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' - v Vi' V- 'H Nl , if ,- Vg-gf sf. Ju' C: R' 2 ms um an mf in w ua ,sn sg rw mn OO ff Alh ambra hSch I is... 6. gh fx .. W,mWg4.q ,ma X, ,Q 17 QV HE?s.a,2Bq-aw--g,,'2229n?5s " mm' E was vi N Qiimgiii? a Q ss N Q mgmgygmw me wm- Q Mwixwg H m ngss -LEKME' W: el 1.4 B H sms: gfigigaiwlsl xx . me Q ss Wasw ms wk mmwzfgknmw H ws mem an s n w aw a a is A-1 H W 5g"'mn,n as - s ma. 1 xg N V IM- uw mmm an 5-ss, Q ss as mums 1 is f . cms m -1: H uhh, 3 ere A, th mfg 16 if WH Cs .Q MR. ED EDMONDSON .MW W v DEDIC an mn E me me usnbx if W 5 m mx Wim ss an fx .x Q gms pawn pq mu WE ma x mx, sm mx fm 3 vw ww zu x an Wm M My Zizalffk Qu Developing the very best youth has to offer, Mrs. Ruth Boone has served AHS and thousands of Moors for thirty- one years. Youth, and all its problems, interests, and ioys, is this talented woman's by-word and standard . . . Moors have experienced success after success largely be- cause of her tireless efforts in the field of stage design and art direction. The yearbooks, Senior Plays, Talent Shows, and dances have been unique and distinctive be- cause of this devoted instructor's artistic genius with young people . . . Because of her sincere dedication to the goals of youth it is only fitting that this iournal of young people, the 1961 ALHAMBRAN, be dedicated to Mrs. Ruth Boone. Alhambra High School is privileged to have not only one, but two, equally devoted annual advisers. It is in this other team member, Mr. Ed Edmondson, that we find one dedicated to both his literary and business staffs. Patiently he reviews and corrects copy, while inspiring business staffers to secure more advertising to make each yearbook a success . . . For twenty years he has willingly helped Alhambra High School produce consistently prize- winning yearbooks . . . His years of outstanding service to youth's hopes have earned the dedication of the 1961 ALHAMBRAN to Mr. Ed Edmondson. EDITORS NOTE: This special dedication was arranged without the knowledge of advisers. The ALHAMBRAN is indebted to these two people and will greatly miss their combined talents. iQ 'Tie X V EVN' K il ll we ,fir 1"-?.?.-'jig' Pc- p' n em wg VT .ss L scsi.-:fri J, TJ li SJGLJJQ, fciimgsj X N f 12' ' Talks!! Bom. P' 2' ,fa f--.. gi.. .1,.5,s-1 mb ill W. 5 he rj ll., .ns ,N V M... r ll 5.szlEiliEiii'rr::T Qi . Q l U P . V A3:i..,b . X, V! A. V Ji, u .5 ff . -- ff' ' E T3 , ' A F?'7-3' . . gn Q V, ir.. Id E yi 4 rl Q ff -A E . .1 , A + ,-f Q 4... f cs , .11 fe.-:er f A -, T A 2' ff! 'K . " r 'T' , 93. ' ALHAMBRA BOARD OF EDUCATION lleft to righrl John H. Clay, president, Willard H. Clarke, Jerome L. Flusrer, Mrs. DoroThy Mather, and Andrew J. Westerfield, J Nine concerned and anxious people saT Tense- ly around a polished Table. Each one secreTly had his fingers crossed, Toes crossed, and arms crossed as reporT afTer reporT was laid before his eyes. Then each one heaved a heavy sigh of re- lief. The high school bond issue had finally passed! For The Third Time The challenge had been There for The vofers of Alhambra. The challenge had been accepTed. The ciTizens of Alhambra realized The TruTh in The remark ThaT "a school is only as good as iTs communiTy is inTeresTed" when They approved The bond issue. The problem of consTrucTing new high school faciliTies did noT end in ThaT relief-filled room, however. MonThs and monThs of planning lay ahead, and no Time could be spared. Those monThs have passed, and The sTaTe ap- proved blueprinTs are being puT To use. Simple, modern, yeT aTTracTive, red brick buildings will grace The presenT siTe of Alhambra High School. IT will be a school ThaT any communify would be proud To call iTs own. The plans for The school will cenTer around The convenience and needs of The sTudenTs. A fifTy- year dream has finally come True, now ThaT The quarTer mile Track and aThleTic field ed. There will be liTTle wasfe space block siTe, and foresighT has been ThaT sTudenTs need noT walk in rain classes or be disTurbed by noise in are compleT- on The Three used To see To and from classes, and There will noT be any over-crowded passageways connecTing The various buildings. A TYPICAL MONDAY NIGHT for The Board of EducaTion and Superimendents as they discuss problems concerning The new AHS. ,lawn-N I-4-f MAURICE R. STOKESBARY Superintendent of Alhambra Schools 'il MARGARET BISHOP Secretary To Superinfendent These are iusT The beginnings. Buildings are already Tumbling down around our ears. In Their place will rise a new look, a new audiTorium seaTing TiTTeen hundred people, an expandable gym, a new sTudenT governmenT room where pasT will mingle wiTh The presenT. This is The new look for AHS in 1963. The consTrucTion aT AHS, however, is noT all ThaT The Board of EducaTion has been handling. The elemenTary school disTricT has also been un- der a consTrucTion-rehabiliTaTion program. By Sep- Tember of 1961 The elemenTary schools will be back on regular school Time and in safe, well- equipped classrooms. ln November The Alham- bra Board of EducaTion approved The annexaTion of The MonTerey Hills disTricT. These adminisTra- Tors are conTinually meeTing, and wiTh progress. These concerned adminisTraTors are also look- ing far inTo The TuTure of Alhambra. The possi- biIiTies of having an acTual junior college are noT so far away. Though This is merely in The earliesT sTages, Alhambra is looking ahead. We aT Alhambra High School owe much To Those who guide, advise, and Teach us. We oTTen TorgeT how much sincere help and Time Those nine anxious people render us. Alhambra's re- alizaTion of a new high school would never have maTerialized had noT The Board of EducaTion, Su- perinTendenT Maurice STokesbary, and AssisTanT SuperinTendenTs RoberT F. Gray, Charles Scanlon, and Dr. Elmer Ensz cared abouT The TuTure of Alhambra's children and leaders of Tomorrow. a . ROBERT F. GRAY DR. ELMER ENSZ CHARLES C. SCANLON Special Services Curriculum Business " ,, ' IQ: 2'-'-5:-12.2Q'I:55.-:ze I 5' 5 ,.,:, . .,,,., ,.,,.,. 1 .-35 ,,,,..,,V,..,,,, .V., 522555. : ,,.-15:-5,fy 5g::::::::::: .::::: F12-rf-,i1:.5,, g::.,:,.,-.:1--png ',xa-.-1ggz- mg: g :,5,:5i,,3,H1!1 s 'izz F itll? Their goal-an educationa MR. GILBERT L. STROTHER Principal A LOOK INTO THE FUTURE is taken by Mr. Gilbert Strother, principal, and eager students Paulette Olsen and Dick Berls. steel, concrete Building a school around an educational cur- riculum is a difficult and arduous task, but if attacked with fortitude and foresight, a dream school can materialize. A new, modern, well- equipped high school will welcome students in 1963, yet plans for this new plant have been go- ing on for years, and today we find ourselves in the midst of demolition, reiuvenation, and con- stant growth and construction. Alhambra High School, in l963, will be, in the eyes of architects as well as those of educa- tors, a school that was built around the program and curriculum. The goal is an educational stand- ard, expressed in wood, steel, concrete, and bricks. Because of foresight girls will cross Third Street only once a day, because of foresight all academic classes will be placed as far away as possible from music and drama classes, and be- cause of foresight the city of Alhambra will again be proud of its high school system. lt is not easy to build a house, let alone a school, and there is one man who can attest to that fact. His narne is Gilbert L. Strother, princi- pal of Alhambra High School. This far-seeing man can substantiate the remark that "there are not one hundred details, but lOOl details" to take care of before a grain of dirt can be turned. Suggestions from teachers and department heads, the problems of construction and demo- lition noise-all are in the day of "the Big Chief." Tandard expressed in wood, nd bricks. UE 2, A IZ' r": MRS. ELIZABETH LUTTRELL E is ij will Girls' Vice-Principal 'T Hu ' nz mm' Hmmgmx H H 1 "-' ,, '-"' -. "" ' - ,,.. 5... 'Gig .3-3 f. 'Q' . . .. . ,Ar .,,, 12. -.-. ,je-. ,T - ,,,-.. ' " f, 5353 '-54' 35 Cf. T'-' 'iii . Q E is Q 5 H is-H ' . .. .ig E sails ry is sf Mm ns ssfgm ,T EE. iv m xl if s s 3-Us n:W mi ml Hmwxm nm 'T if nu Q mm an if is If one should happen by The Girls' Vice-Prin- cipal's Office and hear a loud claTTering of Type- wrifer keys, a guess ThaT Mrs. ElizabeTh LuTTrell is Typing -wiTh Two fingers-would be righT. This non-TypisT does noT find much Time To de- voTe To her unique hobby however. On her busy schedule Mrs. LuTTrell advises The Commission, The Pep Squad, and heads various commiTTees, which includes her work wiTh The American Field Service program. BuT The IargesT and mosT difficulT iob ThaT faces Mrs. LuTTrell is her work in The capaciTy of Girls' Vice-Principal. This varied iob calls for anyones using her shoulder for a good cry and absorbing all kinds of problems. As counselor To more Than a Thousand girls, The "girls' vice" is consTanTly meeTing new and differenf siTuaTions. Each one is handled wiTh wisdom and undersTanding of a woman devoTed To The inTeresT and welfare of The younger gen- eraTion. MR. CLAUDE MILLER Boys' Vice-Principal The Boys' Vice-Principal on The AHS campus is an odd combinafion of disciplinarian and co-ordi- naTor, buT all Too ofTen The laTTer is forgoTTen, and he is Thoughf of only in Terms of The "boys' vice." Mr. Miller has proven himself, boTh on campus and in communiTy affairs, a worThy adminisfra- Tor and a fine represenTaTive of AHS's non-sTu- denT governmenf. Favoring punishrnenf neiTher capiTa'l-nor corporal, his sound and ably admin- isTered advice serves To puT many a wayward soul back on The sTraighT and narrow. Mr. Miller is highly deserving of sTudenT body respecT for his Tackling a Tough iob and perform- ing iT wiTh a consisTenTly paTienT, reasonable, and undersfancling approach-occasionally exTending himself a greaT deal "above and beyond The call of duTy." Though somefimes we hesiTaTe To ad- miT iT, we appreciaTe his fair and ThoughTful guidance. COUNSELORS lleft to rightl Mr. lrwin E. Phillips, Mr. , Charles Whitham, Miss Ruth Turnbull, Mr. Leland J. f, Mills and Miss Kathleen Strickland. l lg-l ,RCU fill' xzti ln a 5-af: igltgllxlf 1 F l' .rl r' ,,, .1 , Perpetrators of patterns '13 X. twill ll,lU"i.1,,M t. ,,v'llix22i.'lxW. T T "H .. Tllflilllllllllllllllllllllll ixlillliliiti fillllla. , ,illlliii "llllllll --lll "lll'llt1ilili.. 'latte V. . - lllititkll if 1 lillw'-'i"'li , is , .l'lllililll lli,,i:1g was -:':-ies: 5: lt ii,li,iltWi li zz' wrlfi. gifts' T -..- All iiilllllw' ,- lilies ' l ,iiillillililllwlslll' tl' .lllllllllifl Y- qi 'W - E Y X Q. T ERE in programs and progress Problems, problems, problems. "But I want first lunch." "Why can't l have a free sixth?" "What happened to my fifth period gym?" "But surely you can do something!" All these and many other woes are all too often heard coming from the bustling Counselors' Office at Alhambra High School. Not only dur- ing the hectic program weeks at the semester's beginning, but continuing throughout the entire school year these entreaties plague the thoughts and perhaps the dreams of our counselors. Charged with the conduct of a class of ap- proximately five hundred students through their high school career, the counselors become at var- ious times scapegoats, wizards, and sometimes more often than not, iust sympathetic listeners. These persons serve as guides in deciding our programs, our professions, and sometime our personal problems. Each is one person to whom all the facts of our record are available and the one person to whom we can turn for considered, reliable advice. Tempered by years of similar experiences, the counselors are able to draw from this deep well to help the student. Every prob- lem, however, is different, for the student is a different combination, a different emotional be- ing. For this reason the counselor must be more than a worker of programs, but a combination psychiatrist-friend, able to combine his experience and ingenuity into a workable pattern for a particular student. Yes, the counselor must be a special person, able to do a special iob, a vitally necessary iob, for our school. run To The Child Welfare Office! 1 f you've found a new excuse- feif , "New?" "NOT really!" The problems of The Child Welfare Office are much The same as in years pasT. If you have a new excuse for being absenf or IaTe, check wiTh The Truanf officer, Mr. Dye, he would like To hear iT. Besides The sfandard "sore ThroaT," some ur- genT sifuafions like "my dog is having pups," or "The mainfenance man is bringing The new wash- ing machine" are recenf excuses for being absenf. Three sisfers were always IaTe To firsT period, The reason - well, They had only one mirror, so how could They possibly be ready on Time? One ingenious boy broke off a wafer pipe while he was backing ouT of The driveway, so nafurally he had To plug The pipe unfil The plumber ar- rived. The besf excuse of The year was, "John couldn'T come To school on Monday because he was iusf Too Tired." The Child Welfare Office provides many oTher services which are designed To help you. Work permifs and home problems are Two primary concerns of This office. lf you plan To work, you musT have a permifg and ThaT is issued Through The Child Welfare Office. Many of your problems aT home or in school can be solved Through The help of The C.W.O. This office's main purpose is To help The sfudenf. If iT's an excuse from school, work permifs, or home problems, Mrs. Gwen Reese and Mr. Boyd Dye are inferesfed in helping you have a beTTer school life, and wiTh fewer problems. Aff! dl gif ,IVV f fffwxdf AW 'f'T OW " ffiff WMM n AVF, 5" U07 A K ,fgif H- 5, Lcamcc ,J 41-?,fl..:..gA CHILD WELFARE is handled by Mrs. Gwen Ree llefl an r o e T dM.BydDy. Pedagogs exrend -l an invilalion 'ro a wonderful world of learning. FACULTY-Ileft ro righrl Row I: Mr. F. Alexander, Mrs. F. Andorka, Boone, Miss E. Brown, Mr. K. Bullock, Mrs. B. Cain, Mr. W. Charles, Mrs. D. Forney, Mr. C. Fuller. Row 4: Mr. H. Gaul, Mrs. B. Glad, mier, Miss L. Heron, Mr. R. Hogon, Miss M. Hood, Miss K. Johnson, 14 S l 5 E ,. E Mr. I. Archer, Mr, T. Bonks, Miss J. Beemon, Mr. R. Benesh, Mr. R. Bennett. Row 2: Mrs. N. Berndf, Mrs. l Mr. A. Chavez. Row 3: Mr. O. Cosand, Mr. R. Davis, Mr. A. Douvos, Mr. E. Edmondson, Mrs. B. Faulkinbury Mr. G. Goddard, Mr. A. Hogglund, Mr. J. Hartnett, Mrs. E. Haynes, Mr. C. Heolron. Row 5: Mrs. V. Hegga Mr. H. Kehler, Mr. M. Kreinloring. frrn an ss m gnc :uw .- f- ,-fl" Im K 11 ss-sf 4. sf VE 3 Qs-X new as mi-I ms msn mi as as an mu mm wwf.:- fm in mn mi wa sm: - i"!'9?Y' -uf r R' uf- -'A s K ss 1 ,Us-.i -mn ' I ' I bb.: ' , J ,-,.. , 1-J" H M W H Ms mama ' Us ma an 9fW.,..4 zffpceim ,M IM is W umm An-Q fs fir- ,....1' uni to rightl Row I: Miss B, Lenhart, Mr. K. Lenser, Mrs. A. Logor, Mr. A. Martin Mr. J. Mayer, Mr. C. McFore, Mrs. H. McGorry. Row 2. Mr. E. Menasco, Mr. M. Miss N. Morrison, Mr. J. Mount, Mr. S. Moyse. Mrs. I. Muller, Miss I.. Murohv. Row 3. Mr. T. Murphy, Mr, B. Norcross, M. G. Oeltman, Mr. J. Patrick, Mr. I. Phillips, L. Ponrrelli, Miss H. Power. Row 4: Mrs. R. Ramsey, Mrs. G. Reese, Mr. A. Sardisco, Mr. M. Schnitzler, Mrs, M. Schwart, Mr. R. Sheridan, Mr. E. Shipman. Row 5: Mr. J. Mr. G. Smorff, Mr. W. Smoyer, Mr. E. Sowers, Mrs. I. Spear, Mr. D, Srivers, Mr. M. Stonebraker. Row 6: Mr. J. Swihorr, Mr. T. Taiimc, Miss L. Tossop, Mr. G. Ward, K. Wearherhold, Mr. C. Wiese, Mr. M. Wilbur. Row 7: Mr. T. Willhife, Mrs. E. Willson, Mr. K. Wilson. l I5 1 Crganizers of 1001 clefailsi is ,. ,, rr,,.,r, . - irfrfurinl? SYLVIA NOSEK School Nurse MRS. MODEST SCHWARTZ I-.nk ' -"l. ,mx -nla. C7 W .Ma SECRETARIES llefr to righti Mabelle Perkins, Toddy Miller, Miliie Bishop, Margaret Mikovsky, Lu Wilson, Madeline Tenske, Ruth Tedford, Angie Holmes, Emily Jagk son, Margaret Trayner, Alfa Jessee, Dorothy Hooper, Angelo Cunningham. 16 Librarian A . 'i . N i 1 Because of Them, we finally "goT The message." MRS. RUTH BOONE When one has reached ThaT enviable posiTion where iT is possible To equaTe - aT leasT, fairly closely - whaT's good for The Teenager and his school wiTh whaT The members of The younger generaTion like besT, one has achieved The ulTi- maTe and deserves every good Thing ThaT life can bring. This comes only affer years of exTending The inviTaTion To learning, aTTer long periods of Trus- Trafion, soul-searching, and beginning again wiTh renewed confidence. ForTunaTely iT Takes buT an occasional glimmer, one golden momenr or Two, MISS RUTH TURNBULL when iT is cerTain ThaT somebody is "geTTing The message." Mrs. Rurh G. Boone and Miss RuTh Turnbull have experienced The pedagog's problems. They have dealT wiTh The Trouble-ridden sTudenT, and, besi' of all, They have seen budding abiliTy revealed in The classroom. WiThin a Tew days boTh will pack away belong- ings and leave The acTive life of Teaching. WiTh Them will go The kindesT regard of Teachers and sTudenTs alike, who Tondly hope Their years aTTer school will be The happiesT They have ever spent H . V . s Us r s.jg.,s six ZQQHE if rf , w e ir ' I . Q, .-:Q . . i r4x' 'Nl V7 fc ' ,P '. I.-tc., V V- J . Lrg. wi 2 it-CJ : i is .X S,---47?yil,f L1- r sf T r ' r, B A Q l l 4 sd .-' ' L..- KEYSTONE COP Jon Davis gives bathing cutie Diana McConnell the eye before they set out for a costume party. The gay '90 outfits were rented from the PTA Costume Shop. CALORY COUNTING CO-EDS se- lect a well-balanced meal in the cafeteria. PTA-Workers for one idea Unusual as it may seem, PTA members have been taking on new iobs ranging from dental assistants and newspaper women, to propagand- ists-for the school bond issue, that is. Besides working to acquire a new school for their chil- dren, PTA members also gained T670 members and enough revenue to carry on their many varied proiects. Deserving seniors are awarded scholarships and loans every year by the PTA, and medical-dental care is given to students not able to afford such major undertakings. Student Welfare is not the only phase this or- ganization enters into. Each month members be- come journalists and produce The Prospector. They also donate hours to the well-baby clinic, as well as run the Thrift and Costume Shops. This last asset has been barely making ends meet for the Alhambra City bus strike forced many of the patrons away. Contrary to common thought, the PTA is not a social club, but a group of parents and teachers working for one ideal. Their whole purpose is aptly expressed in the theme chosen for this year's membership campaign, "We open the doors to new frontiers for children and youth." .4 , AQ S R g g T. XxXxxxXxxxxxm L. -.. .,'A' ...Q tw Qiid Y-f Jw L X . x 0+ ,, I A 1 M mf, , , ,Y 6 W , H, , N 1 f is X B at? ' A , i in ef 1 ' I 2 M , :.: ,W Q -Q1 41 it ,miami new A im ,, K H-H Msmzf is if 1 , .ww me - M W - E . H Q. T ' is new ,km-5,-1 ms is -wee I me U mm img me W 1 mn 558854 in ,fy ' 1 I ,g ,,.- fl Xi J' , , , fa '. 3' ' -I- me ma as CAFETERIA WORKERS Ileft to rightl Row 1: Prudence Shirk, Susie Sherwood, Jean Friend, Grace Bishop, Jessie Meli, Millie Risher, Lillie Bull, Velma Vander Wende, Pat Baka, Hildegard N-owotny, CUSTODIANS lleft to rightl Row I: Forest Ryan, Carl Parker, Ed Smith, Dan Burdick, Bob Helfrich Skinner, Lula Davis, Ivy Lawson, Virgil Finley, Albert Kleid, Fred Peterson, Cecil Teed, Frank Moes BE! mixer msn mf me as VXI A-0 we an l 1 We 'Sf Benton, Sarsh Leon, Jane Carver, Marion Hansen. Row 2: Catherine Ann Bolduc. , Henry Jungnitsch, Martin Middleton Row 2: John Bybee, Edwin 19 Q B N fi I ,fi '- .Q ,awww -.M .1 LJ - 'W'-sa:-s1's1g:.xr'-, .,,-m.,mQ,Mm.1 ww. 4 w.n'8m?' Idea.:-YI.:-:ZW 'Q 2,2 E Q. rw .-was Q , A A H m Q J 2 MN 1 W H ,AE ., Q --gQgEmfE+2gLgii ' - S 1 '3 2 , 1 2 : 1 3 .ma 'sz .... .,.... .H - w ss w N V" K, sv ' Hr? ,vi ' ' r-53 A-V". 'exif' ' . ., , vw.. ,f 'zfff'-L Q'- 1"-:'l:3.'-JMS' n- -4. 1- r ,IHA-f v v1t'1'L-5 fH'fQj'. 4-L -, v. , ? A , 5: 1 , -.:-..-5 .K nf, f ' ,4 V, 1 1 Q' . - 1 Ru vb 1 "1 , ,Q 2 ., .:-M ,V fx-P mmf WLS' QM - mr 53:25 ,mga F37 ax . .H L4 an ,sw N Q M mf mfs xx,-ml fm-wa ut nl. , M if 5 .mn meg MNH mini swim, vs za gm 5 . J. 1 '18 0 g T if f . lf spring comes, frustration and l1,1 '- ,Q2 . . finals can't be far behind. .r Q.. -' Q5 2 I 0 V , Q Y A I' I in T U F l 1 V ' F aah lit A f O 2 , gate X 'ff' i . 'f I ,Q y S TX X 2 4 i f X 1 ' Q' in z 4 4 W f A12 OFFICERS Cleft to rightl: Charles Greenwald, Malinda Sutherland, Karen Dods, Sandy James, Miss Hood ladv.l, Carole Barnett, Donna Payne, Nancy Win- sor, Penny Nelson, Verne Dorman. In September, l957, a new world of school life opened to a freshman class with its first op- portunity to elect class officers and enter into the spirit of Alhambra High School. With the knowl- edge the members gained as freshmen, they soon attained the rank of enthusiastic sophomores. - They skated to melodious tunes at the "Roller Rock" and watched the new activity of service clubs open to them. Soon they were excitable iuniors upon us, run- ning for student body offices and planning a sen- ior prom. But all of these have passed away, and a new class of seniors have presented them- selves to Alhambra High School. They arrived in brown senior sacs with new ideas and enthusiasm. The Plaza del Moro was filled for a picnic as senior spooks and goblins paraded with tricks and treats. All through the 22 year they worked as they aimed for C.S.F. life memberships, Los Laureados, and National Merit Scholarships. As a class they ranked high in all fields. The scholars were recognized with many awards for their outstanding achievements. And as the students Worked to attain each of these goals, they participated in sports, school activities, and community service. Their accomp- lishments will remain with us as a symbol of the Class of l96l. But with the tunes from the Senior Prom fading away, they looked forward to their senior luncheon, baccalaureate, and, most of all, to graduation and the new and challenging world that lies before them. The Senior Class have given to Alhambra High School many mem- orable accomplishments, but their best contribu- tion has been themselves-the Seniors of l96l. fi YQ-...I X, --,., Zim 'BN M ...I Q.: 14 1,,.,1y Rebecca Aiello Marie Baisley Mike Busnight Diane Beniumin Beverly Bever Linda Blizard Gus Angelo Jiggy Barbir Walt Bausmun '-Qill Bennetf f'!GaiI :MRF Anne Bonfiglio Igiarillyq-Apraloi ' Ciirole Bqmeffr ' h D6rfBeeI5 Sleve Berry Bob Black James Boone Paul Boumbulian 23 Lynne Bouse John Bowen Gene Bowers Dan Brooks Linda Brown Steve Brown Donna Cadmcm Michael Caldarello Barbara Cameron Carole Caplan Nola Cardinale Cathy Carey Gene Cary Sandra Ceccarelli ' Charlene Chalk Jack Coberly Chuck Cochran Richard Cochran 24 Carolyn Brady Paula Bupp Clyde Cameron Judy Carmody Alfredo Chong Patrick Collins .loan Brady Everett Brookhart Oretta Buttora Corine Cabral ,K Diane Cannon Jeri Cantrell i Cary Carter Larry Cartwright Bob Circellg Dan Citro Tony Comaianni' Rose Comella or The business leaders of Tomorrow- a new meThod and a new machine So much ThaT's new! In The business world ad- vances are made everyday . . . Is iT possible To keep up wiTh, much less Teach, all This? ln The AHS COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT The answer is an emphaTic "yes!" Taped assignmenTs -cliTTerenT Tor each sTudenT-are The soluTions To This seemingly impossible problem. These new Teachers' helpers, The Tape recorders, aid This de- parTmenT's busy menTors ready Their sTudenTs Tor The advancing ouTside world of business. LisTen- ing in, one mighT Tind The day's receipTs being read, an hour's TransacTions righT oTT The sTock markeT, or a whole monTh's accounT wiTh anoTh- er Tirm. NoT only musT The dicTaphone, The mimeo- graph, and The calculaTor be explained, buT also inTo The swimming brains of The TuTure business- men and women musT be crammed The complex operaTion of The veriTax, mimeoscope, and dup- 'K 3 y f i Ks J' IicaTing machines. Even The mosT modern Tech- niques of operaTing The complicaTed IBM ma- chines are noT overlooked. NOT only do sTudenTs learn The TuncTion of The machines or The proper use of The Time-saving device, buT also how To care Tor iT and parTiaIly undersTand iTs mecha- nisms. These skills, as well as The old sTanol-bys, Type- wriTing and shorThand, are TaughT To our aspir- ing business "Tycoons." Everyday a new ma- chine, a new Technique, a new meThod is discov- ered, and The business leaders of Tomorrow are challenged To meeT The new, Torward look of The "Soaring SixTies." Good Training? OT course. No TaulT can be Tound wiTh The presenT AHS Commercial DeparT- menT as iT Trains iTs seniors wiTh The newesT equipmenT Tor The ouTside business world. COODS O 6 U UVB. "Cash paid out-S404.12" "Bills-S3'I.82"--The use of Taped assignmenTs has lessened The work for Teache dh bn dThb Ty fTh TT an as e er prepare l .ll 'l Q-Cindy..Comer, l Rae Conrad , fQ Yinnie Cook Charles Cooper ,f""'lfobert Coopepl' Ralph Coppolo Li' Susan Cosato9' Frank Costa Phil'Cousens Mike Covarrubias iftatricid Crochet Ken Croff Nancy Cunnings Margaret Daninger Jon, Davis Nancy Davis William Dell Mike Del Manico Joe De Marco Michael Dicus Ed Dillon 1 Joe Dodd Nathan Dodds Karen Dods Joyce Donato Sherry Dorman gVerne'Don'n'Em Sherry Dunn Don Eckrood Al Edgington Mike Edlen Julie Edwards Ken Edwards Larry Egan Dolores Elkins Dale Ellis W2 X .. Judv Ellis Doug Fechsxer Paul Florho 'Brian Frank Marilyn Funk Sharon Gerrie Sue Ellis Sal Federico Marlin Foley Roger Frgnii EdwdidGano Nancy Erickson Barbara Fehr Linda Folfz Mary Franzen Qslohn GardrTe'r V, Mary Farinella Bob Finch Dolly Foxcrofl Dennis French' Chris Gates Diana Farren Donna Farren Louise Fleck Regina Flefcher Cecelia Foxman Ed Frachiseur Donna Freshour Van Fuhriman George Galsos Daqid Gell Charles Gifford 'MelHGifls" 'Y Valerie Gillespie Sue Gillum ' Kay Gilcorl 1 rw-:om My 5 Vt'-PER Ig L99 GU-r 674- lgnore ThaT idioT box and look To your reading. DOUBLING AND TRIPLING their speed of reading are Senior Reading srudenrs of the English Department. Whafs new in The ENGLISH DEPARTMENT? The imporTance of reading has cerTainly been recog- nized. Using mechanical aids, such as The Tachis- Toscope and The conrroller reader, Miss Helen Power's senior reading class prepare Themselves Tor The TuTure by learning To read TasTer and wiTh more comprehension. Machines haven"r compleTely invaded modern Teaching meThods however. Many English Teach- ers are simply reTurning To The old-fashioned meThods of Teaching communicaTion in our lan- guage. Every year more and more emphasis is being placed upon composirion and grammar To prepare AHS sTudenTs beTTer for Their college years. IT is noT only The mechanics of wriTing ThaT are being sTressed however. Many a love-smiTTen boy has been inspired by Mrs. Browning's son- neTs To deolicaTe his masTerpiece To love. Every English sTudenT's scope of inTeresT has been broadened Through The sTudy of some of The greaT liTeraTure of our language. The senior World LiTeraTure course, renewed This year, has served To increase The sTudenT's knowledge and under- sTanding of foreign peoples. The English sTudenT aT Alhambra High School is TorTunaTe To be able To proTiT from such a Tor- ward looking deparTmenT. ExperimenTaTion has already begun wiTh Television. Teachers are com- bining The laTesT scienTific Teaching aids wiTh good old-fashioned pracTice in using The language To give each Moor The opporTuniTy To communicaTe eTTecTively. . are -WIN 52 WET if J ,L The-5 -J' ..,,f 'IW' " rn!! 45' QM ,,',vr a'w.,.x,4' fs E . ii" -way' 'ill' E2 JP L , Q-1+ 2, '11 Pi SS' Larry Gleffe Allen Golden Nancy Goldheimer Kris Goss Jim Gough Terry Graf Burion Graves Charles Greenwald Craig Grey Al Guy Marv Haber Marath Hail Sieve Haril' Tom Hayek Velma Hays Jacquelyn Hinson Linda Hinton Victory Hisel -Cb l 1 ,sw A Bo'r If W"'xf 1-se we-1 ss mniiliv' . Don Goldsberry Y ' Dan Gomez Jeffrey Gorss 7 Sue Graham Terry Grout Sieve Hall Dave Henry Dave Hobbs Doris Grainger - Carole Gravell Gary Guideru Sandy Guinn Joann Hannebohn Stephen Hansen Sue Herrington Carolyn Hill Ken Hoccom Paul Hoos 29 .-. ' .: ,, , . s. gaze, , I : 5' 'ss si -: : ..': ....- H EQSQSL .: 5 , ,,,, C' . ,-5.295 0' ' '1..2', :Za :..,3' 5- : -- 1 .: , . era s::s-'rsisis wi",-f js' B 55. 555 . ' ' -21.53 . ,g.g?..1::5sgefg :, .fff .,: V. .,..-.z-,:.-. ' . -ao x. " :Fee Gen 0 Q., when .. B .Mfr VarieTy is The spice of The curriculur 0 'C U0-30-O C' J-O'-C Y- 9 0 ago' 16.62, 6 J A 2909? OGG es.. .. for The man in The klTchen G og-'ro'L vc -cr:-o 0 0' ofhifo fl:- "CULINARY MASTERMINDS-Co-ed Cooking has The answer for The working wife- a chef for a husband. Women have invaded indusTries, offices, and governmenT and have lefT Their place in The home -The kiTchen. Men across The narion have been forced To adiusT To The realm of home economics for Themselves. MosT men, hereTofore, could noT Tell The difference befween a spaTula and serv- ing knife, buT in This changing world AHS has meT This new demand by Teaching males The culinary arT. A Teaspoon of salT, Two cups of flour, add shorfening, eggs, milk, mix well and bake-wiTh your fingers crossed and a lucky penny in your shoe ThaT iT will Turn ouT. BUT whaT do you do when The Teacher decides To cuT The recipe in fourThs, double The cooking Time, and lower The TemperaTure? The co-ed cooking classes aT Alham- bra High School have prepared Moors for The possibiliTies of such an occasion. No Task in The kiTchen is Too much for Them. NoT only do Moors learn a pracTical background in cooking, buT They are also insTrucTed in good nuTriTion for a well- balanced meal. The newesT in sewing machines has iusT been added To The HOMEMAKING DEPARTMENT. FuTure seamsTresses are able To make The fanciesT and mosT inTricaTe sTiTches wiThouT any efforT aT all. Here again, new experiences are Teaching Moors how To save money in buying Their own maTerial and making Their own clofhes. Old sTandbys in Teaching aids have proven The besT in some areas. The rubber doll in The pracTical nursing course has seen many years of washings, buT new meThods of caring for iT are always being Tried. She has been burped for years, yeT AHS girls are learning The newesT and mosT eTfecTive meThods of such a necessary job in Taking care of a child. The Homemaking DeparTmenT is consTanTly looking for The new gadgeTs ThaT make millions of Americans' lives easier and more comforTable, To insTrucT Moors in The proper use of These "new fangled Things." The deparTmenT is facing To- wards The fuTure and new economical fronTiers, and aT The same Time iT is preparing sTudenTs so ThaT They will be beTTer equipped To meeT The changing Times of This new age. 'gui is! ,U 'E H Emma,-f5f's'gi6w a up E - 3-. ., 5, Q! ' w W w WS Q .5 Wm sf se M 1 SJ! few 2 x mm, m .Q wi, 6 I if Q if N -.4 '-1 Georia Mayberry Alma Messina Jim Miller Gregory Modesfi Tim Munroe Carolee Nelson Marcia Medlock Patricia Meyers Lindo Millsfein Suzie Morris Roy Musick Vicki Ness X 1 ,pn-, :- , 'NBNI , 1' if N :X + 9- :iff t ,.f ' T'Q"i .1 V A ' R I -5 R L.: 9 f ' Q. 14, W, Sf -'lx ,' Ken Rentro Larry Reuland Phil Re nolds Y Carol Rigo Richard Ringwald Dorothy Robertson Virginia Rodriguez Diane Rogers Lois Rogers Frank Rossi James Rovuno Bobbie Rowden Shirley Qantangelo Lew Sargentich Mike Sauber Marty Ssliiammk Carlo Secchi Ron Segers Marie Rheinhardt Joan Robertson Margaret Rogers Richard Runyen Glenn Schaid Mark Seidner Patricia Rice Gary Richardson Barbara Rode Armando Rodriguez Lorayne Romano Sam Rosselli Steve Samal-ia Ronnie Samuels Allan Schilz Betty Schoen Teresa Sellers Walter Shaffer Nlff- -:sr -C 'YZ 'Tier' Jw' 'EL 1 ll , .' '--: A Ben Shavqk Judy Silver' Mark Sunday Sharon Starkey Diane Stroner Barbara Tamblyn W 1 as -was zz fx 'iv f'7""'r'r my , gf., itef, .sf an-an-vm ms mm ,za me . me RVHH: me H585 is in aah Elizabeth Shaw Carolyn Sims Matthew Soto Larry Statler Jeff Sturm Ann Taylor ,,. Qxmn f yes an K is My a nw q - if nna Shepherd Rita Sloan K Bart Spalling, Janice Stoizlaard Carol Suerth Gloria Taylor s is ms 'X W as a as is a 2 fa if Q meals hey can be confusingly convincing in the Speech Dept. With dialogue from the world over and presen- tation by the "Attractive American," the drama section of the SPEECH DEPARTMENT provides en- tertainment for the high school and community. After careful instruction by the teachers, talent is developed and channeled to create young thes- pians, ready to meet the requirements and the challenges of stage life. The stresses of the present day world c'o not grey the hair as rapidly as the make-up c.rtists in ou. drama classes, and, as many faculty members will tell you, there cer- tainly is no rush. The success of the Speech De- partment was manifested in the approval and support of the Senior Play, Talent Show, and many other activities. Encumbered by a large load of information, three debaters are to represent Alhambra High School in the National Speech Tournament. Once again this portion of the program of the Speech Department was recognized by many other 'N schools as one demonstrating formidable progress. Often the student entering Alhambra High School, who has already acquired the funda- mentals of speech and who does not know when to use them, finds himself in the Vice-Principal's office. The ability to think on your own feet and present concisely your thoughts is an invaluable tool to the successful student. It can be easily seen that many students feel if you can' convince them, you should confuse them. Replacing the required semester of Funda- mental Speech in the freshman year, the AHS stu- dent will be able to choose the semester in which he wishes to take the course. A full year of debate shall be considered as compliance with the requirements of Fundamental Speech. The more loquacious Moors can look forward to excellent training by the Speech Department. is taught to Pam Stone, rig , Marath Hail by Mrs. Eunice Wils Speech Department heed THE AGE OLD ART of stage make- p ' ht a d Karen Tice Beverly Truilt Linda Vargo Jim Vollaire Dave Waite David Wurford Apryll Waters Tony Weaver fax 'TI' qw mn.-fp if 'Twuuvp -1:1-7' 7 ,uf James Wenck Carol Williams Iii -Woolfizn ix AN- F-H, Gr NOT PICTURED Carol Brown Lora Buller Mike Cassidy Eugene Fells Susan Gillespie ace Healherington Don Leon Ken Milchell Edquina Sutton Harvey Sullon Murlys Wedin Barbara Wendt Mikeswharfon Gary Williams X Pele Williams w Fred Worthington Judy Wright Bill Whilham Bob Wilson Peggy Yarns -17 Glenn Wiggins Nancy Winsor Richard Zaks 39 Memories, pains, awards, accomplishments - - DAVE ADREAN General REBECCA AIELLO College Prep. MOOR Staff-Editor Jr. Statesmen Na Mea Aloha Los Hidalgos ANA ALSINA College Prep. A.F.S. Student from Argentina Na Hoaloha-Sgt.-at-Aims Pequenitas Talent Show - Cast GUS ANGELO General Football-V Jr. Exchange TOM ANTER General MARILYN APRATO General Los Laureados Commissioner of Finance Jr. Council Las Moras-Pres. Laule'a--Treas., V.P., Pres. RON ATINSKY College Prep. MARIE BAISLEY General Racqueteers CSF DOREEN BALLENGER College Prep. FTA-Pres. Los Hidalgos CSF Las Maravillas PEGGY BARBER College Prep. Los Laureados Commission-Sec. Las Moras-Chap., V.P., Hon. Mem. Laule'a-Chap., Sec., Hon. Mem. CSF STAN BARBER General Football-JV,' V Legislature Sr. Play-Cast CAROLE BARNETT College Prep. Sr. Council Girls' League-Jr. Rep., Wavs and Means, Bus. Ch. Las Moras-Sec. Na Alli-Treas. BILL BARTELSON General Football-JV MIKE BASNIGHT College Pren. Basketball-C Track-B Band Orchestra MAUDI BASSITY College Prep. Les Nouvelles WALT BAUSMAN College Prep. Tennis-JV MARY ANN BEEBE General Songleader Jr. Council La Chandelle-Treas. Pequenitas DON BEETS College Prep. Basketball-B. JV Foothall-B, JV DOUGLAS BENEDICT College Prep. Football-JV Jr. Optimists Science Club-Sgt.-at-Arms Chem Team DIANE BENJAMIN College Prep. Los Laureados Commissioner of Literature Girls' State Rep.-1960 MOOR Staff-2nd page ed., lst page ed. Las Moras JOHN BENNETT College Prep. French Club German Club Science Club Band BILL BENNETT College Prep. Jr. Exchange Track-C Sr. Sweater Comm. Assembly Comm. WARREN BENSON General Student Store Mgr. STEVE BERRY College Prep. Writers' Guild Track-V Jr. Statesmen MOOR Staff-Fea. ed. DARLENE BETHEL General Commissioner of Finance Girls' League-Sec. Las Moras-Hon. Mem. La Jeunesse-Sec. BEVERLY BEVER General TOM BIBLE College Prep. Tennis German Club GAIL BISHOP General Campus-Soc. Ch. La Hoalauna Racqueteers Moorettes STEVE BISSELL College Prep. CSF-Life Mem. Tennis-JV Chem Team Science Club BOB BLACK College Prep. Science Club Talent Shaw-Cast Sr. Play-Prop. Comm. KAY BLISS General Pep Council Christmas Comm. Na Alii-Treas. Las Moras LINDA BLIZARD College Prep. Lanakila--Soc. Ch. Jr. Council-Treas. Fine Arts Comm. MARELENE BOGDANOVICH General Las Sonadoras GAA ANNE BONFIGLIO General La Estrellita JAMES BOONE C-allege Prep. PAUL BOUMBULIAN College Prep. Great Books Club-Pres. Jr. Optimist-Chap. Jr. Statesmen Science Club-Treas. LYNNE BOUSE College Prep. Los Laureados Commission-Sec., Hist. AFS Student to Greece Pequenitas-Chap., Hon. M CSF-Life Mem. JOHN BOWEN College Prep. GENE BOWERS General Football-C CAROLYN BRADY General JOAN BRADY General Orchesis Moana Kea-Hist., Chap., Sec. Talent Show-Cast EVERETT BROOKHART College Prep. Science Club DAN BROOKS General Golf CAROL BROWN ' General LINDA BROWN General Lanakila-Sgt.-at-Arms A Cappella Choir STEVE BROWN General Football-C, JV Legislature PAULA BUPP College Prep. MOOR Staff-Editor Writers' Guild Hi Hatters-Pres. Na Mea Aloha ORETTA BUTTORA College Prep. Las Maravillas-V.P. Orchesis-V.P. Legislature Science Club CORINE CABRAL General DONNA CADMAN College Prep. La Estrellita- Sec., Pres. German Club Latin Club MICHAEL CALDARELLO College Prep. Legislature Football-B Track-B BARBARA CAMERON College Prep. La Estrellita-Soc. Ch. Hi Hatters-Treas. French Club CLYDE CAMERON General DIANE CANNON General Orchesis Moorettes GAA JERI CANTRELL College Prep. Campus-His., Chap., Sgt.-at-Arms Moorettes CAROLE CAPLAN General Orchesis Legislature Moana Kea-Sgt.-at-Arms, Treas. NOLA CARDINALE General Legislature Kea Loha Racqueteers CATHY CAREY College Prep. Kea Loha-Pres. FNA Talent Show-Cast JUDY CARMODY College Prep. Los Hiclalgos Orchesis Fine Arts Comm. CARY CARTER College Prep. Legislature Las Moras La Jeunesse-Pres. Youth and Govt. Delegate LARRY CARTWRIGHT College Prep. MOOR Staff Basketball-C GENE CARY General Class Officer-9, IO, ll Yell leader Commission-Social Chairman Na Allii-Pres. MIKE CASSIDY General W'6O Grad SANDRA CECCARELLI General Legislature Laulea-Hist., Soc. Ch., Treas., V.P., Pres. CARLENE CHALK College Prep. ALFREDO CHONG College Prep. German Club Science Club CSF--Life Mem. BOB CIRCELLO College Prep. German Club DAN CITRO General Baseball-JV, V JACK COBERLY College Prep. Football-C, B, JV Key Club-Sec. Commissioner of Athletics Sr. Sweater Comm. CHUCK COCHRAN General Football-JV, V Jr. Exchange Legislature RICHARD COCHRAN College Prep. Science Club-V.P., Pres. German Club Chem Team PATRICK COLLINS General W'6O Grad TONY COMAIANNI General Football-JV, V ROSE COMELLA College Prep. FNA Les Nouvelles Latin Club Science Club CINDY COMER College Prep. La Chanclelle-Treas., Sec., Pres. Moor Staff-Exchange Ed. Jr. Statesmen'Soc. Ch. Clean Campus Comm. RAE CONRAD College Prep. VINNIE COOK College Prep. Las CadenitasiHist. Fine Arts Comm. La Estrellita-Soc. Ch, V Racqueteers CHARLES COOPER College Prep. Football-B, JV Basketball4B, JV Baseball-JV ROBERT COOPER General Football--C, V Baseball RALPH COPPOLO General SUSAN COSATO General FRANK COSTA College Prep. Los Hidalgos .P 41' PHIL COUSENS College Prep. MICHAEL COVARRUBIAS General Football-C, B Track-C PATRICIA CROCHET General Campus-Soc. Ch. KEN CROFF College Prep. Gym Team-V Golf-JV French Club NANCY CUNINGS General ' Commission-Fine Arts, l-list. Lanakila-Hist., 597-'0T'AfmSf Pres., Hon. Mem. Girls' League-Treas. Las Moras MARGARET DANINGER General Las Maravillas German Club Racqueteers JON DAVIS College Prep. Jr. Exchange Basketball-C Track-C NANCY DAVIS General GAA Girls' League-GAA Rep. WILLIAM DELL General Tennis-JV MIKE DEL MONICO General JOE DE MARCO College Prep. Track-B, V Football-C MICHAEL DICUS General Student Store and Bank ED DILLON College Prep. Football-C, B, V Baseball-JV, V Commission-Rally Ch. Key Club-V.P. JOE DODD General NATHAN DODDS College Prep. German Club Legislature Football-C, B Track-B KAREN DODS General Las Moras-Soc. Ch., Treas., Sec. La Jeunesse-Soc. Ch., Treas., Sec., V.P. Homecoming Princess-'60 Sr. Council JOYCE DONATO College Prep. La Estrellita-Treas.. Prexy Council Talent Show-Cast Los Hidalgos SHERRY DORMAN General VERNE DORMAN College Prep. Football-JV, V, '60 Co-capt. Sr. Council-Pres. Varsity Club Talent Show-Cast SHERRY DUNN College Prep. Latin Club CSF Las Maravillas Orchesis DON ECKROAD College Prep. Basketball-B, V MOOR Staff AL EDGINTON General MILE EDLEN College Prep. Track- C, B, V Cross Country-V German Club CSF JULIE EDWARDS College Prep. German Club-Sec. Las Maravillas-Sec. Moorettes Science Club KEN EDWARDS College Prep. German Club Legislature LARRY EGAN General Football-B, JV DOLORES ELKINS College Prep. French Club La Estrellita-Chap. Talent Show-Cast DALE ELLIS College Prep. Science Club Football-C CSF JUDY ELLIS College Prep. Los Hidalgos La .leunesse SUE ELLIS General Moorettes Las Cadenitas-Soc. Ch., Sgt.-at-Arms Racqueteers La Estrellita-Hist. NANCY ERICKSON General Lanakila Pequenitas Orchesis MARY FARINELLA College Prep, Campus-Hist. DIANA FARREN College Prep. Las Cadenitas La Estrellita FTA Racqueteers DONNA FARREN General La Estrellita-Sec. Las Cadenitas Racqueteers-Treas French Club DOUG FECHSER General French Club Football-C Tennis-JV SAL FEDERICO General BARBARA FEHR College Prep. GAA FTA EUGENE FELTS General BOB FINCH College Prep. Tennis-V Key Club Boys' Federation Legislature LOUISE FLECK General Las Cadenitas REGINA FLETCHER College Prep. Los Laureados CSF French Club Las Cadenitas-Pres. PAUL FLOTHO General MARLIN FOLEY General Talent Show-Cast LINDA FOLTZ College Prep. Lanakila Pequenitas-Pres. Legislature Talent Show-Cast DOLLY FOXCROFT General CECELIA FOXMAN College Prep. Legislature Moana Kea Frosh Class-V.P. Debate ED FRACHISEUR College Prep. Los Hidalgos BRIAN FRANK General ROGER FRANTZ College Prep. MARY LOU FRANZEN College Prep. FNA-Sec., Pres. Talent Show-Cast Las Maravillas DENNIS FRENCH General Football-C, B DONNA FRESHOUR General Las Maravillas-Sec Orchestra GAA VAN FUHRIMAN College Prep. Los Laureados Commission-General, Boys Jr. Exchange-Hist., Sgt.-at-Arms, V.P. Sr. Sweater Comm. CSF MARILYN FUNK College Prep. MOOR Staff-Club Ed. Las Cadenitas German Club FTA EDWARD GANO General JOHN GARDNER General CHRIS GATES College Prep. Latin Club German Club-Pres. Writers' Guild-Pres Science Club GEORGE GATSO5 College Prep. Tennis-V Legislature-2 Basketball-C DAVID GELL College Prep. Orchestra Los Hidalgos FTA-Hist., Treas. SHARON GERRIE College Prep. Las Cadenitas-Sec. Noni Loa-V.P. Latin Club-Sec, Fine Arts Comm. CHARLES GIFFORD General Football-B MEL GIFIS College Prep. Science Club Football-C VALERIE GILLESPIE College Prep. Campus-Pres. MOOR Staff-Copy Ed. CSF-Life Mem. Annual Staff SUE GILLUM General KAY GILSON General Las Moras-Sgt.-at-Arms Na Alii-Hist., Sgt.-at-Arms Jr. Red Cross-Sec. Legislature LARRY GLEFFE College Prep. Jr. Exchange German Club A Cappella Choir Track-C ALLEN GOLDEN College Prep. Debate Forensic Club Legislature NANCY GOLDHEIMER College Prep. Las Maravillas-Sec. Kea L-oha-V.P. FTA-Treas. Los Hidalgos DON GOLDSBERRY General DAN GOMEZ General JEFFREY GORSS College Prep. Golf KRIS GOSS General Moana Kea-Soc. C Campus JIM GOUGH General Jr. Council-Pres, Key Club-Pres. Boy of the Month Legislature-Spk. TERRY GRAF College Prep. French Club Science Club SUE GRAHAM College Prep. Las Maravillas ' A Cappella Choir Los Hidalgos DORIS GRAINGER College Prep. Latin Club Las Cadenitas-Sgt.-at-Arms Na Hoaloha Band CAROLE GRAVELL General Racqueteers BURTON GRAVES College Prep. CSF-Lite Mem. Chem Team German Club CHARLES GREENWALD College Prep. Sr. Council Jr. Optimists Basketball-JV Legislature CRAIG GREY College Prep. Football-C, B Track-C, B Jr. Exchange-V.P., TERRY GROUT General Football-C Basketball-C GARY GUIDERA College Prep. SANDY GUINN College Prep. La Hoaluna-Hist., V.P. Las Cadenitas-Chap. Racqueteers French Club AL GUY College Prep. MARV HABER College Prep. Football-JV, V Baseball-JV Key Club Varsity Club MARATH HAIL College Prep. Las Maravillas--Hist., French Club Racqueteers A Cappella Choir STEVE HALL College Prep. German Club Science Club Sr. Play-Cast JO ANN HANNEBOHN College Prep. Campus Racqueteers Moorettes STEPHEN HANSEN General Football-V Track-V Varsity Club Orchestra STEVE HARTT General DIXIANNE HAWKS General TOM HAYEK General Football-B, V Basketball-B Track-V VELMA HAYS General Les Nouvelles-V.P. FHA Kea Loha GRACE HEATHERINGTON General DAVE HENRY General SUE HERINGTON College Prep. CSF Legislature Las Cadenitas-Treas. Na Hoaloha-Sec. CAROLYN HILL College Prep. Na Hoaloha GAA o ,Pg P fre f 'P Pres. f fy 'W llir fl'll l Xt 0, C. U9 Q4 0 get LX T I u lv " Il JN 'W fm 1 NNE" ff? 4' it j . i Q, . 0 '2 fj . 'I K I 4 . 4 N 'Q - f -Z JACQUELYN HINSON THOMAS JOHNS College Prep. General Hi Hatters-V.P., Pres. Football-B, V Racqueteers-Pres. Baseball-V CSF Track-V Fl'A-Treas., V.P. CARQL JOHNSON LINDA HINTQN Genem GETIEVUI Pequenitas Les Amles Moana Kea-Hisf., V.P. VICTORY HISEL Orchesis-Hist., Treas. Gefieml Talent Show-Cast DAVE HOBBS College Prep. Football-C, B, V Jr. Exchange CSF-Life Mem. German Club KEN HOCCOM General PAUL HOOS General BRUCE HOPPE College Prep. BARBARA HORNICK General TAMARA HOROWITZ General - DAVE HOUGH College Prep. JOAN HUMMELBAUGH General Pequenitas Laule'a DOUG HUNTZINGER College Prep. Alpha Rho Tau RON HYDE College Prep. JOYCE HYMAN General CAROL JACKSON General Na Mea Aloha-Chap. RONALD JACKSON College Prep. Football-C, B Basketball-D, C, B Tennis-JV BEVERLY JACOBS College Prep. German Club Legislature-2 La Estrellita-Treas., Pres., Prexy Council SANDY JAMES College Prep. Los Laureados Homecoming Queen-'60 Song Leader Sr. Council-V.P. Las Moras IRENE JENNINGS General Moorettes Les Amies-V.P. JOHN JENNINGS College Prep. Jr. Exchange-V.P. Football-JV, V . Basketball-C, B, JV Commissioner of Boys SHARON JOHNSON General Orchesis VICKI JOHNSON College Prep. Las Caclenitas-V.P. CSF-Life Mem. MOOR Staff-Sr. Ed. French Club-V.P. KENT JONES College Prep. Baseball-V mgr. Jr. Boys Glee DOUG JUENGST College Prep. Key Club-Treas., Football-C, B Track-C, B Boys' Federation ANN KAPIC General Lanakila Orchesis Fine Arts Comm. MARGARET KERBY General Girls' League-Art. Ch. TIM KESINGER College Prep. FRED KIMURA General Latin Club CAROL KINNEY General GRAHAM KNEALE College Prep. ELAINE KOSHMERL General MARIE KRAL General Legislature Debate V.P., Pres. Prexy Council-Sec. Moorettes KATHY KRAUS General Moana Kea--V.P., Pres. Campus JIM KUEHNERT College Prep. Football-C MOOR Staff German Club JOHN KUNT General Football-C JACKIE LAHER College Prep. Las Cadenitas GLORIA LANDRES General Campus-Soc. Ch., Sgt.-at'Arms La Hoalauna Orchesis Moorettes MARY LANE General CHUCK LA PIANA General BENNY LA RUSSA General W'6O Grad BARRY LAUFER General Talent Show-Cast DOUG LAUNCHBAUGH College Prep. Football-C, B, V Commissioner of Athletics Varsity Club-Pres. Legislature GARY LEELING College Prep. Science Club DON LEON General . . ISAAC LEVY College Prep. PINCAS LEVY General JOE LINDEN College Prep. Science Club BRIAN LINDMEIER General Football-JV, V Varsity Club LINDA LITTLEJOHN College Prep. Las Cadenitas-Sgt.-at-Ar Racqueteers-V.P. Los Hidalgos DAN LOGGINS College Prep. Jr. Exchange Basketball-B ALVIN LOSEE College Prep. Basketball-C, B French Club Football-C LENA LOVOY General MARTIN LUNDSTROM College Prep. RONNY LYON General CAROL MCALPINE General Las Maravillas-Treas. Sr. Play-Cast JOHNNY MC CABE General Jr. Exchange DON MACAULEY General W'6O Grad BOB MC CORMAC College Prep. Orchestra Science Club JEAN MC DONALD College Prep. Lanakila Las Moras-Soc. Ch. Orchesis Talent Show-Cast POLLIEANN MC ELFRESH College Prep. Moorettes Las Cadenitas-Soc. Ch. French Club Sr. Play-Cast SUSAN MC ENTYRE College Prep. Legislature A Capella Choir Writers' Guild FNA KEN MC INTOSH College Prep. Gym Team JACK MC KEOWN General Football-C, B Track-B Jr. Exchange DON MC MILLAN General ITIS MARLA MC MILLAN College Prep. La Estrellita-Soc. Ch., Sec., Prexy Council A Cappella Choir French Club Moorettes MARLENE MC MILLAN General Los Sonadoras BETTE MACHRONE General La Jeunesse FRANCES MAGGIO College Prep. Los Laureados Pequenitas-Chap., Pres., Hon. Mem. La Chanclelle-Chap., Hon. Mem. Prexy Council-Rep., Chap., Pres. CSF LINDA MAIORCA College Prep. VALERIE MAJOR General La Hoalauna-Sec., Pres. Campus-Soc. Ch., Treas. DAVE MALMGREEN College Prep. Jr. Exchange ROBERT MALOSKI General Baseball-JV JOYCE MARINO General ANN MARTIN College Prep. Los Laureados Commissioner of Girls Pequenitas-Hist., V.P. Moorettes Na Alii-Chap. ELEANOR MARTINELLI General ROBERT MARZEC College Prep. Football-C Basketball-D, B CECILIA MATHEWUS General GEORJA MAYBERRY General Lanakila-Treas. Legislature ERROL MECHERIKOFF College Prep. French Club-Pres. CSF FRANK MEDLOCK General Football-V Track-V MARCIA MEDLOCK General Pequenitas GEORGE MEDOVOY College Prep. MOOR Staff-Fea. Ed. Great Books Club French Club JOHN MEISTER College Prep. ALMA MESSINA General LAURA MESSINA General Laule'a-Hist. HELEN MEYERS General Legislature Na Alii-Sgt.-at-Arms PATRICIA MEYERS College Prep. A Cappella Choir Les Nouvelles-Treas., Sec., Pres. Kea Loha Latin Club ROSALIE MICELI General Laule'a-Sec. Legislature HOWARD MILLER College Prep. Los Laureados Jr. Optimist-Treas., Pre' German Club-V.P., Pres Christmas Comm.-Ch. CSF-Life Mem. JIM MILLER General Gym Team Track MIKE MILLER College Prep. MOOR Staff-Sports Ed. Los Hidalgos TIM MILLER General LINDA MILLSTEIN College Prep. Moorettes Lanakila-Sec. GAIL MINGS College Prep. JOAN MITCHELL General GREG MODESTI College Prep. Baseball-JV, V DAVE MOEN College Prep. German Club LOIS MORAN College Prep. Lanakila-Treas. Campus-Treas., Soc. CF Moorettes SUZIE MORRIS College Prep. Na Alii-Soc. Ch., Hon. Mem. Legislature Los Hidalgos KEN MOYLE College Prep. Football-V JIM MULLINS General Tennis-JV TIM MUNROE College Prep. Key Club-Treas. Varsity Club Cross Country-V Track-C, B, V DON MURPHY College Prep. Football-B, JV, V Baseball-JV, V A Cappella Choir Jr. Exchange THOMAS MURRAY College Prep. CSF-Life Mem. ROY MUSICK College Prep. Basketball-C, V Baseball-JV, V Latin Club-Pres. Great Books Club BILL NASSIR College Prep. Los Laureados Jr. Council Jr. Optimists-Sec., V.P., Pres. Boys' Federation Legislature ANDREW NELSON College Prep. Jr. Optimists-Treas. Science Club-Sgt.-at-Arms CAROLEE NELSON General LIZ NELSON General Los Laureados Yell Leader Commissioner ot Activities La Hoalouna-Treas., Pres. Las Moras PENNY NELSON College Prep. Sr. Council-Sec. Campus-Sgt.-at-Arms, V.P., Pres. La Chandelle-Chap., Sgt.-at-Arms, Sec. Miss Pep Princess VICKI NESS College Prep. Racqueteers DANNY NICODEMO College Prep. Sr. Soc Emblem Designer DENNIS NIELD General Key Club LINDA NIELSEN General Moorettes La Estrellita-Sec. SANDY NORDVEDT General ARNE OGAARD College Prep. Track-B, V, Man. CONNIE ORR General Track-C, B, V Basketball-C Jr. Exchange GARY ORTEGA College Prep. Football-C, B Tracks-C, B, V Jr. Optimists-Sgt.-at-Arms Cross Country-JV ANNIE ORTIZ General Los Hiclalgas GAA GAIL OUSLEY General JANE PAGE College Prep. La Estrellita-Soc. Ch., Treas., V.P. Moorettes DAN PALERMO General Football-JV Baseball-JV KATHLEEN PARKER College Prep. Writers' Guild Latin Club A Cappella Choir Great Books Club CAROL PASQUINI College Prep. Les Nouvelles-Soc. Ch., V.P. PHILLIP PATZIK College Prep. Basketball-D, C Tennis-JV, V .IANIE PAULSEN College Prep. Lanakila-Soc. Ch., Treas. Legislature DONNA PAYNE General LARRY PAYNE College Prep. Jr. Optimists-Hist., V.P. Legislature Annual Staff-Bus. ALICE PEARCE General Alpha Rho Tau TOM PEDRINI College Prep. Commissioner of Activities Football-B Legislature-Hon. Mem. MOOR Staff-Ent. Ed., Adv. Man. KAY PENNINGTON General W 60 Grad CARLYLE PERKES College Prep. Track-V Basketball-JV Cross Country-JV Band DIANE PETERSON General LOUISE PFEFFERKORN College Prep. La Hoalauna Los Hidalgos Jr. Statesmen GEORGE PHILLIPS College Prep. Commission-Rally Ch. Legislature Jr. Exchange BILL PLANO General JOY PLOSS College Prep. Latin Club A Cappella Choir La Hoalauna-Sec. Moorettes ALFRED POHL General VINCE POLITO College Prep. Basketball--D, C, B, V Football-C, B Baseball-JV, V Legislature JEAN PONTECORVO General La Jeunesse-Sgt.-at4Arms RICHARD PONTECORVO General Football-V Varsity Club SANDY PRINCE College Prep. Las Maravillas-Pres. Science Club-Sec. Los Hidalgos Racqueteers SUSIE PRINCE General Girls' League-Service Ch. Treas. Laule'a-Hist., Treas. Moorettes Talent Show-Cast DAVE PROVINES General Gym Team Jr. Exchange 's 1 . Homecoming Princess-'60 P.b' . . Sr. Council Las Moras Na Alii-Pres. Qxcg' H040 - L CII QP , 'Xl . Y N STEVE RACH College Prep. Football-C, B Track-C, B Jr. Exchange BARBARA REED General Las Moras-Hist. Lanakila-Soc. Ch., Chap., Treas., V.P., Pres. Commission-Social Ch. Girls' League-Ways and Means Ch., Pub. Ch. BARRY REID General KURT REINWALD General Key Club Basketball-D Track-JV KEN RENFRO General Band LARRY REULAND General Varsity Club-V.P. Key Club-Pres. Commissioner of Clubs Annual Staff PHIL REYNOLDS General Football-B, JV, V MARIE RHEINHARDT General PATRICIA RICE College Prep. Campus-Sec. CSF-Lite Mem, Racqueteers GARY RICHARDSON College Prep. Basketball4D, C Football-B, C CAROL RIGO General La Hoalauna-Treas. Las Caalenitas Talent Show-Cast Orchesis RICHARD RINGWALD College Prep. Football-C, B, JV, V Track-C, B, V CSF Jr. Optimists-V.P. DOROTHY ROBERTSON College Prep. Los Laureados Commission-Clubs, Sp. of Legis. Christmas Dance Princess Pequenitas-Chap., l"l0l'1 mem Nani Loa-Treas. JOAN ROBERTSON General GAA BARBARA RODE College Prep. A Cappella Choir Pequenitas Jr. Statesmen-Sec. Lo Hoalauna-Chap., .ti Sgt.-at-Arms . fi ARMANDO RODRIGUEZ College Prep. Football-C, B Track-C Gym Team VIRGINIA RODRIGUEZ General DIANE ROGERS College Prep. Lanakila Pequenitas-Sgt.-at-Arms MOOR Staff Legislature LOIS ROGERS General MARGARET ROGERS College Prep. CSF Campus Latin Club Assembly Comm. LORAYNE ROMANO General Moana Kea SAM ROSSELLI College Prep. Gym Team Boys' Federation FRANK ROSSI College Prep. Jr. Statesmen Jr. Optimists Gym Team JAMES ROVANO General W'60 Grad BOBBIE ROWDEN College Prep. CSF-Life Mem., Treas., Sec. Girls' League-12th grade Rep. Nani Loa-Pres. Las Moras RAYMOND RUBEN General Football-JV RICH RUNYEN General STEVE SAMAHA College Prep. Football4B, V Science Club Talent Show-Cast RONNIE SAMUELS College Prep. SHIRLEY SANTANGELO General LEW SARGENTICH College Prep. Los Laureados CSF-Life Mem., Pres. Forensic Club-Treas., Sec., Pres. Tennis Jr. Optimists MIKE SAUBER College Prep. Tennis-JV, V Jr. Exchange Varsity Club Sr. Sweater Comm. GLENN SCHAID General Football-C Gym Team Band Legislature ALLAN SCHILZ College Prep. Basketball-C BETTY SCHOEN General Na Mea Aloha-Sgt.-at-Arms GAA MARTY SCHRAMM College Prep. Los Laureados Cross Country-V, Capt. Track-V, Co-Capt. Yell Leader Key Club-Chap. CARLO SECCHI College Prep. AFS Student from ltaly Jr. Exchange-Hist., Treas. Latin Club Track-V RON SEGERS General MARK SEIDNER . - College Prep. Jr. Optimists-Hist. Football-JV Latin Club-Treos. CSF TERESA SELLERS General Girls' League La Jeunesse-Sec., Pres. Las Moras Legislature WALTER SHAFFER College Prep. Cross Country4JV Track-B, V JANICE SHATTUCK College Prep. Laule'a-V.P. Pequenitas Legislature BEN SHAW College Prep. Football-C, B, V Track-C, B, V Chem Team CSF ELIZABETH SHAW College Prep. Las Caclenitas-V.P. Na l-loaloha Moorettes Jr. Statesmen DEANNA SHEPHERD General Lanakila-Soc. Ch., Sgt.-at-Arms MARVIN SHMAGIN College Prep. Football-C DICK SHOCK General Band DOROTHEA SIDNER General Racqueteers .IUDY SILVER General Legislature Moorettes Laule'a-Sgt.-at-Arms CAROLYN SIMS College Prep. Las Maravillas-I-list., Sec. Los Hidalgos Latin Club RETA SLOAN General Moana Kea DAN SNYDER General Football-C, B, JV RITA SOLDANO General AL SOLOMON College Prep. Track-C, B, V MARK SONDAY College Prep. Alpha Rho Tau Annual Staff-Art Ed. MATHEW SOTO General Boys' Federation Football-C Tennis-C Basketball BART SPALLINA General Football-B, V Legislature CI-IERYL SPOTTI General La Chandelle-Sgt-at-Arms Los Hidalgos Rally Comm. Legislature SUSAN SPRINTS General Racqueteers La Estrellito-Sgt.-at-Arms Legislature Sr. Play-St. Dir. DOROTHEA STARK College Prep. Orchestra German Club FNA SHARON STARKEY College Prep. Los Hidalgos Orchesis LARRY STATLER College Prep. JANICE STODDARD General Annual Staff PAM STONE College Prep. Campus-Treas., V.P. Nani Loa-Pres. Moorettes Legislature LORRAINE sr. PIERRE General Las Maravillas-Sgt.-at-Arms RONNIE STRAND General Football-C, B Baseball-JV Basketball-B DIANE STRONER General Moana Kea-V.P., Pres. .IEFF STURM College Prep. Football-C Basketball-B Los Hidalgos Legislature CAROL SUERTH General Las Maravillas-V.P. FNA-Pres. Moorettes Talent Show-Cast MALINDA SUTHERLAND College Prep. Homecoming Princess-'60 Las Moras--Hist. Na Alii-Hist., V.P. Sr. Council EDQUINA SUTTON College Prep. Las Maravillas FNA-Pres. GAA HARRY SUTTON General KAREN SWEET College Prep. LARK SWEEZEY College Prep. Los Moras-Chap., Na Alii-Chap. Legislature BARBARA TAMBLYN General Orchestra Sr. Sweater Comm. ANN TAYLOR College Prep. CSF-Life Mem. Las Cadenitas Band Los Hidalgos GLORIA TAYLOR College Prep. French Club Las Cadenitas Racqueteers CSF CONNIE TENNIS General TOM TERICH College Prep. Football-JV Los Hidalgos CHUCK THOMAS College Prep. Football-C, B Basketball-D Baseball-JV JOHN THOMAS College Prep. Football-B, V Baseball-V Varsity Club KAREN TICE General Moorettes La Hoalauna-Hlst., Sgt.-at-Arms, V.P. VERNETTE TIEGS College Prep. Los Loureaclos Los Cadenitas-Pres. La Hoalauna-Pres. Inter-Club Council-Sec. CSF-Life Mem. BILL TIMMINS College Prep. Talent Show-Cast Basketball-JV Assembly Play Sr. Play-Cast HOWARD TOWNSEND College Prep. Golf-V GAY TRIPP General JIM TRIPP General BEVERLY TRUITT General ROGER UNDERHILL General MIKE VACCARIELLO General Basketball-D, C Baseball-JV, V MOOR Staff Football-C MAGGIE VAICARO General Laule'a-Hist., Sgt.-atAArms Las Moras Orchesis BRENDA VAN DE GRIFT General DAVE VAN NOY College Prep. Football-C Basketball-D, C German Club LINDA VARGO General JOHN VARIAN General PHYLLIS VARIAN General BOB VAUGHAN College Prep. German Club Cross Country-JV, V Track-V Boys' Federation MARK VILLARD College Prep. Los Laureados Jr. Optimist-Sgt.-at-Arms Band-Drum Maior CSF-Life Mem. Track-C, B KATHY VOGEL General La Estrellita-Hist. Annual Staff JIM VOLLAIRE General Q MARCIA WADDINGTON General Legislature CHUCK WAER College Prep. Football-C, B MARY WAGNER College Prep. Las Cadenitas-Hist. Na Hoaloha-Prexy Council Los Hidalgos Band CHUCK WAGONER College Prep. A Cappella Choir-Pres. Latin Club Science Club NANCY WAHLER College Prep. Las Maravillas-Pres. FNA Kea Loha-Sgt.-at-Arms DAVID WAITE College Prep. Football-B Jr. Exchange LINDA WALINE College Prep. Band-4 yr. Orchestra FTA Los Hidalgos DAL WALKER General Football-JV DICK WANNE College Prep. Baseball-JV, V Basketball-JV Football-C PAM WARD College Prep. Los Laureados Song Leader Commissioner of Fine Arts Las Moras-Pres. Na Alii-Soc. Ch., Sgt.-at-Arms, V.P. DAN WARD College Prep. DAVID WARFORD College Prep. Track-B MOOR Staff APRYLL WATERS College Prep. Girls' League Na Alii-Chap., Sec. MOOR Staff-Sr. Ed. Legislature TONY WEAVER General Track-V MARLYS WEDIN General DONNA WELSH General JAMES WENCK College prep. Basketball-JV Football-JV Los Hidalgos BARBARA WENDT General Lanakila-Sec. Pequenitas Assembly Comm. MIKE WHARTON College Prep. German Club Science Club Jr. Statesmen 1 L, .G r is Nx I, 3 5 Q' 1 BILL WHITHAM College Prep. Key Club-Sgt.-at-Arms Football-C, B Basketball-D, C Boys' Federation GLENN WIGGINS College Prep. Basketball-JV, V Football-JV,V CAROL WILLIAMS College Prep. No Hoaloha-Treas., Los Hidalgos-V.P. Moorettes Legislature GARY WILLIAMS College Prep. Jr. Exchange-Pres. Varsity Club-Sec. Gym Team-V Talent Show-Cast PETE WILLIAMS College Prep. Jr. Statesmen-Pres. Tennis-JV, V Pres. Forensic Club-V.P. CSF-Life Mem. BOB WILSON General NANCY WINSOR College Prep. Sr. Council-Treas. La Chandelle-Treas., V.P., Pres. Pequenitas-Soc. Ch., V.P. Prexy Council-Chap., Pres. JUDY WOOTTON College Prep. Los Laureados Song Leader Commissioner of Girls-V.P. Soph. class-pres. Las Moras-Soc. Ch., Sec. FRED WORTHINGTON College Prep. German Club Science Club CSF JUDY WRIGHT College Prep. Noni Loo-Prexy Council Pequenitas-Treas. Legislature PEGGY YARAS College Prep. Campus-Sgt.-at-Arms, Sec. Racqueteers RICHARD ZAKS College Prep. Tennis-JV Legislature Jr. Optimists CSF u Us E -'54 'VA X5 31 Q -Al LJ' , w f R f .C I, , - 5 'sri' " Q .- -. . s .urn . . l .'.-..1....- I. j,-. ..- ff m . . l i T Takes a loT of iving, loving, hoping-and sTudying. The closs of S62 cerToinly gove The senior closs some lovely "MomenTs To Remember" wiTh Their TrodiTionol spring prom Tor The seniors. SeT ogoinsT The bockground of The HunTingTon-SherciTon pool ond gcirden, ond lulled by The clonceoible music oT KeiTh Willioms ond his bond, whciT senior wouldn'T be Thrilled ond excired by This losT prom in his honor. ProducT of long hours of Time-consuming plon- ning ond discussion by The hord-working Junior Council, "lVlomenTs To Remember" exhibiis The spiriT of newness by being The TirsT AHS prom To be held in ci ploce oTher Thon o clubhouse. The exuberonT ond doring Junior Council, soon To be seniors, seT on unknown precedenT. 0 XI- ff 4211 2315: 'Z-:-:-35:-,S Tl TL 5 ' l A 'F A , -. gs: .v.'v I N- VViTh sTorry eyes, looking Torwoird To The Time when They Too will be seniors, This some Junior Council, cis represenToiTives of This yeolr's iunior clciss, woiis onxiously Tor The exciTing whirl oT senior oicTiviTies To begin Tor Them. Their senior rings cilreooly received ond Tloshed To odmiring sophomores, ond Their senior socs ordered ond woiTing, The iuniors ore onxiously counTing The doys when They Too will porTicipciTe in The prom, The oll-nighT porTy, The senior luncheon, ond - perhops obove dll - diTch doiy. They hove worked hord Tor ThoiT long-owoiTed yeoir. Evidence of Their work con be Tound in poisT yeors oncl This TirsT yeor os upper clossmen. lleft To righilf Joan Sparks, Allen Flink, Jeanie Cook, Les Gilman, Mr. Lenser lcidv.l, Gory Bosley, Claudio Sherlock, Hunsoker, Morilyn Gibson, Mike Nick. , I YJ ,xv 1 . . , .. in' L , J . Y Q Q - . . .,, va, .1 4? ' ., . . . ' -l QCA, uvxt. ,....' , J if ,.- ' - Q r. .. wg. , . Sf'-'14 rr., ' t -r Q3-9 t 2 X .12 ... is K 'S Ji. A- . ' , .L ' SN. ti S 7 ' i X ,x L-A ff' .flilgf----L.'..'-tg? Lai. ' ' A'l'I lleft to rightl Row i: Kathy Abaiian, Elizabeth Abraham, Erik Ackroyd, Pat Adams, Lynn Adkins, Bob Agosta, Willie Agosto, Henry Aldredge, Rosalee Allen, Steve Allen, Darlene Allenthrop, Virginia Alonso. Row 2: Karen Anderson, Ken Anderson, Judy Anthony, Patricia Apodoca, Suzanne Armstrong, John Arthur, Harriet Baisley, Lawrence Baldwin, Larry Balma, Wendy Barker, Cheryl Barkhurst, Charlotte Barnum. Row 3: Dave Barrett, Perry Beck, Pamela Bellville, Elaine Benioff, Steph- anie. Benson, Ruth Berg, Bob Bergmann, Dick Berls, Sharon Berry, Irene Berthel, Dolly Best, Lolly Best. A11 lleff to rightl Row iz Dianna Bethel, Susan Birch, Tom Bist- line, Annie Mae Bland, Harriet Bland, Suzy Blevins, Cliff Blum- berg. Row 2: Kenneth Bolin, Carl Boller, Susan Bononder, Q ' A- 1 , i ' -.f Q Donna Booth, Roy Boronich, Gary Bosley, Robert Bowman. Row H f- sn H V1 , Q MJ Q 3: Joe Braccio, Lauren Brandenburg, Susan Brawman, Larry aw- -' z ' --:V-J' Brotsky, Annette Brown, Lee Brown, Barbara Brown. Row 4: X Gail Buckner, Bill Burkhart, Carolyn Butler, T-om Calo, Lavern .. Cameron, Ann Campbell, Carol Campbell. I fl ,fr 'r' f . -4 ' 1- ' r . 1 1 L- 1 if lx Z.. e .J 2- I lllll . , i y get 5 ' lf .!'m1 l Lf" -A , , X K 4""'x. i P, 2 .,,, ,Q "Ll" '- cv 'i :N V V 4.,,- T - up -' l 6, l. ,fix if. ,,:. 3, 'lx j .. . ', ,K -B . A. 5 L 1 ' - 235 l ,A H UQ ,L ff-QE , - - . 6' -' L' 1 A C' 'i ' - 3 ' 'ilk' ' is-X V x i A 1 f A 'ALI . mn U L A11 llett to rightl Row iz Bea Candalot, Patty Cantacessi, It i .fi , '- "" Mike Caposino, Dick Carnahan, Tom Carotenuti, Gary Carroll, A LA, ' ' ', - nzun 3' Leo Carroll. Row 2: John Casillas, Patricia Chamberlain, Pris H 'i ,N ,.. " A - i ' .- - Q 'E 'L C' Chamberlain, Joe Chavez, Tony Chiovare, Cheryl Christopher, H jg l x ,NA , K Q - ' Sandy Clark. Row 3: Jane Clay, Sharon Coburn, Judy Colbert, 4 -' .5 5 , I - ' ' , Brian Collins, Larry Collins, Lynda Collins, Nancy Collyns. Row , i . X . X ug. 4: Eleanore Connor, Bill Connow, Judy Conway, Jeanie Cook, :Jw ' e. . ' r " . H Richard Cook, Anne Cooper, Roy Cooper. KYLHLX X ' . 1 ' " " . vi ' -.w e Q' L E' f .., A "" ,X My M y .u 1 J, N. I L L.. , V , I4 y t .I y K ' ' L ' ' l . V ' i F, I . I L, 1 I K fl? .YQ I .i l K . Ivl: ' :V-T , , Q 1 A .,.i f' Q ' ' L R . L 1 is Att.. .. A - '- . . " i y , M as l .wiv 14. J., N...4' has T , - ' 'Q' 4,,.-ANL, , X X vb -A t X i ,A 4 , r .iw , ..,. V-x ' .8-54' A . 'H-if, gf . T ' V Y N . - v ,. ,A W , - .wg r ..' Y-A N Pax -A ei , as es ' Where's The music coming from? And how good is The Tone qualify? Exploring Music, or Music ApprecioTion, is o course designed To cuITivc1Te oi beTTer undersTc1nd- ing of music. In The clciss The fundomenTols of The differenT Types of music ore exploined. This music includes boTh The cloissics ond iozz. The sTudenTs olso become more fomilior wiTh The mony Types of musical insTrumenTs. You've heord or violin, buT vvhc1T's o sousciphone? These ond mony oTher quesTions ore onswered in ex- ploring music. Along wiTh The explorofion closs, The MUSIC DEPARTMENT offers o wide ond voried opporTun- iTy in music. The oi coppello choir ond The senior girls' choir sing vorious Types of melodies and ore ofTen osked To perform oiT civic occosions. THE FINER POINTS of The violin fomily ci If you ore inTeresTed in ci musicol insTrumenT, The Music DeporTmenT olso hos o class To occom- modoTe you. The bond ploiys QT The fooTbll goimes ond hos olso done well in compeTiTion in porodes ond music fesTivcils. The orchesTro performs GT severoil concerTs ond olso plciys for one of The cis- semblies. They Too hoive done quiTe ouTsTonding work in inTer-school compeTiTion. lf enough sTu- denTs ore inTeresTed, There is o good possibiliTy of oi permoinenT donce bond To ploy for our school oiffoirs. lT is hoped Tho1T vvhen AHS geTs iTs new ouoliior- ium, The choirs, The bond, ond The orchesTro will hcive oi much beTTer chonce To perform. Every yeor The AHS Music DepoirTmenT hcis been oble To poinT wiTh pride To brillio1nT cichievemenTs. re explained by Mr. RoberT Sheridan To ci class of music enfhusiosfs. sys . W 5.5, Q . . T. -1 is f .M-Q .m - -.215 - V--3fCVl '35 if All lleft to rightl Row l: Neville Coppin, Charles Corbin, Mark Cristol, Paula Crochet, Rudy Curinga, William Curry, p.- L ,.,. lu.. h 1 Barry Dagestino. Row 2: Janet Dale, Lowell Davidson, Clyde Davis, Diane Davis, Marion Davis, Richard Davis, Diana Davis- .x i li My L R "' ii 2 2. as - ' J J , son. Row 3: Suzy Day, Sharon DeBarandi, Patricia DeFazio, . V Bert De Krieger, Patricia Delano, David de la Vega, Carol Deu- Pree. Row 4: Denise Dietz, Carol Dill, Ann DiMauro, Joy . . -. - ' 'sr ' Q r 1 , W, DiPrima, Sandra Dodero, Margaret Donato, June Dorian, g M -F-Q .,, .,,, I , ' nw,- .4 i N L '. " 74 1. f-tx f: L- 'ze - R.- . J" . k f ' l - Q . . t t if V g , 'L I I I C I -iz? .L C , . H Q' 4 - h - ., 1 '5 I .Ni L. - , .fiat A w . A. I, 1 I i x l l 69 95 1 , ,fif A ' b x, , ' i l 3 . Q, 4- ' " L, 'W t. 1 s v he A l lt .5 if A rv- c.. i QI s ' ' 'T if -5 L' if' W l I fx A l Rb li 4' i l L .. 4 ,, ' 1. L' bs ' U' Y ' i F x X :ah 1 V 53 22 ,ai ,.. . . . . A x --Z: . ':' ., 453. xl A, X is J M .iz . ' M P. i ' 'L :... I Q 'i' V: g sv , ir' . H. -If Vnhl Z 1:2-2 - H X- Q g , 1 sn., ' . :-' ' - ' 'i . - I t 4 " -' 0 ' ' t - I tm. fr: .2111 "" .5+f :..f's.1si L 5 f " ,in 4- -, V ' :., 1' S P N V V 'A f , Q - . ,gi , . ai Q. I g S - V E s I m g, i QE ' fn- M y Q, ,. A ,.,, ,.. i ' Qs, -,x ' 19 ,-1 , -. - - .1 , , y . ., -,. ... iw' -l' -'i' 1' -fi" 'ii A' - E -952 1 'T -l - b. t - it Q: JW-A 1 Y ..,., J i Q ' 1 ' J ' .sl ., "" , H ne. ,Q f v ' - " . i .- V . :. , .y '. Q ' A f 1 15 '54 ' 7: '33 . i. f YJ - 1 ' ' V 5' Here . J im A KXQKX AX, JA,- A11 lleft to rightl Row l: Nancy Dougherty, Jim Duling, Leon- A KN- .1 5, ard Dwyer, Susan Dyer, Elena Elizondo, Dennis English, Bill ri" ' U . Ev- ' English. Row 2: Clif Farmer, John Farris, Richard Feole, Diane , w r, AJ V E K M . A . ff,-N Finn, Mary Finnan, George Fisher, Jackie Fitzgerald. Row 3: '5 ' .9 . .. i, if , Larry Fleck, Carol Flesher, Allen Flinck, Lawrence Foster, De- .QL 4 Fi- V 'A'-fl 55332 53 ' var 2 3 ' ' 'Q lores Francioni, Frank Francone, Jim Fraser. Row 4: Dale Fred- L' ' 5'4':2iQf , ' ' .. In erick, Linda Fullmer, Sandy Gaskins, Tom Genc, Jim Gerard, A W ,QD ' R "i' I . lhwll Judy Game, evae Gibbs. 1 ,L t l B .YT . i"' A ' h, 15' QP' 1 if-J AL.. .LJ- ,Fl ss ? A-A V . ako ,AP WI' xii' V.. N'-1 Gravette Jim Green Diana Griffin. Row 2. Lusia Gross Dolores Guaiardo Barbara Guard Steve Gwin Wendy Hagan Fred Haight Evie Hall Douglas Hamm Sharon Handin Philip Harris Rita Hart Susan Hasler. Row 3. Charles Hastings Cheryl Haws Carol Hazlett Jay Heritage Kathy Hess Larry Hesselgesser Kenneth Heylek JoAnn Hoheisal Lilia Holguin Rachel Hoos Mykee Hoskins Glenny Huff - f 1 ' ., "1 15" he I L -, f "fl " 1- J' ' L Q7 ' ' L V, 1, -'t JT 5 " 1 in Law.. My 4 :" .Q . X. H , 1 . i L 5 t it J R , i 7 . ,,-in ' Y . f A ' , f. ag - 5 v .ax mi x ii f i K i, ' F - - ' ,.. . , ' l Y ' ' ' - W wlly in :A i" 7 f . N I ,ggitv 1 4 hifi: - v 1,45 I: . W I-ara., g I 'l L' fc -4 pig, :ggi - H: ,I I fi il 1,... V ii 'iw Ni,-F: ' l . . -. - 'V A 1 x Y '22 , Ii fp A . ' F 7 I 5 , , ' V. it fa? Y ,131 J 1 g . ,ii . 4, f 2 - J i V I. K I i X , ,, .,., . n Y . .. W ,,., X A11 lleft to rightl Row 1: Marilyn Gibson, Norene Gift, Read Gilgen, John Gilleland, Les Gilman, Stan Gilweit, Carla Glenn, Peter Glyer, Phyllis Gravell, C-onnie X V X X ,TSX X , ' "' ' ' " ' f Y -3- . . ' , I .2 2 -. Q 'I -- . - j'--- I L l v I l lf i' ' -i i . yiy ,3XX X X XXX .. Xt. , A11 lleff to righll Row 1: Doreen Humberf, Thomas Hunsaker, X' ' V 'ijfi ' X' Karen Hunsicker, Rodney Hunt, Louie Iacopeifi, Charlene lmus, is . , ' X XX X X X' .Q .. ', ' I Roger Inman, Glenna Ito. Row 2: Andrea Johan, Gary John- .Li x f' li" l ki' ,,, S l' son, Pam Johnson, Mary Johnston, Sue Jones, Wall' Jones, f 5' ' 'He r lf A ' "': 'D' 1 " X Mogens Jorgensen, Willa Kaplan. . ' N ' -I' '- 1'3" 1 ' . ., - .,.. .V - . . , , XX XX XX X ...jf XXXXX :Ji ...., ., .,. I Xi I f ' 0 1 el ' W ' 4 A ' K X I .,,. ag XXX WXXXX X - ,-U, -MJ. IS':f-Qa. .ish X l f. I - ,, .. 'ff-X :HV L X XX XX NX ,X - f XX -:f-'--f': Q 'fy A11 Ileft to righfl Row 1: Salese Kaslner, Diane Kavanaugh, Doug Kendall, Jackie Kersey, Barbara Kestad, Ronald Ketchum, Nancy Kinsman. Row 2: Karen Kislwi, Chris Kloek, Marilynn Klupta, David Kneale, Cheryl Kohoul, Arleen Kraus, Candy Kressner. I x . , X A My X X X J. XXX X" X X X pu I P XX . X X ggi, gb XXV! yi! M I XI X, , X QQA, 1 ' s- .-ff XX XML! , Q- X . A ,N , ,. 7- I-Q is ,JL fifj ,JM ' I if Q L I K 5' 'I G J 'gl Aj WW J W 7R'. ,5iE.5fxll J X X X 1 I Uynlsw X XX E X04 ,yur Pi ga ' I . 3 'X X . I I ga I 'I ' .WL wld if f.. -. M . . we f I -I 4 e we XJ M1 l Aff ? -is X " "" All ilefl to righfl Row 1: Sandra Kubas, Adele Kuiawski, Sallye La Bella, Margaret Lancaster, Mike Landa, Michele Lan- , X XX fXX -. X, ' " I X 4 "1-"Q X X dino, Mike Lafona. Row 2: Jerry Laux, Richard Lavender, X LX L Doliie Lemos, Frank Lemos, JoAnn Lemos, Roger LeRogue, Tony .- ' " ' .' l' Lewandowski. Row 3: David Lewis, PaTTie Lewis, Jessica Leyva, ,gf ' X I Marlene Liserani, James LITZ, Mariam Lockhart, Mary Lockhart. 7'1 " K I lk Row 4: Richard Loewinger, Kay Lopez, Gloria Luna, Boyce 122' XXX ' ' -5 I Lunclstrom, Sharon Lyon, Florence McCarty, Sally McCIary. " fi W" ' ' l .' , .I . . I Elk! W l l l " ', I 'I V 5:5 -f 'i 1' . il 5 ' I . i W -fi 5 I sr J ,,,, 1 1. I rrr r,,' I I . il X ..,, :X I V X X, X X.. ...V .,,. X , N E ,X , . XXXXXX X XXXXX XX , Xyg ui XX L ,XX ., I J A ' - f . -:-: I ' X X ., - N., I f 'X,gX-:X ,A ' I-X f ,L.,'v'g1fai - ' M4 x in ul' l I - l A:': 1551 lf.i l "' fl,-ftk 37 ' ' 1 M X, ' ,, Q X I Q 'Xi 2 . .,.. . I - y If 1 ' - 'mfgq -'if' " - . L . up . . 'll' - if I' .. -f K.. ""' ... Il. .- -- 1 5 - .:. , ' ' i ' , ' FI ... X ,Xi X? XX X 5. X - X -. X , 5- XX : X X e XX XX X XX sig XX .r ei E . 'U I , 7 . . X Q 1 f 1 . Q, I sr W Egfi . ' 'v- eja X X' IX I K 'H , X X , .- X X XX we X . XX XX W XX?-XX X XXX: X X .,. X X X L X XXX XXX XXX 7 is X M' ' "' ' all I 1 'X - Pe Ni , SMX . . .L . . ffff221-115-ae. if '51 1 R s. A11 Ilefr to righrl Row 1: David McCoy, Sheila McCoy, Clark McCune, Mike McElroy, Jeannine Mclnfosh, Mary Mack, Robert Mackay, Marlene Madrid, Kathleen Malone, Kerrilynn Mannschreck, Russ Marasco, Darleen Marikian. Row 2: Marti Mafiraw, Marilyn Mayfield, Ronald Mazy, Roger Means, George Miano, John Middle- Ton, Dianne Mililo, Roberta Millan, Darlene Miller, Harry Miller, Irene Miller, Susan Miller. Row 3: Claudia Milnes, Dick Mkoian, Cion Mohler, Sandra Money, Patricia Montineri, Paula Moody, Dennis Moor, Linda Moran, John Morosan, Pamela Morosin, Michael Morris, Christine Morrison. QV! 4 I5 i ART Em-f Nay "Where is that Italian sleeve l made yester- day?" "Golly, there is only one Japanese eye here!" "Are you sure we didn't have any more glue?" An international dilemma, one might say, yet actually They are the cries that rang throughout the ART DEPARTMENT in their last minute prepara- tions for a backwards dance entitled "Around the World in T80 Minutes." This department can re- member other such occasions when it was called upon to provide decorations or stage sets. The work, the excitement, and thrills involved in the preparation are the only reward this department, its able staff, and students receive. These much-needed decorations and sets have ORTHODONTIA WORK is given to a bug-eyed dragon by Barry Reid ileftl and Mark Sondoy in the Commercial Art Class. sax was as new me msgs as Every school activity requires help of Art Department. afforded eager art students the opportunity to get acquainted with prerequisites of a job in stage de- sign, commercial art, or free lance painting. No matter what the cause - dance, show, or adver- tising - each art proiect is designed to bring the students' attention to a new medium. Block print- ing, special color effects, and layouts enter into the construction of each proiect, and the Art De- partment attempts to teach all of these. Instruc- tors are constantly on the look-out for unique ideas, new techniques which they in turn pass on to students. Billboard designs, magazine covers, paper wrappings, illustrations for childrens' books - any phase of art can be found included in this busy department's curriculum. z 1 . rg F I i: t-t is :: ..,.,. i. ,,,,, , s-Mwst L' iii' 1 ::. ' , , - , Q , .s f E314 L 5 iff? ii i lei? ' A':' , .:.': A11 lleft to rightl Roy 1: Lois Mossinger, Fred Motley, David 'jg r :1:i'l:'l'w4 ' - fig? 1 Qfij fp' mf? :gf fl : Munio, Richard Munson, Kathleen Murphy, Sharon Murphy, 'V sf ' ' li ' J W 5 3 I QUT y . Q 1 ui " : Rosemarie Musacco. Row 2: Norman Myers, Mark Navo, Bev- fl ' E V A 5: , . it I' Ai A erly Nelson, David Nelson, Elaine Nelson, Sonia Nelson, Sondra df, is i"' ' f 4, : , Newkirk, Row 3: David Nichols, Lee Nichols, Mike Nick, Monty " ' 'Y' --'gf - :': ':"':':':' F Misa Nielsen, Luis Nunez, Joe Nuzzo, Donna Nyeland. Row 4: Carla H ' .QQ ,Q , .,.. ll " : L 1 Offenhauser, Larry Ofsteclahl, Paulette Olsen, Bob Pape, Ray- , .,.,,. y jj ' , ' .Iii E " I : monel Parada, Mary Parsons, Bob Parsons. V " g if: iz . L r I AUX. X A Q K .,,.. my A , :I .i A 4:::,g:: l: Q::: V :T-v..1H '::!-lc l .X VVS , . . W , fl? ,Q l .. +4 'L 3 K' -,-.M-,,.-.f, " ' -D! W' , it L 55, A ,M V it . V X f ky x ' . t L rrr Q ft e -v J- L . up I - 4 all ' E l ig, , ik gd ... -,., .fu N as I I , E: 4 if'-, ,,i l :Q ' l ll f D' sex . L r : L L L. ii. lv 1' L L- ' 'rd wb i - -Z.. B I I 'T-Af r U , Rr: J .,..a - ., s as , -Q ' P V. A f f L- .L :ty ., N - 1, -Q 1'-1' ' - V "' 'Y -I if in K1 ,L W . i L .. M ii: H ' ' 1 ,eff jp, C-1 W L , , .xl I ' -'jf 'ESA .. J 'X - All lleft to rightl Row l: Neil Patterson, Geraldine Pease, Lee Perin, Constance Phillips, Don Phillips, Linford Pierce, Syl- , via Pineira. Row 2: Joyce Pizzuto, Eugene Pocock, Judy Pons, - - g' f '- ' gg ,Q , . 4 Dell Quick, Frank Quirino, Renee Ramirez, Dorothie Reed. Row ill N ,.... -v i Dv!! ' Muff 3: Mary Reiman, Sally Reiser, Rick Ricci, Lynn Rich, John Rigo, E - 'L '17 3' I ""f, ,Q-jf,-' Peter Riker, Dan Roath. Row 4: Ron Robert, Mary Robertson, 5 -P: Y Shirle Rock, Richard Rome, Tom Romero, Mirian Rosen, Rand 'Y' ' xi Y Y ,. , 'll' . Q- 3 Ruiz. I' 1. K 5l -' l .. , , , I ' l is !'.:-:gl V ' 5 ,, -el ' X I... l' 1 A11 ileft to rightl Row 1: Judith Russler, Gail Ryan, Rae Ryder, y Q uf ' ' , I Dolores Salazar, Gordon Samuelson, Richard Sanchez, Elaine .H ' A lg Q ui . fa- , Y V H Sassoe. Row 2: Steve Schaetzel, Mike Scheele, Kent Shick, -1 "" Q 'I A Mfg: - V is XX . V., . H U he- kt Dona Schilling, Arnold Schmidt, Ernie Schroeder, Jeff Schroeder. ' W W' ' -' I.-1. sw 'PQ ,., ' ' - Row 3: Bob Severtson, Dan Shaw, Claudia Sherlock, John 2 5, ' x l Sherod, Karen Sieck, Audrey Smith, Stephanie Slater.. Row 4: ' I ' "- l X , ' V Carole Smith, Doug Smith, Steve Smith, Jerry Show, Augie Sole, . W Joan Sparks, Karen Spencer. ' ' -5.1 i' - l faq 'P .ri A . V- i . it if -. ? is 1-v E l in ', ' il Life x wit f if if -'-Q X Q R '-. it it in .. 4.- l . 1 ' J i -. 8, W' L if E ' s li,-7 W3 l.-351' 4' ij . 1 'X Q K J' X Q 1 if x , I' l l ti , ,W . I . . f ' ' ' in ' 15 . Tiiftge . i X' 6' 2 A " ' ' . ,.-.r. ' , , 4 - - N .,.,,.. -,J I 4 sf: . 9 4 1 .' . 3 . V '53 I Y r 52 z Er' ri' at ff, J I . .. Q' '- ,., gy 1 -L3 ' or ' , Q., . A lf' txt I' V lnn " l L l ' : i :IL - --rt ' W V . V K - .A J..-: h 5:52. ., ., - W ,.,., i : -,x A . .. f :':' l LQ-K ' "T R f 1 1 X P . fi in 1 . ii - , ,., , N . :EI If ' .. f" ...nll ' 55:1 ' . li' ' sf A A " '-- -. 1' .. 1 'Q-xv f 'ZS' V. .... -.-:-: -.:,' 2 .11 1 -115 ei 1' ' S- ' I K. l- ' ' .fi 21:11 "" 53-fl .... 12.1. :-:- 1 - 5 ' ' ' ' - 're H- . ., .. , LF . K in T ,U A -im Vw K6 ,iw 1 F' .1 - I .... :Q ... ,. 1-.1 .1 in ,El quubuu 5, 5 C -Q 1 1' ' is 1 is rr i J i '17 1' ' E . E - '..'-'.., l A ll , ".: fl -Q ' N . 1 ' 1 ":' n iz? .aff "":' . 'Ls W 7 zi' K ' -....,f 2. A4 A " I 1 A . W if 'f ii 1 ' - , ' "" ' ,- S- -ia 1 A' 1 J -. te Ir . ,,, .1 1 , ' , . ' f is f. .., - , 1 1 ..... . ' 1. . :gi , ' 1 -:sy ' ,..... ... .,.,.. ' , B , 4 ... zlz 4 N X 1 X- 414. m ay asv' H A . vzaz A, H N .. .3 . V I J . is S- .. :Ii ... ft J'-4 " 1351 'Q , . X in . -H . 'Z' A 1 liixu t X 5513? l A Nil' X "'l,.'.. '.'Tit+-..-...-. -i'-"' i --,' -," A ' ' Q -' -'4'.-'gil X' A11 lleft to rightl Row 1: John Spinelli, Merrilee Standefer, Danna Starling, Susan Steed, Shirlee Stermer, Jimmie Stewart, Donna Stipp, John Stratton, Ronny Strouse, Joyce Sutton, Mary Syvertsen, Evelyn Talaico. Row 2: Lou Tavares, Dwight Taylor, Guy Taylor, Diana Thies, Patricia Thomas, Carol Thompson, Colleen Thompson, Tom Thompson, Frances Tignino, Mary Tiscornia, Leony Tismeer, Don Tudisco. Row 3: Carolyn Turiace, JoAnn Valentine, Mary Valentine, Pat VanderPloeg, Josie Van Vleet, George Villalobos, Jerry Villeneuve, Judy Warner, Carol Waugh, Gary Wedge, Marion Wells, Bill Whitacre, A11 lleft to rightl Row 1: Jack Whitaker, Don Williams, Robert Williams, Susan Williams, Ted Williams, L-ois Wilson. Row 2: Shirley Winfield, Tom Winsor, Har- vey Witting, Donald Wilson, Howard Wood, Don Woods. Row 3: Warren Wray, Val Wright, Lucy Zavala, Diane Zeimantz, Kathleen Zenser. . I 4 K y 4 y A.. ' - ' , ' 1 'Z . ,S U ' :rf to iq f-, I i Z ft I 7 I -ly Q-'Y J ' vs ., l l? X ,SVI - an t ' v 4 . 1 ' ' -ir 'V . Q.: g S , 1 'GE' A A W-. A 1 ,.. ... g Q-ga 1. ., 'vs ,AT Qi: "' ' I ,V 'IL ' N A . . L - lv' . - f .T 1 - 'A ..... as 4 N . A, VI.. .N I. . , . 4 .- 'T X. T .W . , - '.',-'.-, - . . .v .- .1 ,,- Nag in al l of mechanical difficulty uw 4 M,-so :., . -2.x 5.3. f You "auto" steer clear - . . one . M- --.-..::: as THE PROBLEM OF ALIGNMENT is no longer a problem to Industrial Arts students, for the addition of new equipment has made such a tricky iob easi r Whether this automobile is being aligned or maligned is a question that will be answered by the grade of the auto shop teacher. The INDUS- TRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT is organized in an effort to develop interest and ability in areas of elec- tronics, drafting, mechanics, and working with wood, metal, and plastics. ln the modern, com- prehensive high school the emphasis has slowly moved toward the development of the whole person. ln a world comprised of, and dependent upon, a thousand gadgets and household "neces- sities," a person must be able to analyze and solve many everyday mechanical problems. The purpose of the Industrial Arts Department is to co-ordinate manual ability and mental capac- ity. By offering useful training in industrial fields, this department can prepare students, through practical applications and experience, for voca- tions immediately after high school, for develop- ment of practical hobbies, or for further education in the areas of engineering, electronics, or archi- tectural drafting and contracting. Toward the goal of more complete develop- ment, it is hoped that many students will utilize the opportunity to apply their vocational talents in this department. lt is true that the amount of experience and knowledge gained on a high school level in these fields is only nominal, but a broad background is provided upon which a stu- dent may build in higher education. . . . .':-'-'-' ' '33 1: lx. . - ..-,- 1-. . :5.jf-,.1.1.' f:f'. I'- -.-' . 1'3"-'.' ' i - -:::'-:.- . f - 'I ,1' 1.10 . :- I - - 9 , 'E' 9 fl ' .1 f':g:.:.'.".' - - r , .-1f . U n 9 ' ' ' :-1'- ' ""'- H12 '.'- :- ' v -"' 1'-1' .- gg ...-I.:-. u... Q - . J. . A :::1-'-I-'-'.' . " :ez .....',,-.. -,o ...un ,,, - . 0 . . , ,' . . . 4 v . ' . A .... . - 5- 'qw -.. 4 ' -:',-.' g:9r5:5::5a55:5gi,,. 965 02513555 if- if. 51. 5 ' 5 -i'ei'-i'3G'f'v!-if-if e ri'-5'-i'!gI!'lf'i - Tlfiifairgirfsrla' or-is-av-sys' 'rlsv'-G!-nf-1 i alb- Kv "..f"-s Ap ' 'fl We may nof know- 6 -u buf we won'T admif if! fx ' l X' A' ' ' " I' 5'-G' i I l 'U 'Q A10 OFFICERS lleft to rightl: Tonya Danforth, Phyllis Yocum, Carol Lie- berg, PoT Allen, Miss Plower lodv.l. The grc1duoTing clciss of T963 compleTed whoT would be Termed by ony criTerio ci very successful sophomore yeor. The iuniors ond seniors were wiTness To The successes of Their spiriTed under- clossmen. The Alhombrci High School frosh were shown on exomple of The numerous benefiTs Thof con be ochieved in oi well-progrommed ond sTrongly supporfed sophomore closs. WiTh The onxieTy ond confusion common To mony lower clossmen ond The deTerminoTion ond hope indicoTive of The iuniors ond seniors, The sophomore closs broke oill Moor TroidiTion ond esfciblished ci pciTTern for fuTure sophomore groups by sponsoring o donce which Turned ouT To be ci huge finonciol success. AT The conclusion of o roTher disoppoinTing, buT Thrilling, AHS-El Monfe boskeTboll gome, The courT wos cleored of boskeT- boll plolyers, cooches, ond referees ond covered wiTh The socked feeT of Terpsichoreon supporTers. The consensus of The doncing odvocoTes wos ThoT perhops high school sTudenTs hove more fun dfTer The "big gome" is over, wheTher The ouTcome is vicfory or defec1T. The sophomore "Sock Hop" demonsTrc1Ted The benefiTs of coreful plonning ond efficienT promoTion. The Closs of 1963 proved iTs self-sufficiency wiTh The compleTion of ThoT finonc- iolly successful doince. AmidsT The choos of boTh The TryouTs for The Tri-Hi-Y ond service clubs ond porTicipoTion in The club Teos, sophomores mode mony decisions of- fecTing Their losT Two yeors oT Alhombro High School. IT mighT be sold The mosT irnporTcxnT wos The selecTion of The senior ring, which is worn soon ofTer enTrc1nce inTo The iunior yeor. The onnuol quesTions ond debciTes were once more broughT up, ond The meriTs of edch olrgued. IniTioiIs . . . blue sTones . . . designs - cill of These imporToinT dispuTes hold To be discussed. The groduoTing closs of T963 lwollowing in iTs solvencyl seems eoger ond copcible of The in- creoised responsibiIiTy in The lolsT holf of high school life. AIO lleft to rightl Row iz John Adams, Ronald Alcorn, Charles Allen, Pat Allen, Mike Alley, Rosa Almanza, Linda Amaral. Row 2: Janiece Anderson, Dave Anter, June Apegian, Joyce Aprato, Sandy Arenott, Laura Arguello, Jimmy Arthur. Row 3: Bonnie Ashworth, Don Atkins, Cindy Avard, Wayne Ayers, Linda Bach, Susan Baetz, Melody Bagley. Row 4: Alvina Baker, Robert Baker, Joanne Ballesteros, Robert Baloch, Esperanza Baraias, Teresa Bastien, Sharon Bauer. , if ' i J J 4 J , .3 - - . XR 41'i fuel I- ,,,,,,,, ' 2 1 . S i ag: J , ' l jig - V . Nl ' " -it Bi .J , In 6 . NH. JA , V Jag' ' J-Q : 5 1:-.1 'J . fi. -L. ..,. -fm es ------ 4 ,...., At. :1 in lv! V F ' MJ. -ya - 'Q ' ,::J. ,Q E. Q, is , ", J. I 5,3 ,.,. ... E I I 5 .,, , . .Jn A zzz . . , , ,J ' l J J '1J:nguQp Q- aux -. A . J, is J, .,.,.,'g J .,., V H ,-' as - iv , .A A :nzx Z W . kk 1 4' ' 4 r ' ss, ,-" w 4 J .Tit..' ' - 1' H . 1? . , . J 'f' J J . A r se. B T it 53, 1 if '-Iv' ns "' W M if 2' X Jr J A fx J ll A10 llett to rightl Row I: David Beck, Joanne Beets, Donna Belcamino, Frank Bellinder, Linda Bennett, Marlene Bennett, Ronny Benzer, Carmel Best, Bonnie Bink- erd, Jimmie Blackwood, Ron Boden, Tony B-ohlin. Row 21 Corleen Bonor, Linda Bond, Ann Bosworth, Annette Bouvia, Janet Boxman, Paulette Bradshaw, James Braslow, Steve Brewster, Shirley Bridges, Allan Bowen, Roberta Brock, Allen Broge. Row 3: Marshall Brookhart, Beverly Brown, Kay Br-own, Bill Brown, Steve Brumm, Lee Budd, Bob Buescher, Carolyn Bullard, Gail Burgoyne, Linda Burnett, Dianne Burroughs, Manuel Bustillos. , N 1 I L., - . nz- ... .,... . . . J J J ' , ' "': 'Z ' . ,N ., ja J , , J F- Q.,-,::i . , ., . Jgazhf-1 J X1 ay, - ' . Q . . . ' V I ki 1 X J 4 il " , QQ, X Q. K Vx ' M - Agp, ,ff ,N JJ ,WEL 41, 'if' In - , ,uuz . 'W ,- A. - -.ff 55: 72 " ' 4 JL li, " ' . 5' ' J- f :" '-' I' J' . 3 i. - J 1' . 'J . " :Q""- . ' ' " l - - 'wif 11- : - ' - I WJ h V , ..,., g "" , ,'. , , QI J, A i . A J' . ' fi -J " J JJ I 'ff ' Y l FAQ . .i ,173 f. , ' 'Q ' , ' V ---' ,,,,-":j,', f ,l I"-i.,.vfQ,1"l ' 1, 'i'i" .1 ,. ,,,:'ff'a tv: . P55-r1e11JffF l J xl BIN i "X 1 ' - ' N - EL J' - 4:'ff'tilJ.5 J ' 5 5 :.,:: i:.f'g:5V:j-E it ' A ' ' Q Q l ll I it J I " 3 il fl' ,t-- ., . V L ugz " J we e J J- J Q J we J , J J - we B Ji Y . K J. ' ' :,: ,.1-f-.:- -,,.f si ' , ft r , '1- Q'1J33?4!s P tfixff. .133 L W ' it ' J 1.. - JJ J J A . , iius J y . J r 'el I ., ly . E V tw, L , c td W " t i J 1' 'ff 2' ' TMJ ' 'Ti - ly .f9fZ ,Jl' ff 5 Q J T' " if ' L-HJ: ui'-Ni. li N 'f -BJB J' ' ffI"I -- '21 H5 "': L , ,, .. ... iff i .. X L ,.-ml ,M i . ..., J ' H 5' ' V lr, in l' 'N , l Ja A 'G L N , H sb- Q " l 4 Zi ':" ..., 3? :': B J ' , , .,., ' gig, .,. , ' ? 11 Q.-,5 ' ., In 4, , , I .: J:::y::::,J -J I: 1 A X Liam I . I Q I ff f.. -J P l .Zi 9 -11 X A X l I D h A10 llett to rightl Row in Larry Butkus, Tom Cacciatore, Charles -JJJ - 4 1' , J Ze. - -i:!"1J3Z,. ' Cadman, Michael Cah-oon, Glenn Calkins, Edward Callahan, -.,,,f'J , xl af, JJQJ-Jj. ' 'J -' J -JJ-J :HI E K Robert Cannon. Row 2: Rosemary Cannon, Connie Carroll, "!,"I'Qi.JJ 'L " .A 74' -ii "i n M Q ,. VX-if - Terry Carson, Colleen Carter, Maureen Case, Mike Casillas, H I my E M. i V V V Carol Catto. Row 3: Jackie Cavallo, Janie Chalk, Charles "Hue, 'il ,-mg, '-5.,f3', Casey, Bill Charles, Richard Chenoweth, Victor Chong, Carol 3, fls-V" . 'f?"f' 4 Q I Christopher. Row 4: Sue Clark, Linda Cochran, Robert Coe, 1 A NJ. , -H" "i T f- - ' CanClY Collier, Tim Cooke, Robert Coons, Thomas Cosand. ' ' J 1 'J A ig K, w ,V ' LQ , -D ' fl ' ,,:, A lts an age of gadgets, fi rockets, and computers. i I rir rrrrrr r al l'u-H10 "V I G o . ..... V ' . 4 - ii YQ.: "The differential is an important part of a gasoline combustion engine," explains Mr. Louis Pontrelli to his sopho more Health and Safety Class. "Modern man has built a crutch and lost the use of his legs." Well, maybe this is true, in our own as in Emerson's day. But at least we learn about the mechanism and operation of our twentieth-century "crutch," the automobile, here at AHS through courses of the SCIENCE- MATH DEPARTMENT. Because this is an age of gadgets, rockets, computers, and A-bombs, society has decreed that the study of mathematics and science is necessary for the proper honing of every well- rounded, Twentieth-Century Man. In the face of the missile and mental gaps, educators place greater emphasis upon E's equalling mc squared, in order to be prepared for life under the lengthened shadow of a Sputnik. Ably staffed and administered, the Science- Mathematics Department at Al-IS provides ex- ceedingly adequate instruction, in scope as well as quality, included in the program are the math courses of algebra, geometry, and trig- onometry-calculus, the science courses of chem- istry, physics, and physiology. Participation on the chemistry team, under the tutelage of "Tex" Cosand, and in the mathematics field days held at nearby colleges, enriches the knowledge and adds to the enioyment of Cal Tech aspirants. The scientist, even for the awful ponderosity of test tube and slide rule, provides much- needed comic relief. Funny, perhaps, was the geometry student who asked how to find north on his compass, but sounds of ensuing mirth proved that nothing could top the colossal joke of pulling the pin out of the "fake" gas bomb. Learning quickly of this hilarious act, the entire Science Building rocked with peals of good- natured laughter, while students rolled in the aisles, choking and gasping. Yes, science is wonderful. 'r Li A10 ileft to rightl Row 1: Michael Couzens, Bob Crisp, Chuck jsjigfj A ' l Cuda, Dean Cundey, Susan Cunningham, Jan Cushman, Dean ,fiT,.'l'. , F19 , ., K i E ' Cutting. Row 2: Tanya Danforth, Debby Davidson, Denis Davis, - ' H it , in 21' 1 Evelyn Davis, Reed Davis, Sallie Davis, Chuck DeCarlo. Row 3: li' A' f -- -5 - ,N .- , 37 'Y r Lynn De Kay, Shirley Dell, James De Maio, Janet De Matteo, ' ' f i , . 4 'Z , Suzanne DeNeaI, Tim Denman, Craig Denton. Row 4: Jud" A ' -57 Q? ' 'fb' ., ' X DeVoe, David Dicus, Thomas Dixon, David Dorado, David tg X 5 a , 4: 'r f .. . , U 4 Drake, Judy Draper Elaine Duarte. KR, t E mgfi- Ka. if , xi? - 1 ' K ' L J .. Q' H H -4,-fl? ' 2: , B fr ti '. S :i.wiw::q1,'Z,4Eii,31"f sevgfg Asif is i H ' l X. ,V i can 'F f 4 -" ' , : , ' 'T J ,w il! y A, u n., 1. 3 - , L V, f ,J F' I 'ff'-'N f f -2- . , 4 .., , ' ' v - g " 5 A ,ii F fc , ' I ,LA f Q ' , is - X 12: fl L57 "EMA 4 L " I . X ,, F - N , ,ii ,fu " A I M 1 A r I fww C, gf" 11444 V I fi 1 , .- . , I Q 5 ' ' 4 ,I l f I flea J' "F 'V j:, ' V' E ,.,. . t ., 'Z' " , fyg,-,,,,,f KF - V L if Q - ,, 3.. ,ig V I Q . X vi! , la ,. ru. Y .. 1 X ff: 1 ' J ' I -ff ' . X-7, ,I K1 - f' ,ir Lffiffffulity - "' 'Ll Ll ' r I Q F -' ' -A F F ' A' W ,, 2 "Y 5'-' ."' .JJ 1 F K1 9 , gitm iivi it a- J J- , ff i 1, .-1' - H 'A rd JC" cpm f1'lf2"l ,ff M it Q rr x 7,5 z 1 ., if 5' Q Afrrfze - ' 9 ' A .e 5 . ' L- f ,, , sf, 3 Y 'M ' ,i if, 1, " C' W ' -T' 17 - Q 94' A -1ig2T1-i, if i riffk, ff- P , if ,,5kgpe4"" A KV LQ ,fc'r,1,Je af X , r ' E ' ,.f,f4ff cb: -1 L,-J,-1,614 A10 lleft to rightl Row 'Ii Henly Duhoux, Hayden Eaves, Jan len, Jerry Eden, Diane Edmunds, Marilyn Edwardes, Lydia Elias, Arvin Erickson, Mike Erlingheuser, Barbara Evans, Joni Fallon, Ken Farber. Row 2: Penny Far ell, Bob Finsten, Judy Finzi, George Fisher, Nick Fleshman, Steve Foltz, Judy Franco, Christine Frank, Larry Freeman, Gary French, Mel Frisbie, Judy Gale. Row 3: Jan Galluppi, Jolene Garofola, Susan Gembrin, nelli, John Gibson, Tom Gifford, Debbie Dennis Gentry, Regina Giandomenico, Annette Gian- Gilgen, Rebecca Gleffe, J. D. Goddard, Yolanda Gonzales. ' tl- Q: , vigil. ,. I K ,,, I 44,55 , L .. l 1 ' , el L i 5 ,,,.,,, I' U zzz 1 i L . 3 ft .V . 5 Lum jf L it J ii' A ,. V, Q Q V. K A -' . A, K T . , r Ci.-A it it-ig-i he sci:-f.2g gs,Pu, ' ..- A L .F P r F J. ,.+ l 35, l . -:I """ .. - - - Us ' ' is ff f- . - 'l-: rr' F if , ' vililli h?K.'gs:1 E ' , i ' K ' rQ:.- ii li J' F i -- F item i -L 4 " g fr J ,. ' , " hklv' ' I i 'ZX w f l il fbi' I L "5 lf is ff ' 57 M- Q.: .Ji 1 Mlm l "rig, V' ' F' V' .9 Fife: '1 . 'N .P .K ' in L 1221: X , A . A, I '1 -X ,i if as fri r - 5 - Qs- "E-' . E 5- . N,ii. 'B.wg- . 2-' , "' 19' .V 1 -Q 1- . - A , , r H... . 1. . .,... . 5.1. . W an -xg . 'vw-Q,jfr E ' Xi 5 qi K '.,N mis: " - ' 'f " .w.f..f.,. . . , l. Wi: W,l J a R sa w as me 'H ' f H ek: rust, r.-'ue im' 1 H' 5 ' 'f fm i I- Q in ' 'r ' i t i, I Q it ' 4. i J .- - ' l Q! l ,Q T , I . 1 - 'lhikn ' f V f . r . .' M-1 -L 1 . ' . . .. M M . . . I , . E , .-., . .-... is ' M . i e ' -is , i ' ' . f' g , . f "" -'Z W- . st - it W ff' rs is . X . -.. if ' ' :H ' fin B Jr. IQ N., v, Li ' . - , t .,. - ' ,i . ' , . . . :5 v . ..... . , , ,.,. A v -1 I I ' F w - 5 , . X , , ' S It 1 I T4 Kashi" - ' ' . 'QT ' -Q! . lass ff 2 'NA' .... ,r. X 4 . . - J U ll: V YI. ., .--' H .... R V .. sy J Q. .4 X ' s I 3 Yi e - . . . -, .3 :-:. -55 V 1'-:A ,..- me-1 ' " - -- " ' . f l X J' K 'fax " r . -- - 1 Ks - - ' , 5? . . ---- if 'Ri N. .. K to rightl Row 'lu Amelia Gordon, Rusty Gordon, Steve Gordon, Gay Gough, Carolyn Gowin, David Graham, Diane Graham, Lynne Grainger, Candice Grimes, Anna Gross, Ronald Grout, Ricky Gyselaar. Row 2: Lorraine Hachigian, Lynne Haight, Ron Haldernan, Rhonda Hamilton, Sue Hanis, Jon Hare, Bill Harring- A10 ilefr ton, Delores Harry, Robert Hari, David Hatfield, Judy Houghton, Barbara Helfrich. Hilda Hoffman, Roberta Holquin, Barbara Holley, Gary Hopp, Sandy Hopper, Gloria Horn, Diana H-ose, Robert Houston. Z . E. -... is ... it -4 n Eiigie 2. Q r K s Q 'I x . A. ri rf. J . . 1 iw 1 img im - :WE 1-f. H ...E M M. B311 L ima A Q M 3 e 2 an Em NH its is eGUEe ME.. Row 3: Robert Hemrning, Tom Henry, Robert Hesselgesser, Helen Hitchcock, '- Q" , 1 ,5 E , 2 c iv... 1 A-nf. e 1 , y A ii... -I- K1 i 5 I IQ. f. W . H t. 3. rg - . M 1' 1 .1 . 1 '- 1 1 'V 3 -1 f ' U' rl I: .Qi IQIf'l'5'.1e . f u . 'W ' 'R W ii 1.3 - N f if JZ ' 1 K '- " - -.J we rf - "":1: ,i '. I .... . ..,.. , , . - 7" "1 'ix Z 4191: ' ' X I . Z ':. V ' H V 'J 75" SS .. , . .. -, H mf -f-- - V A f- . gm f 3 'S .. .. , , . r W T , 1... li . jr .. -:ai c 1. ml 5 auf. ' I-I . If I - ' Q -I+' I. - ' 4 ..' 5 ... is 8 W5 ..-fi ic? - .ef K M rg M 'Y g g 1 , ""' 'mg E V ..,. L J- H5341 J . ..: .ti is if , ,L .,., ... . .. I . . . 2 ...,,...... .1 1 1. . it ,. , ' 'X ,. 1. Ei U 'Q ' wif Z 1 H EIA 5 . Q ... . 1 A 5. :E ir: QE .sn t ,E - an -EF-, H H 5 E -. E E ,J .. c.. 11 .. ' ,gg M -f--- . f H if 'fri , Mei ,r 1 'ii ...Q ':-: tp 1 1 -fig, Vg. r ..L"-tm -:-:-:- 555 i 1 it - A 3 Z E'2Q:"AQ 1!.'j-1 zjz U fi ' 'f"i'lfF. 7: 'E1fL'5fifi"3i'1' -If . girl . f..1j"M' ' -Me.,ee- V' VVST3'eE5f,g,:1,g,grfi,w -I S gc . ,Z-H51 A A10 ileft to rightl Row 11 Barbara Hughes, Larry Hughes, 'xg HQ ,Z E 'f 55,1 K -. ' H H Q 5 E is N 2 . ?ggiisv.. W Z: eg Donna Hunt, Bob Jaussaud, Valerie Jeffrey, Paul Jessup, Vir- -E2 me -5 II 2' egg - .. B. :MFE - HES . . . 1 Q B E .:.. gin H E ii 53 ee. l 15 W1 2 Q , 'jj W5 gmia Johnson. Row 2: Carolyn Jones, Gary Jones, Ginger Jones, 1- is H if E -1 ---- 'sem E- E V -. Q in mf' l Q 1 Y . 'K . . Av H -. ---- 1 ff H H -V 1 H - n " R ' 1.1.1. 11+ , 1.1 ' ' .- - Shirley Jordan, Charlene Juengst, Maria Juhasz, Sam Katz. Row Q- - A 7 , - f: 'Z , ..., 5: quit y r QV . Q SVS' V A I , .., .... n Y .., .,. , .. .., ,... ., 1 ,A . . X . , ? . .A . 3: Janice Katzenberger, Glen Kovanaugh Edward Keith Julie ee 1 -- L .... we H -' Mules' 11 Q ' .- E 1 . M . . N E .. .. .. . - .. - . N- t rx .H ' .,. -W5 '- A l Keller, Tom Kendall, Donna Ketcham, Mike Kilkenny. Row 4: . 1 EW' , H fig 1 1- as 'Em gy: Q: Raymond Kimball, Earl Kindstrom, Christeen Knoffl-ack, Paul Q!-Q -' -. 1, "meal if b, QW E t-.5 ' lr H :Q ,gf ' " H 5 y . .W 3 it - :-: D- it 5.9.5. -- 5 QA QJWF-e.m..., 4 -gag sg. , is Ear fa- I ... . 5 f . 5 vu... - . .- e 5 Knoll, Nancy Kriegsman, Janet Lane, Bob Lane. -M -wif M new V ' - ff: if-fs 41:5 Bs. ---- Af f: fe- H - H it -fe m f 3 i -. mv - l -Sr ik 'vrmmfug :.-:. N g..e.s.if.'-A . .-me .-.- H:.:1.i,f,E:.:..,.5 4 'wc .f.--' f. nu fi 'aff so f "-,. sr, 15, .- ve:wv.r,w.f I3-xrsfifme 2... wk - vi f- 1 FUR Q 9 f A .cg 1, -. -12 5 D S - 0- X Lauzis n F4197-iw, i HAVE A Jos ANvwAYi' 58 E W A10 lleft to rightl Row l: Judy Lang, Janet Larsen, Donald LeBlanc, Debby Lee, Karen Lee, Cheryl Lehman, Herbert Levin. Row 2: Carol Lieberg, Kris Lieberg, Carmen Limon, Michael Lionberger, Ken Litwin, Patsy Lopez, Donna Lowis. Row 3 Bill Lytle, Susie McCarthy, Mike McClure, Diana McConnell, Hugh McConnell, Dwight McCormick, Jeff McCormick. Row 4: John McDermott, Sue McGee, Pat Mclntosh, Larry McKee, Mary Alice McKee, Mike McMahon, Joanne McManaman. .ft f y r . ry K 'EEE X 10 4 yn Q. , U s l Spf ii. twig, 5 J ' 'L - ll-. P' , ' r 1 i X , .. I - xx .yi -. :gn , KL. Q i " JJ egflfxri Qgil A :r Y XX 'Vi WM--LM - 3' 4' SEEN 1 ' L M -ei g f- 'fri' : , - W , -- , 2-W ' 1' i': f 1 f' ..'-i s ., . i Q - at f 3 r ft .Jil T " i J : 'ggw f - .ef , it -, . 22' f y ww. ,- . , -fr I R - 1-3-' ' 1. - 4..:5ff',Qif : E55 wg- Y : 'lil E-I -'t .-ire . W ' N . N tn." ' A :':i:j:-1 . 5 . . ' I fi ,S , J M mr W - :as - - jg ' , li: .yi . L : E ,f J ,if . 5. P1 . . . 1, , A . ,3w p:.,, '4 VN r ,y If - M y. , i :M . fr ee.. M, fa. - n f 5 EM is 531 ' H . Qi. ,Q ,eg M , W , . . H 1 E WE ,H H me .,-., :3. lf in 7 , , '- , ,Q . c.--2 Y J -lll : l r . m v ' -.- " :: ::: . i fs' + ,X s':-e e ' .3 - i-31. 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V gio, Dorothy Mayor, Marsha Malsberg, Greg Manderson, Marti ' f ,, . ' : Manilla, Jim Mansfield. Row 2: Wa ne Markoski, Ann Ma- R, . Y ' . I ' , sanovich, Valerie Mason, Joe Mastrosimone, Vicki May, Donna I . . , X.. ,f . Mead, Steve Meister. Row 3: AI Menconi: Fred Mershon, Frank- -W ff - Q - r 'jj Q L--f ' 3-3 55 - lin Mestas, Vala Meyers, Marshall Michaelian, Donna Middle- . V k .- t ' :ci --:ff 'N-f ' ton, Betty Miller. Row 4: Kathy Milnes, Nancy Montgomery, ' af, 'S . K .5 4 , Q N Gary Moomiean, Tim Moore, John Morton, Arlana Mugraini, V' K1 li: 'HQ '55 -- Jerry Mylfmdef- i- AM. -. f. W- r ': - Q 1 X '- : .. , : , ', -1 .. , . K A , 'l'f.pfeg- Vi .' I H N ' SAE: ,mehr -'llifei -wMQ:?l12u . sr ,iw f U Q Q35 .1-lift 'Xi H at W f .fl 1-.gL'f'1' i' 'WL MHZ ielf -1 l l 1 Ti. rr? 1 E! VJ- .A Q 2 i L1 ii: .EQI 9 :52, :r i A :ij 'Y B i - , 5.2 : ...-:f ig E. if -Q -. i , V . M: 4, aw P.: .ur , it 1 2 1 , . , 3 4413? f W . M it F -.Q-5 u I 1 . :, l x-'fl , 2' ,...: . Qiisfqg -1 2-: Wim 1, 'Q:f"f.f K X ?fj:-: '53 3:3 ti nge r 3, W- I " jawn K Q .. . .. -. wi .ei or Hs an we . ,f er: . ..... 1 f- , .. :er ' - A :Q : ,.,, . :-fr V- T - , , ..... ow. ee - '-" Q ,.::'1 W S.: if :.:: .,, , H 1" 1 -I ,I W S8 K. . . . i - 4 . :-. , 4 - LA , . -.,:.m-.,-,ip 3 g, -.-- ,.-. li - -3,3 M - 'fur -9-1591, ,:- N V- ,., . 5 . - L , na -, Ig, r' -A L- -A 'US' ' , " g,....' ' ' 'fi Aa fylifl "iw 5-'Si lt 9'l x'f-- 'Q' Q' 4 W il . " ' W rr, ' PR ' 'X or f i r: ,Q me 's P I , gi T 1 Q . I .jfjou K M .:- is K . MW EE Q J.: X ...K 3 , J , J i jy ff: A M Ke g ,, ' V ir f H - - V E: .. ' -- ' -4 -' fe w . ur . ,G ,. 1 . -. . Q JJ! ' ' , 5 , , , . . , -:: -:-- . .L jf'- . Z r- r 'l G 1 4, - , -E -i. I L, l I, .: If-I .... -. ::: , - . , 5 ,Q , 3 ,. - ' -L Z 2 . , ,Q . 2 L we-I I Q I - - , i 3? 3 35,5 'M 4 1 ' X ' W ,L ' if i g. f i . 'Q Bw K i '. , , 52 W- . : M mm , - ' .3 gf . 1 Q. i '- H Zz. .- Q? 'lit 5 . A :::. - ' ul '7 - fl' . 'y 5 7 l J X! " J 13, 5 7"M iii: 11 N fi fftl. - 7 .. -. lf . l 1 ' 7 .I: M Q53 .' . l all -. v . - H . .z 2 2, , y I.: ,.,, , ,. ,Al 'iq in 3. j 3 I I r J' ,H M 5 ...., 1 N V .: i vig. ' - - - . -sg 5M I , I : "" " rig , - -Q v if l Syl P . 'J' if . Jzp :-3, is in M, , G . 'V f I gg X ' fy... :,,,g'j Nlllv Z -- 1 X., - I 4, 'Qi -ri Y gmt ,, .. , . I Wy, f E . V li -eel :K .: Q. - ,- I - y ..., ..... '-Q.: .. -: ,L-V: , , fgagg,-:Q X ,jun :. -, V , r , 1 -.:L : A10 llett to rightl Row 1: Joe Napolitano, Christine Nevarez, Phyllis Norton, Russell Drone Olivere, Karen Olson, May Owens, Jim Ozias. Row 2: Barbara Page, Bexerly Sylvia Paulson, Marvin Peale, George Pendleton, Larry Perkes, Gary Peters. Rok 3: Robert Pohl, Dan Pool, George Pfopson, Caroline Pottle, Laurie Pregozen, Patsy Quinn, F Nutter, Steve Oates, Linda O'Brien, Linda Offenhauser, Mary O'l-lallaren, Page, Sharon Palermo, lhomas Peterson, Leslie rank Ramsey. Carter Parker, Janet Parks, Jim Parsons, Chris Pauli, Pettiford, Theresa Pfeifer, John Phippen, Linda Pippen, LA:-nannies ' J I' MH Learn a foreign language- ' 4 7?X'gM.." New see The world. 1 is M 1 0 1. P-'T M lil RMK N ,,-:1 -'z. A r.,,',-: . ll -rlr -' A '5"5-Q32jL',. ..'f4:-,.,. L E S 0 X -,A. 3 .. all in r .5 "-: " I I LE FRANCAIS GOES DRAMATIC! Empha These girls may noT seem To have very much in common wiTh curfains, much less French cur- Tains. Ah well! AnyThing for The cause of edu- cafion. Exploring even The drama is now a parf of The concenTraTed efforT To improve conversa- Tional abiliTies in French. Because of The greaT imporTance of simple communicaTion, pronun- ciaTion is sTressed ThroughouT The sTudy of The language. Alfhough French is now recognized as an inTernaTional language, The sTudy of LaTin is sTill an imporTanT parT of Today's well-rounded educafion. WhaT can possibly be new abouT The sTudy of The ancienT Tongue of Lafin? AT Alhambra High School a language sTudenT could give you The answer. A Third year of LaTin has been added To AHS curriculum, and DeparTmenT Head LoreTTa E. Murphy assures dubious second year sTudenTs ThaT The Third year is The mosT fun of all. Courses in LaTin aT AHS are noT IimiTed To The sTudy of Roman culTure, buT also include ancienT Greece and iTs influence on Today's world. Tional abilities is the new goal of The Foreign Language Department. German sTudenTs aT AHS are Tradirionally well prepared. They are capable enough, afTer a few years of sTudy, To use The language effec- Tively. WhaT's new? This year's German sTu- denT is now acTually wriTing composifions -- in German. Spanish has long been a popular language aT Alhambra High School. In The pasr, This has been caused by The inTeresT in our splendid Spanish heriTage. BuT now, because of The CasTros and The CommunisTs in LaTin America, The sTudy of This language seems To be viTal for our nafional survival. Any English sTudenT could Tell you how helpful The sTudy of any foreign language is for improving one's English vocabulary and sense of senTence sTrucTure. The FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT GT AHS is dedicaTed To producing bi-lingually TluenT Teenagers. A well-placed "Ego Ti amo" mighT change The course of The world. . , l a J 4 'X 1 .J , I V i K lyme My W Ml,,l l ' ' - , , I - 4 l WA' , K lvv 1 6 4 I H ' , 14301, ,i,f',J' l ,V ' I 4- - -. - li ,BX mx. k . . vw fl ' M HAIL., K! DN lx, -iffy' f.. A :ff Q' E' fi K J,::.f 2.1-.QQ cf l Aff' . ly' Mlm , -:-, - . r 1: ,., , N ' ' i ' ,. iz ..-'- bu " I J A , . 1, -, VIIN: 5 , -'-'- iff. ' f ' f l' 'Y ' - l' 'lt ff- 335 : ": i ":' A " I - WML ,Zh L WW if - 4'.'- .-' m'. Q 'I i i A A, 4 g ,ffl W -- P I rlflflj l zlz H: it l"ff'..f 'I l All lla' l I - . I fstf,,z., , ,. , H . .J 'W .,, ., .0 J Q. . R.-, I 7' I V. . M. gk ,.. vw , ivy V, Avy- 'fy J ,."t -.. ,,,. i -5' ' - V-ego J Mug 'f' . iv' .:., V 'V 2-, - m f ,L,U!Jc .:.,:. . f , in J " L': f ":' -A I - . V .5l?Lgi., I Wx'-, ER j agi b. S' XM 1 an 'fi L K2 Ou I J . C. ,., .r R- W - if .. J l l Z R l GLW I z I ff- ..., r , I 5, , : E i I Q' fe 6 ll .,, ., ' 'Z - A ' tv ,fa W . -. . . . -' if-f - - -f vt M New t. ft H . -. 4.,.,, I '--- j X 'M ,N xx, ' V JI ,-,, ' .,., 1 -1 - 3 1 ' 'lf " A l L ' " - 'M' " " Z' ""V K W' A10 lleft to rightl Row 1: Gerald Ransom, John Rapp, Duane ' Ratzlaff, William Raus, Gu Renta, Tom Re nolds, Connie Rice. ,. . . Y Y ' 1 ' " Row 2: Janice Rice, Carl Richards, Anthony Robinson, Rebecca 3, N 53, " , t V Robinson, Tom Rossi, Thyra Rowden, Carolyn Rudolph. Row 3: l ,X . gk , I L 9 W 1 "' , X n Joanne Ruggiero, Maureen Ryan, Edward Sacchette, Isabel Sa- 1 ' 1-X if - - . J"',. " --F linas, James Sandlin, Connie Scheele, John Schiavo. Row 4: in 5 :.. ,,:. 'Q af. Jane Schildknecht, Gary Schmiclgall, Rodney Scully, George ' I ":" Sebastian, Dan Sehnert, David Shaw, Patricia Shepard. l -ck if X ,lil P rex- - ' . l .. ff ' ,,. KJ l 5 -:-' ,. 'if ' A ' .3 :" .Q it ,.,.,.': ' I . A -elf a , i X Y i s ,,.. ,, r , TY-ffw . A . el. F ':' ' ll? Hifi, :., . i H in ,, 3 gg i . , I A 4 . y :Q A 1 it ,- ,Q ex 5' 5 A '1 fm' fl ' . 'li "5 i fi -:J ' A ' 4 -x ...,.., - ' ' 2 ' In uuz' D 'Y . . X at t ' VN 1 W S H ' ..,, -A f ,zl 5 5-I W ' l ' N, ' ., l ll Y ':' .ll . A I - W :-- f-- .S , ,J R it rir. J ,,, . 1-is at I i .,,,. , if ,, Qi-lj l:-: N ' x -sf ,l 'I I 3' ., ' f ':"-"" ' i '. ' ' l' it . Y 'X - M f 'N A10 lleft to rightl Row l: Carol Shock, Roger Shoemaker, Carol 5 Vlzl E Y Y M, Shrader, Ted Sias, David Silberman, Louise Silver, Glenda Sim- 'I ":': ' Ql7,,, a- . . S1 . mons, Row 2: Carmen Simon, Marlene Sims, Dennis Smith, Ed gr., .4 " L ..,': 7 5 ,.,-: ' "P Smith, Joyce Smith, Lyndon Smith, Michael Smith. Row 3: , ,,. . .,, e it Q r 1 .: - .. N ' 2-R3 Nancy Smith, Jerry Snead, Arlene Solomon, Karin Sonntag, Jim ' 'Q 'kj .- V I f. T A, 7 A X if ' 9 Sonsteng, William Springer, Alison Sprowl. Row 4: Elinor Stark, . ?-J, 357 H "" ' if V gf Carolyn Stefano, Nancy Stevenson, Linda Stewart, Brad Stone, In zzz Y Y' H .QE ,.. , x .':':':' ' , ":: ' ,,. 1 1 AQ., Jan Stotts, Ron Stovall. A ' E ,E aa ,N all .,." Q 1 .. .it 'rf M K B' - Xflhfw' Rx 'K . 'lr' -3 61 Lift that bar- before the bell . . rings. TWO! THREE! SLIM THAT middle down! The strenuous efforts put forth by the Boys' Physical Education Department can sometimes be seen in cz trim w t ng chest, and even o co-ordinoted body. "Hey! Lift those weights!" "One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four." Fitness is the goal of this exercise, and it also helps to slim down that mid-section. Any coach in the BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPART- MENT will avidly attest to that fact, as well as to the proper method in hefting the weights under the chin, over the head, and back down to the ground. With a wide variety of activities and sports to choose from, any AHS "Jack La Lane" can find something to interest him. The gym pro- gram includes football, basketball, track, and baseball. ln addition there are several other minor sports that one may choose to develop personal fitness-the key word around athletic fields. Tumbling, gymnastic exercises, and weight lifting will help develop muscles and better preparedness for the various other sports. ln every sport, whether it is football or track, warm-up exercises with weights put the athlete in much better physical condition. Speaking of track is now a pleasant pastime, for with the addition of the new athletic field, plus an access bridge, the long trek to Moor Field has been eliminated. The biggest advan- tage, however, of the new field to the coaches, is to look for new prospects who are exception- ally well qualified for the track and field events. lt also provides a regulation size field for foot- ball, as well as a track area for practice during the gym periods. lt is hoped that with the new facilities, AHS's teams will have a better opportunity for addi- tional practice before and during seasons. Who knows? The answer to the imposing question, "VVhat's new?", may be an AHS C.l.F. cham- pionship. 0 egos., l aw .,., . M W WA vi E rig .4 , fi 15: 5 H f 1... 5 is Q y is Selig? Em? -1. sw is gg?-X A.-M-i-fa ,J -sin Y' R if fbi H -f'l--pwii fr r r Q 1 ,. ,f .. - -s I T xgrnw . 02 V In L TT . X gills," Us . N -' -if ' , Mi ' Q' X' .gl 'Tig' ji: ' ffji , Z it ,L ? -i w rig! i T . . V iii :I I A . 1 . ,L ., -:I M . .. -V , 2- Z M- V -I " M - r ' .iff . ., s ' L' W iii, is V VJ of f' V I- I ' X A ., W i ' i 4,33-b XM . f , L -. ii ' 'ix M ., L .2 V - wgilifh. "1 li C'1l31'ff ' ' fig ' iii' . ,ff , -W T fg-ii g . . T ev so s ,nm T Q ,: . L T . T N 5 y so is . L, ,A , , , . - Q L . I LJ .Swi n g i giixf v "W ' 1 l f,.a?'.'l5'llE54'f 11 L. L M., X , , C, fSfj'a,,w'..fs s 1 gg, L - IJ 5 , fhlkl' Jill. 'X - W + - ' - -. .H . . - -4 ' 'r : -,.: mc af: '- ' -yr ..-:.:.,':': f.. I . I tv L- K Il, . J nj- -1 . il. ,girl 1 Q X wr NJ ., ri- 4 -X V I' . 5 ff . g1 3'7i' .g1ii'iif'f? if 1 . 1 'T 'f : . f 7' ff .M f - lv E l . 551 T r ?-QI if A li?-1 ? 3 Wi, ' ' E M1 , . T- A e am n WR. ' I.:i gi X. ., . T . .. . , A10 llefl To righfl Row T: Gil Sfringfellow, Linda Suess, Robert ' ' 4 i s , lf -. -'--4 ' 'i M E L Sullivan, John Sutherland, Susan Taylor, Arthur Teran, Gloria 55 1' jgimf gi M. W in ,, ' Thomas. Row 2: Sue Thomas, Wayne Thomas, Anita Thompson, N 5-5,5 3 , an ' f I ff Nancy Thomson, Skip Tiedemann, Carol Todd, Barbara Tromble. W-'3 'H .Q l qfkii W S' 1 i ff? . 1 Row 3: Lorraine Troxel, Frank Urban, Frank Van Dyne, Ronnie I I ,Q ' -ff-rg W L ' Vaughan, Margaret Veal, Judy Vessey, Sharon Vigare. Row 4: ' - j W E- L . Fig I . A me . Linda Wahlberg, Larry Walker, Terry Walter, Sharon Wana- Q ff-,N L1 ,ia g lww l gil, ' ii maker, Sandy Warner, Judy Watkins, Bill Webb. fi? 93 M ' L ' wk H, Kuzv .,,, b . ,., . . -. , .T ,.,.,, , ,M 4, If - T 1 rrr sg A 5 a , 4 ,,., E Q A -3 s n It 1 A " ' A . 147 H ' :.: . . i': :fl . T L, ' ' ' . H fi .,.,,..,. ' , 'Q V . - 3, ,,. ,T ',:i ' -r2- f s fif ,., . if W ' jia,....--p..Q Ilefi To righll Row l: Carolyn Weber, Marlin Weber, Mary Wenck, Marjorie WeTTon, Diane Whifman, Earl ,Janis Wiggins, Dennis Wilkins. Row 2: John Wolf, Phyllis Yocum, Allen Young, Anna Zavala, Linda Louise Ziola, Lynn Zirbel, Reesa Zucker. -ja ,,fV ,M7 i ii- ANOTHER DAY'S work is about To begin. f V51 rl Tyrgrflwrfl y Fury Osgfyf bx T T c PQ R W fa S T swf ' lp if . TW MZ!! T A9 OFFICERS lleff to ri . eanncz Le R , Peter Brown, Carol Wilson, Mr. Hartnett lodv.l No maTTer whaT you do in your freshman year, iT's new. The firsT day aT school and The firsT dance are eve-nTs in The beginning year ThaT Take courage. EveryThing The frosh does is new and inTeresTing, and someTimes amusing To The upper classmen. This year's class has had The usual problem of reTicence among The boys. ValenTine's Day came on SaTurday, a perfecT occasion for a dance. The class was enThusiasTic, The officers had made all The arrangements. There were to be a popular band, picTures, and decoraTions, buT not enough boys had The courage To ask girls. Maybe They should have made it a back- wards dance. Becoming adjusted To high school is probably The biggesT problem of the enTering sTudenT. We are frosh- wiTh builT-in sound equipmen The school is bigger, and There are many new friends To meeT. All The acTiviTies and changing classes are a problem aT firsT, buT These are soon overcome. The freshman officers have conTinued To plan oTher evenTs for Their class. WiTh The full sup- porT of Their numbers The freshmen can make a good beginning aT high school. No matter whaT officers plan, iT is viTally imporTanT ThaT The enTire class give iTs full supporf To These acTiviTies. Yes, iT's new. The freshmen class is iusT be- ginning. ldeas change, and leT's hope The boys develop The social approach for The nexT dance. ParTicipaTion is mosT imporTanT, and The new Moors must realize The imporTance of their in- TeresT in all school acTiviTies. A9 lleft to rightl Row 1: Belito Adams Sue Adaps Bill Adams Frances Aguilar Caren Allenthorp Ro tie:-Rltobello Grociela Arnat. Row 2: Dennis Anderson Judy Anderson Bill Anderson Dennis Angel Catherine Arnold Michael Artley Melinda Ayers. Row 3: Greg Baird Deanna Ball Jerry Ball Pamela Doris Barkhurst, Paul Bass Christopher Bate Ken Becker Joe Bellavia Joanne Bellino Gary Beniamin. 7 . ' L A 'i-J' ik? ' A512-. .,, ,Q ' 4' . T ' Y l I' X 1 ' 1 'Sr X . l ' K 5' i Y N 11 ' ' 's VH c., W ' ' ' Jn ' l , C , , 1 Jr A- Ball, Carolyn Ballesteros, Marsha Barbour, Pat Barker. Row 4: - l t EI ,J F1 k 3 ,K . x rg I l f 'G ' ' X-, W LC 4 M, C7 Y ,, I Q Q V . ul ' Q- 'z Vee '33 N . F s Bi f 'B if , j - V - -1- "C, lf-- 1s:' .3 ef? 9- ,N ,CC Q C, t C t I W3 , A ' ' , at - Aw,- , C.. g ' C ' I 1 'sp " I-V . ur 'rn' vt ' 1 Q, 'TT V Qs' 35 1 ' ' x' -Q., -V .g- , T C C Ci J -1 egg , at-tl ll dx 'iufx 'Lv-e ,, g .fa -0 t N155 K-XX wil' Bins vt... y V, 5, evils.-wh x. fx xnvhx tt 9 AF Uv' ' J .42 rs, psf' C. Y .fa H J!IIi!! llllqr if eggs Sig KN. shfxrefk 1 tw A. l", fl ATF? V ' tm-we N -. 4 I ' D T ' It , q ': -4 ... 5-to .. ,Q Q, . lg I 4 o ' ' in ."' A '. .9 J ' .. U ll. c 3. . F 4- r sy s. 1, , MQ- W,C CC my "Az .-riff, -V' '- A9 lleft to rightl Row I Gerald Bennett Beverly Berry Pa tricia Berry Tom Best Dennxs Bethel Gregg Beuer Terry Bible Row 2 Mary Lou Bishop Patrick Blohm Karen Bodamer Esther Boeft Frank Bogdanovich Bill Boller Lenora Bonani Row 3 Linda Bonfiglio Rex Bonnell Peggy Boone Julie Bowman Stephanie Boyce Cheryl Bradford Terry Bradford Row 4 Joan Briese Lynn Brissey Peter Brown Russ Brown Wayne Brown Fred Bunge Phil Burgess F ilfllilt ll . f ,Fi so C '27 fr i -s K .C e XX lx wid 'WA A9 lleft to rnghtl Row 'I Bob Busch Claudia Butzbach Bill Calagna Alan Calamia Elizabeth Calllson George Calvert Kathy Cannon Wayne Contnll Jill Carlson Gladys Carmichael John Carmody Jo Ann Casclo Row 2 Owen Champion David Chase Phyllis Chenoweth Thomas Chong Frances Ciaccio Tracy Claus Helen Cloos Jerry Cobb Chris Collom Claire Colston Anthony Comella Janie Comer Row 3 Judy Cook Bill Cok Patricia Covert Mike Cox Sandra Cox Charles Cramer Bruce Crxstol Jane Croasdale Donald Cronk Bernardine Crouch Margaret Culp Kathleen Danko L Jr is C . 7 B' f Siilliigihi CD19 T f l l in T T is ! ' ' ' Q ' f' ' Cilh' f' itlry 'C' H .5 'u2t ergo or '. ' lv' 41' I t, l' -'If B ' C 1 i u " ' t. pf V 4 Q ' ' ,V C ' Cf .. A ' In C H I KCC , . .K :Ks .CQ KICK M H Ci y y y V T . gfw C J T- J- - A C f t i - WC -A CC ' ' it T ll as T C T A B ,gr , C X ey 55.r sw, C A . ,- l I 4" 'V Y . 'H N ' 2 I A lf C . ,t ,rc ft T W-T T' -- : ' ' " ' I" f- - r ,C 1 Ck : I . ' I . I ' I ' I I ,tam 1, K, I ' 1. 5, 5 sl . ' V . . 'I f I I 1 I .' . I S . 46' l f l N xx '-Q - ,, - Q My " 4 4 1 , ' , . ' . ' ' ' i 1 2 1' ll ...:. ' B X .C f C ffg x lixf C is ' lx 2 C C C ,,Cr f 'kv -t-t ii? . C J , A H f " . Y C Qgg 1. CCAC C C I '. -441' 7' :ii W 1 t N - ,4 I I 0 X-A t is -4 I U ,,E ,,. I .Cd-M A M rw f A . -efC, 'H tiwlll -st+' ' EQ!! ,if -'+- l el 'haf . Y I in K M eg f I . 1 H Lbs, 'V f ' ' A ll R V. rl .. l ' 1, W' 7 L 'E I' . is Q C A tn- J ,tBs 1,. 4 ,tfCpCIB s 4 Q Jqgh sf! ' T 1 f -. 1 ' V :C C - C. " .t fs' r C CC.C, Z g A f 5 5. V - , , - - L- -1. - ' -A A . - f- fx. 4 - mill K.. E.. 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Row 2: Tim Guentlwarcl, Bill Habich, Ph' llis Hadsell, Jim er, San .. Hager, Pat Hair, Par Hale, Dennis Hamby, Cheryl Hammarstrom, Ginger Hcinagaia, Lora Hand, Joan Hankin. Row 3: Patricia Harney, Jacquelyn Harris,fNQna Harris,NJanie Harrison, Dennis Harr, Ronald Heacvack Kathleen Hemming, Judy Henderson, Herbert Hernandez, Nancy Hess, Linda Hickman, Diane Hilbrich, igg f? 'Y' x 4, f 5 1 I , 'T . ii., ' ' f c W " 5' 551 W" ' V: 1 .. I l f' A Ag -' -2 . my 5, , , X , i rr ez ' is , - - K , 2' A 7 -1 -. - . LZ A - ' 7 K '- . J v J X -f V vs A ' E , We JI . ' - 'vf..:f-4 A i ,r . h ni .A 'xii K A i, W 7 X I , 7 ',.,l Ak ,V - 2 Q, , ,., ,gm y, 1.5, ,I 5 R 0? .?.. ,fb . N x f J As "gh , -' W' 1 ' ' K . .f 1, . - f r is , 1' , , A if " .V i ,, ...,,. L . I . . r . ' i E", D 5571.-lQ:frf K f l " " l S? W. "" i A 5 .,., ,, , , ,, . , .y ,bg ., . Vx :U A ' ' ff , ,. ' 1 ' . X -ei. K 'll . I X. -- f, ---Q-L mi ' "Ms"-'-1: ,. , . -f xg ,,,Q,Qg' H 4. , limi' I .,. .sfigwsff Z ' , , f N4 fy H, . 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Apparenfly, This wheelbarrow sTance is seen quiTe frequenTly around The Girls' Gym Today, for if represenTs iusT one of The many new Tech- niques in The freshly sTarTed Tumbling class in The GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT. Helping The unco-ordinaTed adolescenTs To greafer grace and posTure beauTy is no easy Task, even for experT gym insTrucTors. BuT These new courses and recreaTions make gym periods, aT long lasT, almosT fun - almosT. ln days gone by gym period was once a dreaded hour of The day. Now The prospecfs of parTicipaTing in some sporT one enioys is noT un- LiSvUGl. One can choose from The sTarid-bys, volley- ball, baskeTball, baseball, or from The new ones available such as archery, golf, or badminTon. To develop co-ordinaTion, balance, and reflexes among The feminine populafion of AHS is exacTly The purpose of The new Tumbling class. Learning differenT falls, somersaulTs, and fancy Turns seems To appeal To The many girls enrolled in This new AHS class. Appealing also, Though perhaps for a differ- enT reason, is The recenTly added co-ed dancing course in The Girls' Gym. Supposedly, again To sTress co-orolinafion and balance, The lads and lassies are TaughT The newesf ballroom sTeps in This co-ed class. Gym has Taken on a new im- porTance oT The many enrolled in This class. For The firsT Time in The hisTory of AHS, sTudenTs are seen sprucing up, noT for ThaT cuTe boy in algebra, or The girl in English, buT for gym! The spiriT of newness has Taken over The Alham- bra campus, and - noT To be lefT behind - The Girls' Gym has come Through wiTh The newesf and mosT pracTical yeT! td 1 , - ,il , 5 ig-3,1 'Q 'ir 2:-f ,, ,, V' x , .L t . ' ' l Ng xl mi l A , gf: mt 33 l E .. 4' ' l 5 . I D ' L H 0 l .. - ,.,.,.:. ..,. . , . . , . N I Y X e , X t- l ll l X W QW E A . E' s ll l ' x l' 1" ' .....- 1 ' ,,, i: "lil "" 'IFE r ' I .5 f li 3-' 1? S 1 X f ,, 'lf f X A 'll 1 P x 1 ll l Agia N' 'L' . A- Q W Q, L l i i ,vrbvlf . . . . tiff at .. L 'ar - E X ar J 11 , , 1 , Mwwgi , , 1 'W tl' 2 5:- : Z. il - V .: " . i ' ' L L ,, ' Y., - .X . ',, " , .' ' 'er I", era L vi .:., J L , , ., 'f " - . fi: : it ' , ::: .. l :-, L :': .':' ' f- if f is ' :zz ,.,. .:, Iz- L I M V A xmas? Q . . ,, . .. . X mg l is as -. , is fm ss bg amz., ss, - ' , . m is - :-: - nm e f m'1 K Q "' rs 1 3 L : L D P 'i '+ K ':+ " f L r- i x.. .1 D t ,, , , , Q Ei gg B E I- iallii E ii me wg 1 :Fl li i -me 5 l ,Lita W 5 if 32 it U H L . l , 35, Ng 5 ' W - ' . .Y -- ' Q -:f'- 'F' 3'3r::-- " L 'ti V - - : 119,-L . Y . .LX L ' ' 'A . Q" , in' -ii . ' L' .. .. 'K , ri L- - x W . - Y ' "'- ' U w w g .L Q T ' i 5 5 . -1 it r i f , ,QA if A .-1 , QI ---- ,L v 7 " , , ,.:-:- l- ::.,.,,'x:.::..:, ' :'- QL ,,-. . L. ' 1 'i - - . ' ,. ' ' , . ' I A V -K I, FFL. - J: fi r ay-I .... H. AQ A it A zlz i A . I-. A9 llett to rightl Row I: Kathe Hill, Dorothy Hinton, Mannie Hirschbein, Andrea Hisel, Larry Hobbs, David Hodge, Mary Hoffman, Mike Holahan, Rich Holleran Darlyn Hoppa, Linda Horne. Row 2: Richard Houston, Kathleen Huber, Terry Hutt, John B. Hughes, John P. Hughes, Tim Hultgren, Wende Hutchins, Don Imus, George Ingram, Dennis Inman, t lreland, Sam Jacobellis. Row 3: Janej,.lcisz:n, Cmeryl Jenkins, Jim Jernigan, Mary Jewell, Dennis Johnson, Linnea Johnson Mike Johnson, S e Joh N, Gard r Jones, Bill Judkins, Kent Kasten, Sephen Ka er. ' ' ' x L ,lltl W J: 0 L -s . Y L QV!-ly ,4 N l 01 l M VO" ,jfllll 1 g gn 1 I V ,. P , V, , Izlz J. , .. , W L it if D , - - 4 1 A , J, - U ny L if - i,r, ge K' it rrr if L L ll l ff i" : ' L :-- ., - .: ' ' 'C' girly W 0 I N i A I at ,. 4 ..,.., g . .. ' .,. M vg in who A ,: - K W ,bt I U - 1 . ft 4 QW 'J :. v ga: r ri tem ill - , , , ' -V if l l .2 L :': " . ' - ,. ui, l l l u L 2 l0W 'L' wt' , , li -F' 4 , ... 1 if - .. .., . f dl l ll il Jll V f' LV' iv K h h ' r 1 , j , l l- s' " . I J H N fi: 1- N '1!'. lizfl he ' , Q 'l :': IQ ia f N Y A , l xl l l 1, -A A9 llett to rightl Row I: Diane Kelley, Donna Kersey, Kathy ' Kidnay, Karen Kington, Beverly Kirchner, Jean Kohl, Colleen '-- Kraus. Row 2: Don Kuehnert, Gabriele Kuhn, Mary Kulper, , - g ,I Theresa Lamberti, Frank Lanza, Roland Lanzi, Christine, La- :" ' ' is X Piana. Row 3: Nannette LaPuma, Robert Laub, Maxine-l:a'u'Ferf Nagel- l l' N A T l 5 f it Larry Lavender, Diana Lee, Stephen LeonetteSxDeanna Leroy. . ig ... i , l Row 4: Fayga Levy, Brenda Lewis, Vincnt Licorni,WTy-Hehe , Judy Lie Lorna Lund, Margaret Lyden. . .,., : ,, f wg. re RE, , -r: 4 . . . H ,.:,. M ' - :-: sd "-x. Z 3 ki, W 1 , , , ' e E ":':' L .:.. . ,, , '- f J L 1 he ,,: .L ,,, 3 as f W L , it , H . : VX--L ' KL, w X il i I, L V J J ::: Ylll ' , :', .l f 2' " -' 1-, ,. .,:.,., , I .. aj 1 . M . ..,..... .: K ,ICN fs Q, Q Q' - ,ar-.,. - ...Lt . 1 x ' X T Q 4 t . 5:51 Q 'hiv E ll ll W' l 'I' .T . xi K .V i ':" X L: 1 U fyx fbi 2 f I ' JA im if iti l - eg it L , l -. If ku 1 3 :Q .: .ie 'Q A9 lleftt to rightl Row l: Betty McCIary, James McCormac, Laura McCoy, Jim M:Gittin, Barbara McKee, Cherie McMillan, Rodney McWhirter, Jim Maknider, Ray Manthorne, Elizabeth Manzanares, Frank Mascio, Lonnie Mason. R-ow 2: Mary Maston, Judith Matusek, Susan Maxwell, Cecilia Maytornea, Grace Mo - , r rie Massetta, Mark Meclliock, Leslie Mendelsohn, Jennifer Mertz, Andrea Miller, Larry Mille -erla.Molnar. Row 3: Gaye Montgomery, Margaret Mo-ore, , Dennis Morosin, George Morris, Melynnda Morrissette, Lorraine Moseley, Joyce Mossber Nikki Mu n, Charlene Musacco, Virginia Myles, Margaret -:- - I 5 -.1 , :::5.-2 ::: F :---:-- - .. .- QA. is ll tv flilalf WWW WW A9 lleft to nghtl Row l Pamela Nassuef Carol Nassnr Teddu Naumcheff Judlth Neff David Lson Elatne Nelson Isobel Nelson Row 2 Jack Nest ,Ml aug Nickerson Duane Nlelcl Kathy Nlsbett B ean Nuelle Row 3 Rosalte Nuzzo Karen Olsen Krtstun Olsen Frank Onstone tery Ortega unda Osman Dale Owens Row 4 Pama Pace at Padgett Leslie Page Anna Parlno Donna Pastore Joe Paulson Darwm Paulson .bf 'IJ Y ev X Lixtl aff 'T' H M-MMM 'K '31 'W X ii?-1 -er K 'Q-as 5415 ,jeg if 4-70 Sat lf X in X A9 lleft to nghtl Row l Helena Pawlak Lorales Perales Lucy Perrtcone Jane Peters Lynn Peters Denms Petersen Jam Peter bara Phullnps Glorta Plato Duane Plumley Larry Poe Row 3 Muke Poe Nancy Porter ne Post John Prentlce Betty Pritchard Pat Prou ' Row 4 Lorratne Rae Allce Raley Rochelle Ramirez u rey Ramsay Randy Raus Duanne Ream Elame Recchnon Wi, t Eiga 5 2 AN NW mffwf MW LZXZJ ,fre X MEM 51 X 4 MJD . x ip f 'EMU O ti: will . -M JJJfef2teww3:tt r '-" l 1 2 Y J OL f J JJ t d d f f , J ,X 5 :'1 .JL ,L y fat, , nj E " IJ 5 r WW jg J lzlzl, V JJ. 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J 0 il A ut, J P l f .- N V J ' J 4.13 l .513 I' .J ' E ' f ' ' ff -I '- J J 2-. x - X : In ir .nr it J I 'If Q Q ' Ext y ,J WV , X ,JK A -I , X I -,fix ' N " 5 -- - J-- 4Y--?T,i, im- f W J Q- - , H JJ Jgsff W J J E J Lf P- f i s MAS, zuz H me ? JJ.: ef Jw? :Is 2 I JL' 5 ' t if ,,,, J. 1 rg 5? xi J sl :': 1 J JJ H l 'E . if 'J J it' J' 4 il J 4 QJ 'tl' .4 ff -NJ- .--if l I P ne. l - ' lm - 'lt S A J till J "wg jx - QQJJJJ 'ff' 't JQP-, ' Q, 1 ' K 4 J O r. "lm ! X f'X,l'U f 2 g ,WV A XJ CMJ f t ,Ja , J J ' l A h ,A ' I ' ,J Xvlflly I I XD ' y vt 'r-, t L. W Lvflfff ML 'JJ 1 YL' 1 J kykl y X ff I7 j if W x J JJ tt 'af 27 P ' P ' ll ldllf T, XP. A I 'F ' J, wr! J J E! 1 1 U " ' ' J J J f N 1 2 ,V-L" P' l 'f" ' ' J ll x ,J ' ' J ptfl. tu tt tt tt ' we J . Jf f rt ' ffl tt A fc? J f lb UV' J t W U . A 'A ' 'T J f 7 ' f' J ll! ll? 44: Q J 'I J If tt 'ull 4, fe M, If Ally Ol was LJW W3 ,J IQ, My jylj W if 4 y f QL! V XZ Utfpf, ,fu Vf if MUJZQJ L y lt' J if FWQJ J b A MMQ GMX j ulolv HX, 6 Q. l , 5 ..,., , v L , . - as Q A A- M A 7 E 3 , - .Ti f . cv 1 X- - .5 H t C X' y I 4 1: - x Y i . W , ' S 4 Hr ., ,Lk X in A 'W l X Xyff' H , ,.. A I 5 Y 4. 1 f ...LSL . ., ., .am X ' l -vs , N, y -, X . AK, f V H l il Q . ' ills? A , : 'A -.V .1 . '- - f J ' I -V f 7' ,. N 'I' Q ,, 1 Y r , I - X Q T X z W i 1. ' 4 5-.-4 , 'r i ' .W -A . I is ' 4 ' " X' 5' V , . I PQ! .- V k i- , i D ' s, Q , 4 I 1 EN - Q , . I 5 r : M Ax, '. - ,fo J sr t i 'X -1 Mi- T L., --A - f 1 .f -'ft f - " 1 S r :t res RN i X 4.., f!f?S WFP! Q:JXNx 'X ti'-s k ' i T f 5 S, 4 ? 1 f " " J I. 5 5, A .1 . H ,4.,,. Q s I A : M I - il -s I, is F- f . s-' ,T - W - ..-f'-N- bt Q1 A - t C X A . NN w t i--.i .1'.- 2 -:.r' l A9 llett to rightl Row 1: Dennis Reed, Alan Reese, Dan Renaud, Ronnie Renfro, Jack Rhein, Richard Rice, Robert Richards, DenniskRightrue, Judy Rizzo, John Robert- son, Gary Robinson, Becky Rocha. Row 2: Michele Rodgers, Nancy Rogstad, Carl Rollins, Jo!-Xnna Romick, Rosie Rongo, 'u rcia ':- i l Rosecrans, Robert Ross, W Eduardo Ruiz, Sandy Rundell, Thomas Rusnak, Sharon Ru,theijford:-ow.-3:,Beggy Safranski, Richard Salazar, Sharlie Sanders, John Sangeorge, Robert Santoro, Karen , nh .. Sargentich, William Sasz, Fred Sayer, Christine Schaeffesf Mary Ann Schildkneclit, Stan Schobert, Miriam Schramm. Al lk l Q :.: 5 - i :-: ag :,: -Y 1 V: 2: -' : 1 t I X - li Q' E I L L, -,, J It , Q, ' x , T i ,Ui i fi! ' ig: f If ' 5 ' fi. Ji Lil . I ., II, .' - , , K ,ti f, ' - M, ' R W - af' ' : f , i 5 X' :Q-4f ff ' f J ' , ,- S .k ,X - S 5 . tl iii' " 2. it J 'ggi et? T 'Q' 5 , Q A ' J, , NF' - ii is I 3, A 1 .i : J ll, C , S, N S -T'l1fff :.iQ:.94--1 .fu.-' T ' ' :EP . , mx A Ma 65" , , '.?:fi:,,. E l uquu ' ,V A ' T ' ji' 5 ' 1 R in V ,,s'fQEiJ, l f 7 , sw , i , 1 ' .rrs 3 rg R I-21512 S NN W A :.. C ziz' "' we l nl' ,f"' 5: A9 ileft to rightl Row 1: Robert Sebastian, Joseph Sermino, Dick Sessler, Frank Severy, Sam Sherman, Harold Shrader, Tom SilHck, CharIes Sinatra, Mari- lyn Skerchek, Mark Slipich. Row 2: Ruth Sloan, Don Sloggy, Charles Smith, Diana Smith, Don Smith, Richard Smith, Kathleen Smith, Nancy Smith, Russell Smith, .::: - o er Andy Soto, Rosanna Spagnolo. Row 3: Donna Sparks, Ernest Spaulding, Betty Spindler, Cathy Stangel, David Stel, Tom Stelzriede, Ann Stephenson, Sheila Strain, Marie Stratton, Sharon Stryker, Trudie Suerth. l. t' ti Y , .Ji ':r- 5 1 ' , f fl 'Q KAW, ffif ,- A -. , ' E ,J ,ffl cj ' " ei fc-fl' ' sc: r I 1 . ,., .. i -1'iCR'5X Q5 A ' like ., X , . Q Y-,.?-miles 4-hx ' -J:-tx - Q, :H 1, l I rt g?5?:tSEQE5xxsi- Ei 'l fi: 'exft t-in 'lil' I V ' 1 ' 1 ,, V i , V ' , n 4 A ' " l ,QQ ' ily ' 4 ., , , X iii x A 'ey ' ' ser T7 lr! A t V, X xg t -fr .Xl ' i"f7t'1 , Q, -- at -.- ,.. .,,, ,,- . V' I l . 'l ' W ' l ' t r A .. 1 ' to ,f ' in lf' - . .Elf v ' 2 ' , , . 6 , N , . 7 'l -: ' 'r-- 'T ll'-1-jihls "5-H . QQ ' '-, f .A :L ' ,fy Q NX'-31 f l? V A9 llett to rightl Row l: Morris Symson, Stephanie Szklaeski, , Q - ' 'c Michael Tabulara, Susan Tabulara, Fred Talarico, Marlene Tash, - ' ,JN :',' 4 4 Ruby Taylor. Row 2: John Teresa, Joyce Thomas, Peggy Thom' ' I, - A ' A as, Catherine Thurman, Armando Tiierina, Michelle Tokar, -e, . pl it ' ,... ,K xg ,I '57 'V .- -. V Marilyn Torti. Row 3: Linda Triomble, William Tully, Chuck r 1 'H 1 I, R , t T K- A ,Luv Lisyher, Janjeiyalcles, Suzanne Van Clief, Robert Van Dormolen, ' ' .f f " 23 ' 'EfQYheTjjlfVasq,ue.,l Row 4: Darlene Vaughan, Mike Vega, Ronald ' ,. fi Verdugo, Jerry Waade, John Wagner, Kathy Walker, Ken 'LJ V ' N Walker. A it ' T- Ml ' Lil, il, ,Univ i f'l'lll T it it .td ' vw .- LTL I lsl i tfbvjl ,fill my ' ,imply ' JW, an jg? hw 'PP Mali fill?-Gegetii Qiwg 4 bf Q23 et lvl? H- tw! fi! the world s responsgbi I les My mW""""'w" what e 411 0 1. "Mx V - . 1, - ' ' te ' My ., , fe ' A 1 ff - " . ipereajgg-it .VI , si :-6-1'. 'Xe V 3 ' 0 - 0 0 0 A srfiiif F'ii'53 , 14? 7 9 pj,L'5g ilfgga 'L 145.--'. J-:..-'A-V, , wr. 5395- " ag: - P se Haag 5135! we , . , . 0 ..,,,,,v,.,, , ,. , V ,QL 5., f -. ee--... es., , 4 l A I X """: V' A .fl - , 1 X 1 i ' r l we f , -.xi L- 'i . A L' ij' ly i , f yi 7 K3 V L gdb' I U ' ol ml! ' O D wil ml ki fi K 1 X . X 5 X Q LAOS, CONGO, AND AFRO-ASIAN affairs have become the focal points of the Social Science Department, especially Mr. Glen f Goddard's Orientation class. What are huaraches? What has the adminis- tration done for the farmer? What's the situation in Congo? Yes, these and many other useful pieces of information are to be gained from dili- gent study in the SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT. With some T200 Moors enrolled in Social Science classes, the work of this department is among the most important at AHS. Yet the traditional courses are giving way to demands for an adequate academic coverage of the field. The one-semester freshman course in "orientation" will be replaced with an entire years' work in world history. Also projected is improvement in fulfilling the state civics requirement, in addition to the perennial tramp through governmental iungles, students are slated to delight in learning of the economic tan- gle and the international mess, as preparation for responsible and enlightened citizenship. Indeed, the Social Science Department serves a basic need for democratic life, education of the future electorate in the areas of history, geogra- phy, government, economics, and international relations. lt is of paramount, determinant impor- tance that tomorrow's citizens live intelligently in this world still shrinking in time and space, now darkened by the rise of world Communism. The AHS Social Science Department has admir- ably upheld its instructive responsibilities. Through the planned curricular adjustments, the activities of Junior Statesmen, and such experiences as par- ticipation in the Occidental Diplomacy and World Affairs Forum, the department seems well abreast of the many "tides in the affairs of men," not to mention the kinds of change. C- x . i 527 QF uf' 'W 1 , A .1 ' , -. . Y i ' . V ' '. , ' Q I flf A lug- M ere is if i G - if i , L i i' t ., is I H x Y. . - X l A .gg is '13 .lil " H i I I . ..., ' ,., in ::: ms . -.-. f." iy K ll ' sf 'f f o y i ' l 7 X -l " ft ff h , -i A. A M.. U-5.2. Y . ,. g.fFZ.j , A :Z . '1 2 i V' ' , :,, E , ::-. ' ,.:, 5 - ..:-: 'i W' f - - Q' ..,. ,p ai 1 'zxz , - T V 'H V Jriffi -1, J f' A9 ileft to righti Row 1: Dove Willis, Carol A. Wilson, Carol Wilson, Robert Wilson, Gail Wilson, Sandy Wilson. Row 2: Lar- ry Wilson, Paul Wilson, Henry Wolf, Sam Wood, anet Wood- field. Row 3: Sandra Wooldridge, Richard Wright Linda oun -, Judy Young, Bianca Zaks. X xx 'x A9 lleff to rightl Row 'l: Larry Walkley, Michael Walte, Helen Ward, Janet Warner, Craig Warren, Tim Washburn, Charlene Webb. Row 2: Linda Webb, Gregg Weeks,Andy,Weiss, Bonnie Wells, Richard Wells, Kathy Westling lIir1dT1"VVlfeeler'. -ow 3: Jim Whitaker, Fred Whitaker, Jeff White, ame a e, Rich- ard Whortori, Evelyn Williams, Maria Williams. i .. " ' '. ' " :. .35 :.: :.: .- -' 4 . , I: .4 If "L: 3 X :Fi ,. .. -fl ...U ,x ff: ' -. :.: , . :B :5' mv - A --if' '- H ' f 'fi' 'f 2' K.: :...,. :.: , ' . .:. fi , ' " V . , ' 4511. ::.: 2 1 :.:,r:' , H E ' if , 1 1 K 'Z ii 1- 2 2 5 - I ':' ':' H . Q ' .Q Q, ,,.i :Ea E: 1 :ff 'K :I 5 ' , 555 55 ,, W . l ,, 5 ':' '-,s:::.:., f : i., ' 3'm" "..f'g 1 if is - ,-X , Q, , ' , , , A I 4 ' ..,.:..'.:z:,:L:,:.YiEx,. X In sua in 5 3 ' eglgjggjjj 1"- I' -5 ,fs ,. 1.5. 5" 1. : U, -. .:. I ... x 1' 'f W '-I+ -3 : -' - i. w H 9 We 55' imma :Qi i . gf, ... 'J if . "" 5 m . . sf: A 2 : " X XX Xxx 'S' ff , 1ZZf .L i .5 'X l ig 'b I -rg M . sill 1 1 yr, SIX MINUTES doesn'T leclve much time to iolk between classes. 1 1 f 1 A? 1, 1:-Q' X1 ki XXX 4: 1 I f' ' LT O A XX' P , f' 1 1 1' N fx 1 f . ' f f- . 1' W. I f V 1 w , , ' 11 1 f , , V J . 1 , X V 1' 1 , ..-,f X " K ,, - 1 f 1 .f' 1 1 3 .111 , x, 1 . 1 1 -f 1 1 F .f ,- A I 1 x Lk V L J L 1 X11 1' X , 1 S be 1f I A kk lj 1! flky vi 11 ,V 10 fi KB .110 NM K s,kx lvfl .'X Lf ,N f L xx 1 Ny , ,1 1' 1 MMV J lx L nl I If O X L '-L L mx' V J KK U 1 1 X XV x , 1 1 1 k 1 7 sr x, V-52958 mu, 5 , Y, 1. MQ, mfs, . ,Q , 5 1, , .1 C x :Ffa smyna fi. vu -1 F' jg W., nf - 55:.:j'A-' , rf . ., . N. ,P . ..,,.,... , X ' : ., . - XY P W, if 1 3 'Nl XR JI , 1 J 1 .eq-41 -' Q3 -'ZEML 4, ,G ll. I i-Him -f- :lvl U4 1 'H 4 . . -,. " .DQEQQEQ ' s'.,fr,?, 1 ,. XS Mix -if .-F :E 15 'M 2 ,QB " :-1'l'iQ "" Ei ll 5 'Y t 5' -f ex-IME' ni 1 ' y Q 1 v 5 E EA' , ' i , mai. V K.. ' 1' -,' , 11 , , Y . 3 e z'f I t 1 A A- 'I ' I .H .Q .K , u 1 15,-,f8'w5' ff, 4: - 1- - . if .4 'L QP' ' 1.f"f, ff' 'ff Ni L .' 1' QV' ff' mf.- ' - f- ,nn ' A 1- - '.,.5., ,.:aL.h 4' 'VQIVK' Q23 f ' Wzfigfgfz iff mg Q., ig W. .M ,FH " bww 'S 'K r 35 W W V Q 4 ' ' ,kg I I mn Kg, A .X ,:, um 1, Wwwpzlg X w Yi,-L U Q! 6? gm: w A QQ ' -Q ' J ' my , uf ,Q I .gy sg -asp N 1 . QW max ww. .:.: Q -Q S-WE. ,QQZSQV QQ LF-u RFE: - .'2,1'L X 'vw , -vw w 'wa -4. J Jr. I u., ,A ,Lx 1?- Q? W g smn,5Vam,w mnmwwsmw Q' EBSQ Us z mfrs,gw!1sf 'Y-QQ. ' sm' gf- B. Q., N4 -5 V gs 1 Af ---., , vii sf' X xx 1 FV -4 S Vg, ,QF ' xv ax az.:-:-:-::::s f -j-T, A . 35 fd sf, A ' Yi - f.. , , Q Q' " Y L my :v ii F .V eh X ' S L F M., Q' .ig lb?-5 qu ww. . if?W A .R ,W 'F F ,, 1:?9A,'.4uA I X- 'Ria' J N A ., , l .r I -v 4 L 'fir :'l Q ' if N , s K 1 -- f I -, 4 ' , , if 5 'fi'-'x 4- 'fl- f am f4':523gg'1g--,:,-V . M . , Q .' 3 - A , Q. gags' 'IQ' ii 'W s, 'fm' f - tnzggglfxfgigdf' ',,,1.Q,ff,"f ,W " - N 1 Q ., 1 Q' 57 'F 3 L Mr". . , -mr 1-iffy ' -+1 l':aft"I1 ,ff ' 1 . . , W , , 'Q . , , . , . , , - 13:1 . gf, I .,l Al X ., K v 5, S' 435. 1, , K inf I '.,, ,. 1 , . , ,ww f , W an Y ff -. H ,.,.x QP f-1 : -:- 5 1 Q' 1 K I X 4 .K 'fx' x'.:.-lil ,1 'S?!ffEP! 4.g 34i-11 . ' 1 WhaT's new? Why ways of procrastination, of course CUIIUT Ill LYIIBI One, and only one, question prevailed in The thoughts of this year's ALHAMBRAN staff mem- bers. The question-"What's new?" and the only answer could be found in The procrastination of staff members concerning work that was due. This diligent group questioned Teachers, ad- ministrators, students, ianitors, and themselves. Finally, this hard-working staff looked about them and suddenly realized that soon Alhambra High School itself would be new. This is the unimpos- ing reason why we, The staff of The T961 ALHAM- BRAN, wish to inform you on "What's new?" aT AHS. Though The literary staff continually poured out The much-needed copy, There seemed a never- ending list of assignments. On top of This, after The well-planned paper had been handed in, These efforts had to be criticized, reviewed, revised, and finally rewritten. If any honors were ever to be given to This industrious collection of budding writers, it should be several nights of peaceful sleep to catch up on hours missed when They were writing or attending early morning meetings. The business staff earnestly set out on Their ad- vertising missions. Each member carried with him MARK SONDAY BARBARA REED Art Editor Business Editor new ideas and new sources, as well as the hope of becoming the business editor. The ambitious members spent many hours securing those final ads and arranging appointments for pictures. To The art staff this yearbook owes a great deal. Certainly it would not have been an annual at all unless it contained the artistic cover, the proper layout, the unusual drawings. Yet even more than all These, This yearbook is indebted To the limitless efforts of Two voices ris- ing above the din of sometimes utter confusion. To them a mere "thank you" will never be enough repayment for the hours given to this book's cause. All we can say, however, is that simple, but deep-felt phrase, "Thank you," to Mr. Ed Ed- mondson, literary and business staff adviser, and Mrs. Ruth Boone, art adviser. Another school year has ended. Seniors have terminated their high school careers, and teachers stack their books away, realizing that soon they'll be passing Them out again. We of This ALHAM- BRAN hope you have found out lust what's new at AHS and sincerely desire that your following years will be as prosperous as this nineteen sixty-wonderful year. ' -vu sm., -1 J 9 . ,g. fa' ' fri' WT FM: 1 Y 1 EJ. 5 s . ' Nw ,.:.5. xn- 1 . ,r-1 Q, v.f1- .-'- . "' -4 4.1 ' n X fx - A nu L I .Q . .. I Q . . :Jn ,S-5 E. "1" , Q GI' V, - 04 -1 xv: V. 93 N X ,XXX A x M1 J l 1 , I ' I - ,,- L A , I 3, 5 tl' v -QS " vs., .1 . IV S ! .1 af' . L x x 5 ,, Qzf , E,., ' i .iii hw' W x . wi' - -1: J V., i, L TW-1 ? ,Ziff 1 -gf ' " ..-M..-fl - ' I l ' Q 53 6 0 5 ' , - in Rv I t 'Akai f f ' N , 'ffx W, KW, vu ., Y. Wv.e::'1zJ" . 'ip arm,-W ' w . I Q "L, VAN FUHRIMAN MRS. ELIZABETH LUTTRELL omm'ss'oner General Adviser C I I Commissioner of Boys 78 Student gov't. seeks new horizons through greater endeavor. Student government - Why have it? This year commissioners finally decided to tackle This ques- tion which has arisen year after year. After much debate cmd concerted thought, the Commission presented The following purposes of student government: l. To promote the creation of an environment more conducive to academic achievement, 2. To stimulate a personal regard for the wel- fare and feelings of others, 3. To instill a sense of responsibility in each member of the student body, regardless of presumed status, 4. To develop, through the maintenance of common goals, a feeling of co-operation among the student body and administra- tion, 5. To encourage better citizenship in tomor- row's adults by the practice of democracy on the level of today's student, 6. To help provide the best possible back- ground in which the future leaders of our country may develop. To achieve these goals the Commission held the first open Commission meetings in the history of A GROUP OF SERIOUS-MINDED Commissioners hold the first open Commission meeting in history of AHS. ' AHS. Here students had the opportunity to voice their personal opinions concerning student govern- ment. Topics ranged from lettermen's jackets to discussions on the purposes of student govern- ment. Gne of the most important subiects discussed at the two meetings was the Moor Advisory Coun- cil. A saisfactory arrangement for MAC was pos- sible only because of the co-operation between student body, administration, and faculty. MAC is a group of students who try to help their fellow students by offering advice and constructive criti- cism, showing the student ways to become more active in high school life, and making tutoring available for help with classwork. This revolu- tonary idea functions in the areas of assembly conduct, clean campus, boy-girl relationships, and adjustment problems. Although there are no ad- visers for MAC, the vice-principals refer students to the council and are available for assistance when necessary. MAC is divided into two councils, one is for boys, and one for handling girls. Three students are nominated to each council by faculty- student choice. Realizing that communication is a large part of instigating interest in student government, Com- mission members spoke to freshmen Orientation DOROTHY ROBERTSON Commissioner of Clubs Speaker of Legislature JACK COBERLY Commissioner of Athletics DOUG LAUNCHBAUGH Commissioner of Athletics PAM WARD Commissionr of Fine Arts TOM PEDRINI Commissioner of Activities LIZ NELSON Commissioner of Activities LARRY REULAND Commissioner of Clubs and Fundamental Speech classes. A pep council was formed with the express purpose of promot- ing a higher degree of school spirit and participa- tion. So energetic were the first semester commis- sioners that they were able to sell over 3000 "Lick Keppel" suckers and profit enough to award two Commission scholarships to deserving seniors, in- stead ofthe usual one. For the first time in many years this Commission successfully planned ci "Christmas Dream," as well as the semi-annual backwards dance, "Around the World in 180 Minutes." The spring Commission members, as well as the winter ones, avidly supported the sports program during their respective terms of office. Homecom- ing, Spring Sports Night, and the selection of Miss Pep, and many others were all handled by student leaders. Many mornings were spent in the Com- mission-sponsored Honor Study Hall and the flag raising by sleepy-eyed commissioners. Both Commissions learned something that many others have never even attempted to learn. l96l was a year in which commissioners struck out in new endeavors, visualized new horizons, and acquired the distinction of being a group of students sincerely devoted to a purpose. bf X I V - ' Y i . - " 1 .L D' , ,Y 'ifqfjk 'T . .W .- 55 5 , Nj -jp r-:H 'LQ-.Z-ff ,f-.fs-1'-' 5 1 ' ' ' 1 . A , ., -I f - .lm V I F- ,Kr qlfzatffgf, m .X . 2 A 'v4fL1,,N1.:ga5a6.- ,paint Q.-sg ' ln: W M - U.: "' ' 1' .L f - 'Nz S. 2 K r na' : Y 1 fm- . R. r . fn ff? s x Q x""'f'v . I 'fic . Q7 . 'I A , .,,.,,,-3 Y .. .. .T f. v LIA FAI 1 'S I ,1 AY I .4f.3,1a,,,-., 31 4,9 . f 5,3 5513. , . , f . ,, ., I , ff, -X-:-LM:-ez,-4A f -. , 5 , , , rf-P"'u:'I1. 'g' 'D I- . a Q .A ' M- ' , V . . -, , , . - A - , Q 2.1.1 .ig ll V dnl , ', 1 'A N ...X - ,. , t Na' , f ' ' ' I '-1 'vc' j'f- Hit, x -' 'A I ' M "ji 1 -9. rl- N: 1 5 Q X Q 3 R Z 5 g 5 ,bx I : 'sf ' - vm Y L ., 1 E In . .... -Azz-m 'FX 'V' -4r,gg,,, - ,QA ' ' .N L.,.,..s.,., r qiuvxwmin N " IILAQ. 4 Z., V' ' X ' R I Why.:-1.,.,.A,.,, 1' f ., ' -W ' f , I" ' 1 - 1 -- A X , , f Ll A I ! X ' A f f - f? i I ' , 2 1 A , , is Q K - . - - --gm ,1 ' fx -'51,,.": ' ' 'K1 , " 7 X Aw " WE ,.,3f?-'izgjfig I . ,, . j I 9 'K 1 .ffliiliifi ""' l F in-:S wig ' A' f ' ' c gk I. 'Y Q" gg f,,,,.h., ., . I ' EH? , , .,-. . E .- 1 N 11-:ESL , wx vu? ts. ,.s3,.w77.,,rU1?.?1fAx.5mn ,gf ww! ii ' , NBL M ' . ' ' I ' " wx-S-,+R tc. 'rg' -2 v A f 4 , I , N - ' , Sq-r ras' , -. ,, ,JLTAA "7-'ws"4-174-44'fJ , M ' fvif, .br I 4' 2- . . Q J 'Ll " I , ' Wx. 4 .. , ' I 4 V 'F if ' . ' 'X N- f , gi ,XE Q R-L1 ' 1 I U Zggdhjfnzva AA Q .o, ,.1 Dld problems in a new disguise l T l LEGISLATURE Sam. Il. lleft To rightl Jim Gough lspeokerl, Cheryl Bcrkhurst, Jock Coberly, Marty Schramm. "The meering will now come To order." - familiar words To mosT oT us, buT especially To LegislaTure represenTaTives aTTending meeTings in The cafeTeria. From wiThin These walls, which have served many purposes, have come many uniqu ideas. The pasT year has been no excepTion. For The TirsT Time sTudenTs legislaTors could boasT of being The possessors of LegislaTure pins. These gave Them deserved recogniTion as members of The organizaTion, besides helping To promoTe an inTeresT in sTudenT governmenT. The "STudenT GovernmenT Dinner" broughT a closer relaTionship and unalersTanding among sTu- LEGISLATURE Sem. I. llefT To rightl Dorothy Robertson lspeokerl, Howard Miller, Diane Finn, Jim Gough. denT leaders, adminisTraTive and legislaTive. An- oTher place where Commission and LegislaTure were broughT closer TogeTher was The Commission reoprT given aT each meeTing. Who will TorgeT The rousing game of baseball played by Commission and LegislaTure members aT The "SporTs NighT"? This baTTle of The baTs was anoTher sTep in bring- ing abouT beTTer co-operaTion beween The Two poliTical bodies. The LegislaTure was conTronTed wiTh recurrences of old problems and Tried To handle Them in a new way. BUT some sTudenT leaders found ThaT many enThusiasTic Moors have been more inTeresTed in solving The mechanical problems of The school planT - such as obTaining greaTer waTer pressure in The drinking TounTains, puTTing more mirrors in The Girls' Gym, and revamping The whole cur- riculum, raTher Than in suggesTing ways of caring Tor sTudenT problems. Oh well, The LegislaTure is The meeTnig place of minds, and pracTical applicaTions To sTudenT life cannoT always be Tound in The shorT Time devoTed To Their meeTings. 81 ritz at 'rim GI Rowden, Jane Peters, Apryll Waters, Carol Barnett, Mary Owens, Barbara Reed. Row 2: Nancy Davis, Dianna Bethel, Judy Wootton, Stephanie Slater, Ann Martin, Norene Gift, Sa 82 GXQL5 C1946 is swft' ' ' 1 bg? xr U Sail J!-3 ei . if 3 if Lv Ja' M .Y fm Vg Girl's League is keyed to friendship L and high standards. fe Mews Q' :fa 5 l,-- ,501 n-Q I 1- . ' '- . 'lea' S 'A '5 " .' I ' 5 -A .li nw ?E.:'4' ' -"W" ' i fi' , I". '.U"fvat', -.- , HUA -X I "- E2 . 4: ,if .. Hs. ' .J ' -I M . -15315 Q , ' l ' ,L -, - ' f isdn? 5' .9 , .V .r f ef Y - -, ' J, -'55E1:1.. . :ifffffu ,Qz11g.gZg11':15-.-15191-51:''- . 5,.:,' "-'-'fr-:-.4-...-.-.:f..sf':2'f" "Excuse me, but can you please tell me where the principal's office is?" a conscientious young boy asked. The young girl he had addressed started to answer, and then all of a sudden clamped her mouth tight and ran. To the unwary visitor on campus the young girl might have seemed a bit odd, but in reality she was only com- plying with the rules of the Girls' League "Hush Day." Yes, for a complete day girls were not allowed to converse with members of the male sex. This not only brought silence to the Alham- bra High School campus, but the backing for further Girls' League proiects. The Girls' League, representing all girls at AHS, has been especially active in school life. Under the direction of Mrs. Luttrell, the Commissioner of Girls and the Girls' League officers and board meet to unite all girls at Alhambra through activi- ties. The Freshman Girls' Tea, Fashion Show as- sembly, and Senior Tea are a few of the activities in which the girls are invited to participate. "The Girl of the Month" is one of the ways that the League is able to recognize significant leadership and scholastic ability among the girls at AHS. Through the new Girls' League Creed Award they are now able to recognize every semester a girl who has exemplified the qualities in the Creed. The Girls' League, for the best representation of the Girls at Alhambra, have united under the new creed: I would be true for there are those who trust me. I would be pure for there are those who care. I would be strong for there is much to suffer. I would be brave for there is much to dare. I would be friend to all the foe, the friendless. I would be giving and forget the gift. I would be humble for l know my weakness. I would look up and laugh and love and lift. RLS' LEAGUE SEMESTER I lleft to rightl Row l: Bobbie ndy James, Judy Conway, Donna Payne, Diane Finn. I ' X ,,.i P fi-es gra M lift' High school years can f'-bit . ' Q be converted to having fun. A A A new and fiery spirit was evidenced this year in the Boys' Federation, and remarkable strides were made in at least planning worthwhile activ- ities. This group of over one Thousand boys, to which every male student in AHS automatically belongs, is governed by an executive board of officers which is nominated by petition and elected by the members. In the past the Federation has been greatly maligned for its indifference as a student organization and its inability to work in a spirited way toward a beneficial achievement. Boys' Federation merely existed in name only, col- lecting dust while it really could have been mak- ing a clean sweep of unique ideas for activities. However, in l96l the "Boys' Fed," charged with fresh imagination, a sincere will to work, and two worthy leaders, emerged from the ranks with some noteworthy accomplishments. The corps of officers was able to capture the sponsorship of the Varsity-Faculty basketball game with the eve- ning turning out to be one of the most successful events of the entire year. Furthermore, the annual Federation assembly, which is regularly sponsored by this group, was one of many other outstanding features of the yea r. Doug Juengst. As in previous years, Boys' Federation took the responsibility of selecting a Boy of the Month, whose picture and an article reviewing his ac- complishments were featured in the MOOR. This selection is made by the Commissioner of Boys and two representatives from each class level, all, naturally, members of Boys' Federation. Besides all of these remarkable goals reached by this year's industrious Boys' Federation, there is iust one more field of activity in which they again rose to victorious heights - the field of cars. For years the males of AHS have voiced their opinion that they should be allowed to compete for an award for the best car on the campus. At last their wish has been granted. Each quarter one car was selected as the best "Car of the Campus." The iudges did not choose the winners merely on looks, however, for planning had prev- iously gone into a all-around selection of a car that would be both safe, smooth performing, and well-kept up. Another job well done! As each year passes, this organization is nearer its goal of getting more boys at AHS to participate in school life and activities. Did someone say there is a Girls' League? Never heard of it! BOYS' FEDERATION SEMESTER I lleft to rightl: Row l M ke Artley, Von Fuhriman, Richard Chenoweth. Row 2 Bob Van Dormolen, Bob Vaughn, Jim Fraser, Rodney Scully Row 2: Judy Wootton, Teresa Sellers, Gene Cary, Carole Bar- nett, Claudia Milnes, Salese Kastner, Mary Owens, Cheryl Barkhurst, Stephanie Slater, Jackie Hinson. BOYS' FEDERATION Sem. II-ileft to rightl Row 'l: Bob Van Dormolen, Mike Artley, Jim Fraser, Richard Chenoweth. Row 2: Robert Vaughn, Gordan Samuelson, John Jennings, Doug Juengst, Rod Scully. -I1 . JUBILANT WINNER-Regina Fletcher walks off with the first Girls' League Creed Award to be given al' AHS. ' E L. . .1-ff-flizir-5 GIRLS' LEAGUE Sem. II lleft to rightl Row 1: Dianna Bethel, Marilynn Klupta, Judy Conway, Joanie Sparks, Bobbie Rowden. Boys' Fed -mix SECOND QUARTER SELECTION-Tim Miller's '57 Ford has 0 310 cu. in. engine cmd floor trans- mission. Selecfs F Molor Ma rvels FIRST QUARTER SELECTION--Craig Grey's '40 l Ford, with hydrcmotic, is powered by G Cad- illac engine. THIRD QUARTER CHOICE-Jim Mullins' '50 Chevrolet sports dual carburetion and excellent 7 . paint iob. 'ix ,gl55pIx 'ffl - ,, I X F? ' I - I u,!:""i l Bad? JLEEJJ F + 2 .:.A, 4- ' l . A as Deadlines come and go buT ft . s , I '.v,..,3 -A 1- The M00 R go es o n forever ' ,f'. 1 " 'f" ,J 'A MOOR Editors lleft To rightl Paula Bupp, Becky Aieilo, Mr. Ted Taiina ladv.1 1 P in-rx DISTRIBUTION OF THE MOOR brightens Tuesday lunch periods. Student body ca:d holders Fletcher. Typewriters clattering, mad tcilking on The phone, people running in ond out, Trontic discus- sion over policy . . . all for one important reason - To geT The Alhambra High School MOOR ouT on Time. The TronTic midnight sessions, The last minute story that must go in, The Trips To The printer and Monterey Pork Progress, final headlines ond cap- Tions, endless poiste-ups - all This goes inTo The MOOR eoch week. Holes have been punched in student body cards, nickels collected, and The final MOOR distributed ot lunchtime, ond The cub re- porter, all The woy up The line to The editor, finds himself sTc1rTing The rat roce all over cigoin. Behind The busy Typewriters and The incessant talking, however, drones a continuous monotone . . . 'T' . . . 'T' . . . 'T' ..., The nickname of Mr. Ted 'T' Taiima, adviser, counselor, friend. Developing strength and confidence, poise and assurance in every MOOR staffer, 'T' helps keep The quality of The MOOR up To its prize-winning reputation. ln The past year every single stoff member faced and conquered The seemingly overwhelming odds against every issue's publication. Lack of finances, not enough advertising, ond Too much copy were familiar problems attacked with all The fortitude czncl vehemence of ci Truly devoted journalism stu- dent. IT is This Tecimwork and sincere dedication on The port of everyone connected with The news- paper thot makes The MOOR a viTol representative of AHS school life. eagerly await their newspaper from Mary Wogener lleftl and Regina QE-sa W. ij It ,sf 1,4 'Q JOURNALISM Per. 4 lleft to righil Row I: Mike Vaccairello, Larry Ofsfeclahl, Neil Paffenson, Sue Jones, Linda Collins, Cheryl Barkhurst, Cheryl Haws, David Warforcl, Elaine Benioff, Diane Davis. Row 2: Rachael Hoos, Ann Campbell, Judy Conway, Stephanie Benson, Lee Nichols, Marilyn Florio, Jim Kuenherf, Larry Cartwright, Don Eckroacl, Sharon Murphy, Kathy Baker, Carol Campbell, Mr. Ted Taiima ladv.l. JOURNALISM Per. 5 lleft to rightl Barbara Reed lat typewriterl, Lynne Bouse, Apryll Waters, Marilyn Funk, Mike Miller, Becky Aiello, Tom Pedrini, Diane Beniamin, Mr. Ted Taiima ladv.l, Vicki Johnson. 87 i- f- - 2': :-f1 "'1 ?i: :'fu , Og ..i.i e .. k The awkwa rd ina rticulate become . S the polished speaker. i Or fQ 4 A ' -' 0 0 r i U-, Y I E -n-ii .J v ifnfn ul' an 1 5-:eff-Ja 'THE N--:fd Ei 517' .,.,t,.,..,,t,h.,,.,, .,,, Menu! .,,dr.q, ., J un. .n Pi ' 'ua-r"m- in 'v ii:if-':,--'.sf-ff: 'lm ul-J " 'Jeni' T is-Q, wana.-ra' ,mai '-if Y. -.a,wA'--- . " f - l 'ti wnliitffigih Q ,n--' nql v et 98 E nil IAIQII fi'i Fin' :fi 'Fifi' ' gig rm' I-I LEW SARGENTICH Distinguished Speaker Amid The rush of research and preparation, The hurried Typing and memorizing of speeches, and in The swirl of service club lunches and speech tourneys, The AHS debater stands as evidence that teen-agers do concern Themselves with events more distant Than tonight's date, and questions more momentous Than whether The campus will be dirty. To The uninitiated perhaps, The debater is an odd creature who carries a large metal box from class to class and is excused from school per- iodically to attend his "tournaments" And yet no Team effort from The AHS campus has succeeded so consistently in competition, nor does any other produce as intelligent poise, and aware Thinking as can be found in Mr. Anton Hagglund's coterie of commentators. During The busy debate year The squad attends contests varying in location from The local Elks Club to The University of Redlands or The State competition aT Santa Barbara. Again This year The debaters have demonstrated Their perennial enthusiasm and have been amply rewarded with a shower of Trophies and certificates. Topics of TES Sf ' gifs. ' iii? 1:44 4 ws.. Q time PETE WILLIAMS Distinguished Speaker discussion range from what we should do about the United Nations To what we should do about the newest space flight. Speakers have interpreted dramatic and humorous selections, and recon- structed the verbal effect of countless "vital" speeches. A little-known fact about debate activity is that, though demanding, it is among The most reward- ing of extra-curricular activities, and not so much in prizes as in results. The student enters speech an awkward inarticulate, and graduates a pol- ished and experienced speaker. Of course, the formula for forensic development includes not only hard work, but also the talents of the most capable Mr. Hagglund, who gives invaluable counsel and guidance and, contless times, extra hours to "The activity." Above all, perhaps, the debate squad wishes to go on record as not being a crew of Clarence Dar- row's and Patrice Lumumba's. It is a group of sincere, hard-working, diligent students who be- lieve in the benefits of competitive and service speech. vnu- VARSITY DEBATE lleft to righil Row 1: Marlene Liserani, Mary Valentine, Lusia Gross. Row 2: Carolyn Butler, Lew Sargen- fich, Pete Williams, Ray Paracla, Carol Thompson, J. V. DEBATE lleft to rightl Row T: Donna Kefcham, Mary Wenck. Row 2: Mike Couzens, Ed Smiih, Richard Munson, Gary Schmidgall. 2,- x l i l . i l and ,,,-Q-rp' IFC JR. BOYS GLEE lleft to rightl Row l: Frank Francone, Robert Sullivan, Gary Hopp, John McCabe, Richard Steinberg, Mark Glyer, Hartley Washburn, Richard Ricci. Row 2: David Dicus, William Bartelson, Donald Atkins, Donald Cronk, George Schussler, William Grimrnell, Norman Moore, Stan Barber. Row 3: Dennis Petersen, Fred Haight, Dwight Taylor, Hugh McConnell, Michael McClure, Jim Hess, Daniel Shaw, Cliff Ballard, Row 4: Ruben Raymond, Larry Archer, Jim Leeds, Terry Carson, George Calvert, Warren Benson, Kent Jones, David Provines. l I frieda Slaman Pat Me ers David Graham Marath Hail Karen Zerbel Row 2 Jane Clay Linda Foltz Charlene lmus Larry Gleffe CHOIR lleft to rightl Row : S'eg ' , y ,,,. : , , , , Jim Sonsteng, Don lmus, Jim Wenck, Mary Alice McKee, Sharon Wanamaker. Row 3: Jan Ecllen, Stephanie Slater, Kathy Parker, Donna Middleton, Linda Brown, Neville Coppin, Marty Schramm, Steve Foltz, Charles Corbin, John Crawford, Bobbie Rowden, Carol Rudolph, Susan Mclntyre, Noreen Gift. Row 4: Karen Spencer, Joyce Gillett, Joy Ploss, Ellen Konicny, Carolyn Butler, Marla McMillan, Dennis Davis, David Nelson, Sam Rosselli, Charles Wagoner, Arnold Schmidt, Don Murphy, Bob McCormac, Nancy Thompson, Sue Graham, Barbara Rode, Jan Stotts, Ana Alsina. 90 ' 51 --'- - H, W 5 '3i5"1-5:"':":5Z5-- ""R"'+w -'...,,, 'f -V-r:-3-"5 ' " - - ,,,., l.--:f-25:25, :,.- V "'i"'i4' M i . ' ,:gE,3n ,- Q N .. . ,5,:g-f-:- . 5 t ,. f . j if .f r ,g S 5 51,333 nllef lVlElTZ, lVlUIy Lyllll CVC-HIS, LJIUIIU Qlllllll, LIIUIIU IUUIICY, JULIY IWIIUUIBUII, JIIIIICY IUUQIII, LIUIIIIU QPJUIRB, L.llIUU IIUIIIC. NUVV :JZ IXUY LJUCLJICI, UCIIY IIVUIII, IXUIIIY Nisbett Kath Kidna Mimi Schramm Suzanne Van f Marsha Barboue Rochelle Ramriez Melinda A ers Lenora Bonani, Kris Olson, Bernadine Crouch, Deanna I Y Yi I 3 1 I 1 Y , Le Roy, Susan Davis. Row 4: Nancy Ellis, Beverly Berry, Cherie McMillan, Sue Adams, Cheryl Hammerstrom, Elaine Di Ciocse, Brenda Lewis, Pat O'l-lalloren, Bonnie Wells, Wende Hutchins, Jackie Harris, Susan Maxwell, Barbara Davis, Judy Cook,Veronica McLean, Molley O'Faye. JR. GIRLS GLEE lleft to rightl Row lr Diane Kavanaugh, Barbara Evans, Laverne Cameron, Rebecca Gleffe, Julie Keller, Jolene Garofola, Theresa Carotenuti, Dar- lene Miller, Suzanne Prince, Margaret Padilla, Jean Lankford. R-ow 2: Linda Van Dyken, Kathleen Stanfield, Donna Belcamina, Beatrice Candalci, Rosemary Lucas, Rita Isabel Salinas, Barbara Alberini, Shirley Santangelo, Lynn Grainger, Marcia Medlo:k, Sandra Clark. Row 3: Nancy Montgomery, Velma Rizzi, Shirley Bridges, Mary Johnson, Anne Bonfiglio, Melody Bagley, Joanne Ballesteros, Rosa Almanzo, Yolanda Gonzales, Esperanzo Barajas, Lydia Elais, Janet Boxman. Row 4: Caroline Pottle, Delores Harry, Constance Carroll, Mureen Case, Margret Black, Sharon Murphy, Margaret Lancaster, Joyce Saunders, Roberta Millan, Elino Stark, Joan Larn- brecht, Linda O'Brien, Jan Cushman, Eileen Kraus. 91 ., xl me 4 w .ag Y ORCHESTRA-VIOLIN: Caren Allenthorp, June Apegian, James Fapardo, Valerie Jeffrey, Sam Katz, Pamela Morosin, Nancy Porter, Rae Ryder, Nancy Jo Stevenson, Vernette Teigs, William Tulley, Richard Van Sickle. VIOLA: Donna Eby, Robert Vaughan, Moanna Harris, Martha Holliday, Thyra Rowden, Phyllis Yocum. STRING BASS: Michael McElroy, Tom Pedrini, John Schiavo. FLUTE: Mark Cristol, Julie Edwards, Margaret Moore, Karen Olson. CLARINET: Gerald Bennett, Rosemary Cannon, J. D. Goddard. BASS CLARINET: Linda Waline. OBOE: David Lewis. ALTO SAXAPHONE: Joseph Bellavia. FRENCH HORN: Wayne Ayers, James McCormac, Robert McCormac. TRUMPET: Michael Basnight, Stephen Hansen, Thomas Hunsaker. TROMBONE: Glenn Calkins, Bruce Cristal. TUBA: Kenneth Renfro. PERCUSSION: Peter Brown, Charles Cadman. PIANO: Fred Mershon, SR. GIRLS' GLEE lleft to rightl Row I: Tanya Danforth, Lincla Burnett, Mary Owens, Pat Adams. Row 2: Chris Knafflock, Linda Cochran, Carol Strickley, Pat Lopez, Rhonda Hamilton, Judy Diapu, Donna Lowis, Shirlee Stirmer. Row 3: Alice Adams, Debbie Lee, Marjorie Wettion, Susan Gembrine, Connie Scheele, Donna Payne, Cheryl Hughes, Janice Lice, Sylvia Piniera, Mary Finnan, Karen Sonntag, Linda Stewart. Row 4: Elaine Duarte, Barbara Hughes, Diane McMiIIian, Carol Lieberg, Bar- bara Brown, Diane Burroughs, Judy Vessey, Bonnie Binkerd, Chris Paull, Mary O'Hallaren, Beverly Page, Anita Thompson, Sue Bland, Joan Beets, Phyllis Norton. 92 l l l l BANK llefr to righll Row 1: Barbara Reed, Teresa Sellers. Row 2: Darlene Bethel, Sharon De Bernardi, Donna Mead, Marilyn Apraro, Mr. Wilhife ladv.l. STUDENT STORE lleft to right! Row lr Mr, Willhite ladv.l, Bill Longacre, Don Le Blanc, Michael Dicus, Warren Benson, Steve Mannino, Gina Maggio, AI Menconi, Bon nie Ashworth, Rick Dorwarcl, Sue Ellis. 93 L c f Moors made Christmas merry in 'Nl' in Korea and Greece. ,,. 5, iqstfixsic, tgp x nk ...tae 1 2- 4 xx, Lug'-,, '1 1 X , 1 23 uw, wg .s 9 .4 it cs 1 -ia, X X Xa f it V H 4 , .-1.-'z-gaps xg. 4 ,.2. , i K , 2 2 ff i t 4,3 - 1' u . ' . F. X i ' 1 X rr Lxz' . ' If K 'il X 44. A lil ul 1 r Q " - H - X. I , A 5 X., s -' X X " A MERRY SMILE FOR A MERRY CHRISTMAS-Mr. Al- fred Chavez lleftl shows a Navaio visitor a sample of Moor generosity. if -:- J.: -:ve-: i.: si is is N The Christmas season was bright at AHS, it was perhaps a little brighter in Navaioland and in at least one heart in Korea and one in Greece. Gifts of food and clothing steadily filled the great space in the Court of the Moors on the day before Christmas vacation. This was typical of the AHS spirit - something not new but increasing with each passing year. Under the direction of the hard-Working Christ- mas Committee, Moors opened their hearts a little wider to include Kim Kou Chul, our Korean boy, and Magdalene Gourgouletou, our new Greecian friend, two of the less fortunate from impover- ished areas of the world. As in past years we gave plentifully and willingly to the Navaios. We know that this made all Moors' Christmas just a little brighter. ." X is w 1 sis J A SPECIAL CHRISTMAS was had by the Nava- jos of Oraibi, Arizona ltopl and our adopted sister, Magdalene Gourgouletou of Greece lletti, and brother, Kim Kou Chul of Korea Korea lcenterl, because of the unselfish clona- tions of AHS faculty and students. ki . as .sms .n ii' CHRISTMAS DREAM ROYALTY-Reigning over the cnnuol Christmas donce were lleft to right! Row lz Porn Word, Queen Paulette Olson, Liz Nelson. Row 2: Sharon Lyon, Condy Collier, Dottie Robertson. VARSITY CAROLERS-Members of The Varsity Club provide music for the Christmas Giving Assembly. 95 QF' H Sf X5 X S "Please can'T l Turn in my homeworkTomorrow? l was up unTil Twelve lasT nighT aT The TalenT Show rehearsal!" "Are you sure ThaT you don'T have any more leopard skin? l need ThirTy yards of iT for The TalenT Show." "Yes, yes, ThaT's righT. I wanT ThaT lace Tor ouT- TiTs Tor our VarsiTy Club boys. WhaT'? Oh, iT's Tor Their can-can dresses, of course." Any of Alhambra's ciTizenTry who were noT in- volved in The AFS TalenT Show This year land There weren'T manyl were ofTen surprised by The slighTly hysTerical qualiTy in These voices. However, aTTer endless rehearsals and shopping expediTions The TalenTed Moors aT lasT were organized and ready To perform. And perform They did. SuTTicienT money was raised To bring Two more foreign sTudenTs To AHS nexT year. ATTer wiTnessing Carlo Secchi's lTalian inrerpre- TaTion of an American cowboy, and Ana Alsina's ArgenTine version of The blues everyone had To admiT ThaT "People Are The Same!" For The pasT Tour years AHS has served as hosT school To foreign sTudenTs Trom Europe and SouTh 1 Moors cavorT for AFS program. ' we 'E 'il 1. Si 5 AFS STUDENTS lleft to righfl Lynne Bouse, AHS student to Greece, Ana Alsinc: from Argemina, and Carlo Secchi from America. And each year in reTurn we have senT one Moor abroad To learn of The cusToms of oTher naTions. This year Ana and Carlo are Taking parT in school acTiviTies and Talking To Alhambra organi- zaTions abouT Their own school acTiviTies and com- muniTy life. CerTainly every sTudenT aT AHS has beneTiTed Trom Their presence. Through The Amer- ican Field Service program, The American high school now can give iTs sTudenTs a realisTic under- sTanding of foreign peoples. Walk TogeTher, Talk TogeTher, "On ye peoples of The earTh: Then and only Then shall ye have peace." These words are inscribed on The cover of The American Field Service bulleTin of inTormaTion which is senT To all exchange sTudenTs. Alhambra High School has been TorTunaTe To be a parT of The program which looks To The ideal of world peace Through personal undersTanding and love Tor guidance. AFS is a Torward-looking organiza- Tion aimed aT creaTing an awareness in young people oT The need Tor friendship. K I , 1.2! fag.,- fl 5 1 ,v gg wg.. Rx v kg ... 'Ni f 5 xx Y IV: 'Q N , qv x 1 1 V v . 1 V14 iw ' 4 ,p is 'm f S, ,ff ev , .f 4. .Ulu EFX if 5' ,mf-w--1 if, -'+ wx Af....,1 1- V Y nf . if qua, 'yi ,mg A N-' ., F: ,, , J i ,- ,, A, 1 'ff wg as Q52 , A, x -1 1, .fr "Ls N 1 - 7-T 1-, YM-.g'fa'C. I 'X EXT? ' ...N4 P, ,i,'f,, ww Fw Q 1 5 ' 3,115 J f ,F-V "M 'Q 1 . 1,, my W - wzfylf 4 N, y I , WZ:- , gg.. ' ' , - am ,T--3--1.....,,,-,N P X4 ' L mm :Vu-Li "i1-'SS g.,,,,:t,,w - M- ARK, :': i,3gff,x,, H '53-I V'-'Z' x ' aqui Q -If-htm. . ' 'IAA f Q I :.., 4 Q , . vel' - " V D' . - ,A 4 , '-JYY1'Nk e l m ,-, - .L h 1,-' -I . 1 V'iP, Z' , . ' 1, . P- - i . - . , - ml' ,g 3 ' h 'K X ll 1 'Q , a i T1 5 N 'N sf rag d Y' H u 4 il QW -if A x .M Q c Q , NM E, ,AA . -,,-. ,, , 1-'M' f-. sn", Q 1-.-. ., ':, .f CN NV 1 , . ,r K 4 4 n . ax' znz'. is--A A, gms, Nwgw K Y fi Q M, Ag , is 'ii if 4a uf in W, . fufg Q at ' W 1 f .:,, A .Ln 5- PAQ. Y fi . 175 x a Q ! -vb:-Q ?r M sm-1 1 M 1 ELM, f f'I H5 1' , I 'vw Jw 5 flu' If 'ij' Zi n I 4 f f Q K A., h. ,' A j if I 1' I V L .TL B 1 X 1 H' u , ,X lf: ,B S XE ag ,! fig x f, .X , 3.2 I , 1. 2' yi X 7 5 N-, iv 5 7 15 ! Q 'f . ,1 - px 31 , , - t ' V32 H if X - 2 ". N 1 Qfm .. - . 1. ' -"V .. - . ' .: j :Q 2131 1 12 Q 4 4? ' 1 'R ' K ggi H Q 1 ,, . , , 1 q I 1 , . '3- L41 I U , Va- L.: W.. "1 il., , V ' ,, 4 1 W f K- I-ifflflf ' 1 fi 'Z f gm 1 1 1, , 15, 1 25 'iff 11 1: 2 A f 1? His - . -.X-may Q 11,w:.11f1-4:1 Q5 kim, V ,I . 1' ' '32 551 A 35,5 W A if 5 '-xmgfaf, 4 K: rn: 3.125 5 5 ef! ggggfmga , 3 'lr A 52113 -1. 5 I , 1, El 3 Q ,, 5 . L A 1 ' grff ,, ' 11 L'i 15: - , A I -V fn. X I .5 , ,,. 1 1 lg L B ' K H I . WF L2 . E 5 fr 'UK K w A X Q II, V3 fvjhs . M S M Q : , I 4 ' f Y Z x 1- 3. if W ' 2 1? Y 'Af Q 1 M 1- is "NNN , as Ng !'1,.-'ogg 1 - 1 I - 9 X ...hw 1 . ..-, N-,YIK ,N ,411 , -1 ,. .-.,. 1 Y. if , if f - ,l fwf 1. 'M-'-f 1 ,,4hf:,iQi1gj5L,1m's,'Qf 7 2 as I' ii . f 1 'wff Wk S11 'W , ' A 1 1 . ' X f ' , A ' X ,Y 'I ' 1, , 1 , 'Z N X. N. fp- 1 yr ., 5 1 f 1. .4 ,X 5 A 3 . . ' , w 3 w 1 X 33' " ' 1 ' ' if 1, 4 21 - ' 1-2.112 -:1 ' 1 . . 0 - 1 u , ,. I V, , , N f I 11 H Q .1 ,k . Af: ,xy X f :V , I- I' ' 1 .. f I X ?-I I , 1 -s 2 1 1 - -- . ' , fi, 2, ',,,1 V i ,L KW ' fx W 25 f 5 f i "' W' I , -Q QF E A ' , Ky 1 1 1 in l Q, T 496961 ' le i .-Q f . ' C1 1.4, If A 3 V ,. "'- 25,-l xx' N s ' K' Q. - L2 I -If ' i3 . Q . L f,hi,?L .D '55 Qs .- e V. 1. s ff' I 1' YP? 'X .' r 44 5 ', 'fur v A .- ' 'Q A, f.. ' M632 -'ggx' W" I 2 bw, 1 ' Q ,mt 'H 1 X LA V gg vc, .5 fig? J gig qi J, x - f A 'Y : - X f 5 ,V KE,-, K K 51' - 6- 2- XX, - f"ia4' ,- ... ' K 'if bf 3' 1 Q. 4' mf? if X fy - , ,T J M? ? ,X I .1,'v19 Mg, 5.- 9 A, v P lp A. nvzi 5 5. at v-'fi ,gk .iv 'gm . '- , V' gf If ' I 5 ,W N Q.- "aha- x, . U ,KS :Quin ' Q f L-7' , I -HX JN Wm Lg fp 'ft .Fa 5 1- 24, '7'1V4 19 fx aw: 4 1 nv- .E W 5 xx ss ss my E .. H . an -.r1:..:.f-' 5 0" . . M L , , ' "z Hu-'K .,. ,wfliiliitw SP I' A, "' 1 1 Jn-R Q' . , Y xi- Jssl . A it if 5626! . Q .,,.. , . w+:fs.Q'a- -A ' W l ' M32 UI! W 'ri ,mf H' H F' . ' will fLf:f"'T P' , P, Y PES? K ff. , 3 -3 '. H 2 53" Q 'zrh 'z fi ' M if 1: wwf x 'HQ , 'Past 1 r 1 Eff? 'H 'f ' ar w.. A, ..j N- if ' . wfaff- - -. 4 7 7 4 L F f " , ' 9, 'ft'-9 N1 ' Irv' if 1. gil: '55.NR!5"1i"'- .W A .ek A. :?Fi3f 'K Eg f - 1 ' gf - ' Wgq val: H 2: 5: :-: ' if B -' f ' wks, 2' K J w muff 3445248 if F e 5 issiitts igsf f ff T Q fi: me 'Q r b ww Qmfiwfp , 5 xv? 4 ? , f il W ' r .nlif-tw., 44 If 'N 4 ' ' X., .1- at 35 'f ' If 7' ' 1-.S Lf: I-A,-1 4 ' il' , ,yy sLs-f-- A l 1 3 WE , B423 : ," Q KU 4135 , , . if 5 55, ll 'ij ,.. keel, I fi ,Q V ' I 7' ll Q P . . -I if w ,lf Do you know how many Moors If were thrilled by the Senior Play? Did you know that "tho average grazing cow takes sixty bites a minute, chews her cud seven hours, and lies down tor twelve", or that "theres a hundred and ninety-tive million dollars spent annually on honeymoons", and that "920!o ot all flowers bought are bought as gitts"'? You would have learned these unusual statistics, os well as many others, it you had attended the Senior Class play entitled "Ask Any Girl." These were not the only statistics learned by play cast members however. The most startling to be faced was the tact that there were only six weeks of rehearsals, instead ot the usual eight or nine. Aspiring thespions also realized that again there were going to be difficulties in producing a play away from home, that this set would be a tedious one to construct, and that they would be called upon to overcome these set-backs, and many more. Enthusiasm ran high, however, and the idea ot producing a new play added even more interest. The problems would never have been solved, nor the excitement ever been incurred had not two people sacrificed their personal interests for the welfare ot the play. Mrs. Eunice Wilson and Mrs. Ruth Boone are readily accepted as the backbone of any AHS Senior Play, not excluding this one. The romantic-comedy is the story ot ci young, small-town girl named Meg Wheeler and her et- torts to "hook" a dashing, Manhattan playboy named Evan. With the assistance of Evan's older brother Miles Doughton, Meg conducts an "M.R.", motivation research, and becomes a composite ot every woman Evan has ever dated. Meg and Evan's romance is not the only one being carried on in the Madison Avenue Girls Hotel. Also caught in the "love of things" is Jeannie and Alvin, two Iowa sweethearts with a common interest in tood, and Ado and Vince, two complete individuals who are modern art enthusiasts. Meg's family helps to keep their independent daughter in hand while Ruby, Lisa, and Heidi, residents ot the hotel, try to suggest ways to avoid having Meg's heart broken. Does Meg end up with the man ot her dreams - well ot course she does. Ask any girl? -1. SR PLAY CAST Cleft to rightl Row 1: Gail Mings, Pollieann McElfresh, Liz Nelson, Nancy Winsor, Doug Benedict, Sandy James, Steve Hall. Row 2: Carol McAlpine, Sue Sprints, Gail Bishop, Diana Forren, Mrs. Eunice Wilson lclir.l, Chris Gates, Gloria Landres, Bill Timmins, Pam Ward, Stan Barber, Pam Stone, Diane Benjamin. T02 4- , Qi' i gain! X fl LK A "-'Nd 1 55 a NW 5? 'Q 1 -424 'f' it -U -1, . Ui' iff Q 5 X 7' A "H ' ' AA A :,J"'X-Xt AM-'Q 19, 'silf' -l ba Q 'Y Ni a . a H W . Il 'V iifi Kwgwm . Q ,f A ,,.. -lv my l-, 5 D' iavvfb u QFX iiw QV x'ig iff K mia U ' 1' Wh N0 uf W M 8 Qi "-- g ,-"' Q' K Ha an I U . A g1'.m2,m lg A 5, Q 5 E 0 I 'Q f 6 W wa, K gf' K as kg - 7' i 5 0 lk 9' .. V M 4? f . W '53 5 'Q' A 41, s fx an ' H , .' , O W e QMH55 5 ' R. 0 9' Q' I ' .NV . 0, 4 W 1 .QL ' 0' 4 S 0 Q . , Q U 9 Q m 0 Q. Q . ' x Q" I A ' . lt 1 3' Q V E ' s , 0 9 3' J s 0 h ' r ., Q " ls . ,Ill www ' QT' 4-as ,F W 1 Q Q , 2 5 'I Cm 5 'DJ -'Ev . 4 wfiaf I I ' -4.91 f 4532 .I was ! if fi wad V fe 5 .4 J .,4.,e :xt ,'9-we 1. 4 n 4 a -,ujfrlwn fb.-1 4 I nur r,w,,,'f' xv:-4 :.,,"'nne. I 4 1 o,.l'l':unnuf .,zH'l' ,uw Immun., on q,iA'laaunruun .,H'llziq'nu,,-1 .H:UIucxnn-,aura ,milllsnnwnnnn an lllunuunn-n g,':'llIaxlun if -,..l!1lsunuuufH ,aqjiluupnnun qi.llllllluus ,i'llnunnua.: ,U:::gamunuN nur' ::...':lll 4 :?luqnnun- H .'lnaane .:lfns. l I hlvlf a up 4-.xf.L':1"' g'1"'i3'f5, Wi ...Km v -'f " ,"Hluaur 3-- -H H .H u H llliilf 1 lla yf::1lul , 'fllq 1 ,' as ug, ,,:"'f4um ,,m'lll ,Ushua- ., 'Winn 'Iam-. W,- R." vnu rl umm B awww av llwu ' me huh in ku: w,,.., u L v nuns! -1 r l 4. n 1 -v N n luuu uann 1 urh' .. ,gas us' ,ua en. ,, f. r fn, 1-nl -.H a n I. fu fu .I an ,,, s H53 L Mg LV' 'Jaw' f'x..' " J .. r- f ' .NN "S R .' - i , ' -N F Q. ST ENGTH R Leaders clhzens scholars- xlf LQ ' ' LAUREADOS 7 -,, ' HONOR " A H Q - i if The honored ones Leadership, cifizenship and scholarship are The Three pre-requisites for membership in Los Laurea- dos, Alhambra High School's senior honor society. These requiremenTs are analyzed by The Junior Council, a senior group, and a faculty commitTee as They discuss and finally selecf Those seniors who are To become members of This coveTed organiza- Tion. Careful scruTiny is put inTo The selection of The handful of seniors who exemplify The ideals of Los Laureados. ApproximaTely one ouT of every forty seniors is recognized as having The record and characTerisTics indicative of a Los Laureados member. The inTeresT, Time, and labor of These honored few are rewarded by The exclusive priv- ilege of membership in Los Laureados. Anofher honor socieTy, The Scholarship SocieTy, once again headed for The beach playgrounds as well-direcTed TruanTs of This special group. Those studenfs who have been able To earn The required 3 A's and l B are allowed To relax one day each semester They are able To mainTain The proper grades. Recently a distinction has been made be- tween academic and non-academic courses which has influenced The number of Those eligible. Each CSF, or California Scholarship Federation, member musT earn six of his Ten poinTs in academic courses. Each A counTs Three poinTs, each B is one point. Many of The enTreaTies of Those ThaT "almosT" make iT can be heard on The day grade cards are issued. Those that have been members of The socieTy for four semesTers, wiTh one in Their senior year, become eligible for life membership in The Alhambra Chapfer of The CSF. At The semi-annual awards assembly The work and merits of The disTinguished seniors of bofh eminent groups are recognized as The pins for Los Laureados and life membership in CSF are pre- sented. The pride and praise of ownership of one or boTh of These pins is reward for excellent work, willingly done. LOS LAUREADOS lleft to rightl Row li Van Fuhriman, Lew Sargentich, Bill Nassir, Marti Schramm, Mark Villard. Row 2: Frances Maggie, Dorothy Robert- son, Marilyn Aprato, Peggy Barber, Ann Martin, Pam Ward, Diane Beniamin, Regina Fletcher, Vernette Tiegs, Lynne Bouse, Judy Wootton. T06 SCHOLARSHIP llett to rightl Row 'li Ann Taylor, Irene Miller, Lynne Bouse, Marie Baisley, Peggy Barber, Marlene Liserani, Elizabeth Abraham, Andrea Jahan, Julie Edwards, Patricia Delano, Lee Brown, Ann Campbell. Row 2: Vicki Johnson, Jacquelyn Hinson, Patricia Rice, Sherry Dunn, Vernette Tiegs, Bobbie R-owden, Sue Hasler, Rachel Hoos, Gloria Taylor, Cecelia Matthews, Valerie Gillespie, Elizabeth Shaw, Linda Fullmer, Fred Worthington. Row 3: Tom Murray, Douglas Benedict, How- ard Miller, Eugene Pocock, Mark Villard, Allen Flinck, Raymond Parada, Chris Kloek, Richard Munson, Harry Miller, Roy Boronich. Row 4: Chester Fenton, Mark Cris- tol, Mike Edlen, Richard Ringwald, Robert Vaughan, lvan Mendelsohn, Pete Williams, Lew Sargentich lPres.l, Burton Graves, Ben Shaw, Frank Rossi, Roy Musick, Steve Bissell. SCHOLARSHIP lleft to rightl Row iz Donna Stipp, Colleen Thompson, Roberta Holquin, Karen Olson, Carole Strickley, Jane Schildnecht, Nancy Jo Stevenson, Donna Ketcham, Connie Scheele, Judy Draper, Mary Valentine, Linda Zeigler. Row 2: Phyllis Norton, Janet Boxman, Linda Wahberg, Rae Ryder, Hilda Hoffman, Jan Edlen, Joan Sparks, Shirley Winfield, Martha Holliday, Shirley Rock, Car-ol Thompson, Carol Lieberg, Patsy Lopez. Row 3: Susan Taylor, Steve Smith, Michael Wells, John Stratton, David Shaw, Michael Cahoon, Bob McMillen, Richard Rome, Michael Smith, Mary Syvertsen, Cheryl Lehman, Patricia Thomas. Row 4: Larry Hughes, Gary Schmidgall, Michael Couzens, Victor Chong, Samuel Katz, John Schiavo, Larry Perkes, Robert Hesselgesser, Ken Farber, Harvey Witting, Mike McMahon, John White, Bob Finsten, Marshall Michaelian. Adviser, Mr. Phillips. lO7 5 Special inferesf and abilifies? Join a deparfmenfal club. l ,r A The visiTor To AHS is probably amazed aT The large numbers of sTudenTs running abouT pinning noTices on The bullefin boards, Turning in minufes, organizing sales, parTies, and publiciTy, banking money, shouTing for aTTenTion. Following The Theory ThaT each person possesses individual qualiTies and Talenfs ThaT should be acknowledged and used, Alhambra High School has a very complex club sysTem. AlThough To many a cynical sTudenT clubs may seem a wasTe of Time, a more careful examinaTion reveals ThaT The club sysTem is The only pracTical way for everyone To develop his sense of responsi- biliTy. In This way club membership is a viTal parT of educafion. Moors wiTh special inTeresTs and abilifies may ioin deparfmenfal clubs. In These clubs sTudenTs may pursue an area of inTeresTs wiTh The aid of a faculfy adviser. Those who are inTeresTed in Their fufure voca- Tions may join The Fufure Nurses' Club or The FuTure Teachers of America. BoTh of These organi- zaTions are exploraTory in naTure, enabling Their members To learn abouT The vocaTions before mak- ing a final decision. I STudenTs whose Talenfs lie in culTural fields may ioin any of The clubs wiTh a basis in The fine arTs. Orchesis cafers To girls wiTh dancing abiliTy, Wrifers' Guild To budding auThors, and Alpha Rho Tau To Teen-age arTisTs. Because of sTimulaTing Teaching aT AHS, many sTudenTs find ThaT There isn'T enough Time in The classroom To explore some subiecfs To Their saTis- facTion. IT is for This reason ThaT such clubs as The Science Club, The Forensic Club, The Girls' AThleTic AssociaTion, Junior STaTesmen of America, The Library Club, and The language clubs were broughT To our school. Every deparTmenTal club aT Alhambra High School has a faculTy adviser. The adviser works wiTh The club officers To creafe a program which will sTimulaTe and saTisfy The inferesf of iTs mem- bers. Hence, These clubs serve The double purpose of spreading knowledge and bringing The sTudenTs and faculfy closer TogeTher. FORENSIC CLUB participated in debate Tournaments all over California and attended The Forensic Banquef. lleft To right Row 1: Carol Thompson, Marlene Liserani, Mary Valentine, Lusia Gross, Mary Wenck, Donna Ketcham, Carolyn Butler, Gail Buckner. Row 2: Pete Williams, Lew Sargenfich lPres.l, Richard Munson, Sieve Mahan, Mike Couzens, Ray Paracla, Al Golden, Gary Schmidgall. Adviser, Mr. Hagglund. im-,V Y, .. Y 4s oo N,-"K 6 ,4- hrs i I FRENCH CLUB ileft to rightl Row lr Pauline McNaughton, Susan Tabulara, Lynn Peters, Carol Catto, Lusia Gross, Judith Finzi, Claudia Sherlock iPres. Sem. Ili, Kathryn Hess, Lora Hand, Elizabeth Abraham. Row 2: Andrea Jahan, Oretta Buttora, Leanie Tismeer, Annette Bouvia, Patricia Thomas, Melinda Nor- risette, Valerie Gillespie, Janet Lane, Karen Kishi. R-ow 3: Moanna Harris, Helen Hitchcock, Jackie Kersey, Kathy Abaiian, Stephanie Boyce, Carol Kava- naugh, Mary Syvertsen, Diane Davis, Janet De Matteo, Sally Reiser. Row 4: Cecelia Foxman, Steven Bissell, George Medovoy, Allen Flinck, Michael Couzens, Rex Bonnell, Richard Wharton, Mark Cristol, Kay Brown. FRENCH CLUB lleft to rightl Row 'li Sandra Warner, Jo Anna Ramick, Sandra Runclell, Pamela Ball, Shirley Winfield, Diana McConnell, Jan Stotts, Barbara Hughes, Michaelene Haskins. Row 2: Shirley Jordon, Susan Hasler, Regina Fletcher, June Abaiian, Martha Holliday, Carol Deu Pree, Carol Shock, Kathleen Zenser. Row 3: Julie Keller, Sharon Rutherford, Kathleen Juber, Ruth Berg, Trina Fenning, Sharon Del Vero, Audrey Ramsey, Suzanne McCarthy, Mary O'Hollaren. Row 4: Betty McCIary, Willie Gibson, Caren Allenthorp, Henley Duhoux, Deborah Davidson, .Janis Wiggins, Susan Dyer, Clark Chelsey, Mar- garet Lyden. Adviser, Mr. Martin. ,2f.s,,i L1 Q D O l 0 O O Q 'PAA swag.-r FUTURE NURSES made field trips to local hospitals and clinics and mode cancer dressings for the American Cancer Society. lleft to right! Row I: Carol Suerth lPres.l, June Dorian, Rosalee Allen. Row 2: Edquina Sutton, Nancy Wahler, Mary Lou Franzen, Audrey Ramsay. Row 3: Cathy Corey, Jan Marston, Sylvia Paulson, Vicki May, Linda Bonfiglio, Rose Camella. Adviser, Miss Nosek. FUTURE TEACHERS visited local schools, observed teachers in actiow, and conducted panels on education. lleft to rightl Row 1: David Gell, Rachel Hoes lPres. Sem. lll, Doreen Ballenger lPres. Sem Il, Sherry Dunn. Row 2: Bill Curry, Tom Calo, Nancy Goldheimer, Linda Waline, Diana Farren, Jackie Hinson. Adviser, Mr. Schnitzler. HO GERMAN CLUB held its annual dinner at the Switzerland Cafe in Los Angeles. lleft to rightl Row l: Pat Rice, Janet Boxman, Peggy Barber, Lynne Bouse, Rebecca Gleffe, Cheryl Lehman, Siegfrieda Slaman, Connie Scheele, Rae Ryder, Elaine Sassoe, Pat Allen. Row 2: Margaret Rogers, Chris Gates iPres.l, Ernie Schroeder, John Bennett, Tracy Clavs, Dan Renaud, Alfredo Chong, Frank Porta, Wayne Ayers. Row 3: Roger Inman, Pete Williams, Peter Glyer, Ron Heacock, Mannie Hirschbein, Jim Faiardo, Richard Munson, Victor Chong, Glen Elfers, Tim Washburn. Row 4: Dwight Espe, Robert Hesselgesser, Marshall Michaelian, Jim McCormac, Marvin Peale, Fred Mershon, Bennie Shaw, Bruce Cristol, Robert Houston, Allen Broge, David Willis. GERMAN CLUB lleft to rightl Row 1: Vernette Tiegs, Sheila Strain, Pat O'Hallaren, Joyce Mossberg, Sandy Solberg, Mary Ann Schildknecht, Mimi Schramm, Chrisf tine Schaffer, Alvina Baker, Valerie Jeffrey, Sharon Bauer, Jane Schildknecht, Karen Sieck. Row 2: Dick Wagenaar, Dennis Petersen, Tommy Genc, Bob Finsten, Roberta Brock, Dianna Bethel, Bobbie Rowden, Bill Boller, Gary Williams, Jim Fraser, Frank Severy. Row 3: J. D. Goddard, Mike Nick, John White, Ken Farber, Dale Fred- erick, Larry Walker, John Rapp, Greg Manderson, Walter Schroetter, Ron Stovall, Mike Dwyer, Gerald Bennett. Adviser, Mr. Lenser. lll ii Ste l E g 4 5 , s . ,Z 5 in J 1 li GAA paticipated in a "Sportsclay" and played volleyball, basketball, and softball after school. llett to rightl Row l: Kathy Baker, Jackie Fitzgerald, Joan Robert- son, Kathy Murphy, Marion Wells, Nancy Davis lPres.l Diana Davisson, Willa Kaplan, Jackie l-linscn, JoAnn Ballesteros, Linda Osman. Row 2: Elaine Nelson, Phyl- lis Ellis, Barbara Fehr, Sandy Hanis, Mary Kulper, Edith Crytzer, Judy Neff, Bonnie Wells, June Dorian, Kay Doebler, Kathy Westling, Jean Neulle, Janet Boxman. Row 3: Aileen Los, Cheryl l-lammerstrom, Betty Spindler, Joyce Thomas, Marilyn Eigmer, Marii Griffin, Donna Hunt, Linda Pippen, Gabriele Kuhn, Diane Toohey, Mary Reiman, Donna Welsh, Marie Mazzetta. Row 4: Grace Mazzetta, Janet Woodfield, Cathy Arnold, Carolyn Bullard, Marlene Sims, Janet Parks, Virginia Myles, Caro- lyn Gallesteros, Valerie Harrington, Peggy Boone, Linda Bonfiglio, Chris Nevarez. Adviser, Miss Johnson. JUNIOR RED CROSS directed the annual Jr. Red Cross Drive for AHS. lleft to rightl Charlie Greenwald, Regina Fletcher, Erik Achroyd, Lynn DeKay, Bruce Tripp, Sally Reiser, Peggy Barber, Rodney Scully, JoAnn Hoheisal lPres. Sem. lll, Jack Coberly, Sharon DeBarnardi lPres. Sem ll, Mary Owens, Wendy Barker. Adviser, Miss Morrison. ll2 .vu-un .vu-ucamrw sponsored a tri-city meeting and attended the district and state conventions where They put good government practices into action. lleft to ri htl Row I: Barb R d C 4 ' ' 9 ara o e, arol Caplan, Roberta Brock, Wendy Hagen, Marlene Lise rani, Diane Hose, Kay Brown, Vernette Tiegs, Mary Valentine, Carol Thompson. Row 2: Kay Lopez, Mary Syvertsen, Elaine Benioff, Evelyn Talarico, Valerie Gillespie, Leba Shaw, Becky Aiello, Lynne Bouse, Nancy Winsor, Penny Nelson. Row 3: Gary Schmidgall, John Stratton lPres. Sem Ill Harvey Witting, Steve Shaetzal, Dwight Espe, Ray Parada, Lee Nichols, Cindy Comer, Jackie Hinson. Row 4: Steven Smith, Jim Fraser, Jack Coberly, Pete Williams lPres. Sem. ll, Tom Peclrini, Frank Rossi, Roy Boronich, Paul Boumbulian, Lew Sargentich, Steve Mahan. Adviser, Mr. Sardisco. CLUB FOOD SALE provides enticing delicacies for Moors as well as enlarging club treasuries. 1 3 n este I" uw. ,.......w..-i g 1 -5 fa-'vt 4' '21 LATIN CLUB held an "International Night" by having dinner at Chinatown and a trip to Olivera Street. lleft to rightl Row I: Jackie Hinson, Adele Kuiawski, Carol Thompson, Rosemary Cannon, Linda Wahlberg, Donna Ketcham, Karen Olson lPres. Sem. Ill, Susan Bonander, Nancy Stevenson, Lynne Zirbel. Row 2: Martin Weber, David Shaw, Kathy Parker, Pat Meyers, Lorraine Troxel, Joy Floss, John Wolf, David Beck, Donna Hunt. Row 3: Bob McMillan, Raymond Kimball, Steve Foltz, Ivan Mendelsohn lPres. Sem, ll John Stratton, Carlo Secchi, Lee Nichols, Ray Parada, Micky Cahoon. LATIN CLUB lleft to rightl Row I: Ann Stephenson, Fayga Levy, Melinda Ayers, Gladys Carmichael, Helen Cloos, Joan Sparks, Diane Kelley, Blanca Zaks. Row 2: Les- lie Dobreer, Margaret Moore, Lyndon Smith, Judy Neff, Cathy Arnold, Linda O'Brien, Cathy Thurman, Dorothy Hinton, Mildred Sanders. Row 3: Tom Pfeil, John Bracken, Chris Collom, Larry Dicus, Ron Grout, Andy Weiss, Wayne Brown, Bob Busch, Bill Tully, Tim Hultgren. Adviser, Miss Murphy. H4 I' X 1 EYE? 8. I x A XJ 9 v ay . - ' Y J X Q. x W, ,Ka . 2592. 1 'wjjq . f, , .1--Q17 v , , if :X . Q , .Wg Q iff! Q 1 ui , 54: , is 1 . I . 5, di 1 rv - , - if ,A , , 1 , , -s Q , . . ff-, at W Y: 9 A4-Q f' HP -. f-ff x -A, rs 'Ayn 1 - , 1 . 1 4 ' -. ' I' 02' ste AR' ,I x. QI.. I ' . Li' ' i at W ' 'N ' hifi 7 H N . " V .igffex 7 ,.,'s,-fi' w J Ai X Q .-: U 1 L ' .1 1 "Y ' . AJ ' , 1 , - X 5 T A . 'qv E 6 ,.J. 5: A 4 AL sl ,,. I , . w X f nz!" IX 1. L.. " Q , ,xg ICR! x Jl',g4 I - , six. i '4 hd. A V, N . Z M . A l T ' Wi, M?-. 'Y' :, ,f'Z,gj'1 fr: -. ,,.-. 'wp v 'K , .- R aiu S v GU LD compiled and published the Silv yverfson, Lois Wilson. Row 2: Chris G ate er Pen. lleft to rightl Row 1: Pat Delano, Pat Thomas, Paula Bupp, Kathy Parker, Valerie Gillespie, Sharie Sloane, s lPres. Sem. l, Ill, Roy Boronich, Lee Nichols, Steve Berry, Frank Rossi, Mark Villard. Adviser, Mr. Ward. -1 NK'g' 'J ll V-Y 'gl SOUP TO NUTS can be bought al' The club foocl sale. I .ff v ' '35 . ' f 2 L xl W - 1 -Q 4, ' qi .- , , 1 U L. ,,, . 4 ,I ,,, T , - 1 -, ,rem-93,74 INTER-CLUB COUNCIL SEMESTER I lleft to riglwtlz Doug Juengst, Jackie Hinson, Larry Reulond, Pom Ward, Sandy Prince, Regina Fletcher, Valerie Gillespie, Bill Nassir, Frances Maggio, Gary Williams, Joyce Sutton. INTER-CLUB COUNCIL SEMESTER Il lleft to rightl Row If Craig Grey, Larry Reulancl, Howard Miller. Row 21 Pat Meyers, Nancy Wohler, Marilyn Aprato, Dorothy Robertson, Vernette Tiegs, Kathy Zenser, Peggy Yaras. -Q, -.ER "wc, 1 v mug..-in-... T! 118 rvice club membership Teaches responsibiliTy. All nine service clubs have TaculTy advisors, besides Those provided by Their sponsoring or- ganizations. The faculTy advisors serve To Tie The club more closely To The school. Also working Toward This goal is The Commissioner of Clubs, who serves as a member of The sTudenT Com- mission. He presides aT meeTings of The lnTer- Club Council, composed of all service club presi- denTs. Working TogeTher, service clubs aT Alhambra High School are busy in many worThwhile ac- TiviTies. BUT above and beyond The good a ser- vice club can do Tor oThers, iT serves a valuable purpose Tor iTs members. Club membership can Teach a sTudenT To organize his Time, Think Tor himself, and work unselfishly. 5EFlV1C5 Pix Zfffd' T1 'wwe TE it s T if U U v 4 N. ll N. . ,IQ v X D commu r P There can be no disagreemenT wiTh The sTaTe- ment ThaT service club membership requires many, many hours oT hard work. Because of The large amounT of Time iT Takes, The service club musT be an imporTanT parT of The life of every member. Moreover, every club plays ci viTal parT boTh in The high school and in The community. There are nine service clubs ThaT are acTive on The AHS campus. These clubs are sponsored by Alhambra civic organizaTions. ln This way They provide a new scope Tor The high school sTudenT, Tor as he works in The communiTy, he becomes more aware of iT. Service clubs also perform a valuable TuncTion Tor The Alhambra ciTizenry, en- abling iT To know The Teen-ager in a more Tavor- able lighT Than he is usually presenTed in news- paper headlines. CAMPUS CLUB provided clothes and food for the needy Haitians at Chrisfmas and donaTed stuffed animals To The City of Hope. lleft To rightl Row lf Gail Bishop, Lee Brown, Margaret Rogers, Peggy Yaros, Pam Stone, Valerie Gillespie iPres, Sem. ll, Valerie Mciiar. Row 2: Peggy Donato, Jeri Cantrell, Carol Thompson, Penny Nelson lPres. Sem. Ill, Lois Moran, Gloria Landres, Jo Ann Hannebohn. Row 3: Pat Crocher, Judith Russler, Sharie Sloane, Kay Lopez, Par Rice, Cheryl Kohour, Diane Kavanaugh, Evelyn Talarico. Adviser, Miss Power. if l 'iX:, r'ff"-i ', i . I :C 41 UD 'J Qi 7,1 ' - .' s ' 2 E UD ZT IYN' :': I 1 I ' Q . ' HI-HATTERS mode Christmas favors for shuteins and worked in the Alhambra C-ommunity Hospital Drive. lleft to righfl Row 1: Connie Phillips, Kerrilyn Mannschreck, Harriet Baisley, Barbara Browne, Sharon Berry, Jeannine Mclntosh, Row 2: Jacquelyn Hinson lPres. Sern. Il, Carol Deu Pree, Gerry Pease, Shirley Rock, Carol Moston, Barbara Cameron, Kathy Zenser lPres. Sem. Ill, Paula Bupp. Adviser, Mrs. Faulkinbury. JR. EXCHANGE took charge of the Fourth Street activity sign and hung Moor men around the Plaza del Moro, llelt to rightl Row 1: David de la Vega, Carlo Secchi, Larry Gleffe, Steve Rach, Gus Angelo, George Munday, Jim Green, Steve Gwin, Mike Smith. Row 2: George Villalobos, Craig Grey lPres. Sem. lll, Chuck Cochran, Rudy Curinga, Earl Kindstrom, Gary Williams lPres. Sem. ll, John Jennings, Dave Malmgreen. Row 3: John McCabe, Mike Sauber, Pete Williams, Connie Orr, Dave Hobbs, Doug Launchbaugh, Ed Smith, Bill Holland. Row 4: George Phillips, Richard Lavender, Dick Berls, Tom Bistline, Bill Bennett, Jon Davis, Don Murphy, John Phippen. Adviser, Mr, Charles. A 1 L -L JR. OPTIMISTS painted the school bleachers in the Court of the Moors and helped move equipment from the old City Hall to the new one. lleft to rightl Row l: Larry Payne, Howard Miller lPres. Sem. Ill, Charles Corbin, Andy Nelson, Mike McElroy, John Schiavo, Hayden Eaves. R-ow 2: Tom Pedrini, Bill Nassir fPres. Sem. ll, Gary Ortega, Jim Fraser, Mark Villard, Richard Ringwald, Mark Seidner. Row 3: Paul Boumbulian, Dave Lewis, John Stratton, Har- vey Witting, Richard Munson, Frank Rossi, Jack Whitaker, Chet Fenton, Marshall Michaelian. Adviser, Mr. Pontrelli. KEY CLUB took clothes to the First Presbyterian Church and worked at the General Hospital. lleft to rightl Row l: Ken Moyle, Dennis Wilkins, John Gille- land, Rod Scully, Al Menconi, David Kneale, Tim Jensen. Row 2: Garry Jones, Doug Juengst, Mike Nick, Jack Coberly, Ed Dillon, Tim Munroe, Fred Haight. Row 3: Martin Schramm, Les Gilman, Larry Reulancl lPres. Sem. Ill, Dennis Nield, Erik Ackroyd, AI Flink, Jim Gough lPres. Sem. ll, Bill Whitham, Garry Bosley, Adviser, Mr. Archer. LAS CADENITAS worked at The PTA Thriff Shop cmd donafed 200 bags of candy and a shuffleboarcl set To the Navaios af ChrisTmas. lleft To right Row l: Jackie Laher, Sharon Gerrie, Vicki Johnson, Marilyn Funk, Regina Fletcher lPres, Sem. ll, Vernefte Tiegs lPres. Sem. Ill, Sandy Guinn, Mary Wagner, Pollie McElfresh. Raw 2: Elaine Benioff, Sue Herington, Doris Grainger Pam Mor-osin, Gloria Taylor, Linda Llftleiohn, Adele Kuiawski, Ann Taylor, Carol Riga. Row 3: Linda Fullmer, Lebo Shaw, Diane Davis, Carole Caplan, Sue Hasler, Sandy Clark, Diana Griffin, Sue Ellis, Donna Farren, Diana Farren, Vinnie Cook. Adviser, Mrs. Ramsey Q ...- LAS MARAVILLAS raised club funds by having a car wash, lleft o righfl Row l: Virginia Johnson, Sandy Prince lPres. Sem. ll, Carol Suerfh, Nancy Wahler lPres. Sem. Ill, Carol McAlpine, Oretfa Butfora, Maraih Hail. Row 2: Charlene lmus, Lorraine Sf. Pierre, Julie Edwards, Marlene Sims, Shirlee Stimer, Phyllis Ellis. Row 3: Margaret Daninger, Nancy Goldheirner, Sherry Dunn, Carolyn Sims, Don- na Freshour, Sue Graham, Janet Parks. Adviser, Mrs. Forney. T22 fr . Xf'fi1' H 1-1g!', .js "Nil e 1 1 1- f.- r v 2 v 'I . S -. .gf-,R x 5 72,1 .A Jai-'.1E 1 1.'lqgA i, 'Jw 1... Q es. Q ' a Y. I w QT. ' F? I U Q M 22? Y .4 .v.l at M--ww , i Q' fi px.. . Q, M gs, Q , ' L., k - jf . 5, Y. 'jg I 5 9,9 'Bs .Qi .4- Y 3 .LL ,I I Ls E , 2 554.3 : 135 l ? 'iw 'if' . ?s?e' is i it V42 f 'I -'s USHER CLUB provides ushers for all AHS functions. ileft to rightl Standing: Frank Van Dyne, Martin Weber, Dale Frederick, Bill Curry, Ernie Schroeder, Robert Vaughn, Corbin, Greg Manderson, Larry Hughes. Kneeling: John Stratton, Mr. Bullock iadv.l. VARSITY CLUB is one of the newest clubs on the AHS campus and has spent a great deal of time in organization, ileft to righti Row 1: Stan Peltzman, Bart Spallina, Launchbaugh iPres. Sem. I, Ill, Ken Moyle, Frank Francone, Phil Reynolds, Frank Polito, Brian Linclmeier, Tom Kendall, John Thomas. Raw 2: Mike Nick, Verne Dorman Hansen, John Jennings, Bob Cooper, Niel Pontecorvo, Mike Sauber, Tim Monroe, Frank Rossi, Jerry Petievich. Row 3: Robert Rippin, Pete Williams, Stan Barber, Gary Marty Schramm, Tom Hayek, Larry Reulancl, Gary Bosley, Chuck Cochran, Rudy Curinga, Mary Haber, Dave Hobbs. Adviser, Mr. Bennett. .124 -,f"i 2? 2s12? -.1Ae2 T I A- ,"f - fe ,fljf 1.g I2l2g55j 51 he school and communify ,, f Y fmw fll llllill g , ,Q loom large in Y club acfivifies. The Y Club is a major parT of The AHS club sysTem. These clubs are a combinaTion of The service club and The social club. The ThirTeen ac- Tive Tri-Hi-Y clubs aT Alhambra High School are sponsored by The Alhambra YMCA. Membership in a Y Club is open To any sopho- more, iunior, or senior girl. Many members find ThaT iT is noT The novelfy of club membership ThaT is The mosT meaningful for Them, buT The close friendships ThaT grow during long memberships. The Y Club performs some very useful and nec- essary services for The communiTy. This year club members redecorafed The YMCA building. Many afTernoons were spenT painfing and making cur- Tains. Each club dedicaTed iTs own special TalenT for The improvemenT of The sTrucTure, and since ,. ,f.ffi'j ug ' , The YMCA is such an imporTanT parT of The ciTy, helped Alhambra iTself. BUT These clubs do noT limiT Their service To our local communiTy. Each year every Y Club donaTes parT of iTs Treasury To vvhaT is called "World Ser- vice." This money Then goes To some parTicularly needy area of The world. Since no club seems To possess a sufficienTly large Treasury, many hours musT be spenT organizing bake sales, raf- fles, and car washes To earn money for This world service. Any club member could Tell you ThaT There is iusT as much fun in belonging To a Y Club as There is work. Members are all proud of Their parTicular clubs for The good They do for oThers and The amounf of growTh They have sTimulaTed in Their members. 1 .6 SQL'-1 -ev, 'ef KEA LOHA provided a dinner for a needy family at Christmas and made I d-onarions to AFS and Maryvale Or' phanage. llefr to rightl Row l: Susan ArmsTrong, Cathy Carey lPres. Sem. ll, Pam Bellville, Lusia Gross, Lilia Holguin. Row 2: Karen SchelTens, Nancy Goldheimer, Nancy Wahler, Dayle Hays, Anna Gross, Donna Keicham, Roberta Holguin. Row 3: Pat Meyers, Charlene lmus, Florene McCarty, Judy Colbert lPres. Sem. Ill, Beverly Nelson, Janice KaTze-nberger, Diana Hose. Adviser, Penny Krupp. ceq, . V. Q 1, m 1, , , ,. V ' Q . -ev 3 f v . I :Zi ' 1 ff ' W B -11 ts 1- if ' " ' ffl' A . K 3 4 - V .3 ' 2 , 5' . as 55:5 . T .,.j,I .,. .Q 1 .. - 'ijgj ,..,. 3,3 - 53 ... ii I y . ,.., . .. ,fag rf A U , qi . .. L V , ES iw' A ' ' . v I K I I w .. V 5' mf I .2 . V . W V: i DAQ., Z -N , .Q ' e .45 . 4 A .5 - A ' . V M ' 5 ' 'i . 5' - 5 V , . if . V- Www' fi Y F . -5 . IW V .Vp E ., . 9 Q if ,H ,'-wg-V: my img-g KH 1, ' fn? 'jig .gf3:",Z'T'1 . , i A-'X H' x Q 'Z ' ... V. -. 88 ' T- AE X I : .Qi 'f T H .. W WL . 1 ' Q Q if H ' V ,S 'Ev " i s . y fi, W .1 . K A Is- V , '-'-'- I 52 Xml ',,f ef Ex fm.. 3:3 - A.: , i . I 2 ..,- U shi ' " . v - .V . 2 . V H ff W w wrlff U 4 j 3 M55 ' ,y 2 f. M flgjixl L , Mg V may H VV Q wi' E. mm 1593. E f , ,E MM E . as -gm . .V -K. we :. : K, eww H .., .H if in V zzu K Q .. if A ., A-'P " V 2: r . :-: W' r 1 35, 'K :Q X A " Q ' 1 M V V .. ,. V . A Q K5 ' E B 1 . 1, I lsk . Vw - -f f fe ' 3 . - 4 - V, , . ' ' ,., X . 1 'V 353 r V " P .. .. + .. . '9 ' . ' . -f ' -f' - ' '. - V ' Q W ' . 52222 1 ' .ff A V 4, A .V .- V IT, " A Lg 4' ' 1 ' ' ' x K. . Q A V in I V ,H . .. ...Q E .il J - . 4 Q ml Qu t . W Eg-gig ' ,. , V x 4 H. : L '-1 f K., , EW . M MH! A f Lriii, 9 ' " V' ifiw X " ri Y ' ' 552 'Q VW? . . . Q f ' 4 - yi H '- Q Y i L' Q ' X , 5: N Y 1 Va ss 4 : . ,Vx , V ' , N " '- "" -gjgiiyaw , , .- . 3 ' ""' ' ' .nl I pl '- Q5 N " . 1 ' , 4 Q . . .J i z z v. .,. R il , , .,., ' if 1 in ' 'EEE-:-r ' n . LW. W v Y-V+ , .A . V r - f V Q 1. sf! 'W "" 'z' 5 M 5 B I X ' .1 Nl ffl . 4, , ,Q E QE ' - 1 V 1 . v , ,J,'fj,, f'msa'f 3191, nw - FM A A Q.. ,V V .gm , . Q ig , E, V.. We fa: f' iwlw ., Jig ga. E .V-ff 22 F' 'V , '.."M5 -: - ' vnuzgk , . fl Y"7 fgpmhu 'i Q I ' , . 4 5 1 ,V ,f-. us v I ,I I lkvk, Y V 'Q 2 I w , 1, w,egZg,i! ' 1, i vx , i 4 ,:' ' li' 'qi "" V, 58 PI ' I ', ' ., 15-J' -Q3 -'w , .1 "Q fx 4 ' 'bf 'RTE' tr 157--W 1 -1 I5 vf1!,': 'J-1 U in-Yr.f,i it. , fl - "Jw-Z! I Wm, .V ly, V' I . 'Q . X i J -if La' El 1'-Q 244. d YA, ms' Y H15 xfwsasf-4 11 A Anza 1159 N ,H SQ my , 1: gm gm- I r V , . ,' L S : M-,K I u. -3 ml-Au-1nJ sz: , if .. A-fi .4 A wiv 'S' F ,nm R final? 555. QE Sl N' n r i 1 J J Xl -I R ell' N..- 3 - WW... +L . ,A f fieQQwf1 .f L .f . an jilylr i N L1 LANAKILA had a car wash and cake sale and made cloth slippers and stuffed animals. lleff To righfl Row iz Jean McDonald, Deanna Shepherd, Barbara Wendt, Donna Booth, Barbara Reed lPres. Sem. Il, Nancy Erickson, Linda Blizard, Sharon Vigare. Row 2: Phyllis Y-ocum, Janie Paulson, Regina Giandemenico, Linda Millsrein, Kristy Lieberg, Gay Gough, Ann Kapic, Georia Mayberry. Row 3: Lois Moran, Rosie Lucas, Sandy Doders, Linda Brown, Judy Vessey, Diane Rogers, Nancy Cunnings lPres. Sem. lil, Cheryl Hows, Linda Foltz, Adviser, Mrs. Cunnings. LAULE'A supported a needy family for Christmas and made drapes for the game room af The YMCA. lleff To righrl Row 'l: Sandy James, Laura Messina, Peggy Barber, Marilyn Aprato lPres. Sem. ll, Sandra Ceccarelli lPres. Sem. Ill, Janice Shattuck, Judy Silver, Joan Humelbaugh. Row 2: Louise Silver, Paulette Olsen, Sally Reiser, Rosalie Miceli, Marilyn Edwards, Maggie Vaicaro, Arlene Kraus, Susie Prince. Row 3: J-olene Garofola, Darlene Allenrhorp, Diana Thies, Joyce Apraro, Karen Spencer, Suzy Day, Suzanne De Neal, Diane Olivere. Adviser, Mrs. Mott. V,.,' fvf fl Q- Li - I , , 128 414, l fl' S AMIES made scrap books and sold Christmas trees. ilefr to right to rightl Row 11 Carol Srrickley, Jan Cushman, Susan Baetz, nice Anderson, Coral Shrader, Donna Stipp. Row 2: Kathleen Murphy, Lynne Zirlsel, Carol Waugh iPres. Sem. Il, Irene Jennings, il Ryan, Sondra Newkirk lPres. Sem. Ill. Row 3: Janet Larson, Rosemary Cannon, Diana Griffin, Linda Walberg, Marilyn Mayfield, ndra Kubas, Linda O'Brien. Adviser, Mrs. Pastel. ANA KEA sponsored cake and candy sales and viewed an Edison Company demonstration. Cleft to righfl Row Ir Carol Johnson, rol Caplan, Connie Gravette, Kathy Kraus lPres. Sem. ll, Diane Stroner fPres, Sem. ll, Pam Morosin. Row 2: Dolly Foxcroft, Bea ndalot, Kay Pennington, Mary Ann Kruep, Coralie Arthur, Diane Zeimantz. Row 3: Rita Sloan, Sue Brawman, Kris Goss, Belma zzi, Candy Kressener, Mauren Case, Mary Tiscornia. Adviser, Mrs. Miller. 1 ,, -Q. -1 'S- L fr" xy: W f 'is . In ., Q V . .tm ..,, ...Q-sei , a it ' it , 1 2 , a. -l Q ', N-I elf f. x Z .QQ fha., M ,. NA ALII sponsored a skating party, car wash, and had a picnic. lleft to rightl Row I: Anita Thompson, Suzie Morris, Carole Barnett, Pam Ward, Gene Cary lPres. Sem. li, Ju Wootton, Apryll Waters, Janice Rice, Mary Owens. Row 2: Judy Houghton, Pat Allen, Kay Bliss, Diane Benjamin, Ann Martin, Carolyn Rudolph, Nikki Dillard, Mary Robe son. Row 3: Claudia Sherlock, Lark Sweezey, Helen Meyers, Malinda Sutherland, Donna Payne lPres. Sem, Ill, Judy Conway, Marilyn Gibson, Diane Finn, Candy Colli Adviser, Mrs. Ward. NA HOALOHA painted the ladies lounge at the YMCA, gave a Christmas Dance, and held an exchange meeting with a Mark Keppel Y Club llett to rightl Row l: Susan Bonander, Martha H-olliday, Elaine Sassoe, Mary Wagner, Ana Alsina, Marlene Liserani, Susan Williams, Elizabeth Abraham. Row 2: Connie Scheele, Tanya Danforth, Suzanne Herington, Kathy Hess, Jackie Kersey, Sandy Clark, Doris Grainger, Rae Ryder lPres. Sem. lll. Row 3: Judy Draper, Jane Clay, Jo Anne Hoheisal, lrene Miller, Carol Williams lPres. Sem. Il, Susan Hasler, Carolyn Hill, Leba Shaw, Diana McConnell. Adviser, Carol Numrich. l3O I Q' 'Y' Lil.- 4-C 1f"? rf NANI LOA gave a Halloween Party, caroled at Thoburn Terrace, and went on a hayride. lleff to rightl Row 1: Paula Gnuse, Joan Sparks, Wendy Barker, Shirley Winfield, Claudia Milnes, Karen Sieck, Scilese Kastner, Bobbie Rowden lPres. Sem. Il. Row 2: Cindy Avard, Lynn De Kay, Dona Schilling, Kathy Milnes, Jan Stfotts, Thyra Rowden, Dottie Robertson, Sharon Gerrie. Row 3: Connie Rice, Judy Wright, Carol Lieberg, Cheryl Hughes, Pat Vander Ploeg, Marilynn Klupta, Marti Mattraw, Gail Burgoyne, Pam Stone lPres. Sem lll. Adviser, Mrs. Tiedeman. ' l , ' . f 5 ., ' 'ff' ggi. ' ' ' igigv e glii 'Q i 5 W l . ' i "1 i ' P . ' i 2' 'ifieif w2.if-Hi s? 4 'iii ' .ff ' . Weiser? 2 F . I --1 , - 1-AH z X- f vgzragwy 155. -, . . . -11 -A ' A I W . Q , ll -A' r ' .,-fw,z, E, 1:-' ly- ' . . r -it 1 1 ,..., -.ewwf .. 1 i N '73 .C ' X ' 'f A - -.V V sz- Y 'tl 'P 5' .1 celebrated their first year on the AHS campus. lleft to rightl Row T: Al Menconi, Rich Chenoweth, Dennis Wilkins, Bob Simpkins lPres.l Rich Troyner, Steve Foltz. Row Bruce Tripp, John Gibson, Jim Ozias, Mike Lionberger, Tom Rossi, Gary Jones, Gary Moomiecrm, George Sebastian. Adviser, Jack Kuekle. 131 ga ms , 'xi' ' new x-x 1, f Us ,I U An J i ,n Q .vw- 3 Eg Q 4 .4- 14 ,- .' . 1, Mb.- hd' I' .fy th, 'UI - V -:M ' I fu' wif ,gn 'ab On Friday, SepTember 23, l96O, The prelimin- ary consTrucTion of The varsiTy fooTball squad was compIeTed. ArchiTecT John Pafrick had laid The foundafion for The coming season. IT was Coach PaTrick's firsT year as head varsiTy coach afTer ThirTy years of fooTball experience. The groundwork of The T960 AHS squad was sTrengThened by nine reTurning leTTermen, how- ever, The enTire squad supporfed whaT became a fine Team spiriT and efforT. The group of varsiTy fooTballers ThaT Coach Pafrick organized had a unique season before Them. Two new uniforms were seen by sTudenT specTaTors. The firsf was seen on The fooTball field, The second in The class- room. The powder blue varsiTymen shed Their new baffle gear and dressed in dark suiTs wiTh AHS emblems on The pockeTs for school on The days of The games. The Alhambra squad began To build a 4 win, 5 loss season record wiTh a 20-8 vicTory over Chaf- fey. The wing-T formafion enabled Angelo To me MAIL Musr come mnouoi-i-well-The foo come Through for u sorely needed six points against Whittier. i FooTball new deal sends Moormen inTo Wing-T. open The season's scoring wiTh a Touchdown in The second quarfer wiTh Johns helping To lead The Moors To Their vicTory. The season progressed as Glendale-Hoover meT defeaT. Johns' Touchdown was The only score in This hard-foughT game, giving Alhambra The 7-O win. The blue and gold squad was defeaTed by Pasadena High School in The Rose Bowl. Illness and iniuries had Taken Their Toll of The varsiTy sTarTing eleven, buT only a lasT minuTe Touchdown by The Bulldogs gave Them The T3-7 vicTory. Wirh a i3-O defeaT in The San Gabriel game, The Moor varsiTy fooTballers ended Their pracTice games wiTh a 2 win and 2 loss record. The firsT league game broughT The Pafrickmen a 27-7 defeaT from The defending Pacific League champs of Monrovia. The WildcaT squad scored The firsT Time They gained possession of The ball, wiTh Launchbaugh scoring The only Moor Touch- down. iConTinued on Page 1381 VARSITY FOOTBALL lleft to rightl: Row ii Robert Rippen, Bari Spallina, Steve Samaha, Tony Comaianni, Chuck Cochran, Torn Hayek, Phil Reynolds, Don Murphy. Row 2: Steve Hansen, Brian Lindmeier, John Thomas, Verne Dorman, Bob Cooper, Neil Pontecorvo, Rudy Curinga, Gus Angelo, Frank Polito, Frank Francone. R-ow 3: Coach J. Patrick, Dave Hobbs, Ed Dillon, Charles Hastings, Tom Kendall, Leo Carroll, Marvin Haber, Doug Launchbaugh, Ken Moyle, Al Flinck, Coach R. Bennett. Row 4: Fred Mersh-on lMgr.l, Bob Houston, Tom Peterson, Jeff Schroeder, Gary Bosley, Mick Nick, John Jennings, Tom Gray, Tom Johns, Tom Dixon, Richard Cooke lMgr.l, Barry Laufer lMgr.l QV wi , ss ie? JAYVEES lleft to righrl Row la Roger Underhill, Frank Mescia, Charles Hastings, Jeff Schroeder, Eric Ackroyd, Pete Guido, Jack Coberly. Row 2: Coach E. Sowers, Bill Bartelson, Tom Peterson, Glenn Wiggins, Charles Cooper, Hayden Eaves, Larry K f r.. Swope. Row 31 Richard Ringwald, Mark Seidner, B-ob Houston, Greg Bouer, Gary Bosley, Torn Gray, Ken Farber, William W Springer. 'I ' I J l l y My-f kj 4 1,7 ,fr ' fufld ,lu . ,J yr r i , fl' J 1 ,L KTM 'J C Jill! ,Nl f ffl sl l ll Z ,ff l"' l ,llk J 'U M fftg ' X, A 7, r ' I K , MZ M1-Jflf it in " J 1 l :sm-sm -C nr lf" 1' 1 ii 'M . .' if Y Q .E I' I A - Q 5 p i 4 '11 T 2. .M ' Gus Angelo Stan Barber Leo Carroll Charles Cochran Tony Comaianni Roberi Cooper Rudy Curinga Verne Dorman Frank Francone Marvin Haber Steve Hansen Tom Hayek David Hobbs John Jennings 15. 16. 'l7. IU. 19. 20. 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29. Coach John Tom Johns Tom Kendal Doug Launc Brian Lindm Ken Moyle Mike Nick Frank Poliio Neil Ponte: Phil Rcynol Robert Ripp Sieve Soma Benny Sha Bari Spallin John Thom X f V., in earfbreaking losses fail To dim porkhiders' enfhusiasm. Arcadia scored a T9-7 vicTory over AHS. The Apaches Tallied early in The second quarTer To be- gin, and end, The scoring in The firsT half. As a resulT of The fumble recovered by Comaianni, Ben Shaw was able To smash seven yards for The only Moor score of The evening. Arcadia proceeded To score Two more Touchdowns before The final gun ended The acTion. Ben Shaw puT AHS on The scoreboard To open The Alhambra - WhiTTier conTesT. The Cardinals prompTIy reTurned The kickoff To creaTe a 7-6 lead over The Moors. The scoring pendulum reversed as Shaw pushed Through The cenTer line for six poinTs. Curinga Tallied The final AHS Touchdown in The Third quarTer, buT iT was noT enough To bal- ance WhiTTier's TwenTy-one poinTs. The poinTs afTer Touchdown cosT Alhambra The 21-T8 defeaT. Sandy James, T960 Homecoming Queen, saw The AHS va rsiTy defeaT Mark Keppel in whaT Coach PaTrick called a "greaT Team efforT." Curinga scored Two Touchdowns in The firsi half wiTh The AzTecs scoring on Their firsT play in The second half. The AHS varsiTy responded wiTh a sixTy-Three yard march, ending wiTh a Touchdown by Shaw. The game closed wiTh Alhambra on The Keppel TwenTy-seven, driving Toward seven more poinTs and a final score of Alhambra T8 and Mark Keppel l3. By Taking a l-4-6 decision over The El MonTe Lions, The Alhambra varsiTy squad finished con- sTrucTion of whaT They felT was a "successful season." Coach EmmeTT Menasco led his Bee squad To a 3 win, 6 loss season. Working wiTh a spliT-T for- maTion, The new Bee fooTball coach succeeded in beTTering lasT year's l-8 record. Coach Chuck McFaTe, assisTed by Coach Chuck Wiese, direcTed The Cee Team in a l win, 6 loss, l Tie season. Coach Ed Sowers menTored The 2 win, 5 loss .l.V. record. SWEEP AROUND END by Curinga with assistance by Show lcenTerl and Angelo lfar lefrl did noT help win The game ogainsT mighTy Monrovia. Q.. is if in lg l n '?""71l'f .,1,-Her' f-x . I , .- , I lui, .V 1 .wm- S. B7 Me-3 BEES lleft to rightl Row T: Ken Walker, Tom Bistline, Ed Smith, Allen Reese, Tim Jonson, Frank Severy, Steve Gilbreth, Ron Grout. Row 21 Coach T. Banks, Mike Smith, Chuck Usher, Roger Shoemaker, Gary Moomiean, Jesse Martinez, Gary Jons, Frank Bellinder, Joe Nuzzo, John Phippen. Row 3: Coach E. Menasco, Tom Winsor, Jim Green, Frank De Bari, Walt Osman, Clif Farmer, John Scherod, Lou Tavares, Gary Wedge, Dan Roath, Rich Haskell, Dave Drake. Row 4: Hartley Washburn lmgr.l, Doug Kendall, Clyde Davis, Bert lreland, Rich Munson, Drew Popsan, Earl Kindstrom, Randy Ruiz, Bob Baker, John Egan, Roger Inman, John Sutherland, J-oe Braccio. CEES llelt to rightl Row li Jim Dods, John Adams, Dick Wharton, Brian Tilley, Pat Blohm, Bob De Mario, Sam Sherman, Terry Backhaus, Louis Gargaro, Mike Camp- bell, Mike Tabulara, Darwin Paulson. Row 2: Coach Chuck Wiese, Jeff White, Bobby Rosecrans, .lon Green, Bill Calagna, Dennis Wilkins, Jack Whitaker, Danny Sehnert, Joe Emanuel, Don Sloggy, Bill Anderson, Kent Kasten, John Hughes, Don Kuenhert, Dick Waagenar lMgr.l, Cliff Griffin. Row 3: J-ohn Gibson, Denny Bethel, Dick McKe-own, Phil Burgess, Ralph Dyches, Bob Ross, Dennis Hart, Chet Fenton, George Sebastian, Chuck ' a, Al Menconi, Jim Whitaker, Bob Frank, Tracy Claus, Owen Champion, Coach Chuck McFate. Row 4: Ron Altobello, Ron Verdgo, Tim Guenthard, o Stfombaugh Joe Leyva, Greg Baird, Larry Hobbs, Greg Weeks, John Wagn ichols, ob Sebastian, Dennis Theatge, Richard Salazar, Dick Chenoweth, Mike Lionberger, ill Brown, Bob Drake. .Z ,fe T3 9 'is '39 fx r 9 K Nl I , l 11, l MM ,f.- . ,. 1 1 1 iw' I - Q9 U' if i J sfv P . Fl-i I ZlPI"f"'D GETTING INTO THE SWING OF THINGS are AHS yell leaders lleft to righfl Claudio Milnes, Joe Chovez, Morfy Schromm, Liz Nelson and Elom Sossoe. AHS. FOGTBALL SCORES V 20 Chaffey 7 Hoover 7 Pasadena O San Gabriel 7 Monrovia 7 Arcadia I8 Whittier 18 Keppel 14 El Monte OPP l ,QV iz , 1' giqpi' if fr, . wx, E. 1 .Wu I4 Ib! Q, i x- V, 1' G pi 1' I f-Q1 - Q .. N e- gg J F ffyw ' iii? K H rf., V +V . VV 571 K' -VV emi , M H ' .-Qt WF' rv ,gf F f .2 W f 5' 'Y ,uagifggf .,.m -' 1 M lgfgi., 5 S we' ':?zL1e-1' 'Q A5452 , 2 V fhglql -ravi ' ,L I YQ ai' ,N .K ' 'WL ff, fx- N gd 'J-Q , A , 51535 ., Q ' -, Q W ,if M-2 iLl+fx We W M W- HE 4. ' 4514 4 . ,V , - , ' , -. ff' Vg Q ' gg , A A , ,. 7 - 1 W ' v,Q - F1 V L . ff 'V , A - p W V , XV 31? ,V X V .fig VV ,, E-fjxf M ,.' A z' ' 11.1, 'Z-4 -lg: 2 I' .x 1" 5 ' 'T ,. 5? ilffg " 1 . ' . Y- UL ' Mg, 2?-ag 5 Q ' fi. s 'fve- EZ' ' J , , 9 I A4 f ., ' Q N A . V'if"f? 1 , . AA Q , 'P P . 9px F .. -., , A x r f f' 4 g x I ,I ' v-f. fe- -'Va-'Q ' ' Q9 - 12 . mfg. I rg, - --:' -V .. ' N1 - sf - ,,- V ' V ,, 71 - . V, ,T A "' Y, 1 Ls if ?E' fi af ,Qi AV x :,- ' ' I ' x 'V fflilf,-.Y ,, 511' 12,311- W V A 2 0 Ii '-'Fw ' A Q' f my 'A I t '5 P 1 '45 f J , I K' . ' , X- ,,.. V L53 f A . ,, ,4 ' Q: . :hal V VV V .. . .VV ,K A ' ' - A fy 1' V gtg ,ggi V V, -V , , . . V 3 ' ' -P ,.----:' 1 ' ff' 1 K ' Xf F l fn? 54 t 4 T fwwhxm J: 1 K5 . ' s . - ' ' 'ff 2' -- Q2 fy ' 111 'A fl? 1. E If . f "if' kH " ' ' 5 f ' k-.' Y V '- .J -- 'L 'A f, ' - M.: Q ' , -Q Qfv: -,,- , Q Aff Z fs ' .1232 ,, A . A , il: 4-Q Q2 Ns. ' , NN . x :T G 7 fm W Q, 1 ai. - 'KM ', , 'A , ' 1ff'?1Tif:,'rf ' E Q i f , V '55 in SA A ,N I VV V VV V ,VV 2, P 4. VVVV ' U ' " 4 jf? " A I Q ' mi, A 'Q ' f 1 jf-wffyg . iiziff I V M J' :Kx:iNQ'3:-'Pg' V. :'h.'-4,-.IT 311 A if V. V V V xf,,V:g.,Vg'iEV.!VV V V .,VVVAVW6VV:VVVVV' f' fx' - , ,.,.,,L-wg ' f ,, f . wwf, ff ,, VV . -if 'TY 5' 711',L'1"w5L'9':?'f'7'' D'Z'ig!?3' , -W A X 53 '?'P?.' f A 5' :wal b'V' J If "lf, A f M , . e I , . - -1 N" , nf" :-- ' Xf7i:5"-'2- ."f.712Af 'F-'f 5- fF'5'i52g T. ff-Lf' '-57 L, '- K 7 ' . ,- . 'L Q ...'. f f 3 ' " 7 A J' 4 Q , ?"T"Arf- fE?i1'ffjf32'3Li'?'Q.' 1 Q"'f-my 74g-553' . VV ffff, ,Li-:fig I-A i! -Vv,- V, AVVV5, Q . V V Y QQ- - .eVs..6J i5i:lgQVViVL:LLiVVVVi-,VVi,:i?5VEVi2!mVtVV.flwVVgV?gV?V A 'f . -"VW '," 715 'f'5.---'Nl' kfdff'-7-5'i'3e'5V X- -'il 7- ' N' ' 'f -"H ' '. ff.-.Q 'fl-LL31LfAWL-r7'7'f 7 " "5?.,.'f"x'5.-42" A ini "', x'grh4Q:k 6' 1 N ' A C Q -4 A 5 5 ifal , ,E T, " tilxfflfigf' .:iVf1v?5f A. Q ' ,V .ni E iff V, ---- I K - ':', .QLQ,iyS:jQ'2g5,gff:'..:'jg,1 2'fF?f2? . A ff Q' .N-. ' 'A A ' Wan, - "V" A f - L' 611 , bf' 'gil' '?q'?fQ32ii?3'7? . , f2 : V' v. . .xy ., Q .. -n1fX,,.,4 . .H , f , Eff! C - I ' ""v ' ' 5- J 'A 5 - 'Q' 'R 'L ,f fir ,T A 1 f f A QQ: 4? .--' fi a V 1 1 t W ..: gg44-g 4 ff Q , Afg, A Q ,555 ' 'f . . X -L ' ' ' 'rgfrfy " fy S- 1. ng' we G .6 'Q 3 hx " V L52 V A 'Q A' mil I . f A ' V - cj xv' PL Vnxx Ju 5 by , F Vg 1 r . . J- ,r- . - , 4 A . B X X '1 'X f 7 I if, , .. -f f Q N A H , 41 1 . 5 f yi., M LM 5 M 4 ' 4 ff ' ' ' -' ,-- f K N' JN 'f W 4 ' I " "1-1 L J x "' Y ' ,fy "ii: ' 1 ?:?,:2,g:--1, f,' :nv . ' SL . v A J - 1 0 l ,QV S M, ,Vw 3 fl,-1, - -, F 'Q , ,J ,f . ' 4. K, is 1 .V 1 . , "' ' Q 1, ,:1' ' A 4 , I ww W2 A , 4 V V Q N ' ftfih' ' 'IVQ-m x 5 ., V V . VV .. VVBV, V V ,V V V , ' W . . ' V ' , 5 , Vieux .8, ' ' ,..v , , ,Q ,- V? , Q .. WEEE . , 1 MOOR BEES execute cl slont off end To prove they are preparing Themselves for the future wmv MAJORETTES for the athletic season JoAnn Hoheisol lleftl and Mary Reimon. SAUCY SONGLEADERS lleft to rightl Kneeling: Marilyn Gibson, Claudia Sherlock. Standing: Judy Wootton, Donno Booth, Karen Sieck, Shirley Winfield. N' . xx fx, -!,,, XX Z-ff ' 4 l X, Afyf. ,ff gl , 1' , ,ff J wfoft - ' , fp . ,MW ,ZW Of- , Af ,039 0 Iggy! A . Y ,fit 11 ,fy riff A X7 e Qffif f f ,fri H fl 'Xl fl if ' 1 'I f 1 I 4' e ,- ff , I ,,i 1 1' if .lv-if' X sq-I ',' yi f I " -' L X ww X5 X lb Who says baseball is Americas favorite astime? he L QA QA I ,,, , GMS X GALLOPING Ken Moyle sweeps around the end for yardage c1gainsT Pasadena in the Rose Bowl. 115, Q ,K . gf . X: , ..:.: .. W :ai , , ' , 4 U? "lf 5. E, :K V E Z Q4 .,.:5::.,::5.:'5::.. y , 52. 3 M Q X 1 R , f .w: " if 1' Q Q W x , i fl fx QI u jf 2 L, 15 . 1 1 wh- Q -"P 1 a ,,,+ w. f f ei gf wg sz mm, . Ai, X 3 'QV , 0 , ' l 0' 'kgs ga" 11 ,lr W, L31 YM ' -QNX, L 0 .f i'?N's',',q N T A Fi ' pf. AV 1: qw 4 g 'Wf Il!! ff. j, -I 'A f'1 4 KV 725, 'O' f' Y x x ,f ii 'Q M51 : . .Aw as CTS BWX wi- E K 4,1 if W' h I QE 11,5 1' ' A I 4 v Z 7 ' .'. n is .x 1 5 wg 5 i , N Q. 5 .. H ,, + , 4 ,Sew X Q 4 .1 AJ' '-.W 'w 1 -1' Q. I 1. V nw -' ,iv r A 9 ' 'F' h kfk' , YD! V 1 vigil at i zdf? wk ?fQQ + J1 V fu I' -R9 n Q' 'J .' 'fix' . I Q I I gi 5,51-y' ,H t 'L' 4 ga 7 liywgg , I ' ' ' 'l " fT Y V ,, ' :N ' ' ', Q, V1-.. - Viv' 1 2- If A zls V, . ' v , I ., , ,5, , z: : mx ,Q HE L 4 r 1 Y --'MEI j'lE . Q i f ' W K V I Q I wf"x , ' ,J . , 2 I THQMLJH. H V, Aj. I M . ,A , . T, U E M. HX- wf N3EU.w3ZHlim ' 1 ' iffq QAM'-135113, : .3 M X H D rg ,Eg.?z3'f?3 fx W 3vHp,: I 'gk W u V. K' 3 H5531 A . , fl' , . -3 SAEKTYE f4iHi,WgY W ih .5 .,., .:,. , L 52 ' !Tf5,,5iQ?fi, X 23 - gQ?7?5iE5EiEE? ,Mff E iiigiiikiiff in :':-:- . " I:f'..:f:. 51539191 g - " . 4 ' : P? 'ff ' B K if ., . I . ,:. -F: 35 : g-,z:. . .::::!E! ::- 4 E , ' 5: T: - 1 g if -3 N gg D I A Q, figs, Q fx z V Y fggil H , Y,-H ,.::.: E ,Q -H W L . if -k Q X3 55? gg 1 H, :.: ..:a. :z:f,1 sis ii Q 'ffg,H ggfnfg -gwjgggswk . F5 if ff Q . p . again" "1I e """'f: 'ii NF iv Xi a Harriers lope to second i ": acific League Championship CROSS COUNTRY lleft to rightl Row 1: Gary Ortega, Cliff Blurnberg, Dave Lewis, Bob Vaughn, Marty Schramm, Mike Edlen, Tim Munroe, Sam Katz. Row 2: Coach J Swihart, Alon Calamia, Steve Folt, Larry Collins, Mike Artley lvarsiry Mgr.l, Wayne Brown IJV Mgr.l, Richard Beets, Jim Ozias, Dave De la Vega, Jim Macnider. Pow 3 Ray Monthorne, Ron Mazy, Bill Brown, Carlo Secchi, Rod Scully, Caryle Perkes, Walt Shaffer, Mark Medlock, Ricky Smith, Linford Pierce, Duane Ratzlaff. Undefeated in league competition for the sec- ond successive year - that's the enviable fecord of Coach Swihart's hurrying harriers. Although cross-country is dependent strictly up- on personal effort and achievement, it would have been difficult to deny that every boy on the team wasn't personally assisting his fellow runners on the way to victory. One of the brightest spots of the season was the new unofficial school team time of 41 109, eclipsing a 41:27 record. ln the final league meet against El Monte AHS made a perfect score 15-45 ilow score winsl. 146 The Jayvees posted a split 3-3 season, their wins coming in the latter half of the schedule. Coach Swihart has sounded the call for greater interest in this sport. Too often we get lost in the business of football and forget why these scanty- clads are racing around the countryside. This might bear serious consideration. CROSS COUNTRY SCORES AHS. OPP. JV V V JV 33 26" San Gabriel 30 22 28 26 Monrovia 29 27 44 27 Arcadia 29 16 26 28 Whittier 28 31 16 22 Keppel 36 43 25 15 El Monte 45 30 'Low score wins. I 3 :uid A'-mkxx " ! r ,ix Q 5 vw If ,mg J. 5 - -Q W or 1 pl I Y 1 -13. . ff' X' Q 'x 0 5 6 . Q 'V hr Qf A A . U- ,L S 1 V , 7 WN p.. ' 1 -,lg " "' lnexperienced baskeTeers sTrive mighhly Tor wins. .NGS A 5 ii elm, ....1. QM A V As we look back on The baskeTball season, iT is easy To accounT Tor some Al-IS sporTs problems. IT iusT wasn'T logical To expecT greaT resulTs. Mon- rovia, Trom The very ouTseT, was The Team To beaT. The end oT The season proved This a wise asserTion. The WildcaTs wenT all The way. The Moors, young and inexperienced, could noT hope To baTTle on even Terms wiTh veTeran Teams in The league. There seemed To be loTs oT husTle and enThusiasm, buT even plenTy oT ThaT was noT enough To win baskeTball games. Coach Wiese had To sTarT wiTh boys ThaT had liTTle more Than enThusiasm To recommend Them. The early win over MonTebello l58-48l made us hopeful, buT our hope was shorT-lived. We faded TasT for an early eliminaTion in The Tourna- menTs. ATTer Two losses, however, The round- ballers squeezed Through wiTh a Two poinT margin over Covina. This did noT help, Tor The Wiesemen had To conTronT a 3 win, 7 loss pracTice season record, even Though They Trounced neighboring San Marino 54-39. Opening The TirsT round of league games, The varsiTy squad displayed all The spiriT needed Tor champions, yeT The Monrovia courTmen pushed Through The inexperienced Moormen Tor a 74-48 win. The following games againsT The Apaches and The WhiTTier Cards ended in similar fashion unTorTunaTely. A consolaTion prize came aTTer These brow- beaTing baTTles. Cross Town rival Mark Keppel Tell To The Moor axe aTTer a Tense and exciTing game. Only after AHS wiThsTood a play in over-Time did we emerge wiTh The glorious score of 59-53. WheTher is was a sTroke of luck or The conTag- ious spiriT ThaT won us ThaT game is now irrelevanT, Tor Norwalk knocked The baskeTmen down wiTh a "lT'S MINE!" "NO, IT'S MlNE!" A Typical fracas between Mon- rovia courtmen and AHS round-ballers. 60-44 vicTory. To Top iT all oTT, El MonTe closed The round wiTh anoTher crushing deTeaT of ol -50. When Monrovia came back Tor a second dose of The sporT, They Tound us a liTTle more exper- ienced in The Tield. Though we losT The game T69-54l, The WildcaTs were, aT Times, a liTTle wor- ried as To wheThor They would pull Through. We had The spiriT buT noT The depTh or Talent To show Arcadia or Monrovia how To play The game. We mighT have learned from Thom, however, because again we answered The AzTocs' call wiTh an easy win. The Tinal score read 48-44. One cannoT consider The whole baskeTball sea- son a loss. AHS can claim aT leasT one All League player and Carl CalverT's achievemenT oT The high- esT scoring record of The league. The Team received The much needed experience and nexT year, will gain Bees ThaT have proved Their abiliTy To play The game well. lT's from These ranks, as well as Those of The hard-working Jayvees, Cees, and Dees, ThaT TuTure Moor baskeTball greaTs musT come. r K S+- L X 1 Vince Polita Carl Calvert Ernie Schroeder George Fisher Roger Salkeld Couch C. Wiese Mike Erlingheuser Leo Carroll John Gillelcmd Kent Schick Frank Polito A 697096 Q., me-re 7-3,- lma G?-ew -rf -v 0 Ukg VARSITY BASKETBALL lleft to rightl Raw 1: Darwin Paulson lmgr.l, Vince Polilo, Don Eckroad, Kent Schick, Carl Calverl, Tim Jensen, Coach C Wlese Row 2 Frank Polito, Roger Salkeld, J. D. Goddard, Leo Carroll, Mike Erlingheuscr, Glen Wiggins, George Fisher, John Gilleland, Ernie Schroeder. AHS D C B - 30 - 27 26 37 - - 44 - - 43 22 29 43 15 - 37 - - 35 25 - - .. 24 - 1 20 1 31 13 64 - - 43 - 40 52 32 24 51 - 32 60 13 15 -55 36 27 45 30 29 27 34 49 38 36 25 54 36 14 45 40 12 58 28 9 42 30 18 51 38 23 50 150 BASKETBALL SCORES OPP. V School V .IV B C - Arroyo - - - 34 58 Monlebell-o 48 - 49 21 - Glendora - - 38 - Azusa - - 61 1 44 Arroyo 58 - 37 8 21 Rosemead 44 - 43 - 42 Covina 40 - 28 - - San Gabriel 1 53 - - - El Monte - - - 37 30 ' Arcadia 67 - - 16 62 Rosemead 63 42 60 22 50 Faculty 57 41 Covina 61 - 49 - 47 So. Pasadena 60 39 43 1 1 37 San Gabriel 51 58 62 30 54 San Marino 39 63 55 14 48 Monrovia 74 49 43 34 53 Arcadia 61 53 48 29 72 Whittier 89 70 46 39 59 Mark Keppel 53 - 41 27 44 Norwalk 60 56 - 1 50 El Monte 61 35 55 34 54 Monrovia 69 36 50 38 67 Arcadia 75 55 52 2B 52 Whittier 73 37 55 34 48 Mark Keppel 44 - 41 30 37 El Monte 57 -- 44 17 X- . f I X M, 1, 5 JAYVEES Row 1: C-oach R. Bennett, Mike Latona, Larry Balmcr, Rod Scully, Randy Ruiz, Ned Callahan, Karl Stephens. Row 2: Dick Mlkoian, John Kidnay, Jim Ozios, Brian C-ollins, John Scicivo, David Nelson, Frank Mestas. BEES Row 1: Dan Roafh, Carl Kindsirorn, Bill Holland, Jack Nester, Drew Popson, Steve Ebey, Bert Ireland Rich Munson. Row 2: Sandy Hopper, Bruce Tripp, Mil-ce Smith, Mike Scheele, Richard Lavender, Roy Musick, John Sutherland, Coach J. Mount. l5l .Na l ,Q954 7 'E' .sb if .. ,Ml w 'Ill' ve- .fx x- x CEES Row I Steve Gwin, Doug Smith, Bill Calagna, Richard Chenoweth Dennis Wilkins Willie Gibson Greg Baird Dick Whorton Row 2 Gary Benlamm lMgrl Jack Whitaker, Tom Gifford, George Sebastian, Carter Porker, Bob Crisp Steve Brumm Duane Ratzlaff Coach T Banks DEES Row l Bill Lyttle, Gary French, Jim Peterson, Bolo Frcink, Dal Jones Fred Talarico Row 2 Coach A Douvos Carl Richards K nt Kasten Ron Verdugo Bruce Cristol Jim Whitaker, Jim Valdes, Bob Finsten, Glenn Musick. A WINNING ARABESQUE enabled AHS Wiesemen to squelch the Mark Keppel varsity squad. 'r :ss H - f WNW 3 , my 03 1. - ' in X .- 1'1F"JE"1'5S.'i-'i3.'a- 1u1u1-1- 1 1 111:01-1-1,. 1-m1 ' 'QIDBIIIDOIIIIQ 1 no , - 1-1-01:01 1-1: , 1 lilh nc-101-1:1-1:1 1v1 lilill. 1:1-onus-1-11-1u. 1 1 lil! 1 111-1-1-1n1a1 . lilllUl 1 1 1 1-1 IIODI5 1 Illll 1 1u1u1v1-51 o 1:1-1:01-1. 1r1r1u1 1 . 1:1 1101: lililllil-,, 1 . IIC! 11 , 001' N-4' 1 01: 1u1n1- , 1 ll nc- 1' 1 01100 :neat-1v1 on . 01 1u1u1r1. . vnu lililliili 01:1 1- y, 1 1 1 lil 1 1-an 1 1-1-n Ol 1 aan lillli .W 11 . 01:1- 'iF1M1- lv 1'-N H ' " I 1-1:1 1 Ji ' vu ,, - -' 1-1-1 ,, xs- . "ff N 1' '.9,.yf ' . J my A Prmg Turns evefY Young ' 41 -'5'5?l'i"f -ass mA1w1r1v'iu'1'1:'iv' .wp .'a.:.'a' Q ""?'-"v", man s fanCY 'f0'5porlS' lilil 00 , S E4 Q2 M Q. l gg ggi' ' . '- P ' gtjhuff , , . fl -, w H' - ..,.. f--'- - . -- I g '- 5 ,y my fb 1 H.. -,,,.:,- , .- E . K , X .11 W . Comer, LGVVY . . Queen CIV1ClY 3 I pefe Williams. M rrisson Gary Williams, Sandy Jam S 5, chris 0 ' time I. 2:5-:nf-1133: Y The lates! Splmg Spor F 5 M O G . . , A NEW SOUFQF 0 X NN I f. xl:-1,1 Nil I.. .- l f 'T X " 332555 ' X ' ' .- ' , XS .Q - f 1" "+ 0 '05 "gi: 114 ' f' f - . . .-Q kcfzz 'C' l , - 1. '. -x- -.-.1 ' Q' Q. Q? :g 1 L .I ,I 0 ,.1:.l.1.1 K Q-A iq, 2 ? 'lj J .51 I SL Eli.. , . , :...1 , X X nga 5- fy: ' - '. .1-r Gwmfui 1' '. -uh: '63 . 'el . .1.I.1 X ' Eiga if'-iff-Wff"'3" ' ' ' 4 'P M ' ' "W , x 001 OPOCIH U W U Q - 5. -N N. ., .I f YI Y I I 5 . v , -, Vai- "- . "' 1. I I 'U Quiz' v 'nl ,3 ' N" x'. .U Q I ' .U U I - K, if w 11 ln' fu ' QB' :v.'u ' ' 1-QQ. 'x if in ' viii, 'Ni' 1. I ,Fas " 1 v 1 me As' g-:-f.'N,- 1 n 0 1 .- 1 my 5435? .agqw ' .. .... ip" yy' ,www , . :I ff? A in 1 JXN 'H "' 3 :U 3 al mlm' 1- ' Q 0' "' I Pqfif 'x vnu I- K 5' 3 0 0 I " 1'-r' ? '. gs, . f vp. '-.i:' . f Q.. 'vis'-'44, n ' V sen X.. ' xl .A S Q Rackef squad slams iTs way To league fame 45 Charles Allen Steve Bissell M rk Crisfol When in oTher years, Moor aThleTes have noT seT The world on fire, The Tennis squad has con sisTenTly come ouT of iTs seasons near The Top of The league. The varsiTy neTTers, lasT year s league champions, wiTh a Ten win, no loss record were in serious conTenTion for The Top spoT This year as This annual wenT To press. WiTh only Three games remaining To be played in The season, The varsiTy Tennis men had a four win To Three loss record in a closely conTesTed league. The Tennis squad did noT need To rafionalize for Their defeaTs. The Alhambra High group was feared by all oThers in The Pacific League A lack of depTh hampered The nine neTmen on The varsiTy in Their clashes wiTh The oTher schools. Tennis, as a game iTself, is age-old and de velops The whole person. An individual playing singles realizes The aTTribuTes of sTrong self reliance, and while playing doubles, he geTs The full benefiTs of good Team work. IT is unforTunaTe ThaT such a successful Team has had so liTTle sup porT from The sTudenT body. The varsiTy Tennis squad, in new whiTe uniforms compleTe wiTh pasTel gold and blue iackeTs meT all challengers. The neTmen were undoubTedly The besT dressed in The league. MosT of The AHS sTudenTs did noT geT a chance To see Those new uniforms because The Tennis mafches were all played aT Alhambra Park. When The old Alham bra High School is replaced wiTh The new campus The Moors will be able To waTch Their Tennis Team on seven of The besT courfs in The area. The Jayvee squad had a difficulT season buT served iTs purpose well. Experience was given To all parTicipanTs, and This will help The coming years' squads Tremendously. VARSITY TENNIS Ileft to righfl Row I: Patzik, Steve Dave McMullen, Ken Anderson. R-ow 2: George Gatsos Kent Schick, Chuck Allen, Pete Williams, Mark Cristal, Roland Schumawitz, Coach Jack Swihart. YVEE TENNIS lleft to rightl Row I: Douglas Benedict, Richard Rice, Stan Barber, David de le Vega, Bill Webb, -ach Glen Goddard. Row 2: Bruce Cristol, Philip Patzik, Richard Munson, Steve Hansen, Gary Carrtoll. TENNIS SCORES JV V V JV 8 7 Monrovia 2 I 8 6 Arcadia 3 I 4 2 Whittier 7 5 O 3 Keppel 6 9 2 3 El Monte 6 7 7 7 Monrovia 2 2 2 8 Arcadia I 7 0 4 Whittier 5 9 2 3 Keppel 6 7 EI Monte 5 GYM TEAM lleft to rightl Row 1: Mike Tabulara, Dave Graham, Tim Denman, Jim Valdes, Bobby Rosecrans, Danny Sehnert, Cliff Griffin, Alon Langdon. Row 2 Ken Croff, Pete Glyer, Danny Pool, John Adams, Joe Chavez, John Prentice, Johnny Jackson, Gary Williams, Bill Webb, Coach Chuck McFate. Row 3: Ronny Benzer Gary Carroll, Jim Miller, Bill Cameron, John Robertson, Sam Rasselli, Glenn Schaid, Ronnie Renfra, Ken Mclntosh, .lack Nilsen, Mike McElroy. GOLF TEAM Row 1: Gary Beniamin, Marvin Peale, Jack Whitaker, Stephen Brumm, Richard Cook. Row 2: Coach K. Weather- holt, Howard Miller, Dennis Davis, Jim Tedford, Phil Burgess, Howard Townsend. 30 GYM SCORES AHS OPP. 32 Pasadena 88 56 California 64 21 516 Ganesha 65 476 Montebello 32 576 56 Arroyo 64 67V2 Los Altos 21 V2 67V2 West Covina 33W 1 Mark Keppel O lforfeitl 47 San Gabriel 73 GOLF SCORES AHS OPP V V 14 San Marino 16 24 S. G. Mission 6 8 Arcadia 22 13 San Gabriel 17 22 S. G. Mission 8 17 Monrovia 13 10 Whittier 20 22 Arroyo 8 22 EI Rancho 8 8 San Marino 22 14 Arcadia 16 22 San Gabriel 8 23 Monrovia 7 BTreTches, bends, pushups-and laps-build Track endurance. - There were meeTs we should have won, There were evenTs we had no righT To win, performances below whaT we expecfed, come-Through wins when The chips were down, and a crazy Track sea- son ThaT was enjoyed by all. Track - wiTh The possible excepTion of The re- lays - is a go-iT-alone sporT, one where you are "iT", and all The hoping on someone else's parT isn'T going To win for you. OT course There's The maTTer of supporT from The sTands. WhaT couIdn'T The Track Teams do wiTh more of iT? As The season goT under way, we were Tully aware of The lack of depTh in The sprinTs and in The weighTs. However, we TelT ThaT The disTance poinTs, hurdle poinTs, and oTher possible pick-up poinTs in The field evenTs mighT - possibly - off- seT This. These hopes were sTrengThened as all Three Team clobbered Baldwin Park and Covina. Then a school across The way - San Gabriel - wenT down screaming. ..srrrTr M-H X. BRINGING HOME THE LAURELS lleff To righTl Bob Vaughn, Marty Schramm, and Mike Edlen display The form ThaT brought back winning poinTs. However, Monrovia gave The Moors Their come- uppance, and Arcadia added insulT To iniury. The Moors will always feel ThaT They should have Taken WhiTTier's measure. Finally, we goT back To This year's paTsy, Mark Keppel. Our Track win was iusT anoTher from a whole season of aThleTic suc- cesses againsT The AzTecs. BuT To Top a compleTely crazy season, El MonTe failed To show on The scheduled day and had To TorTeiT. So our Track- sTers enTerTained Themselves ThaT affernoon wiTh a series of Time Trials, even a "TaT man's relay." One of The mosT inTeresTing TacTs abouT The sea- son was Coach McFaTe's and Coach Banks' oppor- TuniTies To shiTT anal shuffle disTance runners in all Three classiTicaTions To Alhambra's advanTage. Such experience produced some sTarTling perform- ances aT The MT. San AnTonio Relays. WhaT of The TuTure? Considerable promise is in sTore from reTurning leTTermen. However, wiTh The new FourTh STreeT oval every ounce of Track TalenT should be exposed and exploiTed in gym classes. 4 1 4 ' , rl X Q f . 1 VARSITY TRACK lleft To righfl Row l: Joe Nuzzo, Gary Ortega, Ned Callahan, Larry Collins, Frank Mascia, Brian Collins, Carlyle Perkes, Bob Vaughan, Tim Munroe. Row 2: Gordon Samuelson, Bill English, Carl Stephens, Walt Schaffer, Bob Houston, Bennie Shaw, Carlo Secchi, Tom Hayek, Larry Reuland loo-captainl, Tim Jensen. Row 3: Coach Chuck McFafe, Mark Seidner, Al Solomon, Bill Connow, Dave Munio, Mike Nick, Craig Nickerson, Larry Fleck, John Kidnay, Chris Kloek, Mike Edlen, Marty Schramm lco- captoinl. Ti? if ii. ., , . 5,533 , , j ii i? ..,. I N ' Q 2112 'cf 5 2' - ur l ' - . fi' '4 rx ur, . , -7 T, y-l l 4 J Q1 M BEE TRACK lleff To righfl Row T: Mickey Judkins lMgr.l, Tony Weaver, Larry Poe, John Sherod, Mark Medlock. Row 2: Bill English, Joe Nuzzo, Mike Edlen, Tim Jensen, Clyde Davis, Carl Baller, Tim Munroe, J. D. Goddard. Row 3: Coach Ted Banks, Jesse Martinez, Sam Katz, Jim Ozias, Larry Collins, Reed Gilgen, Joe Braccio, Larry Reuland. l58 9 f , -' J . Ar ,A l Q " '01 CEE TRACK lleff to rightl Row In Ron Altobello, Larry Lavender, Sam Jacobellus Alan Calamua Bobby Rosecrans Duck McKeown Glen Gowm Denms Anderson Randy Raus Row 2 Skipper Laub, John Gibson, Dennis Ransom, Robert Pohn. Ed Schull Tom Gatlnn Tom Best Louue Gargaro Mnke Campbell Tum Washburn Bull Brown Row 3 Roy McCoIlom, Duane Ratzlaff, Bob Finsren, Dave Kneole, Bob Jaussord, John Hughes Dwnghf Taylor Rnck Smrth Bob Sebastian Dave Lewis John Salmas Som Jaramxllo Greg Weeks Bob Van Darmolen. AHS. B 78 73 52 V2 A9 30 26 69lf6 TRACK SCORES V V 71 V, Baldwin Pork 32 V1 62If3 Covina 41 2X3 59 V2 AAV1 33 V1 51 75 OPP. B C I7 18 22 42 42 V2 47 V2 46 54 3f2O 57 69 69 55 475 255f6 327flO N0 PROBLEM for Gordon Samuelson to Yoke these lows with 111 . 'v . ,.,.4.,,., crr 3 Q I Horsehiders greatness lacks 495 6" a winner's consistency. Q II? Pre-season games gave everyone some justifi- cation for a iubilant feeling - what with good hitting, rather phenomenal pitching, and stellar in- field work. Many came to regard the Moor inside pasture as iust about the snuggest arrangement they had seen. But some of the pitching caused them to re- examine the game statistics. One varsity flinger receipted for three full games with only eight hits allowed, a fine record in anybody's league. Along with all this performance the boys ex- hibited plenty of the hustling spirit and enthusiasm + a hard combination to beat. Although some early games were lost by lopsided scores, others indicated that the potential was there. This theory was borne out when league play opened. Meeting Monrovia on the Wildcat diamond, the Moors shut them out 5-O. Arcadia got lucky and closed the gate on the locals by 5-3 score. Then Alhambra lowered the boom on Whittier, and the Cards went down swinging with only one run accounted for against Alhambra's seven runs. El Monte rounded out the first half of the league sea- son by edging the Moormen 3-2, leaving Coach Menasco's squad a 3 in, 2 loss in the first round of play to think about. Within a few days Alhambra was back at work, and successfully too, against the Monrovia outfit. The score favored the Moors 8-l. But Arcadia again found the number of Alhambra's best and took the game 4-3. The Jayvees, under Coach Wiese, posted an even more impressive TO win, 6 loss record. Many of these juniors indicate they've got a lot to give to the varsity play next year. We can't leave the baseball picture without reminding all that there is a third team, determ- ined to be known. Frosh baseball has come into its own at AHS, and at this point in the schedule the team is undefeated. Coach Patrick is proud of that nine game win streak. GETTING HOLD of one, John gives the ball a ride as Wanne patiently waits. A PICKLE results when Roberts gets too far off third. Wanne ileftl and Modesti cut him down. I , QM A , , .,,.,, , zzn F , , I2 W. V 1 4 . ' I A d . I A V Q, . l - ' . . i .' ' ' U ' ' L w X4 ' 4 I t""'E se-- .l ,,. 'M em 'ive Ju. . ' ' A -ig., . C , , X ly- X I Iii: Q f , l cf ! 0' .1 f . ,ll i A Y A 1 - ' if ' A L l V Q A C' ' , A L , ' ' ' ,i ' I 3-. - ,- ' l H ' 1gf Q- l , N . '51 'li . E X -ef, W' 1 fl- ll' 41 ' 'Ml fr ' . 'L' ,- Y. 1 ' A.. 'f y y ps xv ,-I NL Q N . fr Q Q A F , , - J V 1 , - X Y. il N, 1, . N ' 5 - - l ' i il Q l F: X. " l fa,-.-r .-3 ii ff I MXN . Q - 5 2' ' ' - - Ct, ll' , ,W L ' ' X w 1 l XZ ll x X I v gk ' - i l , 1-94,- VARSITY BASEBALL lleff to rightl Row I: Frank Francone, Doug Launchbaugh, Verne Dorman, Greg Modesti, Frank Polito, Roy Musick, Dick Wanne. Row 2: Tom Johns, Don Murphy, Vince Polito, Ron Roberts, Ed Dillon, Dan Citro, Coach Menasco. Row 3: Don Palermo IMgr.l, Mike Vaccariello, Jack McKeown, John Thomas, Robert Maloski, Richard Haskell, Ken Jones lMgr.l. .IAYVEE BASEBALL lleft to rightl Row I: Rod Scully, Dan Roath, Tom Kendall, George Fisher, Ken Farber, Roger Shoemaker. Row 2: Coach Chuck Wiese, Carl Richards, Earl Kindstrom, Mike Smith, Bob Baker, Randy Ruiz, Doug Smith. Row 3: Mike Lafona, Dave Drake, Make Landa, Drew Popson, Gary Jones, Steve Smith, Marshall Michaelian, l6l , . rw- . ry.: I , ' tfihwzywwwmia-gym ,.m.m,,,,., ,. M. ' 314-3 V- W ,. J Eiga 'J ,lik a-new .-1 , fx,-1 ,lg H E ' i v U l PM Q ll ie' - ' ef i" f ll' J' Q ,Q Q fs dl .. 1. - , In .wi M yi: yt , MII xg Av A A if ,4 ' Y A I Xx . , A Mx x X 'X - fl' lil Q' 1 Af A T X A -4 'Af,i, tA1:e, all of - L , l 4' All we ft 232' X.: V - J l 'X 'to ' 'gl my A . N' --:wr A ,fr f ' 1 A 4 'fp N xl fp A A 4 X ff ,f wi I A 'XI' h 1 :yn V W! it Q X! 'ff 'V ' r X iN I A E Af A kgfwil. '4 i fx' i S' . ,. 5 .i ef' Ax4.j,.:5,- Hill- ,- .gf N Q - V 1 , ,. ,I 1 F Lx' IN "i"VA"-'fE3l'7fE4i'A'JA V57-I 77131 " '1 ','. A ' ' N FROSH BASEBALL lleft to rightl Row l: Frank Robb, Richard Guzman, Gene Gallonio, Drake Robb, Joe Falcone, Rodney Mc- Whiter, Roland Lcmzi, Don Sloggy, Ron Verdugo, Bill Calogna, Jim Whitaker, Jim Voles, Bill Longacre, Jeff White. Row 2: Coach John Patrick, Jim Dods, Terry Baird, Dennis Angel, Jack Nestor, Steve Ebey, Lonnie Mason, Terry Bcickhaus, Charles Smith, Ted Simon. BASEBALL SCORES AHS OPP. F JV V V JV F 12 3 Rosemead 4 lO 0 S.C. Frosh '13 2 Montebello 7 lO 6 So. Pasadena O 12 4 2 San Gabriel 7 O 4 0 John Muir 3 3 6 10 Temple City 5 O lO l4 fl San Gabriel 3 2 4 4 San Marino 5 6 O So. Pasadena 8 2 Keppel O 8 7 5 Monrovia 4 4 6 3 Arcadia i0 4 3 7 Wllllller 2 O l 8 5 Keppel 7 0 9 i3 2 El Monte 3 O 8 8 Monrovia 3 5 7 3 Arcadia 9 O 5 2 3 Whittier O 0 9 Keppel 3 El Monte MOOR CHUCKERS-Murphy, Johns, Vaccariello, Haskell, and Moloski limber up the old soup bones before the action starts. .-fx 3-:Q ,,,, . I Izarfgij -Hind' W-W AA fosTers sporfsmanshrp, co-operahon, and fun. .R .f GAA OFFICERS lleft To rightl: Virginia Myles, Donna HunT, Diana Dawsson, Nancy Davis, KoThy Murphy, Marion Wells. "Hurry up, GerTie! The bus is abouf To leave-." "BUT I can'T find my new shorTs, The one I em- broidered my name on in blue and gold Thread. I can'T leave wiThouT Them!" "Mildred, geT The volleyballs before you geT on The bus. No, don'T climb Through The window of The sTorage room, go around and open The door." "Hurry, we're going To be laTel" These are familiar exclamaTions heard around The Girls' Gym as GAA members prepare To leave for a playday. These girls represenf AHS in many phases of The feminine aThleTic world wiTh Their Top performance aT oTher schools and The vicTor- ious resulTs of The game They play. Nof only do They have The TalenT, buT Their sfrong inTeresT in sporTs has proved To be very beneficial To Them. This simple facr can be sup- porTed by The fine resulTs of The TournamenTs They play in Soufhern California. SporTsmanship, leadership, and co-operafion are The essenTial reauiremenTs of GAA parTici- panTs. Each Tournamenf encourages These fine srandards and helps To bring girls of differenf schools TogeTher To share Their similar inTeresTs. The Girls' AThleTic AssociaTion can boasT a very successful year. The largesT and mosT imporTanT Tournamenf, which included all Types of games, was held aT Rosemead High School. Alhambra carried away The laurels and claimed firsT place in The enTire TournamenT. This vicTory did noT end Their Travels. GAA mem- bers also wenT To San Gabriel High School To par- Ticipafe in a Baskefball Play Day. AHS hosTed baseball games wiTh Mark Keppel during The spring, Thereby encouraging America's favoriTe sporf. The parTicipaTion of The girls in each of These evenTs and oThers earns for Them poinTs which are used Toward awards. The Girls' AThleTic Associa- Tion presenTs iTs members wiTh emblems, pins, and large and small 'A's in accordance wiTh The num- ber of poinTs acquired. Gleaming in every GAA member's hopes is The dream of receiving The co- veTed Gold STar for ouTsTanding parTicipaTion. GAA offers To every girl The opporTuniTy To make new friends and To enjoy parTicipaTion in ouTdoor games. 4-, C-we..?.,, ' , ' ,,,4-51"-'M ., . J. H- ..:.: 'Q .gg-F-Q X n v 'wx W .'--f1- -V ' ,f , w g I I , ' S? Z W L QQ' S H -: Q a as ? 1 ms W amass , mass gn mhfm Wim? ' N nw 1 H1 5 . , W ,., M gf M. jawn LM,E,,K'sww Co-ordination ond agili- ty stem from on interest in outdoor games. B w '-f X as if ,4 BE? ,ps fm H flag mx. ,X ss Za Q ,- .. uf N ww ima ,ww .W H X, r 2 W., . M, M ,. my , 4 5 'N an 'T, 5 --Mgnfg uf gm? WWW W 11 V2 ,Ma 1 jfdg ii ' M VN N.. Y' rf if I ' 5 U -my x, wx b Z ,xii ,B . 471 Q XQ RECOGNIZE REAL LOCAL VALUES x 'WML SHC?,'QW-IQl4amlvm HER MAJESTY, HOMECOMING QUEEN SANDY JAMES MAKE YOUR YEARBOOK CRASH THE ROYAL LINE OF WINNERS JACK CANNICOTT PUBLICATIONS Publishers of more Prize-Winning Books thon ony other company on the Pocific Coost LOS ANGELES ENGRAVING COMPANY 4818 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles 15, Calif. 51-WWG5 i i ,,o, y il J' - eesifassesszsssaszei' r I i f 13515153315:5:513:315zg:513:5:5:5:515:5:5:5:g:31,.,4. . .-1r:r:21r:1:r:::11r:r: :-:if-:-: -:-:---:-:- :-1-A-1-:-:-1--:-:-:-1 -'-- f -"- - '--4'4 Lugga e Carol Williams, from left, Larry Payne, Pollie McElfresh, Jim Fraser, Irene Miller, and John g Jackson are very aware that luggage of their own is very important to the graduates in their House of Fine Gifts" chosen fields of endeavor. AERO LUGGAGE, 226 E. Main Sf., Alhambra. llll'llU'l'llMllL J Slillllllles 'NS'-'RED ,ri :Safeisa2asfaffQfeee552zfaisiafffafsfae.." "9.,:.::a25f5525fEfi""4' Eifisff.. i J Moor Co-CG plains John Thomas 1801 Gnd Verne azfi Q :::f:l::,:.,.:.,...r,..,,. ...i.'.' . l27 W. Main AT 2-6365 - CU 3-2590 N :H M24 I H ' I - 1 Ere ff 1, From Mr. Tom Sherlock of TOM SHERLOCK MOTORS, 1333 W. Main St., Alhambra, Dove Hobbs hoppily occepts keys to o smort Mercedes-Benz, whose silver three-pointed stor is o pledge of quolity without porollel. .,-QPF'-,,, f i f',',,r . -lx xx l 2:3l:li3iO K Callms all ,9 """'1 """' I4 G 0 6 d i eb S 3:3'33::rr::: '3"'3":':':43 n 0 0 xp 1-:-Z-1 .g.g.g.g,- -:':-I-'-rf:-:'Z"4 , . . . , , . .... , . . 'v ...,,,.. "--- if dv ..,.. Consider this a personal call from open now! erience necessary! you start earning good pay from your Pacific Telephone! We're growing fast, first day on the job. Then too, you're H., and need people! Whether you've in line for regular raises, paid vaca- - ll 4 taken a special course or general tions, and enjoy a liberal benelit plan. kg Nil :,:?,,, ,Q "curric" you may qualify for one of And your chances for advancement ,. " ' many excellent openings. You'll be are all the greater now because of our if5S?S2g:5:,::5:5:5555:::::::::5:5:m:g5,Q::Q hughh : glad to know this: at Pacific Telephone big expansion program. Come in to-day:-meet one of our employment counselors and discuss vour opportunztzes zn mlephone work! We are ar: 26 Wen Main SL, Albgmbra, ..::5:5:5:5:s:s:5:5:2Ss55:".-1:5155z2sEs:z:?5Q55S,lg , . . . ni Paglflg Tglgphgng J l .wg "Q - '-f , .1 . . wa -P-W. --.M 1, gisfv' Q. ,, - Y , v " ,A v- I1 ." B FV' H E . " ' ,Xxwnxb ,, ' ' ' - H-. Lg ' 'Q "EL wiv ...L. - ' '1 ' '- '+Q- - ' ,- ' , ' V v x ' , . XX if ,. .V "H:--v- " -- f H nj v' 1, 'X ?sXx'NY NWX XXRXX - 'B Vx X "'i."' X 7,8 A " ' S 35 X - K, A ,MK K. ' xg 'VX-,, J 1 ff" jg-:" rh v ,P . 5 i M - A ' .LZ X gl . X EEE-:EE- W vu k Y Ji. W? 5 . xr f E :I I Z Z EN JE f is E X! , J YS U S Q 5, ,, Z f -5 M igwwf Z' H 1 22? 5 ,, 5 Q W X ' gg -' iw ff ' if A' ' +1 Q . :Ei X ' Q: wa , K 1 ,A ,. Hwang .- K 2 . EH . W ' wma? 'T Q 1 S Qi 33 wr K -A -3 S? , I 5 2 H ,. Lava wr 41- gs , V . :a-W'-jj , ,, ' in Lg H - ' A , 1 4 Y .V ?4 M, 1 . . I in . V .' Q' 7 Y 'Q VZ I 1 ,g Q - 'f . , - fu K 1 U 1 E 1 1 I . ,ig -gs? l -. X Xvx --4.x .....sX,, -5 O 'Qin FN5 Q 'bu ' 1 -XXX I ll! 0 'ff u ii! A4 R H, W 5 f ,Ein E T -5 E - E H F' I , L . fu Ks en- ......,,.. ueiv 309 E. Main Alhambra New, young, in- curably romantic Helen Meyers Ccl and Cheryl Spotti Crl are delighted with flatteringly feminine party dresses at RUE'S, E. Main St., Alhambra. 4f1'yi Z' 7' That certain something- So perfect about flowers 2' I S X. Congratulations to you . . l96l GRADUATES PACIFIC MEAT and PROVISION CO. Wholesale Meats to the Trade And Open to the Public Monday through Friday . . . I2 M. -6 P.M. 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MAIN -AT 4-4480 Alhambra Where the Elite Meet Across the Street CII' McKAY'S FOUNTAIN 3Ol W. Main Alhambra fi? iii cg -1 I si-4 if WE ALWAYS GET ouR MANK 3-my Mr? G OJX' PTA THRIFT SHOP ll-I3 N. First St. 8l2 S. Date MW menb wean TEMPLE CITY ALI-IAMBRA Bob Block CLD, Joon Humelbciugh Corole Bornett, and Bob Finch pre pore for those active days to be spe-nt in the sun by shopping at KELL'S, 44 E. Main OR ISTINCTIVE EARBOOK OVERS THE S. K. SMITH COMPAN always specify smithcrafted designed and manufactured in the west for western schools Y 5260 West 104th Street 400 Montgomery Street Los Angeles 45, California San Francisco 4, California tfigi A H- 1 A Cf ir 32 i . ' Ii 42-gg -x., M Qni 'lw l' 'X-' IHHE urns STONE CHURCH tl l l OC N Qf Turner and Stevens, Alhambra Nl! Funeral Directors KNOX MOTORS, INC. Authorized Dealer for Quality Automobiles Hillman Volvo Sunbeam Alpine Fine Used Cars l3OO West Main St., Alhomhri ATlontic 9-3651 GRAYSON'S l 37 E. Main si. AT l-2544 Grayson's for Better Buys Moments never to be forgotten. Make them live again through the camera magic of the ANTHONY LOYA STUDIOS, official photogrlapher for the 1961 ALHAMBRAN. , ' , Y, QQMDWQ' 5311 W' :ws . When the thermometer rlses ond the doys ore bright Penny Nelsons ond Howord Millers thoughts turn to SHANNON S 'IO E Mann St where Hermon Udkoff con show the newest In swrrn weor Pamper Your Pamzly C515 with ADOHR QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS GOLDEN GUERNSEY MILK EGGS ICE CREAM ' COTTAGE CHEESE . I REV FORTIFIED Now-FAT MILK. . , J cow-cow CHOCOLATE MALTED MILK R I ...,1,. ' '-'- L- . Avoiloble Home Delivered ond ot Stores .r.. zzz I Q - ... f,,r 'X - For Adohr Servnce , . . 1,. K N A 1-C Telephone SYcamore 6-6112 'N Awarded 228 Gold Medals M Z , - I ,H ,L H M H5 H H 5 ,I . i H M as Y HZMMM- M fgaqu X swim, M me Mm n M M xg U , B qwgm B Q M, Mm, . R M .M H E, E..,W..,M SS SS RIB! MH nl SSX.--A V--KEN LL X gg gg mn m gsm-EM dx m . 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W M. .M . . fi .xp . M, - 5Q:gM I QV .MEM-M K , V. M " if "'.,pzg, 'u,.,M. M Q Z . - 'VM-1' L, ' , 4. ' M 'ns 2 Hes..-P. M. W M M - nf-. M N I x MMM.-.-Mwix - .. LM 1 . M, ., ,. M . Mi .M . M. .. y I MZ "wa I 5 W, M 1-L ' 2 Y, , w ' W 75" ' fi-MM1MMM...,.. "4- 1 ... .2 X HSE 1... ,F I 1 "9 - "': 1 ' .- , is C., ,.., , , . 1 iw LX ,.:. . bf' fqwy . , iii M KX ,gb Q Y 531 -:.,. M,,,M , M. ff M12 555' 2 ' zzz 1 'K WE. fl 51,1 w V M Q V- " kif H ,M FSM ,,:, 1 Q2 M if A Q ' " -f f ," - ' V i 1 'Nm fig 'fmu' : k If-.5 - ' V Y E at 7 I wh' Q 'R .ffj-' -:.: : : W 4 gf. In M ,. M--- . . ..,. zg: K I znn.. :Z F,. 3 3 5 :-- : -'-1' ,T a :-' N 8 5 W . ::- 31 'L Z1 'J ff 'Q -lf if xi wferpf . ,1- ,,.w' J.,.- M--M... . .- f I. - H Q TT, -"Q W I I ' gig ' .I - ' H U .- I ' B "' "', , , . . - - A , it A Q! A, WP' Ar? M A , N M A"' Q M 7 X 'nv' x 5' U 1Q,""1-M - P . 41. ,. - A f ffffwgf 11 11-7' M M M MM M... .- MQ. vw. ' .,.,'zA. 'T,J.w , -vv-1-M .. . . . . IA -N, ..- -VK , ff " , . -f M . . . , . - fs-.. , MM.- "-"1-or 'ff . M-M f X 1' L-M-f ww, ' "' f A 4 -, X MI f' ' A ' -iw: 1:ie"':" ' 4+ in' v KJ It you have left it at home, why risk the teachers' wrath? These Moors realize that you can satisfy every shool need at McKAY'S, across the street. 221 E. MAIN - ALHAMBRA PHONE AT 9-5341 - CU 3-3151 GI 3-138 9 Congratulations Graduates! BEST of LUCK WISHING YOU SUCCESS IN THE YEARS AHEAD OWL CLEANERS 817 West Las Tunas San Gabriel FEDDERS . MR counir Nm-:Rs x When the heat really had them bushecl, Nancy Cun nings and Barb Reed turned to L.M. HAMM, INC. 425 W. Main, tor the finest in air conditioning q.QQq,pq .l...,,. Mr. LARRY'S House of Fashion IO N. First St. Alhambra AT I-0442 Malinda Sutherland will be chic, sleek and doshingly fashioned. JAMES I. CONDIE 8. ASSOCIATES, INC. Real Estate F- Insurance 4 LOCAL OFFICES 600 N. Aflanfic Blvd., Alhambra 3144 W. Main St., Alhambra 301 N. San Marino, San Gabriel I02 So. Stoneman, Alhambra Hours: 4:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. Sundays and Holidays: 'I2 to 8:30 P.M. CASA MARIA "THE FOOD OF GENIUSESH ITALIAN - AMERICAN RESTAURANT 433 Wes? Main St. Alhambra, Calif. Food to Take Out Phone AT 2-l24O PHOTOGRAPHER ' WEDDINGS ' CHILD PORTRAITURE ' FAMILY GROUPS ' TEENAGERS and GROWNUPS JERRY O'BRIEN STUDIO AT 9-5211 ATIantic 2-5068 'I307 E. Main Alhambra I I f I 1 A Q A LX Y , 1 rn I '41 lu lvrrn if J - lg I IQ i f: ., f -Ay O '- iyiii rilllu Ai , . E y 1 r I r r 7 7 I is . . I, 'I .,. I L 6, F Meadow Gold Wairies FM f 4!..0Af6K 5444? II36 E. COLO ADO ST. SYcamore 3-3l8l PASADENA MUrray I-5621 Salesman Ben Siroonian at T. LYELL PUCKETT'S, 726 E. Mlain St., Alhambra, merely hands over the keys to that smart Ford Sunliner to Jon Davis lcl and Dianna McConnell. Ballel I lap - Ballroom V GENERATIONS Diamonds ' Fine Watches Modem jazz - Tumbling - vi f X?5 , :D of A.H.S. Students Clocks ' Jewelry Benin - Personality Singing " X i-:dvd dlwoys depended FABER'S JEWELRY on the . nxpfgj Expert Watch and Clock Repairing JUNE NICHOLS DANCE STUDIO p E l l I Diamond Setting 84 Engraving 533 WEST MAIN ST. ATlantic l-4994 For Local, Stole and XV Z' FABER AT 2-4449 Alhambra, Calif. ATlantic 2-3394 Wgrld News 246 E. Main Street Alhambra l Stan Baber ll.D and Benny Shaw know that clothes from GABRlEL'S MEN'S STORE, 102 E. Main, make the man. THAD HARVEY Insurance lOpposite high schooll 321 W. Main Alhambra OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE f CLASS OF I96I PRUDENTIAL SAVINGS AND IQDAN ASSOCIATION I I 526 West Las Tunas Dr. San Gabriel, Calif. I Earn More - More often Funds received by the lOth earn from the Ist. Z - 4 B , 5 PIILDINTI SAVIMII Q 5 Xfx- xAx- - g f , E -is -X1 Gini "x-x r 2 5lii I A -A 2-. 'fail - 'U ' I ll! -:E - -'fe - IIII o " Tf -'53 IINJGJS X ff X ' :iii --:NRL I- I F T J f -- -S L.. es X . II I I I-I-. 4 Q, --W I,- Av if Z .: f , L-: L -grx ft! 'Y35-, E3 I 2'-iifir if 1 . Bill C555 Il.I and Paul C533 Downer have a friend who has lost his head over the bright new sweat- shirts at DOWNER'S, 125 E. Main St., Alhambra. Mew- It-. Open Monday 8. Friday Nights Till 9 - Free Parking AW Drzve Co ,bzafzncfzue ' 1 , . . -1 L., Q If . I' -, I f A . A . 5 I .2 ome purrud H2926 I W! 0 Frenrb Provinrial 0 Colonial 0 Early Amffifdl 0 1811: Century 445 W, MAIN CAT FIFTHJ, ALHAMBRA ALHAMBRA REVIEW PRINTING CO. COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE ATlantic 2-5954 I722 W. Main St. Alhambra It you're a Grouch and hate every- one, you can serve yourself at MAC 81 MAC in complete silence. We won't eve-n talk to you. MAC 81 MAC Self-Service Ladies Sportswear I7 W. Main St., Alhambra LING ALL T ENS TO SO rs XMB A for le ion of Lo rge I slyles sizesyfcmd styles o order N . Moin V, lCorner Second? 'll Alhambra 'AT T-O3 Congratulations CLASS of '60 from HIGHWAY 5R "Come to Highway for Every Bloomin' Thing" We Give S 81 H Green Stamps AT 4-2368 1245 W. Valley Blvd., Alhambra Open Daily Except Wed. H A P E E TI N G Compositofrs for the 9 LHA il 1 4,5 1 v djlli f f E 1617 so. Myrtle Ave. 769 1 EL. 9-2700 W San Gabriel Valley MW? We ALCO PRESS Inc Publications 0 Cafalogs Printers of the 1961 ALHAMBRAN Los Angeles CU. 3-9571 L Ads, 165 American Field Service, 96 Annual Editors, 76 Annual Staffs, 77 Art Department, 50 Athletics, 132-164 Band, 142 Baseball, 160 Varsity, 161 Jayvee, 161 Basketball, 148 V, 150 JV, B, 151 C, B, 152 Board of Education, 8 Boys' Federation, 83 Boys' Vice-Principal, 11 Cafeteria Workers, 19 Cars of the Campus, 85 Child Welfare, 13 Choir, 90 Christmas Program, 94 Classes: S'61, 23-44 S'62, 46-52 S'63, 55-63 S'64, 65-72 Class Officers, S'61, 22 S'62, 45 S'63, 54 S'64, 64 Clubs: lnter-Club Council 1, 118 lnter-Club Council 2, 118 Campus Club, 119 French Club, 109 Forensic, 108 F.N.A., 110 F.T.A., 110 G.A.A., 112 German Club, 109 Hi Hatters, 120 Junior Exchange, 120 Junior Optimists, 121 Junior Red Crass, 112 Junior Statesmen, 113 , Kea Loa, 125 Key Club, 121 La Chandelle, 126 La Estrellita, 126 La Hoalauna, 127 La Jeunesse, 127 Lanakila, 128 Las Cadenitas, 122 Las Maravillas, 122 Las Moras, 123 Latin Club, 114 Laule'a, 128 Les Amies, 129 Los Hidalgos, 115 Los Laureados, 106 Mona Kea, 129 Na Alii, 130 Na Hoaloha, 130 Nani Loa, 131 INDEX Orchesis, 115 Pequenitas, 123 Racqueteers, 116 Sax-ons, 131 Scholarship Society, 107 Science Club, 116 Usher Club, 124 Varsity Club, 124 Writers' Guild, 117 Commercial Dept., 25 Commissions, 78-79 Commissioner Generals, 78 Counsellors, 12 Cross-Country Squad, 146 Custodians, 19 Dances, 100 Debate, 89 Dedication, 6-7 Drill Team, 142 English Dept., 28 Faculty, 14-15 Football, 134 Varsity, JV, 135 B, C, 139 Dads Night, 140 Queen, 140 G.A.A., 163 Girls' League, 82 Girls' P.E. Dept., 67 Girls' Vice-Principal, 11 Golf Team, 156 Gymnastics, 156 Homecoming, 140 Homemaking Dept., 30 Industrial Arts Dept., 53 Language Dept., 60 Legislature, 81 Library, 16 Maiorettes, 143 MOOR Staff and Editors, 86-87 Music Dept., 47 Nurse, 16 Orchestra, 92 Principal, Gilbert Strother, 10 P.T,A., 18 Retirement, 17 Science-Math Dept., 56 Secretaries, 16 Senior Play, 102-103 Social Science Dept., 71 Song Leaders, 143 Speech Dept., 37 Spring Sports Queen, 153 Student Store and Bank, 93 Studio Evening, 99 S'61 Activities, 40-44 Superintendents, 9 Talent Show, 97-98 Tennis, 154 Varsity, JV, 155 Title Page, 1 Track, 157 Varsity, B, 158 C, 159 Yell Leaders, 141 3 N T L N Q5 H lj S X . . .gi 'N iillWv9Qm,C'gW'il?i'5 N X W Y li if X' Q3 ,X ' V slQl'wNi3XoLN+.gwr QNX S N W ri A J Ne N ll R N. xx, 193 S Xl QR mf N, 3 S T' Q siwfwir' TM ix Ejvsllv 3,358 WX Assisi 5 TT L TR Q 'QQ Ql ' X' ' N X Q A rx S N3 SJ N Q N 3 BS AS T XR . S S is Q9 . Q The sfaffs of The i961 ALHAMBRAN have enjoyed planning, arranging, .J andproducingThisyearbookforYOU. lTscreaTionwould have been 3 E even more diTficulT wiThouT The aid of several people, whom we I' have come To regard as friends. Our sinceresT Thanks go To AQ JACK CANNICOTT, Cannicoh' Publicafions and L.A. En- l graving, TONY LOYA, AnThony Loya Studio, BILL RETCI-llN, The S. K. Srnifh Co., BILL JACKSON, H 8. J TypeseTTing, ANDY LOGAR, Alco Press, Inc., TOM WILLHITE, and all Those local merchanTs whose in- TeresT in school acTiviTies has helped make possible The publicaTion of The 1961 ALHAMBRAN. TR K? vpn , ,j" W?i?Q?!'Jj W"!7WjW Q S . fs? Mm :WZ H W wficfwwip W U' ZX W, WW ff MA KP , . K K Mfg 'S En? 5 2 gs E2 P gi XG: Qx A x gb sw Q QQ E Q Q QQELQ, X' QQ 4.52 1 3 1 . fx 2 ,J a 5 - U2 5. J Q I ,159 53 ' BJ 3 X L ,IJ J , w N . . It . , .W , , N JQ, , HDV If Ax4 iw, ,,,- lx' .- V53 if M Q if f - L A- L6 ww ' ' X ' iiQ+ Cb I IALJ gy A W A 7, if K! j " 94- J fb-525. I J' 'Qc ,X tfg I Cy' ,Xf7'4g,,ff N A wh. W M. Q95 PM w 'E7JlwwfEN ,wPyZv'35?,v Sgfgqawivywf vw? F! J' ,YN 79" J, WE! ,,xVlQoQff'1g1 fy M .95 N fri' by , N' ,JF W W' 9 Wye fir JN Async ww OW Wy? fs., . L1 nf . Je- H- - xx ii, gg --- - - -- , 4 N 4 xl I Q-,fsxlix V 'V fwcgf 5 V Lf x il 1 f , I Q X L 'Jcx6G' 55- M231 0544 Q fi MX WX G' JK M 'J X XL, ' N K. , ' .1 J . L, kb' ' 1 F we 1 'Q R f . L ,KV ixQkIx'v txvx . by 'V A. -J XQQA wx - :S D . -- V ' X g , X I ' V4 - DA- if O' 'J Sf 'XX KP 3 ab , 1' N tj if - Cie, L- Jxxxw Q Q ,J Qcwf vxgws X1 N J-' H Ci nf J DJ ' . X W v - NV "L Y E 1 , , fx f ' J cv" Lfbyw 'L X I X! L U 'V Y if '. ,, X- 34 fs X I aj, " TZVN QC- C, C Q, Lf J X, 1 Q, LT' :D L3 - A N' ' X ' ,N QJDV FY 6 px KJ 3 'U K 464162 fi 7g Q' gf 7 jagffc' Q55 B Mmnlluauararall l' ""l"giwQu2e!i WWWQ M W JF WWQV' W my m4Mi,pU?WgV'if V, ' 'od WWW QM Wmwgyyiz W wgffjy J -.T--,.,,Q,-,,Y--v-f-...: F , .lf if ' I f c, H, xy, 'AW ,, ' . - ' 'J LQ ,147 A - 1 1 ' ,.-., n T-V1 M in Ll 5716,-!CLTsdC,c-2-Ei, A " A I ki A! f 'C 41156:-., fr fu! K 65 ,J ,' ' 3,4 I: I N'-f I 'I Lf..L--gy. 2.617 M1 "1 4., Jw Acyvlffgl P L i ,' If 4' ' vN.gL,,L'2i CIF- .Ca -lk' 2 f ff if I, 4' U ' if I I 1 Z. . V' Mar 1 "'y..- wg' f VV L, 5 ,C,, 3,5-HCQHH Y f,:,K 71 V I -. A , ,. gtlfq 'Ap 17 I fl-A 'gk' 1 'fXi'2','xf4xiL..:' If ,n ' 'X iii" ,. f l' A H 511 H ,7 ' ,. ' 'K ,?'C'L'1dffl, I JD!! M' 7 Elf" 1 ' inf , xv 1 1' f NW H9 .1-' M R4 X , - idk, , xv., rf A 277 il 4 J -f:,,, ,WIP cjcq,-"V brat ' iffy f ., .IL JL' Q. 71 L W f Q" 6" ' A f 1 X49 , 1 - 1 f, I , V , Q gi, , .N C K' L X J ' 'W J W !"" - - V 'H . I L " 542 CL C K I I L Q I L .J jy July' tv W, mmm L ' V4 K Aff f' ,. uf '1 -L' , I W - CL rf M51 F v ? PN f, J I Hi' K .' .. ..... .-'U V 1 ' 'i ., V , L .- D I1 I I y ' ., M, l f ,ivkj Q-1 , ,lv I' jf. ipk' lu . r W 1 14 M51 ' I i ',U Q1 X X x r My ..xA ,x 'E f 'Y 4 I I ., w ' 1 I. , ,1 4 l fl! . IL' 1 f' f V f x 0 4 . ,V ' ffl Q Ei We Ei A E?? Q jfa! ll WH ' l ! W I

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