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Alhambra High School - Alhambran Yearbook (Alhambra, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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vi bl 6' 9 Qu lv -,L 4+ 'ww A 4-vga-nan-Q A AN, "l3'r,x'-.T hr ,Q ' wtf fi' "VI A YYY v 'v 4 Q 1 4Iiy,'y., , .,g klif 9 ' wx' 14 f Z gf' 17 xy. 'af-. 1 1 N' xfk .jx ,.. 'tl mira '3.f:f'.?5 M X. an 'A 1 14605. W M cf' if 'L L ff ff A4 1 S 'u ZH. fax Xa A 4 S . 5 1 'L- SA vu-vi ,w '-1. ,N4 JwfGOQJ CAM :I ?':If:, 'ff .lf Q '-1 1. ,f '. S 'Af if CW-f a4'f' fu H-J f 0 I 7 1155 v4f"1 M" " ' ,vf4 Wff'ffi'M ff' I A775 'T 3".R. f5 nr l rx Q 4 IP K1 1 WV-., L l w V v V01 ft . 8 ll' J E' ' I f if fl f M n X Q ' ' H --f r V lx-f-'X twiki ivy :LV r :NU xfv X V1 I t 5 T I l I Y If lv' A x 4,11 uv v jf N' X !YL"X 1 I ' 1 j I s V' f' .lf L M y I I 1 I M' I A, ff ft if fi J 4 P x WJ fjftb 7 J' V La L '+L l Lf E 1N'I ETEE STEPHANIE KERN Ubllshed by , Edrtor In Chief ' BARBARA BAISLEY, Ar? Edltor ' Alhambra Cohf ALHAMBRA HIGH scwoon f X Volume 46 Cover Dessgn DREW BISHOP IL L Y LINDA SHORE, Busmess Edufor 1' Y I. ' C' ' JN A 1 mm I fIII,I,I,I!i4I,f 15 l. j ' E Dfw AWD IN ' ILM ' IQLWV1 - If LI .-Q ,UL W" I III g 'Lf 41 L, Lu V, f I 1' IILI jv I ,. UV L- If I I 1 .1 I-I-L' Ui' . I I ILL, I If 1 1 V if IN V ' AF NL ' Niki Lhf' if ., I H L!! M Y qywf,f,I!, ll , 7,150 WILL I I X142 - v CL' W 4 Ax K- V I A 1 Ep SQL MIL! I , V :V V uw A 4 ' 1,12 Ld , , If I ' WJ R' j 4, ' L' ' ,171 .1 'fy A75 L 6 I: 17 I! Ll I 'nfj L " 5 1 ,1 I' fy ICLLLI' ' ' 0 'ffx ' 4 EL 'JJ' 1 ww' is Q .W Lv' V JAR H ,Nj f I7 Jf ' f! Q H, Lf' . 7 ggi iff W 7 f A -jf ik - ' , I 7-X' . . E0 IAM I I iq g, Q 'I-I Jfl- jf K XJ H18 - J 2 v I A ' sf -LL: I V+ Ig? I 444.1 2 Y ,. ', jf Y . ' ig,-'14 ff""1'f1'-147 ff ,fm 5,5 ff4,cf-Q: eww, Zfwoamwo ' A -- - ' ,-' --.-in - 'fig 1,1 'iff f':1'L'f'7- 7 ,ich L-' - 'f if . I 1 A' 1 f ' A .- ,f 'E ' ' 13' 1' ' , ' z " If If 'vhs VHA r 66,22 A ii 'ffm' D F, I V- Q ' f :,-511.1 L , if-C i ,f f A, , - 5 f M 251 .6-.'4.f'ff41 ff'-"Le ,'ff!.'f .VA ' ' My Aan!! fzjfff 14,-I f fFfQ'f1-zfffyf Wg ,f1.!z,-f!,g,z1fLfx21Q,v - 5' fl fj'f"ff1 ffycfrf Y, 5 '11'+f'f'f4.5 e if ,f 61273, iff ,-1' , . ' ' J gLQf4,a' ,zffzflaf . ' I u., .' 1 11 332- in ffzfigy ' nay' ' if ' ' hx . " ' nf : nag V. f' sf-f ' . I 'I1,0MAfi,-fy V I x N .xx X . x k . .X . 'Devi f K W' I 1 X. ' '- .1 2 . . 9 x L qv' Q - 1 , . .,k',f ' fix ,bf xl ', Z ' A 5 1 , V i '- V " 1 4 i f Za! :N 2 'I I 1 Y A , N sf 5 1' ' 4 1 4 v , 'e 'O 1 A ' , 7 if 4 , R R i f 5 l A 2 Tr' , 2. ,Q ' L ' 15 52' Q l- 5 qi Q . I ' r i A . . a 1 ' J if la J K A' 4 Q f .lin it V Q! .Wu ' 1 if ls b, Y 1 si 5 1 , Qi , ' .lj 1, X xy- y '. X - I I I I W x Z HOPQS, .ug 1 1 L, , gHfQpbfNLby A ff H ml z wb A I ' J E , ,1 QJf4.w' h4J0 f My n,L A V , v - lc I .Lili , Z , by M y , Q4 1 ?A1LL'J 4 JL ' I it , ,pc S .:' E- V , fl!! ff LU ' 5,7 ' , QL illj4:Y1.zXE5q X !Lf ii" H! A'iA"f"Z S QJS f f U ,I, X qmbs -' ,N R S oun O F0 CLASSES CLUBS page 32 page 78 Sli I-Ktflv 111 I 53 CD QS' X 1 15,9 my 1 J if III ACTIVITIES page I08 Q SPORTS page .-14 Endless hours of searching bombed out areas for those stlll clmgmg at the last fllckenng light of life convmced o group of ambulance druvers that a way must be found to prevent the next world war -one that would undoubtedly spell the destruction of mankind Such farm re solve wlth the common goal ofa peaceable understandlng throughout the world was the meager begunnmg of the Amerlcan Fneld Servuce mg world understandmg o student ex change program rs a reallty among more than fifty countrles race rel: glon and creed excluding none It IS to thus slncere Ideal that we the leaders of tomorrow dedlcate the T960 ALHAMBRAN with the knowledge that If we Walk together Talk together O ye people of the earth' Then and only then shall we have peace Today, with the high hope of promot- 1 g a "'4' f 4 Y Airy fi , wi , AMEWECAN F.ELD SERVICE STUDENTS-Ue'vf A . K ,o rnhtj Fed Prg-Vs lBelgmmQ, Leif Lbrgng fSwed:nj, Sutonne Rey'roNds XAHS Saude- -'1 UO Vu ed 1 JF 19591. "Q, . In SWHZEWOFFG durlng We gummg 'Nl- M, -F' fx Xu 5 F1 H' ww' Q"-M. 9 A genuine interest in youth, enthusiasm, ALHAMBRA BOARD OF EDUCATION-ltopl Mr. Willard H. Clarke lpres.l, Mr. John H. Clay, Mr. Je o e F lbottoml Mrs. Dorothy Mather, Mr, Laurence N. Wolfe, Mrs, Margaret Bishop lsec, to supt.J. Take a genuine interest in youth, add unlimited enthusiasm, fold in good iudgment and energy, season with optimism and that necessary public support, then mix well. The result is, of course, none other than the Board of Education, a group of civic-minded people who have high hopes for us and continually work for our benefit. They must face the bugbear of education, public pressure, and draw good, sound conclusions on the many phases of school administration in their advisory capacity as board members. Their chief objective now, according to Superin- tendent of Schools Maurice R. Stokesbary, is to pro- vide a compact and efficient school for the students of AHS. lt is to be a school worthy of sustaining the pride and tradition of our alma mater-"a school above all others." Their second objective is to build such a structure as economically as pos- sible. The Board is constantly pushing forward in its endeavor to rehabilitate Alhambra High School. This is not a new proiect but is one that has been in prospect for thirty years. Twice bonds have been passed, but each time the money was used to con- struct new high schools in the district. And old Al- hambra High School is still awaiting its day. Every- one is very optimistic and hopeful that there will be a new, and even better, AHS in the near future. The plans for the new plant very definitely cen- ter on the needs and convenience of the students. There is to be a student activity room which will contain signature tiles of alumni, trophies, and oth- er mementos exemplifying the history and tradi- tions of our school. This modern and simple, yet attractive, structure will provide access between buildings on upper floors, covered passage ways for those rainy days, good ventilation and lighting, and a limitation of noise interference. It will be adaptable to future plans with a provision for tele- vision, supplementary teaching machines, and oth- ludgment insure a better education. MAURICE R. STOKESBARY Superintendent of Alhambra School, er educational devices and facilities. It is to be an unusually versatile high school plant for the many varied students. Other welcome features of the proposed plant include an auditorium, one to be used for school and community needs. However, the school will have priority in its use. There will also be a very adequate cafeteria and school library, all of which will be centrally located near the administration offices. As for the portable buildings, their days will not be over. They will all be used in this district, some will even remain at AHS. Everyone is anxious to speed the completion of this long-awaited proiect. ln a minimum of three years, one may find a new Alhambra High School onthe old familiar site which holds sentimental at- traction for many AHS graduates. Yes, if the high hopes of the administration and our fondest dreams are fulfilled, future generations will share our feel- ings and reap the benefits of our desire. As they walk down the halls, they may feel the strong un- ion of past and present-the pride and tradition of AHS united with the fine environment of a new plant-the embodiment of Alhambra High School. It must be remembered, however, that the re- alization of these hopes will be the result of the support of the citizens of Alhambra and the time and energy rendered by those selfless members of the Board of Education, Mr .Stokesbary, and the assistant superintendents, Mr. Robert F. Gray, Mr. Charles Scanlon, and Dr. Elmer Ensz. ROBERT F. GRAY, CHARLES SCANLON, DR. ELMER ENSZ Assistant Superintendents ll Quality of learning will improve as a result A man with great responsibility resting on his shoulders must be optimistic. Our Mr. Strother is certainly a man of high hopes. At the present time he is hoping that at last our building problems may be solved. ln retrospect he says that his high hopes for the kind of student body and staff that could rise to meet the challenge of adiust- ment have been fulfilled. He now hopes his busy schedule may return to normal. He hopes for an improved quality of high school education. He believes that this will como about as a result of the renewed emphasis, on the part of the students them- selves, on recognition of the real purpose of education. l-le feels that with the support of tho community we can look forward to the eventual evolvcment of a better program that will be more effective in educating the whole child. Our principal feels renewed energy this year. His unselfish giving of this energy, along with his time, testifies to his dedica- tion. His undaunted high hopes show him to be a man possessing that rare combina- tion of maturity and our very own spirit of youth. MR. GILBERT L. STROTHER Principal ol Alhambra High School THE PROPOSED NEW PLANT is laid Out by Mr Strother f ghtl lo Eileen Henry, Linda Curinqa, Pon Conzonire, Jean McDo ld Lo Tavares of student recognition of its real purpose. MRS. ELIZABETH LUTTRELL Girls' Vice-Principal The most unfounded conception of many disillu- sioned individuals is that the Boys' Vice-Principal serves only as the personification of a warden who administers austere punishment to law violators. Indeed, in work not seen by students, the Boys' Vice-Principal of AHS, Mr. Miller, is quite the oppo- site of a "dispatcher of unfair penalties to angelic transgressors." The correction associated with this office is not something which is militant and unreasonable in nature, but rather understanding and patient. Dis- cipline involved in the Boys' Vice-Principal's office is requisite for fairness to all persons concerned and is not given in the form of floggings, as may be implied by the misguided. ln other words, ev- eryone gets a fair shake. Symbolizing the efforts of his office, Mr. Miller is also the advisor to the Boys' Federation, the male representative body of AHS. Here he works behind the scenes to promote activities to solicit the inde- pendent mind of a boy. Paralleling this work in activities of boys is his iob as general overseer of the male club functions authorized on campus. New to the iob of Girls' Vice-Principal this year, Mrs. Elizabeth Luttrell began with high hopes of success. Her main concern is "to deal with each girl as a person, as an individual." She considers her iob three-fold: ln student activities she helps to develop student lead- ership by acting as advisor for the Commission, Pep Squad, Club Council, Girls' League, and the AFS program. A few of the girls at AHS have personal problems and are in need of advice. Mrs. Luttrell is always there to be an understanding listener and to help when help is needed. Then there are those that create problems. These girls are not only in need of advice on how to solve the prob- lems that they create, but they receive it whether they want it or not. Most of the girls at AHS are never seen or known by Mrs .Luttrell in her office, but she says that she is inter- ested in each one. In her new iob as Girls' VicePrincipal, Mrs. Luttrell says that she is "learning every day." With these new and in- teresting situations that can be solved, Mrs. LuttrelI's duty becomes apparent, and satisfaction is gained when some- one expresses that it is a iob well done. MR. CLAUDE L. MILLER Boys' Vice-Principal 13 They encourage us to set up and achieve X :Wasil C? 4,49-'sw' ' ' a M I Vs' X' , 2 s fs . - . 554. . V 77 5 COUNSELORS lleft to rightl Mr, Lee Mills, Miss Kathleen Strickland, Mr. Irwin Phillips, Miss Ruth Turnbull, Mr. Charles ith m. Il ' I ' , . , I . . . . . . . ' I I - it , - ' ' 1 I - . . . , . I I . . C . . . . - Wh 0 But if I dont take auto shop how can I get tnat bucket of bolts in running order? Besides even if I am to be a science mayor I still have to know how to assemble a motor and keep it functioning properly This is lust one example of the many puzzling requests that are brought before the counselors each day The constant scheduling and rearrange ment of programs the words of advice for wan derung students conferences on the students plans for the future placement in different occupations an l test giving all make up the daily routine of the counselors But these are not their most important duties Then highest hope is that they can help the student appraise his own abilities and interests in the light of his plans for the future They help each student to try to realize his potential and to find the path in life whereby he will receive the greatest satis faction After the interests and the abilities of the stu dent have been sighted the counselors try to pre pare the student to take those courses which will offer a challenge to him with high hopes that the student will exert himself to the best of his ability and meet this challenge The high hopes of the counselors are realized when they see the marks which have been made in all the fields of endeavor by those whom they have guided and counseled lt is here that they re ceive the greatest feeling of satisfaction in the fact that they are COUNSELORS desirable goals, to recognize potential. High hopes? Of course, all of us have high hopes. But what happens if some per- plexing or bewildering problem, financial or otherwise, comes up which might prevent the realization of these hopes? ls all lost? Certainly not. There is always the Child Welfare Office to which students can turn for sound advice, encouragement, and as- sistance. Mr. Dye and Mrs. Reese of the Child Welfare Office are always ready to help. Besides lending assistance to students with problems, Mr. Dye and Mrs. Reese are also busy performing other jobs. lt is from this office that all work permits are issued, and it is also from this office that a careful check on student absences is kept. We are all familiar with the telephone call and the voices that inquire about our absence from school, and this office knows iust what to expect in the way of an answer. The old lines-"I had a headache," "l didn't feel well," "I had an upset stomach"-are used over and over again. Strange how these maladies seem to increase during nice beach weather! But the Child Welfare Of- fice knows iust what to do about the situa- tion and is usually quite successful in con- vincing most of us that school comes first, nice weather or not. Yes, the Child Welfare Office has Prob- lems! Problems! Problems! day in and day out, but this still does not dim the high hopes of both Mr. Dye and Mrs. Reese, for they both have a great deal of faith in the kids of AHS. MR. BOYD DYE AND MIS. GWEN REESE Child Welfare "PAPER OR CANDY"-that is the questio t 0 t the student store, If you would express your cultural talents In the ART DEPARTMENT you can cast your fish ing line and reel in your fish' Even sports enthusi asts can enloy the activities of this department Remember the realistic fish floating above you on the underwater dance floor at the Seaside Shuffle our semi annual backward dance9 These and many more dance decorations are designed and largely made by the Art Department Paint brushes paper easels paints clay and cardboard are only a few of the materials used by the Art Department in service to AHS The goal of this department is to show students a way of expressing their cultural talents while in high school Even an art club has been formed in which Yuv- Hopes must certainly run high in the COMMER- CIAL DEPARTMENT for who except those with high hopes and determination would tackle those commercial machines mathematical calculators check-machines electric typewriters mimeographs and even the time clocks-to say nothing of that strange and peculiar method of writing shorthand? And this is not all the commercial student has a few other supplementary subiects to which he is exposed and expected to master-business law general business business problems salesman- ship bookkeeping and others. Needless to say business students are busy students. Practical experience is a must in preparing for a commercial career and the business students pictured at the right through practice will become 16 tl t R oo N to enrich the students talents Remember the assembly when a drama class presented a play? Under difficult conditions such as our outdoor auditorium the stage design classes helped in the presentation by constructing the sets Art classes also provide signs for debate tourna ments and the lettering on Commission Awards Competition is keen in the Art Department Of ten work of AHS students is entered along with art of other schools and returns with honors Just this year four students were chosen from AHS as win ners in the Halloween shadow box display con test So cast your line and fish for your talents in the field of the arts The results are rewarding' INESS ll f 'ghtl M' . . s .. ..Se . , .T.WI . proficient and skillful in using the stenotype which is standard equipment in most modern offices. Yes for those whose hopes lie in the business field-buying and selling managing an office serving as a secretary clerk or receptionist ac- counting bookkeeping-the commercial depart- ment of AHS is well-equipped with modern busi- ness machines to provide the necessary practical experience and is eager and ready to help these students realize their high hopes and ambitions in the business world. So when you step out in this world of business machines and such don t let it throw you when the boss says Take a letter Miss Jones. Just punch the right key or pull the right lever and you re in business l C St f'd tl ' t th Id f b ' h' ART ell to righ l Miss E. Brown', Mrs. . B ne, Mr. B. orcross. . . , ,, . . . . ,, . . . . 1 ' ' ' i 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - . - 1 H s ,K an K '- QQ' Q 8, . 1 4 . BUS e t to rr iss L Heron', Mr , A R Bene h, Mr J Sutton, Mr P trnshein, ' I I Miss l. Tassop Mr ilhite 1 I I I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I . 1 I I 1 I I ll YY I I ll ll 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 - ,Sf TAKE A LETTER An artistic fishing exp Yo Q Von of January I6 was received . . . edition ? 4' Vw vmzf: J .' .K-f : F, if ,: :jf X x W X H gp, .2 Ky' I 53. . WL X ai if N Q . ,. ' M 4 nas, 'TE' , 4 N '55-xi ' X " xnrq, -1 4 52- -33. 5, f . fl - M mx Q W .., . H-., lx fafyt . ' 1 i I 1 in ,rx 5 .H I ? Q 5, 5 1 :QL 1 f bl 3 ' ' 'ft "4 - V fi 7 F ? M" l'wf1"V3u3 P' ' I '!'.1i5C-ir!-'lil s Y A BV' 'wr 'li 1- !'f " 1lmzw- 'I' 5? ' Q' :Y 4 W 5 .pg yew iff is .r . ' Q r- A -. 5' , ,M V, . 4, 1 '11 z. if L .QM Q9 4'9'im"5 ' 22 f' Y -"5-?"4""fvf. - Jai: !,,,,1 'fg4,i L 1 N 5 L K EL K I- nf , ..-v 2 , 1 .0 MMF, Q DQ ' 5 .J ' 41 0 x O09 Jail . K X , I I A I , FIlms records tapes Implement lIt courses 1-v In the ENGLISH DEPARTMENT AHS students dIS cover that EnglIsh IS no longer a dull dry sublect It I5 real to them now partly because audIo vIsual OldS have brought It to lIfe Many fIlms records and tapes now Implement our modern study of EnglIsh Another new feature of our Engllsh Department IS the renewed emphasIs on composItIon because of the realIzatIon of IIS Importance In college work We are fortunate In having an EnglIsh Department that IS constantly strIvIng to serve AHS students In better more effectlve ways There are many opportunItIes for extra currIcu lar OCTIVIIIGS for Interested students who wIsh to develop theIr wrItIng abIlIty The IournalIsm classes put out the MOOR our weekly school newspaper. The Writers Guild a group of students with a spe- cial interest in creative writing publish our annual Sllver Pen a collectIon of the best stories essays and poems written by AHS students during the year. Certainly the necessity and importance of Eng- lish cannot be overestimated. Our English classes teach us to communicate more effectively. English students must realize that effective communication is absolutely necessary to further our hopes and ambitions. ,4' LISH U tt to ghtl M og o D o B Glo c ps M s o Ro M to o o a W PractIcal preparatIon for the future thIs ear marks the aIm of the HOME ECONOMICS DEPART MENT and possIbly the goal of these Moors also These AHS co eds are lookIng to the future wIth an eye on a thermometer or an airplane pressure gauge and a finger In some new fantastIc doughy concoctIon Though they probably are not quIte sure lust whIch vocatIon they will enter today theIr dreams are of sugar n spice n everythIng nIce or rather It should be mIx n add water n hope and pray lt IS In thIs department that dauntless educators endeavor to teach Moors the extremely dIffIcult task of feeding themselves clothIng themselves and taking care of themselves the very basic ne CSSSIIIGS of any Moor s busy lIfe. Besides having to learn these taxing chores students must acclimate themselves to a completely unheard of vocabulary -bias sugary tacky etc --along with unusual methods and technIques in sewing and cooking- howto boil water and thread a needle. Amidst the tiny Ma Ma of the vinyl prac- tice babies the clanking of pots and pans finally washed and put away the whirring hum of sew- ing machines stitching the final seam on a semes- ter s work put into a dress emerge Moors ready to challenge any Mrs. America. HOME ECONOMICS Ileft to righll Mrs. M. Fisher" Mrs. B. Fculkinbury, Mr. D. Forney. O O O I I ' Th ' m t th' h k' th t e e s o e o o g p , p In A 'T T i I Q ' , . X . s- i - - ' ' ENG e ri Row I: rx. A L ar', Mr. F. And rkc, Mr. A. ouvo A I M Mrs. E. Edm ndson, Mrs. . d, M I ' ' ' H. Kehler, Miss N. Lomb rd, Mr, J Mount. Row 2: Mr. T. Murphy, Mr. l Philli , is H. P wer, Mrs. R. ms Mr. , S nebr ker, Mr. T. T iim , M ' G. ard. I ' ' . . . . . I I - . . I . . . . . . I L . . . . . as I - 1 - - lv . 1 I , , ' AI ' v I J 0 'E , . I n I 1 0 . I . I . . . , . - . 1 I I I I 0 I I I , I 1 I ' ll ll jj VY I I I Do you have that practical technical know-how'-J Surmount the barrier, learn another language From the variety of activities in the INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT-the quiet concentration of the drafting students, the operation of the noisy and cumbersome machines in woodshop and ma- chine shop, the thump of hammers and mallets in metal shop and auto shop-there is no doubt that these students are busily engaged in those activi- ties which will bring a realization of their hopes in a mechanical world. The students in the picture to the right are ln- dustrial Arts students studying electronics, which as the name implies is the study of the behavior ARTS ll ft c M C Healton', Mr. F. Alexander, Mr. M. Kreinbring, Mr. G. Oeltman, Mr. K. Wilson. and effects of electrons in vacuum tubes, photoelec- tric cells, and the like. Whether the Industrial Arts student plans to master a skill in preparation for a iob immediately following graduation or to pursue his studies in the field of engineering, electronics, or architectur- al drawing, the AHS Industrial Arts Department is prepared to see that these hopes are not thwarted. lt is equipped to see a student through a partial apprenticeship, aid him in developing a hobby, or give him the feeling of knowing first hand what the future in this field of endeavor holds for him. LANGUAGE lleft to rightl Miss L. Murphy', Mr. A. Ch Mr. K. Lenser, Mr. A. Martin, Mr. S. Moyse, Mr. M. Students in our LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT are aware that mankind must forge ahead. Our world is shrinking with the increased ease and speed of transportation, bringing distant peoples to our doorstep. But, with the heedlessness for which Americans are becoming notorious, we have failed to consider what we are doing. We may bring many peoples to our doorstep, but once we get them here, we cannot communicate with them, thus wasting our most exciting opportunity for friendship and mutual improvement. At last America has come to realize that speak- ing a foreign language should not be an ability that belongs to only the most intelligent. Foreign language is a tool that must be used to remove 20 barriers. Our fine language department is con- stantly striving to instill a modern day "gift of tongues" in the AHS student by stressing conver- sational German, Spanish, and French. A language student may be distinguished by the glazed quality of his eyes as he runs into pil- lars, muttering, "Amo, amas, amat." And pity the poor student who is taking two languages. He cer- tainly can't be blamed for attaching German verb endings to a Spanish stem. After the final is over, the bleary-eyed student will have to admit that the knowledge of a language is worth the loss of sleep, weight, and sanity. And who knows? The future of the world may depend on a former AHS student's "Bon Jour" at the right time. .,n,, . -,, 4122 'iw' M ' A." . ' C9 ilf' F--if ' 5 "'H S . . lm .,- 'v , W '--Q if . ." :un ? :ami f K H ,.vf' E . I '74 Qfxfii fY"x,, V M Q 'Av ' - 2 X rf 3 Y F 5 if . A l AW, we UF' W 1 43- , - 1' f? , 1w f A' A 0491 Q V 1- .-J' ...v Q'-. 1,41- """' Nw Ler's try Boch with o beef. XE Y ill! '4,3"f3X , ff - 'Make Ohose chubby, dimpled knees do the work." i W:-1. 57 ,, V725 5,71 ,F Wx 1 .- fi af' . fsgbfw I -'gb Qing . xi 5 4 , tr Sam 6 Meet the masters In the musIc world Mlghty P E men make wlth the muscles lf you happen to pass the MUSIC DEPARTMENT at any tIme from 7 45 a m to 5 O0 p m a myrIad of sounds may float or crash from the portable buuldlng Some are strange and cacophonous re flectnng the maestro s dnspleasure wath the super human efforts of hIs angellc choIr Some lIltIng and lovely the reward of the many gruelmg hours of hard work Some hesntant and unsure the begmners strugglmg over sIght readIng theIr do re mI s and other vocaluses Or the crashnng brass and boommg drums of the band practlcmg for the Rose Parade or that all Important football game or relaxmg In a lam sesslon on When the SaInts Go Marchmg In Or there are the mInglIng whInes and groans of the strmgs as the orchestra tunes Its Instruments for a concert or a competlttve festaval ICI QIIIMRO Through thus traInIng our musIc students learn to Improve thenr skIIls and at the same tIme they are taught to know and understand the world s great musIc Our hopes are hugh for our MUSIC De partment for who knows we may be harbormg a future LIly Pons or Van Cllburn BOYS PHYSICAL EDUCATION ll Itt I M E So M C Easy wIth that welght son coach' u CLANK' Qunckl Get that welght off hIs headl And so wuth the begInnIng of the 59 60 school year new sounds of honest and hard effort were lent to the AHS physucal educatron flelds Havmg revlsed Its system to provtde a competItIve spIrIt the PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT created a new Interest In fnelds of athletlc endeavor Abllnty wlth some constderatuon for effort b came the basns of gradIng Excellence In an athle tIc event resulted In a hlgher poInt score for the wInnIng or placmg IndIvIdual or team The requlslte cross country run every Frlday wIll be one aspect of the change whlch wall never be forgotten by parttclpants Covermg approxtmately 880 yards the course was desIgned to keep boys condltuoned and to create Interest In track and cross country It IS Interestmg to note that the AHS cross country team won the champIonshIp The IndIvIdual was the key to competItIon In the track program of gym whtch was desIgned to cre ate track Interest and to bulld stamlna Events In cluded In thIs phase of the system were the 50 yard dash 220 yard dash hugh lump broad lump and shot put In spIte of the tIghtened emphasIs on abIlIty Instead of attendance many of the non accredIted sports remaIned In exIstence What would gym be wIthout an occaslonal shower fught or shoe flght towel battle or shurt rIppIng9 23 Gals acquire muscular coordination, speed, dexterity Nothing is impossible in this mad age of science 4. The groans, screeches, and "oh, my poor mus- cles!" are not always the sorts of sounds one hears from a classroom, but from the GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT those echoes are quite standard. You must realize that the fair co-ed has iust been through a session of physical exertion, and time must be taken out to pass the time the only way a high school girl can talk. Here the "innocent maiden" is not only im- pressed with the idea of hitting a baseball, but al- so with the importance of a straight and sound body. A strange code has become the by-word of these damsels, "TTlT, Tuck Tummy in Tight, as they endeavor to walk, to stand, and to sit in such a The importance of SCIENCE-MATHEMATICS DE- PARTMENT in this age cannot be overestimated. We stand on the threshold of an era of great sci- entific advancement and achievement. Therefore the Science-Math Department is fundamental to the curriculum at Alhambra High School. To be sound- ly educated today, one must have some definite knowledge in this field to understand technical data. In addition to the prescribed work, avocational courses are offered. Photography is one in which a student can learn through experience the enioy- ment derived from taking pictures. This may lead to a vocation in photography, or an ideal leisure time hobby. But all is not seriousness. There are the times when even the trig instructor admits that something is too long and involved, the moments in chemistry when someone thinks he has discovered a new gas when all he has done is burned the rubber hose leading to his bunsen burner, and in physics where some slaphappy student wreaks havoc with the experimental apparatus. All this goes to make up the department of Sci- ence-Math. It is with high hopes that we look to this department to supply us with the invaluable technical knowledge which we will be able to put to use, either directly or indirectly, throughout the rest of our lives. Yes, even if we all do not become scientists, engineers, mathematicians, or physicists, we can all use a good, sound knowledge of the principles of science and mathematics. 24 'G-x GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION lleft to rightt Mrs. H. McGar- ry , Mrs. V. Hegemler, Miss E. Miller, Miss N. Morrison, Mrs. J. Muller. way that no one will know they belong to the "beat generation." This department offers a program of activities that affords more opportunities as the girl ad- vances in high school years. Though one may think this department has pro- duced a group of Yogi contortionists, in actuality the AHS co-ed tries to acquire grace and rhythm with a development of her imagination in the mod- ern dance classes. The range of activities offered in the outdoor sports program induces a sportsman- like attitude for use in daily life with the possibility of some sport to use for leisure in later years. ics' SCIENCE-MATHEMATICS llelt to rightl Row I: Mr. R. Dovis', Mr. N. Altenberg Mrs. R, Arnett, Miss J. Beemon, Mr. O. Cosand. Row 2: Mr. C. Fuller, Mr, H, Gaul Mr. J. Hartnett, Miss M, Hood, Mr. E. Menasco. Row 3: Mr. M. Miller, Mr, M Pontrelli, Mrs. l. Spear, Mr. D. Stivers. Row 4: Mr. .l. Swihart, Mr. K. Weatherholt It's either u straight buck or etse! Wotch the toneg this urea of the print is too dork." I ffm! w-zu .mf M I 9? 'x W, -f T Above All Others-we boon a lime, Then III be No vhouxand, two hundred, vwnnvy vhree miles away. We learn to leave them laughing or crying How would you like to be a cartographer or a namer of streets9 Just enroll in the SOCIAL SCI ENCE DEPARTMENT Beginning in your first year at AHS you enrolled In Orientation often wonder ing to what you would be oriented .lust this year a booklet titled Above All Others was compiled by the Social Science Department to inform you of the history of California Alhambra city AHS and dis tingulshed graduates This booklet should give stu dents the initiative to continue In the footsteps of the greats of AHS SPEECH ll tt to There s a but of the hlstrionlc in each of us the desire to be a ham . We like to show off to know that our talents are appreciated. Thus one of the busiest and most frustrating departments to be encountered on campus is the SPEECH DE PARTMENT Holding an invaluable place in every one s education, the principal oblective of this de- partment is to instill in us the art of speaking well at all times. The "small" objective, which is vital to basic communication, is often accompanied by hectic hours of rehearsing, meeting deadlines, and spending numerous hours with no apparent im- provement. But then the glow of satisfaction when it has been accomplished makes all the effort worth M IAL science qi fi vo gh i iz 1 E W d M t M W M M W With increased importance of world affairs in hopes of world peace AHS has become a clearing house of activities and competition materials that are useful to the student At the present time there are 1200 students enrolled in Social Science courses that are planned according to the emphasis placed by the State Social Studies Committee of California The Social Science office center of AHS life and traditions boasts of having more current maga zines than any other Social Science office in this area This same department took the lead in pro motmg the names of the streets on the East cam pus and publishing Above All Others Every year the Junior Statesmen are becoming more and more active participants in student body affairs as well as representing AHS at conven tions and supervising the counting of election bal o s W'o .A. ..M . while. After all high hopes often come true this is something to remember next time. In spite of handicaps such as the loss of the au- ditorium the progress and enthusiasm of the de- partment is not dimmed. The whole student body enloys the efforts made to present plays in our open-air theater. The traditional senior play, nights of one-act plays, and participation in speech tournaments all add up to the busy activities of the department. But if nothing else in the speech department impresses the Moor of AHS, he surely will not be able to forget that required Fundamen- tal Speech class with all those strange pairs of eyes looking at iust him. 27 O lf you would know history, make some as you go 0 a - il A ' A ' -as ,. A .3 I Z SOC e ri I ow :Mr. .5hipmon', Mr. K. Bullock, Mr. . Charles, Mr. G. God ard, Mr. J, :Caf- ter y. Row 2: r. A, Sordisco, Mr. . Smoyer, r. . ilbur. , . . H l V . .I I . . l . " , ' . . . I - ' . . - I. I . . I . . I I . - l . . . . . 1 u Q u . u o . - n I u o 1 n - " " . l t . - FTW - t . as 'L A sf aj Tm Mfg if e rightl rs E ils n', Mr Hugglund, Mr J uyer if tr 5 , . . . - . I I I ll ll I I I . I 0 I. l g' Unsung modest sincere, they go their ways wlth our landest wnshes P IT 51: i ik rg., 2 'im 1-'Y Mus num D ARNETT fre FOR A QUIET PLACE TO STUDY MRS MODEST SCHWARTZ Havtng had a hand In apmg the Itves AHSS ftnest for many years two of our most dlstlngulshed lntructors MRS RUTH ARNETT and MISS NELLIE MAE LOM BARD have come t that place where they can lay asnde responst buluty They wall be sore ly massed but we cant wish happuness and good fortune to two bet ter frlends Mrs Arnett plans to spend a part of her le: sure In long talks with nme months old Leslle her newest grandchtld Mass Lombard wlll match wuts wlth customs offs cnas and baggage smashers In her travels September I2 may not mean a thnng to them CI? 4 MISS NELLIE MAE LOMBARD l O l I U O O U 1 I I ' I -vrgeafg 5 L bi ! 1 v f X , l I ' '- .,.. Sh ' 0 . l ug..-... .-.111--. 'K - X .Q -1111-1 I . I l . Q I A l - . nmri I O L.. g I J ... ' I 2 .ff . . Lx . . . . - ' I . . X I . - V It . rv f I l xx fx L! Ir, . - - . I g l . V,l. . ' xNwL1""'5" I - Q K I l l T , ff n ' l , D - ,1 1 If f' I +44 H , ' f X , X fx -g L 'ff If Lf 'kfq ,,,, -fr. rt I I'b y ' I y ' mg, . , sch I Ib , g t I you 28 I I She can cure your ills or spot a phony. P.T.A. services are geared to students' needs. 4 Too few Moors realize the extent of welfare assistance the PTA carries on throughout the year. Be it in the form of a loan, scholarship, or medical ex- penses, the PTA is always thereto lend a helping hand in any emergency. No part of the work this association does would be feasible without the support of the parents and the Thrift Shop, with its specialty, the Costume Shop. Whether it is a major or minor play, a socialite party, or maybe even for a ioke, the Costume Shop provides for anything one's heart could desire or has to desire. Not one Moor can forget the unani- mously popular Sabres. The reward as- sembly will linger long in the dreams of many a starry-eyed student. What with l7l9 memberships it was certain- ly well worth the effort to attain the set goal. Yes, this year again proved to be another active one for Alhambra High's PTA, as well as a most reward- ing one. FEELING A LITTLE LOW-or unprepared for that exam? Just put on a green look and go to your instructor. But watch itl MISS SYLVIA NOSEK, school nurse, can spot a gold brick o mile off. - . .... "IX i ee c e c Pot Gott J dy G cldt Sh rlo Rubn lseotedt d ess d by C mc S o pc o The people loelwincl the people Principal's Office: leon MacDoanld lsfudenll, Mrs. Angie Holmes, Mrs. Mildred " Bishop, Mrs, Margarel Trayner. Q-I-'-. 'E 'G Asp: 'Jflfus Counselors' Office: Mrs. Murgarel Mikovsky, Mrs, Mildred Lenser, Mrs Ruth Tedford. Y Affendance4Child Welfare Offices: Mrs. Elnora Todd, Mrs. Angelo 'ifni Cunningham, Mrs, Lu Wilson. Library: Nursf:'s Office: Boys' Vice-Principals Office: Girls' Vice4Principol's Office: Mrs. Dorofhy Hooper Mrs. Emily Jackson Mrs. Alfa Jessee Mrs. MoBelle Perkins 30 CANTEEN WORKERS llell rlghtl Jessie Mel: Catherine Olsen Sarah Leon Rachel Babko M Ilie Rcher LII e Bull CAFETERIA WORKERS ll lt to rightl Row 1 Gladys Dodd Jean Friend Prudence Shark Grace Benton Row 2 Catherine Bishop Marion Hansen Mildred Brown Jane Carver Hilda Nowothny Irene Solomon CUSTODIANS Itopl llett to rightj Virgil Finky, C. E, Teed. Fred Peterson, John Bybee, Lula Davis, Ivy Lawson, Martin Middleton, Henry Jungnitsch, Ed Skinner. CUSTODIANS llowerl llelt to rightl Row l: Carl Parker, Frank Maes, Robert Helfrich, A, C. Kleid. Row 2: Ed Smith, Dan Burdick, Forrest Ryn. 'u . X K 31 CLAS ---gg ' g -fa ,!. -g A ".f,"".r I , i A r In the city of Alhamlora, challenging the eye, stands a school aloove all others . . ' , '-r-""v'ff ' '- .. 'Q ax -,. l X V of TQ t,g,,' twgh SLWUHZ EUS' A .IQ 5-Rn ---N 1-'fl High, apple-pie in-the-sky hopes 'Wi OFFICERS ll ' ' o : y, , g Judy Perin, i ie ee ar. w : is e , ic a ne, ave Wa ers, ave Capl Those long-awaited senior days for the class of T960 have come to an end. The young, confused freshman has passed through the many phases of AHS life and now is ready for the last step-graduation. During those four years of growth, he has seen many changes, has achieved much, and now he is ready to pass on to higher fields of endeavor. The seniors have represented their school well. ln scholarship, leader- ship, sports, and other activities they have shown their abilities. They even aided public service-while incidently fattening the senior purse- bythe sale of light bulbs. But still another achievement was their estab- lishment of senior privileges-playing a game of badminton in the senior court, Plaza del Moro, and buying lunch in that special senior line. The mighty seniors in their china blue sweaters were the privileged! Other memories will be found in the flurry of senior pictures, cards and announcements, cap and gown fittings, bids for colleges and schol- arships. But the most memorable events, however, include "Starlight Fantasy," the senior luncheon, the successful senior play, and the long- expected all-night graduation party. Of course the most significant one is graduation when the senior, full of high hopes, steps into a new and challenging world. .7 Th ere's certainly much to 15 ov' .r .,,,.4 Qwx 1--' 'ff' V-4 Tl' 'FK 4. .17 1-'ff' ,Ok -8 'N-if 'CIA' '-f.f"F' s V f..lY Steve Abaiian Sharon Anderson Raymond Bailey Dick Barlow Frank Bellavia 36 Bill Abbare Edward Arnold Gae Bainter Karolyn Barllell Howard Benioff Ray Allen Marie Arflwr Barbara Baisley Florenze Barron Carole Benson Ginny Jim A George Ronnie Susan Vie" X Allerio ydeloff Balaris Bare-man Benzer wffv --iv S.. Bob Allobello Richard Alvarez Susan Babcock Dorothy Bacarella Gary Baldwin William Baldwin Jack Beauchamp Terry Beoumonl .lim Berg Drew Bishop be said for greater learning. ii.. 1 'tl J' S.- or--v v-x.,N -he wr-r 'ff' C? w..y 4:5 5 .J 47 -Sr, C 'Sf Var 7-s 'Us as W1 I2 f , "TV vt, -f Dave Blacher Barbara Bridges Joseph Bruno Ray Burch James Canzoneri Dennis Boden Sandra Brissey Judy Bruno Virginia Burks David Caplan Sandy Booth Lynn Bosworrh Florenze Braccio Sally Brooks Alber! Brown Mike Brown Elizabeth Budimir Donna Bufkin Par Bunone Roger Burton James Butkus Darlene Cadman Anlhony Capuro Karen Carlson Larry Carpenter ff' Lin Brewer Bob Bruner Rayma Burch Carolyn Cannon Florence Carroll 37 Red Covoney Jim Cochran John Conroy Karl Cox David Daugherty Mary Lou Dall 38 Jeanie Ceccorelli Richard Civello Joyce Cockrell Corky Conzonire Linda Craig Joon Davidson Joseph Denman Janice Cole William Cook Gordon Culp Lindo Deon Jock Dennis Dorolhy Claus lorry Colegave Anita Corbin Lindo Curinga Becky Deon Jim Dickson Karen Clay Mariie Collier Alben Cosond Thomas Dobov Diane Decker Robert Dillon Evonne Clernenv Reber! Conlee Pere Coslanlino Joan Dale Steve Deleou Ann Dombrowski Mike Donaldson Nancy Donalo Beverly Durham Anthony Dworkin Jim Evans Linus Evans Carolyn Finn Frank Fisher Sylvia Garza Rosalee Gentile Judith Gray Judy Green Gary Dorward Linda Edwardes George Fenton Joan Fitzgerald Gerry George Judy Greenwald Barbara Dube Diana Edwards Thomas Fenton Rod Fjellman Karyn Gervasi Robert Gregorio Barbara Duling Diane Emans Donna Ferris Jeanie Foster Marthel Giovanazzi Patricia Grimes Ray Durazo Dave Emmott Frank Figueroa Robert Gaikowski Wilma Gowin Ron Guadagnolo 39 Intelleclually il's stimulating Kenneth Gudger Joyce Hadsell Donna Hall Anne Hamler Linda Haney Richard Hankey Carl Hannebohn Patricia Harris Billie Lee Har! Douglas Hauge Bill Hauser Lynda Hawkins PAYOLLA ROLL BLUES--The Key Club, and friends, are inlroduced by Dick Wilkins Hell, al the Backward Dance. Jim McDermott, Tim Jensen, Lark Sweezy, Barbara Reed, Les Gilman, Fred Hayek wowed the dancers, 40 artistically il's challenging. ,g Karen Hawlish Mary Hemphill Roger Holdstock Kathleen Hughes Doyle Jacobs 41 3, ss.. .4-1 N' l wwf TF' 'T 'f vu K' -4-'Y Q Y 'ZZ Kathleen Hayden Carroll Heacock Jim Hefner Lonny Hageman Eileen Henry Jean Hickman Judith Hicks Jack Hilde Dennis Hope Fay Horn William Horsley Jeanene Hose Dave Hyall Pa! Hyde Jean Irwin Glenna Jackman Dick Jensen Linda Jioras Paul Johnson Carolyn Jones "' 115 Q, Av Q- sl' vff QQ! f , I' ,,..-v Joan Heller Peg Hipsley Janice Hughes Donna Jackson Darlene Jones 'Sv -ss I5 Xu , 4-nun f Bob Jordan Judilh Kal! Gene Kimura Joanne Lacey Leila Lee Louis Liserani 42 vg-- ,N fi Sf sh- V., l 4: , 5' sf 'kk in V 5. 1 ,Y ,Iv KL hfw ff kv- age ,,,v -64 2 T -4-4 4-av 41' -al .1 au, Q.. -5 Qu 'P 'B 'i Judy Jurasek Carol Kehner Kalhleen Kirkeby Lunle Lando: Roger Len! Carole lilwin .Ez Sally Karner Kalhleen Kelley Joan Klausman Sherry Lanenga Jae Levine Vivo liuni 'Q' ,9- v-K' yr? t Yr' Q-5 - sf' Leon Kaplan Greg Kelly Phyllis Kubas Joan Larson Leif Librand Jim Longlhorno Ar! Kcslen Larry Kelly Maria Lubbale William Lawless Cheryl Lind Kalhy lord Karen Kasven Slephanie Kern Diane LaBollila James Layton Be-lh Linden James Loupy Y .lf A WINNER-Shirley Tedlord shows her winning Halloween poster in a comes? sponsored by Alhambra merchanls. kb" "fr 'lf r WY 'W' Q... W5 '-Q 'K' if Roy Ludl Geraldine Luhman Manuel Luna Chrislie Lynn David McAnnaIly Annelle MrCormick Lawrence McCoy Carol McDermoH Jim McDermoN David McEachen Reber! Mclniosh Edith McKinsOry Jeannie McMahon Patrick McManus Joan Macagno Don MacDougaIl Emil Machrnne Leo Magnani 43 It may even provide ci iola o Tim Mahan Gene Malaltia Sharon Manderson Sandra Mandy Elaine Manley Marshall Manlhorne Julie Manzanares Lorraine Marchese Charles Marson Maryellen Marlin Robert Martinez Pal Marfinich Erwin Maser Brownie Maslen Tom Math Karlene Maulx Carolyn Mays William Megaw Jim Menconi Carl Merz Jerome Messina Debbie Meyers Gary Meza Jim Michaelian William Micheil Gail Middleton Reed Milano Mary Milano Carlene Mills Mike Milnes 44 keep the army oll your back. Fred Minsky Lee Munio Dick Neve Bobbie Oberf Berlha Padilla Janet Moomiean Genola Murray Susan Newell Ken Obs! Marilyn Parada Ruth Moran Troy Nalion Carol Newman Nancy Oneyear Patricia Parker Patricia Morosin Berry Morris Marylinda Morrison William Nebo Marilee Nelson Bob Nelson Karen Nielsen Bob Nisbelf Pat Nuelle Kalhy Oreb Pal Orr Mike Packer Alan Parker Helen Parrino Joe Parrino 45 Linda Pasquesi Wayne Perrin Leonora Prnnira Fred Prelis Lrsetre Ravany Marino Riva. 46 Jim Pattenson Sue Peters Beverly Prsano Terry Preston Bob Reevvs Yolanda Roble- Richa d Payne Rufus Pendleton Kit Peterson Frank Pizzuto Rena Prucha Steve Rentro James Rogers Judy Peterson Douglas Popson Tom Ratfety Suzanne Reynolds Thomas Rogers Lindo Perez Patricia Phair Rita Porter Louis Ramon Carolyn Rice George Romo Judith Perm Ellis Phillips Sheila Porter Richard Ralhbun Lindo Rieley Gene Rosecrans L.. v-"f s,.. ,S-X w-51 1 --3 -Y" nf" if K rl' ,4 f. Jacquelyn Ross Jill Rothenberg Mordee Rowe Shorlo Rubin Lanilu Ruiz Helen Russell Edward Scllvalierru Denis Scrpsin Mory Sorlori Angelo Sassoe Connie Scolero Joonie Schaefzel Jack Schramm Paul Schroeder Paul Schwartz Carol Scissel Don Segesdy Read Seidner YOU POOR FELLOW!-may we carry your books? Mrs. Boone gives Joe Bruno o running slorl wilh lhe help of Susan Newell llopl, Donna Ferris, Ruth Moron, and Joan Davidson. Judy Sellinger Jock Silberman Richard Slobin Clark Smith Juanita Sood Paul St Pierre 48 Julie Severy Jaan Simpkins Dennis Smith Bill Smith Donald Soto Bill Strain .lan Sherman Fred Skingley Frank Smith Ann Smyser Dan Spallovd Harold Stryker Linda Shore Stanley Skrocki Marsha Smith Pam Sriedecor Leslie Sprawl Michael Sullivan Alberta Shrader Steve Siegel William Slaman Georgianna Slates Paulette Smith William Smith Diane Snow Fred Sol-im LaDon Stantill Joe Stombaugh Ted 5'-""d0Y Janet Swan Jane Swancuil Rosemary Swiailowski Alicia Szuman Shirley Tedford Don Tennis Marcia Teler Arnold Thexion Bonnie Thompson Kathleen Thompson Penny Tiedemann Peier Townsend Tanya Traughber Richard Turner Marilyn Tuuolino Thomas Uter Larry Vargn Coral Vasque Velia Vasquez Mary Tableman Melinda Tefer Larry Thompson Janice Travis John Valentine Gloria Velasco Mary Tassop Viola Tefers Linda Thompson Ronald Trayner Jan Vandenburgh Rosemary Venturi Carol Tavares Beverly Thean Geraldine Thurkow Donald Turner Kaere Vander Ploeg Ken! Vercruse 49 G'Rl+HEn Puaun GIRL4 HER cunues LQHER rurunf CAREFUL GROOMING-includes manicured nails. Carole Caplan lsealedj works an Georglanna Slaves' hands. Carol McDermaH, lane? Moomjean, and Nancy Kinsman observe. 3 1 'Q- 5-f 16 "', gb.. ? Q Regina Verdugo Nancy Vessey Janine Villenueve Vivian Vlad Gary Volen Shrrley Voss Jamie Waddington Gary Wagner .luleene Wallerman Mary Lou Waller Dennis Washburn Dave Waters Lynn Wanerman Gary Webber Kathleen Weber Mary Weber Ellen Weddle Nancy Weideman 50 .41 ',.4'v 'Q 11' N-fy S , ? ' ii 1,37 Joe Weil Sleve Weiss Bob Weslmoroland Sandra Wheeler Barbara While Gloria While Sally Whileley Palli Wilder Dick Wilkins Mary Willmon Beverly Wilson Burl Wolford Carol Wood Belle Woods Charles Wooley Deanna Woosley f John Yingling Nancy Young Jock Zeimanlz f ,Jo f 1 N! I ff! NOT PICTURED 0 Q fl' sau Mfcubbsn on D ' f A Roberl Morlon f 12 Allen Nelson j ' - Jean Pedersen f lj! ll! Dorolhy Willing ' M l W 1 W 51 Checked, classified, and craled-all good eggs STEVE ABAJIAN Junior College Moor Staff-Ass'I. Sp Tralfic Safety Comm. Golf-JV,V Varsity Club BILL ABBATE General Annual Stall Slamp Club Senior Play-Prop. RAY ALLEN College Prep. Golf-JV GINNY ALLETTO College Prep. Songleader Pequenitas LauIe'a-Sec. Sr. Sweater Comm. BOB ALTOBELLO College Prep. Jr. Optimist Track-C,B,V Football-C,B Letterman's Club RICHARD ALVAREZ College Prep. Cross Country-Mgr. FTA-Treas. German Club Science Club SHARON ANDERSON General Maiorette Sr. Play-Cast Forensic Club Moor Staff EDWARD ARNOLD College Prep. Football-B,JV MARIE ARTHUR College Prep. orls Las Maravillas-Treas., Sgt. at Arms Science Club Health Comm. JIM AYDELOTT College Prep. Tennis-JV Band SUSAN BABCOCK General Moana Kea--Chap. Legislature Fine Arts Comm. Sr. Play-Cast DOROTHY BACARELLA General RAYMOND BAILEY College Prep. Cross Country-V GAE BAINTER College Prep. Moana Kea French Club BARBARA BAISLEY College Prep. Annual Staff Les Amies Alpha Rho Tau-V.P. GEORGE BALARIS General Band GARY BALDWIN General German Club Football-C WILLIAM BALDWIN General DICK BARLOW General KAROLYN BARTLETT College Prep. Kea Loha-Pres.,V.P. Hi Hatters-Sec. Legislature FLORENCE BARTON General Sr. Play-Cast RONNIE BATEMAN General Football-C Tennis-JV Jr. Optimist JACK BEAUCHAMP College Prep. Key Club-Pres. Football-B,V Basketball-JV Boys' Federation TERRY BEAUMONT General Football-C FRANK BELLAVIA General Basketball-JV Track-V HOWARD BENIOFF College Prep. Track-C,B,V Football-JV Moor Staff-Sports Ed. Spanish Club CAROLE BENSON General SUSAN BENZER General CSF-Lile Mem. Campus-Hist. Kea Loha-Sec.,Treas. A Cappella-Sec. JIM BERG General Basketball-D,C DREW BISHOP General Annual Staff laule'a-Sgt. at Arms Campus DAVE BLACHER College Prep. Boys' Federation Jr. Optimist DENNIS BODEN College Prep. French Club Golf-JV,V Basketball-D SANDY BOOTH General La .leunesse-Soc. Ch. LYNN BOSWORTH College Prep. Las Maravillas-V.P., Treas. Moor Stafl Sr. Play-Prop. FLORENCE BRACCIO General Kea Loha-Pres., Treas. Drill Team Student Bank LIN BREWER General Racqueleers A Cappella Forensic Club GAA BARBARA BRIDGES College Prep. Jr. Statesmen-Pres. La Hoalauna Sr. Sweater Comm. Legislature SANDRA BRISSEY General Jr. Red Cross SALLY BROOKS General Pequenitas-Sec., Hist. laule'o-Treas. ALBERT BROWN College Prep. Sr. Play-Cast Moor Stall Latin Club MIKE BROWN General Football-B Track-B BOB BRUNER College Prep. Science Club-Pres. Debate JOSEPH BRUNO General Track-V JU JY BRUNO Junior College ELIZABETH BUDIMIR General Legislature German Club Moor Stall DONNA BUFKIN General Jr. Red Cross-Pres. Debate Moor Staff-Page Ed. Las Sonadoras PAT BUNONE General Laule'a-Hist. Pequenitas-Soc. Ch. Legislature RAYMA BURCH General Kea loha Legislature RAY BURCH College Prep. Los Laureados Jr. Council Key Club-Sec., Pres. Legislature-Speaker Yell Leader VIRGINIA BURKS General Legislature Hi Halters ROGER BURTON General Basketball-C,B,V JAMES BUTKUS College Prep. Band Moor Staff German Club DARLENE CADMAN College Prep. CSF-Life Mem. Campus Club-Sec., V.P. FTA-Sec., Treas. Sr. Play-Pub. CAROLYN CANNON College Prep. Les Amies-Treas., Chap. Las Maravillas Latin Club Sr. Play-Tickets JAMES CANZONERI General DAVID CAPLAN College Prep. Gym Team-V Jr. Optimist Sr. Council Sr. Play-Cast ANTHONY CAPUTO General Gym Team KAREN CARLSON General GAA LARRY CARPENTER General Boys' Glee FLORENCE CARROLL College Prep. Drill Team Na Mea Aloha-Sec. RED CAVANEY College Prep. CSF-Lite Mem. Science Club Sr. Play-Cast Spanish Club JEAN CECCARELLI General RIHARD CIVELLO General Basketball-B Baseball-JV,V Latin Club DOROTHY CLAUS General Girls' League-Pub. Ch. Na Alii-Sgt. at Arms, Treas. Annual Staff KAREN CLAY General Sr. Girls' Glee Jr. Girls' Glee EVONNE CLEMENT General GAA JAMES COCHRAN General Football-C,JV,V Junior Exchange Track-C,B Legislature JOYCE COCKRELL General Na Mea Aloha Hi Hatters-Chap., Soc. Ch. JANICE COLE General Kea Loha LARRY COLEGATE College Prep. Basketball Tennis MARJIE COLLIER College Prep. Los laureodas Comm. of Activities Songleader las Moras-Sgt. at Arms Spring Sports Princess '59 ROBERT CONLEE College Prep. Baseball-JV,V Jr. Exchange Football-C JOHN CONROY College Prep. Basketball-V Baseball-JV,V Varsity Club Science Club CORKY CONZONIRE College Prep. Football-B,V Legislature Science Club Varsity Club WILLIAM COOK General ANITA CORBIN College Prep. CSF-lite Mem. Commission-Sec. Girls' League-Bus. Ch., Las Cadenitas-Sec. ALBERT COSAND College Prep. CSF-Lile Mem. Usher Club Chem Team Science Club PETE COSTANTINO General Football-C,B Basketball-D,B Baseball-JV Track-C KARL COX General LINDA CRAIG College Prep. Pequenilas-V.P. Laule'a-V.P., Pres. Legislature Orchesis GORDON CULP College Prep. Science Club LINDA CURINGA General Lanalzila-Soc. Ch., V.P. Girls' League-Art Ch. legislature THOMAS DABOV College Prep. Football-V Jr. Exchange leIIerman's Club Sr. Play-Cast JOAN DALE College Prep. La Hoalauna Las Cadenitos Sr. Scouts-Pres. DAVID DAUGHERTY College Prep. Football-C,B,V Varsity Club Legislature Jr. Exchange JOAN DAVIDSON College Prep. Racqueteers-Pres. Campus Writers' Guild Sr. Play-Make-up Sec LINDA DEAN General Na Mea Aloha-Chap., Sgt at Arms Band GAA Orchestra BECKY DEAN College Prep. Las Cadenitas FTA DIANE DECKER General Jr. Red Cross les Amies STEVE DELEAU College prep. Baseball-JV,V Varsity Club Science Club Football-B MARY LOU DELL General Kea Loha-Chap., Hist. Las Cadenitas Moor Stall Sr. Play-Make-up JOSEPH DENMAN College Prep. Track JACK DENNIS General Cross Country JIM DICKSON College Prep. Basketball-JV Track-V ROBERT DILLON College Prep. Assembly Comm. ANN DOMBROWSKI General Las Maravillas-Treas., V.P. Legislature Sr. Play-Make-up MIKE DONALDSON College Prep. NANCY DONATO General Campus Club Racqueteers GAA Sr. Play-Stud. Dir. GARY DORWARD College Prep. Basketball--C,B,V BARBARA DUBE College Prep. Commission-Soc. Ch. La Chandelle-Chap., Pres. Pequenitas Moor Staff BARBARA DULING College Prep. Las Maravillas-V.P., Pres. A Cappella Fine Arts Comm. Sr. Play-Make-up RAY DURAZO General BEVERLY DURHAM College Prep. Kea Loha Latin Club Jr. Red Cross ANTHONY DWORKIN College Prep. CSF-Life Mem. Jr. Optimist Sr. Play-Cast Jr. Slatesmen LINDA EDWARDES College Prep. Fine Arts Comm. Las Maravillas-Sec., Hist. Sr. Play-Cost. DIANA EDWARDS College Prep. Sr. Play-Cast Moor Staff-Sr. Ed. Pequenitas-Hist. La Chondelle-Treas., Sec. DIANE EMANS College Prep. A Cappella-V.P. Les Amies-Hist., Sec. FTA Los Hidalgos-Treas. DAVE EMMOTT General Crass Country-V French Club JIM EVANS General Baseball-V Football-V LINUS EVANS College Prep. Gym Team-V Band Football--C GEORGE FENTON College Prep. Jr. Optimist-Pres. Legislature-Sgt. at Arms Sophomore Pres. Jr. Council THOMAS FENTON College Prep. Band German Club Science Club CSF DONNA FERRIS General FRANK FIGUEROA College Prep. Football-JV,V Jr. Exchange Baseball-JV Varsity Club CAROLYN FINN College Prep. La Chandelle-V.P., Pres. Las Cadenitas Drill Team CSF FRANK FISHER College Prep. Boys' Federation Assembly Comm. Football-V Jr. Exchange JOAN FITZGERALD General Kea Loha-Sec. Jr. Red Cross Sr. Play-Cost. ROD FJELLMAN College Prep. Basketball-D,C,B Golf-JV Jr. Exchange Legislature JEANIE FOSTER College Prep. Sr. Girl Scouts-Pres., Sec. ROBERT GAJKOWSKI General Student Store Sr. Play-Cost. SYLVIA GARZA General ROSALEE GENTILE General GERRY GEORGE College Prep. KARYN GERVASI General Las Cadenitas MATHEL GIOVANAZZI General La Hoalauna-Pres., V.P. WILMA GOWIN General Kea Loha-V.P. Drill Team Student Bank JUDITH GRAY General GAA Les Nouvelles-V.P., Pres. JUDY GREENE General Los Laureados Comm. of Finance Junior Council-Treas. Spring Sports Queen '60 Los Moras JUDY GREENWALD General Laule'a-Chop., V.P. Pequenitas ROBERT GREGORIO General Debate PATRICIA GIMES General Las Moravillas-Hist. RON GUADAGNOLO College Prep. CSF-Life Mem. French Club Annual Staff Key Club KENNETH GUDGER College Prep. CSF Legislature Basketball-D JOYCE HADSELL General La Hoalauna-V.P., Pres. Pequenitas Drill Team Sr. Play-Cost. DONNA HALL General Band Alpha Rho Tau ANNE HAMLER College Prep. Les Amies-Hist., V.P. FTA Legislature Jr. Red Cross LINDA HANEY General Hi Hatlers-Hist. Na Mea Aloha-Sec. Talent Show Sr. Play-Cast. RICHARD HANKEY College Prep. Football-B Gym Team-V CARL HANNEBOHN College Prep. Track Football PATRICIA HARRIS General BILLIE LEE HART College Prep. Legislature Sr. Council Sr. Play-Cast Pequenitas DOUGLAS HAUGE College Prep. Science Club BILL HAUSER General Usher Club LYNDA HAWKINS College Prep. French Club Jr. Red Cross KAREN HAWLISH General La Jeunesse-Sec., V.P. Girls' League-Ser. Ch. Las Moras-Hist. Legislature KATHLEEN HAYDEN College Prep. La Hoalauna CARROLL HEACOCK College Prep. German Club Orchestra Band I Track-C,JV,V JIM HEFNER College Prep. Basketball-V Jr. Exchange Varsity Club Allis LONNY HEGEMAN General JOAN HELLER General Drill Team la Hoalauna Latin Club MARY HEMPHILL General EILEEN HENRY College Prep. Marylinda Morrison helps garner debate awards. JEAN HICKMAN College Prep. Nani Loa-Treas., Pres. Pequenitas-Treas. Jr. Council Girls' League-Hist. DAYLE JACOBS Junior College la Jeunesse las Moras Yell leader Sr. Council JUDITH HICKS General library Na Mea Aloha JACK HILDE College Prep. PEG HIPSLEY College Prep. Girls' League GAA-Pres. Sr. Play-Cast Jr. Red Cross--Pres. ROGER HOLDSTOCK College Prep. Los Laureados Commissioner General Debate Tennis-JV,V Jr. Optimist DENNIS HOPE General Boys' Glee FAY HORN General Annual Stall Legislature GAA Sr. Play-Prop. WILLIAM HORSLEY General JEANETTE HOSE College Prep. Moor Stall-Club Ed. Las Cadenitas-Chap. No Hoaloha-Chap., Treas. CSF JANICE HUGHES College Prep. Las Moras-V.P. Sophomore Treas. Noni Loo-Hist., Sec. Girls' League KATHLEEN HUGHES College Prep. Sr. Play-Prop. DAVE HYATT College Prep. PAT HYDE General JEAN IRWIN College Prep. CSF-Life Mem. A Cappella las Cadenitas les Amies-Chap., GLENNA JACKMAN General Future Nurses DONNA JACKSON Legislature General La Jeunesse las Cadenitas Spring Sports Princess '60 la Hoalauna Posture Queen linalist Drill Team Sec. DICK JENSEN College Prep. Key Club-V.P. Comm. ol Athletics Basketball-C,B,V Baseball-JV,V LINDA JIORAS General Laule'o-Hist. Pequenitas legislature PAUL JOHNSON College Prep. Track-V Cross Country-V Key Club legislature CAROLYN JONES College Prep. FTA Na Mea Aloha-Chap. DARLENE JONES General la Hoalauna Freshman Glee BOB JORDAN College Prep. Jr. Optimist Gym Team-V JUDY JURASEK General FTA Sr. Play-Pub. SALLY KAMER College Prep. Writers' Guild Racqueteers Science Club Sr. Play-Make-up LEON KAPLAN General Cross Country-JV Track-B German Club Debate ART KASTEN General Football-JV,V German Club KAREN KASTEN College Prep. Pequenitas-Pres. La Chandelle-Chap., Pres Sr. Sweater Comm. Homecoming Princess '59 JUDITH KATZ General Sr. Play--Cast Drill Team CAROL KEHNER General Kea Loha--Hist., Sec. KATHLEEN KELLEY General La Jeunesse Leglslalure Orchesls GREG KELLY College Prep Cross Country Golf latln Club Band LARRY KELLY College Prep Track V Traltlc Salety Comm Usher Club STEPHANIE KERN College Prep los laureados Comm of Llterature CSF llfe Mem las Cadenltas Treas French Award GENE KIMURA College Prep Jr Optlmlst Treas Usher Club V P CSF Llfe Mem Latln Club--Treas KATHLEEN KIRKEBY General Leglslature Future Nurses Jr Red Cross JOAN KLAUSMAN General La Hoalauna Hlst Sr Glrls Glee Leglslature PHYLLI5 KUBAS General MARIA LABBATE College Prep C FT Treas VP A Cappella Pres French Club DIANE LABOLLITA College Prep Las Cadenltas Spanlsh Club La Chandelle Soc C Sr Play ast JOANNE LACEY College Prep Comm of Glrls Song Leader Sr Play-Cast Leglslature Clerk LUCILE LANDOR College Prep Las Cademtas Moana Kea CSF Llte Mem latln Club SHERRY LANENGA General JOAN LARSON General Hl Hatters Sr Glrls Glee Jr Glrls Glee WILLIAM LAWLESS College Prep Sr Sweater Comm Basketball Jr Exchange JAMES LAYTON General LEILA LEE College Prep Moana Kea Treas Pres Pequenltas Treas Jr Statesmen Hlst ROGER LENT College Prep Band Orchestra JOE LEVINE College Prep Got JVV Varslty Club LEIF LIBRAND College Prep Cross Country V Track V Leglslature A F S Student tram Swed CHERYL LIND College Prep las Maravlllas A Cappella Sclence Club BETH LINDEN General Pres Hl Hatters LOUIS LISERANI College Prep Baseball JVV Orchestra Spanlsh Club-V P Pres CAROLE LITWIN College Prep Campus Sec Pres Jr Statesmen French Club Sr Play ast VITO LIUZZI College Prep Football-C Track V JIM LONGTHORNE General KATHY LORD College Prep Los laureados Yell Leader Comm of Actlvltles Jr Councll res Glrls League Treas JAMES LOUPY College Prep Moor Stall Edltor Jr Optlmlst French Club Pres Sr Play-Cast ROY LUDT General Jr Exchange Pres Football B Gym Team V GERALDINE LUHMAN College Prep CSF Llfe Mem Las Maravlllas Sec les Amles Pres Spanlsh Club Sec Pres MANUEL LUNA General Basketball JV Football JV CHRISTIE LYNN College Prep Glrls league la Chandelle-Hlst Campus Sgt at Arms DAVID McANNALLY College Prep Tennls JVV S Jr Optlmlst Band ANNETTE McCORMICK College Prep Las Cadenltas Orchesls Los Hldalgos LARRY McCOY General Tennls Golf BILL McCUBBIN General Sr Play-Cast CAROL McDERMOTT General leglslature Nam Loo A Cappella Sr Sweater Comm JIM McDERMOTT General Yell Leader Track CBV Football-C B Key Club DAVID McEACHEN College Prep Basketball CD Track CB Jr Opllmlsl Jr Statesmen ROBERT McINTOSI'l General Track-C Basketball D EDITH McKINSTRY General Jr Glrls Glee Flne Arts Comm Sr Play Make up GAA JEANNIE McMAI-ION College Prep Hl Hatters FT Soc Ch res French Club Sr Play rop PATRICK McMANUS College Prep Football B Spanlsh Club JOAN MACAGNO College Prep TA Na Mea Aloha V P Pres DON MacDOUGALL College Prep German Club Football-C EMIL MACHRONE College Prep LEO MAGNANI General Moor Stall Cross Country Basketball JV TIM MAI-IAN College Prep Debate Forenslc Club Wrlters Gulld Moor Stall GENE MALATTIA College Prep German Club latln Club Galt Usher Club SHARON MANDERSON Los Laureados Sr Councll las Moras Chap a AIII Sec res Glrs League Hlst I th Grade Rep SANDRA MANDY General Debate Forenslc Club ELAINE MANLEY College Prep Las Moras VP Na Allll-SOC Ch Pres Glrls League-Soc Ch VP Sprung Sports Prlncess 60 MARSHALL MANTHORNE College Prep Club Evaluatlan Comm Sr Play ast JULIE MANZANARES College Prep Orchesls Sgt at Arms Drlll Team Las Cadenltas Soc Ch Flne Arts Comm LORRAINE MARCHESE General La Jeunesse HIST Leglslature CHARLES MARSON College Prep CSF Llle Mem Pres Forenslc Club Pres Jr Optlmlst Jr Statesmen MARYELLEN MARTIN General Moana Kea Sec Jr Red Cross Latln Club ROBERT MARTINEZ General Basketball V PAT MARTINICH General Pequenltas Sec Nanl Loa Hlst Sec ERWIN MASER College Sclence BROWNIE College TOM MAT Prep Club MASTEN Prep H General KARLENE MAUTZ General Las Cadenltas V P P es Na Hoaloha VP Pres GAA CAROLYN MAYS General La Jeunesse VP Pres Las Moras Malaretle Sr Councll WILLIAM MEGAW General JIM MENCONI College Prep Key Club Football leglslature Boys Federatlon CARL MERZ College Prep Football CBV Baseball JVV Basketball Sclence Club JEROME MESSINA General Baseball J DEBBIE MEYERS College Prep Los laureados CSF Llfe Mem Moor Staff Edltor Las Cadenltas Sg at Arms Pres Glrls League Sac Ch GARY MEZA College Prep Football Track V College Prep CSF l.lfe Mem Chem Team Annual Staff Gym Team V WILLIAM MICHEIL College Prep Key Club Baseball GAIL MIDDLETON General Laulea Treas Pres REED MILANO General Gym Team Track MARY MILANO General CARLENE MILLS General MIKE MILNES College Prep Leglslature Prom Comm Sr Play ub FRED MINSKY Junlor College Debate Forenslc Club Golf JANET MOOMJEAN General RUTH MORAN General Campus Sgt at Arms Sr Play Make up PATRICIA MOROSIN General Moana Kea BETTY MORRIS General Drlll Team Na Mea Aloha MARYLINDA MORRISON College Prep CSF Llle Mem Debate Drlll Team Forenslc Club Sec ROBERT MORTON College Prep LEE MUNIO College Prep C Sclence Club Cross Country JV Latln Club GENOLA MURRAY College Prep Los laureados COMMISSION Sec Songleader Hamecomlng Prlncess 59 Las Moras TROY NATION General GAA Sr Glrl Scouts Just before the battle 11 ' CSF I ' - ., . - , ' - . ., r . - ' csr ' H ' A- . ., P . , - V . --P . - - ' A . -P . . ' . -c ' ' , . F . y ' . ' '-P . -S , ' - L V ' sr - . D ' - A' I-' ' . ' ' sr -' ' . -v ' . - A ' . ' - - College Prep. JIM MICHAELIAN I l -C . ., . U - I - . . . - 1 - N H- ., P . - Q - U- - ' l ' - ' ., 2 - . ' css ' c r ' ' ' ' . , . css -- '. . 10.8 . , 1 l l -.ill 1, frail, css ' - , - D C . - , , . I I- , . ' of ' O WILLIAM NEBO College Prep Football B Wrnters Gulld Pres Moor Stall Fea Ed Annual Stott ALLEN NELSON General MARILEE NELSON General Pequenttas Loule a BOB NELSON College Prep Football B DICK NEVE College Prep Football B SUSAN NEWELL General Moana Kea Pres Jr Glrls Gee TA Sr Play Makeu CAROL NEWMAN General GAA Hn Hatters KAREN NIELSEN College Prep Las Cademtas Chap Sec Moana Kea Drull Team BOB NISBETT College Prep Sr Councnl res Football V Basketball V r Play as PAT NUELLE General Las Cadenltas Treas GAA Sec Pres Moor Staff Cnr Mgr Glrls League BOBBIE OBERT General Glee KEN OBST College Prep Forensuc Club Snence Club Latun Club Spanush Club NANCY ONEYEAR General Hn Hatters Na Mea Aloha l-lust KATHY OREB College Prep a Alu Chap e Pequenutas Sgt at Arms Sr Sweater Comm Sr Play Make up PAT ORR General MIKE PACKER General Basketball C Football BJV Sr Play ub BERTHA PADILLA General Kea loha Sgt at Arms Sr Play Make p MARILYN PARADA General Pequenutas Laulea Chap ALAN PARKER Football CBV Track BC Key Club Basketball D PAT PARKER General HELEN PARRINO General Kea Loha JOE PARRINO College Prep Jr Exchange Sclence Club Baseball V LINDA PAQUESI General La Hoalauna Soc Ch Sec J'M PATTENSON College Prep Moor Stall Wrlters Guild French Club RICHARD PAYNE College Prep Sr Councul Treas Track B JEAN PEDERSEN General RUFUS PENDLETON General Wruters Guuld Goll LINDA PEREZ College Prep Na Hoaloha P r Spanssh Club TA JUDITH PERIN General Sweetheart Ball Queen las Moras Hnst Sr Counctl Alu Treas VP WAYNE PERRIN College Prep Basketball D Sr Play ast SUE PETERS College Prep Comm of Gnrls Homecomung Prlncess Las Moras Pres Yell Leader T PETERSEN General Orchestra Band JUDY PETERSON College Prep Gurls State Delegate Debate Sec Campus PATRICIA PHAIR General leglslature Term paper D day 6 ELLIS PHILLIPS College Prep A Cappella Track Sr ay Cast LEONORA PINEIRA College Prep Orchests Talent Show Sprung Concert BEVERLY PISANO General Drull Team FRANK PIZIUTO College Prep Sr Play ast DOUGLAS POPSON General RITA PORTER General SHEILA PORTER General Sr Play ub FRED PRELIS College Prep German Club Jr Optumnst Tennns A F S Student from Belg TERRY PRESTON General Moana Kea Treas ec Jr Statesmen RENA PRUCHA General Freshman Glrls Glee Jr Gnrls ee Sr Gtrls Glee A Cappella TOM RAFFETY Sr Play ast LOUIS RAMON College Prep Basketball Mgr Varsuty Club Sgt at Arms Band German Club RICHARD RATHBUN General Track C LISETTE RAVANY College Prep CSF lute Mem Las Maravullas Pres German Club Sr Play Prop BOB REEVES College Prep Latm Club Orchestra STEVE RENFRO College Prep Joe Moor 59 60 Gym Team V SUZANNE REYNOLDS College Prep Los Laureados A F S Student to Swntz Comm ot Fme Arts CSF Lute Mem Sec Treas German Club V P P es CAROLYN RICE College Prep Moor Stall Club Ed Fme Arts Comm Na Mea Aloha V P res r Play Pu LINDA RIELEY College Prep Sr Gurl Scouts MARTHA RIVAS General Pequemtas YOLANDA ROBLES General JAMES ROGERS College Prep Art Contest Wnnner THOMAS ROGERS General GEORGE ROMO College Prep GENE ROSECRANS College Prep Football Track V Legusloture Usher Club JACOUELYN ROSS General La Jeunesse JILL ROTHENBERG College Prep Lanaknla Soc Ch Pres Los Moras Soc Ch r Pay Stud nr Sr Councul Sec MARDEE ROWE General N mloa Soc Ch VP Pequenltas Sgt t Arms Legnslature SHARLA RUBIN College Prep Campus TA Sr Play ast Assembly Play LANITA RUIZ General Racqueteers GAA Sr Play Prop HELEN RUSSELL College Prep Las Cadenutas German Club Sr Play ost EDWARD SALVATIERRA General Jr Exchange+Pres Baseball JV DENIS SAPSIN College Prep Speaker ol Legnslature Jr Statesmen Pes VP Moor Staff C MARY SARTORI General ANGELA SASSOE College Prep Los Hndalgos las Sanadoras C Racqueters CONNIE SCALERA General Lanakula Sec Pres Las Moras Treas Homecoming Queen 59 Gnrls League Sgt at Arms JOANIE SCHAETZEL College Prep los Laureados Las Cadenutas Htst Na Hoaloha VP Pres Marlorette Orchesus JACK SCHRAMM College Prep Tennis JVV Basketball BJVV Varsnty Club PAUL SCHROEDER College Prep Usher Club-Pres German Club Scuence Club CSF Late Mem PAUL SCHWARTZ General CAROL SCISSEL College Prep DON SEGESDY College Prep Scaence Club Jr Optlmlst Baseball Golf College Prep Key Club CS lnfe Mem Cross Country JV Commlsslon Rally Ch JUDY SELLINGER General Leguslature Nam loa Sr Gnrls Glee Sr Play Ttc els JULIE SEVERY General Les Nouvelles V P ec A Cappella GAA r Play u JAN SHERMAN General Moana Kea Treas Campus Fme Arts Comm Latnn Club LINDA SHORE General Moor Staff Bus Mgr Annual Stall ALBERTA SHRADER General Alu IS Ht Hatters Htst Orchesus Hast Racqueteers Drtll Team GAA Post morlem --' 'E - 1 . pq .. . ., P . SF - s . - b. . ' ' I ' - . ., . I '- I F , . -P . , , 'Q ' ' - " ' P . -V - s . I - Co' f . '-P . . , . - . A 4- I ix ' A I E . . s . -c 1 - ' . ' . a - . ., . . --V. ., P es. A 1 - 0 - 1 Jr. Statesmen-Treas. General A CGPPEHU READ SEIDNER . I - -C . y L - ' F , , ' ' v A F-' . , 0 . i l. F . . l 1 - - U . -c . Ns H- ., . . 'y - Q' - I - ' k ' A -C ' . - . ' . 4 y A - . ., s . ' nv- ' '59 ' - ' 1 -C U s. -P b. N H- 1 ., S c. , ' . - A KI - CSF ' . - r ., . , -Q ' - - , - I - sr . -P . . -I ' Na "--H' 1. ' - ' . I : A-U ' - . ., r . ' J STEVE SIEGEL College Prep. Cross Country Goll Spanish Club Science Club JACK SILBERMAN Band Orchestra JOAN SIMPKINS College Prep Commrssron-Clubs Hnst Jr Councul Lanaklla Treas VP las Moras Treas READ SKINGLEY General Football JV Track B Baseball V STANLEY SKROCKI General WILLIAM SLAMAN College Prep Band Track GEORGIANNA SLATE General Legrslature RICHARD SLOBIN College Prep Tennns Basketball Spamsh Club Latln Club DENNIS SMITH General FRANK SMITH General MARSHA SMITH General Campus Soc Ch Freshman Sec PAULETTE SMITH General Leglslature Sr Gurls Glee WILLIAM C SMITH College Prep Tennns CLARK SMITH College Prep Comm of Boys Football V Moor Staff Sport Wrrters Gulld BILL R SMITH General Jr Exchange Football BJVV ANN SMYSER JOE STOMBAUGH College Prep. Football-V Baseball-V Jr. Exchange Varsity Club PAUL ST. PIERRE General BILL STRAIN College Prep, German Club HAROLD STRYKER General Track B Cross Country JV Moor Stafl MICHAEL SULLIVAN College Prep TED SUNDAY General Fabrans JANET SWAN College Prep A Cappella Les Amres--Chap Los Hrdalgos Prexy Council JANE SWANCUTT General La Hoalauna S V P Campus Chap ROSEMARY SWIATLOKSKI General Sr Glrls Gee A Cappella Kea Loha ALICIA SZUMAN College Prep Orchesrs Sec Pres Drlll Team Jr Slalesmen MARY TABLEMAN College Prep Las Maravlllas Na Mea Aloha Racqueteers Sr Play ost MARY TASSOP General Campus Treas VP Jr Slalesmen Sr Play-Cost CAROL TAVARES General Drull Team La Hoalauna Sec SHIRLEY TEDFORD College Prep CSF Lute Mem IN' f e-'gf 41" .4-I-4 Bi KATHLEEN THOMPSON General Sr Gurls Glee A Cappella Moor Staff LARRY THOMPSON General Tennns V Football JV Basketball JV Varsnty Club LINDA THOMPSON General CERALDINE THURKOW College Prep Sr Grrl Scouts German Club Stamp Club PENNY TIEDEMANN College Prep Los Laureados Comm of Fmance Pequenrtas Pres Nam Loa Chap S Leglslature PETER TOWNSEND College Prep EC But he sand he d be here JOHN VALENTINE College Prep Key Club Chap Wrrters Guuld Track-C JAN VANDENBURGH General Gym Team V KAETE VANDER PLOEG College Prep Comm ol Fnne Arts N nr Loa VP res Pequenltas French Club Sec LARRY VARGO General CORAL VASQUE General Na Hoaloha Campus Soc Ch hap Legislature VELIA VASQUEZ General Laule a Pequenltas GLORIA VELASCO General ROSEMARY VENTURI College Prep Comm of Clubs Sl-IIPLFY VOSS fn'Iege Prep la Chandelle Sec Pres Peunemtas Treas leguslalure JAMIE WADDINGTON General GARY WAGNER College Prep Ea eball V Sc: nce Club JULEENE WALLERMAN College Prep Moana Kea Chap V Jr Statesmen VP German Club MARY LOU WALTER General La Hoalauna Soc DENNIS WASHBURN College Prep Commnsslon Soc Ch Jr Optumnst VP Boys State Rep 59 Sr Play ast DAVE WATERS College Prep Gym Team V Legrslalure S . - ec., . . ' - I css ' h . ' I a ' I - . ., P . e I l ' CSF ' ' D, 'P' . D -C ' .h Q Q. . . , '- -, . . 1 h I, C . - . Ch. - 5 Ed. ' ' ' 4 , . - . ' I 1, . . . -c ' . Las Cadenitas-LSgt. at Arms, - . I ' 1 La Chandelle-Pres., V.P. V.P. Gym Team Songleoder Sr. Council-V.P. ' - . FTA- . ., P s. . ' ' I , l A ep . , I ' D "' CSF - sr ' - I . ' ' .. , , . - . k . 1 . . ' 1 L TA- . . ' 1 - , ' 1 ' 1 - ' 1 ., P , - Ed, , - '- . . , y . -P . - . ' FT I , , - . - ' L I - - I I College Prep Las Cademtas Chap Legislature Sr Play Tlckets PAM SNEDECOR College Prep Commlssron Hust C las Cademtas V P La Chandelle Sec VP DIANE SNOW General Glrls League Pub Pequenntas VP Lanakula Hnst Chap FRED SOHM College Prep Baseball JV Football C JUANITA SOOD General DONALD SOTO General Tennns JV Moor Stall Page DON SPAFFORD College Prep LESLIE SPROWL College Prep Campus Pres Moana Kea Sgt al Arms Spamsh Club Sr Play Tac ets LADON STANFILL College Prep Band V P re Sr Play Tickets DON TENNIS General Cross Country V Track B Yell Leader MARCIA TETER College Prep Las Moras Treas lanaknla Treas Drtll Team Legislature MELINDA TETER College Prep Los Moras Sec Lanalula Sg at Arms Gnrls League Legnslature VIOLA TETERS College Prep F V P Hn Halters Sec Sr Play-Cast BEVERLY THEAN College Prep A GAA Band Na Mea Aloha Hnst P ARNOLD THEXTON General BONNIE THOMPSON General La Jeunesse Treas Hust res Football Key Club TANYA TRAUGHBER College Prep Legnslature Pequemtas Sr Play Tu: ets JANICE TRAVIS General Drall Team Leader GAA Na Hoaloha-Chap Sec Sr Play ost RONALD TRAYNER College Prep Los Laureados CSF Lute Mem Commlsston Rally Ch Jr Councll Sr Play-Cast DONALD TURNER General Track Mgr RICHARD TURNER General MARILYN TUZZOLINO General Lanalula THOMAS UTER College Prep Jr Optrmrst Football BJV Jr Crhzen of the Month Sprung Sports Queen 59 KENT VERCRUSE General Moor Stafl Football JV Got REGINA VERDUGO General Drlll Team Muss Pep 59 La Jeunesse Hnst Yell Leader NANCY VESSEY Collepe Prep Jr Councrl Gurls League Las Moras Sec Pres Grrl ol the Month JANINE VILLENEUVE General GAA Treas Hr Hatters Treas res lnler Club Councrl Sec Sr Play rap VIHAN VLAD College Prep Na Mea Aloha Treas 'atm Club Orchestra band GARY VOLEN l 'allege Prep track B Cross Country JVV Key Club LYNN WATTERMAN College Prep Jr Optnmust res Basketball V Clean Camp Comm Jr Statesmen GARY WEBBER College Prep Comm ol Boys Football-C B V Los Hudalgos VP Key Club KATHLEEN WEBER General Kea Loha Sg at Arms MARV WEBER College Prep Football C 8 V Track CV Key Club Varsnty Club ELLEN WEDDLE College Prep A Cappella Pres Latun Club Legtslature NANCY WEIDEMAN College Prep JOE WEIL College Prep CSF llle Mem Lntm Club Debate Jr Optnmusl Pequenrtas STEVE WEISS College Prep. Sr. Sweater Comm. Terms-JV,V CSF Varsity Club BOB WESTMORELAND College Prep, Key Club Cross Country JV Band SANDRA WHEELER College Prep Pequenltcs Loule a Glrs League Pub Ch German Club xRBARA WHITE College Prep GAA VP GLORIA WHlTE General GAA Future Nurses Latin Club Sr. Play--Cost. SALLY WHITELEY General Na Alii-Hist, V,P, lcs Moras Councl oor Staff Club PATTI WILDER C Lrcral lloc na Kea DICK WILKINS College Prep Cofnmlssroner General tootbcll V E0 ketball Key Club Chap MARY WILLMON General Los Moros La Jeuncsse Spring Sports Princess A Cappella BEVERLY WILSON College Prep Pequemtas la Hoalauna Jr Statesmen ec Spamsh Club DOROTHY WITTING College Prep Debate Moor Stott Wrnters Guild Orchesrs '60 BURT WOLFORD College Prep. Basketball-V CAROL WOOD College Prep. Pequenitas-V.P. la Chondelle BETTE WOODS General Les Amtes Les Nouvelles Pres Jr Red Cross Pres DEANNA WOOSLEY General las Cadenitas JOHN YINGLING College Prep. Basketball-C Baseball-JV,V Football BV NANCY YOUNG College Prep Nan: Loo gt at Arms A Cappella Orchesrs JACK ZEIMANTZ CHARLES WOOLEY General Varsrty Club Basketball V General Track V Track Jr Exchange Moor Stoll to or W le xf 'Y L J C1 l css . . .. , 1 Jr 'l - , rw. H Ed. I , . -s . - 4 ' --S - 'I' - . . . 4 A ' as P ' - - . f -v ' ' ' - X X , ..--"fi:ffffr-a:r"-- -Q X , U S , ,O 'X A X 7 Q7 ,L , V Nb., b ll ll' lt ,VV -1 A- ' .XML ,vu Y' .VU 1 L' " ff .N lr , J- ,nw ,rlj-7' ,5 f,j X C7 fx .l -JR 7,1 l P- I ,uv ,J , bv' N I X . I., I, , C' ' GL Qc? 'M lv 'dll' 'L O slr -K At' A ', ,QL X l r -J mx" r fl 'M V V., A , N. Cy any vL,ArnlqVJ6D lv 1 r NVD - . C 4 'dj ' -' 1 -ls , V' .J I vi. mils. IV l .QW L Alfiyl rV ,f we .v 6' Tl M T- J' - A ' r"V I ,J .lf , L. f x l, 1 '. JK, ,rp ,LU 'VJ 'Y -X I - ,ybflv 'IVQ4 A t K Q Q1 -JJ lin' :P 6 f lr' 3 l V , 41' 1 lo" xr! Q X flf l Nothing to hit but the heights ,X flaw ,rs 3 5,7 , 1 V . 'sw' , ss . s W., , , sf . 1 ALL OFFICERS llett to rightl: Jim Gough, Linda Blizzard, Marilyn Aprato, Sandy James, Mary Ann Beebe, Judy Wooto K Dods, Jean Cory, Bill Nassir. "lf I ever see a soda straw again . . "Or one of those gold stars-l'll die-I swear l'll die!" Why, oh, why, does this fireproofing goop have to be so sticky?" Listening to such comments from the Junior Council members gives those of us who have never had the opportunity of planning a junior-senior prom some idea ofthe amount of work involved. These industrious iuniors have been meeting two mornings a week to work on the prom. They picked "Starlight Fantasy" as their theme. Then they re- signed themselves to hours upon hours of stringing soda straws together, mag- ically forming beautiful stars, to grace the ceiling ofthe Altadena Town and Country Club. Each individual straw, string, and paper had to be tireproofed twice. Besides the excitement of planning the prom, the juniors are experiencing the thrill of preparation for their senior year. Their life is a whirl of anticipa- tion of senior sacs, senior court privileges, and the excitement of the many sen- ior activities. Our juniors' high hopes of making this year's junior-senior prom one of the best were easily realized. At first their dreams had seemed unreachable. But their hard work has shown that even the highest hopes may become reality. ,r fs y " E Q F ' ' .4 A - f ' "' J , . f . 1' Q V Q, fi' , w 12, "' . 1 . 3 e V 7 .Y -V - -V .5-'V ln..,- ' x: A V J Z dd . 9 ' n 4 1' Q ' - , Q ' " . N4 ' A - "' Aix A11 llelt to rughtl Row 1 Dennns Adams Becky Alello Bar bara Andrewskn Gus Angelo Tom Amer Marrlyn Aprato Davnd Arnold Row 2 Eduth Arnold John Arthur Ron Atrnsky Marne Bansley Doreen Ballenger Peggy Barber Carole Bar Q7 Q, nett Row 3 Bull Bartelson Muke Basnught Walt Bausman Barbara Beadle Mary Ann Beebe Don Beets Douglas Bene duct Row 4 Duane Benraman John Bennett Wulluarn Bennett Warren Benson Steve Berry Darlene Bethel Beverly Bever qx gf bl xf xkx w av- ,. Lv r , I Q ..- ,.., -v 'gX A 1 left to rrght Row 1 Tom Buble Gaul Bushop Steve Bus sell Robert Black Kathleen Bless Lunda Bluzard Marlene Bog danovrch Row 2 James Boone Paul Boumbulean Lynne Bouse A John Bowen Joan Brady Everett Brookhart Lrnda Brown Row 3 Paula Bupp Octavio Burdr Oretta Buttora Donna v V' Cadman Make Calderello Ball Caldwell Barbara Cameron Row 4 Clyde Cameron Duane Cannon Jer: Cantrell Carole Caplan Cathy Carey Judy Carmody Cary Carter s-4 ...4 All llett to rnghtl Row 1 Larry Cartwrrght Gene Cary Sandra Ceccarellr Charlene Chalk Mary Chose Alfredo Chong Don Crtro Donna Coberly Jack Coberly Charles Cochran Rlchord Cochran Chrrstme Collbran Row 2 Cundy Comer Vmnue Cook Charles Cooper Robert Cooper Ralph Cappolo Susan Cosato Frank Costa Phnl Causens Mike Cocarrubuas Pat Crochet Ken Croft Nancy Cunmngs Row 3 Margaret Danunger Jon Davrs Sylvia DeJongh Bull Dell Michael DelMonlco Joseph DeMarco Mnchael Ducus Ed Dullon Joe Dodd Nathan Dodds Karen Dads Joyce Donato -4 AJ ..4 Hx A ..- fy I A X - s s- J 'U' C N 1 4. 4 Y!! t 1 -fl ' 7 f - . 1 ' , - 3 ':' v . I r "il "fb r 5.1 A e Wi tt-ee A I - A , . , "3 3 ' K I . : ' , , I f . I, V Q v I, X 1 I ' a r 1 ' 4' ' ' ' . . f , X, , .,- 1 nj -..j , K - A... A.. D A R x I ' I " lv A 3 . J X " ' V, -I ,, 1, ' '7' Ex F" is 1 A yg-V' n .E ' ,ff ' 'l , . , 4' ' 'i J" , v 4 S K , ,W 1 ' fl ' Y' Q , ' I 5 J , ,, has A . h 51 D X -- TL . it .Y V E A -V L I . i S ,ij in , , I V N D CMT '- H W lf I ' .r ' .... M 'Qs L L K 'Q " Y ' r, oz. ' his J .I 1 . J Z . I . . f .Q V 1 1 A , I . I . . I - ry - 1 ,,, 3 . ' : ' ' , l C W ,F N J - g A , 4 ,, V 4 : I , I' , V ' , I 1 I X - : " , ' , wr' rn' Q, ,. it. J 4 , v- C' f - ' t A r,tt A . 4.. J' A ' l' V v A Q N , 1 " ilf ' A ' ' f NI , V ,X ,ff '4 Q Q . y t- A tl X J rf ,. -t I '0"'l" ' ' 1 , ,,,, f , Q ,W , F 4 1 Q an . . W W V, , Q21 'l ' t' Q T 'P N . ' D ' 6 "' ' 3 Q, 'if , J L if - ' f ig , fi ' A f ' m ir ff , A ' z , 12 ,r,' .' f ,3 ' N J .' '-1114 H I A 1 " va ,. A p J ', 4 ,' lf .. l l5'd1f'ry.-fail-'L 1 WW Q5 7? 1 -sa Qs I A'l'l lleft to rughtl Row 'I Cecella Foxman Ed Frachrseur Brian Frank Rogert Frantz Mary Lou Franzen Dennls French Donna Freshour Row 2 Van Fuhrlman Marulyn Funk Frank Galloppn Antonro Ganuoco Manuel Garcua Patsy Gorcuo John Gardner Row 3 Charley Gargaro Christopher Gates Davld Gell Sharon Gerrre Charles Glfford Mel Glfls Valerie Gilles ple Row 4 Vrrgrnua Kay Gllson larry Gleffe Allen Golden Nancy Goldhenmer Barbara Gorlun Jeffrey Gorss Krrs Goss v4 'Ku 1:0 60 1 lu 1 at wis- V'K A11 llelt to nghtl Row 1 Verne Dorman Sherry Dunn Don Eckroad Alfred Edglngton Mrke Edlen lulue Edwards Kenneth Edwards Row 2 Larry Egan Nancy Eldrldge Dolores Elkrns D e Ellis Jlm Ellrs Judy Ellus Sue Ellrs Row 3 Nancy rack son Alnce Espunosa Mary Ann Farrnella Doana Farren Donna Farren Doug Fechser Sal Federuco Row 4 Pat Felrcettu Louuse Fleck Regina Fletcher Paul Flotho Llnda Foltz Tyron Forrest Pam Fox A..I wad! mtg. xi B Sv! 4' C8 All llefl lo rrghll Row 'I .lam Gough Terry Graf Sue Gra ham Dons Grannger Carole Gravell Burton Graves Terry Gray Row 2 Charles Greenwald Crang Grey Terry Grout As Gary Gurdera Sandra Guunn Gene Gurney Marv Haber " V "9 Yr W ,T ' .,. V, as-in f . jj y V 7, . ,, - V f , - I V AJ ' 1' ' ' u V A .V ,. V IX I- 9' l ' 9, Q LV 'J 'H 'G ,Mg """,z: 'I 'mf V ' , ' it , l -4 : I l , A , ll F l . V, wx, he 1 4 , ,li A I l , V1 V V V , A ' T A ff ul -. ef '5 '.-L I ' ' ' ' Jo . . , ' ' - ' . . -' . C E' 'E I ' -a ' ' - ' ' ' ' ' 1 I A I , , E X ' .3 X Qc! lff:5fss:g" ' i ?i'f':1gQ X ' 2 P' wr N ' NE- A A I 1 I ll ' ggi ' , f g 'fa "F" ,T f . VV f , V . AV VV I V gkxx HV v I my xA, , V , Fx 1 V Kjhx V 59 , V . I : I ' - l K - 1 Vi: X-x ' - H xl 1 : 1 D V' ' V ' M ., . K ifflr " '. l ' -I ' Q ' - ,ts D ' " , , , - V " X ' V ' ,Vf if l U 'lx F . l sy I 4 Q .. T :V V gf! vs , ' 4 LX sex . Z I ' x, .aj X " 2' E I l l H Q ! ,V Z l 1 I l nr - . . ' ' ' I a -if . rff- , 5 f I A ,L Q n H ' V . r f V 'L 'I , f J Q 1. , Q z M l Ks N ' - V as I V I - V 'A M I , I 4 I ,I 1 4 J ,az ,A ' ' fri , , h rgqyiig, it ' , 7 ff' 3 f Q W' , ' - . ' st X 1 1 J J fl . J , f ' x I - 4. - A ' ' X - 4 - , I fe. , wi 5, 2 2 Y v',' Z A. I , A , ' V 2' ff if J - 'H f , J -s,,,,, 'Q A r . 1 A D . 4 45, Q, ug W 5 , 4 :Ba " W ,.', ' A ' ' V i J A . 1 +1 s- .4 R-Q., - ' 'wtf 1 Yi ' ' X All lleft to rightl Row lr Marath Hail, Richard Hake, Stephen Hall, JoAnn Hannebohn, Steve Hortt, Tommy Hayek, Velma Hays, Grace Heatherington, Carolyn Hill, Jacquelyn Hinson. Row 2: Linda Hinton, Dave Hobbs, Ken Hoccom, Bruce Hoppe, Tamara Horowitz, Doug Huntzinger, John Hyatt, Jouce Hyman, Ronald Jack- son, Beverly Jacobs, Sandy James, Irene Jennings. mf . , M- ,- , ve , , - V, ' 'b ,,. gs... v 9' x ' , l l ' ' f I-Y ' 4' ' Q ' " Tr , '. 4 1 V f , 1. . VJ - 5- fg. IA '- I I A . I A ,-5, Y :L 5'-,l 8 3 1 ' , gy ' gg 4? , ul 1 ,L J es cg , 4 J A i 1 l I hx- Al Q' 4 I v S 1 ' i V V , ,I A ,,,, A, , , 6' , ,V 7' i r A ' Q ' 5 '- 2 t . " ff, fi :: j ' " :Z ,, l '- s 'f "N I y Y ,xx , ,J ,.. - ' A A - M I f- J X. M. L J 'l X K J ' . .erin 'RA?' .f '- f' All lleft to rightl Row 1: John Jennings, Thomas Johns, Carol Johnson, Sharon Johnson, Vicki Johnson, Kent Jones, Doug Juengst, Valeri Kahn, Ann Kapic, Margaret Kerby, Carrol Kilgore, Fred Kimura. Row 2: Graham Kneale, Elaine Koshmerl, Marie Kral, Kathleen Kraus, Jim Kuehnert, John Kuntz, Jackie Loher, Gloria Landres, Charles LaPianna, Barry Laufer, Doug Launchbaugh, Gary leeling. Row 3: Pinchas levy, Joe Linden, Brian Lindmeier, Linda Littleiohn, Dan loggins, Alvin Losee, Lena Lovoy, Michael Lowis, Martin Lundstrom, Carol McAlpine, Johnny McCabe, Ilona McConnell. E' 7 vv -:f , Ijf' V. N, , 'if -'NK5 ts' 5 , l 1 s s Q l --lvl ,i .ii 1. c' n use -.1 sz -fi, 'lr-'f 1 ig ,' J 2 11' '. Ly , in- 41, 'ua 4 we s . -ax. X 1 bi 1 4 4 l 1 ic' - W , A 74 , , .,,. .,,, 'C t it xi S , 5. if 'M 2 E All lleft to rightl Row 'lz Bob McCormac, Jean McDonald, Pollie Ann McElfresh, Susan McEntyre, Kenneth Mclntosh, Jack McKeown, Maria McMillan. Row 2: Marlene McMillan, Richard Macedonio, Bette Machrone, Frances Maggie, Linda Maiorca, Ron Maisano, Valerie Jean Maior. Row 3: Nancy Malis, Ann Martin, Eleanor Martinelli, Robert Marzoc, Georia Mayberry, Errol Mecherikolf, Frank Medlock. Row 4: Marcia Medlock, John Meister, Alma Messina, Helen Meyers, Patricia Ann Meyers, Rosalie Miceli, Howard Miller. A 5 ip A 9 - go ggiif, , Q xgn. Q., ,,, . 1 XJ Q. X X x wi 4 X . N , mb? F Wx 2'??01, 3tJ':9,9QP 0 Q:-'4v-- 3f3-'u'i:-g- a.' !"0- -, 1'l:??:o1"?'E Q- mo .. "'2o'f'v' gvgsg T' :o 3539095- 105-9 O-4 15' mn 'a5'0'vJ' 322-1239.1 "n. 01,5 as xv in 29 6?H'o Qfglgf-:2,.,f 1 w.- 12,0-, X34 tax: 1,?rS,Fu P-o :' o 0 XQSSFUFS E. angvi- , U "Ex'Vu-'f-LIDO 333 3"'7?5 .,- -. - -- . 3 ru 223' 20514 ...fl-o Qgmm... B., n.-x007'2a .3 31419, Z?,5'1' v- :--9:1170-5 . m . mf ,E :JS 313255.99 g222'9'-n :Wagga , m,Q9- B , A , A . ... , Q qi Q .QV rs 4 .4:f., A X "Q,-...A , ,Q if Qr Q 5 -...R ' K kim ' 1 4 . A 4 ,..M', 1 I Q Y W , Q. 1 , ,, I H 1. A . 4, sg 1' - Y jmfjl , 1 f ' ' - K x A 1 ',g.,.L D .315 ,wa lg 1 3 x 5 X 1 I , , " Wm' P' W I' ' I' tr' 1 A .H .- I SJ , ,X ,- A Q ' , . Q I l,,n in . ' . . '50 3' , 5 'QM ' N f' 1 Ov- Q, 1- 0512 , wg -lmffflfgkxf -'Ig . oy-v-at--.. A Q I' O OO. gg- X ' .QA gzmfowy s g m5'0n:4'- 2 more-Q -6-f, Pm 1:15022 ata . -35235-5- m o -' 4 iwimz 5- n ' -af , wsazcgfa -1 fx Oqsnifuxf ., v-S gggzv 1 0 g'Zg':"bx ,AA , 1 nm 0 1 Q 4- , 32393531 ' 6 ff 'U '2 s om- 1 ..-, im- 4 , X S-32. 2? . , 1 I ?fvZ3"?'S" , , :sl QUZ .L n mpmggzo-Y vi , I ,N O 3:3-'EE ," 3, - 4-"1 '10- . fx M.. L00 2,17 A n 35224, .- , . , 5 Q 32:35, ' " 9-937' Sf-1 f ,x nnzgg-:Q f' 7 'LU O90 'ifi-. W N 3'g"f'5'5 5'551ft'oifT 0551900-3 1123930 '-'f'f3f39, 1' ', b IH! JMX" STAGE DES models in 'GN :IOS D6, 5 Cxgmin C5 Rose Parade "Our ef - f V -L A V . 'tif 1 I ' , , ..+ ' , - - 'Q s 1 Q -4 kg A ,Ii 1. ,W O gf, s, y I , ' A 'K f . dt K L - .V Nl , , 3? . , 47 - - ' ' i A' '-'5 if ,t, r' 'Z-f i l ,J , A IA 'KA .1 X' 'is ' "' - -:-' - , . Z X, L . Q, ' A- - al 'N ' -- 2 X ' X 1-Q in '1 ' ' Lili N - H., Z . ,if 1 ,f 'px i 1 vu r 31' V Q: I gy v 'gf' f ' ' A ' Y1' .Y " All llett ta rightt Row 1: Ken Rentro, Rauleigh Renish, Larry ' 9 . K NQ Reuland, Marie Rheinhardt, Pat Rice, Gary Richardson, Carol K 2 . i Riga. Row 2: Richard Ringwald, Ran Roberts, Dorothy Robert- , AW' ., H " son, Jaan Robertson, Barbara Rode, Armando Rodriguez, Vir- Q 5'-' 1 M 4 ginia Rodriguez. Row 3: Dona Rogers, Diane Rogers, Lois A ' ' P Rogers, Margaret Rogers, Sam Raselli, Frank Rossi, Bobbie 3, i 4 Rowden, Row 4: Richard Runyen, Karen Sample, Ronnie Sam- f 'ni AU' ' 9 , 43- ' uels,'ShirIey Santongelo, Lew Sargentich, Mike Sauber, Glenn cl, 5 1 :Z ,M i i ' :..'- Schaid. ' Y ' ' it - 's ' L . J 4 I, 4, , , - , n if- L .In W" "' ' , t ' " , , - 4 y W 9 -, ... na s if ' . f Q , -v 1 v -3 5 i V V . 1 .... by I 'lg -Q! . Q, , 'K' i I ,rr . 5, .I I.. 31302---..s .75 0 :fix V "ws -A Ti X 5. ,' ' , if fel , ,Q 'fi Q., ' A , T ' 3 ' " ,fi , 4 " ' f ig: Y Q 5 - ' A Z , Y ,, - + f A - v,. ,Q f ,V 2 A -- - - 7 f , , 4 ' 3 ' " ki in " ' '- W' 235' ' ". ' ff, X j Q -J X , Q , J - 4 y H , j y 12,1 Q 7' '- 1 1 a gf: A x ' L , f MQ gn. X i - 1 -mf -- xx . 1 i . 'A t s " N 1 A , f ,f . , ai . I , 5 A ,, 3.2, 'V f 1 a Q ' - , 'r ' - ' A, Q L , - 32 , ' ' A Q tv t W A ,ki Q1 a s M ' I Kg I I X I. il A Zvi A nt, 3 IW . X. M i 'x .4 -fees ' t ' 1' ' M fr , .t ' as t 4 l..- - ' 5-Q 'R ' . ' is ' ' ' Nix Q K!! V ,.. f 4 in sq All flett to rightj Row I: Allan Schilz, Danna Schneiter, Martin Schramm, Sharry Seccomb, Ron Segers, Mark Seidner, Teresa Sellers, Walter Shaffer, Janice Shat- tuck, Ben Shaw, Elizabeth Shaw, Deanna Shepherd. Row 2: Marvin Shmagin, Dick Shock, Tom Shollenberger, Dorothea Sidner, Judy Silver, Carolyn Sims, Rita Sloan, Danny Snyder Rita Soldano, Augie Sole, Al Solomon, Mark Sonday. Row 3: Matthew Soto, Bart Spalling, Cheryl Spotti, Susan Sprints, Dorothea Stark, Sharon Starkey, Jimmie Stewart, Janice Stoddard, Pam Stone, Lorraine St. Pierre, Ronnie Strand, Jeff Sturm, . f .,f fi -ry . 5 nm, 'K 1 7 X , . Km-l WALKING ADS-Fine Arts Committee makes back- signs to publicize basketball. N .I 41 K S '5.A'?r as H' - 9' if 1- " ' if .1 ff 1 G iff if 11. "L" .4 J 'zu V . - -1 , ' - -' ' f A -+L , v, f J , , e C 5 5 I l I ' .5 : -' -.- ' Na 1 R13 3- :bxsvexaxriiws ' 1 x D- . - a- - sq i , ,al X i ii , - ,Ti v fa 1'-v E r --li ffl L: R GY: V . ' . . 1- A - J ,X .-e J, e . it ggi, , f , r , , ,,f ,,w,.,,, ,,, i A' It i W T I 1 by Q' .tx 4, ' 4. ,' - - . - an , .: A, ' ' ' -- ' LP ., A - . ii , , V4 ' ' ', ' ,, F X , 'j 'J iii' ' A ' Il ."r Q L 5 V 2 ii'-I 7 . , N A f , 1 , -ii X A rf ' A Nh X.- A J. lr ,- , J, J 2 , .fi All llett to rightj Row l: Carol Suerth, Maleinda Sutherland, Edquina Sutton, Karen Sweet, Lark Sweezey, Barbara Tamblyn, Ann Taylor, Gloria Taylor, Connie Tennis, Tom Terich, Patricia Thexton, Chuck Thomas. Row 2: John Thomas, Eileen Thompson, Karen Tice, Vernette Tiegs, Bill Timmingg, Jim Toni, Gay Tripp, Jim Tripp, Roger Underhill, Magalen Vaicoro, Brenda VanDeGrift Dave Van Noy. Row 3: linda Vargo, John Varian, Philomena Varian, Robert Vaughan, John Veal, Mark Villard, Jim Vollciire, Marcia Waddington, Chuck Waer, Mary Wagner, Chuck Wagoner, Nancy Wahler. s 35 ' f N -an 3' I ,V v-7' ,f 'V 5 " .xy :J ' r L 1 :ff .I 1' 1 -Q-av if fi ,P llc! ,ii J , .bw I L. 2 Lu 4.-v i -, X All llelt to rightl Row 1: Dave Waite, Linda Waline, Dale A ' Walker, Dick Wanne, Pam Ward, David Warlord. Row 2: Apryll Waters, Marlys Wedin, James S. Wenck, Barbara pix 1 I , A Wendt, Bill Whitham, Glenn Wiggins. Row 3: Carol Williams, . I 5 A I Gary Williams, Pete Williams, Bob Wilson, Nancy Winsor, ' Dorothy Witting. Row 4: Jim Wooldridge, Judy Wooton, Fred K Worthington, Judy Wright, Peggy Yaras, Richard Zaks. ' . i 44 v I fs , LT, P9 " ff, C 3 , . -X, Ii J A A: N-C .- WHAT, NO TRAMPOLINE?-These song leader aspircnts could be seen iust about any afternoon, bouncing around the Court ol the Moors or the Patio, of 1 ?"' Everything's coming up roses' wr, OFF CERS Ueft to rlghll: Jean Cook, Sharon Lyons, Wendy Barker, Cheryl Barkhurst. The mighty sophomore Moors proved the school spirit at the "Hobo Holiday," their class picnic. This was a picnic different from the ordinary run-of-the-mill affair with ants and dirt. The class officers worked long and hard planning it, and their efforts were rewarded by the unusually large crowd which assembled to watch Shakespearean parodies, skits, and dances, to join in games, and, incidentally, to eat. Besides the fun, the fund for upper class activities was enriched. The sophomore Joe Moor faces an exciting year all right. He still gazes in awe at the seniors but revels in the thought that the frosh look up to him. He feels that he is genuinely a part of campus life at AHS, especially since as a sophomore he may loin one of the Hi-Y clubs. Then there is the privilege of becoming a member of one of the many service clubs on campus, and the days of the club tea and club tryouts are awaited in a fever of excitement. Perhaps the most important event of Joe's sophomore year is the se- lection of that treasured item, the class ring. Should there be initials? A stone? Choice of stones? No stone at all? The choice made, Joe and Josephine Moor are ready and eager to assume the role of upperclass- men. arg, sv Q' 313611-fwvl 'K- ,. J is 4- 5 'Y '-f "' -':7' ckfcdfllkm 1 ?'q if e V -.1 .4 J KR ' my ftfkb n A10 lleft to rlghtl Howl Kathy Aballan Ellzabeth Abraham Bock Ackerman Erlk Ackroyd Pat Adams Lynn Adkins Bull Agosto Robert Agosta Rosalee Allen Steve Allen Darlene Allenthrop Darlene Anaya Row 2 Carolyn Anderson Jum Anderson Karen Anderson Ken Anders0n Judy Anthony Pat Apodoca Suzanne Armstrong Corolle Arthur Lawrence Baldwm Larry Balma Esperanza Baralas Wendy Barker Row 3 Cheryl Barkhurst Dave Barrett Perry Beck Pamela Bellvulle Elaine Benloff Stephanie Benson Bob Bergmann Duck Berls Sharon Berry lrene Berthel Dianna Bethel Susan Burch gnw -0 rf? ve E! If x A A10 lleft to rlghtl Row 1 Tom Blstllne Hornet Bland Clifford Y Blumberg Kenneth Bolln Carl Boller Susan Bonander Donna ,id Booth Row 2 Roy Boronuch Gary Bosley Robert Bowman Jae Bracclo Laurence Brandenburg Sue Brawmon Larry Brotsky Row 3 Annette Brown Lee Brown Gaul Buckner Matt Budnmrr Tom Burdl Blll Burkhart Steven Busch Row 4 Carolyn Butler Lavern Cameron Ann Campbell Carol Campbell Bea Candalo Patty Cantacessl Joe Carlon N L35 L, cena 5 'D 1-4 " sf '7- S A10 llelt to rrghtl Row I Duck Carnahan Theresa Carotenutu Gary Carroll Leo Carroll Cheryl Chrustopher Sandy Clark Jane Clay Row 2 Jlm Cockrell Judy Colbert Carol Collbran Jlm Collett Brlan Colllns Larry Colluns Nancy Collyns Row 3 Eleanore Connor Bull Connow Judy Conroy John Contabule Judy Conway Jeanne Cook Ruchard Cook Row 4 Rosanne Cooper Roy Cooper Charles Corbm Marulou Corbosuero John Crawford Mark Crustol Paula Crochet .r UL A ,L f 1 l KS'tA1la. V 214529122 '11 if V' 1 W J V ,,. 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'V ' all t an WN ' 5' , ' -J! Af f B ff JW X ff I , ' v -f , ' 1 4 'N A ID X A ' ' Lvl j ,Vt 'yi' A fav J, ff 1 ' J J L Y hr '35 :J . l N i ' ' 1' 4 J K - l -f +V A x ,L , A Q 3 ,I E --- V I , . Y 'S N . J J r-J . l iTi:5i1Li-PQ-- 1 ' 2 L r f V .gffrn - E", i n " " A ' l . ' ' ' ef' ..:, Y A' 5 . ' . ' . ' . f 3 Q' f 1 if 12 I Q I ' L V ' ASJEMBLY OVER u are now dusm ssed to yo r t per od class I tt to nghtl Row 'I Rudy Curnnga Walt Daber w Barry Dagestuno Janet Dale Lowell Davudson Clyde Davus Julue Duane Davis Row 2 Marlon Davis Richard Davis Diana Davnsson Suzy Day Sharon DeBernardv Bert De Krueger Dc vrd De La Vega Row 3 Carol Deupree Denuse Dnetz Carol Dull Nucole Dnllard Ann DnMauro John DuPruma John DlSaIvo Row 4 Sandra Dodero Margaret Hene Donato June Dortan Catty Dcwns Jurn Dullng Leonard Dwyer Susan Dyer A10 llelt to rxght Row l Steve Ehret Elena Eluzonoo Dennis Fnglush Dwnghl Espe Rrchard Evans Clif Farmer John Farris Row 2 Linda Faust Fran Feldman Chet Fenton Rlchard Feole Al Ferguson Duane Fnnn George Fusher Row 3 John Flanagan l rry ck arol es er en Flnc Marllyn Florlo Larr Fo ter Dolores Froncmnn Row 4 Frank Francone Jnm Fraser Lunda Fullmer Sandy Gasknns Lawrence Gatlonu Ted Gnno Judy Gerrue r X ,R "' .1 -u " X 'N 5 VX 7 , - r Q , -.1 J , - 1 aff Q,, nv .N-ll 'D ""x li 4... 1- nf sr 'P is l 90" sr ,J , if - hr f fx so " 4- e,A nfl ov ,, X Q sv a fu Y .nb .4 4.1 ,W f of my 'I 1 9 Y x I ,HN :dll I A, 3 v 3 -,N su .4 rr Y "' 1-1 'VXI' f A10 lleft to rnghtl Row l Evre Glbbs Norene Gult Read Gulgen John Gllleland Les Galman Carla Glenn Peter Glyer John Grable Phyllis Gravell Connne Grgveyfe Jam Green Dnana Grnffun Row 2 Ball Grummell Lusua Gross Dolores Guagardo Barbara Guard Steve Gwun Wendy Hagan Fred Haught Evue Hall Douglas Hamm Sharon Handnn Danna Harmon Phnlup Harrss Row 3 Mertta Hart Susan Hasler Charles Hastings Cheryl Hows J E Herntage Jum Hess Kathy Hess Larry Hesse-I gesser Kenneth Heylek Melvnn Hlxon JoAnn Hohensal Lllua Holgunn .dl ! H A.. A i 1 1 ' 'J J .3 JA , L . .- 1-.Q-v .. 5-'la af , A x 'vf ff 1 l ' 1 -'I ., f , y' X 1 I gl. C 5, 1 X ' X- a ff" X. n lu V 5 Z' . D 4 - .A L. Q A f l f- .-1 - r , j 1 A 5 V T , e I -' rf , . l., X I A ' . 5 v 1 4 - J f- 1, 'F' ' 1 4' f I , l 'K .T sf! ' - -1 A, A o 1 H -,Yo - 5 U hird X , . 4 4 K1 L I ,L 21 E Q, ' - M l V' f 3 M v I N , V, f ", ,fax '1 -1 Q' ye , , - - ' , ,ix J J' s 5 - J ii! I 'M ' an IA 4.4., ,", f,,' ?'i A10 le f' : ' , ko , W ' J 1 , f ' A J ' - I I - I - I 0 -A . . I '41, ff? . , . . . A , . , . . V V , V 5, . ' ' ' . ' . .... ' ' ' , 1 rf ' I . J I J I ,J . , V J X J t , F 0 Q y J L y J , J 3 4 J Jr Q H ,ss J. J u . f , , ' ., ' , A ,S- K ' A ' X L. vi- L ' l . - - J 1315 ll . J ' ' J , . J I . '. J H' I ' ,, - 'Xl' .Q ne ,IC Fl rf , All I' L, 'l ' , v vi J ' ' f " e 1 9' , l ' 5 ll V gk . gf ' X F 1 A F Xll . if I l 3 , A' N ' l , K . n - N Q ' d . ,, , r, J' M 4 g, SQ, ' -' 1 1 h- ' " - - J ...L M 'j Q5 C I V 'iff ', rj A , , ,g , , I 1. x. r ,. , . w 0, A M X I E- I .1 D Ya Fx' Nui ?s 1 s ' ye 2 X"'s Q f . i , 1 -.., .y . 3 " " V 1 af ' . 1,11 V l 7 f- . , , , 'Q , ,V I wt! PL , 5 I Y, A: -1 . I V me f.. J ' . f D " ,- up .J',' 4 1 B.. - L I .XA ft Hrs Q, M. I q, . gf A," rj . ' ' ' My if S f -2? 5 1 Q X N j r v Q E N F K , Q Ln ' 7 . A V . 'Y' ff' il "' , 1-1 E, " F. di A ' 9 ' N 4 ' F ,slit il '-1 ' 1 , N 1' f " . T- ' I J A 4.1 YW 6' Q- Q. Q '2 ul 6105 , A10 llell to rughlj Row 1 Salese Kaslner Duane Kavanaugh Verlha Kay Doug Kendall Jackle Kersey Barbara Keslad Ronald Kelcham Row 2 Karen Klshl Chrus Kloek Marulynn Klupta Davud Kneale Cheryl Kohout Arleen Kraus Candy Kressner Row 3 Maryann Kruep Sandra Kubas Adele K gawskl Paula LaBella Michele Landmo Jerry laux Rrchard Lavender Row 4 James Leeds Dollle Lemos Pele Lenhardl Roger Le Rogue Davnd Lewis Palhe Lewes Marlene Llserann I-A ...f' .- vs X X A10 Hell to rughlj Row 1 Joyce Holland Larry Hopkins Gary Horsley Harry Horsley Mykee Hoskuns Glenny Hull Karen Hull Row 2 Doreen Humber! Thomas Hunsaker Karen Hun sucker Rodney Hun! Louis lacapeih Charlene lmus Roger ln man Row 3 Bert Ireland Charles lruon Glenna llo John Jackson Vito Jacobellls Andrea Johan Tom Jensen Row 4 Gary Johnson Pam Johnson Mary Johnslon Sue Jones c 4 471 'y .f-v Wal1erJones M V Jorgensen Walla Kaplan QWW' , ,QQFM at FEV! K 4 T ,A in-P r'1 l A 4-as fi 1-4 mlhi ' G. 4- fi ,Leger C, if , -sf ...v J vv ,- I - 1, V j -X j ,fl vt-aff! -1 v L1 - 4 ' ' J ' 1 I X L it 'X ' . U I Q A10 llell lo rrghll Row 1 Maruan Lockhart Mary Lockhart Rrchard Loewmger Harold Lombardo Bob Longress Kay Lopez Bob Loughrudge Rosemary Lucas Glorno Luna, Boyce Lundsirom, Sharon Lyon Eluzabelh McCarty Row2 Sally McCIary Davld McCoy, Sheulc MCoy Mlke McElroy Jeannnne Mclnlosh, Fred MacDaugall Marlene Madrnd, Craug Magoon, Make Magoon Kalhleen Malone Kerrrlyn Mannschueck Russ Marasco Row 3 Darleen Marnkran Pal Mason Larry Molrango Martu Mallraw Marllyn Maylleld, Ronald Mazy Roger Means, Ivan Mendelsohn Duane Mrlrlo Irene Moller Susan Muller Claudia Mulnes - ,' -- J 1 ' 'QT ' 1 f I . Q , l, ' v Q 1 I a " ' Ns ' A J 5 - l x xll M ' 3 I ' L ' I . I ' S . A 9 up ' C I "Ah 5 - ' . , . . , ' s ' 24 . L J ' L I ' N 5 5 -J " ' .1 v' " , ,s -1 , - ' V A ' Kell v , Q A' 'll V 'lf an :A 3 , 4 , . ' .. b ..,s,,., .. , V f ' ' ef" ' 3 f f 'll 9 or - . J , , W ' ya y W in N I . 5 Q ' x ' +1 -, 1 ' ' . . . . QV' L ' - X X .X s , , I l ' ll ' J J T ' N v l. s Ai' D I .I D D ' .- .H r " 'sql' L NJ - s F - . M J X ' ' ,, - X .' l ii X ,, , 'X 5 I ,Ask - . V b, Q . Q ' , , 1 U . y . ' I : , i g 7 5 , 5, Y 4, .,.. . y A' I X me J T, 5 r M ' . N l' N It v 'Q A fl v . A ,Q a ' xy. , 9 - ' 9' cy, , ffm. gf' J, f , ' N ' ll - ,V A.. J "1-lf ' if -J J' J' M' , Q' ' f . L ' l A ,A 4 J L f 'L ' J I I S J I if 'NV ' .ll I "ww - ,A L- , - 4 . of ' f s , f Q Q ill' ' Nl , ' ' M 'K W ' I l ' 2-xi - 53, A h l 4 ':':,.fk-Siu? .L A 4 E I t .I 4 A W A ' - Q, 1 -, f' . . ff - J' . , wg , ,-2' A 'J' . ' 5 , . ' I ' -' I, N , - . 2 C J X N , ' L Sli? r,ss .Q ' . - ' 1 ,y,. 'si' J f or - - . - ' I iii: pf' y A h - h 5 N I U H y, , 311+ , J. - V- - I z ' fd' 5 ' N A sg' -bf' I - I D N Wy . Mikkh 4 ' . . .- ' Q I I 'We . A- '- -. Q , -J - X' - ,g Q I " ' 1 , 1 ll ' J ' ' L - . - Q' 6' ' xhl T 'J ' . . if... lf' y . J i J ' . It 't y 5 4. PQ' EL 5 j t J 6 . " I, X L ,L , I , ' . 1- W f x. 5 ,emi .. I - I n - 'I 1 1 ' . " I Q L l N . , 'I S A .L V, , A , L , .. . , lf' i v-v .J I id' lf' fflflfiff ya 'lf M I ,im , sa V Ov ..q, .494 Nuzzo Rlchard Nycum Donna Nyeland Margaret OConnor Carlo Otfenhauser Larry Olstedahl Paulett Olsen Row 2 Margaret Padilla Mlke Pogone Ray Poroda Mary Parsons Robert Parsons Geraldine Peose Ray Perez Russel Perm Jerry Petuevucs Row 3 Don Phlllaps Joyce Plzzuto Eugene Pocock Frank Pollto Judy Pons Dell Quuck Frank Ounrlno Gloria Radley Renee Ramirez A10 llett to rnghtl Row 1 Dorothne Reed Mary Reuman Sally Reuser Ruchard Ruccu Lynn Rlch John Ringo Peter Rlker Row 2 Velma Razz: Mary Robertson Shlrley Rock Rnchard Rome Tom Romero Mmom Rosen leon Rosenthal Row 3 Pot Rosteck Jerry Rowlett Randy Ruiz Judith Russler Gall Ryan Rae Ryder Gordon Samuelson Row 4 Elanne Sassoe Joyce Saunders Steve Schaetzel Mrke Scheele Bull Scheunng Kent Schick Dona Schallmg A10 lleft to rughtl Row 1 Nancy Mntts Duck Mukonan Judy Moe Paula Moody Dennns Moor Lando Moran John Morosan Row 2 Pam Morosln Chrustlne Morrlson loss Mossnnger Fred Motley Davud Munro Rlchard Munson Kathleen Murphy Row 3 Sharon Murphy Rosemarne Musocco Norman Myers John Nadolsku Mark Novo Beverly Nelson Dowd Nelson Row 4 Elalne Nelson Sondra Newkurk Sharru Newman Dave Nichols Lee Nichols Muke Nuck Monty Nuelsen x YA X . lftv-4-Ili mm ,se J gmff it sa ,. NJ ,.. -r its .4 swam Viv GI T 4 wx 3 ,A 'PY 'l' 69 QNX S A xii .Q X .6 A . - ' ' 3 Kgzxikfi 0 - , I Q A X ,A 5 'Qs J . ' . . ' , rT Q -.P I N . , . ' ': Y' ' ,X ' N . 'N f 6 Kok X M s ' - ' 1 X .V R5 Y ' - .. 5 mg- ig V - . 5 . I , 3 6 N . a . N . A - ' - o - - . f ' . J .Nia QM W .1 4 .. ' ' . 5 -5 - is - - . ' ' ' . 2 Sf ,fm Aiiwf , , , . . Q s X , K , . - - 5 , Q ll . ' , ' ' '3 N- . . 3, . V ' K , . is ' S2 if X 1 'L l qs. 1 .K liif, M' Q 1 lr 'V' X7 -5 Q xy - fa N Sn l ' . Q. 1 X nw . , 4 - My , J A S - I - ' ' fl ' S' 'N E AD - 'f I ,Q - Q' ll f l . N l .' 1 . ' 4 xy! 4 f 3, , A ' . . . x ' y Q 'W J I f :-' . f l I ' S ' . ' 1 my has E. 4 ' ,Lei bk i x Q' M v -4 N . I 9 p ,, 5 L X117 ' 9. A K j lg S N y Q ...:.. , . 5 N he ' N if N ' ' so 1 'A ' ' y J l - ,S q J . r ,f lp . A R I , X. .. ' ' -4'r-'c ' . 2 f' l T fe ' . 4 . ' S is J Y 'S N 5' 1 'A . '-'F ' ' N ' 'S 'L r' xv, 1. 1 1 Y Q lf, ' l , ' - - N S .-'llfm ' , L Je..',Y,, Xi " llc-f ' j 5 l l I , - lc 'fl l A. 'J U, . , EJ ' ' ' H ' " . , M ,.t- .N - 3,1 BT' Xe X e 3. y - Q tw. 9 - v 'z 'si .l N 1, - . , l Q in , h V: A Q i. . Q ' - , Xi , f J l,rr - , A - . - - s.. 'iw M-.. ,gi , N21 Qef- H . A J - - r,'. ., S. W , .!- - it v H ., M is Q S H - . ' I i i, . N 9 . 5 x N I u- - .6 ' f -v , i --4 v 4. , 4' C' I' X X- v ' 1 3- V, Y. ,f G' V- A'Gb ,v e kv ,4 -.f S 9 ' L I . 70 1 f X,-ot x , A10 lleft to rightl Row 'l: Arnold Schmidt, Sue Schramm, 1- ix 7 Ernie Schroeder, Jeff Schroeder, Bob Severtson, Claudia Sher' :rv lock, Shirley Sias. Row 2: Karen Sieck, Stephanie Slater, Audrey Smith, Carole Smith, Steve Smith, Jerry Snow, Joan 'fwfr Sparks. Row 3: Karen Spencer, John Spinelli, Merrilee Stande- fer, Donna Starling, Donna Sti , ce Sutton, Mary Syvertsen, Row 4: Evelyn Talarico, lou Tavares, wight Taylor, Guy Toys lor,, Diana Thies, Patricia Thomas, Caro hornpson. X 'dam dx T . ,- gf U- i 2 it , we ' f'7l:V l!r .1 Vj"! 1 'N " tx ll il , ev L , vt -1 L, 4' ll W LJ J5LJ,',7 i fflff .,.- . - -l f w ' l Cf, i I0 A ? I , fail ,V . . , ,ttf no 'LP 1 f ig! ff L nl it 4- T f f , ,--- V - 7 cw U fl P x .1"A'f. fjct QM ifflf fix ,eff Q, Lf ' - I ' ft' .f l PQ 4 Cfrfl7 ' D6 ' 4 i . 4 A rap Lv' 't 5 ' , I 5, ,J I if .- 1 'J' 6 at l' V ffl' if -M, 1 ' 31 v, A10 llett to rightj Row 'I: Colleen Thompson, Tom Thompson, Frances Trigninri, Mary Tiscornia, Marilyn Tribo, Carolyn O "' I Turiace, Jim Turiace, Mary Valentine, Tony Valladolid, John B, 'Q ' X- VandenBergh, Pat VanderPloeg, George Villalobos. Row 2: , A ' , " ' "r"1-we 7 " ' Jerry Villenueve, Jim Warren, Dave Watkins, Carol Waugh, fp, Jack Webster, Gary Wedge, Marion Wells, Mickael Wells, 2' Bill Whitacre Jack Whitaker, Don Williams, Susan Williams. K f K Y Row 3: Lois Wilson, Shirley Winfield, Tom Winsor, Harvey ..- , N H' 3 Witting, Donald Wolford, Howard Wood, Don Woods, Val vm N L- rf.. Q Wright, Mike Young, Lucy Zavala, Diane Zeimantz, Kathleen 'F' 7' Zenzer. 3. , 4 K l , E' r A 1 ' ' , A g ' S -' Q T f rl , ' i, - -- - , ,-fs' ., - V vi 6 l s' ' ' , '- i . Q if V1 ,E f ,. ' ' A ' 54, a -9 C, 4. A gi L gs A X A i , f , , - ' " if ' 7. ip X i r, 1 .1sj,3.., Q I V4 Au f ' H T " ll X ' K 4 5? gl 'Ziff L- I 1-.-Y 3 ' Q , 4 "' " ' E '5 .. . il' 'X I i K D .fir Wh ' .1 . . , -4. 1 'J lg ' , . -' - 'R , qw, I J 'f' 'Z Q 111 ' ,,ilQ.-.n X 'jf-A. gh. fir? -'lt'L'.a . i PK lx-HQ, ' ii , ' 11- A S yi", ' J 49 , g C' Q' A hi.. 4 I in 9 J M If to Yi ll! ,921 v .Nl K gf W C", - 5 ' 4 Z" "7" "ff i ' ' ' ' " 1 ' 4 xrkxfzin. ' lie . rf.: ' 4. xx Xi x , 1 L .xx if 1 . S xx. X H F c I, ' ' lf ' , Q T1 , ,I .' V f 1 ' L . ,ef f ' ' 1 A it T .. 4 L J' 'I t as , , . , " s-so . , 1 l I V f L ' L , ,f T1 , L , L i , - il. I A, 'P e I l 1' L f, i s A BUNCH OF THE GALSg-were whooping it up at lunth. There's a lot to be learned A9 OFFICERS lleft to rightl: Mary Owens, J. D. Goddard, Candy Collier, Bob Simpkins, Lynn DeKoy, Andrea Fox. "Say, where is Al3?" inquires an eager frosh on his first day at school. "Have you ever seen so many people?" adds another freshman. "They surely didn't tell us at Orientation Day that there would be so many teachers' names to memorize." After surviving the first day of school freshmen begin to realize their situation at AHS. The day comes when the newcomer receives his first of- fice summons, telling him that he is wanted right away in the B.V.P.O. Imagine the thoughts in his mind trying to think what and where the B.V.P.O. is. Life must seem pretty complicated when looking at the existence of a busy senior. Activities not only begin in the freshman year, but their success also shows the potentiality of leadership in an incoming class. It seemed a shame that after many hard hours spent by the freshman officers planning a skating party, that only a few frosh were interested in having fun. Even with a failure in their skating party the officers succeeded with the "Hawaiian Hop". All of the entertainment at the dance was provided by class members, selected from their own talent show. So with an effort on both students' and officers' parts, the "Hawaiian Hop" became a success! Unity in a class makes for successful achievements. A Xgxfwlx W sf' u"Q fyfif T it 0 f' .4 e J W A9 lleft to rughtl Row 'l Barbara Alberlnu Ronny Al n Charles Allen Patrncna Allen Muke Alley Ellen Allnson lynnae Andersen Row 2 Ja nlece Anderson Dave Anter June Ape gran Joyce Aprato Sander Arenott Phnllup Argento Laura Arguello Row 3 Jsmmy Arthur Bonnle Ashworth Don Alluns Cynthla Avard Alden Ayers Lmda Bach Susan Baetz Row 4 "' Melody Bogey Avlna Balmer Bob Baker Robert Baogh Warren Barna Teresa Bashen Sharon Bauer W A A... ara 5.1 eh- if K -an ..-v My F Rl Nh :fn tlfls ,ml 127 WW -.1 -4 ii A9 llett to rnghtl Row 'l David Beck Joanne Beets Rlchard Beels Donna Belcamlno Franklin Belllnder Lmda Bennett Marlene Bennett Row 2 Ronny Benzer Gary Berger Carmel Best John Bethel Vuctor Bevulacqua Bonnue Blnkerd Ronnle Baden Row 3 Tony Bohlm Lmda Bond Ann Bosworth An nette Bouvta Allen Bowen Janet Boxman Paulette Bradshaw Row 4 Jlm Brady Jum Bradshaw Steve Brewster Shnrley Brudges Roberta Brock Allen Broge Marshall Brookhart 4-x no xx Xl' gp W lf.. l MX ,K 'dw E3 , . 4eQmn 'Q LMP' pea if A9 llelt to rughtl Row T Duana Brown, Bull Brown Stephen Brumm, Carl Bucacclo, Bob Buescher, Gaul Gurgoyne, Lmda Burnette, Duane Burroughs, Manuel Bustullos lary Butkus, Tom Caccuatore, Charles Cadman Row 2 Mlchael Cahuon, Robert Caldwell, Edward Callahan, Rosemary Cannon, Canme Carroll Terry Carson, Collenn Cnrler, Maureen Case, Jacquelune Cavalla, Jane Chalk, Casey Charles, Bull Charles Row 3 Theresa Chavez, Ruchard Chenoweth, Vuctor Chong, Carol Chrustopher, Lmda Cochran, Lmda Cockel, Robert Coe, Candy Collier, Thomas Cosand, Sam Coulter, Mnchael Couzens, Beverly Cowell , '-7' - N K , , ,A .. -ee A M. . , 7 K g .. C ,,,,. I yj XJ ' fa, , 3 Q ' " fl. - . ' . T I I I ll - I l 1 :-' N .. C , 1 5 5' J D 2, 3 4 .-u if A' ' l 'Y . h H .. l - - 4 N I , L' ,.,f A ,ixxx 5 ,i.w r l .A . . 7 v , .9 Ji- 1 B s or R A . f '1 T . A 1 f C ev' M '.. . ,Ile 5 LC! Q QR Q. yi gf? Q41 l U, . , l QQ ' " ' 'V 4 ' -' - 6 V 8-'I' 17' . Q' ' - AX .2 fl A '-:ll R " ' Z6 w A l 1 A A , '. ' , It ' ' J ' . Z . l 7 ' , 1 1 4 ' I - 1 l A ' 1: e Q . , 'l . " 4 C 'N Q A l' Q 57' 4 J N fx .. x ,hi V W I , M A ,V ' E my 'Z-r' I h N Q N - l I L l l l zwilzu f - x T 1 l Q -Z. l SM ,F 1 H ills V U C6 RR Q fill 1, . -J I 1 AV , 2 "gg K w.. Sei. I I B 5' 8-L . s,+1 se , ,,, i v A N .si-y it vnu- ilu, V jf: ' 3:4 I 3,7 ' , , vu A 1 N 6 f .ff f 1 v ' . I h ' , l, f l , 5 . I - 0 . 1 M 1, Q , 1 as X , Stl- i I K 1. it ,Q s U , X Ax Q X as 5 5 2 , . -I - . I 4:11. gqff .,. .. . il. , I r ' - -.j T . " 'Y A . 1- ' -L 5 ' ' ' Q5 .W .Cl K, l -l . - ' 1 , ,V , , l .2 All 3113 ' . 4 V . . , - lv ' . f M 5 , 2,532 I V l I " .H , i B A R fsh I - ,,,ie 'QQ .' 2, 4, " y-, r ,W,Q,ff5' f ' abuse J Me. ..--. ' ., .K - ,Arif A ,. ' 4 ' .rf tsggy-Qvefe I- f . -h V X . v , T 4' l - 1 ' "' --'J A l J T T A f . "' , P, - , h f , ' 'X ' 1 r :N Q - T '5 , ' V fy A ' , r A A A C A A ,C I J J . , :Q , . Q. H .. T v iv A it . ' ' 4 ltr 1 I f.'.. . ' , V , x l :i lxgzgn I N R f' "df k J' l" B , l'.,24a.l ' fix" . ' C ' . 5 1, 4. . llf ' - ' ' ' ' ' all ' ff -1 V' .N W.,-4' J ' . w - V ' I X if-fav ov- al so go ee 1 ' T ,., .1 cv fp x 'P 0' v -1 .f '7 4- fi .- as A9 left to rnghtl Rowl Bob Crusp Deon Cundey Janet Cushman Deon Cuttlng Tanya Danforth Debby Davudson Sandra Dawes Dennus Davls Evelyn Davns Sallle Dovus Lynn DeKay Shnrley Dell Row 2 Janet DeMatteo Suzanne DeNeal Tam Denman Sharon Dennss Crang Denton Jae DeVnne Judy De Voe Lynne Ducken son Davtd Dncus Rack Dorward Davnd Drake Judy Draper Row 3 Elanne Duarte Henly Duhoux Hayden Eaves Jan Edlen Duane Edmunds Marnlyn Edwardes Lydua Eluax Bob Emons Arvun Eraclrson Mlke Erlungheuser Barbara Evans Joan Fallen K l ft t rughtl Row 'I Ken Farber Penny Farrell o Fnnsten Judy Fmzu Sharon Flanagan Nucl: Fleshmon Celua Flnnt Row 2 Steve Foltz Andrea Fox Judy Franco Chrnstene Frank Penny Franke Larry Freeman Gary French Row 3 Judnth Gale Jamce Galluppe Chrustuna Garcla Jolene Garo fola John Gattl Susan Gembrun Dennos Gentry Row 4 .stanley Gerzofsky Reglna Gu :co Annette Guannellu John Gebson Tam Glfford ulgen Rebecca Gleffe X A9 lleft to rnghtl Row l 'Paula Gnuse Joseph Goddard JoAnn Godfrey Amelta Gordon Charles Gordon Gay Gough Duvld Graham Row 2 Duane Graham Lynne Grannger Anna Gross Ron Grout Ricky Gyselaan Lorranne Hochnguan Lynne Halght Row 3 Ron Haldeman Rhonda Hamnlton Ron: Hansen Jon HD!B,NBIll Harrlngton Delores Harry Robert Hart Row 4 'Judy Houghton Brman Hayden Betty Heatherlngton Barbara Hefrnch Bob endrlxson Ruta Heredua Robert Hesselgesser 'vw .2-1:4112 if su .- 0" Jw PHONE BOOTH CRAZE orrlves a AHS Eileen Henry Salty Whntely Regnna Verdugo Karen Haw lush Carolyn Mays Marnlee Nelson and Judy Perm move an N 4 ,.. X .S 4- so 449 V ,- Y Ill I an ,Q 'T -fa V yn at "-1 ,..r Q 9. f l 3 fa. , 4- i 2:5 f 4-. 1 x X 4 XR 1 AL ,ban F , ,' -'W Q Af, l . 4+ 9 Z, A9 lleft to rightl Ro l: He n Hitchcock, Hilda Hoffman, Roberta Holguin, Bill Holland, Barbara Holley, Martha Holliday, Linda Holman, Gary Hupp, Marshall Hop- per, Diane Huse, R ert Hous on, Barbara Hughes. Row 2: Kathy Hughes, Larry Hughes, Donna Hunt, Bob J - - Tom Jeffers, Valerie Jeffrey, Paul Jessup, Carolyn Jones, Gary Jon , Ginger Jo s, Shirley Jordan, Marguerite Juarez. Row 3: CharleneJuengst, Palmer Kail, Janice Katzenberger, Glen Kavanaugh, Edward Keith, Julie Ke r, ToM"Ken ll, Donna Ketcham, Diane Ketchen, Michael Kilkenny, Earl Kindstrom. i i A DV V ff .1 J J if v , r :lil s 1 ll ' T A r 4952 N s Mzfffy Y A 1 xg, W , , . D . . 'ox iff' ' If 'l ' xx - " A, jlljj , r J ' ' s 5 4 , L 1 Q, A' - J - .A J T . 'J I QQ t7 A ,Q 'L' Q til, . A if Q ' wa' 'wtf ,H . ,,, ?,,,,,,,,,, , . 4 X -5 --2 fl -S A9 Cleft to rightl Row l: Tom Kirk, Chrisleen Knoffloch, Paul if rl. tt Knoll, Nancy Kriegesman, Janet Lane, Judy Lang, Allan Lang- XA-U HIIX AW A ' VA, ,WY .,.., ' ' 7' don. Row 2: Janet Larsen, Diana Larson, Deborah Lee, Cheryl ' ' nf? - . , , gm ' Q T Lehman, Tom Lemon, Herbert Levin, Carol Lieberg, Row 3: Kris 4 ' f ' Je Lieberg, Mike Lionberger, Kenny Litwin, Patsy Lopez, Donna Q A A 3' 3' V Y Lowis, Bill Lytle, Joan McAlpine. Row 4: Susie McCarthy, Mike is K ' gi J L4 I K 9' W5 f McClure, Diana McConn-ell, Hugh McConnell, Dwight McCor. LJ M ' , J ,Q-7 fl ' T A 1 mm., Jeff Mfcofmsck, John McDermott. 'U ,fr L 9 , M , , .Aw . , 1 A t, ' H L 1- s is f xv tk '. ' s .4 4 'N , ' Qt , iff 1,-ff' ' 'T 1 f 4 3 1 X J, l 'Li , u il Q4 M KY-fin "1 -Y -, -3 ' r : f 2 ' .sc ' I N X ' ' V' N ' ON Ni ' X " 'ge E al U i Y7 ,K " b , l X il l sf l 3 A , Y , 6. ':7 " X K ' i A9 Cleft to rightl Row l: Sue McGee, Pal Mclntosh, Mary ' LAL, If Alice McKee, Mike McMahon, Joanne McManaman, Diane lx K-X' McMillan, Robert McMilIen. Row 2: Pauline McNoughton, Re- gina Maggio, Michael Magnanai, Dorothy Moior, Marsha Malsberg, Greg Manderson, Marcia Manilla. Row 3: Jim Mansfield, Wayne Markoski, Ann Masanovich, Valerie Mason, Vicki May, Larry Mayhew, Esther Melendez, Row 4: Alfred '-7 Menconi, Frederick Mershon, Vala Meyers, Marshall Michaelian, Donna Middleton, Betty Miller, Kathy Milnes. sf' l' ' J l 3: Eg W W ' iri in 'io i ,X , r l fl - I- V ,p . y , ,V '- 1 r' , 7 Q .1 -, ,- . ' no V .2 , - . ' K '- ' -' ri i , ,' -if -e, .11 5 -e X .1 5 A . if-. 21 f '4 - , L A ' , ,J T ,,: P I ,Zi y A if I 5 3 XM , ,A K em xx f' .cn L I H J' 9' ' 72 'S n . 14 ' '5 v 5, - ' l I I . H v l ' x ' '.. .f Y, Q V , ' 4' 15 " f i 1' T "Sf, 5. . J J A--fi l , I , ,, W , X X . X ' ,,,,, 'X ' .w ' Z I 1 , X . , '56 - f A J I ity.. fu fi , 1. .--. ., l ' ,t 'ZA K A is 1 V d 1- ' , - ' A hi- ' " ' - f L '35 X . r' , 2 . , 4, N L, L, , 4 L- , N I f' 'J "' '1-1 -4 ' "' 1 P e 1- ,.. 5 I ls.. 'J ze-Pj ,5 . f f' y .,-Q y gl. I fl . - , ,fi i ' 5 l ' ,A - ' , V ' V ii ..-Y - . '- Bi ffl--'XS'-'-T L l h .. , 1. ." L , - - .-V" X f A9 llett to rightl Row 'lz Byron Moats, Sandy Mogab, Melodie Monson, Nancy Montgomery, Gary Moomiean, Tim Moore, Arlana Mugnaini, Glenn Music, Jerry Mylander, Benno Nielsen, Jack Nilsen, Phyllis Norton. Row 2: Linda O'Brien, Linda Oftenhauser, Mary O'Hallaren, Diane Olivere,-Karen Olsen, Mary Owens, Jim Czias, Barbara Page, Beverly Page, Rose Pagone, Sharon Palermo, Carter Parker. Row 3: Janet Parks, Jim Parsons, Christine Paull, Marvin Perfle, Stanley Peltzman, Georg Pendleton, Larry Perkes, Marcia Perram, Gary Powers, Thomas Peterson, Leslie Pettiford, Theresa Pfeifer. L Mi . 1 N q .. 3 X ' J' 1- ' - 4' i".' 5 'R I l f 1 ' N X ' L i - .rf Lg 11 ' it -f J 'U 6 A ' nu ' i X1 l " 8 - V 6 r QM. A, 1 . 1 i' 'x P A .r A9 lleft lo rightl Row I: John Phippen, Robert Poh anny , ry I 'fr" . Pool, Drew Popson, Caroline Pottle, Laurie Pregozen, Patsy i. - 122 Quinn. Row 2: Pat Rafferty, Gerald Ransom, John Rapp, Tom 'fr Reynolds, Connie Rice, Janice Rice, Carl Richards. Row 3: -V x 2 ' "' 1 Anthony Robinson, Tom Rossi, Thyro Riiwden, Carolyn Rudolph, , ' J f ? Joanne Ruggiero, Edward Sacchette, Jim Sandlin. Row 4: Con- 1 -'jj "" l -, ,A nie Scheele, John Schiavo, Jane Schildlrnecht, Gary Schmidgall, " fl ' Gene Schneider, Buck Schott, George Schuesler. L 'lg' , V .X ' I M- N x . M "5 J : Y 4, 9, g- l Q. fc ,fix 5 .V 1,1 , at ' 1- " : y .- - 'P' ,C Q.. . QL' Q' g lr ' P ig , A ",, r , l f 'l i ,, f -tn: ' 3 Y., 1 as ,V - 3 X W ,L - Vg + . 1 L .. L f: V J f -X , ttlt J' ,VJ +P 'FTP r , A ,,, -I . , 3x lr '- .- if ff " ' 4' X' ,A ,' ' . ii L f ,, ,f "I, W I a t V I ' gy 4 4 L+ ' 'HQ 52- . lf ' ' - ' r 'PV S, 7 ' . . - V ,Lev ,Ve V A , 5 , ,V I A V' . ' Ll 1 sd ' ' ' , , ix ft' . x LT 4 v Q' 1, Y? V A, ,,, X 1 3, Z V tg, M ,1 f ' fi 'r' ' X r ' f C ,gf wi of 4, . - 1 -5 . 1 . !pg,,,3x.,,4 X ,. My A VV X , , Q , , ,yi A9 lleft to rightl Row l: Rodney Scully, George Sebastian, W i ' ,Q ' J 5' ' Dan Sehnert, Linda Selix, David Shaw, Patricia Shepard, Carol ' ' ' - , ' .f N A, ', ' 2. Shock. Row 2: Roger Shoemaker, Dennis Smith, Carol Shrader, ' - I ' M 'a A , David Silberman, Louise Silver, Glenda Simmons, Mary Simon. 2' I i yi' 9 -3 Row 3: Robert Simpkins, Andrew Simpson, Marlene Sims, '- ,Al ' V, fag-1, I Daniel Singer, Siegfrienda Slaman, Ed Smith, Joyce Smith. X ' X J ' J K ii" 'yy' Row 4: Mike Smith, Nancy Smith, Roy Smith, Barbara Smoth- Rx I fm1 .:!3ii: w--:AQ W 'V W , ', qi sq ers, Jerry Snead, Arlene Solomon, Karin Sonntaq. i - . ,Q if ' J, - , .. . , V. ,gy , ' A ' g "" Gi . . ww 1 B We A ' r . A, V ' . 0, h F 1 31 rj . - , , X mfs. ' 4 F , --- 1 f S 1 Wg i ' A in " ' ,saw ' ,Aft 1 4 ' ' ft ,.. f 4 lo. 'S K , , f . Lg A -1 " . -an l ' 6 i kr '1'FA. Z P -. T jfs- 5 Q - kk ' ' '- 2? . if " W ' . ,141 vt NM .- v R , ,4 ', -4: es rf' 6 L , , ,X - . , 'F Y I' -, x NSE- 51-4, 4 , 41- , - Ml' Nm! J N . ' . 2. t ' - -N13 i , R I' ' 4 i -J' T - . Q A9 llett to rightl Row l: Alison Sprowl, Jett Sprowl, Elinor " 4' 4 4 . l Stark, Carolyn Stefano, Karl Stephenshdgngy Jo Stevensgn, 'Q :I -vj ,Z gy Linda Stewart. Row 2: Brad Stone, Jan Stotts, Ronald Stovall, A N4 M j, Linda Suess, Robert Sullivan, John Sutherland. Y 4 ' uh 41 Row 3: Susan Taylor, Jim Tedford, Paul Thaxter, Dennis l ' Hx T ,. fi., ml- y Q Theetge, Angie Thomas, Gloria Thomas, Sue Thomas. Row 4: Ty V "L ' fs I., X - r 4-' Qf-,jv-,--- - --- Wayne Thomas, Anita Thompson, Nancy Thompson, Skip Tiede- Fl "3 ' - ' TN ' ., ' 7 J' 3: mann, Carol Todd, Sandro Todoran, Richard Trayner. F, A V h yi , D ' , Fi 5 ' - r -W -1- 2 2' ,W is A 35 3' 4 . J L, i ' Y ,lx . 'jf Q' - ' l N A 'Q' -'. xx ' T : : -. L ' 1 , N-X-Na, fx ' T' I as A X ' rx T X 5 , . fngfh Ap, ga 5 A- ' 4 fl .L ' ' 'il , s oi- . . , T , , x 9 . T iw.. , f I I. in- fi 'F' u, qv E . S 1 L I' . 5 V: T . L r Hx TT f J T! , ' 'QR 'I ' TM ' LL 2 A T 5 T 71' lli ..-4. I T T 'LVM' 'Y J L' . . in F L . lv 1 VX . J5 is f ' A. ,T A X s. . - 47, T" tg- ' IJX 611 IL., A J ' - -' " it T T X ' f ' , N. I :,e-.-. T T - -..T 2 .N X 4b 'ww J .SL . S NQ5' l 'V Q Q ii Y QV O ' sy Q, x I CQXCQYX -9"V.K9 - ZJX N pv i f CN of T fflvXS'fLyC,JQi9' Q T .td T qw. X V Q! JS' ' . O . T Avg,-I - jd. Cf V 3, A Aix F' VN Ji- WQ dy 99 JJ' CS SX my CQO' 15' City' .s. J . CV A l QV 'Aj X i T fy WL ' K 'Nil GV X l - r CV iz, TXXN L A9 lleft to rightl Row T: Bruce Tripp, Barbara Tromble, lor- ' f :ESX NJN roine Troxel, Johnny Vallejo, Frank Van Dyne, Ronnie Vaughan, ' , y A- Margaret Veal. Row 2: Judy Vessey, Sharon Vigare, Linda , ' T ' "' A' Wahlberg, Larry Walker, Sharon Wanamaker, Jane Ward, ,-. "" Hartley Washburn. Row 3: Judy Watkins, Carolyn Weber, 'AY J 7 1 Martin Weber, Mary Wenck, Mariorie Welton, John White, A 1 lx Richard White. 2 x x 1 .3 ' ' ' l Lb , ' , fv T , L T., Q V Q an . s I L Y F ll , ' X 1,14 fl .l . V wiv , f .5 .. Lx!! i L T N l a 1 l l ! ' , J i ' L ' ' fy L. . Q , r . - f. '43 ' 4 : K t . f ' It l F , ,Q f 6 - . , 'H J fit' F-xii --5 Q A9 llelt to rightl Row 'l: Diane Whitman, Janis Wiggins, - i l Dennis Wilkins, Gerald Willmon, John Wolf, linda Woolard, , , . ai ,X ,d i N Jim Wootton. Row 2: Phyllis Yocum, Cameron Young, Anna .' ' 1. 1 C.?N -7 ' , Zavala Linda Zeigler, Louise Ziola, Lynn Zirbel, Reesa Zuckep 76 1 uf Bare feel, brightly colored sox, Suborrawed gym-but oh how we danced! .I X! Uv Bore Feel, brightly colored sox, Cl borrowed gym - but oh how we danced! l"'I-'-' A L Q 1. I 1 A li 1 ' ,MQ 1 f' A LOWER LOCKER-could be dcngerou lh'nks Tom Genc os he crawls ou! of lh melee created by Joe Dodd llelll, Jo Da s, Doug Hamm Tom Shollenberger and larry Payne 77 YT 'I A . l l llw 1 11 ll ll ll Ill ill! ll I! ll ll I II ll ll ll ll - 4 r 1 "N Q 11 11.1.1 1 1 u , 1 In I N, u"N - ilf u uf 'Q u l 1 'ng I -U U B U -B -.I N e , MW, 5 fs f-wi , i S 'I U K 'Will it Sf Kham V7 an 'EIT 4K3 ,Q 7514- 'J 1 QL 'll ,. Nun!-lv EBIT!!! WBLZQQSI :SR CQ Sl ll -' - .. 13. NE' vi . ..! Z! li LI... fly, UL A little learning is not dangerou Traditionally the highest ambitions of every Moor graduate include accep- tance as a member of LOS LAUREADOS. This most eminent of honor societies is composed of about one student out of every forty in the graduating class who has maintained a high grade average, a perfect merit score, and most of all has exhibited unusual leadership and service to the school. Ultimate selec- tion is based upon being nominated by two of the three nominating commit- tees, in addition to meeting the above qualifications. Then comes that all-important assembly when some very deserving students are given due recognition for their contributions to school life, to the screams of ioy and expression of good wishes from others. Thus they become members of Los Leareados, one of the most exalted groups at AHS. They also ioin a very select number of students who have previously been honored with membership in this organization. The ability to be leaders may be limited to the few, but man ystudents have great hopes and know that these can be realized only through hard work and hours of study. To them can come the honor of membership in the Alhambra Chapter of the CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION. Hard work, indeed, for how else can a student get those ten points or those three A's and a B which entitle him to become a member of the scholastic honor society? Such recognition is a most gratifying reward, and who can deny that the semi-an- nual holiday is a most pleasant reward for hard work and scholastic achieve- ment? But this is not the only reward. There is the award assembly when some select seniors are given their scholarship society pins, which signify that they have become life members, having made that society four times in their last three years in high school with one membership in their senior year. Good grades do pay off. Pb LOS LAUREADOS llett to riqhtl Row I: Debbie Meyers, Sharon Manderson, Kathy Lord, Judy Greene. Row 2: Moriie Collier, Genola Murray, Penny Tiedernann. Row 3: Roger Holdstock, Ran Trayner, Ray Burch, Suzanne Reynolds, Joanie Schaetzel, Stephanie Kern. and il may be highly prolilalole. SCHOLARSHIP lleit to rightl Row l: Mary Valentine, Elaine Beniolf, Marylindo Morrison, Jean Irwin, Donna Bufkin, Sharon Mandersan, Debbie Meyers, Anita Corbin, Shirley Tedford, Carol Thompson, Row 2: Shirley Rock, Vernette Tiegs, Lisette Ravany, Jacquelyn Hinson, Pat Rice, Andrea Johan, Marlene Liserani, Rae Ryder, Judy Wootton, Jane Clay, Rachel Hoos. Row 3: Larry Foster, Bryon Cavaney, Dale Ellis, Eugene Pococli, Erwin Maser, Denis Sapsin, Ben Shaw, Jim Loupy, Pete Williams, Harvey Willing, Frank Rossi, Bill Nassir. Row 4: Steve Bissel, Gene Kimura, Howard Miller, Roy Borcnid, Paul Schroeder, Ivan Mendelsohn, Burton Graves, Bert DeKrieger, Richard Munson, Lew Sargentich, Chester Fenton, Douglas Benedict. SCHOLARSHIP ileft to righll Row l: Suzanne Herington, Sue Hasler, Lynne Bouse, Doreen Ballenger, Angela Sassoe, Darlene Cadmon, Suzanne Reynolds, Jerry Luhman, Stephanie Kern, Genola Murray, Candy Kressler, Judith Krissler. Row 2: Sally Reiser, Shirley Winfield, Dianna Bethel, Paulett Olsen, Elizabeth Abraham, Glenna Ito, Sheila McCoy, Irene Miller, Pat Thomas, Kathy Lopez, Tom Murray. Row 3: Colleen Thompson, Lee Brown, Ann Taylor, Gail Pfaff, Sherry Dunn, Bobbie Rowden, Dottie Witting, Pat Felicetti, Lucille Landor, Mariie Collier, Ron Guadognola, Mark Seidner, Row 4: Charles Corbin, Jim Michaelian, Read Seidner, Stephen Smith, Gary Dworlzin, Richard Ringwald, Bob Bruner, Bob Vaughan, Al Cosond, Ron Trayner, Chuck Marson, Von Fuhriman, Dave Hobbs, Perry McAnnolIy. Do you actually know what club scheduled short days mean? These are the days In whIch one half hour IS set asIde for each DEPARTMENT CLUB to con duct a meetIng ln what fnelds are your Interests? How about art drama scIence sports teachung dance or language'9 There are department clubs for almost every Interest that you may have whIle attendIng school The purpose of the department club IS to create a valuable knowledge In a certaIn fIeld whIch IS both InterestIng and fun Each language departmental club has llS semester dInner In whIch members of the club eat out on the town wIth theIr cholce of German Spamsh or French delIghts ln preparatIon for future lIfe In the servlce as a good Amerlcan Clfllen the JunIor Statesmen attend conventIons In whIch bIlls are passed In a model legIslature ln servIce to the communIty th eJr Red Cross members put tIreless hours Into helpIng the unfortunate The student publIcatIon SILVER PEN could never appear wIthout the hard work of compIlIng materIals done by the WrIt ers GuIld Everyone IS well aware that AHS has been well represented by the debate squad at local and natIonaI debate tournaments These are only a few of the many actIvItIes In whIch you can partIcIpate by IoInIng the departmen tal club system WIth such a varIety of clubs from whIch to choose any boy or gIrl at AHS should be able to fInd an organIzatIon whIch SUITS hIs Interests Par tIcIpatIon In the departmental club system IS not only educatIonal but It pro VldeS many new and lastIng frIendshIps ,,,,, - - I HA RHO TAU Uett to r'gh 1 Row 1: B rbor B ' Ie , Candy Kre ner, Dorothy Reed, ar' la bale lo's W'lson, Do w : orothy Witt'ng, hn Hyo , or n o , om mero, ou untinger, Susan Bobcoc . Make learning fun in departmental clubs A I' ' EEE? E, + 'C EQ 1- X 1 X K 6,49 . y I X ev ' ' C EEE EH 7 fv- ,X V7 FORENSIC llelt to rightl Row 1: Mary Valentine, Elaine Benioft, Carol Thompson, Carolyn Butler, Luisa Gross, Judy Peterson, Billie Lee Hart, Marylinda Morrison, Row 2: Marlene Liserani, Tammy Hunsoker, Allen Golden, Joe Weil, Dennis Washburn, Dwight Espe, Ken Obst. Row 3: Earl Archer, Lew Sargentich, Pete Williams, Chuck Marson, Tim Mahan, Dave Waters, Chris Kloek, Steve Mahan, Fred Minsky. FRENCH CLUB lleft to rightl Row T: Judy Pans, Carol Flesher, Mary O'Hallaren, Shirley Jordon, Luisa Gross, Judith Finzi, Judith Russler, Julie Davis, Andrea Johan, Diane Kavanaugh, Marilyn Mayfield, Rebecca Dean, Deborah Davidson, Janet Lane. Row 2: Kathleen Zenser, Sandra Mcgab, Sally Reiser, Kathlyn Hess, Pauline McNaughton, Regina Fletcher, Janis Wiggins, Francine Feldman, Henly Duhoux, Marcia Perram, Jackie Kersey, Kathlyn Abaiian, Marath Hail, Diana Thies, Suzanne Blevins, Diana McConnell. Row 3: Susan Dyer, Annette Bouvia, Penny Tiedemann, Mary Syvesrtsen, Jam Johnson, Claudia Sherlock, Valerie Gillespie, Barbara Cameron, Beatrice Candalot, Martha Holliday, Jan Stotts, Oretta Buttora, Kay Brown. Row 4: June Apegian, Sue Peters, Shari Newman, Patricia Thomas, Erik Ack- royd, Douglas Fechser, Allen Flinck, Boyce Lundstrom, John Vandenberg, Michael Couzens, Samuel Katz, Marla McMillan, Suzan McCarthy, Kaete Vander Ploeg. 83 X FUTURE NURSES lleft to rightl: Pat Meyers, Mary Lou Fronzen, Peggy Donato, Cathryn Carey, Robertson, Marilyn Florio, Lorraine Troxel, Susan Gillespie, sh, ,Fw I I . Carol Suerth, Edquina Sutton, Joan FUTURE TEACHERS llelt to rightl Raw l: Jeannie McMahom, Darlene Cadman, Shirley Tedlord, Maria Labbate, Bobbie Rowden, Jackie Hinsan. Row 2: Viola Teters, Alicia Sluman, Linda Waline, Beverly Thean, Mary Ruth Tableman, Nancy Goldheimer. Row 3: Paula Bupp, Linda Craig, Richard Alvarez, David Gell, Chuck Wagoner, Doreen Ballinger, Joyce Sutton. 84 ,DL J, Q lvdbf 'vi .vu Cv V 90 1 w 'Y Ajll LL, . HJ 1 5, 'b 4 ,,.1-,-4- Af 1 GERMAN CLUB llett to rightl Row 1: Alicia Szuman, Margaret Rogers, Pat Rice, Beverly Thean, Jane Schildknecht, Karen Sieck, Sonia Nelson, Geraldine Thurkow, Valerie Jeffrey, Connie Scheele, Theresa Pleifer. Row 2: Dale Frederick, Vernette Tiegs, Barbara Rode, Suzanne Reynolds, Marlin Schramm, Paul Schroeder, Richard Cochran, Jetf Schroeder, Ernie Schroeder, Leon Kaplan. Row 3: Delliemer Quick, Ben Shaw, Bill Strain, Richard Rome, Marvin Peale, Jim Tedford, Walte Shroetter, Gary Schmidgall, Bill Nebo, Larry Walker, David Nelson. Row 4: David Moen, Pete Williams, Ron Trayner, Robert Vaughn, Fred Worthington, Mik Wharton, Roland Skumawitz, Larry Perkes, Marshall Michaelian, Benna Nielsen, John Rapp. Y 6 GERMAN CLUB lleft to rightj Row l: Tommy Genc, George Fenton, Wayne Markowski, Stephen Brumm, Bob Finsten, Tim Denman, Margaret Daninger, Donna Cod- man, Darlene Cadman, Kathy Hughes, Susan Cunningham, Sharo Bauer, Janet Boxman, Carolyn Cannon ,Debbie Meyers, Roberta Brock, Cheryl Lehman. Row 2: Roge r LeRoque, Victor Chong, Richard Cook, Ken Farber, J. D. Goddard, Mike Edlen, Hayden Eaves, Robert Hesselgesser, Marilyn Fuunk, Beverly Jacobs, Llizabeth Budimir, Julie Edwards, Peggy Barber, Rebecca Gleff, Larry Fleck, Tommy Hunsaker. Row 3: Chester Fenton, Larry Gleffe, Tom Bible, Albert Cosand, Robert Coe, Chuck Cadman, Peter Fonosch, Dick Alvarez, Gene Malattia, Bob Circello, Renny Pendleton Chris Gates, Bob Bergmann, Steve Hall, Frank Rossi, Fred Prelis, John Hyatt, John Bennett, John Crawford. Row 4: Mark Cristol, Fred Mershon, Greg Monderson, Jim Michaelian, Steve Gordon, Wayne Ayers, Tom Cosand, Lynn Wotterman, Mike McElroy, Jim Fraser, Howard Miller, Mike Scheele, Bert DeKrieger, Roy Boronich, Bob Bowman, Dwight Espe. Cp , Ac .. ff ' Eff Afff 1 M ff L 'L xii' 1 bf" nhlvg-"Qw'7 : . I H , 1 Q ll M . 'f -ca . -.1 m'-4 aim iii? vw-1 , M 1 N Al ' N Y' - sy V -. iQ . h'f 'bf y- m'f' 4'5- "f.?:!"41 Jil yfw 'N 1'?' 5s."fg,"" 1 fx' f" f '- asf y in Q ,,.,.43, . Q ' -sf: ff ls , - '- ev glen be 1 AWWA ,gg . ' ' 3 ' 4. N "Q sv " ' 1 Jf 2' .- 95363 vb V U Ord M k 5- ,V-w. A' x f-gf ig: its v-V Q, ' A . ' .Q 3 ikafa?- 1 - ,6L,'f.Cx,.- . , .'LM -4 g jg:.- , . r 1 5 ' t 5 f 4 N E -1 . , 'Z M f Wv"f""'f'-'---- . 4 'Lau A pq I - - We 1-if ' w ' M fig? A I L an L lift -..age 4 4 S-v , i '+ M ,q. ' U it JUNIOR RED CROSS llett to rightj Row l: Kathy Lord, Penny Tiedemann, Peg Hipsley, JoAnn Huheisal. Row 2: Sharon DeBernardi, Judy Wootton, Donna Booth, Diane Snow. Row 3: Bill Nebo, Sue Peters, Genola Murray, Joan Sparks, Doyle Jacobs, Roger Haldstock, JUNIOR STATESMEN llett to rightl Row 1: Diana Edwards, Louise Pfetlerkorn, Nancy Winsor, Mary Tassop, Linda Perez, Marylinda Morrison, Kay Lopez, Evelyn Talarico, Beverly Wilson. Row 2: Barbara Dube, Barbara Rode, Carolyn Finn, Lynn Bouse, Barbara Bridges, Denis Sapsin, Gary Dworkin, Juleene Wallerman, Carol Thompson. Row 3: Aliria Szuman Stephanie Kern, Billie Lee Hart, Lew Sargentich, Pete Williams, Chuck Marson, Ron Trayner, Dave Caplan. 87 Other tongues, other Ionols, other times. . . Q- R-q,,, All 2... rf'-I' W " I I 1 N - -5 j r 4 x .' "5 M AY XIX Q I .It lv. 1 N, X K r af I Karen Olson, Jody Draper Row 2: Davtd Graham, Rosemary Cannon, Carol Deu Pree, Mykee Hosktns, Stephanie Slater, Kathy Parkr,-r, E Ptcnard Wtttte, Lee Ntchols, Mtfkey Cahoon, Raymond Krmball Walt Jones, Jim Aydulott, John Schiavo, Roqcr Inman, David Shaw C ff' b,..--I McCoy, Susan Bonander, LATIN CLUB Ilett to rightl Row I: Lynn Ztrbel, Donna Ketcham, Lorratne Troxel, Nancy Jo Stevenson, Sue McGee, Carol Thompson, Shetla llen W1-ddlu Ed Smtth Row 3 LATIN CLUB llelt to rtqhtl Row T: Linda Wahlberq, Rosemary Lucas, Adele Kulawskl, Shlrley Rank, Sondra Newktrk, Sue Hasler, Rae Rydct Vtvtan Vlad Karen Spencer. Row 2' Annette Brown, Donna Hunt, Paul Knoll, Al Bowen, Martin Weber, Steve Foltz, Rrchard Munson, Davtd Beck Row 3: Larry Foster Drnnrs Davts Chuck Waqoner, Guy Taylor, Ivan Mendelsohn, Mule Young, Carl Boller, Jack Whttcker ffGroce, rhythm poise, ond coorclinolion K, ,...-,-- 74 ,if w- w 1 -, 1 lV f l LOS HIDALGOS llelt to rightl Row 1: Phyllis Norton, Anna Gross, Roberta Holguin, Lelia Holguin, Judy Colbert, Carol Dill, Carol Campbell, Andrea Fox, Sandy Clark, Elaine Beniolf, Doreen Ballenger, Garry luhman, Jacqueyn Hinson, Nancy Goldheimer, Judy Carmody, Sue Graham, Barbara Gorlin. Row 2: Karin Sonntag, Carol Lieberg, Diana Hose, Evelyn Davis, Joyce Aprato, Gail Burgoyne, Donna Stipp, Elena Elizondo, Carol Collbran, Susan Benzer, Cheryl Spotti, Renee Ramirez, Claudia Milnes, Marty Mattraw,,Sue Btand, oris Grainger, Christine Morrison, Marlene Liserani, Kathy Downs, Bobbie Rowden, Sharon Starkey Reesa Zucker. Row 3: Sandy Prince, Palsy Lopez, udy Haughlgla-9, thy Milnes, Ann Taylor, Carolyn Sims, Mary Owens, Susan Day, Elaine Sassoe, Lee Brown, Evelyn Tatqrigo, June Darian, Annie Ortiz, Kay Lop ,Levise Pfeflercorn, Donna Booth, Sally Whitely, Peggy Yaras, Carole Strickley, Ann Campbell, Peggy Donato, Susan Taylor, Jan Edlen, Row 4: Tom Gilford, Paul Thaxter, Tim Moore, Red Cavaney, Sam Rosselli, Dave Munio, Steve Smith, Mike Lando, John Gilleland, James Wenck, Frank Costa, larry Hughes, Steve Schaetzel, Lew Sargentich, Billie Lee Hart, Penny Farrell, Nancy Collins, Linda Ziegler, ORCHESIS llelt to rightl Row I: Annette McCormick, Peg Yaras, Alicia Szuman, Julie Manzanares, Judy Wootton, Elizabeth Abraham, Dottie Witting, Jeannie Mc- Donald. Row 2: Caryl Johnson, Sherry Dunn, Rae Ryder, JoAnn Hoheisal, Diane Rogers, Mary Ann Beebe. Row 3: Marilynn Klupta, Paulett Olsen, Oretta Buttora, Elaine Beniolf, Diana Griffin, Linda Bennett, Mariie Collier. -U an 5' -4 ' RACOUETEERS llett to rightl Row l: Judy Perin, Joan Davidson, Carol Litwin, Debbie Meyers, Geraldine luhman, Alberta Shrader. Row 2: Kathy Lord, Linda Brewer, Nancy Donato, Angie Sassoe, Lanita Ruiz, Row 3: Judy Greene, Sally Kamer, Kathy Oreb, Lisette Ravany, Mary Ruth Tableman. SCIENCE lleft to rightl Row I: Red Cavaney, Bob Westntoreland, Howard Miller, Marie Arthur, Geraldine Luhman, Sally Kamer, Howard Benioft, Steve Deleou Raw 7: Jim Michaelian, Dennis Washburn, Gordon Culp, Richard Alvarez, Chris Gates, Bob Vaughan, Paul Boumbulian, John Bennett, Fred Worthington. Row 3: Ron Gua- daqnolo Harvey Silk, Joe Linden, Al Cosand, Paul Schroeder, Jim Hefner, Carl Merz, Richard Cochran, Robert McCormac. 90 '45 lan S f KX cud'-1 W 1 ' ' x , M., J rl A , .W- ,., ' .' '?2,'Qm'Hx' I 3' ." .w3.1if,Q,,..1,ff 1, 4 .N Q51-f,1:,ul:f!r!g"Q', ff. ' ' ' ti'-gwftf W' yf"1"'1 . s- ,,3j,,,,4..f: , w J. x ' ffl x -, L- mi ,aw x'-.hz g'23?'4 5512.33 .4 a 5 +sg.,,,, - 'raw 4325, 5? . 5,5 lj? E532 ff' Hiffi- if 'Y' 1 ' ,Q ,. ' - s.' 4, wi L 'Q ,iz Q- 5 V wa... Q -3 I Ju- Wi 2 r" rf :a 3 E ,. 5 W fy 5 xx, yy... w at-.npmv I J 'nu s e- - . -.- X. A 3, L ,' ,. ,l'-BL., In , 2. I 3.5, "7 34' 5 L yS,...--"Af ,Y A, 'gy ,,,.. ff' w 5' '-fs..-ry -. 'fi' - " "" ' 4 . -...A -.qi-.K x QL A We grow through what we do for others. SERVICE CLUBS have really deserved their name for their service to the school and community this year. Fifty hard-earned service hours from the girls and ten hours from the boys are required of each service club members every semester. Individual clubs have worked in friendly competition toward the winning of the club trophy. The Christmas proiect this year included making cookies, decorating trees, and wrapping and distributing gifts at General Hos- pital by club members. There were money contributions, candy, clothing, and toys given to the Navajo Indians at Oraibi. A foster child, Kim Kou Choul, was adopted by AHS, and immediately clubs began correspondence with him. Cer- tain service clubs as well have adopted children or families for whom to pro- vide food and clothing at Thanksgiving and other holidays. Remember the club food sale and the tennis court dance? These were only two of the activities that were planned and carried out by the Inter-Club Council, consisting of presidents from each club. Besides all of these maior ser- vice proiects, individual clubs have wheeled patients at General Hospital, con- tributed money to the AFS program, planted grass in the senior court, Plaza del Moro, place da schedule on campus of the spring sports, baby sat at gram- mar schools, served at dinners, and helped in school offices. Those who have actively participated in service club affairs have gained many lasting mem- ories and also a satisfaction in helping others. HI-HATTERS lleft to rightjz Paula Bupp, Viola Teters, Barbara Cameron, Virginia Burkes, Jackie H son, Joy Ploss, Janine Villenueve, Jeannie McMahon, Carol Maston. --A .s """-- Hjl l . : 35' C C .5739-. - " 5l""-Wi 1 l r' ' J .....-n CAMPUS flefl lo righll Row l: Jane Swancull, Valerie Major, Gail Bishop, Leslie Sprowl, Sharla Rubin, Nancy Donalo, Joan Davidson, Penny Nelson. Row 2: Darlene Cadman, Mary Ann Farinella, Jan Sherman, Mary Tassop, Carole Livwin, Christie lynn, Rulh, Moran, Valerie Gillespie, Lois Moran. Row 3: Sue Benzer Jeri Cantrell, Judy Pelerson, Marsha Smith, Coral Vasque, Peggy Yaras, Margarel Rogers, Pom Slone, Pat Crochet, Gloria Landres. JUNIOR EXCHANGE llefl to righll Row 1: Van Fuhriman, Jack McKeown, George Phillips, Rudy Curinga, Tom Dabov, Bill Smith, Gary Williams, Bill Bennetl, John McCabe, Gus Angelo. Row 2: Dave Hobbs, Sieve Roch, Jon Davis, Ed Salvalerria, Jim Hefner, Steve Deleau, Jim Green, Mike Sauber, Dan Loggins, Connie Orr, Craig Grey, Dave Provines. Row 3: John Jennings, Dave Daugherly, Bob NisbeH,, Joe Sfombaugh, Doug Launchbaugh, Bill Lawless, Pele Williams, George Munday, Franck Fisher, Jim Cochran, Chuck Cochran, Chuck Wooley, Carl Merz. 93 Emulation ol elders in service to community- 0 5 - v ,, v .a ,- 1, Q., A-xg v f l 1, L is K 4 Q' '15, V X J 1 X ' .,-: V, -X C are , , -i' ,414 94 Gene Kimura, Don Segesdy, Andy Nelson. JUNIOR OPTIMISTS llell to righll Row l: Bill Nassir, Howard Miller, Lynn Walerman, Perry McAnnally, Tom Pedrini, Ron Trayner, Gary Dworkin, Harvey Willing, Larry Payne. Row 2: George Fenlon, Bob Allobello, Jae Weil, Dave Caplan, lew Sargenlich, Howard Benioll, Jim Loupy, leil Librand, Chuck Marson. Row 3: Sam Rosselli, Mark Seidner, Frank Rossi, Bob Jordan, Roger Holdsfock, Dennis Washburn, Denis Sapsin, Fred Prelis, Tom Uler, Richard Ringwald, Dave McEachen. KEY CLUB llell lo righll Row l: Jim McDermoH, Read Seidner, Bill Whilham, Ray Burch, Larry Reuland, Bob Weslmoreland, Kurt Reinwald, Jack Coberly. Row 2: Erik Ackroyd, Dick Jensen, Dick Wilkins, Ed Dillon, Bill Micheil, John Gilleland, Tin. Munroe. Jim Gough. Row 3: Paul Johnson, Marvin Haber, Doug Juengsl, Dave Waters, Ai Parker, .lack Beauchamp, Ken Moyle, John Valenline, Jim Menconl. if 1 4- lt's filly hours and Then some. YF v cu Q 4 l l X A Y 'X ' if'Hli!BMiv: LAS CADENITAS lleft lo righll Row l: Barbara Gorlin Polly McEIfresh, Annelte McCormick, Becky Dean, Lucile Landor, Pat Nuelle, Karlene Mautz, Karen Nielsen, Debbie Meyers, Vinnie Cook, Vicki Johnson. Row 2: Leba Shaw, Pam Snedecor, Jean Irwin, Sharon Gerrie, Mary Lou Dell, Doris Grainger, Jeaneile Hose, Joan Schaefzel, Slephanie Kern, Suzanne Reynolds, Louise Fleck, Julie Manzanares, Row 3: Helen Russell, Sandra Guinn, Shirley Tedford, Jackie Laher, Carol Caplan, Apryll Waters, Carolyn Finn, Regina Flelcher, Anita Corbin, Joan Dale, Susan Ellis, Deanna Woasley, Donna Jackson, Carol Riga. LAS MARAVILLAS llefl to righvl Row 1: Sandy Prince, Linda Edwardes, Nancy Weideman, Barbara Duling, Julie Edwards, Jerry luhman, Liselle Ravany, Nancy Wahler. Row 2: Carolyn Sims, Sherry Dunn, Mary Ruth Tablemon, Pal Grimes, Lynn Bosworth, Carolyn Cannon, Cheryl Lind. Row 3: Carol McAlpine, Donna Freshour, Carol Suerrh, Edquina Sullon, Mary Lou Franzen ,Orelta Butlora, Pal Felicevii, Lorraine Sl. Pierre, 95 -3' LAS MORAS llelr vo rightl Row l: Gene Cary, Carole Barnett, Marilyn Aprato, Marcia Teler, Joan Simpkins, Janice Hughes, Nancy Vessey, Elaine Manley, Melinda Teter, Judy Perin, Jill Rothenberg, Jean McDonald. Row 2: Carolyn Mays, Karen Hawlish, Joan Lacey, Karen Dods, Judy Woolen, Peggy Barbar, Malinda Sutherland, Bobbie Rowden ,Diane Benjamin, Connie Scalera, Sandy James, Maggie Vaicaro. Row 3: Teresa Sellers, Donna Payne, Lark Sweezey, Sue Pefers, Kay Gilson, Sharon Manderson, Judy Greene, Genola Murray, Barbara Reed, Mary Wilman, Pam Ward, Nancy Cunnings, Doyle Jacobs, Marjie Collier, LES NOUVELLES llell to rightl: Pam Bellyille, Pa! Apodoca, Juanita Sheppard, Pal Sanchez, Lorraine Sanchez, Dale Hayes, Joyce Sullon, Gail Buckner. 96 1 v "J s'y I 6 firi , f ' all Q... fs. 'J 2.75. "' n ff :sid PEQUENITAS fleft to rightj Row I: Frances Maggie, Barbara Dube, Diana Edwards, Joyce Hadsell, Martha Rivas, Joanne Hummel .D baugh, Marilyn Parada, Karen Kasten, Row 2: Linda Craig, Jean Hickman, Ginny Allelto, Pat Martinich, Kathy Lord, Sandy Wheeler, Diane Snow, Marilee Nelson, Dottie Robertson, Janice Shattuck. Row 3: Lynne Bouse, Ann Martin, Judy Wright, Rosemary Venturi, Shirley Voss, Kathy Oreb, Carol Wood, Nancy Winsor, Penny Tiedemann. Row 4: Linda Jioras, Tanya Traughber, Beverly Wilson Leila Lee, Mardee Rowe, Judy Greenwald, Valerie McCabe, Pat Bunone, Billie Lee Hart. USHER CLUB llett to rightl Row I: Gene Rosecrans, William Hauser, Gene Kimura, Lauren Brandenburg. Row 2: Ernest Schroeder, Albert Cosand, Paul Schroeder, Gene Malattia, Charles Corbin, Robert Vaughan, Mr. K. Bullock ladv.l. To build their lives spiritually, emotionally, physically, morally "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, church, and community, high standards of Christian character" is the motto of the Y CLUB system at AHS. Actually the HI-Y and TRI-HI-Y clubs at AHS are only a small part in the big program of the international YMCA. The purpose of the YMCA, through the clubs, is to bind Christian young people together to strengthen and build their lives spiritually, emotionally, physically, and morally. With this uppermost thought in their mind of keeping Christ in YMCA, each club strives to serve its friends and community. Under the able leadership of elected officers, each club carries out the responsibilities of following the Y's religious, educational, business, and social aspects of life. Every problem that a club has and would like to share is brought to the Prexy Council meeting, which is held one Monday of every month at the Through representatives each club at these meetings has a chance to exchange ideas and thoughts on how to co-ordinate properly with the YMCA ideals. lt is from the Prexy Council that the plan originated for the "Sweetheart's Ball". From the variety of colors in club sweaters worn on Wednesdays, one can see the number of students interested in the program of the YMCA. LOHA llelt to rightl Row 1: Lucia Gross, Susan Armstrong, Susan Benzer, Carol Colbran, Dee Mililo, Chris Colbran, D h S an Ellis. Row 2: Florence Braccio, Mary Lou Carbasiero, Mary Lou Dell, Karolyn Bartlett, Joan Fitzgerald, Judy G y R y B h, Carol Kehner, Joan Lombret. 1 sf, es v' LA CHANDELLE llelt to rightl Row la Karen Kasten, Pam Snedecor, Mykee Hoskins, Mary Ann Beebe, Valerie McCabe, Frances Maggia, Christie Lynn. Row 2: Ann Smyser, Diona Edwards, Carolyn Finn, Renee Ramirez, Barbara Dube, Cheryl Spotti, Diana LaBoIlito, Carol Wood. Row 3: Cion Mohler, Penny Nelson, Nancy Winsor, Shirley Voss, Sharon Lyon, Cindy Comer, Sharon DeBernardi, Dyanna Williams, Theresa Carotenuti, LA ESTRELLITA llett to rightl Row 1: Judy Anthony, Kathy Vogel, Vicki Johnson, Joyce Donato, Marla McMillian. Row 2: Marie Kral, Linda Nielson, Diana Forren, Donna Cadman, Regina Fletcher, Donna Farren. Row 3: Ann Bontiglio, Susan Sprints, Vinnie Cook, Dolores Elkins, Beverly Jacobs, Jane Page, LA HOALAUNA lleft to rightl Row 'I: Joyce Hadsell, Gloria Landres, Elizabeth Nelson, Kathy Abaiian, Linda Pasquesi, Donna Jack- son, Kathy Hayden. Row 2: Barbara Bridges, Pam Stone, Joan Klausmon, Tanya Traughber, Beverly Wilson, Mary Lou Walter, Row 31 Louise Pfefterkorn, Karen Tice, Suzanne Reynolds, Vernette Tiegs, Barbara Rode, Joan Dale, Jane Swancutt. LA JEUNESSE llelt to rightl Row lg Dayle Jacobs, Bonnie Thompson, Karen Dods, Carolyn Mays, Karen Howlish, Marjie Collier, Lorraine Marchese, Theresa Sellers, Row 2: Cheryl Barkhurst, Mary Willmon, Sue Schramm, Judy Ellis, Jean Pontecorvo, Angie Clinton, Nancy Collyns, Row 3: Judi Pons, Sandy Booth, Cory Carter, Kathy Kelley, Regina Verdugo, Jean Cook, Stephanie Slater, Jean Ceccarelli, Jackie Ross. 5 LANAKILA llefl to rightl Row 'lc Barbara Wendt, Donna Booth, Janie Paulson, Deanna Shepherd, Ann Kapfc, Georia Mayberry Jean McDonald, Connie Scalera. Row 2: Rosemary Lucas, Kathy Lord, Linda Curinga, Linda Brown, Linda Foltz, Linda Blizzard Marilyn Tuzzolino, Cheryl Hows. Row 3: Diane Snow, Joan Simpkins, Nancy Vessey, Melinda Teler, Barbara Reed, Nancy Cunning: Marcia Teter, Jill Rothenberg, Diane Rogers. LAULE'A llett to rightl Row 'l: Ginny Aletto, Susie Prince, Marilyn Aprato, Gail Middleton, Linda Craig, Linda Jioras, Sandy James Row 2: Janice Shattuck, Judy Silver, Marilee Nelson, Pat Bunone, Karen Spencer, Maggie Vaicoro, Drew Bishop. Row 3: Pat Cantacessi Peggy Barber, Marilyn Prada, Sandy Wheeler, Judy Greenwald, Sally Reiser, Arleen Kraus, 2 M 9 V T 4. A? w-,A ,ah If X 52 K I , x .V 4 Y -gh , if V Alz g 3 Siva? 0 '5 TQ 1,5992 sn rg, Q v-y 34 "fm ,Vat A ...Qf ,gift LES AMIES He-H ra righvy Row 1. Geraldlne Luhman, Carolyn Carman, Jean Irwm, Carol Rrgo, Jane! Swan Row 2: Duanu Grrffpn, Sondra Ne-wk1rk,COrOV Wauah Dram- Emans Row 3' Barbara Barsley, Horne! Bqixley Drone Decker, Irene Jennmqs MOANA KEA Klein vo vrqhvj Row 1. Komn Nielson, Jan Sherman, Juleene WQHQ-rman, Le-Ia Lee, Sue Newell, Joan Brady Row 2 Fam Fax, Lovayrwe Romano Lucwle Landor, Kay Pervmng!or1, Andrea Johan CavyIJahnsor1,Bea Car1daIol,Pam Moro sm Row 3- Caron- Capmn Mrcm-MA Landrno Kuvhy Kraus MaryAr1n Krug-p Dram- Svromlr Kms Goss Mavyellen Marrm Pav Morosrn Judy Peverson 102 1 ',.-1 '7 JV rv. s ,, ,N 4 L 5- NA ALII lleft to rightl Row 1: Malinda Sutherland, Sally Whiteley, Joanie Lacey, Pam Ward, Elaine Manley, Ann Martin, Judy Wooten, Apryll Waters, Row 2 Donna Payne, Mary Robertson, Marilyn Gibson, Judy Perin, Gene Cary, Mary Sartori, Dottie Claus, Kathy Oreb, Judy Gre Y . Y, Sue pegefs Sharon Manderson, Carole Barnett, Kay Gilson, Suzie Morris, Genola Murray, Diane Benjamin, Nikki Dillard, Glenna lto .' ' 1 I YV, NA HOALOHA llett to rightl Row I: Susan Bonander, Jane Clay, Linda Perez, Sue Hasler, Karlene Mautz, Anita Corbin, Doris Grainger, Suzanne Herington, Row 2 Debbie Meyers, Rae Ryder, Lynne Bouse, Elaine Sassoe, JoAnne Hoheisal, Elizabeth Abraham, Sue Williams. Row 3: Paulette Olson, Pam Johnson, Jackie Kersey Kathy Hess, Jeanette Hose, Harolyn Hill, Jan Travis, Marlene Liserani, Joan Schaetzel. 103 -1-sl Q -Q 1 14 '- eq rv fwx X, sl' 1 .. -f " NA MEA ALOHA lleft to rightl Row 'lz Wendy Hogan, Carolyn Rice, Joan McCangno, Nancy Oneyear, Vivian Vlad, Beverly Thean, Linda Haney, Row 2: Mary Tableman, Carole Jackson, Sue Jones, Kerrilyn Mannschreck, Joyce Cockrell, Florence Carroll, Mary Parsons. Row 3: Betty Morris, linda Dean, Glenny Hull, Candy Kressner, Carolyn Janes, Linda Waline, Becky Aiello, Sue Miller. NANI LOA lleft to rightl Row l: Penny Tiedemann, Billie Hart, Mardee Rowe, Jean Hickman, Janice Hughes, Rosemary Venturi, Nancy Young. Row 2: Karen Andere SOF1, Bobbie Rowden, Dottie Robertson, Pat Martinich, Pat Vander Ploeg, Salese Kastner. Row 3: Judy Wright, Claudia Milnes, Joan Sparks, Shirley Winfield, Sharon Gerrie, Marty Mcttraw, Wendy Barker, Kaete Vander Ploeg. lO4 ,X U3 SR. GIRL SCOUTS lleft to right, Row 1: Janet Lane, Geri Thurkow, Marie Baisley, Linda Rieley, Joy DiPrima. Row 2: Rosalie Allen, Gail Plaff, Barbara Baisley, Troy Nation, Janet Dale. Row 3: Glenny Huff, Doreen Humber! Judy Conroy, Harriett Baisley, Joan Dale. ill fd- 4- .-4 Note: The staff is grateful to club presidents and advisers for club picture identification and the correct spelling af members' names. lO5 45 '7 ,Xxx INTER CLUB COUNCIL SEMESTER I Ileh Io rnghtI Row I Janune Vullenueve Lnsefie Ravany Pal Sanchez Row 2 Karlene Mautz Leslle Sprawl Row 3 Ed Salvoherra Nancy Vessey Karen Kasten Rosemary Venturu George Fenton Ray Burch 1 A-L sq INTER CLUB COUNCIL SEMESTER 2 Ileft lo nghty Row I Sue Peters Joanne Srmpksns Gaul Buckner Debbue Meyers Barbara Dvlmg Paula Bupp Row 2 Penny Tredemcnn Lynn Wavlermann Carole lnwun Roy ludf I 6 . A, e- 9 ' s 5 I y ' 5' ' I I . '41 I N dr Q 1 ,YK p gf I. Q- .-: ' II - I K A ,f . L ' I ' 4 ....- - Q., lt was aches and pains for the faculty, but fun for all. NEW SONG LEADERS-follow individual routines. Jane Beeman, Eliza- beth Luttrell, and Helen Power brighten the Faculty-Varsity basketball game. REBOUND-Wiese fwith balll picks one oft the bockboard as Conroy l3lJ and Dorward llll defend. Douvos lol and Mount Q31 are ready to receive in hilarious game played for AFS. "You big lug, you tripped me!" "Oh, hello, Coach Wiese." This is iust one of the little conver- sations that could have been overheard at the Fa- culty-Varsity basketball game. This game, as one might have expected, was very exciting for a bas- ketball game, with two members of the faculty ref- ereeing the game and another one running the clock, how could they lose? However, they settled for a "gentlemanly" tie score. This game was put on with the hope of raising money for the American Field Service. And as could be expected, this hope came true, they raised a very handsome sum of money. In a game of this type one would expect to see many incidents that were quite comical, and this one was no exception. Both teams played good basketball, with the yells being led by members of the faculty and administration, and even one member of the faculty delighted everyone by fall- ing flat on his face. These little highlights and many others, as well as the dance afterwards, provided a very enjoyable evening for all. ACTIV Q 4- f l f- ' ie-,if ITIES ,ya if .ir 'f?-We 7,5-u "4 0 4 4 L .:2E!J J K 2 , 2 3 We record our highest, fondest hopes! yt STEPHANIE KERN Editor in Chief BARBARA BAISLEY Art Editor LINDA SHORE Business Editor HIGH HOPES! These meaningful words have been with us for many months now as we have gradually recorded another year of AHS life. This picture of the 1959-60 school year is a reflection of your life-your teachers, friends acti- vities, and all that make your high school days memorable. The literary staff has spent countless hours in preparing the written account of the many events which occurred this year. Not only did they lose precious minutes of sleep every Tuesday morning, but they were kept busy with their in- ventories on the daily and varied phases of AHS life. Writing, criticizing, rewrit- ing, word counts-would they never end? Meanwhile the business staff was scurrying about Alhambra seeking the needed advertisements. Each walked miles in his pursuit, for he had high hopes of becoming the business editor. Using all their tact and charm, they found their task challenging and one filled with both despair and elation. And there was always another store.. . ' "'2'U' The art staff was kept busy too. Cutting and pasting pictures in the "dum- mies" and creating those special artistic touches were their seemingly endless duties. And then there was that smart cover design. Yes, the art staff played an important part in producing this yearbook, as did the other staffs. However, much credit should be given to two people without whom this an- nual and many others would not have been possible. Mr. Ed Edmondson and Mrs. Ruth Boone, who have given of their time, patience, and energy, deserve much recognition for a iob well done. They may work behind the scenes, but the staffs know and appreciate their tireless efforts and express their thanks to them. This school year now is about to become a memory, one which we hope will live on indefinitely through this yearbook. Our work is done now, and we all feel a certain pride and satisfaction in giving you our "High Hopes." 5 BEST SALESMAN-Annual sales comes! was won by Ron Guadagnolag George Fenfon was runner-up. 4-X f S ART STAFF Ilefi to rightl Barbara Baisley, Fay Horn, Mrs, Boone fadv.j, Drew Bishop, H'-A 4 QS' gg, 'FQ .am- Q56 EX-N, IV' 49 H-. X, f.-af B, .gp 1 I I3 s:'2 ...J xf, v 'r-wa! :Q LITERARY AND BUSINESS STAFFS Ueft to rightl Row 1: Howdy Miller, Ron Guadagnolo, Jim Michoelian, Bill Nebo, Jean Irwin, Mr. Edmondson Kadvj. Row 2 Anita Corbin, Nancy Winsor, Penny Tiedemann, linda Shore, Lynne Bouse, Diane Benjamin, Stephanie Kern led.l. H2 Politically wise Moor tub-thumpers Just what goes on in that student government room during third period every day? This is the frequent question, asked by most students of AHS. No one, except the Commissioners, really can un- derstand the planning and discussion of student body activities that occur there every day. Many people believe that it is iust a glorified study hall. But that is far from the truth. A few examples of daily business may include a lengthy discussion of the kind of punch to have at the next dance, or then again it may be the stringing of no less than a thousand throw cards, or the making of an ar- tistic and definitely "original" back sign. But no matter what the iob, the student leaders have high hopes for you, the student body, and are working to accomplish them. With your support, these hopes can soar to great heights, and much can be achieved. ROGER HOLDSTOCK Commissioner General DICK WILKINS Commissioner General MRS. LUTTRELL Advisor Some of the most significant accomplishments which might head the list of the W'59 Commission include the street signs hung on the East Campus in honor of distinguished AHS alumni, and the sponsorship of a student government day to ac- quaint students with the many phases of AHS stu- dent government. The American Field Service proiect to raise money for our foreign exchange students was a huge success. No one will be able to forget the faculty's attempt to "Stomp the Students" and the students' efforts to "Flatten the Faculty." This Commission was also instrumental in the establishment of an award for good character in memory of J. C. England, a former AHS graduate. Collection of documents and records of student ac- tivities, freshman Orientation Day, dress-up day before Christmas vacation, and promotion of school Pam Snedecor, Jim Loupy, Gary Webber, Joan Lacey, Kate Vander Ploeg, Read Seidner post banner lor Whittier game. promot SUZANNE REYNOLDS ROSEMARY VENTURI missioner of Clubs JOANIE SIMPKINS Co missioner of Clubs HS spirit, activities, reputation, spirit were all sponsored by the Commission. The sale of "Lick Keppel" suckers to earn money for the Commission scholarship, homecoming ar- rangements andthe homecoming dance, continua- tion of the honor study hall, selection of student committees-in all of these the Commission played a part too. None will forget decorating for the "Seaside Shuffle," the semi-annual backwards dance. "Oops the milk carton with the crepe paper went over the wrong wire." The S'6O Commission started the semester with a successful promotion of school spirit for the bas- ketball games, and also an all-out effort to sup- port spring sports. Rooters' buses, banners, posters, rallies, and impromptu back signs played an im- portant part in the buildup of the newly-estab- lished "Sport of the Week." Busy Commission members found time to raise the flag every morning, to supervise the honor study hall, to sell annual covers lthe profits to be used for the Commission scholarshipl, to sell bound copies of the MOOR, and to sponsor the "Spring Frolic" with its unique intermission of club skits. But that wasn't all. Because of their efforts AHS students found that "learning can be fun" and interesting. Spring pep squad tryouts were another maior task. On what should candidates be iudged? Com- missioners will readily agree that acting as iudges in such tryouts is a very difficult iob. Matters such as the painting of the sixty campus trash cans laccording to a surveyl came up for consideration. The possibility of establishing a pep committee, and its potential value, was still an- other issue. The outcomes of such discussions, however, are not always the important thing, but the knowledge that the Commission members are working for your benefit and that of their alma mater. Yes, that third period class does do something, for the gavel of the Commissioner General is quick to stop dis- order, study, and friendly chatter. MARJIE COLLIER Commissioner of Activities KATHY LORD Commissioner of Activities DICK JENSEN Commissioner ot Athletics KAETE VANDER PLOEG " 5 ssioner ot Fine Arts Historian 1 , "' .ai- C5 p. ff1 gf. 3 -1 V W. A C 5 7 - ,.., fx fs 'V fr :ny J PENNY YIEDEMANN JUDY GREENE STEPHANIE KERN CLARK SMITH Commissioner of Finance Commissioner of Finance Commissioner of Liferarure Commissioner of Brryg SUE PETERS JOANIE LACEY MARILYN APRATO DIANE BENJAMIN Commissioner of Girls Commissioner af GlrIs Assislanr Commissioner of Finance AssisIclnI Commissioner of Literature ANITA CORBIN PAM SNEDECOR RON TRAYNER READ SEIDNER Seqrelary Hnsfarian Rally Chairman Rally Chairman BARBARA DUBE DEBBIE MEYERS JIM LOUPY DENIS SAPSIN Social Cfarrman Editor of the Moor Ednor of 'he Moor Speaker -if vhe Leglslamre II4 I Ii ' i I ,I ,I f 'av .lr ' x Q--A - N l - s s RJ - -lj: Q fx .3 I .fi GARY WEBBER Commissioner of Buys GENOLA MURRAY Secrerary DENNIS WASHBURN Social Chairman RAY BURCH Speaker fri Irie Leqislaiu rP Ideas are born sn legsslatsve bodses LEGISLATURE SEMESTER I II ft to ghl Ro I Ka hy peak Let s have some ksnd of day-a Hobo Day or somethsng remarks a starry eyed sophomore I thsnk we should have a car show All the guys could show off thesr cars then states some hope ful lunsor boy I move we have mussc sn the cafetersa sn the mornsng requests a tsmsd freshman Why can t we have more power'9 We are the vosce of the student body you know sounds off another anxsous Moor All rsght Now let s take these one at a tsme, says a commandsng vosce out of thss muddle At AHS every concesvable democratsc method for the elected offscers to snform the student body of sts decsssons and the general student body to sn form thesr leaders of thesr wants and wsshes ss used Moors have the opportunsty to do thss sn the AHS legsslature Thss body ss made up of a group of students that ,,,,,..-Menvodi LEGISLATURE SEMESTER 2IIeft to rghtl Ro I Rose a V nt a I Co J Mencon a B are elected from varsous classes by thesr class mates a cross sectson of all grade levels Together, the representatsves dsscuss the problems and de ssres of the whole student body Though the legss lature ss only a recommendsng body to the Com msssson and has no actual law maksng powers st accomplsshes a great deal Led by thesr capable speaker the legsslature agasn faced a new crop of dsffscultses and con quered or attempted to resolve them all The most ssgnsfscant of these problems was the request by a sensor wantsng sensor prsvsleges for hss supersor class A commsttee was formed surveys were com pleted decsssons were made and contsnual dsscus ssons on the problem were held The result AHS now has a specsal sensor court Plaza del Moro and a separate sensor canteen lsne all because of the Legsslature Bessdes thss mussc sn the cafetersa and many other worthwhsle accomplsshments can be and are credsted to the AHS Legsslature and sts offscers and st sts advssor, Mr Boyd Dye II5 s o 0 o O cf, ,S - ,. ,' 'eexyj " r Y' 7 .f , E 5 ' . ' , of . ggfwwfypps, l f . I ., s , - Vg,y M 1 - e ri I w z I ' ' Lord, Jill Rothenberg. Row 2: Jim Cochran, Denis Sapsin ' , ' X X VL, 1 i w : m ry e uri, M r'ie llier. Row 2: lm ' R y urch. ll I ' ll ll n a ' Y! o I ' ' I ' - ll ' ' 0 1 ll I a . I - - ' ' I ,, . . . . . ,, . . . . r ' 1 ll I ' 1 1 - . ,, . . . 1 1 . . . . . . . ,, . ,, I I ' ,, . , . ,, . . . . - I I ' 1 1 1 1 lg X x XP. xg' 5 X ig- ', ol x 3 ,E 2 fi Q, . 414' pyy2,ww l ' nr -'1' 1 v., ,' ff "' 'nf'- ii if -l M 1 N if 2 X J Y ,a A . ' K, 7 4 f 1 2 77, ' 1 ' K fm 'E ' ' msmsmn , ' ' "'- GIRLS' LEAGUE , BRFAKFASI X E-i . 's -4, f Wh Y Y E ' " ' N. ii .3 Q. , , M X-. 5 ' ,x great achievement in the warlcl. Q 3 GIRLS' LEAGUE-SEMESTER 2 flelt to rightl Row 'l: Karen Hawlish, Maggie Kerby, Darlene Bethel, Carole Barnett, Glenna Ito, Annette Brown. Row 2: Sandra Wheeler, Elaine Manley, Melinda Teter, Sharon Mandrson, Jeannie Lacey, Ann Martin. Row 3: Lynn De Kay, Peg Hipsley, Judy Conway, Barbara Reed, Nancy Cunnings, Say boys, do you remember the morning that you came into the cafeteria all prepared for some breakfast or study? You were refused at the doors with a shake of the head by some girl in her bath- robe. Inside the cafeteria there seemed to be every female student at AHS, oh-ing and ah-ing over a delicious breakfast! The Girls' League was spon- soring a "Rise 'n Shine" breakfast for all girls at AHS. This breakfast is only one of the many af- fairs sponsored bythe Girls' League. The purpose of Girls' League is to unite all girls at AHS. Every girl student is a member of the Girls' League and is eligible for buying a Girls' League pin, running for Girls' League offices, and partici- pating in all of the Girls' League activities. The Girls' League board, which functions under the di- rection of Mrs. Luttrell, is headed by the Commis- sioner of Girls and consists of the elected repre- sentatives of each grade, several appointed com- mittee chairmen, and the elected Girls' League of- ficers. The Girls' League board meets once every week, and if any girls who would like to sit in on these meetings, they may feel welcome to come. From the Girls' League board come ideas and plans for the slave days, freshman tea for entering fresh- men and all new girls, a fashion show assembly, and the big climax of the year-the Senior Tea. Each month a senior girl is selected by the Girls' League board as the "Girl of the Month". Selec- tion for the "Girl of the Month" is based on schol- arship and activities. So you see, gals, all year around there is something that can be done that's fun with the Girls' League. Elane Manley Dottie Cl aus turn on charm at club food sale for Jo Valentine and Frank Figueroa. lf this is a man's worlcl, the gals olon't know it. -fl . I l ' l 1 i if ' l f XM . , .RA , Q Q .-1' 1 aovs' FEDERATION-ssmssren 1 Kneeling: Clark smith, new to rightl BOYS' FEDERAUON-SEMESTER 2 Het' 'O fiehtt Row I: Bill Vfhithqm Row 2: Frank Fisher, Tom Hunsaker, Howard Miller, Bob Simpkins. Jock BE-cuchompf Tokm Hunsokef- ROW 25 GGVY Webbefl Bob 5"7'Pk'n5 w 3: Fredrick Haight, Bill whanmm, Joe wean. Ffed HO'9h'- 102 We"- How to account for it? Maybe it's because this is a man's world. Maybe the male, at his particu- lar stage of the game, is a rugged individualist, possibly he does not feel the need ofa close asso- ciation with a group. Whereas girls tend to be gregarious, both by choice and circumstance, the hardier soul, less apt to be depndent, sees in this world his only chance for survival in being differ- ent, apart, removed. Perhaps he is less the ioiner. Under compulsion of forming a counter organi- zation, members of the male sex at AHS-desiring a record comparable to that of the girls' organiza- tion, for the welfare of posterity-seemed to spend much of their time in discussion of what ll8 plans should be made for their activities. One sug- gested pictures, models, and a speatker for a car assembly, another desired a football film, a third wanted "something like they had when my broth- er was in school." There seemed to be no unani- mity of opinion. The upshot of the whole business was that not too much was done. This rugged organization of individualistic members was forced to settle for a beard-growing contest and a gymnastic assembly. Oh well, who wants to be active anyway? Besides, girls need an organization. lt's more important to them, it's part of their life. lt's . .. We brighten our Yule by giving New Christmas proiect at AHS! Well, not completely, but we did add some- thing new. This year, along with our support of the Oraibi Mission School in Arizona, the student body voted to adopt a foster child. The result was the be- ginning of a close friendship between the AHS student body and a teenager in Korea named Kim Kuo Chul. This two-fold plan necessitated the full support of every student, and that is what was received. Under the direction of a faculty advisor a student committee was set up to organize the plan. Approximately six hundred dollars was collected, including many donations from many clubs. ln addition to the money quantities of clothing and canned goods were also collected. With the money for the Indians a record player and many pieces of equipment for their playground were purchased. Many clubs also put in an unlimited time in making boxes of candy, popcorn balls, and small individual packages of assorted items. Local merchants helped tremendously to make this proiect successful. A truck was put at our disposal for delivery of the goods to the Indians, and re- duced prices were offered on all purchased goods. Then came the big assembly when all these things were put under the Christmas tree. There the Moors could survey the results of their combined ef- forts. A very warm and friendly "thank you" was rendered by Mr. and Mrs. Stokley, the founders of the Mission. Every Moor went away from the assembly with the true feeling of Christmas in his heart. 'ESQ S 44,4 if ,EE a-K . . Countless boxes of canned goods, pieces of sport equipment, toys, books, and numerous other items are loa d at the Christmas assembly. These were Soon on their way to the Oraibi mission. The campus pulse goes to press. Communication, experience, and expression are the words which best sum up the purposes of Al- hambra High School's student newspaper, THE MOOR. Both the staff and the student body bene- fit by the high and nationallly recognized stand- ards of good iournalism maintained by THE MOOR. The smooth system of the school is greatly aided by the contact provided by its newspaper. Infor- mation on class schedules, college deadlines, ath- letic events, and socials make THE MOOR a neces- sity in avoiding confusion which wastes valuable time. Without the paper it would be impossible to give adequate recognition to deserving students and the coveted sense of unity would be greatly impaired. Students on THE MOOR staff find much experi- ence offered in a variety of ways. Through their efforts in putting together even the simplest of newsnewspaper stories, they discover tha tthe same tight paragraph which makes a success of any writing is grasped. Here they may also express themselves in editorials and features and columns on matters from student government to facts about Jewish customs for the new year. ' 1 I- .5 1 u .Q .... U f ini 120 MOORS EDITORS Jim loupy tSem. 21 and Debbie Meyers tSem lj and Mr. Tciima tcdv.j. However talented or intelligent any of THE MOOR staff may be, the key to the paper's entire publication is its advisor, Mr. Ted Tajima. It is through the patient efforts of this man that the paper has acquired its national standing and that an edition is published every week in spite of a high degree of procrastination, which is sometimes exemplified in the tardy copy. EW' A 3-'M 2 : O 'iii :":f ' I L f f .v 'ff v-, vi We :ik .. 'Q 2 3 av , aI.LAm v Ao Q V ? .ry F, X QQ, ' X P it ig, R 1 gm in I P W 5 r 1 f , if .- P K -. xi 1. gf 2 .. , - 2 We , 1 4 ' 57 Q F I " f.,+,J, maui' ,.. -"T"',,. v -I ii J .P-L' , as ,r K- Q Words! Words! Words! 4-,f-A ROGER HOLDSTOCK MARYLINDA MORRISON Distinguished Speaker Distinguished Speaker Today there are many "justified com- plaints" about our educational system. Words are thrown at us from all directions. "The teen-ager of today neither knows nor cares what's going on in the world. He can't see beyond his small rut of school, dates, and his immediate circle of friends." These are harsh words-harsh because they are so true of so many. However, there are students who are well-versed in current af- fairs and ancient logic. These are our de- baters. In the busy debate room you may find an intellectually alert group of people. Complicated phrases pertaining to anything from world affairs and the labor-manage- ment situation to last weeks' beach party fly across the air, tending to confuse com- pletely the uninitiated visitor. Our debaters go far and wide, bringing recognition to their school and community. They are a group of exceptionally good speakers. Their many hard-won trophies at- test to their excellence. 122 X L This year has been an extremely fruitful one for the squad. ln all of the tournaments they have received high honors. ln the NFL lNational Forensic League, for the unin- formedl District Tournament, Alhambra won virtually every conceivable event, qualify- ing three speakers for Nationals. Near the close of this tournament there were only two teams left in the competition-both were from Alhambra. The extraordinary success of our debate teams every year is the result of many things. Besides his innate speaking ability, the debater must give his all to his work. Important as these things may be, we must give due recognition to the oft-forgotten man behind the scenes. Mr. Hagglund is the man who transforms a stuttering teen- ager into a polished, poised speaker. Ask any debater about his success and you will hear, "We owe it all to 'Haggie'." 'Z CHARLES MARSON TIM MAHAN D t quished Speaker Distinguished Speaker is In 1 5 qi 1' 1 ' ' F 1, me .af ,Z A Y 'bmi ' 1 fx: , 935, '17 5259, C an 1 in xv F l 1 riff " 3 V, 5 fps: ff! 'Qi 5? if ,232 if Q 27 va, -1 Hilarious iii-links liven "Spring Frolicf' Ffa Doncus s 1 our the nverm ssnons witness club hilcrives Vhol con eosi ly sk!! oiidevlig to 9' 'Wi 3' .ann , , ll IOUIDI ' .-. ,pg 7' 6" 'r 1' Q7 jj N' 4:9 'if .J a... 4-My rf'-N - ii l T1 . an .P""' ygi' I ,,.,..v-0 v" ""'-'. f4v4:7494'5 Y 'T 1 . --,-1 I S -1 ,vw ,ag V5 if-4 gy C9 A I .Ex '-gs .. L-V K+ If STUDENT STORE Heh Vo right, Mike Dicus, Marcia Waddingfon, Warren Benson, Susan Ellis, Mary Ann Kruep, Bob Gclkowski, Nancy Mit BANK flefr fo right, Donna Meade, Marilyn Apraio, Judy Greer1e,Mr. Willhiie icdv,j, Florence Bratcio, Penny Tiedemann Choir, glee clubs, bond, orchestra, on imprompl GIRLS CHOIR llefl lo nghll Row 1 Jean lrwun Lunda Foltz Barbara Dullng Maralh Hall Karen Kasten Row 2 Regina Verdugo Mary Wullmon Lynne Bullock Row 4 Ruta Porter Kathy Parker Joy Ploss Barbara Rode Mardee Rowe Carol McDermoll Anna Corbm Ellen Dullon Sue Graham Diane Emans, Ellen Weddle, Maria labbale. Row 3: Peggy llipsley, Genola Murray, Susan Benzer, Kay Thompson, Cheryl Lina, Julie Severy: , H A n.. , ,i xxx aw A,, --., 1 , I - x IW.-14 4 I I A 295' g! X .,,,, ,A-W' . I , ' a . 1 .Q f - ' YM! ,f.,'.,YJf,d'd-'Y In vi V4 I i s , ,S: '5 , v , 1 I f-- ar ,I N I J, V , 1 x. ' ... F- 1 ' ' N J. 4. -. --... .. H lg ,tl Qc. -in ri' C ' V atc .. SJ or - ,G --ii.-L, C. Q-sun-gy , ,, Q5 Q ra l5.'i L f. c 4, Q, , -'X' g is , ' QU ,"' , 5' 'N-Q ' 2- ' '. ,zz 75- ns l, lb' ' Q 1" C' + 96 J, 2 --4 ta ' ,gl . Ni X 'Y -L. V 5. ar' v its ii' 4 HW" 3? NS-J N I .i A ik? N ' 'L x Y . 1, 25 2, .fri Y 5 O ' ffm rr-41 .rougwn 't J., if f Af 932 'H - 1 b ft? tt ,::- Z YQ , l. A I if ,Ubin 'JL lat' .Exe 1- L V iv -v' Y, ,T+r1 vx in-'M L 4 on 4, 41 tt-'wr 1 I ' N V .X x .v fifilfiii, 00 V R 'su F BOYS' GLEE CLUB llclt to righti Row lg Gary Horsley, Jim Wenck, Harry Misquez, Ray Perez, Richard Slabin, John Veal, Larry Carpenter, Randy Ruiz, Mogens Jorgensen, Ruben Raymond, John Crawford, James Cockrell, Vito Jacobellis Robert Cooper, Dole Walker, Robert louqhbridqe Row 3: Don Murphy, Plano, Dennis Hope, Tom Burdi, Stanley Skrocki, Daniel Ford, Arthur Kasten, Michael Cassidy, Mr. Sheridan ladv.l Row 4: Arthur Mead, Steve Siegel, Harry Michael Mogoon, James Tripp, Thomas Dobov, Kent Jones, Michael Lowis, Brion Frank, Frank Figueroa. Row 21 William HOrslCY, JUNIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB llelt to rightl Raw I: Melody Baqley, Siegreda Slaman, Carol Catto, Anna Zavala, Paula Gnuse, Tanya Danlooth, Marjorie Carolyn Jones, Lynda Cochran, Phyllis Norton, Barbara Hughes, Amelia Goodon, Mary Alice McKee, Joy love, Row 2: Carolyn Rudolph, Connie Scheele, Judy Lang, Celia Flint, Patsy Lopez, Judy Draper, Barbara Evans, Lynda Van Dyker, Donna Belcamino, Barbara Alberini, Lynn Zirbel. Row 3: Janice Galuppi, Susan Gemboin, Janet Larsen, Joanne Beets, Barbara Page, Cheryl Hughes, Annette Bovais, Carol Strickly, Cheryl Legman, Donna Middleton, Rebecca Glelti, Patsy Quinn Lydia Elias, Janice Rice, Karen Sonntaq, Mary Owens, Penny Franke Row 4: Lynda Ziegler, Elaine Duerte, Jane Ward, Annette Gianelli, Beverly Paqe, Shirley Bridges, Rhonda Hamilton, Lynda VVC1l'1llJ0'Q, Christeen Paull. Bonnie Binkerd, Judy Vessey, Janice Katzenberqer, Nancy Thompson, Diane Edmunds, Carol Lieberq, Barbara Helloich, Anita Thompson, Sharon Wanarnaker Row 5- Vicki May, Debbie Lee, Jolene Garalala, Jan Edl'-n, Barbara Smathers, Christeen Knolllock, Cyntha Avard, Jan Stattg, Roberta Brofk, Jan Cushman, Mary O Halloran, Janet Boxman, Lynda Stewart, Diane McMillan, Joanne Ruggerio, Lynne Grainger, Eleanor Stark. l28 Wetton, pus' 233' 1' If SCENES FROM THE SENIOR COURT-From a suggestion made in the Legisla- ture, a recommendation by the Commission, the Senior Council, with the administrations approval, established Plaza del Moro, the senior's own. Beauty contests, impromptu baseball, badminton, ping pong, and iust plain eating crowd this familiar spot. 129 Guilty or Not Guilty? "You're wrong! I am capable of murder," Guilty or not guilty, the infamous statement so popular in televisionland echoed throughout the San Gabriel auditorium as the 1960 Senior play, Night of January 16, opened. Karen Andre is on trial for her life. She is accused of murdering Bjorn Faulkner, quite an unscrupulous businessman who hires an ex-con as his bookkeeper, and whois also married to Nancy Lee, daughter of wealthy philanthropist John Graham Whitfield. Prosecutor Flint claims Karen shot her former employer in the heart and then cruelly pushed him over the side of her penthouse apartment. At first the defense tries to prove that the death was sui- cidal, but later it implies that Whitfield or someone else murdered him. As the mysterious trial goes to the jury, there are three opinions prevalent. One is that Karen and Larry Regan, a reputed gangster, conspired to kill Faulkner and escape to South America with his money. Another is that Whitfield was the slayer because Faulkner had married his only beloved daughter for her money and carried on an affair with Karen Andre. The only other possible deduc- tion is that Bjorn Faulkner himself had committed suicide. Night of January 16 was by no means an ordi- nary murder mystery. A different jury was selected at random from the audience each night and it was a difficult task to decide the fate of the ac- cused murderess. Thus the Friday night jury was unable to tell the Saturday night jurors the sus- penseful climax ofthe play. Again there were the usual difficulties of stag- ing a play ata distant location. The art staff put in hours of extra effort to transfer successfully the props from AHS to the San Gabriel auditorium. There was also the problem of transportation of cast members over to the rehearsals. But amidst this there were also the moments of fun at the rehearsals-the time rain leaked through the roof and dripped down upon the judge's head, and then there was the time when a policeman ad libbed a forgotten line and did so well that the new line was left in the dialogue. The student co-directors, play committees, ad- visors, and the members of the cast all agreed that working with Mrs. Wilson had been a real pleasure and that the whole experience was en- joyable and rewarding. Was she really guilty? This was the question that the Moors still asked themselves as they walked out of the auditorium, and from conversa- tion around school it seems that no one could de- cide. .L....,4v Sv! One ot us is lying, and we both know who it is No sim, :aus I don r spy on peole SENIOR PLAY CAST llelt to rightl Row 1: Peg Hipsley, Ellis Phillips, Bob Nisbett, Maggie, Mrs. Wilson ldir.l, Jill Rothenberg, Nancy Donato, Gary Dworkin, Diane Edwards, Diane LaBollita. Row 2: Joanne Lacey, Wayne Perrin, Marshall Monthorne, Billie Lee Hart, Ronald Trayner, Carol Litwin, Dennis Washburn, Bill McCubbin, Tom Raftety, Sharon Anderson, Sharla Rubin, Al Brown. Row 3: Tom Dabov, Frank Pizutto, Byron Caveny, Judy Katz, Dave Caplan, Jim Loupy. .-I ,.f . x A f -If It 1 Q I , . I 4"' . :' Ui 55 YQ.: ,Z ,Mi . ' amfp ,, , J' 'VA ..p- f'QE"5,:,' -.Q .Q .. - -3 '- ,, 5 . 15' X ix 4 Unlimited optimism marks the "That helmet don't fit ya, it ain't got a place for yer point!" Words such as these, spoken during the checking out of football uniforms, depicted the comradeship and a team spirit of AHS gridders which accompa- nied the beginning of a new realm of desires and anticipations for the '59 season. Varsity, ioyvee, and bee squads began their practice a week before their first day of the school year, slaving in weather which seemed suitable only for frying eggs. Indeed, bee gridders who were put through an unusually stiff sum- mer workout found this beneficial in that it took off those rolls of fat which were the result of o rather leisurely summer. The varsity squad began the season with two losses which caused a paradox to expected effects on spirit of both school and team. Moor gridders took their stand against Glendale Broadway with a O-6 loss to Chaffey and a 19-21 loss to Glendale Hoover behind them as the only backing in retrospective ex- ample. lt was not surprising therefore that after the following 7-O victory the jubilant Moor team carried their coach from the field in their high spirits. This oct was repeated when the AHS team beat their cross-the-swamp rivals, San Gabriel, 13-6 lthat was sweetl, and general feeling reached a new high. Monrovia put a clamp on Moor exuberance as it prostrated them O-25. As usual, after a loss, some spoke with a tinge of apathy, but these were in the student body and not on the squad, as was proven in the defeat of Arcadia 13-6. This too was to be overshadowed in the Whittier game where the Moors sustained their worst loss of the season by a 6-39 margin. ln o flipped photo, Wilkins 1221 is sent hotfooting it into the gutter of the book as he returns o kick in the Glendale Hoover game. beglnnlng of GXCll'll'1Q plgskln parade Perhaps the greatest hope was mamfested un ant1c1pat1on of the Keppel confllct Fortune dealt however that th1s hope would be deflated when the Moors were beaten 0 6 un the t1tan1c struggle un whlch they played perhaps thelr best game of the season A number of bare seats showed a true lack of school sp1r1t when the Moors met thenr fmal com petltors at El Monte However ln the ensumg game the team proved much more full than those many empty scats though defeated by a scor eof 7 20 Wlth expectatlons pOlI'1lII'lQ to a hard trounce from El Monte the Moor varslty sprang up to glve a noble performance un football as a flttung clumax E Chk to thelr coach s last year an mentornng football The youngest squad at AHS the cees saw a rocky year also ty1ng Arcadla and Wh1tt1er and beatung Chaffey 12 7 Even though the1r season was not completely vlctorlous these grndbabes wall be the antlclpatlons of coming years Of all the teams the layvees were the most suc cessful un scormg comlng vlctorlous from Chaffey Glendale Hoover Slerra and Mark Keppel W1th a squad of only seventeen barely enough for one strmg the lunlor varslty splrlt was somethlng un broken an sp1te of the empty stands wh1ch usually cheered on thelr competltors FOOTBALL SCORES AHS OPP JV V Chaffey Rosemead Hoover 2 Broadwoy O Suerra Monrovsa 25 Arcadla Whlttler 39 Mark Keppel 6 El Monte 20 l C B v Jv B - y 12 o 7 o 6 6 I9 4 6 4 ' o 14 I9 1 o 27 , A 7 o 7 l4 6 4 VARSITY coAcmNo surf 0 0 13 San Gabrielb 27 Kip' vZefZ'f.II,4f.'lf"21lf 32 ' 15 nuns enne nqiayveey. 0 6 0 - 19 6 7 2 13 ' 6 41 25 A - 7 o I5 6 ' ' 18 33 1 'K g o o I8 o o 7 o o o 7 14 I4 4 -. l I- ,... in f" 2 ,., 31 .3191 .va ,gun-F" in M' Ji 55? Y I J' ,1f',S.-so ,f 'Jil' 1. Charles Cochran 2. James Cochran 3. Tony Ccmaianni .-' nz- P- Q Ronald Conzonire Rudy Curinga . Tom Dabov Dave Daugheriy 8. Verne Dorman 12. John Gilwe?I 9. Jiln Evans 13. Marvin Haber 10. Frank Figueroa 14. Tom Hayek 11. Frank Fisher J rf 1 ik 3255.441 E1 .an E ff' I .1 15. Tom Johns 18. GarY Mew 16. Doug Launchbaug'x 19. Bob Nisbefl 17. Curl Merz 20. Clark Smifh st! 21. Arnold Thexton 22. John Thomas 23. Gene Rosecrans va ff 24. Marvin Weber 25, Dick Wilkins 26. John Yingling VARSITY FOOTBALL lleft to rightl Row 1: John Yingling, Bill Smith, Verne Dorman, Arnold Thekton, Tom Dabov, Tony Comaianni, Mike Packer, Alan Parker, Gene Malattia, Lee Nichols lmgnl. Row 2: Bob Cook lmgr.l, Pele Townsend, Marvin Weber, Dave Daugherty, Jack Beauchamp, Doug Launchbaugh, Tom Hayek, Frank Figueroa, Mike Little, John Gilweit, Clark Smith, Harry Misquez. Row 3: Coach Chuck Weise, Coach Buzzie Bennett, Doug Benedict, Kent Vercruse, Gene Rosecrans, leo Carroll, Phil Reynolds, John Thomas, Marvin Haber, Bill Bartelson, Chuck Cochran, Jim Evans, Head Coach Ed Sowers. Row 4: Tom Kirk, Mike Allen, Dick Wilkins, Tom Johns, Gus Angelo, Tom Gray, Rudy Curinga, John Jennings, Frank Fisher, Bob Nisbett, Gary Meza, Neil Pontecorvo, Ron Conlonire, Carl Merz, Jim Cochran, Lauren Brandenberg. C FOOTBALL llett to rightl Raw 1: Drew Papson, Dan Roath, Tom Lemon, Bill Burkhart, John Tennis, Gary Moomiean, Matt Soto, Lean Rosenthal, John Di Salvo. Row 2: Coach Patrick, Randy Ruiz, Earl Kindstrom, Mike Smith, Joe Nuzzo, Jack Fhitaker, Walt Osman, Clif Farmer, Dave Drake, John Gibson, Ron Boden, Jerry Snead, Coach Menasco. Row 3: Tom Winsor, Clyde Davis, John Phippen, Stan Anderson, Robert Ackerman, Chet Fenton, Roger Inman, Jim Green, Doug Hamm, George Sebastian, Tim lersen. Row 4: Bill Brown, Bob Baker, Dennis Theetge, Edward Smith, Don Tomansino, Dennis Wilkins, Bob Caldwell, Robert Simpkins, John Suther- land, Richard Munson, Gary Berger, Paul Jessup. 138 I ,I f 1 A.-os. ,M N ' , 5 5 , rf:-4, Lb' by 1 duh-.Lp ,Z . -, vlhpfz' Q W ...... 'zzz ' A - -' Nebo whips around right end on his way in Glen- dale Hoover game. Shaw l4ll and Roch C431 offer the assist. 57 i J. V. FOOTBALL flelt to rightl Row 1: Harry Misquez, Gene Malattia, Brian lindemire, Doug Benedict, Don Palermo, Bill Smith. Row 2: Jim Wenck lmgr.l, Leo Carroll, Kendall, Al Parker, Pete Townsend, Mike Little, lcoachl Buzzi Bennett. Row 3: Tom Gary, Cai Nielsen, Neil Pontecorvo, Ben Cooper, Kent Vercruse, Gus Angelo, Mike Packer. , T9 H f t . 'f av '5' P . ft X on , - D I B FOOTBALL llelt to rlghtl Row l: Bill Whitham, Ron Jackson, Vince Polito, Allan Flinck, Steve Busch, Pete Costantino, Dennis Smith, Ron Grout, Marshall Hopper, on Samuelson,Jack Coberly, Richard Feole, Joe Braccio, Danny Snyder, Jim Wooldridge, Rich , Ken Moyle, Steve Meister lmgr.l, Bill Reuth. Row 3: Coach Dole Crawford, Coach Dick Dietz, Erik Lynn Adkins, Stanley Peltzman lmgr.l. Row 2: Fred Haight, Gord Ringwald, Bennie Shaw, Ken Farber, Hayden Eaves, Jerry Snow Ackroyd, Ed Dillon, Nate Dodds, Craig Grey, Steve Rach, Mike Nick, Dave Hobbs, Frank Francone, Rich Evans, Jim Menconi, Ray Perez, Gary Campanella, Coach Chuck McFate, Coach Ted Banks, Row 4: Bill Nebo, Les Gilman, Charles Hastings, Chris Kloek, Frank Polito, Doug Juengst, Jett Schroeder, Gary Bosley, Gary Richardson, Dove Waite, Miguel Convarrubics, Lynn Rich, Robert Houston, Rod Hunt, Chuck Thomas. 139 n- ii 1 QW? 35 ,VJ 2' QV 'Q A J 1 .., 1 ,,,. av , f V VG, , f wavy 5. 1 his fx 2 f . '4 !V ,B wx I' L . a v cxf' x ' f' ' X4 'W .,, ar , 1 "xv i lf V, ,.y,' ' ' ' A ' 2 R 3?-, in 'I Q pl H Q-. r ' . w V I Y ,Q " if A., Queen and court preside os grads return. 4 ECO! INC 'EEN HO! Queer' Conn-e Scoleru envers the porcrde gore on style. aw cr cv 1 -J X V. J NX funn Mr. Miller crowns the homecoming queen, pretfy Connie Scolero. Her princesses orc Cleft to rightj Karen Kcrsfen, Genolo Murroy, Morilyn AP'0'0f SUC PEVCVSV Evans C72 is being brough! down, opporcnfly on Dorman s H32 hoo in the Arccdio fracas. acobs fmuddlel m Tennus Ibofiomj Gene Verdugo. SONG LEADERS Klefv 9 AIIeHo, Rosemary Venturi Pom Ward, Mary Ann James, YELL LEADERS Uopj Ku! J 5 I Ji A C T' Musicians ancl parading pretties add color MOOR BAND Uront to backl Lune 1 Glenn Calkans Robert Westmoreland Dons Gramger John Gnbson Louus Ramon Kat Petersen Jack Sllberman Read Seldner Carroll Heacock Lune 2 Pat Gattr Chester Fenton Pete Costantlno Shrrley Rock Larry Walkers Davnd McAnnally Jam Butkus Gary De Vane Carlyle Perkes Lune 3 Steve Hall Dean Cundy Brad Stone Duck Shock laDon Stanfell John Gott: Lmus Evans Douglas Kendall Lune 4 Rlchard Munson Robert Houston Tom Rossa Larry Brotsky Lrnda Walnne Allen Broge Mnchael Basnlghl John DeCarlo Lune 5 Gary Leellng Carl Leonard John Whlte Roger lent John Adams Ken Renfro Tom Hunsoker Jerry Loux Lune 6 Davsd Moen Nancy Montgomery Ann Taylor Mark Vrllard Raymond Krmball Ken Bolun Tom Caccratore Gary Moomlean Lune 7 Mr Sherrdan fdrrt Dennus Smuth Cameron Young Davnd Srlberman Judy Baker Donna Hall Rosemary Cannon John McDermott Tom Fenton Lune 8 Read Gvlgen Davrd lewus Roland Skumawntz Beverly Thean Duck Carnahan Duane Ratzlalt Jlm Turuace Robert Cannon Jam Aydelott In an afternoon tultagaunstArcad1a Cees scramble for the ball alter a fumble 1 0 Jw 1 u - lf 1 K' f I , I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 - -1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - , . -ex 144 ' - L ,sw 'KZ DRILL TEAM llelt to rightl Row 'I: Janice Travis, Arlene Krause, Marilyn Klupta, Jackie Kersey, Donna Shilling, Diane Cannon, Leba Shaw. Row 2: Irene Miller, Wendy Barker, Sue Bland, Claudia Milnes, Marla McMillan, Jane Page, Elizabeth Nelson. Row 3: Florence Carroll, Joan Sparks, Pat Vander Ploeg, Marlene Liserani, Carol Williams, Salese Kastner, Karen Sieck, Janet Dale. Row 4: Julie Edwards, Coral Flesher, Evie Gibbs, Shirley Winfield, Nikki Dillard, Jeanie Cook, Evelyn Talarico. Row 5: Sally Reiser, Diana Thies, Frances Tignino, Michele Landino, Jo Ann Hohiesal, Joan Heller DeNBernardi, Claudia Sherlock, Jane Clay, Glenna lto, Christine Morrison, Pallie Mcilfresh, Elizabeth Abraham, July Pans, Pat Cantacessi, Donna ooth, Step'hanie S :Sue Jones, Sheila McCoy, Rae Ryder, Judy Conway, Irene Jennings, Leona Brown. - Y r W-Q i y. i ,I ,Keg , 1 M A X GYMNASTICS TEAM lleft to rightl Row 1: Gary Carroll, Jerry Petierich, Bob Jordan, Steve Renfro, Roy Ludt, Byron Moats, Gary Williams, Sam Rosselli, Jim Braslow. low 2: Lee Perrin, Van Fuhriman, Joe Mastrosimone, Dave Caplan, Wayne Holm, Perry Beck, George Fenton, Jack Whitacre, Skip Tiedemann, Jim Anderson. Row 3: 'H Denman, Laurie Baldwin, Steve Rach. Bill Basham, Leonard Dwyer, Johnny Jackson, Allan Langdon, Dave Watkins, Larry Freeman, Stanley Peltzman. Row 4: John Adams Phil Argcnto, Glcnn Schaid, Mike McElroy, Jack Nilsen, Dave Waters, Harvey Witting, Jan Vandenburgh, Linus Evans, John Casillas, Coach McFate, l45 I 4 Harriers snag league championship for AHS. .v, P-Hg? 1 C t 3 Q J rm Q K P Q3-Hp Q' g-'ir TRACK Mr 'Wife ss., 33,59 4 Siigffvi ' 364593 ' .i 3 7 K P-Hoe y. 56979 w V Q 5 ji f , V ' mum L vig 5 ini 1 mu msn l nm . it ra-.K W f l I, - , "M "" rn .' QW k I K i U I A mf Z Mr K ',J '. V 2 x 157 ,L .-WJ. 5 " - Y Ji i 1 3' ' l lm +..1i'1 4 ,gfia ' 'gyacx f -Q-'ij i A' . ww " . Q as es H CROSS COUNTRY fleft to right, Row 1: David Lewis, Don Tennis, Tim Munroe, Mike Colen, Leif Librand, Paul Johnson, Martin Schramm. Row 2: Tony Ganioca, Phil Argento, Bob Westmoreland, Bob Vaughn, John Gilleland, .lerry Pitiecich, Joe Chavey, Coach Swihart. Row 3: Dave Nichols, Ray Bailey, Ken Schick, Jim Ozias, Rod Scully, Harold Stryker, Read Seidner, Ron Mazy. Not Pictured: lee Munio fmgnl, Steve Siegel lmgnj, Bill Bennett, Gary Volen, Leon Kaplan, Dave De la Vega, Ron Trayner. "Shall we pass him now or wait a little bit long- er?" "Oh, let's give him his moment of glory be- fore we show him what we can really do." This conversation, which actually took place, shows the strength and depth of this year's cross- country team. Coach Swihart's harriers went through the strong competition offered by the other teams and emerged with the Pacific League Cham- pionship. But the team members were not satisfied with winning the championship. They also set a new school record by placing five men under the time of 8:27 in a single meet. We have high hopes of future accomplishment of the same caliber. Next year will see the return of three varsity members and also the elevation of many excellent runners from the iunior varsity team. With this fine record and a bright future, the cross-country team deserves more support from the student body. The boys must furnish the stamina and will, but nothing can take the place of the encouragement furnished by the students. l4 1,-sf 6,1 CROSS-COUNTRY SCORES Our swift-toated Swede, Leif librand, races home a winner in cross-country meet. 6 AHS OPP. JV V V IV 43 36 Sari Gnbricl 21 l 23 l5'f1 Monrovia AOV1 32 68 25 Arcadia 30 I5 45 24 Whittier 32 I? l5 l5 Mark Keppel 45 78 23 l9 El Monte 38 36 Mahogany men start, sputter, finish fast As the T959-6O Alhambra High basketball season was about to start, Coach Wiese's call for cagers was answered by one of the finest groups of ball play- ers ever assembled. With the expert guidance and the help of the returning lettermen-Hefner, Jensen, Nisbett, Wilkins, Watterman, and Wooley-the Moors managed to get the season off to a good start by winning the first seven games. As the practime season came to an end, the Moors with a very nifty record of nine and five were favored to take the league, along with the Mon- rovia club. During the practice season the Moors participated in both the Ar- royo and Beverly Hills Tournaments, placing second in the Arroyo Tournament. The first game of the regular season was against our co-favorites Monro- via, this was a very heartbreaking game for the Moors. They lost in an over- time 53-55. The second game of the league season was against Arcadia, the Moors were defeated by a most significant point 55-54. Next on the agenda was Whittier. Once again it happened to the Moors as they lost 47-46. Our next game was against our cross- town rivals, Mark Kepel, the Moors lost this one by a score of 66-51. The final game of the first round was against El Monte, that single point did it again as the Moors lost 33-32. By the time the final round was about to start, the Moors had gotten their second wind. They went into the second round with the game against Monrovia, as a very inspired group, and proceeded to win 3l-24. Then againstArcadia the tables were turned as the Moors won by that significant single point 45-44. The next game was where the Moors seemed really to find themselves as they beat Whittier 58-3l. The Moors won o nce again as they met Mark Keppel 53-44. After winning four straight against El Monte. Then it happened again as the Moors lost their final game 56-49. Needless to say, if the Moors had not lost those four games by five points they would have made a far better showing than fourth place in the league. While wc are considering the basketball season at AHS this year, we can- not forget our JV, B, C, and D teams. These teams, though not believed to be as great as our varsity team, played some good basketball. Our D team played havoc with the entire league, winding up its season in a tie with Mon- rovia forthe league championship, under the able leadership of a new coach. Roger Burton Jack Cholais John Conroy One-point defects eclipse defects hugh hopes M , .4 --"W, f 1 MU' .Z ,gy e Mike Erlmgheusev G M Gary Dorword Bob Mor! Q Lynn WoHerm0n D' L4 48 Wlk Jim Hefner Hcp!! Bob Nisbeff Chuck W I f , 4 ' 1 ,, w fix ,, J if C" N1 I ' ol ' , ,, 2 ' V 'ft ,sv I ' - QM: 1 Q 'V A 'kj' ' ' , 1 ,1 .. .ff TS. 1:59 n 44-I W gi '37-gy High xv I I Ugg D I - .I K 'N 5' ' xiii ar tj .. ' 55' up Homeless quinlel ranges For and wide in seorclw of wins. ALHAMBRA OPPONENTS D C B JV V V JV B C D .. 1 36 1 57 Leusinger 45 1 40 1 - - - 45 1 46 Arroyo 50 1 40 1 - 18 26 37 1 75 Sierra 65 1 30 27 24 1 30 54 1 65 Temple City 34 1 24 22 - .- 1 1 1 41 Pasadena 39 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 53 Mark Keppel 39 1 1 -- 1 1 1 1 1 54 Avialion 48 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 55 Monrovia 61 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 68 El Segundo 54 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 46 Beverly Hills 55 1 -- 1 1 1 1 1 1 65 Miracosta 77 1 1 1 1 12 21 35 33 61 Rosemead 43 32 32 29 21 34 1 63 1 1 San Gabriel 1 1 57 1 21 37 49 1 1 1 La Salle 1 1 1 25 31 1 40 61 1 1 Warren 1 1 48 25 1 39 35 49 1 51 Montebello 46 1 42 26 28 1 37 51 1 1 Rosemead 1 1 42 22 1 1 21 44 1 1 Montebello 1 1 36 28 1 1 26 39 36 42 San Marino 49 39 31 22 1 33 22 29 31 53 Monrovia 55 51 47 38 17 41 33 54 40 54 Arcadia 55 57 40 29 13 30 32 38 61 46 Whittier 47 67 52 51 24 23 33 45 55 51 Mark Keppel 66 28 37 30 28 25 37 31 52 32 El Monte 33 41 45 32 24 22 31 31 35 31 Monrovia 24 56 47 32 33 23 38 57 25 45 Arcadia 44 53 47 28 14 28 35 32 25 58 Whittier 31 73 45 27 20 52 29 29 49 53 Mark Keppel 44 42 30 17 28 29 30 49 38 49 EL Monte 56 40 52 31 28 VARSITY BASKETBALL llglt to right1 Row 1: Richard Cook lmgr.j, Coa:l'i Wiese. Row 2: Roger Burton, Gary Meza, Bob Nisbell, Dick Jensen, Tom Chalais, Chuck Wooley, John Conroy' Mike Erlinglieusei, Jack Sctiramm, Gary Dorward, Jim Helnner, Bob Martinez, Lynn Watterman, Dick Wilkins. Not Piztured: Barry Tauter lmgnl 150 ' "" 5? f J, V. BASKETBALL llefl lo righlj Row l: Coach J, Palrick, X Charles Greenwald, Leo Carroll, John Jennings, Don Beels, X Jack Coberly. Row 2: .lim Wenck, Carlyle Perkes, Tom Kendall, l Glenn Wiggins, Ben Cooper, John Kidnay --f T7 Q-wg 1. -. .. ,,, , .J N- v-- - ,,, , M Q. ' .. V0 'K' ct U03 M 'Nr 'qv ng fff 'Li 1 1 B BASKETBALL llell to righll Row I: Bill Springer lmgnl, Jim Woolridge, Pele Coslanlino, Rodney Scully, Ron Jackson, Skip Marzec, Rudy Curinga. Row 21 Lyrn Adkins, Bill Holland, Dan Loggins, Larry Fleck, John Gilleland, Frank Polilo, Vince Polilo, Coach Mount. C BASKETBALL llell lo righll Row I: Roger Shoemaker, Randy Ruiz, Richard Munson, Ken? Schick, Roy Musick, Don Raalh, Larry Balma, Row 2: Coach Banks, Tim Jensen, Earl Kindslrow, Ernie Schroeder, Bar! Spallino, Richard Lavendar, Curl Boller, Barry Dagneslino, Kenny Bohlin. 244' u-4. g, f - 5 AL 52 3 rf, VT. 19 r A-. Rf Q J Suv' W .'N -i,.4 4, I X11 '?Q'sr'IvPi"Waw 'S' fs, Q ff -, ,xv 3 Q ' 1-gil!-f,,.f w. 4 . K Q. 1 X 1 1 5 M, 1 s. ,Qi .ff fu a " 5 I' 28 . We're getting ready for springtime. J' SPRING SPORTS QUEEN AND HER COURT lleft to rightl Row l: Emil Mas chrone, Eileen Henry lgymnasticsl, Mary Willmon lbosebolll, Kathy Lord ltrackl, Elaine Manley lgolfl, Queen Judy Greene ltennisl. Row 2: Steve Renfro, Howard Benioff, Steve Deleau, Burt Wolford. In September, even two or three weeks before the opening day of school, sports fever is high. We're going to be all-league everythngi. Crowds of en- thusiastic rooters come to the football games. But as the season progresses, a decrease in school spirit, team spirit, and attendance may be noted. Next comes the exciting basketball season. The Commission tries to gain the lost school spirit, but the attendance at these games gradually decreases too. By spring most students seem to be too tired and better occupied to lend their enthusiasm to spring sports. Even in this "dead" atmosphere, however, some muster the energy for gymnastics, golf, track, tennis, and baseball. But the rest of the school seems to suffer from a bad case of spring fever. A cour- ageous and very trying effort is made by the Commission to arouse the needed school spirit. Attempts to sponsor a "Sport of the Week" by buses, banners, posters, rallies, gimmicks, and back signs consume much of the Commission's time. Actually the finest individual performances occur in the spring sports pro- gram. Meet and game records provide interesting information for those who like to remember "the good old days." For the true sports enthusiasts spring is the season WHEN MEN ARE MEN! Netsters smash way to championship L Ken Anderson Jim Aydelott Larry Colegate Bah Fingh George Gangs Perry McAnnaIly Jack Sch amm Kent Sh Rich Slobin M ke Sgube La y Thompson Dennis Washburn Steve Weiss Pete Williams Refusing to be considered a spring sports' step- child, tennis asserted itself, inviting attendance at home and away, because of superior team play. As we go to press, even though the season is in- complete, the squad has the championship in the bag. When the practice season ended with eight wins and two losses, many predicted the bright prospect for a league championship. The two losses could be attributed to understrength-school activities and illness. But victory followed victory. Moor netsters lobbed and smashed their way to brilliant wins. The victories were not without their tense mom- ents. Arcadia, figuring to be the fly in the oint- TENNIS ment, carried the match each time in the round robin play to 4-O before being tripped 5-4. For a time El Monte looked as if trouble were in store from that sector. Credit for a nice assist must go to Keppel. lt was this squad which knocked Arcadia out of the top spot, it also obliged with El Monte. All credit, however, must go to Coach Swihart and his squad, all members of which came through when the chips were down. The Jayvees, though not so successful as their elders, displayed a brilliant potential. It is to this group that we must look for those most necessary replacements for graduating seniors. fjr. -,eu arg yy T- Q-:LLL Nic I i. X , , - I , . 'N .if bg ff , I :- My I VARSITY TENNIS llelt to rightl Row 1: Dennis Washburn, Kent Schick, Rich Slobin, Bob Finch, Mike Sauber, Larry Colegate Row 2: Ken Anderson, Jack Schramm, Steve Weiss, Larry Thompson, Pete Williams, Jim Aydelott, Coach J, R. Swihart. JR. VARSITY TENNIS llelt ta right, Row 'lz Tom Cacciatore, Richard Munson, Bill Dell, Ronald Mullins, Roland Sliumaivitz Tom Reynolds, Coach Goddard. Row 2: Steve Bissel, Tom Bible, Jack Coberly, Doug Benedict, Mark Cristal Louis Sargentich, Davi arc ant, Robert Hart, Richard Zaks. TENNIS SCORES ALH OPP. JV V V JV 9 Glendale O 9 Glendale 0 6 Burroughs 3 9 Rosemead O 7V1 Soouth Pasadena IV, 8 South Pasadena l 6 Temple City 3 9 Rosemead 0 7 Burroughs 2 3 San Marino 6 4 San Gabriel 5 9 Baldwin Park 0 9 7 Monrovia 2 O 3111 5 Arcadia 4 5 V2 2 7 Whittier 2 7 8 6 Keppel 3 I ay, 6 El Monte 3 511, 9 7 Monrovia 2 O 4 5 Arcadia 4 5 6 6 Whittier 3 3 6 7 Keppel 2 3 5 6 El Monte 3 4 I 1 f f x Tremendous individual performances, a championship spark cinder season. f 4 Eli -. The l96O track season saw a new interest in field events among the student body, and more outstandingly among the squads themselves. Numbers, however, were relatively unimportant in considering the de- gree of quality which constituted the success of the season. Two influences strengthened the track team this season. First, and probably of a lesser degree, was the interest and quality developed in the requisite track exercise in physical education classes. More outstand- ing in the overall results of the season were the effects of the expert coaching system demonstrated by Coaches Banks, McFate, and Sowers. Moor varsity trackmen saw success in their first meet with Covina High School, beating them by a 32 point margin. ln their tri-city meet with Temple City and West Covina Moor spikers were defeated by Temple City, placing them second in the meet, with West Covina in the cellar. San Gabriel sloshed out of their swamp only to wade back defeated by well-practiced Moor thinclads in a 62-42 victory for Alhambra. Mon- rovia however, routed the enthusiastic Alhambrans in the 45-58 defeat on the Moors 45-59. The spirit, which was maintained by the coaches and a stellar performer on the varsity, aided Alhambra to bounce back in a 6l 5f6-42 lf6 victory over Whittier and the final 79Vz - 24 V2 win over the cross-the-freeway rivals, Mark Keppel. Bee and Cee trackmen also showed well in their endeavors. Bees took victories over Covina in the tri-city meet, San Gabriel, Monrovia, and Keppel, losing to Arcadia and Whittier. Cee spikers saw triumph over Covina, Temple City and West Covina, Whittier, and Mark Keppel, while they were defeated by San Gabriel, Monrovia, and Arcadia. '60 was the year for school records with the varsity recording one, the bees two, and the cees four. The varsity record was in the two mile relay with a new time of 8:03.3, and the cees' in the medly wit h3:3l.9, pole vault with lO'lOVz", 1320 with 3:42.0, and the IV: mile relay with a time of 6:O4.5. -iuini Walk: Obfiously 'hey can'1 take a turn at once, This sterling quariet of Moor vaulters, Reuland llefvj, Hayek, Wilkins, and Fuhriman, se! poles for sfandou! season performances. TRACK SCORES C B V V 69V7 72 68 Covina 26 61 V2 58 49 Temple City 50 61 V2 58 49 Wes! Covina 18 34 61 62 San Gabriel 42 27 59 46 Monrovia 58 263A 27 45 Arcadia 59 48177 45 61 Whivvier 42 48173 54 79 Mark Keppel 24'f1 Ed cn crack B disiancc man, works out wnh Hayek, 880 specialist B C V1 1 7 V1 1 6 V1 2 3 V1 4 3 50 'A 5 7 V: VJ 2 3 V1 V1 2 3 VJ 157 4-5 A. ii Qin Q' 5 -gf 4 4. ll l 9 V Y 1 I .r ' I , I Q I P 0' " Q1 Y-, cl' ' 'iff X! 1 i al + - -f lffyifg h . i V' ' lx f' 'f" ,QA i ' r X R7 Q l .C , ' y l R i Ny. K Q. 5 ' t 1 .5 -S li ,.. C . ' H Xi ,9 J V A i , . 'N X 1 X X ' , g 1 i All H if VARSITY TRACK Hell to righll Row l: Roberl Vaughan, Leo Carrol, Co-Coplain Howard Benioll, Mike Cucinolla, Connie Orr, Tommy Hayek, Martin Schromm. Row 2: VUN Fvhfimcfl. POI-Il Johnson, John Kidf10Y, Gene Rosecrans, Gary Volcn, David Munio, Robert Allobello, Coach Chuck McFale. Row 3: Liel Librand, Mike Edlen, Gary Bosley, Carlyle Perkes, Jock Fiemonly, Mike Mogoon, Aaron Abernalhy, Co-Caplain Dick Wilkins, Larry Reulcnd. B TRACK llell lo riglill Row I: Doug Juengsl, Don Tennis, Gordon Samuelson, Larry Collins, Benny Show, Leon Kaplan, Paul Johnson, Joe Braccio, Coa:I1 Banks. Row 2: Tim Munroe, Mark Villard, Al Solomon, Mike Edlen, Rick Ringwald, Connie Orr, Bob Altobello, Larry Kelly, Arne Ogaard. Row 3: Joe De Malco, Jim Wooldridge, Hayden Eaves, Gary Bosley, Roger Salkeld, Dave McEachen, Craig Grey, Slevc Rack, Larry Reuland, Fred Molley, Marlin Schramm. 158 Q 9 , F 6 A Q i 1 ' , 4 1 I 1 X 5 F' . A s U Q l t r Q 7 2 K ' - K 3 . x 1 1 ,T - fi s-X' QL ' T Q . ..-V 5 f I. rv M , Y A, ,i fb r--f A J I-' , .fn nl fu 4, ll ' A -v C TRACK lleft to rightl Row I: Tom Gifford, Bob Westmoreland, John Valentine, Ricky Gystelaar, Dove Lew' y Litwin, Arvin Erickson, Byron Moots, Larry Gat- toni. Row 2: Steve Foltz, Cliff Blumberg, J. D. Goddard, Jessee Martinez, Dave Nchols, Norm Myers, S'arn , Benno Neilson, George Villalobos. Row 3: Dave Drake, Bill Brown, Clyde Davis, Larry Hopkins, lou Tavares, George Sebastian, Ronnie Benzer, Phil Argento, Dennis Wilkins, Joe Nuzzo, John Gibson, Robert Finsten. GOLF TEAM Cleft to rig lf-, Z f 4 f Y ,,.f- rw' 3 -5 es. Row 1: Ron Longacre, Dennis Davis, Burt Wolford, Richard Cook, Tom Kirk, Jim Tedford. Row 2: Jerry Laux, Eric Ackroyd, Jack Whitaker, Bill Nossir, Howard Miller, Gene Kimura, Gary Dworkin, Rufus Pendleton. Row 3: Coach Douvas, Steve Smith, Eugene Pocock, Jeff Gorss, Stan Flint, Steve Abaiian, Dave Daugherty, Don Segesday, Gene Malattia. l59 .J 'Tv R", f ' 'rl " S gf. fn' 5 A diamond-baseball, that is-is a boys best friend The Varsity Nine, with high hopes, looked forward to having one successful base- ball season in '6O. Nine returning lettermen - DeLeau, Marz, Evans, Jensen, Conroy, Conley, Liserani, Thomas, and Johns - plus a number of other experienced and promising players, a strong pitching staff, the enthusiasm ofa new coach, Emmett Menasco, gave the Moor baseballers every reason to be confident. The Moors finished with a fairly good practice season. The highlighs - a no hitter pitched by Merz and a three hitter pitched by Johns. The practice season ended with a six win and four loss record. With Pacific League competition ready to start, the team was hoping for that spark that would help to put them in first place and the league championship. The season started witht the Moors facing Monrovia. The Moors ran into trouble. They lost the game 4 to 2. In the second game the Moor nine came to life, and there was plenty or excitement when AHS won 8 to 6 on a grand-slam home run by Johns. The third game was a different story. Whittier won this one by a score of 5 to l. Next on the agenda was the game against our cross-town rivals, Mark Keppel. Here the Moors evened out their league record at 2 and 2 on the strength of a 3 to I victory. This time it was Merz that pitched a three hitter. The first round of loop play closed with AHS playing El Monte, but the Moors never did get started. They handed El Monte a 6 to O win. In the second round Monrovia was again the Moors first opponent. The Moors squeaked out a I to O win because of the fine pitching of Merz. The next game was a slugfest with Arcadia. The Moors finished on the short end ofa IO to 7 score. As we go to press the three remaining games are all important. They could spell the difference between a winner lmathematical possibilityl and a team far down the standings in the Pacific loop. How about Coach Weise's Jayvees? They're iust as interested in finishing on the top. This bunch of horsehiders completed their practice season with six wins and three losses. Not bad at all! The Jayvees are playing good ball in league competi- tion and are off to a good start with four wins and two losses to date. The AHS "Frosh" team is doing fairly well for itself, too. Most of the kids on Coach Patrick's baseball nine are ex-Babe Ruth Leaguers. They have had a very successful season and stand a good chance of winning the top spot in their league. BASEBALL SCORES AHS. OPP. JV V V JV 4 Burroughs 5 4 O Rosemead I 2 2 4 South Pasadena I 5 I3 3 South Pasadena 2 I O 3 Temple City 4 6 6 6 Rosemead 4 3 7 O Burroughs 2 2 4 3 San Marino 0 5 3 2 San Gabriel O I 5 4 Baldwin Park 3 O O SC Frosh 2 2 2 Monrovia 4 l O 8 Arcadia 6 3 3 I Whittier 5 I 9 J Mark Keppel I I 6 O EI Monte 6 O 4 I Monrovia 0 6 4 7 Arcadia I0 5 3 3 Whittier 5 0 II O Mark Keppel 2 2 8 7 El Monte 6 3 JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL flefv lo righfj Row 1: lkneelmgb Dennis Nield lmgrj, Couch Wiese, Mike Vccorielic, Roy Musick, Don Civro, Denny Rovh, Ed Di Ken Moyle, Don Murphy Row 2: Frank Polivo, Tom Chclcix, Vince Polivo, Greg Modesvi, Rudy Curunqo, Dick Wcnne, Fronk Froncone, Bob Moloski 162 If you wanta earn points, play the game 2 , l . l f 'fl 0 'l J, Y 4 1lgQx1V 2, .1-5 A, "i'l.r-Ewan. G.A.A. OFFICERS llett to rightt: Peg Hipsley, Joan Davidson, Nancy Eldridge, Michele Landino, Kathleen Murphy, Dcnna Ketchum, Evonne Clement. 1960 saw a complete renovation of the Girls' Athletic Association at AHS. There was certainly no wasted time or motion in the complete re-organization of GAA. Under the able direction of a new, imaginative adviser, Miss Ellen Miller, and a host of energetic board members and officers, the associa- tion fell into the swing of an activity filled year. Attack was the signal to set off the reconstruction of the too long dormant GAA. The association splits up the schol year into three sport seasons- volleyball, basketball and baseball. This year it also added for special interest archery which has become more and more popular. Class and school intramural games were played throughout the year. AHS even played host to one of these spectacular affairs. The point system, once merely an unused set-up, is also being revived to use towards high honors. After accumulating a certain number of points, any member of the club can earn a pin, sweater, or a newly designed club emblem. The eventful year was climaxed with a gala awards dinner which will long be remembered by many. The dinner, it is hoped, will become an established tradition, as is the new programs offered by GAA. XJ' Who opened the cage? 44 A bi! of over-guarding A shot and a prayer Who! long arms you have! Reolize Your High Hopes X of tl M Get Your Money's Worth Th , f 1 m . OWL CLEANERS 817 West Las Tunas San Gabriel Where the Elite Meet Across the Street at McKAY'S FOUNTAIN 301 W. Main Alhambra ALHAMBRA ARTISTS SUPPLY PICTURES and FRAMING Complete Line of Art Materials 94I East Main Street ATIantic 2-0497 Alhambra, California FABER'S JEWELRY EXPERT WATCH and CLOCK REPAIRING DIAMOND SETTING 81 ENGRAVING W. Z. "BILL" FABER 246 E. Main St., Alhambra AT. 2-4449 BILL PAIGE, Your Chevron Dealer W Las Tunas San G 5 . abr .lim Loupy Irightl views his pretty cargo, Marilyn Aprato, Pete lthe rabbitl, and Joanie Lacey, as he enters the newest sensation in the wagon series, the Falcon Ranchero, at JESSIE R. ELLICO, INC., 330 W. Valley Blvd., Alhambra. Draman Pro u W? if V D fl if if lt Wx LN SERVING THE SAN GABRIEL VALLEY "You Have Never Had It So Good" OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 PRL INRIA ASSOCIATION SAT N 526 West Los Tunas Dr. San Gabriel, Calif. Earn More - More Often x Funds received by the 10th earn from the lst. N X Q X X 5 s f 7 1111.-1-1- rgxvvn j1rAlg4IlllvA'A'3 e' tlQllQ 2 az 1' I 'I , - S, -i'lA'lVllIILl Ai 1 y U Y U 7 f Y f ' ' eadow Gold Dairies 1136 E. COLORADO ST. SYcomore 3-3181 PASADENA MUrrcy 1-5621 Long: atulatzon s . . 1 . . .li A . . A f " if Hlfffh L+ i 1 Q 1. f f 5, x 1 C 1 . . F R O M A F R I E N D Linda Shore lleftl and Sharla Rubin find themselves close to the car of their dreams, the luxurious '60 Thun- derbird, at SAN GABRIEL AUTO CENTER, 600 E. Las Tunas, San Gabriel. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST wisHEs GENERATIQNS ,O of A.H.S. Students h I d THE CLASS OF '60 ave a ways epended on the POST ADVOCATE For Local, State, and World News Alhambra City Manager ALLEN B. STEPHENSON Smart Sho ers Save More BYRNE TRAVEL SERVICE on To'f,pB,0,,dS O, 47 South Garfield Avenue gg T 'smart living for less Alhambra, California Let Ashburn's Free Home Advisory ATIantic 2-5171 CUmberIand 3-2250 Service Help You Decorate Better 410 E. Main St. ALHAMBRA AT 9-3511 Serving the San Gabriel Valley Since 1929 Good Luck . . . SINCLAIR PRINTING CO. Cl-A55 QF '60 PRINTING and LITHOGRAPHY I"IENRY'S OFFICE SUPPLY AT 2-3123 217 N. Garfield Ave. AT 2-2175 Alhambra 556 W. Las Tunas San Gabriel Q. Bob Nisbett Ileftl and Carl Merz want to be in Touch on The genfIeman's level as they Try summer slacks and blazer locket at VANDERMAST'S, 210 E. Main. Karen Kasten nods her approval. LON'S RADIO 8. TV SERVICE 26 Years Experience in Electronics I-FI, FM, TAPE RECORDERS and SERVICE AUTO RADIOS OUR SPECIALTY ATIanIic I-9756 - ATIanfic 7-7162 704 E. Main Si. Alhambra, Calif. N E4 'ffomusso ., Q 'I ,awe HMT-5 3 E War MGIA I I 1 ' NEW X fi ' 'W' Weaver Layne, Inc. 1130 E. Murlhombn AT 4-3273 ANCHOR EMPLOYMENT THE GLIDDEN COMPANY Paints - Varnishes - Lacquers - Enamels EX f-25,2 I1 5 PHOTOGRAPHER PERSONAL ATTENTION lt . I WEDDINGS for I W CHILD PORTRAITURE ,f FAMILY GROUPS All APPLICANTS Ex SAT , TEENAGERS and oRowNuPs Ei: - Z 2 104 S. Garfield mE12"i-f..,.fZg JERRY O'BRlEN STUDIO Qif f AT 4-3263 GI 4-0331 E ATIan1ic 2-5068 ' X 1307 E. Main Alhambra 9, w. Main AT 4-3714 To A Healthy an Prosperous Future B tbl .QL f?Z.7fu4 61421 III N 1 XIIIJIIII ra School Supplles Typewrnter Rentals Offnce Equlpment Pete Costantmo and Duane Snow fund many must albums In the wnde selectnon at ALHAMBRA TYPEWRITER SHOP CRAIG PHOTO SUPPLY w CRAIG STEWART CAMERAS 0 FINISHING 0 REPAIRS STEREOFONIC HI FI 630 E Mann Alhambra Call FRED W COOK S NURSERY AND GARDEN SUPPLIES A Complete Lune ot Garden Supplles for the Entlre Home Cut Flowers at to o g PEDRINI 5 39 50 GGff'eId A'hGmbf0 420 So Garfneld AT 16416 Alham 230 W Main AT 4 3293 CU 3 4213 AT 2 4831 S8-H Green Stamps THE PLACE FOR YOUR MUSICAL NEEDS JDO Cumurlllo Furms...home ofthe WORLDS LARGEST GUERNSEY IIERD Produung Genuune Golden Guernsey Mulk Culltormu s Fnnest Adohr M1Ik and Ice Cream avallable Home Delnvered and at Stores Cl QS S I . K . dy 3 fr. aY'r?': ? A "1 Eli Lf,,,, , 5, .ie -L ,f ,Z C E 5' fl I I 5 Q Phone ATIantic 2-3900 l'rmfr1l1t'11 l'lmr1m11j1 - ' A .Snlnnmz r1r1fI.N'IIr,g1'ff1l Clilflffllllki I , fl Stull IQ.1rlIo-ltlfxxe-11111-. I ,' ' Lvllluuuit I-C4221 - til111I1.-rl.1r1.I.I-QTT6 x tix' I X l. N -A . . 1 1 'wrt' , ' IK YI ' l -1- "The Family th plants gether gr ws to ether 1 . I , I ' , , I . F I I 5 ,ZX A QI 'f if 3 ' ' 5 43' .aff , r L l 1 7 3, ... ' ' . 'ggi' ' 'Z -.' 552 f F 95 ' v . . ' ' sq., ' Ig! aggg f Y.-" 'Lf . V-- Saf '14 ' 2'5" Six . '5- 1, 1 , 5 1, 1.919 .-, 2 A F. Lf' 97- -T. ' ah ' 'ge P' A . A I Alhambra San Marino Temple City BRAGGS, where Ginny Alletto lleftl and Terry Preston keep a corner on coolness and fami- nine finery. tl I FI' f if f O ff! ff? Ill X W W--I Ll me ,.l KW ALHAMBRA OFFICE SUPPLY THE STATIONERY SHOP H2 W. Main Alhambra AT 2-8491 D iii, I xg 4t', X ' f f . 08 ' ff ? lfrl A , , "l',f ff, if y ytty F PPE 33 NCH Qu, A ,Q ,- V ' ,f f W, , 1 l'I f Wffix, , hiv ffQf' f Q w V ' Z f 7? if x frjyvfgff, ' f X MX f - ' YWY A ' f S ' f f i ' ? - P 5 my ' 1 ff ' f ' ' K, , ' 'T' ' L l . , f, ' Q A 4 z 5 Y J : 5 f Ig E Ma!!! 3 'QF 1 l.. M ' 2 1 ' rcs cnnmvxs 'I74 Authorized HOOVER and ROYAL Vacuum Service SAN GABRIEL VACUUM 829 W. Las Tunas Drive-San Gabriel, Calif. ATlantic 4-1837 FREE ESTIMATES-FREE PICK UP and DELIVERY Paper Bags - Belts - Hoses - Brushes - Cords Etc. SALES - New 8. Rebuilt REPAIRS - All Makes LAS TU NAS HARDWARE HARDWARE 0 PAINT 0 HOUSEWARE GARDEN SUPPLIES 825 West Las Tunas Drive ATlantic 2-8404 San Gabriel ll, -get 'Q kno- lf you need it, McKays across the street, has it. Tom Gifford lleftl, Al Menconi Steve Foltz Mar Wenck 1 I 1 Y 1 Phyllis Norton, and Donna Hunt make McKay's school supply counter their first stop on the way to classes. vi wt 'I , iss' A ,,,g Y It ll a - 5:2252 ':1' X1 me-s......J fi if ff X X -nu- - Q ,a s-- a 's. X LooKlNo Fon A Joe 1 wirH A Futuna? X I X N X s 1 f 1 ,-,NN -Q.. I '-----.....---" 1 Ask your vocational counselor about positions with Pacific Telephone, or drop into one of our nearby Employment Offices. 126 W. Main St. Alhambra AT I-1212 Or ask your Operator for ZENITH 10,000 for the Employment Office nearest your home. Q Pacific Telephone l75 Pam Snedecor can't decide whether Ray Burch lleftl, Bob Jordan, and Ron Guadagnola are interested in her or that smart new sports car from PEERLESS CAR IMPORTS, 25 W. Valley Blvd., largest importer in the area. tif- SQQQ KNOWN FOR VALUES ff-sgsm '- Liet Librand crosses the finish line. Make your pictures winners. THE ALHAMBRA CAMERA SHOP 127 W. Main AT 2-6365-CU 3-2590 W. T. GRANT CO. 201 East Main Street Alhambra OWL prices are LOW prices OWL DRUG COMPANY 241 E. Main St. Alhambra M I C H A E l. Hair styled for the very nicest "You" ATlantic 2-1849 427Vz Las Tunas Drive San Gabriel, Calif 76 XX l Al Woodruff lrightl shows Ray Burch how to be coolly correct for summer at WOODRUFF'S, 28 West Main, Alhambra. Vernette Tiegs has selected shirt and slacks. Come in and Enioy Our Family Style CHINESE DINNERS from 51.25 SERVED ll A.M. to Il P.M. NOON LUNCHES from 6Oc Biz-QQ!! SERVED ll AM. to 3 P.M. WE ALSO TAKE PARTIES. . - FOOD TO TAKE OUT. E P I' ea ? 27 NORTH GARFIELD ALHAMBRA AT4l2l2 Marsha Smith Ileftl and Carol Lieberg slip very easily into summer at the swim suit racks at LIEBERGS, 421 E. Main St., Alhambra. Ron Trayner and Lynne Bouse let flowers express the thought. 4V2 Of., 4 INTEREST PAID TIMES A YEAR YOU GET MORE FOR YOUR MONEY AT MUTUAL SAVINGS ol ALHAMBRA 625 EAST MAIN ST. ' ATIantic 9-5231 SAVINGS INSURED TO 510,000 A ESTABLISHED IN 1927 I78 lllii'ii!i xiii ili Alta Holi - Frcfl A. 7'zzrncr PIERCE BROTHERS Sz FRED A. TURNER ALI-IAIVIBRA IVIORTLJARY GARFIELD AT vvooovvx-xRD - ATlam1C 2-1161 J h Thomas l2Ol fakes pass from Evans l7l in the Glendale Hoover game. Get even more action on y umer dollar at CRAWFORD'S MARKET, 910 W. Valley Blvd., also Valley and New Ave., in Alham . Ui Q -ww. Q . 4 lfflif vi' J ' qw """ Q A Q-M .,.5 ,A ,. r A Y' 4' , I ,, Jm ., "': fgjgg .1 ffm f Z ' . 1 T51 1 ww Q. nm V KA L.,-xx, 1 V' "' ' 1 M , , lr 4 X 1. 2 L Wtfg YY, i 4 -if -A', , , - , 1 K, + , 4, A 'Q 5 'F K gil f i L, xy ., ,AV X X I ff? Y. KC .h X . V V3 2 4 ',. ----""" Q4 - --N N- ,wnf x ,-""""' ' a. - . .Q J -Af -, ...- , 1 x' x g N U K x ,X x' l' 'XX S ' ' ,, 'A .-Q, , '- '---- j"'4f4 M " 'Z 1 . Q , ,X , , V . ,..f, , .1 K I g Aw ,, .W ., L ' . . - ' ,l 'f' ,aff ' ' . , 1 1, . 1 ,gy 5 Xf - , . .- 'ly' 'j 'V fpulc, H-'. DY, Y If 1 ' ' "' "-A-4554. ,, ' mf! ? ' ' n ll 21-f 5 1 0'-'FAsHuN Jean Carey lleftl and Malinda Sutherland choose the pick of the season - the real news in beach and play wear - at SUTHERLAND'S Feminine Fashions, 300 N. Garfield Ave., Alhambra. V...s. Renault Peugeot V O L K S W A G E N Caravelle Authorized 20th CENTURY IMPORTS l N 5 U R A N C E SALES and SERVICE Authorzzerl Sales cf Serzfzce copposite High School, 1543 West Main 1625 West Main Alhambra Alhambra ' Anomic 4-3211 321 W. Mann St. Alhambra ATlantic 4-3283 Meet me at McDONALD'S Home ofthe famous 15c Hamburger 909 E. Main St. Alhambra 181 ' 1 I , ,hz ff.A,' 3 , W fv , 1 ' I 11 A ' 1, ' 3 - 1' J ' ' - . . H , V 4525.5 i Q L -. -- 1 i- -M :g 'L If - L, a w - 4-5 Ing. ... 4 - - 4 . -1 ' l- ' 4 4 - IA ' d- I-t V , y ,L,QWfQ-lf 'E " - I ry V' ' , T 4 A w jgguifdm I - 1 r ,.-ni' I I I 4 fl 4 ' Q -'drlff gr . ..'w - "" ' ". l ng I1 ' I jf . 3- , , . V ,, Q ' I ,, I A . 7 ' I Q ' TW I "H Qi 'J ' ft 4 I 1 9 A 4 17? V4 if 'H-Q A 'ww Q :5Wj?g??g x., . ,am Ei xl - ' fiklfl JF' N H -W .-v --V V S. ' in A 'QP t Ax K s m I Q' A, ....--- NJN J . A. ., A A 4. 1 Q I "ri x 4 l ' fs 'T"5!f' Q 'df - ' LV' 'Q , Meagan' 'V' samsung u nuns f . . L T'i"w'-www-PHT' 1' Q M Q .- U fa . gas-' . '-f.. I a , X ,'s., L ss' f--' - uf. 5 Q., X X X as Ml xx' xx, -Q--if q Ffi-'-7 I J' 3' . ' ,WPAJ .. ills,-y,.,U6x B E01 4?54l1 .. II.?A Q , -N: " I wwf' I .- ! 5 ' I' k A i' 'x-f W ' Q 'E'-N Xxxf .1 ,f 4 . X . m , 'ani X .X n A I X V I ,M , M ,. A .A . ,Q ky k , ,lxgli .ii- 5, X. - ,L-U l f Y jf.Xf n 333 Hx D D .V K4 'X 7 N , ' ' FLEX 1 4 X1 Z' . gl . . A. . "- '. 6' fiik 'fc , . 'gif 'w'r ' F 5 f , i , - 1,17 fV,4yrV A V X 5 ,11"Z ' si ' X' 1 A . Mngni 3 lvl' .0 . J X ,, L N, 7,3 ff ,. ' . L ' X A 03 I' .. Qi "" f 3 L V ' '- X L A14 4, , V , H zf iA:,3aA A Y i x W?" 'Wfwi O "' 'I F WWF' ' A ' , " ff , 159' - 1 'Us ,il . gr" 'I Y Y vlfgas f-wf ufwHp w . Y - mr - 4-u-lv-4"'f! - - 2:3 15:.f'J3 ,- Lys , . sei.-it . -, ug .,,t .0 Ww. 1 Jef' 5 SWL ,.., . . , ,,,,,. ,f,1 '- ,,.-. V : .- 1, -s n 1 ' 4 -P534 -"' 1 ,-4 u , 'Q 9 4' ,or 5 t -in 3 I e s , n I 1 'I .Q-cf Q '- . va- 1-A X Q 'l .1 p 1 ' 2 ' Q -: , .zllt . ,' . 0 UU' L Q 14 Z.. In B :zz W A A A 1 ff , x 8 ' -- If -wi . -- 7 at 4 I A . , giig i , :Nfl . V, ' 'ffl i gf. 5 f 4 -ali , 4 fy' , r N ,niyl .. W? wi -w - twH5aQJgQs4: --vmx ' , .v,. 91" I ,. Mis'-4' ' " 'i ' b , K+? ' ' we 45, Z' En o.. .Z all " z, ., Q sul 9 h Zsulvfi 423. 'rid 'Zig Qi? -wg iazki fs: JH r' -my H' N af ,z m I il' vw f., , v" W HV.g ll .':-C. X'-S 'gnu R g taxi X x if -Y Qi f q as !' n W, J, - ,..:. . AQ .3g,,mg-Q .X I z . 1 " 'x' , ry ,jf ,IL-'k dvs-, 44 N. Lfka . A k , ' N 1 5 An t I V ,zuig ,h. ...L xx, ' X 5 'Iggy My , ,Hi , at , h , If I ,, x' I K as 2 x ' Oo 5? 'Q ,. -fl '. - ..h.V3 k , ' v v T ' A ,E . gf. . I 1 ' ', ,- A: QQ., sfiiigggi K-. 3 Y .' T 'I cr --- -xQs2:::-i 1. .13-,rf P ' 'c '.'.' ' . .qgni R,,. Q ,. . ', - . '- A, -OA- . "':' fi S 'ff""O4.'Z20v... , -.4 Ma ,,, w VAAA6 .1 +4 ,2A, 3 ,':V, 4' 'fl-, -D21 - ,,,5p:,pg' ,',,,'f'-'w is Alvv ww--Mm 'Q Vw' F: 'vvl M L . , Z1 . A ff , fvfvwaal, V H f 6,3 4 . A ' sf 23 11 , 4' 1 Q My X4 x I K ,, VA Qi? in W, F 5 , , N ,, Q 1 L, f LSE 5. . I 2,1 ,1 Jqvw- x'ViAl I I , ,f , f .'v".-A-f"" 3 f ' i Sli k f, "M V A 'f f . 1 A , 'fff X f' W ' V, idx, 9 - .i f-1 ' V ,f ,yur 4,7 1 'C ' ,Q , f - , ., J' ' ' ', . --- . W' , , f K I - , -V M411 'gt-gilgf " .Jin Q , , f , J 'i " -fa r-' , - .. . .. -Q 5, . ,4 ,,..,I ' 5 T'i,,W'.1-b-,, 7 , --Fd I J L 8 1 1, F wg 4 - f -fflffw' ' 1 Sf. Q- ' L. 1: "-ii . Q 'Rf' f gf ' T! I, 1- . I P " -' x '4,:,v I Z . f - - A5 -I I Y- A, li-7 5' , ., l Z-57, ' 4 W ' l ' v ff' . -X ,l .1 I 'WX 1 f In ' 4-,N , i4 'tA ' y,'1,-, A , ,. M WX V ' ,DI ,I Q :img A -A px " Q. 4 Q 'iivwvagfg I f- 1 I gifs! in every respect LITTLE STONE CHURCH TURNER and STEVENS ALHAMBRA Funeral Directors Congratulations CLASS of '60 from HIGHWAY NURSERY ALHAMBRA REVIEW "Come to Highway for Every Bloomin' Thing" PRINTING CO. We Give S 8. H Green Stamps AT 4-2368 1245 W. Valley Blvd., Alhambra Open Daily Except Wed. James I. Condie 8. Associates, Inc. Realtor 0 Notary 0 Insurance Successor to Inland Realty Co. Est. 1920 COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE ATIantic 2-5954 Four Convenient Offices MULTIPLE LISTINGS 1722 West Main Street Alhambra, California 600 N. Atlantic, Alhambra Corner Office: Ar. 9-4101 301 N- 50" Marino San Gabriel Corner AT. 9-4201 3144 w. Main so. '02 S. summon Allwmbfo Alhambra Ar. 2-9158 Ar. 9-5211 If you're a Grouch and hate every- I Q1 CoRB1N's FINE MEATS MAC 8- MAC in complete silence. We Wonlt even laik to you' Third and Valley Boulevard MAC 8 MAC THE MEETING PLACE OF YOUR FRIENDS Self-Service Ladies Sportswear AT 4'3O46 All'l0mbl'U 17 W. Main St., Alhambra 185 bn.. - if J, .,. fl. E 171 Claudia Sherlock lleftl, Barbara Dube, Fay Horn, Richard Payne explain to Salesman Raynor why they love that lark at BOB WONDRIES MOTORS, 'I333 W. Main St., Alhambra. Mary Sartori lleftl and Carolyn Mays fall in love with this smart frock for party givers and goers at RUE'S, 309 E. Main ST., Alhambra. I I IIII kig 9575 E. LAS TUNAS DR. 44 E. MAIN ST TEMPLE CITY i ALHAMBRA menk wean Congratulations to you . . 1960 GRADUATES PACIFIC MEAT and PROVISION CO. Wholesale Meats to the Trade O And Open to the Public AN nf? Exclusive Originals 0444 Weluf Bu! 6'an9aafu.laZion4 Monday through Friday .... I2 M. - 6 P.M. Saturday .... . 9 A.M. - 6 P.M. 4660 Valley Blvd. CApitol 5-8lO4 Los Angeles 32, Calif. Campus Shop 187 OR always specify smithcrafted I S T I N C T I V E E A R B O O K designed and manufactured in the west y 0 V E R S for western schools THE S. K. SMITH COMPAN 5260 West 104th Street 400 Montgomery Street Los Angeles 45, California San Francisco 4, California Howdy Miller lseatedl is explaining to Nancy Vifinsor how to get the full measure of a compact car in a Falcon at the T. LYELL PUCKETT showroom, 726 E. Main Street, Alhambra. Open Monday 8. Friday Nights Till 9 - Free Parking GRAYSCWS DTZUQ ECQ 37 E M H S AT 1 2544 Lisfincliue KEN ' Gm l' ' Home ,7urni561'ng:S -V W Groyson's for Better Buys -Fmifb Provinrial -comm -Edflmmffm - :aw cmw, 445 W, MAIN IAT FIFTHJ, ALHAMBRA M A R I o ' 5 HAIR S ' VVA R D 1011 E. Main St. AT 4-5293 A Open Thursday Evening by Appointment Q M O N T G 0 M E R Y W A R D Mario's Hair Fashions - Complete Beauty Service for the Women Who Want the Very Best at Moderate Prices 221 E. MAIN -ALHAMBRA PHONE AT 9-534l -CU 3-3l5l GI 3-1389 Fefe Mdfm , Congratulations Graduates! WALLPAPER PAINT BEST of LUCK 223 E. Valley - AT. 9-5241 ' Alhambra W'SH'NG YOU SUCCESS 'N THE YEARS AHEAD 5 FOR YOUR, SCHOOL NEEDS I I our outstanding selection of ' Clfss Rings,, Graduation Announcements, Trophies Medals, Pins and Special Awards NJ i ROY C. BROWN I 1 HERFF JONES CO. BROWN and HOVLAND CO. , California Division Rlchmond 8-3247 Rlchmond 9-5225 214 WEST PICO BLVD. LOS ANGELESM15, CALIFORNIA sgi,,,gy1 ,, . at 1 Congratulations W59LW204fi'Jf7l7f0Zf7f1f M - to 'P 4 A Q the Class of '60 AVXQW A Y aff.-Sii5iii,5Es'wife'Urn i i I v - from ALHAMBRA 323 E. Main St. Ha to ATlantic 9-5137 DeSoto-Plymouth Valiant Congratulations to the class of '60 707 West Main St. CUmberland 3-1712 ATlantic 2-4178 BriIlson's TEEN Fashions 145 W. Main St. Alhambra AT 1-0347 CAREFUL PLANNING ASSURES A WINNER 49 LET US HELP YOU PLAN A YEARBOOK JACK CANNICOTT PUBLICATIONS Publishers of more Prize Winning Books than any other company on the Pacific Coast LOS ANGELES ENGRAVING COMPANY 418 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles I5, Calif. , , ' 4:32. V, - A , ' 'gf A 5- fi-iff' 2'-L - f-:.'f2'? wZ.ifj'H?f . . ' 5 '443-5?7i'5'if , Y Y f' ' .fg'5:g5.,. f f' -' fu ., fe , - , ., , we X I . .L t- NI X s , I , ,U H ' I5 I . EI x fl rv r V ,, - wx 4 9 1 V ,N ..:,. , V 1, ' K, ,I 0 f I I 1 , '43 y 1 57 ' , , , . ,P I 7 D L Hu I4 1 LIITI II INDEX Your weary edltor, staff advusers are grateful to JACK CANNICOTT LA Engraving TONY LOYA Anthony Loya Studsos, B RETCHIN the SOUTHLAND PRESS Itypel BRADSHAW BROS TOM WILLHITE K Smith an all those Merchants our communsty who through thenr Interest have helped to make posslble the publncatuon of thc 1960 ALHAMBRAN , 1, 4, I . . In , ,W A I A V 'r-1rf.wtI--xt' ,,- ' II Itrwf, -, 1,. Ir.. I Z, wrt:-I- 1 I - A 1 .eq I 'Ia - f , x .I . 'vt III If 'Nw-tvtt. r' l'x.I1,I It'I,,,v-, V, fl K- 1 ,I ' gum' " Img-.,....-'. I' Ix- V151 41 V- X X. Q1 Iv-,-1, .' t.v It I.rI',,4 1,1 II It -- 2, '-11 I I 'J I ' -I X I '- " I.'. My I If ' I, XV, ff, If 4. , ' Y- ' In-.II-I, lr, It-I V II-'I-It I-Iwktll. '1' I' It '-IIN' . It I' I' I " I-1.f,II. I I, I IA NI I- " I 1' IHHLZ I' t,,yII III III .tw I' I I 1' I I r- Ifx' Im' txe Iutwm' -, IP I- -- I Itiwt'-,. ' VI Imp, It X-I I I ,' XI ,t't In-' It I Ynw-I"-I 1 ttt. ' I N - I - ' 'XI' II? N I I I ,,I,wIt,i with ,,,,. I I II -I .' -' 'LI I I' I-IiX',,I',.-I ' I tw.. I ,IIE ' It tv, I," YI Ia- 'x II' Ip N-.IM I'- gm'-, fI xx- X I 'YJ' I. , ,WL x II ,w 1,, 1 IIN,-.JI Nw- L7 " 'Xt XII.: 'I III, I 3 I'v 'tt VIII I N Srl. 'txt-1 Xt' I-I IMI I'I'X. I Nr,-tg oft T N I- Ima I 'I II-ttrtvmv Km. TIT IIN! -I NIIIHII-XIII It l,.,.L HIIIII- I" , ww.. 'ti N- I-uw YH. Q1 If, ,,rtvt'. ' Nw .II XIII I VII, IN mt It I: Stn I' -' Ittvtr II II xg. 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