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5 fwffiifif ZZZHMW fx GD , di ff? M J p? wief LQQV fL5QiQg g E -:gf , 4' jgfwof X53 S9 Eggfilf 0531? 15 - EQJU MNQA6 ' in J :ws W iW?3gQQWWQwQWWgf Eilisiiw ii f'5fV V D6pQf2f B 'QQ W V Wagi iifggiik Q MQW Q' C9 5 35 Eg S55'fDx ? SEQ? igggggg ETQQQYT 'Os QAAEEE0 ,W ei df, 5 'El fi 1 ob ,TQQQESQWEQE 4 9-U N Q fp 5' Wlif J Qs gwif LfPi:6gx45' ff5f w90wgfW XA , O iffy HQ! wr fjfwiff M w JZA:fvfiy 055505 My WQSQVOQ W MQW ryffy QNg pg A1 1 Msifief W wg mfg' I B? x . :WPG 12553 E3 2 gm V X Q W 650 E3 Syd 4 NW My A' 5 ,U LWUNEQ, WWW 59 AV W'MyvfQQfw? Q' ' ,M ff r 3 in 6 QfXf7i,wWgjgiSgg ff lgiigyfpygwf YQ! 5125 2555? sfligs E352 B+! 3,235 Q h 3 wiv? 76ebQ,,f77,Chh 1lQy QE 5 75 ?mfW4 uW 555533 . 5 Q 53 E fggiffgw i 2 221323 Mm . g5DQ f W 2532? 3? E552 Bjijgmi -M,,4 Wg 1313, a 7fA,f3'N'?"'5fv SSTL 1YP'5'lf?Qx3Q2'Wb 4 wi 'L v ' "Hui f " 1 Q .4'1' 5 IM: ir...-n1il4lQiIQlllil1l!!'.5 In Af' n 4 171' v A N4 f S W' f ti. U o - H. 4. Q 1 ,Wo .Wg -ffm, "Wax "fin M a. v - 'T'X,, v 4-211: x 7' Q. " '1 Q- . 'W 1. .413 .9 0 M n 5 s ,Jv- 'ftt 1,2 s - li "?NiMw-.V " 'Yr' dv- yn! ff, M . 'rn if 5 ' ul" an w"uu-1K"- '09 . ,A W n , .na-aq,,, Y Ml: 'w m 0- ,mm Q, X HYQ49- ,V X M mi: all I ,, ' " win,-X W,,w.wW,M,., M, N N .xy 7 'X V5.5 I , X , . Q -X 1 ' KX Cy? 7-1 JS rj J if 31 f L3-J gd., Y of , OXJQ fasjf 4, r pique Q05 gf? A- 5555! ,. QB:- 7 ' f 5 WARM in ix YN 25 2 INTRODUCTION V!-2 --s. 1 Q93 W f Aggmiy ,Q,.M LOV BM my 1 LSYCL - 105' , f V' , www 06wi7, QQ,JVfi Wm 58 Ri Sf wiv Q99 ,fi 1, K C8604 2 . Clip J WC M153 X, A 2 .QWQJ JAJYLX. Contents Activities 10 H 40 Sp 62 Cl b 98 F I y 126 CI 152 I d 241 INTRODUCTION 3 Q f ' LTL Zewffov Jfk A W file? 35-4'47 One decade of directions gone Yet another fully moving on. One student body once divided, Here under one school reunited. LHNTRODUCTION il ,,f' if as Behold young minds Independent, yet so dependent upon Each others strength of character. But who have we to turn to Except our new Alhambra? ,CL I,11, I Vfljfyh If ow ' x f, , ' if LLB 9 A .-SC jf ' Jfflf I , f , C9 J JBL C' , fx jjj 1 ""'- , J ff A If .Q Wal, V1 f l'f I gf Cy, I I we I -VA - DQ, J ff Az! I I ,OL 1 X4 If I V Aff' QAIQ f , I QQFCFQ L V, Ck S my W! IZ: Jjfccpa '44fW? Ok ,14 CQ' ?,Q,f177f!7.Q'C. dfflcj '7' !zcff'7-9+ jpg CkCCxQ1'rL19L5l'X dad SSJVOQI' fb 0000! INTRODUCTION 5 ..,.,., Af' 5'1- . -VI. ...M Lines of thought now are new Training us for a different agep an age Full of Electronic thing-a-ma-jigs That c eate places for yo and me. wfff 5 Q2 fri ,yt Zfiffyfifafifk p MQ we ff? 6 INTRODUCTION ,waxy "f-.. -W., ? mQi mifwsee wa We said good-bye to a dear friend Yet he will follow us everywhereg Those years now sweet memories But, memories that will always be there. We now welcome a new friend to lead us. NYY INTRODUCTION 7 Artists, athletes, college and work bound Now must unite in one battle: The battle to survive in an Unyie!ding, overcomplicated world. 8 INTRODUCTION L... it Q ly' .l- ir: mf-A GMM ' . f 'N ,rm vw-mvwwff We who are determined to do better, Let us take our vows never to fail. For a bigger job we do now undertake To ease the journey for those who trail '-f if 1....Jx INTRODUCTION 9 O STUDENT LIFE DIVISION il ff- Oi' IK wwf: . - Q' nr n., If'f"'33Q, 'fr I , X R I s 'Wk Stu d e nt Life jj A Better World Through Involvement of-f Sli ' if WEN! 3 - Q. ,fn Q- A Pqyiilqigx Q,wgQ" Q, sky, STUDENT LIFE DIVISION 'I'I World of events highlights homecoming This years homecoming theme was "The Good Old Days" and every class did a good job of portraying it in their floats. First place was taken by the sophomores with the float of n X ABOVE: After couragiously gobbling down pounds of pancakes at the Pancake Eating Contest one student who tried, looks very hopeful. BE- LOW: You can see the terrific excitement of the Pyramid of Classes Contest as shown in the faces of this gang of Seniors. Y ff 12 HOMECOMI NG the lce Cream Parlor. Second place was the U.S.S. Goodwin by the jun- iors. The seniors captured third place with the float of the Pop Shoppe and freshmen with their float of Bonny and Clyde. One of the strangest events of Homecoming was the Goldfish Swallowing Contest. juniors won the contest. ABOVE: The 1972-73 Homecoming Queen is Denora Denver. Her joy 4 in being chosen is expressed in her tears of happiness. BELOW: At the Gold fish swallowing contest this students is actually swallowing a help- ..- less, little goldfish. l bet it tickles his tummy! lt W ,,,,,.....-f-f-N""""""wM x I is n I rt 'X mm ,A Pumpkin carving can become as artistic a sport as ballet, especially when the brave students doing the carving are competing for points. One of the larger activities of Homecoming Week was the construction of the Malt Shop. The Malt Shop was used at the Dance after the game r,.f fra 'V JH f l hen students tried their luck at aiming water drops gainst West. lt came in handy to Alhambra students after the thrust bug In the Ice Water Contest pop bottles were filled with water and ice, and t . . , . ' a 8 ame bugging. A, f ,,.f4,J l E HOMECOMING 'I3 AHS pom line keep spirit rolling This years Pom line is perhaps the best group of girls Alhambra has had. Besides performing the rou- tines to almost complete perfection the Poms did an excellent showing at camp this summer. The girls got top honors in all phases of compe- tition. As in previous years, the girls con- f! fif' Taking a break from performing at the 1972 State Fair are Robin Chmelar, Darilyn Rowan, 14 POMS tinued to serve the football team punch after the games and practice, and they also have the responsibility of decorating the locker room be- fore the games. This years captain was Debbie Salmon. This is the second year of being on the Pom line for Debbie. and Marianne Paul. The girls did a good showing forAlhambra. :uv-'f' '3' 5- Rhonda Dean is doing one of the more fa- mous routines. Rhonda is a newer member. 1 1 LEFT: VARSITY POM PON LlNE-FRONT ROW: Debbie Salmon, Karen Cain, Robin Chmelar, Rhonda Dean, jennifer Fowler. SECOND ROW: Darilyn Rowan, Carlys Peter- son, Lana Mickelson, Diana Linigar, loyce Larson. ABOVE: Robin is doing one of the energetic routines of the Poms. H' !"'Ns.. 455425 t Cheers take spirit stick for third year in rovv One of the largest spirit motives that Alhambra has is the AHS Cheer- leaders. The Cheers won the highest honors offered at camp this sum- mer. This year the girls of the Cheers During one of the Pep assemblies held at AHS Babette and Tammy clown around. l ' 2 Qt , . A X were awarded the great honor of having three of the Cheers winning positions as Homecoming At- tendents and including Denora Denver being picked as Queen. The girls had very busy schedules vu rf"" JJ., LEFT: VARSITY CHEERLEADERS - FRONT ROW: Denora Denver, Karen Espinoza, Sher- on Nelson, Marilyn Ham. SECOND ROW: Patty Sullivan, Sherri Patterson, Adrian Schip- per, Kathy Snider. BELOW: Adrian Schipper trys one ofthe more difficult routines. including the jobs of decorating the locker rooms and serving punch to the football and basketball teams of Alhambra. To keep their pocket- book fat the girls had several mon- eymaking activities. X ' , 1' ' A .. ,. X. I l .if . .Q ' ' IUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-FRONT Dahl Schipper, Pam North, Lori Patterson, ROW: Babette D'Agostino, Cindy Goering, Cindy Anderson. Debbie lack, SECOND ROW: Tammy Koch, VARSITY AND l. V. CHEERS 15 Susan Harris leads majorettes again The Majorettes are the girls who entertain the Lion fans at pep as- semblies, home football and basket- ball games. They do a fine show of baton twirling to the music of Al- hambra's band. They are an impor- tant part of the explosive halftime performance. This year the girls were doing such things as perform- ing at the state fair, and any other assembly the school has. Susan Harris is the Captain of the Majorettes this year. The girls are under the direction of Mr. Lebs. The other girls in the Majorettes were Rita McLaughlin, a senior, Sally Ho- wer and Sharon Trollinger, Sopho- mores, and Kathy Rockenfield also a sophomore. This is Kathy's first year. ...,- Xi-.....,. This year the Majorettes got to go to the arizona state fair. Shown here ln many of the routines the girls do there is alot of throwing and catch- is Sharon Trollinger performing for the crowd. ing of the baton. It isn't as easy as it looks! MAIORETTES1972-1973-FRONT ROW: Sharon Trollinger, Susan Harris, ..4---------H Kathy Rockenfield, BACK ROW: Rita Mclaughlin, Sally Hower. f .. D , . .... 3 Q -- 'Ta J if 5 g -.. -. sa. 3-ig, rg.. , t S h , .4 it 2 '--v . ' 1 . , . ' , E -N R . ' This is Susan Harris performing at the State 16 MAIORETTES Fair. This is Susan's second year as Captain. Expression comes easy to modern dance classes ABOVEI PERFORMANCE: FIRST ROW-R Chmelar, 1.Gray, P.Peck, L.Parisi, N.McMeen SECOND ROW-L.Winn, C.Shoup, I.Work- man, M.Foster, K.Espinoza, T.1ohnson, D Kidney, N.Englert. THIRD ROW: P.Sizemore P.Sullivan, N.Slagle, C.Peterson, K.Cosper P.Meyers, M.Paul, A.Schipper. RIGHT: ADVANCED DANCEZ FIRST ROW C.Smithers, C.Anderson, B.Minor, C.Goer ing, N.Englert, B.Poindexter, l.Larson, S. Rodgers. SECOND ROW-S.Nelson, 0.0r tencia, V.Barricks, A.Fredrickson, D.Schip per, I.Gibbons, M.Rohan, N.Oliphant. THIRD ROW-S,Carter, C.Carper, l.Revels, D.Burton, N.Canez, S.lunas, T.lohnson, C. Peterson. Last year Modern Dance classes expanded to three different levels of dance: Beginning, Advanced Dance, and Performance. The girls had several things sched- uled for last year. The first was per- forming at the Christmas assem- blies and they participated in per- formances at KTVK Channel 3. The girls attended a symposium at ASU and they also received guest lessons from former Alhambra dance stu- dents. Teaching techniques were to be taught at a playday that was planned. The main highlight of the girls was a Modern Dance Concert held on April 13, 1973, which was their money making project. The money was used to purchase leotards, cos- tumes and to take a field trip to the Maurice Bejart concert at Grady May. LEFT: BEGINNING DANCE! FIRST ROW- C.Nielsen, l.Fowler, B.D'Agostino, C.Abril, D.lack, P.DeLaLama, L.Graham, M.Staten. SECOND ROW-P.Tang, S,Wirtz, l.Stearns, V.Allen, C.Weible, P,Wright, R.Smith. THIRD ROW-K.Massetto, C.AIessandro, K. Polk, G.Ritter, V.Compton, j.Powell, C.Cot- tew, C.Bryant, l.Hawkins, T.Stout, FOURTH ROW-L.Baroldy, K.Lawlor, L.Shuck, D.Rowan, L.Mickelsen, T.Carter, S.PribbIe, C.Missler, C.Brateman, D.Moreno. MODERN DANCE 'I7 Wet weather dampens Rodeo spirit Under the new policies egtab- but the vicious villain running Rodeo Week activities. There was lished at Alhambra, Rodeo Week be- around campus snatching victims in- no Rodeo Assembly and students gan somewhat slowly. The Rodeo stilled new hope. received no penalty for not dressing spirit was almost lost at Alhambra, A few changes were made in in western clothes. During the week of March 12-16, the area down by the snack bar turned into a little city of its own, "full of bustling activity." The city consisted Another activity held during Alhambra's Rodeo week was the hairy legs contest. These are some of the brave representatives who appeared 5,4 Nessie of a popcorn stand and the Find a Friend Saloon, all of which drew crowds during the noon hours. at the contest. Volunteers from each class displayed their own hairy legs for everyone at Alhambra High to see. QV! 3 - tiff "" 18 RODEO nQ W... 'i ,Q , Associate principal, Mr. Berger, shows he has a sense of humor while students get a chance to "get back" at administrators. N'-wp... gigs., g M Nt, .-sv . ' . ' K ,Fi c, has X Steve Meyers and Steve Canady show just how to portray Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, all the way down to playing solitaire! Bloating themselves to capacity are the "Big Eaters of Alhambra High." put aside, these brave individuals forged onward to devour half a water- Their objective: to eat watermelon in the least time possible. All matters melon a piece. 3' V ,Q -- me , v we Fw? I 'Emil S S... RODEO 'I9 'Q is Andy, just think! You may have a second chance at retrieving the title next year as a senior. RIGHT: Mr. Goss and Scott johnson were the coordinators of the Rodeo activities for this year. Scott is preparing to dunk a willing student Za s ' , l I . Q A V sf? , ' l e " f H ts . gsm... - O ,. 4353... ' 1 ' ' ' ,, I - ' ' 1 ls 2 ' e fl! ll!! l'! N . wig -3 Q fl-. - g , ,- i n 'fast it At the dunking booth between the auditorium and the quad, several personalities of AHS received the privilege of being inadvertently "Togetherness" can go too far such as the "Great Tie Up" during Rodeo week in which the participants had to untie themselves in the least . .. N x 1 in K dunked. jerry Heuett is just one of the courageous volunteers waiting to be dunked by a revenge-seeking classmate. amount of time possible. Several students look on as this freshman couple tries unsuccessfully to untie themselves. E! RODEO 21 "Head Fella," Mr. Cunningham, inspects a senior picture received from a studio. Carol Agnew, editor-in-chief, is discussing new designs with "Mr, C." for the FORTRESS. Individual picture policy hinders FORTRESS staff The 1972-73 FORTRESS started off very slowly. For the first two or three weeks the staff had to get organized because of a new district wide system of taking individual student pictures. With most of last years staff being Seniors and graduating, there turned out to be only five experienced staffers this year. Once the new staff was initiated into the routine of things, it really began moving. Dead- lines were met with fairly good ease and everyone began to pull for the BELOW: After Cindy Kuntz slaved long hours on the clubs section, she still had room to smile. RIGHT: Photographer Ron Wolf is caught at a football game by another camera. -ee . cm, ffl Q 22 FORTRESS main purpose-finishing the book. It was decided to change the books usual routine of things. Reor- ganization of the clubs section in- cluded introducing the standardiza- tion of write-ups on the right hand side of each page. The cover was changed from the usual embossing to a new texture effect. This years theme, New Directions, was based on the fact that the school has changed and reorganized itself into a newly born high school. RIGHT ABOVE: In the process of writing copy for the seniors' section is Irene Tessensohn. RIGHT: Karen Mulvihill, frosh editor, toils over layouts to make the section intriguing. Assistant editor, Debbie Groenig, is reading an information sheet for her section, Honors. Head photographer, Larry Driver, does one of his chores-cleaning the camera lens. . 1 ,. ,.....,..s. T Connie Slaney, juniors editor is working on layouts and copy for a nearing deadline. Theresa Richey, academics editor, grins when she realizes the sneaky camera is around. f wig' ,t ,K L, , if' , X 1' .I 'V , ' 1 r lt I 4 Quinn .tl ' ,Q 'vm 4. Hard working Mark McManus tries to study what is involved with his sports section. yy! Us-, 'f' .l i ABOVE LEFT: juniors assistant, Mary Sahhar, interrupts her work to detect the quick cam- era. LEFT: Diana Liniger, academics assistant, explores possibilities she may use for copy. ABOVE: Phyllis Gelnett, sports assistant, concentrates on copy she has to write. ABOVE RIGHT: Tim Duenas, darkroom as- sistant, investigates some of the other de- mensions of the yearbook. RIGHT: Margie Selvey, darkroom assistant, reads about de- veloping film. was Brenda Poindexter, soph editor, uses her powers of concentration to overcome a page. Bevey Miner examines a picture she may use for her part of the sports section. 0. ,l, Laura Green, clubs assistant, listens intently to an explanation of how to write copy. 1- IFSQ: V A FORTRESS 23 l First semester editor, ludy Gallimore, types the editorial forum which is in each issue. ' X as , A , .t Denise Crane, second semester editor, talks on the phone trying to get advertisements. Robin Chmelar is caught in her daily routine of being managing editor for the paper. 24 SCIMITAR Three Scimitar staffers receive top state awards The SCIMITAR staff had an out- standing year. Despite the debt they inherited from last year's staff they deserve every bit of credit they have brought to Alhambra. According to research conducted by the staff, no other newspaper staff in the dis- trict had received as many honors last year. ludy Gallimore received a first place honor for Editorial Writing. ludy's editorial was on the traffic problem placing the blame on the community, students and adminis- tration. A second place award went to Bob McCIay for sports writing, and honorable mention went to Ed Miller for a picture he entered. They standardized the paper to six pages, no more, no less. fkmw Mr. Martin Krey, SCIMITAR advisor, tedious- ly searches through a file drawer looking for Bob McClay, news editor, won second place state honors for his sports writing. information to use for a story in an upcoming issue. Andree Bouty is one of the many reporters who work on the SCIMITAR staff this year. -nfl kkxikfw kf'L 5 Advertising Managers Mark Schander and Debbie Starkey look at a newspaper ad lay- out. Robbie Zelman, reporter, concentrates on the feature story he is trying to write. OO TOP: Kerry Harrold and Kay Piske, reporters, put the finishing lines on a story. MIDDLE Steve Baird and Ann Mulcahey, photogra- na S. , ., .X .st , K. ,,f. X , , X P 'cy Q6 Eddie Miller received an honorable mention vention. Debbie Farley and Donna Whitney in news photography at the journalism con- deserve thanks for keeping accurate books. TSX .s xx W1 .. ., ,, ,Q . A , -41" A Q 4 xgli phers, look over the new SCIMITAR camera. BOTTOM: Grace Merski and lane Mercer laugh over a cartoon they have drawn. Artists Mike Meyers and Mike Heltemes relax after finishing their sketches for a deadline. music' f yt Jligggayff 1' I ,fe 5 'ii A " ' f 1 an ... ' 1 ' l f N rf --2. S21 Wg " Three Angels" drama first semester hit 1 First semester the drama depart- ment produced the play, "My Three Angels." The play takes place in the back part of a small general store in Cayanne, French Guiana. The store is owned and operated by the Ducotel family and is situated in the middle of a prison colony from which he has three convicts repairing his roof. The convicts aid Marie Louise and Felix invites them to spend Christmas with them. Maries' boyfriend and his father came to the house and the con- victs decide they are evil and try to get rid of them. They even help Felix doctor his books. These are the three convicts, jules lMark Shillingtonl, Joseph tMark Schoenfeldl and i t f""'ff is l and Paul Marie Louise lStephanie Olson tlohn Giardinai secretly meet. 26 DRAMA Alfred tMitch Newcombel. Here they are col- lecting trimmings for their Christmas. RIGHT: Madame Parole lMary Tharsherl is shown around the store by joseph. At the end of the play, "My Three Angels," the entire cast resumes their position on if iit' f lules lMark Shillingtonl embraces Felix tDave Hendricksonl to his amazement. stage while the audience eagerly applauses forthem. his . a . Rss-. A K, ri X.- .Tek sf-i'iX .. Vibrata, Cindy Shoup, dances to show Pseu- dolus, slave to Senex, one of her abilities. The cast of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" demonstrate their com- petency for the art of acting and creating comedy for the benefit of the audience. "A Funn Thing Happened drama students' big success ...Ng s it mf- 1 f In hopes of being bought by Pseudolus, Pana- cea, Rosa Hoback, exhibits her talents. t ef of The Drama and Music Depart- ments again made a combined effort and produced the comedy "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum." Actually, the story evolves around three adjacent houses. No one makes it to the Forum and never starts for the Forum. Pseudolus is the slave to Hero who wishes very much to be free, but for him to receive his freedom he must help Hero catch Philia who also is being sought after by Senex, Hero's aging father. With Pseudolus trying to foil the males af- ter Philia, it is bound to happen that his schemes boomerang and get him into deeper trouble. Pseudolus leads Hysterium down the steps of Lycus to replace the supposedly dead Philia. K 5' M- K " fl ' Q' ' . X V' , f t ip ' xi WK x . 'Q ": 2 1 g ..t. I 11 F N U g------ -,, ,. M ,J gf' c Qf'fTW Miles Gloriusus threatens the life of Pseudo- Mindy Byrd, who plays the beautiful sought Senex toward her supposed Captain, Miles lus when he failed to produce Philia. after Philia, gazes down from the House of Gloriosus, who is played by Ivan Wilcken. DRAMA 27 X VS Qi Enthusiastic performances big success The Alhambra Band executed another outstanding year under the fine leadership of Mr. Pat Lebs. Aiding Mr. Lebs were the officers Wayne Tharp, presidentp john Sapp, vice-presidentg and Natalie Morales, secretary. The band executed some out- standing marching in several pa- rades, including the Rodeo parade and they also marched at the Ari- zona State Fair. Three concerts were held and they attended a musicfestival. The Pep Band, which consists of students from intermediate and advanced bands, played at ten basketball games. PR f o N E Regular band members have the option of playing in a group called the ball games and pep assemblies Because they are a volunteer group Pep Band. The Pep Band is entirely volunteer and they play at basket each time they play there are different members playing 28 Band 53 -I-.--. I IN- ' ,. A PERCUSSION AND BRASS-FIRST ROW: B.W0lf, M.DiCkaS0n, C.Brad- f0rd, l.Hazelip, D.Ho0peS, L.Wunsch, D.Larsen, L.Lichty. SECOND ROW: B.Allen, l.Morningstar, S.Tweedy, C.Bradford, C.lohnson, 1. Sapp, W.Tharp. THIRD ROW: S.Wooten, D.Bervin, l.McCatton, L. WOODWINDS-FIRST ROW: L.Talamantes, R.Brelanis, L.McNeiI, l. Hancock, P.Nelson, A.Basson, l.Stamets, j.CarIin, D.Frog. SECOND ROW: D.Bradford, L.MiIIer, D.MaIarek, K.Miller, 1.KaIman, D.Springer, C.Nada, P. Carrol. THIRD ROW: G.Gervais, D.Van Dyne, K.Rockenfeild, fi 3... P1 Wilke. FOURTH ROW: l.Long, S.GoIdsmith, I.BoIyard, A.Anderson, D.Giver, R.McCabe, K.Madsen, T.WoIf. SIXTH ROW: l.Hearne, S. Troup, D.Kuvitsky, B.BIack, P.Townsend, G.Giver. B.Rudd, M.Nichols, P.McGowan, R.Ash. FOURTH ROW: D.Schau- berger, B.Walker, A.Fink, S.Kaufman, N.D'Angelo, C.BogIio, K.Rosga. FIFTH ROW: C.Mountz, Y.Encinas, C.lrwin, M.Roddy, D.Bervin, P. Lee. SIXTH ROW: l.Hoffman, l.Dolyniuk, C.Reynolds. 4 .:..f.,.-, f I 1 ffm' QW? SB... Nea 353 4 ?"' F BAND 29 Schedule of orchestra very busy WINDS AND PERCUSSION-FRONT ROW: C.Spitler, K.Ash,T.Stapleton, N.D'Angelo. BACK ROW: l.Hoffman, B.Pirouqnia. M.Nickols. SECOND ROW: H.Lopez, B.WoIf, E.Morales, S.Olhausen, Miss Boatright led the Orchestra of Alhambra to another successful year. Under her direction, the group kept up with a very busy' schedule. The members planned to attend music festivals at Tucson and Flag- staff. There were concerts at grade schools throughout the district. The orchestra planned to give a concert March 9, at the state hos- pital. Many times they performed on campus. CELLO AND BASSES-FRONT ROW: D.Ran- dall, D.Petkeiwicz. SECOND ROW: l.Wernau, B.Harding, R.Copp, F.Allen. STRINGS-FRONT ROW: L.McNeal, M.Dura, B.Gerviais, S.Klein, E.Eb- rite, A.Estrada. SECOND ROW: R.Ash, 5.Masoner, T.Stapleton, R. Napier. 'ff' 30 ORCHESTRA xx l Stage band entertains grade schools Stage Band had a very busy year under the direction of Mr. Lebs. The group consists of a maximum of twenty-six players who practice everyday to make precision one of their main qualities. They performed for the Harlem Clowns Basketball game in january. Three Concerts were held and twenty-one assem- blies were held for Elementary schools around the district. Stage band members, Danny Kuwitsky and lohn McHatton are caught playing their trom- bones. Trombones are an integral part of the band's performances at Alhambra High. "DH -Y xxq t ' 1 I X, N1 xxx , 'Ns Chorale performs several concerts Officers of the Chorale were pres- ident, Dwight Carrellg vice-presi- dent, Greg Bond, and secretary- treasurer, Pamala Edmunds. The group sang for several organizations in order to get new royal blue uni- forms. The group was under Mr. Clifton's direction. The Chorale performed a Christmas concert at Park Central and KOOL TV Station. 2 3 K . :-is Q1 1. i . K 5 Xi - A X if- r J . . g g C ew ttzi L it ,ski :xxx A tsst mm j ' 1 ,. ei-e . .t..t tt., +q1,w uc-M Q ,.L C 3.3, V : Q - , r , 1 L' 'K--f ' 'Q ,. 'Q r-Q7 Q, i is 3 gl - . af K ., i t ' .. F ' Msg' . Fi ' : r 'f' 'ef E:-. r- 'Q fi , 'FW 5 Ui . .,,. . C is if 1 r if ig ,is s ,egg ' QL s . i' , i"5 ,E5b97?s -5 " .,. Qfif . - - is as 1 a1'5fr,:s'if, K ...uh 'fb 1- .-,yn- N-,1 .35 :' In order to perform all the concerts that the hours of practice with their music The group Chorale group performs there must be several met S6COr1d hour each day CHORALE: FRONT ROW-D.Carrell, S.Reeves, K.Manker, D.GarridoT Walker G Beck D Brewer D Carrell M Sherioan D Morgan V Her Wells, L,Ross, L.Meade. SECOND ROW- C.Anderson, G.Gardner, B nandez,1 Prather BACK ROW B McClay IWilcken D Baker G Bond Hollister, T.Wolf, B.Rudd, D.Logan, D.Cheat IRD 32 CHORALE Choralettes perform many concerts Mr. Lebs conducted the Chora- lettes to another successful year,with the aid of Gwen Gardner, president, Rosa Hoback, vice-president, Sheila Crosser, secretary, Diane Garrido, treasurer. These students had the responsibility of assisting with their plans. The Choralettes performed for many varied organizations during the year. They attended a fine arts lab in October, and planned to at- tend a music festival in May. Per- formances were held at four elemen- tary schools in the district, they planned to perform at all elementary schools. They sang for service clubs, shopping centers, and hospitals. Twelve choral productions were held on campus. Many members of the Choralettes belong to a W group called Chorale. Chorale is a group of students which went to many of the grade Q schools to do presentations of music. sl j D.Cheatwood. THIRD ROW: L.Moeser, C.Cooper, P.TayIor, D.Garrido, E.Gilfoyle, B.Hollester, F.Ingersol, P.Morrow, C.Anderson, l.Ien, BACK ROW: L.Davis, M.Kenyon, F.Lewis, S.Wagner, E.Harden, S.Crosser, L. Bennett, E.Morningstar, D.Carroll, B.Wilson, C.Clem, C.Mate. I cf' CHORALETTES 33 Girl's League has busy schedule One of the busier groups on campus this year was Girls League. They held daffy apple sales at home football games, sponsored a sports dance with the band jonah playing, a mum sale at Homecoming, jeans decorating contest with the prize being the price of a pair of pants from Pants Country, and a coke party for the freshmen. The officers attended a workshop October 28 at South Mountain High School. The annual Christmas formal "A Christmas to Cherish" was held December 16 with the colors being red, green, and white. Tele-hearts were sold for the price of 15 qt, for a message and a box of candy. All teachers received a heart, "Compliments of Girls League." The annual sale of chuck wagons and Nuttie Buddies was held during the months of February and March. The Girls League Spring conven- tion was held at Pueblo High School in Tucson, March 17. GlRL'S LEAGUE EXECUTIVE CABINET: PICTURED-B.Cand6lal'la, Afldridge, D. A new endeavor of Girl'5 League was the pant FRONT ROW-1.Yen, N.Wittmeyer, E.Heck, Slobodnjak. decorating Contest held in the autumn. A.Candelairia, P.Luzier, N.Hoesel, NOT SENIOR COUNCIL: FR ONT ROW-Lannie Meade, Lori Tomlinson, ROW-Lynn Adair, Kathy Franklin, ludy Gallimore. Robin Hunter, Eileen Heck, Amalia Candelaria, Pam Luzier. BACK 34 GlRL'S LEAGUE Ns. ro" 1 M I 41 .44 A Girl's League member waits for a member IUNIOR COUNCIL: Peggy Guzman, Pam Brown, loan Edwards, Nancy Hoesel. to give her a box of candy to sell. SOPHOMORE COUNCIL: Susan Allison, Rhonda Corchinski, Nancy Strednak,Rita Sahhar. Wittmeyer, Kathleen Rockenfield, Dona Kay Hakes, Ann Bosson, Libby .L dr FRESHMAN COUNCIL: FRONT ROW-loyce Parker, Amber Williams, Allen. BACK ROW-Jeni Yen, Donna Wayterra, Sue Maas, Sue Watts, Wendy Wilcox, Linda lankowski, Teresa Strednak, Nancy Frasier, Elaine Paula Carvalho. ' 3 IKEA' GlRL'S LEAGUE 35 4 1 9 4 4 ' 1 , y 1 , flsflff 1 U'-'9 .', :ll .--WJ i ,liz 4 Q ! f Iliff V9 gi ,xiii f 3 3 , ,hi w 'J' L z 'xyfft KA! fi. J b's,j I if -Q 'T'Ef,f?'5 5 X 1-Q , X45 in B ' S - Y 4, Q K v KL, X1 E giflg 553 ' Q qw -- qW+ ,ps GREG BECK, gk di Q wwf? LORI TOMLI MICHELLE ROW iw KIM RLIN TRICIA ANDRE K' 'sf yu ' Q ik 1 do xy 11 is Q Q.. c Patti McGowan hangs a sign to advertise the selling of kazoos by student Government. RIGHT: During student government meet- ings, Greg Beck presides as president and in- volves the group in discussions on how to better the campus and student involvement. SEC pursues open lines between faculty, students Student Executive Committee had an uncommonly active year. The Committee helped the administra- tion make policies that concerned the student's rights of expression on campus and rights of attendance. In- terdistrict exchanges of students were also held. SEC worked on sev- eral school projects throughout the year, including the rearrangement of the tables in the cafeteria. They worked in conjunction with other groups on student government af- fairs. ,f --iff 5,5 t fi' I' STUDENT EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: KNEELING - S. Iohnson, R. Radi- gan. BACK ROW: L. Wartenburg, K. Berlin, T. Andrews. U. Kivioja, M. Netto, D. Oishi,Mr.Goss,M.Rohan. 5 F ... .,......, ....... ...-- .-.----- Wg ...,..... .......... . 7- , H-.., ,,v- ,... . ..... . ..,,.. -.... STUDENT EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 37 l Student Senate writes constitution Student Senate was composed of five students from each of the classes. These students were the voting representatives of the stu- dent body. The major project of Student Senate this year was the writing of the constitution. After they wrote the constitution and voted on the changes it was presented to the students of Alhambra. it ll Of 3600 students at Alhambra, Ivan Wilcken was one of 90 who voted for the constitution. Mr. Goss is the Faculty member who oversees the jobs that the students of Student Senate do. The Senate meets seventh hour each day to discuss varied subjects of interest. STUDENT SENATE-FRONT ROW: L.Tang, K.Snyder, l.Hearne, K.Mad- L.Walton, B.lohannsen, K.Deprima, L.Shuck, l.Molenda, P.Guzman, L. sen, B.Hesterman, A.Thacker, K.Rhodes, l.Yen, K.Gusik. BACK ROW: Dennison, L.Tomlinson, M.Ham. l A 'Y . 'xwdfqf-,. i..F' :Ag .gift ' A ,I ' ' ' 38 STUDENT SENATE ' t Wt , ,pm fs' If fvwfiyf V ., , .-f ,fU,fs.,.n,1 M ngwag: 51,-,.'tx.,t ,, V A - . , if .'. ,M ' Xff-!1'YJ2mt."fi'l2th.'fu'.":D,Lf1'i, -1 , , f, ', .1 . , . ,. N, ,S ,..,w, H , ,.j 4, - : , Y w .,n,f,..Y 'Jw'-.x',,,, , . Committee designs Homecoming, Rodeo Activities Committee was a very busy group. The group consisted of several students involved in Student Government who were interested in developing and implementing their ideas. The scope of their ideas pertained to Homecoming and Rodeo activities, as well as other projects. All of the activities that were pro- moted at Homecoming time, Rodeo week, the Silent Film Festivals and the pumpkin pie and apple cider at Thanksgiving were developed on the drawing tables of the Activities Committee. Lori Tomlinson, Student Body Vice-President, checks over several of the goods collected for families at Christmas time by Alhambra homerooms. BELOW: ACTIVITIES COM- MITTEE-FRONT ROW: Sharon Nelson, Pam Luzier, Liz Wunsch, Terri Schuck, Joyce Lar- son. TOP ROW: Valerie lenkins, Chris Eager, Gary Clark, Lynette Bloom, Dawn Springer, Elaine Hayden. if -it 'if' l tl ,X , - 1t3"'a yb Q' . ,Q . X x '16 'C 1...-.- ZR?- 'K Q ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE 39 If 40 HONORS 1 , I Q . r Nw Q . 5653 i if F Honors rewards of unbending dedicatio - e?Y " X ' fq yxq Qs. xr V, ,if S, 2 5 Q, ......, ...Ln i 1 :X fs ii, ' f HONORS A1 fe 5 Homecoming Roya King Larry Bice, Queen Denora Denver '72 Royalt Denora Denver happily walks the royalty path to receive the crown and the honorary title of 1972 Homecoming queen during the halftime. Denora Denver was selected as the 1972 Homecoming Queen for obvious reasons. Throughout her high school years she was active in Girls Athletic Association and her freshman and sophomore years in class council. Her sophomore year she was on the IV cheer squad and advanced to the Varsity squad for her junior and senior years. Denora was active in Matmaids and was selected for the National Honor Society her junior year. Her senior year she was active in Key Club and was co-captain of the cheer squad. Larry Bice was selected as Home- coming king. His freshman year he was on the football, basketball, and baseball teams. He continued in football, and basketball and changed from baseball to track for his sophomore year. He started his club career by going into Key Club his sophomore year. His junior year he was in football and basketball and went to Boys State. He remained in Key Club and became vice presi- dent, and was selected for National Honor Society. Larry was active in football and basketball along with being president of Key Club. In football, his senior year, he made first team Phoenix division. Caught by the quick camera Carlys Peterson is found crying for joy as she receives the title of first attendant at the game. HOMECOMING ROYALTY 43 Espinoza, Canady, 2nd attendants Karen Espinoza was active in Girls Athletic Association for her four years of high school. She was a ma- jorette her freshman year, IV cheer her sophomore year, and a varsity cheer her junior and senior year. Her senior year she was an active member of Key Club. Steve Canady was active in foot- ball, basketball, and track his fresh- man and sophomore years. His junior year he was active in varsity football and track. Steve's senior year he remained active in foot- ball and track and received 1st team Phoenix division. He was also a member of Key Club. 44 HOMECOMI NG ATTENDANTS Peterson, Cooper, 1st attendants Carlys Peterson was active in Girls Athletic Association her entire high school career. Her sophomore year she was in both student and class councils and American Field Service. Carlys's junior year she became AFS vice president. As a senior she joined the Pom line, was selected for National Honor Society, and was an active member in the Key Club. Kip Cooper was in football his freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years. Kip also received 2nd team Phoenix division. He was in National Honor his junior and senior years. Patterson, Meyer, 3rd attendants Sherri Patterson has been in Girls Athletic Association the past four years. Her sophomore year she made IV cheer and went on to var- sity cheer for her junior and senior year. Steve Meyer as a freshman was chosen most valuable player in football and also participated in basketball and track. He received most improved player in football his senior year. He was an active member in Key Club and National Honor Society. af! Na ,'Qw4 Ham, Matock, 4th attendants Marilyn Ham was active in GAA her years in high school. Her sopho- more year she was in IV cheer and class council. She was on the var- sity cheer squad her junior and senior year and active in Key Club, class council, Student Senate, and was selected for National Honor Society. Bob Matock was active his fresh- man year in Freshman football and wrestling. His sophomore year he went on to join JV football and varsity wrestling where he was named most improved wrestler. His junior and senior year he remained in football and received the Honor- able Captain Award, most valuable player, 'lst team all division, and 2nd team all state. HOMECOMI NG ATTENDANTS 45 , t - f'?5vg'P ' , Lucy Wartenberg and Blake Nunnelly show their Rodeo spirit by presiding as Sheriff and Queen during Rodeo Day. Lucy is the at-0 'X V' 'H' -nv I! fl first foreign exchange student to hold that title. AFS student elected as Rodeo Quee This year is the first time a foriegn exchange student received the honor of being chosen Rodeo Queen. Rodeo week was ruled by Lucy Wartenburg, Queen and Blake Nunnelly was Sheriff. As- sisting them were freshman attend- ants Sue Gregg and Dave Giverp sophomore attendants were Teri Shuck and Ron Genglerg senior attendants were Karen Espinosa and Ken Ross. The girls were voted on by members of their class and the boys were picked by the length of their beards. may f 1 ' f V' mn if Mari., Students gaze on as members of Alhambra High fall in the icy waters that took place during Rodeo week. Most of the activities planned had of the dunk tank during Rodeo day. This was one of the many attractions a hard time getting participants, but not this one. 46 RODEO ROYALTY -Q-4-Q-...vga ,v-,st.,,t..s t..N...M, -,, N, -W .A paves Q me-ww NWN' -Q..-at Sl 'Wu-P ,eW4gghs..,x ' 1 ,C Senior attendants, Ken Ross and Karen Espinoza, take time out from their busy day to pose for the FORTRESS camera during Rodeo day. .-Q..-Q.:..,. , --,.. QP.. :Ag Q ...M R it K gi, gk , Q Babette D'Agostino and Charlie McNulty, sophomore attendants, wait patiently so they can once again enjoy various Rodeo activities. For growing the third biggest beard is deputy Terri Shuck and the lovely Ron Gengler displaying their Rodeo spirit by changing roles. --q,,.,,,. -7, -o--- -w-y-J -vw---., .. 1.-.. -0- l 1 l I xx' .fi tang .. 4 gi... Kestrel , 1 Ml 'Rl M955-w Jiffy. .h ff, Qi,'il-rfE31,.,-A AJ' 'lnfivs ii Scott johnson concentrates his throw in hopes of dunking an innocent bar hanger. The tank was located out by the auditorium. """"i"-""' W 1 Q C RODEO ATTENDA NTS 47 Marilyn Ham, Key Sweetheart, was chosen by members in their annual choosing of the First runner-up, Stephanie Olson, was active in Thespians and student government. 48 KEY SWEETHEART sweetheart. Marilyn has been active in var- ious clubs both on and off campus. loyce Larson, second runner-up, has been active in many clubs and activities. ws., 'iw tt will ff' 1 A U 5 Y rsij 615. in I ty f. f.. R i3'ix..AEl? 1 in ' sh ,.- .ak 4: 1 f is Q Q Maril n Ham selected Key Sweetheart An organization exclusively for boys selects a sweetheart each year. This year they chose Marilyn Ham. The runners-up were Stephanie Ol- son, loyce Larson, and Denora Den- ver. The girls were chosen on terms of their activeness in the school. Marilyn started her active life her freshman year with GAA. Her sopho- more year she made the JV cheer line, and was an active member in class council and activities com- mittee. She was on the varsity cheer squad her junior and senior years and active in Key Club, class council, Student Senate, and was selected for National Honor Society. Marilyn went to National Science Foundation in the summer of her junior year. She also received awards for various activities. Third runner-up, Denora Denver, was active in the cheer squad and clubs. If ,Q .gh Q Q . 4 9: . S O , . I.. If u 3 Ni.. Q .'.,'.' ,.' .- - -.' I fm. X5 ' , ,, ,' ' 'Md .Q .s W f 'K f. 1 V7-,S 5 -,, g 9-4, M- I 5 4' 2 if .iv 1 x ,:,, Qu " Q- 4, f ,I . V 5 I 'O I .0 5 . 1-Rv-15' Q' :wb ' ,." fax-- ,M WXVX m. , k 'i1xv'p,.1" f ," .V nz, Q t 2 X '. ,Yr H.. ,F fm- X 4 in Lucy sees America through AHS eyes Before I came here, I thought my school was big, but now that I am at Alhambra my opinion has changed. My school in Bogota has 800 students, all girls, in 12 grades. During the year we have the same classroom and the same friends. The system is really different, we can't choose our subjects, and everybody has to take about 15 subjects a year. If we flunk 3, we have to repeat the whole year. But with the strict education, we really have a nice time in the school and many good friends. Many people ask me how I meet boys if my school is attended by only girls. We have lots of oppor- tunities to meet people, many pro- grams and places in the city where the young people go and many parties in general. The young people in Columbia are much the same as here in America and do many of the same things. I am enjoying the experience in America. I think I will never for- get the people I have met here, and I will take with me a nice con- cept about Arizona and Alhambra. Thank you students of AHS. I Lucy Wa,-tenberg Lucy Wartenberg speaks to Alhambra stu- assembly.AFS students came from all overthe dents during the American Field Service statetoattendthisassembly. There are many ways of showing school spirit. Lucy Wartenberg shows hers by smiling brightly while Diana Liniger plays a kazoo. Lucy meets other AFS students at the KTAR studios. The students were there while filming a Christmas special featuring the AFS people. 50 AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE Susan visits Finland during summer The Alhambra High AFS chapter sent Susan Tanita to Finland last summer. While she was there she stayed with a family that lived on a farm. Susan helped the family with their daily work around the house and experienced how they lived. Susan Tanita explains to the student body the experiences that she had while in Finland. While with the family she had her own private room which was in the attic of the house and noticed one funny thing about that part of the worldg that it stayed light out past 10 pm during the summer but was light only a few hours during the winter months. In Finland Susan traveled around the country seeing as much as she could during her brief but unfor- getable visit. -f ,ts , .- M Nbr, L. I G Iii AFS and YFU students tour the FORTRESS room during their day at Alhambra High. ,Lililf 5Ul.IZi" sfitlalifl The students visited various rooms and looked over the campus during the day. A look of surprise comes to Lucy Wartenberg's face as she realizes too late that one of the sneaky FORTRESS photographers caught her. if 'F aw I l ' Ai .2 3. 4 dn Lucy participated in Student Government while she attended Alhambra High. She learned just how much freedom the students actually had. AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE 51 Maria Netto, Brazil, Ulla Kivioja, Finland Maria Netto came from Brazil and arrived at Alhambra High for the second semester of school. Even though there was a language barrier between her and the student body, she went through the daily routines that every student does. Ulla Kivioja came from Finland and, like Maria, arrived for the second semester of school. Ulla found Alhambra different than her school where she took 15 sub- jects a week and attended at least 8 hours a day. AHS was quite a re- laxing change for her. Ulla Kivioja talks to Alhambra High students about her home, Finland, during an assembly. Ulla Kivioja looks towards students in hopes of explaining to them what is is like coming to a new country, new people, and new fam- ily. Alhambra is quite a change from her school. Maria Netto looks happily towards the students of Alhambra High while ludy Gibbens tells a little about Maria and her home, Brazil. 52 YOUTH FOR UNDERSTANDING Maria Netto happily walks toward the microphone to introduce herself to the students of Alhambra High School during the AFS assembly. Mascot arouses spirit in lhambra Arousing the spirit in the students of Alhambra High were the active, bouncy, and always high spirited mascots. They attended games both here and away to spread enthusiasm throughout the crowd. In order to become a mascot the applicants were interviewed by a committee consisting of students and teachers. They had to prove that they had the courage and ability to go out infront of the student body and perform the actions that a mascot must do. l ff, The lion mascot cheers on for the basketball team. Good going lion mascots. Mk During one of the many varsity basketball utes rest while an unexpected but welcome games, the exhausted lion takes a few min- visitor arrives atthe scene. Yip, s . '-'R 5 F' Those full of spirit people who played the Holmes, Susie Teeter, and Ron Wolf. They mascots this year are Debbie Kroll, Wanda were selected because oftheir ability. LION MASCOT 53 Kevin number one for class of '7 Ranking highest in his class is Kevin Gellen- beck. Kevin has been active in clubs. Third in his class is Layne Adams. Layne is an active member of many clubs. 54 TOP 2010 Tops in the class of seventy three was Kevin Gellenbeck followed closely by thirteen other students. These students make up what is known to the students of Alhambra High as the "Top Two Percent." The students, besides having to keep up a high grade average, can- not have any demerits or any other types of difficulties within the school. Keeping up with just the studying was not enough for some so they were active in clubs and other spe- cial school activities that made them even more worthy of being in the top two percent. The other four of the highest five in Alhambra, scholastically, con- sisted of seniors Charlie McNulty, Layne Adams, Marilyn Ham, and Dan Kuwitzky. The remaining of the fourteen for top two percent were Pam Luzier, Ken Ross, Kevin Walker, Dolores Maston, Larry Bice, Margie Penton, Cheryl Brateman, Stephen Townsend, and Lannie Meade. Active Marilyn Ham ranked fourth in her class. She was in many clubs and cheers. Second in the class of '73 is Charles McNulty besides being active in sports. Daniel Kuwitzky, fifth in his class, was a mem- ber ofthe band here at Alhambra High. Sixth in his class is Kenneth Ross. s.,.5,-,S Sixth in her class is Pam Luzier. Eighth in his class is Kevin Walker. Tenth in his class is Larry Bice. Evra if ff?" Y its 'L nfl: Siu 'fy E. 'T I f NY ,S 6 Ninth in her class is Dolores Maston. ' 'I' A ' ' T 'hi ' Eleventh in her class is Margie Penton. Thirteenth in his class is Stephen Townsend. '-.JJ Z -5. tt,., .owl Uv- 1-Q' 'N-...F Twelfth in her class is Cheryl Brateman. Fourteenth in her class is Lannie Meade Allen, Dura, Giardina: All State Alhambra students once again participated at the All State Festival. From the band playing the trom- bone was Bill Allen. Marian Dura from the Orshestra played the violin. john Giardina came from the chor- ale. ln order for the students to par- ticipate in the festival, they were given a Musician test. Each student prepared a solo which he performed for the judges and the musicians per- formed scales for the judges. Marian Dura played her way to harmony with the others who made All State with strings. fl . Bill Allen proved his talent as he played his way to make All State. 56 ALL STATE S Singing his way to victory as far as making All State was john Giardina in the festival. ational Merit commends six This year six students from Alham- bra High were announced as com- mended students from the National Merit Corporation. The National Merit Scholarship Test which they 'f Layne Adams was named as a commended student in the National Merit examination. Carl johnson was also named as a com- mended student in the National Merit exam- ination. took in February of 1972 was the first step to see if they qualified. Commeded were Layne Adams, George Crough, Marilyn Ham, Carl johnson, Charles McNulty, George Crough was also named as a com- mended student in the National Merit ex- amination. and Steve Townsend. To qualify them for finalists the students took the SAT test given in December of 1972. They were se- lected on the test scores. Charles McNulty was also named as a com- mended student in the National Merit exam. Marilyn Ham was also named as a commend- ed student inthe National Merit examination. Steven Townsend was also named as a com- mended student in the National Merit exam NATIONAL MERIT 57 ' 1J:"fl ulll and Scroll reaches new high in membership Quill and Scroll, with its new rooms apart, had some difficulties in communications between club members. Three of the four officers were on the SCIMITAR staff and the other on the FORTRESS staff. The main QUILL 84 SCROLL- FRONT ROW: Brenda Poindexter, Mark Schander, Robin Chmelar, Darilyn Rowan. SECOND ROW: Denise Crane, Debbie Groenig, Theresa Richey, Diana Liniger, ludy Shelp, Kay Piske, Margie stifle yourself purpose of the club is to combine writing talents and print their works. The club is an honorary society and you must show outstanding writing talent to be selected as a member. Harrold, Ron Wolf. .QQK f-S. . r NN A uf X. 1 T' 3 .i l Denise Crane, secretary, travels through the SCIMITAR room in her daily role of schools ups and downs. Exploding over some of the topics talked about during meetings, Mike Meyers and Mike Heltemes aren't afraid to show the way theyfeel. Selvey, Carol Agnew. BACK ROW: Ben Cota, Mike Heltemes, Steve Baird, Bill Allen, Bob McClay, Andree Bouty, Connie Slaney, Kerry 1 fs, L . . . '?s.rf'w,"s-' - K v t - www. 1.-Q.-F-wi f 2 14- if 5 Ysffi- W si ' T gt 58 QUILL AND SCROLL ,a l ffis-Zig. K-,fuk suggest Ltcf . f 1 gggjmse Q , 4 sg, sm .ti 320 .- H S m oves to sn ow for g cool ti m e Headed by president Kevin Gel- lenbeck, vice president Valerie jenkins, secretary Sue Vold, and iii treasurer Kevin Walker, with help from sponsors Miss Friedman and Mrs. Murray, National Honor So- ciety not only kept with the old tra- ditional money making project known as the "lovers delight," namely the mistletoe sale, but also took a not-so-annual trip up to the R snowbowl. X 'fl .3 The tutoring that the members of -A NHS did for the benefit of the stu- dents had a poor response from g both students and the members, N I but they dld helpfhe Sludems who Ron Wolf and Bevey Miner sign up for the was designed to help students with areasthey were ln need of thls Servlce' tutoring service offered by NHS. This service found difficulty in. L...- .-17.1- .IT .l NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: FRONT ROW: Mrs. Friedman, B.Yee, V.lenkins, R.Lewis, l.Graff, L.Meade, D.Bryant, P.Luzier, L,Greer, S. Teeter, l.Leonardo, P.Kmieciak, Mrs. Murray. MIDDLE ROW: M.Co- logna, D,Randall, C.Cochran, K.Walworth, C.lohnson, S.Huey, j.Frasier 1 D.Gordon, L.Adams, l.Blakely. BACK ROW: D.Rigo, K.Gellenbeck, D. Wittmeyer, L.Adair, K.Goodman, E.Heck, S.johnson, D.Kuwitsky, D. Bradford, B.Allen,1.Hearne, S.Vold, A.Rumeris. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 59 Harmony is set goal for lhambra The Student Government Work- shop was attended by Greg Beck, Lori Tomlinson, and Terri Shuck this year. The workshop was devel- oped to help the officers communi- cate between people, cope with problems and pressures, and various problems relating to other high schools. They hoped this would bring harmony and involvement withintheir schools. While with the workshop Greg, Lori, and Terri met many new stu- dents from other schools. Lori stated, "It really gave me a good feeling being with 150 kids all striv- ing for the same goal, to harmonize their schools." Anytown, even though it has been around for a long time, is an experimental camp. To get to the camp is half the fun. First you put in an application, then you have the privilege of having an interview conducted by Mr. Nixon. Out of the people who apply only about four end up going. Anytown tried to create a perfect community withinthe camp. Student Government Workshop representatives this year are Terri Shuck and Lori Tomlinson. At camp they studied how to run govt. 60 'ANYTOWN, STUDENT GOVERNMENT WORKSHOPS ,f-'Q ,,-1' Jr Anytown sent four Alhambra students to the Gibbens, Terry Shuck, and Landy Tang. The camp this year. They are Gina Haas, ludy goal was for complete harmony in the camp. u .Ah . k,dM,,,,- Greg Beck was another Student Government Workshop representative. Their goal was for complete harmony within their schools. Government, science, music studied - . xx-11, 1 lb- v This years representatives for Girls State Huey, and Stephanie Olson. Not pictured, from Alhambra High are Kim Berlin, Dorthy but was active, is Lori Tomlinson. Marian Dura attended the ASU Fine Arts Camp during the summer. At Q the camp she studied music, what makes it and how to play it. g ,Wa e - 3 . . 1 1 1S11s-,:sss-.f.-snsf -, serves XX ksxbxsgf- - If you like government and how it is run, Girls State is it. The girls learned about state government, such as running for office, various state laws, and how a political party functions. They took part in debates that they created themselves, looked at the different aspects of government and saw just how com- plicated government really is. National Science Foundation and Oceanography went together for the intense study of what inhabits our waters. They held lectures and conducted experiments and they also had a four week research pro- ject on current studies. The ASU Fine Arts Camp was for the study of music and various instruments. If you had gone you would have studied composition and had a chance to write your own tune. You even had a chance to per- form it! ., It 742 i .mf 31 fag... , ,Stiff "ME :- +1-wi Attending the National Science Foundation last summer is Marilyn Ham. She studied the ocean and what inhabits the water. GIRLS STATE, NSF, ASU FINE ARTS CAMP 61 . , ' . :J I K I 5, I A I x I -95 4' 111 I' qw ima 454' ywu 9 w I V , Mix 'wiv In Q -I f , .., 1 mf" ' 'I ju. .x if , 4 - ,,'- Mr In , Q 62 SPORTS DIVISION Sports .Arno Competition creator of sportsmanship i iff Lasik 0 t if, SPORTS DIVISION 6 fx N' .2 S' .lx N lo! Y .ww J-gi Y 8. . 4- ,Q:., 'S ..- W Q q V- iii' 1' uno- dw. e A, ,.- . , 45' - SQ " "" Q 4 J A, W I f- W,-.. K K I,-, as Q., ' ' S, , , ' - . .L f xg y ' ray' 4 i f '7 A, A M' - F' ' - Q- bw-" 1 f ff" - fn wx 1 'N ' . 1' K I 5 , 5. I x , V13 , K X.,.w . .M V ' fi X' W T g 5 ,. 4 Q Ji K if. 3' ' QL at A i. . .xr Jw 1- g 'f q if J ' A Q "ff: is K" 'V' .. ., AA ff f' , Y Q N. A, S f Q - 1 -. 25 ., ,, Q ' Af M "' Q .ivy 1. . ,W5 ,t- K '. f"b-iff K :'a"x x in x 38" -. T-NM' ' -x" dit 7 ki' Q '14 - fq's'Qg'iif'.6:J X. A 1 ' ' ,, , .1 , , ' s -'dk gi ,, ,fi, , he W. si ga- " x - if , mf, ef' - M, ,mf by A 1 Q amy! ' "'?'. A JM, wig lsr "" T3 A 2 K wg' V Lions have good season with record of 7 wins As this year started with some new problems concerning single session the Lions began working on another victorious season. The first game against Washing- ton, which was televised, was in- spiring to the Lions. Alhambra lead all the way with a final score of 44-6. The Lions next competitor was Central: Central 27 to Alhambra 6. The third game was against the rivals from Maryvale. The Lions de- feated the Panthers with a score of 16-7. The next opponent was East. With a score of Lions 38, Longhorns 26, Alhambra was victorious. Then the Lions tackled the Carl Hayden Falcons with a final score of 45-'l4. The Lions played Trevor Browne next. Alhambra scored all of its points in the first half, then held on to their lead until the end with a score of 19-14. In the homecoming game against West, the Lions had a great victory with a score of 41-14. The next game against Camelback was great with a final score of 35 to 20. We lost the last game against Phoenix Union, they had a score of 14- Lions 12. W-Ili A, a-o-wh-1lrx'f5is..,-+ Coach Berra explains to Scott Snead strategy to gain yardage during the fourth quarter in the game against the Longhorns as Coach Hakes looks on. L L Na 5 xx asks ta, W is Two Lions show how much excitement is ex- pressed duringthe game. VARSITY FOOTBALL AHS Opp. 44 WASHINGTON 6 6 CENTRAL 27 16 MARYVALE 7 38 EAST 26 45 HAYDEN T4 T9 BROWNE 'I4 41 WEST 'I4 35 CAMELBACK 20 12 PHX. UNION 'I4 won 7 - lost 2 VARSITY FOOTBALL 65 l , Q Q ' Q. oc iffpggx '. Q - 'H . N . 'A ' f ix .. "l z .,W.Q it - ' L. ' l - L' a 1 ' Q 9 I l A M J, , "' " ' , U 1 f q r' ,N y I ' , ,' . f 1 2 -5 3 2 . 4:1 Q, 4, - 4 , acc -r . 9, l sun ll. , J vlll A L y , -Vyl :I-raw --,- ,. 5' .. , V , 4 m..",?n:g H A as N IIZ: ff- rg ,.q, Y L A a n in -. . ' ' ., r J LWI' sv :ar L . V --W k ZA .V:.3 , to Il, ing' t 4 I N Ll: 2 4 'ki I 5. I.. 1, 1:17. 1 'U .5 f a . , , I 1 X -EF .AQV in :1. , 1 ,...,,,. 2 V . 7 ,A.,. :EA . EY' V . .. A 3. . H hi in ,. '5 H 5" --I 5 2 " 'tbl L ' ' l -5 M " f f ge f li Q. -V , ' . f '. T '- ' ' i :pak- K t ,, f,,A: , f 3 N ' - ,, t ,k1', ig - W , N gi. 4 x v LM 'X M . lr, A. :I AM Qi xy' . 7 I .1 W L . ,idly LQ ,,. 'Mx V by ' . . . N,.. . . : , ' .,,,- . - ,Z , ' f at ' A - 1Q,gfs,. A., , f"-1, sq , . .k. gS N, 1. 'S'f' 3, Vg uugw -ne' ,rf ., 2, V , V' .T.4.,,Y,. ' .. I , Y eww, ,,' rj W N2 f A ' '. f f' v , ld... ,VVW Y 'Wy , I Y. I K. H V, A 0 I 'sis U ,.tt.."ffa f'. -.S fmwf , fl . 3 ggi-g.'51gZiyt3'1-1'f-5fg',,.f - . f 'V ,fx -1: n 1.17-. futcva ., 3 .L VARSITY FOOTBALL - FRONT ROW: B.Rollins, R.Ruiz, l.Sage, R. Ybanez, L.Espinosa, R.Stuart, D.Koressel, M.Holt, R.Tome, B.Stewart, S. Allen, l.Holl. SECOND ROW: F.Scarpelli, P.Smith, M.McSorley, D. Hatch, S.Bagley, A.Ramirez, S.Suarez, K.Cooper, A.Ortega, R.Lewis, B. Phillips, M.Calles. THIRD ROW: D.White, Coach Hakes, Coach Berra, The Alhambra Lions get a Trevor Browne player tackled and received the football to make another beautiful touchdown. 66 VARSITY FOOTBALL Coach Goernitz, D. Barlow, C.Briner, R.Urich, B.Matock, D.Barlow, D. Stanton, K.Ross, S.Tilberry, C.Cummings. TOP ROW: S.Snead, B.Ross, K. Harrold, S.Canady, D.Mahoney, l.Perkins, M.Capriotti, P.Nance, B.Per- key, L.Bice, B.NunneIley, S.Meyer. In the game with Carl Hayden High, Steve Canady is gaining yardage for the Alhambra Lions in a game with a score of 45-14. ,,,B Q W. if 1 3 msn.. mx xxx Iv, JX L 3174 I QQ' R N, X 5. "W ... fv, VA fu IV ends It was a good season for the junior Varsity football team. They had a record of 7 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie. The first game was against the Central Bobcats. The Lions smeared them with a tremendous score of Lions 33 and Bobcats 14. Another great game was against the Maryvale Panthers. Each player pitched in this game and were vic- torious with a score of 27-6. The game played against Camel- back was a hard game in the first quarter but the Lions pulled through in the end with a score of 57-12. The last game against Phoenix Union had a final score of 15-22. That game ended the '72 season. season with 7-2 record The Alhambra Lions tackled the Camelback Spartans in this game with score of 57-12. Hunter runs to catch up with a Camelback Spartan. Other players try to stop him. ,,.... , ., .-..,....f . . . be , h t V. , M 1uNioR VARSITY FOOTBALL A f gg.- L L. f .1 .azsis -- N -fl' '4"'f 1 . "Q " fl .." l f' -'f!"A ' 5' ...- X- N "' - f SF' ' Qu I x AHS OPP vs", o. 'QSFU W rj 2- r '- . "'-'1 X -- 'ff fw "l W. A s T fs.. . in 33 CENTRAL 14 .X v ... . . N .1 ...g 49 CHApARAL 14 ' ef S . f 2 x 27 MARYVALE 6 J . ss. tirt WM ,Q qycy M4,Q1tj,...2. .,.. Je '.,Q.ii.. 39 EAsT 0 gwg. . 8 cARL HAYDEN 12 1 X.. if ., . 33 BROWNE 14 .. -.r- be 35 west 8 . A, 57 CAMELBACK 12 k 7' 'V .-.s- We 14' .zafgglq-,CKE-Q2 JQFFA-QQf'g.g?Qg.'Egk3f1a '-. ,1i' lggI - g'i"1?fgi45gf'i9's 15 PHX. UNION 22 7' ' il -j.,s.QQ-S. . V ' Y 7 wins - Lost 2 - 5 r . 5 . .-..,f.-1--esiw'-iA,gX?Wm Q'WH-5 -.W 51:-f ' 'fx"xTw'7-if-L' 7 IUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL-FRONT ROW: M.Maconi, P.Lahaie, 1. THIRD ROW: S.Crrange, Coach Nevins, Coach Roth,G.Murri,l.Denney Heck, l.Espinosa, R.Gonzales, D.Keiffer, B.Musgrave, M.Beyler, R. M.West, l.Bayley, D.Bagood, C.Low, l.Hayes, K.Alt, Ci.Gilleard, H.Heck Andrews, T.Chavez, M.McConnaughey, G.Hays. SECOND ROW: M. D.Alonzo. BACK ROW: R.Snead,l.Hunter,T.Carpenter,R.Woodson B Perry, D.Nicholas, M.Enright, l.Blakely, M.Sondousl, B.Semmens, 1. Leonardo, B.Schmidt, D.Baker, D.Bell, M.Sloggett, D.Patterson, GEI Murdough, l.Larson, G.Dallas, B.Matlock, T.McCue, V.Marone, R.Wulf. lington, K.Mayberry, R.Aguilar. . l Q . - it l . .- 681V FOOTBALL r E Q J' 13 rg . ,- , .. ti , .. E A ,..' .ExQ.k!f' ' gal 'if R, 4, I .43 . t I .I ig :fl 5 f K 1 11, 76 US Y lp... BIG RED FOOTBALL-BACK ROW: l.Barcellos,T.Allen, L.Cook,T.Du- P.Valderrama, C.Dalton, T.Kemp, A.Tijrina, L.Schnabel, D.Sears, B. rette, R.Fletcher, l.Heck, L.1ones, B.Gunning. THIRD ROW: Coach Burns, G.Craven. FRONT ROW: C.Fletcher, B.Capriotti, P.Baldwin, R. Moline, Coach Stanfield, l.Scalph, M.Mogel, C.Clark, D.Ornelas, B. Nevins, S.Angulo, E.Matheson, C.Tanita. Big Red comes through with good season This year the freshman football season was the best with a record of 7 wins and 5 losses for the Big Bio RED FOOTBALL GREAT GREEN FOOTBALL Red team. The Great Green team AHS Opp. had a total of 5 wins and 2 losses. 14 CENTRAL 12 i Coach and COEICD MO' 20 CHAPARRAL 6 AHS BROWNE Opp. line spent many hours training and 20 MARYVALE 20 MARYVALE br ht th t t f t' - , 13 EAST 42 32 SOUTH 0 .oug e eam O amas 'C Wm 14 HAYDEN 20 40 CENTRAL o n"l8S- U as BRowNE E 6 WEST 22 The Great Green team with Coach 38 WEST 0 23 BROWNE 8 Smith and C h Ol- th t 33 CAMELBACK 0 32 CARL HAYDEN 0 h I h d Cac 'Vai I ere O 28 BROWNE 20 30 6 e p a many SUCCESS Ll g3lT1eS 14 MARYVALE 22 L8 won5-lost2 22 also. 21 PHX. UNION 14 Both of these teams show promise . . won7-lost3-t1e1 in the future. They have had plenty of action this year. GREAT GREEN FOOTBALL-FRONT ROW: I.Digen0, R.Snyder, R.Lend- ue, M.Sheets, B.Cid, B.Matock, B.Shaw. SECOND ROW: B.Fleming, C. Owens, G.Little, R.Stevens, T.Aguilar, S.Wallace, D.Frank, l.Selvey, B. Methven, l.Lindstedt. THIRD ROW: R.Chavolla, M.Makrese, H.Ander- :Lgy A son, C.Evans, S.Komadino, P.Mahoney, G.McCloe, B.Lindriet, B.Hayes, Coach Louis Olivas, Coach Norman Smith. BACK ROW: D.Catchings, B. Carson, 1.Daly, B.Piske, l.Glasser, T.Boorn, G.Warner, S.Bangs, B.Walls, R.Larkin, T.HatCh. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL 69 W., MWA? M ly j f., Q fl'-www T-...v Fri Malovic, Bice, Seto lead in great season This years varsity basketball season was fantastic. Alhambra won 'I7 of the 24 games played this season. Alhambra's first game was played against Westwood. The Lions lost this game but came back in the second game to win against Arcadia with a score of 73-56. The high point of the season was the game against East High. The Lions were victorious in this game with an ending score of 63-62. This was the beginning of a great win- ning streak that lasted for ten straight games in the roughest part of the season. The Lions defeated South with a score of 73-62, Mary- vale with a score of 58-64, and Phoe- nix Union with a total of Lions 70 and Coyotes 59. Terry Daly dribbles the ball up the court to score early in the game against East. The second game against the East Longhorns everyone tries to grab the ball to make points. AHS opp Westwood Arcadia ast Maryvale South Mesa Carl Hayden North North ast South Maryvale Phx Union Camelback Carl Hayden West Phx. Union Camelback Carl Hayden Trevor Browne 88 West 17 wins-7 losses VARSITY BASKETBA LL 60 64 73 ' 56 57 E 74 56 68 73 53 77 55 69 60 62 43 50 M aryval e 54 60 64 63 E 62 73 62 58 54 70 . ' 59 73 55 68 58 79 60 75 66 68 39 60 56 60 77 47 xg Q. ""?gf I The Longhorns were defeated by a score of 63-62. The Lions' record was 17-7. Bob Perky takes the basketball away from an East player and tosses it in. VARSITY BASKETBALL 71 Cagers have good season: 17-7 record After making his free throw, Bryan Wagner Positioning himself to intercept the ball is In the winning game against North, Steve turns at mid-court toward East High's goal. Terry Daly. Larry Bice readies himself. Malovic shoots for points. as 4-six afV: 6 ' mtl. V 'K . . as f . L.. gt -rg fp .56-,Q 1-f fa : m 1 an is s wa A - . , -if . ,, N.. -J' .I gr, "" I .... ...A K VARSITY BASKETBALL-FRONT ROW: Larry Bice, Ernie Hill, Bryan BACK ROW: Anthony Cota, Tery Daly, Steve Malovic, Rick Corazza, Wagner, joe Cuevas, Chester Seto, Gary Gilliland, Coach Phil Kemp. Charlie McNulty, Kevin Gellenbeck. 72 VARSITY BASKETBALL Fred Wood voted outstanding IV cager IV BASKETBALL AHS Opp Westwood Arcadia ast Maryvale South North ast South Maryvale Phx Union Camelback Carl Hayden Central West Phx. Union Camelback Carl Hayden Trevor Browne West 18 wins-1 loss lay Burnside moves the play to the Lions end of the cour in an effort to score. The 1972-73 l.V. Basketball season started with a 59-41 victory over Westwood. It was a great season with 18 wins and only 1 loss. The Lions had a winning streak of six games until they lost a game against East. lt was a close score of 53-57. One of the most exciting games of the season was the fourth game against Maryvale. The Lions won with a final score of 55-54. The seventh game started a win- ning streak of 12 games. In the game against Phoenix Union the Lions barely won by two baskets with a final score of 54-50. The final game of the season was against West. The Lions scored 68 victorious points while West only scored 38. l.V. BASKETBALL-FRONT ROW: Ron Eubiand, Kenny Troutt, Bob Framboise, Kevin Alt, Bill Leonardo, Craig Teraji, Mark Band, lay Burn- Broyles, limmy Hall. BACK ROW: Ben Cota, lim Blakely, Ron Wood- side. son, Fred Wood, Tim O'Mera, Don Baker, Coach Goernitz, Greg La- l.V. BASKETBALL 73 Big Red posts 8 over 7, Green suffers 6 under 10 GREAT GREEN-FRONT ROW: G.Gulledge 1. Milner, R. Showers, G. Little, M. Watson: D. Ornelas, G. Walker. BACK ROW: Coach ws.. Hilsabeck, 1. Heck, B. Fletcher, D. Devine, I. Werne, L. Cook. BIG RED-FRONT ROW: S. Houser, D. Mor- gan, C. Owens, l. Lopez, M. Stevens, C. Ker- koff, A. Shelton, S. Komadina. BACK ROW: 74 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL V- K ., ...,.,.,.,g Coach Nobley, G. Harvey, I. Scott, I. Carter, N. jordan, G. Nesby, T. Durette. This season for the Big Red and Great Green basketball teams was good. The Big Red had a record of 8 wins and 7 losses. Great Green ended its season with 6 wins and 10 losses. The Big Red's most exciting game was against Trevor Browne which was a close scoring game of 50 to 49 with the Lions the victor. Great Green had an outstanding game with Phoenix Union's Coyotes. The team made its winning points in the remaining seconds and ended the game with the final score of 36 to 32. GREAT GREEN AHS Opp. 38 South 36 29 East 41 55 Maryvale 23 48 North 52 36 East 29 45 South 51 35 Maryvale 37 36 Phx. Union 32 55 Camelback 43 50 Carl Hayden 62 52 West 59 32 Phx. Union 52 60 Camelback 61 39 Carl Hayden 27 78 Trevor Browne 36 44 West 48 6 wins-10 losses BIG RED AHS Opp. 47 South 54 43 East 44 32 Maryvale 41 68 North 28 38 East 39 45 South 42 33 Maryvale 28 30 Phx. Union 42 56 Camelback 27 52 Carl Hayden 33 57 West 54 30 Carl Hayden 32 50 Trevor Browne 49 32 West 42 8 wins-7 losses Cross Country's season: 7 wins, 3 losses The Alhambra High Lions Cross Country started out the year of '72 with losing three out of the first four meets, but then came back down to business and won the next six meets. One of the best matches this year was against Carl Hayden. The Final score was 15-50. The last meet of this year was against Camelback High with a score of 20-43. This ended the '72 Cross Country season. . . After dropping three out of the first four meets, the Lion harriers begin a winning streak with the defeat of the East High Longhorns by the score of 15-47. In the meet with Carl Hayden and Cholla, the cross country harriers won by the score of 15-50. The win brought the season mark to 3 wins and 3 losses. CROSS COUNTRY AHS 30 Washington 25 15 Central 46 32 South 23 32 North 23 15 East 47 15 Carl Hayden 50 19 Browne 44 20 Phx. Union 43 19 West 44 20 Camelback 43 7 wins - 3 losses CROSS COUNTRY:FRONTROW:R.Bohl,S.Urich,C.Ellington,A.Traut- Vise, D.Williams, R.Martinez, R.Ward, B.Cota, K.Dabney, l.Amey, H. miller,C.Sandoval, B.Moody, R.McCloskey, D.Peiz,P.Chilson, C.Nesby, Lopez. TOP ROW: C.Seto, G.Storey, l.Colceri, l.Heuett, E.Cook, B. S.Mutchler, M.Riley, M.Stafford, R.Speers. SECOND ROW: Coach Smith, T.Ohton, D.lameson. Morrison, D.Smith, B.Quillard, R.Morrison, C.Clement, D.Scott, M. CROSS COU NTRY 75 Wrestling '76 Q 1 Q is 1'- ef Q .Fay . 'ST-L25 iq -1 W Varsit wrestling season ends 7 wins, 3 loss record Bob Matock wrestles an opponent from West. Matock helped to contribute to the Varsity The final score of this match was 48-3. Bob Wrestling team's third place inthe State. Pat Nance and his Scottsdale opponent are against Scottsdale High the Alhambra lions preparing for a take down. In this match won with ascore of43-13. This years wrestling team did out- standing work. Coach Nevins and his Varsity Wrestling Team won third place in the State Tournament. jim Mabry won the championship in his weight classification, while Brent Phillips placed second. Ran- dall Stuart and Pat Nance placed third. Others who participated and contributed points to Alhambra's total were Louis Espinoza, Scott Mabry, and Don Teach. The wrestling team also competed in four other tournaments. They re- ceived first place in the Quadrangu- lar Meet, second place in the Divi- sional Meet, and third place in Peoria Invitational. The Varsity Wrestling team lost the first three matches but won every other this season. Scottsdale was the first opponent that was defeated by the Lions by a score of 43-13. The last match of the season was against Phoenix Union. The Lions were victorious with a score of 39-9. VARSITY WRESTLING AHS Opp. 19 South 36 Maryvale ast Scottsdale North Camelback Carl Hayden Moon Valley West Phx Union 7wrns 3 losses First Place Quadrangular Meet Third Place Peoria Invitational Second Place Division Tournament Third Place State Tournament 25 28 20 E 25 43 13 35 24 37 22 25 30 27 25 48 3 39 . ' 9 First Place-Qualifying Tournament VARSITY WRESTLING 77 P Y Y 1 i K f'ff..wi5tf'E?,f , . 'wr Randall Stuart is trying to pin his opponent from Camelback. The final record of 22 wins and 2 losses. He was first in his division, first in the score was Alhambra 37, Camelback 22. Randall Stuart had an overall Peoria Invitational, and placedthird in State. f Y , L .. 'f ff" 'W A l 1 VARSITY WRESTLING-FRONT ROW: D.Keiffer, S.Mabry, R.Bafus, L. R.Stuart, B-M3l0Ck, P-N3f1C9fT'C3fPem9f,l.B8I'C9llOS, B.Phillips. Espinoza, l.Mabry, B.Stanton, T.NeaI, D.Teach. BACK ROW: M.West, VARSITY WRESTLING 79 Mabry places first in state match Y Vt Q J ,uf ,ff 'ft 7 " Tw ff? . 'M' , ll S I 5 . . , , , 1 Q , f '. I .sa Coach Nevins and these team members went to the State Tournament. Brent Phillips placed second, Randall Stuart and Pat Nance placed third. Bob Matock is demonstrating different techniques he uses to score points for Alhambra's Varsity Wrestling Team. 80 VARSITY WRESTLING Others pictured who participated and contributed points to Alhambra's total were Louis Espinoza, Scott Mabry, and Don Teach. lim Mabry won the championship in his weight classification in the State Tournament. The Wrestling team placed 3rd at that tournament. The 1972-73 Iunior Varsity season was above average this year and showed great future prospects. The outstanding IV wrestlers named by Coach Smith was heavyweight jim Hunter. lim had an undefeated 10-0 record. This junior Varsity Wrestling season started with a match against South. The Lions won with a final score of 44-17. ln the second and third matches against Maryvale and Central the Lions were successful. ln the final match of the season against Phoenix Union the IV team won with a score of 45-15 ending the Don Teach tries a head lever drive on his 1V WRESTLING Ai-is opp South Central ast Scottsdale North Camelback Carl Hayden Moon Valley West Phx. Union 9 wins- 2 losses Hunter is chosen top IV wrestler season with a 9-2 record. opponent from Moon Valley. l.V. WRESTLING-FRONT ROW: K.Asland, T.Kassalis, D.Winter, R.Nev- l.Moser, R.Clucas, T.Kassalis, A.Chavez. ins, R.Speer, B.Matock. BACK ROW: B.Powell,T.Sorenson, D.Catchers, I.V. WRESTLING 81 'f-.1 ivy .- fm., V N sw .Ag h :Q N X 1-K, L, V ,L W IU' 4 In , - I .1 , , ,f nw .WA fn ,414 1 ' , 4' 4 , ,K , A V " " LA q , 4. Mtn- 1 . M, un, Q fi' ,iq LF' v- yj, V - .kefxglx . . , 1 ,, n q V, Jfifw Q-, 1 k1T'Xf!'ff'f, A . W M 0 ., -.M 'f 'W Af 2,-fp -I . wil! fb' . , ' W ' ' f ,Q K, ,Q r ., L . .,, . " nf 'L if ,t ,K Q K ,V .X Q W , yy, F , , v 34, 5 ,L 5' , , 4 A M, v, sy. , M , V , . Aff,,.i,-, ' ,X . f ' Q 5 A 7,1 Qzjpa. , 1336192 fkugzrafg, I .T ff K A R 4,4 f, r ef any ,iwrf-eww ff W Q4 H w-xi ,r K V ,z'-Mhkki r 7 A ea we 33? A95 in .1,M, Us m,,,,,M, v K, V, W , L F , Jw g, rw '- K - , . ,Q I W A , ,,f 0 rw M., - . A I lui- pi -. , - J. , My X v .Hg n. , Armk 1-R nl H '-. xi," ' V4 Q " 1 , , V ,Exam V A K .x.Q,aHM. , A Ay- 3 'M ,as MEI k'y A 0 My MM V , mmm- ,L 1 'M' . -, .gr-.P M H- W. - ' 4. A K 'V -. ' -7 . 4 , ' ff 5 ff' W 2' W 1 M V M M1 I Qu, 1 i -fc-, . .4 ' a, W ' ' , M , , 'Nts'-Q, -Y- ' , O. M f " 6 4 ' x- ' s - C R s lu .1 R Q 5 f -N ,, k f Jr ' A . 'un "Q , ,iff V Xi' U 4 , g ' I 2 I J ' ,ff if I Q A L ' .N 5 A X.. - , Av . A, fa . It 1 . Q B 1 , V X N :5 K I nf XA ' 1 4 N '- ff ,A ,L ' ul V. M , I 545 Q sf K ' ru- M -F ' W , 'nf Qu. 'TZ l kj, 4 , , 'WM' x M - A 1, fx ' "" I 1 1 2 . ' ', . Lf 'Vai fa 1 f L, f' ,I f ! " E av P 1 A , W J g m x 'Lf mf. has Y Y M n Q. .. ,H M Q , .M ,K , K f' v , mf X A In " .fit x ' , 'gd K X . t gf. Y, 1 wx' ' 5 e 4 -' - ' 4 .. , , ' 8 a' f -f ' W '51 in .2 I U M ' , : 'QQ 1 1 The Varsity Baseball season of 1972 ended with a record of 13 wins, 13 losses and 1 tie. The varsity base- ballers were first in the Phoenix Di- vision A.A.A. The team won all three of the divisional playoffs and went on to the state playoffs. However the varsity team lost to Douglas with an ending score of 2-1. pitcher for the 1972 season. Terry Starr set a new record of hits for the season. The varsity baseball coach this season was john Roth. At FORTRESS press time, coach Roth was looking forward to a good season and ac- cording to him, "a fine group of returnees for 1973. . 7 g.' M35-ir' M MA , Gary Lindebak is getting ready to pitch in a game against Saguaro High School. AHS VARSITY BASEBALL 1972 Scores Saguaro Saguaro Phx. Union Central Maryvale Carl Hayden West Catalina Camelback Phx. Union QS! Tempe Carl Hayden North Carl Hayden Maryvale North West Camelback Phx. Union Carl Hayden West Camelback Maryvale Carl Hayden Carl Hayden Dougla 13 wins - 13 losses 1 tie Opp. O O Andy Ortega is star player in 1972 lmlh .. 'T' l 5 5 5 10 7 1 6 7 Andy Ortega was an outstanding 2 2 cr... mf- , 0 10 Z 3 6 4 4 E 7 5 6 3 3 o 4 1 2 ,, 4 3 4 3 34 ll 0 2 4 0 1 0 4 0 9 4 9 0 1 s 2 - K. Na... 4, x , . fi 1: t-fr-VT' K. asf' - .tt ss4sX...s 4 loe Sanchez, Catcher, is preparing to hit the Saguaro High School. This exciting game Andy Ortega beat the Saguaro batter to first ball in the first game of the Season against ended with afinal score of 5-5. base.Andy is an outstanding pitcher. VARSITY BASEBALL 83 ....,... ...4.... 'JZ' YM' C' 'V if ' J. mg Qi 1-g" H A 53:2 t 'UIQ' S Jbzaf , ,swf a!3kk5m'n,"lv:L,,,f 5 , . K Ar bf jj uw' Q jflf' , f .. , x ,,, , L. Wir fmwzr? if ti 5359 vs ,A J H W 'hw-1 3 A u t is wg 'LM ,U 339 gqm VARSITY BASEBALL - FRONT ROW: S.Mabry, R.Bafus, L.Espinosa, A. Ortega, G.Grossenbacker, A.Bonnaha. SECOND ROW: B.Schienost, u . ' ,mx Q .A . i 5 'MIK X ml -- c""1 sw - -X-g s fe M Q if ' V -My W A .,,:!,,:, gm. ,, s ' -as Q- ,f gg- 141 ,,,,.u,f. f I: ,fish 2. wan' 1-.ry L 1' " ' .. tg K . W M . I , ,L ,AQ ....... - hir: ...M . 4,451.31 'll x vii Eusn-. - fy ..-1 I ' 4- -uno ' ' fl-III' 1 34, -.. .H .x . . .N-, v .-bum' 44 " - ' -of-,.,. Y , Y . I .., A , , 1. Y Q. - .. .fr .iz mv' .. fn A11 Aw. .UL 'UQ l U , l',q O , - .-- j' .... .... ' X ' ...W gy V. . ffl Q t, s . :z-:tn "'- su.: 1' , - ---la Q, .... g usp. f A if . .i '-vu: . ' - ' T T M! .-41 , it. Q Q., I W 6 -if fwvwww...-M-Inu-ww ' M Hou: V. ,, - I ,,.wvw,wme-wfovk. -vwwwhn.. A 11 f ' 1 ' I ,W mwfrfsjg.,-"1'5'T A ....,.... M.-.-W-. -..w,......, M ' -.- i......-...........L..+..,,....M"QftL..-f,-,-.--- X ,, N, H,,N, , ,W I ,, ,W , Mn . , ,A H ,M it qQfm,s,ygL.y,ggr't3wwa4gs17Js33 5 ,Q ,t ,A , ,S mwfg-t V. ,,t,.f,,5 ,M ,H www? K my 3155-ga' My ,7'fn,,,y2g,.,,A P A L, Wag., , N .NM gf, , f ,,9"svfm1 7, af fm, gm ww ie-L e -+V .r, sw-i f ws- Wy w., , mf' -as f+':U?'t wc, f w f::m,, 2 www ,f , ,J H A. sglkigl, V, V 4 5.4 ,fi A A. .nat asrZf.f,n,y, . of W WY 1 J - -W 1'-..,,g'm f 'Ji 'i'f-1fz,',, 35 ifft elm . ggi ni' ' .4 4' Q, , was ... f.. , , .f , 'M1""1+f-rf' .-,W fi-,,-, f-fmt-fr.t-eqwdggpqgggg, 1, ' 'f.T46-V A P , T 1 ' k A Y' 5, f.c,,.3,,'Q,, .I KQM 1 1' sf- 1' Www .,1, , , - -"' A t' A ' 71-,x"' mire: ' - ' 'cfffi :.,4,,4,i1y , : , ...ivti 1: 3 ,1 c -rf if ,W ,t ,- , - M J.. A A, , ,sw .',,X--'H . 7, ,fm H 'Y , i.,ufhMf.k3 l, .,.,,k,,g:LZg,,,fffwxL?in,w' 5 -at ' A :,,f,,Yw?m, , ,, ,ggg,"4h,QA.w,3,i,,if. ky W gg 7 .1 : . . , I f -V,,,,, Y, 4 W Dfw 1,3-yy-1 5,1 My Q 4, A no ,, , , 'ff ,,f:'y'+,,a,!,A,,,Y-gh. ' f:4W'1.tJ,f 1 A' , fits I 41.1, ,,,f,,rV,, 'f-not ,ML A, L ,U J, , . t 'Odd' Pitcher Arleigh Bonnaha swoops down off the mound to pitch a fast and direct ball to a batter in the season opener with Saguaro. 84 VARSITY BASEBALL K.DanieIs, P. Smith, L.Martinez, D.Hatch, J.Sage. BACK ROW: Coach Roth, l.Sanchez, G.Lindebak, M.Capriotti, G.Lewis, F.ScarpeIli, S.Meyer. I' "1 F wh N. ...X .,.,,, - A V is, Q fp, NL -iwwgge sf. Uh.: V. ,H Q- is s, gt, g, 3, AM qv wx , ::,: B 'giisfgsifsisflt Ji: M sis- 3 :url - '- fl!! A . K ss ..,,, . Second basemen Gary Grossenbacker comes up to the batter's box with hopes to get on base in the game against Saguaro: the Lions tied. iagfx' . i ., Frosh have an outstanding year V MWA - 'r ',' - f gs' I 1 .. ' 1 in -1-4 --dv" 'Els ,"l' , 'W ll M' .3 , aw f , C. ITIEVU' -f A A 2 . - - L Rl -A Nm A ' --w i W' L L 'PMA 4 ' :Wi J Q I 5 :Q .1 I I , iff!! N I :Z 0 grg,,,1 I L my A A N A .. X 1 'sr , 9 t 1 A '- SX 4 lx As.. .+-'E Q' K' A , ,X A 1 c' ff .k A ffrx , Y A SLI 'Hifi' rifle .--5' , tg- f A -L 1.V. BASEBALL - FRONT ROW: l.Heck, D.Schenkel, M.Lerma, R.And- rews, M.SandovaI. SECOND ROW: j.Larson, D.Kent, B.Hoene, L.Smith, A3 SSH: ,., FRESHMAN BASEBALL - FRONT ROW: D.OrnelaS, B.Dawson, G.War- ner, L.Cook,P.Mahoney,G.Smith. SECOND ROW: T.McNuIty, F.Iames l.Lingstedt, N.Larkin, P. Valderamma, T.Aguilar, T.Hatch. BACK ROW: O 'i , 44 C.ColIins, W.Heuett. BACK ROW: Coach Nevins, C.Duffy, S.Lacy, M. Band, l.Blakely, A.Merchant, D.Patterson. -O 'N...., R.Couch, R.Nevins, M.UIibarri, R.Showers, M.Stevens, l.WiIkins, Coach Hakes. l.V., FRESHMAN BASEBALL 85 f mmm X qsww alm- K . .1 Q. F Q. Sv MW . Q SW K xx f A .... X X .1 M ix N is . . is Q, w 5. X Q -M . .. .y . K . k - A J. . ,Q . we x igwmw X .af xx.. . Q K . L L' .M , x X wk Q X. NM- R. is Q 6 iwywx W an SN .F F . 1 w Q 5 Q .. .PSA . . ,,,.. X . - -. H- .. ' if . Ng. 5 . .K H A.. FT' Q. fk 'Q Qgxix nw .. 3 Q nil N K www SS ,- .... . . Q1 w WX ,ig-gs M 'il' XM? i L' ' XS' - . .. k Ry.. ,XA - is Q if"NPSxit:5igM' ' Q, it-'kt,g..51.. K N sw ligxwi X- xmkfwk '. ' N11-"YWfxr ., 'Q 5... X X . h S x Y 'V-:S . X N x .. . Q . - X k Ly JAX 'V A -A 'WX ' ' fx ' . X Q X - A . if XX x N . . Xi ,Mg , v . NNW is XX 353 2 as i K 5.3155 .... .,1 , . X ' ,T A" W 33359 f NF X , ' x A.: X , LAK YQ 5. A A . N kgx Q 3 K ww, X923 .X K 1, x I Q QQ Q. . A , . X 4 ex x . A x X N .Q Q f N . W. , R . Sv!! -X Q Q . ' ' .f , w .. 'S k s- is .. S f K O Q ' Q r i - X . A . wx fu Garcia, Linzey return as outstanding lettermen its ff- -a wifawir The track team of '72, according to Mr. Hugh Morrison, "was one of Alhambra's best teams." The season ended with 4 wins, 2 losses. The team placed fourth in the State Meet and took the City, City Relay, and League "A" lduel meetl cham- pionships. Ron Lindley, pole vaulter, set a state record by vaulting 15'15". During the season he also won state championship for the second year. In the Valley Classic Ron was voted outstanding athlete. At Fortress press time the '73 team was in great condition. VARSITY TRACK 1972 SCORES AHS OPP. Carl Hayden Phx Union West 81W Camelback 45Vz Maryvale Maryvale West Maryvale Central At the start of this race, Alhambra has two yd. dash. Alhambra's runners at the finish Divisionalchamps runners participating. This race is the 100 placed 1st. and 2nd, P R I h In this close race against Carl Hayden, lean by his opponent. This track meet was also held Ellington holds the lead in the mile followed here at Alhambra. State Meet Third Place Valley Classic Fourth Place 4wlns 2 losses 82 45 88 . ' 39 93 34 55 72 59 62 59 46 59 Westwood 61 61 66 105 22 UHS e ays C amps Ken Ross tries with great effort to throw the shotput at a track meet here at Alham bra. VARSITY TRACK - FRONT ROW: R.Stevens, B.Schmidt, l.Hayes, G. Martinez, D.lameson, D.KoresseI. BACK ROW: Coach Morrison, T Murri, D.SturgiI, C.CIement, T.Durette, D.Smith, R.AguiIar, B.PodjiI. Linzey, B.Huff, R.WaIker, A.Cota, K.Ross, B.NunnelIy, R.Coroazza, K SECOND ROW: B.Zachow, S.Grothaus, D.Mahoney, G.Storey, B.PhiI- Saran, S.Thompson, T.Wynn, P.Siken. lips, D.Scott, l.C-aylord, E.Cook, W.Smith, T.Ohton, B.WilIiams, R. k M V M A, ,, V, ,,, 5M,,,,,f f- U, , I K f f - 5- rn, yay ' ,Y-SMH. f , . U, , ,, N fu-f.7 A ,,,.W JUNIOR VARSITY TRACK-FRONT ROW: B.Semmens,G.EIIington,R. Berra, S.Wintermute, D.AIanzo, H.Heck, R.AguiIar, I.MiIIer, R.Louk, Brown, R.Woodson, H.Lopez, R.Ward, G.WiIson. BACK ROW: Coach D.Giver. 88 VARSITY, l.V. TRACK Spikettes take scores for tracksters FRESHMAN TRACK-FRONT ROW: C.Kett,l.Vitez,C.Sandavol,R.Bohl, B.Sturgill, G.Walker, A.Tijerina, R.Crull, R.Shelton. BACK ROW: A. D.Peiz, D.Ruebseman, T.Clow, l.Pirouznia, R.McCloskey, D.Frank, D. Trautmiller, C.Fletcher, C.Owens, R.Crull, R.Fletcher, l.Barcellos, T. Hostetler, C.CresswelI. SECOND ROW: S.Miller, R.Snyder,T.Meeks, C. Durette, C.Nesby, L.lones, G.McCloe, l.Heck, D.Knowlton, D.Durr, Ellington, B.Mitchell, D.Wilson, E.Wells, M.Watson, T.Kemp, C.Dalton, Coach Geornitz. SPIKETTES-FRONT ROW: Jolene Molenda, Pete Staten, Robin Ives, lahan, Melinda Torrence, Tami Koch. Not Pictured: Rose Hernandez Carol Barcelos. BACK ROW: Karrie Callahan, Lisa Williams, Kathy Cal- Cindy Abalos, Shelly Smith, Pat Phton, Rachelle Knau. SPIKETTES, FRESHMAN TRACK 89 Badminton has a 12-0 record season The Lions' badminton team com- pleted an outstanding season this year. The varsity was undefeated with a 12-0 record in the Phoenix Division. Three of the varsity team mem- bers won eleven personal matches while losing only one. They were Kathy Lewis, Kathy Manske and Cheryl Frederickson. Kathy johnson represented Alhambra in the state tournament for the second consecu- tive year and placed fourth in sin- gles. Kathy Lewis and Kathy Manske played in the state tournament dou- bles bracket and won the consola- tion division for a record second time in a row. Teri Neeley held down the number three position for her second year on the varsity team. junior Varsity finished a strong 11- 1 season. julie Shupe and Kathleen Rockerfield chalked up the better scores with 12 - 0, 10 - 2 records re- spectively. Although the 1973 season loses four of the five varsity members, hopes are high for the repeat of last season's accomplishments. VARSITY BADMINTON AHS OPP. EAST PHX. UNION MARYVALE WEST MARYVALE CARL HAYDEN CAMELBACK CENTRAL CAMELBACK WEST TREVOR BROWN SOUTH won 12 -lost 0 AHS OPP EAST PHX UNION MARYVALE WEST MARYVALE CARL HAYDEN CAMELBACK CENTRAL CAMELBACK WEST TREVOR BROWN sourH A 'l ', Q - gf, 5 V. y ., Q, ,f"Q"Q won 11 lost 1 5 4 7 0 6 1 4 3 6 1 5 2 4 3 7 0 5 2 5 2 7 0 6 1 IUNIOR VARSITY BADMINTON 1 7 0 4 , 3 4 3 5 2 4 3 6 1 4 3 7 0 4 3 2 5 7 0 7 0 Kathy Manske, Kathie johnson and Kathy Lewis were finalists in the state tournament. BADMINTON-FRONT ROW: Kathy Svancara, Peaches Senvik, Kathy Lewis, Kathy Manske, Teri Neeley, Kathie johnson, julie Shupe. TOP ROW: Trena Melton, Peggy Nunez, Kerri Sellers, Mary Novak, Tammy Frederickson, Sandy Lundgren, Kathleen Rockenfield. Evelin Hart- kamp, Sandy Dribble, Gail Ritter, Sandy White, Dorthy Gibbons, Robin jesse, Pat Ohton. Sherlock, Martha Lee, Mrs. Stacy - Coach. NOT PICTURED: Cheryl 90 BADMINTON ,.......- . I t . 3 .f ,Q X1 l . xv ' r. 0. Q L. . . 'U K- 'Q .. . .L Q 1972 Archery Team has great year The 1972 Archery Team had an outstanding season last year. In the district meet they placed third. The next week at the state meet they again took third place. With an out- standing record beating score Sherri Torrence took first place individual- ly. This year, unlike other years, the team will shoot at nine meets rather than just the state and district meets. At FORTRESS press time the Archery Team had only competed in one meet. This first meet was against West which the varsity team won. l Q K ." tt .. sms X, kk ' . k ,, Phyllis Gelnett is contemplating making a gold in archery practice. 322711155351 VARSITY ARCHERY - Laura Phillips, Phyllis Robin jesse, Melinda Torrence, and Coach Gelnett, Lorraine Cordova, Kerri Sellers, Stacy. l.V. ARCHERY - FRONT ROW: K.Reed, T. Lowe, H.Spards, l.Sanders. SECOND ROW: A.Matthews, K.Needham, S.Morell, R.Her- nandez, T.Melton. BACK ROW: P.Nunez, K. Krueger. ARCHERY 91 utstanding golfer Williams takes fourth in division The 1972 golf team was disap- pointed with a final record of 11 wins, 15 losses and one tie. VARSITY GOLF Daye Wllllams was named the out- AHS Opp. standing player for 1972. Dave 192 Agua Ffia 137 helped to win a fourth place in the 189 Brophy 123 dwisionz 5213 fez The flrst golf match of the 1972 2211 Maryvale 213 season was against Agua Fria.and 208 Camelback 113 Camelback. Agua Fria won with a fag flgggth fx score of 187, Alhambra second with 218 Westwood 203 a 192 score, and Camelback close 198 Maryvale 183 behind with a total of 199 strokes. 174 Pa'adl5'i Valley 183 , , 223 Agua Frla 200 The sixth match was against 210 Maryvale 193 Camelback and Central at the Pa- pago golf course. Alhambra won 11 wins-15losses with a 208 score followed by Camel- b3Cli with 213 and Centfal Wltl"l 221 Dave Evans warms up before the first match total Strokes. of the season with Paradise Valley. BOYS' GOLF - FRONT ROW: Mr. Duncan, T.Sepik, S.Mutchler, M. Malovic,T.Evans,M.Murawa,G.Murawa. Richardson, D.Yates, A.Pribble. BACK ROW: D.Williams, S.Teel, S. Y. 3535553 k,m,,,,,, 9 N Ag 1 1 cf K ww- tQsz'5s.s At L3 3 at.. . ... . .Nw M 1 pf -Wit ggstffg ' ' Q I t - . ,1W,s -HJ:-1,,,.. -2- -' 92 BOYS' GOLF 'sW'f' ss me-rwf""'Wll 4 I s t ,...--'- ea swf'-""!"1,a R Alan Pribble demonstrates the qualities of a pro golfer. Alan is prac- ticing for the game against Agua Fria and Camelback. Boys golf player Dave Williams is caught in action at the Papago Golf course in the match against Camelback and Central. This years' teams were very suc- cessful in the matches they played. Mr. Deitrich coached the 1973 teams for the third time this year. The varsity tennis team had a record of ten wins, two losses. The first match of the season was against Coronado High. The Lions had a score of 8, Coronado 2. The last match of the season was against Camelback. The Lions won this match with a final score of 7-2. VARSITY BOYS TENNIS 1972 Scores Ai-is opp. 8 Coronado 2 1 Washington 9 6 Westwood 1 9 South 0 1 Central 8 9 East 0 5 Maryvale 4 7 West 2 8 North 1 9 Carl Hayden 0 9 Phoenix Union 0 7 Camelback 2 10 wins - 2 losses Boys' Tennis has great season with 10 wins 3 losses l . l-Q. 5- 6 ...tx in IUNIOR VARSITY TENNIS - FRONT ROW: ROW: D.Ram0s, S.S0lb0dnjak, D.Miller G.Vick, R.Garcia, W.Hunt, l.Martin. BACK P.Zimmerman, M.Shupe, Coach Deitrich. X I '!f'rvf'fr' ky ,fy l f"r. VARSITY TENNIS - FRONT ROW: Terry Stowe, Lousi Garrido, Mike Hoopes, Don Stephensen, Evan McMillin, Kurt Miller, Coach Deitrich. Koegez, Steve Clark. BACK ROW: Steve Keller, Manager, David 94 BOYS' TENNIS as Q Y? C E Q 1 I L 1 1 s so wars' 9 I .hy ist, A N I 6 3 ..,, FRESHMAN TENNIS - FRONT ROW: S.Small, R.Garcia, A.Pribble, I. BACK ROW: P.Zimmermen, G.Vick, B.Keyser, G.Grover, M.Thomp- Beebe. SECOND ROW: S.Frye, D.Wilson, l.Martin, M.Frasier, T.Stowe. son, M.Shupe, Coach Deitrich. NX 5.-get . Y . David Hoopes, a varsity team member is Evan McMillin, a member of the varsity team, was victorious with a score of 7, while Carl playing against his opponent from Carl is in a match against Carl Hayden. Alhambra Hayden had atotalscore of2points. Hayden. BOYS' TENNIS 95 Varsity Tennis has fantastic season ,.-s--wgyvx Q. u 3 vpsfns A 3 ' s'2:32n2"eN Ffiifiiiiiii I 2.-rf-a-:-Q 1 XX X Sluflsiugb sa. v..n,,.. Q rg v. ie :2 zfffzie.. + vm's,+s,ss XX ll , t e f .W fs' - E " i:.:: I-A fd ly . . wma .t.,. t.., - - - It V' k-f- -ff,1 f Q . mn. J -V M, 'Thirst -' ,W gf .t,,... ,. ,...,'- , 7 ' . 5: +f ig . " Fi V with t . --as W . . atti t . ,lb VARSITY TENNIS - FRONT ROW: Kathy Tracy Felix, Cheryl Frederickson, Lynn Lewis, Teri Neely, lulie Shupe. TOP ROW: Hoehne, 5 .s 5 Mag The 1973 girls tennis team at press time was 3 and 0 and was looking forward to a possible undefeated season in '73. Cheryl Frederickson has constantly maintained the num- ber one position on the team with Lynn Hoehne, Teri Neeley, Kathy Lewis, lulie Shupe and Tracy Felix following in their respective posi- tions. Lynn Hoehne, Linda Vargas and Kathy Lewis are presently unde- feated in singles competition as the number one and number two dou- bles team. 1972 Scores Coronado Washington Westwood South Central BSI Maryvale West 8 North 1 9 Carl Hayden 0 9 Phoenix Union 0 Forfeit 6 Camelback 3 9 wins - 2 losses AHS Opp. VARSITY GIRLS' TENNIS 9 0 7 2 7 0 4 5 4 E 5 9 0 6 3 5 kkrr K ti .K . . . A in. W lf- . Ywil? Wtfs rtii EgeQSi gHEQL ,ras egggs fwwgw stes new? esi . . E2 iycsi SE figs? tls H 1 issi c tc 1 j"""fs. S iits i 3 3 f . L if .awgf i .,,,,:: 1 rry F N 'iiffi' Q aw -V12 'A A ...,.. ,..,...'11:111-- ' y A . -H '- e if 6 il I: X I f s Q Lrf I .fa if 1 ff--MQ, WWW frry ,,,,-f"'W . sl l.V. TENNIS - LEFT TO RIGHT: Tory Griego, Diane Slobodnjak, Robin Amore, Lori Stephenson, Linda Vargas, Valerie Wallace. 96 GIRLS' TENNIS . ' - Mlif... Unidentified player from Carl Hayden re- hambra's star players. The final score of the freshes herself after a defeat to one of Al- match was Alhambra 9, Carl Hayden 0. '-M"""Ww4. , M.. ""f"'mw-W... "Wm, - , .tm-...M-.WM is 'M w.,l,mWJ Xu 'A-W-w...,,. ' if sf ' Q . lv K Q v Lynne Hoehne prepares to accept a serve from one of several opponents she played. , , T lt : 9 ' p s . ff .gp-----"' W 6 x . -I 5 Q N S i l s jx Q 5 V937 ' . N my , N 1 I A C , P I X T 1 Q k I L Terri Stowe runs after the ball during a match A portion of the Alhambra girls varsity team vale's varsity tennis team. The final score of against Westwood. The Lions won this match. rests after a long hard match against Mary- the match was Alhambra 7 Maryvale 3. GIRLS' TENNIS 97 X, f 3+ .gli I was I iz if 4 I itffigg 3 fm I " I ' f r jsjfadb' I--I A 21. ir I A' -If A-K , , ..... 98 CLUBS DIVISION ,jsigigf iuulllf' K .tx .sag l' , '53 QII I CI u bs Commitments to school society CLUBS DIVISION 99 f-I+ 1-l,-l...i I 2 1 . I I . IQVJ I... I , . if .I.. I 'I 3 I ' I I I I I I Is. V S Q M K E 5 , 2 I . 3. I . ',. s I .s . I .1 .. ..... I 'C ' I ' I I .II If ' I 2'I,,+I I ' , I QI I Q I -Ak I x I 9 I I I 5 I I I I . ,f X ,, FHA-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Tejack, D.Bradford, R.Sahhar, M.Christensen, S.Burrier, T. Duran. wiv' I I ,I I IIII -WI Iglfj :Ci J '7 .,I.-.,i I 1 i 2. I r I I I I I I , I I 1 I I . 1 I I I I I i I I I I I I I I I I S CLUB FRONT ROW Mr Gibson PHansen RMartindaIe S tindale,B.AIIen,B.Sands,G.Hinchman,G.Croug CHES - : . , . , . , . Simmons, N.Schwartz, C.Nada. SECOND ROW: G.Hardyman, D.Mar- M.LaFlash, Kleller, R.KoCh,G.SheIp. 100 CHESS 8: FHA 81 CREATIVE WRITING h. BACK ROW: B.Beck tight xx X CREATIVE WRITING CLUB-Mr. Raaen, N.Weisz,E.Morales,V.Domzalski,B.Allen A few of the members of the Creative Writing of their magazine, Free Form. The Free Form Club discuss their plans for the publication contains various works by Alhambra students. Imagination, logic aid clubs' success The special project that the Crea- tive Writing Club works on through- out the year is the publication of a literary magazine called Free Form. The Free Form is made up of all types of stories and poems written by the club members and other students of Alhambra. The club holds a plan and effect contest to get the needed material for the magazine. The winners of the contest are given cash prizes, and their entries are used in the magazine. The money earned from the sale of the Free Form enables the club to publish the magazine the follow- ing year. The Future Homemakers of America attended the FHA district meeting at Trevor G.Browne in December and went to the state convention at Tucson in April. The officers were Marian Christ- enson, President, Laura johnson, Vice President, and Deborah Brad- ford, Secretary-Treasurer. Their problem last year was trying to build the membership of the group, and as of press time they had no projects or activities planned. This past year the Chess Club members devoted long hours to developing clear thinking and sharp minds. Long hours were spent using their playing skills to better their games. New members were taught all the techniques that are used in chess and how important accuracy and logic are involved in making good moves. CREATIVE WRITING 84 FHA 8: CHESS101 f FELLOWSHIP-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Hill, E.Cook, P.SuIIivan, l.GayIord, Redondo. C.TilIberry. SECOND ROW: D.Bradford, L.WilIiams, C.White, D. -up Q. 'Ji 'F Ruiz: P.L.A.N.T.-FRONT ROW: E.Heck, l.Haeger, C.Shockey, l.Gibbens, T.Shuck. BACK ROW: L.MiIIer, S.White, S.Lundgren, V.Schlabowski. 102 P.L.A.N.T. 84 FELLOWSHIP Groups work to better the environment Lisa Williams, president of Fellow- ship, has kept the club busy. For a safety project the club sold re- flector kits. During the Christmas Holidays the members went Christ- mas caroling at the childrens' home to bring the children the spirit of Christmas. P.L.A.N.T., formerly the Ecology Club on campus, was dedicated to keeping the environment clean. P.L.A.N.T. stands for Preservers of Life and Nature Today. The club sponsored the recycling paper bin at 35th Avenue and Bethany, and sold carob health bars during homecoming. The members bought the school an ecology flag to hang on the flag pole as a reminder to everyone to One purpose of P.L.A.N.T. is to help pre- Montezuma's Well is resplendent as it re- keep the community Clean. serve natural wonders for future generations. flects the colors of an Arizona autumn. The Club Spent 3 Weekend on a research ranch where they worked with a U. of A. professor studying grasslands in their natural state. P.L.A.N.T. also worked along with S.A.V.E. in erosion control and reseeding programs in the Prescott forests. The club received a plaque for its assistance in helping with these programs, which they pre- sented to Mr. Goodwin. Mia 7 N Q t .U 1 X OQIVYG V A age tweki QQ The Community Can recycling bin, located in The bin contained hundreds of pounds ' the parking lot, is shown after it has been of recycleable tin and aluminum cans. A opened. FELLOQQHIEQ ?QvA.N.T. 103 ' C 1, , Q , 1 E 1 ' 1 Z 5 . 'Zi NIV vw- .q....- N.. . 1 3 Q Q T. i, ' 1 11 A .yr EL B -, . 1 1 xv we R ff' 1 11 VICA-PERIOD 2-FRONT ROWSC-MOSES, B.Kl'9iP9l, D-Schroeder, P- loyner, D.HoIaday, D.ArendelI, R.lams, E.Heinzerling. BACK ROW: Gray, l.Scott, L. VanLorynen, A.Perry. SECOND ROW:K.Boyack, T. S.Switzer,R.SwatzelI,l.FIetcher,B.Baumruk,C.MiIler. 1 K 1 1 6 , , 1 l - i 1 1 i - ! ' l I 1 1 , I 1 , .' 111: f:1:111:1.+11w if 1 ' I I A ii ,,, 5111! ,i1,1,1'1,1l1lI! E:-V-T-1 , 1 1 1 1 1 I , 1 3 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 I - '- 1 I I S 5 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 , 1 I 1 ' 1 1 1 ' , ' , ' , I 1 1 1 i 1 ' 1 1 I I ' ' I 1 I I O 'Win' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' i 1 1 . 111 1 1 I ' , ' 1 1 1 1 .1 1 1 I ' I ' ' ' A 1 1 k Q , i 1 l 1 I 1 1 , 1 1 1 Q i 1 I 1 I 1 , , I 4 I 1 I I ' , i 1i1K1'1',', '11 F1 l,,l,I I 1 1 , 3 I 7 I 1 1 1 S 1 5 , 1 S I I b i Q 1 1 I 1 . 1 , 1 , I ICE if . Q Y" VICA-PERIOD 3-FRONT ROW: N.C1alligan, R.McMeen, A.Funk, D. P.SuIlivan, M.SIade, K.Cairns. BACK ROW: R.Ramsey, C.Evans, R.Au- Wittmeyer, I.Fleming, M.KeIly, K.EssIinger, l.Wood. SECOND ROW: france, R.Fries,C.Knowlton,M.SaItsman, K.Miller. Mr. Russell, D.Hawks, B.Miller, D.Elsesohn, l.DiCkson, P.Newmun, 104 VICA Two hard working guys maneuver the drill that dug the holes for the evergreen trees. it - is? ii 11 it- x Yfffgx - -wgfi?-LJ, Although handling the machine was tough, it beat digging all of the holes by hand. X! 1, l m CV: ga . i t 1- A student plants one of the Aleppo pines that ceeded in making the Alhambra campus one now beautifies the campus. The class suc- of the most attractive in Arizona. VICA populates school campus with pine trees The purpose of the Vocational Industrial Club of America is to serve through civic educational and vocational activities. VICA was es- tablished in 1965 and this year the members attended the Fall Leader- ship Conference in Tucson, in which all other VICA Clubs in Arizona attended. They also hosted the PU HS Conference. This year the VICA club did some- thing new for Christmas. The pro- gram involved both the faculty and students. The plan called for buying a living Christmas tree for the class- room, and during the holiday the club planted the trees on campus. The goal of the project was to pop- ulate the campus with evergreen trees and lift the spirits of the stu- dents during the holiday season. VlCA 105 ll I Ill ug ,,.,C? SKI CLUB- FRONT ROW: Miss Vollstedt, E.Heck, S.Lundgren, L.Tang, son, l.Gibbens, l.Hancock, G.Bennett, B.Rudd, M.Thomas, H.Osuna, M.Paul, L.Lundgren, S.Perry, T.Shuck, R.Walker. BACK ROW: G.Dut- K.Rosga. Q 1 l During the lunch hours Ron Walker and Dawn Springer help increase the Ski Club's treasury by selling various flavors of snow cones. 106 ICTHIUS 84 SKI M .Y K 'pr- , iw W., s V W if -1! .rl S ,,. Vw "' 01 Mgr! Miss Plum listens intentively to a student expressing his feelings toward a scripture. Each week the members meet to share Christ. Q .L ICTHIUS- FRONT ROW: Miss Plun, C.Mate, er, L.Reeves, S.Baird. BACK ROW: S.Reeves, T.Wells, D.Larsen, L.Tomlinson. SECOND S.WombIe, l.McHatton, D.Carrell, G.Bond. ROW: R.McClay, L.Meade, D.Gore, C.Coop- 1 . " is l dr. L During Icthius meetings the members sit and have read and how it applies to their daily read the bible and then interpret what they lives. lcthius reads Bible, skiers meet slopes Icthius, the Bible club on campus, had its beginning two years ago at Alhambra but just last year it was approved by the administration. lcthius is Greek for "jesus Christ God's Son Savior." The club was designed for those people interested in learning about the Bible. The basic objective was to give students a place to meet and share Christ once a week. During the meetings, the mem- bers, consisting of various denom- ations, studied the Bible and had discussions about it and once in a while they would sing. Occasionally the club had guest speakers come to talk to them on how they were saved by Christ and how He affected their lives. The club hoped it would be possible to hold a gospel concert to try and get the student body interested in jesus' ways. Making plans to go up to the snow to ski, and selling snow cones to support their cause kept the Ski Club busy this past year. Besides making arrangements to go skiing, the club taught new members the basic techniques of skiing. After their adventurous outings to Sunrise, both the experienced and inexperienced members re- turned feeling a little more knowl- edgeable about skiing, very ex- hausted, and probably a little sore from falling down. SKI 84 ICTHIUS 107 I olct ofa elm 5 g f - .f fffjkp 5 'I V' A l 3 if .Q t if l tr X t l s ,mmmliw ,.'-A-"""' . ABOVE: Portraying a tiger in "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" is Cindy Shoup. OPPOSITE PACE TOP: Rosa Holback and Cathy DePrima display their talents for the benefit of the Captain. MIDDLE: Dave Hendrickson, Lyle Lichty, and Scott johnson sing "A Maid." BOTTOM: Mindy Byrd sings to her only true love Hero. Cindy Shoup waits FORENSICS-FRONT ROW: Mr. Snow, B.Zinn, BACK ROW: K.Craig, S.Rogers, M.Scott, C. herturn to perform herdanceh L.Wunsch, l.Drake, l.Hendry. SECOND ROW: DePrima, K.Rucker. R.Rousay, M.Shillington, D.Hewitt, C.Cooper. .l,....J.. ,M ,,,1,,,,J-, A J MJ. J.....I..... ..1.. ..l...L. . J A l J..-I-N V.. gi ' A fl! . , J 4 A A f ...-l....J ,LLL ...J ,J J ,l.,l .IJ .CJ ,, I .I j J, if THESPIANS-FRONT ROW: M.Schoenfeld, N.Morales, l.Graff, M. C.DePrima, S.Laudenschlager, D.Horne, Mr. Snow. BACK ROW: B. Thrasher, L.Wunsch, B.Mattingly, L.Tomlinson, G.McClure, C.Shoup, Allen, D.Carrell, G.Bond, D.Hendrickson, M.Newcomb, D.Kuwitzky, S. l.Levitt.5ECOND ROW: S.Olson,T.Andrews,K.Berlin, M.ShelIington, lohnson,A.Anderson. 108 FORENSICS 84 THESPIANS ................,..... Drama, Speech make successful productions The Alhambra Thespians won sev- eral different awards and honors this year. The most outstanding event was hosting the first annualTl'1GSpiHI1 Convention in October, here at Al- hambra. The convention was made up of Thespians from all over the state and national Thespian representatives. During the convention the Thespians were taught dances and movements for on stage performing. The Thespians spent many long hours rehearsing and preparing for their productions. Forensics was constantly on the go preparing for speech tournaments and class debates. During the speech tournaments the students were judged on how their presentation of their material came across to the audience. Among their fund raising projects were selling soft pretzels. THESPIANS 84 FORENSICS 109 I ,MIN II,.IIIJ, ..-I III, I,I.I I ,I..,I I.I,, , - Is ,..,..,I..,....,J ,H ,s.. I.,J .1 .1 J I I I .I ..,. I. I.. II I,.III,I II--.I1II I I . I I I .I I I I II ..I.I...,..-IIII-IIIII.-I IIN.. I I I I I I I... ,.I.,. ..I. - III, II .,I,-I..II.- I I I. I .MI I IIIII,II ,IIII,.I,I,IIII. -..I I -II III I I I. IIII, ,Il QfI.fI I I III - I- II.. I I-.I.II. I.-. I I I I I I I I I I I SPANISH CLUB-FRONT ROW: NIV. GUZFUBFI, A.EIdl'6dg8, D.Cu3fI'IdO, j,SIamel5,lAP3fk9f, K.Kruegef,D.Wayterfa. A.Vitez, R.Petkiewicz, P.CarvaIho, Dr.Carey. BACK ROW: P.Guzman, i ju M1 Ajmytj Iwi,-JU fl,,,I1j,,II,j,I1,7mIJ-,I.i ,.III.llII.,I ,,,, I V E I . lffIIfQI' EQI ff QT. IIII ,I.I,II-II.I WMI IIICII I I -I ,II,.I,,,.,Ii.,--IJ ,.,,I-I,-.I I I .I I I II ,I III,I,,,II-III-I II IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII- J-. II,,,I I,-I.-E.II ,WMI --.I MI., I . k 'III If ,I-III.,,I--.,II-I-II,.I1. I,II --JI,II,III-. IIIIIIWIIIWIIIII,C.I.,.,.II..II,JvI,I.,II--.SI.I. I , IIII III Iw..IIIw,I IIII -.I.,--II III,I-I-.1II IEI.I,II,I,III,I,II-II,IIII.III-III-.II-EI IIII I HI. I I I .I .JI . II-.,,II,M.I.IIII IIIII,,IIJI..IJI.M-IJ I I II -J - .I S II I I . I 1 II, I I I I . I I V III . I I I I I ELECTRONICS CLUB-FRONT ROW: D.Bahr, R,Koch, B.Frasier, M.lves,R.Boomer 110 SPANISH 84 ELECTRONICS I - A YI ' ,..,Iw...I.....,I...... .I.1I.....I.....:......I ..........-I ...J .........I I ....,.,..1 'nun-Q l Showing that maintenance men aren't always swinging to his hearts content with the help picking up after students is Vern Mosley, ofthe Spanish Club piiiata. was eeee -M An unidentified Spanish Club member prac- homer with the pii'1'ata. The inside of the tices her batting average by trying to get a pinata was filled with candy and treats. Spanish Club organizes pinata party This year the Electronics Club had several proposed tours of var- ious companies in the Phoenix area. Among the companies to be visited were Honeywell, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Bell Telephone, and RCA. The students used their knowl- edge and abilities of electronics to build stereo equipment, a com- puter, and a color T.V. One of the problems that arose was the deficiency of funds for the project. Awards were given for out- standing applications of electronic techniques and individual ideas. The Spanish Club was the only foreign language club active this year. Their fund raising projects included a car wash, a bake sale, and an Ojo de Dios sale. At Christmas they held a piiata party that was open to all the stu- dents at Alhambra. The party was a tradition of Spanish people. The party was a big success. As a type of service project the club planned to go to Nogales to visit the schools there and take gifts that the club members made to an orphanage.Other special proj- ects were a visit to a Spanish mu- seum and attendance of a Spanish movie downtown. ELECTRONICS 81 SPANISH lll Az Q . P lv I X -if --' ' " I f SCIENCE CLUB-FRONT ROW: E.Smith, I.Cooper, P.Luzier, N.Fraser, Walker, L.Haugan, L.Adair, S.Ritter. BACK ROW: V.DomzaIski, B. lo- l.Sword, L.Meade. SECOND ROW: M.McCarty, P.Stover, D.Hoffartl'1, hannsen, D.Dassele, 1.Hendry, L.Adams, S.Hunter, l.Edwards, M.Mc- A.Arany, M.Candelaria, l.Fraser, K.FrankIin, l.Davis, I.Bedway. THIRD Manus. ROW: L.Addis, M.Riccitelli, T.Andrews, D.Bradford, E.Morales, G. I - I fmyz Mr. Ziegler, and a couple of students, confer on plans that the Interact Club will undertake as future service projects. be 1 Q' s :is-if :.:f C. I .41 Aware that the camera is watching them, Mr. Ziegler and company de- cide to smile for the camera as proof they are friendly. 112 SCIENCE 84 INTERACT I I 2!'f:EL.,,,.. I' K. : s NB I sas rauum Qt ,W I "' , A he I 4 I H annum : This is one of the many decorative posters their drive for discarded eyeglasses. The painted by the Interact members to promote glasses were then donated to needy people. lx l INTERACT FRONT ROW DRigo K.Miller, BACK ROW: l.Kuwitsky, L.McConnell, G. GHaas KLong SKing KKoehnen, E.Dong. Noffsinger,I.Stamets,D.Haas,l.Hearne. Science Club travels taken through state The Science Club was a very active club this year. Their money making projects consisted of car washes, candy sales, a bake sale, and they sponsored the sponge throw booth during homecoming. The club traveled all over the state to see sights of interest. They went and saw the Phelps Dodge Copper Mine in Ajo, and toured a cotton research center. On their trip to Flagstaff they visited the U.S. Naval Observatory, the Museum of Nor- thern Arizona, Sunset Crater, and Wupatki National Monument. In the spring the club planned to make a four day trip to Mesa Verde National Monument, the Petrified Forest, and the Painted Desert. The Interact Club started off the year with much enthusiasm by participating in the Care-Free Gum Contest sponsored by KRUX radio station. The members' enthusiasm con- tinued throughout the year, which was shown through the projects they carried out. Their community services included ringing bells for the Salvation Army at Christmas time and working for the Gompers Carni- val. Other events were a fund raising bake sale, selling club pins to club members, painting the bleachers, and an overnight bike hike. INTERACT 8: SCIENCE 113 Sw x K K , .. RK 1 A ,K Q I NNN, V K' , , In ,MXH 'X Y. . K1 I U M1 , . R V , ...b 1. n t HERO-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Snodgrass, K.West, D.Huey, C.Marotta, M. Farage, j.Rath, I.Hauer, S.Tsinnijinnie, T.Ritter, M,Dickason, T.Curran. Walke, L,Kilmer, S.MilIer, D.Anderson. BACK ROW: M.Ulbric:ht, I. 1 1 1 1 11 I , l 1 l 1 1 1 -1 11 . 1 1 1 - I I Z I ' I I in 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 11 , lr 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 I I I I l I I I l ' 1 1 -' 1 ' fr -, I I J I E l l' I I I K 'X 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1l'1,i11!1 1 N1 1','L I I I I I R 'J X 'T 1 -t-Jkt .. , ..l..., "UNH 11 W I m .L , ........L....J cb ...l...J., 1 A g...L....4.L.. + 12 7'-'-'- ' U , --f 5 it 5 K L' -- v 1 if .3 f1 ..l-T,.1-T,-.l, ' ' if 5 Q - .LM 'ASR' 'N I ! -J:-r' 'I mf: - W 1,511 . j5'f:Q ., : ml 1 . OI 1 I Q I , GAA COUNCIL-FRONT ROW: T.MeIton, T.Neeley, K.Long, K.Lewis, K. Sellers. BACK ROW: D.Liniger, C.Fredrickson, L.Haney, j.Shupe 114 CAA 81 HERO L- L T 11 LT 1 T L TI -1 ll .............. .av'i""'w.. During their Christmas boutique some of the Home Economic Related Occupation mem- bers displayed the various articles that they made. The items the students worked so hard 8 to make showed both skill and creativity. Their wares ranged from practical, decorative Christmas things, to a terrarium, and de- liciously edible pickles. 3 L K . Q , . pw .x.M.A.......-.,.t-...,s -..- N s.Vi Q pm , ii.......f 5 HERO receives payment for school jobs HERO was a very busy club this year in the way of projects and activ- ities. They held a bake sale and a pickle sale. At Christmas time they held a Christmas boutique of hand- made items made by the members. Special projects that the club en- gaged in were writing to pen-pals in Korea, and doing an Easter service project for an orphanage. The club members had a banquet for the sponsors and made plans to attend the HERO state convention. GAA was one of the largest or- ganizations on campus this past year. Some of their fund raising projects were a magazine sale, a candy sale, and a few bake sales. At the beginning of the year the old members held a slumber party for the new members who had gone through the tedious process of being initiated into GAA. The club members competed against other valley schools in a volleyball playday at Buckeye in October. HERO 81 GAA 115 ,T.,v,,.,.,,-. .. ., 5:14, ,fr , 5 pk L Jrlfifv- , ' a PEP CLUB-FRONT ROW: B. Myer, C. Shockey, 1. laeger, K. Broyles, E. Heck, R. Sacco, B. Wells, L. Meade, Miss Hurlburt. A. Hall, L. Rossi. BACK ROW: V. Lockhart, K. Mardeusz, T. Partlow, .IQ .I , , , s. 1 " 'Q ' . fl vii" Q hw 6 .'f ,"' Mg, fy W .. W"- .. f, ,J Y i t MW t , X, These beautiful cheers show off their fantastic figures and hairy legs Mr. Goss displays his terrific ability of manipulating a basketball around during the exciting faculty-student basketball game during lunch. his gorgeous body during the lunch hour basketball games. 116 PEP 84 MATMAIDS Showing their artistic abilities, the Pep Club coming student-faculty basketball game members paint signs to advertise their up- which was held during bothlunch hours. L1 ' i ' 1 ' 1 J0f..l..1 ' 1 "j'i.,1i'..,rs.Q..i..Q.7,jvgj.'T.T,E..1s,,..x.,..1,..Ic.1-.T-.i.. .1 T.i'..J J ..L......l J....,,J- MATMAIDS-FRONT ROWI 5- Lovelace, K. T. Scarpelli, W. Trakas, H. Osuna, B. Wells, LeFevre, D. Kieffer, T. Baiz, R. Knau, T. Han- L. Parisi, C. Parisi, L. Pisapio. cock, W. Carson. BACK ROW: T. Sherlock, Showing their support for the wrestlers, two tling mat as they perform their task of keep- Matmaids look anxiously toward the wres- ing score during one of the home matches. Fl? . T JW V . X s-is .,. Matmaids, Pep give support to sports This year the Matmaids helped the wrestlers by keeping score at the wrestling matches and building up the spirit of the wrestlers. They also served goodies to the wrestlers after the matches and held parties for them. The Matmaids raised money by having a candle sale, placemat sale, a popcorn sale, and a bake sale. They had also hoped to sell a life- sized lion. The Pep Club was reinstated this past year at Alhambra. Although the membership was small, the club did a great job of arousing enthusiasm and school spirit in the students. The club painted signs to advertise games and during the homecoming game they organized a special pep section where posters were held up spelling "Lions." The club sponsored a basketball game during both lunch hours in which the students played the facul- ty. The students won both games. MATMAIDS 84 PEP 117 'GBR qv' 't 1 i 'M .- -My . fy., 'Y A-1 if K K 1 ' iw . fi 'K 'fig Q 1 Q 'F' 'Y " , E at t W 1 Q .s - , at , A, Ss is , sf' I .ll -rf Q Paul Agne, along with two of his teammates and Coach Hakes, watch as Coach Goernitz X Es . ., ,Xa il A ' ,'Y-"V gf" ,.,-Z' . 2 :ff enthusiastically sells the football players to raise money for the Lettermen. I J I , Coach Goernitz points to a bidder who is pay-ing her money for the services of Dave Hatch. Lettermen host Harlem Clown's game One of the many active clubs at Alhambra were the Lettermen. During homecoming they spon- sored a slave sale in which the mem- bers of the football team were sold to the highest bidders. The club also sponsored a grade school basketball tournament and a track meet. The special activity of the year was hosting the Harlem Nationals Basketball game against the Al- hambra All Stars. The money they earned during the year was used to purchase films, trophies, and weight lifting equip- ment. LETTERMAN'S CLUB 119 The bulletin board in the background of the students learn through this program. picture fully explains the goals of what DECA Two DECA students apply the methods of re- while the rest of the class watches and learns tail merchandising that they have learned from their dramatizations. Set in a possible business situation that might act out how an employee handles a customer be encountered on the job, these students while trying to sell a product. 'Wk DECA-IUNIORS-FRONT ROW: C.MardeuZ S.Carter, S.Wirtz, P.Tang, D.Bober, l.Moeser K.Chambers, N.Englert. SECOND ROW: T Partlow, l.Moore, K.Harrald, D.Nelson, S 90 V cr 1 DECA-SENIORS-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Carver, A.Murr, V.Holomon, P.Louk, D.Miles, M. Kimbrough, D.Grefe, S.Mitchel, R.Confair, A fl O I C 5 'T' Q' L 23- Q, S., diff' JA 0 3.33 Crosser, B.Reed, D.Rath. THIRD ROW: C. Brubbs, M.Walker, K.Mack, C.Fagenbush, D.Colyar, L.Bennett, D.Knapp, P.Edmonds, l.Topel,Mrs. Carver. BACK ROW: l.Fredrick- son, B.Powell, C.Hain, C.Wilcox, B.Mitchell, G.Bush, D.Mykra, Mr. Olivas. Qs 1' 'sf ,. 0' -go.. il! Mr. Olivas,SECOND ROW: W.Davis, E.Rath- S.McCarty, C.Galligan, S.Socket, S.Bright, jen, G.BIake, G.Brown, M.Bartowski, D. R.Zelman. Passagef R.Thomas. BACK ROW: D.lames, DECA helps students obtain job experience DECA is one of the many school- work experience programs in use at Alhambra. In the classroom the students learn how to deal with business situations and methods of retail merchandising. DECA students are then placed in jobs in which they put to use their knowledge of mer- chandising. Alhambra has two Arizona DECA officers. Paul Louk is the state Vice- President of the DECA clubs of Arizona, and Barbara johnson is the Region VI Vice-President of Arizona DECA. At the beginning of the year DECA sponsored a back to school breakfast for the new school ad- ministrators. The club also hosted a regional conference in October here at Alhambra, which involved about 200 students from through- out Arizona. Among the money making pro- jects that were held were a coke sale, candy sale, car wash, balloon sale, and research surveys. DECA 121 BOWLING CLUB-FRONT ROW: D.Groenig, R.Andrews, R.Haggedorn, C.Boglio, K.Gunderson, B.Marney, D.Fitspatrick, D.Mitchell, R.Kenyon, D.Davis, K.Neely. SECOND ROW: D.Osborn, S.Duffy, D.Garrido, L. Tang, l.Preston, l.Pile, L.Garrido, B.Rumsey, P.Barns, T.O'Boyle, M. Chase, A.Gillespie. THIRD ROW: l.Sanders, D.lohnson, Y.Bicoy, M. Montoya, D.Mc:Pherson, R.Wolf, L.Eldridge, K.Larsen, M.Hagberg, L. gawk- - 1. sir R M I Ness, Mr. Boglio. FOURTH ROW: D.Smith, D.Maynard, l.Hartz, B. Myers, G.Walker, B.Fitzpatrick, L.Eastman, S.Lundquist, Mr. Geist. BACK ROW: P.Barnard, l.Barnard, D.Woods, G.Eldridge, R.Walker. NOT PICTURED is Larry Driver, FORTRESS photographer, who took this picture. yff .. ,J T The bowling alley is very crowded while the Alhambra league plays. Manuel Montoya, with the attention of many of the bowling club mem- There are about 60 members in the club. bers, demonstrates his bowling form. 122 BOWLING 84 FTA t98sQQ : 44 ' 5' QQ -es 0 -or lfq?q?.u.?'a-,O 'N 4"---"""" - is Y - -1--1:-1-:-:-:G-:-f ' ' ' v v v v ' .A '2:f:f:f:2:f:f:Z C C C . S w P This picture proves that not all bowlers get alley, trying unsuccessfully to getastrike. gutters. Here a bowler's ball goes down the 'if R i - 1 um Q 'y .... , ' A r it ,A Dottie Maynard and Chris Boglio keep ac- ing partner. Each week the teams trade off so curate account of the score of another bowl- no two teams play each other again. FTA-FRONT ROW: s.Pribble, D.BoIen, P. C.Agr1ew,D.Ber1iIeS,K-Gfegg.BACK ROW: Riley, D.Dassele, J.Steckbauer, I.Shelp. T.Klein, l.Bolyard, D.Giver, D.Thurber, B. .SECOND ROW:Mr. Wootton, l.Helmick, Sewell. Bowlers loft balls at new location This past year the Bowling Club has made many changes. For the first timein its history it moved to an- other bowling establishment. The bowlers went to Bowlero. Here they were offered more. Split sessions hurt the club last year. The club had an attendance of about 30 to a low of around 8. This past year the club got 60 to 70 members attending weekly. Again the members hoped to pick some of their bowlers to bowl in match play against each other. This bowling club is one of the few recognized by the administra- tors as a school club in the PUHSS. This good year could not have been possible without the assistance and guidance of Mr. Boglio and Mr. Geist, the club sponsors. The mem- bers would like to thank "Mr, B." for an extremely good year. FTA members spend their time at different grade schools learning how to teach the students. The club's aim is to give those high school students who are interested in the teaching profession, a general knowledge of the teaching field. FTA 81 BOWLING123 I I I IV.I I I I I I I I II ...J- J... .I ...I I I I.....I...... .....I.....I.... l.....1.... ....I1...I- ...J I......I.. J..-. 4 A I " "I'Q?2:3M'wgr ' ,- I , I - . J -..- IIII -ss ...2.. ,Vx ., V M I . 4 ' r sf "-' N I. wiv? , - , I , I K if X- ? V ri ,,,j ?1',M'L ,FV a , - I I ,W 1' -f : -,' in ,gs is V ' if I ""wJ.x'I' I 0, A ini ,, ,. 24 , Jg,,, I f l g? ' ffQfs'S',:-gi - I ., V ,jf . 'J ,fb 5 - vt H " FV It ' k If ,,,: ,I , , Sci - M y ,Q E I- I" 1 , r sw' IIIYI , , 4--1 " , . I I m.!'.fg:-we ,Wir J W 4 I, 'Wi ,V I F 'IR , 'ik . s, kwin jx Ib'-xv, , C, Q This is one of the decorative ro S desi ned ART CLUB-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Macon, R. ROWg M.LaPreIl, A.Mauhews, A.OIsen, 1. P P S bythe Art Club for the Christmas Formal. Leigh, D.Woods, K.GenseI, M.GenseI. BACK Nelson. .... sk COMPUTER CLUB-FRONT ROW: l.MaItagIiatti, V.DomzaIski, C.WiI son, M.LaFIash, K.KapIan. BACK ROW: F.Freeman, R.HoItz, S.Winter- 124 ART 84 COMPUTER CLUBS mute, E.Abramowitz, M.MaIoney. s C t i -s -- , is J as mils ' .- it Q N ,Fw ,gl IX sims ws,-"fl at .f fix Have you ever tried to talk to a computer? Mark Schander and Frank Freeman are eager- ly engaged in an attempt to communicate with it. Apparently all is not going well with Frank. BELOW: Mark sits contemplating the outcome of his Computer problem. In the Computer Club the students learn to do various projects with the aid of a computer. Talented students show creativity The Art Club members were busy the past year developing their artistic creativity through various trips and projects, including silk screening posters. They planned trips to the Art museum and a tour of student and professional art exhibits. The mem- bers also designed publicity posters for different clubs on campus, to advertise the clubs' activities. The club's annual special project was to help the Girls League design the artwork for their Christmas formal. This year the club designed a snow scene for that occasion. The Computer Club became a major club on campus through the efforts of its president, Frank Free- man. The goal of the club was to teach interested students how to pro- gram the computer to do their homework and play games. The stu- dents then used their programming ability by entering local and nation- wide contests. The money that the club had was used to purchase books and vital teaching aids for the over 200 stu- dents that used the computer room daily. The major problems that were encountered this year were the frequent shut down of the computer and the limited use of the teletype terminals. ART 84 COMPUTER CLUBS 125 r 'MM . 135 W' ,..W,.w- 4.. kw,.,X,. ..M, 4 i .Q N Vr'4,,..,-- E i T w-mix mm wwf -, l'I..XYIX-I1 WW pi L Q .R A . ,, f ,, ki ' .1 Q ' .. it Nh K A V ., Hrs. fx Y A., tp? s I I , xg 'F' 5 ,I 4 x. . , , hy I -lii , ,-.,.M,..,.,.., .,,.,......+.4.. W... i Academics Knowledge towards tomorrow's times I ACADEMICS DIVISION 127 Goodwin, Berger make up new team WELLESLEV C. GOODWIN, PRINCIPAL Mr. George Berger makes up the second half of the administrative team. He was previously the Associ- ate Principal at North High School before comingto Alhambra. Mr. Berger thinks our school is really great, the students and faculty are nice and friendly and the facilities are as nice as he's ever seen. This past year he has worked hard in trying to get greater participation and enthusiasm among the stu- dents by providing more student activities. Like Mr. Goodwin, he agrees with the fact that a large school decreases enthusiasm and feels students should take a little more pride in their school, and would like to see a little more leadership qualities displayed by seniors. Mr. Berger says, "We really are fortunate in having such a fine faculty. They are really interested in the students." Mr. Berger has been with the PU HS system for twenty-four years. 128 MR. GOODWI NXMR. BERGER Mr. Wellesley C. Goodwin heads up the first part of the new admin- istrative team. This is his first time as a principal of a school consisting of 3,600 students. He is very highly pleased with the school and stu- dents and describes it as being "neat," Mr. Goodwin feels a big school decreases the chances for individual acquaintance and students should try hard to develop a sense of con- cern and conscientousness for their fellow students and people in the outside world. The three main things he feels he has accomplished this year are that he has gotten to know the school, students and faculty, which he feels is the most important. Secondly, he has started the de- velopment of specialized programs. He also feels he has been able to get students involved in the pro- cesses of group action and decision making. GEORGE C. BERGER, ASSOCIATE PRINCIPAL TRUMAN WINGO, administrative assistant for boys, received his M.A. degree from New Mexico Highland U., he was a high school teacher for 19 years. MRS. IUANITA LIPTON, administrative as- sistant for girls, has done graduate work at the Univ. of North Carolina and A.S.U., she received her M.A. from Columbia U. KEITH NIXON, administrative assistant, received his C-.A. degree at Wichita State and his M.A. degree at Kansas State Teachers College. ' Carolyn Warner named board president Carolyn Warner, in her fifth year, was elected president of the Board of Education, and Ronald jackson was named clerk. In his second year, the district superintendent, Dr. Gerald S. De- Grow, implemented the reorgan- ization of the District Services Office and put into force a process evaluation of teaching techniques, curriculm and school facilities through out the district. Because of a drop in overall school enrollment, the board had to make budget cuts which resulted in the elimination of some pro- grams. The board set school goals stating that all graduates should be able to do well in the skill areas. MR. DONALD F. IACKSON, MR. IOHN T. HANSEN, CLERK "W" N, GERALD S. DEGROW, ED.D., SUPERINTENDENT MRS. RONALD H. WARNER, PRESIDENT MEMBER MEMBER s MR. WILLIAM D. BOSTROM, MR. STEPHEN S. IENKINS, MEMBER ADMINISTRATION, SCHOOL BOARD 129 Five new classes added to English Five new and different classes were added to the English curric- ulum this year in order to give stu- dents a more selective variety to their schedules. The new English courses include Photography 1-2, Science Fiction, Modern Ameri- can Literature, and Advanced Com- l position. This selective English pro- gram was used this year for grades ten through twelve. The objectives of the English Department were to provide the opportunity and to motivate the student to the accomplishment of his fullest potential in any Eng Iish class. The teachers are stressing the individualized instructional meth ods as much as possible, encourag ing students to work with their peer groups. ' ESQ :' ,5 i N .-am! ,Q-...... -,,.,..........--fx During a Language and Human Behavior class Mr. Trezise helps a stu- students a better understanding of the language they use. Also teach- dent with her homework assignment. The course is designed to give Ir1gthlS C0urSe are Mr. Wootton and Mr.Gibson. Randall Mate, one of Mr. Cunningham's posure on his camera. The class is one of the photography class students, checks the ex- 130 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT new courses added this year. Two students from Comm. and Mass Media work on color lifts for presentation. o-al 'Kr ,,.- ,X F qc? 'an-J' xl' f' TOP ROW: LAVERN COFFEY, Southern Illinois U., M.S.p Reading Specialist, Speed Reading . .. LARRY CUNINGHAM, Northern Arizona U., B.S., Arizona State U., M.A., Intermediate Composition, Photography 'I-2, Yearbook GRACE FREDERICK, U. of Wisconsin, B.A., Arizona State U., M.A.,, Communications and Mass Media, Scope of Language JACK GIBSON, South Eastern State College, M.A., Fundamental English, Language and Human Behavior SEC- OND ROW: ROBERT GROENIG, Hamline U., M.E.D.g Bible as Literature MARTIN KREY, U. of Denver, M.A., journalism, Indi- vidualized Reading, Newspaper Publication ROBERT MULLIGAN, Colorado State Colle e M.A En lish. , NORMA MUNGO, B f -I S - Syracuse U., M.A., Intermediate Compo- sition, Fundamental English THIRD ROWI GORDON RAAEN, Colo. State Col- lege, M.A., Creative Writing, Science Fic- tion MARY RICHARDSON, Northern Arizona U., B.S., Arizona State U. M.A., Eng- lish IANET SELWAY, Western Montana, M.S.p Mythology and Folklore, Man in Con- flict, Intermediate Composition RENEE SHORR, Arizona State U., M.A., Communi- cations and Mass Media .,. FOURTH ROW: FRED SNOW, Adams State College, M.A.g Drama 1-2, Stagecraft, Speech IOHN TREZISE, Arizona State U., M.A., Department Chairman, Advanced Placement English, Fundamental English MARY TWEEDY Wayne State U., M.A., English, department chairman .., BETTY WHELAN, Arizona State U., M.A., Speed Reading, Fundamentals of English Composition .., FIFTH ROW: CLAY- TON WOOTTON, Arizona State U., M.A., Language and Human Behavior . ,. 42,4 ,W 'U' st., Q ,gi 1-23, ' sf ' .Z , ti ii " 1 .. 'fi 155216 y " ,Q Twig. -f QQ , , ,I ft A I 4 , I .4 . .I R' - W ' I I I S-J, Q R171 ggi .TLA Craig Cox, student assistant, splices student Qlasses- Making 3 movie Was one Of the OP' films for Communications and Mass Media nom f0fafl"'alCla55 PIOIQCI' ENGLISH DEPARTMENT 'I31 Communications required of all frosh Freshman Communications was required of all freshmen for the first time this year. The communications classes consisted of various teaching approaches involved in helping freshmen adjust to high school. The main approach used was team teaching in which teachers use an interdisciplinary program consisting of reading, English, social studies, and counseling. Some courses stressed were high school orientation, mass communi- cations, modern man, future man, law, and cultures. The freshman communications building is a multi-purpose area. Students can gather for large group instruction as well as independent study. Mr. Quinby, Mrs. lanssen, Mrs. Heller and Mrs. Fendon study over plans to increase teaching efficiency while relaxing in the lounge enjoying a cup of coffee. 'fv- fbi? TOP: NANCY BEESO 4, Arizona State U., M.A., Frosh Comm. 1Ef N BRITTAN, Arizona State U., M.A., Frosh Comm... . BOTTOM: CLAIRE HURLBURT, N.A.U., B.A., Frosh Comm. CARL HURLBURT, Arizona State U., B.A., Frosh Comm.. .. M F. I emsli l Y its 5' 17""'T TOP: PAULA FENDCN, Arizona State U., M.A., Frosh Comm. GWEN C-ILSDORF, Ari- zona State U., B.A., Frosh Comm.. .. BOTTOM: SANDRA IANSSEN, Arizona State U., M.A. Frosh Comm.. . .DONNA JOHNSON A.S.U., M.A. Frosh Comm.. .. 132 FRESHMAN COMMUNICATIONS DEPT. 4? xl wah . ,Mr QJTJTJI TOP: VINCENT HADL AD, Arizona State U., B.A., Frosh Comm. GLORIA HELLER, Arizona State U., M.A., Frosh Comm.. .. BOTTOM: SHELLEY IOHNSON, A.S.U., B.A., Frosh Comm .... CAROLYN KELLY, Arizona State U., M.A., Frosh Comm.. .. his . ""'Nwa..,- Nr' f LEFT TO RIGHTIGARNET MCGAFFIC, A.S.U., M.A., Frosh Comm.. ,. IOHN QUINBY,N.A. U., M.A., Frosh Communications-. PAT SPENCER, Arizona State U., B.A., Frosh Comm ...ANN WAGNER, Wisconsin State U., B.E., Frosh Comm .... WILLIAM WHARTON, Ari- zona State U., M.A., Frosh Comm., Dept. Chairman. ,. NOREEN WINGHAM, Ariz. State U., M.A., Frosh Comm....NOT PIC- TURED: RUTH SOCKET, A.S.U., B.A., Frosh Comm. Many expressions are caught on the faces of students in a freshman communications class. Linda Cook brings about laughter by reading aloud what appears to be a humorous story. Individual approach used in languages The Foreign Language Depart- ment stressed the individualized study method this past year. Each classroom has a mini-classroom for smaller group work. The oral-aural skills such as texttapes, records, posters, films, and filmstrips were also used a great deal more this year. The objectives of the Foreign Language Department are to help the student speak, understand, read and write a foreign language and also to create a better knowledge and understanding of other cultures as wellas his own. TOP LEFT TORIGHTI IAMESCAREY, Arizona State U., M.A., Spanish 1842 IOSEPH GUZMAN, New Mexico State U., M.A., Span- ish. MIDDLE: LUCY LINDER, University of Arizona, M.A., Spanish, French 1,2817 IOAN PLUM, Univ. of Colorado, M.A., Span- ish 3,4,5,6,7a,8a, Department Chairman... BOTTOM: FRANK VACHON, Bradley U., M.A. German 1,3,5,7. AC' -cr- IN iff, WZ Q, 1.7 . I ' I0 7 V J 'Ts-. bis ' k ,. French students listen carefully to Miss Linder as she gives them help. FOREIGN LANG. DEPARTMENT T33 .Has .1 Home Ec., .A. add three new classes Added to the Home Economics and Industrial Arts departments were three new classes. These classes included Bachelor Survival 1 84 2, Industrial Plastics and Basic Vocational Automotives. The areas being stressed in Home Economics were things such as career education in all skill areas, consumerism, and human relations. In the Industrial Arts Department the main area stressed was all basics inthe automotive program. The objectives were to educate the student in the field of industry, and to examine the promises and problems of technology as related to man and his environment. The clubs active in these depart- ments were FHA, HERO, VICA, and ICE. TOP ROW: LORETTA BATlNA,A.S.U., M.S. Human Relations, Bachelor Survival MARGE MICHAELS, A.S.U., M.S., World of Foods and Children, Bachelor Survival BOTTOM ROW: BYRON DOMBROWSKI, N.A.U., M.A., Wood Shop, Electronics SYLVESTER EDWARDS, Indiana State U., M.A., Ind. Arts . .. .lea as 5516 134 HOME EC. AND l.A. DEPARTMENTS ,,,.---1 .,. ..,..,.-N Students from a Human Relations class enter- tain some of the children in playschool. This TOP ROW: ANNA SNODGRASS, A.S.U., M.A., Home Design, Child Development, H.E.R.O. BARBARA TEIACK, A.S.U., M.S., Practical Home Ec. 1-4...BOTTOM ROW: DONALD KINNAMAN, Bowling Green State U., M.A., Industrial Arts, Wood. . .HAROLD RUCKER A.S.U., M.A., Auto Mechanics. .. 'Q 5 t I 7' class is for seniors only and it helps to prepare them for their future. TOP ROW: LYLE BELTZ, Southern Ill. U., M.S., Metals. . .GEORGE DEITRICH, A.S.U., M.A., Drafting 1-4, Auto Mechanics 18f2. BOTTOM ROW: MORRIS RUSSELL, N.A.U., M.A., I.C.E. ikgplipys tv Music, art increase aestheticism Alhambra's Music and Art Depart- ments were useful in helping stu- dents develop skills to express ideas visually and to relate themselves to the ongoing society. The objectives of the Music De- partment were to involve more stu- dents in the music program. Be- ginning Piano, was a new course added to the curriculum this year. The Art Department introduced a few innovations. The first one was a new walkthrough gallery opened to exhibit student art work. The second was that students from Advanced Art Studio would have a show at the end of each semester. In both Art and Music classes in- dividual creativity was encouraged. Donna Collins and two other art students work on their wood carvings in Mr. Bridge- man's sixth hour advanced crafts class. The students discover unknown talent in class. . One of Alhambra's talented band members plays "The Work Song March" on his French .aspen -W horn in the quad during a lunch hour pep assembly. wi' "- x T T 12 . ,,,,f.. ' f- I ?,' V . ,' vb ,H------,sei-A-'L' 'R TOP ROW: GERALD BRIDGMAN, George Peabody Coll., M.A., Art Crafts, Ceramics, Sculpt., Dept. Chairman MARYNELLE HARTMAN, George Peabody Coll., M.A., Basic Art . . . SECOND ROW: MARTHA MACON, A.S.U., M.A., Art . ., ALMEDA BOATRIGHT, A.S.U., N.M., Music . .. BOTTOM ROWJAL CLIFTON, U. of A., M.M., Choral, Piano PATRICK LEBS, A.S.U.,M.A., Avd. Band, jazz Rock, Guitar, Dept. Chairman. ART AND MUSIC DEPTS. 135 -'-10 1. ha f Diana Liniger concentrates as she does a timed typing in an office typing class. 136 BUSINESS DEPARTMENT LEFT-TOP ROW:NESTORE BARTHOLOMEW, A.S.U., M.A., Typing, Business Law .. .OLGA BICE, A.S.U., M.A., Tabs, Typing, . .BOT- TOM ROW: ROBERT DUNCAN, Indiana U., M.A.,lOE, COE . ., EDWIN GEIST, Fort Hays Kansas State, M.A., Typing, Accounting, Business Machines. . . RIGHT-TOP ROW: IEANNE CARVER, A.S.U., M.A., Marketing, Tabs. . . IAMESCHARLSON A.S.U., M.A., Typing, Recordkeeping . .. BOTTOM ROW: DIANA HAMMIT, U. of A., M.A., Typing, Secretarial Block . . . CAROLYN HAWKINS, Oklahoma State U., M.S., Tabs, Typing. Secretarial block is very beneficial for future Pettle studies instructions from her text book working girls in the business world. Cecile before she starts to type Alhambra mourns loss of dedicated teacher Students, faculty, and administra- tion of Alhambra felt a deep sense of loss over the death of Mr. Harley King, Business Dept. Chairman, on Nov. 9,'l972. Mr. King could honestly be de- scribed as an outstanding, dedicated educator, inexhaustive leader and an understanding, unselfish friend. He felt DECA and COE were a vital part of the students education, and attended as many of their func- tions as he could and supported them in all ways possible. Mr. King was truly a great man and educator. Unaware of the camera, Kathy LeFevre tackles an assignment during 7th hour office typing. Business machines is a very useful class for the upcoming working years, to be successful on the machines. Sherri Patterson uses her abilities to Concentration is very important and must be applied together with skill complete a project on the key punch machine. 1' , LEFT-TOP ROW:ROBERT HILSABECK, A.S.U., M.A., Typing, Accounting, Business Law HARLEY KING, Indiana U., M.S., Business Machines, Typing, Office Work Experience, Department Chairman.. .. BOTTOM ROWS LOUIS OLIVAS, A.S.U., M.A., Tabs, merchandising JOYCE PRCHAL, A.S.U., M.A., Business English, Typing, Shorthand. RIGHT-TOP ROW: ETHEL KOONS, A.S.U., M.A., Typing, Shorthand. . . SANDRA MAR- TIN, A.S.U., M.A., Shorthand, Clerical Block, Tabs. . . BOTTOM ROW: DOLORES VARELA, A.S.U., M.A., Business English, Typing, Tabs. ri , ft 1' r 7 5. If I ' BUSINESS DEPARTMENT 137 Computer Math covers one year The computer math program is a two semester subject rather than a one semester subject this year. Students find working with com- puters a very interesting and knowl- edgeable experience. X pau f f -If f Students appear to be working hard on a geometry test in Mr. Beals' class. Students must have completed Algebra 1-2 to take this class. 138 MATH DEPARTMENT The Math Department tried to in- crease the holding power of the program so that it would have more 11th and 12th year students in the future. The teachers tried to help each TOP ROW: KENNETH BEALS, A.S.U., M.A., Algebra 1 84 2, Geometry. .. ARTHUR BOG- LIO, A.S.U., M.N.S., General Math BILL BUTLER, A.S.U., M.A., Intro. to Algebra, Gen- eral Math, Probability 81 Statistics. . .WILLIAM CONLEY, A.S.U., M.S., Algebra, Intro. Al- gebra . . . BOTTOM ROW: HERBERT DRINKWATER, Columbia U., M.A., Lab classes in General Math, Dept. Chairman.. .DOMINIC GIAM- BRUNO, A.S.U., M.A., Algebra 1-4, Intro. Analysis, . .ROBERT GOODRICH, Michigan State U., M.S., Algebra 1-4, Algebra 3 81 4A. .. RONALD MEYERS, A.S.U., M.A., General Math, Algebra, Geometry. student develop the fundamental skills of mathematics suitable to his abilities and future plans. All teachers encouraged students interested in mathematics. 'wtf' IWW During Miss Vollstedt's algebra class a student concentrates on her classroom assignment. Math requires much logical thinking. Sophomore students from Mr. Beals' fourth hour geometry class prove Solving geometry problems requires the memorization of many alge- their intelligence by solving intricate problems from a worksheet. braicformulas and other such related things. 'R fm !,, - t, . in . ! IERAULD NELSON, A.S.U., M.A., Introduc- tion to Alg. 1-2 . .. LESLIE OXLEY, U. of Ariz., M.A., Algebra, Geometry, and Introduction to Alg. ... BONNIE TRYON, Colorado State Coll., M.A., Intro. Alg. 1-2, Alg. 3-4, General Math 'l-2 . . . LINDA VOLLSTEDT, A.S.U., M.A. Ed, Algebra 1-2, Algebra 3-4, Gen. Math. A peek into a typical math class shows the great amount of enthusiam projected by the students. Some turn their faces away from the camera while others pretend to work. MATH DEPARTMENT 139 Enterprise test baffles students Added to the Social Studies De- partment this year as a state require- ment was a course named Free En- terprise. Students could elect to take the class or pass a free enterprise test that would give them one se- mester credit for the course. One of the other two classes stu- dents could elect was Science and Society. This was the first time the Social Studies and Science depart- ments combined a class. The pur- pose of this class was to teach stu- dents how they could improve the society and environment. The third new class was Anthro- is pology. The purpose of this class was for each student to trace his ancestors. In this elective students learned how civilizations have varied. Students learned more about each civilization by observing pot- tery and ancient ruins. The main purpose of the Social Studies Department was to involve students in appropriate community activities. Again, this year, the de- partment used inquiry-discovery techniques in all of its programs. Types of methods used by teachers were lectures, demonstrations, dis- cussions and historical analyses. f .4-I 'f 'ff -2 -.141-' 140 SOCIAL STUDIES DEPT. :testes 1 Miss Friedman and a student from North High School, who is representing the campaign for TOP ROW-PHILIP BERRA, Arizona State U., M.A-Q American History, Freshman Com- munications ROBERT COGNAC, Ari- zona State U., M.A., American History CHARLES FARRELL, Cornell, Ithaca, M.A., American Government, American Problems ...LIBBY FRIEDMAN, Arizona State U., M.A., American Government, Sociology. . . BOTTOM ROW-THOMAS GOSS, New York U., Graduate Shool of Business Adminis- tration, M.B.A.g Free Enterprise, Student Government... JUNE IAMISON, Arizona State U., M.A., American History...jOHN KOERNER, Columbia U., M.A., Free Enter- prise, Department Chairman. . .LOUIS MARIANETTI, U. of Rochester, M.A.g Ameri- can History. President Nixon, are taking a break while having their laughs. I JOHN MURPHY, Boston College, M.A., American Problems, Economics SARA- MOSS PHILLIPS, U. of Louisville, M.A., Hu- manities WILLIAM SALONY, Arizona State U., M.A., American History ...MAUR- , ICE SHOGER, Arizona State U., Anthro- .- pology, World Geography, World History . . . SENOMA SMITH, Howard U., M.A., Ameri- j 1 can History, Minorities Studies ...MITCH IILLOTSON, Arizona State U., M.A., Coun- seling, American Government. Chris Zimpleman and Gary Baker, two students from Miss Friedman's American Government class, are having a class discussion. 42' Mr. Berra's second hour American History class reviews notes on chap- ter 'I3. American History is required of all juniors. 5 'TN-fr' , U va I SOCIAL STUDIES DEPT. 141 Science adds second level biolog Added to the Science Depart- ment this year were two new classes. The first was a second level biology class. A prerequisite of sophomore biology is required. The new biology class is similar to sophomore bi- ology, except in depth studies are made and field trips are taken. The second new course was Sci- ence and Society. In this class stu- dents study the impact both good and bad that science has made upon the environment. Each course provided students with knowledge of the changes of the world. lt also helped to pre- pare students to live successfully in their environment. Students tried to develop an open-minded attitude toward learn- ing and thinking critically. The Chem-Physics 3-4a class was permitted to go on a field trip to a copper mine. It takes VERNON BICE, U. of Ariz., M.S., Earth Sci- ence, Intro. to Algebra. FRANK BRANDON, U. of Ariz., M.S., Chemistry and Algebra. .. 142 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT approximately ZW hours to haul the copper out of the mine by train. ROBERT MCCOMB, Utah State U., M.S., Biology 1-2, Science Dept. Chairman. ,. JOHN MEYERS, Ariz. State U., M.S., Physics, Chem-Physics, Algebra. . . Randy Absher observes the copper ore leach- ing process at the Cornelia Branch Mines. KY an MARILEE MURRAY, Harvard Univ., M.A.T., Chemistry, Chem-Physics. . .ELAINE ROY, A.S.U., M.A., Biology, Second year Biology. . . LAURENCE SLAVIN, Univ. of Wisconsin, M.A., Biology 1-2 ... RICHARD STANFIELD, Burross State, B.A., U. of Wisconsin, M.A., Biology .. .ALLAN VANDERSCHOOT, Michi- gan State Univ., M.A., Science and Society, Biology . . . GEORGE ZIEGLER, Arizona State U., M.A., Biology 1-2. fy A baffled look comes over a biology student's face as he observes his During a biology class, two students make observations through a mic- friends set up an environment to do an experiment with a mouse. roscope examining the separation and make-up of cells. In Mr. Bice's second period Earth Science class, several freshmen stu- such things as the earth and its relationship to the rest of the solar dents concentrate on writing up their laboratory reports. Students study system and its geological make-up. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT 143 Coed classes combine both boys, girls PE Many new and interesting ideas were introduced to the Boys P.E. Department this year. Among them was the most obvious one, Co-ed P.E. The boys easily adapted to the new class as well as the girls. The department's main objectives were to develop and maintain in students a healthy body and mind and have fun while gaining an appreciation for sports. Coach Morrison rushes over to get into view of one of the spectacular FORTRESS cam- TOP ROW: LOTHAR COERNITZ, A.S.U., M.A., Boys P.E.. . ,CAIL HAKES, A.S.U., M.A. Boys P.E.. . .HUGH MORRISON, Indiana U., M.A., Boys P.E., . .Department Chairman. . . MARVIN NEVINS, U. of Northern Colorado, M.A., Boys P.E..,.BOTTOM ROW: JOHN ROTH, Fort Hays State, M.S., Boys P.E.... PHIL KEMP, A.S.U., M.A., Boys P.E. KNOT PICTUREDD. . .HENRY SANSOM, Equipment Manager. eras. He was also coaching a group of P.E. students in football. 5- A - ,, nr fu 'W' r fe 1 A . 1,3 ' ' I ,px , C 'IT s It z V , K l - V I M alagmft It ,,...,. . rs . W ,gg " - 'r:" ' f MT rw' I ,fx K ,V , A Dj 'hz f A ss -Wi , .N . f 1 i we 1.2,-1' , ' r ,., r 4 ,. , f ' 'fee '75'ff,', -y. " ' ' Q" l W ti 4 ,. I ,, 4 . , .5 . U 3 Z K r - . 1 Q ., - fi -so Lin V' :V A ' or H 9 My-1 'O' J 0 K t lr - .- ' rxs , A still' W , I. . -M , . Q pil : 7' i , ",e ,.,r ' ill' ' . S . f , W rs 4 ,M Boys P.E. undertakes different sports through- sporting and sometimes exciting game called out the year. Early in the year they play that football. 144 Boy's P.E. Department I f ,f I Co-ed P.E. is one of the new classes offered for the athletically inclined. M wav' ww if 9 vi l X i l tw' l ' ll li W' ll WW X ww , i Ah .,.,....1.:: 4 ll x , . ..E"N"' ,.,. N g a n 'st ' so my 1 LEFT TOPS DIANE CULBERT, Utah State U., M.S.g Girls P.E., Modern Dance. . .COLLEEN IESSEN, A.S.U., M.A.g Girls P.E., Self Improve- ment, Department Chairman...LEFT BOT- TOM: LUCIA JONES, A.S.U., M.A., Girls P.E., . .CLAUDIA LANE.iA.S.U., M.A.j Human Ecology. . .RIGHT TOP: WILLARD NOBLEY, A.S.U., M.A.g Health Ed .... NORMAN SMITH, A.S.U., P.H.D.: Health Ed. . .RIGHT BOTTOM:CAROL STACY, A.S.U., M.S., Girls P.E., CHERYL WATKINS, A.S.U., M.A.g Girls P.E., Pom and Cheer Sponsor Girls' P.E. spends some of the year indoors playing badminton against each other. Four new classes added to Girls P.E. Dep al'tl'T1eI'1t This year Girls' P.E. added four new classes which were Lifetime Sports, Advanced P.E., Self Improve- ment,and COED P.E. Advanced P.E. required at least one year of regular P.E. whereas Life-time sports was open td anyone. Self improvement helped students become more physically fit and COED P.E. was open to both boys and girls. In Girls' P.E. it was the depart- ment's aim to provide every girl with enough background in various activities so that she may use them in her leisure time. Health Education, required for graduation, exposed the phycholog- ical and biological aspects of health ecology to students. Hitting a ball across the table doesn't sound too interesting but when skill is added it turns into a popular sport called ping-pong. Here two girls display their skills in that sport. GIRLS' P.E. DEPARTMENT 145 Occupational Ed. beneficial tospecial students This was the second year Alham- bra has had Occupational Educa- tion. The main object of the class is to teach students the necessary skills to get jobs. The program was designed to help students with learning disabilities. Some of the students worked in the school such as in the library, maintenance de- partment, and in the cafeteria. If the students work off campus they get paid for it, but if they work on the campus grounds they don't get paid. The freshmen and sophomores go to their classes while the juniors go a half day and work the rest of the day. Seniors don't go to school but they get full credit for having a full time job. The program coordinator for Oc- cupational Education is Mrs. Stoloff. TOP ROW: MARIORIE LAUDER,M.A.j Cen- tral Washington State College, Special Educa- tion, department chairman, MICHEAL PAPPAS, M.B.A., Western New England Col- lege, Special Education , .. BOTTOM ROW: BEATRICE STOLOFF, M.A., Northern Ari- zona U., Work Experience Coordinator Oc- cupational Information Classes. r-M51 -....... . ,Mi 5 I 'I . A , E - Q. 3 146 OCCUPATIONAL EDUCATION L.. .L L. 'if Cheryl Davis is caught with her hands in the centrate on other matters. These girls are cash register while Sandra and Karen con- being trained to handle futurejobs. N- as-st -mi 40" One of the freshmen students, Karen Lowe, to practice up on counting back change in from Occupational Education, takes time Mrs. Lauder's Practical Math class. Counselors assist students in educational planning One of the main goals of the Guidance Department was to help students plan their courses of study. The counselors also helped students choose vocational trade schools and gave advice on available schools to further their education. Students could also seek advice when they had personal problems. The counselors assisted in improv- ing students' social skills, helping students make decisions on careers, and helping young men and women understand themselves better. The counselors gave tests to stu- dents who wanted to evaluate them- selves, handled various scholarships offered by colleges and worked on community services such as Teen Involvement and The Mayor's Youth Advisory Board. The counselors also planned the Freshman Orientation Day, which acquainted the new freshmen with Alhambra. Pies? Ziff ' i ' ' 7 , I : YF 6' I if L i if 'ga -g it i St 'K "Qlf'f 03 f - V- Q 51 P I 'Q 11 -,I A. TOP ROW: CHARLES BEAUVAIS, M.A., Columbia U., N.Y., City, Counseling CHAROLETTE CLIFTON, M.A., Arizona State U., counseling MIDDLE ROW: AL FOEHRING, M.A., Arizona State U., Counsel- ing HELEN GRUBBS, M.P.S.: U. of Colo- rado, counseling BARBARA HILL M.A.j Arizona State U., counseling SUE MAL- PEDE, M.A., Arizona State U., counseling . .. Qui BOTTOM ROW: DANIEL MANGELSDORF, M.S.5 Western Illinois U., Chairman, Pupil Personnel Services, Acting Director of Pupil Personnel Services for PUHSS IANET NELSON, M.A.5 Stanford U., counseling LEON PETERS, M.S., Winona State College, counseling LORRAINE WAGNER, M.A., Arizona State U., counseling. 'Q -Ff' gl' 3 'f-if I -s., A A .- X 5 ,C I ' .. . rss The Health and Guidance Departments combined to form a project duces Mrs. Shirley Mannion, Deputy of the State Department of Educa- where they tell students about careers in health. Miss Grubbs intro- tion. Mrs. Mannion gives information about health careers. GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT 147 Computer aids secretaries in daily school attendance MRS. IOAN BOOMER, Library Clerk Account Clerk ... MRS. SHIRLEY GARDNER, Bookstore GLORIA GREEN, Registration office Clerk . .. MRS. DOROTHEA HEINSOHN, Secretary, Counseling MRS. LYNNA HITCHCOCK, Aide-Frosh. Comm. . . MRS. IONE HUEY, Bookstore Clerk . .. Mrs. PEGGY HOLT, Assoc. Principal Secretary . .. MRS. GLENDA JOHNSON, Registration Office Clerk MRS. WANDA KIMBRO, Clerk Typist. a iw,-at . E . f I piss i l .ai MRS. SUELLEN BRAHS, Aide-Frosh. Comm MRS. DOROTHY CATANZARO, Principal Clerk MRS. DORIS EVERILL, The new computer system at the school for attendance keeping, which started this year, has had its advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is it saves on the manual labor. I it: is l ! ii li ll 9 '-,Sf wt, .. ff ? ' K 'su I L I A A ,K muh? I , . : ir., 'tt.' . . I X f M' l its s 2. . H c 'Q .fait .. 'i' S Kin ON .9 A if ai: gf t ters """""Tiunuu :QQ Mrs. Shephard listens intently to the problems that confront her daily MTS- Catanlafo bl-'5llY Checks Students' Schedul'-35 f0f e"f0f5 and Con' routine. She is one of the secretaries in the Activities Office. flictsf 148 SECRETARIES l l Many long hours are spent by the secretaries slaving over a typewriter a visiting photographer. Mrs. Bonnie Wood, secretary for the coun but through it all, they always seem to come up with a smiling face for seling office, is shown typing out a letter. TOP ROW: MRS. JANICE LEE, Switchboard Operater... MRS. CECILIA LEES, Library Clerk... BOTTOM ROW: MRS. MARIORIE MAST, Senior Clerk Typist... MRS. ANN MCDONALD, Secretary, Activities. , . Mr 1-. TOP ROW: MRS. PAT MCILRATH, Aide- Frosh Comm... MRS. IEANNE MORTON, Records Clerk... BOTTOM ROW: MRS. IEANNE O'DELL, Aide-Frosh Comm... MRS. ANNABELLE PETTY, Registration... 1- J as .Q I . .. sail r X . iv-"M . X .sit 1? x Fi A ii f iy i r.i. fi if sf K I fast .1 TOP ROW: MRS. VIRGINIA POYNTER, Senior Accountant Clerk. . . MRS. KATHRYN SHEPHARD, Secretary Activities. . . BOTTOM ROW: MRS. CAROLYN TALLY, Library... MRS. DORIS TAYLORN Senior Secretary, Principal C39 . .ggg QQ I iii k. X .'.,'t, f AI, SECRETARIES 149 Visual aids benefit students f f , up nu-,sy .. gc 1 W.. I .iq H! Student Services is made up of a variety of services. Each of these serv- vices work together to their fullest capacity to meet the needs of the students. The Audio Visual Department taped various activities, athletic events, assemblies, and other school functions. They also provide films, filmstrips, records, and projectors. The I.M.C. now has individual study center which allows students to be secluded away from the noise or commotion in the library. The li- brary also has a periodical room with previewing and listening equipment for use with filmstrips, tapes, and records. Mrs. Fogelsong had the trusting job of running the Health Center. She directs varying jobs from giving bandages to needle and thread. On the east end of campus cen- tered in the Freshmen Communca- tion Building, is another library and audio visual department set aside mainly for the teaching and servicing of freshmen. ',,,J' 'VY' TOP ROWS RENE DE LATHAUWER,AriZ0na State U., M.A., Librarian for Freshman Com- munications. . . MARY EARL, U. of Michigan, M.A., Library... ANN FOGELSONG, Pitts- field General Hospital, R.N., School Nurse ...IOHN MILLER, Hamline U., M.A., Audio- Visual, Department Chairman... MIDDLE ROW: HAROLD MORITZ, U. of Southern California, M.A., School-Community Worker EDITH PRATT, Arizona State U., M.A., Librarian. . . BETTY SMITH, Peabody College, M.A.L.S., Librarian. .. THOMAS SWEET, Ar- izona State U., M.A., Audio-Visual Director BOTTOM ROW: IEAN VEMICH, Arizona State U., M.A., Hearing Lab. CAMPUS SECURITY-FRONT ROW: Bunny Labate, Gary Chase, Dan Cruz, jeff Combs, Leon Quacikenbush. Debattlsta Gene Helton. BACK ROW: Leonard Chase, Rudy Santa- 150 STUDENT SERVICES AND SECURITY 34 A A iffy! ff' ff: 4 lm? 4 'F' , Feeding and cleaning concerns of classified staff as Two girls eat their lunch while selling candy MAINTENANCE: FRONT ROW: Rene Forest, BACK ROW: Daniel Lowery, james Schoen- for Girls League during Homecoming. Bert Goff, Carl Henning, George Winans, beck, Ralph Bobel, Allen Weimer, Ian Moore. is N CAFETERIA STAFF: FRONT ROW: David Bolton, Mabel Meyers, Althea Gabbitias, Gloria Drummond, Theresa Moore, Ruth Eichelberger, Ozet- ta Webb, Marjorie Elfers. BACK ROW: Theresa Koegel, Ruth Meitz, S' l 'is +4 cf' Louise Sack, Elizabeth Pate, Rebecca Erickson, Dorothy Allen, Angeline Venetis. CAFETERIA 84 MAINTENANCE 'l5'l 152 CLASSES DIVIQION 5 1 Ywk X QNX me -SN ,-favs I X 'iv 1 Rl ' Yjkxs si " 3' ? s X 5""lll"'h ' 'W' x 5 I 1. .v., ..,Ag Axkk Nw, QKWQX. x 551 X A xii 535 W Y Q A X Q xglij wi V E Vg? gifs K, . A 4. .U 4 , 5 .. X . ,X I g, k X -Q , I N. 'f x' .- , K if " I I Av' X '52 Yi I ,a vs xg . N i 'S 4 QS My N i QQ S 5 we 5 fm-1' 'A ,. ,x Q Y gs r f' 3 -Y 1 3' Q' 1 ff Qi W? wp' ' 3' 1231. , 'NR if I gn.. . . Q, Q Y? EAS' M43 4 ,X ,J -1 x Y ' Q W I C my Stephanie Olson Vice-President ,X Q ,..,.1 r N 5, xy K ,ffl 91 XJ 3 gfgas. . .. is 1-Ygiwigg vf v Q .. My ,A A3 v .Q kg A gd.y.Kki"' 5,0 Kathy Rieckhoff Secretary-Treasurer u f a .R A - M .0 Nl mi , 'Q . ,., V x , 1 . 1 y ui f"' , w ' .1 Congratulations and farewell- Seniors As the school year slowly comes to an end for the graduating class of '73, there will always be memor- ies of all the friends they have all made within the four years in high school. 'f-fifswr S L Miss Plum The realization that they soon de- part from Alhambra High, keeping in mind all the activities they went through, such as the final exams and hard work they have done to try to get all the credits they need to grad- Mr. Nobley SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL-FRONT ROW: Pam Luzier, john Frasier, Kathy Franklin, I ,ui l BACK ROW: Dan Dassele, Eileen Heck, Scott johnson. SENIOR uate. But the moment of all is when they receive those pieces of white paper called diplomas, and then saying good-bye. Mr. Edwards 'xi .www Mr. Beals ZW IV ,,,, , 'i ' fy, ,. ,. K V' W H , . """0w. , - 1' L, ' , ' A x 3 y i Mr. Beauvais CLASS COUNCIL AND SPONSORS 155 Denise Abbott Elliot Abramowitz Linda Acero Mark Acuff Lynn Adair Layne Adams Debbie Addington Carol Agnew Patsy Aguilar Kim Alexander Carlene Allen William Allen Denver, Bice '72 Homecoming Ro alt Florence Alley Angel Amersek Kim Ancona lo Ann Anderson Paul Anderson Latricia Andrews Cindy Archer Robin Ash Barbara Aufrance Roger Aufrance Shari Ayers Steve Ayers 156 SENIORS Brenda Bagood Bridget Bagood Theresa Baiz Gary Baker Robin Banks Marsha Bappe Helen Barcellos Dean Barlow Don Barlow Valerie Barnes Sharon Barnhart Maggie Bartkoski v.,,,X Rick Beaton Greg Beck Michael Beck Mark Beckwith Janis Bee Lou Beebe Linda Bender Ken Benson Kim Berlin David Bervin Mary Alice Best Larry Bice iii.. g.. ' 7,1 A-.i i 4, x 'fi 1 I .-. S , .gh fix' . A X 1?- Q 'Vu 'VU , , 'S a., X, 4 5 Michael Bodine Richard Boomer Greg Bond Cynthia Borg Dan Borunda Karan Bounds Andree Bouty Kent Boyack Deborah Bradford Peggy Bradford Terry Bradford Cheryl Brateman N-.,, Vickie Black Beckey Blackshire Gary Blake lohn Blakely QS, I ...' V in-'-QA: --- l H V Mrs. Watkins, Alhambra High's Pom and Cheer sponsor poses for the SENIORS 157 QB iw X, u ig gg -r 41" 2 lf, Q . ' ,aii-vi' 5 Mike Branham Pam Braun Tim Bremser Christy Brindley Sue Bright Melanie Brooks Debbie Brown Marie Brown Vicki Brown Rick Bruner Diane Bryant Bob Burchett Alhambra welcomes Lucy Wartenberg F iw, In S51 2 X , Sv Wayne Burke Sue Burrier joe Burton Randall Burton Karen Cain Kevin Cairns Claudia Caldwell Greg Calles Steve Canady Amalia Candelaria Nancy Canez Donna Cantrell 158 SENIORS ff 'Q 2 al' V 6' X 'IQ lf, R ,ll zaffefut -in ri' ' A if if 1 -V '--' f A 'W ,M LM ..,. if L K 6 if ' a l A' .,.. 2 22 K X Kfiw ' A 2 'R ' liflgilliw ,wk Mn . 7, fr . L I . s V J T2 Y " is f C M y aw B A as lf B y C A 1 yfg ! K f 4 l mf' fl .' ug ,Q .5 it J Q , 'V 2 '- I , K 1 Z Lori Capps Lyle Carlson Pete Carlson Lyndee Carpenter lay Carpenter Dwight Carrell Peggy Carroll lohn Cartalono Ernie Castillo Gloria Chadbourn C Debby Cheatwood Jana Cheatwood David Chestnut lack Chleva Marian Christenson Mark Christian Arlene Chute Elva Claassen Sandy Clark Carla Clem Diane Clow Carol Cochran Mark Cologna Ed Cook " AP .sf F' f 5- Alix ll :X .fly YB 4 . l I ffm l - ge t Qi . t f - Q 41 QVQB. ,Q mug. if Q3 N' .Q "Wy - . ., ll li qv- 'Q vt' ' 51 -bass f fa it fp l t.,t y ttts 5 'l i 5 i ' F ,. T -01' 1 l ,g ff V N I f t v K An enthusiastic crowd gathers around to watch the slaves being sold during the slave sale during homecoming week. Gi Gerald Cook Larry Cook Kip Cooper Russell Copp Craig Cox Richard Crabtree Karen Craig Mike Crossette George Crough Dale Crull Terry Crowe joe Cuevas ,msg john Cummings Theresa Cummins Thomas Curran Pat Curry any. 44:5 V f fill X f' X411 ll SENIORS 159 Q, 0? ff-tv u Clinton Daly john Dameron Dan Dassele Dayna Davis LuAnn Davis Nancy Davis Wendy Davis David Denofsky Denora Denver Cathy De Prima joe Dickson Mark Dickason Seniors place third in class float Mary Dobos Glenn Doerr jim Dolyniuk Robyn Dorn Kim Dorsett David Dotson Lane Dougherty Debbie Downs Larry Driver Gloria Duarte Denise Dufour Larry Dugan 'au 160 SENIORS E l Lauree Eastman Rodney Eaves Greg Eberle Dan Ehle Ted Eichenlaub jim Ellis Dennis Elsensohn jeff Englert Karen Espinoza Pam Evans janet Farage Debbie Farley ,f' . .av S 'KRW 'Tn-an WE' Two FORTRESS staff members, Theresa and Brenda, watch and listen as slaves are being sold during the homecoming slave sale. jon Fletcher M Anne Fonda 1 jacci Forsha 4 ' Marla Foster - "--'P jennifer Fowler Kathy Franklin . F .F tl QM K rs 9 l s X ,, ze. john Fearneyhough Cheryl Ferguson Leslie Fields Virginia Fierros Bill Fitzpatrick jodi Fleming it .-'tg N C 5 o iwdlrf' gy 0 ga john Fraser jeff Friedman Cheryl Frederickson Roy Fries Steve Frost Francis Fuentes Stan Fuhrhop Craig Fujii Linda Fullam Ann Funk Steve Funk Cindy Galligan SENIORS 161 HrX va. M5 fw , --Q? I l is l W, il x X ' ' ,A '. w in Y x K 1 fwf V ff-ww :fwf 1, 1 ff' f ll A fig 1252 all fl? . l Nelson Galligan ludy Gallimore Wanda Gamelgaard Mike Garcia Richard Garcia Gwen Gardner lim Gaylord john Gaylord Kevin Gellenbeck Andrew Gertz Gerie Gervais Norman Gettings Double session ends for seniors john Giardina Tom Gibbons Barbara Gilchrist Alice Gillespie Emma Gilmore Phil Giroux Frances Gomez Kevin Goodman Randall Goold Debbie Gordon loe Gosiger Judy Graff ' T' :Stl ,M Y 'ti gb N 5 5 L X i Ky I gl 'Qi f 1 1 I 5 -cf 'N - ar- M, ' f K gd -.f-19" -pi QK' fx. " . ' luv 'ft v S I 1 1 1 I gi ,mx ' I v . I 7 9 we S . Ns gig eff l" l I' S' wi y ,G ' .i.:.r 'T Flexi ff "..A Q' i Q Q .-is 1 X E1 bk ffly ng l' 162 SENIORS Michelle Grange Ken Green Ted Greenwalt Doris Grefe Donna Gregson Cheryl Grettenberger Dan Grimmett Steve Grothaus Ken Haehn Roger Hagadorn Marilyn Ham Becky Hampton 'F' , Mil 5 s X 2 ff a Mr. Goodwin, Mr. Berger and Mr. Goss run around while the poms get ready to do their sketch during the Maryvale Panthers pep assembly " .Af Elaine Hayden Catherine Hayes 1effHearne Eileen Heck Ed Heinzerling Mike Heltemes Bonnie Hertzog David Hewitt Peggy Hilliard Kathy Hinton Rosa Hoback Terry Hoeness .525 gs . at A . g g f . if if ,, -'ef .-,sf'h af. .g t' fs tl t asz tsst i , A if K .Y L 1. .SYN x. I , S - X ., ,a.. s. , . . X wfiif'-fa Q - ' '.,: - s .-LL si. ,' ', VLC! g bb , t it it z f e 'Viv ., A V X" 1 vx' 'I' X X I ,. -gg ,, .ij W, , ggzmglfs is ' f ' x . ,tw f E . 5, ws - . 3 . 3 , 1 E. --1 ' A, ar?" 53? N Karl Hamza Bruce Harding Diane Harris Susan Harris Kelly Harrold lames Hartz Matt Harvey lean Hatfield loyce Hauer Mike Hawkins Laura Hawley Mary Hawran 'Uv lv- 5 'Ib it 3 K I Jw X 1 l I SENlORS163 ,W . In ,A 4' - 2 . v 2 '52 lllll fu if 'TW . f X an rs A Vt 3 S ,V 9 5 Q .z ,,, , ' if W .ar t Y .., Wt. . ' vp t l 3: 'fx . 1 . I " li " -ggi ' I '- S I. f 5 tl M, V 4 '-9'5" X ltr ' :j .ftfaff ' ' H' jerry Hofman Debbie Holaday Terri Holland Barbara Hollister Russell Holt Robert Holtz Georgia Honderd Viann Hopper Donna Horn Cynthia Horney David Housel Nancy Housel Varsity cheerleaders build schoolspirit Sherri Hoyt Venessa Hoyt Dorthy Huey Robin Hunter Susan Hunter Donald Hutchinson Rick Hyatt Ross Iams Anthony jackson Maureen jacquemin Carl james Gary james ff x 1 1 164 SENIORS 'YPD' 1,5 C 5 , David jameson Paul jankowski Terry Joyner Valerie jenkins Rhonda jesse Barbara johnson Carl johnson Cynthia johnson juli johnson Kathie johnson Mike johnson Scott johnson Tl Cynthia Keating Douglas Keeling Mike Kelly Linda Kilmer' Pam Keppen Richard Kerhoff Denise Killeen Bob Kimbell john Kimball Montie Kimbrough Pam Kinman Sue Kline Colleen jones Deborah lordan Nancy Kale Daryl Karr I 1' fi ,gf ix N.. ' v. limits La: .1 ...W Two senior students, Dale and Derek gets ready to make their color lifts for their presentation for Communications and Mass Media. agi- Fl'-is M if l 4 ,:,.. l Q- i s rag Q' ind, 3 ,A lt 31 r ,C e'e- , W 1 S. Y V, gg K In M! l M, A il' 1 Linda Knauss Michael Krause Patti Kmieciak Carl Knowlton Dean Koressel Bill Kreipel Debbie Kroll Sandra Kulik Dan Kuwitzky Sheila Lacey Michael LaFlash lay Lageschulte 'f-5, wg-up SENIORS165 411 uf'-gr Y 'lr f M, 2 0? M, L 1. X t ill - 2 r if " :Y Sue Laird loyce Larson Don Lauck Karrie Lawlor loanne Leonardo Lorraine Lerma Cheryl Lewallen Gordon Lewis Kathy Lewis Rick Lewis Deanna Lincoln Gary Lindebak Last year for seniors finally ends Terry Linzey Tom Little loan Long Brian Looney Terry Looney Paul Louk jerry Lowrey Phillip Lugo Sharon Lujan Pam Luzier Alice Lyngar Gary Maack ,as em,-, in ,I bv M mv'-y Z ,, XA :Ma , f gs ' 1 166 SENIORS ew -fs, . L ,, -Q , w n K' i 'fr' fb fc My 'J 17 , --A L ' 9 ' if trflff E F X, ,X ji. ,Maw t,., "a'rL Q 3 . 2 In It I -4- ""'i.,P""" :."1'S"J-- Bob Mabee jim Mabry Patty MacCallum Mark Malinoski Dale Manning Kathy Manske lanet Martin Leodoro Martinez john Marturello Michelle Masoner Michelle Masterson Dolores Maston s,a if 5 iii 5 9 -- X iw S X it slew Evan McMillin Charlie McNulty Lita McPherson 1 Q Mike McPherson fx mf hm ant'-V Lannie Meade Wendy Mecham 'bir ShellY Medlin X iiii Steve Meyer . Denise Meyers -. If 5 4 ft Mike Meyeres ' Q Sonya Michaels X ' f- 3 is X is A f 2 S ttxafilsg i Debbie Miles L " ' i ,i f Q? -E as .g f,... Bob Matock Molly Matthews Barbara Mattingly Barbara Maulfair Steve McCarty Mark McClure Beth McConnaughay Cathy McCormick Deborah McCullough Patty McGowan Rita McLaughlin Randy McMeen Oi .7 wufy tg , 'Wi I -.1 .V -Ms' as fs- I '. ,,gV'l Alhambra high's crowd show their enthusiastic school spirit during the 1972 homecoming game on November third against the West Thunder- birds. Alhambra won against the Thunderbirds with a score of 41-14. During half time they picked the homecoming king and queen. SENIORS167 Charles Miller Katheen Miller Kurt Miller Kurt Miller Lynn Miller Sandy Miller Sheree Miller Merrilee Milton Sharon Mitchell Connie Mooney Natalie Morales Robert Moreno Graduating Seniors dance at last formal Cheryl Morgan Peggy Morrow Gary Moses Annette Murri Denise Myers Glenn Myers Peggy Myers Mary Nash Helene Newman Marsha Nichols Deanna Nolan Blake Nunnelley 168 SENIORS 6 Tony Ohton Stephanie Olson William Olsonv... Susan Onstott Andy Ortega Gayla Papst Craig Parrish Diane Passage Sheri Patterson Patti Peck Greg Pensinger Margie Penton ,Q-. ,ps . DW . . if X 'Q 1 1, ,ll l . 5 . ji: Margaret Pust Bill Quillard Albert Ramirez Yolanda Ramirez Dicky Randall Steve Ransberger Eddie Rathjen Brenda Ray Iohn Rea Mary Reardon Debra Redondo Steve Reiff The 1972 73 varsity cheerleaders take time to pose with their lion for the FORTRESS photographer after one of the Alhambra games. FROM LEFT Bob Perkey Tanya Perkins Alan Perry Carlys Peterson Brent Phillips Michael Phillips Debby Pisapio Bob Podojil Brenda Poindexter Edwin Polk Frank Poole Ethal Prather Iv Nw' N Vi I t K Z S P if ff' W A S -vi, ,rr P ' 3 S '-"L ,. 5 S, tg-V A N . " ' h ,fs f-A A yy i 5 , n fi t TO RIGHT: Denora Denver, Adrian Schipper, Sherri Patterson Cathy Snyder, LION, Patty Sullivan, Karen Espinoza, Sheri Nelson. .f M Z 5 Ek. is ,ssc ' I . n J' Q , V05 , ' 'E W -11 E Michele Rohan Ken Ross Linda Ross Ken Ruckman Marsha Rudisill Bill Ruebsamen Georgene Sanchez Becky Sandige juan Sandoval john Sapp Tony Sbrocchi lane Scott 1. If X Last year for class of 1973 TTT? fiji ,1- 170 SENIORS rt-y SAS Michelle Reinhold Nancy Richards Theresa Richey Ken Richter Kathy Rieckhoff Dan Rigo Tami Ritter Mike Roberts Debra Robinson Marcia Robinson Cheri Roest lohn Rogers Mark Scheer David Schroeder Terry Schwerd Skip Seymour Richard Shaffer Merri Lou Shand ludy Shelp Mark Shillington Lisa Shropshire Kerry Showers Paul Siken Connie Slaney X Two varsity cheerleaders are pictured showing their school spirit during Adrian Schipper is shown shivering from one of those cold rainy nights. a pep assembly. One of the important things is school spirit. But nothing can stop her from cheeringfn0ieV9ntl1e fam- Debra Smith Larry Smith X William Smith Q Cindy Smithers f X Cathy Snyder Q Karen Sorkin , g n 2 Laura Sorkin Cheryl Southworth Les Souza Maybritt Squire DeDe Stamper lulie Stanfield l--ll .,bi S S if Q i Q, , fx, 7 l s ' I i I X -,..f if ii L' 'i'i' S S fs A.. A Q Ui..L.. K t. Li ,r - 1252 1 ' 5. .sa james Stape Ted Stapleton Cindy Steele Don Stephenson Laurie Stephenson Elizabeth Stevens lerry Stevens Charlene Stockton Gary Storey David Stott Randall Stuart Kay Sugar SENIORS 171 ,H-y 3 rf 3 , as Q Q ' -riff? 1 'U P - it M wggwg e it ff 1 1, T , f -aw av . - 1,,5,,, ,Q ' '5, fii?'!' " " -' 4 3 M o g Q " g Ll s Z, , , 1' D if Wifi, bwwlw xl 1 7 I li '! 3 15. J f ,. 4 1 Q ' fm ll f 5 K 7 5 ix f H if 1 Allis ,M .Eff 3 vm. ' ge 1 l fha M ,AW ,544-f N12 l .3 l 1 I X 1 Dorian Suter ludy Swaim Renee Swatzell Steve Switzer Iudith Sword Laura Talamantes Susan Tanita Lawana Tash Steve Teel Susi Teeter Irene Tessensohn Alan Thacker jobs, college future for all Seniors Wayne Tharp Kenneth Thomas Ruthann Thomas Mary Thrasher Duane Thurber Carl Tillberry Steve Tillberry lim Tippetts Wayne Tippetts Kathy Titus Lori Tomlinson Allen Topel ,fwfr f", Visa I l T f-t YRS Q ..t.,,V ,: ' F I ,, gt gr L ' I "C..4.-v f l as , ,V.,, - - I 172SENIORS . g ,, el , , , .si ,-,Lb . .lg 2 rrvlr 1 1 1 'Z 795' 2' ,QP 1 1 lg , , ,W ,ki It l K Q .. T221 Slli llT?,1 x 7' l l tx' KRN , 'V 'lffkff 'll ,ffzff g,'XlVx Q f X 1 - M: E 1 uf!! K !x".xXlx fi fl. -, Steve Townsend Debra Trantina Craig Trapnell Glenn Travis Kathy Troutz Sally Tsinnijinnie Nickie Turner Merryann Ulbricht Rod Urich Mary Valderas Nancy Valdez Keith Vance Ken Vance Debbie Van Dyne Linda Van Lorynen Susan Vold E 1 I. ll We J f to fw f . no f an ' -. f -if . it . ,, I -. il X , xiii ':'1 lt Bryan Wagner Kevin Walker 3-N Gary Storey and a few other students in the photography class write up their assignments. Taking pictures, printing, and writing them up are G x ? fb' .44 A few of the class council members sit and listen to the class president discuss things during one of the meetings after school. some of the things that they are assigned to do. Learning how to enlarge pictures was also something they learn how to do. SENIORS 173 N Kathie West Dixie Wheeler Bill White Cheri White Cindy White Ivan Wilcken Bridget Williams David Williams Debra Williams Lisa Williams Carol Wilson Peggy Wilson 'I74 SENIORS lf f P A Y l Ken Walworth Lucy Wartenberg Irma Warner Chris Washburn Andrew Watson Debra Webb Sharon Webster Lane weible Cindy Wells Kim Welsh jerry Wernau Connie West Class of '73 says farewell to HS ts!" is Carol Wintermute Donna Wittmeyer lim Wood Bonita Woodruff joe Wycoff Brenton Yee Katherine Yocum Laura Young Mark Young Vicki Young Robbie Zelman Tom Zielinski The first team Alhambra played against was work. Alhambra won againstthe Rams. Washington High. The first game was tele- vised on T.V. by the channel 21 KPAZ net- Chris Zimpleman t K janet Ford 2 , 1 55' , , L .x ' f Q9 , , f fb f 1 . Kg ' Q: .J 'f ,.f. M- Michelle Kopp SENIORS 175 You've got 176 SENIOR CLOSING Wx WK 0 S 6 n""'5 X J 495 Nw, -1- 'Q m 42"-J' afdend SENIOR CLOSING 177 YM, if -Fifa E? ' .a, MSF ,M-sv lunlors 'F Lodie Espinoza Q ? President il f L 5 ' x 9 .x y xy . ,N Q5 Ver 4 WK gm :X -' 9:59 ,W g 'H Wh, fy , ,gi J ' 4 A Q V? i 3 , i I x-s ik xxg, 'fx -, .,,.J,... ..,., .ls .l.........L JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL-FRONT ROW: L.Malek, D.Kieffer, S.Gold- ROW: tin- smith, S.Nelson, S.Barlow, B.VanSandt, 1.Bonasersa, R.Amore. BACK Rl1OdeS,P-5mlll'1- juniors debate feasibilit of having traditional prom After three years of double ses- sions, Alhambra finally returned to single session. This was a new experience for all the classes be- cause students have always been on double sessions. The class officers, Louie Espinoza, Sharon Nelson, and Sheri Barlow, have lead the class of '74 for all three years. The junior class made a home- coming float entitled "The Good A 'Rank Old Days" which placed second in the float competition. This year the junior class had to make a big decision about the tra- ditional junior-Senior prom. A lack of interest in the prom caused the officers to think of an alternative to the prom. Many suggestions were given, and the final vote was between Big Surf and the prom. A day at Big Surf was the overall choice. D.Yates, L.Espinoza, B.Ely, R.Anderson, S.Snead, l.Sage, K. Adrean Schipper, rings her hands in anticipa- tion of the outcome of the football game. fX'T's--vvfw it . 'TIF' Robert Duncan Gerald Nelson Leon Peters Mary Richardson john Quimby IUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL AND SPONSORS T79 f M ,,.i A, ls W C ff 2 r Si 1 'fr 25" ' V if Q z. M C' "' , 'X 'ff l I l -fi 'XX f xx " ent-: V N-1 --.f 02- X ' r 1 e it P I 'wif 'v--f....J'.f-iris f 1, l. 1 1 ww-Wi 'hi' Z ryrr ! g 5 I li 59 at 4 -' V y .-,' J, vi I A ,..,s v. ,M V ll f lkrgf-l, I L, ..,,,.. Cynthia Abalos Deonne Abbott Gerald Abraham lim Abraham Randy Absher Nancy Ackman Paul Agne Frank Aguirre Stephen Alderman Manuel Alonzo Sylvia Altamirano Margaret Arellano Cheryl Arendell Robin Amore Douglas Amos Cindy Anderson Koni Anderson Robert Anderson Michael Andrews Ann Arnold Kevin Arnold Marie Arnold Tim Atchley " 15' Steve Bagley Q-:L V A C SX.. x 1 X X 18OlUNlORS Ja '54, A ygint wills! David Bahr Michael Baker Horrible Franky happily poses for one of the FORTRESS photographers as he is also a camera bug He was one of the many attractions at this years Arizona State Fair. Sheri Barlow Barbara Banwart lanet Barnard Venita Barnes Christopher Baroldy Philip Barrett Vivian Barricks Pam Bass Sandra Batarseh Stephen Baxter Marsha Beatty Eunice Beckham Sharon Beckham Paul Bechtold Terry Bei james Bell Pete Benson Erina Benton Lee Bennett William Bennett Stephen Bettis I . Q . C" S - 5 I' I R K -my T .,. , ,M I-. A . , ,t rg W , 1 , Q f W t Debra Bowler David Boyle lohnny Brandon Larry Brechler Rachael Breland Leon Breshears Kenny Bright Craig Briner james Brinton Shawn Bristow Bruce Brown Marie Brown Pam Brown Teresa Browning B ., - - Q 'Eff' - I Q K ' l the :ef t ' l f X fm? Espinoza, Nelson, Barlow and Senate head jr. class Peggy Black Richard Blackburn Rod Blackburn Susan Block Lynnette Bloom Debra Bober Sandra Bock Patricia Bojorquez Mark Bolin lon Bolyard lacqueline Bonasera Arleigh Bonnaha Yvonne Bourgeois Doug Bower if .f - r ,L -i f x , M, gf -v, Q -o-X Cl ' -v fo- in :Q fx ' i ' ' , N . N S B' S -- l' g ,.-. l P at , , . 51, lx I E 3715? ,f -w. x --'14 . . f I J ,uf1y?,g', 02 IUNIORS 181 n vu ...f ktgf' .g R.. ' 5- s X Q01 . l 1.1 1 I ' 'sd wmv 'imb- ..- dxf qv S x A it L? - 2 45 - Kelli Broyles Marty Brussels lohn Burger ludy Burger Sher Bukovitz lanis Bullard Paul Burns Donna Burton Greg Bush Bill Butler janet Byrd Virgil Caldwell Brenda Campbell Robert Campbell ' ,iirr -. . -fm' . .p"C1.'f,.v' 5 1 . 1' .3 . I af '50 " Q. as le 2 J wk , ,, f ,Q X 1 r, 4 ..- t I To promote school spirit with the observers of the football games, the They made many such posters for the football games both here and cheers made signs through whichthe players run as they are announced. away. This one was used at the Carl Hayden game. 5 if 3 - 4 1821UNIORS Q Eliza rtl -.L .5 ,I X' K Q- 1 f 1 . I I 'cf . A K A hr. .L f 'A ' , 'A 'M - - - Q ,..., ..- r . 1 t f Q I v . Wayne Campbell Mark Capriotti Diane Carder lanis Carlin Rick Carlson Lynn Carlton Tonnie Carlton Gilbert Carreon Denise Carroll Ed Carroll Wendy Carson Cathy Carter Susie Carter Cathy Casillas Peter Catalano Kathy Chambers Carol Chase Andrea Chesley Robin Chmelar Debbie Christensen Clarice Chamberlain Gary Clark lohn Colceri Michael Cole Carl Collins Donald Colyar Larry Combs Tim Conway Anita Coon Kimberly Cooper Rick Corazza Benjamin Coronado Katherine Cosper Anthony Cota janet Cotterman Rick Cotton Terry Crabtree Denise Crane Dennis Cranton TalCrosser Keith Cresswell Sheila Crosser -I Allen Dennison Leon Deronde Marsha Desmond joe Dickson Kathy Diefenbach Mike Diefenbach Dennis Dierks Steve Dixon Diana Dolyniuk Stacy Dorsett Danny Dorough Rick Dowdy Kimberly Downes Michael Drabek Kathleen Crowley ff! flf i"3, 6 , "! f f F a It fi Espinosa, Nelson, Barlow Christopher Cudd Barbara Daley Terry Daly Kevin Daniels Fleta Davis Tom Davis Julie Dauphinais Karen Dawson Kent Daye Natt Dean Rhonda Dean Pam De La Lama Michael Dellisanti Laura Delpier lUNlORS183 1 jx 5 f A 'Yr 1 Q was' -2: 1 as EI "S, 6 , ff Na, - grits-r""Z4"' C. X .., ss! 35.1 .. sd, ,H Cf Mrs. Richardson, junior class sponsor, is shown working on the junior float which placed second. 184lUNIORS fir l RU" I M . .fi rw , 'ii H Q92 'i A . . v ,v 4 , 'il Q k X A skiifllliiifiis V.. N f A v ...saws KK l ..- .7 7 Byron Ely Nancy Englert Chris Fagenbush David Feiring Tracy Felix lain Fenyves Dean Ferguson William Finch Barbara Fisher CJ? - l te' IO' Tim Duenas Steven Duffy Kevin Dufty Cheryl Dunaway Marian Dura Tonya Durham Leann Duvall Janette Ebel William Ebrite loan Edwards Alana Eldredge Gary Edwards Mildred Ellison Cynthia Elsner 1. v :?s??!'x "A - , gi .Qs x ,, as M . S I V A ""' rt F ., -s, frm, x . t . -M 2' . l J, -f f 1 fc! ., X if-I 2 ' If' .ry !'I 1 ul C f if Lucinda Flippin Craig Foster Kim Foster Linda Foster joseph Fowler David Franke Bobby Frasier Ronai Frasier lay Frederickson Frank Freeman Ron Fritz Fred Frizzo Bonnie Fujii Tom Fullen Tom Funk Mary Gengler Gary Gall lessie Gallagher Neal Galligan Doreen Gallino Arlene Garbe Catherine Garbe Mark Garcia Diane Garrido lo Anne Gary Barbara Gaylord Becky Gemmell Mary Gengler Ronald Gengler Mark Gensel ludy Gibbons Gilbert Gertz Elaine Gilfoyle Gary Gilliland David Giver Vicki Glenn Vicki Gocke lay Goering Sally Goldsmith Margie Gonzalez Leonard Goodgame Cynthia Gordon Barbara Habecher Debra Hacker Cris Hain April Hall Patti Halleman Phyllis Halperin Don Haring john Harman Earl Harris jennifer Harris Thomas Harris Kerry Harrold David Hatch Lee Haugan X X111 End of double sessionsp large classes still endured Guy Graham Jeralyn Graham Georgia Grant Denise Greenwalt Roni Grimm Debbie Groenig Deborah Gross Terri Grubb Candy Grubbs Debbie Gunn Leslie Gustave Vonette Guthery Mike Gutmacher Peggy Guzman 1.5, X Q . Ll , A L' lUNlORS'l85 Donna Hawran Debbie Hayes Bill Haynes Larry Head Karen Henderson Inez Hennon Barbara Hernandez 4: 5 ..... 1.-ff-f' "NC----W' Q M A - Students from a new class in the Home E C the operation of a sewing machine so they or helpmates. Timothy Hinch Gary Hinchman Deborah Hinton Pam Hobson Priscilla Hoeh ne Nancy Hoesel Ioann Hoffman Molly Holmgren David Hoopes Pamela Hovey Bill Howard Robert Huff jim Humphrey Mary Iler Faith Ingersoll Mitchell Ives Sandra jackson Bernice jaeger Steve jakobs Ronnie james Bill janowicz Homer jarrel Rita jaster Dewayne jenkins Heidi jenks Terri jennings Robin jesse Kimberly johnson 'N i ..', 'X R .Jr f ' jamesjohnson .k F -Q' f 1. 1' Virginia Kleppan Debbi Knapp Robert Koch Kay Koehnen james Koerschner Michael Kopp Beckie Korb Howard Kriol Kathy Kruesel Cynthia Kuntz Ray Landry Carol Lard Dawn Larsen Harry Lassey ' f I , v 'yy r ri z f ' I Seniority becomes apparent as juniors end third year Lucinda jolly Sara junas Tim Kasallis Patrice Kelley Diane Kennedy Scott Kennedy Margaret Kenyon Dennise Kieffer james Kimbro Pam King Sandra King Mary Kinnamon Sandra Kint Gloria Kleppan jUNlORS187 if Scott Lewis x48 I 1 I Y .1 I JW Katherine LeFevre Sheila Levin Nw, Bobby Lindley - ' Diana Liniger ll gk -. , , av' asf 3 1 -K I zQ i l,. Rick Latham Steve Laudenschlager William Laux Melanie Law Paul Lee leanna Leeke 'N ,nf -iv. Stephen Lauer 5 I i f l Debbie Lippiatt Literally beating his heart out for his band is the illustrious drummer from the rock 'l88lUNlORS I Q Y group Rainbow. He and his fellow mem- bers played at this years Homecoming game. ,'-- 1 ,J K l :S M . ll 9. Vannessa Lockhart Lynne Loftin Denise Logan ludy Long Kim Long Allen Looney Eugene Lopez Michael Lopez Susie Lovelace Geoff Luzier Carie MacDonald Karen Mack Lorraine Madrid Laura Madril Cynthia Magdaleno Daniel Mahoney Travis Major Laura Malek Steve Malovic Mike Maness Kathy Manker Steve Manor Eugene Manton Tom Marcell Kathy Mardeusz Louie Marin Carol Martin Katrina Martinez -01 A, 14' !,4" 0,11 H , 6 ff. 5 1 .WW ' ' J Q I .62 4 x a x Mike McCarty Mary McCormick Catherine McCracken Kendra McDowell john McGowan Nancy McMeen Randy McNeil Elaine McNutt Carthel McPherson james Meadows Michele Meeks Troy Melton Kayla Mercer Mark Mercer Raul Martinez ance, Hatch, outstanding EIS VHFS h. ., . si.. Q Ns.: Wh." x ' f 'Z ' . if, V rs.: . i' L 1 A .f ity gridders , . V4 ...- -. f' Sandi Martinez Dena Marvin Lloyd Marvin Mark Masoner Kenneth Mathews Gene Matuzek Sharon Mauk Norman Maul Barbara Maulfair Linda Maynard Robin McCabe Robert McClay Molly McCaughey Suzanne McCartney lUNIORS'l89 Denora Denver sheds tears of joy as she is selected homecoming queen in L l i for '72-'73. She received her crown from Linda lensen 1971-'72 queen. Q 'Q X V X 190 IUNIORS Kenny Miller Lori Miller Martha Miller Paulette Miller Scott Miller Louann Miskiel W fl, -J'-.l ,ff Q " sf, Nanette Mercer April Metcalf Karen Metzger Dennis Meyer Lana Mickelsen Eric Miller john Miller A' M Bill Mitchell David Mitchell jenny Moeser Bill Moffitt Cynthia Mohr April Montee Manuel Montoya leanine Moore Esther Morningstar Larry Morrell Debbie Morrison Ronald Mourning Richard Moss leff Mowry Pamela Mrozek Karen Mulvihill Dava Murdough Charlene Murphy Duane Mykra Ceresse Nada Pat Nance Nancy Nealis Teri Neeley Sheri Nelson jill Niesman Gary Noffsinger Mary Novak Vola Oden Y Rose Parker Geraldine Patterson Kathy Patton Marianne Paul Marilyn Paul lon Peck Becky Pentz joseph Perkins Sandra Perry Sara Petersen Kathy Peterson lerome Petruk Leanne Pfau Denise Phillips .4- gf . X Espinoza rules class of '74 for third consecutive year Cynthia O'Kelly Tim Oleson Nelda Oliphant Debra Olsen Rory Ong Christina Orlando Jeanne Orndorff Stacy Orth Darlene Osborn Anna Osuna Brian Overcast Diana Owen Thomas Page Laura Parisi lUNlORS 191 X . f X S ,f . P ' f C. vc tx , .N .sl ll at 6 - Q E .:'. New if? Craig Reynolds Kevin Rhodes Max Rhodes Cynthia Richards Tom Richey Sherry Rickard Gerald Ricke Kent Rieke Russell Rinda Syndia Ritter jana Robinson john Roche . Q it Gary Phillips Bobara Pinckney Kay Piske Krystal Polk Randie Pommerenk Frank Pope Bob Powell lames Preston Gale Pritchard Debbie Protzman Brenda Puckett Lynda Puckett Timothy Putnam james Pyle Diana Rath Bill Rauch Sam Reader Thomas Reardon Bonnie Reed Sharon Reeves jackie Reid , , X 1.51 , -JHKHY,-l' l's" l 61 1 llti-r-"L"-L- "'?"""T! ,Xl .Isle Michael Roddy Michael Rohan Kevin Rollins Bradley Ross Linda Rossi Thomas Rowe Darilyn Rowan 'J l loel Rubinstein Rene Ruiz jerry Russell Lorraine Rutt jerry Sage Rose Sahhar Deborah Salmon William Sands Frank Scarpelli john Schaefer Mark Schaefer David Schaeffer Mark Schander its dpi ll'f lf Sh lush b .S 1 1 - 7' SEFQHMC e y c au erger Q g .qixf If 5365 N 4 Gordon Scheinost Chuck Scheuch Peggy Schiefelbein Adrean Schipper Kenneth Schneider Susan Schneider Martha Schwartz Richard Scoggins 19 -1 . V is .i -is pffk Af. f ' an . 4 5 i f 1 ft . ' '- we X y J ,. fl A. l Wa. I lm: Second place in float competition goes to juniors ff Q ? . lack Scott Shirley Self Margaret Selvey Chester Seto Doug Seyk Paul Seymour Royce Sheek Gary Shelp Susan Shepard Mel Sheridan Christina Shockey Terri Shuck julie Shupe Cynthia Shoup Bob Silva Pat Sizemore Judy Slade Mella Slagle Bonnie Slinker Diana Sloan fx Q , J, .. sl f N Diane Slobodnjak I Carol Smith Cheryl Smith Gene Smith lan Smith lames Smith Kathryn Smith Louis Smith i ip- - t as u i iw ljli 5,,,,,,, , . ., K lUNIORS193 I 2:1 t Ati tt , 'N . ' K ' an T f X 'A Y X S 341' M 1.15 R S 1 Rf af W fi 7 , ,f .4 .fy S Theresa Spencer Dawn Springer Jeannie Stamets Melinda Stark lohn Steinmann 194 IUNIORS . Q fs Nancy Stewart Qne of the many duties of the varsity cheers the many assemblies. Patty is to get the school in the spirit during one of giving a big cheer. r I ,-IT, . 'waz' W- . :sir Paul Smith Sheri Smith Tanya Smith lames Snead .Cen Snider Terri Snipes Hilary Sparks V. ,, . tf.j,ff"' , , .- Sullivan is shown Robert Stewart Charlene Stockton Donna Storr Tabbie Stout Charles Stow Wendy Stowe Steve Stubbs Pat Sturgill Steven Suarez Patty Sullivan Michael Summers Deborah Sumpter Ann Suter Diane Sutter judy Suttmiller David Svancara xt. R Marvin Swichtenberg Sharon Swaim janet Sword Stanley Szczepaniec Landy Tang Patti Tang Greg Tansy Diana Tapia Michael Tapia Martin Teague Loran Tefft George Temple t fl' lfr ,l ef' -:.,7 X fs Q 1 is ,rbi V -n . kj fr V I Pete Tessensohn 1 l 'Vin X 77-, A Another year closesg juniors face challenge of tomorrow I -f' .1 1 -A Melinda Torrence Gilbert Torres jeffrey Trollinger john Truedson Gail Tsutsumida Cindy Tucker Brad Tully Edward Tully Virginia Turley Robert Umbower jeffrey Urias Linda Urton Patti Valdez Pamela Vanselow 5 . ix, joseph Thomas Michael Thomas Virginia Thomason Connie Thompson jack Thompson john Thompson Roger Thompson Tim Thompson Kathryn Thorn jim Timko Katnryn Timmer Rosanne Timpany Leslie Tippetts james Topel f, r 4' X jUNlORST95 Q JS? as Z: -i if ' "f V r 4 2 ll ,S P r - -is , mf? i K 7 Q- .WT i s Mike Walworth ' " joe Waszak 2 s ,L Linda Watkins ' N-1 3 Q Cleteus Watts t s' " -"' t Q Charles ,,:. Peggy Weigand K W S. :-,, s k LY 5 51 ,yu M XE 4 f Brenda Van5andt Veronica Vasquez Leonard Vaughn Donna Velez Debra Vick Anna Vitez Gregory VonRueden Kenneth Vontz Mike Walker Randy Walker Ronald Walker lon Wallace Randy Wallace Valerie Wallace i wr 'l 0 -Us l i wt A-ff 4 if 1 P""2'Vkfu ' WN. V m Iunior class president Louie Espinoza takes his seat after introducing in the student senate. Others awaiting their turn are Gary Clark, Landy candidate Carl Cusick who is running for a place to represent his class Tang, Kevin Rhodes, and Peggy Guzman. 'l96lUNlORS Cindy Wells Terri Wells Alan Whalley Danny Wheeler Rickey Wheeler David White Michael White Chris Wilcox james Wilkinson Barbara Williams Kim Williams Michael Williams Brenda Wilson Patty Wilson Lori Winn james Wintermute Sue Wirtz Brandon Wolf Pamela Womble Pamela Wood Sharon Wood 19 Susan Wood s .ps i ,- A . -Q1 if 12, l as ,L ' by e t P' "F -3 fv 7 E , ,ff I li ' -- 15 fc ' -04 ,ea vii Nb' I' n X .. .XN Varsity, JV cheers build school spirit for students E Q 1 Louie Espinoza lrene Fierros Gina Haas Lorraine Hardin Kathy LeFevre Sandy Lundgren Cheryl Mate Debbie Nelson Monica Parsons Donette Shultz Patrick Smith Steve Troop john Warren Dennis Yates 1'-3 fa -will mg. l it Bill Woolary Barb Woolston Steve Wootton Janice Workman Keith Wright Mary Wright Robert Wright Liz Wunsch Gordon Yee Bill Zachow Karl Zeller Debbie Zelman Sarah Cardenas Carol Cooper x S X al ,.s.t.,w-firm.: 2, 1"TT"??f 'rss ft Wit r i -. --f 54 wx af X X M IUNIORS 197 ws K7 m',, I 3 I I' 1 fx di ,iz M. " ' gf K-wlifgrkzk -fl if ,kg QM ' f f S Y Kris Qager A Vice-Presidentn : 4 Q x 'Q , . Q X I N. f A ' -V f, ' A .K Y 553' W J 'N M- x X, u K . P -.h ., . A Q -xx W . - X .X nl' x Y K X X 5. 5 , Nj? M ,uf J' 5' .,,,?! in x X ,sf if ? M t - H f'im 3lQ , A V WM' - M' ga " M' " RMA fb Rick Radigggiwg 5' Presidgnt Q ' W I ,, :way Yufi J 'Qing a M'32.Q1 no X 1 E , X an My Q x - . N, I , "XS , My K p 'f K Q K' 4 we - M , . if Z3 lu. s , .3 vt 'w s f . in .4 ..l..- l .....J,- ,.l ..l.....l 'Ll l .jill l SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL-FRONT ROW: D.Mitchell, V.Wells, B.Benson, R.Hutchinson, Llohnson, P.Sears. TOP ROW: H.Osuna, D. l.Molinda, K.Callahan, D.Moreno, R.Radigan, B.Cota, M.Wesolowski. Maynard, N.Miller, T.Sherlock, B.Wells, L.Kimball, K.Eagar. SECOND ROW: H.GagIiardi, C.Alessandro, L.Patterson, C.Kaufman, Class officers: Radigan, Eagar, Callahan Mr. Beltz The class of '75 had a tremen- dous year filled with many achieve- ments. The most outstanding ac- complishment came from taking first place in the homecoming float competition. Long awaited class rings were finally ordered at the end of the year by the sophomores. The rings are to be worn by the class as a sym- bolofunity. Along with the leadership and help of president Rick Radigan, vice-president Kathy Callahan, and secretary-treasurer Kris Eager, the class made encouraging progress. Mr. Meyers Mr. Coffey ffm I ff 'NE' Mrs. Mc Gaffic Mrs. Frederick SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCH. AND SPONSORS 199 43 Connie Abril Donald Acero Ed Adams Laurel Addis Cathy Agnew Rick Aguilar Terry Albee g asses' aa Virginia Alcala I Christina Alessandro :S Candice Allan ' 1 Cindy Allen 4 ' Daryl Allen wr 'Z Helen Allen Vickie Allen Theresa Richey aims cautiously for the bottle on Rick Garcia's chest at lr. Olympics. 200 SOPHOMORES vw- rv-l is H .. l .Ji 5 fff',f?,5:f0 ll 3' ,if l HT ,Y 5 I I , . 9 l I of r.. Q .ji ,,.,, 4'5- . r f ,iff A I 'f ' 7 t qi 1 J I 1 f gm . ,,y ,I , , W A Adam Angulo Alex Arany Kirsten Ash Robert Ashenbrener Laura Asmuth Keith Azlin Mary Baiz lana Bagley Becky Baker Donald Baker Donna Balestrieri Mark Band Donald Bankowski lon Banks Carol Barcellos Paul Barnard sl .pf r V f 55'll I l K 1, H 1 ,, 1 fm - . rr ' I Q A 3 X , . uh. 1 w Q H1- -5- -.-. Timothy Alley Susan Allison Daniel Alonzo Kevin Alt Steve Altamirano Timothy Alves Charles Ancell Betty Anderson Cynthia Anderson Darcy Anderson Karen Anderson Michael Anderson Vickie Anderson Ronnie Andrews alll slr , , ff, A llll 1 llll Willly A X l LH Q,. -..-H L7 ci 'Tx -,sf wx ff fe Carla Barnett james Barrett Karen Bartholomew 1, .:e, i ,, . ,L ,, Lorrie Baroldy Y 0 ,, 4 xy: L .24 -v i 1 C fx " dll 4 V x t X VD Q lx ,I sf f ! f 1 -1 I L i. il. Beverly Bartkoski lohn Bayley Thayne Beard Cindy Beckett Paula Begin Daniel Bell Pat Bell Wayne Bennet Nancy Bennion Becky Benson California tests prove soph. maturit Edith Bentley Rosann Berg Laurence Bergmann Dawn Beyer Susan Blackman Linda Blair Christine Blake james Blakely jody Blachfield David Bland Theresa Bockelman Crystal Boglio Debra Bolen Lou Bolick Margaret Boone Tonni Boorn Deanna Borg Thomas Boruff Catherine Bosson Kathy Bottcher Susan Bowman crass it 'UI . it , vi l . .. 'V T ' '. 'fr .f N L t L . ,S Vi i . 5 - ' ' el f .rf VX fi! is I -.Q , ' 1 x f 2-1, N ,iff 7 A N. 1 .4 -J t .41 Richard Boyack james Bradford Laurie Brehmer Barry Braun Nancy Braun Dolores Breshears Daniel Brewer Cynthia Bridges Steven Broadbent Bill Brooke Terry Brooks Dale Brown Lynne Brown Randy Brown SOPHOMORES 201 J fl, S I .5 1, im' 1? l F5 l'j?i Sally Brown Sheryl Brown Wendy Brown Robert Broyles Caroline Bryant Shirley Bubb Chuck Burks S A? if Two unidentified students are caught by a sneaky FORTRESS photog the year many sudden outbursts of rain fell on Alhambra's campus. Oh Dwight Burley Terri Burns leffery Burton Melinda Byrd Kathy Cain Karrie Callahan Kathy Callahan Pamela Callaway Rosemary Canez Toni Carter Thell Carpenter Sheryl Carson Drene Cassity Ana Castellanos Steven Castillo Ioanne Catalano Kathy Chapman Erin Charles Nancy Chase Anthony Chavez Linda Cheatwood Russel Chepeus David Chesley Cindy Chewning Randy Child Mark Childress William Chism Brent Christy :W Robert Clark Steven Clark Barbara Clauson Nancy Clem Richard Clucas Kenneth Cluff ,fi is ,el E Y f x x l il x - A Lorri Colwell Lenny Com bs Ronald Compton Vickie Compton Paul Conrad William Conry jordan Cook Linda Cook Sophs receive long awaited class rings Roberta Cook Karen Cooper Scott Copp Cindy Coplen Rhonda Corchinski juan Corona Lorraine Cordova Alvin Cota Cindy Cottew Don Cox Perry Cox Paul Craft Robert Crowe Gail Cummings Gifford Dallas William Dapke Diana Dassele Robert Davey Cheryl Davis Robert Davis Robert Davis i fav gf ima sk xg tv ' ' t .af c 1 v 'v ' A 41 tri' t H .yi ,. hw LQ -,Q X ar' Karl N, y r a sm' S Krl- if la l X7 . 1 , .KJ . .Att ., I, Susan Dawson Scott Daye jeff Denney Keith Desplanques Kristine Dice Kim Diefenbach Eileen Dixon Kathy Dominguez David Donald Paul Donald Evelyn Dong Michael Domzalski lames Doran lacqueline Drake SOPHOMORES 203 Cynthia Dudley Susan Dunn Tillie Duran Kristine Eagar Ron Eberling lohn Edwards loe Ehrhardt james Elam Lee Ann Elsensohn Gene Ellington Edward Elliott Alan Emery Yolanda Encinas Karen Engelsen Dawn Springer, activities committee chairman, smiles happily as she announces the pom pon's next dance at a pep assembly. Christopher Evans john Evans Richard Everhart Robert Fallers Gary Favata Rebecca Fearing Ralph Figueroa Vicki Filipek Ann Fink Robert Fisher Dennis Fitzpatrick Mike Fleace Fred Fleming Bradley Ford 204 SOPHOMORES N it Razz: N y ,i I cw, Andres Escudero Dale Ester Lee Ester Michael Enright joseph Estrada Karen Etzkorn leanette Eubank Barbara Evans 'Thx ,.t 1 1 avg K v . J C F-ll ' A -,R qi.. N -'u.,,,' , g.. vw . 'ffI"':::'9'9r 4::."l!I"-usa" -.,-:uni . -.,h-.., ,x .-iv- . nay: 1 it S Y VT f X M IB lohn Fox Angela Frederickson Dennis Frey Marla Friedman lack Fries Lyle Friesen Denise Frisk Viola Froese Marshall Frost Richard Fuller Robin Gerber Charles Gerick Elizabeth Gervais Dorothy Gibbons Soph make discoveries in biolog lab Ellen Gilmore Evelyn Gilfoyle Glenn Giver Cindy Goering Mike Gomez Christine Gonzales Richard Gonzales Debby Gordon Deborah Gore Edward Gorry Cindi Gothard Lori Graham Debbie Gray Clifford Grange Cheryll Green Laura Green Christopher Greer Kathryn Gregg Susie Grettenberge john Grigg Francis Grossberg I' t -. Q, 4 . Q X . l bw? C A 7 3 ts. K X : ,sh A .- -S . .,. ,fi if , 1 3 .li , L S i 'H e' r ,X we-l In nv f I fi lgfsxx. l Debbie Guffey Debra Guthrie lay Guthrie Laurie Gutscher Amy Gutmacher Laurie Gutscher Margaret Hammerl layne Hancock Charles Hankins Kenneth Harbison Karen Harbold Mary Harding Eveline Hartkamp Helene Gagliardi SOPHOMORES 205 ,, During a field trip to Aio, a Chem-Physics student looks curiously at a rock crusher. Karen Gensel Steven Harsoison Denise Haas Don Habecker Randall Habenicht john Haeuser Philip Hagadorn Melinda Hagberg DonaKay Hakes Mark Halladay Dana Hamilton Margaret Hammerl Charles Hankins Karen Harbold Kenneth Harbison Mary Harding Vicky Hartwig jay Hasenberg Eveline Hartkamp Diane Hauer jacqueline Hawkins Tracy Hawkins james Hayes Gary Hays jackie Hazelip Dawn Hebert Hans Heck jerome Heck 206 SOPHOMORES fi '21, , , if Terri Gale Chuck Gallagher David Galligan Shelley Galligan Glenn Ganes David Garcia joAnn Garcia Laura Garrett Luis Garrido Debra Gastineau Paul Gault Phyllis Gelnett t J ,. .-g-if? K ...f . ' ,' 1 I j7'll:'lllX f I V I -ag:-Qs? ' ' ' fr., .1 n 4 A K A 71" 'NG f N K .L ll f slim Catherine Helein Mary Helmandollar Rebecca Heltemes james Hempen Barbara Hemphill jeffrey Hendry Donna Henk .. v... 5. X . ' l Biffle 'gi Rosco Henry Elizabeth Hermanowski Vincent Hernandez Ronnie Hertzog Wade Heuett Shirley Higuera jack Hilton Good season for junior varsity football Louise Hinch 'judith Hinton Pat Hintz Vickie Hogan Nancy Holaday Stephanie Holaday james Holl Robert Holmes Wanda Holmes Michael Holt Deborah Homsey Kathleen Hopper john Horal jerry Horner Carrie Howard Sally Hower Dale Hoyt Debra Huckabee Cynthia Hudson Lorraine Hudson Bill Hughes S' . -Efllfiaiff'-R'-Will. . N g:,Q.w,.y. 5- .x. - Ewa - . S l --f tx ,- Bob Hughes Lisa Huling If lt f.. l Lauren Humble Gayle Humphrey james Hunt 5 judy Hunt jim Hunter Roxanna Hutchinson Swana Hyslip Carol Irwin Robin Ives Deborah jack Keith jacks Willard jackson SOPHOMORES 207 Wt it ., K- 984 jim Holl peers up and up at Bob Perky at one of our football games, to give Q 1 X cv- LW? If , . 1 A. l 1 Q J X 'J . Shelly jenkins Cynthisjervis Barbara johannsen Laura johnson Roger johnson Curtis johnston C . .S f 4 xt ' x , , fj' as X Carroll jahner Cynthia james Laurajamrozik Bill jenkins T137 X 'ti him some encouraging words.jim is sophomore manager ofthe varsity team. sl , ,.,.,,. Z ":f' 1 ff' ff so is , 4 1 lx "" M -- V asa., N - .. 'tl x i i' ii" il - s iis R C' , A , Lt A .k,.s fav 6 1, 3 7 ggi N! 1. 'wi t. b L' r r U , gf if f 4 . X t V r Q, ' , - " jf? l 4 .. "' ' -I ' I ir, 4- ' -2' .Siu gfQs Q ,ga , a .- w HW? i Y ' . 1' F , 4 lilf in 5 NX 1 Na . ' --e X 1 ef ,ST .Q 1 .Rr 2 if 4 1 Q ,..,.zi fi , 208 SOPHOMORES 'V l ' ep ist-f ' 5 ' ' . , ,SV L ,oi i t 'aa , Q i . Robert jones Susan joseph Elizabeth Kaufman Karen Kearney Gregory Keidel Christine Kelletter Stephen Keller Karen Kennedy Howard Kennemer David Kent Richard Kenyon julie Kerr Denise Kidney Don Kieffer Scott Killeen Leanna Kimball Keron Kimbrough Karen King Sabrina Klein Terry Klein Rachelle Knau if WSW 5455 L fv ew- 4 nl If s..f .sri ll! vi U I . ,, - " 71 xv- rl 1 'MJ' - ' ' 1 5 1 l . ,ffl ' 5 f ' " Q t fl fl L: .'-f in ll l Tammy Koch Michael Koegel Robert Kokaska Stephen Krcina Robert Kreel Elizabeth Kreipel Bradley Kroll Phil Krznarich Robert Kunlin Robyn Kuske lanice Kuwitzky Steve Lacy Teresa Ladra Patrick Lahaie Rick Racligan presides over "Class of '75" Linda Laidlaw William Laird Bryan Lambie Calvin Lamp Vicki Lappe lay LaPrell Michelle LaPrell Donna Larremore john Larson Mike Larson Terri Laux Charles Law Kathy Lawlor Michael Ledbetter Martha Lee William Leonardo Mike LeRue Edward Lerma Mitchell Levin lody Levitt Tracy Lewallen W 4 att., g , , f S C ll. . Q l it 1 ll if .Rf X , " nu C s l ' i fa: K . E' 1 1' 4, 3. . -. ,- QL Q. 472 - K . , K rg' y. it i I 3 l 'Nurse If 7 ax, 'Tx Kendra Lewis Lafonda Lewis Thomas Lewis Louis Little -s x J' x -t ,.... , , ff 'vs -' ,J li Q, S x 4' 2' -.sf r I' v 5 sf'- f . , H Ernie Lizarraga Denise Long Diane Long loAnn Lopez Tommy Lopez David Lopez Russell Louk Alisa Lundgren Connie Lutz Tony Lutz SOPHOMORES 209 A L-X Roger Lyster Diana Mabbitt Michael Macari David Madison Kenneth Madsen Ellen Magouirk Deborah Malarek 'rss -- Lit ti r "" 'f z X X xx Q , X Y es U , N t 5 , 1' R sl va. V x X 1 L E fi tt X - E r r -, P - if it 3 x f 3 lugs l I K -is .. During Homecoming alot of interesting activities were held throughout glimpse of the goldfish swallowing contest. Who ever heard of lions the week. Many students try to squeeze tightly together to get a quick eating goldfish? Unusual, aren't they! l siis it iiii Arnold Maldonado if A 'i-ii' A r A Y Mike Mallard D' ' ' 1 " , X5 joseph Maloney A A 2 A ws janet Manor ,Q g g h A g A D --is Regina Marble K ' if-5 ' " ' V Eliseo Marez it gi. , 3 Vincent Marone ' ii 4 , Q, " f , H Lisssqw 1-wlmifrai re.: if I .,,:,:, ., Q , Iames Mamhall t i 2 Rodnel' Maftln - Q! N Richard Martindale -ti' 5 . - I I Henry Martinez E iiii D iilf A - , Katherine Massetto ly 'dl g ,, 5 Q i Ax - - K .f V! Aix sr: Harriet Massls f . g gi , wig: Denise Masterson A ' , f l K !, l Z, H 5 .,,. . 1 K ' .1 iit- J ' W 3: 1 A 'TS i -.1 sm' ,t:- S - K 7' Q E :ff ra ge z F 'g ' -lf! , . iiii ' i we r Bruce fviatlgck Q .kk. ish . . - Anita Mattingly tits irsi ' ' Q , , Tamala Mattox I I A, I R... .1 ' 53 'il " U ., Kirby Mayberry 5 K N be 1 I Dottie Maynard V 3 r A Rh'-g f Z ,515 gg Rena McCarroll I M . x , gg :" I X :flilf 'IJLIHEE fffffif A WY - , . f ,Q , ' .tt f51i1:' --I1-fi: i- " 4' f E ' Mlfkel' Mccafthl' f S " ' ' as D tt. ,.,.. ' t Q Q Dana MCClUf9 Q - it ti- . ii N 7 1 . . we 1 .V K -.-: 2, 2-5' :Mr ,, Richard McConvllle W - ' I f 'D i i i"i , ' Roberta McCormick v S , -. - Michael McConnaughay RN 4' ,X ts t it'ii Q Lucinda McConnell af il , K 'K X ff. '- Michael McCoy L X 3 it ,. T ,S if fi .. 1, K A - X www-mf.t,..,. ,..e cw-.sf f 'N X haf" f-in ifgk I - K i mi - E . K, ..---, Mase gt .t, . , 1 , ,, K. t t. . . ug,.MNk Z 210 SOPHOMORES s 3 g K lm by " Q I X 'Q 9 lt '1 if X M . 1 i J ax ' wig' 7 K lb LSL , Rig! sa 'Q Q is , X l l s Dawn McCrery Tammy McDonald janice McElhaney jonathan McHatton Gale McKennon David McMahon - A r H 41' ' TonyMcCue fl x Ml f Mark McManus Stephen McMillen Linda McNeil Tamara Meeks Trena Melton jane Mercer Arthur Merchant Sophs display enthusiasm in activities Gregg Merdick Grace Merski Therese Messer julie Miles Daniel Miller David Miller janet Miller Loni Miller Lori Miller Marilyn Miller Rene Miller Roberta Miller Rodney Miller Todd Miller Terri Minear Bevey Miner Gail Minster Carol Missler Craig Mitchell Debra Mitchell Laura Moeser '1-QS ll A ffl I V' '1TL" It if il ,X :Inj 4' 5 . V :fx I ul gf., joleen Molenda Daniel Montoya Brenda Moore Eddie Morales Diane Moreno john Morningstar jack Morrison Dennis Morgan jeff Moser Cristine Mountz Karen Muler Kerry Mulvihill Mike Munoz john Murdough gf SOPHOMORES 211 km K, W L kr si X-E 17? X X. Q if it l lg f i 2 L r f w tg l U RL? 1 mfg. , 'X ' P4 is - ' ttf Linda O'Kelly Richard Oldfather Randy Oliver lean Olsen Steve Olson Tim O'Meara Hortencia Osuna Robin Oswald Belinda Otero john Otten Dana Ottwell Rebecca Pack Carol Palmer Frances Park "1 T' X sc ,-Q1 m 'iff ew v Q Q xl E Lynn Murphey Samuel Murphy Greg Murri William Musgrave Leslie Nashold loanne Neideffer Debra Nelson Pamela Nelson Leyder Ness Lorie Newmeyer Donald Nicholas Carol Nielsen Kimberly Noel Laurel Norris Pamela North Peggy Nunez Mr. Wootton excitedly announces one of 212 SOPHOMORES " 'U ' I! Q 5 Alhambra's victorious football games. X L ., i... 5 5 . A-5 l .4 , .4 , lo Anne Parker Scott Parker Debra Parra james Paschal Patricia Patino Daniel Paton Bradley Patrick Venetia Patrick Daniel Patterson Lori Patterson Gregory Paulsen Deanna Peck William Pendrick Richard Petkiewicz v -Q-a Man Clifford Pryor Daniel Qualtire David Quillard Richard Radigan Steve Radnich Maria Ramirez David Ramos Michael Ramsey Wayne Ramsey lanice Rankhorn Ann Rauch Robin Rauch Marsha Ray Shannon Rayburn Georgia Reader Kay Reed Ricky Rees Norma Reeves lill Revels Edward Rexrode Dorene Reyes Merlin Petrovich lohn Phillips Laura Phillips Debbie Pine Robert Piske Kathleen Polk Cynthia Post james Potter Laurie Potter layne Powell lohn Power Robert Prather Sandra Pribble Blain Price goals are reached by sophomores LT V lynn 5 2 g Ll? g Sf. gi -1' ft.i q .:, l ,X 9 VJ 4 1 '55 i Deborah Reynolds Lonnie Reynolds Mary Riccitelli Cathy Richardson Rhonda Richardson Patricia Richling Sherman Ridlon Edwin Riemersma Laurie Rigo Patricia Riley Lynnette Riplie Gail Ritter Andrea Robinson Miquel Rochin SOPHOMORES 213 Linda Sager Rita Sahhar Patrick Saltsman Mike Sandoval joey Santa Maria Karl Saran Diana Schauberger Dahl Schipper Bill Schmidt Madelynn Schoonover Steve Schwartz Steve Scofield Brenda Scott jesse Scott Sue Scrivano Paula Sears lon Selby David Self Kerri Sellers Bob Semmens Petra Seniuk suv 214 SOPHOMORES Kathy Rockenfield Randy Roest Patty Rogers Londa Rolf lulie Rosales Rhonda Roseberry Karen Rosga Karen Rucker Brenda Rudd Kim Rudisill Debbie Rush Robin Sacco Ignacio Saenz Mary Sage Caroloyn Sermeno Dean Severson William Sewell Rhonda Shapiro Elizabeth Sharp joe Sharp Bryant Shaw Tamma Sherlock Cindy Shively Charles Shropshire joe Shrum Lorie Shuck Shelley Shultz Steven Siken X S H .J f'- T 1' .x 1. ,I of 1 X ffl 'S il 5 1 fi . , Russel Sincavage 1-gs g ' A 1 gg Steve Slobodnjak V D " S "' L L L ' Mark Sloggett r " L George Ann Slogum X ' Roseann Smallidge Ronald Smead David Smith ff' ? he ll 44 Sw 'l z ll 'l K K I ll f li ' I ' QR I Dennis Smith ASW i t Edward Smith Karen Smith Kathleen Smith Linda Smith Mark Smith Non Smith Sophs fatten treasur for '74 prom Robin Smith Tammy Smith Timothy Smith Ronda Snyder Andy Solomon Terrence Soloman Louise Sonney leffery Sorensen Sheree Souza Lisa Sowers Denise Speegle Cynthia Spitler Robert Spizarny Bridget Springmeyer Ron Stanfield Ben Stanton loanne Stape Debbie Starkey Melinda Staten Rosemary Stathakis loy Steckbauer fy' ' s. X35 ., I ' . l gx ,t.... X .. l N-rant rl X I gl X g VZ. g Z rf, A I iii f - I x , to lift l 1 'ff' lr' - ' u ,J J A-y., yl r A L ' fl ! I I In A V VK L it ...Lt N Q ,Q jg 1 L' 0 Q, 5 7 Qt' . . ' r ,st ii i , I 1 Q -Q, xl 5 'T"' T - " ' Y. x A H35 ,pr Q, I 1 , ' ' W 5 l" n o gf' at l W "i-. 'Puff t . 1 5 Ja- r ' L , 1 5 , 4 ' .t,-"X at . rw 15:2 . 1 T , tru ,-1 I 'Na-ff .1 ' -4 St ,Q-1. ,n. fffx- Kevin Stein Bruce Stephenson Lori Stephenson S' Michael Sterba james Stevens Rick Stevens X Douglas Stevenson Matthew Stewart Mark Stewart Thomas Stewart Sherry Stilwell W Robert Stone Cindy Stonebraker , ' Lloyd Storr V? ,. ', ,, 1- SOPHOMORES 215 Mark Teller Donna Tennessen Craig Teraji Cristi Timko james Themelis Cleta Thomas Tammy Thomas lennifer Thompson Laurel Thornton Tamara Tomecko john Topel Robyn Towles Mark Townsend Bernardine Townson Russell Trautmiller Sharon Trollinger Kenny Troutt Karen Truitt Karen Truman Macie Turner Stephen Turza Nancy Tuttle Ross Tyree Robert Uekert Beth Ulingworth Larry Urias Charlie Uyleman Don Vache 4 ff, T 'W is tu x xt ffm, 1 , N is i K ggi. g 216 SOPHOMORES 1 lt . f 1 it x 1 'X t ev 5 'S S . sa ,,.. t rf .Ay , t +3 I l , ! 1 Q.. v ,..., 1 ff- i . ,Xp Patty Stover lack Stowe Cheryl Strachan Elizabeth Strednak lim Stucky Don Sturgill Marsheill Sugar Richard Sullivan Katherine Svancara Sheldon Swain Ronald Swaney Thomas Swatloski Vickie Swichtenberg Vincent Tarantino ,4- V I g ,jsjsz 4' vt R ' ' Ni X kt l X .ft s K Y XNX' . Q -S l + -z X . Jetj qu U il' 4' 1-X... ij .-f. ik K, ,, X . .Cf S, -' aww R N... -if ,,. C1 L x i 5 1? lgwlfis . ,s C... -Q lj" -..f 'xp 4 f X . ,. - 21 y i , 'N 1 ' - to Denise Van Keuren Linda Vargus Bob Verdugo Mark Vise Beverly Wadley Scot Wagner Sharon Wagner Dan Wakefield john Waldrop Bobby Walker Dallas Walker Donna Walsh Richard Ward Tim Warinner jay Warling Debbie Watkins Guy Watson Doug Weatherman Danny Webb Patti Webb Cheryl Weible Diana Welch Rebecca Wells Vici Wells jeffrey Welty Martin Wesolowski james West ' Sally Weyeneth V X Q.::,fS ' -Q . .4 xx X 5 x .Q xt Q X ,. '94 9 - 6, ssl? '. .SJ Curtis Wheeler john Wheeler Duane White Kathy White Sandy White ,l lll4JX5f l V Q: . it -is tax H julie Young Eddie Zavala Randy Carlin Ron Chaffin Sandy Chaffin Yolanda Encinas Mike johnson X X1 ,Jef if vo y, Q i 4 - x 12,1 . Q I' V Su f. Sandy King S . V Kimberly Long Q . with if Henly Lopez iii Q' A S S 5 S H f J Michael i V 'gi f pi McConnaughay ,.-t f ' ,. Sandy Pewo f 1 N ' 'wi Della Pinckney . S 9 A ,Q 5 9 Greg Price A x - f . jf tii if' 2 C l' , t 4' U . Donna Whitney Lloyd Wilky Brad Williams Roberta Williams Mike Wilson Mark Wilson Stephanie Wlodek Theresa Wolf William Wolfe jean Wong Fred Wood Deborah Woods Ronald Woodson Pam Wright Steve Wright Victoria Wright Ron Wulf Theodore Wynn Danny Ybanez Roger Ybanez Louie Ybarra Robin Young Katherine Young " N. -Nw Q s, V' -A 1 Tk ts s 3' "QU ' la get " fl? if :IQ ,4d. ,:s, . . ' .Sgg l if -- A it Wm X 3 ser. 2 SOPHOMORES 217 Mr. Haddad Mrs. Heller Mr. Stanfield Mrs. Koon Freshmen introduced to school at orientation The freshmen class of '76 began its first of four exciting years at Al- hambra. The class numbers one thousand and twenty, with a new principal starting the year off with it. Leading the class to a triumphant year were Debbie Oishi, president: Denise Larsen, vice-president: and Patricia Ohton as secretary-treasurer. One of the many activities of the freshman class was the bake sale which was one of the class's yearly projects. The class will sponsor it throughout its years at Alhambra. This was one of the many fund rais- ing activities the freshmen partici- pated in. S .afig N X 'l Dr. Smith 1 'Qi - 1.4, is 'xx 4? X K V t W W .5- JF' QA ,t Mr. Haddad and Mrs. Spencer are busily planning the fun activities for their classes FRESHMAN CLASS COUNCIL-FRONT ROW: L.Mulcahey, l.Ramsey, P.Carvalho, L.Walp, K.Fierros, R.Brown, C.Mecham. TOP ROW: P P.Ohton, V.Williams, L.Denison, L.Walton. SECOND ROW: l.Parker, Burton, D.Oishi, D.Larsen, L.Reeves, R.HelmandoIlar. li ft. or I fi T l i i W 1 X ...J .J ......J ...l.......l ....L....l .l.......l. ..l.....l- ...ILL .l....l.... f......l ...l J ! v is l.,,...l .l FRESHMAN CLASS COUNCIL AND SPONSORS 219 JiJ... 1....l.....l. 1.4 .,l I . l l tsl: I. ul- Laurie Abrams Marian Acero Randy Acuff julia Agne Anthony Aguilar Ricky Albert David Aldano Elaine Allen Sharon Allen Ianne Almeido Diana Alonzo Mary Amantia Bill Anderson Debra Anderson Hunter Anderson lohn Andrews Lawrence Anduaga Steven Angulo Rick Asmuth Sandra Arany Renee Archer Robert Arellano Nancy Armstrong Cristina Arnold Nicholas Austin Richard Baca Vera Backherms Pam Backholz W? hx l l l l if f , ff L. . I X A l ' .W lille ,H y,x, , 'wr' y , X 220 FRESHMEN lr it 2 y jigs, Q L X n ' 1 K Gregory Bagood Mary Bahr Allen Bailey loan Baird Douglas Baker Douglas Baker Gail Baker Gene Baker Tammy Baker Patrick Baldwin Stanley Bangs Mark Brown Alhambra's lion helps to give spirit to all of the school The lion is at every game come rain or shine home or away I, r - 1 Barbara Beloat Annette Beaulieu Tammy Beck Gary Bennett james Bennett Cheryl Bessette Holly Berger Cathy Berliner Ruth BlaCl4 ta 5, Elizabeth Blair jody Blanchfield George Bloom Patty Boesch Richard Bohl s 75 ,Z Larry Banwart Steven Banwart john Barcellos james Barnard Carolyn Barnes Daniel Barnum Kenneth Bartholomew josephine Bartkoski Theresa Bauer David Bawden jerry Beatty Bruce Beckwith john Bedway jay Beebe Gishi, Larsen, hton preside over freshmen gi 5.8.5 s ft X t Q 1. x C 4: A 'E ' N t Ili L -f-9 filet KW, bl fy , 1 R 4 Luan Bonnaha David Boomer Timothy Boorn Alma Borboa Lilliam Boreham jacob Borunda Debbie Bosworth Susan Bowers Cindy Bowlus Peggy Bozich Richard Brafford Cheryl Bradshaw Margaret Branham Clovis Braun Vickey Bremer David Brinkley Wayne Brooke ' Allen Brown Brent Brown Debbie Brown jim Brown FRESHMEN 221 ww W1 p ' l ., , W Q H s, af, 141 M , i 'M dvi' T , ,,, - :Kit Two unidentified students, caught by a quick FORTRESS photographer, are seen dawdling to class during their daily schedule at school. Michelle Brown Rita Brown Russell Brown Dale Bryant Lauren Bullion Mary Burdge X v. ... . S +A-'S Alf I X 66 9 X AX , if 5 1 , wx' 25 X X ? Q N? I U P- tst. 2 b , ,, rss, v ii l 6 .fc William Carlson Kevin Carnal Delia Carrillo joseph Carroll Robin Carroll Cynthia Carson Mark Carson john Carter Patricia Carter Mark Carusi Paula Carvalho Danny Catchings Kathie Cates Virginia Cecich 222 FRESHMEN V., 'W-.. r ?-is :gill ,fs ' - :-:. . . 0 9 ...rv s Pamela Burgess Diane Burgett john Burgoon Bart Burns Kevin Burns jonathan Burnside Patti Burton William Byrd Yvonne Caggiano Debra Cagle Corey Cahoon Alison Cairns Michele Caldwell David Campbell Clara Candelaria luan Candelaria Anna Canez Brett Capriotti Rudy Cupuchino Dan Carey Randy Carlin YQ.-L .V I iff, ,f '.::.' y ., 51:1 . l J 3 l .AH Q" - 1-new r- ,- .rf 9 F J - 4.1 ,F 4 ,ll 'RR XX q S - ,, N -5 it st XX Q 1 ll My N ff ffl ll' E .,: . ,X . - -' L it :N T IB '- 'V, +4 " Charles Clark Vickie Clark Cyndy Clemens Anthony Clow Theodore Cochran Margo Coglianese Patricia Collier Valerie Colton Brett Conry Tina Conway Larry Cook Mark Cooke Robert Coon Thad Coons f as sl ff it X Q. X L X s Will Xe M- m ay if .. JJ fmt, Ez . .-5 T g l ,. A K ? s Verdina Chamberlin Pamela Chafey Karen Chambers Allison Chandler Denise Chapman Kathy Chapman Lorraine Chavez Richard Chavolla Sherman Chilson Steven Chism -. Judy Christ Larry Christensen 7 lanis Christy Bruce Cid O 0 is t s This yearfreshmen are headed b five sponsors If David Cooper r L lanelle Cooper Maria Corona Richard Cotterman Randy Couch Dell Council Ann Cox . Q "5 ilii 3 S as it K '.'f - . fy - I I f -iT'Q"- filfll N ' J Qqyy M .5 C 1f,?r4f'6firlllf':s S -Y " "' C - C We .t,, . . Q' EIS: A A L .. 'S Tf, in v 3 lk . .,.. if if we as t P f f f if F Q 3 5 RA if X X t f z fg DE 1' fy! lx? x Q - is 1 - , 018 xv. t 4: s I l ff. ' f tr r 'f n" k fy ll if . ' f W 5 Irene Cox Gilbert Craven Gregory Cremer Charles Cresswell Nancy Crisman Connie Croak Sally Crossette Brian Crowley Richard Crull Tamra Cruz Cindy Culliver Roy Cummingham Betty Lou Currie Charles Dalton FRESHMEN 223 wr' , X- 5 I will . 9, is l 1 ii' .f V 3? ji" joseph Digeno Anne Dixon Kristy Dixon Scott Dungan Mike Dunn Marie Durazo Tom Durette Denny Durr Gregory Dutson Steven Dominy David Donald Lindy Dougherty Michael Doughe Sharon Dowdy 'ao 224 FRESHMEN rty f . a li f Q K L 'fl A-0-4' Patrick Daly Cherie Davich Dawn Davis Douglas Davis lean Davis Robert Dawson David DeGroff Mark DeLaLama janet DelTufo Bob DeLaVara Leslie Denison David Dewwey David Devine x l fv- fi X 1 Marline Eason Debbie Edwards Constance Egter Van Wisserkerke Cindy Eichenlaub Carl Eidenbock Rebecca Elam Lori Eldridge Charles Ellington .J ' 1 X C If 1 r 10- x-fr Q, CU 'UI r ,.st.l3.i, Clutching Mark Shillington, Sherri Patterson cries for joy as she receives the title of third attendant during the Homecoming game. 'v S 5 ' . s - su., - S x r, Q ' vs e 0 "Vx if - i 6 - 'w if 1 .al by . ' l k.,?s.? qwtygfgrl, 143. ls.s Iohn Freeman Sheila Freiburger Verla Fehr Dennis Ferguson Kathy Fierros Karen Finch Mary Finnerty Brian Fleming Lynda Fleming Patricia Fleming Kimberly Fleshman Thomas Fleshman Charles Fletcher Robert Fletcher 5 X t.f?-' l 5 F 5 Rachel Fearing X -. It X . ly 1 , as ws ali . at LEX 4. .MSX -5551 2 .te YY.: XL. 3 viwffgasr . Q5 e-in-?',,.s.:i . ,. -.. , ' fx' A r J , E r I .J I , David England Lundon England Charles Englert Greg Enouen Diana Espinoza lennifer Ester Cindy Etz George Evans lulie Evans Mark Evans Thomas Evans Donna Everett Catherine Fagenbush Angeline Farrington Class of '76 elects all girl officers to lead class l-Q, V p 'Q is New if l N Jw, NQMWWNJZ is J .YG ' ds -04 if wc' H ,,' 1-r !t,,f f l 1 A Scott Frye Tammy Fryman Gabriel Fuentes Sharon Fullmer james Funk Emerson Fyffe jr. Laurel Flippin Don Folk Vickie Fontenot loanne Ford Doug Forsha Darlene Fosnot Larry Foster Deborah Fox Phillip Francies Francis Sharon Dana Frank Nancy Fraser Mark Frasier Steven Frick FRESHMEN 225 Vicki Gaddis Lori Gambee Richard Garcia William Garrett Nancy Gauthier Byron Gaylord Michael Gensel Vicki Giardina Vera Gibson Lynnea Giles Sandra Gill Robert Gillum Carla Giuliano Mark Glasser Gloria Glover Ronda Goeringer Diane Gonzales '!alarie Gonzales Manuel Gonzalez Louann Goodrow Garrett Corchinski Re z fs? if N Ki llf f s 1 David Grove Gregory Grover Tom Groves David Grubbs Kim Gue Luciano Guevara loe Guglielmo Craig Gulledge Evelyn Gunderson Mark Gunderson Vicky Gunn Bradly Gunning Arthur Guzman lack Guzman 226 FRESHMEN in K s r was h . , A A' X257 William Graham Donald Green Sue Gregg Robert Gregory Tory Griego Cheryl Griffith ki ,IW so 1 K X G c X f s,t. ,A , lfyu, y J ,Q . ,E .:5 , P s. ' , ,W ,X K , ,sf 3 M fm lfilf EF. , s N .. A ,lst ft. 5 . i i 4 I M iii! i i vi 5' An unidentified freshman busily studying her assignment in com- munications is surprised by the flash of the FORTRESS photographer. vlifgi' i' it .lui ls Q i s 1 , Q Linda Hanshaw Blaine Hanson Andrea Harding Randall Hardison Gregory Hardyman lanet Harnagel Denise Harris Gavin Harvey Robert Hasserd Tim Hatch Melissa Hauer Harriet Hayes lerry Haynes Hans Heck I an 45' K ge 5 -i A 2 ..' l i A 'rifm 7 Kevin Haertel lames Hale Kim Hall Larkin Hall ludith Hallada Dianna Halladay lim Hamilton Gerrie Harman loanne Hammerl Jayne Hancock Teresa Hancock jeff Hanger Thomas Hannah Kathy Hansen ansen Freshmen show homecoming enthusiasm by creating float t l , . sf? js gp K fm E wr" W Q i . , X .t :V Xe L , lon Heck Et, Nl. fu- Timothy Hedger ,V Lynn Heinsohn "' ' Karlin Heisler Robin Helmandollar ,f N Wayne Hemple Camille Henderson ls .if kg' -'K if .N L ' vii? yt - ' , Y i A 1 R' '.i Gale Heng Michael Herrera Bill Hester Rita Hester Bryce Hesterman Douglas Hiller Christine Hinch john Hinton Krista Hillgren lim Hilton Terry Hipkins Laurie Hiser Richard Hobbs Diane Hoffarth FRESHMEN 227 'var '22, IBJW , S f ff 1 ,4 ' , ifh h , l S y to I' ttf Tears of happiness stream down the face of Sherri Patterson 3rd attendant, as she hugs Karen Espinoza 2nd attendant, at homecoming. 228 FRESHMEN Frank jimenez Ronald jodat Brian johnson Brian johnson Nancy johnson Paul johnson Roxanne johnson Susan johnson jackie Holaday Stephanie Holaday Sandy Holder David Holmes Patty Holmgren Wanda Hopple james Hurtareas Dana Hostetler Steven Houser Timothy Hoyt Rocky Hudson Belinda Hunt Kenneth Hunter Robert Hunter james Hurst Cindy Hyatt Bob ller Terri Ingber Lynn Ingenhuett Carol Irwin Susan jack Frank james Sharon james Vicki james Linda jankowski josie jaramillo Vivian jenks Renee jesse Us I - be . 53 wil. ., -EE Q fu. L T Kathleen Keil Timothy Kemp Robert Kent William Kenyon Charles Kerkhoff julie Kerr Charles Kett Bill Keyser Danny Kibbey Karen Kindler Marie Kirby Barbara Klatt Sandra Knauss Steven Komadina ,fr E r: if' ' ill, 1-A I is N125 S 2 .4 K- ..q,,, lanice lones Leslie lones Susan lones Tamara lones Norman jordan Carol joseph Barbara louett Robert Kacer Yvonne Kaisar Kenneth Kaplan Krystal Karboski Dan Karraker Tom Kasallis Michael Kaufman Alhambra-1's Class of numbers over one thousand Tim Keefer -.r-' ", my ,, ff- ' I-Sigfg " - ., . - K t Y f . , usa I 229: I- ,1W',,:j . . V W t . F 'Q' 1 ' , ' ' img an L Lck Y 'c , , ftp ' ,L H! it :gf , " Wm' Kwai '-J' 't""Y' -W. Teresa Koressel Charles Korzun Mark Kouts Kim Kowacz Al Kramp Karla Kraus Alicia Kreipel Karen Krueger lerri Kruse Cindy Krznarich Mike Labriola Clara Laidlaw Michael Laird Lonnie Landon Sue Laplante Michelle La Prell Nicki Larkin Karen La Rocca Denise Larsen Kathleen Larsen Daniel Larson FRESHMEN 229 A L4- X . X l is l 1 egg: .fn -f--f ,X I i x sw J V 4 N-:iw 'fi 1: Il X, ,.g:, .s 3 Lewis Libbylr. " .:,. gk r, is M 'K A S E s. Q Rx 3 Tracy Lincoln F james Lindsteft Ns- -- Precious Linzey Robert Lippiatt Gregory Little Cheryl Long T f er ilk fllg Je x E x X 'Xl 33 , lr X 4 sa X I 1 , 5 E ,X J Q was X ap r L f fwfr' s - . .sri ,- QW Victoria LaRue Mike Laurie Thomas Laux Charles Ledbetter Gary Ledbetter Cathy Leeke Larry LeNoue Melanie Lentz Jeannie Leung Susan Levengood Michael Levin Gail Lewallen Ken Lewis Pamalyn Lewis Denise Long Kimberly Long Annie Lopez joseph Lopez Josephine Lopez Pam Lopez Terry Lopez sw , t ar, s s-ss ,L -V X .P f it x P . Wsiws S li i W. , Q. fi- 5 E. an - liiigi. J il if are is Q: L K as i 21 ii i f .Q . .. .. fs - .-H. 2 Wx. W s c c New-vw . Q. . ,Q , 2 -W.-2 Q , , W' - r .. s..f A- , .. L ss -:N . f,. .. .ww sr -X - s s Is a. .. -sl .. s 1 Ai Q 3 . is fi: 1 . :-:sri Silas : ' "' X 2 as -,:- X f- s I . ::st,:--:-wi . . ,5 5.g5L3,-I-s a ss ia, , ,, 5. .t:..,:.. E. is , it ti X 1 Q Q 3' 2 'X X N 5? 2 1 A Y X K L ls 2' 3 f 95, a ' . is f ss fd li x i if S sg 2 5 " K Q " ' sl sf as Ll X ,gk H i X xslt: sr 1 -. 1231 25 X 'Ll 5 ' 1 L . 1 . 5 s H 5 555 R 2 if he es t NA at 5- L . .5-lm. fs. - L- f7.- ns L. . is st . - s N S ,': ' i 5? A - At the beginning of the year freshmen voted for class officers. One of Even though she lost her efforts were not the candidates Jeni Yen is giving her speech for class Vice President. many who proved frosh get involved. 230 FRESHMEN in vain. She was one of the Stella Marvin Rosemary Maitlen Traci Major lohn Manning Duke Mansker Carlos Marin Denise Marino joseph Marotta Mark Marrese Cynthia Martin Kenneth Martin Mary Martin Daniel Martindale Frances Martinez jerry Martinez Nick Martinez iff Cynthia Lowe Karen Lowe Richard Lowry Ralph Lucero Steve Lujan Steve Lu ndquist Tony Lutz Susan Maas Therisa Mabbitt Debbie MacCallum Michael Madden Frank Madrid Lisa Madril Pete Mahoney Freshmen Communications ' now required for all frosh Q..-J N...- .4 C 1' Christina Mascara Michael Maselli Eddie Matheson Anita Matthews Kathy Matuzek Russell Mauzy Alan Maynard Colleen McCartney Shawn McCarty Carl McCaughey George McCloe Richard McCloskey Shawn McClure Janet McCormick Katherine McCoy Cynthia McLemore Michael McMahon Arnold McMains Tom McNulty Carla McNutt FRESHMEN 231 :za . .-3 1 . - v N t. ..L,p ...ou-,,,., -.--un-gym, 1 iw-mf ,im it: t. Three students show their school spirit by jumping up and down jill McShane Gary McQueen Kelly Mead Connie Mecham Rick Mefford Georgia Merten Terri Messana Sue Messer Daniel Mickelsen Robert Midkiff Shirley Mildred jerry Miller www s , W it 1 . i . is lt ' . ,Q 5 during Homecoming week. we sci S V' 1' Aff if r N? , I 5 ll Gilbert Moreno Margaret Moreno Rebecca Morgan Sherrie Morrell Brenda Morton Vicki Moses Mary Mounkes Mary Murawa Lisa Mulcahey Mark Mulcahey Patty Murphey Penni Murray Scott Mutchler Brenda Myer K 1 K1 3 l t - img, - ., Rig john Miller Marilyn Miller Nancy Miller Scott Miller Sherry Miller joe Milner Gia Miraldi Robert Mitchell Debbie Mize Randy Mock Mark Mogel Elizabeth Montee Bill Moody jeffrey Moore -nv! 'V jx B 232 FRESHMEN .I f X For a 'ra' ,- P sd 3 1 - .l y-Q f it I Mike Norcini Lynn Nordbye Christine Norfolk Laura Norris Carolyn Norton Valerie Neeley Susan Obis Timothy O'BoyIe Linda O'Connell Charles O'Conner Carol Oden Patricia Ohton Debbi Oishi Anne Olsen 1-.rf QQ l If Charles Myers Claudia Myers lim Nash loyce Napier lim Nathan Pete Nauman Karen Needham lohn Neely julie Nelson Linda Nelson Robert Nesby Russell Nevins Thomas Nichta Tony Nicosia Frosh show school spirit, create Bonny and Clyde float : l al If 'E ' ', x.. Q7 1 Q J 4. 1 , , -x 'K xx 'V' -114' K+-r+' 'L 1- 1 . + + 4 .U + 1 +.".,li+ 4 thi l Debra Olson Ruth Olson Kitt Ormsby David Ornelas Bill Orr Chris Osadciw Christopher Owens Diane Owens Steven Owens Penelope Pappas Matthew Parent lr. Celeste Parisi Kimberly Park loyce Parker Steve Parsons Raymond Passage Bruce Pate Kathy Patino jeffrey Patrick Karen Patrick Kristine Paul FRESHMEN 233 .7 ' .. it -49 aa HN I Nisifigk CX 0 C A . .. A . . , ,,....- ew Freshmen students listen intently to one of his many interesting lectures in Mr. Haddad as he lectures to them on Frosh Comm. class. 234 FRESHMEN julie Rambo Manuel Ramirez Christopher Ramsey lo Ramsey Mary Randall Kathleen Reardon Tammy Ranny Kristi Rastad Pamela Pauley Gail Pearson Christine Pena Kimberly Perkey Thomas Perkins Michael Perry Debbie Pickett john Pierce Kristie Pierce Sheila Pierceall Bobby Pirouznia Gerald Pirouznia Lorri Pisapio Cathy Plaskett Tom Pleger Richard Polk Robyn Polk Lori Pollard Charles Pollet Noel Possidente Lori Powell Ricky Powers julie Preston Alan Pribble Dana Price lames Protzman Bonita Puffenbarger Kathy Quirk vu r ...s --,- er 35 -I lw"T"? A fs r, ' ' gf vi' vox - , . 1 i . 5 Q l 6 lm isis! .X X ' st N E? Gig Riggins Garry Riley Larry Riley Mark Riley Peggy Riley Kathy Robeda Ieffrey Roberts Doreen Robinson Paula Rollins Ronald Rollins james Roma Michael Roma Richard Rousay Cindy Rosenbalm Sandra Riemer i i Q, fa if Single sessions create Patty Rath Ronald Rather Aaron Ratliff Sandra Rayburn lean Reckard Karen Reed jamie Reeder Lynette Reeves Malora Reid Robert Reid Steven Rettig Daniel Reyes Michael Rheaume David Riegel havoc for freshmen students 949- i in it xi SN ,L . . l x X X N W . . gf.. 2 1 , l 5 i - ,,.,, ati, ' " to if N , X l S, s . . Las. A l 'H-.J 'Lx' l E? 'K viva-:Q '-'n 9ilQ.. ll'lnu.."lvnnQ..i" Kimberlie Ross Diane Rossi Kelly Ruckman Brenda Rudd Gail Rudolph Dale Ruebsamen Yvonne Ruiz Brenda Rumsey David Rush Mark Rymer Terry Ryser Allen Sadberry Louie Sahhar Irene Sanders Bonnie Sands Carlos Sandoval Tony Sandoval Frank Santa Maria Pat Saenz lack Scalph Toni Scarpelli FRESHMEN 235 CIW it lf -an 4-W.. YU' Robin Scott Shelley Scott David Sears Mike Self Sherry Sellards Tom Selvey Ted Semple Timothy Sepik Anthony Settle Georgia Sewell Kathy Seymour Kelly Seymour Russell Shaffer Mike Shaldjian Debra Sharp lo Ann Sharp Sandra Sharp Stacy Shaver Julie Shaw Marc Sheets Gary Shelton l l , T 236 FRESHMEN 'P l ' 2 4 5 i 5 - my A .mai 1 A , l Joanna Schaefer Thomas Schlick Lee Schnabel Karen Schmidt Kevin Schmidt Mark Schneider William Schneider janet Schoonover jeff Schuessler Kim Schuck Nancy Schultz Nicholas Schwartz Michelle Scoggins joseph Scott 9 ' fr , , . wi- l ,... , , I ,F 1 f ve bf Wil ,glfbfi-? , A xml if I S J., il 7. ' :'-'3'z.i1'a.- g f ek, ' X 'Lg-I .'-'J' 9 ..... .- Lori Shelton john Shepard Patricia Shirley Tom Short Rick Showers janice Shropshire Glenn Shuart Mark Shupe Calvin Sian Debbie Siebert lack Siesco Robert Silvernale Debra Simmons lody Skaggs William Skaggs April Slack Kimberly Slade Gregory Sloggett jeffrey Sloggett jackie Slate Stephen Small Marilyn Smallidge Laura Smead Gene Smith leri Smith ludd Smith Kenneth Smith ,.tE,- lex-- .,' as 0 ty :iii , tit C? Eg : .1 2 , 1 I9 r qii f K ,J V4 1 AL T ,Ji Ronald Smead r s i t i M y S , ' 4 + V, Robert Sonney Terry Sorensen Kevin Speer Roger Speer Rhody Spears Rhonda Springer john Squire Michael Stafford Judy Stark William Stark Jacque Starr Linda Starr Steve Statzer Laura Steckbauer I v Q V , N Q I fl.. K l Nl . t ,t 3 r-es A 3,1 Melodie Smith Nadine Smith Susan Smith Robert Snead Robert Snyder Paul Socket Bruce Softley ugh Frosh show spirit thro active participation in clubs Michael Stevens Richard Stevens Colette Stokes Patty Stokes Debbie Stonebraker Phil Stover Terence Stowe Theresa Strednak Kathy Strube Bruce Sturgill William Sturm lulie Suggs Cathy Sullivan Rosemary Sullivan Timothy Sumpter David Swatloski Irene Szczepaniec Cindy Tabor Clyde Tanita Loni Tash ludith Taylor FRESHMEN 237 My 5 ,Vliwf .. ., g6.f N, , Robert Thompson Mike Thorley Dale Thurber Greg Timko Melody Timpany Richard Tindell Leann Tippetts Tamara Tome George Tomlin Alana Torres Peter Torres Mary Torrez Paul Townsend Wendy Trakas 1 ,Q E Q a , R, 9 f .fu A ' i 'TD 14 ' , if 'X s. f' T F l 1.1 4 T' If ffl. ffh Q gcffflxw A IL 1 Q 1 7 1 1 'xl N ' fl .f'f Qi iii, Robert Taylor William Taylor Donald Teach Paula Tefft jeff Temple Debra Terrell Linda Tessensohn Sandra Tevis Edwena Thacker Mary Thomas Michael Thomas Richard Thomas Karen Thomason Christine Thompson Leslie Thompson Michael Thompson , sl, W ' iz Y Malia W , Q .a wa: x. lf' : 1 - , Just - ' L' 1 fl 4 in ND r yy Q . -. W lVTf1ti't?12fr1 9 J lf The sweetest place to be during Homecom ing week was the Student Government candy STOFC. JL? ff Ja E7 We . X V ms-1' f'., sv, sew ' - -as 4 Y 4 .. -1 vgsf A li ar 4119 v 2J,a,t,I7 . Vxfx 238 FRESHMEN Alan Trautmiller Russell Trautmiller Judy Troup Martha Troutt lody Trujillo janet Troug Teresa Tully Pam Turner Linda Turza Donna Tuttle lon Uber Steven Urich Paul Valderrama Diane VanOllefen Debbie Walker Gary Walker Mickey Walker Michelle Wallace Steve Wallace Deborah Walling Robert Walls Liba Walp Lorri Walton Leslie Warford George Warner Clifton Watkins Susan Watts Evelyn Watson in if Tim Vanselow Bernard Velez Cindy Velez Larry Vest Gary Vick Stacey Vise john Vitez Terri Vivian Sydney Vohn Debbie Vucich Lori Waddell Robert Waddell lacqueline Wagner john Wagner The end of one long year, another begins all too soon Mark Watson Martin Watson Donna Wayterra Patsy Webb Naomi Weisz lohn Wells Sheryl Wells Vida Wells Louis Werne Debbie West Dale Weyeneth Richard Whitaker Barbara White Sandra White William White Donald Whitehead Perry Wickens Kelly Wicker Wendy Wilcox Steve Wiley leff Wilkins FRESHMEN 239 Colleen Wolfe Dave Womack Doris Wong loseph Wood Terry Wood William Wood Arlis Wootton Cindy Wright Nedis Wright Thomas Wycoff Stephanie Yee Mark Yoesting Neal Zeller Mary Adams Fred Allabaugh Thomas Allen Peri Anstead Michael Arnuad Roy Auten layme Brindley Kim Clem Arthur Clinton Paul Wilkinson Amber Williams Q KelIiWilliams 433, Phillip Williams Valerie Williams Doris Willingham Wesley Willis I Brenda Wilson Daniel Wilson N5 , Grant Wilson A ll i 'T ff Beeky Wingham K Da e Winter y " Q , Alice Winters ,f .M ' Caroline Witting 'l A ' J - nv -' 'k Seniors just think, ou will y be freshmen next year I ,E l X, it . vs ' x '70 V' Y i N' t , ,gf ' at L .... I X f 7 l -ll lu . ri 4' lf ' - james Forsha Kathy Garrad ad 9 I K my .? t It ' W, . 4 .T X l john Green g raw, . , Bill Hayes Heidi Heneghan I 9,5 .lyi-Ah --f W1 A s David Holl ,JS 4 Q , . A 5,2 N, IQ. S all 5 ' "ll - l ' ' Douglas Knowlton .,f,.,- , ,, . 4 , sa , 1 H , x if . J ,R M if , , 240 FRESHMEN Brent Lenduet Tom Meeks Paulette Myers Debbie Ogle Paul Slaney Tom Stow Jeni Yen A "-"Y It ,A ,rb l ,f lltfflli X A 4 r , Lethyour fingers do thewalking f through The Index X ex .. 5 IND Adams, Mary B. 240 220 THE I DEX A Abalos, Cynthia 180 Abbott, Denise Adele 156 Abbott, Deonne Lynne 180 Abraham, Gerald Wayne 180 Abraham, Jim E. 180 Abramowitz, Elliot A. 156 Abrams, Laurie J. 220 Abril, Connie P. 200 Absher, Randy P. 180 Acero, Donald J. 200 Acero, Linda Ann 156 Acero, Marian T. 220 Ackman, Nancy Kim 180 Acuff, Mark F. 156 Acuff, Randy G. 220 Adair, Lynn R. 156 Adams, Ed C. 240 Adams, Layne George 156 Aldano 220 , David R. Alderman, Stephen Charles 180 Alessandro, Christina M. 200 Alexander, Kim Lynette 156 Allabaugh, Fred A. 240 Allan, Candice M. 200 Allen, Carlene H. 156 Allen, Cindy L. 200 Allen, Daryl R. 200 Allen, Elaine E. 220 Allen, Helen S. 200 Allen, Sharon A. 220 Allen, Thomas J. 240 Allen, Vickie D. 200 Allen, William Anthony 156 Alley, Florence R. 156 Ancona, Kim A. 156 B Baca, Richard E. 220 Backherms, Vera L. 220 Alle , Timoth J. zoo Y Allison V , Susan E. 200 Almeido, Janne M. Anderson, Betty L. 200 Anderson, Bill 220 Anderson, Cindy Louise 180 Anderson, Cynthia M. 200 Anderson, Darcy L. 200 Anderson, Debra Jean Anderson, Debra K. 220 Anderson, Hunter S. 220 Anderson, Joann 156 Anderson, Karen M. 200 Anderson, Koni R. 180 Anderson, Michael D. 200 Anderson, Paul 156 Anderson, Robert E. 180 Anderson, Vickie L. 200 Andrews, John L. 220 Andrews, Latricia Bea 156 Andrews, Michael Backholz, Pam 220 Bagley, Jana L. 200 Bagley, Steve David 180 Bagood, Brenda Anne 156 Bagood, Bridget Lee 156 Bagood, Gregory A. 220 Bahr, David A. 180 Bahr, Mary R. 220 Bailey, Allen J. 220 Baird, Joan E. 220 Baiz, Mary Ann 200 Baiz, Theresa 156 Addington, Debbie L. 156 Addis, Laurel M. 200 Agne, Julia R. 220 Agne, Paul E. 180 Agnew, Carol Ann 156 Agnew, Cathy M. 200 Aguilar, Anthony J. 220 Aguilar, Patsy Ann 156 Aguilar, Rick 200 Aguirre, Frank X. 180 Albee, Terry J. 200 Albert, Ricky L. 220 Alcala, Virginia M. 200 Alonzo, Daniel R. 200 Alonzo, Diana R. 220 Alonzo, Manuel R. 180 Alt, Kevin G. 200 Altamirano, Steve R. 200 Altamirano, Sylvia Marie 180 Alves, Timothy J. 200 Amantia, Mary D. 220 Amersek, Angel 156 Amersek, Nora M. Amore, Robin Celeste 180 Amos, Douglas Craig 180 Ancell, Charles S. 200 Wilson 180 Andrews, Ronnie L. 200 Anduaga , Lawrence A. 220 Angulo, Adam S. 200 Angulo, Steven A. 220 Anstead, Peri K. 240 Arany, Alex 200 Arany, Sandra L. 220 Archer, Cindy S. 156 Archer, Renee E. 220 Arellano, Margaret Velma 180 Arellano, Robert 220 Arendell, Cheryl Ann 180 Armstrong, Nancy L. 220 Baker, Becky J. 200 Baker, Donald L. 32, 200 Baker, Douglas S. 220 Baker, Gail L. 220 Baker, Gary Leon 156 Baker, Gene B. 220 Baker, Michael Chris 180 Baker, Tammy L. 220 Baldwin, Patrick P. 220 Balestrieri, Donna M. 200 Band, Mark P. 200 Bangs, Stanley W. 220 Banks, Robin Penny 156 Banwart, Barbara A. 181 Banwart, Larry A. 221 Banwart, Steven R. 221 Bappe, Marsha Ann 156 Barcellos, John H. 221 Barcellos, Mary Helen 156 Barlow, Dean M. 156 Barlow, Don E. 156 Barlow, Sheri Lee 181 Barnard, James F. 221 Barnard, Janet M. 181 Arnaud, Micheal J. 240 Arnold, Ann Charisse 180 Arnold, Cristina L. 220 Arnold, Kevin Dale 180 Arnold, Marie Beth 180 Barnes, 221 Carolyn M. Bartkoski, Beverly J. 201 Bartkoski, Josephine M. 221 Bartkoski, Margaret Ann 156 Bass, Pam J. 181 Batarseh, Sandra J. 181 BATINA, LORETTA 1 34 Bauer, Theresa L. 221 Baumruk, Bruce Jay Bawden, David A. 221 Baxter, Stephen D. 181 Bayley, John L. 201 BEALS, KENNETH 141 Beard, Thayne M. 201 Beaton, Rick Duane 157 Beatty, Jerry W. 221 Beatty, Marsha Lea 181 Beaulieu, Annette E. 221 BEAUVAIS, CHARLES 147 Bechtold, Paul R. 181 Beck, Gregory L. 32, 157 Beck, Michael Thomas 157 Beck, Tammy E. 221 Beckett, Cindy L. 201 Beckham, Eunice F. 181 Beckham, Sharon Lee 181 Beckwith, Bruce E. 221 Beckwith, Mark Allen 157 Bedway, John L. 221 Bee, Janis Marie 157 Beebe, Jay N. 221 Beebe, Lou C. 157 BEESON, NANCY 132 Begin, Paula 201 Bei, Terry M. 181 Belden, Nancy L. 221 Bell, Daniel D. 201 Bell, James M. 181 Bell, Patrick M. 201 Beloat, Barbara A. 221 Bender, Linda Mae 157 Bennet, Wayne A. 201 242INDEX Ash, Kirsten M. 200 Ash, Robin C. 156 Ashenbrener, Robert A . 200 Asmuth, Laura G. 200 Asmuth, Rick B. 220 Atchley, Tim E. 180 Aufrance, Barbara Jean 156 Aufrance, Roger Lee 156 Austin, Nicholas J. 220 Auten, Roy B. 240 Ayers, Shari Lynn 156 Ayers, Steven Paul 156 Alun, Keith D. zoo Barnes, Valerie Anne 156 Barnes, Venita Marie 181 Barnett, Carla L. 201 Barnhart, Sharon Lee 156 Barnum, Daniel J. 221 Baroldy, Christopher M. 181 Baroldy, Lorrie A. 201 Barrett, James L. 201 Barrett, Philip Thomas 181 Barricks, Vivian L. 1 81 Bartholomew, Karen L. 201 Bartholomew, Kenneth B. 221 BARTHOLOMEW, NESTORE 136 Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, 18 1 Bennion, Benson, Benson, Gary L. 221 James G. 221 Lee Ann 181 William A . Nancy J. 201 Kenny N. 157 Pete C. 181 Bentley, Edith M. 201 Benton, Erina Ann 181 Berg, Rosann L. 201 Berger, George C. 128 Berger, Holly R. 221 Bergmann, Laurence H. 201 Berlin, Kim La Verne 157 Berliner, Cathy A. 221 BOATRIGHT, ALMEDA Chase, Carol S. 182 Chepeus, Russell 202 BERRA, PHILIP 140 Bervin, David A. 157 Bessette, Cheryl A. 221 Best, Mary Alice 157 Bettis, Stephen M. 181 Beyer, Dawn L. 201 Bice, Larry F. 157 BICE, OLGA 136 BICE, VERNON 142 Binder, Jeffery Jay 181 Black, Peggy Lea 181 Black, Ruth M. 221 Black, Vickie Kay 157 Blackburn, Richard J. 181 Blackburn, Rod Lee 181 Blackman, Susan K. 201 Blackshire, Rebecca Sue 157 Blair, Elizabeth A. 221 Blair, Linda G. 201 Blake, Christine D. 201 Blake, Gary Allen 157 Blakely, James W. 201 Blakely, John D. 157 Blanchfield, Jody L. 221 Bland, David E. 201 Block, Susan Teresa 181 Bloom, George T. 221 Bloom, Lynnette Ann 181 135 Bober, Debra Ann 181 Bock, Sandra Lynn 181 Bockelman, Theresa J. 201 Bodine, Michael Carl 157 Boesch, Patricia A. 221 BOGLIO, ARTHUR 138 Boglio, Crystal L. 201 Bohl, Richard G. Jr. 221 Bojorquez, Patricia 181 Bolen, Debra K. 201 Bolick, Lou A. 201 Bolin, Mark Duane 181 Bolyard, Jon B. 181 Bonasera, Jacqueline Ann 181 Bond, Gregory Lee 32, 157 Bonnaha, Arleigh 181 Bonnaha, Luan 221 Boomer, David L. 221 BOOMER, JOAN 148 Boomer, Richard K. 157 Boone, Margaret D. 201 Boorn, Timothy J. 221 Boorn, Tonni L. 201 Borboa, Alma L. 221 Boreham, Lilliam T. 221 Borg, Cynthia S. 157 Borg, Deanna L. 201 Boruff, Thomas K. 201 Borunda, Danny C. Jr. 157 Borunda, Jacob C. 221 Bosson, Catherine A. 201 Bosworth, Debbie D. 221 Bottcher, Kathy J. 201 Bounds, Karan L. 157 Bourgeois, Yvonne 181 Bouty, Andree Y. 157 Bower, Doug G. 181 Bowers, Susan K. 221 Bowler, Debra 181 Bowlus, Cindy A. 221 Bowman, Susan G. 201 Boyack, Kent Ray 157 Boyack, Richard W. 201 Boyle, David W. 181 Bozich, Peggy A. 221 Bradford, Deborah Elaine 157 Bradford, James C. 201 Bradford, Peggy Louise 157 Bradford, Terry James 157 Bradshaw, Cheryl L. 221 Brafford, Richard P. 221 BRAHS, SUELLEN 148 BRANDON, FRANK 142 Brandon, Johnny Alvin 181 Branham, Margaret K. 221 Branham, Mike Dennis 158 Brateman, Cheryl Lynn 157 Braun, Barry E. 201 Braun, Clovis M. 221 Braun, Nancy L. 201 Braun, Pamela J. 158 Brechler, Larry J. 181 Brehmer, Lauren J. 201 Breland, Rachael D. 181 Bremer, Vickey S. 221 Bremser, Timothy A. 158 Breshears, Dolores D. 201 Breshears, Leon J. 181 Brewer, Daniel F. 32, 201 BRIDGEMAN, JERALD 135 Bright, Kenny M. 181 Bright, Susan Marie 158 Brindley, Christy Lyn 158 Brindley, Jayme L. 240 Brinkley, David W. 221 BRITTIAN, JEAN 132 Brooke, Wayne S. 221 Brooks, Melanie Sue 158 Brown, Allen W. 221 Brown, Brent A. 221 Brown, Bruce Edward Brown, Debbie A. 221 Brown, Debra Anne 158 Brown, Jim C. 221 Brown, Marie A. 158 Brown, Mark A. 220 Brown, Michelle A. 222 Brown, Rita F. 222 Brown, Russell W. 222 Brown, Sally J. 202 Brown, Sheryl A. 202 Brown, Vicki Earlene 158 Brown, Wendy L. 202 Broyles, Kelli S. 182 Broyles, Robert L. 202 Bruner, Rick Kim 158 Brunk, Kevin Lee Brussels, Marty I. 182 Bryant, Caroline S. 202 Bryant, Dale A. 222 Bryant, Diane Lynn 158 Buhh, Shirley M. 202 Bukovitz, Sher 182 Bullard, Janis Kay 182 Burchett, Robert David 158 Burdge, Burger, Mary J. 222 John R. 182 Judy Elaine Burger, 182 Burgess, Pamela S. 222 Burgett, Diane M. 222 Burgoon, John R. 222 Burke, Wayne Michael 158 Burks, Chuck E. 202 Burley, Dwight R. 202 Burns, Bart S. 222 Burns, Kevin J. 222 Burns, Paul E. 182 Burns, Terri A. 202 Burnside, Jonathan 222 Burrier, Susan Lynn 158 Callahan, Kathy S. 202 Callaway, Pamela F. 202 Calles, Greg Edward 158 Campbell, Brenda Patrice 182 Campbell, David B. 222 Campbell, Robert N. 182 Campbell, Wayne Dennis 182 Canady, Steve D. 158 Candelaria, Amalia Ester 158 Candelaria, Clara V. 222 Candelaria, Juan E. 222 Canez, Anna 222 Canez, Nancy 158 Canez, Rosemary 202 Cantrell, Donna 158 Capps, Lori Ann 158 Capriotti, Brett M. 222 Capriotti, Mark Steven 182 Capuchino, Rudy 222 Cardenas, Sara 197 Carder, Diana Lynn 182 Carey, Dan R. 222 CAREY, JAMES 133 Carlin, Janis Lynn 182 Carlin, Randy D. 222, 217 Cartolano, John Michael 158 Carusi, Mark A. 222 CARVER, JEANNE 136 Carvalho, Paula R. 222 Casillas, Cathy M. 182 Cassity, Drene A. 202 Castellanos, Ana M. 202 Castillo, Ernie L. 158 Castillo, Steven J. 202 Catalano, Joanne M. 202 Catalano, Peter L. 182 CAT ANZARO, DOROTHY 148 Catchings, Danny P. 222 Cates, Kathie M. 222 Cecich, Virginia L. 222 Chadbourne, Gloria J. 158 Chafey, Pamela J. 223 Chaffin, Ronald 217 Chaffin, Sandra L. 217 Chamberlain, Clarice Burton, Donna J. 182 Burton, Jeffery F. 202 Burton, Joseph Richard 158 Burton, Patti J. 222 Burton, Randall Gayle 1 58 Bush, Greg Wayne 182 BUTLER, BILL 138 Butler, Bill Floyd Jr. 182 Byrd, Janet L. 182 Byrd, Melinda S. 202 Byrd, William G. 222 Carlson, Lyle Twig 158 Carlson, Peter Mark 158 Carlson, Rick 182 Carlson, Walter W. III Carlson, William R. 222 Carlton, Lynn M. 182 Carlton, Tonnie D. 182 Carnal, Kevin R. 222 Carpenter, Lyndee S. 158 Carpenter, Ronald Jay 158 Carpenter, Thell A. 202 Carrell, Dwight H. 32, 158 Carreon, Gilbert 182 C Caggiano, Yvonne L. 222 Cagle, Debra J. 222 Cahoon, Corly M. 222 Cain, Karen Marie 158 Cain, Kathy S. 202 Cairns, Kevin I. 158 Cairns, V. Alison 222 Caldwell, Claudia J. 158 Caldwell, Michele S. 222 Caldwell, Virgil E. 182 Callahan, Karrie A. 202 Carrillo, Delia 222 Carroll, Ed R. 182 Carroll, H. Joseph 222 Carroll, M. Denise 182 Carroll, Peggy Ann 158 Carroll, Robin 222 Carson, Cynthia L. 222 Carson, Mark A. 222 Carson, Sheryl S. 202 Carson, Wendy Sue 182 Carter, Cathy Elizabeth 182 Carter, John R. Jr. 222 Carter, Patricia K. 222 Carter, Susie Quinette 182 Carter, Toni M. 202 E. 182 Chambers, Karen L. 223 Chambers, Kathy Sue 182 Chandler, Allison L. 223 Chapman, Carol 223 Chapman, Denise A. 223 Chapman, Kathy J. 202 Charles, Erin L. 202 CHARLSON, JAMES 136 Chase, Nancy L. 202 Chavez, Anthony E. 202 Chavez, Lorraine M. 223 Chavolla, Richard A. 223 Cheatwood, Debby L. 32, 158 Cheatwood, Jana Gay 158 Cheatwood, Linda R. 202 Chesley, Andrea 182 Chesley, David R. 202 Chesnut, David E. 159 Chewning, Cindy E. 202 Child, Randy A. 202 Childress, Mark S. 202 Chism, Steven A. 223 Chism, William M. 202 Chleva, Jack J. 159 Chmelar, Robin Dale 182 Christ, Judy R. 223 Christensen, Debbie Lynn 182 Christensen, Larry 223 Christenson, Marian Kay 159 Christian, Mark A. 159 Christy, Brent A. 202 INDEX 243 Cottew, Cindy R. 203 Christy, Janis A. 223 Chute, Arlene Gail 159 Cid, Bruce J. 223 Claassen, Elva A. 159 Clapham, Carol A. 223 Clark, Charles A. 223 Clark, Gary Paul 183 Clark, Robert B. 203 Clark, Sandy J. 159 Clark, Steven L. 203 Clark, Vickie L. 223 Clauson, Barbara E. 203 Clem, Carla L. 159 Clem, Kim E. 240 Clem, Nancy A. 203 Clemens, Cyndy A. 223 Eldridge, Lori L. 224 CLIFTON, AL 135 CLIFTON, CHARLOTTE 147 Clinton, Arthur G. 240 Clow, Anthony T. 223 Clow, Diane Jeanette 159 Clucas, Richard L. 203 Cluff, Kenneth L. 203 Cochran, Carol Ann 159 Cochran, Theodore R. Jr. 223 COFFEY, LAVERN 131 Coglianese, Margo M. 223 COGNAC, ROBERT 140 John 183 Colceri, Cole, Michael David 183 Coplen, Cindy K. 203 Copp, Russell Charles Jr. 159 Copp, Scott M. 203 Corazza, Rick C. 183 Corchinski, Rhonda L. 203 Cordova, Lorraine 203 Corona, Juan M. 203 Coronado, Benjamin P. 183 Cosper, Katherine Gail 183 Cota, Alvin B. 203 Cota, Anthony E. 183 Cotterman, Janet M. 183 Cotterman, Richard L. 223 Cotton, Rick 183 Couch, Randy B. 223 Council, Dell C. 223 Cox, Ann M. 223 Cox, Don A. 203 Cox, Irene 223 Cox, Jesse Craig 159 Cox, Perry D. 203 Collier, Patricia J. 223 Collins, Carl E. 183 Cologna, -Mark E. 159 Duran, Tillie O. 204 Colton, Valerie A. 223 Colwell, Lorri C. 203 Colyar, Donald F. 183 Combs, Larry Fred 183 Combs, Lenny G. 203 Compton, Ronald L. 203 Compton, Vickie L. 203 CONLEY, WILLIAM 138 Conrad, Paul D. 203 Conry, Brett C. 223 Conry, William E. 3rd 203 Conway, Tim P. 183 Conway, Tina L. 223 Everett, Donna E. 225 Cook, 159 Cook, 159 Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cooke, Coon, Coon, Coons, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, 183 ' Edwin Charles Gerald Douglas Jordan L. 203 Larry Gene 159 Larry M. 223 Linda J. 203 Roberta A. 203 Mark A. 223 Anita L. 183 Robert A. 223 Thad 223 David A. 223 Janelle D. 223 Karen E. 203 Kip 159 Kimberly S. 244lNDEX Crabtree, Richard H. 159 Crabtree, Terry E. 183 Craft, Paul E. 203 Craig, Karen Arlene 159 Crane, Denise E. 183 Cranton, Dennis J. 183 Crasser, Tal 183 Craven, Gilbert L. 223 Cremer, Gregory R. 223 Cresswell, Charles S. 223 Cresswell, Keith Edward 183 Crisman, Nancy L. 223 Croak, Constance M. QConnieJ 223 Crosser, Sheila Marie 183 Crossett, Mike J. 159 Crossett, Sally A. 223 Crough, George Kenneth 159 Crowe, Robert J. 203 Crowe, Terry D. 159 Crowley, Brian J. 223 Crowley, Kathleen A. 183 Crull, Dale Alton Jr. 159 Crull, Richard B. 223 Cruz, Tamra K. 223 Cudd, Christopher Miles 183 Cuevas, Joe T. 159 Culbert, Diane 145 Culliver, Cindy A. 223 Cummings, Gail E. 203 Cummings, Johns C. 159 Cummins, Teresa Lynn 159 Cummins, Timothy Allen CUNNINGHAM, LARRY 131 Cunningham, Roy L. 223 Curran, Tom C. 159 Currie, Betty L. 223 Curry, Pat A. 159 D Daley, Barbara Ann 183 Dallas, Gifford P. 203 Dalton, Charles D. 223 Daly, Clinton Lester 160 Daly, Patrick R. 224 Daly, Terry K. 183 Dameron, John D. 160 Daniels, Kevin J. 183 Dapke, William J. 203 Dassele, Dan J. 160 Dassele, Diana L. 203 Dauphinais, Julie Ann 183 Davey, Robert A. 203 Davich, Cherie L. 224 Davis, B. Jean 224 Davis, Cheryl L. 203 Davis, Dawn 224 Davis, Dayna Robert Davis, Douglas A. 224 Davis, Fleta Deean 183 Davis, Luann Gail 160 Davis, Nancy 160 Davis, Robert J. 203 Davis, Robert S. 203 Davis, Tom O. 183 Davis, Wendy Sue 160 Dawson, Karen M. 183 Dawson, Robert G. 224 Dawson, Susan E. 203 Daye, Kent J. 183 Daye, Scott D. 203 De Grow, Gerald 129 De La Huerta, Pearl A. De La Lama, Mark C. 224 De La Lama, Pam C. 183 De La Vara, Bob 224 De Prima, Catherine E. 160 Dean, Natt A. 183 Dean, Rhonda Deborah 183 Degroff, David B. 224 DEITTRICH, GEORGE 134 Del Tufo, Janet T. 224 Dellisanti, Michael J. 183 Delpier, Laura M. 183 Denney, JeffB. 203 Denison, Leslie Dennison, Allen Wayne 183 Denofsky, David R. 160 Denver, Denora G. 160 Deronde, Elon 183 Desmond, Marsha 183 Desplanques, Keithl 203 Desplanques, Kevin C. Devine, David A. 224 Dewey, David J. 224 Dice, Kellie J. Dice, Kristine F. 203 Dickson, Joe C. 160 Dickson, Mark 160 Dickson, Thomas C. Diefenbach, Kathy Jane 183 Diefenbach, Kim M. 203 Diefenbach, Mike B. 183 Dierks, Dennis E. 183 Digeno, Joseph 224 Dixon, Anne M. 224 Dixon, Eileen K. 203 Dixon, Kristy G. 224 Dobos, Mary P. 160 Doerr, Glenn E. 160 Dolyniuk, James Allyn 160 DOMBROSKI, BYRON 134 Dominguez, Kathy T. 203 Dominy, Steven 224 Domzalski, Michael V. 203 Donald, David A. 203 Donald, Paul E. 203 Dong, Evelyn M. 203 Doran, James E. 203 Dorn, Robyn D. 160 Doisett, Kim 160 Dotson, David R. 160 Dougherty, Lindy S. 224 Dougherty, Lloyd L. 160 Dougherty, Michael G. 224 Dowdy, Sharon K. 224 Downs, Debbie Ann 160 Drake, Jacqueline C. 203 DRINKWATER, HERBERT 138 Driver, Larry Lee 160 Du Vall, Leann Rene 184 Duarte, Gloria Ann 160 Dudley, Cynthia J. 204 Duenas, Tim G. 184 Duffy, Steven J. 183 Dufour, Denise Ann 160 Dufty, Kevin Ross 183 Dugan, Larry A. 160 Dunaway, Cheryl Annette 184 DUNCAN, ROBERT 136 Dungan, C. Scott 224 Dunn, Mike W. 224 Dunn, Susan 204 Dura, Marian Theresa 184 Durazo, Marie A. 224 Durette, Tom A. 224 Durham, Tonya Elleen 183 Durr, Denny L. 224 Dutson, Gregory R. 224 E Eagar, Kristine 204 Eason, Marline L. 224 Eastman, Lamee Edith 160 Eaves, Rodney Lee 160 Ebel, Janette, F. 184 Eberle, Greg A. 160 Eberling, Ron D. 204 Ebrite, William Edward 184 Edwards, Debbie C. 224 Edwards, Gary Dean 184 Edwards, Joan M. 184 Edwards, John E. 204 EDWARD, SYLVESTER 134 Egter Van Wissekerke, Constance 224 Ehle, Danny E. 160 Ehrhardt, Joe E. 204 Eichenlaub, Cindy J. 224 Eichenlaub, Ted W. Jr. 160 Eidenbock , Carl W. 224 Elam, James L. 204 Elam, Rebecca L. 224 Eldredge, Alana Sue 184 Ellington, Charles T. 224 Ellington, Gene F. 204 Elliott, Edward K. 204 Ellis, James Lenard 160 Ellison, Mildred Ann 184 Elsensohn, Dennis 160 Elsensohn, Lee Ann 204 Elsner, Cynthia Sue 184 Ely, Byron Lynn 184 Emery, Alan S. 204 Encinas, Yolanda 204, 217 Engelsen, Karen 204 England, David B. 225 England, Landon L. 225 Englert, Charles D. 225 Englert, Jeffrey Leo 160 Englert, Nancy Leigh 184 Enoven, Gregory D. fGregJ 225 Enright, Michael D. 204 Escudero, Andres F. 204 Espinoza, Diana L. 225 Espinoza, Karen Susan 160 Espinoza, Louis Ben Ester, Dale A. 204 Ester, Jennifer L. 225 Ester, Lee W. 204 Estrada, Joseph A. 204 Em, Cindy 1. 225 Etzkorn, Karen L. 204 Eubank, R. Jeanette 204 Evans, Barbara J. 204 Evans, Christopher L. 204 Evans, George A. 225 Evans, John G. 204 Evans, Julie A. 225 Evans, Pam Jean 160 Evans, Thomas A. 225 Everhart, Richard D. 204 EVERILL, DORIS 148 F Fagenbush, Catherine L. 225 Fagenbush, Chris Thomas 184 Fallers, Robert J. 204 Farage, Janet E. 160 Farley, Debbie 160 FARRELL, CHARLES 140 Farrington, Angeline M. 225 Favata, Gary F. 204 Fearing, Rachel A. 225 Fearing, Rebecca L. 204 F earneyhough, John Ray 161 Fehr, Verla K. 225 Feiring, David C. 184 Felix, Tracy E. 184 FENDON, PAULA 132 Fenyves, Iain 184 Ferguson, Cheryl A. 161 Ferguson, 'Dean Allen 184 Ferguson, Dennis L. 225 Fields, Leslie A. 161 Fierros, Irene 197 Fierros, Kathy F. 225 Fierros, Virginia Maria 161 Figueroa, Ralph 204 Filipek, Vicki L. 204 Finch, Karen A. 225 Finch, William John 184 Fink, Ann M. 204 Finnerty, Mary A. 225 Fisher, Barbara A. 184 Fisher, Robert L. 204 Fitzpatrick, Bill L. 161 Fitzpatrick, Dennis M. 204 Fleace, Michael B. 204 Fleming, Brian J. 225 Fleming, Fred B. 204 Fleming, Jodi Colleen 161 Fleming, Lynda L. 225 Fleming, Patricia M. 295 Fleshman, Kimberly K. 225 Fleshman, Thomas L. 225 Fletcher, Charles F. 225 Fletcher, Jon J. 161 ' hn L. 2 5 Folk, Don R. 225 Fyffe, E1'1'1EI'SO1'1 JT. 225 Gnggs .lo 0 Fletcher, Robert E. 225 Flippin, Laurel L. 225 Flippin, Lucinda M. 184 Flynn, Alan S. FOEHRING, ALBERT 147 Fonda, Anne Marie 161 Fontenot, Vickie A. 225 Ford, Bradley D. 204 Ford, Janet Lee 175 Ford, Joanne E. 225 Forsha, Doug E. 225 Forsha, Jacci Lyn 161 Forsha, James T. 240 Fosnot, Darlene H. 225 Foster, Craig Louis 184 Foster, Kim S. 184 Foster, Larry E. 225 Foster, Linda Sue 184 Foster, Marla Sue 161 Fowler, Jennifer E. 161 Fowler, Joseph H. 184 Fox, Deborah J. 225 Fox, JohnJ. 205 Francies, Phillip N. 225 Francis, Sharon G. 225 Frank, Dana J. 225 Franke, David 184 Franklin, Kathy A. 161 Fraser, John M. 161 Fraser, Nancy A. 225 Frasier, Bobby G. 184 Frasier, Ronai V. 184 FREDERICK, GRACE 131 Frederickson, Angela M. 205 Frederickson, Cheryl A. 161 Frederickson, Jay P. 184 Freeman, Frank T. 184 Freeman, John L. 225 Freiburger, Sheila M. 225 Frey, Dennis D. 205 Frick, Steven E. 225 Friedman, Jeffrey Alan 161 FRIEDMAN, LIBBY 140 Friedman, Marla I. 205 Fries, Jack D. 205 Fries, Roy L. 161 Friesen, Lyle K. 205 Frisk, Denise L. 205 Frm, Ron c. 184 Friuo, Fred 184 Froese, Viola R. 205 Frost, Marshall A. 205 Frost, Steven R. 161 Frye, Scott B. 225 Fryman, Tammy J. 225 Fuentes, Francis Sylvia 161 Fuentes, Gabriel A. 225 Fuhrhop, Stanley Martin 161 Fujii, Bonnie N. 184 Fujii, Craig Y. 161 Fullam, Linda Frances 161 Fuller, Richard L. 2nd 205 Fullmer, Sharon L. 225 Funk, Ann Marie 161 Funk, James E. 225 Funk, Steven Alan 161 G Gaddis, Vicki D. 226 Gagliardi, Helene T. 205 Gale, Terri J. 206 Gallagher, Chuck J. 206 Gallagher, Jessie Kay Galligan, Cindy Lee Galligan, David P. 206 Galligan, M. Shelley 206 Galligan, Nelson Lee 162 Gallimore, Judith Lucille 162 Gambee, Lori A. 226 Gamelgaard, Wanda Lynn 162 Ganes, Glenn M. 206 Garcia, David J. 206 Garcia, Jo Ann 206 Garcia, Michael A. 162 Garcia, Richard 162 Garcia, Richard M. 226 Gardner, Gwen 32, 162 GARDNER, SHIRLEY 148 Garrard, Kathleen 240 Garrett, Laura L. 206 Garrett, William P. 226 Garrido, Luis G. 206 Gastineau, Debra S. 206 Gault, Paul E. 206 Gauthier, Nancy M. 226 Gaylord, Byron E. 226 Gaylord, James Richard 16 2 Gaylord, John Robert 162 GEISER, EDWIN 136 Gellenbeck, Kevin William 162 Gettings, Norman Harry Jr. 162 GIAMBRUNO, DOMINIC 138 Giardina, John N. 162 Giardina, Vicki J. 226 Gibbens, Judy Ann Gibbons, Dorothy A. 205 Gibbons, Thomas Paul 162 GIBSON, JACK 131 Gibson, Vera G. 226 Gilchrist, Barbara Jean 162 Giles, Lynnea A. 226 Gilfoyle, Evelyn M. 205 Gill, Sandra K. 226 Gillespie, Alice E. 162 Gillum, Robert W. II 226 Gilmore, Ellen J. 205 Gilmore, Emma Beatrice 162 GILSDORF, GWEN 132 Giroux, Phillip E. 162 Giuliano, Carla Y. 226 Giver, Glenn M. 205 Glasser, Mark H. 226 Glover, Gloria G. 226 Goering, Cindy J. 205 Goeringer, Ronda L. 226 Goernitz, Lothar 140 Gomez, Frances Marie 162 Gomez, Mike A. 205 Gelnett, Phyllis M. 206 Gensel, Karen S. 206 Gensel, Michael 226 Gerber, Robin L. 205 Gerick, Charles W. 205 Gertz, Andrew Z. 162 Gervais, Elizabeth M. 205 Gervais, Geraldine Hilda 162 Gonzales, Christine 205 Gonzales, Diane S. 226 Gonzales, Richard H. 205 Gonzales, Valarie 226 Gonzalez, Manuel A. 226 Goodman, Kevin Thomas 162 GOODRICH, ROBERT 138 Goodrow, Louann B. 226 Goold, Randall Scott 162 Goodwin, Wellesey 1 28 Gorchinski, Garrett 226 Gordon, Cynthia J. Gordon, Debbie Lynne 162 Gordon, Debby L. 205 Gore, Deborah A. 205 Gorry, Edward G. 205 Gosiger, Joseph A. 162 GOSS, THOMAS 140 Gothard, Cindi S. 205 Graff, Judy J. 162 Graham, Lori B. 205 Graham, Wm. O. 226 Grange, Clifford S. Jr. 205 Grange, Kathlene Michelle 162 Gray, Debbie S. 205 Green, Cheryll L. 205 Green, Donald K. 226 GREEN, GLORIA 148 Green, John D. 240 Green, Kenneth Albert 162 Green, Laura K. 205 Greenwalt, Ted E. 162 Greer, Christopher T. 205 Grefe, Doris Ann 162 Gregg, Kathryn M. 205 Gregg, Sue A. 226 Gregory, Robert E. 226 Gregson, Donna Kay 162 Grettenberger, Cheryl Ann 162 Grettenberger, Susie M. 205 Griego, Tory T. 226 Griffith, Cheryl A. 226 Grimmett, Daniel T. 162 GROENIG, ROBERT 131 Grossberg, Fran E. 205 Grothaus, Steve A. 162 INDEX 245 Haertel, Kevin C. 227 Grove, David W. 226 Grover, Gregory L. 226 Groves, Tom E. 226 Grubbs, David P. 226 Guevara, Luciano A. 226 Guffey, Debbie L. 205 Guglielmo, Joe A. 226 Gulledge, Craig L. 226 Gunderson, Evelyn A. 226 Gunderson, Mark E. 226 Gunn, Vicky A. 226 Gunning, Bradly S. 226 Gusman, Arthur 226 Guthrie, Debra L. 205 Guthrie, Jay A. 205' Gutmacher, Amy J. 205 Gutmacher, Mike John Gutscher, Laurie R. 205 Guzman, Jack M. 226 Guzman, Joeseph 133 H Haas, Denise R. 206 Haas, Regina M. 197 Habecker, Don A. 206 Habenicht, Randall L. 206 HADDAD, VINCENT 132 Haehn, Ken James 162 ' Haeuser, John H. 206 Hagadorn, Philip R. 206 Hagadorn, Roger N. 162 Hagberg, Melinda A. 206 Hakes, Donakay 206 Hakes, Gail 144 Hale, James W. 227 Hall, Kim L. 227 Hall, Larkin V. 227 Hallada, Judith L. 224 Halladay, Dianna L. 227 Halladay, Mark A. 206 Ham, Marilyn Kay 162 Hamilton, Dana S. 206 Hamilton, James M. 227 Hammerl, Joanne A. 227 Hammerl, Margaret L. 205 HAMMIT, DIANA 136 Hampton, Becky 162 Hamza, Karl Frank 163 Hancock, Jayne E. 227,205 Hancock, Teresa M. 227 Hanger, Jeff B. 227 Hankins, 205-206 Hannah, 227 Charles W. Thomas E. Hansen, Kathy L. 227 246 INDEX Hansen, Philip A. 227 Hanshaw, Linda L. 227 Hanson, M. Blaine 227 Harbison, Kenneth D. 205,206 Harbold, Karen A. 205-206 Hardin, Lorraine Rose 197 Harding, Andrea L. 227 Harding, Bruce B. 163 Harding, Mary E. 205 Hardison, Randall R. 227 Hardison, Steven R. 206 Hardyman, Gregory M. 227 Harman, Gerrie I. 227 Harnagel, Janet E. 227 Harris, A. Denise 227 Harris, Diane E. 163 Harris, Susan Marie 163 HARTMAN, MARYNELLE 135 Harrold, Kelly Lee 163 Hartkamp, Eveline M. 205-206 Hartwig, Vicky L. 206 Hartz, James E. 163 Harvey, Gavin W. 227 Harvey, Matthew D. 163 Hasenberg, Jay M. 206 Hasserd, Robert F. 227 Hatch, Timothy B. 227 Hatfield, Jean Lee 163 Hauer, Diane A. 206 Hauer, Joyce K. 163 Hauer, Melissa A. 227 HAWKINS, CAROLYN 136 Hawkins, Jacqueline K. 206 Hawkins, Michael C. 163 Hawkins, Tracy M. 206 Hawley, Laura Ann 163 Hawran, Mary Kathryn 163 Hayden, Margaret Elaine 163 Hayes, Catherine Ann 163 Hayes, Harriet D. 227 Hayes, James P. 206 Hayes, William B. 240 Haynes, Jerry D. 227 Hays, Gary R. 206 Hays, Kathleen L. Hazelip, Jackie A. 206 Hearne, Jeff D. 163 Hebert, Dawn M. 206 Heck, Eileen 163 Heck, Hans D. 227,206 Heck, Jerome J. 206 Heck, Jon P. 227 Hedger, Timothy R. 227 HEINSOHN, DOROTHEA 148 Heinsohn, Lynn A. 227 Heinzerling, Ed A. 163 Heisler, Karlin 227 Helein, Catherine L. 207 HELLER, GLORIA 132 Helmandollar, Mary A. 207 Helmandollar, Robin L. 227 Heltemes, Michael Conway 163 Heltemes, Rebecca A. 207 HELTZ, LYLE 134 Hempen, James R. 207 Hemphill, Barbara L. 206 Hemple, David W. 227 Henderson, Camille M. 227 Hendry, Jeffrey W. 207 Heneghan, Heidi 240 Heng, Gale M. 227 Henk, Donna S. 207 Henry, Rosco L. 207 Hermanowski, Elizabeth G. 207 Hernandez, Vincent S. 32,207 Herrera, Michael W. 227 Hertzog, Bonnie L. 163 Hertzog, Ronnie A. 207 Hester, Rita C. 227 Hester, William L. 227 Hesterman, Bryce L. 227 Heuett, Wade A. 207 I-Iewitt, David Earl 163 Higuera Shirley A. 207 HILL, BARBARA 147 Hin, Ernie H. Hiller, Douglas R. 227 Hillgren, Krista L. 227 Hilliard, Peggy Marie 163 HILSABECK, ROBERT 1 37 Hilton, Hilton, Hinch, 227 Jack W. 207 Jim M. 227 Christine C. Louise A. 207 John P. 227 Judith L. 207 Kathy Sue 163 Hintz, Pat D. 207 Hipkins, Terry E. 227 Hiser, Laurie K. 227 I-IITCHCOCK, LYNNA 148 Hinch, Hinton, Hinton, Hinton, Hoback, Rosa L. 163 Hobbs, Richard J. 227 Hoffarth, Diane M. 227 Hofman, Jerry S. 164 Hogan, Vickie L. 207 Hoiness, Terry L. 163 Holaday, Deborah Ann 164 Holaday, Jackie L. 228 Holaday, Nancy J. 207 Holaday, Stephanie E. 228 Holder, Sandra D. 228 Holl, David R. 240 Holl, James C. 207 Holland, Micheal Shane Holland, Terri 164 Hollingsworth, Gary Steve Hollister, Barbara Ann 32,164 Holmes, David A. 228 Holmes, Robert M. 207 Holmes, Wanda L. 207 Holmgren, Patty J. 228 HOLT, MADGE 148 Holt, Russell T. 164 Holtz, Robert 164 Homsey, Deborah W. 207 Honderd, Georgia L. 164 Hopper, Kathleen R. 207 Hopper, Viann Carol 164 Hopple, Wanda M. 228 Horal, John M. 207 Horne, Donna Re 164 Horner, Jerry D. 206 Horney, Cynthia S. 164 Hostetler, Dana L. 228 Housel, David 164 Housel, Nancy 164 Houser, Steven J. 228 Howard, Carrie F. 207 Hower, Sally A. 207 Hoyt, Dale A. 207 Hoyt, Sherri Joan 164 Hoyt, Timothy A. 228 Hoyt, Vennessa R. 164 Huckabee, Debra F. 207 Hudson, Cynthia G. 207 Hudson, Lorraine E. 207 Huey, Dorthy I. 164 HUEY, IONE 148 Hughes, Bill M. 207 Hughes, Bob L. 207 Huling, Lisa A. 207 Humble, Lauren A. 207 Humphrey, Gayle C. 207 Hunt, Belinda c. 228 Hunt, James W. 207 Hunt, Judy C. 207 Hunter, James H. 207 Hunter, Kenneth R. 228 Hunter, Robert H. 228 Hunter, Robin Lynn 164 Hunter, Susan Marie 164 HURLBURT, CARL 132 HURLBURT, CLAIRE 132 Hurst, James R. 228 I-lurtareas, James 228 Hutchinson, Donald 164 Hutchinson, Roxanna J. 207 Hyatt, Cindy M. 228 Hyatt, Rick James 164 Hyslip, I Swana L. 207 Iams , Ross Alfred 164 ner, Bob R. 228 Iler, M Ingber, ary 187 Terri J. 228 Ingenhuett, Lynn A. 228 Ingersol, Faith 187 Irwin, Carol D. 228, 207 Ives, Robin L. 207 I Jack, Deborah C. 207 Jack, Susan M. 228 Jacks, Keith A. 207 Jackson, Anthony Leland 164 Jackson, Willard C. 207 Jacquemin, Maureen Ann 164 Jahner, 208 James, 164 James, James, James, 164 James, James, Carroll A. Carl Dennis Cynthia A. 208 Frank L. 228 Gary Robert Sharon E. 228 Vicki L. 228 Jameson, David A. 164 JAMISON, JUNE 140 Jamrozik, Laura L. 208 Jankowski, Linda M. 228 Jankowski, Paul M. 164 JANSSIEN, SANDRA 132 Jaramillo, Josephine T 228 Jenkins, Shelly K. 208 Jenkins, Valerie Leigh 164 Jenkins, wiuiem c. 208 Jenks, Vivian A. 228 Jervis, Cynthia A. 208 Jesse, Renee K. 228 Jesse, Rhonda Rae 164 Jimenez, Frank 228 Jodat, Ronald S. 228 Johannsen, Barbara A. 208 Johnson, Barbara Ann 164 Johnson, Brian G. 228 Johnson, Brian R. 228 Johnson, Carl Oscar 164 Johnson, Clifton Scott 164 Johnson, Cynthia Ann 164 JOHNSON, DONNA 132 JOHNSON, GLENDA 148 Johnson, Juli A. 164 Johnson, Kathie Anne 164 Levitt, Johnson, Laura A. 208 Johnson, Michael 217 Johnson, Mike 164 Johnson, Nancy A. 228 Johnson, Roger T. 208 Johnso 228 n, Roxanne M. Kimbrough, Montie JOHNSON, SHELLEY 1 3 2 Johnson, Susan C. 228 Johnson, V. Paul 228 Johnston, Curtis D. 208 Lahaie, Patrick G. 209 C. 208 Jones, Colleen L. 165 Jones, Janice M. 229 Jones, Leslie R. 229 Jones, Robert W. 208 Jones, Susan A. 229 Jones, Tamara L. 229 Jordan, Deborah Arlene 165 Jordan, Norman D. 229 Joseph, Carol L. 229 Joseph, Susan M. 208 Jouett, Barbara L. 229 Joyner, Terry Lee 164 K Kacer, Robert J. 229 Kaiser, Yvonne R. 229 Kale, Nancyj. 165 Kaplan, Kenneth E. 229 Karboski, Krystal 229 Karr, Daryl Kelly 165 Karraker, Dan E. 229 Kasallis, Tom G. 229 Kaufman, Elizabeth Kaufman, Michael D. 229 Kearney, Karen S. 208 Keating, Cynthia G. 165 Keefer, Timothy L. 229 Keeling, Douglas R. 165 Keidel, Gregory S. 208 Keil, Kathleen A. 229 Keller, Stephen M. 208 Kelletter, Christine 208 KELLY, CAROLYN 1 3 2 Kelly, Mike John 165 Kelmer, Linda 165 Kemp, Timothy A. 229 Kennedy, Karen S. 208 Kennemer, Howard D. 208 Kent, David G. 208 Kent, Robert W. 229 Kenyon, Richard S. 208 Kenyon, William H. 229 Keppen, Pamela L. 165 Kerkhoff, Charles E. 229 Kerkhoff, Richard Burns 165 Kerr, Julie A. 229, 208 Kett, Charles R. 229 Keyser, Bill H. 229 Kibbey, Danny L. 229 Kidney, Denise E. 208 Kieffer, Don T. 108 Killeen, Denise Katherine 165 Killeen, Scott E. 208 Kimball, John K. 165 Kimball, Leanna L. 208 Kimbell, Robert L. 165 KIMBRO, WANDA 148 Kimbrough, Keron E. 208 Lee 165 Kindler, Karen S. 229 KING, HARLEY 137 King, Karen A. 208 King, Sandra Kay 217 Kinman, Pamela Kay 165 KINNAMAN, DONALD 1 34 Marie L. 229 Barbara L. 229 Sabrina L. 208 Terry L. 208 Susan 165 Kmieciak, Patti Ann Kirby, Klatt, Klein, Klein, Kline , 165 Knau, Rachelle K. 208 Knauss, Linda Ann 165 Knauss, Sandra 229 Knowlton, Carl Gene 165 Knowlton, Douglas A. 240 Koch, Tammy L. 209 Koegel, Michael R. 209 KOERNER, JOHN 140 Kokaska, Robert J. 209 Komadina, Steven C . 229 KOONS, ETHEL 137 Kopp, Michael Leon 175 Koressel, Dean Leslie 165 Koressel, Theresa A. 229 Korzun, Charles 229 Kou1s, Mark M. 229 Kowacz, Kim S. 229 Kramp, Al E. 229 Kraus, Karla L. 229 Krause, Michael K. 165 Krcina, Stephen A. 209 Kreel, Robert T. 209 Kreipel, Alicia M. 229 Kreipel, Bill L. B. 165 Kreipel, Elizabeth A. 209 KREY, MARTIN 131 Kroll, Bradley K. 209 Kroll, Debra Dawn 165 Krueger, Karen E. 229 Kruse, Jerri L. 229 Kxznarich, Cindy M. 229 Krznarich, Phil P. 209 Kulik, Sandra Lynn 165 Kuntz, Cynthia 187 Kurlin, Robert E. 209 Kuske, Robyn L. 209 Kuwitzky, Daniel K. 165 Kuwitzky, Janice L. 209 L La Prell, Jay A. 209 La Prell, Michelle N. 229,209 La Rocca, Karen D. 229 La Rue, Michael E. 209 Labriola, Mike J. 229 Lacey, Sheila K. 165 Lacy, Steve L. 209 Laclra, Teresa J. 209 Laflash, Michael L. 165 Lageschulte, Jay E. 165 Laidlaw, Clara A. 229 Laidlaw, Linda B. 209 Laird, Michael A. 229 Laird, Sue Ellen 166 Laird, William B. 209 Lambie, Bryan S. 209 Lamp, Calvin O. 209 Landon, Lonnie J. 229 Lane, Claudia 145 Laplante, Sue A. 229 Lappe, Vicki L. 209 Larkin, Nicki K. 229 Larremore, Donna L. 209 Larsen, Denise R. 229 Larson, Daniel A. 229 Larson, John R. 209 Larson, Joyce M. 166 Larson, Mike R. 209 Larue, Victoria L. 230 Latham, Rick G. 188 Lauck, Donald T. 166 Laudenschlager, Steve P. 188 Lauder, Marjorie 146 Lauer, Stephen J. 188 Laurie, Michael S. 230 Laux, Terri M. 209 Laux, Thomas E. 230 Laux, William A. 188 Law, Charles F. 209 Law, Melanie Jeanne 188 Lawlor, Karrie E. 166 Lawlor, Kathy E. 209 Le Feure, Katherine 188 Le Noue, Larry E. 230 LEBS, PATRICK 135 Ledbetter, Charles M. 230 Ledbetter, Gary N. 230 Ledbetter, Michael D. 209 Lee, Martha R. 209 Lee, Paul Stanton 188 Leeke, Cathy L. 230 Leeke, Jeanna M. 188 Leibrant, William J. 197 Lendriet, Brent W. 240 Lentz, Melanie J. 230 Leonardo, Joanne C. 166 Leonardo, William F. 209 Lerma, Edward M. 209 Lerma, Lorraine Lucille 166 Leung, Jeannie 230 Levengood, Susan E. 230 Levin, Levin, Levin, 188 Michael S. 230 Mitchell R. 209 Sheila Terese Jody A. 209 Lewallen, Cheryl Ann 166 Lewallen, Gail K. 230 Lewallen, Tracy L. 209 Lewis, Gordon D. 166 Lewis, Kathy Anne 166 Lewis, Ken J. 230 Lewis, Kendra B. 209 Lewis, Lafonda B. 209 Lewis, Pamalyn K. 230 Lewis, Richard R. Jr. 166 Lewis, Scott 188 Lewis, Thomas R. 209 Libby, Lincoln, Deanna 166 Lincoln, Tracy L. 230 Lindebak, Gary D. 166 LINDER, LUCY 133 Lindley, Bobby G. 188 Lindsteft, James D. 230 Lewis Jr. 230 Liniger, Diana Sue 188 Linzey, Precious A. 230 Linzey, Terry Lynn 166 Lippiatt, Debbie Lynne 188 Lippiatt, Robert E. 230 Lipton, Juanita 128 Little, Gregory A. 230 Little, Louis A. 209 Little, 166 Thomas Edward Lizarraga , Ernie A. 209 Lockhart, Vannessa Hope Loftin, Logan, 188 Long, Longs Long, Long, 188 Lynne A. 188 Denise E. 32, Cheryl L. 230 Denise J. 230 Diane L. 209 Joan Marie 166 Long, Judy Lanette 188 Long, Kim T. 188 Long, Kimberly A. 230,217 Looney, Allen Wade 188 Looney, Brian Vincent 166 Looney, Terry Ann 166 Lopez, Annie M. 230 Lopez, David C. 209 Lopez, Eugene Mike IV 188 Lopez, Henry R. 217 Lopez, Jo Ann 209 Lopez, Joseph A. 230 Lopez, Josephine M. 230 Lopez, Michael A. 189 Lopez, Pam J. 230 Lopez, Terry L. 230 Lopez, Tommy M. 209 Louk, Paul Arthur 166 Louk, Russell G. 209 Louizenheiser, Sandra M. Lovelace, Susie L. 189 Lowe, Cynthia K. 231 Lowe, Karen L. 231 Lowrey, Jerry Allen 166 Lowry, Richard T. 231 Lucero, Ralph 231 Lugo, Phillip E. 166 Lujan, Sharon Ann 166 Lujan, Steve A. 231 Lundgren, Alisa J. 209 Lundgren, Sandra L. 197 Lundquist, Steve K. 231 Lutz, Connie S. 209 Lutz, Michael A. 209 Lutz, Tony 231 Luzier, Geoff L. 189 Luzier, Pam Sue 166 Lyngar, Jane Alice 166 Lyster, Roger O. 210 M Maack, Gary J. 166 Maas, Susan D. 231 Mabbitt, Diana L. 210 Mabbitt, Therisa J. 231 Mabee, Robert William 166 Mabry, James Arthur Jr. 166 MacCallum, Debbie A. 231 MacCallum, Patty Lynn 166 Macari, Michael R. 210 MacDonald, Carie J. 189 Mack, Karen Yvonne 189 Macon, Martha 135 Madden, Michael G. 231 Madison, David W. 210 Madrid, Frank J. 231 Madrid, Lorraine Portugal 189 Madril, Laura 189 Madril, Lisa F. 231 Madsen, Kenneth R. 210 Magdaleno, Cynthia Ann 189 Magouirk, Ellen K. 210 Mahoney, Daniel Patrick 189 Mahoney, Pete J. 231 Maitlen, Rosemary E. 231 Major, Traci S. 231 Major, Travis S. 189 Malarek, Deborah J. 210 Maldonado, Arnold 210 Malek, Laura J. 189 Malinoski, Mark E. 166 INDEX 247 Mallard, Mike D. 210 Maloney, Joseph M. 210 Malovic, Steve L. 189 Malpede, Barbara 147 Maness, Mike D. 189 Mangelsdorf, Daniel 147 Manker, Kathy Elizabeth 32, 189 Manning, Dale Lynn 166 Manning, John D. 231 Manor, Janet G. 210 Manor, Steve F. 189 Manske, Kathleen Therese 166 Mansker, Duke A. 231 Manton, Eugene Wesley 189 Marble, Regina G. 210 Marcell, Tom R. 189 Mardeusz, Kathy 189 Marez, Eliseo A. Jr. 210 MARIANETTI, LOUIS 140 Marin, Carlos H. 231 Marin, Louie II 189 Marino, Denise A. 231 Marone, Vincent H. 210 Marrese, Mark V. 231 Marshall, James A. 210 Martin, Carol S. 189 Martin, Cynthia S. 231 Martin, Janet Mae 166 Martin, Kenneth R. 231 Martin, Mary A. 231 Martin, Rodney G. 210 MARTIN, SANDRA 137 Martindale, Daniel T. 231 Martindale, Richard J. 210 Martinez, Frances L. 231 - Martinez, Henry G. 210 Martinez, Jerry I. 231 Martinez, Katrina M. 189 Martinez, Leodoro 166 Martinez, Nick P. 231 Martinez, Raul A. Jr. 189 Martinez, Sandi 189 Marturello, John 166 Marvin, Dena L. 189 Marvin, Lloyd H. 189 Marvin, Stella J. 231 Maselli, Michael L. 231 Masoner, Mark Wayne 189 Masoner, Michelle L. 166 Massetto, Katherine L. 210 Massis, Harriet 210 Mastexson, Denise L. 210 Masterson, Michelle L. 166 Maston, Dolores Theresa 166 Mate, Cheryl Ann 197 Mate, Randall J. 210 248 INDEX Matheson, Eddie E. 231 Matlock, W. Bruce 210 Matock, Robert S. 167 Matthews, Anita J. 231 Matthews, Kenneth Michael 189 Matthews, Molly M. 167 Mattingly, Anita F. 210 Mattingly, Barbara Ann 167 Mattox, Tamala R. 210 Matuzek, Gene E. 189 Matuzek, Kathy A. 231 Mauk, Sharon L. 189 Maul, Norman D. 189 Maulfair, Barbara Ann 167 Mauzy, Russell L. 231 Mayberry, Kirby D. 210 Maynard, Alan D. 231 Maynard, Dottie J. 210 Maynard, Linda K. 189 McCabe, Robin K. 189 McCarroll, Rena S. 210 McCarthy, Mickey L. 210 McCartney, Colleen D. 231 McCartney, Suzanne K. 189 McCarty, Michael P. 189 McCarty, Shawn J. 231 McCarty, Steven G. 167 McCaughey, Carl B. 231 McCaughey, Molly Kay 189 McClay, Robert Alan 32,189 McCloe, George G. 231 McCloskey, Richard D. Jr. 231 McClure, Dana C. 210 McClure, Mark 167 MCCOMB, ROBERT 142 McConnaughay, Beth Joan 16 7 McConnaughay, Michael A. 210 S 217 McConnell, Lucinda E. 210 McConville, Richard D. 210 McCormick, Cathy Anne 167 McCormick, Janet S. 231 McCormick, Mary N. 189 McCormick, Roberta J. 210 McCoy, Katherine L. 231 McCoy, Michael A. 210 McCracken, Catherine Jean 189 McCrery, Dawn M. 211 McCue, Tony J. 211 McCullough, Deborah H. 167 McDonald, Tammy J. 211 McDowell, Kendra K. 189 McElhaney, Janice M. 211 MCGAFFIC, GARENT 133 McGowan, John R. 189 McGowan, Patti Lynne 167 McHatton, Jonathan B. 211 McKennon, Gale M. 211 McLaughlin, Rita D. 167 McLemore, Cynthia A. 231 McMains, Arnold P. 231 McMahon, Micheal 231 McManus, Mark D. 211 McMeen, Nancy Dee 189 McMeen, Randall Carlton 167 McMillen, Stephen F. 211 McMillin, Evan J. 167 McNeil, Linda K. 211 McNeil, Randy G. 189 McNulty, Charlie M. 167 McNulty, Thomas W. 231 McNutt, Carla S. 231 McPherson, Leta Paulette 167 McPherson, Mike P. 167 McQueen, Gary L. 232 McShane, Jill A. 232 Mead, Kelly A. 232 Meade, Lannie Najev 32, 167 Mecham, Connie 232 Mecham, Wendy Kathryn 16 7 Medlin, Shelley D. 167 Meeks, Tamara A. 211 Meeks, Tom E. 240 Mefford, Rick A. 232 Melton, Trena L. 211 Mercer, Jane E. 211 Mercer, Nanette R. 190 Merchant, Arthur K. 211 Merdick, Gregg A. 211 Merski, Grace R. 211 Merten, Georgia A. 232 Messana, Terri J. 232 Messer, Sue 232 Messer, Therese M. 211 Metcalf, April J. 190 Metzger, Karen Z Leonore 190 Meyer, Dennis P. 190 Meyer, Steve Mark 167 Meyeres, Michael Jo 167 Meyers, Denise 167 MEYERS, JOHN 142 MEYERS, RoNALD 138 MICHAELS, MARGE 134 Michaels, Sonya E. 167 Mickelsen, Daniel J. 232 Mickelsen, Lana V. 190 KI Miller, Scott Andrew 190 Miller, Scott J. 232 Miller, Sheree F. 168 Miller, Sherry L. 232 Miller, Todd O. 211 Milner, Joe E. 232 Milton, Merrilee M. 168 Minear, Terri P. 211 Miner, Bevey L. 211 Minster, Gail E. 211 Miraldi, Gia L. 232 Miskiel, Louann 190 Missler, Carol A. 211 Mitchell, Bill W. 190 Mitchell, Craig L. 211 Midkiff, Robert C. 232 Mildred, Shirley 232 Mitchell, David Donald 190 Mitchell, Debra M. 211 Mitchell, Robert E. 232 Mitchell, Sharon J. 168 Mize, Debbie K. 232 Mock, Randal C. 232 Moeser, Jennifer I. 190 Moeser, Laura E. 211 Moffitt, Bill Ray 190 Mogel, Mark V. 232 Mohr, Cynthia Marie 190 Molenda, Joleen E. 211 Miles, Debra Anne 167 Miles, Julie L. 211 Miller, Charles F. 168 Miller, Daniel P. 211 Miller, David L. 211 Miller, Eric D. 190 Miller, Janet R. 211 Miller, Jerry 232 Miller, John Edward 190 Miller, John T. 232 Miller, Kathleen A. 168 Miller, Kenny E. 190 Miller, Kurt David 168 Miller, Kurt Wayne 168 Miller, Loni M. 211 Miller, Lori K. 190 Miller, Lynn Lorraine 168 Miller, Marilyn M. 232 Miller, Martha Lou 190 Miller, Nancy J. 232 Miller, Paulette G. 190 Miller, Rene E. 211 Miller, Roberta N. 211 Miller, Rodney A. 211 Miller, Sandra L. 168 Montee , April Elaine 1 90 Montee, 232 Elizabeth M . Montoya, Daniel A. 211 Montoya, Manuel A. 1 90 Moody, Bill H. 232 Mooney, Connie Sue 168 Moore, Brenda C. 211 Moore, Jeanine I. 191 Moore, Jeffrey B. 232 Morales, Eddie A. 211 Morales, Natalie Dee 168 Moreno, Diane 211 Moreno, Gilbert J. 232 Moreno, Margaret A. 232 Pate, Bruce E. 233 Moreno, Robert 168 Morgan, Cheryl A. 168 Morgan, Dennis F. 32, 211 Morgan, Rebecca L. 232 Morningstar, Esther E. 191 Morningstar, John L. 211 Morrell, Larry Allen 191 Morrell, Sherrie L. 232 Morrison, Debbie Jean 191 Morrison, Hugh 144 Morrison, Jack R. 211 Morrow, Margaret Jean Morrow, Petty 168 Morton, Brenda K. 232 Moser, Jeff R. 211 Moses, Gary Lee 168 Moses, Vicki L. 232 Moss, Richard G. 191 Mounkes, Mary E. 232 Mountz, Christine L. 211 Mourning, Ronald Kevin 191 Mowry, Jeff L. 191 Mrozek, Pamela R. 191 Mulcahey, Lisa J. 232 Mulcahey, Mark H. 232 Muler, Karen L. 211 MULLIGAN , ROBERT 131 Mulvihill, Karen L. 191 Mulvihill, Kerry L. 211 MUNGO, NORMA 131 Munoz, Mike A. 211 Murawa, Mary C. 232 Murdough, Dava J. 191 Murdough, John M. 211 Murphey, Lynn E. 212 Murphey, Patty L. 232 Murphy, Charlene M. 191 MURPHY, JOHN 141 Murphy, Samuel B. 212 Murray, Marilee Murray, Penni L. 232 o'Ke11y, Linda L. 212 Murri, Annette 168 Murri, Greg G. 212 Musgrave, William G. 212 Mutchler, Scott 232 Myer, Brenda S. 232 Myers, Charles M. 233 Myers, Claudia P. 233 Myers, Glenn Earl 168 Myers, Karen Denise 168 Myers, Paulette 240 Myers, Peggy Louise 168 Mykra, Duane Leon 191 N Nada, Ceresse A. 191 Nance, Pat D. 191 Napier, Joyce A. 233 Nash, Jim W. 233 Nash, Mary L. 168 Nashold, Leslie R. 212 Nathan, Jim F. 233 Nauman, Pete 233 Nealis, Nancy Ann 191 Needham, Karen S. 233 Neeley, Teri Lee 191 Neeley, Valerie J. 233 Neely, John K. 233 Neideffer, Joanne 212 Nelson, Debbie K. 197 Nelson, Debra L. 212 NELSON, JERALD 139 Nelson, Julie M. 233 Nelson, Linda G. 233 f Nelson, Janet 147 Nelson, Pamela M. 212 Nelson, Sheri Ann 191 Nesby, Robert C. 233 Ness, Leyder E. 212 Nevins, Martin 144 Nevins, Russell L. 233 Newman, Helene Sheryl 168 Newmeyer, Lorie 212 Nicholas, Donald G. Jr. 212 Nichols, Marsha Lou 168 Nichta, Thomas M. 233 Nicosia, Tony C. 233 Nielsen, Carol J. 212 Nixon, 191 Nobley, Willard 145 Noe, Martha A. 233 Noel, Kimberly S. 212 Noffsinger, Gary Lynn 191 Nolan, Deanna E. 168 Norcini, Mike K. 233 Nordbye, Kara Lynn 233 Norfolk, Christine M. 233 Norris, Laura A. 233 Norris, Laurel L. 212 North, Pamela A. 212 Norton, Carolyn K. 233 Novak, Mary Anne 191 Nunez, Peggy M. 212 Nunnelley, Blake R. 168 O O'Boyle, Timothy M. 233 O'Connell, Linda A. 233 O'Conner, Charles T. 233 O'Kelly, Cynthia L. 191 O'Meara, Tim 212 Obis, Susan A. 233 Oden, Carol E. 233 Oden, Vola Ruth 191 Ogle, Debbie 240 Ohlhausen, Steve M. 191 Ohton, Antonio Pina 168 Ohton, Patricia P. 233 Oishi, Debbi M. 233 Oldfather, Richard D. 212 Oleson, Tim H. 191 Oliphant, Nelda L. 1 9 1 OLIVAS, LOUIS 137 Oliver, L. Randy 212 Olsen, Anne L. 233 Olsen, Debra J. 191 Olsen, Jean M. 212 Olson, Debra J. 233 Olson, Ruth N. 233 Olson, Stephanie Jene 168 Olson, on Steven J. 212 Willia ng, Rory J. 191 Onstott, Suzan Roberta 168 ORCHESTRA: 30, 31 Orlando, Christina V. 191 Ormsby, Kitt S. 233 Orndorff, Jeanne L. 191 Ornelas, David R. 233 Orr, Bill E. 233 Ortega, 168 John Andrew Orth, Stacy Jerome 191 Osadciw, Chris O. 233 Osborn, Darlene M. 191 Osuna, Anna Maria 191 Osuna, Hortencia T. 212 Oswald, Robin J. 212 Otero, Belinda 212 Otten, John C. 212 Ottwell, Dana R. 212 Overcast, Brian James 191 Owen, Diana Jo 191 Owens, Christopher J. 233 Owens, Diane M. 233 Owens, Steven J. 233 OXLEY, LESLIE 139 P Pack, Rebecca L. 212 Page, Thomas Mark 191 Palmer, Carol L. 212 PAPPAS, MICHAEL 1-46 Pappas, Penelope 233 Papst, Gayla Lynn 168 Parent, Matthew Jr. 233 Parisi, Celeste E. 233 Parisi, Laura Lynn 191 Park, Frances L. 212 Park, Kimberly S. 233 Parker, Jo Anne 212 Parker, Joyce F. 233 Parker, Scott 212 Parker, Rose M. 191 Parra, Debra M. 212 Parrish, Craig F. 168 Parsons, Monica M. 197 Parsons, Steve J. 233 Paschal, James E. 212 Passage, Diane M. 168 Passage, Raymond 233 Patino, Kathy 233 Patino, Patricia A. 212 Paton, Daniel L. 212 Patrick, Bradley K. 212 Patrick, Jeffrey P. 233 Patrick, Karen J. 233 Patrick, Venetia K. 212 Patterson, Daniel L. 212 Patterson, Geraldine 191 Patterson, Lori V. 212 Patterson, Sherri Rae 168 Patton, Kathy Lynne 191 Paul, Kristine L. 233 Paul, Marianne Rae 191 Paul, Marilyn R. 191 Pauley, Pamela S. 234 Paulsen, Gregory J. 212 Pearson, Gail K. 234 Peck, Deanna K. 212 Peck, Jon P. 191 Peck, Patti L. 168 Pena, Christine M. 234 Pendrick, William J. 212 Pensinger, Greg L. 168 Penton, Margie Anne 168 Pentz, Becky A. 191 Perkey, 234 Kimberly A. Perkey, Robert Dane II 169 Perkins, Joseph L. 191 Perkins, Tanya Kae 169 Perkins, Thomas B. - 234 Perry, Alvita L. 234 Perry, E. Alan 169 Perry, Sandra Lynn 191 PETERS, LEON 1 47 Petersen, Sara Ann 191 Peterson, Carlys E. 169 Peterson, Kathy M. 191 Petkiewicz, Richard L. 212 Petr-ovich, Merlin W. 213 Petruk, Jerome R. 191 Pewo, Sandra L. 217 Pfau, Leanne 191 Phillips, Brent 169 Phillips, Denise Joy 191 Phillips, Gary 192 Phillips, Hugh C. Phillips, JohnJ. 213 Phillips, Laura J. 213 Phillips, M. Gary 192 Phillips, Michael J. 169 PHILLIPS, SARAMOSS 141 Pickett, Debbie A. 234 Pierce, John P. 234 Pierce, Kristie J. 234 Pierceall, Sheila K. 234 Pinckney, Bobara Jo 192 Pinckney, Della J. 217 Pine, Debra L. 213 Pirouznia, Bobby J. 234 Pirouznia, Gerald J. 234 Pisapio, Debby Ann 1 69 Pisapio, Lorri M. 234 Piske, Kay M. 192 Piske, Robert P. Jr. 213 Plaskett, Cathy A. 234 Pleger, Tom G. 234 PLUM, JOAN 133 Podojil, Bob J. 169 Poindexter, Brenda Inez 169 Polk, Edwin 169 Polk, Kathleen L. 213 Pol.k, Krystal Lynn 192 Polk, Richard M. 234 Polk, Robyn K. 234 Pollard, Lori L. 234 Polle t, Charles D. 234 Pommerenk, Randie Lew is 192 Poole, Frank W. 169 Pope, Frank Lee 192 Possidente, Noel J. 234 Post, Potte Potte Powe Powe Powe Powe Powe Prath er, Prather, Cynthia J. 213 r, James R. 213 r, Laurie J. 213 ll, Bob Alan 192 ll, Jayne M. 213 ll, Lori L. 234 r, John J. 213 ls, Ricky I-I. 234 Ethal R. 169 Robert J. Jr. 32,213 Prchal, Preston, 1 92 Preston, Pribb Pribb Price Joyce 137 James Robert Julie D. 234 Alan D. 234 sandra J. 213 , Blain T. 213 le, le, Price, Dana R. 234 Price, Gregory W. 217 Pritchard, Gale M. 192 Protzman, Deborah L. 192 Protzman, James D. 234 Pryor, Clifford S. 213 Puckett, Brenda Ann 192 Puckett, Lynda Sue 192 Puffenbarger, Bonita F. 234 Pust, Margaret Maria 169 Putnam, Timothy Owen 192 Pyle, James A. 192 INDEX 249 Q Qualtire, Daniel J. 213 Quillard, David F. 213 Quillard, William M. 169 QUINBY, JOHN 132 Quirk, Kathy S. 234 R RAGEN, GORDON 131 Radigan, Richard J. 213 Seto, Chester J. 193 Schauberg Ritter Radnich, Steve P. 213 Rambo, julie M. 234 Ramirez, Jose M. 234 Ramirez, Maria I. 213 Ramirez, Yolanda 169 Ramos, David 213 Ramsey, Christopher A. 234 Ramsey, Io E. 234 Ramsey, Michael G. 213 Ramsey, Wayne C. 213 Randall, Mary J. 234 Randall, Richard David 169 Rankhorn, Janice L. 213 Ranney, Tammy L. 234 Ransberger, Steve L. 169 Rastad, Kristi S. 234 Rath, Diana Sue 192 Rath, Patty A. 235 Rather, Ronald P. 235 Rathj en, Eddie Dean 169 Ratliff, Aaron A. 235 Rauch, Ann M. 213 Rauch, Robin D. 213 Rauch, William T. 192 Ray, Brenda L. 169 Ray, Marsha J. 213 Rayburn, Sandra L. 235 Rayburn, Shannon K. 2 1 3 Rea, john K. 169 Reader, Georgia 213 Reader, Sam Gorden 192 Reardon, Gary Thomas 192 Reardon, Kathleen M. 234 Reardon, Mary Philamena 169 Reckard, jean E. 235 Redondo, Debra Marie 169 Reed, Bonnie Jean 192 Reed, Karen, L. 235 Reed, Kay L. 213 Reeder, Jamie K. 235 Rees, Ricky I. 213 Reeves, Lynette K. 235 Reeves, Norma J. 213 Reeves, Sharon La Rue 32, 192 Reid, Jackie Lynn 192 Reid, Malora L. 235 250 INDEX Reid, Robert P. 235 Reiff, Steve 169 Reinhold, Michelle Lynn 170 Rettig, Steven M. 235 Revels, jill A. 213 Rexrode, Edward R. 213 Reyes, Daniel E. 235 Reyes, Dorene A. 213 Reynolds, 192 Craig Alan Reynolds, Deborah A. 213 Reynolds, Lonnie R. 213 Rheaume, Michael A. 235 Rhodes, Kevin Wayne 192 Rhodes, Max Henery Ir. 192 Riccitelli, Mary E. 213 Richards, Cynthia I. 192 Richards, Nancy M. 170 Richardson, Cathy G. 213 RICHARDSON, MARY 131 Richardson, Rhonda I. 213 Richey, Theresa Marie J70 Richey, Tom Kevin 192 Richling, Patricia A. 213 Richter, Kenneth Allen 170 Rickard, Sherry Lynn 192 Ricke, G erald 19 2 Ridlon, Sherman R. 2 1 3 Rieckhoff, Kathy Ann 170 Rie el David W. 235 s Rieke,, Kent D. 192 Riemer, Sandra A. 235 Riemersma, Edwin L. 213 Riggins, Gregory L. 235 Rigo, Danny Joe 170 Rigo, Laurie I. 213 Riley, Garry W. 235 Riley, Larry P. 235 Riley, Mark V. 235 Riley, Patricia A. 213 Riley, Peggy S. 235 Rinda, Russell J. 192 Riplie, Lynnette E. 213 Ritter, Gail A. 213 Ritter, Syndia Marian 192 Tami Rae 170 7 Robeda, Kathy P. 235 Roberts, Jeffrey S. 235 Roberts, Mike A. 170 Robinson, Andrea L. 213 Robinson, Debra Miki 170 Robinson, Doreen F. 235 Robinson, Jana Lou 192 Robinson, Marcia Jane 170 Roche, John W. 192 Rochin, Miquel 213 Rockenfield, Kathleen L. 214 Roddy, Michael Edward 192 Roest, Cheri Lynn 170 Roest, Randall J. 214 Rogers, John J. 170 Rogers, Patty L. 214 Rohan, Michael William 192 Rohan, Michele M. 170 Rolf, Londa J. 214 Rollins, Kevin W. 192 Rollins, Paula A. 235 Rollins, Ronald L. 235 Roma, james D. 235 Roma, Michael W. 235 Rosales, Julie A. 214 Roseberry, Rhonda F. 214 Rosenbalm, Cindy K. 235 Rosga, Karen S. 214 Ross, Bradley R. 192 Ross, Kenneth George 170 Ross, Kimberlie S. 235 Ross, Linda Kay 32, 170 Rossi, Diane M. 235 Rossi, Linda Susan 192 Roth, john 144 Rousay, Richard A. 235 Rowan, Darilyn R. 192 Rowe, Thomas james 192 ROY, ELAINE 142 Rubinstein, Joel 193 RUCKER, HAROLD 134 Rucker, Karen S. 214 Ruckman, Kelly A. 235 Ruckman, Kendall Lee 170 Rudd, Brenda L. 235, 3 2 , 2 1 4 Rudisill, Kimberly S. 214 Rudisill, Marsha Kay 1 70 Rudolph, Gail M. 235 Ruebsamen, Dale T. 235 Ruebsamen, William Edward 170 Ruiz, Rene Munday 193 Ruiz, Yvonne 235 Rumsey, Brenda K. 235 Rush, David A. 235 Rush, Debra M. 214 Russell, Jerry A. 193 Russell, Morris 134 Rutt, Lorraine M. 193 Rymer, Mark 1. 235 Ryser, Terry L. 235 S Sacco, Robin L. 214 Sadberry, Allen F. 235 Saenz, Ignacio 214 Saenz, Pat A. 235 Sage, Jerry A. 193 Sage, Mary L. 214 Sager, Linda J. 214 Sahhar, Louie W. 235 Sahhar, Rita D. 214 Sahhar, Rose Mary 193 Salisbury, Jeffrey Damien Salmon, Deborah Sue 193 SALONY, WILLIAM 141 Saltsman, Patrick D. 214 Sanchez, Georgene 170 Sanders, Irene C. 235 Sanders, Scott L. Sandige, Becky Y. 170 Sandoval, Carols E. 235 Sandoval, Juan A. 170 Sandoval, Michael V. 214 Sands, Bonnie S. 235 Sands, William Earl 193 Santa Maria, Frank A. 235 Santa Maria, joey M. 214 Sapp, john Wayne 31, 170 Saran, Karl 214 Sbrocchi, Tony P. 170 Scalph, jack B. 235 J. 214 Schroeder, Andrew David 170 Schuck, Kim A. 236 Schuessler, Jeff T. 236 Schultz, Nancy M. 236 Schwartz, Martha M. 193 Schwariz, Nicholas J. 236 Schwartz, 2 14 Schwerd, Scofield, 214 Stephen W. Terry A. 170 Steven R. Scoggins, 193 Scoggins, 236 Scott, Scott, C. Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scrivano, Richard O. Shelley R. Brenda K. 214 Jane 170 Jack E. 193 Jesse D. 214 Joseph M. 236 Robin C. 236 Sue J. 214 Sears, David L. 236 Sears, Paula M. 214 Selby, Jon C. 214 Sel.f, David W. 214 Self, Mike L. 236 Self, Shirley D. 193 Sellards, Sherry 236 Sellers, Kerri A. 214 Selvey, Margaret L. 193 Scarpelli, Frank Paul 193 Scarpelli, 235 Schaefer, Schaefer, Schaefer, Schaeffer, 193 Schander, 193 Toni R. Joanna 236 John G. 193 Mark 193, David B. Mark D. er, Diana M. 214 Schauberger, Shelley Lee 193 Scheer, Mark Leroy 170 Scheinost, Gordon William 193 Scheuch, Chuck T. 193 Schiefelbein, Peggy S. 193 Schipper, Adrean J. 193 Schipper, Dahl L. 214 Schlick, Thomas J. 236 Schmidt, Bill E. 214 Schmidt, Karen A. 236 Schmidt, Kevin M. 236 Schnabel, Lee M. 236 Selvey, Tom J. 236 SELWAY, JANET 131 Semmens, Robert F. II 214 Semple, Ted I. 236 Seniuk, Petra L. 214 Sepik, Timothy 236 Sermeno, Caroloyn 214 Settle, Anthony L. 236 Severson, Dean A. 214 Sewell, William I. 214 Seyk, Douglas A. 193 Seymour, Kathy L. 236 Seymour, Kelly L. 236 Seymour, Paul S. 193 Seymour, Skip E. 170 Shaffer, Richard Leland 170 Shaffer, Russell D. 236 Shaldjian, Mike I-l. 236 Shand, Merri L. 170 Shapiro, Rhonda J. 2 14 Sharp, Debra S. 236 Schneider, Kenneth W. 193 Schneider, Mark H. 236 Schneider, Susan L. 193 Schneider, William T. 236 Schoonover, Janet M. 236 Schoonover, Madelynn Sharp, Elizabeth D. 214 Sharp, Jo Ann 236 Sharp, Joseph M. 214 Sharp, Sandra L. 236 Shaver, Stacy M. 236 Shaw, Bryant W. 214 Shaw, julie L. 236 Sheek, Royce L. 193 Sheets, Marc A. 236 Shelp, Gary Michael 193 stmbe, Kathy L. 237 Tanita, Clyde M. Sterba , Michael L. Shelp, Judith Lee 170 Shelton, Gary A. 236 Shelton, Lori L. 236 Shepard, John R. 236 Shepard, Susan Marie Monica 193 Sheridan, Mel C. 32, 193 Sherlock, Tamma S. 214 Shillington, Mark L. 170 Shirley, Patricia J. 236 Shively, Cindy D. 214 Shockey, Christinia A. 193 SHOGER, MAURICE 141 SHORR, RENEE 131 Short, Tom S. 236 Shoup, Cynthia Lee 193 Showers, Kerry Ann 170 Shower, Rick D. 236 Shropshire, Charles R. 214 Shropshire, Janice A. 236 Smith, Melodie J. 237 Smith, Nadine A. 237 Smith, Non E. 215 Smith, Patrick J. 197 Smith, Paul Curtis 194 Smith, Robin D. 215 SMITH, SENOMA 141 Smith, Sheri Ann 194 Smith, Susan M. 237 Smith, Tammy E. 215 Smith, Tanya G. 194 Smith, Timothy M. 215 Smith, William 171 Smithers, Cindy L. 171 Snead, James Scott 194 Snead, Robert D. 237 Snider, Ken W. 194 Snipes, Terri Lynne 194 SNODGRASS, ANNA 134 SNOW, FRED 131 Snyder, Catherine E. 171 Snyder, Robert J. Jr. 237 Snyder, Ronda E. 215 Socket, Paul A. 237 Stark, Melinda 194 Stark, William R. 237 Starkey, Debbie M. 215 Starr, Jacque L. 237 Starr, Linda L. 237 Staten, Melinda L. 215 Stathakis, Rosemary T. 215 Statzer, Steve P. 237 Steckbauer, Joy E. 215 Steckbauer, Laura L. 237 Steele, Cindy L. 171 Stein, Kevin R. 215 Steinmann, John Michael 194 Stephenson, Bruce P. 215 Stephenson, Donald Brent 171 Stephenson, Laurie 171 Stephenson, Lori K. 215 Teach, Donald C. 238 Shropshire, Lisa Louise 170 Shrum, Joseph G. 214 Shuart, Glenn W. 236 Shuck, Lorie J. 214 Shuck, Terri Kay 193 Shul1z, Donette S. 197 Shultz, Shelley D. 214 Shupe, Julie Ann 193 Siken, Paul Jacob 170 Stone, Robert D. 215 Storey, Gary B. TeViS, Sandra A. Tabbie Jo 194 Siken, Steven A. 214 Silva, Bob S. 193 Sincavage, Russell E. 215 Sizemore, Pat A. 193 Slade, Judy Lynn 193 Slagle, Mella Deanne 193 Slaney, Connie L. 170 Slaney, Paul F. Jr. 240 SLAVIN, LAURENCE 143 Slinker, Bonnie J. 193 Sloan, Diana L. 193 Slobodnjak, Diane Marie 193 Slobodnjak, Steve J. 215 Sloggett, Mark A. 215 Slogum, George A. 215 Smallidge, Marilyn A. 237 Smallidge, Roseann E. 215 Smead, Laura A. 237 Smead, Ronald J. 237, 215 Smith, David E. 215 Smith, Debra A. 171 Smith, Dennis J. 215 Smith, Edward R. 215 Smith, Gene C. 237 Smith, Jeri L. 237 Smith, Judd W. 237 Smith, Karen M. 215 Smith, Kathleen A. 215 Smith, Kenneth L. 237 Smith, Larry J. 171 Smith, Linda M. 215 Smith, Mark C. 215 SOCKET, RUTH 133 Softley, Bruce A. 237 Soloman, Terry R. 215 Solomon, Andy D. 215 Somosko, Deborah A. 237 Sonney, Louise A. 215 Sormey, Robert W. 237 Sorensen, Jeffrey 215 Sorensen, Terry L. 237 Sorkin, Karen 171 Sorkin, Laura Joan 171 Southworth, Cheryl L. 171 Souza, Les E. 171 Souza, Sheree L. 215 Sowers, Lisa E. 215 Sparks, Hilary Anne 194 Spears, Rhody L. 237 Speegle, Denise A. 215 Speer, Roger L. 237 SPENCER, PAT 133 Spencer, Theresa J. 194 Spitler, Cynthia K. 215 Spizarny, Robert V. 215 Springer, Dawn Elizabeth 194 Springer, Rhonda G. 237 Springmeyer, Bridget A. 215 Squire, John D. 237 Squire, Maybritt Kathryn 171 Stacy, Carol 145 Stafford, Michael G. 237 Stamets, Jeannie Ann 194 Stamper, Francine 171 Stanfield, Julie T. 171 STANFIELD, RICHARD 143 Stanfield, Ron N. 215 Stanton, Ben D. 215 Stape, James M. 171 Stape, Joanne M. 215 Stapleton, Ted 171 Stark, Judy K. 237 215 Stevens, Elizabeth A. 171 Stevens, James B. 215 Stevens, Jerry Lee 171 Stevens, Michael A. 237 Stevens, Richard L. 237 Stevens, Rick C. 215 Stevenson, Douglas C. 215 Stewart, Mark W. 215 Stewart, Matthew E. 215 Stewart, Nancy Ann 194 Stewart, Robert Riley 194 Stewart, Thomas E. 215 Stilwell, Sherry L. 215 Stockton, Charlene F. 171,194 Stokes, Colette A. 237 Stokes, Patty A. 237 STOLOFF, BEATRICE 146 Stonebraker, Cynthia L. 215 Stonebraker, Deborah J. 237 Donna Lorraine -3. Stuart, Randall E. 171 Stubbs, Steve L. 194 srucky, Jim R. 216 Sturgill, Bruce E. 237 Sturgill, Donald E. 216 Sturgill, Pat Irene 195 Sturm, Willaim D. 237 Suarez, Steven J. 195 Sugar, Marsheill J. 216 Sugar, Vivian Kay 171 Suggs, Julie L. 237 Sullivan, Cathy S. 23. Sullivan, Patty Sue 195 Sullivan, Richard W. 216 Sullivan, Rosemary E. 237 Summers, Michael F. 195 Sumpter, Deborah Lynne 195 Suter, Ann M. 195 Suter, Dorian Kay 172 Sutter, Dianne Gay 195 Suttmiller, Judy D. 195 Svancara, David Alan 195 Svancara , Katherine A 2 16 Swaim, Judy Carol 172 Swaim Sharon L. 195 Swain,, shemon B. 216 Storr, 1 94 Storr, Stott, 1 71 Stout, Lloyd R. 215 David Jonathon Stover, Patty S. 216 Stover, Phil E. 237 Stow, Tom A. 240 Stowe, Jack Jr. 216 Stowe, Terence D. 237 Stowe, Wendy L. 194 Strachan, Cheryl L. 216 Strednak, Elizabeth A. 216 Strednak, Theresa A. 237 Swaney, Ronald J. 216 Swatloski, Thomas P. 216 Swatzell, Renee Desiree 172 Swichtenberg, Marvin R. Jr. 195 Swichtenberg, Vickie L. 216 Switzer, Steven A. 172 Sword, Judith E. 172 Szczepaniec, Stanley R. 195 T Talamantes, Laura A. 172 Tang, Landy 195 Tanita, Susan K. 172 Tansy, Greg M. 195 Tapia, Diana P. 195 Tapia, Michael 195 Tarantino, Vincent M. 216 Tash, Lawana S. 172 Taylor, Robert A. 238 Taylor, William J. 238 Teague, Martin W. 195 Teel, Steve A. 172 Teeter, Susan 172 Tefft, Paula A. 238 Teft, Loran R. Jr. 195 TEJACK, BARBARA 134 Teller, Mark S. 216 Temple, George M. 195 Temple, Jeff W. 238 Tennessen, Donna M. 216 Teraji, Craig T. 216 Terrell, Debra J. 238 Tessensohn, Irene G. 172 Tessensohn, Linda T. 238 Tessensohn, R. Pete 195 Thacker, Alan Lee 172 Thacker, Edwena 238 Tharp, Wayne A. 172 Themelis, James G. 216 Thomas, Cleta M. 216 Thomas, Joseph G.,195 Thomas, Kenny Ray 172 Thomas, Mary K. 238 Thomas, Michael A. 238 Thomas, Michael L. 195 Thomas, Richard E. 238 Thomas, Ruthann 172 Thomas, Tammy R. Y INDEX 251 216 Thomason, Karen L. 238 Thomason, Virginia Ann 195 Thompson, Christine D. 238 Thompson, Connie Rae 195 Thompson, Jack Emerson 195 Thompson, Jennifer L. 216 Thompson, John Stephen Stephen 195 Thompson, Leslie L. 238 Thompson, Michael C. 238 Thompson, Robert S. 238 Thompson, Roger D. 195 Thompson, Tim A. 195 Timko Cristi E. 216 WAGNER, ANN 133 Topel, Allen J. 172 Thorley, Mike L. 238 Thorn, Kathryn L. 195 Thrasher, Mary E. 172 Thurber, Dale A. 238 Thurber, Duane Alan 172 Tillberry, Carl D. 172 Tillberry, Steven D. 172 TILLOTSON, MITCH 141 ! Timko, Greg A. 238 Timko, Jim B. 195 Timmer, Kathryn Sue 195 Timpany, Melody A. 238 Timpany, Rosanne Lee 195 Tindell, Richard T. 238 Tippetts, James N. 172 Tippetts, Leann M. 238 Tippetis, Leslie Joy 195 Tippetts, Wayne A. 172 Titus, Kathy R. 172 Tome, Tamara A. 238 Tomecko, Tamara J. 216 Tomlin, George J. 238 Tomlinson, Lori Kaye 172 Topel, James Edward 195 Topel, John R. 216 Torrence, Melinda D. 195 Trakas, Wendy L. 238 Trantina, Debra Lynn 172 Trapnell, Craig W. 172 Trautmiller, Alan P. 238 Trautmiller, Russell D 238 Travis, Glenn 172 TREZISE, JOHN 131 Trollinger, Jeffrey Lee 195 Trollinger, Sharon K. 216 Troup, Judy M. 238 Troup, Steven Joseph 197 Troutt, Kenny L. 216 Troutt, Martha L. 238 Troutz, Kathy A. 172 Truedson, John Dallas 195 Truitt, Karen L. 216 Trujillo, Jody A. 238 Truman, Karen L. 216 Trudg, Janet S. 238 TRYON, BONNIE 139 Tsinnijinnie, Sally 172 Tsutsumida, Gail Elizabeth 195 Tucker, Cindy L. 195 Tully, C. Brad 195 Tully, Edward James 195 Tully, Teresa L. 238 Valdez, Nancy J. 172 Torres, Alana M. 238 Torres, Gilbert 195 Torres, Peter A. 238 Torrez, Mar R 238 1 74 y . Towles, Robyn S. 216 Townsend, Mark D. 216 Townsend, Paul A. 238 Townsend, Stephen M. 172 Townson, B ernardine 2 16 252 INDEX Turley, Virginia 195 T1u'ner, Macie T. 216 Turner, Nickie E. 172 Turner, Pam L. 238 Turza, Linda A. 238 Turza, Stephen F. 216 Tuttle, Donna C. 238 Tuttle, Nancy L. 216 Tyree, W. Ross 216 U Uber, Jon L. 238 Uekert, Robert J. 216 Ulbricht, Merryann Rosemarie 172 Ulingworth, Beth 216 Umbower, Robert A. 195 Urias, Jeffrey L. 195 Urias, Larry T. 216 Urich, Roderick Alan 172 Urich, Steven D. 238 Urton, Linda Kay 195 Uyleman, Charles A. 216 V Vache, Donald T. 216 VACHON, FRANK 133 Valderas, Mary Ann 172 Valderrama, Paul A. 238 Valdez, Patti A. 195 Vance, Keith 172 Vance, Ken 173 Van Dyne, Debbie K. 173 Van Keuren, Denise D. 216 Van Lorynen, Linda Annette 173 Van Ollefen, Diane L. 238 Van Sandt, Brenda Sue 196 VANDERSEHOOT, ALLAN 143 Vanselow, Pamela Ann 195 Vanselow, Tim P. 239 VARELA, DOLORES 137 Vargas, Linda M. 216 Vasquez, Veronica M. 196 Vaughn, Leonard 196 Velez, Bernard 239 Velez, Cindy J. 239 Velez, Donna M. 196 Verdugo, Robert M. 216 Vest, Larry B. 239 VICA: 104, 105 Vick, Debra Jane 196 Vick, Gary W. 239 Vise, Mark C. 216 Vise, Stacey R. 239 Vitez, Anna G. 196 Vitez, John L. 239 Vivian, Terri L. 239 Voegelin, Mitchell B. Vohn, Sydney L. 239 Vold, Susan A. 173 Von Rueden, Gregory R. 196 VOLLSTEDT, LINDA 139 Vontz, Kenneth N. 196 Vucich, Debbie A. 239 W Waddell, Lori L. 239 Wadley, Beverly J. 216 Wagner, Bryan Clay 173 Wagner, Jacqueline H. 239 Wagner, John J. 239 WAGNER, LORRAINE 147 Wagner, Scot A. 216 Wagner, Sharon K. 216 Wakefield, Daniel J. 216 Wakefield, Elizabeth 239 Wallace, Valerie L. 196 Wallace, J. Randy 196 Walling, Deborah D. 239 Walls, Robert A. 239 Walp, Liba M. 239 Walsh, Donna L. 216 Walton, Lorri J. 239 Walworth, Ken 174 Walworth, Mike R. 196 Ward, Richard J. 216 Warford, Leslie L. 239 Warinner, Tim W. 216 Warling, Jay A. 217 Wamer, George H. Jr. 239 Warner, Irma C. 174 Warren, John D. Jr. 197 Wartenberg, Lucy 174 Washburn, Christa L. 174 Waszak, Joe L. 196 Watkins, Cheryl 145 Watkins, Clifton R. 239 Watkins, Debbie 217 Watkins, Linda Joy 196 Watson, Andrew B. 174 174 A West, Debbie K. 239 West, James M. 217 West, Kathleen Ann 174 Weyeneth, Dale T. 239 Weyeneth, Sally J. 217 Whalley, Alan Richard 197 WHARTON, WILLIAM 133 Wheeler, Curtis E. 217 Wheeler, Danny L. 197 Wheeler, Dixie Lee 174 Wheeler, John K. 217 Wheeler, Rickey D. 197 WI-IELAN, BETTY 131 Whitaker, Richard B. 239 White, Barbara A. 239 White, Cheri L. 174 White, Cynthia Lyn 174 White, David Michael 197 White, Duane R. 217 White, Kathy L. 217 White, Michael Eugene 197 White, Sandra K. 217 White, Sandra L. 239 White, William F. 239 A. 239 Waldrop, John C. 216 Walker, Bobby D. 216 Walker, Dallas K. 216 Walker, Deborah L. 239 Walker, Gary R. 239 Walker, Kevin Randall 173 Walker, Michael S. 196 Walker, Mickey J. 239 Walker, Randy D. 32, 196 Walker, Ronald W. 196 Watson, Evelyn J. 239 Watson, Guy S. 217 Watson, Mark L. 239 Watson, Martin C. 239 Watts, Cleteus T. 196 Watis, Susan A. 239 Wayterra, Donna F. 239 Weatherman, Douglas S. 217 Webb, Anita L. Webb, Charles A. 196 Webb, Danny J. 217 Webb, Debra Diane 174 Webb, Patsy L. 239 Webb, Patti A. 217 Webster, Sharon K. 174 Weible, Cheryl L. 216 Weible, Lane Lee 174 Weigand, Peggy 196 Weisz, Naomi M. 239 Welch, Diana L. 217 Wells, Cindy L. 197 Wells, Cynthia Jean 174 Wells, John E. 239 Wells, Rebecca M. 217 Wells, Sheryl E. 239 Wells, Terri M. 32, 197 Wells, Vici L. 217 Wells, Vida L. 239 Welsh, Kim Harold 174 Welty, Jeffrey A. 217 Wernau, Jerry Fred White, William Robert 174 Whitehead, Donald W. 239 Whitney, Donna L. 217 Wickens, Perry G. 239 Wicker, Kelly S. 239 Wilcken, Ivan 32, 174 Wilcox, Chris E. 197 Wilcox, Wendy L. 239 Wiley, Stephen B. 239 Wilkins, Jeffrey D. 239 Wilkinson, James M. 197 Wilkinson, Paul G. 240 Wilky, Lloyd R. 217 Williams, Amber S. 240 Williams, Barbara Lynn 197 Williams, Bradly G. 217 Williams, Bridget Ann 174 Williams, David Elton 174 Williams, Debra D. 174 Williams, Kelli A. 240 Williams, Kim Sue 197 Williams, Lisa G. 174 Williams, Michael Alan 197 Williams, Phillip D. 240 Williams, Roberta A. 217 Williams, Valerie J. 240 Wallace, Jon B. 196 Wallace, Michelle A. 239 Wallace, Steve E. Jr. Werne, J. Louis 239 Wesolowski, Martin K. 217 West, Connie Rhae Willingham, Doris A. 240 Willis, Wesley B. 240 Wilson, Brenda D. 240 ll llllllllllululull M llllllE2llF'W4B Wilson, Wilson, Brenda L. 197 Carol Beth 174 Wilson, Daniel H. 240 Wilson, Grant D. 240 Wilson, Mark S. 217 Wilson, Micheal A. 217 Wilson, Patricia J. 197 Wil-Sou, Peggy s. 174 Wlngham, Becky A. 240 WINGHAM, Nop.-EEN 133 Winn, Lori Ann 197 Winter, Dale A. 240 Wintermute, james Steven 197 Wintermute, Carol A. 174 Winters, Alice M. 240 Wlrtt, Sue Anne 197 Witting, Caroline A. 240 Wittmeyer, Donna M. 174 Wlodek, Stephanie B. 217 Wolf, Brandon A. 197 Vgglf, Ronald David WOJ-f, Theresa E. 32 M7 ' Wolfe, Colleen A. 240 Wolfe, William M. 217 Womack, Dave K. 240 Womble, Pamela Sue 197 WYC0ff, Thomas L. 240 Wycoff, William J, II 174 VVYDH, Theodore B. 31,217 Y Yates, Dennis J. 197 Ybanez, Danny Y, 217 Ybanez, Roger 217 Brenton L. 174 Gordon Thomas Yee, Yee, 197 Yee, Stephanie L. 240 Jeni A. 240 Yen, Yocum, Katherine Ann 174 Yoosuns, Mark E. 240 Young, Julie A. 217 Young, Katherine A. 217 Ymma,LmuaJ.174 Young, Mark Allen im Young, Robin A. 217 Young, Vicki A. 174 Z Zachow, Bill W. 197 Zavala, Eddie R. 217 Zeller, Karl Lee 197 Zeller, Neal A. 240 Zelman, Debbie N, 197 Zelman, Robbie W. III lununluullnuulnlnnn - Iunuusunlnnnlunnlnluuuunnnuunnnnmllnlnnu I1nuns:nnuuuunnuuuunuunuuuunnnnunnnnluununnnuu llllIIIlllilll-IllIIIlllllllll-ll-ll-------IE llllllllllllllIllllIllIIIIIICIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIU llIlllllllllllllllllllllllfllllililllllllll lllIlllllIllI-ll---ll-I-I-lm 1 nuunnnuunm lllllilllllll , lllllllllllllllllldlllllullh llllllllllllllilhlllllllllll llllIIIIIIIIIIIILBIIIIIZJIII llllllllllllllUHllnlllllldll llllllllllllIllhl'llllllhlll IIIIIIIIIIIIMIMIYJIIIIHIIII lllllllE2uSdllIYMIIIIIIUIII lllllllflllll'AlL4llllllhlllI IIll!IIISSIUUIIIIIIIMIIIIII illllllllf'lllllllllllHlllll lllllllllllllllllllldlllllll IlllllllllllIIIIHIIIIIIIIII nlIIlnllllllllllllllnllllll llllllllllllllllllhflllllll lllllllllllllIlllllllllllll annum:luulnnuunlulnnnnnlunl IIIlIlllllllllllUIllIlllll1 Illllllllllllllhl1llIllllll Illllllllllillllhlllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllll llllll-llllllUlUlIlllllIll lllllllllllllll.lllllllllll Illllllllllllllllllllllll! lllllllllllUlUllllllllllll llllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIF llunllllllnunulnulnunnnlu lllllllllUlUlllllllllllll llllulllrlnlnlnluulunnnlr lllllllllllllllllllllllll lunaruunnnlnununnnnnuuunf llllllflflllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllll lunnlnnnunnununnunlnlnnl llllflflll-llllllllllIll lllflllllllllilllllllll IIIUIUIIII-llllllllllll nunnvauuunuusnnunuuuuun urnuunnnllllllununnnnur luunnllulllllunlllnunus Ihlfllllllllllllilllllll llAllllllllIllllllllll llHlllllllIllllllllllll nvannullnlllnllnllnunur lllllll--ll-I-Illi--IIYW .nnlulnuuluuunnnnnuulnr lllululnlunnlllulullnl llllllllllllllllllllll lllll!llllllllll:::: 5NVOI1g, ?oris 240 174 -- OHS ean 217 lllllllllll Wood? 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INDEX 253 Fc Thanks: MR. LARRY CUNNINGHAM: Yearbook Advisor, special thanks to him, for his ability to make every- thing okay. MRS. VIRGINIA POYNTER: Bookstore Manager, who helped us with our records and class pic- ture handouts. MR. CHUCK BURSELLC Ameri- can Yearbook Company Repre- sentative, who did our book, for his patience and understanding. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Fran Smith, photographer and Bob Wilcox Stu- dio for their special help in taking pictures. FORTRESS STAFF: For their ter- rific ability to tolerate me and my odd ideas. Especially Cindy, Larry, Debbie, and Irene. e if J tt. 1 E QQ E 5 i X X 2 s rs, E, to xy S 'N A X 3' N , I Q3 ' ' J Q0 Tse ities- IW' IJ 1 I I K xwlf yay Y , 254 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ,QM W A 1 Q! 5 ,,f' X5 my 3,5 -41X Ljsfggf , VQ , CMJ? fs Fa Q W .'-' I 4 X ' .' LJEQTLQLI K6 my H I would like to give special thanks to all members of the '73 FORTRESS staff for bear- ing with a sometimes odd Editor. One path ends . 'Xt 3 Y ' I I 2 f ?4 42- D . 'u " 'L' . . .-. , X -X x U4 'Q VN iq' K m Another begins CLOSING 255 WW? 5ffg QHfwf W E? 1? M 0080 mx nw? C5423 MQW Jjffw WL? W 55223 xv - 00 was MMM? nf? WLLlWiM,z,QY1f -iz iff? 71 3,419 WWA 70 My 05? ' GSW fp WZQNU I, 4551 -Nuff , X5- 6 OJ Divx 55ZEg fl O 6 N0 , WWfTlNM M WM dggwww QQ W Mgwifw P 7a'T2W'f'wff - Zn v Q 7' Us ' :A 72 " "BV R. - ww Y if ilmxw rx ff S Mwdf F N png Ki?Jfgf?Zii5liff3,7 if fgifwgfyw mv Q ff5g5M?f N Rmwwiwfww MT WMM WW EZWWW yy NY? WVVJMV Qyzjaj W W if fir if MCMEJWJAJWMWWQY 4313- ' Qi33L,Ln5gQ 5 iifQ6 C? 7Q- A , X wk Y R Q Mdgywww Qw MSW 1 WD 4-N uVMxkgf25X gil? gb ,EV M '?sf"lf- SX BEEN E3 W W MQ SE

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