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X 'XSQ -'X 1' g. - '-iw U, ":f4'vi7-s' w-.11.3f51"' 1 L4 Q- Li J s - 1 EDITOR IN CHIEF 'JACKIE HARRIS' ' BUSINESS ' DOROTHY HLEINRNECHT f PHOTUGHAPHYUOE GUZZETTNPATTY COTTON - Am- mem CASLEH- UMR- Pffscv JALLAND , W-I' .ap In our lubllee Year our thoughts turn to those persevermg crtrzens of Alhambra whose foresight and untmng efforts made posslble the school we know and love to those faculty members and ad mmrstrators who have helped our school to grow to Its present preemment posltlon and to all those students who have added to the glory of Alhambra Hugh School through academic and athletlc achlevement It rs to these people that we dedicate our 1948 ALHAMBRAN 1 lhlll ILJLKE. lea, f' qggii mhbiff' X I f K 0: f Ali! A "" ,P I 7 X . X QI .--- , IP- :za " 'I -V Y 1 p F- - ' W :4 fn K 3" -- 4- , '5,m fiff x f' LI. ,,,. 'ff Z , 4 , M ..-...-,,..,,.........h.y,,.. ,,,,...-.. .--. ... . -,- ,-.. -W . A ',,, ' ,......-v-1-Q--o-A -vw-'ff-1"-'f , . W A . ..,...,.., ,........,...................... '?.'f?7f.'f""g x"..,.-f.. - ,W V Y 4- -,. ,. V ...V . A .......-. ., ,..,,. , ,. .Ja 4..A.1. 1...-.. ,..., .":f7Z.'...-,.,...-., . -A Nw- ,- Q ... ui' tu 1 1 3 'il Wg ' ,Y , Q K If , , wr- . ,Q A' ' 11535 . H'-.':'is.' -44':'xf , Lx, 'dam . .,. M ,, , ,N 1, ,,,,,,,,,, , , ..,..,,..--.w- -Wu..-W-W.-Af V f.--.,, "i1pa.,,,, f--Q:-' f ff-W A " '1"""-- 'A' 4 ' 'V 'A ' 'V -f ' ' s , , , . f,,. Ii ff, v- '-xr, 'W' AN' ' 5,.Q,Q', N., .. , e f, ...awww- Xff-N! ga, 'Q M11 U-f-fray--nfs , 'liar-Q14 'QM' -gwsuiff-'ff :ggi ,M-nwnfsw .q, , 1 ' 'fi-13 ii.-Ll3"3-1v""'i-Iliff-.. ,l,,L V ,,,., ,V .,..,,,.,9. ,.. ,,. ,. 14... 4- , W P 'Mp-cu salts, 3'-:: . 1 ,Q , Q 2 vi 'f Y G rf. 5 G WX 123 , . :Ili ill! X N, i s 'PQ s , ,fa im ,. K' , . 4. QS- -- -. . , w Af ,za X 3 Km 3 x ., 'V 1 1 rt , ug p,',:1+S1jQ!h,-L, 51s. I .:s.,-ww -,,-1 my . -1 .W E 5 4.0 A .WS ' . 6' F .- AA 'I - --' ffl... by-X YQ- R . ff ,, P 1:2-il , .!..-- . --:ggQ,.,'L " 9 -T - - Q' , s .'. ,v-af-7? ggi F ' ,.y.Q:.M'5,-Qgfhiqf - - gf? RW. . . , , . '-p5!'f-+1- '?',- A. -M.. ff , 0 ' it ka 4 ' -2915 'v A-v Q ,4 ,ju , , ,-. . -,-in - , . -- ,I - 'k':,.-1 Af.-J.,-1' 'L X Q 1. , , , ,.y. , , V. ' ' Q '. L"-tn S' 'L, U-, '6'.::. 154, Q ' K , , xv, 1 is-fb .-gray. A Y-o ,.,:-ff . .r -ig" .' ' A .,. , V,"-A ,v ,. .s .,. 5, , x 0 v Q , ' , - -.V2gQ42-A 2-,- ,, .U -W1-1-. , " -- p ,-.---4-- .5 'yghg 1 , A "..x .iq gf. 3,455 - .":s"!.'::. :sl jxryfv.. ,. - ..- ,sn '+ -t 5 , I, Q .gy . . wh. ' . Yr . . 1 F D K' v I 5 -Q-tw .ff ix. L , ftvglgnz . X - N K V s 0 f x N54 - , -Q ' geg, 'C . 34 . sms "-:A 2 if' 1 ' ' " -T " 1 f 1'2'-3-'f1V7?F'53'iiQTg f Q ' 'ig' ' 2? ' X 'a ' 1'1"" "'fl1'h"mQ- if '.ii3FuN'A.,fa' - -L V .Q . '-.y , ' 1 1. --Q vp, . ' "', Q. qv L ,5 . iq, " . yas.-'x .ht .it-s. KFQSI-'y ' I "". ,uhh ' -- ' " - m"x-iff.-Q MM. 5 . . .V I .i I 1 ,Q Wogv.: ix. li .3 , , ,.: 4 ,,x.,-1,L.-BL.. . ,.. 3: , ,,- a. . 4 4441,-A,-jf, -3 V- Q ' 'ff 'al' gif?-3 gp, '-4-3 - "2 n- s ' vi", -ii+?.:H 4141-3 . t . " 'fm . aw'-.Nw ' 'H- ' 3. . Q 4, Q..- Y., v '- . N, K . f th' nl . 4' X Q l ,Rv . s 1 . N ...Q .+ 'E ' ., , ,. ' ,ff ', i"l3f3"N: 11- , ' Z1 ' , Q x .X my Q 4 ,JH 1 ' v . , V , 1, ,Q by wil X"""fx. -.g Xxx .NM .gk g is . .15 is --.. 'QQ -sw . Q,-1 . , 1 . 1 : an -1 mba, gm .I 75' ' -X "Pm, ' vw f X ,QQ . fr Q28 ' . '34 '1 - '92-'H 'Jllgu H-'ELI my A -" mm A . -- .-c - -XW99' 4 .., -fw:'f-"-.iIf'4.A'- '-'.vrxll7.1"- '--evf'I'5 W3 ,If , I vw- 4 . .. 'I I7'pQ.'.Q'!fx, Z' 31 gf I , . j'.5"i'f"-. ri! 5?- "' ' gli? E' , af' 53'-. '2--'Ac-1: 1 fs -gf pjr-iff 6,-K N "' II N?-AD.. v X ' . I , Nkfffwq 4 4' N1-jg' 'S 41+ 'v-Q WW :H E .' .4 '5 ' 1.5. 461 . .IQ -, L I " ' .' f.f-M-- . I . Ll ', 'f' . g'Tff'FU!-'UW 4 1 . fa f-ies? A., ,Eff -1' ?ffTt?g.'. .:. I kg, Q K, T. q4II.I,,gI,,iIg4 .In 1 . . 5,3I:,I1- 4 13, ,'fS'f1'- 1.1 1',2?"1:.. fy? JV?-S ' '4 ' mv? J 'i'2"5g'QI.,5eIi' g':' ' I , .7 lj fi' .' wifi 5 - P: +1 'i f . '- M ' 1295351.16 44-in 1' f . K ' - ' . , ' ov - .,:-I.-gf ,fr 5 ,I - I I 4., - .Q -' - ,fu j' Q' ' . , , . N 4 4 4 . - f-.- ., 44' Q "r'- ' 4 it A'?l'f"9,I'Nk,5- . .-1 If " . I..-u , I I 4 .I 1 4 , s K ,WL 5 : X P I V 2 f 4 4 .X e ' f 4 , ,Taj , F, ,L S' - ff' V 4' ' , ' q y,'.r 4. 4 ..I2' , 5" "' ,I 'Hr ,, I I . GTC! ,Y ff' f :fl ,. . 4 . ,f 4 rf V . V A , Rf... 1 ,' ,u If ., . 4' Whit 1 '- - '72 5 ,.....-f nifbiil I Z., lf' A 5515? 1 swag' . '.,- , 1-1 0 ' 'wsLfz'xSf? A - I- Z " ., S' -Q 5,- ff?-54 4 -'T7TfT1X'7f C212 , xl In ,avszsimg X. "' fas,.f2f',q.i . ff? XR my V- , xx is . J 1 . . ,I .5 4. 4 . I A , I 4 I hr 17? , : fxf Im in U . Q , I . A I I :.Q,??,:- I ,LTL J. A fo XX Qu ' '-v f 'Ll 2 ' -1 5 1-- , ' Tl U' QW.. 1 2-'Igv-. l P 2 .WU f -v s ' Y- -fi.. fs 1 . ' " . - " - 5 Y I Q 4 I5 , , X ,W 1 4. 4 1 ' 1 4 .. . ,. , 'Q' 115' 'rx ,J 1 . If XXX. ,fl it lax S: ,4..,IIQ1v. A 1- , I I X X I, . f-,ivn , I Y, I 5. Q X - ,IA - -I. , 1' 1 X A 1 ' ' ' '-1, ' "1-fx-"4 ." l ' ' rl ' X x K N . f. I - 4 I ff, .5 A f-7 , If . . ,Lf A , I ,I.-AFD ,I ,b...,, I I I If , I . . . ,, Jn. 1 A ., -I .4 'I ,f- ,I sf -- f f-' '.. .. -..N,...V.. - NI , I ,gg ga 1. , . I , I-, , 44. I ,ps-44 - -I-3 ' s f z ,III I . I X. If 1 4 4 ,ur-I X1 I I 4 4 - - .-43 . f 4 v ' J" M 4 - N 'y - ., xi-1.',x4 1 . I ,I I .. l VI ha? I II. I, . ,IN .4 I I ' - AX -v-"J 17 . f I 4 , I .L N f v 'H-"M ' 4 , 'ff ', ' 411 I , ,W . -Q ' ' I ' I' ' 4 , -"-K - . -' ..' 'N -M-,M N '!"'- f-.x5x--,., .., x' --4 W--,"'-, " , :rg ff Ig I II ----M-.. - , ,- , ' .-v-- X ' I ' Y A W- -.A 0 ,f ,- X I- - - V. 4 . , I. 's -4 '- ' - . " 1 f 5 I , ! av a 4 E E I lx ' 1 img ?'Q?F"' iwiuavmw-" - 33 EKXL5, Ny!!! TE. -dilqiq 'kwa -1 pug - 1 3 - Gmini' J sf . 8, :- 6 I in ,. Q A - gm w S ,- ir lk! sf! .. . X .- ' .54 5-2, ,r r . 2 . lr . ,J ' 5 - .ffifg ig. ' x Ex .A -. 8 T f -fi'Ar'.f 0 111 L, W :Q 2 ' ,t. vkfhj xr ' V 5 . ' 1, j 'Y H Q: 3,5 'V ff-'L f .1 i ' H -R V 'fl Vi 'I .' V, - A , V V A A gg! 'M . 'f,' ff ,' f ' . Q 5 ' A Q19 , I! ,' ' f- '2 , X . 5 . ' N Q , .V A . . . . - . . A : 6 fd "'lv.- P X K X M " 1+ A ' ' r V , f ' " :'. f f ' - , ' ,. 2' ' 3 , tx' . . -ti l 5 A A . .. . A b A , . I I I Y-LQ 4' I ' . V I . ' ru N , "T" . 1' X s is r' X., --I fi A ' ' En, "X N I ' ' 0. ' . Gy X ZA gf , -1 5 .--, XX + x .A- K, ..-...fx g. f- ' N A u . V A Ffa? 5 Iwi , . x .' "- I. X - V A 1' .yy , iii' 'Oy in ,Itf t X K. 4' '75, S N, 'K ms? 5 'A -s . "l - , K A I . , X f ..',,,V Y if , 4' ,- , . ,s f'f'-aiiq-5. 'w.:w'i " 'Y ' f. 1 . w , . 4 I, , i2 .w,AQ5,,!j 5545 gli A A ,. ,,gg,Wj:g,g,,9. ,LM Cf. ,XY v f' anew ms..,'Lg",IQ 77- , ? A A Litiw-ix . . . Ju:- :i gi ,j-JW., 'f-1,5 N-gf 9 V- ,355-Qlzffx 'iv wgiiifqrf' I h mr- :fs M.: w :wp W. - 'YVFQ L if i 'Qi S Y me . .- , S 3. ,R 1259 ' i 'Z ag, Q QA ., 1, .ul . ' Qs.. W ,M QE i m.'fi?-A .i' Q93 ...f, . 'I , - Q: W? L2 1 ln 1 1 I . o .yi x O ox .-flimix jESk?' -Sri' a X- -c x 1- v 6 3 .:f- . K 1, ,f fa K . 3 x Sf ,.. ,:A, I Q Xa, Q. J S X , 4' f 'Q bf Q . E 1 , ik, gf 3? ' M ,Q gy' nr- FM Q fx I r f EN Sf Q 4 r K - X Q , 55' Y K . Q mm ,X' .. QV? 'ff'?',x . I- '-as Y iw ,M , H S f ,vw XX A . 3 r 51 ,ik 1? 9 Q 1 xr A 5 E - E Q 09' -ff a -.WS 1 F S K if 'ns ' ' fi X bs 1 PSM f . if wig + .Jr it 'Q J?" iz .NN 'K lk I lv ,mf'4'Q,A , 1 K 6, -w.-4. aNQ,ff9 ,img 'Q f' K ,Ji GQ' 'fine Maj Eating In The Patio In The Court Of The Moors . . . . . "RESOLVED: THAT WE QTHE CITIZENS OF ALHAMBRAJ PROCEED TO TAKE the necessary steps to form a high school district." At Adams Hall March ll, l898, this solemn resolution was made by a representative group of civic-minded Alhambra residents. Perhaps the large families of Mr. A. C. Weeks and Mr. L. B. DeCamp lseven children each? were reason enough to correct the problem of continuing education beyond the elementary level-the necessity of steam train travel to Los Angeles or the dobbin-and-shay trip to Pasadena in order to get more "Iarnin." Formal preliminary procedures completed, the problem of a name and location arose. Naturally "Alhambra High School" would be the school's name, but where would school be conducted? Now it seems that two vacant rooms at Garfield Elementary School were to be had for the asking. Storage space could be found else- where. Without too much fanfare Alhambra High School proudly announced that it was open for business, and some seventeen eager learners re- sponded. That was September of 1898, and the Board of Trustees ap- pointed Mr. A. C. Wheat assistant principal at the fabulous salary of S495 yearly! His teaching responsibilities were divided with one other teacher: his administrative duties were his own. The inadequacy of the first site became evident: and when the county superintendent visited the fast-growing city, he traveled wa-a-ay out Main Street to Atlantic, through deep dust, and im- mediately decided such a site was too far out. Eventually, in 1905, on Main Street between what was then Winsor and Cleveland Streets fThird and Fourth to youl, a new building was prcudly dedicated. Certain irate citizens believed it too large and declared that "it should be used as an asylum for the Board of Trustees." l But the Board had other ideas about the use of the building and the campus, and it wasn't long before such things as 4 girls' gym classes were started: black-stockinged, bloomer-suited pretties could be seen playing that rough game of basketball at about the present site of the student store. By l9ll thirty-three proud hopefuls were in the graduating class. It was about this time that Long Beach and Catalina were the ZS lucky "hosts" to the Easter Week high school crowds. Laguna and Balboa were mere names, and per- liwwq A , L oxide was then used for medicinal purposes only New buildings were added as enrollment In creased, and in l924 the Administration Building as we know it today, was dedicated By this time Garvey and San Gabriel students had seen the light and were attending Al- hambra High School. However, even good things can be overdone, and in the late thirties enrollment had reached a point where students were so thick-not mentally, you understand--that staggered classes became necessary. In tact, everyone was staggering around in confusion under the 4200 en- rollment load. lt was then all the good citizens realized the need for another high school. In Febru- ary Mark Keppel, the home of our country cousins, was opened. We students of Alhambra High School are proud of our school and all that it stands for. May its next fifty years bring new laurels to its name. But PLEASE, if you know anyone who has a vacant lot or a part of his back yard which he no longer needs, tell him that we would like to build a new school there. The fire and ambu- lance sirens on Main X 1 Street are exciting, but they certainly do ,,,,f take our minds oft - - our work. , . -X FH, -Q ,. - 'aff , x -L EA 3 'A A W -5 ff D'?"'Z H ' . , ill: Nw-"f?Qf' '- 'H X f A x Qt13x'f30 k' il ' W 1' , I x A A K xi' -Q L '5TZi..,:.. Qi: A QN ' gsxj Qhygg .V K' i K" gun N Q ggi, -fiy. ' Q ., ' ,1 ' yy- .. it x A .we ,, 1 "W 'Ni ' "' 2,1 l14J x 4 158,35 .Wg 1 I J aa' m , A I fa' , S . f Q H gf , Q 5 Q -fx , if A N w Etching ls Purchased Artistic Calm Posed, No Doubt . . . . . OF COURSE YOU'VE NOTICED THE BULLETIN BOARDS THAT LINE THE HALLS of AHS. But you wouldn't if it weren't for the clever posters and illustrations that our art students make to announce forthcoming dances, elections, and other school projects. The department has always offered an abundance of courses, even at the beginning of formal art classes in 1906. At that time, basic courses such as graphic art, still life drawing, and figure drawing were given. In l9l0-l2, when the first annuals appeared in AHS, the department introduced a course in Annual Design. The department has continued throughout the years to work hard and contribute to the success of the annual. Today, new techniques and crafts challenge the most enterprising students of art. The curriculum, which includes costume design, stagecraft, commercial art, and ceramics among others, is varied enough to accommodate all students' interests. The department hopes to have original paintings in every school room. Already many of the rooms have them, some being painted by alumni. This fact alone is prophetic of the next fifty years' growth of the department. U51 The Bulletin Goes to Press . . . . . WITH THE BUSINESS WORLD CRYING FOR MORE AND MORE WORKERS, THE Commercial department's importance on our campus has taken on new significance. At first the depart- ment must have felt unwanted and mistreated, for it was transferred from building to building. The original department of one teacher and a handful of students was begun in 1907, in two rooms in an old building on the site of the present Alhambra City Library. After a long period of moving around from one building to another, the department finally came into its own and was proudly installed in our present Commercial Building. Now life at Alhambra would seem incomplete without the many classes offered by the department: typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, salesmanship, business, and many others. Today we salute the department and its many students-the typists, the secretaries, the executives of tomorrow. 161 ..N4,, ,yn v 'L 2 I an ,uf , bf 1 2 ' 1 it 7 F f X g It ,- XJ 2 fb w r 5 r Q -S 4-., .1 - XS 'sc ' 53522 M is -. C WI awk Q E -3 ' m :gm .g "lt's a Far, Far Better Thing" . . . . . IF YOU THINK THAT ENGLISH IS IUST DULL GRAMMAR-A STUDY OF PAREN- thetical adverbial modifiers, dangling participles, and gerunds, why look here at the history of our English department and you'll change your mind. First of all, the department has grown from one to thirteen teachers and from forty to one thousand eight hundred and six students! Our English teachers have also had to be brilliant contortionists. When English classes were held in the old building on the ledge at the end of the hall just outside the fire escape, teachers sometimes had classes in two buildings, on three levels, in five different rooms! The department has been responsible for many student publications. Rumor has it that there was once an AHS newspaper called THE SPECTATOR. In I92I, THE SPOTLIGHT began its career with the now-famous ludge Fred Houser as editor. Later, THE SPOTLIGHT became our present day MOOR. Our famous anthology, the SILVER PEN, had its growing pains on a page of the POST-ADVOCATE from I935 to I942. We are proud of our wartime English classes which had record-breaking sales for war bonds and stamps. After such a fifty-year record, we have a hunch that English is here to stay. Through the Pages of Books, Notebooks, Periodicals In 34 1 ffwe QQ 6 ff we of is muluw 'di Q X: 1462 Q Ziff' Wash This Too . . . . . ALHAMBRA HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS HAVE BEEN LEARNING HOW TO FIND "THE way to a man's heart" and studying for the noble profession of motherhood and homemaking throughout the 36 years of the department's existence. The department has helped the school and community in many ways: In l9l4-I 5 the clothing classes made graduation dresses for the girls which, according to the Board ruling, were not to cost Ithink of itll over S5 per dress. The food classes have given successful dinners for visiting school board officials and championship football teams. During World War I and Il, this department did much to enlighten the 201 Let's Cook Up Something student body and community about food preservation, conservation, and substitution, in addition to aid- ing the Red Cross and other community organizations: during the recent war years, members of the clothing classes made a service flag dedicated to the l76 former Alhambrans in the armed forces. Most recently the department, which has been modernized, has included in its curriculum courses on home planning and furnishing, child care, and family relations. Alhambra High has contributed to the preparation of a happy home life for many AHS alumni and present students. May it always continue to do sol l2l Mx 241. Recording Your Voice 'f----uni ' 'hu - Q-v' 4 -4:4 -if if . A 1.5 'N " '? 'Q . ', W S X is , , WW Iillawlfrvgjfv . rg., A 7 You Don't Have to Know the Language . . . . . EST-CE QUE VOUS REGARDEZ LA PUELLA OBEN LA HACIENDA? THIS SHORT hybrid sentence shows representative words of four languages taught in AHS today. But did you know that students of past years didn't have such an excellent selection to choose from? ln l898, when the department was begun, only German and Latin were offered, the latter required of all college prep students. French and Spanish were added in l906 and 1907 respectively, and in l9l8, due to the anti-German feelings engendered by World War I, German was deleted by Board action. It was reinstated, however, in l929. ln l926, a language club program was started for the purpose of stimulating foreign language study. At present our school has four language clubs where students present interesting material about the country, customs and people whose language they are studying. There is no doubt that I948 students are luckiest, for they have four languages to choose from. with a good bet that others will be included in the near future. Nicht wahr? Vrai? Verdad? I 23 -4 uw s.,i 'ir wg, ,X Wy. 'S-if . . . . . NEW FRESHMEN AT ALHAMBRA ARE SOMETIMES MYSTIFIED BY THE WEIRD sounds emitted from "that large brick building with the high chimney." Wild rumors flash through their numbers. Soon it is whispered, "It must be the 'scrub torture chamber' the seniors talk about." But soon the mystery is solved: the building merely houses Alhambra High's thriving Industrial Arts department, and the sounds come from machines manned by fast-learning students of the department. A glance backward reveals that such was not always the case. Not always have industrial arts stu- dents had the complete equipment available today. In the year l9I I, when the department was organ- ized, only wood joinery was offered. Most of the work was done by hand. Gradually equipment was added and other subjects offered. At first, industrial arts subjects were for students who had little else to do. Now prescribed courses of study are developed in each subject in order to train the student for a profit- able future. No longer must one master a profession to be recognized and honored as a successful citizen. The world holds an esteemed place for mechanics, carpenters, and other craftsmen. Alhambra High is training competent workers for those places. ll You Build a Better Mousetrap IZS . . . . . "WITH MUSIC IN THEIR EARS," FROM THEIR OWN MUSIC DEPARTMENT STU dents of many classes have passed through four years of high school. Ever since our music facult ' y orig- inated in I9I0, with one member, Alhambra has been proud of its music students. The year I948 has been a highlight in the history of the department. In their new robes, the glee clubs have maintained a thirty-five year tradition of providing fine music for innumerable school functions and activities. Late in the I947 football season, a fanfare was heard resounding over Moor Field! With folded capes billowing and plumes bobbing, the Moor Band marched on the field to initiate their twenty-fifth season of thrilling march music. In the spring, the combined forces of the department presented the Thirty-fourth Annual Music Festival, an event rich in both eye and ear appeal. This year, the ever-expanding department welcomed a newcomer to its curriculum: the A Cappella Choir, whose first year certainly was an outstanding one. After years of rapid development, the department pauses modestly to glance over its achievements, and turns forward to new and even better years of artistic endeavor. Strings That Sing l25J in ef? fx --f"W cw., J N' Zi! 4, M9927 x . . . . . "UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN" -a continual bellow in one's ears, accom- panied by the thunder of stamping herds and the wrenching of muscles and bones. What's the commotion? Nothing but the calisthen- ics at the Boys' Gym on a rainy day. For fifty years, the boys at Alhambra have dreaded rainy days. But students of years ago had more to worry about than we do now, in 1948. We are more fortunate in the building that houses us. Now this is no discredit to the old building, for after all, it was not built for the chaos of many students' con- torting their torn bodies through the motions required in calisthenics. For several years gym was held in the basement of the audi- torium. For many years students were not provided with towels as we are today. The first step toward improvement was taken in l9l4 when a large barnlike gym was built. This structure was divided in the center and was used by both boys and girls. The gym was the center of the campus social life. Teachers and students spent many Friday nights elaborately decorating for proms and dances. This building was used until l934 when it was declared unsafe following the earthquake. At that time, the present struc- ture was erected and, as years went by, new and modern facilities have been added in- cluding a large playing floor, corrective rooms, rest gyms, and lecture rooms. In addition, outdoor basketball, volleyball, bad- minton and tennis courts and spacious base- ball and football fields are also in use. Now the large department of lll3 boys is coached by a staff of five competent in- structors. The Boys' Physical Education de- partment of AHS moves ahead in its quest to be one of the most modern and progres- sive in the State. Don't Drop Him S- X 3 PG, Willing Hands 29 Q . N A f , i I 'Q sd, ' ' m 'Ml' Wk. x 1 K ..,-.urns ...rf A Little of This Won't Hurt . . . . . THE AHS SCIENCE-MATH DEPARTMENT HAS HAD FIFTY YEARS OF UNUSUAL growthl From the barest beginnings, the department developed like the solution to a polynomial equation. lnterspersed, of course, were some unsual growing pains: ln l933 the department's growth was delayed by the earthquake, but it recovered easily holding classes in the shop building, at the General Science College, in basements, even in tents! This slight set- back was succeeded three years later by a fire which proved almost fatal to the chemistry stockroom because the roof nearly caved in! But if you think that these minor occurrences stymied the growth of the department, why look here- I 321 . . . . . "AND SO, HONORABLE IUDCE, WE BRING OUR CASE TO A CLOSE." DIALOGUE from a court scene? No, just forensic phraseology commonly heard about the rooms of our Speech depart- ment. Our school's department of speech, one of the oldest in the state, was established in the year 1913, when it became independent of the English department. Each and every graduate of Alhambra has had at least one semester of training in the department. Long ago, the Board of Education realized the need of speech training for all students, and, as a result, every student takes fundamental speech. Many fundamental speech students continue with more advanced subjects. Many take debate and learn to search out facts and to present them pleasingly and convincingly. Others study drama. It is through the efforts of this branch of the department that our many successful senior plays are produced. When radio became the order of the day, the department, always striving to keep modern and up-to-the- minute, inaugurated a course in radio speech. We shall hear more from our friends of the Speech department in future years. Whether it be debat- ing before Congress, torturing the radio audience with a used-car commercial, or just arguing politics on the street corner, Alhambra's speech students will surely be on top! You're On the Air V919 . . . . IN CELEBRATION OF BILL OF RIGHTS WEEK THE LOS ANGELES COUNTY BOARD of Supervisors asked Dr. Trillingham, County Superintendent of Schools, to present a demonstration before that august body of the teaching of the Bill of Rights done in the public schools. Alhambra High School was given the honor of making this demonstration. A short scene, depicting a discussion that might of taken place in one of the state legislatures at the time that the Bill of Rights was made up for ratification, was presented. Appropriate music by the A Cappella Choir of Mark Keppel added greatly to the atmosphere of the occasion. As a result of the demonstration the schools were given the yearly award, presented by the Bill of Rights Committee, for having done the best work of that year in furthering the spirit of the Bill of Rights. I35 4 ! QAM! .mei Another Moor Has Voted . . . . . IOE AND IOSEPHINE MOOR OF 1898 HAD AT LEAST ONE THING IN COMMON with the Moors of l948-they too studied history. Ever since the founding of the school, the Social Science department has been furnishing knowledge in historv and other social sciences. The development of the department has been hectic but successful. From a small beginning with two part-time instructors, it has grown to its present staff of nine instructors. An important step in its progress came in l923. Previous to this time only one full time teacher held classes in United States history. He prided himself on the fact that every one of Alhambra High's graduates passed through his class, but in this year, 1923, another teacher was appointed. Our pedagogic monopolist was heart- broken, but Alhambra High was on its way. Today the department offers a complete curriculum including orientation, civics, senior problems, and various courses in history. As a former teacher was fond of saying, "History is the past teaching the present what to do about the future." Fortified by excellent training from the Social Science department, Alhambra High School students will be able to wield an important and intelligent influence over the future of this country. ' 851 if -V,, if" ,. x X "' Sfix.. Q-. Q1 4 J' 1 f 1 X r ' 4 ,V ,:. 41144.41 ,,,.. WQVYW f iff!! 17" f f A' If N E X FE pt we QM I J Wa'QW54fv My E kff-5?-ew? - z g ig3'iQ'iE S NN: 4 Q . . 1 rua, Left to Right Mrs. Mary R. Cornelius--V.-Pres., George Yelland-Sec., Maurice Stokcsbary-Asst. Supt., Mlss Elsa Patteson, Aubrey Miller-Pres., George E. Bettinger-Supt., Samuel l. Broadwell, Willard H. Clarke, lvlilford R. Lehman. . . . . THE ESTABLISHMENT AND ORGANIZATION OF ALHAMBRA HIGH SCHOOL IN l898 was largely the responsibility of the Board of Trustees. ln l9l5, when Alhambra became an incor- porated city, the Board of Trustees passed out of existence, but its duties were passed on to the Board of Education whose establishment was provided for under the new Alhambra Charter. ln this year, l948, we find our Board proudly surveying the history of Alhambra High School, amazed, as is everyone. at her unbelievable expansion. Each year the increasing growth of our school increases the responsibilities of the Board members. From an enrollment of l7 students in l898, our population now totals 2269 students! Naturally this has meant continual need of new facilities through- out the fifty years. Climaxing the Board's efforts was the recent bond issue which when it becomes fully effective, will alleviate the crowded conditions at Alhambra High School. Through the efforts and inter- est of the Board of Education, whose appeal to the citizens of Alhambra was responsible for this passage, Alhambra High School can continue to grow and furnish adequate facilities to her students. F401 GEORGE E. BETTINGER Superintendent of Schools MAURICE R. STOKESBARY Deputy Superintendent of Schools . . . . . GEORGE BETTIN- ger's first connection with Alham- bra High School was as a Spanish teacher in l9l6. His promotion from that time was rapid: Vice- principal, Principal, and Superin- tendent. Superintendent Bettinger is in- terested in all phases of our school life, activities as well as academic training, because he believes that only by a combination of both will students make happy and successful citizens. His sincere and genuine interest in Alhambra High School is appreciated by all-students, teachers, and community. . . . . . TO MAURICE STOKESBARY GOES THE DISTINCTION OF BEING THE FIRST ASSIST- ant Superintendent of Alhambra City Schools, which position was created in l939 to provide for the increasing details of administration. Mr. Stokesbary, who recently has been renamed Deputy Superintendent, shares Mr. Bettinger's high educational ideals and enthusiasm for well-rounded students. He is well known to many AHS students whose classes he frequently visits. If4l DR. NORMAN B. SCHARER Principal . . . . . ON THIS, THE FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF ALHAMBRA HIGH SCHOOL, WE LIKE to turn back the pages and think of some of those people who have contributed so much to our school's growth and success. One man, still living in our community, was commonly referred to by those we questioned because of the remarkable influence he had had upon their lives and their ways of thinking. Mr. A. C. Wheat, connected with AHS from its very beginning in an administrative capacity, was interested primarily in the welfare of the individual student, not in the ease with which administrative duties might be carried on. The time given to conferences and the personal interest which he took in students' problems are ample evidence of this. A scholar with a varied educational background, he was responsible for the feeling that high school should develop character and train for citizenship, as well as teach the academic subjects. l421 MILDRED CROSSWHITE Girls' Vice-Principal ROBERT F. GRAY Boys' Vice-Principal i This philosophy of education was carefully nurtured through the succession of high school principals to the present. Today we point with considerable pride to the man who occupies the front office, Dr. Norman B. Scharer. We know that he is a worthy successor to all those able leaders who did so much to build for the brighter future of our school. "Doctor"-that was a bit difficult at first. When one thinks of the word, he is inclined to picture medicine, ointments, bandages. But the word has a different meaning in this case. The degree, "Doctor of Education, was conferred upon our principal in june of I947. For his doctoral dissertation he wrote "The evelopment of Public Secondary Education in Alhambra", incidentally a valuable source of infor- mation to those of us who worked on this annual. Perhaps his title can be associated with the field of medicine too, for he has doctored the ills of Alhambra High School. When he deprives us of some of our privileges, we often feel that it is "bad medi- cine", but such often proves most beneficial. In fact, his thoughts and efforts are constantly turned to the improvements of our own welfare and that of our school. Nor does Dr. Scharer go his not-always-too-merry way unaided, for in this corner we have Mr. Robert F. Gray, Boys' Vice-Principal, and in that corner, Mrs. Mildred Crosswhite, Girls' Vice-Principal. Once this office was known as that of the assistant principal, but it was not until about l9l5 that such an office was created for the girls, Miss Effine Blount being the first and only other Girls' V-P. Without any teaching assignments these two people are kept very busy: Mrs. Crosswhite with the Girls' League and the club program: Mr. Gray with the Commission, the Boys' Federation, sports events, dances, and "bad boys." There are occasions when we like to avoid them: then there are other occasions when we know that we couldn't do without them. i431 44 ' '95 .3-,. , , ,X ff League Champs of Another Day H9263 Mr. Ranker coach Southeast Corner of Third and Main Kid Stuff Mr. A. C. Wheat former years The Student Body in "The C-ood Old Days" fright! discusses with Dr. Scharer Easter Week at the Beach 45 .Hi dt' '45 1 COUNSELORS Left to Right games F. Kemp, Ruth Turnbull, Kathleen Strickland, 1. Leland Mans. "BUT HONESTLY, MR. KEMP, IF YOU DON'T CHANGE MY SECOND PERIOD CLASS, l'll just die!" "Mr, Mills, how are my chances of getting into Occidental?" "But all my friends have a 4B lunch period, Miss Strickland." "Miss Turnbull, I warn you, there is a definite personality conflict between that teacher and me." Along with numerous excuses and complaints, class schedules, problems connected with teacher- student relationships, college and vocational planning, and admission cards, a great part of your counselor's day is taken up. Maybe your counselor is a "regular" person even though he does appear strict and stern. He has a sharp eye for detail ldid that sunburned face ever give you away when you pleaded a "bad cold"?l . . . . . . PRIOR TO I930, THE ONLY RESEMBLANCE TO OUR CHILD WELFARE DEPART- ment was the activity of a few truant officers who spent most of their time in the Attendance Office. Gradually the department developed, until at the present time, Alhambra High School has a staff of competent people especially trained in social work and eager to aid students. Of course they place empha- sis on regular attendance: however, they are frequently able to solve those problems which are the cause of school irregularities. For their skilful, untiring assistance to students who need help, we salute them! 461 liiil -M,-I Yu SECRETARIES Left to Right Standing: Stotts, Hooper, McCollum, Finley, Holms, Fowler, Von Helms, Perkins. Seated: Herrera, Chew, Nafius. 9 5 I il Q DEPARTMENT CHILD WELFARE Lcll' ta Right l.. Davis, Nafius, V Finley, Della Leonard. l471 48 'hum- l Left to Right Lou Cavanaugh, Ruth C. Boone, Merna C. Holditch, Marjorie Malcolm, Esther Brown. Irene Fry? inot picturedl. LH? R' ht R l:L'I' H ff1,F'thR.C . R 2: N' Niade? Ros K. Pgxer, Mzlgrtzd l'E::?:?loh:ll. Hogan? ow ma 'Head of Department Left to Right Row l: Leila Liesveld, Alice Smith, Margaret Brownifl, Margaret Dutcher, Edgar S. Edmondson. Row 2: Timothy Murphy, Manila Seaver, Edith Halling, Helen Power, Irwin Phillips, Nellie Mac Lombard. Left to Right Marvel Fisherii, Ann Kenyon, Wannita Harvey, Doris Crafts. 50 Fww F537 Y? W, C IE Q ,Q I wa ,I ig f' 45 . .,.,. I X av' 5 X :W tl' s PHYSICAL EDUCATION Lclt to Right Row I: Margaret Thorntoniz, Kathryn Bradford, Nan- Q cy Morrison. Lucilc Elscy. Row 2: Helen Richards, Elizabeth Redoglia. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Left to Right Row I:BiII Hcssff. Row 2: Claude Miller, Cecil Cush- man, Ed Sowers, Raymond Crouch, George Hobbs. M wr sqf i lflfliiilii WSNEQQ ' S585 ,Til X-5 Lftt R'l1tR l:El Pt ,l. tt M l1,Etl1l Sfcwargii. 'gow Zramucl hzgylglz, EZ gifgon, :l,tll'ccl1o Chlglzzli C Left to Ri ht Gerald Smith Milton Kreinbrin Cl dc Hcalton, Keith Wilson. Floyd Alexgander, less Rankorifi, Donald T. Wigiamz 51 ,- . ff- hxm-sf-Q5'f'7TV,' 5 mg 4- .M V '11 ' ' . N N 'kk-e1x..y,'F3-.Sw A Kei 7 'fm' fi, ' gk X Q 5fF5'g',w.x 'L a - 'X Q. Q, I Af:f:Q',.-P2173-, N , I f ix' ,f1 A A 4 iii' L 11 9 ff A .,'-. -Pg L ,. iw N? ., 1 . ,,...4.. f "5 m hr" my w bl .4111 1 ,. ' jwgsz' , , Q 1. fx . ' X As W3 H, I J 134 f I . fl f . A il Q nr, . 931 ,. P f," V 1 'ri :af fi .1 mfs ' 9 I M 'hgfiff , GNN 3 ' -f:7"'g+.-.fjfg .,',,4'2"1f".x n. An 3',..A.w "'1Q'1'ff41 r'y"'U6.v'?f ' ""'l 'fl' 'in' .J 2 ' "'."+i ,Q-"'f"'f'i.'f'M', 1 HX a ' - pg 1511- , gl' 'S Q. .A 4 .',. Q, , . ,.,ts'4L'g'J.',g 4 1 'wi 0. Q lgvilff' W' " ' ' w ,412-6,Q'f,"' Oven" TFWAY . s' 04.5 Q' ',,'w 35' 5 1 'A 'X -:bJ.,'r.:.,,,,vii" " ' '. .hub-lawn 4, , A 1..1q,,:..,,.'t.:A.4', o , - wr Q.- n , ' ,','S:aj ' , . 15 ' -A gg: f L I- l 5?ci?,,9:-1tf"'H s",-1? ' 1, .Q lN.9,ulA.s 1,1 Q qmail MA fx, I -- M, o If an f " 4 y ,,.wg,.n,g9- .-1: '. - A , . io. Anna 3 : ,s . . ' ---v-......... , 5,- Left to Right Row I: leanette Greeneli lohn B. Marshall Mary Louise Hoo . Row 2. Harry B. Thomas Amy Perkins Newton L. Muller Herbert D. Hooper Ruth D. Arnett Lois A. Arnett. Left to Right Row l: lames F. Kemp Ruth Turnbull Ieannettc Greene? lane Beeman Florence Erwine. Row 2: Wesley Roy Leeper Oran T. Cosand Roscoe Davis. 53 Left t R'ght St d' : EI E. Sh' , EI E , M'lt I. W'Ibur. Paul Sieezcrs. Chaar:Il:gCIarlT:rZ. S. Sxggscno. SglicidznxllianlS::hlka:f:,IReta Ryan, Mabel Cavanvan. X LIBRARIAN Cosby Cilstrap T029 7 in Qgqn lllli .-1 . u-461, M QW Lignroslghght Raw Il ::r. A. N. Sloan-School Physician, Margaret . . . . . WHETHER YOU ARE A "LONG hair" who dotes on Pater, Proust or james joyce: a "whodunit fan" who drools over Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh or other masters of the macabre: or a "young in heart" who iust adores "Winnie the Pooh" or the "Five Little Peppers", you'll find what you want in the Alhambra High School Li- brary. Before the school moved to its present site, the school library consisted of a few volumes housed in a tiny dome of the old building. There was no librarian, teachers with time to spare as- sisted students to find books and materials they needed. Now, however, the library has developed into a department of its own. Besides catering to the reading and reference needs of the student body, it offers courses in elementary library science to interested students. In addition to Miss Gilstrap and her assistant, Mrs. Hooper. both of whom ren- der invaluable service, there is an excellent corps of student librarians who by assisting in the library, gain fine practical library experience. For browsing or for business, for fun or fact, the Alhambra School Library will surely satisfy your reading needs. p -Stu en . ow 2: Henrietta Ruel-School Nurse, Betty S l' y Chew- ecre ar . . . . . . DO YOU HAVE THOSE MONDAY morning "after week-end blues"? Are you tired, run down, in need of vitamins B, C, and D? Or do you wish to avoid that second period chemistry test? Whatever your problems-legitimate or oth- erwise-the Health Department can surely help you. Twenty-five years ago this department, in its embryo stage, shared a cottage with the school cafeteria and the Moor office. Noise and confusion reigned constantly. Today the department has grown to include a very modern laboratory and a noiseless rest room, conveniently located in the girls' gym. Outstanding recent activities of the Health Department include hearing tests and chest x-rays. For its untiring efforts in promoting and maintain- ing the health and physical well being of Alhambra High School students, this branch of the school can certainly take a bew! E551 56 EVEN THOUGH WE ARE NATURALLY IUBILANT OVER OUR FIFTIETH ANNIVER sary and the productIon of thIs ALHAMBRAN we cannot be unmmdful of the fact that we are sayIng goodbye to three of our very best fnends They are termInatIng thelr servlces here but we shall not soon forget them MRS BERTHA WILEY WYNNE ln the fall of l927 a charmIng gracIous lady educated In Boston made applIcatIon for a posItIon In Drama at Alhambra HIgh School and was ImmedIately gIven a posItIon on the faculty The pupIls who have passed through Mrs Wynne s hands wIIl never forget her for she has made an Impress that wIll mold many of theIr Ideas and standards throughout theIr lIves MISS FLORENCE ERWINE Many adults In Alhambra remember MISS Florence ErwIne as the movlng Splflf of Carheld School ln l923 she took a Master s De gree at the UnIversIty of CalItornIa and the next year came Into Alhambra HIgh SInce that tIme she has created In pupIl after pupIl an Intense Interest In the bl0l0glC3l sclences and a deep Interest In scIentIfIc research MISS AMY SEAMANS PERKINS IS a graduate of Boston UnIversIty FIrst commg to our hIgh school In l9l6 she demonstrated her versatIIIty by teachIng Eng lIsh French and math For some years she was head of the Mathe matlcs department untIl the Math and Sclence departments were combIned Her volumlnous correspondence from servIcemen er gaged In scIentIfIc work durIng the war glV2S apprecIatIve testI mony to the efflclency of her teachlng . . - . . . . 9 . . . . . - . . . i i D . . I. . . Q . . . .. . . , . . . . . v . .- . . . . . .. . 1 . - . . . . . . . . . I . 0 . . . - . . . I . . .. Q . . - . . . - . .. . , - . I ' ' . . . . - . o s' . . .. - . .. I , - .- . n 1 P T A Left to Right Mrs. Marshall Richardson, ilst V.-Pres.l, Mrs. Fred Ch ff - - - Mrs. David Neville, Mrs. D. M. Norris, Mrs Irving I. Handcock, Mrs. R b t l'S. O I1 CW ... Bacon iTreas M lh L . . . . . "FORWARD WITH Youth" was the theme for this year's active Parent - Teachers' Association. Their extensive program was planned so that parents of the community could become acquainted with the school and its many activities. Although better at- tendance and greater participation from parents was anticipated, on the whole, the year was a great success. The student body and the parents of the community owe a vote of grati- tude to the hard-working members of this splendid organization. BOOK ROOM Paul F. Whalen. tley B. Greene lPres.P, Mrs. Frank White lRec. Scc.P, Mrs. Claude C hep . . . . . THE BOOKROOM IS AN-IMPORTANT PART OF ALHAMBRA HIGH SCHOOL THAT seems to have existed since the school began. Back in 1898 it was just a vacant closet where books were stored. Today it occupies large quarters in the east wing, amply stored with books, magazines, pamphlets and miscellaneous textual material. Paul Whalen is its able and efficient custodian. l 57 Q Q Q-Q 'v w' , ,F X ax. . ' ' 1 a l Q, H - il 4 ' . pls 4 l, A L -""1 ff ,sg -s - .' ., A .QQ ,I ,ex Q A . ,N , Z A x it Q, Q ,M . 9 . lg., gina, -gf Lftl R'hl'R l:C .Sl ,Rbl ,C'ff'fh,Seer- CAFETERIA WORKERS sfmli, Misif MCc2TfI2y."ZT.l"'2: 51.51, iS'fL.,..Sl..Q, Rideluf. Hagen, McMahon, Sicg, Rishcr, Mundy, Smith, Howard. Left to Right Row l: Caron, McKinney, Parker, Dill, Marandon. llow 2: Campbell, Lawhead. Glovannoll, French, Qulroz, Hanna. Row 3. Henshaw, Marhn, Parry, Bybec, Gigi 1-QJMK 3 Ma ' is 1? EEE 443, dEWA,ZMi!V.i2..A9l uwirg g fi 'QD ,nu 5 fn W . is , . P gi? A R 'lefw A X fs . ei gh? I ifwuus. igiihm fix 1 ,Q x f:'-f Qm 252 Y XX fi 1' fx fm : R ny sin fm. K X W L7 ELHSSIZS gez "'ks- 5' 4 ,rx M N L -X, 'f 4, Q '...,,,, fb Q A142 I Q 9 .. ,- 4 wi 'Q ' X , 5' Q - If . fe'x ., . is, 2 , -- .I A s9 , , 'A , A ,X . Y.. ' X .wif Y fm A A Q , J- . ff R l2.'f-'FEW wpau' sk M :A .ir x , 45? Q H if is? ' ' f- f 'f- A ' X 8 -,, ., 5 fy ef 5 it -B. X, kgfggrx ii i . V ilk - P f' Q ' 5 ff? ' 5 1 I X by :iw 5555, 454 A' x W" N .MA 1. ,Q 4, ,V 5 t-I., gg x f fx 21 1 :iv fc Q x Q ' .nb- 3 X - fffvz ffl X x' . , 2 Eyqgmfggi- ..k,,f5v.:YW ft G M x ,.j-msg N,.g.w3,,1, Sfigzr ,fl Jfr- , ' ii-if 'Z' 1" 17" :nw ?.ifli'Q,1-gv,'.X :fi ., .L x ' i1'g',f3 'i f - x :JT 1 fi-17 J y ' " 5 .' I Ezfh i-'Ffa L.. ' " N ' 41,2 if Wagga iw - f --1 ,, gf- M X 1 2.1.-.,.,g : "":'f,,r" " . H4 f .. , J 5 ' Ax 'f r'1'sf.'i5xi, H + ' 'YY ZQ 'x . V. 9: 2 v ' Peiflwgy x f ., K 552833357 gf ' 51: X v 1 F' ,-V' fix fu lx W 148 Left to Right Row l: Clyde B. Healton ladv.l, Phyl Fosnaugh, loanne Chase, Betty Benson. Row 2: George Kotles, George Cook, Pres.: lackie, Dupuy, Treas.: Donna Blust, Sec.: Nancy Campbell V.-Pres. . . . . . lF YOU WERE MOMENTARILY BLINDED BY A BRIGHT FLASH, IT WAS ONLY A student proudly wearing his Kelly green senior sack. The winter '48 class probably inspired the writing of "l'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover" for their days were filled with fun. The "Divine Flora" was enjoyed by all. Under the fine direction of Bertha Wiley Wynne, it was the last senior play Mrs. Wynne will direct. After receiving the "sacks," there was that last minute rush. Seniors scrambled to get in final papers and plans for the future were discussed. Minnie was getting married to her high school "steady," Edgar planned to enter U.C.L.A., and ludy was coming back to AHS to take a post-graduate course lmain reason: her history teacherll Matters were straightened out with the class adviser just in time for the ioyous arrival of caps and gowns' ,, . , H, n ,- ,sy 4- . Yes, you'll say, graduations certainly have changed from the days when one had to make his own graduation outfit for a limit of 53.00-but there is one thing we're sure of: AIhambra's graduates have always been the best and this, the winter class of 1948, was a fine example. ISS BETHURUM. MARY General Les Nouvelles Treas. CHAFFEFI, GORDON General Sr. Boys' Glee Club A Cappella Choir Senior Play ANDERSON, WALTER College Prep. B Football Scholarship Society ALFANO. FLORENCE General BANANDO, SARAH General BASTEAR. RICHARD College Prep. BENNETT. BEVERLY General Sangleader Las Moras V.-Pres., Sgt. at Arms Ycll Leader Sr. Sweater Comm. Library Club Rally Comm. 2 yrs. ASHWORTH. BOB Commercial Varsity Football 2 yrs. Sports Club B12 Class Pres. Light L Shadow Club ANDREWS. EDWARD S. College Prep. A Cappella Pres. Usher Club Pres. Scholarship Society Sr. Boys' Glee Club Science Club Spanish Club BASKETTE. VIRGINIA College Prep. Los Moras Treas. Latin Club Pres. B12 Girls' League Rep. Los Laureados Director of Student Personnel BEEBE, RICHARD College Prep. Hi-Y Club Junior Exchange Spanish Club Varsity Football BENSON. BETTY College Prep. Comm. Social Chmn. Las Sonadoras Treas. Annual Photog. Staff Senior Council Science Club Spanish Club BLUST. DONNA General Pequenitas Songleader Jr. Council Treas. Sr. Council Sec. Sr. Sweater Comm. A12 Girls' League Rep. CHANDLER. MARTHA General BORNHAUSER. JOSEPHINE General CHASE. JOANN General Las Sonadoras Sr. Council Make-up Crew Senior Play Art Club Assembly Comm. BROWN. BARBARA BUNNING. BILL General College Prep. Hi Hatters Spanish Club Aeolian Scientia COCK. JOHN COLLETTA, GENE General General Stage Crew B C Football Scientia A B C Track Annual Photo. Staff BUTLER. JIM Junior College Junior Exchange Senior Hi-Y B C Basketball B C Football Boys' Federation Los Laureados COLLIER, NANCY College Prep. Las Moras Sec. Girls' League Rep., Soph. Class Sec. Sr. Sweater Comm. Latin Club Sec. Scientia Club Sec. CAMPBELL. MARILYN Commercial GSX U' CAMPBELL, NANCY General Las Sonadoras V.-Pres. Sr. Sweater Comm. Rally Comm. COMFORT, PENNY COOK. GEORGE General 3V2 yr. graduate Senior Play College Prep. Sr. Council Pres. Key Club Pres. Scholarship Society Chemistry Team Tlcket Managers Pres. Broadcasters Sec. DAVIS. DEE College Prep. 3115 yr. graduate Moor Editor Anual Photo. Staff Campus Club Quilld Scroll V.-Pres Election Committee DALY. SARAH General 3V2 yr. graduate Senior Play DONHOST, BONNIE Commercial Commercial Club Sec. Scholarship Society Senior Play DAWSON. A. DORIS General Sr. Girls' Glce Club DePlERRO. LORRAINE Junior College Majorctte Senior Play DUDLEY. WAYNE ROBERT Sr. Boys' Glee Club Junior Hi-Y Spanish Club EDMISTON, BARBARA EVANS, GERALDlNE General 3V2 yr. graduate FARRAR, LILLIAN General Art Club 392 yr. graduate General FISHER. DOUGLAS College Prep. Science Club Spanish Club Junior Hi-Y Chemistry Team DUPUY. JACQULINE General Las Sonadoras Sec. Sr. Council Treas. Sr. Sweater Comm. DONDANVILLE. ARDITH Ctmmercial EAGAN, HAROLD College Prep. B C Football J V Tennis Band 352 yr. graduate EVERETT, BOB College Prep. J V Football Key Club Jr. Optimist FOSNAUGH, PHYL College Prep. Soph. Class Treas. Latin Club Acdilc Las Moras Sec. Sr. Sweater Comm. Sr. Council - X COONEY. DAVE College Prep. Varsity Debate Varsity Cross Country Junior Optimist Forensic Club Pres. Senior Play Los Laureados vi J... FRAGGIOSA. ANGELINA General Campus Club Light 6. Shadow V.-P. Art Club Senior Club CRAWFORD, ROBERT FULTZ. VIOLA College Prep. General Forensic Club Pres. Art Club Scholarship Society Library Club German Club Pres. Senior Play Ticket Managers Nm.-.N mf- ,W M GAUNT. BARBARA HARDEMAN. CLAIRE College Prep. General Juneau High School Senior Orchestra Juneau.Alaska GLAVIN, H. GLORIA HARRIS. MARGARET K. General College Prep. 3 yr. graduate Aeolian C'ub Sec. Band Librarian Art Club Y HARRISON. H. RICHARD General Moor Sports Editor Llght 6. Shadow Pres. Broadcasters Pres. C Football Senior Play HARTMAN, HERB College Prep. B C Football HATFIELD. BETTY HEGLIN. WANDA HENRY STANLEY General General Junior College Make-up Crew Senior Play HAYDEN, PAGE HENDRICKS, VINETE HILLS JERRY College Prep. College Prep. College Prep Sr. Sweater Comm. Scientia Club Las Sonadoras Spanish Club Sr. Girls' Glee Club Senior Play Make-up Crew HOFFMANN. A. CARTER, JR. College Prep. Senior Exchange B Football B Basketball JOHNSON. MILDRED Commercial KIRK. HARVEY College Prep. Key Club Pres. Ticket Manager Pres. Science Club Pres. L V. Pres. Rally Comm. MACARTNEY, JUDY College Prep. Peuuinltas Writers' Guild V.-P. Spanish Club E561 HINMAN. GERALDINE General JOHNSON, JANICE College Prep. Jr. Council Art Club Sec. Peuuenitas Scholarship Society Los Laureados LAMBERT, MARILYN General Les Nouvelles Pres. McMILLAN. MILLER College Prep. HOLMES. LAWRENCE College Prep. JOHNSTON, DON General B C Track B C Football LAMPKIN. ROMA General MacPHEFlSON. ADELE JUNE Commercial Commissioner of Activities Commissioner of Finance Spanish Club Assembly Comm. Chrm. Broadcasters Club Treas. Sr. Sweater Comm. HOPWOOD, GERRY General BBQ yr. graduate Art Club JOSEPHSON. BEVERLEY General Senior Play Costume Chrm. LANE, F. ROBERT General A B Track Varsity Football Junior Exchange Senior Hi-Y Sports Club Pres. MAGLIANO. A. DOROTHY HUNT, GERALDINE College Prep. Moor Stat? Art Club Quill L Scroll KING, RALPH General Track LEHM ER, BILL College Prep. MAIZE, JOHN College Prep. HUNTER, BARBARA College Prep. Las Moras Sec. Freshman Class Sec. Spanish Club Comission Historian Student Rep. Los Laureados KOZLOW. DENNIS College Prep. Band Drum Major Band Aeolian Club Pres. Senior Play LINKE, VIRGINIA General Commercial MALIN, MARVIN College Prep. Science Club Junior Hi-Y Spanish Club Forensic Club Varsity Debate JV Basketball IVENER, MARTIN College Prep. KLEIN. BOB General Sr. Boys' Glee Club Piano Club V.-Pres. Scientia LORENSEN, PEARL IONA Commercial Commercial Club Art Club MARTIN, JEAN DOROTHY College Prep. Los Laureados Campus Club Election Comm. Sr. Girls' Glee Club Library Club Senior Play JAMES, A. VIRGINIA General Broadcasters Homemakers Light 8. Shadow KNUDSEN, CAROL Jr. College Las Moras Yell Leader Senior Play Moor Business Mgr. Quill 6. Scroll McCABE, ROBERT College Prep. J V Basketball MATTHEWS, DON General Junior Hi-Y JOHNSON, ALVIN College Prep. JV Football Band Senior Orchestra Aeolian Club KOTELES, GEORGE College Prep. Jr. St Sr. Council JV Football Sr. Orchestra Pres. Aeolian Pres. Band Senior Play McCOSKEY. DOLORES Commercial 3V2 yr. graduate Sr. Girls' Glee Club Art Club Treas. Commercial Club G.A.A. MENZEL, MARIAN General Las Moras Treas. and V.-Pres. Yell Leader Las Laureados Soph. Class V.-Pres. Sr. Sweater Comm. Spanish Club MOE. GRACE Commercial Piano Club PETTY, RICHARD General Varsity Track RUBALCABA, RAY General Varsity Football THOMPSON, MICKEY General A B C Football JV Football B C Track C Baseball Junior Hi-Y MICHERO. PEGGY General Senior Play Costume Comm. PIOLATTO. BAB General Senior Play Usher Club ROCKWELL, GLORIA LEA General Senior Play THATCHER. MARILYN College Prep. Hi-Hatters Sec. Spanish Club MORGAN. JANE SHIRLEY College Prop. Commissioner of Clubs Las Sonadoras Sec. Annual Literary Staff '47 Los Laureados Scientia Pres. Senior Play PORTER, ED General RUARK. NORMA General Forensic Club Make-up Crew Sr. Play TOMASECK FRED College Prep. Senior Hi-Y B Football Varsity Football Comm. of Athletics B Club MUNSON, DE LEE College Prep. Las Sonadoras Science Club Spanish Club POWELL, PATTY General SAMUELS. LEONA College Prep. Scholarship Society Los Laureados Spanish Club TURNEY, PATT Jr. College Art Club Las Sonadoras Senior Play OLSON. ARNOLD General Senior Hi-Y Junior Hi-Y QUON, GUY College Prep. Commisioner of Boys A B C Football A B C Basketball A C Track Junior Exchange Senior Hi-Y PARKER, BARBARA PEPPING, KENNETH Commercial RATKOVICH, LEO College Prep. C Football College Prep. Senior Hi-Y Light Gt Shadow Varsity Football Junior Exchange Senior Play SANDERSON, JOANNESCHNEIDERI Commercial Commercial Club Tr. Ticket Managers Scholarship Society School Bank VAWTER, BARBARA General Art Club Student Director Senior Play ROBERT College Prep. Annual Lit. Staff '47 B Track 3V2 yr. graduate DeWitt Clinton High School. N. Y. City VIEL. MILON College Prep. Spanish Club Usher Club General Senior Hi-Y REIMER, JEAN BARBARA Commercial Commercial Club Art Club SCHWENDEN, ELEANOR General Light 8. Shadow Art Club Las Cadinetas VOLK. ROBERT General Bank Baseball Junlor Hl-Y PEREZ. LOUISE General Annual Staff Typist G.A.A. RIPLEY, STUART College Prcp. Latin Club Junior Hi-Y Varsity Football JV Football PERKINS, ED College Prep. Varsity Tennis Spanish Club JV Basketball ROBARE. SALLY General scHwoRER. THoMAs sreeo, GEORGE College PreD. Scientia Club V.-Pres. Ticket Managers V. P-. Chemistry Team Spanish Club WARREN. JUNE Commercial Las Moras Sec. Sr. Sweater Comm. Commercial Club Sr. Girls' Glee Club College Prep. Aeolian Club V.-Pres Ticket Managers-Vw Sr. Orchestra Senior Play Asesmbly Comm. Sr. Sweater Comm. WARREN, MARY College Prep. Moor Staff Quill Q Scroll Bank Aeolian Club Student Council E571 WHEATLEY, WILLIS. BONNIE WILSON, LORNE WILSON, GEORGE WOODWARD. DIANE WORDEN. JACKIE WORMROUDT YOUNG EARNEST ELEANOR General General General College Prep. General KENNY General Prep. General Band Senior Hi-Y Cross Country Spanish Club College Prep. B Club Club Commercial Club Senior Orchestra B C Football Track Commissioner General Club Scholarship Society Scientia JV Football Freshman Class V P Senior Glee Club Aeolian JV Basketball Soph. Class V.-Pres Senior Play Junior Council Make-up Crew A B C Football lea BARTON. EDWlN Genera' CLAMPITT. ROBERT College Prep. Sr. Orchestra Chem. Team Scholarship Society German Club V. Pres. COOK. CLARENCE General ELTON. DORIS General FASCHING. GEORGE College Prep. GRAY. ALETHEA General HIGBEE, LEON General Sr. Boys' Glee HOLDERMAN. JOAN General CAMERA SHY SEN IORS Varsity Cross-Country Track KLUG, DENNIS General Cross-Country Track McGlLL. PAT College Prep. Latin Club B Football Soph. Class V. Pres. Jr. Council Member Varsity Debate PONTRELLI, LOUIE General Track B1nd Orchestra SIMONS. PHIL General Glee Club WEISMAN, HELENE General ZOCCOLI. STEPHEN College Prep. B C Basketball 'Tv-7 ' : , , h, , A . , SENIOR COUNCIL 523,10ifL'fl"zllB'7R.l1ll5f'E.lf.f.ff. '1AlI1f'f"g 5 M'D"""" chem 'Sec' . . . . . CRADUATIONS HAVE UNDERCONE MANY CHANGES DURING THE PAST 50 years. One example of the definite contrast can be shown between the Summer 1948 and Summer 1911 classes. Hundreds of people will be present at Moor field on a balmy summer evening to watch the gradua- tion of the S'48 class. The S'11 class had a "hot" start into the business world, for their graduation ceremony was held in the steam room of Alhambra's local laundry. One likeness has remained, though. Each of the S'48 graduates, just as those in the past, will look back at his high school days and excitedly think of the future. Some students will enter the business world, others will go on to colleges near and far from home. No matter what choices will be made, each member of the Summer 1948 class will go forth with fine training achieved during the years at AHS. 1591 'D ABRAHAM, JIM College Prep. BCD Basketball Jr. Exchange ADAMS. SCOTT College Prep. Commissioner of Athletics Sr. Hi-Y Varsity 6. B Track Spanish Club Cross Country Capt. Golf Team Jr. Optlmlxt Treas. National Forensic Club V.-Pres. Speakers Bureau Pres. AVERY, DICK AMBLER, NANCY College Prep. C0ll699 PWD- S,-, Coungil Writers' Guild Sec.: Varsity Basketball Jr. Varsity Football Light S. Shadow Jr. Optimist ANDERSON. JEAN General Spanish ANDREWS, NANCY College Prep. German Club Pres. Science Club Treas. Aeolian Club Spanish Club Band Sr. Orchestra 3' 2 yr. graduate ANDERSON. JOYCE General ALLAN, ERROL College Prep. Senior Play Cast Election Committee Light L Shadow Club Ticket Managers Club Pres. Art Club BAETLVIRGINIA BAKERCAROL Gene,-al Commercial Ticket Managers Club Hi-Hatters Club V,.pre5. Aeolian Club Sec. Leg Nouvelles Commercial Club Commeygial Sr. Orchestra Piano Club G.A.A. 1- AKER ENEVA BAKIAN DON BARTELS R D BEEBE JILL BENNETT. BEVERLY BENTINE. BENNIE BERTONE. NANCY BISHOP. MANLEY General College Prep. General College Prep. Las Moras Jr. Varsity Baseball Spanish Club B . G . . O . General College Prep. General College Prep. JEAN Light L Shadow Club Band Aeolian Club Student Director Aeolian Club Band-Librarian Sr. Play Moor Staff Sr. Orchestra Writers' Guild French Club C Football Spanish Club Sr. Orchestra Hi-Hatters V.-Pres. Racqueteers Spanish Club Latin Club Aeolian Club BISWELL. RICHARD BIVENS. ERVLE BLACK. GERALD BLANKENBAKER, BLUNT. KEITH BOARDMAN. CHUCK BOLLMAN. BARRY BONE- ROBERT General College Prep. College Prep. FRANCES General General College Prep. Jr. College Latin Club Commissioner of Boys College Prep. Stage Crew Jr. Obtimist B Basketball SQHIOI' Play Cast Varsity G. B Football C.S.F.-Life Member Freshman V.-Pres. Light 8. Shadow Club Jr. Varsity Basketball Latin Club BYOSUCGSNYS Club Jr. Exchange Science Club JV- VafSllY Football Los Acaldes Spanish Club A CGDDCIIH Ch0ir BONSER, DOLORES College Prep. Pequenitas Sec. Spanish Club Girls' League Service Chair. Sr. Orchestra Prom Comm. Aeolian Club BOYLAN. VIRGINIA General Les Nouvelles BROWN, RAE College Prep. Annual Staff Scholarship Society Spanish Club Treas. Art Club Sec. Library Club BUFKIN, BOB General Jr. Varsity Baseball Varsity Football Varsity Baseball BURROUGHS, RODNEY College Prep. Commissioner General Sr. Council Jr. Exchange Jr. Hl-Y ABC Football ABC Track BORCHERDING. JOHANN College Prep. Las Sonadoras Pres., V.-Pres.: Corres. Sec. Commission Sec. Los Leaureados Jr. Council Sr. Council Scientia V.-Pres. BRACY. HAROLD General Band A Cappella Choir BROWN. WARREN General Scientla Club BURGER, BEVERLEY College Prep. JVZ yr. graduate A Cappella Choir Sr. Glee Club Spanish Club Scientia Club BUTT, JACK College Prep. Scholarship Society BOYD. BOB College Prep. Sr. Class Pres. Commissioner of Athletics Boys' Federation Varsity Basketball Varsity Football Varsity Baseball BRKICH, EVA General Commercial Club BRUSHER, JOAN College Prep. Sr. Play Comm. Les Nouvelles Pres.: V.-Pres. BURNS, RICHARD General Sr. Boys' Glee Club CAIN, DORENE Commercial A Cappella Choir Sr. Girls' Glee Club Qs J J 12:2 ., K , Q lllu X i if 'll CALVERLEY, CALVERLEY, CAPESTRO, PHYLLIS MADELYN SHIRLEY General General College Prep. CHAMBERLIN, CHESNUT, BOB CHRISTMAN, CONSTANCE General MARGARET College Prep. Genefll Soph, V..Prg5, Scientla Club Hl-Hatter: Treas. SOYVIYTIOS Spanish Club Servimos Trl Hl-Y Pres. CARNOT, STACEY ,General Sr. Glee Club A Cappella Choir Commercial Club Sr. Play Comm. CARTHAGE, ILEEN College Prep. German Club Treas. Science Club Scientia Club CARVER, JACK General Sr. Orchestra Sr. Glee Club A Cappella Choir Gym Club Aeolian Club ad' 'E CASLER, DICK CESCA. DAVID College Prep. College Prep Annual Art Editor Varsity Baseball Moor Managing Editor Jr. Varsity Baseball Quill 8. Scroll Sec. Letterman Club Scholarship Society French Club CHURCHILL, CLIFFORD, DORETTA COKELEY, JOHN CONNELLY. PATRICK CONNOR. CAROLYN JEANNINE College Prep. College Prep. General General College Prep. Servimos Tri Hi-Y Jr. Optimists CamDUS Club Writers' Guild French Club Spanish Club Sr. PlaY'C0mm Sr. Glee Club Science Club La Fille Trl Ti-Y-Pres. B Football Servimos Tri Hi-Y Spanish Club ,ii CONS. THELMA General Sr. Glee Forensic Spanish DALY, RAYMOND College Prep. Spanlsh Club Aeolian Club Ban! DEVALON. CORBIN College Prep. A Cappella Choir Pres. Usher Club Sec.- Treas.g V.-Pres. Sr. Boys' Glee Club Varsity Track DIGGINS. MARY General Les Nouvelles E721 -E CONWAY, EDWARD General Jr. Exchange Jr. Optimist Rally Chairman Scientia A B Track Sr. Hi-Y CURTIS. GLORIA Commercial Light 81. Shadow Club Art Club Home Economic Club Sr. PlaY Comm. B9 Girls' League Rep DEVEAN, ROZELL College Prep. Girls' League V.-Pres. Peoueritas Pres.: V.-Pres.: Treas. French Club Orchestra Prom Comm. DRESSOR. VIOLA College Prep. COREY. JEAN General Library Club DAVIS. KENNY General Jr. Optimist DICKERMAN. MELBA Home Economics Jr. Glee Club DRESSOR, VIVIAN General COSCARELLI, COTTON, PATTY LOU THERESE General College Prep. Hi-Hatters Writers' Guild Pres. Annual Staff Photog- Silver Pen Editor raphy Co-Editor Annual Literary Staff Sr. Statesmen French Club Science Club DAVIS. MARVIN General DAWES. JANIS College Prep. Girls State Rep. C.S.F.-Life Member Spanish Club Scientia Club Sr. Glee Club DOWNER, Mu.oREo DOLLINGER. DAVID College Prep. Scholarship Society Spanish Club Library Club DUNHAM, WILMA General Colle e PreD g . Ticket Managers' Club DURGIN, DEVRA College Prep. Spanish Club Science Club COUNTRYMAN, EILEEN General 392 yr. graduate DEAL, DOROTHY General 392 yr. graduate DOSS, PHYLLIS General Make-up Crew Sr. Play Comm. DYBECK, BARBARA JEAN General Scientia Club Commercial Club CRANSTON, BlLL General DE LANEY, BOB Colleoe Prep. Varsity Football DOTY, BEVERLY College Prep. Scholarship Society Latin Club Sr. Play Comm. Library Club Treas D.A.R. Contestant EDE, CORINNE College Prep. Majorette CRUZON. ROBERT College Prep. Jr. Varsity Basketball Band DELNIAR. LORRAINE General DOUTHETT, RICHARD College Prep. Rally Commissioner Jr. Exchange Sr. Hi-Y B C Basketball B C Football ELLIOTT. JEANNE College Prep. Pequinitas Sr. Sweater Comm. Soph. Class Sec. Art Club French Club Prom Comm, CRUZON. College Prep. DENHOLM, EL College Prep. Songleader Las Moras Trea Girls' League S Chairman Senior Play Ca Debate-N.F. Spanish Club DRUCKMAN. General ELLIS. ARLEN General Piano Club ESCAMILLA, RUTH Commercial Commercial Club G.A.A. FOS'l'ER. JUN E General Hi-Hatters GARVER, DOROTHY College Prep. Las Moras Pres.: Treas. Girls' League-Treas. Racuueteers Spanish Club GOUGH, ALBERT College Prep. Spanish Club Science Club EWRY. BOB Jr. College Science Club Gym Club FRANZ. JEANNE College Prep. Sllanish Club Latin Club Science Club GAUNCE. GRANT College Prep. Jr. Optlmlst A Football A Track GRABINER, JOYCE Commercial Commercial Club Sr. Girls' Glee Club Red Cross Rep. EYRAUD. DOLORES College Prep. Pequenltas Sr. Glee Club FROST. MATT College Prep. Jr. Optimist GEALTA, RONALD Jr. College Jr. Varsity Football Sr. Play Comm. GRIFFITHS. DON College Prep. Scientla Club Ticket Managers Aeolian Club FACCIUTO. MARY FANNIN. ARDITH FIELDS. MONA ANN College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. Las Sonadoras Las Sonadoras Pres.: Sr. Glee Club Racqueteers V.-Pres. Corres. Sec. Piano Club Spanish Club Girls' Leluue Rev- Les Nouvelles Prom Comm. Jr. Class Sec. Scholarship Society Racqueteers Spanish Club Latin Club FUNKE. GRAYDON GALLEGOS, GALLEGOS, VIOLA Colleoe Prev- MICHAEL Commercial DYUVTI M3i0r General Band Sr. Orchestra Aeollan Club Pres., Sarg.-at-Arms French Club GHIO. JOHN Jr. Varsity Football Jr. Varsity Baseball B Football Jr. Varsity Basketball Jr. Varsity Baseball GINGRICH. MICKEY GLASER. BILL College Prep. General B Football B Basketball Jr. Varsity Baseball GUARDIA, DON GUNN, BILL GUTIERREZ, LUPE College Prep. General College Prep. Light 8. Shadow Club Spanish Club French Club Commercial Club G.A.A. FLOYD, PHYLLIS College Prep. Student Council Rep. Science Club Sec. Campus Club French Club C.S.F.-Life Member Art Club GARHEART, JEANNE General GLIDDEN, WALLACE College Prep. Varsity Track Latin Club HAAS. DARLENE General FORD. ARTHUR General GARRHOULD, GEORGE Genera' Jr. Hi-Y Jr. Optimist C Basketball GODDARD, JOANNE General Make-Up Crew Sr. Play Comm. HALLMAN, DONN General Jr. Optimist FORD. JOAN College Prep. JVZ yr. graduate Las Cadenitas Scholarship Society Spanish Club A Club Poster Comm. GATTIS. ROBERT College Prep. Usher Club Varsity Football Jr. Varsity Basketball GONZALES. RICHARD General Varsity Track B Track HALDEMAN. DAVID College Prep. Ticket Managers' Club Treas.: Bus. Mgr. Bank Manager Store Clerk l73l AMILTON, JOHN HAMBRICK. BETTY HARDY, FRANCES HARRIS. DEE ollege Prep. General Commercial College Prep. r. Optimist A Cappella Choir l-'QOQ 34 Shadow C Football Spanish Club r. Class V.-Pres. panish Club r. Varsity Baseball EFFNER, PAT ollege Prep. iano Club V.-Pres.: Sec.-Treas. .A.A. Sec.-Treas. cientia Club r. Orchestra atin Club UME. DALE ROGER Club Club i741 HENDRICKS, AUDREY General Ticket Manager Club Pres. Les Nouvelles Sec. Sr. Play Comm. HUN'l ER, RICHARD College Prep. Sr. Boys' Glee A Cappella Latin Club Scientia Club JOHNSON, ANN College Prep. Campus Club HENRY, BOB College Prep. Varsity Football Jr. Varsity Football Bard Sr. Orchestra HYMER. LORNA LEE General 3' 2 yr. graduate Sr. Play Comm. Forensic Club Historian Home Economics Pres.: Sec. Jinx Hi-Y Pres. JOHNSON .BEVERLY General HERWlG. MARJORIE General Ticket Manager Club Spanish Club G.A.A. Sec.-Treas. INGLES. DORIS General Les Nouvelles JOHNSON. GLENN General Jr .Optimist HARRlS.JACKlE HASKELL. MERTON College Prep. Commissioner of Literature California Association of Student Council V.-Pres. Jr. Statesmen-Prcs. Los Laureados Varsity Debate-N.F.L. Forensic Club V.-Pres HETZEL, ALBERT College Prep. ISING. CHUCK General Jr. Varsity Football Varsity Football JOHNSON, NORMAN College Prep. Stage Crew College Prep. Scientia Club HOLCOMB. BARBARA General Sr. Play Comm. JACKSON. AUDREY College Prep. Art Club Spanish Club Sr. Glee Club Annual Staff JONES. CAROL General HATFIELD. NANCY College Prep. Writers' Guild Bus. Mgr. Science Club French Club HOLDERMAN. BARBARA General 355 yr. graduate Las Vencedoras Art Club JACOBSON. RUSSELL College Prep. Science Club JONES, NANCY General Comm. ol Finance Los Laureados Direc- tor of Personnel Campus Club Sec. Sr. Glee Club V.-Pres. Fresh. Class Sec. HAVRlLLA. FRANCES College Prep. Annual Staff Sr. Play Comm. Latin Club Science Club Art Club HOLLAND. MARY VERMA Jr. College Band Aeoliazi Club JALLAND. MARGARET ANN College Prep. Campus Club Treas. Art Club Annual Staff Cover 2 yrs. JUNG. ANITA College Prep. Sr. Girls' Glee Club French Club A Cappella Club HELN'LE. KENNET Genera! HUGHES. ROBERT General Jr. Varsity Football Bank Messenger JAMES, NANCY College Prep. Cnmmissisn-Historia Jr. Statesman Soph. Class Pres. Jr. Council Publicit Chair. Hi-Hatters Treas. A Cappella Choir Sec., Treas. KACEWICZ, SYLVI College Prep. Campus Club Annual Staff Art Club Sec. Spanish Club ldonus Tri Hi-Y .-3. '--X 'is KAMMERMAN, RICHARD College Prep. Varsity Baseball Key Club Pres. Latin Club Varsity Football J V Baseball KLOHR, LEONARD Guneral Varsity Football J V Football LaBOUBE. LORRAINE College Prep. Girls' League Sec. Library Club Pres. Scientia Club Treas. Las Sonadoras Spanish Club LINSLEY, RICHARD College Prep. A Track Ticket Managers Treas. Scientia Club German Club Science Club 1 ed KATHERMAN. EMERY General KOELLER. SHIRLEY General LAMBERT, DONALD Mechanic Arts LIVERMORE. NANCY LEE College Prep. Light and Shadow Las Cadenitas Art Club Treas. Spanish Club Servimos Tri-Hi-Y. V.-Pres. Scholarship Society KAUFMAN, TOM General B C Football Jr. Varsity Baseball C Basketball KONZELMAN, BILL College Prep. B and C Basketball B Football Scholarship Society LARKCOM, JANE General Las Cadenitas Treas. Scientia LOWELL, PAT Commercial Light and Shadow Senior Play Cast KELLEY, BEVERLY A. College Prep. A Cappella Choir Les Nouvelles Pres. and Treas. Spanish Club KOSKI, KARL College Prep. Jr. Optimist Club Pres. Spanish Club LAVINE. GEORGE College Prep. Sr. Orchestra LUBBERING. RITA College Prep. Las Sonadoras Campus Club Art Club Spanish Club Science Club Election Com. Chmn. KELTNER. JOAN College Prep. Las Sonadoras Spanish Club KVAMMEN. CAROL General Senior Play Cast Senior Girls' Glee Club Ticket Managers Club A Cappella Choir Scientia LEDBETTER. JUNE College Prep. Campus Club Spanish Club Scientia Club Sec. Art Club Scholarship Society Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. MQCLELLAN, LEWIS College Prep. Varsity Debate Forensic Club Pres. Jr. Statesmen V.-Pres. Light and Shadow Scholarship Society Band KEVELIN. DAVID College Prep. KUHLE, MARGIE Commercial Hi-Hatters Commercial Club Pr. Les Nouvelles Sec. Scholarship Society Piano Club Servimos Tri Hi Y LEE, JANE College Prep. G.A.A. Pres. St V.-P. Scholarship Society Latin Club Treas. Junior Statesmen Writers' Guild Girls' League McCAlN, JOYCE College Prep. Spanish Club Las Cadenitas A Cappella Choir KINSEY, BILL College Prep. Varsity Baseball Varsity Basketball Election Committee Usher Club Latin Club KUNKEL. JOE College Prep. Scholarship Society Usher Club Pres. Election Committee Sr. Boy's Glee Club A Cappella Club Spanish Club LESLIE. LOIS College Prep. Hi-Hatters Treas. Spanish Club Scientia G.A.A. McCLOUD. JOANNE College Prep. Las Cadenitas Library Club V.-Pres Spanish Club KLEINKNECHT.. DOROTHY Commercial Library-Club Sec. Annual Staff Bus. Ed. KUSHNEROV, ELIZABETH Commercial Commercial Club Sec. Annual Business Staff Bank Staff Sec. LEWIS, PAM College Prep. Moor editor Los Laureados Campus Club Treas. Quill and Scroll Pres. and V.-Pres. Scholarship Society Se Commission Reporter MCEVOY. FRANCES JEAN Commercial C. KLINE. MARGI General Lac Cadenitas V.- Spanish Club 3'f2 yr. graduate KUCHINSKY, JEAN Commercial Les Nouvelles V.-Pres Commercial Club LINDSTROM. LOAVA Commercial Las Cadenitas Commercial Club Servimos Tri-Hi Y Sec. McGILLlS. FRANCES College Prep. Campus Club Moor Staff Quill and Scroll l75l gig, ' x "K v. are .D Q MARTIN. KAY MATER. JEANNINE Commercial General Senlor Play Cast Commercial Club Las Vencedoras 3V2 yr. graduate MILLER. MILLIGAN, BERT NANCY MARIE College Prep. General Band Jr. Councll Pres. Sr. Boys' Glee Club Campus Club V.-Pres. Jr. Optlmists Club Maiorette2 years A Cappella Cholr MATTICKS, LOREE College Prep. Las Sonadoras Cor. Sec. Art Club Tennis Club Sr. Sweater Comm. Prom Comm. MINGS. MARY College Prep. Spanish Club Science Club Scholarship Society McGREGOR, ALAN College Prep. McLENDON. CHARLES College Prep. Varsity Football Varsity Track B Track J.V. Football MacDONALD. JUNE College Prep. Senior Council Campus Club Pres. Spanish Club Art Club MAIL, MARILYN General 3V2 yr. graduate MANN, PEGGY Commercial Annual Busines Staff Bank Staff Spanish Club Us- TF MCINTOSH, FRANCES Commercial Commercial Club French Club G.A.A. Scholarship Society Annual Staff TyDist McWlLLlAMS. BARBARA College Prep. Art Club Spanish Club MAHER. DEL College Prep. Science Club Pres. Scholarship Society V.-Pres. CSF German Club Pres. Los Laureados MALONEY, PETER College Prep. MARANDON, GEORGETTE General Les Nouvelles Commercial Club v, MAULE, BILL MAW. SUSAN MEHAFFEY, RONALD MENDOZA, DAVID College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. College Prep. Annual Staff G.A.A. J. V. Tennis Varsity and B Track Senior Play Cast Varsity Golf Hi..Y Club Band Condors Hi-Y Spanish Club Debate CNFLJ Writers' Guild Aeolian Club MONSON. ANNE MONTANA. BARBARA MOORE. ROGER MOORE. SALLY Colleoe PWD. General General Commercial Snanish Club Pres. Varslty Football 2 yrs. Pequenitas Sf- Play' Comm. Sr. Girls' Glee Club Science Club Majorette 2 years MERGET. BETTY College Prep. Scholarship Society Las Cadenitas Spanish Club MORALES. VIRGINIA CECILIA Commercial Ticket Managers Club Commercial Club G.A.A. NELSON, RONALD Jr. College MORENO, VIRGINIA General NEWTON, RON College Prep. Moor Field Announcer Light Gt Shadow Club Key Club Broadcasters Club Spanish Club NITTEL, CHARLINE Sr. Orchestra O'CONNOR, ADRIAN Junlor College Prep. Light 81. Shadow Club Historian Campus Club Art Club V.-Pres. Sr. Play Make-up Com. MORRIS. ERNEST General Usher Club NEEDHAM, PEGGY College Prep. C.S.F. Life Member 3V2 yr. graduate Piano Club Pres. Spanish Club Sr. Girls' Glee Club B9 Song Leader NICHOLS, DOROTHY General Sr. Girls' Glee Club Commercial Club NORBERRY, JOAN College Prep. 3V2 yr. graduate French Club Aeolian Club OLDHAM, CHARLES General Aeolian Club Sr. Orchestra MURO, RICHARD General Woodrow Wilson H. S. B Football Varsity Football NEWCOMB, GENE College Prep. Scholarship Society Spanish Club Scientia Club Ticket Managers Club NIE. PHYLLIS College Prep. 3V2 yr. graduate Scholarship Society Scientia Club French Club Aeolian Club Writers' Guild OBERLIES, JOANNE College Prep. Song Leader 2 years Junlor Council Treas. Senior Council Sec. Pequenltas Spanish Club 9th grade Song Leader OLIVER. BETTY JANE Commercial O'REILLY, BOB OSBORNE, FRANCES PARATORE. MARIE PENNINGTON. College Prep. General College Prep. EVELYN Latin Club Pres. Campus Club Hi Hatters Club Home Economics Junior Council Pres. Spanish Club Senior Council Scholarship Society Commissioner of Clubs PETTY, BARBARA PETYUS. CAROLYN POLAND. CARL POLLARD. SUE General General General Commercial Song Leader 3 yr. graduate' Light 81 Shadow Pres. Light 8. Shadow Pres. Pequenitas Home Economics Club Stage Crew Las Cadenitas Sr. Council Treas. Social Chmn. Racuueteers Footllght Follies Makeaup Crew Annual Photng. Staff Algla College Prep. G.A.A- PEREZ. GLORIA Commercial Hi-Hatters Racoueteers POWELL, DIANA LEE College Prep. Scholarship Society Spanish Club Forensic Club Jr. Varsity Debate Jr. Statesmen Sec. 81 Treas. PERRICONE. MARY PETERSON. DALE PETRI. ROBERT College Prep. PRYOR, GEORGE General Var. Baseball 3 yrs. J V Baseball Varsity Basketball 2 years B C Basketball Stage Crew General Jr. College Stage Crew PULVER, BURKE PORCUPILE, JOHN College Prep. College Prep. Jr. Optimists Club B and C Football Jr. Optimists Tennis Science Club DORIS Prep. Club Pres., Comm. Club r. Girls' Glee Club ommercial Club Tr. ed Cross Rep. ODEKOHR. JUDY ollege Prep. cience Club cholarship Society Hi-Hatters SCHENCK. MARY ANNE Art, Commercial Art Club E791 QUINN, PAT General Cam pus Club Annual Staff Photog. Spanish Club Art Club REED. SYLVIA General Sr. Girls' Glee Club ROBERTS, ALICIA Art Light 81 Shadow Sec. Art Club Home Ec. Club Senior Play Cast Make-up Crew RUTHERFORD. BARBARA College Prep. G.A.A. Pres.. V.-Pres.. Mgr. Scientia Club Spanish Club Algia Club Girls' League OUINTRELL. DICK General C D Basketball Golf REHBEIN, SHIRLEY General Art Club Sr. Play Comm. ROBISON. EDNA Commercial Hi-Hatters SCHAER, BOB College Prep. J. V. Football Varsity Football 4. QUIRK. JERRY Trade School Annual Staff Scientia REIFER. JO ANNE College Prep. Campus Club Quill and Scroll Moor Staff Copy Ed. ROGERS, PAT General Las Sonadoras Sec. Girls' League Rep. 12th year Prom Committee Sr. Girls' Glee Club Treas. Racaueteers SCHLERF. HERMAN General RACHO, PATRICIA Commercial RETHERFORD. NORMAN General Stage Crew Jr. Ontimists Light and Shadow Sr. Play Comm. ROM ERO. MARY General Glee Club SCHNICK. HALLIE Trade School Sr. Play Cast Sr. Play Make-up Crew Scientia Club Light 81 Shadow Club Latin Club dv 1 ,P -1 RADDON. SUSIE College Prep. Commissioner ol Girls Girls' League Pres. Leage Rep. 9th yr. Scholarship Soc. Tr. Las Sonadoras Treas., V.-Pres. Sec.San Gabriel Valley Conf. Sweepstakes Comm. RETZ. BARBARA General A Cappella Choir Art Club Sr. Play ROTH. MARILYN Junior College SCHOMP. PAT J.C. or Trade School A Cappella Choir Les Nouvelles Club Publicity Comm. 3V2 yr. graduate RAGGIO. ALLEN College Prep. Jr. Hi-Y Band Rifle Club RICHETTS. DON College Prep. ROUGH.MELDA LEE College Prep. Las Cadenitas Treas and Historian SCHWARM. DONNA College Prep. G.A.A. V.-Pres 8. Mgr. French Club Algia Club Scholarship Society I K'-.1 RAWSON. DUANE RAYNEE, ROSE College Prep. Jr. Optimist RIGNEY. DICK College Prep. Rifle Club Pres. Spanish Club RUSH, PAT Commercial SCHWARZE, BETTY Junior Col lege MARIE General 3V2 yr. graduate RIHN. BILL College Prep. Spanish Club Science Club Scholarship Society RUSSELL, DON General SEGAR, LAURENE College Prep. Moor Business Mgr. Science Club Quill and Scroll SEITZ. MARY General Campus Club V. Pres. Annual Staft Art Club SIMONS.CARRlE M. College Prep. Latin Club SPITTLER, DUDLEY General SWARBRICK. PAT General Pequenitas Sec. B9 Songleader SEYMOUR, DIANNE Art Peuuenitas 10th grade Treas. Student Council Rep. Camera Club Footlight Follies 9th grade Song Leader SLYKHUIS. SHARON General Hi-Hatters V.-Pres. Sr. Play Committee ST. GEORGE. MARIANNE College Prep. Latin Club Tennis Club SWINGER. KENNY General C Basketball B Basketball B9 Song Leader SHEETZ. MARY ANNE General SMITH. ADELE College Prep. Las Sonadoras Scientia Club STANLEY. EVERETT General Senior Play Comm. Annual Staff Art Club Make-up Crew Sr. Boys' Glee Club A Cappella Choir TAYLOR. JOYCE Commercial Sr. Girls' Glee Club Commercial Club Scientia Club A Cappella Choir SHELLEY. JOANNE General Silver Pen Salesmen Scientia Club Art Club SMITH, NORMA College Prep. Las Cadenitas Servimos Tri-Hi-Y Science Club SHIFLET, ROBERT General SMITH. DAVID College Prep. Light L Shadow Club J.V. Tennis 2 years Jr.-Sr. Prom.Comm. STANLEY. SHIRLEY STEWART. BERNARD College Prep. Commission Secretary Comm. of Activities Junior Council Election Comm. Chmn. Los Laureados Campus Club TEASLEY, TOM General Jr. Optimist V.-Pres. C Football General THOMPSON, STUART General Sl-IOLES. RAY College Prep. Jr. Optimist Club Light and Shadow Varsity Football SMITH, MURRELL College Prep. Scientia Club Science Club Usher Club Chemistry Team STOREY, BILL General Sports Club Jr. Hi-Y C Track. Football, Basketball Varsity Football Light and Shadow THOMAS, LILLA LOU General SIECK, MARGARET College Prep. Annual Staff Hi-Hatters Sec. Scholarship Society Science Club Sr. Play. Pub. Chmn German Club Sec. SMITH. RALPH General Stage Crew B Football Sl EV ERT. ROBERT College Prep. SOMERS. DON College Prep. Spanish Club B Basketball STRANDBERG, LOIS SULLIVAN, RICHARD General Hi-Hatters Algia G.A.A. THOMPSON. DICK General Varsity Football Varsity Baseball L. General Chemistry Team Rifle Club V.-Pres. Scholarship Society THOMPSON. MARGARET College Prep. Aeolian Club Pres.. V.-Pres.. Sec., Treas. Band Sec. G Librarian French Club SILVER, RONALD College Prep. SMITH. ANITA General SWARBRICK, ANN General Peouenitas THIES, EILEEN College Prep. Campus Club Sec. Latin Club Girls' League l79l TOBIN, MICHAEL General Broadcasters Club Sr. Boys' Glee Club VALENTA, CHAS. R. General 3V2 yr. graduate Sr. Boys' Glee Club PHYLLIS General Play Cast 81 Shadow Broadcasters Club Art Club TOMERLIN, JOHN College Prep. Moor Field Announcer Broadcasters Club Pres Light Gt Shadaw V.-P. B Football Varsity Golf Radio Workshop VAN DEUSEN. ELIZABETH College Prep. WEIS. BARBARA College Prep. Campus Club Sec. Literary Annual Staff Writers' Guild V.-Pres. Junior Statesmen Sec. Racqueteers Pres. Scholarship Society Life Member 4. 4nl"' J ' c LL yi-qigyw-'ef Xa' .. TRONGA LE, LENA General G.A.A. . Home Economics-Club VATCHER. BARBARA General TRIGGS. JANET College Prep. Quill L Scroll Majorette Science Club Servimos VOLENTINE, SARAH General Light G. Shadow TUBBS, BARBARA JEAN College Prep. Hi Hatters Spanish Club Sr. Orchestra Sr. Play Committee VOLL, DON General Stage Crew B Football Gym Club Scientia Club TUNSTALL, BILL General C Football B Football A Cappella Chcir WADE, PATRICIA General Sports Club Make-up Crew 2 years Sr. Play Comm. Student Rep. ULRICH, JANET College Prep. Writers' Guild Science Club Spanish Club Aeolian Club Sr. Orchestra Les Nouvelles WARD, JOHN R. College Prep. Tennis Basketball Baseball Rally Com. Freshman year UNITT, BEVERLY General Com. of Finance Los Laureadus Art Club V.-Pres. Sr. Girls' Glee Club Seo. Scholarship Society WARD, MAURINE College Prep. Spanish Club Commercial Club Aeolian Club UPTON, LOIS College Prep. Sr. Boys' Glee Club Accomp. Sr. Girls' Glee Club Scholarship Society Latin Club WARE, DORIS General Art Club Scientia Club Sr. Play Comm. ,-fefg -ei.-.... WELLIVEFLEARL C., JR. College Prep. Spanish Club WILSON. NEIL College Prep. HI-Y WALLON. MARTHA College Prep. Campus Club Moor Staff Feature Ed. Qulll and Scroll Spanish Club WINBURN, LORRAINE Commercial Sr. Play Comm. Hi Hatters Commercial Club WHITE, PHYLLIS College Prep. Campus Club V.-Pres. Spanish Club French Club WOODRUFF. JOAN College Prep. Los,.Laureados Commlsslon Soc. Chm. Las Moras Pres. Girls' League Treas. Scholarship Society 3 sem. ATKINS. TOM College Prep. BONNEY. EDWARD College Prep. Spanish Club Moor Staff BRAEGER, DAVE Academic Varslty Track 2 yrs. Stage Crew 2yrs. College Prep. BRAY, RICHARD General Baseball Basketball Football Tennls BROWN. JACK College Prep. CARTLEDGE. JERRY General CLINE. JIM Collage Prep. C Football B Football J V Tennls Spanish Club CONDE. JERRY College Prep. B Football Varsity Football 3 yrs. Varsity Baseball 4 yrs. Varsity Club Spanish Club Junior Exchange COSI, LAURA College Prep. Scientla Club Science Club Scholarship Soclety Chemlstry Team JV2 yr. graduate WHITE, SHIRLEY WlCHMAN,DONALD WIKER, GORDON General 3V2 yr. graduate Home Economics Club G.A.A. Scientia Club.. General Col lege Prep. Bank Messenger WORDEN. BARBARA WURST, CONSTANCE YEANDLE. MARILYN General College Prep. College Prep. French Club Pres. Sr. Orchestra Servimos Tri Y C.S.F. Life Member Junior Statesmen Sec. Science Club V.-Pres. and Treas. CAMERA SHY SENIORS CREM ER. BYRON College Prep. DePRY, RONALD General DOYLE. BOB College Prep. B Football J V Football J V Baseball Varxlty Baseball Writers' Guild ESCARCEGA. RAMONA General Spanish Club FALK, BETTY General Sr. Glee Club FRAIJO. FRED General Gym Club Scientia Club FRAIJO, NORMAN General GAVALLER, FRANK General GOODRICH, EUGENE College Prep GRIESBACH. GEO. General HARWELL, DAVID General Sr. Boys' Glee Club A Cappella Choir HEPPNER. ELAINE General JONES. TED General KALEM, FRANK General KERSHNEN, DON General KINDRICK, JIM General KIRKENDALL, ROBERT General Veteran KING. BOB General Art Club MALINA, JAMES General MARTIN. DAN General Veteran Sr. Play Comm. Light 8. Shadow Club MILLS. FLOYD JOSEPH College Prep. MIMBS. BOBBY General MINTON. BOBBY General PATTERSON. MARK General Golf 3 yrs. Moor Staff B Football Varsity Football Hi Y Club PASLEY, DON General C Football 1 yr. B Football 3 yrs. Baseball WILLIAMS. BARBARA LOUISE Commercial Hi Hatters Commercial Club YOUNG, JO College Prep. French Club Servimos Tri Hi-Y PEASE. JERRY College Prep. Varslty Basketball 2 yrs. Varsity Track POLO, ARTH UR General C Football RARIDON. ROBERT College Prep. Latln Club Science Club RECK. LORRAINE General SCHM IDT, DOLORES General WILLIAMS, LOIS General Hi Hatter: Aeolian Club V.-Pres., Sec. Spenlsh Club Sr. Orchestra YOUNGER. ANITA College Prep. Hi Hatters Spanish Club Sr. Girls' Glee Club Racqueteers Steinmetz High School Chicago, Illinois G.A.A. Red-Head Club Ridillll Club SEEDS. ADELLA General STEVENS. LAURA JEAN General French Club Scientla Club TRYON. MARILYN General Sr. Girls' Glee Club VELKNER. ROBERT GENE General Veteran VON COETHAN, BOB General WALKER. THOMAS General Veteran WILLIAMSON, ART College Prep. Boys' Federation V.- J. Optimist Club Pr. A B C Track B C Football Sr. Sweater Comm. Spanish Club YOUNG. CAROLYN College Prep. Piano Club l8ll LfttR'htR I:S'- SENIOR COUNCIL OMOIE, wiilms. EEL 2 Kreinbring IAdvI Mild Hay Peterson Taschanx WINTER '49 . . . . . THESE '49ERS DlDN'T START THE YEAR WITH A CRY OF "THERE'S GOLD IN THEM thar hills, pardnerl" but they did "pan" some things that were comparable to gold! The Winter '49 class was extremely small, but this didn't hinder senior fun, During senior days, they had more than the usual chance of expressing each member's views in choosing beautiful W'49 jewelry and grey senior sacks. The '49ers planned for the future and looked forward to seeing each other at gath- erings in later years. It may seem as though it was all fun, but W'49 students maintained the high scholastic standing found in most AHS classes. They proudly lived up to the fine standards displayed by AHS students in the past 50 years and they sincerely hope that those in the future will do the same. wwf? ' ,.. v Qi lg' ij ,gg " T x lt' it at 6 lf 2 f, 1 ' ' .asf 4 of -B f s 1 'tj L, ' 3 ' ,7 V r , 1, . - ' 7 .A QE! ,I l X," 2, lf -1 1 it '-.72 'afi ' ' -mf-' " Q 'aff ills? R". L ' ' ' .155 :gl -:f k ' C? , K A - II? LQ 3' 29' ,, I lg! I I 4 A 6 . ' - , 1 i ll -If , ,V V 2 x. 6 L V' Q' " ' P A LED Lulu. W I "-'- , is X f limb. l V I 1 iii A " "1 li - if 1, ff 3: . -1-. 4. fi- . .. is ff - L Vr ,go X, ,I ' L1 xx' 1 . 4 Q x y- 'X1' a 7 ' fi' L A I Ai A x ,D 1 , ' . 97 ""b':'f A X Left to Right Row l: Anderson E., Anderson L., Apple, Barrett, Bates, Beautrow, Benesh, Blvens, Black, Bleam, Blower. Row 2: Bolman. Boulware, Brinkworth, Brooks, Bruneaux, Bruno, Came, Carpenter, Carruthers, Cazares, Chapman. Row 3: Clark. Clarke, Cochran, Comfort, Corcy, Creed, Creed, Cue, Davis, Dilts, Dorsett. Row 4: DeLude, Sutton, Eld er, Fallcr, Farrar, Ferguson, Floren. Fox, Gaskell, Gattis, Cenco. Left to Right Row l' Cendron C.. Cendron I., Cettingcr, Ghiotto, Chitzis, Goss, Haas. Halverson. Hawkins, Hay, Hazelman. Row 2: Henderson. Hinman, Hoff, Hoffman, Irion, lsham, lohnston, Kemp, Kessler, Klein, Lehman. Row 3: Logan, Lopez, Lucas, Ludekens, Lugo, Lynch, Mac farlane, Maloney, Martin, Mayo, Meadows. Row 4: Mild, Miller, Miner, Mohr, Moore, Morabito, Moran, Morrison, Mosso, Mudnich, Nelson. 8 . 1 in -.,. . V .. lg ,TSN ri rg f , x .,,, m lm? a A 1. M. .vw A J 3 ' ' 5' wi , B - B 55312. Q ' ' . eww 'ff '4-S "4 wi XV' f J ' ' ' mx..,..,,-. -. , ..,,.-,,eh L.. X, W fl la fl '1 .H-' 2 ' lg Q 'le L I' F' A ,. . V 1 - N - 4' H f Y h , . 1 + .3 .5 l L, sesv . . . P' n . .5 p 2- L 2 f' 1 bla' egg' '. Q . K, 1 7' ' 7 4 1 " W, 1. ' A - A . Li' A I i I 'Aix 1 g" ' Q - .-M . gg-ff., L W K 5: . -M ,f Y 1" be H ff: ao:-'73 4 1 't -" it J .. . A M. . A 4 I iv, .N -ink Ili x W 5? 2 - 39, Q- . .- 1 uf?-QFD: .., ff .55 "' 3 s , 'jf 3 S sayin . ., ,gg . I 5. M' s 5? Left to Right Row l: Norris, Northup, Pandrea, Parry, Perricone, Peterson, Petroni, Pickering, Pocino, Porrini, Rambeau. Row 2: Reisner, Ren- frew, Richardson, Roberts R., Roberts Z., Rowley, Rubenstein, Sale, Salvato, Schapler, Schiro, Row 3: Schon, Schroder, Scott, Sedler, Sewell, Siereveld, Sill, Simmons, Sorhondo, Taylor, Temple. Row 4: Tennant, Thomas, Titus, Tompkins, Taschanz, Tunstall, Varley, Vetterli, Vilander, Walden, Walker. Left to Right Row l: Walters, Wanting, White, Whiteside, Williams D., Williams M., Wilson B., Wilson P., Zenser. E941 W I xif I 3 A I 1, X b Y v5O jj '! 0 ggi? agp ,ggpl Na- gwff' gd 2, 3 + xlbgi DD ff av Q. rf, ,.'9'5E.,qA 0 NJ 43 S f' ,ff 9 '4.' I 1 A i .M K. " 1 , Q' ' ' , , Q x 4- X up W ,315 ' if 9 . .J Q, g v1 ' X 13,7 J A 2" 1: '5 0 5, 6 0 'GSE U L all 5. 1 fi In A9 f 7 'o. as 3 ' ' ' 'iv Ky! ' fs, ' wi W37.,i 3 fc J. " .F A , C45 va U 'J .m . ,Q 5, - I f I an 2 V .a Q' G-Es' U' 'Q N Xl f f xx L -if' i,. V d . A -Q N - ff W ag: JI- 0' Q if 'Pri 1211 Jf Q CD 740 05799 'JJ f f X xi, rg Q VW E X WP XVI- e."4'-x Q? XX L. an fs: Q ,gg cj! 1 a I' N U 60 if r ' J maya- Q., Q .vg,,,, fi 4:4 611 Q gg? If MAR- HER. - bo!! K Q QQ 4, Q 9? :J Eel' Zi? -ay if wJ f X n-'xg QW 0 477 A Q59 via A 2 1 ' ' - V Y. ' :K EB N' ff - 'S' 434 I gn' X i flk L 2 R. Q 46' ' x lf1wY' 1 gl ,ff-xx . - f 'W dr n .. 1' ' l 1' " v 4 Q X - ' 6' iv :Isa 'ai so f' v 1 'V A' -Q 25 W 5 wie! ff 2213, :pw f lf' Q1 1' - 9' ' X- J .- Q: W' im JUNIOR COUNCIL UNIOR C L Left to Righi' R ow I: Platis, Davenport, McCarthy, Finch, Booth McCann, Scanlon. Row 2: Harvey, Spivey. eff to Right Row I: Valli, Miller, Harman, Bristow. Row 2: Th kelson. Bvickey, Breedlove, M or- urphy ladv.I, Hackett. . . . . . MIGHTY IUNIORS, YOU CAN NOW CATCH A CLIMPSE OF THE SENIOR HAPPY hunting grounds. You gaze in stupefied admiration at the bright senior sacks and count the days till your Now, you lucky juniors, you are privileged to d, you know that at last you have arrived! senior year. And when you receive your class jewelry.: many things-you may reminisce, you expertly cut classes, look down on homework, and think nothing of receiving a "loss of merit" slip. Why, your room at home is papered with the things. Still, at the same time, since C day is creeping closer, you begin to get cliummy with the vice principals and counselors. Best of all you juniors plan the junior-Senior Prom, sure sign of maturity. The seniors are partial to you, and you feel very much at home at AHS. 4, :Q ,f 3 1, Lrg., A V . X Y 3 if YS IU'-vi .li Q , W, ... ' ,, " M. -. . .rf ....u4.. 'A ,, .ao v---N-A V - - N.- .nu .-..A... . .,,-., ,, M ,- ' 6 A l A I wi ' - ' l' W 6 af A N' f : ll 2-Ae ' A ,, Y' ' if ,V . A f , b , - M-W d A lf . ,GAVE , .A - if '--" ' .M AJ Lax. LV! . ,ao :N 'WL ,,,+l' alia -:rc 'B .mf ' Q ya I-J. M 63 A 'E L .r K A W. I V' - Xl A Ja' . AZ, i 1 v JN ' M hill, 5. - . D f . l ails , . Q fx N T G ' 1 A ,3.r A I1 K 3 5 it hx?v'x ig! Q16 Q lj. Q - , 4:9 11. f' -9 3, .L -'A' ff 19 gg, ' f-f f " 'B' i , . ' l V7 fx , I I f i inf . 1 X l A 'A l Vinnie" H ,Qi 1 I' T . , A if T Q I' '57 V Zi, l i' M ,R 6 Z' B' 'z,,- V A ' '-3-D, 1-, '7 4 xg " I . v h -,jo . - - 0 1' ,f ' - .,' ' 5 A A fa ff -vlfn' . 1 - IA l Left to Right Row l: Albers, Anderson G., Anderson I., Anderson T., Anglin, Antalocy, Apodoca, Arrington, Asher I., Asher, Ashton. Row 2: Avery, Axtell, Backes, Bacon, Bahn, Bailey E., Bailey H., Baker I., Baker W., Bancroft, Barghigiani. Row 3: Barney, Barreras, Beadle, Beattie, Benke, Beller, Bennett B., Bennett M., Bennett R.. Bent, Benzlc. Row 4: Berry, Bevan, Bigney, Bishop, Blankcnburg, Blumenthal, Boardman, Bollman, Booth, Baren. Bove. Left to Right Row 1: Bower, Bowers, Boylan. Bradley, Brkich, Brott, Brawn Marion, Brown M., Bruco, Bruno, Bruns. Row 2: Budrow, Bull, Burke, Bush, Bustillos, Butera, Campbell, Cannon, Canzoneri, Carey, Carter. Row 3: Casper. Ciochetto, Civello, Clampitt, Clark, Clarke, Cleavinger, Cloer, Cochran, Coe, Coffman. Row 4: Coker. Cole, Colledge, Collier, Collister, Conradi, Conrow. Cook, Cooper B., Cooper D., Corder. '4 ?F' --- 5-V pn' t A 'X - . : , li, A-. Q V ,V Mm A N' X K X ll pl if ' QW . . H U A 1 . -it 5. 3 L , , ' 'ffl '5 " , " ex 4 r. an , 1 8. .' 'A B 4' , ' r m.. U -' ' X9 f in iw f- Q - ' ' 'ct all 1 ,L P.: 'cf " '. , K. b., I' A I X' 7 2 ,.' K W .. if . B ,: A Y ! I if 5 'liflimm 1 ' 'nil A ja Q at U a I .,. Vx' " . pau, " vi hiss: r- 3' ' an aw K rig H fl' FH ' "cv I lx' -.4,., f.. ,. . 1.- mf' fef""Q - w 'i 94 "M C34 A Ka. . 4Ar ' '17 x 35' Y F cl 'Q 1 V A li K' Ab 1 .. If 'J 0- W l X lx ' 1 'sf-' -X L :Yi I 5' Nr- , NV r .gf .,, , ew- . L. .'7f. , I I f 'W' .as-g ' an 'ff . , I 1 . Av f g ...L if , ' ' .Z 4 r 3 v I 4 f f X A ,. I u . .. ,,., I ., I fr, E 'Q V . "7ex-Qf . ,W Q4 'vw ,' an 1 ,I a.. Sol 3 an' U ' '- 'ans '-4:33 1 , , ,.- - . . Abi, X . :Q . 14' 6. 4 1 ,R 3 H ,,,, ,W , 64-rbf , A'x ' Q ' M -1 Wh 'ff-3 1 X ' ls , . .E .LI ,KH - - 51'- ' ' . D yk I D Left to Rught Rowl Cosand Coughran Coulson Cowie Crawford Crosby Crowfoot Currue Cussler Dahlcn Dale Row 2 Davenport Davns I Davls M Davns N Dcarmnn Decker DcGrazna Dchn DeIFrancna DeLnsro Denchheld Row 3 Dlckey Dcckson Dnetnch Dmgman Dobransky Dochfcrman Dodson Donahue Dorroh Doty Douglas Row 4 Downum Duchek Dunlap Dupuy Eames Eastman Ebbertz Edc Ellns Elwood Corwm Left to Rnght Rowl Eruekson Erro Erwnn Eue Evans Ewry Faurchnld Farrar Feela Ferguson Iackne Ferguson Row 2 Frlker Fnnch Fls er B Fisher S Fnsher Suzlc Flmt Fogt Forsum Frakes D Frakcs H Frye Row 3 Fuseller Gable Galvm Gandy Gaw Geraghty Gessncr Gllmore Colman Gcedman Gray Row 4 Greene Grerl Grossmueller Gucnthard Gulou Gunn Guzzetta Halladay Hamm Hancock Handova wr 47 4,-AL L 36' P" m I J A. ml fl 3 fl If ,- P1 ,40- R44 1 376 1 Auf' V N " iifqff. Af A 3 if , '9 31' L- K! ka-K K l 1 W ff .ix ' ' ,v A A E 73 if l . . 1 f E It ll ,, , A " Rr rl. "" K. 5 Q4 ' 3' f ' -Q ,t 1 ' .J 'Y 'J . Q ' ' Y A 4-i'v'r ' D 1 fr' ' ' s we ' 1 s ' I, ,,-5 V 1 r aft . , V1 . tl, if . ,A XJ 0 , I ' 1' fffflfs I-ig. . x. L A , " .Yr . 1 ' I 3 J . ' 'D , 5 A ' W -. 1 ', .L rx A "s . '5' 'Z ' f. -w " M ' K , W F, I 1 "' f" . , 4 K- I , 4 . E I Z ' 1 . --f fb, v 2 . M , - X 1 ' Q9 lv , x 'QQ r 'l xv 7 . .Q :fl ., f S' w :Z ,. gf. ' 'A :L l " f ' A 5 gl:-'I-'fl K 7 I . E 1 .4 . ff 1 . V Q l . , 'Mfr A rn. ' . 1 ' s , 1 ' ' f x l ' Ay w '- ' 'af .gg ' z A , , , 4' , 7' l ,. Av 'Hs an la 'gs g . 5 ,, X lg . .Y A- , J l ,, .. X I. 3 F.,,.,,x, ff-, ... V' .. A W4 K H- I ,fy 4.,., MN E . :f."5wfl " 4 'ff wg, , ,, , " f X- ,jf - E - ' . ' ,. 4 , lf D. . f , r N A , f 5-I f ri ffl f"-J wi 1' f-'faf l ' V A L U A 1 fi ,- Q K , gb JF. V K W A 3 E . ' 44. .1 E. Ami lv. .E "-", -4' -V Q r4 ' " - I-'Q ' 'U "g -.1 - " L. . l , '- . I 4.5. , A .- I , , M, , .. .1 Q2 P X D I X 2 .W 2 - Q. D as ,1 rf . 'V' so 1. - , ,wil ,l as Q . , 5' 'FY ..,. ' K., Xa 3 I ' ii 's if -. . l , ' l 19' , K A ' l l E l 517' ' ., 1, "' SY of r .Q s. .. ""9.- . M 1' f fa'.w 1 3 N Ll 1' V' v-' 'QE l '. fl - l .1 E13 E ' h :Eff ' ' ' ' -, . 1 ' L .Twp Q, V' . rm - .4 .5 . ' . 5' 5 :Q ' ,lvxl . " j 4 . 1 I ia . - -' I I - J, v 'X . li " ' ' ' Qi'-1 fi S - eg 'lm' M If 0, L L' ' . I I uv i i 5' .5 Qignisf , I' it A ' ml f " Q- az- ff' x. '9 - YJ -s 4, 1. :asf -w'f QQ, g as '36 - 3. U , 4-x 'N 1:1 1 3, , li? L gg -5, if a J 5 ' , , asf' ' ' Q, - , k , f D ,fl 7, " 1. Im! . . 1 ,F 1 fel!-6'3" auf: if-3 ' 7' ' 3' -ZW' I-'Nb 12- 2 Q9 7 :iii A ' ,If l' " , ' i gras! x !',iif':k N' ' " J.. K 5 ,L f ,, 1 M If A 'g5f.' I L' ,, 3 C l qlix X. ', X f K F' '. 4- fr is " V' 591 3. 'yi' . 2' N af Q ' 4 - f v -. ., . I .T Q?""fa. X . , .. , . K J I "ff f " ' . -., U .- X h' ' . . , A 4 5 . Ti - -"' -.LA 'Q ,M i ' , V w-Ts? . ' ' , R , f?'Q, ,ff ff' 1- ', 23,1 . s, rn: arf W7 1, 8, if' ' I cz? 1 A 4?I A -1-T T -3. - 5 ASV , I A -f A X -5 if-5 ' -av 1 , " ' .,.- ' . .5 .Milli 5-2 111.1 ! Jllf I 1 . " i sf 1 . ,QL -K Left to Right Row l: Hanson S., Hanson C., Harper, Harrington, Harris B., Harris P., Harvey, Harwell, Hastings, Hatfield, Hedlund. Row 2: Heiligers, Henderson, Hicks, Hilburn, Hinds, Hines. Holland, Holm, Hepf, Hopwood, Horne. Row 3: Horan, Hoseteler, Hourigan, Hower, Hughes I., Hughes M., Humelbaugh, Inglese, Iverson, lack, lackson. Row 4: Iagodo, lames, Iansma, lennewine, lennings, lepson B., lepson P., lessup, Iohnson A., Iohnson D., Iohnson Dick. Left to Right Row l: Iohnson A., Iohnson R., Iohnson S., Iohnson T.. Iohnson T. R., lohnston, Iones B., lones D., lones I., Lightfoot, Kahn. Row 2: Kanow, Keaton, Kennedy, Kingston, Kniep, Kolm, Kossin, Kushnerov, LaBouff, LaMark, Langley. Row 3: Lathrop, Lee, Leishman, Lemon, LeVeilIe, Linville B., Linville W., Lipscomb, Lloyd, Lockhard, LeCrecco. Row 4: Lohmann B., Lohmann I., Lorens, Loveland, Loynd, Ludd, Lugo B., Lugo C., McCann, Iohnson M. L., Iohnson M. - +.:.',i.. W- - 'Q -e K 1-f-,ki V V 3 5 .. x M fg Z qw gg A 3 ' J' t ,. K 1 7. 4 3 5 . . ,W i A 'Y ' ,. 5K , 'I I' L, 1. ,x ., . I. ' .r Q w 'V 3, 4 " 1- V . 2 4 T7 ni, M f fm 1 1 ,3 C 4 Q l! xr? I' ,x Q , rg -1 A ' lv... I, in 'I fl. - lr Q ' u fr' 7 , " r ' bg' -ff? ' 'Q V - V4-gil li ' r ' R ' N 1 i - 'Q 1',:,Q 2 Av! ,A ,i5?e- .A - A Q I, P , -1 . P A 1 R- I A' 5 I o r H wh' if 1 l a. , . A 'dl Af . ' i ' Y , 8 , 4 ,. 3 x "' v A 2 ge .-Q, 1, , J A '. fn 3' . 1' "Lim, Q' 1 5 Y , .pf AQ "" fl " 'iff Q fl' I V, ' .f ' I-"J, LL I f's .I ,, ,XO ,.8'5 13' 1 L C-1 " -3 r ,A-. .4 i, 'A as H '- bfi ff" - rv N All A fr' ff . -. 1 N X 'JE ,lktbaa .. 9 K ,.I,:,v R if ' . ' ' M e- M' in f 4 , 4 lf Q F ' '. 7 5 855' Aa ' - t ff A P - f 9" ' ., ' .lar 'I 5 I' .A l R L.. 1 1 kt sf -,e -L L.. fa- of R -eg,-f -A ,,. ff Q f if ! i i , cl' L, fp.. I ,QQ 54 , at M af' -if I Q 1 fa f:.fzA'fi,ZZ..- ., lf. . , A-. . .21 , sal' 9' 1- it T X it ,Q 4. ,R 131, - ,Zh 1 i QQ 4 34 4' ,I 3 5 f 1,71 - bl - Q:-3:2 5, A .Yi t , .flnqlel ly x 'b ' I L Y I A ff 5 as an 'f .1 aa 4 . -X ' we 'sr .- M S '. Q K lx Ln 'i' 5 1 X t 3 l N- 4. T o ,-. ,:. g' ,5 Q ,,,l,f X ,g A ' ,M - 7- -.ty Elf. l E' P 4,2 7 .2 V hy, a , fi- .tr - R P- , ..-f L51 A..4.f 1 Left to Right Row l: McCann R., McCarthy C., McConnell, MacCarthey K., McCown, McDermott, McDonald, McDonnell, McCrcaham, Mc- Gregor, McMahon. Row 2: McPhcrrin, McSeveney, McShane, Madden, Mahan, Major, Marshall, Marti, Martin B., Martin M., Mason. Row 3: Maston, Mastrosimone, Mata, Matthews, Mendoza, Merritt, Miller M., Miller V., Molin, Montgomery, Moore. Row 4: Mount, Munson, Murphy, Myron, Nelson, Nesbitt, Neverman, Neville, Neilsen. Left to Right Row I: Nolan, Noller, Nyberg, Nygard, Oates, Ortega, Ottelsberg, Page, Palmer, Palmini, Pancoast, Row 2: Papetti, Partridge, Patchen, Pedcn, Pemberton, Pepping, Perkins, Perryman, Peterson, Petralia, Petrovich. Row 3: Petty, Phillips, Pickard, Pimienta, Pirkovitsch, Pitt, Platis, Podmore, Poet, Prober, Prosser. Row 4: Quinn, Ramirez, Rcigart, Remington, Rice, Ritter, Roberts, Robinson, Reeder, Rohe. R f .. ,Q ' ni A- . M '1',f Af 4 , -vi' ts '5?f.'f.'fg'! P , g A l- ' so-, f V N Ai if "'f3i I , , 1 nal 'J Y. 'nv 1 , 1 ' .. r x V, V' 3- I ,Q q 1. 1 I . Vu' ,Q if g K 2' if ' P' "i ff kr 411 .,. al-S I al 4 'M -. Q Q ' 'rf -4 fm 0 . A Q 1 jn L l A- L it A ' 1 'G L v ,. W 5 "' 1 - ' Q W . " V lh A 'QQ' T ff ' 53' T 'g 49' - ' fe- T f ' 'ifv-f 'fi' f. W ' f 'Tuff ' of an' 49' lg wi '-" fp Ang Q Ar. 'T i .' 18" ual '- or - f-ff ,""'6 'DT A 13 .A 19 15- ' E' T- 'f' e- ' if S 7? 4 DA Iwo it 1, .Y 'lf h h 2 J I A x D tra - 6.3 W ,Q ,':1T A', QQ I 4-fi 9 J 6.35 gtk i I. 3. ' f ff JW' l Q ' A 51+ . . ,fu J' D 1 E ' V at i 3' 'F . 'D 1 Y tr M X Ke t 4 I le P v. an 2 ' 4. A' Q ,I l I ll W T , ' v ' 'Q to ,Q fm f Q -:T A fr e ' To f .f I e 1 . S L 11.4, , 'T' Q , 1 A A Left to Right Row l: Ronsoni, Roscitto, Rothasx, Rowntrec, Roycraft, Rudolph. Rugh, Rutledge, Rynhard, Sagermran..S-canlcn. Row 2: Schmidt, Schreiner, Schultz, Schumacher, Schureman, Settles, Severs, Shappee, Shaw, Sheetz, Shcrar. Row 3. Short, Shumake, Slcbert, Sicck, Sugler, Simp- son D , Simpson I., Sisk, Skipton. Smith B., Smith D. Row 4-:Smith Mary, Smith M.. Smith N., Smither, Soderberg, Spivey D.. Spivey P., Squires, Stafford, Stagno. Stanley, Stcarman. Left to Right Row l: Steele. Stewart. Stransky, Striff, Strutt, Stuhr, Sullivan M., Sullivan W., Sutherland, Swinger, Tagler. Row 2: Talley, Taplcr, Taylor, Tedlock, Thompson P., Thompson Paul, Thornburg, Tily, Titus, Todd, Tomaseck. Row 3: Tomich, Toombs, Torbert, Trathen, Treweekc, Usry, Vander, Vega, Viall, Viclcery, Viel. Row 4: Vincent, Viotti, Wackerman, Waldo, Wallman, Walton, ,gr --'v , " 5 Y, . .N X . 1 n. Ni gs- ,ik S 1 K 1, cf . 1 Q . ' - V. Y . I .5 l ... x. V I f K Q 4 I ,y , as 1 .v , .iw L Jw J ..' . xv, .. 7, , ., - :,1,,..G w,1.,,yE'.,, A- ..,.. ... - . ... ....- -.. , 7' . N, .1 'A' 41 X 4 W jg 2 ,ya Q , ' ' ' '1",.x:.-. 1 -Q ...lin f w e ' 4 , I, xg, 'K K v I , ...asa f 1. if .2 .4 , . , . , t . - , 7' " r QQ rar Q L, ,gnu .4 'rea r3':' .., I Wardle, Ware, Watson, Weary, Y it ai'-T .. I X A 4' -if " , kr X P .i h 3' - if. 1' 4 7' i ,.r ati, alll! X , w A Q-Q-Trl' 5 ' lv .v A .4 Q 622, 'Z 13- x 2 5 ' ,Q 4' . 14 L- 4i? -'Z 1 2 0 .i 2- g 1' 1 , x -. ,aa 3 . Z 'fx n X 3 If l ., Qi . 7. -5.51 , x, I . 011 T fe 42 wif ',Q4. F 4 Q.-x if "" A " - 1 ...J..h.. n,. .QA :Sw Lc t to Rnbn' R w l 'Nc don Welker Whlfc I Whxtc K Wleland Williams Vllllams D Wlllnamson D Wllllamson R Wilson A Wllsonl Row 2 Wllson V Wlmp Wlnlrodc Wclord Wonacott Woolsey Worden Worrel Wynkoop Xedes Yerby Row 3 Ybarra Zavala Zenscr Zlvclonghl Zona Left to Rlght Rowl Adams Akers Andrews Atknnson Bath Bell Bonavldes Blckel Bloom Bondruos Boullt Row 2 Bowerman Branson Breedlove Bnckey Bnggs Brnstow Brown Byers Cammack Capestro Carrmgton Row 3 Cellar Clark Collms Corey Cross Dennison Dcvey Dodd Edus Elscnberg Ensley Row 4 Evans Fneld Frucdrsch Freeman Frlcss Fultz Gcalta Cerad Crafhs Craybcal Green B ,gf 6-ans fl! ,I 3 1- 26' 5,1540 ld' wr 'TVX A 'Ll 3 38' I K l f' ,J 40 ICN 5. ,ff 5? "'-If ... -dn.- Q . -... . ,.... , . it K W,!,,,,,,l I xg gfl:.r ' . N Q Y 1- 'R ls A Wtqk . . X x I-A A 6- fl .. . 3 F 'tix ' 'sn N , A 1, Q ' LS -211 L, Qs: ea P 'I' 41 f.: r 4 r V .W 7 V X-, N if, f fy., -I P V W . I X 4 sp i 1 1 ' g 3 Q- Y nk ,X 1, ,L 9 Q . A Y M, 2 tl ,, ,- z b 'f gg, -ff aj 5 . sa af' -f i -- L I ' V ' ' "9 , '. vi , i me Wlfu 1. is rl' , .. A Y r V , I K ai. V lv. 2 ?l" ... K 7 4 A 'l lo 'ia 6, 4' . ff :gp 'I' --- 'J if ' 'U A ff P ma fm r i sf 11 fl A. f 19k ., 1 V ' , .s Y' if . S fi ,' 3 ,w"Q"f'f! Je 4 ,V 1 fl 2 C Q 'Q 1. 'K 2 N - I '-' 5... . . 1- 5...-5 ' 2 . 1 " '. ,-V L-i N 'V .:. A U bf- sf' 15,1 -3 ., , .l ff 1-1 ' ., 4 , l 7 . Left to Right Row l: Crcen I., Crigry, Hackett, Harman, Harris, Hastings, Haucrwaas, Hauctcr, Hayward, Hegncr, Hendricks. Row 2: Hcrcdia, Hibbert, Hidalgo, Hill, Hussey, Iensen, lones, lorgenson, luvinall, Kaiser, Kauffmann. Row 3: Kcmble, Kcrsting, Kiss, Klingelberg, LaFehr, Largent, Link, Livingston, Looft, Lowe, McCartney. Row 4: MacDonald, Mayda, Mcchcritoff, Mies, Miller, Minkotf, Montaya, Moore, Mora, Morris, Musick. Left to Right Row l: Nclscn, Newell, Newhousc. 0'FarrcIl, Olde, Olson, Palmquist, Parr, Pclucc, Peralta, Pctcrs R. Row 2: Pctcrs W., Phillips, Plank, Raynee, Reynolds, Richardson, Ringo, Ripple, Rowe, Salamons, Sanderson. Row 3: Schneider, Schuman, Sereanna. Shainoff, Shay, Sho- Valli, Vollaire, Velenosi. 1 hfl it 3 0 .I - -- ww' .-f v.M.4.v ' -14 "' i ,..f - .Y - AB x ,fry mfs Af , . Y ' ' ' .fn rr' walter, Sievert, Skraba, Smith M., Smith W., Spicth. Row 4: Stozkberger, Thorkelson, Thorpe, Tiddeman, Tossey, Trinkaus C., Trinkaus M., Tucker. R , - , ' li Q i y i T .. wk, ' 1 J ml? 1 5 wr ,I 'T' if J X '.. 3, . if wo . B "' Y: , .V M A .f 1114. 3' . 3 I '1 . Jw tin A il .-:e 3 'S 7 -Ui' 3 if ' 1 . o . 1 li! 'iii' X' -ffl Q .394 li Q f Kam, C 4 if wry, 1 A ,fn s ml ' 1 V. A , , Q , ,if , Q, , A jlf , J' s - 7 Lcft to Right Row l: Wanting, Watson, West, Weymouth, Whiting, Willis, Wilson, Winesburg, Winkler, Woilneck, Wolff. Row 2: Yexra 'ff' I951 U 3, Eegsvto,RLimamlgov:ca:IL'ANleaver, Charlton. Lester. Row 2: Richards lI5if'tE5:o:igL1:wR:.w l: Bixby, Moody, Thompson. Row 2: Ryan fadv.l, . . . . . SOPHOMORES ARE SUCCESSFUL GRADUATES OF THE FRESHMEN OR "SCRUB" class. A soph feels at home now, and gradually assumes quite a feeling of superiority. lust think, he is now eligible for clubs! And he can start to grin devilishly at incoming scrubs. flt has been rumored that a soph is very expert at spotting a "green" newcomer at I0 paces.l Too, the sophs have begun to reaize that time really flies and that graduation day looks a little nearer. just think, if Susie or Sam Sophomore is lucky, he or she will be a iunior next year! 961 fmgwwwqw-MN ll I Mi qs 5? I f " ":"' , ffl. ' I t . . I-nw My iff aww- . , A wow 'H-w..,a1,.,M ' ' , f V , M, , ff H, .. qmm -fwm, 2, 2,- 5 'wa-..,.V, . I -wwf ,, 1 w44ea,.,,5,-Q 'mu fmaaav. , , wmv, IN-M-naw... ,M 'M' " f I ,,,, 'W -f. , , , .I , lv-mw,,my Wm 41 r I A f . auf., V ,f,ms.w,, . , 4, 'I' I"h'M'f,-fufwa, I "' , ' """'W1+xn ,V . . 'sam In X N -.,,.,,,,,,,,,-0, my ' -V, av' B9 l':Ie:'ta:'1o Row I: Hull. Row 2: Nieto, Dickinson. Redoglia lAdv.I, LfttR'htR l:S ,Clk,D ht,Hff .R 2: A9 Belnryp clggk 1A::v,. pear ar aug cr y o man ow . . . . . FIFTY YEARS OF AHS FRESHMEN AND WE'RE STILL GOING STRONG, FILLING IN gaps left by some might seniors. We take our lowly status with a hollow grin and bear it, looking ever for- ward to the day when we will be upper classmen. We freshmen have always been known for our abundant school spirit. Why, sometimes we lead the rest of the school in this important respect! Too, our school dances and get-togethers have been fun and well attended. We frosh learn quickly about the famous Backwards Dances, "recs" and passes, the long, weary road to gym, and all the other AHS traditions. Why we even aspire to the important duty of slip-collecting! Yep, we frosh are indispensable. A 6 'Q I' 3 A' 1 lt A gl K ' Iilyilll 2 E 3 'A l' 3 V an ,nw 4 A . B-,f 4-fr at 1 4' , , A.: Q A tux 1 .. - K K t - X '. A no .Y ,4 32" ,rs Ea' :ry 'af-'frm' rw t my Q ., X Kc ' I , ' ' 5 2 ' fl, A . , 2, . ..' "Y,-' X V ,. x H1 ' D -1' , y ' - .1 1- . - --.. if - , lv , Mila A,-- - ll :sf X W if f , Q 'K 4. Qf "I, x . at x .sv Q' i 4 'V gf Q ffl ' D X 4,45 4 X A f Nh ' Left to Rrght Rowl Abramo Agueros Alfano Anderson Anderson P Anderson W Appel Armstrong Asbury Bachr Baker Row 2 Bar nett Barnt Barr Barrett Barrmgton B1teman Batennn L Beck Beckncr Bcllert Bennett Row 3 Bettis Buble Blackshear Bard Blake Blandcnbakcr Bone Bowen Boynton Bnmsted Bny Row 4 Bronson Brown Bruce Brumm1l Bulls Butt C1lhoun C1mm1ck C1mpbeII Carl Cazarcs Left to Rught Rowl Chamberlin Chaney Charlton Ch1vez Chrnstensen Clark Claubes Cluck Cobb Colletta Collustar Row Z Com s Connor Conrad Contreras Cooks Cooke Copper Coughran Creason Crook Cross Row 3 Cuc Darby Davenport Davls Davlsl Davus N Dees Deloseph DeLaney Delgado Derrnngton Row 4 Dickson Dallon Dlsterano Dobrcncn Dollrngcr Dondanvulle Dragna Dugan Dutton Earle Edwards no R 'ii' 'S la' .47 twat!! 1' ,,-- "-'A 'il ZX 3 il 0 l 1 l Ju '36 ,K nf La F ap wr 4:3 f 'efa . 1 If 1. A I E1 Q ,, ' - Q X 3 1- - " ,. P 1 I K - . ' I C l K 'tl ., , Af- . X A lx L.. I . I' 3- A ' no wg . - f' fo l lf' 'f "3 P 4, . 'l v , , ' - l ,5 1: K f 'nf A X, . , fhrv 'Y 'fr ' C in , ff: ' A 5' A I '- , t xx A l "ij ' A - -,. Q.. ' gl r . ' ' " ' 1 , A 3 Q A' K fs 7 ,h g 1 W 1' H 2 ,ref cl 'L' f Q - ,C , ah, '- B L 'f f , ,g If - 'y :y , A' '1 , Y f I A 1 Ez' ,L A i rs: ' ' - l 5 Q ff I ' C ,' A "" A 'l ik Q . .-5, - K S. 1 4 N z -M Q Q Ay ., X: Q Q- , 'Q Q . e an ag -2 y ' fe, C , . f . x , ' 1 . ' wt ca. 3: ' lg 'I lc -' v . ' N I nj? ' fy fl U l il Q A fl . l. .-I , . . HX: . W' , . .R Q 7 Q , I R K R I. :V H . 1 id 3 -Qt 'il V q 3, , "" ht ' ' A Oo" 'Q - A A uv- ty D Q . 'wk kv-TQQLQ l . gli J ' R7 '. K ig! ,L , 'J - ., r. , X , X 'L Vt ,tl A its I sq, , fam . 4 It ,.- 0' I 4' ' L1 M Q 5 ' 1 1 ' 4- ' - . , . Elf Q P W T4 U . A I W W A A - -- . any -VN . K A y 1 J A - gist' f I lt QA' li rl B . 3, by ' ' I, -94 nl ' 41' 2 '7' V ' 3 -. 29 ' 6 ,, gg . A :fl .- R ' Q, 1 7 Y, r 'A 'lixctais "' ' V 'sl 0- , Y l ,DN lp nfl wif' 3 U ' .gl , wwvf .. I I , . V A Aa V 3 ' tk gui: ' qi 1 ' .5 . :gn - - V, sq . ., , .Wk N 'QQ :vq 'i In rf 5 il 1' A 3 6 V A Q 71. ...s 'xl A 2 V' 4 , 1 4 53 " A 'F , X fs! G ,l ' any 1 M . Hi. If Yfggx 'I' 4 cd- ,Q -5 lk ll' 4 g 7' , fi f- J FM K 'X -XFN? . 1 --1 4' ,. Q 'R 6. I 1? . 5 Lfh -ei, 41h . . W if gl JY ,ml 5 A f' af' 'Q 3 11559 gl S3 91 , flint?-ay. 1 L., tgq lv? :fn . A ' " l "J :+ :LQ Q 2 L. -f v 'l , wr A rl .H . by Lcft to Right Row l: Eix, Evcnson, Fahlen, Fields, Finch, Fisher, Fitzpatrick, Fletcher, Flaherty, Fleury, Fogt. Row 2: Ford, Fox, Franke, French, Fryer, Fulton, Gaffers, Galloway, Garcia, Garvcr B., Garvcr N. Row 3: Gavaller, Genoway, Gibbs, Gibson, Gilbert, Gilges, Givens. Glaze, Glidden, Goldberg M., Goldberg S. Row 4: Goodhuc, Greenlee, Griffith D., Griffith L., Grisolano. Guardia, Guhm, Guion. Gysclaar, Hainsworth, Hallcy. Left to Right Row l: Hall A., Hall R., Hammack, Hansen F., Hansen N., Harper, Haskill, Hazeltine, Hedtke, Heinisch, Hente. Row Z: Huest. Heylmun, Higbie, Hill, Hobbs. Hollywood, Hood, Hoose, Harnbrook, Houston. Howarth. Row 3: Howell, Hughes, Hunt E., Hunt H., Hunter. Hutchinson, llgcn, Irby, lwig, lacobs, lacobscn. Row 4: lames, Iamison, lenks, Iohnson C., lohnson G., lohnson M., lones, Kaili, Kallal, Kearney. Keith. .1 ,-.,.,,..,,,.-- . . . . , W, ,. mf ' e 5 lan- 5' I-nf-v - -. " an 3 1. 25 t ar his 2? . . F In 'D A K 4- 7 F- 'X' fain Q l., 1... ,l and Q tx nz! I .Q Q,,,'gf, 'SA mf it 5' if h I ' Qvqq , X - Q .lln ' gf! f 469 1 ' ar' -- , ' - tr-' .fx , Q, J .nv avlgjgxl ,G - , 4 I Lcfti Lockard Margo Malone Muller P -f I ,ac ll 2 SZ? I 2 in X if A ef 'l L4 A lvl 1 lv 405 Arif' Rf- I 'ff 1.3 al A6 4+ ' x xff Wlxf A Right Ron l Kelly Kung McGee Koestcr Klages La Bau Kussmger Kuns McConnell Lanrd Latham Row 2 Lucker Lester Little Loetf Logue Lon rgan Lopache Lopez Loveland Lowther Row 3 Lukros Lusa Lusv1rdu Lyster McAuliffe McDaniel McGavm Mantel Marshall Row 4 Marella Mayall Mcck D Meek lamcc Meek loanne Mcgmmss Mcradlth Messma Mulnlo Muller M Left to Rlght Rowl Moe Mokc Molm Monerlef Montgomery Moore Moran Moreno Morrrson Moore Mucks Row 2 MuellcrC Mue er F Mulligan Murphy B Murphy P Murry Meyers Meyers Nash Nass Neff Row 3 Nehls Nelson Nelson R North Northup Nye Oertle Oldendorph Oliver Ovcrturf, Pardee. Row 4: Park-r Patten, Perez Perkins, Perry I. Perry P.. Peyton, Pickard. Pickering Poe Poet. he N all - sf l Z 1 - . ,1 in Y .. if QS' . nl, E7 , - ,M A 'V. .AA l. sr '33 y A4 I s.- -SE 1 1 H I 1 4- .K CDH 4.. ..- ,. x Q ' v :ln av are F if v' . gs "1 x . I 1 'bt S en 'l A' gg Q ,f N4 .r .-, " 1 l.Q' .l ,I tiff ww xy, D V -l ," o'- . I f ' fm s"' A . 3 .Lg l ' , , , , ,, --.- 4 ' ,1 -. . r- E ,A , X " -4 f Hn-f ,Q "'f 1 , . ln, l L' 'CQ is 'P Lf ' ,- -, s '. if. a .ao ' fb' 1 ., . W. A , ,I .1 A :M an M ,Q - ,. ,fs , 1' S 4, ff ' .3 AL. ,.-.,. - . , . , . ' asf? T 'ai' x '14 .- , . 'vi K vi. R' ' N J ' If -B Q, 12 7' 115 Va L41 V - , ,,. r ,Q 5- ' - -fa? F' 1 V V 'M A an-f 2 N ,g 6 b, -I A T0 T ai 41.4, fl . T 3 f T , e fl x - 'Fw 2 I xi , ,T it ,ef A A G A :Z Q- VE -TIA If nf Q3 F AJ aint mf' '-Y Left to Rlght Rowl Powell Pryor Prober Prouse Rambeua Ramurez R admg Ren Ink Re,nosds Refnoc Ruffc Row 2 Rttman Iva deneyra Rodgers Rogers I Rogers L Roundy Roylance Rubacaba Rue Ry h rd S1l mona Row 9 Sala ar San Mrquel Schmudt Schraum Schuer kcovullc Seaman Sesslcr 'evers Shaw Shelly Row 4 Shields Slmons Sloar Smul Smath B Smuth F Smlthl Smlthl Smith P Snyder Soulanrlle Left to Raght Rowl Spachler Southwack Steele Stewart D Stewart P Steyer Stull Stme Stone Strutt Stuccy Row 2 Stuhr Swann 'winger Tambor Tannehrll Thompson Charlene Thompson Collene Thompson C Thornburg Tolerton Tunstall Row 3 Udell Unger Vossler Vreeland Vurplllat Wass Walker Walllhan Walthart Watson B Watson S Row 4 Wattrell Watts Wc1vcr Weugel Werncgrcen We t Whnte Wnesm nn Wlesslcr Wlllrams Barbara Wrllnms Blythe .. tug af- :aff K 5' v I 49" 14- A gf :wk -5 ji ,A as lx N Xl!" 7 mi 1- 3' af' ff 3 seq 'N ff fa ' - I X . ff, ., 15 2 T aa.. t. 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X 1. - Q 4 X ' ' H " A 71 ll, in F4 6' Q, ., "1 3 5' '9' A' .I c ', 44 Q X" 1' 1 T all ' Q ,ug A-9' 'T , ' . 4, N . Aw - "' if I -if S T ,Qi ll ' A: Q. l .. I ' .X R V . Q 5 4 'K 3- S .9 , . , ., js f , . ' A , . 5-J A 'if V-,....-...-., , I ,I V VM- fuh ,N , W 4 . it A . fb: ,eg , qv 5 ,fu of "1 e iid ii B Jil. im .. i .ff 6,56 Left to Right Row l: Williams C., Williams I., Wilson, Wolfe, Wood, Woodman, Woodward E., Woodward L., Wolverton, Wurst, Young. Left to Right Row l: Adams, Addington, Autry, Avakian, Aydelott, Bacon, Banker, Basnaiian, Basslet, Bettis, Bevilacqua. Row 2: Bishop, Bixby, Blankenburg, Bloim, Bock, Bowra A., Bowra D., Brigga B.A., Briggs B.l., Brkich, Brooner. Row 3: Bryden, Busser, Byers, Casperi, Carthage, Cederquist, Chipman, Cirelli, Concialdi, Cooper, Corbin. Rcw 4: Coronel, Countryman, Crawford, Darancotte, Davidson A., Davidson B., Dawkins, DeCrasia, Druckman, Dybeck, Evans. 3 -if A it 1 3 ' ix as 3 I 'U VX' 3.0 ' 3 31 i ava- B K -N A ' 'El' '49 -.3 f B 'CQ fr i ji" I A ' Saw. . .. -"' A - Av? A , i 'fi' Q, 'Q , U . V Z Q. - 8 il H ., . , 7 I 'a ' I' Q ' 4, 1? ? M- 'ily 4 33:7 'C Lg, 4,1 Q gym A I as 49 , 8.4.45 if I 1,?'?!f ' x 5, 1 1 l if H 3? A in Q v' 4 y 3. .Q f 34 of A 'r 'ag' '.-'yf' Na' 'lr' ll, 5 fm ', 9:75 l' .lm 'EL' , ,Ji A V' l in I' V J- Af' hi B . .M 1 . . 1 if ' 5' 1- A A , 1 9 1 X lo If 1' , " .V -2-gf , f ff , ' VI ' " A -" f . V - " 1 . ? A '. "V 4 f 95' 'WJ fl J ' V, i' 30 ' ,ix . "' 6' ' ' ,Zia IMA -k,. i "' l A L" . -v I 5 44 A-. V as- I F v r 'Q-,sf W' 0, L? 33,5 ,149 ix 'A W I Q' "' ,"1f 1 I , ' - 'ff " . V . ' ' sf J 21- . t gf, ,1 V X' g X I, , V ' I . , I . A, . 'I 1 . . A l- AVA :V 'K 25 1,1 ,gf fi? .ag 'W E24 la" 'QA' L ' . 5, gi. Qi it - - 1 L-M 'W Q e- Y Y . .. X 1 in , . 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Left to Right Row l: Lee, Lenbke, Lindsay, Linneli, Lynch, Lyon, McCann, McCartney, McComic, McGregor, Mclntosh. Row 2: McMurray, McSevensey, Maddox, Maddox, F., Maize, Malone, Marfield, Matranga, Meade, Mcsser, Miksch. Row 3: Moody, Murphy, Nichols, Nisto, Nixon, Noble, Norcia, Norris, Nuclies, Okeil, Olson. Row 4: Page, Page R., Perez. Pickard, Pigg, Politxcr, Pope, Proctor, Quisenberry, Reason, Richards. 1- - 41 '1 Y 73g 'ic 41,44 'ia.?" ...P Z Q lk- '. .35 ik. -, .A ' i if I 'gr fy lf. ,Q 47 ,if 0, '.:u ..-g A 6 iii Q A- ff! , uf Hz L, 4. Nj ' ' S ' 4 , . '.'-,VA g fig s h' f L Ad ,xl . l 3 'K , ' ,... W :NL Q r.. K, I 75 4 Xu gl be i my 'Q 6 ' Q 1 -fu 1 cl I kqx I , L' L ,Q h'f 'f rf - Q. . U., A 1 Y 1 0 at ,,,,fv 4:91 -..-Q A T 5 2 . A g x I .X M A A If-fl N 3' 1. 3 r R fl W , A 6 ,ar XV . ,xx H? 5 La. 25,3 5, gy 175 ,jf g H . A f rift. "' 'T ,-pf? df- E A l I ,A s + .A W . ,M '. .g ,A K4 . Y 3 5 ..-Q a. 'H' we-asf: 'W ef aa, ',.v 4-A . . 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Row 2: Ayde ott Babaoka, Baker, Barne, Barton, Bateman, Bays, Beck, Belcher, Berney, Berry. Row 3: Berton, Binder, Black, Blook, Book, Boulwarc, Brerman Brighton, Bringhurst, Brinkworth, Brown N. Row 4: Brown R., Browning, Bumpus, Burke, Burkhart, Burwell, Bush, Butcrn, Buttroy, Calvcrlcy, Campbell I V a z Q 5 ' v ' 4 I ' , --JU .4 U' 422' A aff Lg FJ .M - .f,. Z -9,5 ,"""' .nv L3 S It A.. " s-w ' :Qi - 4. lj 5 V 'fd 'A A lu V , N A-.Am 'Nfl -,A as-1 1 t Q , ,- 5 m .4- 'S -9 i, T 'f "B A "U" 'V ffl 'Taft s T ,e-, 5 ka 5, fp? L, 2,1 , Kg,-,. ,. W 5' x, ' -- K Vis ' nf: b X- , l. FR f "ii 7 Ag! 'QE 4-ef L4 sea.: f..- -4-11 YK ie lb. '4 .I 'A x ,Z Q avi 3 JQP7 1 'n 17. -bf as-x Nfl in-. MQ. I al-1 5 . A if . 'Q' 5 f 'G 7 , iii 1 ll J I I 1 l I er , la S. C-, 4 -mfr A 4 I 5 . I im-vi' A' 55. u. gf 5 A ' jg ,y 'JL , . , If -fl' 1 ' 1 'lr' I Q l 3 ,st I rg ,q 3,5 L.-.f. 1 . H? Y' lp 1' 'X . .I sr! M4 ,sry K - 7 I I ' rg i l 24' sp . ls 4- . 55 1 -Q t in 5-v .5 ff QQ' G-2.4" ' ,. 9.55 Q . . qv ' Q 1 . "' E1 f f and 'I Ad , as ffwii Left to Right Row l Campbell loan Campbell L Cannon, Caroy, Carmody, Carpenter, Carr, Carriger, Carroll. Cerni. Christensen. Row 2: Chrustman Clark Clayton Clubb Cokelcy Collcdge Comiskey, Conway, Cope, Cormany, Corwin. Row 3: Costello, Coughran, Coulter, Crampton Crcason Cremer Crenshaw Cruswell Crook Culp Cunditt. Row 4: Danielson. Dantzler, Darr, Daugherty, Davis E., Davis I., Davis M., Row l Dickey Dickinson Dillon Dodd Doran Dowling, Drake, Duarto, DuFauIt, Ebaugh, Ebcrsole. Row 2: Edwards I., Edwards L.. Emerson, Escarvdon Escarcega Esser Esslmger Eyraud Falrman Farnsworth. Fierro. Row 3: Finnerty, Fisher, Fitzpatrick, Flaherty, Florence, Floyd, Folino, Foreman Fraqo Franz Row 4 Frllot Gallegos Garcia M., Garcia R., Gartley, Gebbart, George B., George Bill, Gerard, Geberick, Gettingcr. an 422' 'QV A Q rl 'Q Al A gf Ll,- -' ar Ju Q1 'gl if Y -',, K Q: W' gg s 2 if .Q . its - ov, 49 nl I ' . F 6 f' A , an 1 V ' . ' fa- ' 1 i r J X A, X if A 6:-7 L EQ 0 ,eg 1 5.4! , 'If , 7 s .Q Q Ih r - rs 3,535 ,'z,,,..:, .-... ., W, gigabit QWQHQQ, ,wrrfv - Q - . px. If X V1 'jd ,,, - lv L "Q 5 Y i R 1, av iq, fl 3.4. 'ft' ,':g' 'I ,.-' gi. "' . . 1 -f, ' - .Q 4 A 4 44? P - b . ' ' A 1 I L . lm 5 A " 1 ' V V-quflgl ' .. jj, 4453 V N A J M -. - lvl 1 L .Ak -I , - , l J K ' 1: A 6 9 c f-N va . . '. Q, 1 ,dl It j 1 ,3 fi Q 1 sw rt .JG X ' , 2 ,it A . ,fl ' , - .,, -, -1,3 ' I--'x mul- A A. , f ' 4- ' -1- A --gr ' 'ftp Q15 'if 'J ':' ' " ,. , lg 'Q L-.,.a4 -5 in I E L if ' ' v : '- C 'P' "iw lg Qf at 'sift L25 -'Q " i' M Lg l-- LA ' - nv ,X V , .N 'S -.rv A 'Y gg! V 'arf Pg L- X 4.5 'Q ., . 4 ff! K s 'ia -- ,g ' f . ' 1533 r r L L. ff ' , A Q- me ' -fix' 9' i . ' X ' , ff Q ' Q , 5 ' ,Q A ,341 ' 43 'L ,4 Y' 3 I A 4 it if Q 6 b , . , i 'U 3 V mf fu Q Q ,b 0 1 A gg -' Q W , s! .'- .Ml -' VY' : "' ' -I L1 71, , 1 I 'Q D ' K -ld ' f 4 l-'35 .. ' . . , , -Zflfgifisgz-.12 1 ,I -' ' hw ' ' y ' t S ' ' .s ' , 1 A . 15 ' 'K 7? . --is Q A9 Left to Right Row l: Cfipin, Cinevra, Gluskoter. Coff, Cucnthzzrd, Haas, Haaso, Hadsell, Hainsworfh, Halpln, Halstrum. Row 2: Harm, Hansey, Hanson I., Hanson V., Hanson H., Hardy, Harner, Harrington, Hattabaugh, Haviicok, Haslett. Row 3: Healy, Helgren. Henderson, Hornandos, Hess, Heyiek, High, Hoffman P.. Hoffman S.. Hoffman Susanne, Holmes. Row 4: Hornbrook, Hovcy, Howzrd, How:.i, Hufffne, Hughes S., Hughes W., Hurley, Hurst. lnglc, lames. A9 Left to Right Row l: lameson, Ianacs. lenkins, Ienkinson, Iohn, lohns, Iohnson B., johnson V., lohnston. lones, Iordan. Row 2: Kahn, Kat- s ow acy, amoreaux, nza, awrenze, Lobus, Lcdbetter. . , Q4 4, an wg ,J fl X '17 ..- a"4A'i'l n 1 S72 'Iv Mfrs, ' hr in W ,gf , H .er 31 ...Q-pf ' , saros, Kellogg, Kennedy, Kennick, King, Kirk, Knutson, Koeller, Krekelcr. Kuhn . R 3: L L L.: L Lcderer, Leochner, Lewis, Linnell, Lockett. Row 4: Lockhart, Logan, Long, Lundin, McCabe, McCann, McCown, McCulloch, McDonald D., McDonald R., McDorman. McGhee, McGregor. 1 3 eil AN .M L Z Q: 'll 3 A ali in Y fa 6 ,. Qi H . ' X 7. ,. jg.. U ' fiat' ae, Q .V , , ' 'iff li M --VV Y . , A -' fig' I , - -31, if . r 'X - . Fw ya ' 2 - -4 "' . 1 'if - -Y ,Y J' 'Q' fx It ,neil A 4 f ' .YJ 3 .. . Wx, at ,: ii r .,...4f '-qi' J' .,v, W1 , W: .4 .fffs T ' K s fl?" ' if ,T if I I f . ' N F 'af ' gg. E! M ' at 'W 5, M vw 9, , 9' , Q' V ., i af 'r" H A ' 'Q 4 ' ,1r"f1 iff 5 Q- 4 , f +16 , A - . ' . L K' ' V' as 'V' sl' . fi as , 2 . , s r ., . , ffl! Q a ' Y 'rm ,qpsf lf?-Q .7 l A '- ' 'lf . Us ' ' ' . -if 'v' 'S' fi ' X 'ev 7 If ' , I 4- ,,.., W l -I , .,.::.,1-AER H f' wf r vi I 1 1 Y 1 , 1 :Hwy f 'sf' , ' 'ln ' ' fy.. I J 4 I 3 4 4? J' , si f. . 21. ,E , ,f W P 5 ,- 7, , A .4., of '3,,,Wcf fe- " X , fmt P , vu P 1 ff ' 1 if 'Q' M "-: 2 , A-" , -P 1.41 1. if g . .fa ffl if "fl , ,, L 4' R ? IL- J! P 'iw af 1 3 1 XA f 1,5 ' A 'F' , W l l f, . -4-ll 'F-. B ' . "', li V 'H' V 'J 4,1 .- 7 , r I " " '- V' f . " -' p .-elif' P F' .4211 P ,- J 4,57 l A ' fiiifiiiv 1'w" ll' W' 1 ll i I , .1 3 V l fr' I 4 Qu ,' .a X 2,4 A 'xggi 8, 5' Q ,Q ssl 'if e 1 ..g,- , K qt g .g . tak ' ,M ., 'V A ,. 'B ads A in 'L' A ,QI K l A lt' l 1' -EK if . f f V: M , 9 " ' 'J-5, f, -' an ! 4 1 K Bef- .5 ' ,dk ku . A R, 3 Left to Right Row l: Mclntosh, McKissick, McKeekin, Macaluso, MacDonald, MacGregor, Mackey, Magliano, Maiorana, Malmgrcen, Martin A9 C. Row 2: Martin D., Math. Mather, Mayer, Meyer, Meidlein, Moza, Milbury, Milburg. Millard, Miller, Miner. Row 3: Mingo, Mitchell, Moin Monk, Moore D., Moore M., Morgan, Morris, Moshy, Munsey, Nass. Row 4: Noff, Nickerl, Nicolls, Nonguier, Nowell, Obcr, Oblinger, O'Brien, Oliver, Palmero, Paliani. A9 Left to Right Row l: Palmer, Parker, Patakas, Patchon, Pateracki, Paulsen, Pendleton, Perez, Pcreish, Peterson A., Peterson D. Row 2 Peterson E., Pillow, Pixley, Pontrelli, Price, Prouse, Putnam, Rambeau, Ramirez, Ramsell, Raridon. Row 3: Ray, Raymond, Read, Reason Recker, Reilly, Reinhardt, Resnick, Ressler, Reuter, Ringo. Row 4: Robbins, Rogers R., Rogers S., Rorabeck, Ross, Rowley, Rundell, Sackman, Sager Satchwell, Satuloff. a 1 sa , , 1 2 I . fi X il , .,,, ., , A, x - . , Q . P P 5. 'I R - ,V ..,,., . J gag, A, g, 51' , " ' S 'll fi , - ' w 5- Q-.J ' .,.. , , 'f . ,-sz-'11 fi 1+. Q " , 'f '55 .Q :QD . 'V wffgss , 5 ' ,. J , H . . 4,3 "I'2."""i"f-, 5 TN' 'A if , , as .. . W. . ,,.,,y wx X 18 A. 1 ,if In ft 44' . -1' Y XII TK 1184 hz IN 'WW -Z5 Q31 I rflaf 3-,Mix ,ws ul' Left to Right Rowl Schlosser Schrenner Schrumpf Schworer Sessler Sexton Seymour Sharp Sheet: C Sheetx R Slmpson Row 2 :ms Slaboda Smlth A Smuth C Smnth F Smith P Souther Spear Sooslto Standrmg Stearman Row 3 Stewart B Stewart L Stoddard Stokes bary Stroud Stucey Sutherland Taylorl Taylor T Thomasl Thomas R Row 4 Telman Todd Trqxler Tnpldes Trotter H Trotterl Udell Uhler Vatcher Vaught Veneman Left to White Wright Wurst H081 Rnght Rowl Walden Waldron Wallace Walters Walton Warren Wels Weiss West Westfall Westlund Row 2 Whnte C Wlgglesworth Wilson Wlnchell Wmes Wltham Wittenberg Woods B Woods Wrlde Row 3 Zone Zoder Zavald Yeargam -G .4 if 'E 5335 ,J l Z b rf ET, 1- -' , . Q l " 'W A ' "1 r' +' f 9'-gg . ' fa A sr A 3 uv . - f i"Y- . . 5 f , ,Lfi jf" 9 'qi qi 1 I 1 W ' ' , 7 -,L K . ' ff ' 1,91 1 f 1 . A I .V Q , ,.,:..,.,. , - f' 1 ' - ' 2. - . fl ' 4 no gf Lv , ? , Qprl, A ZQZMM ,, .- Jr r V0 me r . - . I.. ., ,wh ,Fm .. , 1. -- .., 151, ,. ,. , U ., , -- .l za ' 1 r . 'j .ff '5 A s , 4 .vm x In v- K. -.-. A, ,fy , W s ,"' .nf 55,5 1 . V x -,ve fag.. ' , . . f gi . ,K . 1 gr 'E ,Q ,Mfg ,jx ,- A .,',- .... . Left to Right Rowl Alden Alexander Anderson Anderson P Armend Arnold Axclson Bahn Ballrng Banc, Barnum. Row 2: Baxter. Beaty Bell Bennett Bertnno Blankenship Boley Boone Brookshire Bull Burton Row 3 Cady Canzano, Cayot, Chadbournc, Chubb, Chiarenza Clark Clements Cleveland Click Cline Row 4 Coffee Collins Corio Cosand Costa Coulter Dahlcn Dalton. Davis, Devalong, Dickinson. Lett to Right Row l Drlts Dmgman DlStefans Douvos Eckhart Ellico Evans Everett Falkensteun Frerre, French. Row 2: Fulmcr, Gibson, Gillespie Girard: Gomez Graham Graham R Grant Groff Grody Guy Row 3 Hall Hansen Hauerwaas, Hazen, Helms, Hiell, Hilsabeck, Hix Holland Horan Huber Row 4 Hull Hymer lmhof Isaak jackson lohnson lessupp lordan Koenigaberg Lacey, Laird. - , . . .-,nw 'NL M, ! ff! u 2' " x I i f5,'a"n .-, , , Q 1 - . Q-'5' "" nf -HA A . , . -f J t 'S . "' ' " Q 515' A ' ' :if-5 -li p ' 3 6. ,si ' .S V V A x Q, 1. Q 8 s is ill 'X , 0-r" ' fx, ,,, ,M 'K' y Y i ,. :W ' R' 'ru t YM A ff? I , J' 'C 1 0 1" f M if 1-x V . R R R f lr 3 r ,P 41 7 ' ' Y L K 1 6 ' 429 'Q 'l f , . ' fi fiigfgf, 4 f A2:'- -xf' ' ' '-' wifi ? W " ,-v' " J , K' A' asia? 1 2 1 T ' ' -4 A' ,fri '-.Z .. ml I 4 I it l . I af or 3 'FIT , 4' 1.-, li - ja g -A Wg, ' L -an , Q1 ig-, ai m 'i g ' fx , J - f H' A A -J'-7 -uv Q i 1: 3 3:5 ki ,,. F mrs, A f' W -ff ffl -Ax. Left to Right Row l: LaMar, Larmore, Lehmer, Lester, Linsley, Livesey, Livezey, Loy, Lowther, McDole, McGinley. Row 2: McGowan. McMahon, Maddox, Mann, Martin, Merrell, Messina, Meyer, Miller, Mings, Mirams. Row 3: Montgomery, Moyer, Musick, Nagel, Nickel, Nicolaus, Nicto, Norman, Nye, Nye R., Odell. Row 4: Oldham, Padelford, Phillips, Provenzano, Rothasz, Riggs, Romo, Rose, Rose I., Scott, Shaffer. nf A J B9 B9 Left to Right Row l: Sharr, Short, Shuck, Shull, Spak. Still, Smith, Stine, Sumner, Tennant, Thaxton. Row 2: Thompson, Thompson P., Vansickle, Vogel, Walper, Wauganan, Weddle. Wells, Whitall, White, Williams. Row 3: Wolford, Woodburn, Woolston. 'Q' 01" . fr " I '?.1,. 4 I I N' . CG? X QQ, Au' U5 'QQYMXQ NS HU ZH HN UHC Q ,110 ,p.D D A . .L fl 15 -3 III41 Left to Right Row I' Blankerbaker Samuels Link Bacon Floyd, Stanley, Merget, Powell. Row 2: lohn- son, Thomas. Doty, Aictell, Fisher, Pelrry, Williams, Hughes., Merritt. Combs. Row 3: Roberts, Lee. Upton, ' ' m And r n King. Gregory-Allen, Murphy. Weaver, Carl, Woodruff, Ledbetter, lenks, French. Dawes. Row 4. Scovrlle, Gray Kushnerov, West, Necdha . e so , Nye, Schmidt, Grossmueller, William, Bock, Weis, Rodekohr, Harris. Row 5: McClellan, Maher, Ruth, Stwhr, Malone, Myberg, llgen, Poe. Bristow, Lester, Soulanillc, Cellar, Yerxa, Hooper, O'Reilly, Kunkel. . . . . . THE SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY IS AN "EXCLUSIVE" CLUB AT ALHAMBRA FOR those who are inclined to be A students. Now most people think of scholarship students as being "bird brains", but actually they lead a perfectly normal life and act like human beings. Why last semester the "Smarties" went to Griffith Park for the day-they particularly enjoyed watching the monkeys. Early this year they took a bus trip to the broadcasting studios to see the Dennis Day Show and Duffy's Tavern. In April they enjoyed a romping time at Long Beach on their regular half-holiday. lSome fun on the pike, eh kids?l Seriously, membership in the Scholarship Society is a reward to those who have worked hard and diligently. The members are the Phi Beta Kappas of tomorrow. They are the people of whom we should be very proud! L11s1 . . . . . LOS LAUREADOS, THE SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY, IS A IUST REWARD FOR THOSE who have worked long and hard to serve their school, to be good citizens, and to maintain a high schol- astic standing. If you think it's easy to keep an average merit score of l00, to be an outstanding leader, or to keep your grades at a "two" average level, just try it! lt can be done . . . butll Although the organization is not more than four years old, it has become a club to which all AHS students aspire: it is a grand climax to four fruitful, active years of high school life: finally, it is a group whose name is well suited to its members-the Laurel Winners! Semester l Left to Right Row l: Virginia Baskctte, Shirley Morgan, Dorothy Martin, Mrs. Thornton lAdv.l, Marian Mcnzcl. Row 2: George Cook, Leona Samuels, Barbara Hunter, lanicc lohnson, Dave Cooney. 5 Q2 'FWHM ,sg Q,-.,a ,, 4 v m Fri . i 3 Semester Z Left to Right Row 1' Nancy lones lo Borcherding Pam Lewis Row 2: Beverly Unitt, jackie Harris. Row 3: Bsb 0'Reilly, Del 'Maher, jerry Conde, Shirley Stanley, loan Woodruff, Nancy lames. 7 . . . . . ARE YOU A BUDDING GENIUS? DO YOU ENjOY SPORTS? DOES MUSIC HOLD your interest? Are languages fascinating to you? No matter what your taste or tendencies, you will surely find a club at AHS that will suit your individual fancy. The activities carried out by the academic clubs were versatile and varied. The Science Club, where are to be found the great chemists and physicists of the future, enjoyed their visit to the two hundred inch telescope at Cal Tech. During the past year the high and mighty girls of G.A.A. engaged in many varied sports, such as horseback riding and bowling. The "bird brains" of the Scholarship Society filled their little minds with the songs of Dennis Day and the jokes of Duffy's Tavern at N.B.C. one afternoon after a hard day at school. The Spanish Club ate a very wonderful dinner, finding everything most enjoy- able even though the President of Mexico and Cesar Romero were unable to attend. The Racqueteers lgirls' tennis clubl realized with amazement that they weren't quite as good as they thought they were after watching jack Kramer and Bobby Riggs play their professional match at Pan Pacific. The service clubs, too, play an important part in the school life of Alhambra. Without them our trash cans would be unpainted: the cards in the office would remain unfiled: there would be no reminders to keep our campus clean: and most important of all, our school spirit would be "way down under." Let's keep up the good work of the clubs by being active club members! l eu- is Q Left to Right Row l: Icnnings, MacPherson, Watts, Wieland, lamcs, Wcidcrmann, Backcs, Downum, Kallal Dugan. Row 2: Moke, Tobin, Anderson, Cook, Hughes, Harrison, Newton, Schon, Bone, Tomcrlin. Left to Right Row l: Pctralia, Martin, Schroder, Kuhlc, Marandon, Kuchinsky. Bactz, Kushncrov, Baker. Row 2 Bradley, Reimer. Anderson, Salvato, Sorhondo, Nolan, Brkich, Dybcck. lsham. Row 3: Dobransky, Mayo, Clampitt Nygard, Wallman, Collistcr, Winburn, Williams, Lorcnscn. Row 4: Kingston, Wanting, Brkich, DeCrazia, Klingclbcrg, Kauffman, Rothasz, Reed Crabiner, Carnot. Left to Right Row l: Harris, Stafford, Cons. Moran, Chiotto, Porrini, Bull, Maxy, Carl. Row 2: Crawford, Cooney McCann, Hymcr, lcnks, Combs, Adams, McClellan. Row 3: Malin, Anderson, Schon, Beadle. Left to Right Row l: lepsen, Pemberton, Arrington, Norberry, Mclntosh, Higbie, Mazy, Toombs, Raynee. Row 2 Melilo, Harman, Hansen, Bock, Thomas, Cibbs, Caffers, Akers, Hussey, Dahlen. Row 3: Hackett, Corwin, Wilson Gutierrez, Showalter, Williams, Pickering, Fisher, Gartley, Valli, Coscarelli, Row 4: Hatfield, Gregory-Allen, Schwarm, Rynhard, lung, Wattell Iohnson, Merritt, Sicvcrt, Venemann, Wurst, White. Row 5: Soulanille, Patten, Stewart, Dollinger, lcpscn, Decker, Chamberlin, Atkinson. Left to Right Row l: B. Miller, Shelley, Meek, Stine, Brummal, Wanacott, Walton, Lockett, Eix. Lewis, Coodhue. Row 2 lohnson, Lavvther, Lonergan, Corbin, Kushnerov, Bixby, lohnson, Sullivan, Bacon, Miller, Cinevra, Schmidt. Row 3: Leikcr Perryman, Link, Berry, Clark, Havrilla, Ede, Dickson, Daugherty, Sharp, Horan, Peterson, lenks. Row 4: Poe, Murphy, Wilson, Moran, Appel, Alfano Prober, Lester, Hunt, Dehn, Blankenbaker. Row 5: Uhlcr, Waldron, llgen, Maize, Rogers, Crook, Givens, Thornburgh, Mayall, Smith, Hcdthe, lwig Dondanville, Davis. Left to Right Row l: Sullivan, Kleinknecht, LaBoube, Gilstrap lAdv.l, Schroder, Hoff, Martin. Row 2: Blankenbaker Corey, Doty, Martin, Dahlen, Neverman, Ferguson, Bennett, Fultz, Blower, McCloud. a Lett to. Right Row I: Roberts, Schwenden, Ghiotto, Brown, l3ackes, Fraggiosa, Pollard, O'Connor, Curtis. Row 2 Tomerlin, Bone, Taylor, Lowell, Ferguson, Baker, Clarke, Whiteside, Retherford, Newton, Harrison. Row 3. Worm- houdt, Martin, Gettinger, McClellan, Allan, Avery, Sholes, Beebe, Cartledge, Gale. Left to Right Row l: Swain, Plank, Ramirez, Eix, Hanson, Ghiotto, Young. Row 2: Hazeltimc, Tiedeman, Facciuto, Waldo Brown, lohnson, Charlton, Nelson. Row 3: Grisolano, Corwin, Ruth, Viotti, Titus, Klein, Pontrclli. a Lett to Right Row l:. Warren, Triggs, Davis, Whallon, Finch. Miller, Boylan, Munson. Row 2: Lewis, Reiter, Segar SCIE Dickey, Harrison, Davis, Casler, Culou, Asher, McGlllls. Left to Right Row l : Link, Lowe, Haueter, Hibbert, Schneider, lohnson, Foweher, Lonergan, Lathem, ltine. Row 2: Fields Hunt, Fisher, Leishman, Peralta, Williams, Horan, Rynhard, Mililo, Bennett. Row 3: Willis, Dennison, Bath, Nayall, Perkins Perry. AhdCfSOH. Harper, Cooke, McAuliffe, Coodhue. Row 4: King, Couchran, Mantel, Atkinson, Hastings, Kirk, Kinsley, Moran, Smith, Schuman H261 41 -Q I af' S po M.. Left to Right Row l: Rogers, Matticks, Carver, Fannin, Woodruff, Perez, Stagno, Simpson, McDermott, Vickery, Miller, Hopwood. Row 2: McCann, Fields, Bertone, Bollman, Benson, Hunter, Baskette, Campbell, Borcherding, Menxel, Rowley, Lewis, Weis, Stafford, Younger, Pollard, Marshall. Left to Right Row l: Durgin, Segar, Churchill, Shy, Floyd, Stanley, Rowley, Stafford, Harris. Weis. Row 2: Andrews, Carthage, Hatfield, Rodekohr, Franz, N. Smith, Wurst, Leishman, McDermott, Miller, Lubbering. Row 3: Havrilla, Cosand lAdv.l, Kirk, Stewart, lack, lacobson, Linsley, Smith, Raridon, Maher, lensen, Cosand, Sieck. H271 Left to Right Row l: Crawford, Kvammen, Meginniss, Barreras, Healton lAdv.l, Moralcs, Baetz, Griffiths. Row 2: Haldeman, Kirk, Newcomb, Goss, AUan, Linsley, Dollinger, Schworer, Left to Right Row l: Perry, Weaver, Murphy, Combs, Baker, Prior, Lee, Carl. Row Z: Roycroft, Hedlund, Hughes, Tomich, Richardson, Madden, Davenport, Marshall, Bower, Ramirez. Row 3: Ellis, Wilson, Ward, Paratore, Bennett, Chamberlin, Mann, Durgin, Ford, Kline. Row 4: Smith, Vincent, Beattie, Axtell, Keltner, lennings, Farrar, Ambler, Ferguson, Stanley. Row 5: Perry, Thronburg, Ottelsburg, Shappee, Smith, Mata, Martin, Hilburn, Hendricks, Samuels, Franz. 'G' ,P Rx 1 ll ffm fr vs! 9 :G , v An ,Q .fi ind. , 3-gif, '91 Qian: -- J V F Mg. Q ct. ,anv- Left to Right Row l: Morris, Kunkel, Craflis, Clark, Viel, Anderson, Ciochetto, Horn, Devalon. Row 2: Decker, Murre Caths, Papeth, Nollcr, McPhernn, Hancock, Andrews, lepsen, Schon. Left to Right Row l: Nic, Porrini, Hansen, Hatfield, Weis, Macartney, Backes, Churchill, Coscarelli, Combs, Lochard Row 2. Segar, Asher, Farrar, Ambler, Spivey, McPherrm, Hills. Gibbs, Carl, Lee, Boylan. I may 'wil' if x ly 6 F 2 as 13 'S aa -P w Q ,. lnF' In 5 9 as 2 Q I 3 Q?-D 4- -1- Left to Right Row l- Williams Davenport Harris, A. Davenport, Madden, Marshall, Brown. Row Z: Hymer, Tossey, Dunlap Holmes, Andrews, Wilson, Arrington, Strutt: Left to Right Row l' Quon Vcttcrli Burroughs Simmons Wormhoudt Douthett Boyd Mohr Row 2: Beebe, Ratkovich Logan, Clark, Spivey: Butlcrl, Willianiis, Rambcau. Row 32 Livingston,'Hunt, Bishop, Aiarahamh, Bruneax, Harvey, Petrovich Wilson, Schultz. -N-..,,,, I f---.N 5 - n E 395954. -,, 'lt' x as.- '53 . WYXQ, '3,-x,uXLuN- ,,,,,,,,,, I 1' """"V" f was-X IL X J '-1-.Q H- 'Ad 1JQf "i-Z.- '1 3 1 s f' i-064-5 ,A ... --.7 -ES,-S.. -. ..,.,. "f - vvyv V .-,A V l 13" s--1awu....x . 'Q N 1 ' 1 rs i xi' v 5? E 'fr ?f'?f?'9' Row l: Fox, Brummal, Schviodcr, Martin, lngels, Settles, Holderman. Row 2: West, Wierman, Delgado, Lusa Smith, Clark, Sievert, Missey, Heylmun, Bramsted. Row 3: Smith, Reynolds, Perez, Tannchille, lrby, Miller, Malone McDaniel, Smith, Cooke. Row 4: Hauerwaas, Willis, McGreaham, Wolff, Gorham, Meradith, Hastings, Thompson, Simpson, King, Simpson. Left to Right Row l: Southwick, Prosser, Mosso, Boynton, Swarbrick, Petty, Blust, Moore, Bollman, A. Swarbrick, Tomaseck Row 2: Seymour, Elliott, Creed. Faller, E. Moore, Eyraud, Sewell, Sorhondo, Scanlan, Bent, Cowie, Bellert. Row 3: White Oberlies, D. Creed, Devean, Watts, Bonser, McCann, Schumacher, Macartney, johnson, Dearman, Lonergan, Steele. ,fX Left to Right Row l: Stanley, Kvammer, Axtell, Churchill, Chamberlin, Ellis, Lindstrom, Higbie, Prober, Hoffman. Row 2: Bixby Lawrence, Friess, Warren, Clifford, Christman, Triggs, Smith, Wurst, Young, Livermore. Wfx 5 , lm Ei Y, ..,w Q . s 'Ju' '04-at.-9, HW' . , L mV"7'f8vn" A rfff " w.:....a-,W-sig: .K b as ,UAW vu-q, 4 ' 'A 4- 'Q-'af Q.: "F I' A' A PV? 7 2- Ziggxfg' X151 Lu Q ' 9" 1 YA, , Q ., Q I A 1 ' . sizl V i A D i -A iii" x l vly' V in it ,R 0 i , Mm , . AA Q '90 ga. ..O l H391 fx X I as f I Q gl WI HCTIVITIES 45 v ,ir I ix tn Nl' 'Q , g 0' E X .' I 5. 8 A x I T e , . , K 1 , ' ww? su Q , ,iff we Y' 9 fb, .M-Z g- v 5 , S, . A S Y s A as s. ' 'h ' ,A 1 f o X . Ai 45 sv Q , Nik' :X an tx I iv. ' O , 1v'f,'.? gy Qzuz 1 xf. ' ' ,fu Ax? Q w x ' 1' WE , -'ki 1 x lk.. 5? ' ' 4' 73 V 44 1 ' -' '1 nf 2 ,. . ' . 6' 114 '. .' f -fx n XM M I 5 90, l 7,1 - .n " s' 1 ' ME? . I 5 ' q -UQ,-1.1. -.IW 1 ' , -.,. ,,.'!'p, 'U 4 NMR' Un, ft. 4: I. gym ,x v . ..,.:. Nfno' "rf 'We A I ng 1'g, , 1 1' " ff-. 0 fl 13: .-E . A mi 7i?z45'w w-,,-swf. 'S 'F . if ,. 9 'Q , , . EH, x 5, - ,Q- 1 'sw M' is hx f x' 34- I 'Mr - ,Q , - i . 41. HIE If Vnq' I I .JW . , K ,.a:. w .A .1 gl J '1'i':'f. . M X ' ,QNY X 'P wx-f x ! rf M X k ik 252 , yi 7: 1 -x 'W . x A JL iv? M"-55' We Dance . . . . . FIFTY YEARS CAN DEFINITELY BRING ABOUT A CHANGE. AT ONE TIME dances were considered immoral and were taboo. If anyone so much as mentioned the word "dance," the Board of Education would primly gasp with shame. Nowadays dances and proms are an integral part of school life. In fact, one usually sees members of the Board chaperoning such events as the junior-Senior Prom and Backwards Dance, and having fun along with the students. Alhambra High School's dances are nothing short of fantastic. You're apt to see any type of outfit -from the "back-hill" folks with onion and radish corsages to the "elite" with their orchids and gar- denias. At first all junior-Senior Proms were held in the El Moro Ballroom, but lately the student body has broken away from this tradition and has rented larger ballrooms. Each of these affairs seems to be a little better than the last and-who knows?-maybe in a few years we'll be renting the Mocambo. Il431 ...f K X IOAN WOODRUFF Social Chairman . . . . . THE SCHO0L'S WEIGHTY PROBLEMS-YES. even the world's-have ever been the business of the Commis- sioners from the very earliest inception of student government at Alhambra High School. And. if ever the present Commission mem- bers think their difficulties unique, they should console them- selves with the thought that lettermen's sweaters and decorations for school dances were only two of the matters which troubled those who preceded them in student offices. However, such activi- ties as dances were not permitted until l9l9, nor was there an actual student governing body until about l924. Today. a system of student government keeps well abreast of the student activities, planning, always DISCUSSING, and al- ways hoping that its members are furthering the Moors' best interests. Your enthusiastic support is vital to their continued SUCCCSS. DEE DAVIS Moor Editor BARBARA HUNTER Historian A 5, , E V0 PAM LEWIS Moor Editor NANCY IAM ES Historian IO BORCHERDING Secretary DICK DOUTHETT Rally Chairman BETTY BENSON Social Chairman ED CONWAY Rally Chairman KENNY WORMHOUDT RODNEY BURROUGHS R. F. CRAY Commissioner General Commissioner General Adviser NANCY IONES BEVERLY UNITT SHIRLEY MORGAN Commissioner of Finance Commissioner of Finance Commissioner of Clubs BOB BOYD IACKIE HARRIS SHIRLEY STANLEY Commissioner of Athletics Commissioner of Literature Commissioner of Activities IERRY BLACK EDITH STAFFORD CAROL REISNER Commissioner of Boys Asst. Commissioner of Literature Asst. Commissioner of Finance BOB 0'REILLEY FRED TOMASECK Commissioner of Clubs Commissioner of Athletics SUSIE RADDON GUY QUON Commissioner of Girls Commissioner of Boys l 'ex . IC' vu 1 5 " RX H431 OFFICERS GIRLS' LEAGUE Left to Right Row l: Raddon- Prcs. Row 2: LaBoubc - Sec Crosswhilc - lAdv.l. Carver - Trcas., Devcan-V.-Pres. 5 . MJ 2 Qs- Q2 I l Left to Right Rorv li LaBoube, Devean. Raddon, Carver. Row 2. Brlckey, lohnson, Daugherty, Denholm. Blust, Moore. Row 3: Crosswhitc 1Adv.l, Bowra. Williams, Wolford, Bonser, Finch, Fields. . . . . . NOW, AS IN THE "GOOD OLD DAYS, THE GIRLS' LEAGUE SERVES EFFICIENTLY and faithfully. The organization this past year has handled many different tasks, a few of which are recalled here. The League introduced the matter of dress regulation to the girls, who finally decided that they wanted a varied wardrobe rather than just navy blue skirts. The League was responsible for the B9 Welcome Party, which made the new girls feel like "old timers" at school. And it was the Girls' League, by pur- chasing a new radio, that made it possible for the students to enjoy the strains of their favorite band leader in the League Room. "But," you ask, "what has made the organization the strong body it is today?" Well, to its credit it has quite a number of years which help it to stand squarely on its two feet. Back in l92l , the girls were helping to support a war orphan in France. In l924-25, they seemed quite "athletically minded," for we find entered in their treasurer's book, expenditures for basketball, baseball, and football dinners served to the boys. Yes, the Girls' League is an organization to which not only the girls, but the entire school, point with pridel . . . . . THE BOYS' FEDERATION MEANS AS MUCH TO THE BOYS AS THE GIRLS' LEAGUE does to the girls. The purpose of the Federation is to promote good spirit among the students, particu- larly the boys, and to support all activities set forth by the Commission. The organization had its beginning back in the '20's, but nobody seems to know just when. Once it started, things began to happen. Back in I928 the boys were fairly falling out of their seats from laughter while watching Lupino Lane, a famous actor of the "good old days" playing in "Monty of the Mounted." Western atmosphere must have been popular with the school back in l93l, for we find in the MOOR that the Montana Cowboys and their horse, Spot, visited the school. An excerpt from the clipping reads: "This is strictly educational entertainment, for there are many things the horse can teach you." The past year the boys have again served the school well and have maintained the high standards of the organization. AHS is proud of the Boys' Federation. May it grow into an even stronger body in the years to comel Left to Right Row I: Black-Pres. Semester 2, Quon-Pres. Semester I, Boyd-Treas. Row 2: Gray lAdv.l, Williamson-V. Pres. Semester Z, Harvey-Sec., Butler-V. Pres. Semester 1. ll491 Q5 gg'-.,v.., - -ax- A, AN" ,f . 1- . . IACKIE HARRIS-Editor-In-Chief The staff could be found searching for ancient pictures and old manuscripts recording the history of AHS during the past fifty years. Dates and names soon filled their "master minds": snaps and sketches covered the "dummy," and two days be- fore the layout was off to the printers', the janitor came across a long lost faculty picture and the all important dedication page. Truly, we can all thank the staff of the l948 ALHAMBRAN for an annual that is the pride of the past, present and future students of Alhambra High School. l1sn1 DICK CASLER-Art Editor DOROTHY KLEINKNECHT-Business Editor IOE GUZZETTA-Co-Photography Editor PATTY COTTON-Co-Photography Editor . . . . . "QUICK, PUT AN EMERGENCY call through to the Moor-Haven Sanitarium. The annual advisors have just collapsed!" After long months of pulling hair and plead- ing for material in time for deadlines, they weak- ened under the strain. Even though 50 years can bring about definite changes, the members of the I948 ALHAMBRAN staff have the same dazed look as did the staff of the "EI Mirador," the first AHS annual. Waving feather dusters in one hand and wielding flash bulbs and blue pencils in the other, the members finally got down to work. Ideas for the theme ranged from "Golden Treasures" to the "Can-can Days," but after much contradiction and compromise the general motif, "Colden Anniver- sary," was selected. ANNUAL TYPISTS Miller, Mclntosh, Louise Perez lnot picturedl. 5, , ,Qgrffs s,N .1- , Q T0 'i s '-42: . - 5, -, M. W"wm" 1-95, 1 -'7 bi 4 3 , " U -5 Q 4 5 Left to Right Standing' Bull Weis Maule Stafford Por S rini. Seated: Harris, Phillips 'lAdv.l', Coscaielli. , - RT Left to Right Standing' Sieck Kacewicx, Stanley. Seated: Brown A Havrilla, Casler, Seitx, Beane iikdvj. 51521 k':::mt.o Right Kuskncrov, Edmondson 1Adv.?, Klcinknechf ANNUAL PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF fiffafoqfiifff 2lZTfl7iLTi7SE2Q.f2fi5'Cock'C"" guru YA! ,,-,qw 'Yi v 38 ?F Moor Editors DEE DAVIS, Semester I PAM LEWIS, Semester 2 ll541 Mohr Advisers MRS. LUTTRELL, Semester MISS SMITH, Semester 2 gefattsznsigziiatglelioxgvegazr'hlglgizgoln, Davis, Lewis lEd.l, Whallon, Miller. Ro Left to Right Row I: Cray, Porrini, Finch. McCiIIis, Stagno, luvinall, Ash P HI Row 2: Patterson, Chiotto, Rcadle, Kindrich, Bonney, Dickey, Perricone, B I oya 3I'lI, . . . . . "HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO SQUEEZE THE 5 'W's' INTO AN EIGHTY-WORD column?" "Oops, I dropped a stitch on my argyles!" "Say, are Dotty and Dick going steady?" "Quick, only five minutes till deadline!" These are only a few of the many expressions you're apt to hear tossed about in the Moor office. Tuesday through Thursday you'll see members of the staff roaming around looking for a "scoop" whether it be a news story or a scoop of pistachio ice cream. Mondays and Fridays you'll find the students listening to their new adviser listing the requisites for being good newsmen. At the first of the year, the Moor supported the Girls' League Advisory Board in its campaign for regulation dress. This caused many a heated discussion among the female members of the staff down in their favorite haunt, the Moor office. Nor is this a new controversy. lf we dig back into copies of AHS's old school paper, "The Spotlight," we can find a similar article on the subject, "Should Girls Wear the Bloomer Skirt to School?" It may sound as though writing on the Moor is all play and no work, but if one stops to think, he'II realize that the Moor not only produces an interesting, informative and well-written paper every Tuesday, but also has had a great deal to do with various changes at AHS. The Moor has taken over where the "Spotlight" left off and has helped to make our school days here at AHS more enjoyable. Left to Right Row l: Macartney, Donhost, Hendricks, Chase, Heglin, Knudsen, Turney, Daley, Lambert. Row 2: Comfort, Martin, Baskctte, Bennett, Fraggiosa, Morgan, Vawter. Row 3: Malin, Cooney, Koteles, Ratkovitch, Steed, Andrews, Kozlow. Harrison, Crawford. , . . . IANUARY 16, I948-THIS WAS A NIGHT YOU'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO FORGET. There was the last minute rush backstage so common before senior plays. You, Tex, couldn't get your "ten-gallon hat" to stay on: Flora was having trouble with the over- sized formal she was to wear in the first scene: and you, the other members of the cast, were sure that all lines were forgotten. Mr. Dean couldn't keep the pillow in his suit from showing: the important telegram, used in the latter part of the play, was lost but quick thinking on the actor's part saved the moment. Finally everything was in order. Fingers were crossed: the lights dimmed: and a wave of silence crept over the auditorium as the curtains parted. The audience enjoyed every minute of "The Divine Flora" and even you couldn't help but laugh at Mr. Pryor's violent temper, at Flora's frailty, and at Tex's screeching fans. The play went on smoothly and towards the end there was a proud feeling in your hearts. As the curtains closed for the last time, the loud applause told each of you that you had helped in a splendid cooperative project-making "The Divine Flora" a grand success. ll561 I Lftt R'htR l:W'd ,Bk,Mt',Rbt. 5 48 SENIOR Pl-AY CAST AllIen,oScllEick, mil..TL'I.f'L'ow.3.,ebe.,fJlll', R'lvf'Z: Maule, Maher, Tomerlin. . . . . . BELLS, BELLS, BELLS - TELEPHONE BELLS, FIRE-ALARM BELLS - GRANDAD Cherry, earphones and all, rushes madly to put out some distant fire: Vida, the maid, scurries at the tele- phone's tinkle: jennifer scampers to see if some handsome male like Andy Blayne has called her: white mice skip up and down the stairs at Mercy's beck-and-call. With someone after your legacy and the house in this mad situation, can anyone blame poor Eliza- beth for reverting to her gay youth? And can anyone blame her for wanting to go to the tropics with Andy to escape? The family finally persuades Elizabeth to stay, and everything settles down to a hectic normal again for the Cherrys. The S'48 seniors had fun with this gay comedy and is it any wonder? A fine corps of workers and student directors helped to make "Ring Around Elizabeth" another addition to the AHS tradition for fine senior plays. fa Q, D v 1 ii' X ,H 4 My if r ' an ' Q i I 1 Mnfye gffffai .1 -9 Q,- N in, E Q KX I .M QR, f W'-K . . . . . YEARS BEFORE THE TIME OF ANY TEACHER NOW TEACHING AT A. H. S., MR. Forrest V. Routt, as a young English teacher just out of college, started the debate work at the high school. From that day until this it has been an outstanding activity, bringing to the high school and to the community well-deserved interest and praise. ln l926, Mr. William Clark, a former graduate of A. H. S.. began offering a cup to the best debater of the year. This was an individual trophy, the personal property of the students winning that honor. In the year l926 it was won by Robert Sharp and the succeeding winners have been: Frederick Dilg, Glenn lones Constance Eby, Robert North, Phillis Norton, Naomi Harmon, Thurman Wilkins, Charles Webster Richard Richards Carl Burness William Beard Robert Longacre Potter Kertoot Paul lohnston Elleen Baughman William Wheeler james Merrill Smith john Howlnk leanne Thomas Richard Batch elder Herbert Shyer and Scott Adams I SCOTT ADAMS LEWIS M CLELLAN 5 nf R T Ph k T ph e ll601 Y I O 9 ! O U 9 a 1 v s 1 "' I ! 0 I .' Q ' . f I I 4 ' ., - N ', . . , ' f I . 5, , Q 1 1 f gs I ' ' '- , . . , , , , l , 5. .- ' I 4 p , 5' Q 4' ' . , , y it h - ' Ill , 1 fl ,ff . Q. , ' v I 1 , , 0 l 9 g 'Q ' lf 4 I4 , f 0 9 x , 0' , 0 nl ' c Wee 5 3 C5 V0 YWIHNCY Clar e Debate ro y Winn r Left to Right Row l' McCann Tambor Schon Row 2' Mulligan Carl Goldberg, Kissinger, Ihnks. Rubglcaba, Mloran. how 3: hilary. Mcdlcllan Adams. TY Left to Right Row l' Pickard Karma Briggs Row 2 Bishop, lohnson. Charlton, Branlislcdf, hasmaiialn, Talley lordon. Row 3: Norris, Campcri, Hanson, Stuhr, Thomas. Davidson. I 181 1 Lcft to Right Row Unitt: Ioncs. Caine. Lcc 1Adv.P. Kushnerov, Hendricks Row 2. Haldcman, Kirk, Rclsncr, Potter lAdv.7, Mann. Left to Right Hogan 1Adv. I, S:ovilIc. Williams, Wallihan, Lowther. johnson flaring' '44-!....:r . . . . . "ONE OF THESE, TWO OF THOSE, A NlCKEL'S WORTH OF THESE . . . What? - A Freshman buying candy. When? - Lunch period. How? - Most likely with the freshman's lunch money. Where? - At Alhambra High School's STUDENT STORE. Not only does the student store help satisfy the Moors' sweet tooth, but it saves many student's time by providing a convenient place to purchase supplies. In l922 the store consisted of a table placed under a fire escape. Now it is housed in a large room in the Finance Building and is capably managed by Mr. Hogan and a staff of well-trained student clerks. . . . . . ORCANIZED IN 1925 BY MR. POTTER, THE STUDENT BANK HAS CROWN FROM a small organization housed in a cubicle in the Commercial Building to its present impressive size. Today the bank occupies its own large room in the Finance Building where modern office machines aid the staff of students in handling the financial accounts for the entire student body. ' After giving 24 years of service, Mr. Potter retired last june and now Miss Lee is continuing his fine work. The bank and its efficient staff are indeed a credit to our schocl! A H S A Left to Right Row l: Wonacott, Salvato, Bronson, lung, Wurst, Shappee, Deloseph, Miller, Barreras. Kessler, Moran, McCormac 4Dnr.l. Row 2. Strutt. Williams, McCain, Holms, Taylor, Mary, Miller, Smit, Ludd, Moe, lames. Row 3: Irby, Carver, Meginniss, Dugan, Burger, Hilburn, Southwick, Ottelsberg, Plank, Petralia. Row 4: Lohrnann, Cain, lohnson, Waldo, Doty, Bevan, Tolcrton, Carnot. Row 5: Dietrich, Coffman, Smith, Loeller, Coodhue, Kvammen, Lynch, Harwell, Rodgers, Taylor. Row 6: Haley, Schornp, Hambrick, Stanley, Raddon, Watts, Retz, Young, Kelley. Row 7: Sicreveld, Harwell, Williams, Coughran, Stanley, Tomerlin, Carver, Hunter, Bone, Maher. Row 8: Bznc. Brown. Coughran, Maule, Kunkel, Devalon, Sievert, McPherrin, Kammcrman, Cleavingcr. Left to Right Row l: Crcenlcc. Rubalcaba, Showalter, Holmes, Crabiner, Corwin, Lee, Waldo, Perry, Steele. Row 2: Dushck, Needham, Crook. Miller, Williams, Davenport, Bevan, Iackson, Recd, Swinger, Palmer, Rogers lDir.'. Row 3: Lorcns, Hopwood, Fischer, Dillon, Perkins, Petty, lenning, Hughes, Faccuito, Keith, Ny- gard, Wyncoop. Lehman. Row 4: Burger, Coffman, Mosso. Lugo, Martin, McCann, Cuiou, Anderson. Brickcy, lones, Unitt. Row 5: Recd S., Bowerman, Nichols, Taylor, Lynch, Kvammen. Schumake, Carnot. Cons. Falk. Cain. Left to Right Row lz Williams, johnson, Ambler, Thompson, Lundin, Becbe, Nic Thompson, Oldham. Row 2: Still, Fusclier, Mackey, MacGregor, Keith, Hancock McDonald. Dehn, Wackcrman, Griffiths, Cilges, Bumpes, Wurst, Heftner, West, Ulrich, Row 3: Allen lorgenscn. Dingman, Parr. Still S., Hurt, Walden, Bennet, Howell, Mather, Walden Lou, Crook, Funke Daugherty, Clcavingcr, Stillion L. W. Kdirectorl. 511541 Left to Right Row l: Upton 1accom.l, lacobs, Stanley, Burns 1Pres.l, Valenta, Spackler, McCormac lDir.l. Row 2: lnglese, Kitabjian, Perreiah, Simons, Holm, Evars, Meulen, Oates. Row 3: Capestro, Smith, Harwell, Wil- liams, Siereveld, Bone L., Hunter. Bone B. Row 4: Henderson, Tobin, Davis, Byers, Cenco, Dodd, Sisk, Papetti, Anglin, Lee. flG51 highs? :lLiIht,Rc:cw L:IFloyd, Davis, Lubbering, Sianley. Row 2: f FIELD ANNOUNCERS 'QT VN F . x :Tr Qi 'Un r his :HJ P Left to Right Row l: 0'Connor, Wcidcmann, Roberts. U Doss, Goddard, Wade. Row 2: Stanley Left to Right Row l: Bennett, Cuzzetta, Rohc, Yerby, Voll. Row 2: Smith, Petri Greene, Pryor. Row 3: Braeger, Poland, Retherford, Blunt, johnson. Y fb . . 1 f U' - f H-. W X Xi, W'-4 Q .8""I O H x,ffQf'5'5' QL' E L f fx 1 , W ,Q 6, V x 4' , Q it Qifizss A 0 WE Q 1 ,ww rug ix M A fi ' A AX 35' ,Hx ., ga, 5 Q ES ? Qi' Q- '40 W P adv, K D ! ,fd g ,, Q ,sf 0'-as mv If an 'Z s Y , .. .. M 3 fm ' , '93 Qi' M A WN ' . , tj! Q , . 'K 1' -' X. , "liq- I 4 0 A i fwfr - . XS K I if X- af ,. It ,, . M, 1: .5 gym A Y ' if :' , 5 . 3 'ggvga J . 1 3' 5 Q f K M '12 YF I V 'Q 'N x n ,MSS Q, y . .Q N ' r , L itiifq 4 KIIA Q Q. 1 v 7 1 , -gj! X , . t A, f A iv' ' A aj-L gk S .L , XJR H - x J Six JL ,M -a,f.,3x ,lx if sw X 53311 is 'mf X , .Q . ya 9' ' if. Z ' XX H 'fr 5- N . 1 1 ' -,X vi . X 4 Q ,,., . KY, ..-:N X A . f .,-.u 0 ' a -P. A -na s Q' Litas, .1 ff "fm, iw B .- W :Lk Aviv I N721 G LEADER 1 . 4 3 Q.. nu S johnson, Petty, Denholm, Bennett, Oberlies, Blust. Center: Carol Pett Y. YELL LEADERS Len to Right Knudsen, Lopez, Platis, Goldberg, Maman. Left to Right Row l:Triggs, Blue. Miller. Row 2: Moore, Edc, DcPicrro. I 1731 C I 4 in-Q 95 9- S 'L Z 'N 2 I . xx Xmxi xx XXX Wormhoudt, Kammerman, Dutton, Apadaca, Sill, Hines, Ratkovitch. . . . . . THROUGHOUT THE LONG, YEARS ALHAMBRA HIGH SCHOOL HAS ALWAYS BEEN mighty proud of its football teams. Even in l9l2, when members of the team wore their gold and blue stripped uniforms, we thought they were pretty flashy, to say the least. Of course, we also had our worries. There was the time when San Diego had us l4-0 in the fourth quarter. AHS astounded every- one by chalking up l8 points in the last ten minutes of play. Then there was the time we played Whittier in the fog lwho doesn't play whittier in the fog?l and we lost the ball. Finally an official found both the pigskin and Orv Mohler, a player, in the end zone. To this day Orv swears it was a completed pass. We are all very proud of Orv, who was the first Moor to receive nationwide publicity. We're pretty proud of johnny Petrovich, another Moor who went on to greater triumphs. ln short, we're proud of our school's football teams which have won the C.l.F. championship three times and been in the finals seven times. In the years to come we are looking forward to even greater records. . . . . . THEY SLAVE AND THEY STRUGGLE AND THEY SLAVE SOME MORE. HARD WORK and little glory. There's no screaming crowd to cheer them on-no head-lines announcing their hard earned victories. That's the plight of our lunior Varsity, B and C class football teams. Why do they keep on struggling? For three reasons. First, they know that they are receiving a marvelous opportunity to play football in good competition. Second, they realize that if they fight hard enough, some day they will be able to take their place in the glory spotlight on one of the great Varsity Teams of Alhambra. Third, and of most importance, they are fighting for honor for Alhambra-and this year our football teams really did bring honor of the highest type to Alhambra. f17s1 S Left to Right Row l: Linsay, Wilson, Black, Conde, Hattabaugh, Clark, Hughes, DeLaney, Bennett Q lones, McLenden, lohnson, Klohr, Rubalcaba, Boyd. Row 2: Cushman lcoachl, Cauncc, Sholes Henry, Quon, Hoffman, Vetterli, Lane. Rippley, Thompson, Spivey, Scharer, Williams, Hobbs lcoachl. Row 3: Petrovich, Burroughs, Briggs, Volk f r "' 5 'Vi E. RL S 32,- I - w W 'Q ,af 'fwkw-au 'S 5' 'T A l 1 ,iw K .,, 1 4Q' B Left to Right Row l: Claton, Razio, Butera, Ramsell, Bennett, Salazar, Greene, Brinkworth, Shearer, Rambeau, Barghigiani, Davis. Row 2: Gill, Brown, Purcupile, Sigler, Bishop, Colledge, Colletta, Hayes, Lockard, Hawkins, Ward, Overturf, Shaw, Apple lMgr.l, Reason, Chiochetto, Cosand, Goff, Aifano, Sheftz, Gallegos, Iessup, Moke, Capestro, Dutton. lohnson, Rohe, Walker. Row 4: Sowers lCoachl, Northrop, Bowen, Richetta, Shultz, Thornburg, Bristow, Hunt, Rowe, Dobrenen, Kelleher, Lucas. Row 5: Hamilton, , Walhard, Hall, Gealta, Carr, Pigg, Ripley, Douthett, Sedler, Mohr, Butler, Coulter, Bane. C Left to Right Row l: Bevilacqua, Babaoka, Tanner, Overturf, Reilly, Pickard, Wilson, Hood, Franke, Keaton, Seymour, Evans, Wright. Row Z: Hunt, Slaboda, Franz, Boulware, Peters, Thomas, Reason, Davis, Dogue, Gibson, Sackman, Brown, Williams. Row 3: Brinkworth lMgr.l, San Miguel, Guenthard, Waltz, Golman, Henderson, Rambeau, Ortega, Dickey, White, Bringhurst, Lester, Emerson, Esslinger, Benevidus, Mitchell, Conway, Wetton lMgr.l. Row 4: Berney, lenkenson, Carr, Leochner, Wood, Davidson, Richards, Vreeland, Blankenburg. Zona, Waldron, Glaze. Row 5: Spasito, Block. Walthart, Lopez, Westfall, Salamone, Rambeau, Bennett, Ebaugh, White, Dodd, Harper, lacobs, Ebersole. AIhambra's junior Varsity Team, coached by the football hero of l939, johnny Petrovitch, recorded an excellent season of five wins, one tie and a league championship! Alhambra's B Class Team, under the able direction of Coach Sowers, came very close to another league championship: but, near the close of the season they were nosed out and dropped back to third place. Coach MiIler's C Class Team played some excellent football this season. With a shut-out season of five wins and no losses, the team coasted into an easy league championship. This summer, when Coach Sowers "graduates" to the Varsity Football Coach position, many of the boys from the l.V.'s, B's and C's advance also. We know that with this material, Coach Sowers will have a marvelous l948 Football Season!!! lf178j A A A VARHTY Santa Monuca Glendale Hoover Chaffee Excelsior Long Beach Wrlson Long Beach Poly El Monte Whvttler Mark Keppel CEE Mark Keppel Mark Keppel El Monte Whlttler Excelslor FOOTBALL VARHTY Ah A BASKETBALL VARMTY Alumni Glendale Hoover Burbank Long Beach Jordon Glendale Montebello South Pasadena Ventura Rlverslde Muir Tech Pasadena St Anthony Compton Excelsior Pasadena Excelsior Long Beach Wllson Long Beach Poly El Monte Mark Keppel Excelslor Long Beach Wilson Long Beach Poly Whlttler El Monte Mark Keppel Burbank Inglewood Ventura Compton DEE Mark Keppel Mark Keppel Long Beach Wrlson Excelsior Long Beach Wulson Whlttler El Monte Mark Keppel Excelslor Long Beach Wnlson Whlttrer El Monte Mark Keppel I A Ah Ah Santa Monica Glendale Hoover Chaffee Excelsior Long Beach Wrlson Long Beach Poly El Monte Whlttler Mark Keppel Glendale Hoover Burbank Long Beach Jordan Glendale South Pasadena Montebello South Pasadena Ruversnde Mulr Pasadena Excelslor Long Beach Wilson Long Beach Poly Whlttler El Monte Mark Keppel Excelslor Long Beach Wllson Long Beach Poly EI Monte Mark Keppel CE Mark Keppel Mark Keppel Wllson Excelsior Long Beach Wilson Whnttler El Monte Mark Keppel Excelsior Long Beach Wrlson Whlttler El Monte Mark Keppel Mark Keppel EI Monte Mark Keppel Bell Gardens Bell Gardens Whvttler Monrovra TENNIS South Pas idena Monrovia South Pasadena Comilton Orange El Monte Long Beach W: lson Excelsuor Whlttler Poly Grossmont EI Monte Mark Keppel Wll on Excelsior Whuttser Poly Mark Keppel VARHTY Alhambra 50 Whlttler 53 Alhambra 51' Wnlson 52' 2 Alhambra 334 5 Mark Keppel 701 5 Alhambra League Prcllmunarles VARHTY A Ah TRACK South Pasadena South Pasadena Whlttler El Monte El Monte Whrttler Mark Keppel Alhambra League Frnals lWuIsonb Alhambra Southern Calrfornla Drvlsnonal Alnarnbra Southern Callfornla Semu Finals Alhambra Southern Calnfornua Flnals Alhambra lWIlsonl State Meet Long Beach Jordan Monrovla Monrovia South Pasadena Pasadena Long Beach Jordan Lincoln El Monte Roosevelt Long Beach Wllson Excelslor Whnttler Poly Lnncoln Pasadena Mark Keppel El Monte Long Beach Wulson Excelsior Lincoln Whlttler Poly Mark Keppel Wilson ..1,, l 054 -4+ L A El Monte South Pasadena Soutt' Pasadena Roosevelt Long Beach Wllson Luncoln Mark Keppel Whnttler Long Beach Poly Lnncoln Pasadena Mark Keppel El Monte Excelsior Mark Keppel Whlttler Lvncoln Long Beach Poly ,D0n5N'G+1 11791 BEE Ih. I . lh. 1. I'V' 12 ' 28 6 ' 5 6 ' 3 1 26 6 20 1 12 3 'a ' 6 1 31 7 39 0 9 ' 0 3 A - 35 ' 6 7 ' M 3 1 6 6 18 ' 7 36 3 6 5 4 8 45 25 27 0 3 5 5 ' ' 54 O 14 0 9 0 g 13 ' ' 14 13 ' - 14 4 ' 5 13 20 O 12 9 ' 0 4 ' A 5 4 5 3 Z Ash. 7 2 19 0 9 ,A 27 4 7 8 1 , Q 20 0 3 . . 6 39 ' ' 0 7 2 26 ' 0 7 2 EE ,h la 43. ' 29 S2 54 25 45 24 39 30 31 23 ' 20 ' - 33 22 20 22 I 7 36 27 32 31 39 35 38 . . 30 , 5 41 7 A 32 30 . gg ' A I I 25 . 31 28 21 ' 35 . 23 29 , 33 43 41 40 , 37 . 28 37 E4 ' ' ' 24 58 20 . . 5 42 ' 26 37 32 , , 4 u 46 A 33 37 is 25 - EZ 26 ' 24 42 38 42 ' 17 35 whiuief 48 gg Whimer gl 34 26 51 31 35 34 BASEBALL 36 ' 28 35 46 ' 36 41 44 E l'V- 32 ' ' 35 ' - Sh' 1 3' 42 40 lg ig 10 Q 2 8 39 52 9 1 17 lg 1 3 45 22 26 ' 0 6 45 35 18 7 . lg 1 3 7 - 35 35 14 ' ' 25 7 7 6 171 27 Q Q 2 . . 25 22 ' 27 2 . 3 1 , A ln. 31 A 19 2 1 1 18 20 19 ' ' 35 2 - 1 1 3 16 10 15 25 1 4 ' 9 16 23 S - 2 3 26 ' 27 4 ' 2 3 9 V 11 6 7 7 . . 10 " 14 l-V- 5 7 5 . 9 14 I. 2 - 0 0 B 26 28 31 5 - 3 23 ' 25 31 38 5 - 1 16 ' 17 37 30 9 ' - 4 10 ' ' 22 38 27 3 0 8 20 31 25 3 4 5 16 45 ' ' 33 4 ' 3 4 o X , , l X " V x l 4 , qi XX 'B 5 - sh- an-A A 7 f 1 A V ,L A if-3 3- 71. er. 4 J 'gsm fx I ': Y5. xi vffjik Q 45 I V I ,S f ' ' 5 Q Q ' ' 0 if 4 - J, if 'ei j iv L ' x 4 , SIMS QIIQ 2225 S225 Egg- USUN mm Wifi? 'K 3, M X ,. . '1. 1 ',,. 1 f Xs4gj4,y , 9 fp 4 'P -I . . gm ' I mx t ' Y , . N 1 A 7 za fm in S v- 5. 2, fe MILLER lCoachn BOYD PEASE . . . . . THE NIGHT WAS ONE TO BE REMEMBERED FOR MANY YEARS. THE STUDENTS OF Alhambra in that year, l925, were on the edge of their seats through the entire evening. The contest raged back and forth across the court-the advantages lying first with Alhambra and then with the opponents. How could those students possibly forget that evening or the tension in the air or the uproar and confusion of the screaming crowd? If the Moors won, Alhambra would possess the fourth consecu- tive basketball championship. The tension grew. As the battle reached the half, many fans yearned for a glimpse of the next day's papers for the results of the contest. Today we can scan those papers and see for ourselves. Yes, Alhambra did win that important game, and another trophy was added to those already in the showcases. But now, only the trophy is left. The excitement of the final game left the campus with the graduating students. Far more clear in our memories today are the victories and defeats of later teams. The games we shall never forget came in the record of the l948 edition of Moor cagers. Although we shall never forget these accomplishments, let us review their season just for the record. Playing in one of the toughest leagues in the state, the team gained second place honors. After fin- ishing a better than average non-league season, the casaba tossers promptly started defeating league foes. The team was sparked by the two outstanding centers, jerry Pease and all-CIF Bobby Boyd. Coach Miller alternated them in play at center and often used them both in the powerful double pivot formation. Due to a few late season defeats, our team failed to capture the championship. But even while losing on the scoreboard, our cagers were winning elsewhere. The Moors gained respect through their teamwork, fine spirit and sportsmanlike play. Alhambra played its final game in a way which was characteristic of their entire season. The powerful and greatly favored Compton High School Tartars received the scare of the season, defeating the Moors by only a one point margin. And now, as the school year closes, we salute all the past teams and extend to Coach Miller hearty wishes for new victories in the future. I1B21 Q' I 3,3 K ' ,Q f W., tg s OP" Y 1 'A-+1 -T fiqi Vg' A f , pak , mug, 4 , 1 A . tf Se J x.. v 4:1 I' I W - W 5 ff ax "' wxgx 'QQ'-,1 ?x 323 i fp? is I X ' v. .Q , 3 a t"':f'6 3 K 27 331 11 264 ig I B BASKETBALL A 'L "' R go "'," N ALL STUDENTS LOVE TO WATCH THE VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM IN ACTION but what about the other basketball teams? Of greater Importance than many belleve are Alhambra s IV s Bs Cs andDs The lunlor Varslty basketball team organized but a few years ago wull supply much of the maternal for the Varsity teams of coming years Coached by Mr Sowers our IV s played admirable basketball throughout the season recording a total of tour wms and two setbacks Next year s Varslty basketballers will be bolstered also by a group of boys from the B squad This year the B s coached by Mr Hess won slx and lost sux league contests The C and D teams both handled by Mr Cushman provlde Moors of lesser stature a chance for competltlon In good basketball Both teams turned In better than average seasons this year The C s won seven and lost three league games, the D s won seven and lost seven With such fine maternal In these groups. the Varslty teams of the next few years wrll certalnly have a chance for great honors. Il841 ,. L, , ,' .1 ' va ' wi Rf Q AY I 4 Q .' , A ' -3 ' ' A I ' Q D 'L " A 4 4 I i 4 1 ' E f. 'x T 3? K 1 . sl 'KN ., ' ' I I by M +4 S ' 5 'I nf E, M V L y c f A V 6 S' K gf' 4 '- vi: ' A ' rd ' 5 1 A X NN, x , I , A Let o Rig ow I: Bane, Perry, ou e , Williams, Dobrenen, Ensley, ash, bra ams. Row 2: Forsum. Calle os, Ful on, Kohler, McSeveney, Swinger. . . .... , 0 I Q ! ! U S ' ' Y Y 7 ' . , , . . . - , . . . , . . , . , . . . Y ' ' , . , . 1 ' Y . . . . . , , a E- . X QQ CN V fa-oi YQ 3 , a s i L ft t R' ht R I: L , 0 erturf, Vreeland, Evans, Lopez, Contreras. Row C 2? Rilgy,'sViIso:wFryer,oB:id, glaboda. Left to Right Row I: Bringhurst, Huddleston, Douvos, Pickard, Cuenthard, D Rowley. Row 2: Moreno, Bayes, Young, Martin, Reason, Lynch, Hall, Berney, Macaluso. w, A J : 1 ,fd 1? R. X l 'V ' U A 'SAL f . f . 4 1 QM' 'riff A W' I 'm X . mg, , Q- 3., BV xy, s 'QI 'K ,.-4' " " jf A, Q I, f' - v Eg. A Ag s . Y 1' , F .."-.-few.. ,, . M. Q... ....,,,,,.., W n X ' h ',.- ' K A I v- 'LI , -if ' rc. 1 Q E A ' J "S E 1' X . 3 V .V ...1 E , A ,A 1, pt I If . fl. ,,....,... gb- 3. .1 W.. .. , . , . . . u I w ", A ' ' v - lv px . . 'S5'f?'4"' - 'I' . 7 ff ' fx . , - 'f v-.ff-. . .P-3---Q 1, ' , f - ,gf J? '.f ms.. ' 'S ,. . - '- ' '- vm- f Y? 1- ., - ' - , M ---'4'f"l 3 "A: 'L . Af.- ' wh-P mv-A .-L'r . " 16, -.-- W i .- -' -., H . ' ' 'v A , 14... '- "- .- QBQT' xx I K Y x aff.. Q ,mf , Y . .r"' ' wk- -. I Q R' 224 4 3 K .f'.1: v Q , 1 ' I - . ,V K ' Y 5' rj-.-ff -' 2 5: V, ya, Q I Q: 7 ,. H N ,, I . M v-,W I K F 5 ' R Ju 554 ..,., A' D -byp,J.f-.:ggiLyw.,"' Q -. ' - L. nl . ' ,- ., 'pf' ,M- 'xu ' 1 "V v , A 2 'K A ', ' 'K , J, . Mm Q M"f'-- M ,. , ., J M ' 'www' 9 ' " 'Q6l,1!'f1 K X xxx X 1 - - gg, may " i "' af , f- 'Ili .., i ,,Q.,, - -,,,,,, ,. jf 3 wbx Q Q' lo Q' ' '- " M.. 1, MS? "' A yd ,kff1,,,J ,M .wwmg ,fa N ' , W 4' W ,,, 'uv' fa if ...A--XB' ,- 14 9----.... - L ,-5 --Q-.- , 1 U . .-V - ,.,-,ZA-"" mw ' '1- E' , ' 'S 4 ' ,Ag , .., v - .As. .5 , . V, wa, S A .- ' .-Q,-'11, wx -Jw.:-3? n ,Nl " , L49 ' -as . . R M. . fs, . - , .2-,t . V 'vm -. sf.-wiv .. - asf .n ..u. 'M ' ' 'X . 'L 23, :wx Y, ,, .' , I . - 1 0 N ' ' ,QQ 'VF .' . ' la35"'- R ,,- ... . 10 1 ,, x Aw I A S my Lett to Right Row l: Apple, Dcvalon, Harvey, Spivey, Kemp, Conway. Row 2: Eastman, Lindsley, Gaunce, Sill, Mendoza, Gaskell. Row 3: Stritf, Hancock, Hurt, lamison, Gonzales. Braeger. B Left to Right Row I: Erro, Sheets, Brown, Gibson, Clayton. Row 2: lohnson. Kuhns, Rome, Lucas, Wimp, Mastrosimone. Row 3: Olds, Moore, Mohr, Cazaras, Butera. Row 4: Hanson, Rambeau. I C T well, Brinkworth, Douvos, Bertrno, Traxler. Row 3: Lester, Dalton, Emerson, Orteg Salazar. Row 4: Price, Grody, Killhopper. . . . . . AT ONE TIME THE "B" AND "C" TRACK SQUADS HAD KEEN COMPETITION. THE flappers at AHS wanted to prove that females are not the weaker sex, by assembling the girls' track squad. The wear and tear must have knocked them out 'cause the "B" and "C" track boys have regained the spotlight, right next to their "older brothers", the Varsity squad. Although the "B" and "C's" might not draw as much attention as they should, they've worked mighty hard to make a good showing this season. At each of the meets, the "C's" have come closer and closer to winning and have given their opponents keen competition. Move over a second, Varsity, let "B" and "C" take a bow. . . . . . ALHAMBRA'S CINDER MERCURYS DISCOVERED THAT THEIR WINGED SHOES weren't in very good working order. Even as we go to press these spikesters are trying their hardest to overcome the seemingly bad luck they've been handed this season. The spotlight of the season was the Excelsior-Alhambra meet in which AHS outshone with a score of 55V2 to 48V2. These boys deserved, but didn't receive, the all-important backing of the student-body. This support, a necessity to the better performance of any sport, has been missing for quite some time. Let's make up for our mistakes in the past and show the spikesters our appreciation by giving forth with some of that Alhambra school spirit in the future. lxssj Left to Bight Row I: Henderson, Kennick, Waltheart, Sackman, Sheets. Row 2: Satch a 1 Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra B TRACK l6 Monrovia 24 Glendale Broadway 29 El Monte 22 L. B. Poly 30.5 Excelsior 34 Whittier 35 L. B. Wilson 40.5 Mark Keppel 'f' "" ' -5. .- C TRACK 37 Monrovia 34.75 Glendale Broadway 22 EI Monte 19.667 L. B. Poly 38 Excelsior 52.667 Whittier 48 L. B. Wilson 52 Mark Keppel 39 42.25 55 57.333 39 24.333 27 27 77 7l 66 73 64.5 60 59 54. 5 I 1' I19l1 ll921 0 Q. '. u Q A 5 f , -Xi Q N 2 , U ff-. 2. m , buusu fy V' , , 1 if - X , ,gf A , I 'A A mf.. v i W 'hh' . .u r -is 'FY -V 2 Vi " ' ' K f if if ff I 1 Q ' x V ' .J xx , if R W X X 'si ' 1 , V A' . 4' .fu ss I . . , , I vi 5 2' ..VAV - ' ":' f ff' N 5? 'lzi 2 - TY' "1 A ., :E, A, N U" - .K f 5 I . 1 I 3 ,. ., ' , N. - ,... N 5 , ' . v 'A K , U 1 zzl: H 4 'S V All : T i A-:.:,,, 9 ik ' Q Ig. Ailjzil Aqil .llbi . I 3 P L x .,.A W ,VII A Abzzulii q I 3 It 54:15, IlLn?g?raLLl:Z::-fn, Lynch, Martin. Row 2: McSeveny, Tschanz, Living R l:HIl,Hddll',S ,Id,D ' .R Z Pg: Pafchaen, Rgwleii ?ghns.Z1r:u:'luc:opg:, Efallarinmson ow BOYS' TENNIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN AN OUTSTANDING SPORT AT ALHAMBRA Hugh School Furthermore, it has been a sport ln which AHS has always excelled As far back as 1925 the tenms team was battling It out with South Pasadena for crosstown honors In that particular year the Moors defeated the Tlgers l7-0, to malntaln a perfect record that season l927 was another unusual year for the team. To break the monotony of travellng to varlous schools In cars or busses the boys had the novel experience of salllng to San Diego aboard the Alexander accompanled by a few rooters The stu dent body proved they were behmd their tennns team that year too In the game between the Long Beach lackrabbuts and Alhambra there were 300 observers out to watch the netters battle ut out This year as always Alhambra had an excellent tennls team both varslty and gumo ask any fellow who plays what he thlnks of the game He ll tell . . . . .. ,, . 1 0 ' . , . . ' , , ' , ' ' ' r varsity. lust ' . ' you it's tops. V. ' W ,T A, :leap As we go to press, we are delighted to note that our baseball team has been crowned l 948 LEAGUE CHAMPS. fi bb e Left to Right Row l: Kanow, Galleagos, Graybeal, Williams, Pryor, Dobrenen, Doyle, Petrovich, Rubinstein. Row 2: Rogers lMgr.l, Conde, Whiting, Hunt, Bufkin, Kammerman, Cesca, Kinsey, Goff, Pericone, Scibert. J V Left to right Row l: Kirk, Goldberg, Ortell, Tryk, Wood, Ensley, Bumpus, Kohm, Weisler, johnson. Row 2: Scraba, Hammock, Sigler, Prober, Riesen, Bath, Forsum, McConnoulgh. Cole. Lulton. Row 3: Iessup, Viel, Wilson, Newell, Beviloqua, Minkoff, Kiss, Bishop, Greene, Lockhart, Dibeck, Briggs, Lloyd. Lagreco. . . . . . UBATTER UP!" ECHOED OVER THE DIAMOND. AND ALHAMBRA'S FIRST BASEBALL team took their positions. That was many years ago, but those players were the same type of Moors that bat the ball today-the same type of Moors that have been fighting for honor for Alhambra this year. The team of I948 has a fine home field for its use. However, years ago the field was in deplorable condition. ln l9l6 a patron complained about these matters. When an Alhambra boy hit a possible home run, the ball was usually lost in the weeds and the run declared a two base hit. South Pasadena leven then our rivall would score when our catcher would lose the ball in the weeds back of home plate. But as baseball became more popular, conditions improved, until now we possess a fine diamond. In the l92O's, Alhambra became a 'baseball school.' The teams drew huge crowds. The number of baseball spectators many times exceeded the number of even football spectators. Several times the teams engaged in valley play off games, and often Alhambra won championships. Today, baseball is just regaining its popularity after a bad slump. Late in the season, the varsity team of I948 is showing marvelous promise. The fate of the team will probably rest on its strong point, the battery. The junior varsity baseball team was founded a few years after the varsity to provide less experienced baseballers an opportunity for play in competition. We wish both teams success in their quest for victory. ll941 QW. ,as S 11951 H961 J WN' C.A.A. OFFICERS L ft t R' ht C'I , R th f d G- A' Palmquist, Bradford lAdv.l,. lg 'more u . . . . . ACHING IOINTS, BLACK AND BLUE MARKS, AND SKINNED SHINS ARE THE results of an afternoon workout at G.A.A. How the girls loved it, though! Included in the fun are: bas- ketball, dancing, hockey, tennis and softball. Every year since l927, when the club was organized at AHS, new sports have been added to the scedule. This year' the "glamazons" tried their hand at bowling and horseback riding. One of the biggest events on the calendar was the "Folk Festival" at Whittier. There the girls pre- sented a Scotch Sword Dance and returned home with an honorable mention. Next on the calendar was the Dance Symposium on May 5th, The girls really slaved away thinking up new steps to the music that had been chosen. Shooting baskets, hitting tennis balls, and pitching softballs was the practice schedule of the girls who journeyed to Montebello for the Playday. The rest of the year was spent in having fun, and, at the same time, as has been the aim for the past twenty-one years, building better characters and healthier bodies by learning to be good sports at all times. Il97l ndex Administration 40 Moor Staff Alhambran Staff 150 P.T.A. Officers Band 172 Orchestra Bank 162 Seniors, Summer Clubs 112 Seniors, Winter Commission 146 Song Leaders Debate 160 Sophomore Class Departments 14 Sports, Boys' junior Class 86 Sports, Girls' Library 54 Stage Crew Make-up Crew 167 Yell Leaders Acknowledgments for The staff of the 1948 ALHAMBRAN wishes to thank the following their cooperation and help: Mr. john F. Cannicott of the Los Angeles Art and Engraving Co. Mr. Wood Clover of the Phillips Printing Co. Mr. john Secret of the School Photo Service Mr. joseph Maddocks of the Fred Archer School of Photography 154 57 164 69 61 172 96 169 196 167 172 individuals lucky an Ove Cyytlz czne ope Gglzebt are ff I l x xx IA N XA f X 7 fz vx v K 'fx X xglffffg., H 5 M bf ' mu mnmxw Aw II,mwWmmumnu+uuwamw1ls1nxv mg .4-ff X44 NO ONE CAN SHOW A LARGER SELECTION AND ASHBURN S ALWAYS HAS EASIER TERMS H YEXEBHURYXU S GGMPLETE HOME EURNISRERS Open Every AX E Mall! Sf Evening Alhambra c . 3 'l Cl ' , . X Q ' XWV' , -f ? N - wig, . ',f' , T' if f ,1 rf'-xii ' f f ' ,,f 1 If I I "L V i '4.NYgET. 1 flfff' I . f nf M", ? ' L' .X,N,xfs QR '-X X If lr' f , ' W, R A A 1 n V X X , S fn f XA xx RNXX ,L . X'- X ,:' .N .USE ,X 'Qs N' X 'EN l1igEs:1f.,4i1fn L O f C, V If L jk! : 3,??yf .f irig- X. K' fi ' :Q ' , I L 57. f' ff, , A-sk:-1. lshf . 1 NQL 1. Q X A E ,L fx-963' L SQ - .L 1'z'?g-filmnl'-1'f' f n A 2f 1f?ff' - 11 'gl T .,,.,1.1, L ,. , L ' I ' 'N' 1 I, .v pr I ' I' f. 'Ml ms L L K A A 'S ' ! I 1 Ly fragvineglf -X v v CONGRATULATIONS ALHAMBRA I-IIGI-I SCHOOL O YOUR FIFTIETI-I ANNIVERSARY JOHN SECRET lPh t g SCHOOL PHOTO SERVICE M K I C I f THE ALHAMBRA FURRIERS Q URS OF DISTINCTION WM ATt2509 BICYCLES MODELS ENGINES HAND TOOLS MODEL SUPPLIES ALHAMBRA WHEEL and HOBBY SHOP ENGLISH MOTORCYCLES MUSTANGS Th d St ALHAMBRA AT 4 7475 DRAFTING MATERIAL ARTISTS SUPPLIES ALHAMBRA BLUEPRINT CO N Specializing in Schoo o o raphy I48 c. inxey Place Monrovia, a i . 329 . ain Street Ian ic - 4 I4 So. ir rect - I Best ot Success and Congratulations Qmsscbt 48 BRAGC3 S 3 W M 2106! CQNGRATULATIQNS the C a ELMER S MEN S STCRE A S f F d 119 WEST MAIN STREET ALHAMBRA l l Oest ai Alh ba 'LT T lCy To I ss I ot -418 from I I " tore o rien ly Service" GRADUATES fth CLASS QF 48 CGNGRATULATICDNS IT1Ef1 5 UJEFIR STORES 16 E MAIN ST AT 2 2279 ALHAMBRA To The CLASS QF 48 A TCZQSOHS CCDNGRATULATICDNS CLASS OF 48 b HIGH SCHOOL CLEANERS 403 w M CDUR BEST WISHES CLASS OF 48 nswolcf Gorse! p 102 W M A b AT 2 5382 The Alhambra Camera Shop w M S A PHOTO CENTER INC 194 L P 4'lEM A b Ld SpIThVly O 2 l Alhambra, Inglewood, Los Angeles, Compton, Bellflower. Santa Monica The Most Reliable Stores for Quality, Values and Service W S ,S A 1 , -.4 S, S S ,S S N 3 n wis ing you luck in the future . . . 1 your l T . ain i to the S i ' ' ' SA 4 S O 5 . ain lham ra From your lhambra , F. M. STERN L REST W CU 3-2670 AT 2-6365 AT-2-6887 , . 127 . ain treef, Ihambra I 0 as Tunas Drive, Tem Ie City . ain Street lham l'3 The ea ing Camera ho s n e ale MEYHAUS COMPANY for your Popcorn and Concesslon Needs 29 S Stoneman Ave Alhambra Callf AT I 5190 Call for an appointment V for a free demonstration 2' Wt h ouhowto e eac y have that well groomed look MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS 128W Mann St AT25I47 CONGRATULATIONS to THE CLASS OF 48 Jones Do nut Shop 325 W Maln Alhambras Leading Sporting Goods Store extends Congratulatuons to the I948 Graduates TO B Y H E E B S SPORTING GOODS CO IIO W Mann Street AT I 5314 Alhambra s Fmest Selection of I8th Century Early American and French Provlnclal Home Furnlshlngs In Maple Burch and Honduras Mahogany A. W DRIVER Gr. CO DISTINCTIVE HOME FURNISHINGS Mann at Fifth opposlte Publlc Llbrary AT I 4515 I o I 't ' , I - i f ' 'k I C IIII Mm C o l 0 N y M V P E A N R E I E O N U 1' R T P R E I R C M E S -iw wvyyyy y S Q O CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 48 Joyce s Shoes for the Glrls Wlnfhrop Shoes for the Boys EIMIPHILL B GIOTEIFKY 1 E M A CONGRATULATIONS cLAssor 48 MM wf LEWIS SEED STORES 529 W M A 2-1375 313 W. V Il y Alhambra San Gabriel LOS ANGELES ENGRAVING COMPANY ENGRAVERS OF YOUR FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY ALHAMBRAN I Q I 27 . ain St., lhambra --,I use E ,v E51 .BX "rn"""'-X313 L? i gt. lfffhfs-' XWf35SvNV if I '7 -'W is vi- wi i 931 Lust' AA Pets of a supplies, seeds, garden to and supplies, tropical fi , aquariums and accessories . ain t a e Q ny L C ANDERSON ugnld Servnce O Proprietor ICE CREAM AND SHERBETS MALTS SODAS SUNDAES SHAKES AT I 2058 F D TITUS gl SON PRESCRIPTIONS DRUGS SURGICAL SUPPLIES AT 4 3221 CU 3 2776 38 So Garfleld Ave Alhambra lNvlslsLE SOLING AMS NAPPY Pousn LAcEs Hoe ER Cf Wann. ARCH suPPoR'rs SAM S SNAPPY SHOE SERVICE THELMA EDMUNDS CORSET AND APPAREL SHOP All standard brands SCICIIEIEIC fIffIl'lgS NELLY DON DRESSES 5I So Carfleld 224 W Mann AT 4 4098 I Alhambra AT 4 436I CONGRATULATICDNS SENIORS LIIEIBIERIYS Serving San Gabriel Valley Since 1911 ALHAM BRA PASADENA TEMPLE CITY - ' I PEDRINI INC 228 230 W Ma St eet AT 4 3293 G Q Q D L U C K CONGRATULATIONS cLAss or 48 TO THE 1948 GRADUATES DSU Uv F Sh' GIFTS OF JEWELRY cons suns messes ARE EVERLASTING MILLINERY ACCESSORIES The store that nfiden b lt RT MARKUS EWELE Co ne Ma n and Stoneman Alhamb a I 40 E am Alhambra c 0 c: N L G A R , S A s T u 'R 0 L -W C F A 1 T 9 Q 4 N . 8 S P14 H A ' s S J R S r E . M ' HOME FURNITURE COMPANY AND Lane Cedar Hope Chest THE GIFT THAT STARTS THE HOME FROM THE STORE THAT OUTFITS THE HOME If Xxx gf x N'TTXN l to-RMW HN lilgllxl XXXX l SRX fl A 'mtxc W lll N X M Xlilfjxs' ""'1f"'7M l ' lllMfmllRMg aft? KZ! ll l Only the best quality bears these TWO names ours and Lanes We know LANE upholds the finest quality un maternals craftsmanship and styling IU cedar chests Exhaustuve study of the market convinced us LANE ns the only tested aroma tnght cedar chest In the world factory tested under anr llllll f' pressure to assure absolute moth protectuon New waterproof Lane welded veneers wall not peel or crack Besudes you get a free moth msur ance policy with your Lane Cave a Lane Chest the gnft that pledges Sweethearts love the guft that starts your home Youll Be Glad You Inslsted on a LANE Come ln and Order Yours Now HOME FURNITURE COMPANY 43 45 E Mann Street Alhambra f l Sex . M SX Q 1 ' of Ji E 41, it A X We C 4 V 'V K V f 'I ' 'K ' X -xxx x XX -1 S X, ii: V X i A . Q y N Xx s x Xyf f ff 'f.,f,,,,'- ff till -y 4 A W is f f , Y ,li ll Ad 'V' V 1 ' , '11 , f ,NN 'rx 's 'Xl1':g""v 34' yfpsx N - ' N ,A M i I I adn, lvlvluy . A . -ll, Vx' 'R I Al I L I yer- t -,NV A 2, W.,, 35 ang. fvtgvfm -.xl iv X A Z3 -A rftfff be , X yllll ll 5 .X my ' xl -1 T'-N.. df, - , X, W X .. ' Ml- x'!.,,l 'x:,.':lffX zf wx X l ly 1 x '- 41 f 'fl 2 , , ' 'll' l t x A ,I A f -tvsq .l R 5,3311 lf cg F X- f l T tt f l twill' .,. ' ' Q M,-15 ., lit lf A A ff ,A f rllll A A ll ,L 'lf vu". V Q Q y - , . l . . tM A CONGRATULATIONS To the CLASS OF 48 men'swenn BEST WISHES 1948 GRADUATES un ' PENNEYS J! E ew CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1948 VARD V STOCKTON PHOTOGRAPHER 135 N G f A A GOOD LUCK cl.Ass or194a Blue Bird Sweet Shop 407W M S A FINE SPAGHETTI d G d Th g t E C00klB s Itahan Amerlcan Restaurant P W M S AT2l240 f 32 Eas ain Street Ihambra , 1 I, ' 'gif f f H3 . Main Street me H across from Library r . ain t. Ihambra 9 . r an oo ln s o at U , I O Top osite Library? . ar ield ve. lhambra 433 . ain treel' - ALLOR oToR SERVICE COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Valley gg Gartneld an an Atlantlc an Bay State Phone AT 2 5356 Phone AT 'l 9062 Clyde WATCHES DIAMONDS W D JOHNSON WATCHMAKER and IEWELER 132 West Mann AT 4 4373 Alhambra f RI S cllshnchve sportswear ll6 W Mann Street Alhambra Oh, Romeo. dear Romeo, I'll cherish all thy days." "Don't be a square. my Juliet. Let's have a coke at McKAY'S!" R.G.B. - d ORC!-HDS TO THE CLASS CDF 48 311 WEST MAIN STREET AT 2 6801 28 E M ALHAM BRA CONGRATULATICDNS CLASS CDF 48 H E WELLMAN ENGAGEMENT WEDDING RINGS QUALITY IEWELRY d WATCHES bhd I I I I I an - I E I 1913 OUR VERY BEST WlSl-lES TO Tl-lE CLASS OE 118 THE DAILY PAPER THAT BEST SERVES YOUR NEEDS ln Tri Eli 11 Ei Post Ad ocatc s a GOOD INVESTMENT Only through your hometo n da ly pape can you tnd out what IS happe ng n th s area Such features as th com cs society e s school ne s sports local a dwo ld w de events make the Post Advocate a good Investment THE POST ADVOCATE Subscribe today' Phone ATlantlc 2 4121 anJ2f""'5 5 FUR MEN IND BUYS 210 East Mann Street Alhambra CONGRATUl.ATlONS CLASS OF 1948 for that certam somethmg ln portraits REITHNER STUDIOS 23 No Car ueld 1 ALHAMBRA l l l Y , - l - - -ta. , T - ' - v i 1 w i r i ' ni i i , Q l . ' V1 W , W , , n r i - A . . l . . l . f l ULATKDNS TO THE CLASS OF 48 TO ALHAMBRA HIGH SCHOOL ON ITS FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY as W NWN AT 2 3256 Alhambra BEST WISI-IES from 0 D SM H w c HUNT PHOTOGRAPHER ,EWELER Spec I g H gh S hoo! Stud l23 N Garfield Bus AT l 3722 Alhambra Res AT 4 2565 I2 S Garfield Ave Alhambra 3 C LA 5 S Q F '4 8 A ,, 5 . . l T A ' ' ir: izin in Portraits of h rl :JI :TT M l CONGRATULATICDNS the CLASS GF 118 ALHAMBRA HIGH SCHCDCDL on nts GCDLDEN ANNIVERSARY mg l ALHAMBRA TEMPLE CITY 28 W MAIN STREET 2214 E LAS TUNAS DR Congratulations ancl Best Wishes to the 1948 Graduating Class ot Alhambra Hugh School Wweifa I ' f J XJEWELERS 100 E. MAIN AT 4-0484 AlhanIbraIs Nexxest and mned IPWPIPY' ' I ?,. q4v. .QQ llll-tll4I'...l WIA l wfjlxellrl S- 5 jg.: if. H1521 F-f Off " fr' fo 'v A I I and to ull ' If Bun n Burger KARL KRUEC-ER 1000 EAST MAIN in J!" Congratulatzons and Best Wishes to the Class of 1948 from the ALHAMBRA MOTHER AND DAUGHTER BLCUSE SHOP BLOUSES STYLED AND MANUFACTURED IN OUR OWN FACTORY 218 W Mann Alhambra I YYY W Nm 777.1365 my? A MV- YT N77 HA A -A I I V V YYY rn . 'Pi v ' I 1 7 I A .W 7 '11 21 D A - ASHLEY S OF ALHAMBRA JEWELRY AND TROPHY ENGRAVERS 520 W Mann Next to Ralph s DIAMONDS IEWELRY WATCHES TROPHIES FOR ALL OCCASIONS Jewelry and trophy engraving done ln our own shop Congratulatrons to Class ol V948 TURNER STEVENS Sm TURNER Mgm af Almangor Llttle Stone Church BEST WISHES TO THE GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 48 CLASS OF 48 Joes SHOE SHOP MODE O DAY DRESSES I'IOSE LINGERIE 409 W MBII1 Alhambra I02 E Mann Street Alhambra DRESSES SUITS COATS LINGERIE FURS De ffa I9 South Garfield Avenue Alhambra Callfornla ATIantlc 4 5364 BRIDAL ENSEMBLES AND FORMALS Open Euemngs by Appomtment Patronrze the merchants who advertrse rn your annual When you vusnt theur stores tell them you saw the ads rn the I9-48 ALI-IAMBRAN It rs through therr purchase ot advertrsrng space that we are arcled rn publrshrng thus book EDITOR I I 9 3 9 l 5 r ' I x Q 4 A wif-ff-9 ff, , J 4125 -. , ,..f 46 Ls. v H 1 1 2 1 f P P

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