Alhambra High School - Alhambran Yearbook (Alhambra, CA)

 - Class of 1951

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Alhambra High School - Alhambran Yearbook (Alhambra, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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AND THE MANY OTHERS WHOSE SILENT SERVICES ARE SO ESSENTIAL - TLD ALL THESE PEOPLE TIN THE BACKGROUND WHO MAKE OOT2 SCHOOL TLLEE NEAT, EFFICEIENTT, ANO DECIDEDLY MORE PLEASANT WE DEDICATE THE 1951 AZHANDXEAN WITH OUR DEEPEST THANKSO L NK T L KJ Q CXH fbwffif K Q- I " x" , ' A Ny gikyxf TQII 'K , y 'I X E -' 'E J ...Z K HX LT N I4 f S, X, AA A ,L A Q , E e 5+f5ig+,fAy-551 L23fUGi S'-gl LRF E T S.Hs 5XLTi f 3 dfifgi I LUVE IHE unnf mn sPncfs X v ' , W L ' X ' , ' Q C , ' 4 1 c 4 45 wg!! Mywfw- WF My www" MW F, ,. J w ' I WWW' W Ziff ' S 'ff "- 1 N . ,df , V, 2 5 Q ,M 5- . 9 x ,, XX,.. .. A W. x H ,., ' - . M-5, . . .QMS 7. . K ,,fff,,,-HWMWWMX , ' x . , fl is- Q fl ' ' SN. uk. :f,,f X .wg S X sigff. kk TN f 'ww x . Q 5: X .X ,, ,.,, . ., M 4-7 NV' x --'f . Ns VX ' kv NXXK , ' -'gy-'R . x Qdfsffjf . BQ Xi.. giaw. . X .511 Xi -wg 1 X v ws? 0 X55 1 X.. Y K V ,fy 1. KM QW 3fNS"' QW YQ. N Sw fx X on ' Ns. v-RQ X W - kski 2 S ZA .Q N. . A X 'VI Sf fx .W ff, f Q1 .Q , N lar. fx 1152+ T1 . . . 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NK 190 C W ,W W f X f ' """" "Arr: F4f""'ff"'V"W"""f"f4O1i'l:' --ff f ' 1- SQ, fff' f --' -- - www- . P rtnwwwh- 4-nm., f,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, W W, Www, 'QW X , Q X X fmjfwmw Lv N, ,,,, xx X ' I 'Q " 3 W Lffyvf X 16 .,:-1:,x X, X 'fa X 9 MIM' ,vi .- ,s,A V X fy A My Q 3 A M . 'f V , .. V X f f IJIVVW9- ff x M 4 1 X., X 41 A mx. vwmm " H. , UF MR. IRVING HANCOCK MRS. OSA McALLlSTER DR. SAMUEL BROADWELL President Vice-Presidenf MRS. MARY CORNELIUS MR. WILLARD CLARKE MR. GEORGE YELLAND Business Manager JAKE. Would you mind sie-pping our here for a momenl +0 fell a few folks abouf Alhambra I--ligh, F0llfS. +l1iS is OUI' Principal. Dr. Norman B. Scharer. Would you please 'fell us a few +hings aboul our school? DR. SCHARER. l'd be glad io. Well. lG+'S See- FOV Sile we have abou'r +wen'ry-lwo hundred sluclenfs. We d r a w from Alhambra, Monferey Park, San Gabriel-even some from Temple Ciiy. A few come here on permils foo. As for rhe school ilself, i+'s made of brick and slucco. A fewnew buildings-fhe main building here was buill' in I924g fhe ofhers are older. The name comes from lhe Alhambra in Spain. lf Seems +o iih 'rhe Valley is noi u n l i lc e +he Spanish counlryside around +he forfress cas'rle. . . JAKE flnferruplingj Whal abouf fhe Board of Educalion? DR. SCHARER. The Board of Educaiion is one of +he mos'r imporfanf groups in fhe communify. There are five mem- bers, one represenfing San Gabriel, one from Monlerey Park, and fhe o+hers from fhe Alhambra area. They meer on rhe firsi and fhird Mondays of each mon+h. JAKE. Yep, guess fhe Board is pre+'ry impor'ran+. Say-how'd you folks lilce +o look in on a meeiing for a minule? Thar woman lcniH'ing over +here is +he represen'ra+ive from fhe feachers' club: she comes +o 'rhe meefings along wilh olher inieresled folk. The man in froni of her is Doc Broadwell. He and his pipe are 'rhe oldesf board membe-rs-been on for iwelve years. Now +ha+'s Mr. Srolcesbary fallcing 'ro fhose people: he's 'rhe Depufy Superinfendenl. MR. STOKESBARY. So we're always glad +o have visilors. This is our agenda for +he meeiingg we have if prinred up ahead of +ime- so we can sludy if. The issue under discussion now is +he purchase of +he Crown Cily Ranch for a new high school. We've had a liHle irouble aboul ihe land rhough. Someone was dumping lree siumps on lhe filly-yard line of lhe proposed sladium, buf Mr. Yelland finally siraighlened our +he maH'er afier appealing +o fhe Alhambra BUHHD EDUCHTIUH City Council, which in turn brought the trouble to the Pasadena Council's attention. JAKE. Very nice man, Mr. Stokesbary. His home is in Alhambra with his tamily. He goes to all ot these meetings and sits at the toot ot the table there. Now Mr. Yelland isn't elected like the rest ot the Board. His iob as business manager is a tull-time occupation. His secretary's the gal on his right taking notes. MR. HANCOCK. fReading aloudj " . . . and so I would like to express my apprecia- tion tor all your help during my years ot teaching. Sincerely, VEDA WALKER" MRS. MACALLISTER. A very nice letter trom a tine teacher. JAKE. That little lady who iust spoke was Mrs. MacAllister. She and her husband own a store up town. Doesnit say much but has a good head on her shoulders. On the right Side of lhe' lable' leaning back in chair' George E. Bettinger, Superintendent of Schools, Maurice R. Stokes is ivlf. George Be'l"l'iI'1g6I', boss ot l'l19 whole bury, Deputy Superintendent of Schools. works. He's an easy going sort ot tellow, and ' the people seem to like him. Must be plenty inte-rested in educating the children around here. MR. CLARK. . . . and l wish you would consider this matter caretully. l know what our present policy is, but in the presence ot . . . JAKE. That tellow who just spoke was Mr. Clark, president ot last term's board. He speaks wellg he is a businessman, also a bishop in the church. Mr. Hancock, this year's president, teaches Sunday school and was on the Y. M. C. A. Board. Nice 'ppearance too. Guess the meeting's over now. Oh, nearly torgot Mrs. Cornelius, who's sitting next to Doc. Her active part in our town includes giving book reviews, speeches, and that sort ot thing. Let's hear what she's saying. MRS. C. Well, we certainly achieved a lot tonight. Why l can remember when . . JAKE. Thank you, Mrs. Cornelius. Night tolks. Page I5 JAKE. They say nobody knows lhe boss like his secrelary. l:He approaches lhe door on lhe Fourlh Slre-el side ol lhe school, slarls down lhe sleps, slopsj Down here is lhe Senior Olfice. Along aboul lhis lime every day lhe sec- relaries lake lime oll lor a kalleeklalch and has over lhee day's evenls and gossip. Some ol il gels prelly inleresl- ing. l'm nol much ol a hand wilh women, so we won'l go in. We'll iusl lislen-you can'l exaclly call il prying, since you can hear lhese gals across lhe- slreel anyway. IMO. My, bul il's a reliel lo gel away 'From lhal "class" l leach. Whal lhose boys won'l do. Today one ol lhem slomped in and demanded lo gel oul ol school lo go lo his greal-greal-greal grandmolhe-r's luneral. l decided lhal was a iob lor lhe heallh deparlmenl, so l senl him down lhere. VIVIAN. You don'l have an easy lime ol il, lmo. IMO. l know, bul Mr. Gray is lhe one who has really been working hard. Whal wilh working wilh lhe Commission every day, schecluling all our loolball and baskelball games, and being generally responsible lor sludenl aclivilies, he's a busy man. Then, in belween lhese, he's lhe chiel lrouble shooler around here. Uhis gabby lillle galhering is suddenly drowned oul by whal sounds like a gianl cenlipede in high heels, clomping down lhe slairs above.T MAYBELLE. There goes Mrs. Crosswhile wilh her penny- l guess lhe cop who checks lor overlime parkers is around. l wonder why she doesn'l use a nickel-il would save her a lol ol lrouble. Bul she claims lhal aller lhal slinl ol buying lurnilure lor the League Room wilh such a limiled expense accounl, she can'l slop rushing around. Worrying aboul PRIHCIPHL VICE-PHIHCIPHLS ,W MILDRED CROSSWHITE ROBERT F. GRAY Girls' Vice-Principal Boys' Vice-Principal all lhe girls al AHS keeps her going, loo. VIVIAN. You lhink you have lrouble keeping lrack ol Mrs. Crosswhile! I have seriously considered pulling Dr. Scharer on ice in lhe vaull iusl lo have him around in order lo sign lhings and see people. Thal man can be in lorly dillerenl places inside ol a minule. When Gwyn lakes my place, she'd be-ller learn lo lrip him as he goes by. And iusl lo make lhe iob ol cornering him a lillle harder, he drives a lruck-load ol lood down lo Arizona lo lhe Navaio ln- dians. lncidenlally, did you know lhal Dr. Scharer musl have wanleol lo look like a real Sanla Claus lo lhe Navaios because he didn'l shave all lhe lime he was gone or. lor lhal maller, all during Chrislmas vacalion? He looked like one ol lhose House ol David baskelball players. MAYBELLE. I had an uncle who used lo wear a beard, bul- JAKE. Thal's enough lrom lhem. I have lo gel back lo work. -Q l 1 X , ' 9','- - i f 7 if g 1 xg - r. f 'f+- ' 5 ' ,ff ' 1. l pf - s f . 7 X i 5. ' Gb isp , , - A. -R . . gf. A + E A , f 4: sf R in X . , , 5' " ' ' -' h 4. is .e 'G .7 nf' ll R by A lllyl '. , ,U Q Q J . J 1,1 A' X. C EH , Ilvl 5.7.1-Ia --:?.i,.",,3 51 C m b 'X 1 f li, ".'72,5'v-'gi ,"',l W4 x 1 , - "L we-, X 'saw -7-l 2.1 .4 gig 0 , 1 gill 4 ff fl- wwf Q il . 'I '11 ,sv Qt flygflir- i Elf" , Q T ' ay f X X 'f -flffifiyf' 735 f . ' . r.. ghv i x 51. 1 if - 2 ' 4 as 'ff - ,- , 21'i:f:"" "" " , 7- 'f ,. , . fyfyillb. Bill? 1 , 511 "ni or - .- f's' f, RS f Q? Ei -+335 . R' if W wif, ff' 1'5" 9 , .Qs 53, .V N -J ' F 4ffi'fQ?lTZv' WL ff lllf. i 53. 'l 'E .,.- 7 '29 w. 5 1 ,1 . if Q 74.5 . ' Z4 Q- T31 X-ig A fi?-f .M pf Wx: ,13 2 '1 j, ji .ff IQS' -' Q .js i f f A 5' 6 :arg .3 Rai is sklivlvii sfle,-N' .Q ' ' , 1 , . 1, R. ... 9- l I A ,-will f 'xr' Ig r fog' ' . ' ' ig In L- ., 1' -W A L 4 ' s , l ' , EE --..fag RN'iIg,17 'vf X ' - 2 " ff ' his flli ffizzj-. , '.- F F' ,I-, V j, ,.x .e. K- 1,1 2 , ,-:'.,, :J LH: It f L l . 33 ,L FF "iff: S z Q 1 5, 1 ,K l gg-f'..Q1.. g .3 fl 1 f x Q 4 1 I f ---swwys ..AmA....ia--if b .rf -' -" -firi-, -. I A 'aff 4 if ,-H-f..r,'--.-saw. -.gqf--.,, .ff lb -' I 4:52232-its jess?-,Q -lr - gps , kr Z- T x S I: 5 5.23 2 fr ZZ'-1rf?ijE?64 " -'-Jfitzagf-:LTL , - . U .I X i H I ,l -4 +-we-f-,sis4,.g,.,:. 5 I. , ,E , ,a L.. 4. N1 QT , 4,5 . N- - -7- , s ' ,., ,f. , , X 3-.. " A i. 11.-T fi ef.. M' Y y' 7 V ,nw ' L f - . if .-- .:4L'-,Zia " is-. :if , 1 g: '-fi: 1 , , 315-,' ' ffvgy ' f -nj.-f' I-' Q ', ' If lf ze- --fieiiy f 5 e s ' f sf' ef-M..-fff., . F-22. f -Si' Qs-.4 ,i 1 ei N Q : 1, f W . ' ' '11 . - e R - - 4 ' . sei1a'r'n-.Swv 6-M in 5 2 tl 'Q' f. 1 1 .s-..,.:,53r:f"1Q--'ff '4 'Q f ?f 'ji : ' :af 3-+ f fi-3-??'f K .. . , '-.zf':e1e'-2 . Y Fa 9715" i'.1g7.i.,11"""" 5 fe e, -K-.T..'5.1'Z3'.a 5.52 Q' egpj.-gqzsrmsgsffi L-.f L ' ' -" - -4 hw - - -11, - Page I7 .. -513 L-qggefzi 1 t--1+.- " Z ,-5 1' - -. I'-J' ... Q K nf- .. Af Y: w v'7v-- .cgj r - :Dax G ouv Q-hq Phd CUUIISEIUIIS lJake enlers lhe hall in lhe Wesl Wing, now deserled, and grimaces once as his eye calches lhe color combinalion al lhe slairway. Then, picking up his broom, which has been propped over lhe war-lorn gossip box, he begins lo sweep. The door al lhe end ol lhe corridor opens, and Mr. Mills enlersj JAKE. Good evening, Mr. Mills. Working a lillle lale aren'l you? MR. MILLS. lflello, Jake. I guess I didn'l realize il had gol so lale. Boy, I bel l'll see enrollmenl carcls all nighl in my sleep. Have high school kids always had so many problems? JAKE. I kind ol lhink so. They've always dropped lheir sandwich wrappe-rs and sacks. flvfr. Kemp and Miss Turnbull enler lrom lhe opposile door ol lhe Counse-Ior's Ollice, each wilh lhe same "beal" ex- pressionj MR. KEMP. Hello, Jake. You working slill? MISS TURNBULL. And here comes Miss Slrickland. Thal makes il unanimous. I'm glad lhey enroll only once a semes- ler. MR. MILLS. Whal course should a llagpole siller lake? MISS STRICKLAND. lid say Senior English, bul I've never had one. MR. KEMP. Lalin would be as good as anylhing, or maybe algebra. MISS TURNBULL. Am I glad I've gol my B9's. They haven'l had lime lo gel any wild ideas yel. Bul lhey all grow up. MR. MILLS. ll would cerlainly be a swilch lo have someone come in and say his program was iusl line lhe way ll was. MR. KEMP. Thal's an ideal Bul aller enrollmenl we slill have llunk nolices. MISS TURNBULL. You're lhinking way ahead ol me. MISS STRICKLAND. Well, I'm aboul ready lo call il a day. Good nighl, people. . lln lurn lhey echo lheir good nighls and plod oul lo lheir cars, and lhen homeward. And Jake is lell alone in lhey hall wilh a day's load ol papers and rubbishj Miss Kathleen Strickland. Miss Ruth Turnbull. Mr. Leland Mills, Mr. James Kemp. Page I8 CHIIIJ IUEIFHIIE fSoda founfain al' McKay's across lhe s+ree+. A man and woman are wearily enjoying cokes. They seem +o have +he we-ighf of +he world on lheir shoulders. The woman speaks firs+.:I MISS LEONARD. Mr. Slover, was Herman a+ school fo- day? MR. STOVER. No, buf I called. When he answered +he phone, he said his molher was away. He insisled he had chills, a fever, and a bad cold-could hardly come 'ro +he phone-. I:Wi+h a knowing smile she fakes anofher sip of her coke.I MISS L. By way of lhe grapevine I heard he was having a big English iesl' foday, buf of course +hal' couIdn'1' be Ihe reason for his cold. MR. S. Slrange lhings keep Herman oul of school, buf he'II be back when +ha'I' work permil' expires. Thai' always brings lhem back. JAKE. Will Herman come back? Will he have a good ex- cuse? Tune in nex'r wee-k and see. rover, Irwin, Pe'rkins, Wilson, Sfotfs, Long. lleft to righfl Row 'lz Clark, Holms, Rountree, Chew, Hooper. Row 2. Finley, CHILD WELFARE DEPARTMENT Mr.. Stover, Miss Leonard Page I9 FHCULTU JAKE. Well, now you've seen a lof of differenf people who run our school. l've offen wondered why fhere have fo be so many-why we can'f cuf down a few here and fhere. I reckon a lof of sfudenfs wonder why we can'f cuf ouf fhe nexf group complefely-fhe faculfy. Maybe by peeking in on some of fheir classes, we mighf gef an "inside" sfory. PUPIL. Mr. Lenser, whaf is fhe German verb for hi+? MR. LENSER. Hif? Say, you should have seen fhe way l hif a golf ball lasf SafurdayTYou see, fhe ball was here . . fHe proceeds fo draw a diagram on fhe board, fhe German verb forgoffen for fhe- nexf few minufesj JAKE. Then, of course, fhere is fhe ofher exfreme -like some of fhose feachers wifh a do-or-die policy. And speak- ing of dying, isn'f fhaf Mrs. Elsey running in fo her firsf-aid class? MRS.. ELSEY. Girls, fhere has iusf been an accidenf. Poor Lisa has fhe measles. Now whaf shall we do fo profecf her eyes? llefl' to rightl Row 1: F. Alexander. B. Amiss, S. Anderson, R. Arnett, J. Beeman, R.Boone, E. Brown, M. Brown, M. Cunuvan. Row 2: A. Chavez, O. Cosand, F. Cox. C. Cushman. R. Davis, O. Dawson. J. Drury, B. Dye, E. Edmondson. Page 20 lleft to rightl Row 1: G. Elsey. L.Elsey, N. Evenson, B. Faulkinbury, I. Fry, C. Fuller, E. Halling, R. Hatch, C. Healfon. Row 2: L. Heron, W. Hess. M. Hill, M. Hood, H. Hooper. G. Huck, W. lngold, H. Kemper, A. Kenyon. Row 3: M. Kreinbring, M. Lee, V. Lance, K. Lenser, L. Liesveld, N. Lombard, E. Leffrell, H. McCormac, J. Marshall. STUDENT. Mrs. Elsey, l'd suggesl a pair ol lhose absolulely slunning green-rimmed glasses I saw in lhe window ol . . . MRS. ELSEY. This is no lime lor foolishness! Doris, why are you pouring waler on lhal girl? DORIS. I was only lrying lo lind lhe lloaling rib. JAKE. Maybe we had be-ller gel oul while we s+iII have our own lwo legs. You know, lhe olher day l heard ol lhe lwelve-weeks, course in home-reporling lhe leachers had lo lake. Lel's ask Miss Beeman whal il was like. MISS BEEMAN. Those home-reporling groups are lhe I ? : X 1 meelings l have ever allended. You sil in a room lor lwo and a hall hours, learning lo UNDERSTAND lhe aclions ol presenl high school sludenls. Now il I .... JAKE. flnle-rruplingj We had beller cul il lhere. They could arresl her lor whal she's lhinking. Well, now we have had a look al lhe olher side ol lhe lence. Il you look al lhe lacully as a group, lhose men and women are human: somelimes il's hard lo believe, bul lhey are. Leasl ol all, you can'l run a school wilhoul lhem. Page 2I Q wh . FAC WW? ,wwf X wwf f . f x ff, sf' 1 f 2 -J V, 1 -71- 7 f . iff 'ffl Q Cleft to rightl Row 1: J. Mayer, C. Miller. N. Miller, L. Monroe, N. Morrison. S. Moyse. L. Murphy, T. Murphy, M. Nichqlgon, Row 2: E. Oleson, J. Olivo. J. Patrick, E. Peterson. I. Phillips. H. Power, J. Ranker, B. Reeves. H. Richards. Row 3: I. Rogers. R. Ryan. A. Sardisco, M. Schwartz, M. Seaver, E. Shipman. J. Sitton, A. Smith. G.. Smith. Row 4: K. Smith, W. Smoyer. E. Sowers. L. Stohllxe. J. Stallings. E. Steward. L. Stillion. D. Stivers. M. Stonebraker. Row 5: T. Taiima. H. Thomas, M. Thornton, N. Wade. V. Walker, M. Weatherholt, K. Weatherholt. C. Whitham. M. Wilbur. Row 6: D. Williams. E. Wilson, K. Wilson, A. Sloan. Knot pictured! M. Fisher, K. Stasney. Page 22 if :ff Veda R. Walker Maior George Elsey U. S. Army Relired Mar Two of The mos? forceful personalilies in Alhambra's half cen'l'ury of exisfence refire 'rhis year. Miss Veda R. Walker and Major George C. Elsey, U. S. Army, Relired, leave +o enioy olher pursuils and inferesfs. By presenl' accoun'l's lhe end of fhe school year will find Miss Walker in Ge-rmany wifh her family. Maior Elsey lrades his school desk for one in 'rhe office of a nafionally known invesfmenl' firm, where he will become- an invesrmeni' counselor. May rheir new ac 1'ivi+ies provide all 'rhe pleasure fhey so richly deserve. HUUJ FHHHCES To safisfy a desire which she- had long harbored, Frances Von Helms, Dr. Scharer's secrelary and every- body's friend, lef+ Alhambra High School early in +he semesfer +o work ai' 'rhe Failh Mission in lhe land of 'rhe Navaios. We admire you for your fremendous courage and wish you well, buf we do miss you, Frances. 'F or e enel o osewo on unersan an ua e, is wor means "' e o", " ow are 'how have you een ", "w en a comin' ac ?", much wampum for eas in ucumcari.", or "w a fhink of Macarfhur?".l ,ape FRANCES voNHsLMs page 23 COSBY GILSTRAP Librarian PHHEHT-TEHCHERS HSSUCIHTIUH JAKE. Schools foday are forfunafe lo have such an in+eres+ed group of people as lhe members of fhe Parenl'-Teachers Associafion behind fhe-m. Wifh 'rhe suppor'r of +he P.-T. A. fhere is no limil +o 'fhe good +ha+ can be clone. Buf Mrs. Clark, +he presidenl' fhis year, +ells if bes'r. MRS. CLARK. We are proud of our or- ganizafion. Also, we are parficularly pleased over our abilify +o safisfy fhe increased re- quesfs for sfudenf loans. We are pleased, foo, fo lcnow our Thriff Shop has weafhered fhe sform and now seems firmly eslablished. Page 24 5f,,,,.,N ,. W,,,,ji:vf.f- at M nf, a an-N... IV zz... ' A W. , H U 5, ..,.,, . ,, 4 ,., ,NN , .D 'diff' X14 f , Clark IPres.l, Palmatier, Houghton, Robinson. LaMar, Murphy. lleff to righrl Row 1: Sieg, Sherwood, Griffefh, Oldenberg, Severson, Psrrino, Huth Robertson. Row 2: Roof, Solomon, McMahon, Risher, Hagen, Hamilton, Mundy, Bull, Smifh. 84 lleff to righrl Row 1: Mclrandon, Blacow. Parker, Carlin, Campbell. Row 2: Bybee, Sokol, Skinner, Winters, Krause, Martin. Page 25 l My MQQWM W M gfjffwp ff ff fm, W fi X 1 by QW WM 55W5'3ifF W3 HT ,WW j,JfLWlfTJUfyTEHHS ijffw N f 1 Y' C ' , X ' , 1 I Paper sculpture illusfrafion - Joyce Hansen Joy Rose ,jf I ' I ' xx W sl J LL R x , 5 , X I IJ jp! I kv f F I X Xia A mf, Q W, M , , W ,mv V . A7 ff 1 , z ,, , U Q i my Q ,I H' ' VVWY' " if W, 924 V J ' W J M10 I ffffz ,zfkdf M .f r , f 7 W f A 5 Q A, '05 ,f f if 'L ! f f f ff 'W LETS HIHHE IHUSIC I JAKE. I+'s been a hard day! fHe pu+s his broom down, walks in+o W25, and s I u m ps down in+o a back sealzj MRS. RYAN. fWaIks info roomj Hello, Jake. Whal' are you doing here? JAKE. Jusl resfing my weary bones a bi'r. I fhink +ha+ Monday is +he Iongesi' and hardesl' day of all 'rhe week. MRS. RYAN. I won"r refu+e fhaf srafemenl, Jake. My day was a Ii+'rIe bi+ more lively +han usual foday because I had anoiher meefing wifh Ihe W'5I Council. JAKE. Are Ihere many on 'rhe Council? MRS. RYAN. Jusi seven people - six boys and one girl. Pre-Hy handy for fhe girl: she has- n'+ missed many council meefings +his semesfer. JAKE. Any real characiers in +he group? MRS. RYAN. Well, fhey are all preHy rug- ged individualisls. They have had a Io+ of fancy oideas buf a rafher usual year. I really enjoy working wi+h Ihem. JAKE. Well, I guess I'd beHer mosey along now. Funny how +hose hard wooden seals feel so comforfable abour +he lime you have Io ge+ up. MQ QR lleff to righfl Row 1: Camperi. Maize, Pickard. Row 2: Walfz, Han R Bowra, Ryan. Ia Page 29 Ann-ioNY,vEnNoN Aurnv, Boa LOWELL General General Sr. Boys' Glee Club Transfer from Track Wilson High Cross Country, Mgr. B Basketball aAaAoxA, SHIGETOMI "SHlG" Jr. College Camera Club B Football B Track BOCK, BETTY JOYCE BOUDREAUX, JEANNE BOWRA, ALLAN A. C0lle9e PVGP- General Los Laureados G,A,A., Treag Commission Sec. F,B,L,A,, Trees, Maiorette Senior Pla Cast Y Light Br Shadow, Pres. College Prep. Soph., V.-P. A, J,V., B Football Los Hidalgos BACON, EDWARD College Prep. Varsity Basketball B Basketball J.V. Baseball Spanish Club BOWRA, DOLORES Jr. College Girls' League Rep., Commissioner of Clubs Commission Historian Campus Club, V.P. Senior Class Pres. BASMAJIAN, LUCIA ELLEN College Prep. Comm. Social Pequenitas Light 81 Shadow Senior Play Cast BRIGGS, BARBARA College Prep. French Club Forensic Club Las Cadenitas A EEVERLIN, ROSE BEVILACOUA, General MICHAEL E1.A.A., Pres. College Prep. F.B.L.A., Editor, Sec. A, B, C Football Typist Award B Basketball Jr, Exchange A Baseball, 2 yrs. .BRlGGS, BARBARA BRKICH, JACK JR. JEAN General General Annual Art Staff, 2 yrs. Campus Club Sr. Play Prop Comm. Assembly Committee Talent Show '50 BIXBY, BARBARA College Prep. Sophomore Treas. A Cappella Choir Sr. Play Cast Light S Shadow Servimos Tri-Hi-Y BROWN, ROBERT General Gym Club Track BLANKENBURG, HARRY College Prep. Football Track Science Club BYERS, BARBARA A. Jr. College Home Economics Club ldonus Servimos Tri-Hi-Y Light Xi Shadow Senior Play Cast Au 'NO "fy ' 31.1-s These are the seniors - winter crop, that is. Talented, CAMPERI, SAM s. CEDEROUIST, TERRY CHIPMAN, WALLACE ClRELLl, JEAN CONCIALDI, Rlci-l coueHRAN, College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. v C0mm9fCIal Wll-l-lAM F. Student Leg. Cougar Hi-Y A, B, J.V. Football Las Moras, Sec., Hist. Sr. Play Cast College Prep. Freshman Class, Pres. J.V. Football B Track Assembly Comm. l-'gill 5 Shadow ' Usllef Club Sr. Class, Treas. Annual Business Staff Cougar Hi-Y R5llY Comm- Moor Fxchanffe Ed'l0" Sla,9e cle' Sr. Play Cast Sr. Play Comm. Moor Adv. Editor 3!f2 yr. Graduate Latin Club, Pres. Talenl Show DOLLNIG, WERNER EVANS, M. LYELL FLAHERTY, MICHAEL FLORES, THOMAS L. FOX, GLORlA JEAN FRAIJO, DAWN WALLACE College Prep. General General General COI'rlmercIal General Commissioner GeneralScientia Club Commissioner of Las Moras U4 YV' Glad'-'ale Band Jr. Exchange B Track Finance 3M yr. Graduate A, J.V., B,'C Football Sr. Boys' Glee Club Jr. Optimists, Pres. A 3, C Track Lancers Hi-Y, Pres. c' Basketball senior Play Publicity Page 30 f CRAWFORD, LOIS College Prep, Las Sonadoras, Pres. FRIESS, JOAN College Prep. Servimos Tri-Hi-Y Senior Play Ticket Committee Ticket Managers Scholarship Society DAVIDSON, ALICE General Senior Play Props. Comm., Chairman Sr. Girls' Glee Club FRILOT, EUGENE General 354 yr. Graduate Sr. Play Cast Light 8: Shadow Broadcasters Club Band DAVIDSON, ROBERT N. College Prep. Freshman Class, V.-P. Sophomore Class Pres. Debate Squad GALLEGOS, FRANCE General n EEBHARDT, JOHN 1-eneral land 'hotography -IANSEN, ERIC Sollege Prep. 'Debate Il A, B Football J.V, Baseball Ir. 8: Sr, Council Los Laureados GORDON, GREEN, CLARE BARBARA JEAN College Prep. College Prep. Hi Hatters Debate, NFL Sr. Girls' Glee Club Jr. Statesmen, Treas. A Cappella Choir Hi-Hatters Los Hidalgos Writers' Guild, Pres. Les Nouvelles HAWTHORNE, PAUL HAZLETT, DORINE General Commercial Sr. Play Cast 3M yr. Graduate Light 81 Shadow Las Cadenitas AlCappeIIa Choir, Los Hidalgos Ticket Managers, Sec. Sr. Girls' Glee Club Broadcasters, Pres. GREENFIELD, JUNE LORRAINE College Prep. Pequenitas, Pres. Senior Play Makeup Committee,QChm. HENDRY, PHILIP SCOTT Jr. College Annual Salesman J.V., C Football Cougar Hi-Y GRIENINGER, DONALD M. General Hi-Y, Chaplin Ticket Managers Senior Play Publicity Election Comm. HESS, FRANCES M. General A Cappella Choir Senior Play Costume Committee Sr. Girls' Glee Club 35 yr. Graduate GROSSMAN, GERAL- HALLMAN, CLARA HALLMAN, SHIRLEY DINE HENRIETTA College Prep. Sr. Sweater Design Senior Play Program Committee Racqueteers HOEY, CAROL Jr. College Las Vencedoras, Sec. Senior Play Makeup Committee General HOFFMAN, PATRICIA General Servimos, Treas. MAE College Prep. 35 yr. Graduate HAMIL, KATH RYN M Commercial HOOPER, GERALD College Prep. Life Members, CSF Los Laureados Varsity Tennis Science Club, Pres. Camera Club alert, unpredictable, they inherited an uncertain world. I -IOWELL, MARGIE College Prep. -as Moras Sr. Orchestra linx Tri-Hi-Y -enior Play Publicity 354 yr. Graduate NING, HELEN Zollege PreP- Iampus Club -a Jeunesse, Pres. Scholarship Society Sr, Play Cai? .ibrary Club, Trees HUDDLESTON, JIM General Sr. Play Cast A, B, C, D Basketball A, J,V., Tennis Jr. Exchange 'I Football KING, MARJORIE Jr. College Senior Play Costume Hi Hatters Idonus Tri-Hi-Y Servimos Les Nouvelles JOHNSON, BARBARA JOHNSON, KAY JOHNSON, REX JOHNSON, RICHARD College Prep, General College Prep. College Prep. Los Hidalgos Annual Art Staff Sr. Play Prop Comm. Art Club Libra ry Club Racqueteers Jr. Statesmen KOHL, JACK General Jr. Optimists B Track, Mgr Varsity Tennis Scholarship Society Racqueteers BM yr. Graduate KRUMME, ANITA LANDEN, LOIS LEMBKE, CHARLES College Prep. MARIAN College Prep. Los Hidalgos Les Nouvelles , Mgr. Scholarship Society Sr. Girls' Glee Club Racqueteers Commercial JOHNSON, ROBERT KARMA, DIANE E. KEEGANI PATRICK Jr. Statesmen, Pres. Forensic Club, Pres., Writers' Guild, V.-P. Varsity Debate Student Legislature, Vice Speaker LYON, PAT General Art Club Las Vencedoras Senior Play Make-up Committee College Prep. Las Cadenitas Jr. Council Sr. Play Cast Light 8: Shadow Racqueteers MCCANN, CAROL ALICE College Prep, Pequenitas, Hist. Pub. Art Club Los Hidalgos General McCARTNEY, JAMES I College Prep. Football Page 3l McCOMlC, MARY ANN Jr. College Football Queen '48 Campus Club, Sgt. at Arms, Sec., Hist. Jr. Council, V.-P. MANNING, DONNA General McGREGOR, McGREGOR, LOIS McINTOSH, MARY McKlSSICK, MADDOX, CAROL MAGLIANO, MAIZE RICHARD CLAUDIA ANN NELLY CAROLINE F. College Prep. LORRAINE E. College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. Commercial Jr. College Los I'-lidalgos Commercial Sf, Council, Sec, Jr. Council Latin Club German Club., Treas., Moor Staff, Copy Ed. 324 yr. Graduate Jr, Council Scholarship Society Scientia Club A Cappella Choir Writers' Guild Sr, Play C351 Campus Club Sr. Play Prop. Comm. Sr. Girls' Glee Club Scholarship Society Scholarship Sogiety Los Hidalgos UQ yr. Graduate 3M yr. Graduate Library Club, Sec. Ugher Club' P,-eg, MARFIELDI GEORGE IAATRANGA, FRANK MEIDLEIN, PHYLLIS MESSER, SONIA MEYER, MARLENE MIKSCH, GLENDA A. MINGO, JO-ANNE College Prep, College Prep. College Prep. Commercial College Prep. College Prep. General A, B, J.V. Football A Cappella Choir Las Vencedoras Hi Hatters, Pres. Jr. Statesmen, Treas. Las Cadenitas B, C Basketball German Club Sr. Girls' Glee Club Varsity Debate Home Economic Club Honor Society Comm. Inner Club Council Forensic Club Sr. Girls' Glee Club Les Nouvelles Los Hidalgos 32 yr. Graduate MANDESON, RICHARD College Prep. Scholarship Society Los Hidalgos A Cappella Choir Light 8. Shadow MURPHY, GARY College Prep. Sr. Boys' Glee Club A Cappella Choir Latin Club Jr. Optimists Their accomplishments ranged from brilliant performances or W M stiff' 1-'CY t fn-. , -251 413 NICHOLS, DWIGHT EUGENE College Prep. V, J.V. Baseball V, J.V. Football Annual Photo Staff PICKARD, DAVID WALDEN Jr. Council, Pres. Sr. Council, V,-P. B Football Varsity Debate Page 32 NIXON, MARY Commercial PIGG, RICHARD College Prep.. A, B, J.V. Football NOBLE, JOHN R. NORCIA, MARIE NORRIS, DAVE NOUOUIER, MARY NUCKLIES, GERTRUDEOLSEN, LE GRAND General Jr. College College Prep. ANN General College Prep. Stage Crew Sr. Girls' Glee Club Cougar Hi-Y, V.-P., General G.A.A. Cougar Hi-Y Moor Staff Las Vencedoras, Hist.,' Treas. G.A.A. Home Economics ClubB Football, Mgr. A.H.S.S.M.E. Treasurer J.V,, Basketball D Basketball Home Economics Club J.V. Football Annual 5dleSm6l1 PONTRELLI, STELLA POPE, SHIRLEY L. PROCTOR, NANCY RICHARDS, CLYDE RIGGS, JANET GAY ROGERS, DON College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. Jr. College College Prep. Las Cadenitas, V.'P., Las Cadenitas Senior Play Publicity J.V. Tennis A Cappella Choir Sr. Council Sr. Boys' Glee Club, Los Hidalgos Los Hidalgos Talent Show Journalism Staff Senior Play Publicity FV9l'lCl'l Club A Cappella Choir Moor Staff, Sr. Editor Health Comm. Campus Club Committee Piano Club Sr. Girls' Glee Club A Cappella Cholf Sr. Sweater Comm. Sr. Sweater Comm, Sr.. Play Costume Jr. Girls' Glee Club Racqueteers Talent Show PALERMO, RUTH Commercial Comm. Fine Arts Las Cadenitas Sr. Play Publicity 3M yr. Graduate ROGERS, JOHN General Light 81 Shadow J.V. Football ROSE, MILFORD General RUSNAK, JOANNE College Prep. Sr. Play Prop Comm. Pequenitas Annual Staff Typist Los Hidalgos TALLEY, DARLENE TANNER, RICHARD E. College Prep. College Prep. Scholarship Society V, J.V, B, C Football JF- Council J.V. Basketball Los Hidalgos Las Ca denitas Sr. Play Ticket, Chmn. SELGA, BARBARA C. SIMPSON, BETTY ANN College Prep. Commercial A Cappella Choir Las Vencedoras, Pres. Las Sonadoras Sr. Girls' Glee Club Senior Play Makeup Los Hidalgos SMITH, ARNOLD Jr. College 32 yr. Graduate A Cappella Choir A Cappella Choir, President THOMAS, BERNIEJ, THOMAS, MARGARET THOMPSON, LOlS W. College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. Condors Hi-Y Scholarship Society, Campus Club, Pres., B, C Football Los Laureados Senior Play Makeup C Track Sr. Play Cast Committee Varsity Debate Hi Hatters Girls' League Rep. STEARMAN, PHYLLIS STEWART, BARBARA JEAN College Prep. Jr. College Los Hidalgos Sr. Orchestra Home Economics Club Las Vencedoras ldonus Tri-Hi-Y 3M yr. Graduate Servimos STEWART, BARBARA College Prep, Las Sonadoras, Treas. La Jeunesse Racqueteers Los Hidalgos Sr. Play Prop Comm. TOMPKINS, CAROLYN TROTTER, MARTHA College Prep. College Prep. Campus Club, Pres., Senior Play Makeup Sr. Play Cast Committee Light 81 Shadow La Jeunesse La Jeunesse Transfer from Los Hidalgos Huntington Park TULLY, PAT College Prep. Moor Feature Editor Quill 81 Scroll Senior Play Publicity Art Club Los Hidalgos STOKESBARY, ANN Jr. College Scientia Club Servimos, Sec. 311 yr, Graduate Home Economic Club VAN VELSIR, DOUGLAS College Prep. Camera Technician General Jr. Council - Sr. Council C Football I' C Track in sports fo acquiring senior play measles and bedbugs. WALTZ ROBERT H. WARNER, MIKE WETTON, ART JR. WHITE, MARGERY C. l College Prep. JF. Colleqe College Pfep- Jr. Optimists Radio Club, V.-P., Sec. A Cappella Choir Senior Play Costume Sr. Girls' Glee Club Committee Senior Play Publicity C Football, Mgr. Servimos Tri-Hi-Y Talent Show '50 WILSON, JANET LEE WOODS, BEATRICE Commercial Commercial Las Cadenitas F. B. L. A. Pres. Library Club Scholarship Society Commercial Club WIGGLESWORTH, Wlll.lAMS, DONNA WILLIAMS, KEITH F. NORMAN College Prep. College Prep. General 3M yr. Graduate A Cappella Choir, Sophomore V.-P. Varsity Cross Country WORDEN, MARY L. College Prep. Varsity Football WRIGHT, VICTOR LEE YOUNG, RONALD J. College Prep. College Prep. Ticket Managers, Pres. C Football Jr. Optimists Student Store D Basketball Varsity Baseball WILLIAMSON, GARY College Prep. Los Hidalgos Sr. Play Prop. Comm. Sr. Sweater Comm. WILSON, JOYCE College Prep. 3M yr. Graduate Las Sonadoras Student Legislature Sr. Play Student Dir. Light 81 Shadow Page 33 3 BENNETT, BARBARA General Bronze Spur Club Silver Spur Club Echo Club Transfer from Norfhside H DARANCETTE, CHUCK College Prep. DERRINGTON, LLOYD General DICKEY, CLARENCE General DYBECK, DICK General GENOWAY, GLENN General ODELL, LARRY College Prep. MULCAHY, KATHLEEN College Prep. Liqhf Shadows, Sec. Sr. Play Make-up Comm. PAULSEN, JANET College Prep. Scholarship Soc. SCARLETT, DONALD Veteran Graduafe THEU CUU lUH 'l THHE Il X, x . , f r Q 1 rv' V' . fy ex' 721, X ' ,' 'fir ., I ' ff - ' 5 , J-3 '11 , -3 ' 1.1,-A - of ' ' -is Q . ,X .L ,x if .Q MU ' 'I -' il If 'A In' Il . fir T- . ' u 1 11 'fp L. v! X u 3 ' 1 fu. K T2 T43 . 1-9 'i K L 1- J - f -r f. f ' - .U X : , K If-'N --1, , 'A' ffl xiii' 'off iqh school ' V-'S 'X . ' - TRL. - - ' Q- . ' f .A --, 15. , J 1- -x. -x- rf, L4 i, l 'X .iv H- U '- - f flq .!A 5 ' N 'NOR' . . f-'1 4 Q" In lil ' f, ,Q .44 fi I I X -Q M 3 I . 7, ,, . .Q I . , H., ,qxs 9, . A gh l,,', og 4, 1 A ' ,. w, J 'N f X X 7 'G f 1 ,lv X - Lf' D xy -' 'll . ' ' fi Ly , '.. . , 'lf xt Yue! il yi V 14 'jf' 'IJ' I KK .ur W K, ff -VIVJL AI -. ' iw' . X. -Xi , . , .1 ll -1 'f ,R 'I i E . L V 0 J I 1Xq .,1 I xl 3.- I .1 ? I., ' I ' . . 0 ! f 5 W Vs . .gl ll glue is! Q is Ii . W 1' lalfjff g-.J sw. We y 9 E ,J on-N flfis June and fhe lasf week of school. As Jake is sweeping fhe pafio, he finds an annual lying on fhe benchj JAKE. Someone seems fo have losf fhis an- nual. l wish fhese doggone kids would hang on fo lfheir belongings. Le'r's look fhrough if and see if we can find fhe owner. Ummmm! Seems fo belong fo a senior. Golly, fhese nofes lay if on fhickg lef's read fhis one. fReads aloudj Dear June, Jusf fhink, we're graduafing. l'll never forgef when we sfarfed here four years ago lmore in some ofher casesl, and we never fhoughf we'd ever be seniors, much less graduafes. lf's been a wonderful life- fhoughg some of my besf fimes have been righf here af Alhambra High. Re- member all we did in our firsf fhree years and our mad senior year? Our yellow senior sacs were loud buf beaufiful, and our play, AR- SENIC AND OLD LACE, was a riof. We were so happy when we ordered fhe cards and an- nouncemenfs, and l pracfically died when if came 'fime for caps and gowns. Now our four years are finished. l hafe fo say if, buf l'm a liffle sad. lf's been wonderful, every minufe of if, buf fhere's sfill a lof ahead of us. Well, good luck and may life always be as good as if has been here. fHe closes fhe annual fhoughffullyj JAKE. You know, mosf of fhose long leffers are preffy useless, buf some way or ofher fhis one kinda sfrikes me. Do you suppose mosf of 'rhese kids really have feelings? Could be, could be. llefi' fo righfl Row 1: Uhler, Henderson. Bane, Clayton. Row 2: Lurfrell fqdvj, Clark. Ginevra. Anderson. Page 35 ADAMS, ROBERT O. ALLEN, ORlN ALMQUIST, S, EVANS AMERINE PATRICIA ANDERSON, ANDERSON, KAREN ANDERSON, LOuANN ANDERSON LOUISE College Prep. D THOMAS College Prep. Jr. College JACQUELINE College Prep. General Geneml QglI1EZS2Z',Q WAYNE A Cappella CIWOII' C'0llege'Prep. l Sfage Crew Les Nouvelles College Prep. La Jeunesse, V.-P. Band-2 yrs. Sr, Girls' Glee Club hangar fr-one Minn. Commlwon Of Afhleflc Sr. Girls' Glee Club Jr. Council Aff Club Chrislian Fellowship Chrisfian Fellowship A- B- C Track Sr. Council Racqueleers Home EC Club A. J.V., B, Football Las Moras Campus Club ' J-V-r C. I3-Nllelb-ill Maiorerfe-3 yrs. Los Hidalgos QNGEL, 'BURLENE M. ARCHAMBAULT, ARMSTRONG, LOREN ATKINSON, LESLIE J. AYDELOTT, LOIS BAKER, JOHN JOSEPHBANE, RONALD BANNOW, ELSBETH BARTOLI, JIM Fclgnlrrkerclal DUANE General College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. General Trade School . . . . General French Club Las Maravillas, Sec. 3M yr. Graduale Commissioner of Clubs Bend Sr. Play Ticker Comm. Scienfia Club A Cappella Choir, Annual Arr Sraff-2 yrs.Sr. Class Treas. German Club Sr. Play Publicily Hisrorian Scholarship Sociefy Jr. Council J,V. Baskelball Forensic Club Varsily Baskelball, Cap. Jr. Exchange, Pres. The summer season brought a larger crop - seniors as well BARTON, JOAN BAXTER, MILDRED BAYS, GERALD BEATY, SUE BELCHER, GRACE BERRY, CONNIE BERTONE, JOHN BIRKINSHAW, JACK EBLACK, BETTY LAVERP VIOLET Jr. College College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. RICHARD College Prep. Jr. College College Prep. Alpha Rho Tau, Treas., Jr. Exchange Chrislian Fellowship Las Maravillas Scholarship Society, B, J.V. Foolball Ushers Club Las Sonadoras, Hisl. 'as Maravillas, Treas. Arr Club A, B, C Baskelball Band-3 yrs. Jr Sfafesmen Science Club Sludenl' Leg. Camera Club Arr Club G.A.A. Sr. Girls' Glee Club Aeolian Club Scholarship Sociefy Scienlia Club Sfage Crew Scholarship Sociery Servefres Lafin Club Lalin Club Chem. Team BLACK, DAVE BLACKMAN, JOE BLAIR, IDA MARIE BLOCK, LYNN H. BONNO, TONY BOULWARE, JAMES BRICKMAN, NORMAN BRIGHTON, ROBERT BRINGHURST, FRED R Jr. College General College Prep. College Prep. General General General COIIEQE Prep- COIIGQQ Prep- Alpha Rho Tau Los Hidalgos A, B, C Football Alpha Rho Tau Varsily Track J.V., C. D Baskelball Moor Staff Science Club A, J.V. Baseball J.V., C Foofball Sr. Play Cas? Sfudenl Leg. Jr- EXCITGNQE La Jeunesse Lafln Club Scierlria Club Page 36 BRlNKWORTH, WAYNEBROWN, AVIS 1 General C, B Football C Track BUSH, NANCY College Prep. Scholarship Society College Prep. Band Christian Fellowship BUTERA, ROSE MARY General Student Leg. Sr. Play Ticket Comm. Campus Club, Sec. BROWN, NORA MAE BROWNING CORA L.BUBLITZ WALLACE RIBUMPUS, FOSTER G. BURKHART. JOANNE BURWEU-. JOAN E- BUSACK, RONALD Colle e Pre . Colle e Prep. College Prep. College Prep- Jr, QOHEQG College Prep. College Prep. Lag Cidenitgg, See, Lag gadenitas Varsity Football Commissioner of ClubsGirls League, Treas. Las Cadenitas, Treas., Alpha Rho Tau Science Club Los Hidalgos Varsity Basketball A, J.V., B Football LBS Sonadoras. V--P-, Sl-lqllf Slladot' Commercial Club A Cappella Choir Varsity Baseball Assembly Comm. Los Hrdalgos F.B.l-VA. Camera Club Jr. Exchange Sfudenf L99- Jr. Council BUTTREY, BOB CALVERLEY, EARLE CAMPBELL, LEE CANN, NANCY CAREY, RICHARD CARMODY, PAT EARR, iBlLL General Trade School College Prep. College PNP- I General General , vemirap b H BIO President Los Hidalgos Jr. Statesmen, Chief . Las Maravullas 6"S'lY 00' 6 A9 Treasure, Science Club Treas., Sec. Home Economics Club A, C Track sr. Boys' eiee club German Club. SSC- Sludm Leg' Sr. Play Cast 'S'- as other things. Amazed at their own bumptiousness, they CARRIGER. PHYLLIS CLAUDINE College Prep. Maiorette Campus Club, Hist. Latin Club Talent Show COOPER, ROBERTA General Campus Club Student Leq A Cappella Choir, Sec. CERINI, SUZANNE College Prep, Commissioner of Activities Sr. Sweater Comm. Las Moras, Vice-Pres. Scholarship Society COPE, RONALD P. College Prep. Key Club Latin Club C, D Basketball CHRISTMAN, BILL General Gym Club CORWIN, KATHY College Prep. Hi-Hatters, Sec. Servettes, Pres., V.-P., A Cappella Choir Sr. Girls' Glee Club Los Hidalgos CLARK, JOAN College Prep. Girls' League, Sec. Sr. Council Latin Club, Pres. Las Cadenitas 9th Grade, Sec. COSAND, JANET R. College Prep. Jr Statesmen Science Club Scientia Club SM yr. Graduate CLAYTON, FRANK D. COKELY, ARLAN College Prep. Commissioner of Athletics Sr. Class Vice-Pres. Speaker of Student Legislature COU LTER, ROBERT College Prep. College Prep, Camera Club B Track CREASON, JOYCE L. Jr. College Pequenitas La Jeunesse, Treas. COMISKEY, LU ED College Prep. Art Club Los l-lidalgos A Cappella Choir CREMER, ROBERT College Prep. Science Club, Pres, German Club, Pres. Scholarship Society Camera Club CONWAY, JERROLD W. Jr, College C Football Broadcasters, V.-P. C Track J.V. Tennis COOK, PAT Commercial Girls' League, V.-P. Las Moras Student Leg. CRENSHAW, FRANK CROOK, EDWIN College Prep. Jr, Optimists Senior Play Ticket Committee College Prep, Varsity Football Los Hidalgos Science Club Camera Club Senior Play Prop. Page 37 CUNNINGS, BARBARADANIEL College Prep. A Cappella Choir General Hi-Hatters, Sgt. at Arms Commercial Club Jinx Talent Show DEMOREST, JACKSONDICKINSON, College Prep. A Cappella Choir Scholarship Society Science Club Usher Club Jr. Optimist BARBARA JEAN College Prep. Las Maravillas, Sec. Los Hidalgos Racqueteers Fashion Show SON, CAROLE DARR, JEANNE DAUGHERTY, DONNA College Prep. College Prep. Las Sonadoras, V.-P., Girls' League Rep. President La Jeunesse, V.-P., Student Leg. Las Sonadoras Latin Club Student Leg. Racqueteers DILLON, SHIRLEY DODD, JAMES LEROY College Prep. A Cappella Choir College Prep. Rally Chairman Jr, Exchange Los Hidalgos A, B, C Basketball B, C Football DAVIS, GENE General Varsity Track-2 yrs. Cross Country-2 yrs. BIO Treasurer DORAU, DELANE A. College Prep. La Jeunesse Tri Hi Y Los Hidalgos Jinx DAVIS, JEANNE College Prep. Light 8: Shadow Los Hidalgos Scholarship Society Las Sonadoras Sr. Play Cast DOWLING, JANE A. Commercial Scholarship Society Sr. Play Publicity DAVIS, MARLYN College Prep. J.V. Basketball DRAKE, EDWARD College Prep. Varsity Baseball Varsity Football J.V. Baseball A Cappella Choir Los Hidalgos DAVIS, ROBERT E. DELISIO, College Prep. Radio Club VIRGINIA MAY General Christian Fellowship Campus Club, Hist. Football Queen Sr. Girls' Glee Club, Talent Show K. DUFAULT, DAVID V. EBERSOLE, DON W, College Prep. Jr. College Key Club, V.-P., Treas., C Football Broadcasters Los Hidalgos vtoor Field Football Announcer gave much zest and zip to everything they tackled. Only in--v 'X'-A-W 'TV we ff 5w '57 if tex? EDWARDS, JOAN B. EMERSON, WARREN ERRINGTON, JOANN ESSER, CONRAD ESSIG, CARALEE College Prep. College Prep. General College Prep. College Prep. Las Maravillas, Pres, l.os Laureados Las Cadenitas Key Club, Vice Pres. Las Sonadoras Broadcasters Commissioner of Latin Club I-lqhf 81 Shadow G.A.A. Activities Los Hidalgos Ji. Exchange Sr. Play Cast FIERRE, BARBARA FINNERTY, GEORGE FISHER, CLARK FLOYD, WILLIAM H. FOLINO, NORENE J. ANN General College Prep. College Prep. General Seneral Cross Country Key Club J.V. Football Art Club 355 yr, Qraduafe Varsity Track Science Club Varsity Track Las Vencedoras A Cappella Choir Page 38 B, C, Track J.V. Cross Country Sr. Play Ticket Comm. Scholarship Society Condors French Club Y in-'H J s ESSLINGER, DWAINE EYRAUD, JERRY FAIMAN, DONALD G. FARNSWORTH, GENE College Prep. A, J.V. Baseball B, C Football FOREMAN, ELSIE College Prep. Moor Editor Scholarship Society Los Hidalgos Quill and Scroll Commission College Prep. B, C Football C Track FRANZ, ROBERT College Prep. Varsity, B, Football Jr. Exchange Sr. Play Cast General Jr. Optimist Camera Club FULLER, JOHN S. College Prep. Scholarship Society College Prep. Key Club Annual Art Staff B, C, Track B Football GARCIA, RICHARD L Jr. College GEORGE, BARBARA College Prep. Los Laureados Editor of Moor Pequenitas Racqueteers Los Hidalgos HAASE, J EAN ETTE ANN lr. College Servimos Aeolian, Sec., Treas. land GERBERICK, MARGUERITE College Prep. Broadcasters, Sec. Latin Club Scholarship Society Student Leg. HADSELL, HARRY CLAYTON General B, Football GILPIN, DONNA Commercial Campus, Pres. Sweater Comm. Annual Staff Racqueteers HALPI N, PAT General Art Club Home Economics, Pres. Las Maravillas GINEVRA, JO College Prep. Los Laureados Maiorette Scholarship Society, Life Member HAMM, HARLAND College Prep. GOFF, NORMAN Jr. College A, J.V. Baseball V, JV.. B, Football Jr. Exchange, Treas. HANEY, MARILYN College Prep. Broadcasters, Pres. Hi-Hatters Scholarship, Life em Racqueteers Writers Guild b GORLIN, MURIEL College Prep. Las Sonadoras Light 8: Shadow French Club HANSEN, JOYCE College Prep. Girls, League Board Las Cadenitas Alph Rho Tau, Hist. Art Club, Sec. Alph Rho Tau, Pres, GRAHAM, MARILYN GRODY, HARVEY IRENE Seneral French Club Band 31f2 yr. Graduate HANSEN, VICTOR Jr. College A, J.V., Football A, B, Track J.V., Basketball College Prep. Scholarship Society A Cappella Choir, Jr. Statesmen, Hist. Student Leg. R. HARGROVE, DONALD Commissioner of Fine Arts Annual Art Staff Tech. Director Senior Play Alpha Rho Tau, Pres. GUENTHARD, DICK General Jr. Exchange B, C, Football A, B, C, Basketball HARNER, DON Commissioner of Finance Ticket Managers, Pr Jr. Optimist, V.-P. Annual Salesman Lancers, Pres, ES. 7 occasionally sobered by the prospect of training camps I-IARTUNG, PAT General Las Cadenitas Los Hidalgas HAVLICEK, CHAS. A. Radio Club, Pres. Jr. College, Latin Club Usher Club, Science HEALY, SHIRLEY ANN College Prep. Racqueteers Las Cadenitas, Pres. HELGREN, DON General Radio Club, Pres. J.V., Football Senior Play Ticket Club, Stage Crew Committee HOLMES, GEORGE HORAN, MARY ANN HORNBROOK, JANET HOVEY, MARJORIE General B9 Class Officer College Prep. RUTH Moor Staff Hi-Hatters General A Cappella Choir Art Club, Vice Pres. Las Maravillas, Pres. Sr. Girls' Glee Club Los Hidalgos Broadcasters G.A.A. 3M yr. Graduate HENDERSON, JIM HENNIG, ROLLAND HEYLEK, RAYMOND HOFFMAN, SUSAN -IOFFMANN, SUSIE College Prep. Sr. Class Pres. Rally Chairman A, B, C, Football B, C, Track Jr. Exchange HOWARD, CLAIBORN HOWLAND, College Prep. General General College Prep. College Prep. Song Leader Las Moras, Pres., Hist. B9 Class Pres. Log Hidalgog Jr. Council, Pres. Home Economics Club Las Moras Sec. of Club Pres. Mee Racqueteers DALE L. HUEER, YVONNE HUFFINE, CAROLYN HUGHES, SHIRLEY L. General Gr-neral College College Prep. Pequenitas F E.L.A, Pequenitas, Treas. Peouenitas Hist La Jeurresse Sr. Girls' Glee Club Library Club, Pres. Servettes, Pres., Sec. F.E.L,A., Sec, Home Economics Club Los Hidalgos Jr. Statesmen, Sec. Christian Fellowship Racqueteers Band-Orchestra Jinx Racqueteers Page 39 HUGHES, WILLIAM INGLE, RICHARD JAMESON, MARGARETJANAES, TEDDY JOHN, STANLEY ROBERT College Prep. College Prep, General Jr, College College Prep. Sr. Boys' Glee Club Key Club Aeolian Club, Pres. Pequenilas Pholo Edilor of Annual Usher Club Band Orchesis, Sec., Treas.Moor Pholographer La Jeunesse, Sec, Camera Club, Pres. Moor Slaff Key Club Lighl 8: Shadow KAHN, EYELYN KATSAROS, TOM KELLOGG, JIM KENNEDY, CAROLYN KIMMICH, GORDON Commercial College Prep. College Prep. General College Prep, Les Mpfas J.V. Football J.V., B Foolball A Cappella chair 312 yr. Graduale Sr. Girls' Glee Club, F.B.L.A., Treas. Varsity Track Sr. Girls' Glee Club I Sec., Treas. Los Hidalgos Arl Club French CIUID Las Maravillas W out -wr' JOHNS, JACOUELYN LEE JOHNSTON, CAROLYN JONES, JIM M. JORDAN DON College Prep. General College Prep. College Prep Los Hidalgos Hi-Haflers Band Sludenf Leg. Ar? Club, Pres. Sr. Orchestra Chrislian Fellowshop Commercial Club KING, RICHARD KIRK, RAYMON W. College Prep. College Prep. Wrilers' Guild A, J.V. Baseball Forensic Club J.V. Foolball Varsify Debale Sludenf Leg. Lalin Club Los Hidalgos Senior Play Casl Jr. Council, Treas. Sludent Leg. B Baslrelball KOHLER, DICK KREKELER HELEN General Commercial A, J.V., B Foolball J.V., B Baskelball 48 'nz' 'rr ' instead of colleges and iobs, they turned to such gay vcr W as LEDBETTER, NANCY LEOCHNER, LARRY LEONARD, MICHAEL LEWIS, JOAN KUHNS, JOANNE LAMOREAUX, JANET LANZA, PHYLLIS LAWRENCE, PATRICIALEBUS, SHIRLEY MAY College Prep. GAIL General College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. Colleee PWD- Hi-Haffers College Prep. Las Maravillas, V.-P, A Cappella Choir Hi-Hallers Sr. Sack Emblem C Foolball La Jeunesse, Pres. Las Maravillas, Treas. Ari Club, Pres. Wrilers' Guild Ra-CqU.e'le9"5 I-55 Cadefulas Racquefeerg Broadcasiers Alpha Rho Tau LOS Hidalqos Sclenfla Club. TW55- AVI Club. Sec' Home Economics Club G-A-A AIPIE, Rho Tau' Pres' Treas. geryi,-nos Scienlra Club LINSLEY, DORIS ANN LIUZZI, ANTHONY LOCKETT, LYNN E. LOGAN. JONNIE E. LOMBARDO, ROBERT LUNDIN, EUGENIA LMCCANN, LeROY College Prep. Jr. College College Prep. General Commercial . College lffeP- . COIIEQP Prep. 31,5 yr. Graduate Camera Club Las Maravillas, V.-P. A Cappella Choir Comm. of Finance ScholaI'Sl'llP SOCIGIY. Hli-Haffers, V.-P., TreasPress Comm. Jinx Sr. Girls' Glee Club Assf. Comm. of Finance Lile MembEfSl'IlP Sr. Band st Orchestra Lan,-, Club F.B.L.A., V.-P., Treas. Los Cl3lrd:lg+os German Club, Pres., 5'4 PIGY Ticlfef pomm- gr' mm is .f Scholarship Sociely, SCIIOIBVSIWIP 50C'el'Y I' ay U my Page 40 College Prep. Los Laureados Key Club, Pres. Annual Slaff Sr. Play Casf Scholarship Society, McCULLOCH, THOMAS L. General Annual Pholo Slafi Camera Club, V,-P Varsily Foolball Slage Crew College Prep. Sludenf Leg., Sec. Sr. Swealer Comm Pequenifas Lalin Club Library Club, V.-P. MCDONALD, DOUGLAS College Prep. Scholarship Sociely German Club MCDONALD, BOB MCINTOSH, JOAN McPROUD, KATHY General College Prep. College Prep. Hi-Hatters, V.-P., Sec. Sr. Girls' Glee Club French Club, Treas. Los Hidalgos Scholarship Society Las Maravillas Art Club, Treas., Sec. A Cappella Choir MAIORANA, RUSS MALMGREEN, MANNING, JOYCE College Prep. PHYLLIS General Panthers, Pres. College Prep. Aff Club Piano Club Cam us Club Latin Club P Girls' League Rep. La Jeunesse, Sec. Racqueteers MACALUSO, NICK College Prep. B, C, D Basketball J.V., C Football Condors MARTIN, CAROL JEAN Comm. Social Chr. College Prep. Los Laureados Las Moras, Trees. La Jeunesse MacDONALD, MARILYN College Prep. Campus Club, Sec. Racqueteers MARTIN, DONALD College Prep. B, C, D Basketball Gym Club C Football MacGREGOR, MACK, KARLTON MACKEY, CHARLES SANDRA MARIA General RUYLE General College Prep. Las Maravillas Scientia Club Aeolian Club G.A.A, MATH,CAROL Erench Club German Club, V.-P. Broadcasters Scholarship Society MATHER, JOHN B. MAYER, JERROLD LEE College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. Las Moras, Hist. Sr. Orchestra Alpha Rho Tau, Pres. Racqueteers Gym Club Broadcasters, Pres. Scholarship Society Writers' Guild French Club Los Hidalgos MAGNER, THOMAS C Jr. College Camera Club Press Comm. Varsity Football Radio Club Lancers Hi-Y MEEKER, NANCY LEE Commercial Hi-Hatters A Cappella Staff events as their senior play and summer prom. then, fm 2.1 MEZA, MANUEL General J.V. Basketball Varsity Football MORRIS, ETHEL LORENE Commercial MILBURY, DON College Prep. Varsity Football MUNSEY, EVERETT College Prep. Los Hidalgos Science Club MILLER, HAL C. JR. MINER, MARILYN LEE MOEN, PATRICIA General College Prep. Los Laureados Commissioner ot Lit. Las Moras, Sec. La Jeunesse, Pres. Scholarship Society NASH, MARLENE NEFF, GLENN H. College Prep. College Prep. Las Moras, Hist. Broadcasters Home Economics Club Los Hiclalgos D Basketball College Prep. Hi-Hatters Servettes Art Club, V.-P. NICKERL, ARDEN College Prep. Sr. Sweater Comm. Las Moras, Treas. Los Hidalgos Light 81 Shadow Ra cq ueteers MONK, PAUL College Prep. Sr. Play Publicity German Club NICOLLS, DORIS JEAN College Prep. Las Moras, Trees. Light Er Shadow Racqueteers, Sec., Los Hidalgos MOONEY, JOSEPH College Prep. Varsity Football Los Hidalgos NOWELL, MARGY General Light 81 Shadow Broadcasters, Pres. Senior Play Cast MOORE, GARY College Prep. O'BANNER, PAT College Prep. Latin Club Science Club MORGAN, CLAIRE L Commercial Sr. Girls' Glee Club O'BRIEN, VIC Jr. College A, J.V. Football Varsity Track Student Leg. SV- BOYS' Glee Club, A Capoeira Chair Page 4l ROBERTS, SHIRLEY ROBINSON, PATT OZIMINSKI, JOAN General PILLOW, CARO LE College Prep. Las Maravillas, Pres. G.A.A. PATERACKI, JOAN College Prep. Las Sonadoras, Treas., Sgt. at Arms Light 81 Shadow, V.'P. Art Club Student Leg. PAUL, NORMAN J. Trade School Sr. Girls' Glee Club PIXLEY, DOROTHY A. PRICE, CHARLES General College Prep. Pequenitas Condors La Jeunesse, Treas. Broadcasters PENDLETON, RICHARD R. College Prep. Camera Club, Pres. Radio Club Los Hidalgos PROUSE, BRUCE Jr. College C Football PEREZ, DOLORES College Prep. Campus Club, Pres. Los Hidalgos Student Leg. RAMBEAU, FRANKLIN College Prep. A, B, C Football Jr. Exchange Sr. Boys' Glee Club A Track PERREIAH, MAURICE PETERSON,CAROL A. CHARLES College Prep. Light 81 Shadow, Pres. J.V., B Football Sr. Play 81 Talent Show A Cappella Choir RARIDON, LYNN Commercial A Cappella Choir Scholarship Society Sr, Girls' Glee Club General Las Moras RAWSON, DON College Prep. 32 yr. Graduate Titans Club Los Hidalgos Science Club Scientia Club PETERSON, ERIC College Prep. REASON, ROBERT College Prep. B Football Condors Pl ELSTICK, BLAKE H. College Prep. Transfer from L.A. Hi Key Club, Treas. A, J.V. Baseball REILLY, CHARLES College Prep. A, B, C Basketball Jr. Exchange Club Latin Club seniors problems meant the long, drowsy May afternoons REINI-IARDT, NANCY General Light 8: Shadow Senior Play Makeup Committee ROSA, LORETTA Commercial Light 81 Shadow Las Cadenitas F.l5.L.A. REUTER, JOAN MARIE RIES, JOY RIGNEY, CAROL General College Prep. Jr. College Las Maravillas Scholarship Society, Jr. Girls' Glee Club Pequenitas Les Nouvelles La Jeunesse, Pres. Racqueteers RUCK, REX General Stage Crew Usher Club Page 42 Latin Club RUNDELL, BARBARA J. SACKMAN, GEO. W. College Prep. Los Hidalgos College Prep. A, B, C Football, Science Club CBPT- Of A 3' B Ari Club A. B. C Track. Home Economics Club Capt. ot B Jr. Exchange Rineo, MARIE L. General Campus Club, Hist. Vice-President A Cappella Choir Talent Show SATCHWELL, DAVE College Prep. Yell Leader Key Club Science Club RISINGER, PAUL N. College Prep. Orchestra Band-Drum Maior B, J.V. Basketball Usher Club Science Club SATULOFF, JERRY College Prep. Radio Club Senior Play Ticket Committee College Prep. SCHREINER, DORIS College Prep. Las Maravillas, Treas., President Scholarship Society, Art Club, Sec. B Debate Jr. College Campus Club Racqueteers SCHRUMPF, BARBARA College Prep. Scholarship Society Las Maravillas, Sec. Los Hidalgos ROGERS, RONALD College Prep. J! Z 2 Z 1 E Forensnic Club Camera Club Varsity Debate Latin Club SCHWORER, GRETCH EN College Prep. Las Moras, Pres., V F Assembly Comm. Los Hidalgos Racqueteers SCOTT, ANNA SEXTON, TOMMY SEYMOUR, BOB Sl-IARP, JO ANNE SHEETZ, RICHARD T. SLABODA, RAY SLAVIN, JEANNIE Commercial General College Prep. College Prep. General General Commercial 3M Yr. Graduate Annual Art Staff Varsity Baseball Commission Hist. Jr. Exchange C Football Las Cadenit-BS La Jeunesse Alpha Rho Tau A, B, C Football Las Sonadoras, Sec. C Track Art Club Cross Country Varsity Tennis Racqueteers, Pres. Scientia Club A, B Track Jr. Exchange Light 81 Shadow Student Leg. B Basketball Scholarship Society SPOSITO, GEORGE L. STANDRING, STODDARD, FRANK T. STOPELSTAD, JANICE STROUD, LEONARD STUCEY, SALLY ANN SUESS, RONALD H. General ARTA-LEE College Prep. DAWN College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. B. C Football College Prep. A, B Track College Prep. Commissioner General Las Maravillas J.V., A Football Pequenitas, Sec. Cross Country Hi-Hatters, Pres. Commissioner of Boys Writers' Guild l0th Grade Sec. A Cappella Choir Los Hidalgos Varsity Football Los HidalQ0S Jr. Council Lancers A Cappella Choir Jr. Exchange Scholarship Society Scholarship Society Sr. Girls' Glee Club Sr. Play Student Leg. SMITH, PHYLLIS General Las Cadenitas Scientia Club Art Club SUTHERLAND, PATRICIA Hi-Hatters, Hist. Racqueteers Art Club Alpha Rho Tau Student Leg. SOUTHER, JANET College Prep. I-'Ii-Hatters Sr. Girls' Glee Club Racqueteers Senior Play Ticket Committee THOMPSON, PATRICIA ANN Commercial F,B.L.A. Sr. Girls' Glee Club 3X5 yr. Graduate when the beach beckoned constantly and irresisfably. TIEMAN, HAZEL ANN TODD, CLARA TRAXLER, JOEL JAS. General General General Servimos Home Economics Club B, C Track Aeolian, Treas. Home Cooking Club Band VERDUGO, ARLENE VIANO, ANGIE WALLACE, BETTY PETERSON General College Prep. College Prep. Las Cadenitas Scholarship Society A Cappella Choir F.B.L.A. Latin Club Las Cadenitas SCISHHEI Club Sr- Qi,-ls' Glee Club Science Club, Sec. Scholarship Society TROTTER, MARK College Prep. Basketball Titans WEBSTER, ROYLENE College Prep. Moor Staff Club Ed. Director of Student A Cappella Choir Sr. Girls' Glee Club Christian Fellowship UDELL, FLETCHER UHLER, LEWIS VAN LEEUWEN, College Prep. Los Laureados DON F. A, B Basketball Commissioner of Boys Jr. College Jr. Exchange Speaker of Student Orchestra Legislature WEIS, JERRY General J.V. Basketball Cross Country A, B Track Sr. Council A, J.V. Baseball WEST, BETTY WESTFALL, WINFIELD College Prep. College Prep. Dir. of Stud. Personnel A, B, C, Football Los Laureados Scholarship Society Scholarship Society, Student Leg., Clerk Sr. Play Cast VATCHER, BRUCE Collepe Prep, Panthers WESTLUND, DEL Collep Prep. Varsity Football Varsity Baseball Varsity Golf VAUGHT, GINGER College Prep. Las Moras, Sgt. at Arms Light 81 Shadow, V.-P Student Leg. Xll-IITE, CHARLES Ceneral Stage Crew Sludent Leg. C Football Page 43 'ffaf .. ,:'.'l, WILSON, RICHARD WINCHELL, CAROLYNWISE, MARY WITTENBERG, WOLFORD, HARRIETI' WOODS, BETTY WRIDE, MARJORIE WRIGHT, WILLIAM S. ZAVALA LeROY College Prep. College Prep. Commercial HOWARD Commercial Jr. College College Prep. Collepe Prep. General Varsity Tennis Pequenifas, V.-P., Pres. Les Nouvelles College Prep. Girls' League, Rep. . Band Camera Club Lalin Club Sfage Crew La Jeunesse G.A.A. Usher Club Las Moras A Cappella Choir La Jeunesse, Pres., Sec Racqueleers Home Economics Club Scholarship Soclely Jinx Sr. Girls' Glee Club Racqueleers Sr. Play Tickef Comm. Los Hidalgos 3M yr. Graduale Camera Club, Sec. Home Economics Clul: Science Club Sludenl Leg. Racqueleers Los Hidalgos PRIZE SNAP Ed Crook They Couldn'f Take If Page 44 AVOURIS, DIANE General Las Moras Lighl' and Shadow French Club Sr. Play Make-up Com. BUSSER, FRAN K General CULP, ALBERT EDWARD Scholarship Sociely Chemislry Team Science Club Lafin Club German Club FISHER, JAMES DAVID General Slage Crew J.V. Football Varsily Foolball Press Comm. LOEFLER, GARY General PATCHEN, ROBERT College Prep. Camera Club, Pres. Lalin Club Usher Club A, J.V. Tennis Radio Club, Treas. SESSLER, DON College Prep. RAM SELL, JOHN General WRIGHT, JOHNNY General Varsily Foolball V, . , ,, , 1. f Nj ML W WW 1' M -My Xxx fbi 15 1' K i V U i if ik tl! lfjf 'li A in 'fy ,Q J '11 " V l ib X Avy , -, WUV? ' , M f ,fy . yu L Lf xfvylfd bb V,'f,A'! 4 LLJVVV 5 ' , i ,r L' V X VN , ' J , nf pf' 1 fy ,L w fu ,, V10 fn: fm , ,, 'qi 4,1 DVA-" 1 1' WW fx I "I,-19990 It W - NLG 4 f W , wfw fy Q! ' ! f 1" I , LJ? fl x i N P. ' ' r' , , ex ' lf X Z ' ?fvMg,x,fk ,? M ? -1 Q If 21 EJ? 'lj N C H Qi ' , W 1 k ff db jn 4.1 wx osx N . X " lk f . J e'ff5 f ' f A X' mf f, A V, jfb!4j I fwdfu 'Ski . W0 'T' ww! '3uk,QL 'iq w ' mg QL wk, i I X Y . ,f A 5 -N, X' . f ' Q? Xt-J f . :W XX, TYITVW iz -r-'VA C ,I U VS SIGNATZQ Q' vii ku.AkAu.lwuvx'NhN Wlhvv Nu-AMA -A LL,sA.u-4.x , AA LL,X,,,, A-K A l WA AAI U I FAQNSSRORTN uuvk L . ...A-1-nf" MLAM K 1--vkq,x.q,,,,,A. ywk A mx X y K 'UNK' 115- K . S QSf+f,,,g Si, B I2 COUNCIL lleffto righn new 1: Hull, weadle. eifafai. Row 2: Phillips caan. smu- shire. Clark, Mirams, Gomez, Dickinson. SEHIUHS l1l'52 H. sv 1 'S '-X x, KTA ' Y 4 X I xi l xx X X v X X EC' EQ. g -5 " Q. e....:k yr sit Wx It X- Xgy Nm X QQEX x, N. ea .1 'B xxwni ,gli e xv as .Sw-A gb. XR .N XP I 1 X N il kts., YN N:- x- X cf .J . DOM. You lcnow, Mr. Phillips, our class is neifher fish nor fowl: we're sorfa in belween. We're no'r +he big shols fhis year. Neifher are we lhe siruggling juniors who lry fheir besl' io ouldo +hose who planned 'rhe previous prom. MR. PHILLIPS. And you musl' realize +ha+ winfer classes, because of +heir size, usually have +he repuialion for noi accom- plishing as much as lhey should. Perhaps some winler classes lack enlhusiasm. GLORIA. l don'+ 'rhinlc +ha'r fils our class. As liar as l can see, we don'+ have +o 'lalce a back seal for anybody. JOAN. How's lhal? GLORIA. According io a recenl survey, our class has a greafer percenfage of Scholarship members ihan any olher class in school. ALL. Yep, we're a bunch of smarliesg iusi vullures for cullure. Page 46 I " 2 ' ' f 12- f 1 'Y ,, 47" 'Y f ff W -,J K 6 W , ff 'ff , mf ff W ,W Q. " 'X gf 6 if Q2 M 2 "'f gy , A ,,,, . M , 7 V ,I ,fn aw iz f ,. f ', ,,,' ', ' ,KM ', f Z. ,f., f f" , 1 v ii' f' , asv "M X W , ' V Y .,f f ,, ,Q ff 7' yan ,I ,. f 0 .w 1 fy Z4 gm if W . J , sei JL, ,si 2 V ,Wm I f ,ji , M - f f, ,mm I ' , 'W ,gp 21:23 , ,A U? 1, f ff my 3 1 Y X 12 gf . fq. s .3 ns-,N , 4 L55 .nf 1- Gian ay A Q1 . 4. E f vu if f., , ,, ' s .f . .wwi y M ,,,,, , M ff Q V A ,ails i W.: ,n ,ks ' if 'X - 5 , v, V I ka. f i 4. .,, . A N 3 7 , Q , ., ,H B ileff to righfl Row 'I: Alexander, Arnold. Axelson. Bohn. Ballarini, Bolling, Bane, Barnum, Barrios, Bertino. Boley. Row 2: Boone, Brookshire. Burton, Cady, Carpenter, Cary. Chubb, Clark. Clements, Click. Cline. Row 3: Collins, Coulter. Dickinson, Diffs, Douvos. Ellico, Everett, Falkensfein, French, Fulmer. Row 4: Gallegos. Gibson. Giradi. Gomez. Gra ham. Groff, Halladay, Hanson. ljlqggrwggi Helms. Hull. g B12 lleff ro righfl Row 1: Hix, Hoif, Holdstock. Holland, Hull, Hymer. Imhoff. Jackson. Johnson. Koeniqsbers. Kruse. Row 2: Lucey. LoFehr. LaMar, Lehmer. Linville. Livesey. Livexey, Lott. Loy, McGinley. Maddox' ROW 32 Mdlln. Manor. MCl'fil'l. M9SSil'lCl. Mirums. MOYGY. MUSiCk. Nickel Nicolaus, Nye. Nye. Row 4: Odell. Oldham, Olson. Parnay. Phillips, Provenzano. Rau. Riggs. Roberts. Rose. Rothasz. -5 bw M X BI2 :VA .,,. 4 f" 'Qi"i Yg-gfxfsi gf : H 4 " . mf ' f , x . 1 , ,f 3 f Q , , fx M ' Cleft to right! Row I: Short. Shuck. Spak, Still, Stine, Sumner. Tennant. Thompson. Vansiclxle. Weddle. Wells. Row 2: White, Woodburn, Woolsfon. WX , f Q . , 5' I, MW A f x JUIIIURS JAKE. fCaImIy walking down Ihe hall of 'rhe Wesl Wing, he is nearly knocked Io Ihe floor by a gang of girls dressed in hula skir+s.ll Wonder whaf in Ihe -Ihey are doing! There's Miss Liesveld. Mayloe she knows. MISS LIESVELD. Hula skirfs? Oh! Those kids are on Ihe Junior Council. They are frying ou+ Iheir plan fpr Ihe prom. TI1a+'s 'rhe real evenl' of Ihe year for I enL JAKE. Bur why hula skirls? MISS L. This year's Iheme for rhe prom is a moon- Iif nighl in Hawaii. We are having beaufiful leis, dre-amy music, and 'rhe perfecl almosphere Ihaf will Iifl' you up on a cloud and 'rransporf you Io 'rhal' Paradise in Ihe Pacific. Doesn'I' il' sound wonderful? JAKE. I 'feel Ihirly years younger already. Bul rhen, l'd berler gel on wilh my sweeping. Page 50 lleff Io righll Row I: Schafer, Qgllimore. Row 2 I g ld I d I Selga, Squires, LoeFF, Berkus, Thomas. A I I Ilefl' 'lo righll Row I: Eorsum, Franklin, Phillip 2: Liesveld ladv.l, Hilburn, Kehler, MacPherson, Gladwell, Wells. , fe ff ! 1' 1 if' 2' I - ' . "4 ff' 'f ' 2... ' ' I ,- f 5 if 5 M K f ' 4 f I f W 4 X .59 ,yin X I X J ' Q ' - X X , - , . f , Q ' . , I , ,. M, ff' M In A V .Q g I - E , ' M' f qi. , -M , ff V-M I f j, , fly 1. y . f ' . If jf" gn, V 4 .r Q , V . may i ff 'ZZ 'WW vw if ,' .iw 5 A I I lleft to rightl Row 1: Adams, Adamson, Agaianian, Alexander, Allan, Allen, Ambler, Anderson, Anderson, Arenchild, Armstrong. Row 2: Arm- strong, Arnett, Arveson, Avila. Baetz, Barlow, Barrett, Barry, Becker. Row 3: Bell, Bennett, Bennett, Betchner, Biehl, Bigelow, Black, Blesse, Bonner, Bowers, Bowers. Row 4: Breedlove, Breslin, Brott, Brownell, Brownlee, Brummett, Burwell, Campbell, Canzoneri, Carpenter, Carroll. A I I lleft to rightl Row 1: Chambers, Chambers, Champ, Chancey, Chavez, Cheek, Churchill, Claus. Clayton, Clover, Coats. Row 2 - Cole, Cole, Como, Congleton, Conlee, Connors, Cook. Costa, Cranston, Criswell. Row 3: Crowley, Cunningham, Cushman, Cutler, Dallas, Dar , Dearing, Dennison, Derby, Dermid, Dickinson. Row 4: Digrado, Divizia, Dixon, Dobbins, Donaldson, Dondanville, Dondanville, Dorfman, Drcke, Driver, Dwyer. if X 0 rj , at , . f 1 l ' wx-4 f , w W.. f ,Q fx. ff ' ' af ff 'Y 6 I ., , ' f ' , ' M f ,fl K f' , j ' f f '- ' P " 1 ' vw' '-.-f - 'mf 1 ' if XQTT, ' K ff ' L Milk. ff: Q, y I if 4 ' 'E ff. 7' 1 ' 'Q , ,, , W 'X 4 gp 11. ff . qw, , M ff , 1 ff , W fly", ill"l fe , . , 21 f f .J I " Q. Q Z of M-:1 :iff 2' V70 ' ' . W.. -I . ' if -W ji I ,-fi ,M I . ,. 4 4 if . I f , ,, .' 1' - X '35 Qs, Z., X .47 Y A 'A gf, 75: fa ' as ef, f ' , fffl A N f mi ' :Jef ' f f ' ' , Us 1 Z-VV? f I , W. -if N I . V, f I ,. , j I . 4' ,, Vx , If f I 4' ,H W , , I ' Q W I 4 ' rf' , I I . I , ,,,, ,, V fv ' Z, ,Q ,g CQ 7 4 ' ' 2 f , 'ff ,. ff 4 X i 2 f -E ' f ' . 4 5 Ik I X. , Agri,-I in, , 47, L? I, i 1- I, 1 1, f , . ff Q Af W 4 X, '5' I .,,, 1, I H , gn 4 31353 1 , NK 'Ai X "1 X , WCW' 4 I ' Q f ,,,' . Z:::.g23Qf I 54 ' ' ' 'B' .V zwgwg 'X A yy I ' - 7:?,?3v' ffwful A 'I' ' LY..-QJ1, f , :.- SMR XR 1 44,- A ' 'jf Q? l L i- ff 1 f f f , 4. wi , ' n. 3 , ' fer Ji, RWM ' 1 1254, f 2 4, f A ' fx r Q V, , .. ,, , . , Q , J I , 'Q I , Q 2, .V i.. in I ,M A, ,, N V, ,,f, ' X ' ' 1 " X ' , " ' f , ' f ' I '. ' J X X ' I ' ' G- sv , ,z,,:VVV dx VV V .V V VV ,, V, V 1 V V ,, VV V KV ..,, ' I V ,,,, - M Qf X ...N ,,.. ' , W ' ,, ., A , yy- ff W , f Vw -wwf ff - "fy f 1 W f 2, f' Wu ,ff W if K N f 'W ,, ,I f ff G f f , WV' G f 1 V ,. 4452? , fw U W .. ' , 'V W! 2 "Y: r' 5 Sill' aVV'3, , 9 ,V V V V ,f V .V VV ,f Vi.. V V ,X V A, M , , V W W ,,: W ,X ,V M , V V ff: ,, V, , WV v, A V ,W .... - ,U , 'mg 4 W , S , , A V . , A , if X ? I f f f ig Z. I ' Y "' an V 1 ...ff -f , fV" , 1 - , -,, ,f X V .T , - ,377 , V V HG, f Z , VV'-V ,:. Vf , !.V,'?Z ,ff X V f M , Z f , ,. had 'V , X U 'l 7, 1 X! 42 1 4 'f , I ,fifihy , J' - ' 'Q A Q "I ,545 f Z4 , - . 1 f Z X, , L f. 4f . r . g , ,L 4, ' f ,M "' ,, ' , r ,"' ' f' ,, , , ' 1 , fi nuff, ,V4 ll- V V f"V 5 1-,VZ V, 'N f, V v . Xing ,QM fu KVVI n 1 Z 72, I X fm 4, my 4 . M., f' W2 1? ,, ,HL V yf P ' V 4 f f 4 1' A f ' Q 'Z ,, . . "W -1, fvff 1 f f. .- ar ,,,,,,f , fr f f .IV V V VV W ,V V ,, S km- ff 4'Q2V,,, V VV VVV V W," VV, V, V, , 1 132 2 f 4 ' ' Z f ,f ' , f ,f 17 - W I '- 4 , ,f , , ,V W ,fc K V' - ' , ""3 , QV 1 7 Q 2? ffVV WAV, A I I lleft to righfl Row 'I: Eames. Ebaugh. Edmunds, Edwards, Eggimann. Erwin, ala, Feruzzi, Finnerty. Fitzgerald. Fitzpatrick, Fleisher. Forsum. Forfeza. Francis. Gonzales Gordon Graham G II G I H A I I lleff Io rightl Row I' Helquist, Hendricks Hernandez Hibberf, Hi H'Ib H k Evans. Evans, Evensen, Farwell. Feldmeth. Row 2: Fellbaum, Fe- Franklin. Row 3: Galasso. Geiselman, Gillmann, Gladwell. Gladwell . . . u y, yse aar, agerfy. Row 4: Hall, Hamann, Hamm. Hanson, Harris, Hartung. Haslelr, Hay, Hebert, Heldriclu, Helgrenl . . , er, 1 urn, oc e. Hofmeisrer, Hair, Hollinger, Hollingshead., Row 2: H oppa, Hopwood, Hornaday, Hoyal. Huck, HUQHGS. Huneycurr, Hyde. lSbell. Jack. Japour. Row 3: Jaussaud, Jessup. Johnson. Johnston. Jordon. Kerchaval, Kesser, Killian, Kinch, Kincheloe, Kindy, Klingelberg, Knight. Kohler. Juenemann, Katsaros, Keegan, Kehlef. Kelly. Kelfner. Row 4: Kepner, Kuchinsky. e 7 M, ,, ,,,f f ,, 1, , , , f, ff fy, ,ff , fy ,, , H . I .X ff,, ,. -,. , 9 ,QW 5 : , , V ' , f f U, - I V Q QV! I V XV V , 4 , V V V36 X X- Q P ,A I , - f in ' ,. V ' ,l gif- 3 a f' Qfff' f V, A If ,V f f f VV, ,V,, ? N X 7 f T 2 f' nfl Ex Q! S f, -N wf Q ZW. W, y X fa, f af! df, ' f ' W- 4 a.. 4 , I 3 KH, ,f , ?g,w'-- ,Tia -' ', . ,,,,,, ., , lf N in ,f Y , -f 7 , ' f ,V G ,i ' V ,f f .M , 5 ,M mf H ' nr Qi f M ,ff f , ff In ' I ' ,ff Q ,. , a I fn , f ,A I we ,,,, .ff 4 . f 5 Ny! E M figs G g f"' KA X' er .ff , 4 - ' ,. ' nf 'V A Q ,f , 4 K' ww ,Q 2' X Vg 'X 4, V gn X ' VV 41 'ff V f H' ' . 7' f f a ff M dw MV VW. ,V .2 ,,,,,, , , X 4, VM., Q 3 ,Q , - Q " fuj f' Q' f jf, , . '. ,." ' , im.- Ii i W ' , 'V 'V V f ' I :iff Q, If W V 2. f Vx V ',,,, Q V 'f W , V f' V V X231 I X If , jf , V1 ,, ,ALIV :W If V 6 6 Z Z , , ' 1 , riff' 1 V Qi fQ.," "' MJ-V 74 " X WWWWZJ V,-fw 2 -w X ff f f V fr. WV j ? V ' AV V 'X is vw. x i Q P ' ...W V- vs. SL N I J ' ' 'L ,... las ,-Vsfgk 1 C' S V 1 F 1 K I xqqnb M ,Z 'fi x I I I Z f f VV V I 'ik f P VV if f Q az. A., ' f?YMf7Wf? V Q sf QQ- -V ,Vmw yi V VV .V 'J ' ' X, - "-' C VV' V V TV N.. X 'V ,11" f if fy fy K X Q, I V VW Vi 'fV 0 V VV M if ii In A I I lleft to rightl Row 1: Kunkel, Kurlancl, liyer, LaBouff, Lake, Lancashire, Layton, Lazzarino, Legind, Leibowitz, Lent. Row 2: Levey. Lindblom, Link, Link, Lloyd, Longshaw, Loomis, Lowe, McAllister, McAuliffe, McDonald. Row 3: McDougal, McGregor, Mclntyre, McKnight, McLaughlin, ' Met M r Mild Miller Miller, Mckeynolds, MacPherson, Madden, Mallette, Malone. Marks. Row 4: Marshall, Martin, Mathes, Meek, Meglnnes, zger, eye, , , Miller. A I I lleft to rightl Nelson, Nelson. rin, Perryman, Peters, Phillips. Peterson, Peterson, Row 4: Phillips, Phipps, Plume, Poll, Porch, Porter, Prlbble, P , ,,,, . ,,,, , I Row 'l' Miller, Milligan Milligan. Molin, Molinari, Montana, Montana, Moore, Morris, Murashige, Murphy. Row 2: Neapolitan, Niemqgr' Nix' Npyqk' Qgheltree, Odenkirchen, Oldham. Palmatier, Palmer. Row 3: Parker, Parrino, Paslay, Paulsen, Pease, Per- ' rosser, Ragland, Ramos, Rapelie. V 0 f 7 , V V, I 4, jr, ,V V My V, VV. , VV V , , Za fr 5 ' , : ' ff, fi 4 ' ' V , -2 9.1 A "" 4 , I 'Z' ,, J W J -,V , V Z ,V ,, M V Q , , ,. V , ,V 1 .,,. 4 , K ,I V , ,, V ,V V fV Q f , ff VV Vi, 1 " ',,,ff',, V 2, fqfr V VV V Vf 4 , K- f V if - 4 V VV hw f V V g ,Vf w, I My V 1 V7 ,- " ' ' f i' ' V ' ,nl , , ,,V k . , VV yy f My ,,,, 4 ., y, V, H, VZ ,: ,V ,R IVV Aargttf If -I f IN! Z MIA, V . 'V lv WA f V ASQ f Q., V ,W V V VL :ff 'V 1 ' ' o 55 :V W! earn "" " ' X ' ' V . ' 4 ' f' , V ' 1 V, e-el f I I f VV' V .ff M ' -V W I f . f , ,Q , ghw , ,V , U V ,V ,W V , V - -, V11-Jr" V 1 ' V 'V V W' I , ,. , f 1- ,V ' 7 if I :W 'Q 5, , 5 6, H I .Q KS ' I I , f f 12 f , V V-51449 fx , V ' 1' A 4 , V if ' M , ,ef in , I ' :,,Vf ' V ' ' '. , '- M' V I I I V w J WW' V 'ff WW . W V V M VV . 5 du , " , M V , 'V - f 0 'gr A ,VVF ' 4 .V1 V V - J .,,, V V w ' 5' 1 ' V ' 5 X V 6' Vi ,,, I fgfjw I Inf wwf , , V! iw, A , 4 '15 , , W SWT- I 4, - ' V ,V ' V Q ' P if a, X V I , ' f' 4, V V, V V , I f ,V I , 44' VVV 1 l , V V V 1 .H 1. 1- Jfxwy, V . V' " ' ' . Q 1 VI ' "Q . 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Row 2: Rockwell, Rodri- guez, Ross, Ross, Rothasz, Rundell, Sadanowicz, Salvatierra, Sanladerer, Saarquist, Schiro. Row 3: Schroeder, Schrumpf, Schuwehdf, Scott, Scott, Scrufchfield, Shaw, Shaw, Shaw, Shea. Sigal. Row 4: Silver, Simpson, Singer, Slauson, Smith, Smith, Soll, Speth, Spivey, Spriggs, Springer. A I I ilefl' lo righfi Row I: Squires, Sfai, Stanley, Starkey, Sfeadman, Sfeere, Sfeyer. Stokes, Sfoppel, Taylor, Tell., Row 2: Tessler. Theiss, Thomas, Thompson. Thompson, Thorkelson, Throssel, Tisdale. Titus, Tomich, Turney. Row 3: Twining, Ve itch, Velenosi, Verdugo, Waddingron, Wackerman, Waldron. Wallerman. Walsh. Wakh. Wulf'-r. Rn'-' 4- W-re. Ware. Waters Welch. Welle, W'--+I-m-I. Wfever. Wlvefwlev. Whimll. Whitehead. Whifinq. 7 f , 1,V,, ,,,, ,, A ' We 251 ' , 1 e, - fff . ,wo ,Q we 'fi fe f W W W W-N f f W f X4 f W f 8 ,fmxkg Q Q ex W K f 1, W xv Y' ,WW Q.. ,,,, ,, fff . f , Q57 M, , I if , ,f ' - i ki-W' v 2-N14 Q " i E AV' ' ' Q7 X ' '. 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Wodhingron Young. ig? iwiiijjjgf gif? swf? 55 53153 QSSSESQFQ 355333555 B ,, ue.. ,., ,i,..,, Row'l:Amerine.Ashworfl1, .,c...eS, , Beck , gems, Bi,,.,,, Bishop, M... Bm. Row 2: Bw, W... W.. Brummer, Burnside, Calvert, Card, Carlino. Curfis, Davis, Davis. Row 3: Elder, Eudey. Frickel. Gilbert. Gillehe. Grunofh, Greva. Grosvenor, Gu: zeffa, Hallman. Hancock. Row 4: Harris, Jackson. Johnson, Kelley, Kipp, Krull, Loeff, McAdory. MacFarlane, March. Marikian. EQ? , YY pw Q , , "Mi y?"' ff M 1 f , sf, f 'f W, 1 W A. 2 an mf MW - ' wwf! - Z., , A V f M , 2 if gf 1, V, 'Q ,I 054 . . ,., 2 ,wg 4 7 - 3, 'Wiz 1, 4 U I 1 , ,x ,X ll " f' ' VV :YUM f ,f 4 1 f I ff ,f L 1 f 'f H' f Sig N46 ' ,f , Q x ' H f 7 ' "ICQ w - mf , 106 ' 5 6 E ' W, ' ' If W I 54 ' - . od , , ,,., , , , W s 'ffm , Q X X . 5 " ' 4 bf, ,VW 14 WX , , f ,4 5 V. ,., .X EEF' 'f X5 Q ,. f Q V jfwv f fig, f 4 , Q 3-5 , 1 A ---f f ' MQ: 'Y f Vw np, K, wr 6 ' ' Q-Q J ' ' F . 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Wha+ wi+h all 'rhese ac+ivi+ies, you're making lhe Moorbabes sound like seniors inslead of frosh. A+ fhe rare 'rhey're going lhere won'+ be any new +hings leff for fhem +0 do as seniors. Well - maybe a few. Page 59 gm X . , K , .YL I ' 'A W , f - if' ii S , I X Qi ' 'M da X ir, ' I ,f, fy f ss 3' 4 EW 'Q V, Q V 4 V11 , V g N 12 f X xx s Q ,C 5 H ' ', " ' 1 D ,WAN ,, ',', . ,4 gy f f 4 lb, ' n , -'A N was J , -W f H , , Q W N.. Z , ,, I ,V I K VV ff, 'W fr .e W Z f I W1 ' I . B "'ZWfi!4s 4., MM 5 f ff. . W , 'F , . . in N, ,nam I XY V . XM E. , 'Mv- , I ZW, WV T, Y V- ,L ' f -s fi:3yf4'l5!iji If I f' , X? , 5 If '-"- Ea S ' " W '- " 'fy' , M ,MV , 0 K ' V, fyj g g fi X759 " ,f W , ' ZH n We B s 'ii , si MJ Q' f X' W af ff ff f 2, Z' 7 f y f K f p ,M - W ,- My ,Q 1 f W f ,NN ' 557' B .Q ws - SW X w if vw. 5 ' ggi! 'BQ . , ,ww . Qs 1 X2 1 f 4 ff , 2, vi i , 2, 3 f We X f A llefl' to rightl Row I: Abel, Agaianian, Allison, Allison, Amendt, Anderson, Andrews, Andrews, Ashby, Asher, Avard. Row 2: Baker, Barnby, Barnes, Belineau, Bellinder, Berry, Bills, Bishop, Black, Bloem, Boren. Row 3: Bostrom, Bowles. Bowman, Bowman, Boyd, Boynton, Bradley, Bran- son, Branson, Breslin, Bressler. Row 4: Brickey, Brown, Bruington, Bruno. Bruns. Burgess, Burns. K, A I0 lleft to rightl Row 1: Carl. Carlson, Carroll, Cheney, Cleman., Coe, Colcord, Connow, Curry, Cutler, Dallenbach, Davenport, Davidson, Davis, Davis, Decker, Depuncian. Row 3: Dowda, Drake, Edmonds, Eix. Ellington. Row 4: Epp, Evans, Everett, Ewry, Farrar, Fine, Fisher, Bush, Cade, Calagna, Campbell., Cooke. Cooper, Crawley. Row 2: Crisman. Crook, Dickinson, Dihle, Dobbins, Dondanville, Donhost, Doran, Fisher, Fisher, Flores, Folino. , Tw' ,Z :fl I W WN I X l x . ,,45,,:Ei., M., M X , si M, , ssss- ' B W B 1 is by . if .V f , C f X f , ziggy' .2-I S My XVI' f C is if 77' f s M414 ,, f ,,, X A , , 1 -' 541, f ff f .,,. f f f f Z 'X , . , f,,, X A ff sf E f f f f -1, ff , yy , ,wife A rf! , 'vvl sw. 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V fm ' 1 ff' M f - 1 s . X - X . V. f f V. ,ff V ls V is ae. X X .- VV 'Q'-fif ' ' Q J i I . , . 15 , - X' ' ,'- .S V XG' Xt 3 . - ,W X 9 ' r Mug fx f 5 x G s 113 A I0 llefl' to righrl Gentry, Gerberick, Gibson, Grover, Giveirrida, Hohesy. Row Kuechler, Kunl' f V' 4 , 'Wi ,, , Wh A lleft to righrl Row 1: Hol Johnson. Johnson, Johnson, Lamming. Row 4 "Im, 'Q QQ-X : Lempke, Gay, ll FOSS. Frampton. Francis, Frasco, Fraser, Fricker, Fritz, Fryer, Fuhriman, Galeria, Gardner. Row 2: Garvin, Gotfon, Gibson, Gifis, Gift, Gillespie, Gilliland. Row 3: Gilpin, Givens, Gonzales, Gorsuch, Grady, Gray, Greil, Grorficelli, 4: Hamil. Hann:ford,IlTa4rEEs7j Harrison, Hathaway, Hayes, Hazelman, Hill, Heldrich, Hersey, Heffner. Jones, Jones, Jordan, Ko Lenci, Lenhardt, Leuenbe Johnson, Z o f 1 z,lf.Vf VVVVV -, . M,4VVfg ZIV, V1 71,1 ,, , ,V j e if . lf ,Z W 'f . 4 nm, 1 Nm fn ,. .VNV Lf , ,WV 'V ' V ,,.,.+ 4 x Q land, Hood, Hoos,'l'loover, Hough, QoughtonQ'Huffaker, Huling, Hurley, Jeffs, Jermiah. Row 2: Jessupp, Johnson, meiflfnsfiler. Row 3: Kozen, Keafhley, Kellogg, King, Koller, Klinger, Komora, Knox, rger, Leuschner, Likins, Lillicrop, Linderoth, Lockerf, Longo, Loft. V V V1 F ff' V, 4 H if 4 1 7 4 G Y? . MY .. ,W A V wk . ZW 'lug X ' , I, - WX 5 X A, 5 X f f ,. K Ni' M V7 xg X ' " ,. ' W ' 'f' f .BMW ' ' " '7 f' J W W iff? f I , M.. VV V V45 VV VA v , VVV4 , - ' ' ,Kg V f 4. ' A f '2 "' . I V., ' ' f :V in V : f Y N' M" ' J w'.5f'z f Q 3 f ' s ' ' 25. , ,4 ,-. J , :iff 1 vs f , Q. ,Vi . L1 4 V L ,f 6 -, .... 255, A 4 V . ff '- Q' My .V ,Mix ,f ,H V V VV I, VV V VV V ,,,,, ' .V V gf ' f X Q. QT A- f ' , V ZA X, 2. " 1 ' Z 457 ' F, J MZ ,, V V 74 V VV ,,,V R , V 9 V ,V ,VD V ,,, ., V 1 34 MZQII , 1 r nz W ' ,f ff' f , fu 1. f , 9 ,C , V , V ,, , , , , X ,, W ' " A ' ' 'Hr- z N, w ' Q Q1 , , '7 ' 5 fi f"' ' s N 1 fl fl I 3 f l 1 ' ,, V V .VV V, f b ju 34 4 ' ,4 i'44f3212f pe '-' iff f- ffl r 35 "" Q f 5- 7 , W, .. I SX! ,- . ' My X ff X an S X X s X,,,,. , XX, ., L X? 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X- X ,V X EW ,V W 7 N2 x X QNWX ' Q' S . ,,g we 6 3 , - 5' i E X if X X , ff X QBX N X X X X X I X: p K 5 I' -A ST! X ,X , X X xg X I QV W sq X N S x x S V, X, ,X . A X hi? eg fy X X S X V 2 X X X X.A-G 1 -XX ,X ,ws X. X -.XX X- X X Xg V N -A X NXXXX XX - Q XX X Vw X X Q X X xx KX 2 XAX I X 4 XXXX ', - XX- ,,,, 2Na5'2fi-i XXX XX X - E 1' - - M A Q ' N -XQX -XX V, X ' - 2 T, '. V, ,L - 1 XJ' . fx , --V0-+1,V1?ig , yk,,,,wXX X-X -fl ' X 5 2 XXX X V X VV F X X of if , , l. sl , ,Q X K , , If 4. ,V X f XX. , K McCleary, McCon nell, McCown A lleft to rightl Row 1: Lunchsinger, Ludman, Lukesh, Lusvardi, McCaskeII, 2: McNeil, McNeill, Macedonio, Meader, Maqido, Mallonee, Malmgreen, M son, Massey, Means, Meidlein, Mendenhall, Mensink. Mentlik, Meyers. Row 4: Mi Moore, Moore, Morgan. ton, Quist Opdale, Palmatier, Patterson, Paulson, Peuler, Pearce, , Rach, Ramey. Row 4: Ramirez, RasmuSS9ll. R900-liflqi , McGraw, Mclntyre, McMurray. Row Row 3: Marten, Martin, Masinda, Ma- ann, Manzer, Marcum, Martin. Qll.QflS!l-L, Miller, Milne, Moeekel, Mondlock, Montana, Moore, Moore, A lleft to rightl Row 'l: Morris, Morrison. Morton, Mount, Mullin, Murphy, Murray, Neal, Newton, Nield, Nilsen. Row 2: Nixon, Norling, Nye. Pease, Perry. Row 3: Peterson, Pfleger, Pierce, Plamondon, Pons, Pontrelli, Pope,X,Pres-- Reeb, Reed, Reed, Rice, Richardson,Ridenour, Riggs, Risinger. l . ' 45ii ?"Sx lf xii XX'X A XXX " XX., - X X XXX X f X Q- , sm V V, rg. X , .V 1. , . M' X ---r ' - - X 'VX X X ww 61 X , f 2: ' W ' 1 , X- ,. 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Taylor. Terrell. Teton, Thomas. Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thorpe. Row 2: Tompkins, Tonso, Travisiano. Trigon. Tryon, Turiace, Tysen, Ure, an Houfen, Wade, Wallis. Row 3: Walsh, Watson, Webb, Welch, Westmire, Wiley, Williams, Wilson, Winberg, Winchell, Wolf. Row 4: Wolford, Woods, Woodward, Woodward, Worobec, Woroff, Yeakel, Young, Young, Zimmer. M , 1,1 : f ff X , ,I , , ., . , , ff , A... i Af ! , V. W, lm I 211' .. y I , we I I I ,U V, I , ,, yr X72 . ff , ,,, 5 In YA ,. , .3 VV AQ- - V 5 we ff l'fV 1 -W5 ' QV if f V V, V Vx: A ze, 'wr - 3 - A fy . ,f ,V 1 1 M f .X f ,Z 'mf , 1 :gf ,ff V: f I , 7 i m y .M A V f f W df , f F 7f'j-,iyjaifvgf VTXQ7.: U , M6 ,f', XV, V4 , f f 5, ,, - ' " ff' , ,V K " ' K Q ,V f, ,V,., 4 yy QD ,wzfgl f ,w fig, Q . V X51 X- . . I , f X KQV A' 0' , wiv 254 f. v t i ,x f lfxsm VVGNLIQIV, ,I k- ffm 4 K Vkfl 4 ' W 3 'W' V ' wif: f N V , -- ,A .1.,:,.., Q2 f Zi' X , K , "', 'Xu ' 7 ' " 4-A f f 4 new 7 YU ,f .V G, r f if ,, , ,QQ 2 ? ,-, fu , M. ,,,. 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X V X V, ,V V f EM X, 6 X, so is ff sf K K Xa A., ' D V ' , Z V VZ WV 0 ,,-it M s 1 ,mir ' cfif-441 lleft to rightl Row I: Hannigan B12, J ckson B12, Bigelow A11, Costello All, Dondanville All, Everett All, Hancock All, Schifano A11, Whitford A'I'I, King B11, Campbell AIO, Row 2: Costello AIO, Dick AIO, Hess AIO, Piner A10, Giandomenico A'l 0, Cline B10, Cummings B10, Donovan B10, Blankenship B10, Baker A9, Bachelder A9. Row 3: Bennecke A9, Cos A9, Fechser A9, Galitz A9, Gibson A9, Hendrickson A9, Hughes A9, Johnson A9, Lang A9, Milla A9, Montana A9. Row 4: Olson A9, Rehfeld A9, Rizzio A9, Robinson A9, Sheets A9, Sievert A9, Silvey A9, Sinex A9, Sarga A9, Stewart A9, Watts A9. A9 Neff to fighfl Row 13 Abl'Clm0- ACCOFCHHO. Achilles, Adams, Adams, Adams, Alf, Allen, Allan, Almond, Almquisf. Row 2: Alvord, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Apple, Atamian Austin. Babaoka, Barratt, Bartoli, Bender. Row 3: Berg, Bergman, Bible, Binkerd, Bishoff, Boyer, Bl-qi. ford, Brayton, Breen, Brooks, Browning. Row 4: Brownlee, Brundie, Berkerd, Butler, Cacciatore, Callahan, Cardamon, Carleton, Carloss, Carmack, Carr. .I If n , W 2553 B A , gf, ff Z 4 if ,. 1 ,,.. Q9 .4 , A f IW , 6 4 A ff , 4,3 if 5 4 -fe f W Q g ' Z f W X y Q7 X A , ,,- f, -A-,, 'v Wi' 17 x X 'iff in M Z , 1 ,. 4 32, 'V gv!'f!':2'! .y ' 45 :eg X 5 , , , Q HY pl f, W ,,,, ,,, is VIL it if U .fm I s, K fc , 74 1 A V5 HW D f AW V1 Alf 'ff mf ,,kV W' V, f X W 1-S 2 IME, "':- X ' , A f ft ,,: A ffilf , , , f, ,, , A 'iw .e g . in , no , 6 U , ,VW LC A I ag We , , f 1 1 7 f' f 6 77 fi VW X ' W, Z f T4 m of - -We 6 Q J? 12 1 ' A V ' ' , ' - as ,. I Q, 'M WT if ' A 1+ A 541 W new-A H.. f A l Q 2 W . I .,, f g 1 'W V A Q X ,sf V. X r f' I-f .,,! MM , 7 L 'fx 5 ' I x Kgs.. , " ' f Q ffl A Ss? 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Row 3: Gomez, Gonzales, Gracey, G Greminger, Groff, Grot- ticellii, Hadsell, Haglund, Halloran, Hammack.. Row 4: Hartman, Hazeltine, Heldrick, Hess, Hewifson, Hinds, Hix, Holliday, Hollis, Holly, Holmes. an WJ' X516 .H si I, V, J by , fy gf' V s 1 ,V 0' ,f 'W . f, , Xi Z, -'S , Q, fi I ff 7 ,f,,f an ffm-'Q 1 ,. . f , Page 66 "WIT , .,,. ..f"W' 'K We , h V X . Q v,,,r1-Aix Wf 'f 3 ... g I .f M I X A ' 1- ' ' .Wil f , ,A lg, , Y , fy If 1 ,f 2 my , V4 X f +1 ' ,. f , yi, ,ip I f X ' ' ' , ,X Q ff ,ff f f MQW ' X ff ..,, I 1 7217. X , ' Q, Q f I yy f-'f 2, , X f , 7 f ,,f W .r , M 95 ff - A 'V I ,f 1 442 f if fi 7 z X 7 f ,A f Z f y ff ?ZvZ W ff M 7 ZW, 6 f ff 1, ,1 - 44 ' f ,, 'Es f , f f ff f f S ffx, : 4 ,,,f' f J rf" f 4 W , 4x if ' f 'il up xg f 'XX 7 if f 5' X X - X E 4 'f ., A f L "" M az: . ry,-.f I EF: Q x M is , --X r .1 4 is wr 1 .1 ,,, ,. A1 A9 lleff to rightl Row 'I:'fIjloIfoMn,Q Howard, Hu bner, Huffine, Humelbaugh, Humm, Humphreys, Hunsicker, Iamurri, Jackson, Jenkinson. Row 2: Jen- sen, Jensen, Johnson, Kahn, Kalahar, Kam, Keefe, Keller, Kellogg, Kernode, Kinch.. Row 3: Kirchel, Koehler, Kuns, Kunrz, Laird, LaMar, Lamphier, Laux, Lawrence,fl:rtIa,1 Lloyd. Row 4: Lloyd, Logan, London, Long, Lorino, McBride, McCaskilI, McCarthy, McCorf, McLane, McManigal. A9 lleft to right! Row 1: McMillian, McMilIian, Macarfney, Maclean, Maclennan, Maggio, Maior, Manley Manzeri Marcy, Marino. Row 2: Mark. Martin, Marfinez, Matson, Mayer, Mays, Megaw, Melsheiner, Mickey, Miller, Miller. Row 3: M iller. Mohler, Mpkler, Moyle, Moshy, Murashige, Murray, Nash, Newell, Quail, Nielson, Row 4:NNix, Nixng qrtanOberIies, O'deII, Oldam, Ordway, Oswald, Owe M ,M - V f f f, fi ns, ,garadilrval Pardue. I , ,IA ' ffL ff 1 A r m 2-1, ' 'rf f f V If V J , , N " 'V -, K H X ' f f, " M 'f f V ,Q ' 5 aj ' 3 f, i I - ,, W I uw I -. yr f , , ,, ,,f, 7, , 4' fi ,ff f ii, QL. 1 1" x Page 67 ,,,,,Q,,Ny Qigfefff ch ' X M, . 2 XSS f X, ,,,,,, ,M Z , 4 I wil 2,9 1, 1 S QQ, if 32 f ?ff ' X W f 1 W , A X AK! ff S xx rf- f XQNX Xi y 1 X ,xx 1 -ix! XX A 1. lvl' . Y , i ww. 4, Q, Q f f 7, , f X yy W f 1 11 f r Q, f X Z , Q wi M 6 H ws a , . A9 lleft to rightl Row V ' Q - ,Nw ,V f' if , , ar '- 3 7 S N , few f, VV "- w- Q' ' "" X S " " X 2 fe, I f K .X f ff' lax K ' A XL rv' kr , 'N , MPV' , X FZ .I . 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Row 4: Selga, Shank, Shaw, Sheehan, Sheetz, Shives, erlock, Shoaf, Silverman, Simpson, Singer. Q-f A9 lleft to rightl Row 1: Schensand, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, S 'th S ' h S mn , mit, pargo, Sparling, Spencer, ans, Stone, Stoppel, Stow-E Stowe, Stromsoe, Strutt, Sullivan, Tanons. Row 3: Taylor, Taylor, Thompson, Tyler, Tyson, Uhler. Row 4: Valli, Vanloon, Veenker, Viner, Wadsworth, Waldrep, Watts, Weller, Wells, West, We X, ww...- x W, XX 7 fri ff :gg Wufiw' 4 fini.. iff' Xu.. fs. PNG X . + f- N r Spooner. Row 2: S Todd, Tiance, Tully, ymouth. pruance, Steiner, Stev- Tumminello, Twohey, sf f XX mf ' ' N 'e l' NX: A ' , , I ' f - '-T' ' fi ' ff N v ' ' X- .. in L 4, .1 wi , Q. 1- f W ' Wy. , M , , W , ff, A I , y., 7 ' -5- f nf ' f f ff I A wwf 'if f '44 ,f X, XXX 7' XX gf f ,W f w , , ,f ,W 4 'N ' ,f f 1 'W ff' f ' ' Aw' Q-in ,f W , QW , ' X ' A ,W S V , - , gfffw f A f X , f ' ff,,. 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Kington, Kinney, Klausman. Klein. Kneale, Kushmerov, Kyer, Litch. Row 2: Lott, Lowe, McGinnis, Ma- loof, Martindale, Minton, Money, Monroe. Moore, Moore, Munsel. Row 3: Nichols, Nucifaro. Page. Fdrrillv. Qudferllik. Rdtkovich. ReI1Sink. Robi- son, Robken, Rooke. Sangor. Row 4: Scarlet, Schaffer, Schofield, Shampine, Sherman, Sieck, Smith, Smith, Snow, Soll, Straub. KX, X N X , K , X2 'Q 'm 6' X' X "' X A ' F WJ 2 X ' V 4-fi' ' 'E ' W I ,' , Avy' 'T K "2 r Xi 5 X 3 Y' if 9 Heil' to rigl-nfl Row 1: Stewart, Taormi T yl yl Th , Tossey. Tossey. Turner. Turner, Van Velzer, Wal R 2 WI Y Y ,N Wfssfffv wp iff ff? ff ff, WMA 1. 4 fm 'WD Q30 h bN66:, .W Q A 'rglii . 6 .N N A5 In JH ,Q 81 O O51 rr. ' 1vg':'1fLf',-li 1' ,, I y 'X A . ,' Q w . .I ' A r,':::'.., .--.,x . f .f .- . 1-.-, I ,'.5, 'xfff-,,'1 ' r X, .,-g.: ., , Y .-3 -, :.,, f-.-... L' ,, '- .'.-l-,',g r r ur' 1 V , 1 4 f x I I f 41 . , , 1 1 ,fi ' 4-fi 1' lxxsyyl . ,, I 6,-x,f1 U ff' 1 IP l',, 5 f 1 f' G71 I ll f 2 f , L. XX ,l x X u D P 'frees B 1 P Hy ' I' B7 i F jg, Jw 6 V ,Y if H.L,Le..Ll f M L L2 ,.'1- ."' ,.' V ' ' n ' 51.1. ,.5-, 1.x -,..---f 'Zi3O i , .- - f' N Page 7l A n P3833 7 CHIHPUS CHPEHS HND CHVUHTIHGS ' Paper Sculpture Illusfrafi W f f ff ' 7 x wx ZQLW .7 7 X y f . . ,,, , I 5 Z 1 ff , fWimW'- ff , ,,,' f W fy Q. W WL f ,,f 27 nc! , X 1 A f ,,,., Sher ,x 6 v I P 1 -, 57 , 5 'V , ffwa ' f . , f A f- - ' U W ,353-Q ' ,. L54 ' ,f i ' ,,, y Fl 33' Q LYLE EVANS LENORD STROUD ROBERT GRAY Commissioner General Commissioner General Adviser BOB LOMBARDO WARREN EMERSON MARILYN MINER FRANK CLAYTON DON HARNER Commissioner of Finance Commissioner of Acfiviiies Commissioner of Lilerafure Commissioner of A+hle'l'ics Commissioner of Finance RONNIE BANE CAROL MARTIN RUTH PALERMO Siudenf Legismufe SPQM' ELSIE EOREMAN Commissioner of Clubs Commissioner of Girls Commissioner of Fine Ar+s DON MILLER Moor Eclilor BETTY Boc:K LUCIA BASMAJIAN JIM HENDERSON Siudeni "e9'5'ai"'e Speaks' Secreiary Social Chairman Rally Chairman DOLORES BOWRA Hisforian Page 74 fJake is sweeping lhe walk in lhe palio. A lerrilic noise is heard and he lurns around lo see where il came lrom, bul no one is in sighl . . . so he begins sweeping again. Anolher unearlhly shriek splils lhe quielg lhis lime Jake has a delermined look on his lace as he Iislens lor lhe noise. Al lhe- nexl sound he rushes lo lhe Iocalion lrom which il came and looks inlo lhe base- menl windows ol lhe audilorium. Perched on, and silling behind, some ballered desks are some serious looking sludenls-all Iislening lo Mr. Grayj VOICE. Hi, Jake. I'm Iale lo Commission again or I'd lalk lo you. fJake lurns in lime lo see a sludenl rushing down lhe back slairs ol lhe audiloriumj A GROUP OF VOICES. Well, beller never lhan Iale. Glad you could come lo lhe meeling. FIRST VOICE. Wow! This place sure smells musly. Someone open a window. Are we going lo choose a movie lor assembly? SECOND VOICE. Yes, I'lI read lhe Iisl so we can gel an idea. THe reads a long Iisl ol lilles which occasionally bring a mur- mur ol approval or a dishearlening groan.:l ZLHLED CLIOIOE. Say, +ha+ piclure wilh Farley Grange-r really sounds super. He's so handsome. Do you lhink we could gel I , r. ray. MR. GRAY. Maybe. Whal aboul a Jeanne Crain or a Lana Turner rn0vie: I like lhern. GIRL'S VOICE. Now, Mr. Gray. Personally I like Cary Granl. Is +I'19rG 6 piclure- wilh him? BOY'S VOICE. Whal difference does il make? We gel oulla class, don'l we? fJake walks away lrom lhe window and slarls his sweeping againj JAKE. When I hear all lhal commolion, I leel sorry lor Mr. Gray. Maybe sweeping's nol so bad aller all, JIM DODD SUE CERINI Rally Chairman DoN HARGROVE JO G-INEVRA Secrelary SHIRLEY LINK BARBARA GEORGE Assl Comm ol Lileralure Moo' Edlior ORIN ALLEN JOANNE SHARP Commissioner ol Alhlelics Hislorian PAT COLE FOSTER BUMPUS A5513 Comm, of Financ Commissioner of Clubs Commissioner ol Boys Social Chai,-man xl? wean.-W.....f MARILYN MINER TOM SEXTON CAROL BIGELOW Edifor ln Chief Ari' Edifor Business Edifor HLHHHWBRHH STHFFS Klefi' to righfl Row 1: Shaw, Leonard Johnson. Row 2: Edmondson ladv.l, West, Miner, Link. Huck. lleff to righfl Row 1: Guenthard, Sexton, Hargrove. Row 2: Boone ladv.l. Baker, Cary Hypistl. Cole. Briggs, Stokes. Farnsworth. Knot pictured! Johnson, Rusnack Hypisrl. Schroeder, Bigelow, Edmondson ludv.l. Gilpin, Boynton. Page 77 HS IUE GU IU PRESS If all happene-d fhis way. During fhaf long, skull-cracking sfage of incubafion, when more worfhless ideas for annuals fhan you can shake a sflck af are nurfured, we found ourselves consfanfly harassed by a man wifh a broom. No maffer when or where a me-efmg was scheduled, fhe ianifor wanfed fo clean THAT room af THAT fime. MR. E. If he gefs in on as many ofher meefings as he does here, I'lI bef he is fhe besf informed man on fhe campus. BILL. If he knows fhal' much abouf fhings in general, lef's gef him fo puf ouf fhis cock-eyed book. LORRINE. If we can'f gef him 'lo help acfually, we could blame him for if. MARILYN. Mrs. Boone and her sfaff would have a field day showing him in fhaf flashy, checkered shirf. DON. He's a nice guy. He would be pleased if we asked him for some suggesfions. MIKE. All righf, whaf's holding us up? MRS. BOONE. Say, all lhis priffle-praffle gives me an idea. THE STAFF. And so if is wifh a deep bow, from fhe waisf, fhaf we salufe you, Jake. Why, you pracfically savedl our lives! lln fhe basemenf of fhe Wesf Wing Jake caufiously approaches a door labeled MOOR STAFF ONLY. He sfops and glances abouf wifh a condemned lookj JAKE. This is one door I don'f like fo open. lf's worse fhan Fibber McGee's closef. lf's nol' fhaf we have such a bad school paper-in facf, I fhink if's preffy good-i'r's iusf fhaf if's dangerous in fhere. Well, here goes nofhing. lHe opens door.l Wha-why no one's here, only Mr. Taiima, fhe advise-r. And if's clean-nof even a scrap of paper on fhe floor. Whaf goes in here, anyway? MR. TAJIMA. We've been making a few changes around here lafely. The old order has changed somewhaf. We now have fwo iournalism classes-fiffh and sixfh periods. The beginners concenfrafe on fechnique, and fhe- more ad- vanced sfudenfs work on fhe paper. Then, foo, we have sel' up a more comprehensive publicify agency fo give news abouf AHS doings fo ofher newspapers. And we have managed fo keep fhe gossip column as small as is humanly pos- sible. JAKE. Tha+'s all fine, buf if sfill don'+ explain why everyfhing is so clean. MR. TAJIMA. This is Friday affernoon. Nobody sfays affer school foday, excepf me somefimes. Thursday is our deadline. By Friday fhe ads have been faken, fhe heads made up, fhe sfories are wriffen, and fhe Alhambra MOOR is ready fo go fo press. There's nofhing fo sfay for. I was iusf abouf ready fo leave myself. Shall we go? JAKE. Yeh, I guess. Buf if iusl' don'f look righf fo me. Page 78 THE Hi U UH MOOR EDITORS F oreman, George. T aiima ladv.l Yi3"'WL Cleft to ' h rig fl Row 1: Leonard. Clark. Row 2: Cline, Web Hilburn. Pixley, Janaes, Phillips. Row 3: R "wAfz,u,qz5,,g,,a.i ., . 9. ster. Donaldson. Foremcn. George, oss, Stokes, Wombwell, Black, Francis. Ileft to righfl Fitzgerald, Miller, West, Clayton. SIUIIEIII IEGISIHIUIIE As Ihe scene opens, Jake is slricling down The aisle of 'rhe audilorium. He is nor loo pleased. JAKE. This sludenl' Iegislalure is always grumbling aboul somelhing. Now Ihey wanl heal in l'he audilorium. Hmm, sounds like some'rhing's being hashed over. Le+'s lislen. FIRST REPRESENTATIVE. I +hink we should .... SPEAKER. Excuse me, buf you didn"r address l'he chair. Everylhing here musl be done according I'o parliamenlary procedure. FIRST REP. Ve-ry well. Mr. Speaker, I 'rhink we should do somelhing aboul 'rhe food here. SECOND REP. Mr. Speaker, if we had a privale person come in wilh his hor clogs, condilions would improve. THIRD REP. Mr. Speaker, I disagree. Now I lhink we should appoinl a commillee .... PARLIAMENTARIAN Iself-appoinledl. Commillees yell Do you know Ihal a commillee is only a group of incom- pefenls appoinled by an unlhinking person lo do 'rhe impossible .... Y SPEAKER You're all our of order. JAKE. And Ihey're asking for hear. Their argumenls oughl 'ro keep Ihe place prelly warm. Wonder how much 'rhey gel decided. Well, i+'s a swell place Io blow off sleam, and 'rhey do learn somelhing abou? seHIing Iheir own Iroubles. l'r's a good Thing. Page 80 GIRLS IEHGUE BUUS FEUEHHTIUH lleff to righfl Row 'I: Murphy, Clark, Cook. Martin, Burkhart. Breslin, Malmgreen, Comp bell. Row 2: Crosswhife ladv.l. Murray, Hansen. Mann, Sumner, Gladwell, Wells, Darr, Brookshire. JAKE. There's Mrs. Crosswhile and lhe' Girls' League presidenl in lhe ollice now.. Thal new lurnilure lhey're silling on caused quile a commolion al lirslg lhe slulling had a lerrible smell. When I swepl in lhere I had lo wear a clolhes- pin on my nose. Aller lhe smell was lixed, lhe gals llocked back lo comb lheir hair and pul on a smuge ol lipslickg and some even cul class, I heard, lo lake a nap on lhe- couches. Somelhing imporlanl is going on in lhere now. Wonder whal's up? LEAGUE PRESIDENT. Gee, wish I had a hundred dollars ol our own! MRS. CROSSWHITE. Maybe we can borrow some money lrom lhe Federalion. They seem lo have quile a bil. rExi+.3 LEAGUE PRESIDENT. Huh! I already lried lhal, bul lhey keep lheir lool in a Jack Benny vaull, and no one can gel near il. fShe iumps up and slarls pacing back and lorlh wilh a worried expression on her lacefl We have lo have some money lo pul on lhe new girls' parly and lhe senior leas, and we should send a represenlalive lo lhe convenlion in Arizona. IiThree hours laler ol lhe same day.:l MRS. CROSSWHITE. Did you lry again? LEAGUE PRESIDENT. Yes, bul Mr. Gray said we could have il only over his dead body. MRS. C. We-ll? L. P. He makes quile a lump under lhe rug, doesn'l he? JAKE. For 'lhe lirsl parl ol lhis year lhere was a name lhal seemed lo be gone lrom Alhambra. No one even whis- pered "Boys' Federalion" all semesler. Al leasl if he did, I never heard him. All lhe Federalion seemed lo do was lind new ways nol lo spend lhe one hundred dollars allolled lo lhem. ll's a wonder lhe governmenl didn'l calch lhem lor keeping currency oul ol circulalion. Bul lhe second semesler was a li++Ie dillerenl. If I remember righl, I even had lo clean up aller an assembly pul on by lhe Eederalion. They really splurged-blew lheir whole wad. Then eller lhey linished, lhey wenl oul looking lor a lillle more lo slarl a swimming pool lund. May lake quile a while lo gel anywhere close lo lhe cosl, bul ils really a prelly good idea. Praclically every olher good school around here has one bul us. STUDENT BANK uefr fo righfl Mr. onvo foam, Nix, Shaw. Hammock. Hainer, Lombardo. Page 82 Ilefi' to right! Row 'I: Worden, Duncan. Row 2: Nix. Nix, Shaw. . ,Q Ali 'T' 4l"'5' LQ lleff to righfl Row 1: Faiman, Crompton. John, Crook, Gluskoter. Row 2: Liuzzi. Pendleton, Sposito, McCilIlouch, Rogers. 1 lleft to rightl Row 'I: Almquisf, Berfone, Fisher. Row 2: White, McCulloch, Helgren. Zavala. Row 3: Ruck, Magner, Rowley. Page 83 3 ' M j 1 A lleff fo righfl Row 1: Hay, Velenosi, Reilly, Thomson, Huber, Baxter, Rogers ldir.l, Barrios, Strong, Hopwood, Page, Ware, Selga. Row 2: Cranston, Klingelberg, Horan, Kahn, Prosser, Dallas, Bigelow, Burwell, Mann, Kehlef, Erwin, Putman, Conlee. Row 3: Costa, Sfolpestad, Meyer, Nix, Bishop, Layton, Amerine, Krumme, Nuciforo, DeLisio, Jordan, Anderson, Coulter, McKissick. Row 4: Manzer, McCullough, Webster, Olson, Norcia, Chavez, Hancock, Trotter, Raridon, Wood, Bloem, Hess, Gallegos, Hoffman, Gulley. ORCHESTRA llefr to righn Row 1: Franklin, Still, Allen, Granafh, Spefh, Thompson. Row 2: Barrett, Nor- ton, Page, Smith, Hughes, Risinger. Row 3: Danciarf, Mokler, Crowfoof, Hughes, Dickinson, Thomas, Campbell. Page 84 "X 4 Cleft to righfl Row 1: Tennant laccom.l, Brummer, Selqa, Chiarenza, Graham, Beck Hix, Campbell, McCormac ldir.l. Row 2: Crampfon, Calvert, Kahn, Morton, Calagna, Simsarian, Reynosa. Row 3: S i m ons Martin, Hayner, Kohler, Kafsaros, Drake, Clements. Row 4: Ponfrelli, Howard, Borders, Whitney, Amerine, Zona. Row 5 San Iaderer, Martin, Drake, Rambeau, Binkard. Row 6: Ritchie, O'Brien, Buttrey, Sanders. Cleft to right! Row 1:: Sanchez, Taylor, Lempke, Darr Row 2: VanLeeuwen, Thomas, Moore Weddle, Frampton, Daugherty. Row 3: Click, Moore, Marikian, Phillipps, Hav- ens, Bartoli, Linsley. Row 4: Agaianian, McAIister, Sfillion ldir.l. Page 85 ,, ,k c , J A A, .1 , A Q o f N . , -T. YYVV Y I A llefr to righfl Row 1: McCormac ldir.l. Co oper. Lawrence. Palermo, Verdugo. Meidlein, Riggs, Champ. Selga. White, Bixby. Row 2: Logon, Ross. Lindblom, Waugamon, Dillon. Cunningham, Ringo, Aydelott. Pope, Kennedy, Corwin. Row 3: Quolls, Cole. Kehlet, Sandladerer, Ritchie. Isbell, Raridon, Meeker. Devolon. Cline, Mclnfosh. Green. Row 4: Bublifz, Stoddard, Douvos, Ponfrelli, Finnerly. Perreioh. Clements, Young. Vilonder. Row 5: Johnson. Adams. Hall, Nickerl, Mandeson, Guy, Carpenter. Maize, Hawthorne. Row 6: Carroll, Wigglesworth. Hix. Burton, Murphy. Trotter. Gonfia, Evans. Dickinson. - Q FQ? 5 if vlhlrr is A clan-new Q W rf" DOING IN FRONT OF A ICOUNT THE Q ogg, o-Fatt 4:6 Ponca STATION ? COPPERS is ,, N L9 xv fl 54 F 0-'7 . 7 .. V ',.1vx , I Lg NAA ,fx f fginllnglnw vc 'Z X583 ,S Tv ' 5 r F I QE 'E 4 Q 1: ' L KMVAZHSS - I ' AINlllllllllll'li'Qll'llNI'! 1 'X Q Page 86 f s.J.D3'yQ .K W A V4 77? , 4 V! W7 ,, , iw, f 5 S ' M,' :VW Z A, mi! Ci W, ff Z X A 3 -Q K X Q ff W! ,z war g X.x QW?- 5 ,W y if 4 gtk fg . I 3 1-any 7 V X ff W 3 .F 4470 , 5,2 b ff f f X., -1+ A rx LW! ,xx ,f -ft Vs QW, G' , XS? es: gqzkgxxqfikz ' V553 4 X U x 2, 5 A .Q a . V M-.....,..,,,M-W My x NT?gk ?Nx XX Lewis Uhler, Sweepstakes Trophy IBest all-round speakerl Tommy Holland, Clark Debate Trophy llargesl' N.F.L. pointsl IIEBHIE JAKE. Every aflernoon, aboul Ihis 'I'ime, Slim cleans oul' Ihe Commercial Building. He says mosl of I'he rooms aren"I so bad-excepl maybe Ihal clebale room, CI I. Here come 'rwo of Ihose debafers now. I can iusl barely hear whal 'rhey are saying. FIRST SPEAKER. Say, how clid you like Ihal Redlands Iournamenl lasl' week? II even slarled on lime for a change. I only hall died of hunger, and I aclually made if home by midnighll SECOND SPEAKER. Don'+ Iell mel I wasn"r 'rhere-, bul I sen'r you a good cheer Ielegram. Did your Ieacher show il Io you? FIRST SPEAKER. We all saw il. Whal was Ihe idea anyhow? When Ihe olher conleslanls read il, Ihey nearly died laughing. SECOND SPEAKER. Laughing! Well, I like +ha'I'! All I said was: "We expecl wins!" FIRST SPEAKER. Tha'r's noi Ihe way we gol il. Take a loolc. JAKE. Somelhing musl be mighly funny. They're aboul Io bus? a bu+'ron. Say, Ihey dropped 'rhe Ielegram-Ie'r's see whal if says.-"We expecl +wins." Thai is a IiI'+Ie clifierenl now, isn'+ il? I wonder if eilher one of Ihose Icids ever won a Irophy? The clebalers bring lols of creciil Io The school. Well, I musl be gelling along now. Page 88 K lleft to right! Row 'I: Williams. Branson, Roberts, Dixon, Walsh, Rogers. Row 2: Guy. Mars Miller, H I d. Uhler. QWJKVQM N w.fW ,X wff,W? ' Klefl' fo righfl -Row 'I: Kline, Sanders. Tomich, Anderson. Grov Fricker. Row 2: Boynton. Lorimer, Mafhes, Brownelldgdg Ion. . ,, , ,Xxx '1 f ' M F, f ' -he Page 89 UUH HEHHTS UIEHE UUUHG HIID HHH JAKE. I didn'+ ge'r Io see The W'5l cIass pIay, OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY, so I can'I' +eII you much abour ir: buf here are 'Iwo boys, 'Iwo sragehands, who do know someihing alooui' ii. They are +aIking ir over afier a re- hearsal. FIRST STAGEHAND. I sure don'I' wani' Io be around any more when Cornelia runs Ihrough her seasick scene SECOND STAGEHAND. PreH'y reaIisI'ic, huh? FIRST S. And how! I haven'+ ieI+ so sick since I Iook my 'firsi' puff on a cigar! SECOND S. Say, did you ever find our wha'r ihey were doing wi'rh rhose rrash cans? FIRST S. Yeah, 'rhey're using ihem for Trunks for 'rhe sie-ward io carry in'io 'Ihe girls' rooms in rehearsais. SECOND S. Ouife a simiIari+y berween 'rrunks and 'rrash cans! FIRST S. Why is everybody making like he's gof The seven-year iich? SECOND S. Doesn"r ir bear aII? The scrafching has been going on ever since 'rhey rehearsed rhe bedbug scene. FIRST S. You know, I rhink 'rhis pIay's going 'ro be preHy good. SECOND S. I 'rhink so foo, and 'rhe members of ihe casi sure are ernioying fhemselves. H looks like OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY is going ro be a greai success. JAKE. P. S. Judging from all ihe nice rhings said aboui ii', OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY reaIIy was a grear success. NNISI ileft to right! Row I: Wilson iodv.l, Frilot, Wilson, Comperi, Hawthorne. Row 2: Bock, Bosmoiian, Bixby, Byers, Perreioh. Row 3: Huddlesfon, Monderson, Thomas, Karma, King, Tompkins, Merritt. Row 4: John- son, Concioldi, Briggs. . ,WV nf Wy! 1 f w ' r yffkfg, x 4 D' 3 fs Z! i f, "i k . X f :V f i x . f 1 , 1 Q ' 93' WX XA ffl ' +"' "' ' if w'.M r, x , ' XSfA5'fXXi',,xif lk, ' N . - A 5 .V I x 1 X' x 'K V . 1 . vw , A J V. ,xy-3 x X rv' 4 "N, 'Q fy i I V. Lk fs A 4 .ayyx wif? w. A wut Y X. ' yf iMV x M55-??' g.1fji'Q - :Q 'xx' qw 1. jiri' 'f' f Magi? x 3 f zg W 1 Q Wwmw 1 . 1 f Q xf W i Maha nm. 1 , Y -Q Q ,jf , , N ,W ki fwvjlgu ' x qw x - .,,fsif ,g:::f' ' X- :W X X X ..,,, .. . , 551 X Xi K V ' X N' , .- X 1 , ff. ,L ,gy , , X . + , , Q 2' 'W Q: XX .' x X x ,Q Ya xg-.1 X I ysfg' zffgnsx' Eg 1 x v 1 ' S X X my gl x x 3 T 5 1 ygy Q Q :N 4 , 73 f T f x Y..,.iiil4' -v - E gfpgfe-s if s ,il i'!f 5.50 ileft to righfl Row 1: Cerini, Davis, Franz, Anderson, Mackey, Ginevra, DuFauIl', Black. Row 2: Drury idir.l, Hargrove, Cann, King, Conway, Stroud. Wesf, Perreiah, Nowell, Floyd, Essig, Leonard. ,HRSEHIC HND ULD LHCE TJAKE, ambling along al a slow pace down 'rhe firsf floor of +he Easl Wing, pauses a momeni a+ lhe door of EI4, seems +o hear some surprising +alk.j MAN'S VOICE. There's a body in lhere .... VOICE. You remember fhose iars of poison lhal' have been up on 'rhe she-lves in Grandfa'rher's laborafory all fhese years? VOICE. Well, dear, for a gallon of elderberry wine l 'rake one 'reaspoonful of arsenic, l'hen add a half leaspoonful of slrychnine and Then iusl' a pinch of cyanide. JAKE. liRushes madly in'ro Mr. Gray's officej MR. GRAY. Wha+'s wrong, Jake? Your face looks a liHle green around 'rhe edges. You iusl see ihe skelelon in +he laboralory or somelhing? JAKE. N-No. Two people-sounds like old ladies-are ialking abou+ how lhey are going lo poison somebody. May- be lhey are lhinking of you, 'rhere have been some aHacks made before, you know. MR. GRAY. fSl'ar+s +o laugh in a heariy and quile relieved manne-9-.1 You musl have heard The kids praciicing for lhe senior play. H' is ARSENIC AND OLD LACE. JAKE. Well, l'II be diddlecly dad burned. l didn'l' know lhal-oughi 'ro fell ianilors somelhing once in a while. MR. GRAY. Should be a preHy good play, 'rhey have wanied +o produce ii' for a long +ime. The cas+ is well chosen, d l wouldn'+ be surprised if il 'rurns oul' very well. Everyone is working hard on ll. TAKE. Thanks, Mr. Gray. Nexl +ime l won'+ be quile so hasly 'boul' +hings. ll did give me quiie a scare. THe moves away from Mr. Gray's office buf sl'ill seems lo be shaking on his pinsj Page 92 x ff! f 5 5 s inwww W, , , f ff Y - ,W4 x y VW 5 X 1 JW, ,,,, fm , af 1 4 1 74 ,,,, W W W 1 Z , , W f f ,, f 4 f X 4 M ' W Zf 17 f ff X f 1 i 4 ff f v 3 Q g 1 4 , ? 4 f 2 1 1 1 2 5 I . , an , WY ,f ff ' i w XX -- f Q Z y , X .aw ,, . 5 .E Q f ' - if X 4 43' Q, KE br iw- 5' K Q S gs 5 N f 46 Q N. I 5. 5' X , 1 ,yy ff 43 ew F ... ,' 49 R311 ' fl MQ ' 13 3 wx X' x of QNX., , 5 , , Q t X t x T' x , A wh . 1 x X. Q A X , f I xl .4 wxaxaf g,. ff. S' 'J I 5 Q , f X . f , ' uxtiffl-i'1 Y , sd Q ix ,L 3325, 5 N ,, t - ,, XL fx 1, J. t M ,, MK? . h Q.. . Q pax! :A 1 4 ,S Q. '. v wr X x X , 4 r-- S . Q f xx.. X, M ff J S W i i N " , v - v, 1 f Win., - -xr F, , k x x ' f W ' Tx Q ' il J 'ff Q X V f A P ' P S' S 9 'VA A 'W X 1 f'MfN .- X wx y E 1 M WM ' ww f L Q i i f W 'W ' X' F X i V . , X! V X M -f 1 xg S ,Q X V, ..'. X ,L x X , X up xx ,f ,Ik , Av 1 W , , , fx X f .1 S 1. . as ,f I . , 35 mx , , fa - X - -5 Q 5 -f ' W X . L , :K ex - ,W , L, if , -X m X - A H 1- V, V A 3. ,M V Tx X O , A ' - f 'V Q ' ' rg. x- X x f x f , A Q 'wg ,f K' 'T V , x 1 A . V N Q ff Q , M 1 Q , X Q X Q X X ' X " ' , X X 'I r j, , ,f ,- Q Wqx, x Q, . X A f af ,, X ,, A 1 Q, Xryg ' ' -X A i ' x .ff . ,, f xx b ' + , . x. V Ns ,WMMW f' Z? Ev Q, bs f 0' lj 1 - ti in 'xi Q 1 fy -. ,fi 4 , ,Vu 7' w R J Q w THLEHT 42 , Page I UIHS DHHCIH' UJITH VNU DHRLIH' 1 1 A . 1:45 Qw A ' 7 ,' V ji - , M I ,fn :fra-,fJ'! fro? ,f54" M' ' V , A 9 Q 'iv . ,fc9e,ffff':"s ik - R 4 T ,W , fn dj' fffw " fg f Q4 rf, 3" 'A' ' X I 'i N bf'--.., - QT5 FW tr 5 ,J ,f A-:J , ,-?"'C?hs 0 ,htm-4, W qfffry Aga: jf -fr .Far ' X' 5 , 1 1 - ,za If, QED? W, As-fl, . W V i-N, Wi Cf I SQ fflf JA 1 fi X? 1,44 f, , : ,f f , f -A X'-w ff X' X Q 1 Q 1 lg Q M in f , W 4 ggi. Z f :X , Q f , F 1 , Qs af 5 1 1 1 f v vw! M A-'W 3, ' ff f Y fllf ri 'l xg I f I 6' 4 -'Q 'ffffsm , 11, " 7' '1 M , ,V-1 X 41 ff , ,. , Z 2 ASW! if K ,, Sk X f ii .X '51 IXX ' ,I f 5 i 46 1 If I 1 1 VV' X4, we ff: J wx sl ND' ,N yas., W i Q ,Wm 1" W ,K fwf' .X V Xggppy- ,qw ' ,V X Www 3 fm X J ,f XX X f ,gf LX I Q' 7 ,A ,N ., 1' f y K 44, f 1 ' ff W' ' ' I 4 f f 15' xi If X 1 W if ,fe X Y 45 7 4 ' M f -'f qw pf I . X ,E ,. 2 f,,,,, ,' . ,filfw . , f X' fi?" ,, ' 5 fy. I ,' ,, .W , 1. 5' f ,f ' f in - , I gf' -X . V ., I ,f X W .Q X X 2 iff? ,F X .NX i - . X- ' .f XX I 5 f , ,ff 1. ff' Z M , X gi 4. f, R ,F K X an f , :Wx , X X , 1 ' ma. X X X f V 1 ' 'X ff W f X 4 1 ' 0 AX, -W ,X X- A 1 Q -,XX , ' if ' 4 an X V X. ,, X A . A ,f Ai V, I 7 , I, Q 5 ' , Q4 5 Q X SQ X X, ,, , , W 1 Mk 4 K, , RV A X ., b- . 0 , , Yr K ' X ' 9 Xv 51? , ' .. qw, Q X. f g WA, , ,X , X XL , X W 'T' X' - f ' ,. , , X ., ' , " , . if Q ,, 75' f . J ,. Q Wm , . Q . .7 ,5 , M ,ii 5' A, . v , , T 155 me K X :X y , va. U , , V '. , N . A X Q , x xx? K He, - f X 2 ' ' FMQ. '1 .. ,W V -4 f, I . , A , ,f 7 V ,X f . ww X + , ' N "0 'X , If J " , f ff. 1 ,ff ff 2 .rf 1. K, an .1 Q, 1 fi 1 J l W .. W ,, X x , 1+ ' , - I x 'X X we X W v X. x A K A ' V ,. ji f ' X W . 2 6 X M Y X x ff !X .0 , I 4 1 X X ww i f X f f A ' N , X .X ,' ,, wg, f-is ,, X . , , X QNX, X Q gf N X . " f 2 1 fT'1MV', .J x Q. hwy? X, M? U Q f f 7' . QQ. e ' f ff' . . ,1 V, X Q. ig, f E 2 I N Q, ,, X, , f.-X fi,:,amj, Y . Q. , X.,,V.,,... V - Q, ,W , V A- . , ...Gm ... Q X l ,. I, Ll . I X 'Z - ' . .X .. '51 ,X xx ,X 'L 'K X X' ' , , X K X 'Q .rf 29 xx .W?li,.X.QX . .- , Q 9 f ' x X ,. L' .N x 1..53,.v,, J 5331, V Aw 5 . . ,532 ' X 1X X Nm Hfsxf , '. TSQXXXX' . , 7' . ?'f fSf,: 3 1, w ziy ,. ' X 1 , . " " N,xXXm,i . , wg 5 - . ,M , .EFNKQ 4 .w...mNXigs1 X ,g k , . , Q , s A 1 A .N - - , - A X -xgi-XMIX Afpi-Xyff X. ' ' X . . X X' 'f . J? XX ' ?f - Ai P ' XX. ' . , . X ' X 2, Q- Q.. 3. , -.J U Z1 - va. Q ' 'N X ' - a ' ' X-X. -N-.XX N gww., A . X X X ' ' f f A 1 - " 17 , , X f ' PM f f 3, Q ' Q? f' ', . , W. ' Q . .x. 5. , nwfflw 'J 1' ' is 1 439 5 Page SANTA AND HIS HELPERS CHHISTHIHS Chris+mas was a li+1'le la+e, buf a lo+ brighfer, 'For abou'r a fhousand Navaios near Oraibi, Arizona, because of fhe in'reres+ and enfhusiasm of +he communi+y and +he Alhambra High School s+uden+s. This in+eres+ gre-w ou+ of Frances Von Helm's new iob, which fool: her fo 'rhe Faifh Mission in Arizona. Under Mr. lngold's direc'rion more fhan +wo +ons of canned and packaged food was given as a Chrislmas proiecf. This food was carried by fruclc lo l'he Navaios. Widely known for 'rheir generosily, Alhambra sfudenls fell a new +hrill in 'lhis worlcg lheir Chrisfmas was a lil 1' l e brighler foo. IOO y J V 1 I f f ,Nfw n ,W , f x Mu- N' , f . Un FLG! ,db .- ffjijdff f wav W MC M X f",f ' Nj? 1!U ,Q fpf fr' A ,111 if , - , Q , ,ff .1 ' X 'V .. I , I xjvv V-fl , if X xi' Vw ' 1' , ' 'ff ll 'ry I fu I VJ XD f wif qdy 'f A ," JDM N.f ,'9 A W , rffw P c 1 WM 1 dl! 4' W j ' ,' if ,, M, j K, I,fvlL,J ,ga K F, , A lf' WV, J V mf fav! - fi N ki, yff ffi?f ' A M' fff J Y J' f6.iL! 0' ffw .Af L7 ' pb 'Qf vb "f! M f' f ,' wa W Jw 1 ,M ,!4f'V ff! 9 f f Wx 'M y LiCl,:'., I 1,Wf1,, V, f JI, fi fL,Mf"' FM ,fb 4 f .X s 1 afif ,why f ly 1' HV L J f 5' 1 ,ffl V 1, A, 1 .Hy YI ,gf , M X' fx VVVW O mf! jf' ff HJ W Mx ,ffl if Olbwbwffjxgy lj J QZDV' D gif J QL! Kj,1 f 'V M90 4 fl ,Mp f,7V if YZ? jyw MNQZLX J V, f ,W ?QZp Zyigf Al Jjjwvp X jjfb 0 X I ff 1 r uf". .3W!,Wzf'V'M ja 164492 f ' -'7 , 317 V I, 'J 4 Amfyj, 4 V is X fpfzfyf 401 'ff J' 521 0 H SEE C, Page lOl 1 ff? 1 ML WA, I 4 LM 1.5. x AM ,, I ,Www f 5 .. Q f f gffw fw, My M, V ff F f' M f , 4.5 '2 ' " 'f ' ,f N f ,Q ww x A , . , ,M 7, I 1 5, W , .iff , A 7 Q-,ffllx , f, V f X IW fw ' A , Q. ,f-if -5 ' ' A 1 A 5 1.4 - A 9,7 7,:f , 1 f wmv W'5sf,j,A Qwfgxwzy X, WXW x -,ww ,kwa VJ w Q y fx 4 ', J "' ff! A' V f -" f M14 W! w vm ' ff ' if 0,,.ff ' f 7, Q ' ,M X A ,, f3"'1 yum 1 , .2 Wy' fff ij, ,ff WM ? VO' W 0, X: 'H ,fu , gefywf .ay Q , f Wi wc' 5 ff ng. , f , , 7 f A 1 '41 f if V ff mf 'W rch ff' 'X' 5 f , f' ' mf-ww ff, I I ,f x ,fn N MJ , 1, A , ,x ,V ,wwf I f '50, 'Wf as ww ' X, ,f ,M , Mffww WQN, WK 4 .0 A 2, 1 Wi. f' Z H f Vgiyv Z ' ff f W 4, ,W H ,,f, , . ,M , f ,, W wk , , , 4, X M X My W ,,4, 'fy ,, f Wgsiyg j !V,, fW7,,X! , VV ' My , ww:-f Q ffi W MWKUW ff f V , R, fx ,M -I VL Af f f -'L :M XWLCV on 4 ' ' K I I- V I lu-L 5 s t ' ' AVW K+ 'V J 1' IX' Luv , U-Y x L Vx. CV 'L rj, L A 'J' 'LV 1, .V X' 'X-fl jiri N U, I vb W 7' juli VJ X J YV Lfv . I ,L ' ,J xc ,J 'JY 'L vf 94' w 4 y L V P, A V ,V Fx 'J MA QQ. My xg' " Dip ,Tb ,V vkh LU 171V ,ly , ' Q I Q VV? my 1 ,LJ fk Lf'M, i ' QQ 1 nj J , .UQ , L M ' f4 W I,F J' ' A K, JJ K-A Q f w " JL' gf A 519 -1' , J CN X' C' 2' Vg. W it BE QCBXQLC 1 -121 - Q :Q r X Q. k ' ppp gm Lg-C! bk! 'JJ ' ' 6' R fQ,'i:f7 'S Tiff ix fi, . yin C' K X35 5' CCC- 'Q . ' Y, K S 1 QS CJ ffrfj JP . 353 mg' QCKY at 5 T X ff 'D' Cf X1 5521- Q3 KS z- C N. f PJ My 51- 3 TCC- XR Vg- QC V cc qi , Q I U " QQ, iq up ,Q .O ji f 7, AVE fi x 1' . fx , 1,51 JXP fi If Q X RC Q V- QMS? QQ K1 g GIRLS, GUUS HND GHHGS Z JAKE. Los Laureados - now fhaf's a fancy name. Buf if sfands for somefhing big and preffy wonder- ful. I don'f know whaf fhe name means, buf Mrs. Thornfon does. Won'f you +eII us. MRS. THORNTON. I'd be glad fo, Jalce. His won- derful, and ifls big and imporfanf fo fhe seniors. If means "fhe laurel winners". Probably if could be considered fhe high school equivalenf of universify honors. Whaf boy or girl wouIdn'f be happy wifh fhaf fifle associafed wifh his name? JAKE. You malce if sound greaf. MRS. T. Jake, if is greaf. The organizafion pro- vides fhe school wifh an opporfunify fo designafe cerfain people as real leaders. I'm proud fo be asso- ciafed, as adviser, wifh such a group as Los Laurea- dos. lleff to rightl Row 1: Bock, Thomas, Hooper, Hansen. HUIIUH SOCIETIES Row-1: Uhler, Fmerson, Leonard. Row 2: Thornton Page I04 Iadv.I, Ginevra, Martin, West, Miner, George. V A-W lleft to rightl Row 1: Coe, Nye, Kuntz, Q Rosina, Friess, Lundin. Schriener, Douvos, Johnson, Yeakel. Row 2: Bowles, Hancock, Tryon, Eudey, Thomas, Studey. Cann, Niemann, Hilburn, Cady. Row 3: Lombardo, Gay, Ludman, Spivey, Mclnfyre, Davenport, Ka- mer. Gomez, Boley. Row 4: Howard, Mc- Donald, Collins, Stinker. Wallace, Cran- ston, Reading, Watson. Fuhriman, Wirfen- bery, Holland, Carroll. .Row 5: Flores. Kunkel, Johnson, Shaw, Barlow. Demorest, Fuller. Mackey. Grody, Leonard, Uhler, Hooper. llefl' to rightl Row I Ro ers Grover Ginevra Wieselman Foreman, Devalon, Campbell. Beii1I, Campbell. Row 2: Steyer, Cerini, Martin, Clark, Reis, Alexander, Dixon, Pa- delford, Spefh, Raridon, Huck. Row 3: Sharp, Hurley. King, McGregor, Lindsay, Malmgreen, Lockefr, Haney, Dowling, Sto- pelsfad, Johnson, Kindy.. Row 4: Bowles, Cole, Bull, Johnson, Woods, Talley, Fran- cis, McGregor, Loelf, Gerberick. Row 5: S d M ' d Bo nton Emerson, te mon, asln a, y Carpenter, Culp, Hier, Bruns, Branson Gorsuch, Simsarion. Lorimer, Kuechler. JAKE. fFussing and lalking lo himself ll s no wonder lhal danged door IS sagging on als hinges I ll bel' Ive seen nearly lwo hundred kids go inl'o W3l Suppose Miss Luesveld s feedln em7 Think l ll look In Opens door Why uh pardon me Couldn"l' 'figure whal' was going on ln here ll s all rnghl I ll gel This room laler MISS LIESVELD. Come in, Jake We are lusl leaving JAKE. Wha+'s all l'he commo+lon7 MISS L. You see, grades have lusl come oul and lhese sl'udn'l's are gelhng scholarship blanks which l'he leachers will sign provided +he grades are good enough JAKE. Tha+'s wonderful. Makes a prelly exclusive club ol your organlzalion doesnl n'r7 MISS L. Yes, il' does. However wllh more liberal requlremenls sludenls who specialize in some of lhe non academic fields enioy lhe same privileges as 'l'he olhers JAKE. Whal do you mean, ' privileges 7 MISS L. His a privilege lo belong lo l'he Scholarship Soclely The rewards are many There is personal salnslacllon in know ing you have achieved high grades and 'rhe holiday from school each semesler IS nol hard lo lake JAKE. Yeh, l see whal you mean Golly you have lo bribe kids nowadays lo be smarl even IUHIIIHJUIH? JAKE. This is The Toyer oT The audiTorium. Up There waTching over Things is The moTh-eaTen moose head, and along The walls are The Trophy cases. Guess Those Trophies are preTTy imporTanT, by The looks oT Those Two girls sTanding There gazing aT Them. LeT's IisTen in on whaT They're saying abouT The big Trophy in The cenTer of The case. SENIOR GIRL. I sure wish our club could win ThaT one. FROSH GIRL. Pardon me, buT whaT's so good abouT iT? SENIOR. Help, whaT's so good abouT iT!!! FROSH. Yes, you'd Think iT meanT everyThing The way The girls yelled abouT iT in The IasT award assembly. ThaT yell- ing had me worried, I ThoughT There was a mouse in The audiTorium. WhaT's The Trophy Tor anyway? SENIOR. ThaT's righT, you're new around here, aren'T you? Well, The Trophy's awarded To The besT service club presidenT, and I suppose iusT abouT every presidenT wanTs To win iT. IT's called The Higgins Trophy in memory oT The TirsT commissioner oT clubs, Doc Higgins. FROSH. I guess iT's preTTy good if you win iT, huh! By The way, aren'T There oTher clubs besides service clubs? SENIOR. Oh, yes! All sorTs oT The-m. There are The deparTmenT ones like The Spanish and Science clubs, and inTe-resT clubs such as The BroadcasTers and Jr. STaTesmen. IT seems like There's a club Tor everyone and e-veryThing in Alham- bra High. They're always doing someThing, Too, whaT wiTh meeTings and social evenTs. fThe girls wander off Talking exciTedIy abouT diTfere-nT clubs and whaT They do. As Their voices die away, Jake slowly pushes his broom down The aisle of The audiTorium.T JAKE. Sure are. Why Those club kids are always inTo someThing. Claim They're Trying To raise some money Tor The Treasury. And They'II do iusT abouT anyThing Trom selling busTed cookies To geTTin' sTray caTs ouT oT Trees. Mrs. Cross- whiTe insisTs ThaT clubs build characTers, and some oT Them sure are. err . Xl I Ileft to righfl Row 'l: Sexton, Baxter. Achilles, Rose, Schrumpf, Hansen, effer, Wells. Guido. Row 2: Cole. Hargrove. BYICIKMUH- MUYe"- Black- Page I06 lf AE -quiikyn 7 Z' -i C lgi wg fig! SY 55N , A ff . 2 y .lx ' 0 I QA ' ' p- A A . . ,Z A' :-:2::1:r1:r-ze, g' sf-sbp .',s', Z: ,"' Q0 ' .L A l A-1'1-+?:, l " n X J : ' J' J A50-V1 Q9 lleft to rightl Row 1: Ledbetter, Koenigsburg, Schrumpf, Walsh, Gillette, Hornbrook, Schriener, Mclntosh. Row 2: Johnson, Hansen, Smith, Curry, Hathaway, Fuhrman, Winningham, Nix, Martin, Comiskey. Row 3: Wallerman, Boles, Wombwell, Ashby, Baxter, Rose, Edmonds, Kramer, Davenport, McGregor, Gay. Row 4: Kel- logg. Michalsky, Manning, Barnby, Brown, Huling, Mason, Palmatier, Rogers, Wells, Johnson. lleft to rightl Row I: Barnes. Johnson, Quigley, Wieselman, Devey, Campbell, Megin. nes, Barnes. Row 2: Hawthorne, Asher, Singer. Haney, Dedker. Perrin. Kelfllef. RGP9lle. I-d3lIff. Lammoreaux, Churchill, Newell. Row 3: Black, Mugner. Frilot, Allison. Wurobec. Eix. Britt. Perreiuh. Mackey. DUFGUIY. Mayer. Page IO7 ,IN , V1 YN, OS Q 0 ,W Heff to righfl Row 'l: Cremer, Pendleton, Hooper, Rogers, Grienningen, McCulloch Sfinker, Liuzzi, Gluskofer. Row 2: Stinker, Sfinker. BubIifz,Sfinker,Nichols,Geghordf,Baboaka,S1'inker. Row 3 Pigg, John. Woods, Crompton, Magner, Crook, Rogers, Fisher. F, lleft fo right! Row 1: Barrios, Parrion, Heath, Peterson, Rofhasz. Killion. Row 2: Walter, Mura- shinge, Galley, Chambers, Angel. Woods, Grotticelli, Clayton. Row 3: Hocke. Martin, Wolford, Thompson. Fer ' C I M uni, Divizia, Moore, Meyers. Boyd. Koenigsberg. Row 4: Lombardo, Wells, Huber. Chambers, Crlsman. oe. G- ginnes. Rundell. Von Velzer. Bond. Page I08 ,ii J 1 S c Q My 1 I F, H, A, uefr to righfl Row 1: Davis, Nash, Turne y. Hoffman, aufumm. Row 2: cron, wims, Far 4, A Schworer, Twohey, Mingo, Lockeft. WWIIMR lleft to righfl Row l: Cooper, Young, Chambers, Huck, Miksch, Thomas, Walsh. Row A wg Campbell, Roberts, Rhoades, Dixon, Tomich, Opdale, Sheen. Row 3: Rinder, Campbell, King, Rogers, David f7W7N"'4i'Z1 Williams, Fricker, Branson. Row 4: Holland, Avila, Hasleft, Miller, Marshall, Kline, Uhler, Johnson, Britt. Ill, ' 'f 'fi ll fr- ..... js WX, Lk , ., W Mw , i 7 1 7 X Page IO9 B.- , ...-.. A lleft to rightl Row 1: Donaldson, Coe, Davidson, Cunningham, Decker, Perrin, Pons, Clark. Row 2: Slatin, Rosson, Mark, Campbell, Rhoades. Perryman, Nye, Keltner, Mathes. Row 3 Tyson, Davis, Ramey, Mallonee, Grills, Biehl, Palmatier, Sodini, Palmatier. Row 4: Foshay, Heldrick, Hathaway Mclntosh, Jaussaud, Fine, Sinclair. Johnson. Row 5: Boynton, Winchell, McConnell, Grosvenor, Campbell Mackey, Williams, Mayer. G. lleft to rightl Row l: Singer, Carlino, Sadanowicz, Heath, Allen, Dale, Duncan. Row 2: Whittle Meed, Smyser, Trigon, Gomez, Cooper, Young, Twohey, Slatin. Row 3: Smart, Cosand, Stinker, Edwards, Bostron, Linsley, McGregor, Baker. Jones, Carpenter. . Sd? , dl' . . 'qw' Belo-p,v.,'5f"""'., MR cal in W .ff iff!!-LJ 6,-f ' ,' lleft to righfl Row I: Cann, Sadanowicz, Schwander, Meidlein, Greminger, Wieselman, Czerny Davenport. Row 2: Sorqe, Krull, Lempke, Meek, Perrin, Campbell, Neal, Barrett, Higbee, Smith. Row 3: Waller- , man, Linsley, Yeakel, Johnson, Ferguson. Row 4: Scharer, Ross, Milne, Arnesen, Carlson, Pefznick, Zimmer, Taylor Q . Fisher. Row 5: Odell, Moran, Kuechler, Nelson, Hix, Thomas, Carpenter, Culp, Mackey, Miller, Bowers, Amend! It J f lleff fo righfl Row l: Clark, Dondanville, Tomich, Dixon, Kindy, Campbell, Belcher 4l ,I Williams, Thomas, Miksch, Branson, Uhler, Avila. Row 4sh, Johnson, Anderson, Gordon, Huges. Row 3: Loft J '. .k Row 2: Cosond, Hilburn, Rhoades, Roberts, Cann, Wal: Bowers, Fricker, Holland, Maize, Leonard, Davidson ' Grad John f Y. son. 4 rl 5 T , Ss: Ili V1 'Run' iilili '-, VIII l... -qi 'unlumwm "' ' .nlliiilii Page I I I hand gi lleft to rightl Row l: Rugoff, Wadsworth, Smoyer. Thompson, LaMur, Smyser, Zabel. Row 2 Campbell, MocLennan, Charlton, Ricker, Gentry. Row 3: Thomas, Roberts, Walsh, Cole, Bowles, Adams, Wells Hoos, Wykoll Row 4: Hunsicker, Fricker, Branson, Gorsuch, Brown, Simsarian, Eix, Zimmer, Simpson. Row 5 Lorimer, Mokler, Patterson, Almond, Carl, Kline, Arnett, Schuwendt. Ier, Young, Houghton, Keathley. Carloss, Mason, Searlesh Bowman. Row 3: Kamer, Davenport, Lockett, Fisher, lleft to rightl Row l: Smith, Grocey, Cacciatore, Caplette, Sodini, Still, Helgren. Row 2: Mil Norton, McReynolds, Robertson. Row 4: Carmackfmm, Mathes, Reilly Masinda Stokesbary Smith Gordon Morgan. Row 5: Cook, Mount, Sanladerer, Tompkinswlfgbbins. Milligan, Miller, Stedman, Verderber, Stinker. Page II2 lleff to righti Row 1: Lockeft, Biehl. Honeycuff, Johnson, Owens, Maddox. Row 2: De Vizia Woods, Talley, King, Huffine, Lewis, Gilstrap iadv.i. Hefi' fo righti Row 'l: Bock, Rapelie. Gorlin, Essig, Davis, Nowell, Perrin, Sfoppel Row 2: Nicherl, Bixby, Wilson, Avouris, Reinharf, Hansen, Honeycurf, Thomas, Mann, Milligan, Karma. Row 3: Vaughf Paferacki, Turney, Kruse, Nicholls. Tompkins, King, Talley, Miksch, Sumner, Singer. Row 4: Mulcahy, Sharp, Cerini, Ten J h R 5 B ers, Concialdi, Huddlesfon, Stinker, Sfinker, Frllof, Ildnf. Briggs, Basmaiian, Wressler, Rosa, Camperi, o nson. ow : y Maize, Hawthorne, Perreiah. 2 L, D' 3 I ,lx ' N - l - My ,,,,, I av Ag' 5 S I S' Wk in 1:31 ? M10 X ,O Q 0 J 5' , '4 Q 1 4 .' 'ff' '33 V Xi 413' 7 " fan!! ?,7l jp, V ' gb Page ,av A-and aj! fyr n nn f "'?""" "" 5 lleft to rightl Row 'l: Wetton, Stedman, Berg, Higbee. Bowers, Schweiger, Mokler. Row 2: Thomas, Westlund, Drake. Stinker. Stinker, Williams, Zimmer. Row 3: Alexander, Ashworth, Winchell, Verderber, Arnett, Yeukel, Bigger. Booth. lleft to rightl Row l: Winslow. Allan, Holly, Darr, Lang, Collier. Anderson. Row 2: Meyer. Gift, VanVelzer, Lathrop. Sanchez, Foltz. Holmberg. I I4 lleff to righfl Row I: Hughes, Berverlin, Cerini, Sutherland, Dickenson, Nickerl, Woods, Winchell. Row 2: Karma, Martin. Kuhns, Huffine, Lebus, Soufher, Grossman, Krumme, Lewis, Sfandring. Row 3: Stopelsfed, Schrumpf, Johnson, Johnson, Hoffman, MacDonald, Barnes, Gilpin, Schworer, Nicolls, Math, Miner, Sharp. Row 4: Daugherfy, Malmgreen, Healy, Wride, Oldham, Davidson, Johnston, West, Haney, Robinson, George. llefr to righfl Row 1: Corwin, Dondanville, Tomich, Short, Barnum, Ragland, Biehl. Row 2: Mcln- tosh, Cosand, Gilmann, Dixon, Kindy, Nelson, Kohler, Miller, Rundell. Row 3: Hasleft, Nelson, Brown, Linsley Wallance, Sharp, Blair, Johnson, Gomez. Row 4: Srinker, Culp. Carpenter, Marshall, Riggs, Havlicek, Whiffenberg Uhler. Row 5: Kunkel, Barlow, Cremer, Phillips, Leonard, Davidson, Fisher. Row 6: Hier, Arnett, Knight, Munsey Holland, Risinger, Maize, Hooper, Scrchwell. flefl' to right! Row I: Cole, Nelson, Lawrence, Wilson, Foss, Rach. Walsh, Livesey, Lacey, Nicholas, Kruse, Dixon. Gonzales Galosso, Kindy. Row 2: Tisdale, Niemann. Plume. Rapelie. McCann. Vansickle. Spivey. Clark, Gladwell, Verdugo. Gladwell, Phillips, Krumme, Tomich Conn, Dondanville. Row 3: Edmonds, Burns, Soll. Barratt, Conlee. March, Spivey. Johnson, Ludmann. Rundell, Malmgreen, Boone, Brookshire. Row 4 Rasmussen, Farwell, Ragland, Warmwell. Barnaby. Hurley, Nickerl. Cerini. Schworer, Reading, Dickinson, Johnson, Miksch. Rusnak. Howell, Blair, Lun din, Hilburn. Row 5: Everett, Perez, Frampton. Stones, Thorkelson, Kirk. Bruns. Noble. Hire, Bane. Emerson, Bowra, Paulson. Driver, Robinson. llefl' to right! Row 'I: Foss, Neal. Campbell, Meidlein. Kunrz, Garney, Houghfen. Row 2: Wilbur, Higbee, Jeffs. Malmgreen, Sfucey, Lathrop. Roberts. Terrell. Row 3: Plamondon, Wade, Bowman. Johnson, Qowda, Baker, Fine, Bowles. Row 4: Clements. Taylor, Eix, Holmberg, Boynton, Costello, Lillicrop, Winchell. Loft. Row 5: Avard, Reed. Arnesen. Kuechler, Woodward, Fryer, Miller, Johnson. Hood. Stinker. V Page II6 H! V E ,..1 ' ' -7 Z QQ! wiv, ,fl 4 'LJ Q Hefi' fo rightl Row 1: Kindy, Donaldson, Wauguman, Winslow, Perrin, Cerini, Hough ton. Nieman. Row 2: Johnson, Kamer, Barnby, Gordon, Hilburn, Mayer. Row 3: Riggs. Knight. Guy, Wesrlu nd Leonard. lleff to rightl Row 1: Guenfhard. Woolsfon, Cady. Row 2: Girordi, Smith. Clements. Stead- man. Brownell. Row 3: Peters, Everett, Messina, Kyer. Loy. lleff to rightl Row 1:Y4 GiIpin, Perez, Riggs. McComic. Ringo, Briggs. Deliso. Row 2 Champ. Bock, Ginevra, MacDonald, E Anderson, Mann. Everett. Wride. Sumner, Anderson. Row 3: Lacy Thompson, Malmagreen. Livesy. King, MacPherson, Thompkins, McGregor. Robinson, Kehlef. Japour, Carriger. Page lleff fo righfl Row 'l: Conlee, Mclntosh, Linsley, Lebus, Palmatier, Becker, Hancock, Meyer. Row 2 Haney, MacGregor, Heldrick, Soufrher, Winslow, Hornbrook, Corwin, Jaussaud, Cheek. Row 3: Gordon, King, Johnston West, Danielson, Helgren, Padelford, Stolpesfad, Sutherland, Kuhns, Thomas. lleff to righfl Row 1: Brownlee, I-loyal, Bowers, Erummetf, Davenport, Lockeff. Row 2: Nye, Gladwell, Phillips McLaughlin, Rapelie, Livesey, Lacey, Axelson. Row 3: Wolford, Clark U - Verdugo, Boone, Brookshire, Keltner, Coulter Champ, Nicolaus. Row 4: Hilburn, Bradfield, Hannaford, Evere-f1',' ' ansen, Durkson, La Mar, Madden. Page l20 lleft to rightl Row 1: Bevilacqua, Feola, Stroud, Reilly, Scharer, Sheetz. Row 2: Clayton, Miller, Bumpus, Dodd, Bane, Franz, Sackman. Row 3: Guenthard, Douvos, Mount, Everett, Girardi, Gibson, Wool- ston, White, Hagerty. Row 4: Huddleston, Henderson, Emerson, Peters, Allen, Udell, Bringhurst, Evans, Goff. Heft to rightl Row 1: Campbell, Williams, Steadmon, Meyer. Row 2: Myer, Miller, Francis, Graham, Shea, Ashworth. Row 3: Rinder, Frampton, Britt, Ross, Davidson, Massey, Hess. Page IZ! Cleft fo right! Row 1: Esser. DuFault, Leonard, Morgan, Robertson. Row 2: Holland, Pielstick, Farns- worth, Fisher, Sarchwell, Richardson. Row 3: Lillicrop, McReynoIds, Kercheval, Ingle, Uhler, John. LA Cleft to righfl Row 1: Alexander, Sumner. Ries, Anderson. Row 2: Wride, Winchell, Hansen, King, Tompkins, Martin, Miner. Row 3: Darr. Howland, Dorou, Kuhns, Trotter, Creason, Pixley. Malmgreen. Page l22 I Y A ng Y I 5 NQJQJ, fi ' 11' , 0 , ' fem, I gags -'Hurt' S 'TE F A' 4" S4 A 1' 4 'Q Z umfffulwfl hgd i M WW in I llefl' fo righfl Row 'l: Woods, Hamer, Grieninger, Cummings, Stoddard. Row 2: Ramos, Ponfrelli, Stinker Flores, Blankenship. llefl' to rightl Row 1: Sfeadman, Nye, Kunfz, Wiley, McNeill. Row 2: Dondanville, Bishop, Michalsky Gray, Baker, Maeder, Houghton, Fritz. Coe. Tryon, Taylor ladv.l. Row 3: Evans, McCleary. Dihle, Johnson, Keafhly, Mc- Graw. Gift, Sanchez, Johnson, Garvey, Sprague ladv.l. Row 4: Givens, Malmgreen. Wilson, Preston, Foss, Kellogg. Lud- man, Reading, Mann, Heffner, Smyser. Page IZ3 lleff to rightl Row l: Woods, Talley, Briggs, Pope, Palermo, Burwell. Row 2: Smith, Hansen Brown, Musick, Karma, Mingo, Forfeza, Paulsen. Row 3: Nix, Healy, Cole, Dorfman, Kindy, Donaldson, Haslefr, Harfung Perrin, Cole. llefl' to rightl Row 'l: Schrumpf, Lamoreaux, Hovey, Aydeloft, Schreiner, Stucey. Row 2: McGregor, Chancey, Schrumpf, Pillow, Still, Belcher. Row 3: Ware, Dickenson, Reuter, Barron, Edwards, Carmody, Halpin Lockeff. Page l24 Cleft to righti Row 1: Anderson. Hoffman, Schworer, Miner, Link, Peterson, Avouris, Fox Row 2: Wilford, Clark, Forsum, Clark, Mild, Verdugo, Turney, Popovich, Cook. Row 3: Putnam, Nickerl. Vaught Cerini, Boone, Brookshire, Nicolls, Bowers, Brownlee, Hoyal, Brummeff. Row 4: Kahn, Howell, Math, Hoffmann Nash, Madden, Steyer, Milligan, Martin. ileff fo righfi Row 1: Malleffe, Murphy, Crisman, Meginnes, Belliveau. Row 2: Ame- rine, Leighfer, Oldham. Krull. Row 3: Barry, Costello, Doran, Kruse. Page I25 ileff to rightl Row 1: Essig, Wilson, Darr, Crawford, Selga, Hay, Gorlin. Row 2: Hoffmeister, Burkhart, Davis, Daugherty. Black, Prosser, McAlister, Paferacki. Row 3: Taylor, Salvafierra, Riuio Wilson, Sharp, Palmer, Ragland, Betchner, Metzger. ileff to righti Row 1: Thomas, Walters, Simpson, Gaily, Evensen. Row 2: Glassey Hopwoad, Bigelow, Norcia, Hoey. Row 3: Randell, Williams, Whiting, Anderson, Lyon. Row 4: Henline, Wack- erman, Smith, Gary, Worthington, Murray. Page I26 ,,,, lleff to right! Row 1: Davidson, Biehl. Kindy. Row 2: Helquist, Wolford, Dixon. Asher. Palmafier. Row 3: Mason. Huling. Palmotier, Gonzales. Donaldson. NA lleff fo right! Row I: Clune, Holton, Greenwoldf, Murray. Todd. LoMar, Neil. Apple. Row 2: Veenker, Moyle, Holly, Smifh. Gebharf. Matson, Eomesl' Row 3: Ryan, Oldham. MacLean, Tully. Sfoppel, Lawrence. Daronceffe. Page I27 llef to righfl Row 1: Mann, Verdugo. Janaes, Tewkesbury. Row 2: Rapelie, Layl-on. Mild Paulsen. Klefl' to right! Row 1: Hansen. Basmaiian, Nye. Axelson. Rapelie. Richie. Row 2: Huffine Howland, Winchell. McCann, Spivey, Kohler, Devalon. Breslin, Murashige. Row 3: Srandring, Lewis. Reis. Hughes George, Sperh, Plume, Huneycuff. Row 4: Greenfield. Molin, Barrett. Stokes. Creason, Pixley, Hilburn. Page l28 WJ! any Heh to righfl Row 1: Bane, Belcher, Corwin, Dixon. Row 2: Mclntyre, Taylor, Hughes. Spivey. Row 3: Foshay. Farwell, Maclntosh. Spivey. Heff to right! Row 1: Nichols, Stewart, Whife, Friess, King, Byers. Row 2: Shampine, Fitzgerald. Stewart, Moffat. LaBouff. Kincheloe. Guuerfa. Page I29 n WM-'5',aa,."nf f 4 . , " Mgt ,,,.,, . f , Wt . :7M.:.'2w -ff' SPAR-VANS lleff to right! Row 1: McNeil. Davis Richeffs, Norling. Row 2: Gentry. Grovesnor. Dark, West- Iund. Row 3: Wedertx, Pierce. Crawley. llef: to right! Row 1: Wittenberg. Hanson Conway. Row 2: Young. Havlicek. Trotter. Row 3: Ran- kin. Rawson, Smith. ' Q Biggs' gy , '7! . lf - F X ,541 6-:df-2 MXN- - Nw, f N f- x 4 fm , Wf X0 III' Lf Lf V ffl-fzg. xxx MT in if ,M Av kia. Zi. x SK 1-:rg Y K rf Q K df J' My 7 ' ,I!l,. .Q 71' V Xi:.xj'i1L JX E F 4,2 ,ff ' up " ,q :fi Q-N - jf? 33 If 'Ali K 715, ff? ,yt A 'ji ,A J Ck iigti,-tgxdgxgvgt L51 I iw, ' kxbxqxvxsfiw ,Zi ifeiq ft Y if " iifbgp lx? I l J 1.1 J 5, - Qin it xg X917 KA? 3-j5?fj C1-sffikvqp it pm 77' Q J AQ, fum' f' ,174 Alglrjwxf pk? 9 4 df J Ffa ,MW . aww 'M' W . Xf ff p f N KIM ff f ,W 1 2 A f A 3 W ffgffw M - 10 fi WMM " yw ff di' gf I , ,W QW fff A' , fJNM9,QdM9ywJ ff Nfwfmf Nd J' WAV' MV yffx 7 J! if H!!! I R1 NLX, X4 , QA -'w f-if il iw! A q - A 41,5 4 -6.1.4 Lf' c pw f W 13"'Y:fm?w 0 -L2bjiCA2f6i1LQ296f Tift, '--f.',1fCfv- .4,4.44-,.,,, , 9-n,6.,Lc9 x Q QJ Vctjaryx v 4 U Xu Q35 A J .r 'W M-N M Mfg, N f 1, in ' Q - ' QV + hh-G1MrA 1 , M mMX!X,fXQ lmx.X..XXdE,.l.-xx..,l,X,,X,x,h,,X mlxpLM HJSUMA. Y M vw X, I w i 4 '- N 1. I ,' ' Q Y 4 K , x 5 Q. 5 ll I, W Y X Q ll -n . ' Nt' SJ, ' Q .' - 1 '. 1 4 '. fl sv, ' . X Ad 1 ,H .A 1 , if I, s V 3' 3 X, ' I X 1 ' 'Q L, EY 0 . if I In X ' . -- " -3 r .f. N X 2 1 X 1 , i , Y ,' V Xi' it ' A 'I 1' - ,, . 4 . P 4 l ' 1. ,- 1 i? Jo, N. Fw 3 Q Y N fy , -A I I .A I . . A Y- - f - 1 3 , J A ' C" f .x 1 j ,,1- .' . , , , Y X Q'I ' I 'J l 1' Q ' if .' ' 'K I' W' f 7 1 ' ra 'X 'f ' ff' 1 it M A I V. Q' Q .2 A . V W ' ,x' K f 3 ,s I wt - ' ,yr - ' A 1 5 .H , v . ,- ! l , ,I Y ' , 2 g N 3 7 fi. 4 Q A - 5. 17 Q - , 9 I" , X' ' ' -.. 5. r' 5 'L 1 fy 3 J ul . 1 fi-if , A x 'fx 4 I4 fi 5' . 1 I - 'Al , f , U 3 I r , 5 L I , Q , 11-1 I x W .' 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'X 2 - 4 W .V 1 Qiff x ,M , V F ,, 1 ,, V I AAV S ,,..,,.kk Z! f SX 1 i N W W va, ,J , 4 X ! gf -r f x Q A - f 6 N if ,, . 2 A M5 X ,x ,A 4 X Qfffx in 53 '11 ' , I I ? I fVT,,.p5, I A , L, If , ff I I X A .. ,.,, I 1 ff if flxqif 4 M x Q ,fi V V A , , . .X F J , i - V' ' f fx 4. 4 ,, f X '-A , - If .. . -- F 4 5, f x Qt ' , ag I 412239 , ! X is ,g 5, W 17' w 7 X' 'W ,ji x 'M' h,ZLz,ff! 44' I wwf' WSW ,X Q .,,f,7 ,qyufx , W A f 1,2 f Wa, f I :ff , ,I L ,. ff f A x a n 1 5 MXW 1351 S 'xiii 5 , V' ,f , 1 4 I 4,,,Z0NW ff M MW 1 ' W f ' A pin wxxxvvxxx x :www + wg. Q f Q 1 M TA L V5 3 xii , if QV X! , , QW f ,f N XM!! NM. 1 fi mf A , .iv , A sg 4 Q f X W. I 4 ix 1 x , f W fa X fs ' , X ,J X X f N W 4 M ' ff.. Brummerf. McComic. Bowers, Gladwell, H Fresco. offman. Center: C I a r k. lleft to righfl MacPherson, Carriger, Bock Milligan, Anderson. "Ulf CHH HELL HHD YELL LEADERS new to righn wells, nqpenie, Safchwell, war ,ww-""" wvwabmdkyw 4 ,ff 1 ' f if ', X' ,, f, 73 x S, R 1 NS 1 .xx ' ' 2 X 3 z 'WA Q V f fi Q -Q, X N 5 fl S2 v X x x.X, Q Q XNQXN. xx - X. ix xi if , .. K 3 X. SQ m 5 xi K -' ax XX A 5 5' .. -- N . P Q - S W ff 1-bf Q . . V Ki '-XS X 5 KN X 9 N e X5 COACH ED SOWERS ALLEN szvn.AcouA BLOCK aowRA pumpug FEOLA HAGGERTY HANSEN xo:-usa MILLER SMITH sevmoun TANNER WHITE w55n,uNp CLAYTON EMERSON EVANS GOFF HENDERSON PALMER PITRE STROUD FUUTBHLL "ClEHll-lllllBEll IIUUIIG HIHIEIESH JAKE. You've seen quile a bil of our school by now-facully, sludenl body, clubs. Bul' +here's anolher side, loo. Sporls. Yep, we have lhem here- al AHS, same as olher schools. And you mighl be surprised lo learn lhal Alhambra gels her share, and lhen some, of lhe lrophies and awards. Take foolball, for inslance-. Tha+'s our big evenl around here. We didn'+ do loo bad lhis year-came wilhin a hair of winning lhe league championship. Lel's look in on 'rhe foolball banquel 'For a recounl of lhe season. MARTIN FUZZWIT. lspeaker for lhe eveningl. And he-re al AHS you have laken lhese clean-limbed young alhleles and molded lhem info a grrreal . . . 3OWERS. Lerfly, you don'+ look so clean-limbed lo me. ln facl' l don'l' lhink you bolhered lo wash your paws for lhis shin- ig. STROUD. l+'s a slain-won"r come off. Honesl, Coach. WHITHAM. And you, Lynn, when are you going 'lo gel' a respeclable haircul? PATRICK. Yeh. The back of his head looks like lhe soulh end of a norlh-bound duck. LYNN. Ge-e, Coach, all 'rhe righl guys wear 'rheir hair 'rhis way. FUZZWITT. . . . and faced by many handicaps and always acquilling yourselves credilably, you young lads . . . . SOWERS. Handicaps is righl. Nol' only did we have lo play a lough Mark Keppel leam, bul' Old Man Wealher was in +he game loo. CUSHMAN. You can have your 'Foul nighls. l'll 'rake a good hol aflernoon. HATCH. Thal's righl. There's nolhing like lhem +o sweal five pounds off 'rhe boys. For a while l was afraid my Cees would mell down lo nolhing. WHITHAM. S+ill, you didn'+ do so bad wilh your midgels. You losl only lwo games. PATRICK. The Jayvees did preHy well loo, Chuck. You iusl dropped lheb opener lo Poly by one louchdown. The resl you won. SOWERS. Say, while all lhese orchids are being passed oul, don"r forgel' Cecil over lhere. Afler all, l'he Bees have won lheir league lille for lhree slraighl' years. EVERYBODY. Speech, speech. CUSHMAN. Quiel, you're drowning oul' lhe speaker. FUZZWITT. . . . and wilh a calch in my voice I shoul Huzzah! for +ha+ noble spiril' +ha'r enables . . . . JAKE. Wonder why lhaf guy doesn'l hire a hall. The kids have gollen lheir awards and 'lheir eals. l don'l blame 'em for being fidgely, lislening lo all lhal guff. Page I40 ww ww J'HuFFLmP G' MXN CL E 1l,.,,,V Y SQMSON I at :N VE! ffQ W SIEWJM, J' 5 ' A -I "yi x H'-A.: wk. , ESF!! Ciigep XX f C2 b--,Q EEA 1 , A Pg I4I ileft to righti Row 1: Rasmussen imgsxi. Crook, Bublitz, O'Brien, Reason, Cernio, Franz, Matoanga, McCullough.. Row 2: Clayton, Kohlex, Stroud, Sackman, Feola, Pitre, Miller, Palmer, Evans Beviliguia, Haggerty, Rogers. Raw 3: Patrick icoachl, Allen, White, Hansen, Emerson, Henderson, Westfall, Tanner. Chi man, B , W'II' M . R Bumpus, Seymoun, Goff, Wright. p awra I lams, aqner ow 4: Suess. Getbgren, Blook, Mooney, Rambeau, Westlund, Smith, Pigg, J V ileft to right! Row 1: Rasmussen imgr.l, Whitney, Plumdon, Allen, Anderson, Bertino, Hebert. Phillips, Magner imgr.i,low 2: Welch, Young, Rispaud, Agaianian, MiIIer,Marien, Johnston, Romo, Donnanville, Wedentz. Row 3: Dyos. Winchell, Anderson, SeideI.6,n.s,' 'Cr aig, imissingi, Warmick, Downed, Helms, Withanicoachl. Row 4: Shey, imissingi. Brest, Galbreath, Tylen, Shuck, Lenci, Lusvardi, Rideour, De-Stifano, Rau, Armein, Dickinson. ll ' xte- lleft' to righfl Row l:Jack Taylor, Black, Drake, Humming, Stedman, Kyer, Thorkelson, Bruno, Riesingen, Vopie, Strah, Dun- can, Sckeman. Row 2: Smith, Loy, Scheren, Oiseidi, Cady, Peters, Everetfe, Jessup, Mevarns, Adams, Farnsworth, Pichard, Brownell, Spak, Flores, Thomas Alexander lmgr.l. Row 3: Cushman, Hanna, Bxyden, Murphy, Messinda, Biblmore, Esslinger, Ouenrhard, Aillpin, Morrison, Stokesbury, Hill, Reed Clark, Messina, Folino. Row 4: Sousa, lmissingl, Stephens, Frasco, Baboaka, Bochelder, Snyder, Martin, Forch, Gaffon, Reed, Richefts, Ramos, Plot? Mensink, Branson, Milne, Zimmer, Neville, Cazares, Knox, Crook, Ballarini. llefr to rightl Row 1: Pillow, Higbee. Simsarian, Greminger, Palermo, Adams, Clark, Abramo, Agaianian, Mokler lfngr.l. Row 2: Hamm, Cos, O'dell, Allen, Becker, Mount, Palsley, Finch, Haxelfime, Dnaian, Stokesbary, Thorton lmgr.l. Row 3: H arch lcoachl, Murphy, Kalam, Berry, Smith, Arans, Hood, Hough, Walsh, Haughen, Hakkinen, Mendelhall, Austin, Maier, Young lmgr.J. Row 4: Woodruff, Roberfson, Denchfield, Wayer, Carr, Williams, Porter, Sackman, Cardamon, Gilbert, West, Brundage, Peterson. Page I43 BHSHETBHLL LEHGUE ALLEN ANDERSON KESSER McAULIFFE BANE BAYS DODD HALL CHHHIPS WW! MARTIN MILLIGAN RANKIN REILLY TROTTER UDELL Page I45 VARSI Kesser. Allen, McAuliffe, Sandlader, Trotter, Rankin, Anderson, Milligan, Bacon, Martin. TY ileft to rightlkow I: Huddleston, Udell, Bane, Reilly, Hall, Dodd, Bays, Bublitz imgr.i. Row 2: Miller lcoachi lleft to rightl Row 1: Reiss, Stedman, Knight, Plot, Jones. Row 2: Martin. Gibson. Dou- vas, Seymour, Guenthard, Mount, Gilpin, Mechercoff, Schermer. Row 3: Morton lmgr.i, Crowley, Binkard, So- venson. Reed, McDonald, Garver, Day, Hatch lcoachl. JUNIOR VARSITY Cleft to right! Row 1: Carlile, Molinari, Montana, Ramos, Kuchinsky, Gilbert, Morgan. Johnson lmgr.L Row 2: Magidow, Bruns, Kercheval. C a d e, Tompkins. McKnight, Lillicrop. CEE BASKETBALL ueff fo right, Row 1: Stokesbary. Smith, Ahrens. Yeokel, Hazelfine, Crawley. Row 2: Montana. Simsarian, Miller. Porter, Richardson, Moore, Whifham fcoachl. lleff to righfl Row 1: Hicks lmgr.l, Hi bee, Berg, Palermo, Carr, Wallen, Riegler. Eyraud Row 2: Woods. Mayor, Neill, Robinson, Jennings. Weyer. Adams. Allison, Whitham Kcoachl. HFIEII IHIHIU IUIIIS JAKE. l'Il never forgef Monday, March I2. Lef's look back. There are sure a Iof of long faces around here foday, and you can'f blame fhe kids. Why everybodiy says fhis is fhe greafesf baskefball feam Alhambra has ever had. Whaf happens? They lose one game, affer fwenfy-seven wins, and wind up 'rhird in fhe C. I. F. Somebody's wrong. There's a couple of sad looking cusfomers eafing fheir lunch. Wanfa Iisfen in? FAN. Cheer up, Bill. If was a greaf season even if we didn'f fake fhe C. I. F. Averaging sevenfy poinfs a game is nof fo be' sneezed af. BILL. Yeah, and fhirfy consecufive games wifhouf a loss. Lofs of honors fhis season foo. We won fhe Pasadena and Wesf- ern Sfafes fournamenfs and fhe Pacific League. FAN. Those high scores made some of fhe coaches fhink fhaf Coach Miller was pouring if on. Wonder how Keppel felf? BILL, How abouf Ron Bane and Chuck Reilly? Bane was really fhe fair-haired boy fhis year, and Chuck wasn'f far behind. Bofh of fhem C. I. F. FAN. Coach Miller sure did a whale of a job. Those ofher Moor feams were overshadowed by all fhe Varsify's success BILL. Whaf do you mean? The Bees fied for firsf in league play and wenf clear fo fhe finals in fhe fournamenf af Sanfa Monica. FAN. Those Cees were fhe real hard luck kids. I never saw a feam lose so many games by fwo or fhree poinfs. And fhose Dees never gave up. They fried hard fo defend fheir fifle. BILL. And when you figure fhaf fhe Jayvees were preffy well wrecked when fheir fop players were declared ineligible for I .. p aying in fhe church league . FAN. Buf we can'f fee-I downhearfed. This has been a ferrific season! ova .. Bi ' ' Q ' - fs, K., E EN U I . BRSKQTBFY I CONTQNU5 I I AIX, gf A ,ij I,-I I-1 7k-iisxji I I ll Hnnuym. N Page I48 3 ffx v 1, .yy N X Mia xv f 4 ! Q Q X wi ' 5 , W I Q A ,f 4' Y ff 7 Z J X , x ,I f 79 Z S ' Q Q f,,, sf ff' . nf qs , Sf 'Q 2 x f KN' trys . Z ' ,K S W 1 f ww we. f ,H xg , M ,MW , .m ,X ff f f' X N ' f f W g uw , Q66 , X I I X X ' ts ' A.A, I Ex ' ' is , A sg- Y' xx, ' ' :M . 9 -E" A: x V X ,f A A :Ln - ss X I . , NX ' X .Q- 5. x A 3 + A Q Q f we-fl, V -, X 4, I 1 QE' 1 f W MQ fm 5 A-A hh X E, 0 ..." I M Ileft to rightl Row 1: Sackman. Stokesbary, Clayton, Feola. Loy, Risinger, Sexton, Farnsworth. Row 2: Traxler. Rambeou. White, Brighton, Qfgkrtino, Bane, Birkenshuw, Alexander. Hlil. Row 3: Alexander, Roger Imgr.l. Johnston, Bradley, Allen, Spriggs, Carmocll, Stod- dard, Allen, Cisino. Woodburn, Cushman Icoochl. IHHIIII ORIN ALLEN. You know, Frank, when you get right down to it, this year so tar has been one ot our best track seasons in quite a while. FRANK CLAYTON. Yeah, I guess you're right. Things didn't start out so well. You know what I me-an-that little party at Excelsior when it rained, and we had to swim through the mud in our sweat suits. But since then we've done pretty well -beat Pasadena. RON LOY. And that second place we took in the Pasadena Games was kind ot new tor Alhambra. We iust trailed Keppel by a measly two points. ORIN A. And the Cees and Bees haven't done so badly eithe-r. CECIL ALLEN. No lie, we Cees really clobbered' Burroughs. Ot course they only had tive men on their whole squad, but that wasn't our . . . LOY. lsn't it a glorious day! FEOLA. You'd better keep Gloria out ot this. It thinking about her causes you to hit one ot those hurdles .... MR. CUSHMAN. Cummon, you guys, get the lead out! You think this is debate practice or something? JAKE. You're right, Mr. Cushman, it isn't de-bate practice, and all the boys worked hard. They scarcely had time to say as much as they did here. We couldnt include the whole season because this annual went to press betore it was over. But I iust thought you might like to hear trom some of our tracksters. Page I50 fl" ' M N , F, w M' X J KI ,-A y . 'VIA Y K .X IL! . U1 l pw ndjjyp f ffin,-ol. ,T f D Tj' L, 40,1 My VV W X V lvl ff .f 4 ,l A: K 41 9 ', l CU V L X! iff 1. 1 I X I I M on l, ffl f f ll 7 A W X , lla Wolf MW fn-Nd 1-blfb 1,-M-' lf' f W J W 0 V: I . ffv jg Z If 'VU 'I -fi If V I, , fl I dvd ., My Ll!! ul' fl- , ff! I , , ' K My JW W jf, l ' Jw lv MMP lleff fo rightl Row 1: Adams, Black, Cummings, Weaver, Taylor, Gilbert, Blnkard, Kyer, Robertson. Knox. Row 2: Girardi. Parisi, Milne. Schweiger, Zimmer, Bruns, Gilpen. Hawkins, Branson, Schafer. Gibson, Moran. Row 3: Mokler lmgr.l. Duncan, Plofr, Aullo, Gaftoni. Halloran. Forch. Schirmer, Cleman, Reed. Lamming, Carlile, Frasco. Sfeadman. Bachelder, Bruno. Beliveau. Miller lcoachl. 7 llefl' to righfl Row 1: Newell lmqr.l. Kendall. Wilson. Stolcesbary, Donovan, Farrill, Allen. Finch, Rufener, Silvaugh. Hood, Walsh, Sowers lcoachl. Row 2: Accordino, Woodruff, Gray. Johnson, O'delI, Bible, Thompson. Sackman, C. Smith. Spargo. Bartoli. Row 3: Shaw. Gomez. Abramo. Golitz, Guugen, B. Smith, Clark, Hough, Gorelc. - f..--..,A,,- 1 Q f ,7 f K HH 1 My L v P X w V N""l M l www ff A if lii , fy ,:,, Page l56 w 4 IIIHIIIS IHE SCIII-ll? TRACK FOOTBALL V. B. C. V. B. C. VARSITY I3 Monrovia I2 4l so 33 I,f2 Excelsior 63 45 43 1772 AHS 38 Keppel 7 69 26 1 17 no oi Burroughs 35 oe 5,fl6 II l2 Semehi l2 CEE 5I 27 38 3,75 WhiH'ier 53 os 38 2715 20 Glef-elele 0 AHS 49 173 I9 26 I,f2 EI Mon'l'e 54 273 76 5o If2 27 L- B- Jefelen 6 7 Wllllllef 0 73 If2 60 ,,,, Pasadena 30 lf2 35 -v,7 I 38 Burbank 0 I3 Excelsior 0 so IXZ I62f3 29 Monrovia 53 I 72 78 ' 73 48 I9 whi++ier o I5 Monrovia 0 59 H3 46 44 Keppel 442773 48 33 36 El lvlenle 7 0 Keppel l3 League Prellms Pasadena 43 lf2 20 U2 2l l!2 League Finals I6 Monrovia I9 37 Samohi I4 0 Keppel 7 7 Glenddale 2I JAY VEE 7 L. B. Jor an I9 BASKETBALL AHS 7 yyvllllllel. VARSITY JAY VEE 0 L. B. Poly 7 I3 E Monle AHS Al-lg 29 Whillier 0 27 Pasadena Bl Oxy Fresh 58 26 Keppel 4' 35 EI Monle 0 6 Monrovia 65 L. A. Wilson 48 78 Rosemeapl 59 7 Monlebello 0 I2 Keppel 6 68 L- B- Pplv 32 34 KePPel 55 BASEBALL 73 Covina 39 58 Rosemead 46 . 76 Burbank 56 43 Keppel 65 VARSITY Monrovua 66 San Berdoo 54 25 Wlllllle, 35 7 BUVIPUIW 4 KePP9I 66 Soulh pas. 43 3' Rosemead 4' 0 L. A. Wilson 6 JAY VEE 45 Muir Colls 35 33 Wpllller 62 ll Excelsior I4 3 Bur. Burroughs 74 Cllaffey 5l BEE 5 John Muir 2 4 Excelsior 67 Hoover 44 40 L. A. Wilson 50 6 Hoover 5 8 Mun' 58 Rosemead 45 27 lu B. poly 40 4 Glendale 3 2 Hoover 72 Riverside 33 5l Covlna 4' 4 Chafley I5 5 Glendale 49 Mounl' Carmel 44 37 Burbank 45 8 Soulh Pas. 2 6 Challley 46 L. B. Poly 44 57 San Berdpp 33 3 USC llaroshl 2 I Excelsior 52 Keppel 45 57 John Mulr 4' I4 Muir II 3 Glendale 80 Calhedral 5I 32 Hoover 46 4 Glenflele 2 7 L' A' YVIISOII 44 Wpllller 33 45 Rlverslcle 33 I L. A. VViIson 6 5 L. A. Lincoln 75 El Monle 42 43 Wllllller 47 3 L. A. Lincoln 2 0 John .Muir 82 Pasadena 49 43 EI Monle 26 3 SOIITIII Pas' 7 ll WIIITTIST 94 Keppel 64 42 pasadena 48 6 L. A. Lincoln 6 IO EI Monle 73 Monrovia 48 84 Monrovia 47 4 WII'TT'er I l0 KePPaI 94 Wpllller 5' 54 Keppel 39 5 Pasadena l 2 Monrovia 74 EI Morr+e 45 42 El Mon'I'e 3I 7 Nlppfevle 4 0 Keppel 64 Pasadena 46 78 Pasadena 46 4' ISePPeI 3 I4 Wllllllfaf 60 Monrovla 44 46 Mpnrpvla 43 4 Burroughs 2 I Monrovia 69 Keppel 45 47 Keppel 57 9 Wllllllef 4 3 Keppel 58 Calhedral 55 5l Puenlle 33 2 El Miele 2 3 El lvleple 76 Collon 55 57 Samo i 5I ese ella 76 Calhedral 55 47 Ml. Carmel 45 9 lvlepfevle 6 55 Complon 60 37 Hoover 78 3 K9PPeI 0 85 L. B. Poly 73 l'ENNl5 BASKETBALL 'EHS M... 4 2 rY.f'S.Lll'E5 . ,, . CEE 27 Keppel 30 3 Elcepellsipr 2 rp Mcpnrovii 45 Pasadena 28 DEE 5' Ch nga e3 ,XZ JAY Vpp eppe 32 WI1I++Ier3I 26 Sew: Pas' I4 2X2 Gleanclage 7 9 Excelsior 22 EI Monle 26 2 illier I6 . . 32 Excelsior 25 29 El MOITIG 20 C: Soif7IIl1.F+2S' Z 3 plNI1IHIeI' l5 Monrovia Bl 2I Excelsior 24 7 E' M' 'fl 2 0 M Monle 26 Keppel 24 23 Monrovia 30 3 p time 6 9 olgrowal 47 Whillier 34 zo Keppel I5 I Mesa afa 8 4 WSPPG 2I EI Monle 22 22 Whi++ier 23 6 "'2'0"a' 3 ' 'II'e' 3l Excelsior 33 20 EI Monle 27 eppe 3l Monrovia 32 24 Excelsior 27 I7 Keppel 2I I5 Monrovia 26 I Monrovia 35 I I Monrovia 25 '5 lf ' -' as-Lf viva ' gi 7x 4 f L Vi 4 fn 1 ai gk if V W ,. 1, . ' 0 , W ,yi MC ,A W 5 . 4 ,, ,, , ,, . ,f 1 1 4 W, 3,7 V- A . 1 fl 'Q P X ' f' Q ' fy N '- X ' 4 M A W ff V ' -1 , Y '. 9 nf 2 ' I ,W WY Q' ,Haj flixf fy " Q , y ,Q ,Q eq,'a g2'KQ?5Mh 0 ,, Qzgmw W , 7 4 f" 5 d"",5? -'if f Mg, , ,. Y ,K M f ,. f ,A 4 2 ,f Q f Nw , ' , , f ', ' ,fv Q YJK 1' Mxgjff' V- M - P if ' ,uf f ff 1' Q ' 7 1 :H ww f, A ff M Y Yr " if + C, W L, " , - N If Ji 1: f I' , cf uf Page l54 GEHTLEIHEH UF THE COURT X fnf 'Af' Ueff fo righfl Row 1: Hall, Collins, Evans, Woods, Shcmpine. Row 2: Stones lmgr.l, Douvos, Crawley, Everett. Caay. Whirham Kcoachl. Cleft to righfl Row 1: Schmitt, Mclntyre. Kueckler, Simpson, Lent, Loudon. Row 2: Stones lmgr.l. Alvord, Poree, Petznick. Nichols, Simpson, Whifham Kcoachl. Page I55 THE FIRST SIGN UF SPRING llefr ro righrl Row 1: Jesslp, Uhler, Esslinger, Pielsrick, Plamondon, Warmack. Row 2: Smith, Mings. Block, Carroll, Hollinger, Kirk, Johnson lmgr.l. Row 3: Goff, Hagerty, Wesrlund, Brownell, Mount, Seymour, Patrick lcoachl. lleff to rightl Row 1: Robken, McConnell, Srrah, Flores, Jones. Sorenson, Gergerick, Ried, Ord- way, Schumaker, Cono Hinds. Row 3: Tra w. Row 2: Robinson, Folino, Hanna, Hazelton, Ahrens, Cos, Massinda, Richardson, Marshall, West, Craig, Wilson, ncone, Fry, Murphy, Day, Carr, Sheets, Mahan, Rizzio, Palermo, Trigon, Drake, Jennings, Triance, Hatch lcoachl. Page I57 GULF The coachless 'rrap sho+ exper+s and slice specialisfs, plus Berg and his bogey ha+, four+een boys in all, have found I'he going a Il'r+Ie r-r-rough.. Wlfh Iwo Monrovia mee'rs under I'heir beI'rs, I'hey are looking for be-Her days as 'rhe book goes fo press. There are s'nII Mark Keppel, Whi'r'rier, and possibly Mon+ebeIIo 'ro be considered. IEHHIS JAKE. I was supposed fo see Ed Dill in 'rhe boiler room. Guess l'll walk down +ha+ way. fS+ops by fennis cour+s.:I There's Coach Whifham. COACH WHITHAM. Hi, Jake! JAKE. How's I'he fennis feam? COACH W. You know, I would never have 'rhoughf anyone in California could claim +ha+ rainy days held up anyfhing, buf I'haI"s whaf has happened 'Io us. Here if is, Ihe middle of April, and we were able Io ge+ in only abouf Iwo or fhree ma+ches before league play s+ar+ed. JAKE. The IiH'Ie fellow over fhere is playing preH'y good Iennis. COACH W. Yeh., and he's only a sophomore. fIn'rerrupI'ed.iI Excuse me. Now, Angie, you play rhe winner of +ha+ march on Thursday and Ihen .... JAKE. So i'r goes. BHSEBHII JAKE. There's one fhing I don'+ like abou+ +he hours I have 'ro work. Never ge+ a chance +o see Ihe kids play baseball. ThaI"s a game I enioyg played if when I was a kid. Maybe 'rhey'II gel some Iighfs and play a'r nighf. A lol' more of us fiends could gef in on if +ha+ way. Have you ever wondered whaf goes on in praclice? Le+'s look in. MR. HATCH. Plamondon, I'm felling you and Hollinger I'ha'r you'd beHer gel a move on or you'II be calching for I'he Jayvees. My boy Cos is ou+hus+Iing you. He moves around. MR. PATRICK. And, Jack, you're playing baseball, nor roundball. In +his game you work from +he ground up. MR. H. Wonder wha'r Seymour was Ihinking aboul' when he missed +ha+ fly +he ofher day, righl' in 'Ihe middle of Ihe game. MR. P. Yeh, Jo ce-r+ainIy keeps +ha'r guy's mind off baseball. He's go+ s'rars in his eyes. GOFF. Who has Io ride wifh Coach Pa+rick fomorrow? WESTLUND. You do. Tha+'s your punishmenr for muffing fhar easy one 'rhe o+her day. JAKE. Thar will give you an idea abouf fhe imporranl' ma++ers under discussion. From wha+ I hear 'rhe kids could go places +his season. They've shown flashes of real class. GIIIIS SPIIIIIS I JAKE. You know, lhe olher day I saw a preHy funny sighl'-girl wilh lhe biggesl, d.arkesl', iuiciesf looking shiner l'here has been in many a moon. Asked her how she gol il bul didn'l gel' an answer. I lhink +ha+'s +he one coming down 'rhe hall. fHe se'rs down a lrash can and begins 'lo 'ralk +0 lhe girl.iI GIRL. Yes, I gol +his shiner in a differenl way. Miss Reeves, 'rhe G. A. A. adviser was helping us +o learn +e-nnis .... JAKE. Don'l' lell me 'lhal sweel, genlle IiHle lacly has such a cruel hearl as Ihall GIRL. No, No! Some girl socked meg we sorl of disagreed on 'rhe score. Anyway, fhis was in +he G. A. A. Tha+'s some club if you like baskelball, soilball, lennis, bowling, horseback riding, baclminlon, or a number of o'rher spor+s I could name, We always have a few inferschool playclaysg gels +he girls ou+ of cI6SS. if h0+I1ing else. Yes, we do have quile a lime. JAKE. When do you meel? Every nighl? GIRL. Well, +he diffeffrenf sporfs are played al diffe-ren+ +imes. such as bowling on Mondays. baske+baII on Tuesdays. and so on. I have lo scamper along now. We have a lillle praCIlCe +0 do IOP OUI' HGXI playoff- S0 IONQ. Jake- JAKE. So long. IHe picks up his ralher Iarge colleclion of odd appearing malerials and moves off again, Irhinking of lhe days when The members of lhe fairer sex were chiefly concerned fhal' e-veryone should lhink of lhem as shrinking violelsj A black eye yel'. And all over a 'rennis score. Page I59 A 7' W 44 ,Q',,fP c ff H ' W4 f QW f f ,ww WWW fav - 0 if PG ,f ,Q v f X ., , 4 ' 2 U,-x.,.f '-I 'N ff Vx ff' ' V +V-Nf-fwj,-mf.. 1-1"""'-J X Riff-f QW X2 511 Sf X95 qN?sQ M. - J-+""xx,1'JxvJ"JRA"ji-.J-fvfbXxJ"Jj -fr lan I 5 Q5-5-5: L. 3 Q Am X W Q G 7 -- f 2 N! f ff -"firm 11 3 x '4 -J" ", 'jiiwffi'-11"5f,gy2jg W! if!! Q .x.ll"f4.,l!iifNXXw.x k!,!l,'Lf:qg w'ifQlUW11'l1 -3. .M4.fw LI -Lx-5552 0 'W"l!"'f "f'"QSMnfl,g1 1z ZMff.,, Us ?1lQW'.fK kk, J Ml .'.'TSw'7Q4 ''W'IVELw.'.mnmmunmn 'lf I-Jrmill' VwWwf'x'J O 'Af1g:MW?Zfff M '11"m ' nfW Q 0 HMlH1'i1llHlIfllramwmliuuim W PMM :11 g lllltlllnmwmnum N' 0 1 mmlllfllUlllglIIll1mmll Cf ,A X! p 1 X susoum AESXTABRA PASADENA EL MONTE QQQW Q QQNQ HocvesT.'II I HARRY ANDVTHE DIANE 5m-e P.0l"'Ip 17-I 89,875 xmas. nmhxk I . 'A ,f I 1 f I BOUTONNIERE CORSAGE BOUOUET IT S RIGHT IF IT COMES FROM F- l -1 "ll . a as 5. t i sq 3- :II .1 A N W J -' I ' H I I 1' I 1 Q 6 C I X I I I ' 1 5 C - ' I j L K ., I I . 5 I 1 I.. K I 1 ,, ,sf , EO f 15 Q . I , 3' ' I, Li V V 9 K F , AN 4 1 , - V, ,, , Q . 1 5 , .l 1 , .his . Q- I. x - my L... 4-E if NIIJIZ " - , ' A Q -- -A , S I :ef :rw - ' I if 57 ' 4 1 I , 115.2591 , 9' 1 ima I ,I .:7'5'kJ I f ' ' 5.3-CEE' i iff? . "' , ' F Q IW- , up -'-I ,-5-' ' ., -' Qi- ' . f " I s "' - 4. - -. "' " l -r LL -I V - I ' C I ..., mc" I 'If Q ' 'J' VY ,,... " T- Qin I f H K c 3 , al J I , ,. , Q 4,5 . 5 -I Q ' N ., I OR . ww , 0 I 'Zz-I ' I - T Wi' 74 , xv: ' "l'ull I 'Q 17.5. I I if : ' 'gun 8 ll ' . - 'Q x L xk "" I 'S fyc"w:,,,v 'QQ' w O SUZANNE'S OUR HEARTY BEST wlsl-les , , "9 E' LAS WAS DR' 'Sl San GabrleI, CBIIT. AT. 2-3769 Home of from BARBIZON LINGERIE 8: LANAMERE SWEATERS an 4 ld, Cour+esy of CLASSIC BEAUTY SALON IIOI E. Main S+. Alhambra, Calif. , MUSICALLY YOURS TempIe Clfy PED RIN VS COSMETICS - PRESCRIPTIONS 230 W. Main S+. Alhambra Page I62 .....,.,,,.,,. "ou L ---IN Ig MARK p-11 TAiDY 1 .5 'S' ALKZD VI I ff? t .- ' 1321 10 C MSS-- IIY ly H IN . '-if , 5, I . I X -I , D -R- : A 'I J I If i ,, 'I W A X f lgivi J Q L..f . Vip V ' ' 07- r N 'L " gs " I ' ' ' 1 0 I I, I f 1 - J L . Qi A. R. DANKWCDRTI-I, INC Los Angeles I7 San Francisco 8 I4I4 Wesl' Seven+I1 S+. 1 I l26 POSI Sffeef Commencement Invitations ' qc? Q Correecttpersonal Cards L if Club Pins - Medals Q, kg 'fr "HIM CI 42' Li if amous er - ones ess ings . qc Iii, 14- g X5 Crrcumstances are beyond the control of man, but his conduct is in his own power.-fDismeli I 'Il J I M u ff ALHAMBRA ' .E AW TEMPLE CITY I T A ofw :OMF we we I I fnkevygsrgo-vnvlii "" Sr-4oKE S - be lzzifzzarim 250.1-mnnemn V Q I U I - 1 ll. 5 Skate at the 2 gfoziafa in San Gabriel The VaIIey's Newesf and ' CORSAGES Mosl' Beauiiful Roller Rink O WEDDINGS ' I FUNERAL DESIGNS , Special Rafes For X' Churqlwes, Schools, OrganizaTions AT' 2'56I6 ff I Q nd P,-iyafe Grouas 506 E. Las Tunas Dr. I E ..,x J ' '. I ,I I -A THE FRIENDLY STORE X xx Q Q QT ,' . TRD r " I ' o I ,Vx Q I . .I A 9 'EX' . 36 WEST MAIN STREET X ' ATLANTIC 9-5275 'W I I , X NSTOP IN ON YOUR WAY FROM SCHOOL I IMI Q5 WL Tile! S3 'ur HMMM- rRlED TO TAKE THE :ao-DAY 'QW We ' Q 3 C " D I rr T 5 Q 0 I ' ' I W' :JN gg 4 Milli fo .pau ,LIL I I' L' 'W' 'W 0 TE " X CC L jx." ITJ T me - Sawlw. .:1 Q.g-Il ', . Drive-Ih Cafes F-iff' pw. I. N eampan 1' ft' ,. ,Lrg -K:p.'. " I" ' xv If .' T if In I T' 1.4 N I J W I ' F III . 1- T' I L 1' II as 40 N. Garfield AII1ambra TEMPLE CITY ALHAMBRA AT 2-3I23 VALLEY NATIONAL BANK OF ALHAMBRA 'Xa In eres Paid on Savin s De osi s ' . 2 +Two+Convenien'r Ogces I S+. N'n+25Zn3v.V3I'uTIyOaTlT TO THE BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 5' GRADS OF '5I JlMMIE'S SERVICE STATION San Gabriel, Calif. Invisible Soling slxpiy PoIisI1 - Laces H05 Arch Suppor+s ERVICE W'ofak""1 SAM'S SNAPPY SHOE SERVICE 224 W. Main AT. 4-4098 J. C. Penney Co. 323 E. Main S+. AII1ambra Page I65 f JREQC P 'fflfizsilifgifzg A A jjgzggff W X If f Swsiyiwff wfM21AwAY2IID L-ff:-I 4 W X -GCT oma tx 35. - I XM X NX XX N !3,Z?+1iNc.I! 0 7 I . ' E Vf4 fJmI'NZsag S Q fi S1 o 7 ysfmx CS, f Z f V27 QV"'T0'0- :Cf BEWl.EY-ALl.EN Co. Em "mv CADILLAC - PONTIAC '9'GmEe+"9 80I EAST MAIN STREET ALHAMBRA, CALIFORNIA COURTESY OF Qualify L. C. Anderson and Service Proprie+or ICE CREAM - SHERBETS SODAS and SUNDAES Jaya! APPAREL IOI E. MAIN ST. ALHAMBRA MALTS SHAKES Zmefzeaa MEN'S WEAR feafuring VAN HEUSEN SHIRTS AND INTERWOVEN SOX Phone 4I5 W. Las Tunas San Gabriel, Calif. AT. 9-I423 7 1 ICLDI Wwfnf lkfk ' fi..1' -,Um ..-'x '- li ffm? I' FI-33 fjv- P ii f wi - I -W5 41 ,, 7 i 7 ' : f- if f k .. I f JI --ju 4 X I IT ,,., A 'Z wr l ' A w, T f K j- JMA5 -mee 'E QJ ,' ' WAS TREE 0 ' Lane YOU MADE ITL.. 'f3f1f'4 if ' H I5 I -f f' 6 1 ' C1 ' M f 5 ,E 1,-iwigmfu czfzom ass of 51 PP ...1fl"vp,f,',,i,1..'f!i' Hlflj 'V --H It . A N M. J V.fYl'Jil4!4ff!.j, A it-iii I I H,,, ','fgsff'dJ vflil 'I M FOR MEN IND BUYS 2I0 E. MAIN STREET '7!ze 14 awnieaa FRANK M. HEBBLETHWAITE Furs of Distinction 329 W. Main SI. IOpposi+e Alhambra High SchooII AT. 2,5409 COMPLIMENTS OF W. T. GRANT CO. 20l E. MAIN STREET ALHAMBRA BICYCLES MODELS ENGINES HAND TOOLS ALHAMBRA WHEEL and HOBBY SHOP ENGLISH MOTORCYCLES - MUSTANGS MODEL SUPPLIES I4 S. THIRD STREET ALHAMBRA AT. 4-7475 Page I67 VHOWLONG VT-lMM...lFl HELLO,.Joe,f...TGUE"5S I WE Eggggggqrf 2S"T4!-?f3?2'TT: +3'Q2I.E'E5 QQ DI Dm- HTT -me 5 o 1 1? YO? RlGl-'lT'- oo 0 els N nl' WEEIELS 1 TQTG H? V ,, ASX? RTGHT. 6 ? T" "Jw 7--.-j,':, 4' Tl T' gg Q W 4' lllm o if ' G f R Bmw -S ' - X f -- 4 ,HU ' ff I' Q sa I Z ll W " 4' -, ' .fr 1 . - Congraiulafiong ' l g and n :Y 't cllfl gl: ' A I n E G d F + - V L I E - , TEL Q4 1 -azz!-4 I, 1- I Class of '5l " -'2, Bes1L::Nishefs :she ass O 125 E. Main Sf. N Alhambra I ME 'S B T' Toe S Shoe Slf1Op DEPARTMENT STORE 409 W. Main Across from Library Alhambra FLORSHEIM, DOUGLAS. ENDICOTT JOHNSON SHOES ARTISTS' SUPPLIES- DRAFTING MATERIAL Alhambra Blue Prlnt Co. I7 N. Firsf Sfreef AT 22238 Alhambra, Calif. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF l95l Have you used your L41 fffiamfzde 76ae4z! feeaelfzq Sine f , ' 1 S2.00 Free Purchase Cer+ifica+e? l - ' T1 , , , up lla' l ji S Sfoneman and Main AT 4-0484 Alhambra, Calif. 4 NEA " gwcaier' -Ibis Fon A I A 1, nic- ni Q-ffm rnyTl2ffermo.n .,.::n:...... ff WH IIN' "' ,ah .nu nm ,f H7 gnaugllis' We A I I' 5 ' ' 7 5 ,, qfzter-noon I J I 9 'M X X DAY il Tc Ti If :"g?I3H5?fQEll' " 'I 1 ' ' Mn ijffil . ii ...I 'n A av ' 4 lg, I yi H Q I , 9 '76 ' L..- --! N - 4 mlwcf. I I wzasgii' The Alhambra CAMERA SHCDP I27 W. Main S+. Alhambra THE LEADING CAMERA SHOP IN THE VALLEY F. M. Siern AT. 2-6365 Pasadena QQJUW U1 OIHQ sy to wedr C+ VCV dm ": T ' SZ onihf lqk TYPEWRITERS L ADDING MACHINES Sfudenls of Alhambra - We caler +o your' needs Drop in +0 see us J. A. FREEMAN 81 CO. 238 Wesl' Main S+. Alhambra, Calif. R. H. Pheiffer, Mgr. AT. 2-SI63 es! 969305 One more year of memories bound by your annual . . . and One more pleasanl' year of being of service +0 you. 42l Eas+ Main S+., Alhambra , if 7 ' I-X! ' oh,w.lI,wv1 . td 5, Q' sues? 5 I ll.!llll'I X 1 - - , , Illfflf ,- fl' 'H - . .- ll U K ' . - . U , ' t . 1 we ll . . v','.. ' . 'I '.il-3 Q ai' it - 'T 'l'I'la' I .11 I I ' I I - . ,. --, xs , ', . i. . , fv. 1' 0 UC S ltfhr f ,fills . . A ' - .- . -I. I " :fl l' -1 I il I T' ' 61- A ll Al . I I I I lu. g' ll rfe .- 'll an ' P31 - ,Jw 45" I sa-I ' 123 -122' ...A Il.. ,1 ' ,. .4 ' -- ..,... - V. 9 N 'i ly is . 9 7 7 rl I 50h 1 I r FOI' Q "' Q If A I ff rn J 1,71 Il.J?l Q I -- If HQ- ' 7' - I ll . , I ll - 0 jg f l I - II Lass '75 I I :::::5: I ,, 5' nl R F H LIL' I 6 I I ! I1 Ili I I I . 5 --I fbngrafulzhbns Class ol 'IST 7fze qw Temple Ci+y Page I69 -vm... Au21cf1-rr nvufyrsoov KLED ll F8170 I f 93 gf W ' VD SLTTCTK A LITTLE Tuma Mouw sum- P55 'LL 5 IP Youvms PEN SWE' 'Y 1 , H morn sruov oz TTT ' DON'T LET sa WADE 'U'-L5 OUT W' HISTORY EXAM FFBMSHQWST THE exAu-as Begun HIM El IT CHEAT NOTES A S4-APE XIJAY TO CNEAT ON IT ll g lY ,AY Y Z qfp 1 Q .-' A ta? n D '37 1 O 1 ' I r ' f .1 Vx 6 102135 k I if 1 'FP 111, ' U' 1 xlmu fx' ' 1 as -X f -X 1 MEET and EAT af CZQDQZ ps FOUNTAIN LUNCHJAZOND SUNDRIES Kaau' Z ea' Courfesy of 136 w. Main sr. AT. 1-4433 ' H E. Main St Alhambra A o e Class of 51 CONGR TULATIONS T Th ' BEST WISHES FOR THE COMING YEARS I , I I wafz s eaffzes vzcucf 395+ Wishes Class of '51 HARDWARE 81 HOUSEWARES Hand Tools Franciscan Ware Atlas Power Tools Revere Ware Garden Tools Ka-Bar Cutlery HOSTETLER HARDWARE CO. 325 We5+ Mem 126 w. Main We give Z.-QL' Green sramps Ar. 1-5650 ww G PW f A Any Gurl Wall Have HER A . , - DAR Hors cHzs1 , f In a CE , 1 .. h ' ' ' f-ins . A ' T 32'f.f1?'bsu2Z1ff5 1 A A 1 W V ,,.q. lowly Jacque mm-f x I, , 'T" 1 s X -" -A "" 1.1 .... 7 "iii V'--" 11" 'Y "" , .'.'.'. 1,5..l111112.:L2V1-:gs1:12:1111212112252252155519192295255aEs2e2t'1. 1','.'T' xox , 4 ,V f'y?.,p:' '.',o?'- pf- ,. b --f, .. -4V4?Z'1g "'N'3?i:-2-0,52-z21'f-1Q2 3:22 iz" .-,1:,z-1 . 1.4iI:1:EfE:2E5E5'5533:5E5E5E5E:"5Ef?I?fE5?25E?EQQEEE3'5E?E5EEfE5E55: 6, 5 ' '- v ff, 421. 1 f-""5":"-: .5224 " .fE5E1fIV -'35 51123355 235' 15' :iff 75:1 Q " --. ' I over 31 years of Home furnishing in Alhambra 'iSrf:?1f'Y2r1r- "'1'.,jf:f:2l'i.,.g'---.if'g1FE:'?I:Z5E1E-C" E 115532 : z'- .-.JI 5 115 77, "2:1:1r1'1" "T lff. .A-1'-"" ' . '-:-:':-:-:-'- -,5:5'3:5:f:-. gl. .f-. ' - -I ' 4: 4 - ' ' 43-45 E. Mann S+. Alhambra ' U TD ' FEM: """" "U" ll' ,,..y w f' I woyqpgq WAIQEQER HQ 'Row LONG is THIS DEALTI AH: "' 1'v'1:5.- JQSK L, I' LISTED mcse cnvn. QC-AN'T GET IT emu lN.' A el . " 9 5056 WAI? Dmas? gt of -f' " E J 'ff ' v . ' IP. G ' vlfi ',' .-irq Q D-- ,J AE? 3 om CRQX 'E , 3 f F C s ? I Q D - ga I. . W ,. AM HQ. ' 6 Q hzvprgs qv 'qs 2' I ff , 1 0 " - K I X3 I' , I I 11f"" .: - f ,-f" . J , 64, 'T -1? n,1. ',.lla. A 5 I Q i- I ?f ' i -' L A' ' ' Ir GENUINE Spaghetti OTFHZEFSSQES COOKIE'S Italian-American Resfaur 1' 433 W. Main S+. 112 WEST MAIN Alhambra, Calif. Phone AT. 2-I240 PIANOS I SALES 0 SERVICE I RENTAL CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I95I GOULD MUSIC COMPANY The House of Fine Pianos and Elecfric Organs 227 WEST MAIN ST. AT.'I-3810 Congra'IuIa+Ions Class of '5I gmwldh gcmez S404 MATERNITY APPAREL - LINGERIE - ACCESSORIES AT 2-5382 AIham bra l02 Wesi' Main SI're'eI' I I I'IoIIywood CIoIhes I Bo+any "500" Sui+s I Ca'raIina Swim Wear O IvIanhaI"Ian Shirfs O "Skipper" Tee ShirIs O Phoenix Hose Two S+ores To Serve You In A FriencIIY Fashion -LIIT 14? e-I--' fi--fi! I TEMPLE CITY ALHAMBRA 9575 E. Las Tunas 44 E. Main SIreeI' 1. COQNERED DOKULI BY THE KLIATE-F2 FRONT bi! FARMSMORTHW CM' 'T WIIOZI 'Tx www SHNOZ LUE CBOT THo5E , ,gg GETS Ao HIGHJACKEITS I N HOT up BOYOBOY- II I ma HE DoN'T x UUAIT FOR f A3 rwveouv ffe 6, 3 f7 Beal of .fuck a Zine of '51 A7 THE ONLY EXCLUSIVE STORE FOR B OYS IN SAN GABRIEL VALLEY NATIONAL BRANDS Las Tunas a+ Temple Ci+y BIvd. .Y Temple Cify M444 of 57 OUR BEST WISHES TO YOU FOR A SUCCESSFUL awmadaaww FUTURE V , FROM THE Fox WEST coAsT VT"' E L R E Y 'om Q I I',.1.- f 333 W. Main Sf. Wm. F. Hertz I Alhambra Manager TempIe CIIY AT' 6-748I I 9556 Easf Las Tunas Drive Page l72 ARTISANS +I1 ihe Hnesi' e g aving skill D s g ers wifh a record of BCI1 + + d P In na ion-wi e. recision m y-'rhe besf ob+ainabIe. Le d year book engraving I I a cen'rury. PACEMAKERS IN THE YEAR BOOK FIELD V LOS ANGELES ENGRAVING COMPANY 4I8 EAST PICO BLVD LGS ANGELES I5. RIQSIS6 Page I73 I ooR sHNozolcK mess we suouwrx LD HIM ABOUT BABYPAQE WC-NRK we ' Q5 L' x , 'Q U R' I ' l A QL. ' Q 3,539 is R I SY- y , I QL. IN . N S ' J ,DANCE cmss s ., mnnxrm 4 I " . 'Q fgeufmalf I i i b . 152 hz agfyk Aww 152 mf! Quasar! KW 4550! zz! 77 l'l1EFl'5 UJEFIFI STDRE5 Mzfiany Jaya agfuzffbs Official Phofographer for ihe I95I Alhambran THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPH ER i' PORTRAITS FOR EVERY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY ci f if E, Z 3, 7 1 cfo Z 5,3225 W in CITRUGRAPH PRINTING EU. V pllfdlfvld of 746 ffliamlzaa A 113 E, Stare S REDLANDS, CALIF I CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '5l H. E. WELLMAN jewelea ENGAGEMENT - WEDDING RINGS .feadwg lm of Wakdea cmd Scilomwcne AT 2-6801 28 E MAIN ST. f' AX-if i F Ven cn'.7Tf WV "ii E 'Hm Isee ou 'W Q SSW' I :i'i'fvLi32i'3Q'Ew I I 7?f3I2"ffi SAW bi-'oii wwbem lack N Library c boar? W ++mq I My One! Libra ' on .Q-r,ne,f It I ,cel lgio wi 'Q T Mak '--- 00 ,wfflfffm yn- - -W2 I fi T T fi fwei -af UP ConFusicnfed , i" T T SIX I , A I C n- A DAYS .' T F A 'ix 'Lv 0 D56 k lg V Y Yi ii Q J L i V N Lcrj N J, Iifll .., it . Declica tecl to Malczing FINE COVERS fb:- FINE IBOOKS THE S. K. SMITH CO. WEST COAST PLANT 5260 Wes? I04II'i S+reeI LOS AHQGIGS 45. CGIII- A Wy J an ld d I K ff 9 D g g C I1 1' g Disfincfive Home Furnishings BY L Hy R 9 M k 9 A-:xx Needlep 1' I , 'ii I H e A A , T -' f X C PY .fsffy 4 Fyafzn Uenfefz fine -' T KTF HT X B a 7021! I X I WI 'I-L11 L . ' iff, ATIanhc 4-4595 6 Norfh Garfield Avenue MAIN AT FIFTH ALHAMBRA Alhambra' Cam. Iacross 'rhe sfreef from Ihe L'b yi CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '5I Urner, Stevens 84 Urner Main a+ Almansor I I , Li++le Sfone Church IFWIX L 1 I 1, FKJUVTM-'X ff' XII, 11, X it i i cl Q7 'Th it li ol""zA libili II i To i il Von? C?f7+S I Angry Mgr-ou :gli i umm wanjio each, 'CQ'-156 I ' 9 SO,,,etif,:,,3j bfous bf -mem "" back one Olcy ' '7' -back 4 day A haf-:Q-3 The-yygigey I 0 Soir-lyf 3 fu O ft lf , J f Oo I x J.,-XkllitBN I 3 I I I I X' Acro i it I i t- N7 Nl f i II- I as ii Y ,MII JL IiJ-...1-s-eL- Congratulations and Best Wishes to the ll West Main St. 3I7 West Valley Blvd. Class Ol l5l Alhambra El Monte Be assured of style and toot comfort Select from the best of nationally lcnown MAXIMES features shoe brands the largest selection of yardage in Alhambra E I5 and El Monte. L' BETTER 27E.MAlN ST.Al.HAMBRA OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS 'TIL 9 See You After Sixth Period Across The Street ot , imll' C W M2 fr ft' PRESCRIPTIONS COSMETICS DRUGS Page I77 J' I lv.:1'1U11. warp . Jxuraiv Coco 5, xlff 73 Us I N f . S I 'SJLQII S , i. A 9 I I '- ml 'K K I AMT .A 2 .,, I' I '. I I ' -' 0 q.I. 0 1 43 7111166 . IJQCOSOGI I OR S' SN in IIIQII. I I H F z ' I I ' S X F' -S 1 I , A' S' S ' I I x If I I 1 3 , 77 - I I f' , ga A - . 5 " -21 WIFI I . 5- 14 x gk , 1l.'F:.:' 5 V V Y , L gl , .. Y , 1 T Q T TUBY HEEB failing D ' 5 S , . amd an SURGICAL SUPPLIES -DRUGS AND CHEMICALS 0095 I ik DISTRIBUTORS FOR wilson -- 'Uoif -- gfnaulaing 24 SOUTH GARFIELD AVENUE CUMBERLAND 3 2776 AT. ALHAMBRA CALIFORNIA ATLANTIC 4 322I I I0 WEST MAIN STREET ,- 'I' ,. . - I , 0 - J? 1 U ' , V, . G0Vl97ZC2tUlGtl0VlS I ' - " 'I 2I68 H I g+ D San M 9b3I E. La T Dr., Temple C fy ALWAYS i 30 Wesf Main SI'ree'I, Alhambra I PTBQYD I78T I T I .1 , -1..-,W -f...,.i,-E, f C A ,,. T ..r j l gurl Pom Q ll l ff T ' 5 2? 'L 6 f 9' f P X K 6 J ff' W p Z A V A W l- I fr X69 Ln-f 0 A T. . N , 4. Y . sl 1 rr .-Y-. ,M f ,L f ge 935442 X Ss' New 0 T A+" . I li -, Y : glam 9 :I 4-f .rv , . T l' ' T3 52 'A T 4 l 1 ll' ll 7 J I - ' l ,gllq 2 ' T-:T l , ,H ' ' , H 4 ,H G ' V l ,, ....,,,, -..., ...,, m.g.,,-,,,..q,.,,: V -325, A BURCH HOLTZMAN , A 'T 1 p -- ' ' T ' I .T ' From Beginners lo Professionals ' s H 0 E S TEACHING STAFF: Baller Masrer , , o ,, , ,,,,,oooo, Nicolas Tarnowslcy NATIONALLY KNOWN BRANDS Manager and Choreographer s,so,,,, o so sAoooA,, o,,,ooo B urch Hol'rzman Direclor of Children's Deparlmenl, ,,,...,,..,, Dorolhy Miescer FOR EAEN' AND CHILDREN Tap, Acroba+ic, Adagio ,,,7,.,,,,,,oo,,,, ,.o....,AA.., A lan Currier '20 E. Main S+. A Y! L W' . Alhambra Ballroom ,oooooo ,, , , T T, ,,,,, s,.ao ,r,,Burcl'1 Hollfzman l38 W. MAIN ST. AT 4-I996 GUR CONGRATULATIONS -I-O -I-HE l'l.l. MEET YGU CLASS or 'sn af ..f1,L'c. EM. HAMM I' ZZ Eg Sewel Gad ffefaiqeaalafzd 425 Wes+ Main AT 2-2I5I . QRANGEJULIUS ' ' ' C HAMBURGERS 0 SHOESTRINGS Main al' Alhambra Gafneld Calif. Page I79 Z J, ,E PHOTOGRAPHY 3459 Ocean View Blvd. 0 Glendale 8. California 3459 Ocean View Blvd. CHURCHILL 9:1032 HOME OF CHUBBY THE CHAMP . ' " THE . -.ff-1 r - Q I R A an , L0 CK fl!! A ' . "MW BROILER fa ,. ' X X ulnimwfk ,, .:Il'lf Ns jj j COMPLETE CAR SERVICE iii . TRY OUR TASTY LUNCHEONS AND DINNERS l 5 '5 X g I 5 X x -4,4 ' "TWlCE As' le-'- "TWICE AS GOOD" Aflanfic af Imperial Valley Blvd. al Garfield Las Tunas al' Rosemead 5 Pasadena Ave. Lynwood Alhambra Temple Cify Soulh Pasadena JACK CANNICOTT, Los Angeles Engraving Co. ir BILL RETCHIN, The S. K. Smilh Co. Q DICK CAUDLE,Ci+rograph if TONY LOYA, Anlhony Loya Sludios f WES HILL, Alhambra High School Pholography Dep'l'. ak ROGER ALEXANDER ERMA HAMIL 1 and lhe MERCHANTS OF ALHAMBRA WHOSE ADVERTIZING HELPS TO MAKE POSSIBLE THE PUBLICATION OF THIS BOOK -' Qy Qig if'i?Xg E M MVR? 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