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fi f b, , i H . l . L. VIAY D .!. L V, Vlky, .l. r V,, fy , ' I X G Q bl iii' .1 , Q fifwgi fffffgfef a JB ef Wg fig 'f ff1sf?'f if 5 V 4Qf5f1f?K f Q? CM fi 4'f2dfM 'fisf 52:1 ig? igfgmyfgfibxfsffwgi 91:53 Q NX if gf fi? 'YL -ff' .J-H ' 1' f"'y AA f -f' Riff . " ,ff RTF J f fu-ff 51 MT? if J' - YY A V J V W, 553' gg if "if S5Tf3i: 'W?v w54W M3 Q2ff 5 ,ff Q F ,J ff' f wwf EQIPX 5-gg, - - , P3 545, ,ff A G15 'J fQ,3fY 5Q -M 1 QM? wif Qf , 1 E, , f ' -A C24 'if 1:- W QV, T31 "' 15 T ,,1qJ35f fp QT' QQ 99Q f1Xh,,w if . ' VA Q , ' ' . ,W Eff? + ,5gQfm ffi2?0fQ'4fj7fff2Q,.5 x ,' f,W . i . I . f . . Aide? A r , W L . W .1 i, l 224321, 'A 352, QQ? M524 tw, N Q1 1 4 . A 'Q "Tiff ,C?ff4Z:43,,, .API ' 3 A 1, A . 1 , 1, Q,- f . , . ,W , L fe, 523. lfffgm V . ., V . , 1 ' '25 4 k A f'ffff f QQ, who if f JG Rf? flifzf A .N i, h ,VEP i 4. : ' j A A: 1 ,X V , 'NJ 1 K . 1 1 f , ' JJ ' Y , P , V , ,ku -5, Na ir X ' RS y M 'J' K lj b X Ay lx .hx X QM XS- 1 ,Pj JJ N x w J X, Syn NY. ' x V: XQWL , Knww 5210-'Cyn S2d"X9JX Q L-Q'y16.-tmlyw . EM bwwgifmgcqqfqq 'jmqi MMU ZfQwm,0f,w,QW,WbM MM? C'QgW0L. ,XQOf45w'+'XJfAbwMhmP JI -1- Wi lQ'0'WL0lj mwggggf D QANWX as v'afi' I, ' , W7 . SW, , JQ, WWW K 9 mga 1 , Agjpwiwm QQZQXZXM Xgg'jL'f1Giffm fM H2 E P-0322, 35222 f W f 0- is f zfgf Q X N QP Jgfgj QOL Q, ?2fQ324 iv J Zip Qi? Q59 WQJ C5953 rip 'W QO, f Wfzaggzgw T T 9. TT Q. ,T s-- 1-T, 1 -as LJ. Q.. T- L . Q. ... ,., A T :Tw TTT f - ,ff T -.JH af ' ,am 'T T Af Tx v . V 'N 1 . 'x Q . T 1 .T 2 TABLE or CONTENTS 9 XL! f-G. -Q1 -- . 0 Xa fe. .D W ' T 1 ci D , . T Y T, N T - , T 1 .T v 4 T T T ' - L ,, x ' T T T Q ' 1 T T! . 477 'T V . Q3 T .14 sf.: '-v ww H XXX L, N, M- X ,'D.-- 5 mx",-'S fx WVL H Sw S S L gb L00 xx Vw CLASSES 154 wa..,R, ACADEMICS I22 ,1- ..-v-. SPORTS 52 j" v, LENS . 1 X :S M4 ' cw: JI XC -LL .fv- --up-1' 3 ,S x J I New students experience high school for the first time. Not really aware of what's ahead. The old look at things with more respect. Students fill- ing the hallways opening the doors not only to fundamental learning, but also the doors to their future. High school is something very special. lt teaches you more than Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. It teaches you about loyalty, pride, and friendship. But whether inside or outside the classroom we will often find ourselves thinking, "WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?" High school years are four of the most important years of our lives. Through those years we will see styles changing. Changes such as dances, cars. clothing, hairstyles and atti- tudes. At least one new friend has been made and an old one may have been lost. 4 INTRODUCTION 4 ", A ' H 2 r W' w ' A ,r 3 X ' 4,-.. .., ,.,, X md? .4 ., uf' Eiga' 6 INTRODUCTION i, 4 vt n V Ai- . ,fr gl u . ' s. K'?A -A ff . -x 'I' x . - f W ' v 6 Q 1 5 ,gl , Q4-1 -- 1 f Q D s 5 , A ,f f gg My 4. 0 u v G 1 51 As- J , Q' xr ' I h A if 4 'Tix nu , , 'I .V H ', '-Q75 Q A' I ? " -iigffr 4, '. giirfl iw' I , '3+', A ' Q nt l k A ' A '. ,I 3:33 9591 E' 1, ,ri +1 ' u a, ' ks" , 5 . .fA Rv K Alfyf' img' -' 'S ' 'm',-E., " X A ' -QQM' , ll, X A ' - ,V 'Ka -in " A N I' IQ. '57, R 5 ,7-, A ,V . " s X :--Y K' N -N ' --Y' pg-5? -f , 4 ' + ' - v 5 . I v 1 ' ' ' -. V! A 'l'v ' . ' ' 'Q ,qw f L, 1 K A . , ,lf f'fff3' ' LQ" ig I-4' A Mp. jr 'Fu' fl? ' 4 I :Er "'7' Yf - 'Q S1?fi LfiQ yi , Y' W' F V 4 ', Y ,-'ffm f ,, 3 f - ' 1' f'1g6z1'?"' V, 1 1 4 - ,br x faizhx 'I' " 4 K - f- . 2 , infliagmff 'VHA 5 : gy ' Y r ' 'Q up - A X ,. 1 ' '31, X , Sig X .Mu QSVQ if aff N my Www Q XJ 5149 9 Sb X NJ 'N NNW -Q -My NX Q Q 5 Q YN Wg' XJ XX QB! Q 5 U Ksbfd -A XL.h QL? ix K ki My Q '. I gm N Q- iv X, Ogg ka A xQJ OU SJ . Q1 ' w , if QQ Q X ' Xu Q Y U A NX QQ N M 'QxKy 1 7 a ii,r"MM' ' 4 X V A ' INTRODUCTIGN 7 "7 .ki , , ,, , X J 7344 vfigl QL- 4f'6LfwX ff 53140 UMD WM WMLMWMW9 7 JM . I XV Zpzxfz 40,61 zijn LVL cfm HIM 74,40 Kfgffcycvf-fr-LAbfjj65fW'Zi7 M!bdlZLAj5,:,.74faJ"'E 4WMMZ5 Af"'J'w7 MM3ffQMU:fW9 W' mm fm ,fig Affuwwjkff' L ,7g7gL,,m. mifffff! WW? M f , ,QL 1 sjlfjv '77 7JAf5'7 hx 520 4 8 INTRODUCTION . ,r XA X, X ,RJ X, Xa Nh . .1 ,X Y x, Q1 Q X Kg' 'x , x , , . -Q - . , T , XX 'J 'KI ri 39 ' . . N54 N . , . XTXT V.. . , ,, .' V, ,f 1 . 5' - xl xg ' ., N-K XQ gb 3 x -.j X x V' 'Q X, 'N J ' 2 -- i'- :N , A 1 A . -,X ' K: X 1 5 's ,y s . 1 ,Q X 1, X, RX s. u ..,. --ii-, , 'N W X . N , I K it V ! .. , .EY N ,X xl X, X -X - , x 4 x K xx X R, x X, x X . f 5. ,X - X3 QNQ ' MX ' 3- M x , 1 - ., -.., X Na - , y X , -4 K, X x VN , , K xx K ', rx I X --. , 1 Lv " Q X ,KB . 'X. X3 -r V- "R X X ,' Q , , - , X , x X N , N, 1. N 4 W P J Q X 'N' L, r , '- . X. y -. ' NK ' N , ,3 A .. wg xg b, P5 CJ -n ' X. u xx ' XX' .I lp K U ' ,N X 1 Q J J, , ., J , , xl ss I ,n w O . , , 1 v V I K , X1 ' , , 1 R . A, , ,, xx , Q - x f V, QI .M Q, X M , ! -R Q f' ..... .aaa , I . B , N i , V' x my 4 My 5 -.I . Lg K, Q.. ' Xb: . K Q . N , 42 U ' - 1 ,-. my rw rx F. f NF' - Ni z Q, P K Y 's . ' 12 'B ,LQ ,fy An, , 'J QQ ff 'N . xg. ,,, - ix, Ng I x . a ,. , f , 1' , A! V!! I, 4, , I3 -Q. '- ' ' - -., .. A 1 f'!"" Yr n-.w,, J.- I, H, . ..- INTRODUCTION 9 I 1 ,f V' I x f 1 N X , 1 fk 4,1 J ,U J ff , V 2 If 'I V x I. f Ll fi Q if . 1 n 1, 1 J Y 'fy 'T ' L Di ,A K . fx E J" 1, 'V 'P T . pw K, fl f' 1 I ff -QW N N J IU N il I J I 1' "7 Hwy! K fi v 2. X! X fx H ,N , A ,Nw H xx I LH V, VJ W in f In ,rg I X E1 ' bn fly j, ' V li If l V95 IF,--1 : , f ' E f 111' bw 11 nf! ilk- ' 1 QI f k U '1 'f' f ' f f U H, Q K W 71,1 H 'Miz f 'jj Aff' D U il H 1 I ,K L11 ,lf X! ,E Q fx in U , 4 L J , , x A s . f ru , i 4 AJ f u Lf X ' lf' ,W 1 f R 1.1! , xy H, X! A CS 'tiff 2 ! K lifi, fl' V ft' H 1 W V . ,J " vw ' ,fr ' .jf 1 C yah' 1 ng. I Ci Af' HI: s ' 1. 'k Tj' N if 4 , N ,f. J - ll -.f Ik fl P Q gn L' Q, Lf, ' ' ,V lxifj 'J X. 'ffm " Pj Q' f I V J' V " :Xu Nl 'I 'V f-'J x ,V , 1 X ,f X 1 X5 5 ,NJ L ' , x ' - ' X 1 i N fN ii 4 N K1 'F' ' f fe AN ff fv V U D ,X 6+ A . fl M 0 x1 h Qi N-.xv Nu X Q 5 ,ft Q, ' . 5 4 1 53 5 j 1? SQA?-' f:5:+.::5': f X' , .- Srwgw-pmw . X LM, , .1 i " 5 .- -9 it 1 X , .L ' ,. Q,,.x Active partlclpatlon prepared us as we went from here LJ- I - Q., - - F '79-'80 HOMECOMING NOMINEES: K. Bartee, G. Bell, B. Brashears, J. Collins, R. Haas, B. lngle, G. Gonzales, T. Kelly, G. Smallidge, J. Stevens, P. Amavisca A. Secanti, K, Gapko, V. Gibbons, D. Haertel. T. Kowacz, K. Nannestad, K. Nieuhuis, D. Sharpe. L. Rockenfield The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse visited Alhambra for the celebration of the l8th annual Homecoming. The spirit of Disney filled the air as D C b students got involved in the devotion of float building, the spirit raising Homecoming assembly, and, of course the most exciting football game of the season! The Lions easily plucked the Falcons of Carl Hayden, finishing the game with a score of 28-7. "Jungle Book," constructed by the freshman and sophomore classes, was voted the "best float." The senior class took second place with their float, "lt's a Small World." 1 'T 'Z J Y x X 'lk Ill Y Milf., '19, mlm 'iii -'-"' 5' " .1V gy in j X iz HDMECOMING Norvuusfs 0 L 1 X 14 , l l ' ,.- ? t. T I A ' L . -f -xl ' .i .' Eg' ,, V. ,- , gg: ' 95. - Q' L ,y ,- ,- A., . t.- . wit' 17:33-3-,lr -lag: rllifw- "TW . if f r 1. ' x K t X 9Ef7f?f'. V 1 FXS T 1 ' . Q -- H134 M., ,,,5,a--.f:c,....-,.g ,1,,,,,,., TT ffrff-----'N --as '- " 1: v u.. my V V cl, JJ ., . D ,N U, , ,,,,,,-......q.... L yy ww. -L , 4 t h ,, Vg 3 N s v 4 A AAs , L, ug We--I . . , .Q - Af ' IME' J ll' U H fi-g Page I2 I Jungle Book constructed by the freshman an sophomore classes. takes Ist place among the Homecoming floa '2 re not 5. not 4, not 3. not 2. we're ifll 3. "The Strut Sistersf' ' ingle f8rian Inglel. Jumbo Jaime Ulm Meyerj. Guillotine Gilda zalesb, Free Fredricka MarpleJ,iLjZIiQHgyZn Sugar fKeIvi art e. Dynamite Daniella c lvarennlf Ro ds R afla CRob Allanli 'clieagy Charlette CChuck Shillingtonj. and Magnificent Margaret CMike Moqrel. Page l3: 4. Mine's an insie, wanna see? fTim Perkinsj 5. Our spirit is sky highll 6, Tammy Kowacz and Richard Haas, third attendants. 7. If they could see me nowl CWhitney Lynchj 8. Kay Nannestad and Kelvin Bartee. '79-'80 Homecoming Royalty. f - . .. E ,Z N , a il .:LN,, l . .W . ,VI " xr I bt l i I sl --s i Q X 5 i.m..w--.........,.. A . ,V fi wg'-1 I ANDY. 1, u if 6. M37 Q 1 X. ' gee " , 'b fi. A , x, ' Al f ,V Q XX NR ,. A, , fx , gy - ix :sk Q. N, xv 51,2 1 X ,vv 4 'ff-Q I? , 3 iunw-f-jf ls 1 hy, 41, Q ts- it , Y'-'AUS-" 1- r 79 SOVARSITY LHEERS Sue Shourds Sue Fisher Tori Bohn, Debbie Haertel- L0 captain Kay Nannestad Patty Thomas Debbie Patterson, Lori Ringler- "We Got pirit, Yes We Do, " Spirit was the number one obiective of the '79-'80 Cheerleaders. They sup- ported the school's spirit as they cheered at assemblies and all football and basketball games. Both Varsity and J.V. lines won sev- eral awards for their performances. The awards included: superior, excel- lent, and outstanding ribbons and also the girls once again brought home the spirit stick. The Cheerleaders sold many spirit ribbons and buttons throughout the year. r ,1. ., '. A..- T.. 7 ,ai rm 8 K - 3 . - i, s- - -yi i . lit!! 'Vic' .TEA ' X ix ' ' . .-sal 1211 la- ' .3 51. . K he -V 9 E -at , -- A s -- -1 .1 V ' 1-3.'3-ati' - X 1 " ' t , ".,,'1i 4 . a, V ' I than fig, -3 as 0 T ' . " ,Q U t ,V I ,Q . .5 lu, . ll .M K " K ' , ...s W.-. K :jf fl N . 's f ' . -ff -- - M, "'f'g,s.g.iif-Q, - .falmgd fy -y-,-." . 'K - we Q pjyj L A . j4...ggir'igs. 5"Y'f 5545- 4.3,...7f.,-tl tgps' K .. N -t A Q, 'Y-v.-'QQRSQ 1, .sf-f.'1'i8ij V '- is f sf -Aff'-1 , -s lf f!,..Z'S' I .kj - fg ff?Pf"i'1"'TT" . . -i5'?.H"'- c'tt:4'f'33f5'i"'i': f. . . N , 2 -'vtffe ,J . A. .. , at 'W Vx I. Lori Ringler. Kay Nannestad. Sue Shourds and Sue Fisher cheer at the Fall Sports Assembly. 2. J.V. Cheers show their spirit at the Spirit Assem- bly. 3. The Cheers yell their 'lil lungs out at one of the home football games '79-'80 J.V. CHEERS: Kim White, Sheryl Goldman. Julie Hughes. Robbin Laing. Gayle Tang. NOT PICTURED- Linda Altamirano. VARSITY, J.V. CHEERMADERS I5 n Mlfall '79-'80 POM LINE: Tammy Kowacz, Debbie Sharpe, Nanette Bentley. Brenda Bradford, Kim Niehuis. Lisa Rockenfield, Kelly Mallory. Debbie Sherwood. Ann-Marie Secanti, Sharon Trostle. I6 POM LINE Pom Line Performs for AHS Crowds With leadership and guidance, Cap- tain, Tammy Kowacz and Co-captain, Nanette Bentley piloted the '79-'80 Pom Line through an exciting and un- forgettable year. The girls dedicated a lot of time to practice and created new dance rou- tines. They performed at all home games and pep assemblies throughout the school year. The Poms went to camp over the previous summer and were honored with the Spirit Stick. l. The Pom Line dances at the Camelback versus Alhambra game. 2. Tammy Kowacz. Debbie Sharpe. Lisa Rockenfield, Sharon Trostle, Brenda Bradford. et cetera perform the AHS fight song at one of the home football games. '79-'80 MASCOTS: Kendyall Clifford, Cindy Wright, Janie Ferraro, Diane Hurtado-captain, Julie Bushroe. NOT PICTURED: Linda Garcia and Lynn Zimmerman. King of the Jungle, Diane Hurtado Ccaptainj. led the Mascots through an exciting and crazy year. The lions attended all of the football and basketball games. They cheered along with the cheerleaders and influ- enced student involvement. The Mascot's sponsor this year was Mr. Wayne Anthony. I. The lions share many secrets with each other. at the game against North. the lions discuss the strategy of the team. 2. The A.H.S. lion is very friendly. he likes to make new friends. 3. The Iion's spirit is overwhelming as he leads the crowd in cheer. Lions Raise School pirit, Boost Student Involvement 'pf j,1i,,:4'j MASCOTS I7 to win. - ,ie Quang. vt""""" 1 ...Q "T.J." Goss. Student Government sponsor. flashes his pearly whites for the photographer at the Open House. Leading the Student Executive Com- mittee fS.E.C.j was 79-'80 Student Body President, Jim Stevens. The S.E.C. consisted of the student body officers and the president, vice-presi- dent and secretary-treasurer from each class. Richard Haas, vice president, was the officer who presided over the sen- ate. Senate was in charge of distribut- ing money to needed areas at the school and community, and also han- dled the arrangements for community service that Student Government par- ticipated in throughout the year. All activities that were presented on campus during the year were spon- sored by the Activities Committee. Tammy Kowacz was the committee chairperson. Student Government was a class on campus. Each member received aca- demic credit for their participation. There were many lunch hours, after school hours and weekends given up involved in being an active member of Student Government. Student Gov't urvives ectic Year i' STUDENT BODY OFFICERS: Wes Goodwin. Co-sponsor. Principalt Patty McKenna. Corresponding Secretary, Richard Haas. Vice Presidentt JoAnne DeLaTorre. Recording Secretary, Jim Stevens, President, Pat Amavisca, Treasurer. I8 STUDENT GOVERNMENT li i r' if D' V P P 1' uf -of JS r- I I -'QQ Q I ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE-FRONT ROW: S. White. K, Bonham. B. Leonardo, B. Brashears, S. Tucker. K. Byhaug, T. Kowacz, B. Pettett. SECOND ROW: S. Harland. J. Cagliotti, D. Sherwood. P. Hoffarth. T. Bohn, S. Orr. K. Neihuis. C, Murphy, C. Holland. THIRD ROW: D. Sharpe, M. King. V. Brannoch, L. Zimmerman, Y. Tsubono. S. Fisher. K. DeMarteleaere. BACK ROW: T. Perkins. J. Collins. G. Absher, T. Kelly. J. Greff. E. Keller. A. Cooper-Vargas. ,. K .A-1+ Haertel. Senior class President. shows I 0 I ' ' fs? "fy . M 3 ' . Lia, r' 'xv . . , 2 . f , :: fi' V JI' K J V M . yew.. V , , ' fp. 4",,."p.' ' fi?- eflfhl-'5I35m 3' one of OU' foofball Eames- Tom Kelly. Richie Haas. John Fitzpatrick and Pat Amavisca contribute their creativity to the seniors' Homecoming float. STUDENT GOVERNME NT I9 Godspell Converts Alhambra Students Godspell was the first musical per- formed by the Theatre Arts Depart- ment since You 're A Good Man Charlie Brown. The department had wanted to do Godspellfor a long time. The auditions for the production were much stricter: people had to be able to sing, dance and act. Theatrical traditions of musical pro- ductions were broken throughout God- spell such as, no curtain was used to open the production and between each of the acts, and the same set was used throughout the whole musical. I. "Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord!" CGordon Absher baptizes Susan McCarthy and Kevin McCarty.J 2. "God Save the People!" lEd McNally! 3. "All For the Best!" fGordon Absherj 4. David Hayes. Debra Colvert and Kevin McCarty present Phari- sees- believers of false Gods, 5. . . Follow thee more nearly. day by day!" iGordon Absher. Da- vid Hayes. Ed McNally and Debra Colvertl 20 GODSPELL W M i I. "Turn Back O' Man!" CTeri Jundy. Gordon Absher. Monica Garcia. Jenny Richter. Ed McNally and David Hayesb. 2. "Your wife is sighing, crying. and your olive tree is dying. . fEd McNally sings "All For the Best" 3. "Hut il you're Smarl, you" learn your lesson well!" Muna Ogelsby sings "Learn Your Lesson Well" 4. "You vipers' brood ! Who warned you to escape from the coming retribution?" CGordon Abshery 5. "How can you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye. when all the time there's this great plank in your own?" fGordon Absher and Ed McNally sing "All For the Bestnl ,ff N 'I i ,f- ,k., . mm t 2 ii JI GODSPELL L WOODWINDS- FRONT ROW: Ann-Marie Secanti. MIDDLE ROW: Debbie Pierce. Jennifer Cohen. BACK ROW: Ann Kettler. Whitney Lynch, Melissa Mendez. Orchestra Experiences New Sponsor Ann-Marie Secanti, President and Main Coordinator, led the Orchestra through a modifying year. After eight and a half years of teaching and spon- soring the Orchestra, Miss Almeda Boatright took a leave of absence at the semester break. Mrs. Joan Thrash- er took over the responsibilities for the remainder of the year. Other officers included Linda McConiga, Treasurer and Fund-raiser, Rick Eagan, Officer of Internal Affairsg .lon Brinton, Physical Facilitators and Sergio Castillo, Orchestra Activities Chairperson. The Orchestra held many concerts at the school. They performed at the Arizona Senior Lodge in December. and at the Arizona Crisis Center. r . x ,, BRASS. PERCUSSION-FRONT ROW: Rusty Mogler, Rick Eagan. BACK ROW: Gregg Bedore, Marty McKinstray. Jon Brinton. 22 ORCHESTRA Musical Lions fill the air with Beauti ul Harmon Our football and basketball games would not have been the same without the support from the Marching Band. They served as a pep band at assem- blies and presented pre-game and half- time shows at the home football games. Matt Wilson, President, led the Marching Lions this year with some assistance from his fellow-officers: Dean Sullinger, Vice-president, Mary Trinka, Secretary: Bonnie Lutrick. Peggy Burbrink, Girls' manager: and Sergio Castillo. Drum Major. The band participated in the March- ing Festival at N.A.U. in November, and also marched in the Rodeo Parade. Wind Ensemble and the Concert Band held many on campus concerts throughout the year. Five students from Wind Ensemble were selected for the North Central All Regional Band. The competition was held at Chaparral High School in January. Treasurerg Jeff Wolf, Boys' manager, l the Spartans football game. f, . . ',,..... . F 411-n MARCHING LIONS-FIRST ROW: M. Trinka. P. Burbrink, C. Burbrink. C. Rutledge. M. Mendez. J. Kimberel. Y. Tsubona. K. Johnson, T. Cornett, S. Kouts SECOND ROW: C. Gegenheirmer, K. May. M. Whitaker. K. delaet. S. Koch, S. Durazo, S. Zwillick, B. Lutrick. S. Castillo. J. Cohen. THIRD ROW: K. Young. M Magee. B. Brooksby. B. Celaya. M. Garcia. K. Clark. M. Horner. G. Tang, S. Grieve. S. Reger. FOURTH ROW: C. McDonough. J. Gray, A. Absher. D. Hanner C. Combs, C. Miller. J. Stevens, R. Guthery. D. Sullinger, S. Donald. FIFTH ROW. A.H. Hallagan. W. Lynch, M. Kimbrel, D. Magee. J. Bonge. K. Burns. D Bonham. J. Thacker. M. McKinstray. A. Rakosi. SIXTH ROW: S. Drews, M. Hoorneman. J. Schwartz, SEVENTH ROW: B. Tautimer. G. Szechenyi, M. Smith. J Salisbury, D. Weisz. D. Magee. M. Wilson, J. Wolf. EIGHTH ROW. A. Moody, M. Hinderliter, L. Keller. E. Soto, R. Semmens. NINTH ROW: D. Yocky. M Hallada. R. Hallad. A. Barcellos. 24 MARCHING LIONS l Drum Major, Sergio Castillo conducts the Marching Lions during the halftime show at the Lions verses mi CONCERT BAND, WOODWINDS-FRONT ROW. K.De Laet. S. Durazo. M. Whitaker, M. Trinka. B. Lutrick. T. Cornett. K. Clark, G. Tang. MIDDLE ROW: B. Kane, C. Staten. M. Mendez. S. Grieve. M. Garcia. J. Cohen, S. G'bb . S. Z 'II' k S. - Absher. K. Young. I ons WI IC , Reger. BACK ROW.A. HaIIagan.C. McDonough. J. Gray.M. Magee.A. S ax! GOLF 'f'N"5 BRASS. PERCUSSION-FRONT ROW. D. Sullinger, M. McKinstray, J. Estrella. J. Borge. D. Magee. G. Bedore. C. Combs, T. Hinderlixer. MIDDLE ROW. M, Smith. 5. Davis. L. McConiga. M. Hoorneman. D. Anderson. BACK ROW: R. Hall d . M. H II d A. B a a a a a, arcellos. R. Semmens, S. Haney. E. Soto. M. Hinderliter. L. Kellar. WIND ENSEMBLE-FRONT ROW. K. May, S. Koch. M. Whitaker. C. Gegenheimer M Trinka S Zwillick S Kouts Y Tsubono T Cornet! K J h s M. .. .. .. .. .. ..onon. Horner. S. Castillo, B. Lutrick. SECOND ROW. K. de Laex, G. Szechenyi. A. Hallagan. D. Hanner. B. Brooksby. J. Johnson. D Bonham J Thacker K MiIIer.THIRD ROW. J. Wolf. J. Schwartz. D. Magee, K. Burns. M. Wilson. D. Weisz. A. Rakosi. J. Stevens. S. Donald. R. Guthery. M..McKinstray: BACK D. Yocky, Mr. J. Kirby, A. Moody. S. Hammack. R. Drury, C. Vanderllnden. M. Hinderliter. CONCERT BAND, WIND ENSEMBLE 25 , Q ww" K 3 .. Q24 'Irv- S Hui .lazz Band Performs at Phx. College Jazz Ensemble was sponsored by Mr. Jim Kirby. They met as a class during 7th hour to practice for concerts and learn new jazz styles. Several concerts were performed by the Jazz Ensemble this year, such as a winter concert with the Orchestra. the Lion Parent Council Open House Dinner, a talent show for DeMolay Fra- ternity Local Chapter. and they per- formed on Valentine'S Day during the lunch hours. l. Les Coates takes a minute to smile for the FORTRESS photographer during Jazz Ensemble. 2. Mr. Kirby conducts his students during their Jazz Ensemble class. Q L .via ,....W..1,t, . . K. -1 A ' - JAZZ ENSEMBLE-FRONT ROW. S. Kouts. B. Brooksby. J. Gray. D. Hanner. K. Johnson. G. Szechenyi. MIDDLE ROW. Mr. Kirby. M. Wilson. J. Schwartz D Weisz. D. Magee. K. Burns. BACK ROW: D. Magee. R. Guthery. D. Sullinger. A. Rakosi. D. Borge. J. Stevens. T. Hinderliter. E. Soto. L. Coates. E. Celaya T Sloan. 26 JAZZ ENSEMBLE '! S : g --Im -r. g., , f .'J1f'i' so '4'-'T-T' I ., lt -- - I . """"""' 1 LAJ30 A . ,,,. V- -M 'XX J 1 LONCvllQRl'tQb " 1 A M X g . - t 'Ii . is ' - v ea 'I' - K .L 'P .f 'LJ - N X R' . t X. U 3 'wir Q t rqow ik. x t w' - x. f A 1, .1 J - , . ' f 1 El..." l.- "Ii 34? ' Q 's , at ' ' ' '-'WAL1 .5 K 1 , '1--:1 , f , ..... ' X. V 'f ' 7 J J ' fe: ..f , if """"'t+:.-- 3E"""'!,!lv . KI XFSEFI'-r .1 aa- In a series of action shots Julie Nelson performs at halftime during the home football and basketball games. I. Julie poses for the FORTRESS photographer. J. Julie iuggles her batons at the Alhambra vs. East basketball game. 3. Julie performs during halftime at the basketball game against East. 4. Julie twirls QA A sl 1 ' during halftime at one of the football games. 5. Julie displays her talent at I the Fall Sports Assembly. Julie takes US. IA. Grand State Champ title Julie Nelson twirled alone at the home football and basketball games this year. She did excellent perfor- mances and never missed a game. Julie was the U.S.T.A. 's fllnited States Twirling Associationb Grand State Champion for l98O. She compet- ed for her title in October, at Chapar- ral High School. She had also received over 25O twirling awards for her admi- rable style. ,. -"--13.2 J - - I J e-:fi , " , S' QQFPT, ' v wh' V 'al MAJORETTE 27 Choir sends four to All-Regional Students learned a lot from being involved in Choralettes and Chorale. The two singing groups taught them to read music, perform in front of large audiences, and also leadership in work- ing together. The Choralettes held their fall con- cert, "Burgundy Sounds," in October. Both the Choralettes and the Chorale participated in the Christmas concert with the entire music department. Jenny Richter and David Hayes went to Europe and sang in the "American Youth in Concert." Debbie Colvert and David Hayes re- ceived Gold Medals for superior rat- ings at the solo and ensemble festival. The All-Regional Choir included: Jenny Richter. Laurie Spitler, Sergio Castillo, and David Hayes. The students were sponsored by Mrs. Charlotte Edgar for the first se- mester and received a new teacher at the semester break, Ms. Nancy Owen. 3 l T Q l 5 r E 3 3 . 2 I 4 i l I s l Lal' IQ E ,. E :lil ,Um , Q E 3 J tl 1 CHORALLTTES-FRONT ROW:P. Johnson. J. Richter, D. Ingram, C. Schulte, L. Childress. S. Baldwin, D. Loeffler. C. Cain. L. Spitler. MIDDLE Kay. B. Lehman. M. Branham, D. Cole, K. Johnson, P. Greely. TOP ROW: W. Doolittle. P. Voet, N. Sutphin, Ms. Owen, D. Colvert. S. 28 CHORALETTES Carol VanderLinden plays the piano as the Chorale practices during class. : P. Cupp, K. D. Davis. L Ji ' . I i. K swyq in ff SLE K I, L is is E. CHORALE-FRONT ROW. L. Spitler. C. Vanderlinden, S. Zwillick, Ms. Owen. L. LaDouX, D. Loeffler, C. Cain. MIDDLE ROW. D. Cole. R. Espinoza, S. Castillo. A. Moody. D. Furnari, S. Watkins. TOP ROW. N. Sutphin. R. Stinnett, R. Griffith, D. Hayes, D. Coons. R. McDowell. D. Colvert. w It -X vf' LX X, 4 in I. Ms, Owen directs the students as they sing one of their upcoming concert numbers. 2. fReidj Stinnett spots the FORTRESS photographer as others are unaware. 3. Chorale members sing "California Dreaming" during their class. CHORALE 29 X V.. ,, .vi ....- X. Dancers Interpret Music Modern Dance taught students about fine arts and how dance was an important part of art and physical edu- cation. Students learned how to create their own dances and how to perform both individually and in a group. "Hang in there, baby Award," Out- standing Choreographer, Best Dancer. and Most Improved Dancer were the awards granted to the dancers at the end of the year at their Awards Ban- quet. The girls were sponsored by Ms. Diane Malenfant. Brenda Bradford was Head Choreographer, and the four di- rectors were Agnes Bua, Beth Dodge. DeAnna Kessler. and Cindy Pickard. I. Head Choreographer, Brenda Bradford ex- presses herself along with Sheila Wallace. Agnes Bua. and Carrie Bafus. 2. Dancers try-out for the dance concert in March. 3. The finishing touch- es are put on one of the many dances in the concert. x , , ix'yKxXf'JXxi'6k v'x'w-'XDXQKY I if-xfxik if I I X K K,, X. XPS.. li xt 5 PN? -. 'I I X R Y A 1 xt V X' ' x x -1 fax Jxklk 1 X .3 wt-mmm... .. N I NT ,Tug stiff.. Y-n-W. A 1'- MODERN DANCE-FRONT ROW. D. Kessler, C. Bafus. SECOND ROW: W. Gardom, K. Clifford. C. Pickard. T. Mitchell. THIRD ROW: B. Dodge. V. North, S. Pfaffman. A. Bua. BACK ROW. M. Holmes. T. Clemmens. B. Bradford. MODERN DANCE 3I FOI? TRESS Works with Extra small Staff Cathy Gamez. Editor-in-Chief, start- ed the year off with her main objec- tive to produce the best yearbook at Alhambra ever. She wanted to make it a little different and very special! The staff was rather small at the beginning of the year. It began with eight staffers, and received two new staffers at the semester, Agnes Bua and Jerri Sue Jacoby. A few staffers attended journalism workshops. Cathy went to Grand Can- yon College to the "Close Encounters of the Yearbook Kind." Denise. Stacy, and John went to Moon Valley High iv "A :SLI San-' A ,ffm ,Q 1' .- M. s ef 'f V 1 9' we 4' ff- A i -go JL,-.ZA I. Cathy Gamez. Editor-in-Chief. spends numer- ous hours each day working on the yearbook. 2. Mr. Cunningham. Advisor. poses for a quick pic- ture while his busy day comes to an end. 3. Joel Countryman. Photo-editor. smiles for the cam- era while relaxing after a long day. School to the AlPA fall convention. The cover and the division pages of the '79-'80 FORTRESS were something new for Alhambra. The lion on the cov- er was from the San Diego Zoological Society, and the mascot on the divi- sion pages was Diane Hurtado. li-'v 49 r? JO ...flgltx ,PI ff 1 ,pri , fji ff ttlifllll ul fab X .--A I... 1 A X -. ' V V 'fggmgwf '! 'f-W. sf - a t-f"i ui 36 -1' f 'Qs J A.,,.tF' I. Mike Butler. Academics Editor. photographer. kicks back during yearbook while munching out on some candy. J. Denise Cohn. Activities Editor. gets her picture taken unsuspectingly as she draws some layouts for the year- book. 3. Sheila Harney. Sports Editor. Senior section. Senior Register is busy typing up some copy for her section. 4. Susan Jamrozik, Junior section. is taken by surprise by the FORTRESS photographer. 5. Stacey McCarthy. Sophomore section. smiles sweetly and innocently at the photographer. 6. John Ward. Clubs Editor, photographer, looks up front his work and is caught by a sneaky photographer. 7. Agnes Bua. second semester staffer. takes a break from her writing to think about the day finally coming to an end. 8. Jerri Sue Jacoby. second semester staffer. looks directly into the camera lens while daydreaming. thinking about what to write. FORTRESS 33 SCIMI TAR sho ws more Positive Image , 2 . t. ig W i A. . g 4 H' . I siswxwff- ' t t an.. lun 3' Determination, an interest in jour- nalism, and a background in English were some of the requirements for SCIMITAR. Being a staffer helped stu- dents to build a creative imagination and an insight into iournalism and writing. lt also helped in communicat- ing with others. The staff published nine issues. some of which were IO and 25 pages. They met each day as a class and spent many hours before and after school. Debbie Pettett was the Editor-in- Chief with sponsor. Mr. Martin Krey. Other staffers included Virginia Bran- noch. Managing Editor. Circulation Manager. and Advertising Editor: Mike Baez. Cartoonist. Elizabeth Keller and Marty McKinstray. Photographers. I. Debbie Pettett, Editor-in-chief shows her lead- ership as she watches over another staffer's shoulder. 2. Virginia Brannoch. Managing Editor. Advertising Editor, Circulating Manager. smiles pretty for the FORTRESS photographer. 3. Mr. Krey Advisor. looks up for a moment as the photographer snaps his picture. 4. Chris Pet- kiewicz. Sports Editor, takes time to reflect upon the sports story he's writing for the next issue. 5. Chris Spina. Reporter. ponders over the day's activities as it comes to an end. ,,. """' QS? Lui!" .l ,Q 'g v 34 SCIMITAR ff. s., .1 1 'VU' - .'Q0 , . v I it 41... W' fy., rf: - M. J.. 'fmt' he ' 1 'A V in 1 X NX . X V, I. Terri Goodwin. Sportslleporter. is delirious lroin the long day ol hard work. 2. Marty Mckinstray. Photographer. listens as he receives an assignment for the next issue. 3. Wendy Mitchell. Reporter. types up finishing notes on her story. 4. Mike Baez. Reporter. Cartoonist, laughs about his latest cartoon. 5. Kay Dintleman. Reporter. types cutlines lor one of SCIMITAR issues. 6. Elizabeth Kellar. Photographer. ainuses herself about pictures she hopes to take lor the next issue. SCIMITAR 35 Students learn Leadership Traits Students in the JROTC program learned basic leadership fundamentals. They were taught an understanding of the military. Each individual was pro- vided with opportunities to take re- sponsibility in key roles of leadership. JROTC sponsors this year were Major Gruhn and Sargent Kohrs. JROTC stu- dents participated in many activities throughout the year, such as the Black Canyon M-I6 Shoot, Gompers Collec- tion Day. and their involvement in the '79-'80 Homecoming. The Rifle Team competed in the Tucson Invitational ri- fle match and the South Mountain rifle match. The drill team was involved in the Governor's Drill Meet, Black Jack Drill Meet and the Panther Cup Drill Meet. The students collected newspapers and had candy sales to raise money for equipment. and entry fees for various extra curricular activities for the rifle and drill teams. if 2 JROTC-SECOND HOUR-FRONT ROW: J. Smithson, E. Maudsley. K. Challis, E. White BACK ROW: P. Gill, E. Dopp. R. Decker, L. Spears. R. Buske. i 'C 'vi JROTC-FOURTH HOUR-FRONT ROW. R. Chaine. J. Rosenau, R. Snelling. J. Still. MIDDLE ROW: S. Benedict, K. Watkins, T. Tarr. T. Young, O. Irish, M. Watkins. S. Sesma. BACK ROW. M. Szczepaniak. S. Parrow. J. Miller. J. Rexroat, T. Tweed. M. Garcia, R. Amavisca. P. Burleigh. E. Dopp. 36 JROTC .iv ,-1. u . if 122' JROTC-FIFTH HOUR-FRONT ROW: P. Burleigh. S. Shepard. J. Matoskey. D. Lacey. V. Masone. D. Jorlyn. M. Digetz. A. Scaff. BACK ROW: C. Ware. R. Buske. G. DeAngelis, C. Stites. P. Lucas. J. Chafy. S. Gray. J. Cozby. nun mm -' uw F . ek : ' 1 in . ,L . . ,N ii JROTC-SEVENTH HOUR-FRONT ROW. Taylor. Geraths. Fox, Best. Mayberry.BACK ROW. Roswell, Chapman. Reiman. Jacobson. Jones, Mulligan, Flynn. Hertzog. Steele. "'Xx l Jhfv,-JL fxvf JROTC-EIGHTH HOUR -FRONT ROW1 Fox. Babbitt. Halling, Delgross. Belts. King. BACK ROW: Coons. Smith. Gill. Bell. Buske. Smart. Howard. Garcia. -,iii JROTC 37 B ar . ' I U Q - 1. 'L fb .s l A bpcual In helped esteem ,vs livin here. 'lion self 4- WC! ll 39 4 Kin Kelvin Bartee in A A- tl I Ist Attendants 2nd Attendants 15' .. A txtl af" 3rd A ttendants 4th A ttendants '41.,n- T5 ,wx X , X Q K Richard Haas and T y K Brian Ingle and Pat A wma. HOMECOMING ATT' NDANT5 4l ,As . - la-ag.-.44 A . JTYJHM ' t n ROD O RO YAL TY SENIOR JUNIOR A hA.l' lb Senior Rodeo Attendants were Tom Wilson and Karen Miner Junior Rodeo Attendants were Johnny Perea and Janis Ferraro SOPHOMORE FRESHMAN t.e.5-: -iq? 4 U 8 1 .- 1 .N .- wax Sophomore Rodeo Attendants were Jim Greff and Shelley Feliz RODEO ROYALTY 42 v--ww-nm A Ai' Freshman Rodeo Attendants were Eddie Amavisca and Linda Neeley Willet leads Class of '80 The top 272, of the I98O class were. I. Michael B. Willet. 2. Richard O. Griffith. 3. Joseph A. Dura. 4. David A. Yocky. 5. Douglas J. Daer. 6. Julie E. 2 'its S' X 131' Nelson. 7. Michael R. Walker. 8. Virginia M. Gib- bons. 9. Kathryn Y. Kay, IO. Kelly L. Merten, II. Kay L. Nannestad. I2. Wes R. Kidd. I3. JoAnne De La Torre. I4. Amy B. Swadener. FN, far fu IV' E5 ' X ... i 'xg Aa. 1 47' Wm: 1:-:Q 4-.Q ,ax Wi . TOP TZ, OF I98O CLASS 43 D.L-1 C.A. CLUB KEY CLUB L x 1 Senior Attendants were Tom Carlin and Linda Walker Key Club Sweetheart was Cindy Wright Organizational Sweethearts D.E.C.A. CLUB Vl.C.A. CLUB QT- 53, Sit J' Junior Attendants were Jeff Becker and Cheryl Speer VICA-ICE Sweetheart was Juanita Miller 44 SWEETHEARTS CLASS 5 WEE THEAI? T5 SENIOR JUNIOR size 'if , , +5 RY A Senior Sweethearts were JoAnne De la Torre and David Yocky Junior Sweethearts were Rose Ann Caruso and Tun Perkins and Johnny Perea SOPHOMORE FRESHMAN if Sophomore Sweethearts were Maureen Butler and Tommy Arvizu Freshman Sweethearts were Paige DeHart and Eddie Amavisca CLASS SWEETHEARTS 45 Honor Committee Chooses two Monthl The Optimists and Rotarians were The student Rotarians attended lun- chosen monthly by the Honors Com- cheons every Thursday during the mittee. The students were chosen on month in which they were honored the basis of their school involvement. and met the businessmen of the Com- community interest, leadership quali- munity. The Rotarians received a Ro- ties, character, and scholarship. tarian Club banner at their last lun- cheon. The student Optimists went to Breakfast meetings of the Optimist Club during their month of recogni- tion. They were given a plaque ack- nowldging their accomplishments. 45 ...Y 1:19 .Ms XSEJA' ' X . ROTARIANS-FRONT ROW. Tammy Kowacz. Debbie Haertel, Mary Lou Szcepaniak. Debbie Weisz. JoAnn De La Torre, Pat Amavisca. BACK ROW: Greg Samllidge. Mike Willet. Jim Stevens, Matt Wilson. Marshal Yee. NA wry Rv 1-at 5 OPTIMISTS-FRONT ROW: Yolanda Dowty. Kelly Merten. Patty McKenna. Amy Swadener. JoAnn De La Torre. Julie Nelson. Stacy Reid. Barb Neeley . BACK ROW: Mike Hauer, Joe Dura. Pat Hoffarth. Tom Kelly. David Yocky. Greg Bell. Greg Fitzpatrick. 46 ROTARIANS, OPTIMISTS Ei ht Represent Americanism Girls and Boys State was a program of education for citizenship. It was sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary. They. the girls and boys, in- stituted their own branches of city, county, and state governments. Girls and Boys States purpose was to edu- cate the young women and men in the duties, privileges, rights and responsi- bilities of American citizenship, in or- der that they may understand and par- ticipate in the functioning of their governments, and to help them grasp the meaning of some of the responsi- bilities which they must assume when they become adults. lt was a "learn by doing" method. It was good experience for all of them. GlRLS STATE: Cathy Davis, Patricia McKenna. Virginia Brannoch. Patricia Amavisca. BOYS STATE: David Hayes, Dale Mauzy, Richard Haas. Jack Collins. GIRLS AND BOYS STATE 47 Scholarship Abilities Learned This years sponsors for National Honor Society were Mrs. Beeson. Mr. Shoger. Mr. Owens. and Mr. Goodrich. Officers were Virginia Gibbons. Presi- dents Shirley Haney, Vice-President: Terri Maggard. Secretary. and Julie Nelson, Treasurer. In order to become a member of NHS they had to have a 4.3 grade average and had to be se- lected by the honors committee. NHS had Bagel Sales in the quad before and during school. The money from the sales went to scholarships. Members learned about scholarship. services, building of character. and leadership. This honors club helped to motivate themselves to their school work. s7'a 35- px .T N ,I 5.2 354, V ,. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-FRONT ROW. P. Amavisca. P. McKenna. V. Gibbons. J. Nelson. J. DeLaTorre. SECOND ROW. D. Yocky. B. Bradford. B. Jodat. S. Haney. K. Kay, T. Cornell. Mr. Goodrich. THIRD ROW: M. Willet, D. Magness. S. McDonald. K. Miner. T. Kowacz, K. Neihuis. Mrs. Beeson. FOURTH ROW. K. Nannestadt, W. Kidd. J. Fitzpatrick. B. Brashears. P. Burbrink. T. Walke. FIFTH ROW. J. Dura. T. Meyers. D. Weisz, L. Rockenfield. J. Smith. W. Linch, T. Maggard. L. Webb. Terri Maggard takes a break from the Bagel sales to eat one herself. Mark Conarroeand Julie Nelson combine efforts to sell all the Bagels for 48 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY NHS. lui-ml-, -Lind M .WCHA QUILL AND SCROLL-FRONT ROW: Joel Countryman. Denise Cohn. Mike Butler. Diane Lacek, Debbie Pettett, Cathy Gamez. Mike Baez. BACK ROW: Mr. Cunningham, Susan Jamrozik. Sheila Harney, John Ward, Chris Petkiewicz. Marty McKinstray. Virginia Brannoch. Elizabeth Keller. Journalists Honored in School Quill and Scroll is the International ham. Quill and Scroll members are rec- itiOr and Senior Class. They must have Honorary Society for high Sqhgol jour- ognized by educators and professional done work in some phase of journalism nalists. Quill and Scroll consisted of iournalists for their service and inter- Or Sflwvl publications work. such as the SCIMITAR and FORTRESS staff, est in the journalistic field. yearbook or newspaper. The SPOHSOF was Mr. Larry Cunning- Members of Quill and Scroll are Ju- . 'F I 591' , :fs - ' 5. it ' , ,,----, s in 34.-Wu ' ul Q i ,. 3 Q D Ny . , I J' 4 .- ef' 'P 'ix 4, Nt '19 N.: E E J I I" A 4 r 1, , , Denise Cohn helps Mike Butler draw correct layouts for his section. Between deadlines Debbie Pettett talks with her staff on friendly matters. QUILL AND SCROLL 49 Hola! To the class of I98O1 I want to tell you some of my thoughts and experiences in America and especially you people from Alham- bra. The year I spent here was terrific even when the first months were kind of tough and I didn't know the Ian- guage. But then I got used to everything. the people became friendly and I made many friends . The time seemedto fly and it was more fun. Being an exchange student is a wonderful experience because you've got the opportunity to meet people. learn another language, know new customs and share many things with your host family. lf you have the chance to be one go ahead, don't be afraid. lt's really neat, besides you ind a second family in a foreign country. I love United States and Phoenix the city that gave me friendship, happi- ness and love. Now that my year is over I realize that I've changed a lot. I've new ideas about many things that I wouldn't have if I hadn't come. I want to thank all the people that helped me during the year and to all my friends that I love so much. l'll nev- er forget them! I LOVE YOU ALHAMBRAI Clara Henao Colombia i979-80 Anna Lucia Cooper Vargas exchange student from Costa Rica. Y xrmka Tsubono exchange student from Japan. is L I al I uun.lL.L 50 EXCHANGE STUDENTS Z st.-'aug X I wil Ik? ,lglnx Arizona Honor Band Chooses Three There were five students on AHS campus this year who were chosen to participate in the All Regional Band. Two of the five students selected made the Arizona High School Honor Band. This band had the unique exper- ience of performing at the American BandmastersfJapanese Band Direc- tors Association International Conven- tion. All Honor Band students had re- ceived a beautiful medal. The second half of the concert had been presented by the All-Japan High School Band Can all-male band of DO musicians from all over Japanjflios ' for- eign exchange studerffront Japan was asked to be an Honorary Member. Those who represented the Arizona High School Honor Band were Matt Wilson. Susan Kouts, ands os' IFR Tsubono. ALL REGIONAL BAND: James Johnson-French Horn, Matt Wilson-Trombone. Debbie WeiszTrombone, Anna Hallagan-Tenor Sax. Susan Kouts-Flute. The AHS school band at a home football game performing. Many of these students were selected to play in the All Regional Band. 1. Mr. Kirby instructs the class to play a nice sweet tune for practice. X 'Vi BAND HONOR 'SI rv ' -is N X !. Y -. x y n li x N 5 -' UC- :Q W' .f , " 'hr . ': ' X ' ' ' - l ' . . 'ft' 'I X 1 I 6, I' 4, ' KR X .".. I ' I sf' ' , .x X V MIS, -WSW N 2:1 .I II.If,.II II . I - , n . I, ., X N - gg' I I - L ' Y I -XII qagmv " T xl' 5 , .. , 'I XIQ fI , ll X P In ' A D' g 1 if f . 1 w fx . f1f ,. - 2 y A x F L' XY 5' 'XM' ' 'Hue 5 H , ' , 3 ' I" N' -NFS ' , -X lx. P W 4WN ' .1 I Qs I ' N ' , XII 'fl ' I I :Q XX . , . I ,W-1 I Hu are. N ! X XX . ' ' .V ' .- 'Ji 5 Y I cv QI' K I . .I ..I Q y 3. A Q 'rx JI. xv I Q X' ' a ' A X X-.K .L I, ' V ' Q 'x ' ' I I i X A r M N I' I, 'I 1 - xx., I iI I --., ' X I X K Ks X f - -' X N , " M V , :Rexx X 1 xx ' X Q :N U Qslxx 1 f M , x YN Q ' , - I x ' A - 1 . x X9 f Q-if ' 9 hx X 1 YJ ,ia ' NI I 5 I I X lg I NX TN Q' QW fn 1- A x img :Ya -9 'Rx-f i 'UIIII p. g In I, N JI , X :QI II X I 1 ' ' Q I x- xx 'T - . , . 2 x "- " . ' N s - nw P- E .xl X X it ', XM I 1 Mu ix 'by X. 'xxx X mi f N ' 511 W YY - E . , N- -' s I --I ' ' ' "QM l , I II , .X I . I r, VI, RQ fu", W- A uxgikb t' ' x L..' I XX 'pf ufexxx sk - " 'tix N'-. R? N- xv'-Ml Fx ' 7" , - 'f X . f l rm T": '-ng-fl Q'S-IQ - . m . , ' - N f a xw- I c f- ' xtw U If , Iu ,I,,I.IIr-'SKY' Wu ' "N .I m -MIN' . ,L .1 .45 . ' 'A f-.VII n . ' If , 1' ' X ,if ' I XI I I. II.I..I ,T.IIII. I I x .I ,I .I I , . I :IQ 13+ I ,H I I -x K 5 . l N ' x -,II l . C , TJI Q I l 'xi i- ,T I "Al- .. IJIIZIIIII . , QI, I ,I, ,.a,f1+' A ' X. v I .IIIIII I II. - 1 Alan .I X5 X 'tis' x a. I IIIIII 3 II ' I,-I Iq A- ' f 5'-f'f i212f N-Q -' 1 - Q. '- X S.. 3 W? ':'. 1- 1. ' I NACQIILT I ,I 'K ig T' x..i I FQ' - N I I II I L IJP , 'Q I' ' I II I - , I I P II . I s ,Tp I. I 1 A X 1 II ' ws Ln Y--,LMI --' - - u I , I"" I SQ: 4' 1 ff 532 'QQ FFQQQ, I 'rv 153 , , 'Q ' lb. x 5 Q N 0 . in - n yy -. ah -. yu - ,- .', ,m,, .U A K1 . ..'-" 12 W E ii iq? Q Sf R ii K, xg X if g QNX sfag b iii F limi Q 4iurv:i 5' X is QY D .. X925 Q , ' 1 ' vs, fQf,n,,g 'Qs Q wi mm ,L ff 51" m I ex N wif --1' ggi .A , ' M Y. 4'-1138 u,Q:S!V X A . - lf f, V 1 ' 4 u K x .-- f ' " f f fr - o '1 I V W , 'n ' . in t P- . AA , 'x' it. at K ,Mm ., 2, K .L fn A u A UA J 3 . Jw Fqm X 's 1 ff ,mi Ly A v My gb A VL 1 j' x ' U V . Q 1. 1 1 v li., .VK V blwaalh 4 6 g A My K P' f" s .x ' x 6 Q g,..i 8 M Qafi,-"if 5 'A-,. .Q 1. " . f - 5 X 'W . -,K 'gay w ..' W N, 1 . 4" ' X", , h- M '5'5"'vn, H.. A , .' u I . Q , - - . , . I' ,+ .. X' Q L -4 K Vg kwk 'H .A Q M'wu '1 W 1Q'VM f 'fp Q . .FQQFM Q 2 fig wgaw J Q 1W 'wQMw N K' , J Q a Q V ,, Q , 9' ,l E 1, 12.535 , K- ' I A Q J' ' ' ' A S F 'ff' ' Q ,. . A ' W' tl' - 'i2""' L5 4 q , 'Aff' ' A 1 'SJ 34,5 ' . ,u 10" 'g ' - . 5' f'xr"n Q' A wlf , if 5 x ' ' 9 x 5' , V 5 ' , W. N- , ,hr Mit' K 1 1' bg x ,Q .Q ,, 'L ,gY.,p -jk MA! fqxfg. ff-gg 1 g, 1 f. 3 Q .. L A .. aw ' f"'w " kv Q an .Q 4 Q sz 11 , . .. ., Q5 an - .1 I .:'Rw' ,Rk'4 E sa J , ,un..zYJ Ili IN rf 7 A 'Wing Pm VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM-FIRST ROW: K. Kersting, Mgr.i S. Ritcher, Mgr., J. Perea, K. Bartee, R. Pierce, P. Pippins. G. Mathews. Mgr.i D. Cooper. Mgr. SECOND ROW. E. Lovato, B. Green, W. Lynch. D. Clark, T. Fredrickson, Mgr. R. Allen. M. Weld, D. Anderson. F. Cordova. THIRD ROW: Coach Culbertson. V. Kroza. R. Estrella, B. Hunt, B. lngle. H. Nienstadt, M. Stewart. T. Perkins. Coach Nassif. FOURTH ROW: P. Hernandez. G. Gonzales. M. Moore. D. Gibbons. Coach Kersting. S. Graham. S. Monroe, J. Dolynuik,C. Shillington. FIFTH ROW. S. Miller, M. Gadberry, T. Paulas. F. Marple. J. Meyer. M. Hauer. D. Fenn. K. McCormick. B. Graham. Superman Efforts send Varsity to yoffs Kelvin Bartee was a big asset to the I979-l98O Varsity Football team. He was voted the Most Valuable Player. and was also the leading rusher. Kelvin, along with Brian lngle and Chuck Shill- ington. were selected as the team Co- Captains. Rick Estrella was the leading passer, and Jim Meyer was the leading pass reciever. There were quite a few awards giv- en out. Such as, outstanding offensive back was given to Kelvin Bartee. The Most Outstanding defensive back was Brian lngle. The years outstanding of- fensive lineman was Chuck Shillington and the Most Outstanding defensive lineman was Dan Fenn. A special award was given out this year. Jim Meyer was honored with the "Matt Owens Award" by being the Most Dedicated Player. Coaches Jack Kersting, Sam Nassif and Vern Culbertson helped the Lions to a 5-5 record, which sent AHS to the divisonal State playoffs, where they met the Maryvale Panthers, losing to them by a score of I3-30 as Maryvale continued in the playoffs. Si., ess' X .g 7 7 ..r..,.i'..ii tri, L e + iiiit Q2 t'.. il.' '.'r'l vAksfii5.foofbAzgf..ifif, , .HV -,.,. ,lsry A gji.lg.MV3 vlbx Westwood 6 Central O south is L 34 North 48 O 'sf Maryvale I7 A 20 - Camelback IO Q 3 Phoenix Union 23 6 Carl Hayden 28 7 Trevor Browne 3 7 West 28 0 STATE PLAYOFFS Maryvale is so WON 5, Losr 6 VARSITY FOO TBALI. 55 fe. fx YQs5re5,1QlsQ5i--i -- fs I 1 1 i X Alas' ll aw- I. The Maryvale secondary gives Lion receiver a scare, as he prepares to leap for the reception. CFred Marpleb 2. ln the State Playoffs, the Panthers try to stop one of AHS' top rushers. fPhilIip Pippinsj 3. Taking after his big broth- ers. Ricky, Kelvin Bartee rushes for yet another Lion ls! down. 4. Lion defenders await the snap. as they can threaten the Panthers with a quarter- back sack. 5. The Lions give it their best. on offense. as well as on defense. if 4.,,,fif'N,4 FOOTBALL ACTION 57 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL AHS OPP Westwood 7 34 Central 7 0 South 7 20 West 35 6 Maryvale I2 34 Camelback I2 6 Phoenix Union 32 7 ,Q 4 Carl Hayden I3 O fig A. Rl 5 Trevor Browne 6 I4 L P West 35 7 ESQ M1 gg r,..,,y,g. . . Won 6, Lost 4 The Junior Varsity punter prepares to kick the ball in one of the night games. Vince Aguilera Leads .l. V. Lions! Vince Aguilera led the I979-l98O Ju- nior Varsity Football team as the Most Valuable Player, as he also led the de- fense in team tackles. Tommy Arivizu was the teams lead- ing rusher. He finished the season by rushing a total of 647 yards and five touchdowns. The team finished with a 6-4 record and placed second in League The Lions defeated the very power- ful Camelback and Central Teams. Richard Johnson and Marvin Nevins were the fine Junior Varsity coaches as the team anticipates a strong Varsi ty team for the future. ,, x X 'fr L JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL-FIRST ROW: T. Dodt. T. Arvizu. T. Hoesel, J. Jacoby. L. Gore. D. Brewster. B. Hammonds. SECOND ROW: M. McDowell. R. Williams. J. Imnah. K. Kirkman, D. Busker. T. Broyles. T. Short. B. Lawler, S. Ambrose. THIRD ROW: Coach Johnson. A. Pavlenko. A. Raski. M. Laird, V. Aguilera, O. Pippins. N. Miceli. V. Adkins. 8. Shupe, T. Sarandos, Coach Nevins. FOURTH ROW: S. Calderon. J. Schied. F. Trujillo, S. Graham, J. Camargo, J. Cangemi, A. Lindsey, J. Brown. B. Sutton, J. Leke. FIFTH ROW: V. Rangel, H. Triened, J. Olsker, R. Martinez, D. Davis. E. Soto, P. Abram. T. Ward. SSJUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL N f I I FRESHMAN HEA VYWEIGHTFOOTBALL-FIRSTROW: M. Flores. S. Beyhar. L. Williams: Mgr.. S. Arvizu. G. Rooper, B. Healy. SECOND ROW: A. Harding. C. Burt. A. Stiner. T. Davis. J. Smith, J. Grover. B. Grosebacher. R. Carter. J. Watson. THIRD ROW: Coach Faubion, D. Mann. M. Lewis. J. Chavez. D. Pimental. S. Hodge. K. Wilder. B. Jacobson. C. Meeks. Coach Berra. FOURTH ROW: L. Wells, A. Nethercutt. G. Bedore, N. Bloom. F. Davis. M. Mathis. T. Pierce. D. Alcantar. T. Davis. FIFTH ROW: T. Henry. M. Negri. T. Dugan. D. Erhardt. G. Hernandez. P. Brandon. L. Slaughter. K. Brewster, S. Ziegler. Freshman Football sho ws Lion Pride Both Freshman Heavyweight and Lightweight Football teams showed FRESHMAN HfAWWf'GH' FOOTBALL Lion Pride ana great Alhambra sports- FRESHMAN L1GHrwf1GHr foomu manship in the 79-SO Football season. AHS OPP The Heavyweight team ended their AHS OPP Central 24 0 season with a 4-6 record, led by their Centra, 2' 0 South I9 I2 coaches Mr. Faubion and Phil Berra. south 5 5 rgllbale S lg The Lightweight team finished their Temps 6 6 Camlrback 6 7 season with a 3-3-2 record. Both zlgzlrrlik Q 4,3 phoenix union 0 lg coaches were "off campus" advisors, Carr Hayden I8 D Carl Hayden 20 8 which meant extra time on their part Trevor Browne I4 44 Tfsvof BWWHQ 0 20 to come out and instruct these athe- Saguaro 34 0 Wes' 'S 0 letes. Mr. Stark and Ricky Bartee were 4 WINS, 6 rgggg this years Lightweight coaches. 3 WINS. 3 LOSES. J TIES FRESHMAN LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL-FIRST ROW: S. Wardrope. T. Ramey. K. Shourds. R. Byrum. J. Vasquez. SECOND ROW: D. Beebe, T. O'RieIIy. S. DeLuna. R. Anderson. E. Foster. T. Abalos, J. Yenkala. THIRD ROW: Coach Stark. E. King. S. Mathews. J. Guerrero, R. Sybrant. I. Aguirre. L. Tang. S. Blockberger. Coach Bartee. FOURTH ROW: E. Aspinall. D. Kronz. J. Pickard. J. Havlik. S. Davis. M. M. McDowell. N. Batie. E. Brown. FIFTH ROW: J Smithson. G. Manning. F. Chavey. T. Hinson. J. Fortier. G. Baggett. B. Kozak. R. Porter. U05 hi' S 'C 'ii +35 Q .-.,-, , X 5 E sf 'X I 4" 60 BASKETBALL 'xf fi I 425, Jgrv. K: k - P Vx : , . Q . . '!'7,'n3v nets opp Carl 52 West. 39 Phoenix Union 62 7I Trevor Browne 67 52 Camelback 7l 63 Carl Hayden 64 54 West 75 34 Phoenix Union 72 79 I7 WINS, 5 LOSSES I. Sophomore Elston Jones puts all of his strength and concentration into his "turn-around" jump shot. 2. Junior Mike Klooster competes against a rugged Trevor Browne defense, but still com- pletes the basket and adds another two points onto the LIONS scoreboard. :CWM :LW W W :KW ,OWS Q? VARSITY BASKETBALL-FRONT ROW: B. Ingle, T. Kelly. G. Nelson, L. Baker, J. Troutt. BACK ROW: K. Christopher, M. Klooster. E. Jones. J, Meyer, S. Ziegler, D. Yocky, T. Frederickson. Kemps Lions ha ve Success once Again Mr. Phil Kemp did it again! He led the I979-I98O Varsity Basketball team to another successful season, and also sent the team to the state playoffs. Junior Lorin Baker and Senior Tom Kelly were the team's Captains this year. Lorin was also the team's Most Valuable Player. Junior Mike Klooster received a special award for having the most rebounds. Coach Kemp felt the offense as well u"'m-aj 3- s fx av 2 sf -... as the defense was pretty much the same, except the team had much bet- ter movement. At FORTRESS press time, AHS was ranked fifth in state. Coach Kemp was very proud of his 79-80 Lions, and hon- ored all of the eleven members with the "Most Inspirational" Award. The I98OI98I season looks very bright for Mr. Kemp, as he has many returning lettermen. QI ,, .4 lm ,f rt gggkl VARSITY BASKETBALL 6I Nallf :Isl N-r at gn 2 I., W tl I A l JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL-FRONT ROW: B. Poorman. F. Vanderzee. R. Johnson. M. Frank. V. Aguilera. BACK ROW: Coach Sweet. T. Morrison. G. Sharpe. F. Kisner. C. Henry. G. Walton, L. Smith. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL AIU1 52 44 62 East 39 Trevor 40 59 Camelback Sl 47 Carl 52 35 West 72 36 Phoenix Union 56 47 Trevor Browne 70 48 Camelback 64 42 Carl Hayden 54 50 West 75 38 Phoenix Union 55 47 I4 WINS, 5 LOSSES I ,fwf mith and Walton hoot Baskets to Victor ! Tom Sweet led the sensational I979- l98O Junior Varsity Basketball team to a very successful year. The team fin- ished the season with the fourteen wins and only five losses. The team finished their winning season beating the highly ranked Phoenix Union Coyotes by a score of 55-47. The teams Co-Captains were Logan Smith and Gregg Walton. Gregg was not only one of the Co-Captains, but was also the teams Most Valuable Play- er. lt looks as though Coach Kemp can look forward to a very fine Varsity team next year. with such fine players Coach Sweet has developed. 'Fi' I XX k audi f in is are Senior Jim Meyer. shows that he's not only de- Mike Klooster releases the ball with determination as it nears the basket, pendable on the football field. but also one of the leading basketball players for AHS. 62 JV BASKETBALL S ACTION XR FRESHMAN GREEN BASKETBALL TEAM FRONT ROW: S. Bejar. J. Smith. T. Abalos. l. Aguirre. B. Grossenbacher D Levinson BACK ROW Coach Horcasitas R Llachris M Negri G Hernandez P. Brandon. T. Pierce, S. Gorenitz. Horcasltas and oble y Coach Frosh Al Horcasitas and Willard Nobley were the coaches for the I979-I98O Freshman Green and Red Basketball teams. Both teams had a good season. The Green team ended their season with six wins and six losses. The Red team had an exceptionally good season end- ed with a 7-5 record. Alan Ziegler was the teams Most Valuable Player. Barry Sanders and Bernie Garcia were both the Most ln- spirational players. Joe Havlik was the Most Dedicated player. while Eric Brown and David Alcantar captained the team. FRESHMAN RED BASKETBALL TEAM FRONT ROW F. Luian. R. Strunk. E. Brown, J. Havlik. O. Irish. BACK ROW Coach Nobley D Alcantar A Ziegler B 'NPPQOMQ-if 2 x! ll! 9 f . L 2' 24 vu' a r'L""T'?. X W - mf vm, 1 ,.,..., . - . -rw R-N654-W, 1 :'f.j'2'EYv11"--'FN' mt','f'W" - ' Q K X X X mx 'v x, x N KY: .X ,QL Ax 1 X ., K X st xx X X XX X X 'X ' x WX. ,K X K " X X N 'XJ XJ X - X , X X N x 1 . V xQ x, 1 X. Wx, , X fxkx X' Y x X W- . . xl , , X -X mxi J - A --xxx' X g ., I ,7 N .wi XXVI V XX M xx .X .x X xx I .X A xy X XX X h X in V X1 . X y 'X-J X . X .I X, '-Vx - N K N 1 x, , l s E X X' X -X N- A. X.. M ,. W, X 3 x , X X x 'N..,,f' .x ' X' A x - L XXX-X' X asantlafk 64 WRESTLING 'X Q I Ferguson and K Ing Captain Wrestlers Seniors Cary Ferguson and Mitch King captained the l979-l980 Varsity Wrestling team to a 5-5 season. The team had a new coach this year- Mr. Jim Culbertson. Coach Culbertson had a fine start. Junior Byron Green was voted the Most Valuable Player and senior Marc Ricitelli was awarded the Most Inspira- tional wrestler. Bruce Homsey was the Most Improved and Benji Lawlor was the Most Dedicated. The team had three freshman wres- tlers who made the Varsity team. Four of the teams members went to All-State. They were Marc Ricitelli, By- ron Green. Burce Homsey and Dan Pendley. VARSITY WRESTLING AHS OPP Shadow Mountain I4 47 Camelback 36 30 Apollo 27 33 South 2l 38 Central 25 2I North 50 9 Carl Hayden 3l 34 West 3l 28 Phoenix Union 30 26 Maryvale 20 43 5 WINS. 5 LOSSES U .. .... .rr-..-...... one of the home matches. 2. One of the Lion's Varsity wrestlers prepares to put his opponent in a pin. 3. One of the wrestlers goes on defense to stop his opponent from holding him in a lock. 6,1 ,Ii " S JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING AHS OPP Shadow Mountain 5 57 Camelback 45 22 Apollo 6 72 South Mountain 35 30 Carl Hayden 9 I2 Phoenix Union 8 54 Maryvale 0 78 2 WINS. 4 LOSSES David Beebe captained the Junior Varsity Wrestling team through its I979-I98O season. Scott Hodge was vot- ed the Most Valuable wrestler and Alex Pavlenko was honored with the Most Inspirational Award. Chris Stites won the Most Dedicated Award. Jack Miller was this years coach and did a fine job. I. One of the Varsity Wrestlers gains control over one of his opponents at a home match. 2. Senior Marc Riccitelli has been announced of his winning another match. 3. One of the Varsity wrestlers prepares to put his opponent in a pin. v . w I X so , -..I-fs .0-Q. I. One of our Lion wrestlers prepares to give his all in representing AHS. 2. Marc Riccitelli shows total control over his opponent in one of the matches. 3. Brian Homsey puts the move on a Camelback wrestler. 4. Mitch King uses his concentration to put his opponent in a pin. Q' JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING FRONT ROW R Stiner S Hodge S Thornton D. Beebe. BACK ROW-C. Stites. M. Mathis. A. Pavlenko. M. Kerfoot. B. JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING 67 4 Qs 4 4 ,,A..gsq.-:.,e W C 4nf""""'A' --v ' .W 'sd-vm 68 f BOYS CROSS-COUNTRY-FIRST ROW: D. Youvella. S. Smith. H. Taulton, R. Stiner, V. Fredricks, L, Davis. SECOND ROW: R. Martinez. J. Nathan, M. Mancuso. T. Williams, T. Castillo. S. Saber, O. Davidson, J. Williams. R. Perez. THIRD ROW: G. Fredrickson. G. Simmons, T. Morrison, C. Petkewitz, B. Johnson. N. Gano. G. Bell. M. Farrell. J. Owens. Coach Morrison. 1 oem.-.itS, -ififfg IQ 3-2 ig, Q2 . I, 5 gk . -46 C-20- '36' A FlNAl.S .',,1, i iJ1"'Zj,' ' , V I i z, ii.'.f? , Greg Bell Captains Bo s Cross Country Senior Greg Bell captained the Boys Cross-Country team to a I2-3 season. Along with Greg, Tom Williams and Mike Farrell were all returning letter- men. They competed for the first time inthe Tempe Invitational. This was the top I5 teams in the state and Alhambra placed IOth. The Most Outstanding Runner on the Junior Varsity team were junior Tom Williams and Mark Mancuso. The Outstanding Freshman Runner was Henry Tavison. The future looks good for the Varsi- ty Boys Cross Country. Both J.V. and Freshmen teams were the City champs, Mark Mancuso was the indi- vidual JV champ. The boys philosophy for the year was: "Winning isn't everything, but wanting to is." A mass of determined Cross Country Runners hurry to finish first. I lv T1 1' S' o 3 at ,gk i 4- . L, 4- f--, 'ii --is ' I, su, " ef is if 2 lwfif- -f- H 2. . Y fr J J. f . ,N I I I, ? iz I, A J 1 an JJ , . -I I ' Y but ,' , ,f - . - ' , L K "'s- .Ni C . qi g i 1 . 1 . 12 ..i' ' s , . lp 4? .,:,7 J - Tom Williams. Most Outstanding Juntor Runner, crosses the finish line. are wg-N BOYS CROSS-COUNTRY 69 1 1 v I 1 P 1 v F Q qi 0 1 Q -,s 451-P ' I -.Q . .5 P --aw I ua N af . -1 ,IZ 2 vu .2 -v---vw ..K, -N Q ,. ,.,-.101- if as 9 , X ' M R 1 yi w.Qxf,.,..-:,..fg+1fvw-fw-vw,kf.'v'1l:- rw-' Q -,-,H-rv, ,K 7 ...,, . an ' K Q , 1 1 5 . 4 V 'wx , N ' . lg-gg? 1 x .QW Vif ' Alf. A - fn ' R1 .. .Q -N, . 5 fx . a-' , L Sf? E415 X. Q4 ' 'X' ' '. , 5 u I-uEf , Y , ' rd ig 5. K9' . W X I '9- 3 ii. S L i9W8NV!""b 'fc . fn. 5 if at 4 Q we 'X gunna-.,.,,.,..!l' AMN' ,253 . I JU if 4 1 . tw 4, Q ' 4 15 X? :lik .gi f .V if f, J Runners Rank 4th in the Sta te Eighteen girls tried out for the 79-80 Girls Cross-Country this year. and six- teen ended the season very success- fully. Captain Amy Swadener piloted the team to its third year of undefeat- ed seasons. Lisa Anetsberger, Amy Swadener. Mickey Mardeusz, and Kathy Weld were all returning letter- persons. Lisa Anetsberger was the number one runner in Arizona. as she was also the schools Most Valuable Runner. The Junior Varsity team also had an excellent season. The team consisted of Sandy Bell, Claire Fierros, Elaine Hoffarth, Audrey Glemba, Dorothy Martin and, freshman. Christy Rogers. Coach Hugh Morrison, who also coaches Boys Cross-Country, said that the team philosophy was: "lf you think you can, or if you think you can't, you are right." Sandy Bell watches intently as she encourages her Cross-Country teammates. O Q P l 8 orfeit , . . ..- K , 4 .,L,' N .. .. , .- . ,DIXLISIONALS ESI ' L ' ' . tfy5'j5rrt1g,yfiNALS Placed 2 QI- Team GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY-FIRST ROW: C. Fierros. W. Pierce. M. Mardusz. L. Anetsberger, A. Swadener, L E. Hoffarth, C. Rogers. SECOND ROW: J. Burke. Mgr., A. Glemba. K. Weld, L. Young. P. Jorgensen. D. yajff' ,f'3f'?Q.lf' Martin. S. Bell. Coach Morrison. NOT PICTURED: Coty Hernandez. 4 Claire Fierros keeps her consistent stride as she nears the finish line. A few members of the team practice before one of the meets. f se- W '- " I -lt A jg, i an L? 9 ln- j ' - 'Qu NQWQX . s .. , ,Ha .fx 'A '7"' vs , -Q fh- A, ia my-M fa. ,, . vwghkxw ln.. I x W ,Fw -N, 'NE Y- R A . X..., M ix N W X bk nv 4 x r 1 rp.. ' Q , il - 4 ,M , X. 1 ,. Ql- 411 ...fn- ,,,.-Q mais X . , ,QA . N"!"x:?QE""1v'+ii"' 's . 'A' A .- W9 - 'Ir Mark Williams Led 78- 79 Team l I i QT... -A-rn. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: B. Swaim, R. Stiner. B. Dugan, R. Haas, R. Peirce. B. Green. R. Chambers. MIDDLE ROW: B. Homsey. L. Baker. D. Marin, A. Okabayashi, R. Estrella, K. Turza. B. lngle. BACK ROW: Coach Nevins. B. Homsey. M. Schmidt. B. Baldenegro, T. Kelly. D. Yocky, M. Higgins. L. Kellar. N': t,""'..-.. 5 .:f't1i'7'1 , ., ... .I.'g.ff 'xxx '- "J 237---A-Q 'T luuw---.- +L..-... ., .....,... A ff- -- W W- --+ - ...M . ., ., L... I uf .,.,.: 'A - ' " 'L V- ...Q ff. ' T',f"" -.. ...... --W -Q . . . f ,, rf: .:::.::1L'::':: :as -f' 4' 'H ee- s,..f,....-gawg.. - as W.. , ..-. , . ., M... W ,HL-fs-, --- - -- n-.UQR-vaio-sr' ' N" - L - .... s.. -.......--- - 7 -- "W, . ' "' ,,, -'O' ss..-7.."'f f'4.QQQ'.'...I.1'2, . 57: 5- 'sf-' 'M-f-0-Q ,f .337 - ' 'gf , I ....4..-.-.....-. ,,Q- QQ.. 'Tl " N ' 'S W., A,.. ,,, ,uk alsvgnnsw-vs, gk' ' -Q 'UB -.Q . s s.. . . ....,.,,4..' .., -M C1f............, . . , 'fs -f . . . . . .,.s.,.s. Ms... ,.. sf -hs-....l.... ...,. .,... , .ve s ,fy "NE . . .,. , ,, , cw... ff ...,.,.,... L . ....,.s. awe' -5 S Q -W N- -P - - s--, .a,s,.......,..,,..-...,. ..-Q-'H ... . ........ 'M-'S - - i' A 5. ' ' .5 .Z'1....'W 'ii'f1fTfT'.,'1i'T"'.if"' T , .sufrszfti 1.-f.,-:.1-zz.: .....,...,.....,- I ...,.,.. ... -. . ..,g,.. . . ,. 5 ,...4s --'....-..-. ,, EER-4'--f XM L. . . .. , .. .,,.....,. ,. l' i v ...Ji - ...Fi Q Q l A ,Q if 1 t ' Q l Q Lew in 4 t f 7.7 il A - f - Q 7 ' r-1' 'W Junior Rick Estrella lets go and throws a perfect curve ball to one of the the Central Bobcats. Mark Williams Ief the l978-l979 Var- sity Baseball Team to a fine close. Mar- vin Nevins Ied the team and Richard Johnson led the Junior Varsity team. Mark Williams was voted the Most Valuable for the 78-79 season. Coach Nevins felt that the team's strength was based on the returning lettermen. and the team's weakness was the hit- ting department. Mr. Nevins was grateful that the 78-79 team was so much more experienced than last year's team. On the Junior Varsity team, Mike Smith was voted Most Valuable and finished with a .350 average. Lorin Ba- ker was also a team leader as the team's pitcher. VARSITY BASEBALL AHS OPP East 6 ll Trevor Browne 4 I3 North 20 5 Trevor Browne 6 lO Camelback 2 6 Maryvale 6 7 Carl Hayden 4 5 West 9 7 Phoenix Union I2 2 Trevor Browne 8 IO Camelback 7 2 Carl Hayden 2 IO West IO 5 Phoenix Union I4 O Trevor Browne 2 I2 Camelback 5 4 Carl Hayden 2 5 7 WINS. IO LOSSES -su-gall-I I. Brian Dugan makes his way to third base as Central's third baseman waits for the throw. 2. Rick Estrella puts forth effort and strength into each pitch. as he exhibits here. A-we-44.4.-4 dlvqesq -4-.Q-.Q-.A-1s...,..-.sw-,.L4 ,,-,-.f, . fi sw 55 X p AQ. se! C i I Ci I I Aa e ....-F., YK I ,X 4'-4' Tv"-va.. T JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL-SITTING: T. Grossenbacher. J. Sorley, C. Drew. R. Williams, J. Gruff. F. Cordova. KNEELING: K. Johnsoni Mgr., T. Chase, P. Schmidt. T. Arvizu, M. Laird. J. Cayer, M. Schmidt. R. Crowse, K. Walkeri Mgr. STANDING: N. Aguilar, D. Etz. L. Smith, G. Nix. J. Brown, M. Hogland, Coach Johnson. FRESHMAN ALL JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL BASEB AHS OPP I AHS OPP East 6 io ,,,....,... 3 4 ' Trevor Browne 8 6 ' , I ras' ro 9 Camelback I5 4 .era -ag I, e ' Trevor Browne I IO Trevor Browne 2 5 'n af., I I I I "' Camelback I6 I5 MarYvaIe I II ru. r Nr 1 J! Mafvvak 6 6 Carl Hayden 7 I i 4' Carl Hayden 7 4 West I 9 Wes' ro 7 Camelback 5 6 f6"16'bI3fk 8 Z 53 Phoenix union is 2 r revor rown T B 0 4 -- dl- -""i " Camelback 4 2 Cgixgaagswne 3 I3 Car' H6Yd6'1 6 6 Carl Hayden is I4 s West 8 3 West 8 I . A, I X Camelback 4 IO Phoenix Union Forfeit ' A ' - Trevor Browne 3 4 Trevor Browne 9 II '52 6 I C6"'6'baCk 5 7 Camelback 3 7 ' - . I I ' -I Carl Hayden I2 2 CMI Hayden 7 5 I West I2 IO West II 4 Cemfal 6 I Central 6 ii Phoenix Union Forfeit I. Tom Kelly makes a good defensive play in one 9 WINS 7 LOSSES 2 TIES of the games. 2. Brian Dugan prepares to make ' ' ' 9 WINS II LQSSES his way home. 3. Richard Haas puts power and ' strength into every swing. A' r. . ,ing . . ,1-'-. I J- -aa. ...f7. .lla A . ...yum-u, -6-ww I a "rf 1' i '..a:1fgg,jLl - .I A A '- X ' I I -A. H "n, ' -Q-. Ae! J 4. . .,. . My if M- 4 6 -1' T- yd - 5 bm-4-','55 at .ee f f' . X I. I - ,Y .1 L Q...,r-.,:...e...QIN.-,5.e,A,e.,2,,gg-age 4 ,.,v5e,e- .me - 64... -. -S74-'-q2'f:.'3"-'gn'if16233364Tr..ST5f.,g41r: ,gf -. r - 'rv - - fs1'!.?1i?..5Fg'1:.Q.j S'-.-Quafrfjegpjit. 'Q '- 6: fr 'Q Q ' ,k 1. ' I e Y V 22 ,. . ' I-' T ,-',".. Q'gi., ,,3,a.j',1' -I. N-ff..-gezy-.'g.,f,.g4r.., H .. - - 1 3 4 .. M. . 1+ .. I 1 L Mpwli,ff-,,f'2':-I-37533,54,,1:?Ei:ef1I',if.?f5v.,t Q . 1 , 1'-X, I.- .. Ra: --we fa ---- , 4...-olSt4-""4""'fN"4'7""'r6I1"v5"3""'?:' "'?""1 ..""'. gf- 'Y ' A l' ' Y -li? H111 .-'Z' ,' E14 s gt 6 W - Hr jx. If , 1, 1. , - f--f v P341 t , ,XZ KO' xatisi - , My I v Q '-' R 9 M Q V A Q.: is 'QW 9 . nw'-sz 1 Q Q za , v 'Lv e f w .ds 3 ,ig Y WW: 4. ,Su JE to 8 we , M, .9 E Q 'ia L V -..' F- Q' 'U ,NiUs'4f,. gbmlr 5 , al FRESHMAN BASEBALL FRONT ROW A Sttner A Harding S Wardrope D Cortes. B. Grossenbacher. R. Carter.A. Matsumoto. E. Brown, S. Vosgmrt Mgr. BACK ROW K Wllder B Sanders J Lynch F Lutan R Vachrls J Fortler S. Davis. D. Alcantar, Coach Starr. I. David Marin makes a close play and wtth a good effort to get the runner out. 1. Richard Haas makes a good play and arrives at lst base safely. 3. One of AHS batters is up. as his teammates look on tnstde the dug-out. ....-......--..I. .4 ,Y . -,V-M -sa-iv-1-H V .....,- A X ,,, , 'v.a..,,.,, A ' ,1,M,x,,. .rv-.-- .-,Q ,,, -" ' s, 3,t5,s-r-we-f af.-,v ... Y - Y arf " 1 y ' A" "- ,,-, 0 N'f9'f . ti Pg: . .ss 1 1. Q s .gin r ' Q .2 1 2. I. st J in Q, -,M x . 7 'Yi K iii-Sexy' dull' Q 76 SOFTBALL -34 sk 3 Q VARSITY SOFTBALL-FIRST ROW. B. Neeley. C. Smith. R. Piere, N. Hoffarth. SECOND ROW. T. Pierce. S. Junas. C. Bayley, T. Montoya. A. Glemba. THIRD ROW. C. Spear, L. Garcia. L. Ingle. F. Garcia. L. Neeley. Neele y and Ba yle y Captain with Pride! Lucia Jones led another successful Varsity Softball team to a close this season. The team, led by reliable cap- tains Barbara Neeley and Cathy Bay- ley, finished the regular season well enough to get a ticket to the playoffs. Linda Neeley was honored with the Most Valuable Player award. Audrey Glemba won the "Golden Glove Award" and was also the best Defen- sive Player. Colleen Meagher and Tracy Roberts led the Junior Varsity team to an also fine season. Julie Runnings was not only the teams leading pitcher, but also the Most Valuable Player. The Most Improved Players this year were Karen Hunt and Rene Butler. Senior Linda Garcia awaits her opponents pitch in hopes of a home run. GIRLS VARSITY SOFTBALL AHS OPP AHS OPP South Mountain I5 3 West 4 Central I7 I Trevor Browne 2 North I2 36 Camelback 8 Maryvale 4 Il Carl Hayden 4 East 'X 9 8 West South I I4 4 Carl Hayden 4 Central 5 West 3 North' 9 North ll 2 4 Washington 3 5 Trevor Browne 6 7 Camelback 2 4 Carl Hayden 6 0 I5 WINS. 5 LOSES Trevor Browne 0 V I 'fa f ,V 0 . JUNIOR VARSITY SOFTBALL-FRONT ROW. M. Montoya. W. Pierce, L. Rauch. G. Staten. K. Hurlburt. A. Berberich. S. Tucker. K. Miller. K. Hunt. BACK ROW: M. Glazemen. L. Wayman. C. Meagher. D. Luinuscio. M. Butler. K. Shourds. Coach Nevins. S. Hobert. N. Aguilar. T. Roberts. P. Jorgensen. J. Runnings. C. Jodat. Runnings pitches "Valuable " Season I I JUNIOR VARSITY SOFTBALL AHS OPP South 4 I Central IO O North No Score Available No Score Maryvale 6 J East I5 O South 5 9 Central II I North No Score Available No Score Washington No Score Available No Score Trevor Browne No Score Available No Score Trevor Brownell 0 Camelback 3 J Carl Hayden I9 O Carl Hayden I5 3 West 9 7 ll WINS. I LOSS Barbara Neeley strives to reach first base before the teams defense can get there first. Available Available Available Available FRESHMAN SOFTBALL-FRONT ROW: A. Rood. I. Colligon. C. Rogers, L. Pacheco, L. Williams. K. Bonham. FRESHMAN SOFTBALL S. Penrose. BACK ROW. M. Kearney. K. Neihuis. S. Kressel, D. Denny, P. Allen. Coach Ziegler, T. Padilla, S. AHS Qpp South IO 9 Central 5 3 East I2 I3 Maryvale I9 I East e I5 8 Central I8 I3 East I9 3 Washington JI I5 Trevor Browne 3 I6 Camelback I2 4 West I0 9 Maryvale IO D Trevor Browne 5 9 Camelback 9 4 2 West I3 7 ll WINS. 4 LOSSES Arvizu. T. Cutting. C. Chavez. D. Hovey. 'IV I-0' .QI rvaidb " -nf I - ft-2-L.--X - Q - ,..3g.,jf ,,mq,g ,gg W - axis 44 KT A K I F-'V+' 'z 'fxwyis' Haw 'Z' ' 1' g X '- XA-A-, .,5x6',c..i,:,4 ,,,. I, .. gk, H .,.-1-r--v.,-,,.,v.q K .,... . ' 1- V :. -H39 4 Q ' V P -qw -Y -K1!'i9'9,'f-.53 , . ,qtbf .f"3"'A . W , W N, K H5 I 1 V Hmmm Q , A, ,M , wa, -2-fum. ky " " -I I ,..-,. ,N kizv--W: ,,,Q -HM ,,...,,, - ...-...,,....-w.-- 'Q jr Q , wfs,,5sff,,..nfa1. Af ' ' . ' ,.,, ,M wx A K '14 5 mx.,-55" in VW, 4. gf 1 O r J' jig, 11 :Fin 'stay J Q Boys Track has Super ll-I Record Season. I ""f"' . un' Is L na. I I BOYS VARSITY TRACK-FRONT ROW. R. Laing. Mgr., R. Anderson. R. Best, R. Perez. L. Coates, K. Bartee. B. Lawlor. P. Pippins, J. Williams, M. Malin, D. Powell. MIDDLE ROW-T. Morgan, Mgr.. T. Castillo. J Habeich. J. Dura. M. Mancuso. C. Flores. R. Martinez. J. Johnson, M. Stuart. T. Pierce. G. Frederickson. M Farrell, D. Halal, T. Williams. R. Stocksdale, L. Pernick. BACK ROW-Coach Morrison. F. Trujillo. M. King. S Monroe. G. Bell. T. Griego, B. Rench. M. Riccitelli. F. Marple. P. Brandon, G. Sharp, J. Troutt. J. Wisener, K Burns, J. Burke, Mgr.. Coach Parham. ,lx -il Ricky Bartee was honored as the Most Valuable Runner, and also the highest scorer on the Boys Varsity Track Team during the l978-79 season. The team won the League A champion- ship, and placed Ind in the division. Many of the track team members par- ticipated in the state meet. These run- ners were Ricky Bartee. Brad Ander- son. David Ohton, Jim Meyer. Steve Monroe, Mitch King, Todd Taylor, Tom Williams. Bob Klein and Fred Marple. The team ended the year with elev- en wins and only two losses. The Junior Varsity and Freshman teams also did a fine job. The J.V. team won IO of their II meets and the freshmen were the City Meet Champions . BOYS VARSITY TRACK OPP AHS Central 85 4I North ID I7 West Ill I5 Carl Hayden II4 I2 South 88 39 Phoenix Union ll6 IO Trevor Browne 95 32 North ,ID 5 Central l I '88 39 West IIB I6 Camelback 92 35 Maryvale S4 . 73 IIWINS I LOST Dual Meet Championship Maryvale 43 84 V I I I I .1 I 1' . In ..f ...ti -A'--ld Mike Malin demonstrates concentration and strength as he tries the pole vault. 'S 3. 4 f .,., , R - . .4 .. .. , ... .. ......r... -- - Y . . N , Larry Pernick hands the baton off to teammate Kelvin Bartee in one of the relay events BOYS VARSITY TRACK 79 BOYS TRACK OPP 29 I I ll I 42 37 47 55 V2 IO 62 .lunior Varsity City Meet Champions! I. One of the AHS pole vaulters exhibits his co- ordination. required to do this sport. 2. Tom Williams shows versatility not only as a cross country runner. but also in the field of track. 3. Greg Bell sprints his way to the finish line pre- paring for the first meet. BOYS JUNIOR VARSITY TRACK FRONT ROW: T. Morgant Mgr..R. King. R. Stiner. R. Anderson, J. Anderson D Youvella M Retter E King R Perez C Meeks R Nanny J Williams C White. D. Herkel, J. Owens. E. Amavisca. BACK ROW: Coach Morrison R LaingtMgr A Pavlenko J Perry G Fredrtckson N Walker T Morrison,E.Erhardt.B. Johnson. R. Dowty.P. Brandon. D. DeLong. G. Sharpe A Rakosl M Mancuso J Nathon J Burkei Mgr FRESHMAN BOYS TRACK FRONT ROW R Laing, Mgr., M. Retter. C. Meeks, R. Nanny, E. Amavisca, E King R Anderson R Sttner J Burke, Mgr BACK ROW Coach Morrison T Pierce J Perry N Walker. P. Brandon. T. Morrison. D. Erhardt, D. DeLong C Flores Coach Parham Freshman Trackers Run for AH with Honor I. One of the shot putters shows the extreme amount of arm strength required to be able to do the event. 2. Senior Keith Burns demonstrates rhythm and determination in going over the bar without knocking it over. aura gf' ,P K 1, A,1,,,.i......A. ff 1--Q... 1 ..., ,. Q si I 'CID ' ff O A A 4,1 Yxvl A T I It :'f l L.. A 'I " A . . I 4 . . ' , , I . , I 1 . Q ' 4 . 4 . . "1t,!0so'f yn .M f'x 'ihmvg 'D I .M K ..v4' S 1. f D 'is f "W Y' ' IYWM . K-, V6 , 1. ' 0' ' W V W , . K-Y - 1. , K yy. .M 6 d N , ,K 3 1 , v . W, w K A 1 ,. 3 va T? Dx y Y My L f I T N I 3 'lr' ffhn'.,Cff- ww my if :fsaf.z'r'x. O lx , , K 1 ' Q ..' """' -"Fw -f -v '- .4- ' Q f n.:,wr'Eu.. I, 'M ., ,,, , .v nf . - M.. "1 . 7 -' ' A. , Jar-si. 1- ' I T "-,, .. ,ge Q1 , "QS-s.' wo-:."aT11..w ww- M1na f..- .a-9 'vfllL 1 svawtf' W1 ,mn 'ARM ,vm M" ' - --M ,, N 94 iv at-A1 gy L Y Y 1- " - . 4. " --- 'fu - - f ,A 36 ,vdf f. x. U' 'A i . "' . WQQQ Q. 'QU' V4 S ' ' ' Pi ' w.'?t+5',l'f'wI'!R. ..:'.1,:. ' ' . 'Q , V ,Vue A sf' ' ' Q." ' ' 4 CID! nn um Q - - - , A mfgffti .gh-vga '."" W .. -aah - , -. '..-. ...,...-...., , ' ' ' . - . . I .. f .... - -y .. - ., -t-. - . '54 . ,AI K . A. . GIRLS TRACK TEAM-FRONT ROW. T. Davis, K. Chandler. L. Pacheco, A. Figueroa. B. Kennedy. D. Potter. C. Kennedy, S. Hall, S. Sharpe. A. Swadener. SECOND ROW: K. Greely, E. Hoflarth. V. Gibbons. D. Lizarga. S. Bell. G. Staten. L. Walls, P. Allen. K. Becker. S. White. C. Ladd. THIRD ROW: A. Glemba. C. Fierros. V. Osborne. S. Gordon. S. Hobert. K. McCarty, D. Hovey, L. Gray. E. Owens. M. Marduesz, L. Anetsberger. W. Pierce. A. Polletta. BACK ROW. Coach Nassif. K. White. D. Martin. T. Pippins. T. Rogers, S. Shourds. L. Manley. D. Freeman. C. Havlik. L. Wayman, A. Glemba. K. Weld. T. Clemens. Coach Sandoval. GIRLS VARSITY TRACK AHS OPP Central 73 22 North 87 9 East 7 7 23 South Mountain 74 26 Trevor Browne 69 22 West 62 38 Camelback I 0 Maryvale 52 48 SHADOW MOUNTAIN INVITATIONALS -First Place PHOENIX SYSTEM RELAY MEET -First Place VALLEY CLASSICS-Third Place DIVISIONALS-First Place STATE FINALS-8 Points Anita Habeich leads I9 8-I979 Girls Team Coach Sam Nassif led the mighty l978-l979 Girls Varsity Track Team to another very successful year. Anita Habeich was the team's Most Valuable Player. And that's just what she was- -valuable. Since her four years at AI- hambra High School. she led her team to the Dual Meet Championships each year. For three years in a row the team I. Amy Swadener takes the lead in one of the spr in tackling the long iump. ints. 2. was the Divisional Champions. Last year the girls won the Shadow Moun- tain Invitational. The l979-l98O team looks very healthy in representing AHS. with such fine athletes as Amy Swadener, Lisa Anetsberger. Lori Gray, Sandy Bell and others. Sherry Hobert uses her talent and consentralion GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL-FRONT ROW: A. Rood. K. Gilcrest. C. Hernandez. M. Hood. L. Neeley. K. Miller. B. Hansen, S. Jones. BACK ROW- D. Chamberlin. K. Perryman. R. Pierce. L. Young, P. McCormick. C. Bayley. Y. Young. S. Damon. S. Browning, S. Miller. Coach DeBenedetto. GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL OPP AHS Washington 42 4l West 20 43 Central 37 46 Phoenix Union 50 40 Paradise Valley 50 34 Trevor Browne 60 50 Central 39 52 Camelback 44 3I North 38 37 Carl Hayden 24 Sl Maryvale 46 53 West 22 39 East 22 45 Phoenix Union 39 45 South Mountain 27 52 Central 30 36 Trevor Browne 4l 40 Trevor Browne 36 39 Camelback I7 44 Phoenix Union 29 24 Carl Hayden 24 65 STATE FINALS Coronado 23 67 I3 WINS. 9 LOSES Ba yle y and Hernandez lead Girls Basketball I. One of the Girls Basketball players does her best to make both shots in the free throw try. 2. AHS defense prepares to go to work and stop the opponent. Mike DiBenedetto has been the only coach the Girls Basketball team has had, since being in exsistence for two years at AHS. The team finished their I978-79 year winning I3 of their games. At FOR- TRESS press time. the team had only played one game, but with 9 juniors. 8 sophomore and freshman players they anticipated an excellent 808i season. The team had only one senior member. Cathy Bayley. Cathy, along with junior Coty Hernandez captained the young team to a fine success. Donna Gelnett hoots Arrows to the Top George Ziegler, was not only the Freshman Softball coach. but also the coach of the Girls Archery. Donna Gelnett had a super l978-79 season, by being voted the Most Valu- able Player and also the team's cap- tain. Donna was ranked first in the state and third in the division. Team- mate Susan Johnson was ranked sec- ond in the state. The team finished so well that they placed fourth in the state and second in the division. N0 SCCRE eiiztsnizcneizv mom Row A Halligan L Dawson MIDDLE Row G Szechenyl K Hunt s Erickson BOARD BACK Row D Davis T Reeder AVAILABLE I. Coach Ziegler gives Karen Hunt a few pointers while Diane Davis looks on. 2 Sandy Erickson leads the archery team as they practice for a match. 3. It takes skill and coordination to be on the Girls Archery team and Coach Ziegler care- fully selected each girl. '4 xx if nu! in-of L .-A-, ferry x - . . w. 'ir- -' '---' rm. Q,g,,,',,.., .. .A- ,. - . 1. 'Jn-wh p ,, .. ev.-seg , "I 2',f1.1, K V ,531 8,2 ? ',. M . 4.2.2-4f.'S,:lTf '1 Kgs!-lagxtz ,rug .ik -sa f- gk., . kdm Jil.. "'- .nf 'v' -A '-t-f'. " . -- f-s,--NW-rvd -,,,,,f.. ft- ef,--:.3.,,..,a,53sm,wr nrt ., 'gr '- 'xi' .M-Q ..5ff-"5,:.,xxg,eSSE.1 s. Q., , 23-j',r-.3 "Q +fvs':6'.f'W "' f-531 if 5.32,-fc' -.1 , -...vsrfgifb , A-f-474432295 f,.j,"'at'gb+?fg.- A . ff- me .xv-4, - flvf ,'-M. .- K-7ff'5 ,.,:51.f.-5 ig J r-151175 ,wt ,Jmza-J'-r5q.q,k, 'r --' I ggagaw 1 b. Qgtwi -"f r: +-'w,fs-.u.w:,sfv-'f- A ' 53,13-.f, yt.-I. ,Q-'S I .L sf , w'-fwyi 533' 7' v rw- ' -f- "2 if-'I' " " 'Klgfiffvv 'Sf L, V, ry vw st. Q , K ' , 143, i'5.:Lg.n ,fgpspr 5:15 vis. - J 1 ,' 'Q fr. A. - -'F . 'l-,-CJ? 1. 'iw P' . ' ' ' 4-,,g?"'-f,-.'1f'El'!f'fsq'Qf5i-f.1gss!f, ff 1.7747-fs-A Q- I., 1 iii--1. 47.13 'T sit. V 1"7':-"'23,5"'g H ,fi 'I' ' ' it A ,MJ 'Y'.'1 - ,. nz- t',' L A 4' 'ff' ff.-'?'2?'l'f "",A's 2' - 4 f '-f-it . .S . f- - 1 "' trvii 52:41 ti 4 '.l!'.',.-fff, K. - gs X. .,,,f"",,' K. 'sm' I .. Lv: Md .Y 7' . ." ' ' ' Nl . :fi ' ' 'fav -: '-'43, . ss' wht ,K . -,XS-..-. 15' 4 - 86 GIRLS GOLF 1 Q, - ve, ' lb" 9 i G 1 yy F ' g a . gg ' g b gs. Q4 9, Q ,,' ,, :al nf l, 5 A 'l l 7 f Q Y ,- ' 7-0 li T TJ, as A i ' . W.. ew P' L . A., A 14.13 T' lvigwt W7 ' ,,.u.,i,Q'1a xjhqia? .1,,1-:gs-:faq f' 4 . 4. A J an-HN .- ' .A-., . 'Q :f'R'- -.asf way ffb:Q,'Y L:-agggafs?-:fs "1 LIAEYSE, ga.. A . .i 'A Q .t ual' -f."f". 5-'la 2 f -'K .W N .. 1. ,wwf cue 'F m, ' 4 - wi .Aw ,gf , W 6 T ,AH .4 ,. i-9-'EK " " sa-5 " Ag . Nj-3 '-Q. 53,4 ff"'q1?e.,, '- ivl.-a-QT' tx 4 I L U. GIRLS GOLF: FIRST ROW: l. Mears. W. Mitchell. G. Szechenji. SECOND ROW: K. Merten. Coach Vollstedt GIRLS GOLF 5 WINGS PAR EXCELLENC ! D. Qualtire. Kelly Merten had another excellent season leading the Varsity Girls Golf team to a very fine close. The team consisted of five hard working and dedicated members. These girls were Kelly. Denise Oualtire. Wendy Mitch- ell, Gaby Szechnii, and Iris Mears. This years coach was Ms. Vollstedt. who each year does a super job. Kelly Merten was voted Most Valuable and Denise Oualtire was honored by being chosen as Most Improved. I tell you I can hit it! I really can hit it! fKelly Mertenl Nl N' an fc lx X . THQ. GIRLS VARSITY GOLF AHS South 305 Central Agua Fria 263 Maryvale 280 Trevor Browne Agua Fria 274 Camelback 267 Cantral 259 Xavier 240 Central 260 Papago 282 Camelback DIVISIONALS Ranked STATE FINALS Ranked WON 9. LOST 2 OPP 3lO 292 333 285 Forfeit SI2 287 276 24? 278 268 282 2nd 4th TX. ly. -. - .inun- "' -- ., ff "Cris" T188 P-ks... . . a :neat-L I I 331 TQ VARSITY GOLF TEAM-L to R-Coach Wharton. D. Murdock. C. Petktewitz. C. Christensen. H. Greene. M. Weld, BOYS VARSITY GOLF West South Mountain Central Maryvale Tolleson Trevor Browne West Camelback Maryvale Trevor Browne West West East Central South Mountain Camelback Maryvale Trevor Browne Camelback Central South AHS 209 226 2I4 2m 220 224 2l5 l93 249 208 220 2I0 ll WINS, I2 LOSSES OPP 242 253 I99 l80 l9l l96 22I 2l9 l89 l99 243 2l9 278 2ll 2l6 208 l92 202 l93 l98 236 O 'Callaghan M VP on Boys Golf Steve O'CalIaghan was voted the Most Valuable Golfer on the Varsity Boys Golf team for the I978-l979 sea- son. Harold Greene was voted Most Valuable on the Junior Varsity squad. Bill Wharton was adiusting to the job as the Boys Golf coach. A place he had held for two years. Each year the team has had few returning players. resulting in an inex- perienced team, but always seem to end up with a fair season. Chris Petkiewitz practices his swung before one of the matches. JUNIOR VARSITY GOLF TEAM-BACK ROW: Coach Wharton. A, Kimbrough. T. Dodl. H. Greene. FRONT ROW: V. Spina. M. Kerloot. ., S iz.. - ,ff ,V Badminton my pikes Birdies 5 Bye Bye! Johnny Nunez was the l979-I98O coach for the Girls Varsity and J.V. Badminton teams for the season. This was his first year at Alhambra and he did a fine iob. This years Most Valuable Varsity Badminton player was junior, Cheryl Speer. The Most Valuable J.V. Player was Debbie Lomuscio. Although the team ended with a I-IO record the team was rebuilding. and really showed a fine effort. The Varsity team consisted of: Lou- ise Webb, Valerie North, Kathy Kerst- ing, Sherri Bronaugh, Cheryl Speer, and LouAnn Malinoski. The Varsity and Junior Varsity Bad- minton teams truly shined with dedi- cation and lion pride throughout the l979-l98O year. VARSITY BA DMIN TON AHS OPP Maryvale 4 5 East I 3 South 4 5 Apollo 2 7 Trevor Browne 3 6 Central I 8 South 6 3 West I 8 Trevor Browne 3 6 Camelback 2 7 Carl Hayden O 9 WON I. LOST IO , I ."fg,g, A 2XsfhL1.." em - - 'V' 'f , 1 4, . ...... -Q-.qs 1 i n "" ' 'S' '4"'5 TE . Xmvgvee Of pfffyw A . . R. , . ......... ' l If 'PX 4' ...Wa We rlftiffwwwf fa. 'I fi. ' w , .e ,1. .5 .1111 .f 5. 'I 1: M. kA,.... 7. .. V Q.. . xg, 'Af frfff' . 7 v" , , .. ,, .., , I i , h I l'2':.,q1.' i iw . Q 1-J-brian a. - V, kia... ' Q.-tgIrpis'3C.T'5 'Ir ,. . .. , V' - lil . . , k , A V. . K. .Q vm .. .iii :ima-4Lswa.S-ms RQF!?'W'5"'1T I 1 K 1 ' .K Ikea. .. I rev- '-wx. 1 Ye 1 .V .vm ,. . , IL X ' .5 VARSITY BADMINTON-FIRST ROW: L. Webb. C. Speer. V. North. SECOND ROW: K. Kersting. L. Malinoski, S. Bronaugh. .1-A + LJ V . I' ' ' ' "J if ' . 4 5 i. 1 N . wr' . . A+ "" 'eff' I ' .. T . . ,yi 1' . mi, af, . ,I ,gpua My - 4, will ..4g.a. V a ,,j 1 , " . I wa.: 5443, I. Sherri Bronaugh gives her all to spike the birdie to the floor. '- 'Y-Q. 8,""',fls.. 2- H2Yl We 80' ill l've got ix! 1Susan Kochi V' W.. ,, ,. IP' . ,..o1'i-W+'0P4'I'f ,... .. M JUNIOR VARSITY BADMINTON--FIRST ROW. S. Koch. S. Tucker. D. Lomuscio. SECOND ROW: L. Nannestad. C. Bourn. D. Davis. T. Walke. A. Konuner. JUNIOR VARSITY BADMINTON AHS OPP Maryvale 9 O East 7 2 South 6 3 I Apollo 3 6 Trevor Browne 9 O Central 6 3 South 8 I West 3 6 Trevor Browne 7 2 Camelback 2 7 Carl Hayden O 9 I WON 7. LOST 4 BADMINTON 89 Volleyball has a Smashing Success' Coach Stacy led the Varsity Volley- ball team through the 79-80 season with great ease. The season record was l2-4. and the team had many strong players. Barbara Neeley cap- VARSITY VOLLEYBALL AHS OPP Maryvale O l East 2 l South O 2 North 2 O Trevor Browne Score Not Available Central Score Not Available Saguaro 2 O Phoenix Union Invitationals Trevor Browne 2 O Carl Hayden I O Phoenix Union 2 O WON 6. LOST 2 tained the team, and was also selected as the Most Inspirational Player. Barb's teammate. Cathy Bayley was a big as- set to the Lion team, and was honored by being the Most Valuable Player. is .ei H '55 't,.-x-f bk' 112115 .1 " - . ' 11 , A , -- mv" g C' A 'uni Cathy Bayley prepares to smash down the ball for yet another Lion point --f 'vi VARSITY VOLLEYBALL-FRONT ROW:L. Wilkerson,C.Smith, M. 8utIer.C.Rieger. MIDDLE ROW:C.Cuttlng B Neeley D Kalani D Grilfi h M Helland BACK ROW: C. Roma. R. Pieri, C, Bayley. C. Havlik. T. Montoya. B. Holaday, Mrs. Stacy. 90 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL JUNIOR VARSITY VOLLEYBALL-FIRST ROW: S. Hobert. D. Denny, L. Neeley. S. Hobert. L. Gray. S. Koressel. SECOND ROW: T. Taylor. E. Ford. J. Nyman, J. Walsh. B. Kennedy. THIRD ROW. T. Roberts. K. Hunt. A. Glover. Bolan Returns A 7 1355! JUNIOR VARSITY voufvfmi FRESHMEN VOM H341 L AHS OP" as Valley- AHS Maryvale I 0 Maryvale O 2 535' 2 I East S 2 A Outh No Score Available B 4 h Sguth 0 North No Score Available a East O 2 Trevor, Browne 2 I Trevor Browne O 2 Central 2 O Teresa Bolan led the 79-80 Junior Central 2 O SBQUHTU I I I Q N0 Score Available Varsity Volleyball team to a succesful Maryvait, No Score West J- 2 I year. Fifty girls tried Out this year and Wes, No Score fTtfeyorQBrowne 2 0 only thirteen were chosen for the Camelback No Score 1. NoaScore Available team. Coach Bolan and the girls feel Central No Score 5NosSc0relAvaIIable that the games against West and Mar- Camelback N0 Score sy-tgps, . ' .. M .L x l"l is olosts yvale were among the toughest that they had all season. The Freshman Vol- leyball Coach this year was Robert McDaniels. who also coaches at Barce- Iona Grade School. He took time out to coach these girls. and prepare them for the Varsity Team. 2 WINS. 4 LOSES FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL TEAM!FIRST ROW: R. Mullings. D. Cook. K. Corum. A. Bowler, J. Gibbons. SECOND ROW: C. Chavez, T. Padilla. P. Reed. l. Colligan. A. Sciorilli, L, Smith. S. Blanton. Mgr. THIRD ROW. E. Owens. B. Kading, S. Penrose. R. Mallory, Coach McDaniel. 111 lliil Yiil ty. -...ya .-......., - 1. . ++....i,-...W lTTf'Ti5 . ' ' -- -- ,if ...v-"' ,se .. S K . . l -l Matt Hoffarth practices his return before one of the matches Boys Tennis Finished 8- 79 Year 9-5 The i978-i979 Boys Tennis team had a good season last year. winning nine of their fourteen games. Many of the team members lettered last year. Some were Boyd Arnold, Brad Corothers and Jay McCoy. Junior Varsity and Freshman tennis also had a super year. JV ended with a 7-3 record and the freshman ended with a super 8-3-I close. BOYS VARSITY TENNIS Central Maryvale East South West Trevor Browne Camelback Carl Hayden Phoenix Union Trevor Browne Camelback Carl Hayden Phoenix Union West 9 WINS, 5 LOSSES BOYS VARSITY TENNIS-FRONT ROW: R. Olson. M. Olsker. M. Hoffarth. SECOND ROW B Poorman R Cooke. T. Paules. J. Middleton. D. Creel. Bovs JUNICQQQAK-AQTY TENNIS Bovs FR, f T TENNIS i ,V ,sgfv Ss ,gf S311 riff, 5 Qpp A OPP if fffff U K, ! 5' - SF - ' CEDIFBE S S 6 EQjf"'?EU"""' Q south es o Q"a'f1Va'Sgk 555 3 '- Trevor 5 2 out 'S " S ' ll Phoenix Uni if , 6 O - ,g Trevor Brow 6 I ayden S !5 Camelback O 5 Phoenix Uni 4 O fagmelbfk 3 gl I 'YW' e N South L 6 3 ' D 7 S' 3 LOSSES s WlNS,if1.0SSES, i me Year with 7-3 record ' ' 5 s 4 v 4, 4 ,tg 'tl ,Al w...,.... xml-ss.. Junior Terry Paulus awaits for the ball to pass his way in order to have a fine return. 2. One of the Varsity players makes a fine return to his opponent. 3. Roger Cooke shows concentration and form as he smashes his return. , x BOYS TENNIS 93 -W5 v 1-int cd" ,Nw .3-4" My S.: ,J Girls Tennis ended their I978-I979 season winning eight of their I4 match- es. Linda Carlson had the best overall record with a record of IO-2. Sue Gillie and Julie Bishop were the Most Valu- able doubles players. and had a record of seven wins and only three losses. The Junior Varsity team finished with a record of six wins and seven losses. The team had to rebuild. as they had few returning players. Deb- bie Lomuscio had the team's best re- cord of eight wins and five losses. Mi- chelle Horner also had a fine record of 6-l. GIRLS VARSITY TENNIS Central Maryvale East South Mountain West Trevor Browne Camelback Carl Hayden ' S Phoenix Union Trevor Browne Camelback Carl Hayden Phoenix Union West AHS OPP I 8 3 6 I 8 8 I 3 6 6 3 4 5 6 2 7 I 6 3 3 6 7 2 8 I 8 I 8 WINS, 6 LOSSES Varsity Tennis ends year with fine 8-6 record ...iv .1 Xi 1 N! i I. Valerie North. 1. Michelle Horner. 3. Peggy Jorgensen. 4. Sherri Tucker. 5. Donna Lathum. Ie" we QL y "J--J l- 1 ff x 1 GIRLS Jl.ll'llOR VARSITYC TENNIS Central Maryvale East West Trevor Browne Camelback Carl Hayden Trevor Browne Camelback Carl Hayden West 5 WINS, 6 LOSSES JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM-I. Tracy Roberts J Jull Sword 3 Debbae lomusclo Reenle Butler. 5. Donna Chung. 6 Marin Glazeman 7 Julie Hughes 6Qffi.f1 65.1. ?f2'i'9f A' f aww, , Jr, luemq M will lf W main f .1 ,.,. . I - ,S 4. Q V ' '4"'..' .. ,...,. A .A w ff- .J Q f nh ml? ' Y -. . N, J- 1-sr S bvn . - "' " Q ' M-Q' '-4-'tv' 'o vt... A 1 ,' 4 ' -W f""'4 .. . ,,, ---- rj - -.. N- -v - - ,7'- -. h 'fx' 4 1 .1 ' ...,g,' 'M ' ,Q 'xx A 'h X K iff' A ff' u 15:53. 'Q Q' .-1.-'.-V' 'Tit ' ' MN . ,M ,.. la! l ... Iflill iUE'jM'Lin... J? fl --.-. Joining with others instills in us pride and cooperation as we leave here ,Q if . R, , I ff -,f -:'fffi"Vx ,, bi' W mme-quaint-P44443 as ., wg. ,NW ., 1 I 0 A ANN. f. Q fx If. I - .v ,tl 4 , . Sv ' 'gh Nui. ill? Q X . 1. Y I F K , -vi ,g ,, . X . O I , f mf , I.- '1 -Nfff' 4'-1 , - . M..-vw ' f FQ V ,grfx xwx - 1...- 1 , 15353 ills x X x gui yur' iv Bowlers warming up for an inter club tournament. The Alhambra Dancers demonstrating "ZimmerAtic" a folk dance lrom Israel during the International Assembly. "F, -.Ai .,. Y , Nr us. , . ,,., 'nu.-.- lh..:,. ,snag . ' U "4- 414019 Arun QQ! Barb and Jill sell candy sticks to help raise money lor HERO, s . .V ,land ,N bw . Mrs. Schiele wears her leaf crown that was given to her by the German Club on their Oak Creek camp out. CLUB ACTION 99 C? A.F.S. BOTTOM ROW. T. Pfeifer. M. Cohn, C. Murphy DeLaTorre, A. Vargas. TOP ROW. S. Schwartz, L. De .L 1 . P. Amavisca. J. Fitzpatrick. K. DeMarteIaere. SECOND ROW. Martelaere, J. Stevens. P. McKenna. Mr. Abel. ,f"' ,' .- -' -'-ff-Q.. A-'W' I. 5-tYl:Q1....n sell Stories A.F. . aids Brotherhood Writers Creative Writing club's main goals were to teach students better writing skills in the areas of poetry and short stories. The students also learned how to market what they wrote. Mr. Krey Qfzfiisfm iaxf as vp .. ...J it R r Ml Q- 1 A CREATIVE WRITING-FRONT ROW. V. Gibbons. W. Mitchell. ICD AFS. CREATIVE WRITING Q if and Mr. Raaen sponsored this years club. A.F.S. was led this year by Kevin De- Martelare. A.F.S. promotes Brother- hood, Social Skills and Organizational S-.2 CZ? .ti fl' K ,' Skills on campus and throughout the world. The cIub's main goal was to bring foreign students to Alhambra and to send students abroad. -I ' 1 A. Maliner, D. Sharkey. TOP ROW. M. Krey. C. Helmandollar, S. Haney. G. Raaen. COE Works, Computer Club Learns This years sponsor for COE CCoop- erative Office Experiencej were Mr. Robert Duncan and Mrs. Diane Ham- mit. The only membership requirement was that you were working in an of- fice. They met twice a month, and ev- eryone participated. They entered into competition in a FBLA Contest. This years sponsor for the AHS Computer club was Mrs. Harriet Cho- tras This year they planned to have guest speakers. field trips to computer installations. discussions on advances in computer science, and different ap- plications of computers. COMPUTER CLUB-FRONT ROW. D. Lindley. T. Lodmell, H. Chotras. TOP ROW: C. Coons. D. Roberts R. Lui. T. Myers. v T' F g. TT. P COE-FIRST ROW: L. Crews. M. Hogland. K. Schneider. D. Hurtado. F. Garcia, D. McNeil. L. James. P. Kunkle. T. Martinez. SECOND ROW: T. Denning, S. Rayburn. K. Byhaug, C. Hays. P. Lambert. THIRD ROW: T. Reeder. N. Gambee. L. Hinson. L. Brown. FOURTH ROW: A. Reardon. E. Corchinski. S. Wright. M. Miano. FIFTH ROW. Mr. Duncan. K. Hall. M. Reynolds. D. Estrella. S. McDowell. D. Theiss. C. Harbison. Mrs. Hammit. COMPUTER. COE lOl .f if f...-.... BOWLING CLUB-FRONT ROW: A. Fischer, D. Kiser. D. Hirko. B. Larson. J. J. Bethel, T. Williams. R. Greff. M. Greff. G. Lum. SECOND ROW: M. Burt. M. Trinka, A. Rhonsheild. L. Fenton. C. Gordon, K. May, C. McDonough. K. Johnson. W. Wilson, Mr. Boglio. TOP ROW: B. Roever. M. Magee, D. Magee. T. Ranny, K. Bishoff. Brandenbury. R. Kemp M. Levengood. Bowlers take Brunswick by Storm This years sponsors for Bowling were Mr. Arthur Boglio and Mr. Clay- ton Wootton. The club has no officers. The only membership requirement was ....... l 4' Q0 5 ui, to ioin AJBC CAmerican Junior Bowling Congressj. The club met every Mon- day and everyone participated. Their only activity was to bowl each Monday up 8.1 at Brunswick Maryvale Lanes. The club entered into competition the whole year round. if A X I . ti, . . A 9 ' Y I L T y f 5 . I v- ,, ' . 1- t N V 6 f Q ig l. "? K . . .. ' J... BOWLING CLUB-FRONT ROW. R. Barrett. M. Baldwin. G. Forstive. J. Smith. V. Spina. T. Turner. D. Alger. TOP ROW. K. Fostie. J. Freeman, D. Soolvie. F. Bock, D. Magee, Mr. Wootton. IO2 BOWLING Vica Enters into Competition VICA lCE Clndustrial Cooperative week and had fourty-three members. raiser the club sold candles at Christ- Educationl was sponsored by Mr. Mor- The club planned to enter competition mas time. ris Russell this year. ICE meet once a in Tucson and in Phoenix. For a fund Q an' 'af as KBC 1 y r rt... wwllgrvl. t Jnd HOUR ICE -FRONT ROW: D. Kessler. K. Graepler. N. Walsh. T. Ryan. Mr. Russell. SECOND ROW: R. Salo, M. Ricketts. R. Gaddis. D. Atha. J. Garcia THIRD ROW: R. Smith. T. Tarr. D. Soulvie, A. Goodrow. D. Murdock. TOP ROW: P. Doss, D. Holl. J. Berard. R. Friou. Q ics! ka Q35 -N5-' i..Q'-'. hifi 51 I. WF I M A l ME? fill .. 5 i 't l v is ua . , l l q . 1 i , 2 ' Q -' -n-1 " I l 3rd HOUR ICE-FRONT ROW: T. Hovey. R. Bennett. J. Miller. R. Williams. G. Vrbanski. Mr. Russell. SECOND ROW: G. Wray. A. Byrd. D. Freeman. S. Mossburg. D. Makinson. TOP ROW: D. Miller. B. Wirth. S. Dickson, J. Amann. M. Peters, M. Gaylord. ICE IOS DECA C ompetes at Civic Plaza This years sponsors for DECA CDis- tributive Education Clubs of Americaj were Mrs. Kristin Cheney. Mrs. .lo Val- entine, and Mr. Robert Hilsabeck. The membership requirements were to be a student of Marketing or Mer- chandising or the approval of the in- structor. They met weekly, and every- one participated. The club planned to have Social Ac- tivities, Leadership Conferences, MDA Dance-a-thon. Community Service Projects and Toastmasters. DECA went into competition at the Civic Pla- za on April 24 through the 26. which was a State DECA Career Development Conference. The money from the fund raisers went to pay member costs for DECA Conferences and activities. Members learned about leadership development. Social intelligence. civic consciousness, and vocational under- standing. The activities helped outside of class tremendously. 2nd HOUR DECA-FRONT ROW. D. Cone, L Thompson, D. Cooper. D. Patterson. P. Alcantar B. Berkley, K. Rousch. S. Forman, SECOND ROW Mrs. Cheney. T. Carlin, D. Balgenorth. S. Brus sels. P. Strgill, T. Carroll, L. Stegmiller. J. Valen- tine. 3rd HOUR DECA FRONT ROW T Overbey D Rochette C Zien R Rosales S Kirkpatrick G Gardom. D. Batarseh. SECOND ROW: L. Schwartz, S. Sandoval T Harris D Stevens C Smith S Browning D Courcey R Ruiz THIRD ROW K Cheney T Paulus. D. Steiner, J. Walledom. M. Rollins. B. .' -'I ,Sr 4th HOUR DECA-FRONT ROW: M. Litsey, Z. Singleton, K. O'ReiIIy, L. Kneipp, B. Altamirano. K. Bonner, SECOND ROW. K. Cheney. C, Schwartz. L. Schwartz. J. Artalejo, N. Dionne, L. Mcnutt. P. Poorman. M. Selvey, C. Weakley. THIRD ROW. K. Cotlerman, M. Moore. J. Sarver. S. Scott. D. Freeman. M. Staten, L. Abrams. L. Webb. TOP ROW. S. Varkaly. S. Kelly, L. Walker, M. Mitten. M. Turner. K. Berlin. S. Methvin. X u I ,.v- s. Vx K 'DN I J 1 f A-W-: .. 2. . w 1 A Sth HOUR DECA-FRONT ROW: K. Szczepaniak. J. Mickley. L. Hartwig. C. Speer. SECOND ROW: C. Henderson. C. Teraji, C. Hobbs. C. Hislop, T. Sleimer. D. Richmond. J. Lard. BACK ROW: T. Lindley. D. Finn. DECA IOS Future Business Leaders Compete This years sponsors for FBLA QFu- to be enrolled in a business class. They ership and good business practice. ture Business Leaders of Americaj met twice a month on Thursday in the They planned on entering into com- were Mrs. Olga Bice and Mr. Robert morning. Everyone participated. Stu- petition on state, regional, and national Hilsabeck. The only requirement was dents learn about responsibility, lead- levels. V i il FBLA-FIRST ROW. D. McNiel, J. Carlson, K. Schneider. L. James. V. Filipek. L. Crews. M. Hogland, P. Kunkle. L. Morton. SECOND ROW. T. Reeder. S. Rayburn, K. Byhaug. D. Davis. D. Hurtado. T. Martinez. L. Allen. L. Hinson. THIRD ROW. T. Denning. M. Miano. S. Miller. C. Hays. H. Ives. S. Wright. J. DeLaTorre. C. Havlik. FOURTH ROW: L. Calhoun, A. Reardon, B. Lanoue. E. Corchinski, S. Wright. G. Lui, M. Yee. TOP ROW: L. Brown. S. Coleman, D. Estrella, M. Reynolds. I it.. X I? Cindy Pickard, of Ski Club. sells a pretzel to a fellow student IN FBLA AND CLUB ACTION 2 1 f au Scott Brooksby and Debbie Turner talks to two fellow students about Spanish during club day in the quad. Germans Tra veb Grinnell Hikes l5.3"5l!54x 13 z GERMAN CLUB-FIRST ROW: E. Burns. B. Schiele. R. Souder. B. Cole. SECOND ROWt K. McLaughlin. K. Rice. L. Loo. Zimmerman. All members of the Grinnell Hiking participated this year to a degree they wanted to. The club planned to have many bake sales this year. Members learned about the appreciation of na- ture. The German Club entered into com- petition at Camp Tontozona in Febru- TOP ROW: J. Ward. K. Kay. R. Mahan. C. ary and Grand Canyon in March. The clubs only requirements was that you must have taken German or speak Ger- lllan. K ,ff "" 22. 'er . .I-I - , fr. .7 . 'I T . .A N X 1 if 'il i n it - ,, I .fly bTlat.Qi?'- I 1 ' .ITH- , -r.,.qr-" 1-. ' ' . it . ' I ig ' A f '71, 'ff' . ' ,, . I I . ' I f. I .' , - . 1: S A - fi I X -it f .. . ...Q -V k I . wi . i 3 T' I -. 1 9' X3 I I X i- ' ' I f is-.' ' f ,x x f ,. n - 11 Ms-6 .. :ntl if A 2 GRINNELL HIKING CLUB-SITTING: A. Rood. S. Penrose. FIRST ROW. S.FeIdman, R. Griffith. J. Dura. D. Richmond, J. Kalman. B. Hamntonds. J. Jacoby. ' ' M. R d r. THIRD ROW. T. Leung. R. Terry. V. Hamilton. B. Wagner. J. Austin. TOP SECOND ROW: M. Sing. D. Lindley, K. Eakley. G. Gula. C. dela Fuente, a e ROW. S. Lemme. M. Lemme. M. Tokars. C. Johnson. A. Kommer. J. Rice. T. Walke. GERMAN. GRINNELL HIKING IO7 HOPE and H RO Learn to Relate to People This years sponsor for HOPE was ple. teacher approval. They also learned Mrs. Jeanne Akers. The clubs main ob- Mrs. Anna Snodgrass was the spon- how to get along with other people and jectives were to learn about responsi- sor of HERO this year. The only mem- their employer. bilities and learn how to relate to peo- bership requirement was to have EE gf: gf-.E ,M 2.1, si.- 1' mf? -if '35 X2 X ,A z. 4 x .. H PE 5... un HOPE-FRONT ROW: K. Breedlove, C. Gamez. R. Staggs, K. Werking. L. Shapiro. SECOND ROW: J. Baldwin. B. Edwards. M. Hernandez. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Akers. J. Wolf. T. Breedlove. A rw.-.-.-'Il' . 'kk .A l HERO-FIRST ROW: T. Salaiz. C. Cruz. A. Berckley. R. Donithan. T. Norton. Mrs. Snodgrass. SECOND ROW: H. Kline. C. Johnson. D. Iovinelli. S. Humphrey. D. Ervin. THIRD ROW: B. Thompson. B. Sizemore. K. Dunn, L. Dixon. FOURTH ROW: 8. Rover. G. Tunstall. J. Kent. Y. Dowty. L. Smith. IOS HOPE. HERO Kw- K1 Mark McAlisier and Monica Garcia sing in the Thespian production of Godspell. I' 3' 0 , y F 'Tl' e w'3v-Isl QW 'L+ Cole Zimmerman sits down to rest from the long hike through Oak Creek Canyon. -4 -ll JI ' i -Av, . 'qs'- Wa' Students found out about their favorite clubs through clubs day sponsored by Student Government. gin f-"' ...-4' Deborah Harrach shows fellow Key Clubbers stiff pancake that she bought at the annual pancake dinner. CLUB ACTION IO9 P 3 in BLACK STUDENT UNION-FRONT ROW. G. Staten, C, Staten, V. Hartley. SECOND ROW. K. Foster. T. Rierce, Staten. T. Staten. D. Hartley. R. Smart. TOP ROW: P. Abrams CHESS CLUB-FRONT ROW: E. Reeder, J. Asher. M. Krohn. SECOND ROW: M. Willet. T. Brown, Mr. Gibson. TOP ROW. R. Griffith. D. Holzer. D. Gavin. - IIO BLACK STUDENT UNION, CHESS I1 If--' N V. Staten. J. Bell. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Socket. J. Welcome B. 5. U. 5 Chess Enters Tournaments This years sponsor for Black Student Union was Mrs. Ruth Scocket. The main attraction to the club was to get the black students at Alhambra to get more spirits they also discussed things of today and the future. The club contributed to their educa- tion by helping those who needed help in time of need. Chess Club with their sponsor Jack Gibson. had a very good year. they spent many hours improving their playing ability. The Chess Club mel once a week and they played chess and other board games of skill. The club also entered into many chess tournaments this year. w xg, SNL' 1 K I - 1' .., I'- V1 S ag 33 V... 5452! .4 iv .:f"e 'fire ... y,- K J l , Vita' px Jgi fi "AHS ly. 1 A X '-Q H' ' 1 54 W, THESPIANS-FRONT ROW: J. Caglioti, J. Richter. S. Helms. SECOND ROW: D. MagnaSS. M. Doyle. K. Kay. TOP ROW: Mr. F. Snow, M. McAlister, W. Stringfellow. Thesplans A ct, Varslt y Learns Sportsmanship International Thespians. Troupe quirements were to be active members ing and playing together. The sponsors 2470 was sponsored by Mr. Fred Snow. in drama. were Mr. Hugh Morrison and Mr. Jack Kathy Kay was the President. There The Varsity Athletic Club helped Kersting. were twelve members in all. The re- teach sportsmanship, charities, work- i' 'YY Jr' Win- 4-nal' ! i ff fi VARSITY ATHLETIC CLUB-FRONT ROW: C. Fierros, E. Hoffarth. T. Williams. A. Swadner, D. Youvella. J. Williams. SECOND ROW. M. Hood. B. Holiday. D. Griffith. M. Mardeusz. D. Martin. C. Flores. T. Perkins. B. Greene. THIRD ROW: S. Graham, J. Perea. G. Bell. L. Pernick. R. Martinez. K. McCormick, Coach Kersting. THESPIANS, VARSITY LETTER III l979-l98O KEY CLUB OFFICERS-FRONT ROW: P. Throckmorton, Ms. Salviano. MIDDLE ROW: K. Hall. S. ' ' J. W hb . Mr Anthon . S. Hartland, R. Doehrman. C. Wright. N. Sutphln. C. Wright. TOP ROW. as urn . y Swadener. Key Club's Theme- "Be a STAR" "BE A S.T.A.R." CSharing Teens Al- ways Respondj was the Key Club's ln- ternational Theme this year. The theme was carried out through many service projects the club sponsored this year. Jim Washburn was the president of the club, and Mr. Wayne Anthony was the sponsor. Key Club was chosen as the Interna- tional Club of the Year. They also re- ceived Service Project of the Year. Scrapbook of the Year, and a District Award. Some of the activities Key Club held this year were: the Christmas Formal. the Dunking Machine during Home- coming week, Food Drive. Easter Seals Walk-A-Thon, and service projects that consisted of Beatitudes. Crisis Center and Hacienda De Los Angeles. SENIOR AND JUNIOR CLASS BOTTOM ROW: M. Wentzle. A. Mahr, S. Harland. S. Donald. M. Horner. J. Jacoby. MIDDLE ROW: J. Michly. D. Cole. S N S hi C Wri ht. R.Willis, R. Sears. T. Dodt. TOP ROW: J. Washburn, E. Herring. P. McCormick.C.Swadener. R. Doehrman. Mr Wright.D.Harrach, . utp n, . g Anthony. lI2 KEY CLUB G JON' Lil SOPHOMORE CLASS-FRONT ROW. S. McCarthy. M. Campbell. K. Hall. L. Goddard. L. Gore. M. Blackwell, P. Throckmorton. MIDDLE ROW: M. Lazovitchh. R. Sahhar. V. Katzenberger. B. Ritchie, F. Jensen, L. Dawson, T. Dodt. J. Fox. K. Kelly. J. Camargo. TOP ROW. J. Wachburn, K. Sutphin. T. Vincent. R. Kennison. G. Szycheni. K. Epperson, T. Hoesel. Mr. Anthony. A . ' l , 7 FRESHMAN CLASS FRONT ROW. K. Maggard. L. O'Meara. K. Mahr. D. Hanner. P. Duran. MIDDLE ROW: A. Haenel. D. Clark. S. White. J. Marshall. L. Arnold. R. Horner. K. Werking. K. Grieve, K. Lose. TOP ROW. J. Washburn. T. Summer. K. Frye, L. Gangemi. N. Beck. S. Bogert. Mr. Anthony, L. McCormick. KEY CLUB ll3 wi .1 7 by .K Members of Grinnell Hiking Club and DECA tell two students about their club during club week, ? A-..3.......A ' s x f r y X ' 1- .SQLWLQ3 ' ' Members of Ski Club ham it up when they see FORTRESS photographers. ll4 CLUB ACTION John Ward of the International Council introduces the dancers and guest speaker during the International Assembly. Q 'es Ji lk' 4,1-. ,J M, ' -AS' .4-1-.Y L Cathy Gamez, of M. E. CH.A., listens to Linda Alvarez tell about her expere iences as a Chicana and as a journalist. riff? s 7 r ' ? Q -as 5 P i 52? 2 S at 5. s. 1 is 5 5 U 9' gt r n 9 9. u v s p s in s s u- lr 'F tv V " .fypb bl r ba vbbbbbbii 'ni P 5 P P b D 5 p 5 b 5 P D P- P, 5 m v- if D 5 5 F i , s gs V 5 5 V P ,1 y. yi. 9 U if 5 - v- 9 P ' V P xxx vi L D- v F I p . m 5 U' D . 8 A S . 0 if P' T - 1 V . .. - 5 FRONT ROW: T. Lodmell. A. Kimbrough. Mr. Mulligan. SECOND ROW. A. Fischer. M. Garcia. C. Johnson. MEM 's back The MSM's or otherwise known as Matmaids helped support the wres- tlers. Mary Barlody and Rose Ann Ca- priotti were the sponsors. There were fourtyfive members in all. They met Wrestlers, Sci Fi vie ws Alien four times a month when needed. For activities they've had bake sales, Vol- leyball-a-thon. and Turkey Bowl. The Science Fiction club was spon- sored by Robert Mulligan. They met every other Thursday. The activities were field trips to movies. videotapes. of science fiction. and talks by Science Fiction representatives. M8M'S-FRONT ROW. M. Campbell. S. McGrady. D. Lizzarraga. A. Magruder. L. Smith. R. Nokes. SECOND ROW. B. Sutter. M. Hodges. P, Reed. M. Johnson. T. Olvey. T. Gordon. Unknown. P. Mallory, C. Schuler. D. Morquecho. THIRD ROW: S. Cooper. K. Becker. D. Potter. L. Gore. C. Ingrim. L. Abraham. J. Baker. B. Kadins. FOURTH ROW: P. Schneider. J. Camargo, R. Cota. D. Mayer. R. Paroulek, W. Weast, T. Meek. B. Baughman. FIFTH ROW: D. Payne. P. Garcia. S. Feliz, C. Holland. C. Phyle. A. Reynolds. E. Holt. SIXTH ROW: C. Gordon. T. Goodwin. T. Hoesel. M. Christian. S. Ball. A. Kisner. SEVENTH ROW. H. ely, D. Bushroe. C. Spina. S. Burrows. C. Morquecho. TOP ROW: M. Bentley. N. Ong. J. Burke, D. Parish. P. McKee. L Alvarez Visits A.H. . 5 Parnassus Backs Art l 7' shi- .mm '?' M.E.C.H.A. QMovimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Atzlanj meaning Chicano Student Movement had Linda Alvarez as their guest speaker this year. They also planned to have a Cinco de Mayo Assembly. M.E.CH.A. had many bake sales throughout the year. Some of the money raised during these sales went into a community projects account. Parnassus Society was sponsored by Mrs. Moore, and the President was Bri- an Hollada. Attending Theater produc- tions made up most of their Activities this year. Parnassus fund raising pro- jects were: Brownie sales and a book sale. The main goal of Parnassus was to learn about the arts and humanities. MECHA-FRONT ROW. S. Sesma, L. Rios, L. Gus- man, SECOND ROW: C. Gamez, D. Hurtado, M. Sesma. S. Moreno. THIRD ROW: R. Ruiz, R. Rome- ro. P. Marin, S. Flores, I. Dominguez. TOP ROW. N. Vargas. Miss Plum. A. Amavisca, l. Gusman, D. Gallegos. O. Candelaria, M. Garcia. Q 3' PARNASSUS FRONT ROW. B. Hallada, T. Cornett. K. Kay. M. Horner. T. Cornett, SECOND ROW. T. Brown, A. Absher, J. Caglioti. C. Costanzo. THIRD ROW: A. Hallagan. A. Bua. S. Thomas, D. Magnus, B. Lehman. S. Haney. TOP ROW: A. Moody G. Frederickson. S. McCarthy, T. Maggard. T. Leung. M. Tokars. H6 MECHA, PARNASSUS Spanish and Science Explore The Spanish Club's Main objective this year was to take clothing to an orphanage in Nogales, Mexico. The club also planned to participate in the International Assembly and to enter into competition at Grand Canyon Col- lege. This years Spanish Club sponsor was Mr. Guzman. Science Club was sponsored by Mr. Slavin. The clubs goals were to go hik- ing around the Sycamore Canyon Area. They also planned to have candy sales through the year. The object of the club was to teach students about out- door life around Arizona. SCIENCE CLUB-SITTING: M. Tokars. V. Hamiliton. J. Austin, T. Leung. SECOND ROW: D. Slack. M. Lemme, C. Mena, D. Lindley. B. Wagner. TOP ROW: B. Lessard, J. Rice. S. Mascari, S. Lemme. SPANISH CLUBVSITTING: A. Baldengro. R. Anderson. SECOND ROW: S. Brooksby, J. Mickley. I. lsrres. E. Vander Linden. TOP ROW: Mr. Guzman, l. Owens. D. Lurner. A. Cooper. C? C7 SCIENCE II7 ki Heads for lopes, Speech uses Logic This years sponsor for National For- ensics League was Mr. Fred Snow. Membership requirements were earned through interscholastic speech competitions. Students learned from club activities about logic, current events. oral communications, and ap- preciation of literature. The Ski Clubs main objective was to have fun on the slopes. The sponsors of the club were Mrs. McManaway, Mrs. Marut and Mr. Beauvais. The President 'TV' csv was Shawn Kirkpatrick. The club met once a month. Their activities were car washes, pretzel sales, and popcorn ball sales. was-ui Q2 NATIONAL FORENSICS LEAGUE-FRONT ROW: B. Lehman. J. Caglioti, S. Helms. SECOND ROW: M. Doyle. K. Kay. J. Giver. THIRD ROW: Mr. Snow. K. Lose. 8. Halladay. 'FLA SKI CLUB-FRONT ROW: No I.D.. A. Figueroa. No I.D.. No I.D., No I.D., D. Sharpe. C. Pickard. T. Ladd. M. Cottew. SECOND ROW: T. Kowacz. K. Nannestad. V. North. V. Gibbons. M. McManaway, G. Smallidge. S. Sisson. T. Bohn, D. Etz. L. Abrams. THIRD ROW: No I.D.. L. Nannestad. V. Rendon. J. Ferrara. A. Magruder. R. Rosales. C. Ladd. S. Kirkpatrick. D. Crooks. D. Cooper. L. Thompson. FOURTH ROW. 8. Schillig. No I.D.. S. Crytser. P. Baumhover. K. Johnson. D. Latham. T. Phillips. J. Bushroe. K. Kersting, A. Esquivel. No I.D.. S. Bankes. No I.D. FIFTH ROW: S. Graham. No I.D., S. Moore. S. Crews. J. Banks. No. I.D.. A. Fierros. No I.D. SIXTH ROW. S. Bronaugh, D. Bushroe. A. Shepard. Caywood. TOP ROW S. Brewster. R. Stiner. S. Pfafman. J. Broder. D. Dugan. J. Fitzpatrick, No I.D. ll8 NFL SKI VICA Auto keep Cars Tuned Vica Auto's main objectives this tests. The club also offered to work on and UGNOUHI dues- year were to participate in state and students cars to help cover costs in Th'5 Years SPOUSOTS Were MF' national VICA activities and skills con- the shop and to cover costs for state Rucker and MF- Belfl- Ja, l I lg.. VICA AUTO-FRONT AND CENTER: D. Henrickson. FRONT ROW: D. Jovett. S. Kelly, D. McDowell. R. Ambrose. W. Kidd. T. Statzer. J. Neary. SECOND ROW. S. Lamb, J. Benthal. L. Murphy, J. Englart. BACK ROW. Mr. Rucker. T. Martinez, P. Doyl. M. James, D. Jones. M. Riccitelli. D. Hynn. M. Berbrick. ...-.L L... I1.. VICA AUTO-FRONT ROW. W. Lyall. M. Gallagher. S. Ellington. SECOND ROW. B. Rozum. M. Wentzel. D. Dallas. G. Del Muto. THIRD ROW: B. Ward. B. Peck. P. Novack. B. Brown, B. Garry. D. Fitch. Mr. Rucker. FOURTH ROW. T. Hovey. G. Brockway. B. Torseth, T. Griego, A. Zagorski, G. Walton. VICA AUTO ll9 VICA AUTO-FRONT ROW. F. Lopez, M. Greff. K. Mitten. J. Austin. P. Shepard, D. Harris. R. Carreon. M. Beltz. SECOND ROW: T. Smith. B. Wong. J Childres. B. Mullins, S. Lemme, B. Reed. D. Gawin. THIRD ROW. D. Gadbery. M. Whitaker. R. Ramsey, D. Thompson. M.E.CH.A. does the La Bamba during the International Assembly. which was held by the Foreign Language Department. w3f'T?7"?T",' ' ' A L '...,..L,.,.. ,,.. ...,,,.,, Sz!3'ix5U' DO VICA AUTO AND CLUB ACTION Q... :Quai Joi Ann Smith gets ready to roll a "strike" in a tournament against other bowlers from Alhambra. xxx i i x,.f'! -Yi, Y f Thesplan Gordon Absher. sings in Godspell. ' sa! V x 1gEqEgH,g..: Maw., , , ,,. German Club members stop to rest, while on a hike at Oak Creek. Brian Tomblin makes a face at the pancake he lust received at the Annual Pancake Dinner. as Tim Dudt looks on. CLUB ACTION III ,f sl ' J . :ff . ' -' -Q 7 7 ,lu-ff"g.4 mm, - ok, . ,'., Z' hu 'J' it , -'J Q1 ,l. xx' ' gi., I ' .l' ,wk 6 'iii 5, 2' I I W Us Q., ' 4 115,73 ' 1 wbrnxlv- 4:2 T ,. Jn. ,f, f-QQ - . .isa .-'HO I ..n btl"'Z lti. 2. n 7' V-an 'W -'fx -fu-E A1 -' 51' ,.4' VHUVHUN N - I I , , ' 'I gzgiki Q K if J' - Alf ,f QE X ' b x l ff' ' f an Q 7-' "1 - A- s T 3 KWH A, 1 1' gil ,S f . 'J' E' ' ' I J-t.!'l 'Q' fggyf f ., NATM! b -, - 1 ' .d...... 1-,g N ,rv ' ' mr- -. ' AZ' FF' gQr wE5Y1ll1prn M Si Thro lE'ar9n'- 'Q NN -. 'H . ' gf, -N-. ,ZLL Q 'A xx Q F' fd'5'f-'E-Z ff?-':F94!'?,, -- Q' J yvv HMR3llUB3539NfTR,' . !mUll'U!MlHiHT7fM51M5 N l T - i - ik 3 253 'fn if 'I'-Y LQ!.',1""X"' T5 !llllllllll 3ET2'7' 33EEBN'BlBMllllEH!W' IIIHMEAIIIIIIIIIIET INIIIHIIBIIIEBINB f IIIUIIUIIIIII 1 ' IMIIIIIIHIIIIIIIII 11 ' mr " " .4 P ' V' xpf-,, 1 lil 111 .- 1 5: H: .f--+"1' . 595111 ,,, ,,,,,. " fly 1 ' 'Mkt I - , -,u B XM 1, 3 . xi 1 1, 1 n A.. I I 4 N'-ann. wk . 3 I W Q Q 15 iii V , 'T .3 I A --0-4 9. , Lnff. 'J AM 5 li 's 7 ! . I lf I vsb if VLH 9. my ml I. VICTOR BARRAZA. Assistant Principal. Fresh- man Administrative Center. Security. Cafeteria. Student Handbook. Supervision of 9m building. Auditorium. and east parking lot. 2. RENE DIAZI District Linguistics Coordinator. Assistant Prine cipal AHS Extended School Program. 3. MARY LOUISE BRANIGANf Assistant Principal. Atten- dance. Registration. Scheduling. Parent Newslet- ter. Welfare. Supervises 6m and 76D building. Supervises Community Aide. Student Records, Junior Referrals. 4. LUCENE BILLING: Assistant Principal, Student Activities and Accounts. Bookstore. Bulletin. Calendar, Rentals. ID Cards. Sophomore Referrals. Supervises XD Building . 5. KEITH NIXON: Assistant Principal. Athletics. School Budget. Inventory. Purchasing. Building and Grounds. Graduation Cassociated activi- tiesb. Senior Referrals, Supervises 4m building and Camelback side of campus. 6. DAN MAN- GELSDORF: Counselor for Night School. 7. The unsuspecting chef, Mr. Nixon. smiles while Mr. Goodwin. the mischief maker. takes aim with a handy pancake. u I.-,' I . I I t u n . t X n x 1 1 ADMINISTRATION D5 x 2 D6 AR MUSIC DEPARTMENT Ai Artists make Note of Their Works Art classes were designed to give students skills in painting. drawing. and three dimensional arts. Students. received a portion of the history be- hind each subiect. The Music Department helped the students to perfect their musical abili- ties in the various fields offered. The band performed many services for the school and community in giving con- certs and participated in fund raising proiects. I ID X - xl 4' I ' 4 Il x u 'N 4' 52 1 1 'Q ,. .'L ,a 'Y ex s . 1 - . , . ,, ,, - q . . . N .1 -. ,,, ... . 0.71 - M. ..".".'. Q t, 1 . one n.a. sq... I 1... eq, -'R x , Q-ta K3 - l...,,,1'7 N 1 , P . , - 4 H 5 4 lzisxf '-1 , . ., 3. ..- Q ..'v,'n, L ,,, 'W ' " - t U 0 qu' - L'.'-' 'n '-4 nge.. . . . .'. I .. . ,:N,- .-. 1-sir..-...U t,s -1 U ., , , ' as . .!"-' " I ' '11 11' -'f . .4 l I ,H X -asf J l L' all X . I 'S wh llllil V 15 'mf ,.x I. MARYNELLE HARTMAN: Ceramics I-4. Spon- sors Art Club. 2. DEBORAH WAKEFIELD: Ceram- ics I-2. Art I-2. 3. GERALD BRIDGMAN: Crafts I-2. Sculture 2, Art Department Chairperson. Spon- sors Art Club. 4. MARTHA MACON. Advanced Design I. Art I-2. Graphic Photography, Sponsors Art Club. 5. JIM KIRBY: Winds Ensemble. Piano. Advanced Band, Jazz Rock. Music Department Chairperson. 6. Scott Treadwell is making a ce- ramic box used in clay firing pottery in Miss Hartman's Ceramics I-2 class. Forei n Language real Ton 5 Q, .. ss . Y- 95- fw I. LUCY UNDER: French I-4. Spanish 3-4, Sponsors French Club. 2. JOAN PLUM, Department Chair- person, Spanish I-8, Sponsors MECHA. 3. JOE GUZMAN, Spanish I-6. Sponsors Spanish Club, 4. BETTY SCHIELE: English 5-4, German I-8, Spon- sors German Club. 5. Phoebe Gareghan takes notes as instructor, Miss Linder explains the principles behind Spanish. 6. German students are taking an exam. 7. Students from a Spanish class show their enthusiasm. There were three foreign languages taught at Alhambra this past year, French, German, and Spanish. ln these classes, students learned how to read, write, speak, and understand their chosen language. The Foreign Language Department put on an assembly this year. Students did dances and put on skits to show how people in other lands celebrated their holidays such as Christmas and New Year's. ..- --x Business Classes for Career f"7h l YW: D8 BUSINESS EDUCATION The goal of this years Business De- partment was to give every student the opportunity to gain specialized training for career and personal aims. The courses offered this year were of a wider variety. Students could take Typing, Shorthand, Business Machines and many other classes such as Mar- keting and Merchandising. clerical block. and Cooperative Office Educa- tion offered work experience. . Mew. .hw J - I. OLGA BICE: Office Typing 3-4, Shorthand l-2, TABS, Sponsors FBLA. 2. EDWARD GEIST: Ac- counting 3-4, Business Machines, COE Machines. Accounting I-2. 3. SANDRA MARTIN: Shorthand I-2, TABS, Office Typing 3-4. Shorthand I-2. 4. ROBERT DUNCAN: JOE. COE, Accounting I-2, Sponsors COE. 5. KRISTIN CHENEY1 Marketing I- J, Merchandising I-2, Sponsor DECA. 6. LYNNE POWERS. Typing l. Business I-2. Intermediate it Typing I-2, TABS. 7. ROBERT HILSABECK: Typing I, Accounting I-2, Marketing I, OWE, Department Chairperson. Sponsors FBLA. 8. NESTER BAR- THOLOMEW. Business Law I-J, JEMS, Sponsor Student Goverment. i I 'Ts I. JAMES CHARLSON. Intermediate Typing I-2. Recordkeeping I-2. Typing I-2. 2. In Typing many students do their warm up exercises before the real exercise. 3. DIANE HAMMIT. Typing I-2. Secretarial Block. TABS, Sponsors COE. 4. ETHEL KOONS. Typing I-J. TABS. 5. JOAN VALENTINE: TABS. JEMS. Typing I-2. Sponsors DECA. 6. David Miller is surprised by a FORTRESS photographer who has taken a picture of his typing skills. 7. Debbie Griffith lends a helping hand to Alan Okabayashi in their Business Machines class. 8. Ray Resales. David Miller. Geralyn Staten. DeAn- na McKennon. and Teresa Salaiz, do their typing exercises for the day, ,if-if '... X' 1 Y 36759n En lish Hehvs out in Basic Learnin ill? M is 'E N X 0 J 'L i The English Department helped stu- dents keep up with and improve upon all of the basics of their communica- tions skills. Three English credits were required for graduation. The English Department consisted of three depart- ments: Language, Composition, and Literature. Students could take courses from a wide variety of sub- jects ranging from College Survival to Creative Writing. The Reading Department was de- signed to help students meet the mini- mum reading standard required for graduation. Other reading classes in- cluded advanced reading techniques and speed reading. tail RNA kwa. I. JACK GIBSON: COll1pOSlll0f1,lI1dlVIdU3ILllefa- ture. English 3-4, Sponsors Bowling. 2. MARY RICHARDSON: English 3-4, College Composition. Individual Literature. 3, CLAYTON WOOTTON1 Business English IYJ. English 3-4. Seminary and Literature, Sponsors Bowling. 4. GORDON RAAENf Individual Literature, Creative Writing. College Survival. Composition, English 344. Spon- sors Creative Wrlting. 5. JOHN CAMPBELL: Composition. English I. Department Chairperson. Sponsors Racketball. 6, FRED SNOW. English 3-4, Drama I-4. Speech and Debate. Sponsors N.E.L. And Thespians. 7. ROBERT MULLIGAN: Mystery ..I'lf. NH it ll XI I XX and Detective. Science Fiction. Composition. In- dividualized Reading. 8. GRACE FREDERICK: Ca- reer Composition. Film Study. Communications and Mass Media. PAGE l3l-l. RENEE SHORR: Ca- reer Composition. English IAP-JAP, Communica- tions and Mass Media. Sponsors Magic. 2. NAN- CY BEESON: English I. Gifted Program. Sponsors N.H.S. 3. BETTY WHELAN. Individual Literature. English 3-4. Composition. 4. LARRY CUNNING- HAM- Photography I-3. 5-6. Yearbook Publica- tions. Sponsors Quill and Scroll. 5. JANET MOORE. Mythology. Humanities, English 3-4. Man in Conflict. Individual Literature. Sponsors Parnassus. 6. ROBERT GROENIG. Individual Lit- erature, Cmposition. English 3-4, 7. GARNETT MCGAFFIC: English 2. Composition. 8. JEAN V-.. , fs X pi X N Q3 I ,x- BRITTAN. English 3-4, Short Stories. Individual Literature. 9. MARTIN KREY1 English 3-4. Cre- ative Writing. Reporting and Editing. Newspaper Publication. Individual Literature. Sponsors Cre- ative Writing. IO. LAVERN COFFEY: Personalized reading skills. sponsors Hiking Club. Department Chairperson Reading. .1-rx C MSA L .I A ,five Qi., I I l., "'-Lf Qjft ' Security and Self Concept Taught is 3 gf -fix The objectives of the Exceptional Students Department was to instruct the students in those areas that would allow them to be self sufficient and strong in skills areas that would pro- vide them with job opportunities and security upon graduation. New methods changed based upon the individual need of the student. The basic three R's were stressed because the students needs are met only after being successful at basic concepts. The teachers in Special Education were trained in areas of EMH and LD. 'lfl ' ,----nb V 1 . 11-,, 5ts',.'. N. a.,,a-B. 'W :el L I. ALFRED HORCASITAS: EHXLD teacher 2. A. MICHAEL DIBENEDETTOI EHLD teacher. ME- CHA Sponsor. 3. WAYNE ANTHONY: Pr. Math l,3. Pr. AA Gv., Pr. Af History. Sponsors Key Club. 4. MICHAEL PAPPAS. Pr. Shop. Pr. Econom- ic I. EMH Vocational. 5. KAREN SMITH: Depart- ment Chairperson. 6. RASMA EKMANIS: EHLD teacher. 7. YOLANDA SMITH: Pr. Science, Pr. English 3.5, Pr. Health Ed., Pr. Hmkg. I32 EXCEPTIONAL STUDENTS X Sf f Mrs. Marut teaches all of her students the basic F r skills at a teacher-student level. I. DOROTHY ANDERSON: EHLD teacher. J. BAR- BARA MARUT: EHLD teacher. Sponsors Ski Club. 3. BEATRICE WAXMAN: Special Ed. Work Exper- ience. 4. MARSHA McMANAWAY- EHLD teach- er. Sponsors Ski Club. 5. DEBORAH ANN SAL- VlANOf EHLD teacher, Sponsors Key Club. 6. BARBARA APFEL: EHLD teacher. 7. LEON PE- TERS: EHLD teacher. 8. THEO PARHAM. EHLD teacher. Nf- , 1 l f ' J. ,lf 4 ' - f I I N . ' 'J f . . Xxx 4 fr! EJ lo 2... v EXCEPTIONAL STUDENTS I33 .C. Offered for Last Year at AH l34 FRESHMAN COMMUNICATIONS Freshman Communications was an alternate English course available to all freshmen. The course was scheduled in a double period with a team of teachers, an instructional aide. a coun- selor. and student tutors. The course was taught in large and small groups. depending on the subject matter. The basic skills tests were worked on dur- ing this class. This was the last year that Freshman Communications was offered due to the change in the English requirements that entering freshmen must meet in order to graduate. P' l' I. CYNTHIA BORDON: English I. American Prob- lems. 2. SUELLEN BRAHS: English I. American Problems. 3. RUTH SOCKET: English I. American Problems. 4. CAROL SLOEKERS: English l. Ameri- can Problems. 5. WILLIAM WHARTON: English I. American Problems. Department Chairperson. Rb ASA S ,S . I ixgx Q. I. SHELLEY JOHNSON: English I. American Prob- lems. 2. CLAIRE I-IURLBURT. English I, American Problems. 3. CAROLYN KELLY: English I. Ameri- can Problems. 4. PAULA FENDON. English I. American Problems. 5. SUSAN SOLOMAN: Eng- lish I. American Problems. 6. Students put on a skit for classmates in F.C. 7. A student gets help from a teacher while others do their work. Home Ee 1""""""" as fi Q!-- . ,ve 1 it Q7 -. 4 'W O make Better Homemakers The Home Economics Department was designed to train students to be- come better homemakers in the fu- ture. The classes taught how to work with others. The skills were taught in a lab situation where students could practice new techniques, vocational training, and personal and career fu- tures. There were many classes available to students, such as: Clothing, Foods. Single Survival, and Human Relations. gguuull . B' 'N 'ba P-s xx, 1 - QQ 4 ' is 5 S ,. f- is vu-'pi I. LORETTA BATINA: Child Development I-2. Foods I, Clothing I. 2. ANNA SNODGRASS: HERO, Department Chairperson. Sponsors HERO. 3. MARGUERITE MICHAELSI Human Relations I-2. 4. BARBARA TEJACK. Foods I-2, Clothing I-2, 5. JEANNE AKERS: Medical Careers, Health Occu- pations. 6, MADELINE MINCHIN: Single Survival, Home Design, Creative Handcrafts. 7. REBECCA O'DELL1 Foods I, Single Survival. Industrial Education use new Tools The Industrial Education Depart- ment was designed to train students how to work constructively for per- g 57' sonal and career use in their futures. The classes were taught in a realistic lab situation using all of the newest tools and techniques. There were five different classes of- fered this year in the Industrial Arts program: Vocational Arts, Woodshop. Drafting, Metalshop and ICE. All II H' f - .M 4 . s fin If-9 .xxx .ss I. DEAN SHEELEY: Auto I-2, Electronics I-2. 2. DONALD KINNAMAN: Woods I-4. 3. BYRON DOMBROWSKI: Electronics I-4. 4. HAROLD RUCKER: Vocational Auto I-2. Department Chair- person. Sponsors: VICA Auto. 5. STEPHEN IELD- MANN: Metals I-4, Woods I-2. 6. MORRIS RUS- SELL: ICE Sponsors-VICA-ICE. 7. MICHEAL CHOWANIEC: Auto I-2, Motorcycle. 8. GEORGE DETRICH1 Drafting I-4. Metals I-J. 9. LYLE BLLTZ: Auto I-2. Vocational Auto I-2 Sponsors VICA- AUTO. 34. 'tv- .W Hp gm . . 'A 9 if INDUSTRIAL ARTS l37 Math Essen tial in Modern World xl Math has become an essential com- ponent of our modern world. The Mathematic Department was designed to help interested students gain a bet- ter insight in the world of mathemat- ics. Once their basic math require- 5.4 ments for graduation were fulfilled, students could choose from a large se- lection of higher level courses. ranging anywhere from Basic Algebra to Ad- vanced Placement Calculus. The Multiple Mathematics Proficien- cy Test needed to be passes by every student in order to graduate is given 5.4 to the math students in their freshman year. .4 rf' x ,gf 5 14 1 QS SES l38 MATHEMATICS --V. I. BILL BUTLER: General Math 2. Algebra I-2, De- partment Chairperson. 2. KENNETH BEALS: Gen- eral Math I-2. Algebra 3-4. 3. ARTHUR BOGLIOZ Consumer Math I-2. Introduction to Analysis I-2, Geometry I-2 Sponsors Bowling. 4. HARRIET CHOTRAS. General Math I-2, Geometry I-2, Alge- bra 3-4 Sponsors Computer. 5. WILLIAM CON- LEY: Algebra l-2. Geometry Ia-Ja. Senior Math Review. Basic Math Skills. Sponsors Engineering. 6. Students study the basic principles behind math. and compare answers with one another. Q' gt. sd I.. ,E vin VM we-f-4 fy? ji. '.... "1 I. VERNON CULBERTSON: General Math I-2. Ale gebra I-4, Varsity Club Sponsor. 2. DOMINIC GIAMBRUNO: General Math l-2. Algebra l-2. Al- gebra 3a-4a. 3. ROBERT GOODRICH: Geometry l- 2c. General Math l-2. Calculus A, National Honor Society Sponsor. 4. DIANE SMITH: General Math lc-lc. 5. JERAULD NELSON: Basic Math Skills. General Math I-2, Algebra l-2. 6. LINDA VOLL- STEDT: General Math l-2. Algebra I-2. Algebra la- Ja. 7. Mrs. Chotras helps a student with his advanced math assignment. H. 'il 5 i ""-we T I ,- 'sul' . gf ! i ..-nl.- Nr- P E Hekrs Students stay in Shape The Physical Education Department was designed to give young men and women the development of physical skills and techniques useful in both in- dividual and team activities. None of the courses were required but seemed to be popular with the students. The department offered classes such as Self Improvement, Gymnastics. Weight Training, and a dance program all of which were highly effective in their programs. Self Improvement and Weight Training helped students to get or stay in shape. -ab .l sq ,lt A' It tl' l . mf I. xf l H1 I. CLAUDIA LANE: Health Ed. 2. MERLIN NOREN- BURG: Health Ed. 3. DIANE MALENIANT1 Gym- nasttcs. Beginning Dance. Advanced Dance. -1, LUCIA JONES: PE 9-IJ. 5. COLLLEN LINES: Self Improvement. Department Chairperson. 6. CAR- OL STACY: PEOPEL, PE 9-IJ. 7. PHIL KEMP: Life- time Sports. Weight Training. PE IOIJ. f . Q ,,,, S xl .gif I. JACK KERSTING- Weight Tfdllllllg. P.l:. 9, Lile- IIIIIB Sports. Sponsors Varsrty Athlettc Club. J MARVIN NEVINS- P E. 9 IOII-IJ lllctum S orls , - . ' p . Wetght Tralnlng. 3. GARY GLASENAPP. PkOPlla Aide.-1. HUGH MORRISON. Wcugltt Tl'dll1lll8,p.t. IOII-IJ. Spec. Asslgnnwnt. Sponsors Varslty Ath- letic Club. 5. JOHNNY NUNU: Lllctnne Sports. Weight TI'8Il1lf1g.p,E. 9-I2,6. WILLARD NOHlkYf Health kducatlon. 7. SAM NASSII' Weight Tram' ing. P.l:. IOIJ. Gymnastics. ltlcttnw Sports. 8. Many students cntoy playung Volleyball Ill thclr Pk. classes. N, if if .. ix X 1- PHYSICAL EDUCATION. HEALTH EDUCATION l4l Science Department Offers many Courses I. FRANK BRANDON: Chemistry IAC. I-2. Earth Science I-2. 2. ROBERT MCCOMB. Biology I-2. 3a- 4a. Sponsors Science. 3. ALAN VANDERS- CHOOT: Earth Science, I-J. 4. LARRY SLAVIN: Biology I-2. Sponsors Science. l42 SCIE NCE The science courses at Alhambra were designed to give the student knowledge into the various scientific explorations. By graduation, the stu- dents must have met the minimum re- quirement, which is two semesters of a lab science. This requirement was met by most students during their Sophomore year in Biology I-2. Some students took advanced courses such as Biology 3-4, Chemistry, and Physics to further their lab experiences. A AQ i PHSSII In Mrs. Roth's Chemistry class many students take the time to talk with one another before getting back to work. 'kill ' 2 t l as f I w 13 2 'X i 4 K5 x , 2 . vt, ' 2 E Y 'Stk fHf'X 1,' S Q Q 35 Q 'Q P 4 X ,f " g fl -us .. .Qx 'W iefihe .A I ,..- ..,..,....,-- ,,4l l un" I. GEORGE ZIEGLER: Biology I-4. Coach Archery. 2. COLEEN ROTH. Chemistry-Physics Ia-3a, Con- sumer Chemistry I-2. 3. JOHN MEYERS: Physics l-2. Chemistry-Physics la-4a. 4. A sophomore bi- ology student laughs as his lab partner makes a joke about their experiment. 5. MATTHEW McMINN: Anatomy and Physiology I-2. Biology I' 2, Astronomy l-2. 6. JAMES STANFIELD: Biology I-2, Astronomy I-2. Sponsors Science. N A R 1 !"x .f WY S+. M, 'ismqq is. K 'la cn. is - Iv! Q . .. . PL - fi-f 4. Y : A 41 nl . 'S- Eff", S 7 I ,- Qi it 5 1,-1 SCIENCE l43 Social Studies Required of Students x .A XXX BK ., ,yr ,A In addition to the required class in the sophomore year of one semester of Arizona History and Government. two semesters of American History in the iunior year, and one semester of Free Enterprise and one semester of American Government in the senior year, the Social Studies Department offered several electives. Students could choose such elec- tives as Anthropology. the study of peoplet World History, the study of early civilizationst and Humanities I-2. a survey of world cultures. ,.,...- M V ' ,ly . it V fi '-if ,gk 7 nv... fff S Ui I I. STEPHAN Al-JEL- Arizona History and Govern- ment, American History I-2, Indian Education Sponsors A.F.S. 2. MAURICE SHOGERQ Arizona Government. Anthropology. Gifted Program. Sponsors N.H.S. 5. JOHN KOERNER: Free Enter- prise. American Government. 4. CLAY THOMP- SON: American History I-2. Arizona History and Government, CTA Unit chairman. 5. CLARA WALKER: American Government. Free Enter- prise. 6. JOHN MURPHY: American Government. Free Enterprise. Department Chairperson. 7. KATHERYN HEDGES: American History l-2. World History I-J. Sponsors Pom. 8. VICTORIA ALWlNi Arizona History and Government. American History I-2. vj' H .QLII l ilvf'--ca I, WILLIAM SALONY: American History I-2. 2. WILLIAM O'MEARA: Arizona History and Gov- ernment. American History. Free Enterprise. 3. RICHARD JOHNSON: American History I-J. Ari- zona History and Government. 4. THOMAS GOSS: American Government. Free Enterprise. Student Government, Sponsors Student Govern- ment. 5. JOHN McCAULEYf Free Enterprise. American Government. Arizona History and Government. 6. JUNE LeSUEUR: American Histo- ry I-J. 7. LIBBY FRIEDMAN: American History I-2. Arizona History and Government. SOCIAL STUDIES I45 Counselors heb Students plan Future S-I 11,4 '41 The Guidance Department helped students work out their problems, whether they were with school, ca- reer, friends, or family. The counseling staff was composed of eight counsel- ors who helped students complete their requirements for graduation. All of the counselors showed a genu- ine interest in students' problems and future, and did their best to help them throughout the school year. - i X-. gt I .ffl 1' 1" - I 146 GUIDANCE :QQ I. SYLVESTER EDWARDS: Counseling. 2. CHARLES BEALIVAIS: Counseling. 3. BILL OWENSI Counseling EMHfGifted. 4. JANET NEL- SON: Counseling. 5. BILL WILSON: Counseling. 6. PHILLIP BERRA: Counseling. 7. MITCH TILLOT- SON: Department Chairperson-Counseling. 8. DAVE TILLOTSON. Counseling. 9. AL FOEHRING: Counseling. IO. Mr. Edwards helps a student plan his schedule. ll. Mr. Tillotson reviews a student's grades while another waits her turn. .Vx at 7 5 A agirfxl 't 'X Ai X 1 IMC Door to Wisdom and Imagination The Instructional Materials Depart- ment provided equipment and books for acquiring knowledge and adven- ture for both students and staff. The students gained pleasure and better results in their school work through these sources. Those working in the department offered their services and experience to anyone needing it. . X up .f ,,mP"'. I. EDITH PRATT. Librarian. 3. TOM SWEET: ln- structional Materials Department Chairperson. 5. BETTY SMITH: Librarian. 4. Billy Jo Lucero in the library helps an enthusiastic student check i ,. Q I J ., "Q- 'i"c, l 4 it Y ,J I HMA," . .., I -. W out books for the pleasure reading program. 2. A volunteer worker in the library takes time out to say. "Hil" to our Fortress photographer. 1- ...U INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS I47 00 Military Dept. Teaches Leadership ft, - I. MAJ. THOMAS GRUHN: ROTC. 2. SGT. ROLLIN KOHRS: ROTC. 3. The Color Guard standing at attention during the presentation of "Honor Unit with Distinction" by Dr. Henderson. School Su- perintendent. 4, The Alhambra ROTC squad marching in step during Annual Formal Inspec- tion conducted by the U.S. Army. 5. The Color Guard showing the colors at the AH held in January. 'jar J r - .i ' nh- d...Q--Q-Jv nu -5 W FYI- 55' Junior ROTC in the Military depart- ment introduced students to responsi- ble citizenship and was designed to provide them with a broad over-view of Junior ROTC. The beginning class was Introduc- tion to Leadership Development. The one that followed was Intermediate Leadershio Development which was a continuation and broadening of moti- vational skills and knowledge. Applied Leadership Development was an ex- pansion of the knowledge gained by the students in the introduction and indermediate classes. Last was Ad- vanced Leadership Development. t I junta: Q x .f r 3. Services A vailable to Students Many services were available to the students. such as the Vision Lab, Hear- ing Lab, Health Center. Speech Lab. Career Center and the School Psychol- ogist. The Career Center received a new resource person this year, Dr. Terry Klapp. Each of the labs helped stu- dents understand and learn in spite of their handicaps. These services were available to all students. ,IIA 'n . ,J 4 'A awp l. VIRGINIA KOCH: Career Center lservicesj 2. ANN BOLTZ. Nurse. 3. MRS. SUMINSKI Visual Aid. 4. MARTHA TANNERf ESP. 5. MR. KLAPP. Career Center. 6. KATHLEEN MOORE: Speech. 7. JEAN VEMICH: Hearing. SERVICES l49 kills Learnin Hekred b Aides si- 1 Q .. NX. Q. ei L-.- ' i l l5O AIDES 471' I. ARLENE ADAMS: AidefBasic Skills. 2. MARY DURETTE. Aide! LDXEH. 3. LOIS HANKINS. Ai- deflnier-Disciplinary. 4. RITA KERSTING: Ai- defLDfEH. 5. BURNHILDA LABATEf AidefEMHf Basic Skills. 6. PAT MCILRATH: AidefInter-Disci- plinary. 7. JANET PERKINS: AidefEMH. 8. BETTY WAGNER. AidefBasic Skills. 41. .1 .ffxl A ' 1 I xx I i .L l ,XX :fa 5 g, E , F . lv Own Qx -1 K-2- AT 1. i Securit pro vides Safety W, ,. X ,- X , r A J f "if IIQ A .QAAITJI !D u Mr. Louis A. Smith. Jr., Chief of Security Security Staff- Mr. Loren Ross Russell: Security Aide. Miss Deanna Lee Kibbe: Security Aide, Mr. Louis A. Smith. Jr.: Chief of Security. Miss Patricia Ann Guy: Security Aide. Mr. Maximo Martinez Viray: Assistant Chief of Security SECURITY I5l Classified heh? School run moothl 5 , ,il .r -' 633 i rn s M. I l I r rx . . , . ' . . ' ...3 K-N, ,- '- t I ".. t ' Ir -q..g . .- ,,,...-- x Y .-es, Ni .. J 1 X N1 ' 74 g 1:3 ' I52 CLASSIFIED STAFF fi 1 X dl' gr... I l... I. DORIS KALE. Secretary,'PrincipaI. 2. JEAN FOS- TER: Secretary, Mrs. Billing. 3. GENEVIEVE WEN- DORF: Attendance, Credentials. 4. PAULA EDROZAf Community Aide. 5. BETTE HARSH- MAN: Registration, ADA. 6. MARY JO HALE- PSE Registration. 7. KATHRYN SHEPARD1 Security FC Administration Mr. Barraza. 8. MARJORIE MAST- Attendance FAC. 9. JANE KOLSTEDT- Records Room, IO. GLORIA GREEN: Registrar. II. JOAN BOOMER: Library Clerk. ll MAXINE COR- BIN: Secretary Ms. Branigan. I3. CECELIA LEES. Library Clerk. I4. CHARLENE MITCHELL. Secre- tary Counseling. IS. JEANNE MORTON1 Secre- tary ESP. I6. JEANNE O'DELL: Sr. IMC Clerk. I7. VIRGINIA POYNTER: Bookstore Manager. I8. MA- JORIE PRICE: Bookstore Clerk. I9. CAROLYN TALLY. IMC Clerk. 20. JENNIFER KIRBY. Secretar- y Mr. Nixon. JI, LINDA COVERT. Extended School Secretary. 22. Mrs. Foster takes time out to get prepared for her next assignment. typing out the bulletin for the following day. If 5: . i 5 . fx Q' ,xg ,A - 11- 1 -f Food Comfort: Ca feteria, Maintenance sv Wy! -J4r,J'.xX . A Q- .' . . " ' ' i fx . . 'f' i 'ff ' K 43 3 X . A .A 55, . K gg U ' X 'RJ NX' X -fy ."' .X X x 9 1 R . QT? I . I ! I E Q CAFETERIA-FRONT ROW. R, Grant. R. Elchelberger. J. Vlrno. A. Venetls. MIDDLE ROW- M. Gassaway. K. Verdugo. D. Bogue. D. Forselh. Y. Flanders. E. Monaco, K. Brewster. M. Lucas. BACK ROW. B. Serres. E. Meyers. C. Pyfer, J. Pellemere, R. Johnson. Cafeteria Manager. M. Cox. N. Snyder. S. Jaco. 'Q X if: X55 au. 1 I U 2' fx MAlNIkNANCk'fRONT ROW Bob Moskop-Campus Plant Manager. George Pender-Yardman, Tom Berlin-Yardman. BACK ROW. Vern MosIey'Wan:hou- sernan. Marty Solberg-Yardman. Wayne Johnsonfkngnneer. CAI-ETl:RIA, MAINTENANCE l53 M 'ks 5. ix fb ' .lvmrb ,, xx 'd"g J' 'rl-,,7,1'lUk QQ1 JL l.X I 1 I X I V X ' A, A I ' , Af' A ,kl K .7 I I Lyj . jxyrex, 2,5 jg,-V Jdt 4,14 C. Q . ,V-Jfj'N,C- juz: X4 L Yri. frui- ,' J ' e','L,'. ,f . 1 If , 1 f I, I 1 L X- ' Qiau " W ilu ami new LQIZJW jf J LV RJAM' "',ma'Lf f 1 ,Q L, . 1 A f 'f W4 fl 3 M27 Qaufgiqyy ,CULU27 Fl cw f ' 7 e f f' ' f' IKJJXQ , ik! Qu -Qgqijl A i. . . ' Lffflz' on ijm Ol 4-V , A , f ,, . -I VN !.1,L.z,LL,lff X! ,A if!! VV lv Ljxfcf 27fL,29LC'7'fi Q 1L" , .C Z if qi JL 'JMU LJULL VL L7 Ll! C 3. X306 kc'f'2f1Li72fC:Ug,4 .fx N 'b Q 'vt X I Friends made among our peers, will last us a life time. T-shirt Sale Adds to Class Treasur Debbie Haertel, serving as Presi- dent, showing leadership and guid- ance, led the Class of I98O to the finest of their four High School years. Karen Miner was the class Vice-President. and Karen Gapko was Secretary-Trea- surer. John Fitzpatrick, Richard Haas and Brenda Bradford were the very helpful senior class senators. Mrs. Batina was the class sponsor. and assisted with such fund raising programs as the Senior T-Shirt sale. Homecoming T-Shirt and Senior Fling '80 The Class officers for l979-l98O KR to LJ were Debbie Haertel. President: Karen Minor, Vice President, and Karen Gapko. Secretary-Treasur er. The class Senators were John Fitzpatrick, Richard Haas and Brenda Bradford. P' 4 ,4 if .tt 'Whip .ff'?f' Tn I' fffivwg I. flu, if if X X1 IBNAIV1 A 'qui me li ,ef I 2 ' '35 - 4,11 X ' . 'g .- . 1' , L 1 Q .4 I N ilk -Q V K 'B+ - A Ny, Ml 15 I L flgxi ' 5 ., !' PIM . 3 R Mark William Berberich Lisa Ann Berlin Nancy L. Berlinger Kathleen Alice Berlyn Robert Binder Kelly Renee Birtciel John K. Blake Joni Blakely Derral Blanton Frederick William Bock Kevin Bonner Tracy Dell Boorn Mitzie Baker .4-n S "E 3 3. 5 XX? XX J , Nw x Nc 'TE f x X A ' eeife 1 5 f 1-.4 452 Jeannette Abbott Lawrence Abrams James Aksamit Robert Lee Allen Robert Cruz Altamirano Patricia L. Amavisca Dale E. Anderson Robert Archer Christine Arnold Sharon Aspinall Denzil R. Atha Mark Eugene Austin Debbie Haertel Leads Successful Class of '80, 1 9. Q' jg 1, X. 1-'D Q, - . , 1 if J R, ll not fllik Kevin Barbie Catherine Michelle Ba yley Gregory C. Bell Jeffrey Berard Rhonda Rae Bennett Nanette Maire Bentley so-N I SENIORS l57 Curtis McKay Bowler Richard D, Bowlus Brenda Lee Bradford Virginia Louise Brannoch William Scott Brashears Kimberly Anne Breedlove Tamara Sue Breedlove Harriett Elizabeth Britt Gary E. Brockway Monica Brogdon Sherri Lynn Bronaugh Bradley Alan Brown Sandra LeeAnn Campbell Staci L. Canada C athleen Marie Canter Misty Joshanne Capriotti I58 SENIORS ,, L fr. s-196 ' Lynda Diane Brown Margaret Anne Burbrink Arleen Marie Burckley Joanne Burgess Audrey L. Burham Keith Alan Burns Julie Ann Bushroe Michael Richard Butler Kathleen Marie Byhaug Allison Lynn Byrd Carolyn Lee Cain .ludith Lynn Callahan "Kermit" laughs it up during activities in the quad. 4Yvonne Taylor? X 'PML A . Fl 5' P f ' 'iv v . V 0 , Mark Roy Conarroe Daniel B. Coons Roger D. Cooke Ana lucia Cooper Vargas Ellen louise Corchmski Theresa L. Cornett Carmella Coslanzo Joel Fredrick Countryman Richard Victor Couturier Rusty Cozby Robert Christensen Robert Chambers Leslie Coates Thomas Carlin Jody Carlson Randall Carrow Raymond M. Casillas Sergio Castillo Alan V. Caywood Robert H. Celaya Vernon Dale Chamlu Janet louise Chase Deborah Sue Chrysler Christine Marie Clemens Kenndyall Kaye Clifford Class of '80 hows Pride of Lion Country Denise lucille Cohn Mary Ann Cohn Sherri lynn Coleman ,lane Colin ,lack J. Collins Kevin D, Colton it .1 SENIORSI59 L ule C hurchman Marcia C ra ven Linda L ee Crews Patricia Louise Crowley Carolyn Diane Cruz Margaret A. Cruz Charmaine Cutting Douglas Daer Cathy D. Davis Deena May Davis Karyn Suzell Davis Kevin Mark Davis pf s 9 . M 1' Shirley Kay Dintelman Thomas Martin Dixon Lori Dixon Elizabeth Dodge Robin R. Donithan Theresa L. Dorsey Paula Sue Doss Yolanda ,lo Dowt y Mary Eleanor Ann Doyle Laurie A. Drake David R. Drane Monica D. Drane I6O SE NIORS ii .. . my 1, fr 5 A X i J 6 I 4--V Q 9: 'X x . Qs , . 1 'g X C iv i Q- . .41 T. Y , . ,f X , ff - 1 vu., 1 Joanne DeLa Torre Dorina Ramona Delgado Christina M. Delgross Robert Richard Demlong Theresa Ellen Denning John Denny Frank Lynn De5omma Pamela Jean Detzler Sherry Detzler Lisa Dawn Diamant Steven Scott Dickson Cheryl Lynn Dillsworlh 'ls 9- R X b X All YT"-Q Shane Mark Drews Brian J. Dugan Joseph Dura Jeflre y Randall Durbin Tamarah B. Durham Rose Marie Dyke Jeffrey W. Eagar Rebecca Babbette Edwards Lucy A. Eidenbach Carol Ann Elwood Jon P. Englert Sandra lee Erickson Cary Ferguson Michael J. Ferraro Laura Ann Fetcie Valerie A. Filipek Michelle E. Finch Michael John Finch Alan Robert Fischer John Robert Fitzpatrick Carol June Flight Dennis H. Flynn Carmen Louise Foster Kenneth David Foster Deborah Annette Ervin Seniors Sponsor First Dance of the Year Patricia Ann Esquivel Francisca Denisse Estrella Timothy Michael Evans Paula Fagenbush Katherine N. Fallon Daniel Gerald Fenn SENIORS I6I K Y. Q .fpmix Frank Flores Dawn Rae Freeman Deanna Freeman Robert Lee Friou David Alan Gadbery Randall Gaddis K 1-3' W! P1 David Galls Nancy J. Gambee Catherine Sue Moreno Gamez lx A Karen J. Gapko Frances L. Garcia .lose 5. Garcia L Aix Tammy Kowacz. Bill Brashears and Mrs. money for National Honor Society. T L. gi is .sx V :ez sENioRs ,. A- 1- if , "S W 5 ' My -. i -Ia . I 1... t , i 3 Fiiiwb X i g Q fwfr Beeson work vigorously to raise 1 Ga Mary Loretta Garcia Linda Annette Garcia Clarrissa Cruz Garraghan Margaret K. Garrido Patricia A, Garry Maria Gesswein Anastasia Marie Gibbons Virginia Marie Gibbons Tina L. Gilluni Duane 5. Glisan DeAnna L. Goble Henry Alfred Goodrow Kregg Allen Gower Barbara S. Goyette Kelli J. Graepler -1 Frank D. Graham iii XL... A V 5 . .1 L ? 5, f - 3 5 . L-A L. aifxv ' S. L' . -in 2' , f s Q. I I x Sheila Kathleen Harney Debborah Harrach James Daniel Harris Leslie T, Harris Michael Edward Hauer Carla Jean Havlik Camren Lynn Hays Carla Helmandollar Clara E. Henao Marie Lynette Hernandez Donna R. Hertzog Ernest S. Herring Deborah Lynn Haeriel ..,.,v f , Q I s -Q 'te ' ..., Brent Greathouse Michael Raymond Greff David C. Griffith Richard O. Griffith Robert A. Griffith David M. Grimes Kelly Gristock Brian E. Gruber Shirley Marie Grzadzieleski Richard Guthrey Richard William Haas John A. Habeich Anticipation grows for Class of 80's Senior Flin igl '. I q- w lligs 54 ,fx wi" . . I, rv R' - '- K zltxffzvgi r Ngg-Liv k'1'l'f 'pf Gm . J ,J David W. Haga Kelly Jean Hall Kirsten Andrea Hall Michael J. Hallada Shirley Ann Haney Carolyn J. Harbison --. l , Q Ch 1 4571: x X Q , x U A W .1961 l A YD F' 1 ' l fe' SEN IORS Mark Higgins Kim Edwin Hilton Lori Beth Hinson Susan Lynn Hindman Jeffrey A. Hobbs Nancy Ann Hoffarth Patrick E. Holfarth Melissa Kaye Hogland Deanna Holl Da vid Holzer Michelle Homer David Donald Homsey of X f L" f X f K Brenda Kay Jodat Cheryl Ann Johnson Karen Johnson Nathan Johnson Jr. Dean Jones John Kalman Elizabeth Ann Keller Elizabeth DuShane Kells Jerry M. Kellum Scott Kelly Thomas John Kelly Jill Tracy Kent l64 SENIORS x .f 1 4 eq ,ss X 'N ,- 3 5 Jil W 1 X ' Tim Hovey Esther Diane Hurtado Steve Hutchinson Brian Dale lngle Deanna L. lovinelli Heather Jean Ives Sandra Jackson Jerry Lynn Jaco James Jacobson Lisa Ann James Susan Ann Jamrozik Vicki Louise Jerozal 1? 1 lik Q-y ' 9 Q' av-5 U fi ,54'4b'qX' Ei. 1 K? A 4 N ka 7' D V., R44 ' :htm - Pamela Lambert Anne Marie Lankford Dana Lanning Debby Lawson Kenneth Charles Lewis Bert C. Lincoln Monica Renee Litsey David D. Littlefield Susan L, Littlefield Barbara Lonorre Bethea Robin Looper Debra 5. Lopez John R. Kerr Kathleen Marie K ersting Deanna Lynn Kessler Bonnie Sue Kidd Wes Roger Kidd David Alfred Kimmel Mitchell W. King David A, K iser Heidi Elizabeth Klien Lorna Rae Kneipp Anita S. Kommer Tammy L ynn Kowacz Seniors take First Place during Spirit Week Wayne t. Kuban Cofnpetitian ,Q , 'kv E sie Y v"""? ' Q af .X in Joseph Dean Kunkle Pamela Jean Kunkle Tina Valerie Kuntziwiler Jdltn J, LJCRK John L. Lake Kathy Lamb ,N 4 so' SENIORS l65 Barbara Julie Lopez Richard H, Lui Bonnie Leigh Lutrick Whitney Allen Lynch Corey Dean Lyon Mark Phillip Madrid Eric Brian Magee Teresa Lynn Maggard Donna Barbara Magness Denise Dale Makinson Lou Ann Malinoski Shawn Mallory Greg C. Matthews Dale Allen Mauz y Mark Robert McAlister Kevin Patrick McCarty I66 SENIORS David Manhardt Neil Manies Laura Lynn Manley Ga vin Mann Michelle Mardeusz Da vid Ray Marin Lori L. Marino Frederick J, Marple Richard Amparano Martinez Theresa Rose Martinez Mary Ann Massetto John Thomas Masters Ardith Witt CKelly Brooksj, Michelle Moore Uane Doej. and Sheila Harney fNever Mindlb take a break from the game and look in the stands for Sammy F? M-P eggs A , .Y 1 3 N I 1, 1 'sf ,fx John W. Metzendorf James Edward Meyer MaryAnn Josephine Miano Donald Charles Miller Juanita Lynn Miller Sandra K. Miller Steve R. Miller Karen Sue Miner Michael .L Mitten Stephen M. Monroe Joyce Helen Moore Michael R. Moore Da vid McMurdy Eric L. McClure Donald Eugene McCollum Kevin McCormick Phillip B. McDonald Scott McDonald Bruce A. McDougall Da vid Allen McDowell Sabre Dawn McDowell Ronald W. Mcflrath Patricia Lynn McKenna Martin Clinton Mckinstray Kevin LeRoy McLaughlin Seniors look Forward 5. e" 6 N xi to College Life Phillip A. McNally Dana D, McNeil Lesia Karen McNutt Da vid J. Merkley Kelly L. Merten Steve Patrick Methvin 3 , v ""7 SENIORS l67 Michelle Patrice Moore Adam Morales Jr. Michael Morgan Tracy L. Morgan Lori Jeanne Morton Michael Neil Mullings Doug Ray Murdock Brett Allen Murphy Thomas A. Murphy Jr, Timothy L, Myers Kay L. Nannestad James Martin Neary AP- X L . wx xvhs. 4 X Y . , t "Lei I 4' . ,,.,. -' jg? QQQ-tfgfli , . 3 . x P V . . TN 1 ?f' ld Qu Kelley E. O7?eilly Michael D, Owen David A. Pacheco Angela Jovanna Panetta Allen R. Parrill Kelly L. Passmore Deborah Carole Pearce Robert James Peck Laurie Ann Pelletier Daniel B. Pendley Annette Marie Pendrick Lawrence M. Pernick I68 SENIORS W' gm? Curtis Hugh Nedbal Barbara Jean Neeley Kimberly Niehuis Sharon Faye Nelson Hershel R. Nienstedt Linda C. Norfolk Valerie Rene North Tracy Jo Norton Paul Robert Novak Mark Steven Nullman Alan Scott Okabayashi Daniel W. Oleson Ter FF. Y 5 Aly, -l . Shelly S. Rayburn Christopher A. Raypole Anne Elizabeth Reardon Brian Paul Reed Kent C. Reed Marlee Reed Teri Lynn Reeder Stacy Reid Scott Anthony Reiger Bryan M. Rench Pamela J. Rexroat K elly Joseph Reynolds IQ, f ik! . Q Q -, me 1 4-'N' ffld, 6' lies " Laurie B. Peterson Christopher F. Petkiewicz Debbie Sue Pettett Susan Gayle Pfaffnran Terri Pierce Lori Ellen Plouff Pamela R. Poornian David L. Powell Joi Diane Prater John E. Price Sheila L. Pritchard Kathy A. Pruniski Senior pirit Soars as 6 y L L their Final Year Flys B sa M Pruniski 1' -J-.-1 Eloise A. Pulverin.n'her Patrielx Anthony Quill Michelle C. Rader Robert Gene Ramsey Joanne Marie Ranrthun Jay Rausay , L -ar v-.v Xi it . SENIORS l69 Lori Ann Reynolds . Martha Mae Reynolds Q. William J. Reynolds Marc G. Riccitelli Michael D. Rich . - Charles Clenton Richie my Debra Sue Richmond A X Jennifer Jane Richter " Q -,, Michael J. Ricketts , ' R ' , . Carol Marie Rieger 4 4 f - Lori Ann Ringler ,N 'ff Steven D. Robbins X E h g I 9 RQ x x L - . 'Q i ff A Ne x:-P 'lei-Cf Q ff if ru 3 Q S, .XV , , V ,, , W P f Q' 'ff 5: Melissa Marleen Rockenfield N e lg . Brian Carl Roever ' 'QL Jeffrey N. Rogers ig Gabriele I, Roggatz X , Catherine Elizabeth Roland g N Marci Beth Ropp ,. Ramon C. Rosales ' f' Robert Rosell ' , Bill J. Rozum - -, , George Leslie Ryan V " Tara Lynne Ryan xx Teresa Marie Salaiz -wg' . K -Q J --f f 3 A - xi The Varsity Poms showed great spirit this year at games and assemblies. CBrenda Bradford. Kim Niehuis, Ann-Marie Secanti and Tammy Kowaczj James Stephen Salisbury Randall J. Salo r Arthur Sandoval Theresa Marie Angeline Sarandos gf x JI? I7O SENIORS ,f px X, I. inda Shapiro -.. X 'K K - 3' , 3 , f?i . Dawn Ann Simmons Sharon S. Simmons Suzanne Simmons Joan Ellen Sloan Gregory Michael Smallidge Elizabeth Smith Eric M. Smith John Mack Smith Il LuAnn Marie Smith Robert Ray Smith Michael H, Snider Cathy Soto Jill Denise Sarver Donna louise Schlesing April J, Schmid Mark W. Schmidt Karla Louise Schneider Jack W. Schramke ll Jennie M. Schuster Cynthia Anne Schwartz lisa C. Schwartz Sharon Rene Scott Ann-Marie Secanti Neil E. Sellards Seniors Wish Best of Luck to Incoming Classes fi, L 1 r il :ac f , 'K . -. , x --, v A ' t 521 .L 'W fr: O . l ' -4- gl. Qpu-4 ie- w ' ii if Phyllis Ann Sharkey Deborah Ann Sharpe Kim Marie Shelton Charles Michael Shillington Richard Ronald Shoemaker Stella Schultz 'ww --we l SENIORS l7l R Laura Lynn Spitler Michele Marie Spina Michael Staggs Rena Lynne Staggs Melissa A. Staten Thomas Eugene Statzer James David Stevens David L. Stewart Mark Stuart Marsha La Vell Stiefel Robert Dean Stiner Michele Lynn Stively 'T ir- 1 A Keith Ashley Terrell Donna Rae Theiss Ruth E, Thomas Walter R. Thomas Barbara Ann Thompson Jenna L. Thompson Rusty Douglas Thompson Bonny J. Titus Bruce E. Torseth Anna Marie Treinen Rita M. Trostle .lay F. Troutt I72 SENIORS Kriquette L. Stumfoll Amy Beth Swadener Bryan D, Swaim Debbie Lynn Swart Mary Lou Szczepaniak Beverly Kay Tarr Timothy Charles Tarr Esther Tavison Angela D. Taylor Bruce D. Talyor Randall Ray Taylor Yvonne Carole Taylor l . 1 ...., L . - K . K . is A 'N' B 'fr' 7 'Ct' ' , V f 7.. "'i? -L A . f . . X ' s Matthew Wilson Ardith lvy Witt William Wirth Bobby Wong Stephanie Ann Wright Marshall Glen Yee David Alan Yocky Pauline Mary Youvella Steven S. Zeigler Minodora Zestrijan Mae Beth Zien Kathy Yvonne Kay XA it NON X s wx KX X . Xa R E x 1 S XX W A e 'Q K F' Yoshiraka Tsubono Alexandra Uyleman Shirley Jean Varkoly Joanne Elizabeth Vasquez Mark Allan Venable Nancy Ann Villasenor Theresa Marie Walke Nancy Walsh John Carson Ward Deborah Jean Wasyl Robert Wayman Goodbye and Good Luck Kimberly May Wvflfilrg Karol Dvlliecv West Roberta Joanne While David Glenn Wilkins Michael Willet Robin Jean Williams e, a ,iy , SE NIQRS I7 3 OFFICERS. Brenda Hammonds. Vice-Presidentl Diane Quan. President: and Yolanda Rendon. Secretary- Treasurer. l74 JUNIORS r-' SENATORS: Mary Bonny. Barb Fizz and Phillip Hernandez. Juniors Raise Money to ponsor Prom This year the Junior Class sponsor was Mr. McCauley. The class was led by Diane Quan, President: Brenda Hammonds, Vice-President: Yolanda Rendon, Secretary-Treasurer. There were twenty-one iunior members in- volved in the class. The membership requirements were that they be elect- ed to office or through interviews. They met everyday. Everyone partici- pated. along with everyone being ac- tive. Senators were Mary Bonny. Phil- lip Hernandez, and Barb Fizz. The activities planned for the year were the Junior-Senior Prom at The Pointe which was held in May. Other activities were dances the Junior Class sponsored after games, candy apple sales, Heart-o-grams. and class ring or- ders. Some fund-raising programs the class had planned were the candy suckers and painter hats along with the candy apples and Heart-o-grams. All the money made went toward the prom. The class learned how important it was to get involved and care. The ex- citement of always being surrounded by other Student Government mem- bers was what attracted many mem- bers to be part of Junior class. The class contributed time in Gompers. Arch, and the Suns Games from which the money will go to the Matt Owens Fund. Debbie Patterson and Sue Fisher boogie to the tunes of the AHS fight song. Lori Abraham Mike Abraham Gordon Absher Mike Aguilera Greg Ambrose Jose Acosta John Alandar Patricia Alcantar Diane Allen Lisa Allen Liz Allen Earl Alvey Eddie Alvey Anna Amavisca Paul Ameinder Doug Anderson Robin Anderson Paul Aguirre Mary Arn Noel Arnold Maria Asher 'ca 1:2-nv "LP Joe Barnett Roddy Barney Darlene Batarseh Peggy Baumhover Cindy Boyer Lisa Beard Jeff Becker Shawn Becker Scott Beebe Ladeana Benson Pam Bergsrud Bill Berlinger Pamela Beson Randy Best Jay Bethel James Bianchi Kenneth Bishoff Andy Black Lisa Blakesley Mark Bodle Tori Bohn I A44 l Xin N , 4. 62 is Y'-v Debbie Ashton Jim Austin Mike Baez-Morales Russel Bafie Carrie Balus Dean Baker Debbie Baker Lorin Baker Alice Baldenegro Nina Baker Michael Baldwin Bryan Balgenorth Ron Banales Donna Barnard 'Qui L . A -an JUNICRS l75 David Bonham Mary Bonny Dean Bowsher Kurt Brandenburg Mary Branham Gerald Brewer Kris Brewster David Brister Glenn Britt Leonard Brooks Brian Brooksby Anthony Brown Scott Brown Sydney Browning -., Al Juniors A wait Senior Year! Dewayne Carel Shirley Carlise Linda Carlson Brad Carothers Teri Carroll Kathy Carter Enedina Celaya Debbie Colvert Roseanne John Chafey Ronda Child Lorne Challis Annette Christopher Kerry Christopher Mary Ciccone David Clark Debbie Clement Andrew Gluck Diane Cole Jeff Colyar Donna Cone l76 JUNIORS As its Zh K' .it- C , - ax Q Stuart Brussels Chris Bryan Agnes Bua Kevin Buchanan Kathy Burbrink Jennifer Burroughs James Coffman Janet Caglioti Barry Caldwell Linda Calhoun David Candelaria Liz Cano Linda Canter Charles Cantrell N--4 Charles Coons Debbie Cooper Fred Cordova Linda Costello Tim Costillo Deborah Courcey Allison Cozad Shirley Craft Kim Creasey Chris Crews Dawn Crooks Houston Cross Shawn Cryster Julie Cunningham Barb Curtis Janae Curtis Danny Dager Sheryl Dall Doreen Danielson Jerry Dawson Laura Dawson I 5 - ,y GX M 9 1' i ' l ' A 1 Q "ue SR Y n N If ' , v 'N -3 x V ' K ii l I 1 Q!- Ben Deaton Denise De lreze Marcella Dcherrea Christina DeLaFuente Roy DeLeon Stella Deleon Gwen Del Muto Glenn Delmuto Kevin Dunartclaere Cathy Dunning Charlene Dlckover Kathleen Dickover Danny Dillsworth Llicllu. Disney Lorraine Duckworth Tim Dodt Ron Doehman Jerry Dolyniuk Irene Dominguez Janet Donahoo Susan Donald Ed Dopp Pat Doyle Chris Drew Richard Duarte Lisa Overfield Mike Durivage Dora Dutton Willie Duval .lohn Eckert Brian Edwards Steve Ellington Rebecca Engle Kelly Englert Tony Escobar ra' .411 Q-fi? JUNIORS I77 Robert Espinoza Alma Esquivel Carlos Esquivel Jose Estrella Rick Estrella Terri Etgen Dale Ferguson Scott Ferguson Janie Ferraro Al Fierros Valerie Fierros David Finn . Sue Fisher Derrick Fitch Juniors Plan Fund-Raising Projects Mike Gadberry Mike Gallagher Tina Gandil Nacho Gano Jaime Garcia Maria Garcia Wendy Gardom Brian Garry William Gavin Carol Gegenheimer Mira Gherardi Greg Gibson Norma Giesie Karen Gilcrest Pat Gill Lisa Girard Dennis Gibbons John Giver Julie Glemba Marie Gonzales Tony Gonzales l78 JUNIORS Barbara Fizz George Fletcher Pat Flippen Ramona Flores Shirl Forbush Susan Forman Lois Foster Kurtis Forstie James Fox Mary Franklin Daniel Frazier George Frederickson Travis Fredrickson John Freeman fu , , '15 W lmixx Annette Grace Eddie Grace Burlnan Graham Scott Grahantv Debbie Grant Larry Grapentine Toni Graves Patty Greely Byron Green Debbie Greene Harold Greene Dave Grenda Ted Griego Shelly Griffen Lori Grittman Lynne Groh Terry Grossenbacher Joe Guillano Chuck Guedesse James Gutscher Ruth Gutscher XX Debbie Harris LaVerdie Harris Toni Harris Chris Hart Lori Hartwig James Harville Cindy Havlik Monya Heath Marsha Heiland Dorothy Heinz Audrey Henderson Claudia Henderson Dawn Hennigan David Hendrickson Coty Hernandez Phillip Hernandez Cynthia Heun Mike Hinderliler Sherri Hines Pat Higgins Toni Higgins Se 4 1 f X l fs Y 1 Nt Susan Haas Rena Hagan Randy Hale Mike Hall Shelly Hall Anna Hallagan Vince Hamilton Bert Hannnonds Eunice Hamrick Brenda Hainnionds Jim Hanraham Vicki Hansen Susie Harland Dennis Harman X 1' Y'? X Vi. T x x i ag--sw JUNIORS I79 Carol Hislop Christi Hobbs Annette Hodge Rebecca Hodges Matt Hoffarth Phillip Holl Brian Hallada Nelson Holmberg Mary Holmes Bruce Homsey Brian Homsey Mona Horner Mark Hornerman Michelle Horton Juniors Anticipate Final Year of AH Tammy Jarnagin Lisa Jean Julia Jensen Becky Jimenez Bill Johnson James Johnson Michael Johnson Vince Johnson Candy Jordan Dennis Jouett Susan Junas Teri Jundy John Juslin Kathy Szczepaniak Vicky Katzenberger Lance Kellar Sharon Kelley Jennie Kelsch LouAnn Kennedy Gary Kern Belinda Keyes ISO JUNIORS l A-t f v t x Q Q S5 X 'bf' ,fi L' ' E I A ,, . v 'L -i"f yt f Xl ' i Qin? Ronda Houser James Howard Mary Hultman Bill Hunt Rhonda Hurst Michele Hutchinson Alicia Hutson Lisa Ingle Denise Ingram Cheryl Irvine Angi Jackson Jerri Sue Jacoby Steve Jahoda Mike James x nfs! J I l Gary Keyes Pam Kirkman Jon Kimbrough Melissa King Vicki King Shawn Kirkpatrick Bart Klein Tom Kloeppel Michael Klooster Penny Klossner Theresa Knape Susan Kouts Cari Kravat Mark Krohn Virgil Krocza Theresa Kuntzwiler Diana Lacek Rayna Lackman Cheryl Ladd Julie Langford Kenneth Langford Louisa Loo Frank Lopez Richard Lopez Doug Losey Eric Lovato Bille Jo Lucero Lisa Lucero Johnny Lutz Wayne Lyatl Jerry Lyman Joe Madden John Madden Mike Magee Andrea Magruder Vince Masone Kathy May Anna Mahr Mark Mancuso Heidi Maness Dorothy Martin Russell Matthews h xt.. .J':ia:. ' Q ' '-J 'ii I I '57 i . 1 r Jeri lard Terri Larsen William Laubach Jay Legan Brenda Lehman Mike Lehmkuhl Steve Lemme Barbara Ann Leonards Robert Lessard Tony Leung Tom Lindley Stephany Lindsay Beth Loefflcr Angela Lombardo ,V Q5 , 1" ru. 14? v- L I P , X ! 1 . A il g L 4 or f , e x ft - ' li. T . 'XY' JUNIORS l8I Susan McCarthy Linda McConiga Patricia McCormick Jeri McCaughey Allen McCrea Michael McCue Karen McCuIIy Brenda McDonald Richard McDowell Karen McCanlies Deanna McKennon .lohn McMurdy Dawn McNabb Don McNabb Diane Quan Takes Charge of .lunior Q9 Lisa Millward Tammy Mitchell Wendy Mitchell Kevin Mitten Cheryl Mohon Margaret Montoya John Montoya Teri Montoya Mark Moore Monica Morgan Kelser Muller Joan Mullican Brett Mullins Lisa Muns Lewis Murphy Sherri Murphree Stephen Nanny Kelly Nash Mike Navrotil Erin Neal Bill Nelson I82 JUNIORS Class Donna Meagher Sebastian Mercado Randy Mercer Barbara Merkley Jeff Merrow Gina Meyers Debbie Mesquita Jenita Mickley Alice Miller Dan Miller David Miller Kathy Miller Jon Miller Rae Minster Pam Nelson Andy Newell Shauna Newmeyer Craig Nichols Dale Nielson Allen Norris Cindy Nork David Nielsen Frankie Nowlin Liz O'CaIlaghan Henry Ochoa Anne Oglesby Shelley Orr Julie Osbourn Theresa Overbey Jon Owens Liz Owens Ruth Paroulek J.B. Parrow Carl Pate Randy Patrick Richard Pierci Reni Pieri Gina Piper Sindy Pollack Anita Polletta Debbie Pontius Sherry Pogue Steve Pruniski Jerry Purcell Diane Quan Mike Radcliff Craig Rader Victor Rangel Toni Ranney Kim Rausch Lisa Rauch Cathy Ray Cindy Ray Teresa Reader Brenda Reagan Sherri Red 1 i -v-Q 1 v ,--1' N,f S ff' ox Debbie Patterson Kim Pauley Vincent Paulsen Terry Paulus Darlene Payne Deborah Payne Laurie Payne Tracy Payne Scott Pendley John Perea Enrique Perez Tim Perkins Jacque Phillips Cindy Pickard JJ '47 n' 49 x X. QQ? E -.9 N. JUNIORS l83 I. Step one. two. three. One. two three. Uose Acosta, Victor Rangel. and Tori Bohn? 2. The average Alhambra studentsl Uanie Ferraro. Tim Perkins and Shelley Orrh 3. "Reunited and it feels so goodl" CMary Trinka and Tim Perkinsb 'x ' Q ,skim gi- . 5 0 n nib Q ip iiinn I84 JUNIORS I. I can get MY Bubbles SO, SO. SO Bigl Qkelly Shourds, Jose Acosta. Chris Petkiewitzj 2. Ah Comon lemme give him one smack right in the kisser! fDebbie Sherwoodb 3. Pom Line. Major- ettes and the Band Leader bring spirit to the AHS croud. QSergio Castillo. Julie Nelson, Kelly Mallory. Ann-Marie Secanti and others! A ' l ' in ' 1'-i '-.f -sw -- 3-5 it L EL J KV K A R , 3 we Q be , 2 ' 1' ' s " ' i P I Y' xx " A w 4,4 Q Mswff 1 .5 Nh YY' ... f 4. ,ww N , 1 -- x-,-, lv -V-. sr -- , 1. "' ' '-l " ' A V, M' ' ' .4 -"."., 'flag ' fri! Q " H I AL 4 kb RV K' I , . vi, I , , h,vIW,l by I n X , ,, .7345 w.:.:.,: H . , - . , V I , ,, . -by ., i . A A . . 7 .. f A p M 4.--:kk ,,.,!,K'Q,-try.. . ," ' . ' ' 1 ' A , ' 'I . M l K- lf ' 'W ' ' i v ...iw JUNIORS l85 Yolanda Rendon Melanie Rettler Kathy Reynolds Mary Riale Jay Rice Diedra Richards Sandra Roberts Denise Rochette Terri Rogers Mike Rollins Donna Roman Todd Randlemai Alison Ronshien' Richard Rosales A Y Mr. McCaule y Hehrs Sponsor Junior Class Robert Sears Melanie Selby Kelly Shank Martin Sharp Thomas Sharp Paul Shepard Scott Shepard Lisa Sheridan Debbie Sherwooc Mike Shoemaker Bonnie Shulflebe. Zina Singleton Sandy Sisson Todd Sloan Dora Slade Mary Small Cheryl Smith JoiAnn Smith Mike Smith Roger Smith Todd Smith l86 JUNIORS Steve Rouette Steve Rudisill Brenda Rudolph RoseAnn Ruiz Julie Ryan David Sain Susan Sandoval Mike Sarver Patti Schaefer Heidi Schmidt John Schott Linda Schwartz Stuart Schwartz Mary Scott -Q Brian Snider Steve Scott Vince Spina Sandy Stanke Karen Stanley Geralyn Staten Janet Steinberg D'Lee Steiner Danean Stevens Patricia Stillwell Rebecca Stinnett Ray Stonerock David Strunk Sherri Stubbs Paula Sturgill Jeff Summerell Tom Swart Chris Swadener Jill Sword Danny Tabor Lana Tang at .v' vlxr vu 'ui T f '-7 :- J' 1 tx i ' 'K 9 " . l Brian Tomlin Jackie Topolewski Scott Treadwell Mary Trinka Sharon Trostle Connie Tuggle Debbie Turner Shelley Turner Ken Turza Sandy Van Boerum Kevin Van Sandt Caryl Vander Linden Vicki Varkoly Leslie Vaughn David Vesey David Vest Sherri Vest Patti Voet Dina Viray Jan Wackerbarth X v' .yy l an fix 'aiu 'Ji' I' X x V Kei Robert Tautimer Gregory Taylor ' Tammara Tegarden Tina Tennerino Wayne Tenney Cheryl Teraii Bettinna Terp Jay Thacker Patty Thomas Dave Thompson Laurie Thompson Sherri Thornton Pauline Titus Marc Tokars JLINIORS l87 Kelly Wagner Karen Wakefield Johnna Walker Karie Walker Michael Walker Carlie Wallace Donna Wallace Sheila Wallace John Walledotn Sheila Walsh Greg Walton Pam Ward Jim Washburn Bobby Watkins Juniors Dedicate Time on Royalty Float Peggy Wirth Greg Wolf Norman Wolf Carrie Wright Cindy Wright Gladys Wright Linda Wright Scott Wyatt Robert Ybanez Anna Ybarra Charles Yoder Denis Young Linda Young Lynn Ann Young Tint Young Christine Zien Lynn Zimmerman Sheryl Zwillick Phillip Holl Mary Haney Liz Harris l88 JUNIORS i. Vince Watkins Joe Wayterra William Wells Melvin Wentzel Melissa West Mark Whitaker Essie White Larry White Roger White Barry Wilkins Tamarah Williams Tom Williams Randy Willis De'Aun Wines C? David Magee Rudy Ramirez Victor Rangel Henry Salazar Elizabeth Schooley Andy Sommer Janice Sorrells Diane Sowacke Wendy Snyder Cheryl Speer Jim Speer Kim Strow Steve Vahona Nancy Whitehead Jane Wiskia Dwayne Wright Chris Young Nikki Sutphin fa. . X xi Q N WC Q, gnu 223,32- -.f ' 0 .xiii ' .t nam. 5 , gum. in KA 1 5 v 1 he we ci ir t .Q lm ., -4 -t , A 'Ak-XL .7 '. i f - g 1 V -T. W I. Just your average Alhambra crowd. CDiane Quan, Mary Bonny. Johnny Perea, Debbie Pat- tersonj 2. Boyl What an active Pom Linel CAnn- Marie Secanti. Debbie Sherwood. Kim NiehuisJ a l J 'fi 'ii' J " 'X 9 'F' 'ii 'f t llgfz - ' '7Qff'1 1' -8 W 493' 'nj ,M . ' 6, A K i JV. xr" .'i . iiv, A 'st "1 .1 ,V U. 'M V - Vg ' ,. fn, " si . K r- bg A .., tr! il Y. l avi 4 U .- 4 .4 v , .0 Q ,F , . .-Ast .- 4 '?'1'g A, . . f 'Q - ' M Q'-. 4 -" 5 V il yi aJ,,, c 4' 1 X f , f' J - D' . ' N ,' ,"" - ?'. A! V. V f 1 f eiiii - 4 33 - 1 j i' ' -, "ca c b J J it it W N.. 31 I A 4--4' - -V 4 " to ,af H' ' f 'J ? , , . X4 f UM i "f::1':,,l' - . ,ta 1 no i c tk 5 'L 4353 I - -:S fx at A A' 5 ,ar-"" K JUNIORS I89 I. And now...a demonstration of the Tango! fSue Shourds and Debbie Pattersonj 2. I'm going to slap him sillyl fMaria Gessweinb 3. And the Juniors winli fFreddie Cordova, Johnny Perea. Dennis Gibbonsj , SDP' .l VPX H .1 '-fe ,bg Z: mr!! 90 View V 4 I9O JUNIORS 1 W? 4 X ,,4J" 1 Nk"'B'lul'! , 4, rj .,,,,ir: '- --x,f,,g'gg!' W,g-f.t1,'J:5Ej, ,Li o f- A- 'fi ., 1'-1,3 vfw o we ww gf' '111' iz: me I. And who's gonna win in thisa gama tonight? CSue Shourdsl 2. Key Club shows how they feel about the Camelback Spartans. QDebbie Sharpe. Debbie Pattersonj 3. Okay guys, whose shoul- ders do I get to sit on next? Uanie Ferrarol l l 9 KH? e -. -,awww I ' 32 X I , ll "H, 4" flt 1 ' at X -4 W Nth " l' . t 'Au Y l 4' 9 i j l N f .X 3- , . f as 1 ,, W Tm Q I ,lt A ,V 41, 4, 1, '-' I X : 'QQ '-f tv X l N of l an , A X t 'I :Eu :Q JUNIORS l9l 7 5, fs X I-41,1 Kathryn Smallidge. Secretary-Treasurer. Mike Olsker. President: Tracy Roberts, Vice-President. ophomores Stand Up to Cheer This years sponsor for the Sopho- more Class was Mr. Richard Johnson. The class was led by Mike Olsker. President. Traci Roberts, Vice Presi- dent: and Kathryn Smallidge. Secre- tary-Treasurer. There were eleven sophomore members in Student Gov- ernment. The only requirements were that they be elected by their peers and selected by Student Body officers. The officers met whenever it was thought necessary. Everyone participated in the class. The class had planned to sell T- shirts. They also worked on the tradi- tional Homecoming float with the Freshman Class. The only competition they had entered was in the Home- coming Float. The class had planned on fund rais- ing proiects. The money from the fund raisers went into the class account to- l92 SOPHOMORES ward their Junior-Senior Prom. Students learned about teamwork. cooperation, and responsibility. Being in Student Government. this year. made school fun and worthwhile. Overall the class officers and senators wanted to get the entire class in- volved. David Etz. Joe Scheid. Frank Vanderzee Ken Titus eating pie for spirit week. .wi Amy Absher Paul Abram Frank Adatns Adam Michelson Scott Adams Shirl Adams Ronald Adair Van Adkins Nannette Aguilar Vince Aguilera Glenn Alderman Tim Alexander Deana Alger Tim Allen Amelia Altamirano t :gk 5 se --v vb. -1 54 1 wx , fi Freshman-Sophomore Win Float Jackie Barnett Debbie Barraza Joe Barraza Lisa Bates Barbara Baugltman Greg Beard Kim Becker Mike Bee Loretta Begaye James Bell Sandy Bell Doug Bemus Susan Benedict Amy Berberieh ,Y 't if ,J 'P .ff Jo X 'J .515 . 5 W 'q 1 1 ' 55 A tif' L fl -sf.-ii' Sp F: . W ,, N 5 yr -' 1' . or, ' 'I ,lla . 31 L. , , f' 10 "' -- -'up -.., .4-.s 4 'x l i I Linda Altamirano Raul Amavisca Steven Ambrose Carla Anderson John Anderson Penni Anderson lisa Anetsberger Martin Armagnac Tom Arvizu Sherri Austerman Rayann Bach Darren Baggett Lavonne Bailey Eric Baker Norman Baker Bertha Baldenegr Sandy Baker Sandy Baldwin Jana Banks Steve Banks Andrew Barcellos O 1 L',l -- -4 '-. --LX i 1 C 1 Q7 V ft eta -1- 1 N. 4 ,. Z I EIL., it 1--1 N'S SOPHOMORES l93 's Kim Berlin Renee Berlin Susan Berryman David Billington Vince Binder Larry Bisson Marina Balckwell Debbie Blake Karen Blochberger Dalyn Blue Bryan Boeskin Janet Boling Kristie Border Jon Borge Andy Borunda John Boshard Sandra Bower Chris Bowes Charlotte Bourn Daryl Boyum Dorene Bradbury 'K X Rory Buske Maureen Butler Scott Bynum Chris Cahill Steve Calderon John Camargo Donell Cambern Monica Campbell Ofelia Candelaria Sylvia Canez Cecelia Canter Jeff Carlin Sherry Carrion David Carter Jackie Carter Mark Cozad Chris Cecil Chuck Celaya Rene Celaya John Cerny Michele Chandler I94 SOPHOMORES 3 l Troy Bradshaw Paul Bradway Sonya Braun Sandy Brewer Doug Brewster Jon Brinton Edwinna Brisbon Ida Brown Jack Brown Michelle Brown Tim Broyles Loren Bryant Patrick Burke Susan Burrows V - Q.. 2. i., 4 Bill Chase John Childres Louann Childress Gary Choate Troy Christensen Lennie Clark Katherine Clark Stephanie Clark Virginia Coates Jennifer Cohen Larry Coleman Jint Collier Cheryl Combs Ray Conrad .. .le Tammy Davis Jim Dawson Lisa Dawson Marilyn Deane Kim De Hart Keith DeLaet Irene De Leon Lawrence De Leon John DeLuna Lou Ann De Martelaere Patrick De Mille Teri Demlong Tom Denton Ron Deplazes Class Of N82 Led by President Patti Conway Kevin Cook Susan Coomer Tamika Coombs Troy Cooper Stacy Cooper Terry Cox Jerry Cozby Clterri Craft Sally Crews Ron Crouse David Cruz Mike Culbertson Tint Cunningham Sue Damon Paul David Lori Davirro Cindy Davis Dereck Davis Kimberly Davis Scott Davis SOPHOMORES l95 Denice Devenport James Dionne Dean Doberstein Tammy Dodt Michelle Donaldson Woody Doolittle Mark Dowell Randy Dowty Patrick Doyle Darla Drane Jon Duff Scott Dunn Terry Dunn Susie Durazo Jerry Durbin Rick Eagan Stephanie Earley Jeff Earl Tom Eaves Patty Eckert Kerry Eckley 65, Jerry l-usher Jun Fitzpatrick Kellie Flamgan Robin Fletcher Dina Flores Sandra Flores Butch Foster Kimberly Foster Jana Fox Joseph Fox Michael Fox Pam Fredrickson Cindy Freeman Wayne Freeman David Furnari Bob French Vicki Fryman Lisa Gabbitas Vinny Gagliardi Debbie Gallegos Joe Gamez l96 SOPHOMORES Fa. Ay , H 4- 'i v 8-I C'7' 9. I ,, If I . ,- f . - I it N still 4 , X , yt ,tr A. W, A 2 ' J in 'We-5 dk "',,? - X "'vs X I ' i X if 17 lt N - 1 X t 90-'kg Ji Michelle Eckley Janice Eddy Rick Eichenlaub Aaron England Kellie Epperson Susan Etgen David Etz Mark Frank Mike Farrell Debbie Faust Shelley Feliz Pat Ferrero Clare Fierros Ellen Finch Joe Gangemi Matt Gannon Monica Garcia Paula Garcia Lori Gardner Phoebe Garraghan Steve Gates Patty Gesswein Brian Gibb Marin Glazmen Audrey Glemba Annetta Glover Mitch Gluck Laura Goddard --. l Scott Grover Louie Guerrero Gabrielle Gula Lora Hacker Kathleen Hall Floyd Hamblen Larry Hamen Carla Heer Wendy Hein Linda Haney Brenda Hansen Lisa Hardy Jim Harbison Jeff Harnack , fm, A ophomores Say "Two Down, Two To Go" ff? ,,l Q K, .,: f tt, X K 4 N 'X L , to W L .LL - 7 Y l Nh , x xt- v i iii. It -v-v Sheryl Goldman Terri Goodwin Lani Gore Karrie Graham Sean Graham Richard Grant Julie Gray Laurie Gray Steve Gray Kathryn Grcely Ed Greenmyer Jim Greff Monica Gregory Betty Grendell Susan Grevcs Sally Grieve Debbie Griffith Randy Griffith Jack Griffor Michael Grimes Barry Grossenbacher fill . I, I , SOPHOMCRES I97 Edye Harris Jana Harris Debra Hartley Ed Hartz Patricia Harville Bill Hawkins David Hayes Ron Hazelwood Danny Heinzerling Michelle Helms Ron Heinpen Rick Henderson Charles Henry Tom Henry Colleen Heuett Daniel Hirko Debbie Hobbs Shelly Hobert Sherry Hobert Marie Hodges Terry Hoesel at .f .2 i s , ' v R' . i "' Q 'R , RK I.. , X B 4-fa Q t"I f "' t i-al .T Karen Hunt Claudio lanniielli Cindy Ingram John lninan Rick James John Jaycox Lynette Jaye Lisa Jenkins Eelecia Jensen Cheryl Jodat Jamie Johnson Kim Johnson Richard Johnson Ron Johnson Mark Johnston Elston Jones Lori Jones Todd Jones Cindy Jordan Gary Jordan Peggy Jorgenser l98 SGPHOMORES sl il? wi Elaine Hoffarth Mark Hogland Brenda Holaday Dave Halal Christine Holland Daniel Holley Emily Holt Margie Hood Terri Hoopes Michelle Horner Janet Householder Jill Hovey Theresa Hudson Julie Hughes f "lit X E ,, .s I x i 3' if f ? a ,Q .,.. f sl our .a ,LC X I X NK Diane Joslyn Drena Kalani Mike Karsky Susan Kelley Kathy Kelly Randall Kemp Richie Kenison Bridget Kennedy Charlene Kennedy Colleen Kerr Mike Kinibrel Cherri Kincade Bill King Ruben King J' X 'S 4 KX! 1 i s 5 l X iw. x' . yi. X Li Chris Lee Jim Lee John Lee Kiin Leiinbach Mike Lemme Scott Levario Sarah Libby Dennis Lindley Alex Lindsey Wayne Lincoln Tracy Lodntell Desiree Loefller Jiin Lopez Debbie Loniuscio lf' X N -N If ophomores A wait Frank Kisner Roger Kittrell Sandra Klossner Kathy Kinieciak Don Knillin Sue Koch Jackie Koressel Valorie Kat zenbi. rbi. r Lynette Krohn Robbin Laing Mike Laird Toni Laniagno Janet Lange Cindy Langford Rex Lanoue Rodney Lanoue Todd Larabell John La Rocca Beth Larson Donna Latham Marc Lazovich SOPHOMORES l99 ee' O' gi ' JJ , f- QV' ' S -' - ' i , gl, '1 Lynn Lnnmerman. Kellie Shourds and others gather at the Candy Apple Sale. I ' yi it X 1 y i 5 i 4 1 .YW ll A A , KL "1i"'f" bi y x J , s S ' 35 .kt One of the security guards Max Viray, takes out his frustrations at the dunking machine. The band, majorettes. and poms all get in the "Grease" bandwagon and perform at halftime. , my Q., 'lf .., , One of the Lions defensive players prepare to tackle the opposing running- back. Jw SOPHOMORE ACTION Q xv-N iq ,pg ,J One of the smaller mighty lions. Claire Fierros. concentrates on finishing 1 first in a cross country meet. I K l I FORTRESS Photographer. The Alhambra crowd, always with smiles on their faces. take notice of the S i 'Y . A ,fy 1 , li' if . l 2' lex 'Q' 5 l V 'R t 'fs - Q. ' V , V 1 O e, -2 U 4 . 'A 1 ft 4' ' . '2 , g 14 V . ,B ' t n Y L A A 5 332, lf A , ,tx Q Y A 5. Ahhahh! Anyone who dunks me. I'Il dock ya with an F! iMr- Culbeflwft al the Thirsty students gather at the tables, so they may purchase a coke during a Key Club dunking tnachinel home football game. SOPHOMORE ACTION JOI Sharon Lowe Peter Lucas Robert Lynch George Lui Danny Magee Lora Manker Terri Manning Laura Marcell Stacey Marshall Bridget Martin Larry Martin Johnny Martinez Rudy Martinez Rhonda Matthews Denise Mayer Colleen Meagher Rhonda Medley Tammy Meek Melissa Mendez Nino Miceli Debbie Miller 1 .Q V, WN-il . f k..R ' itll 17? ' as Suzanne Morquecho Sara Morris Vincent Mullican Mindy Mullings Mike Mulvihill Clio Murphy Karen Murphy Annette Murray Dina Mucklow Kiln McCainbly Theresa McCants Anastacia McCarthy Kathi McConnell Floyd McDonald Pant McDonald Joyce McDonough Richard McDougall Mark Mclcwen June McGarvey Toni McGrath Paula McKee 202 SOPHOMORES H -,X K Dwain Miller Jami Miller Jill Miller Michelle Miller Sherri Miller James Mitchell Mike Malin Andrew Moody Lisa Moore Suzie Moore Ralph Morales Susie Moreno Christina Morquecho Donna Morquecho fi! --Q' i xi, I i 'xii Q., , L ,, .Hx ' -J' 'ii kiss 1 33' ' ...4 K VAN 2 ' 'va Keith McLaughlin Michelle McManus Jamie McSorley Lisa Nannestad John Nathan Rose Neely Thanh Nghiem Gary Nelson Lee Nelson Grady Nix Mike Noyes Lisa Nugent Julia Nyinan Robert Olsen xx X i DX Fl! ophomores Sponsor Steve Olszewski Nancy Ong Shannon O'Reilly Vicki Osborn Bunnie Owens Disco after Game Cheryl Panier Andrea Panetta Donna Parish Robert Parisi Scott Park Alex Pavlenko Connie Parovlek Mary Patten Gina Pease Mona Peden Brian Peterson Karen Peterson Robby Peterson Barbie Peltett Christine Phlye Tracy Phillips , , a, 4 Q V "' n A J 'N 0 495 ' ,. 1 xy in 7' 1 i Of' , 2 - ., .- sei. ff- P 'HQTLX x, X '93 ,Af 27 Alex Perez Wilma Pierce Phillip Pippins Ouince Pippins Stan Podlasek Ron Pontius Bill Poorman Debbie Potter Lesa Preston David Prieger Ken Prisco Gary Purcell Sheri Quill Arpad Rakosi , r ,i 1 , W. . ,Q l 7 P, 3 X -1- 'f gf f SOPHOMORES 203 Tony Ramirez Corine Ramos Emily Ramthun Jeff Rankhorn Randy Raypole Lorie Reed Traci Reeder Michelle Reeves Stacey Reger Patti Reichert Carla Reid Lori Reiman Charlene Rentlrow Bonnie Ann Reyes Camella Riccitelli Barbara Richie Colleen Richards Jim Richards Susie Richardson Kandi Rice Lisa Rios Frank Ruiz Julie Runnings Jeff Salkeld Robbie Sahhar Anna Santa Maria Ted Sarandos Scott Sasek Sarah Scarbrough Joe Scarzato Steven Scales Jeff Schacht Joe Scheid Mary Schenck Connie Schieman Kirsten Schmidt Paul Schmidt Bill Schryer Joe Schwartz Mary Selby Rick Semmens Monica Sesma 204 SOPHOMORES a Q- .v.- Q.. 9, t 9 A ,t 'L ' ,I M , v t I s ' l 'l X 'W f ,po- 3.--5 x 1 all Qklillllxi Tim Rivera Andrea Reynolds Mark Reynolds Donald Roberts Traci Roberts Toni Robbins Paul Roggatz Regina Romero Cecelia Romo Eric Rosene Jonathan Ross Carol Rossi Bob Rozum Bill Rudolph A ' A5-Q , 3 -, '.. Q3 ' ' it I H ,gl A-I ,4 .fl , LB - Eddie Settle Gary Sharpe Bill Shea Tom Sherwood Adorna Shepard Tim Short Kellie Shourds Bob Shupe Rod Silvernale Neil Simonar Amy Sincavage Michael Sing Debbie Slack Rob Slagle exe? Julia Staten Vickie Staten Alden Stein KC Stephens Debbie Steward Becky Stewart Michael Stewart Marsha Stielel Robert Stocksdale John Stoeveken Liz Stonerock Kim Strow Randy Stull Mike Sullivan If i .t Y Rift Q: 5+ ophs get School pirit at Assemblie S. ixxf' if Y i ,, - .A .3 Q' rf' T? Kilt if Brenda Slocum Pamela Slocum Kathryn Smallidge Rhonme Smart Charles Smith Greg Smith Kelly Smith Leo Roy Smith Logan Smith Rob Smith Bill Snead Joe Sandei Eddie Solo Sandy Sowers Kim Spangler Vast Spanos Chris Spina Jerry Staggs lrrank Stanton April Starr Cassandra Staten X SOPHOMORES 205 Lori Sutherland Kris Sutphin Bill Sutton Bessie Sutter Sally Swim Walter Szczepaniak Gaby Szecheny Gayle Tang Tony Tapia Kathy Tarantino Thomas Tarr Arlene Tavison Irene Tavison Tammy Taylor Jim Tchida Diane Thacker Theresa Thomas Laurie Thompson Shanna Thompson Pat Throckmorton Joe Tiano Tl: s at: , KR V V U Q .... VS l Lori Vietzen Terri Vincent Rich Vukelich Mickey Uyleman April Waddell Mike Waddle Mark Wagner Dwight Waldron Charlen Wales Karen Walker Jodi Walsh Molly Waltz Tom Ward Cody Ware Chaka Washington Dan Wasyl Linda Wayman Wendee Weast Darlene Webb Bill Wagner Britt Bentley 206 SOPHOMCRES Q !' I 5 in 5 0 l x x l x l l N I . .iss ' s vt yy x Q, R. 1 ,N ., k . A ,Q f , it' A fl 2 'l' ' szg'yj5f'reW1 ,I ' .5 i 5 i I George Titus Howard Treinen Fernando Truiillo Sheri Tucker Shannon Turner Tim Turner Brian Tyler Bruce Urich Gina Utterback Frank Vanderzee David Vaneynde Roger VanKuren Mike Van Norman Lori VanZant 3 . M, 4 1 . V A , , Annette Bond La Donna La Doux Sylvia Lovato Kim Metz Connie Paroulek Tracy Phillips Pat Ramirez Lisa Rios Joe Scheid Tim Short Kathy Smallidge Christine Spina Reid Stinnett Sally Watkins Yu Wayne Pam Whitaker Rick Williams Ken Young 'Vet' Vs Y.- -t, XX ,Qu L. , .. I , wa '-2 X :,y.?ayff' ' 1 . rii' 4. 'Xt'-6 .4 'TP 441. - i 54? V L '1- 5,--t.4f, Nw 1 tai of ., 3g, .5538 Q QI, Tkt1i,v,i X? 2-51't"N S 54. yeviief Q. , fy f' V o 1 W' ' ' .vi fry.: - ,af v - 5 f fm" x fi' 53 C., ff x, Ha ve ophomores Q. 1 I , a , X-'s rw SX 5. vl..t t... R S emo pirit f, .VN x 'I 1 mf aal ta.t if my ra ,P im ev' f. V 4,- .2-4. Jungle Boy and the bear wave to the people, on the winning Homecoming float. The J.V. football team on the starting line up on a home game. SOPHOMORES 207 X ti Tammy Wilson Darlene Willet Eileen Williams Jennifer Williams Leona Williams Scott Williams Todd Willis David Wilson Jim Wisener Cindy Woodward Darrell Worley Adam Wright Darrell Youvella Gloria Ybanez J Kelly Heneghan Linda Watkins Martin Watkins Tony Wayterra Rebecca Webster Kathy Weld Sandy Wells si l X Jmrlr 1 xk..x Q v 4- Ov 1 5 Y X E2 , K F-s Kathy Wentzel Sedney Wesolowski - Lee Ann Weyeneth Patricia Wheeler Y ' Mitzi Whitaker Kim White Jeff Williams CJD sq-ex x 'X -t x X3 xi "" . I J t . . X Wlltmmmi Wayne Yu Yvonne Young Cliff Zepeda Victor Zoll ,,-af-me ff, ,M-' Robert Hallada carries his partner to the finish line during Halloween Activities. 208 SOPHOMORES 'fag R -r ,.,,, 5: Q I Ll 'Q iff I -., f uilixklsk J 4 1 A 1 : l f . fe X.,-. ri.. I . Robert Hallacla and his partner participate in the Halloween apple-passing contest. S as An unidentified Sophomore takes on Mitch King, Senior, in arm wrestling during a Homecoming activitv. NRVX ' ' , -tw' Q JM Wilma Pierce, Sophomore. and Sharana Mandoza. Junior. arm wrestle to see which class is the best. I S TTC Students gather around the quad to see how many come out to vote on Sophomore election day. Kellie Shourds does the Limbo in representing the Sophomore class. SOPHOMORE ACTICN 209 Freshmen Strive to be Number One OFFICERS: Scott Estes. Paige DeHart, and Julie Blackshire. CIP 2lO FRESHMEN This years sponsors for the the Freshman Class were Ms. Hurlburt and Ms. Johnson. The class was led by Scott Estes, Presidents Julie Black- shire, Vice-Presidents Paige DeHart. Secretary-Treasurer. Class Senators were Terry Pfeifer, Janine Bailey and Eddie Amavisca. They had eight fresh- men members in Student Government. The only requirement was to be elect- ed into office. The class officers met every day. Everyone participated in activities and were active. The class planned to have candy sales, and in December painted and cleaned the campus. All money raised from the candy sales went to the Freshman Class trea- sury. Students learned of involvement, cooperation, and responsibilities. They were attracted to Student Govern- ment because they wanted to get in- volved in the school and help their class, and they wanted to make it bet- ter than any other class. The activities helped outside the community. SENATORS. Janine Bailey, Eddie Amavisca, and Terry Pfeifer. An unidentified Freshman student is caught by FORTRESS photographer giving a speech to her peers during the Freshman elections assembly. 3 Eddie Aspinall Theresa Avila Fred Babbitt Dan Bagley Janine Bailey Jodie Baker Shelley Ball Dan Bamrick Kelli Banham Paul Banke Ronda Barrett Patte Ann Bartnik Neil Batie Kim Bechtold Greg Bedore David Beebe Jon Beets Sammy Beiar Miashawn Bentley Brian Bingham Bruce Black K3 , fx, 4.4 'fi Ji if 1 -,.v 1 l 1. , If heri 'Ni' J 5, x -fi . at ' L. .t Tony Abalos David Alcantar Marianne Aldridge Kim Allen Pam Allen Terri Allen John Anastasio Robert Anderson Isaac Aguirre Laurie Arnold Marcella Artalejo Sylvia Arvizu Joe Asher Paul Ashton 'U Julie Blackshire Sheri Blanton Danny Bliss Sean Blochberger Neal Bloom Kathleen Bloyed Cindy Bodah Suzanne Bogert Dan Bookout Alison Bowler Russell Bradbury Denny Branaman Paul Brandon Tom Brazill larry Brewster Richard Brister Cathy Britt Scot Brooksby Barry Brown Doug Brown Eric Brown FRESHMEN Ill ,ta g X M, f Anthony Calderon Brett Callaway Julie Camargo Amy Conarroe Carla Canter Joey Capuchino Angie Cardella ,ns ij? 1 I1 ff B My l All if my in X . A.H.5. Welcomes Class of '83 -e as III FRESHMEN ff L al 1 -4- 1.7 Lf no N7 1 -v Y ff i lv ' tl 1. 7 LION Roger Brown Duane Browning Ricky Brunsberg Shari Burbrink Christine Burns Erick Burns Curtis Burt Micki Burt Geri Burton Dawn Bushroe Jimmy Butinski Melvin Butler Ronnie Byrum Sanford Caime Sheri Carmody Jill Carroll Ray Carter Tim Cary Valerie Castle Tony Cataldo Daren Caywood Kevin Challis Kimberly Chandler Charles Chapman Robin Charlet Michael Chase Freddie Chavey Carolyn Chavez Jimmy Chavez Donna Cheung Mike Chicoine Marcia Christian Michael Christopher Tamara Chrysler Val Cimprich Denise Clark Vivian Clugston Carol Coddington Bill Cole John Colin lvy Colligan Gary Collins Diane Davis Jerry Davis Shawn Davis Tammy Davis Troy Davis Gene DeAngeIis Wayne Deaten Richard Dechaine Robert Decker Paige De Hart Cheryl De Loera Steve De Luna Donna Denny Thomas Denning John Dettmer Debbie De Wald Toby Dixon Diana Dominguez Wendy Doolittle Russell Douglas Gaylon Dunn James Dunn John Dunn Michael Dunn Pauline Duran Debbie Dybeck Rae Earle Steve Earley Peggy Eckard David Erhardt Christine Eick Angela Ellis Heather Ely Karla Enloe Jimmy Escobar Philip Comon Danette Cook Elmer Cook Frank Coons Dan Cortes Kellie Coruin Rosanna Cota Angela Cousin Bill Cranston Lisa Crocker Denise Cull Pfssv CUPP Lanita Rae Cuspard Tracy Cutting Paula Dailey Reggie Daleiden Victor Dallas Tim Danton Ann Day Antoinette Davis Bill Davis - i 1-Q .1 FRESHMEN 2l3 X l .a L. I wr. v' XJ X l,, Joey Escobar Roni Esquivel Scott Estes Lisa Fenton Anna Figueroa Angie Fitch Mike Flores Greg Forstie John Fortier Eric Foster Harold Franke Shelle Freeman Kiln Ann Frye Paula Fryman Freshmen Heb ophomores in Winnin Float Eddy Gaeraths Michael Gallagher Joyce Galloway Lisa Gangemi Bernie Garcia Darryl Garcia Ernie Garcia i a 1 dx X fit. I ,iff I X if' X l 2l4 FRESHMEN wie 62 John Garcia Martin Garcia Joyce Gary Jami Gates Chris Gaylord Jeanne Ghigo Mike Ghigo Cathy Gibbons Dodi Gibbons Julee Gibbons Kevin Gleizier Scott Goernitz Luina Gomez Debbie Gorslin Alex Gonzales Heide Gonzales Rudy Gonzales Jeff Goodwin Christine Gordon Treva Gordon Julene Grace Deidre Graham Susan Grapentine Deborah Graves Tina Greene Robert Greff Karen Grieve Jeff Grover xffxt' John Guerrero Mark Guse Brian Gwyn Wade Hale Robert Hallada Allen Halling Teri Halverson Steve Hamman Paul Hangartner Debbie Hanner Tammie Haralson Aaron Harding Elesha Harding Phil Harmon John Harrigan Valerie Hartley Eric Hasenberg Joseph Havlik Angela Hawley Lee Hayes Ruth Hayes Brent Healy Kim Hemming Tonyia Hentniing Wesley Hemphill Travis Henry Greg Hernandez Tonya Heun YY ,si .:, - s .-1 1, 1 'x , . 2 f x AX' ,vft 1 ' . x 'J 'U- I Tim Hinderliter Larry Hinos Clay Hill A Shelli Hines Thad Hinson Robert Hoaglund Scott Hodge Bill Hodges Alissa Haenel Sandy Holland Tammy Holt Tricia Hoover Rhonda Horner Debbie Hovey Missy Howard Rhonda Howard Shawn Howard Doy Humphrey Sherrie Hunt Mike Hutchinson Bill Ideker Tom Ingram Oscar Irish Joe lvenz Bill Jackson Phyllis James Christina Jarnagin Robert Jacobson FRESHMEN 2l5 Carol Jacobs Carl Johnson Debbie Johnson Michelle Johnson Richard Johnson Richard Johnson Keith Jones Lance Jones Shanna Jones Steven Jones Shelley Jordan Brenda Kading Rebecca Kane Robert Kazmierczak Freshmen Face Three More Years Kandy Kearney Melinda Kearney Stuart Kelley Brenda Kennedy Michele Kerezman Marty Kerfoot Dawn Kessler 2l6 FRESHMEN .'lr""'4fx Peggy Keown John Kidd Jody Kimbrel Erwin King Annette Kisner Kelley Knight Mary Komar Sandy Koressel Michell Kowren Brian Kozak Robert Kramer Danny Kronz Mary Sue Kwiecien Nat La Cavera Dee Ann Lacey Diane Landreth Michele lanman Troy Larabell Debra Lebron Laurie LeVander Chuck Levinson Dan Levinson Mark Lewis Robin Little Jon Lindsay Tina Linebough Dorothy Lizarraga Christine Long Mike Magnolo Renee Mahan Kathy Mahr Roni Mallory Jeff Manies David Mann Guy Manning Eddie Montoyo Salomon Marez Greg Mark Jennifer Marshall Ruben Martinez Bryan Maser Lisa Mason Ron Masters Joseph Matoskey Frank Mathis Marty Mathis Alan Matsumoto Eric Maudsley Stephen Mayberry . , X y X Q 7 I Sandy Long Tony Loo Cynthia Looper Eddie Lopez Kathy Lose Frank Lujan Robert Lukaszkiewicz Paula Luper Jimmy Lutz James Lynch Jon MacDonald Edward Madden Kristine Maggard Kim Magnetti Brian McCarty Debbie McCants Kathy McCarty Mark McComb Laurie McCormick David McCue Alan McCuIIy Martin McDowell Sandy McGrady Dorothy McGrath Patti McGrath Gina McKenna Sara McKinney Barry McMeen Mike McNabb Tammy Mead Iris Mears Charles Meeks Carlos Mena Enrigue Mercado Mike Mercer FRESHMEN 2I7 The Korean Royal Palace Martial Arts Education classes about Karate. x ' , Ne came to demonstrate to Physical 'i'l"'m"'-M' -wmsmmw. Freshmen participate in one of the many activities during Homecoming. Eddie Amavisca is seen here trying his best at one of those activities. Scott Estes is seen here making his election speech in hopes that he will become President of the Freshmen Class. 2I8 FRESHMAN ACTIGN S if X- i ' . Q X . Kuk Sool Won has two young Karate students demonstrate their skills to all the Physical Education classes. I In the game against Maryvale John Vasquez H1413 3ff15h'11aUll8l1lW2lBhl football player throws a pass to recetver Eddte Asplnall 43533 2 Maryvale s defense attempts to block John Fortter s C4843 punt 3 John Vasquez M427 throws a pass as Maryvale s defense attempts to tntercept 4 Freddu Chavey 43435 shows defenswe effort on Maryvale s ball Larrter FRESHMAN ACTION 2l9 Darren Merriott Tina Meyer Fern Millard Diane Miller Lisa Miller Lynn Miller Mike Miller Anita Mitchell Dina Morea Kevin Monaghan Joe Montez Stacy Moorefield Terry Morrison Patty Mowinski Freshmen Meet Year with New Challenge Collin Muller Robin Mullings Melanie Murdock Russell Myers Linda Neeley Mitch Negri Mike Nevitt v Us 220 FRESHMEN 1 Melvin Ney Dai Nghiem Tina Nichols Mark Nielson Rina Nokes Brenda Norton Conrado Nunez Melissa Ogle Doris Olsen Tracie Olvey Lynne O'Meara Tim O'Reilly Ginger Osborn Lupe Osorio Elisabeth Owens Mark Owens Lisa Pacheco Terri Padilla Darron Palmer Joe Pastorello Cindy Patrick Samantha Patterson Eric Paulson Leslie Paulus Ronnie Pease Rebekah Peeples John Pendrick Staci Penrose Diana Pratt Tonia Pruett Terry Purcell Debbie Purva Ronald Rainey Tim Rainey Monica Ramos Steve Ray Margaret Reed Dale Rennells Dean Rennells Mike Rettler Jill Rhodes Louis Rhoades John Richards Steven Richter Doreen Rick Bill Riale Bill Roberts Patty Robertson Richard Rodriguez Donna Perez Roberta Perez Jerry Perry Kathy Perryman Terry Pfeiler Evette Phillips Jim Pickard Kathy Pierce Tracy Pierce Doug Pimental Trina Pippins Elisabeth Polk Rex Porter Carol Possidente Santos Rodriguez Christy Rogers Tammy Rogers James Rosenau Audrey Rood Twine Ross Edward Rossniell Bob Russell Bonnie Russell David Ryan Cathy Salaiz Brenda Salem Benny Salinas Joe Samajean Paula Sanchez Barry Sanders Susie Sandvig Kathryn Sarandon Brenda Schallert Heidi Schlederer Paula Schneider FRESHMEN DI .-lx..a-X ,L- tv Mark Sigety lvy Singleton Lori Smith Denise Smith Colleen Slade Tracey Slattery Levi Slaughter .JV MAIX .1 '39 ! First Homecomin for Freshmen x 15 4, 4 'vt .., 4 'Q x 222 FRESHMEN N lik,--' Sherri Scholl Chris Schuler Tricia Schulz Arlene Sciorilli John Scott Patrick Scott Sherry Seeberger Sandra Sesma Eddie Jett Terry Settle Sheryl Shapiro Donna Sharkey Shelli Sharpe Russell Shrum -416- va , Jn.. lvl I . E -t 4 'X lb . . X ' va vt 1 1 'X TTT? 'L O Jeff Smallidge Michael Lee Smith Jack Smithson Robert Snelling Jon Snodgres Tyra Sommer Robert Souder George Sowers David Staggs Richard Stanton Tammy Staten Lisa Steele John Stephenson Curtis Stevens Lynn Stevens Denise Stewart Eugene Stierhem Ricky Stiner Robin Stoddard Pam Stone Tanya Struble Robert Strunk Curtis Svitak Debbie Swan Mike Swart Robert Sybrant Florence Szczepaniak Hank Talbot Steven Thornton Marybeth Titus Robert Topolewski Irene Torres Rick Torres Todd Toten Jayme Treece Julie Treinen Tina Trott Nick Troug Jana Troup Tsoi Sampson Tracy Turner Tim Tweed Ronnie Vachris Elaine Vanderlinden Steve Van Note John Vasquez Debbie Vaughn Norma Veiar Rick Venable Lance Tang Henry Tavison Jackie Taylor Pat Taylor Tracy Taylor Marjorie Teapole Heidi Terry Richard Terry Brian Thiffault Annette Thomas Chuck Thomas Craig Thompson Kim Thompson Mark Thompson as ,f if "' ' 0- WI we 1 4 Julie Vesely Debbie Villasenor Jerry Von Gries Jon Von Reeden Scott Vosgier Randy Wacker Pauline Waddle John Wagner Lisa Wagner Theresa Wagner Nathan Walker Brad Wallace Linda Walls Sean Wardrope Michelle Warren Al Watson Jerry Watson Ray Weatherford Wendy Weatherman Lonnie Wells Kathy Werking FRESHMEN 223 A 01 3 S Freshmen Gracie Alvey Miashawn Bentley Terri Davis Kara Greely Kristin Heath Linda Henrickson Kelli Hoyt .L qv ' Q ss-1 SS. P 'K nt, . a. 'tr FD' W N fs , as 1' X I Mabel West Joe Wheatley Sandra White Keith Wilder Lori Wilkerson Lisa Williams David Wright Terri Yates Ruth Ybarra Joey Yenkala Alice Young Roma Youvella Cindy Zetterlof Debbie Zywicke Look to Future as Sophomores ,Xia -v I L 5 wi ' A E .f bt ,N .qv X -Q X. 5- ' A :Is lc x - I .Nr R lx." l Q f , l - m"14I"i."11 a -it '- . Y 5 - Q we N-K ,-1 . 2 f , If a' ' ' L e is , i S g W , 5 L ' ' Q 33 5 V' 1, .- ' .W K -Qggff 5 1 ' ' ss i- .M ai -4 Leann Owens Jon Smith Alice Young Amy Jackson Tina Kahler Brenda Lopez Zoe Lupeika Kathy Mahr Amy Maliner Kelly Niehuis LEFT: An unidentified Freshman represents his class by doing the Limbo during Spirit Week. as the crowd looks to see how he will do. ABOVE: Renee Mahan speaks with her class, during Freshman elections assembly. in hopes that she will be representing them in Student Government. In "e wa! sa' t finite , . 'N " o '71 'X ff 4 v ' 'F' xv-a.,.1nve.w, M N ,A '., I ' ' Q- , . We - W . smut! W y .us- ll A-in , .,a,-1: T , T""'+...-L, - 7" . s " i "' .9-,f.i,.. if-is 1 gjru' ta- 1114555 . , , ... 5 ,J 1 .-4 'Q - - --Q.. Nav' -- Sas J 'lift ' f W 'i"'..."':?' b .t ,, -1 1 .4 .f Gif! -, K-fl -1 fl xi V . xl 4 9 l' 4 .,, .1 X ' - .ff , ,fs Q Z' ' l . 'f X if if 1 I. The Freshman Volleyball team looks at two ol their teammates In hope of a point agatnst theur opponent. 2. A freshman member ol the volleyball team bumps the volleyball as two of her teammates are ready to back her up. 5, Number 42 bumps the volleyball tn hopes of a potnt against her opponent. 4. Volleyball member ts ready lor her turn to receuve and ns caught aware. 5. Alhambra defense is up tn the atr as two players try agamst a point. lt' 'sb' f 'f'Mll.fwa . A FRESHMAN ACTION 225 SENIOR i afsq I fad' ' X' Julie Bruder 5uzanne Da vis Christina McDonough Julie Nelson Kirk Ramsey Andy Van Boerum Dwynda Wilson David Chalais Sherri Smith Toby Smith Dennis Uptain Gezelle Urbanski Luis Villavicencio JoAnne Walker Linda Walker Karen Warren Kelly Wa yman Alan Webb Tina Webb Leslie Wesolowski Cheri Wilkerson Gina Wray Alan Zagorski Cole Zimmerman 3- L. Raggedy Ann and companion participate in the Halloween dress up day. 226 EXTRA PICTURES AND ACTION X 6- 7 I, .IU IOR Paul Gmeinder Derrick Hitch Charles Yoder Kathy Szczepaniak fxm 'I if v FRESHMEN "' 1- ' x Robert Krout Ooh La Lal My Goodness! I guess love is all around usl fkellie Shourds and Tom Kelly! ll v iz -Y . L A: O- A-.F sh Y 5 ' 4 Eugene Stierhem ' Patty Thomas. Mary Bonny, etc.J I 1' s ,X gd 1 Barry ig ,W if X Grossenbacher 5- I y ' Alissa Haenel , ni ' 1 X Robert Hoaglund Q' ? F EH Debbie Kovesdy , Many spirited students gather to watch the Slave Sale. fNanette Bentley. EXTRA PICTURES AND ACTION 227 A ABRAMS. LAWRENCE: Bowling Club I. 2. 3. 41 Ski Club 2. 3. 41 FBLA I1 DECA 3. 41 NHS 3. 4. AGUILERA, JOHN: Football I. 21 Basket- ball I. ALLEN. ROBERT: Football I, 2. 3. 41 Bas- ketball I1 Track I, 21 Lettermens Club 3. 4. ALTAMIRANO. ROBERT: DECA 3, 41 Ski Club I, 4. AMAVISCA, FREDDY: ICE 41 VICA 4. AMAVISCA, PATRICIA: Spanish Club 2, 31 AFS 2. 3, 41 Student Government 3. 41 NHS 41 Parnassus 41 Student Board Re- presentative 31 Student Body Treasurer 41 Rotarian 4, Girls Stater 3. ANDERSON, DALE: Bowling Club I. 2. ANDERSON. ROBERT: Ski Club 4. ARCHER. ROBERT: AHS ARVIZU, ALAN: Basketball I. ASPINALL. SHARON: AHS ATHA. DENZIL: Football I1 VICA 4. AUSTIN, MARK: Bowling Club 2. 3. BALDWIN. JOANNA: Modern Dance 2, Drama 2. HOPE 4. BARTEE, KELVIN: Football I. 2, 3. 41 Wrestling I. 2. 3, 41 Track I. 2, 4. BAUER. BETH: Track 2, 3. 41 Key Club 3. BAYLEY. CATHERINE: Volleyball 3. 41 Softball 3. 41 Girls Basketball 3, 4. BEDONI. ROBERT: AHS BELL. GREG: Cross-Country I, 2, 3. 41 Track I, 2, 3. 41 Lettermens Club 2. 3, 41 BENDER, MARLON: Drama 2, 3. 4. BENNETT. RHONDA: Ski Club 21 VICA 4. BENTLEY. NANETTE: Key Club 21 Pom Line 3. 4. BERBERICH. MARK: AHS BERGHOUSE. BRAD: AHS BERLIN. LISA: AHS BERLINGER. NANCY: AHS BERLYN. KATHLEEN: FBLA I, 21 DECA 3, 41 Hiking Club 2. Bowling Club 3. BIRTCIEL. KELLY: Heo 4. BLAKE. JOHN: Tennis II VICA 3. BLANTON. DERRAL: Ski Club I, VICA 3. 4. BOCK. FREDERICK: Bowling Club 3. 4. BONNER. KEVIN: Ski Club 2. 3, 41 DECA 4. 228 SENIOR REGISTER SENIOR REGI TER BOORN, TRACY: Bowling Club I1 Track 21 VICA 4. BOWLER, CURTIS: Track I. BOWLUS. RICK: AHS BRADFORD. BRENDA: Key Club 2. 31 Modern Dance 2. 3, 41 NHS 3. 41 Student Government 41 Pom Line 4. BRANNOCH. VIRGINIA: Splkettes I. 2, 31 Scimitar 3, 41 Student Government 41 Girls Slater 31 Racquetball Club 41 NHS 3. 41 Quill and Scroll 3, 4. BRASHEARS. WILLIAM: Key Club 2. 31 Student Government 3.4: NHS 3. 41 Jazz Band I. 2. 3. BREEDLOVE, KIMBERLY: HOPE 3. 41 Track I. BREEDLOVE. TAMARA: HOPE 3. 4. BROCKWAY. GARY: Basketball I, VICA 4. BRONAUGH, SHERRI: Football Manager I, 21 Matmaids I1 Ski Club I1 Badminton 3. 4. BROWN. BRAD: VICA 4: Football JI Wrestling I. 3. 4. BROWN. LYNDA: Key Club I, Matmaids I. BROWN. ROBERT: AHS BRUDER. JULIE: Cross Country I. 21 Track I. 2. 41 Ski Club 4. Lettermens Club 2. 3, 4. BURBRINK. MARGARET: Band 2. 3, 4. BURCKLEY. ARLEEN: Tennis 2. 41 HERO 4. BURGESS. JOANNE: AHS BURHAM. AUDREY: VICA 3. BURNS. KEITH: Band 2. 3, 41 Bowling Club 31 Track 4. BUSHROE. JULIE: Key Club I. 2. 3: Ski Club 4. BUTLER, MICHAEL: Quill and Scroll 41 Yearbook 4. BYHAUG. KATHLEEN: Ski Club I: Key Club 21 Matmaids 31 Student Govern- ment 41 COE 4. FBLA 4. BYRD. ALLISON: VICA 4. C CALLAHAN. JUDITH: Softball I, 2. 31 Volleyball I1 Student Government I, 21 Football Manager I. 2. CAMBERN. MORGAN: FBLA I1 Comput- er Club 2. 3. 41 Wrestling 3. 41 Letter- mens Club 4: Chess Club I. 2, 3. 4. CAMPBELL, SANDRA: AHS CANTER, CATHLEEN: VICA 4. CAPRIOTTI, MISTY: Matmaids I, 2, 3. 41 Key Club I. 2. 3. 41 Mascot 2. 31 Ski Club 4. CARLIN. TOM: FBLA I1 Band I. 21 DECA 4. CARVALHO, DAVID: Band 2. 3, 41 Wres- tling 4. CASTILLO. SERGIO: Chorus 2. 3. 41 Or- chestra 2. 3. 41 Band 2, 3. 41 Spanish Club 4. CASILLAS. RAYMOND: MECHA 3. CAYWOOD. ALAN: Ski Club I. 2, 3. 4. CELAYA, BOBBY: Band I, 2, 3. 41 Spanish Club 2. CHAMBERLIN, VERNON: AHS CHAMBERS. ROBERT: Baseball 3. CHASE, JANET: Softball I, 2. CHRYSLER, DEBORAH: AHS CLEMENS, CHRISTINA: Track I, 3. 41 FBLA I. 21 Key Club I. 2t FCA 3, 41 Cross Country Manager 2. COIATES. LES: Track I. 2. 3, 4: Cross Country I, 3. 41 Jazz Band I. 2, 3, 4. COHN, DENISE: Yearbook 3, 41 Quill and Scroll 3. 41 Racquetball Club 4. COLEMAN. SHERRI: Tennis I1 Chora- Iettes 3, 41 AFS 31 COE-OWE 41 FBLA 4. COLIN. JANE: French Club I. COLLINS. JACK: Football I. 3: Track 31 Student Government 3. 4. COLTON. KEVIN: AHS CONARROE. MARK: Student Govern- ment I. 2. 3: Tennis I1 Key Club I1 NHS 4. COONS, DANIEL: Chorale 3, 4: ROTC 4. COOPER, ANA: AFS 41 Student Govern- ment 4. CORCHINSKI. ELLEN: FBLA 2, 3, 41 NHS 3. 41 Matmaids I. COTTERMAN. KIMBERLY: DECA 3. 4. COTTEW. MICK: Ski Club 4. COUNTRYMAN. JOEL: Bowling Club I1 Yearbook 41 Photo Editor 4. COUTURIER, RICHARD: Football I, 21 Baseball I, 3. CREWS, LINDA: Matmaids I1 Tennis I1 FBLA 4. CROWLEY, PATRICIA: DECA 3: Ski Club 4. CRUZ. CAROLYN: Softball 2: MECHA 2. 31 HERO 41 FBLA I. D DAER, DOUGLAS: NHS 41 Science Club I, 31 Chess Club 3. DAVIS. DEENA: Tennis I: FBLA 3. 41 NHS 3, 4. DAVIS. KARYN: Key Club 3. DAVIS. KEVIN: VICA 3. DAWSON. SCOTT: Wrestling I1 Track 2. 3. DE LA TORRE. JOANNE: Spanish Club l. 2. 31 AFS 3, 41 NHS 41 Student Govern- ment 3. 41 Student Body Recording Sec- retary 41 Optimist 41 FBLA 4. DELGADO. DORINA: Track I. 2. DELGROSS, TINA: Track I1 ROTC 3. 4. DEMLONG. ROBERT: Tennis I1 FBLA I1 Key Club 2, 3, 41 Football 3. 41 Ski Club 3. DENNING. THERESA: Tennis I. 21 Key Club 21 DECA 31 Ski Club 4. DE SOMMA, FRANK: AHS DETZLER. PAMELA: AHS DIAMANT, LISA: AHS DICKSON. STEVEN: VICA 3. 41 ICE 4. DILLSWORTH. CHERYL: Gymnastics I. 2. 3. 4. DINTELMAN. SHIRLEY: DECA 3. DIONNE, NANNETTE: Junior Achieve- ment l. 2, 3. 41 DECA 3. 41 Bowling Club I. 2. DIXON. LORI: DECA 3: HERO 4. DIXON. TOM: Football I1 Basketball I. 41 NHS 3, 41 German Club I1 Student Gov- ernment 4. DOSS, PAULA: VICA 4. DOWTY, YOLANDA: HERO 4. DOYLE. MARY ELEANOR: Spanish Club I1 Speech Club 2. 3. 41Thespians I. 2, 3, 4. DRAKE. LAURIE: AHS DREWS, SHANE: Band 2, 3, 41 NHS 41 Parnassus 41 Drama 3. 41 Speech 4. DUGAN. BRIAN: Football I: Basketball I1 Baseball I, 2. 3. 41 Ski Club 3. 4. DURA. JOSEPH: Hiking Club 21 NHS 41 Chess Club 41 Basketball I1 Track 3. 4. DURBIN, JEFFREY: AHS DUZY. DEBBIE: AHS DYKE. ROSE MARIE: ROTC I. EADS, TAMMY: Drama I, 21 Modern Dance 2. 31 HOPE 41 FBLA 2. EAGER. JEFFREY: VICA 4. EDWARDS. REBECCA: Volleyball 2, 41 HOPE 4. ELWOOD, CAROL: Softball 2. ENGLERT. JON: VICA 3. ERICKSON. SANDRA: Chorus I1 Orches- tra I. 21 Archery 2, 3. 4. ERVIN. DEBORAH: Bowling Club I. 31 Spanish Club 2. 31 NHS 3, 41 HERO .4. ESQUIVEL, PATRICIA: Cross Country 2. 31 Track I, 21 Ski Club 41Lettermens Club 21 HOPE 4. ESTRELLA. DENISSE: MECHA 3. 41 COE 41 FBLA 41 Band I, 2. EVANS. TIMOTHY: Track I. F FERGUSON. CARY: Football I. 2: Wres- tling I. 2. 3. 41 Lettermens Club 4. FETCIE. LAURA: AHS FILIPEK. VALERIE: FBLA 41 OWE 4. FINCH. MICHAEL: Football I: Wrestling FISCHER. ALAN: Bowling Club I. 2. 3. 41 Science Fiction Club 3. 41 Racquetball Club 3. 41 Scimitar 4. FITZPATRICK. JOHN: Student Govern- ment 41 Football 41 NHS 41 Ski Club I. 2. 3. 41 AFS 41 Racquetball Club 4. FLORES. FRANK: Basketball I. FOSTER. CARMEN: Tennis I. FOSTER. KENNETH: Computer Club 3. 4. FREEMAN. DAWN: Track I. 2. 3. 41 Cross Country 21 Key Club 21DECA 3. 41 Ten- nis I1 Lettermans Club 2. 3. 41 Student Government 3. FRIOU. ROBERT: Football I. 2. 3: Wres- tling I. GADBERRY. DAVID: Bowling I. 2. GAMBEE. NANCY: FBLA 4. GAMEZ. CATHERINE: Spanish Club 2. 31 MECHA 2. 3. 41 HOPE 3. 4: Quill and Scroll 3. 41 Yearbook 3. 41 EDlTOR-lN- CHIEF 4. GAPKO. KAREN: Ski Club I1 Matmaids I1 FBLA I1 Track I1 Student Government 3. 4. GARCIA. LINDA: MECHA 3. 41 Softball 2. 3. 41 Baseball Manager 3. 4: Mascot 4. GARCIA. MARY LORETTA: Letlertnens Club 2. 3. 4: Ski Club 41 Football Manager I. 2. GARRAGHAN. CLARISSA: AHS GARRIDQ. MARGARET: MBIIIIBILIS i. Spanish Club 2. s. GAYLORD. MITCHELL: Marching Band 3. 41 VICA 41 Jazz Band 2. 3. GESSWEIN. MARIA: AHS GIBBONS. ANASTASIA: Orchestra 3. 4. GIBBONS. VIRGINIA: Student Govern- ment 2. 3: Scimitar 4: Key Club I1 Cheer 21 Cross Country 31 Track 3. GLISAN. DUANE: Racquetball Club 3. 4. GONZALES. GILBERT: Football I. 2. 3,41 Basketball I. 2. 3. 41 Track I. GOODROW. HENRY: Football I1 VICA 4. GOWEN, KREGG: AHS GREFF. MICHAEL: Bowling Club I. 2. 3. 4. .SENIOR REC-Fl TER GRIFFITH. DAVID: AHS GRIFFITH. RICHARD: Grinnel Hiking Club 2. 3, 4: NHS 3. 4: Chorus I. 3. 4: Chess 4. GRIMES. DAVID: AHS GRUBER. BRIAN: AHS GUTHERY. RICHARD: Key Club 21 Ad- vanced Band 2. 3. 4: Bowling Club I. H HAAS. RICHARD: Football l. 2: Key Club I. 21 Baseball I. 2. 3. 4: Student Govern- ment 2. 3. 41 Boys Stater 4. HAERTEL. DEBORAH: Student Govern- ment I. 2. 3. 41 Cheer 2. 3. 4: Key Club I. 2. 3. 41 Ski Club I, 4: Mattnaids: NHS 4. HAGA. DAVE: AHS HALL. KELLY: Cheer 2. 3. HALL. KIRSTEN: AFS 21 Student Govern- ment 31 FBLA I: Key Club 2. 3. HALLADA. MICHAEL: Band I. 2. 3. 41 Drama I. 2. 3. 4: Speech I. 2. HAMRICK. DENNIS: AHS HANEY. SHIRLEY: Art Club 2. 3: Parnas- sus 41 NHS 3. 4. HANRAHAN. TOM: VICA 3. 4. HARBISON. CAROLYN: FBLA I. 4: Sci- ence Club 2. HARNEY. SHEILA: Yearbook 3. 41 Quill and Scroll 3. 41 HERO 4. HARRIS. JAMES: AHS HAUER. MIKE: Football I. 2. 3. 4. HAVLIK. CARLA: Key Club I. 2, 3. 4: Vol- leyball 2. 3. 4: Track 3. 4: NHS 3. 4. HAYES. DAVID: Football 31 Basketball I1 Boys State 3: Chorus 3. 4: Hiking Club 2. 3. 41 French Club I. HAYES. CAMREN: FBLA 4. HEASLIP. KEVIN: AHS HEILAND. MARLOIJ: Track I. 2: Cross Country I. 2: Basketball 3: Volleyball Manager 3. 4. HELMANDOLLAR. CARLA: Creative Writing Club 4. HERNANDEZ. MARIE: Bowling Club I1 HOPE 3. 4. HERTZOG. DONNA: .IROTC I, 2. 3. 4. HESTERMAN. RUTHANN: Matmaids 21 DECA 3. 4. HILTON. KIM: AHS HINDMAN. SUSAN: AHS HINSON. LORI: NHS 4: FBLA 4: OWE 4. HOBBS. JEFFERY: AHS HOFFARTH, NANCY: Track 2. 3: Softball 3. 4. HOFFARTH. PATRICK: Student Govern- tnent 2. 3. 41 Band I1 Key Club I. HOGLAND. MELISSA: Track I1 FBLA 4. HOLZER. DAVID: Chess Club 4. HOMSEY. DONALD: Football I: Golf 2: Wrestling 3. 4. HOVEY. TIMOTHY: VICA 4. HURTADO. DIANE: FBLA l. 2, 3. 4: Mas- cot 3, 4: Baseball Manager 2. 3. 41Solt- ball Manager 3: Ski Club 4: MECHA 3. 4. INGLE. BRIAN: Football I. 2. 3. 4: Basket- ball I. 2. 3. 4: Baseball I. 2. 3. 4: Young Life 31 FTA 3. 4. INMAN. WILLIAM: AHS IOVINELLI. DEANNA: HERO 4. IVES. HEATHER: FBLA 4: COE 4: Baseball Manager 3. J JACO. JERRY: Ski Club I. 2: Science Fic- tion Club 3: Baseball 4. JAMES. LISA: Choir I: Choralettes 2. 3: COE 4: FBLA 4. JAMROZIK, SUSAN: Yearbook 4: Quill and Scroll 4. JEROZAL. VICKI: AHS JODAT. BRENDA: Spikettes 2: NHS 3. 4. JOHNSON. CHERYL: HERO 4. JOHNSON. NATHAN: Magic Club 4. K KALMAN. JOYN: Computer Club 3. 4: Hiking Club 3. 4: Chess Club 4: Science Fiction Club 4: Science Club 4. KAY, KATHRYN: German Club I, 2. 3. 41 Parnassus 3. 4: NHS 3. 4: Thespians 41 Archery 3, 4: Orchestra I. 21 Chora- Iettes 4. KELLER. ELIZABETH: NHS 4: Student Government 4: Scimitar 4: Quill and Scroll 4. KWLIS. ELIZABETH: AHS KELLUM. JERRY: ROTC 2. 3: Track I. 2. KELLY. THOMAS: Basketball I. 2. 3. 41 Baseball I. 2. 3. 4: Student Government 4: Optimist 4: Lettermens Club 4. KENT. JILL: Spikettes I: HERO 4. KERR. JOHN: NHS 4. KERSTING, KATHLEEN: Football Man- ager I. 2. 3. 4: Badminton 2. 3. 4: Letter- mens Club 2. 3. 41 Ski Club 41 Matmaids I1 Track I. KESSLER. DEANNA: Ski Club I. 4: Mat- maids 31 VICA 4. KIDD. SUE: Advanced Band I. 2. 31 Choir I. 2. 3. KIDD. WES: NHS 4. KIMMEL. DAVID: AHS KING. MITCH: Track I, 2. 3. 4: Wrestling 3. 4. KINGDOM. RUSSELL: Ski Club 3. 4. KISER. DAVID: Bowling Club I. 2. 3. 41 Science Club 3. KLEIN. HEIDI: Badminton I: Basketball 31 HERO 4. KNEIPP. LORNA: Badminton I1 DECA 3.4. KOMMER. ANITA: Badminton 41 Track 21 FBLA 3. KUBAN. WAYNE: AHS KUNKLE. JOSEPH: AHS KUNKLE. PAMELA: DECA 3: COE 41 FBLA 4. KUNTZWILER. TINA: AHS L LADD. WILLIAM: AHS LAKE. JOHN: VICA 3. LANKFORD. ANNEMARIE: DECA 3. LANOUE. BARBARA: AHS LAWSON. DEBBIE: AHS LITSEY. MONICA: Matmaids I: Key Club I: Track 2: DECA 3. 4. LOOPER. BETHEA: Baseball Manager 2. LOPEZ. DEBRA: MECHA 4. LOPEZ. SANDRA: Creative Writing Club 4. LUI. RICHARD: Engineering Club 3. 41 Computer Club 4. LUK. CHUN: Football 2. 4: Basketball 2. 3. LUTRICK. BONNIE: Orchestra 21 Pep Band 3. 4: Wind Ensemble -I: Advanced Band 3, 4: Matmaids 2: FBLA 31 Key Club 2: Band Treasurer 4: Bowling Club I. LYNCH. WHITNEY: Football 2. 3. 41 Ten- nis I: Band 2. 3. 41 Orchestra I. 2. LYON. COREY: AHS MACDONALD. SCOTT: Football I1 Ten- nis 31 Band I. 21 NHS 4. MADRID. MARK: Football 21 Cross Coun- try I1 Track I. 4. MAGEE. ERIC: Football I1 Ski Club I1 VICA 3. MAGGARD. TERESA: Tennis I1 Parnas- sus 3, 41 NHS 3. 4. MAGNESS. DONNA: AFS 31 Thespians 41 NHS 41 Parnassus 3. 4. MAKINSON. DENISE: ICE 4. SENIOR REGISTER 229 MALINOSKI. LOU ANN. Football Man- ager I. 2. Matmaids I. Badminton 3. 4. Key Club 3. MANLEY. LAURA. Matmaids I. Track I. 2. 3. 4. Key Club 3. Lettermens Club 2.3. 4. Ski Club 3. MARDEUSZ. MICHELLE. Key Club 2. Cross Country 2. 3. 4. Track I. 2. 3. 4. MARIN. DAVID. Football I. Wrestling I. Baseball I. 2. 3. 4. VICA 3. MAROTTA. JOHN. AHS MARTINEZ. RICHARD. Cross Country 4. Track 4. MARTINEZ. THERESA. FBLA I. Spikettes 3. Racquetball Club 4. OWE-COE 4. MARTINEZ. THOMAS. AHS MASSETTO. MARY. Key Club I. 2. MASTERS. JOHN. Wrestling 3. MATTHEWS. GREG. FBLA I. Bowling 2. Football Manager 4. Science Fiction Club 3. Wrestling 4. MAUZY. DALE. Football I. Basketball I. 2. 3. 4. Boys Stater 3. MC ALISTER. MARK. Thespians I. 2. 3. 4. Speech 2. 3. 4. Parnassus 2. 3. MC CARTY. KEVIN. Drama 3. 4. MC CORMICK. KEVIN. Football I. 2. 3. 4. Track 2. 3. Ski Club 2. Student Govern- ment 2. 3. MC DONOUGH. CHRISTINA. Track I. 2. Band I. 2. 3. 4. Drama 3. 4. Dance 2. 3. MC DOUGALL. BRUCE. VICA 3. ICE 4. MC DOWELL. DAVID. AHS MC DOWELL. SABRE. Track I. 2. Ski Club 2. FBLA 3. 4. MC ELRATH. RONNIE. VICA 3. MC KENNA. PATRICIA. Student Govern- ment I. 2. 4. Key Club I. 2. AFS 4. NHS 3. 4. Student Body Corresponding Secre- tary 4. Girls Stater 4. MC KINISTRAY. MARTIN. Band I. 2. 3. 4. Scimitar 4. Key Club Club I. 2. Wind Ensemble 4. MC KNIGHT. JANENE. GAA I. MC LAUGHLIN. KEVIN VICA 4. MC NALLY. EDWARD. Thespians 2. 3. 4. Speech 2. 3. MC NALLY. PHILLIP. AHS MC NUTT. LESIA. Key Club I. DECA 3. 4. MERKLEY. DAVID. Wrestling I. 2. Ski Club I. 2. 3. Hiking Club I. Science Club 2. MERTEN. KELLY. FBLA 3. Golf I. 2. 3. 4. METHVIN. STEVE. DECA 4. MEYER. JAMES. Football I. 2. 3. 4. Baske- tall I. 2. 3. 4. Track I. 2. 3. 4. MIANO. MARYANN. FBLA 4. 230 SENIOR REGISTER SENIOR REG! TER MILLER. DONALD. Football I. VICA 3. 4. MILLER. JUANITA. Baseball Manager I. Cross Country 2. Matmaids I. Spikettes 2. Key Club 2. VICA 4. MINER. KAREN. Tennis 3. Student Gov- ernment 3. 4. MIRALDI. JOHN. Football I. Wrestling I. MITTEN. MICHAEL. DECA 3. 4. MOORE. JOYCE. Track I. MOORE. MICHAEL. Football I. 2. 3. 4. Basketball I. 2. 3. 4. NHS 3. 4. Letter- mens Club 3, 4. MOORE. MICHELLE. Volleyball I. DECA 3. 4. MORALES. PROVIDENCIA. AHS MORGAN. MICHAEL. AHS MORTON. LORI. Key Club I. 2. FBLA 4. MOSSBURG. SHERRY. Hiking Club 4. Art Club 4. Creative Writing Club 3. MLILLINGS. MICHAEL. Track I. MURDOCK. DOUG. Golf I. 2. 3. 4. VICA 3. 4. MURPHY. BRETT. FBLA I. MURPHY. THOMAS. AHS MYERS. TIMOTHY. Chess Club I. Com- puter Club 2. 3. 4. Band I. 2. NHS 4. N NANNESTAD. KAY. Key Club I. 2. Stu- dent Government 2. 3. Cheerline 4. NHS 4. Ski Club 4. NEARY. JAMES. Football 4. Baseball 4. VICA 4. NEDBAL. CURTIS. Computer Club 3. 4. NEELEY. BARBARA. Volleyball I. 2. 3, 4. Softball I. 2. 3. 4. NHS 4. FCA 4. NIEHUIS. KIMBERLY. Badminton 2. Key Club I. Student Government 4. Pom Line 4. NIENSTEDT. HERSHEL. Football 3. 4. NORTH. VALERIE. Key Club I. 2. Tennis li 4. Badminton 4. Cheer Line 2. Ski Club NORTON. TRACY. FBLA I. 2. HERO 4. NOVAK. JOHN. Archery Club 3. NOVAK. PAUL. AHS NULLMAN. MARK. VICA 4. OKABAYASHI. ALAN. Football I. 2. Base- ball I. 2. 3.4. VICA 3. OLESON. DANNY. VICA 3. 4. Football I. O'REILLY, KELLY. Matmaids I. Track 2. Key Club 2. DECA 3. 4. OWENS. JAMES. AHS P PACHECO. DAVID. Football I. VICA 4. PANETTA. ANGELA. FBLA I. 2. 3. Cre- ative Writing Club 3. French Club 3. PARKS. TAMMIE. AHS PASSMORE. KELLY. DECA 3. PEARCE. DEBORAH. Orchestra 2. 3. 4. Archery 2. PECK. ROBERT. DECA 3. PELLETIER. LAURIE. HOPE 4. PENDRICK. ANNETTE. Matmaids I. Ten- nts I. PERNICK, LAWRENCE. Football I. 2. Track I. 2. 3. 4. Ski Club I. 2. 3. 4. Letter- man Club 2. 3. 4. PERRY. MARK. Handball Club 4. PETERS. MARK. Basketball I. 2. Track I. 2. ICE-VICA 4. PETERSON. LAURIE. FBLA I. Chorus I. 2. 3. Penciswicz, ci-mis. Golf 2. 3. 4. cm.. c........y 4. SCIMITAR s. 4. PETTETT. DEBRA. FBLA I. SCIMITAR 2. 3. 4. Editor-in-Chief 4. NHS 4. Creative Writing Club 4. PFAFFMAN. SUSAN. Track I. 2. Key Club 2. Ski Club 4. PLOUFF. LORI. AHS POWELL. DAVID. Football I. 2. Track I. 2. 3, 4. Student Government 3. NHS 3. 4. Rodeo King 3. PRATER. JOI. Tennis I. Matmaids I. FFA 4. PRITCHARD. SHEILA. AHS QUILL. PATRICK. VICA 3. Key Club I. 2. Football 2. 3. Wrestling 2. 3. Track 2. RAMIREZ. GABRIEL. Track 3. RAMSEY. DAVID. AHS RAMSEY. ROBERT. AHS RAMTHUN. JOANNE. Tennis I. NHS 3. Marching Band 2. Jazz Band 2. 3. RAYBURN. SHELLY. AHS REARDON. ANNE. Key Club 2. FBLA 4. NHS 4. COE 4. REED. BRIAN. VICA I. 2. 3. 4. REEDER. TERI. Softball 2. FBLA 4. REGER. SCOTT. Marching Band 2. Ski Club 2. 3. REID. STACY. Key Club 2. 3. 4. FBLA 2. 3. 4. Interact 2. NHS 4. RENCH. BRYAN. Tennis I. Basketball I. Track I. 2. 3. 4. REYES. EMILIO. DECA 3. REYNOLDS. KELLY. AHS REYNOLDS. MARTHA. FBLA 4. COE 4. REYNOLDS. WILLIAM. Wrestling I. 4. Ski Club 4. REXROAT. PAM. ROTC 3. 4. RICCITELLI. MARC. Wrestling I. 2. 3. 4. Football I. 2. 3. RICHIE. CHARLES. Orchestra 2. 3. 4. Wrestling I. 4. Key Club 4. VICA 3. RICHMOND. DEBRA. Hiking Club I. 2. 3. 4. NHS 4. RICKETTS. MICHAEL. VICA-ICE 3. 4. RIEGER. CAROL. Tennis I. Key Club 2. Student Government 2. Volleyball 3. 4. Track 3. 4. Lettermans Club 3. 4. RINGLER. LORI. Cheer Line 2. 3. 4. Mat- maids I. Key Club I. ROCKENFIELD. MELISSA. Softball I. 2. Badminton 2. Tennis I. Pom Line 3. 4. NHS 4. ROEVER. BRIAN. Bowling Club I. 2. 3. 4. HERO 4. Racquetball Club 4. ROGGATZ. GABRIELE. DECA 3. ROLAND. CATHERINE. AHS ROMERO. NANCY. FBLA 3. Key Club 2. ROPP. MARCI. Key Club 2. ROSALES. RAMON. MECHA 2. 3. ROSS. LARRY. AHS ROUSAY. JOSEPH. VICA 4. ROWLEY. TALLIE. AHS RYAN. GEORGE. AHS RYAN. TARA. Cross Country 2. VICA 4. Bowling Club 2. ROZUM. BILL. AHS SALAIZ. TERESA. MECHA 2. 3. HERO 4. SALISBURY. JAMES. Concert Band 3. 4. SALO. RANDALL. Cross Country I. VICA 4. SANCHEZ. ROBERT. Football I. Spanish 2. Ski Club 2. SARANDOS. THERESA. Gymnastics 3. 4. DECA 3. 4. SARVER. JILL. Bowling Club 2. 3. Ski Club 2. DECA 3. 4. DECA Sweetheart 3. SCOTT. MICHAEL. AHS SCOTT. SHARON. DECA 3. 4. SCHLESING. DONNA. FBLA 2. 3. 4. NHS 4. Spikettes 2. SCHMID. APRIL. Key Club 2. Baseball Manager 2. Spikettes 2. 3. SCHNEIDER. KARLA: Matmaids 2. 31 FBLA 41 OWE-COE 4. SCHWARTZ. CYNTHIA: DECA 3. 4. SCHWARTZ. LISA: DECA 3. 41 Spikettes 3. SECANTI. ANN MARIE: Cross Country 21 Track 2. 3. 41 Orchestra 2. 3. 41 Pom Line 4. SHAPIRO. LINDA: Modern Dance 31 Track Manager 21 HOPE 4. SHARKEY. PHYLLIS: AHS SHARPE. DEBORAH: Spikettes I. 21 Key Club I1 Ski Club 41 Student Government 41 Cross Country 21 Pom Line 4. SHELTON. KIMBERLY: Badminton 2. SHILLINGTON. CHARLES: Football I. 2. 3. Z1 Track I. 21 NHS 41 Lettermens Club 3. SHOEMAKER. RICHARD: Basketball I. SININGTON, GLENN: AHS SIMMONS. DAWN: AHS SIMMONS. SHARON: AHS SIMMONS: SUZANN: AHS SINGLETON. ZINA: DECA 4. SLOAN. JOAN: AHS SLOEKERS. TAMMY: DECA 3. 4. SMALLIDGE. GREGORY: Ski Club 2. 3. 41 NHS 3. 41 Student Government 41 Stu- dent Rotarian 4. SMITH. JOHN: Bowling Club I1 Spanish Club 3. 41 AFS 3. 41 NHS 41 Student Board 4. SMITH. ROBERT: Football I1 Track I. 2. 41 VICA 4. SNIDER. MICHAEL: Football I. 2. 31 Base- ball 21 Basketball I. SPENCER. MARY: AHS SPINA. MICHELLE: French Club 4. SPITLER. LAURA: French Club I1 Scimitar 2. 41 Chorale I. 21 Choralettes 2. 3. 41 NHS 41 FBLA 41 OWE 41 Creative Writ- ing Club 3. STAGGS. RENA: FBLA I1 HOPE 3. 4. STATEN.MELlSSA1 Track I. 21 Key Club I. 21 Ski Club 41 DECA 3. 4. STATZER. THOMAS: Key Club 21 FBLA I: Wrestling 31 VICA 4. STEELE. GARY: ROTC 3. 41 Chess Club I. 2. STEVENS. JAMES: Band I. 2. 3. 41 Tennis I1 Student Body President 4. STEWART. DAVID: AHS STIEFEL. MARSHA: Thespians 4: Cross Country 41 Track 4. STINER. ROBERT: Football I1 Baseball I. 2. 3. 41 Basketball I. SULLIVAN. DAVID: Ski Club 21 Hiking Club 3. 4. SENIOR REGI TER SWADENER.AMY1 Track I. 2. 3. 41 Cross Country 2. 3, 41 Lettermens Club 2. 3. 41 NHS 41 Mascot 31 Key Club 21 Tennis I. SWART. DEBBIE: Matmaids 3. SZCZEPANIAK. MARY: Science Club 2. 3. 41 ROTC I. 2. 3. 4. T TARR. KAY: FBLA 4. TANG. LELA: Key Club 2. 3. 41 Interact 2. 31 FBLA 2. 31 Civitan 21 Student Govern- ment 31 NHS 3. 4. TARR. CHARLES: ROTC I. 2. 3. 41 VICA 4. TAYLOR. ANGELA: AHS TAYLOR. RANDALL: Football I1 Track I. 2. TAYLOR. YVONNE: Volleyball Manager 41 FCA 4. TAVISON. ESTHER: AHS TERRELL. KEITH: Track I. THEISS. DONNA: Bowling Club I1 FBLA 2. 4. THOMPSON. BARBARA: HERO 4. THOMPSON. JENNA: AHS THOMPSON. RUSTY: Computer Club 21 DECA 3. TITUS. BONNY: AHS TORSETH. BRUCE: Ski Club 41 Football 3. 4. TREINEN. ANNA: AFS 3. 4: NHS 41 Arch- ery 2. 3. 41 Spanish Club 2. 31 Foreign Exchange Student 4. TROUT. JAY: Football I1 Basketball I. 2. 3. 41 Lettermens Club 4. TSUBOBO. YOSHITAKA: Student Gov- ernment 41 Wind Ensemble 41 Marching Band 4. TUNSTALL. GORDON: Science Club JI HERO 4. U URBANSKI. GEZELLE: Bowling Club 31 VICA 4. UPTAIN. DENNIS: AHS V VALENZUELA. TONY: Hiking Club 2. 31 VICA 31 Football I1 Track 2. VAN BOERUM. ANDREW: Football I. VARKOLY. SHIRLEY: DECA 3. 4. VASOUEZ. JOANNE: Tennis I1 Badmin- ton 2. 3, 41 DECA 31 FBLA I1 Key Club JI Ski Club 41 Track Manager 2. 31 Mat- maids I. 2. VENABLE. MARK: NHS 3. 41 French Club 4. VILLASENOR. NANCY: FBLA I1 HOPE 3. VILLAVICENCIO. LUIS: Spanish Club I. 2. W WALKE. THERESA: FBLA 21 Hiking Club 21 Badminton 41 Racquetball Club 4. WALKER. LINDA: DECA 3. 4. WARD. BRYAN: Football I. 2. 3. 41 NHS 3. 41 VICA 4. WARD. JOHN: German Club 2. 3. 41 Yearbook 4. WARNER. KAREN: AHS WASYL. DEBORAH: Softball 2. 3. WEAKLEY. CHRISTOPHER: Ski Club I. 2. 4. WEBB. ALAN: AHS WEBB. LOUISE: Tennis I. 2. 4: Badmin- ton 41 DECA 3. 41 NHS 4. WEISZ. DEBORAH: Marching Band I. 2. 3. 4: Advanced Band I. 2. 31 Drama 2: Orchestra I1 Matmaids I. 21 Wrestling Manager 3. 41 Ski Club I: Stage Band I. 2. 3. 41 NHS 3. 41 French Club I. 2. WERKING. KIMBERLY: Track I. 2. 41 HOPE 4. WESOLOWSKI. LESLIE: AHS WEST. KAROL: Yearbook 31 Ski Club I. WILLET. MICHAEL: NHS 3. 41 Chess Club 4. WILLIAMS. ROBIN: Volleyball 21 VICA 4. WILKERSON. CHERI: Badminton I: Key Club I. 21 French Club 4. WILKINS. DAVID: AHS WILSON. DWYNDA: Tennis I1 Softball I1 Track I. 21 Badminton 21 Key Club I1 Hik- ing Club 41 Bowling Club 3. 4. WILSON. MATTHEW: Band 2. 3. 41 Bowling Club 3. 4. WITT. ARDITH: Yearbook 31 Quill and ScroIl1 HOPE 4. WHITE. ROBERTA: FBLA I1 Key Club 2. 3. WOLF. JEFFREY: Advanced Band 2. 3. 41 Intermediate Band I1 Bowling Club 2. 3. 41 Marching Band 2. 3. 41 Hiking Club 31 HOPE 4. WONG. BOBBY: Bowling Club I. 21 Sci- ence Fiction Club 31 VICA 4. WRAY. GINA: FBLA 21 VICA 4. WRIGHT. STEPHANIE: Golf 31 German Club I1 FBLA 2. 41 Key Club 2. 3. 41 DECA 3. Y YEE. MARSHALL: FBLA I. 2. 3. 41 NHS 41 Rotarian 4. YOCKY. DAVID: Tennis I1 Basketball I. 2. 3. 41 Baseball I. 2. 3. 41 Key Club 31 NHS 3. 41 Band I. 2. 3. 4. YOUVELLA. PAULINE: AHS Z ZACORSKI. ALAN: Magic Club I. 21 Com- puter Club I. 2. ZEIGLER. STEVE: Football I1 Baseball I. 21 Basketball 2. 3. 41 Lettermens Club 4. ZIEN. MAEBETH: AHS ZIMMERMAN. COLE: German Club 3. 4. ZOZGORNIK. SHEILA: AHS LATE ARRIVALS BRITT. HARRIETT: Key Club I1 Matmaids I1 Student Government I. 2. 3. CLIFFORD. KENDYALL: Student Gov- ernment I. 21 JV Cheerline 21 Key Club I. It Modern Dance 3. 41 Mascot 4. CORNETT. THERESA1 Band I. 2. 3. 41 Wind Ensemble 4: Pep Band 3. 41 Mat- maids 2: Parnassus 3: 41 NHS 3. 4. COSTANZO. CARMELA: French Club I. 21 Parnassus 3. 4. GADDIS. RANDALL: VICA 3. 41 ICE 41 Bowling Club I. GARCIA. FRANCES: Volleyball Manager I1 Softball 2. 3. GOODROW. HENRY: Football I1 VICA 4. GRADZIELESKI. SHIRLEY: Softball I1 Bad- minton 2. 31 DECA 31 FFA 3. 41 Ski Club 2. 3. 41 Student Government I. 3. 41 Track 2. 31 Volleyball 31 FBLA It Band I1 Mascot 2. 31 Key Club I. It Cross Country 2. 31 Lettermens Club 3. JOHNSON. KAREN: Advanced Band I. 2. 3. 41 Jazz Band I. 2. 3. 41 Choralettes 2. 3. 41 Bowling Club I. 2. 3. 4. KOWACZ. TAMMY: Tennis I1 Student Government I. 2. 3. 41 Key Club I1 Pom Line 2. 3. 41 NHS 41 Ski Club 41 Rotarian 41 Rodeo Queen 3. MARINO. LORI: FBLA I1 Matmaids 2. UYLEMAN. ALEXANDRA: Softball I. 21 Badminton I1 DECA 31 FFA 3. 41 Band I1 FBLA 21 Track 21 Volleyball 31 Ski Club 41 Student Government I. 2. WILSON. THOMAS: Computer Club I. SENIOR REGISTER 23l A Abalos. Tony J. 2Il Abbott. Jeannette L. I57 Abney. Charles H. Abraham. Lori A. l75 Abraham. Mike D. l75 Abram. Henry P. I93 Abrams. Lawrence J. I57 Absher. Amy L. l93 Absher. Gordon l75 Acedo. Joseph M. Acosta. Jose R. I75 Adair. Ron L. l93 Adams. James F. l93 Adams. Michael I93 Adams. Scott l93 Adams. Shirl M. l93 Adkins. Wilson V. l93 Aguilar. Nannette C. l93 Aguilera. John S. Aguilera. Mike C. I75 Aguilera. Vincent M. l93 Aguirre. Isaac III Aguirre. Paul l75 Ahumada. Irene Aksamit. Jim D. I57 Alandar. John C. l75 Albrecht. Matt R. Alcantar. David F. Ill Alcantar. Patricia L. I75 Alderman. Glenn E. I93 Aldridge. Marianne L. III Aldridge. Patricia K. Alexander. Timothy R. I93 Alger. Deana L. l93 Allen. Diane M. l75 Allen. Elizabeth J. Allen. Kim A. Jll Allen. Lisa J. I75 Allen. Pamela S. Ill Allen. Robert L. III I57 Allen. Terri A. Ill Allen. Tim S. l93 Allman. Debbie S. Altamirano. Amelia M. I93 Altamirano. Linda K. I93 Altamirano. Robert C. I57 Alvey. Earl l75 Alvey. Edward A. l75 Alvey. Gracie 124 Amann. Julie D. Amavisca. Anna M. I75 Amavisca. Edward D. Amavisca. Fred T. Amavisca. Patricia L. I57 Amavisca. Raul G. l93 Ambrose. Robert G. l75 Ambrose. Steven S. I93 Ammons. Debra L. Anastasio. John J. III Anderson. Carla F. l93 Anderson. Dale E. I57 Anderson. Douglas I75 Anderson. John H. l93 Anderson. Ken N. Anderson. Leslie W. Anderson. Paul H. Anderson. Penni P. I93 Anderson. Robert E. Ill Anderson. Robert E. Anderson. Robin R. l75 Andrew. Kim D. Anetsberger. Lisa M. I93 Angulo. Larry D. Angulo. Suzanne Arany. Thomas J. Archer. Robbie A. I57 Armagnac. Martin l93 Arn. Mary C. l75 Arnold. Christine E. I57 Arnold. Laurie D. III Arnold. Noel H. I75 Artaleio. Jorge Artaleio. Marcella III Aruizu. Alan E. Arvizu. Christine M. Arvizu. Sylvia R. Jll Arvizu. Tom M. I93 Asher. Joseph A. III Asher. Maria V. l75 232 GENERAL INDEX GENERAL DEX Ashton. Deborah l75 Ashton. Paul S. Ill Aspinall. Edward F. 2Il Aspinall. Sharon F. I57 Atha. Denzil R. Jr. I57 Austerman. Sherri L. I93 Austin. James E. l75 Austin. Mark E. I57 Avila. Theresa la B Babbitt. Fred D. Jll Bach. Rayann L. l93 Baez-Morales. Michael I75 Bafus. Carrie R. l75 Baggett. Darren B. I93 Baggett. Gary A. Baggett. Tom A. Bagley. Daniel R. Ill Bailey. Janine S. Jll Bailey. Lavonne A. I93 Baker. A. Jodie Ill Baker. Dean M. l75 Baker. Debra S. l75 Baker. Eric J. I93 Baker. Lorin T. l75 Baker. Mitzie I57 Baker Nina l75 Baker. S. Norman l93 Baker. Sandra D. I93 Baldenegro. Alice S. I75 aldenegro. Bertha I93 Baldwin. Joanna M. Baldwin. Michael C. I75 Baldwin. Sandra A. I93 Balgenorth. Bryan W. l7S Ball. Jell L. Ball. Shelley Ill Bamrick. Dan E. Jil Banales. Ron C. I75 Banham. Kelli Jll Banke. Paul A. III Banks. Jana K. I93 Banks. Steve P. I93 Banovich. Steven D. Barbie. Kevin P. I57 Barcellos. Andrew A. l93 Barnard. Donna J. l75 Barnett. Jackie L. l93 Barnett. Joe W. l75 Barney. James R. l75 Barraza. Deborah L. l93 Barraza. Joe V. l93 Barrett. Jean P. Barrett. Ronda F. Ill Barrick. Jeff M. Bartee. Kelvin R. Bartnik. Erin P. Bartnik. Gina M. Bartnik. Patte A. JII Batarseh. Darlene S. l75 Bates. Eric C. Bates. Lisa A. I93 Batie. Neil E. III Batie. Russell A. Battaglia. Anthony Bauer, Beth A. Ifaughman. Barbara A. l93 Baumhover. Peggy M. l75 Bayley. Cathrine M. I57 Beard. Greg D. I93 Beard. Lisa K. l75 Beaulieu. Michael R. Bechtold. Kim R. Ill Beck. Nancy C. Becker. Jeff W. l73 Becker. Kimberly A. I93 Becker. Shawn C. l75 Bedoni. Robert B. Bedore. Gregory D. Ill Bee. Mike D. I93 Beebe. David J. III Beebe. Scott P. I75 Beekman. Garrett M. Beets. Jon D. III Begau. Veronica Begaye. Alvin Begaye. Loretta l93 Beiar C. Sammy Jr. Jll Bell. Gregory C. I57 Bell. James S. l93 Bell. Sandra K. I93 Belverud. Cathi A. Bemus. Douglas A. l93 Bender. Marlon Benedict, Susan J. l93 Bennett. Kelly D. Bennett. Rhonda R. I57 Benson. Ladeana K. I75 Bentley. Britt L. Bentley. Miashawn 124 Bentley. Nanette M. I57 Berard. Jeff R. I57 Berberich. Amy M. I93 Berberich. Mark W. I57 Berghouse. Brad L. Bergsrud. Pam R. l75 Berliew. Diane L. Berlin. Kimberly K. I94 Berlin. Lisa A. I57 Berlin. Renee A. I94 Berlinger. Bill G. l75 Berlinger. Nancy L. I57 Berlyn. Kathleen A. I57 Berryman. David R. Jr. Berryman. Susan D. I94 Bertoli. Dennis M. Beson. David C. Beson. Pamela S. l75 Best. Dan C. Best. Randy R. l75 Bethel. James A. II I75 Beyerlein. James E. Bianchi. James W. l75 Bickel. Tom R. Billington. E. David I94 Bindek. Robert I57 Binder. Bob A. Binder. Vincent E. I94 Bingham. Brian G. III Bingham. Teresa R. Birtciel. Kelly R. I57 Bishoff. Ken B. l75 Bisson. Larry W. I94 Black. Bruce E. Ill Black. Maurice A. l75 Blackburn. William J. Blackshire. Julie E. Jll Blackwell. Marina L. I94 Blake. Debbie E. I94 Blake. John K. I57 Blakely. Joni D. I57 Blakesley. Lisa M. l75 Blanco. Michael A. Blanton. Charles D. I57 Blanton. Sheri L. Ill Blinn. Pam S. Bliss. Daniel B. Ill Blochberger. Karen E. I94 Blochberger. Sean C. III Bloom. Neal T. Jil Bloyed. Kathleen R. III Blue. Dalyn L. I94 Bock. Frederick W. I57 Bodah. Cindy L. III Bodle. Eurtacia T. Bodle. John M. I75 Boeskin. Bryan E. I94 Bogert. Suzanne M. Ill Bohn. Tori E. l75 Boling. Janet M. I94 Bond. Annette M. JO7 Bonham. David L. I76 Bonham. Kelli J. Bonham. Robbie E. Bonham. Tamara J. Bonner. Kevin P. I57 Bonny. Mary P. I76 Bookout. Daniel E. Ill Boorn. Tracy D. I57 Border. Kristie L. I94 Borge. Jon P. I94 Borunda. Andy C. I94 Boshard. John H. I94 Boswell. Paul J. Boswell. Teresa A. Bourn. Charlotte E. I94 Bower. Sandra L. I94 Bowes. Chris A. I94 Bowler. Alison III Bowler. Curtis M. ISS Q Q Bowlus. Eric D. Bowlus. Richard D. IS8 Bowsher. Dean O. I76 Boyer. Cynthia M. l75 Boyum. Daryl E. I94 Bradbury. Dorene M. I94 Bradbury. Russell J. Ill Bradford. Brenda L. I58 Bradley. Lisa D. Bradshaw. Troy L. I94 Bradway. Paul J. I94 Branaman. R. Denny Ill Brandenburg. Kurt E. I76 Brandon. Paul L. Ill Branham. Mary F. I76 Brannoch. Virginia L. l58 Brashears. William S. I58 Braun. Sonya S. I94 Bray. Kim A. Brazill. Tom Ill Breedlove. Chris J. Breedlove. Kimberly A. I58 Breedlove. Tamara S. IS8 Brewer. Gerald R. I76 Brewer. Sandy K. I94 Brewer. Tammy C. Brewster. Doug A. I94 Brewster. Kenneth L. Ill Brewster. Kristen L. I76 Brewster. Stacy D. Brinton. Jon D. I94 Brisbon. Edwinna I I94 Brister. David A. I76 Brister. Richard S. III Britt. Catherine R. III Britt. Glenn A. I76 Britt. Harriett E. l58 . Brockway. Gary E. I58 Brogdon. Monica E. l58 Bronaugh. Sherri L. I58 Brooks. Leonard W. I76 Brooksby. Brian K. I76 Brooksby. Scot L. Jll Brown. Anthony S. I76 Brown. Barry A. III Butinski. Jimmy S. JI! Butler. Maureen A. I94 Butler. Melvin L. Ill Butler. Michael R. I58 Byhaug. Kathleen M. l58 Bynum. Scott T. I94 Byrd. Allison L. ISS Byrum. Ronald K. JI2 Caggiano. Marie E. Caglioti. Janet A. I76 Cahill. Christopher S. I94iJ Caime. Sandford C. JD Cain. Carolyn L. l58 Calderon. Anthony R. JI2 Calderon. Stephen J. I94 Caldwell. Barry A. I76 Caldwell. Peggy C. Calhoun. Linda K. I76 Callahan. Judith L. l58 Callaway. Brett J. 2l2 Camargo. John P. Camargo. Julie A. JI! Cambern. Donell Cambern. Morgan K. Campbell. Darlene S. Campbell. Kay A. Campbell. Monica L. Campbell . Sandra L. A. I58 Canada. Staci L. ISS Candelaria. David T. I76 Candelaria. Ofelia M. Canez. Sylvia E. I94 Cano. Elizabeth B. I76 Canter. Carla III Canter. Cathleen M. l58 Canter. Cecelia D. I94 Canter. Linda K. I76 Cantrell. Charles E. I76 Capriotti. Misty J. IS8 Capuchino. Joey J. JI! Brown. Bradley A. I58 Brown. Doug I JII Brown. Douglas J. Brown. Eric A. Ill Brown. Ida O. I94 Brown. Brown Jack W. Jr. I94 Lee C. Brown. Lynda D. l58 Brown. Michelle D. I94 Brown. Rhonda R. Brown. Robert L. Brown. Roger A. JD Brown. Scott M. I76 Browning. Duane M. ID Browning. Sydney R. I76 Broyles. Tim A. I94 Bruder. Julie L. 226 Bruner. Mark A. Brunsberg. Richard O. Brussels. Stuart A. I76 Bryan. Chris D. I76 JD Bryant. Loren P. I94 Bua. Agnes M. I76 Buchanan. Kevin G. I76 Burbrink. Kathryn C. I76 Burbrink. Margaret A. IS8 Burbrink. Shari M. JD Burckley. Arleen M. I58 Burgess. Joanne E. ISS urham. Audrey L. I58 Burke. Jackie S. Burke. Patrick J. I94 Burleigh. Phillip T. Burns. Christine A. JI2 Burns. Erick R. Ill Burns. Keith A. l58 Burris. Jelfery W. Burroughs. Jenniler A. I76 Burrows. Susan L. I94 Burt. Curtis L. JIJ Burl. Micki J. Ill Burtch. Diane K. Burton. Geri M. JI! Bushro Bushro e. Dawn M. Ill e Julie A I58 Buske. Rory A. IS-I Busker. Danny R. Cardella. Angelina M. III Carel. Dewayne R. I76 Carey. Tim D. JIJ Carlin. Jeil A. I94 Carlin. Thomas P. IS9 Carlise. Shirley R. I76 Carlson. Jody K. IS9 Carlson. Linda M. I76 Carmody. Sheri C. III Carothers. Brad E. I76 Carreon. Randy C. Carrion. Sherry L. I94 Carroll. Jill M. JI! Carroll. Teri L. I76 Carrow. Randall I59 Carter. David P. I94 Carter. Jacqueline A. l94 Carter. John D. Carter. Kathy A. I76 Carter. W. Ray JI! Caruso. Roseanne M. I76 Carvalho. David S. Case. Dana D. Casillas. M. Raymond l59 Castillo. Sergio IS9 Castillo. Timothy A. Castle. Valerie J. Ill Cataldo. Tony C. JI! Cavello. Stacy M. Caywood. Alan V. I59 Caywood. Daren J. JD Cecil. Chris L. I94 Celaya. Charles J. I94 Celaya. Emilia V Celaya. Enedina W. I76 Celaya. Rene I94 Celaya. Robert H. l59 Cerny. A. John I94 Chafey. John R. I76 Chalais. David W. 226 Challis. Kevin E. JI! Challis. Lorne A. I76 Chamberlin. Esther J. Chamberlin. Vernon D. IS9 Chambers. Kelley R. hainbers. Robert M. l59 Chandler. Kimberly E. JD X andler. Michele R. I94 apman. J. Charles III arlet. Robin L. III ase. Janet L. I59 ase. Michael J. III ase. William J. l95 avey. Fredrick D. III avez. Carolyn P. III avez. Danny R. avez. Jimmy III eche. David M. eung. Donna Y. III icoine. Michael R. III ild, Ronda L. I76 ildres. John l95 ildress. Louann L. I95 oate. Gary K. l95 ristensen. Robert S. l59 ristensen. Troy D. I95 ristian. Marcia L. III ristopher. Annette M. I ristopher. Kerry D. l76 ristopher. Mike S. III rysler. Deborah S. IS9 rysler. Tamara L. III urchman. Lule I60 cone. Mary N. l76 nprich. Val M. III rk. David D. rk. David L. I76 rk. Denise III rk. Katherine A. l9S rk. Leonard A. l95 rk. Patricia rk. Stephanie D. l95 rke. Leslie mens. Christine M. lS9 mens. John F. ment. Debra M. l76 fford. Kendyall K. IS9 gston. Vivian K. III tes. Leslie O. l59 tes. Virginia I. I95 dington. Carol III iman. James H. I76 en. Jennifer L. I95 n. Denise L. IS9 n, Maryann I59 e, Charles W. III e. Diane S. I76 e. Karen H. eman. Larry M. l95 etnan. Sherri L. I59 in. Jane IS9 in. John III Iier. James M. I95 Iigan. lvy L. III lins. Gary J. III lins. Jack J. l59 ton. Kevin D. l59 vert. Debra M. I76 well. Colleen M. yar. Jell A. I76 nbs. Cheryl M. I95 non. Philip G. IIS arroe. Amy L. III arroe. Mark R. I59 e. Donna L. l76 rad. Raymond W. l95 tini. John B. l9S way. Pamela A. I95 k. Danette L. IIS k. Elmer Jr. IIS k. Kevin I9S it, Pmitp N. ke. Roger D. l59 mbs. Tamika I95 mer. Susan E. l95 mes. Carl J. mes. Titnothy W. ns. Charles T. I77 ns. Daniel B. I59 ns, Frank V. IIS per. Deborah L. I77 per. Greg L. per, Lori A. per. Stacy L. l95 per. Troy P. l95 per. Vargas A. I59 bett. Ginger M. chinski. Ellen L. I59 ova. Fred I77 Cortes. Daniel M. IIS Corum, Kellie J. IIS Costanzo. Carmela l59 Costello. Linda M. I77 Cota. Rosanna A. IIS Cote, Mark R. Cotterman. Kim J Cottew. Mick B. Countryman. Joel F. I59 Courcey. Deborah A. I77 Courtney. Daniel S. Cousin, Angela M. IIS Couturier. Richard V. IS9 Cox. Terry L. l95 Cozad. Allison L. I77 Cozad. Mark E. l94 Cozby. Jerry D. I95 Colby. Rusty L. l59 Craft. Cherri R. I9S Craft. Shirley A. I76 Cranston, William J. Jr. IIS Craven. Marcia E. I60 Craven. Ron W. Creasey. Kimberly M. I77 Crews. Christine M. I77 Crews. Linda L. I60 Crews. Sally R. l95 Crocker. Lisa D. IIS Crooks. Dawn M. I77 Cross. Houston M. I77 Cornett. Theresa L. I59 Crough. Danny C. Crouse. Ron I95 Crow ley. Patricia L. I60 Cruz. Candelario J. Jr. Cruz. Carolyn D. Cruz. Cruz. David M. I95 Margaret A. I60 Crytser. Shawn I77 Culbertson. Michael V. l95 Cull. Denise M. IIS Cunningham. Julie I77 Cunningham. Ricky G. Cunningham, Timothy T. I Cupp. Peggy S. IIS Curtis. Barbara J. I77 Curtis. Janae I77 Cuspard. Lanita R. IIS Cutting. Charmaine A. I60 Cutting. Tracy L. IIS D D'Agostino. Joseph J. Daer. Douglas J. I60 Dager. Dwight D. I77 Dailey. Paul A. IIS Daily. Walt N. Daleiden. Reggie J. IIS Dall. Sheryl L. I77 Dallas. Galen D. Dallas. Lorraine M. Dallas. Victor C. IIS Damon. Sarrah L. Damon. Susan L. l95 Damon. Tim E. IIS Danielson. Doreen M. David. Paul J. I95 Davirro. Lori A. l95 Davis. Antoinette IIS Davis. Bill P. IIS Davis. Cathy D. I60 Davis. Cynthia L. I95 Davis. Deena M. I60 Davis. Dereck M. I95 Davis. Diane IIS Davis. Frank E. Davis. Jerry T. IIS Davis. Karyn S. I60 Davis. Kevin M. I60 Davis. Kimberly K. l95 Davis. Robert W. Davis. Scott A. I9S Davis. Shawn S. IIS Davis. Staci D. Davis. Suzanne II6 Davis. Tammy L. IIS Davis. Tammy S. l95 Davis. Terri L. II4 Davis. Troy V. IIS Davis. William P. Dawson. James T. I9S Dawson. Jerry W. I77 Dawson. Laura B. I77 Dawson. Lisa M. l95 Dawson. Scott C. Day. Ann M. IIS De Angelis. Gene A. IIS De Freze. Denise D. I77 De Hart. Kimberly L. I95 De La Fuente. Cristina A. I77 De La Torre. Joanne I60 De Leon. Irene E. I95 De Leon. Lawrence I95 De Leon. Roy I77 De Loera. Cheryl L. IIS De Long. Dale D. De Long, Dana A. De Lucia. Michael J. De Martelaere. Kevin P. I77 De Martelaere. Louann K. De Mille, Patrick S. l95 De Somma. Frank L. I60 De Somma. Patrick J. De Wald. Debbie R. IIS Deane. Marilyn L. I95 Deaton. Ben H. I77 Deaton. Wayne H. IIS Dechaine, Richard R. IIS Decker. Robert W. IIS Dehart. Paige P. IIS Deherrera. Marcella D. I77 Del Muto. Glenn A. I77 Del Muto. Gwen A. I77 Delaet. Keith E. l95 Deleon. Stella C. Delgado. Dorina R. I Delgross, Tina M. I60 Deloera. Lisa M. DeLuna. John A. l95 DeLuna. Steven M. IIS Demlong. Robert R. I60 Demlong. Teri L. I95 Dendy. Lori L. Denning. Cathy E. I77 Denning. Theresa E. I60 Denning. Thomas E. IIS Denny. Donna R. IIS Denny. John P. I60 Denton. Thomas F. I95 Deplazes. Ronald J. l95 Derwin. Jerry T. Dettmer. John E. IIS Detzler. Pamela J. I60 Detzler. Sherry M. I60 Devenport. Denice M. l95 Diamant. Lisa D. I60 Dickover. Charlene F. I77 Dickover. Kathleen G. I77 Dickson. Steve S. I60 Dillsworth. Cheryl L. I60 Dillsworth. Danny N. I77 Dintelman. Shirley K. I60 Dionne. James E. I96 Dionne. Nannette M. Disney. Chellie L. I77 Dixon. Delores I60 Dixon. James Dixon. Toby A. IIS Dixon. Tom M. I60 Doberstein. Dean E. I96 Dockery. Kaci A. Dodge. Elizabeth G. I60 Dodt. Tamara L. I96 Dodt. Timothy E. I77 Doehrman. Ronald L. I77 Dolyniuk. Jerome L. I77 Dominguez. Diane IIS Dominguez. Irene L. I77 Donahoo. Janet L. I77 Donald. Susan R. I77 Donaldson. Michelle I96 Donithan. Robin R. I60. l7S Dooda. Albert F. Doolittle. Wendy L. IIS Doolittle, Woody L. I96 Dopp. Edward E. I77 Dorsett. Lisa M. Dorsey. Theresa L. I60 Doss. Paula S. I60 Douglas. Randy D. Douglas. Russell L. IIS Dowell, Mark A. I96 owty. Mabel S. Dowty. Randy R. I96 Dowty. Yolanda J. I60 Doyle. Carrie A. Doyle. Kim D. Doyle. Mary E. A. I60 Doyle. Patrick A. I77 Doyle. Patrick J. I96 Doyle. Walter E. Drake. Laurie A. I60 rake. Steven B. Drane. Darla A. I96 Drane. David R. I60 Drane. Monica D. I60 Drew. Chris I77 Drews. Shane M. I6I Duarte. Richard S. I77 Duckworth. Lorraine L. 77 Dudley, Sam Dull. Jon K. I96 Dugan. Dugan. Brian J. I6I Timothy A. Duncan. Kandi A. Dunn. Donald S. Dunn. Gaylon A. Dunn. Gaylon A. IIS Dunn. James E. IIS Dunn. John C. IIS Dunn. Michael A. Dunn. Scott I96 Dunn. Terry L. I96 Dura. Joseph A. I6l Duran. Pauline A. IIS Durazo. Susie M. I96 Durbin. Jeffrey R. I6l Durbin. Jerry R. Jr. I96 Durham. Tamara. B. I6l Durivage. Michael J. I77 Dutcher. Holly J. Dutton. Dora M. I77 Dutton. Ray S. Jr. Duval. William O. I77 Duzy. Debbie D. Duzy. Sherrie M. Dybeck. Deborah A. IIS Dyer. Brenda K. Dyke. Dennis M. Dyke. Rose M. l6l Eads. Gerald Jr. Eads. Tammy A. Eagan. Richard C. I96 Eagar. Jeilrey W. I6I Earl. Jeffrey C. I96 Earle. Rae A. IIS Earley. Stephanie L. I96 Earley. Earley. Eaves. Steven L. IIS Susan L. Thomas R. I96 Eckard. Peggy IIS Eckert. Eckert. Eckley. Eckley. John R. I77 Patricia S. I96 Kerry M. I96 Michelle I96 Eddy. Janice E. I96 denholer. James R. Edenhofer. Sue E. Edens. Valerie J. Edwards, Brian K. I77 Edwards. Michael W. Edwards. Rebecca B. I6 Eichenlaub. Rick A. I96 Eidenbock. Lucy A. IGI Ellington. Steve L. I77 Ellis. Angela R. IIS Etck. Chris L. IIS A Elltston. Lisa L. Elwood. Carol A. l6l Ely. He Emery. atlter L. IIS John N. England, Aaron E. I96 Engle. Rebecca I77 Lngleman. Daniel L. Lngleman. Richard L. Englert. Jon P. l6l Englert. Kelly A. I77 Enloe. Karla M. IIS Epperson. Kellie L. I96 Erhardt. David C. IIS Erickson. Cynthia A. Erickson, Sandra L. IGI Ervin. Debbie A. I6l Escobar. Jimmy M. IIS Escobar. Joey M. II4 Escobar. Tony C. Jr. I77 Espinoza. Robert P. I78 Esquer. Terri R.S. Esquivel. Alma M. l78 Esquivel. Carlos I. I78 Esquivel. Patricia A. IGI Esquivel. Veronica M. II4 Estes. Darrell S. II4 Estes. Leslie Estrella. Denisse F. I6I Estrella. Jose J. I78 Estrella, Rick A. I78 Etgen. Susan L. I96 Etgen. Terri M. I78 Etz. David N. I96 Evans, Titn M. I6l F Fagenbush. Paula M. l6I Fallon. Katherine N. l6l Farmer. Maureen R. Farrell. Mike J. I96 Faust. Deborah D. I96 Faust. Scott D. Feid. Kurt H. Feliz. Shelley A. I96 Fenn. Daniel G. l6l Fenton. Lisa A. II4 Ferguson. Cary A. l6I Ferguson. Dale P. I78 Ferguson. M. Scott l78 Fernandez. Christina D. Ferraro. Janie E. I78 Ferraro. Mike J. l6l Ferrell. Marte I Ferrero. Patrick M. I96 Fetcte, Laura A. I6I Fterros. Albert J. l78 Fierros. Mary C. I96 Fterros. Valerie A. I78 Figueroa. Anna M. II4 Ftltpek. Valerie A. IGI inch. Ellen M. I96 Finch. Michelle E. I6I Finch. Mike J. I6l Finchum. Kelly J. Finn. David D. l78 Fischer. Alan R. IGI Fisher. Jerry P. I96 Fisher, Sue L. l78 Fitch, Angela R. II4 Fitch. Derrick V. l78 Fitzpatrick. James L. I96 Fitzpatrick. John R. I6l Fizz. Barbara J. l7B Flantgan. Kellie R. I96 Fletcher. George S. l78 Fletcher. Iva B. Fletcher. Robin L. I96 Flight. Carol J. I6l Fltppen. Patrick A. I78 Flores, Adina L. I96 Flores. Chris Flores. Frank l6I Flores. Michael A. II4 Flores. Pam Flores. Ramona L. I78 Flores. Sandra I96 Flynn. Dennis H. l6I Flynn. Ken M. Flynn. Lori A. Forbes. Scott L. Forbuslt. Sltirl L. l78 Forman. Susan A. l78 Forstie. Greg D. II4 Forstie. Kurtis D. l78 Fortier. John A. II4 Foster. Butch I96 Foster. Carmen L. I6l Foster. Darrell L. Foster. Eric II4 loster. Gerald E. Jr. GENERAL INDEX ISS I Foster, Kenneth D. l6I Foster. Kimberly A. I96 Foster. Lois J. I78 Fox. James D. I78 D. I96 Fox. Joseph G. I96 Q Fox. Jana Fox. Mich eal D. Frank. Mark M. I96 Franke. Harold L. 2I4 Franklin. Mary I78 Franz. Kerri M. Frazier. Daniel L. I78 Frederickson. George A. I78 Frederickson. Pamela J. I96 Frederickson. Travis A. I78 Freetnan. Freetnan. Freeman. Freeman. Freeman. Freeman. Freeman. A. Wayne Cynthia R. I96 Dawn R. I62 Deanna R. I62 John O. I78 Michaelle R. 2I4 Wayne I96 French. Robert J. I96 Friou. Robert L. l62 Frye. Kimberly A. 2I4 Fryntan. Paula J. 2I4 Fryman. Vicki S. I96 Fulton. Ba rbara A. Furnari. David G. I96 Gabbitas. Gadbery. Gadbery. Gaddis. R Lisa I96 David A. l62 Michael K. I78 andall W. I62 Gaeraths. A. Eddy 2l4 Gagliardi. Vincent E. I96 Gallagher. Michael L. 2l4 Gallagher. Michael P. I7O. I7 Gallagher. Stephanie A. Gallegos. Deborah L. I96 Gallo. Dave B. Galloway. Joyce 2I4 -Galls. David I62 Gambee. Nancy J. l62 Gamez. C atherine M. l62 amez. Joe M. Jr. I96 Gandil. Kristine A. I78 Gangemi. Gangemi. Joe L. I97 Lisa M. 2l4 Gannon. Mathew I97 Gano. Ignacio Jr. I78 Gapko. Chris M. Gapko. Karen J. l62 arcia. Bernie N. 2l4 Garcia. D arryl J. 2l4 arcia. Ernie E. 2l4 Garcia. Frances L. I62 Garcia. Jaime J. I78 Garcia. John A. 2l4 arcia. Jose S. IG2 arcia. Linda A. I62 Garcia. Maria I78 Garcia. Martin M. 2I4 arcia. Mary L. l62 Garcia. Matthew A. arcia. Monica A. I97 arcia. Orlando R. Garcia. Paula S. I97 Gardner. Lori I97 ardont. L. Wendy I78 Garraghan. Clarissa C. I62 Garraghan. Phoebe I97 Garrido. Margaret K. I62 Garry. Brian P. I78 arry. Pa ary. Joy tricia A. l62 ce C. 2I4 Gates. Jami L. 2I4 Gates. Stephen R. I97 Gavin. Williant D. I78 Gaylord. Chris E. 2I4 waylord. Mitchell C. eampa. Joe A. Gee. John C. Gee. Judy Y. Gegenheimer. Carol A. I7 Gesswein. Maria l62 Gesswein. Patty A. I97 234 GENERAL INDEX Gherardi. Mira E. I78 Ghigo. Eugenia T. 2l4 Ghigo. Michael F. 2l4 Giacalone. Michael J. Gibb. Brian G. I97 Gibbons. Cathy L. 2I4 Gibbons. Dennis W. I78 Gibbons. Dodi A. 2I4 Gibbons. Julee G. 2I4 Gibbons. Stacey M. I62 Gibbons. Tom Gibbons. Virginia M. I62 Gibson. Gregory E. I78 Giesie. Norma J. I78 Gilcrest. Karen E. I78 Gill. Patrick L. I78 Gillum. Tina L. l62 Girard. Lisa A. I78 Giuliano. Joseph P. Giver. John P. I78 Glazman. Marin I97 Gleizier. Kevin 2I4 Glemba. Audrey A. I97 Glemba. Julie A. I78 lisan. Duane S. I62 Glisan. Robert M. Glover. Annetta L. I97 Gluck. Andrew l76 Gluck. Mitchell I97 Gmeinder. Paul F. 226 Goble. Deanna L. l62 Goddard. Laura J. I97 Godshall. Patricia A. I97 Goernitz. Scot A. 2I4 Goldman. Sheryl L. I97 Gomez. Luina I. 2I4 Gonzales. Anthony A. I78 Gonzales. Edward Gonzales. Gilbert Jr. Gonzales. Heide 2I4 Gonzales. Rudy 2l4 Gonzalez. Alex P. 2l4 Gonzalez. Anna M. I78 Goodrow. Henry A. I62 Goodwin. Jeff A. 2I4 , Goodwin. Terri I97 Gordon. Christine 2l4 Gordon. Treva J. 2I4 Gore. Aolani F. I97 Gorman. Scott D. orslin. Deborah A. 2I4 Gower. Kregg A. l62 Goyette. Barbara S. I62 Grace. Annette I79 Grace. Eddie F. I79 Grace. Julene 2I4 Graepler. Kelli J. I62 Graepler. Ruth L Graham. Burman W. I79 Graham. Deidre R. 2I4 Graham. Frank D. I62 Graham. Glenn Roy Graham. Karrie F. I97 Graham. Scott D. I79 Graham. Sean S. I97 Graham. William T. Grant. Debbie K. I79 Grant. Richard D. I97 Grapentine. Larry B. I79 Grapentine. Susan M. 2I-'I Graves. Deborah K. 2l4 Graves. Tom M. I79 Gray. Julie S. I97 Gray. Laurie S. I97 Gray. Steven M. I97 Greathouse. Brent I63 Greely. Kara L. 224 Greely. Kathryn M. I97 Greely. Patricia A. I79 Green. Anthony L. Green. Byron K. I79 Green. Kim J. Greene. Deborah L. I79 Greene. Harold L. I79 Greene. Tina M. 2I4 Greenmyer. Edward E. I97 Greff. James L. Jr. I97 Greff. Michael R. I63 Greff. Robert P. 2l4 Gregory. Monica B. I97 Grenda. Dave E. I79 Grendell. Betty L. I97 Greves. Susan E. I97 Griego. Theodore D. I79 Grieve. Karen A. 2I4 Grieve. Sally E. I97 Griffen. Shelly I79 Griffin. Durene M. Griffin. Lori A. Griffith. David C. I63 Griffith. Debra K. I97 Griffith, Lucious B. Griffith. Randy N. I97 Griffith. Richard O. I63 Griffith. Robert A. I63 Griffor. Jack I97 Grimes. David M. I63 Grimes. Michael A. I97 Gristock. Kelly J. I63 Griswold. Chris D. Grittman. Lori L. I79 Groh. Gary D. Groh. Lynne A. I79 Grossenbacher. L. Barry I9 22 Grossenbacher. Terry L. I79 Grover. Jeffrey M. 2I4 Grover. Scott A. I97 Groves. Matt I ruber. Brian E. I63 Grzadzieleski. Shirley M. I63 Guedesse. Chuck P. I79 Guerrero. Dolores S. uerrero. John M. 2I5 Guerrero. Joseph L. I97 Guillano. Joe I79 ula. Gabrielle N. I97 Gunnels, Zebbie L. Guse. Mark A. 2I5 Gusman. Lucero Guthery. Richard S. l63 Gutscher. James R. I79 Gutscher. Ruth M. I79 Gwyn. Brian K. 2I5 Gwyn. Stephen W. H Haas. Richard W. I63 Haas. Susan M. I79 Habeich. John A. I63 Hacker. Lora J. I97 Haenel. Alissa C. 2I5. 227 Haertel. Deborah L. I63 Haga. Dave W. IGS Hagan. Rena L. I79 Halal. Dave R. I98 Hale. Randy I79 Hale. Wade L. 2l5 Hall. Kathleen E. I97 Hall. Kelly J. I63 Hall. Kirsten A. I65 Hall. Michael E. I79 Hall. Shelly D. I79 Hallada. Brian A. ISO Hallada. Mike J. l63 Hallada. Robert T. 2l5 Hallagan. Anna L. I79 Halling. G. Allen 2l5 Hallock. James V. Halverson. Theresa M. 2I5 Hamblen. Floyd E. I97 Hamen. Larry D. I97 Hamilton, Vincent J. I79 Hamman. Stephen J. 2I5 Hammonds. Bert W. I79 Hammonds. Brenda J. I79 Hamrick. Dennis D. Hamrick. Eunice M. I79 Haney. Linda S. I97 Haney. Mary L. IS8 Haney. Michael L. Haney. Shirley A. I65 Hangartner. Paul M. 2I5 Hanner. Debbie K. 2I5 Hanrahan. James I79 Hanrahan. Tom W. Hansen. Brenda L. I97 Hansen. Vicki L. I79 Haralson. Tammie L. 215 Harbison. Carolyn J. IGS Harbison. James W. I97 i Harding. Aaron J. 2l5 Harding. Elesha M. 2I5 Hardy. Lisa S. I97 Hargrave. Damian L. Hargrove. Colleen Harland. Susan L. I79 Harman. Dennis L. I79 Harmer. Curtis D. Jr. Harmon. Phillips J. 2I5 Harnack. Jeffery L. I97 Harney. Sheila K. I63 Harrach. Deborah L. I63 Harrigan. John E. 2l5 Harris. Debra S. I79 Harris. Denise Harris. Edith M. I98 Harris. James D. l63 Harris. Jana L. I98 Harris. Laverdie I79 Harris. Leslie T. I63 Harris. Liz A. Harris. Toni L. I79 Hart. Chris L. I79 Hartley. Catherine A. Hartley. Debra L. l98 Hartley. Valerie D. 2I5 artwig. Lori J. I79 Hartz. Edward A. l98 Harville. James C. I79 Harville. Patricia J. I98 Harwood. Dianna A. Hasenberg. Eric G. 2I5 Hastings. Juanita M. Hauer. Mike E. l63 Havlik. Carla J. l63 Havlik. Cindy E. I79 Havlik. Joseph P. 2I5 Hawkins. William A. l98 Hawley. Angela S. 2l5 Hayes. David J. l98 Hayes. David R. Hayes. Lee Jr. 2I5 Hayes. Ruth A. 2I5 Hays. Camren L. I63 Haxt, Kelli 224 Haywood. Robert L. Hazelwood. Ronald L. I98 Healy. Brent E. 2I5 Heaslip. Kevin A. Heath. Kristin D. 224 Heath. Monya Y. I79 Heck. Elizabeth M. Hefferman. Tammy F. Heiland. Marlou B. Heiland. Marsha B. I79 lxyeer. Carla J. I97 Hein. Wendy S. I97 Heinz. Dorothy W. I79 Heinzerling. Daniel D. I98 Hemandollar. Carla l63 Helms. Michelle R. l98 Hemming. Kim A. Hemming. Tonyia S. 2l5 Hempen. Ronald W. I98 Hemphill. Wesley A. 2l5 Henao. Clara E. I63 Henderson. Claudia I79 Henderson. Jo Audrey I79 Henderson, Ricky L. ISS Heneghan. Kelly J. 208 Hennigan. Dawn M. I79 Henrickson. David J. I79 Henrickson. Linda M. 224 Henry. Charles W. I98 Henry. Thomas P. I98 Henry. Travis 2l5 Hernandez. Coty M. I79 Hernandez. Greg M. 2I5 Hernandez. Marie L. I63 Hernandez. Phillip A. I79 Hernandez. Ronald Herring. Ernest S. l65 Herring. Robert D. Hertzog. Donna R. I63 Hesterman. Ruthann Heuett. Colleen K. l98 Heun. Cynthia L. I79 Heun. Tonya M. 2I5 Higgins. Carri L. Higgins. Mark R. I64 Higgins. Patrick D. I79 Higgins. Thomas A. I79 Hill. Clay R. Hilton. Karen L. Hilton. Kim E. I64 Hinderliter. Michael A. I79 Hinderliter. Timothy R. 2I5 Hindman. Susan L. l64 Hines. Shelli L. 2l5 Hines. Sherri A. I79 Hinos. Larry L. Hinson. Lori B. I64 Hinson. Thad E. 2l5 Hirko. Daniel I98 Hislop. Carol R. l8O Hitch. Derrick 226 Hoaglund. Robert W. 2l5. 227 Hobaica. Michael J. 'J Hobbs. Christine L. IBO Hobbs. Debra D. l98 Hobbs. Jeff A. I64 Hobert. Shelly G. I98 odge. Annette M. IBO odge. Scott A. 2I5 odge. Victor S. Hodges. Marie D. I98 Hodges. Rebecca IBO Hodges. Roxann L. Hodges. William A. 2I5 Hoesel. Terry L. I98 Hoffarth. Elaine T. l98 Hoffarth. Matthew J. ISO Hoffarth. Nancy A. I64 Hoffarth. Patrick E. I64 Hogland. Mark S. I98 Hogland. Melissa K. l64 Holaday. Brenda S. I98 Holl. Deanna L. I64 Holl. Phillip L. IBO. l88 Holland. Christine M. I98 Holland. Sandy R. 2I5 Holley. Daniel C. l98 Holmberr. Nelson l8O Holmes. Mary E. l8O olt. Emily J. I98 Holt. Tammy L. 2I5 Holzer. David E. l64 Homer. Michelle T. IG4 Homsey. Brian A. I80 Homsey. Bruce D. ISO Homsey. Donald D. Jr. l64 Honhoinewa. Denise D. Hood. Margie l98 Hoopes. Terri E. I98 Hoorneman. Mark D. Hoorneman. Stacy L. Hoover. Tricia A. 2I5 Hopson. Kelly D. Hopson. Patricia L. Horner. Michelle M. I98 Horner. Mona J. ISO Horner. Rhonda L. 2l5 Hornerman. Mark I80 Horton. Michelle R. I80 Householder. Janet L. I98 Houser. Ronda D. I80 Houston. Steve B. Hovey. Debra A. 2I5 Hovey. Jill C. I98 Hovey. Timothy G. l64 Howard. James E. I8O Howard. Missy S. 2I5 Howard. Rhonda J. 2I5 Howard. Shawn D. 2l5 Hoyt. Kelli L. Hudson. James W. Hudson, Ti..fesa A. I98 Huffman. Tamra S. Hughes. Julie A. l98 Hultman. Mary A. IBO Humphrey. Doy T. 215 Humphrey. Sheri A. Hunt. Karen K. I98 Hunt. Sherrie J. 2I5 Hunt. William D. IBO Hurst, Rhonda L. I80 Hurtado. Esther D. I64 Hutchinson. Michael A. 2I5 Hutchinson. Michele F. ISO Hutchison. Steven C. I64 Hutson. Alicia S. I80 Hyland. John H. Hobert. Sherry F. I98 X annitelli. Claudio E. I98 deker. William R. JIS ngle. Brian D. I64 ngle. Lisa J. ISO ngram. Cindy S. I98 ngram. Denise L. ISO gram. Karen K. gram. Tom A. JIS man. John P. I98 man. William M. vinelli. Deanna L. IS4 ish. Oscar W. JIS vine. Cheryl A. ISO win. Robert S. hier. Darrell enz. Frank A. II enz. Joseph M. JIS enz. Lynn M. es. Heather J. IS4 ckson ckson ckson ck son J . Amy JJ4 . Angi R. ISO . Sandra L. IS4 . William H. JIS co. Jerry L. IS4 cobs. cobs. Carol A. JIS W. Louie cobson. James R. IS4 cobso coby. hoda. n. Robert E. JIS Jerri S. ISO Steven P. ISO mes. Candy L. mes. Joseph R. mes. Lisa A. IS4 es. Mike D. ISO es Phyllis L. JIS es. Rick I98 rozik. Susan A. IS4 nagin. Christina M. JIS nagin. Tammy M. ISO cox, John B. I98 e. Lynette I98 n, Lisa A. ISO kins. Lisa R. I98 sen. Felecia L. I98 sen. Julia L. ISO ozal. Vicki L. IS-'I t. Edward C. enez. Rebecca ISO at. Brenda K. IS4 at. Cheryl L. I9S n. Michael J. nson. Bill A. ISO nson. Carl A. JIS nson. Cheryl A. IS4 nson. D. Michelle JIS nson. Deborah A. JIS nson. James A. ISO nson. Jamie J. I98 nson. Karen P. IS4 nson. Kimberly L. I98 nson. Mark W. H5071 SOD . Michael E. ISO . Nathan Jr. IS4 son. Richard E. JIS son. Richard J. JIS son, Richard S. I98 son. Ronald S. I98 son. Scott W. SOI! . Vince P. ISO ston. Mark T. I98 s. Archie D. IS4 s. Elston F. I98 s. Keith P. JIS s. Lance A. s. Lori G. I98 s. Shanna L. JIS s.S teven K. JIS s. Todd R. I98 BI1 Candy D. ISO mf candy R. tes an Gary L I98 an: SheIIey.M. :ts nsen. Peggy M. I98 Joslyn. Diane M. I99 Jouett. Dennis R. ISO Juen. Laura J. Junas. Susan L. ISO Jundy. Teri L. ISO June. Scott D. Juslin. John R. ISO K Kading. Brenda L. JIS Kahler. Tina M. JJ4 Kalani. Drena Jo K. I99 Kalman. John J. IS4 Kane. Rebecca S. JIS Karim. Wandolyn E. Karr. Kevin D. Karsky. Michael B. I99 Katzenberger. Valorie J. I99 Katzenberger. Veronica K. ISO Kay. Kathryn Y. I73 Kazmierczak. Robert J. JIS Kearney. Kandy C. JIS Kearney. Melinda S. JIS Keidel. Lori A. Keister. Robin K. Keith. Debbie S. Kellar. Lance B. ISO Keller. Elizabeth A. IS4 Kelley. Pamela S. Kelley. Sharon A. ISO Kelley. Stuart C. JIS Kelley. Susan J. I99 Kells. Elizabeth D. IS4 Kellum. M. Jerry I64 Kelly. Katherine M. I99 Kelly. Scott R. IS4 Kelly. Tom J. IS4 Kelsch. Jennie R. ISO Kemp. Randall T. I99 Kenison. Floyd R. I99 Kennedy. Brenda L. JIS Kennedy. Bridget L. I99 Kennedy. Charlene K. I99 Kennedy. Lou A. ISO Kent. Jill T. IS4 Keown. Margaret E. Keown. Peggy JIS Kerezman. Michele D. JIS Kerfoot. Mmm R. me ' Kern. Gary F. ISO Kerr. Colleen H. I99 Kerr. John R. ISS Kerr. Steven M. 'o Kessler. Dawn L. JIS Kessler. Deanna L. ISS Kew. Scott A. Keyes. Belinda E. ISO Keyes. Gary R. ISI Kidd. Bonnie S. ISS Kidd. John F. JIS Kidd. Wes R. IGS Kieffer. Allen E. Kimbrel. Jody R. JIS Kimbrel. Michael S. I99 Kimbrough. Jon A. ISI Kimmel. David A. ISS Kincade. Cherri I99 King. Bill H. I99 King. Erwin L. JIS King. Melissa A. ISI King. Mitchell W. ISS King. Ruben L. I99 King. Vicki S. ISI Kingdon. Russell T. Kingsley. Kathleen M. Kirkman. Kyle S. I99 Kirkman. Pam K. ISI Kirkpatrick. M. Shawn ISI Kiser. David A. ISS Kisner. Annette JIS Kisner. Frank L. I99 Kittrell. Roger E. I99 Klein. Bart D. ISI Klein. Heidi E. ISS Kloeppel. Thomas R. ISI Klooster. Mike C. ISI Klossner. Penny L. ISI Kerstin8. Kathleen M. ISS Klossner. Sandra M. I99 Klute. Michael J. Kmieciak. Kathleen M. I99 Knape. Theresa A. ISI Kneipp. Lorna R. ISS Kniffin. Don G. I99 Knight. Kelley L. JIS Koch. Mark A. Koch. Susan K. I99 Komar. Mary P. JIS Kommer. Anita S. ISS Koressel. Jacqueline R. I99 Koressel. Sandra K. JIS Kouts. Susan N. ISI Kovesdy. Deborah JJ7 Kowacz. Tammy L. ISS Kowren. Michell G. JIS Kozak. Brian N. JIS Kramer. Bill D. Kramer. Robert D. JIS Kravat. Cari J. ISI Krocza. Virgil B. ISI Krohn. Lynette S. I99 Krohn. Mark A. ISI Kronz. Danny W. JIS Kronz. Kevin W. Krout. Robert J. JJ7 Kuban. Wayne L. ISS Kuczora. Frank J. Kuiper. Kelly D. Kuiper. Ronnie B. Kunkle. Joseph D. ISS Kunkle. Pamela J. ISS Kuntzwiler. Theresa K. ISI Kuntzwiler. Tina V. ISS Kwiecien. Mary S. JIS Kwiecien. Michael J. Kyman. Chet L. L La Cavera. Nat L. Jr. JIS La Doux. La Donna J. JO7 La Marca. Toni M. La Rocca. John C. I99 Lacek. Diana L. dacek. John J. Ill ISS acey. Diann JIS Lackman. Rayna L. ISI Ladd. Cheryl A. ISI Ladd. William T. Laing. Robbin R. I99 Laird. Michael D. I99 Lake. John L. ISS Lama. Susie Lamagno. Marie A. I99 Lamb. Kathy L. IS5 Lamb. Steven C. Lambert. Cliff E. Lambert. Pamela S. ISS Landreth. Lorene D. JIS Lange. Janet C. I99 Langford. Cindy L. I99 Langford. Julie L. ISI Langford. Kenneth W. ISI Lankford. Annemarie ISS Lanman. Michele JIS Lanning. Dana L. ISS Lanoue. Barbara R. Lanoue. Rex A. I99 Lanoue. Rodney J. I99 Lansdale. Tony A. Lapointe. Ernest P. Larabell. Todd M. I99 Larabell. Troy A. JIS Lard. Jeri A. ISI Lardeo. Albert S. Largo. Andrew C. Larsen. Terri L. ISI Larson. L. Beth I99 Lasher. John E. Latham. Donna M. I99 Laubach. William F. ISI Laurie. John S. Lawler. Bennie H. Lawson. Debbie M. ISS Lazovich. Marc I99 Leary. Christine A. Lebron. Debra JIS Lederfeind. Lucy E. Lee. Christopher S. I99 Lee. James T. I99 Lee. John D. I99 Leeper. Mark A. Legan. John J III ISI Lehman. Brenda J. IOI Lehmkuhl. Mike R. ISI Lehr. Jack B. Leimbach. Kimberly W. I99 Lemme. Mike D. I99 Lemme. Steve L. ISI Leonardo. Barbara Ann M. ISI Lessard. Robert J. ISI Leung. Tony ISI Levander. Laurie A. JIS Levario. Scott A. I99 Levengood. Mike A. Levinson. Charles H. JIS Levinson. Daniel JIS Lewis. Kenneth C. ISS Lewis. Mark T. JIS Leyvas. Liza V. Libby. Sarah L. I99 Lincoln, Bert C. ISS Lincoln. Gerald W. I99 Lindley. Dennis E. I99 Lindley. Tom B. ISI Lindsay. Jon J. JIS Lindsay. Stephany J. ISI Lindsey. Alexander W. I Linebough. Tina M. JIS Litsey, Kirk A. Litsey. Monica R. ISS Little. Robin L. JIS Littlefield. David D. ISS Littlefield. Susan L. ISS Lizarrage. Dorothy L. JIS Loder. Charles JJS Lodmell. Tracy J. I99 Loeffler. Beth A. ISI Loeffler. Desiree M. I99 Lombardo. Angela M. ISI Lomuscio. Debbie A. I99 Mac Donald. Jon R. JI7 MacDonald. Scott A. Mackin. Michelle A. Madden. Edward M. JI7 Madden. Joe R. ISI Madden. John R. ISI Madrid. Mark P. ISS Magee. Danny A. JOJ Magee. David L. IS9 Magee. Eric B. ISS Magee. Mike C. ISI Maggard C. Kristine JI7 Maggard. Teresa L. ISS Magness. Donna B. ISS Magnetti. Kim A. JI7 Lomuscio. Frank E. Long. Christine L. JIS Long. Sandra K. JI7 Lonorre. Barbara ISS Loo. Antony JI7 Loo. Louisa ISI Looper. Bethy R. ISS Looper. Cindy S. JI7 Lopez Alfonso Lopez Barbara J. ISS Lopez Brenda A. JJ4 Lopez Debra S. ISS Lopez. Edward H. JI7 Lopez. Frank ISI Lopez James R. I99 Lopez. Jeff L. Lopez Richard V. Jr. ISI Lopez. Sandra L. Lose. Helen K. JI7 Losey. Douglas B. ISI Lovato. Eric P. ISI Lovato. Sylvia JO7 Lowe. Sharon S. JOJ Lucas. Peter S. JOJ Lucero. Billie J. ISI Lucero. Lisa K. ISI Lui. Richard H. ISS Lui. George K. JOJ Lujan. Frank L. JI7 Luk. Chun M. Lukaszkiewicz. Robert S. JI7 Lupeika. Zoe L. JJ4 Luper. Paula D. JI7 Lutrick. Bonnie L. ISS Lutz. James C. JI7 Lutz. John M. ISI Lyall. L. Wayne ISI Lyman. Jerry L. ISI Lynch. James R. JI7 Lynch. Robert JOJ Lynch. Whitney A. ISS Lyon. Corey D. ISS Lyons. Duane E. Mabbutt. David J. Magnolo. Michael A. JI7 Magruder. Andrea B. ISI Mahan. Renee M. JI7 Mahr. Anna J. ISI Mahr. Kathy JI7 Makinson. Denise D. ISS Malin. Michael L. JOJ Maliner. Amy L. JJ4 Malinoski. Lou Ann ISS Malkus. W. Daniel Mallory. Kelly J. Mallory. Roni K. JI7 Mallory. Shawn F. ISS Mancuso. Mark A. ISI Mancuso. Paul Maness. Heidi L. ISI Manhardt. David D. ISS Manies. James N. ISS Manies. Jeff A. JI7 Manker. Lora L. JOJ Manley. Laura L. ISS Mann. G. David JI7 Mann. Gavin, C. ISS Manning. Guy E. JI7 Manning. Terri L. JOJ Marcell. Laura L. JOJ ardeusz. Michelle D. ISS Marez. Salomon S. JI7 Marin. David R. ISS Marin. Pearl A. Marino, Lori L. ISS Mark. Greg S. JI7 Marotta. John D. Marple. Fred J. ISS Marshall. Jennifer K. JI7 Marshall. Stacey M. JOJ Martin. Bridget D. JOJ Martin. Dorothy ISI Martin. Larry C. JOJ Martinez. Denise M. Martinez. John JOJ Martinez. Richard A. ISS Martinez. Ruben JI7 Martinez. Rudy JOJ Martinez. Theresa T. ISS Martinez. Tom Mascari. Charles L. Mascari. Samuel C. Maser. Bryan N. JI7 Mason. Lisa J. JI7 Masone. Vincent A. ISI Massetto. Mary A. ISS Masters. Derron W. Masters. John T. ISS Masters. Ronald F. JI7 Mathis. Frank A. JI7 Mathis. W. Martin JI7 Matoskey. Joseph J. JI7 tsumoto. Alan H. JI7 atthews. Gregory C. ISS Matthews. Rhonda N. JOJ Matthews. Russell A. ISI Mattox. Arthur F. Maudsley. Eric L. JI7 Mzu Mauzy. Dale A. ISS May. Katharine M.J. ISI Mayberry. Stephen R. JI7 Mayer. Denise A. JOJ Mc Cambly. Kim J. JOJ Mc Canlies. Karen L. ISJ Mc Canis. Deborah JI7 Mc Canis. Theresa M. JOJ S.. Q N Q Mc Carthy. Anastacia M. JOJ Mc Carthy. Susan M. ISJ Mc Carty. Brian A. JI7 Mc Carty. Kathy M. JI7 Mc Caughey. Jeri A. ISJ GENERAL INDEX J35 Mc Clain. Carol A. Mc Clure. Eric L. I67 Mc Collum. Donald E. I67 Mc Comb R. Mark 2l7 c Coniga. Linda J. I82 Mc Connell. Kathleen K. 202 Mc Cortttick, Kevin I67 Mc Cormick, Laurie A. 2l7 Mc Cormick. Patricia A. I82 Mc Crea. Robert A. I82 Mc Cue. David L. 2l7 Mc Cue. Michael J. I82 Mc Cully. Alan C. 2l7 Mc Cully. Karen S. I82 Mc Donald. Brenda J. Mc Donald. Brenda S. I82 Mc Donald. Floyd A. 202 Mc Donald. Michael W. Mc Donald. Pamela K. 202 Mc Donald. Philip B. I67 Mc Donald, Scott I67 Mc Donough, Christina A. 22 Mc Donough. Joyce A. 202 Mc Dougall. Richard P. 202 Mc Dowell. Martin W. 2l7 Mc Dowell. Richard A. I82 Mc Dowell. Sabre D. I67 Mc Dowell. Susan A. Mc Ewen. Mark A. 202 Mc Garvey. June J. 202 Mc Ginn. Kenny R. Mc Grady. Sandra R. 2l7 Mc Grath. David M. Mc Grath. Dorothy C. 2l7 Mc Grath, Patricia M. 2l7 Mc Grath. Thomas C. 202 Mc Kee. Paula J. 202 Mc Kenna. Gina K. 2l7 Mc Kenna. Patricia L. I67 Mc Kennon. Deanna Mc Kinney, James G. I82 Mc Kinney. Sara K. 2l7 Mc Knight, Janene C. Mc Laughlin. Barry K. 203 Mc Laughlin. Kevin L. I67 Mc Loud. Debbie E. Me Manus. Michelle L. 203 Mc Meen. Barry B. 2l7 Mc Murdy. David A. l67 Mc Murdy. John P. I82 Mc Nabb. Dawn L. I82 Mc Nabb. Donald C. I82 Mc Nabb. Michael L. 2l7 Mc Nally. Phillip A. I67 Mc Neil. Dana D. I67 Mc Nutt. Lesia K. I67 Me Ouiston. Mandy Mc Ouiston. N. Gregory Mc Sorley. Jamie R. 203 McAlister. Mark R. l66 McCarty. Kevin P. l66 McCormick, Kevin M. McDowell. David A McElrath. Ronald W I67 Mckmstray. Martin C. 67 McNally. Edward E. cad. Tamera L. 2l7 eador. Darrell D. Meagher. Colleen M. 202 Meagher. Donna L. I82 Mears. Iris D. 2l7 Medina. Tina M. Medley. Rhonda L. 202 Meek. Tantmy K. 202 Meeks. Charles S. 2l7 Mena. Carlos T. 2l7 Mendez. Melissa A. 202 Mennoti. Tonie L. Mercado. Enrique 2l7 Mercado. Sebastian J. I82 Mercer. Mike F. 2l7 Mercer. Randy W. I82 Merkley. Barbara S. I82 Merkley. David J. I67 erriott. Darren W. 220 Merrow. Jell T. I82 Merten. Kelly L. I67 Mesquita. Debbie D. I82 Messer. R. Martha Methvin. Steve P. I67 Metz. Kim E. 207 McDougall. Bruce A. I67 - . I67 . . . I I qv 236 GENERAL INDEX Metzendorf. John W. I67 ' Meyer. Christina L. 220 Meyer. James E. I67 Meyers. Gina L. I82 Miano. Maryann J. I67 Miceli. Nino C. 202 Mich. Thomas B. Michelson. Adam L. Mickley. Jenita F. I82 Millard. Fern K. 220 Millard. Wesley M. Miller. Alice J. I82 Miller, Christine K. Miller. Daniel D. I82 Miller. David M. I82 Miller. Debra L. 202 Miller. Diane 220 Miller. Donald C. Jr. I67 Miller. Dwain E. 202 Miller. Janti L. 202 Miller. Jill A. Miller, Jon N. I82 Miller. Juanita L. I67 Miller. Kathryn I02 Miller. Lisa A. 220 Miller. Lynn M. 220 Miller, Michael W. 220 Miller. Michelle M. 202 Miller. Sandra K. I67 Miller. Sherri L. 202 Miller. Steve R. I67 Miller. Woodrow E. Ill Mills. Todd A. Millward, Lisa E. l02 Miner. Karen S. I67 Minster, Rae M. I82 Miraldi. John C. Mitchell. Anita A. 220 Mitchell. Jantes T. 202 Mitchell. Tammera L. I82 Mitchell. Wendy G. I82 Mitten. Kevin L. I82 Mitten, Michael J. I67 Mogler. Rusty L. Molton. Cheryl L. I82 Monaghan. Kevin D. 220 Monroe. Stephen M. I67 Montez. Carol J. Montez, Joe N. 220 Montoya. Johnny R. Jr. I82 Montoya. Margaret A. I82 Montoya. Teri A. I82 Montoyo, Eddie N. 2l7 Moody. Andrew J. 202 Moore. John A. Moore. Joyce H. I67 Moore. Lisa A. 202 Moore. Mark R. I82 Moore. Michael R. I67 Moore. P. Michelle I68 Moore. Suzie L. 202 Moorefield. Stacy M. 220 Morales. Adam Jr. IG8 Morales. Providencia Morales. Ralph 202 Morea. Dina A. 220 Moreno. Ernie D. Moreno. Susie M. 202 Morgan. Leslie A. Morgan. Michael L. I68 Morgan. Monica J. I82 Morgan. Tracy L. l68 Morquecho. Christina M. 202 Morquecho. Donna M. 202 Morquecho. Suzanne M. 202 Morris. Sara E. 202 Morrison. Terry H. 220 Morton. Lori J. 168 Mossburg. Sherry L. Moulton. Jill A. Moulton. Wendi L. Mowinski. Patricia 220 Mucklow, Dina I 202 Mucklow. Doug D. Muller. Collin K. 220 Muller. Kelsey T. I82 Mullican. Joan A. I82 Mullican. Vincent M. 202 Mullings. Melinda G. 202 Mullings. Mike N. I68 Mullings. Robin D. 220 Mullins. Brett H. I82 lvihil Muns. L I. Michael R. 202 isa J. I82 Muratore. Dena Murdock. Doug R. I68 Murdock. Melanie A. 220 Murphree, Sherri L. I82 Murphy Murphy . Brett A. I68 . Clio I 202 Murphy. Karen M. 202 Murphy. Lewis P. I82 Murphy. Thomas A. l68 Murray. Murray. Murray. Murray. Annette I 202 Cheryl Deborah A. Linda S. Myers. Russell P. 220 Myers. Timothy L. I68 Nannestad. Kay L. I68 Nannestad. Lisa A. 203 Nanny. Robert W. Nanny. Stephen D. I82 Nash. Kelly W. I82 Nathan. John K. 203 Navratil. Michael F. I82 Neal. Erin L. I82 Neary. James M. I68 Nedbal. Neeley. Neeley. Curtis M. I68 Barbara J. l68 Linda D. 220 Neely. Rose L. 203 Negri. Paul M. 220 Neithercutt. Kurt H. X Nelson. Nelson. Nelson. Nelson. Nelson. Nelson. Nevitt. Newell. Gary T. 203 . X Julie E. 226 Lee N. 203 Pam J. l83 Shari F. I68 " William J. IS2 Michael W. 220 Rex A. ISS Newhouse. Bryan D. Newman. Clark M. Newmeyer. Shauna I83 Ney. Melvin R. Il 220 Nghiem. Dai T. 220 Nghiem. Thanh X. 203 Nichols. Nichols. n S . J. Craig I83 Tina M. 220 Niehuis. Kelly A. 224 Niehuis. Kint J. l68 Nielsen. Nielson. Nielson. David A. IS3 Ann Dale l83 Nielson. Mark E. 220 K Nienstedt. Hershel R. l68 Nix. Grady D. 203 Noe. Kenneth W. Nokes. Rina R. 220 Norfolk. Linda C. l68 Nork. C indy C. IS3 Norris. Allen F. l83 North. John F. North. Valerie R. I68 Norton. Norton. Novak. Brenda L. 220 Tracy J. l68 John C. Novak. Paul R. I68 Noves. Gina M. Nowlin. Frankie D. l83 Noyes. Michael R. 203 Nugent. Lisa G. 203 Nullntan. Mark S. I68 Nunez. Conrado G. 220 Nyntan. O Calla Julia L. 203 ghan. Liz l83 0 Meara. Lynne M. 220 O Reilly. Kelley E. I68 O Reilly. Shannon C. 203 O Reilly, Timothy E. 220 Ochoa. Ochoa. Belinda Gabriel G. Ochoa. Henry I83 Ogle, Melissa R. 220 Oglesby. Anna C. I83 Okabayashi. Alan S. l68 Oleson. Daniel W. I68 Olsen. Doris L. 220 Olsen. Robert 203 Olsker, Jeffrey C. 203 Olsker, Michael L. 203 Olszewski. Edward S. 203 Olvey. Tracie C. 220 Ong. Nancy Y. 203 Orr. Shelley M. l83 Osborn. Ginger L. 220 Osborn. Vickie A. 203 Osbourn. Julie A. I83 Osorio. Guadlupe R. 220 Overbay. Mary T. Overbey. Tina F. l83 Overfield. Lisa I77 Owen. Michael D. l68 Owens. Bunnie A. 203 Owens. Elizabeth 220 Owens. James R. Owens. Jonathan D. l83 Owens. Leann R. 224 Owens. Liz A. I83 Owens. Mark 220 Ozuna. Sharon R. P Pacheco. David A. l68 Pacheco. Lisa S. 220 Padilla. Terri L. 220 Palmer. D. Darron 220 Pamer, Cheryl L. 203 Pamer. Fred M. Panetta. Andrea J. 203 Panetta. Angela J. l68 Parish. Donna L. 203 Parisi. Robert J. 203 Park. Lawrence L. Park. Ronald S. 203 Parker. Doug M. Parker. James D. Parks. Tammie M. Paroulek. Ruth A. I83 Parovlek. Connie L. 203. 207 Parrill. Allen R. I68 Parrow. John R. I83 Passage, Kathy Passtnore. Kelly L. 168 Pastorello. Joe 220 Pate. Carl D. I83 Paterson. Richard H. Patrick. Cindy E. 220 Patrick, Randall W. l83 Patten. Mary P. 203 Patterson. Debra A. I83 Patterson. Satttantha D. 220 Pauley. Kimberlee M. l83 Paulsen. Vincent D. IBS Paulson. Eric L. 220 Paulus. Leslie A. 220 Paulus. Terry E, I83 Pavlenko. Alexander 203 Payne. Darlene M. I83 Payne. Deborah D. I83 Payne. Debra K. Payne. Laurie E. l83 Payne. Tracy R. I83 Pearce. Deborah C. I68 Pease. Gina M. 203 Pease. Ronnie R. 220 Peck. Robert J. I68 Peden. Ramona R. 203 Peeples. Rebekah L. 220 Pelletier. Laurie A. l68 Pelletier. Robert C. Pena. Maria Pendley. Daniel B. l68 Pendley. Scott K. l83 Pendrick, Annette M. I68 Pendrick, John A. 220 Penix. Michael E. Penrose. E. Staci 220 Perea. Johnny l83 Perez. Alexander A. 203 Perez. Donna M. 22I Perez. Enrique J. I83 Perez. Roberta J. 22I Perkins. Timothy J. IOS Pernick, Lawrence M. I68 Perry. Jerry C. 22I Perry. Mark A. Perryman. Kathy L. 22I Peters. Evett L. Peters. Mark A. Peterson. Brian J. 203 Peterson. Karen M. 203 Peterson. Laurie B. I69 Peterson. Robert F. 203 Petkiewicz. Chris F. I69 Pettett. Barbara M. 203 Pettett. Debbie S. l69 Pfallman. Susan G. I69 Pfeifer. Terry D. 22I Phillips. Evette L. 22I Phillips. Jacquelyn I83 Phillips. Mary K. Phillips. Tracy M. 203. 207 Phyle. Christine A. 203 Pickard. Cindy A. I83 Pickard. James F. 22I Pierce. Benita W. 203 Pierce. Kathy G. 22I Pierce. Richard IS3 Pierce. Terri I69 Pierce. Tracy C. 22I Pieri. Rene P. I83 Pimental. Douglas T. 22I Piper. Gina D. l83 Pippin. Claribel M. Pippins. Phillip L. 203 Pippins. Quince E. 203 Pippins. Trina G. 22I Plouff. Lori E. I69 Podlasek. Stan M. 203 Pogue. Sheryl L. IO3 Polk. Elisabeth G. 22I Pollack. Sindy L. I83 Polletta. Anita E. I83 Pontius. Deborah L. Pontius. Ronald L. 203 Poorntan. Pam R. l69 Poorntan. William M. 203 Porter, Rex E. 22I Possidente. Carol J. 22I Poteet. Donna L. Potter. Deborah L. 203 Powell. David L. l69 Prater. Joi D. I69 Pratt. Diana L. 22I Prentice. Jimmie F. Prentice. Sherry M. Preston. Lesa A. 203 Price. Dawn R. Price. John E. I69 Price. Tracy L. Prieger. David L. 203 Prisco. Kenneth S. 203 Pritchard. Sheila L. l69 Proctor. Robert L. Pruett. Tonia M. 22I Pruniski. Kathy A. l69 Pruniski. Stephen A III I83 Pruniski. Teresa M. I69 Pucillo. .lon C. Pulvermacher. Eloise A. l69 Purcell. Gary A. 203 Purcell. Jerry P. I83 Purcell. Terry L. Purva. Deborah I 22I Qualtire. Denise Quan. Diane L. I83 Quill. Pat A. l69 Quill, Sheri R. 203 Radcliff. Michael D. l83 Rader. C. Michelle I69 ader V. Craig I83 akost. Arpad C. 203 amey. Patrick D. atney. Ronald L. 22l amey. Tim M. 22l GIIIIFQL BIIIIFEZ. BIIIITEZI Gabe Joann Patrick J. 207 amtrez. Rudy A. I89 atntrez. Tony Jr. 204 atturez. Valerie allllfflt Veronica amos. Corine 204 amos. Leonard mos. Monica 22l amsay. Kirk L. 226 msey, David R. msey. Ray L. Jr. msey. Robert G. Jr. I69 tttthun. Emily J. 204 tnthun. Joanne M. l69 ndleman. Everett T. I86 ngel. Victor IS3. l89 nkhorn. Jeffrie T. 204 nkhorn. Jonathon T. nney. Tom S. I83 per Dorothy C. uch Lisa K. I83 usay. Jay I69 usch. Kim J. l85 y Catherine A. I83 y Cindy S. l83 y Steven D. 22l yburn. Shelly S. l69 ypole. Christopher A. I69 ypole. Steven R. 204 ader. Teresa l83 agan. Brenda L. I83 ardon. Anne E. I69 d Sherri L. I83 Brian P. I69 Kent C. l69 Lorie A. 204 Margaret A. 22l Mary L. tee William J. er. Teri L. I69 er. Traci J. 204 ves. E. Michelle 204 er Scott A. l69 er Stacey A. 204 hert. Patti J. 204 Carla J. 204 Stacy J. l69 nan. Lori A. 204 ch Bryan M. l69 don. Yolanda M. I86 nells. Dale B. 22l nells. Dean L. 22l tfrow. Charlene D. 204 Ier. Melanie A. I86 Ier. Mike W. 22l TOBI. Pam J. l69 roat. Tom L. s Bonnie A. 204 s Emilio D. s Sylvia E. ods. Andrea L. olds. David D. ods. Kathy A. I86 ods. Kelly J. l69 ods. Lori A. I70 o s. Mark M. 204 ods. Martha M. I70 o s. William J. I70 des. Louis C. 22l es. Jill 22l Mary G. I86 William K. 22l telli. Camella A. 204 telli. Marc G. I70 Jay A. Jr. I86 Jeffrey S. Kandi S. 204 Michael D. I70 r s. Colleen M. 204 FS. Deedee E. I86 r s. Don R. I' S r s. rds. James L. 204 John C. 22l Wade R. ed. d. d. d. d. d. der. Eric D. d d I I I I Id l ld 2 d : d 1 d : d . d Richardson. Susan M. 204 Richie. Barbara L. 204 Richie. Charles C. I70 Richmond. Debra S. I70 Richter. Jennifer J. I70 Richter, Steven H. 22l Rick. Doreen F. 22l Ricketts. Michael J. I70 Riedel. Rose A. Rieger. Carol M. I70 Rinaldi. Allen T. Ringler. Lori A. I70 Rios. Lisa E. 204. 207 Rivera. Timothy 204 Robbins. Steven D. I70 Robbins. Toni L. 204 Roberts. Donald S. 204 Roberts. Sandra D. I86 Roberts. Teresa S. Roberts. Traci L. 204 Roberts. Wendy S. Roberts. William H. 22l Robertson. Patty A. 22l Rochette. Denise E. I86 Rockenfield. Melissa M. I70 Rodriguez. H. Santos 22l Rodriguez. Richard G. 22l Roever. Brian C. I70 Rogers. Billie G. Rogers. Christy L. 22l Rogers. Jaime D. Rogers. Jeff N. I70 Rogers. Tammy L. 22l Rogers. Terri L. I86 Roggatz. Gabriele I I70 Roggatz. Paul M. 204 Roland. Catherine E. I70 Rollins. Mike R. I86 Roman. Donna M. I86 Rotttan. Merry S. Romero, Becky L. Romero. Jo M. Romero. Nancy J. Romero. Regina A. 204 Romo. Cecelia M. 204 Ronsheim. Alison M. I86 Rood. Audrey E. 22l Ropp. Marci B. I70 Ropp. Mark B. Rosales. Ray C. I70 Rosales. Richard N. I86 Rosell. Robert B. I70 Rosenau. James R. 22l Rosene. Eric P. 204 Ross. Jonathan R. 204 Ross. Larry R. Ross. Ti Vine Y. 22l Rossi. Carol A. 204 Rossmell. Edward R. 22l Rouette. Steve C. I86 Rousay. Joseph P. Rowley. Tallie A. Rozum. Bill J. I70 Rozutn. Robert J. 204 Rudisill. Steven W. I86 Rudolph. Bill J. 204 Rudolph. Brenda S. I86 Ruiz. Frank L. 204 Ruiz. Rose Ann I86 Runnings. Julie L. 204 Rupnik. Deidre R. Russell. Bonnie S. 22l Russell. Robert D. 22l Ryan. David R. 22l Ryan. George L. I70 Ryan. Julie A. I86 Ryan. Tara L. I70 Sahhar. Robert P. 204 Sain. David J. I86 Saiz. Rebecca A. Salaiz. Cathy A. 22l Salaiz. Teresa M. I70 Salazar. Henry I89 Salettt. Brenda J. 22l Salinas. Benny J. 22l Salisbury. James S. I70 Salkeld. Jeff A. 204 Sallomi. Todd S. Salo. Randall J. I70 Samaiean. Joe D. Sanchez. Joe Sanchez. Paula J. 22l Sanchez. Robert Sanders. Barry L. 22l Sandoval, Arthur A. Jr. I70 Sandoval. Susan D. I86 Sandvig. Brenda S. 22l Santa. Maria Anna L. 204 Sarandon. Kathryn E. 22l Sarandos. Theodore A. 204 Sarandos. Theresa M. l7O Sarver. Jill D. l7l Sarver. Mike D. I86 Sasek. Scott M. 204 Saunders. Gregory S. Saxon. Arnold B. Sbrocchi. Lucy C. Scarbrough. Sarah R. 204 Scarlato. Anthony G. Scarzato. M. Joe 204 Scates. Steven P. 204 Schacht. Jeff R. 204 Schaefer. Patricia L. I86 Schallert. Brenda Y. 22l Scheid. Joe W. 204. 207 Schenck. Mary L. 204 Schieman. Connie J. 204 Schillig. Brian W. Schira. William S. Schleaderer. Heidi 22l Schlesing. Donna L. l7l Schmid. April J. l7l Schmidt. Heidi J. I86 Schtnidt. Kirsten M. 204 Schmidt. Mark W.D. l7l Schtnidt. Paul W. 204 Schneider. Karla L. l7l Schneider. Paula E. 22l Scholl. Sherri L. 222 Schooley, S. Elizabeth C. I89 Schott. John P. I86 Schramke. Jack W. ll l7l Schramke. Scott A. Schryer. Neale A. III Schryer. William P. 204 Schuder. Joel F. Schuler. Christine M. 222 Sharpe. Deborah A. l7l Sharpe. Gary J. 26 Sharpe. Michelle J. Sharpe. Shelli 222 Shea. Bill G. 26 Shelton. Kim M. l7l Shelton. Lois Shepard. Adorna L. 26 Shepard. Jill T. Shepard. Paul A. I86 Shepard. Scott A. I86 Shepard. Tina L. Sheridan. Lisa A. I86 Sherwood. Deborah L. I86 Sherwood. Tom M. 26 Shillington. Charles M. l7l Shoemaker. Michael D. I86 Shoemaker. Richard R. l7l Short. Tim A. 26, 207 Shourds. Kellie D. 26 Shourds. Susan M. Shropshire. Cathy L. Shrum. Russell D. Shufflebeam. Bonnie I86 Shupe. Robert B. 26 Sigety. Mark D. 202 Silvernale. Rodney 26 Sitnington. Glenn A. Simmons. Dawn A. l7l Simmons, Sharon S. l7l Simmons. Steve S. Simmons. Suzann l7l Simonar. Neil G. 26 Sincavage. Amy E. 26 Sing. Michael 26 Singleton. Ivy I 222 Singleton. Zina Y. I86 Sisson. Sandy S. I86 Sizemore. Barbara A. Slack. Deborah E. 26 Slade. Colleen 222 Slade. Dora M. I86 Slagle. Robert H. 26 Slankard. Greg W. Slattery. Robert H. 26 Slattery. Tracey D. 222 Slaughter. Levi M. 222 Sloan. Joan E. l7l Sloan. Malcolm T. I86 Slocum. Brenda L. 26 Slocum. Pamela C. 26 Snodgres. Jon K. 222 Snyder. Wendy L. l89 Soloman. Nancy A. Solomon. Todd R. Sommer. Charles A. H. I89 Sotttmer. Tyra S. 222 Sondej. Joseph M. 26 Sonei. Jody M. Sorrells. Janice L. l89 Soto. Cathy l7l Soto. Edward M. Jr. 26 Souder. Robert J. 222 Soulvie. Daniel B. Sowacke. Diane M. l89 Sowers. George J. 222 Sowers. Sandy L. 26 Soza. Mark A. Spangler. Kimberly A. 26 Spanos. Vasileke 26 Spears. Leslie D. Spears. Peggy L. Speer. Cheryl L. l89 Speer. James L. l89 Spencer. Mary E. Spina. Christina L. 26. 207 Spina. Michele M. I72 Spina. Vincent E. l87 Spitler. Laura L. I72 Staggs. David E. 222 Staggs. Jerry C. 26 Staggs. Michael I72 Staggs. Rena L. I72 Staggs. Scott R. Stanke. Sandy A. l87 Stanley. Karen L. l87 Stanton. Frank E. 26 Stanton. James T. Stanton. Richard V. 222 Starr. April 26 Staten. A. Tammy 222 Staten. Cassandra D. 26 Staten. Geralyn C. l87 Staten. Julia L. 26 Staten. Melissa A. I72 Staten. Vickie L. 26 Statzer. Tom E. I72 Steele. Gary E. Schultz. Kathleen R. Schultz. Stella l7l Schulz. Patricia M. 222 Schuster. Jennie M. l7l Schwartz. Cynthia A. l7l Schwartz. Joseph J. 204 Schwartz. Linda G. I86 Schwartz. Lisa C. l7l Schwartz. Stuart M. I86 Sciorilli. Arlene J. 222 Sclederer. Heidi K. Scott. B. Patrick 222 Scott John P. 222 Scott Mary M. I86 Scott. Michael J. Scott Mike L. Scott Robert S. I87 Scott Sharon R. l7l Sears. Donald W. Sears. Robert J. I86 Secanti. Ann Marie l7l Seeberger. George W. Seeberger. Sherry A. 222 Selby. Mary J. 204 Selby. Melanie G. I86 Sellards. Neil E. l7l Selvey. Marion E. Semmens. Richard A. 204 Sepik. Joanne Sesma. Monica 204 Sesma. Sandra B. 222 Settle. Terry W. 222 Settle. Thomas E. Jr. 26 Sett. Eddie 222 Shank. Kelly J.F. I86 Sloekers. Tammy A. Small. Mary E. I86 Smalley. Steven D. Smallid Stttallid ge. Greg M. l7l ge. Jeffery A. 222 Sittallidge. Kathryn A. 26. 207 Smart. Rhonnie D. 26 Smith. Cara D. Smith. Charles F. 205 Smith. Cheryl L. I86 Stttith. Debi L. Smith. Denise A. 222 Smith. Elizabeth l7l Smith. Eric M. l7l Smith. Gregory A. 26 Smith. John M. l7l Smith. Joi A. I86 Stttith. Jon E. 224 Stttith. Kelly L. 26 Smith. Leeroy L. 26 Smith. Linda J. Smith. Logan A. 26 Smith. Lorelle J. 222 Smith. Luann M. l7l Smith. Michael L. 222 Smith. Michael R. I86 Smith. Patricia A. Smith. Randy S. Smith. Robert L. 26 Stttith. Robert R. l7l Smith. Roger D. I86 Smith. Sherri L. 226 Smith. Tammie J. Smith. Terrie L. Smith. Toby W.. 226 Shapiro. Linda l7l Shapiro. Sheryl F. 222 Sharkey. Donna M. 222 Sharkey. Phyllis A. l7l Sharp. Martin C. I86 Sharp. Tom A. I86 Smith. Todd J. I86 Smithson. Jack E. 222 Snead. William M. 26 Snelling. Robert L. 222 Snider. Brian L. I87 Snider. Michael H. l7l Steele. Lisa R. 222 Steimer. Tracey L. Stein. Alden R. 26 Steinberg. Janet E. l87 Steiner. D. Lee M. I87 Stephens. Kenneth C. 26 Stephenson. John D. 222 Stevens. Alan L. Stevens. Curtis E. 222 Stevens. Danean M. I87 Stevens. James D. I72 Stevens. John T. Stevens. Lori J. Stevens. Lynn C. 222 Steward. Debbie S. 26 Stewart. Becky A. 26 Stewart. David L. I72 Stewart. Denise L. 222 Stewart. Michael S. 26 Stewart. Tracy Stielel. Marsha L. 26. I72 Stierhem. Eugene C. 222. 227 Still. James C. Stillwell. Patricia J. I87 Stiner. Arnold L. Stiner. Ricky W. 222 Stiner. Robert D. I72 Stinnett. Rebecca E. l87 Stinnett. Reid C. 207 Stites. Chris H. Stively. Michele L. I72 Stocksdale. Robert M. 26 Stoddard. Robin A. 222 Stoeveken. John G. 26 Stokke. Tonia R. Stone. Janet K. Stone. Pamela M. 222 Stonerock. Elizabeth E. 26 Stonerock. Ray A. l87 Straley. Scott C. Stringfellow. Wally D. Stromberg. Scott B. Stroud. Bobbie L. Strow. Kimberly C. 26. l89 Struble. Tanya J. 222 GENERAL INDEX 237 Yates. Terri L. 224 Strunk. David R. IS7 Strunk. Robert E. 222 Stuart. Anne F. Stuart IV' A E. I72 Stubblefield. Dixie J. Stubbs. M. Sherri IS7 Stufflebeam. Bonnie K. Stull. Randall D. 205 Stults, Kurtis B. Stuinfoll. Kriquette L. I72 Sturgill. Paula M. IS7 Sullinger. Charles D. Sullivan. David J. Sullivan. Michael G. 205 Summerell. Jeffrey A. IS7 Sutherland. Lori 26 Sutphin. Debra L. Sutphin. Kristen G. 26 Sutphin. Nikki S. lS9 Sutter. Bessie R. 206 Sutter. Theresa E. Sutton. William R. 26 Svitak. Curtis A. 222 Swadener. Amy B. I72 Swadener. Christopher D. IS7 Swaim. Bryan D. I72 Swan. Deborah 222 Swart. Debbie L. I72 Swart. Mike J. Swart. Tom J. IS7 Swim. Sally A. 26 Sword. Jill E. IS7 Sybrant. Robert B. 222 Szczepaniak. Florence 222 Szczepaniak. Kathleen ISO. 226 Szczepaniak, Mary L. I72 Szczepaniak. Walter J. 26 Szechenyi. Gabrielle L. 26 T Tabor. Daniel L. IS7 Talbot. Henry E. 222 Talley. Patrick J. Tang. Gayle E. 26 Tang. Lana S. IS7 Tang. Lance B. 223 Tang. Lela N. Tapia. Tony 26 Tarantino. Kathleen 26 Tarr. Beverly K. I72 Tarr. Thotnas E. 26 Tarr. Timothy C. I72 Tarzian. Keith IS7 Tatinan. Sherri A. Tautimer. Robert J. IS7 Tavison. Esther I72 Tavison. Henry 223 Tavison. Irene A. 26 Tavison. M. Arlene Taylor, Angela D. I72 Taylor D. Bruce I72 Taylor. Gregory IS7 Taylor. Jacquelynn D. 223 Taylor. Kevin P. 223 Taylor. Kimm A. Taylor. Randall R. I72 Taylor. Tammy N. 26 Taylor. Tracy L. 223 Taylor. Yvonne C. I72 Tchida. James A. 26 Teapole. Marjorie E. 223 Tegarden. Tammara A. IS7 Tennerino. Tina M. IST Tenney. Wayne IS7 Terait. Cheryl A. IS7 Terp. Bettinna L. IS7 Terrell. Terrenc Keith A. in 2. Kelly L. Terry. Heidi E. 223 Terry. Richard M. Thacker. Diane 26 Thacker. Jay L. IS7 Theder. Theiss. Brent M. Donna R. I72 Thiflault. Brian J. 223 Thomas. Annette M. 223 Thomas. Charles E. 223 Thomas, Patricia IS7 238 GENERAL INDEX Thomas. Ruth E. I72 Thomas. Scott A. Thomas. Suzanne L. Thomas. Theresa K. 26 Thomas. Walter R. I72 Thompson. Barbara A. I72 Thompson. Craig B. 223 Thompson. David E. IS7 Thompson. Jenna L. I72 Thompson. Kim R. 223 Thompson. Laurie J. IS7 Thompson. Laurie J. 26 Thompson. Mark D. 223 Thompson. Rusty D. I72 Thompson. Shanna R. 26 Thornton. Sherrie K. l87 Thornton. Steven W. 223 Throckmorton. David G. Throckmorton. Pat S. 26 Tiano. Joe C. 26 Tisoareno. Rogelio G. Titus. Bonny J. I72 Titus. George K. 26 Titus, Mary B. 223 Titus. Pauline K. IS7 Tokars. Marc L. Tomlin. Brian L. IS7 Topel. Mary E. Topolewski. Jacqueline M. IS7 Topolewski. Robert J. 223 Torres. Irene 223 Torres. Rick C. 223 Torseth. Bruce E. I72 Toten. Todd N. 223 Toye. Erin M. Travis. James F. Treadwell. Brian S. IS7 Treece. Jayme D. 223 Trego. Lloyd P. Treinen. Anna M. I72 Treinen. Howard P. 26 Treinen. Julie R. 223 Trinka. Mary A. IS7 Trostle. Rita M. I72 Trostle. Sharon A. IS7 Trott. Tina M. 223 Troup. Jana E. 223 Troutt. Jay F. I72 Truiillo. Fernando 26 Truiillo. Paul R. Truog. Nicholas R. 223 Tsoi. Sampson H. S. 223 Tsubono. Yoshitaka I73 Tucker. Sheri L. 26 Tuggle. Connie J. IS7 Tunstall. Gordon C. II Tunstall. Scott C. Turner. Debbie J. IS7 Turner. Michael D. Turner. Shannon K. 26 Turner. Shelley F. IS7 Turner. Timothy R. 26 Turner. Tracy L. 223 Turza. Kenneth W. IS7 Tweed. Tim G. 223 Tyler. Brian S. 26 Uptain. Dennis D. 226 Urbanski. Gezelle D. 226 Urich. Bruce D. 26 Urich. Colita S. Utterback. Regina M. 26 Uyleman. Alexandra I73 Llyleman. Raymond 26 V Vachris. Roland M. 223 Vahona. Steve IS9 Valenzuela. Irma Valenzuela. Tony ll Van Boerum. Andy J. Van Boerum. Sandra M. IS7 Van Eynde. David A. 26 Van Kuren. Roger T. 26 Van Van Van Van Norman. Mike 206 Note. Steve J. 223 Sandt. Vincent K. IS7 Zant. Lori J. 26 Wasielewski. G. Vergie Wasyl. Dan A. Wasyl, Debbie J. I73 Vander Linden. Elaine M. 223 Vanderlinden. Caryl J. IS7 Vanderzee. Franklin P. 26 Vargas. Antonio D. Vargas. Nicolas V. Watkins. Kerry J. Watkins, Linda J. 26 Watkins Watkins . Marla L. . Martin J. 20S Watkins. Robert D. ISS Watkins. Sally 207 Varkoly. Shirley J. I73 Varkoly. Veronica L. IS7 Vasquez. Joann E. I73 Vasquez. John A. 223 Vasquez. Raymond P. Vaughn. Brandi R. Vaughn. Deborah A. 223 Vaughn. Leslie R. IS7 Vejar. Norma J. 223 Venable. Mark A. I73 Venable. Rick L. 223 Vesely. Julie J. 223 Vesey. David E. IS7 Vest. David G. IS7 Vest. Kenneth A. Vest. Sherri L. IS7 Vidal. Beth A. Vietzen. Lori A. 26 Villas. Barbara Villasenor. Debbie G. 223 Villasenor. Nancy A. I73 Villavicencio. Luis 226 Vincent. Terri S. 26 Viray. Dina L. IS7 Voet. Patti G. IS7 Vohn. Scott W. Wolpe. Vito Jr. Von Gries. Jerry G. 223 Von Reeden. John C. 223 Vosgier. Scott D. 223 Vukelich. Richard E. 26 Wacker. Randy S. 223 Wackerbarth. Jan D. IS7 Waddell. April 26 Waddle. Michael W. 26 Waddle. Pauline D. 223 Wagner. Bill R. 26 Wagner. John A. 223 Wagner. Kelly M. ISS Wagner. Lisa A. 223 Wagner. Mark 26 Wagner. Theresa A. 223 Wagner. Virginia L. Wakefield. Karen A. ISS Waldron. Dwight L. Walenting, Mark Wales. Charles F. Waleski. Greg Walke. Theresa M. I73 Walker. Jo A. ISS Walker. Johnna M. Walker. Karen L. 226 Walker. Karie D. ISS Walker. Linda D. 226 Walker. Michael R. ISS Walker. Nathan 223 Wallace. Carlie J. ISS Wallace. Donna J. ISS Wallace. Sheila L. ISS Wallace. Stelan B. 223 Walledoin. John C. ISS Walls. Linda L. 223 Walsh. Jodi L. Walsh. Nancy D. I73 Walsh. Sheila A. ISS Walton. Greg S. ISS Waltz. Molly J. Ward. Bryant R. Ward. John C. I73 Ward, Pamela R. ISS Ward. Tom E. Wardrope. Sean R. 223 Ware. Cody S. Warner. Karen A. 226 Warren. Michelle M. 223 Washburn. James W. ISS Washington. Sheila J. Watkins. Vincent J. ISS Watson. Albert V. 223 Watson. Jerry Watson. Jerry L. 223 Watts. Mark D. Wayman, Kelly A. 226 Wayman. Linda R. Wayman. Robert M. Wayne. Yu 207 Wayterra. Anthony G. 26 Wayterra. Joseph R. ISS Weakley. Christopher B. I73 Weast. Wendee Weatherford. Harold 223 Weatherman. Wendy D. 223 Wilson. Thomas M. Wiiner. Darcella L. Wines. Deaun ISS Winger. Douglas L. Wirth. Peggy E. ISS Wirth. William F. I73 Wisener. James E. 26 Wiskia. Jane M. IS9 Witt. Ardith I. I73 Wolf. Greg S. ISS Wolf. Jeff L. Wolf. Norman E. ISS Wong. Bobby I73 Wood. Glenn E. Wood. Polly C. Woodward. Cindy J. 26 Worley. Darrell N. 208 Worthem. Kelley M. Wray. Gina A. 226 Webb. Alan C. 226 Webb. Darlene M. Webb. Dennis W. Webb, Louise M. I73 Webb. Tina K. 226 Webster. Rebecca S. 26 Weisz. Deborah J. Weld. Kathy R. 26 Weld. Mark J. Weld. Robert C. Wells. Lonnie K. 223 Wells. P. Gregory Wells. Sandra G. 26 Wells. William A. ISS Welsh. Mark S. Welty. Kenneth W. Wentzel. Kathy A. 26 Wentzel. Melvin E. Jr. ISS Werking. Katherine O. 223 Werking. Kimberly M. I73 Wesolowski. Leslie M. 226 Wesolowski. Sedney A. 20S West, Beverly A. West. Karol D. I73 West. Mabel M. 224 West. Melissa M. ISS Weyeneth. Leeann 208 Wheatley. Joseph W. 224 Wheeler. Patricia A. 26 Whitaker. Mark A. ISS Whitaker. Mitzi 26 Whitaker. Pamela K. 207 White. Bobbi J. I73 White. Charles E. White. Essie K. ISS White. Kim D. 26 Wright, Adam L. 26 Wright Wright Wright Wright Wright Wright Wright Wyatt. Wynn. . Carrie M. ISS ,Cindy E. ISS . David W. 224 . Dwayne E. IS9 . Gladys A. ISS . Linda S. ISS .Stephanie A. I73 Scott R. ISS Anthony J. Y Yado. Diane V. Yates. Michelle L. Ybanez. Gloria 26 Ybanez. Robert ISS Ybarra. Anna L. ISS Ybarra. Ruth A. 224 Yee. Marshall G. I73 Yenkala. Joseph R. 224 Yocky, David A. I73 Yoder. Charles C. ISS. 226 Young. Alice. L. 224 Young, Carol J. Young. Chris IS9 Young. David W. Young. Denis C. ISS Young. James R. Young. Jima L. Young. John R. Young. Kenneth P. 207 Young. Linda K. ISS Young. Lynn A. ISS Young. Tim D. ISS Young. Yvonne D. 26 Youvella. Darrell J. 26 Youvella. Pauline M. I73 White. Larry A. ISS White, Mike D. White. Roger N. ISS White. Sandra D. 224 Whitehead. Nancy J. IS9 Wilder. Keith S. 224 Wilkerson. Cheryl L. 226 Wilkerson. Lori A. 224 Wilkins. Barry M. ISS Wilkins. David G. I73 Willet. Willet. Darlene I. 20S Michael B. I73 Williams. Carrington L. 224 Williams. Eileen 20S Williams. Jeffrey L. 26 Williams. Jennifer J. 26 Williams, Leona K. 26 Williams. Richard M. 207 Williams. Robin J. Williams. Scott R. 26 Williams. Tamarah L. ISS Williams. Totn C. ISS Williams. Troy L. Willis. Willis. Randall B. ISS Todd D. 26 Wilson. Belinda K. Wilson. Daniel W. Wilson. David 26 Wilson . Dwynda J. 226 Wilson. Fred D. Wilson. Matthew G. I73 Wilson. Tamera S. 26 Youvella. Romalita 224 Yu. Wayne K. 26 Z Zagorski. Alan S. 226 Zeigler. Richard A. Zeigler. Steve S. I73 Zepeda. Clifford M. 26 Zestriian. Minodora I73 Zetterlol. Cindy L. 22-I Zielin. Monica A. Zien. Christine A. ISS Zien. Mae E. I73 Zimmerman. Cole M. 226 Ztmtnerntan. Lynn M. ISS Zoll. Victor S. 26 Zozgorntk. Sheila M. Zubas. Stephanie C. Zwillick, Sheryl F. ISS Zywicke. Debra L. 224 I had started the year wanting to produce the best yearbook in the his- tory of the school. I think the staff has reached that goal. Working with a small staff of ten was really hard, espe- cially in trying to meet the first dead- line. which was the student pictures. We had a hard time with student pic- tures and we tried really hard' to cor- rect our mistakes. We had four returning staffers this year: Sheila Harney, Denise Cohn. An- astacia McCarthy and myself. The re- turning staffers helped the new mem- bers understand a little bit more about the yearto those who weren't on staff, I'd like to thank Mr. Chuck Burcell. our yearbook representative. for all the support in the book. Mrs. Virginia Poynter for keeping all our records straight. The staff for the many. many long hours that were frustrating, espe- cially in trying to meet deadlines. To Mr. Cunningham for all his patience and understanding. I'd like to give spe- cial recognition to those who weren't on staff. but helped out in the produc- tion. Les Coates. Cynthia Schwartz. Karol West, Lucero Gusman and espe- cially my good friend Diane Hurtado. Diane deserves a lot of recognition, because if it weren't for her, the divi- sion pages might not have been possi- ble. But if it hadn't been for all those people who weren't even on staff, I don't know what the staff would have done. Thanks a lot seems too little of a thing to say. I'd also like to thank the Zoological Society of San Diego for the picture of the lion on the cover. I'd like to thank Mr. .lohn McCauley and Mrs. Jeanne Akers for letting me out of class whenever I needed to work on yearbook. TO MR. LARRY CUNNINGHAM. You're a very rare teacher and person. Although you had your bad days. like myself, you always managed to get the staff through. You always found the time to help any staffer out on the yearbook. You have more patience than any man I know. I hope that next years FORTRESS staff will be fortunate enough to have you as their advisor as well as their friend, as I did. TO THE STAFFf AND THOSE WHO HELPED- Well you guys. we made itl All our fears are gone. Take a lot of pride and say "I helped produce the best and most promising yearbook in the histo- ry of Alhambra High School. " The book we started from scratch, with no ideas at all, turned out to be the very best. I'd like to give special recognition for the hard work everyone on staff put in. To all the photographers. Joel. Mike and John. thanks for reprinting a lot of pictures that were needed. To 141. i- . V Q f vi' I .cw-ll' qv-Q' X .Q I' -.----..w - -'H' .....-- -g ,,.,,,.v,.xq.. s,' ' I those who had the hard job of having to lay out pictures and write copy thanks go to Sheila, Susan and Denise. Staffers like you are really hard to find. TO THE STUDENT BODY: This year the book was cut down by sixteen pages. Maybe some were missed and others went by unnoticed. Either way I hope that you will enioy the book. There are a lot of hours dedicated into could imagine. No one, unless you're on staff, realizes the hard work and time that goes into each page. Most of the staff put in about three hours a day. That meant giving up lunch hours. not going to classes and giving up your free time. If you think this is not a good book then I challenge YOU to get on the FORTRESS staff for the I9808I. and I'lI come around next year and see how you're doing. If I had to do it all over again, I would. Sincerely Yours. WJZAIQQQI fm." Catherine M. Gamez Editor-In-Cheif ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 239 Going from Here more Challenging 4? 240 CLOSING i X 2. .-Q., ew 4 X '4.f"lee'f'1fLi2.' fkx E"S316x-a-m'F .- -qv-be . . -M L' ep., ' an fir ,gray , a "f 5331 -': .-. ' 143' kb. B 'I if ,sb N' Y .,,. .. , V, N? 1- ff?- f'7 Z' sl, J, 4, Q95 -Q 'F 49 QW "?ACfJQ,jfUQ, fm, ww, B Wmfzz My LKQLPQQ Qgggw S Www vlizw lffU5fffU5 5 if ,fl -' fwmcmfm 3553? Tia f?QQUW 5,533 f cfm, fm bw' www jd -an QW, if ' t5Oj OAQ, gwuf QA!! CE, than? Q , pdwwxm, 6,yGM,f JQMjS, W, ilu iews- X w X ,fLzfM!0' U3 UQ My A"- " 'Maw X Ng D Us -X050 siXg,QiiLff Q35 Ny' 9 T Xi? UEXLOKQSQQX XO! NN QQQJG QQ E .199 65 LQ 'NS BVOYLEXLCQX 0035 66055 DAX? Oy, CV? NX AW 90 0 N Q X99 X js Qvgbyqx 0? 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Suggestions in the Alhambra High School - Fortress Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) collection:

Alhambra High School - Fortress Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Alhambra High School - Fortress Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


Alhambra High School - Fortress Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


Alhambra High School - Fortress Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


Alhambra High School - Fortress Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


Alhambra High School - Fortress Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


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