138 Harris, Robert 161 Mr. Harrison 33 Harshman, Katherine K Ms, Hartman 33 Hart, Jerilynn I99 Hart, Joyce 180 Hartzler, Shane 180 Hathaway, Steven Hathaway, Timothy I99 Hause, Holly 199 Hauser, Gary l9l Havell, Mark I99 Haviland, K ylee 209 Havlik, Dean Hawk, Corey 199 Hayden, James 180 Hayes, Michelle Haynes, Kenneth Haynes, Pamela 161 Haynes, Timothy Mr. Haynie 154 Hazelett, Tracy I62 Hazzard, Harrison 138 Heathcock, Robert Heathman, Amber 180 Hedgpeth, Kevin 14, 138 Heer, Rhonda I99 Heffley, Joseph I62 Hegeholz, Tracey Heglin, Todd 138 Heighton, Elizabeth ISO Heil, Charles I39 Heineman, Troy Helms, Terri I62 Helson, Darlyn I99 Helton, Sabrina I39 Hemming, Melanie 180 Hempen, Lisa 9, 162 Henershot, Cherry Henderson, Cheryl 2. 52, 180 Henderson, Da vid 180 Henderson, Dr. 39 Henderson, Roinesha 162 Hendrix, Lisa 20 I62 Henningan, Albert Henry, Elizabeth I62, l9l Henry, Jonathan Henry, Pamala I62 Henry, Shawn I39 Herald, Kenneth Hernandez, Belinda I39 Hernandez, Doreen 139 Hernandez, Irene 180 Hernandez. Raul 180 Hernandez, Virginia 180 Herwarth, Mark Hesterman. Lynda I39 Hetherington, Tammy Hick, James Hicks. Tammy 180 Hilbert, Grady Hilburn, A. I99 Hilgendorf, Michael I62 Hill, Anthony I62 Hill, Christina 180 Hill, Rebecca Hillhouse, Keith Hillman. Paula Hillman, Tracy 199 Hills, Michelle I99 Hinderliter, Christopher Hinderliter, Timothy Hinkle, Leroy Hinkofer, Cynthia Hinse, Karen 55, 162 Hithe, Destry I62 Hively, Jeff I62 Hively, Randy I99 Hobaica, Amy 180 Hoban, Rhonda Hodge. Anna I62 Hodge, Michael 199 Hodge, William I62 Hodges, Charlotte 199 Hodges. Tom I63 Mr. Hoeffel 33 Hoel, Patrick Hoffarth, Christopher Mr. Hoffland 33 Hoffman, Margaret I39 Hoisington, Dawn I39 Holland, Michele I63 Holland, Samuel 139 Holland, William Holley, Michael I39 Holly, Angela I99 Holmes, Bryan 191 Holmes, Joni 209 Holmes. Keith I39 Holmes, Matthew 163 Holt. Douglas, 191 Holtz, Amy 180 Holtz. Melisa I99 Holtzlander, Mary 180 Honanie. Monica I99 Honen, Cindy Honhoinewa. Jennifer 56, 139 Hoover, Tammy Hopper. Laurel 191 Hopple, Hank 180 Ms. Hopkins 33 Horan. Jason 199 Horn, Wendy Hornback, Kelly 209 Horner, Kerry I63 Horner, Sheila 139 Hough. Beverly Houk, Elaine Houk, Heidi I39 Houser. Daniel Houston, David Howard Jocquelyn I63 Howard, Jody Howard, Lynn Howard, Toi 20 Howell. Roger 199 Howes. Gary 6, 47 Hoyt, Robert Huber, Mary 180 Hudson, Roger 139 Huerta, Louie 199 Herta, Soylia I63 Huff, Wayne I39 Huffstetler. Kameron 199 Hughes, Lisa Hughson. Karen I63 Hulvey, Dawn l9l Humphrey, Diana 180 Hunt, Marianne I63 Hunt, Teresa 163 Hurst, Adrianne 180 Hurt. Deborah I39 Husky, Tami I63 Hutchinson. Mark 180 Hutchinson, Matthew 180 Hyder. Christy lbsgaard, Da vid I99 Ideker, John Ignatius. Cedric I39 GENERAL INDEX 219 , , D ts. , I 1, 5 i 3 an 1 ! ,fx I, fN, fx D". M Lxvxjf J V ' X ! If g-,J j llisco, Diana 163 m Jones, Sharon 163 Kingman, Lisa 20 Lavin, James 164 lngle, Brad 139 L Jones, Sheila 2C0 Kinnamon, James 163 Lavin, John 164 Ingram, Terry K Jones, Tamara 209 Kinnison, Ouentin 182 Lawless, Debbie 142 lntler, Valerie 163 Jones, Terry 163 Kiran, Natalie Lawless, Vif-'FOI' 132 Irish, Oscar Jones, William 182 Kirk, Jonah 52, 182 Lawlor, Beverly 142 Ivenz, John 139 Juan, Darrin 207 Kirkland, Cathy Lawrence, Carol I4, 54. Ivey, Jeffery 199 Juern, Inge 140 K isner, Yvonne 182 142 D Ivey, Selena 140 Juern, John 163 Kist, Cynthia 141 Lawrence, Edmond J Juncker, Charles, 140 Juncker, Henry 140 June, Dawn 140 June, Gregory 191 Todd 202 Martin, Jack, Kevin Jackson, Christopher 140 Jackson, Ira 140 Jackson, Jesse 163 Jackson, Kim 191 Jackson, Orlando 199 Jackson, Traci 163 Jackson, Tracie 163 Jacobs, Jeff 199 Jacobs, Pandy Jacobs, Robert Jacobsen, Adriana 4, 16, 140 James, Bertie 140 James, Charles 140 James, John 180 James, Melissa James, Wendy 14, 140 Janet, Ruth Jankowski, Lee 181 Jargon, Rodney Jarrett, Jerry K Kading, Dennis 164 Kading, Kerry 164 Kalani, Kristen Kamieniecki, Daniel Karl, Donald 164 Karowski, Michael Karpouskas, Valerie 140 Karrick, Lori 191 Kasinak, Cassandra 207 Kathan, Scott 140 Kazmierczak, Laura 182 Kazmierczak, Robert 141 Kearney, Patrick 163 Kearns, Steven 164 Keene, James Keene, Shawn 163 Keilman, Derek 182 Kelderhouse. Shirley 207 51, 142, 152 Jefferys, Michael Jefferys, Patrick 140 Jeffries, Shawn Jensen, Brenda 140 Jensen, Brian 181 Jerez, Michelle 199 Jerousek, Albert 181 Jett, Ian 163 Jewson, Tamara 181 Joels, Nathalie Joenk, David 140 Johansoson, Karen 181 Johns, Donny 181 Johns, James 199 Johns, Janna 40 51, 154, 163 Mrs, Johnson Johnson, Brenda 140 Johnson, Cathy 199 Kellar, Bernice 141 Kellar, Yvonne 51, 141 Keller, Christine Keller, Monika 163 Kelley, Charlotte 207 Kelley, Darlene 141 Kelley, Debbie Kelley, Janice Kelley, Timothy 182 Kellogg, Tresha Kelly, Colleen 14, 141 Kelly, Glenn Kelly, Jeanine Kelly, Kristen Kelly, Mary 14, 141 Kelly, Maurine 182 Kelly, Vicky 191 Kemp, Evelyn Kemp, Rick 182 Johnson, Darleen Johnson, Donna Johnson, Jim 140 Johnson, John 140 Johnson, Judi 163 Johnson, Kathy Johnson, Larry 181 Johnson, Michelle 209 Johnson, Mike 181 Johnson, Ms, 33 Johnson, Shannyn Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Tracy 140 Johnson, Wesley 181 Johnson, Yem Johnston, Thomasina 181 Johnstonbaugh, Karla Johnstone, Andree 207 Johnstone, Rosetta 163 Jokilehto, Edward Kennedy, Barton Kennell, Tiffany 163 Kent, Andrea 182 Kerfoot, Jack 191 Kerns, Cary Kerns, Robert 209 Kerr, Sheila 207 Kessler, Michael Kew, Sharynn 141 Khaler, Heather 207 Khaler, Robert Kidd. Beverly 163 Kidd. Jason 163 Kidney, Brenda 141 Kiepke, Sherry K illingbeck, Nathan 209 Kim, Jin 207 K ime, John King, Andrea 82, 163 King, David 207 King, Elaine 51, 163 Jollifl. Tina 209 Jones, Anthony Jones, Bryant Jones, Chris 182 Jones, Jennifer Jones, Kim 207 Jones, Michael 163 Jones, Robert 182 220 GENERAL INDEX K ing, George 209 King, Julie 209 King, Laura King, Laura 141 King, Lynette 182 King, Lynn King, Scott 141 King, Susan 163 Kitacheyan, Vanla 182 Klein, Ann 201 Klein, Natalie 163 Kloss, Mrs. 33 Kneipp, Jerry 13, 46, 48, 141 Knowles, Patricia 163 Knowles, Vickie 163 Knowlton, Joy 163 Koch, Angela 163 Koch, John 163 Kocur, David 182 Koeppenl, Janet Koester, Anthony Koleber, Cory Koleber, Curtis Konzaeski, Ron 182 Kor, John Korec, Anastacia 20 Kowren, Kathrine 20 Kramer, Karlissa 182 Kramer, Katrina 182 Kramer, Ross Kramer, Theresa Krants, Melisa Kratochwil, Michael 182 Kreisher, Cynthia Krey, Mr, 20, 33 Kroncke, Robert 20 Krosnicki, John Krout, Kenneth I4, 56, 141 Krout, Kevin Krout, Michael 141 Krueger, Da vid 163 Krueger, Mr. 33 Kuban, Bryan 13, 46, 141' Kuban, Cheryl 20 Kuhbander, Donald 141 Kujawa, Nancy 201 Kuzia, Eugene 182 K vetko, Brandi 20 Kwan, James Kwan, Paul K yman jr., Paul L La Corsse, Teresa 182 La Duke, Aaron 94, 182 La Duke, Nathan 20 La Plante, Mark 141 La Borin, Robert 182 Lackey Jesse Ladwig, Tina Lai, Suk yee 20 Lamar, Effrum Lamarca, CHerrie 182 Lane, Robert 182 Lang, Gina Lang, Gina 20 Langford, Linda 141 Larck, Troy 20 Largo, Timothy Larremore, Brad 20 Larremore, Kara 14, 141 Larsen, Karl 182 Larsen, Katrin 4, 16, 141 Larsen, Kristen Larson, Mike 20 Lasley, Michael Lauletta, Julie 20 Laux, Daniel 14, 39. 142 Lavin, Christine 182 Lawrence, Frederick Lawson, Christina 201 Lawson, Shelly Lazovich, Michelle I4, 15, 17. 51, 142 Leach, Catherine 164 Le Beau , Eric 20 Le Desma, Roland Le Desma, Yvette Le Duc, V, Le, Thao 164 Le, Trang 20 Le Vander, Debra Le, Vander, Raymond 164 Ledbetter, David Ledesma, Peter 182 Ledrsma, Yvette 209 Ledesna, Roland 142 Ledford, Shar 182 Ledger, Fran Lee, Christy 182 Lee, Doug 182 Lee, Jose Lee, Michelle Lee, Rami 20 Lee, Sabra 182 Legan, James Legg, Gary Leiker, Shawn 20 Lemcool, Dean Lemcool, Dennis Lemley, Jarrett Lendt, Laurie Lennon, Chrystin 20 Leos, Joe Leung, Linda 14, 21, 54, 142 Leung, Tim 21, 182 Levander, Debbie 20 Levander, Laurie Levine, Johnny Levinson, Gerald 20 Levinson, Richie 164 Lewis, Kim 182 Lewis, Nathan I4, 15, 17, Lewis, Stacy 50 51, 142 Light, Kenny 142 Light, Robert Lindenmier, Gary Linder, Ms. 33, 40 Lindley, Johnny 20 Lindly, Ronald 20 Lindsey, Jason 182 Lindsey, Mandy 91, 182 Lindsey, Richard 164 Lindup, Ron 142 Lines, Ms. 33 Link, Robyn 164 Lisowsky, Kerri 20 Livensparger, Lucy 142 Lizar, Chris Lizar, Jeffrey 142 Locero, E. 52 Lockhart, Denise 182 Lockhart, Ms. 34 Lockhart, Sonja 142 Loeffler, Amy 142 Loeffler, Eddie 182 Lohr, Alice 14, 21, 142 Long, Dorothy 14, 142 Long, Michael 20 Longbons, Brian Longoria, David 142 Looney, 'Karen 182 Looney. Kevin 142 Lopez, Charlie Lopez, Christina 164 Lopez, Gary Lopez, Joanne Lopez, Paul 20 Lopez, Rose 20 Loy, Ms, 41 Loupee, Karen Lovelace, Robert 182 Lovell, Karla 20 Lovell, Robert Lowder, Lynn 182 Mar, Janet 143 Marcum, Daniel 183 Mardick, Scott 165 Marks, Tony 20 Marksbury. Sherri Marlett, Donna Maron, Tammi 165 Marquez, Jody Marr. Teresa Marrington, Scott 165 Marshall, Fred 143 Marshall, La Donna 183 Martens, Jarett Lowe, Mary Lowe, Ms, 34 Lowe, Sheralee 143 Lowen, Heidi 14. 15, 17, 56, 143 Lowy, Dave 20 Lowy, Jay 143 Lubbad, John Lucas, Amina 20 Lucas. Marcus 164 Lucero, Edith 20 Lucero, Michael ' Luk, Katie 183 Lukanc, Kimberly 143 Lukaszkiewicz, Robert Luna, Angela 164 Luna, John Lund, Dannette Lutes, Cathie 165 Lutes, Darren 143 Lutrick, Rebecca 143 Lutz, Jeffrey 20 Lutz, Tamara 165 Martin, Martin, Martin Martin. Martin, Martin, Dena 20 Linda 52, 20 Lisa 165 Lisa 52, 202 Scott 165 Shannon 202 Martin, Stephen Martinez, Martinez, Martinez, Martinez, Martinez. , Marlo 202 Martinez, Martinez, Martinez, Martinez Cathie 143 Ernest 143 Gerardo 202 James Lucy 183 Raquel 183 Tony 183 Victor Martz, Michelle 165 Marvin, Jack 183 Maser, Daryl 165 Mask, Travis 165 Mason, Jennifer Mason, Patricia Lyman, Benjamin 33, 191 L ynch, Amy 165 Lynch, Penny 143 Lynch, Tammy 143 Lynch, Thomas 165 Mabon, Tamara Mac Neil, James Macias, Leonard Macy, Joseph Madden, John 20 Maddock, Brian 209 Madiso n, Arlene 165 Madrid, Gino 165 Maes, John 191 Massy, Michael Masters, Daniel 5, 7, 9, 13, 14, 15, 51, 52. 46. 126, 143, 196 Masters, Lara 202 Mastrangelo, John Mathein, Kim 183 Mathes, Virgil 51. 165 Matsumoto, Beverly 165 Matthews, Kevin 183 Mattox, Buddy Matzdorfh Dean 184 Maupin, Christina 184 Maville, Keith 184 May, Jackie 143 May, Keith 143 May, Sean 202 May, Tammy 184 Mayberry, Michael Magee, Michael 165 Maglich, Kathleen Maglich, Maureen 20 Magness, Jonathon 20 Magnusson, Jennifer Magruder, Lisa 143 Mahan, Teresa 191 Mahr, Rebecca 50 51, 52, 143 Maldonado, Kristine 20 Malenfant, Ms. 34 Mallory, Donald 165 Mallow, Holly 201 Maynard, Terry 165 Maynard, Trula Mayo. Melissa Mays, Elieen Mays, Lisa Mays, Theresa Mrs. MacGi1lvray 34 McBride, Jill McAllister, Ms, 34 Mc Cabe, James Mc Cabe, Michael 202 Mc Canlies, David 202 Mc Carty, Debbie 202 Mc Carty, Kerry Mancuso, Jeffrey 15, 143 Mancuso, Michael Mancuso, Russell 21, 52, 183 Mandile, Lisa Maness, Jill Manies, Terese Manire, Kevin Mann, Kassaandra 183 Mann, Victoria Manning, Benjamin Mansfield, Joseph Mansfield, William Manuel, Gary 143 Manuel, Victor 16 Mc C art y, Maureen 202 Mc Cauley, Mr. 34 Mc Caulley, Shawn 165 Mc Clain, Kari Mc Clain, Scott Mc Clain, Todd 143 Mc Clelland, Diane 202 Mc Cloud, Danny 144 Mc Cloud, Vanessa 165 Mc Collum, Mark 203 Mc Crea, Joseph 165 Mc Cue, David Mc Daniel, Kelli 144 Mc Donald, Dennis 165 Morales . xt, Xxhu A MXN X M fs I Mc Donald, Stacy l65 Mc Elrath, Rhonda 5l, l65 Mc Falls, David Mc Farland, Rose Mc Gaffic, Ms. 34 Mc Gee. Angie 203 Mc Ginnis, Rene I65 Mc Gough, Rodney I84 Mc Grady, Michael Mc Grady, Patricia 203 Mc Grady, Shannon 203 Mc Grath, Michael Mc Griff, Sonya Mc Guire, Colleen I4, I44 Mc Guire, Michael I84 Mc Guire, Morgan l84 Mc Intosh, Michelle I65 Mc Kamey, John I65 Mc Kee, Michael Mc Keever, Leonard Mc Kenzie, Kenneth Mc K inney, Linda Mc Kinney, Sara Mc K issick, Daniel Mc Kissick, Michael I84 Mc Lemore, William Mc Minn, Mr. 34 Mc Mullen, Michael 209 Mc Murray, Homer Mc Nair, Mary I44 Mc Nair, Wendy l65 Mc Nally, Matthew Mc Nally, Wesley I84 Mc Namara, Brian Mc Neece, Mr. 34 Mc Nutt, Sabrina I65 Mc Ouiston, Donald Mc Sorley, Terry I55 Meadows, Debra Meadows, Jennifer Meagher, Crystal I65 Meagher, Thomas 203 Median, Anthony I84 Medina, Sue Medley. Rochelle 203 Meegan, Shane I84 Meek, Kim Meeks, Tammy I4, I44 Mejic, Dragan Mena, Linda l65 Mendoza, Alberto I44 Mendoza, Marie l65 Mendoza, Raymond 203 Mendoza, Theresa I84 Mercado, Bernadette Mercado, Ramona 203 Mercer, Mike Meredith, Renee Merkley, Steve Mestrovich, Lisa I44 Metcalf, Brietta I65 Metcalf, Mike I84 Metz, Michael l84 Metz, Pat 46, 47, I44 Metzendorf, Brian I44 Metzendorf, Diane I44 Meyers, Mr. 34 Micaud, Da vid Michaels, Karen Michalka, Crickett Mikels, Karen 203 Miles, Carol l65 Miles, Melissa Millar, Sean Miller, Kimberly l65 Miller, Kristen I84 Miller, Lance I44 Miller, Lawrence l65 Miller, Patricia Miller, Sonya l65 Miller, Vicki I4 Milliken, Jon 39, I65 Mills. Jeffrey I66 Mills, Michelle Mills, Tonja 209 Millwood, Jeana I72, I73, l84 Milnes, Ms. 34 Milone, Tina I44 Miloneck, James I84 Milton, James 209 Minard, Cynthia I66 Miner, Arthur l84 Miner, Eve Miner, Kelly I44 Miner, Matt 203 Minnick, Michelle Minster, Monica I44 Miracle, David Miranda, Cynthia Miranda, Gilbert I84 Mitchell, Joshua l84 Mitchel I66 Moffat. Mogler, 11, Cassandra K ory 203 Jason 203 Mohr, Sharon I44 Molina, Victor Moller, Heron I44 Mallet, John I84 Monaghan, Michelle 203 Monaghan, Shawn I66 Mondejar, Amy l84 Monihan. Patti Montague, Brent Montez, Joe Montgomery, Rick 203 Moody, Duane 44, I44 Mooney, James 203 Mott, Doireann Motter, Todd Moulton, Mark 203 Moyer, Matthew I45 Moynahan, Robert 203 Mozingo, Harold Mueller, Brenda Mui, Yui l45 Muldrow, Leonard 203 Mulligan. Mr. 34 Mullins, Brad I66 Mulvihill, Patrick 209 Muncy, Todd I45 Munford, Gene l84 Mungo, Mr. 34 Muns, David I45 Murillo, Angela I66 Murillo, Michael I45 Murillo, Peter I84 Murine, Andrew Murphy , Eilis I4, I45 Murray, Mark Murry, Karol I84 Murtagh, Chris Myers, Chirstopher Myers, John l84 Myers, Ray Myler, Darin 2.4, 209 Myler, Dwight I66 Nadolny, Lisa 56, I45 Nager, Alex Najera, Bobbi Jo Napier, Mr. 37 Nardone, Angela 203 Nash, Dino l84 Nash, Sam Nassif, Mr. 37 Navarro, Terry IS4 Naylor, Larry Neal, Audra l45 Neal, Frank l84 Moore. Denzil I84 Moore. Moore. Diane ' Guy I44 Moore, Heather I84 Moore, James l45 Moore, Ms. 2I, 34 Moore, SHella I66 Moore, Sheri 203 Moore, Tamara Moore, Tammy I9l Moore, Timothy Moore, William Moorefield, Cisily Moorefield, Derrick I45 Morales, Alphonse I4, I45 Morales, John 203 Morales, Lisa 203 Morales, Raul I84 , Thomas 203 Neal, Jeanie I66 Neal Kenneth I84 Neal, Tabatha I84 Neeley, Brion Neeley, Lorie I66 Neely, Marvin I66 Negri, Trent I9l Neilson, Sharon 203 Nein, Lisa l45 Nekho, Waleed Nelson, Becky I66 Nelson, Bruce I45 Nelson, Eric I84 Nelson, Kristin Nelson Lisa I9l Nelson, Michael Nelson, Ms. 37 Nelson, Tim I66 Nelson, Tricia 203 Nera, Nichelle 203 Miller, Cheryl I84 Miller, Daniel I65 Miller, James Miller, Janice Miller, Jimmie I44 Miller. Karen I84 Moran, Richard Moran, Robin l84 Moreland, Kendall Moreno, Arnold Moreno, Ricky IB4 Moreno, Rina 203 Morgan, Jeanette 203 Morgan, Melanie I66 Morgan, Melisa Moroney. Michael I66 Morosoff, Adam Norosoff, Stephanie l45 Morrison, Mr. 34 Morse, Jeffery I66 Morse, Michele 54, I66 Morton, Gina l45 Moser, Sondra I66 Motley, Desiree I84 Neu, Joseph l85 Neu, Tany I45 Nevermann, Monika 4, I6, 78, l45 Neville, Carrie 203 Nevins, Mr. 37 Nevitt, Paul Newman. Karla Newman, Patrick Newman, Traris Newmeyer, Lamar I85 Newsom, Jennifer 209 Newsom, John I6 7 Newton, Cindy 52, I72, I9I Newton, Jim I45 Newville, Monica 203 Newville, Sherri I6 7 F,-TN X l l XX J Q X Ney, Michelle I67 Nez, Delvin Nghiem, Nguyen I6 7 Nguyen, Kheo Nguyen, Khon Nguyen, Yen Nicholas, Andrew l85 Nicholas, Ted 2, 215 Nicholls, Lynn I6 7 Nichols, David I 76 Nichols, Kelly Nicholson, Bobby I45 Nicholson, Todd Nicolay, Blythe Nieckarz, Andrzej Nielsen-Leach, Catherine Mr. Nixon 25 Nixon, Charles I67 Nobley, Mr. 37 Nokes, Veronica l85 Nomura, Eugene 203 Norfolk, Karla I6 7 A Norris, Annette I6 7 Norris, Susan Northey, Jeffrey I67 Northrop, Donald Norton, Guy 209 Norton, Roberta l45 Norvell, Kenneth I85 Noyes, Chris l9l Noyes, Eric Noyes. Trina I85 Nuckols, Veronica Nullman, Beth I46 Nunez, Georage I66 Nunez, Monica 203 Nunn, Susanne 0 OW1eara, James Ol?ourke, James 203 O'Brien, Brien I66 O'Day, Jeffrey I4, I46 ODonneII, Kelly O'Donnell, Russell OMaIley, Christopher Odle, Bob Oguist, Lorri Ohms, Angela I6 7 Oldham, Robert Olea, Paul Olguin, Clarissia I85 Oliver, Jamie 203 Olsen, Mary I6 7 Olson, Mark Olson, Thomas I46 Olvey, Linda l9l Oneill, Kellie Ong, Kim I4, 2l, I46 Ong, Lily Opnelas, Richard Orr, Scott I46 Osborn, Cassie 203 Osborn, Julie I6 7 Oski, Michael l85 Ott, Tammy Otto, Jennifer Overbey, Terry I46 Overfield, Deborah Overfield, Paul Overfield, Shelly Oxford, Michael P Pace, Samantha I46 Packard, Kristen I6 7 Packard, Raymond 203 Packard, Teresa IS5 Padegimas, Kimberly Padegimas, Tony I67 Padgett, Lisa I46 Padilla, Anthony l85 Padilla, Elizabeth I46 Padilla, Melody Page, Connie 203 Page, Oliver I6 7 Page, Ronald l85 Paige, Kristin 203 Pais, Rai Pak, Ki Pak, Ki I46 Palma, Helaine I46 Palmer, Kelly I6 7 Pandeli, Peter 203 Papanek, Sandra Papiese, Brian I46 Pappas, Mr. 37 Pardue, Darlene I6 7 Parham, Troy Parish, Jim I80 Parisi, Joseph I46 Parisi, Rick Parke, Donald Parker, Dale 203 Parker, Dennis I85 Parker, Donna 203 Parks. Kevin Parks, Rita Parks, Rochelle 203 Parks, Weslian Parra, Jeanette 204 Parrish, Rhonda Partridge, Steven I85 Passmore, Scott I46 Paszkowsi, Todd I46 Pate, Susan 204 Patten. Carol I85 Paulic, Marko Paxton, Julie 204 Payne, James Payne, Lori l85 Pearsall, Ronald Peck, Stephanie I46 Pedegimas, Kim l85 Peeples, Ellen 5l. I67 Pelch, Jerry I6 7 Pelch, Melanie I6 7 Pelletier, Jeffery Pendley, Jan 204 Pennington, Brett l85 Penterman, Lisa Pentz, Roxanne l80 Peppers, Gina 204 Pefea, Daniel I46 Perea, Michael Perea, Thomas 204 Peretti, Jobi Perez, Paul Perez, Vince l85 Perez, Vincent I46 Perkins, Robin I46 Pernick, Vincent l85 Perry, Albert I85 Perry, Angela Perry, Greg I46 Perry, Letitla Peters, Scott l85 Peterson, Kerry I6 7 Peterson, Kimberley I4 7 Peterson, Kristin 204 Peterson, Kristin Peterson, Petrytus, I6 7 Shelley I85 Julie 32, 5l, Pettelt, Julie I3, I4, 46, I4 7 Pfeifer, Tamara I72, l9I Phalen, Tina Phelps, Charles I4 7 Phelps, Mark I85 Phehvs, Micah 20-I Phehrs, Michelle Philipson, Sarra I86 Phillips, Colleen 5, I86 Phillips, Michael 204 Phillips. Sherri I6 7 Phihv, Diana I86 Phyle, Pat I6 7 Pianga. Angeline Piburn, Patti l86 Pickens. Dwain Pickering, Denise I67 Pierce, Margie I6 7 Pierce, Tammy I67 Pieri, Yvette 6. I47 Pietrzak, Michael Pigg, Garin I6 7 Pimental, Tiffany I67 Pinkston, Chris Pinney, Shannon 204 Pippins, Trina Platero. Martha 205 Plett, John Plum, Ms. 37 Poe, Shawna Poole, Melissa I47 Poorman, Pennie 205 Pope, Larry Popiela, Kelly Popoff, Michelle IX6 Porter, Philisa Porter, Richard Powell, Frank Powell, Gerald I86 Powell, Lenette PowelL Scott Powell, Sherry I9I Powell, Terry I4 7 Powers, Ms. 37 Preisel. Elaine 205 Preisler, C indar 205 Preston, Donna 205 Preston, Marvin Price, C indi I67 Price, David Price, Lavonde l86 Prieger, Carol I4 7 Prieger. Dan 205 Prieger. Janice I67 Propati, Teresa I67 Protzman. Doreen 55 Pruznak, John l86 Pugh, Scott I86 Pulley, Edward 52, 205 Purlia, Allen Pykare. Scott I47 Pyles, Tami IS6 Q Oualls. Derrek I4 7 Oualls, Shannon I86 Quan Debra I4, 3 7. I4 7 Quan, Eric Quan, Janet 3, 4 7, I86 Oueen, Anthony Ouijada, Gabriel I4 7 Ouinlin, Jeffery Radcliff, Rebecca Radcliffe, Dawn I67 Radcliffe. Richard 205 Rader, Shayne I67 Raduenz, Kimberly I6 7 Rakosi, Felix Ramey. Shannon I86 Ramirez, Barbara I86 Ramirez,.Ricardo I4, l-I7 Ramsay. Lisa I4 7 Ramsey, Bryan I6 7 GENERAL INDEX 22l NX ii ii .-., N ,, I I k.,,f"JK"1 if Q, Chewing AX? jx 2 Kidz- , ,S O V0 Ramsey, Craig 14 7 Ramsey, Scott Rand, Delene Rand, Marnie 205 Randall, Jillene Randohrh, Da vid 205 Rangel, David 186 Rangel, Monica IQ 12, 46, 128, 14 7 Rankhorn, Jessica Rankin, Wendi 2Q 147 Ransbottom, Candie Rasmussen, Larry Rasnick, Deborah 52, 192, 205 Rasnick, Martin 167 Rasta, Tim Ratliff, Kelly 147 Ratliff, Kevin Ratliff, Monica 205 Ratliff, Rlck Ratliff, Rick Ratliff, Tina 186 Rauch, John Rausch, Krisit Ray, David Ray. Deborah Ray, Mike 167 Ray, Stephanie 205 Raymond, Tanya 192. 205 Reagan, Joslyn Rector, Reube Red, Cassie 186 Redick, Carla 54, 147 Redondo, Andrea Redondo, Eddie Reed, Tezera Reed, Yvonne 43 Reeder, Gregory Reeder, Keeli I47 Reeder, Kristi 186 Reeder, Michele 205 Reeder. Tony Reeves, Debra 186 Reeves, Melodie 186 Regier, Bruce 168 Reid, La Tonya Reid, Lisa Reid, Sharla Reilly, Pamela 147 Rendon, Danny Renn, Deanna 148 Reyes, Christine 168 Reyes. Martina Reyes, Monica 205 Reyes, Raul Reykowski, Laura Reynolds, Kurt 148 Reynolds, Melissa 205 Rhoades, Mary Rhodes, Daniel 185 Rhodes, Jennifer Riale. Sheila Rich, David 186 Richards, Kimberly 52, 186 Richardson, Donald 191 Richey, Christopher 168 Richie, Donald 205 Richie, Tim 168 Richison, Wesley Richmond, Steve 148 Rickettes, Lauretta 148 Riddell, John Ridder, COrina 205 Rider, Trudy 186 Rinda, Jill 168 Ringhoffer, Antal Rios, Steven 168 Rizzo, Kathleen Road, John 172 Roan, Jennifer, 14. 128, 148 222 GENERAL INDEX Roan, Michael 148 Roark, Janet Robbins, Anthony 205 Robbins, Robbins, Robello, Roberti, Roberts, Jack 91, 148 Jamie 186 Michael 186 John Daniel 148 Roberts, Ellen 168 Roberts, Keith 148 Roberts, Pennie Roberts, Rachell 168 Roberts, Roberts, Roberts, Roberts, 148 Richard 2 Rosella 168 Steven Tim 13, 46, 93, Robertson, Louise 51, 148 Robertson, Wayne Robins, Kim 191, 205 Robinson, Charles Robinson, Faith 168 Robinson, Kimberly Robinson, Sherri Robison, Robison, Barbara Karin 14. 148 Rodarte. Mike 14, 148 Rodman, Daniel 168 Rodman, Jeffery 205 Rodriguez, Adela 168 Rodriguez, Adrian 205 Rodriguez, Antonio 168 Rodriguez, Christina 186 Rodriguez, Christopher 191 Rodriguez, Danny Rodriguez, lvette 205 Rodriguez, John Rodriguez, Maria 191 Rodriguez, Pamela 148 Rodriguez, Richard Rodriguez, Theodore 209 Rodriquez, Jaime 186 Rogers, Andrew 186 Rogers, Jerry 186 Rogers, John 186 Rogers, Lisa 48 Rogers, Penny Rogers, Tamara 168 Roggentien, Angela Roman, Kenn 205 Roman, Lynda 168 Roman, Ms. 37 Romero, Charles 186 Romero, Florention 33, 205 Romero, Priscilla 51. 168 Romo, Delmar Romo, John Romo, Michelle Romo, Rochelle 168 Ronsheim, Chris Rood, John 186 Ropp, Jill 168 Ropp, Penny 205 Roschewski, Gregory 4Q 168 Rose, Kyle 168 Rosenau, Deborah 148 Rosenau, Patricia 168 Rosenberg, Susan Rosene, David 20 186 Rosene, Regina 168 Rosenstock, Alexandra 205 Ross, Fred Ross, James Ross. Mark Ross, Penny 148 Rothenberg, Daniela Rothenberg, Gina 205 Rouse, Henr 186 Rubiofduart 186 Rubio, Ramon 205 Rucker, Darold 186 Rudd, John 21 Ruiz, Alberto 168 Ruiz, Luke 148 Ruiz, Marcella 186 Rulon, Renee 205 Rumble, Roger 148 Runnings, William 7, 32, 93, 94 Runstadler, Tom Russell, Alaine 209 Russell, Andrea 168 Russell, Michele 148 Mr. Russell 37, 51, 156 Russell, Kathleen 186 Rutherford, William Rutland, Alex Ryan, Christine 209 Ryan, Colleen 168 Ryan, Janet Rymer, Joey 205 S Saban, Douglas 186 Saban, Matthew 186 Sabucco, Kelly Sahhar, Thomas 205 Salamone, Christine 149 Salazar, Antonia 205 Salazar, Eddie 149 Salazar, Jennifer 191 Salem. Steve 168 Salese, Natalie 149 Salinas, Richard Salony, Mr. 37 Sample, David Samuel, Jacquenette Samuel, Lisa Sanchez, Adam Sanchez, Eloy 205 Sanchez, Larry 168 Sanchez, Matthew Sanchez, Michael 186 Snachez. Paula Sanchez, Renae Sanchez, Richard Sander, Jason 205 Sanders, Barry ' Sanderson, Tina 168 Sandoval, Da vid 168 Sandvig, Dennis 168 Santa Cruz, Lisa 205 Saran, Zoltan Sarieant, Kim 168 Satterfield, Wanda 21, 172, 191 Saunders, Barbara Saunders, Jennifer 205 Sarage, Ms, 37 Sawyer, Deborah 37, 149 Scaife, Melony Sacrlato, Victor Schacke, Hans 168 Schaede, Carl Schaede, Matthew Schallmann, Christine 7, 52. 187 Schallmann, Patricia 51, 168 Scheid, Julie 51, 168 Scheuring, Keith 187 Schiraldi, Martin 149 Schirripa, Dean 205 Schirripa, Jill 18 7 Schlaht, Gary 205 Schlederer. Sheila 18 7 Schneider, Mary 168 Schoch, .Weffery 168 Schoeff, Mark Scholl, Chris 168 Schoonover, Jeffrey 209 Schoonover, Robert Schroeder, Donald 191 Schroeder, Erin 149 Schuh, Krista Schuler, Sandy 149 Schultz, Mike 168 Schumacher, Melanie 209 Schuman, Wendy Schuster, Candy 205 Schuster. Penny 51, 149 Schutte, Pat 187 Schwartz, Michael Schwindt, Michael 191 Schwindt, Richard 149 Sciara, Tony Scism, Christine Scott, Lisa Scott, L ynnette 205 Scott, Rosalie 168 Sebring, Richard 18 7 Seffrood, Regina Seibert, Danielle Seiter, Michael . Selby, Gina 206 Self, Patsy Selfridge, Chris 265 Sell, Donald 168 Sell, Lisa 149 Sellards, Kerry 191 Sellards, Lisa 168 Sellards, Stacey 149 Sesma, Roberto 2615 Seto, Annie 205 Settle, Debra 169 Settle, Douglas Settle, Mark 187 Shaben, Anthony Shackell, Jenny Sharp, Carl 51, 169 Shau, Paul 149 Shaw, April 169 Shaw, Bradley 187 Shaw, Scott 188 Shaw, Stephanie Shelby. Larry 169 Shelton, Shannon 188 Shephard, Scott 5, 31, 52, 175, 177 188 Shepherd, Darrell 188 Sherrill, Christin 206 Sherrill, stephen 206 Sherwood, Kevin 206 Sherwood, Scott 188 Sherwood, Steven 188 Shew, Jennifer 188 Shields, Linda 169 Shifflet, Joseph 265 Shimek, Todd Shirley, Michael 149 Shirley, Valerie 188 Shives, Shawna Mrs. Shoaf 37 Shoemake, Nancy 206 Shope, Jeffrey Shorr, Ms. 37 Shoup, Robert 265 Showalter, Cynthia Shriver, James Shroyer, Debbie 149 Shroyer, Kimberly 172, 188 Shuman, David Siau, Paul Simeth, Som Simmons, Dana Simmons, Jeffrey Simmons, Joseph 149 Sinunons, Lance 149 Simmons, Marvin Simmons, Timothy Simpson, Bonnie Simpson, Paula 169 Simpson, Richard Simpson, Valorie 149 Sims, Melvin 205 Sing, Alan 188 Sing, John 149 Sing, Sheila 188 Stoata. Ofa Sioata, Tuipulotu 206 Sipple, Mike 188 Sipple, Sherry 149 Sisson, Andrew 38, 169 Sizemore, Sherri Skelley, Sean 188 Skelton, Debra Skelton, Rick 169 Sketch, Chuck 169 Skief, Allen Skowronski, Debbie 150 Skowronski, Susan 169 Skrogstad, Heidi 188 Slankard, Rick 169 Slater, Michael 188 Slattery, Karla 207 Salvin, Mr. 37 Slavin, Ms, 38 Slayline, Vicki 150 Slipski, Richard Sliva, Carleen 169 Sloan, Thomas 150 Slocum, Sondra Slusser, Christine Slusser, Da vid 169 Slusser, Pamela 150 Smale, David 191 Smalley, Brian 188 Smart, Felicia 169 Smart, Pamela 188 Smith, Anthony Smith, Chad 169 Smith, David 169 Smith, Dennis 169 Smith, Edward 207 Smith, Fred Smith, Holly 150 Smith, James Smith, Jason Smith, Jeff Smith, Jennifer 191 Smith, Jodi 188 Smith, John 207 Smith, Julie 188 Smith, Kimberly 150 Smith, Lahara 150 Smith, Lisa Smith, Lisa Smith, Marianne Smith, Mark Smith, Mitchell 169 Smith, Ms. 38 Smith, Monica 194, 207 Smith, Mr. 38 Smith, Peggy 150 Smith, Rebecca 207 Smith, Rhonda 169 Smith, Richard 150 Smith, Russell 169 Smith, Sabrenia Smith, Teari Smith, Theresa Smith, Thomas Smith, Tony 207 Smith, Travis 169 Smoor, Troy Smothers. Cynthia 191 Snead, Gary 207 Snead, Tom 169 Snider, Jay 188 Snodgrass, Ms, 38 Snow. David 169 Snow, Mr. 38 .64 Snyder, Andrew Snyder, Howard 207 Socket, Ms. 38 Soliz, Alicia 169 Soltero, Arturo Sombrio, Carl 150 Sommer, Tyra Sopsher, Barbara 150 Sopsher, Robert Sorenson, Stacy Sotelo, Clara Sotelo, David 169 Sotelo, Dominic Sotelo, Michael 188 Sotelo, Rosanne Soto, Monica 6, 14, 150 Soza, Ronald 188 Soza, Teresa 169 Spangler, Del 207 Spence, Wayne Spencer, Ragina 207 Spencer, Elliott 150 Spencer, Wilford Spivey, Daniel 188 Spivey, Donna 207 Sprague. Karen 169 Spreer, Daniel 207 Spyres, Perrish St. Clair, Angela 51. 150 Stacy, Ms, 38 Stafford, April Stafford, Douglas Staggs, Brian 188 Stahl, Candice 207 Stahl, James 169 Stahl. William Stanfield, James Stanfield, Mark 207 Stanley, Cynthia 14, 150 Stanley, Donna 169 Stanley, Melissa 207 Stanula, Michael 188 Stapleton, Tonze Starr, Sherry 150 Staten, Lawris 188 Staten, Tammy States, Angela 188 Steele, Jeffrey 150 Steen, Renell 209 Steen, Renita 169 Stein, Tonia Stephens, Gina 207 Stephenson, Jim 169 Stephenson, Robert 169 Stevens, Connie 169 Stevens, Curtis Stevens, Dennis Stevens. Rodney 169 Stevens, Stephanie 188 Stevens, Vincent 207 Stevenson, Scott 207 Stewart, James Stewart, Melanie 207 Stewart, Penny Stewart, Sherene 169 Stickler, Tammy Stickler, Tommy 207 Stidd, Wayne 188 Stidham. Jerri 207 Stiner, Dawni 207 Stiner, Vicki 207 Stinnett, Richard 188 Stinson, Heather 207 Stinson. Michael 188 Stinson, Scott 191 Stinson. Shawn Stocksdale, Rick 150 Stoddard, Robin Stoddard, Scott Stokes, Stefanie 188 Stoll, Charles Streeter, Brian Stromberg, Deanna 188 Strunk, Miles 209 """f '? fs --X, 'exft ! as M l X Stuart, Da vid l88 Stuntz. Tammy Sturgell, Wendy l88 Sturgill, Rhonda l9l Suever, Mark l88 Suftko, Nora 209 Suhy, william 207 Shullenberger, Ray 207 Sullivan, Jack 209 Sullivan, Michael Suminski, Ms. 33 Summerell, Shelley Summerville, Laurel Svitak, Summit, Mike Sumter, Anthony Surber, Julia l70 Sutter, Ingo Sutton. James 207 Sutton, Kevin 207 Sutton, Scott 207 John 207 Thomas, Kevin l89 Thomas, Kristen Thomas, Raymond Thomas, Scott l5l Thomas, Tammy Thompson, Bradley 207 Thompson, Catherine l70 Thompson, Cindy 207 Thompson, Craig Thompson, Derek l89 Thompson, Felicia l5l Thompson, Geoffrey. l5l Thompson, Kim l89 Thompson, Kimberly Thompson, Lisa l5l Thompson, Michael Thompson, Patricia Thompson, Paula 207 Turk, Omar l5l Turk, Samira 5l, l70 Turley. Kerry l5l Turley, Tusha l54, l70 Turner, Angela l70 Turner, Chris Turner, Kathleen l70 Turner, Kevin l5l Turner, Latonia l90 Turner, Michelle l5l Turner, Tammy I52 Turpen, Bruce 208 Turrell, Ronald 208 Svoboda. Shawn 54 Sweat, Shantell Sweenie, Shawn l88 Sweis, Emily l88 Sweis, Emily I88 Sweis, Owen Sweiss, A yman Swinney, Lisa Swisher, Faith Switzer, Kim Sybrant, Earl l70 Symoens, Tracy Szczepaniak, Charles Szczepaniak, Donna I4, 20 l50 Szechenyi, Scott T Tabasso, Mr. 38 Tabor. Cynthia Taborda, Enrique Tafoya, Timothy Tafoya, Yvonne l70 Talarico, Fred Tang, Janice 3, 2l, 47, l88 Tang, Julie 6, I3. I4, I7. l50 Thompson, Ross 20 5l, I 70 Thronton, Jackie l89 Thornton, James Thronton, Jodi Tuzon, Sandra l9l Twinam, Laurel Twinam, Michelle Tye, April 208 Tye, Loren l90 Tyman, Scott Tyrrell, Domenique l9l Tyrrell, Nikki U Vidal, Sherri I52 Vigliotte. Sheri Villalve, Tina XB Villaponds. Randohnh I 7l Villarreal, Gina Villarreal, Pauline 208 Villasenor, Barbara 22, I52 Villasenor, Leticia l90 Viray, Max I52 Vitzthum, Desiree Volkman, Christina l7l Vong, Prachanh l7l Vosgier, Ellen l9l W Wacker, Deidre l9l Waddell, Gina 208 Waddell, Lisa 35, I52 Webb, Sonii 55. 171. Webber, Tina Webbert, Cynthia I52 Webbert, David Weigand, Philip Weiland, Da ve 208 Welch, Lincoln Weld, Michele 208 Wells. Bryan I52 Wells, Deborah l9l Wells, George l52 Wells, Joetta 208 Wells, Rebecca 209 Wendling, Diana I 7l Wendling, Jimmie Wenzel, Kris 5l, I52 Werner, Frank I52 West, Kelly l7l West, Kimberly 208 Weston, Daniel l90 Whalen, Michelle Winter? Rachel ' Winter, Richard Winters, Kimberly 209 Wirth, Alan 209 Wolf, Kelli XB Wong, Bernice l7l Wong. Chu l53 Wong, Gina 2l, l90 Wong, Haward l7l Wong, K wun l53 Wong, Michael 208 Wood, Da vid 208 Wood, Kelly l90 Wood, Michael Wood, Sandra l90 Wood, Sean Woodmansee, Selena 208 Woodruff, Marceanee I4, I7. I53 Woodruff, Zachary 209 Waddell, Meshelle Wagner, Dixie l90 Wagner, Kimberly 208 Waite, Annette Wharton, Donna 4l Wheatley, Joseph Wheeler, Shelia l90 Whelan, Betty 4l Woods, Chrissy 209 Woods, Lisa l53 Woods, Michael l90 l90 Woods, Yvonne Thornton, Shelli Thrash, Wendy l89 Ullery, Mark Ms. Ulmen Underwood, Kirk l70 Wakefield, Layton Wakefield, Linda I52 Wakely, Darrill l9l Whetsel, Steve Whipple, Kim Whitby, Daniel Thrasher, Bobby l92, 208 Throckmorton, Debbie Tillotson, Mr. 38 Timberlake, Kenneth l70 Tinall, John Tingle, William l89 Tiscareno, Julie l5l Titus, Karl l89 Titus, Theresa Ms, Tobasso 4l Todacheene, Malinda l 70 Todd, John I89 Todd. Katherine l89 Todd, Patricia I89 Todd, SHarmon 208 Tomlin, Michael l89 Tomlin, Paul l5l Tompkins, Michael Tonstad, Kathy Topolewski. Thomas l89 Tang, Lara I4, I7. l5l Tang, Richard 207 Tang, Thang l88 Tarango, Joanne l70 Tate, Jason Tate, Tina l70 Tatro, Patrick Tavison, Tom l88 Taylor, Gary I88 Ta ylor, Jamie l0l Taylor. Jeff Taylor, Jeffrey Taylor, Joy 207 Taylor, La Dawn l5l Taylor, Penny Taylor, Tonya l70 Teapole, Luann 207 Torres, Anthony Torrez, Sara 54, l5l Tracy, Scott l89 Tracy, Trevor 208 Traylor. Stacy l5l Trejo, Patrick 208 Trent, Gregory Trevino. Joe l90 Trinidad, Mark l70 Troesh, Elizabeth l70 Troogstad, Karen Troup, Mr. 38 Troyer, James Truedson, James 208 Trujillo, Ben 208 Teel, Michale 207 Waxman. Bea 4l Trumbull, Del l 70 Templeton, Allen l89 Templeton, Holly'207 Temporado. Olivia Teramano. Dianne 207 Terrien, Allan Terrien, Elizabeth l5l Terry, Arthur Terry. Kelli 207 Theder, Andrea l70 Thiffault, Bruce l5l Thiry, Rebecca Thomas, Garry l5l Thomas, Jeffrey Thomas, John 207 Trujillo, Daniel l90 Trujillo, Lisa l5l Trujillo, Michele 208 Trujillo, Monica Trumbull, Rodney Trumbull, Trina Trusty, Rachelle Tse, Hung I4, l5l Tucker, Michelle l90 Tuggle, Todd l90 Tuihalamaka, Nehumi l70 Tuihalamaka, Niuafe 6, 9, 90 l70 Tuipulotu, Paiuimoanma Tuipulotu, Peti l90 Tuipulotu, Tuakalau l70 Underwood, Patina l90 Unknown 56 Upshaw, James l70 Urquidez. Albert 208 V Vaccaro, David I52 Vahary. Darrin Vail, Buddy 208 Valcarce, Tina l70 Valdes, Christian Vlades, Rebecca Valdez, Marie 208 Valenti, George, l90 Valentine, Richard l90 Valenzuela, Felicia I4 Valenzuela, Paul l90 Van Sickle, Christy Vander Vlucht, Terry I52 Vandergriff, Teresa I 7l Vanderpoel, John I52 Mr. Vandersehoot 38 Vandre, Mickey Vaneck, David Vanover, Therisa 208 Vargas, Frank Vargason, Jeff Vargason, Terry I52 Varner, Christopher l9l Vasquez, David Vasquez, Da vid I52 Vasquez, Lori 208 Vasquez, Michael Vaughn, Da vid I52 Vaughn, Tiffany l7l Vega, Andrea Vejar, Marisa I52 Velez, Edna 20 l7l Vemich, Jean lTeacherj 4l Venable, Brian l7l Venable, Sherry Venable, Yvette l7l Verdugo, Nancy Vergis, Michael Verheyen, Dave l7l Verna, David 208 Verrill, Julie 2l, 54, l7l Vesely, Lori Vick, Joel 208 Vick, Robert l7l Vickrey, Jay l9l Waldron, Dawn I52 Waldron, Karl 208 Walford, Gary Walker, Dean 2, l90 Walker, Frank Walker, .lames 208 Walker, Jerry Walker, Kimberly Walker, Lois I52 Walker, Michael l7l Walker, Sue l90 Walker, Teresa Walker, Tracy Wallace, Christian Wallace, Ms. 38 Waller, Richard I 7l Wallwin, Da vid l7l White, David l90 White, Glen l90 White, Kimberlee l90 White, Mike l7l White, Myra 208 White, Ronnie White, Sharon I4, I5, 5l, I52 White, Steve I52 White, Sylvia l90 White, Tyrone 208 Whitelock, Bill I52 Walters, Vickie Walton, Barbara I52 Walton, Tammy Walton, Steven 208 Ward, Johnny Ward, Ms. 38 Whitman, Guy 208 Wiessner, Philyis Wilburn, Julie l7l Wilder, Brian l7l Wilder, Lori 2l, 5l, l7l Wiley, Mitachell Wilkins, Derron l90 Wilkins, Sherelle l53 Willard, Kath y 208 Willey, Robert 208 Williams, Bradle l7l Ward. Tonja Warner. James Warner, Krystal l7l Warner, Patrick l90 Warner, Suzanne l90 Warner, William l7l Warren, Katherine I52 Warren, Vanessa l90 Warwick, Jason Washburn, Shannon l90 Washington, Ronny l7l Watkins, Lauralee I52 Watson, Dwayne Watson, John I52 Watson, Mark Watson, Michael l7l Watson, Michelle l7l Watson, Tammy Wa yman, Roger I52 Y Williams, C athleen Kimberly 208 Williams, Christopher Williams. Cynthia Williams, Daniel Williams, Dapl1ne l7l Williams, Denise l53 Williams, Glenda Williams. Williams, Lori l53 Williams. Lori l90 Williams. Melissa L21 Williams, Patricia l53 Williams, Retta l90 Williams, Richard Williams, Robert Williams, Rosalyn l7l Williams, Sandra l53 Williams, Toni Williams Troy Williams William w1111s. Byde 153 Weatherford, Jeffrey 208 Weatherford, Jimmy I52 Weatherford, Sheri I52 Weaver. Corina l7l Webb, Bryan Webb, Dancy Webb, Deanna l90 Webb, Gina Webb, Leslie Webb, Michael l90 Webb v Sharlet l7l Wills. Donald 208 Wilson, Brian l53 Wilson, David Wilson, Frank Wilson, Paula 208 Wilson, Richey 208 Wilson, Sharon l7l Wilson, Steve l90 Wilson. Timothy Wilson Wince, , William 4l Elizabeth l7l Mrs, Winslow Woodward, Connie 209 Woodward, Ronda l7l Wooton, Clayton 4l Work, Misty l90 Worrell, Elisabeth I 7l Wray, Anje l7l Wrege, Judy 4l Wright, Darren 209 Wright, Tammy Y Yan. Bob Yan, Rose 209 Yanes, Mary Yanez, Jessica 209 Ybanez, Alice l90 Ybanez, Ruben l53 Ybarra, Julian Yee, Belinda I4, l7, 2l, I5,? Yee, Ginia Yinger. Karen Yocum. Jennifer I5,? Young, Christian 20? Young, Elaine l90 Young, Jeff 5, 7, 9, I0 I2, I4, 46, 4 7, 48, 50 55 Young, Marco I5,? Young, Steven 209 Young. Timothy I5,? Younger, Christina l7l Yu, Christina 209 Yu, Joseph Yunker, Jeffrey Z Zamorano, Albert I53 Zanine, Louis l90 Zetterlol, Cindy l53 Ziegler, Shawn 209 Ziegler. Stephen 2, 20 52, l90 Zimpleman, Wayne 20? Zub, Lila l7l Zub, Violet 209 Zuccala. Janine l53 Zuccala. Jeff 53. l90 Zuccala. Jon 203 Zuccala. Kathy I5,-I Zukowski, Darrell Zukowski, David Zuniga, Anna l90 Zwillick, David l7l GENERAL INDEX 223 "Standing Together" at the end Hello. Well, Alhambra, another great yearbook! The staff and I worked all year to put together the Fortress so you can keep your high school memories forever. lhope you enjoy reliving some of these memories with your friends and family through the l983-84 school yearbook. This is my second year as editor, at Alhambra, and I was pleased with both books. The staff and I took great satisfaction and pride in making this yearbook the best. We triple checked our work to make this book the best, but as you know, nobody's perfekt. You may still find some mistakes throughout the book. Next year, I won 't be here as editor, but someone just as competent, Rhonda Hansen, will. I know she will continue to make The Fortress the kind of book you all want. Rhonda Hansen fassistant editorj Wendi Rankin I academics Q Julie Harris Cstudent Iifej Steven Ziegler fsportsj Kelly Finn flayout, classesj Kevin Krout fclasses, indexj Keith Anetsberger Cphotographerj Ross Thompson fphotographerj Lisa Rogers fphoto editorj Joe Heffley Cphotographerj Mr. Larry Cunningham Cadvisorj Mr. Chuck Bursell Crepresentativej American Yearbook Company Priscilla Romero fclasses, indexj Love ya, left after first semester Donna Szczepaniak Anna-Lisa Byrne fcopywriterj Editor-in-chief left after first semester SPECIAL THANKS TO: Keith de Ruiter Csportsj left after first semester f The Fortress staff wastes the last picture on a roll of film for a goof-off shot. 224 ENDING LETTER QQ ff W om Q Q 'S WVEQU 4 QQ ff 4' -f O gQj77QxG0NveqC-QQ ? E 5-:bv is A 61 'f 47031 EA Q Q A565 25, Q jo' 'O Q5 Mfg? Q C'E'5'LU 49 35 Q0 6 OQY xfox' C3 aww 4 ' ' J L '- ,, " Q 'Q x , iw if wk X 'Tffff 2, C QJVQ 'W X GL 'H A of fvqqzf 523 JR J XQXIXXQ 9, NQ lb if QGZSYQQZ 'LK fig! live ! 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Suggestions in the Alhambra High School - Fortress Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) collection:

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