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RTE 4 in whit WWA 49" 44. af fl , , , ibm ,' " gffiq-1i"fL My ffl " 5 r A -fs f ' " f .4 n ,L f ,, Im " wif' M . F .r flu , h A 4b I 'K -fu-Q--M pw uw" r Wm A I ,'fQ"iHw.qgM,fn H. .,,.: , .M ' , , f' vfhh, mv. . ,ff Y. fp. , .M-f " 105' ,-44' ,fr if .4 ,mM,,,..n p--W.-q --.. -auf 'tm' A! RQ , , 1' Www 1 ' fy 'f'11fjM+"1 -M-a ,, , """',. ff ' fi Mi, 'lim' M-E' M ,L ,.,,4,,. 5 My-M nf , meww . W-. If U 'N S 3 ne. . 1 ' 1 3 Y B I f M , rx' 1 4: f H ' . 4, 4 I ., ,MQ if w. ' , T , ,, 4 1 H M V , 4' - 'N' H mmm. - v N -,M , "" -WV .SH K, ' ' "' v Haw- I ' """'fM-,W . vw ., I W IL. QA ,Z 1,1- Www , I f 1 1 ' "" ' 49- I ,ww'1:,-Wm .mn 'rr mm. pffiigijif fifi H fyfgek iffiffifff y5,,ff':Af?1,,.fX F f iXf'fi3f'D 59 35,535 4 Q5 iffy Sbgigf-5 -5 , .piles ,mi I - au' ' jwx' ' A fgfcv Ns- vm'-1 5 4.,- 'VJ' V' all M'5'NhW XV +Uf"Q9i. ?ff'gw ML. ki jf' ,,',V .ll I ,Mgr V' "74'Mu1fifff"M , MD! ,WW :J ,J wwiif. M,-.w WWW? 1 M' ff' wk' JAM 'f ww 'pf' mx wa f fgygNWW We I ?5f4fI'f5ff JMMj?wW2ihi35v9THEWlYWE If IW W L BARN gif WMM 1:1-IE WHS ws EWVE 'rnswlyvvs HAVE ORGANIZATIONS ' 102 T1-115: WXUWE IIS WE LIKE IT participated in some sports or been an ardent support- er of school teams . . . Unofficial ly a senior isn't really a senior until he has learned a little, enjoyed a few classes... or, most important of all, unless he knows the ad- viser of all senior classes at Alhambra. engaged in some campus activities, perhaps held an office or two . . . maybe knows Oscar . . . Dedicated Who else finds time to umpire baseball games, listen to teen-age catastrophes, understand, be kind, help- ful, forgiving . . . bring order out of graduation chaos? Overdoing her qualities? Not at all . . . if you know her. With casual wry comment and friendly "chop" she has earned friendship and respect as a person as well as an adviser. Because of her interest in and enioyment of young people, their activities, pleasures, problems, we gratefully dedicate the 1957 ALHAMBRAN to . . . Miss Jane Beeman N if 0 . , en '-'X ilwxx Q? ff THIS M ffgw M Wm Wig, Wifi W VM IS when-own . ,, . .- ,. f. M..- . .,,,M 'l'ka...,4s.n Ah-asians A 'ov in lQ'l"n i ,guns v ' Ylfifm ' Q M1- ' 0 bf' 2' r-V , f rm ,W XJ , , L L' I 'Q 2 Despite a jam-packed agenda, Board members pause and pose for a few minutes on the first Monday lor maybe the third! in the month at the main entrance of the beautiful Administration Building. From the left, Dr. Elmer Ensz, Robert F. Gray, Charles C. Scanlon, Mrs Osa McAllister, Margaret Bishop lsecl, Willard H. Clarke, Laurence N. Wolfe, Dr. Samuel Broadwell, John H, Clay, Maurice R. Stakesbary Their Goal-Improved Facilities and a Beit Safety . . . adequate room . . . key thoughts of the Board ot Education and superintendents ot the Alhambra City Schools... The important role ofthe Alhambra City School System in the development ot the city . . . the reputation ot the schools drawing families to the community and making it expand . . . theretore the school must tit the needs ot both accommoda- tion and satety . .. Cooperation ot Board members . . . city teachers . . . Citizens' Advisory Committee . . . and even students, in promoting the school bond election . . . informing the public about school conditions . . . 85Ofo ot the AHS building space does not meet satety standards ot the state lavv . . . The February bond election failed . . . but the administration without hesitation made plans tor another bond election . . . less money . . . but still enough to satisty the needs ot the city's schools . . . The bond proposal included the relocation ot AHS at Moor Field tor financial savings . . . avoid- ing construction and education clashes . . . enough room for a modern high school . . . The tuture ot AHS decided in the June bond election . . . i Superintendent Maurice R, Stokes- bary arrives for that long Monday evening session. lueational System Robert F. Gray, Dr, Elmer Ensz, and Charles Scanlon, affable but determined, are ready to tackle your problem, and any other that their rather large labs pose for them. Experience, skill, and interest . . . necessities tor smooth supervision ot the eleven schools at the Alhambra City School System . . . qualities ot the superintendent ot schools and his three assis- tants . . . Interpreter ot the meaning ot education . . . co-ordinator ot the activities ot the schools and their personnel . . . the roles performed by MR. MAURICE STOKESBARY, superintendent ot schools. Contracts . . . purchases . . . all business deal- ings . . . the responsibility ot MR. CHARLES SCAN- LON . . .in charge ot business . .. School curriculum . . . methods ot education . . . the duties ot DR. ELMER ENSZ . . . in charge at instruction . . . The indispensable teacher, maintenance worker, or bus driver . . . hiring at the Alhambra school personnel . . . duty at MR. ROBERT F. GRAY . . . in charge ot special services . . . MR. GILBERT STROTHER Principal of A.l-l.S. XX MRS. MILDRED CROSSWHITE Girls' Vicefprincipal MR. CLAUDE MILLER Boys' Vice-Principal IO Efficiency, Supervision, Guidance ani Above and behind every school activity, MR. GILBERT STROTHER is a firm leader, administrator, adviser, and friend to teachers and students alike. Reddy to pitch in wherever and whenever he is needed . . . the backbone of all school projects . . . able to do anything he sets his tall mind and body to . . . Our principal is a normal human being who shares and under- stands our problems and is a living symbol for Alhambra High . . . Carefully smoothing relationships between school board and school administration . . . school administration and teachers . . . teachers and students . . . supervising and coordinating school affairs . . . resolute in actions and ideals . . . with a friendly smile at all times . . . Mr. Strother is a man we look up to not iust physically, but for inspiration in every part of our school experience. To insure the proper conduct of girls on the campus . . . to help girls with their problems, social and scholastic . . . MRS. MILDRED CROSSWHITE'S iob requires good taste and iudgment to guide and assist the girls at Alhambra High. Unselfish service to the Girl's League . . . Much-needed advice and supervision in club affairs . . . work in preparing the foreign exchange student program . . . always on the go, yet always ready and happy to help and advise . . . Mrs. Crosswhite is capable in all aspects of her work and deeply interested in the welfare of all AHS girls. UGO to MR. lCLAUDEl MlLLER'S office!" Drastic words, spoken by anguished teachers resorting to their last means of defense against the mental torture caused by male members of the student body . . . this the wrong impression of the most mis- understood member of the faculty. . . not only for discipline. . . not only for punishment . . . but for guidance and help . . . for solving many school problems . . . for advising the Boys' Federa- tion . . . These are his duties, not strictly disciplinary yet not for- getful of one important facet of his job: enforcing the rules which make our school society a more pleasant place for everybody. Life has its lighter moments for our administrative trio, there are even times for laughs. tderstanding in atters of Student Problems and Needs Next v' tr 'I ai 'tiff 'Iliff 'L 'ff 'xg T 'ffla 7 M, road I uns! oo not rom ' ALHAHBRA ClTY HlGH SCHOOL DISTRICT -5 8 A Enrollment Card Schwl Year-fiszl--"'Se"""'L""" f SUBJECT FIELDS: goltmssz Bus. Educ, C 3 0 B38 Fine Arts C D Gk'le9Vf W Q cmd' . 5 OJ , fc K5 Cx . 2 45 J' K0 sfll Ind. Ari!! t7 if tx' 2 t QVXXY Y' 4 It.,--ns 7- FROG! , Slq. of Teacher 539-l LM Pictured against the background of one of their chief concerns, progr vmmina the student in suitable classes, from the left, Mr. Lee Mills lheodl, Miss Kathleen Strickland, Miss Ruth Turnbull, and Mr. Charles Whitham are the counselors --- people who hear the best and the worst of those fabulous reasons, Records . . . college catalogs . . . class programs . . . papers, papers, and more papers . . . every- thing from the latest college bulletins to a ragged and torn edition of the l929 ALHAMBRAN . . . This is vvhat the counselors' office looks like on any given day. To a casual onlooker, the duties of the counsel- ors may seem confusing and complex. Working out school programs . . . fitting students into classes . . . assisting you to understand and solve your school problems . . . pointing you in the di- rection of a higher goal . . . helping you to plan your future . . . vocational guidance . . . tests and conferences . . . iob placement . . . Always offer- ing a helping hand, whatever the task may be, and alvvays interested primarily in YOU . . . But requests like these do not make their iob any easier - "Please change my study hall from second to fifth period. I have nothing to do sec- ond, and I can do it better fifth." l'l'd like my entire course changed, but if it means a different lunch period, forget it." The counselors are a special service to you the student. Their work means a happier school life for all of us. ll Gwen Reese and Boyd Dye smile knowingly as rhey've learned to spot the name, the face, and the voice on the phone. fe' 5 Ts '6JusT The Facts, lVla'am- ls Your Daughter Reall III?" Absences, excused and unexcused . . . phone calls . . . home calls . . . problem boys and girls . . . problem parents . . . work permits . . . birth certificates . . . paper work . . . long hours - all a part of The daily work ot Mrs. Gwen Reese and Mr. Boyd Dye, The occupants at That liTTle office labeled 'TChild Welfare". Perhaps The name doesn'T indicate The Tull extent of Their sometimes thankless job. Too often The name of hooky cop implies only The unfortunate relationships. IT is Their iob To make The sTudenT's stay in school as pleasant and complete as possible. Accustomed as They are To Usnow labs" about absences, They are not disillusioned. Theirs is a job neces- sary and important to The functioning of A.H.S. An hour or two of concentrated study in the I - correct places, such as The AHS, Library, wan't do The old grades any harm, Miss Cosbey 5, - Gilstrap, the librarian, is glad to assist. ' , Q "gl xr-'T lt often takes more than an aspirin to face The next class. Sometimes a little mental bucking-up from School Nurse Betty Mantle is of inestirnable help. l2 for 1500 Memberships the PTA Presents lVlr. Eddie Fisher QXTT fHELLO All X! J EDDI5 l fl FQ f. ' 0 x fb 52 Smiling, poised, gracious, always in good voice in spite of The early morning hour lfor himl, Eddie Fisher song his way into The hearts of every Moor. It is our fervent hope that he will return. VVhaT's ThaT? PTA membership campaign, ThaT's money raised aT The cake sale and ThrifT Shop To whaT! Goal - l5OO members . . . prize - a special assembly wiTh Top Hollywood sTars . . . lOOO, The firsT plaTeau was reached . . . nearing deadline and sTill only l4OO . . . aT 1504 we barely made The goal . . . And QOOO graTeful sTu- clenTs enioyed an hour and a half of Eddie Fisher, long To be remembered. GeTTing acquainTed . . . anoTher major PTA goal . . .The freshman Tea for Teachers and parer1Ts . . . promoTe our school and Teachers . . . S2000 for The scholarship fund . . . loans wiThouT inTeresT To graduaTing seniors . . . educaTing The public abouT our school needs in facing The fuTure . . . a new high school? . . . Helping parenT, Teacher, and sTudenT find his proper place in relaTion To The school and communiTy, The PTA serves each ancl all and builds a sTronger, more sfable socieTy. I3 MWWM Barbara Baisley, Carole Abrams, and Pam Snedecor agree that art must be exhibited to be appreciated. So You Want To Be an Artist? ART ileft to rightl Mrs. I, Fryf' Mrs. R. Boone, Miss E. Brown, Mr. O. Dawson. ' Department Head ld The ArT DeparTmenT . . . a place To relax . . . a place To recuperaTe from ThaT physi- ology TesT you had The previous period. During your arT class you TorgeT your wor- ries . . . you become engrossed in The prob- lem of consTrucTing a perTecT mobile . . . The drawing of porTraiTs which always seem To resemble prehisToric mammals, or someThing, buT ThaT isn'T your TaulT. You're showing off ThaT old arTisTic abiliTy for The sTudenT Teacher from Los Angeles STaTe College . . . The awards won by fellow classmaTes . . . The consTanT shorTage of painfbrushes. SorneTimes you Teel a liTTle silly cuTTing ouT paper dolls or dabbling wiTh pasTe, buT acTually iT is for a good purpose. The end of The year, The Time To reTurn your kiT-box is hecTic . . . 'lHey, whaT happened To my painTbrush, anyway?" . . . l'Why does a person have To pay Tor a pair of scissors a person accidenTally losT? ...Oh well." Modern Conveniences Make It Easier To Type, Take Shorthand, Duplicate and Juggle Accounts Successfully 'Q SINESS EDUCATION lleft to rightl Miss L, Hcroniii, Miss C. Barker, Mr. RA Benesh, Mr, S. Chow, Mrs J, Schmoldt, Mr. J, Sitton, Miss I.. Tassom T. Willhite. Bencsh points out to Annette Franchi that if you do it this 1, you won't get your fingers y above your elbows. Mathematical calculators . . . hours at short- wand . . . punching The check machine and the 'ime clock . . . electric typewriters that make more rtistakes on their own than you do . . . inky hands :rom the mimeograph machine . . . courses in Jusiness correspondence . . . all These and many nore make up a day in The Commerce Depart- nent at Al-l.S .... How to buy and sell used typewriter ribbons . . part at the salesmanship course . . . how to :eep out ot iail and embezzle successfully , . . top rate courses ottered by the business law pro- gram . . .general business . . . howto deal with everyday problems in business . . . investments made wisely . . . after a complete course in busi- ness education there is no need for a business college. . . A.H.S. has all that is needed for train- ing in the tield ot business . . . Senior typing was pioneered at A.H.S. tor seniors who could not take it earlier in their program... Interesting tact . . . after graduation one may step directly into a three hundred dollar iob . . . Business education can pay. . . I5 C . Miss Power must have switched, nothing less Thon Disney cortoon cippreciot on on the Tach stoscope would drow such XX ropf oTTenTion. The Primer Gives Way to Modern Contrlvances In the Classroom VVhoT? . . . The TcichisToscope won'T work! . . . well, plug iT in . . . This is one of The regulon' sounds oT on English closs . . . crosh . . . bong . .. crosh . . . don'T be cilorrned . . . iT's only The opoque proiecTor Troveling Trom one end of The hoill To onoTher . .. Modern . . . mechonicol . . . sounds like on old woshing mdchine . . . no, iT's only The English De- TmenT . . . new mochines To mcike hoppier class ife . . . d new reoding closs for improvemenT in .r 1 fpeoding . .. N K T y ore T e ng is epor me Q T ' lb X N N X ,N il, li Jr 0 N 1 wh Ji' WM ml ,, C X, ENGLISH lleft To rightl Mrs. A. Logorii, Mrs. F. Andorko, Mr E Edmondson Mrs E Haynes Mr H Kehler Mss N Lombard Mrs E L iss M. Manning, Mr. Ts Murphy, Mr, I, Phillips, Miss H. Power Mrs R Romsey Mr D Ronkln Mr J Sfonebrciker Mr T Toiimo M G o Home Would Be Complete Without a Cook-Even If It ls a Man. T' 'Q 'Nw l Elsie Corr lleftl reminds herself obout The left side os she oids Jonice Dolfen in serving Mrs, Hunsicker, her son John, Mrs. Resk, ond her doughTer Dottie in co-ed cooking luncheon. Going olong wiTh The modern belief ThoT There's o ploce in The kiTchen Tor The mon . . . preporing girls To coTch cs mon by woy of his sTomoch . . . The Home Economics DeporTmenT . . . Open To boys ond girls. . .goining knowledge ond ocquiring skill needed Tor successful Tomily living . . . mc1nogemenT . . . Tomily reloTions . . . foods ond nuTriTion . . . consumer problems ...home core of The sick... VorsiTy TooTboll ployers in doinTy loce oprons . . . lorge honds sTruggling wiTh smoll hors d'oeuvres . . . suddenly o Tire drill . . . oproned boys model Their oTTire ouT-of-doors . . . iT shouldn'T hoppen To o dog... llDo iT Yourself" croze hos hiT modern Teenoge girl . . . poin- sToking plonning . . . TirsT odiusT The poTTern . . . cuT The moTeriol oul' . . . bosTe ond sew The dress in porTs . . . sew The porTs Together . . . resulT? Dress doesn'T TiT . . . A TuTure wiTh good cooks . . . wiTh mothers ond dods ond child psychology books . . . resulTs of The Home Economics DeporTmenT . . . JF" ' .sk ,.,'.. mf: E. , zli Zyxag f. 'T.i K fs. HOME ECONOMICS llelt to rightl Mrs. lvl. Fisherjli Mrs, P. Cosiens, Mrs. B, Foulklnbury, lvlrs, N. Kunkel. I7 Stress Is on Preeison in This Age of aehinery. INDUSTRIAL ARTS lleft to right! Mr, C. l-lealtonifz, Mr. F. Alexander, Mr. G. Harwood, Mr, M. Krernbring, Mr. G Oeltman Mr K Wilson "Be sure that it rs centered as you tighten the chuck," says Mr. l-lealton to Howard Dombrowski, Warren Black- stone, and Ron Flint. Sounds varying from the high-pitched squeals of precision machinery to the dull thuds of heavy mallets . . , the popping and snapping of acety- lene welding . . . red-hot metal . . . sparks . . . a great puff of flame and everyone iumps back as the forge ignites . . . metal being cut . . . chop- ped . . . hammered . . . sounds of activity and useful accomplishment . . . all combine in the southeast section of the Industrial Arts Building and drift northward . . . making life miserable for the struggling draftsmen who are trying to I8 concentrate in the room up the hall. New dynamometer in auto shop . . . high horsepower ratings . . . low horsepower ratings . . . of cars . . . Instructors' ratings . . . of students . . . New tools . . . equipment . . . replacing well- used tools of trades in metal shop . . . wood shop . . . machine shop . . . electronics. A raucous symphony it is that characterizes this industrial element of Alhambra High School . . . this all-important element that prepares boys for useful roles in our mechanical world. "A lo orilla del arroyo vivia solo la senora Audelino , , , 5" or so the story goes in the recording. However, that soulful-looking fellow in the back of the room undoubtedly is picking up ci hot colypso on his headset, Spanish With a Modern Twist - Electronics Invades the Class. A stranger suddenly appeared out ot the shadows ot the Mexican village and said menac- ingly to the young American, i'Que hora es?" UNO hablo Espanol," was all the frightened teen-agei could stutter in reply. Obviously, he wasn't an Alhambra High language student. ln a shrinlsing world, language can be a barrier be- tween peoplc. Understanding other people . . . their culture, ideals, lite, and a deeper appreci- ation tor our own language . . . These things come trom the study ot a toreign language. New techniques make study more interesting. Four very active language clubs . . . contests with other schools . . . earphones and tope recordings in the new language laboratory . . . Knowing another language is an asset . . . Being able to read tor- eign menus . . . using the continental approach . . . hurling a menacing German phrase at a slow waiter in a restaurant. . . startling triends with a casually tossed ott Latin quotation . . . The varied program ot the Foreign Language Department makes learning another language challenging as well as tun. 73 , 7 , 'lllfil fat L fi, 'J . ,,. 1i,, gi. ,T kfilfilf Q' '45 - Y LANGUAGE llett to rightl Miss L, Murphyi, lvlr, A, Chavez, Mr, K. Lenser, Mr. A. Martin, Mr, S. Moyse, lvlr. A, Schnitzler. I9 Calypso, Rook 'n' Roll, Jazz, Popular, Classical - usio for Every Taste GIRLS' GLEE lleft to rightl Row l: Bonnie Kersey, Sharon Price, Christine Ware, Kathy lVlcGinnis, .lean Vullo, Evelyn Jessup, Sue Thies, Jackie DeBer nordi, Kathleen Abel, Lucille Robb, Carol Knight. Row 2: Cynthia Anderson, Carolyn Lanenga, Ann Baxter, Joyce Lietz, Gay McGee, Sandra Moulton Row 3 Felice Taylor, Patty Laub, Beverly Duvardo, Barbara Hyde, Emily Hernandez, Bonnie Bixby, Martha Francone, Mary Beach. The Music Department. . . lots ot work and lots ot tun. The industriousness ot the two lone managers ot the Mu- sic Department . . . the Tri-School Honor Band Concert . . . the orchestra and the band assemblies . . . our band marching and strutting on the tootloall tield . . . other events which may be recalled with pride. The lack ot man-power replaced with increased energy ond vigor . . . l'All right, people, once again," was heard over and over . . . the musical Christmas assembly . . . the annual Spring Music Festival appeared to be pertection to the audience. A new class, the mixed glee club . . . that A Cappella skating party. Our busy band in request at all sorts ot functions . . . nobody would have dared to splash mud on those new band uniforms . . . full ot pride, our band goes marching on. Swing or sweet, our Music De- partment otters music as we like it. 20 MUSIC fleft to right' Mr, R. Hogan Mr. R, Sheridan. W' Dick Vols, Mel Nutter, Dick Lynch, Gary Marshall, Don Hooker, Bill Sheehan, and John Perkins form the front rank of the sixth period thundering herd gym class as it descends on the photographer. Jumping Jacks, Push-Ups, Burpies Separate Men from Boys. Participation for all . . . This is the goal of the Boys' Physical Education Department. Basketball courts, gym equipment, and the new iuice machine replace textbooks as the tools of education. Work- ing together plus team spirit plus physical exercise equals a healthy, well-rounded individual. Gym also has less obvious benefits. Running laps is great for conditioning. Outdoor sports make sun- tan easy for all to attain. Names required on trunks and tennis shoes teach proper English and spell' Locker combinations . . . the drinking yy , 17",-J' fyajff q , W LW ' I ff I ,iid ii, ,ff , 9 i jj I' M fountain line . . . getting towels . . . stumbling through fruit iuice cans to the showers . . . trying to locate one of the coaches.. .All call for physical and mental skill and endurance. Fierce but friendly competition in football, baseball, basket- ball, volleyball, and fighting for good locker . . . The rainy days of inside gym . . . The puzzled question, llAm I on team two or team six?" . . . Gym classes show that daily participation in out- door sports makes a happier, healthier student. 5 dp jf., V! . ' BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Ilefr to nghtl Mr. W, Hessl, Mr, W. Boyd, Mr. C. McFare VV 09 Mr. J. Patrick, Mr. E. Sowers. Aff f of ,E X X . f, V 5 , f ti ,' Position-Posture, Principgl' ALIS Everythy MW ,,,, ,,:,,, . WM Xt I ff if H gli 5 IL I s is fit ff . llj,r9,'g-llll mi --'-' 2 :EEE ,jf Iqqqwlqqzz ' W --', iliil 3, ff ,.. Q NW l ' U . 4 744 Wx GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION tlef tcgi ht! Mrs. M. Thorntonifi, Mrs, G, l-loheisal, Miss Alf M Nollac, Mrs. H. McGarry, Miss N. Morrison, Mrs. M. Vincent. From team sports come cooperation, obedience . . . from dance poise, self-assurance . . . from posture instruction better appearance, agility . . . main obiectives of Girls' Physical Education Department . . . Learning to dress in fifteen minutes, although it takes one hour at home. . . improving the mind by remembering clean clothes on Monday morn- ings . . . developing an interest in math formulas by struggles with basket combinations . . . minor results of this department. . . Min. That gaining interest in the annual posture contest . . . participation and enthusiasm from three high schools . . . the advance from best girl in the squad to best in class, then to best in period and further on to best in school . . . Then, keener competition as best of the city narrows down to select few . . . and finally Posture Queen . . . meanwhile all girls become posture-conscious . . . Thirty-five minutes per day, five days per week, 36 weeks per year, four years per high school career . . . devoted to building healthy in- dividuals . .. If you have perfect posture, do o few shoulder exercises as Florence Broccio, Karolyn Bartlett, and Carolyn Mays are, but keep a careful eye on yourself, 22 fy i l -.X!A fe.,,, c 'OU i Wai vit . or klgnk by bv rlwtwt Djwl rftf Bob Williamson and John Behrens fiddle with the device which demonstrates Newton's third law of motion. Onlookers are Bill Bowles, Phil LaPuma, Keith Brown, Tom Forbes, Larry Arnett, and Tom Avard, Fission, Frogs, Formulae - Foundations for the Future The Science-Math Department is growing more important every day in training young men and women for their future occupations . . . to prepare adequately educated people for life in a more technical and complicated society . . . to prepare adequately trained people for science and indus- try . . . to provide stepping stones to the future . . . These are the goals of the Science-Math Depart- ment. Daily occurrences in this department are not dull routine . . . they are interesting, lively, amus- ing . . .the dissection of slimy frogs . . . the chok- Q,- cf ,if bl' event e housewi e. 2,5 ff l ing and smothering fumes in the chemistry lab. . . the broken and destroyed physics apparatus . . . the unending calculus equations, comprehensible only to the instructor-about once a week . . . Algebra, Trigonometry, calculus, chemistry, physics-these are the tools of the worker in the future . . . An interesting future will be enjoyed by anyone entering a field which involves mathe- m tics or science . . . The math-science courses of ered in Alhambra High School will be of un- ding usefulness to e e f icist-yes, h f ggi 5 SCIENCE-MATHEMATICS lleft to right! Mr. R. Davist, Mrs. R. Arnett, Miss J. Beeman, Mr. O. Cosand, Mr. C. Fuller, Mr. H. Gaul, Mr, J. Hartnett Miss L. Hood, Mr. H. Hooper, Mr. W. Leeper, Mr. J. Marshall, Mr. R. Meister, Mr. M. Miller, Mr. D. Stivers, Mr, J. Swihart, Mr. R. Wall, Mr. K Weatherholt. 71157 F fm, QSM ,awf- s..'i'FT 2 '58 I ff .. Q"' ' .i T? ' ---- if? SPEECH llcft lu right' Mrs, E WilsOn', lVlr.P.Bloncl'1c1rd, Mr A Hogglund, lvlr J Moyer. DeboTe closses . . . locol, disTricT, ond noTionol TournomenTs vviTh prizes golore . . . TundomenTol speech closses . . . young oroTors of Tomorrow . . . dromo sTudenTs . . . one-cicT ploys for The public . . . for sTudenTs oT ossembly . . . The senior ploy . . . mony long hours of work ond ploy . . . glory . . . opening nighT iiTTers . . . soTisTocTion . . . The losT ocT . . . lT's oll over . . cosT porTy . . . iT's oll over . .. The holl in The EosT Wing covered vviTh posTers . . . l'QuieT, LiTTle TheoTer in Progress" . . . MR. B!XRl2Y'S ETCHINGS . . . ords, ords, ords... ateh Your Language! Closs rooms in The EosT Wing . . . The TirsT week of school . . . moss confusion . . . B9's hunTing for Their fundomenTol speech cloisses . . .The second week of school . . . bursTs of song . . . mln The ciTy of Alhombro ' ' . . B9's leoirning The Almo MoTer . .. BoicksToge . . . who ore The ones behind The scenes? . . . The builders of The seTs? . . . The sToge crew . . . whoT would we do wiThouT Them? . . . . All This ond much more is oi porT of The Speech ond Dromo DeporTmenT . . , one of The school's busiesT ond hoppiesT deporTmenTs . . . "ll you Twook The book of o porrokeet, it will probably . . , Soys Carol l.iTwin os she exploins The core ond feeding of The little Tolkotive lcothereil friends. 24 Centuries of Time Are Wrapped Up in a Few Years of Systematic Study While Frances Bunone examines the tile, Krtty Smoyer, Linda Moyer, Ken Anthony, and Wayiwe Bausman check an books in the Social Studies Library. The big problem is solved . . . information, Tons of information . . . Who invented Fulton's steamboat? What was the date of the War of 1812? l-low many states in the original thirteen? . . . questions everyone was asking . . . nobody knew . . . what could be done? . . . well, some- thing new, something entirely different was put to use . . . The foresight of many years under Miss Gladys Nelgner in 1925 . . . recent planning , . .the able direction of the faculty . . . very slight remodeling . . . all of these put together . . .ample space and 9. .,,:. . 1 .i.A ,fr Q, ,Q X : M K Qll E 1. X A fi 2 material . . . brain and brawn power . . . what's the result? . . . the Social Science Library . . . one of the very few in California . . . Location Gross Building . . . Material of all sorts . . . material for history proiects . . . back issues of newspapers and magazines . . .copies of the Congressional Record . . . social study references . . . one big pile of in- formation with all the important facts from the past . . . carefully arranged . . . systematically supervised. . . ready for your use. . . SOCIAL STUDIES 'left to rightl lV1r.E Shipman ,Miss tvt, Bettingen, lvlr, K, Bullock, Mrss lvl Canavan, Mr J lVirCatferty, Mr Sardisco, Mis Schwartz, Mr W. Srnoyer, Mr M Wilbtrr, 25 1 i 3 3 his ff igela Cunningham, Alta Jessee, Marie Traynf sky, Angie Holms, Lu Wilson, Dorothy Hoops A.H. . Runs Smoothl Because of Them. A 'N X A ,,,,., is M .,.. sf ti-. T ' ':" S CUSTODIANS 'left to right! Row l: C. E. Teed, A. Erninger, Carl Parker, Martin Middleton, Hudson Fuhrer, Henry Jugnitsch, Charles Williams, Edwin W, Skinner, Edward H, Sm-ith, Robert Helfrich, Ivy Lawson, Fred Peterson, Harry Orso, Albert Kleid. CAFETERIA WORKERS lleft to rightl Row l: Lillie Bull, Berting Severson, Violette Huth, Thelma Leak, May Riggin, Ruth Hamilton, Susie Sherwood, Irene Solomon. Row 2: Mollie Risher, Bertha Mundy, Anna Mae Meek, Hilda Nowotney, Gladys Westel, Mildred Brown, Winnie Craven lmgr.l, Katl-urine Biship, Rachel Babka, Ardis Ackerman. x'1 I X, Z- Q9 N330 , . S wwf NX QP' 7 f.,ffff3,,JV Signatures 'U E FQQQSEREEQRQK 'ffC',.."'5'M gt- Q? vqQ E Q22 Qggix ggi Ei Q R X RQ- QM Qykn N? Ky S P :ii QQ, B, . Ni QQ.: Kg 2253 S252 k X 3353332 Simply NK Y mica Shirt N EFS Q63 6 wwmwnisncnl s Kg ri 'Q' f':i"53wQ',Q eu: "Rv- 'wws'3a15!bvw'gifff' 1- . J x- f f 4' ,vi A L . K f X -J Mumlzkm ??., 4 A... my.: me f ff ga, uf' 2 ' ' ' A '14f1-fs il, ' n S I Q Qty 14,11 4 ' f f ' ' "" , 7 's1'5'Q'4'!2ff 52 Z 4 Z! 5 q ,f ,f .. 5,..A,.- . f .ff-1 I 1' 4 3 iv mi- " ' ' "-"VM ' ,, ' '4 ,' xr ,' f X 7 ,s,i'f,t,f-wb fm.. 4? f X ' - ' Mila' , 5515155 aswefgii Afgfyg? YXXNK311 LAQ,,,4 n ' ulf...... .......... ... .... .... ........... ....... ....... ....... ....... ....... ...... . ... .. A7 . 1'-54322123 L1-iw IVIIQIZL ,za 1 X f If , . J. . . 4' ':31l'-USGS' .1 1-, 'ffl 025171575-EG:fL1:i:l. f 4 Rig Af I- , 8 gvimi " 5 u 121 lv M IBM I 5 f . f W L i f MFI, x S xxww QEX g X yu in I s I L 23 Y a A E n ' im-WN.- si ff 5 ii yfffw-, 'f Y , :QW 4 . .gsm Q, . ' S .Vw .. V , 1 SSFGW , Q H jsf2?"'A -fxfxpf, S W' M 52,239 f+5i'gvs3,1. if ,,V1Nf:gf4'3' - Y 5 ffffm35W5?ss 7286: . ' , ' jgffgfg-,rg 1- J 1' six X -ning Sfreef Scene - The Crosswalk To The Gross Building 30 4 X". IN l .:.5.::::5':::-:I-1:22 . .,:-.,.-455. . 9-:fx-:-: """:f:f2:f:5: -:-:-:-:-: l They've Had It 771- R A12 COUNCIL lleft to right! Mary Jo Vaccariello, Richard Kurland, Phil La Puma, Helen Hoose, Janice Dolfen, Freddie Bauman. Standing: Mr. Hartnett ladv.i Leadership . . . scholarship . . . service . . . :tivities . . . Four words that span the four years 7 a class . . . Four reasons why a class is re- embered . . .The 79 graduates of the small W'57 ass, one out of ten a Los Laureados member, uve given meaning to these words as a group 'id as individuals. First, the humble years as iwer classmen . . . a party. . a dance. . . then a :ouncil" instead of iust "officers" . . . class rings 1d responsibility . . . suddenly, brovvn l'sacs" darkening the campus for autumn . ' ' a successful senior play and prom ' . . the mad rush of senior activities and still, amazingly enough, time to attend classes . . , one final obstacle-Closed Week . . . then, parties to celebrate . . . the senior luncheon . ' A Baccalaureate . . . and parties all over again A . . Then it was all over with hardly the time for a quick reminiscent glance before turning to face the exciting future. The Last ct T 1 52 ,,.: t , z., s . 5' . 'Q . -.,, . Q'-we C Nr , Q Touche! Lorry Brock exults as he scores against Clee Longley in their contest for Alyce Mor- shoII's attention in the senior play. .,..4lG' . i K Q if X X x if ef e x--I 5 .sv we 4n...,,, i K of X , Q is Q X X 3 YS X Terry Adams Bob Atki Diane Balling Freddie Bauman Marvin Blackstone Joseph Bori Raymond Came Jean Cascio Kay Conkright LaRee Coyle Bonnie Devoe Janice Do ' J m s Enna Dewitt Finley Louis Finochio Ronald Fi Bill Donahue Rogers Drake a e 32 wrence Frank 'ford Grimmell lnold Johnson If' n Carol Frechem Richard Frydendoll Janet Fullmer Solly Gwaltney Helen Haase Dick Harrington Marian Johnson Richard Jones Millard Kennedy Michael Gale Lewis Heller Virginia Kersfing Karel Gordon Dove Jeremiah Charles Kinne 'C' 3 L A E -new-Q f Q in 9-vs' B.- Q ""'-wr 538' ' f-J vw? sv 1, ,Jr SENIOR PLAY CAST lleft to right' Row l: Judy Dayus Jean Cascuo. Row 2: Rrcnard Holland, Cleo Langley, Alyce Marshall, Mary Jo Vaccariella, Row 3: Duane Boyer, Karen Zecclfnnr, Jae Myers, Larry Smuth, Larry Brock, Lynda Clwampuon, Phil Lapuma, Evelyn lrlon 33 I "AA4 Qilgf gl X Q :rles Kinney Roy Kneale Geraldine Knox Ed Kuchinsky Richard Kurland James Lewis hil LaPuma Woody McCauley Judy McCormick Bill Mann Mary Lou Manthorne Dean Matrila 'alt Maxwell Frances Messina Marilyn Montgomery Ronald Owens Antonia Padilla .loan Pettefe W 'CTX -cl swf? -, 4' , ii' V li ,- 3 vi R Seniors Went JUNE MAD in December with Growing Pains and Green Gliders. Chuck Harris had Taken off in a green glider . . . Effie, The maid, was running all over The place . . . Penny WoodQThinking everyThing's her faulT-didn'T know whaT To do . . . The po- lice had been called . . . The Wood's house was in an uproar . . . was everyone crazy? No . . . gusi- JUNE MAD. IT Took a crash in a glider before Chuck and his faTher goT To know each oTher . . . before Penny, 'fThe girl nexT door," realized whaT worrying can cause . . . before she saw Through The pol- ished wolf, Roger Van Vleck . . . before she realized whaf Chuck meanf To her . . . before she rnafured . . . A hilarious comedy . . . a serious drarna . . . an enTerTaining and olelighfful picTure of youth and maTuriTy . . . JUNE MAD, by Florence Ryer- son and Colin Clennenfs, was a marked success as Direcfor L. E. Blanchard's firsT AHS senior play. 35 40.5 .ri P-sq, :PM E. New Terry Riker Jerry Sprints Mary Jo Vaccariello , -40 rN""V Alvin Poll Carol Prisk Charles Rhoades Nancy Schwartz Jim Slarin Richard Smith Janet Terich Roger Thayer JoAnn Thomson Steve VanderHorst Joni Willis Karen Zecchini Chuck Rhocdes deftly applies the air brush in his ort class to achieve the 36 desired effects. '?..-T' Judy Rys Par Schens John Taylor Sally Tay NOT PICTU RED Ron Nuno RRY S. ADAMS lege Prep. .F. ance Club in Club BERT ATKINS lege Prep. football n Team Council NNE BALLING 'ieral nmission-Sec, iuenitas-Sec. iakila--Sgt.-at-Arms m Princess EDERICA BAUMAN lege Prep. Laureados Council . Cadenitas--Treas. m Queen ARVIN BLACKSTONE weral SEPH J. BORCHERT lege Prep. 2 yr. Graduate 'man Club YMOND D. CAME College n Team KN CASCIO lege Prep. Moras-Sgt.-at-Arms iakila-Pres., Treas. nmissioner of Clubs Council Y L. CONKRIGHT ieral luenitasvHist. ile'a m Princess REE COYLE ieral npus Club hesis NNIE DE VOE lege Prep. islature npus Club-'fSgt.-at-Arms iakila-Chapl. 'OR Staff QICE DOLFEN lege Prep. Council npus-Treas. akilo-Pres. Play Comm. L DONAHUE eral Exchange V Football 'rack s BERS DRAKE ege Prep. :k ss Country ketball F. AES ENNA College :k ss Country Play-Comm. VITT A. FINLEY eral Play le Crew IIS FINOCHIO eral 'rack Glee lV, Football-Mgr. e Did It RONALD W. FLINT General Football Track A Cappella LAWRENCE FRANK College Prep. A Cappella JV Football German Club Sr, Boys' Glee CAROL H. FRECHEM College Prep French Club-Sec., Treas. Sr. Play-Comm. MOOR Staff RICHARD FRYDENDALL College Prep. V Track JV Basketball Sr. Play Comm. JANET FULLMER College Prep. Las Cadenitas Alpha Rho Tau-Pres. C.S.F.-Lite Member Sr. Play Comm. MICHAEL E. GALE General Gym Team KAREL M. GORDON General Alpha Pho Tau Las Vencedoras Sr. Play Comm. Stage Decoration CLIFFORD GRIMMELL College Prep. Science Club Chemistry Team JV Football German Club MARILYN GWALTNEY General Pequenitas-Sgt.-at-Arms Lanakilo-Hist. Orchesis Christmas Project Comm. HELEN HAASE General Las Moras Lanakila-Sec. Jr., Sr. Councils--Sec, Prom Princess DICK E. HARRINGTON General Annual Staff-Art Sr. Sweater Comm. Boys' Federation Basketball LEWIS HELLER College Prep. A Cappella Latin Club Glee Club Usher Club DAVE S. JEREMIAH General Sr. Boys' Glee Track DONALD H. JOHNSON College Prep, B Football MARIAN Y. JOHNSON General 3 Yr. Grad. Les Nouvelles-Pres. French Club Legislature RICHARD O. JONES College Prep. and MILLARD A. KENNEDY General Aliis-Pres. VIRGINIA P. KERSTING Jr. College Light and Shadow Ski Club CHARLES A. KINNE General CHARLES KINNEY College Prep, A Cappella German Club JV Football Jr. Optimist, Pres., VP., T ROY KNEALE General Sr, Play Comm. Stage Crew GERALDINE KNOX College Prep. Campus-Treas. Sr. Sweater Comm. Jr. Council Prom Princess RICHARD KURLAND College Prep. Los Laureados C.S.F.-Life Member V, JV Tennis Sr. Council-Treas. PHILLIP C. LAPUMA College Prep. Commissioner General Sr. Council-Pres. Los Laureados A Cappella-V.P. JAMES C. LEWIS General WOODY L. McCAULEY College Prep. Los Hidalgos Jr. Optimist Legislature JUDY McCORMICK College Prep. Las Cadenitas-Sec. Kea Loha-Pres. C.S.F. Sr. Sweater Comm. BILL MANN College Prep. B, C Track V, JV, B Football FGCJS. MARY LOU MANTHORNE General Racqueteers DEAN MATTILA College Prep. Jr. Exchange B, C Football Fresh., Soph, Officer Boys' Federation WALT MAXWELL College Prep. C.S.F.-Life Member V Cross Country V, C Track Sr. Play Comm. FRANCES M. MESSINA General Las Cadenitas MARILYN MONTGOMERY General Legislature Las Cadenitas F.B.L.A. Sr. Play Comm. RONALD NUZZO Annual Salesman Argonants-Sec. Light and Shadow 37 e're Glad. DONALD V. OWENS General ANTONIA PADILLA Jr. College Las Cadenitas-V.P. Sr. Play Comm, Kea Loha-Chapl., His. F.B.L.A. JOAN PETTEFER College Prep. Los Laureados Las Moras-V.P. Comm. of Finance C.S.F,-Life Member Prom Princess ALVIN I. POLL College Prep. Annual Salesman CAROL L. PRISK College Prep. Kea Loha CHARLES T. RHOADES General Los Laureados Fresh., Soph., Pres. Jr., Sr. Councils Comm. of Fine Arts TERRY M. RIKER General JUDY RYS General Campus Club Lanakila-Pres. Jr. Council Sr. Sweater Comm. PATRICIA SCHENSTROM General NANCY SCHWARTZ General A Cappella-Pres. Choir Accompanisl Los Laureados Prom Princess JIM SLATIN College Prep. Key Club C, JV Basketball JV Baseball MOOR Staff RICHARD SMITH College Prep V, JV, B Football Track German Club Science Club JERRY R. SPRINTS General Annual Salesman JOHN TAYLOR College Prep. Debate MOOR Staff Sr. Play Comm. SALLY R. TAYLOR General Las Cadenitas!-Sgt,-at-Arms JANET TERICH General C.S.F. F.B.L.A.-Sec. ROGER THAYER Jr. College German Club A Cappella Boys' Sr, Glee JV Basketball-Mgr. JOANN L. THOMSON General MARY JO VACCARIELO College Prep. Comm. of Girls Los Laureados Sr. Council Las Cadenitas STEVE VANDER HORST College Prep. Cross Country Sr. Play Comm. Los Hidalgos JOAN WILLIS College Prep Las Cadenitas-Pres. Lanakila-Hist. Sr. Sweater Comm. Sr. Play-Comm. KAREN ZECCHINI General Nani Loaf-Pres., Chapl. Sr. Play V11-p--QQ Q P "' lv fxA pt ""T'E'm3v1e5sf-.- Top: John Nau wants patiently as Gardener Cecil Teed helps him beat the prnce of a harr- cat, Middle: lt's Strange how some of me same people always manage to be around when there as food, Bottom: Gun, Steed, hat, and ani Strather the Scaurge rides again. 38 .:.,.,-.-.-.:.:.g.g.g.:.g-:4-: 1: ,ag-:-f' 5:::,:::::,::1:-:::::::::::,q:g-ft:-lg' ' ' ' ' '5lQE2:fi55l3?5557'7' -:-tv.-.3:7'3ig:5E3.Q., :-:5:g:g1:1f2:-:5:1:::: . -cg:.g:::5.::3:g:gy53:5:::5:g: 5' '-' 1 5.5 ,Z-.5:-:-:-:giggg-:Ez-141:31-: f -- 4-:-1-.g. - V ...-'.-:k-:-:-:-.- ,,5:gc:.:-:-:f:-5:::.g.g-:::-:-:-:- - .,,:,::-.'.-.g.- -c- - :+4-:-:-:-:- :- :5 is :Q:2:Q:5:2:5 -2+ The S'57 class . . . 'lBig Brass" ot the Alhambra High School campus . . . occupied by a full schedule of activi- ties . . . term papers . . . plans for college . . . going to work . . . raising families. They still remember Their sophomore swimming party . . .the 'lBasketball Bounce", the post-game dance in the El Moro Ballroom they spon- sored as iuniors . . . their eleventh grade project, the Junior-Senior Prom . .. l'Summer Fantasy" at the Glendale Civic . . . Then as seniors they be- came school leaders . . . senior sacs of a cool aqua hue . . . pride ot all seniors . . . come on one of the year's coldest days . . . the paradoxical emblem of lit- tle Joe Moor floating on an inner tube . . . senior play, MR. BARRY'S ETCHINGS, successful under the direc- tion ot Mrs. Eunice Wilson . . . introducing "sophisti- cated comedy" to playgoing Moors . . . senior deadline, anticipated, met . . . And all culminates in a beautiful graduation at Moor Field . . . f They're Next A12 QOUNCIL lleft to rightl Row I: Barbara Smead, Kay Bachman, Tom Avard. Row 2 Dale Carter, Norm Ja:o"son, Rich Vallone, Miss Hood ladv.l, Dean Champion. 39 On the Road to Maturity Lee Acers Chris Adams David Andel Marilyn Andrews Ken Anthony Larry Arnett MISS MARY LOU HOOD MR. JOHN HARTNETT W S '57 Adviser W '57 Adviser QWMQQA AW ii me Woof, -Ms WX. HW bL4,g+7fz,5f,6 J wink C530 Ci f ' 9 owQWlf4UU2 abs , A ,112 dvfLf7l5'f'D QUJLLQOYV food LMA!! Zu' MgQfiZ4-7f1,4f'W A . - M ci X n M 4, V ff,, ffjf f2fvM f ,f ,ff -- M Mf Our million dollor solesm-on, Eddie Fisher, displays the Big "A" in kickoff of year- book soies week. - 40 MARY ANN CIRANNA MAUREEN SCHUMAKER CAROLYN SESSIONS Editor in Chief Art Editor Bcsiness Editor A Year of Life, As We Like It, Is Faithfully Recorded. Excuse us for boasting . . . but we're proud of our annual . . . Those shockingipink division pages . . . iust the right amount of shock . . . something new in endsheets . . . a photograph of our school in the rays of the afternoon sun . . . with students who willingly stayed after school . . . Slightly confused . . . not really . . . we com- bined school activities and senior pictures . . . more effect and variety . . . less stereotype . . . "Life as we like it" . . . since life embraces all beings . . . since high school is a carefree and enjoyable life . . . what theme could be more fitting to depict our activities and people of AHS? Early-morning meetings and late-at-night writ- ings by the literary staff . . . long walks to mer- chants and long talks with merchants by the business staff . . . improvising in paints and dab- bling in glue by the art staff . . . little encour- aging and a lot of prodding by the annual advisers . . . Pink and green with violet polka dots . . . No, let's tell the kids it's blue and red stripes . . . No one believed us . . . but at least the black and white cover surprised and pleased many . . . when our 1957 ALHAMBRAN was distributed . . . Tho as Avard Kay Bachman Larry Baerns Beverly Bolaris Herb Bclderson Rupert B e 'Z We Did the Art ork. ANNUAL ART STAFF fleft to right? Row I: Maureen Schumaker, Mike Messina, Row Z: Larry Taylor, Joan Hoyde, Mickey Layne, Ben Brown, Mrs, Boone ladv.l We Wrote It, Sold the Ads. LITERARY AND BUSINESS STAFF lleft to righti Row Steve Slobin, John Campbell, Judy Stratton, Judy Fini Row Z: Larry Brock, AI Jannard, Stafford Smith, Caro Sessions, Nancy Taylor, Mary Ann Ciranna, Mr, Edmor son iady,I. Wm Nancy Barrett James Barron Deanna Bassett Charles Batchelder Wayne Bausman Edith Baxter 42 MR. C. MILLER MR. E. EDMONDSON PHIL LA PUMA ANN FRANK Adviser Adviser Commissioner General Commissioner General First Semester Second Semester Problems-An Appendectomy, Donkey Basketball, a Juice Machine Donkeys . . . an appendix . . . and rainbows . . . memories of The W'57 Commission . . . Combining The usual and The unusual in money-raising proiecTs . . . l2O cars washed and lo Commissioners drenched in The Gross Building parking loT . . . The scrubbing Trans- formed inTo dollars for The Commission scholar- ship . . . HelmeTed sTodenT leaders and Teachers clash in The Girls' Gym in a hisTory-making baTTle . . . The baTTle of donkey againsT rider . . . mixcd wiTh a few baskeTball goals . . . and a Don Bayha Edward Berry principal's waTer pisTol . . . The smell of lini- menT nexT day . . . The foreign exchange sTodenT came one sTep closer To Alhambra High . . . meeTings . Planning . . . disagreeing . . . sharing . . . an inTerfering commissioner general's appendix . . . a Donald Duck bank acTing as sergeanT-aT- arms . . . characTerisTics of The daily Third period Work . . . service . . . Tun . . . and The semes- Ter was over . . . aT The prom They planned The VV'57 Commissioners glided away lOver The Rain- bow' . . . This was life as we liked iT. John Behrens Sheila Berkus Dale Berry Don Bevilacqua Jill Birkinshaw Judy Bissell Blum Rose Borden Mike Botello 'Qsuj -1- A I - in S F is il' GARY MEAD ED KEENAN JERRY HAYEK MARLENE PALERMO PAT EDWARDS JEAN CASC mmissioner of Activities Commissioner of Athletics Commissioner of Athletics Commissioner of Fine Arts Commissioner of Fine Arts Commissioner o lARY JO CHIOVARE CAROL PASONAULT SHEILA GILMAN MARY ANN CIRANNA ARNOLD SAMARDICH BRUCE HAU fommissioner at Clubs Commissioner of Finance Commisioner of Finance Commissioner of Literature Commissioner of Boys Commissioner C iRY JO VACCARIELLO SHEILA BERKUS TONI GALASSO JUDY FINCH DIANE BALLING DOTTIE MUF Qommissianer al Girls Commissioner of Girls Asst. Comm. of Finance Asst. Comm. at Literature Secretary Secretorv We Learn the Rules of Democratic Action, Responsibili gsm we N .Q r"'Q M ,au David Bowen William Bowles Deanne Boyer Arlene Bradshaw Janice Braslow Robert Brew 44 N Buy a share . . . help pay The fare . . . remember Hans . . . money came slowly . . . The tinal Friday of The shares sale . . . money poured in . . . a foreign ex- change sTudenT will be singing our alma mater This Tall . . . another successful pro- iecT of The S'57 Commission . . . Tickets tor sale . . . iudging evenTs . . . night games . . . The preliminary baseball game lwill The sporT ever recover?l . . . Trip To outer space via The backward dance . . . The Commission scholarship . . . a day aT Gonzy's with hecTic car washes compleTe with lube iobs . . . Worries and gaieTy . . . a feminine, but neverTheless Tirm, hand gripped The gavel. The semester slipped away . . . our ap- peTiTes increased . . . but The sTudenT leaders wish They could live iT all over again . . . lT was sTudenT government ...lite as we liked iT . .. LINDA CHAMPION Historian DAVE STOKESBARY Social Chairman KEN EVANS Moor Editor in Chief l JANIS LORD CHUCK RHOADEE Historian Rally Chairman JACKIE MAEDER JOE SALTZMAN Social Chairman Moor Editor in Chic DON HALLORAN DON LIVINGSTOP Speaker of Legislature Speaker of Legislatt act, Public Relations Through Student Government. seg' l. orence Bridges Mary Bristow Larry Brock Barry Bvotman Helen Brown Keith Brown 45 Jean Brumgran Dennis Buhman Maxine Bull Frances Bunone Sam Buscaino Gerald Busse Alvin Campbell John Campbell Leslie Caplan Catherine Card Marcia Card Fred Carletor Elsie Carr Donna Caroll Dale Carter David Cathalinat Carolyn Ceccarelli Karen Chaffeq Dean Champion Lynda Champion Mary Jo Chiovare Pat Christensen Donald Clark John Clay r i Wivwmigr of the S1150 prize IIW l956, Jim Lewis works an model ta be en- tered bv the San Gabriel chapter ai the Building Contractors' Association this June, 46 ! 3 5' E S S ,fr tiff, -ffl 1 .EGISLATURE OFFICERS lleft to right' Jerry Hayek, Dan Bevilacqua, Jeanie l-loheisal, Don l-lalloran, Mrs. .uttrcll laclv.l. The Student Body Speaks Its ind. 'roblems . . . problems . . . Everything from school parking traffic problems to the kind of dressing on hot dogs . . . faced . . . all considered . . . many solved as the Alhambra gh Legislature functions as an integral part of student gov- ment. K new adviser . . . new legislators . . . stepping in at mid- Y1 to carry on the work of the first semester's advisory :ly . . . new faces . . . new suggestions . . . true represen- an of Al-lS students. Xlthough lacking power to pass laws, the Legislature exerts uence . . . suggestions to the Commission are met with ious consideration . . . worked out by students in committees, ividually, and through class discussion . . . promoting better :lent government. LEGIS V' fCE'f84lleft to rlqlfttl Row I i l- Vollo Vicki Ste' er. Row 2 Don Livingston Miss l-lclcr Power o viserl, Bill Smith A Wlwcn I5 it the girls all go for? Hans, of course. Mary Ann Ciranna, Jams Lord, Jackie Maeder, Mary Jo Chiovarc, and Ann Frank do him service. He's on his way toA.l'l.S,ar1d doesrft know it y c .5,fp. wana, ! ' , ,Y A f ' ' Q K ' 1 A , 'Q ff g,',q'f.' '4'J'f'gf,:,'d.' .fi C Z 20, lf cf' fn' ' ' 1 ff if , fy Lfrlfuft, if 4 ., L 1-DKK" rf' 7 L l 'I , .' 5' if ,Q 1 ' A ' ". ,f 4 fee., 4 2 Q f Off- A 1, ffvr, f y ff .M f. Tl At-7, nur dldlfzf ff, ,A7j,f, i, V C., -fiery , Cfcffrr V. l fe-- , , A 1' ' l ' 'f 1': . . " 'fi "-' .1 I if A" if lc .af f 'X I Q '-ri 'ff' XL? fi . , , . 1 L fm 1 vl' , . 1 , 1 'e f' -, i , , 41' fly' 4. I rfb' fi! Paul Collier Virginia Collins Carolyn Cook Geraldine Corbin Gary Cushing Richard D'Ar Judy Davis Carol Day John Dean Glayde DeKay Fred De Leau Diane Devi Vincent Di Franco Howard Dombrowski Joanne Dorfman Sherry Draper Audrey Du Paix Richard Ecl- 48 t iIRLS' LEAGUE 'left to rightl Row I: Mary Bristow, f 2 4ory Jo Vaccariello, Joni Wilde, Judy Ellington, Row 2: i lm' oy Franco, Esme Fromhertz, Barbara Smead, June Rose, ' Joncy Taylor, Bonnie Perfect, Row 3: Helen l-loose, Janis ard, Arlene Bradshaw, C. C. Cooper, Sharon Gift, Bev eters, Carolyn Lawson, --4. Start with a B9 Welcome Party . . . My gosh, we forgot the punch . . . add some "Autumn Leaves" and a 'lCotton Carnival" for the fashion shows . . . sprinkle with new hats at the Senior Tea . . . serve to l'Kute Kittens and Kool Kats" at the father-daughter banquet . . . and we have the AHS Girls' League . . . More ingredients added by this year's board . . . a birthday card to every girl in the student body . . . with best wishes from every other girl . . . Girl of the Month . . . recognition to a deserving girl for outstanding service to the school . . . idine Somordzich. Row 2: Deanne Boyer, Ayleen Ito, Maureen Gallagher, Judi Reinwald, A 5Cl1OlQr5l'1lp to Q grqduqflng , , , The Girls' League. . .concerned also with the welfare of AHS girls . . . proper dress for school and activities . . . no dangling earrings . . . no bermudas under long 0 ' coats . . . All AHS girls belong to this organization . . . they choose their representatives . . . elect their officers . . . government of the girls . . . by the girls . . . the making of women presidents . . RLS' LEAGUE SEMESTER ll 'left to right! Row l: Jay Franco, Bonny Perfect, Sheila Berkus, rolyn Simpkin, Joni Wilde. Row 3: Sue Peters, Caroline Lawson, Marlene Palermo, Lucy Jcedonia, Carol Young, Norma Pennington, Judy Sparks, Joan Perreioh. ranne Edmunds Margaret Egan David Elling Judy Ellington Carolyn Enfield Jean Evans 49 E BOYS' FEDERATION 'left To rightl Row 1: Bruce Houger, Bill Nelson. Row 2: Robert Thompson, Bill Smirh, David Blacher. Here's to the Boys. For many years The Boys' FederaTion had done almosT noThing in The way of planning acTiviTies Tor iTs members in A.H.S .... ThaT was noT The Case WiTh This year's FederaTion . . . Because of hard work of Two acTive Commis- sioners of Boys, The FederaTion members really enioyed a bang-up program Tor The 1956-1957 school year . . . ln The Tall The boys wiTnessed a wonderful assembly-eThe main, and only, FederaTion ac:- TiviTy during The semesTer . . . l'Dovvn The Colo- radonha Thrilling and amusing movie-lecTure abouT inTrepid pioneers, Traveling in rubber rafTs, braving The dangers of The Colorado River . . . a program Thoroughly enioyed by all The boys . . . The spring semesTer broughT a former Navy Trogman To our sTage . . . suspense and adven- Ture hung over The assembled mulTiTude as we were Thrilled by The Tales of The daring under- waTer demoliTion Teams during World War ll. -A Morris Falmai Ken Evans Ronald Farrell Diane Feder Jo Ann Fisher Gwen Flint Peggy Foos Thomas Forbes Loretto Foxman Michael Foy 50 Jay Franco Ann Frank CGYOI Ann Fran b,-n--"" Embracing the obiectives ot edu- cation . . . cooperation but Thinking tor one's self . . . speed but accur- acy . . . work but fun . . . the MOOR, AHS student paper . . . Too many stories . . . not enough ads . . . running in and out of Main Street stores on Mondays and Tuesdays . . . Wednesdays and Thursdays sneaking up on people who have phobias against student iournalists . . . invading the print shop on Fridays and Saturdays . . . result? MOOR distribution on Tues- days . . .andthe cycle starts again. Two boy editors cracking the whip. . . is your copy in? . . . but you can't put all that ad copy in one inch . . . correct these galleys . . . who's going to Arcadia for the plastic engravings? . . . iourrialism iargon mixed with AHS iournalists' privatecode...T...T...T... A two inch story lost under three dozen books . . . not enough type- writers . . . upstairs tenants com- plain ot noise in basement . . . tribulations of the MOOR staff . . . Yes, it was work . . . but en- riching and rewarding work . . . and the staff was rewarded with an All-American rating for the first time in MOOR history . . . MOOR Editors Joe Saltzman lleftl, Semesterl, and Ken Evans, Semester 2, consult MOOR adviser "T" Tajima on the latest issue of the paper. Copy, Proof, French Fries, Cakes Make p a Top-Rated Newspaper. i l IOOR STAFF lleft to right! Row I: Margaret Schilz, Jean Hill, Jerri Corbin, Virginia Collins, Row 2: Miriam Weiner, Mary Ann Ciranna, Jae Saltzman, arolyn Enfield, Carol Frechem, Rita Montgomery, Larry Brock, Ken Evans, Row 3: Dick Ecker, Ann Quinn, Marilau Swanson, Guy White, Janice Likens, any Shore, Jeri Smith, Fred Ten Naple, Sherril Abbey, Bobbie Marzec, Patty Smitht, Pat Hanna, Judy Haines, Kathy McGinnis, Mr. Taiimo ladv.l, James nith, Richard Long, Steve Newlin. 5l A CAPPELLA 'left to right! Row l: Dottie Murray, Virginia Collins, Jeanette Bardelli, Sherry Draper, Marilou Swanson, Ardelle Chalk, Kathy Hunsakei Charlene Edmunds, Barbara Fuchs, Row 2: Nancy Schwartz, Sylvia Stephens,Linda Musick, Carolyn Sessions, Luana King, Jeanne Miller, Ann Bringhurs' Rosemary Orris, Judy Jensen, Row 3: Julie Mayfield, Carol Day, Carolyn Enfield, Sally Jursaek, Valerie Perumean, Georganna Davis, Sheila Yaunkei Marilyn Rensik, Dottie Rezk, Row 4: Gary Sullivan, Sam Bussiano, Carol Payne, Harrison Weil, Maurice Nuesca, Carol lflannebohn, Gary Norton, Catherin Card, Betty Miller. Row 5: Larry Baerns, Phil La Puma, Bill Bowles, Jay Winfield, Mike Adams, Bill Lomax, Ralph l-less, Dick Weddel, Margaret Schilz Row 6: Merlen Doebler, Mike Schilling, Viston Gregorie, Kent Machina, Charles Kinney, Russ Murphy, Gene Shoot, Dean Champion, Bob Sellinger, JoAnn Edmunds, Jo Ann Thompson. j "ln Search of a Song" Provides Brilliant Spectacle. in-2. nv Barbara Fraser Neal Frederick Barbara Freed Esme Fromhertz Jean Galbraith Linda Gal 52 all if 1 1"" lk 'Ps Gallagher en Giles d Griffin In one of the yeor'5 most enjoyable assem- blies we got the forcfostc Ol the Amcrncon Fleld Service olon from Delrcr Blumen- wltz lGermor1y3, Bill Forrfucld llVluurl, Carol Burmon ISQ. Poxl, Mclrlonne Hen- rion lBclguuml, Jams Lord, ond Plul Lopumo. -J W7 ii- 'cs' QR' Maureen Galloher Carolyn Gilliland Carole Griffith George Garza Eva Nancy Genc Richard Gieser Sharon Gift Stephen Glazer Carl Gordon Diane Gostlin Wayne Greene Charlene Griner Michael Groesbeck William Hageman Don Halloran 53 William Harms Richard Harrington Fred Harris Joan Hayde Jerry Hayek Mary Hellma Emily Hernandez Pat Herzog Richard Hesse Joanna Hicks Vicki Higdon Jean Hill Sretchen Hoffman Jeanne Hoheisal Richard Holland David Hooker Maurine Horsley Gerald Hove Nancy Hughes John Hunsicker Larry Hyatt Evelyn Irion Karen Jacobs Norm Jacobs KKK' Dick Smith reluctantly agrees to let Dione Percell ond Marie Show borrow his foce for make' up practice, 54 5 HESTRA-Violin: Roger Barrett, Gary Dworkin, William Geiger, iolds, Susan Rodekohr, Kaete VanderPlaeg, and Richard Waller, Viola ers, Lois Nutfer, Robert Reeves. String Boss: David Caplan and Kathleen Nalda, Brenda Parker, John Provines, Vivian Quinn, Suzanne Resnick Harvey, Cello: Joan Davidson, Louis Liserani, Deborah Jeanette Bassett, Elizabeth Oreb, Marie Shaw. Oboe: Charlotte Ie. Clarinet: Bruce Lombardi and Michael McCallum. French horn: Helen Brown. Trumpet: John Barry and William Owens. Trombone: Gary Barber, iam Daugherty, Mike Lempke, Robert Thomson. Tuba: Richard Kaufman Percussion: Robert Kauffman, Piano: Geraldine Luhman and Jean Murray. Spring Festival Presents Musical Highlights of Year. ..r.r, , ,L HU' V7 fr -1 X - fred .lannord Bob Jioras Bruce Johnson Sharon Johnson Thomas Johnson Michael Kane ab Kauffman Edward Keenan Steve Kellogg Pat Kelly Kirk Kington Milton Kloln 55 VARSITY DEBATE Row I: Sue Sargentich, No is. Row 2: Ned Taylor, George Pearne, Earl Armbrust, Mel Nutter, Boyd Lemon, erry Corbin, Mr. Hagglund, ladv.J , Kay Bachman, Doug Spencer, John Campbell, and Bob Thomson, Would You Care To Swap an Opinion or Two? Kay Bcchmon Geri Corbin Distinguished Speakers 56 The Two high school debaTers conTidenTly prepared Their case and awaiTed The arrival of The oppo- nenT Team To The TournamenT round. Their smiles vanished when The compeTiTion appeared and inTro- duced Themselves, l'VVe're from Als- hambra.' A pale gloom novv spread over Their TeaTures and a cold chill shook Their bodies. An exagger- aTion? NOT To Those vvho know Al- hambra's repuTaTion in SouThern California NFL debaTe. A repuTa- Tion exTending To all evenTs in com- poTiTive speech . . . exTemp . . ' dramaTic ' . . original oraTory . ' . imprompTu . . . aTTer-dinner . ' . a repuTaTion esTablished by consis- TenT achievemenT in inTerscholasTic TournamenTs ThroughouT The year . . . STanTord . . . USC . . . STudenT Congress ' . ' NFL DisTricT . . . Red- lands . . . a repuTaTion enhanced by subsTanTial represenTaTion aT STaTe and NaTional TournamenTs . ' . PreparaTion, sTudy, analysis . . . These musT precede TournamenT parTicipaTion. Work on The ufarm problem," debaTe Topic Tor The year . . . defining Terms A . ' Typing ouT evidence and ad lib cards . . . Tearing aparT opponenTs in class- room debaTe . . . l'And now To reTuTe The sTaTemenTs of my col- league . . . " l'We would like To incorporaTe The ideas of The TirsT negaTive speaker inTo our plan." . . . Finally, a more or less pol- ished Tlow of argurnenTs ready Tor TournamenT compeTiTion . . . The Tournameni' members, "Am l E-ll or E-l3?" . . . The Trophies, cerTiTi- caTes, medals, and anoTher year of honors To Alhambra High To indi- vidual sTudenTs . . . achieving a high goal, clearer menTal and ver- bal expression Through public speaking. Don Halloran Milt Klein ik - id Koenigsberg Jim Kokaris David Kuechler Clee Langley Mike Lanphier Bob Lantzy 'ricia LaPiana Jay Lawrence Michael Layne Maryann Loboiko Bruce Lombardi Jeff Longshaw 'he Might Art of Refutation Implemented With Gestures ,A .JM ffl , L A .4 K, Uv- ..! V' I ,v 1 I lf fl v-,I x x 'J x-XX- .- 9 ? MV ,Who- JV DEBATE Standing: Boyd Lemon. Row I lleft to right! Walt-Notheis Ned Taylor, Caroline Lawson, George Peome, Bob Thompson. Row 2: Earl Armbrusf, Guy White, Fnete'S'farP, Peggy Doll. Standing: Mr. Anton Hag-e gland 'adv.P 57 a s X -A X QQ 'BQ' Money as our business soy the workers of the Student Bonk, lLett to right! Row l: Carol Motrongo, Mourlne Horsley. Row ZZ Carol Posonoult, Slfmetlo Gilman, Don Bortleson, Yvonne Johnson, Mr Wilhlte lodvl. rv-Q dx 'W' TT'-Nw Earning hile Learning More candy than school supplies is sold by this quartet of Student Store workers, left to right, Lando Hortmonn, Donna Corroll, Carolyn Mossinger, Mcryonn Lobogko. Janis Lord Rita Lucado Richard Lynch Raelyn McAdams Irene McCoy Sharon McDol 58 1 D . 1.19 2 F' Q3 g, AJ. L llis McGeachy :kie Maeder rol Matranga we-rf , ,... 'N as NSS' Yak' W 'di Wy r 'N'-1 Theron McClain Priscilla McMilIen Pat McNabb Wayne McNeil Lucy Maccdonio Donna Maggard Pat Mahoney Jean Marchese Alyce Marshall Stanley Mason Julianna Mayfield Gary Mead Lance Mecherikofl Eland Melamud Michael Messina Dunno Moggord has 0 Iutrle trouble standing stall as Mary Stuhr fits the sleeve ond Mory Jo Chiovore checks the he-m MN. SS Lnuy Mcycrs Jeanne Miller David Mings Marjol Milano Ruth Miller Dcnnise Moran ...N Top: Our cores faded, we dudn't rmnd the slmvvery mghr We wcre doncmg sur way "Over thu Rczmbww " Middle Mr. STTOTPWCY, by rims Uma? very Odcpt GY Crluwnmg, Cum' fuliy fits the dnodem rw the heed of Queen Frodciugl I regol ur'1l'vOkcr nf the vvmfcv Drum "' n il? 1 ' Rx 5 .1 , ,f ,W ,digs ad' v Q, V Il' W' 1 91.2 9 4 .Q J 5 1 . I .JL , ,W .X .M , ,-.. - n 4 'fl -Q g, Q 0. , :af L. fa ,fig Im 'N 6 A ' , Q NNW 1 A " ,Ex ,A 'l-eff 23, W 2 r , 5 " I Q' K f s 3 r 5 v 4 l Nm in " 4 wi ,mm I U h 5, V V , , ,L , lf ,L , , -1 1, 43 4' A I , if We l ' , fx 1 W lil 295 L , J" A , ' J f 22,254.2 . -' A 2- 7 ., ..,. -, Fa-If "" 'Z 1 f 4 Royalty at the winter prom, from the left, Princesses Diane Bolling, Helen Haase, Joan P Nancy Schwartz, Gerry Knox, and Kay Conkright. Regal Splendor Dominates P.A. C. Dance, 'nhkrag ettefer, Queen Freddie Bauman, Princesses "Over the Rainbow" Xp ,,,, .,.,., 'Ti or l L m Morrison Carolyn Massinger Sandro Moulton Lindo Moyer f Lee Murphy Dorothy H. Murray Dorothy J. Murray Lindo Musick Joe Muhs Nellie Jeane Munse Joe Myers John Nou 61 X X N X 'l' X AN X N X X Q x XX as XX 5 N' if Mommy Hnruv-monk tunes set our toes topping ns we danced ot the Posodeno Athletic Club on thot romy mglfwt in Jomtory 1 I X .1 X.. i ' in-swf' Camilla Nelson Bill Nelson Harry Neugebauer Dennie Newell Lynn Nilson Maurice Nuesca Melvin Nutter Darlene O'Brian Mike O'HaIloran Don Olsen 62 Bill North Judy Olsen ak 2 J x emo y Orris Wa ne 0 e Ma le e Pale mo B e da Pa ke B Ile Mae Po Ca ol Puson It s Pearson R cha d Pellerlto D one Pe cell Ja ef Pere a Don o Per y Put c a Pete so y Peterson Ha et Pfister Q-L! Gerald Ph II ps Joan e Pocock La ence Pr cha p P iw Q4 W V Y Y I ,X N vi Uh 2' Q' uw U"'JLf Qc- WM MWQMUJJQWQ L gyifua, 42 bdfufkb Aflflv JV L fw V, 1 NJ W QWEW Vw QM Mr X Perhaps students cugn lo numbcm Bull Slo Mono Yvonne MOCG llo y So oko Ash wozo p se be 5 of C 0 A F 0 k M y J OYTNTNS Voccornell o Jomg Lo d What must if feel like to discover o whole trunk- ful of fifty dollar bills? Carolyn Enfield is greatly perplexedg Fred Harris seems to know consider- able about them, lt all takes place in "Mr. Barry's Etclwingsf' Ann Quinn Vivian Quinn Shirley Racl Charles Ray Judy Reinwald Harvey Resnick Marilyn Rensink Darlene Rezk Vivian Rittme Virginia Robinson Robert Ronga Wayne Rose Daniel Rosecrans Pauline Rouss Joan Sackma 64 2 S i Nph Saltzman 'garet Schilx Iliam Shehan Arnold Samardich Maureen Schumaker Ed Sherman 4 I on -ff rrrr ...fa Nadine Samardzich Joanne Sartori Ed Sauber Gary Sechler Sharon Segar Carolyn Sessions Sandra Schultz Keith Silbaugh Mike Silver :FW fe r x we Norman Scarr Marie Shaw Carolyn Simpkins L by A S B 5 gil, rf, ', :::. QP' Q7 ..,.--0' Q- S'57 PLAY CAST ileft to right? Row 1: Sylvia Stephens, Nell-Irene McCoy, Roy 2: Carolyn Enfield, Charlm Bafchelder, Doug Spencer, Sharon Johnson, Gretchen Hoffman. Row 3: Larry Smeth, Mrkc Grocsbcck, Jon Corbnn, Diane Percell, Fred Harris, Barry Brofman, Joy Franco, Danny Rosecrans, Steve Glazcr, Mrs. Wulson 'dnrectorf 65 Counterfeiters, T-Mer hony Fifties Confuse New England Town. 'tFifty dollar bills . . . dozens and dozens of them!" MR. BARRY'S ETCHINGS had been found . . . etchings that were beautiful fifty dollars . . . perfect down to the smallest detail, with one exception. the scowling face of Grant had been given a smile. But Judson Barry's hobby led to complications . . . Mrs. Taylor discovered the bogus bills . . . young Bud picked up one . . . showed it to "Fifty" Ferris and 'tSawbuck" Sam, counterfeiters. lt took a combination of Tom Crosby . . . T-man who was romantically sidetracked by Evelyn Tay- lor, Mr. Barry, and Evelyn's mother to trip them up . . . and also put Mr. Barry in a delicate posi- tion . . . He had donated phony fifties to chari- ties'-and those donations almost sent him up for a long stretch . . . A delightful play by Walter Bullock and Daniel Archer, directed by Mrs. Eunice Wilson . . . featured unusual publicity in the form of simu- lated fifties . . . A personal triumph for the cast members . . . as well as a popular success. rl Slaman Elaine Slobin Stephen Slobin Barbara Smead Beverly Smith Larry Sm th 'icia Smith Stafford Smith Katherine Smoyer Jan Snyder Douglas Spencer Norman St hlbe g ne Stains Danielle Stands Lyle Steingrebe Sylvia Stephens Peggy Stewart David Stokesbary :I ,lf li' 0 . u' Q. "J ' fr A .ik Q ir' 5. Q - First period ort cfoss prepores minio- fure theaters, scenes, furnismings, etc. Look out below! lr's possible that these "Out of this WorId" decorations may reolly Yoke OH. .. ,zlz 9 Patricia Straight Susan Strandberg Judy Stratton Mary Stuhr Giary Stupian Carreen Swift 68 51 STAGE CREW left to right! Row I: Dewitt Finley, Mel Kennedy, Roy Kneole, John Hunsicker, Jim Korkoris. Raw 2: Bill Donohue, Don Rosecrans, Norman SCOFF, Mortin Winter, Merlin Wilson. usical Artistry, Wise Remarks All Unappreciated - Backstage STAGE CREW llefr to righti Row I: Bob Brio, Elond Melomud, Fred Carleton, Row 2: Joel Weisberg, Jim Godfrey. lou 522255: ag, ' -L W ' "":' T k Judy Tutti Larry Taylor Nancy Taylor Suzanne Taylor Warren Taylor Roger Thomas 69 ,X .. 3 A Y n ,W V' 'lv' I 5 'x . '16 A -'- 'Y' A b W' A if x J fm - , Q. .PQ, . "q" :" ' ' ff' .- -1 -..- ,- . 4.L,.,, , far 1 Xwnlx fx Na ,f ,Q 1 x E 2 Q, ai Q 44? E. Www s vi' if S , Q2 Q 49" r. ,- l 4- 'CQ W :,1f K QQ is. . - .Q Q , , ll. 'rx 5 .5 " 312' Af ,lf x X3 if KQ7l M-av.m,4.m-QV. w ,t decorations," "best ," "best backward dance," it novel theme," "pro- s" . . . "lt we had known as aonna be sn qood, we d have joined the crowd." Dance "Out at this ds. Left, George Garza, Bruce Lombardi, Jim Aydelotte, Margery Carlson, and Jim Burtle are a few A.H.S. students selected for the Tri-City Honor Band. Eating is a grim business, ot least sa it seems to these occupants of the Court at the Moors. -iv jay ff? 4 bu ',,.,,,,..v if ,Na M Ffa 14. odys Thomson Emilie Touraine Ellen Tripp Barry Troup omas Vessey Marjorie Waters Jimmye Watson Mary Jane Webb if "'-wut. hi Joan Turner Richard Vallone Rusty Weeks Miriam Weiner '71 1 1 Joel Weisbe-rg Carolyn Whalen Dana White Joan Wilde Merlin Wilson Lana Woolverton Nona Yazzie Martha Yocum Thaddeus Young Sheila Younker LEE ACERS General CHRIS ADAMS Jr, College C, JV, V Football Jr. Exchange Aliis Hi-Y Gym' Team DAVE ANDEL General MARILYN ANDREWS General Sr. Play Comm. KEN ANTHONY College Prep Sr. Glee Club A Cappella LARRY ARNETT College Prep. THOMAS AVARD College Prep. Los Laureados Jr., Sr. Councils Tahitians Key Club KAY BACHMAN College Prep. Los Laureados Debate Sr. Council C.S.F. Legislature LARRY BAERNS College Prep. Key Club-VP Varsity Club V Tennis D, C, B, Basketball BEVERLY BALARIS General Campus Club - Sec. Legislature Sr, Play Comm. Moana Kea-Treas. 72 NOT PICTURED: Conrad Langan, Sandra Lowe, Shirley Loya, Susan Peterson, Richard Uphause. B These Deeds Know Us. HERB BALDERSON College Prep. Key Club Ski Club C, B, V, Football Varsity Club RUPERT BARKER College Prep. NANCY BARRETT College Prep. Campus-Pres., Soc. Ch. Lanakila7VP., Hist. Racqueteers Sr, Play Comm. JAMES BARRON College Prep. Argonauts Usher Club German Club DEAN NA BASSETT Jr. College Las SonadorasfSec. F.B.L.A. -- Sec. Drill Team Sr. Play Comm, CHARLES BATCHELDER College Prep. D, B, JV Basketball B Track Sr. Play WAYNE BAUSMAN College Prep. Jr. Statesmen Argonauts JV Tennis D Basketball ANN BAXTER General Sr. Girls' Glee Les Nouvelles DONALD BAYHA College Prep. Jr. Statesmen Argonauts JV Basketball JOHN BEHRENS College Prep. Key Club D, C, B, V Basketball C, B, V, Track SHEILA BERKUS College Prep. Comm. of Girls Yell Leader Las Moras Jr. Council DALE BERRY College Prep. EDWARD BERRY College Prep. B, JV Football JV Baseball C. S. F. DON BEVILACQUA Jr. College JV, V Football JV, V Baseball Legis.-Sgt.-at-Arms Jr. Exchange-VP. JILL BIRKINSHAW College Prep. l-li-Hatters-Pres., VP. Los Hidalgos F. T. A. Racqueteers JUDI BISSELL General Las Cadenitas Ski Club Moana Kea ANGELINA BIVONA General Las Cadenitas Light and Shadow F.B.L,A. MICHAEL BLUM General ROSE MARY BORDEN General C. S. F.-Life Member Light and Shadow Orchesis MIKE BOTELLO College Prep. DAVID BOWEN College Prep. BILL BOWLES College Prep. B Track Key Club Ski Club DEANNE BOYER General Las Moras Na Alii-Sgt. at Arms Sr. Play Girls' League ARLENE BRADSHAW College Prep. Las Moras--Soc, Ch. Girls' League Noni Loa-Sec., Treas. Orchesis JAN BRASLOW College Prep. Kea Loha-Sgt.-at-P Orchesis German Club C. S. F. BOB BREWER College Prep. French Club NIKKI BRIDGES College Prep. Campus MARY BRISTOW College Prep. Las Moras-Pres. Na Alii-Sec. Girls' League-Treas Legislature LRY BROCK ege Prep. Laureados CR Sports Editor er ClubiPres. or Play RRY S. BROTMAN ege Prep. er Club -:ish Club Baseball or Play .EN BROWN eral X. A. westra Play Comm. iual, MOOR Photog. TH BROWN ege Prep. ate mistry Team S. F. n Club IN BRUINGTON ege Prep, Moras Alii isloture INIS BUHMAN ege Prep. I Football 'rack XINE BULL lege Prep. o Lani IN BUNONE College ana Kea in Club M BUSCAINO ieral id Sr. Glee :appella Play Comm. IRY BUSSE lege Prep. Club-Pres. lonauts VIN CAMPBELL lege Prep, lonauts 'IN CAMPBELL lege Prep. Laureados Optimists-Pres. iter's Guild-Pres. .F.-Life Member LLIE CAPLAN ieral Maravillas Girls' Glee THERINE CARD ieral Cappella IRCIA CARD 'ieral iicitia ED CARLETON weral JV Football Optimists StatesmenfTreas. 3onauts++Pres. ELSIE CARR General Campus Club Racqueteers DONNA CARROLL General Jr. Red CrossiPres. Student Store DALE CARTER College Prep. Sr. Council Jr. Optimists-Sec., Treas. Kolohe Hi-Y-Treas. V Track DAVE CATHALINAT College Prep. French Club D Basketball C.S.F. CAROLYN CECCARELLI General Campus Club KAREN CHAFFEY General Pequenitas Noni LoaAPres., Treas. Sr, Play Comm. DEAN CHAMPION College Prep. Sr. Council B, V Track Jr. Optimists-Chapl. A Cappella LYNDA CHAMPION College Prep. Commission-Hist. Las Moras-Sec. Sr. Play Nani Loo--VP, MARY JO CHIOVARE General Comm, of Clubs Campus Club-Sec. Legislature Clean-campus Comm. PATRICIA CHRISTENSEN College Prep. F.N.A. DON CLARK College Prep. JOHN CLAY College Prep. V Football-Mgr, Jr, Exchange Argonauts-VP. Ski Club+Sgt.-at-Arms PAUL COLLIER College Prep. D, C, B, V Basketball Yell Leader Legislature Tahitians VIRGINIA COLLINS General A Cappella PequenitasfSoc. Ch., Hist. Laulea-Pres., VP, MOOR Staff CAROLYN COOK General Kea Loha-Sgt.-at-Arms GERALDINE CORBIN College Prep. Los Laureados C.S.F,-Life Member Debate Sr. Play GARY CUSHING General JV Football JV Basketball Argonauts RICHARD D'ARESSO General JUDY DAVIS College Prep. Sr. Play Jr. Statesmen Light C7 Shadow CAROL DAY General Hi-Hatters-Pres. Drill Team A Cappella JOHN DEAN College Prep. Latin Club C, D Basketball C Track Sr, Play Comm. GLAYDE DEKAY General Las Sonadoras7VP,, Sec. F.B.L.A. Sr. Play Comm. C.S.F. FRED DELEAU General DIANE DEVEY Colege Prep. Pequenitas Noni Loa-Hist. VINCE DI FRANCO College Prep. German Club C Track HOWARD DOMBROWSKI General C Football .IOANNE DORFMAN College Prep. Campus Club Jr. Statesmen-Hist., Sgt.-at- Arms Sr. Play Comm. Sr. Sweater Comm. SHERRY DRAPER General Drill Team--Leader Las Maravillas4Pres. A Cappella AUDREY DUPAIX General Jr. Red Cross--Pres. DICK ECKER College Prep. MOOR Staff JV, V Baseball Sr. Play Comm. JV Football JOANNE EDMUNDS College Prep. A Cappella C S,F.--Lite Member Las Cadenitas Sr. Play Comm. el ,Nik 1 ,Y ,- A l -- fri' wi . 1 . Orr- ggmii llll 1. I ":'ivfZf PAT EDWARDS Jr. College Yell Leader Comm. of Fine Arts Las Moras---Hist. Girls' League MARGARET EGAN College Prep. Las Cadenitas Moana Kea Racqueteers C.S.F. DAVID ELLING General Sr Play Comm. JUDY ELLINGTON College Prep. Los Laureados Yell Leader C.S.F. Las Moras CAROLYN ENFIELD College Prep MOOR Stott Writers' Guild A Cappella Sr, Play JEAN EVANS General KEN EVANS College Prep. MOOR Editor-in-Chief Argonauts Los Hidalgos Sr. Play Comm. RON FARRELL College Prep. B Track DIANE FEDER College Prep. Campus Club La Jeunesse Sr, Play Comm, Ski Club JOANN FISHER College Prep. German Club 3 V2 yr. Grad. GWEN FLINT General Pequenitas Sr. Girls' Glee Moana Kea Legislature PEGGY FOOS College Prep. Na Alii Legislature Orchesis 73 I WISH I WERE zwis I-I I ' I wisp-I iis"Q'3iloficli5fE 6 wmok 5 5553 8 lg WERE 1, i RJ? FRESHMANI JE' -df C I. ' W:,iii. Ill If 'Illir ...lf N . ' . i ie? egg? H lllllllllll elllll l,lll flllf ei ri' Ill' I 1 X. - wlilw 5 Q "-will I l i - ' X N a -' Y i I C I ' i g - Ti 4' I is ings ms. THOMAS FORBES MAUREEN GALLAGHER CAROLE GRIFFITH College Prep. College Prep General V. Football LORETTA FOXMAN College Prep. Sr, Play Comm. Light Cr Shadow Jr. Statesmen-Soc. Ch. Moana Kea-Treas. MICHAEL FOY College Prep. V Tennis JOY FRANCO College Prep. Pequenitas-HSec. Nani Loa-Pres., VP., Treas. Girls' League Sr. Play ANN FRANK College Prep. Legislature--Clerk Comm. of Activities Song Leader Comm. General CAROL ANN FRANKE General Los Vencedoras-Sec. BARBARA FRASER General C.S.F.-Life Member Moana Kea F.B.L.A. NEAL FREDERICK College Prep. German Club Science Club-Pres. C.S.F. BARBARA FREED College Prep. Sr. Play Comm. F.T.A. 3 V2 yr. Grad. ESME FROMHERTZ General Las Moras Lanakila-Soc. Ch. Girls' League Homecoming Queen JEAN GALBRAITH College Prep. Campus Club-VP., Sec. Latin Club Drill Team' Sr. Play Comm. LINDA GALE General F.B.L.A. Ski Club Sr. Play Comm. JERRY GALLAGHER College Prep. 74 Pequenitas Noni Loa Girls' League-Sgt. at Arms Legislature GEORGE GARZA College Prep. C.S.F.-Life Member Band-Pres. Tri-School Honor Band EVA NANCY GENC College Prep. Drill Team Les Nouvelles-VP., Sec. F.B.L.A. C.S,F. DICK GEISER College Prep. V Track V Basketball Varsity Club SHARON GIFT General Las Cadenitas Kea Loha Alpha Rho Tau Girls' League KENNETH GILES College Prep. JV Tennis JV Basketball JV Cross Country CAROLYN GILLILAND College Prep. F.H.A. Racqueteers STEPHEN GLAZER College Prep. C.S,F.-Life Member Sr. Play Usher Club Light C1 Shadow CARL GORDON Hi-Hatters-Sec., Treas. Sr. Play Comm. CHARLOTTE GRINER College Prep. Hi-Hatters-Treas. Les Nouvelles-Treas. F.N.A. Orchestra MICHAEL GROESBECK College Prep. Sr. Play BILL HAGEMAN College Prep. MOOR Staff DON HALLORAN College Prep. Los Laureados Speaker of Legislature Forensic Club-Pres. Gym Team BILL HARMS General DICK HARRINGTON College Prep. Argonauts FRED HARRISS General Argonauts Sr. Play JOAN HAYDE Jr. College Lanakila-Sgt.-at-Arms Annual Art Staff Racqueteers Art Club JERRY HAYEK College Prep. Varsity Club-Pres. B, JV, V Football Comm. of Athletics Legislature-VP. LENITA HELLMAN College Prep. Campus Club-Hist. MOOR Staff Sr. Play Comm. EMILY HERNANDEZ General PATRICIA HERZOG General A Cappella Campus Club Moana Kea RICHARD HESSE General Key Club C Football JOANNA HICKS College Prep. Los Hidalgos Sr, Play Comm. VICKI HIGDON General Orchesis Light G Shadow Sr. Play Comm. JEAN HILL College Prep. MOOR Staff G.A.A. Girls' Glee GRETCHEN HOFFMAN College Prep. Girls' League Sr. Play-Stu. Dir. Pequenitas-Pres., Sec. Na Alii JEANNE HOHEISAL College Prep. Maiorette Campus Club-Soc. Ch. Legislature La Jeunesse RICHARD HOLLAND College Prep Sr. Play MOOR Feature Editor Writers' Guild-Pres. Light G Shadow-VP., Sec fs V K DAVE HOOKER College Prep. C, B, V Football C Track MAURINE HORSLEY Jr. College Las Sonadoras-VP., FBLA-Pres., VP. Sr. Play Comm. C.S.F. GERALD HOVEY Jr. College NANCY HUGHES College Prep. JOHN HUNSICKER General C Football JV Baseball Sr. Play Comm. Stage Crew LARRY HYATT College Prep. Usher Club Jr. Boys' Glee Club EVELYN IRION General Las Moras Laule'a-Chapl. Sr, Play Ski Club-Sec. KAREN JACOBS College Prep. Campus Club-Pres. NORMAN JACOBSOI College Prep. Los Laureados Sr. Council-Pres. Key Club-Treas. V., JV Tennis AL JANNARD College Prep. Writers' Guild-Pres Kolohe C, B Football Jr. Optimists-Pres. ROBERT JIORAS General BRUCE JOHNSON College Prep. Kalb 'iz 'f U BX ,D ' ."' 5 F 5 M gg, R ...X R T W I ff '2 , twa t' College Prep, 0 V, DIANE GosTI.IN GUE 5 S l" 1 ,ex -1 9" "f," College Prep. I, y Q' ' C.S.F. ' l' unified 5- , ., Iv! QILKCT Sr. Play Comm. 2 . I X U U X F.T.A. ' l ...-.Qs Debate jj :3 'r.:E'i.i X X WAYNE GREENE 5 College Prep. .W ' lviim Legislature 1 A , 'I ' ' - Jr. Statesmen-Pres. Treas. ' I-if , ,I Sr. Sweater Comm. A ",,, -,-- ',,' i A : Jr, Optimist-Pres. H' ."- 1 TED GRIFFIN L2 yy fi ,fx College Prep. I I .5-4 IS? kahuhlgflyf T ' "lille si, '14fffJ'A PLAYED -H45 Rggolll AND fam L 'ff' mi., T0 umcf-' 'fill WANTED BME, Y7 gg' fri.. ' 731.59 SHARON JOHNSON College Prep. Racqueteers Legislature Las Sonadoras Sr. Play TOM JOHNSON College Prep. Key Club C, B Basketball C, B Football MICHAEL KANE College Prep. C.S.F.-Life Member V Tennis Chemistry Team Science Club BOB KAUFFMAN General Band-Pres. Drum Major Orchestra EENAN ge Prep. n of Athletics Football Baseball Basketball 'E KELLOGG ge Prep. nauts KELLY ge Prep. enitas i.-Sec., Treas. ueteers I KINGTON ge Prep. I'ON KLEIN 'ge Prep. ite t Ca' Shadow+Pres., xsic-Pres., VP. i Club ID KOENIGSBERG iral ES KOKORIS 'ral Jppella otball lmgr,l e Mechanics loys' Glee Club 'E KUECHLER 'ge Prep. iotball .xchange slature lRAD LANGAN :ral E LANGLEY :ge Prep. Club 'lay Mohler Trophy he HAEL LANPHIER age Prep. slature LANTZY eral if Football slature Team 3aseball RICIA LA PIANA :ral LAWRENCE :ral xchange Hi-Y Jotball .ity Club KEY LAYNE :ral ia Rho Tau V Football ual Art Staff 'lay Comm. IYANN LOBOJKO eral ent Store Zed Cross CE LOMBARDI :ral V Football iestra Club---Pres. :nouts l-IARD LONG eral DR Staff V Baseball :REY LONGSHAW ege Prep. Statesmen-Pres. Uptimists-Treas. lhe Hi-Y :lay Comm. IIS LORD ege Prep. Laureados Alii--VP, Chapl. imissionAHist. F.-Life Member IDRA LOWE eral Vencedoros Sec. SHIRLEY NEWBERRY General RITA LUCADO College Prep. C.S.F.-Life Member Campus Club Ski Club Latin Club RICHARD LYNCH General C. B Football C, B Track Legislature. RAELYN McADAMS General Las Cadenitas-Hist., Chapl. Drill Team Art Club NELLE IRENE M:COY College Prep. C.S.F. Library Club-ePres. Les Nouvelles-VP Sr, Play-Stud, Dir. SHARON McDOLE General Legislature Campus Club Sr. Play Comm. PHYLLIS McGEACHY College Prep. Hi-Hatters-Treas. C.S.F. TERRY McLAIN General Tennis Chess Club PRISCILLA McMILLEN College Prep. Moana Kea-Pres. Latin Club F,T.A. Racqueteers WAYNE McNEIL College Prep. Legislature C Basketball B Football LUCY MACEDONIO College Prep. Pequenitas Nani Loa-VP, Treas. Girls' League Orchestra JACKIE MAEDER College Prep. Los Laureados Commissione-Soc. Ch. Songleader C.S.F. DONNA MAGGARD College Prep. Pequenitas-Sgt. at Arms Na Alii-Sec. Fine Arts Comm. PAT MAHONEY General Moana Kea-Sec. JEAN MARCHESE General Legislature ALYCE MARSHALL College Prep. Las Moras Nani-Loa-eSec. Hist. Song Leader Senior Play STANLEY MASON College Prep. JV, V Football Jr. Class Play JV Basketball CAROL MATRANGA Jr, College C.S.F.-Life Member Las Sonadoras-Treas. F.B,L.A.4Chapt. Pres. Sr Play Comm. JULIE MAYFIELD General Les Nouvelles A Cappella GARY MEAD College Prep. Comm. of Activities C, B, V Football Aliis--Pres. Jr, Council LANCE MECHERIKOFF College Prep. ELAND MELAMUD General Stage Crew Sr. Play Comm. MIKE MESSINA College Prep. Annual Art Staff Annual Cover Design Jr. Exchange C Football JUDY MEYERS College Prep. Campus Club La Jeunesse Racqueteers MARGIE MILANO General Les Nouvelles-Treas. Light G Shadow F.B,L.A. JEANNE MILLER General Las Cadenitas C.S.F.-Life Member A Cappella F.B.L.A. RUTH MILLER College Prep. Los Cadenitas A Cappella F.T.A. Sr. Play Comm. DAVE MINGS College Prep. JV Football B Football DENNISE MORAN General Campus Club-VP TOM MORRISON College Prep. Argonauts B Basketball Gym Team CAROLYN MOSSINGER General French Club Jr. Red Cross-Pres. Student Store SANDRA MOULTON College Prep, Nani Loo-Chapl. Legislature C.S.F.-Life Member LINDA MOYER College Prep. No Alii-Treas., Soc. Ch Las Moras-Soc. Ch. Orchesis-Sgt. at Arms Sr. Play Comm. JOSEPH MUHS General Usher Club V Track C Basketball Sr, Play Comm. JEANNE MUNSEE College Prep. Na Alii-Treas. Racqueteers Legislature MARY MURPHY General F.B.L.A. Les Nouvelles Sr, Play Comm. DOTTIE MURRAY College Prep. Las Moras-Chapl., Pres. Ng Alii-VP., Soc. Ch. A Cappella-VP., Sec. Commission4Sec. DOROTHY MURRAY General F,B,L.A. Las Vencedoras Orchestra Sr. Play Comm. Cal Tiader and his Quintet started our week right for us one Monday morning. We can still hear echoes of those bongo drums. LINDA MUSICK General Las Cadenitas A Cappella C.S.F. F.B.L.A. JOE MYERS College Prep, Debate Sr. Play C.S.F. Jr. Statesmen JOHN NAU General A Cappella German Club Jr., Sr. Glee Clubs Football CAMILLA NELSON College Prep. Light 6' Shadow-Pres. Sr. Play Comm. La Hoalauna-Sec. C.S.F. BILL NELSON College Prep. Key Club-Pres. B, JV, V Football JV, V Baseball Boys' Federation HARRY NEUGEBAUER Jr. College German Club DENNIS NEWELL College Prep. WILLIAM NORTH College Prep, B, JV Football Aliis--Sec. MAURIE NUESCA General Jr., Sr. Glee Clubs A Cappella Light Car Shadow Sr, Play Comm. MEL NUTTER College Prep. Cross Country Debate Jr. Optimists Forensic Club DARLENE O'BRIEN General Library Club Girls' League G.A.A. F.T.A. MIKE O'HOLLAREN College Prep. Baseball B Football DONALD OLSEN College Prep. Latin Club-Pres. Forensic Club Jr. Optimists C.S.F. Legislature JV, V Baseball g:r'?,,IG?LsEN K Club Sfrclub Moana Kea LYNN NILSON ROSEMARY ORRIS S04eQekP"el3- General rac A Ca ll JV Cross Country Sr, PlgseCgmm, 1 A In F J -A e-lf 1 swf' "L Ml' ...... . .... 4:""' ' 'AA' 'A all , X " ' 5-2 J Bl,Qv-JY' 1 N SENioR Sfxcifs 75 Senior Problems 'Twas the day for term papers, and all through the room Was a visible expression of senior gloom. The papers were laid on the table with care, In the hopes that our teacher would never get there. We students were drowsing, to our great satisfaction: But we numbred few, some m-issing in action. Then who to our bloodshot eyes should appear But a faded John Campbell, much worse for wear. At two minutes offwe mode ready to go, But lighthearted teacher grinned and said, "WhoaI" And I heard him say, as away we flew, "Don't forget that an outline is due." Especially after a paper hard, Sleep is the best of all panaceas. But the moral, in the words of the famous Bard, "Don't start vast jobs with half-vast ideas." WARNER OWENS College Prep. B Football French Club MARLENE PALERMO College Prep. Comm. of Fine Arts Girls' LeaguefVP. PequenitasfTreas., Soc. Na Allie-Chapl. BRENDA PARKER General Orchestra Les Nouvelles BILLIE PARNIN General Jr. Girls' Glee Las Vencedoras---ffTreas. Sr. Play Comm. CAROL PASONAULT General Los Laureados Comm, of Finance Las Moras-ATreas. Na Alii- Al-list., Treas. Ch a one-photo essay by joe myers DENNIS PEARSON General RICHARD PELLERITO Jr. College DIANE PERCELL College Prep. Light C1 Shadow-Pres. F.T.A.-eTreas. Orchesis Sr. Play JANET PEREIRA General Laule'sfTreas. DONNA PERRY College Prep. Campus Club Alpha Rho Tau Writers' Guild Sr. Play Comm: HARVEY RESNICK College Prep. Orchestra Usher Club DOTTIE REZK General A Cappella Sr. Girls' Glee ANN RITTMAN Jr. College Band Racqueteers A Cappella Sr. Play Comm. VIRGINIA ROBINSON General Legislature Moana Kea ROBERT RONZA College Prep. WAYNE ROSE College Prep. C Football Cross Country Track DANNY ROSECRANS Jr. College Usher Club-Pres. C Basketball C Football Sr. Play PAULINE ROUSS General La Jeunesse JOAN SACKMAN College Prep. Campus ClubhTreas. JOE SALTZMAN College Prep. MOOR Editor-in-Chief Writers' Guild Legislature French Club ARNOLD SAMARDICH College Prep. Comm. of Boys C, B, JV, V Basketball Tahitians Legislature NADINE SAMARDZICH Jr. College Na Aliiel-list. Girls' League-Art Ch. C.S.F.-Life Member Sr. Play Comm. ED SAU BER College Prep. Track Football C.S.F. JOANN SARTORI College Prep. Laule'a-Pres., VP, Las Moras Orchesis Art ClubfSec. 76 PRIZE SNAP - Joe Myers NORMAN SCARR General Stage Crew MARGARET SCHILZ General MOOR Staff A Cappella Sr. Girls' Glee MAUREEN SCHUMAKER College Prep. MOOR, Annual Art Ed. Alpha Rho Tau C,S.F. Writers' Guild GARY SECHLER College Prep. Jr. Optimists Jr. Statesmen Argonauts-Pres. SHARON SEGAR College Prep. Sr. Play Comm. G.A.A. Racqueteers Les Amies CAROLYN SESSIONS College Prep. C.S.F.fLife Member Las Cadenitas-Sec. A Cappella Pres. Writers' Guild MARIE SHAW College Prep, C.S.F.-Life Member Legislature Sr. Play Comm. Orchesis BILL SHEHAN College Prep. Legislature C Football D Basketball EDWARD SHERMAN College Prep. Sr. Play Comm. Usher Club Jr. Statesmen Los Hidalgos SANDRA SHULTZ General PATRICIA PETERSEN General Drill Team Las Vencedorasfljres. F.B,L.A. Sr. Play Comm. GARY PETERSON General Gym Team SUSAN PETERSON General HARRIET PFISTER General Pequenitas Moana Kea-Treas , Hi GERALD PHILLIPS College Prep. B, V Football B, V Basketball Boys' Federation Jr. Council JOANNE POCOCK College Prep. A Cappella Hi-I-latters LAWRENCE PRUCHA College Prep. PHIL PULLARA General ANN QUINN General MOOR Club Editor Las Sonadoras VIVIAN QUINN College Prep. Las VencedoraseVP. F.B.L.A. Sr. Play Comm. Orchestra SHIRLEY RACH General Moana Kea-Sgt. at Arr F.B,L.A. CHARLES RAY College Prep. JV, V Football Jr. Optimists-VP. Latin Club JUDITH REINWALD College Prep. Song Leader Las Moras Na Alii-Pres., VP. Girls' Leaguee-Serv. Ch. MARILYN RENSINK College Prep, Campus Club A Cappella Sr. Play Comm. Legislature KEITH SILBAUGH College Prep. Key Club V Track V Cross Country V Football MICHAEL SILVER General C Basketball ROLYN SIMPKINS lege Prep. Moras iakila-Sec., Treas. s' LeagueATreas. Play Comm. RL SLAMAN leg Prep. man Club-Pres. LINE SLOBIN lege Prep. Cadenitas .L.A. ht Cr Shadow Club EVE SLOBIN lege Prep. .F.-Life Member wual Literary Staff Basketball ance Club-VP. RBARA SMEAD College Moras-Hist. -Pres., Sec. CounciliSec. ing Sports Queen IERLEY SMITH ieral iuenitas in Club RRY SMITH lege Prep. mon Club-Sec. Play--W'57 ht Er Shadow Play-Tech, Dir. DANIELLE STANDS College Prep, Las Cadenitas Racqueteers F.N,A. NORMAN STAHLBERG College Prep. German Club Science Club Argonauts LYLE STEINGREBE General SYLVIA STEPHENS General A Cappella-Treas. Pono Lani-VP. Sr. Play Light fr Shadow PEGGY STEWART College Prep. Las Vencedoras Latin Club German Club Sr, Play Comm. DAVE STOKESBARY College Prep. Los Laureados C.S,F.-Life Member Jr., Soph., Pres. Commission-Soc. Ch. V, B, C, Track PAT STRAIGHT Jr. College Las Moras-Soc. Ch. Laule'a-Treas , Sec. Art Club-Pres. Ski Club I'TY SMITH lege Prep. Cadenitas i Loha-Sec. 'OR Staff .A.--Pres. KFFORD SMITH lege Prep. Laureados ,F.-Lite Member Sweater Comm. Optimists-Pres. 'TY SMOYER lege Prep. Moras iakila Iappella iislature 'I SNYDER lege Prep. nnastics .F. UG SPENCER lege Prep. Optimists--Sec. Tennis Debate Play NIE STAINS :eral SUSIE STRANDBERG General Na Alii Legislature Orchesis Homecoming Princess JUDY STRATTON College Prep. Pequenitas "Girl ot the Month" Annual Literary Staff Writers' Guild MARY STUHR College Prep. Campus-Hist. Moana Kea-Pres. Jr. Statesmen Legislature GARY STUPIAN College Prep. C.S.F.-Life Member Chemistry Team German Club Latin Club CARREEN SWIFT Jr. College Racqueteers JUDY TATTI College Prep. C.S.F. F.T,A.--Sec. Latin Club-Sec.-treas. Racqueteers LARRY TAYLOR General JV, V Tennis Annual Art Staff NANCY JO TAYLOR College Prep. Campus Club-Soc. Ch. Annual Business Staff La Jeunesse--Hist. Girls' League SUE TAYLOR Jr. College Las Moras Lanakilaw-Pres., Sec. A Cappella Sr. Play Comm. WARREN TAYLOR College Prep. German Club ROGER THOMAS General GLADYS THOMPSON College Prep. Las Cadenitas-VP. Moana Kea-Sec. Racqueteers Sr. Play Comm. EMILIE TOURAINE General ELLEN TRIPP Jr, College Noni Loa-Soc. Ch. Pequenitas Ski Club Racqueteers BARRY TROUP College Prep. C.S.F. German Club Science Club JOAN TURNER General Hi-Hatters RICHARD UPHAUS College Prep. RICARD VALLONE College Prep. Sr. Council-Treas. Exchange Club Varsity Club C, B, V Football TOM VESSEY College Prep, Argonauts MARJORIE WATERS General Las Vencedoras-Treas. ,, - ' b 1 -J xx S,g1l.Og.,tl:t.. fs.: Efavefcg ' e0-'I' l JIMMY WATSON College Prep. Las Cadenitas-Pres. Moana Kea?VP. Sr. Play Comm. Inter-Club-Council JANE WEBB College Prep. Campus Club RUSTY WEEKS College Prep. Tahitians Pres. C, B, V Track Key Club-Sec. MIRIAM WEINER College Prep. MOOR Staff CSF.-Lite Member Legislature Sr. Play' Comm. JOEL WEISBERG General JV Basketball Stage Crew CAROLYN WHALEN General Campus Club-Chapl. Jr. Council Orchesis Sr, Play Comm, 38530 00 o 00 O O DANA WHITE General Laule'a Legislature JONI WILDE College Prep. Girls' Leaguee-Sec. Pequenitas--VP. Noni Loa-Pres. VP. Legislature MERLIN WILSON General Stage Crew LANA WOOLVERTON General Laule'awTreas. Legislature NONA YAZZIE General F.N.A. MARTHA YOCUM College Prep. Hi-Hatters Sr. Girl Scouts-Pres. TOBY YOUNG College Prep. SHEILA YOUNKER General A Cappella Kea Loha-Pres. . : W--"1 .gli-eseg. .2 n ,f f - -. f .yfil bgiigf MLBOAQ I sfovseou BZIET Mes? ' xg QQ? T 5 ill, A Af' . . f 77 If V BIZ COUNCIL lleft To rightl Row 1: Janice LeTTs, Carolyn Pettefer, Row Z: Michele Slaboda, Mrs. Casjens ladvl, Bonnie Perfect, Norma Pennington, Bill Smith, Jean Jolly. il ,Ill l Q .lllllllllli ii .T One For the Money 78 A TQTM. Lasf buf noT leasT . . . slogan of The VV'58 class . . . slighfly snobbish . . . resulT of digniTy of being The lasT winTer class . . . Approximafely lO6 Bl2's . . . sTarTed as a class of l3O . . . Those TraiTors and deserfers who advanced To The S'57 class . . . Thaf February class meefing . . . iniTiaTed ex-iuniors To king- pin posiTion . . . began The senior acTiviTies . . . elecTing Senior Council and svveafer commiTTees . . . choosing senior sacs . . . how abouf a sTripe for somefhing novel? . . . Bl2's hiT by sudden realizafion . . . l'We are seniors" . . . Their class acTiviTies numbered . . . small membership affords liTTle supporT . . . Bl2's Turned To school funcfions . . . became sTudenT officers . . . parTicipaTed in school clubs . . . even felT The iar of The Temple Cify craTer . . . VV'58 class already Thinking of opening of school in Sepfember . . . lO6 sTudenTs will reign supreme on AHS campus . . . u 5 T 1 - -- M-rw f- -p,fg.,.,.wwqr My if N 'M X. . 1 5 i S Q5 A 1, ' 9' Y ss ... S ,ix . . . Sew - ,ig QQ A 4 ,, ' ., W ., Q g :-- , is wi X , gb, Q , 1 W' ,K A l .Q . APQ w X Y V ,. . it F Q ii ri ff U--R I S . - W QQ K k '---: I .qbt .iq, ,, 1, E Q 'E , K t rx X . ,X ck g, Q X g g . X Q W X '- , H .5 Q SR X ' .Y , X., Fx l Iii gm J' A ' A . LLM Xe sn. 1 if X 3 ,L na-is ,Q P ,f ' - flffff X Y Q Y -Qs X k N B12 lleft to rightl Row I: Cherril Abbey, Judy Allen, Richard Anderson, Ed Armbrust, Sammy Baca, Gary Barber, Marlene Boghosian, Ronald Brace, David Brest, Dennis Brest, Bob Bria, Nancy Brintnall. Row 2: Maxine Bull, Mary Ella Byrd, Lynn Carlson, Ronald Carlson, Mary Ann Ciranna, Roger Claus, Jim Collins, David Cudney, Frank Depetro, Charles Dudley, Shirley Ann Farr, JoAnn Fisher. Row 3: Don Foster, Chuck Fox, Judy Fry, Margaret Glassey, Dan Gonzalez, Richard Grumet, Diane Hampton, JoAnn Harrison, Bruce Hauger, Bill Hawthorne, Tom Henry, Jon Hesselgesser. Row 4' Denny Humphry, Nancie Hymer, Mike lacobellis, Jean Jolly, Marian Kerby, Gary Lemon, Janice Letts, Glenda Lewis, Don Livingston, Rachel Luna: Charles McGehee, Barbara McKinnon. 5 ,N S 5, In Q K X X i if -...H Q .5 ff' A 45 T tr: f X Lg L? I H , .,,, E L. 'F T . K 31 'ff L K -.,' .lx 5 Q , v . .RN L .. no iifs ' 3 L A l. . , K. i - l ,Q V' . Q lt- sig ,X J pk K h A. is 1 ,L Q. li fx X If 1? xx fl s -E V idx V XX., . K W. -f, Aa ., Q X l . fmt N ,Q qbi, , we . . if . A 3 'X Sal' " 1' , X ,, l ,J ., . i. 'A -4. 'A .1- K 5 'F A A S ii' i i , A we .K 4. si M2 A ' Q ,Ii-'X , KX 'X .. Q Q 1 1 'Ar S4 I 3 ,R , Nqr W ' A y Q 1 V1' C Q , Q ,bqb b R i t an ? . , .. it r Q, in k . I lleft to right! Row I: Chuck Marikian, Gary Marshall, Shirley Martinelli, Rita Montgomery, Sally Moore, Joy Morrissette, JoEllyn Morton, nilla Nelson, Pearl Northrup, Frank Parrino. Row 2: Don Pecarovich, Norma Pennington, Bonny Perfect, John P, ' ",' ettefer, Jim Randolph, ene Ruiz, Timothy Scott, Gary Seielstad, Michele Slaboda. Row 3: James Smith, Bill Smith, Charles Soutt Steiglgill, Georgia Strickley, Pat ivan, Carol Sylvester, Warren Taylor, Susan Thies, Irene Turiace, Row 4: Rosemarie Turiace, Carol Under ' ,' n Vullo, Artha Ware, Robert liamson, Sandra Williamson, Jeanette Winburn, James Woodward, Carol Young. 79 ,Q Z' Two For the Show ,p47',EPkff7f?pj I All COUNCIL ileft to rightl Row I: Mr. Stonebrcker iodv.l, Shirley Robertson, Corol Done son, Tom Martin, Ayleen Ito, Margie Rihs. Row 2: Steve Willett, Pot Hughes, Jim Leo, Glen Sessler, The prime achievemenT of The S'58 class was The planning and operaTion of The Junior-Senior prom . . . "MoonlighT Serenade" . . . magnificienT and romanTic . . . Manny I-larmann and his band aT The Glendale Civic . . . feverish aTTempTs To obfain a more convenienT hall . . . unsuccessful in finding one because of The huge aTTendance aT The prom . . . Very energeTic Junior Council . . . Tireless . . . hard working . . . well aided by a fine class adviser, Mr. Miles STonebraker . . . The presenT Al l class is anxiously anTicipaTii Their senior year . . . perhaps Then They will c complish more Than They did This year . . . hos ever all was noT bad . . . The prom was a gre success . . . IT is a cerTainTy ThaT if a class can do such good job on The prom, They will mosT cerTain have a senior year filled wiTh very consTrucTi' proiecTs . . . A marvelous year filled wiTh "ser oriTy," sTudy, success, and service is in The crysTal ball . . . We know They will do well. -. x 'IA S V 'T F ' C, 4-rv 'Q gf ', 4- 4 bm-i for I s --. -4 '7 0 C 'Z :rf 1 .J fri X . , s yn x, .fl -kin J, can 3, ,Q ,, ,, -3, -va v - I 5, WWC 'YY .Q W I Ez' . f x 1 ,k a-xt. t , ffl., ' Qin Z -1 itil? e smut ' fr 43 u " A 1 ' K "L .1 J 'E V 'Y "" rf +- 4 +3 1 f - 4 W- , . K by A gi 43 , , if " -. fr we , . ' f ,X qi :L f . Q' ' t tl at-av' I ' t in--A ' A We n 5 Hx C X.. S' WS ,. - , ff? "iff l I -rw'-of!! .wi .yi l . A . . U 'Q , ..-P Q, Q Q gg - fp A ,V ,V ' rv V ,M ' L ,, - -M "4 . 5 Maf I I Ileft tm rnghtl Row I : Barbara Agogta, Cecule Alberts, W "fl 7 , ' ff luke Allen, June Altteld, Connie Anaya, JoAnne Ander- I '- . ' or tn, Rosemary Andrews, Row 2: Jtm Antnsta, Tom lg, rcher, Sawako Ashnzawa, Shetla Assenberg, Dave Back- l V - W.. ' Jas, Duane Baker, Frankltn Ballard, Row 3: Jeanette LCM Jrdellt, Roger Barrett, Melunda Bartley, Mary Beach, A E, harles Beck, Barbara Bennett, Jolene Bennett. Row 4: dn A K Urol Berry, Elatne Berry, John Berry, Gary Btshop, Bonnue xv V -' 'C A txby, Tont Bliss, Lots Bodamer. Row 5: Bull Bowles, ' -V - --fl vu M .,l wtrley Braceta, Martlyn Brady, Alleyn Braeger, Davud QI, I J' "ff ,S 'fi rown, Rtchard Brown, Sandy Brown. Row 6: Ralph , M fano, Jeanne Basser, Roger Batkus, Roger Coccamo, 'F x A alph Caputo, Henry Cardtnale, Ken Caresto, Row 7: Tum ai - fe 413 . armody, Barbara Carpenter, Pat Carroll, Ray Case, W V I, rw., ynne Carter, Kay Chambers, Ernest Cheeyer. Row 8: V W ' vb Contreras, Ltnda Clark, Jalna Clay, Ltnda Clemens, - at ig, ynn Cfmlllna, Cannue Colton, Arlene Connor " wh- A N ' W' ,N F - 1' l T 'M' V, .-:I J -:-f. . ,,,, 'aff ,W . it 1 . ,r ,sf W t t p I , y ' 4 II lleft tu right' Row I: Bonntc Cook, James Cook, f H rim Corsa, Jan Cousens, Jrmmue Cox, Charlotte Cratn, ,gf fd- ' " 'V-I , 'W "lg, ' ,,.,, rl umes Daleo, Bull Daugherty, Shtrley Davtd, Vtnce Daytes, V 1' V -' , 2 1 ., Yu, eorganne Davts., Jacky Debernardl, Row 2: Jerry Dell, 7 'Q ' -5-gy J. J ,g : ' ayud DeNeal, Alan Dtngee, Donna Disbrow, Carol Don- 'Q A , 1 A ,ig ' dson, Judy Donhost, Carole Dorfman, Beverly Duvardo, l :" ' f . ax wi? huck Edglnton, Charlene Edmunds, Tom Egan, Joan i "'SK l X 1 rnst, Row 3: Mtke Federuca, Patneta Fewer, Judy Ftnch, :chord Ftsher, Rnhert Fleck, lrns Ford, Martha Foxman, lartha Francone, Jerry Frank, Tom Frank, Mark Frlcker, arlnora Ftlfll'-, ny 5 E-unq C f Mksr-if:.1N, ' 'T 1:9 .f.. . 4 'lp 5 gil 81 ., j if .ef X 429 F ' lc sm.: N .X of Ri Cs Ak M, I 1 .wl- I f ? , 0 ,.,, n N' i Q . , -, , L , C , L, ., C -, - I 3 S 2 , - - , , J A . C , P . . U AZ .Q E i ., ts ,ll . , rg, R ta u , ., 1? 1 V GQ K , fl , , . Z' Q , "1: C up K n , - 4: - I . . .1 -f ,. " bv. Y' t 'sg-in X "' 1 , - ,,-K , ss A X X Q AAII lleftlto right! Row I: Joe Fullmer, Toni Gallasso, Tony Galluppi, Charlene Gargaro, Bill Geiger, Lianne Gervasi, Nick Giandomenico, Tom Giandomenico, Shannon Gillespie, Sheila Gilman, Joel Gilroux, Chad Gledhill. Row 2: Paul Gledhill, Betty Glover, Jennie Gordon, Ray Graham, Darrel Gray, Gail Gray, Bill Gray, Nancy Ground, Shirlie Grove, Gray Hadsell, Judy Haines, Jeannine Halet, Row 3: Pat Hanna, Richard Harrison, Robert Harrison, Bill Harrison, Kay Hart, Lane Hartman, Linda Hartmann, Lillian Hedrick, Mike Hoffman, Don Hooker, Linda Hopkins, William Hornaday. All lleft to right! Row I: Pat Hughes, Barbara Hyde, Ayleen Ito, Eddie Jeffries, Judy Jensen, Launee Jessee, Allan Jones. Row 2: Bob Jones, Shirley Jones, Clarence Jordan, Randy Juengst, Sally Jo Jurasek, Loy Kalny, George Kamer. Row 3: Rosalie Karnes, Karl Karnes, Dick Kauffman, Michael Kavanaugh, David Kemble, Bonnie Kern, Adrienne Keys, Row 4: Larry Kiesel, Luanna King, Joan Kirkman, Ruth Kitabjian, Ronnie Knott, Janet Knox, Bonnie Koontz. Row 5: Janie Kramer, Shirley Kuntz, Larry Landes, Carol Lanenga, Charles Lanzi, Fred Larsen, Patty Laub, Row 6: Caroline Lawson, James Lea, Robert Lee, Bob Legakes, Boyd Lemon, Bruce Lent, Jeanette Letts. Row 7: Albert Lewis, Mary Jo Lewis, Jack Light- ner, Janice Likens, Gary Lindgren, Hubert Lindmeier, Leo Lodes. Row 8: Bill Lomax, Norman Long, Linda Ludt, Gene McCarthy, Sulie McConnell, Douglas McCormac, Edith McCoy. 82 I N Q, . A .., an M' - we fer Q, 1-1 -i ,t --'- P' in if .M -if ,, 5 , s . , i :sf -2,3 1: 12 1 119 ig uf V 1 H, A Q f l Q X i , E g A l . K. line l L., JA Sag, ' , ' - , 'N G l ' .i,"' ' ',,i -2733 fir X' , '37 , X 1 fl ',,.: : yy K ,ff "'-.,::' E V .. I A ' 5 4 1.1 ,:,.f :i , V WX f M 1 K , I is E f FNY:-X, ' b l l 4 - 4, 7 wc Ill! A A? 1 v , Vat Q 1 lx. r err, we ,A-Q1 fe:-ff l F 4' Q, " if vvv1v,'F-ivqvlgi-.Qg,vv A 4 Y MM-Nj . r ,-:g ,..- ,- - fi, s H , -zzi . . - L W-s is 4 , ff we .,,, W nj fmt nf J -3 1 5X l g s,s,, if ,s,s -se s f f Jsli 4-at Wi l x.'S.'.f' -34 t ' . ,"'. . V I lll - A . g, .N swf? lm 35 4 3 f' G its ,g ' f l i , L , , .,r-:' . 3 A . w. . K . , ki ..,: W 5 xr , .M E 55. ,Sig , E ,, A-35? 15 Q, -E29 Q i,,s, , g, yi, 5, If V. , , b I 7 t A l 4 9. l'it 'ikl'ff 'Q' . i J W ' 41 V l ,QQ 1-ff X v , ' " .f , i l fr? 1-u s 'ei A i . ,, . 'A , . fab , Q k ' ur v i ml? 2, 'tg ' ,,, K E : , J U Y. 'I . Hallowed, :yy-Covered walls and halls ogpgf gryrryy my Ivy, ji Sf Ov- , ,J TT? V sa , eg, x. y W ' ' 7 . l -155' .YF KX, 4 A 1 K 3 M -Agp I J' vii'-. ,, , . , , W , Q ' ' 5, in , il, , . ' .x -0 5 'Qs Q al 4 ""' ' CJ ' 2-Fl' .5 .sg v A' xx 1 rv. I . k . .A d A F Vlz' , . tgixll-g ix 'NN KKQKCKA FL '1'5'3" ' ps-'Q A vfxmm V ' lg 'V' .- Q Q may A Q, -1 jf, E -.2 I gk l L- "j! XA W: W yy 'vm J M . 3' .M . H I ' L hunts Xu' " 2 X45 N4 i . . . Ig, nl CK' .Fiji i. Q , M Az, 931 MJ Q, V4 uv? wax 'V xv-3 ' . . .1-gf W, x' A All llcft ta right' Row I: Kathleen MCGlnnls, Vay MCC-Iano, Laatrlcc Mamala, Yyannc Mandy, Ray March mont, Tam Martnn, Kathy Martnnnch Row 2: Corky Mason, Jun Massey, Robert Mock, Charles Mendenhall, Bch Mcsuag, Dan Mosscr, Gaul Moyers Row 3: Marcla Moyers, Betty Muller, LOLIISC Mellor, Danna Mohr, Gerald Montgomery, Sharon Moran, Jackie Munk Row 4: Jascpa Myers, Sanrly Nanrnan, Ranalcl Neale, Valcrw Nclsfvn, Germ Ncuvattar, Stayv lXlCWlII1, Richard Nownwan 83 2 i in , 0 J, " J V Q-,' 'v A l ,I i f - :': - V- G UE SS Ll H0....? -A , 1 Q , i , , I.. QE? mfjgf ..,., , i V .A:V R Q W , A, . ,A 2 H V. A lzl' '1." , , . 1 Q Q L, .J ' .e e ,, , J ELA, Et, . . NAA ' V.: 1, xl . , ll: ec 'jr . 3 gr ,V . ,, W , :lb I Z J. V, X I '- W J , , v r . pi . .. X 's J rf-el , V t D' Ge r t Im If if z 1: . g i, ., I VIAA g 4.2. HE P . 0, , 'T , P f , 1 S M Q: , ,E 2 . '- c is Xf we f i il 0 gf' .ii s n 1.-:J i ii-5 llll 9 i l' sy fx X ,S LK 4 A H -W V. V yy ' 4 1 " wr Q iri 'f J c, A ' A 'AZ . in -S ll! , , A fllgf fi aft- w' " 22' . ,.. ,ssilxagge J ,M ,, i...eii asf? M-F, ',."ZQ, g ,272 57, ' , i,, , J ' , ,vii .fffff ff g y eff g , J sg W off pfgf' , ,,7'g13fWl40Z 'L "I- A 0' . " ff "- 5 1 iv, - - .- r I ' , 1 ,, , i , .ff , xg, A fm A W .twig H v'v I W I 7 I, V g ig, Y . I 4 , 'i?'fZiZ,' 1 g J XV g - V V VT, , W i iff 4 in 2 Q ' -1: Q "1:, ' 4 7 Q ff X s . J J ' , irrrrr N JW! P gifff' W' All lleft to rightl Row I: David Nordlund, Bill Norton, Pam Nowey, Raymond Nunez, Mike Oak, Kathy O'Holloren, Yvonne Olsen, Row 2: Robert Omen, Elizabeth Oreb, Gloria Oswald, Myra Ozar, Jackie Page, Joseph Parkinson, Nick Parrino. Row 3: Carole Payne, Joan Perreiah, Valerie Perumean, Dorothy Peters, Walt Peters, Jim Pfeil, David Phillips. Row 4: Jean Phillips, Bob Powell, Sharon Prell, Cecile Prince, Nick Provenzano, Johnny Provines, Douglas Prucha. Row 5: Mike Quinn, Charlene Ramos, Frank Randazzo, Rhett Rechenmacher, Timothy Regan, Kon Renkvish, Carol Rennohan. Row 6: Estelle Resnick, Noel Reuland, Glenda Rinnell, Susan Riggs, Margie Rihs, Frank Rizzio, Shirley Robertson. Row 7: Jerry Robinson, Lieselotte Rode, Gary Rogers, Bill Rogers, Charlene Rooke, June Rose, Eugene Rossi. Row8: Dennis Raught, Gary Rufener, Andrew Rusnak, John Santangelo, Julie Saunders, Mike Schilling, Doris Schoeppe. 84 h Q Sw X.Qx S S . qub , . ls is l F9 K.. -bf mm ,, . r sa S f J J S ' l J . L' ' HX - its . - Q C- TZSJQ 1 X T.: . K L- , S , . ' to , 5 '77 -sl e X wh 5 fp .S -J i , M. , S Q. -1 it r in, Mgt S xstg at X Ss vt st W Qi? bl. it , j L . ', . ...?"':-T.. as - 5. a t -AJ S S ,Q S N S -P 3 , R S .sr ' f 1 M -.', of I ., vu- I A Qs X ' X-1 . '. X. TA is S T T. T ll 4 T , els or , 'Ks ., ' All lleft to rightl Row I: Marilyn Schramm, Nancy Schramm, Mary Schwartz, Ted Scott, Charles Scully, Glenda Sessler, Jane Shackleton, Patsy Ann Shaffer, Arnold Shapiro, Ralph Shea, Sharon Shelton, Scott Sheridan, Row Z: Cynthia Shields, Elliot Shoaf, Tony Shore, Lenora Simone, Dottie Smith, Jeri Smith, Libby Smith, Reba Smith, Bill Smith, Susan Spencer, Anete Stark, Philip Stedman, Row 3: Jean Stoddard, John Stratton, Gary Suess, Gerald Sullivan, Kenny Sullivan, Marilou Swanson, Ronald Tatton, Felice Taylor, Fred Tennapel, William Tenny, Donna Theys, Ronny Thiel. s ,J 'P Md fl W it 1 - ' lv I ' fl X21 53 I ,, IA, ' ' , A7 I Y.. 4, YJ ? X I U K I I , ' TT. E '-,.. R. , ' V lf W . fy O :Mg x it X , ff, K4 X53 ' tl J 'Jw ' fl f A qbx wg, , 1 ' JV , Xt 3 -3 1 .T fx. 4 V , - ji ! ' W 1V l W fl Vl ll AJ, l If fir' .v N l. fu 7-fw'trWM'4'w1f m"'sefv'r2W ff rfyltfg V P ' l f f 85 i A nf grtniiilfi, WI fl ft in, 5 X , Q- - 'Q X at J 1 X if ' his s. Q Q. . 5 O ,T , .,.Q. ,AA 4 ' X gi t H gg, ' is x 4, 'X 3 V S 'I if Q ga. L f. , . hi 'ij' 'TEE 2: 4' Q X . A Q!-I X ,. , .W . , . , 3 C. J llll All S A W N- it - ' . f . tw - t., ,Y x 3, -1 T ,X ' ill S S . I Q N, x A v N5 K. A my T: ' 'N - M l 1 A is N . N... Q . ali l t - cn ,, kk 2 All Ileft to rightl Row l: Kay Thom, usse'lT'T-hvcgw-as, . Ty 2 T7 Dave Thompson, Rosalind Tobes, Na ine ug , ,Q M.,-L ,L -, Q b , .5 x Duc Tromanhauser, Marilyn Troup. Row 2: Judy J - ,lr ll, Y X "5 fa-Ja : sf ,qi X Tuel, Terry Van De Graft, Jerry Vandenburgh, Dan Ver- ASQ. A x ' X , sl stuyft, Julane Villeneuve, Frances Wagoner, Bernice ,gg 5 Walker, Row 3: Theresa Wallace, Sharon Ward, Mike . U r X . Warmack, Tamara Warvarovsky, Joan Watson, Charles g 7- sv A A Q 2 C X 5 .., . Wharton, Ellen White. Row 4: Guy White, Evelyn it f L Q , g Wielenga, Rc ger Wilander, Danny Wilcox, Steve Willett, ' ow.-:gl " . Brown Williams, Mary Wilmshurst. Row 5: Frances S 5 ' X- N S 55 S t Wilson, Dolores Wiltse, Senya Wood, Harry Wootan, S , A 4 Q C x ::.- s . Clare Yerger, Linda Young, Mel Young, ' ' Q T X N ' ' x1"" hu ei ,.h. , ' l Sq l' gh Qn Q fx. ai i . J: 5 x 5 L ' Q vi? .AHA .nun , 'K 5 Q x 1 Q Q wb .255 4 is - E4 L if 55,52 553.211 gl f E 4 w QQ , ggi, f AQ , 1' - K n we w 2 'F 'Q f I Yi ' " 45. ' Si wsu . X M -5 if 5 'W Wwxff . ' wiv , ll - ,..., , Q.. MS H2215 K - R . "G-v M Q 1 W ,. lag A, .321 xXQEix4fT xw 4,4 - - 34 m m , R K3 5 flax S 1 lv- , t T535' Wi: div gf A El Y-Sgt , J 1 ' x it 0 X ' A c Q " X xv X 53 1 i ,, 5' 5 f ,f f ::w+ X J Q Q . - t . 'K 1 Y - N X S f QSXQ M' -1-vSS'N"f ms 'A V 'Qs f x if xx -TSW' K H' QQ xi vu . ,Q 'IQ N ,L f gg X if ' y. - , 1- -as , + ' si. S f X4 ' Q xl . ixibxtxf? P Q ,W x-I Q53 K sf' X sr X41 1 Y 4 Rum WX' ff 'Y N F swghif J E QQ' + X33 ff vt kftiigw ,gs SNXQXH fi X 35 5 if "' Sk is X15 I ' 4 A . , K SY J Q A ' I K 9 gif fs Three To Get Ready Plrfpaifxpf JN i ll?-Pa X llvv r V . JJ QQ-FX A10 CLASS oFFlcERs rieff to fsgmi Row 1: Mr. saffon iqdvi, .ludy T5 C' Tjf QV Sparks, Lynn Barker. Row 2: Bob Thomson, Janet Greenwaldt, Judy Miller, www TJ Gary Wendt, IM QVGA! t kf K, ,l . ' V l J wp' , ml via , F of gj b + ixisisfy T W . SL? B c ec 1 'V 'X--J rt D T - .3-J T . X vf ga XX V QI 9 ' l A Mick if . Q xy Q -- H yaygf QS . E 1 L N T lf- . L g Jrgff X A l V wx 1' Foofboilggmes . . . The backwards dance . . . Basket- fl-B 35 OJ' ll X ball parties . . . 'lLove Me Tender" . . . Stepping stones ,XS A it .TN l W in the lite ot the sophomore . . . More parties . . . Sham- XI I rock Roller Rink . . . School spirit . . . George Liberace's l violin stolen! . . . Class elections and meetings . . . All KA A a part ot his everyday lite at A.H.S .... Lite was never 1 dull except for the usual routine ot classes, homework, ,NX yd' and an occasional lecture from the parents. .f Time went fast . . . Food sales . . . dates, diets, and K " " J dances . . . But to some, time was slow . . . Waiting for l .A y , .- grades . . . Easter Vacation was near . . . A feeling of f K ' V expectation overtook them . . . Soon senior rings would l QQW v be chosen . . . Won and lost . . . Teachers would be new My ,fl and they would be upper classmen. fxi 1 These sophomores will soon be the leaders ot A.H.S. lf I y ' . . . Planning a Senior Prom . . . holding their own par- , ' , ties. . . Finally they will be running the Commission and if l activities ot our school. a ,l 0 T l fs f ix yy 87 x " I , we I . , I sy r ,gi ,I t +5 H' ... I , 3,-. -, .xx I I . I . I I I ,c I I II .II t I 1. QI, I . ,I IAF I J I , I 5 S E s '3 1. JJ-J- -fr x J-,. ' -r Jw f J L ' ' ' A , . .. - or J Q -C 2,5 :st IJI I I X ,YI , II I III I I - - I, I IIII I I X ia, ra J "": X, S l lt I J' , ' X111 a.--43 v tx r .,... L,L,, -M J- 'r l " k""Wx X- L+-"""' mf' ' a as x KJ: if x.X. t. -' , ' s KJ , . I 'L' A J- E H , ff. J , , . . we ,I . I, .I :tj 'Tj l L , ' "'. I FFS- ,g.I :Z I 9 J I t I 5 I . I, III .C I I Wezx I , - III II I I . Q . III ., A 'H .. . 'E A A . 'N-J II 'LII I I II A . I I II I II 'I IQII Ir :IA l I I E Jeff J ' 'f J C it C C J fl -Q A J QR I l A A10 lleft to right! Row I: Eileen Abel, Kathleen Abel, Archie Achroyd, Marilyn Adams, Michael Adams, Priscella Agajanian, Pat Allen, Bob Allen, Charlotte Anderson, Joanne Anderson, Leon Anderson, Barbara Angelo. Row 2: John Anter, Earl Armbrust, Judy Arnold, Stephen Austin, Sandy Balogh, Kenneth Bane, Darlene Barber, Lynn Barker, Harold Barnett, Sylvia Barrett, Donald Bartelson, John Basmajian, Row 3:,NDigk Bass, Jeanette Bassett Vicki Beck, Charlotte Berthel, Steve Bisheff, Rochelle Biornsen, Doreen Borrelli, John Branch, Albert Brewster Ron Bri 'e Ann 1 L, ,N 55 Bringhurst, Richard Bcio I , If: , fs .. ff ,i.-aged fd' Q. fjtm-J' L A , ' I fl 14 , fl, Ach- ,lv-1: LJ .Xf'7" C1 'Ai' jiw I J I , L- U -1, ' 'I I MI VA. It . ,Q V I ld' 1IlI,ILI,1,fZ J?Af,, 1 gt lf'..7Y JC 'LIXY ,U J' ik uv , Wx.. ,. .. , , ., ,, , V , ,,,.., ,- IIJII ,I . q,,fI ,gIcK,.ft. ' PI Q VJ, MWA - l JM., V... ,Ii III,- IJ, Lyn- L V I ,f A J . , II I 4 ., J wmv se EZ f Q- 'C """41 'ff' 'QL ""'l 5 J J i " 110 llcft to rightl Row I: Larry Buick, Don Burden, W- ,If II I Mary Burtle, Rosalind Bykofsky, Carol Cabot, Irene Cabral, 'Xa ,. I , A sq g l ' ' 1 Mike Calagna. Row 2: Ronald Cameron, Paul Campbell, I , A A , - - N Carol Cannomliecqfu Cantrill, Andrew Capestro, Margery ' ' . ' Q I Carlson, Judy Carr. how 3: Gary Carriger, Linda Care , - I, I , ,iI ringer, Anna Carroll, Jacqueline Carson, Al Cartwright, rug- 4 ff- ' WTB , 'f- Carol Cavalla, Jack Chalais. Row 4: Ardelle Chalk, Karen t W J , J I ' -aff A M Chandler, Arthur Charles, Gerald Chase, Susan Cherniak, ,gf -E? - ' 1, ' Joe Chiovare, David Clemens, Row 5: Cathleen Coates, f ':i"' - I , W4 E IM. Ronnie Coberly, Dora Coffman, Randy Coleman, Laurie , fl 'f J, Q l "" J VI , I Collins, Janice Comstock, Katy Conroy. Row 6: Frances 'J 1 -M I , ..., ' Y' Cosand, Dona Cosbey, Sharon Cramer, Alan Crawford, ,I ' Dale Crawford, Kathleen Crawford, Carole Creason. Row , I . , 7: Ellen Croff, Dale Crytzer, Dennis Cue, Dennis Daniels, ' " 5 l V- IJ ' ,T I Richard Davidson, Judi Davis, Bill Davis. Row 8: Esther X Jap -In III. I " . ' ' , IJ, I,,.. .- Dawson, Naelene Denney, Mike De Neall, Patricia Deste- 1 , A' ' ' A I . sg T L... 5 J ,III W fann, Bob Dillon, Merlen Doebler, Maureen Dolfen. ' ' - I " 'I my -if J rJ J ,.,,,,x, I ,. 5 J '. 3 t, , IWM,,,.Mf-J-rc D ,wh J A ' M , X 12 y v Q? I III J? Iv I , 0 ' l :fu 5 Q vu I V' 'ul M VJ A , I I ffm JQ, 1 Q 2 f' Iiw Il Eg I get-2-A I, ' 5 f u X ,. . ,- WX, I W , -J .. ,, as f , ' MJ 6 I ' ,I 'Q 7.4 ' HPI 'E , I. i ': , A., l ' 4-yt I J I l 15? J 43 , 45" ff 16 9' 555 M f ' J- Y A , J 55:27 F t - X A Wav J .. W ff? L- -J x ' J 1---- I , , ' -. J J, ' J J .,,,.,,, ' - or .. g J -. C J ' Q C L J - . Q J - X - J .t 7 J J tt A J .. JJ Q 4 to A " Q .. H X., A , X , ' ' 'X I ' l WW? fE'TflQXxa"v-s,v+.j 5 I J 1: -ta I In IIA I I I I IIIIII I III ,I IJ A-X. III I., , J -vi, K. f ft . ,I I? ozzszs III I J f I fi I XIII: s III .Q S 2 me :IsII, I , Q' X " V' ,V , l 1 fly l fff? MW 4 V 'I ,. i L ,. if , 'J i ,fr M , S Q ,ft f JWQ We E , J , uv 1' f, A 0 Z ' Qt 4 ' i l "Yu -' , V Q, fl J dnl I w X ' ' 'M I I ' " . ,1 A fn ff J' ff' i t ,, J J i , , J R , i ff, A ',f 7,L,'J V i I , V KVAA V X V ,V:. g V I ,, V A V fi I I K A 1 . , l" If , K 416 4 4 -. - . i -Y , V if ' :.'.::1- F fb W f L H , , ,W I . -1 i , ,. ., X Ji ' M' ' ' , -2-AV ' w 0 f s pl ,if 45 iii , 1 . , ff- 1, 7 X X7 .MJ ff! ' , ,, ,L J' ,, ' li' ii ' f- V ,W , 1? ff if J ,U ' fy , fl by , 0 f QU " I 5 ,A -, 'LW' f ' if J ' -'T' f f 'Z Q V V 1 A J ., J Q12 Lfff wfllf ' ' .,,. F i 4 1 V H , .V Q or ' 1' by L ,AI , V I ., , my 4 : A l--- -is , M i . E123 g if ,, I 5 I f W vl, - , , . I In 3 wg tix i VA .K ' ' 4 .Vvlf 4 VVV V I I A H V F ' . I i i' J, A10 lleft to rightl Row I: Margaret Doll, Patricia Donato, Virginia Dorsey, Linda Downs, Robert Doyle, Richard Duncan, Ron Duncan, Row 2: Sharon Dunn, Mary Edgerton, Jane Edgintan, Nancy Edwards, Cora Eg- gleston, Susan Eisfeller, David Emerson. Row 3: Joan Enna, Sandy Erickson, Pat Erive, Tony Farinella, Ellen Farmer, Janice Ferrini, Joan Ferrini. Row 4: Donna Finochio, Mary Fisher, Sharon Fisher, Charles Fitzpatrick, Nancy Flint, Dan Flores, Jack Forgues. Row 5: Georgie Fox, Joanne Franco, Pfaul Frank, George Fraser, Theodore Frederick, Gary FreshLofGail Friedman. Q 4 'WJ A l 1' 1 ff ! gg 38553 la 4 iv, E 71 fa " J ".. f fy 'Q ,W ,gn , C , Fit ,egg Z fi Md , Mi' P? fx' n A of -:gif if FJJJ, , r ,, l ff fit? S537 ll F Tl - lyyxeqf be r F 'M' CPF - 1 CNA at g ,V A10 lleft to rightl Row I: Richard Gastineau, JoAnne -"- "' ' A X' Gattoni, Charlene Gentry, Charlotte Gentry, Greg Gib- I , W " ,V ' bons, Gary Gibson, Marilyn Gibson, Row 2: Frank Gioia, V Gloria Giovannoli, Rosie Girardi, Bob Glendinning, Mary , as - Ellen Goldsberry, Mary Gothberg, Danny Greenwald. E' V ' Row 3: Janet Greenwaldt, Victor Gregorie, Sharon Griess, 5 , Linda Grirnmell, Judy Griner, Warren Grinnell, Ernie ' Gust. Ot J it i V , e . 1 i gl ' , f, Ag, L ,gy f"f"'j ,J A ,-1 Z3 fy. g 1 J I J L, , . 4 'gl .c l U A t D! , vi . i D I 1 W' NJ U V ,,,, M ff ,L I . L, Lu- I , I W ' ff -J i , QM, FQ' ' M l JU , , , A-"3f'f: " f J V ,Ll J , , , ,, A ,, 1,-fy, 4' V, ll . i 'lf V C J ffwwwf i , V25 'V J :ef 'U F-if ' e -L-1' V' X me 1105 ,- , Q fy, 1 - A l, - ' f- f A f M, SQ, tv gg , - - Gs., J, .. AIO lleft to rightl Row I: rt Hachigian Launa Holde- M man, Andrea Hallin, Bob n in, ary Harshman Karen Hawlish Ralph Hesse Bill Higham Jac: Hillmann Jeanette Hogdahl, Mindy Holcomb. Row 3: Sall 9921-lg,,,P,0-tVHolleran, Allen Holliday, Marla'-Holstead Jo n Hoos, Virginia Horner, Norman Howard, William Hasler, Leslie Hasty, Row 2: Brian Hauger, .1.l:lQbf 1 1, I .A .. A lil I I 'J ' m.. ..... J 89 -L ' J ' Q l I J S Q J lux I 5 A L f wx '-rg, '. ' 5 ? ' Y iv 9 Q L I - 'Z """ f . G 3' A. 4 l L A' 1 -N ll ' 1 ,L fl M '-" if L ' in A L .. ,L A "' ,N Wm ' . Mg, --I H 'n y. N J K iv ' W ' L - , ' - A , flfiiit Q-:ff -fs f J f -if -aff .s nf 5' L Ai. s ' L ' J I f 'H if mt- . X. ' 4 Q . i '- - 4 W i. X , L fx A J f f' L J ' i Ly V QJ Q Y., K r , Sa, L ,ffl if ,, i L, wt L ,..,:, .LL Ag s .L by ig. I X "' L ' J X Q 1 s L M, L. xhvxxt x 0 5 ...,. L. L- - Q . IL fvox '91 'fr 92 to Lu .5 it .Q s L t 3 X 9 J H515 ' 'G . 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Row 3: Walter Jordan, , .7 3 , ' L - I P Lorraine Joss, Roger Kalthoff, Karen Keith, Linda Kemp, -W A N aww P5 g - f - ' L ,- ' N Bonnie Kendall, Jim KerbyL Row 4: Janet 7' I ' 4,22 V' ' 5 ' Kindstrom, Jim Kitchens, Diane Klubmikin, Carol Knight, ' . 'V ' ' ' ..,. L , A. 'L 4 5523 'fj ' ,.,f Norman Knoll, Charles KoDDanY. Row 5: Paul Kushnerov ' I I I -...... ' in J Cynthia Lambrecht, Helen Landor, Linda Lang, Joseph l' , - We -- Lanza, Gary LaRonge, Bill Larsen, Row 6: Richard ,L a ,W -X T y .M , Launchbaugli, Carolyn Lazicki, Doug LeRoy, Leah Levy, W N x Barbara Lewis, Karen Lewis, Kay Lewis, Row 7: Carolyn "4 - Liddell, Joyce Lietz, Sandra Longyear, Nancy Lopez, Vir- . ' -5, ginia Losee, Beverly Lotspeich, Sandra Loy. Row 8: Donna " .3 AA..A." l Lx w L P ij 3 V 7 Lunetta, Gloria Lynch, Bonnie McCarthy, Jim McClure, " '- V ' l Q . . B ' P Sharon McComber, Ray McCune, Pauline McGarry. L K Avlq 1 :,: K X -' HVAH 7 L -,., L LL. L "'i' . L 35' lt i L A ,lx " X V 4 Li k E X .4 L it X . 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Row I: Gay McGee, Marya McKee, Bill McKeown, Michael McManus, Kenton Machina, Tom Mack, John Magoon, Ernie 90 donado, Charles Malmgreen, Barbara Malsberg, Jerry Mann, Jean MarsonL Row 2: Barbara Martin, Anne Mason, Kenneth Mason, Sharon Mc Russ Mayall, Charlotte Meyers, Melvyn Michaelian, Tom Micheil, Larry Miller Judy Miller Randy Miller Ron Moeller Row 3' Dou las Monsc , , , - - Q Morris, Cindy Mueller, Ronnie Mullins, Russ Murphy, Sandra Nassief, Jack Nebo, John Nelson, Nancy Nero, Bob Newman, Dianne Nichols, Nichols. U, WS e, S , VAVA ,S , S , J , - "': T N S 4 r' -4' i. 2, , V , J: -31 i W ' S S- - S ' nd 'VHF 1 -, 'Q , - V A N 8 A .. :f Q :fr . J ' S 1 . ,YY ,Q 6 A V - 3 Aaif -'gf S , VV R S Q, ls , .1 1 :,- . A '-'Q -. ei , ev U. 7 4 ed, 5 1 7 ff N Q S , ' 1 'P 1-' Y 1. . Q 1 5 133 , f I g fav r f ' A 2-:-.. 1 3' ,Wim .X 5 Q1 ' 1 M -f" if Q zdfszz-fa' 11 ' I .. .' ,2 4,7 f 'Z ' J A ,S , A Z i "' A 5 fa it J R ' J S. Q - , Q ' , Q 4 Jf S,fffQ IU ' K ' S W' is , fe: . - ' XOKZJP R US fi 'S X . V 4,1 ., 1 1. M .V 4 vi, I l , f 1 JJ f 'TJ ' ' ' S f' .. , 'fl . 3 .45 4'C'7'7lL ' .V 'fwj tw n -J .N , if S W: i f A V f - J if A fi i 1:3 'gf - as ii 3 x S we ww: C f f fi V i' 21 1 ,, r 'en 1 .. fS,,,,f,,mg ,ffiffyh , ,uf ff , -gl, if 1 ,e. 10,71-fi' of -s, fi? 4 t is .S S, W 1 , J , . X - K A: , ,: a , V A, "" at "'f"'07l . 5 Ulm, S K1-JC fwl' new fM- .H it ,Q f, ff X jf . 4 I 4 M e ' ' 123761, ff t 'J V J-gs, " SY Y I Y- 1 X I ,.,. V S 4 nf if - Q 91 ijt' N A ,Vg it 55" :f55'5l5N'w W " Lf i . , , X 'M X 4' ' V3 L' A -fd ' -1:7 ,leg S ' ' l X, S 33 ' W, f - R. 1' , fn.: X f i S v ,S x I AIO lleft to rightl Row I: ' , 95 Norton, Walt Notheis Louie Nuesca, lloismtstuffer, Marilyn ran , aro d Ogaard. Row 2: Arthur O'Rourke, Peggy Orr, Bill Owens, William Owens, Bob Packer, Georgia Paladino, Susan Pecarovich, Row 3: Karen Peters, Marie Petersen, Judy Phillips, Sherry Pierce, Wayne Pierce, Ross Pisano, Bob Polito. Row 4: Jack Pomeroy, Patricia Ponce, Marcia Pottle, Sharon Price, Mary Quarrier, Caroll Raf- ferty, Miles Ramsay. Row 5: Roger Rathbone, Linda Reid, ,4 5 Patricia Reilly, Fred Reiser, Donna Rennahan, Douglas X K Rightmer, Rosemary Riley, Row 6: Mary Rivas, Michelina f - ., G, '32 f E- - P1 if '1' "" Rizzi, Irrna Rocha, Ralph Ronga, Bill Rosen, Anna May I wt Q., , LQ - Q, ' Rouss, Richard Rundell, Row 7: JoAnn Ryder, Doug Rys, 'QF-47 "ffl ' f ' Evelyn Saltzman, Susan Sanders, Theresa Sangeorge, Sue ' h x 1 Sargentich, Doug Saunders. Row 8: Yvonne Sualzi, Q ' 3' it , lb," Q, Irene Scarlet, Don Schaffer, Jackie Schultz, Alfred '4'Ta' AF in, w I 4 Schwarting, Ed Sebastian, Robert Sellinger. S 4 S , . S - E fs S WF Q. S ,S , J Q S ,,:, Q Q' 9:.....i.Tlf:.i Y i- W VN - S 4 J Q Rumen.- i i ' iff S A .,,. .ff xg -- ,A , ' " S . A Li K 7 ' S , w - .QT S, b ' 'W iihmkfkzdg 6 wg . '- gf S fsg V4 X 9, Q0 1, a S S y J J S all Q S : A it X " " Q X. i' S R is A AIO lleft to rightl Row I: Roger Sharpe, Carrol Shelton, Carol Sherman, James Scholleberger, Gretchen Siebert, Mike Singer, Ronald Sinicrope, Audrey Smith, Bruce Smith, Greg Smith, Kathy Smith, Mggimjtllgkow 2: Barbara Snedecor, Sammy Soldano, Pat Spafford, Judy Sparks, John Spence, Roger Spencer, Yvonne Stands, Ronald Staingrebe, Verna Stevens, Janet Story, Arlene Strand, Sylvia Sullivan. Row 3: Ted Sunday, Bill Swab, Pete Tarquinio, Ned Taylor, William Tennis, Patricia Thetford, Janis Thiel, Cherille Thompson, David Thompson, Robert Thomson, Paul Tremayne, Sheila Tyler. "". -- Q 33 - Q' N3 j jg ' M5 M -, rj I , x, ' Q tt - T: ti x ,X -.N X y 'N ' ,X . Q , , .. f 4. , . At, , . - is in , -Q ,I t , ' s v K , ' ' Q -as , is QNX X fx lm? fa. like " "fi" " ' ,fu ,. , 2 , 5, "ii ,qs K g X t 'VX E '. Qu, , .N 7? 3 - V 'Fi 5 i JI I .. t B . ' ' ':" ' ' .Q B ,, -. ' ' W N A X a n , .K .ae :Q Q K I X 13,1 Z . x awww , rj-il .. x A B N. B' Q X ' " V, ' " ' l iwa"'Qs. i A -B - bq ' is B B G 'li X its sf ' fix., ' sf . N Q 1 ,t ' . 3 .. ' -.Q e . B B is J X ' - ks 1 , .. G .,,., . , g tt, .i X . x . ..,,x ,,I-: K ,N . X X . K Y , .i . I hx A10 ll tt t ri htl Row I: Don Underhill, Joan Van de Water, Caryl Van Hoosen, Bessie Vassar, Jerry Vercruse, Barbara Voight, Ron Wagner, Jack e o g Waldman, Karl Walker, Alan Wallis, Dick Weddle, Freddie Weiss, Row 2: Carl Wellenstein, Gary Wendt, Nancy West, Barbara Wettan, Dottie ' "" ' ' ' ' ' . R 3: L' d W'll' ms, Marie Wheeler, Dennis White, Joann White, Lloyd White, Floyd Widener, Bob Wilcox, Pattie Willham, Georgia Williams ow in a I ia Williams, Marilyn Williams, Jean Wilson, Jay intiel A Betty Worden, Dorothy Wright, Annette Xedes, Dennis Ybarra, Carol Young, Rex Young, Karen Zirbel. I if xl, AV" A,4,"' f tff . L r,,, 71, fLi.'JJ!1 W, Jiri! x,,,f,tjVl.L!VL,xlL ,. ff , ,'ri il fad , ia lm W t r r i fr if i if if M W if i willwlw ll f GL MV wl ll xlllv l w 4 'U pg L f kivr 2 ' HJL' 1 fl 1' Jfm ff : i ,ur-I 2 ls ,XD , i yrfi fgrttfka if ,Kiwi fl f fl- fly! if it ,M l X 5 WM .X if 11 J!! My , 4 r VL tv A ,,,. '25 7 A y I I if J 'A ,L fb' XI 'yup wif' J IM, "f NJ , su Q i ii ji iff ffl M I 1 L ll to ' l , il A VV mr 'W iff J V M ,- VG C A 0 P -I C ld- l .., ,'2Q 1 ' ""' 'B D it 1 L - B f ?,9s.,h2x As usual, the Frosh add the necessary zip to make proiects successful, Pictured are Linda Brewer lseatedl, George Fen- ton, and Barbara Bridges, fill- ing their class box for Christ- mas giving. 92 6 E in QV 1 ff' 497 gaarfwcpf J f'f'f'I'PPQIC-Illlf:I3I:IlZ1Z'I'I'I-C'f'I'I-I-I-f-I-I-I . .,A.. .1:52552555355'f.f f1,,7gQEfEQ5QE2E D Qiifyy ETWFQWJ RMK ff NZM Go, lVlan, Colm!!! We came . . . we savv . . . we shall con- quer. We are The mighTy graduaTing class of 1960, and, of course, we are going To be The besT class ever. We are small in age buT large in number. Our TirsT day aT Alhambra was a Terri- fying day. Tall buildings . . . All Those people rushing around . . . endless hall- ways . . . BuT afTer The Tirsf week we were able To find our classes wiThouT Too much diTTiculTy. We've had many hopes and aims This year . . . To be The TirsT graduaTing class of a new high school . . . To be iusT like The sTar halfback . . . To marry Elvis . . .To acT like The seniors . . . Our hopes are endless. As our ninTh grade year comes To a close, we are all looking ahead To our TenTh grade year . . . We will no longer be scrubs! A9 CLASS OFFICERS 'left To right! Row I: Sue Peters, Joa Simpkins, Marsha Smith. Row 2: Mr. Kreinbring lodv.l, Davi Blochor, Sally Whitley, Joonie Lacey. 93 to si c I V Q ' - . ..-:- V If 1? W- ' J , i.'Q J Q, . ..,. ..: .,V.,-' Q A Fil , rf: fe J r ii .5 e - , ' ' .J 4, H , J. . i i N 52651: . gif 6 VV VVV V NV ri, 1 , f V 5 ' V iz - mi E A f .filllik ' A ' ' M it ff M, ., 'ff' Q 1 2.i'wi,,i,i,, - . K L V - 1 V A' ' .. ", 3: . - V .. V J , . VV A, V gifziggegh f i A W- ff " .. f ' ' l ii' 'Q I ,, we .. -nf' V ,fit ,, . .M ll 'i. , , , :3:Q??:Q: , , V V ' 'f , it Q f . ---'.- - i : -i Vlli V::V . VV .V V' . f V V LVVVV fi... 'hs J i ' f . ii ' il" inn. bi-i A " ' .++.VVV V-1 ,Hifi Q.. V V V V VV , - ,V VV VV V 3 QV VV .VVV-,Vw V V V E. rr E s ' F ':::" 5' ly ' A 35 V. 'L ' if A9 lleft to rightl Row I: Steve Abajian, Nancy Abbate, 1 Y ,A ,V ' William Abbate, Carole Abrams, Ken Ackerman, Ray "5 " VV . 't Allen, Virginia Alletto. Row 2: Robert Altobello, Richard ' ' ' , Alverez, Robert Anderson, Sharon Anderson, Pat .. . H V fjfi Andrews, Edward Arnold, Rosita Arreola, Row 3: Marie f ,- i - V X- .... . 3 ,V Arthur, Gloria Ashley, Jim Aydelott, Raymond Bailey, Gae N - V A . V V, '-'. 1 r- , Bainter, Barbara Baisley, George Balaris, Row 4: Gary . ' ' .2 'f' 'II' ,ji V Baldwin, Michael Barber, Dick Barlow, Karolyn Bartlett, . ' V ,Ts V. jf V , "l , f 1 V " V - Florence Barton, Ronn'e Bateman, Terr Beaumont. Ki J ' A ' ii R r f F it I Y K 2 A ,Rf W .. 1 X x IC i t t fx l ui X -- fx x W X V: , XV V N, VD I ,PQ-'L' fQ VVJXXJ V aj l V , i 21? V 'i 3 f' . 'M -1' f ' Q NF it time QW ri . it lit , p :ri -ie J A eff -W A ,Aj V l ,1 i V 1 , V V 'V XVV fl X ' , N X ,Xiu 3 ' V F . K g Hg Mm .. ,i?5ij1f'1i, , - QXl.i3ii:. GL' V if XL lu in J i J -J fi to 4 J if Q i , . V ' K 1 iV VX LJ VVVVV + r V , f.,e-,e A -i I - Q M My ii il bf fl X! lc' U ,V " V. J 'F' . J yu f 1 4, V ,S .5 -. ,,,, V 'V VV V V I J V 1 Y f' V F V Lf QV -. V VV -V "" VV " Q ,--l . ' ' , . l'.-, - ii: " V V 4,55-3, be Nt el i iii, f rw . Q 'vi kj ' V Vj 5 ,VV V X V . . . 1 X Nl A Qld , F "' F ,,,,. t u 1 f ki- tai , ii ,. . syr, .. i r s ty NV ' YQ, LL, ff Q .5 V. ' . 'VV V V V 3 l A it be . . A X! f my I 4 V. ln. Al lll. J I W ' 8 . I '.-- . ' il L' ., V 9 1 V, VV VV ltlv V V V V , VV vw f V A9 ileft to rightl Row I: Benita Becker, Franz Bellavia, A i f "" ' ' -' " . X VV Howard Benioff, Carole Benson, Susan Benzer Bob Bishop, wg -in .A X If V . V Bill Bishop. Row 2: Drew Anne Bishop, David Blacher, "-' C, Dennis Baden, Douglas Bagdanovich, Sandra Booth, Lynn ,f Bosworth, Nancy Bowen. Row 3: Florence Braccio, Linda 1 I Brewer, Barbara Bridges, Sandra Brissey, Sally Brooks, , - V 5 ' Albert Brown, James Brown, Row 4: Mike Brown, Steve ' V 4 ,, 'f,.- W . V- , , , .F ' Brown, Elizabeth Budimer, Donna Butkin, Patricia 221 ' F f ' -u ' 'V ' , Bunone, Ray Burch, Rayma Burch. 'TT' ' "' -' '- , -. V1 -. V ' it .,,',. V V J. ' 1 f VV, . 5 V " Q wi- .fi X 4 X iY5"E:ff .AV ' N VV K V , V V Vg. . V V Hr' V my iV V V u, KVVV V. -f .s 2 . . s., ' ' I Q 1 -5 C 1 A S if A VV 'S' V -. ,Vg VV 5 VV ,. tV..,V-.VVVVV V VV VV R 7 V VVV , V V .. ,LNVVVV if V S S . .V VV 1 ,V V ., V V QV ,V f AFV V V x XV ' .. 'ik mfg 5 V V A' 5,331 x V3 Q 4 . V .. V V ' Vim V V , V E , V V VVVVV. VV V ' VV W V , Sh V -V g V. V K V V,VV V VX V - V .V - FT: il 4 i K E ,'..,' I ll ' - ' X is il ii V VV 1: V V fii .V , VV V , V V . VV Q . . V is f stifffmt f . n f'N.f-si , A "'- -fl gi fvfx t- V li V 1 . B F i .. F rg V .V-N V . 'V VV i ,.VV .V V V V i, V, .V i.: Vin .VV t t V A -ff ff' F , of - fs-1 , 3 s i,, V R nrie J i A ...fs e is .er A Q i . . . t--.. . -i - V V V V V Q V C - V VV VVVXVVV V V S A . ...., . .. . VVVV V V VV B V V .VVVVM VV X, V V.. V . NV e .X .VVV A9 ileft to righti Row 1: Virginia Burks, Jim Burtle, Roger Burton, Jim Butkus, Carol Caccamo, Frank Calma, Jean Campbell, Carolyn Canr Canzoneri, Dave Caplan, Anthony Caputo, John Carroll. Row 2: Kenneth Carver, Michael Cassidy, Elizabeth Castro, Jeanie Ceccarelli, Elvia Celayc 94 Cheever, Richard Civello, Diane Clark, Bob Clarke, Dorothy Claus, Karen Clay, Senia Clemens. Row 3: Angie Clinton, Jimmy Cochran, Janii Larrv Coleaate, Mariorie Collier, Robert Conlee, John Conroy, Marie Conzonire, Corky Conzonire, William Cook, Anita Corbin, Bob Corey. wa Z -A ' i ir: .. ..- . ., . V , -. --F 4 . TQ JL yy .yy T55 , ,::, 4 . i 0 Fx AAF x' it -Q at J. . -3 ,- f '- V W, ' " " if Rf , ., . - 1 - '-' , -v ' '7 U lv-grit M 'T ' , A Q , , . . L A 'x l, X G "" AM- 'L , 'F " A fl , 1 K' ' -v J -. 1 ,Q : f J YS A-j A ' V - A W fl ,ami fx Qi. I 'T ., J' , 45' J 9' :K v J' 'H 1. - te rf my .1 E X. I R, V' In " ,y 4 "VN, " X " '- ', .,Q ' ' F y , J' ,,. fr -2' e' M 'MV-r l 'v uf, 'ff ' riff . , K .. tr H . em - F A . A bg . ta 4, ,I ,rf "pw '-- V v -f I uv M- 'W' z x I V - r 7 L . I fgf . .MMI Aywe-nv ,Q K My 7 A9 llett to right! Row I: Mickey Costello, Albert X Casand, Pete Castantina, Linda Craig, Tarn Crux, Gordon Q 1' Q Culp, Linda Curinga. Row 2: Thomas Dabov, David A W' Daugherty, Joan Davidson, Kenneth Davis, Paul Davis, J A , f A I A Linda Sue Dean, Becky Dean. Row 3: Mario Deangelus, -61 r 'Y ' J' wt' " V "' if " Marylau Dell, Sandie DeMaria, Diane Decker, Stephen .4 4 .': vb 4 ' .2'4f,7 jf, -5, De Leau, Dennis Jack, Jim Dickson. Row 4: Allen 'ff' ,X A V W! I M FWF" Doherty, Ann Dombrawski, Mike Donaldson, Nancy , . Ii ,M X X, gl A ' Donato, Gary Darward, Natalie Dakich, Barbara Dalino. 'kj' , 21' ik Row 5: Ray Duraza, Gary Dwarkin, Diana Edwards, l 'l ' lim 1 fax A X L' F1 Linda Edwardes, Diane Emans, David Emmott, Jim Evans, JM Row 6: Richard Faulmann, Pete Felde, Tom Fenton, ' J Frank Figueroa, Robert Finch, Carolyn Finn, Frank rg N iq, , W .,,,: ,F 4, 4..- Fisher. Row 7: Joan Fitzgerald, Rodney Fiellman, Dan V ' v VV V My . 'F 3 'Je Ford, Jean Anne Faster, Kay Frandsen, Dennis Frandsen, -ur "f -r 1 'of' -15 V " ..,,, Carol Freed. Row 8: Patricia Frydendall, Robert Gatkow- 4 fi --- A I A Q 1 ski, Don Georgina, Carol Gerber, Karyn Gervasi, Douglas r N W' "',, . ,L , ,M Gibson, Tina Gilbert. W., v ' e gf ' - 1 tc A . . l. Q 'x J q A M , Q ,Q F X ,Q 'Q . iiik - l 'P W " si ' N w . if Q . ff:-3 -f .sq - -X W if A .. x I' , ai' K K. F ,L K. F N' A , if F K iv. E with X iv . ' .. 4 A -. .. J . K K sl' - , hx all s ..- A f . .A.. ,,-, . .. f - ' -Q . X A . X F-6 'ft-in F 'SFA 1 t' , K ' K K .xg g . if F V , sg 1 ,J vi , , gl K . :Y x Q ,,.i,3. ,YN . N ,, ' B r 1 x ' Q F "- - E'5:-Nix-r:t..Qxta,-.s. Q ' fl' 14 1 ,, t to rightl Row 1: Merretta Gilson, John Gilweit, Marthel Giavanazzi, Art Goodman, Mary Gordana, Wilma Gawin, Charlotte Grande, Judy Judy Greenwald, Patricia Grimes, Ron Guadagnela, Kenneth Gudger, Row 2: Nell Hadsell, Bonnie Hagerman, Donna Hall, Jim Halloran, umler, Linda Haney, Joanne Harman, Richard Hattermann, Bill Hauser, Lynda Hawkins, Karen l-lawlish, Kathleen Hayden. Row 3: Carroll 95 D ii i.1..J..-i I... uszdn- i..i.- i.1-i,1-.,L. LV... l.lAll,.- AA,..., l.1,.,...-l..:ll D,-.+,.fz,. L-Jnf,.,.-+fm LIf...,,.., LJ,.+I,-AA Inf... t-l.fl, Cmnt., I-I.,-Lmm . .. ,liz I .. . M ,. f 4 of - ' 4 f, Q A -.,.. ,- i 5 7 --M ' '0 X- , H QQ if gi . f' 'Y' Q .X W' , i qi, Q1 ' an' 1 U 'X U df 1 cgi -' K X QQ X .... XXX X ..- r Q ...y ,A A , . "'A C'-JJ . if . fi if it X J. A 6 J A V J ' ,ig ,. - R ,ak 1 ' i .I T," N -3 X Q gay . QQ, QQ ' A 1 'f in , 'K ' .fa V A9 llett to right! Row I: Fay Horn, Bill Horsley, K4 - 5 Xl' 1 it lf' Horton-Billard, Jeanetta Hose, Janice Hughes, Kath Y i, I Hughes, Patricia Hyde. Row 2: Jean Irwin, Gle X 5, . Q Q Jackman, Donna Jackson, Dayle Jacobs, Pam Jans 'I 1' I QQ IQ QQ ' ,TX ,qw Richard Jensen, Linda JiorasX Row 3: Kay John '-F ."'X - 4 Av ,QI George Johnson, Carlene Johnston, Carolyn Jones, I QQ .Q Q , gg lene Jones, Gail Jones, Jerry Jordan. Row 4: Ro 3- '21 I . " Q I, ' , X' Jordan, Judy Jurasek, Jan Justus, Sally Kamer, l Q QQ Q E ' Q I .IQ X ' X, Kaplan, Arthur Kasten, Gary Kasten, .-X WX 2 ,W ,Q Q,QQf?xWQQ3,iQQ, he X LQ , QQ QQ Wg Q Q ..,, X QQ Q Q Qjf, X X i..., - XXX f at H is X it 11.1. -1 XX XX 1 s it. X XX X ' X Q .xiii If X X 'sf 3 Xi Q ' X. NV sX.X sf f A A A i ff' Rigs A is Y s X X ,,.. X Q Q X Q5 if A9 llett to rightl Row I: Karen Kasten, Judy Katz, s QXBQQ S TX? in PX KN ls ' Carol Kehner, Donna Kell, Linda Keller, Kathy Keller, f"'V "'ft"- if ' Q QQ 'Q X ' X Lorraine Kelloway. Row 2: Greg Kelly, Larry Kelly, Diana J N ssrr ' ' Q J ' Kemp, Stephanie Kern, Gene Kimvra, Kathleen Kirkeby QI I , I j XQ " .QQ Joan KlausmanX Row 3: David Knapp, Carol Koedel, I-+I MQ ' X Gerry Kramer, James Kruse, Phyllis Kubus, Marie Lab- fl- 7 A it - - - Q. Q bate, Diane LaBollita. Row 4: Rose Ann LaBouff, Joan ' Q I ' Lacey, Don Laird, Allan Lam, Lucille Landor, Sharon ' .X ' X R ' - X' Lanengo Ralph Langham X I, XX ' - ' X Xr-' A ' X QQ If ' - - X X5-f " X - X X ff .X X .. s-'r ' f lg A -X SX I - I -X 'I - Q-Xf X :I X qt R QQ V Q X QQQQQ NSN: X Q Q XQQQ 1 QQ Q III X I mt X .Q . X QQ . Q ' Q QQ QQ Q Qi QQ s. Q. I --rr QQ Q Q Q . - QQ X A ' X 1 A XX s .Q-..X. A X X X the-4 f A as ' ls t M ' .. t NX ,X.. X X it sg, . gg. X I X . . : .X... X: K-X ig: A ' X ,X I X 5 I Q X - ' X i sisi . Q .... .X it AX 2 X -Q XXXX Q X . I X S X ll t ' 1 1 ' A sk S - 1 ' A ' Q A X .R 'fri . QX VX. RQ Q Qc QL Q I QQ X Q I .QQ I NQI Q Q Q i I Q Q-1 -1 5 X + is, X- A NX K x xx Ns Q X mg A-if i ' ' - X..X s. N -. 3 I R if Xia - ' X 5 ' X A Q X - -5 it Q X X ff SQ X Q QI . X Q X I Q ....X. I Q X XX X - - ah My gff QE A s it XtsXs" s '- Q X, .K X A9 lleft to rightl Row I: David Larsen, Joan Larssor, Joanna Lass, William Lawless, Jim Layton, Leila Lee, Roger Lent, Marie Leonette, Levine, Cheryl Lind, Allan Lis, Mike Little. Row 2: Carole Litwin, Vito Liuzzi, Dorothy Long, James Longthorne, Kenny Looney, Jimmy Loup 96 Lovato, Bill Lucas, Roy Ludt, Geraldine Luhman, Manuel Luna, Lynda Lynch. Row 3: Christie Lynn, Robert McAdams, Valerie McCabe McCallum, Donald McCauley, Jim lVlcClanahan, Annette McCormick, Larry McCoy, Carol McDermott, Jim McDermoh, Shirley McDole, 'M' YJ' ir R s.. lf?-ffl V x if , ' PU Lk H -ISV f Q .am K iurfrn -Fl: "' J , ali " A I itfimumz rf'-,. iq .M ,f b fa I Q iq 7 I X M ' , ba l L 9' -7 vi -11 1-,J .J 1 Q , f 1 T! X' 'mf l l Ki 'laps " In Av 5 0 , , V sf , Q mn tri.:-. ' I xx Q. in I I R 1' h -A I v 9 llc-ft to rightl Row I: Sandra McDowell, David Mc- .A . X hz J ,V ' -. X L V 1cIwen, Michal McKee, Jeannie McMahon, Patrick Mc- - 1 'l if ,s . Q W ' lanus, Sharon McNeil, Joan Macagno. Row 2: Don 5 ' - ' P K- lacDougall, Sheila Maclean, Patricia Maggard, Jack ' , ahan, Gene Malottia, Sharon Manderson, Sandra f 156 andy. Row 3: Elaine Manley, Marshall Manthorne, 3 A , Jbert Manthorne, Julia Manzanores, Lorraine Marchese, Q "ft X V ,1 1 , ' warles Marson, Mary Ellen Martin. Row 4: Patricia ' 5-'QQ J ,Zi ' lartinich, Larry Marvin, Erwin Moser, Brownie Masten, ' f l ' om Math, Karlene Mautz, Carolyn Mays. ,Q I ,, -' 5 L X -4 In hz' X , , ': W -A , Q . Y . H . . , , , ,eg I -ti ,Qi .i:1',f, - V if-3 SAX I 2 5 R J ui' Aj X Q. . J og-iv N vi A my 'I 4' .mt if :N-., ,tm I' myjigg, ,N K pw 3 4' g I W 4,7 t "ZW ,Y I M .J 'yi' J , l 1 2 l , 'M' - if ,X ,WY uf' E 'J L " ,526 . i vp, I , .- I 4 fg , I f ,vu " ,, , wi ji" i vu . kd uf, I, I M4 417 Y-7' i IT? Q ty, li N A9 lleft to right! Row I: Ray Megaw, Jim Menconi, " -3 ' Thomas Merrill, Carl Merz, Jerome Messina, Debbie 1 We W Meyers, Gary Meza. Row 2: James Michaelian, Bill ' -. ' A Micheil, Gail Middleton, Reed Milano, Mary Milano, M ,SA aw A 4. , , ,hx M A , A Michael Milnes, Fred Minsky. Row 3: Harry Misquez, td W " ' , 'r 7 ' Janet Moomjean, Barbara Moore, Ruth Moran, Patricia N-f w.,.,:,," Q: V Q Q2 " Morosin, June Morey, Betty Morris. Row 4: Mary Linda , 'J J Q. V 'f Morrison, Genola Murray, Sandra Nalda, Bob Nelson, c " H V? Wg? Nelly Neugebauer, Richard Neve, Susan Newell. :, A 5, my ,, I , t TVX. ' A td he PM F f' if", ,, ,k 'P ,, , ? ii i - . , 1 ' "' .X ' Q' ,, . I , - W , W 2, , ..., :Er e ' -QAXL Rx' it - X'-PV R: 1 ' fl' P", c l! , ' '- i ' ' 5 IT' S li 3' Al l, X 1 I 55 .5 Nw V M454 gnmdfzlx " X i X i 1 .,, . H it M ist, y s s is KLA fs C N ' J X f -fs .,.. ' 5' R ' N 3, , ,S H, : I , Nl L ,. ., ...,,, Q 4, N , , 5 , 'fr ' 'i - ' :C - i , I Lk it , Q XE , .. .c,. , i i s , 4 1, Q :ik ,A .X . .31 iv, Z D, MW, t i ex x , .- 2 . "Fill " 'r A, ""' ' V' A eft to right! Row I: Carol Newman, Gerry Nibley, Karen Nielsen, Nancy Nieman, Robert Nisbett, Patricia Nuelle, Kenneth Obst, Mike O'Connor, Dlivere, Diane Olson, Nancy Oneyear, Katherine Oreb, Row 2: Vince O'Rourke, George Ouellette, Mike Packer, Bertha Padilla, Gloria Padilla, 97 ge Palermo, Marilyn Parada, Patricia Parker, Helen Parrino, Joe Parrino, Linda Pasquesi, Richard Payne. Row 3: Renny Pendleton, Linda Perez, Judy , Wayrwe Perrin, Sue Peters, Kit Petersen, Judy Peterson, Patricia Phair, Ellis Phillips, Carolyn Pickens, Beverly Pisano, William Plano, fs ll 1, " A -- , Nz ' M' r , ,Q W -'Q Q 0 . 'U Q-J 'A S V4 3 . 4 ' in r - X , if-4 -44 wwf Q4 ' 1 fl! V, ' I 5 VV, -A 3 l ' V I , WV ..-- , sf, ,f 0 1 H 4 J - 'rr--. dw X, it Xx ' H 'M A m e Q 4 pm-'iii V VV V VV V ,.,, I - Q. -I x V " y 4 . ' A er' M '12 . Y Q? i 1. O ' ,B -rum f 'ji 1 VV!-W-:JM ":. "-" A ., J, B1 +L, Jr y , ll E P' I , Sf f V 4' V WVVV i f ,Rx A '?r,i,7hVhV .L , V J J 1 K' ' 'fv ..:3I,,vM .ni 1 ff: : A W V .V V 'Q .fa ..-1,5 , 5 A .pg 54,4 z '," ' I All "" :' 925-N If .1 4 g Q A9 llett to rightl Row l: Sheila Porter, Terry Preston, Alice Proctor, Rowena Purcha, Bob Quaternik, Tom ,,, Raftety, Pat Ragsdale. Row 2: Louis Ramon, Richard ' 'W ' Rathbun, Lisette Ravany, Robert Reeves, Sharon Renfro, M Q 'V , M V 'T 5 ,F Stephen Renfro, Vera Renner. Row 3: Lynn Resley, VV V V ' s V V ' V V George Reuter, Dixie Reynolds, Suzanne Reynolds, Linda 'sv ' -gs-Q qfj, V .4 f "Vt 'f ' Rieley, Martha Rivas, Shirley Roberts. Row 4: RuthAnn , f' '37 V, , fl Robinson, Roy Robison, Kenneth Robken, Susan Rodekohr, ,VV 'V i V RV 4 -' , W' Mmdimullb amwwielwm mmwwww M FMD A9 llett to rightl Row I: Gene Rosecrans, Jill Rothen- berg, Mardee Rowe, Lanita Ruiz, Edward Salvatierra, James Sample, David Sandor. Row 2: Denis Sapsin, Mary Lynn Sartari, Angela Sassoe, Connie Scalera, Carol Scandalis, Joan Schaetzel, Jack Schramm, Row 3: Paul Schroeder, Kent Sechler, Don Segesdy, Read Seidner, Judy Sellinger, Judy Sharp, Judie Shelton. Row 4: Janice Sherman, Linda Shore, Alberta Shrader, Stephen Siegel, Mike Sigal, Joan Simpkins, Dave Simpson, M eufvi-KU, if 7 . 1 Q. f ff t is ,. -. , f ' at N' " Z if it A t V , 1 ,f we VZ? 1' A fel r g 6? in gg' it 42, f 5. R we swf .ff Jim Rogers, Tom Rogers, George Romo. Y. S R! M V My . . V K X' Ss, , V , 5 ,,. . .. was Y 'Q Jaw X ii we V V ...VV V, VV ss.. ,si . V V .wwe we ' A 1 - .wus ' -r . - 'E I l ' X . A , 'Q lx ' S- iV.V Q 5- tv E i 5 Q - , - fki 4 X . - Y s , - 1 S . f Q V .V .. 2 31: .. . ' VV ,V . - K V 'A . V .iv V V SV . Q 5 .. S XV s .V 145 VV .. V V V Vi nv VVV V si ' ...W f ' RF' ' ' i rv" in . N.. f. 4.5231 6 -V......r-.R an '- f We jf 62,2 'Z' , - 21. f ' - ,wt f '- ' ,, . -rr iw ,fr .,t S 5' . ..VVV ,V , , ,, we 4- 'M '1 K F 5 Y 'V fl. . "' ,4, . . V V ,V A V V V V V VV VV VV V .V VV Vfi ,. V , ,V ,,,, , V fi, ,VV 1' i ' 1 --rfr , V If " IE: ,VV , Wi, VV V ,. V,,xVxV 1, V 4 gy ' S 'St 2?-ti ' if '." YP' 7 I x - 5-Sfsyfowm YH-its V WV? X f. - , we f ' x I: ' f ' I ' 134 "" V V , - , 5. f V V .VV c H ,J ., a 1 VV: 2 f ,T .:V Ji, V ' ' VVV ff l 'g V i, VW '- fr 'V ' IV L, , V ' V' S' ,JNL 554, '. , 'V " .:-f:::E o ll.: ' , ' " ' M -VV ' .... V. ., 55, 'V " '91 Y V Q VV + , ' ' P , .,... . f- V, .v.-- -I 1. ..-ze: 5 .V ...i - -. 12, -- 1141 4 1' ---i ' . f . " - z , V ..,. J ' 1 .,-1,- 1- ff J. V IQ V V V- 3 5 1, A9 llett to rightl Row I: Alan Singer, Georgianna Slates, William Slaman, Richard Slobin Sharon Slobin, Clark Smith, Dennis Smith, Frank Marsha Smith, Paulette Smith, Bill Smith, William R. Smith. Row Z: Ann Smyser, Pam Sneclecor, Diane Snow, Fred Sohm, Paul Sommer, Donal: Linda Soto, David S L I' S I J ' ' - ' ' ' ' pencer, es ie prow, oe Stonbaugh, Donna Stotelmyre, Bill Strain. Row 3. Linda Strong, Michael Sullivan, Richard Su Janet Swan, Lois Swancutt, Alicia Szuman, Mary Tassop, Carol Tavares, Shirley Tedford, Donald Tennis, Marcia Teter, Melinda Teter. N- .-4 H-4 e N TT , ' , -ff: , 'gf' Q ffAi2' E ii h 5 L,, . L . X V Si 4 J J ss- ii 4 vi i. ik f I IW .. MM.. , i Q , , L A 5 A all A 1 "- f M A9 lleft to rightl Row I: Beverly Thean, Arnold Thexton, Bonnie Thompson, Larry Thompson, Linda Thompson, Ronnie Thompson, Penny Tiede- mann, Carla Titterington, Peter Townsend, Tanya Traughber, Janice Travis, Ronald Trayner. Row 2: Donald Turner, Patricia Tuytschaevers, Marilyn Tizzolino, Jeanne Twyford, Kenny Upchurch, Douglas Urie, Tom Uter, Hilda Utley, Kaete Vanderploeg, Velia Vasquez, Rosemary Venturi, Kent Vercruse, Row 3: Regina Verdugo, Nancy Vessey, Janine Villeneuve, Virginia Visk, Vivian Vlad, Lewis Volpe, Shirley Voss, Jim Waddington, Gary Wagner, Connie Walker, Carol Wallace, Juleene Wallerman. S ' , ,W ' X T 1 J ' 3 E ks ,.,v X Nd E 5 - i I i L S nf. :Sw 'ti it in -' l ' ' x Li ".'ixx'.'m tttakilwl 3 'TT' .nt ' 'T l1T""' g mx -ii.i mixilwf 1xQE5:YSs3QHv'.-.1sxXs.. i fm? . ' A in " :re , 1 v' . 'S' .V Y '01 N. k A 'X Q ' A 1 il ci N' 121'-lj :Tags-4 T lu ' sv' ff' ef-if if R 22 ll Q n X D ., ,V 1 N5 ' w3:,,, l mn xnxx V M 'I 1. . ,I -J 1 ' is f "'- -r:-. V X-f 1 J' 49, f X , --., ""'c - .H -if' i " N 'gg 'Nt X J S J S K er rr it V. A i T L. ai u 'Q .. 'sf .-s i left to rightl Row I: Kathy Walsh, Mary Lou Walter, Dennis Washburn, Dave Waters, Stuart Waterstone, Lynn Watterman, Gary Webber, Kathy er, Marvin Weber, Ellen Weddle Row 2: Nancy Weideman, Joe Weil, Steve Weiss, Richard Welch, Marsha Westbrook, Bob Westmoreland, Sandra eler, Barbara White, Carol White, Gloria White. Row 3: Slrqon White, Sally Whiteley, Patricia Wilder, Melvin Willcuts, Mary Anna Willmon, 'ly Wilson, Chris Wilson, David Wise, Jon Wittman, Burton Wolford, Row 4: Dick Woller, Carol Wood, Mary Ann Woods, Charles Wooley, na Woosley, Karen Wyatt, Shirley Yetimian, John Yingling, Nancy Young, Jack Zeimantz. T' k SS 'X "'56.X, X X -Y mf- rx .,1.:. N MM S I ' . Sn X if W" " - A L 1 " ,, 'fgf',"'F-.'f'4-,pfiY'g':j. f jf-Tgq, . '- ' "." affzifj, - 2 ,L - f,.f5"-1-fQ-,'f:' I. ' 'r 4' J :Q X-Af mfs v TD 4 Af 921 5' 'ill' " f w.. x Q: ,N M MW.. gliw FL ,Q , ,-.44 ,...f ,t,,.6M 1, , A, I 1 L in xx on- Q" , , , v mi ' HQ' Q 'bk - l v 'N x.w'? ff' , - S 'M 1 x J f- v X-Y.,'-'--f-n I--W ,,,.....,.-..-,,., . , , , an .lf - P' '- :qw . :G .. .. fx...-4 J' '.3'Q.i-ff 93 KE' P-Uri r. 3 CA' , Q". S- gs ,- Rh, "' Q' 'L IQ. 'f ' SR I I 'Q ,qua WE HI-WE " . ss 102 Where Leadership, Citizenship and Scholarship Plat Vaccariello. LOS LAUREADOS ileft to righti John Campbell, Jackie Maeder, Norm Jacobson, Janis Lord, Tom Avard, Carol Pasonault, Stafford Smith, Judy Ellington, Larry Brock, Kay Bachman, Dave Stokesbary Jerri Corbin. Scholarship is important and valuable in this age of atomic energy and television quiz shows. The demands of a complex society . . . more than just knowing how to write your name and add two and two . . . At AHS outstanding achieve- ment in scholarship and leadership is encouraged and recognized The little white slips hopefully circulated at grading periods, with the incentive of a school day spent at the beach . . . Scrounging around for that V2 activity point that will 'boost you over the top . . . The biennial conversation of the Scho- larship Society, providing the proud holder of three A's and a B with a day of sand and sun in secluded segregation from Inferior Beings . . . Los Laureados . . . a special distinction for a few lucky seniors . . . Weeks of hopeful expec- tation . . . Attempts to bribe at least two of the three nominating committees . . . Tense anxiety and surprise as names are announced at the semesterly assembly . . . A special pin to adorn already burdensome senior sacs of one out of forty seniors . . . Four years as a leader in school activities, as well as high scholastic achievement . . . These are standards that make Los Laureados a top honor. LOS LAUREADOS ileft to righti 1 Phil LaPuma Chuck Rhoades, Richard Kurland, Joan Pettefer Nancy Schwartz, Freddie Bauman, Mary Jo You in the Select Societ of the Highl Esteemed SCHOLARSHIP lleft to rightl Row I: Nancy Edwards, Sheila Gilman, Sharon Ward, Clare Yerger, Ayleen Ito, Elizabeth Oreb, Lois Nutter, Sandy Brown, Linda Ludt, Lynn Banker, Louise Miller, Donna Disbrow, Georgia Paladino, Sue Sargentich. Row 2: Nadine Traughber, Sandra McSeveney, Bonnie Kersey, Carol Cannon, Jo Ann Ryder, Joan Marson, Charlotte Burtle, Barbara Snedecor, Mary Lansen, Barbara Malsberg, Betty Glover, Elizabeth Frachiseur, Marilyn Schramm. Row 3: Walt Notheis, Bob Handin, Sheila Assenberg, Audrey Smith, Joanne Anderson, Kathy O'l-lalloran, Caroline Lawson, Yvonne Olsen, Ned Taylor, i e ams, Melvyn Michaelian, Charles Koppany, Brian Hauger. Row 4: Greg Smith, Alan Crawford, Dave Emerson, Brown Williams, Pat Sainsbury, Norman Howard, Kent Machina, Bill Rogers, Tom Mack, John Charles Branch, Bob Thomson, Jerry Frank, Mike Allen. -ii -' V' -se' 7 wry ' 'V 3 5 "":: f 'AG' uf J ,- f i , ' -P 1 Q, i f eff ,, ' ' "'l 'A"4 " 4 .,,, "':, R .w" x I , -L6 A 'AA44' it 1 iff ' . -':' f ' w " " .- A A . r t f 5 D , A A ..,,::, :.. I J 9 ' l s ' Z -' N, gf: Www, EW 2' " lv' ' ff - Cs 4 'fl LIT? h ' i ig ". ,.,- . u VQL gif ' g 50,411 1415-ln. A SCHOLARSHIP lleft to right? Row I: Judy McCormick, Pat DeStefono, Miriam Weiner Nadine Samardzich, Mary Jo Voccariello, Mary Ann Ciranna, Geraldine Corbin, Carol Franke, Jeanne Miller, Gladys Thomson, Carol Musick, Carolyn Sessions, Nelle McCoy, Row Z: Diane Percell, Shirley Martinelli, Phyllis McGeochy, Janet Terich, Rita Lucado, Barbara Fraser, Joanne Dorfman, Janis Lord, Janet Fullmer, Joan Pettefer, Jon Braslow, Carolyn Pettefer, Nancy Brintnall, Mary Jo Chiovare, Eva Genc. Row 3: Dave Stokesbary, Don Halloran, Dave Cathalinat, Boyd Lemon, Steve Glazer, George Garza, Jean Jolly, Margaret Glassey, Jimmye Watson, Camilla Nelson, Carolyn Enfield, Yvonne Johnson, Maureen Schu- maker, Diane Gostlin, Joanne Edmunds. Row 4: Joe Myers, Michael Kane, Steve Slobin, Richard Kurland, Walt Maxwell, Rogers Drake, Gary Stupian, Terry Adams, John Campbell, Deon Champion, Keith Brown, Robert Williamson, Larry Brock, Ronald Carlson, Norm Jacobson, Stafford Smith. INTER CLUB COUNCIL lle-fr To righfl Row I: Carol Day, Gretchen Hoffman Joan Willis Row 2 Sherry Draper, Dottie Murray, Nancy Barrett, Row 3: Mary Lou Swanson Jean Cascio Bill Nelson Wayrwe Greene Club Prexies Meet Faithfully Each Tuesday for the Int The German Club's German din- ner . . . The Spanish Club's Mexi- can dinner . . . The LaTin Club's Chinese dinner . . . Three examples of well supporTed deparTmenT club acTiviTies . . . AThleTics, drama, lan- guage, science, arT, career prepar- aTion . . . You name iT, The AHS club program has iT . . . A new and acTive VarsiTy Club, This year's addiTion To The energefic family of school organizaTions . . . Field Trips, convenTions, parTies . . . an in- formal aTmosphere ThaT makes iT easy To pursue inTeresTs beyond The classroom and have Tun doing iT . . . ReTreshmenTs and movies To lure members To meeTings, and ThaT always appreciaTed shorT Monday . . . AnoTher receipf for dues, an- oTher picTure in The annual, an- oTher way of growing in know- ledge and in human experiencef Alhambra's deparTmenTal clubs. .PHA RHO TAU lleft to rightl Row I: Patricia DeStefano, Karen Cantrlll, Audrey Smith, Janet Story, Jo Ann Ryder, Marly Larson, Joanne Dorf- un, Donna Perry. Row 2: Bill Hawthorne, Marilyn Gibson, Susan Eisfeller, Janet Fullrner, Maurene Sclwumaker, Sharon Gift, Karen Gordon, Carolyn ifield. Club Council ART CLUB lleft to rightl Row I: Jeanette Hogdahl, Karen Cantrill, Maureen Dolten, Karel Gordon, Karen Lewis, Row Z: Janet Story, Audrey Smith, Sue Pecarovich, Linda Grimrnel. Row 3: Sharon Maxwell, Estelle Resnich, Bill Hawthorne, Ray Durazo, Jackie Paige, Ca gg. 105 Secretaries, Angels of Mercy, School IVla'ms, Speakers L1 QQ' apr I A 5 FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA ileft to right! Row I: Georgia Paladina, Deanna Bassett, Caraly Sessions, Linda Musick, Lorraine Joss, Dorreen Borrelli, Marie Williams, Row 2: Gretchen Siebect, Joann White Julane Villeneuve, Charlene Gargaro, Sharon Fisher, Linda Gale, Elaine Slobin, Eva Genc. Row 36 Judy Cari Nancy Schwartz, Carol Matranga, Maurine Horsley, Glcyde De Kay, Kay Chambers, Evelyn Wielenga. FUTURE NURSES lleft to rightl Row I: Bonnie Koontz, Carole Litwin, Martlel Giovanazzi, Kay Conroy, Row Z Georgia Strickley, Nancy Edwards, Arlene Connor, Carol Sylvester, Artha Ware. Row 3: Roselind Bykofsky Marilyn Schramm, Karen Keith, Gloria White, Katthleen Kirkeby, Vicki Beck, Pat Christian, Pat Tuytschaevero IO6 r Future. i JTURE TEACHERS lleft to rightl Row I: Bonnie Kersey, Lois Nutter, Elizabeth Oreb, Mary Jo Vaccariello, Judy Ellingf ln, Sharon Ward, Margie Rys, Row 2: Betty Miller, Barbara Snedecor, Martha Posh, Carol Knight, Dede Traughber, ntty Smith, Jill Birkinshaw. Row 3: Barbara Freed, Joan Watson, Gail Gray, Donna Mohr, Sue Sargentich, Helen Landor, nano Percell, Judy Stratton. DRENSIC lleft to right! Row I: Caroline Lawson, Jerri Corbin, Marilyn Schramm, Anete Stark, Kay Bachman, Sue Jrgentich, Diane Gostlin, Peggy Doll. Row 2: Bob Thomson, Miles Ramsey, Doug McCormac, Earl Armbrust, Geolige uarne, Doug Spencer. Row 3: Walt Nothgig Ned Taylor, Mel Nutter, John Campbell, Don Halloran, Milt Klein, .Boyd emon ' 4 , L ,1 ff ,ll pf I M M . H 97 U X 4, , ' ff F1 FJ!" 'l 'Annu' lf N ,4,o-A-2 flu! iv 7 :Jl Lf' 'rg . ' - ,I I I ,' O '7 , -06 'x XJR- ? C-X24 i i , - ,J 4 Jill' Li JA,.fvs.L , I A I. 1 , ,lgoy 5 9 x 1 If A J IRA L4 l f ," 4 ab c,a"""f' ,N f' . N . e A ' ,- -'f 4 i 2 kg . 'K 0. , 7,f7'm ft o 7 1 ,4,1.f"-- 7 , , l X it l if 1 ve l ' A L nAA42,f,!f A7nM,L4j,3A,, L Fi C 0 2 ff K to U, l ,y Mt X I ' . ,1 ' 2 X-f l . L- f Luv' MV. ' Q h ,' ZZXIA,-4A!t-Adbjk ,A4'7,:l ruff 2 A CX ,X r 1 .. - x N X gk! G..-A ..- ,..oa7"f'4 -I V ll , f' uf , ,, , , N I. fe f f 02' if '-ff L 1 J , . o, I A ,X Q x I0 14414-44- liess-'-f L-J FRENCH CLUB llett to rightl Row I: Bonnie Kendall, Jo Ann Ryder, Mary Ann Ciranna, Kathleen O'l-lallaren Nancy Lopez Linda Grimmell Pauline McGarry, Fr s Cosand, Karen Lewis, Barbara Cohen, Row Z: Joan Simpkins, Carole Creason, Camilla Nelson, CegslnA1'n-r-Yeung, Maureen Dalton, Karen Cantri l, eanette assett, Sharon Manderson, Susan Eisfeller, Carol Knight, lrma Rocha, Row 3: Laura , Carole Litwin, Stephanie Kern, Pauline Frachiseur, Shirley Voss, Sharon Slobin, Alicia Szuman, Diana Kemp, Jeannie McMahon Sandra Loy Row 4' Gary Loew, David Nordlond, David Emerson, Williams Rogers, Richard Gieser, Stuart Stratton, James Loupy, Denis Sapsin, Miehael Adams, David Blacher, Roger l-loldstock, Douglas Leroy, Are You Linguisticall Inclined C sum... 'C :fu , GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION llett to rightl Row I: Diane Snow, Debbie Meyers, Pat Grimes, Ann Mason, Kathy Crawford, Arlene Ruiz, Marlene B h C l ' ' ' ' og asian, aro ine Lawson, Karlene Mautz, Pat Nenel. Row 2. Mary Linda Morrison, Fran s,,Cosand, Jenny Gordon, Jeanie McMahon, Suzanne Reynolds, Beverly Thean, Carol Koedel, Joan Schetzel, Fay Horn, Sharon White. Row 3: Pat lsftirris, Julia Edwards, Jaan Davidson, Pat Harrington, Barbara Bridges, Carol Litwin, Susan Newell, Stephanie Kern, Sh Linda Soto. Row 4: Janice Travis, MaryLou Dell, Linda Rieley, Barbara Aaosto, Browvn Williams, Shirley Voss, Gloria White, Rosemary enturi, Vera Renner, Charlotte Bartle. 108 ERMAN lleft to rlghtl Row I Sandra Wheeler Sandra Brown Carole Dorfman Sherry Thomas Cathleen Coates Charlotte Burtle, Margery Carlson, Jan Marson Libby Smrth Nancy Edwards Sharon Dunn Julia Clay Charlotte Berthel Row 2 Jeanne Basser Richard Laanchbaugh, Ray Burch, Jalt Notheus Don Olsen Pat Allen Greg yatt ruce Lent Gary Stuplan Norman Long Henry Cardunale Chuck Johnson. Row 3: Don McAlprn, on Stelngrebe Ron Slnucrope Bob Allen Erwin Maser Melyn Mlchaellan Eddue Malmgreen Dave Rightmer, Gary Gibson, Mcrlcn 'oebler Charles Edgnnton Row 4 Bull Straun Dave Backhaus Albert Cosand Bruan Hauger Jerry Mann Harold Ogaarcl, Carl Wellenstcun, Gerry 0 You Have a Political Future in ind? yy ,Ml rx fl f 'w l - J ,Ll MX ff A '1 'J .fb I e..' IJ' A A Ajxl Ib ff ICM" li f' XJ! ll , il ' I Yl- ll 'A VN l J M -Mx, 1. xr'-i V I G' v jlf Qlykll ,f Irxk A I UNIOR STATESMEN tleft to nghtl Row I Judy Dayus Phll LaPuma Sandy Brown Al Jannard Lon Faxman Bob Handun, Martha Pail, lllzalyullt Jreb Aylccn Ito Row 2 Dale Carter John Campbell Jeff Longshaw Shlrley Martmelll Sheila Gilman Donna Mohr, Dede Traughber, Joannr Jorfman Mary Wllmsharst Row 3 Wayne Greene Fred Carleton Wayne Bausman Gary Sechlor Don Bayha Bill Moms, Jim McClure, Joe Myers - I 'K-' A W X, ,i ..E:. Sl LATIN 'left to right' Row I: Tonya Traughber, Jeanette Hose, Nancy Nero, Bonnie Kersey, Gay McGee, Linda Keller, Rose Ann LaBouff, Maril Scfwromm, Artha Ware. Raw 2: Carol Cannon, Maureen Mahoney, Karen Nielsen, Janice Hughes, Darlene Cadman, Lucile Landor, Jean lrwin, Ali Proctor, Joanne Lacey, Row 3: Joanne Harmon, Al Brown, Gerry Nibley, Ron Trayner, Ned Taylor, Read Siedner, Charles Marson, Dave Capla Row 4: George Johnson, Dickie Civello, Gene Kimura, Rich Gastineau, Frank Buell, Gene Malaitio, Ken Obst, Don McCauley, Mike McManus, Jordi Levine, Lee Munio. LATEN lleft to right! Row I: Launee Jessee, Becky Dean, Shiela MacLean, Sue Sarge-ntich, Helen Landor, Dede Traughber, Kay Frandsen, Kari Kastcn, Rcw 2: Betty Glover, Barbara Lewis, Marcia Teter, Genola Murray, Jean Hickman, Anne Mason, Virginia Visk, Rosalind Bykofsky, Martl Foxman, Row 3: Jerri Corbin, Lois Nutter, Allan Lam, Bob Reeves, Greg Gibbons, Andy Capestro, Karl Walker, Evelyn Saltzman, Mary Larso Melinda Tater. Row 4: Dennis Washburn, Dave McEachen, Don Georgino, Tom Mack, Allen Holliday, Bob Thomson, Jim McClure, Norm l-loward, Lyr Vifatcrman. Q 4 5 9 if Y l iio 5 1 I lv i , , i.. -. i Thespians, Librarians Devoted to Interests LIBRARY GIRLS 'left to rughtl Row I: Margaret Glassey, Gladys Thompson, Jeanette Wivwlntiruw, Noll-,Irena McCoy, Janice Linkens. Row 2: Elaine Berry, Geraldine Knox, Lois Bodamer, Yvonne Mandry, Patty Smuth, Darlene O'Brien. Row 3: Jeannie Christler, Judy Fry, Miss Gilstrap lady,l Jean Galbraith, Rat Kitabilan, Frances Wagoner H I M' - 1 1 YR iw lf SR as 0-nh 12" Q, E 1 LIGHT AND SHADOW 'left to rnghtl Row I: Arlene Ruiz, Diane Percell, Camilla Nelson, Margery Milano, Barbara Mclinnnon, Martha Posh, Marcia Myers, Shanon Prell, Row 2: Rosemary Borden, Valerie Perumean, Loretta Foxman, Angie Blvona, Elaine Slobin, Virginia Kersting, Martha Francone. Row 3: Marie Shaw, Milton Klein, Richard Holland, Arnold Shapiro, Maurice Nuesca, Vicki Higdon, Evelyn lnon, lll I 54 "a1, e--' LOS HIDALGOS lleft to rightl Row I: Yvonne Scalzi, Jane Webb, Sheila Gilman, Nancy Britnall, Mary Jo Vaccariello, Mary Wilmhurst, Donna Mohr, Pat Laub, Louise Miller, Elizabeth Oreb, Barbara Hyde. Row 2: Pablo Salaberf, Ron Knott, Jan Likens, Sylvia Barrett, Barbara Snedecor, Martha Pash, Joanne Darfman, Ayleen Ito, Joanna Hicks, Melinda Bartley, Sandra Langyear, Mary Fisher, Barbara Malsberg, Vicki Beck. Row 3: John Branch, Greg Smith, Alan Crawford, Andy Resnick, Bob Handin, Jill Birkinshaw, Bill Lomax, Denny Humphrey, Bill Smith, Gladys Thomson, Freddie Bauman, Paul Cabral, Mike Schilling. ORCHESIS lleft to right! Row I: Judy Donhost, Jeanette Bordelli, Janis Braslaw. Row 2: Linda Clark, Jo Ann Sartori, Gretchen Hoffman, Arlene Bradshaw, Margie Rihs, Vicki Steiner, Sheila Berkus, Carolyn Pettefer, Linda Moyer, Yvonne Olsen, Row 3: Lucy Macedonia, Joy Franco, Mary Shaw, Linda Ludt, Sharon Ward, Carol Donaldson, Judie Reinwald, Peggy Foos. Row 4: Bonnie Kern, Susan Spencer, Michele Slaboda, LaRee Coyle, Pat Edwards, Susan Stranberg, Alyce Marshal Mary Beach, Diane Percell, Rosemary Borden. Say It in Spanish, Dance lt, Serve lt, or Analyze It fl X 'QP' 1 W 'Sly , ,i:,, , i i. ' 591 ff , lf,.y W. , E 'Z . i f' i www! RACQUETEERS lleft to rightl Row I: Nancy Barrett, Jeanne Munsee, Joan Hayde, Pat Kelly, Carol Underhill, Janice Letts, Sharon Johnson, Sharon Segar. Row 2: Rita Montgomery, Mary Ann Ciranna, Marlene Boghosian, Arlene Ruiz, Danielle Stands, Margaret Egan, Maurine Horseley, Carol Matranga, Glayde De Kay, Beverly Balaris, Linda Musick, Caroline Lawson. Row 3: Carolyn Enfield, Corine Swift, Jill Birkinshaw, Judy Tatti, Carolyn Gilliland, Rita Lucado, Freddie Bauman, Sharon Gift, Priscilla McMillan, Donna Perry, Elsie Carr, Row 4: Mary Lou Manthorne, Gladys Thompson, Nancy Schwartz, Carolyn Session, Jimmye Watson, Janis Lord, Sue Taylor, Carolyn Simpkins, Esrne Fromhertz, Ellen Tripp, Karen Jacobs, Joan Sachman, Janice Dolfen. V It's Life as We Like lt. SCIENCE lleft to rightl Row 1: Steve Slobin, Neal Frederick, Norman Stahlburg, Barry Troup. Row 2: Terry Adams, Richard Smith, Joe Myers, Clifford Grimmel, Larry Brock, ff' x z ' W li as ilk SN +9 K6 x . Q E ll3 SKI lleft to right' Row I: Clare Yeager Carolyn Sessions Launee Jessee Linda Hopkins Sharo W d J d , , , , n ar , u y Ellington, Nancy Taylor, Pat Hughes, Mary Stuhr, Row 2: Julie Clay, Sandy Moulton, Lucy Macedonia, Joanne Dorfrnan, Erme Fromhertz, Joy Franco, Martha Pash, Arlene Bradshaw, Susie Spencer, Carol Donaldson, Ellen Tripp, Lynda Champion, Bruce Lombard. Row 3: Rita Lucado, Janis Lord, Nancy Matilla, Polly McGarry, Sue Taylor, Carolyn Simpkins, Mary Bristow, Pat Edwards, Helen l-laase, Chuck Mendenhall, John Clay, Tom Martin, Bob Brewer, Bill Smith, Row 4: Mark Fricker, Daye Stokesbary, Al Jannard, Paul Cabral, Wayne Bausman, Wayne Green, Chad Gledhill, Gerry Busse, Jirn Slatin, Chris Adams, Mickey Layne, Dick Bass, Tom Avard, Larry Baerns, Rusty Weeks. RITER5' GUILD lleft to rightl Carolyn Enfield, Judy Stratton, Maureen Schumaker, Carolyn Sessions. Row 2 inna Perry, Marilou Swan on M 'l S h ' ' ' s , ari yn c ramm, Elizabeth Oreb, Betty Miller. Row 3. Jo Ann AnderSOn, JO2 Itzman, Bob Handin, Ronnie Knott, John Campbell, Richard Holland, Al Jannard, 0 . . 14 6' 95 .O s INTER-CLUB COUNCIL SEMESTER II lleft Io rightl Row I: John Campbell, Mary Bristow, Maurine Horsley, Jimmye Watson. Row Z: Mary Jo Chiovare, Karen Jacobs, Jill Birkin- show. Row 3: Bruce Lombardi, Gary Marshall, Mari Lau Swanson, Valerie Perumean, Bonnie Perfect, Our Business-Ever To Do Service Variously colored sweaters and iackets, heavily laden with enough well-polished pins to make a general ashamed of his mere five stars . . . These Things identify the club member on certain days of the week and mark him apart from the Common Herd. Notices on the bulletin boards: "Turn south on Commonwealth, third house from the corner. REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR DUESV' . . . The controlled chaos of club meetings . . . the paddle system striking effectively at the seat of the problem of keeping order . . . An- nual pictureswthe one meeting of the year that no one misses . . . The hours spent on service proiects: painting trash cans, making posters, visiting hospitals, making posters, alphabetizing office cards, making posters . . . Working for a better school and community and for the coveted Club Trophy . . . The fun of interclub activities . . . Sticky fingers and sales pitches at the Food Sale . . . The interclub picnic at Elysian Park . . . the beachcombers dance with its bare feet and loud shirts . . . the girls' clubs' game with the baseball team . . . The clubs at AHS fulfill basic needs-to belong to a group, to have a good time with friends, to do worthwhile service. 2 .4 l 1 t i macher, Tom Avard, Dean Champion. I VARSITY CLUB lleft to rightl Row I: Gary Mead Rich Vallone, Keith Silbaugh, Don Bevilacqua, Jerry Phillips Paul Collier, Rusty Weeks. Row 2: Chris Adams, Bruce l-lauger, Dick Fisher, Jerry Merz, Bill Nelson, Bill Sm th Clee Langley, Steve Newlin, Tim Regan. Row 3 Bll North, Larry Baerns, Dave Stokesbary, Arnold Samardich Eugene Rossi, Mel Nutter, Jerry Hayek, Chuck Ray Row 4: Ed Keenan, Mike Quinn, Bob Bria, Charles Soutter, Jay Lawrence, Don Livingston, Rhett Rechem ik if X fi '-of Q fx X K ......,.N L? ,.-A 'N-+ -ie W ., fl ee- Q -- fi f an 1--fr . ALIIS 'left to right' Kneeling: Gary Mead, Carmen Chiarenza, Chris Adams, Seated: Dave l-looker, Millard Kennedy. Standing Row lz Jay Lawrence, Jerry Sullivan, Eddie Marasco, Bruce Hauger, Mike Quinn, Danny Messer, Bill North, Gene Cardenaz Row 2: Tony Galluppi, Larry MCCIanahan, Torn Egan, Larry Landis, Tim Regan. ARGONAUTS ileft to right' Row l: Gary Sechler, Fred Carleton, John Clay, Ed Armbrust, Richard Anderson, Gary Sielstad Jerry Sielstad, Row 2: Wayne Bausman, Fred Harris, Dick Harrington, Al Campbell, Tom Vessey, Sfeve Kellogg, Jim Barron, Torn Morrison Norm Stahlburg, Don Bayha. ll6 Service Through Christian Fellowship 1 . Y? 'x x X 1 ff! v 111' li Q. CAMPUS 'left tn right' Row I: Jean Galbraith, Nancy Taylor, Marilyn Rensunk, Duane Feder, Carolyn Ceccarelli Mary Jo Chlovare, Nancy Barrett, l.aRee Coyle, Row 2: Geri Srnuth, Ja Ann Darfrnan, Sandy Nalman, Jane Webb, Gerry Knox, Judy Rys, Sharon Moran, Beverly Balarus, Jackm Page ROW 3: Bonnie DeVoe, Jean lnlaheusal, Danna Perry, Pearl Northrup, Sandy Brown, Linda Ludt, Carol Whalen, Judy Meyers, Nita Hellman, Kathy Martunuch, Row 4: Judy Fry, Jaan Sackrnan, Janice Dolfen, Elsie Carr, Mary Stuhr, Sharon MCDOIQ, Karen Jacobs, Denise Moran, Jul: Brvclaes g................ 'Il-HATTERS lleft to right' Row I: Carol Griffith, Charlotte Grincr, Artha Ware, Phyllis McGeachy. low 2: Kay Thom, Jill Brrkrnshavy, Carol Day, Coral Sylvester, Tan: Bliss Row 3: Barbara Bennett, Zannue Kendall, Day Conroy, .Carol Young, Ann Mason, Jeanette Winburn Hours- Knitting and Entertaining II7 .1 JUNIOR EXCHANGE lleft to rightl Row I: Bill Donahue, Dave Koechler, Bruce Hauger, Jerry Phillips, Larry McClanahan, Tony Golluppi, Nick Parrino, Row 2: Gary Mead, Chuck Marikian, Dick Valone, Dave Stokesbary, Don Bevilacqua, John Clay, Denny Humphrey, Merlin Doebler, Vay McGIone, Frank Rondazzo. Row 3: Tim Regan, John Grimes, Corky Mason, Bill Smith, Jerry Hayek, Don Livingston, Mel Young, Ron Tatton, Mike Messina, Dick Fisher, Row 4: Ed Keenan, Butch Marshall, Dennis Ybarra, Carmen Chiarenza, Jay Lawrence, Chris Adams, Dean Mattilla, Chuck Mendenhall, Jim Massey, Jim Lea. Offspring of the lVlen's Service Clubs Proud of Their Origi :im-E Q-.X e I x .www-' 'Sw JUNIOR OPTIMISTS ileft to rightl Row I: Dale Carter, John Campbell, Dean Champion, Fred Carleton, Mel Nutter, Don Olson, Al Jannard, Jeff Longshaw. Row 2: Patt Carroll, Wayne Green, John Robertson, Ernie Maldonado, Gary Sechler, Ronnie Knott, Bill Harrison, Stafford Smith, Row 3: Dennis Donniels, Bob Thompson, Richard Busch, Wayne Rose, Lee Lodes, Bill Smith, Doug Rightmer, Dove Emerson, Chuck Kinney, Chuck Roy. 118 ,'2......--..--v- ,.,.,..-..,.-r- ,,.,.,...-.--...----' L.-Q..--1--: :.,.....-.::P' ,,,,......--s--:: paxil? f,."......-:zum , ,ww ..,....- X' 'f-Rf io' , so 'Ov 51 1 g::- I rv. ,E sz iff as F F :Q 2l"'-'I ,W 15' an an 4, Y-r 'il 'Q 2 al' QQ, 1 ,fr Jang! ,-.--X all .----nu-If? ,---an-par -.---until" -,---nntp:-u .-----ups: --u-up-nn uunu1upuu llll I i -was f JUNIOR RED CROSS lleft to right? Row I: Judy Phillips, Marylinda Morrison, Arlene Ruiz, Marlene Boghosian, Estelle Resnick, Connie Colton, Becky Dean, Carla Titterington, Janet Story, Row 2: Miss Morrison, ladv.l, Bill North, Charlotte Burtle, Barbara Snedecor, Gloria Gioyannoli, Carolyn Mcssingcr, Kathline Crawford, Christine Ware, John Dean, Dan Messer, Row 3: Audrey DuPain, Donna Carroll, Carolyn Lawson, Loretta Foxman, Janice Hughes, Carroll Shelton, Rosalind Bykofsky, Barbara Resnick, Pam Janneen, Maryann Lobajko. one , Books and Supplies Go to Foreign Lands , 'V' I KEA LOHA llett to rightl Row I: Jeanette Bardelli, Roberta Marzec, Shirley Braccio, Judy McCormick, Sharon Gift. Row 2: Melinda Bartley, Carol Prisk, Donna Rennahan, Judy Donhost, Sheila Younker, Row 3: Nancy Hymer, Janice Braslow, Carol Cook, Carol Rennahan, Judy Jenson, Sally Taylor, Patty Smith, Kathy Smith, Glenda Riddell. lc X. if-Q sr' .A S if I C QW, x 1-1 .nissan-'r 'F - I Qi zz. f. , l wi X ' d E if ,E l i W J , R Q. ' 1 in " Q - 1 are . . j., f Q , ., -Z. X 5 J, E:-. I, 1 - . ..1. f '- ,I .. y N .Q -' + 3 X -. .,-. f 5 i ' ....:.:, ' ' - 93" -f 'T' Q- - N:,,'V 3 ...Q-R -........-J' qw .,,' f """ L A YR 3 . Q N. l . www .j . ,if X iles KEY lleft to rightl Row I: Clee Langley, Chad Gledhill, Larry Baerns, Bill Nelson, Norm Jacobson, Bill Bowles, Ken Caresio, Bruce Lombardi, Chuck Soufter, Row 2: Rhett Rhechenmacher, Tom Johnson, Bob Mesias, Tom Avard, Jerry Weeks, Keith Silbaugh, Allan Jones, Steve Newlin, Dick Hesse, Phil La Puma, Bill Daugherty, Row 3: Richard Kurland, Tom Martin, John Behrens, Paul Collier, Chuck Fox, Roy Wallace, Arnie Samardich, Herb Balderson, Gary Wendt, Gary Rogers, Jim Slatin, Jim Cook. KOLOHE lleft to rightl Row I: Phil La Puma, Ralph Riggs, Jeff Longshaw, Glenn Johnson, Clark Reynolds, Wayne Greene, Dale Carter, Stafford Smith. 120 Y Program Enlarged on Campus Throug LA HOALAUNA tleft to right! Row I:Cherril Abbey, Margaret Glassey, Betty Glover, Marion Kerby, Row 2: Jeanette Letts, Carol Underhill, Arlene Ruiz, Janice Letts, Rita Montgomery, Jeannie Christler, Mary Ann Ciranna, Row 3: Diane Hampton, Cam Nelson, Marty Pash, Artha Ware, Jerri Corbin, Donna Mohr, Jean Jolly LA JEUNESSE 'left to right! Row I: Mary Jo Vaccariello, Janet Greenvvaldt, Shirley Kuntz, Bonny Perfect, JoElIyn Morton, Kay Lewis, Jean Wilson. Row 2: Jean Hoheisal, Anna Carroll, Kay Bachman, Olivia Rioz, Anna May Rouse, Sylvia Sullivankkow 3: Pat Sullivan, Jackie Munk, Judy Davis, Diane Feder, Lindo Hopkins, Judy Myeits, Nancy Taylor, Carolyn Lawson. Qijlf'-xxvxQip.xilr-N,-X J' -' xxx ' ,J , ' ' ,ful -Hi-Y and Hi-Y Qotiivitie? and Clubs. Ill! ll llf f Unix ' ffl' , ' lilvliltl ll is A X KM' 'Ag 'f R33 1,1 Mn. A lllw, 121 1, 5 ff ' 11 !" l ' J LANAKILA lleft to rightl Row 'l: Bonnie DeVoe, Judy Ellington, Gerry Knox, Judy Rys, Carolyn Pettefer, Janice Dolfen. Row 2: Jean Cascio, Helen l-laase, Joan Pettefer, Joan Willis, Sally Gwaltney, Diane Balling, Freddie Bauman. Row 3: Linda Kemp, Janet Knox, Ann Frank, Joan Hayde, Kitty Smayer, Carolyn Simpkins, Esme Fromhertz, Nancy Barrett, Joy Morrisette. LAS CADENITAS lleft to rightl Row I: Cecile Alberts, Carol Rennahan, Mary Jo Vaccariello, Judy McCormick, Carolyn Sessions, Margaret Glassey, Mary Wilmshurst, Joan Willis, Ruth Miller, Jean Jolly, Judy Bissel. Row 2: Jo Ann Edmunds, Glenda Riddell, Toni Padilla, Daneille Stands, Margaret Egan, Janet Fullmer, Marilyn Montgomery, Raelyn McAdams, Jean Miller, Pat Smith, Georganne Davis. Row 3: Jirnrnye Watson, Charlene Edmunds, Angie Bivona, Joan Watson, Kathy O'Hollaren, Freddie Bauman, Donna Mohr, Cherril Abbey, Gladys Thomson, Elaine Slobin, Sally Taylor, Sharon Gift, L'-K Lv- 5' xx cu" ,, y- W K CL, X I-iff' V x x , K V V A if ft' W0 CLJXSV A lx' . LIJ' ir KZ v W uw gr-'C' f wiv-N 43 'B LJ LAS MARAVILLAS lleft to right! Row I: Valerie Perumean, Kay Hart, Beverly Leysack, Sue Riggs, Joan Shattuck, Pat Shaffer Row 2: Shirley David, Lianne Gervasi, Jennie Gordon, Kay Chambers, Barbara Carpenter, Sherry Draper, Barbara Fuchs. Spanish Club ames Vie With Hawaiian on Campus i VA. X. , QF" ' J Ci 'D' L0 ' '4-ZS! QMS Y? -il' LAS MORAS lleft to rightl Row l: Ayleen lto, Jaan Pettefer, Evelyn lrion, Vbki Steiner Reinwald, Carolyn Simpkins, Carolyn Pettefer, Lynda Charnpion, Michele Slaboda, Judy Ellington. Row 2: Sheila Berkus, JoAnn Sarto ' ar Brfisfow, Dottie Murray, Barbara Smead, Arlene Bradshaw, Sue Taylor, Sharon Ward, Janis Lord. Dow 3: Glenda Sessler, June Rose, Launee Jessee, Janet Knox, Carol Young, Esme Eromhertz, Theresa Wallace, Carol Donaldson, Clare Yerger, Margie Rihs. Row 4: Alyce Marshall, Nancy Mattila, Carol Pasonault, Helen Haase, Pat Edwards, Ann Frank, Jean Cascio, Linda Moyer, Kitty Srnoyer, Pat Straight, Jackie Maeder. l23 . , 259 1 --E ,Y ,,.. J Y LAS SONADORAS llett ta right' Row I: Maarine l-lorsley, Barbara McKinnon, Carol Matranga. Row 2: Edith McCoy, Georgia Strickley, Diane Gostlin, Row 3: Joann Harrison, Marilyn Schramrn, Gladye DeKay, Miriam Weiner, Deanna Bassett. Wil" ,mr LAULE'A lleft ta right' Row I: Laurie Collins, Janice Thiel, JoAnn Sartori, Carolyn Liddel, Dolly Tabes, Jackie Schultz, Lana Wovertan Row 2: Dana White, Evelyn lrian, Theresa Wallace, Pat Straight, Sandy Williamson, June Rose, JoAnn Gattoni, Row 3: Judy Stratton, Virgina Collins, Kay Cankright, Kathy McGinnis, Elaine Barry, Janet Perreiah, Myra Ozzar, 124 Gill LES NOUVELLES llett to rightl Row l: Nancy Flint, Jan Comstock, Libby Smith, Eva Gene, June Altfeld, Margie Milano, Row 2: Nancy Nero, Mary Beach, Carol Berry, Iris Ford, Mary Jo Lewis, Valerie Nelson, Brenda Parker. Row 3: Julane Villeneuve, Marilou Theresa Sangeorge, Carole Payne, Yvonne Johnson, Pat Fewer. air, 'hs ' 1 K ..,, , LES AMIES lleft to rightl Row I: lrrna Rocha, Sharon Segar, Janet Story, Carol Creason, Virginia Dorsey, Lois liek, Bonnie Bixby. Row 2: Barbara Martin, Linda Grimmell, Linda Downs, Charlotte Gentry, Sue Pecarovich, Gail Friedman, Pat Erive,Qudy CamRow 3: Joyce Lietz, Lorraine Joss, Sandra Balaugh, Pearl Northup, Marsha Pottle, Lucille Robb, Bonnie Thompson. A - ,, f A GirI's Club for Every Interest, Every Girl 94:5 E G WW HQ: 1 xg l, ' Aff ff J lj JW6 lj i l fwjfflljjfll fjxljf 0 if fl W6 1 mill' W ill' M U MOANA KEA Ileft to right! Row I: Lorie Foxman, Mary Stuhr, Joanne Dorfman. Row 2: Bev Balaris, Carol Dorfman, Jimmye Watson, Margaret Egan, Sandy Brown, Virginia Robinson, Row 3: Priscilla McMillan, Nancy Schromm, Martha Foxman, Barbara Wetton, Barbara Fraser, Gladys Thomson, Shirley Rach, Club ' ,r,,, M W, ll i yy fb 1 f X W , 1 f , , , , .1 I f 'i i, ' f , i H ,i 'il V NA ALII lleft to rightl Row I: Ayleen Ito, ' ki St A r, Judi Reinwald, Barbara Smead, Mary Bristow, Margie Rihs, Susie Spencer, Launee Jessee, Pat Hughes, Lois Bodamer, Row 2: Sharon Ward, Donna Magard, Dottie Murray, Norma Pennington, Joan Bruington, Susi Strandberg, Peggy Foos, Nadine Samardzich, Lenoro Simone. Row 3: Margie Gothtberg, Judy Miller, Sheila Tyler, Marleen Palermo, Carol Posonault, Janis Lord, Elizabeth Oreb, Linda Moyer, Gretchen Hoffman, Deanne Boyer. 126 4 u 1 5 Result of Two Misspent Weeks in Hawaii. M LOHA lleft to right! Row I: Jeanette Bassett, Carol Cannon, Morgie Carlson, Susie in, Row 2: Jo Ann Ryder, Joan Marson, Rlarleen Moutz, Evelyn Saltzman, Mary ow 3: Gloria Giavanoli, Janet Kindstrorn, Marie Williams, Doreen Borrelli, Jeanette 1 JL .... Wffff' 97+ LOA llelt to rightl Row l: Nel Lenhardt, Maureen Gallagher, Lu cy Macedonia, Joy Franco, Karen Zecchini, Shirley Robertson, Lindo Young. 1: Joni Wilde, Lynn Borkes, Judy Sparks, Sandy Moulton, Karen Ch affey, Lynda Champion, Marcia Meyers, Row 3: Karen Howlish, Linda Ellen Tripp, Cece Cooper, Arlene Bradshaw, Alyce Marshall, Carol Do naldson, Glenda Sessler, Ellen White, Barbara Voight, l27 X , ,im PONO LANI lleft to right' Row I: Joanne Pocock, Georganne Davis, Charlene Edmunds, Diane Baker, Joanne Edmunds Row 2: Anete Stark, Carol Lanenga, Jeri Smith, Linda Musick, Kathryn Hunsoker, Sharon Price, Sylvia Stephens, Charlene Gorgaro Service to the School, the Club, and the Communit i , , f ,fl I fm! r J Lv , X U! Orff lll 'J to D 2 me ii , Y ii PEQUENITAS lleft to right' Row I: Diane Bolling, Kay Conkright, Bev Smith, Norma Pennington, Lois Bodomer, Carole Dorfman, Ellen Tripp, Virginia Co Karen Chaffey. Row 2: Joni Wilde, Judy Stratton, Bonny Perfect, Maureen Gallagher, Lucy Macedonio, Joy Franco, Shirley Kuntz, Pot Kelly, Gret Hoffman. Row 3: Donna Maggard, Marlene Palermo, Jackie Munk, Shirley Robertson, Lenoro Simone, Dolly Tobes, Nel Lenhordt, l-larriet Pfister, Gwen F Ci Llfl ' 128 lax my 1? W? DR GIRL SCOUTS llctt to rlghtl Row I: Martha Yocum, Bonnie Koontz, Patty Laub, Jeanette Letts, Nancy Edwards, Lindo Rieley, Sandy Balogh, Marulyn w. Row 2: Shcllo Gilman, Donna Mohr, Joan Watson, Marcia Pottle, Cathy Coates, Janice Letts, Jean Foster, Julra Clay. Row 3: Lynn Bosworth, Ann r, Marilyn Troup, Martha Foxman, Gall Gray, Carol Van Hoosen, Rochelle Blornsen, Marylinda Morrlson, Sue Rodekhor. Scouts Strive for Service to the Communityg Ushers Put You in Your Place. USHER llett to right' Row l: Roger Butkus, Lewis Heller, Barry Brotman, Danny Rosecrans. Row 2: Chuck Kinney, Ned Taylor, Joe Mohs, Joe Myers, Row 3: Kenneth Bullock ladv.l, Steve Glazer, Harvey Resnick, Tom Frank, Jnm Barron, Dove Cudney, Larry Brock. l29 l .Oh Q.. O ,N . .I . S .1,'v".v -' . ' ...ll ,. 0 .. . f 2 -Q."- fl -'. , ',. 0, 'nas 4' .U gap' u ', I g 5 ts ' 0'l ' -HL:-NQQE, ISE, . V .,.,, . 1 M 1 ' ,,,, , 1 ' - ""' ' ' '95, -. ,L K 45,53-1,5 x .2 JI Z is jzff ffiw fu ,Qi 35533 ,- wd4a,,1y,M gww-za W 7, JW-K f yifla. ,H ., . v-ff! lfmgwf' v ', , e , + H , A 'M .1 ,. Nh f A ff' ,few .M V , f W ,, M At, glam ,,, ,M way XCEL Mi Www 4 aw'-wif Y ' 'N' 'f:'2'. Q4 kd ,N J r ffl! I, bf, X un. A 1 , X , I . Q 5, A ' ,V A 'AQ :QW 'wi 4.23 A M A ," r 4 ,Q V , ',.,'Q1,vQ"2'fl.i-hir'fvlx K ' 2 . ..,, w. .. 'X """,1 ,f A iw jivvzwyt 'fx xv www: RM 'Mniddu 'K' ' 'fm 1-'fl' r'1""-it-Q V dwg 'f"Mr- ' , W Q23-5, ., fwfr 14. W l QENS?-fxA,Q Mx' 'D A .S 4 U '. 43uM"2,, e3",5+9,,,'-V f- J 5 .Q Y l . 1 wi M- ' xx ffmxr. ' . 4. ' rails Q . ' lm K Wfmifaiiw' x Q sd. in 3' ii mwt. W b I ., 4al..,.Q,vVk t,:.,x,kQ,:, Shenlc Berkus. '--. w YELL LEADERS 'left to rughtl Judy Ellington, Roy Wolloce, Pot Edwards, Paul Collner, SONG LEADERS 'left to rughtl Bonnne Kern, Judie Re-unwold, Alyce Morsholl, Clare Yerger, Vjgki Steiner, Jcckue Moeder, ' hr' Jeannie Hoheuscl, Sharon Moran, Michele Slobodo. MAJORETTES llefr to rug September and Football Fury Grips Moorland Alhambra High's 1956 VarsiTy foofball squad . . . Trying hard To carry on The rec- ord of lasT year's Pacific League cham- pions and CIF finalisTs . . . hiT a run of bad breaks . . . sTarTed The season off on The righT noTe by whipping Chaffey's Tigers, 19-O . . . couldn'T keep iT up as The Moors ran headlong inTo The Glendale Dynamifers and bounced off, 19-6 . . . picked up again as league play opened by knocking off San Gabriells Mafadors, 27-O . . . buT Then fell complefely aparf as The WhiTTier Cardinals sounded a dis- couraging 32-O blasT. The Varsify eleven looked hopeful again as They roared pasT Arcadia's Apaches, 26-O . . . buT Lady Luck sTepped in Alhambra's way for The remaining Three games of The season . . . A lasT quarTer Mark Keppel AzTec rally gave The Moors a hearTbreaking 14-13 loss . . . The follow- ing game wifh El MonTe saw a similar one-poinT Alhambra defeaT as The Lions Took The same 14-13 edge . . . The final game wiTh Monrovia's Wildcafs ended Alhambra's season on a sad noTe as Mon- rovia grabbed a 14-7 vicTory . . .The game wiTh Rosemead's PanThers, previously can- celled because of a polio scare, had no bearing on Pacific League sTandings and consequenfly was never played. , Q. l'!l1 Ch s Ada Herb Balderson Don Bevilacqua Carmen Chiarenza Bill Donahue Q Dick Fisher Torn Forbes Bruce Heugcr Jerry Hayok Dave Hooker X K X Si Ed Keenan Clee Langley Gary Mead Bill Nelson Steve Newli Tim Regan Rhett Rechenmacher Chuck Rhoodes Jerry Phillips Chuck Ray ALHAMBRA 19, CHAFFEY 0 Don Bevilacqua climaxed 28- yard drive wiTh six-yard run around righT end for early TD. Paul Ca- bral kicked exTra poinT. RheTT Rech- enmacher barrelled Through cenTer for second score. Bill Nelson dom- inaTed 46-yard drive for final six poinfs. Moor of The Week-Bevil- acqua. GLENDALE 19, ALHAMBRA 6 DynamiTer Gordon Hess wenT Three yards Through righT Tackle following 30-yard drive for firsT score. Hess repeaTed performance from one yard ouT for second TD. Hess received halffime kickoff on his 22 and ran back 78 yards for Third score. Glendale's Dick Burris kicked only conversion. Moor RusTy Weeks plowed Through righT Tackle in lasT minufe for single AHS score. Moor of The Week--Weeks. ALHAMBRA 27, SAN GABRIEL 0 A 68-yard drive in The second quarTer ended wiTh Rechenmacher going up The middle for firsT score. Bevilacqua skirTed lefT end for ex- Tra poinT. Bevilacqua broke around lefT end for second TD. Weeks ran conversion. Third score was by Bev- ilacqua on io-yard run. Weeks con- verTed again Through IefT Tackle. Nelson carried final TD. Moor of The Week-Ed Keenan. Gene Rossi Dave Stokesbary WW Hai' Keith Silbough Rich Vollone Dick Smith L 1 i Rusty Weeks l 35 1955 Shoes Too Large, But We Gave Our All. WHITTIER 32, ALHAMBRA 0 Moors Teil aparT as Larry Korsmeier scored Twice, Ron Line once, and ArT Schneyer kicked Two conversions Tor 20-O TirsT quarTer lead. Kor- smeier passed To George Van VlieT Tor Two more TD's. Moor of The Week-Bruce Hauger. ALHAMBRA 26, ARCADIA 0 Bevilacqua Tired 84-yard pass play To Weeks Tor TirsT score. Jerry Phillips and Rechenmacher caughT Bevilacqua passes Tor Two TD's. Bevil- acqua ran one extra poinT around righT end and Bill Donahue kicked anoTher. Bevilacqua charged up middle Tor Tinal score. Moor of The VVeekewCarmen Chiarenza. MARK KEPPEL 'l4, ALHAMBRA I3 Rechenmacher picked up Tumble loy AzTec Mel NewquisT and kepT going Tor TirsT score and Tound hole Tor second TD. Donahue converTed. ln losT quarTer rally, NewquisT Tore 74 yards Tor one score and seven for another. Jim Reach kicked winning poinTs. Moor of The Week--Gary Mead. EL MONTE I4, ALHAMBRA 'I3 Bevilacqua shoT 114-yard pass To Weeks Tor TirsT score. Dick Arbuckle wenT up middle Tor six Lion poinTs. Bevilacqua climaxeal 62-yard drive wiTh crash Through cenTer Tor Moor TD. Cabral converTed. Lion CurTis Holmes pushed Tor score. Arbuckle kicked deciding conversion. Moor of The WeekwePhillips. MONROVIA 'I4, ALHAMBRA 7 Phillips received I8-yard Bevilacqua pass Tor score. Cabral kicked exTro poinT. VVildcaT Keith Lincoln piled Through Tor nexT TD. John Fauria inTercepTed Bevilacqua pass and Tound clear paTh To Tinal score. Lincoln loooTed Two conversions. Moor of The Week-Rechenmacher. PACIFIC LEAGUE FOOTBALL SCORES AHS VARSITY OPP. AHS JAYVEES OPP. AHS BEES OPP. AHS CEES OPP. I9 Chaffey O 0 Chaffey 23 33 Chaffey I8 0 Whittier 20 6 Glendale I9 0 Glendale I9 'I9 Glendale 'I3 I2 Arcadia 7 27 San Gabriel 0 6 San Gabriel 20 0 Whittier 7 6 Mark Keppel 20 0 Whittier 32 I3 Whittier I3 0 Arcadia I9 7 EI Monte 7 26 Arcadia 0 'I2 Arcadia 0 0 Mark Keppel 0 6 Monrovia 0 I3 Mark Keppel I4 6 Mark Keppel 7 0 El Monte I9 'I2 San Gabriel 6 I3 El Monte I4 'I9 Monrovia 6 7 Monrovia I4 TT .W ul' VARSITY lleft to right' Row I: Chuck Rhoades, Keith Silbaugh, Bill North, Jerry Phillips, Don Bevilacquo, Ed Keenan, Jerry l-layek, l-lerb Balderson, Ric Vallone, Row 2: John Clay lmgrl, Dave Hooker, Jim Randolph, Steve Newlin, Jerry Weeks, Gary Mead, Bruce I-louger, Clee Langley, Tom Forbes, Ti Regan, Paul Cobral, Don Burden lmgr.l, Row 3: Coach lVlcFate, Carmen Chiarenza, Rhett Rechenmacher, Chris Adams, James Cook, Bob Bria, Bob Edwarc Mike Quinn, Dave Stokesbary, Bill Rosen imgr,l, Coach Sowers. Row 4: Lynn Nilsen, Bill Nelson, Dick Fisher, Tim Scott, Richard Smith, Eugene Rossi, B Mann, Charles Ray, Dennis Ybarra, Lynn Carlson, Bill Donahue. I36 f7'N lm' Wi We www W W Q . Hr ' ' Q u 5 , ,Q A v ' , l iif A E l ,l , P- 5 n W ,X . ,,u.,,,,t 7 is ' ' MM 1 ' , , 5 5, arf, l ff A if-Wi g ll S M ' it-Illf, I' 'S '+A ll 'VX ' 1 f ' lil lgi ell Qi 9 f Q K sw, has r Q all-by fi li E J , i t ,fna, , gs g l t , ,T ,is 2 Q, AQ, if Ml J, 4 refs-Q ' xf fmx ' Lv. ,l 1 YVEES lleft to rightl Row 'l: Ron Tatton, Bob Thomson, John Stratton, Tom Dabov, Tom Cario, Fred Foxcrott. Row 2: Randy McDowell, John Grimes, k Newman, Dave Larsen, Lau Kalny, Dick Nassiet, Tom Eagan, Richard Vals. Row 3: Don Campbell, Jerry Vercruse, Robert Dillon, Robert Crawford, iny Fisher, Hubert Lindmeier, Jack Malengo. Row 4: Norman Howard lmgr.l, Jim Lea, Bill Tennis, Paul Greaves, John Nelson, Jim Randolph, Arnold zxton, Merlin Doebler, Jim Cox, ES lleft to right! Row I: Jim Elder lass't. coachl, Jim Venti, Gary Wendt, Dave Emerson, Ron Duncan, Ed Salvatierre, Joe Flores, Tom Martin, Mel mg, Frank DePetro. Row Z: Coach Patrick, Randy Miller, Rudy Jiminez, Ron Contreras, Mike Brown, Jim Smith, Tom Giandomenico, Bob Framhertz, Don xrgino, Mike Calogna, Frank Gioia, Dick Brio, Roy Alerich. Row 3: Rich Davidson, Lynn Watterrnan, Ed Arnold, Bronwyn Williams, Bob Mesias, Voy Glone, Randy JuengstfLRQ ,jEd Marasco, Larry McClanahan, Coach McCafferty, Row 4: Gary Loew, Gary Hadsell, Alan Jones, Chuck Menden- I, Don Buhmon, Rich Grumet, Jim T-Telde, Tom Johnson, Don Duncan, Robert Allen, Dan Messer. ES llett to rightl Row I: Don Schaffer, Gene Rosecrans, Jim Kruse, Kenny Robken, Jim Menconi, Dan Rosecrans, Norman Knoll, Ray Case, Bill Owens, Schwarting, Dick Sullivan, Jim Sample, Clark Smith. Row 2: Mike Little, Bill Smith, Bob Polito, Gary Wagner, John Yingling, Gary Webber, Mike Barber, i Moore, Louise Montenegro, Mike McManus, Denis Sapsin, Paul Frank, Jim Evans, Al Cartwright, Dave Simpson, Tony Farinella, Harry Misques. Row 3: Jch Rankin, Marvin Weber, Terry Beaumont, Ray Robison, Howard Benioff, Gary Meza, Vito Luizzi, John Conroy, Dave Daugherty, Art Goodman, Tom th, Steve DeLeau, James Olivere, Richard Jensen, Chuck Lanzi, Dave Clemens, Coach Boyd, Row 4: Bob Jennings, Gary Gibson, Dennis White, John fvert, Bob Nesbit, Jim Cochran, Bill Morris, Jerry Mann, Fred Reiser, Dan Greenwald, Rex Young, Mike Singer, Ed Sebastian, Larry Marvin, Bob Bishop, Carl Merz. BAND llett to rightl Row 'lz Joe Flores, Jeanie Hoheisal, Sharon Moran, Michele Slaboda, Roy Ludt. Row 2: Mr. Sheridan ladv,l, Tim Ramsey, Vivian Vlad, Torn Merrill, Bob Westmoreland, Gene McCarthy, Bob Thomson, James Bulskus, Louis Ramon, Roger Lent, Bob Kauffman. Row 3: Helen Brown, Bill Owens, Charles Morson, Jack Silberman, Greg Kelly, Karl Walker, Carroll Heacock, Dean Bentley, Tom Fenton, George Balaris. Row 4: Dennis Hope, John Berry, Chuck Wharton, George Garza, Joan Marson, Linda Dean, Gary Barber, Don McCauley, Dick Gastineau, Dale Crytzer. Row 5: Melvin Willcuts, Don Bartelson, Dick Kauffman, Margery Carlson, Dave Backhouse, Richard Davidson, Lloyd White, Lee Munio. DRILL TEAM lleft to rightl Row I: Julia Clay, Sondra Loy, Linda Lang, Yvonne Scalzi, Lucille Accordo, Theresa Accardo, Kay Hart. Row 2: Deanna Bassett, Jackie Page, Karen Zirbel, Nancy Lopez, Mary Quarrier, Polly McGarry, Judy Miller, Dorothy lberri, Row 3: Helen Landor, Jackie Schultz, Kathleen Martinich, Gay McGee Nancy Brintnall, Virginia Hallin, Virginia Dorsey, Carolyn Liddell, Andrea Hallin. Row 4: Jackie DeBernardi, Bonnie Kersey, Evo Genc, Nancy Edwards, Pat Peterson, Sharon Prell, Artho Ware, Elizabeih Frachieseur, Joan Perreioh, Kay Thom, Bonnie Kendall, Pot Reilly, Anno Carroll, l38 'Ks N' ,Is- 03 u 'ln W Q I 1 Z T 1 ,, , I ,f ' I-K 1 ' ' O Q. A 3 5.421 Q30 ELQYM C7 .-0' HSM XM ,X ,M lx ,ww VM 'mv 11Nm.1 vvxwfvv wt twwiwpu-,wL1 Yu-Cause' thc germ' has gmw ugumst LAN by mm' pwm, Inset: l4im1Hv lun!! 1' 1 wx xwvmq 'i'1"' "WY Ui' YM' T1-wivzlw I ,vm iv! vmxwrfl Gum-n wi Hmznvm'-:rmr1qGOrvw H01 Cmnt hmm tlw IMI, Judy N'1kHl'l Su-.uv S!uXw.1lw.wuq lww wrx.fXrv4j'vw1K 'ly 139 2 1 E s 5 E -Q- Bevilacqua totes the pigskin for sub- stantial yardage in eluding a would-be tackler. It's Mike Quinn and Bevilacqua patting the squeeze on a Whittier ball carrier. ness is the team reaction. There is a job to do. ...-A? Coach Ed Sowers attempts the correct frame of mind method before game time in the Iocker room, where many games are won and lost. Dead serious- OIN 4 Ca c'T hz U l, eq vga x ,sg g 1 I 140 T Btfcrt 0 The Cvcuvxf, AfTLr -:QS Z ww. fcssegc Y na... ew' ., G The touchdown has been madeg the crowd waits prayerfully, Will he kick that extra point? Can our tcarn stave oft another Opponent smart L.,-fr 5 . QAXJ - - Wt A . My Q. lsty Weeks, at left reaches for that ever-lovlng pigskin on a , wg pass. l-le's out there practically alone. Right: Coaches lvlclfate and Sowers kneel along the sldellne Os they get ready to send Instructions into the game by Bill Donahue llll Hill-and-Gull Runners Gffer Toughest Competition in League Sparked by tive returning lettermen, AHS road- runners won the first two meets handily . . ran out of gas in the middle ot the season . heartbreaking defeats by narrow margins . . strong competition for all opponents . . . With Three returning varsity lettermen . . . six returning J. V. lettermen . . . strong con- tenders tor the Pacific League crown next season . . . another season ot fine coaching by Mr. Swihart . . . Our hearty congratulations to the season's co-captains for their consistently fine perfor- mances throughout the year. . . e- L .g - C:-Q - 0 to iv-un: ' but . e ff .. 'fi E L 'f 1- ' 4' K 2 E 'if e 'Q T- f , . 'vi A 'H i 'S A I PACIFIC LEAGUE CROSS COUNTRY SCORES AHS VARSITY' 19 Burroughs 19 San Gabriel 36 Whittier 29 Arcadia 34 Mark Keppel 32 EI Monte 21 Monrovia 'Low Score Wins. OPP. 38 40 22 27 23 24 36 AHS JAYVEES OF 16 Burroughs 21 San Gabriel 33 Whittier 28 Arcadia " Mark Keppel 31 EI Monte 16 Monrovia 'Won bv AHS bv forfeit. CROSS COUNTRY llefr to rightl Row 1: Mel Nutter, Walt Maxwell, Ken Giles, Chad Gledhill, Leo Lodes, Denny Humphrey, Dean Champion, Row A Steve Austin, Gary Norton, Gary Rogers, Pat Sainsbury, Bill Smith, Ernie Maldonado, John Roberson, Pat Carroll. Row 3: Coach Swihart, Wayne Ros Stafford Smith, Lynn Nilson, Steve VanderHorst, Jim- Enna, Roger Drake, Dennis Daniels, Bill Harrison, Roger Wilander. 142 'ix Q .1 .af R2 I' L. ,L AV I E , and y 4 'dj h ,ii A gc x , 'n Q :ing , ,xl 'YV4 A if I , V 4 ' ' ,M '. f ag? 'Q , it f I K EHR ' A Q 1 fa . ug - ,Q al Af, Q ,ig uubuq W W fig! W if is A A f ., .2:.-.I r s Eff. . R . x - D f if 45 + . 5 f' Q ' A 4 V ll gf 3 - xr- xx 4 . ,,, L 1 1 xxx, Zu . , K L. Fi A 1 L 29, Ma' , . if if J? ff .Y K v 2 J'-f 4 N A QQ 5 is gffig: S 'A' fx F xg I af' was xg! 5 5? 'XM few w if A V' R Hardwood Artists Start Season Slowly, Win Runner-Ui John Behrens Paul Collier Dick Fisher Chuck Fox Dick Geiser Ed Keenan A flip of The coin . . . a sharp call by our principal, Mr. STroTher . . . and Alhambra's Var- siTy Tive were headed aT Tull TilT Toward The TirsT round of The CIF baskeTball playoffs . . . an- oTher coin Toss . . . anoTher lucky call . . . and Alhambra was declared hosT To San Bernardino aT San Gabriel High School. IT had been a season of consTanT improvemenT . . , pre-season play had noT seen The Moors aT Their besT . . . lack of heighT had loomed as a decided disadvanTage . . . SpliTTing Their TirsT Two games, The Alhambrans enTered The Long Beach Tourney To grab TourTh place . . . The remaining pracTice games were mixed wins and losses, vviTh The emphasis on The laTTer . . . Paci- Tic League play began vviTh a five-win seven-loss pre-league AHS record. l44 Don Livingston Gary Marshall San Gabriel gave fans a mixed maximum of exciTemenT as Alhambra barely vvon The open- ing TilT . . . WhiTTier presenTed more of an ob- sTacle as The Moors Tell back . . . AHS vvenT on To win iTs nexT Two wiTh Rosemead and Arcadia, buT dropped The Tollovving conTesTs To Keppel and El MonTe . . . ATTer ThaT, noThing sTopped The Moors as They finished The TirsT round by smashing Monrovia and vvenT inTo The second round vviTh Tull force, winning Their nexT Tive games in a row. Then came The Lions, vviTh Their seven-TooT gianT . . . named Engesser . . . and Their crack shoT . . . named Van VlieT . . . Alhambra had sTumbled inTo a sTone wall, buT The Moors re- covered To end The season by soundly whipping The WildcaTs. potg Bucket Way into Second C.I.F. Playoff Game. CapTain Don LivingsTon had been The spark- plug Tor The AHS quinTeT . . . Scoring 2l8 poinTs in pre-league play, he vvenT on To buckeT 20-4 in loop compeTiTion Tor a 422-poinT ToTal and a T46 league average. Alhambra . . . originally raTed TourTh in The Pacific League . . . vvenT inTo The CIF playoTTs holding a Tie Tor second place in league sTandings . . . The TirsT round saw The Moors suc- cessful as They sTomped San Bernardino, 62-50 . . . BuT They couldn'T keep iT up as They Tell before The powerful MT. Carmel Crusaders, 62-45 . . . ending The season, neverTheless, wiTh a rec- ord of baskeTball play well above Coach Bob Boyd's highesT expecTaTions. The AHS Bee squad . . . under The direcTion ol Coach Bill l-less . . . closed iTs season vviTh a six-win, eighT-loss record . . . while Coach John PaTrick's Jayvees ended play vviTh Three Wins and seven losses. Coach Ed Sovvers' Cees . . . having Trouble geT- Ting co-ordinaTed . . . wound up wiTh five wins and nine losses . . . and Coach Chuck McFaTe's Dees . . . sTarTing ouT sTrong . . . ended wiTh a spliT-even season of seven vicTories and seven deTeaTs. Jerry Mer: Tom Michiels Dick Newman Jerry Phillips Cv' 1-ir Rhett Rechenmacher Amie Samordich IA ighty Moors Turn In Tremendous Performance. VARSITY BASKETBALL llcft to right' Jerry Merz, Gary Marshall, Jerry Phillips, Don Livingston, John Behrens, Rhett Rechcnmocher, Dick Newman, Duc Fixlier, Dick Gr-mor, Tom Michaels, Arnold Somardich, Chuck Fox, Eddie Keenan, Poul Collier. Squotting: Coach Bob Boyd, Doug LeRoy lmgrl JAYVEE BASKETBALL llc-ft to right! Row 1: Jock Cholols, Mel ivlickolion, Lorry Thompson, Bob Lee, Ed Molmgreen, Fronk Belivio, .lim Leo, Richard Volx, Gorv Bishop. Row 2: Coach John Potrick, Randy Juengst, Roger Butkus, Chuck Vxfoolcy, Vince Dovics, Bob Ohmene, Bob Karnes, Rod Thomcle, Lynn Vsfotcrmon, Bob Cox AHS VARSITY OPP. 43 San Gabriel 50 Whittier 51 Ro'emea:' 43 Arcadia 44 Mark Keppel 51 El Monte 55 Monrovia 45 San Gabriel 73 Whittier 52 Rcsemead 64 Arcadia 52 Mark Keppel 41 El Monte 53 Monrovia lA PACIFIC LEAGUE BASKETBALL 62 San Bernardino' 50 45 Mt. Carmel' 62 'CIF playoff game. AHS BEES OPP. 43 San Gabriel 33 48 Whittier 77 45 Rosemead 49 62 Arcadia 40 37 Mark Keppel 39 56 EI Monte 58 46 Monrovia 44 50 San Gabriel 54 39 Whittier 69 56 Rosemead 44 56 Arcadia 35 43 Mark Keppel 45 54 El Monte 72 56 Monrovia 54 AHS CEES OPP, 28 San Gabriel 20 21 Whittier 26 25 Rosemead 29 21 Arcadia 24 20 Mark Keppel 31 30 El Monte 26 26 Monrovia 33 31 San Gabriel 23 12 Whittier 41 32 Rosemead 25 17 Arcadia 23 SCORES 21 Mark Keppel 29 22 El Monte 35 29 Monrovia 27 AHS DEES OPP. 30 San Gabriel 18 28 Whittier 19 50 Rosemead 20 16 Arcadia 14 22 Keppel 31 40 El Monte 46 16 Monrovia 27 35 San Gabriel 26 19 Whittier 23 25 Rosemead 36 28 Arcadia 29 32 Keppel 44 El Monte 36 Monrovia AHS JAYVEES 39 San Gabriel 28 Whittier 43 Rosemead 19 Arcadia 34 Keppel 16 El Monte 34 Monrovia 30 San Gabriel 37 Arcadia 29 Keppel 25 33 37 OPP. 25 47 21 31 28 41 42 33 47 36 BEE BASKETBALL 'IMT t4 rulht ROW I: lwfquv Sfmrp, lwm 1'wMlv,w:1, Cmw Html-A-li, Hula rV14'YlQlSl Lfllfy Hclcrvxs Row 2: UNI' IDHIHAIIVV Vu! fmrrxsfmrx, I-vm Awlrci, Tum N111rtm hmm Uuanfmw CEE BASKETBALL 'lvft lf' uqht' Row l:C,1r1rx Lxvuiqrcu NUM Vznl41'v,JwfvlxwrwlrvlDcllrlzyC1r4'l'rvvvl'1lL1Y,fV1lLs'SHvLjx'l', l74v.vr4 Kmgvwvrw, Hurry fNAz1wf1Lnz, IDU!! Hlll41l'Vl 'mqrl Row 21 fully Nwriwru, D41x4'Dn1LA:jfwL'lly BLvlpfXJt"wfl1Yf,Jwl1l1 Mm: wx lvmi luv Nzlgwlf DCI!! lQw,s'cu1rws, Dwclf Jcrwmcvv, Iwvw. lwxlwflln, Hfwwuui Hmw1H, Dmlvm' Cmnlm ROW 31 Umm XVwIwr-, 14-11 Spltlxq, J1'llyVWurwrw, F11-41lQ0wwL'v,Gr,1ry U vxvwfi, Cxmrh Swvvvr-., fmflrx Wlsjsfx, Gum' NV4'M:r, Bwlw lmr M I--vvv K wl1'm1lvm' DEE BASKETBALL We-11 tw rufght' Row I: Vcls' Qu-,tcm luv l41vrx'C,'v1f-fJc1tmg NNN' VVICLVJHIHN Dwrv Snfmvffur, Eli K M-M1utw'1rw, H4111 ljvlilmlrw, Jw' VVwH Row Z: Qwcxdx 'ximlrllmy fwm- Rm-,vcvflrw-,I VVMM' Lxtilv, Sfuxx' Bwxfwff, Dim f wiv luv: Hvfrwm, lm' Siwvvwlulucjfw, Jwlw Ywrlqlulq, Dow' Mrluchmv, liull Row 3: Huh Sl NIMH, Km1Gmiqcr, Hull Ifzwlvvw, flwnul Urn-, Huy Burch, Sims- DuLcuu, Rach uriwllvvmifv Quwlrjq- f'4,1h'rv11vn, Vrtfv Lwlillf, Jun Hvrfl -J. Q' an It ?X v.' 4 OUR ' 3 . -A QUURJ ,wx gh? xkwfis- Kwan -Nb Q I5 4. ,,..u.. , l-.-A 4 E3 ,lf v Q cw R . M1fv2zhi1!fv?f 3.1 fi' f- -Q EMF- ,VA J A04 - K-"ff.A',M'..-3.T.' ' av ,L 1 A , .'7""1 -"ag 4 Wm K .P 'fl-, ',"""'fL-"F'f."s.-'.h ,. Mr- Q me rl! FS 'W 2, ?44W! WS 5' .. Qi K' W , Q4 -:gl 15.3, 'Huw ' il? y l Q 5 9 M T I "' i i offs 'Q Queen Barbara Smead ltennis choicel, surrounded by her lovely court of, left, Marit Ogaard lgym teamfl, Judy Miller ltrackl, Karen Kasten lgolfl, and Launee Jessee lbasebolll reigned over the assembly that concentrated on spring sports. Football season is over . . . basketball is draw- ing to a close . . . it is at this time that spring sports begin sharing the athletic spotlight. Track begins . . . Moor cindermen begin burn- ing up the oval setting new school and meet records. Baseball gets into full swing as the Alhambra moundsmen start hurling for all they're worth. Tennis . . . strengthens wrists and develops a precision swing . . . as the AHS racquetmen con- fidently start preparing tor a triumphant season. The gymnastics squad . . . more pushups and concentrated practice . . . as the Moor muscle- men get in shape for their ensuing competition. The golf team . . . costantly searching for more talent' . . . takes to the green ltree ot chargel in preparation for a busy season. Spring sports are just getting into tull swing when the season is dramatically highlighted by the selection of candidates for Spring Sports Queen by each ot the tive sports. The Queen . . . selected by the student body . . . is crowned in the Spring Sports Assembly by Mr. Gilbert Strother and reigns over Alham- bra's athletics for the rest of the semester . . . along with her four princesses. Spring sports . . . though not of the magnitude of football and basketball . . . provide thrills, excitement, and spectacle for both fans and par- ticipants alike. I49 Moor Netters Lob and Volley Way to T01 bis, ALNMX T A d La B rns Bill Daugherty Jerry Dill Mike Foy BiIl5 h N J b K GI "5 Chuck S Her Larry Taylor -hui Spot in Smashing Pacific League Season. , so mm VARSITY TENNIS lleft to rightl Row I: Tom Avard, Chuck Soutter, Norm Jacobson, Bill Daugherty, Coach Boyd. Row 2: Jerry Dill, Bill Smith, Ken Giles, Mike Foy, Larry Taylor, Larry Baerns. The rapid Travel of a tiny rubber ball, whizzing through the air . . . the mighty impact of ball on racket strings . . . gaping holes put in the net by a smashing forehand . . . the coordinated neck exercise of a spectator following the ball with his head . . . the exhausted loser vainly trying to leap over the net to congratulate his opponent . . . These pictures all bring to mind tennis, a spring sport at AHS and a year-round form of recreation for many. This year, as in other years when annuals were prepared, we are being represented by an "exceptional" tennis team. But unlike our tennis teams of previous years, this year has a perfect season record, and gives every indication of finishing the year undefeated. Led by four letter- men from last year's squad, our strong team is preparing for final league matches that will com- plete the slate. Having defeated Pacific League Kingpin Arcadia, the Moor netmen are almost assured the league title. But the fun and experi- ence gained competing in this fast and popular sport bring individual rewards beyond this honor to the school. Not to be outdone by their more exalted bro- thers, the Moor Jayvees have kept pace but have tasted defeat. Jayvee tennis is still the proving ground for future varsity players, the time when the kinks can be ironed out of their game. l5l Jayvees Battle for Future Varsity Net Squad Spots. I W VP7 2 ,,:.,.., , , 'W I fm it i f ,,.. . ,uf 'SCH JAYVEE TENNIS lleft to rightl Row I: Don Underhill, John Schramm, David Sandor, Jim Burtle, Bob Thomson, Ronnie Mayall, Roger Hold- stock, Mike Segal. Row 2: John Branch, Don Soto, Doug LeRoy, Yardley Scully, Dick Kauffmann, Bob Finch, Dale Crytzer, Larry Thompson, Coach Swihart. Row 3: Larry Marvin, Al Cartwright, Larry Colegate, Allen Lam, Dick Hattermon, Doug Rys, Brian Hauger, Frank Bellivia, Bill Smith, Gary Smith. PACIFIC LEAGUE TENNIS SCORES AHS V OPP. AHS .IV 9 San Gabriel 6 Whittier 7 Rosemead 7 Arcadia 8 Keppel 5 El Monte 9 Monrovia 9 San Gabriel 7 Whittier 6 Rosemead 2 Arcadia 9 Keppel El Monte Monrovia 152 V2 San Gabriel Whittier Rosemead Arcadia Keppel El Monte Monrovia San Gabriel Whittier Rosemead Arcadia Keppel El Monte Monrovia lp.- 54 fiiiu fffslw 'NSS Sy' orr. X - "" 0 K 6 V1 5 0 I 5 0 2 S G f 2 l 7 f f .I 'Q . -www ' Mar I- h X L Top: Cee High Jumper Mike Singer cleors the bor niceiy in competition. Middle: Dove Stokesbory shows nice form in the vault-good enough to give him o win in leogue finals. Bottom: Coach McFote sends Silbough, Lodes, ond Humphrey out of their blocks in o few practice starts. i "I Z ' 'j' 'ai i.'ai.1s,a Cindermen Display Record-Shattering Strengt Small squad . . . GreaT spiriT . . . Theme of The '57 Track Team . . . Stiff Training . . . liTTle Time for relaxaTion . . . Thus, The beginning of The Track season . . . Moors victorious in Tri- angular meet . . . Weeks went by fasT, las he always didl, records falling behind . . . Then The Time came, we fell Too . . . Arcadia, Rose- mead, El MonTe, and Monrovia all proved To be The proverbial Thorns in our side . . .Losing To Monrovia by a narrow margin of Two points. To some The field of Track is new . . . There are new skills To be acquired . . . WiTh The assis- Tance of The coaching sTaff The Bee and Cee Teams, although not as successful as hoped, gained valuable experience wiTh each meeT . . . To These who have just begun, The Bees and Cees of Today, belong The fuTure hopes of A.H.S. Track success. This year Track has brought a new spiriT among The sTudenTs . . . The creation of inTeresT in spring sports . . . IT is marked by increased aTTendance aT The differenT meeTs . . . A crowd of over six hundred was in aTTendance for The shaTTering of four meeT records, including one school record, aT The firsT league night conTesT. WiTh The close of The season . . . C.l.F. finals in view . . . The '57 Track Team has compleTed anoTher season of Thrills and exciTemenT for all . . . Even Though one is noT a parTicipanT, There is enjoymenT in wiTessing each evenT . . . The century, The hurdles, shoT puT and pole vaulT, The relays. AT Arcadia in The Pacific League meeT records were Toppled, and Thrill followed Thrill. The finish in boTh The 440 and The l8O low hurdles will give The fans someThing To Talk abouT for a long Time. VARSITY TRACK ileft To rightl Row I: Joe Muhs, Tom Martin, Clee Longley, Tim Scott, Dick Fisher, Tim Regan, Bob Ornens, Bill Rosen, lmgr T Row 2: Don Burden Imgr.l, Bob Packer, Dole Carter, Leo Lodes, Denny Humphrey, Gary Mead, Don Livingston, Paul Campbell, Frank Fisher, Row 3 Tom Dabov, Dave Stokesbary, Dean Champion, Chad Gledhill, Rusty Weeks, Keith Silbaugh, Jerry Phillips, Dick Vallone, Hubert Lindmeir, Paul Cabral John Behrens, Dick Geiser, Jerry Hayek, Mr, McFate icoachi T54 Some Weaknesses in Heartbreaking Season. PACIFIC LEAGUE SCORES V B C OPP. V B C 3 571 2 61 Sun Gabriel 38 2f"3 3712 16 18 39 Whittier 51 77 38 45 26 112 Rosemead 71 50 35 1f 10 18 Arcadia 54 59 9 10 36 2 3 51 Keppel 47 58 1fi3 43 201'2 El Monte 63 52 561f2 27 28 Monrovia 53 68 49 BEES 'loft to righti Row 1: Dave Thompson, Leo Lodes, Larry Rose, Rob Contreras, Gary Shore, Keith Ward, Tom Giandomenico. Row 2: Gary Loew, Dave Frandsen, Dick Brio, Gary Rogers, Lloyd White, Bill Harrison, John Clay, Mike Warmack, John Provines, Ed Railliar lmgrl, Row 3: Gary Rightmcr, Randy Jacngst, Vay McGlane, Frank Gioia, Brown Williams, Dennis Buhrnan, Pat Carroll, Pat Allen. CEES 'left to right! Row 1: Dan Greenwald, Gary Norton, Ron Magro, Al Singer, Bernard Milano. Row 2: Gene Rosecrans, Ernest Maldonado, Marurn Vllcber, Fred Ten Naple, Rex Young, Bob McDermott, Mike Singer. Row 3: Bill Morris, Roy Robinson, Nick Giandomenico, Bob Aitobello, Fred Raiser, Robert Nisbett 155 GOLF TEAM lleft to right! Row I: Rhett Rechemmacher, Roy Allen, Ronald Neale, Jordan Levine, Steve Abajian, Dennis Boden, Gary Lindgren. Row 2: Ronald Sinicrope, Gary Dworkin, Jay Winfield, Coach Weatherholt, James Loupy, George Kamer, Ronnie Knott. GYM TEAM lleft to rightl Row l: Coach McFate, John Basmajian, Larry Brock, Chris Adams, David Cudney, Bill Davis, Gary Curtiss, Jim Kirby. Row 2: Bill Swab, Gary Hawkins, Fred Ten Naple, Jim Kruse, Bob Fromhertz, Tom Giandomnico, Greg Gib- bons, Bob Jennings, Ron Steingrebe. Row 3: Mickey Michaelian, Mike lacobellis, John Magoon, John Grimes, Gary Peterson, Bill McKeown, Bill Morris, Dick Launchbough, Herodota Themelis, Row 4: Andy Rusnak, Jan Snyder, Roy Wallace, John Spence, Tom Morrison. GOLF If you are inclined to regard golf as an old man's game, or the presidential pastime, or, per- haps, a good reason to go for a long walk, you'll be surprised to learn that the game has become a competitive sport for kids of high school age. AHS recently joined thirteen other schools in a golf league . . . the young team of freshmen and sophomores has seen little success . . . only fourteen boys are participating on the course . . . only one is a returning letterman . . . Yet these golf aspirants willingly practice sev- eral times weekly on the Almansor course . . . their interest and enthusiasm promises better suc- cess within the next few years . . . GYMNASTICS S Five to ten minutes of warm-up exercises . . . 50 iumping jacks, i5 burpies, many pushups, and various stretching and limbering motions . . . mark the beginning of a typical practice ses- sion for Alhambra High's gymnastics squad dur- ing third period in the midst of the gym season. Mats are rolled out . . . the parallel bars, side horse, high bar, parallettes and buck once again make their daily appearance on the boys' gym floor . . . the rings and ropes are lowered into place . . . and the Moor musclemen start to work in earnest preparing routines for stiff competition. This is the picture . . . a gym team . . . requir- ing hard work and student interest to succeed. Q , 'fl 'Q "Baseball Season"-Another Name for Spring Arclight Game Stirs lVIoor Fans' Interest in Stron Taking to the baseball diamond in fine style . . . winning their tirst three games . . . Alham- bra's Varsity baseballers started their season out optimistically with Lady Luck on their side . . . showing promise ot transversing the league sea- son near the top ot the Pacitic League heap . . . falling back to a tie and then going into a slump . . . losing two games in a row . . . but picking up again to win another two contests and secure a high rung on the league ladder . . . the Moors gave every indication of completing the season in the same spirited manner in which they began. Leading Coach John Patrick's nine . . . top AHS pitchers, Jerry Merz and Bill Nelson . . . Merz hurling tor a total ot about seven strike- outs for every walk . . . Nelson also giving up a minimum ot bases on balls . . . and then giving wings to the ball---leading batters . . . Bob Bria . . . Ed Keenan . . . Bob Mesias . . Jay Lawrence . . . Bruce Hauger. Pegged at the beginning ot the season for about fourth place, the Alhambra baseball squad . . . playing better than expected . . . gave opponents a real run tor their money. Starting out their season on the right note . . . going through the tirst round ot play with only a slight debit in the win-loss columns . . . Alhambra's Jayvees tore onto the diamond to begin the second round with a whopping victory over San Gabriel. Coach Dave Rankin's iunior ball club . . . with good hopes ot finishing the Pacific loop season in top-notch style . . . led on by the spirited play ot hard-hitting Bob Conlee and Steve Frantz . . . the pitching ot Dick Jensen . . . the catching ot Steve DeLeau . . . giving opposing teams a noteworthy tight. ,ll-Im f W Ii! VARSITY BASEBALL llett to right' Row I: Dick Duncan, Jerry Merz, Bob Brio, Arnie Samardich, Chuck Lanzi, John Venti. Row 2: Allen Jones, Bill Nelson, Bruce Hauger, Chuck Marikian,, Bob Fleck, Frank Depetro, Ron Duncan. Row 3: Coach Patrick, Bill Smith, Bob Mesias, Mike Quinn, Jay Lawrence, Dennis Newell, Eddie Keenan. 158 I. if Zontention for Pacifielel up Qnieball Crown. PACIFIC AHS V 5 San Gabriel 3 Whittier 3 Rosemead 3 Arcadia 0 Mark Keppel 'I El Monte 4 Monrovia 5 San Gabriel 2 Whittier 2 Rosemead 4 Arcadia 3 Keppel El Monte Monrovia f 1 f ll ky, M W fffff, U x7 I lf!! ZW lj W ff LEAGUE BAS ALL SCORES OPP. AHS JV 3 5 San Gabriel 0 2 Whittier 3 3 Rosemead l 4 Arcadia 'IO I Mark Keppel 2 5 El Monte l 3 Monrovia O I5 San Gabriel 8 3 Whittier 3 4 Rosemead I 5 Arcadia 2 2 Keppel EI Monte Monrovia OPP. 4 4 ll 2 3 3 9 4 4 5 3 0 r-ling C S X V BASEBALL ilelt to right! Row I: Steve Frantz, Richard Verdugo, John Yingling, Bob Conlee, Ed Sebastianmir-1-,,ljg,gl3g,LQ11, Randy Coleman, B Il mth lmgr.P. Row 2: Jack Chalais, Pat Sainsbury, Jim Hefner, Joe Stom baugh, Norman Knoll, Jack Waldman, Dave Rankin, Icoachl, Russ Murphy il Salvatnerra, Art Charles, Clark Smith. Row 3: Jim Evans, Dick Jensen, John Conroy, Jim Cox, Tom Micheil, Dave Daugherty, Mike Calagna, Jim 1cClanahan, Don Schaefer, Steve DeLeau. 9 Feminine Athletes To prove they are not muscle bound, G,A.A. officers, from the left, Carolyn Lawson, Frances Cosand, Rosemary Venturi, and Charlotte Burtle, carry books and do some real studying. Coordination, Speed, Timing, and Competitive Spirit The Girls' Athletic Association . . . ready for action . . . ready for a good time. Did somebody say something about the weaker sex? . . . Whip- ping the boys in volley-ball may not be the best way to get a date, but it surely is fun . . . G.A.A. emblems on gym shorts have their own messages for other girls in gym classes: watch out! . . . beware! . . . Here comes the female Mickey Man- tle to the plate . . . a bit of showing off in the interclass tournaments- but why not? The semi-annual playday . . . hard work re- warded with soft drinks . . . one precious day away from school. Even more important . . . the greatest event arrives with the spring, the Girls' Athletic Federation Conference . . . hun- dreds of girls bursting with energy and vigor . . . tense and excited . . . wild with enthusiasm . . . hundreds of mighty females loyally defend- ing, gallantly fighting for their schools' suprem- acy. But who is that exhausted, bent figure wear- ily seeking the refuge of the gym office as an escape from the excitement and chaos? . . . lt's the adviser, Mrs. Vincent. l With vim, vigor, and vitality these GAA, members play a friendly game of girls' basketball, 160 "Be sure the racquet is straight, reach to your full height, place your weight on your left foot as you start your serve, and don't fall on your face," says Mrs. Vincent as she demonstrates correct tennis posture, LQ., X,,.,, NA. -1 M QWQ3i'1Qf'sti! A 'Is .2 .lt ff?" --' .. f 5? XY 161 Posture pretty is Queen Faye Henderson of Scan Gabriel, Patty Allen, Pot Southern, Ellen Tripp, Luono King, ond Burdy Boyle. 162 N Get that ball! Hey, you, you're over the line. Thot'LS not fair! A S .YHil,JaB5i I Are you having trouble? American Field Service, 53 Annual Editors, 41 Annual Staff, 42 Art, 42 Literary 6' Business, 42 Art Department, 14 Assistant Supts., 9 Band, 138 Baseball, 157-159 Varsity, 158 Jayvee, 159 Basketball, 143-148 Varsity, 146 Jayvee, 146 B.C.D., 147 Basketball Action, 148 Basketball lnd., 144-145 Board of Education, 8 Boys' Federation, 50 Boys' P.E. Dept., 21 Boys' Vice-Principal, 10 Cafeteria Workers, 26 Child Welfare, 12 Choir, 52 Christmas Giving, 86 Christmas Program, 86 Classes: W'57, 32-36 S'57, 39-72 W'58, 78-79 S'58, 80-85 S'59, 87-92 S'60, 93-99 Class Officers: W'57, 31 S'57, 39 W'58, 78 S'58, 80 S'59, 87 S'60, 93 Clubs, 103-129 Inter-Club Council 1, 115 Inter-Club Council 2, 104 Aliis, 1 16 Alpha Rho Tau, 105 Argonauts, 1 16 Art Club, 105 Campus Club, 117 Dedication, 5 French Club, 108 Forensic, 107 G.A.A., 160 German Club, 109 1-liHatters, 1 17 Junior Exchange, 118 Junior Optimists, 118 Junior Red Cross, 1 19 Junior Statesmen, 1 19 Kea Loo, 1 19 Key Club, 120 Kolohe, 120 La Hoalauna, 121 La Jeunesse, 121 Lanakila, 122 Las Cadenitas, 122 Las Maravillas, 123 Las Moras, 123 Las Sonadoras, 124 Latin Club, 110 Laule'a, 124 Les Amies, 125 Les Nouvelles, 125 Library Girls, 111 Light and Shadow, 111 Los Hidalgos, 112 Los Laureados, 102 Moana Kea, 126 Na Alii, 126 Na Hoaloho, 127 Nani Loa, 127 Orchesis, 1 12 Pequenitas, 128 Poni Lani, 128 Racqueteers, 1 13 Scholarship Society, 103 Science Club, 113 Senior Girl Scouts, 129 Usher Club, 129 Ski Club, 1 14 Varsity Club, 115 Writers' Guild, 114 Commercial Dept., 15 Commissions, 43-45 Commissioner Generals, 43 Counsellors, 11 Cross Country Squad, 142 Custodians, 26 Debate, 56 Debate, JV, 57 Dedication, 4-5 Drill Team, 132,138 English Department, 16 F.B.L.A., 106 Football, 134-137, 140, 141 F.N.A., 106 Varsity, 136 F.T.A., 107 JV, B, C, 137 I I l 1 l - 1 1 - 1 - I I - Foreign Students, 137 Girls' League, 49 Girls' P.E. Dept., 22 Girls' Vice-Principal, 10 Golf Team, 156 Gym Team, 156 Homecoming Queen, 139 Homemaking Department, 17 Industrial Arts Dept., 18 JUNE MAD Cast, 33 Language Department, 19 Legislature, 47 Librarian, 12 Majorettes, 133 MOOR Staff and Editors, 51 MR. BARRY'S ETCHINGS, 64 Music Department, 20 Nurse, 12 Orchestra, 55 "Out of This World", 70 Posture Queen, 162 Principal Gil Strother, 10 Prize Snap, 76 P.T.A., 13 Science-Math. Dept., 23 Secretaries, 26 "Senior Problems", 76 Signature Page, 27 Social Science Dept., 25 Song Leaders, 133 Speakers, 56 Speech Department, 24 Spring Sports Queen, 149 Stage Crew, 69 Student Store and Bank, 58 Street Scene, 30 S'57 Activities, 72-77 S'57 Play Cast, 65 S'57 Senior Play, 66-67 Superintendent, 9 Tennis, 150-152 Varsity, 151 Jayvee, 152 Title Page, 1 Track, 153-155 Varsity, 154 B, C, 155 Tri-City Honor Band, 71 W'57 Activities, 37 Winter Prom, 60-62 Winter Prom Queen, 60-61 W'57 Senior Play, 34-35 Yell Leaders, 133 Patronize the friendly merchant whose ad appears in the pages of this book. Let him know you saw his ad in the 1957 ALHAMBRAN. ,gn ogne FOR reciziion ENGRAVING AND PRINTING xx ff' .YK S JACK CANNICOTT PUBLICATIONS PUBLISHERS OF MORE PRIZE WINNING BOOKS THAN ANY OTHER COMPANY ON THE PACIFIC COAST LCS ANGELES ENGRAVING COMPANY -we 8 T M., 9? lf you want to meet the Gang Go to . 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Main St 16 6 From the I932 LeBaron Imperial, from which Carolyn Sessions is alighting, to the powerful new Plymouth Fury, which Staff Smith, Nancy Taylor, and Joanne Harrison are admiring, the switch is on to the great Chrysler line - to be viewed at the SAN-VAL showroom, T543 West Main St. DIAMONDS WATCHES WHITE'S JEWELERS WATCH and cLocK REPAIRING Phone ATIantic 4-6953 . I I I5 W. Main Alhambra - . G u o 2 I., OUR VERY BEST Experts . . . IN THE CARE AND CLEANING OF CLOTHES WL DRYGSLEANERI cAMPus si-ions The very prettiest Y O U ! Telephone I2l East Main St. Vfsff - ATIantic 4-4480 ALHAMBRA, cAuF. STYLRITE BEAUTY SALON I4l8 So. Garfield Ave. AT 2-5476 I67 Rusty Weeks tries on a pair ot surfing pantsg Jim Slatin insists he likes the shorter ones better. Genial Al Silverman, manager ot SHANNON'S, I0 E. Main St., Alhambra, suggests the darker color in the smartest ot sportswear. Max. J. Bruensteiner I 27 West Main Street THE lll.llllMBllll Cll Ellll Sll0P AT 2-6365 CU 3-2590 I HSI-IBURIIS C E! for luxurious K home furnishings Xiv T at amazingly lovug : IIC ,V budget . , 'Ti prices humtll I I ll ALHAMMA EL MONTE PASADENA WHITTIER "0Af.'9fS'?f?i 5" 'ol-,.f"a.9Y3Z9" mZYFa.fT5'Z""" "3xY'4.?5'iY' CONGRATULATIONS - CLASS OF '57 Headquarters for nationally advertised DIAMONDS - WATCHES - SILVERWARE - APPLIANCES Fine Watch Budget Repairing Terms 168 , x l ml 1 ei, Effiftf A A A I f ff ' 8 i LASTING SUCCESS NOT JUST A WISH...AN INVITATION your success is our concern tool we invite you to become an important part of the fascinating well paid communications industry. wha.A4an-1, l Ll . ' . .r it Ask your vocational counselor about positions with Pacific Telephone, or drop into one of our nearby Employment Offices. women men Alhambra Monterey Park 21 So. First St. l24A No. Garfield Ave. Or ask your Operator for ZENITH 10,000 for the Employment Office nearest your home. Q- fir ? lllll'l::' all ll , '?' 3' 1' ,ll ' . .L I 'E' I .- : Wg , r. ft fig , f . 'fil l 1, -. D Pacific Telephone Emi in every respect LITTLE STONE CHURCH Turner, Stevens and Turner HOTELS - RESORTS - TOURS - AIRLINES - BUSES SAVE wl1H FARMERS STEAMSHWS AUTO - TRUCK - FIRE - LIFE BYRNE TRAVEL SERVICE I N 5 U R A N C E . SAN GABRIEL OFFICE 47 S. Garfield Ave. Alhambra, Calif. 919 W. Los Tunes Dr. AT 2-6268 Telephones AT 2-5l7l - CU 3-2250 District Manager - Jack Palmer IE I WA R ID S 9 Photography FINEST PHOTIOGRAPHIC S SERVICE FOR SCHOOLS DELICIOUS ICE CREAM . and FROZEN FRUIT PUNCH CHurchill 9-7032 CHapman 5-5567 for all your dances 3455 Ocean View Blvd. and parties Glendale 8, Calif. 1824 W. Main St. AT 2-6533 Local Representative W. B. HOLLAND Alhambra 170 lirst Western Bank and Trust Co. Two convenient offices in Alhambra Alhambra Office 44 West Main St. ATlantic 9-5141 Ninth and Valley Oltice 855 W. Valley Blvd. ATlantic 9-3534 "Service is First pete mil er PAINT COMPANY WALLPAPERS 217-223 E. Valley, Alhambra Paint Dept. AT 9-5241 Wallpaper Dept. AT 9-2121 Wedding Reception Supplies Greeting Cards Party Goods B E N D E R ' S Party Goods Store 11 W. Main AT 1-3581 Alhambra THE F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. Wh 247 E. Main si. First Western" Alhambra Congratulations Graduates VA N ' S ,I E W E L R Y FOR YOUR POSITION OF THE FUTURE The House of See. . . FINER DIAMONDS JOHN DAVIS EMPLOYMENT Buy on our Budget Plan at no extra cost AGENCY 15 West Main Street 328 West Valley Blvd. 1103 E. Main St. AT 9-4234 Alhambra In Alhambra ln El Monte Jackie lvlaeder is amazed as Don Liv- ingston demon- strates the touch that tucks away the top on this new Ford Fairlane at E I. L I C 0 ' S 330 W. Valley Blvd. Alhambra 171 Why Chevy is a pleasure to drive is ably explained by Salesman Weeks of ECONOMY CHEVROLET, 1247 West Main St., Alhambra, to Gary Rogers, Chad Gledhill, Mary Bristow, and Judy Perrin. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1957 .mu Z?oi5 irnerafauome 116 North San Gabriel Boulevard San Gabriel, California ATIantic 7-6123 CUmberland 3-1423 31 Flavors , "W usxrn-Iozialiig' IIIISIIIIII-IIIIIIIIINS ,,,, , srfi 1 ,rm ' fl V :IEEEIII NW. 5 ICE CREAM :gg QMAM .77 San Gabriel-613 West Las Tunas Dr., AT 9-3383 GOULD MUSIC CO. PIANOS and CONN ORGANS 631 West Las Tunas Dr. San Gabriel ATIantic I-3810 SERVING THE ENTIRE VALLEY PLUMBING FOR REPAIRS - REMODELING - ALTERATIONS Budget Terms ' Free Estimates WINTERBOTTOM PLUMBING Established 1909 AT 2-51 17 909 W. Las Tunas Dr. San Gabriel I72 Qu 'I 'FHL , I " in' I 1' lfjlly Lvf ' 1.1, .fn I' .. MA X ALHAMBRA SAN MARINO TEMPLE CITY Linda lvloyer lrightl models a smart frock for Arlene Bradshaw and Peggy Foss. CU 3-3939 AT 1-5790 AT 1-9188 WISE FURNITURE MARKET TEMPTATION CHARLES WISE - I. IucAs WISE SWEET SHOP Fine Furniture for Fine Homes Ice Cream 8m Home Made Candies 1165 West Valley Blvd. Alhambra, Calif. 1820 West Valley Blvd. Alhambra, Calif. glllllllllIllllll'IlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlll'lllllllIlllllllilllllllllllllIllllllilllllllll' lllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll'IIIIIIIFE Good Luck fo our Fvfvre Cifi2ef1S "THIS INSTITUTION CAN FIT INTO YOUR FUTURE" E Andy Anderson Insurance Agency T 1400 so. Garfield Ave. Alhambra Z AT 4-2456 5 I 5 E v E R E T T Home Loans and Insured Savings E Since 1927 3 T v I f!! A In MUTUAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 1 or ALHAMBRA 2 2434 W. Valley Blvd. i Alhambra AT 2-6177 - CU 3-4289 625 E. MGIH Street Alhambra E DON EVERETT - STAN EVERETT TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII III III llll IIIIIIIII II IIIIIIIIIIIIII III III! IIIIIII Il lllllllll II II IIIII IEIIIII IIII III I I 173 Ellen Tripp prefers a stripe but Nancy Barrett has eyes only tor the lovely white evening gowng Judy Ellington can't decide. This fateful decision is being made at the smartest new dress shop in town, RUE'S, at 309 East Main St. in Alhambra. Serving the San Gabriel Valley Since 1929 Supplies for dll kinds of PUlnle"5 sINcI.AIIz PRINTING co. U' PRINTING and Im-IocsRAPI-Iv W- B- HAYES PAINT STORE Phone 217 N Gorfeld Ave 25 So. Garfield Ave. Alhambra . I . AT 2-3123 Alhambra, Calif. AT 2-4156 Your Pet Headquarters For fhe Lafesf in Birds - Puppies - Tropical Fish Rhythm and Blues Insecticides - Fertilizers reQf?f3'3 ' . d d . , sa-,fgcfefwf Garden Supplies , Agayghilsgliilql an recor s of all types . , A I Mffefmwk S P E I: R I N I, I N c . 52214: Ggrden 5:32393 ' M M 230 waaf Main sf. AT 4-3293 . ain t. A - Reliability - in service SCHOOL suPPIIEs - TYPEWRITER RENTALS COMPIETE SHELL CARE Fon OFHCE EQUWMENT YOUR CAR , 2 g :W- BRANDON'S SERVICE STATION AlHMlgM,L'mmTER 2300 W. Valley Blvd. Alhambra 3"s"'9f""'m'1 A"1A'f'i'U AT 1-9461 CU 3-4213 AT 2-4831 174 What more appropriate gift than lightweight luggage could 1 there be for the graduate? Dave Cathlinat, John Campbell, Joan 226 East Main St. Hayde, Al Jannard, Jean Munsee, and Evelyn lrion are admiring H "House of Fine Gifts" this most complete line at AERO LUGGAGE, 226 E. Main St., Alhambra, CG' ' Alhambra. We QW S 5- lil. green Stamym "Come To Highway For Every Bloomin' Thing" V Highway flume:-9 r . . A IVI M AT 4-2368 1245 W. Valley Blvd., Alhambra OPEN DAILY EXCEPT WED. PLUMBING, HEATING, APPLIANCES Jos sRowNlNG BUICK co., INC. REMODEUNG "Associated With Buick Since 1917" 1200 W. Main St. Alhambra 425 Wesf Main 51,-eel, All-,Umbro Telephones: AT 2-6173 - CU 3-1258 Free Pick-Up and Delivery Prompt- Courteous Reserve your Ioan by phone , , COMMUNITY LOAN SERVICE Confidential Service ATlc,nfic 2-1661 CONTRACTS REFINANCED CUmbefl0"d 3-1315 55000 'O 5150000 15 so. Garfield Ave. Automobile or Furniture PAYMENTS REDUCED Alhambra, Calif. 175 IF IT'S RECORDS. . .WE MOST LIKELY HAVE WHAT YOU'D LIKE! 23,000 Different Long-Playing and Extended Play Albumsg 50,000 Different Single Records SAN GABRIEL VALLEY RECORD SHOP Fourth and Valley Blvd. Alhambra, Calif. Open: Week Days Till I0 P.M. - Sundays Till 5 P.M. This Portrait of Carolyn Sessions Was Taken at JERRY 0'BRIEN STUDIO T307 East Main Street AT 2-5068 Alhambra, California ALHAMBRA f7,J,lg 1,1441-J NNEY' pi rr vi - if mf miss! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '57 323 East Main ATlantic 9-5137 Jean Jolley, Margaret Glassey, and Sandy Brown have just satisfied that after-school appetite for the best Mexican food in the Valley at S A R A ' S 409 S. Garfield Alhambra 176 47" Mary Ann Ciranna is explaining to Steve Slobin, Larry Brock, and Ken Evans that The world has a new outlook when viewed Through The windshield of a Cadillac, especially if it's from BEWLEY ALLEN CO., 801 E. Main St., Alhambra. JL, fl, Q 'Mimi one name overshadows all others in the design and manufacture of yearbook covers THE S. K. SMITH COMPANY 5260 WEST 104 STREET LOS ANGELES 45, CALIFORNIA TELEPHONE ORegon 8-4145 177 Camilla Nelson and Carolyn Pettefer hear the virtues of the THUNDERBIRD, the favorite in the fine family ot Fond cars, extolled by Corky Mason on the lot adjacent to the T. LYELL PUCKETT showroom at 726 E. Main St., A ambra. 221 E. MAIN - ALHAMBRA PHONE AT 9-5341 or CU 3-3151 Congratulations Graduates! sfsst of LUCK WISHING YOU SUCCESS in the YEARS AHEAD ALHAMBRA ALHAMBRA RECREATION BLUEPRINT Bowl for Fun and Health COMPANY Automatic Pinsetter .IANNARD ' S Alhambra's Finest AT 9-4455 17 N. First f. Fine Foods PHARMACY Artists' Supplies ART WEINER -Fr D li r - . . ee e ve Y Dfaffmg M0'e"0'S 611 w. Main sf. AT 1-7823 1044 E. Main St. AT 2-3108 178 ul' kfff la li Il Ill Alllli fl Cl Ol ll ll UI I ll' Q ll Qllll pg!!! Ill' :exif 'tiki "AHPS :swings , 1 "'1' ': MEL! s s S 2 Salesladv l-lem shows loanne Edmunds and Joanne Pocock some attractive wafer-repel- lent beach bags, ideally suited to your sum- mer Qurfinq and sunninq, from the popular Campus Shop section of LIEBERG'S, 421 East Main in Alhambra. Congratulations to the Class of '57 BI DE CORPORAT 0 Bookbinders Binders of the ALHAMBRAN 305-307 So. San Marino Ave. San Gabriel ATlanlic 7-6363 180 Jerry Hayek and Tony Galasso are just leaving the TCr,H TELEVISION-HI-FI, 722 So. Garfield Ave., Alhambra, as they are greeted by Sheila Gilman and Ken Evans. Looking in the window at the wonderful array of radios, televisions, and Hi-Fi equipment, Ann Frank and Judy Finch soon join the crowd, We are proud to announce the opening of our' new oftices to better serve your school needs with our outstanding selection of Class Rings, Graduation Announcements, Trophies Medals, Pins and Special Awards RCY C. BROWN HERFF JONES CO- BROWN and HOVLAND co. California Division Richmond 9-5225 Richmond 8-3247 214 WEST PICO BLVD. LOS ANGELES 'l5, CALIFORNIA l8l Don Oleson's selection of flowers gets Pat KelIy's complete approval, For the finest in flowers and plants for any occasion, it's MILLER'S FLOWER SHOP 311 W. Main Sf. Alhambra AT 2-2136 Upen Monday 8: Friday Nights Till 9-Free Parking .W rzve af Co abidfincfiue i . I, ! tfbnfze S3-lu1'ni5fz1'ng6 I 'i" N K V Frenrb Prozfinfiul 'Colonial 'Early Amefiran 0l8lb Century 445 W. MAIN fAT FIFTH1, ALHAMBRA Why not enioy the best of bakery goods? MODEL BAKE SHOP 117 W. Main St. Alhambra KNOWN FOR VALUES W. T. GRANT CO. 201 East Main Street Alhambra OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1957 PRUDENTIAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 526 West Las Tunas Dr. San Gabriel, Calif. 4M interest per annum paid currently with insured safety . I K ,gy gi 'Q R 13 ii sv ? 2? ,1 M ' " S5 Lf Wig! Kim ,?'1231e?L vga' ,Jimi-' W' ,, ,gi M gpm .A I '41, 3' -'-vwsm,'js'f ., Nw, 1 A, V , , 1-mx ff Y 9 N wx., A Maw M1 uf, ' W., Mwhawlm ,,.-sw Q WSF' H 'fit 4 mix N5 an-1 ix:-. S-'7-Ng .X fv- gl 4. m 5 f 94 X . 3 3 2 iii' 4 - ,1 . 4. J' U Q? X A 434. - M f'f4 ,fr 'YQ ' Swv N QQ '1 fgsw w w w .,5:::,5,:.,-.1:: ,. . ' k A ,ff , N f V ' ' x V W5 4 + Q X sy SEQQAQN E fix Q HIGH illllllll 35,35 'F M' TELEFUNKEN G A V 0 T T E TELEFUNKEN H , . 1 Precision tuning plus Hi-Fr O P U S 7 plus FM table model also AM and Short Wave al- iacks for phonographs From the Land of Bach, and exlfa 5Pe0ke" dl' special bass and treble Beelhoven and Bwhms tone controls, exact-tun- comes the world's finest l"'9 "SYS" 'l' 2- bUlll'ln . . antennas plus 2 electro- l H"F' System' static "tweeters," l dy- " i amic "woofer The OPUS 7 is a table model, consisting of 6 speakers JV Hi-Fi + FM also AM and Short Wave. SELECTOVAX tone control, special bass and treble tone control 'l' iacks for outside antennas, record changer, tape recorder, extension speakers. 'vu'- OMNIPHONIC sound system: 2 electrostatic "tweeters," 2 dynamic mid-range speakers, 2 dynamic "woofers," I 0 Regular 289.95 0 Modern Dark 299.95 0 Blond 309.95 Also Many Console Models priced from 5474.95 CENTIQRY MOTOR SALES 933 E. MAIN ST. ALHAMBRA AT 4-7968 Open Monday 8. Friday Eves. 'til 9 524:20 6' 'M -as MALCOLM'S ADORABLE ' F- A ' ross Fon Tots AND TEENS , ' 'iii - Fea urin Ever hin For e lnfan GYeeTlngSGGfd6 KYB' I to 'lieen icge-Mis. lgay's I:l2al Shoe: Free Use of Stork H ,, Gifts - Stationery From Sportswear to Formulas Telephone Ancmic 2-6882 LORRIEKINE S:11:ffRLAND 33 Wes, Mm S, No. 24 Wes. Moi. St. emmme as 'ons Alhambra, California 300 N. Garfield Allwmbfc AT ' We give baby bond stamps My c D O N A I. D ' Home of the famous l5c Hamburger BUY A BAGFUL over 40 million sold 909 E. Main St. ALHAMBRA 184 ' f ll S 4 W , 11 ,ww-'rw f1T'?im?'x?W3?3'ff M., ,,,,,..-a-- ,V 1 Q .T .. ai N :Q-'-gf. 4 . .,., ., X - 'ly 'Aw , 4: A-',1 Q .- qi. - 5 Q . A, 'Hgi'L4.H5gifiJ .Q -v'9 ' ' ' X fwfs A X - I: if wf ,2 qxY ,?fgE:1Eg'i?gg3,Fwl? . 5,6 9 .J WiWs,53 ' Tiff ii -F Q- ' .Mfg 1 ff J ' X U1 ' f Q 'N' 1- f " ' M-" xmgifz ,X E' .- W, , sm.f A f ., . - . t A . 1 X " ' ww W 14' Afn lff, if nw Q g ' . A ' F .Q v H A aim: ' wr,,' . ' U W S , gi f 1 X W . y . b if 471 .2 - 53. .vf ' Y , fl 1. v . , f I, , Q' V ' -if 1- ...rl . Q' V ' -'..4 V W ,xl ..,...,,,... n',,,,Q.., , A 7' f . - ig:41' X .Q Y ' aww . ,W ,A A ,i-1zgiJ,g:l7.,,Egbl,n f Q , am, gig-., , sf- N E 3 ' A . I f' i iv. 'Wm -.19 wg., F . . , tt 'V x ,Rf i N ig, x Q lg., N ff S. X Nmap W ms as 'X iff' A , Q an 4 + 1 7' 'fa 1' a yu- N, ,. Q 1 w 'v af 5 .1-f af RNMQUV' , ih, 6 , xi V Q N 'NN' ...ii These claimants to the green thumb, Bill Daugherty, Bill Geiser, Jeri Smith, Sherrill Abbey, Larry Brock, and Miriam Weiner, have discovered the most complete line of garden equipmnt and every other hardware need at SCHRUMPF'S HARDWARE, 827 West Los Tunas Dr., San Gabriel. i l ATlantic 2-3101 SYcamore 6-3585 1 SELECT REALTY INC. Complete Real Estate Service 1132 N. Garfield Ave. Alhambra, Calif. THAD HARVEY Insurance lOpposite High Schooll 321 W. Main St. Alhambra ELMER and PHYLLIS SCHRUMPF CATERERS it Telephone ATlantic 1-6155 Marshall Ross Carol Enfield Harry Tsushima THE CAMERA CENTER . 241 No. Daroca San Gabriel, Calif. Photographic Supplies 719 So. Garfield Ave. ATlantic 2-1886 186 angina fufafiond I'0l'lfL Bob Wondries otors STUDEBAKER ' PACKARD ' MERCEDES-BENZ 1333 West Main Street ATlantic 2-8406 CUmberIand 3-3136 ce EJ :ZA ery Mai 'ma ea Sid VOQQ1 SHASTA WATER COMPANY OF Los ANGELES WM. S. HALL BEVERAGE CO. 5176 Alhambra Ave. CApitol 5-8050 los Angeles 32, Calif. CApitol 1-3010 187 CRAIG PHOTO SUPPLY Congratulations to you . . . w, CRAIG stswfuer Cameras - Finishing - Repairs 1957 GRADUATES Projectors V Screens - Films Phone AT 2-3900 630 East Main Street Alhambra, Calif. PACIFIC MEAT and PROVISION CO. Wholesale Meats to the Trade TOBY HEEB'S SPORTING GOODS Distributors for Wilson - Voit - Spaulding O llO W. Main St. Alhambra And Open to the Public AT l-5314 Fridays . . . 2 P.M.-8 P.M. Saturdays , , 9 A.M. -6 P.M. ALHAMBRA PRINTERS Printing . . . Lithographing 4660 Valley Blvd. cfxpsfol 5-8104 The "'in'e'S of "The MOC' L A I 32 C H 4-6 E. Park St. Alhambra, California os nge es , a I . ATlantic 9-43l l l88 Fashions in Footwear HEMPHILL'S 27 E. Main, Alhambra Rita Lucado, Linda Kemp, and Joanne Dorfmann are entranc- ed by the newest styl- ing in beautiful shoes. "Junk to You - .lewels to Us" THE P. T. A. THRIFT SHOP Give Us a Call 11 NORTH FIRST STREET COSTUME RENTAL DEPT AT 2-9164 812 So. Date braman Froduce SERVING THE SAN GABRIEL VALLEY "You Have Never Had It So Good" Warehouse Office 600 E. Ninth St. 6046 No. Encinitas City Market, L. A. Temple City VAndike 4094 AT 6-8622 - 6-9170 189 ALHAMBRA'S FINEST JEWELRY STORE I i f 100 East Main St. at Stoneman AT 4-0484 Alhambra Compliments of BEVERLY ICE CREAM I ALHAMBRA RADIO TELEVISION LABS. I INCORPORATED A Sign i Television - Appliances - Radio I Sales and Service of Service I 934 E. Maia sf. Alhambra throughout the I Southland I ATIantic 2-1861 or ATlantic 1-3910 I Nationally Known Brands I for Men, Women, and Children I I PROBERS SHOES I 120 E. Main sf. Alhambra, Calif. I ,f e Corsets and Apparel Shop QTDRES Lingerie - Robes - Hosiery f lap - 5 : z q V z ' l nil A complete Corset Service Scientific Fittings 102 E. Main St. AT 4-4361 Alhambra 190 1 l, MW . Congrfzfulafzom . . . NL e jm9fnqQQ0JY'CQ28'Evl'Q90- . QQ,QQQf WWW WW M0 MM Www am ww-mo! iijifvigf on p,LoQ!lU5f-914 QHWQZU wdb Liao Qww QWAJ www Oxwom f"""'U"Ei W 'Qj' ,'f2!bo,QJ,o1Wf'VWfQ3. MAFRIEND 3 I JAC 5, X IIIILIILII GULIIIISLI IIILII This, ,,r ig l Q' I "more o gg? ' fwfjvffflflg PARENTS' ' good "-i".'fffffC !.v' CJJ321, :M G O L D E N Watch the smiles when your children taste our ' ' ' the fresh Pure mdk G ld G I M'lk. Th 'l , . L 0 en uemfel I , ef you can Smle commended by Parents' Magazlne too, because this fine, fluid milk has "more of - I ,Y 5 - everything good . . . up to 1570 more protein, 2001, more Vitamin A, 1970 more cream, llfzn ,.i,,2:: :k,, ,gn x,.,.., more solids, 1470 more energy value than aver- setup age market milk. And everyone . . . babies, 'RW children, adults . . . enjoys that delicious Golden H I ,r.. , ,. Guernsey flavor. izzii EIAA H Home delivered . . . or at your store I Abu' lzln ' S i H a The Milk of Champions . . . Awarded 43 Gold Medals for Excellence ur .Sincere lalareciafion fo - K CANNICOTT I-A E2'2"'W'NG BILL RETCHIN ,1j'.i,?'C5,. TONY LOYA ANTQQZTOQOYA ACE ADAMS CoM,L?35?JL CO, BRADSHAW BROS. - RAY OARRISON MEX Buss HOUSMAN VQS35"Q:5,IE LILLIAN HERON - TOM WILLHITE AND ALL THE MERCHANTS IN OUR COMMUNITY WHO THROUGH THEIR INTEREST AND ADVERTISING HAVE MADE POSSIBLE THE PUBLICATION OFTHE 1957 ALHAMBRAN X XE? 23352 if , if .- F A n 4. W . ,. '31 x, ., Q I i N w , 5 1 N s I A ww" 1 N.-v'- fr: . -ff' ,,,,1Jf1 ,ue ,ov 'M We f ew, +5 Ur sf 'Q ,VG " . A, 5 . 1 K ..:'V1wu ,Q L K ,U 'whswit JN af awk 4 11-Inga! w- fax-+4 W' V ' ' ' M N " 2 .V rye. ff ns' zz- 2' . V " v - 1. . 3 .fp JZ E M 12 an 'J' x Q fs'-naeawhiii i ,A-51 f 5 SX

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