Alhambra High School - Fortress Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ)

 - Class of 1983

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Alhambra High School - Fortress Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Cover

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1 ww wxfqigxfv fig ENN Xfg . b I Ex ESX' 5 5za2gfwMMwyWJl QRS 5iW,?MZ S6 Xk S Qgefffkfffg ,N x ', xkfy 'zfll' is A Q 'X X I ,Grp f f , f--f ,."'lAlq 0 . C'-' My my l 'A fx ,fwgtb-Pix' J HJQ J IXKW M' . .f- X r ,fl I ' f 1. f' ,. uh-' , ,KX ' gfrf' WX QSULJ pf 5 - f,Q'f' dp? b yj?g", ,,,jgi9 Mx K ,X fm W lx' J' , .NN XG' I 1. Rx r N W Xb K+ fv pw Ky 4 GMX JS f iv! 3,1 D 1 .F .1 .1 . fs " ,:i wlf ' Xf . A I ,Iv 1 N I L fy H fn 4 , r 1 x V, .. N: I ' 1 if ,--, J.. , V ,., ff I ',. ,., .W ,, 1 rx 1, L I , V45 H rl : ' ' WX ',g1"' , I -.,,. , "u x x ' -' , 1 , ! 5:14, V! ., 511 5 If 'I 1 VZ 77 9,3 I 1: 1 "' . K, ,. .A x,f ,J . x-1 - L1 ' uijqlni - Y Y ,V -N. W, 1 " M If . , - rv . . fx ' . ,Q 'fx A . A ,I' - J . 1, fx .f 3 . . 11 'l ,, . , 4 .. , . , L, - ,1 .1 ., , I .V K f 1 1--' K .. , ff r J fi lx LU, F X If lv f A x U75 f LL k A ,. Q ' fl - , ,li I C-iwfm' 1 Lx! f M I XAB ,I I H F ' fe lj' , Y Q2 Wf ff I Q V xiff ...N , 1- ., 1 'f XL? V f A -x ,Ni ! til, V3 ' 1 U W MMV Lk ' UN . 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I 2 ACTIVITIES ... . . . .24 CLUBS ....... .... 4 8 ACADEMICS . . .,.. 72 SPORTS .... --.- 9 3 CLASSES .. . --.- .135 SENIORS , . . .... . I38 JUNIORS .... ..... I 56 SOPHOMORES . . ..... I 76 FRESHMEN ...... ..... I 94 ACTION PICTURES ..... ..... 2 I2 INDEX . . . .... .2I5 CLOSING .... .... 2 24 Starting the morning at the benchs. Starting the half time with a pom dance. STARTING OVER in a new decade is hard work, but Alhambra successfully launched into its next twenty years. Starting with a new principal, Mr. Rob- ert Dye. Starting with many new de- partment chairpersons, a new custodi- al staff, a new newspaper advisor. and some new faces among the faculty and staff. Starting with Mrs. Winslow in the front office taking Mr. Barraza's place. Starting with new dugouts, which last year's seniors donated to the school. Starting with a tougher at- tendance policy. Starting with the locking of the JCX7 building during school. Starting with newcomers from West, North, East, Phoenix Union, and the freshmen. But, even though Alhambra is start- ing with several new things, the school also has many old things. Its traditions, all the sophomores. juniors, and sen- iors, and familiar teachers who have returned. The list of old and new things could go on forever. All the FORTRESS staff is trying to say is, "Thank you, Alhambra, for getting off on the right foot, in STARTING OVER!!!" Starting the homecoming half-time with the band. . X , P1333 - ' .U , V I A ' . . ' "1f7- f""-."'9U' annum .um-...- THEME 3 Starting with the band. N S. S. , LL.: as K1 tr R 'k ' it y . ,R .Q t ,t 5' ,ff.,,,g.- S E 4 Starting with the football games. fl Q 'hwy 4' W X ,ff I 5 'fi'i' 1 'P ""f 'S - ,Mr .X f s i T 5 1 ' ,.t. A A Starting with a balloon lift-off 'HV -, ,. -2' lists -L -3 Starting with the band drummers. Starting with the seniors. Starting with the crowd. xww' -qs-00' Starting with Pom and Cheer. INTRODUCTION 5 'vt'-'zf,CZ Starting the game with spirit. Starting with a great run with a touch down 6 INTRODUCTION Starting with showing more. Rm ft N X Sy A ,,,f w t N . XXXQQJ SJ CX A fx? yy T 1 X :fix X5 fx S O X Y Q ' 'SU tx RQ A X, . in , ' N 2 X wx tw S X X A ' X A W Q? V - Q1 LX ,KQX N mt X S S Qs ,i n T nm W i k X, N 'B .DJ Q A X L CN Q 5 VKX Q-QL ,LXVXQ Sy xXx Nw Xi! X5 we M ,f Q3 v4 w 1 -up f ,. . ,...m ,- wh., A V ' W V ,w rj ' D . . .. x ' sei Starting halftime with smashing action. Li.. "-A -.. Starting with the hard choice of the IO candidates. INTRODUCTION 7 Starting with quad activities. Starting with the queen. f 4 H 1 if Q W ln, f i 1 ,L F431 it 5 fl h ' 1 , 94 8 M14 fa H M, .ww n A - rf se,:fv4x2,wg7gaf, A 3' ,sa aa A,U, ,,,, V ' ,L l ,gg f , X ' ,miiigfz , xi! ...A t Starting with the Key Club float. 8 INTRODUCTION Starting with the Carnation sales. Starting with the senior float. Q t if XX in Ng 8 -fa, K of K 5 'L . -S' Starting with the color guard. Starting with the lions. Starting with '7-Ioffland's Honeys." E 3 2 5 Starting with the slave sales. INTRODUCTION 9 Starting with the 3rd attendants. IO INTRODUCTION Starting with the Ist attendants. Starting with 'f 'vwgawrfffw 5 V - V. Y 'e1f:':'h:6 NR , , ' ' i':'+'q2?f , i' . S, Y, 3-if ' rzmy.. gf. g S, 1-H 4- gg mfij i A ,Q H' -'L - w"':,--'. Hw..f+' f' 'V' ..,, "3Ql'9,,L.lF, :,,,' .:f,.?- .1 ,,..f1:-. ,- -ig , "L - , F 7 m ' ,V ,1 ' ' -4 V ,-'Q 2' ' A Y f -1 . V" 'J' '24 -1.Qf.f5"f,f'k:' ff1W,,ffA,,g, ' 9 -Q., ...Jw -..".'v. ,cgnxfg . E A V 5.-'51, A . xr 'MAT'-, ark-QM 'A fft3ff""" " -' 'f1.'2.'Pf.. N if'-U7:"'I'+ -at " f - .,"'- "'5' ,. 1 , .-in ff" , " M 'tw v ' 'Wm' - p' . 'P' 'qv - 2. gwgm H ,Q 'A ?i'?'fg,Q1f S ' "fw',,?J,f1 ,, .xt X! iff, VW. L W - , Q ' a, -.. J., , , . ai" ,Wy .L 5, f 5 X g f Y, M H, f :I ' 'X ', I 'rl L ...f' 1 K X X ,, ,, , , H, sf? " - A ,mm f ' ' "' f. Y W , Q , ' , 'I F ' V '. " yr at-..w'f'F I Bw-4 ' . V vw- ,, . f . '. , .1 - ' I ' ' -4 1 1 , I , 4 ir "mp I ..- ,K - . ,gh -.Vi . , 'f n . rw r , , --5 P V- .- A ' ,-'13, . H P' u f --'M' 'V fu'-.f F' ,lfggpn , 4"f"'.,, 'F' 1,f.gv..f1. M.. 1' Ag, , -' , 1 -.,"ZA,f-f- ' , - v . ,..-- -tt... 'l'4-., ,I , 1 f ' A' v- Starting with a King and Queen. 1: -vvt:vM 'www M 1 , -. 1'?.f.1E'-'f'Vg3ynQffg,,??Wrw3'f.i'Tg.ig v -V Wa. .- 2:-gif-f'-5M,tM. 'pkg fx -,-' 4" ' 'Y ' Y"f -fa, 'S t QJf"fLr" ' . -'va 3 .,,--9-,,,f v .V v A -5 im:,L,I.y,,f ,,,....,h, . V X , brre- Z.-Ax W an Lrg, ,:. 'A, ' FLA,-Q' .W ,...j,:.V. A , :b.'.i,"-. V, ' f-am ' y .HN My A 1 -1 - M , - ,W-ww . ffm' 'W '. Q ,:: -miwlgng .1 -t -' T Q we , v A Qzn.-'11 mn My ,qw 'JP ' "A '1"'4 -vp '5 i Starting with the 4th attendants. ai I-03? -5"' sf' ' 221413 if :H :FSA jx g,n. mi' A 12 19921 V ' - , 1" I 34 il ' af A "fire 5 ' .ll-'Wifi 8 'lm ' '. ra , .',-"V 4-1 V ,. . ' , ' ' 14- A QM - 1. -f :ff ' 2 -,L , .J 7 .4-'YY .. 1- . . ,,- A-.3 ,f , .. . --.uf aw-. 4 A M 1 -., e, 35.4. "- v .', if ' . ,-' - 1 . '. - f - ,. , . 4- 4' - . '-4.,.,- 1 :- -fg' X -7. , V 1 .-ff' '- ,f-Q 'i - nf'-' 'LL ,- ' -X-MP3 A9 qv, , - ,Im -,, af. 4 5,-nw, -04' qs , 4 41. RJ: 1 ,v ' ' -. J' 2'4- paw licking lion. Starting with the 2nd attendants. INTRODUCTION ll ,441 ,ff-ff .-. 4' . fbur, ff ' 4' " .4 J r . H- is "' , . wg. ' v 4. Q7' . 4 fm' ff f nv ' , mf 78? 'f 0 ,'kf,,'-'yay Wei' 1 KWH, b'V9L,. Wm' x , gd ,,Q,fV: V VVVVJW, V , ymfm ,'f',A .AV pa.- ,A, M F, ,.,h,,,, . l M 4' my ,5 Mu 1- ,Q .. ""w"'a-dv my w Q,-, ww, any .gnu .W jayk fffb awk if , 4 I 0' my '- 'V Tj Vw ps.. N630 QQ CZ' 4' 4 F' ff fl All ' W 'A-:dit-S?'1' if . ' ,QW r nw, 'pf' :'4r.,4.,. ,Q gym W 51 , , V "W , 1 ' Wgisfflv aa 1if,q ,,,,,,1,,ff "' ng ,ff ,ff 1"'f - ,za 'W ,V 1 'W K ,.,V ' Mp, by Lf ya 3 ' W' if " '-, ,- .M'f""'2"'M "'f' , ' my Mas fm"i'Ww,,f" ff' ,, ,Y ' .' .Q 1 gfw. my " f4', , 1' M 4' , I W R- ',,",f-Af, 5: .f A 'fs' 4, V ' ,'5fa,fq"' 44" VVVQLV W, W, . .M qv af' 'mt ' 5, K ,,KL , , :V ' ,V ' ,' - ' J 'W' A ffm nf iwmww A M wlffh' if x 4, " 1 M 4' , I ,V , 1'-M ff ff 'WM 'Y +V w-9f'- . i ' " H. if -Jig' L"'f5'l1v.1 'kffw ' 1' ff ln'-"P"-QM M "3-5' ' L '- . , , , W ,, Z ,,,.ff ,,: . -1 - - ww ' 5' Li' 'fr f,,J,.' ff . "I N 4 ,WW " W ' " ,f Q., ? df. . .' ' - 'W 1 ff A vf QW r"" Af f, r , V '- , J' ' Q -' ' - ' N V ir VVVV, V V4 ,L,f,.l .,JVVVj' , VV?'4 1' , , V Vfgvz .V - "V 'V lv' fy ' 'W , . air' ' 2 -, 1 'Iliff ,W V 4 A 5 - 1. ' ' , f . V, ,A , fr VV W Vi W 1 VV M' V QV 'L ALM, f M ,W ,- M" if ,, , ' V, a , u .,, 4- , fy' V H yy, balmy? fs.. ,Av ' 4' u 1 V. 'if ' , ' V' , ffl! I ,A , 4 " ' ' , . ' Vi 'Q Q , M ff? ,"a'74'f'MW', WPT. ' 'KVA fd nuff' , ff ' ' " 'M ' an ' , ' 'V M g ,gf mn ' W kw"a if ' A- A de w 'M ' , 'JM' ,w fm M, 'I' A " 7 7 v 'D W ? m..2 ' hw ,f rfwlw gf ,, . 4' W , , ' H ww f , Ai ' 4y f A .rf f .i' "f S M x " ' 'M' I gyyry In ' M W 'M H ' W fy Y - 'A f' " 'r' W ' Q, W " 4' f " k A ' .V My N , 0' A .N V W, , A.. .M , MT , l f f , 4' ff V, ,, f' V .9 V, J, y VVVVf , V if y - I V. 'V MH. , , . V f, ,fsvkfwff .- , , A, 1 A - f 4 013- A 5, if ' , y I ., ,f 4, V I ,V Z. V. V 1 V . J, W, V V ' fm 1 " -' fi., 'vga' if I W V 'I 4 ,.' I ff' 'Q' ..,. VV,,', "Kiwi, V I 4 , V., ,f Q, if W sl zz: I vo' , V A rn' nf -Y I Vw '11, f A ,wV,L.,, 'VV' if A 'z H' ,Jar , ,ff 1' 1 ' V, V, 1 V V , I' 1 ' ' ff ' W7 H V W Awww , I , M A , A y .1 V, W . , ,, f ' 4 " fi. .f ,- ' ug V, ,Y , V k , A ,, 5' V V FV, MV I fn., I' V' ,W Mm" W' , ' V' l -V A - ff, 2 . V A gh , ' P ' V . N' i, ,,, '1' ' 4 ,, . " fa ' , , Wil 35' ,I ' ,, -1' I ' 1' v ,Lb , if , 4 " wg fp ' W I .V Y -, . mr , Av ,W , ,--,pw fy 4 ,, " ' A K .f 4' VV V v . . My ff 1 4 , V M 2 'Fw f ,Q . , , V Vi, ff' 4 ' , M, A ,jk 1 ia if V V J , V M I A. , A, .4 M, ,ff , M f , My 1 if W H -f ' V, ' , w f ' "Q, ix. if ' M-if 7 Mr f f ' ' '- 1 A 3541 hy V Y' ,VV-of V W y , ?w'1:,a ' ,.. .f ., .f - f Q3 'v V ' y 4 , ' f ' ja ,K T ' .f2iW,,,f ff ff' . f ,f ' ffzfwf-77" KQLVVS A V ff , 1V , ' Q Vfmyw- ft . A f W ' ' f 'K M' " MW W " ,M f 'f W ' 1 'Q i 4' 4, A f A ,M V ' ' M f b WT. " w 1 I ' .sf ff W iw 1 355229 78 VVV, gs . M , ,4 W ga, WV 4, I an wg? WF Vw wg - , ,W my W 4 M N , 1' , f y' 4 ' W fl ' V, 'f ' 5' ,M 1 f f 'W " , . ,ff f ' ' Q 'Z i , 'EW WWW 2,4 Y , ff 4 f ,, ' b ff mfww' M , S ff' , ' ' ' ' ' W f f V A MVVl,,,,V4 ,, I V V Z 3, V A My ,F in V :fi 0 'f 'I . , kwgwww? 'Q as I f ' fy QSVQWW A, f M ' , + " ' ' ' Vw V VVVVVV, WV V VM Z 5 f if ,Q - 3 - J, ,'5'f'i'F7V ,fl ,VNV V 7 ' , .,,, ,W V'V,,,4' VVVV gfw VV V V VV' W QV, V , ,V , ,,mfg,,f,flbwiv--W V Q f" W V 4 VV, V .ff ,Q f Rip W, J, V M., 'yyf ,V Q Nj' AV ,Mi 4+ ,, "'5l:'f E: ,VJVJVV-fhw fl , ff ' ,2fL. V,2' ,,qV"'n,,VAV! VVV ' V4"","', 11 A Q 'Y , ' ,.' Aff-H V 1 ww" Lf my ' V ' ,sf eff' L" V H" ,fn ' " , .421 f'w"ff""",J , M ,, . ,V h ' .fA,,g,V ,wg 41 f V - :JV y WV , V ,QV ,Vw . , f Nm, ,A eww? W, 'fer+.,,,fc 'fr' f -. wr, m,,,, fm ff- 5-, Fug, :VV Vgw .MA V - 4 .VZ V I, ,W V V, A , -, , -",,fw,,,,,," ,""', - , ,'A-311 ff, ,M f ' f. w. , ' f , ' ,,-M ,w ,J , , VV . M .,, f. '-A, U41 , .'-. Vf, Vwj V ,VM fV Nw, Wx. .' 9 W' .mvfkw 'A M.. if" nf JU, 'f',.V."'Af""w"2 'Nw-5,,1'o"w.',+ , " M, ' ff + nf 1 , , f 1 "'-1.4, 1 W Je 1 ,VUL af 4 f If 1 vw QVLLW? 'MWMW' gf ' fr VV V M,.1Vf,V, VV V VVW-11.3 VV ff:-mf.,, M , ,.-1 f. V1,V,. A .Y V ,y","' V. M , K M VJ' vw, 4 fr 'er ,m , f-V V ,,,,g,,-1. V .om f -AFV, W , iff VJ, ,,, 'y Vwtg V. V VV , A, if . a W1 , Q- - ,, , , Jw vw . ,,,..wA"", ,N ,-VV, H- MA- ..Q',1g:,. ,ff f". mf mf VV " ,ff .mf Wk? i m,,,. K, 'A Vg, 14' A 115 " Y'Mu'f.5V". lf' v,,!,- ,uf M 'Q'-zz",-,VVV hw , - W W jf Vf ,HV V KV ul f J-:M f. V VHVMVAV X , ' - 'V '4, "M , Vfyffff "',,! y ., V V, awk, W '.aJ""w',f"',,,,-if 'pafet' ' ,y,,p'V',VlwkViQ,Q' V-Vu 1 1,54 .4 K , , ,-f,, -. X. A11 Wti,P V W. , -3, M ,Q ,,Iv"' , mf" rw M' Qw'5-0'.gFaf? "4-V-Q "' 'S M ' 1' ' . -F .A.1'A I t "5 1 f .,.,AV .4 0 A M . Q .- 1 ' . uf 4 V - W A , 1 Q, Mr W W V Ju 1 , I V L A I F a W ,, . I3 " , 4 44 W' 4 7 U44 K if , ,ml V 42,4 M, 4, - gg ,,,,, ' VV 'au , V., V t , 'wi , ,f 'vf,3"1-1, 'T nz 05 1, ' K I i kb . .LQ Q ? V ,M - AV lf, In , , W 4, A 4 if a ,V V M ,V A ,, f - 4 V ww ""' V ,il L ' , f if Q 4' 1 W 'V 'Wm , ff 4' MH .V , . V , I 75 Y I 2' I 'aa Q , -Q V 4 V V , V VVV , 'f ggi if ,, ,,w,f'f fm: .flunnf ww 4 Q 1 -1 as ,ff M In , if f' all 1 if af' ,, ,, Viva, V V Q! 1 My " 5 , .fir ,,,1, 'af . Flin" L ,V 6 I ' W ,.. uw '5- ri. 4 A -P4 r, , , wbi if Q , H VV W, A Y .44 fn 4229 V A 9 4 MM? wg- j, 4 J, +2 mvw 5, wa ,V gy, W VV, n a+ ,, 4, ,, fe an 4' 1 .VW 3 Q fb' I VFW 'rl .W A gfa W X , V., , 'VfvX"MQ 3' V an VV., wwf 5, V A V . V' 4 ami Q 02", M V, W, 1 ,FV W, , VJ, nl: V M ,,, V " H ' ' X W M. 1 ,. W -, ,V f V, V 'f" A A an 4. 'ff , ,V M 1 if mgwh " ,w , f'T'M rv' f , M Z. K, , V V My V. 4, 'Z'-T54 ' 'VK , f 7 A ' glff' ,b f fr wa- 'R if . Wy- ?" i.,',v V-3441 .f f ff. ' f 'Y v ' I ' J " V fwfle ,- ' v W ' W , ,VW .w S V M , W-1z'v. .. f 'U' Nd? ' 1 ,, ,,, 4. ,Q M, ps'-LAY' 'l':f':?' FIRST ATTENDANTS: Paul Mancuso and Tammy Rogers, 'KOR 71... 'VIII-'V 6 1 ...M ,L A fax ' I .om T S It ff! ,--. ' ' 7 , LH WM' +L, , 'N ' , ,m ,, f:..Mvfw THIRD A TTENDA N TS: Robert Hallada and Julie Blackshire. is L ' SECOND ATTENDANTS: Tracy Pierce and Dorothy Lizarraga. FOURTH ATTENDANTS Joe Havlik and Sandy McGrady. HOMECOMING A TTENDANTS I5 Two AFS students welcomed at AH American Field Service, AFS, is for foreign exchange students. Such as, Anna Normann from Sweden and many others who have come to Alhambra, and many other schools, from all over the world, including the United States. As mentioned above, Anna Norman is one of the foreign exchange stu- dents who have come to Alhambra. Also, there is Susan Pargiter from South Africa and Ursala Rethschulte fUschi1 from Germany, who left at the beginning of the year. According to Charlee Wallace, an authority of AFS said that Alhambra receives the pick of the crop. All the students we get are fantastic, very adaptable, and extremely open. Most AFS students are open to life and they want to find out as much as they can to make theirs the fullest. Also another reason why these students come to the U.S. is to learn about how life is and to see how wonderful it really is. Susan Pargiter takes time from her active social schedule to relax on campus. Susan Pargiter Ileftj and Anna Norman Irightj enjoy life as an Alhambra student. Here they re shown at one of the many pep assemblies I6 FOREIGN EXCHANGE Yee Haw!!! it's Rodeo Week '16 1 1 :e YESTGAI ,. f L At Friday's rodeo assembly, Gregg Bunting attacks Todd McClain after crawling through the mud used for the tug-of-war event. Gang after being captured and caged. Sean McHenry, Sean Blochberger, and Mike Rettler pose as the Black Vest x :Vi s sf'-s 1 -1- 3 -rf .Su 'L 1X Sean Blochberger marries two unknown victims as Mike R., Mr. Goss, and a friend witness the ceremony. RODEO ..s...,,. A -....... -... ., WEEK I7 Students teach students Members of the National Honor So- ciety INHSQ learned self reliance. man- agement of time and money, and how to improve interpersonal relations. To learn these fine qualities. the students went to business meetings, sales meet- ings, and had a tutoring program for students. To become a member of N.H.5., a student must have scholarship, leader- ship and character abilities, and be elected by the Honors and Awards Committee. If chosen, they met once a month. The sponsors for N.H.5. this year were Mrs. Beeson, Mr. D. Tillotson, and Mrs. McGaffic. The officers this year were President-Julee Gibbons. Vice President-Kelli Bonham, Secretary- Dodi Gibbons, and Treasurer-Kathy Perryman. They all hehved all the mem- bers learn the most they could. -in N.H.5. first row: M. Ramos, 5. McGrady. S. Carmody, D. Cheung, K. Chandler, C. SECOND RO W: C. Long. D. Clark, M. Kowren, 5. Bogert, D. Hanner. K. Perryman. THIRD RO W. K. Bloyed. D. Garcia. D. Graves. A. Hickman. J. Blackshire, A. Rood. FOURTH RO W. K. O'Neal, K. Greely, 5. Grapentine, A. Conarroe, Mrs. Beeson. FIFTH ROW: T. Rogers, K. Bonham, J. Gibbons, D. Gibbons. P. DeHart. and Mrs. McGaffir:. L. 3 1' ,X L.. Nts!! Q FN N.H.5. FIRS TRO W. T. Pfeifer, 5. June, M. Rettler, C. Meeks, 5. Blochberger. C. Burt. J. North. SECOND RO W: D. Ca ywood, M. Chicoine. 5. Wardrope, R. Hallada. J Dunn. F. Tang. THIRD RO W: P. Ashton. M. McComb, M. Mathis. A. Matsumoto, S. Thornton, 5. Vosgier, 5. Goernitz, J. Smallidge, R. Nanny. FOUR TH RO W: J. Dunn 5. Da vis. 5. McHenry, D. Trostle, E. Ama visca, Z. Zeigler. T. Abalos, J. Vasquez. Mr. D. Tillotson, 5. Mayberry. I8 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Donna Cheung ranks number one Donna Cheung ranked number I. Sean Blochberger ranked number 2. 1 Julie Blackshire ranked number 4. Kelli Bonham ranked number 5. 'N Angela Luna ranked number 7. Audrey Rood ranked number 8. .Qi L .lulee Gibbons ranked number I0 Mike Retrler ranked number ll. Paul Mancuso ranked number 3. Scot Goernitz ranked number 6. Zh' 73x-64? T lx Tammy Rogers ranked number 9. bb I TOP .wg I9 Sharon and Chris club Sweethearts Sharon White chose 130 ' I7 -ff 'Q' 'I rlff :C 'wr A 5- 6745 "'-:., :QW ' 7 20 CLUB SWEETHEARTS VaIentine's Da 1 Lover's Day - 5 'mam 4 Senior sweethearts: Robert Hallada and Lynn May. Junior sweerhearrs: Pam Reilly and Roger Wayman. in 'gif' T Sophomore sweelhearfsf Michael Calles and Cathy Lures. Freshman sweethearts: Jim Parish and Becky Crosbie. CLASS 5 WEE THEART5 21 Government run by students The American Legion has sponsored Boys and Girls State for the past thir- ty-six years. The students have the opportunity to study and experience the workings of government. The stu- dents participated in the political pro- cess of organizing and administrating the various political and governmental agencies of a state government. This year there were four girls and four boys who represented Alhambra at Boys and Girls State. The girls, Julie Blackshire, Kathy Perryman, Kim Chandler. and Donna Cheung. went to the University of Arizona. The boys, Sean Blochberger, Terry Pfeifer, Rob- ert Hallada, and Jeff Smallidge, went to Northern Arizona University. Julie Blackshire, Kathy Perryman, and Donna Cheung went to U of A for Girls State, Robert Hallada. Sean Blochberger, and Terry Pfeifer went to NAU for Boys State, 22 BO YSXGIRLS STA TE Honors in culture, journalism Parnassus was sponsored by Mrs. Moore. In order to have been in Par- nassus, the members were on the hon- ,,,,,, or roll at least one semester. They met every second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Parnassus members in- volved themselves in attending events such as Lyric Opera Theater presenta- tions, Phoenix Little Theater, Phoenix Symphony, and the Phoenix Art Muse- um. The students learned cultural en- richment as well as knowledge of the arts. Quill 8 Scroll, the International Hon- orary Society for High School Journal- ists, was organized on April IQ l926, by a group of high school publcations ad- visors. Since its organization, Quill S Scroll has granted charters to more than Il,3LX7 high schools and Alhambra had the privilege of having one of these charters. To be a member of Quill 8 Scroll a Student must be either a iunivr Or Sen- oulu SSCROLI.: FRONT ROW: Wendy weamerman. Shelley lard.-m, lvllt-lu Burl. MIDDLE ROW: Valerie lOl' having good scholastic standing Karpouskas, Brenda Johnson, Sean McHenry, Donna Szczepaniak, Julie Tiscareno. BACK ROW: Ivero and have at least one year experience Esqueda, Mike Murilo, James Dunn, Mr. Cunningham, David Beebe, James Tibbs, Ace Welch. in a publications or be presently on a publications staff. The people in Quill 5 Scroll learned how to improve them- selves in journalism. G-an c S i if Ere i PARNASSUS: FRONT ROW: Kami Glazman, Belinda Yee, Alice Lohr, Kim Driscoll, Dorlinda Gellenbeck, Deborah Brown, Julie Verrill, Donna Cheung, Julie Blackshire. BACK ROW: Martin Rasnick, Daniel Cheung, Steve Merkley, Susan Castelo, Robert Hallada, Kathy Perryman, Suzanne Bogert, Cheryl Bogert, Mrs. Moore, Eddie Amavisca. QUILL 6 SCROLLXPARNASSUS 23 4' NXKU. .rf ,fr Nd ' at - ' A ' 5 ,ff 'F f"'f 'X K 3 S K J F, ,gf A SQ sf S Qi R N Xi Q if his "ab wx-rx 'V' Kiwi QM nf M . N fff- 'EEF-:5Eif":E1 : m.1, Q ' if X Qs Q K ' L x m mf- M .Q , .ln 'W A . 4, RM 5 AN 3 f 'Q , Q ' Fw " A Q, A ,,,, X it E 5 h ,X gil 'MQ 9 W . K -X X., fax.- . kk 9 X vw SK -- av-.V F 2 Q Af Q was X +4191 x 5 'X Q " x , if A-3' M -ws? if AC I K Q Q 4 Q F Q- X , J A +1 I 'G MQW OF 5- V 25: Qs-sy X NN 5 L, ,W pi . A1 Q gg. Cv fi.x .N J J. . M. . us fm - QW 1 W ,wi AQ' ,f - Fi 1 f w .ff - 1 Q NX pk gg, " , . . - L 1 ' L 'M s +H5-,:,f - A 1 4 1, ,:.' 1 m Trib' s W ffl! NM i... , Lex' if fa? - wg .Q xx XLS, QL ,Q Vx f'1f'x Q ' yi il ktlgs k iii, W is K EY f K ,g 9' ' X515 qw 'f Q I 1 a ' 5' wav of .fx A , , 4 '4Y i X -N3 . LL: Vx . AA' 4 1 . , . g x Q ,- 9 Ls X , qw. 1, Q 1 4 , at QM, A .xii 5' Mr. Dye appears to be the center of attention at the homecoming assembly. "The late show" starringz AHS Lions Bob and Julie. third attendants, make the most of homecoming night. 26 HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES The l982 Lion 's Homecoming was truly an exciting event to remember. A spectacular firework show illuminated the sky filling the air with excitement, as the mighty Lions went on to win the game against South Mountain. The parade of floats was highlighted by the crowning of the king and queen, Jon Smith and Carmel Washington. The Senior Class float, "Tarzan," took first place in the float competition. Key Club 's 'Barney Miller" followed, placing second. During the week many activities were held, along with floatbuilding and a carnation sale. Paul Mancuso and Michelle Johnson pose as Tar- zan and Jane. I lffqai if ' 1' it T , V 5 ,AA ,, e of-C' ff AAIA 'fvV!pIMf"'g , E x Carmel Washington, homecoming queen, gives her opinion at a club meeting. Tracy Pierce and Dorothy Lizarraga are chosen as second attendants. .Ioe Havlik and Sandy McGrady are chosen as fourth attendants. Q 1 f 5 I v t The second place Key Club float displays the jailing of the Rebs. HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES 27 1 X 6- x Xxx , Q .S W. x?.4.5,.a-: ,- - , I fe +1 his-VI5' 2 " " - 5, . Two unidentified students attempt to pop each other's balloons during a homecoming activity. Sandy McGrady gracefully shows off her karate moves. 5 s I s H s fl 5' I x I Sean Blochberger is up for bids during the slave sale. r""' --'anvil "Oh no! l?n losing!" says Kelly Niehuis a 28 HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES' s she juggles an egg. Nag Seniors are making it to the top. yi Y ascots show their Lion l'pride This year's Mascots were Debbie Quan, Beth Nullman, Marci Woodruff, and Julie Harris. Mr. Wayne Anthony was the sponsor and Debbie Quan was the captain. All four mascots had to meet certain requirements in order to be a mascot. They had to participate in spring try-outs, which included a test of sports and performance. The mas- cots attended many sporting events. This year they started something new. They supported the girl's sports events. Aside from supporting the spirit of Alhambra sports, the mascots also went to local hospitals to cheer up children. The mascots also held some fund- raising events. MASC OTS- TOP RO W: Amy Loeffler. Debbie Quan, Julie Harris. BOTTOM RO W: Marcy Woodruff, Mr. Anthony. Beth Nullman. 'Mighty Lions are number onel" the mascots cheer at one of the home football games, MASCOT5 29 X X . NX his t N 4 Qs Q X X Q w X QS X Ex X1 X N 3 1 -1 X :S 4 QT Xe ' x Q Q Pom hi hlights halftime shows The l982-83 Pom line, led by captain Kelly Niehuis and co-captain Sandy McGrady, performed many creative dance routines for enthused AHS crowds. Along with dancing at all the home football and basketball games, they performed at assemblies, pep ral- lies, marched in the rodeo parade, and competed at ASU's Band Day. Aside from dancing, they supported the cheerleaders by cheering with them during football season. The Pom line obtained high honors at summer camp. They won a superior trophy along with a third place plaque for home dance and many superior rib- bons, Under the direction of the new sponsor, Ms. Milnes, each member of the line sold homecoming ribbons and candy. The money earned will be used for the next year's uniforms and gen- eral fund. Carla Redick and Brenda Lopez hehr hold the breakthrough banner at the Lions-Bruins football game. POM-FRONT ROW: Tracy Taylor, Sharon Dawson, Kelly Niehuis, Sandy McGrady. Julie Verrill. BACK ROW: Brenda Lopez, Michele Morse, Dorothy Lizarraga, Robyn Epperson. Carla Redick. Poms hold a count for the camera during their dance at an assembly. 1. 1: :frets ' a sf 3 if S 2 . Ni . 5 . E ,ski The pam line gracefully performs during the Fall Sports assembly. POM-PON 3l Band plays under new director The l982-83 Band had a new director this year, Mr. Richard Felix. They played popular songs, such as, Bye Bye Blues, La Bamba, Hey Big Spender, and many others. They played these songs at all pre-game and halftime shows during the football season. The band also played at pep assemblies, sports assemblies, and some basketball games. For a new twist in music, the march- ing band became known as the Con- cert Band. This was done after football season was over. This year the band performed at the Arizona State Fair, competed in the Arizona State University Band Day, and held a Drum-A-Thon. The pro- ceeds from the Drum-A-Thon went to- wards sending them to California for another competition. Hopefully in this competition the band will ha ve a won- derful turnout, but they will show their Lion Pride. Band marches in uniform step to one of the many pep assemblies held in the quad. V t S 5 1 1 BAND-FRONT ROW: G. Lindenmeir. K. Bittner. G. Wong, M. Holzlander, K. Kerr, L. Carter, C. Mirenda, D. Celaya, E. Terrien, D. Gorslin, I Padegimas. J. Brooksb y, K. Brunicon, J. Boston, D. Gellenbeck, D. Gorslin, D. Purva, C. Sketch. K. Padegimas, D. Sandvig. SECOND RO W: D. Longoria, M. Moroney. L. Miller, R. Washington, L. Franke, M. Mclntosh. G. Breshems, A. McCulIy, S. Pykare, P. Cottrelb 5. Orr, A. Brooks, M. Giacalone, L. Grenillo, K. Sarjent, N. Bradley, T. Smith, C. Contes, K. Perrymen, S. Bogert. THIRD RO W. L. Roman, C. Stanley, R. Charlett, D. Wells, S. Sellards, C. Bogert, R. Nanny, K. Bonham, R. Birdwell, B. Seiter. L. Carpenter, P. Scott, J. Taylor, D. Moody, B. Gaiten, L. Sellards, C. Newton, S. White. M. Braun, L. Nein. BACK RO W. Mr. Felix, S. Davis, T. Sloan, C. Roleber, 71 L ynek, K. Snow. C. Burt. A. Piarga. K. Turley, J. McBride, L. Cordero, V. Cohen, B. Bowles, B. Buchennan. R. Consier, B. Bauios. .L Dann. S. Brooksby. J. Frank, D. Grapentine, D. Hanner. NOTSHO WN: F. Rakosi, L. Cole, M. Rodarte, V. Caler, K. DeFine, M. Donovan, R. Earl, F. Figueroa, T. Giles, K. Krout. K. Todd, M. Bedare, S. Szechenyi, A. Anau, L. Miller. B. Hallada, T Hinduliter, R. Mogler, P. Rodriguez. 32 BA ND X. . "4 , N 1, , ,yxy I A 142 S. . U ll' H' lu? ' li -fa, y- ei Y I ' i 4 V AL , 4 its I v.. 1-nr-uv' ' Band performs for all the spectators during halftime at one of the many While waiting to perform, drummers practice for their big moment on the football games. field. 11. A A F V . 2 Q i :LE WM N. :gi ,b Wm .tw A gy... E t ,......-uk, , . Q " '-Q. L x Q B5 W E Q ,y it ' ln' l 1 X W X S mx ..,,, x F 5 xx 7 5 f During the Drum-A-Thon, Mike enjoys the scenery. The marching band marches onto the field to perform. 1,2 5?X 5':.f15E ' . fsf mam. Lance warms-up performance, on the drums to make a good Saxophone players stand ready for their cue. BAND 33 Jazz up our life with a little music Drum Player, Lance Cole, shows he's having a great time during the Alhambra-Drum-A-Thon, Mr. Felix shows his enthusiasm as he directs at a Jazz Band concert. Hi IHH II IH II III 3, JAZZ BAND-BOTTOM ROW: Janet Holkestad, Mike Giacalone, Debbie Hannes, David Vasquez, Jeff Lizar, Jason Frank. SECOND RO W: Chris Flores, Kandi Bittner, Linda Carter, Tom 5loan, Mr. Felix, John Dunn, Chrissy Contes, Cindy Miranda, Lance Cole. BACK RO W: Lance Miller, Robert Nanny, Rich Birdwell, Scot Brooksby, Mike Brown, Larry Miller, Jeff Taylor, Mike Moroney. NOT SHO WN: Mike Ray. 34 JAZZ BAND Dancing experience learned Modern Dance had a spring concert and a Christmas program. Diane Ma- lenfant was their sponsor and some requirments were that they had to be a member of Performance Dance. Their spring concert went towards paying for materials and costumes. The stu- dents learned performing and stage craft, as well as choreographics and other performing skills. They felt that they were helping the community in a cultural way, as well as getting good ex erience in dancin . P g Ginnifer Meadows, Rae Earle, and Carmel Washington perform a dance during the Christmas program. , A X ' N' N' a'.. ,.aa a L. in N9 A X ' f. . f gaat fa D R Q! X S. 4 MODERN DANCE-FRONT ROW: Carmel Washington, Lisa Woods, Laura King, Barbara Duarnte, Terri Yates. SECOND RO W: Stephanie Formey, Angie St. Clair, Denise Williams. Heidi Gonzales, Allison Fernandez, THIRD RO W: Janet Holkstad, Wesleyann Parks, Teresa Border, Rhonda McElrath, Lanita Rae C uspard. Lori Howard, Rae Earle, Shawn Garrighan, Shawn Jerman, Audrey Ryberg, Chris Salomon. BA CK RO W: Lisa Mason, Michelle Mills, Trina Pippins, Ginnifer Meadows, and Katrina Fortney. MODERN DANCE 35 Chorale performs musical fest Alhambra's Chorale was sponsored by Mr. C. V. Troup. The officers were president Jamie L. Howard: Vice-presi- dent, Billy Barrios, Treasurer. Kim Driscoll, and Secretary Diane Metzen- dorf The members of Chorale were established by approval of the instruc- tors. They planned many activities, such as the State Fair Concert, NAU music Festival, Spring Travel Concert, and a end of the year banquet. They held fundraisers, such as car washes, and candy sales. The proceeds went to awards, trips and for the ban- quet. The main objective was to have a better understanding of the Chorale music and enjoy entertainment. The Chorale performs in front of an audiance while Mr. Troup conducts. Mr. Troup leads the Chorale during one of their concerts. 'YV'YY'Y'!'Y'7?Y'? YVVY' CHORALE FIRST RO W: Susan Erdely, Kim Driscoll, Carmel Washington, Lauralee Watkins, Dorothy Deerman, Vera Neilson, Candie Ransbottom, Michelle Conde, Tracey Hegeholz, Michelle Tucker. Darla Bertram. SECOND ROW: Christine Gordon, Kathy Todd, Tina Trott, Dai Nghiem, Thomasina Johnston, Kelly Novak, Rhonda Barnes, Shari Hazzard, Jamie Howard. THIRD RO W: Mr. C. V. Troup, Kdirectorj Dorothy Mc Grath, Cynthia Minard, Christine Lavin, Cassie Red, Tammy Watson, Becki Hanawalt, Ronda Hale, Denise Lockhart, Patricia Gowan, Stacy Sorenson, Amy Burdo, Diane Metzendorf. BACK RO W: Dennis Kading, Billy Barrios. Robert Jacobson, Ron Barrett, Darren Emfinger, David Mc Cue. Patrick Garcia, Johnny Chou, Eddie Emfinger. 36 CHORALE Howdy partner, ,xii in With shaving cream around their mouths and water being shot in their faces, two students show school spirit. it's western time fi For one of the quad activities two students compete in the sasparilla chug-a- Iugging contest. Pom line gets ready to do a dance to the theme from Best Little Whore House in Texas. i.. Mr. Goss hehrs the rodeo assembly move along smoothly. Gary Howse relaxes with Mrs. Billing after getting covered with mud during the tug-of-war event, RODEO ACTION 3 7 Student Bod helps school Student Body Officers were made up of President, Robert Halladaf Vice- president, Julie Blackshire, Secretary Paige Dehart, Recording secretary Donna Cheung and Treasurer Sean Blochberger. They were sponsored by Mr. Thomas Goss. Requirements for membership were to be elected or ap- pointed and to have at least a grade average of 302. They earned many awards and par- ticipated in many activities. They won the Rotary Club award and earned self- satisfaction. They sponsored the homecoming dance and held various fundraisers during the year. Also, they were involved with the Suns game ticket sales for Make- A- Wish. The stu- dents went and worked at the Arizona Recreation Center for the handi- capped. All the people in student gov- ernment learned about self-direction, leadership, and independence. Ths Student Board which was elect- ed by the student body and were made up of Kathy Perryman and Tammy Meeks. Some of their responsibilites were to attend meetings with other school representatives and attend school board meetings. Activities chairman was Sandy McGrady and Kelli Bonham was the Co-chairman. Kathy Perryman and Tammy Meeks, Student Board. Donna Cheung. Julie Blackshire, Robert Hallada, Paige DeHart. and Sean Blochbergen Student Body Officers 38 STUDENT GOVERNMENT 7, 3 wg Q GROUND: Sandy McGrady. Janice Tang, Tina Meyer. Kathy Todd, Julie Petrytus. Sherri Carmody, Shannon Browning, lvero Esqueda, Pat Kearney. Mike Shequin, John Culbertson, Susan Castellano. TREE: Sean McHenry, Lynne May. Pam Allen, Kelli Bonham. Sean Blochberger, Mike Pettler, Bruce Barns. N.. .5 ff I Sandy McGrady, Mark Lewis. and Charlie Meeks are active in one of the quad activities. Student government passes out goodies to classes during the holidays. e""s 4 Sean McHenry and Gina McKenna show friend- ship during Christmas time. A C Tl VI TIES COMMITTEE 39 "Starting Over" FORTRESS theme "Starting Over" was the theme adopted by the l983 FORTRES5 staff Editor-in- chief, Donna Szczepaniak, Photo-editor, Sean McHenry, and Advisor, Larry Cun- ningham, worked together to give the yearbook a different face than the past. An wh 1 I emphasis was put on better photo quality, - - if and coverage of the earis events, and the , 2 , V I U , V,,,z, people of Alhambra lgligh School 1 it The idea of "Starting Over" was formu- Q VA 1 i,, N . lated to coincide with a new principal, f ,, 3 " change in some policies, and a change in A ,, , A s ' g ' ' the make-up of the student body, because w in -. of the closing of other district schools. The -,t. . 1 .V A 1 theme was carried throughout the intro- cg . I 5 Ygff , 'fy Y duction and the division pages, which fea- pa ' ' J g tured photos of real lions. 75 1 W F W' L A Fresh ideas came from Donna, Sean, and V 5 g's.g: ' ' ' David who attended the AIPA Publication f 5 ' A Workshop held at NAU. Also, several other staff members attended the AIPA Fall Con- ' W t + 1 2 wp, M, A vention, which was held at Central Arizona f Q' 5- College, Sean McHenry Photo-editor, Editor-in-chief Donna Szczepaniak, Advisor Larry Cunningham C Y I , t K . ls. K. ,I F ' L N f vt N Lx S is a I f Micki Burt CFreshmenQ, Julie Tiscareno Uuniorsj, Ivero Esqueda KSopho- Photographers: James Dunn, David Beebe. moresj. A ff ll ti .1 .4 . l983 FORTRES5 STAFFERS-FRONT ROW: Micki Burt, Shelley Jordan fClubs2, Mike Murillo fSportsj, Susan Drake Mcademicsj. BACK ROW: Wendy Wu, 'herman fSportsJ Kelly Hudspeth KSeniorsQ, K ym Smith Kstudent assistanij, James Tibbs Cacademicsj. 40 FOR TRES5 STAFF .., ww,,.k,r 3 M 4 Mr. Cunningham discusses ideas with editor-in-chief Donna Szczepaniak. V V H W ,W L,,, W n,., , , , , . , ','wwfa4f'fzm5ft1? 5, "Yjf,iiQg3i?427tQT'lf,-I 3 P' e R FORTRE55 staff photographers David Beebe, Sean McHenry, and James Wendy Weatherman and K ym Smith show 'Y-?uddilly" charm while inyear- Dunn take pride in their first place award won at AIPA, book. W , 1 5 i, ,,w-LW pl Y f 4 5 14 x K Staffers Brenda Lopez, Sean McHenry, James Dunn, Donna Szczepaniak, lvero Esqueda, Julie Tiscareno, and David Beebe relax at the AIPA Fall Convention. FOR TRES5 STAFF 4l Haire new advisor for SCIMIT R Taking on a new look this year, the Scimitar had a new advisor, Mr. Haire, who brought some new and fresh ideas to the newspaper. One was to ha ve the Scimitar printed on real newsprint as a full sized paper. Previously, under dis- trict policy, the newspaper had to be printed as a half tabloid on 802 white paper stock. With the heh? of new prin- cipal, Mr. Dye, the staff was able to print the new size. Another idea was to have the newspaper type face en- larged to a more legible size. Under editor-in- chief Dodi Gibbons, the Scimitar attempted to cover more timely news events as well as to do some in depth reporting on subjects that interested most students. The staff also added some features that large city newspapers included, such as printed cartoons, puzzles, quizzes, and brighter graphics. The masthead was run in color on several issues to hehr give the Scimitar a more brilliant and cheerful look. Editor-in-chief Dodi Gibbons works hard on Scimitar, to get it out by deadline. MVK 'uhh-Nb" fha..-I' SC IMI TAR S TAFF-FRON T RO W: Gary Fineberg. SECOND RO W: Gina Rosene, Alissa Haenel, Valorie Karpouskas, Grace Chee, Brendaa Johnson, Lisa Hendrix, Eve Miner. Lisa Rogers. BACK ROW: David Nichols, Paul Mancuso, Ace Welch, Chris Valdes. Donna Sharkey. Dodi Gibbons, Mr. Haire. 42 SCIMI TAR 1 H555 ml- ,Q ., .. :JH r"'? f 'f Y In l K :'Z"-If M 'L 1 x'k- ig -Y x E X K i f its , I sag: 125 x QQSR x W vssmlw me hi? fax fig yt 5 Q , xg b . . is :fi re' '1S- ' f ' . While Donna Sharkey seeks heb from Mr. Haire, they Te caught unexpected- Dodi Gibbons and Gary Fineberg are la ying out copy for next issue. ly by photographers, M Z' M xv, :W 'W 'Q -X V , it Brenda Johnson takes a break to comb her hair. Lisa Rogers, photographer, is shown scheduling pictures to be organized. ,X 0 N s..x,,.an-A 'N as +321 .4-we David Nichols and Valorie Karpouskas discuss new ideas for Scimitar. Lisa Hendrix and Eve Miner groom themselves as they prepare for an IHIEFVIBW. SCIMI TAR 43 ROTC takes pride The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps had many activities. The Cadets had fundraisers, such as candy sales and they also collected for Gompers Rehabilitation Center. Also, some of the money went to purchasing better equipment. Their sponsor, Maj. Thomas S. Gruhn, said that the only requirement was to belong to the PUHS District. The students were taught first aid, map reading, drills, military knowl- edge, military courtesy, citizenship, and responsibility. 1 w I 1- ' ' 3rd PLA TOON 'UV' TROOP-FIRS T RO W: O. Irish, I Steele, R. Roberts, G. Breshears. SECOND RO W: R. Freeman, N. Beach, V. Knowles, S. Carnes. THIRD RO W: .l. Juern, D. Douglas, G. Lindenmier, 71 Snead, D. Stephens. .gal .:-we P '1 s xc' if A . L, x L W 5-v , Jsg. 41 WN. lst PLA TOON "B " TROOP-FIRS T RO W: G. Mnnzingo, T. Carrico, M. Walker, D. Sell, M. Oski, S. Holland, R. Soza. SECOND RO W: S. Stephens, K. Kerr, D. DeRoss, I. Hernandez, E. Henry, B. Rice, S. Skowronski, D. Gibons. THIRD ROW: F. Clark, K. Light, K. Ratliff, M. Moller, G. Gregg, S. Thomas, M. Smith, C, James. 44 RO TC 5 5x 1 K 4 lst PLA TOON '34" TROOP-FIRS T ROW. E. Moore, E. Gaerths, M. Doncevic, D. Brown, R. Fort. SECOND ROW: D. Fay, E. Escareno, A. Terrien. M. Bryrne, S. Philipson, C. Davis, THIRD ROW: R. Hager. C. Carson, L. Birdsong, S. Dunham, J. Still, M. Mc Lamb. fx fx ,J 4""4g , .A iw an snmmiau Ind PLA TOON '24 " TROOP-FIRS T ROW: L Blasor. M. Hutchinson. D. Holl, H. Rouse, D. Nash, A. Willette. S. Skelley. SECOND ROW: E. Kuzia, M. Haight, T. Rider. M. Phehls, S. WherseL THIRD ROW: L. Carpenter, .l. Lackey. B. Jensen, P. Warner, M. Roan, T. Nicholas. WA vm. sim. an QM dw rf N -Q4 N - A ....31.k.aue 'S' 2nd PLA TOON "B" TROOP-FIRS T RO W: A. Nicholas, K. Titus, D. Webbert. J. Damwyk, L. Sell. SECOND RO W. R. Griffin, J. Weatherford, M. Mcintosh. M. Barnes. F. Figueroa. A. Gandarilla. .l. Tibbs. THIRD ROW: R. Dodd, C. Phehrs, C. Ignatius, J. Kirk. L. Shelby, A. Gibson, M. Slater, K. Whipple. RO TC 45 Drama students act in many plays THE L OTTERY THE L OTTERY THE L O TTER Y 45 DRA MA C URIOUS SA VA GE OUR TO WN fi fx- X' , -iw. M . rim mm ' A K. - Q: ws Y Sw, -Q N' Aw Ni X N N QM SEN xx Ax XM X N 7' . 'S 8 . W if k as We 13' mx X 'Ulf ,sw 2 w ar A Q .. 5' s S X X is W Q1 K as K Xm ig SE Ns S F it iii' X is i ff Q Q S Q K X QE Q Q Q J f . g X QM sn- Q: 5 Q N S Q S Q sv if 'Q fb is 'X ...Nd if 1 - 45 ' 'Til-:EF-SZ-1:1:EE5fsi2EE:5IP: QW? -'Ei51g sLiif?51SSl. EFQQI iiwiliilf - - 4531951 -215: " is N - -a:Qs'-::'n- QHQKX-X :Exif-2: Q.. A 1151 11: :W-swk xisfs X -:-ff-,M k,,Mw , ,iagg . 1 :,ffsfiNf: m,w11f4 -Q 7 .k ffffx - . - fe:-5 :fix 4 Egmiisi ezsf miffi - . , - , Q, i 'HM . I , wif . fswef- S B fx e Q 3 X Y X Jsfgif. Q 'xx fwsyffkfi W W up K x . 4 ,S ws K , , X sf? K Q 1 "W . X at PM ex .f Q sk 1- ,3 ,K K , X WY 5 Sli' 50 KEY Key Club: "Strengthen from Within" was the Key Club's International theme this year. Mr. Wayne Anthony and Mr. John Russell sponsored the club. The presi- dent was Dan Masters. Club require- ments were to pay yearly dues. They met every Monday evening. Almost every Saturday a project was planned by members. They planned many fund-raising programs to pay for club projects. Among these were a candy sale, Christmas decoration sale, and a dunk tank during homecoming week. One of the club 's main projects was working at The Beatitudes Campus of Care, a home for the elderly. They worked for The Hacienda de Los An- geles, a home for the mentally and physically retarded, and The Crisis Center, a home for physically and mentally abused children. The Key Club members learned how to be someone, how to work with oth- ers, and how to ha ve leadership devel- opment from their activities. QQ if Strengthen from Within KEY CLUB OFFICERS: Dan Masters, Eric Hall, Jeff Young, Sharon White, Rebecca Mahr, Kathy Mahr. Mr. Anthony. 5 1 Sze? 559.38 WLKSI, bill' 'Q , 5. . fa tg I. 23 X. fl . 3 KEY CLUB-JUNIORS-FRONT RO W: Penny Schuster, Sharon White, Tracy Claridge, Becky Mahr, Linda Carter. SECOND RO W: Alma Bocanegra, Dan Masters. Angela St. Clair, Natalie Bursott, Barbara Villasenor. THIRD RO W: Yvonne Kellar, Louise Robertson, Michelle Lazovich, Jeff Young, Shannon Browning. FOURTH RO W, Stacy Lewis, Helaine Palma, Darlene Kelly, Kim Brooks. FIFTH RO W: Chris Becker, Keith Anetsberger, Nathan Lewis, Jeff Steele, Kris Wenzel CLUB ln! JIQQL. .,-Slim ,wwf 3 A ' - if in I M, 5 ,gf V . 'aw , :W lk M H 1 KEY CLUB-SOPHOMORES-FRONT ROW: Priscilla Romero, Theresa Giles, Angela Koch. Tosha Turley. Beverly Matsumoto, Samera Turk. SECOND RO W: Karissa Anderson, Michelle Franklin. Mike Braun, Rose Thompson, Sandi Berry. BACK RO W: Howard Goldman. Carl Sharp, Eric Hall, Patti Schallmann. Jimmy Camargo. KE Y CL UB-SENIORS AND FRESHMEN-FRONT RO W: Christi Schallmann. Monika Brown. Kim Richards. MIDDLE RO W: Anna Normann, Kathy Mahr. Heather Guffey. BACK RO W: Erick Burns, Nick Truog. KEY CLUB 5l The Distributi ve Education Club displays trophies during club week in order to increase interest in their group. lhnllvi WC M i MART' ARTS CLUB The Martial Arts Club members wait impatiently for visitors to show them some self-defense techniques. 52 CLUB ACTION 4 S AQQ -5 Amy .. LL s F - -33 - Q 5 -i. --A we We-1, w S .. . . X .... f-ir' ..i.iX.' - K. . t A r ' .. . 1 5 Q -L - X f s' ' K 21? -gm Q A -pes 1 ' Q L i - A - - - Q - if . some , , , m se,t C X s ...K .... XMNKXM'-M...,,,, t.-- tsrngnom euctueep HG 7 -- . '-'-' Fa. "'f.Sf'I - :-:'.':. '-in ff T 5 XSQ Q g2125:- Q1 ' A vacant Astronomy and Engineering Club table sits outside the photogra- phy classroom displaying their activities scrapbook, -.4 Chorale members sing out the praises of the Alhambra vocal music program during club week, Bowling Club strikes at sportsmanship Mr. Arthur Boglio and Mr. Clayton Wootton sponsored the Bowling Club this year. The president was Brad Wal- lace. Club requirements were to have an interest in bowling, have money for games, and have own transportation to the games. Meetings were held every Monday that school was in session. The mem- bers bowled from September to April Bowling was held at The Brunswick Lanes every Monday. Bowling Club members learned good sportsmanship and social skills. g BOWLING CLUB-FRONT ROW: Jeff Simmons, Mickey Feilds, Jennifer Yocum. Tammy Barret. BACK RO W: Mr. Wootton, Debbie Hurt, .loe Matoskey, Barbara Sopsher, Rex Porter, Jodie Smith, Steve White, Dixie Wagner, Robbie Vick, Mr. Boglio. BOWLING CLUB 53 Varied genre forte of Writin Lions swam-mag. bbbb K ,..,,. I . AAAA ...X The Alhambra High School Writing Lions' Club was sponsored by Mr. Mar- tin Krey and Mr. Larry Cunningham. f Dodi Gibbons was the president. Mem- f etz bership requirements were to be inter- ? L ' ife ested in one or more types of creative X writing, attend meetings, and present their own original writing. Regular meetings were held on the , first and third Thursday of every 5 . C month, except September, December, E and May. -5 aid? 1 art' ' 1 1 i its f s L I L Q : S 'Q 1, i -Q 'N'-rf Alissa Haenel follows nurse 's instructions alter giving blood CREA TIVE WRITING-FRONT RO W: Jeni Brooksby, Rhonda Parish, Janne Feymeyer. BACK RO W: Mr. Larry Cunningham, Carl Johnson, Blake Hall, Mr. Martin Krey. 54 CREATIVE WRITING CLUB Forensics, Thespians debate, act Mr. Fred Snow sponsored both the International Thespian Society Troupe 4952470 and the National Forensic League clubs. The president of the International Thespian Society Troupe was Mary Jo Conklin. The membership require- ments were to ha ve worked in atleast two play productions. Members planned four productions, and entered competition at the A.I.A. Speech and Debate Tournament. The president of the National Foren- sic League was Scott Orr. Membership requirements were to be interested in public speaking and to be in the top half of the class. They held a candy sale to pay for tournament fees at the A.l.A. Speech and Debate Tournament. FORENSICS-FRONT ROW: Wendy McNair, Tim Greeley. SECOND ROW: Mary .lo Conklin, Chris Sala- mone, Karen Harper. THIRD ROW: Felix Roccaci, .Iohn Johnson, C ynthie Gowan. BACK ROW: Marty Fortney, Scott Orr, Mr. Snow. 'E' 6. ,.,, D, li., J THESPIANS-FRONT ROW: Wendy McNair, Tammy Barret. Tim Greeley. SECOND RO W, Tina Malone. Chris Salamone, Matty Fortney. THIRD RO W: Mary .lo Conklin. John Johnson. Marylin Greer. BACK ROW: Mr. Snow, Cynthia Gowan, Mike Mercer. Kirk Snow. FORENSICS, THESPIA NS 55 FBLA lub markets key chains, cand Mrs. Olga Bice and Mrs. Barbara Shoaf were the sponsors for the Future Business Leaders of America Club. The president was Heidi Lowen. Membership requirements were to be enrolled in a business class, and at- tend the meetings, which were held twice a month. They sold Beich Candies and Alham- bra key chains to pay for their way to the conferences and field trips. The club visited the Valley National Bank, Arizona Public Service, and a rest home. Members entered competition at the Regional Conference, State Con- ference, and the National Conference. Terri Yates, Carmel Washington, Laura King, modern dancers. perform an expressive routine during the Christmas assembly. 'WW fi-Tl'-Jr AC."'5 fi L' fit C3337 FBLA-FRONT RO W: Jean Sargent, Linda Leung. Patricia Clark. SECOND ROW: Rebeckah Peeples, Carol Preiger, Deborah Graves Julie Vesley THIRD ROW Sonji Webb, Heidi Lowen, Cheryl DeLoera. Jodie Baker. BACK ROW: Daneen Gibson. Kelly Sabucco, Felicia Valenzuela, Sonja Lochart Laurie McCormick 56 FBLA H.E.R.O. sells variety of merchandise Mrs. Anna Snodgrass sponsored H.E,R. O. C Home Economics Related Oc- cupationsj. The president of the club was Joe Matoskey. Membership re- quirements were to be interested in a career in HER. O. H.E.R,O. members planned many fund-raising programs to help pay their way to the State Conference at A.S.U., and an employers' banquet. They sold Alhambra Lions, mugs, cheese and sausage, and held a bake sale and a car wash. Members learned how to be responsible employees. Principal Mr. Dye gets in the spirit of things during Key Club Week. i 3 fix! Yu H.E.R.O.-FRONT RO W: Joe Matoskey. Colleen Slade. Vikki Lawson, Doena Vote, Rodney Samuel SECOND RO W: Susie Sandvig, Lynne OMeara, Tanya Hughins, Kim Magnetti, Rhonda Howard THIRD ROW: Paula Daily, Gina McKenna, Sheila Lee. Ursulla Henderson. Mrs. Snodgrass. FOURTH ROW: Tracy Turner, Kim Betchtold, Carol Rose, Brenda Langdon, Karen Landry. Karen Grieve, Tricia Hoover, Isis Cuellar. BACK RO W: Donald Moser. Kirk Darrough, Richard Hansen, Ginger Osborn. H.E.R.O. 57 Hikers, cyclists enjo outdoors 1? FM GRINNELL HIKING-FRONT RO W: Marie Rodriguez, Bettina Moran, Tammy Moore, Becky Lutrick. SEC- OND ROWf Ouetealiris Montenegro, Brian Ramsey, Ed Gaeraths, Craig Ramsey. THIRD ROW: Mr. Coffey. Celia Garcia, Eric Moore, Robin Moran, Davy Davis. BACK ROW: Jim Still, Marco Amavisca, Martin Garcia. Tony Johnson, Jim Tibbs. Grinnell-Hiking Club members this year planned hikes and cleaned up re- creational areas. The club learned about the outdoors from their activi- ties. Membership requirements were to attend the meetings which were held twice a month. - Mr. Coffey and Mrs. Pratt spon- sored the Grinnell-Hiking Club. The president was Martin Garcia. Bicycle Club members planned char- ity rides for the Cancer Society and St. Vincent de Paul. The club learned coo- peration in a group, safety procedures, and how to care for their bicycles and enjoy the outdoors. The sponsors for the Bicycle Club were Mr. Niece and Miss Eisenberg. The president was Michael Moroney. Membership requirements were to have good physical ability and a ten- speed bicycle. Q"f,,?""'C-1 'Na 'KNSQA' ,gci was BIC YCLE-FRONT RO W: Mike Moroney, Vincent Perrick, Brian Venable, Robin Moran. 58 GRINNELL HIKING, BICYCLE v H f. ki ,R ,nf . Aww 4 , . B 'N L. V K, 5 Y' ---:, w 1 rs N 3 vm Sip ' EI Q fm, h M 3 2-,pr WY 0 1 , ,W was '4 in X X A ,, '17'f"Mgi fl ' 1 Mr. Lumley reactivates BU After being inactive for two years, the Black Student Union was reactivat- ed by a new sponsor, Mr. Lumley. The club helped black students to be more spirited. It also offered them help in finding friends, since many of these students had entered Alhambra from their home schools that have been closed. N Two students perform an interpretive dance during the Christmas assembly. S-'S+-1 BLACK STUDENT UNION-FRONT ROW: Andrea Russell, Sheila Lee, Angie Green. SECOND RO W: Annette Waite, Lesley Barnes, Diane. Lisa Smart. BACK RO W: Cornell Green, Kevin Jack, Patrice Williams. Gina Morton, Keith Jones, Mr. Lumley. BLACK STUDENT LINION 61 its Ze ,W ,A fl 1 .FW gi tg, ,, fvdrwf 2151.5 .XXX 3 I a C OMPU TER-FRONT RO W: Mr. Goodrich, Daren Caywood. Sharynn Kew, John Dunn. Micki Vandre, Ms. Savage. BA CK RO W: James Dunn, Eddy Amavisca. Frank Coons, Robert Hallada. Computer, Martial Arts punch out Mr. Goodrich and Ms. Savage spon- sored the Computer Club this year. The president was Daren Caywood, Vice-President was John Dunn, Trea- surer was Mickey Vandre. and Secre- tary was Sharynn Kew. The club met the last Tuesday of every month. Members planned many different kinds of fund-raising pro- grams to pay for videogames. Membership requirements were to pay SLCD dues per semester and to attend the meetings. Members learned programming and basics about com- puters. The Martial Arts Club was spon- sored by Mrs. MacC-Iillvray. The pur- pose of the group was to learn and demonstrate skills in the art of hand to hand defense and Combat- Butler. FRONT ROW: Mary Hunt, Becky Bernal MARTIAL ARTS-BA CK RO W: Scott Kearns, Jeff Ta ylor. Rick Dupont. SECOND RO W: Bill Whitelock, Mike 62 COMPUTER, MARI TAL ARTS :io Fla line works as band auxl lary Flagline members take to the field along with the Alhambra Lions marching band at a home football game. -R Maiorette Linda stands at attention as the marching band plays. 3 . f 'E X P l ' S:. ,si -V: Rmqk 'J-M9 FLAGLINE, MAJORETTES-FRONT ROW: Pam Rodriguez, Jill McBride, SECOND ROW: Brenda Buchanan. Kerry Turley, THIRD RO W: Beth Bowles, Angie Pianga, FOURTH ROW: Viki Cohen, Laura Cordero. BACK ROW: Lisa Nien, FLAGLINE MAJORETTES 63 DSD, Native Americans plan events The Dungeons and Dragons Club was sponsored by Mr. Mulligan. Membership requirements were to pay SLCX7 dues per semester. The mon- ey was used on new equipment for the games. Meetings were held once a week on every Tuesday. Members learned good sportsmanship and intelligence. Ms. Lowe, Pat Helton, and Mr. Rus- sell sponsored the Native American Club. The president was Lillian Delma. Members planned a fry bread sale. a car wash, a totebag sale. a dance, and a beadwork sale to pay for community projects and cultural events. The club taught members leadership responsibilities and personal and cul- tural awareness and growth. ! W..-1' 'S YZ- DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS-FRONT ROW: David Muns, Mike Haight. Kevin Hedspeth. Mr. Mulligan. BACK RO W: Jim Tibbs, Heron Moller. NA Tl VE AMERICA N-FRON T RO W: Darryl Garcia. Allison Begay, Lavonde Price, Bobby Alley. BA CK RO W: Loren Russell, Sponsor: Jennifer Honhoinewa. Da vid Millet, Lillian Delma. Brenda Jensen. Michelle Alley. 54 DUNGEONS AND DRAGONSXNA TIVE AMERICAN A Great Expectations haircutter cuts David Beeb sored by VICA-ICE. e's hair, which was spon- Grinnell-Hiking Club displays camping equipment during club day. ' was ..,. News WM 5 ,L imniam lrxvilznlfag .. My .nik Q .Q six 1,- 'U' I f CUQK1 8 if Q3 'ye Vi, ,iw it ................. it-F., 5 M Q K va.. W kk W- E in-C l .- , : t X. . 1 ' - -L wr, W ' ff use P we '- f. . '-as 1 s sa., f tt. A " 51. :Si v' 'flip , ,- Ag -- LE- rs- - X 'ia C. L ::..: t. . , . , " n 4 ' s anna C s nz' X K Mil 5 5 F L5 35Q,.,+ .. ,N . vm 1 .J 2, ,. K siqifggi-ikzig. , My ' ' 'F' -mi, The Creative Writing Club displays former Lion published, students' writing that is Tracy Powell sells candy applies for the HERO Club. CLUB ACTION 65 ,W ty-,,t,,V,.,, ... Z M a rketi ng Y , s E gg - V stressed M DECA was a work study program for high school credit. Members learned about leadership through practical ex- perience on the job, in the classroom and in the Distributive Education Clubs of America. Mr. Driscoll spon- sored the club. Students in the club were placed in jobs throughout the community deal- ing with marketing skills. These skills included sales, advertising and man- agement. Students are collecting food for the Christmas food drive from classrooms. DECA -FRONT RO W: Lori Wickerson, Brenda Lopez, Tonja Strubble. SECOND RO W: Ellie Teapole. Steven Richter. Jeff Grover. Dai Nghiem, BACK RO W: George Breshears. Dorothy McGrath, Rebecca Peeples, Lisa, Mr. Driscoll 66 DECA QW? C-N -usu- ss. Q get HU" X vffsw pw-ff R 21.51. t X?- Xu... Lucy Rodriguez has her blood pressure taken by 3 Hopf member. Brian Thiffault, a HOPE member, demonstrates what smoking can do to your health. HOPE- VICA: FRONT ROW: Mary Sue K wiecien. Marcella Artalejo, Anne Ebert. SECOND ROW: Brian Thiffault, Ginny Butler, Kim Billington, Miss Gerdin. THIRD RO W: Sandy Koressel, Kathy Jump, Brenda Langdon, Andri Willette. BACK RO W: Bob Russell, Jana Troup. Cindy Patrick. David Mann. HOPE helps careers in health HOPE members held a car wash, a candy sale, gift check sale and they sold programs for a rodeo. The club used this money to pay for social ac- tivities and civic activities. and an em- ployer-employee end-of-the-year- steak-fry. Miss Gerdin was the sponsor of HOPE. The president was Aaron Har- ding and the vice-president was Brian Thiffault. Membership requirements were to be involved in a health careers class. The club taught students leadership development. employability skills and how to work effectively with others. HOPE 67 Ski takes to slopesg AFS sponsors students Julie Blackshire takes a break from selling con- cert tickets for the group Servant, sponsored by the Alhambra Fellowship Club. The American Field Service's main objective was to bring students from other countries to Alhambra and send students from Alhambra to other coun- tries. The members found housing for families. Mr. McCauley sponsored the club. Sharon White was the president. The Ski Club was sponsored by Mrs. Wharton. The main objective of the club was to take ski trips. i M 1415444 PUNK li 'X : .r N X ,. AFS-FRONT RO W: Julie Petrytus, Eric Hall, Liz Padilla. BACK RO W: Heather Guffey, Kim Brooks, Sharon White. , mg, ' mxuil 4df.z,..,g , SKI CLUB BA CK RO W: Denise Pickering, Diane Moore, Lisa Nadolnay, Liz Padilla, Scott June, Amy Broderick, Monica Soto, Pam.Allen, Trina Pippins, Carmel Washington Eric Foster, Carla Reddick, MIDDLE ROW: Aaron Harding, Monica Rangel, Beth Daniels, Lisa Gaona, Tina Feliz, Chris Flores. FRONT RO W: Gary 9 Qt X X s M15 Fineberg, 68 AFS SKI CLUB COE-OWE-FRONT ROW: Melanie Brown, Tumara Dryden, Jean Sargent, Patricia Clark, SECOND ROW: Michelle Kowren. Dani Cook, Dawn Bushroe, Diane Dominguez, Cristi Rogers. THIRD RO W: Shelli Grills, Sheri Carmody, Pam Stone, Amy Conarroe, Lori Smith, FOUR TH RO W: Lori Barker, Cynthia Harris, Donna Perez, Toni Davis, Feliciz, BACK ROW: Mr, Duncan, Annette Kisner, Laurie McCormick, Christine Massard, Kim Hemming, Cathy Gibbons. OWE-COE office work experience COE-ONE stands for Cooperative Office Experience-Office Work Exper- ience. It was a work program. The club placed students in busin- esses throughout the community and in the offices at Alhambra High School The jobs included typing, filing, an- swering telephones, and all types of general office work. Mr. Duncan spon- sored the club. R N 'U The Student Government decorates the Alhambra High Schools' 20th anniversary cake, COE-OWE 59 A C develops citizenship, ethics The Alhambra Youth Fellowship Club was a religious group for teenagers. Mr. Hampton and Mr. Johnson spon- sored the club. The president was Julie Blackshire. The club met every Thursday morn- ing. Members studied good citizenship and ethics. The Biblical principles were used as the background to their dis- cussions. The club was open to all faiths. W' Julie Blackshire. president of AFC, smiles for the Julie Blackshire leads the discussion at one of the weekly Thursday morning club meetings. camera. V? u-nuusnlnuulll ALHAMBRA YOUTH FELLOWSHIP-FRONT RO W: Heidi Lowen, Debbie Graves, Julie Blackshire, Ann Hickman, Amy Burdo. SECOND RO W: Mr. Johnson. Yvonne Kisner, Ivy Colligan, Debbie Brown, John Johnson. BACK RO W: Eddie Amavisca, Annette Kisner. Wendy Doolittle, Kim Doolittle, Frank Bageous, Debbie Hurt, Deanna Fincher, Mr. Hampton. 70 AL HAMBRA YOUGH FELL O WSHIP F.R.I.E. . .S develops brotherhood F.R.l.E.N.D.S. was brotherhood club F.R.l.E.N.D.5. stands for Friends Reach- ing into each others Needs and De- 7 F.R,I,E,N,D.S,-FRONT ROW: Lanita Rae Cuspard Yvonne Canez Trina Pipplns Sean McHenry Carmel Washington Terri Yates BACK ROW Tammy Meeks Cathy Perryman, Lisa Cruz, Allison Fernandez, Dona Grisius l' 5 in A Great Expectations haircutter, which was sponsored by VICA ICE trims Debbie Hanner a maforette stands at attention during the National Anthem Mr, Nevin 's hair, 51 'QQ 1 I N! ..,k KL :xx . if E X Q r as w, ie, yi, W - ws ,. Q if - f it We va ff 6' X S m fm , .,.v,,,u,w ,. X ,V V qw ikqf .S ieLA Q S kv Q,,.. A Q A is 2, N ' 9 1 -. Q R , W yu X,"'x' is -if W J x K. . . an ,ss . gk vw. X F -as . A i sw Q- ,af sf' ' SEM. as ix-OP , Ns M sf V Q-fy .4 251 -L-.' . Jigga K. Wy Q S3 ii f xx X,., -ff -M A - A . J 1 ,3 Xb ix -,, a,:,f . H 5 -Ku . yr V XA YQ we L- , . ,Sis 'VET ' S ' in se. . af A - X ,Q Sw' as ,."- - -wx X A wx if gf it ,X L ar -W X , m - N- . ' N Ag, we f 4 " ' ,f S A W 8 s .,. ' if " Nr sk ' Q f, 5 XXYL, ,QJVQQK QDJLQ.. WFJULQVMUWK Wiiziitm lf-Q-9..JYg QxfYXl,Q.0. ..9,gL,RQboLfL ip QQ6'YYk.O., VN ,,o.9..Jp J . ox S2772 H T5 S . QQ A gg PUHS Superintendent Dr. Henderson presents Mr. Dye with the .IROTC honor plaque. 1 'S A S'S new Principal, r. Dye There were many changes at Alham- bra this year. There were some new rules, a new attendance policy, and best of alL a new principal. Mr. Wellesley Goodwin, Alhambra 's old principal, went to Maryvale High School and Alhambra received Mr. Robert A. Dye, former West High prin- cipal Mr. Dye started out 24 years ago as a parttime counselor-teacher at Phoe- nix Union High School. He worked hard until he became a principal, which came about in I974 when he became the principal of West High where he was for eight years. When Mr. Dye came here, he en- forced some new rules. One was that "no hats or headgear worn inside the buildings by young men at any time." Another was the enforcment of the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence every morning. He wasn't as strict on the 'Pledge Rule" as he was on the "Hat Rule." Another change made by Mr. Dye was that he made announcements every Friday over the P.A. system. Alhambra also had a new attendance policy this year. The parent had to call in before noon on the day of the ab- sence, or send a note of excuse with the student on the first day back. Mr. Dye sits listening to the Russian Air Force captain with an Air Force Mr. Dye cooks pancakes for the annual pancake breakfast. colonel from the USA next to him. 74 ADMINISTRA TION dministration keeps all in line ee 1 5 :Q ,.qi'f,.a1""" W m,.. wi.-rg lp Mrs. Lucene Billing, Assistant principal, registration, files some students' Mrs, Rosalie Winslow, Assistant principal, athletics, talks on the phone to names in ahnhabetical order. organize some sports events. ,g... Mr. Keith Nixon, Assitant principal, activities holds the wall up to relax after Mr. Rene Diaz, Assistant principal, extended day school, stops his work to 3 'CWS day. smile for the photographer, ADMINIS TRA TION 75 Art get new ceramics room The Art Department got a new room for ceramics classes this year. It pro- vided more storage space and working areas. The goals the art teachers had for the students were to teach them an awareness of the great variety of visu- al arts, develop skills and knowledge needed to pursue an art career, as well as many other opportunities. Some of the classes offered in the Art Department were Crafts I-6, Scuhn- ture l-65 Photo I-6g Ceramics I-6g and many other courses, Mr. Gerald Bridgeman taught Crafts I-6, Art l-2. and Scuhnture I-6, Department Chairman. Mr. Larry Cunningham taught Photo l-6, English 3-4, and was the Yearbook advisor. Miss Marynelle Hartman taught Ceramics I-6. Mrs, Joan MacGillvray taught Advertising De- sign l-4, Graphics I-2. Fashion Design, Drawing I- 6, Painting I-6, and Art I-2. An unidentified student takes a break to smile for the camera while working on a ceramics project. 76 ART DEPARTMENT Students work intently on an art project in one of Mr. Bridgeman 's crafts classes. Unidentified students work with clay. cl development In culture , , R :fs -11Q'- j 1.- - El' Ol'I11ll1g ft PYOVI BS C ,.... i L ' ,.,,, X fe' Stk it t If Mr. Snow describes a scene to his drama stu- dents. The Performing Arts Department provided an opportunity for groups and individual development in the var- ied cultural courses offered. Some of the courses were Band, Concert Band, Beginning Choir, Concert Choir, Jazz Lab., Guitar, Drama, and Dance. The classes in the Performing Arts did assemblies or certain perfor- mances for and after school. The marching band participated in half- time shows during football games and performed at the State Fair. Lanita Cuspard performs at one of the assem- blies in the auditorium. N? E' Nw S all .. ,tk ,JL r . H N,Nbf1 ' Q 5, . , zgl. 8, 12 Mr. Cornelius Troup taught Beginning Chorus I-4. Concert Choir l-8, Beginning Guitar I-4, Ad- vanced Guitar l-8, Department Chairman. Mr. Fred Snow taught English 3-4 and Drama I-6. Kathy Perryman prepares to play her trumpet at a halftime show. Two actors have a go at each other in the drama production "Curious Savage" presented in November by the drama classes. PERFORMING ARTS 77 Home Ee helps students Mrs. Batina explains how to sew a seam in her Clothing I-2 class. ,s.5 , X g 5 ,,:, A hx s-': 1 sL -E X, g f 1,. sss f s ff.. K E Y. I Mrs. Sue Radell: Foods I- 2, Department Chair- lflall. 'W' ' -- 1. 05, W. A .fn in-r"l 1? 'L ' f H-K " in Y .-A ., ai' V' 1 ,E yt, I 38. qs! K Q x .u A A. , is f. 'Q if !"'s..X is Mrs. Loretta Batina: Ms. Judy Gerdin: Health Child Development I-2 Occupations and Health and Clothing I-2. Occupations Work Ex- prepare Tucked away in the archives of the 7617 building was one of the more im- portant classes to AHS students. As the loyal come and go the world reaches out and very few are ready for it. Leading in the fight to prepare stu- dents was the Home Economics De- partment. All electives, these courses ranged from Foods and Clothing to Sin- gle Survival These courses hekred the average student prepare for the out- side world. Also among these courses were two programs that aided in heh:- ing students to make career choices. The HOPE and HERO programs stood as a fine examples of Lion Pride. SEE X 5 ss k 4 Yi .r if f Mrs. Madeline Minchin. Mrs. Anna Snodgrass: Human Relations. HERO and HERO W0fk Experience. perience. .su-10 Students give children a Christmas Party in the Child Development class. Students work on sewing projects. 78 HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Ind. Arts offers helpful courses There were a variety of classes of- fered in the Industrial Arts Depart- ment this year. Among them were Au- tomotives I-4, Drafting l-4, Electronics I-4, Metals I-41 Woods I-4, I C E, and Vocational Automotives. There were fourteen classes offered altogether. All the classes were electives. The Industrial Arts Department of- fered students training for construc- tively personal careers that could heh: them in their futures. WY 'it . 'T 9 C if ...,o Y ' I Mr. Harold Rucker taught Auto 3 - 4 and Voca- tional Auto.: Department Chairman. Mr. Michael Chowaniac taught Auto I-2. Mr. George Deitrich taught Blue Print Reading and Drafting I-4. Mr. Byron Dombrowski taught Electronics I-4. my Electronics can be fun, as a student works on a project in an electronics class. Tl ff ...WW ff """" J . I Us lg I ., '7 - K John explains the work to his friend in a drafting class. 'Does it go varoom. varoom or putt putt?" mlm 4 x . FU fr I i Q, p fr ,M 2 'I 1 U . ' Mr. Stephen Feldmann taught Metals I-4. Mr. Donald Kinnaman taught Woods I-4. Mr. Morris Russell taught ICE and ICE Work Ex perience. INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT 79 Business provides students with job skills An unidentified pair of hands finishes the assignment in a Typing l-2 class. L61 -' A Y The objectives of the Business De- partment this year were to provide students with entry-level job skills and personal knowledge in the subjects taught. Among the subjects' offered were Business English, Typing I-2, Office Typing, Shorthand l-2: J O E, C O E, Business Law, Accounting I-4, and Ad- vanced Marketing. All the classes of- fered were electives. The Business Department was very proud of their new microcomputer. the TRS-80 IL . ff x R SB? ww'- i sfgisgg " , 1-' iff? S Mrs. Olga Bice taught Shorthand Mr. Edwin Geist taught Business Machines I-2 and Accounting I-2. Mrs, Diana Hammit taught Accounting l-2 and Typing I-2. Mrs. Joyce Johnson taught Typing I-2. and Gen- eral Business I-2. 3, af m 7 ra Whee this is fun! says a student as her fingers Fly across the keys. get A student in a Typing I-2 class focuses her attention on the lesson rather than on the keyboard. 80 BUSINESS EDUCA TION DEPARTMENT xt. fe wg 'ref ' 'Q Q 5 'fs 1 . Mrs. Lynne Powers. taught Office Typing 3-4. Typing I-2. and Business Machines I-2. Mrs. .loan Valentine taught Business Law. Office Typing 3-4. and Accounting 3-4. Mr. Robert Duncan taught COE Work Exper- ience, and OWE Work Experience. Math Department gets five computers The main objective of the Math De- partment this year was to provide the students with courses they needed and could succeed in. Some of the courses were General Math, Intro. to Algebra, and Algebra, which could be taken for the two required credits. Ge- ometry, Intro. Analysis, Consumer Math, and Computer Math, were elec- tives. The Math Department received five TR-80 computers to be used through- out the year. Mr. Dominic Giambruno taught Geometry I-2. Intro Analysis I-2A, and Algebra I-21 Department Chairman. Ms. Jennifer Savage taught Intro Algebra I-2 and Geometry I-2. Mrs. Diane Smith taught Consumer Math I-2 and General Math I-2. ' Y 2 X Mr. Giambruno points to a math problem on the board as he explains the assignment. 14N?'X3'3zs Mr. Arthur Boglio taught Geometry I--JA, Con- sumer Math I-2, and Intro Analysis I-JA. Mrs. Harriet Chotras taught General Math I-2. Calculus I-2AP, and Algebra 3-4. Mr. Vernon Culbertson taught Algebra 3-4, Alge- bra I-JA, and General Math I-2. -vu... Mrs. Paula Dicke taught Intro Algebra I-4, and Algebra I-2. Mr. Robert Goodrich taught Algebra I-2 and Computer Math I-2. Mr. Ron McNeece taught Intro Algebra I-4 and Algebra! Trigonometry 3-4A. Mr. Jerauld Nelson taught General Math I-2 and Intro Algebra I-2. Students work out problems at one of the new computers as Mr. Goodrich observes. MA THEMA TICS 'DEPARTMEN T Sl tl O English offers man electives Part of the school 's required courses was almost everyone's favorite, Eng- lish. The students were required to take four years of English, but the Eng- lish Department offered electives for those students who thrived for more. Among them were such courses as Journalism or Short Story. This was the last year that only three years of English were required for those graduating this year. Very soon almost every student will become familiar with the English Department, somehow or another. Although it is re- quired, the main objective of the Eng- lish Department was still to help stu- dents learn about the language and the usage of it. W . -. ' - SLESX- if 6555?-X' ' .TWF ' - . - q A ' 1- r A . A student gathers information for one of her many research papers. 82 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mr, .lohn Campbell taught English 3-4 WE, Senior Writing Skillsf CTA Unit Chairman, Department Chairman. Mrs. Nancy Beeson taught English 3-4 and Gifted Program. Mrs, Grace Frederick taught English 5-6 and Communications Mass Media. Mr. Curtic Greenfield taught English I-2. MP' .15 I I 7 1 , A it ' ,,, I' M . l - . , A P 1 5.4, - 8, 37 ..,, V5 :IE Mr. Robert Groenig taught English l-2 and English 3-4 WE. Mrs. Carolyn KellyfBrandon taught English l- JWE and Spanish I-2. Mr. Martin Krey taught English 3-4. English 5-6A. and English 7-8. Mrs, Garnet McGaffic taught English I-2 and English I-JAP. .MWLMMM x Z Z E w,,,..,,W, ,,,.,,, .,,, sm. ., , , - .,.,. AM, - ,,,, ,,,. , ??f?"?'W"'S5??5SZ552'tH551if?tJt5.fS?s..sw Students wait patiently while Dawn types in some information on a career into the computer in the C3l'9El' Cellfef, null ..- ff-T "' Q 'X ,H Q 3 .. , . QE Mrs. Janet Moore taught English I-2, English 3-4A, and Humanities. Mrs, Whelan and Mrs. Tally help out a library visitor, T 3 .. , ' A if -M ' New ,, if - 1 -f st, 'Q Ei ggi QS at - .ay I . .5 VFX zii fi? G igififfwgfw' f E 2 .Eg 5 7 , :ff 5Y: ':'1 I g f l' E35:f-7? 'QZEV flat 5 1 ,m geggtg gf? .gang fff w Wiififfetsa V i ffifffiif - W 3 53 .5252 5 3 if ' ' ' " V ,Q Qi MyQiwg2mZMfe2f,fffi4st:ismeffa2i1-ffl. Q, mags . Q ,, g ga 9 7 433'Wtyxfwvam?I252ygg4:sifbmQ?ggf5igSSLiQiis2,'ft1'if-Xi'4,ggc'11i7'3ft43 5 if Q Q V f i fi at if Q , . . , ,WZ f .2 , W X fx! M if fi 2 5 ii , J 5 6r-l 1 i ne? Mr, Robert Mulligan: English I-4. Mr. Gordon Raaen: English 3-6, Mrs. Mary Richardson: English I-2 and 5-6, Mrs. Renee Shorr: Communications and Mass Media' English 5'5 and English IJAP- Mr, Campbell, English Department chairman, makes a copy of an assignment, X E if J .ak N ,ge 'M is Q st ff Q R it s 9 u N. -niggas eg. , .s i Ss k..rL. ,:f gig .asb??5S4f 2. L ' M V. ll , . E 'f 3 l Jr- .gums Mr, Joeseph VanNessf English 3-4 and 5-6 WE. Mrs, Donna Wharton. English l-JWE and English 5-6A. Mr, Clayton Wootton: English 3-6. Seniors work on an assingment in the library as they work on their research papers. Mrs. Jean Brittanf English I-2 and 5-6. 5 S . - 5 wf Dr. Greenfield looks over his work with confi- dence, Mrs. Carol Sloekersl English I-4, Mrs, Ruth Socket. English l-2 and 5-6. A student removes his l.D. so he can check out a book. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT 83 Students pass requireds learn culture The objective of the Reading De- partment this year was to hehw stu- dents pass the required reading test. The classes offered were Modern Reading Skills for Freshmen and Read- ing Skills for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. Students who needed to pass the required reading test were in these classes. The objectives of the Foreign Lan- guage Department were to teach stu- dents to speak, read, write, and under- stand a foreign language. The classes offered were Spanish l- 8, German I-2, and French l-6. In the second year French and Spanish classes there were next text books and a teletrainer on loan from the phone company. A ,H ...,,.., Q: 2: L ,J 7 K R 'L' - 5 L ' . it X if s , fr A T ag is 0 X X is Miss Linder recites and relaxes at the same time. Mr. Laverne Coffey taught Modern Reading Techniques l-2. and Linguistics Resource: Department Chairman. Mr. John Haire taught German I-2, Journalism l-2, Practical Read- ing Skills I-2, and was the newspaper advisor. as X L Ng X Y 2 2 MF ft' we' ...H Yr Miss Joan Plum taught Spanish I-B, Department Chairman. Miss Lucy Linder taught French I-6. fe-eggs -L 3 3 5 T 1 s -L gp f LsLL . X M-MWWMM "'-sw.-...-. an W 5 L ss s , sss 'NN L an LL qLLgq 5. Class listens intently as Miss Plum describes a lesson in one of her Spanish classes. I 84 FOREIGN LANGUAGEXREADING Staying in hape till in style This year the Physical Education Department again re- ceived some specialized equipment for all the classes. So this year there was more equipment for the students than before. Some of the classes taught this year were Weight Training. PEOPEL, Life Time Sports. Outdoorsmanship. and Gymnas- tics. The most important class was not one really thought of as P.E. The class was Health. Health was still a required course for sophomores. The students in the P.E. classes learned how to use and develop muscle skills as well as techniques and ideas on keeping fit. Team spirit and cooperation was also empha- sized, although individual talents were always in demand. I , gt, W f ,,? L :f:f3t1Qf ' -L77 1 f5'4Efi5f .S if i t Q Q , SYEWV, 'li n 1 Q i"' as at t - , - P pg' " ,. ,.- I ' Mr. Nobley. Miss Malenfant, and Miss Lane all taught Health Education. Mr, Norenberg taught Lifetime Sports, Girls Weight Training. and Outdoarsmanship. , We sw Students play soccer during class, "" " W' Mrs. Lines taught Self-lmprove- ment. Department Chairman. Mrs. Stacy taught General P.E. and PEOPEL. Mr. Nevins. Mr, Kemp, and Mr, Morrison all taught General P.E. and Weight Training, A student squats with a lot of weights under the watchful eye of Mr, Nevins and few students. PHYSICAL EDUCATION 85 Science helps students learn about earth For students to graduate, they were required to have one year of lab sci- ence. Most students fulfilled this re- quirement by taking Biology I-2, or Earth Science I-2. Besides these two classes there were many others of- fered, among them were such ones as ChemfPhysics, Astronomy, Chemistry and Anatomy. The basis of these sciences was for the student to do labs. These labs helped the students investigate the subject they were working on more thoroughly as well as provide some practical work. Mr. Meyers shows his interested class a slide in one of his physics classes, 86 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mr. Slavin hehws two students with their lab in a biology class. Mr. Allan Vandershoot taught Earth Science I- J: Department Chairman. Mr, Frank Brandon taught ChemfPhysics l-JA, 3-4A, and Chemistry I-2. Mr. Matt McMinn taught Earth Science I-2. Mr, John Meyers taught ChemfPhysics l-2A, 3-4A. Physics I-2, and Astronomy l-2. -. X ILL fer Mr. Sla vin discusses Dodi Gibbon 's work with her mother during Open House night. Mr. Larry Slavin taught Basic Science, Biology l- 2. and Biology 3-4A. Mr, George Zeigler taught Ph ysiology, and Biol- ogy I-2. Mr. James Stanfield taught Biology I-2, Mrs, Colleen Roth taught Earth Science I-J. 2 1 5 Chris Dawson writes his observations down after finishing an experiment in Chemistry, SCIENCE DEPARTMENT 87 erica taught in histor This world is a big place and helping to learn more about it was the Social Studies Department. Part required and part not, this department was very well used and appreciated by the stu- dents. The required courses, stag- gered over four years, pro vided an un- derstanding of what was out there. The Government and History classes helped explain some of the back- ground of the best nation around. If a student was even more interested, he could choose from more specialized classes like Anthropology or Human- ities to satisfy any curiosity. Mr. Richard Johnson taught World History I-2 and American History I-2, Mr. Maurice Shoger taught Anthropology and Arizona Historv I- 2. Mr. Johnson talks to a pupil and parent on Parent 's Night. 88 SOCIAL STUDIES if' bi S s S 3 Wnsxy y ,B W 1 , f rmm 'I f' f is f w 1, 322322 - ff' .f . Wm? fi elm Q A i may Qt f Q9 8 S a 5 Mr. Bill Wharton taught America History I-JG and World History I-2, Department Chairman Mrs. Libby Friedman taught American History I-2 and lf2A. Miss Claire Hurlburt taught American History I42, Mr, Don Lumley taught American History I-2. Mr. William Salony taught American History l-2. Mr. Paul Mungo taught Ameican Government IJ, l-JA, Free En- terprise l-J, I-JA, Mr. John McCauley taught Free Enterprise I-J, American Govern- ment I-2. Mr. John Murphy taught Free Enterprise I-2. I-JA. Mr. Tom Goss taught American Government I-2, was the Student Government Advisor. - I . t E . Li: Q 3 1 ai: s.i r'tt as A - M' .. mfiisgifii- fi --L, . . 1 iff-2 15 '- ' ' . : A K .I V 1 .N 'VLL A t, K in wry? 0, 5 . . X 1 ' 5 . . . ' f 2 . Z 1 'it' Mr. William OMeara taught Arizona History I-2. World Geology IJ, Mr. John Russell taught Arizona History I-2, Free Enterprise I-2. Classroom attempts to listen while teacher recites. Exceptional students main treamed Q 1 if M S f :rl ' :':-,::::'...,,,7v Y 'ig Mr. Al Horcasitas was department chairman. Mr. William Owens counseled EHXLD students. Mr. Alan Adams taught EH self contained. Mr. Wayne Anthony taught Practical Math Mr. Craig Niece taught Basic English and LSL. Mr. Mike Pappas taught Practical Shop I-2, Math 3-4. and Voca- tional Prep 3-4. Ms. Deborah Roman taught Practical Free Enterprise. Miss Yolanda Smith taught Practical Science. f , f f t.,,M,,,mag.-f ,qv -.,,.-2, .. sigi gg A ..., . . .. " Ei lf' X TW 7 ,-aii,, Ms. Michelle Tobasso taught VMH self cantained. 4 Mrs. Beatrice Wayman taught Mass Production Lab. and Work Experience. As one of the more hehwful depart- ments of the school, the Exceptional Students Program assisted students with learning disabilities, emotional problems, physical problems, and men- tal retardation. They also prepared the exceptional students so they would eventually be able to succeed in the mainstream of the school. Some of the classes offered for the exceptional students were Practical Math l-4, Practical Reading. Practical English l-8, Practical American Histo- ry. Pratical Free Enterpries, Life Skills, Learning Skills Lab, and Basic Science. This was the first year of teaching at Alhambra for Ms. Deborah Roman and Ms. Michele Tobasso. Mrs. Charyn Berg taught TMH Self contained. Mr. Michael DiBenedetto taught Basic English, American Histo- ry. Ms. Rasma Ekmanis taught Basic American Government I-2, LSL. Mr. Ken Hampton taught Basic Science I-J, Practical English 5-6. and Basic Health IJ. Ms. Tobasso shows students how to carve a pumpkin in her VMH self contained class. EX C EP TIONAL STUDENTS 89 Students, Fac "flap" over pancakes F sv ? Mr. Dye and Mr. Nixon share a grill while cook- ing pancakes. WIN 'W' Nikki Barnes takes a break from dipping baner Io smile at the camera. "" G5 Mr, Dye and Mr. Nixon flip the pancakes lo perfection. Mr. Nelson and a student pose for the photographer, 90 FACUL TY ACTION .4 w ' . Mr. Charles Burton, Alhambra 's first principal. converses with Mr. Kinnaman at the student-faculty Security guard Loren Russell enjoys eating pan- breakfast, cakes at the student-faculty breakfast. .wx .,.w...f,61-M,w:f1..:'-. ...sts f Y., X x Mr. Barraza, farmer assistant principal at AHS, talks about his new job at Camelback High with Mrs. Socket and Mr. Goss. aati .I :,tt Kim Magnetti and other members of HERO sell coffee and milk at the student-faculty breakfast. X Mr. Horcasitas and Mr. Duncan 'ham it up" in front of the camera at the Spring Sports Assembly. Misters McCauley. Duncan, Geist, OW1eara and Russell express their ap- proval of an outdoor assembly. FACUL TY ACTION 91 Student ln the ROTC Department, there were many classes offered. Among them were marksmanship, map read- ing, military courtesy, first-aid, and drill. The MOI class, given by older cadets to other cadets, hehred the stu- dents learn to speak in front of a group and research a topic, Then they gave their reports in front of the rest of the class in about 20 minutes. The main objectives were to learn leadership and responsibility. sax LEX 4 VR. S 1 Major Thomas Gruhn taught the upper cadets in applied through advanced leadership development. MST. Rollin Kohrs taught the LD- I level cadets. learn b teachin T . . ,,,: Q ,sx 'i' 1 i ,E K tp ig.. ""' ws . N s . www rf ' A K ii , r....' K g S mi gf - Q f Y 'fs ...........c SL l ' Q W 'N .A . X. 1 gg Q . eff' . w g 'C ' E R5 T 3-1 z ' R .,.. . '- 5 7' T 'W' K NH A few of the cadets march in squad drill competition. unison during the 2 4 The Alhambra .IRO TC Color Guard Marches down the street during the Wickenburg "Gold Rush Days" Parade. Members are of the guard are T, Carrico, M. Mclntosh, D. Sell, K. Kerr. and C. Davis. 92 RO TC - 645,465 I :-- YT' ff"' g ., w- . 3 HQ f, f T K 4-" 1 . ' 3 . Q, ttts .f k yqw C .-, 1 C 5 f U T -ei. w The "Mighty Lions" Drill Team, commanded by CXCPT Laux. presents arms during regulation drill at the Brigade Drill Meet. .QQ . .-as Q MST. Kohrs looks at how well a squad is doing with a scribe not far behind. -"t' .MW . ff , rr t ...Q . f. '-an f1s,....,g- The "Desert Rangers" study maps while on an overnight bivouac at Seven Springs. They are commanded by Cfll. T Breshears. Counselors h lp tudent through The objective of the Guidance De- partment was to serve the students and staff of Alhambra as well as the Alhambra community. The counselors helped students with problems they had, such as needing a schedule change or any personal problems they might have. They also hehned students with schedule changes and registra- tion. Early in the second semester, the counselors went to the Alhambra Dis- trict elementary schools to aid the eighth grade studetns with registra- tion. :mfs Mrs. Mitchell, counseling secretary. writes out a call slip for one of the students. , . , 1 T if 3 fp. , it I . s ', V, Q1 ,M Dr. Peters, B, discusses one of his students with her father to straighten everything out. t if , Q E .. Ms, Lowe, C, talks to one of her students to heb him out through some tough times. Ms. Shelley Johnson, counselor Ms. Monica Lowe, counselor C. Mr. Dave Tillotson, counselor H. Mr. Mitch Tillotson, counselor A, Miss. Janet Nelson, counselor D. Mr. Bill Wilson, counselor K. Dr. Leon Peters, counselor B. Dr. Phillip Berra, department chairperson J, GUIDANCE 93 AN--...,, 5 G xxx QR s w s RX X Nurse Ann Boltz takes Mike Murillo 's blood pressure to make sure everything is OK. Mrs. Vemich checks Sean McHenry 's hearing to see if he is going deaf Mrs. Carmen Suminski. Vision la -s M. Q EW55. , 1. is gf - ':sfwt,Q.sm2,..:'r lg ..... V my I ,t .,1E yiixi c . ' .f'Lt.f"S1,A. I 6- . " ' ,. . r :mf saw-:11.:2,f.g--ze' r ' axfw....,,.l . Qs . - . LQ' .-LQ' 5. : 1' 5 ':Yi5:r5!3I if' '- 'WI -X . 3'-Yfiilxaiiig - ?5:.'fs?' NSBSi2'5if'P ax. ig lil bi Mr. Tom Sweet, Instructional Materials Department Chairmam Ms. Nel Ward, Librariam Mrs. Betty Whelan, Librarian. Mrs. Jean Vemich, Hearing labi Ms. liz Wallace, Speech Lab: Mrs. Ann Holtz. Health Center: Mr. John Porter, Security Aide. Service benefit school The people in the Services Depart- ment this year were there to help stu- dents with psychological problems, or physical, speech, hearing, vision. and illness. The services were provided by the school psychologist, occupational therapist and the various other de- partments available to all students. Many students were able to use them and reap the benefits from them. In the Instructional Materials De- partment, students and faculty could find resources for reports, films, re- cords, careers, video tapes, and maga- zines. Also, the Xerox machine was available for copying and duplicating all manner of materials. Mr. Al Foehring, School Psychologist: Mrs. Edith Pratt, librarian. Mrs. Boomer listens intently to a student asking for hehw. SER VICESXIMC 95 C ssified record , Aide h lp ""QI-M film' J: Aa f" 4 if it M X af' ff' 'Q if :sz A W sf' Z, ff 44' J " if f -ft. , A . 96 CLASSIFIEDXAIDES we f. 1, ft:- a,,,--zseu, t - A ef. -5, -, ' I t. A'?i A P' .7 M .Q 1 x I K . Pat Baker, Attendance .loan Boomer, Library Clerk Maxine Corbin, SecretaryfBilIing Pat Cunningham, Secretaryfwinslow Paula Edrozoi Attendance Rita Kerstingi AidefVMH Judy Fultom Aide,ffMH Mary Jo Hale, Community Aide Lois Hankinsp Aidefl:'5P Bette Harshmam Attendance Sonia James, IMC Clerk Doris Kale, 5ecretaryfPrinc07al Virginia Kochi Career Aide Brunhilda Labatei AidefEMHfl.inguistics Charlene Mitchelb 5ecretaryfCounseling Jeanne Mortom SecretaryfESP Jo Owen, Registrar Janet Perkins, AidefEMH Virginia Plscitelloi AidefMath Marjorie Price: Bookstore Clerk Martha Sissom Aidefl.D Carolyn Tally, Library Clerk Betty Wagner, AidefReadingfHasic Skills Genevieve Wendorh AttendancefCredentials Cafeteria, maintenance feed, weed CAFETERIA-FRONT RO Wi Mildred Lucas, Maria Ramirez, Rachel Johnson. Jessie Lindsay. Margorie Gassaway, Eddie Myers, Joan Reger. BACK RO W: Anna Gzadzuleski, Alex Medrano, Katie Verdugo. MAIN TENA NCE-FRON T RO W: Robert Moskop, John Berlin, Floyd Gore, Ed Sesman, Wayne Johnson. John Rivers. BACK RO W: Harold Shank, Ralph Babel, George Pendar. Ray Kelly, Jack Camp. Andy Lopez, Pico Lopez. CAFE TERIA XMA INENA NCE 9 7 5 X, -Sl. Sis . XE? fm - : ay- N R. Nw ' iff if i 4 1 4 Q. N: ww, Q- X .. Vx F .YQ . -Q . x Qs. . sf K V . S ,.:, K X R fs ,. . ,. Q r ks Q A J? .. . Q my , N. fi . www . --fa R - K .. As ' X. W- N R ' M ,RYA ..AA Q b Q Q K W S? X X . ii - . 1 , A X , QNX, - - vp Q KV A if . w K AN. ' .SEN N xx V ix WP ' X ' Q -qw . Q K - . fb. W f , 'ES . X x .. LN X X . A A V X k, ff W X mi: LX LQ... ,X Q 1 LLAL is wk f Q4 'S . X A 3. ix Ak si .. K i N Q 3, . 1 Lew fm L wi M A . NE wx- it I EE X.. gs N :5- F . A Y X . . M ' Q K X - ' A A, - . X ..-:ik V f x - i " gt 1 k i in 9 B annum-ana VARSITY FOO TBALL-FRONT RO W: Alifeleti Tuihalamaka, Eric Foster, Erwin King, Jon Smith, Scott Hodge, Jeff Enslin, Greg Bunting, SECOND RO W: John Henry, Eric Brown, Norm Woodmansee, Chet Sanders, Brad Ingles, Gary Fineberg, Lain Brisette, Angel Mendez, THIRD RO W: Da ve Miller, Kent An- derson, Loretta Rickettes, Coach Scott, Coach Pacheco, Coach Stark,Coach Hofflard, Chris Scholl. Sean Blochberger. FOURTH ROW: Mike Magnolo, Mark Lewis, Isaac Aguirre, Ray Carter, Victor Salines, Mike Rettler, Tracy Pierce, Robert Jacobson, Niuafe Tuihalamaka, Arnold Stiner, Eric Silva. TOP RO W: Henry Gano, Keith Wilder, Paul Brandon, Da vid Erhardt, Attiles Payne, Tito Smith, Bryon Wells, Kurt Neithercutt. alrsit team makes it to playoffs The Alhambra Varsity Football team had an outstanding season starting with the first game against Apollo, be- VARSITY FOOTBALL AHS OPP Apollo 35 0 Brophy I5 25 Cortez I3 O Scottsdale 31 0 Glendale 20 I0 Trevor Browne 22 8 South Mountain 20 6 Maryvale 6 I4 Central 9 O Camelback 2l 6 ICD VARSITY FOOTBALL ing victorious. Winning the first game gave the players confidence to win seven other games. With that record, they went to the playoffs which they unfortunately lost to Maryvale. The Lions had some excellent play- ers this year. Ray Carter received three awards: one for Outstanding Of- fensive Lineman, Defensive back and for the 56D point club. Paul Brandon received the Outstanding Offensive Back award. Outstanding Defensive player went to Arnold Stiner and Vic- tor Salinez who both also received awards for the 5617 point club. ' Most Improved Player went to Isaac Aguirre and Norm Woodmansee. The Scout Team award went to Eric Foster. Matt Owens award went to An- gel Mendez. Niuafe Tuihalamaka got two awards, one for Outstanding Soph- omore and for 5617 point Club. .lon Smith, Angel Mendez and Tracey Pierce all received Co-Captain honors. Alhambra had it's best season since I978. Mark Lewis turns to pose for a photographer while watching the game from the sidelines. Fortress photographer catches Brad Ingles and P I B d ' b ' h d b f 5 ' . Alifelen Tuihalamaka in action. au ran on is elng c ase y one o outh s players 6 I GQ ' f -," - Hts, + I M' A I A f Qc. 45 ,, , M fm -' I if V QE, I , .,,. ,ep --,,L .,,.ff A ,l .l', K' ,1Q:,4'i g ,.vf: ,,, i . . , , , QQ -' . ,, V svn mf, , 1 W 2 .mt Y.:?"f.v.,:a ay , ., Ht. 1- . Q g ,zf at " ' 5 5 5 With one second to go, Alhambra is leading the Cortez Colts I3 to Q John Smith looks pleased with the way the game is going. C034-h Hoffland wafchgg the game nervously from the side lines. VARSITY FOOTBALL ACTION IOI Alhambra 's quarterback Isaac Aguirre is going for a pass. 5 Victor Salines is on the ground after trying to stop the opposing team gl I icq ,f ig My JH ,, "' u 25, I --N -ir ..A if I 1 Alhambra Lions are making sure South 's player is down. l02 VARSITY FOOTBALL ACTION - 5' 11... L' . 'pix XE 5 ' N ..,, 1 W -A fir . .AN ' . , g Q . . h f tmggzix K 1 - , A Q "'f5'r W A A l"k'k'E'J' A Y , ., .... -...,,t......- is we-H Coaches Nevins and Morrison looks as though they 're sure the Lions will win the game. so . i M ..Q,,, : ' e- f., n.i. I S55 5354259 ku. ,lg K . . iw: . .. A ,F , .S if Eric Brown runs for a touchdown with Arnold Stiner running interference. ef 1 The Mighty Lions charge through the banner hoping for victory in the night's game. Manager Christine Long takes water to Ray Carter while Shelly Sharpe goes to other awaiting players. VARSITY FOOTBALL ACTION IO3 JV team rebuilds for next year fvefeefm The Lions had a very disappointing season with a 7 loss I win record. It seemed no matter how many hours they would practice or how much ef- fort they put into their practices, when game time arrived, if there were any bad breaks to be had, the Alham- bra Lions .I V team was the one that got them. But in each one of the games, they played very aggressively and both defense and offense tried to do their very best. If they come back with the same spirit and the same hard work by the coaches, next year will be a completely different year. Brophy g Cortez, + Scottsdale , y csiendale by O Trevor Bro wne 5outh- A Maryvalei ' Central Aus ,OPP 2.20 21 21 A r 0 ""' 24 A 28 L g I2 I4 rss A il9, 46, 20 55 B3 12, M23 Joe McCrae is shown here walking back to the sidelines after the final whistle. .IV FOOTBALL FRONT ROW: Ernie Cano, Jim Miller, LD, Kidd, Nehumi Tuihalamaka, Robby Harris, Andy Sisson, Charlie Lopez, Charles Hernandez, SECOND RO W: Kerry Horner, Joe Elliot, Richard Salinas, Kevin Bonham, Richie LeVander, Destry Hithe. THIRD ROW: Tina Delosea, Carl Sharp, IO4 .IV FOOTBALL 'hte Coach Za valeta, Coach Davis, Coach Davidson. FOURTH RO W: Kevin Hud- septh, Todd Paszkowski, Da vid Dowell, Buddy Earle, Doug Franke, Joe Mc- Crae, Tracy Symoneos, Greg Calderon. TOP RO W: Steve Guidice, Kent Anderson, ,loe dC4melio, DonaldMallory, Henry Guncher. !iS FRESHMAN FOO TBALL-FRON T RO W: Jack K erfoot, Neil Hardy, Mike Stevens, Anthony Padilla, Floyd Cryer, Greg June, Jim Parish, Greg Hardy, John Edd y, Paul Collins, Jesse Griffen. SECOND RO W: Matt Gutau, Morgan McGuire, Jim Legan, Tim Wilson, Dan Trujillo, Dean Walker, Mark Ross, David Kocur, Mike Byrne, Brian Cudmore. THIRD RO W: Noah Aguirre, Dean Carter, Gary Frazier, Lynette King, Coach Gilliard, Coach Johnson, Coach Hoffman. Da vid White. Raul Morales, Randy Freeman, Marvin Finley, FOURTH RO W: Jim Hayden, Jeff Smith, Mike Loman, Dancy Webb, Cornell Green, Da vid Rangel, Anthony Medina, Kelly Wood, Robert Laborin, Da vid Fuller, Todd Taylor, John Boston. TOP RO W: Aaron LaDuke, Toby Coleman, Derek Thompson, David Henderson, Jim Hana walt, Chris Rorriguez, Russ Blatchford, David Chavez, Carey Beard, Freshman team has victorious season The Alhambra Lions freshman foot- ball team had an exceptionally out- standing year in I982. Every afternoon that they played it seemed that every play seemed to go as planned. The Lions record was almost per- . FRESHMAN FOOTBALL , g tA.e ,ctt , Aasg opp fC0fIf?7li A ,lalet ' itta P i5cottsdaIe.f 4t,, f .aiv I7 ,jff01, fGl?l7d3l3Q ve', 'ltt f H0 R .Trevor tttte B towne L L'l3f'f, P 1pa5puth,ffa11Y ,,Qt, sirt Q t F -9 0. ..Maryva1d tiai A L 7 L v 25 ' at ,rece-wary-J si A, 7 g ' get if Camelback A 20 P V fect. They won seven out of the eight games they played. Alhambra had one bad afternoon where they lost to the Maryvale Panthers with a score of 25 to 7. The freshman coach, Richard John- son, must be especially pleased with the performance of these outstanding young players. By the way they played this year next season will probably be the best year for the junior varsity team. Dancy Webb does a good job of stopping one of the players on the opposing team. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL l05 Cross Countr has success The l982-83 Cross Country teams had one of the best seasons they ha ve had. The Boy's Cross Country team had five wins and seven losses, and the girI's team had three wins, five BOYS CROSS COUNTRY PP losses, and a tie. The Boy's Cross AHS O Country team consisted of four varsi- Camelback 37 21 ty and five .IV runners. On the Girl's Cactus I5 50 Cross Country team there were eleven Maryvale 22 37 Guns C-R055 COUNTRY runners. for a total of twenty runners Glendale 36 I9 together. gg Camelback 41 I8 Casa Grande 3 Cactus 28 .28 Mafrvf-'le 33 33 AHS OPP. Tolleson 22 37 Centra, I5 47 Central Glendale 41 I9 Trevor Browne I7 Trevor Browne 41 30 Temve B2 Glendale 39 I9 Kofa Trevor Browne I 7 45 Camelback 47 27 24 Tempe 31 Tempe 29 27 yy y A Kofa I5 45 galfnelback Camelback 39 I8 o a , I fempe 55 42 Low score Wms A Trevor Browne 55 27 , Low Score Wins lv lllz , riuaii H A rrttr , T ,W Henry Ta vison runs at one of the meets for cross country. CROSS COUNTRY-FRONT ROW: Brian Clark, Anna Figueroa, Diane Copeland, David Bottoms, MIDDLE ROW: Joe Conditt, Karthy McCarty, Susan Castellano, Ricky Ramirez, Tom Phelps, Henry Tavison, Kathy Todd, Celia Garcia, Coach Morrison. TOP RO W: James De Wald, Lee Copeland, Pat Metz, Monica Ramos, Brian Wilder, Elisabeth Owens, Mike Krout, Raul Hernandez, Jon Snodgres. lO6 CROSS COUNTRY R X' Rick Ramirez runs in a cross country meet heading for the finish line, at Alhambra High school M!! 4 M - f, ff In I Q A Q ",' w Alhambra 's cross country heads for the finish line as Heidi Gonzales leads the way. bil Diane Copeland gets a good start at one of Alhambra 's cross country meets. Q 3 Elisabeth Owens and Celia Garcia are warming up for a meet out on the track. CROSS C OUN TR Y IO7 Team spikes way to Central Tourney The Varsity Volleyball team had a reasonably good year. They had a six and nine season. That record put them into the Central Tournament. They played Apollo, Mountain View, and Central and won against them all. This year 's team was coached successfully by Coach William Liao. Approximately thirty people tried out and only eleven of them made the team. Only three members returned from last year. VARSITY VOLLEYBALL AHS OPP Glendale I 2 Arcadia I 2 Trevor Browne 2 I South Mountain 2 0 Apollo 2 I Mountain View 2 I Central 2 I Maryvale 0 2 Central I 2 Camelback 0 2 Trevor Browne 2 I South Mountain 2 A I Maryvale I 2 Central 0 2 Camelback 0 2 - 'f-' " I ' """"' tltl Q' I Referee watches over the volleyball game to call out any plays that are not lair. IOS VARSITY VOLLEYBALL VARSITY VOLLE YBALL-FRONT RO W: Coach William Liao, SECOND RO W: Julie Gibbons, Becky Cordova. Yvette Pieri, C I Flores. Kim Doolittle. THIRD RO W: Dennise Garcia, Linda Neeley. TOP RO W: Angela Luna. - i t s ss X . fs, ,.t.l.g,5kf1, dag-Ia. ,sv 5 as is W I .,. ,..-,..f-" A.,-se' " . The Alhambra varsity volleyball team shows some moves against the Cardinals. Metro Division champions VARSITY SOFTBALL AHS OPP. Arcadia 7 3 Carl Hayden 8 4 Glendale 5 4 Cactus I3 2 South Mountain ll 0 Maryvale 3 I Central II 2 South II 2 Maryvale 3 0 Trevor Browne I 0 Central 8 I Camelback 7 0 Trevor Browne 2 4 Camelback 6 3 South 7 0 Maryvale 5 0 Central I3 6 Camelback I4 4 Paradise Valley 20 0 Corona Del Sol I4 3 Scottsdale 0 I Arcadia 3 I Camelback 9 3 Scottsdale 6 4 Sunnyslope 3 5 Girls Varsity Softball had a very good year. Over all, they had a twenty- two and three season. That winning record got them into the play-offs. Winning two out of three in the Christ- mas Tournament and winning the Divi- sional Tournament made them the Metro Division Champs- But, in the State Tournament, they lost to Sunnys- lope, ending a very good year. Good luck next year. Shortstop Linda Neeley gets a base hit in the play-offs at Madison Park, N .iv I M, ice 'fs'-fe if-11 125 4 ws, i 5 iz i it 2 f s Z A, 3 s. 2 t Q fh 2 is sp? S i ti . .4-, First baseman Kara Harremore catches the ball to put out the runner at Alhambra High. R N 'ma .f k . Q .ef as GIRLS VARSITY SOFTBALL-FRONT RO W: Kathy Hurlburt, Yvonne Canez, Linda Neeley, Denise Garcia. MIDDLE RO W: Lori Williams, Lynn Nicholls Mgr., Coach Ziegler, Steve Ziegler, Mgr., Kathy Zuccala. TOP RO W: Celia Flores, Jennifer Roan. Becky Cordova, Yvette Pieri, Karen Michaels, Kara Harremore, Debbie Quan, Wendy James, Kami Glazman. IIO VARSITY SOFTBALL it S, ii Short stop Linda Neeley thows out the runner at first base. Becky Cordova tries to bring in a run in a play-off game at Madison Park. Alhambra attempts to throw a runner in the play-offs. Linda Neeley runs by third base and is heading for home. 2 2 i Kathy Hurlburt smacks a Camelback pitch to help win the Divisonals. SOFTBALL ACTION lll V Softball II-Ig Frosh, 3-6 JV SOFTBALL: FRONT ROW-Belinda Hernandez, Jody Thornton, Lisa Nelson. MIDDLE ROW: Coach Nevins, Theresa Border, Mgr: Anna Lisa Byrne, Crystal Meagher, Janine Zuccala, Janet Tang, Julie Scheid, Mgr, TOP RO W: Julie Tang, Julie Harris, Robin Link, Denise Pickering, Valerie Guidice. JV SOFTBALL AHS Carl Hayden 27 Cactus I6 Maryvale 9 West I5 South I4 Trevor Browne 8 Camelback 20 Trevor Browne 8 Camelback I6 South 7 Maryvale 5 Central 6 Camelback 6 OPP 0 6 O 6 2 3 6 5 9 3 I0 4 8 FRESHMA N S OF TBAL L AHS OPP Central IO 8 Cactus 20 I6 Mary vale I4 5 Scottsdale ll I8 Central I I7 Camelback 4 I7 Mar yvale IO I4 Central 9 28 Camelback 9 I9 FRESHMAN SOF TBALL-FRONT RO W: Shawn Swoboda, Janice Tang, Mgr. Nancy , Anita Chandler. Sylvia Cordova, Chris Noyes. MIDDLE RO W: Amy Cohen, Becky Crosbie, Jeana Millwood, Kerry Sellards, Sue Walker. Nancy Bradley. TOP ROW: Mgr. Tracy Johnson, Christy Lee, Sheri Vigliotte. Kristen Miller Veronica Mendez, Kim Hardy, Barbara Ramirez, Kathy Armstrong, Coach Culbertson, ll2 JVXFRESHMAN SOFTBALL Golfers have respectable season Alhambra 's five man golf team end- With a three and twelve record, The golf team was made up of five ed the season with a respectable score they were still in the divisional tour- returning lettermenf four sophomores and the prospect of an even better ney. They ended up in sixth place out and one junior. They figure they have season next year. of twelve. two more years to improve. it f W l FRONT ROW: .lack Robbins, Eddie Cruz, Ray Hagar. TOP ROW: CJ. Brady. Dennis Smith, Mr. Wharton. Q t Ns.. C..L Brady shows his style with a drive on the green. a l Y6OL'Ff asit Q36 f C?W??1l?3fiK+? ,lti lfii' if 5C15ff5Z7f1!'?egf sis. r Carltflaydenfff Rlsy 1 55218 Tolleson f Camelback R e s r Arcadia' T tlfsArtt Q . g Trevor Browneffi R 3 Casa' Grande ' Central W Agua Fria at , f South ' 225 ' 7245 227' 234 2.25 243 1219 S1 Xi is ,il Wf. Dennis Smith takes it to the turf with a few practice tees, GOLF ll3 M flA?x's :WM W5 W5 5... .,S........g VARSITY BASKETBALL: Brad Ingles, Tracey Pierce, Allen Ziegler, Roger Wayman, Dean Trostle, Mitch Smith, Troy Hardwick, Steve Malloy, Kurt D'auougl1, .loe Havlik, Rick Aldridge. VARSITY BASKETBALL AHS Westwood 67 Thunderbird 69 Corona Del Sol 6l Chandler 54 Arcadia 82 Cortez 69 Carl Hayden 73 Central 6l South 56 Maryvale 57 Central 61 Camelback 79 Trevor G. Browne 90 South 63 Maryvale 58 Central 60 Camelback 82 Trevor G. Browne 8l South 66 Maryvale 73 Central 65 Camelback 69 Agua Fria 62 II4 VARSITY BASKETBALL OPP 73 66 64 70 50 59 52 69 7I 4l 69 68 49 74 34 52 77 39 77 47 72 56 7l Fairly good season for Varsity Basketball Alhambra 's Varsity Basketball team had a fairly good season. They started their season losing the first game against Westwood. That definitely did not stop them from winning other games. The Lions had a record of four- teen wins and nine losses. With that record, they went to the divisional playoffs which they unfortu- nately lost to Agua Fria. Alhambra also played in the Christmas tournament in which they placed first against Cen- tral. Alhambra also placed third in Met- ro League B. The problem the Lions had this year was a few of the players were trans- ferred from West, so the team wasn 't used to working together. W 3 Steve Malloy goes for a jump ball against one of Trevor's players. Joe Havlik jumps with the basketball to make two points against Trevor Browne, 'K .,:, jj' T ,jg Alhambra tries to keep the jump ball from the opposing team. Alhambra 's 44 is having success at getting the jump ball. . KKKK... A 1,- W igt . www Joe Havlik has success with his lay up. s Joe Havlik makes a point for Alhambra with his free throw. VARSITY BASKETBALL ACTION ll5 Troy Hardwick shows success with his jump ball in getting the ball to his Lion teammates. Steve Malloy is passing off to a teammate in a hard fought game against the eventual State AAA champs. South Mountain. II6 VARSITY BASKETBALL ACTION Joe Havlik guides in a free throw shot against Maryvale in hopes for another point, Mitch Smith goes for a shot against a South Mountain defender. Players anxiously await to see if the Lions make two points in the game against Maryvale. w X ,. ,. . ,, Q X' ' is f Ji Q vii Xi Q . wx .... , . lik.. . , gal. ,-,, if , ,5sXgE,egiq,,s-Ngk X N. .gag gs. .X .Rf . X ki. it .4 sys x E Q . . 1 M E. Steve Malloy blocks out his opponent and goes for the jump ball Bruins watch as Joe Havlik goes for the lay-up and makes two points for Alhambra. - In W ' Q ,..,.,,..,,.,. ,.., ,MW mn MWMHMWV' 'l.'hJ.' ,-524 31,1 0 " Q kg? U 5 ? N' lx.. fre . x Z 'fy 'T JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL-Coach DiBenedetto, Tim Cole, Travis Mask, Kent Anderson, Pat Kearney, Gary Thomas, Richard Gano, .lim Hanawail. Louis Haney, Larry Sanchez, David Sandoval. II8 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL .IV BASKETBALL Westwood Thunderbird Corona Del Soi Chandler Arcadia West South Maryvale Central Camelback Trevor Browne South Maryvale Central Camelback Trevor Browne South Mar vale 2 Y Central West AHS 49 29 60 I55 60 69 54 5 7 44 75 68 54 80 67 67 5l 59 60 68 81 OPP 4 7 4l 54 60 4 7 6l 63 42 7l 59 42 62 60 65 73 6I 69 38 94 63 Season starts out great The Freshman Basketballers began their season with four big wins in a row over Glendale, Carl Hayden, Arca- dia, and Maryvale. After dropping their fifth game to Central, the Lion cubs posted wins over Camelback and Trevor Browne, in the remander of their games, so the team won four and lost five closing out their season with a win over West. Their overall record was ten wins and six losses. i"A ,. ii'-' rralt. 7 i"' ' X M ' r -.xx ,,., fw '1l,,w'?Avf, H was l: - ' wgyzzmgm, 5 i I FRESHMAN BASKETBALL AHS QPP Glendale 66 T 27 Carl Hayden 62 38 Arcadia 70 S 49 Maryvale 6l B 43 Central 52 - 66 Camelback 61 58 Trevor Browne 53 25 South 38 A 45 Maryvale 64 2 65 Central 79 57 Camelback 48 , 65 Trevor Browne 55 5 58 South 55 43 Maryvale 66 2 53 Central 50 5 56 West 58 I 46 B I FRESHMAN BASKETBALL: Vince Perez. Steve Grittman, John Pruznak, Cornell Green, Brian Smalley, Scott Peters. Gary House, Bart Galloway, Derek Da vis, John Rood, Daniel Williams. Gary Hardy, Mike Schwart, Coach Rossi. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL ll9 Alhambra sends three wrestlers to state Alhambra 's Wrestling team had a rough season. They only won three matches. Two matches had to be for- feited because there was an ineligable student who wrestled against those teams. During the tournament matches against Greenway, the Lions finished eighth with help from Marty McDowell fourth, Tony Hammonds fourth, Steve Thornton fourth, Angel Mendez fifth, and Nehumi Tuihalamaka sixth. The Lions came in twentieth place against Peoria with Tony Hammonds fourth and Angel Mendez sixth, In the Metro Division tourney Tony Hammonds placed fourth along with Aaron l.a- Duke, and Steve Thornton. Overall the team placed ninth. Alhambra was represented in the state tournament by three fine mem- bers of the wrestling team. These members were senior, Steve Thornton: junior Tony Hammonds, and freshman Aaron LaDuke. VARSITY WRESTLING a T AHS Carl Hayden 31 Washington 29 Central 29 Glendale I2 Trevor Browne 56 T South R 60 Casa Grande forfeit Maryvale 26 Camelback forfeit A Trevor Browne 52 OPP 33 43 33 48 I2 9 30 5 VARSITY WRESTLING-FRONT RO W: Angel Flores, John Rogers. Tony Hammonds, Marty McDowell, Sam Hallan, Scott Hodge, Steve Thornton, Bill Hodge. BACK ROW-Coach Chacon, Aaron LaDuke, Ron Barrett, Charles Juncker, Angel Mendez, Nehumi Tuihalamaka. Coach Meador. D0 VARSITY WRESTLING Scott Hodge, middleweight division. takes his Bruin opponent to the mat with a double arm bar hold Steve Thornton uses a bow and arrow move to roll his Bruin opponent over for a possible pin. JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING: FRONT ROW- Jeff Zuccala, Brian Clark, David Cha vez, Marvin Fineley, Jesse Jackson, Nathan Lewis, Jeff Mancuso. BACK RO W- Coach Chacon, Mike DePuma. Terry Jones, Carlos Ceja, Henry Juncker, Coach Ronholt. WRESTLING DI In the match against the Bruins, Ron Barrett pancakes his opponent to stop a possible takedown, Steve Thornton is riding his opponent using an arm hold. JV wrestler Terry Jones pits his strength against his opponent in order to roll him over. E , T? Jesse Jackson, JV wrestler, uses a head lock in an attempt to pin his Bruin opponent. D2 WRESTLING ACTION Terry Jones struggles to escape avoiding a pin by his Bruin opponent, ARCHERY AHS A Mountain View 1758 Westwood 12105 Camelback 2141 Casa Grande 2141 3 Tempe 32202 Mesa T 1900 A Agua Fria 3 1843 T Camelback 2145 Marcos DeNiza A 2031 McClintock 2265 OPP 1466 2015 42474, 2163 1534 A 1394 1814 2339 2062 1888 For the second year in a row, The Alhambra Archery team was defeated by Camelback and ended up with a second place win to Camelback in the Ihambra archery takes 2nd in State finals state finals. First Camelback defeated Alhambra 25M-2424. The second time was closer, 24602470 That was the highest team score since 1977. ARCHER Y- FRONT RO W: Debbie Gorslin, MIDDLE RO W: Sheila HalL Sharon Jones, Marget Christoferson, Lori Wilder, Sharon vHalL TOP RO W: Coach Ziegler, linda Mena, Beverly Matsumoto, Debbie Wells, Jennifer Boston, Denise Gorslin. 15, 2, 2 1 ,4W' 4 ARCHER Y 123 Varsity Baseball started out its sea- son with a win. But the next few games were rained out. After the season re- sumed, they finished third in the Met- VARSITY BASEBALL MANA GERS: Inge Juern and Diane Metzendorf, N If Varsity baseball third in Metro ro Division Tournament with three wins and one loss. Their season looked to be very promising. wuestryr BASEBALL rattesant Saguaro j C I I cartnayaeps A 4Maryva!e. C I I I Tre vor Browne Central . 1 I Q 5'2wfh'f.I- y Aff-wkfiattt sasll, or Camelback r'ai . T Car' Hayden. West, y ri TfsYQfrBrv.wve- - I Centrale. A f '.,g zrkyy, A K. ,, Camelback' MVYVQIG siir I rtri kV','kVs .- QPF. A M8 8 is L20 , If 3 3. T9 .19 I6 A I2 o as AHS' I I I4 7 I3 I 5 3 '13 I 9 5. 0 A I Q 5 43 I7 2 I raass 17 A7 18' Norm Woodmansee pitches for the Lions against Cactus in the Metro tourney. 7, M VV iggmx ','fi"f -f1f....M 'U 'I VARSITY BASEBALL-FRONTRO W: Da vid Alcantar. Aaron Harding, Sean Wardrope, Dan Cortes, .lohn Garcia. MIDDLE RO W: Norm Woodmansee, Frank Lujan, Ki Nam Pak. Eric Brown, Arnie Stiner, Brad lngle. BACK ROW: Ray Carter, Keith Wilder. Scott June, .l.R. Define, Steve Guidice, Bill Cole. Coach M. Nevins. l24 VARSITY BASEBALL wifi -'f f' . 15 - 1" W . Vw-MH.. Alhambra player John Garcia gets a squirrelly as he scores a run to achieve a win over Cactus in the pncher Norm Woodmansee shows his form as Mem' tournament' he swings away at the ball in the game against Cactus. Ba eballers swing to good year Sean Wardrope demonstrates his good eye as he allows a wild pitch to sail John Garcia steps into the batter's box as he awaits the pitch, over the catcher's mitt. VARSITY BASEBALL ACTION D5 orm Woodmansee pitches for Lions Norm Woodmansee gets into a defensive postion as the Cactus player hits away. Eric Brown misses a low pitch as he swings away at the baIL l26 VARSITY BASEBALL eMfffyBva1egS7' A BJVBBASEBAZLBA' B ifVFRESHMANBBASEBALL B 'Camelbaclg is Arnie Stiner fouls one aff as the Cactus catcher attempts to pick the ball out of the dirt. BOPP iste B A AHS i teiiittsii A A ' 'OPP-A Aus as t 3 B t sst B Vgj 1 South Mountain A0 6 gi! siti 7f A l4'Az AB Maryvale-he + A I2 13B tcameiback A is A TrevoziBBtfQwne. B ipit B B BB BBBtBe feBtB I B is Q B A Trevoi'e8rowne B7 I3 B II A B sist A seem-31B A as he 7 0 B tsqurligBBtpiBgiiBeQ?3 if BABB A A A A ArcadiaQBiap.B seht qf7ff1 A50Uf7'fM0 2A B B I3 XQAYTCHOVG 5 B '3 A Maryvaigffiy itiw iitt Q teBi B fl V1C'arlHayden A 5 A 4 Btii B 1 Bsii t BABAAB A AM-vyvhle ISA B B0 B B B7 Wes B 8 tgfe3it,aa1jfBfifyliB A ee.ttBe 7p B cfrevor Browne A I3 B5p t-C8rf1B1bQ?fkf ABAABA A fQ56ff1 QfCeI?f!'f'lB B AA f 5 1 f 41 A jg3f1jH3ydent B QB B: 4B p ,B B teBB B Camelback .IQ BB Westi Q I 72B B , A A C-9fl'H3yden B 12 ' B I B weft rv N513 .IV BASEBALL-FRONT ROW: Mgrs. Becky Crosbie, Jeana Millwood, Kerry Sellards, SECOND RO W: Jack Robbins, Mike Calles, Derek Davidson. Andy Sisson, Terry McSokley, Danny Courn. THIRD RO W: Kelly Miner, Kert Anderson, Greg Bunting, Kurt Reynolds, Todd Pazskowski, Lance Miller, Coach Johnson. BA CK RO W: Mitch Smith, Richard Gano, Frank Bajus, .lon Cadenhead, Lance Simmons. favs.- f s FRESHMAN BASEBALL-FRONT ROW: .lim Parish, Rick Enloe, Vince Perez, Eric Noyes, Anthony Padilla, Eddie Valenti. Mike Dubasik, Jeff Zuccala. Frank Neal, Gary Houser. BA CK RO W: Mgr. Rhonda Ferguson, Steve Grittman, Morgan McGuire, Tod Taylor, Da vid Moreno, Dennis Gillie. Paul Chambers, Dan Spivey, Joe Trevino, Mgr. Lisa Nelson, Coach Culbertson, .IV FROSH BASEBALL I27 TVX 5 .H :L Q 3.1 .l VARSITY BOYS TRACK - FRONT RO W: S. Stoddard, L. Copeland, B. Wilder, R. Raminez, J. Heffley, H. Tavison, S. Stinson, R. Anderson, 'li Nicholson, R. LeDesma J. Logan, J. Kocur, C. James, D. Sandoval MIDDLE RO W: A. Tuihalamaka, S. McClain. C. Green, D. Fuller, B. Chambers, R. Hernandez, S. Shephard, C. Beard. P Metz, W. Mitchell, R. Blackford, M. Gutaw, K. Ratliff, M. Rasnick. BACK RO W: Coach Stanfield, C. Juncker, N. Tuihalamaka, E. Hassenberg, M. Holley, J. Henry J Conditt. A. Comb, D. Erhardt, S. Malloy, P. Brandon, M. Mathis, J. Kirk, L. Eads, M. Kraut, E. King, Coach Bell, S. Garrigan, Coach Morrison. Cinderman take first in Metro Divisionals Winning six out of eight meets, the Boys Varsity Track Team had a good season in l982. In the system relays, Alhambra took first place. At the Valley Classics, the Lions Placed seventh. Alhambra placed ,, fw fourth in the Casa Grande Invitational. ln the Metro Divisionals The Lions were the champs with a first place win. In the State Meet they placed sixth. ..a 'L' V I 5 fw.5i,m..g,, W' I . ii V ,H J -H 5' WR Me' A 5 1' .23 . . , L A T ' 'HM ' ' 4595 . 'K ffs,'. nm. Vy ., . 5 49 by r . , .,E, W . 4 A .... A is 'Q emi' f,,, I I ' ,,. .une-1' Two members of the relay team hand off the baton in the meet against Central. l28 BOYS TRACK VARSITY TRACK Glendale Central South Thunderbird Mary vale Casa Grande East West AH5 9l ll0 94 60 81 60 91 lI6 OPP 36 I 7 33 67 46 6 7 36 I3 Eric Hassenberg shows his expertise in pole vaulting at one of the track meets. sin J .t ,. John Henry practices shot put before a track meet. Nehumi Tuihalamaka puts all his effort and mus- cles into the long jump. Another strenouse effort of discus throwing is accomplished by David Erhardt. BOYS TRACK ACTION D9 Q GF? GIRLS TRACK- FRONT RO W: C. Cook, N. Chandler, G. Wong. Coach Frantz L. Cruz, H. Gonzales, A. Bega y, C, Lee, MIDDLE RO W: S. Dodson, R. Link, D. Copeland, D. Griffin, V, Hernandez, P. Rosena THIRD ROW: M. Halama, C, Contes, 5. Svoboda, B. Criswell, J, Scheid, J, Zuccala, TOP ROW: .L Estes, A, Figeuroa, K. McCarty, S, Sharpe, S, Webb, T. Roge , C. Garcia, J. Roan, Coach Stanfield, If Taylor, L, Owens, t .9SxD3.,u.Dgb..h 5, . O , ...i. . 6 1 5' I O U tsta I1 Cl I I1 S .- . i it 3 . CC I ..,, ..,, is yi sea so n fo r R O s gurls track X sk I Alhambra 's i982 Varsity Girls Track I is Team had a record of six wins and two if I I . H r I losses, which was outstanding. Alham- fr '3 5 bra also did well in the tournaments they participated in. Ant Shadow Moun- VARSITY GIRLS TRACK 'ki . tain they placed third. In me district We playoffs relays, the team took second AH5 OPP place, Valley Classics, sixth place, Di- Glendale 75 29 vision, fourth place, and in State South Mountain 69 39 Championships got ten points. Thunderbird 51W 5 721 f"'w I The Lions set the Dual Meet record Westwood .28 81 I for the last seven year, 52-6, under Casa Grande 59 50 3,5 Sam Nassif East 52 55 55 West 69 W 26 M2 .f....t. N M Q l30 GIRLS TRACK Track member shown here is practicing for the meet against Carl Hayden, Munras 4 Two Track members discuss their times with their coach, Ms. Frantz. Tonya Taylor practices running the low hurdles in preparation for an upcoming track meet. , at I 7 .c i t ies OX a t t X T Y is ,..........,,......,.....w Leann Owens is shown here high jumping for Alhambra 's track team in the meet against Camelback. GIRLS TRACK ACTION l3I Mr. nthon , new boys tennis coach VARSITY TENNIS AHS OPP Deer Valley 2 7 East 4 5 Camelback 0 9 Central IB A 8 Scottsdale O 9 Casa Grande 0 A 8 Tolleson 9 0 Agua Fria 0 9 Phoenix Union 5 4 Glendale 0 6 West 3 6 Trevor Browne 6 3 Horizon I 8 Arcadia 0 9 i East 5 4 A Sean Blochberger and .lohn Culbertson play doubles during one of the tennis matches. VARSITY TENNIS- FRONT RO W: Y. Keller. Mgr.. C. Boacorda, R. Thompson. S. Blochberger, S. Hammond, B. Pennington. M. Stenson. M. Byrne, I Tang. BACK RO W-Mgr. K. Anderson. E. Hall. M. Roan. J. Adcock, N, Lewis. D. Masters, J. Culbertson. S. Ziegler, Coach Anthony. Mgr. S. Lewis. l32 BO YS TENNIS Varsity fini h s season with win Eleven wins and four losses was the matches, then lost the next three, but matches, lost the next game but fin- Alhambra Girls Varsity Tennis record that didn't stop them from winning ished off the season with a win. for l982. The Lions won the first three other meets. They won the next seven aa... -, VARSITY GIRLS TENNIS- FRONT ROW: Julie Tang, Kami Glazman, Mary Schneider, Donna Cheung. BACK ROW: Coach Kersting, Michelle Lazovich, Anna Lisa Byrne, Sabrina Helton. "WK 's- , '- f .. -,LQ -s. ft, , ., .- -e, ,X 5 1 -X.: ,k ., gk lx ,E . 5 x.,fxi s - k1. Sk?-,gs sg! ,, K-, -, JUNIOR VARSITY GIRLS TENNIS-FRONT ROW: Vicki Elliot, Laura King, Fanny Chou, BACK ROW: Coach Kersting, Cindy Stanley, Missy Bruggeman, Shannon Browning, Pam Slusser. GIRLS TENNIS I33 VARSITY BASKETBALL- TOP RO W: Coach DiBenedetto, Lori Williams, Valerie Guidice, Tracy Walker, .lana Johns, Karen Michaels, Kara Larremore, Yvette Piere. Eric Fleming, Toi Howard. BOTTOM RO W: Kathy Zuccala. Linda Neeley, C. T, Flores. Girls basketball posts good season Alhambra's i982 Girls Basketball nately lost to South and Camelback. team started out the season well by Alhambra then had a five in a row beating Tolleson 6052. The next five streak beating Carl Hayden, Maryvale, games the Lions won. They unfortu- West, Trevor Browne and Central. They lost the next six games, but one of them was because of a forfeit. Al- hambra won, then lost, but ended the season with a victory over West. .I V BASKETBALL - FRONT RO W: Janet Quan, Karen Looney, Lavonde Price, Amy Cohen, TOP RO W: Pam Smart, Lisa Hempen, Coach Rossi, Lisa Rogers. Kathy Thompson, Nancy Bradley. I34 GIRLS VARSITYXJV BASKETBALL GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL Tolleson West Trevor Browne Central Trevor Browne Central South Camelback Carl Hayden Maryvale West Tre vor Browne Central South Camelback Carl Hayden Maryvale West AHS 50 45 38 56 45 55 42 35 72 63 65 49 59 48 4l Forfeit 39 ' 50 his: i OPP 52 33 28 4l 4I 40 54 63 2l 26 4 7 40 54 55 49 5l 3I ft Ll Rn'- Linda Neely tries to make two points by using her lay-up. GIRLS JV BASKETBALL A AHS OPP Tolleson 58 20 West 47 3 I5 Trevor Browne 36 27 Central 38 34 Trevor Browne 30 43 Central 35 34 South 45 38 Camelback 37 24 Carl Hayden Forfeit Maryvale 43 36 West 49 I7 Trevor Browne 30 44 Central 33 38 South 5l 43 Camelback 27 23 Carl Hayden Forfeit 7 Maryvale 37 29 West 3l 39 'Nui-4,2 x Vmx Alhambra stops the opposing team the Titans from making two points during a home game. GIRLS BASKETBALL I35 M E" Avi .M . ...EW K . f Q' Fx QW. Q E Q ,Q if ,e 5 Y I .Q S A f Q-Mk, 5 ,af , 41-M A if wx .N in -, - N f A ix ,.- . . ysfr' .. . fe. -- . . 5, , - , ,Q 1' F M W- X ak .. . xigzxb R . 4, .Q A X 45 Q. RQ S A .+ S' ag 5. ' .. YY. 4 1 9 , N QE .... f g N WRX 2 S2 wi 'E gh . .. Q 5 X .1 gf, . . gui. , is K ny is ,. ' . Yi' T' ' 5 'f -155535 an K 4 .if - , nf ,gm kg 1-1 - . U iw Wm wwf Q5 S , ff .f Q 'Q ' i Q K L- K: gazes- li? -1 if , w vw :IN June leads the class of N830 The freed class of "83'1 led by Scott Zlune, celebrated a great year. They got a little heya though, from Miss Johnson, Miss Hurlburt, and Mr. Giam- bruno. The Seniors held many fundraising activities throughout the year. Among them, they held a carnation and candy sale, a dance, and a new computer match-up. These hehved to offset the cost of giving the senior class gift, and finally, the Senior fling. Also the Al- hambra night at the Pheonix suns bas- ketball game helped raise noney for the Make-a- Wish program. Besides fundraising, they also placed first in the Homecoming float building contest for the second year in a row. Meeting everyday during lunch. the senior class officers blazed through to help plan and organize such activities. These meetings and activities hehwed the student body to learn leadership and a sense of responsibility. XC! Senior officers Scott June. Kelly Niehuis and Mike Rettler. Senior senate staff Debi Graves, Gina McKenna and Kimberly Chan- fu 2515!-q dler' ' lance Cole plays the drums for the Drum a thon l38 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ,164 Q I.: , me G.- Lf.-ra Micheal Arundel Lisa Arvizu Paul Ashton Lisa Aubuchon Jodie Baker Lori Barker Ronda Barrett Esther Barry Neil Batie Wayne Beaton Kim Bechtold Gregory Bedore Da vid Beebe Sammy Beiar Pam Bemelman Kim Billington Julie Blackshire Sean Blochberger Neal Bloom Kathleen Bloyed Cindy Bodah Suaznne Bogert Kelli Bonham Shuana Bowers ,,,, WW at i ,e,.V,,,V,,u t,,A , I t M X . V W ' Wfavif' 4 . 'Q W 2 5 M .21 ti . Nerf i S niors rai pirit. : ,tit 5' ' mf , S. tt., t, , ' ' M-f wg' v 'J' Z. I .. A ,W ,va sf 1 - A X ,, m' v v1"fg , , . .-,Z 4 , , S ff ,:. rf A f f i f . V .e,,h n ,1 I ' 15 Q F5 . B V 6 WX 5 . ,,, , A , 3 ,, , .M 'Q D . wi 2 f K K A, M' 3 ,f ff J r ga , 4 , 'Z 5 ' A f, gf: 35, gf? fi' ,. ' f ,it SE? Tony Abalos Irene Ahumada David Acantar Richard Aldridge Donna Allen Pam Allen Terri Allen Eddie Amavisca Anau Anau Gloria Anderson Mario Armenta Marcella Artalejo n 3 4' 1 SENIOR CLASS l39 'N ,K KN Alison Bowler Robert Bowles Timothy Braden Paul Brandon Tom Brazzlll George Breshears f - .v'fN'. .. My Doug Bretall Catherine Britt Lain Brissette L isa Brizzee Seniors Paul Manucuso and Michelle Johnson wave hello on the Tarzan float. Scot Brooksby Doug Brown Eric Brown Francine Brown Duane Browning Chris Bruce mv' 'Uk A m.,w..qnA av,t . H. X, "" r A. K ps? QS ' ' B' - in II 'r- ' W- .?':E:v'5f.59Ei fra: 'Sf -ffmv X., gp.- X 5 '1 9. 5 .. 'E .K K 6 N -Kl,,f. .- K ,Q W .,I. 5 ' :'f5EsiE::4. .K 'it kkllk 3 5 N7 . .K KK ,F K if 1 ' Q . KK x 2 .,..J I40 SENIOR CLASS 'Q' is Exit ix ,C , .-A Q. V. 5 ' K A f '11 ff N 1Ff""E: lf k K, - B I A Denyse Bryant Christine Burns Erick Burns Curtis Burt Micki Burt Geri Burton Dawn Bushroe Ginny Butler Dana Byars .lill Byers Ronnie B yrum Anthony Calderon -M e - 4 uv- Lanz M! , Michael Christopher Patricia Clark Patricia Clark Ray Cleveland Charles Cole Lance Cole lvy Colligan Amy Conarroe Joe Conditt Crissy Contes Danette Cook Frank Coons Cecilia Cortez Dan Cortes Kellie Corum Don Cramer Bill Cranston Isis Cuellar Freed in '83 I if X EW , M E .x, . X 'm f 'X X -gb Sm We Rick Calhoun Brett Callaway Kurt Camarena Julie Camargo Keith Campbell Yvonne Canez Carla Canter Sheri Carmody Ray Carter John Cerny Mike Chicoine Kimberly Chandler Robin Charlet Michael Chase Carolyn Chavez Santiago Chavez Donna Cheung Hee .loun Chi , Y ,H s wwf: XY ' "XG if . . xg - - .se ,1 .. W J --.N Q It M- AL v' Q X xg v Y Y K "Y X J C M" W ui 5 Sa 5 ' it M i Q :..h X Q J - .. 1 --Q:. 1 .taea ,ittt l F 0 4, . :--4113 al' Q , Q7 'Wm J I ' f Qs ,K , 3 ' NN. Riff QQ? 1 Lanita Rae Cuspard Antoinette Davis Diane Davis Shawn Davis Tammy Davis Troy Davis X A,.f"'f ff ' .lk ww ff:-f il Seniors Julie Blackshire, Debbie Graves, and Donna Cheung. sit in the quad on Club Day. ' X3 ' f , 9' V wi 1 y Ji ef- 6 W pg i H gg-'wx 2 If - mm, ,A i ' W . A l42 SENIOR CLASS Wi ,.,, ,UQ 2 D . i ,,i Z A 2. I ' Vx , ,V ..,-gffm, ,ge 3 u V I ,.- 1f'1'f.w,'!f-7??. 2 KW A , 1..Qaefffff2t'e , Leander Delma Cheryl Deloera Steve Deluna Donna Denny Tom Denning Ron DePlazes Debbie De Wald Diane Dominguez Todd Dominguez Wendy Doolittle Dennis Douglas Russell Douglas Mandy Driscoll Tumara Dryden Jay Dudley Tim Dugan James Dunn .lohn Dunn Rae Earle Paige Dehart 1-gr Q S ,..-.J no W ff? , E i,4,, W if 5929 Anne Ebert Mary Ebert Angela Ellis Edwin Elsner Heather Ely Da vid - Erhardt Gloria Escarcega .loe Escobar Roni Esquivel Scott Estes Lauri Eubank Christine Fay The Senior CI ss is on the move Kurt Feid Allison Fernandez Bruce Fields Anna Figueroa Frankie Figueroa Gary Fineberg 1. 1 ' INS ag rs A' '+ A vf' I m X k sa we V: .. 1, ,, ,H .QM W ., " W ft 7"i'S'?QVf' fi, ff'j?,:if?T7Af ..'1:5,'::vw. ,A Hu A " ,,, 5' W j ,, of 9 V6 y As 22 N I an 5 :L 4 4 'SQ ,um ,'., ' i l lf 'V 2 I - 3 , Wag 1, Q , M W nw 3 Q ii fl 5 Cs- H, lg fa," x., E I E , 2 -un-u. U G' A . ii 'S ,A V.q,,2A I " I l y k E Christopher Flores Pat Flynn Greg Forstie Richard Fort John Fortier Katrina Fortney Eric Foster Michaelle Freeman Paula Fryman Edward Gaeraths Mike Gallagher Mary Yanes lisa Gangemi Darryl Garcia Denise Garcia Donald Garcia Ernie Garcia Martin Garcia SENIOR CLASS I43 Larry Gates Vicki George Jeanne Ghigo Mike Ghigo 11 "tw Mike Giacalone - Julee Gibbons Q Grace Giles Kevin Gleizier di 5 Senior Paul Mancuso relaxes after giving blood. ,,.z GG. GG 4 X.: f K. up 2 ff ,gf . 6-f 'G ff we My 1 enll 1 Robert Glisan Vzm' John Glosser ' 'W G , I ' -,', 'V x' Scot Goernltz gg A ,F Z3 Charles Golden V i ' , K Ga G ill w. V ll 4 K LXEM3 K " M 25 . g .M x y JW, G G 3:-u. gg G Alex Gonzalez Heide Gonzales Christine Gordon Treva Gordon Deidre Graham Charlie Grambs Suzi Grapentine Deborah Graves Kara Greely Timothy Greeley Karen Grieve Shelly Grills , ag 1 A u Gt-, G Dona Grisius 'FV W '-1, 3 Jeff Grover 59' John Guerrero wwf ,ff Q"""'7 ' ' G fy f-.swf 'ww Heather Guffey I44 SENIOR CLASS Jfiiw t W5 Gm G .L 'H hk A., ii. GGG GG- I gf Marisol Guy to I l 1 19? at YW x 'K 'QQ 1 V H491 V S ' Qu' Q .. V 1 if f If 1 .4 1 ,gy a r ' Y ' 1 3 QV, . f.,, 8 H 3 'Q-.,. M Ursulla Henderson Linda Henrickson Greg Hernandez Ann Hickman Thad Hinson John Hodge Scott Hodge Tricia Hoover Rhonda Horner Debra Hovey Jill Hovey Jamie Howard Rhonda Howard Kelli Hoyt Kelly Hudspeth Tanya Hugins Kathleen Hurlburt Bill ldeker Robert Hallada Alissa Haenel Peggy Hale Dyan Hall Steve Hamman Debbie Hanner Lori Haozous Tammie Haralson Aaron Harding Phil Harmon Cynthia Harris Valerie Hartley Joseph Ha vlik Kristin Heath Kim Hemming Tonyia Hemming Wesley Hemphill Ricky Henderson We ' I ' f it 4 ,, 2 5" 1, ,,M!f,f" .ny - ',' ,pf 1'--wfrq, Wi . , M ' ' h f S nlors await t e uture f K Y W we gg Q 5 133, ff: 5 as S 'af lg 1 14 E 5? '11, Vaia Q os., 11 ., Www L.. fm' Z" wifrisfr ' 553' ' 'EL as-.. -, 0' do W , ,az ,, 2 51 J N -. x -'P 1, X. X XY' I ng, ,M-., .. "' any fa: x pu- EM? SENIOR CLASS I45 H ,V jen, H X MW 1,0 'K 2 M' ' I 57zfff4" dwg , , 'lx fin M ,. 3, , Q' Q , .lilflll lm 'mf Seniors Lisa Pacheco. Melinda Kearney, Tracy Turner and Gina McKenna. Tom Kloeppel John Kidd Erwin King Ron King Mary Kirk Annette Kisner I46 SENIOR CLASS , Ii 1.125 ,Q '94 can Oscar Irish Joe Ivenz Amy Jackson Robert Jacobson Rodney Jargon Eddie Jett Shawn Jerman Joeseph Yu Kim Johansson Carl Johnson Michelle Johnson Scott Johnson Richard Johnson Mark Johnston Keith Jones Lance Jones Shanna Jones Shelley Jordan 5, V ' Kathy Jump W 3, Scott June L' ':,-i 'V' 1 was Melinda Kearney ' 'wry Sf 4' .f. , ,, wx if to 'H ay, , Vivian Kelly Peggy Keown Kelly Kerr 4 if xv 5 .5 , 'W -ik,' Q Debbie Lebron Chris Lee Felicia Lee John Lee David Leisch Dan Levinson Mark Lewis Jon Lindsay Doug Link Dorothy Lizarraga Bernd Logan Christine Long Kaihy Lose Eddie Lopez James Lubbad Frank Lujan Angela Luna Paula Luper Sharon Luttrell James Lynch Jon MacDonald Roni Mallory Sharon Malloy Kristine Maggard Wad X , fl: SQ -L 3 fi 1, L . Q , 3, 8 , M, qi JT ,V , Sandra Koressel Michell lgowren Brian Kozak Danny Kronz Nat LaCa vera Brenda Langdon Diane Landreth Michelle Lanman Shui Leung Lua Man-Man Lau Vikki Lawson Karen Lawrence .' A I i, Ai . Z, 5 fa l Qs , Q , x V .,, Q 7 fit gil, J , I X , f ' ' . N VM 5525, Jani N sawmill x-1- Q' - ,W SENIOR CLASS I47 X The Brews Brothers Charlie Meeks, Mike Chicoine, and Robert Hallada ha ve a serious discussion with Bill Mosley, Katherine Mahr Paul Mancuso David Mann Guy Manning Elaine Mar Salomon Marez Greg Mark Ruben Martinez Ron Masters Marty Mathis Joseph Matoskey Alan Matsumoto Eric Maudsley Lynn May Stephen Mayberry Denise Mayer Deborah McCants Brian McCarthy Kathy McCarty Alan McCuIly Mark McComb Laurie McCormick Marty McDowell Sandy McGrady I48 SENIOR CLASS ,f ff f , ,", ggi? H I 5 Q ,fy 2 - W L A 1 1' 1 .5 If ,K . .W if :Y . f 5 H, 5 ' EHS 'IN .aw 4 'J .3 5 ' ,fa yty, y V V23 9? . L 5 I '- 9' 'gil Kimberly Magnetti ike Magnolo Renee Mahan ,. A J,?'V f we ffl 1 5 arg? A f 1 If I 9 ELfY'ff?iZ1"z"f liliv ":fi'EZ',,?fW ,' f' ,:r?1:,.v:-vj':1 ' f ' k.,,.,.-W1 I I I ' I x ,, W, 'MW 1 W ,. 'Z' Hr-2 , 1 U, Q I 45, 1 f V 1 A Af Q J x Q f L ' ,. 'I V 'P "Lean 4 w 1 Q Lx' f-Ms? V W, ,gf if it 2 4' 1 S W A el -'IIN 'iv , , 35,5 1 " -- K ff if 1 ' s, ,, 2 - av Q 5 0. " 1 Joe Montez Eric Moore Don Moser Bettina Moran Collin Muller Robin Mullings Melanie Murdock Robert Nanny Linda Neeley Paul Negri Kurt Neithercutt Melvin Ney Xuandai Nghiem Kelly Niehuis Rina Nokes Kelly Novak Anna Normann .Iohn North SW Tx! C ass of '83 forges on !. - , f U, J XX 'JY , M eg "' ,ff 4 2 I thw 1.3 y , Vi 4, l f' Lily I N. Fw , . M- fr MW-- PH., 5 5 awp 2611 Y ,ex f ' fi A 2 . ,M Dorothy McGrath Gina McKenna Matt Mcl.amb Barry McMeen Ken McNabb Rhonda Medley Charlie Meeks Carlos Mena Augustin Mendez Andrea Mendoza Mike Mercer Tina Meyer Steve Millard Diane Miller .lill Miller Woody Miller Anita Mitchell Kevin Monaghan L.-.ft I t ' ,af f A f i P 45.2 ,ff Y , 21522:E5g:j,f3',2:11::::5g3ggv5yv,QI-',g,5.-,13 f , ,, we f fir ' 4 i ,V .Q , r ,Z F X , Q 5 ., - 4. I fr: 1 2, 'S , L' f twirl' , at .W 4 ie. t ,M , me 5 4 it . . ' A f A f M ' ' ' 2 i .,"k V . 1 -, , ,LN 4 A .,f ., . v:f..u,,,, f . Mem , I ' f Q M ,-f- ft, K . f, nivggt, at ,4 ' ' .WW V W'-V R 1 I L ' N 5 ' .Q .V In ' " as f un 1 1 114. 'SK . , 1 If tf,'2Qe13g-g,vL'-gg gg g m ':1 I A ff x,,f.R2H,-sw H M12 xx ' t in tai e'x, mt vi' I - ' 2 ' , TW ' 5 V - "A ' ' :H , , H M ' ilii ' fp, ' ,Q w , Ji.fw' f QM: 'ill' M It rw S, , f 'tt s ,R , , i z, K - .-2 F f. , ,M , ' ,, SENIOR CLASS l49 Brenda Norton Chuck Northrop Kathy Perryman Terry Pfeifer Jim Pickard Tracey Pierce Darren Pieri Trina Pippins Stan Podlasek I5O SENIOR CLASS Doris Olsen Lynne O'Meara Katie O'NeaI Ginger Osborn Elisabeth Owens Leann Owens Lisa Pacheco Elizabeth Padilla Fred Pamer Stephanie Paton Cindy Patrick Joe Parisi Leslie Paulus Donna Perez Rebekah Peeples John Pendrick Staci Penrose Jerry Perry e we ' ff 14 M. M2 T' Q V gp ff. e S f'Ci ' f Y :-," :ai . qv, ,W L ,u ni ' 2: 06 Q LM fx. 3 f 5 , R, Q., if fi Wi ' "X 751+ had 5 W V ,ff .,. 'Un W V .,Arv"' , 1 mmm? 'A 1 .,,, ,ag Maru V feng, , . -s , - 2, a t Q we x L' M Mb,-www W 3 wt f if A 'bfefffa gi 43 W 4: tg , ai',, g Seniors await the world mm A, T T if X ? S 1 1AA q T ,V' S wit 1 S s si iirrr we Z l Z , yrs-,,-7 A . - Aiqfwy y -NL R f'-2' ' f ' A , I i l K? ,.,f I t Apllll " vii -t - V559 " 'W R 4 ia N-Q-w il allow. A A .2-A f' 'Q agptfi mi T5-A! Q 1 it lr Richard Roberts Richard Rodriguez Ronnie Rodriguez Christi Rogers Tammy Rogers Deborah Roman Carol Rose James Rosenau Bob Russell Audrey Rybreg Angela Sables Victor Salinas Paul Samuel Rodney Samuel Annette Sanders Chet Sanders Suzie Sandvig Brenda Sandvig mnrf, x W 1 : 'ri 1 f, Rex Porter Tracey Powell Terry Purcell Debbie Purva Joel Ramirez Thomas Rasko Rudy Redondo Dale Rennells Dean Rennells Mike Rettler Jill Rhodes Louis Rhodes Bill Riale Brenda Rice Matt Richey Steve Richter Doreen Rick Mark Roberts 9' ee 1 A-Q: SENIOR CLASS l5l Vg' xslt Mix QSHIIW N, S 'Q , 1 as . SL -r 3 Q Colleen Slade Tracey Slattery Eric Sliva Levi Slaughter Jeff Smallidge .lon Smith Lori Smith l52 SENIOR CLASS Jean Sargent Heidi Schlederer Chris Schuler Patrick Scott Arlene Sciorilli Monica Sesma Sandra Sesma Sheryl Shapiro Michelle Sharpe Sheri Shultz Coach Hoffland has some of the sweetest honeys around ' sf, .miffl-fi1:si 'a , wwf X mai. i , 1 M f' x 4 X .1.i5Qi:'f557'4' fe. 1 ' 5 if ' -'qlfa' 1 X., Eric Steele Paula Simmons X J 1 1 2-4 mf 1. f.,. vt. . fx -A Y pci 1.9 3 -, 5 Y' . -:s..5te S,- itt'A Q Qxfs12""fSQ r' f , ..i3,.,,,,,,,,, ,Nm ...iwk xg ,ggwf -. H 1 tv, Q 2 Q 2 'N N e w I Y gt: 53- . I if X..-,Q my 1 C W AHIZUNASTW T at ,qu L,k, , L f ,,,- Y as fl S EQ Mei . , tsrfk its my e 1. QQ V .J Q L x t to u- I '-sf A P , it if 'ff , ' 4" 'W 3: ' H., its n we all-J A ' f,,dgf,xf J' 'T J A ear '11 - 4 if T A ,, n- -ff 3 ' 2 mb c E 'MQ X K .........- XS M' V H my ,, Jon Snodgres Tina Sollazzo Tyra Sommer Robert Souder George Sowers Janelle Spaugh Tammy Staten John Stephenson James Still Arnold Stiner Guyla Stone Pam Stone Robin Stoddard Tanya Struble Curtis Svitak Joe Surber Amjad Sweiss Flo Szczepaniak The future is ready for the C ass of '83 Enrique Taborda Frank Tang' Lance Tang John Tanner Jacquelynn Taylor Tracy Taylor Henry Tavison Marjorie Teapole Heidi Terry Charles Thomas Raymond Thomas Clay Thompson Mark Thompson Steve Thornton James Tibbs Mary Beth Titus Paul Tomlin Robert Topolewski ,,f,, .. Q ,wiv rifikTY'f':tiEff - , gn f , i R. --Hag., , ,,,, ,fi-,M 22,4 'Lam .seg 1 K8 I a A 4 'EJ an y A 1 , H, .,,,.. ,V ,., 25, fg stit Mfivf H' Q fi f,f,,1f,1f,, + ,. K ,M ,L w an in if, if Qs. 4 S, ttf ,ff inf? 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L isa Wagner I54 SENIOR CLASS Brad Wallace Linda Walls Sean Wardrope Michelle Warren Jerry Watson Tammy Watson Wendy Weatherman Julie Welch Kathy Werking Keith Wilder Andri Willette Lori Wilkerson Lisa Williams Wendy Williams 5 Vim 14 X at of Q ' ,iw ' My. it tw'- ,,?, X 4 Z s Sandra Williams Rhonda Williamson Freddie Willsher Wendy Wilton David Wright Terry Yates Tim Young s Q Y at . Alan Ziegler .-N 'HQ A J I. E A Paul Guzman 'ffl ' f y , 1 5" Vera Howerton fi A, K V lf' ' I 5 Paula Daily , H' V ,M ' Richard Hansen , i fl, 1' -" V 1, H LW' ' Eric Hassenberg ' Nb' ,M ' 1 A ,l , Charles Heil Q 4 I A rw ,Q K ' Si ff' of 4 il l . 'f'::f-f: A Q ft John Henry 1 j , ' 2 Bill Holland V ' , W ,L ,K Steve Jones Q2 51 I L- 1 V '- f- I 8 ' A ' 'vi Randy Kinnan ",f A ef , ' '44 W Mary Sue K wiecien 'W JI of Brian Maser " ' ' Tina Meyer fy 2 A,.V,,. ,.,, ., ,,,, I ,.,i l T, l, H I X 'i" 4 M Danny McCloud rv, W V 5 11 ' David McCue QQ f Z, " ' A' H V Sw- L V Sean McHenry ' fl 5 'E A nf Lynn Miller .- v 1 ,'. M, if t , xig- 2 'VW' . 1 Art Molina t ' K , I 1 V ' V.!' 16:5 3' Z V ., fZ,V , M ,. Tina Qhton ,X 5 X 'J I' VZV. ,l H 0 Tlm ORellly 'Y . if iri' .2 M vvf, 1 J A . "lf -, ' if , W T A,,, lm , Janine Osick A J . A V N 3 Susan Pargiter ' S 2' "la Y A -.b A lf Kristin Peterson I- "' l D an H, "' ' S-in -W - f' E 1 Henry Ouivk 3' , i-gy' -f if 2 Pally Reidy R A Y ' -ff Y ,J , Tom Rexroat A - V , x x ' Luc y Rodriguez gAA I . , ,AE ,K fr 3 A fi ' , V, I , I V' If J we iff t ' lah ll is to 2 1 if i S rs'i e Byron Ryon A l 1 Sherry Seeberger ' W 1 W Qt Robert Sybrant if " , , ' A ' ' if ' Brian Thiffault jg " 5 wg X Ordet Tidey A' i,,' l J 'Mi' ' A2 Cliff Turley 3 I 1 7 ' , K ' V 5 Debbie Vaughn Q V 1 all A .wlisffw , 2 " or 1 , -.1 rilti , -V'f V'Hir 4 Prass Vongprachanh li: A Carmel Washington 'ti' Kris Welling 5 H 8 I , ' ' Janice Wendling ' V.1'- I 3 ,hw If Joe Wheatley ' ' Mitchell Wiley N W d ' "l' A H - ,, Q ' orm oo mansef A, WW I l I Q I A ltlyl lf. , Q Joey Yenkala i -ll"' A Jeff Younger if ' gk . , Yu Joesph ws s, A -P' Cindy Zetterlof 5 g g, . iIfl'l . ,-l -, ,Mx SENIOR CLASS I55 Julie Pettett class of "S4" president The junior class which was spon- sored by Mr. McCauley with the heh? of other teachers, held many activities throughout the school year. The class built their homecoming float and held dances. Many members also sold can- dy, key chains, pom-poms, and Heart- O-Grams. The proceeds went towards the Junior-Senior prom, the senior gift. and other various things to help them out. Juniors for three long years awaited their Junior-Senior prom. They pre- pared for it and got everything togeth- er. The prom was held at the Green- way Sheraton Inn and was truly a mo- ment to remember. Yet, the real ex- citement was looking forward to their last and final year at Alhambra as sen- iors. There were many memorable things that happened to the juniors in their three years at Alhambra. As freshmen they experienced the penny pitching. As sophomores there was the treatment as "middle classmen. " Then, as juniors they were granted more privileges as upperclassmen. lin soo LUCKYII l56 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS or Irrr,rt Inttf wi M President-Julie Pettett, not shown Vice-President. Paul K yman, Secretary. Julie Tang X,,I Senators-Beth Daniels, Robyn Epperson, Lisa Woods. All right JUNIORS number onell New I' ' Af , a fi ?:g:r -an vt, -1 Q f ev 1? E 4' 1 I ,, 4 Q X V A My i QD . .1 ,V J ,Q J ,gf hwy? ,Zi 2, I 'N A 5 x Deena Aston Sheila Aukes Elizabeth Ball Cory Baker Jerry Baker Anne Banks Lesley Barnes Darla Bartram Sharon Baskett Tony Bauchard Tammy Bauer Kenny Bayant Brent Bechtel Christopher Becker A if f E' Q Fernando Acosta Crispo Alcordo fi John Allen A .V Micheal Allen 154 , Wendy Allen A Jusmmit as , .., 23,3 41 gf W Annette Altomare Marco Ama visca Carol Anderson A 2 Q was f ,. Q eg' Karen Anderson Kim Anderson Ricky Anderson 1 , 4 5 J M' W I Za 4 of A Scott Anderson Mike Arico e Nick Arico V V Steve Armstrong Ig ' Robert Arroyo k Jim Ashton '-t, ,A 'wg K"K' fini' S ,,,4!"jf K W' ' 2 itself Brad Ingle jams to the tunes during float building Y' mf: 1 -- nf '71- f if 'V ' . .2 ' ' : -' . if A . , "Q, . alf a 7? ' V . W , ' 'N , -we Kai: ' ., Vi , V ' i W t 7 4. ,. 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' - A i Li j f A A A ,AAA A A I KAAQ A E "' , Q if 2 mf:wA.Qnr1 2,2555 f' ' A i Juniors take on their third yea - p A W A A 1294 Zi 1 ff , K A A A, Q- 'S 2. rf wi f Q 1 , AA,34fA ' ,, W sffffei " 1 'W A 'f"CA- .,,,A A A -1, 1, w A ,, 'V -as ag? A A . ,, Q A ,-A A A ' "nv A F Z A K, A 'X A U 1 was ' A,-A, N' A Q' f. ,AA A Fi ' '35 :A AA iff A 4 or A A as A W' A 'Yi v' ' , , A 1 Y A . Q 45' -- QAWI I cliff' W V E259 5 A I . ' 4 Shawn Castner Carolyn Castro Carlos Ceja Monica Celis Marcos Cervantes Chris Chase Johnny Chou A L isa Chrysler r Daniel Chung Tracy Claridge Cindy Clevenger Patty Clubine Stacy Coates if 4 ,M ,AA ii? fx fa Y A 4 A, if, 1 V' 4 as A X any: 4? 5' 2 AA fi f QA A 2 Jw Q 4 42, A A A Ax i if A -4 ' 1555 'Y ,W ,A A 1 gg As :Zi 1' 2 3 .AMW-WA? 45: f21:Ve9:'A , ,r,. . A 1 as ' A Sq, AA, 3, fc' " A ,,,:,,, 5u,,.,, , A A A ,,,.V -f ,,,.,5,.,,,,.,,i,, A A A ,AA my 1 f' ,A A A A .r,, A 1: A A - H A 2? ' W 4,A, A V. A A A A ff ,,, A A Aa A A A' A , si. A AW A A i' A ' " ' 'QL ' A ' ' AQ, ZA, ' A AA ' A A Af U ' H :'A A X ,Z A ' ' 'A ev will ' A. A I W if A A 4 I J 1 Q Q23 Susan Coates l58 JUNIOR CLASS 5 1 w .. 2, if M F I' Anne Boykin Jolyenne Boyles Jill Bradenburg Amy Broderick Kimberly Brooks Debora Brown Shannon Browning Karen Brunicon Brenda Buchanan Peggy Burns Natalie Bursott Anna-Lisa Byrne Gregg Bunting Jon Cambern Carrie Campbell Ernie Cano David Carlin Linda Carter Lynda Carter John Carusle Susan Castellano ' - Q :fi if MA AF 'H Bryan Kuban plays Willy Wonka on the junior float. Wm? gll V ,W L. . ...I " 1 , W -W ffm? Mt-aw -' fe p T .fm L f ' N, j 'ff ff S f .7 J "6 f ' 'N M35 E12 5 5ue55iW"+' I ' 'QT . 1 12' :, , Qffrizsfmi ,aa 1 ,e ,:.,- gisifiizs - 5, ,, M. i :gpg is :. E L K kgs, 'TQ V .. A ,f ,Mfr ,goo - M, .z, ,- U ,. , - 2 H.. ,gf .,..,, , . X. , 'agen y X fx' ,H .L5 1 'Z i "YiW':'L S ,., , Q gg, 3 Q V 3 S 1 'W . A E ,, Sm , l 6 , 1 , ,, " LQ' ' 4" 5 fwwf, L I U g: no fn iq , Wg? 1255 - H.: L If L M" iff M.....f"'f YZ! sim," ' 'ma 11 f W : :wx -of .v3,,.5f,, at 5 ei, 1 - f, cm' if 1433? or 5 ,, if ' :gig 'Iv U ,i,:.,, 2' '1 . 1 '31 ' . ' 'f 5 V V ' -' sag at sm? .- as Viki Cohen Pam C oldsmith la y Colyar Kirk Compton Tracy Conaway Mary Jo Conklin Ron Consier Mike Conway Larry Coons Da vid Cooper . J"-f sv 5 Y awmm W A as xizvxckzv wzezzw --33.2, .iz mewffzf., fm f ,-,,,,., k an ifzrsfglvfxiia ilk' f- :I::s:,'E,,, ,:,. fy 5, Q3 , H E lia Y is Q Y S Gs ,V , , ,E 25Q:5L1i.:L,'..H'Zig?':QW:?3'..":'.EW2i", .L-M' ' H 1 .'4' if 4 ' .v L fr iiinai fiif i fk tif. of ,, ' 'Z T 37fl1Ei4E,.'1 5 I ,z 'f:ik:.'lw.,, ' ' . uffu 1" 1 WA ffl''ifliililfiifi.ivf,:53f?,'5,'f1f'Q"55: " "" "'i"" 5 ' ' 'gff j ix ms ziff . as m- . .,: ffmx 'L '. v' ,w::f2gsWv2,g2 Hail :U 2' 2 " V " " - -:,5f',5'E02.-fig E'i,":'1 .. fi? V 1 " , '1 " 1 I "'-:::.."1.!wz: A " am: ,,,i ' i W' 5 ay ,,, is 3223 31,55 tr awe gy, . ,Z QE al Y WZ Qu ' tw 'gw I 5 Lee Copeland Chris Corbett Russ Corbin Becky Cordova Charles Corson Pat Cottrell Mary Criswell Michael Croner Steve Cruz Mark Cunningham Tracy Curtis Mitchell Curry Becky Daggett Beth Daniels Mike Daer Dion Davis Adrienne Davis John Paul Davis Paul Davis Chris Dawson Timothy Dawson JUNIOR CLASS l59 Theresa Day Marie Deas James DeFine Josie Del.eon Gracie Delma Mike DePuma Anita Derrick Keith DeRuiter John DeSomma John De Vries Charles Dight Jeff Donahoo Dennis Douglas Da vid Dowell l3'Z75I,'lZ3f, qty.- , Jw , ,, -fi "1 1 all af K ,,,,,, 1... 45 f f W' J , , , f J W aa J x Hawaii ,-.W 1 S, f 'fi 'kczmff' Jai W A f sf 1 s l' l Tracy Ferguson Charmaine Fernandez Neil Fernandez Vanda Filipek Fred Fillingham Deanna Fincher Lisa Fishkind Michelle Fizz Paul Fletcher Celia Flores Chris Flores Brien Flynn Tish Fonteno Scott Forman l6O JUNIOR CLASS ,r .. i, as ,,. , mi? ,I 5: I it ,,,z,2?W M1125 J 32 f ,K S, 1 W f ,Q f ' bf as , sag f , F K 37 i M :ey 18 Q 3 W I X 4 '55 HQ ig x fy ff , ,,,,,,t, 1 mga f3z,ef,f9 x ""WMMfW , f J J fa M , , J, -- 4 P 3 .3 ' Ks Y' ,J J 2af ,2f2-,vim M w,J,,,,J, fg: f,f44fz,-mms pq, ,' iifsaiw ww-',zJ1. ,' f ' f , f uf- ey J, ' J- ' . real ' W , , , V ' lt' J ,,.,, JJ f J ,,t,, as ,, Jo M :bmw 5 siatiisii? nm we .Jw mv' , WM 1 almost all over K . 'SZ ,,,.., ,vim ,J Q 5 ,, 3, , , W , ,A my Ze' Q 3 rf F 45 ' 5 e ff 4 S1 4 5 1 vm, 1. W A ?fgfifM' , J 'Wa 3,42 ft, J 4 , .,,. V yg, , 4 W i,J ,f1"'f. ' . ,:,i-fax,-1-.1 agfpf X053 ilci if! ,4 3470 Q' f 5 ,5255 f , H Til 5 f say , J? 1 gf 1 X Ji, V ,,.,: 'L ' 'G F ai: f if ' , H ' ffgilfg fff H f , S Ji we V . f 4 'V J 22529 ,X 2 3 sf K AN, 4ff,,4Q ,b'w ' , , f,t V - J M J, A V J c:,, , J Q J alfa 5 as Q 2 V X ,J 2 5 , K' ""' 'F ' , fsx,,J 35 "1 ",' V ,, " if 536, 5, f,,J J , 4 . 'A mm J XV -W-M f Y It .,., ,ww my ?azf.:' .. Jm Mrfvfxziszz 5 ,..,J. l,,ll,,, ,WJ ,,z??mw3J,k ,S ,fi 21 H wt , M. 4 35574577 if ffm. Wm , ,la J .af u , ww f' 'f z,J ,,,, M-f A 4' L fa W K iii fxxuggg , , , , ,JJJ,J ,,,, ll a, lllle'tl,lllxlalxlJi, W, : ,Tr-Eagg: f 1, J f, . - ,,, , 453, K 35? ,af , Q S 3 J KY' A X g VJ- We my f- -I AMW, f J ti y Wk jfs nf ff Q B l V 'ff ff rw .ll fi, 5 if fi as X f X MV .ff 'JW ., -Nw., . all eww f ' will E we A 4 1 5 ,J ,Z 1 3 e " 5 1 Micheal Dowty Susan Drake Barbara Duarte Ronda Dubul Brenda Dunn Michele Dunn Diane Dunnan Diane Dutton Sarah Eagan Doug Eaves Vicky Ehler Winnie Elliott Jeff Enslin Robyn Epperson Amy Erb lvero Esqueda George Estby Judi Estes Linda Fancher Joe Felish Kristina Feliz ,EJ at ' ,:. 'K . ' ' " F I 1 A, 'J , ' Q1 V -f-' 31 :53 5 , .J 22 " 3 hJ,,' " , Q Q -, ' ,' , K ' Q riff f f - +1 . , J J 51 Las J ml? i,:f+'?m' at E, ,Z . he ,WJ lj I 1 ' J, - f " J H: r, ,J1 iffy, ' ., 'S 5 fe? 'af f .J .tm M , it 2 . -. ,Jw fn J,J, f 5-,,-:M f f 7kf,,J 3 z fx .L J Kwik gg, ,, X J, ' , L wi ' - V M M R7 Q gg Zi AM Q 5 Brenda Kidney, and Julie Pettett help out wilh Junior float building. Charles Junker. seems to be saying, '71 's finger licking good!" -me L M E k L 'WL L L .., Q J . . sw MLL,,L 5fePh-mi? Foffney .L -K X-f -:-,sl wssfk, 39354 w: gfzsiegy , , L L ZZLTQQI , Q i- LT Virginia Fosmore ssl - v 1. LW : Li L' P L - F ' 1 LX, aurle OSS T My L L Diane Foster LL X X. Lg L L L L A ,..,.. ,L L Q L L- L R ' L -Y L 'QQi1'r1'9'5:r:fILiffL L f N--NP L k..k X 1 K Z I L+, t i In Li,LL X QL? . L in 1 Fowler X 1 - 5, - L - I Doug Ffalllfe 2 SQ LL L L L - - E ff' L A . Deborah Frazier f ' L WW- E lp Q , E : 5 Q J ,..eo ael. f Axim Q LLLLMLHW LL L. KW ' is i 9 M L Valerie Frederick Q aii .. T'-'CY Fffeff'-'f' L ,RL L L J. X L MLLSI - - J .- 5 - . a n Q53 A L in 5 g, L, in 1 AQ! Denise Gorslln ..,a alli X -leffy 5-ibbif-if S J l--' L L L Henri' G-'WC' LL -. ' ' L L 1 iye- - - an W- i l.lS8 GBOIIB ' L L Ana Garcez 2 in . . P. - G ea's LL Celia Garcia f L John Garcia 5 K ,L "" L , X -L Shawn Garraghan if - -R A G r cir Ln , L. Ls, :gs L ' S Q- - ' -- L X - L L LL Q ai.-', ,L ' I ,L LL -1 ' George Garhart L L Q L ws- 2 L ey - U LL , . ' A 'Lu ffzfi my -A ,I -11:13 K L. if 'iw-21' riiiff -: ef Kfm Gfffnff in L X Le Q LL G John Gi son if i LL - J ,A L L 'N Maureell Gill -L .L L 2 L L 1 L L L Q i L L lvff-Wine Gilles Jeff Glemba LL - LL L - Jennifer Grande L J K L L iw Lrzf A G L N ' ' L' is-A -V I LL LLLL L - L ' L is .L LL D"""" G'f"'!"" we ' on A i L 1 L L of Leesf L - Larry Granlllo L L - Q L 2 - Q - ' 33, 'F - J Cind Gra - L EL N21- fgffi -L Lf - if Qin? Y Y L f L ' -" ff ,.:i.gaLL, sM 1:- ,L -3 LL N- X Jamie Gray 1 L L TP H L L f 'Y LLL rf -. :E - L, si,-1j,:fL rl r LLKK f- LT JJ we f u Q a L - f fi., L M W LL ..L--- 1 f Fe Mfr 3?mm 1 L. le S. L L L 1 LL , we Lax 3 JUNIOR CLASS l6l Angela Green Charla Greenmyer Marilyn Greer Patty Groh Kathy Grove Mary Beth Groves Dora Guardiola Valerie Guidice Lisa Guraw Danna Hacker Lani Hallock Tony Hammons Julia Harding Dana Harrach .QV 1 X SYVVVW VWVHV:.2-ffiiafn':'.VV5u2: QVQEVVV . f f Z- ' , 2 V W V V 2 ff Q ., Af V Za ' f . an if 3 ff KM? i l V .1 Vg -VV--VV . , ,- V w g.QV1VVSV ,Z ,L.,, W, , a ,IW ,V ,, Q VVVV WQSVVQ 1 - -: Haggis V 5 ff , V QEVVQVLV V V 1 V E mi Va S 3 A xii SX? 5 -V' ,, w ee V fe: fa- YB 'U V f V , ,V A VV,. A, 1 V ,Vf' 'X lv ww a WV? C 1, ,, V Q ' f f5 V?V ?2ES+'Vg1 VQVV MVQ r ., .,,, V .,,.,,..,,..,,. WV, 1 we X 4 QV V Q BV X is W VEB S X , V 5 3 X .V f 'G' ., Juniors bring year to end, V 'Vw V. T A,.L J, 2 VV: ' Al: AM . in W, Q2 v V. V J' Vw ga? we-f,Wf'5',i'f-af' A await eniorit ,. V, ,V Julie Harris Pam Harris Karen Harper Chris Haskell Steve Hathaway Daryl Hayes Harrison Hazzard Kevin Hedgpeth Tracey Hegeholz Sabrina Helton Steve Henderson Albert Hennigan Mark Herwarlh Lynda Hesterman Rebecca Hill Chris Hoffarth Sam Holland Mike Holley Keith Holmes Jennifer Honhoinewa Karen Hooten fsrr 1 V V A ' ' ' S me i -IIV rfffza 9 M ' , ' f-Vw V ,, ' 25, Vi, ' 'VVfVVV:?VV MV Elf ' V Va!! W ,V 5 ' 7, VV' V , V I :V QV V13 2 mf Xt! X H f?:IVf"'kVV, Vg V V' M , .V V L ,+V ,Vai V VV VVVVVVs V V42 VNV K: fb ,, , ,V VV VVVV. V ,.VVfV , W f ,V V ,,,,VVi 1 ' 'VVV..' Q , , 1 Y, V VV :ma V ' ' 6 i K V - ,' f """"" WVWWWZSW V' . . ' ' V , -V V- V V aavgfff V V 2 f . ' V ,V 'E V , '- V V' . V 1 . , , , . , 2 as , .MW ,, ,Lg ,MW . , Mn ,,,. V .. V VV ' 52 V V V ga VV .V ,. , .Viw H V . as -wa 'V . A V 4, V V- -:atm '- "EEf55s,fLEiii'V'V "I1'L:'L, :V Z.' 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' V 'V ' .1 Vi ,V -'V- Ceidric lgnattos Marcy lnares Brad lngle Terry Ingram .lohn Ivenz Kevin Jack lra Jackson l62 JUNIOR CLASS V -V,:, V ,f,, VV --,,. .,,,,V,, , iZ3'3?'3 V fsgff 2 V M2 fi 1 V V W4 49 fe, 3, 'G ' , , 9 L V S ,, ,Va , ,W V, 4,7 K ,V ,V my K ,Lx 6, Ei' ,ez 'L 'V ,' ,V ,QV , ' V1'V1fV:igQ LVVVVV' ' V f ,fa V ,VV- V 1 ala , V :fr fix: vs 'W' VV V Vg, 'jan' 137 VV3V1'Gfi5V??Va59I , ,, wir .VQZVZVY ga' 1 5 f ' i -W if 765256 V ,V,,V V,,1V,VV V V V I K 5 ,vs V K A 4 is fu w. 5 Zhi, -5 ., img-:. 2' 1. sn: :MU jf- f , Q 1 ' n- Qfefafa-5 ,- Q-53. J su., X . i X X J Q E 1 A . , ., " y if , , fi x A -I n -. A 5:22555 a ' .. .-h. ..,, .k.. .rr ,..k N - i ii? . X-eiingssx. - ms? K K X X was -f we - -new X K , ,Mellini S 5- -W - sf, 1: V e, 22135455 Q gigg le i- X Eg 5 Xi . .Q ' - 5, . - R, .tfffl sis' .ng-fi.--,.:Lgf 1 - - 4- i i , ' f ' ' ' ' K f iii' - '.." li 5' 1 Cf .X is E32 ' A , : s .. -.Q A .. . , gi X ,M . R e - . x . X Q Q X Q -was 5 , 2 F ki Q Ig - - . ei ' xp 5 N fb Y X J ' . - 1 :- 1, 55.1 .- . K + .- . A' -' ' 1, X ' X . via -k.. ig? ,Q . , X. K K KR . K 4 5 . , X S3335 gk I- i -X: A W If 5 , ., of KA .X 0 5 . XX? X N X sf F - k K : gp A : f ' X N X. Q f A xfn J 1 , Y Wi ,nos 'K fs 5' X . .. , . 'Y ..,,. HMM L on f' Ivero Esq Henry Juncker Dawn June Valerie Karpouskas Scott Kathan Yvonne Kellar Bernice Kellar Colleen Kelly Darlene Kelley Glenn Kelly in A -X errel Mary Kelly 2 'A Sharynn Kew . QNX -an Robbie Khaler of ' Brenda Kidney A X "" ' A Anita King Lk gf eeeii eeye C lli, laura Kms eeeeeeee Q Scott King ' -, Ni., 'Q j k' -X Mary Kirk -A is ' A fi, g g Cindy xisf 1,5 Jerry Kneipp 5 'Q Kenneth Krout 5 ' ' F OST ' C -we .M':t:.n ueda works hard on the junior floa if - I 1: X' XQ X W. is . , Q ,, X- X is S? 45. f is X Q '5-.Y S I Charles James Bertie James Wendy James Pat Jeffreys Brenda Jensen Da vid Joenk Brenda Johnson Jim Johnson John Johnson Tracy Johnson Jennifer Jones Terri Jones Inge Juern Charles Juncker JUNIOR CLASS I63 Michael Krout Bryan Kuban Don Kuhbander Paul K yman John Landes Linda Langford Mark LaPIante Kara Larremore Dan Laux Beverly Lawlor Carol Lawrence Michelle Lazovich Roland Ledesma Michelle Lee In ww is A ccessful year for juniors if N59 I -2-,,."-1 M iv Z ex 5 1 T7 f v A-W X V .,..3 L gf L 6 awe If -Y neg? ff W X mx ff Q x e . of , I 4 Janet Mar Fred Marshall Cathie Martinez Ernie Martinez Martin Martinez Dan Masters James Masters Terry Mastersen Keith May Patty Maynez Jill McBride Terry McCarty Kari McClain Todd McClain I64 JUNIOR CLA55 V- ' " A, 2iw.i1cf1,w 'mi' ' ' A. V L .-.. ,:,. 'K A A . :,..,,, , . Q . .,,, . fv :L 0 +V f , M , , W Z- in 'N X Qi, 1 4 3 , ,,. ,. L f La K 31 Q .1 Q- ai.t , Q , , N Sm ,,,. at A.L,: M. 1 C? T pa. t, E 9 f 1 l 'I' v X? ff K Wa i nllliitxk T Linda Leung Stacy Lewis Kenny Light Gary Lindenmier Lucy Livensparger Jeff Lizar Sonja Lockhart Amy Loeffler Alice Lohr Dorothy Long David Longoria Kevin Looney Charles Lopez Sheralee Lowe Heidi Lowen John Lubbad Darren Lutes Becki Lutrick Tammy Lynch Rebecca Mahr Jeffrey Mancuso rl 4 4 ff' in W' -fe? vi' s Mm x ff' U 1 bw t .AE ugly iw sem A Q as 1 f f ig 'B I img . ,fr if 4 ., 1 1,,?,',,k ,X . , . , ,M ,, , ..,, . , ,.,, f efqiglgfqywgg , , ,.,. , zz M , . , .wzwfwfw V:MV,m, ,Ht ., L,,L . A . it V: , fv'f7f4i2z'1" ,-' Danny McCloud , 11' Kelli McDaniel at A M fp A"'2A Colleen McGuire L eonard McKee ver X 5, , A Sara McKinney I . . Mary McNair E u ." L V- ii Brian McNamara Tammy Meeks f f 1 -4 M m X " Z 3 '5 is H mi , 3 g M -ff 'X Lf- P W A ii SQ Kathy Mechaca Steve Merkley 5 a yn y 1 ,gg . , W , , A V V 4 Ei ,,n,, ' f' - - , . . it 'f i Lisa Mestrowch Q Z ia Pat Metz 'IEW' ?:li7T4?77:E" . ,F V MT ,fffifx 'f,k'f -, w-:M l i qi ' by K amiga ff' , , ' ffwrg gm ' A I fi ' 3 fx fi L Brian Metzendorf I ' "fl: I i Diane Metzendorf QQ- 'GQ i A ,I ...,h, Q ' ' f " ' J ,4 if WW IV,, h ,1,. - ,I , e,,.,.,., . ,V. , A , xr A , Q. PIM., Karen Michaels Melissa Miles .lim Miller Lance Miller Patricia Miller Vicki Miller David Millet W 'L - . fsjyig axx Yagi? , ,X 5 52353 , iii' 32 11 W Ja as sig Wa ef X R. fm ills: Juniors walk on campus during their classes. The band performs during one of the many pep assemblies. L L' ' f SK? X K Q 1' XA' 4 f-was-: ' , , 2H223fQ ' J i 6 ,1 " 1 . I , wwf 4 'ma Kg V 3 . if? m e ' f A 5 -if aw iq 2? X '7 1 1 sstt , ,. iia f 'wp ' P , Q ' ,'f,:"ZZ1"m , L -if . JUNIOR CLASS l65 Tina Milone Kelly Miner Monica Minster Heron Moller Dwane Moody Guy Moore James Moore Gina Morton Doireann Mott Todd Motter Matthew Moyer 2 3 jf tw 21 PZ," ' 'z -fha V- .9iE:'f3EI17K5Lf5 -"-' Q, ' sh? T oorroorr oorr .. is J ,h ,V .,,mw,5 Ubi!! 5 f 5 5 4 4 Q f 4?-L 1 Zsimllills, fem rrre Chocolates for homecomin K Todd Muncy Da vid Muns Lisa Nein ms ,X of f 42 ' time 3 6 M ' , f H1 2 f Y, 2 1 1 ,, ,, I it 1 4 ' ZW . Q M2 f 'fame--ef . ' 1 'V ,g 2' ' " " . V V , --" on ' ,. as V ,V t . '. -' " wfsvfiksg 2 'L . ' 45,51 ., . 1 Q V, 1 .1?2,' gg M , ww? - 1 .- 41: 'K gy' E 9. 1 X Mfr Y, W f Y ,tl K 9 L3 M15 X, f 5 into 'JZ 21 t at g WEE 1 'Z H at 4 1 J fc' W i .Y sv 5 3 , Ji 1 51 1 f 225 3 ,,5,,ff jgzz. is ,' ., .JCL A ' ' K ,Y ff,-L X I -V V I Z JZQIWQQQ, - " Donald Parke Todd Paszkowski Trisha Pa vlista Vicki Payne Jeff Pelletier Victor Perez Robin Perkins Greg Perry Tish Perry Kim Peterson Julie Pettett Tom Phehas Angie Pianga Yvette Pieri l66 JUNIORS CLASS l t"' 4? w if f, 5 f A AA ,QW in 5 K f gy was W ,Q Q ff f 42 r 5 'E J E :Wig ef A ..:- pfff, 1 .'., , QL? gg f .W 2, 'H ,s - sms, . ' 1, 5 ,.,'fff, , pw, x , if cgi 5 512- I 3 Waleed Nekho Anne Nelson Bruce Nelson Gary Nelson Tanya Neu Payl Nevitt James Newton Beth Nullman Jeff ODay Erick Ohesen Tom Olson Kim Ong Robert Oropeza Scott Orr Samantha Pace Robert Packard Lisa Padgett Elizabeth Padilla Daniel Pak Helaine Palma Joe Parisi y 4 " Melissa Poole Kelly Popiela Terry Powell Carol Prieger Scott Pykare Peter Oualls Debbie Quan Scott Oueen Rick Ramirez Lisa Ramsay .F-F2, VOTE: Julie Pettett waits patiently during the freshman election. ,.,, , W W A A V ,,.,:,, . :,, :VZ Eu aif ' my sf, .- fa-"f" Z, i f-Z 2,l5?2Q?1m?12 gxxmiff' Y 4 , gi t , X2 Waazfm-ffl, , , - fr ,VJ .A ' Raquel Ouintanilla . t,. 'Q3f,,- 5 L , Monica Rangel Jessica Rankhorn Wendi Rankin Kelly R.-nliff Renn Ratliff Carla Redick Greg Reeder JUNIOR CLA S5 I67 iw Keeli Reeder Pam Reilly Robin Reppard Kurt Reynolds Ruby Rice Steve Richmond Lauretta Ricketts Kathy Rizzo Jennifer Roan Mike Roan Jack Robbins Dan Roberts Keith Roberts Richard Roberts .. .,.. RR 1... . R is R 1 .R t,..,. W W ., 5 R R' R . " ' R 5 'I RR . eff..R2.Rz. R-:F R 'XR .R ' fi??RifR.f22t PR RR REQRYE? .. . .. - S5432 RR RR-. w i . xv RX, .1 -.P .in ,. .. .. ..5Rfs..-- . . . .. R X - Rm Q , 1 R " i' sae R R . seg. E, 52-22511 .1125 ' .- R RR R R Rfb' RR .R R Q. R- RR X 1 .FR .ms KJ- Q ., K iii: ax TK Q R if 3 R. R RQ. R tttt 1 R R . X. -5 :., 1. if 9 R5.iiER:1fi:RQRRgs . . X .. KR 5 . RR WW . . R 'I .R . RR " R- Yi?-:IE. '5 R . R RR RR R 5 . U .. . , . R .. ' - . , 5- Anxiety for fin I year hit juniors 2 .. , .seal seem R R281-R531 R sea-R R Eggs .Q .RR , k R . . R 'L i ii: .... R , 1 . . -: Q3 5 .... ,ca RQ ' ' - R " . R .. -.-M. , - . .-f.R-..fRfi3:e'. R. 755555 R . R R . . 2:xR:s-.:.- N we . . R . R. zg, R Q., . . W , I f- R SR: , R - Q , Ri MQ , A . , W RL h---' X A I 45 A..AA. .E x I ,A.. .. .X m ' if R e R R . 1 'RR .. .. . . . ,. -'-' 1 -. -SWR 2 , Sak-t f-. R ..-. ggE2RR:Rr.i S-.' :RR Fl?fff'R RR Z TR R.R :R :. A Rff:i.,.f VR' i Jeb: RL WF 5 "L 'Tiff 'kk' ' . R A -R R i Jon Schwartz Richard Schwindt Penny Schuster Tony Sciara Danielle Seibert Lisa Sell Stacey Sellards Lucretia Sellers Doug Settle Todd Shelton Todd Shimex Jeff Shope Valorie Simpson Jeffrey Simmons Q ' 'Km X xxX X ,H Steven Roberts Tim Roberts Louise Robertson Karen Robison Pam Rodriguez Debie Rosenaj James Ross Penny Ross Benny Ruiz Janet Ruiz Luke Ruiz Roger Rumble Michele Russell Christine Salamone ---- 1 ,.-,r Q ' "" " R - xg . . R ,. . R .R ' Eddie 5-ilalal' S Q R :AE , . RRR R Natalie Salese S Q K , .q,:. , L . X K V IQ.: D V .. I R., M R- R . R . . Jackfe 5-imuel . - - ' . 11,2-1 t' RR' . , -R . R Ra: 'k,. R . RR . 'W' 'R R . Debbie 5-iwyef --.. - - . .R R - RR R ' R R . K Melony Scaife R R1 .,.. RR RR R - ,QRRlRif2Q -" 'R R . i-r'. RR . . . RR A R . R ' X Martin Schlraldl R 5RR.fekw .R .R,:SisQ5ff Q ' ,.,. . . . --l'- 2'-R9 Rf . af? fi f.-kf " N i R 'R ' R in .R R. " si R 5 ffm 5Chf0edf'f Ni L Ri R 1 ...Rr- R 1. Rf f 5 R R R ,.'-.. it . - . ,. ,R R F R u..Q..i.. Rf ' WRX? i W YF E :sf " ' I R -R . R. R R S. .. R R R- s. .. .. ' R X fR.R:.:zgf "RH R wQR2sRi1s212RRRRRR W - .s-" R 'R ' S . R' R R RR - R , . . . - .. RR R' R . R1 1 - .. fRRiR?.R5R R tRRRi.R?2 R RR? . .R RR sf. 1 S .x SRR . RR . R LRRR R . 5 . .. R i , . R . R V R s assi f , R "" "" "" M W ....... ,NSTX X S-NC R S. R H. - as . R- . R R . .ries .f 1. .... . vgemfrzii eggf3gRRR .-: .K SR "RR .R.. : gn. .+,.- . R A 'Y . ., is Ni" 7 RR.R1s ..RR fix 5.25.2 -R if R Riff? 55" R . ,gs P- " X . R R R. R'R'R RR ? c..... . R Q x R R R if.. AA... ,. . W X X I68 JUNIOR CLASS 17, 1 J A-' '. Z: w, -u, 1 Q4 Vi z, 'A .XIV W 1 A l fr J , ,fn .T A '- V fe A 4, f W 4 f J 7 'S X f it if if 4 W se , f ef i . Swv f 1' f M if . ' .. f , , tw' V ,eg A' s X. L 5 1 ea!! , Y 1 ZZ X5 , , ff lxfyigp 4 fn- if 32 if ,, aff 1 ,M 'W , , ,, .K , .. ,MW 1? H k , 1,1-,Q ,. a www f vfcwamz - ,P " ' A ' 1 r " Z af. ' ' , . ' ,fy 9 7 4 :, at 'L " " I ,Zhi f . f f J 5 L 7 , A V 7, P- 'MQW 'f'1. 1: s K T ' ' " ' Q2 q' f, " A,.. 1,1 Q ,qw Lance Simmons Sherry Sipple Vicki Slayline Tom Sloan Sandy Slocum Pam Slusser lahara Smith Hollie Smith K ym Smith Peggy Smith Rick Smith Carl Sombrio Barbara Sopsher Monica Soto Juniors join in on the quad activities. Lyra Bethel and other onlookers cheer at a pep assembly. EE11 aavw A MW :AAA3 Emo, spencer ,,,5,, im , George S1-vvhufa S ' rrrrv- Rffk Sfahf S 1 lyr. r 1,a W S Cindy Stanley 3 V. 'C Z ' S ir' i if S Sherry Starr 'e'V ' V, VL ' : "" Angie St. Clair A f V.,,, if ' fw., I Q f irvy t , ' ,Lynx X Angela St. Clair 'i" ' ' , 'iiii . V' N i K g 3 JUNIOR CLASS l69 Jeff Steele Penny Stewart Rick Stocksdale Patty Stone Chris Stringfellow Shelly Summerell Tracy Symoens Donna Szczepaniak Lara Tana Julie Tang Jamie Taylor LaDawn Taylor Olivia Temporado Elizabeth Terrien David Vaughn Marisa Vejar Marcy Verdugo Sherri Vidal Barbara Villasenor Lisa Waddell Lisa Nadolny Annette Waite Linda Wakefield Dawn Waldron Rance Walker Teresa Walker James Warner Katherine Warren I 70 JUNIOR CLASS e f , e 7 ,f X. 4 , 6' " Juniors start year well Bruce Thiffault Gary Thomas Scan Thomas Geoffrey Thompson Lisa Thompson Debbie Throckmorton Rhonda Timberlake Julie Tiscareno Jennifer Tocum Michael Toebe Paul Tomlin Stacy Traylor Lisa Trujillo Hung Tse Omar Turk Kerry Turley Tammy Turner David Vaccaro Felicia Valenzuela Frank Vargas David Vasquez iw' .41 . 354 Lauralee Watkins Diane Watson Roger Wayman Sheri Weatherford Ace Welch Bryan Wells George Wells x g iii I 7 t . WL 4 'L,!'3.- 1-M - ,X .au fia,k,, ,W X, ,, Q... Krls Wenzel N in Q Frank Werner Ronnie White Sharon White Steve White I .fs .f Julie Tiscareno, Susan Drake, and Donna Szczepaniak watch on at the cut-a-thon. ll W, R. . ' aw,-xwP" S 'S f Q is E Bill Whltelock In 5' Sherelle Wilkins gr! .5 Students are caught by photographers walking to their classes. JUNIOR CLASS I 7l . . - 255 is 5 . if ,: sk . tj c , Qi 1 W R sf 5 x f Qian QE X Q E Chris Williams Denise Williams Lori Williams Patricia Williams Penny Williams I F SX :XV in -. .., .K Hyde Willis ww 'wg xx at 3 ..,.xw is as 'I RFS- Q . v"""' 3' ssfmff J ,- pdf Monica Rangel and Tammy Turner are caught helping on float building, l72 JUNIOR5 CLASS .IV football players are caught by FORTRESS photographers discussing plays. if . Q-Q Brian Wilson ' Q" 1 ,S 4 ' f x L We XM X ! . wiff' L Tra vis Winton J Natalie Bursott poses angrily for FOR TRE55 photographers. Sean Wood so L isa Woods, Juniors pose and show their LION SPIRII Y fs' ' - ' x ..,, I am-L JUNIOR CLASS I 73 Juniors heb out at float building. E E . ' :N Marcy Woodruff A, Karla Woods kv .-' V , Belinda Yee I 74 .IUNIORS CLASS -ti. sf ff a e Qg xi i wbf 5 X Ss ffxiskggig N I giie L L .gc Nr 'rims Q Q 5. if wi' -f ,: ,. Jaffa X as . ,S fi' SB A ' 31 A-if Scott Orr is caught taking another break. .IV football player gets ready to kick the ball across the field. X e R I B ,SQ wigmx 51:3 fam 5? S ' 55 Jeff Young Albert Zamorano Janine Zuccala Charlie Zuecarello Scott Orr takes a break at the Drum-a-thon. WW? MDW, Vilma sn we ,, N M, -st-ww ,4 ff L fsfeffnkmk' n eww 1 E l ,,,.s.,A,w1. , Unidentified student stops at locker between classes. l A 5 . S fl Z n f? -ovmvny 5 Z s 4 z E Q E 5 1 H S -Wm-me ' ' wwwwaf ,W-WWVPWQA i ... 2 t,.m.,0 lf 2 X JUNIOR CLASS I75 Sophomore officers made it great The class of "85 was under the lead- ership of Tosha Turley. Its sponsors were: Mrs. Harrison with the help of Ms. Hickey, Mr. Haire, and Mrs. Radell. Sophomores were active throughout the year. Some events that took place were the school calender, candy sales. a carnation sale, and a dance. The classes Homecoming float came in fourth place with the cooperation of the Freshman class. lt's theme was 'King Kong. " The class money that was raised from different fund raising events will go towards next year's Prom and much of it will also go for their Senior gift. The class said that the different ac- tivities they participated in developed quality, leadership, and responsibility. Aside from the fact that they were also having fun. The sophomore class also involved itself in other activities. besides the ones for its own benefit. The members were active in various community work done as a group in Student Government. Sophomore Senate: Diane Contreras and Traci Faraci 'Alhambra Lions ill" I76 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Sophomore officers: President, Tosha Turley. Vice President. Pat Phyle "l love Alhambra" Walking Proud Eric Abel Mary Acker Paul Adamo Donna Adams Penny Adams Pete Aguilera Lynn Ainslie Thomas Alaniva James Alford Norma Altamirano Kent Anderson Victor Anderson Karissa Anderson Lee Anderson K I Mm ? 3.12 -i 'Y' H? L: 5,9 ff Q , ?!1 4 4 N- Sita' K 1 Ki n :g e raee es ss Kathleen Beideman Tom Bejar Patti Bennett Erik Benton Kim Berlis Rebecca Bernal Sandi Berry Kristi Bledsoe Russ Biondo Marty Blickenstalf Cheryl Bogert Gregg Boling Christine Boner Kevin Bonham ifii yeiii , aaii, E L. 4 . v if f f' 3332525 'gf L, mg W V , , Sophomore keep ,, -5...:,, I 5 qw I We T - ,gigs S XS W Q 01 A . L -Q 'ffl I Mknfgfl. asf? ,,v. ., .f 5 .f 1 Zigi' stew? i'7"ifzQE,1'2' 7 H ""' . 1 vigsedv .,, ,f 'X -4 1 f 1 I f H ,ff 1 f X ,f K 1 f A W t il-fain, tg eygf.,.a,,5wf"' Izgfvgfa, -,, - ' 'fw- ,V emzq 1 V ,. i V7Qf?5?Y l, t i'i',55e1Q,?5!gg f Q, . as 'ifgWv.1,31if if V ,af f, 21, K I 5' f ' hm , 2. ,L -. .,. f' ,pa ys . ,I'791",,tf5?"75'9f' ,,,, Q. ,,,,A,,,, . A , ,, W6 wx Q 1 1 ' we V ,ga """S 'W W. m x .:',i'n qgi-' X7 .J ft ff, ' . v pu hing on ,, ti ,, . , 3 f.w,t, .1 mm-wx, ,- , .5 W t LA J ,-,V V , - , .,., V. . , at "V vc", gt., V -1 . , ff . . ,ff 1 ' if A, f . - ff-- wwmw .1 a,,z,,f,i., -, v 75 'f I 5 2 we " Wi: 2 , ' fun k , 5' 4 W W I 4, 'Q' ss f gf A ' sin gs " : at Q, PM we PJ , P it 1 ig L it yiz ' 'W we-" t i wr :Wm we aww-P f S5 34251 H, , Y as 1 Eiga, A 13' 1 1 lf! Q, 1 wg ,f eg: fy ff sa q . 52 A asf? f W5 t K ff 2 em J fs mm, Noriega Angie Lloyd Bailey Frank Bajus Laura Baker Ronnie Baldwin Dale Banks Rick Banner Guadalupe Bannister Craig Barnes Nikki Barnes Rhonda Barnes Ronald Barrett Tammy Barrett Guillermo Barrios Jackie Bastio Brenda Baughman Vikki Bayman Allen Beck Gina Beck Mark Bedore Allison Begay za- ., me M -I' ' Hing is , iii? avr-fnzf:-W., ,. ua ff tt- , i "'- A fi ' " ,Q ' M ,ft ,, - ' - it 2 . f , vf" - is L -fm, '- . . '- 'Q 215142 5 iff' , ' I' tgfygpgga ' , 3 - W, W 'S.ffS1?,ivft' 4 , XA ,, .,,,, A ff-- t ,f ' 111 ' iwtzf " kwuwQKm,'K7 M2 ' awww . , , . - Hts- 1' If V. -ami og'f,,1w, it Q ,Q J . :raise 'fztxuw f fi' w t ' H s. Z 5 1 my M H , Y I 1, ' 1 L 'K KH ,fe-"T, M S F 9 ' ,G 5312 . ,.h., ,,,t W , ,, , -- 915,432 gm e 59 if A' S 1 , Ji w as t , ' Q A ,cf t I, -.Y-N A ffl ,f-Li' w e , ,,.. ,V .. x fi t .. ' a'ii' f EM 1 ' V J Qzf W i , ktfld' SOPHOMORE CLASS I 77 Mike Butler Melissa Burkhart Melissa Burgos Denise Bull Patty Brown Mike Braun Craig Brizzee 0 'A 8 171. .1-ggw Penny Bowlin Steve Bowles Beth Bowles David Bottoms Teresa Border Doug Bonny Sharon Bonham I 78 SOPHOMORE CLASS Mike Brewer Dionda Bretall Michael Brennan Charles Brady Jamie Boykin Cori Boyd as if K it K 3 1 f sw - W 4 Q s, fin , ,W 1, 3, , L e Ti "Ht '11, ti " Q eiiziff VH:-f .1 . t4fzg. V,, 1 2 f m n 'sw We : ,1 ,, T, 2 .V ,. .,,,, 2 Q 3 A , M ,ggi -'11, 4 ev. ,L ,ig ,,, of? i gf egg f , 'iirffi .mf is . f Mike Braun enjoys acting cute as a Rookie VNV V5 if ,ff .2 J' pi Qi V 'k'k , ?w,V 'gy ' I ,t ,g W f t A- ,"H 5 7 dw i " V 4' 5 t I 1 T 4 K , 'Q , Ja 21- f f -if fs, -12, Wiz: Z6 QQ, 1 +7 A M 3 , lisi J i- ' 'f N on Band Day. 9 .lon Cadenhead Greg Calderon Victoria Caler Randy Calhoun Michael Calles Yvonne Calvert Jim Camargo Krista Cambern Teri Campbell Barry Candelaria Don Carey Gary Carnes Luther Carpenter Joe Casillas JE, , .Q , , 4? 13? if if, 3 , , UF 1 K k l W gf, 2:4233 35,2 .4 , f ,A 3 fi ,gy via if 'X e 4? ik? , .Z in. , Q "W gg, Q A ,,. r K .tm ? 55 H if W ff f ff 'W W. ,M y K s 1? ophomore are starting over if iatti A iirt A L eiie A A by i I . ,I V ' '7'i W . ,, , X ,A 53, - NW, . , . ,,,, 4 , ,,. Q' ' 'Q-gf if I is : j'ff'.,,,Ww I- Q 1 Q 'f , -QA V L 'gr .E , -.f X - 1 l . l ' if ta , f fx A , ,,', ,fra -- , ' 42" L32 iyh 4' 1 -' fe' , ' 'M ""' it f i Mt 1 K iiii Z . H W , ,L veti . l. . 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Ar- 4 V l ff' 'X Denise Gollihare Alice Gonzales Manny Gonzales Ann Gouveia Tina Grace Martina Grandarilla David Grapentine Chan Green George Gregg Maureen Gre ves Darren Griffin .lack Griffin Keith Griffin Roxanne Grimm Steve Guidice Annettee Gulliver Ray Hager Kathy Halal Michelle Halama Rhonda Hale Eric Hall frffzfi, , M-,f.g,--:V -V ,, H H H., , 7 , ligniffgi lrrilr K - rm f-H-- .AAI H H R V ,V ww, , , 1' , 1,,VwsswV, ,' , fz,'w,7:' ' Q in , - sq, xxvrmgi 5595 I Junior year i "f?f?Ef'9???iK'2fi'W'W?? Va. V 2 : -' 'i if 75 , .. Tift ilil -of ,H V, V 1,2 X 'gf f Vera' K 7, ' 4? .va l V -V5 '21 'SV , .WVWV zz- ,yo 2 'eng j w Gt, of 'Q ix f N 'QQ 1 5 ff .xifzsfi . ,J f f is T. .21 5 2 2 1 a E My are 1312 A ..-H . .. H. . just around the co 3 1 1 K SV 5, .Wg - . , , .. A f. WV ,: A rr., 4 K1 ..., H V , 75? 8 9 Q? f ' 4' V -V Vww , QV. .x V - H V ' ' tgngqm EL- M, 1. , . 1 437, . 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Z., , fw Mb mf , I t gif' M X W Ka' 4 ,gffgggg , V ,' fi: 4Vr52'iZl iavisavgiiiisiw 3.- V ,Vms,1z,,1 55555 555211, - If! .' f3f,'i32Z5 3 2 K 2 '-.5 2 J V HH,H H if I'I1Bl' Sheila Hall Jean Hamblen Cindy Hamen Robert Hamilton Becki Hanawalt Louis Haney Rhonda Hansen Scott Harrington Robert Harris laura Flatbush Pam Haynes Elizebeth Hayward Tracy Hazelett .Ioseph Heffley Terri Helms Lisa Hempen Lisa Hendrix Ken Herald Tammy Henderson Susie Hennandez Grady Hilbert .5 nn fs x ,af . V V , -,M I , t An, r -in 533525315 .I V - ,f.ig7jQ!gi1Zi 5. K, .W-f ,f Af aiwsf .47 ,WV 2213251 1 . V mg ?xVSrf.,,..VU V K t. - Q rggefgf, ' ' V. ' . " it 2532 Y ,xv V V , , VIZ! " Mm V' W'-'V' , H W ,M 6 1 f, ff 4 SS K3 l N245 Qi Kg , tg 4. as ,gg A, ff,,.,iVMi5,j,, I fx-'-fiffi. SOPHOMORE CLASS I83 K 5 Jonahon Dam wyk Amy Burdo , W ,ww M f, ,H ,, M ei? Wigs ff? J 3239? A' K X 'Q ' K ff 2 Z. 3 M' Q mf f f X, ,iz Vyf, Q7 - x .5 Z .W Tracie Jackson Mike Jeffries Janna Johns Judi Johnson Lorie Johnson Andy Jones Michael Jones gg 2' ' vw' ' ,559fi5,f5i U girly? at ,S - , .-fA mm, 2 aiwifi 5? , 51 H ,, - 321 1 fl f si gl 661 eg 71 12.0-BY 146 , W Ein is fl 5 E J gba 6 ' 1 , it Sophomore girls hard at work on their float. 71 ' 139 ' , holla fww, y , , LEW' X 1 A , 5 MTV l f lfkwwik frfffm 5223 U ggq EI gf ,452 , H wr yi: I .A K3 I84 SOPHOMORE CLASS if x X P3 1' x ,K 8 W E 4 s I 'King Kong" comes in fourth place at Homecoming. Shannon Hall Sharon Hall Mary Hunt Teresa Hunt Tami Husky Diana Iusco Jesse Jackson 7 was 13 H. Sharon Jones Terry Jones John Juern Dennis Kading Kerry Kading Pat Kearny Shawn Keene Monika Kellar Debbie Kelley Janice Kelley Troy Kenned Tiffany Kennell Mike Kessler Beverly Kidd ff :M fm av I7 if? ,f ,, 3 7 1 i Soph can't wait for next year J I 'fy' if use :,- if s , ma if f K7 f Christina Lopez Lynn Lowder Sara Lujan Michael Lucero Cathie Lures Tammy Luiz Amy Lynch Tom Lynch Gind Madrid Kevin Maher Don Mallory Terri Manies Scan Madick Donna Marlett Jason Kidd John K ime Elaine King Laura King Susan King Natalie Klein Joy Knowlton Angie Koch John Koch Bert Kootsta Regina Kosene Ross Kramer David Krueger Tina Ladwig Michael Lasley James L a vin Frederick Law nce re Shelly Lawson Richie Levander Rich Levinson Rick Lindsey 'QQ 21- ff? WS' ' 5, , I ,,, E 12 .Q I T' xl' k , 25,5 , , 1 . f af if Wk 4 if ,Z , .5 L 1. ii SOPHOMORE CLA SS I85 Q V 3:62 an i I 1 B 5 M.,-.-ff , ,J 173, ,I . Michelle Martz .loe Masei Daryl Maser Travis Mask Virgil Mathes Beverly Malsumoro Kenda Ma yo Shawn McCauly Scott McClain Vanessa McCloud Jody McCrea Kathy McDonald Stacy McDonald Rhonda McEIrath Rene McGinnis Michael McGrady Mike McGrath Michelle Mclntosh Linda McKinney Wendi McNair Sabrina McNutt Terri McSorley Vz.. 'sg ,K .I ga F , A- I 5? ,QL Va, ff E Q R W " 'X 2 2 an 54' 5 Wg, l i" 1 1 " V if af' 1 ,f 'Z rv f 525 1 11, Tiff V, VV,v . , . my of Q ' I' A f , , 43. K 7, vi- mv , ' -15135-L' 12,35 - -....... 2 Z ' K ' E A . A 2 . 4 .. ,X V K f ,Qi , ga gfarfvifva' M, A 1. t: wg' 2 "V " V " 'f MN A Junior year is ju t around xii? , 4 w5dE,z??? 'S , mzsw 24 M- ,rrr , , Ex the corner M 2? :f'ii' J Q -1222 Ziff.: 226 ,L . we' ' , 1 4 if 4 Q4 Y 1 ' eff Michael Moroney Jeffery Morse Michelle Morse Sondra Moser Brad Mullins Angela Murillo Chris Murtagh Jeanie Neal Lorie Neeley Vera Neilson Becky Nelson Tim Nelson John Newsom Sherri Newville ,f ,.,,e5J.65 ,, 2 XM Linda Mena Alberto Mendoza Marie Mendoza Bernadette Mercado Brietta Metcalf Carol Miles Danny Miller Kim Miller Larry Miller Sonya Miller Jon Milliken Jeff Mills Eve Miner Cynthia Miranda Cassandra Mitchem Angela Moe Shawn Monaghan Patti Monihan Sheila Moore Richard Moran Melanie Morgan if " W ww we 'A Q 3 kwa? Q fu , 1. 1 mf- ,w ,H P .-, at Srflxf SOPHOMORE CLASS I8 7 Inn. www, 5 L . Michelle Ney , if Delvin Nez I! L M,hi'51 Aw , - R71 r 5 .. X X ' G Q " 1 - K. 1' in , If 1 vga f,, Zh' his 49 My gilfg Q K if Q.. Q09 Q TS An enthusiastic sophomore gets involved in Key Club activities. i"', I f- 1 1 4 JW' fo Y e szififif 2211. ,wgwfwy 54am -- v Wi! I Q fig on ..,.V A .,,, 1. ,,,1.,:,f, 1,,, ,.V,VV. M 5 xv .1 ?! , f Q R v 1 L r 'V ' ' , s l , P I ' xi 5 iff Q 1 2, Y., 4. ,, W ' ""' J ' as V' A , ,, . if.. 5 ' ' r is, ,milk .M 9 1, " ,, nl 1 as if - X 1 4 My-a 1 cw 'sf L ' , Marx gh, s,rV1I7"7Y 'V' . 3 'W 5 L 4 y' AA' . I he Q ,AN 1 W, 7 - 1 , - ,ff I L f ' " 2 f r in . .HX V' iff . A A ,. , fi J, QA H ,.- W if .ff--'f J fi .Q ,A W If P, 112 ,. -W7 JC" 'ft iii 5 51 'F' f:m'..'1u A 1 1, 4 A ,Q if , . 4 5 W 'f, .wr 1 ' ' x .6 S' 4 A ' , 1, as c In g ym W 1:11 z 'K K l88 SOPHOMORE CLASS . -,fi -N an J ' 1 f W W P sf 1. 4 V 5' , ra 2 , , fiqfweii 1 ji 59 l A Nguyen Nghiem Ted Nicholas Lynn Nicholls Blythe Nicolay Charles Nixon Karla Norfolk Jeff Northey Brian O'Brien Richard Ogibovic Angie Ohms Lois Olin Mary Ellen Olsen Richard Ornelas Julie Osborn Paul Overfield Mike Oxford Kristen Packard Tony Padegimas Oliver Page Kelly Palmer Rita Parks Weslian Parks Rhonda Parrish Ellen Peeples Jerry Pelch Melanie Pelch .lulie Pencola Jobi Peretti Kerry Peterson Sherri Phillips Pat Phyle Denise Pickering Tammy Pierce Garin Pigg Tiffany Pimental Richard Pittman Lenette Powell Janice Prieger Becky Prin Dory Protzman Judy Pullins Dawn Radcliff E 9 ei M' f g I u M1 RW x R1 ffyjz 'ff 411 fi frm 1- 22 , A ., 5? J' '10 -fi' V " "-e 1 cllr be Z' . K - ff 1 ,D Q .: ,,i..VA, A I .V V ,, ,A t,,Lf . A .1 1-we-"- gQfff lit Va V' ' E A L , ,, ' ..--9"-f' ' - V l...4:'2.."2'-1"-.1-. f . an .l Tosh lead MWW35 3375 W V 'M"R1 X ',Ai, , gg A V i, V , ir ,yy i . N., , N ' . Q X -mwyp, . I At, iv : eee , i,eiV 'K if great V QV, at ' K' ,W fe, 5 N" ' s s ' , QL, we in 1 rf Q' ff ' 4 4 JN, , V . ,x V' ,, l .4 4 W 3 if S 2 , ta ,ff "'5. gale 4 Macaw, is 1 s X V ...H .. ff' lf- 'QS-1 A, .1 We M' 4 if ,a Y as 6219 , wifi? ' " 'fra ga "'i T , A , year ,f Vagas V, www VV ,, Q., sf' E 1 5 QQ .QQ wt ' , ' H ' ' -' -' if ' , 'fV"2,i'2' V, , T 65 -is ' , , V E. P I Y 3i"'7 i ffffff , :E .' Q A ,, , Va. 5' ' W W' 0 I V VV ',' L .. V , ff .. im g ,, Vw ti ,,. A A S he G ML, , 5 f ' fi :rx Aw' fl ' 1 2'-. Va A. ., 4 .9 VV JV T1 is w e "1 '1 "" " , ' "' u '2aeQ ,p,51,,,g,V,' Y -:' :fy ' 'VW ,,.,, 1 ., ,,,,,,,,.,,,q " , ' 755' E y - T 9' , , M E, ,.,. ,,,V , , ,. . , A, Z h,iL, J A,., , ,..,,:: , ,5z, ,,,, 'V ff.. - ' V ff: 2 P 72 -. -, V ' 1 J I Q V 'X if vw - 3 J If . Z . W' , xg A V V- x ' M ' W XXX ' , f , We fi ' U V V L if v ' 5 1 V 5 2 f W2 ' A if V5 A eu , l . I . , I V - V ,wh . X . ' a ,g Adela Rodriguez Antonio Rodriguez Denise Rogers Lisa Rogers Tamara Rogers Lynda Roman Priscilla Romero Rochelle Roma Jill Ropp Greg Roschewski Ingrid Rose Kyle Rose Patty Rosenau Daniela Rothenberg Shayne Rader Damon Ramey Bryan Ramsey Candy Ransbottom Martin Rasnick Kristi Rausch Mike Ray Tezera Reed Bruce Regier Sharla Reid Mary Rhoades Chris Richey Da vis Rico Jim Riggs Jill Rinda Janet Roark John Robert Ellyn Roberts Rochele Roberts Rosella Roberts Faith Robinson V ,.V, -m f ,,VVV V vvvl A ff , S ' J , VCKVCR C R . J '41, llsrl P V. VL s , V, J , A flk: V ga MLVVV, -fm. 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' ' ATM Mit' f 3' , fl f t , xi W Stacy Sorenson Alicia Soliz Clara Sotelo David Sotelo Teresa Soza wi, Rhonda Smith Travis Smith Tom Snead Da vid Snow Pete Solarez l pw. 'P P X V' an ,V A' f , . .AQ w W2 X 3 ix . I 4 sn.- , qw, ffff ,, A R if V A tw ' wa , an I. . f:,'v ef, fe -'ffm f si' l ...-nerr' Q Jef ikiimagy 'W as 3 N., -1 'E 'qv Robby Vick Sue Rosenberg Albert Ruiz Andrea Russell Colleen Ryan Steve Salem Adam Sanchez Larry Sanchez Tina Sanderson David Sandoval Dennis Sandvig Kim Sarjeant Dwayne Sansbury Barbara Saunders Victor Scarlato Patti Schallmann .lulie Scheid Mary Schnieder .leff Schoch Chris Scholl Lisa Scott Rosalie Scott Bret Seiter Lisa Sellards Debra Amy Settle Carl Sharp April Shaw Troy Shelly Debbie Shroyer Andy Sisson Sherri Sizemore Rick Skelton Chuck Sketch Susan Skowronski Rick Slankard Christine Slusser David Slusser Lisa Smart Chad Smith David Smith Mark Smith Mitch Smith ,g Robert Spangler Ann Spencer Karen Sprague James Stahl .lim Stanfield Donna Stanley Renita Steen Jim Stephenson Robert Stephenson Sherene Stewart Tammy Stickler Shaun Stinson Scott Stoddard Debbie Stover W Vkfgfgsft ':ZzV':,gg'w " .tii 42. gf 5 :,, ,V V V, ' ggi?-kg ,f-'43,-.V W W- Q f f:-' . Q- . . . L f V53 , V V la VV Vi ,Q l,ff:,,,f,g f V fr , V1 BQ ff ,ff '-K-Nt 1 ,f M. ,Q 1 Q...NwV,f:""fM 5"-Wea: faiirwf+stX'w,V,X,,M-T1 . f:eV,4f7 5 we Q we . - ' , , V V mm., "'y f 5 . .. V VV , . 'QV ,V , V V 5 """ " , , iii 7 'Wi ' f f We it It q 32- , - 2 'Aff tt. , V K Z V .,,.,.,, I V V V , V 2, ,.,. 'Milf N . 1 S ' if , 2 v ' fzwtw...zc4,aaf Y '1 if- ' at - A K "Starting " we Over -'mf My at ,Bb ' juniors next year 222 5 H W Q s Brian Streeter Ricki Stuntz laura Summerville Julie Surber A yman Sweiss Kimberly Switzer Scott Szechenyi Cindy Tabor Yvonne Tafoya Jason Tate Patrick Tatro Tom Tavison Tonya Taylor Kristen Thomas Tammy Thomas Cathy Thompson Ross Thompson Jodie Thornton Mike Tompkins Brian Tongen Kathy Tonstad '51 ' df' 2 Yin! uw? K J 5 1 '.-,gy ft'- '.Yff fff ' 4- - 1 , as ' to c, 'fy ' ' Wx, 4 5 Q - - -' Q x H Q ' ,, AY S S iieir K rlrr 9 Q ' W HZ . , 4 4 Q Q -- K "'1 'Y' ' e 1 4,5122 R HQ 5? ' Writ' W5 M A X 'j ,W , ' M V ,-' M My ...U ' QV ,gig J v r!,:12"Qf . 2 , V bww msaaafssaz T .af V jf , , ,,: ,Qi J , " 'S Q ,. ' '44 f V gifs? - izll "'i' A "' fl V ' 'Ll V. f sew w g yi , V .-,Q Vf ,Z U! , W g V x . . ' V V! . 4 2 Beth Troesh VV g VV ,Q V Del Trumbull ' , ' , V ,QV gg Nehumi Tuihalamaka V , V VV ' tg' gg f . Niuafe Tuihalamaka 3 - gg ' . , wft t .11 Q E AL f H V- . V Samira Turk V V ' -75 , Tosha Turley 9 ' i V KV! Kathy Turner , , , ,..,.,... ,. x V M ... ,..,..,..,,.. ,,,, " if MQ ,ft ,, H ,Vt Kirk undefwvod , y A Johnny Vasquez V Q V -2 f I , Tiffany Vaughn ,V any fi A ' , V Edna Velez "' 9 W ,V 'M Brian Venable ' "' ' A Yvette Venable W. ,, , V 4 VLV51 1 . Julie Verrill V7XVVVjV'j,5Zh VV VV ', I T335-QZF1 ff? 2 ' 1 f tb, t an ,aa 59 A " 41' SOPHOMORE CLASS l9l W Q is X 235 ff 11' 7, A 4 f X 1 QP f x .-M 1' s V WW 9 hw wa 5 J 'N G ,J A7953 f' f ! , ' 9 " f '2,...,,,,,.., . , e W ' -- use .gf , . I N x s.. Il, E ,f-4 ay. V 1 Q Q f K 1 t X A, 1 5 V J ,,m, Z Af ws. ,, -W.. . Q I i f 12xg9"i h er i 2 R 2 A 'fiifebfwii V 5 V ? .. sw V A, HL. ,xg ' si , f-' 5 HL V 5 :Stiff tv w ... y YW? N - 94-.Y . Crissi Younger Michelle Yuhas John Zrerdew Lila Zub David Z willick Randy Villaponds Chrissy Volkman Lachelle Waite Jerry Walker Mike Walker Richard Waller David Wallwin Krystal Warner Ronny Washington Marc Watkins Michael Watson Michelle Watson Corrina Weaver Bryan Webb Sonji Webb David Webbert Robert Weber Tina Webber Phil Weigand Cindy Welling Dalene Wellman Diana Wendling Kelly West Steve Whetsel Mike White Julie Wilburn Brian Wilder Lori Wilder Brad Williams Daphne Williams Melissa Williams Rosalyn Williams Sharon Wilson Beth Wince Anje Wray J. V. Cheer cracks up after they mess up on one of their routines. Q, S, 1 W A H' Susan Abbott IW ' Cher I Allen if? 'K' y Debbie Blackford C b , -4" M , A F, we Connie Bolt James Butinski Victor Butinski "The Masked Man stuffs his face full of food during one of the quad activities. f C el -sf i""' During one of Mr. Cunningham 's photo class. two of his students laugh over a joke. Who wants to buy this poor lost souI?, said Pacheo during slave sales. Frank Clark ,sr .. 7 f 4 l T Chrissy Clark X X , A ' n F Lauri Eubank Alma Felix Eilis Murphy ' ' 1 L JUNIOR CLASS l93 Freshmen sponsor peterson jam The Class of l986 started the year off with the jitters, as they stood in long lines to await buying their books. To heha them find their way around campus the student government was there to lend a hehring hand. The freshman class planned many activities this year. One of these ac- tivities was the imitation rock band called Peterson Jam. The bands imita- tion of Journey. REO Speedwagon and Van Halen. Freshman Officers: Cindy Newton - Vice-President. Scott Shepard - President, Janet Quan - Secretary- Treasurer. Scott Shepard. who is running for class presi- dent. gives his winning speech to the freshman class. . a In CK Freshman Senate: Adrian Hurst, Amy Fineburg, Tammy Pfieffer. l94 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Rayemarie Amador Joey Amavisca Richard Anaya Costance Anderson Sherri Anderson Chuck Angers David Appleby April Archer Kathy Armstrong Sandra Arn Victor Artymonow Mark Badger Joe Baggen John Baldaro Teresa Ballejos Da yle Barlow Bruce Barnes Margie Barnes Edward Barraza Tarerthea Baumgarner Cary Beard Ei' -K Q. g il m fi? l iii: " , QQ.-Egi1 ,:.f - A f R R K 'af X . ,,,,. V .,:- : . Ye? at Y 'wtf QR SQ ig S A 1 'S Aix ia: . A - .c:: , A s- T ? ,S XY ..., - ls' .sasizsi w' .- f A ff at Q , E2 S X 'S E sf if ea 5 J .i -- .C 11-sl -'s "f5-Ie: A-H+ r -was A S , X Q 1 X ga K N, A222 K X .M-.L Viki- xikfxggl Qiggsf 1 4' ' X 'Q ai f -K fu ,S K. .Q ig P we 1' HF xg B ss N legs 4 A 3 fggymx x X K if fm 1 Q Y 2 N , S, X W iz? 1 K w 3 X 1 1 A. is I' - ,. ' 3 . v .. 5 'T'-f?Y5i:s:5,f - 1 ki? , X r Y i Q is . X f ax, gi? Q-Fm.. ,..,. . 4 ji K' b I B b at lmlefy 88 y 1 t D David Bemus p Darren Biggs W 7 Carlitta Belagody 3 V N if 2' J X N' Joey Bilitzo ' R ga X J i'g1 , Kim Bi""e" I 5 larry Bffdsvffs - fl . SQ 5 ix lfwp. as 3 if A A 5"--'fir-N W " f ff 4 . ,' f?':if1,, ii -A : M mei' '- I A 2 ' - .fi Q." .1 2 , laa A ' ' S ,. . - .,... , M kg -at a Q N, "gil K ' J y ' .374 g -Pg. . - x .P 'U ' . arii, Swfqzlssfi A an - ' fwfr i Qllli if A' ,,, ':z-Q' " af 5 Q J 3 lli'lll ' j 'gnl T Iii E . i Nbnn y L, . . Christine Acker Jesse Acosta Joy Adams Kathy Adams Warren Adams John Adcock Tina Aguilar Noah Aguirre Howard Ahrenberg Josie Ahumada Darla Albright Todd Alexander Chuck Alford Shawn Alvernaz x XWX , , j Q S 1 Y X is R X i T Kris Bistead Roy Blackford Trina Blackwell Jeff Blanchfield Russ Blachford Janine Blazek Christina Hill Michelle Bledsoe Jeff Bocskay Justin Bohannon Nancy Bond Jennifer Boston Brian Boucher David Bowman FRESHMAN CLA S5 l95 ' - Q Tony Bunten Nate Byan Michael Byrne Leann B yrum Ken Calhoun Melinda Callan Bart Calloway Lance Camarena Desiree Cannon Da vid Cantu ,lanine Carmody Chuck Carpenter Rory Carpenter Dean Carter XX N fs,fE:,f.,EQ e s K P 5 -iv' Q Rx S' Q . l96 FRESHMAN CLASS ,f M XSS fi it as 1 X Q X X 2354 X 5 Q A QQ 3 iiii at , ,. , , l sf Q if W is 1' m , NQUIZLI 2 5 ii a is A 741. L 3 i if Q X 555' X Es Rebecca Boyd Nancy Bradley Gina Brancato Paula Brisbois Melissa Bruggeman Jennifer Broderick Austin Brooks Da vid Brooks Jenifer Brooksby Allison Brown Lisa Brown Monika Brown Laurie Bruhl Da ve Brundle Susan Bryant Melissa Burgess Dan Burleigh Christina Burnett Debbie Burnette Kelly Burns .lim Burton Freshmen begin starting over fi QE, sr View . if R H' KH f - .: v ' K f .F ' -E .3 my -Q A B 1 habi t 'fi A L Q Fi ml. - , E. az ,, ff s -. - i ,gs W w' 'ks - t -X nl 1 ki . Robert Casey Sommai Cassidy Susan Castillo Lynn Caudeli Cherlyn Cearfoss Connie Cervantez Marlo Cervantes Paul Chambers Brandon Chambers Nancy Chandler David Chavez Bobby Chavez Grace Chee Hee Jung Chi i 4' 3 we is if F to f kk G Yr is ,,, 5 it . L I in .gig r T5 1 I si 5 x 'F WW Y i new WmwM,QW.Q, ,, X.. .,,N.Wf N .. . . ,,. K ,Nts N , Fanny Chou Da vid Christenson Angela Clark Brian Clark Steve Clark Stafford Clarke Amy Cohen Toby Coleman Paul Collins Alan Combs Michelle Conde Vernon Conkling Eddie Conway Dewey Cook 4. - :YQ--w mwzf-...une-f '- N ysfsfsx--Q-1-"fd'P'2wnu-af--Q . .- a BR H! H CH00 FIRST I NCE BREWS BROS DJ ir S' The Brews Brothers act as disc jockey's at Alhambra High School's first dance, it was their first appearance for the freshman class. Ewa Yi Selmo Cooper Aretha Copeland Jennifer Corbett Sylvia Cordova Suzanne Cote Becky Counts Kim Cravan Valore Creamer Becky Crosbie Trisha Crosby Sherry Crossman Eddie Cruz Floyd Cryer Brian Cudmore FRESHMAN CLASS l97 A- if i 5, kzl' D - n 'fi 5 T - A Q 2 W 353: ,,,. .4 Emmerline Cuspard Christopher Da vis Shelley Davis Stacy Davis Joe Dawson Harriet Delfauero Laura DeLaFuente Rudy DeLaHuerta Amy Delarosa Tina Delarosa Ernest Deloge Carol Dennis Missy Deplazes Chalres Derboum Da wn Deress Lulu Desomma Deedee Devorce Kristin Devries James Dewald Mark Dingman James Dircks Freshm n get involved at Alh mbra Angel Dominguez Sandee Donner Michael Dubasik Ricky Dugan Janel Dunham Sean Dunham Todd Dunning Paul Duran Jane Durbin Paul Durbin Tom Duzy Traci Easter Donna Echols Lea Eckstein '35 'Q' -9 H 1 Q s l98 FRESHMAN CLASS Xe 6' ki R ..' .::: -Fir N- if 'v - :i,'f:5re.g:. X , ' K Q R rg ' S we m if? ! , , . Aristeo Escareno Donald Estb y Michell Estenson Leann Estes John Falkish Donnie Fay John Eddy Dawn Elbert John Elliott Troy Ellsoos Doug Englert Richard Enloe Ken Enslin 3 5 X Fi FW , wx XX ,A Ex N Y B x .. W, WU' A ta- if , N Ng X , - Q . .:.3i. t .,.., :S K ak. as . .N asv K .S -sz 2,- l Q 1 Q vig ,A ., 5 f ia 31 ,K A 7 4 M " 'E in ,mi 1 ai 'A Q., N 40 M, 4 ! 3 if 19 '36 Holding carnations and a skateboard occupies their hands while many freshmen N1 'Y 'S "' we Q 4, ,, as 3? 5 Qs. i, x ,Nt iff' V .. ' -ff-Q Q ., .. 5, 35 i Q Q- wx- ma- e E ff: we :E f" 33 K, Darrin Felish Maricela Felix Rhonda Ferguson Dina Fernandez Clint Finch Amy Fineberg Marvin Finley Ken Finn Diane Floore Timmy Florez Don Flynn Mickey Forney Wayne Fox Jennifer Frank g f J, J view the activities in the quad during Homecoming week. Lisa Franke Gary Frazier Randy Freeman David Fuller Erick Fuller William Fulton Paul Galdys Veronica Gall Sharon Gallagher Shannon Gallego Anton Gandarilla Andrea Garcez Joseph Garcia Michael Garicia FRESHMAN CLASS l99 :H .-,..M:,: .... I 5 :E-...R Q, .. .xx - .,,. N:--:o,M:.,.. -K -'W I . .: ' 23:45, X fm . . , 1 ..... , ..,,,.:.,,g..,: N x 'U' it 5 Z , 1 is f ih- a h:,:.u, .. 5 E:-ff . .v,E qi 11 .: A 3 ' :Xf- ,ts gif Rf, - m r' "' xr .- we ' R+ X as b in , V' N X 5 A , i nf E5 E X as W T NIN 'E if .. ' Q ,4 Q .J f-Q.---' ,---.--- ,.-W...-v ""f5'-ff Q 1 Ismael Garza Sharon Gates Jennifer George Mike Gerard Greg Gibbons Ricky Gibbons Vanessa Gillespie Dennis Gillie Amy Glemba Tina Gonzales Brian Goodfellow Randy Goodsell Patricia Gowan Christy Greely Philly: Greeley Cornell Green Susan Greenwood Kathy Greves Jesse Griffin Ronald Griffin Heather Griffith King Kong lend helpin hand to frosh Stacey Grimm Steve Grittman Patricia Guerrero Mattew Gutaw Michelle Gwyn Eddie Habecker Michall Haight Blake Hall Brent Hall Robert Hall Lance Hammonds James Hanawalt Shane Hanley Kim Hardy X Y Q . .. is .9 I., -X 581 ' " . S We :I-1 :V i e N A W5 e . W 'P Q., as Qi? -1-Q Q ak 3' f X for W vb H .Y - fwfr - K hw rf if z wt f Q M. in-2' l "' x 3 K M Q ZW ' X15 'X QM Ei 9- , R -f be 51' fi -3' 1 'H' X 3. H"ffi?:'g2?'x'..1. . ,, ,MW ,N X Y., .f!ggg?Zf.-.,- Wil-I -'A giglu- 1.5-3.1. Y' .1 if ftflfftgffi in Fm S K 'S , , , Nm V 'Eg 'sas as Q- Ig it 1 I 5 wi 2417 FRESHMAN CLASS A Cornelius Hardy Chuck Harnack Melody Harris Joyce Hart Vicki Harshman Gary Hauser Jimmy Hayden Shari Hazzard Michelle Hayes Troy Heineman Melanie Hemmi 'VS Cherry Hendersho! Elizabeth Henry Cheryl Henderson fl 3 . x i is Q s Q X z fe X-4,2 f.- Q is-,ii-ffzwsxfa . s Q S ,:,, -A -.1 zii , ,iif ,. Da vid Henderson - 4-f: Lenette Henderson . --,, I A , A , . Ali Al-Khalist Raul Hernandez Virginia Hernandez Barb Herzo Christina Hill C 'N X . or x x ,. , . :.ww... f x 121 if - if iii is as is A ilaa at T-"""'Y Hicks lili Doug Holi niianl Amy Hoff: X ,.,,: 5 ' ,A Bryan Holmes ' -"'1' Q A I Tammy Hoover A ana an Ene la"'f'H0PPe' .L,, I: a , L m Ronald Hopkins 2 J l i', Mary Lou Huber t V Diane Humphrey as . 6 T 2. 1 Q, A , ,, 1 2' A Andy Sue Hurst Mark Hutchinson f ,af , ka grxxtlfk at 1 ,pw 5' Matt Hutchinson A Kim Jackson it ii , ,,,iiii 3 , , 41422 , , 5 I i 5 Brian Jensen Albert Jerousek Tammy Jewson Michael Jomlin Carry Johnson Tracy Johnson Wesley Johnson Tomi Johnston Edward Jokilehto Bobby Jones Greg June Kim Kardell Laura Kazmierczak Derek Keilman Wm ,E ,agp- Q X sf 'f 421 5 John James ,wif . , f Lee Jankowski J, ,, ,,.L my . i kV,, ' 'ffl if 2117 5: 2, Fay Ray smiles and waves to the homecoming crowd as she sits in K ing Kong 's hand, the subject of the freshman-sophomore float. 'I 5 Effikiliillri:eil-jEEi:fEi5 isfiiffin gs. 1. . gpgsfggfp :,g,.f - 4- Q S 1 21.452451 2,4 ' 52- Q . iyafff .::,.. A N i - ffN'-11fs-- - 'f" -522 - . "ff A ft in-Lf? - -521.12523-' wifes 1 .2- 212 6 J 2' '- ,, 1 S . 1-,--it ,t t .,c1 i f :tt Q 5 X ,W - ,. .. , 5 i E Srykkzi A ttist. i t X sg Q A gf -a-it i'ie ' - fl a fi 5 :ns-. .ef X -as-,,. . . ,, , , ' .11t--f., so fv , r ., 5 ' 1 -3'E,2':E' A ,..5:F-if:-: if. is f:.- ,,..e.f .. -.ass ' , - -as-. .... WL .... , Q Q 3 S Q J X it X . 1 A J . , , .111 -gl 5 5 -if :'.5iii5'i . ': ' . 1 ' FRESHMAN CLASS 2Ol Q .ff LX.. ., X ,..X,.ylk .Eh 15 . .fi -. ' .wiefsgvziisgffi - am s . : -- -' -X -Q52-5. . .- lyk fs, ...v-was-L 43-231121-1 " Q .ir .iiyifizgwr I , E555 1. ' L J f - l- 'f Ek ' - Q WY" XL - 5 55. . .Q - - -- 1. X I A ' ia '. X f e 2 ,X W" if P' -EH W - .X: ' SX aP""". M: -:ff af 'f":"':1 . j gk. Y. gag 5351 . EEQL.-i ef 5 .ss .. S f. 'X .SXX .L we . :ff he -em .1 fi SN g1j,fEQ?iH2Q5E21:Si: Siiiii' ':-,fegf:a::::..: 'J 151.155-.155 X. 5-LX. i I Y .. :.fg:-.1.- N .L if S i ff: , KWETTQ5 'FA s L i .ti 15412,-:f1..f2 .1 f 5. X NX 0 X' M ,.-- - X HQWSS5 .gs m K. 5 S X 5 X is ,X w 2 x N Q X . 1 N X X QQ xx, if . .gif 1 -e -W ff pa .. 1 '- .1 V21 Vicky Kelly kick Kemp Andrea Kent Jack K erfoot Lynette King Jonah Kirk Yvonne K isner David Kocur Karlissa Kramer Katrina Kramer Melisa Krants Kelly Kristen Michael Kratochwil Eugene Kuzia Robert Laborin Jesse Lackey Tracy LaCrosse Aaron LaDuke Cherrie Lamarca Kristen Larsen Peter Ledesma land big in ports 1 'X ..... ll.. . a i - X, S S553 7 K. 'NX K 'Q ggi. 1 -, 3- is L , . f e..a fvgllfwfi. 1, ff m! Shar ledfvrd iiii A llll Christy Lee i Doug Leg ., 1007 lee J ' ff' Sabra Lee Jim Legan x sw Ag... . XX ..... : XX X Q R X . 5 if x 1 if X Jarrett Lemley E, X ,QQ , ' Qi -L' gf. -Xxx X12 Tim Leung Johnny Levine Kim Lewis Todd Lewis Mark Libly Denise Lockhart Eddie Loeffler all . A in K K fjjggggef X. ig.. 'LM 3' .5 gf? . ' qs- h .. . Q .. -Li: .,: 202 FRESHMAN CLASS 3 A A' L:E73i5:v-A f 1. ,, .. if :Q .. ? X3 'I X g . x' 'mi . SS za + f 5 1 'Nl , e S gl g VX Ls N gk ..,..V I I Q f .3 :Q ,z!i:-T55 7 is . ..- I x k aff K E iz X x 1. .- :.. L. H.- S .. , his as lx 5 ve N55 A X 55 gm K es'i f . . . -. N Q " "" ' ,. A A if 7?-L .fix n' Q 5 ...ks aff ' E 5 5 5 'X ' SN s i is X X N X-QX L 5 if' Iz . .. .,A: I X .A .FE..Wm,.,..eX.a MNMMQQ .Rig 7:-k: K eff . 4 K Mike Lohman Brian Longbons Karen Looney Karen Loupee Katie Luk Benny L yman Mary Madueno Teresa Mahan Mike Mancuso Russell Mancuso Kassie Mann Vicki Mann Dan Marcum LaDonna Marshall an Opponents use brittle force to hold back Alhambra 's football team from making a large gain in a afternoon game at Alhambra stadium. A iiibi lbia if SJ Q' S X 5' ,,, .S ..,s2S,fg,Q, Q XA six fl 1 ggi i fx, 'Qi xfiirx 'YR . 'Q-il.: 5 ' , 5 A Ik, :Lk will . aesfi? A Lili Z. K X g :ws was 5 Q 1 KQGQ 1 X sf A NQQL Q Q Y get-f is Sharon Marshall Lucy Martinez Raquel Martinez Theresa Martinez Jackie Masei Michael Matcalf -vzn 2115- :f,,f w-f- '- .Taw- E: S 3 X K N x if .R K if Mg, X ' u fifwe di ifisfiiilii X X X X me ' f .1 -' f r li- as fs:-A . - ,,:,k- Qs QR is si its s WF? , sys gg if . 2 Kim Mathein Christina Marpin Tammy May Lisa Mays Teresa Mays Sonya McGriff Morgan McGuire Mike McKissick Crystal Meagher Tony Medina Shane Meegan Veronica Mendez Theresa Mendoza Dragan Mejic FRESHMAN CLASS 203 1 w J k..z -g.. K Wm 'Sk ii V, 1 xx 5 egg Q ws , D i S . ,. - N L 'f'- 5 - ' . V r " if ' " -Q'? ww-M A mmh. 2 1 . .Vs ' ,A-' tr 573 so ' ri: ra -- ,.-.k, A P-:-::s:Q'a,., -.z 1' i'1wfes',yg-i.5'faff ,1 .' . .. 1, R-W' Mofafes as . ' Robin Moran f 3 Arnold Moreno - - Gene Munford ' 1 .. Mark Murray -13125 91:1 -. A-if Ne ff? :: -B3E'::::w-:::z:,5: :RV gi ... . :. 1- - S' : :' - J,-:X ws-N55 -1 -we X eff? . s-'NV X 2 31, -rssgiggegrgro-g,:., ., :,: -5, ye ,Eh me T' - - K-'VU' Muffy -, ,-it ,W Q L ... aa. wrt - am at. was swf I . , ff- : ' 'Q fy-Sfjgg af.- S " .123 Fre hm n john Mygfg ::. Q ff.S Ray Myers Dino Nash ZVL 5 L1LLL Frank Neal Kenny Neal :fit .Q.--:1sfs:::fei?:sS" -:aa-,X Mike Metz David Michaud Cheryl Miller Karen Miller Kristen Miller James Miloneck Jeanna Millwood Lee Miner Gilbert Miranda Joshua Mitchell John Mollet Shawna Monihan Heather Moore Tamara Moore await three more years .. A -... LS ,, ' :f5: ,:..f'ii E 'IWK , xixw 3 x N X 3 at X X X 4 9 S W 9 Si! Trent Negri Eric Nelson Lisa Nelson Joe Nev Lamar Newmeyer Cindy Newton Yen Nguyen Andy Nicholas Todd Nicholson if . ' if Q1 Q "'r ,Q .Q ., 204 FRESHMAN CLASS Z .,,., Vet X R RSX QNX Fixx - . ' Iv .nzifftfsrjg .ggiaf 2" " ., ,- I , Q .Mt ,A-ffv. sis- . 'Rf eat xi-' E- - . - 1 5553 K KY 5' " i L i Ii -:7fk:5,5i . . i q? I me . 5 k LJ: sz 'fs . 3 51. H .S -, + X X Veronica Nokes Danielle Norris Donald Northrop Ken Norvell Chris Noyes Eric Noyes Alex Nager Clarissia Olguin Linda Olvey Jim OWleara Mike Oski Debbie Overfield Shelly Overfield Teresa Packard "'t'wsMaw me .. . X Qt X fi, N IEW" v.:a.Qh. 53531.33 .-'wise Guiplhw Vince Pernick Albert Perry Scott Peters Shelley Peterson Tammy Pfeifer Da vid Phelps Sarra Philipson Colleen Phillqws Diana Philp Patti Piburn Micheal Pietrzak Larry Pope Michelle Popoff Jenny Porter Philisa Porter Gerald Powell Sherry Powell Lavonde Price John Pruznak Scott Pugh Tami Pyles Shannon Qualls Janet Quan Anthony Queen Jack Queen Eric Quan Becky Radcliff Barbara Ramirez . 3 lg R wig. -f-- .1 We 2 me is .f I :': i 1 1.1f 'i5:ff i V ,-.. . ., .. tt M... . . -we-. L . Q S ..., . N .. . . ..,...t. 1122 . 523 K. ,. .4 .a. x, EXE M X Q K lf- . Mm .T 7 -:X .., K. on typ anxi t,,.: I Wi? ffl 'F' i n k,Sk5i3513i55? Q . . ..,,::- Xf3,f..M. xqf ww i :lla 'i A32 .iq K1 L.-at-X . z, . ..: - f M .-4, we af A ' 5 v x - :kt-M XX? P M N wi X Q 5952 XX ts vw '-Q N A ' F .Q V sg if R X ka 2 ,Q f 3, R Q 'Rx 5 Q 1 s- ut K .,twegfsiw ,445 51 :ii .4 ' - .,. iff X... ttln. t?2 X :X S,-E 5 N X58 NWS S , t 'f ef' ff? it is- -3 ee Q...-J.: ,... ., R Q, ,gs f e is , QQESQ 553 ienaaitn lfgiw if J, 4' ,swiss . ,zelfu '1:. T 5 . ffl-I . , - were-ost f 25551,-Q5i.z:'f' i ' f 2 isiiiiiif-':. ' ' S--E , ik Qt X we ts E 12 R ziigef- . . 1 X V was M , Nw. g .- .St . ..,, , K 141 T- g-Rif f. T --. : ,k.,.. at N 1' Q xi 5 is xx P t M. nfs , t m , v .Q- e :EER " ' 5? f Sh? : :-::' . -1 fb x R, 5 W t N M Qt K X X, ..f . .: 51232 -2 Q . K' '82 ri 'gif F M3 Ka , .. .W M. . - bg. : 52 ' We gi g 'Ewa' A f,.f.Q gi -+5 K-.K fs.: A :aff . .- 2. , x X Q X Q N R X ' x Ns D . L33 wif .fm .- k is .K,t .ts f .. .tts .asf- -,fe is ' fri.-N .. sg: sw .. - 4 .2 if .. , M, . M. :f .f -.f1,::f- ., .. me . .- Hx Jag ' 9 .sff5"' 1: tg .eff 11W'15?Z5f' . . " -- ii' K .32 REL 4. if fig-'2.i..ii1fSS . 1 .sm N Q R ' ' 1 E Q . S gist i Q X 1 ug., V. :. . . . .I t X 1- g sis A RE s W W X-fm . .J Kim Padegimas Anthony Padilla Rai Pais Ki Pak Jim Parish Dennis Parker Steve Partridge Lori Payne Janae Pelsma Da vid Pencola Brett Pennington Lisa Penterman Roxanne Pentz Vince Perez Q , ef if 3 Xt V - HK ' si . . , A 1 V' K S -S X 1 f . A -'fwwaaiigiggg ' fipgf ---- aff: 5 Q 7455. . t . ..,.. WE ...Lin K X... W 3' . S Shannon Ramey Jill Randall Da vid Rangel Tina Ratliff Cassie Red Kristy Reeder Debbie Reeves Melodie Reeves Dan Rhodes Kim Richards Donald Richardson Da vid Rich John Riddell Trudy Rider lU?ESll44AlV CYJ45ES.2O5 53" X Q35 XV up is as 'N wx 1 'W' so mg M sp nn M 5 ,ya 5 s - s ::..S .. . Q QSBYXQQQA' Li 5, Wanda Satterfield Christi Schallmann Keith Scheuring Jill Schirripa Sheila Schlederer Don Schroeder Pat Schutte Michael Schwint Kerry Sellards Mark Settle Brad Shaw Scott Shaw Shannon Shelton Scott Shephard x ef. P3 lk? x Q' . s. 1. , . t Jw FRESHMAN CLASS f ir-" gif-5' ff. ?5'ifS+'P'2XRg -- .A-h.l Q -, .,,S E 1 - ii' T is 'QQ. ' - . I-.St 5 ,il I :s, ll 3 1 fl' E if 2 X sf? as TU? 'R ff r y Q is I .--4, KN3 is iiiizgz fllgg W' wg, at ,-.' 1-.azssigsgg h if 'f lj-Z'f-- 15511-."1 k-'k' '3 ::. . 'f-'ff- -K wr ' ii:-: . , W A XS - 'Q me . if -. S Y 5 . L... W .Q gf- EW a . . . S. fc: , . S i ss' Lion spirit captures freshmen Jaime Robbins Charles Robinson Kim Robinson Barbara Robison Chris Rodriguez Christina Rodriguez Jerry Rogers John Rogers Penny Rogers Neil Romero Chris Ronsheim John Rood Mark Ross Henry Rouse Jenny Rubio Darold Rucker Marcella Ruiz Kathleen Russo Henry Ruiz Kelly Sabucco Jennifer Salazar Q: 1 1- ga. fu-. if ggi 1 S E as it ii 49' X 5' Q X , at E 5 my we Scott Sherwood Steve Sherwood Jenny Shew Richard Shoff James Shriver Kim Shroyer Alan Sing Mike Sipple Sean Skelley David Smale Brian Smalley Pamela Smart Jeff Smith Jodi Smith . .Enid t H as-1 it, - - ..,. , S at . ,. . 9, i Q if y Q51 gf 'vga 1 , Q an if S X :X X X 'ak W 3 NGN Q W NY . A.,. l K F .245 . F5 . . F1 .. F a, -. 55 W KX! X X 'ga as Xa W. X x xl , Q . s , E. aff-'Q . S Q sl? 5 1 v, Q Q " , be : , if Xfmnttit? 3 if V f , Y 11. .-1 .' ' ,N , J X X v . S l S if ,Z M ,. f wr ff 1 if -" 1 10 if L 1 7 A ov 0 , 4 ' iff M X 1.7 nm, ' x j Q ff f 'jg if M fx M , 3. . .sw :,, -Q, Q3 at 3 X fl X Qx H X , .. 1. -1.. X X X 5 Nw V, X a Y X S . X Yr? 5? H - s . 5 ' if . Julie Smith Teari Smith Theresa Smith Cindi Smothers Jay Snider Micheal Sotelo Ronny Soza Brett Spear Dan Spivey Debbie Statzer Mike Stevens Stephanie Stevens Wayne Stidd Richard Stinnett M 5 1 414 L V f A kkf M Z Q ,X I ., W. an S Alhambra football crowd notices a yearbook photographer while waiting for the next play to begin. Q . We 4. .. Q X? , A - t-4 ff if '- 8 " 5 : f- ,N 1 'Q ' taea af' NW - 'Ni Y t1.. X Ri 1 Xl K . t N 31 ,.,,.. t -,-ef ,,,. 5 a,aat .. S, ., -I . mi L if g' Q54 75 ,N X Rf' ' Y K Nix .f .- -H...q...' , .K '-bam' , lg A - 5 5 q:,.. V : .... U. ,N SN: X Q N S as V REQ s ,lvff I, . Mike Stinson ,Scott Stinson Stephanie Stokes Chuck Stoll Brian Stotts Deanna Stromberg Steve Struble David Stuart Rhonda Sturgill Kim Sunderland Ingo Sutter Shawn Svoboda Shawn Sweenie Faith Swisher FRESHMAN CLASS 207 NS 9-R X 'T Q Q .fgm I 1 Zi . Y 1 aw ,. N wiv' 35 3 xxx 'L , g z Q -. ei- N ff 1 .. -K .ssr.i Q f A .c.... , K W . 4 an s. - wr. 2 We 11 s K- , as -. -.-- -1 . .wwf-, -eww? ' A -m" ! ,... - 'L' .5 1 '-N753 s o X wax - 1 Lge + 1 " ' p f 1.: ir a 'R A Q f giw . . E S VZ, -Si . 4. ,, . x ,E .se I 4 ,gA., - -- , ' -1 . ,xtt . . .. .eggs . Wx, 1 xxx 5 in N .Ka 'QV 'Q x Gb X '41 W if Q K Kgs . X Qx , . Q 1 QE! XX x A X. .. .xgggf ,er -Q , 2 ., , .. .- 5:52 r. Charles Szczepaniak Janice Tang Thang Tang Todd Taylor Allan Terrian Becky Thiry Kevin Thomas Amy Thompson Derek Thompson James Thornton Shelli Thornton Wendy Thrash Bill Tingle Karl Titus Theresa Titus David Toback Katherine Todd Tom Topolewski Scott Tracy .loe Trevino .lim Troyer Freshmen enjo first year at Alhambra Danny Trujillo Monica Trujillo Rooney Trumbull Michelle Tucker Todd Tuggle Sandra Tuzon Michelle Twinam Loren Tye Patrina Underwood Darrin Vahary Eddie Valenti Paul Valenzuela Mickey Vandre Chris Varner 208 FRESHMAN CLASS A nf .aw ,.. -:s ffm: ::...:.5,. xii +..w-2 ::x,..,, . . was -1 as. ska.-2. e- . 'sas-f : Ia may 5 . . lk 5 5 X QQ f S' , 'Wifi NES' 153 Eaaaa Sip img. I g A A ef so . .c:.hg .A ,tttz . 'lgqae X ' Qi-sf' 1 I 1. 1 .--a Q if 5 .X .0 5 KS? k M4 up Mike Vasquez Sherry Venable Mike Vergis .lay Vickrey Sheri Vigliotte Letty Villasenor Ellen Vosgier Deedee Waker Meshell Waddell Dixie Wagner Darrill Wakely Dean Walker Sue Walker .lohnny Ward gig Morgan Mc Guire and Matt Gulaw are steppin ou! to heh: the freshman class to compeie against upper classmen in the quad. 'WT . V400 Ulu Dean Carter, Amy Fineburg, and Jimmy Parish work hard at the freshman float building during Homecoming week BI Alhambra, FRESHMAN CLASS 209 me ,E ,.kk S Q .P X I I n . X sv El X lm, . ,.,:.. iz: '::" ,t:.2 . , s iff 1 f 2. wax fs, x W.. XX - ., ---.., as 1 f..-125: ' N3--'T- Q .U f A FEM , Patrick Warner .lon Warren Vanessa Warren .loseph Weaver Danc y Webb Gina Webb Debbie Wells Dan Weston Sheila Wheeler David White Kim White Cindy Williams Toni Williams David Williams Glenda Williams Lori Williams Retta Williams Richard Williams Toni Williams Tonia Williams Steve Wilson Fre hmen anti ipate sophomore year Tim Wilson Laurie Wolverton Gina Wong Kelly Wood Sandie Wood Mike Woods Misty Work A student receives a stamp of spirit in the form of a lion's paw which was sponsored by Key Club on a Friday before a football game. 210 FRESHMAN CLASS FIRE, , .W Q .a 1 Til at 'ig . .-"i-5 k ff ' if . 5 1 4Xl'f?Q34T1? : 3 Ei X ifl-I x X X Q R F i M xx X use sir a S Q 5 Q A if X av 1 5 ,fa Q , 1361 s-' S ga, vw as ns-w6.x..vvf .0 anna!! K ...W . .Q ,S f-If . Af., ,l 4-1 , .fv- ., ..-..,vwr ,W 1 ...ww -1' 'N Q - N Qu 6 7 14 .A uv? Www em 1. Aw i Alice Ybanez Julian Ybarra Elaine Young Claudia Younger Louie Zanine Steve Ziegler .leff Zuccala Anna Zuniga if ll Q , an 5. , XX Eager freshmen football players wait to show their stuff on the field during a game. Saxophonist Travis Smith, a member of the Al- hambra band waits patiently for the next num- ber to start. N .-wp-WMWWMW, 5 nav-f ' " v -grill" gurwq on W ga 3 Frosh football player catches a pass in order to gain yardage against the opposing team. FRESHMAN CLASS 2ll ,,,,.,,.-W-,MMWNM Students casually walk to their locker after a delicious lunch. MU After schoob the 9617 building becomes very empty. David Beebe works hard to get his pictures developed for yearbook. 2l2 CLOSING An unknown person relaxes in the back of a V. W. during one of the activities. K xlx . w ' , 4 s ,W Students talk while waiting to be called into their counselors. if 1 Q A ,gg 3. Ja " ' 15' . i - EE e ' V. , :ee .t', Number 42 lion works hard on getting the crowd excited during one of the games. Mr. Giambruno shows his students how to act smart. 1 if v K , k Wm"'v-W-.,.,, at t ' t - ffm - ' .1 . ' nfl aw S H 4:1 C 1 12 t 'fftf 5 1 ' a s 4 'rf' v kai ' 1 V l g , 4, I '13 X Someone works hard on float building. ails? For some people, relaxing at the benches is very enjoyable. CL OSING 213 The crowd gets mad because of a bad call by one of the officials at a football game. e,ll llle Sym- Q-'lim Brenda Lopez and Da vid Beebe get FRIENDI. Y during a long and hard hour of "THE END" working in yearbook. ,o. 1. CL OSING 215 l+,. A ABAL OS, TONY JOHN, Football I, Basketball I, HNS 3, 4, AGUIRRE. ISAA C: Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, V. Letterman club 3, 4, Scrimitar 3, 4 ALLEN, DONNA, AHS ALLEN, PAMELA SUE: Softball I, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 3, 4, Ski club 2, 3, 4 Stud. gov. 4. ALLEN, TERRI ANN, VICA 4, Gui- tar Groups 2, 3, 4, Honor roll I. AL TAMIRANO. DANIEL, AHS AMA VISCA, ED WARD DEAN, Stud. Gov. I, 2, 3, AFS I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, Parnassus 3, 4, Ski club 3, 4, NHS 4, Martial arts club 2, 3, 4, Boys state 3, Computer club 4. Key club 4, Youth Leader- ship club 3, 4, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4, Class Sweetheart I, Class Rodeo King I, Spanish club 3. ANDERSON, GL ORIA: Honor roll I. ARTLAEJO, MARCELLA: Hiking club I, VICA 4, .IA I. ARUNDEL, MICHAEL E.: AHS ASHTON, PAUL S TEPHEM NHS 3, 4, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4 AUBUECHON, LISA MARIE. Golf I, Softball I. Pom pon line 2, Mat Maids I, GAA I, 2, Science club I, Honor roll 3. BAKER, .IODIE ANNE: Mat Maids I, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4, FBLA 4. BAKER, LORI MICHELE: AHS BARRETT, RONDA FA Y: Mat Maids 2, 3, 4, Bowling I. 2, 3, COE 4. BECHTOLD, KIMBERLY RENE: V. Softball 3, Hero club 4. BECK, NANCY C.: AHS BEEBE, DA VID JORDAN, Football I, Wrestling I, 2, 3, Golf 4, Year- book 4. BEJAR, SAMM Y: Football I, 2, Bas- ketball I. BILLINGTON, KIM: Key club I, 2, VICA 4, Honor roll I, 3. BLOCHBERGER. SEAN CHARLES: Football I, 2. 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, NHS 3. 4, AZ Boys State 3, 4, German club 2, 3, NHS for Students of Ger- man 2, 3, Parnassua r, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4, Stud Gov. 4. BL OOM, NEAL 71, Football I, 2, 3 BLOYED, KATHLEEN RAE: AFS 2, NHS 3, 4, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4. BODAH, CINDY LEE. AHS BOGERT, SUZANNE MICHELLE, NHS 4, Parnassus 2, Key club I, 2l6 SENIOR REGISTER SE IOR REGISTER Marching Band 4, Wrestlerettes 3. 4. BONHAM, KELLI: Softball I, 2, Stud. Gov. I, 4, NHS 4, V. Cheer 4. BO WLES, ROBERT, AHS BRESHEARS, GEORGE RA Y: .IRO TC I, 2, 3, 4, Rangers I, 2, 3, 4, Marching band I, 2, Drill team 2, 3, Rifle team I, DECA 4. BRETALL, DOUGLAS L.: l.C.E. 4. BRITT, CA THRINE RUTH. Year- book Pub. 2, 3, Ski club 4. BRISSETTE, LAIN D.: Football 4. BROOKSB Y, SCOTLORIN. Band 2, 3, 4, Spanish club I. BRO WN, ERIC A.: Football I, 2, 3. 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, AHS Lettermans club 4. BROEN, FRANCINE ANTOINETTE, AHS. BROWN, MELANIE JOANN, AHS BROWNING, DUANE: AHS BRYANT, DENYSE MARIE, DECA 3, 4, DECA Sweetheart 3. BURNS, CHRISTINE ANN, Bowling club 3, 4 BURNS ERICK ROBER I1 German Club I. BURROWS, SUSAN LOUISE, Pom Pon line 3, Mat Maids I, 2, Ski club 4, Football Mgr 3, Letterman 3, Bowling club 4, Hiking club 4. BURT, CURTIS LEE, Football I, 3, NHS 4, Parnassus 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4 Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4. BURT, MICKI J.: Mat Maids 3, Honor roll I, Bowling club I. BUTLER, GINNY L.: AHS BURTON, GERALDINE MARIE, AHS BUSHROE, DA WN MARIE: Mat Maids I, Ski club I, 2, 3, 4, Mascot 2. C CALDERSON, ANTHONY, AHS CALHOUN, RICHARD: AHS CAMARENA, KURT MA TTHEW: Football I, 2, 3, Baseball I, 3, 4. CAMPBALL, DONALD KEITI-L AHS CANO, LIZ B., MECHA I, 2, 3, 4, CARTER, RA Y, Honor roll I, Base- ball I, 2, Football I, 2. 3, 4. CA YWOOD, DAREM French club I, 2, Computer club I, 2, 3, 4, NHS 3, 4. CERNY, JOHN ALLEM Track I. CHANDLER, KIMBERL Y ELIZA- BE TH: Track I, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4, NHS 4, Parnassus 3, 4, Stud. gov. 4, B.S.U. I, 4. CHA VEZ, CAROL YN PA TICIA: Softball I, 2, Volleyball, COE 4. CHA VEZ, SANTIAGOf Football I. CHEUNG, DONNA YEE. Tennis I, 2, 3, 4, NHS 3, 4, Parnassus 2, 3, 4, Stud. Gov. 4. CHICOINE, MIKE R., Stud. Gov. 3, 4, Ski club 3, 4, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4. CHI. HEE .IOOM AHS CLARK, PATRICIA DENISE: Key club I, FBLA 3, 4, NHS 4, DECA 3. CLARK, PA TRICIA, Adv. concert choir I, 2, 3, 4, AFS I, French club I, Parnassus 3, FBLA 4, Creative writing club 4. CLEVELAND, RAY W.. AHS COLE, CHARLES W., Baseball 3, German club I, 2, 3. COLE, LANCE ERIC: Band 3, 4, Choir 3, 4, Honor roll 3, 4, Letter- man I, 2, 3, 4. COLLIGAN, IVY LEIGH. Volleyball I, 2, Softball I, 2, Youth fellowship of students 4. C ONARROE, AM Y L YNN: Bowling club 2, Chorale 3, NHS 4, COE 4. CONDITT, JOE: V. Track 2, 3, 4, V. Cross Country 3, 4. COOK, DANE TTE: Volleyball I, 2, Softball I. COONS, FRANK V.: Chess club 2, 3, 4, Computer club 3, 4. COPPI, KELL Y ANN, French club, NHS I, Honor roll ORUM, KELLIE: Volleyball I, 2, Newspaper 4. CRAMER, DON E.: AHS CUELLAR, CIRCE, AHS CUNNINGHAM, TIMOTHY TODD, Baseball I. D DA VIS, CINDY ANN, Softball 3, Football mng 4, Track mng 3, HERO club 3. DA VIS, ANTOINETTE: .I.O.E. 3, COE 4, Track mng I, 3, Basketball stats 3. DA VIS, DIANE, Choralettes I, Bad- minton I, 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, Choral 2, 3, VICA 3, 4, letterman club 4, honor roll 2, 3. DA VIS, TAMMY S.: AHS DA VIS, TROY VIC TOR: Football I. DEA TON, WA YNE, Chess club 3, 4. DELMA, LEANDER KEITH, AM. In-, dian club 4. DE LOERA, CHER YL L YNM Tennis I, 4, FBLA. DENNING, THOMAS EDWARD: VICA 4. DENNY, DONNA R.: Softball I, 2, 4, Volleyball I, 2, 3, Mat Maids I, Ski club I. DOMINGUEZ, DIANE: DECA 3, MECHA I, Softball 2, Spanish club 3. DOMINGUEZ, TODD, Football I, Swim team I, Ski club 4. DRISCOLL, MANDY JOYCE: Vol- leyball I, 2, 3, 4, Softball I, Basket- ball 2, 3. DR YDEN, TUMARA L YNN: Choir I, Band I, Honor roll I, 2, Basketball I, Volleyball I. DUNN, JOHN C.. Marching band 4, Jazz band 4, Computer club 2, 3, 4, NHS 4. DURBIN, JERRYR.: Football I, VICA 4. EARLE, RAE A., Archery 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, VICA 4, Perfor- mance dance 4, Honor roll 2, 3, 4. EBERT, MARY ELLEN, AHS ELLIS, ANGELA ROSE, Art club 2, 3, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4, French club I, Wrestlerettes 3. EL Y, HEATHER LOUISE: Mat Maids I, 2, 3, Wrestling mgr I, 2, 3, Ski club I, Bowling club 3, Honor roll I. ERHARDT, DA VID C.: Football I, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4. ESCARCEGA, GLORIA ANN: FBLA 4, MECHA 3. ESTES, SCOTT D.: Stud. Gov. I, VICA 4. ESOUIVEL, VERONICA MARIE, Ski club I, 4. EUBENK, LAURI S., DRAMA 3. F FIELDS, BRUCE ED WARD: Track I, ROTC 2, 3, WRESTLING 4. FIGUEROA, ANNA MARIA: Ski club I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 3, 4. FINEBERG, GARY BRIAM Football I, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Letterman club 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Ski club 4, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4. FLORES, CHRIS A.. Cross Country I, 2, 3, Track I, 2, Letterman club I, 2. FORT, RICHARD WA YNE. Drama I, 2, ROTC I, 2, 3, 4. FORTNEY, KA TRINA: Cheer 2, Mascot 4, VICA 4. FRYMAN, PAULA JANE: Bowling GAERTHS, EDWARD: .IROTC I, 2, 3, OWE 4. 3, 4, Parnassus 2, Hiking club 4. GAITAN, BEN G.: Band I, 2, 3, 4, Drama 2, 3, Jazz band 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Golf 4. GALLAGHER, MICHAEL: Football 2, ROTC I, 2, 3, 4, D club 2, Base- ball 4. GANGEMI, LISA: AHS GARCIA, DARR YL JAMES: Football I, VICA 3, 4, AM. Indian club 2. GARCIA, DENISE: Volleyball 4, Softball 4. GARCIA, DONALD P.: Basketball I, 3, 4, Baseball 2. GARCIA, ERNIE E.: Band I, 2, 3, MECHA 3. GARCIA, GABERIL: Wrestling 4, Track 4, ROTC 2, 4. GEORGE, VICKI A.: AHS GHIGO, EUGENIA THERESA: VICA 4, Honor roll 4. GHIGO, MIKE F.: VICA 4. GIACAL ONE, MIKE J.: Electronics club 2, Bicycle club 3, 4, Marching band 2, 3, 4, Jazz band 3, 4. GIBBONS, CA THY L.: COE 4, Hon- or roll I. GIBBONS, DODI ANN: Orchestra I, Writing club 3, 4, Newspaper 4, NHS 3, 4, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4. GIBBONS, JULEE GAIL: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, NHS 3, 4, Track 2, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4. GLISAN, ROBERT MICHAEL: Sci-Fi club. GLOSSER, JOHN: Football I, Bas- ketball I, Baseball I. GOERNITZ, SCOT A.: Basketball I, Parnassus 2, NHS 3, 4, Honor roll I. 2, 3, 4, Bowling 4, Ski club 4. GOLDEN, CHARLES A.: Football I, 2, 3, Basketball 3, B.S.U. I, 2. GONZALES, HEIDE ANN: FBLA I, Track 3, 4, Cross Country 4, Par- nassus 3, NHS 3, Thespians 3. GORDON, CHRISTINE STARR: Tennis I, Bowling I, 2, 3, Concert I, 2, 3, 4, Mat Maids I, COE 4. GORSLIN, DEBORAH ANN: V. Archery I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4. GRAMBS, CHARLIE A.: AHS GRAPENTINE, SUSAN MARIE: NHS 4, FBLA 4, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4, OWE 4. GRA VES, DEBORAH KA THERINE: Parnassus 3, NHS 4, AFS 3, Stud. Gov. 4, FBLA 4. GREEL Y, KARA L YNM NHS 4, VICA 4, KEY club I, Parnassus 3, Honor roll I. 2, 3, 4. GREEL Y, TIMOTHY SCOTF Dra- ma I, 2, 3, 4, Debate I, 2, 3, 4, Mime troupe I, Choir 2, DECA 3. ICE 4, DED club 2, Orchestra I, 2. GRIEVE, KAREN ANM Concert E IOR REGISTER band 2, 3, 4, Key club I, 4, HERO 4. GRILLS, SHELL Y: OWE 4. GRISIUS, DONA M.: Volleyball 4, Softball 4, Basketball 4. GUERRERO, JOHN M.: Football I, 2, 3, 4, Track 4, ICE 4, Ski club 4. GUFFEY, HEATHER RUTH: Band concert I, 2, band marching I, 2, Key club 3, 4, Drama I, Concert choir I, German club 2. H HADZOUS, LORI: AHS HAENEL, ALISSA CHRISTINE: Key club I, Mat Maids 2, Quill 5 Scroll 3, 4, Creative writing 3, Newspa- per 2, 3, 4, HALLADA, ROBERT T.: Boys state 4, Anytown 4, Stud. Gov. 2, 3, 4, Speech 2, 3, 4, Drama 3, Band I, 2, 4, AFS 2, 3, Parnassus 2, 3, 4, NHS 4, Honor roll I, 2, 3. HAMMAM, STEPHEN JOHN: Foot- ball I, Tennis 4, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4. HANNER, DEBBIE KA Y: Band I, 2, 3, 4, Majorette 2, 3, Key club I, 2, NHS 4, Jazz band I, 2, 3, 4. HASENBERG, ERIC GARRISON: Football I, Baseball I, tennis I, Track 2. HARDING, AARON J.: Football I, Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, HOPE 4, Ski club 4, Honor roll 3, 4. HARRIS, CYNTHIA: Basketball, Soccer, NHS. HA VLIK, JOSEPH PAUL: Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4. HEMMING, KIMBERLY ANN: Vol- leyball mgr. 2, 4, COE 4. HEMMING, TON YIA SUE: FBLA 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, NHS 4, Tennis I. HEMPHIL, WESL Y A.: Band I, 2 HENDERSON, URSUL LA TA WANDA: HERO 4. HERNANDEZ, GREG M.: Football I, 2, 3, 4, Honor roll I, 2, 4, Basketball I, HICKMAN, ANN: Pep club 2, French Club I, 2, Stud. Gov. 2, LUC I, 2, 3, NHS 3. HODGES, BILL ALLEN: Bowling 3. HINDERLITER, TIM: AHS HINSON, THAD: Football I, Wres- tling 2, Track 3. HODGE, JOHN ROBER73 Basket- ball I, Baseball 2. HODGE, SCOTT: Wrestling I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I. HOLAIRA, ROD: AHS HOLKESTAD, JANET ANNE: Ger- man club I, 2, Concert Band I, 2, 3, Jazz Band 3, Orchestra I. HOLMES, DARON A.: Wrestling 2, 3, Football I, 2, 3. HOOVER, TRICIA ANNE: AHS HORNER, RHONDA L YNN: Key club I, 2, 3, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4. HOVEY, DEBRA A.: Softball I, Track I. HOVEY, JILL C.: AHS HO WARD, JAMIE L YNN: Newspa- per I, Concert choir I, Chorale 2, 3, 4, Bowling club J JACKSON, AMY: Sud. Gov. 3, VICA 4. JA C OBSON, ROBERF Football I, 3, 4, Choir 3, 4. JOHANSSON, KIM: NHS 4, V Cross Country I, 2, J.V. Track I. JOHNSON, CARL ANTHONY: Hik- ing club I, 2, 3, 4, Si Fi I, 2, DED 2, 3, 4, Creative writing 4. JOHNSON, MICHELLE D.: Pom Pon 3, Mascot 4. JOHNSTON, RICHARD EDMUND: AHS JONHSTON, MARK D.: AHS JONES, LANCE: VICA 4, Honor roll I, 2 JONES SHA NNA L YNN: G. Basket- ball I, VICA 4. JORDAN, SUZANNE MICHELLE: Yearbook 4. . JUMP, KATHY GRACE: VICA 4. JUNE, SCOTT D.: Tennis I, 2, 3, 4, Football 3, NHS 3, 4, Stud. Gov. 4. German club 2, 3, 4. 2, 3, 4, NHS 3, 4, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4, VICA 4, DED 2, JA I. HO WARD, RHONDA JOA NN: ASH HUDSPETH, KELL Y: Basketball I, 2, 3, Badminton 2, 3, Quill 6 Scroll 3, 4, Yearbook 2, 3, 4, JA 4. HUGHNS, TANYA LYNN: Band 3, Golf 3, Honor roll I. HUMPHRY, DOY THOMAS: VICA 2, 4. HURLBURT, KATHLEEN DIANNE: Softball I, 2, 3, 4. HUTCHINSON, MICHAEL A.: VICA 3. IRISH, OSCAR WILLIAM: Basket- ball I, Cross Country I, 2, ROTC I, 2, 3, 4. K KANE, BECKI SIZANNE: Band I, 2, 3, 4, Jazz Band 3, Indian club I, 2, 3, 4. KEARNRY, MELINDA: Softball I, 2, Mat Maids 2, Honor roll I, 3. KELL Y, VIVIAN KA Y: MECHA I, 2, 3, 4. KERR, KELLY SUE: Swimming I, 2, Band I, 2, 3, 4, ROTC 4. KING, RON: Basketball I, 2, 3, Foot- ball I, 2, Baseball I, BSU 2, 3. KISNER, ANNE TTE: Mat Maids I, 2, 3, FBLA 3, 4, AFC 4, Honor roll 3, 4. Ski club I, KL OEPPEL, TOM RUSSELL: AHS K ORESSEL, SANDRA KA Y: Volley- ball I, 2, Softball I, Ski club 2, 3, VICA 4, Track 3. KOWREN, MICHELL: Volleyball I, Mat Maids I, OWE 4, NHS 4. KOZAK, BRIAN N.: Football I, 2, 3: NHS 3, 4. L LA CA VERA, NAT L.: AHS LANDRETH, DIANE L.: VICA 4. LANDRY, KAREN HERO 4. LANGDON, BRENDA KA Y: Hiking club 3, Track 4, HERO 4, LAU, MAN-MAN: AHS LA WRENCE, KAREN LOUISE: NHS 3, 4. LA WSON, VIKIK L.: VICA 3, HERO 4. LEBRON, DEBRA: MECHA l, 3, 4. LEE, FELICIA: DECA 4. LEE, JOHN H.: AHS LEE, SHELIA J.: Softball 2, Volley- ball 2, 3, Track I, Basketball 2, BSU I, 2, 3, Letterman club l, 2, 3, HERO 4, Track I. LE VINSON, DAN J.: Basketball I, 3, 4, VICA 4. LINDSA Y, JON JEFFERY: Honor roll 3. LINK, DOUGLAS W.: Football I, Key club I, German club I. LIZARRAGA, DOROTHY L ORAINE: Cheer 2, 3, 4, Pom Pon 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Stud. Gov. 3. LONG, CHRISTINE: Ski club I, 2, 3, 4, Football mgr. 3, 4, Track mgr. 2, 3, 4, NHS 4, Parnassus 4, FBLA 4, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4, LOPEZ, BRENDA ANN: Stud. Gov. 3, Ski club 3, Yearbook 4, Pom Pon 4. LOPEZ, EDWARD H.: AHS LOSE, KA TH Y: Key club I, 2, Honor roll 2, 3. LUBBAD, JAMES MACHAEL: AHS LUJAN, FRANK LOUIE: Basketball I, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 2. LUNA, ANGELA ANN: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Softball I, Track I, Basket- SENIOR REGISTER 2l7 ball 3, Spanish club 3, LUC 2, 3, NHS 4, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, Orchestra 3. LUPER, PAULA DENISE: Newspa- per 3, 4, Yearbook 3, Quill 5 Scroll 3, 4. LUTTRELL, SHARON LORRAINE: Cheer I. Drama I, Stud. Gov. I, Honor roll I. 2, 3. MC CANTS. DEBORAH ANN: Key club I, 2, Badminton 2, 3, Mat Maids 2. 3. MC CARTHY, KATHLEEN MAIRE: Track I, 2. 4, Cross Country 2, 4. MC C OMB, MARK ROBERT: Base- ball I, 3, 4, NHS 4. MC CORMICK, LAURIEANNE: Key club I, FBLA 3, 4, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4, COE 4. MC CUE, DA VID L.: Hiking club 2, chess club 2. MC DOWELL, MARTIN W.: Foot- ball I, 2, 3, Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Track I. MC GRAD Y, SANDRA RENAE: Cheer 2, 3, Pom Pon 4, Ski club I, 2, 3. 4, Stud. Gov. 2, 3, 4, NHS 3, 4. MC GRA TH, DOROTHY: French club I, 2, Choir 4, DECA 4. MC HENRY, SEAN W.. AIPA 3, Ski club 4, Stud. Gov. 4, Quill 6 Scroll 3, 4, NHS 4, Honor roll 2. 3. 4, Track 4. MC KEE. PAULA J.: Mat Maids I, 2, Ski club 4. Bowling club 4, Hiking club 4. MC KENNA. GINA KELL Y: Mat Maids I, HERO 4. Stud. Gov. 4. MC NABB, KEN E.: VICA 4, Hiking club 3, Ski club 3, Honor roll 2, 3, Soccer 2. MACDONALD, JON R.: Football I, Tennis I. MAGGARD, CHARLOTTE KRIS- TINE: Key club I, OWE 4. MAGNETTI. KIMBERLY ANN: Ski club 2, HERO 4. MA GNOL O, MIKE: Football 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 2. MAHAN, RENEE MICHELE: Mat Maids 2, German club I, Flagling 3, VICA 4. MAHR, KA THRINE: Tennis I, Key club I, 2, 3, 4. MALLOY, SHARON L YNNE: Track .3. FBLA 4, OWE 4. MANCUSO, PAUL: Stud. Gov. I, 3. Parnassus 3, 4, Key club 4, AFS 3, Boys state 3, Newspaper 4, Honor roll I, 2, 3. 4. Ski club 3, 4, NHS 4. MANN. DA VID G.: Football I, 2, 2I8 SENIOR REGISTER E IOR REGISTER Team Trainer 2, 3, VICA 4. MANNING, WILSON EDWARD: Football I, Baseball 2, 3. MAR, ELAINE S.: DECA 3, 4. Honor roll 2, 4, Racketball club 4. MAREZ, SALOMON E.: Choral I, 4. MASON, LISA JANINE: AFC 4, Ski club I, 2, 4, Concert choir I, 2. MA THIS, WILLIAM MARTIM Foot- ball I, 2, 3, Wrestling I, 2, Track I, 2, 3. 4. NHS 3, 4. MA TOSKEY, JOSEPH JOHN: ROTC I, 2, Drill Team I, 2, HERO 4. MA TSOMOTO, ALAN: Baseball I, Bowling 3, 4, NHS 4, Parnassus 2, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4. MAUDSLEY, ERIC L.: AHS MA Y, L YNN G.: Stud. Gov. 4. MA YBERR Y. STEPHEN RUSSELL: ROTC I. 2, 3, 4. MENA, CARL OS 71: Science club I, 2, 3, French club 2. Electronics club 2, Parnassus 2, 3, Honor roll I. 2, 3. MANDEZ, AGUS TIN ANGEL: Foot- ball I, 2, 3, 4. Wrestling I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3. Iettermans club I, 2, 3, NHS 3. MERCER, MICHAEL: Drama club I, 2, 3, 4. MILLER, DIANE M.: AHS MILLER, JILL ALISON: Ski club I, 2. 4, VICA 4, HOPE 4. MILLER, LYNN MARRIE: Band 2, Ski club I. MILLER, WOOD Y: Chess club 3, 4. MILLE72 DA VID R.: Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, VICA 4, Letter- mans club 2, 3, 4. MITCHELL, ANITA ANM Key club I, FBLA 4, Mat Maids 4. MONAGHAN, KEVIN DANIEL: Key club I, Stud. Gov. 3, Yearbook 4, Friends 4, Ski club 3, 4. MOORE. ERIC ED WARD: Rifle team I, 2, 3, 4, Drill team I, 2, 3. 4, Color guard I. 3, 4, Ranger team 3, 4. VICA 4, FFA 2, DSD 2, 4. MORAN, BE TTINA: Hiking club 4. Science club 4. MORRISON, TERRY HUGH: Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, 4, Cross OSER, DONALD BR YAN: HERO 4. MOUTEZ, JOE: AHS MULLER, COLLIN: Concert band I, 2, Jazz band 2, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4, Bowling 4. MULLINGS. ROBIN DIA NE: Volley- ball I, 2, Softball 2. NANNY, ROBERT W.: Cross Coun- try I, 2, 3, 4, NHS 3, 4, Track I, Band 2, 3, 4. NEELEY, LINDA DIANE: Volleyball I, 2. 3, 4, Softball I, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Honor roll I. 2, 3, 4. NEGRI, PAUL MITCHELL: Football I, Basketball I. NEHITERCUT71 KURF Football I, 2, 4, Wrestling 3, 4. NE Y II. MEL VIN RA Y, Concert Or- chestra I. 2. NGHIEM, X UA NAI 72. French club I, 2, Choir 3, 4, DECA 4. NIEHUIS, KELL Y ANNE: Ski club I. 2, Ceher 2, Pom Pon 3, 4, Honor roll I. 2, 3, 4, NHS 3. 4, Stud. Gov. 3, 4. NOKES, RINA R., Honor roll I, 3, 4, NHS 3, 4, Newspaper 3. NORMANN, ANNA ALEXANDRA: Soccer, Volleyball, Badminton, Key club. NORHT, JOHN F.. Wrestling 2, NHS 3. NORTON, BRENDA, Track I. 2. Honor roll I, 2. NOUCK. KELL Y MELISSA: Chorus 2, 3, 4. 0 OGLE, MELISSA RENEE: Stud. Gov. I, 2, 3, Drama 2, 3. OMEARS. L YNNE MARIE: Key club I, HERO 4. O'NEAL, KA TIE LEE. Yearbook 2, 3, NHS 3. 4, Key club 2, Quill 8 Scroll 3, DECA 2, 4. OPEILL Y, TIMOTHY EDWARD: Football I, Track I. OWENS, ELISABETH ANNE: Vol- leyball I, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 2, 3, 4. OE WNS, LEANN ROSE: Track I. 2, 3, 4, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4, Tennis I, Cheer 2, 3, 4, Ski club 2, 3, Quill 8 Scroll 3, Yearbook 3. Anytown 4, Close up 4. P PA CHECO, LISA STEPHANIE: Cheer 2, 3, Softball I, Mat Maids I, Honor roll I. PA TRICK, CINDY ELAINE: VICA 4. PAMER, FRED: AHS PASKO. TOM S.: AHS PAULUS. LESLIE ANN: Ski club 3. PEEPLES. REBEKAH L YNN: DECA 3. FBLA 4, COE 4. Honor roll I. PENROSE. STACI ELIZABETH: Vol- leyball I, Softball I, Hiking club I, 2, VICA 4, Honor roll 3, 4, Basketball mgr. 2. PEREZ, DONNA MARIE: ,Honor roll 3, OWE 4. PERRYMAN, KATHY LEE: Basket- ball I, 2, AFS 2, 3, 4, Ski club 3, 4. Band 4. Parnassus 2, 3. 4, Stud. Gov. 3, 4. PE TERS ON, K RIS TIN PA TRICIA: AHS PFEIFER, TERR Y. Stud. Gov. I, 2, Ski club 2, 3, 4. Boys state 3, NHS 3, 4, Wrestling 4, Honor roll I. 2, 3. 4. Close up 2. PICKARD, JAMES F.. Football I. PIERCE, TARCE Y C.: Football I, 2, 3. 4, Track I, 2, 3. 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Letterman club I, 2, 3, 4. PIERI, DARREN: Stud. Gov. I. PIPPINS, TRINA GALE: Track I. 3. 4, DECA 3. HOPE 4. POPOFF. PAUL JEFFERY: AHS PORTER, REX : Football I, 2, 3, Band I, 2, 3, Bowling 3, 4. POWELL, SUSAN TRACEY: AHS PURVA, DEBBIE IRENE: Orchestra I, 2, Band 2, 3, 4. Q QUA Y, RON ALLAN: AHS QUILL, SHERI: Honor roll I, 2. 3, 4, NHS 4. RAMIREZ, JOEL LEIVAS: Football I. RAMOS, MA ONICA: NHS 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 3. 4, Mascot 3. REDANDO, RUD Y: Football I, Wrestling I, 2, letterman club 2, Key club 4, NHS 4. REIDY PA TRICIA. DECA 3. RENNELLS, DALE BRYOM Key club 2, VICA 4, Computer club 3. RENNELLS, DEAN LEE: Key club I, VICA 4, Computer club 2, 3. RE TTELR, MIKE W.: Football 3, 4. Baseball 3, 4, Track I. Stud. Gov. 3, 4, NHS 4. Parnassus 3, 4, Letter- mans club 4, Ski club 4. Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4. REXCOA T, TOM: VICA 4, ICE 4, Honor roll I. 3. RHODES, JILL CHRISTINE: VICA 4, Basketball 2, Honor roll 2. RIALE, BILL KELL Y: Hiking club 4, Chess club I. RICE, BRENDA LEOTTA: Basket- ball 3, Volleyball 3, HERO 4, JRO TC I. 2, Baseball 3, Key club 4, VICA 4. RICHEY. MA TT PAUL: AHS RICK, DOREEN: Spanish club I, 2, 3, 4, MECHA 3. RICHTER. STEVEN: DECA 3, 4 ROBERTS, MARK K.: AHS RODRIGUEZ, RONALD RICHARD: Honor roll I, 2. ROGERS, CHRIS Tl L YNN: Cross Country I, 2, Softball I, 2. ROGERS, TAMMY LEIGH: Track I, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 2, 3, 4, NHS 4, AFC 3, 4, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4. RODD, AUDREY: Tennis I, 2, Soft- ball I, Basketball I, Badminton 2, 3, 4, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4, NHS 3, 4, AFS 3, 4. ROSE, CAROL DYANM Mat Maids 2, 3, HERO 4. ROSENHU, JAMES R.: AHS RUSSELL, DANNA MARLENE: VICA 4, Flagline I. RUSSELL, ROBERT DEAN: VICA 4, HERO 4. RYBERG, AUDREY: AHS R YON, BR YON B.: AHS S SABLES, ANGLEA MARIE: Honor roll I, Newspaper I, VICA 4. SALINAS, VIC TOR: Football 4, Wrestling 4, Baseball 4. SAMUEL, PAUL ANTHONY: AHS SAMUEL, RODNEY: HERO 4, Bas- ketball I, 2, BSU I, 2, 3, Football I, 2, Band I, 2, 3, Honor roll I, 2, 3. SANCHEZ, PAULA: AHS SANDERS, ANNETTE: BasketbalL Track 3, HOPE 4, Basketball 4. SANDERS, CHE T ALL YN: Football 4. SANDVIG, BRENDA SUE: Stud. Gov. 2, HERO 4. SAPIEN, ANDRE A.: Ski club 4. SARGENT, JEAN M.: FBLA 4. SCHLEDERER, HEIDI KRIS TIM AHS SHOULER, CHRISTINE MARIE: Honor roll I, 2, VICA 4. SCIORILLI, ARLENE JENNIFER: Volleyball I, Choir I, NHS 3, 4, FBLA 4. SCOTIZ PATRICK: Band 3, 4, SEEBERGER, SHERRY ANM AHS SEIBERII DANIELLE: AHS SESMA, SANDRA BERTHA: FBLA 4, MECHA I, 2, 3. SETTLE, TERRY W.: AHS SHAPIRO, SHERYL F.: AHS SHARKEY, DONNA MAIRE: Honor roll I, 2, 3, Creative writing club I, 2. SHARPE, MICHELLE J.: Ski club I, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Football mgr. 4. SHUL TZ, SHERI LOUISF: Volleyball I, 2, Key club I. SIMMONS, PAULA LURAY: DECA 3, Volleyball I, Basketball 2, 3, 4, SENIOR REGISTER Track 2, 3, 4. SLADE, COLLEEN: HERO 4. SLA TTER Y, TRA CE Y DA WN: Gym- nastics 2, 3, 4. SLA UGH TER LE VI: Football I, VICA 4. SLI VA, ERIC R.: Football 4, Baseball 4. SMALLIDGE, JEFF AUSTIN: Ski club 3, 4, Boys state 3. SMITH, JON E.: football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, Track I, Letter- mans club 4. SMITH, LORELLE JUNE: Volleyball I, Mat Maids I, 2, 3, Softball mgr. 3, DECA 3, COE 4, FBLA 4. SMITH, TAMMYKA Y: Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Gymnastics 2, Color guard I, 2, 3, Chorale 2, Drama 2. SMITH, TORELAND ANTONIO: Football 4, Basketball 4, Track 4. SNODGRAES, .ION KEVIN: Cross Country I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4. SOMMER, TYRA SUZANNA: Key club I, Softball 2, Ski club 4. SOUDER, ROBERT JOSEF: German club I, 2, 3, 4, VICA 4. SOWERS, GEORGE J.: Football 2. SPAUGH, JANELLE LYNN: Honor roll I, 2. S TEPHENSOM JOHN: AHS STEVENS, L YNN CHRISTINE: AHS STICKLER, LINDA KA Y: AHS STILL, JAMES CHARLES: JROTC I, 2, 3, 4, Hiking club 3, 4, DED 2, 3, Scrimitar 4, Desert rangers I, 2, 3, Color guard 2, Drill team 3. STINER, ARNOLD: Football I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. STONE, PAMELA MARIE: Mat Maids 3, 4, FBLA 4, GDC 3, 4, AFC 4, Honor roll 3, 4. S TRUBLE, TAN YA AJNINE: AFC 2, 3, 4, DECA 4, AFS 2, 3, 4, Stud. Gov. 3, NFC 2, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4, BFD 3., VICA 3, 4. SUITAK, CURTIS ALAM VICA 3, 4. SURBER, JOE D.: DECA 3, 4. S WEISS, AMJAD ODEH: AHS S WEISS, GHADA: NHS 4, Drama I, 2, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4, Seech club I, 2. SZCZEPANIAK, FLORENCE: Dra- ma I, 2, 3, Newspaper 2, Volleyball 2, VICA 4, Stud. Gov. I. T TABARDA, ENRIOUE PATRICK: Camera club 3. TANG, FRANK: AFC 3, 4, NHS 4, Science club 2, Baseball I, Wres- tling I, 2, band I, 2, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4. TANNER, JOHM Baseball 4. TA YL OR, TRAC Y L YNN: Cheer 3, Pom Pon 4, Honor roll I, 3, OWE 4. TEAPOLE, MARJORIE E.: DECA 4. TERRY, HEIDI E.: AFS 2, 3, VICA 4, Honor roll 2, 3, 4 THIFFAUL I1 BRIAN J.: Track I, VICA 4. THOE TON, STEVEN WA YNE: Wrestling I, 2, 3, 4. TIBBS, JAMES R.: Hiking club 3, 4, Key club 3, 4, Basketball I, Year- book 4, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4, Drama I, Track 4, Rifle team 4. TOPPLEWSKI, ROBERT JAMES: VICA 4, Honor roll 2, 3, 4. TORRES, IRENE: Spanish club I, 2, COE 4. TROSTLE, DEAN: Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 4, NHS 3, 4, Honor roll I. TROTT, TINA MARIE: Choir 2, 3, 4, Honor roll I. TURNER, TRA CEY L YNN: Basket- ball 2, HERO 4, Ski club 4, Honor roll 4. TRYOG, NICHOLAS: VICA 4, EK T club 4. TUIHALAMAKA, ALIFELETI: Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 4. V VAEA, OFA MAFL Basketball 3, Baseball 3. VANDERLINDEN, ELAINE AMY: Spanish club I, 2, Indian club 3, 4, Flagline 3. VASQUEZ, JOHN ALEXANDER: Football I, 2, VICA 4. VAUGHN, DEBBIE ANN VICA 4, Chorus I, Tennis I. VESLE Y, JULIE JOANNE: Ski club I, FBLA 4. VILLASENOR, DEBBIE G.: Mat Maids I. VODOCHOSKY, CHRISTINE MA- RIE: AHS VOSGIER, SCOTT D.: Baseball mgr. I, Chess club 2, NHS 4, Par- nassus 2, Bowling 3, 4, Ski club 3, 4, H onor roll I, 2, 3, 4. VOTE, DOENA: Concert Choir 2, 3, Track 3, 4, HERO 4. W WACKER, RANDY SCOTF Hiking club 3, Key club I. WADDLE, MIKIE: AHS WAGNER, MIKE: AHS WAGNER, LISA ANN: Softball 4. WALLACE, S TEFAN BRADLEY: Bowling club 2, 3, 4, DECA 3, 4, Racquetball club 4. WALLS, LINDA: Track I, DECA 3, ICE 4, Gymnastics 2, 3. WARDROPE, SEAN REGGIE: Foot- ball I, 3, Baseball I, 3, 4, NHS 4, Band 2, 3, Gymnastics I, 2, Sl FI 2, Creative writing club 2, Chess club 3, Stud. Gov. 3, Golf 4. WARREN, MICHELLE MARIE: Ski club 2, 3, 4, Key club 4, Choir I, 2, 3. WASHINGTON, CARMEL LEE: Track 3, 4, Stud. Gov. 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, FRIENDS 4. WATSON, TAMMY LEE: Concert choir 4, Choir I, 2, 3, Drama I, 2, Guitar 4. WEA THERMAN, WENDY DAN- IELLE: Yearbook 4. WELCH, JULIE SUZANNE: DECA 4. WELLING, KRISTI L YNN: FBLA 4. WILDER, KEITH SHA WN: Football I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Ski club 3, Lettermans club 4. WILKERSON, LORI ANNE: Volley- ball mgr. I, Ski club 4, DECA 4. WILLIAMS, WENDY LOUISE: Hon- or roll I, . WILLSHER, FREDDIE: Bsseball I, Basketball 2, Football 2. WIL TON, WEND Y: Dance 4. WILLETTE, ANDRI M.: VICA 4, ROTC 2, 3, 4, Rifle team I, 3, 4, Drill team 2, 3, 4, Rangers 2. WOODMANSEE, NORM: Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4. WRIGHT, DA VID WILLIAM: ICE 4, VICA 4, Racquetball club I, 3, 4. Y YA TES, TERRI LEE: Volleyball I. YENKALA, JOE IG Football I, Base- ball I. YOUNGER, JEFF M.: Football 3. YOUNG, PAT J.: Football I, 2, 3, Wrestling I, 2, 3, Track I, 2, Letter- mans club 2, 3, 4, MCL 2, 3, Base- ball 2, 3. YU, MA GDELENE: Baseball 3, Vol- leyball 2, 3. Z ZEIGLER, ALAM Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, NHS 4, Honor roll I, 2, 3, 4. SENIOR REGISTER 2I9 De Abbott. Susan l93 Abel, Eric I77 Abraham, James Abraha, Richard Acevedo, Marisol Acker, Christine I95 Acker, Mary I77 Ackerman. Robert Acosta. Evelyn Acosta, Fernando I57 Acosta, Jesse I95 Adamo. Paul I7 7 Adams, David Adams, Donna I77 Adams, Joy l95 Adams. Kathleen l95 Adams, Mark Adams, Penny I77 Adams, Warren l95 A dcock. A dk ins. A gne w. Aguilar, John l95 Darrin Jimmy Albertina l95 Aguilera. Pete I77 Aguirre. Isaac Aguirre, Noah l95 Ahrenberg. Howard l95 Ahumada. Irene Ahumada. Josie I95 Ainslie, Lynn I77 Ainslie. Marc Al-Khaliski. Ali Alaniva. Thomas I77 Albright. Darla l95 Alcantar. David Alcordo. Crispo I5 7 Aldridge, Richard Alexander, Todd I95 Alexopoulos, Patricia Alford, Charles l95 Alford, James I77 Allen. Cheryl l93 Allen. Donna Allen. John I5 7 Allen. Mark Allen, Michael I5 7 Allen, Pamela Allen, Terri Allen, Timothy Allen. Wendy I5 7 Allgood. Jerry Alt. Justin I5 7 Altamirano. Daniel Altramirano, Norma I77 Altizer, Lisa Altomare, Annette I57 Alvarado, Cruz Alvernaz. Shawn I95 Amador, Ra yemarie l95 Amavisca, Edward Amavisca, Joey l95 Amavisca. Marco I57 Anau, Anau Anaya. Richard I95 Andersen. Ricky Anderson. Carol I57 Anderson. Constance l95 Anderson, Gloria Anderson. Karen I5 7 Anderson, Karissa I77 Anderson, Kathryn Anderson, Kent I77 Anderson, Kimberly I5 7 Anderson. Lee I7 7 Anderson. Philip Anderson. Ricky I57 Anderson, Robert Anderson, Roberto Anderson, Scott I5 7 Anderson. Sherri I95 Anderson, Victor I77 Anetsberger, Keith Angers. Charles l95 Anzivino. Mark Appleby, David l95 Archer, April l95 Arico, Michael I5 7 Arico. Nick I5 7 Armenia. Mario Armstrong. Amy Armstrong. Glenn Armstrong, Kathryn l95 Armstrong. Steve I5 7 Arn, Sandra I95 Arroyo, Robert I5 7 Artalejo, Ana Artalejo. Marcella Artymonow, Victor l95 Arundel, Michael Arvizu, Lisa Arvizu. Sylvia Arvizu. Tom Ashton, James I5 7 Ashton, Paul Aston. Deena I5 7 Aubuchon. Lisa Aubuchon. Paul Aukes. Sheila I5 7 A yala. Frank Ayala, Manuel Ayala, Monica 220 GENERAL INDEX Babbitt. Fred Baca, Judith Badger. Mark I95 Baggett. Joseph I95 Bailey, Lloyd I77 Bajus, Frank I77 Baker, Ben Baker. Cindy Baker. Cory I5 7 Baker. Jerry I5 7 Baker. Jodie Baker. Laura I77 Baker, Ronnie Baker. Shawn Baldaro. John l95 Baldwin. Ronald I77 Ball. Elizabeth I57 Ballejos, Teresa l95 Ballinger, Laura Banks. Anne I5 7 Banks. Dale I77 Banner, Richard I77 Bannister. Guadalupe I7 Baker, Cory I57 Barker, Lori Barlow. Dayle l95 Barnes, Bruce l95 Barnes. Craig I77 Barnes. Lesley I5 7 Barnes. Margaret I95 Barnes, Nikki I7 7 Barnes. Rhonda I77 Barraza. Edward l95 Barrett. Kendell Barrett, Ronald I77 Barrett. Ronda Barrett. Tammy I77 Barrios. Guillermo I7 7 Barry, Esther Bartram, Darla I5 7 Bashford, Steven Basile, Kimberly Baskett. Sharon I5 7 Bastio, Jacqueline I77 Batie. Neil Bauchard, Tony I5 7 Bauer. Sarah Bauer, Tammy I5 7 Baughman, Brenda I77 Baughman, Gina Baumgarner, Tarerthea Bavant, Kenny I57 Bayman, Vikki I77 Beach, Kenneth Beach, Nina Beal, Mark Beard, Cary I95 Beauchamp. Chad Becchina, Janet Bechtel, Brent I57 Bechtold, Kim Beck, Allen I7 7 Beck, Gina I77 Beck, Nancy Becker, Carl Becker. Christopher I5 7 Bedore, Gregory Bedore, Mark I77 Beebe. David Beebe, Deanna I58 Beeby, Kimberly l95 Begay. Allison I77 Behn. Rhonda Beideman. Kathleen I77 Bejar, Sam Bejar. Ton I77 Bellot, Jorge I58 Bemelman, Pam Bemis, Linda Bekus, David I95 Bendele, James Benitez, Steve Bennett, Patricia I77 Benton, Erik I7 7 Berg. Helen Bergman, Tim I58' Berlis, Kimberley I 77 Bernal. Rebecca I77 Bernard. John Berry. Sandra I77 Berryman. Sharon Bertram. Darla Bethel, Lyra I5B Beyerlein. James Biggs, Darren I95 Bilagody. Carletta l95 Bilitzo, Jill l58 Bilitzo. Joseph l95 Billlngton, Kimberly Binder, Patricia Biondo. Russell I 77 Birdsong. Larry I95 Birdwell, Richard I58 Birkmire, Michael I58 Bisted. Kris l95 Bittner. Kandi I5B Bittner, Kimberly l95 Blackford, Deborah l93 Blackford, Roy l95 Blackshire, Julie Blackwell. Trina I95 Blaha, Aaron Blake. Charles Blake, Robert GE ER LI DEX Blanchfield. Jeff l95 Blansit, Pete l58 Blasor, Jeffery Blasor, Larry Blatchford, Russell I95 Blazek. Janine l95 Bledsoe. Kristi I77 Bledsoe, Michelle I95 Blickenstaff. Marty I77 Bliss, Midge Blochberger, Sean Bloom. Neal Bloyed, Kathleen Bloyed, Laura Boat, William l5B Bobo. Terry Bocanegra, Alma l58 Bocskay, Jeffrey l95 Bodah, Cindy Bodah. Sandra I58 Bogert. Cheryl I77 Bogert, Suzanne Bohannon. Jarrod Bohannon, Justin l95 Bohannon, Mary Bolek. Kimberly Boling. Gregg I77 Bollinger. Sandie Bolt, Connie l93 Bolton, Earl l58 Bond, Nancy l95 Boner. Christine I77 Bonham, Karen Bonham, Kelli Bonham, Kevin I7 7 Bonham, Sharon l7B Bonny, Douglas I 78 Bonny, Terri Booker, Detra Booker, Kenneth Booth, Vicky I5B Border, Teresa I 78 Borex. Barbara Borene, David Borene, Kenneth Boston, Jennifer l95 Boston. John Bottoms, David I78 Bouchard. Tony Boucher. Brian l95 Bowers, Shauna Bowler. Alison Bowles. Beth I7B Bowles, Robert Bowles, Steven l7B Bowlin, Frances l78 Bowman. David l95 Boyd, Lori I7B Boyd, Rebecca l96 Boyd, Robert Boykin, Ann l5B Boykin. Jamie I7B Boyle. John Bo les Jol nne l58 Y - Y Braden. Timothy Bradley, Nancy l96 Brady. Charles l7B Branaman, Dennis Brancato, Gina I96 Brandenburg. Jill l5B Brandon, Matthew Brandon. Paul Brandon, Paul Braun, Michael l78 Brazill. Tom Breckenfelder. Lori Brendline, David Brennan. Michael l7B Breshears, George Bretall. Dionda I7B Bretall, Douglas Brewer, Michael l78 Brisbois. Paula l96 Brissette, Lain Britt. Catherine Brizzee, Craig l7B Brizzee. Lisa Bruderick, Amy l58 Broderick, Jennifer I96 Brooke, Michael Brooks, Austin l96 Brooks, David l96 Brooks, Kimberly l58 Brooks, Nancy Brooks. Tepphen Brooksb y, Jenifer l96 Brooksby, Scot Brown. Allison l96 Brown. Caralynn Brown, Debora l5B Brown. Doug Brown. Eric Brown, Francine Brown. Lisa l96 Brown, Melanie Brown, Monika l96 Brown. Patty l78 Browning. Duane Browning, Shannon l58 Bruce, Chris Bruggeman. Melissa l96 Bruhl, Laurie I96 Bruhl, Laurie Brundle, David l96 Brundle, Shane Brunicon. Karen I58 Brunsberg, Richard Bryan, Nathaniel l96 Bryant, Denise Bryant. Kenneth Bryant. Susan l96 Buchanan. Brenda I58 Buerke. Ellen Bull, Denise I 78 Bunten. Anthony l96 Bunting. James I5B Burchett, Bev Burdo, Amy IB4 Burgess, Melissa I96 Burgos. Milissa l7B Burke. Vincent Burkhart. Melissa l78 Burleigh. Daniel I96 Burnett, Christina l96 Burnette, Debbie I96 Burns. Christine Burns, Erick Burns, Kelly l96 Burns. Matt Burns, Peggy I5B Burrows. Susan Bursott, Natalie I5B Burt. Barbra Burt. Curtis Burt. Micki Burton. Geri Burton. James l96 Burton. Trinna Busch, David BushneIL Jonathon Bushroe. Dawn Butinski, Jimmy Butinski. Victor l9:1 Butler, James Butler, Michael I 78 Butler. Philip Butler, Virginia Byars, Dana Byers, Jill Byice, Shirley Byrd. Edward Byrd, Lori Byrne Anna-Lisa l5B Bry Byrne, Michael l96 Byrum. Leann l96 Byrum. Ronald Byrum. Tamara Cade Jr., Frankie Cadenhead, Jon I79 Caime, Sandford Calderon, Anthony Calderon, Gregory I79 Caler. Victoria I79 Calhoun, Kenneth l96 Calhoun, Randell I 79 Calhoun, Richard Calhoun, Rose Callan, Melinda I96 Callaway, Bart l96 Callaway. Brett Calles, Michael I 79 Calvert, Pilar I79 Camarena, Kurt Camarena, Lance I96 Camargo, Jimmy I79 Camargo, Julie Cambern, Jon I58 Cambern, Krista I79 Campbell, Carrie IB Campbell, Donald Campbell, Karen Campbell, Mary I 79 Campbell, Rachel Candelaria, Barry I79 Canez, Yvonne Cannon. Ann l96 Cano, Ernie l58 Cano, Liz Canter. Carla Cantu, David l96 Cantu, Gilbert Cantu, Juan Capozzi, Lisa Cappelleri. Teresa Carey, Diana Carey. Donald I 79 Carey, Tim Carlin. David l58 Carlisle, John Carmody, Janine l96 Carmody, Sheri Carnes, Gary I79 Carnes. Sundy Carpenter, Charles I96 Carpenter, Frank Carpenter, Luther I79 Carpenter. Rory I96 Carrico. Todd Carroll. John Carter. Gary I96 Carter. Linda I5B Carter. Lynda l5B Carter. W.R, Carusle, John l5B Casement, Shelly Casey. Mike Casey, Robert l96 Casillas, Joseph I 79 Cassidy. Kallaya Cassidy, Sommai l96 Castaneda. Dana Castellano, Susan ISB Castellanos, Alisia Castellanos. Silvia I79 Castillo. Susan l96 Castleman. Craig I79 Castner, Shawn l58 Castro, Anita Castro, Carolyn l58 Catano, Ricky Caudell, Larry I79 CaudelL Lynn l96 CaudiIL Jeffrey CaudilL Michael Caywood, Daren Cearfoss. Cherlyn l96 Ceja, Carlos I58 Ceja, Sa-uel I79 Celaya, Darlene I79 Celis, Debora I79 Celis, Monica I58 Cerle, Eric I79 Cerny, John Cerrone, Todd Cervantes. Marcos I5B Cervantes. Marlo l96 Cervantez, Connie 196 Chalue, Lisa Chambers, Brandon I96 Chambers. Paul I96 Chambers, William I79 Champagne, Isabel I79 Chandler, Kimberly Chandler. Nancy l96 Chapman, Michelle Chappell, Tony I 79 Charlet, Robin Charlet, Ronda Chartrand, Peter I 79 Chase, Christina l58 Chase, Michael Chavez. Annette I 79 Chavez, Bobby l96 Chavez, Carolyn Chavez, David l96 Chavez. Santiago Chavez. Virginia Chavira, Stanley I79 Chee, Grace l96 Cheles, Philip Cherry, Linda I79 Cheung, Donna Chee, Hee l96 Chi, Heejoon Chicoine, Michael Childers, Tim Choate, Gary Choate. Marty I79 Chou, Fanny I97 Chou, Johnny I58 Chou. Mary I79 Christenson, David I97 Christoferson, Marget I79 Christopher, Mike Chrysler, Lisa ISB Chrysler, Tamara Chung. Daniel l58 Cirocco, Curtis Claridge. Tracy I5B Clark, Angela I97 Clark, Brian I97 Clark, Frank I93 Clark, Keith I79 Clark. Patricia Clark, Patricia Clark, Scott Clark, Steven I97 Clark, Todd Clarke. Stafford I97 Clendenning, Richard Cleveland. Johnny Cleveland, Raymond Clevenger, Cindy l5B Clubine, Patty I5B Coates, Paul I 79 Coates, Stacy I58 Coates, Susan l58 Coburn. Daniel I79 Cochran, April I 79 Coffman, Lily I79 Cohen, Amy I97 Cohen, Viki I59 Coldsmith, Pam I59 Cole, Brad I79 Cole, Charles Cole, Lance Cole. Timothy I79 Coleman. Candance Coleman, Ricky Coleman, Toby I97 Coleman. Vivian Collier. Vivian Collier, Kelly Colligan. Ivy Collins, Kevin I79 Collins, Paul I97 Colyar, Glenn I59 Combs, Alan I97 Comer, Leanna I79 Comon, Philip Compton, Kirk I59 Conarroe, Amy Conaway, Tracy I59 Conde. Michelle I97 Conditt, Joseph Cone. Dianna I79 Conklin, Mary I59 Conkling, Vernon I97 Conley. Erick Conner, Joanna Consier. Ronald I59 Contes, Chrissy Contreras, Diana I79 Contreras, Martin Conway, Edward I97 Conway, Michael I59 Cook, Danette Cook. Dewey I97 Cook, Kevin Cook, Robert I79 Coombs. Gayla Coombs. Tamika Coons, Frank Coons, Larry I59 Cooper, David I59 Cooper, Irene I 79 Cooper. Kendall Cooper, Selmo I97 Copeland. Aretha I97 Copeland, Lee I59 Coppi, Kelly Corbett, Chris I59 Corbett. Jennifer I97 Corbin, Jeff I79 Corbin, Russ I59 Cordero. Laura I 79 Cordova, Becky I59 Cordova, Sylvia I97 Corriere, Donna Corriere, Rahlh Corson, Charles I59 Corson, Wade Cortes, Daniel Cortez, Cecilia Corum. Kellie Cote. Suzanne I97 Cottrell, Pat I59 Couch, Cyndi I79 Counts, Becky I97 Couturier, Douglas Coyle. Jesse Cozad, Robert Crabtree. Curtis Craft, Tania Cramer, Donald Crandall, Laura Crane, Tina Cranston. William Craven. Kim I97 Craven, Ron Creamer. Valorie I97 Creegan. Eileen Crinklaw. Lawrence I79 Criswell, Barbara I79 Criswell, Mary I59 Croner, Michael I59 Crosbie, Becky I97 Crosby. Trisha I97 Crossman, Sherry I97 Crossman. Shirley IBO Cruz. Eddie I97 Cruz. Lisa IBO Cruz. Steve I59 Cryer. Floyd I97 Cudmore. Brian I97 Cuellar. Circe Cuellar, Iris Culbertson. John IBO Culver. Lee Cunningham. Juanita Cunningham, Mark I59 Cunningham, Timothy Cupani, Mary Curriston, David Curriston, Joyce Curry, Michelle I59 Curtis. Chad IBO Curtis, Tracy I59 Cuspard. Anita-Rae IBO Cuspard, Emmerline l9B Cuspard, Lanita Cwik, Lawrence DAmelio. Joseph IBO Daer. Michael I59 Daggett, Rebecca I59 Dailey. Paula Dallas, Lorenda Dallas, Nettie Dangelo, Kathleen Daniels. Anthonette Daniels, Beth I59 Daniels. Patrick Daniels. Stacey Darrough, Kirk Davidson, Derek IBO Davirro. Lisa Davis, Adrienne I59 Davis, Antoinette Davis, Bill IBO Davis, Charles Davis, Christopher l98 Davis, Cindy Davis, Cleamon Davis, Cynthia Davis, Davy IBO Davis. Diane Davis, Dion I59 Davis. Janet Davis, Jeffery Davis, Jennifer Davis. John I59 Davis. Paul I59 Davis, Regina Davis, Shawn Davis. Shelly l9B Davis, Stacy I9B Davis, Stephanie IBO Davis. Tammy Davis. Troy Davis, William Davison, Donald Davison, Heidi IBO Davison, Kim Da wson, Christopher I59 Dawson, David I80 Dawson. Joe l98 Dawson, Sharon l8O Dawson, Timothy I59 Day. Lora Day, Teresal60 De Angelis, Gene De Angelis, Tina IBO Fine. James I60 De Fine. Kimberly I80 De Hut, Cindy De La Fuente. Laura l98 De La Huerta, Rodolfo l9B De La Rosa. Ed De Leon, Josephine I60 De Leon. Rahzh IBO De Lisle. William De Loera, Cheryl De Plazes, Ronald De Puma. Michael I60 De Puma. Stacy De Ross. Dawn De Ruiter. Keith I60 De Somma, John I60 De Somma, Lucille l9B De Vries, Kristin IBO De Wald. Debbie De Wald. James Deas. Julie Deas. Marie I60 Deaton, Wayne Decker, Candace Decker. Paul Decker. Robert Deerman, Dorothy IBO Dehart, Paige Del Fauero. Harriet I9B Dela Rosa, Amy I9B Dela Rosa. Christina l98 Delarm. Steve Delcid, Hector Delisle. Mike Delma. Leander Delma. Lillian I60 Deloera, Tina IBO Deloge. Ernest I9B Deluna, Steven Dempsey, Sheila IBO Deneke, William l80 Denman. Kevin Denning. Thomas Dennis, Carol l9B Denny. Donna Deplazes, Melissa l98 Derboum. Charles I9B Derrick. Anita I60 Devorce, Delestaha I9B Deress, Dawn l98 Devries. John Devries, Kristin l9B Di Bella, Marcus Dewald. James I9B Di Giovanni, Dawn Di Masse, Marie Di Perna, Guy Diamant. Michaelyn IBO Diaz. Andy Diets. Quinton Dight, Charles I60 Dimpel, Cathrine Dingman. Mark l98 Dircks. James l98 Dixon. James Dodd, Cindy Dodds. Rick IBO Dodson, Shodie IBO Domfort. Carolyn Dominguez. Angel l98 Dominguez. Diane Dominguez. Ernestina Dominguez, Todd Dominquez, Tina ISI Domofort, Carolyn IBO Donahoo, Jeffrey Donithan, Patrick Donner. Sandra l9B Donovan. Michael IBO Doody, Marilee Doolittle. Kimberly l8I Doolittle. Wendy Dorosky, Rick Dorsey. Stephen Douglas, Dennis I60 Douglas. Laura Douglas. Matthew Douglas. Russell Doumert. Tanya IBI Dovilla, Anthony Dovilla, Jonathon Dowell. David I60 Dowty, Michael I60 Dowty, Paul N Drake, Susan I60 Driscoll, Kimberly IM Driscoll, Mandy Driver, Cathy Drotning, Kristina Dryden. Tumara Duarte. Barbara I60 Duarte, Ernestina ISI Dubasik, Michael ISS Dubrul, Ronda I60 Dudley, Samuel Dudley, Valerie Duffey. Heather Dugan, Ricky I9S Dugan, Timothy Duiven, Teres Dukovich, Jennifer Dunham, Janel I98 Dunham. Sean l9S Dunn, Brenda I60 Dunn, Carmen I60 Dunn, James Dunn, John Dunn, Michele Dunnan. Diane I60 Dunnington, Todd l98 Dunnington. Troy Dupont. Richard Duran, Margaret Duran. Paul l9S Duranty, Mark Durbin, Jane l9S Durbin, Jerry Durbin, Paul I9S Dutton, Diane I50 Duzy, Tom l9S Eagan, Sarah I60 Earle, Buddy ISI Earle, Rae Easter. Traci I98 Eaton. Daniel Eaton, Robin Eaves, Doug I60 Ebert, Anne Ebert, Mary Echols, Donna l9S Echols-Diggs, Bobbie Eckard, Regina Eckstein, Lea l9S Eddy, John l9S Edmondson. Robert Edwards, Meghan ISI Ehler, Vicky I60 Elbert, Dawn I9S Eley. Scott Elliott, Joe Elliott, John l9S Elliott. Melinda ISI Elliott, Victoria ISI Elliott, Winnie I50 Ellis, Angela Ellis, Charles Taylor l70 Ellis, Deborah ISI Ellis, Mary Ellis, Roxie Ellsoos, Kristi ISI Ellsoos. Troy l9S Elsner, Edwin Elston, David Ely, Heather Emlinger, Charlie Emfinger, Darren ISI Engelhardt, Karen Engels, Sean Englert, Douglas l9S Engram, Terry Enloe, Richard I9S Enslin. Jeff I60 Enslin. Kenneth 19S Enterline, Tracie ISI Entler, Paul Entler, Valerie Epperson, Leslie I60 Epps, Greg Erb, Amy I60 Erdely, Susan ISI Erhardt, David Erickson, Wayne Ecarcega. Gloria Escareno, Aristeo I9S Escareno, Eddy Escobar, Jimmy Escobar. Joey Espinoza, Gloria Esqueda, Abrahan ISI Esqueda, Ivero I60 Esquivel, Regina ISI EsquiveL Veronica Estby, Donald I98 Estby, Gerald I60 Estenson, Michelle ISS Estes. Darrell Estes, Judi I60 Estes, Leann l9S Estrella, Frank Eubank, Lauri l93 Evans, Rollie Ezell, Frances ISI Fagenbush. Jeff Falkish. John l9S Fancher. Linda I60 Fanty, Jeff Faraci, Traci ISI Fay, Christine Fay, Donald l9S Feid, Kurt Felish, Darren I99 Felish, Joseph I60 Felix, Alma I93 Felix, Maricela I99 Feliz, Kristina I60 Femyer, Jonne ISI Fenton, Lisa Ferguson, James ISI Ferguson, Kimberly Ferguson, Rhonda I99 Ferguson. Tracy I60 Fernandez. Allisen Fernandez. Charmaine I60 Fernandez, Dina I99 Fernandez. Melinda ISI Fernandez, Melissa ISI Fernandez, Neil I60 Fernandez, Olga Ferraro, Bill Ferraro, Joanne Ferrel, Mark Fields, Bruce Fields, Mickey Figueroa. Anna Figueroa. Frankie Filnzek. Vanda I60 Fillingham, Fred I60 Fimbres. Vicki Finch, Clint I99 Fincher, Deanna I60 Fineberg, Amy I99 Fineberg, Gary Finkle, Tamara Finley, Marvin I99 Finn, Kenneth I99 Finn, Tom Finney, Roxann Fiore, Joe Fisher, Helen Fishkind, Lisa I60 Fizz, Michelle I60 Flatbush, Laura ISI Fleck, Frank Fleming, Eric ISI Fleming, Kate ISI Fletcher, Jennifer ISI Fletcher, Mark Fletcher, Paul I60 Floore, Diane I99 Flores, Alexander Flores, Angel ISI Flores, Celia Flores, Chris I60 Florez, Richard ISI Florez, Timothy I99 Flusche, Ricky Flusche, Robert ISI Flynn, Brien I60 Flynn, Donald I99 Flynn, Kristle ISI Flynn. Pat Foley, Rory Foltz, Suzanne Fonteno, Letitia I50 Fonteno, Robert ISI Ford. Walter Forman, Scott I60 Forney, Ivan I99 Forstie, Greg Fort, Richard Fortier, John Fortney, Katrina Fortney. Marty ISI Fortney, Stephanie l6l Fosmore, Virginia l6I Foss, Laurie l6I Foster, iane l6I Foster. Eric Foster, John l5I Faster, Robert ISI Fowler, Rahvh l6l Fox, Joseph Fox, Michael Fox, Paul Fox, Robert Fox. Sawn Fox, Wayne I99 Fraizer, Gary I99 Francoeur. Michelle ISI Frank, Jason ISI Frank. Jennifer I99 Franke. Douglas I6I Franke, Lisa I99 Franklin, Michelle ISI Frazier, Deborah ISI Frederick, Valerie l6l Freeman, Donna Freeman, Michaelle Freeman. Randy I99 Freeman, Tracy I6I Fritz. James Fryman, Paula Fuentes, Richard Fuller, David I99 Fuller, Erick I99 Fulton, William I99 Gabbitas, Jerry l6l Gaeraths, Edward Gaeraths. Marsha ISI Gaillard. Terri ISI Gaitan, Benjamin Gah Elizabeth ISI Galdys, Paul I99 Galindo, Anthony Gall Veronica I99 Gallagher, Joseph ISI Gallagher, Michael Gallagher. Sharon I99 Gallego, Shannon I99 Gambino. Anthony Gambino, Rocco Gamboa-Haroldson, Virginia Gandarilla, Antonio I99 Gandarilla, Martina ISI Gandy, Kimberly Gangemi, Lisa Gano, Henry I6I Gano, Richard ISI Ganska. Maryanne ISI Gaona. Lisa I6l Garcez, Ana ISI Garcez. Andrea I99 Garcia. Celia I6I Garcia, Charla ISI Garcia, Darryl Garcia. David Garcia. Denise Garcia, Donald Garcia, Ernie Garcia, Gabriel Garcia, John Garcia. John l6l Garcia. Joseph I99 Garcia. Lillian Garcia. Martin Garcia. Michael I99 Garcia. Patrick Garcia, Regina IS2 Garcia, Traci Garhart, George I6l Garraghan, Shawn l6l Garron, Richard Garza, Ismael 267 Gates. Laurence Gates, Sharon 207 Geise. Catharine Gellenbeck, Dorinda lS2 Gentile, Kim I6I George, Jennifer 207 George, Teresa George, Vicki Gerard. George Gerard, Michael .XD Gerle, Eric Ghigo, Eugenia Ghigo, Michael Gi Boney, Reinhard Giacalone, Martin IS2 Giacalone, Michael Giannobile, Judith IS2 Gibb, Susan IS2 Gibbons, Cathy Gibbons. Dodi Gibbons, Gregory 2417 Gibbons, Julee Gibbons, Richard 2417 Gibson, Allen lS2 Gibson, Dana Gibson. Daneen IS2 Gibson, Darrell IS2 Gibson, Michael Gile, April Giles, Grace Giles. Theresa lS2 GiIL Maureen I6l GilL Michelle Gill, Nancy l82 Gilles, Lorraine l6l Gillespie, Cheri Gillespie, Vanessa 2417 Gillie, Dennis 24D Gipson, John l6I Glazman. Kami IS2 Gleizier, Carla IS2 Gleizier, Kevin Glemba, Amy 207 Glemba, Jeffrey I6I Glick, Michelle Glisan, Robert Glosser, John Glover, Annetta Goernitz, Scot Golden, Charles Goldman, Howard IS2 Gollihare, Denise IS2 Gonzales, David Gonzales. Heide Gonzales. Tina 2CD Gonzalez, Alex Gonzalez. Alice IS2 Gonzalez, Manuel IS2 Good, Mike Goodlellow, Brian 207 Goodsell, Randall 2117 Gordon. Christine Gordon. Treva Gorslin. Deborah Gorslin, Denise I6I Gould, Jennifer Gouveia. Ann IS2 Gowan, Cynthia Gowan, Patricia 207 Grace. Julene Grace, Tina lS2 Graden, Tammy Graham, Deidre Graham. Greg Graham, Michael Grambs, Charlie Grande, Jennifer l6I Granillo, Diana l6I Granillo, Lawrence l6l Grant, Shawn Grapentine, David lS2 Grapentine, Susan Graves, Deborah Gray, Cynthia IGI Gray, Jamie I6l Greeley. Phillip 2417 Greeley, Timothy Greely, Christy 2617 Greely, Kara Green, Angela l62 Green, Chan ISJ Green, Cornell 2417 Greenmyer, Charla I62 Greenwood. Suzan 2CD Greer. Marilyn I62 Gregg, George ISS Greves, Kathy 2417 Greves, Maureen IS3 Grieve, Karen Grieve, Robert Griffin, Darren IS3 Griffin, Jack ISS Griffin, Jesse 2617 Griffin, Keith ISS Griffin, Ronnie 2112 Griffith, Heather 2617 Grills, Michelle Grimm, Roxanne IS! Grimm, Stacey 2117 Grisius, Dona Griswold, Scott Grittman, Steve 117 Groh, Patty I62 Grove, Kathleen l62 Grover. Jeffrey Groves, Mary I62 Guardiola, Dora l62 Guerrero, John Guerrero, Patricia 2617 Guidice, Steven Guidice, Valerie l62 Gulliver, Annette I83 Gunnerson, Rena Guse. James Gutaw, Lisa I52 Gutaw, Matthew 2412 Guzman, Paul Gwyn, Michelle 21D Haas, Amy Habecker, Edward 260 Habecker, Linda Haberbosch, Mark Hacker, Donna I52 Haenel, Alissa Haga, Richard IS3 Hager. Raymond Haight. Michael 20? HalaL Kathy IS3 Halama. Michelle IS3 Hale, Peggy Hale, Ronda ISS HaIL Blake XD HalL Dyan Halh Eric IS3 Hall. Jack ISS Hall, Robert 207 Hall, Shannon IS4 Hall, Sharon IS4 Hall, Sheila ISS Hall, Stephen HalVClay, Brent 202 Hallada, Robert Hallifax, Frances Hallock. Lani I62 Halloran, Mary Halverson, Teri Hamblen. Jean ISS Hamen. Cindy ISS Hamen. Larry Hamilton, Douglas Hamilton. Mark Hamilton. Robert ISS Hamman. Stephen Hammond, Susan Hammonds, Lanae 207 Hammons. Anthony I52 Hanawalt, Becki ISS Hanawalt, James 2117 Haney, Louis IS3 Hanley, Shane 2117 Hanner. Debbie Hansen, Daniel Hansen, Rhonda IS3 Hansen. Richard Hanson. John Hanson. Richard ISJ Haozous, Lori Haralson. Tammie Harding. Aaron Harding. Julia I62 Harding, Tonya 2117 Hardwick, Troy Hardy, Cornelius JCD Hardy, Gary Hardy, Kimberly Harmon, Phillip Harnack, Chuck 2117 Harnack, Linda Harper. David Harper, Karen l62 Harper, Tom Harrach, Dana l62 Harrigan. Frank Harrigan. John Harrington. Scott IB3 Harris, Cynthia Harris, Julie l62 Harris, Lori Harris, Melody 207 Harris, Pamela I62 Harris, Robert l83 Harshman, Vicki 2417 Hart. Joyce 2617 Hartley, Valerie HartzelL Lloyd Hartzler, Shane Hasenberg, Eric Haskell, Christopher l62 Hastings, Jean Hathaway, Steven l62 Hauser, Gary 2CD Havlik, Joseph Hayden. James 2CD Hayes, Daryl l62 Hayes, David Hayes, Michelle 117 Hayes, Ruth Haynes, James Haynes, Kenneth Haynes, Pamela ISS Hayward, Elizabeth IS3 Hayward, Sidney Hazelett, Tracy IS3 Hazzard, Harrison l52 Hazzard, Shari 21.17 Head, Lezlie Heath, Kristin Hedgpeth, Kevin l62 Heer, Ronald Heffley, Joseph IS3 Hegeholz, Tracey l62 Heil, Charles Heineman, Troy 2m Helms, Terri ISS Helton, Sabrina I62 Hemming, Kim Hemming, Melanie 207 Hemming, Tonyia Hempen, Lisa ISS Hemphill, Wesley Hendersllot, Cherry Sue Jw Henderson, Cheryl 2CX7 Henderson, David 20 Henderson. Lynette 20l Henderson, Ricky Henderson. Steve l62 Henderson. Tammy Henderson, Ursulla Hendrix. Lisa ISJ Hendrix. Vonda Henningan, Albert I62 Henrickson, Linda Henry. Elizabeth XD Henry. John Henry, Jonathan Henry, Shawn Hensley, Cynthia Hensley, Gloria Herald. Kenneth lS3 Hernandez, Belinda Hernandez, Greg Hernandez, Irene Hernandez, Michelle ISS Hernandez. Patricia Hernandez, Raul 20 Hernandez, Suaan Hernandes, Virginia 20 Hernandez. Yolanda Herndon. Richard Herwarth, Mark l62 Herzo. Barb 20I Hesterman. Lynda I62 Hetrick, Scott Hickman, Ann Hicks, Tammy 20 Hilbert, Grady ISS Hikendorf. Michael ISS Hill, Anthony IS3 Hill, Christina I95 Hill, Clay Hill, Everett HIIL Lori HIIL Rebecca I52 Hinderliter, Christopher Hinderliter, Timothy Hinds, Larry Hinkle, Leroy Hinse, Karen IS3 Hinson. Thad Hirsch, Darryl Hirsch. Dwayne Hithe. Destry Hively, Jeff ISJ Hoaglund, Robert Hobaica. Rod Hodge, Anna ISJ Hodge, John Hodge, Scott Hodge, William ISJ Hodges, Tom ISS Hodges. William Hoel, Patrick IS3 Hoffarth, Christopher l62 Holkestad, Janet Holland Michele ISS Holland, Noralee Holland, Pat Holland, Samuel I62 Holland, William Holley, Michael I62 Holmes, Bryan 20 Holmes, Daron Holmes, Keith I62 Holt, Darin Holt, Douglas 20 Holtz, Amy 20 Holtzlander. Mary Honhoinewa, Jennifer I62 Hooten, Karen l62 Hoover. Tammy 2d Hoover, Tricia Hopkins, Ronald 20 Hopper, Laurel 20 Hopple, Hank Horn, Wendy l62 Horner, Kerry ISJ Horner, Rhonda Horton, Jay I62 Hough, Beverly Houk, Heidi Houser, Daniel ISS Hovey. Debra Hovey. Jill Howard, Jamie Howard, Jocquelyn IS3 Howard, Jody l62 Ho ward. Lynn Howard. Rhonda Howerton, Vera Howes, Gary Hoyt, Kelli Huber, Mary 20l Hudson, Jess Hudson, oger l62 Hudson. Steven Hudspeth. Kelly Hudspeth, Kevin ISJ Huff, Wayne l62 Huggins. Rodney Hughes, Lisa Hughson, Karen ISJ Hugins, Tanya Hum. Janet Humphrey. Diana 20 Humphrey, Doy Hunt. Marianne IS4 Hunt, Teresa IS4 Hurlburt. Kathleen Hurley, Kyle Hurst, Adrianne 20 Hurt, Deborah I62 Husky, Tami IS4 Hutchinson, Mark 20 Hutchinson, Matthew Hutchinson, Michael Ideker, John l62 Ideker, William Ignatius, Cedric l62 Iliffy. James Ilisco. Diana IS4 lnderrieden, Kelly Ingle. Brad I62 Irish, Oscar lvenz, John l62 lvenz. Joseph Ivey, Selena Jack. Kevin I62 Jackson, Jackson. Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson. Jackson, Jackson, Amy Collier Ira IS2 Jesse IS4 Kim 20I Ouintin Tracie IS4 William Jacobs, Robert Jacobson, Robert James, Bertie l63 James. Charles I63 James. John 20I James, Wendy l53 Jankowski, Lee 20 Jargon, Rodney Jefferson. Amy Jelferys. Jefferys, Michael IS4 Patrick l63 Jennings, Shawn Jensen. Brenda l63 Jensen, Brian 20I Jerman. Shawn Jerousek, Albert 20 Jett, Edward Jett, lan Jewson. Tamara 20 Jimerson, Willetta Joels, Eric Joenk, David I63 Johansson, Kim Johns. Janna IS4 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson. Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson. Johnson, Johnson. Johnson, Johnson, Johnson. Johnson, Johnson. Johnson, Johnson, Brenda I63 Carl Carry 20 D.M, David Jim I63 John I6:I Judi IS4 Larry Lorie IS4 Mike Richard Richard Scott Thomas Tom Tracy l63 Wesley 20 Yem Johnston, Mark Johnston. Thomasina 20 Johnstone, Rosetta Jokilehto. Edward 20 Jomlin, Michael Xl Jones, Bill IS4 Jones, Bobby 20 Jones. Constantine Jones, Jennifer I63 Jones, Jennifer Jones, Kathy Jones, Keith Jones, Lance Jones, Mark Jones, Michael IS4 Jones, Robert Jones, Shanna Jones. Sharon IS5 Jones, Steven Jones. Terri I63 Jones, Terry IS5 Jordan. Shelley Juern, Inge l63 Juern, John ISS Jump, Kathy Juncker, Charles l63 Juncker, Henry I63 Hune, Dawn I63 June, Gregory 20 June. Scott Kading, Brenda Kading, Dennis IS4 Kading, Kerry IS4 Kane, Rebecca Kappes, Joe Kardell, Kimberly 20 Karpouskas. Valerie l6:l Kathan, Scott l63 Kazmierczak, Laura 20 Kearney. Melinda Kearney. Patrick ISS Keene, Shawn Keil, Kimberly Keilman, Derek 20 Kellar, Bernice I6J Kellar, Yvonne l63 Keller, Monika ISS Kelley, Darlene l6:I Kelley, Debbie IS5 Kelley. Janice IS5 Kelly, Colleen I63 Kelly, Glenn l5J Kelly. Jeanine Kelly, Kristen Kelly. Mary l63 Kelly, Maurine Kelly, Terrance Kelly, Vicky 202 Kelly, Vivian Kemp, Rick 202 Kennedy. Barton IS5 Kennedy, Michael Kennell, Tiffany IS5 Kent, Andrea 202 Kenyon, Terri 202 Keown. Margaret Kerfoot. Jack 202 Kernodle, La Donna Kerr, Kelly Kessler, Michael IS5 Kew. Sharynn I6J Khaler. Robert ISJ Kidd, Beverly IS5 K idd. Jason ISS Kidd, John K idney, Brenda I6J Kiepke. Sherry Killion. Rodney Kime, John IS5 Kincaid. Misty King, Anita I63 King, Elaine IS5 King. Erwin King, Laura ISS King. Laura l63 King. Lynette 202 King, Ron King. Scott I63 King, Shirley King, Susan lS5 King, William Kings, Carolyn Kinnamon, James K innan, Arvel Kirk, Jonah 202 Kirk, Mary 163 Kisner, Annette Kisner, Yvonne 202 Kist, Cynthia I63 Kiszczak, Kevin Kleckner, Daniel Kleckner, Travis Klein. Barry Klein. Natalie IS5 Kline, Ty Kloeppel, Thomas Knabe, Lori Kneipp, Jerry I63 Kniflin, Donald Knorr. Kim Knowlton, Joy IS5 Koch, Angela lS5 Koch. John ISS Jocur, David 202 Koelsch. Christine Koester, Anthony Koleber, Cory Koleber, Curtis Kootstra, Bert ISS Kor, John Koressel, Sandra Koronich, Donald Koronich, Ronald Koronich, Thomas Kowren. Michell Kozak, Brian Kramer. Karlissa 202 Kramer, Katrina 202 Kramer, Robert Kramer, Ross lS5 Kramer, Theresa Krantz, Melisa 202 Kratochwih Michael 202 Kreisher, C ynthia Kristen, Kelly 202 Kronz, Danny Krout, Kenneth I63 Krout, Michael I64 Krueger, David ISS Kuban, Bryan I64 Kuhbander, Donald I64 Kunkel. Theresa Kuzia, Eugene 202 K wiecien, Mary K yman, Paul Jr, IS4 La Barbera, Ed GENERAL INDEX 221 La Cavera, Nat La Crosse, Teresa 202 La Doux, Gerrie La Duke. Aaron 202 La Gois, Jonathon La Gois, Matthew La Plante. Mark I6-4 Laborin, Robert 202 Lackey, Jesse 202 Ladwig, Tina l85 Lamarca, Cherrie 202 Landes. John l64 Landreth, Lorene Landry. Karen Langdon, Brenda Lange, Shannon Langford, Linda l64 Lanman, Michele Larago. Gilbert Largo. Timothy Larremore. Kara I64 Larsen, Kristen 202 Lasley, Michael l85 Lau, Man-Man Lau, Shui Lau. Shut Laux, Daniel I64 Lavin. Christine Lavin. James l85 Lavin. John Lawless. Victor Lawlor, Beverly l64 Lawrence, Carol I64 Lawrence, Frederick l85 Lawrence, Karen Lawson, Shelly l85 Lawson, Vikki Lawyer, Herbert Jr. Lazovich, Michelle I64 Le Desma. Roland l64 Le Thao Le Vander, Raymond l85 Lebron, Debra Ledesma, Peter 202 Ledford. Doroth Ledford, Shar JL Lee. Christopher Lee, Christy 202 Lee, Doug 202 Lee, Felicia Lee, John Lee. Jose 202 Lee, Laura Lee. Michelle l64 Lee. Sabra 202 Lee, Sheila Lee, Sonya Legan. James 202 Legg. Gary Leimbach. Kim Leisch, David Lemcool, Dennis Lemley, Jarrett 202 Leos, Joe Leung, Linda I5-4 Leung, Tim 202 Levander, Laurie Levario, Liza Levine. Johnny 202 Levinson, Charles Levinson, Daniel Levinson, Richie l85 Lewis, Carrie Lewis, Kim 202 Lewis. Lorraine Lewis. Mark Lewis, Nathan Lewis, Stacy l64 Lewis, Todd 202 Libby, Keith Libby, Mark 202 Light, Robert I6-1 Light. Susan Linares. Marcia Lindenmier, Gary l64 Lindsay, Jon Lindsey, Allan l85 Lindsey. Angella Lindstrom. Amy Lindup, Ron Link, Douglas Link. Robyn Livensparger. Lucy 164 Lizar, Jef rey I64 Lizarraga, Dorothy Lockhart, Denise 202 Lockhart, Sonja l64 Loefller, Amy l64 Loeffler, Colette Loeffler, Eddie 202 Logan, Bernd Lohman, Michael 202 Lohr, Alice I64 Long, Christine Long, Dorothy l64 Longbons. Brian 202 Longoria, David l64 Looney, Karen 202 Looney, Kevin l64 Lopez, Brenda Lopez, Charlie l64 Lopez. Christina IBS Lopez, Edward Lopez, Gary Lopez, Joanne Lopez, Susie Lose, Helen Loupee, Karen 202 Lovato, Garrett Lowder, Lynn I85 Lowe. Mary Lowe, Sheralee I6-4 Lowen, Heidi l64 Lubbad. James Lubbad. John l64 Lucero, Billie Lucero, Michael l85 Lucero, Octaviano Lujan, Frank Luian. Sara l85 Luk. Katie 202 Luna. Angela Luna, Vicky Lupeika, Zoe Luper, Paula Luque. James Lutes, Cathie l85 Lutes, Darren I6-4 Lutrick. Rebecca I64 Luttrell, Sharon Lutz. James Lutz, Tamara IRS L y, Trang Lyman, Benjamin 202 Lynch, Amy IB5 L ynch. James ' L ynch. Tammy I64 Lynch, Thomas l85 Mc Donald, .L Mac Gregory, Stuart Macias. Albert Macias. Fernando Macias. Richard Mackwood. Gail Madison. Arlene Madrid. Gino l85 Madueno, Mary 202 Maeng. K wang Maes, John Magee. Michael Maggard. Kristine Magnetti, Kim Magnolo, Michael Magruder, Lisa Mahan, Renee Mahan, Teresa 202 Maher. Kevin l85 Mahr, Kathy Mahr, Rebecca I54 Mallory, Donald l85 Mallory, Roni Malloy, Sharon Malloy, Steven Mancuso, Jeffrey l64 Mancuso, Michael 202 Mancuso, Paul Mancuso, Russell 202 Maness, Jill Manies, Jeff Manies, Terese l85 Manire, Kevin Mann. Denae Mann. G.D. Mann, Kassandra 202 Mann, Victoria 202 Manning, Guy Manuel, Jack Mar, Elaine 5 Mar, Janet l64 .. Marcum, Daniel 2M Hardick, Scott l85 Marez, Salomon Mark, Greg Warlett, Donna 185 fhgarlett, Jennifer - -Marr, Teresa l86 Marshalh Fred I64 Marshalh La Donna 202 MarshalL Sharon 203 Martin. John Martin, Kenneth Martin, Lisa Martin. Lisa Martin, Scott IB6 Martin, Stephen l86 Martinez. Cathie I6-4 Martinez, Ernest l64 Martinez, James Martinez. Lucy 203 Martinez. Martin l64 Martinez. Raquel 203 Martinez, Ruben Martinez, Theresa 203 Martinez, Tony Martz. Michelle l86 Masei, Jacqueline 203 Masei, Joseph IM Maser. Bryan Maser, Daryl Mask, Travis 186 Mason, Gail Mason, Jennifer Mason, Lisa Masse, Eric Massey, Rodney Massy, Michael Masters, Daniel l64 Masters, James I64 Masters, Ronald Mastersen. Terry l64 Mastrangelo, John Matcalh Michael 203 Mathein, Kim 203 Mathes, Virgil l86 Mathis, W.M. Matoskey, Joseph Matsumoto. Alan Matsumoto, Beverly I86 Mattox. Buddy Maudsley, Eric Maupin, Christina 203 May, Keith I64 May. Lynn May, Tammy 203 Mayberry. Michael Mayberry, Stephen Mayer. Denise Maynard. Tmla 222 GENERAL INDEX Maynez, Anna l64 Mayo, Kenda l86 Mays, Lisa 203 Mays, Theresa 203 Mc Bride. Jill I64 Mc Cants, Deborah Mc Carty, Brian Mc Carty, Kathy Mc Carty, Kevin Mc Carty, Terry I64 Mc Caulley, Shawn l86 Mc Clain, Kari I6-4 Mc Clain, Scott I87 Mc Clain, Todd l64 Mc Cloud, Danny I55 Mc Cloud. Vanessa I87 Mc Comb, Mark Mc Connelh Kathi Mc Connelh Tony Mc Cormick, David Mc Cormick, Laurie Mc Crea. Joseph IB7 Mc Cue, David Mc Cully, Alan Mc Danieh Kelli l65 Mc Donald, Dennis Mc Donald, Floyd Mc Donald, Kathy l87 Mc Donald, Stacy I87 Mc Dowell, Joyce Mc Dowell. Marty Mc Elrath, Rhonda l87 Mc Farland. Michael Mc Gee, Shon Mc Ginnis, Rene I87 Mc Grady, Michael I87 Mc Grady. Sandra Mc Grath, Dorothy Mc Grath, Michael l87 Mc Grath, Patricia Mc Grilf, Son a 203 Mc Guire, Colleen l65 Mc Guire, Morgan 203 Mc Henry, Sean Mc lntosh, Michelle I87 Mc Kamey, John Mc Kee, Paula Mc Keever, Leonard l55 Mc Kenna, Gina Mc Kinney, Linda l87 Mc Kinney, Sara l65 Mc Kissick, Daniel Mc Kissick, Michael 203 Mc Lamb, Matt Mc Lemore. William Mc Meen. Barry Mc Michael. Stephanie Mc Murray, Brooke Mc Murray, Heather Mc Nabb, Kenneth Mc Nair, Mary l65 Mc Nair, Wendy I87 Mc Nally, Matthew Mc Nally, Wesley Mc Namara, Brian l65 Mc Nutt, Sabrina I87 Mc Ouiston. Donald Mc Sorley, Terry I8 7 Meadows, Debra Meadows, Jennifer Meagher, Crystal 203 Medina, Anthony 203 Medina, Lewis Medley, Rhonda Meegan, Shane 203 Meeks, Charles Meeks, Tammy l65 Meinerz, Dean Meiic. Dragan 203 Meiic, Dragam Mena, Carlos Mena, Linda IB7 Menchaca, Kathey IGS Mendez. Augustin Mendez. Veronica 203 Mendoza. Alberto I87 Mendoza, Andrea Mendoza, Becky Mendoza, Marie l87 Mendoza, Theresa 203 Mensay, Renee Mercado, Bernadette I87 Mercado, Betsy Mercer. Mike Merkley, Steve l65 Mesquita, Margaret Messerli, Daron Mestrovich. Lisa l65 Metcalh Brietta IB7 Metcalf, Mike 203 Metz, Michael 204 Metz. Pat l65 Metzendorfl Brian i65 Metzendorf, Diane l65 Meyer. Christina Micaud, David 204 Michaels, Karen l62 Miles. Carol l87 Miles. Melissa l65 Millard Steve Miller, Cheryl 204 Miller, Curtis Miller, Daniel IB7 Miller, Diane Miller, Jill l65 Miller, Jimmie Miller, Karen 204 Miller, Kimberly l87 Miller. Kristen 204 Miller. Lance l65 Miller, Lawrence l87 Miller, Lisa Miller, Lynn Miller, Patricia l65 Miller, Sonya I87 Miller, Vicki l65 Miller, Wendy Miller, Woodrow Millet, David l65 Milliken. Jon I87 Mills. Jeffrey l87 Mills, Mark Mills. Michelle Millwood, Jeana 204 Milone, Tina l66 Miloneck. James 204 Minard, Cynthia Minck, Roger Miner, Arthur 204 Miner, Eve l87 Miner, Kelly l66 Minster, Monica l66 Miranda, Cynthia I87 Miranda, Gilbert 204 Mitchelb Anita Mitchelh Joshua 204 Mitchell, Wendell Mitchem, Cassandra I87 Moe, Angela I8 7 Mogler. Rusty Mohr, Sharon Molina, Arthur Moller, Heron l66 Mollet, John 204 Monaghan, Kevin Monaghan, Shawn l87 Monihan, Patti l87 Monihan, Shawna 204 Montez. Joe Moody. M.D. l66 Moore. Cindy Moore, Diane Moore, Eric Moore, Heather 204 Moore, James l66 Moore, Sheila l87 Moore. Suzee Moore, Tamara 204 Moore, William 166 Moorefield, . C isily Moorefield, Stacy Morales, Ahvhonse Morales, Diane Morales, Raul 204 Morales, Thomas Moran, Bettina Moran. Richard l87 Moran, Robin 204 Moreno, Alfred Moreno, Arnold 204 Moreno. Guadalupe Morgan, Melanie l87 Morgan, Michele Moroney, Michael I87 Morosofh Stephanie Morrison, Terry Morse, Jeffery I87 Morse, Michele l87 Morton, Gina l66 Morton, Julia Moser, Donald Moser, Sondra l87 Mott, Doireann l56 Motter. Todd l66 Moyer, Matthew l66 Muller, Collin Mullings, Robin Mullins, Brad l87 Muncy, Todd I66 Munford, Gene 204 Muns, David l66 Munsinger. Patricia Murdock. Melanie Murillo, Angela l87 Murillo, Michael Murine. Andrew Murphy. Eilis Murray, Mark 204 Murry, Karol 204 Murtagh. Chris l87 Myers, Christopher 204 Myers. John 204 Myers, Ray 204 Myers, Tina Myler. Dwight Nadolny. Lisa Nager, Aex 204 Najera, Bobbi Jo Nalley, Lisa Nanny. Robert Nash, Dino 204 Neaderhiser, Carla NeaL Audra NeaL Frank 204 NeaL Jeanie l87 Neal, Kenneth 204 Neeley. Linda Neeley. Lorie I87 Neely, Shelley Negri, Paul Negri. Trent 204 Neilson. Vera I87 Nein, Lisa l66 Neithercutt, Kurt Nekho, Waleed, l66 Nelson, Becky l87 Nelson, Bruce l66 Nelson. Eric 204 Nelson. Gary l66 Nelson. Laura l66 Nelson, Lisa 204 Nelson, Mark Nelson, Michael Nelson, Tim l87 Neu, Joseph 204 Neu. Tanya l66 Nevitt, Michael Nevitt, Paul l66 Newmeyer, Lamar 204 Newsom, John IB7 Newton, Cindy 204 Newton, Jim l66 Newville, Sherri I87 Ney, Melvin Ney, Michelle I88 Nez, Delvin l88 Nghtem, Dai Nghiem, Nguyen IB8 Nguyen, Kheo Nguyen, Khon Nguyen, Yen 204 Nicholas, Andrew 204 Nicholas, Ted I88 Nicholls. Lynn I88 Nichols, David Nichols, Kelly Nicholson, Bobby Nicholson, Todd 204 Nicolay, Blythe l88 Nieckarz, Andrzej Niehuts, Kelly Nielson, Mark Nixon, Charles l88 Nokes, Rina Nokes, Veronica 204 Nord, Kevin Norfolk, Karla l88 Noriega, Angelita Normann. Anna Norris, Danielle 204 North, John Northey. Jeffrey I88 Northrop, Chesley Northrop, Donald 204 Norton, Brenda Norton. James Norvelh Kenneth 204 Novak, Kelly Nowak. Thomas Nowdomski, Jerald Noyes, Chris 204 Noyes, Eric 204 Nullman, Beth l56 O Meara, James 204 0 Meara, Lynne O'Brien, Cathleen O'Day. Jeffrey l66 O'DonnelL Russell 0'Neal. Katie Parisi. Joseph l66 Parke, Donald I66 Parker, Dennis 205 Parks, Kevin Parks. Rita l88 Parks, Weslian l88 Parrish, Rhonda l88 Partridge, Steven 205 Pascascio, Ronnie Pasko, Tom Paszkowski. Todd l66 Patrick, Cindy Patten, Carol Paulus, Leslie Pavlista, Patricia l66 Payan, Barbara Payne, Attilles Payne, Lori 205 Payne, Vicki l66 Peeples, Ellen I89 Peeples, Rebekah Pelch, Jerry l88 Pelch, Melanie IBB Pelkey, Angela Pelletier, Jeffery l66 Pelsha, Janae M Pena, Janice Pencola, David 205 Pendrick, John Pennington, Brett 205 Penrose, Staci Penterman, Lisa 205 Pentz. Roxanne H Perea, Michael Peretti. Jobi IBS - Perez, Donna Perez, Tyren Perez, Vince Ill 205 Perez, Vincent l66 Perkins, Robin I66 Pernick, Vincent 205 Perry, Albert 205 Perry, Greg l66 Perry, Jerry Perry. Letitia l66 Perry, Rick Perry, Ronald Perryman, Kathy Peters, Phillip Peters, Scott 205 Peterson, Kerry I89 Peterson, Kimberley l66 Peterson, Kristin Peterson, Shelley 205 Petrytus, Julie Pettett, Julie l66 Pewitt, Kevin O7x'eilly. Timothy 0Sick. Janine Ochoa, Gabriel Odle, Bob Ogibovic, Richard I89 Ogle, Melissa Ohms, Angela I88 Ohesen. Erick l66 Ohton, Tina Olguin, Clarissia 204 Olin, L Olin, L Oliver, Olsen, Olsen. Olson, Olson, Olson, eah ois l8B Virginia Doris Mary l88 Alysia Mark Thomas l66 Linda 204 Pfeifer, Denise 205 Pfeifer, Terry Phehss, Carl Phehrs, Charles l66 Phehas, Mark 205 Phelps. Matthew Philipson. Sarra 205 Phillhvs, Colleen 205 Phillhas, Evette Phillips, Sherri I89 Phihv, Diana .U Phyle, Pat I89 Pianga, Angeline l66 Piburn, Patti 205 Pickard, James Pickering. Denise I89 Pierce, Benita Pierce, Margie Olvey. Olvey, Tracie Ong. Kim l66 Ong, Po Kom Oquist, Bernadette Ornelas, Richard IB8 Oropeza. Robert l66 Orr. Scott l66 Osborn, Ginger Osborn, Greg Osborn. Julie IBB Oski, Michael 204 Otero, Rudy Ottesen, Erick Otto, Jennifer Ovellette, Wayne Overbey, Terry Overfidld, Deborah 204 Overfield. Paul l88 Overfield. Shelly 204 Owen, Darol Owens, Elisabeth Owens, Leann Oxford, Michael l88 Pace. Samantha l66 Pacheco. Lisa Packard, Kristen I88 Packard, Robert l66 Packard Teresa 204 Padegimas, Kimberly 205 Padegimas, Tony l88 Padgett, Lisa l66 Padilla. Anthony E Padilla. Elizabeth l66 Padilla, Melody Page, Oliver IBB Pais, Rai 205 Pak, Ki l66 Pak, Ki M Palma. Helaine l66 Palmer D.D. Palmer, Kelly I89 Famer. Fred Pardue, Darlene Pargiter, Susan Parham. Trois Parish, Jim Pierce. Robert Pierce, Tammy I89 Pierce. Tracy Pieri, Darren Pieri, Yvette l66 Pietrzak, Michael 205 Pigg, Gariri I89 PimentaL Tiffany I89 Pqapins. Trina Pittman, Richard I89 Poolasek, Stan Pollard. Jacqueline Poole, Melissa I6 7 Pope, Larry .H Popiela, Kelly I6 7 Popofh Michelle 205 Popoftl Paul Porter. Jenny 205 Porter, Philisa .M Porter, Rex Porter. Richard Porterfield, Steve Powelh Gerald M Powelh Lenette I89 Lowelh Sherry 205 Powell, Susan Powell. Terry I6 7 Prairie, Melanie Preisler. Kurt Preston, Tina Price. Cindi Price. David Price. Davina Price, Lavonoe 205 Prieger. Carol I67 Prieger. Janice I89 Pritt, Becky I89 Protzman, Doreen I89 Pruett, Tonia Pruznak, John 205 Pugh. Scott 205 Pullins, Judy IS9 PurcelL Terry Purva. Deborah Pykare. Scott I67 Pyles, Tami 205 Oualls, Derrek I6 7 Oualls. Shannon 205 Ouan. Debra I67 Guan. Eric 205 Ouan. Janet 205 Ouay. Ronald Oueen, Atnhony M Queen, Scott I67 Oueen, Jack 205 Quick, Henry Ouiiada, Gabriel Ouintanilla, Raquel I67 Radclifh Mary 205 Radclifh Rebecca 205 Radcliffe. Dawn I89 Rader, Shayne I89 Raduenz, Kimberly Rakosi, Felix Ramey. Damon I89 Ramey. Shannon 205 Ramey. Tim Ramirez, Barbara 205 Ramirez, Jesse Ramirez. Joel Ramirez, Ricardo I67 Ramirez, Wayne Ramos. Monica Ramsay, Lisa I67 Ramsey, Bryan I89 Ramsey, Craig I67 Randalh Jillene 205 Rangeh David 205 Rangel. Monica I6 7 Rankhorn, Jessica I67 Rankhorn, Jonathon Rankin, Wendi I67 Ransbottom, Candie I89 Ransbottom, Kevin Rasnick. Martin I89 Ratliff. Kelly I67 Ratlifh Kevin Ratliff. Tina 205 Rauch, John Rausch. Kristi I89 Ray, Mike I89 Ray, Norma Rector, Reube Red, Cassie 205 Redick, Carla I6 7 Redondo, Andrea Redondo, Rudy Reed, Mary Reed. Michele Reed. Tezera I89 Reeder, Gregor I6 7 Reeder. Keeli I4 Reeder. Kristi 205 Reeves. Debra 205 Reeves. John Reeves, Melodie 205 Regier, Bruce I89 Reid. Sharla I89 Reldy. Patricia Reilly, Pamela l58 Rencola, Julie l88 Rendon. Danny Renn, Deanna Rennells, Dale Rennells, Dean Reppard, Robin l58 Rettler. Mike Rexroat, Tom Reynolds, David Reynolds, Kurt I68 Rhoades. Louis Rhoades, Mary I89 Rhodes. Daniel 205 Rhodes. Jennifer Rhodes, Jill Rhodes, John Rhodes, Lisa Riale, Sheila Riale, William Rice, Brenda Rice, Jeffrey Rice, Ruby l68 Rich, David 205 Richards. Kimberly 205 Richardson. Donald 205 Richey, Christopher I89 Richey, Matt Richmond, Steve l68 Richter, Steven Rick. Doreen Ricketts, Lauretta l68 Rico, David I89 Riddell, John 205 Riddle, Lonnie Rider, Trudy 205 Riggs, James I89 Rinda, Jill I89 Rios, Steven Ritter, Suzanne Rivera. Bernie Rizzo. Karen Rizzo. Kathleen l68 Roan, Jennifer I68 Roan, Michael l68 Roark, Janet I89 Roat, Robert Robbins, Jack l68 Robbins. Jamie 26 Roberti, John I89 Roberts, Daniel I68 Roberts, Ellen I89 Roberts, Keith l68 Roberts, Mark Roberts, Matthew Roberts, Michelle Roberts, Rachell I89 Roberts, Richard l68 Roberts. Rosella I89 Roberts, Steven I68 Roberts, Tim 168 Roberts, William Robertson, Louise l68 Robertson, Patti Robertson, Wayne Robinson, Charles 245 Robinson, Faith l89 Robinson, Kimberly 205 Robinson, Sherry Robison, Barbara 245 Robison, Karin l68 Rodarte, Mike Rodgers, Julie Rodriguez, Adela l89 Rodriguez, Albert Rodriguez, Antonio IX9 Rodriguez, Christina Jw Rodriguez, Christopher 215 Rodriguez, Danny Rodriguez, Frank Rodriguez, Johnny Rodriguez, Lucy Rodriguez, Pamela l68 Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Richard Rodriguez, Ronald Rodriguez, Santos Rodriguez, Steven Roe, Ann Rogers, Andrew Rogers. Christy Rogers, Denise l89 Rogers, Jeff Rogers, Jerry 265 Rogers, John 245 Rogers, Lisa I89 Rogers, Penny X5 Rogers, Tamara IBS Rogers, Tammy Roman, Lynda l89 Romero, Charles 215 Romero, Priscilla l89 Roma, John Romo, Rochelle IBS Ronsheim, Chris 245 Road Audre Road, John if Ropp, Jill IB9 Roschewski, Gregory I89 Rose, Carol Rose, Donna Rose, Ingrid l89 Rose, Kyle l89 Rosenau, Deborah l68 Rosenau, James Rosenau, Patricia IBS Rosenberg, Susan l90 Rosene, David Rosene, Regina Ross, Fred Ross, James l63 Ross, Mark 215 Ross, Penny l68 Rothenberg, Daniela l89 Rouse, Henry 205 Rowe, Curt Rubio, Juana 265 Rucker, Darold 2CXi Ruiz, Alberto l90 Ruiz, Benny l68 Ruiz, Christy Ruiz, Janet l68 Ruiz, Jessica Ruiz, Henry 26 Ruiz, Luke l68 Ruiz, Marcella 205 Ruiz, Theodore Ruk, Nanette Rumble, Roger l68 Russell, Andrea l90 Russell, Donna Russell, Michele l68 Russell, Robert Russo, Kathleen 245 Ryan, Colleen l90 Ryan, Janet Ryberg, Audrey Ryer, Matthew Ryon, Byron Saban, Douglas Saban, Matthew Sables, Angela Sabucco, Kelly Jos Sakiestewa, Wendell Salamone, Christine I68 Salazar, Eddie l68 Salazar, Jennifer 25 Salem, Steve I90 Salese, Natalie l68 Salinas, Richard Salinas, Victor Samajean, Joe Samueh Jacquenette l68 SamueL L isa Samuel, Paul Samueh Rodney Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez. Sanchez, Sanchez, Adam l90 Frank Larry l90 Michael Paula Renae Richard Sanders, Annette Sanders, Barry Sanders, Chet Sanderson, Tina IM Sando vaL David IM Sandvig, Brenda Sandvig, Dennis l90 Sansbury, Dwayne l90 Santiago, Desiree Sapien, Arthur Saran, Zoltan Sargent, Jean Sargeant, Kim l90 Satterfield, Wanda 241-3 Saunders, Barbara iw Sawyer, Deborah l68 Scaife, Melony l68 Scarlato, Victor I90 Schallmann, Christine 215 Schallmann, Patricia l90 Scheid, Julie l90 Scheuring, Keith 15 Schiraldi, Martin l68 Schirman, Theresa Schirripa, Jill JCB Schlederer, Heidi Schlederer, Sheila 205 Schmid, Billy Schneider, Mary l90 Schneider, Paula Schoch, Jeffery IW Scholl, Chris l90 Scholl, Sherri Schroeder, Donald 215 Schroeder, Erin l68 Schuh, Eric Schuler, Christine Schuler, Sandy Schultz, Mike Schuster, Penny l68 Schutte, Pat 2d-5 Schuyler, Stephany Schwartz, Jon l68 Schwindt, Michael .XB Schwindt, Richard IBS Sciara, Tony l68 Sciorilli, Arlene Scott, Catherine Scott, Lisa l90 Scott, Melissa Scott, Patrick Scott, Rosalie l90 Scott, Ruby Seaman, David Sebring, Richard Seeberger, Sherry Seibert, Danielle IBS Seiter, Michael l89 Self, Patsy Sell. Donald Sell, Lisa l68 Sellards, Kerry 265 Sellards, Lisa l90 Sellards, Stacey l68' Sellers, Lucretia l68 Sermeno, Marie Sesma, Monica Sesha, Sandra Sesma, Vicky Settle, Debra iw Settle, Douglas Settle, Mark 2115 Settle, Terry Settle, Thomas Shackell, Jenny Shapiro, Sheryl Sharier, Lisa Sharkey, Donna Sharp, Carl l90 Sharpe, Michelle Shaw, April l90 Shaw, Bradley 205 Shaw, Scott 245 Shcolnik, Carin Shelby, Larry Shelly, Troy l90 Shelton, Shannon 245 Shelton, Todd l68 Shephard, Scott JG Shepherd, Dana Shepherd. Darrell Sherwood, Scott M Sherwood, Steven 205 Shew, Jennifer Jw Shimek, Todd l68 Shirley. Michael Shofh Richard .XE Shape, Jeffrey l68 Short, Deborah Shortlidge, Shelly Shriver, James 215 Shroyer. Debbie l90 Shroyer. Kimberly JCB Shultz, Sheri Siau, Paul Simmons, Jeffrey l68 Simmons, Marvin l59 Simmons, Paula Simmons, Timothy Simpkins, Steven Simpson, Valorie l68 Sing, Alan 25 Sing, John Sipple, Frank Sipple, Mike 245 Sipple, Sherry l69 Sisson, Andrew l90 Sizemore, Sherri l90 Skelley, Sean JCE Skelton, Rick iw Sketch, Chuck IW Skowronski, Debbie Skowronski, Susan iw Slade, Colleen Slankard, Rick l90 Slater, Michael Slattery, Golden Slattery, Tracey Slaughter, Levi Slayline, Vicki l59 Slepski, Richard Sli va, Eric Sloan, Thomas l69 Slocum, Sondra l69 Slusser, Christine l90 Slusser, David l90 Slusser, Pamela l69 Smale, David 205 Small, John Smalley, Brian 211-5 Smallidge, Jeffery Smart, Felicia Smart, Lisa l90 Smart, Pamela XB Smiddy, Sharon Smith, Chad l90 Smith, Darryl Smith, David l90 Smith, Dennis Smith, Holly l69 Smith, Jeff 2M Smith, Jodi 245 Smith, Jon Smith, Julie 207 Smith, Kimberly Smith, Kimberly l69 Smith, Kirk Smith, Lahara l69 Smith, Lisa Smith, Lisa Smith, Lorelle Smith, Mark l90 Smith, Michael Smith, Mitchell l90 Smith, Peggy l69 Smith, Rhonda l90 Smith, Richard l69 Smith, Ronald Smith, Tammy Smith, Teari 207 Smith, Teresa 207 Smith. Toreland Smith, Travis l90 Smock, Rhonda Smothers, Cynthia 207 Snead, Tom l90 Snead William Snider, Jay 207 Snodgres, Jon Snow, David l90 Solarez, Pete l90 goliz, Alicia l90 ollazzo, Tina Sollis, Roy Soltero, Arturo Sombrio, Carl l69 Sommer, Tyra Sopsher, Barbara I69 Sorenson, Stacy l90 Sotelo, Clara l90 Sotelo, David l90 Sotelo, Michael 207 Soto, Arnold Soto, Maritza Soto, Monica l69 Soto, Sonia Soto, Theresa Souder, Robert Sousa, Christopher Sowers, George Soza, Ronald 207 Soza, Teresa l90 Spain, Ronda Spangler, Mark Spangler, Robert l9l spaugh, Janelle pear, William 207 Spencer, Ann l90 Spencer, Wilford l69 Spivey, Daniel 207 Sprague, Karen l90 pyres, Perrish St Clair, Alma l59 St Clair, Angela l69 Stachura, George l69 Stahh Janes l9l Stahl, William l69 Stanfield, James l90 Stanley, Cynthia l59 Stanley, Donna l9l Stanley, James Stanton, James gtarr, Sherry l69 taten, Tammy Statzer, Deborah 207 Steele, Jeffrey I70 Steele, Lisa green, Renita l9l tein, Lynn Stein, Tonia Stephenson, Jim l9l Stephenson, John Stephenson, Robert l9l Stevens, Curtis Stevens, Dennis Stevens, Lynn Stevens, Michael 207 Stevens, Rodney 4 Stevens, Stephanie 207 Stewart, Melanie Stewart, Penny I70 Stewart, Sherene l9l gtickler, Linda tickler, Tamm l9l Stidd, Wayne 177 gtierhem, Eugene till, James Stiner, Arnold Stinnett, Richard 207 Stinson, Michael 207 Stinson, Scott 207 Stinson, Shaun l9l Stocksdale. Rick I 70 Stoddard. Robin Stiddard. Scott l9l Stokes, Stefanie 207 Stoll, Charles 207 . Stone, Guyla Stone, Pamela Stone, Patricia I70 Stotts, Brian 207 Stover, Debbie l9l Streeter, Brian l9l Stringfellow, Chris I70 Stringfellow, Wally Stromberg, Deanna 207 Struble, Steve 207 Struble, Tanya Stuart. David 207 Stuntz, Tammy Sturgill, Rhonda 207 Suftko, Peter Sullivan, Rodney Summerell. Shelley I70 Summerville, Laurel l9l Sunderland, Kimberly 207 Surber, Joseph Surber, Julia Sutter, Ingo 207 Svitak, Curtis Svoboda, Shawn 207 Swan, Deborah Sweenie, Shawn 207 Sweiss, Amjad Sweiss, A yman l9l Sweiss, Ghada Swisher, Faith 207 Switzer, Kim l9l Sybrant, Earl Sybrant, Robert Symoens, Tracy I70 Szczepaniak, Charles 208 Szczepaniak, Donna I70 Szczepaniak, Florence Szechenyi, Scott l9l Tabor, Cynthia l9l Tabor, Edward Taborda, Enrique Tafoya, Ryan Tafoya, Yvonne l9l Talkish. David Talkish, Jonathan Talkish. Jonathan Tang, Frank Tang, Janice XB Tang, Julie I70 Tang. Lance Tang, Lara I70 Tang, Thang 208 Tanner, John Tate, Jason l9l Tatro, Patrick l9l Tavison, Henry Tavison, Tom l9l Taylor, Beverly Taylor, Gary Jw Taylor, Jacquelynn Taylor, Jamie I70 Taylor, Jeffrey Taylor. La Dawn I70 Taylor, Mark Taylor, Tonya l9l Taylor, Tracy Teapole, Marjorie Temporado, Olivia I70 Tercero, Mike Terrien, Allan Jw Terrien, Elizabeth I70 Terry, Heidi Theder, Andrea Thielking, Nora Thiffault, Brian Thiffault, Bruce I70 Thiry, Rebecca R Thomas, Bertha Thomas, Charles Thomas, Dana Thomas, Gary I70 Thomas, Jeffrey I70 Thomas, Kevin XB Thomas, Kristen l9l Thomas, Neil Thomas, Raymond Thomas, Tammy l9l Thompson, Amy .XX Thompson, Catherine l9l Thompson, Clay Thompson, Craig Thompson, Derek XF Thompson, Geoffrey I70 Thompson, James Thompson, Lisa I70 Thompson, Mark Thompson, Michael Thompson. Patricia Thompson, Ross l9l Thornton, James 268 Thornton, Jodi l9l Thornton. Shelli X8 Thornton, Steven Thrash, Wendy 248 Throckmorton, Debbie I70 Tibbs, James Tidey, Ordet Timberlake, Debra I70 Timberlake, Kenneth Timberlake, Lisa Timberlake, William Tingle, William Jw Tiscareno, Julie I 70 Titus, Karl XB Titus, Mary Titus, Theresa 248 Toback, David Jw Todd, Katherine 243 Toebe, Michael I70 Tomlin, Michael Tomlin, Paul I70 Tompkins, Michael l9l Tongen, Brian l9l Tonstad Kathy l9l Topolewski, Robert 208 Topolewski, Thomas Torres, Anthony Torres, Danny Torres, Irene Torrez, Sara Tracy, Scott 208 Travis, James Traylor, Stacy I 70 Treacy, Mishele Treece, Jayme Trejo, Mark Trent, Gregory Trevino, Joe 243 Trinidad, Mark Troesh, Elizabeth l9l Troogstad, Karen Trostle, Dean Trott, Tina Troup, Jana Troyer, James 208 Trujillo, Daniel 18 Trujillo, Lisa I 70 Trujillo, Monica 209 Trumbulh Del l9l Trumbull, Rodney 20? Truog, Nicholas Tse, Hung I70 Tucker, Michelle 248 Tuggle, Todd 208 Tuihalamaka, Alifeleti Tuihalamaka, Nehumi l9l Tuihalanmaka, Niuafe l9l Turjillo, Ruben Turk, Omar I70 Turk, Samira l9l Turley, Clifford Turley, Jo Turley, Kerry I 70 Turley, Rosha l9l Turner, Angela Turner, Kathleen l9l Turner, Kevin Turner, Latonia Turner, Michelle Turner. Tammy I70 Turner, Tracy Tuzon, Sandra 208 Twigger, Jane Twinam, Laurel Twinam, Michelle Jw Tye, Loren JCB Tyrrell, Domenique Underwood, Kirk l9l Underwood, Patina 208 Vaccaro, David I70 Vachris. Roland Vaea, Ofa Vahary, Darrin 20? Valenti, George XB Valentine, Kathleen Valenzuela, Felicia I70 Valenzuela, Mark Valenzuela, Paul Jw Vallejo, John Van Lanker, Jerry Van Leeuwen. Steve Van Note, Steve Van Sickle, Dwaine Vander Vlucht. Terry Vanderlinden, Elaine Vandre, Mickey Jw Vandygriff, Gary Vanlandingham, John Vargas. Frank I70 Vargasan, Jeff Vargason. Terry Varner, Christopher KH Vasquez, David I70 Vasquez, John l9l Vasquez, Johnny Vasquez, Michael XP Vaughn, David I 70 Vaughn, Deborah Vaughn, Tiffany l9l Vauthier, Randy Vega, Andrea Veit, Sherrie Vejar, Marisa I70 Velasco, Frank Velez, Edna l9l Venable, Brian l9l Venable, Sherry Jw Venable, Yvette l9l Verdugo, Nancy I 70 Vergis, Michael XE Verrill, Julie l9l Vesely, Julie Vest, Sherri Vick, Robert Vickrey, Jay Jw VidaL Sherri I 70 Vigliotte, Sheri Jw Villaponds, Randohvh l92 Villasenor, Barbara I 70 Villasenor, Debbie Villasenor, Leticia Jw Viray, Manny y, Vitzthum, Desiree Vira Max Vo, Dung Vo, Huyen Vodochodsky, Christine Volkman, Christina l92 Von Dehl, William Von Reeden. John Vong. Prachanh Vosgier, Ellen 208 Vosgier, Scott Vote, Doena Vu, Phung Wacker, Deirdre Wacker, Randy Waddell, Lisa I 70 Waddell, Meshell 243 Waddle, Michael Wadkins, Gerry Wagner, Dixie XB Wagner, John Wagner, Lisa Waite, Annette I70 Waite, Lachelle l92 Wakefield, Linda I70 Wakely, Darrill 208 Waldron, Dawn I70 Waldron, Dwight Walker, Crystal Walker, Dean 208 Walker, Frank Walker, Janice I70 Walker, Jerry l92 Walker, Kimberly Walker, Mary Walker. Michael l92 Walker, Rance I 70 Walker, Sue 209 Walker, Teresa I70 Wallace, Stefan Waller. Richard l92 Walls, Linda Wallwin. David l92 Walsh. David Walton, Tammy Waltz, Arnold Waltz, Kim Ward, Johnny 268 Ward, Robyn Ward, Shelly Ward, Steven Wardrope. Sean Warner, James I70 Warner, Krysta l92 Warner, Patrick 2l0 Warner, William Warren, Brenda Warren, Jon 2l0 Warren, James Jr. I70 Warren, Katherine I 70 Warren, Michelle Warren, Vanessa JIO Warwick, Jason Washburn, Shannon Washington, Carmel Washington, Ronny l92 Waters, Williamette Watkins, Lauralee I 7l Watkins, Marc I92 Watson, Diane l7l Watson, Jerry Watson, John Watson, Michael l92 Watson, Michelle l92 Watson, Stephanie Watson, Tammy Wayman, Roger l7l Weatherford, Robert Weatherford, Sheri l7l Weatherman. Wendy Weaver, Corina l9J Weaver, Gina Weaver, Joseph 2l0 Webb, Bryan l92 Webb, Dancy 2l0 Webb, Deanna Webb, Gina 2l0 Webb. Sonji l92 Webber, Tina l92 Webbert, Cynthia Webbert, David l92 Weber, Angie Weber, Robert l92 Weigand, Philip l92 Welch, Julie Welch, Lincoln l7l Welling, Cindy l92 Welling, Kristi Welling, Richard Welling, Shari Wellman, Dalene l92 Wells, Bryan l7l Wells, Deborah 2l0 Wells, Gary Wells, George I 7l Wells, Jill Wendling, Diana l92 Wendling, Janice Wenzeh Kris l7l Werking, Katherine Werner, Frank l7l West, Kelly l9J Weston, Daniel 2l0 Weyeneth, Leeann Whalen, Michelle Wheatley, Joseph Wheeler. Shelia 2l0 Whetsel, Steve l92 Whisman, John White, David 2l0 White, Glen White, K imberlee 2l0 White, Mike l92 White, Ronnie l7l White, Sharon l7l White, Steve l7l Whitefield, Virgil Whitelock. Bill l7l Wiessner, Philyis Wilburn, Julie l92 Wilder, Brian l92 Wilder. Keith Wilder, Lori l92 Wiley, Mitchell Wilkerson, Lori Wilkins, Derron Wilkins, Sherelle l7l Willette, Andri Williams, Bradley l92 Williams, Carrington Williams, Cathleen Williams. Christopher l72 Williams, Cynthia 2l0 Williams, Daniel Williams, Daphne l92 Williams, Da vid 2l0 Williams, Denise l72 Williams, Glenda 2l0 Williams, Lori 2l0 Wil ' s ' illiams, Patricia l72 Williams, Penny l72 Williams, Reita 2l0 Williams, Richard 2l0 Williams, Rosalyn l92 Williams, Sandra Williams, Teresa Williams, Toni 2l0 Williams, Tonia 2l0 Williams, Wendy Williams, William Williamson, Rhonda Willis, Byde 172 Willsher, Freddie Wilson, Brian l7:T Wilson, John Wilson. Sharon l92 Wilson, Steve 2l0 Wilson, Timothy 2l0 Wilton, Wendy Wince, Elizabeth l92 Wingfield, Katherine Winslow, Katherine Winter, Richard Winton, Travis l73 Wolfe, Anthony Wolverton. Laurene 2l0 Wong, Bernice Wong, Gina 2l0 Wood, Kelly 2l0 Wood. Sandra 2l0 Wood, Sean l73 Woodall, Veronica Woodbury, Toye Woodmansee, Norman Woodruff. Marcuanne I74 Woods, David Woods, Karla I74 Woods, Lisa l73 Woods, Michael 2l0 Woodward, Ronda Work, Misty .2l0 Worley. Derek Wray, Anje l92 Wright, David Wright, Tammy Wrona, Patricia Wrona, William Wyatt, Eric Yanes, Mary Yarborough, Marla Yates, Terri Ybanez, Alice 2l0 Ybanez, Ruben Ybarra, Frank Ybarra, Julian 2l0 Yee, Belinda I 74 Yenkala, Joseph Yinger, Karen Yocum, Jennifer Young, Elaine 2l0 Young, Jeff l75 Young, Marco Young, Patrick Young, Timothy Younger, Christina l9.'l Younger, Claudia 2l0 Younger. Claudia 1- Younger, Jeff Yu. Joseph Yu, Magdelene Yuen. Alice Yuhas. Michelle l92 Zamorano, Albert l75 Zanine, Louis 2l0 Zeigler. Richard Zetrerlof, Cindy Ziegler, Stephen 2l0 Zierdew, John l92 Zub. Lila l92 Zuccala, Janine l75 Zuccala, Jeff 2l0 Zuccala, Kathy Zuccarello. Charles l75 Zukowski, David Zuniga, Anna 2l0 Zwillick. David l92 GENERAL INDEX 223 Starting over with saying good bye Hey Alhambra, Well here it is! I attemtped to put together a yearbook and now it 's done, with the help and effort from other staffers. I just hope you enjoyed reliving some of the marvelous mo- ments of the l982-3 school year. The pleasure and memories that lha ve obtained in editing the 2lst edition of the Fortress can't be measured by the monetary standard 's that were put into it but by the satisfac- tion and pride. Everyone on the staff is proud to be part of the Fortress. Not only are we all friends and fellow workers, but we are all family. We are all there for one another and help each other along through the tough times. I hope and wish we will all stay as close as we are right now. But, if nt, I want everyone to know how special these people are to me, to come into my life and together produce something as wonderful as this book. Even though next year I'II be the only returning staffer, l'II be thinking of all of you on the staff and remember and try to do all those great ideas you had, so next year the book will be even better. See ya next year! Love ya all, Dcwwm Q9 C9 Donna Szczpaniak Editor-in-chief F iw ' A3553 ,sis gg Q x if X Sean M., David B., James D., Brenda L., Ivero E., Julie T.. and Donna S. build a seven man pyramid so Mr. Cunningham could take their picture' together at the AIPA Fall Con vention. 224 CLOSING P.S. For those of you who like to find and complain about mistakes in yearbooks, we have put a few in for you just to make you happy and ha ve something to look for to ha ve your little fun. Gee page l55 as a start. j SPECIAL THANKS TO: Julie Tiscareno Cjuniors, activitiesj Ivero Esqueda Csophomores, honors 2 Brenda Lopez factivitiesj Sean McHenry fphoto editorj David Beebe Cphotographerj James Dunn fphotographerj Wendy Weatherman Csportsj Kelly Hudspeth Cseniors, activitiesj Shelley Jordan Iclubsj Susan Drake Cacademicsj James Tibbs facademicsj Micki Burt ffreshmenj Mike Murillo fsportsj Mr. Larry Cunningham fadvisorj Mr. Chuck Bursell frepresentativej American Yearbook Company Fran Smith Studios Da vid B., Brenda L., Sean M., Julie T., James 72, Donna S.. and James D. stack up to relax after a hard day of working on the yearbook. 1 N N WWA f 'm,,CgFJD U A V YCWYL W Q Uv Qfyfwg N X U-' PWXIJV ixl X D' N- 9 x K- P fjxQlfU Jxiwstf OX WWE U W My My Q1 JMWWQKJ D f-Ng.-F -Y f . Y ex gm, M O, UMR? M Mya SSMWKWQSMKWM ygwfw em" ifwsg-SQWWMNM1 Mw9wgSg59jm?SQN DfP-' mf wwwsw M'W of Efgwggwjawwgwsw ww wwgwfdgxm' t. ., f12Q35.shss1I21w10QfY1 - 2,0 JwQjMqa,QpmJuM mwibwllggimqmguhgwgl 7V ,' X X FL V 5 M233 Mig QW my . Q N590 gy 5b. Q! N69 KKK? QVMSGQVXGQ Q fl M Qi KSQWKZCX Q, SXQN SMX QKLXQXQQQQ WJ N jg! . WEEK M96 4 Aw 9 x f' io -Xa A kwa Nyifijyyfyw Q. www Qi 'BOj QUMMMBW I Lf My W QZEQQZJMQ My hw Q f iiflfa Zieifffiki ,Q bi gif? 3 gs 22?-gi il 0 ' ' V+ E Q E 2 iii? SJ igivikgv gm Qi wg QI S QF? 2433 5 E- 3 E 52, S 'E is ia. gi if :gg C VZ 2 Wm W 'W fgwfjw ' W5f2f ll?J A M WQWMWML, ,7! DJWQ MMM. 0 aww mf UNM -fm ww Ck ,fmt QCTMQJQJX b+iw-ww '4C'Uvo"A UNL flwqr gem QWQQLQ Qvxou-49. -O miami Ukjwokuxmtcvnd UOJKKC1' Lk Lf-Nffv WWC' "YU'Ux'-'I QJfxefo'a.u..l n,.J,Afxsuv, qgmn Qtwk MDMA Cwxif .Qixo U-ULN www Jnc.,LM.QvS Hem Mm Qwwvmjqlfwwgfv. ,qbvcrol ,SANQJ1 cjwimkp 7 'xv -SSCMQQ so 'iii-3+3 5251? a2zgObx??Zff-25 12123-175 2 545 xlx Ni Q?-5. A C " 32?-?2?3??l gg - 82-4' 'asf 'E Q if? ' 3' in gil 252 if 2 5 Q A3 2222 !3123"?? Q2 M '3l- f gc' D22 102 in S Wjiwju W J 1 W WMJMWM Jiwpygi + 2 kj Meffjw , .2f4f74f'Zf?ffW7Wiff,,VfX,iZ JW' vifvfwbyw 5 WIMXMWMWWM yjwfwwwfiyfhfz W iw JMbZf,,,fJ,,JwfwM Wfwi pfzfwffywf M , MQ, F ,f , Ziffw M5555 Wg? fwff JW' 60'f'4'e'6M!MM0j7Li55 ,ww Qafmjf 'J MQWJM .gk a hy ww ff ef VM' WJ 72M,mf4L MM QJLMM ' 'WW XYYW D14 wM A 770021 00176 Q, baby' Ayygg Wifi GQOWYVJ .,LaeK,?fZI,,zJ,' MQJLO Pfwi WN Zxiiggfjiff ,Q 7004 Cf00445f,AM'f70, WM! aw M , fb iflwolggwmj fm 'fYu1,u:ocx, U WL, UQ wow OILQLLIL XDCLOLNK L59bL U70 Cngfiwh and Aulitmgf math qw wwf 2199 'Myer jgfflf . C-Jubf ff'-Clctffxjp WM Oni LLLKXUW. LQQUVA Q .MCLUW Quit MW -rm JJYLQ. Six H591-fx WWW 'QQUVAQ and ,mwvhe 0 gfffbf IWMMU DZ 1 Wd GJJKQ jam Qmbwii yfjwfff Mlm .wwf ' JMAWWMW MQW fwif' MQ, M 'Qi Zxuycww. 2 W1 QQMWW if LL MEM im M My M5339 935 M www WAX -I , W WW M 4 W RWM: ew 95, wk Oviiifwggi wiyyv gf Q X sgfig F Q gf if i N F ' J s Awbfyyb kj? WY A , 1 uw N - 24:0-"J?yk?XC.'U0' E WGQCQN W W lj,KwW,M00fQ E pL3v4+fTAlix09fd KTM QLFWOO , SUWQA , EX afjv,?cxfJ:tZ,,,:1q MZOJMVNX, 8 Wwe- f . MMM .fm yM1ifl'+'f.MM "W" 'M i VSIMDVIK LYJJJ4 rg 1 Y , R

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