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Alhambra High School - Alhambran Yearbook (Alhambra, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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qw W F Q QW O W K ff' J, y fb X X V V fy X' f lg D Lf cj ff 1 f X My SLD YL f In X f fin, E XJ f W1 E! LX 15 SEX A X f fx X if wil ff f QW' fiwwaw f W X X WL N53 r I. A-A K x yu xv! 0 M W A ,. I Q. . AQ mu' 4 f V K' -. - , ' ! Q I ab xl " A aj ,4 of ji? 4 A N,IfQ if yy if xg Af Ux NA : W If fl E -f W D ' ' W Uk ff 0 I W W I gl, 'lby 1 W 'J Lf A N470 ,E I+ . 9'-,pg 'Vim Qffyjyg J 'L if i J' jj! MW fri!! f f . fff v 11 N ff UN CV XX f V ' Q 44 if .1 IK: fc? X? b rf. I 4 R, , M1 . f . . - ' X Q1 D V' N QU 5 v L ip, A , ca n ,W My wr V P Jw N FN N If W - ' 1 A X M , K j, I X QW lx . X37 V X f Wff' Lxi' X x .Nt vx X . A' 'Tr Q "' Nw X i . , Ng Q 'ir " JK ,- uk k 73 J fx ' YV fb f 71 QV X , WSW ' ,N W, vwxw V' X 5 , ' 1 5, . . A V V S- qy X C, bk , 'I ,, U V . Lx v -Y I L., 1 , MQIL4, ' I 1 L, V . K .I , ff' X f ,M j -L . M ' , ffxh r gl . - :D X f f ' . nv -wr E E Whale an cz name -v an fri!-.5 .nina -Q -M' Q., ,+- 3,0 51 1 M :A , ' . ff 7' L 1 .Q-, 'h . 951- 1-A .wi ' . '- I f'l X '. 1-1 1. - X K. V, f'U'.'f'. Kylix: X-1' 41" H.. . M X, 23,-A," . , I: .- 4 in K?-'.'A,-s ' W ,L -r Amie' ,, ,", - 1- 4 . ' g fa f . ' 5 " K , firifii ' ,gf 1' xrf.".L' 1 ', .' 7' A . 1 V it Lk? ..x if h. A, , -ww ,, -mar' . -lv' 4 ffm A :Yi Ai- , '-,"'f X 'H . 7 ,,, inf: 3 . J SJ x A I Lirixvhn-mvxlz-vnag444sl3i2!'.'!-fvlitx i 3 i P I r Z Q ' 1 R 1...-W -v-,-,g-Q-..-v-ff-run-gf-v'-vs-uw wk 1 f, La Moor I 5 5 '00 Eg 13,5 lt's the eternal tributed to the be Shakespeare. Take, for MOORS. Hls torians picture people who occupied Spain than cen- turies, thereby, art, arch medic: and learn We read know better. Somewhere between the innocence of child- hood and the dignity of adulthood we find sturdy creatures called MOORS. They come in assorted weights, heights, sizes, and shapes, y s MOORS have one thing in com Ito gi their all to their Alhambra Hig ooll on e athletic field, in all their actl' IBS, in,thRe assemblies, in their stu- de .govafnme t, and, yes, even 8 s oms. . . MOORS are found - under- 5 llth, of top of, running lumpmg 7 SK! ina by, twisting ,dr driving th h, ob gyou view native habita gg J yjstudents teachers Xinstructitigd fistrict tolerate them, and occasionally them. Q Q Q Xp eS"'ooo 5 fig ihmhd shapes . g E 2 W 'va 11:33 ,Z ww sk ,Q , 4 -NCL' fjffkw MVA? ffm, 1. f,,f1 ' 'Y 7, ..' M 1,4 :W , My , VW V, .,f. 1 I A A na iff! if .ff Nw 73 ggff I I 13 rfw . .- .lv 4 f L il -'1 between classes and can be found in many places . h prom... ADMINISTRATION page 9 CLASSES page 22 Q 55, I I W A W ATHLETICS page 130 Yr but . .. 13 the source of our deepest pride lies in those f ' 'Y fundamental things for Q which A.H.S. stands. For w' decades we have thrived on tradition. The same surroundings, even some of the same instructors in the same classrooms, the same 'Y assembly ritual, legislature meetings. commission activities all have given the student a sense of security and steadfastness. The school year 1957-58 has changed this. Habits have been forced into the background: new and startling events take place in rapid succession. Lost are ' .4 X ', .1 J 4' -il .3 'fill 'N .' Y, the Gross Building. the parking ' KP' if, 519' lot, the auditorium. the playing ,ff . jx. field: more buildings must go. Conditions are exciting, revolutionary, insecure. But you are undaunted. You have met the situation with a tremendous upsurge of school spirit and enthusiasm. Because of this willingness to cooperate, this desire to see it through. the Staff dedicates the 1958 ALHAMBRAN to you THE M0035 0F MLS. ,nl X- !J at jfjeww E 5 f sl-. i- Za 5-S i 'D X ORGANIZATIONS page 100 THESE ARE BUSY PECPLE THESE ARE E , W WISE PEGPLE THESE ARE HELPFUL PECPLE Q- , I 93 R A x , 2? Q? 4. ar" ADMINI TRATION M AL A dedicated group, devoted to a great task in the search ALHAMBHA BOARD OF EDUCATION Hopi fBottom7 Nembefe k: tem e Clgendfl C fee ew the ,lei Grass Balllfilflf 3 A OUIHDI3 FIQW SCF nyone N CI f 1 eixhze 1 S fn GIICIGO sem IQ run 1tse1t A h1CI"19T eCV1e 19 P11 4 TMS QCWIQN IS t e Alhfimbfd B G11 1 P t1lf'flTl 1 f f1V9 p11bl1f mmd fi f1t1f 1 10 H tems 13 me-We 1 me + im CI temflte The mam prekwem IS nstemce was Gemma Us mix Y pup1 Q 11'1 QS V161 f safe bu1111'egs Us p sable T'1ey mef W1-2 wuh Speed f1c,r111fy fmfi Cf 1 11f1f1t1fm me fine er pmtflbw b111Wd1r1cg e me up 1 Lgclrf them r - ff' ' J: H 1, :'- .1-r.' .T 3'1:' . . :ff 1 . ff' 1' 1 ' fff 1 Wx-'1.. lf, ,. ' 1 . ru " .. . , , , -1, '. . ,, fr M f ,kg -mm rw.. Q fn fe web' N fax . 1ff1f'Q -1 1 .M ,. ...O 3.3, . 1..s. UV 1 -'.1 ,.., 1, . . A A 4 .V1 fy.: ., K f 1 rvwq tdfug r-f v-w'rfIr-t if r +115 fj111'v fr Y Q X V . , . , , . . 1 ., .. .. . ,. , , Wien me 13151 O.: 15sue Eugen 12 perse ine 335111 :133 fx fx' I ' ' 1 F' . 1 1 . - aj L .11 .1 1. LJJL. Tn bn Y!! ?F V I w A 1 HC 15 1 nyb-Lixy '11, Y Q I 1 f Q ,W i Y ,- , we meet , , 1 A 1 exert 612 A1112 561 die., Y1, .- . M. . f M . , W V .-H - 'vff N , ff . . Qt 1 f 1 ,.,.. .J ,. u .. ..,, . 1 .,. Q 1- - X f V XF, F- -X A 1 ' P1 , . fs 5 Z .YQ YT 'f'.T1Y5'iSF5'1 gf ' ' H ' A' A ' I ' A' ' 'A A "7 17' , C' . . . . . t vv 1 , J 1 , 1 , .U , 531 ' 'fm 'el ior the finest in school personnel ond educolionol iocilities Expanding the size ot schools, emergency hous- ing, evaluation ot the whole high school curriculum to meet the cold war needs with our across-the-sea opponentsgall are problems to be surmounted by the Board. These difficulties constitute a major part ot the jobs ot tour key men. First is Mr. Maurice Stokes-- bary, Superintendent ot Schools, and Secretary of the Board. l-le prepares the agenda, works with the principals ot all schools, and sees that the proposed policies are carried out, after the Board has ac- cepted them. Second is Mr. Charles Scanlon, head ot the busi- ness department, handler of buildings, funds, budg- ets, and maintenance ot the schools. The third man is Mr. Robert Gray, chief of the spe- cial services, such as the hiring of teachers, secre- taries, custodians, and the planning of salary sched- ules. Fourth, and egually necessary, is Dr. Elmer Ensz, who plans the courses ot study for the year, Works with teachers, the county, and the state. The policy ot the Alhambra Board ot Education- to give every student in the district the very best education possible. 4-sf CHARLES SCANLON DR ELMER ENSZ ROBERT F GRAY XQAJ mf furrxH1r.g downi This I 1' t:1'- f,T"'I1'i' II1QIY.i'Y1' Ili" ' ' lf H Gaye except for the Home The demructlcn GT th? Grc Buildmg 13 ne-Orly Completed at this poini A v, 1 ', 1 I D r 1 ' ' . 4 1 . 1' QM IJ v " f ,I r I' 1 x ,Q OCGEGS ..,.,...C'E fl. f..'E .. IT: CUTTXII HY Of.ZC'?.2 fi," .iHC'.l.' und personnel cull lor u tull man, ll s u tall job Three people stood pondermg some prob lems A tall th1n man spoke up What shall we do rt ram makes the Mon day assembhes 1mposs1ble9 We cant s1t tn the raln l don t know Mr Strother l ve got my own problems barked a short parttally greylng make to use other gyms for basketball sea son? A happy lookmg woman spoke up Well now where shall we put the Tennls Court dance? lt we are not careful there may be a new bungalow 1n the mtddle ot the courts by the dance date That s a good guest1on Mrs Crosswh1te and when we move the mam othce to the Fmance Butldmg how are we golng to keep Angle from gettlng hungry once she smells the canteens food? lts awtully close you know Such problems as the above caused by the mterest of the local adm1n1strat1on 1n us Moors may be the dlrect concern of any ot the three top admmtstrators Any Moor who IS a real Moor reahzes that the co ord1nat1on ot our 1mmed1ate school problems IS a b1g Job and must be handled by b1g people Mr G1lbert Strother 1S the grown up Moor tn Chtel He must set the precedent for the school to tollow. '5m5l 'ia MR. GILBERT L. STROTHER Prncpdl ol Alhambra Pl gh S hoc W.,-, ...., r 'f.- v :n'f. of Jurgyy gwgdw ,,Ht,,, ,f,, I,,., J...,, A -.. ,,,.,,,,,g F, ,. ,A ,d .LQ d,wp-.wr 4 'ffl Gm-- ll I ll 'ld' ll ll l' l l I U I 7 man. "For instance, what provisions must we . , . l l E Cl 23 They solve problems - personal, academic, classroom, parental, MRS. MILDRED CROSSWHITE Girl: Vice-Principal Ml 'Q' xx' When Mr Claud Miller took over the boys vice principals 1 b he auickly climbed the ladder of respect Mr Millers duties are as varied as Mr Strcthers alth ugh s me are auite specific l-le counsels alsc H Never when he explains to some of the fellas that there is much more to school than just girls, it only confuses them. A man with integrity who fulfills his job beyond the normal de- mands of his office. ako 5 Jai' .1 I . -J ,V 'Rf if GU gf! Mt MR. CLAUDE L. MILLER Boys' Vice-Principal .z C rsswriite ltop, 'Nitriegssc-.' the presentation of the certifi ' onny Perfect to Girl of the Month Michele Slaboda Mr Miller f'ZHqY"1f'll'Zf"' lion l.i'.'irigrt':n Boy' of the MCTLYH Mrs. Mildred Crosswhite is also a counselor of the highest order. ln her capacity as girls viceeprincipal she comes in contact with many girls through the Girls' League and the multitude of girls' service clubs. Mrs. Crosse white Works closely with the girls on any emotional problems they may have, or any- thing else they may wish to discuss. She is a woman with the greatest of characteristics who has helped so many in difficulty. physical, social, financial, and iust plain problems. Mr. Counselor, I Would like to take pho- tography, and World Literature, While I would like to drop chemistry, basketweaving, and English, but I have to go to college. But I could not get there on what I am taking, With my free sixth plus Work on the annual and on the MOOR. Why? Confusion at its height is the responsibility of the counselors' office. Transfers, dropped subjects, college problems, and office cards pile up on the desk of Mr. and Miss Counselor. Disgruntled students come running into their offices with all sorts of problems, ranging from the above mentioned to just plain Want- ing to visit with the students who sort the schedule cards during the first Week rush of the semester. But the job of counseling is not Without its gay points. The reflection of respect in the student's face on hearing the Wisdom of his counselor, the proud attitude of this Wise per- son When he recommends a student for a cer- tain college, and the daily requirements of said official-all churn together and add up to one student body opinion: Mr. and Miss Counselor-thanks. llhsent-minded uhsences, heoch trips, extended snowy week ends, und delayed childhood illnesses -their province MR. BOYD DYE and MRS. GWEN REESE Child Welfare "Hello, and what's the matter with you today?", . . This question strikes a familiar note to any absentee Moor. He remembers vividly that reliable telephone call which seemed to ring either as he was just settling down with the shivers and the thermometer, or else at the very moment he was about to leave for a sunny day at the beach, When ski-conditions at Baldy were perfect, the fun- loving Moor sometimes found the temptation too great to resist. The Child Welfare Department, however, seemed to miss the point entirely, and they frowned upon those cuts to the snow, which invariably led to legitimate absences due to colds, bruises, or sprained backs. But, con- trary to what some students might believe, this department had many other things to do than chase potential hooky-players. When anything troubled a Moor, they did what they could for any kind of problem. They issued work permits. They labored behind the scenes, Without minding a bit if nobody no- ticed them. lt is with satisfaction that the Child Welfare Department saw more contented, mature Moors pass from their doors, MRS. BETTY MANTLE Tardies, absences, makeups, faculty meetings, club meetings, sports, papers, tests, institutes, -the lite at a teacher! v Q -is .J A "" f-A in 'S' fixes ' Egivg 4 ,f , .f -"' 3 5 zf- t M N-QE I ,A A ' FACULTY flef' T: right How 1:17 Aiexcnder, F Arldcrkc R. Arriefi C Burke? I Beemcxx, R. Bertsch, M, Beftingerx, E' Blanchard R. 352:-e Row 2: E Brow: K Bullock M Ccxcrrzn, P, Casjens, A Chavez S Chow, O Ccscnd, R Davis, O Dawson Row 3: B Zye, E Idrticndfzi 3 Faulkzxbqry, M Fisher C Puller H. Gaul, C, Giistrzxp, 3 Glad Cr Gcddord. Row 4: A. Hogglurnd I, Hcrtnetf G, Har:-:ici F Haynes C Heixlton L Herox, W Hess, R Hcgarl M. Heed Row 5: H Hooper R Hussey, H Kehler M Kreinbririg II. Vui' W Leiter K Lester A Leger ff Lcrihard. . V- ..,. ':,.,4g. UQ ...r .,EE'lf,ff1CT,f CISG 3. 5 M.L.-- Qu- 4 . A im , -.44 E I .... 4' gf f A LT ww W5 WM: H? Mak FACULTY lair 'Q right? Row 1: E Luttrell, B. Mcrttlal MOY.ll1Qil, A, Martrr. P IA1.ff'?fl1.'D Ef M: ff: C Tv'fCF'.Xf9 H MCG Row 2: ff Mcrrixtf, S Mcyse L Murphy, T, Murphy, I Oeftrricm, I P:1tr1:k I Pgilligx H V'.'.'1t If R'1IT1'C".-' Row 3: T3 311.225 E Schaefer I Schrnoldf, M Schr1itZ1et,R Sheridan F Shipricm I Srftci 'ff Sttizyi' Row 4: E SC':Jer51 M Spp M Storlebrcker I Sw1hort,T Tcgirrzo, M. Thornton, M, Vmcent R 'Nall Row 5: G Vivid K '.'fc3.tie...Q, C WJJLCDQ M Wal? 1 r 11,502 K bras: I Pr'yfoH1e:1':eJ. X , x.. 355 K 7 1700 memberships and il's "Hi Eddiel' uguin. Most Moors will remember their fren- zied efforts to get those l7UO PTA. memberships in. They will remember the reward for their success - Eddie Eisher. And some Moors will remem- ber that this was Eddie's second visit to AHS. But all Moors will agree that Eddie was welcomed back in royal style and high spirits. No Moor could miss the huge Hlnli Eddiel" sign that hung above the patio. Even outside, "Tammy," which Eddie sang reluc- tantly, and "Around the World" were easily heard. CMoors will remember Eddie a long time and all agree "lt was worth it."l Moors also realize that the PTA. is important in many other Ways. There are the scholarships they offer, interest- free loans to students, money-raising projects, helping parents better under- stand their child in school, and the Thrift Shop, which is instrumental in high school student aid. Any student who finds himself in need of dental care, eye care, or help in meeting araduation expenses can depend on the PT A. Thrift Shop. These are the main reasons Why the PTA. is so important and so depended upon in a community. The PTA. is al- ways working toward a better, more- understanding society, particularly where the schools are concerned Eddie Fisher seems to be doing a head reading on "Ice Moor" as he stops momentarily in the presentation of his program. SECRETARIES Klelt to rightl Row l: lnez Miller, Lu Wilson, Margaret Milcov- sky, Dorothy Hooper, Mary Lou Lopez, Frances Harwood, Row 2: Angeles Cun- ningham, Angie Holrns, Alta lessee, Marge Trayner, Elnora Miller, MaBelle Perkins. " I ' M mf' " if 1 , x I jig, V " - V l .i g ak lane Carver Mary Pligqfxn Gracf an Rfxcriel Haiku, Marian l-lonseri ,e Qu '- ,Jill l if frm WWA , V ex, CUSTODIANS Cleft to riqlitl Howl C E Tr:-ed, A C Kieid, Ed Smith, Carl Parker L. lie Tlioina Mirtin Middleton Row 2 Rob rt Helfrich lvy Low on, Ed Skinner, Virgil Finley, Fred Peter on Hud on lulircr Mlfs the end of second lunch periodg the bell is going to ring. How shall l ever tem' away?" P122 Snap BOL Legakez myself le M, Q vw 5"X,,, .M JM, ,mp ,f nl'f1'f1f 4'-is sk fb 27" A. ga f g, xg' fb-4 T -f fs 9 wa 4 as iff .K " :FQ ta fi x ' 1""rf2' K E Q ,W , 2 f - - m e Q' 0 4-gulf- , . ' xii' I , "M ' 1 , 5 -x Q 52 Miz- A U .! I v 'M K Li, ASQ an 4 4 JNA, Q ,m- ' ,ai ' F Q' 51 K, f 4 K A., Y 4 A ,sr 6 Q: yr ia , , W' ,I .Y . 4. . ., ' in J: ,'t. Q. , 4 Jr W M If 1 WU g 'J -A ' ' 'N f ' .-""' Am ' "uk -I itz- km, It-4 ! , b 1 ' 5:45, 9 gb 1, ,SP-4 by s " ' X' ' 4.-, ' f-'faq ., M' ' 5 X N f . 1. H ' 1 4,5 , wi Ay . an-f 'R wwf XL H!-ef N "4-N ' 'li Q", ww' V mm, Y- r qw, J if was QNX X g A LF 'Q ,, f sf fi v w X! 0W"Q1 ,, 'Sf ASP!- .gf Launched and orbiting Km" A12 Council lleft to rightlz Bill Smith, Iean folly, Michele Slabodq, Norma Pennington, Bonny Perfect, Ianice Letts, Car- ol n Pettefer, Mrs Casjens Cadvl X7 Of all the Moors the Winter senior Was, in many ways, the most exciting. He was in the habit of setting precedents. Not that he was a strict non-conformist, but he seemed to 'lat- tract" a number of unusual situations. His Was the first class in eons of time not to have the trials and tribulations of putting on a sen- ior play. But flimsy buildings failed to beat his ingenuity, and instead of the play, he made just as much profit with a unique shish- kabob dinner and other projects. Qur Moor was kept auite busy during his last year at Al-l.S. with all sorts of activities- scholarships, senior pictures, gown fittings, luncheon, ditch day, very final exams, and the biggest moment of all-graduationl Dashing and daring was he, and the object of great envy with his, the first parent-spon- sored, all night graduation party. lt Was a perfect evening, complete with l958 Cadillacs and foe Houston to end a gay Whirlwind of events. With hardly a proud parent or a good- natured Alhambra merchant in sight, the ex- hausted but jubilant graduate danced, ate, won prizes, laughed until dawn. Weary and a little regretful that his high school days were a thing of the past, the most exciting Moor of the campus settled down with his memories, his future, and his dreams of things to come, ,.- ff v--47 -J fl ' -3 41 1 'X Cherril Abbey Richard Anderson Edward Armbrust Samuel Baca Gary Barber Mary Beach Marlene Boghosian David Brest Dennis Brest Robert Bria Nancy Brintnall Ben Brown -..- .... Saeed C :til Urid-1-rE.:l. Mary Ella Byrd . ,X ' H or Ke-rky 'CI 11 ci YE. Ii.: S Fill 'lVlI'1f"iI' SQIYIOIS , 3, ..., , renee Mcrgqfsnn Ciranna 3 Pchxngi n xi y Paul Cabral Lynn Carlson ff' 1' I' Ronald Carlson -Y he Mary Ann Ciranna qu veg! wifi Roger Claus RTV l ,X 5 Iames Collins Connie Colton lean Crisller ia . 'YF A 3'v'2"' David Cudney 'W Frank De Petro Sharon Elder if-' pf ,fl f Q! Donald Foster Charles Fox Ieannine Halet Diane Hampton 26 -1? '-fr -- A, My T' Lee Freeman Iudith Fry Margaret Glassey Richard Grumet Patricia Hanna lo Ann Harrison Bruce Hauger William Hawthorne Dennis Humphry Iean Iolly Marian Kerby Annette La Franchi Donald Livingston Rachel Luna Yvonne Mandy Charles Mankian Gary Marshall Shirley Martinelli Charles McGehee Barbara McKinnon Gerald Merz Rita Montgomery Sally Moore Ioy Morissette Io Ellyn Morton Richard Nassiei Stephen Newlin Pearl Northrup Grads-to-he eye prom, senior deadline, hucculuureute, luncheon, commencement, and big ull-night party. Who says Co-Ed Cooking doesnt poy oft? The W'58 seniors substitute a slush-kabob dinner tor cr senior play, and money rolls in Carolyn Petteter, president of the senior council, Mrs Casjens, class advisor, and Old Chet Chuck Morrikion keep the affair rolling. st - we 4 t,,rewwMvq1v 2'-."' .,f"Y !"" 17- Franklin Parrino Donald Pecarovich Norma Pennington Bonny Perfect Iohn Perkins Carolyn Petteter lames Randolph Penny Hiker Lieselotte Rode Arlene Ruiz Karma Schneiter Timothy Scott 28 Pat Sullivan Carol Sylvester Susan Thies lrczie Turiace Carol Underhill lean Vullo Gerald Seielstari Lynn Shelton Lenora Simone Frank Sinanian C Michele Slaboda Eizabeth Smith Iames A. Smith Iames V. Smith William Smith Charles Soutter Vicki Steiner Georgiana Strickley '? 1- 29 Roy Wallace Arthu Ann Ware Robert Williamson an ra nn ii mso o-, A 5 IU J cmette Winbum Senyu Wood Carol Young S Q-A Uplink 0' M! PJ UOLVQLU A 41' lv by 'lx MQW! M lp if nj U L mf ob jf pu U J ,L 30 fzwfflflfflf ll VC? ,Ll ff A wav ,fw J' 'A Hel Q I 1 M WJ J ddiflwljjfvob iifl fm 'M ,Nw lf ,pl .f'kllhlQU'Qf0'JflWflC fl OJ wlllllllulffj lm? fl PGWAI jflflfg ly f 'N W Cfvwwfvjmggl ji 1 YUC6' EIL B L IBHH th UMJA1 I-IlldyDk Welch fb 1 J pl d th t p g k p bf 830 h Pt ,core ,znt Y . G G10 CHERRIL ABBEY Ir Coll ge MOOR Staff Iunior Council Senior Sweater Comm La Cadenitas RICHARD ANDERSOIN College Prep Argonauts H1 EDWARD ARMBRUST College Prep Argonauts H1 Y SAMMY BACA General GARY BARBER General Band Orchestra Football Mgr Dance Band MARY BEACH College Prep Orchesis L s Nouvelles G A A MARLENE BOGHOSIAN General Las Cadenitas Light G Shadow Iunior Red Cross G A A DAVID BREST College Prep Track C Football B Band DENNIS BREST College Prep Football B Track C ROBERT BRIA College Prep Football V IV Baseball V IV Varsity Club Ir. Exchange NANCY BRINTNALL College Prep CSF, Los Hidalgos-Sec. FTA. Soc. Ch. Library Club-Sec. BEN BROWN General Annual Staff MARY ELLA BYRD Business PAUL CABRAI. College Prep. Ir. Exchange Baseball-IV Football-V, IV Senior Sweater Comm. LYNN CARLSON College Prep. Football-C, B, V Varsity Club Track RONALD CARLSON College Prep. MARY ANN CIRANNA College Prop Los Laureados MOOB-Editor in Chief C SF --Life Member ROGER CLAUS College Prep. Basketball+IV IAMES COLLINS College Prep CONNIE COLTON General Student store Red Cross IEANIE CRISTLER Busin ss La Hoalauna DAVID CUDNEY College Prep Latin Club Usher Club Gym Team FRANK DE PETRO College Prep Varsity Club Football V Baseball V SHARON ELDER General Future Nurses Las Vencedores DON FOSTER General CHARLES FOX College Prpp Iunior Council Key Club Basketball-C B V Baseball-IV LEE FREEMAN College Prep. Annual Salesman IUDITH FRY Business Majorette Campus-Treas. La Ieunesse Girls' League MARGARET GLASSEY College Prep. Girls' League Sec. C.S.F.-Life Member Las Cadenitos-V.P, La Hoalauna-Pres. RICHARD GRUMET College Prep. Football-C, B Track-C IEANNINE HALET College Prep, Moana Kea Hacquet,ers C.S.F. SV2 Yr. Grad. DIANE HAMPTON College Prep. La Hoalauna Drill Team H1 fl-V 109' PATRICIA HANNA General Laule a Las Cadenitas Light G Shadow MOOR Staff IO ANN HARRISON Les Amies V P Las Sonadoras Annual Stall Drill Team S Sd BRUCE HAUGER College Prep. Football-V Baseball-V Commission Ir. Exchange BILL HAWTHORNE Fine Arts Alpha Rho Tau-Pres. Art Club A.H.S. Disc Iockey TOM HENRY College Prep. ION HESSELGESSER Fine Arts Football-C Annual Salesman DENNIS HUMPHRY College Prep. Cross Country-V CSF. Allis Hi Y Track-C, V IEAN IOLLY College Prep. l,os Laureados Senior Council Las Cadenitas-Pres. C SF. Life Member MARIAN KERBY College Prep. La Hoalauna-Sec. Drill Team Fashion Show Model ANNETTE LAFRANCHI General IANICE LETTS College Prep Senior Council Girls League Racqueteers ALBERT LEWIS General DON LIVINGSTON College Prep Basketball V Speaker of Leg1s Allis H1 Y Ir Exchange RACHEL LUNA Business CHUCK MCGEHEE College Prep Basketball IV BARBARA MCKINNON General French Club Las Sonadoras Pres Light G Shadow YVONNE MANDY College Prep Debate Light QS Shadow Racqueteers CHARLES MARIKIAN Ir College Football B V Ir Exchange Iwgislature Varsity Club GARY MARSHALL College Prep Basketball V B C Football V C r Exchange Pres Allis H1 Y SHIRLEY MARTINELLI College Prep Los Laureados C S F Life Member Iunior Statesmen-Pres. Moana Kea-V-P GERALD MERZ College Prep. Baseball-IV V Basketball-B, V Allis Hi-Y Ir. Exchange RITA MONTGOMERY General La Hoalauna-Pres. Campus G.A.A. MOOR Staff SALLY MOORE Business IOY MORRISSETTE General Lanakila Tri Hi'Y IO ELLYN MORTON Business Pequenitas La Ieunesse RICHARD NASSIEF College Prep. Football-B IV A Cappella Choir Track-B STEPHEN NEWLIN College Prep. Football-V Key Club Varsity Club MOOR Sports Editor r.g..i.1.1. PEARL NORTHUP General Campus Les Amles Pres Legislature G A A FRANK PARRINO College Prep Allis H1 Y Ir Exchange Boys Federation I QQ? 9 DONALD PECAROVICH College Prep Basketball IV NORMA PENNINGTON Ir College Pequenltas Pres Ir 61 Sr Council Glrls League Na Alll V P BONNY PERFECT Ir College Comm ot Girls Pequenitas Pres La Ieunesse Pres Senior Council IOHN PERKINS General ,g 1.1 0' W, 4, Q... 1- ' .N .L Qt. . 31 Eager-Very Eager-Beavers .I 9 . fm, ' 1. A. In V tg M I-Y . if g . . U I' .V 7 :I -. , ' I ' I - e l sf. Gigs GAA. . c. . . ' - I I 1 4 H I .SF q,. -YA EFL I l r , -il I .I V. ' -- ,swf .4 l' F I ' I . i'I 'B . ' I 1 Z B a V . 1. I .,,. ww 4 Mai? Wg f ff if mf 'f fi , Q5 X1 I L.. M. W 1 41 iii? 5 'Of -ai i I 'aff' i ff V i Q! s 7 ' A Q X6 . I iii 1 in 0 1 Q 1 I f 'f M Q 1. 7 'W' ' K x -' i- ,ZG N 3 A7 7 .. .,. 4 v, 1 ff if fix 29 D, E ig fl 1 ' , 3 1 in Y W? 5 .Ii if it Ei .. 'f, . ,f U 5 .1 of 4 ze www N N- Y. f s AL. 3 u '4 1 3, 'W :ff , 57,41-fg 4 vain M 4 wfff' Q fe ,inkf ' 2 In gpv . M Z av A' 1 '22 ga , W fini? Q 1 f "' kfillz .255 " 5 F 4 Q Q AA af 4 ff EQ, Q wi ff fl 45 "tw D 5 Q df bf W if KT :7 L ki Aff' XXALLAN x, ,, Jcffxjf ,sg my J Pin-, Sweater-, and Letter-happy CAROLYN PETTEI-'ER College Prep Senior Councll--Pre.: Los Laureados Las MoraseV -P lr. Council IAMES RANDOLPH College Prep Football-IV, B Basketball-B PENNY RIKER General LIESELOTTE RODE General A Cappella Choir Library' Club 3:!!2 Yr Grad ARLENE RUIZ College Prep La Hoalauna Light 'S Shadow MOU? Sen1or Editor " . fv 4 f' ,. Senor S A eaer Carry.. KARMA L. SCHNEITER Business TIMOTHY SCOTT College Prep Allie Hi-Y- -Pre: Hi-Y Council -P, lr Exchange Football-V IERRY SEIELSTAD College Prep Football-V, IV, B LYNN SHELTON College Prep Las Cadenitas A Cappella Choir LENORA SIMONE Business Peauenitas lla Alii Raqueteers FRANK SINANIAN General MICHELE SLABODA College Prep Comm. Sec Majorette Ir KS Sr. Council Las Moras ELIZABETH SMITH College Prep, IIM SMITH College Prep Band Track Saskeihall IIM V. SMITH College Prep WILLIAM SMITH ool.ege Prep Cornr: General Los Laureaoio: Sr of Ir Council 'Ia lo 'l V I3 fl? 'lr' CHARLES SOUTTER College Prep Fl-Qfifilie lf . ,,, . Ke" Cqgo fu I 11- 1 Jerrna: our - ,N , VICKI STEINER oeliege Prep Lo.: Laureadoi Song Leader Cornr: oz Act Lag: Mora: GEORGIA STRICKLEY General Las Sonadoras Future Nurses PAT SULLIVAN General CAROL SYLVESTER College Prep. Hi-Hatters Future Nurses SUSAN THIES Fine Arts Legislature Sr Girls' Glee IRENE TURIACE Business CAROL UNDERHILL Business Racqueteers La Hoalauna Legislature G:rls League Board IEAN VULLO General ROY WALLACE lr College Yell Leader Key Club Gyrnnasticv- V Varsity' Club ARITHA ANN WARE Couege Prep l'l1-Hatter.:--V -P Future ffurxez 'J -P. German Clak, Senior S'-'.'9'l'f'I' Ciixzr. ROBERT WILLIAMSON College Prep C S F- Life lflertiliffr Legislature Football --C Gerrrian Club SANDRA ANN WILLIAMSON General Laule'a IEANETTE WINBURN General Hi-Hatter La Hoalauna SENYA WOOD Fine Arts CAROL YOUNG College Prep, Sophomore Pres, lr Council Las Moras-- V -P. La leunesse ff Ens72n VVEEK In Memoriam N, Y . jx Edward Roger Barrett, Ir. William Holland Bowles Gary Cushing A ,ck t 1 ' 1 l 1 CJ' ' 'lf L , v if ' bi W 4 L' 4 4 1 L I O J eelfllwulllng the count-down h , dir, s K . 5 1-4? ,,., , all ' I fc 7 f 11.12 Council Clet rt fu r a v ezlviass E ruipped in hi lvy League space-age suit, ine seni r M r y as ready to be launched er the wide wide world Before blasting off for territ ries unkno NH reminiscent Moors sat down and thought of what they had com- pleted in their four year career at Alhambra llia t Sch l lr his ninth yea lce Mocr was eager to ta e tc ine ff rld that he could R ck'n Roll fell as any ne so he put cn a very suce cessful dance called the Hearts l-top." Cn beainnina the s ph m re year a whole new w rld pened up f r lcey, Clubs were made ayailable f r th se Nh had suffered thr ugh the ninth grade, praying for the day they could join these powerful groups. And the almighty junicr saw the hope for a new and beautiful Alhambra l-ligh, but he also saw this hope fade away with the last at the midetermers. Bdn, Kathy Ol-lolloren, ,Steve W1lletLfHow 2: Ken Ccrresio, Mike ey ' ' As for the senior, he was well adjusted to space, after getting along without an auditor- ium in his senior year. Overnight the world had grown far beyond its narrow limits. The space age had arrived and with it the senior Moor. Remember? The first day as an A-l2 wearing the blue senior sack with an emblem of little Ioe Moor holding up a cracked pillar . A . the senior play when the whole school went that-away in true western style . . . how it felt to know that senior deadline was Friday the thirteenth , . . Then came the prom . . . sen- ior luncheon t . . baccalaureate . . . graduation at Moor Field and the all night party in rapid succession. The class of S58 produced more than its share of leaders, class officers, class counselors, commissioners, and legislature representatives, and among other things, many fine scholars. 37 It's oil to the engraver, type-setter, printer, hinderg and the yearbook is reudy for distribution. IUDY FINCH Editor in Chief MARVIN BOGGS Art Editor Talking, writing, discussing-and worrying -made life interesting for the literary staff. At first there seemed so much time for dead- lines, then too littlel A sudden change of theme jolted already-formulated plans. Ef- forts had to be redoubled to get out the neces- sary copy, which was so difficult to extract from those budding literary geniuses on the staff. Early morning meetings and criticisms of written work added to the stress. The staff members were seen roaming about inter- viewing faculty members, administrators, and PTA. officers. "lust the facts, Ma'm," seemed to be their motto. After the unique annual cover design was chosen, the artists of the annual staff devoted their energies to the creation of the clever car- toons which are scattered throughout the yearbook. Hilarious, yet true, the cartoons de- pict the various phases of Moor life. Other artistic contributions from the silently active SHARON DUNN Business Editor art staff enriched the pages of the annual. Without them, the Alhambran would surely have been drab and lifeless, and beneath their modest exterior, the members of the art staff cannot help but feel prestige and im- portance. "Come back some other time when l feel more inclined to talk to you, next year, per- haps." Such an exasperating remark from a client of the business staff was challenged by the determination of the Alhambran ad seekers. The ambition to become business editor spurred them on to greater conquests. Every one of them employed an uncanny amount of tact and charm in his quest for advertisements. Each knew hours of filing re- ceipts and general tension. In lune all the tribulations of the various staffs were forgotten, and the whole annual staff felt the glow of satisfaction over the com- pleted ALHAMBRAN. 39 E fv- ART STAFF Cleft to rzghtl Row 1: Marvin Boggs, Ienrtie Gordon, Mrs Boone lrxdv J, Nlclc Provenzono. Row 2: Bom Brown loom Sl1ottucl4,lo Scltoefer, Melirldo Bartley ,wffil vtfefllwltl 279 Qff Xt FY L lf NU' XXV' I LITERARY AND BUSINESS STAFF llefi 'L rlght Row 1: ltldy l.lY.Cll Mxy Sizpg. fi: ri QB Dunn Shannon Gxllegpie, Boziple Knott RowW2: Andy Copeztrc BQ. P2 Ayleeri fic Bok l-loxdii, Mr Eiiriondxori 'adv lv f L54 Morvm Boggs B111 Bowles Shxrley Bmccxo Dave Brown Sandy Brown Ralph Bruno 1-J, lllter tour long yeurs seniors leuve ll. ll. S. - u little wiser, u little better prepared lor living. ...4-f pa In 'if 1""' 'TV .Lt :fe '15 YT' Ken Caresio Carmen Chiarenza Arlene Connor Iames Daleo Gerald Dell f,.,-'4 v , 6 ll Henry Cardinale Ernest Cheever Lynn Collins Ianice Cousens Iackie De Bemardi ,,,4 Ralph Caputo Mary ou Cantacessi Roger Butkus lea ne Busser Catherine Chambers Ray e Pat Carroll ar ar ejgts? Robert Cockrell Lin a Clemens ' - mda Clark Sharon Cosby Iames Cook onme oo WEYUS Georganne Davis Vince Davies Shirley David Cf ill Daugherty 111 BILL SMITH 'vtzi .'.' 1'iY'.'I' Gt,-rw-'N 11M LEA f.I1L1.9il1f.'ff Jfxflf 't.::zi.a.1"'1-7 Cf Bfni MRS. LUTTRELL A'i','1 42 Responsibilities, decisions, eri CHAD GLEDHILL Cozriiiiissioricr of Boytz Socicil Chfrirmori SHARON WARD C'ffT.YY.i.'1!1fUItf:T of Cliii ' LINDA LUDTI' zrriix 'KOIIVAT Ot r1riQAr IAN COMSTOCK Aunt Comm of Firicirice ,.,.,fff-"H""""Xf' fit- BULL DAUGHERTY I C' Comrriizsfsiorier of Activities BONNY PERFECT C' rzirriimsioxer ot Girl: ffiil-INCY MATTILA CC0r:ir:1g,s.sioriQr of Pirie Arm :rirriissiorier ot C ' - IUDY FINCH Ccziiziissioner of Literature DICK FISHER Coziirriixsioricr of Athiciiczs PAT SULLIVAN f:OII1IftI,'.'IOHQT of Girl: TONI GALASSO li',!i1iT1I,5.31UfiV'1' ot Iiryirtr. MARY SMITH Amt Comm of Literature ses, and lu RHETT RECHENMACHER Commissioner ot Athletics VICKI STEINER Cw::i':1i.'.'1om2r of Activitias SHIRLEY BRACCIO Cciiirtii.-'stoner of Finomce MARY ANN CIRANNA MOOR Editor ull part oi the activities und duties ot the commission There are all kinds, sorts, and shapes of Moors, one of which is called the active Moor. lf one should like to catch a glimpse of this type, it was certain that he could be found last fall during third period around, about, or inside E7. He was easily detected by the rather large, rectangular sign dangling from his back which conveyed peculiar messages such as: "Lick Keppel, lOc." The result of this Lick Keppel campaign was the commission scholarship. The active Moor was also a re- sourceful one. Upon leaving El Moro Ball- room, he discovered Club El Morro. He bat- tled the elements with open-air assemblies. l-le engineered a very successful winter prom. l-le carried on with steadfast determination in the midst of flu epidemics, CBS., and crumbling buildings. "But we can't do thatl We don't have an auditoriumlu "What's the weather report for Monday? l hope it doesnt rain." Such comments as these were uttered by our spring commissioners. ln spite of the open-air assemblies and the problem of buildings being torn down and others' being put up, the spring commission came through like true Moors. They set a goal of SSLUUU worth of shares to bring over two foreign ex- change students and worked to meet that goal. They gave a scholarship to a graduat- ing senior. They spoke to the eighth grade classes of all the grammar schools. They judged pep sauad tryouts and successfully put over a backwards dance. As the year finished in its mad whirl of excitement and honors, one saw that the active Moor was a successful Moor. X ufgfvkf MARILOU SWANSON MOOR Editor LYNN BARKER Speaker of Legislature C CHUACRTIYETNBAE-Niiiri' e 5, 'Speal-wr-oi,.Legis1ature ' 4 BRUCE HAUGER Rally Chairman CAROLINE LAWSON Rally Chairman MICHELE SLABODA Secretary CLARE YERGER MARGIE RIHS SHIRLEY ROBERTSON Historian LAUNEE IESSEE Historian Reading, writing, vocab, spelling, themes, term papers, grammar, lit plague seniors. A Moors first wonder- ings on the opening doy of high school bring him to ct new depcrrtment - thot of the English tecrcher. The ninth grorde is dedi- cdted to feeding this hun- gry Moor with so much grommotr, vocctbulory, ond spelling words thot his hunger is more thgn slightly gppegsed. Comes the tenth grotde, :Ind ct screwy mgchine is ploced in front of ci roomg cr sentence is floshed ocross or screen ot one - one jillionth of g sccond, ond Moors otre otsked tc give oll sorts of detotils on the sentence. After tenth grodo Eng- lish hos completely des- troyed the Moors foith in humotnity, the eleventli yectr tgkes or literotry gp- prootch, Longfellow ond l-lemingwoy combine to give loe Moor ci picture of Americgn ctuthors. The twelfth grctde crlso hots ct combinotion-two instollments of THE TERM PAPER - whi G Ed Arrnbrust, Shirley Mortinelli, Betty Miller ftopj, and Mary Ann Cironno compare term papers M one of two things: enlist- edge thot cctn never be ment in the Morine Corps quenched - compliments or ct thirst for knowl- oftheEnglishDepc1rtment. F k -XBEITEUM Fuchs Ioe Fullmer Toni Galasso G ger Licnne Gervusi Nick Ginndomenico Tom Gicxndomenico Tony Galluppi Charlene Gcrgaro Shannon Gillespie l Sheila Gilmanj 6 rried oiiicers, und humorous hearings -.Aw Sl 'L rt? ki lX""' f" i ,N if fd, tru' 4,4 "rf T' ZW" 1 Chad Gledhill Paul Gledhill Elizabeth Glover Daniel Gonzales Ienniier Gordon Gail Gray William Gray Paul Greaves Shirlie Grove Gary Hadsell Richard Harrison Bob Harrison Bill Harrison Kay Hart Linda Hartmann Mike Hoffman Donald Hooker Linda Hopkins Patricia Hughes Barbara Hyde f-5 It's a going, thriving, healthy organization. .ff- i' t : EEE lillllh GIRLS' LEAGUE Cleft to rightl Karen Lewis, Pat Sullivan, Frances Cosan gl, Kay Lewif lfileri Croff, Launee lessee, Bonny Perfect, Iariie Kramer Margaret Glaazey, Malinda Sutherland, Ioan Lacey Sharon Manderson Ianice Li-ttf Carol Underhill Itidi llavis Iudy Sparks, Linda Kemp Artha Ware i N GIRLS' LEAGUE tlfltt to right, Row l: Linda Kemp, Iudy Sifflflf' Sylvia Siillivirz 541,--tif: Tyifr Mfirqif- Gothi,ffr'1 Iufli I Martha Prancone, Mfilinda Sutherland Row 2: iiirl,-iri Voigt Ioarzif I ici fi'-viola Murray, Linda Her,- fii:.: 2 1' ff .iigmiri Iudy Greene Franca-.' Canaria Anna Milf fizpx To create a girl Moor, clip for her scrap book . Page one, first semester, the reminie scences of the B9 welcome party i r . oriental lanterns . . . bright kimonos against a bacl: ground of 'lGetting to Know You", . . Page two . . , memories of a swirl of winter attire , . . morning, noon, and night and the season otfie cially opened. Page three . . . tape in feather souvenir of "You Ketchem Dayif , boy catches girl . . . girl catches books all Moor fun. Page four . . , paste in the girl of each month, elected for outstanding service to the school, Page five . . , dry the Water from the edges of the paper and get in l'Your Last Splash f , . sending the senior girls off with the traditional tea, Page six r , , glue in birthe clay card sent to every girl in the school, Continued second semester . , . Page seven ,'lSaolie l-lawkins Day, when the tables were turnefl and the boys toted the girls books t , . reminiscences of a border of daisies Page eight , . . My Heart Belongs to Daaay ',., the theme of :ne fathereaaughter bariauet nearts and all. Page nine . . flln the spring a young mans fancy, but a young' woman is fancierf The proof came with the style show, Swinging into Spring." Page ten . . . recora a scholarship to a graduating girl one for each semester. Page eleven . . write The Endi with deep regret Boys' Federation-loaded with good intentions but lethargic 3,5 BOYS' FEDERATION Cleft to rightl Frank Parrino, lim Lea, Gary Suess, Pat Allen, Sam Rosselli, lim Menconi, Every now and then a Moor hears mentioned a strange name-the Boys' Federation. All boys are members, but not all know they are. The Federa- tion, having a limited constitution, has an egually limited program of activities. Due credit must be given for the assembly which is arranged each year for the boys. An interesting feature is sought, and that assembly may be the only time during the year that the name "Boys Federation" is heard. At last, recognition is given to a HBoy of the Month"-following the girls' idea bv several months. flior a while it might have been thought that only the girls showed leadershipl. Now outstanding Moors are given a chance for honor. The Boys' Federation, though severely limited, has added to the high school scene-another namel The boys just do not have the interest and drive of the girls in having an effective school organization for all the boys. They seem to prefer efforts by smaller organizations, which offer manifold activi- ties. Anyhow, the boys are given a feeling of rep- resentation by the Federation, though there can be no comparison between it and the Girls' League. IQ-H ,, ,..,......-.-- : Science-liction fiends come into owng in this nge oi Sputnik, Muttnik, and Explorer- nething's impossible AND lt.'r,U ini.iaiu,i iuim xiii ,WX 3 Bruce Hauger Melvyn Michaelian, Ned Taylor, Bonnie Kendall discuss finding: H1 Cl'lOlTll.9lT'y' EX,'3QI'lIT19Yll When Alhambra High science-math students did a repeat TV performance, the leading guestion was: What do We teach about rockets? The students tried to explain that the science courses at AHS were designed to meet the need ot todays technological age, by proe viding basic skills and tools. Scienceemath majors Wade through books, Work problems, pertorm experie ments, and ask searching questions to see just Why everything Works, and to prepare tor advance studies. Science books cover everything from metallurgy to nuclear physics, trom lever problems to television sets, and trom simple eauations to advanced sys tems, but all in moderation. The Welle seasoned scientist can specialize in col- lege. High school is the place to exe plore, study, ask auestions, and learn. The student makes acids, bases, along with his own brand ot cookies Cseasoned with hydrochloric acidl, laughing gas, and Ubarking dogs." The physics student builds simple ma- chines, wires one-tube radios, and cre- ates artiticial lightning. To date no students have sent ott a rocket to the moon, Keep your eye on the science building, it could happn yet. as i I7 Q... 'T' 4:7 Mike lacobellis Ayleen Ito Edward lefffies Lfllmee lessee Evellm Jessup Allen limes Bob It-,nes Shirley longs Clarence Iordan Randy Iuengst Sally Io Iurasek Lou Kalny 50 4 as is 'D 2-5'- ff ,ff CA Ifllej wr'-' Q 4?-J N-:P -J "5" 'TE' fL"' ,nw 'I'-9 sq-J w-'MTV S-44" WSU! 50-new Vp' ii George Kamer Larry Kiesel Shirley Kuntz Iames Lea Cecelia Lenhardt 'CC' Bob Karnes Luanna King Iacqueline Lamb Bob Lee Bruce Lent 'W -zaifil' if .A Z, Rosalie Karnes Ruth Kitabjian Carol Lanenga Bob Leemon leanette Letts Richard Kauffman Michael Kavanaugh ... - .U Ianet Knox Patricia Laub '-:- ---' BoydLemon Mary Io Lewis lanice Likins I Yi? Adrienne Keys Ianie Kramer Caroline Lawson Mike Lempke Gary Lindgren 5l .vw vo 'UV' ,,.n,y. .41 ,pany Q" Hilberl L' meier Leo Lodes Chrislina Lofberg William Lomax Norman Long Linda Ludl - Gene lVIcCarihy Larry McC1anahan Douglas McCormac Edilh McCoy Randy McDowell 3 flare RET!-Nl aff? Y MI- '- hw-X C5 -A veev l Qfwfwfh OL C711 L' " L ' Q6f,X7'PQymz ll 4' P-01 M ,N 1? 5' ix 'll 'L 'S up., ,..,f' 1: Kathleen McGinnis Vay McGlone Narmette McManaman Iohn McMick1e Leatrice Mamola Edward Marasco Tom Martin Kathleen Mariinich Roberta Marzec Corky Mason Iames Massey Nancy Matlila 52 QMA ,X 4 ,7 V ff605 ff K 2 Q4 f The M003-litmus oi campus opinion MOOR - that name signifies not only a student of Alhambra High School, but also the school newspaper at Al-l.S, loe must have some inkling of whats happening to his fel! low students, and what better way to find out than from a paper that has twice been awarded an All-American rating? Most people say it must be a tremendous amount of work to put out a paper. Yes, it is work, but with that work comes a glow of satisfaction from knowing that one has actue ally written a news story, typed a column, read page proofs, corrected galley sheets, laid out a page, solicited an ad, composed a headline, Yes, it's work, Yes, its fun. Most people don't know whether "T" is something you drink or play golf with But to those who knew him, he's the man who gives that expert finishing touch to those stories that aren't quite up to par. Hes the man who picks up the page proofs from the print shop and corrects each one as carefully as you please. And he's also the man who treats sev- eral starving students to grape juice bars from the cafeteria. Copy credit . . ad layouts . . assignment sheet . . deadline day , . pick up the engrav- ing . . Work? Yes. Fun? Yes. 4, MOOR STAFF .eit fo rignt, Row l: Cherril Abriey Mary Ann Ci a a ,nz A 3 1 jCfI.f:1"Al, Fllzyaketi. Oreb Sian lcer. lun Likercz Row 2: Murcia Me 3 A f' Arxolfl FIB. ipirz Terry Tczzf-y My Tirirzn fudvi Row 3: Bal, H r K my p 3 Robert Meek Charles Mgnzj-ellliall Bob Mesias Don Messer Harvey Metz Marcia Meyers Gail Meyers Dick Middendori Carole Miller Betty Miller Louise Miller Morris Mills Donna Mohr Lois Montenegro Ierry Montgomery Sharon Moran Iackie Munk loe Myers, Ir. Iudy Nagy Ronald Neale Pamela Nowey l Eliza All the world's a stage, and there are more than enough "actors" who think they have just the ability to till it. 'lAre you the men who did the damage in Tacopandos house last night?" No, these are not the words of a writer on the annual staff. They are the words of a young thespian rehearsing his mono- logue before the eyes of his pa- tient drama teacher. The night of one acts and the senior play, with their demanding but happy hours of rehearsal, are all part of the Speech Department. Cos- tumes, makeup, props, curtain call . . . and the curtain goes down on another successful year. "Resolved: That all United States Foreign Aid Be Substanti- ally lncreasedf' There are local, district, and national debate tournaments with many result- ing victories. The debaters travel with their coach to the University of Southern California and come back with the sweepstakes tro- phy. Here is a class of which all Moors are proud, and a class which helps to create a good many young orators of tomor- row. "What's in that big building between the East and West wings? A new Moor is likely to ask such a question as he be- comes oriented to the campus, and he gets the answer in his Fundamental Speech classes, a requisite for every freshman. Some may talk too much, others may talk too little, but they aver- age out to be good Moors in the long run. The family pets, life's ambitions, and the curfew hour are a few of the discussion topics heard in individual speeches. beth Oreb Gloria Oswald 'lTnrockrnorton, you are a blaclcguardlw says Roger Stokes to Mike Calagna as Sharon Price intervenes. Glenda Hxfldell encourages more action Iackie Page Nicholas Parrino Martha Pash Carole Payne fd Two tireless music men blend voices und instruments 'san-may-we-'mmm-w ,L X 1 1 sv, 0 X .f 1 , GIRLS' GLEE 'lvl' TQ r1gL1'l Row 1: lALlClllf" Hulk 53111110 H111Cl1m1sOn, l..Ul1I'C1 Collmgz, Mary 'N1ll111or1, l-Jll.1ClllfI Agagrnnlcxn, lane! Swan, Kurcn Clay, ll 1r1r1+' F3:1"'.'f KN-fr. Kuff-2 Row 2:Sl1um1'1l11:11-r'1qo,I11dyGrmflr, Borburo White, Bclrbcm Arxqf-10, lcycf- l..lQ'-?lZ Suzan Benzer, lean Vullo, lvldllftxl-'ll lu -:1 li :rv 7.1: Q Row 3: Cl1f,:'., l,1r1'l I1g-1111 lifelil-rrmrdl I1-1,1:1 lrw1:1 Hcwferxfn l3Yl1Cl.,1 l 1,1:.:.1 l'11. lf.,' l.2Ilfl1,1 lirflwf-r, l,orrc111r1-if lon.: Carol MCl51"Fll1Oll I l . s'."1 ' 'V H .JIU ' How 4: li1tg1', Al el ltr-ll 11- 'l'1,1',lwr l11r11',-I l'111.d 'llLII. lf ,, lf1::.1, li! vf-'.l.1:I:1' Mlrdpb Riwf- 'rllll M1-',+r,', flvlffr- a .".,' ,,1:. l'1..'it1 1' 11:1 M1:Il.1l'r1:.1'1:1'- 9 E 46425 Pl gh .. :1 ' I X1 i I 5 BOYS' GLEE CLUB ' Till' Row 1: HOQQY Sl59I'1'If'Y I1 7. Y ' Wt. M155 uf-1 "'n' 7 lizz.--I 1. Row 2: 'jg ' ri'1 Mike V"rTC'11f-flit licr. lvi..rp:.',' , 1 ' 1:31 llff fy, M: 'iflllfi 2'1" 56 LO. xl fit lil, im, 0 0 0 V ,L ln mel n oi m su: gd . , L' A fy kj A L W ' ' W 'J' ff in ' , ff? Q xl Q X L b L Z A, MW if X' V27 M O. ML Q? LP. . W, 1, XL V 7 O44 A CAPPELLA CHOIR 'Taft to TIQRU Outside Row: Lzzalwth Orch Iirti McDer.T1o,. I, W1 Nl' QNM1ll'r'm BP? 3f'1'LwA' QW 3' HL' I-'ffm Tv'f"'L"'l IX'5CkYJS.Hi1?2f Russ Mgrpipy Gary Ifirtzr. Kf1:11Vq'.'1,1 Ierry Slll.iVC1I'. ML1YV'1Y'1I5C J. ru- .,.. L , V , . R .pu .J x,. J, .....x , . . , qLr.f-r CE..1rIf-. Br1.,i',' Enrbfzrfz HTIQL Teff! to mqlxf' Inner Ro ' ' Iy,,.,., K.,.,v C,1,,,w:,,, .,f'. ., ,.. ,n,....v' ',..: . WL.. Fdzzxondx Bf-tty M1.if?F Icnririe Ryder, , ' -ww wa Km RAM C JYCX Payriff I.'.1r1ri:. Kxiq 1.911 to right 1 : 3' Ln., ffr ' r 1 Con ..,.. may ., cross: SJH3' 5 Lrg, . L.. :IKET .,,, . ,O . v .. ,,.r y rmfzffld .bug Pruchn Vic Gregorie Mf'T1fxT1TV3O.f.X. B11. T Charles Wai: Ma? 1 Bnrdf- .L ' V" C J K m H1 'Jw C3 O rn' Ho' ' V 9'r.'1lf.5'ffS?ii. T1 7:3rit'.f- Ani'-rxir. Cgrczlyri Petifffr Kclthy Mcfviririxx, Ar-fiffllff Clfzlf Grmqff A 'O T L' R' Sf 3 VOXQTIQ Pf:T'.,lIf1f:Ufl, If1'.11:1f-ttf X' H V . ww iff V . FQ , 5? K, r ORCHESTRA MEMBERS: K3 . ... 'flf.. 1'f1.1.'.' ., .f 1 , , , , A v - , " " V " CT. Lx. .g','.3',f. ...ffll 57 ,,C"'3 Debate-where they speak at the drop ot u question. The normal debater lives in constant fear of losing his cards, his well-figured "case," or his guick-think- ing mind. These precocious youngsters are inclined to be a little cocky after they complete the round of tourneys from Stanford to SC to Alhambra and back. The debater constantly strives for poise without conceit, refutationebalancing courtesy, and con- cessions without sacrificing pride. Quite a thin line to tread, Probably the two most important possessions of the Moor debater are National Forensic League points and their debate coach and confidant, 'll-laggief' The novices win their first certificates, the jayvees take home some cups and gualify for nationals. The veterans sit back and help judge the newcomers. Debaters certainly believe that variety is the spice of life. Extemp and impromptue speeches are fun and relaxing. Oratorical declamations release hidden emotion. After-dinner speeches allow -or subtle wit and sarcasm, which usually stay off the debate floor. The hardy group of Moors meet the best speakers from many schools, often coming out on top of the heap, See the full trophy cases. Lasting friendships often are made at tournaments, and when it's over, there is next year's case, cards, and a new outlook on life. 'Qi' BOYD LEMON - Distiquished speaker. DEBATE Cleft to rightj Row 1: Lois Nutter, Donna Bufkin, Iudy Peterson, Ned Taylor. Row 2: Sandra Mandy, Sherry Thomas, Linda Brewer, Ken Obst Row 3: Boyd Lemon, Doug McCormac, lohn Harmon, Earl Ambrust. Row 41 Dennis Washburn, lim Halloran, Alan Lam, Ron Trayner, Bob Gregorio, Standing Cleft to rightli Mr, Hagglund Cadv.J. Fred Minsky, Ioe Weil, Bob Thompson, Tim Mayhan, Chuck Marson, Sue Sargentich Z' Wim Q final 2 V unsung, A - - lb I2 I I 1'-si 1 - 'XVX' ,jr - X T CO' ws- 'um if Sr A "" 'F' -'E' Ioan Perreiah Valerie Perumean Walter Peters David Phillips Charlene Picco Sharon Prell Cecile Prince Nick Provenzano Iohn Provines Douglas Prucha Mike Quinn Frank Randazzo Rh Timothy Regan Carolyn Reinoehl Don Renkvish Carol Rennahan Estelle Resnick F R 42045 l 'f WTP - ' 'lf' l Vi www A , fi--j'UMil ,l , A Ulf dvr' l I, l Ll I.. .V z J , ,I kfpfif, f fy j 'J-Qfif ' UQX. Af J-75 1 A ff wf Q Q, ffm NOelR9UlChd A R552 y Glenda Riddell A ! X A A ' ' Susan Riggs ,el J -,,? .Ni Margaret Rihs 3 5 Shirley Robertson qv? Gary Rogers 4 in R 'V 1 , 3 'V C1 "7'f A , . 'Q' Ama Illfu ' ' William Rogers Charlene Rooke WX I mb- wf I 14 .3 59 Iune Rose Mnney won't buy everything-Confederate money, that is DENT BANK Cleft t ig W . 1: Pot Sullivan, Norm i Prnnington, Toni Gcilcisso, Shirley Brciccio. Row 2: Sandy ssiet, Don Bertelson, hielc Gilman. STUDENT STORE Cleft to rightl Beverly Lotspeich, Ccith erine Chambers, Pot Thetford, Connie Colton, 60 Arnold Shapiro Dorothy Smith Eugene Rossi Alan Rothenberg Dennis Rought Gary Rufener Andy Rusnal: Iulie Saunders lfvanne Schaefer Mike Schilling Doris Schoeppe Marilyn Schramm Nancy Schramm Mary Schwartz Iames Scott Yardley Scully Patsy Shaffer Pamela Shanklin loan Shattuck Geraldine Smith cf -1-17 T? .. 3 N1 CT' .L Cm V .gap Gr ,WH rs, ,I W---1 w 31 Ralph Shea Sharon Shelton Cynthia Shields Reba Smith William C. Smith Dolores Sorenson ug' Cary Shore Susan Spencer 31 an Q 'Q 81" ix Typewriters that can'l spell, adding machines that can't subtract, and wronghand that's real crazy yin Debits, credits, borldnce sheets, ond QWIQDI ore like old friends to the groive Moor who ot- tempts bookkeeping. lf you're the kind of Moor who likes office Work, you hove to put up with inky hgnds, loizy typewriters, sticking keys, ond, of course, chonging those dirty, bldck typewriter ribe bons. Collection letters, nice letters, ngsty letters, ond more letters - does it sound fgmilior? lt should if you took business correspondence. Every doy it seems theres or new letter thot hos to be written. M LL! 1' ,- ,WY4 f if M iffftif lf Double spoce, l2 spotces down, GU stroke line - Whot does it rneon? These phroses orc right oft horne in or typing clotss. lust to rnoke closs more interesting, there ore the five-min- ute tests, the one-minute tests, the teneminute tests, ond the unmentionoble tests. To rnoke CI business course complete, don't forget business low, solesrnonship, generoll business, ond shorthond. Theres enough Work in the Cornmerciol Depoirtment to keep everyone busy, including the tegchers. ltfirmt it W , JW? igfvlt W ,Aff Wx as 5 P G Mr t .1 ic- tice simulates con iti , any office fit o gixon if U' ,ix 'NJ-jill, IL!-1 L X L UL JD if if M glmw is onna Theys Ronnie Thiel 4 fb if X f f 9 W Russell Thomas Dave Thompson Rosalind Tobes Nadine Traughber Dean Tromanhauser Marilyn Troup Iudith Tuel Richard Vals Ierry Vandenburgh Dan Verslu ft Iu ane x eneuve Frances Wagoner Theresa Wallace Nicole Walton Sharon Ward Mike Warmack A slap-happy young thing, o bunker, uranium, geiger counters, Indians, "mon-finders", u ioreign auditorium-ull good iun. The Well-laid plans of Edith McCoy and Charlene Edmunds Cstudent directorsl, Bruce Lent, Doug Mccormac, and Mrs Eunice Wilson Cdirectorl insured a smooth performance. Take one young woman with slightly hair- brained ideas, add a broken - down dudc ranchg stir in a rich young banker with ro-- mantic tendenciesg season with indians, 'lur- aniumf' and a "man-iinderf' simmer slowly tor six weeks and bring to a brisk boil tor two hilarious pertormancesg and you have Tl-lAT'S MY CGUSlNl Uklowdy there, pardneru and 'She went that-a-way" were familiar phrases at Alham- bra during the busy weeks ot preparation tor the S58 senior play. THATS MY COUSTN was presented in true Western style at San Gabriel Auditorium. The cast and hard-work- ng committees had lots oi problems to solve. There was the little matter ot getting sets built at AHS. and then wondering it they would go through the doors ot the other auditorium, Familiar were such remarks as "Where's the master script?" or Nl-low are we going to get to San Gabriel in the tirst place?" and 'lSheritt, wheres you tin star?" and even 'lAdelle, you can't wear pink in that scene, it will clash with the chiet's headdressf' Needless to say, all problems were eventu- 4 fy ,Zi ' ally -solved, and the cast and committees xg ,fef Aff'-62 -ffjiy-iff'-'fngj "cooked up" one ot the best plays seen in X, 7,,,,4,L,,,,,., rf-ff' pf? """'- Zo fthese parts. 'C' 1,-M94 5f5T Vx SENIOR PLAY CAST .en ,C nga? Row 1: Snare: Pret Kei. C412-in Smro.. 110.21 CflQL,M41-C-- GHGIBT- -- C-IU-lit-5 M6Y1d6 ' f-- r V fn ' V ' ' ,rr M, , w,.. -t H. ' ,, ,f...,, ,iii ,, -- f -H--'vm A-7 -V f--., inf,-.f--Y-,,.f,,.,1 . - ,-fir. W J --llulii .. ,1,.E fl i.. . V ...., ,...,. ..,... .. ,... J.,..,,.......-, . . i., cram... my Tf.J., d cott Howfl f' g T Ro 2 I P at B lf T .5 Hifi ir. Circle Pllfii Qoxig Prucfu Mike Lezzipkc Q,-5, lwlv'vl.CZX, Yvonne Clear, Lick Fi,,Ecge: Stoke.: I ESX!!!- '7 :Pri -X . :Tj iv? aaa-1 YSL un i::4.4..g1... ...""'......-"":2 ,,,,...---v-" Mir, . ., ,.,.. ...-..,,,,, ,, -..-. o 'W' .J v ,f-7 A. -N, -rf ff, ,, 9-., -,,-lm -.K 'a CDCIR COUNTIRS P IPI' , 1 RENT uv Nw, Y 5 ..-P .:--.sq .I ., i I , '04 ...Y hi ,H 1 , ,. ' 1 W 2525, . ,Q , Q, if if--325' ' '? '3f' 1: :A Q! 9: D' . I 1 3 W 2 3 H .M 'K X . , 14 f 'Xn.?f?'5 4. AQ, 1 2 a -H, bw -nf -of--wk 'W A, . -1--1 L In fl w 'J 'ilY'i l Q Q 31 'f' 1 . S +5 . 'iv , -" 32 .11 is 3 , I ,iF T Q! 'O 'Y 1 fha - ,mn S x s vw be-x qyb - - la 1 "l3,...- -. M , .W 1.1-.nun pq-annfnnw.-.uv ,eau-m.un..nn..-4 nM4u.M.m-,.4.fw..Y a4.,M...w.u....,,,w, w 1 ,.H, , ,V A ..-..g.,,. ,-..-""'.""l M.-,H get--,.,-413.-03355, . .f....-4.115.fff'f' U ' ...,.,-. ,........-.:,, .n-fu-g'g'i......... . f ,genus :M,.,.nm. nu-n55g,,,........ Msszswrfh Maw, 6 I Il laps will do anything lor you, some oi us are in. Boys' PE. class executes that perfect play in touch football. "All right, you guys - fall in. Right face, left face, about face, fall on your facel I-lup one - hup two - 20 burpies -- 20 jumping jacks. Fine, boys, fine, now take two laps around the field." "Argon, Brown, jones, Schmidlap-Schmid lap, why aren't you dressed?" "Aw, Coach, I left my gym shoes at home. Don't gimme a zero, willya, huh?" "Quiet, Schmidlap. l-lere's the scheDULE for today, guys. Team one will play team two. Team three will play team four. Team five play team six. Team seven, you stop the fights. But before you guys start playinw only got one thing ta say - the next guy that throws a juice can anywhere but the trash can, will be running' laps for the rest of his life." Clank! "Schmidlapl " "Yeah, Coach?" "You got about sixty years left. Get goin'l" This is all very common to male Moors every day in the Physical Education Depart- ment. Healthful exercise, good sportsmanship, vitamin-filled juice from the above-mentioned juice machine, and expert instruction on the part of the coaches pr vide for a healthy, well-rourdlej Moor. 46510 Tama a Wurvarosky Ioan Watson Ellen White Mgjiwfl will W vw VWMWV Ierry Whitton Evelyn Wielenga Roger W lg,-.der li your posture is bud, it will never show in u new suck. ft it f ,fl M ,ff POSTURE CONTEST WINNERS Qleft to right? Luanno King, Yvonne Olson Sandy Erickson, Carole Dorfman, Marjorie Collier, jeanette Bordelli, Stretchl Bendl Twistl Turnl Upl Downl Sitl Standl Hightl Leftl Couple with groans and moans, aches and pains, and stiff, sore arms and legs. Add lockers that won't open, socks that can't be found, towels that turn up miss- ing, shoes that don't fit, combinations that dor1't open "quick as a Wink," dressing in fifteen minutes when it takes at least that long just to comb your hair, and you have the chaos of the girls' gym. But Why is it that girls who are full of en- ergy, vitality, and fun all day are suddenly tired and Worn - out at gym time and havent even the strength to lift the tip of their little finger? This unexplained question has been baffling gym teachers and mystics for years. So far no solution has been found for this perplexing mystery although it has been sug- gested that MAYBE the girls just don't feel like working in gym. Then there's the fun of playing volleyball in a puddly court, or golf on a soggy field, or badminton on a Windy afternoon, or exercis- ing on what seems to be a llU degree day, All these things put together create good clean fun and build strong healthy bodies. A 5 . G A , .. M15-.' 571145 ,S ,..,, .Q ,---',- ., ,.x,:-.--..f,-L ,. -1 fn- . r f- .l .-.12-Z7 . t" v-, 4716, , fy:-f. P- fs-L" 11-45. 1 if f, . it 1.g,f,f.1 A -,f,,-'19 , . , 1 4 ' 5.11-ff: -'rv Pj? '-:X 1' 'f- -2 'i..f,'.-'y"f! ,,.f: -iff.-A ' "-MW. 'f'.1. --'-. -:Z"1' -.X I ,,U,, Lf.-, , 1 Kg, L fn- A, - 4 c,.-5 pk --:-"J, . ,f'J,'-rf,-.-,.' .51 ,- 1-f' F: 1,--..-1,1 tl .- X -,qi ,-H ,-wit -. if" Qt.,-M 5- -,Q . 'ff.,.y., 1.-Q.--I-gn -.-,,i!. ,..-X L":"-1-ij5"'1l'3E' of ' -111.-4-. ' an "' L- "-Q-fr' r' . 'A '-- -'I....g..gLe:.a-..-.H-14 ...' .45 2 i I? '.fa""' , 1-1 . ,,,.,,,, . . .,. . . ----...i....,,,,,,,-V 1 1' llon'I play nn instrument? lIun'l curry u tune? Enroll in u music cluss and let the wellrin ring. Gary Norton, Io Anne Ryder, Georgeanne Davis, Kent Machina carol beautifully at the holiday season. 68 "Figaro, Figaro, Figaro." "You Ain't Nothin' But A l-loun' Dog." All sorts of musical interest were obliged by the Music Department. The music-minded Moor became familiar with one Word: prac- tice. lt was practice, practice, and more prac- tice, under the direction of Mr. Hogan, which produced the polished voices of the a cap- pella choir and girls' and boys' glee clubs. The results of all of their efforts were enjoyed at the musical Christmas assemblies and at the Spring Sing. The orchestra at graduation and at all other occasions, the dance band, and the marching band Were all products of practice and excellent training. To inspire all Moor rooters at the football games, the band marched on the field. Proudly strutting in their new uniforms they set the pace for the pep squad. There were even certain musicians at the basketball games, loyally tooting for our team. At the tense song leader tryouts the band played and played. Although the once comfortably situated Music Department was scattered from the boys' gym to the First Christian Church this year, it remained one of the hardest-Working, most talented departments, that lived up to its motto: 'lpractice makes perfect." f NX ll 0 ' ,M W 9 ' 'Q xg x X X A Nt 'BJQZYK G 0 ,.. i 'x und' L 4 t" Q? Danny Wilcox Steven Willell' Brown Williams Mary Wilmshurst Frances Wilson ' Y Clare Yerger Linda Young Melvin Young THEY COULDN'T TAKE IT Fred Daberkow Ioel Giroux David Nordlund William Orr Lauren Wanamaker or and hooks to the left CI us and Q nzular. t 2.1979 in- 1.. .f1Qlll1l'3T'f? Eager Beavers-Summer, Thut Is BARBARA AGOSTA General Las Marav1llas G A A Llght 6: Shadow ANTONIIO AGUILAR General CECILE ALBERTS General Las Caden1tas French Club GERRY ALLEN General MIKE ALLEN College Prep C S F L1fe Member IUNE ALTFELD College Prep Les Nouvelles Pres Sen1or Play Cost Comm IOANNE ANDERSON College Prep C S F L1fe Member French Club Wr1ters Gutld Leg1slature ROSEMARY ANDREWS General Racqueteers TOM ARCHER College Prep I. g1slature Lat1n Club SAWAKO ASHIZAWA College Prep Leg1slature Na A111 Int Pen Club SHEILA ASSENBERG College Prep Orchesls Les Nouvelles G A A SHARON BABCOCK General Moana Kea Les Nouvelles DAVE BACKHAUS General Ir OpI1m1Sl Band German Club Sen1or Play DIANE BAKER College Prep Pono Lan1 Sen1or Play Cost Comm FRANK BALLARD College Prep IEANETTE BARDELLI General Pequenltas Laule a Orches1s Leg1slature ROGER BARRETT College Prep Orchestra MELINDA BARTLEY College Prep Kea Loha V P Los H1dalgos Orchests IOE BECK College Prep Los HICIQIQOS Sclence Club BARBARA BENNETT General Campus O BRUCE BENSON College Prep ROBERT BERKLEY College Prep Track B C German Club CAROL ANN BERRY Ir College S1lver Pen Sales Les Nouvelles ELAINE BERRY College Prep French Club C S F F1ne Arts Comm Sen1or Play Pub Program IOHN BERRY General Band Orchestra A Cappella Boys Glee Club CHARLOTTE BERTHEL General German Club GARY BISHOP College Prep Football V IV B Basketball IV Leg1slature BONNIE BIXBY General Campus Les Amles TONI BLISS General I-I1 Hatters LOIS BODAMER College Prep Pequemtas Pres Na Alll Ir Statesmen VP Leg1slature MARVIN BOGGS General Annual Stall BILL BOWLES Colleg Prep MOOR Staff SHIRLEY BRACCIO Comm ol F1nance Kea Loha Pres Campus Sen1or Play Make up DAVE BROWN College Prep Track IV SANDY BROWN College Prep Los Laureados Sr Counc1l Leg1slature Clerk Sen1or Play X ou RALPH BRUNO College Prep All1s H1 Y Class Pres1dent A9 Basketball IEANNE BUSSER College Prep German Club ROGER BUTKUS College Prep Basketball IV Usher Club Sc1enc.e Club Lat1n Club MARY LOU CANTACESSI General Flacqueteers Sen1or Play Pub RALPH CAPUTO College Prep All1s H1 oot T ck C NRY CARD NALE College Prep German Club KEN CARESI College Prep Sen1or Coun l Pres Key Club reas Sen1or Pla BARBAR CARPENTER enera Las M ravlllas PA ARROLL College Prep Cross Country V IV Ir Opt1m1st German Club Track V B C RAY CASE General Football C CATHERINE CHAMBERS General Las Maravxllas P B L A ERNEST CHEEVER College Prep X CARMEN CHIARENZA General Football V VQFSIIY Club All1s H1 Y LINDA CLARK General Las Moras OTCh9S1S V P IULIA CLAY College Prep Cademtas Moana Kea Pres Sen1or Scouts Pres CSF LINDA CLEMENS General Las Marav1llas Ir Red Cross ROBERT COCKRELL General LYNN COLLINS College Prep Future Teachers Los Hxdalgos Sen1or Play Cost ARLENE CONNOR College Prep Future Nurses Pres H1 Hatlers V P Sen1or Play Prop Los I-hdalgos BOB CONTRERAS General Football B C Basketbal B Fab1ans Pres Exchange BOBBIE COOK Ir College Campus FBLA GAA IAMES COOK College Prep Football V B C Basketball IV B Vars1ty Club S mor Play .555-'F 1959 General Las Moras V P OFCh6S1S Pres G1rls League s 7 IAN coussus I General Las Caderutas FRED eneral Track V Cross Country IV IAMES DALEO General All1s H1 Y Ke Club KAY COSBY RTY College Prep Comm1ss1oner of Act Class Pres 9th 61 lUth Key Club Pres Tenn1s V General Maravlllas Sen1or Play Prop VINCE DAVIES College Prep Track B Basketball IV GEORGANNE DAVIS General Las Cademtas A Cappella Pres Pon1 Lan1 JACKIE DE BERNARDI College Prep Pequenltas Dr1ll Team GERALD DELL General Tenn1s V IV Leg1slature Basketball D DAVE DE NEAL General Sen1or Play Prop RICHARD DIETZ College Prep Football V B Baseball V ALAN DINGEE General Fab1ans DONNA DISBROW College Prep French Club CAROL DONALDSON College Prep Iun1or Councll Song Leader Las Moras Pres Leg1slature IUDY DONHOST General Las Cademtas OTCDGSIS CAROLE DORFMAN College Prep Pequemtas Lanakela Iun1or Statesmen CHUCK EDGINTON College Prep Football V CHARLENE EDMUNDS Las Cademtas Pon1 Lan1 A Cappella Sen1or Play Stud D1r BOB EDWARDS General Football V IV B Track V Leg1slature TOM EGAN College Prep Allls Football IV CARLOS ELVIRA College Prep French Club V P Iun1or Statesmen Iun1or Qfphmxst IOAN ERNST General Campus Laule a BOBBIE FERGUSON General PAT I-'EWER General Les Nouvelles IUDY FINCH College Prep Comm of Llterature Pequenltas Laule a Iun1or Statesmen .' ' ' 41, ' - - 1 I W Q Je R . ' l 0' A I ' U 4 - . - . - ' " 1 Q fx f U 1 .- . 1 - ' F ll-B r ' F f - Q Senior Play-Cost. Comm. Baseball-E7 g1slature I .2 College Prep. jj M I I . Q . U I e I m . ' '. n - . . -4 VV ow - 'C ' , I , 11.1. . A R i 7 ! RICHARD FISHER College Prep. Comm. ol Athletics Football-V Varsity Club-Pres. Basketball-V BOB FLECK College Prep Baseball V IV Varsity Club Science Club German Club IOE FLORES General Football V B Legislature MARTHA FOXMAN College Prep Moana Kea Latin Club Light 6- Shadow Senior Play Make up Comm ELIZABETH FRACHISEUR College Prep H1 Hatters French Cub MARTHA FRANCONE General Campus Nam Loa Light 6 Shadow Girls League Board GERALD FRANK College Prep Intramural Bowling Science Club German Club CSF College Prep Science Club Usher Club Pres German Club College Prep Key Club Iunior Statesmen BARBARA FUCHS General Las Maravlllas V P German Club Cho1r Senior Play Make up IOE FULLMER College Prep TONI GALASSO College Prep Comm ol Finance Las Cadenitas Senior Play Comm Iunior Red Cross TONY GALLUPPI General Allis Ir Exchange Legislature CHARLENE GARGARO General Las Cadenitas F B L A Pono Lani Youth Co ord Coun BILL GEIGER Geneml l Ir Exchange A Cappella Orchestra Track-C LIANNE GERVASI College Prep Drill Team Kea Loa SCIENCE Club Writers Guild NICK GIANDOMENICO College Prep Track B C Legislature Gymnastics Senior Play Comm THOMAS GIANDOMENICO General Semor Play Gymnastics Track B C Football B SHANNON GILLESPIE College Prep. Las Moras Orchesis-Pres. C.S.F.-Life Member Writers' Guild SHEII.A GILMAN College Prep Los Laureados Comm ol Flnance Senior Sweater Comm Senior Play Ca t IOEL GIROUX General CHAD GLEDHILL College Prep Comm of Boys Key Club Track V Los Laureados PAUL GLEDHILL College Prep ELIZABETH L GLOVER College Prep Pequenitas La Hoalauna Pres C S F Life Member Latin Club-Pres DANIEL GONZALES General IENNIFER GORDON General Annual Art Staff Racqueteers GAIL GRAY College Prep F T A Los Hidalgos WILLIAM GRAY College Prep PAUL GREAVES General Football V IV SHIRLIE GROVE College Prep Kea Loha Band GARY HADSELL College Prep Basketball V B C D Football B C Allis RICHARD HARRISON General BOB HARRISON College Prep BILL HARRISON General Track Cross Country Ir Optlmist Senior Play KAY HART General Drill Team Las Maravillas Pres G A A Senior Pay Prop LINDA HARTMANN General Nam Loa MIKE HOFFMAN General Varsity Club Legislature Football V B X an ii, ' rv f mm NK 1949 DONALD HOOKER General Allis Football B C Track B C LINDA HOPKINS College Prep Girls League Senior Play Comm Las Moras La Ieunesse Pres VP PATRICIA A HUGHES General Las Moras Ir Council Girls League Na A111 Pres BARBARA HYDE Campus F T A V P A Cappella Ir Statesmen MIKE IACOBELLIS General Gymnastics AYLEEN ITO General Los Laureados Ir Councll Girls League Las Moras EDWARD IEFFRIES General Allis LAUNEE IESSEE College Prep Los Laureados Commission Hist Girls League V P Las Moras EVELYN IESSUP General Campus Les Amies ALLAN IONES College Prep Key Club Pres Allis Baseball V IV Track C BOB IONES General Football B SHIRLEY IONES Buslness Campus Freshman Treas Sophomore V P CLARENCE IORDAN General RANDY IUENGST College Prep Key Club Varsity Club Football V B Track B SALLY IO IURASEK General Las Maravillas A Cappella LOU KALNY General Football IV B Track B GEORGE KAMER College Prep Golf IV Latin Club BOB KARNES College Prep Basketball IV D Football C ROSALIE KARNES College Prep Pequemtas Sr Girls Glee RICHARD KAUFI-'MAN General Tennis V IV Band Orchestra MICHAEL KAVANAUGH College Prep Cross Country IV Track V Clean Campus Comm ADRIENNE KEYS General Campus Drill Team LARRY KIESEL College Prep Student Legis All1s Health CS Safety Re Semor Play Cast LUANNA KING College Prep Pequenitas Laule a Orchesis Ir Statesmen RUTH KITABIIAN General Lxbrary Club RONALD KN TT Genera-lfo 0 fe 'ref Writers Guild Pres Annual Staff MOOR Staff Feature Ed Light and Shadow IANET KNOX College Prep Las Moras Lanakela Pres Sophomore Sec Legislature IANIE KRAMER Business Pequenitas Lanakela V P Girls League SHIRLEY KUNTZ General La Iuenesse Pequenitas IACQUELINE LAMB General Drlll Team CAROL LANENGA Business Pono Lani Sr Glee CHARLES LANZI College Prep Baseball Football Key Club PATRICIA LAUB College Prep. F.T.A. Moana Kea Semor Play Make up A Cappella CAROLINE LAWSON College Prep Los Laureados C S F Life Member Yell Leader Commission Rally Ch IAMES B LEA College Prep Commissioner General Commissioner of Boys Ir Council Football IV BOB LEE College Prep Basketball IV Science Club Iunior Statesmen BOB LEEMON College Prep Band Sweater Emblem ROBERT LEGAKES College Prep Football B Track B BOYD LEMON College Prep Debate C F S Life Member Los Hidalgos Ir Optimists MIKE LEMPKE General Football V Orchestra MOOR Staff Senior Play CECELIA LENHARDT General Nam Loa Girls League BRUCE LENT College Prep Legislature German Club Semor Play Stage Mg IEANETTE LETTS College Prep Las Cadenitas La Hoalauna V P MARY IO LEWIS General Les Nouvelles G A A C S F F B L A IANICE LIKINS General MOOR Staff Los Sonadoras Pres F N A Pres Llbrary GARY LINDGREN College Prep Varsity Club Go V Cross Country IV HUBERT LINDMEIER College Prep Football IV Track IV LEO LODES General Track V B C Cross Country V IV College Prep Las Moras Na Alu Legislature Senior Play College Prep A Cappella Ir Statesmen Los Hidalgos Science Club 7l . ' f Q ' . . h ' I 9 P D jj I v :LM I - i ' ' , - xr ' .. " lf- . n ' -i fl I -1 N- L ' , y A I .' 1 - ' I .v ., .' . ' s . 4 , - -' ' . NORMAN LONG College Prep erman Club ctence Club LINDA LUDT ollege Prep Los Laureados Commtsstoner Fxne Arts C F S Llfe Member ampus Pres IO ANNE LYNCH eneral ampus rch.es1s G A A GENE MCCARTHY eneral and LARRY McCLANAHAN ollege Prep ootball B C Allls egtslature DOUGLAS MCCORMAC ollege Prep ebate V Chemlstry Team entor Play Stage Mgr EDITH McCOY College Prep Las Sonadoras Los Hldalgos C S F enxor Play Stud Dlr RANDY McDOWELL ollege Prep arstty Club Football V IV KATHLEEN McGINNIS eneral A Cappella equenltas aule a MOOR Stall ollege Prep r Exchange Pres ootball V B C rac V B C weater Commtttee NANNETTE McMANAMAN eneral es Nouvelles V P IOHN MCMICKLE .eneral and rchestra LEATRICE MAMOLA eneral ampus V P FBLA G A A EDWARD MARASCO eneral Allls egtslature rack C ootball B TOM MARTIN College Prep ootball V B rack V r Councll oys Federatton KATHLEEN MARTINICH eneral ampus Pres F B L A r1ll Team ROBERTA MARZEC ollege Prep Laule a OOR Staff ORKY MASON College Prep Semor Councll Ir Exchange Leglslature Sen1or Play AMES MASSEY llege Prep Sen1or Councll Ir Exchange auf 'GOTY NANCY MATTILA College Prep Comm1ss1oner of Clubs Las Moras Cornmxssloner of Fme Arts Lanaklla Pres V P ROBERT MEEK College Prep Go CHARLES MENDENHALL College Prep Ir Exchange VP Speaker of Legls Sen1or Play Chrxstmas Commlttee BOB MESIAS College Prep Baseball V IV Football V B C Basketball V B Varstty Club V P HARVEY METZ College Prep DON MESSER Coll ge Prep Basketball C Allls Football B C MARCIA MEYERS Ir Colege Nant Loa Pres Pequenltas MOOR Staff Orchesls GAIL MEYERS College Prep H1 I-latters V P F T A Sr G1rls Glee DICK MIDDENDORF General BETTY MILLER College Prep K. a Loha Wnters Gulld A Cappella Los Htdalgos CAROLE MILLER College Prep Las Cademtas La Hoalauna Sen1or Play Make up LOUISE MILLER College Prep C F S Llle Member Moana Kea V P F T A V P Sec Chemtstry Team MORRIS MILLS General DONNA MOHR Coll ge Prep Las Cademtas La Hoalauna Pres Sr Sweater Commxttee F T A Pres LUIS MONTENEGRO General Football B C Track Fablans IERRY MONTGOMERY General SHARON MORAN General Majorette Campus F B L A IACKIE MUNK College Prep Pequenttas La Ieunesse Pres IOE MYERS IR College Prep German Club Sclence Club IUDY NAGY General Yearbook Art Edttor Drtll Team RONALD NEALE College Prep Go IV Sen1or Play GERRI NEHSTATTER General Laule a DAVID NORDLUND College Prep Football C Cross Country PAM NOWEY College Prep Campus Iunlor Statesmen F T A Racqueteers RAYMOND NUNEZ General KATHLEEN O HOLLAREN College Prep Semor Counc1l Las Caden1tas Moana Kea Pres French Club YVONNE OLSEN General Orchests MISS Alhambra Sen1or Play ROBERT OMENS College Prep Track V Basketball IV LIZ OREB College Prep C S F Lxfe Member A Cappella Na A111 MOOR Staff WILLIAM ORR General GLORIA OSWALD College Prep Moana Kaa Racqueteers IACKIE PAGE General Drlll Team Campus La I-Ioalauna NICHOLAS PARRINO College Prep LGQISIQIUTG Allts Track C Basketball C MARTHA PASH College Prep Pequenltas L1ght 61 Shadow Orchesls Semor Play Comm CAROLE PAYNE General Las Marav1llas Ltqht 51 Shadow A Cappella Semor Play IOAN PERREIAH College Prep Pequemtas C S F G1rls League Gtrl of the Month ALERIE PERUMEAN eneral Las Maravtllas Pres Ltght :S Shadow A Cappella Sen1or Play WALTER PETERS General Football C Track C DAVID PHILLIPS General Semor Play Comm CHARLENE RAE PICCO Ir College Las Cademtas Pres Bacqueteers Inter Club Councll SHARON PREI.L College Prep Light and Shadow Pres Spantsh Club Moana Kea Semor Play CECILE PRINCE College Prep Campus Sclence Club NICK PROVENZANO General Annual Staff Football C IOHN PROVINES College Prep Gym Team Track Exchange Club Orchestra DOUGLAS PRUCHA College Prep A Cappella Lat1n Club Sen1or Play MIKE QUINN Semor Councxl Football V B C Baseball V IV Allls Pres V P Legrslature FRANK RANDAZZO College Prep Ir Exchange Legtslature Football B C Track B C RHETT RECHENMACHER College Prep Commlssloner of Athletxcs Football V IV B Basketball V Track V TIMOTHY REGAN College Prep Football V B Varslty Club Allts Ir Exchange CAROLYN REINOEHL General Wrlters Gulld A Cappella Orchestra DON RENKVISH General CAROL RENNAHAN General Las Cademtas ESTELLE RESNICK General Ir Red Cross Semor Play Cost NOEL REULAND General Industr1al Arts Award GLENDA RIDDELL General Cademtas SUSAN RIGGS Business Las Maravtllas Sen1or Play Prop MARGIE RIHS College Prep Comm1ss1on Ir Counc1l Na A111 Pres Las Moras SHIRLEY ROBERTSON General Commlsston I-I1st Ir Councrl Pequenttas V P Nam Loa Pres GARY ROGERS College Prep Track V IV B Cross Country Key Club V P MOOB Staff WILLIAM ROGERS C S F Llfe Member Ir Statesmen French Club Sc1ence Club CHARLENE ROOKE Ir College Campus Moana Kea Treas Racqueteers IUNE ROSE General Las Moras Laule a G1rls League Song Leader C go -1 i EUGENE ROSSI College Prep All1s Varslty Club Football V B Track V B ALAN ROTHENBERG General DENNIS ROUGHT College Prep Allls Legtslature GARY RUFENER College Prep ANDY RUSNAK College Prep Spamsh Club Sc1ence Club Gymnastxcs IULIE SAUNDERS General Las Sonadoras IO SCHAEFER General Annual Stall MIKE SCHILLING College Prep All1s Football C A Cappella Pres Leglslature W-'11 47 G ' 4 "H, I t . Q .T ' S' n'f. - ' A . l' U H, I c , Y- , ' C... - A I -- A ,K by G EA 1 - V 6-.. O . Qi A t I 1' "C G I ' B s. - . -AA C . lf- ' . v. P. -' A. - , , F I L I , . . A C . I- ., .. D - D v , S- - 1 If ' "o- X, - , - .. A F l ' or S. A A.. . , . C. . . A V ' -, ' 4' .-I --I I n -I 'C . '. 0' G ' -,. - - Q L. ' ' il je , V 9 I ICQHY MCG1-ONE Legislature Las Cadenitas College Prep. oaigf. 4 - I- - ' 2. I. - . ' A -,, 5 x ' P -,, -, A -, ul T lt-,, '- ,I ,, s A .I V - G ' A C - , I 1. -A Q I G ..,-' I -, . B v . B, ' Q -.. -- - G I -. ' I, -T c -., -I , G. el I .4 A ' n L' A -' T - ' A - Q F - . F -,fc E 1 1 ' - T - ' - - - ' - l. ' ' B ' ' ' . - G --A F c - . , I u c . - E 4 . ' . fl I - ' EQ H I . . H ' 'ts I . ' l I -T 1 Mare DORIS SCHOEPPE College Prep. Las Cadenitas Senior Play-Cost. MARILYN SCHRAMM College Prep. Los Sonadoras-Pres C Sl",-Life Member Future Nurses Writers' Guild NANCY SCHRAMM General Campus Moana Kea MARY SCHWARTZ General Senior Play Comm. TED SCOTT College Prep. Key Club Science Club Senior Play YARDLEY SCULLY College Prep TennisfV, IV Latin Club Science Club-V.P. PATSY SHAFFER General Las Maravillas PAMELA SHANKLIN General Les Nouvelles G.A.A, ARNOLD SHAPIRO College Prep. MOOR Staff Light and Shadow-Pres. Senior Play-Make-up IOAN SHATTUCK General Las Maravillas-Pres. Annual Staff RALPH SHEA General SHARON SHELTON Business Drill Team Les Amies CINDY SHIELDS Club , More Uliices, More Pictures DOROTHY SMITH GARY SUESS General College Prep. Pequenitas Senior Sweater Comm. Laulea Ir. Statesmen Legislature Latin Club GERALDINE SMITH IERRY SULLIVAN College Prep General MOOR Staff Football-V, B Campus Baseball-V Senior Play-Make-up Allis Ir Statesmen Varsity Club I . A 'Qs -sbbfvf' REBA SMITH PAT SULLIVAN General Ir. College Band Commissioner of Girls WILLIAM SMITH College Prep. Tennis DOLORES SORENSON General SUSAN SPENCER College Prep. Yell Leader Las Moras Na AliiAV.P, Senior Sweater Comm. ANETE STARK College Prep. Forensic Club German Club Pono Lani PHILIP STEDMAN College Prep. Spanish Club Science Club IEAN STODDARD General Drill Team La Hoalauna Pequenitas-V.P. La leunesse Legislature MARILOU SWANSON College Prep. Los Laureados MOOR Staff-Editor Les Nouvelles-Pres. Writers' Guild-Pres. RON TATTON College Prep, Allis Ir. Exchange Football-IV I-'ELICE TAYLOR General I-'REDRIC TEN NAPEL College Prep. Basketball4C, D Football+C Ir. Exchange MOOR Staff BILL TENNY General Senior Play-Prop. B ' ROGER STOKES ,,92QSSS,,,SS coiiege Prep. DONNA THEYS CARY SHORE Ir. Exchange College PTSD- College Prep Fqbiqng Senior Play-Tickets Tr.GCk1B C - Senior Plqy Mooa staff LESLIE s'roU'r Geneffll Fabians College Prep. Senior Play Les Nouvelles H E N RY 35 Q 'ffo I- - Q 1, 43 - ,. s if Z' r 71,1 U ' T, V i A 4.14 l Y i -lik 4 . i- ll ' A T ' Nucl-'sf Na KAY THOM General Hi Hatters-Pres. Ir. Red Cross-V.P. Drill Team Senior PlayMTickets RUSSELL THOMAS College Prep. Tennis Science Club DAVE THOMPSON College Prep. Key Club Y,M.C.A. ROSALIND TOBES General Pequenitas Laule'a-Pres., V.P. Ir. Statesmen Legislature DEDE TRAUGHBER College Prep Senior Play-Tickets Las Cadenitas C.S.F. La Hoalauana DEAN TROMANHAUSER College Prep. MARILYN TROUP General Las Cadenitas Senior Play-Make-up IUDITH MAE TUEL General RICHARD VALS General Football-V, IV Basketball-IV Varsity Club IERRY VANDENBURGH College Prep. DAN VERSTUYFT College Prep. German Club Science Club IULANE VILLENEUVE General Senior Play Committees G.A.A. Annual Staff C.S.F. FRANCES WAGONER General Library Club THERESA WALLACE General Laule'a Las Moras NICOLE WALTON College Prep. Latin Club LAUREN WANAMAKER General SHARON WARD College Prep. Los Laureados Song Leader Commissioner of Clubs C.S,P'.-Life Member MIKE WARMACK General Tennis-IV Track-B TAMARA WARVAROVSKY General IOAN WATSON College Prep, Las Cadenitas FTA. Los Hidalgos ELLEN WHITE General Las Moras Nani Loa Racqueteers IERRY WHITTON General EVELYN WIELENGA General Campus F BLA. G.A.A. RO?ER WILANDER Ge eral Cross Country DANNY WILCOX Gener ff T' Se ' r Play VENWI ETT ol p. r., ouncil-V.P. r. Football-B Latin Club BROWN WILLIAMS College Prep. Los Laureados Ir. Exchange-Pres. C.S.l7.-Life Member Football-V, B, C MARY WILMSHURST College Prep. Las Cadenitas Ir. StatesmenAV.P. Orchesis Moana Kea FRANCES WILSON General CLARE YERGER College Prep. Los Laureados Commission-Sec. Sona Leader C.S.F.-Life LINDA YOUNG College Prep. Pequenitas Nani Loa Legislature MEL YOUNG College Prep. Ir. Exchange Football-B Jack Launching-pad hound C v a G Thi is a year ot expectation tor the junior class come September the tull honors and prerogatives ot being seniors will devolve on these sturdy Moors There will be an added responsibility since there no longer is a mid year class But now the class must bide its time Every promise oi leadership is shown by the class otticers This class will need a continuance ot the vocal leadership which it has already shown The high point ot their year came with the junior-senior prom. For once the juniors could play host to the seniors. The committee in charge ot planning was determined to see that there would be no ditliculties, lt was a tremendous job, well done. Full credit and praise should tall on the planning committee. The diligent juniors were rewarded by a suce cesstul event Theirs was a class that had to lace situa 74 tions and problems that other juniors had never heard of Yes they had tun too or tried to A junior will recall an early attempt to have a dance an idea which unfortunately tailed ln the sophomore year planning paid oft with a successful class skating party an event designed either tor enjoyment or for disabling a majority ot the class None the worse tor wear the juniors have gone ahead and played host to the omnipotent seniors With the graduation ot the last midyear class the juniors have had to assume more responsibilities than they normally would have. Usually the midyear class helped to select the members of Los Laureados. Not so this years The juniors were called upon to serve on committees. Their selections held true to the high caliber of Los Laureados. Salute the junior class, which has sure mounted ditticulties and is ready tor school leadership. Q 4 as 4' g . .Q l 1 V V 1 wf . . 'ff . J ' I - X gfg X E N A ni? , 1 5 X v K x N ", V ' gg . .' Ri ' be I 1 Q K A ' :wx ' Kg Q ' 'i?A'5 C '. " A ' 5 gr X . - 1 - - - - .. ' ff- ,p Q V .3 521 3 I :WI A Row V Akel A wr Id Ada 3 P 111 aaa BQFQJAQ 11Arr3 C1 Ao1dHow2 Q Kew 3 Banc :i J J Q Us '1o11:1'1 Rcwa Q BJ rm V1 K1 Bccx Row O or V L d C 'uc f B N wr Row Br Q ld W YT-BMJ MMM , MJDUWQ ww ww R W 5 Wpfgjjjjjgjuj "' WMJ MU' 'Q 65 A Row 1 Iv 'N X d B, Row 2 A 3 Row 3 3 x. HCQ Rc-w4 Row p v' Row B Ju Row 7 C 13 Row 8 I sl 1-4 .- at R 5 - Q 4 1' g .,, . My -I Q Q :.. ' kia ,a N.. ' .- X . . , N BEA Bark B Heli Izmcy Bn gh, '50-vq 'K 6 hal I X A Ex Vx 51 .ffx Y -4-4 NN fx XS N if L 4 wg! in J Q .1 JY o Q 'T' C 0 75-' F :Y :1 J' o :J 5 A A 1--ev NE l-'xfiw-..--2 All Clett to rgntl Row 1 Boker Dillon Virgil Dinger Kathy Dixo i Merlen Doebler Mot. een Dolten Peggy Doll Pot Donoto Row 2 V1 ginio Dorsey l.1ndc1 Downe Bob Doyle Bicnczrd Dance Sud o Dunn lane Edg ington Nancy Edward Row 3 Susan Eisleller Ellen Pot Erixe To nelld Row 4 Ellen Former Fred e lY o Cf E B endd Eigde oo R w 5 Sha o Ei Ho l drcif E a lc g e Eox loonne Eronco Pot r drtz Row 5 Georg! o r ddr a E d d Bob Eromlie z Decmno Golri Q o G r e lox How 7 Cliorlere Gent L!l,1TlOllP Gentry Greg Gill bore Md ilyr Gil: on B ls G Clf E onli GIOIJ Glorlfa Gioxgnnoli Row 8 M Cz E' 'ii g Iola Gray wanr re nwo dt la dt gori Row 1 Lindo Grvnrnetl ludy Griner Wo en Grinnell A t Hoclitgia L C1 H 1 d L H J e li Ha ty B idn Houger La y Hawkinw Row 2 K df nit H a il Mel do k Pa rica H H ow A y .L in h V , - A X K w - gl X. 4 JA V V I x I Y Z V' It ,t.,',. .. V I . . A .A f . , ' . ' l i i Q. ' W S. A. M , , i ,4 t y :Q . 3' 'Iii , Mx V . sw .. we f 4 -X .X . Q t . xx. Q W . - K A ,..ix-33 .Qi , S' Eldridge, Dovid Emerson, loan Enno, Sandy Erickson, .. I Q - , Q ' ' f ' i ' ' ny Fork : A , ' E , f Q ii Eolf, I ni e Aerrinl loan Petrini r A ' ' r - X ' 5 A P Y r -. - Donna E1no:ti1o Marr' Eisner o ' AA r n 11 ,r '- - A, ' 5 5 -, 5 - at E 1 . . 9. ,' ijt.-x If K -5 :tty - , ' I 5 A Q ' 13 A G .liny I c rorgue: Geor 1 . , . G rf X A AQ s - 1 i ' , ' ' if ' A .' pn .4 . ,, rr . ,, is , 5 K ' 5- - Q -x H ' . A A AA l Gnei St6.E? iA t . 5 A V ,L 'Q , ' gg in t , .Z i 'JRR ' Er se, G Ereanour G ll tie in n, .rf , 1 "" Q- i Q E1 A 2 ' 1- . G Ay rA lo nne Gfztt ni, o y GMT 'exe ' ,f s if 3 li A . .311 i l': ii' X 5 et -YY' GE' A i A ' if .. A M, A'-:MMA li ' il 'rA , ' A o 1 , r A ' 'r, ' , xoko , I, ir' ' A ' A ' : drgjf Jo.. ber in lr? ug ' ' k ' G oe. ' I net Greenwal. , Victor Gre Biifvron "1 ' E Z , - Grief: lflitft Grzrrxm f A if E 1' S if A " vw' . W - an-n t y x k W ,. , . . Y ' A f ' ' ' A l fa at ' A E All Vlett 'Q rtglxtl : . 'A ', ' , rr A ' , r A' 'f rA dun fl f-:Ilan Bo' Handix Moll','a:'An ariltey For Hdr::'A:7ii1r1 Bill Hasler l...:A e :SA I' A rr ' F. ' : 'zren H".'ii,ei1 Bx1.','f-ll Head Denny' l'lQCJi'fY',3IT Bal.. eye, lac HQlln1arA leanette Hogd l., .in Holoornk, Sally Holcorn 1 1 l ollerdn, Marla Heletead, fonn Hooq Barbara of R 3: Virginia Horner florrn Howard Kathryn Hunsoker, Thomas Huntsinger Susie Hutchinson Marianne Hxatchinson Greg Hyatt, Don lngranrn Mdry lrelrand, Bolo loni ingq P tIeA. n, A S , A Q A, V . 5 ,g A .v. E A xg.: .V V - ' A' -lf ff 'xt' ' Q 2 f ' 4 rrfll. f , A m d -: Sr f' Y X f H ' , ia ' Y , lg ' ' K A- -1 11 " Q - A . Eg- ,.. -. ... ' as 'H All Q - Q. 5' N ' A.: Q Wg 1 , A Q, 5 A f E y . A - ..- A E You pus thls gadget down fW1Sf the wlre Q httle more u that O 'me plck V115 one up off tHe floor cmd wher the dlczl gets to forty run for over Tkub electrowlcs clobseb DYOVICIQ mcmy mterestlggexperl nces X12 f 1 iq! L11 vw jf 3,-Q fl ua ini' Hwvvwvws- 0 Q34 n fa Q Q Qu -- .+1'i'f 14rf12: x 'T ' 'J ' :s ftf K. ww we f - QE312145Q5VW' .fy 1ff1NI',5UL1Lf.,.-. X ' Hin? 'vls2 .31S A . N-. 'J H- '1 'i' V pq ga Z W fi 7. f Q H If 7' N '- Q bs: M w :R U " 'rs W SA ,rg ,,, II, gi X n fi 1? -- 'F T' Y S1 '+ X I - K. - ,W U1 FTE gain r X A . xl Q QD S2311 If 'f X N: A CDE? is .' In l X x 1 1- F r' Q 'I' HQ NN ' xv , W 0 L, . Y-' Q 1 '1 Q Xp .. I, O 7452 nag F? 532 5? . S sf 59 8 , 13 Q " fn fr X . W' ITf1g'L1'gfUSv T' A X V , '-, .J -v LJ 2133 Lg dh' Eg. :f Q L. .n X, H 5591 :1 Lx N Q, . 0 'U F. , - we fr' PQTHO H' -1 U -3 rw :S -Au, wVw 340 fy X '- , , - Q ' g L. UD N 'fl -It RQ U if-U f. Z. xx 4 V , ..A. N ' vp , ,, X X . f- -1 7121 ' V 4 W' ...... ,-' 'W' . -f MC A Q V 6 I B - Las . , f ,I .A ,,., ' B ' -4 W fr ..,. , - ' T A 'WZ ' f W.. ' Q l V m Q, if , q.,. - V,.. .gh W X 4 , Q 1 "' f gk, , X , C A Av ., H 9, A Q i P' Q' f, f ,.w1 ' ff H U f ' .,., , - 1 ' 4 I V " , Z . N A,,,., .9 It a 4 A xl 9' V 1 ga ,L . . , V wQf:4M ' K I. , ' . wa? 4 C ., aww 21 , ,M + Q -. Q x 1' .i Q I Q J ' as A . . x ,W , i . ' . M , 2 - 1 ' I H , V V ff , Y' ' A W - . ,Q 4A "3 I ,i ,V 'X ,,'z,,f" f"Q,,fh N ' ff , , g , ' J' J A . 7 w s H ww, ' 4' , Q ,, 1 N vp A Rilwz Q5 Q 6 ifilziaf Q Row r L dn Row 4 p Q1 LU K ax 77 I , qzzgb X ' I, , , '.- . mm i x , .,f-i Q A KM 0 J AVJ' 1 it ! if M W ,Ao f li Q Wh , N Wlfjjpgf rf! M We all i, i i + ef fr trti, sf . , ::-:. Iii-Us. , ,,, B f :. : :I T Q at Q M , xurgi -Q 'Xa K ' X V' it All l , ,fe Mtv All lleit to rightl Row 1: Carolyn Liddell, Ioyce Lietz, Nancy Lopez, Virginia Losee, Beverly Lotspeich, Sandra Loy, Bonnie McCarthy. Row 2: lim McClure, Sharon McCornber, Bay McCun.e, Pauline McGarry, Gay McGee, Bill McKeown, Michael McManus. Row 3: Sandra McSeveney, Yvonne MacGillavry, Kent Ma- china, Iohnnie Magoon, Ernie Maldonado, Charles Malmgreen, Barbara Malsberg. Row 4: lerry Mann, loan Marson, Barbara Martin, Anne Mason, Kenneth Mason, Sharon Maxwell, Russ Mayall. W M gi? W ' xl Nt flirty M' 78 Frosn Lfw Sargenticti Vicki Iannqsan, and Lynn B clcctionr use get acquainted with gschool ,V yt' ,rw They iind u ho bsewiie' g rttpjylf 'Hold him gently but firmly, Beverly Duvardo reminds her classmates, Barbara Carpenter Cleftl, Cora Bryant, y Hart, and Elizabeth Keller, in Home Nursing. We may live without friends, we may live without books, but civilized man can not live without cooks." The Moors who are enrolled in the Home Economics Department may be heard on campus using such odd phrases as "cut on the bias," "drapes," and "sugary candy." But these are simply words and phrases as com- mon and necessary for home economics as "verb" and "noun" are tor English. Besides a new vocabulary Moors learn about family living, planning meals, foods and nutrition, and how to make clothes that fit. ln addition to these basic needs ot modern lot is not an easy one. living, Moors enrolled in a Home Economics course learn to make daily experiments in food . . . and then eat their occasional errors. Many Moors will testify that bathing a baby is easy , . . when you are practicing with a doll. Girls taking personal grooming courses learn about vitamins and nutritional foods in their pursuit of good grooming. But where does all this enviable knowledge lead? Well, it may lead to this familiar-sound- ing scene. "Ma, Ma, that's not the way to bake a cakel Lemme show you. l-lere . . . see, you beat it this way, oops, un - sorry, Ma, l'll wipe it up- ' A n A 1 -ij P Q t Y Q li f 11 'f P ' ' , Q 5 , x it Il :N- , rf-A '1 ' - L - -if - , , ,Q M A y I, t , - .i P . 'QQ' ,X s 4, i sg. 5, A , A ' Y' "'- 'tr - ' , "W "1 YJ! -N. L t L 4 L P B , - , ,, lv ll xy xxx -"I ? I .4 . r , ,. w . g s '-1' X l ' ' F1 , , ., - -4 is A - 'avg' I - i -R K . K sf QQ K, N ,A My i V vt - Y i 'n xii fill All llelt to rightl Row l: Harvey Metz, Charlotte Meyers: Melvyn M1cn aehar. 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XC ff: :ff-::i1.i YQ r' frm Young, REX Yazrfg, In the works N Enthus1ast1c was hardly the World to des cr1be a sophomore classman Wlth an adm1r able tolerance of freshman 1gnorance h hved 1n humble awe of the alm1ghty upper classmen He was caught 1n the mlddle of Moor l1fe and he found 1t not dlsagreeable slnce he Was more accustomed to the many phases and GCl1V1l1GS of a hlgh school year Although he hardly reallzed the fact h1s care free Ways exc1ted envy 1n the hearts of many a harassed sen1or and many a drscouraged freshman Farthful supporter of all games he was the l1fe blood of the cheerlng sectlon I-le was able to try out for servlce clubs and 1o1n H1 Y clubs The A10 s l1fe was one of suspense and the day of club teas seemed as 1f 1t would never arrlve There was the exc1tement of clas meetlngs and of choos1ng the semor rlng Thts class IS proud of the fact that ten of the slxteen members of the pep squad are sopho mores Leadershlp IS showmg up early and they face the grave new World wtth un daunted courage Ambltlons began to sprout toward commlsslon and club and leg1slat1ve offxces An emotlonal dramatlc happy crea ture the sophomore Moor survlved food sales dances pep squad tryouts Easter Va cat1on fmal exam1nat1ons and st1ll had t1me to antlclpate h1s future as an upper classman 81 as t W J l will TJ 1 tt F, Lt if K RFU lqvlgl Npbj l E nl kv Jxl K V' kllllll A V1 All ilxkftkx ., If K. my will tat LAX! lt Lk .Wd . ."' 3 tll .. . . , , . , . . . 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A- X , ,' in , - 1 Timbuktu, Xingu, Xanadu, and Pomona take on new meaning in this last-moving, world-shrinking age Orientation students Dorothy Whitting, Ioan Brady, Alfredo Chong, and George Medovoy prepare a panel discussion on one of the worlds weightier problems. The public of today is so pre- occupied with science in educa- tion that perhaps it forgets the basic ingredient needed to pro- duce an adequate scientist: hu- man understanding. The Social Science Department does not aim to polish the edges of our scientific Moors only, however. lt opens its doors to all Moors, Most students eventually pat- ronize the Social Science De- partment of their own free will and study about the history of the world, modern psychology, international relations, and many other enlightening subjects. Such absolutely vital facts as the world's output of castor oil in the year l937 and the exact bound- aries of Lithuania in l9lO are eagerly absorbed by the citizens of Moorland. The Social Science Department strives to teach us, through the study of facts such as these, and others more related to our own times, that no one in our great nation can afford to be unaware of the social and political forces which daily shape world events. s 5.-'X fb K X, .ml 1 iv. o,, my s.. Q ,gy K 'M W' 'Xi Q ig .1 Sv W 2: A10 'feft 'G rign' Row l: Melody Grcesetta, Hon Gus- E W x daartoic Kenneii Gwiaer, loyce H3dfE9il Donna Hall S ' lgni f'l3ifCTC1I1 Air. Hnzniler Row 2: Linda Haney Rzch ard Hankey Car. Hdnnebchn Icanne Harmon Bilf Hauser Karen Hfzvdzsh Kathy Hayden Row 3: Carroll S Heacock, lzrn Hefner loan Heller Mary Hemphill, -lean l' 'Hicicrttan ludy Hicks lacl-1 Hilde Row 4: Roger Hold- i stock Dennis Home Pay Horn Bill Hcrsley, Ieanette , 2 I Hepa, Iantcf- Hxgixf-J K'1'illf'fAT. Hwgizfm V. ' -' Y 84 sl 3 ' yx. Q if Sr X - . . fx if 'S A10 flett to nghtl Row l Patrlcla Hyde Iean lrwrn ,.-Q- LX -4 J J Uv M-MJ. .ff j mf, Jw '1 DSL ...A lln4lX If ... 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II I I 2 I I- IN: I I xyI TSI X yjqws S I x Q i A 1 I ' I . Q J K, My of ' D . ' L , I V I II f I I I I I . - - I I ii I .. I t RSM SSI If I II , A I I I : I 5 it M I . It IIIIQX II? i I ee RogerILenf I I . I I :I X I . , - In D 'F A 1,-' lr D ' r , , ' - of ' , M' - t I, I II '55 A I A I . sf I A 33 D' Ai l vb! 'gf A L is L ' V- L :ffl D' D . I v I I A I I II ij H, I I I If 1. I I :II QI if My I . I 3 - 4 Q X II 1 I I A fi I, , , . S ,J - . A 3 I I I II I . II , I II 1 " A ,1 T 3 xx :D F ' A Q Qi -I ,sk fir -f, 9- I ,Vg ::I -- 4? 33 I3 A L ' - ? - - f I! I n .ff V,,I I ' 1 t rt I : I. As' , y ,, IA . . , ' , ' e I . . ., JL! Mc- . ECJHTIUC C ln ' A I' 1.5, A I. . 1 l I I A I I I A C . ' , I, K AAA-V, A ttml it Nt Nlltg 86 ZQQY5 fl kd! Vip 1 Wwtflwstj A10 Cleft to flghll Row l Larry Marvtn Erwln Maser Tom Math Karlene Mautz Carolyn Mays Ilm Men cont Carl Merz Row 2 Ierome Messma Debble Meyers Gary Meza Iames Mlchaellan B11lM1che1l Ga1l Mlddleton Reed M11ano How 3 Mary Mtlano Mtke Mllnes Tom Mmner Fred Mmsky Harry Mtsques Ianet Moomyean Ruth Moran Row 4 Pat Morosm Betty Moms Marylmda Morrlson Lee MUDIO Genola Murray Sandra Nalda B111 Nebo A10 Kleft to r1ghtD Row l Bob Nelson Dxck Neve Susan Newell Carol Newman Gerry Nxbley Karen Nxelsen Robert Ntsbett Row 2 Patrlcxa Nuelle Kenneth Obst Oneyear Kathy Oreb Row 3 Pat Orr Geor e lette Bertha Padllla George Palermo Helen Parrmo Ioe Parrlno Row 4 Ltnda asquesl Ilm Pattenson Renny Pendleton Llnda Perez Iudy Perm Wayne Perrln Susan Peterson 5 4 W ' ' 9 V ND Michael O'Connor, Iinj Olivere, Bernara Oneil, Nancy 3 xxx v- ' N V 6 ,. , - tilt X xl X F EIN Q 'Xe N L N Q ex we It ' N lt l l . 5 m 'Q 'Q xg 1 .M N3 S X5 xl ! , Q x X vt N. f X J N xx K .al- "is 5 WX 11 "" LA me 5-awk! T A10 Klelt to rlghtl Row 1 Krt Peterson Iudy P terson Gerhard Pflster Patrrcra Phalr Elhs Phllllps Carolyn Plckens Beverly Prsano Wlllram Plano Sherla Porter Terry Preston Allce Proctor Rena Prucha Row 2 Robert Quatermk Angel Quxntana Tom Raffety Pat Ragsdale Louts Ramon Rlchard Rathhon L1 ette Ravany Robert R eves Sharon Renfro Steve Renfro Vera Renner Lynn Resley Row 3 Suzanne Reynolds l1ncla Rrelev Martha Rua Alxce Roberts Susan Rodekohr lun Rogers Torn Rogers George Romo Gene Rosecrans Iacquelyn Ross Irll Roth enbe rg Mardee Rowe X mwah new X X Nmaffts 6 , ff . 'ffl 745 C7 s 1 L as -.H 5 ge, ff 47 9 ,fiff Lv '1' 7 ,WW A10 Cleft to rightj Row I: Sharla Rubin, Lanita Ruiz, Helen Russell, Madalyn Rust, Ed Salvatierra, Denis Sapsin, Mary Lynn Sartori. Row 2: Angela Sassoef Connie Scalera, Ioan Schaotzel, lack Schramm, Paul Schwartz, Kent Sechler, Don Segesdy. How 3: Read Seidner, Iudy Sellinger, Iulie Ann Severy, Iudy Sharp, Iudy Shelton, lanice Sherman, Linda Shore, Row 4: Alberta Shrad,r, Steve Siegel, Michael Sigal, lack Silberrnan, Ioni Simpkins, Fred Skingley, Stan Skrocxi. 87 Here are students from an in- dustrial design class with their creations. Who knows what po- sition in Detroit will be attained by these crattsrnen. Ol all the departments the Art Department is the one in which a student may take out his trus- trations in a normal, healthy, and painless manner. Instead oi torrning a group of fellow stu- dents and inciting them to riot, Moors are able to express this subconscious urge on paper, with paints and a brush. lnstead ot getting up and tlying out ot class, Moors can construct a mo- bile which will create such an effect. lnstead of playing rnurn- ble-de-peg on his desk, a Moor can cut out a design, paste it on the board, and throw darts at it. ln all seriousness the Art De- partment is well-staited with capable instructors whose aim is to develop the creative in- stinct within Moors. To inspire the creative tire, to serve as an escape from the factual world, and to foster an appreciation tor that which is beautiful are the functions ot the Art Department. From Mike Angelo to Al Cupp, url has come u long, tortuous way. lk cars ot 1980 Mike Hoffman, Nick Giandomenico and lim Rogers discuss the prospects of design in the U ILL . if-T3 been fs tsunsr' zoom- KNO- YOU TUELQ. QRBT' xxgrqg-.5 9229 THGUO-H weve-who ein Evra-:.rLErXsQe,e:,. 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A10 fleft to rxghtj Row 1 Don Tennls Mellnda Teter Beverly Thean Arnold Thexlon Sherry Thomas Bon me Thompson Larry Thompson Row 2 Llnda Thomp son Ronnle Thompson Geraldme Thurkow Penny T1e demann Rlchard Torres Peter Townsend Tanya Traughber Row 3 Ianlce Travis Ronald Trayner May Tsushxma Donald Turner Rlchard Turner Pat Tuyts chaevers Mar1lyn Tuzzollno Row 4 Ieanne Twyford Douglas Une Torn Uter Ioe Vald. z Iohn Valenllne Ian Vandenburgh Kaete Vander Ploeg Row 5 Coral Vasque Vel1a Vasquez Iohn Veal Rosemary Venturx P7 UE4-'VY 5:9o2ogfn ufveegwos J gggfmf QEQODUEEQ Uitlfiimia eww md elim 2'7qU, 35:0 r' .. m EEHSEQ-foo ::rD D " lgscl-29.535 O I-104 :1 520555 3-1 .'3mfTJ Q 2' g'O-HGSEEQ :rm 593490 Q. 53s 'EQ5 LQQ5 an-'US 0 SEI 'EQQQ4 SQZDE 44 ,. 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U A , I X, - 1 x v. I ,. 'VN " I , ,-f X " 0n the drawing hoard A9 Oihcers fleft to rrghtl Gene Cary Cecelra Foxman Mrss Hood Cadvl Lnda Foltv Nancy Wmsor W1th the autumn leaves and a new tune called Raunchre another freshman Moor arrrved on the scene He was not noted for hrs sentlmentallty The salty tears shed over the absence of an audltorrum were lost on h1m ln fact he doubted 1f there ever really was an aud1tor1um He had never seen 1t He found It dlffrcult to 1mag1ne an mdoor as sembly the thought of havmg a dance ln the grrls gym appeared rrdrculous and all the fuss about los1ng that ugly burldrng acros the street whrch nobody used anyway he found absurd He wondered why the new 90 burldlngs were called temporary They seemed sturdy enough to hlm After the f1rst few days of utter confuslon he began to l1ke the new l1fe 1nto whlch he had stepped Every day there was a new and mterestlng experlence As he watched the par ade of upper class actrvrtres h1s actrve m1nd became full of rdeas and drearrs abo ft the day when he would become a semor He was sorry to see the year end but he knew that even though the others m1ght have lost hlm ln the vast wh1rlw1nd of actrvrtres he had earned the full fledged name of a Moor I r 1 ' I 1 . . . rr ff .. . ,, - I . . I . I . - . . ' 1 - - 1 1 , . . . , . . , L . , , xkj I ' I ,V-v1 "-7 ? .1 'C or " Auwwffffw D fa' i an --7 sql i Z- -Q-r V7 ew ilu3b-f""'5x AN A9 1 Carol P1y111 IOLN1 B B ONT Cad Clyde Cap :J ,TQ W-1 Row L Edl 11 er O ID 3 vw K1 ,1 '1 e Ap Cl'O fa '1 11 1: 111e C11 Baker Row 2 D B Cl gcr Pegg: Barber S1111 rb Ire-'1e B C1 r B Mary Arm Be be Dc Beeh Douglou B61'l6d1CI D13 Ber11ar111'1 Row 3 ISL B Q 5 1 11 G1 1 p eve mae O ee L1"ldO Bhzcxrd In Mlr B Gi Ni 11 fo 1Q"lJ Row 1 Arm Bon11gI1o ICIWIG Boone Bo Lmr Bouse Iohn BON YI Gewe Bowere B ad1 Row 2 Icon Brady HSI'l1"11"lQ B odersen cd r FV re11 Brookhom Lmdc BFONW Steve Borlfaro B 1 1111011 Row 3 I.y'1r1e Bullocx Paula 11 J 3 Cake Po na '1 MICIQFI Coldor o Row 4 Blll Ccrldwe D1C1I'l'1t'1 Cc1'1'1on I 1 CY1' W1 Carole Icla C11 d1 al Ca y Co1e T? -4,1 KX ffm S VX G65 wi 13 X 4'l, fdlh 6? ir 'Q 1 wx f Lwx x K 'sl T1 3 xx F li"-A Howl L ,1 Row 1 lx., I Row C1c1 Coop B3 p L 0 1' 1 Row 4 M1C13 C ram mm cg 1 1 1 W B VY., . 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" V-,I z 1-' 474' ' I 111 ' , , V QQ OwQgQQg tif. 1, tH?ff+ V, 1 m w ff 4 :wwf J 5 ' 1' 51 15 Zi :F 15' W f , ' ' ' 2' 1 . : il 'T 'i " Tj ,. if 17 fi AT' Q " " ,. Q ' "ff . X, 'JV' f B A' if Q ef f "1 , F 'ff 1 . LL ,E U 1 ,,,,fV V V f yi 3, 1.2",Q 5552.3 '1 Eg 1 I Q- H ,V - , ' f NEQ1 " LL 11119 ,SV - :r 'D - 1 '- - rw N . ' 1 --, I 2 " Y: qwbr: " Q 2 Y e V' 1 :Z M me 1 51 , , 0 Q .. 1VQY,OwfY?3i'?? f' 3 'NX U 1 . N 15 C' 2. wg 'l1w7'2'i' L' ' - 71, g ' . ' 1, -f .1 -vb 1 Q , 0 Wm Q ,Q if A VJ Z' fj Q , ' 5 '1 N11 yr , , , U, ::. , gT1O"1w'-- : A A ,I U, wi 1' r . Q Q, 51111 Eg 'nj VV? V D Tx , " an 4 , 1 O A w '1 L. L , . 1 " 'H ' 53,611 ag -. if .. ' 1 , . VD , J' 5 B, vr:r3J 1, f' f 'rd v 4 A :Q f' if ' 5 ' ' ,, 7' ' ,' . .1 -1 Q N V O L . , 1, A V A , V, , A V X V -1 Y O 1? O ' 6 ' jf' ' X V A T i' G 51 , 1 A 1 ' A J -5 gy EV .,,.r New 'mf TV J A , . ' W H I '54 O F 3 PV :', to :wi ,AVL f V, ,, VV V V A V Z B -- ' " F 1 , ,if V V .1 Tu Z: K Q .5 :J J V, ,.f V V A A V ,. A , , VV ,, . H U YD V n, ' 5 E3 fl? E5 C Q 7 1 X ' ' -1 7 f ' El 3, ' . ' :. 3-11-rf 11 'f 1 C111 4 g 1' V 1 ' '1 1 1 , I' ' Z1 O :-.'g- QVC' 11 x ' . f ' U ' , 5' -1 ' af 1 V I 11 U .v f 1 1. zf X- 0 2 J J 0.11 ' ,?1v1 T4aU f11MW hQQ,r 1 1? 5 1' 31 in Q H f 1 , ,r f A r-f-- " g, A gn Q , M W, 751 Q51 11 Q1 Zi: T" ,fu " 1 SEQ 11 rw Way N0 :fig " LL E: 5' :3 Y' 'A -' ' ' F F11 5 A -' :f f.: 53431 S-P M 13 .7 "C Q I 4 I 5 ,, ' 1 ' . 1 ' V 1 z? ZZ QUQQ- 0 9 5 x 'X Q -V , , ' 111 ,. 1, ., .,,' L A 1- VVM W fp, fl W. Q4 Murad 'nf-v xxgf, X UQ4' Q? xxx X-vq--fx. Q-5 56 QW? vigil: lx 'S Wim A t .mf ma o rrghtl Row 1 B111 Dell Mtchael Delrnontco lack Dtckens Mlchael Dtcue Eddt Drllon Nathan Dodd Karen Anne Dods loyce Donato c D r tan Mrke Duckworth Donna Dunlap Sh rry Dunn Row 2 Ellen Duttor D Eckroad Mtke Elden Iulte Edwards. Kenneth Edward y Fgar lacauehne Eggleston Nancy Eldrtdge Dolores Elklna Dale Elll ludy Ellte Suwan lgllk Row 3 Nancy Emckson Mary Ann Farlnella 1 ltr n Donna Farr n Doug Fech er Patrtcta F llC6Yl1 lean Ferraro Lout e Ffe k Reglna Fletche Stanley Fllnt Paul Flotho Lmda C FF: TQ-P 4' XXQX .X gf?--Z In ff- 2 Ka fr' A9 et to rtghtl Row l Pam Foy Ceceha Faxman Edga racnmeur Brtan Frank Roger Frantz Launa Fra: r D rms French Row 2 Donna Freihour Van Funrtmar Marllyn Funk Ronald Galpln Frank Gal l pp An onto Ganlaco lohn Gardn r Row 3 Charl y Ga garo Ralph Garza Chrlstoper Gates George Gat ee Davrd Ge-ll Sharon Gerr1e Charles G1flOfd Row 4 Mel G1t Kay Grlson Larry Gletfe Allen Golden lden Don fold h rr Ba kara Gorltn Row 5 V' rgh Ieftrry Gou Tab: Gould Terry ral l o thd G aharn Su Graham Don Gralnger Row 5 r ll Burton Grav Ru h Ann Gray Charle C'ar'e Gr rvvald Cag Grey Gary Gu d a Row 7 Sandra Gutnn Ge e Gurney Martha Ha' Stephe. Hal' Io Ann Ha me-bohn Ltnda Hardy I t f Har 1 1' 92 9 1, , X M F l ' Q F rx' 'l L2 'A 5? sz N 5 D " ts f: EH V- 5 VF F i"",' A V V6 Vp V ,, L VV HF 1 FV . 3 . , -. N w F , 1 Q gl I :VF 4 V q V A ,. , F 1 Q . -1 Q ll? "' " 7 ft: ' O " " ' 1 F f Q wt -C M f' VA an V V IV Vw 'V V V V V, D V F ftt AF FF yt. ' F L3 U3 - S -I nm J 'NN' l V L lk. l Pl tg I ,Q ' V :rv V ' A -N., T-N M' ' V F V ,F . .F 'll W N' fl ,ft e ,F 6 mf V1 VV jf g rf NN A V7 VX V . T V F 4 F ,Ft F nt F V f J F QF '- V F V V F V fll . V1 X. ,F FV - X H VX VV A V V, V V VV lla ..,. ' Y - F V . F 1, r F ov . V , - F V maxi F 'i V f Vg . vlll V lllv V V, VVVVA . Q l 'D A ' 5 qw A - 3, l ' " F T' az .. A . .. I lb . F l lb I 24, X ll' 4 ZW" S ' . 1 ', ., ' A x LD ff V F 5. ,A ' F 'Q " L - 4 V 'fi' V ,' F MW E X, V F F i F- VV J? ' " ' ' F f' ' F F ' ' H ,F F ,V F' 'IKV I 5 V VX- ' fr F 25 ' F 4 -2 . F' ' F VF? I F w A V ' A VF. F -:'F2i3:'Q'F'F ,..,' , V AVIETFF: ' ' VV F W FF F F F P' ' ' ' . 552217 " . 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' M V F if FV F 'W' 5 FA V V V if ff .' , V fl ""l f' AW! me Q, Q-Q Kkf it 'X '-1 -Ci-XFFN V Q Q X X Xl' s F li! 91" Q M E 'P' VI k A Q , r I 4 .1 ,x X 4 v Q I vu. , .4 Gulliu est omnis divisu in parties tries-or wus it tour? "Habla Espanol?" "Sprechen sie Deutch?" l'Parlez-vous Francais?" "Vent, vidi, vicif' lf you don't speak any ot the languages represented above - Spanish, German, French, or Latin, you'll tind a complete sec- tion of the East Wing designed to help you. lt's the Language Department. Not dead yet, Latin helps one better to understand English Cwho does not need help on that score?D. Happy students of German saw a German movie as a club activity. Some students under- stood the dialogue, the others read the captions. The Latin Club saw l'Around the World in 80 Days." ln what way does this pertain to Latin, you ask? Well, uh - Oh, yes, the Spanish Club vis- ited a Spanish restaurant and at- tempted to order in Spanish. "Quisiero un, uh . . . guisiero, uh, quiero . . . oh, heck, gimme a taco." "By constructing it this way . . Mark Seidera and Greg Kelly are pointing out to Margaret Rogers and Ian Sherman in Latin. The French Club patronized a French restaurant - Where the students did NOT order the man- ager. The enjoyable outings, plus a considerable cultural achieve- ment, and an increased under- standing ot English are the re- sults of diligently studying a for- eign language. A9 tielt to right? Row l: Tornrny Hayek lfavzcl Henry Suzanne Herington, Carolyn Hill, Iacquelyn Hinson, Linda Hinton, David Hobb Row 2: Kenny Hoccurn, Wayne Holm, Bruce Hoppe, Iudith Hornecker, David Hough, Marsha Humphries, Dough Huntzinger Row 3: lohn Hyatt, Ray Hyde, Mike Ivee, Carol Iackson, Ron- ald Iackson, Beverly Iacobs, Iulie Iacobzson Row 4: Sandy Iames, Wayne Iarrett, Torn lay, Irene Ienningrs, Iohn Iennings, Nettie Iohns, Caryl Ann Iohnson . N is fic 1 QLQL.A,44C 1-1566342 fgyfafvfv-c who adblf' M ,wid ML ZQZPKMZZ ,411 mf MW IW -460545 fda tixffvw + 'Z-W-4 QGZJVMM I -nfs! A9 fl t to rtgrmtt Row l Chit johnwon Sharon Iohrmor Vrctcl Arm Iormson Kent Iones Doug Iuermgst Ann Kaprc Margaret Kerby Row 2 Carrol Krlgore Fred Krmu a Graham Krteale Robert Kmght Denme Koepp M1 Pe, Kral hm Kuehnert Row 3 Iohn Kuntz Amaha latha IGCk1C Latter Gall Ellew Lambert Charle Lap arta Rlchard LaScaIa Doug Launchbaugh Row 4 P tkf L xy Ctrt ty Lew VITQIHIG Lewl Brtart md Lmda Llttleyohn Dan Loagtrt Donald Lortgacre S lj M3T'JL1LlA!:riV C foil ag 'JCC'-C ,, , ,,f, nrf, skis, R WZ? I 55' ff! 'NV' f 2 Q xx ..-Q ,V Hx X in N, .clk 'Q' xv Ewh ,,,, A Q Q-7 X W r QLr,. f L a ' at ., rf-,, X Row 1: .J ....... e ovato, Va. oxato, o.. Loxoj, Michael Lowif, Ma.rm Lurifistrom R H. Q rc.. Iorm McCabe Ilona MCCO , R H.. r Maoeaoni , Rcxaxna Row 2: K,: M, rttogh Q, o o Barret, M,M3mGm-ai Mal ' " std M11 1 McDf'f.' 11, o if c .1fr:.:.1 use Mc .. yre-el,, ra..c-,: agglc, earl agr , o.. I ".s,:a, a.,ri4 ak Row 3: ,ency F a lf fav: Malmgref.. -"-r.j' art. Arn a.tL:1 oa..Cr Ma. 1rt,1r Robert arzec, tk. a co.. . rata aj p.rry, E..o1 ec fr:.,T.. , 1arg,F o avg ,aY:.. .:l.'f:T Danny Mgrtdaza It you ure the guy that built u better mousetrup, you probably took u shop class in Mechanics Arts With every new machine and industrial process a need arises for men to develop small me- chanical details. People are needed to work with their hands and finish the jobs started by the great architects and engineers. The country is calling for clever young men who aren't scared to dirty their hands or clothing. The purpose of the Industrial Arts Department is to provide manual training and co- ordinate the mind and the body. Metal and wood shops teach basic skills, while machine and auto shop are advanced courses for upper division students. Elec- tronics unveils the mystery of radio, drafting, like mathemat- ics, is the basic tool for use in all these classes. lust as a student could not ex- pect to obtain a degree in engin- eering in high school, a four year industrial arts course merely scratches the surface and provides a broad background for technical schools to build on, Students turned loose in a shop often turn up with odd questions andcomplaints.ScreW- driver caught in the machines, parts connected backwards, and ' s 5 -of v -Q- I . , 1 . A9 ,efi gh' Row 1: Altria Tiff ..'. 'zzz Ldxgrc. lflefsznd Qflf. f rf: Ltd: lffiltifi-ir. Gill Ming: 'lrigoty' lflzdc , , , , . , . , ,. ,-.-V. f-., -.v I -- -,. , , f -V f' .,-, ...,, .,,.-J i.i.anff 'T V-1-.V -f-lv 'Y -- l -V - 'v . on .-n. A i..r.,' ..1:a 6-::.C :ff f. I .1,o. , . ,. . my if J. ...,. K n Upchurcn Fank D P tro T n l acc t e cl r M Alex d atchful y Wood cut to odd dimensions keep life from becoming dull they are only temporary obstruc tions for the future mechanic 'vb rf' - to , mm '- 92 ' x x I ' , ,,.. L-'Lf - ,, ... L ...,, w : Clif. Y o:.Q-ii flier. QQ T11 lfffv rnvvvs ' - T .. .Ui A - i . . .KTCG Jil'-' W Z Ff1'v -li 3 ..lf'."','Y'. . lil". Q1 MK 1:13 in "v"x wh A9 tlett to rlghtl Row l Rrchard Novoa Mary Fllen Ola 1d Connre Orr Gary Ortega Anna Marte Ort17 Yxette Oxellett Gall O11 lr ,I Row 2 lane Page Kath l en Parke Phtlhp Patzrlf lanre Paul en Donna Payne Larry Payne Ahce Pearce Row 3 Tom Pedrlnt Bol Pellerrto Bob Perry V1x1an Perry Carol Ann P ter on Gall Platt Lour e Ptetferkorn How 4 George Phrlhp Carolyn Plcus loy Plas-1 Vlncent Pohto lean Ponte corvo Nell Pontecorvo Dons Pottelger X .ARI gh t Row I Kenn, Prrce Sandra Prrc Daxf Pronxln ludy Robb Steven l Q Ratrrkun Row 2 Ruben Raymond Bar l 1 1 Ro d Ba ry Rerd Kurt Rernwald Kenneth Rentro lt 1 R rranan Larry Rouland Row 3 Phrl R ynoldw l 1114 Rrrode Patrrcla Rrce Gary Rrchard on Carol R1ar Rmhard Rmgwald Ron Rohert Row 4 Dorothy Rlf t loan Roh rt on Indy Rockwell Barbara Rod Arrrando Rodrrguez V1rg1n1a Rodrrguez Dona Roarr ii ndhrn. nal! LA. 31 2 .1-X' ff! Yuk i as yy 1,1 fg at W '17 ,E ut X, 16 vi 0 1 ,Q,,-- Row l lf1a'1 og Ol Roger Margaret Roger P 1 rcra Rolland Lorayn Romano Sarn Ro ll1 Frank Ro 1 Bob re 4. R l R1 1 d Rtmycn lor no Ruptz Steve Sarnaha Row 2 Karen Sa ple Pnrl Santa Marla Shrrley Santangelo Mrk Saul r l 1 S 117 I1or1r1a Schnet er Betty Scho n Martrn ch ra rn 1a r Seccomlo Mark S rdn r rf- a Seller Row 3 lanrce 1',r...', i r1R111.,f lda.1o r R K X 31 1 1, av S . ef 1 K, . ff ,- 125 , ' i? 33' 4' ff X .1 V3 ' 3 V: rl 5 4 2 1 Q: "D ' 'iff' Al" ' , E? P. 1 if ' ,. r ' Q- 1 3 1 A j 1, 53. N Y 'r' In 2 , 13 LJ 4 l -, ' 1' 7 ' ' . M xg g -7 .are-1 tj 85 1 1 -1 pf dc 111112333 -- ' K 1 L :111 11 el " 1- 111 1 1 1 1 Q 5 , Ri 5.31 .Ll ' , 1 1 T' ' Q ' 1 1 gg' at-' 4 h V ' 'ht 1 MW. . LJ. 'Q' L1 " ' 7 I L1 k' X1 I 1 i Q 13 .. A ,QL 5 f 1 D ' Lk 3? Qi! ' 4 111 1 1 3 . 1 , 1 I it W . V y.. w 11 "tr 15 WL 1 111 ' " " if 1 -L1 .,, A h K 0 , 5 E. I" , U yi -,,, 4 in 2 I' N 12' N . I , KD P 'V ' ' Z X 1 ' 1 'K - ' 1' 3 gl ' - JI' 4 Y' 1 X '77 1 4 I 33 K NN, ,W N N N 1. 1 - 5- iv N , - I 4 1 5' U1 A 1 . 1 . f 1 r , 2 - 1 " 'sf " ' 3 rn fwfff 1 1 ' ' , O 1 1 A - 14 . 1 in 1 1 1 11 1 11 1 ez 1 1 1 P I1 it --1--f ' hzzf 1 1 f 9 11 1 .3 xx 1 U, ' 1 1 0 ' ' 1' , , ny ' ' 1 ,. 4 ww, 1 Q 1 f , im yr g 1 , ' -v A Sl y A, R , 111 1 Mfqpt we 1 1 1 :Cv "" 1 1' W ' ' s 1 ' - 1 I if 111 , . I wg, ra ze 1. .1 1 1- WM-- ., , P F1 11 1 W' T1-Q: - 1 9 " .U Ei, 5:1 1 ' 1 't : s .14 :r , ' . 1 ' 11 ' O ' ,: 1, 7 f 1, 1 111 - - Q 5 , 4 1 5 1 W f,,' , V ' 1 X . 11: ' 1 "Q P jf' Q 5 1 ' A 1 A 1 , 1 2 I ,,f f' 11. 1 ,. 1 1 my i A M, 1 21 1 X U3 , 1 1 I V 1 D 4' A 'G A 1 Il , , I1 I h 'I U F 55 . A ,E -I ' A M " V 11 ' E I gl-A,.'1". ' 1 ' 'fr 4 4 1 fi A 1? ' . ., 1 ' 2 , 1 , A ' TA 3 ' g - MWMQQ, M1 A . 1 9 ' ,1 ,1 , 1,41 f f - 1 " 11 2 k i . .fd 4 Z ,AVA W 1 , I ky I 1, 3 mfr We Vg 1 A L .. W '- - 11 1- 11 14 1 1 1 4 K 1 1l,1 .f K 1 1 K 1 1 1 11 1 . 1 1 1 1 .111, 1 Cir M11 111 R Q i M r' W ,I 1 . V11. If --.-v 1 ll i ' . 1 H I I U, me az. W4 5 ' , 1 'K 1 1 1 ' A, 4 1 I 1 Q 1 G V 'f 1 L A ' M 1 K , I 1 Q We talked it up in class, collected dimes and cans ol load, welcomed our Navaio visitors, and had a line Christmas r'1m' General Bill Smith presents personal gifts to Navajo children who entertained us. Moors are lndian giversl Not much of a compliment, is it? At least it doesn't seem to be at first glance but let's examine it a little closer, and we'll realize that it really is quite a compliment. Moors are lndian giversl Each year at Christmas time Moors gener- ously donate food, clothing, and dimes for the needy Navajo Indians of Arizona. This year twenty-eight boxes of clothing, two boxes of soap, several thousand pounds of food, and 3550.00 were donated. A new washer and dryer, a second-hand refrigerator, four sleds, games, candy, and an American flag were purchased with the S550 ln addition Key Club donated a gym set, and the junior Red Cross gave forty hogan kits. The highlight of the Navajo Christmas proj- ect was a special assembly at which an ln- dian family told us of their problems and needs and how much they appreciated and looked forward to our help. The two lndian kids literally "stole the show" when they sang for us in Navajo. ln keeping with the Christmas spirit, Or- chesis did a cute skit on "Rudolph the Red- Nosed Reindeer," which all the Moors thought hilarious. 97 A9 Cleft to rlghtl Row 1 Gay Trlpp I1m Trlpp Roger Underhtll Mtke Vaccartello Magalen Valcaro Tony Valladolrd Aprtl Van Cleve Row 2 Brenda Van De Grtlt Davtd Van Noy Iohn Var1an Ph1lomena Vartan Mark V1llaro Kathy Vogel llm Vollaxre Row 3 Mary Volz Marcra WQdd1HQlOH Charles Waer Mary Wag ner Charles Wagoner Nancy Wahler Dave Warte Row 4 Dale Walker Llnda Wal1ne Dlck Wanne Pamela Ward Ruby Ann Wardlow Don Warehtme Davld Warlord Y-X 1 X z C f l r 1' ow u to o rt Cheryl Spottl Susan Sprtnt lorthea Bart Spalh Stark Sharon Starkey Row 2 llmmy Stewart Leelte Supp larxlce Stoddard Pamela Stone Lorrarne at Plerre Rorrnle Strand Dlane Stroner Row 3 left Sturm Malrnda Suth rland Edqulna Sutton Allen Taylor Ann Taylor GlOTlG Taylor Susan Taylor Row 4 COUHIG Tennm Patrlcla Thexton Chuck Thomas Iohn Thoma Karen Ttce Vernette Tlegi hm Tortr 'mu -.T-sa QI -4 an sa 9 9 QQ x5 E1 K N S A fxx I Q I Q A x N X X r X x A9 Qld 19 ylgm, How 1 Giang Wqrren Apryll Wqw:-rg, Marty, Weatn A .ne 'Nell Barbara We a Pa' Wmt Mrke Wharton Tracy Wheeler Bl tAl"1l"'lG"'1 Ruth Wldney Glenn Wrggms Carol W1ll1ame Row 2 Gary Wllllams Pete Wlllta Rodney N ll arrluon Robert Vvr1lSO Va fy Wtnsor Dorotrry W1tt1ng Iohn Wood lucly Wooton Fred Worthtngtor Iudtth Wnght Peggy Yarae Rtchard Zak The long procesx i :I 'X x mcg, ristmcxs tree in the Court cf tit: Mcogs 3 o pleased to add to the flavoyc Chrisimsz me, JUMIW C WWW fouwii QJJL , fbUQA,Q,,A,v. MW QJJCWJM dm k . . . 94000 Mob CMM J Carlcg ' .:.1. Field Servztf- GX: "f YV! Tiff fefifng 5.11-IQ- I.fcQ..t at AHS NOK-SWK Ir Optimists capitalize on long rainy se-cxxso with money-making cor wash. p.-.V 'Q MOORS ARE ORGANIZERS Lxylfjlhi g - Vi: J YN X' V! 'A X .E V My fjxxj, ' K M00 RSX 0 F F E R SERVICE MOORS LEARN TH RGUGH ASSCCIATION 100 Honors ior leadership, citizenship, scholarship LOS LAUREADOS tlett to rightl Row 1: Shirley Martznf-liz Carolyn Pe-tteler, Vicki Steiner Bill Smith Mary Ann Cirannu lf-'Hi lollz' Of all the honors that may befall a senior, Los lsaureados, the senior honor society, per haps exemplifies the highest. Service to thc school, leadership, and scholarship are pre- reguisites for membership. Nomination ccme mittees meet, discuss, and finally vote on a select group of Moors who are singled out for this high honor. Their years of interest and labor are rewarded when these honored seniors are presented their Los Laureadcs pins. There is another honor society that is not in any way limited to seniors. The Scholare ship Society is one group in which the girls outnumber the boys, but is that really so bad A for the boys? Recognition of scholastic achievement - thats the purpose of the Scholarship Society. Keep those grades up . . . three A's and a B will do . . . until semesters end. lt means work, but there is a pleasant rewardfa cut to the beach once a semester A feverish rush takes place on grading day as hopeful Moors circulate application forms. Here is one reward for scholastic work-the Alhambra Chapter of the California Scholar- ship Federation. .ertirf TOQ - 2 ff x LOS LAUREADOS fefi TC rlgit Row 1: Clare Yerger Ayieen lto Ho iJlT.d' 1Ldf Srrircr. '.'.'c.r'i Mary Lou Sv.'3r..::r. Ficw 3 Launee lessee, W' Row 4: Crea Alpfifllli Erin-xr. 'fJ:i""'1.' Sxxzig' Brow: Caroli N Senior honor society the ultimate goal lor Moor gradg C. S. F. membership pays oil in beach holiday. ...ll SCHQLARSHIP llolt to riglifl flow l: Pal Don aio loan Marnon, lane! Kindgtrozzi Bonnie Kersey, Gay McGee Saaron Dunn, Georgia Paladino Louise Mil l Sandie McSeveney, Pat Laub, Dede Traughloer, Marcia Pottle, eanine l-lalet, Nancy Lopez Row 2: Peggy Doll, Marilou Swanson Elizabeth Oreb, Edith MCCQQ. Marilyn Schrarxm Mary Lason, Marilyn Gzzsor, loAnn Ryder, Linda Ludt, Lynn Barker ludy Sparks, Caroline Lawson flancy Edwards Row 3: Melvyn M1chaelia: Ariay Tlasszr Fat A Dave Erxerson, Bok: Handin, Ned Taylor Bill l-lasler, Art Charles, Dennzs White, Carole Creasoi Sue Sargentich Mary An: Ciranna, Hoon Bjarnseri Mary lo Lewis lulane Villanueve Row 4: Greg Smith Ala: Crawford Norrnari Hon-:ara Brow: '.'J"arif Rag: Mayall Bill Ro Bok Triornpeon Diff Duncan, lonn Branch Boyd Lernon Gehl Nick Clare Yerger Sriaror. 'Nara SCHOLARSHIP Vleft t: TlQl.f Row 1: Bef.:-r .1 Mart.nellx Szia ,..r ,., G,..e.-pre Margaret Gia.xzey leaf. loliy Bronwyr. Williarrxz Laclle Lanaor lean lrwin lmana Ea'f:arai.1 Szizartrle Reyrlolar Betty Glover la P,wf'r.:on, Marylznda Morrison Row 2: Stephanie Kern, Barbara Brzdges Elaine Berry Tanya Traxggliber Shirley Teafora Pa::1Sneaecor 3g.'erly Lyon: ludy Greene, Alicia Szurrzan Darlene Cadrnan Anita Carb: Mrke Allen Gerala Erarlkr Row 3:R1:hara Alvarez Maria Laht ate Melinda Teter Deborafx Meyer: Carol Ere-ed Angela Sassoe Carol "fire Geraldine Lunrnarl Ar.r.e'telflcCorrt11:1 L1r.aa fprez Kariene Ma EQ Slarnar. lim Mgcnaelian Read Sezder Row 4: Albert Brow: Qyrar. 'fa'.'ar.c-y Loazf Faaiar. "er.f,- Kzrzygra Flor. Saaaajrlolc Rancid Travrler Cigar. Marserl l.:r: Laapj. Garjr2v.':rx1r. A,bert Cofand Mrice a"'- r' "a ' Aa 'eae ' aa-wr teve 2... Lazwxeei Fad ' 'rf-af lee "'e-' 103 I-l gregarious society generates club enthusiasm sacially, academically, spiritually with an eye to the luture. 1 INTER-CLUB COUNCIL SEMESTER I Cleft to rightl Row 1: Ann Mason, june Altleld, Nancy Matila, Clare Yerger. Row 2: Vay McGlone, Norma Pennington, Marilyn Schramm, jean jolly, Kay Hart, Kathy Martinich, Dave Emerson. lO4 'Be sure to get your slippers int" "How many reservations for dinner?" "We need three posters by tomorrowl" "At whose house is the party?" These remarks are all too familiar to club-wise Moors. Almost any day after school, classrooms are magically turned into clubrooms, and the most forbidding teachers become genial advisers. What are all these clubs, anyway? Well, a club is people - people serving, people hav- ing fun, and people learning. Here in Moor- land there are clubs everywhere. There are clubs for scientific Moors, literary Moors, service - minded Moors, tall Moors, short Moors, in fact, there are clubs for just about every kind of Moor. Those who inhabit this world of clubs un- dertake many activities, Departmental clubs plan dinners and events, such as Studio Eve- ning and trips to movies. Service clubs take on all sorts of projects, from making wash- cloth slippers and clothing dolls to packing clothes and buying shares. The "Y" clubs work hard to gain points and to promote fei- lowship. All the clubs work together to put on a successful food sale and an exotic dance on the tennis court. Some clubs may be joined by freshmen and sophomores, others are limited to juniors and seniors. But all who are students at Alhambra High are members of the Girls' League or the Boys' Federation. These organizations spon- sor many activities, among them the Girl and Boy of the Month. The Girls' League fashion show and the Boys' Federation assembly are always highlights of the semester. The Girls' League provides a welcoming tea for all new girls and even sends birthday cards. As you can see, the Girls' League and the Boys' Fed- eration are constantly working toward mak- ing Moorland a happier place to be. Nearly every club on campus is denoted by a special pin or sweater. Some particu-A larly energetic Moors collect a dazzling array of pins. Behind every pin there are memories of hours of service, club meetings, or seem- ingly endless rehearsals. Others with fewer pins are proud of their concentrated effort in a smaller number of clubs. But everyone will agree that wearing a pin or a sweater is only symbolic of the fellowship and fun of belong- ing to a club at Alhambra. F --. ALPHA RHO TAU left to right' Row 1: Barbara Bahia-y Bihar Kirin Cargill Iudy Arridd I3 Ain ' " '1 HJ 'r 111 ' Q' Awrwf CWM' V-"1 I1f'l'ffA Ryder Row 2: Pat IV'-Stoiurro Sufcm Flsff-.fer B11 gina ff". ry Mary LG'N'3OT'l FUTURE NURSES 'left t: flghti Row 1: Pei 'fQ','t.13E1z'e'.'cr.' Surg 'S 'r " "V 'L PM ff "Ere Arlen? SQXTIOYTL Martha .VY ,W A , .. FCITT1 r. Row 2: Kira-f. Eff-Lil. Bcity 'fficd Egfr 'LY1 H-'-ilik, Y V 'JQZTQLQI Sirxfne Ia 3 . . .. MQ . '1 ' .r Arr r- ,,' ' V . . ., ..,,.,,Y ,,.- f. fc... VZ.-. L.,-'-ff.. .fE.'g. Lf-.. .4 . l.,tC..f'5VK 105 Frenchmen, Future Teachers luster learning, friendship ,A W in 4. 5. A I 1 as is qi hawaii as 36 -or FUTURE TEACHERS Row 1 1 ow 2 A if Trnu ii 1 ow 3 FRENCH CLUB Row I P Qi ci Row 3 'Ho .J G IO6 H-4'-4 ci J Mo ii oi MG T3 C'W..1I Row 4 Mor 1' Pa-. i.i'i:1J QQ J Row 4 . . if 1, W . I g 1 vq, K if R ' ' X N .ii 8' . z A 3' A 5,4 ' . 0 A .S- S4 V' - 0 ev- I . " fr I , 1 1 Y. , R u - - i 'I -' ' ' :gi : 12 :U Lf- 7 HKU-r P7":fi'.' Li .i Iiiy i'3Qfffr."gr. ff ffirgf-r.'.::. T Ar.: Rwzefr Eiirxiv- Kergf,-,V ' 1, JA-A i',..y M: 'iffy Sr,-y 'I irfyi 'I'rii,1:.Lf,7 R : rx. Sfriyxur iff-f - q but fffeixiff Ivijwr., Lui., Il',:T'ei' ffQr.r.' i L .1 5,1i::.'-5 w.:.:.' H1331-r J 33.151 E ,:.:. fuzz. fir.-fir'-'gui Milf-r R : ff'i:.:y Eirzxfrpnl. Bc-'.'f-fly' Thea: . ry bl ..'. 5.1! 1' :f'.- 'A .,:..f.', .- :' 'J y 4r.:,.'- Q,:f,,',':. Migiqfifn Curl, Kriiggij delay Qfgxrie : I' 7 . ' L- '- 3 L' VT "' -A "' V L' b' : .' " :H 1' i 1:' ', HIT! if: if ' ' FJ! '17 1 U :7'.'f-Qf-r T-f,1i'iI, f'f-r?.f,i'- ' ' 1:9 : Flin: Miz: 2' -EQ::L,g. f'gQT2::11:i f' .-5,31 FTA,-7 54r:.:r3 f.f':l.sE,Qr: Qgrgzi HJ.-.' fli. . if I 'R . " 771. .' ' 1 I 71' ..:- 1 : " :fr :rr Br. il' 'I ar, '. Ii,gHit ffzgftzr. f .414 PQ :pg Row 2: Herr. , ir. ri ..r.r, 1, L..f1,r. 347: Jfl Q..::.::..:,J. .l.r.f, .i','.,f, M349 .,wr1:.i .mmap Q,:Wi' Fbxziur. Yvoirie- flixlzi Spell: Porter Vicki A :.r.,.:. Wiz-: :Jinx ,,,,ft : I.igF'.4:.,:. ff...:L3 rfznrxar. Sfiiilcy' Teri. rd Ph tori M ndenscr. 'ferry Ar f Carol Knight , yxr, . if-f 1. ":1- 31.1"-' 'j:r'.Q Uffferf- Lliznrf-TE, ::Y'J'ZE.l.'E'QY 313712. Tiylzr fxiuie 3117. xii: Shirley 'Jig' Q Q7 "TL: F if 3 .li :,:" 'ix' Q,1.:', f 11.1 f.r:.-Qrxgr. .V if ': f 1,1-Cr:'.'.'tir3 Cir. : 'ffl F11-V' 'Q '1 .':1I.l.,1f.l.-LI.. Q,gf:. .,.., zip. ,Q 1-'LTIH i.e:L.',, :',f'.'1,C Lgiczxrrq- T:.1r'r13.- '.fr.::,' Q: iq,1 feiifer '1:.r,Qf:r.:-" ii, ,gli Hliffni Ii it's "foreign uid, count us Germans fstudentsj in FORENSIC Row 3 GERMAN CLUB ff r 1 'W' 9' 1 429' -- rv' . 19 xl' 'Z 'aw 'Q 25 Y. af 4 'r -1 fig GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION lloll to rigrrtl Row 1: Pot Holland lcaclrc- Lulrfer lloncy Wrrllcer Mfxrxriu Hurrrprrrieas Louise Plfflferkrtrrr Bfzrhar ,Tu-lf: llflfffr. T145 Kurrrr Corrncri Row 2: SCIILCITJ Gumrx Plrrllxirrerrx Vrzr utr, P11 l":l.C-Dfil, Pay Hartz, ficris 'wNrL11Q, lulcme VLQl'1rg',1e'.'z Mgry I l.f3VJl.f Sge Beyxolds, Barbara Brrdges Row 3: Beverly Thecm, Peggy Ynras Blhnru Bowden, Carolyn Sims, Ioan Dcrvrzison Delzlilc Meyer Tut ffellff Urette Bpgftore loy Plofsg Sharon Gerri, Beverly Bever, Row 4: l' ' K ' 'Jeri Renter ji-216219 lJYlll6I',',L'E".'E- fzyfe liirflfd SQ? T.l"Trr',.Q ll:!Z'1hf:ll'1 llelxscrr Marlene Bogdorzeviclrr Donna BOgerS Cort: H if Tr1r1Ce.fC0."1r1d lcQr1B1Lpe IUNIOH STATESMEN llcfif TC rigrr' Row 1:So:1dy Brew: Doreerr Borrfell. 'rf 'r G' 'rr ' ir. B'."lf r lv,l'lfiI:T'A' Cwrl, iri Tflizfll fi-Trl Orr-li Circ iirftpxi 1,113 Bcdixrtier BCYXUQ Mcrzr lest HICHIHGK Borkfxrfx Bridge-rs, B ' 1-'v'U.l"Yffk .. A-rry l3rf-fic: Row 2: Marty' Pos f-rr. frtptr. Szggrley 'v'YU.1.' Ccrrcl 'ffczd Carol Lrtwtri Barbara Hyde, P: I1 "5 .-.' Qeilq r. ILCi'l'?1I,j1, S...Y.':'A-' ll-4'1Yi.T.'E..Q Q..g:r,3 K1r.g, Circfy T lf. Lrg Crirrstiryn Lsfhcerq Dolly Tcbms Row 3: Beverly 'Nilszotk Mary T3 rr Hr? "rd H'1nLLff'.', Pit All-.r. Dave Mcliachen fIcfr.r.1.: Sijsnxi G21 Qfmirkirr Bwrinlil Triynffr C3rlo.'rf1'.'iru Mclry 'Nzlrnfshurgrt Volerle MC Lyrx. Srfrrrrir. Gl,.1:1f.1"A Row 4: Bm? Hchdrrr flor rli,':.':rd T1 - ?Ti'ETIfC!i Biff Bigerf Gtr'-J fave Caplfzh lffirk F ,jggr lg: lyjflprf- BCP '-f- Bez lffr. Curr-. ' P3-frrj: lflfTAT.TTGll Trunk Buell 108 45 's if 4 I 38 4 ,sk Y N. NN' J SK LATIN CLUB Cleft Za right Row 1: loan Marsan, Lynn Bcuse, Carol Born, Mary Tablernan, Linda Foltz, lay Ploss Donna Cadrnan, Doris Potteiger Doris Grainger, loan Heller Carolyn Row 2: Mark Villard, Allen Golden, Lewis Sargentioh Margaret Rogers, Sharon Gerrie, Maryellen Martin lan Sherman Cheryl Lind Rianaral Ringwald, Ioraan Levine. Row 3: Mark Seidner, Don Georgina, Torn Crux George Fenlah, Lee Munia, Dan McCauley' Cn: Gales Bel: Wesirnareland, Roy Musick. ' LATIN CLUB llc-it to rant Row 1: Betty Glover, Carolyn Cannon, Lucille Landor, lean lrwin, Gay McGee, Bonnie Kersey, Tanya Traughber, Ann Mazen loci Hillrnan lliarlene Cadirian Row 2: Pat lennan Gerry Nibley David McEachen Beverly Durham leaneite I-lose Marilyn Scliramni, 3e'.'erly l.yon,z Linda Keller Allreri Brew: Robert Reeves lean Hickman. Row 3: Gene Kimura Frank Buell, George lonnssan, Gene Malattia Allan Larn Dave Caplan Greg Gihliens Read Sepdner Dennzs 'f.'a,snburn, Chuck Marson, Ken Obit, Ran Trayner, lae We-il. lO9 an ff' LIBRARY 1 N R w 1 Iocxie M11 1c d Fry IOFICG L 41 L1ese1o te Rode 'VT gn e Gkmeey eo Hde Row Z Tecxrme CTIQ1 1'1e 3 1 IT 0 w C1 Gaily MCGSM' Y cw 19 MQ ,f L01 1 owe Ro 0 V F1 5 b Q 17 Moor T11 y B11 11r1Ql1 I 111 I X m 11m 1 1 C1 odvx r N 1 on Ar' 1 rr Mu or 3:1 :ara Hv Q aff' fx I LIGHT AND SHADOW Row 1 I IO .1-HB1 49 LOS HIDALGOS Qleft to Flghly How l: ffancy Tfoiilertian, Indy Ellis Mary 'ffagnef fancy Vesioy Barbara Sneaecor f.fa:",' Latso, i1C.'ffi'l' Venturi, Carol Wood Sandy' Tlalda Geraldine Ligntiian, Dlana Edward: Carolyn Finn Row 2: Carof Freed Anaelfn Sarrof- R-fT'Y' ffiffr Fx T:'L'h'f3'f Peggy Doll Susie fle-well flirotny Wltkng Indy 'Noofon S'y'l'.'r: Barred Helen Lando: B.Clf'3C"i"1II1""T Virqxriia If ff1ar1:L,:Evll1t How 3: Llsettr. Hlvany Fat Laur Lynn Collin.: Ian L,1k1n,1 S :iff Kazuer 1.3131 Crxig Karl-"f-n N!l'.'IT Q1nQ1'1 V--r " 5.fgfr.':r-Y 1.111 rp: T.fff-lirvia Barflffy Hocfzf-.Qff B'orn.w-r1 Lfn2Q1eSp7owI Row 4: Boyd Lf-Irion fozif. Brarioiz F3 gl K':'i.rx fox' lim: 1.fA11n1 H :rx r.. ZZ Sf-aol Pat Carrill T" ?:11Q1y: G11 '.'.'eE,Pf-Y 'fotri Pedrxnx fa'.'1'i Sell fgjnzu- Hznfon Marla- BH Iii Bai I :L Bar: xr: Hg 1' f H .Jr Vf.fl3f1E Lynn qu N A yaou, .X yi 5 'N xo , Y N U x ,U I on Jo .aeu,V,,oL 'QCfVVN-9: ce, Q40 boil,-A Abbfvxmau, vo-Qw QW C O Q I- N' ' .i- O B 1' 'x X K e3UoCvvQY Md. XX VXN X u N kj X' N wily X yfwcyvva A f ORCHESIS .eil to right Row 1: Morcza Meyers MICHGTQ Slobodo, Susan E1sie.1er Meizndo Bartley Mary Wzlrrxenurs' Indy Donhost Yvonne Olson IQ,AAnngLynch Row 2: Shannon Gilfesme, Linda Ludt, Mcrgle RIFLE Vzckz Steiner Carol Donaldson Carolyn Petteier, Marty' Pasn, Sneffaixssenberg Bobbie Malsberg Row 3: Kay Cesky Karen Clfifflil Linda Clark Mory Sartor' fady T-Izchols Mary Beech Ieonetfe Bardefh Luonnc King Susan Spencer Q04 WRITERS' GUILD nu," V, ..,,.J ..,,,., .., '.1r,:5': lggif GARSITY CLUB QETTQ' pf.: wif: gre: fern' Izffl F. Tffiflf 2: l,w,nr.y H paw' .. Ifflrif: Hz!!! Chili T57 VCI. 1.1 .. mg ., 1'Yw' W W H iw! Q Q is . X ' 'Q .k , 7 Q5 ' A 5 Yum - XX 13" 'Nqf , WW 43 S . .mf xv xy! . -'N I -my -4 . 'g5miyg.,' 'K . I9 i 1 K-H QQ if Q web ,Qi 'm dl .X 'ff-IA Q ' fb! 4 x ' 9 ef SENIOR OFFICE W "'W... FABIANS Cleft to right! Row 1: Bruce Smith, Cary Shore, Mike DeNe-al, Norman Knolls, Terry Toohey. Row 2: George Frazier, Dong Saunderiz, Dick Launclibaugh, Ed Sebastian, Louie Montenegro, Harold Barnett Row 3: Pat Carroll, Ierry Mann, Bolo COIITYUVVHQ, Boi- Allf-ri, Cliuck Iolinrson, Alan Dingee, Don Schaeffer. HI-HATTERS lleft to rightl Row 1: Carol Young, Glora Gxovannoli, Bonnif Kendall, Liz l'lTOCll1'3llI' Gai Meyers Row Z: Carol Sylvester, Kay Thorn, leanefte Wrnl-ir: Beth Linden Arlene Connor, Anne Mason Artha Ware, Barbara Lewis. llo Uilspring service clubs thrive on parental blessing, ioin others us big promoters in club tood sale I Tv. fpL4,M' 1 lffvopg " X U fx ,ns X-'N IUNIOR EXCHANGE Klelt to right? Row 1: S eKNi ,XV im Massey, Brown Williarns, C y son, uce Hanger, Ron Tatton, Nick Parrino Vay McGlone, Fra arr fr rmen Chiarenza. Row 2: Gene Rossi, ' an, Iohn Grimes, Chuck Marikian Gary Marshall, Bill Smith, U, erlen Doebler, Tim Scott, Frank Randazzo. Row 3: lerry Mertz, Frank Fisher, Don Livingston, Larry Landi Fred Ten l-lapel, Bob Contraras, lim Lea, Bob Bria, Dick Fisher, Paul Cabral, Dennis Ybarra. f 'L Wnere'i'er there is food, youll find plenty of kids a I if YI H-1..,...5."?"f..'m f l A 4 A , 1? fl f 6 , 5 X 9? up A ,E V-. Q-A , 'V A 4 or A 4 4- ll , lf , 'rf 4 q V 'v X wwf 1 Q: 1 an . 1 ., S ,lr , , All QM if 4 A I x , l 1 I Y M TQ ' M 2,5147-f"35-Q W Q' W -uf fl W 2 G l, A , AAAf W 1 , all M' .tlbhimivwrl ., xxlmlfi 'A IUNIOR OPTIMISTS llefl lo rightl Row 1: Arnold Thexlon, Ron Trdyner, Greg Gibbons Greg Srnltlr llf1'.'E'? McIIocl1en,'George FQHLOR, Ron Baie d B lo TH P A'le Ro or Snarr Norm Howord Mvko Mclvldnl' lolf rnon Andy Copestro Worren Grinnell Row 2: Bob Hon in, o .ompson, ot . n Q, . ,e Q. l . , . , . .. l D E R er 'N ence Elrdnch, Andy Ndssir,'Dove Bdckhus, Bill Hosler. Row 3: Dove Blocher, Fronlc Buell, Allan Lom, Ddle Crawuord, ave rnerson, og .np r Doug Rlghtmer, Poul Campbell, Alon Crawford , AGE? "."'l' L - IUNIOR RED CROSS llelt to rignif Row 1: Betty Woods, Pat TL:','l::chde'.'Qr' 'J.:Q:r f .lf..1CIi Susan Spnnit loan Fitzgerald Row 2: Mary l. Dell Mariloa Svfangon, Donna Cadrnan Beverly Lyon: Barbara Rode, Loupe Ffeiferzorn lean Canppbell, Cynthxa Srnelag, Linda Cleitgf, Row 3: Perry' McAnnaQly, Lilo Rode lady Fnrllips lulane Vllleneuve, Kay Thorn Ar.-ene Connor Lonna Balkln, Snaron Fgner, Estelle Regni Par Laub, Noncy Morrison Codvj 1 1 8 There's more to this club business than work. What about soreness, stomach aches, homework not done? 'UAV S1 kb' L6- IR. RED CROSS RIDES AGAIN-Pat Tuytsch- aevers fleftl, Carroll Heacock, Becky Dean, Ioan Fitzgerald, Sharon Fisher, leanne Camp- bell, ludy Phillips, and Cynthia Shields await the signal to hit the trail. At the left: Cynthia Shields Cleftl, Marilau Swanson, Torn Rafferty, and Carroll Heacock add the finishing touches to a cookout. 53. vfgdf ful U F l .0 0' KEA LOHA Qlett to rightj Row 1: Kathy Smith, Melinda Bartley, Shirley Braccio, Barbara Angelo, Sherry Prince, Karolyn Bart- lett, Peggy Orr. Row 2: Dona Cosby, Sharon McComber, Shirlie Grove, Carol Kenner, Wilma Gowin, Florence Braccio, Ioan Fitsgerald. Row 3: Ioanne Anderson, Launa Haldaman, Beity Miller, Susan Be-nzer, Bertha Padilla, Beverly Durham. if 5 . in l W kr..,:. o 2 ,Z All Y Q Q ik, ' J' 19 , X' Qi v 4 KEY CLUB Yielt to rightl Row 1: Hon Duncan, Torn Martin, 3 rim f Y 'l":Q4f ia-1 fig ,- FXXQ 'Ax w af' ,-4 K . ' -at 1.4 'VN y, Charles Soutter, Ken Care-fzio Row 2: Allan Iones, Mark Fricker, Chad Gledhill, Bob E . o Chuck Fox Row 3: Sieve 120 Ilewlin Rhett Rechemacher, lim Cook, Gary Norton, Gary Wendt, 5 .x - .3 ' X cv ' 1 Vg.: g " J' ,Q if 'i 9 all , A if,-4 1 1' ,K We LA HOALAUNA C1 f c IQITJ Row l Suzanne Re-Wold L1'1da Q' o'1g Ari dmc T dual b r Arthu Work Ieonett Lettu Margo e Glow Dy Row 2 Hd I 11.11110 Cr1 tlcr ICITIICE L Do '13 Mo '1 ou'1d IC'II'l Iollf Row 3 Carol U'1dfr11U Tanya Trcmghbe Ifldr 'te W1r1b11m Carol M1ller Mc1r1 '1 Ke b D1or HQIIIDIOW IC1CklG Page Ie Stoddard Y Q 5 S 'J ir Nz? or " gsm., 3.6 1 gnu! 5 has .W Q mlm , , vxgx if ll- '- Club sweaters - coral, green, pink, red, beige - individuulize orgsg even "L.C." gets in the uct. Gal 46, . if-"' e q,.q'gQe ., Of Y ! at xv awk? Y az? if-1 --e as Q f ' f wr 4. , gf' if 9 1 .9 ,,e' ' 44 If ' ' ' .-Z' 5 4 if M E 5 in Q1 y w rf , ,ge Q 'as ' x 2, , sq 1 Z -' gb 4 Lf ,e q J firm!! F ,MN ,xl LANAKILA let? 'Q Ylgff Row 1: far.: Efeit-ep kfgrerp fffff-Q' Elvxcz if:.::,' 5113.2 E.lIi'i'.I4I.,l1'l1x Peggy f.:.Q alle: Cvtf Pc' P-Jelly Row -.,.,., . , . J., .... A.: .wir ph. 2 ..., 1 ,.,, ' '33 Emi., ' VAN.-. r-.- Mfr E'5'.','l'l sniff-" 5.1: ' .Q:.:r.1,': Row 3: 5.53. Q zz. Rotheibgrg, GE:f.l fftgfi 'r5f:fr', K ,f-5 Arlene fjfflii C :if figizffrx Ifarpy YJe.:,:ey', LA CADENIT S I ft to rigii Row 1 y ff- ' wetfq' T03 , J HZ,i".f3f. QC f er 7' 3 T fs W ex H1Il::.3r. r' 'fifxflf-is Row 'CL UN' 32 ,' ..'. Qi L ff. 1 F- C "Ci hejf' Dede Traugrzb ,. A A . Row 3 H 2,31 1 fig .lrisznm ,-cr. ITT: Va T L 3 K C453 Miller Ieiieff-L Lffitf TACTYQ Miry 'yfT?'?11"??2?sX,,1 HCL C1211 '13 R CIQLI. 122 1---1 J .gf 4, A ' NJN Q' Q' -ns, llospital service, packing old clothes, making posters, serving dinners - all this in the name ol SERVICE. A ,,,. 'Ol is , owl' fw', QS W: 5 as as af' as 36 E9 4...-.A XXV! - LAS IVIORAS ileit to righil Row 1: Pat Hughes, Vicki Steiner, Nancy Mattila, Susan Spencer, Clare Yerger, Margie Rihe, Ayleen lio, Launee lesnee Linda Reid, Karen l-lawlrsh, Iudy Weeks Row 2: Carolyn Petteier, Linda Hopkins, Lynn Barker, luay Sparks, Sharon Ward, Carol Don- aldson, Barbara Voigt, Shannon Gillespie, Carol Young, lo Anne Gattoni, Anna Carroll Iudi Davis. Row 3: Karen Lewin, Michele Slaboda, Linda Clark Marie Williams, lane-t Knox Caroline Lawson, Kay Cosby, Kay Lewis, Linda Kemp, Ellen White Sylvia Sullivan, Sheila Tyler, Elaine lliehol. Q6 Z fe- l VW ie, 'P i i gi LAS MARAVILLAS 'left fa rightl How l: Kay' Chartpkerg Kay Hart loaf, Shafiaek Pat Schaffer, Sugar. Piaa Row 2:Care1 Canzana loan Ferrini Efffiflf' l.:t.2pe1:E., Bonrge McCarthy Lucille Perez Linaa Clerger. Row 3: Valerie Perumean lady Papal M:r1a:t:'.e l-lufehinfsor., Diane fi' cr. Barbara Agasta Carole Pay: laniee Petrini, l23 4- A, LAS SONADORAS Cleft to riglitl Row 1: Marilyn Schromm, Edith McCoy, Georgia Strictley, lonias Likinra Iulie Sfziinderr Indy Griner, Rosalind l "A" 'ity Row 2: Kutlileon Abel, IoAnn Harrison, Borboro Mclfennon, Hleen Abel,Cr1tl1y Cootes,Nf1ncy Flint l L- 31. 2, if sen P :FF I 7 Cr lf ffl LAULEA .aft t' right Row I: Bobbio Marzec, Lourie Collins,-lo Ann G itonr, Olympia Colerinci, Luonn: King lxdy' Finch, Dolly Tcbes, Ionice 'lzyfl Row 2: 'f ncc of Erive Xottie Smith Sandie MGSQ'-'enff 'loan Ernf leonetfe Bardelli, Iudi Greorfffald Row 3: Pot Hanna Velia f PNHQ' N. ..,,,l A ,M4 A rv Rjyjh- ylqggg ifJ'Jll"l'IQ' K1'T'r'.MCG1K'Ll' :l.1'1K':n Murilyr. Aiffidi '14 Eprnziz lgrf- P2 fe V , L, fl , o, ,I 1' X N z 1 J '- N -v A VI XL ' xxx J ' .DNN , .1 X X -' gl , M , r N J ' I ' A H xxx f ., F ' X X 35 f i x .Q .,,-Xi X K f A xi ' 'N X I X1 L I , I F X X , LQ J 124 fr J XX , tk v ' X3 In J V, 2 .J J ki Q 'J ' H N -A T-A. if ,X ' xi S, f his xl XJ Q V 'f f 1 LES AMIES lleft to riglfitl Row 1: Rochelle Bjornson, loan Enna, Barbara Martin, Iudy Carr, Charlotte Gentry, Io Ann Harrison, Gay McGee. Row 2: Carol Van Hoosen, loyce Lietz, Sandy Balough, Marcia Pottle, Dgrreen Borrelli, Lorraine loss Row 3: Linda Downs, Iaci Hillman, Evelyn Iessup, Bonnie Bixby. V qv- LES NOUVELLES lleft to rigntl Row 1: lane Altfield, Sharon Dunn, Carol Berry, Lois Moreles Row 2: Mary Io Lewzq Ialane Villenueve Ellen Eldridge, Mary Beach, Pat Fewer, Cora Byran Row 3: Leslie Sfouf, Ixli- Se'.'erj.' ffariette McManarnan lady Gray, Rita Sweezey, Marti Ogaard 125 if Club names suggest hula skirts, moonlit nights, ukuleles, N 'V I 4-ff '40 r I f 3 Hi, ii A '. 54 ,J ,-I x wir. P ff ""' 'Q' 2 4 q A " 5 X i t I l .,t It 'fn-ang 'fu J' g-n-:unusu- C3 , xc MW 015 if Q s . .sq . I - x MOANA KEA Heir is ngnt Row 1: Mary Fisher Sandy Brcvfn, Katny Ckiollaren Pat Qaab jeannzne 'fViIr:.ahur.'t, How 2: Ieatietfe Hifldfliii Indy ffianelx flrefrien Sxehert Shirley Mart nelli Leila Lee fpleene 1' anay Scnrarnn Row 3: Charlene Roche Carol Pickenfz, Martha Foxrnan, Indy Sharp, Sharon Prell Glcrpa Cswaa Lea..-e M..1er, Janene Barner, Julia Clay. NA ALII fleft t: right Row l: Pai Hnghe: 'J1:k1 Steiner Sasan Spencer, Laanee 5,,::ee Margle Hi' F-"een "f ind" 'v"ef-Pe Qrffa Tyler, Indy Per: Row 2: fgzakyr, Tre: C:1rLitLar.Q3I:.i-rg Qc: Beaaxer Clare Yerger Snaran "fatal Lay Gxini gait: Max: .'L.3lIi, Manley. Row 3: Mary Safer: Margy Gztnzerg Alice Praftcr Sne Peters Pa: Maggard Snare: Manaerr rar. Lacey :any .' T1i-.1' sawing: .ASIlZCl'lJ',I, flcrrna Penningtzr. 126 swaying palms, luscious fruit, and a iew volcanic eruptions. 'audi Axwwii Q in-4 f U , QVLQL -ef il 1 gf mp. Q- Z! NA HOALOHA Row l l 3 Q C Row 2 V I1 NANI LOA f w I M Ol ow 2 S S31 fi 3 cw fl owillig 1 4? 127 is u g. V 1 4 - A X ly l E A l a " I ' gf W i ' fr A gas. N i' '- g 'a A, . Y ,, L c. f- x .QQ , U is l .L vi X L I A J 4, 2 b 2 l Q , , gif, ,A an .. f ,- 7 -as . 4 f - -rv 9 K 6 2 f- . ,. V ' 'Q' lx 1 1 Inf 2. 6- 1 I Q J pe I 'G , . 1 'A - l V. ' 1 "-:I I V' lk f it r X 1 5 F- I ' f ' . ' I V 4 V . , fr w ,, . ,' "' A W , . - ' - I , , J , x ' . lX , U V tg rxgnt 1: .ffgrjs '.'."::ner Spgxieq l-igtcninftn lgnet Kind,-'fern I3 Ann Fjxcier Flin, 7.'.'1II:3rn:s fegnette Hire .ff r me gnfzon, warg Cgnnzn : Mary l.f:r.'in Linz: Perez i-iiny l.f','er: finnif- Kfr ey ffxnfy ,Ierc Carol 'f'f1Ql:g::L.1, Card Bcren Lynne Bone Row 3: Fw-lyn Sgltzznan ff :nf-tt, GIC13 G::'.':nn1QQ fgcn Mfzrxer. fzgn Stngetzel Sngrcn "rn:-.'.', Kgrlene Mintz, Ignite Tr Tift 'let tc ight? Ro w: Q .xrdee R 're Shirley' Pzlenfzcn Leslie Hxfty, Linda Ycpxng C C Ccgper, Penn' Tedernznn, Sally l-lolccrnb. R I : ne nsent .Qisnne f.L:ncQ,: M r:1': Meyer: L.lf.jLl Lang Ellen '.'.'n1fe Lzrctny Wright Marin: Frgnccne R 2. ren l-lgvxliqzn, Lzndg Reid, Rc.: any Venturi, Lynn Barker Indy Spark: Ignite Hxgne: Egrbzrz 'fax t,C3::lDon'1f:i.'cn . 0" 'IF LQ, 86 tif nu, , v, ."x'v 1 PEQUENITAS tleft to rightl Row 1: Dolly Tobes, Ianice Thiel, lackie Car:on,.I,i,3d-q"You g ludy Carr, lackie Munk, ludy Nichols, Carole Dorfman, Mary Quarrier, Sally Holcomb, Norma Pennington. Row 2: Ellen Farmer, Bivax inda Lang, Marty Pash, Marcia Meyers, Rosalie Karnes, Dottie Smith, leanette Bardelli, Lois Bodarner, lean Wilson, Pat Sullivan, inochio Row 3: Luanna King, Shirley Kuntz, Shirley Robertson, Annette Xedes, Dorothy Wright, Kathy McGinnis, Betty Glover, lanie Kraner, Indy Finch, Io Ellyn Morton, Bonny Perfecp-'7 V V , A ,, SENIOR GIRL SCOUTS flett to rightl Row 1: Marilyn Gibson, Ioan Wat io: Linda Bieley Ann Srneyser, Pat Lamb, Marylinda Morrison, lulia Clay Gail Gray Ieanette Le-tts, lackie Hillman, '-. 2. Pam Stone, Marie B'Q1l.ilf:'j Vicki W'ff,t,: Elizabeth Nelson, ljoriss Sciioeppe Caryl Van Hoosen, Lynn Bosworth, Betty Marri nn- udy Wright. Row 3: llancie Flint, Martha Eoxrnan, Sandy Balough, Marcia Pottle, Cathy Coates Bronwyn Williams, lean Poster, Donna Mohr, Gail Ptoff Nancy Eiwardx Bochele Bjornzeon, 2? 553 X3 - 'N xl x X y C N - N Lx 1 , V7 X Q l ., it ff' v ' , N X, 1 X 1 Shit izsy Q E53 wig X SUP pfiflfi "fC.',1LICC Q USHER Cleft to righll Row 1: Gene Kimura lohnson, Paul Schroder, Gene Malaltia Kent Machina, Gene Rosecrans, Mike Adams. Row 2: George Roger Butkus, David Cudney, Med Taylor, Mr, Bullock Cadvl 1 I 'de' Clcg- ,,.. .. -,X KA MOCRS ARE GREAT COMPETITCRS MOORS RESPECT SPORTSMANSHIP MOORS PLAY THE GAME HARD Qi. -N .ff ty A 5 J fyfff B lf' .66 WW f Q ,J W ' qmail? fs, , 0 Q' Z .Nw X 4.--mu-3 4 ,IQ Ll G 3 i f f-f-ff-Sf 591 .1 J O K1 4 WSL 'S -is bf A QU A if J' YELL LEADERS Row 'r"'.:.: Row 2: C117 r. QM-, Q,.G,., . u.4:E.. ..,,-..,- MAIORETTES Mid: Mirjiri Indy Fry SONG LEADERS Ci: .,, . ,-. 'v.1.1 ,Are Yerzer C :Q-, Y.-. ,ij CY, gf! 'as' .X-U Gary Marshall Chuck Mankicm Tom Martin Steve Newlm Bob Packer Rhett Rechenmccher Gene Rossi Tim Regan Mike Quinn Tim Scott Iohn Venti 135 Pigskin parade sparks school opening, takes brutal beating lrom Asian Flu as Moors close last. Three months of grueling practice and hard work paid off for the Moors quite late this season. The Alhambrans of Coach Ed Sow- ers were off to a slow start because of key injuries and Asiatic Flu. Moor losses from the Flu bug were so heavy that the San Gabriel game was can- celed. Rushed into another league, and miss- ing their annual game with Alhambra, the Moor-Matador rivalry was stifled temporarily -at least on the gridiron. A week later a skeleton team was fielded for the Monrovia game, and on that cold night the remnants of AHS. fans and players battled the Wildcats. Although this was their third loss, a second-half rally had almost been successful. Coach Ed Sowers said," We needn't be ashamed of our team tonightg the boys played good football." Three weeks later, after disappointing mix- ups with Whittier and Arcadia, the payoff came. The Moors beat the rival Aztecs from Keppel before a capacity crowd, and then a week later held the El Monte Lions scoreless to take a third in Pacific League play. Gleeful Moors assisted coaches Ed Sowers and Chuck Mclfate from the field via their shoulders. CHAEFEY 20-7 Rhett Rechenmacher scored the sole Moor touchdown on a 39-yard run through the mid- dle. Chaffey quarterback Ron Gold passed to Monty Cunningham for their first score. A pass from Cfolcl to Lloyd Hunter in the third quarter was successful and then fullback Chuck Cox plunged over from the one-yard line. Defense seemed to be the main weak- ness in the opener. Moor of the Week-Rech- enmacher. GLENDALE 27-l3 The subs shone in this second Moor prac- tice game, Rhett Rechenmacher ran from the three for a score. Sub Tailback lohn Venti passed a TD to Tim Scott. Tailback Bob Hen- sler scored the first Dynamiter touchdown and then passed one each to his ends Iohn Weeks and lohn Hayes. Fred Beck inter- cepted a Moor pass for the final score. Moor of the Week-Venti. MCNRCVIA 26-20 A second half comeback almost put the Moors over the top. Iohn Venti threw two touchdown passes, first to Bob Mesias and then to Tim Scott. Rhett Rechenmacher scored in the fourth quarter, and the clock stopped another Moor drive. Halfback Marshall Hall scored off tackle, followed by a pass from Bill Lewis to Gary Salmon. Lewis scored again running. Moor of the Week - Dick Fisher. ARCADIA l3-l3 Disputed calls and a host of penalties high- lighted the Apache game. Gary Wendt ran 30 yards after an interception for the first score. Bruce Hauger scored from the six but missed the crucial conversion. Apache quar- terback Hall scored from the nine after a Moor fumble, and a twenty-five-yard pass from Reg Rhodes to Bob Asmus clinched the game. Moor of the Week-Hauger. A S14 Q Pl - Player ol the Week - Joe 0. Flu-bug WHITTIEB l4-13 The highly rated Whittier Cardinals edged out the Moors in the final minutes. Iohn Venti scored after attempting a pass and finding no receiver. Carmen Chiarenza scampered 30 yards after a pass from Venti to score again. Whittier scored on a pass from Bod Gilliland to Dick l-lalte and a plunge by Bon Line. Moor of the Week-Mike Quinn. MARK KEPPEL 14-7 Bruce Hauger broke the ice in the tradi- tional game when in the third quarter he scored from the three-yard line. The Aztecs countered with a pass from Ierry Marlett to Pete Vargas. Carmen Chiarenza set up the winning TD with an interception, and then Hauger scored from the 12. This first win sparked the team and evened the score with their rivals. Moor of the Week-Hauger. EL MONTE 7-O ln the final game the Moor and the El Monte Lions battled for an advantage. Hauger capped a 47-yard drive with a nine- yard scoring run. The win put the Moors in third and ended the season on a happy note. Moor of the Week-Gene Rossi. Following in the footsteps of their big broth- ers the Moor Bee, Cees, and Iayvees got off to a slow start. The Iayvees under the dual coaching of Bill Hess and Buzz Bennett ended their cut season with a l-6 record. The Bees, called by Coach Iohn Patrick "the best bunch of boys l've ever had," had only one win to their credit but suffered from weather and the flu. The Midget Cees under their new leader, Chuck Wiese, "had a lot of fun" and gained enough experience to prevent repeating their one win season. FOOTBALL SCORES VARSITY IAYVEES BEES CEES AHS OPP. AHS OPP. AHS OPP. AHS OPP 7 Chaffey 20 12 Chaffey 0 20 Chaiiey 14 6 San Gabriel I3 Glendale 27 7 Glendale San Gabriel Monrovia 20 Monrovia 26 7 Monrovia Monrovia Arcadia 13 Arcadia 13 2 Whittier Arcadia Whittier 14 Whittier 13 13 Arcadia Whittier Keppel 14 Keppel 7 8 El Monte Keppel El Monte 7 El Monte 0 El Monte Q IAYVEES Cleft to rightl Row l: Dale Crawford, Paul Campbell, Ieff Spitzeg, Bill Tennis, Larry Thompson Bob Handin, Iack Forgus Qmgr.J. Row 2: Dave Emerson, Marvin Haber, Iohn Conroy, Tom Crux, Dave Right mer, Coach Burnett. Row 3: Tony Farinella, Vern Dorman, Arnold Thexton, Mike Calagna, Frank Fisher. - wmmui W A1 0-59 Rm" A rl 138 342: S' A category for each hey regardless oi age, weight, or size aff X -Lrw P2 '7 4 .Mr lag 4, 'uf' ' S: r xff , 'rx as F gal ,Q pg 1' N ,W Q fam, , ,gals . 5. 4' -, 1 1 1959, f 3 F x ? X I J sb, 'rf' -F! K is 1555 4 mai xklirji 9 4' A Pg -fire , V 2, ky, 5 11" gy 0, ,M .7 1, ,ix t, f x W fyfp N e , e E is 4- Q 2 Q f h ivafq' ki Y 1 3 A A3 if , ix Lf 46? K5 fy Q -fir S453 , 53 3 WM55 W le.- - ,,.s f 3 A kai we H 'in-I BEES Row 3 'J' M3 Row 2 Row3 L 1 H1 Row CEES Row 1 B 1 C4 Mm 3 Row 2 ,rr Arif.: lid fflcr. 137,14 ifgfer fir f . ,Lf.'v'1'g' '32, Teixetl ,Wie 'ex fry " W xref fx 2: Haha: ow : l's.2yf'.C at r a' rm 'LL "rTf1.:Ar., Lit. .flflrrrrzl f.':'r.zr, Igc'i'i.1 YAC.. 23.2 ix: -Lite 31, 6,53 :L-. fri' Jr , C., , -312 Row : 7:51. fx-Q Alou,-Q5 l".'f . ::p.:Qr. ::.r. if-,Qtr 3-A fftfrr' 1."f. fl. I : , xg Qrri 1' fl. RLY. ' Lund ak: f'f1'1II ,:"::. .i':' Row 5 Jen S31 5,7 Ny rf. 1 ef Q 1'.'..1 fit... mir. .1 Qtr. ' ' 'ri 14l.r:2 H per.: .,.if,. 139 - gg e Q -4' S 8 , 4 J F , gave W yd' i 4 xgfigi gf Q J' - ' YA 1 A f 1 'A as , ' 'V iq: I 5 ng -1 g Q i .. W 1 M-X f Wt. , we s, Q J 5 W 0 W- if i A' , W , 'w..W, " 1 52? V V I V f I ,, 4 5 4 V 5' '. D . N ' " f lg' v, -. , , N . Zh' v G . H 1 ' 'K . 'N ' ,x ff ht' .WV Q kg M 6- H -Bun- tx :xx ornecarning Queen Margie Ribs is crowned by Mr Strainer Princesses Pai Hughes fleftx Iackie Munk, Iackie DeBernardi, and Nancy Mattila carnpnse her court, s if Q' 'lui Fathers emay sidehne coaching, and extra good seats on Dads' Nrght at the Arcadla game. Unsung cross country men rumble over countryside. fe? i KL if Fffnr ' A i . K V . ,,..l, CROSS COUNTRY '2 I'1Q'f.' Row 1: 'jury Ififfifiifiivl ffagghergljgjari Text Pzt N ' f-.7 leirry r .. . . . ,., D I X nfffzrc-7 trfgf Row 2: IZLT. HCf,i'Y','fT. :rf-'r arf:-7.c:'.'.' .1a:',''en Ra! BLLTCE. .. '5 I DX 'eu LMA N' 1 f V .c.z'.+,.' " f-f 'JJ fi F 'Tm ffl' ,Nw Midwinter graduation plays havoc with second round in leagueg new names crash starting lineup. The l958 basketball season with all its thrills and excitement could be split into two distinct parts, before and after graduation. The problem of mid-term graduates lurked in the back of many minds but was forgotten as Coach Chuck Wiese busily prepared his first A,l'l.S. team. The Moor five that swept through the first round of Pacific League play undefeated was just not there. A host of pre-season games, with a few tournaments for added help, de- veloped the team. 'When the Moors stood alone on the top of the league, the graduate problem became important. Livingston, Fox, Marshall, and Merz were gone, and only unfamiliar names like Miller, Hadsell, and Chalais were avail- able as replacements. The new team adopted a i'we'll try our best attitude" and went out to face the world. The Alhambrans lost three of their remaining five games and dropped to second place. This late edition of the Moors had determination, some skill, and lots of practice, but lacked experience. The Moors started the league season on a high note against the Monrovia Wildcats. After giving Moor rooters an acute case of "heart failure," Coach Wiese's charges be- came inspired in the second half and raced to victory. The Apaches, and then the Cardinals fell in order, followed by a sound trouncing of the rival Aztecs. Before a packed audience in the Keppel gym lack Chalais, a lanky junior, ease ily handled the Lion's threat, Ken Strickland, while his teammates poured in the baskets. ln the second round the tables were turned. The speedy Wildcats gained revenge along with Keppel, and the Cards boosted their scor- ing with their QU to 50 win. Even Keppel sneaked back and took its first league win from the Moors. With no chance of a C.l.F. berth left, the Moors faced the Lions for a second time. The underdogs showed much determination and gave the Lions a scare. After catching up at the half, the Lions put on the pressure and forged ahead. 463 IACK CHALAIS RAY DAWSON DICK FISHER CHUCK FOX WQYEXRS QAQBR S 54 QW " NXXX-X552 K-.JAX KB UW LK Varsity shows great promise then tulters av- .t T I we VARSITY BASKETBALL fleft to rightl Row 1: Ierry Merz, Bob Mesias lohn Venti Coach Wie-se Bruce Hauger Gary I-ladsell Chuck Fox Row 2 Gary Marshall, Ray Dawson, Dick Fisher, Chuck Wooley, Randy Miller lack Charle Ed Malrngreen Torn Micheil Rh tt Rechenmacher Don Living tori The season ended with Alhambra in a three-way deadlock for second place. A gal- lant move by Coach Wiese withdrew the Moors from competition. The spirit, the skill, and now the experience are all there . . . for next year's team. The Varsity's lesser brethren, the layvees, Bees, Cees, and Dees, while not as spectacu- lar in some ways, alternately played the spoiler against other league teams that fin- ished ahead of them. The Cees, undefeated in practice games, finished in a second place tie. The Dees highlighted their season with a school scoring record against La Salle. The Bee sguad took considerable comfort in knocking off league-leading Monrovia. Each squad had its guota of star perform- ers and brilliant performancesg each boy added irnmeasurably to his school year through this season of basketball. Bee Dick lansen i,: about to get hand on the ball in ihf- Monte game Gary Meza f23l and O Thoma: re moving in A 1 IflMor1fe Bee tries 3 gm? ..1..:f.. H CEES fleft to right? Row 1: Amomo Gicniccc, Alvin Less-ee Doug Urie, Richard Sfobin Gene Rcsecraris Ichn Davzs E. Sewers Kccach? Row 2: Ich: Iexiirigs Sieve Bisheff Steve De-Leon Dave Simpson Ice S10 sougn Ilrn Hetner Ion: Yzrtgxrtg Centre Orr .. .. ' W ":l:l:?:y.-., .1 M 4 , 542 BEES . i 33:9 Row 1: Frrf A f,4ffi 2... HJ 1 1 " How 2:f: 11 Scramble lor gym lloor brings on 6 ll.M. practice lor '1- -tf 4 X fe-X IAYVEES 4- 'arg Row 1: lack 'ffaldrnan Ray lJfcC1i:e Eckert lcon lit: Siena: Row 2: T P ci Kari 'Walker Melvin lvfcichaefiari Alien ' Lynn 'Naterrnan Bill T1iT1tt1 BASKETBALL SCORES VARSITY BEES AHS OPP- AHS OPP. 45 DOWYIGY 57 29 California 54 67 California 74 32 L.B. Poly 57 49 Long Beach Poly 50 31 Glendale 51 67 Glendale 61 25 Arroyo 21 53 Arroyo 61 22 Burroughs 39 EB Burroughs 58 30 S. Pasadena 20 50 Anaheim 48 29 Montebello 31 41 Long Beach 62 San Gabriel 59 Iordan 55 41 Rosemead 33 S0 Montebello 44 38 Monrovia 47 63 San Gabriel 46 33 Arcadia 48 43 Torrance 57 37 Whittier 43 59 Hawthorne 51 42 Keppel 45 64 Montebello 46 31 El Monte 39 48 El Monte 50 58 Monrovia 44 85 Rosemead 49 23 Arcadia 37 si Monrovia 52 42 Whittier ss 25 ei Arcadia is as Keppel 49 32 sa Whittier is so El Monte 59 22 64 Keppel 30 50 El Monte 59 43 Monrovia S3 CEES 29 53 Arcadia Sl AHS OPP' 35 SU Whimer QU 25 California 22 29 CS Keppel 60 28 AYYOYO 18 19 50 El Meme 55 27 Montebello 25 38 San Gabriel 30 lAYVEES 46 LaSalle 19 AHS OPP- 29 Azusa 14 AHS 26 Monrovia 4 37 Rosemead 34 34 16 San Gabriel 14 17 Monrovia 27 14 H18 iq,1,,.. R -W 3 - ,--. .wi-,.-1 3, A ,..:., Arcadia 29 Whittier 40 Keppel 24 El Monte 29 Monrovia 28 Arcadia 33 Whittier 30 Keppel 25 El Monte 15 DEES OPP. California 23 fi Arroyo 1. Montebello San Gabriel LaSalle Azusa Rosemead Monrovia Arcadia Whittier Keppel El Monte Monrovia Arcadia VVhittier Keppel E1 Monte Moor Mightiesg school scoring record marks season. 1-fry' Mvrz prcpurir' 3 YIICVE 71111110 sho' C1 MTL: Kcppol Gyn: ugamxt Fl MOHTG 'V ' 1 f ' ' l1u'I 'ISU QIIIZCK Fox 161 and Butch Mona w1'.'fA :Howl ,nupporf 1119 1 1 rox .xicpx for C1 rzxozzie... igritzl Micff, can gf-t:l11ff1r1r1if1C Aztec quin- S fl I C lg ow 1 Mm 3110 'wg or Row L2 If ,1 0 1 ' Jr Pftf X, '10 M11-'f V1 4 R w 3 .. , ,OIL .1 A J, rr O J 1120, r- ..:g O, .1 ry 121g .' 1. 7. . .,: berger, Ron Galpm Phil Patzlk. AM, Q . .J 4 'r .Q J-,,F' " 'L,' ' .1 M:"iNi..x3,:',,,if-rl'Fw ' 1 'Q ng. ,,,,":.W .EJ U-rf' ' ' -- 4' 'f'-'41 ,J - K . - L.: L did-Or . AW' w,,,?. N. w lx R gnmx x3V?"'i :W ll 4 VVLLSA 'Ji- 3 X5 'fr 5 X, M TL? , xi Xmfgb 4- a X X ' ' --LM Y W x wwf kg! X QK QQ f f wfa 542 Jw I ,YL IZ, 152 ll luscinuting, nge-old game, plus n lew sunny days, Al Cartwright Dale Crytzer Bill Daugherty Ierry Dell Robert Finch Roger Holdstock Larry Marvin lack Shramm Yardley Scully Greg Smith 4 . , I ill!! Hong I .I I l : Larry Thompson pi TAROxU'N IO Don Underhill 1 We .if SPRING SPQRTS QUEEN llxr A' Net- Fflfixyz ll,TAZ:f3??E,:neg'Eigal1rA1iEfgt'?:xAltZ:K A 4:33 l"l"f.'1 fi ICAQQQ' G- A v lf. 3511 , -1 ' brings out the usual quota at enthusiastic net stalwarts. While the professional tennis players, Pan- At Alhambra the tennis squad was bol- cho Gonzales and Lew l-load, were slamming erstwhile their way across the country, an group of Moors was engaged in the same sport. But that is about where the similarity endsl We know about the large crowds that are attracted by professional tennis, there is a great deal of interest generated in this sport. And in Australia the game has gigantic stat- ure. However, here at A.H.S. the tennis squad receives little attention. We know that the professional game has great drawing power. What is the answer? Well, whatever it is, the Alhambra tennis squad hasn't got it. Yet a sport should not be measured by its drawing power alone. Tennis serves to develop those who play it, fierce rivalries and a good fight- ing spirit are built up. Every fellow must fall back on his own resources. stered by many l.V.'s from last year. The squad was building. The young players showed some potential. As the season wore on, they played with increasing assurance and vigor. There was lots of grueling practice to be done. And plenty of satisfaction resulted when an important set was won. The squad took delight in trouncing Mark Keppel, seven matches to two, and were a formidable foe for any opposing teams. Encouraging was the interest of the lower classmen in the game. A great percentage of the team was developed from the sophomore class. Such a situation holds good promise for the future, when the squad can show to full effect. The I.V's are large in number and seem to indicate a powerful team next year, since there will be little loss by graduation. ,I ji- ,.,,,: W. 2 5 - at ' 'i": . -A ff 5 f .... . tx is '5.51 " L ,RI if ,.'.' 'ij ' i 1 A Y v is A - l f fa 6. 1 Q , QY X1- "1-x., ...ff Q5 yw VARSITY TENNIS Cleft to rightl Row l: Roger Holdstock, Gregg Smith, Bill Daugherty, Ierry Dell, Larry Marvin, Yardley Scully. Row 2: Russ Thomas fmgrl Rob rt Finch, lack Schramrn, Dale Crytzer, Larry Thompson, Don Underhill, I Swihart fcoachl. 153 . 1 .. K . ,, ,.., ,- e 1 if fn 1 if 'S' a W ff , . if 9 " tina TENNIS llelt to rialill Row 1: Torn Bililff, Bill Napzzzir, Steve Weiss, llick Slobiii l3'irry McCoy, lolin Branch, Larry Marvin, Ken Mason, Dick Sloggy ow 2 G Goddard fcociclil, Vlfally Baixfszrian Al Cartwright lioaffr Holcirtorplc f5.,iiilvf.f Pmyy MCAf,m31ly 13011 Sow RUN lackgony Allen Ulm PM im r fir P Niili,i::i.i lff'lTll:T 'JVa.zlilf1irn, Ron l3i'IiC:II1f!I. VARSITY IAYVEE Monrovia 3 6 Monrovia 3 Arcadia Arcadia Whittier Whittier Mark Keppel Mark Keppel El Monte El Monte Monrovia Monrovia Arcadia Arcadia Whittier Whittier Mark Keppel Mark Keppel El Monte El Monte Niblick-nudging is not for everyone. GOLF TEAM .eft to r1g:.t, Row 1: Pica lwfllfnlril Lee Manic Robert Meer log: M C lf' lfenxi: Baden Stffvfe Akajian Ray Allen Howard Miller Row 2: Coach M Malnttii Gary .fwornzr Greg KA.. Fo.. Slfilififlir la -4 .3 or "' .gary ngnagrer. icraz.. Le'.'.r.e, M'ff- M ' L Although the game seems to have originated in Holland, it has become identified with Scot- land, where St, Andrews is ree garded as the shrine ot golt. At AHS. golt has steadily found favor, and While there is no report that the pros are quake ing at the tee over Moor prowess, several players have shown cone sideralale ability. At least the lang walk is good lor thern, GOLF VARSITY ASH OPP. 10 Monrovia 20 10 San Gabriel 20 10 Whittier 20 10 Monrovia 20 16 San Gabriel 14 9 Whittier 21 S Arcadia 24 IAYVEE AHS OPP. 28 Monrovia 4 16 San Gabriel 14 30 Whittier U Success in the world depends ut times on "pull"g u win in the iield events in truck culls lor plenty oi push. f xi 9 xiii' . Vg? wif' s 1 1 V sf, I K , I, if' efseeff W , - I 11' , ., ff - ,, U3 wa, mn ' N 'ning .1'W.f,,' ' fy ' ---A.. ,JL b1.,,, X ' " 101 iii Howard Benioff Cleft? looks 0 G y Volen gets Q '- away a beoutil heave for i m rem We lv ' ' ' iffy? ZWMM Running wus greut ul Moor Field this truck season ii your windshield wipers were working well. an 9 in ENQR VARSITY TRACK tleit to rightl Row 1: Gary Norton, Pot Carroll, Chad Glediill Rhett Rhecherimocher, Gory Rogers, Leo Lodes Row 2: Couch McFote Dove Emerson, Roger Sliorpe, Doug Rightmer, Dick Brio, Mike Wormock, Lloyd White How 3: Mike Koveriough, Bob Pocker, Iirn Dickson, Ed Molmgreeri Arnold Tliextori, Toriy llerririello, Dori Turner Qrrigrl l56 Hurdles, sprints, distunces, jumps, weights, reluys, require every truckster to give his uhsolute ull. ln the spring a young mans fancy-or so he thinks-and his mind turns to thoughts of love and track and love. Too few Moors' thoughts turn to track. Apparently Moor Field is so-o-o far away, much too far to reach for track workouts. Track at AHS. has suffered one of its worst slumps in as many years as anyone can re- member. A disinterested student body has decreed this. Coach McEate and his few hard-working charges have been able to come up with but two wins in practice meets, nothing in league encounters. Probably the sole consolation to Coach McEate, who heads the trio of teams, is the performances of individual members of the squads. Some remained undefeated and went on to the league prelims and finals. These wins have come from hard work, lots of the old "try," and iust a little luck. However, it seemed to be fate that the squad would get no boost from ideal con- ditions. There was rain, rain, and more rain. Meets were washed out, and when they were finally re-scheduled, the squads had often been unable to work out. Doubling up and last minute changes left the season in com- plete confusion. Some crucial mishaps and the loss of key men, for assorted reasons, did the teams little good and provided tho fincl blow. Opening the practice seascn, between thundershowers, the Moors lost to San Gab- riel and El Segundo. On a muddy track Co- vina succumbed, and Baldwin Park fell be- fore the Moors following Easter Vacation. League season was even less fruitful. The wild Apaches, the speedy Monrovia sprint- ers, the superior field events men from Kep- pel, the well-balanced Cardinals, and finally powerful El Monte dumped the Moors. The Bees and Cees suffered similar fates on most occasions. The school record for Bee shotput was broken, and two of these stal- warts seem destined to go on for some time. We would like to think some progress was made in l958. The pace, it is agreed, was considerably slower, but the direction was still forward. If much consolation is to be taken from the season, it will have to come from those few isolated victories that brought the team just a little glory. s' Qfifp ff' CF? , P 4' C3 fe- ! .lg .L ...arty-' I.. ,.,. W5 5- X 1 --er - ..-Q. .. -ss-5, s.'F:F.:5g,gg..' A ff----:H 5 t M., 1--l 'if 49 51' eu.-fi -9' lt's o greul and glorious feeling when you breast the tupe ,Huff . B 'S fer "' , 5 W 'tl gf -sw , ... or . . - , Q- 5 -w Q K 5 viii 'f' s -1 , My x ff he A """" si Q 2 Q: '."' ' if EEZZZE 12::5 , ef fr to A gg' Q., f eo eo L sy A' e V A V B TRACK -f 5333- Row 15 33,1 Tent.: ff:r.r.',' firf-f-rf.-:'1I'1 Hifi. Fi','f.f Hz:-wird E-eiiitif fffrzzrzr. Kid. firm T"':,:. Efr fffr,r..f.': Row 2: F13 F f-,,,., -:,. , t. ,, , fu,,-,,, Q., 1,,.,..,,., L, 1,17 ,,. r,4,,,.,., ',IY',,,,- VA., Lg'-f 23, r,I,,4,1 L -- ROW 3.1!-.-, '44-v 'T 21, s Rhett Rechenmacher Cleft on opposite pagel, Gary Rodgers, Leo Lodes, and Chad Gledhill practice a few wins. I . I -s ' A W .x U .es t C TRACK Cleft to rightl Row I: Larry Gleffe, Neil Pontecorvo, Ernest Maldonado, lim McDermott, Richard Rathloun Tim Rennahan. Row 2: E. Sowers tcoachl, Bill Bennett, Mike Edlen, Steve Rach, Bill Rosen, Connie Orr Bill Davis Row 3: Gene Rosecrans, Bob Altobello, Bennie Shaw, Torn Hayek, Doug Iuengst, Phill Reynolds, Gary Ortega AHS V B 41 42 40 61 57 24 Vz 19M l8Vz 22 48 77 29 47 67 42 13 15 24 Vz C 17 5X6 59 5526 BM ISV: 35 282fg HW 16 TRACK SCUBES San Gabriel El Segundo Covina Arcadia Whittier Baldwin Park Mark Keppel Monrovia El Monte Pac. League Prel. Pac. League Fin. OPP. V B C 63 53 59 V0 64 34 18 47 70Vz 20 Va 84 Vi 76W 59 V2 82 47 60Vz 1 68W 61 2 27 56 42 56 23 48 W 62 78 65 X B9 W - . lull nj, ll Q, .ee fn .. 2-3-4 - f-A-he 5 llching muscles, lume bucks, churley-horses, slide burns I ck Chalais Bob Conlee Steve De Leau Dick Duncan Ron Duncan Bob Fleck Steve Frantz Gary Hadsell The national pastime-baseball-is in the air. The sport seems to have hit the area extra hard with the coming of the Dodgers. The converted Bums have made the front pages for the past six months, even edging out col- legiate football and basketball. Around AHS, although there isn't quite as much publicity or excitement, baseball is definitely in the air. The Moors, sporting their youngest and probably most inexperienced team in many years, started the season with a purpose: to play the best baseball possible, and they have succeeded to date. Coach Iohn Patrick's varsity nine, contains two sophomores, four juniors, and a trio of seniors. Veteran Bob Fleck, led the team into the season as catcher and captain, he moved aside for some young blood in sophomore 160 Steve Deleau and went to the outfield. This seems to be the trend on the whole team. Two pitchers, Dick Iensen and Rich Schumaker, who will be around for two more years, dominated the mound positions for most of the season. lt looks like Coach Patricks long range gamble may pay off. The Moors went like wildfire through the grueling practice season and entered the Pacific League with a seven game winning streak. After the first round they were whittled clown somewhat to a 3-2 margin, but every- one is pulling for that big last inning come- back that the Moors have demonstrated. lt seems quite interesting that so many games have been called for darkness or have entered extra innings. The change to day- light savings time may give the Alhambrans an extra hour to keep their eye on the ball. roduce polished perlormunces us horsehiders perlect game fl I I 1 Dick Iensen Allen Iones Bob Mesias Tom Micheils Russ Murphy Mike Quinn A quick look at Coach Chuck Wiese's lay- vees may be somewhat surprising. Their new giant of a coach boasts players that range in height from just a shade under five feet to a few inches shy of seven. Weight, ex- perience, and ability follow similar patterns. The Iayvee record of wins may not be too impressive, but the team is doing well. The work of the Iayvees is to build men and pro- vide experience. The layvees at AHS are quite similar to the major league farm clubs. Moor rooters can't complain since we witnessed farm league ball until this year's invasion of the Dodgers. Both Varsity and Iayvees have one point in common: they have a lot of potential and may develop some fine ballplayers by the end of the season, or perhaps in a few years. .W ..u........ ,, Dick Shoemaker Iohn Venti BASEBALL SCORES VARSITY AHS OPP. AHS 6 Montebello 2 U 1 Glendale 0 Broadway 3 3 2 Rosemead 8 6 6 Iohn Muir 14 2 7 South Pasadena 4 3 3 Glendale 2 Broadway 5 8 3 Montebello l 4 4 San Gabriel 3 5 2 San Gabriel 1 8 ll L.A. Wilson 0 2 4 South Pasadena 3 2 5 Monrovia 3 U 2 Arcadia 6 10 1 Whittier 3 6 9 Keppel 4 2 6 El Monte 8 1 5 Monrovia 3 2 1 Arcadia 9 3 2 Whittier B 6 Keppel B El Monte gif IAYVEES OPP. Montebelelo 0 Glendale 2 Rosemead 7 Iohn Muir 12 South Pasadena 1 Glendale 12 Montebello 3 San Gabriel 3 San Gabriel 2 L.A. Wilson 7 South Pasadena 7 Monrovia 4 Arcadia 4 Whittier 11 Mark Keppel U El Monte 2 Monrovia 3 Arcadia 2 Whittier 0 Mark Keppel l El Monte lol -x N I.V. BASEBALL Clett to rlghtl Row l Don Schaet r Ie-r ry Meemna hm McClanahar Dow Burden Row 2 Dtck Wanne, Grey MOd9Sl1 hm Evan Ed Salvatlerre Don Murphy Ioe Stombauglm Ilm Mencom Clark Smttn lohn Yingltng Carl Merz Row 3 Ben Cooper LOUIS Ltaeranr Drck Verdugo Rum Murphy Dave Daugherty C lack Chalal Inhxgonray ack Wald ran Fred Sanm ny Br yde tmqrl K lj N la t 1 ' ' be Uk! YK pl L Ml gy K , UM vpn L UCP! f QQ-,Y ' 1 I Two ,WMLL f x ' X to 'F LUX K T IJ V R7 r XS 162 2, VARSITY BASEBALL Cl ft to Tlghll How I lohn Ve-ntl Dlck Duncan Bob Meslas Bob Fleck Gary Hadsell Bob Conlee Ron Duncan Allan loner. Row 2 Steve De-Le-au Rlchard Shoemaker Tom Mlchetls lack Chalals Dtclc Iensen Russ Murphv Mxke Qutnn Steve Frantz I Patrlck fcoaclftl Pluyduys draw tems who seek the great, wide out-oi-doors For those Moors of the weaker sex who are full of vim, vitality, and vitamins, there is an organization for the purpose of expending this abundance of energy and creating team spirit. This is GAA.-to you, Girls' Athletic Association. They practice and keep in train- ing with a determination that would put many a boy to shame. lf, at times, their en- thusiasm outstrips their ability, it is all to the good because it makes a far more exciting game. Once each semester these mighty female Babe Buths get a chance to display their ath- letic abilities at a GAA. playday. Here hun- dreds of girls from many assorted schools as- semble to test their agility and strength. A good-natured battle ensues. Besides all the fun of playday, it is always something to look forward to, that exclusive day of rest from the daily routine. ln fact, if you suddenly find that your English class is missing a few of those cute blonds, brunettes, and redheads one day, just take it for granted that they belong to GAA. To the girls of this organization, ath- letic competition means excitement and plenty of good rough-and-tumble spills. ln their group they have no time for the fragile- flower type of female . . . and who heads the active group? lt is the most boisterous and en- ergetic of them all-Mrs. Vincent. ll! ll V GJLA. Cleft to rightl Frances Cosond, Barbara Bridges, Ianine Villeneuve, Pat Nuelle, we-ffvifk V . - Rollers dont count even in the girls' league, particularly when the pitcher is doing the rolling l63 Individual Sports Class Ksenior gyml prepares modern Dianas for hunting almost anything. These wellearmed gals may be Americas o e uided sile. ,f 1 th :ws r W ifgpytttllfwi lf f E r tl' if 9' PM W S Q ff WT y JP V I .1 ' it 0 I v . ,. fQ Q 'lp Y 'lf A w f lr ff K' Y if Mft ,Sim tgmv lil Wfl' fr VY 41' j Tj P JXQJ f xg A FPS' NF it lg ,J ,gy ' ' - lo f t 'ufwzv K Lu, ,Z IM ,122 ,jf Nl ' y 1 I ' , L ' ' I L, 9 ,P Q. A J 9 'Niue HILNJL1 A jbJlAJCQ 2957' 9 1 X 5. y ,, ,IJ ff fl ,I 1.1 '63 ff of pf gf' J' - fit? 43' ,L , I Qfjolf' '71 fqof' LLM ',f, ,f-Q Jo?-v' Aj Llp' XJ Pai A V117 J fd ,lfffflb ffl," ,Vt gf' ' rf ,ff M' it Cf 7 if W' l ,f f ff Jf A fl t lat l 64 hu ,Q 'A l f' J Xf' X J 1 W 4 4 x 9 : i S , S ,Q - Q f..L.,.,, j W ,. xi- , 'K' 6 ,gs 4 ' S' " 4 A gm 'W ,W ai 915' X " 1 mls ' ,Q f. V. , ' - v , H., . ,. 1' "' 1 ' "V ,V . x ws Q :PW 0 -1- Q?--Ugg f -5 Q.. A -4 ., L 35 'xx ,X 'K , ,null 'if N A Ulvtfgg. 0 'npslf "Huong, Wk ,..-wr, i "Null, . 5 g I9 ,l '. . 9' 3 ff 3' ff 1 . HW! . MV D E l in UTICDLFI EIEHEUHV s seamen. vamp "'lW an l dy Lf- wwf' 'f I wfw LA ,a-wi SKU!!! Q2 t V 1 Xglgrx, A yi O19 Xxx 9 A fe LHAMBRA HIGH GRADS X WJ! XJ find so MANY things to like about Telephone Work. 1 V 'N X X Ask your vocatnonal counselor about posntuons wrth Pacnfnc Telephone or drop unto one of our nearby Employment Ofllces 21 SOUTH FIRST STREET ALHAMBRA CALIF Or ask your Operator for ZENITH 'IO 000 for the Employment Office nearest your home D' 0 ac c Telephone 167 fill L, S Q T9 n .D Q X Us x T l Q' x I ,Il We are proud to announce the opening of our new omces to better serve your school needs wlth our outsfandlng selechon of Class Rlngs Graduation Announcements Trophues Medals Plns and Special Awards ROY C BROWN HERFF JONES CO BROWN and HOVLAND CO Calnfornla Dlvlslon Rlchmond 8 3247 Rlchmond 9 5225 4 WEST PICO BLVD LOS ANGELES 15 CALIFORNIA Vimiiia AYA I ian 1 Vlllfy, A 1 Rn-fbxgg eadow Gold Dames 1136 E COLORADO ST PASADENA SYcamore 3 3181 RYUH 1 8161 168 If -- 1 11 A 21 . , I 1 L A A Q' A X f:l'HQ4'l'l'l'A- H v 1 I v - - - 7 U " V " I . 1 'A 1 .!9,.,- .Q A " -5:4 I.. D O O COWQNI nfzffflffofzs wwf M yay? Myl Q63 W My Mhxgf W WUC ff 6 fm! 5 w 1 ' , N i E 1 N 1 , 1 ' 1 I ,H f 1 'f 7fisf .ww M ' ,ff iw M g X XC ' fn 0 0 o , , W' WJ 'Qi 2 ,ffybm ,J . 2 . W .- AWS-Qbv Q f! I n g Vx ,f -f JL affwn N' I ' x f 3 All xl X .M - - M A ii g IT PAYS TO GET OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT - whether on the gridiron or in your choice ot photographers - it you want a winner. Visit the ANTHONY LOYA STUDIO, official photogra- pher for the 1958 ALI-IAIVIBRAN. Call AN. 8-5003. KNOWN FOR VALUES SAVE WITH FARMERS AUTO - TRUCK - FIRE - LIFE W. T. GRANT CO. INSURANCE ALHAMBRA - SAN GABRIEL OFFICE 917 W. Las Tunas Dr. AT 2-6268 201 East Main Street Alhambra Jack Palmer Your Pet Headquarters Serving the San Gabriel Valley Since 1929 Birds - Puppies - Tropical Fish N-- 'Ag Insecticides - Fertilizers qzm w zfiggiff co. irc, lk ,. Gofden 5UPP"eS I PRINTING and LITHOGRAPHY Mccormicws si 3 H". fri, 5, ffl'-?'fsZ,", .-' Pet 8. Garden Store AT 2-3123 217 N. Garfield Ave. 529 W- M010 Sf- AT 9-4393 AT 2-2175 Alhambra, Calif. Prompt - Courteous Confidential Service 550.00 to 51500.00 Automobile or Furniture COMMUNITY LOAN SERVICE CONTRACTS REFINANCED PAYMENTS REDUCED Reserve your loan by phone ATlantic 2-1661 CUmberIand 3-1315 15 So. Garfield Ave, Alhambra, Calif. 170 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1958 REMEMBER YOU BUY THE FINEST USED CARS WHERE THE FINEST NEW CARS ARE SOLD' Pete Miller ALHAMBRA PRINTERS PMN-lu WALLPAPER Pnntmg Llthographmg The Pnnters of The Moor 1 223E VII Bld AT95241 2 7 O ey V 4 6 E ark St Alhambra Callfornna Alhambra CGllf ATIQnflC 9 1 CRAIG LEE PHOTO SUPPLY BYRNE TRAVEL SERVICE W CRAIG STEWART 47 South Garheld Avenue Cameras Fnmshmg Repcnrs Prolectors Screens Fnlms All'1C1mbf0 C0111 Phone AT 2 3900 630 East Mann sneer Alhambra cam ATlcmhc 2 5171 CUmberIcmd 3 2250 AT 1 9188 SCHOOL SUPPLIES TYPEWRITER RENTALS TEMPTATION OFFICE EQUIPMENT SWEET SHOP AHlgflgglWRITE Ice Cream 81 Home Made Candles 39 su :Annan ALHAMBRA 1820 West Valley Blvd Alhambra Calaf CU 3 4213 AT 2 4831 ' ' ' ' - .P . , ' ' . 171 Congratulations 'ro the Class of '58 BINDEX CORPORATION Bookbinders Bmders of The ALHAMBRAN 305 307 So San Marrno Ave San Gabrrel ATlcmhc 7 6363 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE 6 CLASS or 1958 DELICIOUS ICE CREAM FROZEN FRUIT PUNCH II6 North San Gabrrel Boulevard for all your dances San Gabrael Calnfornra and parhes ATlanhc 7 6123 CUmberland 3 1423 1824 W Mann S1 AT 2 6533 Alhambra l72 mu goffi ,QQTlIIC'l'fl!,H0I'l'll' and me one from her vast array of smart swim suits for Pat Jenson, Karen Cantrill lrightl and Linda Kemp are more interested in the jaunty beach hat and bog at LORRAINE SUTHER- LAND'S, 300 N. Garfield, Alhambra. GOULD MUSIC CO. WEBER, STORY 8- CLARK, GULBRANSEN PIANOS and CONN ORGANS 63I West Las Tunas Dr. San Gabriel ATlanIic I-3810 "THIS INSTITUTION CAN FIT INTO YOUR FUTURE" Home Loans and Insured Savings Since 1927 MUTUAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION or ALHAMBRA 625 E. Main Street Alhambra LYNNE BU LLOCK EDWARDS Phofography FINEST PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE FOR SCHOOLS CHurchill 9-7032 CHapman 5-5567 3455 Ocean View Blvd. Glendale 8, Calif. W, B. HOLLAND - L al Representative I73 For fhe Lafesl In Congrafulahons 'fo you Rhyfhm and Blues and records of all types 1958 GRADUATES P E D R I N I I C 230 West Maln St AT 4 3293 Wholesale Meals To the Trade 719 So Garfield Ave Alhambra Calif AT 2 1886 And Open fo 'he Pvbllc HARRY TSUSHIMA MARSHALL ROSS Monday through Frlday I2 M 6 P M MONTI S PIZZA HOUSE rwo mocxs wssr or MARENGO 4660 valley Blvd cAp.+Ql 5 9104 Phone Order Call AT 4 4598 Los Angeles 32 Can 1814 W Valley Blvd Alhambra Callf bl-amen Produce SERVING THE SAN GABRIEL VALLEY You Have Never Had If So Good , N . o ' l ' Saturday ........ 9 A.M. - 6 P.M. 1 , l'f. . . . , . T74 Clare Yerger IIeftI dream' Rhett Rechenmacher What couldnt I do with one of those? M FOREIGN CAR IMPORTS 25 W Valley always specify smithcrafted I 1 Q designed and manufactured in the west esfern schools I75 , JEWELRY STORE if ALHAMBRA'S FINEST J T AT 4-0484 TOO East Main St. at Stcneman Ali'IGmbrO ALHAMBRA MALcoLM,S HA HARVEY BLUEPRINT T D Greeting CCJFCIS Insurance Gifts - Stationery AT First Si. topposife High School, A T. 1 , S I. 33 West Main St. ' 'S S UPF' 'es 321 W. Main sf. Alhambra Drafting Materials Alhambra OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1958 PRUDENTIAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 526 West Las Tunas Dr. San Gabriel, Calif. 4'Q, interest per annum paid currently with insured safety Funds received by the iOtn earn from the Ist. I 'OWS - 8 Elasvng Salesman Weeks lsecond from left! points out to Gary Rogers lleftl, Chad Gledhill, Bill Daugh- erty, and Nancy Mattila that nothing goes with this time of year like a Chevy Impala from ECONOMY CHEVROLET, 1247 West Main St., Alhambra. cu 3-3939 AT 1-5790 we gTa7e S8 H green S'tam,2A "Come To Highway For Every Bloomin' Thing" MWMQNWMW AT 4-2368 1245 W. Valley Blvd., Alhambra WISE FURNITURE MARKET CHARLES wise - J. LucAs wise Fine Furniture for Fines Homes 1 165 West Valley Blvd. Alhambra, Calif. OPEN DAILY EXCEPT WED E V E R E T T' M" llllSlllN-lllllllllNS mlmmm W t'01lPrf Mfg I Ml Mawr T V '47 I l Flavors Mlm? 52sss:s:s-35:5 NWN Sl t im' 5 A '1n'2f2 3555 j 2434 w. Valley Blvd. 'CE CREAM ICI CREAM 8' Alhambra AT 2-6177 - CU 3-4289 DON EVERETT ' STAN EVERETT San Gabriel-613 West Las Tunas Dr., AT 9-3383 SERVING THE ENTIRE VALLEY General Contractor GENERAWON5 Free Estimetes of A.H.S. Students R . . emodeling Repairs Alterations have always depended WINTERBOTTOM PLUMBING en the AT 2-51 17 909 w. Las Tunas sen Gabriel P051 ADVOCATE 177 Best Wishes from ENC-RAVERS CORPORATION Graduation Announcements Diplomas Personal Cards Medals Trophies Club Pins Jostens Famous Class Rings 1044 South Hope Street Los Angeles 15 California THE P T A THRIFT SHOP Give Us a Call COSTUME RENTAL 13 NO FIRST NORTH FIRST STREET 9 5 30 P M Friday 9 9 00 P M AT 2 9164 Complete Assortment Unfinished Furniture M O R Y S UNPAINTED FURNITURE FURNITURE MADE TO ORDER EXPERT FINISHING PATIO AND OUT DOOR FURNITURE 7W A 1614 FREE DELIVERY EASY TERMS TI 00 Wedding Receptton Supplies Greeting Cards Party Goods BENDER S Party Goods Store Alhambra 0 095 221 E MAIN ALHAMBRA PHONE AT 9 5341 or CU 3 3151 Congratulations Graduates' BEST of LUCK WISHING YOU SUCCESS In the YEARS AHEAD EARLES PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 935 So Garfield Ave Alhambra Callt Plenty of Parking Phone ATlantic 2 2201 FREE PRESCRIPTION PICKUP and DELIVERY VOLVO HILLMAN SUNBEAM KNOX MOTORS INC 1300 W Main Street Alhambra Caltf Phone ATlantlc 9 3651 178 . I I I .. - US.. O I O 1 I - : . . - ' - : . . - , . 5 - - o III . Valley at Atlantic T. -2 'I 'I W Main O Open Daily 9:00 - 6:00 - Mon. 8- Fri, Eves. i 9: 5 I T I . Y WARD , o 0 I . . , IF ITS RECORDS . . . WE MOST LIKELY HAVE WHAT YOU'D LIKE? ' n 23,000 Different Long-Playing and Extended Play Albumns, 50,000 Different Single Records SAN GABRIEL VALLEY RECORD SHOP Fourth and Valley Blvd. Alhambra, Calif. Open: Week Days Till I0 PM. - Sundays Till 5 RM. VAN'S JEWELRY CREDIT JEWELERS ' DIAMONDS - WATCHES ' JEWELRY - SILVERWARE ' FINE WATCH REPAIRING THERESE SALON OF BEAUTY 821 So. Garfield Ave. GI 8-5238 ATIantic 2-3542 . 328 W. Valley Blvd. I5 West Main Street AT 2-7745 Alhambra' CGM' El Monte, Calif. Alhambra, California ATTENTION. . . CLASS OF T940 JOE CARROLL POTTER MOTOR CO. New Chevrolets, Impalas, Bel Airs and O.K. Used Cars FoR QUALITY TIRES ' See A A M E L 75 Passenger Tire Salesgiljf iff' General Tire A 747 W. Valley Blvd. AT 2-5134 Alhambra, Calif. jL CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES , , TO YQU - THE GRADUATE! Wheel Alignment ' Complete Brake Service HERE IS A GQOD M0110 FOR LIFE: Wheel Balancing ' DI'UmS Turned ' Motor TUNE-3-Up ACT::s'Zc':'C:,lijeL:,':'dd:'TL'e2f All work and your satisfaction guaranteed Take my moments and my days, Esnmoles Let them flow in ceaseless praise." 'I 32 NORTH GARFIELD AVENUE, ALHAMBRA E 511 So. Gorneld Alhambra BIBLES - BOOKS - PLAQUES - GREETING CARDS l l79 'W""""5wu..... Jim Lea is explaining to Caroline Lawson llettl and Mary Smith that you will have much more fun and comfort at our house when you cook, eat, and enjoy a patio built by ACME PATIO Y s CENTER, 1609 W. Valley Blvd., Alhambra. PRESCRIPTIONS SCHOOL SUPPLIES VACATION NEEDS SUNDRIES Consult cur Cosmetic Specialist Albertine Walker See You at tho Fountain 7 We J ag 5 Third at Main Across the Street THE F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 247 E. Main St. Alhambra ijizefna glclmun 3 Corsets and Apparel Shop Lingerie - Robes - l'fosiery A complete Corset Service Scientific Fittings lO2 E. Main St. AT 4-436i Alhambra ALHAMBRA RADIO TELEVISION LABS. INCORPORATED Since 7934 Television - Appliances - Radio - Auto Radio Sales and Service 934 E. Main St. Alhambra ATlantic 2-l86l or ATlantic l-3910 l8O O rm! in every respect LITTLE STONE CHURCH Turner, Stevens and Turner Funeral Directors , Open Monday 81 Friday Nights Till 9 - Free Parking Compliments of . . . , A W rzver silo is ' f. . T fo r lbmluzclrue l , ll s H 0 E s Jgome ju1'11z'5h1'1zg5 " ' ja ' Zh ."Quali1y Footwear for all the Family" ' Frenrb P701'i7Ifi.Il ' Colmzial 0 Ezrly Amefiran 0 I8IlJ Century 222 E- Mom Sf- A"'Gmb'C' 445 W. MAIN IAT FIFTHJ, ALHAMBRA For that gift, ALHAMBRA JEWELRY ALHAMBRA Souvenir or Fine jewelry RECREATION Knlck Knock Class Rang cleaned and Polished FREE Bowl for Fun and Health Vim LARRY GIANNONE Automatic Pinsetter Gemologist Alhambra's Finest ED'S BARGAINS F. Fo d 40N hGf'ldA. me OS The Store with a 1,000 Items on or Ie Ve Alhambra, California ART WEWER 8 W' Mum AT M7023 AT 9-3040 611 w. Main sf. AT 1-7823 The three o'clock gang gathers at McDONALD'S Home of the famous l5c hamburger 909 E. Main St. Alhambra Miha t5 D ongrafufafiond Q JIM Qt , 4 rv rom Bob Wondries otors ENGLISH FORD ' STUDEBAKER ' PACKARD ' MERCEDES-BENZ ' EDSEL 1333 West Main Street ATIantic 2-8406 CUmberland 3-3136 Values don't wait for anniversaries at CRAWFORD'S SUPER MARKET, 910 W. Valley Blvd., Alhambra. Crawford's celebrates its thirtieth year of service that features great savings. Every- one gets into the act. we" 1 4 Ex f g 9 A: 6 IH' xg..." if 4 1 1 1 ' 4 - , 4.,:.1., A. - u 1 I-UOOJTUMS 1 f , Q' 1 Q I f K ' , gf ii L In x if 1. 1 t f 4 'Y i if is L 3 6' R ' F p ni nf EQ- n f gi if ,wi Q5 ' 4 Qi' Mi -3 'S if' fi 'Y R w -1 A KX X 2 5 U . "HAR'I"S IEWELERS ' 31 E. MAIN ST., ALHAMBRA Esmsusueo since 1925 f Q, .,,, , if" 6 5.1 .Qt .,,.:: , R - 12 1 'G A' 1, X.. 4 'm ' 1 E 5 Myvhx Ya .Hi fi, 1 6 .6 1, 2 ,f 'av M 63. i' W . V , K N ,A W2 , ff V Hx Y. 1 x X, ax X. X Q N. X X 4 I 11 Muni fimggf W 'a u 'UI Na-5 -if L-T f .A 4. r . . . 1 . v X . K X , ' 51 Q 2. ,. V tim! ' if - .Y V '-f 'f iw ' . , .' -- 8 ' .V . , . Q an--mm -- H' mf ERS 1 1 K s 1 .A ...MW , -. if 21 LY M-W.,...,-N -n-.nv ww-M--P. -mnnwsav-,zunnvnnq , -xv Lg , F? .-..."-.'a-.,fh.-L 'tg-5' ffm" ,Q gf. , E' .-ax, x, Q- J!9'5l"i1 nura V . ,k ' ' ' ' .. ., MW, 1,7 ALHAMBRA Surf-side or Pool-side, Martha Francone ll f l pr v r I Meyers and Jackie Munk that swim to r m AG ' will keep you Muir SAN MARINO TEMPLE CITY et oestolvlaoa gs fo BR GS . h S. THE ALHAMBRA CAMERA SHUP Max J. Bruensleiner AT 2-6365 l27 West Main Sfreef CU 3-2590 Good Luck fo our Future Citizens Nafionally Known Brands for Men, Women, and Children Andy Anderson Insurance Agency ' 1400 So. Garfield Ave. Alhambra S H s AT 4-2456 l20 E. Main St. Alhambra Re""b""Y ""5e'V'Ce comin sun: cAP 8. Gown co. COMPLETE SHELL CARE FOR YOUR CAR 1389-91 E. Washington St. BRANDON'S slznvics s1AnoN Paaaaaaa af Calf- 230O W. Valley Blvd. Alhambra Soles 8: Renfcls SY 8-1025 AT l-9461 T90 ,gf you wanf Gt winner. . . Give it everytlling yOu'x'e got! SI X? 5 ,f,WII: ' ' ""' A ' Mr' -1. ' A Nr'l, 1 wmv' ,' f , .e,-,' W., 1- . 'Y' . ',,'fv, , . Mx 5 ,1.j,,,,.e -,w,'. . I 4 .' ' . gg: 3,g,:g,jw ,,1.4 .3-fy. . ., - ' - . a.:.,f-'J!.1, x.,f,,J, U , ., 'l 4 JACK CANNICOTT PUBLICATIONS PUBLISHERS OF MORE PRIZE-WINNING BOOKS THAN ANY OTHER COMPANY ON THE PACIFIC COAST LGS ANGELES ENGRAVING COMPANY 418 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles 15, Calif. 11 ere, n 2 r 1' 1 r1y 1f1yxe-1e C' YI e 1Wo K9 Index 1 V1 ers O neo C Loo of11 '1 U Moms on or 1 b -1rd Q P fl c 1Gs1 LST11 CIS X VV 111 S 511 3 Q 59 74 RF S P1 O 1 L O C. Q 11 1- ff- mon 1o'1e 111 er 1 101' 111 e1C11b Co 4 Count Sq fi 1 11 1116 C01 rC1b1r1 5 17 reno Porenmc 107 Tefum F N A 21111113011 7 llur huts ure oil to . '11T"J '11 D T10 L my v1f'11 74 FNFN O fx 1 1A K 1e91o D w 1 DOLIC 1 T1 Song '1 'II' 'T1 fl F74 Y N VY COUQ 1 uk 1 o T1 Wmter P om Q110r111 Yell L '1f'101'x JACK CANNTCCDTT L A Engrovmg Co BILL RETC1-HN The S K Smlth Co TONY LCYA Anthony Loyo Stuohos ACE.ADANESLmdbmfCompoamN1Co BRADSHAVJ BRQS RAY GARRTSON Bmdex BUSS HOUSMAN Vohdermost s Men S Store TCM WILLHTTE, ond o11 the h1erc1u1rMs H1 oLu'CorhInLu1Hy'vvhc11hroLugh.Hlelrlhierest ond odvertlslhg hove mode poss1b1e The pubhcotloh of The 1953 HLHHMBHHN 1 1141 11: :A A 141 1'-1 1' 37- W. T1-9r1cc111 1' 'P 31-11111'1:1C1:1 1 " ff? -'TY11 1,1 W .r. X11 1111110151 37 11111 Q 115' B L A1-11' 1.1" ,H .11Stf111 Ai! '.:.1or 1TXC1f1'1Y.U"' 11" - -"YV 1-11 Ar: 110 lr-nr 7t1rn::-Af: ZH fg A A 1jQ 1L.Q1!,1 1.11, .r" 'uni P..-11.1-rs, 43 '.r.1or 'W ' rcs: 113 11" F3311 14,333-,Q .M ' fe-1 wrtrmmt F? ' .:.1or Str:'f:"rifvn 17 C171 PE Dqf F-17 ,1?fO 1."L115' 11 1311 125 C155 ','1g9.Pfmf-11f,1 1. 1eT1CS 130194 Key Club 1211 GUI- 193-gl 154 ini 139 X111 '1',r11 111 fgyg, E111 ' 1 1y 1fel:n1f 1911 1927 1.: Yfymeife 121 Hf "1,gygq1111 K Q1 qffmq Vo 5' '1' 152 1, 11511411 , 1111 17111:-7:1111-yq.Drw1.1 QF f'1y'uQf1 1512 1,1 C'1ie1'11"1f' 111. 1-1 f,f.w3g--73.1-1 24, 1.-1:5tbf111 147 145 1.1: M T'1'f'111'1fi 17 L15-1 1135 111,17-3 ng 1761537 , 1411 Loi- .1 11.3 1,.y71,g,151ye, A6 11. 1749 1.15: S od on fi 113 1,171 E C D 1-Z7 1-V' 1,"1'1'1C111 107 1 V315-yep 1113 irq 01 1 '1 xrtofzcii 1 TV' '-" '1 U47 --' if ?"1ff'1Y1'11'11'f7 Fgqqgqglgg Q3 1'-. Armies 1. 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Suggestions in the Alhambra High School - Alhambran Yearbook (Alhambra, CA) collection:

Alhambra High School - Alhambran Yearbook (Alhambra, CA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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